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File: 1600688133622.png (879.31 KB, 970x771, 1599136392132.png)

No. 635104

Unpopular Opinions #33 >>>/ot/625008

Keep in mind site rules as well as recent Farmhand additions;
>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 635175

It's fine to teach kids to call their genitals by their proper names. Penis and vagina are not inappropriate terms, so it's stupid to tell kids to call them "private parts" or whatever.

No. 635179

You're right. Giving children the power and knowledge to identify those parts a) scares pedos away from touching them if they hear the kids acknowledge it b) allows kids to identify abuse correctly if it occurs. "Private parts" can still be used, but they should know the real words as well.

No. 635180

This, and it's also good for them to learn this stuff early for medical reasons too.

No. 635187

Calling genitals private parts for kids tho cements the idea that those areas are private and not am access point for anyone

No. 635192

Yep. It helps kids understand in very simple terms that if someone is touching them in that area, its bad.

No. 635196

I feel like you guys underestimate how smart kids actually are. There's a couple different reasons why I think calling them the real names is better, but you can definitely teach them it's bad for someone to touch those areas while also teaching them the actual names.

No. 635200

The beach fucking sucks. Mountains ftw

No. 635228

I'm not underestimating them at all. Kids know what a penis is and vaguely already know that girls have a "third hole". They aren't stupid. Talking about these body parts in a more descriptive manner opens the door to more sexual talk, which is just inappropriate. I just don't see the point of going into depth about sexual organs with a 6 year old. That's gross.

No. 635243

Kids are allowed to know what a penis is but not a vagina. Start 'em young. No one is saying
>go into depth about sexual organs with kids
Literally just teach the kids proper names for their genitals. Head, shoulders, knees, toes, penis, vagina. It's not degenerate, it's normal. You can still refer to them as private areas and name them properly.

No. 635256

>Talking about these body parts in a more descriptive manner opens the door to more sexual talk
How? Saying penis and vagina isn't descriptive.

No. 635278

I was taught as a young child that us girls have vaginas and boys had penises, it wasn't anything different from being taught about having knees and arms. There was absolutely 0 sexual about it.

>you can definitely teach them it's bad for someone to touch those areas while also teaching them the actual names.

Personally I think nothing good comes from teaching kids that they can call their knees, knees and their eyes, eyes, but they can't call their genitals for what they are.

No. 635279

Worked out great for my Catholic mother. She called them "privates" without explaining what they are or what they do, shrouded the area with tones of guilt and shame, and then wondered why I couldn't go to her when I was molested as a child. Then did a lot of rebellious sexual exploration that got me into big time trouble when I was a teen.

Would've been great to know my body and felt I could ask uncomfortable questions, instead of being whitewashed with modest and religious hooha.

No. 635282

Kek ex Catholics literally all live the same experience. With you, sister.

No. 635297

I was raised catholic, molested as a kid. 31 and I'm still sitting on that secret because my dad would never react in the way I need… inn't that just what being a catholic is

No. 635314

>which is just inappropriate
You better not procreate

No. 635332

It's not even just catholics, my family is muslim and when I got my period for the first time I knew what was going on thanks to sex-ed at school but my mother straight up slapped me when I talked about it to her because I was being too loud and my father could potentially hear about it, supposedly that was shameful. They're the type who think girls and women being raped or assaulted asked for it and shit and I was strictly forbidden from talking to boys until I wasn't a minor anymore because that could be a problem for university and work. Even as a kid one of my sisters had an urinary tract infection as a kid and tried to hide it from our parents because she thought they would beat her up if she mentioned her crotch hurting because of how backward they were and because of it she had to be hospitalized. I feel you. I'm guessing some girls have it just as bad if not worse, like mormons or the amish but I'm not american so I have no idea if I can trust media online about them.

No. 635341

You have a very wise and considerate way at looking at things, and from that I can tell you’ve been through a lot anon. I’m so sorry you grew up with so much repression. I hope you have people you can talk to and trust without worrying about that kind of stuff anymore.

No. 635342

No they do, I wasn't LDS but I went to school with some of them and they were weirdos who were gonna marry their uncle's allegedly.

No. 635359

> kids already know that girls have a "third hole". They aren't stupid
I did not know I had an extra hole when I was a kid. I was even molested, but externally. I had no clue there was a hole there until I got the period talk at 11. I could see I had labia but thought that was it. Is that unusual?

No. 635405

I did go through a lot but I'm way better off than many anons here. Nowadays my parents are less retarded about that stuff. Like sure, they don't think it's outrageous that PDA is illegal and can get you jailed in some countries because "that's how it is, we can't change it" but because I had some health issues that required tests to see if my treatment was working (it did work) and long explanations from my doctors about puberty, hormones and potential health issues regarding my reproductive organs it made these topics too important to avoid at some point and they calmed the fuck down during my teenage years. I'm glad I had sex-ed in my last year of elementary school and that my doctors were very good at their jobs.

No. 635410

Same, I didn't know until I was around the age of 12. I was even confused in 2nd grade when a boy asked me if girls had two butt holes.

No. 635654

Lip biting is cringy and unattractive no matter who does it.

No. 635678

i think tattoos are kind of dumb, but i can respect people thinking they are cool. i cannot respect people who add some dumb lore or reason for the tattoo. i don't have any lore surrounding getting piercings or anything because it's just a thing i wanted to do. why can't things just not have deep meaning sometimes?

No. 635737

i hate seeing trashy deepfried twitter memes and sponegbob memes on here, they're ugly

No. 635738

that's not like, a normal thing in the church
and i don't think anyone has it worse than muslim girls

No. 635760

The phrase "Let me know if you need anything" when someone's loved one passes away is actually really infuriating.

Don't get me wrong, I use it too, because I genuinely mean the best and want to show that I'm willing to be there. At the same time though, me and the person I'm saying it to BOTH know that they won't need anything from me, and it's a half ass way to make yourself feel better as the person saying sorry. When people who have shown time and time that they don't really are for me, say that to me when someone I love dies, everything in me wants to say "shut the fuck up". I guess there's no alternative though.

No. 635761

this is more of a cultural issue in my opinion. I'm from a muslim family and have muslim friends from all different walks of life (loving families, abusive, controlling and super religious, etc) and usually the ones who have moms who tip toe around ever mentioning anything relating to being a woman around men are usually culturally influenced or very FOBBY. Same goes for those who are suddenly shipped overseas to marry a rando when they "misbehave"; It's usually cultural bullshit. Do you think your mom is truly like that because of religion or culture? Just curious.

No. 635762

Nta but I think it's a cultural thing

No. 635764

The past few years I lost 5 relatives and just resolved that death happens and it sucks. Whenever one of my friends suffers a close one dying or someone they knew I tend to ask them how they're feeling and let them talk a little (if they want) about the person. It's usually far more cathartic and heartfelt than a 'the balls in your court for how you feel, let me know'

No. 635797

Califag and I regret not going more often to the beach but it does suck ass. Too many people crowding the shore, have to go on a weekday in January if you want to avoid the weirdos from the inland with their kids. Then it is too cold to swim lmfao, and when it rains hard enough, you can’t get in the water because of the sewage run off coming up from Baja.

No. 635804

I really didn’t expect to see the ‘its culture not religion’ meme on lolcow. What do you think shapes the culture g

No. 636016

File: 1600781058911.webm (479.16 KB, 540x960, 1600778579690.webm)

I think its poc women who have whiter fever and not the other way around

No. 636022

awful bait

No. 636023

"White fever"

This is gross anon. Cut this shit out and stop thinking like this.

No. 636026

File: 1600781919516.jpg (103.45 KB, 743x1024, 1600770557333.jpg)

Im not baiting. I genuinely fascinated by this. What is wrong with these women?

No. 636030

Imagine not being able to recognize scrote fantasies on reddit.

No. 636031

Yeah, anon, keep coping

No. 636035

Those arent sock puppets. You can look at raceplay subreddits or "breeding" subreddits which are full of asian women. Its possible they do it for onlyfans money. But I doubt they only do it for money.

No. 636037

Anon why are you acting as if only women have race fetishes? Fetishes aren't exclusive to a certain gender

No. 636038

Imagine thinking this is the norm and not just some degenerate women or, like >>636030 said, scrote fantasies. Also if shes's a Native SW it could be part of making money from white scrotes fetishizing her. Doesn't make it the norm you fucking loon, stop baiting.

No. 636040

Its more about the racialized degradation fetish than the race fetish itself.

No. 636041

That still doesn't answer my question. Again, fetishes are not exclusive to certain genders.

No. 636044

File: 1600782578850.png (175.52 KB, 500x953, 20hoafm914x31.png)

I mean, are we basing things off of random girls in pics/vids and stuff like you posted? Because I don't think that is a game anyone wants to play. It leads places.

No. 636046

>a lot of girls do this
no the fuck we dont

No. 636048

Fantasies like these are why I could never date a white man since I'd be worried he'd constantly be thinking this in his head. Made my skin crawl to read.

No. 636050

Ugh, yeah. My mum forced me to call my vagina my 'tutu' or 'front bum', I have no idea why. She's not religious at all. It's just cringy in retrospect

No. 636051

File: 1600782870879.jpg (1016.5 KB, 2552x2214, 1600775159928.jpg)

Its not white men making these posts.

Not just stuff posted online. You can also see poc activists(AOC as an example) who screech about white males while also dating them. Even white supremacists have caught on to this pattern.

No. 636054

meh it's not as common as you think, tbh don't see why you care cause some of these seem like jokes

No. 636057

File: 1600783162597.jpg (36.65 KB, 638x516, cea.jpg)

>mentally ill white supremacists who make constant coomer threads about wanting to "bleach", "breed out" and "colonize" women of other races (and often have a bizarre obsession with Asian women and/or children) obsessing over the prevalence of underage self-hating Tik Tok girls/SJW women dating outside their race
Imagine my surprise. Don't forget that the very same community "caught on" to this, too.

No. 636058

women who fantasize about being degraded sexually are broken. you don't notice it in white women because they don't have the racial aspect (unless they specifically desire to be abused by black men). these degradation fantasies are mirrored by men of all colors who desire to act as the abuser… and there are a lot more men involved in this fantasy than women, based on the fact that the majority of women don't fantasize about being cum dumps because they aren't pornsick coomers.

No. 636060

File: 1600783463140.jpg (65.83 KB, 1000x1002, 5da.jpg)

No. 636077

This is not really unpopular but telling a non-native english speaker that their english is good isn't racist, if you're in their country. I don't understand sjw that say it

No. 636081

I think usually racist people say that because they don't expect non-American people to be "smart" enough to speak it well. It's belittling them. Obviously it's ok to say that if you're not trying to be rude.

No. 636083

Thank you for reminding once again why I should date white men, I really needed it lol

No. 636100

Based, anon.
Women are already conditioned to seek male approval, but women of color even moreso in order to assimilate into the Western/white world. Society shills white men as ideal re: aesthetics, values, and status, so it’s no wonder women of color play along, even if they don’t realize it.

I’m Asian and all the 20 to 30yo women in my extended family have white bfs and husbands. Not other POC of course, because Asians respect whites and disregard or outright dislike other POC.

Tbh I don’t think it’s necessarily hypocritical to point out the privileges of white men while also being attracted to them, but ONLY being attracted to whites no questions asked is a brainlet way to live.

No. 636106

Billie Eilish is so manufactured and everything she says is so obviously rehearsed and scripted that it's painful and cringeworthy to think zoomers are taking her seriously. Like if you like her music then fine but legitimately denying that she isn't a carefully calculated product is simply being in denial.

No. 636109

the fact that she won literally every ___ of the year at the last grammys turned my neutrality into active dislike

No. 636111

why I should NEVER date, fuck, why can't I stop forget entire words when I type?

No. 636116

I never really liked her. Her brother writes all of her songs and her whole aesthetic is just being pseudo deep and edgy. She reminds me of egirls.

No. 636127

She's zoomer Avril Lavigne.

No. 636137

Anna from the lefthots thread may be a trainwreck but she makes some good points. Broken clock and all.

No. 636143

Sure say that to an exchange student or an obvious immigrant with heavy accent, they will take that as compliment actually. It’s wack as fuck to tell me that when i mentioned moving here at 12 and speak flawless English.

No. 636146

She genuinely has a beautiful voice though. That's one thing going for her.

No. 636148

Women can be pickme coomers who woulda thunk. Race play is just edgy domination play for women but it’s actual racially motivated for men.

No. 636187

teriyaki sauce is nasty

No. 636230

who do you fucking think you are? you think posting shit like this is funny? drop your location, swine. i just want to talk

No. 636238

>44980 St Andrews Church Rd suite f, California, MD 20619
pull up anon

No. 636257

Oh I agree with you. I think she just really likes the attention she gets for saying vaguely provocative shit. Dasha otoh is a complete moron

No. 636269

beetlejuice fucking sucked, i dont get the hype

No. 636271

You mean Panda Express teriyaki sauce is fucking nasty

No. 636279

"Finna" and "chille" must be eradicated from our language at all costs.

No. 636287

Now you’ve hurt my feelings

No. 636288

Feeding kids mostly or all processed foods is a form of neglect

No. 636291

this, same with giving them as much juice or soda as they want. of course a kid will pick tasty sugar liquid over water if you give them the choice…

No. 636292

Finna agree with you sis

No. 636294

I was just thinking this. Same shit, different packaging.
>Brooding Cool Girl who's not like OTHER preppy pop stars!!! She doesn't GIVE A SHIT
>she writes ALL her songs and picks her wardrobe ALL by herself!!! because she's INDEPENDENT
>forced curse words that don't sit with the speech and a fake monotone, intentionally lowered talking voice
>Music that's sort of edgy but still easily palatable mainstream pop song
>Overnight mainstream musical career success nobody could explain
I mean I'm old enough not to care about ~posers~ but the way this keeps happening with each generation and kids lapping it up just makes me extremely cynical about the music industry AND journalism as so many articles written about her praise her from an "unique artist" standpoint like someone was handing them a wad of cash under the table.

No. 636295

I don't know if neglect is the right word, but it's awful. It drives me nuts. I work at an ice cream shop, and seeing parents let their 7 year old (or younger!) get a double scoop of ice cream makes me want to die. I feel complicit in something Bad.

No. 636306

Who cares, though? Inb4 stan or whatever because I'm not, I just don't get why a teen girl is what makes you so cynical about the industry. Let her make money.

No. 636308

File: 1600799816422.jpeg (98.01 KB, 600x800, DC6EA98F-9A41-42F3-9D36-1B643F…)

People with big curly hair who make it their personality are so fucking annoying. Like everything they post is about their hair and whatever products they use.

>meet friends friend for the first time

>she has straightened her hair and wore it in braids
>proceeds to whip out phone and show me her “OMG CURLZZZ FOR DAYZZZ”

>many such cases

I have curly hair too but holy shit these bitches make me cringe

No. 636310

Dated someone who let his son eat adult portions of fast food, he'd buy him those big 'share bags' of sweets and just let him finish the whole thing in a sitting right before bed. The kid had no control over his portions, was overweight. The parents were in denial about his weight. I got it in the neck one day when I tried to have a word with the dad in private.

When he was 11 he started up a lil youtube channel (lied about his age, he was big anyway) and he constantly got comments under the vids calling him fat…dad made out like they were imagining it. Then they started fat-bashing random women when we'd go out to eat. The two of them with their large portions and growing guts.. oblivious and happily bonding over bashing fat women. What an experience that was.

No. 636314

I don’t have a problem if t double ice cream scoop is a special treat, but when it’s like
>cereal for breakfast
>freezer chicken nuggets and fruit snacks for lunch
>pizza for dinner

Every day. It’s just disgusting. I see moms on instagram posting their “healthy lunch!!1” that’s like freezer tendies, graham crackers, desert… and two baby carrots.

I also seethe when parents be like
>my kid doesn’t eat vegetables, but they eat fruit all the time!

Bitch of course they do, it’s sugar. Or
>kids won’t eat that “healthy” stuff! They’ll only eat spider branded fruit snacks! It’s been this way since the Middle Ages uwu

Or worst of all
>he’s a BOY they eat (nothing but highly processed artery blocking) MEAT

No. 636315

My hair has been about an inch long for the longest time now. I just like how easy it is. I don't relate to any type of hair talk anymore. A friend will get her hair cut and it'll be right above her shoulders instead of right at her shoulders and she'll vent to me and nearly cry… I listen but in my head I'm just ??

And it occurs to me they must think I'm really ugly given my choice of no hair lol

No. 636319

I know someone who basically only feeds her kids fast food and it makes me so sad. The kids are now super picky eaters and want fries with every meal. Obviously kids are gonna choose fries over broccoli if you give them the choice, they have no idea of nutrition.

No. 636320

what made it enjoyable for you? i genuinely would like to know, for me, I hated the misogynistic jokes and the little girl had no personality. I was waiting for the worldbuilding to develop further cause some of the concepts were cool but then the movie just ended without focusing on any of that. I guess it was cool to look at but it was mainly boring and i really hated that the little girl was creeped on.

No. 636322

Nta but omg the whole "he's a growing boy" shit. I have a relative working in a fast food place and they were shocked at first to see how few kids actually get kids meals and how young some of them start eating adult meals..and going large on them. And there's a theme with boys doing it more. A 5 year old boy doesn't need a bunch more calories than a 5 year old girl.

No. 636332

That's extremely true, and I hate to say it, but it's kind of easy to tell when it's a treat versus when it's a regular occurrence/expected from the kid. Kids can be picky, sure, but if you sustain an environment where there are healthy choices and teach them a rule to try things at least 3 times or whatever the general one is that good parents do, it's less likely to be an issue. However, I'm not a parent, and I don't know how far food battles can go. I just hate to see kids suffering when they don't know better and are learning wrong from the start.

No. 636340

Pop team epic is so unfunny it hurts. I know that some jokes get lost in translation, but I often see people posting "the funniest parts" and they are absolutely meh at best.

No. 636353

hi trisha paytas

No. 636364

File: 1600803303491.jpg (99.45 KB, 1024x792, 1594491496855m.jpg)

Omikron is the best David Cage game

No. 636382

this is gonna sound bad but i think beauty standards for other races of women has increased while for white women it's decreased. compare beauty standards for white women in the 50s,60s,70s,80s the beauty icons looked extremely attractive now they look more average looking. while east asian, south asian, african american, ect beauty standards are getting more extreme than how they used to be from those decades i listed.

No. 636386

I think vain women who are concerned with performative acts of hyper-femininity are a massive redflag. It's unpopular because the current social media era favors these sorts of girls but you should avoid them at all cost.

No. 636389

How so? I'm personally filipina (in America), and all of the filipino starlets wear pretty natural looks, and the women there are naturally beautiful typically as well. Beauty isn't a huge thing over there, barring skin lightening and standard South Asian stuff like that. I notice that African women are naturally stunning as well. I think X-American girls and women, maybe, but it's because they're influenced by western makeup trends. I might be totally misunderstanding what you mean, though.

No. 636391

What if they just like feminine aesthetics..?
Unless you mean in a way that is obviously only to appeal to the male gaze, in which case I kind of agree.

No. 636396

I meant beauty standards by the media. In the past the beauty standards placed on white women by the icons who were promoted were women like Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Tate, Bridget Bardot, Sofia Loren, ect now it's women who look more relatable I guess, even the models. Someone like Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendricks, ect wouldn't be considered a beauty in the past because there was a higher prerequisite to be a bombshell by the media.

It should go to other ethnicities (especially the ones living in the West) but beauty standards for black women has become intense with the IG bbl look becoming the default and black girls requiring to have the best presentation and coke bottle shape at all times to be considered attractive. In the black american community in the past a black woman didn't need to have a huge ass with a weave and heavy drag queen makeup to be considered attractive, now she has to have all of that and be mixed most likely.

Also there is east asia with the skin bleaching and cutting up the faces that doesn't look nearly close to a natural east asian face to me, especially south korea.

sorry if its hard to understand

No. 636407

We’re actually getting increasingly regressive and yet pretending to be the opposite

No. 636408

you're wrong but I respect your bravery

No. 636417

Oh! That makes sense! I thought you mean just in terms of wearing makeup, not who/what the people look like. I see what you're saying, and you're not wrong. Kardashians have a lot to do with it with American women, which is so weird because they adopt black features despite being white women and set the beauty standard there for both. East Asians and their idols having plastic faces is just so sad, to the point that plastic surgery is the norm in South Korea even for middle class normies.

That said, I notice that a lot of people are starting to put less conventional looking celebs on a pedestal as well simply for not looking perfect, like Mikayla Coel, but they're an anomaly.

No. 636418

File: 1600805709436.gif (2.07 MB, 480x270, 1D1DF748-631D-47A9-AE5D-3772E0…)

Sometimes I think both female and male authors write male characters so much more interesting, especially in media that garners fandoms like games, anime, comics, etc.

I never really experienced it myself but I can sometimes see why young women get drawn to the idea of gender fluidity or turning into a fakeboi or something. Unless it’s a “normal life” type story, all the cool and interesting characters who impact the plot are mostly male and female characters are love interests, “self insert” types, and / or make up only like a quarter of the cast.

Pic unrelated lol

No. 636425

Tragic isn’t it

No. 636431

People always say this, including my friends and family who have transitioned (ugh) but idk I've never found myself caring or getting invested in male characters, maybe I've been lucky to spend my time reading/watching media with well developed female characters.

No. 636438

Personally I can only explore concepts like society and the human psyche using female characters, it just makes more sense, I just can't see males as anything but comedy relief or antagonistic scrotes

No. 636463

The 2000s was mean-spirited and ugly. It sucked. It was also cringy how it was fashionable to act like retarded bullies in the era like that movie Mean Girls or even worse, Encyclopedia Dramatica.
It's just the precursor to the cancer of this current era.

No. 636515

>all the cool and interesting characters who impact the plot are mostly male and female characters are love interests, “self insert” types, and / or make up only like a quarter of the cast.
Honestly yeah, it's kind of sad. But I don't really care about the characters' gender.
I agree but unfortunately it looks like we're going back to the old cancer.

No. 636521

This is a very unpopular opinion but I understand why celebrities can't cope with the current social media age. While I hate narcissistic wealthy fucks as much as everyone else, I would truly hate being in a position where thousands of people talk about me every day 24-7 and it's recorded live on the internet where I have to do most of my connecting with fans. It's easy to say that they shouldn't look themselves up but curiosity gets the best of you and its always human nature to want to know what others think about you. Even mostly irrelevant internet personalities or people just famous for existing (90% of the people talked about on /pt/ or /snow/) have hundreds of people constantly mentioning them and talking about them. It almost feels invasive in a way and you feel powerless like you can't stop the train of thoughts from going against you. Even I feel powerless and overwhelmed by the constant and intense flow of information of the internet that humanity has never gone through until this point so I can only imagine how it's like for a celebrity who is there because of their craft or their connections.

No. 636522

I'd take the 2000's bully culture over the current woke canceling culture any fucking day. At least back then nobody got death threats and fired from their job because some autistic zoomer dug up their edgy tweet from a decade ago. Just recently I was thinking how fucking tame the bullying was back then compared to the current year's tactics.

No. 636525

honestly I just think the best was pre-internet tbh

No. 636536

I was thinking about this topic today actually. What people find "well written women" to be is completely varied. For example with GoT, my friends all say Daenerys is the best written woman and their arguments all boil down to "she's badass lol". To me it's Sansa. But my male friends sperged out about how much of a "dumb bitch" she is. If a character is ever weak or annoying (even in a realistic moment of weakness) they call the character badly written.

Male characters aren't viewed as annoying when they have moments of weakness. This gives authors the freedom to give them steeper growth arcs

No. 636537

I'm getting tired of seeing sex scenes in every show nowadays, mostly because it makes it too uncomfortable to watch with my parents or other people. Nurse Ratched, for example. Sure I have no problem with violence/gore, but please don't make me sit through someone jerking a guy off behind bars. Admittedly I haven't read Outlander yet although I've seen online that sex scenes were in the book a lot as well, but I hated how many sex scenes were in that show too. I started skipping a lot of them because it got boring lol I'm not a prude, but I just dont see how a lot of sex scenes add any value to the show (for Outlander I kinda give it a pass since it shows intimacy/their bond blah blah).

No. 636538

I remember when I first got on tumblr and the attention was all on male characters I was pretty ?????. I never cared about them and still only do if they're my type

No. 636542

God, Fandoms are so sexist it's nauseating.

>any female character who isn't a 10/10 bombshell or a overall completely strong and flawless character with no true vices outside of being "shy" or something lol


>any male character even if he's weak, obnoxious, retarded, actually badly written, sociopathic, ect

>fans: Y'know what, he's actually really cool!

