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File: 1599765598147.jpeg (30.13 KB, 220x165, 0407BF1E-B9C2-46F0-BBE7-816A9E…)

No. 627219

it’s your stage, let that dumbass shit dribble out

Previous dumbass shit >>>/ot/621142

No. 627224

File: 1599765755798.jpg (412.71 KB, 1435x807, 20200910_151917.jpg)

Maybe I'm just picky but I feel like megan really settled with her hubby. She used to only go for kpop type korean guys so I know this had to be her just taking any korean guy she can get before 30. I used to be really jelly of her too.

No. 627225

got my first noise complaint after living in this apartment for 3 years because i decided to exercise at 3am…. this shit is so humiliating

anyway. why the fuck don’t people resolve shit between individuals before calling the police so i could curse my neighbor out? smh

No. 627228

Are you talking only physically? Because as a person I feel like he seems good to her. I don’t think she’s the kind of person who would settle but I don’t follow her that closely so idk.

No. 627232

Am I the only one who thinks he’s attractive?

No. 627237

I don’t think he’s unattractive, I think he’s like average/slightly above average. I find it hard to gauge attractiveness for men though.

No. 627241

File: 1599766378763.png (6.52 KB, 483x101, wow.PNG)

this post kinda fucked me up

No. 627251

File: 1599767269876.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 746.5 KB, 828x1069, E37C8C4C-D9A1-4865-9E1C-6D76A8…)

I can’t believe there are actual food accounts that seriously photograph their meals using flash in the style of n2f. Like doesn’t it cross their mind that this kind of photography makes all food look disgusting?

No. 627256

File: 1599767484586.png (30.78 KB, 434x376, children.PNG)

And they don't stop coming x20

No. 627261

I’m tired of seeing men in female dominated spaces, they’re so controlling and cause unnecessary drama

No. 627264

Ew why is it on the floor?

No. 627271

the thought of someone putting their food on the FLOOR to take a picture is hilarious to me, do they not have a table?

No. 627276

File: 1599768791441.jpg (49.03 KB, 960x960, 1599744314595.jpg)

I have never seen a good post that had picrel attached, on any imageboard. Picrel is almost an instant signifier that the post following it will be bad.

No. 627285

Idk if I’m just outgrowing imageboards but I kind of never want to see a Pepe or wojak again they all just annoy me now for some reason

No. 627286

I've been on 4chan since 2009 and I've never liked pepes/wojaks. Occasionally I'll laugh at an overly-detailed wojak because someone put too much time into it, but yeah, you're not alone.

No. 627302

File: 1599770615828.png (599.56 KB, 1113x724, 1569433855949.png)

No. 627305

I wonder which one of my fiancé’s parents heard me fuck their son like a little bitch last night

No. 627320

HOW is it only Friday? I feel like it's been months since Monday.

No. 627324

File: 1599772385113.jpeg (22.65 KB, 268x188, 978D24E2-ED16-4233-B680-9149A6…)

I’m on keto and I successfully lost 5 lbs but FUCK I COULDNT TAKE IT ANYMORE I got some ice cream and now I’m eating the whole tub. My stomach feels gassy

No. 627325

actually its thursday. wake up

No. 627330

do u ever just…. hate urself? i know i do (hate myself)

No. 627331

It will be Friday in an hour anon… we are so far away…

No. 627339

Tomorrow is a new day, anon! I don’t know if I could ever do keto, seems so hard to follow

No. 627343

File: 1599772795013.jpg (52.88 KB, 545x960, 7586e0745cef726808c0315df5d27c…)

Pic related is the only one I've laughed at in recent memory

No. 627345

File: 1599772806549.jpeg (93.52 KB, 605x605, 20DCCECF-20F2-466E-8CF8-4BF56B…)

It’s 23:21, I’m smoking a blunt on the balcony before going to sleep

No. 627353

Yeah, high five, I usually just chill and let myself be hated because I know it's temporary and in a few hours the feeling should be gone.

No. 627358

The wedding is two hours away and there have been fires in my area, so I told the couple that I couldn't leave my mom home alone because the fires are scaring her and in case of emergency she can't drive to safety. All true except that my mom wasn't actually scared and we're a solid half hour away from the evacuated areas. I'm chilling in my bed with my cat and a cold one watching the wedding on Zoom. Oh shit plus I didn't wear the dress I bought so I can get my money back for it!

No. 627360

I wish I could join you anon. Have a great evening

No. 627362

It's 2020. I'm the only person in the world who enjoys rice milk. Everyone else is hooked up to machines feeding them 1 gallon of unsweetened vanilla almond milk every half hour. I sit in a corner with my glass of translucent not-milk and weep softly as I watch someone pour almond milk into their coffee, watching as the almond curds float to the top and add absolutely no creamy, delicious joy to their coffee, only a bitter, nutty sadness. I then drink a glass of regular milk and am attacked by a savage group of vegans proclaiming that I not drink dairy-free milk if I am not a vegan. It is 2021. I drink oatmilk. It is superior to all except cow milk.

No. 627364

I can't stop listening to DDR music, it fills me with joy and energy. I feel like i could punch a crowd of people to the rythmn of End Of the Century.
You can't belive that when pokimane and other ethots are famous because they are girls that like videogames.

No. 627365

I definitely prefer rice and oat milk to almond and soy milk

No. 627370

*gay men and even then only a few of them and they are very much verbally abused. Everything james Charles does gets torn apart.

No. 627371

Did net neutrality happen? What was that whole thing even about everyone just suddenly stopped talking about it?

No. 627373

oat milk is good but oat yogurt (yoatgurt, if you will) is the worst thing the devil ever crafted.

No. 627375

It's almost like… the society rewards misogyny and glorifies male achievements. Weird, huh!

No. 627377

YES finally other people who agree with me. Almond milk is fucking gross and I have no idea why people pee their pants over it, a n.v d coconut milk (The drinking kind, not the canned kind) is a scam because people say it's creamy and delicious in coffee when it's not.

Also I've never heard of oatmilk yogurt, but I also think that dairy free alternatives of popular foods like ice cream, yogurt, cheese, etc. are gross to begin with, no matter what "milk" is used.

No. 627378

File: 1599774259711.jpg (10.57 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Anybody else here not understand why Worthikids is such a popular animator? Nothing he makes is funny, and his style is ugly as hell, everybody has the same face and stupid little chibi hands. Where are the jokes. I feel like I'm retarded when I watch his vids because I can't tell why they're supposed to be funny.

No. 627379

I feel like there’s more to it than that. A lot of those male dominated spaces like gaming are obviously misogynistic but they’re also extremely homophobic and racist. I feel like they’re just as abusive to other men if they’re gay or non white. Imo you’re more likely to be praised as a white/attractive female gamer than a gay man. I also feel like the men who get praised in ‘female’ hobbies are pretty few and far between and exclusively white men. I don’t think it’s just a male/female thing.