What's sad is that the female fans play into this garbage too. Female characters have to be written within the confinements of flawlessness while male characters can be as spotted, morally gray, truly flawed, whatever, as much as they want. I'm so fucking sick of this.

No. 636543

They DO write male characters better. Writers are always holding out on female characters because either A) the male author can't see women as human for whatever reason and only remove them to their gender role expectations and looks or B) they always write female characters with restrictions and limitations in mind due to the basis on their femininity.

I don't know if its in part a fault of how women are reared to be in society (we're taught to control many of our personality traits from birth while men don't really get that) or people really just hate women like that, or both.

No. 636546

I always enjoyed male characters more, like as a kid I envied them, wanted to be them (maybe also found them attractive) and only later I realized that I never felt this way about female characters.
Nowadays I always try to be lenient or open towards female characters but they're often so flawed, that only seldomly happens with men.

We're not talking about complaining that female characters aren't strong enough, it's more like they're often mary-sueish, weird, have a very unnatural or am extremely predictable way of thinking/acting…

No. 636547

File: 1600812777943.jpg (65.9 KB, 286x299, kevin.jpg)

I hate it when tumblr/fandoms portray homosexual/slash pairings as more passionate and sensually-focused than heterosexual pairings. Oftentimes I will see a pic of a gay couple and they will be drawn all into each other in a heated way while the straight ship just has some boring hand holding shit. The only passionate heterosexual shit you get to see is NSFW crap made by braindead scrotes. A lot of women in fandoms seem to prefer slash pairings or the fairytale Disney romance type of straight ships. I would LOVE to see passionately drawn images for a straight ship through the female gaze for once.

No. 636548

Ah, ok. Well in that case I still agree. Sorry I got a bit confused there lel.

No. 636550

Was not expecting to see candyacid’s Kevedd here kek

No. 636551

Some of it is the way marketers and project leads misunderstands female audiences. Non-creatives often stick to precedent informed by market data, so whatever shitty trope sold before is what they're gonna push their writers to do. It's extremely difficult to convince your lead to let you write/design a female character that isn't a common trope. Men are luckier in that there have been decades of envelope pushing to explore different audiences and it's a lot easier to sell a lead on a more interesting male character.

No. 636553


No. 636555

>I hate it when tumblr/fandoms portray homosexual/slash pairings as more passionate and sensually-focused than heterosexual pairings.
That's because "Fuck dem straights! Also, women are icky sluts and jelly bitches who only get in the way of my yaoi couple teehee"

No. 636558

Reminds me of this. Behold, the perfect heroine

No. 636561

File: 1600813199477.jpg (33.87 KB, 500x375, tumblr_o4rmy5QYh51tqve2zo2_500…)

Playing dudes isn't even that bad. Especially if you're single. Fuck them men

No. 636567

Because the female characters tend to suck, it’s tied to the discussion above

No. 636568

time to start the revolution in how female characters are portrayed then

No. 636574

Male characters are often bland as fuck too. Just say you find them hot and go

No. 636577

Lol if the most popular male character in a story is bland, then the female in that story is like skim water

No. 636578

I always felt the same, anon. Female characters were always bland, wooden NPCs with zero agency outside of the obligatory "main character's love interest does exactly 1 thing in order not to look like a helpless damsel in distress", male characters get to be fun detectives, explorers and adventurers with colourful personalities.
I hated most girl characters in any media I consumed as a child because their personalities were often just "she is nice and pretty" or jokes like "she nags xD and talks about fashion xDddd" and nothing else, for the longest time I thought I was the only one who thought this way due to internalised misogyny but that's not the case. The 70s and 90s tried to change that but in the 2000s and later it just got worse.
You know it's bloody sad when I Love Lucy had a better written female protagonist than some of the mainstream sitcoms of the 2000s.

Semi-related: Disney villainesses were a lot more colourful and fun than the female protagonists.

No. 636582

Honestly the 80s did too. The 80s often did the "strong-woman" or "wild-woman" approach which really was the exact opposite of the pre-70s decades.

Somehow everything regressed in the fucking 2000s and 2010s when it came to how girls were represented and I just don't fucking know why.

No. 636584

Oh yeah i forgot to say someone like GRACE JONES could only ever come out the 70s-90s, not before and not after. The mid to late 20th century is really my favorite for how it seemed to be more experimental and unconventional

No. 636598

>Disney villainesses were a lot more colourful and fun than the female protagonists
True and not Disney exclusive. Villain female characters get better fandom content, like Shego or Azula or Bellatrix. Maybe they’re not so constrained to female protag “virtues”. They can be sexually aggressive and morally dubious which would be viewed as hot while the same behavior is unacceptable for the good girl.

No. 636599

Popular doesn't mean good

No. 636610

Shego was so fucking cool maaaan
I could not get over her as a kid

No. 636619

agreed, I only recently realized this is why I exclusively liked yaoi as a teen. maybe we should make a Non-Coomer Het Fanart thread lol.

No. 636629

Did I say “good”? The talk was about how malexmale ships often get more passionate stories and art opposed to female ships because the males are often written more interesting aka more material to headcanon in comparison to the females where anything outside of their ONE defining character quirk just feels OOC. Learn to read.

No. 636631

Damn you're right, never noticed this lol Shego and Azula were amongst the maybe 3 female characters I liked as a kid and they're both "evil"

No. 636648

Unpopular on this site but not the real world, lolita is a hideous style

No. 636652

Not you attaching an Ed, Edd n Eddy yaoi picture to that post, lmao.
I get what you mean, though

No. 636653

All the characters popular with males are mary sues, particularly Luke Skywalker

No. 636655

This is just fact. Most action movies and anime included.

No. 636656

self inserts being boring af isn't unpopular.

No. 636662

Isn't it super outdated in Japan and the US? I get the vibe it's not really a style anymore

No. 636664

This, this, this. But star wars fags will never edit it. and they keep calling Rey a mary sue, when Luke is the exact same thing.

No. 636671

meant admit*

No. 636676

Do you hate all of the styles, or just sweet lolita? (because that's what most people think of when they say lolita)
It definitely still is a style that people wear. Trends change over time, making certain looks outdated, but I feel like the style as a whole is still very much alive.

No. 636716

Even the most Mediocre guitar player has more talent then some of the most "greatest' rappers, rap and hip hop is a genre that really had no artistic merit and shouldn't even be considered music

No. 636717

Ok Ben Shapiro

No. 636719

True for bitches that don’t produce their own beats and write playground rhymes

No. 636720

the implication that heterosexuality is a weak trait for a woman to have is genuinely retarded and when the Gay Fandom trashes on women who fuck men it's usually because they're in denial of their own straightness.

No. 636721

oh fuck not this comic

No. 636723

Rock and metal fans have far more cowish tendencies than hip hop, funk, rnb, jazz, and house music fans. Actually I would say nearly all the cows are into the former genre than the latter.

No. 636727

Even the Ben Sharpio rap edit was fire and better than anything anyone has put out recently. Also I’m sick of male rappers

No. 636731

Rap is a genre that glorifies colorism, degeneracy, abuse against black women and cheating, majority of people don't even actually like rap

They like the lifestyle that's associated with it, the guns(that majority of rappers have never shot and literally can't even hold right) the various girls and the material wealth, it's a genre with no substance and no possible positive influence

No. 636735

Hooked noses are cute on women and usually it goes with their facial features. I hate how many girls with hooked noses get them fixed and end up blending in with every other basic bitch afterwards

No. 636736

Lmao headass this screams the only rapper I listen to is Eminem

No. 636741

Colorism, misogyny against black women and glorification of thug culture is present majority of rap, Eminem being white doesn't understand colorism and doesn't ral about it

No. 636743

…Do you listen to Eminem?

No. 636747

idk dude, lupe fiasco made a song about how anon is right.

No. 636748

What a tired argument. The joke was that people who complain about rap always have surface level knowledge of the genre always writing it off completely but ignore rock and metal as if they don't contain as much misogyny as rap. Like I said, an Eminem fan.

No. 636749

>but ignore rock and metal as if they don't contain as much misogyny as rap.

this argument is tired too lmao

No. 636750

French toast is better than waffles and pancakes combined.

No. 636760

I don't listen to Eminem, Metal at worst is edgy but still requires something called musical talent and ability, something that majority of rappers can't even comprehend

No. 636764

This is true.

Well look at this fucking know it all

No. 636766

Listen to rap from the 80s and then repeat that post. Rap became popular at the time because it was good. Backing tracks were created using analogue sampling and the rapper himself needed to have wit and rhythm.

No. 636768

Mothers of young children are the most boring fucking people on the planet. It's like their aged 0-10 year old child saps their entire personality and leaves them partially brain dead. Kids are literally a curse on women.

No. 636775

File: 1600839849310.png (146.33 KB, 478x346, 1599715960929.png)

All the meteors that come into our solar system should hit earth

No. 636776

If there isn't a dedicated bike lane, bicycles belong on the fucking sidewalk.

No. 636781

nah, as a pedestrian I would hate to get run over by cyclists constantly. Car drivers need to lern some patience.

No. 636785

Nta but no, we can agree to hate the cyclists together. Also, the fact that a person can slow down faster than a car, I goddamn hate dumb cyclists no matter how I move.

No. 636793

I agree with you about rap. And yes metal does require technical skills but it's not less gross.
Whataboutism doesn't help your argument.

No. 636799

File: 1600842595755.gif (1.31 MB, 220x184, reee.gif)

I wish cyclists would need some kind of education to be allowed to ride a bike, I commte to work by bike myself and I hate those wrong-way cyclists so much! And you dumb cyclists do not have right of way on a fucking crosswalk.

No. 636803

Idk where you live but in my country (Central Europe), cyclists are supposed to go on the road if there's no bike lane. I'd prefer the sidewalk (as a cyclist) but whatever, not allowed.

No. 636806

you sound like a 65 year old dude from iowa who listens to old zep records and nothing else. congrats on your actually unpopular opinion.

there is no way they are going to comprehend why the classics are good if they think rap requires no talent anon, just leave it

No. 636810

Like I said the only reason dumbass scrotes like rap is cause of the wanna be tough guy ""thug"" culture it presents and it's materialism and nothing more

No. 636813

True though

No. 636814

File: 1600844854105.jpg (256.4 KB, 1110x684, 1567596727205.jpg)

Wrong way cyclists make me rage my fucking tits off

No. 636817

you know female rappers exist right? erykah badu, lauryn hill, noname and jamila woods if you're looking for something more current? although jamila maybe be a bit more on the r&b side i guess

No. 636822

Yeah uh the majority of female rappers do all of the same things but now with self-hatred and pickmeism on 11

No. 636824

Lauryn Hill wrote the most iconic anti pickme song of all time tho?

No. 636827

Your one example really changed my mind, rap is cured

No. 636841

I want to beat the shit out of the people who say "boys will bully you because they like you". They make girls believe that crap and later girls get into abusive relationships because "well he's mean to me and hits me so he must love me".

Preach sis

No. 636848

File: 1600851549649.jpeg (277.49 KB, 1280x720, 1_VrkNXBLR6UfaTkIcWIYEWA.jpeg)

Hazbin Hotel is extremely cringy to me. The humor and character design feels tasteless and forced as hell as if the creator lives in a vaccum. The best fictional works (including animated) were from people who diversified their environment and interests while studying other human beings through ether personal experience or entertainment and nothing about Vivziepop gives me that vibe.

In fact, in my opinion, a lot of fictional works lack people who have that PERIOD. Increasing social isolation and dependency on the internet is killing people's creativity in all entertainment mediums, but it especially shows in visual arts.

No. 636851

has there even be more than this pilot episode? the fandom already seems huge? feels already like the next homestuck/undertale like fandom, I only expect more cringe ones the tv show airs.

No. 636871

Agreed…it’s one of those “idea” pilots where the emphasis on all the fashion-as-personality character designs and “omg look how quirky and outspoken this character is” is used to pretend there’s an actual plot.

I get the feeling if I were still an edgy middle schooler I would totally be into it and designing my own OC for the universe, though. Because glittery nonsense designs DO sell to that market.

No. 636872

This is an unpopular opinion?

No. 636894

Came to say just this. Most people think it's cringy.

No. 637012

File: 1600874780872.jpg (96.11 KB, 578x800, svetlana-zakharova-in-swan-lak…)

Today's obsession with incredibly tiny waists is so weird/creppy, it's like we're soon gonna go back to the 18th/19th century there everybody wears corsets because apparently having a waist that's thicker than your leg means you're brick shaped.
Whenever I scroll through the ridiculous photoshopper thread I'm shocked how girls with perfectly normal bodies feel the need to transform themselves into the human equivalent of a wasp. Everything about this is just so unrealistic, recently I watched some ballet and also couldn't help but notice how even ballet dancers, who are always extremely skinny, still have humane waists - while instathots who weigh twice as much seem to measure less than 50cm.
I always saw mine as my best body feature but according to standards of the past couple years I'm just a banana sadlol

No. 637014

Yeah, I've unfollowed all the shoopers, minimal or not, on IG and make it a point to look at real or athletic women's bodies. You make an incredibly good point about ballerinas as well, that's something I hadn't even considered.

No. 637023

No. 637042

Vivziepop reminds me of 2009.
This show would have been something I liked during my awkward transition from graduating high school to attending college; thinking I'm smarter than most people and producing content that only appeals to others with the same arrogance while simultaneously hiding my deep insecurities and mediocrity behind flashiness and acting bombastic.

This cartoon just reminds me of an awkward and cringey phase of my life.

No. 637074

bill haders best performance

No. 637078

Claire from Bon Appetit is an okay verging on bland personality. I enjoyed the Gourmet Makes series because of the premise and it’s fun to watch someone be good at their job. But I would not “die for her” or even find her particularly iconic.

No. 637101

A lot of female characters just are badly written. I feel like a lot of people sperging about how evil mean fangirls excuse male characters for writing flaws but condemn female characters for them are just subconsciously filling in the gaps in the female character's writing themselves by projection to make them feel more fleshed out. Like we've heard the same song and dance with trying to defend the obligatory shounen protagonists' girlfriends, fangirls get slammed for coupling him with the male best friend because people love to pretend that the female character isn't created for blatant waifupandering and only there to be the prize for the hero and instead blame the fans for being "misogynistic". And all the ultrawoke female protagonists we've gotten in the recent years that have the amazing personality traits of being a Strong Woman and a marketing ploy.

And honestly badly written male characters rarely get an excuse, they're often slammed to be shit characters with lazy writing just the same. It's not comparable real life at all where actual, living women get shat on simply for owning a vagina because a lot of the most hated female characters are unsurprisingly written by men. I very rarely see female characters written by women being scrutinized unless they're mary sue self-inserts.

No. 637108

I'm shocked to find this is an unpopular opinion because I 100% agree

No. 637113

>fangirls get slammed for coupling him with the male best friend because people love to pretend that the female character isn't created for blatant waifupandering and only there to be the prize for the hero and instead blame the fans for being "misogynistic".
Anon, we know you'd pair them up regardless of how his female partner is.
Fujos are so annoying, trying to make up some grand reason for their hobby/fetish and then additionally playing the victim

No. 637115

I agree but I also do find her frustrating to watch in some ways. I feel like she’s too hard headed about changing something when it’s not working and complains a lot. She seems stubborn and like she isn’t enjoying it/doesn’t want to be there every singe episode. Any set back she seems genuinely annoyed and it’s not pleasant to watch someone be constantly stressed out. I also feel like there’s no reason for the episodes to be that long and they need to add some creativity to make the versions of thing actually ‘gourmet’ because she’s kind of just making home made versions of things most of the time.

No. 637120

Male bodies are grotesque. The world would be a lot more pleasant if all men looked like women. No, not trannies. Trannies don’t look like women.

No. 637122

This isn’t an ‘unpopular opinion’ this is just being a lesbian

No. 637125

NTA and not a fujo, but how is that not true? So many female characters are created explicitly for being a love interest to the main male character and have zero personality outside of the romance angle. The Bechdel test exists for a reason, and still a lot of movies don't pass.

No. 637136

>So many female characters are created explicitly for being a love interest to the main male character
And the solution to that is shipping another male character with the main male character? They're just making it all about the love/relationship aspect again.

No. 637155

I'm bi and I basically agree with that anon. Also, some men can be hot from the waist up but dicks are grotesque, I don't really want to interact with them, I would prefer if men had female sex organs and we could breed some other way

No. 637163

Uh, because the male characters usually have more screen time together, are more developed, and have a relationship outside of "my character exists to marry you"?

Idk how you don't understand this, it's really not that serious or hard to comprehend. "These characters are more developed, they have a better relationship, thus I wanna see them end up together."

No. 637166

Ignore that nonnie, she's just mad people hate the male-written bland female childhood friend waifu character she's kinning.

No. 637174

File: 1600888034979.png (639.62 KB, 471x744, looks familiar dont it.png)

I always thought we were going back to the constricted corset look times with the exaggerated hourglass figure that's in now (except there's more emphasis on ass now). Once corset/girdles went out of fashion a natural body type was preferred. Now the body type that pretty much is only done by constricting/corseting/plastic surgery is in again. Sucks ass.

No. 637178

nta but male homosexuality is unironically gross

No. 637182

You should be able to enjoy media without inserting romance into everything. Especially if that media already contains romance with a badly written character and especially if the male character is already written well by himself, you're doing nothing but turning it into a generic from friends to lovers plot (with the omg i realized i'm gay because of him! twist)

Because women who are into meek waifus are sooo much more common than women who are addicted to shipping any scrotes who look at each other for more than a second…

No. 637184

We need a thread on how to write good female characters but where does it go? on /m/?

No. 637185


No. 637186

No. 637194

It's hilarious how the pilot and fandom are already infamous
Besides I don't see what's so great about a generic,edgy,unfunny puerile cartoon with unlikable deviantart OC's that look similar to each other.
It lacks substance,depth and a heart,which many shows lack now a days because people are money hungry and lazy not to mention unimaginative.its another of those obnoxiously qUiRkY11!! pilots that attract teenagers and children.

No. 637197


Made it a thread

No. 637200


dont know how to link my thread on m cause im a retard but its on m

No. 637206

No. 637218


No. 637220

French guys are better than american and British guys

No. 637226

yes truly an unpopular opinion. as a person who lived in france for a while and dated the fucks (and is not a baguette) I say no, french guys are objectively worse. they somehow act more entitled and think because they’re euros they’re so much smarter than other people who aren’t, and if other people are euros they’re better just because they’re french.

No. 637228

What could be worse than manchildren American guys or wimpy British guys? You're gonna have to explain yourself better than that anon

No. 637229

French men are also manchildren, arrogant and entitled

No. 637230

All men are manchildren.

No. 637233

I am french but live in England now, In my experience english men are much more arrogant and self obsessed, prone to mansplaining- whilst french men are less empathetic and more violent. All man children.

No. 637238

don't french guys have more "macho" and sexually chauvinistic tendencies than english/americans?

No. 637271

File: 1600896872766.jpg (177.97 KB, 900x600, Gorillaz-Vic-Mensa.jpg)

Gorillaz aren't as good as they used to be.

No. 637273

wait you're kind of right, haven't liked a single new song of theirs..huh the more you know.

No. 637276

I didn't even know they existed past 2005.

No. 637278

Imo they're only as strong as their collaborators nowadays. I loved Aries but only because that's straight up a new order song, their original content is just not as good.

No. 637279

This is a popular opinion, most of the more mainstream listeners have been shitting on them ever since Humanz.

No. 637287

I haven't really liked any of their new songs. But I just kind of accept with Gorillaz that I'll dislike plenty of their music, it's so varied and different that there's no way I'll enjoy it all.

No. 637325

tbh gorillaz was always meh tier and only got popular because of a gimmick. now that non-human personas are all the rage no one cares anymore.
>best weird character persona is triumph the insult comic dog, dont @ me

No. 637445

Beards are ugly

No. 637464

Talking to yourself out loud is weird. I don't really have an argument for it but I just feel really uncomfortable when I catch someone talking to themselves. I'm the biggest loner ever and just talk to myself in my head.

No. 637466

wow, fucking came here to post this

No. 637470

This is not an unpopular opinion, and I say that as someone who both happily and frequently talks to themselves.

No. 637471

I literally only talk to myself when I'm alone, it's like a compulsion when I'm alone or think I'm alone I have to mumble all my thoughts aloud. People have caught me a few times and it's embarrassing but I don't know how to stop

No. 637477

I keep it inside my head too, massive loner so maybe I'm concerned that if I started thinking out loud I might struggle to then find an off-switch from doing it.

I already get self conscious because I daydream a lot and wonder if people can tell I'm wrapped up in my weird fantasy land much of the time

No. 637487

This, it's not unpopular.
I'm out here talking to myself in front of strangers on the reg and I sense their judgement.

I have to wonder why though. We all have an inner monologue, so why is it disturbing? Social rules that don't make sense again.

No. 637491

I have started forcing myself to speak out loud when I'm alone to practice verbalizing my thoughts

No. 637499

adding onto this I feel like there's a difference between thinking out loud, and actually talking to yourself. Verbalizing your immediate internal monologue is an easy way to cut out distractions, and if you get really worked up about some fantasy (a conversation you wished turned out different, an upcoming interaction you're stressing about, etc.) it makes sense to "act it out" in anticipation, which is hard for some people to do in their heads. I do all that and used to think it was weird until I met my coworker who would have lengthy conversations at near full volume with herself. It was like she was talking to a ghost. I would always go "what?" when I walked by until I got used to it because I thought she was speaking to me.

No. 637511

File: 1600938197146.jpg (122.26 KB, 1200x1200, couple_argument-144x144-223_0-…)

Feel free to rag on my grammar. I know my grammar is shit and I will try to explain the best I can.

Can I just say that fujos (hell any women who is a hime or into straight porn) have no rights to criticize men of their weird fetishes even though their fetishes just as bad if not that times worse then men that's they shit on. Don't get me wrong, I really hate men that shit on women for having any type fetishes. Even if at said fetish is tame compare to whatever fucking weird fetishes that men are up to. (Seriously I got a feeling men fetishizing things are getting worse and worse by times comes by.) By same time I don't think women have no rights to criticizes men of their fetishes when I seen many of hentai/porn fanarts and fanbooks and hell even official publication of some the most degenerate shit made by women and I have to wonder is this person is healthy and HOW do they get in that shit(and careless if is a man or a woman). What am trying say here that both sexes need to stop fighting over each others when it's come fetishes when both of them are equally disgusting for each other.

And no I'm not saying that people should enjoy whatever fetish they like, because there are some fetishes are questionably, disturbingly, grossly problematic whatever if is fiction or not. Even if you don't believe that lolicon or shotacon or ANYONE who is a furry doesn't make you a child or animal molester, at least keep these people at a watchlist so they if about potentially hurt anyone or anything. Please don't not forget kero and his horrible degenerate friends and supporters.

TLDR-People should stop criticize other people fetishes but the same time we should equally criticize it if might hurt a living being.

No. 637541

Idk, I just don’t agree. Whatever dumbass fujo shit that women like doesn’t contribute to men being trafficked and raped to make more degenerate porn. Men aren’t told to make onlyfans when they have bills to pay. Men aren’t burdened with unfair beauty standards because of degenerate boys love doujins. Women don’t murder men and then sperg about “rough sex defense.”

Most fujo shit is cringy as hell to me, sure, but trying to find an equivalence in everything men and women do misses the point.

No. 637551

Nta anon but I an tried of seeing of this argument fujos have for their own degeneracy, fujos male equivalents aren't men into BDSM or rough sex what ever, fujos male equivalents are men who masturbate to hentai or cartoons, both equally pathetic and degenerate

No. 637554

I hate the "But men rape!"-argument so much. Just imagine, we know that already! We also know that men who consume disgusting media are freaks too, despite not technically commiting a crime, it still furthers their degeneracy.
Fujos love to play it off as an innocent little thing, an escape, because relationships between females and males are often portrayed so badly, same for female characters in general, but then they go on and read or look at drawings of underage looking boys getting gangraped. And when called gross, they scream misogyny, let women have their things! You can, but please not in the shape of the same hentai that males consume, just with the gender switched. If female characters and relationships are portrayed badly, then it's not progressive to consume media that contains solely males. Males who do dirty inhumane things with each other.

No. 637568

On this subject I think it’s hilarious when someone tries to criticize some fujo art/trope on twitter and in come in the troons to claim that it helps them with their problems or whatever the fuck. At that point you can’t say anything or else the mob comes for you. Same with the fundas. They’ll just pin you as homophobic or claiming that you’re in their space and it’s over.

No. 637573

Eh disagree. Fujo stuff tends to stay in the animated/2D/written realm that doesn’t contribute to real humans being harmed, unless they’re little retard girls who try to collect gays or ship irl people, but that’s still not the same as men literally choking women to passing out or death in the bedroom. Though I also don’t think fujos are the ones criticizing pornsick men, I think they tend to be uncritically sex positive.

No. 637584

File: 1600951921816.jpg (12.08 KB, 852x637, lgbt-pride-flag-redesign-3-852…)

I hate this ugly ass flag, intersectionality gone mad. Let's not even talk about the one with the troon arrow.

No. 637590

Every single one of my coworkers has a beard because pandemic and it looks so ungroomed and bad. rofl

No. 637593

How's an ugly flag demeaning. Didn't the lgtb community choose the flag themselves anyway?

No. 637594

No. 637595

I think they mean the added brown and black colors, but that's racial politics i wont get into on this thread, but you can look it up why the colors look like this

No. 637597

I can't really say I agree. It just feels different in every way when women are freaks. Nemu is the only exception I can think of right off the bat, and funnily enough, it's easy to find multiple males just like her, but difficult to find similar women.
I notice it's always women who try to make things into a "both genders bad" thing when it comes to all sorts of topics, but honestly, it usually isn't. It just feels like lying/self-delusion to pretend it is.

No. 637610

I get that, and it's a fair point that the equivalent might be more men into hentai/cartoons than irl bdsm, but it still just doesn't feel as severe as male coomers. Plus the point of OP is about fujos criticizing male coomers for their fetishes in general, not for equivalent ones, and like I said, I just don't think fujos are particularly critical or sex-negative anyways. The ones that are, yeah, they are hypocritical, but degenerate 2D porn is still not going to be as bad as what the majority of males are into and getting worse about. I can see your/other anons' side as well, though, and like. Don't disagree that it's degenerate and bad, it's just never going to be as severe as men. Sorry, it just isn't.

No. 637633

Agree, it looks awful and the original one was already all-inclusive, there wasn't a stripe for lesbians, one for gays and one for white people so it makes no sense to single out trans and black members into a special corner.

No. 637638

I'd say you're mostly right but male weebs are usually into worse shit like rape while a lot of fujos I know are pretty vanilla

Weebs also love shitting on fujos and calling them degen for just shipping men, not even drawing porn. I don't condone fujos who are into more degenerate stuff, but I don't like seeing the double standard where they get driven off of social media by weebs and sjws alike while deranged coomers are made fun of but mostly left alone

No. 637682

Anons that react really aggressively to posts in the Vent or Confessions threads are retarded kek. The point of those threads is to drop some shitty, heavy stuff, and some anons just assume the worst and run away with it, even when the person acknowledges their shortcomings or problematic aspects of their own actions in the vent or confession. Acting that self-righteous on an anonymous image board is embarrassing, especially in the context of those boards.

No. 637689

> some anons just assume the worst and run away with it
omg this. You dare to mention something negative about yourself and you're ripped to bits as they 'fill in the gaps' and assume you're just a shitty person through and through

That or you vent about an argument you had with someone and because you don't prefix the post with a massive background story they jump to find as much fault as they possibly can with you.

Maybe it hits a nerve and reminds them of someone they hate in their own life? That's my impression a lot of the time.

No. 637690

I've had the displeasure of stumbling multiple women who are Nemu tier, luckily not IRL, but you'd be surprised how many degenerate weebwomen groomers on the internet (even if they are cowards) can get away with their bullshit for the longest time by using the excuse "I just fap to shotacon / lolicon", "you're discriminating against / harassing me!" etc as a reason for why they end up targeting actualized children. Then they target actual kids and people act surprised?

No. 637699

One doesn't even always have to assume the worst, of course the majority of these women aren't actual predators but we're still allowed to say that it's degenerate to enjoy writings or images of things like rape. This is simply not normal or innocent, you are gross.

I'm a fujo too, that's why I'm feeling so strongly about this. Most women in hetero pairings are badly portrayed and that's why some women opt for m/m romance instead, but you'll hardly be able to enjoy cute vanilla stuff because nearly all spaces are always overrun with disgusting perverts, who are exactly into the same shit as scrotes, just with less tits.

No. 637704

After seeing the evidence presented I objectively agree with the ruling of the Breonna Tyler case. Emotionally, it still bothers me and we need to enact legislation to end no-knock warrants ASAP. I won’t argue with my friends about it but I think this is one of those cases where the facts were not clear from the beginning and emotions ran the show.

No. 637705

Breonna Taylor, my b.

No. 637711

Would you say that you agree with the ruling as the law is, but that it was still wrong, then? That's an argument I'm seeing a lot–that the system that killed her of course isn't going to take responsibility for her death, and it's probably that way because of how existing laws are written.

No. 637714

>People should stop criticize other people fetishes but the same time we should equally criticize it if might hurt a living being
Oh yeah? Then show me the trafficking of men and boys for fujo women to abuse. If anything fujo content hurts autistic women more because they troon out from looking at cartoon.

No. 637717

>you'll hardly be able to enjoy cute vanilla stuff because nearly all spaces are always overrun with disgusting perverts
Are you serious? Western fujo sphere has ABUNDANCE of fluffy coffee shop AU hand holding shit. Every fic is prefaced with 100 disclaimers about how all the characters are married adults and hail mary's. Your unproblematic taste isn't rare or marginalized in any way.

No. 637725

I'm tired of people applying everything through an North American (US) lens, especially when non-Americans do it. It's even worse when it's about dating or some racial relations discussion. When I mention it the other person just goes blank and it's so annoying. I really think most people online are NPCs just parroting whatever they see even if it doesn't match their worldview.

No. 637734

Agreed. Why does everyone have to give a shit about Americans feelings? Americans sure don't care about any other country's internal struggles.

No. 637735

you're doing the same thing that anon is bitching about. i hate people trying to justify something by pointing out it's better than something else. who tf are you trying to justify this shit to? men? because that's how it reads. i don't care about justifying myself towards people who will just find an excuse to find fault with it. if someone doesn't like it who cares. and who cares what men say, at all. they don't need to be into rape porn for me to not give a shit about their opinions.

No. 637736

It's not even that. It's just when many non-Americans talk about their country it's obviously patterned out of America. Or those weird non-Americans who stan Qanon or Trump. Lmao.

No. 637739

They should be banned, tbh. They're annoying as fuck and massive self-righteous projectors who should be kicked off the board for their derailing.

I wish people looking to argue with someone online because they didn't get it out when some person IRL/on another website annoyed them fuck off.

No. 637743

>who tf are you trying to justify this shit to? men?
The projection kek you clearly care very much. Literally nothing I said has anything to do with male opinions. Gj missing the point spectacularly.

No. 637745

then explain why you need to justify it? people like you are end up doing the same shit that pick-mes do. sorry if you need to bring up men liking rape every time someone bawws about you looking at guys touching dicks. just ignore them and get over yourself.

No. 637747

Yeah let's just have an echo chamber with only ass kissing allowed. If you don't like arguments, You get off the internet.
Okay, you're saying nothing at this point.

No. 637750

NTA but there sure is something inbetween ass-kissing and being aggressive, right?

No. 637754

okay, enjoy being crippled by shitty men and their retarded opinions.

No. 637758

File: 1600966924361.png (252.31 KB, 480x672, 15648464564.png)

You know lolcow is full of newfags when ppl are engaging with the fujo hate sperglord again. I'm gonna need to look at some drawings getting raped to cope. Know that this is your fault.

No. 637768

File: 1600967827586.jpg (186.78 KB, 1200x863, Fujoshi_29feee_7553250.jpg)

>More than one person calls me out on my degeneracy? Impossible!

No. 637770

I agree like get a diary or something if you don’t want anyone to criticise you

No. 637774

>Yaoi paddles aren’t even a thing anymore
Thank god

No. 637775


Criticize isn't the same as aggressively dogpiling or hate sperging, and like >>637750 said, there's something in between.

No. 637781

I will think upon the yaoi paddle fondly. It was the last time males felt unsafe at cons.

No. 637782

Sad that I can’t even tell you to go back to PULL anymore

No. 637783

damn I've never seen so much seethe from one meme image

No. 637789

No. 637790

Never been on it, I just exist and interact with people in the real world, you fucking freak. Happy?

No. 637791

No. 637793

Bring it back for that exclusively. And to trigger fujosperg anon. She's fun.

No. 637794

No. 637803

This and unironically

No. 637808

People dont like kids/babies because they're jealous that they have their youth and entire lives a head of them

No. 637809

Hey there, the op of >>637511. I wasn't trying shit on fujos. I was trying shit on to both sexes when its comes of weird fetishes shit. I can't think of a female equivalent of females who into weird shit.

Sorry if you get the wrong idea.

Well yes although men and women are different when it come fetishes(I still think at men are at their worse when it comes with porn), but saying that their are NO women who are into weird fetishes shit that men like (futanari, female tentacle porn, LOLICON) and vice versa (male pregnancy, arms and legs decapitation, SHOTACON) is kinda a bit delusional. (It is understandable since many of you never going too deep of the internets porn hole.) Trusts me guys I have explorer pixiv or any hentai sites that allowed ANY porn that makes me wants to throw up and ask HOW.

What I was trying say here that here really to stop fighting over of " if you like x, then you are a disgusting human should be ashamed of yourselves and need to be look down on because you're x-phile and x-phobe." That shit is annoying as for both sexes.

Saying that we shouldn't criticize fetishes is like a contest which one of the fetishes turn people mentally ill and might hurt someone.

And again I don't want people enjoy whatever fetishes they like if is real or not because there are some fetishes that NOBODY should get on and people rightly so call them out whatever real or not. We have seen many and many of furries and people who are into anime become child and animals molesters. (Kero and his fuckbuddies, lot of the furries, the recent legit callout post of a v-tuber and andallthefallenmoe website who got CAUGHT for having REAL child pornography.) And it's baffling that people are still defend of ANY disturbing questionable porn whatever when it come to fiction.

Even if you STILL don't believe get on of any fictional porn doesn't make you a real life molester out of the many of the cases, can we at least keep these guys on a watchlist whatever they doing on the internet. You will never know these people will do ANYTHING to make there fuck-up fetish real and doesn't matter if is male or female(we are certainly seeing that with the trannys).

TLDR- Apologizing for pinpoint fujos when I actually talk about women with any fetishes, everybody can get on to anything and to shut up about it which one of us have the worst fetishes, and actually putting people on a watchlist whatever fetishes that is mortally wrong and doesn't matter if is real or not or is it made by a man or a woman.

No. 637811

I mean, on a deep, fundamental level, of course
But at a restaurant? It's because they're loud and dirty

No. 637812

Anon stop apologizing, you're too nice for lolcow. Just read all the posts above, they don't care about your point, they only want to mock you.

No. 637814

i..is this just fanart or like a legit doujinshi? asking for a friend

No. 637816

I don't get people complaining about eugenics when women abort severely disabled babies that would ruin their lives. I actually just saw some guy saying that it's horrible that since abortion is legal in my country there are 77% less newborns suffering from trisomy 21. Imagine thinking we need to be surrounded by more actual retards who will take up resources all their lives and eventually die of a heart attack.

I hate that one of my friends legit looks like this and is still talking about fandoms non stop despite being in her mid-20.

No. 637818

They don't want to mock OP, they want to mock fujosperg-chan.

No. 637821

Of course it was a man saying that, he wouldn't be the one carrying the baby or caring for it after. So stupid. We don't need more people in general, much less more severely mentally disabled people. Women shouldn't have to go through a full term pregnancy for a baby to die hours later either.

No. 637823

Well it's not about the quality of life for the potatoes to pro-life people. It's about punishing women for having sex and making sure they have a lifetime of hardship and poverty that follows.

No. 637825

have you not been on disabled activists platforms? they think that not wanting your child to be disabled equals wanting disabled people DEAD

No. 637826

No but I've seen deaf people on twitter with this exact same persecution complex.

>Women shouldn't have to go through a full term pregnancy for a baby to die hours later either.
Yeah that shit's beyond messed up. It should also be allowed to leave these severely disabled babies alone until they naturally pass away right after they're born instead of hooking up to machineries if they're not gonna make it anyway, or if they're never going to even become independent or aware of their surroundings if they somehow manage to get older.

No. 637827

He said that because he is not the one who will give birth and have to take care of that kid into adulthood. If he had to change some diapers of a bedridden 16 yo with the brain power of a kid or have to pay for expensive care facilities he would change his tune pretty quickly.

No. 637832

Twitter sjws are starting to make the eugenics argument. Just makes it more clear that they don't give a shit about women's rights

No. 637833

Yeah…they should just let the mother's hold them until they pass if that's what they'd like to do. God, it's heartbreaking, I'm tearing up and cannot think about this anymore.

No. 637879

File: 1600976359644.jpeg (925.07 KB, 3264x3264, 8FBA2853-5497-4699-BF8D-4684FF…)

the way she’s talking to him is disgusting but OP is acting like this shit is soooo beneath him when he works as a bar tender.

he makes comments about social class and status when he’s just as low as her on the food chain. honestly she’s not beneath him, he should take what he can get or at least not act all indignant about it when he’s just as retarded and povo as her

No. 637897

Being a bartender means you should be open to getting sexually harassed?
Your opinion is unpopular for a reason, anon. Because it's shit.

No. 637899

I just like seeing a man get harassed in the same way women are harassed every day.

No. 637900


that’s not what i said at all. also

>you must be 18 or older to post here

No. 637902

>implying someone is underage just because they disagree with your opinion
You sound underage yourself.

No. 637903

What? Why would he give her a chance? Would you give a man coming into your inbox like this a chance? Don't be fucking retarded, nobody picks people up like this. You're truly stupid for this one sis.

No. 637914

What's their argument? I complained about it because I usually see devout Christians, especially Catholics, arguing that women aborting because they don't want a disabled child is morally wrong.

No. 637916

sending your child to boarding school is for parents who regret their children and don’t want to parent them anymore.

No. 637918

Where did he even say anything about social status/class? Either way, a persons career doesn't make it ok to sexually harass them. Don't understand how someone could just downplay harassment like this.

No. 637920


No. 637922

This is fake as shit. Creative work from another idiot male who wanted to strawman about "if the genders were reversed!!!" for Reddit upvotes or some other form of internet attention.
Please don't post this nonsense again. Waste of data.

No. 637923

I don't feel bad for him. If women came out the gates insulting men like that after rejecting their sexual advances they'd react about the same and then more aggressively yet. He's just mad an old lady is hitting on him so he decided to respond with low blows instead of blocking or telling her he's not interested. He wanted to stir shit and that's what he got. Not OP btw.

No. 637925

No it’s for comfortably middle class/upper class people who probably hired a nanny from day 1 and never expected to have to parent their own children. That’s their culture

No. 637931

we should eat people after they die instead of turning them into dust or whatever. the viable organs should be donated and if healthy, the rest should be made into mince meat, other than the brain of course. this would appease the vegans.

No. 637932

Men would prefer watching porn and jerking off more than getting to know a woman/having sex.
Men would choose porn over their wife or gf if she tried to get him to stop.

No. 637938

Not unpopular especially here

No. 637939

>this would appease the vegans.
as someone who eats plant-based, I'm telling you right now, no the fuck it wouldn't

There's literally no reason to do this (atleast not in America), we have plenty of food and imagine knowing other people are eating your family and friends bodies. Even in impoverishes countries that don't have enough good sources of food, there are still better ways than eating people. wtf.

No. 637940

men are more likely to want to use a woman as a warm fleshlight anon

No. 637941

the vegans are always on about comparing animals to humans and shit as if we aren't the top of the food chain, it would appease the hypocrisy if we also ate people. and roadkill. if theres no health issues involved i dont see why its an issue, you dont have to eat your dead grandma if you don't want, but shes just gonna rot otherwise

No. 637942

I love the idea of a cannibal farmer

No. 637943

Bitch you may want to get a prion disease but I sure don't. Even if you say we shouldn't eat brains I wouldn't take that risk.

No. 637944

No the fuck we shouldn't

No. 637946

god this is such a bad take in so many ways

No. 637948

we don't live in papa new guinea anon (im guessing)
you don't have to, i'm not forcing you to eat dead people. yet

No. 637950

I honestly would not want to eat apex predators. We bioaccumulate a lot of nasty shit and would definitely pass it on through our fats and flesh if someone or something ate us.
We aren't even supposed to eat tuna more than a few times a week ffs.

No. 637954

thats due to mercury.
i feel assured that we can health screen corpses to make sure there isn't any nasties in the tissue, fat is gross but muscle is muscle

No. 637960

And you think humans aren't tainted with heavy metals? Some humans absolutely have bioaccumulations of mercury as well as wonderful chemicals like BPA from our bottles and PFOA from nonstick pans. Hormones and mood stabilizers. Medications. Diseases.

Even if you're not scared of prion disease it doesn't mean humans are healthy or safe to eat.

No. 637961

No. 637963

Ok, Hannibal.

I thought my idea of harvesting the organs of death row inmates was dark, but this is another level. There is no reason to eat people unless its a survival situation. It kind of sounds like you just want to eat corpses tbh.

No. 637964

some people live pretty healthy lifes, but maybe we should exclude america from cannibalism

No. 637965

All of these are gross too. Necrophilia and selling/stealing people's bodies is disgusting but just because people are doing that doesn't make eating people ok. Two wrongs dont make a right.

No. 637966

i dont see how we can be so cool with taking a literal persons organ and putting it inside ourselves permanently, but if i say we eat bodybuilder burger to shit out its suddenly soooo not cool and against our impeccable morals

No. 637967

I hate clone high and it doesn't deserve another stupid season,there are better underrated shows out there yet clone high gets all the attention???

No. 637968

>ok Hannibal

No. 637969

The difference is organ transplants are necessary, eating people isn't. Also, we only use people's organs if they donate them.

No. 637971

Nothing to do with the location, there they had a huge number of prion disease cases (a very specific one I forgot the name) because they had that tradition of eating specific body parts of corpses, but as soon as they stopped the number of cases decreased and there's almost no cases nowadays.

Meanwhile in the 80s (and 70s I think? not sure anymore) any young patient who suffered from a growth hormone deficiency that could render them super short and prevent/severely delay puberty had to get growth hormone injections but since these hormones came from human corpses' pituitary glands and some of them had another specific prion disease it spread and the treatment was discontinued. Except it was discontinued way later in France than in the rest of the world where a bunch of people were infected in their childhood or had to live in fear of suddenly dying decades after using that treatment. Thank god I was born in the 90s or I would have been ultra fucked. Don't get me started on the mad cow disease.

tldr; I don't want a prion disease thank you very much.

No. 637973

listen, prison guard anon wanted to harvest from death row inmates, supposedly without consent. at least my jazz is fully consentual
this is why we don't eat brains

No. 637975

It's not just brains, everything's risky.

>at least my jazz is fully consentual

You reminded me of this gay German guy who cut off some guy's dick with his consent, they both cooked it and ate it, and then he killed him, still with his consent, and kept body parts in the fridge for later. He became a vegetarian in jail I think. I forgot the name.

No. 637976

Consider this a reply all to the cannibal discussion, I’m fucking crying laughing guys, thank you

No. 637979

Please eat your own legs

No. 637982

>I thought my idea of harvesting the organs of death row inmates was dark
This is a bad idea when you understand that a person's characteristics aren't just found in their brain.

No. 637988

dont test me i will and it wont be a huge deal either
are you trying to say that if you got a kidney from a murderer you would become evil

No. 637990

No. 637992

I understand the sentiment, but I think calling girls a ‘pick me’ is a stupid insult because A) men don’t pick you, you pick them. Men are not the sexual gatekeepers, women are, almost always they pursue you in courtship and B) you don’t need to express some quirky NLOG viewpoint for men to ‘pick’ you, men will fuck anything and try and get with pretty much any girl they have any kind of relationship with and I think most women are aware of this. I feel like calling girls a pick me is as much or more of a pick me thing than being a pick me in the first place because it gives the illusion to men that they have a power and importance they don’t really have and I feel like its often said to preformatively put the other woman down in front of men. I don’t think NLOGism usually stems from desire to pander to men, I think people just in general have an obsession with ‘othering’ themselves from the mainstream. I feel like being an NLOG is on a similar level as people who talk about ‘locals’/‘npcs’/‘normies’ etc.

No. 638005

Epigenetics + cellular memory = bad news for organ transplants

No. 638017

I think pickme is used more for girls who want to be accepted by men as one of the good ones/one of the boys and be respected by them even if it takes shitting on other women to achieve. It's less for picking when it comes to sex and more for male social acceptance.

No. 638026

A lot girls dont realize that they choose and that is why they act like a pick me.

No. 638031

I don’t think there’s a way to interpret ‘hope you get picked’ etc as not being about relationships. Whenever people make those trad wife memes about it the ‘Picked’ is always like getting engaged

I think every woman is aware of this and people act like a pick me for various reasons from just wanting to differentiate themselves in some way to just being stupid. I feel like the term ‘pick me’ demeans women, not the specific woman being called it, but women as whole, because it gives men this false idea that they are the sexual ‘pickers’ and attributes way more power to them than they have. I guess it depends on the situation but I think a lot of NLOG/pick me-ism is about as ‘problematic’ as when people position themselves in comparison to ‘normies’. They’re just losers who have some kind of superiority/individuality complex, I don’t think that has to come from a desire to pander to men.

No. 638034

i don't even like that term but that's not what it mean like at all. pick me refers to women who share their opinions and views that closely align with specific male views(usually shitty redditors/neckbeards) as a way to attack women to get male praise. you see it all over the internet when a woman shares her opinion and ends up in a dumb argument with a dumb man. the pick me in this situation would insert herself into the convo but agree with the man. she just wants the man to praise her so she gets attention. it's not about dating or something.

i really only consider women pick mes when their opinion is either factually incorrect (wage gap is fake) or is against her interests as a woman (pro-life). a lot of stuff people say on here isn't usually what i call pick me but there are some cringy anons(especially since there's no man to give a fuck what they're saying)

No. 638036

Millie Bobby Brown is a shitty actor, my god.

No. 638038

t. ESL

No. 638039

What I’m saying is you don’t need to have those views as a woman to be ‘picked’ or get male praise. They’ll pick you anyway. These kind of men wouldn’t even care about your views. If you can’t fathom other reasons women would have those views than being a ‘pick me’ then I think that’s as/more demeaning to women than the pick me behaviour in question and in itself panders to men.

No. 638045

Omg she's literally me! XDDDDD

No. 638052

what the fuck are you even on about? the guy certainly didn't "pick" the woman they are arguing with. pick-mes aren't trying to get fucked or date or marry anyone they just want some kind of instant validation from a man. the "pick me" part isn't literal. it's an insult, because they are desperate for attention, like a kid in class who really wants to get called on raising their hand going 'ooh ooh!', it's teachers pet shit. how the fuck the man going to pick them if she doesn't show how not like the other girls she is?

No. 638055

>wanting to eat 50-100 year old meat
Fucking ew

No. 638070

OT but the cannibalism discussion reminded me of this

No. 638080

god i love jojo anons

No. 638090

hes got a point. i'll rephrase. we just eat the vegans
and to the 'ew 50 year old meat' anon, aged meat is a delicacy

No. 638091

But literal married women exhibit pickme behaviour and get called out too. The times i've seen it, it's more criticism of a woman who tries to be a cool girl and appeal to the men around her by throwing other women and even herself under the bus, not necessarily because she wants a relationship but bcus she wants attention and acceptance and thinks agreeing with men on their views and disagreeing with the nagging, difficult feminists will get it.

I dont like the term much either but sometimes you can just tell someone is molding themselves for acceptance and its annoying. Its a cliche but the cool girl monologue from gone girl put it in words for me if you havent seen it already.

No. 638102

I get what you’re saying and the sentiment of the term, but I think what I struggle with is the idea that you have to be a ‘cool girl/pick me’ to appeal to men or get male attention. I just don’t really see that as a motive for their behaviour because I feel like women just get that from men anyway. I felt similarly about the cool girl monologue, I just don’t see how it is relatable for a woman to have to do all that for a man. I’m just not seeing that men/male attention is hard to get. You get male attention no matter what you do, whether you even want it or not. If anything I feel like the reverse is much more true, that men care about getting attention from and try to get ‘picked’ by women.

No. 638114

Same anon but also I feel ‘pick me’, even if you were to agree it is just about getting male attention, suggests men have this power/influence (that I don’t think they do but whatever), and demeans the woman. But when men are desperate for sexual attention from women, the acronym usually used, ‘simp’, still primarily demeans the woman (Mediocre pussy) even though imo wanting to be ‘picked’ is so, so much more a male thing than female.