No. 627380

I should be doing my project but my bitch supervisor has been a cunt to me all year for no reason so fuck her I'm gonna play persona 4 golden instead

No. 627381

They're famous because men find them attractive and they market themselves with sex appeal to a niche audience that's intimidated by women they find unrelatable, not because they like video games. Pokimane in particular is popular because she's a girlfriend fantasy for lonely nerdy guys, the fact that she plays Fortnite is irrelevant. The only way for a woman to be successful in a male-dominated environment is to be pandering, docile towards men and have conventionally good looks instead of building her reputation based on her talent and skill level.

No. 627382

Idk anon, I find his style really fun and the animations pretty entertaining,

No. 627383

I agree with you both, on the… uh, yoatgurt thing as well. I have yet to try a vegan yoghurt or cheese that’s actually tasty tbh. I’m not shying away from trying those things but they usually taste either really bland or artificial.

No. 627384

They still get shat on and harassed.

No. 627385

So do male beauty gurus and literally all influencers?

No. 627386

Every time this happens I just comment, "why are eating in the dark, lol"

No. 627397

Male-dominated hobbies with socially autistic white men with daddy/mommy issues are misogynistic but ALSO homophobic and racist? Surely you jest!

Anyway take this dumb whataboutism out of here. Women receive the overwhelming majority of harassment in male circles and there's really no point in denying that with the "b-but what about gay men and PoC people" gotcha. Even the worst /v/irgins with the longest neckbeards have more solidarity with black guys and gay men than they would ever share with a woman. Fuck they just put every degenerate thing any other oppressed group ever commits on the blue haired feminist boogeyman illuminati being behind them all just so they get to hate on women some more.

No. 627401

Was watching cute animal vids yesterday when I saw one with the title of something like 'two female foxes yelling at each other' They were screeching in that weird way foxes do, whatever. Comment section was men just making comments about women being moody, women nagging, women screeching and having hormones, talking about karens..on and on

Like guys they're animals making noises at each other, one of them got stressed and both pissed and shat during the two min clip.. but go on about how they're so much like human women.. it's not weird at all to be projecting all your sexist shit onto two screeching foxes

No. 627405

Anons who cry scrot or trans anytime they disagree with something have never been to snow, I swear I've seen more scrotish things being said than I've ever saw in ot or g
>Belle delphine having an outtie vagina is milk
>Other girls have bigger boobs/butts therefore her butt/chest is flat
>Shayna has saggy A cups
>Every single cow is fridge shaped
>Her cheeks and eyes crease when she smiles, what a hag!
>She has three zits, what a nasty pig
>She doesn't keep her room hotel clean every single minute of the day? Useless and nasty
>She has attractive features she just looks weird! I can't put my finger on it!
>She has a concave stomach and rail thin limbs but she's flabby

It shouldn't shock other anons that other women here are also pickmeish or voice things that come off scrotey

No. 627406

It’s not a ‘gotcha’ I just don’t agree with you that women face more harassment in these circles than gay or poc men. Objectively it’s much more likely to be successful as a woman in these spaces. In my experience edgy virgin gamers are less cruel to white women than gay men or non white men. Agree to disagree.

No. 627410

How is picking apart someone’s appearance ‘scrotey’? I feel like that’s way more common for women to do than men. But I agree, it’s like they don’t know what website they’re on.

No. 627411

seems like the /ot/ and /snow/ crowds are wholly separate nowadays.

>Objectively it’s much more likely to be successful as a woman in these spaces.

That's not objective at all

No. 627412


Anon did it ever occur to you that maybe gay men and POC men also join in on the women jokes or have made some for their own communities? C’mon.

No. 627415

There's something legitimately hilarious about the fact that this site seems predominately American , yet anons will fume if someone mistakenly assumes they are American or are talking about something in context of America. Like I get it's ignorant to assume , but at the same time no ones going to read your neutral post and go "She might be living in zimbabwe" America and Americans are trash but like, it's just the reality of the userbase on here.

No. 627416

It's a well-known thing that women nitpick appearances, but the actually dubious posts are the ones where they defend obviously shitty behaviors of men. And even then, you can tell when op is female.

No. 627417

Sure, and had it ever occurred to you that white women join in on racism or homophobia? I’ve seen many pick me tradthots parrot /pol/ opinions. All I said was that there’s more to it than it just being a male/female thing.

No. 627419

Because pokimane doesn’t get in equal amount male hate, which is the scariest shit on earth /s
Twitch thots, like them or not, actively face physical danger

No. 627421

Snow has been a real shitshow lately imo
The milk is drying up

No. 627422

Have you considered that they’re are different people? /ot/ards probably stop going on /snow/ and post even less there, leaving the twitterfags and e-whores to themselves

No. 627424

Nta but
That actually would explain a lot wow

No. 627426

She does seem to have a table, and I’m sure she lives in a house that has windows so idk why she needs to use flash. What kills me is all her grotesque pics have 200+ likes

No. 627427

Youre delusional if you think a hostile female fan base poses the same kind of threat as a hostile male fan base

No. 627430

It's not that they pick at appearance it's the way they do it. Most women I know who nitpick other women's appearances go for things like acne, height, nose, etc. I've never met a woman who wasn't a complete pickme who obsessed over other women's vaginas or their bodies not looking like ridiculous cartoons

No. 627431

This kind of annoys me about social media in general. Like on reddit for example you can bring up something about the US as a topic of conversation and people will be like “fucking burgers not everyone lives in the US” ok, but a vast amount of us do, and lots of other countries are up in our business anyways. If it’s not relevant to you then move on. I know some people respond to every poster as if they are in America, but I’ve seen this happen when that’s not the case. And when they be like “what about people who aren’t from the west” well what about them??? I don’t know what it’s like why would I be talking about it. Why is it Americans jobs to make western social media cater to everyone else? Make your own websites and shit

No. 627435

You can't use that excuse anymore, if you truly believe that people who browse lolcow exclusively go into snow or ot and never browse any other boards that's delusional. Not to mention most anons talk about various cows in ot, hell even lolcow inn in ot is based off of making fun of other cows. The fuck kind of pathetic excuse is that? You know damn well at the very least 70-80% of ot browsers also browse snow but magically when you point out issues of snow in ot suddenly you wanna pull that card? Pathetic

No. 627436

>I've never met a woman who wasn't a complete pickme
They're here.

No. 627437

True but in day to day life the opportunity to nitpick people’s vaginas doesn’t really present itself that often unlike on /snow/ where it’s a unfortunately extremely common occurrence, I feel like it’s not that weird their nitpicking probably would extend to that

No. 627438

kek you're right

No. 627441

>nitpicking vaginas

That’s kinda gay

No. 627444

People can lurk and not post retard. /snow/ has been boring as fuck, only the bitches with vendetta still constantly post their nitpicks. Thinking lolcow is a monolith is the delusion. Get the fuck off this website.(infighting)

No. 627446

NTA but do you really think so? I sometimes go over to snow bc I want to be interested, but even the threads on stuff I would like fucking suck. It’s like a whole other vibe, ot is mostly man-hating, funny, dorks posting over dramatic and random shit for the lols, while snow posters just read the same as the people on PULL to me.