No. 638115

please get better reading comprehension. why are you so set on this? these women obviously aren't using logic if they are just parroting neckbeard ideals for attention so why are you? if they were smart at all they wouldn't be spouting their shitty misogyny for e-headpats.

No. 638116

You DON’t have to be pick me to get male attention or get wifed. It’s shown again and again that pickmes never win because males in fact think less of women who kowtow to them.
But these women have low self esteem and self worth, they mistakenly think that they have to work for a man’s affection. And the less a man respects her, the harder she tries to appease him, it’s self defeating.
Men do try to get women’s attention but it’s from a place of entitlement. They think it’s a woman’s snobbiness and shallowness that she doesn’t give him a chance. You will rarely see a man adopting a woman’s interests to impress her, it’s always the other way around. Women these days can’t even ask men to pay for dinner or stop watching porn lol idk how you can say otherwise when girls are ones simulating anime waifu when men don’t act like anime husbandos at all.

No. 638117

>even though imo wanting to be ‘picked’ is so, so much more a male thing than female.

are you fucking dense? this is a "you can't learn a thing you think you know" situation. i have explained it as clearly as possible and you still don't get it. and now i am here trying to wrap my head around how you can't believe even one singular woman doesn't want male attention and wouldn't throw other women under the bus for it i can't with you.

No. 638118

I had a slight pick me phase, and i think the difference is that you get good attention for being one of the good women vs unwanted attention just for your body/being a woman. There will aways be desperate men wanting to hit on you but its a bit different because when these women make an effort to stand out and be agreeable the attention comes from what they think is respect and from being likeable, but ends up just being doormat behaviour. And when it comes to one guy in specific, i think girls with low self esteem will do anything to keep and please him and aways be a positive person in his life, even when thats not really feasible or what he needs. Like a guy who loves beer and is drinking too much, a normal wife might tell him to cut it out before he throws up even if he will be annoyed, a pick me will not nag and let him be happy and do what he wants even if she has to clean up puke later.

To give a personal example, i used to hate those "fake gamer girls". I didnt need more male attention, i already got unwanted attention from being into vidya and just for exhisting as a teen girl but i still felt the need to prove myself as different and better to the male nerds by writing bad things alongside them about women posing sexily with unplugged joysticks, to make sure 13 year old me deserved respect unlike those harlots.

Sorry this is so long, i agree with you in a lot of points and dont really like the term either.

No. 638121

Pick-me is a based term. If it sounds derogatory and hurts your feeling then it’s working. Cockbreaths stay pressed.

No. 638122

Obviously I don’t think no woman ever has wanted male attention? What I think is strange is the phrasing of the term itself and how widely it’s used when I feel like the reverse phenomena (Men wanting female attention) is much more common and much less talked about.

No. 638123

Wanting attention is different from actively pandering to get that attention. Tell me, what are males doing to raise their sexual value? Are they getting plastic surgery and dick enhancement to become greek gods? Are they tripping over themselves to throw money at women? Are they posturing themselves as emotionally intelligent and in touch with women's issues more than other scrotes?
No. Who do you think came up with the word "simp"? Lol
Literally don't understand what you're trying to get out of this unless it's some "males totes have it harder in the dating pool" type shit.

No. 638129

I feel like men do all kinds of things for female attention, I feel like the emergence of the manosphere and lookism/pua things were mostly about attention from women. A lot of young men seem completely obsessed with trying to dissect traits women like and mould themselves to be more like that. Most of their ‘self improvement’ and lifestyle things like going to the gym or whatever solely revolves around hoping to get attention from women. A lot of men seemingly have no other aspirations that to be the object of women’s affection. A lot of men do throw money at women they’re interested in, which a woman would never really have to do, or at least do much less often. For a lot of young men their entire world view seemingly hinges in their lack of/desire for attention from women? I think the fact that this is often viewed sympathetically, and they are not criticised the way ‘pick me’s’ are and that there is no equivalent term, is not a coincidence and it’s because ‘pick me’ demeans the woman and emphasises the ‘power’ the man has even though like I’ve said I think when it comes to attention from the opposite sex it’s women in reality that have more ‘power’. Anyway, it’s pointless to go back and forth over it. It was literally just an unpopular opinion, I’m not trying to ‘get’ anything out of it.

No. 638131

Men gain something from being pick mes and women dont. That's why it looks more pathetic when women do it.

No. 638132

Basically the same shit. When someone wants to abort a disabled baby because they can't take care of it abortion is suddenly a conspiracy against disabled people

No. 638133

Imo both arguably ‘gain’ something but it’s at the expense of themselves in both cases, but the thing is even if I agreed it’s more pathetic, people don’t just think it’s ‘more’ pathetic with women. People think it exclusively exists with women. The fact that a huge amount of men are massive pick me’s is ignored (because this would suggest women have power/demean men) and I think there is obviously some societal factors at play with how comfortable people feel publicly degrading women as pick me’s (often for pretty questionable reasons) in front of men compared to the opposite.

No. 638140

People do hate male pickmes, they're just called white knights and 'nice guys'. Desperation is considered bad in everyone. But considering the worst consequence a male pickme will face is rejection and humiliation, while for a woman it's being married/impregnated/strung along by abusive men who don't give a shit about them, no shit women are gonna be more concerned about the latter. Being a pickme can literally ruin a woman's life because men will take advantage of that and use them, male pickmes just don't get laid.

No. 638144

Aren't male pickeme's called simps/cucks/flavor of the month insult?
They definitely get flack for sucking up to get laid and NLOB-ing, anon.

No. 638145

Nah, women gain less than men. Men want women more than women want men, and men suffer without women. Why else would we be brainwashed growing up to focus on men so much? Not to mention the reproductiven risks and getting killed by ur man. Therefore, it's more pathetic for women.

No. 638147

Also female pick mes can be dangerous(for example getting jealous of her daughter if her husband raped the her and then proceeding to blame the child for ruining her relationship)

No. 638148

That’s going way beyond what ‘pick me’ means

No. 638152

NTA but there are levels to it. The root of that behavior would still be pickmeism.

No. 638153

I don’t think there would be one universal ‘root’ of that, but the root of that kind of behaviour is more likely to be some kind of severe mental illness than wanting attention from men which generally what pick me means. I think it’s disingenuous to act like that’s what people are referring to with pick me.

No. 638154

The root is women thinking they need to compete with each other and that their most important values are how useful and desirable they are to men. That's why so many feel threatened by friends, coworkers and even daughters. That anon mentioned rape, but it's a pretty common issue for mothers to feel bad and try to sabotage their young daughters because they feel they need to compete to not be replaced.

It's really awful behaviour, even late bloomer lesbians have it sometimes, the feeling of being lesser and jealousy because another girl in the vicinity is prettier and younger, like they "lost".

No. 638159

what kind of dumbass shit is happening today ladies?

No. 638163

Samefage This is not the right thread sorry

No. 638165

My bf spelled accolade "acolayde" and insisted that I meant acolyte because he didn't think accolade was a word and I must be mistaken

No. 638201

Stupid bitch is being groomed and doesnt even know it or care. it's sad, but she annoys me so much

No. 638202

I could honestly happily eat Olive Garden everyday.

No. 638204

File: 1601006079890.jpg (124.73 KB, 736x719, 90d72c6313929cf1d89f0c9af887c3…)

Choke harder kek

No. 638205

She’s a child, good god. What have you gone through to lose your empathy for young women and be so callous?
>she’s being groomed and doesn’t care
That literally makes no sense. You should be ashamed. Disgusting, anon.

No. 638209

I'll take this over Applebee's anons any day. What's your favorite dish? And do you think they changed their breadstick recipe? Bc I do.

No. 638213

screw the fast food

No. 638215

tbh this is probably bait considering the trollposting we just got

No. 638217

Nta but I agree about the breadsticks. They’re not as crack-y and delicious as they used to be. My favorite dish is the mushroom ravioli and the best soup is the gnocchi one. Ugh, now I want it, it’s probably been a year or longer because all my friends are snobs…Olive Garden date, anons?

No. 638219

Nah, it’s saged and plenty of anons are this awful. There’s one that just said women that stay in physically abusive relationships can only blame themselves for staying, and some other one that said women that let men treat them like shit deserve the abuse they get or something like that. It’s gross, people get real bold when anonymous.

No. 638221

I honestly do agree that their breadsticks have changed for the worse. It’s like the texture and they’re also waaaay too salty?
I fucking love me some Rigatoni with the 5 cheese marinara + italian sausage! It’s so delicious the 5 cheese sauce is a must have.
Also for dessert the Zeppoli… holy shit honestly my favorite restaurant dessert of all time.

No. 638222

What do people on this board have against Applebee's anyway?

No. 638224

Psychoanalysis is real

No. 638225

Ayrt, and that sounds like a nice lineup. I've only just started coming around to mushrooms. Before, I was one of those picky eaters who refused to try anything that looked "weird." I had it in a pasta dish recently though, so now I'm on board. Also, of course we can go on a date ♥ my treat!

Couldn't have said it better. I went there for my birthday 3ish years ago after not going for years and thought they were 1. hard as shit but also 2. salty as hell. I'm jealous of your order. It sounds so good. I don't usually venture outside of the usual mousse cake, but that dessert sounds interesting.

I was more so joking. I do prefer Olive Garden over Applebee's but I would still happily go to Applebee's if someone asked me to. In fact, I was one of the anons capping for it in the Applebee's thread. I think a lot of people just think it's cheap/low rate heated up frozen food. I don't care though. The appetizers are worth it.

No. 638231

I’m glad you had a good experience and liked them! They’re very delicious in pasta, especially a creamy pasta. Stuffed mushrooms are also super yummy. Yay, can’t wait!! I’ll buy us dessert after!

I will say re: Applebee’s and any other “frozen food” restaurant, even if that’s what it is, I’m glad to have someone else prepare it properly for me, kek. I’m not going to deep fry mozzarella sticks or onion rings in my apartment, and I’m pretty lazy about waiting for the oven sometimes. If it comes out crispy and proper, who am I to complain?

No. 638234

People drawing fanart for cows is so creepy. Even if it's mean I don't understand the point of it lmao

No. 638239

Apple products aren't impressive.

No. 638246

Except the ipod classic which remains the best mp3 player ever, and which they discontinued. Fuck Apple.

No. 638254

A lot of farmers are genuinely shitty people.

No. 638255

File: 1601012829254.jpg (398.08 KB, 1658x1186, px5lr.jpg)

Users of this imageboard don't know how to use sage properly, some vocal autist decided when you should use it and a big chunk of users just went along with it just to fit in.

No. 638282

What's your stance on saging, then?

No. 638298

Would you buy a new ipod classic in 2020?

No. 638299

samefag, if you could I mean.

No. 638303

NTA but absolutely, yes. The reason I got so hooked on my smartphone is because I carried it around to listen to music. It would be nice to be able to separate the two again.

No. 638304

Of course, I'll buy one secondhand if my current ipod and my backup ipod die on me.

No. 638309

File: 1601022639162.jpg (18.4 KB, 200x200, 1412799109798.jpg)

Why did you ask a question and sage at the same time? Are you afraid to bump the thread for some reason or does that mean you don't want the answer to the question you asked? I don't get it. Looks stupid, no other imageboard does that.

No. 638311

Nice deflection but it would be cool if you could answer the question instead.

No. 638318

File: 1601023660120.png (90.54 KB, 255x244, 1415239228481-1.png)

I don't know how to answer to such a stupid question. Stance on sage.. hm… I'm supposed to have a strong opinion about sage now? I just believe in not doing things without a reason, like autistically saging just becouse peer pressure or something. Oh wait, my eyes have suddenly opened, its actually better if you keep saging. Carry on and have a nice day.

No. 638321

> I'm supposed to have a strong opinion about sage now?
You’re not supposed to but you seem pretty worked up about it.

No. 638326

You're so funny. Keep talking kek

No. 638327

File: 1601024595528.jpg (162 KB, 1280x893, EVagJCQ.jpg)

I'm worked up over lack of self awareness, i see people around me doing things without even realizing why, makes me feel like i'm the only playable character in this videogame.
Have you already rationalized your excessive use of sage, care to share?

No. 638334

Not sure if this is unpopular but I agree with you.

No. 638340

Anyways, >>638327, please listen to me. That it's really related to this thread.
I went to Yoshinoya a while ago; you know, Yoshinoya?
Well anyways there was an insane number of people there, and I couldn't get in.
Then, I looked at the banner hanging from the ceiling, and it had "150 yen off" written on it.
Oh, the stupidity. Those idiots.
You, don't come to Yoshinoya just because it's 150 yen off, fool.
It's only 150 yen, 1-5-0 YEN for crying out loud.
There're even entire families here. Family of 4, all out for some Yoshinoya, huh? How fucking nice.
"Alright, daddy's gonna order the extra-large." God I can't bear to watch.
You people, I'll give you 150 yen if you get out of those seats.
Yosinoya should be a bloody place.
That tense atmosphere, where two guys on opposite sides of the U-shaped table can start a fight at any time,
the stab-or-be-stabbed mentality, that's what's great about this place.
Women and children should screw off and stay home.
Anyways, I was about to start eating, and then the bastard beside me goes "extra-large, with extra sauce."
Who in the world orders extra sauce nowadays, you moron?
I want to ask him, "do you REALLY want to eat it with extra sauce?"
I want to interrogate him. I want to interrogate him for roughly an hour.
Are you sure you don't just want to try saying "extra sauce"?
Coming from a Yoshinoya veteran such as myself, the latest trend among us vets is this, extra green onion.
That's right, extra green onion. This is the vet's way of eating.
Extra green onion means more green onion than sauce. But on the other hand the price is a tad higher. This is the key.
And then, it's delicious. This is unbeatable.
However, if you order this then there is danger that you'll be marked by the employees from next time on; it's a double-edged sword.
I can't recommend it to amateurs.
What this all really means, though, is that you, >>638327, should just stick with today's special.

No. 638342

File: 1601027344532.jpg (18.29 KB, 600x360, 0cc.jpg)

>I'm worked up over lack of self awareness, i see people around me doing things without even realizing why, makes me feel like i'm the only playable character in this videogame.
>Have you already rationalized your excessive use of sage, care to share?

No. 638343

>lack of self awareness

No. 638359

File: 1601030127744.jpg (5.76 KB, 250x200, 1528153168554.jpg)

Welp, i could have an equally meaningful conversation with a chatbot.

No. 638396

"Oof" is the most grating slang/meme I've ever seen in my life and I'm thisclose to installing a chrome extension to hide it. It reminds me of my irritating Midwestern friends who had it as part of their vocabulary long before it was a meme and would even say shit like "oofa doofa!!" god

I haven't found something this irritating since years ago when "tbh" had to get blocked on 4chan

No. 638400

oof that's gonna be a yikes from me dog

No. 638403

It's "oofta." It's popular in MN and WI. I think it's cute but I live in NJ so everything is relative.

No. 638405

*Uffda, from norwegian

No. 638407

how to give someone cancer in one post

No. 638411

YOU sound just like a neckbeard chatbot anon.

>I hate the way people in this site sage!

>No, i don't have a good opinion on saging, why would i? but i am annoyed because it's wrong
>No, i won't you tell what's wrong with your saging, what are you, an NPC? gawsh i'm just like a misunderstood genius MC…

No. 638413

Ignore troonposters anon. Major troon energy going on ITT

No. 638423

Jojis new album is shit

No. 638425

I like it. I think it's better than Ballads 1.

No. 638436

You have reading comprehension of a 10 year old.

No. 638437

I don't think Baylee Jay (?) is a cow or even a flake. She never does anything interesting or milky, and her thread is always the same salty artfags saying "I can't believe she's successful!" on repeat.

I don't hide threads because even when I don't follow a cow, I like to keep up if something funny happens. The Baylee thread is a total turd and so out of place when compared to other flakes like PnP, Soren or Aggy. Hell to even put this shit in the same category as Pheebz is laughable.

We all do this for lols but those anons don't even sound like they're having fun. Watching boring as hell 40 minute vlogs so they can take a screenshot of a messy room "she probably lets her cats around her art supplies she has too many tablets REEEE" like wtf kinda NEET self harm hobby is this

No. 638438

I love it when you guys think you came up with something

No. 638440

Holy shit lmao, you actually said the npc meme
For real tho, just go back to 4chan.

No. 638461

I honestly prefer his pink guy shit over anything else he's done since

No. 638464

lul Joji in general is shit he is such a tryhard, seriously it baffles me how all the girls are thristy for his dick, praising everything he does, he could shit on a diaper and his fans will eat that shit up. He is only famous because of filthy frank, lets be real. At least with pink his shit was legit and with this one you have this tryhard "soft boy" persona which we all know that aint him he is a fuck boy who will step on his friends for music clout.

No. 638472

He is one of the ugliest men I've ever seen people thirst over besides Tom Hiddleston

No. 638479

Most women under the age of 50 are pretty if they keep in good shape and take care of themselves but will still be considered ugly anyway. Maybe I just have low standards idk.

No. 638481

File: 1601048117639.jpg (54.02 KB, 640x640, 67190.jpg)

This is what women orbit? I hate everyday I wasnt born male. All I would need to do is not be fat to be considered hot lmao

No. 638483

No, they are. Even women over 50 are still beautiful and distinguished. The less I look at "idealized" women, the more I look at normal women and find their unique features and ways of carrying themselves stunning.

No. 638484

Even with my self I look at pictures I've been called ugly in and think I look fine kek

No. 638485

preach sis! I swear I remember I once talked shit about Joji and I got banned from a discord server that wasnt even Joji related, seriously his fans are kpop level of crazy/delusional.

lol even fat guys are considered atractive all you gotta do is have a decent personality (if youre fat) or a decent face or be a semi successfull in anything in order to be considered marketable for women. Honestly maybe we women just really have low standards for men, its time for us to be as shallow and ridiculous as them.

No. 638486

Who tf is calling you anons ugly to your faces I'm so angry on your behalves

No. 638487

Just being gay also works. I knew an absolute Chad of a lesbian once who put in about as much effort as the average man but was charismatic.

Women are just so full of love and don't care about bullshit (generalizing, of course).

No. 638495

Kek watchu even talking about?? Who's 'you guys'? Forget your meds?

No. 638515

A couple of his songs are about feeling ugly and he's gone into detail on that in interviews. Sounds like he's somewhat grounded in reality despite all the teen fans insisting he's some work of art.

He's bang on average imo. One of those guys where he can just change his haircut and look like shit in an instant

No. 638531

I dont understand how fat people exist. I'm 29 and I eat nothing but fast food, sweets and soda and I've never weighed more than 116. Fat people eat a disturbing amount to get that big.

No. 638533

Every time I see this dude’s face I want to stab him with an epipen.

No. 638535

It’s true. People say “muh genetics” (which can absolutely contribute to weight gain) but if you’ve been around fat people for an extended time you can see the eating patterns. I’ve gone through some pretty bad eating phases but the difference is it’s not in excess. People who are fat will literally eat 1k cal in one meal alone and not even realize it. Then they eat snacks, drinks, etc. and things just get out of control. And if they eat three meals a day they could very well be up to 5k easily. And if they drink alcohol? Forget it.

No. 638536

Are you tall, by chance? Also, you might eat relatively small portions of those things, at least I'm assuming. It doesn't take much fast or calorie dense food, especially multiple times a day, to get pretty heavy, and portion sizes and stomach capacities keep getting bigger.
t. short American fascinated with the obesity epidemic

No. 638541

lol same

No. 638562

>I dont understand how fat people exist. I'm 29 and I eat nothing but fast food
You order one meal, they order two

No. 638564

I have overweight family members and from my observations I think it's the amount of food they eat and also the density of calories in their snacks/meals. We actually eat a lot of meals together but their snacks are very dense in calories. And also in general if overweight people diet it's futile bc they usually have some issue with overindulgence/self-control so they gain it back (like Shane Dawson for instance).

No. 638567

if you eat a lot but you have an active lifestyle then there is your answer. If you burn the same amount of calories that you consume your weight will stay the same but if you have a sedentery life and you consume around 6000 calories a day then of course youre gonna get fat. The muh genetics thing is an excuse sure there are people who struggle more to lose weight but not to the point of being obese, sure you gain a few pounds but not become an absolute landwhale. its all about counting your calories and if youre gonna consume more you should work out more but unfortunately not many people understand that. So yeah people really need to think if that 900 calorie burger is worth 3 hours of work out (which lets be real nobody will do that many hours of workout unless youre an athelete) the human adult body needs 2000 calories to function properly, and 1800 to 1600 if you want to lose weight.

No. 638606

Quantity and TDEE.
Sometimes hormonal disorders and genes play a part to being a bit heavier in general, so some people can eat as much as someone with high end healthy bmi but will be fat just due to shit luck.

For example I exercise for an hour each day on top of walking everywhere, never eat out or eat sugar, fast for 20 hours a day, and eat 1500-1600 kcal at 5'6" but am still bmi 23. If I ate 2000 I'd easily be overweight again. Just lost the genetic lottery.

No. 638608

You don't eat as much as you think (you can eat exclusively fast food and still lose weight if you eat too few calories) and/or you excersise a lot.

No. 638609

Nta but I think the “muh genetics” argument could be used to explain some of the obesity crisis if it was argued that some people genetically have more addictive personalities or something. Not claiming that some people would still be landwhales even if they only ate salad because muh thyroid

I’m a eurofag, American obesity is fucking wild to me. We have fatties here but America is like that shit on steroids

No. 638610

As a eurofag I'm worried for Europe as well honestly..

No. 638614

alcoholism and this fucking shit who the fuck eats this

No. 638615

File: 1601059078955.jpg (55.09 KB, 970x514, picrel.jpg)

samefag the image didnt load

No. 638619

I didn't mean "stomachs are getting bigger" genetically/evolutionarily, if that's what you mean, and my bad if it came across like that. I meant literally, people stretch their stomachs out by eating so much. By doing that, they're able to eat larger and larger portions and consume more and more calories in a day. It's insane. It's why the gastric sleeve and band surgeries exist the way they do.

In that size!! That looks so yummy, but I'd need it in a kid's or something, and I'm a grown (albeit short) woman. When people order large shakes from the ice cream shop I work at, I just want to say "you know there are three big scoops of ice cream in this, right?" kek.

No. 638622

I'm skinny and I'd absolutely eat that. Just don't eat like a pig for every fucking meal and it's fine

No. 638624

This, I live in Northern Europe and there's a shitton of fat kids running around, as well as fat adults. I looked at my class pictures from school and there was only one, and she was just a bit chubby. Nowadays if you just go to IKEA you'll see obese parents and their obese little kids stuffing the trolleys full of food. This also affects tween boys more than others because all they do is stuff their mouths full of soda, energy drinks, frozen pizza and chips when their parents are at work.

No. 638628

I might be exaggerating, but no one in r/TheGlowUp actually looks like they had a glow up.

No. 638630

File: 1601059907300.jpg (28.75 KB, 583x378, EgB89_SU8AA85wh.jpg)

>well how big can that possibly be, 150ml or something?
>mfw it's almost a litre

what the fuck, who can drink that much milkshake

No. 638631

How much is one serving? Why doesn't it say the kcal per 100g on here?

No. 638632

i remember ireland being almost as bad as america, fatty wise. i think the alcohol played into it though kek.

No. 638634

nvm this comment I'm a total retard

No. 638635

Kek I was about to say anon, I'm pretty sure that's something that a person is just going to drink at once.

No. 638637

TDEE calculators are bullshit. There’s no fucking way my TDEE is 1500 anons. It’s 900 or something, I’m short and extremely unathletic. If I want to lose weight I have no choice but to restrict to 500. Fuck everything.

No. 638644

>If I want to lose weight I have no choice but to restrict to 500.
I have a hard time believing this, what's your height?

No. 638649

How tall are you? I'm 5ft and my TDEE always comes out to be like 1380-1500, which I'm wondering if 1500 is the min for some apps or calculators. Either way, there's no way any adult needs to restrict to 500 cals to lose weight unless you're trying to crash diet, and that's not sustainable, we know this. It's okay anon, weight loss is always hard, it's just way more annoying for us shorties.

No. 638654

This might only be unpopular if you're a Twitterfag, but I don't think landlords are that evil. If I didn't have a landlord, I would be responsible for doing my lawn, fixing broken and leaking pipes, plumbing issues, and electrical issues. I'd rather rent out than have a big debt into owning my own home and taking out a loan, which is retarded, a loan is one of the worst things to have.
And if it's not landlords either, than we have to rely on the government, which is even more wicked. Section 8 housing is literally set to keep low income families from advancing. If you get a new job where you're making a dollar more and it happens to be just a liiitle too much, you're not qualified anymore. If you find a significant other and they end up moving in, sorry, not qualified anymore. Pack it up and leave. Go somewhere else.
See, with landlords, as long as you pay what they ask for you're good. And it does depend on where you live, avoid complexes. There's many private landlords that convert houses into 2/3 tenant apartments and they're WAY cheaper, quieter, and sometimes even bigger than complexes and they rarely raise rent.

No. 638655

File: 1601061098862.jpg (32.24 KB, 620x404, 748932750.jpg)

Anon, stop. 500 calories a day is an absolute starvation diet even if you're a fucking midget. It's not only unsustainable but unhealthy. If your TDEE is 1500, cutting means you'll be at 1000 cal a day, which is already far on the lower end of things. Give it an actual try for a few weeks before deciding you know more than established science on weight loss.

No. 638659

I don’t look at that subreddit but related: I don’t think losing weight makes you much hotter

Like it would give you a big boost if you went from hamplanet to basically an athlete. Otherwise it knocks you up a couple points maximum. Ugly fat people just become slightly less ugly skinny people

No. 638660

This has to be ana-chan bait. Even the smallest, most petite, shortest adult women with absolutely no activity have a TDEE of at least 1400.

No. 638665

Like who can even down that shit at one go jesus christ. How the hell is it legal to sell this?

No. 638668

That’s… motivating

No. 638673

I am an og twitterfag and not from the us so maybe i have a different view on this, my landlord is very fair and nice, it's her apartment so ofc she'd be worried i neglect it. I have seen all the awful horror stories and don't think all landlords are amazing but from what I've seen, american landlords have more power over their tenants? No idea, here (if it's just a person and not some like company) you just never hear from them unless shit is wrong.

No. 638677

I am a fatfuck and even my overboard daily intake is under 1000, you will be fine with 1500

No. 638680

I hate pick-mes with a burning passion. The conservative women around me love to express how anti feminist they are and not like the loud mouth feminists that will never have a man (as if that's a bad thing).
Ever since RBG died and seeing all the gleeful joy over her death makes me want to be a discriminatory feminist (is that a thing even?) where I only fight for the rights of the women who want it.
If a woman is anti feminist, she should renounce all the modern rights that feminists fought for her. Be a walking incubator, a walking and talking fleshlight but just get out of my sight and keep your mouth shut.

No. 638687

The genetics argument is real but abused to death. Some people are more prone to storing fat in their bodies, some are more prone to addictions, some people have a different kind of gut flora, their bodies might release more hunger-inducing hormones and so forth. There are multiple factors and it's also why one way of losing weight doesn't work for everyone. But someone guzzling down burgers and milkshakes on the daily can't really make up some bullshit "fat gene" that magically makes them obese. It's more of a distinction between those who are of average weight and the people who are slightly overweight or gain weight easily despite having healthy living habits.

Regarding the obesity crisis and emotional/addiction problems aside I just feel like eating unhealthy is more efficient and more satisfying. During the lockdown I found myself getting takeaway fast food meals all the time because cooking by myself takes too much time and buying all sorts fresh veggies and fish and other healthy things adds up with the prices and to be honest it doesn't taste as good as salty fries and grease-dripping burgers.

No. 638691

My landlady is an absolute angel. Where most people were requiring $50 application fees and massive pet deposits plus $50 pet rent/mo (wtf even is that, if they damage something that's what the deposit is for??) she allowed me to keep my 2 cats with a $200 deposit and that's it, no additional charges. What I'm paying for my house rental is far below the average in this area and it's super nice here, plus she personally comes to my house to do maintenance stuff and make sure my air ducts are clean, etc. I definitely lucked out because most landlords aren't anywhere near as hands-on and caring/fair toward their tenants, but I agree that most people paint them all with the same brush and that's totally unfair. They deal with so much from crappy tenants and all the legal bullshit they have to deal with, they deserve a break.

No. 638701

A slight improvement is better than nothing. I’m ugly but have always been slim so I’m already about as hot as I’ll ever be… which is not hot

No. 638718

I don't know much about Baylee Jay, but from what I've seen, I don't think most of the "cows" in /snow/ are truly cows. Something like 90% of posts on that board seem to be vendetta-driven at this point. It's genuinely weird. Hell, I still maintain that one of the most popular cows on that board isn't truly a cow, and I still can't figure out why people have such a hate boner for her. I don't want to say it's jealousy, because that's a cliched and probably lazy accusation, but it really makes no sense to me and never has.

Also, the fact that you can critique any discussion centered around a cow without being accused of stanning or being a thirsty scrote really makes me believe most of this board is underage.

No. 638724

I agree, same with the Becca(?) woman. Even Rae's thread is pretty dry.

No. 638727

God the e-girl thread is so fucking cancer I want it gone even though I do think they’re all cows. I wish PULL was still around, they’d fit so much better there. PULLfags would have a field day analyzing their selfies and calling them pedophiles for my enjoyment. I just don’t want that faggotry here.

No. 638728

Agreed. I feel like a lot of snow threads have become pull-tier. It's a lot of nitpicking, tinfoiling and repeating the same shit over and over again. I hardly go into there nowadays.

No. 638735

The e-thot threads are full of skinwalker fellow camwhores, the weeb threads are made up of PULLfag sperging and the artist threads are populated by seething jealous twitter artists. It's insufferable. These days I only visit /snow/ for the "___ general" threads. Most of the snowflakes posted don't have enough milk to carry an actual thread (except maybe shoeonhead and greg combined) so it's much more efficient to follow the general threads due to multiple flakes being posted.

No. 638737

You sound amazing anon, fukc what everyone else thinks…. i wanna reach this level of confidence

No. 638754

I'm a landlord, hopefully not an evil one. I'm just renting it out while I live at home and save up enough to pay off a chunk of the mortgage and live there comfortably (I'm not actually rich, just got lucky saving for the deposit due to a windfall). Anyway I pay for whatever the tenant asks to be fixed, let them do whatever they want within reason, never raise the rent and never interact with them directly because that's the property manager's job. My dad is even nicer to his tenants because he's had them so long, he personally does upgrades unasked, like got them a new air con system when they had kids.

idk if it's because I'm not American but I think tenants are more powerful than they realize because god, losing one is the WORST. We do whatever we can to keep someone in the place, I make almost nothing off rent because there's always vacancies at some point and I have to pay thousands in taxes because of the little I do profit. It hasn't risen in value either, it's barely an investment, I would probably have made more just buying shares and renting. I like the security of owning it and know I'm very fortunate in that sense but I got memed into the idea that property is always the best investment.

No. 638799

I think the "evil landlord" meme is mostly from people who live in high rent areas, especially California and New York. There are some pretty indefensible landlords in NYC who will do outright illegal shit because they think you don't know any better or you won't have the time to fight them about it. One of my friends recently moved out of a place where the landlord didn't fix her heat/hot water issues for over a month, in the fucking winter.

No. 638810

Califag here. I can confirm that it is extremely difficult to rent from a non-sketchy rental company, or to not end up stuck with a shitty landlord who will make any excuse imaginable to not fix problems. Even people living in "luxury" apartments regularly run into these issues. Apartment hunting in California cities is an abject nightmare and I am not looking forward to the day when I'll have to do so again.

No. 638816

It's ok to take a date to apple bees or chillis because to some people this actually is a good resturant, they just dont know any better. Let's me real, if a scrote trying to be cheap he would just take a girl for coffee, a walk date or just ask can he netflix/chill and cook spaghetti for her.

No. 638818

Watching porn occasionally is fine. Yes, you're probably supporting something bad, but it's not feasibly possible to go you're entire life without supporting bad things. This board has some kind of bizarre mentality where it's assumed that anyone who has ever consumed any sort of pornographic material involving real humans is a coomer. Also, refusing to date someone or reprimanding your bf for watching porn every once in a blue moon is 100% insane behavior. I can assure you that well-adjusted people don't hold these sort of expectations of each other in healthy relationships.

No. 638819

This, the male gaze in media had me convinced that I was attracted to tall sexy babies with all their body fat concentrated in only two places but actually I just like women.

I also think the covid lockdown has reset my mental idea of myself also now that I don't have to look in the mirror to do makeup daily and stopped using instagram and so don't take selfies anymore. I'm talking out of my ass here but I think many women with low self esteem would be better if they just looked at themselves less in the mirror or on their camera phones.

No. 638820

Let it go Applebee's dev

No. 638825

The Applebees baiting is hilarious, but I unironically agree with this.

No. 638826

$0.65 has been deposited in your account. Thanks again, keep up the good work!

No. 638828

Ok coomer. Women can not date whomever they want, seethe more. Eating a 1000cal burger is something bad but occasionally acceptable, not rationalizing your role in rape and human trafficking.
>believing ur bf only watches porn once in a blue moon

No. 638830

File: 1601073826485.jpg (94.78 KB, 595x394, 1598540539500.jpg)

>applebees is a good restaurant
wow hahaha who in their right mind would take someone to that horrid place, with food that its either burnt, cold and overpriced (not that its expensive but seriously who would pay for a 12 dollar piece o trash served to you) thats like when Lainey said that their romantic date consisted of them going to olive garden, sure maybe to grease standards is a good restaurant. lol thank you for the laugh

No. 638831

Cities are shit and I don't know why people romanticize them.

>refusing to date someone or reprimanding your bf for watching porn every once in a blue moon is 100% insane behavior.

Is it really? I think it's a decent standard. Porn is made to be addicting. Not everybody gets pornsick of course but the risk is still there.

No. 638834

My dad is a landlord and owns multiple properties. I don't agree with everything he does. Some of it seems scummy and underhanded but I think that might just be how the rental market operates and he has lost money to bad tenants in the past. The houses he owns are always well maintained and he's had tenants that have been in their properties for decades. Then he owns flats for the lower end of the market. He rents these out to people on benefits and does the bare minimum to stay within the law. His attitude is that these people damage his property and don't care about their living environment so there's no point in giving them anything better.

No. 638835

If you can't get off without rape on tape/human trafficking, you are sexually broken/defective, and certifiably the insane one in any relationship. It's neither healthy or natural. Don't brother bringing up cave paintings of tits or whatever, either, you know that's nowhere near the same as Facial Abuse Teenage Milk Fart Cream Pie Anal Destruction Incest Time Bestiality Bonanza: Part 5.
This isn't really bizarre logic to anyone besides coping porn addicts, and sad women who have resigned themselves to life with a limp-dicked coomer (and want the same fate for the rest of us, since misery loves company). Sorry.

No. 638837

Anons often mention using porn themselves and don't get dogpiled, I think you're getting the extreme idea that no farmers ever indulge in porn because nobody ever explicitly posts to defend their boyfriends right to watch teen anal milfs or the porn industry itself because well-adjusted people wouldn't hold the expectation that it's defendable. Only a porn fanatic coomer would put the effort in to die on that hill. Are you?

No. 638838

I never said it was a good resturant but some people think it is good because they dont know anymore better. If a man truly was being cheap he wouldnt take a girl out to eat at all or would suggest going Dutch. Most scrotes just wanting to fuck would suggest Netflix and chill and you eating before you come.

No. 638844

Holy shit imagine sperging out this hard about Applebee's, I think we know who the real loser is here lmao

No. 638845

Look at pornhubs most viewed and hot right now sections. Literally all tiny teens, incest, rough, etc. Any well adjusted person wouldn't watch even the tamer stuff, as it's devoid of feeling and feels dead. I guess the couple's uploading their own content is ok.

No. 638847

>Not everybody gets pornsick of course but the risk is still there
This was essentially my point. It's pretty obvious when someone has a porn addiction, but most people who watch porn aren't addicted to it. You can apply that same logic to virtually any behavior or substance that carries the risk of addiction. Should we all stop drinking just because some people go on to become alcoholics? If porn were as big of an issue as some people make it out to be, you'd see more professionals (couples counselors, sex therapists, etc) discouraging porn use all together, which they don't. Hell, some therapists encourage couples struggling with intimacy to watch porn together if both are comfortable with it. It can actually be a stimulating experience for both people and help them get in the mood.

No. 638851

> couple's uploading their own content
You never know if that is consensual either. PH ignores revenge porn claims.

No. 638853

Liberal feminism is an outward sign of mental illness.

No. 638856

imagine defending such a toilet restaurant, its okay applebee's dev chan you will get that 65 cent comission dont worry you got this!

No. 638857

They also ignore CP claims, unless you impersonate a lawyer. And coomers still defend it. Imagine.

No. 638859

Ayrt here, maybe I was unclear but I specifically meant that even if people use porn they still know it's undefendable lol

No. 638861

Porn addiction is frequently discussed topic in marriage counseling, you clearly have no idea wtf you’re talking about. Imagine needing porn to be aroused to have sex with your partner LOL that relationship is dead, therapists only say whatever it takes for them tocome back for another session.

No. 638865

>Also, refusing to date someone or reprimanding your bf for watching porn every once in a blue moon is 100% insane behavior.
I used to think this too but then I actually looked into how fucked up the porn industry is and what a real problem porn addiction can become even if it starts with a "once in a blue moon" sort of deal. Now I'd rather stay single than date a coomer.

No. 638871

>Ackshually, therapists totally encourage porn!
Cope harder. Just because you've inflicted a coomer partner/general coomerism on yourself doesn't give you the right to try and push it on others.
You're also still ignoring that the porn industry is damaging. There is no "maybe" or "possibly" about it, it's built and propagated off abuse. Step out of your bubble.

No. 638872

There are a lot of things that people regularly engage in that are "undefendable." There are just as many issues with supporting fast fashion outlets that operate entirely on sweatshop labor, yet I don't see anyone on this board lashing out at other anons for shopping at H&M nearly as much as I see people freaking out about porn use.

>therapists only say whatever it takes for them tocome back for another session
Not sure what the point was in trying to argue against my point here if you generally don't trust that any therapist actually cares about the well-being of their clients, and is just in it for the money.

No. 638873

No one has to be an Applebee's dev to find your paragraph long spergout about it to be both sad and hilarious.

No. 638876

>Women and children being sexually exploited and deliberately put on drugs to keep them in the industry, on top of having no hope of a normal life as long as disgusting CEOs profit off of their filmed abuse, is totally the same thing as abusive factory work practices!
>People need clothes, and they also need to jerk off to porn! Same thing!
I've heard this pathetic, disgusting argument before, and it doesn't sound any less shitty the second time.

No. 638877

Someone's rent about to be due, it might be less degrading to sell feet pics

No. 638878

kek ok sore loser-chan

No. 638880

Kek sex "work" is done by women in first world countries, so it can be seen as worse than fast fashion. Fast fashion is fast fashion, not like people go to stores and watch 3rd world women slaving away. Not like fast fashion is ruining marriages and programming people to get off on women's degradation.

No. 638882

I can't even believe someone is ignorant enough to make that argument, holy shit. Coomers are beyond salvation.

No. 638884

Doesn't sound like you've put much effort into digesting the argument if your opinion of it goes no further than "it's pathetic and disgusting."

No. 638886

Most cheap clothes that the commoners of the world wear are fast clothes… Your first world is showing.

No. 638887

I was just about to post something like this. I hate it when vegan feminists compare women being exploited to how cows are treated in the animal industry. We could argue about the ethics of animal farming all day, but I really don't think it's all that comparable to trafficking, sex work etc. I wonder why no one has ever told them that if you stop eating meat, it worsens your health, but not watching porn has no health drawbacks.

No. 638888

For someone that talks big about their argument points you've sure glossed over a lot of ones in this thread that don't fit your bias. Classic replyguy coomer.

No. 638889

You should be able to gleam my thoughts on it by the greentext alone, I expect farmers to have an IQ above 56.

No. 638890

Yeah unlike your 10/10 refute lmao gotem feminazi rekt again

No. 638891

>I wonder why no one has ever told them that if you stop eating meat, it worsens your health, but not watching porn has no health drawbacks.
It really doesn't. If you have a proper diet, being vegan/vegetarian is just as safe as being omnivorous. In fact, a lot of meat eaters don't have good diets.

No. 638892

In fact, a lot of meat eaters have good diets while a lot of vegans are anachans

No. 638894

Cope harder we need some kind of animal products to be healthy.
For most vegans the only thing saving them is the hgh insect count in their processed foods.

No. 638895

Anon, I’m not a vegan, but you can be a vegan and have a decent diet, like how you can be a vegan and be a fatty-chan.
All diets can suck and all diets can be great, it depends on the person and their lifestyle.

No. 638896

File: 1601077510125.jpg (20.52 KB, 338x360, a592e04da07f6aa3204da34efeef6_…)

No. 638897

lets leave her alone the poor thing is really out here trying that 65 cent comission isnt gonna earn itself.

No. 638899

Please no vegan arguments. Let's leave the Dr dray looking ass ana chans to themselves.

No. 638909

Vegan diets can cause a B-12 deficiency, which may lead to brain damage (!!). Many vegan diets are also really high in sugar, which obviously rots your teeth. I've seen a few videos where vegans talk about their rapid weight loss, hair loss, brain fog (lack of B-12) and constant random headaches. It can even cause renal failure. Babies grown up on vegan diets don't develop physically properly, and some have died because of it. Cats can go blind on a vegan diet. All I'm saying is that it's way easier to ruin your health on vegan diet than an omnivore one. Sorry for the sperg, I'm weirdly passionate about this, kek.

No. 638911

Anon, meat doesn't naturally contain b-12. Most mammals (including humans) make it naturally, but it produced colon, so it just gets shit out. That's why poop has so much of it. Animals are fed b-12 supplements and a lot of vegans and vegetarians take supplements too. In reality everyone should probably be eating them, regardless of diet.

Also, I never said carnivorous animals should be on vegan diets. Humans are naturally omni, so obviously it's fine for us to survive whatever diet we choose.

No. 638912

*but it's produced in the colon
Sorry, typo.

No. 638920

Dark undereyes aren't ugly and I have never been able to understand why people dislike and are insecure about them.
Maybe it's because I was ~edgy~ as a teen so I always saw them as cool? Man, I genuinely don't get it.

No. 638937

Because women are supposed to look like duracell powered plastic ready to serve beings at all moments anon.

No. 638940

Bless you. it sucks when you realize you have them and its like another thing to add to the list of insecurities

Fuck that honestly i got enough

No. 638943

I think it’s kinda pretty ngl

No. 638944

Socially drinking until you're sick or blackout drunk should not be brag worthy. You don't know many people I know who do this and then all the talk about the next day is being soooo wasted. So I'm the lame one because I want to stop drinking when I've had enough so I don't feel like absolute trash tommorow morning? Enjoy being an alcoholic in a few years.

No. 638946

I feel like mine make me look old. It's a petty complaint, but there you go.

No. 638948

I agree but I think this is pretty common behavior in teenagers and people in their early 20's. Most people grow out of this once they realize that drinking is something everyone does and it doesn't actually make you cool or edgy.

No. 638951

someone needs to bump applebees general kek

No. 638953

Drinking is one hell of a trap. I used to get super drunk so that I could handle parties, but I realized it's better to stay sober (or mildly high) and not go that party. I do not miss drinking.

No. 638955

my friend bragged about getting drunk and puking to a waitress who was previously hitting on him and she suddenly had a bf after. it was pretty pathetic. we still laugh at him.

No. 638958

His nose is so narrow and weird

No. 638963

It's really sad to see people brag about it since it shows that they have no self-control and allow their impulses make decisions for them. Like I know addiction is a slippery slope but there's a point and time they should be able to recognize that they're going down full speed down it.

No. 639020

ok tryhard-chan

No. 639051

I honestly don't find average looking men and women that bad.. I think it's ok to be average as long as you have good styling and know what flatters you. When people think average they mean slightly above attractiveness but I mean almost 50/50 good and bad features or a "unremarkable" face. The problem with most modern men is that they're average looking and chose below average styling/wardrobe which makes them look really undesirable. If they wore nice clothes and had nice hair/eyebrows/skin then they wouldn't look ugly IMO. Also, being in shape always helps.

personally, I think beauty standards are too extreme for both sexes now. I know a lot of the men I find personally handsome aren't considered as such by current attractiveness standards because of some arbitary reason yet troglodyte looking men who fit some internet subculture aesthetic are, kek.

No. 639058

I disagree that beauty standards have gone too far for men, I mean maybe the ideal is more unattainable now and I do notice more image-related shit aimed at men… but the beauty standard doesn’t really mean anything if the majority of men don’t feel pressure to achieve that look, which they don’t. Compared to most women who are spending a small fortune on achieving the ideal or feeling shamed for not doing so

The contrast in targeted advertising alone is wild. Men get ads for deodorant and razors - basic items that they would be using anyway. Women get ads for 5 different types of foundation from the same brand (because you’re worth being shamed for having imperfect skin), endless amounts of clothes, plastic surgery as if willingly being hacked up for image purposes should be seen as normal behaviour. Men have to be encouraged to do basic self care. Women are told they need shit they don’t, to the detriment of their finances and possibly their health

>internet subculture aesthetic

No one cares about eboys besides 16 year olds on TikTok

No. 639065

You'd be surprised what I meant by that anon. I mean a lot of men who look groomed, or otherwise non-hypermasculine, I've seen called by women and men alike for being too "feminine" or even gay. There is this expectation of looking hypermasculine which goes into that poor hygiene/bad self-care thing. If you think about it men who were considered attractive in the past weren't necessarily hypermasculine… especially in the 70s and 80s. A lot of them would be considered gay looking now.

I think modern male beauty standards look gross and caveman-ish.

No. 639075

Men seethe at attractive, well-groomed men because they realize the threat they pose.
If the standard for men raises to a normal, decent level, they will all have to take care of themselves or risk being left behind. Pick-mes want men in general to like them, no matter what, so they parrot what these cowardly, fearful guys say.
The truth is, women basically memed ourselves by following retarded beauty standards. If we collectively said "fuck off" to high heels, heavy makeup, butt pads, push-up bras and shapewear, men would have no choice but to deal with it.

No. 639112

Thing is anon, modern male beauty standards set the bar so low they're actually achievable for the average scrote. Meanwhile female beauty standards have always been an absurdly shifting goal post to the point where conventionally pretty girls are getting PS and still resorting to morphing and editing their photos on social media.

No. 639173

Smartphones with 2+ cameras are dumb and a waste of money and resources. If you want high quality photos just buy a semi/profesional DSLR.

No. 639177

who the fuck wants to carry a dslr around with them all the time? phones are a lot more convenient

No. 639182

That's why i said semi-profesional or profesional. Hell, even compact cameras have DSLR quality these days. I just don't see the point of having four cameras and like 1000 pixels when most of those photos end up in social media.

No. 639191

Tbh I still wouldn't want to carry a dslr when I could just pull out my phone and take a good quality photo. Also, aren't dslrs like $400+? Paying that much on top of phones that are already expensive would suck.

No. 639196

File: 1601133199907.jpeg (79.71 KB, 600x896, 50A71354-0725-4A89-A731-9C6FB4…)

I think if you’re already pretty then dark circles can add to your beauty but if you’re average or less then it makes you look worse

No. 639197

and pic related is which example???

No. 639201

i love my landlord shes like my aunt. twitterfags just mad cuz they live in section 8 apartments off-campus

No. 639203

The former obv

No. 639205

ahh that’s my wife

No. 639240

I totally get what you mean anon. A ton of men come into my work looking very put together and well groomed and my automatic assumption is 'Well he's very cute… too bad he's probably gay' Granted, a lot of times they come in in pairs but, has straight men's standards fallen so low that they can't style themselves nicely to go out? Not even talking about suits and dress shoes all the time just clothes with a more flattering looking fit instead of just hanging off the body and combed hair. If a woman goes out like that shes a slob, but it's just acceptable for men to not have to put in effort in his looks.

No. 639287

Dumbledore was always supposed to be gay or the notion at the very least became artist's intention during the writing of the books. There is clear subtext (very classic queer coding) that should be obvious to not only the most extreme fujos. People whose main criticism is "she made him gay after the fact because she's an attention whore and drank the woke cool aid" are retarded. Instead, making him not explicitly gay in the books is testament to the pandering to the more conservative readership and parallels the presumed need to take on a male or non-gendered pseudonym to sell books. The outrage/annoyance the "outing" received from either side of the spectrum and the fact that the shitty fantastic beasts movies still gloss over that he's a flaming queen shows that we haven't really come that far from Hays Code days.

No. 639297

I mean yeah they’d have to deal with it (I don’t think they’d actually force us lol) but imagine the collapse of all the businesses that profit from making women insecure. They’d fight it with government support in the interest of ~ the economy ~

Can’t imagine it being a case of men saying “oh ok then” and moving on

No. 639359

Personally I find overdressed men offputting. But then again I find women's fashion to be somewhat ridiculous and over-the-top too so meh

Clothing and makeup really seem like a normalized fetish/perversion to me. We're supposed to find people beautiful, not their obnoxious consumerist coverings which have been memed into being "fashionable" by teams of marketing sociopaths.