No. 627448

why are the characters so damn white?? shit reminded me of this

No. 627451

also you can't shitpost or derail on /snow/ without catching a ban because the moderation is way more strict. It pretty much caters to an entirely different demographic because conversation is discouraged so it's not too crazy to suggest that most /ot/ anons just lurk /snow/ to check up on the cows. I know I do.

No. 627458

True I feel like the second I step in a cow thread I get a ban. It’s usually deserved though it’s just you forget how strict they are with derailing after posting in /ot/ a lot.

No. 627461

>only the bitches with vendetta still constantly post their nitpicks
NTA but I'm really glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I've called anons out for doing this but always get accused of white knighting.

No. 627464

I don’t even get the point honestly. I posted something that wasn’t discussed on lc yet but because it was already on kiwi farms (embedded somewhere in a 2k page thread of a bunch of retarded sperging and blog posting that I was not willing to read) I got jumped on and ignored

No. 627465

So what? You think all the anons are just lurking snow and posting in ot exclusively? Or do you think all snow anons are only coming to ot for the lolcow inn thread and any other post that pertains to a cow? I'd really like to understand your logic behind believing the nitpickers of snow can't ever possibly post in ot

No. 627469

>also you can't shitpost or derail on /snow/ without catching a ban because the moderation is way more strict.
Barely, even then, people get unbanned, it's not like people get banned from lolcow and never come back or go to ot
>It pretty much caters to an entirely different demographic because conversation is discouraged
It's all under lolcow. Isn't it funny how literally any other imageboard ever we can understand completely how multiple people go to various boards but magically on lolcow you think that ot anons and snow anons are completely separate despite the boards colliding all the time?
>so it's not too crazy to suggest that most /ot/ anons just lurk /snow/ to check up on the cows. I know I do.
And with that you have to admit the fact that most people who post on snow, aka nitpickers are also posting on ot, you admit yourself you browsed both boards but only post in one so what's so ~crazy~ about coming to the conclusion that most nitpickers from snow are in ot?

No. 627471

Nice backpedaling. I never said /ot/ and /snow/ posters are mutually exclusive, I said that nitpickers and man-hating anons are different people. Like someone said, I’ve too only seen pickmes and Twitter e-whores get obsessed with outie vaginas and how their nudes are so much better than Venus’s.

No. 627473

>And with that you have to admit the fact that most people who post on snow, aka nitpickers are also posting on ot

wat. lmao why are you so assblasted about this

No. 627475

File: 1599778214418.jpeg (473.94 KB, 1242x1207, 43D5E5C4-B043-4939-8119-76EB04…)

I was looking into applying to unis in the US and so many of them literally request trauma porn essays about discrimination/marginalisation you’ve gone through? That’s so weird to me.

No. 627477

They’re obsessed with proving that the anons who called them a scrote are obsessively analyzing Anisa’s OF so they can sleep at night, safe and unbothered on the moral high ground

No. 627479

That wasn't the point, you keep trying to claim that nitpickers of snow wouldn't post here and only lurkers of snow post in ot. I'm seriously trying to understand your logic so help me out here

This was your post
>People can lurk and not post retard. /snow/ has been boring as fuck, only the bitches with vendetta still constantly post their nitpicks. Thinking lolcow is a monolith is the delusion. Get the fuck off this website.

My original point was that snow contains a hell of a lot of scrot posts but people seem to be shocked by scrotey posts in ot. No I'm not saying scrot posters in snow are the same man haters here.

No. 627481

Lmao if this post alone didn't prove the fact that a lot of nitpickers of snow post in ot I don't know what will. Thanks for proving my point anyway

No. 627483

How? Explain

No. 627484

File: 1599778752121.jpg (81.79 KB, 750x1000, peksopaj.jpg)

I'm so cringe. Luckily, I'm just a meaningless speck of dust floating in space

No. 627485

Holding the door for someone and them not not saying thank you will throw me into a RAGEEEE. I literally get so pissed and mentally curse out that random person in my head for like the next full minute. Mental illness I guess.

No. 627486

File: 1599778922791.png (310.25 KB, 351x366, Untitled.png)

At this point I'm convinced you're just baiting and we all took it, so I'll take the L I guess

No. 627487

Because no one mentioned anything about Anisa nor did they mention anything that happened recently, so the anon practically admitted to posting in the Anisa thread, as well as bitching about me bitching about nitpicking

Also it makes no sense either, considering the fact I pointed out myself that no one says anything about scrotey and nitpicky posts in OT but are quick to call people scrots in ot so, I honestly don't know where the fuck did "you're obsessed with people who called you a scrote in the anisa thread and think people are obsessed with her OF" came from. The two statements are a literal contradiction

No. 627488

That’s the spirit!

I’m being serious too. We’re on a rock sailing through a void, nothing matters & it’s awesome

No. 627491

File: 1599779246993.jpg (111.91 KB, 938x528, spongebobmeme.jpg)

>Pointing out lolcow contradictions is bait
Damn y'all really can't even explain your own logic

No. 627493

Genuine question, do you have autism? That was obviously snark, example wasn’t literal. And btw, Anisa threads has been known to be extreme cancer, why do you think she was banned topic? You newfag or something? Literally how does being aware of it proof they post there lol

No. 627497

>twitter spongebob meme
Go fuck your ass Shayna, sorry people made fun of your vagina

No. 627500

>"I lurk /snow/"
>"Oh so you admit you post on /snow/?"

You sound like a 13 year old atheist who read one of those factsheets on logical fallacies for the first time and now your convinced you can turn anyone's words against them when you don't even know the difference between lurking and posting

No. 627501

Again with not being able to use logic
How the fuck does me not liking the fact that scrote posts in snow are ignored and buried half the time and in ot anons get called scrots for simply saying harmless opinions = must mean I was called a scrote in a snow thread??? Did you smoke crack and come to lolcow?

No. 627503

Ok, for your next post try to use something I actually said.
I pointed out they admitted they lurked snow and posted in ot, and that most other ot posters also lurk snow, and that saying snow posters are also a lot of ot posters would be a logical conclusion. Please explain to me the flaw in that

No. 627515

Bruh one of the best pro players in the FGC is a gay black furry. The gaming community outside of /v/ and twitter is pretty comfy.

No. 627518

They won't entertain the fact that the male of so many species are rapists, I can't watch one cute animal programme without a plot about a male animal that won't leave a female animal alone, causing her stress

No. 627520

>scrote posts in snow are ignored
/ot/ scrote-spotting anons don’t care enough to post in cow threads, there’s so much nitoicking it’s fucking pointless
Also, it is illegal, you’ll catch a ban for “”””derailing”””
>in ot anons get called scrots for simply saying harmless opinions
Say dumb shit, get called dumb, surprisedpikachuface.png
Hi scroting is bannable, just report them if you’re so bothered at being called scrote, it is the lOGiCaL thing to do
>I was called a scrote in a snow thread
I didn’t say in snow specifically, you clearly can’t read lol
>Again with not being able to use logic
Peak irony, funniest shit I’ve ever seen, get owned by facts stupid bitch

No. 627527

Guilt trip them into giving you free education for being a poor minority. But seriously, why are americans such attention whores? I swear they all want to be seen as poor, brave victims of the oppresive society !!1!!11. Reading their crap as a third worlder with actual problems is infuriating, i wish my only problem in life was to be misgendered by the Walmart cashier.

No. 627530

Okay but why DOES pooping feel so good

No. 627532

>/ot/ scrote-spotting anons don’t care enough to post in cow threads
Sure, whatever. But if they can understand the fact that anons here can be scrotty as fuck then why do anons here think everyone they disagree with is a scrot?
>Say dumb shit, get called dumb
Some of the things I've seen anons get called scrot over are
>Being insecure/too confident about their bodies
>Buying breast enhancement pills
>Saying drugstore makeup is just as good as luxury makeup
>Having short hair
>Being aggressive
>Admitting to being jealous of smaller women
You know damn well anons are calling anons in ot scrots over literally nothing, it's not just "stupid shit"
>This, this and this is banned
Mods suck at getting to it half the time. Most of the so-called banned posts are ignored by mods are banned weeks after
>I didn’t say in snow specifically, you clearly can’t read lol
Ah yes, saying I was called a scrot by people you claim I hypothetically imagine are obsessing over Anisa isn't saying "I was called a scrot in snow" specifically, my bad
>Peak irony, funniest shit I’ve ever seen, get owned by facts stupid
Not once have you explained to me your logic at all, you just insult and further contradict yourself. Please seek a therapist

No. 627535

god the thread image is gonna give me nightmares

No. 627537

Nta but you're lying, I haven't seen anyone called scrote for any of those things, you seek a therapist.

No. 627540

>Claims I'm lying because you haven't seen it yourself
>Tells ME to see a therapist
Lmfaoooo, you really think "hi scrotting" was banned for no reason, even other anons have called out anons calling "scrot" over stupid shit, or am I lying about that to and you're the master of all posts and have a memory chip of every single post on ot?

No. 627541

They aren’t lying and that’s barely the tip of the iceberg for things people have got called a scrote for but who cares because it’s banned now anyway. I can’t believe this argument is still going on.

No. 627542

Link them then? I'm on this website too much to not see them.

No. 627544

>Expects us to go through a database of millions upon millions of posts because you don't believe anons here aren't all perfect smart angels who only would ever use the "scrot", defense on stupid posts
>Claims you're here often even though every single person who browsed ot often would at the very least seen one or two instances where an anon was unfairly called a scrot

No. 627546

Are you kidding? These are months old posts that would probably take hours to find. Who cares. This is such a pointless argument.

No. 627548

>Being insecure/too confident about their bodies
>Buying breast enhancement pills
>Saying drugstore makeup is just as good as luxury makeup
>Having short hair
>Being aggressive
>Admitting to being jealous of smaller women
MUST BE MALE. Yeah right.
At best SOME of these thing get called pickme. Even then you’re misrepresenting the context in which they were called such. Anons would have be ardently defending their pickme delusions to earn the troon larp accusation. Btw don’t think I didn’t notice you changed the subject of our squabble.

No. 627551

Lol if it was such a problem like you said you wouldn’t have to look very far. Just Ctrl+F “short hair” and “breast enhancement”, I did and found nada.

No. 627554

>At best SOME of these thing get called pickme
Ah yes I'm just a big bad delusional Shayna/13 yr old/Anisa obsesser what would I know? You're right anon all other anons here are all perfect and never cry scrot over nothing
>Even then you’re misrepresenting the context in which they were called such.
Women aren't perfect, if you can't handle the fact that women aren't a hivemind what are you doing here.
>Anons would have be ardently defending their pickme delusions to earn the troon larp accusation. Btw don’t think I didn’t notice you changed the subject of our squabble.
I've only ever responded accordingly to people who responded to me, if the subject changed it was the effort of both people involved in the argument, but if you're suggesting to turn the argument back to my original point which was anons are quick to call scrot in ot but are okay with scrot posts in snow that would be great, but now anons don't even unjustly call other anons scrots apparently

No. 627557

>I cntrl+F'd and found nothing
What did you search exactly? If you opened up every single thread for the past few months you'd find something but you didn't and now are playing dumb (or are actually dumb)

Also good luck convincing anons there was literally no "breast enhancement" or "short hair" statement ever said in all of lolcow

No. 627558

Reddit man alert!

No. 627559

Unpopular opinions, earlier dumbass shit threads, confession threads, and so on are popular threads where anons are quickly called scrot. Oh and the pink pill thread of the anon who was called a scrot for venting about how shitty her boyfriend was reacting to her miscarriages, ctrl+F the past few of those threads and you'd find a lot

No. 627561

>Anons don't get accused of being men randomly you man!
Good one

No. 627562

Could you at least sage this boring in fight you keep bumping this thread to the top and it's not good content thanks

No. 627563

You’re all being extremely autistic tonight

No. 627565

Being a boy you wouldn't get it

No. 627567

I found it
an anon was venting about her shitty bf and miscarriages, instead of ignoring, reporting or comforting the anon other anons quickly jumped and called the anon a scrot

oh and the best part is why they claimed it was a scrot
?Could be males doing it too, as they tend to have the poorest understanding of female anatomy which would explain bizarro gonzo details like multiple miscarriages and fetal tissue in the underwear.
explain this if all anons are perfect angels who never cry scrot

No. 627571

Because that post is not believable and you are a fucking boob.

No. 627572

>one example
>literally not one post calling that anon a scrote

apparently calling bullshit on someone's shitty pasta is scroteposting now

No. 627574

If you don't believe it just ignore it, but whether or not it's believable crying "scrot" to an anon who's did nothing but vent about her shitty boyfriend (whether or not it's true) IS the proof you asked for. It IS anons calling scrot wrongfully. Kinda related but I believe the story but the anon just seemed to word it poorly, so what does it say about anons, when an anon comes here and vents about an abusive boyfriend, family, and miscarriages, that she gets called a scrot?

No. 627575

Imagine being that anon and being big mad that nobody believed that shitpost and bringing it up several months later LMAO.