No. 639377

Most men wear old over stretched tshirts and hair cuts that look like they just went for any hair cut that's short

No. 639403

>But then again I find women's fashion to be somewhat ridiculous and over-the-top too so meh
Just curious which country you're from? Because American woman's fashion is painfully bland to me, even when we're talking skimpy neon instathot clothing.

No. 639434

Can you give examples? I read the books so long ago I can’t remember anything specific that might point to him being gay, but I didn’t disbelieve it when she said he is. It kind of seems typical that male characters who never express romantic/sexual interest in women turn out to be gay kek.

No. 639447

NTA but I was curious myself and google search took me there

No. 639468

File: 1601158733358.jpg (151.19 KB, 360x287, 1601155699651.jpg)

I respect women who have survived sex work (like, actual sex work) and don't try to glamorize it or peddle it to kids.
I don't respect annoying privileged Twitter girls with OF links in their bios LARPing that they're an oppressed class because their parents are disappointed in them, and trying to kill any actual discussion on how to keep women in the first group safe and help them out of that industry because "REEEE YOU'RE ALL SWERFS THERE'S LITERALLY NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS IT'S JUST LIKE MCDONALD'S". Like, fuck off lmao.
There's also no point in respecting anyone who does this shit. I don't care that it's fake, still gutter shit.

No. 639471

Every single thread this, the ‘bisexual people are sluts’ thing, and the ‘rap music isn’t music’ thing gets reposted, multiple times. We get it.

No. 639473

I haven't seen this opinion posted in a long time, though. Plus those other two opinions are actually bad, kek.

No. 639475

imagine getting this mad over a very obviously fake post

No. 639476

>I don't care that it's fake, still gutter shit.
Literacy, anon. Nothing else in my post was even about it.
Also, please sage your shit

No. 639477

She posted this in another thread already and someone else called her out on getting mad over an obviously fake post. Like please calm down lmao.

No. 639478

Yes not respecting OF girls is a very brave an unpopular opinion, especially here. Thankyou for having the courage to post this.

No. 639480

OF hoes mad

No. 639481

for real lol

No. 639482

Point still stands, pickme twitter whores don't deserve respect or feminism for that matter

No. 639484

Your whole post makes no sense, and you sound very tilted over nothing. Maybe you should calm down, kek.

No. 639485

No. 639548

I miss saying "nigga" online all the time
> inb4 yt or colonizer
I'm Hispanic.

No. 639554

somebody browses lipstickalley and black twitter

No. 639559

I mean that was a common thing years ago like in what 2008?, maybe earlier. No one cared that much at the time.

No. 639560

>mfw growing up in lower class Hispanic/black neighborhood
>everyone and their mom says nigga constantly
>extremely normalized part of poorfag lexicon
>everyone still stays nigga irl but don’t online

No. 639566

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Hispanic people just white people who speak spanish?

No. 639567

Pls no not the spaniards are/aren't white discussion

No. 639568

I didn't mean people from Spain lol. I just meant the Spanish language.

No. 639573

Hispanic just means people from spanish speaking countries so they can be any color really.

No. 639591

Latin America (specifically hispanic countries) is a mixed bag of race lmao. Some places like uruguay and argentina have mostly white spanish speakers whereas places like the Dominican republic have a big black population. Mexico and Peru have a lot of indigenous and "mestizo" people. Like the other anon said, any race can be hispanic lmao

No. 639594

haha what about asian, goteem

No. 639595

Venezuela and Peru have a lot of Asian people too. Brazil, though not hispanic, also has a lot of Asian people.

No. 639626

are you retarded? so then did everyone in the past who ate normal/unprocessed meat have B12 deficiency?
meat, dairy, fish and eggs contain b12. so yes vegetarians can be healthy if they plan accordingly, but any diet that depends on supplements is not healthy or natural

No. 639629

The way most people consume meat isn't natural and healthy either kek

No. 639631

In certain cities (like mine lol) you will actually find more asians than black people in southwest brazil.

Im of native american descent, which ironically is pretty rare in the region and everyone assumes im mixed japanese or chinese.

No. 639633

I like living in a third world shit hole, sure it's fucked up there but it doesn't have some of the evil euroshit or murica have

No. 639650

Tbh some third world shit holes are pretty comfy if you’re privileged

No. 639708

These videos with celebrities reading thirsty comments are so cringe.

No. 639735

depends on the country, mine is fucking abysmal even though i’m ‘rich’

No. 639747

Exactly. As if eating processed meat every day of the week won’t fuck up your health, kek.

No. 639758

Eating any processed food daily is going to fuck up your health.

No. 639845

plant based meat substitutes are incredibly processed, it's better to eat some eggs or buy raw meat/fish and cook it yourself
you're delusional if you think vegans eat only fresh organic fruits and veg with nutritional yeast lol

No. 639917

Poor people with kids who go on and about how they're struggling are annoying. You knew you were broke and your baby daddy was a scrub before you popped the kid out. Stfu.

No. 639932

I honestly don’t get why people with shit incomes still try to bring kids to this world on their own accord, it’s just probably the most irresponsible thing to do when even as a middle class person there’s still a bunch of struggle.
And if someone brings the whole “But they can’t afford contraception” maybe don’t fuck around like a fucking idiot? And I know there are women with really shitty situations, so I’m talking about the women that won’t get that maybe getting pregnant a 4th time isn’t a good idea when two of her children are already starving and facing a bleak future and that there’s no way Rob, the asshole cheating on his wife and using her as a toy, will accept her and her four children.

No. 639945

Can't afford contraception my ass. Condoms and precise thermometers and pregnancy tests are cheap. If you don't have access to late term abortion, why aren't you checking every month with a pregnancy test to make sure you're good?

Its just stupidity and 'oh he wanted to raw I couldn't say no!1!' shit.

No. 639958

I know someone with fibro who has four kids, the dads always leave her eventually and she complains about how hard it is because she has her 'invisible illness' and each of her kids seems to have something wrong with them too (two being autistic) Nobody made her have four kids!

She's on fb all day posting to chronic pain groups and each new bf she magically lands does most of the work both outside and inside the home. Pretty sure she's taking all sorts of government assistance cheques and not declaring that her employed bf lives there..

No. 639962

You could say almost every food is “processed” but certain things don’t contribute to the demand for animal death and torture.

No. 639995

Watching fireworks is extremely boring and unenjoyable. If you’ve seen one firework display you’ve seen them all, there’s no reason to do it more than once.

No. 640011

I was a little wrong, chickens, cows and sheep do get their b-12 from eating dirt and manure. So they do get that naturally. Livestock are still supplemented with it though.

I never said everyone has a b-12 deficiency, just that we're probably not getting enough of it. You can disagree, but that's just how I feel, and none of us are doctors so it doesn't really matter honestly.

No. 640035

i will in fact criticize indigenous people for eating meat. i'm sure the animals they kill totally don't mind because they understand and love idpol

No. 640044

I feel this way about a lot of things. People act like something being cultural or religious in itself should make it above criticism.

No. 640049

Cultural relativism is such a trash analytical framework, I knew this girl studying anthropology who thought she was Margaret Mead and kept defending some Pacific Islander practice of making little boys suck adult men's dicks as an initiation rite into adulthood. It was her pet issue and in hindsight kind of creepy.

No. 640092

That's a weirdly specific thing to be hung up on. Very creepy

No. 640100

Something's definitely not right there.

No. 640149

1.We should talk about men less here.

2. Mayo and potato chips are good on hotdogs. Not together obviously no im not white

No. 640152

Samefag, but I thought I should add
>1.We should talk about men less here and all female dominated spaces
We gotta see and hear men everywhere, I wish spaces for women could be less about them. I get why they're discussed so much though.

No. 640160

Y’all say this then never make new threads with interesting male-free topics. I bet you don’t even use /m/

No. 640161

Kind of agree. Hating on scrotes is a fun and necessary vent, but actually supporting women is more productive. I’m tired of the obsession with trannies, too.

But lc isn’t necessarily a pro female space, so people can talk about whatever they want, which is nice in and of itself. Sometimes you want to be real about life in the context of society. I like participating in stuff like the ‘women shilled as attractive’ thread occasionally which is petty and unimportant. I would never talk about that around men or really outside of lc in general.

No. 640169

I've made threads in /m/ and /g/. I read a bunch of the threads in /m/. I still hold my opinion for /ot/. And who's "y'all"? I never see anons here say that kinda stuff, that's why I posted it here.

No. 640177

File: 1601244493128.jpg (55.96 KB, 782x750, 3vu8fsyz5zq31.jpg)

custody shouldn't be automatically given to mothers, and abusive moms get off way too easily bc "they are doing their best"

inb4 "all men are evil", but my mom tried to choke me to death and there were many occasions before that when she should have had her parental rights revoked. If my dad had done that he would have gone to jail

No. 640179

No. 640185

Custody isn't automatically given to mothers, fathers rarely seek it to begin with.

No. 640186

Thats not an unpopular opinion. But the reason moms get custody (if the dad will even go to court) is because dads can’t even be assed to know their kids birthday. That exact same thing happened to my brother because of this kek

No. 640187

This af

No. 640190

My dad abused me. Social workers got involved and he even screamed and raged at the social worker during a supervised family meeting. They saw his temper firsthand and had to leave the room because he was losing his shit. He never lost custody either.

No. 640191

You’re not the first to post this. Make /ot/ threads then. Bitching threads are the most popular in /ot/ so of course there’s a lot of male grief.

No. 640194

It's the same where I am, men have just as much right if they actually want it. Most only want them on weekends…and so that's what usually happens.

No. 640199

Men will seek custody to punish the mother “take her baby away”, attempt to paint them as hysterical and unstable (result of abuse). Social workers see through this of course because they’ve seen it again and again.

No. 640201

idk how it's in other places but my dad stayed home with me for 2 years and was a better parent, when my mom would go out to drink and would disappear for days. They got divorced when I was 4. When I called the cops after she tried to choke me the lady who interviewed me didn't believe a thing I said bc "no mother would do that to their own child" and that I was doing it for attention. The only reason my dad didn't try to get custody was bc the process is so long and I was turning 18 in a year, so I just moved in with him unofficially.

No. 640203

What age were you choked at?

No. 640206

> I was turning 18 in a year, so I just moved in with him unofficially.

No. 640220

What? They divorced when you were four, but didn’t deal with custody stuff until 17? Makes no sense anon.

No. 640222

Why didn't he apply for custody in the 13 years prior to that?

No. 640226

not her, but let her cope for a couple years before she has to unpack that shit too

No. 640233

File: 1601246964171.jpg (188.04 KB, 658x896, UXPEwasd.jpg)

Nobody is saying bias in favour of mothers doesn't exist because it does (mostly from old, traditional men even though MRAs try to blame feminists), but it's not 'automatic' for women to get custody. The vast, vast majority of custody cases are settled outside of court, very few men actually pursue it. Your parents divorced when you were 4, did your dad pursue custody then?

No. 640234

Bc my mom was not as insane back then, she stopped drinking for 5-ish years. And when I got older I didn't want to move in with my dad bc I didn't get a long with my stepmother and was generally kind of shitty teenager, so I didn't tell my dad what was going on. I would lie that everything is fine.

If I has asked I could have moved in earlier but my mom being absent had a plus side, mainly that I had no rules or could do whatever I wanted.

No. 640239

I'm not American

No. 640246

Artists who have good to excellent technique but shitty fundamental understanding of what they're drawing beyond the superficial optics, lack creativity, or innovation truly lack talent in my opinion. They're just good copycats.

It's sad how the standards of visual art is lower than music.

No. 640249

My ex had minimal time with his son because he wasn't that arsed with actually spending time with him, but when he did he tried to fill the kids head with lies about why he couldn't see him more often and how the mom was stopping him from doing that….she really wasn't. The poor kid.

That relationship didn't last too long. That was another issue, he had met so many of dads gfs that I feel bad for just coming into his life and then leaving (like the rest of them did too) The guy cheated and even had the cheek to have his son meet the mistress under the guise of 'this is dads friend' A week after we split he moved in with her. I could've wallowed in self pity but my concerns for the kid trumped that. He understandably freaked out over the sudden move and sudden new gf

No. 640253

I also want to add I respect far more an artist who has a good understanding of the fundamentals they're working with, along with human expressions and body types, and a original style than the generic pretty twitter/tumblr/ig artist. Artist in the past (from the 20th century) had it all. I think artists do not study human beings anymore. They're too comfortable in same-facing and making their pieces the same tone.

No. 640255

So it’s your dads fault he didn’t have custody, not the court system…

No. 640263

It was my moms fault, and everyone enabling her bc she "was a victim". I was too scared to do anything bc she would threaten to kill herself if I left, and was in and out of the mental hospital.

No. 640265

Anon clearly sees mothers as the default parent too, considering she thinks the reason her mother got custody is just… not being insane. Her father wasn't insane either, but he chose not to fight for custody and that's why he didn't have it. I'm not attacking him or anything but it's just an example of everyone assuming mothers should get custody rather than evil women taking it by force.

No. 640268

Anon, you were 4 at the time of divorce. Why the fuck do you keep bringing up shit that happened years later? Why didn't your father go after custody when you were 4? That's the question anons are asking.

No. 640279

we were talking about health, not ethics, but get back to me when monoculture of soy and corn stops destroying soils and stops relying on synthetic fertilizers or "organic" manure from eebil livestock agriculture

No. 640282

Because he assumed my mom could handle it, his apartment didn't allow pets (I had a cat) and she lived in a nicer place where I had my own room? I still saw my dad every week

No. 640289

He didn't have a room for you at his house?

No. 640291

So… it was mutually agreed upon by your parents, and isn't the result of any bias against fathers from the legal system, which is literally exactly what everyone here has been trying to say.

No. 640292

Dads been brainwashing her

No. 640294

So again, literally no one but your dad is to blame kek

No. 640298

man I told you guys to let her cope with the first thing before adding this too
this little bitch is gonna khs if she realizes everything at once

No. 640300

Nah she's deep in that denial, she's not even getting it

No. 640317

What are you talking about? a lot of famous rock, pop and electronic music is extremely simple and musicians copy each other all the time. Visual art is the same, sometimes things are just drawn for fun and for mass consumption for people who don't want to analyze a piece, just see something nice/pretty. Plenty of artists still study anatomy and put effort into making original pieces.

No. 640323

Most music criticizers will easily complain if a song is too generic or derivative of another one. I do not mean the GP but those who analyze the song and criticize it up to their standard of whatever the genre is. Most visual artists critiques will give a pass to many things, it seems, except for the most anal and rigid ones. It's not often I see visual art being criticized for being generic if its visually appealing and high interest. however, I do see many people complain about certain music being generic or not good enough. I do see defenders of generic music by people saying "it's subjective" but the people who are more critical tend to drown it out. While using "it's subjective" excuse works more on visual artists.

No. 640325

You realize your dad was an adult who left you in the care of a mentally unstable alcoholic and never actually sought to know how you were being raised right

Anon he could have found another place and another girlfriend to make you comfortable and safe. He was a whole ass adult and he had that responsibility to fight since surely he knew your mother was not right in the head.

No. 640331

Ah, i see what you mean now

No. 640397

People need to stop saying "you'll be thankful when you're older" when they tell me I look young. I am already older and really struggle to look my age (especially w/o makeup on). I want to look my age.

No. 640407

File: 1601256731554.jpg (93.54 KB, 1600x900, ht_jodi_arias_nt_130114_SS_16x…)

The jodi arias case was one for the girls team

No. 640423

Mf said "you moan like a 12 year old"

No. 640424

Nothing of value was lost

No. 640426

Anon, these situations are abnormal and outliers in their respective fields so it doesn't justify OP's weird cannibal opinion anyway.

I wonder what some of you loons are like in real life.

No. 640430

Damn I missed the whole cannibalism debate.

Anyway organ donation is actually gross and wrong and we should stop doing it.

No. 640437

What. You suppose we should just stop taking medication as well, why not just die if you need a transplant? I am with you if you are thinking about how in many countries there's a lot of organ and bone snatching and selling done, which has resulted in people getting hep from their tissue transplant because the places that buy that shit only know the shit the supplier tells them aka lies. That was a lot.

No. 640460

Fat people are objectively ugly no matter what their face looks like

No. 640464

Nitpicking about people who are friends with/related to cows but don't have any milk is annoying. It's very reminiscent of when friends try to come up with a reason to hate someone who's dating their crush.

No. 640471

Being friends with a cow makes you a cow.

No. 640525

Have you ever seen those 300/400 pound women who from the neck up look like they're maybe just a lil bit chubby..that shit's crazy

No. 640697

File: 1601316140049.jpg (30.49 KB, 400x400, V47ep5W.jpg)

People wearing Ahegao hoodies rub me the wrong way, I know sex is natural and that many people watch porn yadda yadda I know, but just because having sex is natural I don´t think it shall be okay to go around with clothes covered with hentai pictures, and is not like "If you know it´s porn you are part of the problem", like I said, porn became so normilazed that you don´t have to be a porn sick person to know exactly what it is.

It comes up as vulgar to me and something of bad taste when it´s done outside from the Internet, is like taking screenshots of a porno movie, pasting said stuff on your clothes and then wonder why people think is creepy.

Not really sure how unpopular this is, but I´ve seen this being defended around and the only group of people I´ve seen been opposed to this are over-dramatic woke twitter kids.

No. 640700

I agree, it's pretty faggy. I'm glad I've never seen anyone wear it irl

No. 640704

I used to have a cute tee with harley quinn on it and the more I wore it and looked at it the more I noticed how pronounced her boobs were in the image.

It was nothing as bad as some of the sexualised images of characters out there but I remember one day feeling like people might view it that way and assume I'm some pornsick lesbian. I threw it out, probably an overreaction but in my small town people read into everything.

No. 640705

I actually like seeing pictures of friends or family and their children on social media from time to time, especially when I can‘t see them irl very often. It‘s fun and interesting to me, so I don‘t get why everyone is hating so much on proud moms and people showing off their families. (I only dislike it when people do it all the time and post pictures of their kids with food all over their faces, in a bikini or something else that should stay in a private photo album, that‘s creepy.)

No. 640707

>I only dislike it when people do it all the time and post pictures of their kids with food all over their faces
I think that's what anons are complaining about, spamming tonnes of pics when nothing special is happening and you're just at home feeding the kids lunch

No. 640708

File: 1601316988686.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.76 KB, 775x1080, jbbe8b5fu8j51.jpg)

I feel the same way about overly sexual tattoos like pic related. It's just uncomfortable for everyone except for the douchebag flaunting it.

No. 640711

>I don‘t get why everyone is hating so much on proud moms and people showing off their families.
>when people do it all the time and post pictures of their kids with food all over their faces, in a bikini or something else that should stay in a private photo album
You just answered your own question

No. 640712

Why? Why would you put teeny looking porno shit on yourself permanently??

No. 640713

That's some really good tattoo though, so crisp… the subject matter is stupid though.

No. 640715

mewtwo being done wrong with that rapey depiction

No. 640720

AT LEAST it's well done but. Yeah. Why.

Mewtwo is a scholar and a philosopher he would never do this

No. 640721

I knew a friend of a friend who was just the type to wear Ahegao clothing. He was 23 at the time. He would always parade around laughing about how horny and cumbrained he was and how it's totally funny and cool that he's horny and a cumbrained weeaboo boy. He even went to a fast food place and showed the cashier a picture of some hentai panel, all for 15 minutes of Twitter fame.

It took the anti-porn movement and NoFap to shame him into shutting the fuck up and people telling him that he's a retarded male.

No. 640732

I don't find anyone here so bad. I would befriend or even date another girl from this site. I'm not a huge gossip but it doesn't turn me off, most people do it

No. 640739

i feel bad for that cashier, christ alive

No. 640741

Tomorrow, 9pm, dinner? I'll pick you up.

No. 640744

Anon-chan… of course.

No. 640751

there’s the odd unhinged bitch but you guys are cool

No. 640753

I know right, I’m pretty sure most of us would get along just right.

No. 640755

mfw lolcow doesn't pass the bechdel test

No. 640759

Do you know what a Bechdel test is? Because we do pass, plenty of conversations started and ended without mentioning men. ALSO we don’t have to, we’re all unnamed characters.

No. 640762

Sometimes I really wish lolcow wasn't anonymous because I feel like I'd be best friends with so many people here

No. 640767

Same. I mean I don’t wish it not anonymous but somehow a way to reliably contactfag. It’s frustrating how the flaw of the friend finder thread is that I only want to befriend anons whose posts I like in other threads. Otherwise it’s a chance to roll on the dumb bitch that has argued with me 50 times.

No. 640770

It’s seems to mostly be a miserable bunch of ex pick-me’s turned “““grooming victims”””, bpdfags, female /r9k/ users and bitter failed ftms. I’m sure the odd person would be okay but the vast majority seem awful.

No. 640774

Where do you fall bc you seem unpleasant.

No. 640778

The fun thing is that the people that we end up getting along with most probably are the same ones that make us want to fucking stuff and mount them on a wall. I think that's what love is.

No. 640779

You sound the most miserable for sticking around then

No. 640780

>Failed ftms
That's me

No. 640786

Imagine hanging around a bunch of people you don’t like, love yourself and leave

No. 640789

I appreciate your tenacity for wanting to give up on scrotehood.

No. 640791

Anonymous online spaces are so much more comfy than non-anonymous as long as they're female only (as much as they can be). I wish we could make more irl spaces anonymous lol. Imagine if people had to get by without "making a name for themselves"

No. 640809

One of the kids in my sister's 2nd grade class has an ahegao face as his google classroom profile picture.

No. 640810

Obviously that‘s not what I meant, some people hate momposting in general

No. 640825

coomer timeline just keeps getting stupider and more bleak

No. 640840

Ariana Grande looks white

No. 640851

File: 1601329227336.jpg (2.16 MB, 2000x1334, ariana-grande1.jpg)

I don't think anyone actually thinks she looks black. It's all just jokes on how she used to be pale, and is now tanned. She looks Latina at the most

No. 640854

NEETs are lazy pieces of shit there are almost 0 excuses to be a NEET outside of pure laziness and entitlement

No. 640856

people absolutely try to argue that she looks black now, and is stealing black culture e.g. hoop earings kek

No. 640857

I genuine don’t think a more popular opinion exists?

No. 640858

>inb4 muh mento ilnes

There are plenty of people with mental illnesses, physical disabilities and developmental disabilities with jobs kek

No. 640859

You’d think, but people on here have argued with me about it somehow.

No. 640860


No. 640862

I need some proof of this, sounds like a baseless or like a retarded 13 year old screamed this and we all know they don't have real opinions.

No. 640864

Exactly. Most people don't think that, it's mostly just jokes about her excessive tanning.

No. 640865

I don't mind tagging any triggers for people and i don't think asking for them is bad even if they seem stupid.

I have a mainstream one, the smell of blood and a specific dumb one for a common thing and am ok now with encoutering them a lot irl and online even if it gives me anxiety, i remember the thing and can move on, but i remember when it was still fresh or when i was going through a rough period and they would make me have panic atacks, it felt like it was everywhere and i couldn't even use social media, read or watch movies.

So if i can help someone not go through this, let them have some time to relax on tumblr or twitter free of reminders from something traumatic i'll do it.

No. 640866

I’ve seen loads of people genuinely say they though she was biracial or that she was asian outside of memes, I’m surprised you haven’t

No. 640871

That's not the same thing as claiming she's "stealing black culture" because of "hoop earrings"

No. 640874

Sorry I’m nta, I thought you meant you’ve never seen someone say she looks part black

No. 640878

I remember drama a while ago over how she pronounced the word juice because apparently she said it in a black way. I didn't understand it either.

No. 640881

Samefag but blaccent! That's what Twitter called it.

No. 640890

read any hand wringing article written by a free lancer with a failed podcast. i recommend any garbage published by the cut

No. 640899

I kind of agree, but mostly because of phobias, I have a friend who can’t even see pictures of bugs because she freaks out, so I think it’s okay to not let her have to look at shit she doesn’t like.
But it’s kind of retarded when the trigger warnings spoil stuff, like when you look for a fanfic or a comic, people will post this mountain of trigger warnings basically telling you all of the conflict in a story.
I kind of wish those websites had a section for trigger warnings so the people that don’t really care, can avoid spoiling themselves.
Maybe just show the really, really shitty ones so you can avoid them, like rape or incest.

No. 640911

Yeah i think that's a nice compromise, show tw only to those who want to see them like spoilered text or a separate section.