No. 627576

>Literally quoted the post where anon was called male, which lead to a discussion about scrots being in lolcow
Ignorance is bliss ain't it

No. 627578

>Asks for proof of anons calling other anons scrots of unjustly
>Quotes post clearly calling the anon a scrot unjustly
>It didn't happen! You're just big mad! It must be you!

No. 627579

What are you bitching about? Did you not say earlier women aren't a hivemind? So why are you so assblasted about a handful of anons that called out some weirdo larp of a 19 year old that frequently miscarries with her boyfriend, who then said they're 20 and 21 and that she had a precious abusive relationship and she had fetal tissue on her clothes??? If she miscarried early and bled it would be hidden in the normal passing of the uterus lining which is a period. What the fuck

No. 627580

>"Could be males doing it too."
Oh wow, totally direct accusation of scrote. Except that post brought up first that it was autistic LARPers first. You just want to see what you want to see in it.

No. 627582

The posts do have that same faggoty whine to them

No. 627583

>could be males
is literally a suggestion, not an assertion. and not an unreasonable one, as scrotes do lurk lolcow, of course they're going to try to troll.

No. 627590

The only weird part was claiming fetal tissue was in her underwear, and she never specified how early or late the miscarriages are, other than that it just seems she has a shitty life, which I mean how the hell does someone having a shitty life make them a larper?
They said could be males and then later listed reasons as to why it must be a male, which later evolved to anons claiming bait,scrot, and newfagging. Assuming it was a false story the best thing to do was to just ignore it, now in the scenario that it is a true story how fucked up do you have to be to obnoxiously sperg and insult someone who did nothing but vent about shitty life events? It's not like she went on Facebook or youtube and wrote all of this out for attention or to falsely accuse people
It started out as a suggestion then became an assertion, either way it is an anon falsely trying to claim scrot

No. 627594

Fuck I love bogdanoff memes, thank you op

No. 627596

File: 1599785041722.jpeg (34.26 KB, 816x565, 9D09379A-43C7-4DE1-94F6-1E70A6…)

This truly is the dumbass shit thread. Everyone else who is not fighting over snow is laughing at you two morons.

>inb4 th-there’s not just two of us you know!

No. 627597

>Kinda related but I believe the story

Then let me explain to you why anon is either trolling, a scrote, or a schizophrenic because you evidently are also a fucking idiot who has no idea how miscarriage works:
You don't just have "fetal tissue miscarriages" and not go to a fucking hospital. When you miscarry in your second trimester (presuming–cause first trimester miscarriages just look like globs of blood with no "fetal tissue" visible), you NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Why is this? Because your body might not expel everything and you need to take medication to be sure it does, and be monitored for infection. You think a chick with endo just miscarries and goes about her regular cycle? You twit. Women who miscarry like that often have to have D&E procedures (the same procedure for abortions) to make sure everything is expelled from their bodies–this is women without endo.
So no, the story doesn't make medical sense. Most people with endo regulate themselves with birth control anyway, it could only be anon's willful negligence to keep getting pregnant over and over. It's not like reproductive doctors aren't trained for abusive situations and can offer patients discreet birth control if people like anon want to continue to be punching bags for their abusers. So, therefore, it's almost like the person who wrote it doesn't understand female anatomy and the fate that would befall a woman who miscarries. OR, perhaps anon is just plain psycho and thought her extremely late and heavy periods (caused by endo) were "miscarriages" when it was really just her not knowing her own messed up body.

And even if you want to overlook alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll that bullshit, what does anon gain coming here and telling us not to say to dump her worthless shitbag boyfriend for PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL abuse? Wake the fuck up, it was bait at best. Stop defending shitposts.

No. 627598

The entire story was weird. She had a strict family with values but she was constantly getting knocked up as a teenager and miscarrying, yet her parents would disown her if she specifically left that boyfriend but they recognised the last one was abusive? When did the post make sense exactly?

No. 627600

The story doesn't make sense. Anon is just assblasted because no one believed her messed up short story and instead wants to go off about being called a penis-haver cause god forbid she get some fucking life experience before she writes some messed up shit like that.

No. 627601

>you NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Why is this? Because your body might not expel everything and you need to take medication to be sure it does, and be monitored for infection. You think a chick with endo just miscarries and goes about her regular cycle? You twit. Women who miscarry like that often have to have D&E procedures (the same procedure for abortions) to make sure everything is expelled from their bodies–this is women without endo.
A d&e procedure is done after a miscarriage. Miscarriaged tissue being in underwear just means the miscarriage happened and it ended up in her underwear. She never said if she went to the hospital or not, she never said if she got a d&c not, you're literally just adding made up details to the story and then have the nerve to claim it's me who's schizophrenic
>Most people do this
Anon clearly doesn't take care of herself, doesn't respect herself enough to not fuck a loser or leave her shit family, you really think she would take care of herself? And on top of that you still insist it's fake and bait. Either way this is not how you react to a situation like that, especially when your conclusion as to why they're lying is because you assume they care for themselves when they clearly don't. I think they need help, saying it's bait or that they're lying without even getting full details is heartless. Please stay away from the medical field

No. 627602

I’m beginning to understand a little why you see those weird scandals from the US where academics and politicians have lied/exaggerated about their race or working class background or something. I’ve never seen any school in any other country ask for this kind of thing but so many US unis ask for essays like this.

No. 627604

The ambiguity makes it more unbelievable, not more believable.
>either way this is not how you react to a situation like that
This is exactly how I will react to bullshit like that and fuck you.

No. 627607

Anon get a life. If she was having frequent miscarriages and hospital visits her family would know. Her entire story was sensationalist bullshit. That post isn't even what you were pissed about hours ago, what causes you're mental sperging? Are you some faggot that got called out for a shit larp or what? Genuinely confused by your intentions

No. 627608

I went to one of the most liberal universities in the US and never had to write anything like this. You guys get way too much of your information from twitter.

No. 627611

I’m getting it exclusively from the unis I was looking at. Maybe it’s more common for grad school?

No. 627612

>She had a strict family with values but she was constantly getting knocked up as a teenager and miscarrying
Ah yes because people from strict families never have teen pregnancies
>yet her parents would disown her if she specifically left that boyfriend but they recognised the last one was abusive?
Again, not the full details therefore not enough to call it a lie or claim it's true, we don't know the details of the relationships and her parents
>When did the post make sense exactly?
It doesn't, but what doesn't make sense either is being quick to insult someone who is venting about their shitty life. And I really doubt someone who is going through trauma is going to be thinking straight
>Anon get a life. If she was having frequent miscarriages and hospital visits her family would know.
Yes because people never hide things from abusive families apparently, she must be lying
> Her entire story was sensationalist bullshit. That post isn't even what you were pissed about hours ago, what causes you're mental sperging? Are you some faggot that got called out for a shit larp or what? Genuinely confused by your intentions

No. 627615

File: 1599786167979.jpg (48.95 KB, 476x456, IMG_20200911_020353.jpg)

No. 627616

Okay let's say all this is true and she has a shitty bf, shitty family, and is going through a miscarriage, do you expect her to write, in storybook mode, in detail, every single thing just so it makes sense when all she was doing is just sperg venting? If ambiguous stories on lolcow = obvious bait then literally every single vent story here would be bait. The girls life is clearly a mess, and how insulting anons reacted to it really shows how fucked up people are on here, even if they thought she was lying

No. 627619

A lot of stories posted on lolcow are made up or bait. You can die on this hill for all I care anon, I ain't changing my mind about that post. Stay mad.

No. 627622

File: 1599786401664.jpeg (101.89 KB, 500x474, B00E6E1D-1D32-4F5B-A8A4-59303B…)

No. 627624

If you think it's made up or bait just ignore and move on, if you immediately start insulting someone who could possibly be going through intense trauma that's the fucked up part that you're not understanding. At best they'll get fake sympathy and move on, they aren't scamming for money, they aren't going to the police and falsely accusing people (that we know of). Let people vent ffs, please never be around people if your immediate reaction to someone who clearly needs help and guidance in life is to insult them because "their story just doesn't make sense"

No. 627626

File: 1599786809217.gif (2.61 MB, 319x498, ffs.gif)

>ignore and move on

No. 627630

File: 1599786956935.png (219.03 KB, 540x383, 111111111a.png)

remember this classic?

No. 627634

I'm not the one insulting people immediately after a possible traumatic event

No. 627635

It was months ago anon get the fuck over it. The OP didn't even take anyone's advice about leaving her boyfriend and seeking help, just kept trying to correct her post and fucking up what age she was.

No. 627636

Not trying to racebait but my favorite word atm is nigger

No. 627637

>It was months ago anon get the fuck over it.
I only brought it up because other anons tried to claim no one ever falsely scrot flags, also it's other anons who just kept trying to debate as to why everyone who vents about their shitty stories to lolcow is lying or bait
>Falsely age flagging

No. 627638

*scrote and I already called you out for being a male reddit fag earlier so case closed faggot. No need for all this false flagging shit

No. 627640

Are you 15

No. 627641

>Accusing me of being a reddit male faggot =/= "you're totally a male from reddit no other possible way"
Throughout this thread I've been accused of being 13, male, an atheist, shayna, someone who obsessed over anisa even though I never mentioned her, an anon that posted a post that other anons specifically asked for evidence of, and so on. Which one is it? Constantly spinning the wheel of what to accuse me of isn't proof

No. 627643

Autist alert!

No. 627645

>Insults like a 12 yr old
>Then calls me the autist
Uh huh

No. 627651

Not that anon, but you're autistic for continuing to respond to her.

No. 627652

Then what are you doing?

No. 627653

File: 1599788609804.jpeg (185.09 KB, 1600x900, A94139EB-B6AF-4886-A3F0-E1A70C…)

I’ve been so horny ladies I don’t know how much longer I can adhere to this corona shit

No. 627654

They were being nice and offering you advice anon. Can you even comprehend?

No. 627655

Not being autistic?

No. 627657

It’s always weird af to me when people type image descriptions in their captions like wtf lol I didn’t realize so many people were that conscientious about blind internet users

No. 627659

>You're autistic
>They were being nice
Haven't you bitches learned after god knows how long this site has been up? You want an argument to end? Do your part and STOP REPLYING, this bullshit isn't helping anyone, butting in and telling everyone to shut up isn't helping, it just starts the argument up again, we keep learning this over and over but everyone just ~has~ to have the last word

No. 627661

I hate when people use '~' to emphasise a word. Seems attention seeky

No. 627662


No. 627663

I want to date a shut in so I don’t have to worry about them cheating, it’ll just be them in my house 24/7 as long as I keep supplying baja blast and wifi. But the problem with meeting any shut ins, let alone sexy shut ins, is that they don’t go anywhere. Sigh.

No. 627664

File: 1599789141532.png (513.49 KB, 680x479, 195.png)

>Bringing attention to a specific word is attention seeking

No. 627665

>butting in and telling everyone to shut up isn't helping, it just starts the argument up again, we keep learning this over and over but everyone just ~has~ to have the last word
…But your post just did that?

No. 627666

You’re retarded ~nyan nyan nyan~

No. 627667

Very strange take

No. 627668

I thought tildes were supposed to be snarky or sing-songy

No. 627669

The poster is,not the act. Autism much

No. 627670

The difference is that I haven't butted in and I don't care if this argument continues, I really don't, but. Take responsibility but yourself

No. 627671

.. I'm somebodies fantasy

No. 627672

That's how social interaction works anon, if everybody didn't care about attention then 90% of human interaction would decease and this image board wouldn't even be alive. Humans are attention seeking creatures

No. 627674

Cow alert!

No. 627676

I'm a cow now? Damn I'm everything today

No. 627677

File: 1599789528589.jpeg (163.97 KB, 887x639, 172DED68-A4FA-40E2-9B65-7EDB2F…)

No. 627678

Anon I said a sexy shut in

No. 627680

File: 1599789772168.jpg (32.9 KB, 415x479, 1484086038001.jpg)

what is happening in this thread

No. 627681

Everyone's being autistic and instead of ignoring other anons autism, others just get involved and turn it into a big autism fight over literally nothing

No. 627683

Maybe I'm a shut in because anytime I do go out people just try to jump my bones..

No. 627687

File: 1599790180638.jpeg (73.06 KB, 600x450, F071AFC0-EEDF-4AA2-8EEC-6D484E…)

Okay anon, be my completely irresistible hermit Mary Sue waifu that has to stay inside because she’s so desirable that no matter where she does a harem of men court her. I will keep your favorite mountain dew spin-off in endless supply and my wifi connection is reasonably good.

No. 627690

A guy at work in the break room kept asking if I wanted chicken tendies instead of what was available and gently touched me on the shoulder. Like, "you sure? I can get it for you." Strangely this made me super thirsty for his attention and I actually engaged in conversation. He's like 15-20 years older than me and foreign. Months of quarantine got me fucked up. Lmao

No. 627691

File: 1599791077070.gif (1.5 MB, 249x208, 1548404368817.gif)

No. 627694

File: 1599791193742.jpg (32.97 KB, 735x675, 5f923d9f1878d5c135540bda572173…)

All our periods synced up

No. 627698

File: 1599791849396.jpg (78.87 KB, 640x640, 07cp02kbweb51.jpg)

No. 627703

I just SUPER impulsive bought Airpod Pros… Fuck i'm a retard
seriously was watching a shitty tech youtuber sperging about them and ordered them within 10 minutes because I just got paid today and that just fucked up my budget for the month im so fucking stupid

No. 627704

too much going on in unpopular opinions and dumbass shit tonight i cant even follow anon

No. 627705

imo theyre on the same level. its funny because i was just thinking about how megan looks kinda odd did she get plastic surgery or something?