And yes phobias too, they suck and i don't think people realize it's not about being childish or blaming anyone, just avoiding unnecessary stress. Like your friend, i'm sure she appreciates it even if she has to see bugs irl sometimes.

No. 640941

underageb& detected

No. 640946

kek it's a joke anon unclench

No. 641005

File: 1601344695923.jpeg (173.99 KB, 1414x1414, D9E45679-A8C0-4ACF-B650-72EC12…)

Those color changing smart lights are tacky as fuck

No. 641008

I genuinely think most podcasts are awful, especially now that every tom dick and harry has decided they want to do one.

Every couple of searches I will stumble upon some hidden gem that is well produced, but you have to wade through a sea of dudebros cackling into a microphone talking about their IPA beer hauls, or their annoying female counterparts bitching about their boyfriends just to find something decent. Some genres are worst than others, but still.

I know people like that whole “best friends on a bench” shit but it makes my ears bleed.

No. 641012

hard agree. the problem here is that the average person vastly overrates how interesting their conversations are to other people. so tired of people reccing podcasts to me that I'm never going to listen to. I work retail I have to spend my whole day listening to people i don't give a shit about talk about things that don't matter. let me have some god damn peace at the end of my day pls

No. 641013

I feel more that I find too many podcasts that are good/interesting and don’t have time to listen to them all. I feel like it’s easier now to find people doing new/unique things with podcasts than on YouTube which has become so over produced but I can see that podcasting is definitely oversaturated.

No. 641014

It’s so fucking annoying when a podcast is like two hours long and more than a half of the podcast is just the two/group of retards laughing at some inside joke they won’t even explain to the audience.

No. 641024

Makes your lounge room look like a whorehouse. Idk why people like them.

No. 641044

I’m not some right wing psycho but kyle rittenhouse shot a dude who raped a child so he’s cool by me

No. 641045

>I’m not some right wing psycho

No. 641048

sorry I think child rapists deserve to die :) I’m so horrible lol(:))

No. 641049

I agree such people absolutely deserve to die, but did Kyle know about the child rapist stuff when he shot him?

No. 641052

No, happy accident.

No. 641055

File: 1601352134286.jpg (91.47 KB, 460x640, tumblr_m3bnj0HYoL1qe60qho1_500…)

Even with y2k fashion sort of coming back being classic 2000s skinny isn't going to, the average weight is way too high for anachan to be considered fashionable again, sure trendiness caters to a minority but being underweight nowadays is so rare its not even worth it from a commercial point.

No. 641059

The trends now dont make sense from a commercial stand point either. Kylie Jenner's look is not achievable without plastic surgery and makeup.

No. 641060

Just my opinion but getting fillers is way more acessible/easier for amerifags than losing weight.

No. 641061

Even the body type that's popular isnt possible without photoshop or getting your ribs removed and butt implants lol

No. 641062

>being underweight nowadays is so rare its not even worth it from a commercial point.
Doesn't rarity make it even more of a selling point? Normal people are supposed to aspire to a look and choose buying shit for instant gratification instead of putting in the effort to look like a model.

On a similar note, idk if this is an unpopular opinion but I think recent fashion trends are overtly ugly on purpose. It makes clothes that much more of a status symbol when a woman is so thin and attractive that she can wear something ugly and still look good.

No. 641064

God, some college kids are so fucking privileged, they will try to use words to victimize themselves.
I saw someone asking a girl why she even thought of going to college during a pandemic and complaining about her roommate not shutting herself in and this girl responded, "I don't have the luxury of staying at home with my parents." Like literally how retarded can you be? Homegirl could've stayed home for free and not pay $14k for a semester to worry about catching COVID. Not even that, the fact she said it was a luxury? A lot of low income households would smack this girl if they heard her say that in front of her lmao.

No. 641065

Yeah agree. I've seen y2k styles on curvy body types and it looks fine. Big butts/thighs are so desirable right now that people will prefer to accomodate for that shape. I don't see the flat butt look from the 2000s coming back into fashion any time soon

No. 641068

I'm confused, usually when someone says they don't have the luxury of doing something it means they literally cannot do it even though they would like to. idk if you missed out some of the story but how do you know she could've stayed home? Maybe her parents wouldn't let her or don't have enough room or something.

No. 641069

File: 1601353613686.jpg (89.11 KB, 630x926, ce5c79aa40490f9d53eadf35fb8c71…)

Yeah but they are supposed to be able to duplicate it even if in a shitty way, people can't afford lip fillers but they can afford lip liners to make up their lips bigger.


Yeah I think a Megan Fox-esque physique, relatively thinner than Kim K but still curvy and toned being the new ideal instead of paris hilton or livejournal thinspo skinny.

No. 641075

you clearly just dislike this girl, lmfao. i wasn’t able to stay home and had to move to uni bc i have no space to study and work at home (amongst other issues). how do you know it wasn’t the same for her, or do you know that’s the case but are just purposely not including that because you know we’ll side with her? either way, sounds like you need to mind your own business

No. 641080

I agree with you anon. She sounds like the type to use “cognizant” when condescending to someone. College kids learn a few buzzy vocabulary words and suddenly they feel they have authority and linguistic genius

No. 641081

I think being skinny will always be desirable in the fashion world and among white wealthy types

No. 641095

>I had to go to UNI
you can save your money and attend a community college instead jfc

No. 641159

ot but I always read that Megan Fox had to lose a shitload of weight for Jennifer's Body and weighed 97 lbs at 5'4", is that really how much she weighed there? that's put her at a pretty low bmi but she looks fine. idk maybe my perception of "normal" is off?

No. 641166

File: 1601368038813.jpeg (118.51 KB, 450x300, megan-fox-before-after_ppnklc.…)

pic during Jennifer's body shooting and pic after the shooting

No. 641208

Idk anon, she definitely looks underweight in the left pic. Look at her sternum, the beginnings of a face eater chest are there.
Seems like she just has small bone structure, so her ribs and hip bones don't stick out easily even at a low weight. You see that a lot in girls that are underweight yet don't look very emaciated.

No. 641216

Then nah, he's not cool. He would've just as quickly shot an innocent person lol

No. 641256

File: 1601380506279.png (141.47 KB, 493x495, 353udtpeemd51.png)

'gigachad' is not attractive

No. 641257

He’s scary. I thought people were joking about him being attractive.

No. 641258

Ofc not, it's an exaggeration for the joke

No. 641259

Wait… he actually loosk like that?

No. 641261

Ya its a joke

No. 641264

I got posted here a handful of times by another cow, which I deserved. you guys stopped me from shitposting myself into notoriety. was scalding but I learned my lesson, genuinely thank you anons/farmhands. you guys go hard but you got gooey insides.

No. 641440

Thigh gaps aren’t overrated. It’s nice to not have your legs rub against each other while walking and running

No. 641443

I agree, I feel like that would feel horrible but I guess it’s something you’d get used to and eventually not notice anymore

No. 641447

We all know that's not why thigh gaps are venerated or called overrated in certain circles, anon.
Also, you'd have to be significantly overweight (or even morbidly obese) or autistic to even be bothered by a sensation like that. It's almost like being bothered that you can feel your bottom lid whenever you blink, or by having an elbow crease when you bend your arm.

No. 641449

I’ve heard it causes chafing so for that reason it sounds pretty unpleasant

No. 641451

Mine don't rub together but fuck knows if I actually have a 'thigh gap' Isn't that just the spot guys want to stick their dick in?

No. 641472

My thighs are thick (imo) but I have never got chaffing. I've only heard of overweight women getting it, but I guess moisture could cause it too. The rubbing isn't noticeable honestly.

No. 641474

Same here. It seems weird to even think about.

No. 641478

i feel like theres a difference between mostly muscle rubbing together versus fat. one probably causes worse friction than the other

No. 641480

It does feel horrible if you never had that in your life. That was my number one reason to lose weight again.
Also isn't everyone talking that you need wide hips for a thigh gap? My hips are boyishly narrow.

No. 641484

I haven't had thigh chafting in years despite wearing skirts and dresses a lot of the time. I have fat thighs.
It has a lot to do with dressing appropriately. If I know it will be hot outside and I will be doing a lot of walking, I try to wear shorts or pants. If I want to wear a skirt I just make sure I wear some boy shorts or tights so that my thighs aren't blatantly rubbing together. Sweat plus friction are what cause those rashes, so if you prevent one or the other you're golden like a goose.

Imo it's like complaining about big boobs hurting after a jog because that person didn't know they need to be wearing a better fitted sports bra. These issues shouldn't be happening if you're prepared and know how to dress your body.

No. 641547

I think so too. My hips are narrow and I only have a thigh gap when I’m underweight.

No. 641563

if boomers are so scared they can stay tf home in their 700k house that they bought for 12k in the 70s. not everyone wants to live their lives in fear.

fuck boomers. this disease is god punishing them for fucking the housing market.

No. 641584

No. 641587

I was hoping COVID was going to relax the housing market in my area but I was wrong. COVID just made it so that most housing development came to a halt, increased the demand for housing as a result, and made it so that only those making in the upper middle class income bracket and willing to bid 20k over asking are the ones with a sliver of hope.

I'm so tired of giving away my income to rent for subpar housing that isn't my own. How do people who say they like rent actually enjoy living this way?

No. 641590

where do you live, anon?

im sick of my city being gentrified. its fucking disgusting that these developers come in and build 1 bed flats and flog them for £200k when the average income is 30k, far below what one would need to make for a mortgage for that.

literally the only thing i can do to afford a house is move up north, away from family and higher paid jobs, or buy down south and rent a room to a lodger. (uk)

country is totally lopsided with london sucking the economic life out of every other part of the country. its an utter horror show out here.

No. 641608

I'm neither in the us or uk but the housing market hasn't change for the better during covid and I don't see it improving either.
I wanted to find a cheaper place to rent but the prices haven't budged one bit to my unpleasant surprise.

No. 641634

Dogs should not automatically be put down if they bite humans.
Sometimes, the humans deserve it because they're acting like jackasses or outright abusing the dog. It's ridiculous to blame the animal every time.

No. 641642

File: 1601409706949.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 17.67 KB, 259x194, 3F7C73F1-1BD1-4B23-85BB-D1FAD9…)

>be burger in red state
>live with mommy and daddy, have no expenses other than car payment so I hoard my income like a rat
>recent grad so I qualify for a special state matched FHA grant
>get my first house for no down payment, bundled mortgage insurance payment at $750 a month
>2.5% interest rate compared to boomer’s 17%
>still sitting on 15k nest egg at 24 years old

Feels good lads

No. 641655

How much was the house?

No. 641668

Don't they put them down because they've already tasted human blood and that can be dangerous? Someone explained me something like that once but I'll read on it, anyways people who annoy dogs or are violents towards them kinda deserve to be bitten

No. 641684

Under 150k. And surprisingly not a total shithole

No. 641697

Boomers and gen z have the same vibe
>coming for millenials for no reason
>thinking they're the best generation and everyone wants to copy them
>self righteous

No. 641700

being a gen z is the worst, everyone thinks they’re a galaxy brained political and cultural analyst and no one knows how to unclench and have a good time. fucken sucks.

No. 641717

As gen z I at least appreciate most millennial humor is self depreciating and they understand their weaknesses

Many of my gen have both inflated egos while being delicate at the same time

No. 641733

Gen Z only comes for millennials about light hearted things like them being too into fandoms and stuff

No. 641735

What's worse being too into fandoms or basing your whole personality on your gender?

No. 641736

the two have now become one

No. 641739

Why are you this hurt and defensive over whatever tiktok you saw that provoked this? Aren’t millennials like 30 by now, get a grip.

No. 641740

i’m in my final year, retard, so yes, i did have to go to uni. in other news, thankfully i’m not some fat dumb fuck in america and i have more prospects than ~community college~. sorry you can’t relate!

No. 641742

You're acting like a boomer right now.

No. 641748

Every generation makes fun of the generation above them. It’s weird how often you see posts here that are unironically like “millennials are oppressed”, like you’re definitely taking jokes from teenagers on tiktok a little too seriously. But people here do seem weirdly insecure and bitter about ageing so maybe that’s part of it.

No. 641749

The irony of original anon complaining about some students being privileged yet failing to understand why staying home with mommy and daddy literally might not be an option for some people

No. 641751

This whole post screams boomer. Boomers think no one can come for them because they're old and wise, while zoomers think being young excuses their bullshit.

No. 641765

Nta, but what do you gain from being an asshole? No one cares if you are not-fat with high prospects European uwu.
Don't be an ass, people that go to community college or no name college are no lesser then others that attended fancy schools, we are all just apes with overdeveloped motor skills and brains living in self inflicted climatic Armageddon after all.

No. 641775

i hatelove the cut. on one hand im a slut for weddings and i like looking at the wedding diaries, on the other you get shit like this https://www.thecut.com/article/ruth-bader-ginsburg-dies-women-respond-with-common-text.html or this https://www.thecut.com/article/sex-story-the-student-whose-partner-thinks-shes-monogamous.html

No. 641776

Nta either but why are Americans so easily offended?

No. 641782

File: 1601419214849.jpg (186.83 KB, 700x394, plzrespec.jpg)

My industry is constantly criticized for "forcing overtime" and while sometimes it is excessive, personally I kinda like the just-before-deadline grind, makes me feel needed and valuable; also once it's finished the serotonin rush is honestly off the charts. I wish the narrative was more like "thank you for hard work", not the patronizing "oh poor babies are being forced by an evil slave driver I'll never buy what they made", it feels insulting and implies that all the hard work that was done is for nothing as the person speaking is going to boycott the product.

No. 641789

File: 1601420055729.jpg (109.36 KB, 762x1000, 721c002aae99765bd18e18fe6a834a…)

Brandy of one of the cutest women to ever exist

No. 641790

I agree, shes extremely pretty

No. 641792

Is this unpopular?

No. 641793

Truly unpopular

No. 641798

anon love yourself you are more than your shit job

No. 641799

whenever porn is discussed here (or anywhere else) i'm always baffled that no one mentions the cheating aspect of it. like if my partner watched porn i would feel so disrespected and devastated, not only because of how horrible and misogynistic it is, but because it's practically like cheating imo. to me it's completely reasonable to view it as a deal breaker for that aspect alone and i feel sorry for everyone i know who has a porn watching bf/gf. maybe it's bc i'm christian but idk. not trying to bait.

No. 641800

People definitely do mention it relatively often

No. 641806

I think so many anons lie on the confessions and vent threads just for replies and attention. Like the anon now who has decided that she suddenly needs to open up on this gossip sight about being traumatised when she was forced to watch her mom getting raped as a child- us trusted anons are the first people she EVER told because.. yeah, lolcow is perfect therapy. So many extreme stories like this all the time- sorry I just don't think it happened. Rip if it did tho.

No. 641807

Site* I'm dumb.

No. 641808

No. 641810

File: 1601421657725.gif (830.93 KB, 400x400, Amen.gif)

>bc I'm christian
Anon you're adorable and yes you're right
Hooray for Jesus

No. 641811

Completely disagree both about it being misogynistic and cheating (not trying to start a debate, will not respond to any replies to this), but I think if that’s a dealbreaker for you that’s fine. It’s not like people are forced to be in a relationship with you if they disagree with it. You have a right to your own boundaries.

No. 641820

File: 1601422687156.gif (Spoiler Image, 321.54 KB, 498x498, ctenor.gif)

I'm not Christian, but you're definitely right, anon.

>Completely disagree both about it being misogynistic and cheating (not trying to start a debate, will not respond to any replies to this)
I mean…You can also say "Completely disagree on the earth being round and water being wet (not trying to start a debate, will not respond to any replies to this)", but that won't excuse you for lowering the collective thread IQ.

No. 641821

>T. noempathy
But really, the world is alful and awful shit happens to people all the time. Check the statistics on rape and domestic violence.
It's very likelly that a lot of anons here experienced horrid shit and lived awful lives near monstruous people.
If you think otherwise you are just sheltered like those boomer scrotes that believe school shootings are made up by crisis actors and date rape is not a thing.

No. 641832

>anon love yourself you are more than your shit job

lol and this is exactly what I mean, there are a lot of shit jobs, I've done some real shitty jobs in the past that were unbearable even though there was no overtime, what I do now is amazing and worth additional effort, doesn't deserve being called shit :(

No. 641856

anon it's really difficult to talk about these things to other people. you forever become "that person that a bad thing happened to". I've posted on here about getting sexually abused as a child and I've never spoken about that out loud to anyone.

>us trusted anons

exactly, anons. just writing it down and having someone else read and respond to it without the threat of your real life friends/family/coworkers finding out about it can be therapeutic. obviously it's no replacement for therapy but aside from a therapist who am I gonna tell? My fucking friends? Nobody's asking for therapy when they vent about their fucked up lives on here. They're hoping for relief.

No. 641857

It’s for two reasons: one, if you call it cheating you will get dog piled and called pathetic and a jealous baby. Two, it’s the least problematic thing about porn.

I do think the cheating aspect and the havoc it wreaks on women’s self worth and esteem is worth talking about honestly on its own, but our society is too retarded for that conversation

No. 641859

The “yer just jealous lmao” is the fucking worst defense. Like really retard? No one wants a disgusting coomer bf obsessed with anal and has erectile disfunction ffs.

No. 641862

Even if it was just jealousy, like fair enough?? Men defend their psychotic, irrational jealousy over women's past partners with BuT iT's JuSt OuR NaTuRe, I think women are entitled to a little jealousy of their own.

No. 641868

More of a general thing, but if you make your partner jealous it's your fault.

No. 641883

You mean like knowingly making them jealous because yeah. Otherwise, tf.

No. 641887

I had an ex always try to make me jealous, always complimenting other women which I would agree with because I'm not a bitch lol amongst other things but if any man would give me a crumb of attention he'd huff for days which would also amount to him eroding my confidence. Insecurity is a bitch to deal with.

No. 642077

File: 1601456486003.jpg (85.62 KB, 400x390, 39kde0l3k.jpg)

I love Natalia Kills. Her sperg-out on The X Factor was dumb but goddamn u all for holding it over her up til now when other artists have gotten away with worse. Now I'll never have an album like Trouble (2013) AGAIN

No. 642095

Jealousy is a normal human feeling and it's curious how people treat it as if it were aids or leprosy if a woman is jealous but when a man is a jealous, controlling meathead it's considered cute because "he just loves me so much", the fuck

No. 642098

This is probably an unpopular opinion on lc but honestly I have no problems with transwomen who aren't transtrenders and who just quietly try to fit in. I still don't think they're real women, but I also wouldn't call them he or him. Same vice versa for transmen.

No. 642100

Same. I hate autogynephiles though, as well as frist world trans people trying to silence actual women and pretending like oppression of women doesn't exist.

No. 642104


What is Natalia even doing these days? Loved her song "Free" back in the day. All I know that she changed her artist name and started a band with her husband willy moon or whatever his name was. The X factor sperg-out was hilarious ngl

No. 642105

Hypothetically I agree, but the ones "who just quietly try to fit in" don't exist. Even the non-trenders are attention seeking and misogynistic, both male and female.

No. 642107

She changed it to Teddy Sinclair and released an album with the band you mentioned. I listened to it and it was alright but not as fun as her old stuff, like "Free". All she's done lately is post selfies on her instagram and incredibly, the comments are still full of people making fun of her for X Factor. Mostly she just writes singles for other artists now, like Rihanna and Madonna.

No. 642108

That's not an unpopular opinion here it's just a banned topics, many anons in the GC thread used to express the same belief.

No. 642122

>it's a banned topic
Oh oops. I kinda thought my comment didn't fall under the radfem/terf/gc ban since it was more or less in favor of transppl rather than sperging against them but sorry farmhands if that's also now allowed. Please don't ban me lol

No. 642126

There's a containment thread in snow which farmhands seem to ignore, obviously don't post anything too crazy in there, but if cows be cowin' you can comment on them.

No. 642163

I agree honestly. I don't have an issue with trans people, but I do have an issue with some of the misogyny that goes on in that community. Otherwise, people identifying how they want, and doing what they want with their bodies doesn't bother me.

No. 642176

The way people were attacking that tiktok girl for having a rising sun tattoo was dumb af. She apologized and said she didn't know what it stood for and will have it removed but for some reason most people don't believe her and want an "official apology" (whatever that means).

No. 642181

Some asian girl was getting attacked on tiktok because she dressed up as disney pochahontas. I was honestly shocked at the stupidity. Is that really offensive? Dressing up as a cartoon movie character?

No. 642184

This is how extremist views get fostered imo. When someone has views that slightly differ from one group they get kicked out and forced into the other group, the second group accepts them and instills the idea in them that the first group was bad all along.
Extremist beliefs only in 2020

No. 642222

Designer items that have the name of the brand are extremely ugly and tacky. So many pretty pieces ruined like this

No. 642224

if you don’t know what it stands for then don’t get it lmao. grown ass adults shouldn’t be getting things permanently put on them if they don’t know what it means, it’s that simple

No. 642227

Curious to hear how you feel about transwomen representing women in STEM, political positions and competing against cis women in sport? I don’t hate transwomen but they do not represent our experiences as biological women and they should not be used as a stand in to speak for us, yet that’s becoming quite common. Some spaces should absolutely be reserved for bio women only.

No. 642232

NTA but they represent trans women, not bio women and not men (unless they're like that speedrunner pic)

No. 642239

Ayrt, obviously I think some things are bio women exclusive. Like I don't agree with trans-women competing against women in sports, and I believe some things trans-women won't ever be able to truly understand about womanhood. Trans-women are born male, so they do have a different biology. They can't fully understand things like periods, birth, FGM, various childhood experiences a lot of girls go through, etc… So they can't speak for us in that kind of stuff. And there are things I can't understand about being trans. I think all we can do is empathize with each other and let people talk about their experiences without trying to feel like we need to be included or whatever.

Tbh I don't know enough about trans people in STEM and political spaces to feel comfortable speaking on it. I hope this entire thing made sense though, I'm pretty bad at articulating myself lol.

No. 642240

File: 1601476078053.jpg (23.04 KB, 377x470, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Modern calligraphy is so boring and uninspired.

No. 642241

That font is basically everyone’s wedding invitations and decorations nowadays, tired of seeing it

No. 642246

That is the ugliest font I’ve ever seen

No. 642248

I don't mind if trans women want to be allies and acknowledge all the bullshit in place that goes against women. My issue is when trans women shout over actual bio women and try to take us down a peg for their own self esteem issues. There's an obvious trend with the exagerrarated bimboication of women and sexualisation on the back of gender reform. How exaggerated parodies by gay men in the form of drag are now coveted aesthetics that can help rancid uggos like Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson make millions. If anything it seems capitalistic that women are expected to slap on more make up, more accessories, more fast fashion, more dumb accessories to be the epitome of women. Pickmes are apparently traditional and any women that knows her worth and that sexual liberation isn't whoring yourself for money is a terf. I feel so sorry for young girls growing up today, the pressure they will have now that plastic surgery etc is so mainstream. There are oa many things that cna be now objectively wrong with a woman not just fat and skinny. Every body shape has a new cosmetic surgery fix and all the gender reassignment has heightened cases of body dysmorphia. Shits a minefield

No. 642255

>want an official apology
Just me or are people demanding official apologies dumb af? If you're going to demand an apology it's probably not gonna be genuine and therefore worthless.

I don't know the whole story but isn't it possible she didn't know it was a symbol to begin with? People have random tattoos and images from pinterest tattooed all the time.

No. 642256

File: 1601477220270.jpeg (2.27 MB, 2854x4000, C1278445-6B64-491C-BF2A-262276…)

you best believe my wedding invitations will look like this

No. 642274

File: 1601478381350.gif (745.83 KB, 690x295, I think it's a serbian menu.gi…)

Your family and friends trying to figure out wtf just arrived in the mail.

No. 642275

I’m stealing this idea.

No. 642397

early 2010s fashion > y2k fashion

No. 642399

love yourself holy shit. make some friends

No. 642401


>$750 a month

whew that's actually pretty high, you should get a lodger.

No. 642404

agreed. the y2k revival is so uninteresting to me.

No. 642433

anon care to explain/show an example/comparison?

No. 642443

Hard agree with this. Early 2000s fashion was a dark time for fashion between the ugly pink tracksuits and excessive jean use for fabrics. Do not bring this fuckery back, Internet.

No. 642449

thats what made it perfect you fool

No. 642456

It's too late and you know it

No. 642463

File: 1601490177457.jpg (88.68 KB, 500x1024, rs_500x1024-160108075340-634.B…)


Why do you mock me so

No. 642467

File: 1601490247017.jpg (80.97 KB, 540x540, 1595952273730.jpg)


No. 642468

Ngl I love Britneys outfit lol

No. 642486

I don't like the y2k trend but I absolutely hate the indie and twee and tumblr styles of the early 2010s even more. Enough time has passed that I can regard y2k fashion w nostalgia and find amusement in how garrish it can be. 90s and 2000s revivalism has gotten old very quickly though.

No. 642488

Samefag but I want to add that I think skinny jeans are really ugly

No. 642504

File: 1601491343673.jpg (2.97 MB, 2008x2008, ap_090911089838_sq-3271237f289…)

This makes me sad, I love this image I loved Britney and Justin so much, they were perfect for eachother, this is my all time fav image of them.

No. 642580

they dated for views just like all other celebs do

No. 642616

There's no point in arguing here. Literally nobody is gonna change their mind because of an anonymous internet slapfight

No. 642634

Skinny jeans are my least favourite cut, so boring and unless you’re really tall and slim they don’t accentuate a nice shape. Flares and bootcuts are the best overall imo

No. 642643

I love skinny jeans. I have a pair just for sleeping in, they're so comfy.

No. 642655

File: 1601496123625.jpeg (196.35 KB, 1500x1015, 9D0CFBE6-1210-4AF5-B919-ABA215…)

stop trying to larp as a human i know it’s you

No. 642660

No. 642669

>Just me or are people demanding official apologies dumb af? If you're going to demand an apology it's probably not gonna be genuine and therefore worthless.
The point is to shame the person, I think it's obvious.

No. 642680

anon pls… let me pretend it wasnt like that, legit this was my fairtale romance back when I was a kid I know everyone was brad and angelina but to me it was britney and justin.

No. 642686

File: 1601497096112.jpeg (136.73 KB, 1022x222, 941D64E5-6F8B-4EA4-9B37-EC9EB1…)

>i love skinny jeans
They’re awesome
> I have a pair just for sleeping in
For the what??

No. 642692

not true, I have actually felt sufficiently ashamed of myself or had my perspective changed by anons on here.

No. 642704

Damn, now I’m curious. Any hints on the topics?

No. 642743

I dont understand why some people consider not having any long term friendship (that last might i say) count as a red flag? I just felt like friendships are very frail, sometimes we just grew apart from people or maybe we dont really find things in common with them any longer. People are very hard to predict, not every time we put time and dedication into relationships and the result will be good…Speaking from experience.

No. 642755

Is this seen as a red flag? I also think it’s very normal for friendships to fade and change throughout your life. My close friends from school aren’t close to me anymore, my close friends from college aren’t close to me anymore, my close friends from my old place of work aren’t close anymore etc
Would that be a concern for someone? Have I inadvertently been putting people off because my current close friend is my flatmate I’ve known for less than a year now? Lol

No. 642797

Who TF thought brangelina was fairytale romance? Pretty sure homewreckers was the general consensus

No. 642841

Cheaters did anon. People that cheat.

No. 643134

I hate australian accents. Sorry to any Aussie anons but I just cannot stand them, they're such a turn off they just sound so goofy and weird.

No. 643138

I feel this way about British accents and I don't get why so many other North Americans cream themselves over them - I'd rather listen to a baby's crying then have a conversation with someone from England.

No. 643145

ketchup is one of the most repulsive things on earth and i completely disregard the tastes of anyone that enjoys it
actually, i dont trust anyone that likes ketchup in general. if i cooked meal for someone and they asked me for fucking ketchup i would never talk to them again.

No. 643148

File: 1601547460573.jpg (23.27 KB, 625x220, 19-reasons-ketchup-is-love-ket…)

You have yet to discover a good ketchup anon. Pro tip, plastic bottle ketchup is always bad, I guess it's something about the plastic that spoils it.

No. 643149

Google says the UK has more than 37 dialects but maybe you do hate them all kek
I don't hate any accent afaik but I hate when people end every sentence going up

No. 643152

Have you tried banana ketchup anon? I used to feel the same way you do until I tried banana ketchup and now I put it on almost any meat lol.

No. 643153

Homemade ketchup is easy, cheap to make and tastes x10000000000000 better than anything store bought. Keeps well in the fridge too.

No. 643156

Feel the same way about Irish accents, especially NI. Also uptalk and vocal fry, North Americans (men and women) sound so dumb because of it.

>Like, it's the equivalent of ending every sentennnnce with a question marrrk?

>It makes you sound like you're missing a chromosome?

No. 643159

Same. I'm ESL and I find British accents horrible. It sounds like a speech impediment, I can barely make out the words. No idea why people find it classy and pleasant to listen to.

No. 643160

I’m the same but with North American accents. Can’t watch any TV from there because the accents are so grating. I have burger friends who I mostly text and find it so weird when we chat on the phone

No. 643170

Certain American accents are truly awful.
(You know who you are)

No. 643175

Same, I can't fucking stand that londonian british accent, I go feral anytime I hear it and I can't understand anything when they talk, especially when it comes from patronizing people like Hbomberguy or that ex channel awesome dude. There's a ton of movies and shows I utterly refuse to watch just because the characters are british.
I'm ESL and I'm fine with other anglophone accents like scottish or kiwi, but I really have a hard time understanding any of them outside of northern american or canadian accent.

No. 643178

Northern England accents are hell if you're not used to them at all, I had a colleague from Newcastle, we could talk about anything on company chat but lunches were just me going "sorry, come again???" at every second thing he said.

No. 643182

>>Like, it's the equivalent of ending every sentennnnce with a question marrrk?
There's something that annoys me so much about this. It looks like they're too comfortable so they so they post things even if they're unsure of them, and it makes them look emotional too.

No. 643214

i didn't know maggie thatcher used lolcow?

honestly, though, as a geordie, it's not our fault you only have half a braincell. i spent months in south korea and koreans could understand me better than some southern english/american/canadian/european ESL speakers i've met. tldr - not our fault you're all thick as shit kek

No. 643219

I've imagined this post spoken out with your stupid-ass accent and I'm not even mad about the insult, please carry on

No. 643220

Wow if you struggle with newcastle accents you must dread talking to scousers. They're the only ones I sometimes don't understand.

No. 643226

London snobs really do think they're the standard of English and switch off whenever they hear a Northern accent but Geordies can struggle with southern and ESL accents too, I've seen it.
People who have no experience with hearing accents are just bad with accents.

No. 643232

Found some video of a guy talking to Liverpool locals, some of them I could understand, but some went so fast I had just no idea. In general, at our schools accent we're being taught is more of "general american" and any british one, even from London, is a bit of a struggle. I'd consider myself fluent but I'm sure as hell gonna put subtitles when I'm to watch something made in UK. It's pretty crazy how different it all can be even within one island.

No. 643237

OT but it's weirdly unnerving to see other anons from your home city. What if we're neighbors? How many people in my life are farmers?

No. 643244

I sleep peacefully knowing no one around me is on here, which is why I use the vent thread as a diary.

No. 643247

You guys are going to enjoy this little interview lmao. But tbh Liam has his own language

No. 643310

they were dating for real, don't listen to that anon who knows shit about britney. they even had their first kiss together when they were like 11/12
their breakup was real and hurt both of them

No. 643379

File: 1601575675450.jpeg (911.93 KB, 1829x1461, B42E1C42-01AC-4AC8-B0B3-8BE8B5…)

I’m not sure if I want either style to come back

No. 643384

File: 1601575945656.jpg (57.24 KB, 640x810, 5ec79488eca178872d5cbaff3f7fcc…)

I fucking love 2010's tumblr fashion and I want it to come back. Peter pan collars, polka dots and plaid, big cozy girly clothes mixed with ripped jean's and oxfords, it's all good to me. At least it was cute.

No. 643399

This. I don't see either style as cute, they just look like cheap and boring fast fashion

No. 643403


No. 643412

Thin 90s-early 2000s eyebrows are cute but only if they are on people with tan or dark skin.

No. 643421

File: 1601578969625.jpg (33.99 KB, 500x473, CZKy0OgWwAESmng.jpg)

I can kinda see what you mean. Something about the thin eyebrows on white people gives me white-trash vibes. On some people it can work though, like Brandy.

No. 643489

File: 1601584703501.jpg (20.27 KB, 300x300, unnamed (1).jpg)

>entire personality is Starbucks, Arctic Monkeys, and these drawings

>irreverent, proudly tacky, glitter graphics/blingees

Both look like shit, but at least the right is more fun.

No. 643516

"gatekeeping" is a good thing most of the time

No. 643521

File: 1601588247936.jpeg (706.86 KB, 1986x3519, 3A6153B8-327F-4E95-83E6-B87F38…)

Maybe I should have attached an uglier example like this

No. 643572

I was taken back to somehow feeling cute as hell wearing a skirt over my jeans in middle school, thanks anon. It was hideous.

No. 643582

Feminism has turned into something that revolves around normalizing degeneracy so scrotes can get off. Feminism is just now "men need to cum so do this".

No. 643587

got your eyes on the wrong flavor of feminism yo, there are multiple that keep right the fuck far away from that dumb shit

No. 643591

File: 1601595629139.jpeg (26.51 KB, 228x221, D51590CA-2BF7-451E-876F-8431FA…)

WHY did anyone wore skirts over denim? For what purpose? It’s so fugly, just get a pair a stockings or leggings.

No. 643602

take away the hat and it's a really good outfit kek. the dress is really cute, i want it. i dont see the issue with jeans and skirts or dresses kek, it's ugly but works in this outfit. if she wore tights or nothing with those boots the outfit would look 10x sluttier. adding jeans is like a fuck you, i love it

No. 643628

File: 1601600052455.jpeg (82.04 KB, 600x424, 1_-sHbEcUJLgsvhdcI_xj21A.jpeg)

Y2k fashion is just copying stuff black/latina girls wore back in the early 2000s. White people were not wearing this stuff kids are copying on tiktok back in the early 2000s. Paris hilton and the like was not wearing the cute stuff people copy now. The stuff white people were wearing at the time was cringe/ugly, the cute stuff people copy is what black and Latina girls were wearing.

No. 643636

nobody cares

No. 643638

I'm just saying when people claim early 2000s fashion was ugly they're thinking about the stuff popular white celebrities were wearing

No. 643642

I don’t know, anon, I never saw a top like the ones in the picture, it was all denim anything, unflattering t-shirts, fugly blouses that came with necklaces, tacky sandals and “BEBE” tracksuits with the ugliest, raunchiest fabrics.

No. 643645

Is that bubble wrap kek

No. 643655

I wish the fashion of the era actually looked like it did in stuff like zenon girl of the 21st century, britney spears in oops I did it again, or the tlc futuristic looks from things like no scrubs. instead we got whale tails, rhinestones, and tons of denim. I want shiny multicolored latex, holographic shit, plastic geometric designs. the closest we got was some uchuu kei and it makes me sad.

No. 643656

This shit is just as fugly as whatever white celebritards were wearing in the aughts. Take your racebait to Twitter.

No. 643658

File: 1601602656465.jpg (44.66 KB, 500x743, f82ffab2da5a914e91fcd56cb36dcc…)

Even if it's fugly thats the look people are trying to recreate.

No. 643660

File: 1601602817050.jpeg (78.22 KB, 573x596, 65A6E4E8-8F9E-4877-8848-BDB2C1…)

Vocaloid has barely any interesting songs nowadays, maybe I’m just looking at it with oldfag tinted glasses, but there used to be a bunch of series of songs with storylines and alternate endings/plots, remixes were really interesting to hear as well.
There are some nice songs nowadays, but they aren’t as great as the old ones.
Maybe I just need to lurk more for interesting composers.

No. 643663

Anon this shit is ugly af too. Give us a fucking break with the "subtle" race bait.

No. 643664

Agreed. The only new stuff I like sound like regular high tempo pop songs and it’s not many.

No. 643665

major pickme vibes yikes

No. 643667

File: 1601603386098.jpg (71.35 KB, 667x908, d4f12cf3e4a9eb66d5b541c56ffb0e…)

It's not race bait. The y2k stuff that is popular now is similar to fashion popular with black people at the time.

No. 643678

I see exactly what you mean, idk why you're getting weird negative responses. And it makes a lot of sense considering black women's features are a trend too.

No. 643692

File: 1601606079111.jpg (168.3 KB, 1200x628, kendall-paris-fb.jpg)

liberal feminism.
you're complaining about people not getting their facts straight but bring up Paris Hilton? girl she was innovating and started a bunch of trends that people are still referencing today, are you thinking of disney channel-tier white people fashion?

No. 643699

Hello? Innovated exactly what? The coked out anorexic look?

No. 643700

>idk why you're getting weird negative responses

because we're on lolcow where people get extremely defensive when you mention anything against their usual echochamber

No. 643701

samefag, nta btw

No. 643702

Lolcow likes to think themselves above anything they consider "twitter" lol. We're all prone to sperging out over the same shit. OP isn't even saying anything that controversial.

No. 643714

not sure why you hate the girl so much but ok here's some examples
>rhinestones/bazzling (see the picture I used)
>low waist jeans
>graphic tees
>extreme pink
>tracksuits as casual wear (which has led to athleisure)

No. 643726

File: 1601608757543.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, 53B83538-1C75-43CE-945E-A600D8…)

It’s okay to wear leggings as pants, they’re comfy and lightweight. Just don’t wear granny panties nor shoes that will make you look stumpy.

No. 643835

Low rise jeans are hot

No. 643997

I agree. I don't get the leggins hate. It doesn't even have anything to do with being fat and lazy, I'm skinny and I love leggins and I think they can look good if combined right.

No. 644024

we should be allowed to keep whatever is taken out of us through surgical means. teeth, appendix, tonsils, fetus, whatever. i want it put in a jar in my closet, i grew it and it is mine.

yes i am cannibal anon and yes i would consider eating my own organ if it was edible

No. 644029

>if it was edible
Why wouldn't it be? It depends on the organ but I mean…

No. 644031

maybe she meant she'd eat anything edible that came out of her body, so, no teeth, fetus bones, etc
I don't know why I'm speculating on behalf of a would-be cannibal, tbh I'm hoping the attention will draw out an answer

No. 644035

Have you ever thought about having a baby just to eat it?

No. 644037

Does this include parasites? I feel like I'd rather put a tapeworm on display before a tumor or organ. You need to stop streaming Hannibal, anon.

No. 644039

Nta but I'd like to do this, eat something I made with my own body, that's kinda metal.

No. 644040

Not the cannibal, but that is horribly energy inefficient.

No. 644041

can you imagine if it was socially acceptable to eat your runty retarded children like we were hamsters or something

No. 644042

if its some organ thats full of pus or i'd die by eating it i would avoid that
no, i mean if it died i'd default to 'we should eat corpses in order to not waste viable meat' but i wouldn't participate in making a baby just to kill and eat it
eating a tape worm seems counter productive

No. 644045

Ew but then people will forcibly breed retards to eat their babies. No thanks, I'd like to eat my own.

No. 644046

Agreed. My grandma kept a cyst she had removed for a while so she could cut it open but she got rid of it eventually because after a while it lost its zest. Once for Christmas my friend gave me her baby teeth because she knew I had a thing for them. Body parts are cool let's just make them socially acceptable.

No. 644053

Eww, suck a tampon or something don't eat your fucking baby.

No. 644054

I'm going insane what do you mean by 'zest'? What's going on is this thread I feel like the minority for not wanting to eat my own baby

No. 644057

It's not how you're imagining anon, it would be a grand ceremony for me. I have no plans of getting pregnant but if I was eating my baby, it wouldn't something like, a single course meal at 9pm on a weekday. It would be a very important meal and significant meal. I hope you understand.

No. 644060

General appeal. You can only look at cyst gunk for so long before you lose interest, unless you encase it in resin or something.

No. 644061

Anon, I mean no disrespect and I understand that consuming your offspring is important to you and I love a grand ceremony as much as the next person but i think you're fucking insane.

No. 644062

>I hope you understand.
Sure, that's all very relatable, uh-huh.

No. 644065

How do you keep a cyst? Like, in a little box or in a fridge? Do you have to keep it hydrated or it'll shrivel up? I need answers, I don't want answers but I NEED them.

No. 644067

I'd love to share a full cyst gunk dissection recipe but I was about 3 at the time of that happening and was only told about it in anecdote, sorry anon. If you want, I'll keep the gunk of the next zit I pop on my nightstand and keep you updated on its disposition?

No. 644069

Playing the devil's advocate, some people eat their placenta and umbilical cords after their babies are born. That gross imo but that's a personal choice. Not fucking eating your own child, not even just on a moral aspect, but your body spent so much time and energy and pain creating this for you to go 'mmm sure could go for some babyback ribs'

No. 644070

I don't want to possibly infight over something as close to me as this.

No. 644073

I live in Germany and here (and in another Northern EU country) it's not that uncommon to keep your baby teeth. I still have mine in a jar and I've known at least three people who also still have them and have shown them to me.

No. 644074

i understand and respect your decision anon, only the strong survive

No. 644077

File: 1601632257301.jpg (62.59 KB, 500x573, 1594298616302.jpg)

Live your dream, anon, I'm all for it.

No. 644078

Look.. I may not understand but.. every culture has its differences. Some cultures eat dogs, some eat insects, some abstain from meat all together and I guess some anons eat their babies. I'll respect your difference and embrace the diversity. PC bro.

No. 644079

Same in Poland, I have the majority of my baby teeth in a cute, tiny box at my parents house, it's completely normal.

No. 644081

I'm from France and my mum collected my baby teeth until she worked out I kept sneaking them out of the box at night and sucking on them

No. 644084

Damn, that's so fuckin cool, I wish my mom did that too. I just buried my teeth in the dirt and watered them lol

No. 644085

omg anon you're so weird, i love you

No. 644087

I thought everyone did this. Well I mean I don't think my mom kept ALL of them but at least, like, 5.

No. 644088

Did you hope something will grow out of them??

No. 644090

Yes! I thought a teeth-tree would grow where there would be teeth instead of flowers. Like the tooth were a seed. It didn't happen

No. 644091

This is a Midsommar balance of wholesome and terrifying

This too, children have such unbridled imaginations

No. 644102

More anons on here need to learn how to cut their losses and let things go. If I recognize early on a discussion isn't going to end productively and instead devolve into arguing, I let it be.

No. 644106

Yeah I never understand why some anons are so desperate to defend themselves when it's a dumb argument they've clearly lost. On Twitter maybe but lolcow is an anonymous board so no one knows you fucked up. It's not embarassing. You're safe. Move on.

No. 644111

I think it might be because of a lack of regular social interaction so the fights gives them a thrill or something. I've only taken part in one infight and it went on for so fucking long that I fell asleep midway. I decided to not argue after that. Whether I was 'winning' or not.

No. 644115

I feel like a fake farmer because I've never been in an argument on here before. I did once bring some milk which caused a massive argument and thread derail which lasted hours and loads of people got banned kek but I just brought the screenshot then went to bed so I wasn't even involved sigh. Am I missing out? I want the adrenaline.

No. 644117

You're not really missing out. All lolcow arguments sound like this.

No. 644150

I normally don't get involved but when I do argue with someone they usually don't respond, but if a second person has argued with them they will always respond to that person and not me. The argument might continue forever whilst my point gets ignored the entire time.
I can't tell if this means I've won or if my posts are just completely incoherent which is sad

No. 644151

Damn Brittney is neckpilled as fuck in that pic

No. 644159

Lmao, no one is losing anything to you people besides time which is what we're all accomplishing here. You're so full of shit.
>and remember, don't respond to this or else you've lost

No. 644162

You probably won. People like to ignore points that shut them down because they can’t argue with it.

No. 644165

She has such a thick midwestern neck it’s always been kind of jarring

No. 644166

Very kind of you to try to involve anons in some retarded fighting, how sweet

No. 644171

Must've struck a nerve, loser. Let it go.

No. 644173

You are so angry

No. 644176

File: 1601643680169.gif (620.69 KB, 320x158, stop.gif)

No. 644186

Ok boomer

No. 644193

That was my first reply to anything involving that entire argument. But keep going cutie!

No. 644200

Ok boomer

No. 644210

Girl what

No. 644216

That Jimin guy looks like he’s missing a chromosome

No. 644220

All of them do

No. 644223

Nah, not k poop interested but there’s some cuties. I’m not racist, Jimin is just ugly as

No. 644240

100% true. There were different types of y2k fashion and the type that's popular today isn't the paris hilton aka rich white girl style, but the black/latina urban (idk what other word to use to describe it) styles.

No. 644245

jimbo is ugly as sin and can't sing for shit, i have no idea why he's so popular. his personality is insufferable, he's an obnoxious attention whore forcing a "sexy lovely cute" image when he's just a unfortunate looking manlet with self worth issues and eating disorders

No. 644269

He looks like grimes and the contacts he wears always makes his eyes look wonky

No. 644302

Did you make this video?

No. 644313

Liberal Feminism, yes.

Agree, but only if the front and back are at least semi-covered, like on the right. Otherwise they can look kinda trashy.

No. 644471

File: 1601659740763.gif (1.1 MB, 260x146, 1032253B-00E9-4B24-AF50-352320…)

Anon I support you in your cannibal endeavors but there’s a reason it’s such a taboo, eating people meat regularly fucks with your brain chemistry big time. Practice safe cannibalism and eat very little very rarely.

No. 644483

Don't really know if it's an unpopular opinion, but I don't know where else to write it. I don't get prison abolitionists, I agree that the penitentiary system is fucked up and there's a lot of abuse and it needs to be reformed, but what do you do with all the genuinely dangerous people like pedos, serial killers, neo nazis (the real ones, not the people Twitter likes to cry about) and all? They never answer that, instead it seems like all convicts in their eyes are people who smoked weed and wrongly convicted dudes.

No. 644488


yupp and I also have all my wisdom teeth that I got removed.

No. 644489

They allowed to take them with you? Did you request it specifically?

No. 644500

usually when most people say abolish they mean completely replace with a new version that fits my ideal, e.g. lefties want to abolish the police but there'd still be armed personnel who stop people from assaulting others in their ideal communist utopia, it's just that lefties are shit at conveying a message from too much time in theory circlejerks

No. 644504

Nta but agreed. The armed criminals just don't cut it for me as law enforcement. I'll take the ineptitude and potential dangers that come with the police force.

No. 644508


No, I think my dentist just casually asked me before I got them removed if I want to take them home or I told him that I want to keep them? Either way, I just got them after they were removed and cleaned and now I store them in a small jewelry box.

No. 644512

Thanks for answering anon, your dentist's cool. I will request to take mine home too when I get them removed.

No. 644513

French here too, idg why everyone except us have a tooth fairy. Why did we get a mouse of all things?

No. 644515

File: 1601662645454.jpg (178.66 KB, 1200x1009, colar-de-dente-de-leite.jpg)

south america here and have all my baby teeth and half of my wisdom teeth, dentist had to pull the bone saw on the last two so i couldnt have them.

I intend on getting jewlery done with, alot of girls i know have charms with their baby teeth that their moms used to wear.

No. 644521

that's actually only if you eat their brain and they had certain degenerative brain disorders, that's where mad cow disease comes from since they used to just make them eat every left over part of other dead cows humans wouldn't use, spreading their brain diseases

No. 644524

In america we keep our baby teeth (or atleast I did, idk how common it is). I have a little plastic chest with two of my baby teeth in them.

No. 644551

That’s kind of gross, anon, from which country are you? Because I’m also South American and I’ve never even heard a mention of something like that.
I’m sorry, but that’s just weird, it’s not even a cute design idea for a necklace of something so out of place.
Just take a picture of the kid and keep it in a necklace or something like that, Jesus Christ.

No. 644567

Clicked on the pic for a closer look, kinda gross. It's like keeping your toenail clippings and thinking they are something special

No. 644571

File: 1601665596295.jpg (709.51 KB, 908x1361, ontrend.jpg)

t. high waisted women everywhere

Seriously though fuck high waisted jeans. It's become a goddamn sisyphean challenge now to find a pair of pants that don't end under my fucking sternum. Low rise pants were made for my body type and I want them back reeeee

No. 644574

I for one am glad for the trend. I used to have such a hard time finding jeans that fit me a few years ago because I have huge thighs and a relatively thin waist. I ended up having to buy pants several sizes up and wearing belts all the time. High waisted pants fit me perfectly however. Let's aim for a world where both are cool

No. 644583

We have a mouse instead of a tooth fairy in Poland too.

No. 644766

I'm glad that people get horribly murdered for the real crime porn it gives us

No. 644776

I’m fucking crying at this picture ty anon

No. 644816

Agree. High waisted pants in general make me look like I'm wearing diapers or because I have a shit body type and they never fucking sit right on me. I feel like they only look good if you have narrow hips with long skinny legs or a fat ass with a flat stomach. I'm not Kim K so I might as well get fucked until low rise becomes the trend again.

No. 644818