No. 627706

This is the dumbass shit thread so this thread is actually the most on topic thread on the site

No. 627708

Yeah? ~you like this, anon?~

No. 627710

Comedic genius

No. 627717

can't wait for the day when i can't remember a single speck of high school. i keep thinking about this one english teacher, he made us write an essay every single night on top of any other homework he gave us and he wouldn't shut the fuck up about corn or the fact that he was from iowa. he exuded the same crustiness of john green who he practically worshipped which automatically brings his qualification to teach into question. he was super full of himself too. writing two books published on amazon and only reviewed by your dad doesn't give you the right to be a pompous asshole, dude. he looked like a dollar store neil patrick harris. i hate him and grammar now because of him. he had an absolute dump truck ass tho

No. 627720

File: 1599795695717.gif (7.56 MB, 640x640, tenor.gif)

LC doesn't feel right without an active Luna thread.

No. 627722

loved reading every second of this. if you can, please tell us more about any of the following topics: corn (does that have something to do with ohio i’m not american), john green crustiness (maybe my fave part), dump truck ass. god bless

No. 627723

>he had an absolute dump trunk ass tho
A lot of male teachers seemed to have this affliction in high school. Is it the slacks?

No. 627725

File: 1599796137767.png (33.6 KB, 196x197, 1531893571328.png)

If its any consolation, your post made me feel better about my own impulse purchases
Just opened a package I got today that's like $120 worth of band merch from a band that's not even active anymore, and about 5 minutes ago I put in an order for two books that'll only take me maybe 3 days to read

No. 627726

File: 1599796146704.png (253.87 KB, 460x460, 1559094833111.png)

I understand the ethical arguments and I think they are correct, but I don't wanna be a vegan anymore! I miss greek yogurt so much, I think about it every day. I love yogurt, perhaps more than I love following my conscience. But I cannot ever have yogurt again, because I don't want to disappoint my gf.

No. 627728

Anon. Have you tried almond yogurt? I get the huge plain ones and add little bits of jam. I think the even have vegan Greek yogurts

No. 627729

I like soymilk and oatmilk, but I HATE almond and drinking type coconut milk.
Fatty coconut yogurt can be pretty delicious, I think it is the second best after true yogurt.

No. 627731

I have! I am not the biggest fan truth be told, as far as vegan yogurts go I think coconut is the tastiest! Soy is alright too. It's a bit of a shame they're lacking in the protein department though!
Coincidentally this post is also mine.

No. 627732

Storebought almond milk is awful. Homemade almond milk, however, is amazing.

No. 627745

Something about this just made me laugh out loud anon

No. 627773

I'm ovulating and I want that.

No. 627788

What's annoying is when some anons think it's a "gotcha" to call other anons American randomly, or if a topic comes up that they're personally not informed on. In the latter case, they assume everything they're unaware of must be an American problem, which, funnily enough, is the exact same "America is the center of the universe" mindset they're trying to rail against.
Or, when anons think not being American will lend credibility to lame opinions (eg people who say shit like ">inb4 you call me (x)-ist, i'm not some dumb american, i'm from [insert region of the world that is pretty much infamous for being (x)-ist. i'm hoping everyone here but me is a dumb american and won't realize that or call me out on it]").
Like, you're not special. Lots of us here aren't burgers, and it's actually more fun to hit someone with the "I'm not even American" if they assume, lmao.

No. 627790

american here. honestly i feel like it's a fair insult. most of us are uneducated because of how large the country is vs the number of dense wealthy cities.

No. 627811

Everytime I see someone posting "oh I have a small account only 10k followers" I think about my instagram and its 300 followers.
I don't understand how you ladies do it effortlessly. It's such a pain in the ass for me.

No. 627814

If it makes you feel better I have less than 150 followers. I basically never tag shit or post regularly so I guess that's why

No. 627816

I keep having dreams about my bf cheating on me or revealing a big secret (usually that he's gay lol) and they're always really annoying. I know they're just dreams but it happens so frequently that im getting paranoid

No. 627828

I want a solid crew to play fortnite with. I have 2 irl friends that I text with along with using in-game signs to coordinate and they're so dumb they can't even follow something like "let's land in the same place". They always drift off at the start, get killed because they're not good players then I have to res them and the rest of us get killed in the process, rinse and repeat. I do better playing with complete strangers.

Obviously it's a game for 8-12 year olds but I like this season, and it's fun but I wish I had a solid group of trustworthy people who knew what teamwork is because playing with strangers is a mixed bag obviously.

No. 627837

True. The "a-a-actually how dare you call someone a tranny/scrote when you probably just finished shit talking belle delphine's vagina over at /w/!!! women suck!!" cope is a meme at this point, just like the "30 active posters" one. Personally I feel nitpicking a cow's appearance should be way more banworthy than it is now because it shits up the thread in seconds and besides maleposters it attracts psychotic anons with body dysmorphia to project their own insane standards to others.

That story and the replies this anon made sound fake as fuck and nobody's even calling it a scrote but instead just general trolling, anon. You picked a pretty bad example there.

No. 627840

Why do you want followers, anon?
I've long given up on having an open Instagram profile or other non-private social media accounts. Who wants to constantly be harrassed by disgusting men, get hate comments for no reason and get stalked by weird bitches? I only have 130 followers at this point and I don't accept anyone I don't know personally.

No. 627843

They should've made excessive nitpicking a bannable offense instead of "hi scrote/troon".

No. 627844

Podcasts have the longest fucking ads. Those bitches last like two minutes

No. 627845

Technically excessive nitpicking is a bannable offense but it just gets enforced way too scarcely. We constantly have threads in /snow/ and /w/ being bumped to the top due to anons picking apart some mid-movement screenshot of some random e-thots instastory screaming about her icky nasolabial folds or something and thinking it's fresh milk.

No. 627846

Now that you mention it, of course it is. I just never really see it enforced so I totally forgot about it.

No. 627848

I stopped pulling out strands of hair a few months ago and I can finally see the growth! Sucks that it's all mostly along my hairline and it looks like my hair is brittle and thinning more than anything else atm.

No. 627850

I don't, I only follow people I know personally/some bands I like but I'm amazed how people think 10k is a "small following". Back in the day having over 1k followers on twitter made you semifamous and instagram wasn't even a thing.
I'm too old for social media and as you say, I'd rather not be harassed. I have nothing to sell so idc.

No. 627851

My cousin went into my toilet and i forgot to flush the last piece of poop that wouldn't flush before omg i wanna kms

No. 627852

How does this happen to some people? Mine flush in one go but my exes (teen) kid would always leave these gross floating bits of poo behind, like every time.

No. 627855

Worn down toilet maybe? This happens to me very rarely when I've pooped a shitton.
Anyways I went to the toilet after her and the poop was still there, floating casually, so she just went in to wash her hands. I don't wanna kms anymore

No. 627858

Anon…. everybody poops.

No. 627859

Constipation? The poop's more like droppings or something when you're constipated…

No. 627860

I had to walk in to the sight of his shit daily so def wasn't constipation in his case. Something to do with it floating I think?

No. 627861

This was one of the most thrilling sagas on LC no joke

it's one of my personal horrors tbh because my apartment's plumbing is quite literally shit and sometimes it all doesn't get flushed down. I'm neurotic about checking the toilet condition when I have people coming over.

No. 627871

After each of my breakups there was a generous period of time where I would've got back with them if they wanted.. even though the last one cheated.

I think my self esteem is better than that now? But kind of want to stay single forever rather than test out that theory

No. 627882

I think it's sad how proud some people are on here about how black and white their thinking is.

No. 627883

File: 1599820364400.png (281.45 KB, 555x504, 69c.png)

Life keeps mirroring to me that I'm the cause for a lot of my problems at this point. That's just a fact I have to embrace. But there is still some resistance to the fact. No, life, I want to be somebody now, I want to be able to be proud of myself now, I want this all to be easier and more comfortable, I don't wanna be a ghost anymore now, I want people to understand me now, I want to look good and be fit now, I want to be sexy and desirable and loveable and find love now. So keep your lessons to yourself and don't make me change, lifesigh

No. 627888

File: 1599820906919.jpg (61.98 KB, 640x480, f59f3ce4-09b5-4ce9-8ce4-4a973e…)

It's almost 1pm.My shift starts at 2pm, I have no idea where I'm supposed to work today and my boss isn't picking up her phone. Fucking lovely.

No. 627894

File: 1599821873670.gif (271.55 KB, 498x354, sjahrpwudn.gif)

I have a crush on all of you

No. 627898

Was just thinking that.

Or some anons have the ability to apply all sorts of hidden meaning to innocent enough posts, then they end up arguing against a point that nobody made in the first place. Those are my two lil peeves. The latter is at least interesting to watch.

No. 627906

File: 1599823297349.jpg (245.2 KB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20200911-211238__01…)

I just read through this entire post on r/hobbydrama because the Danny Choo link in thread requests was juicy… I can safely say that's life force I'll never get back, and I might possibly be even dumber now having read it. Never trust Reddit's rating system. These 1.7k likes are in no way indicative of how interesting the milk is, but more representative of the userbase in general. Why did I ignore my better judgement?

No. 627909

u too anon especially for this gif. I have a crush on everyone here too maybe am just starved of female interaction where there's honesty

No. 627913

File: 1599824340320.png (1.11 MB, 1280x760, tumblr_p4bnxbwht41x22l95o1_128…)

I'm sad.

No. 627919

What are y'alls favorite albums? I need new stuff to listen to.

just a few of mine are
>Fka Twigs - Magdelene
>Solange - A seat at the table & Almeda
>Lion King - The Gift
>Travis Scott - astroworld
>Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour
>Rihanna - anti
>Tyler the creator - Flower boy & Igor
>Reyko - Self titled

No. 627921

I feel like the asshole that always shits on people in the vent thread is male

No. 627922

I bet he shits in vents too.

No. 627925

File: 1599826919701.png (253.38 KB, 564x537, Himbo_of_the_night.PNG)

Thinking about mothman rn
the only man I trust

No. 627939

youre a vegan just bc your gf is? not worth it just eat that yogurt

No. 627945

they are clowns

No. 627971

maleposters are the ones bumping dead threads to ask for a cows nudes/go into detail about fucking them

No. 627972

*wanting to fuck them

No. 627991

I hope you feel better anon!

No. 627993

Yeah some of the posts on that subreddit are really not that interesting and they always try to write in a quirky/funny style that I just find annoying

No. 627995

Also they care a lot about being PC so some juicy things aways get left out from the drama

No. 628003

I really, really fucking hate the word "sexy", and I'm not sure why.

No. 628005

Not as bad as “smexy”

No. 628013

I can vouch for anon because I had to witness it. She's the kind of girl that makes men hit signposts. Whenever she goes outside, it's just wall to wall men out there, you can't move for them. Then they violently throw themselves at her, it's dreadful

No. 628014

File: 1599837960359.gif (5.17 MB, 640x640, 6dce7eae89efc345997dc8e8664b24…)

Is that george?

No. 628015

File: 1599838052276.jpg (60.03 KB, 622x581, 1411070464093.jpg)

It was also weird for me to hear it being said in casual settings, or used around and said to young teens (13-14) just as another synonym of "good-looking" or "hot".

No. 628018

Smexy makes me laugh, sexy just makes my skin crawl.

No. 628027

Come on, anon, don’t be mean to her.
She has 4k Facebook friends who actually enjoy having her on their feed. She's like a real life Bratz doll and is GORGEOUS.

No. 628030

anon u dont wanna date a shut in, they spend all their time on cam sites.

No. 628032

Y’all and these autistic ass pet peeves

No. 628034

people that call food "sexy" give me an aneurysm
speak for yourself

No. 628038

the report of right now: eating tortellini, have to reduce my online time due to being addicted, ironically my internet is very bad atm, crushing on certain anons again. feels weird

No. 628040

Y’all and this autistic over usage of y’all.

No. 628042

Lolcow has betrayed me. I thought I'd be free from that thing and yet…

No. 628045

I have an exam on monday and I just bought an otome game, i hope those anime boys help me get into uni

No. 628047

File: 1599842090194.png (124 KB, 297x385, C6757C63-5F67-4688-8CF1-8F02B4…)

I was replaying Mad Father recently and found my heart fluttering for this character. Then it dawns on me that as I grow older, approaching mid 20’s, I’m seeing the appeal of shota type characters more and more. What does this mean??? My usual tastes in 2D men hasn’t changed. But why Killua and CCS Syaoran be hitting different now after all these years, they’re so fucking cute. Help me.

No. 628049

i love mad father aa

No. 628052

I used to flutter over garry from ib and kinda still would flutter over him

some of my more fucked up flutters were the dad from mad father and sohta from misao, I always thought the dad from mad father would've been hot if he took off his glasses. I was such an edgy teen help

No. 628061

don’t start

No. 628064

What game?

No. 628068

Start what? I've hidden the thread and tomorrow the butthurt will be gone from my heart. Still…

No. 628069

File: 1599844225979.jpg (78.22 KB, 600x1000, 8b183d75247fe18547836ac5f3aed1…)

I liked that character a lot too, anon! Good taste.
I've liked blonde anime boys with burn scars since Mello from Death Note, though.

No. 628070

File: 1599844254573.jpeg (33.94 KB, 525x700, F9A1407E-19F2-4C21-B244-6CAE71…)

Ok calling food sexy is weird but sometimes when I’m looking at expensive boots I can’t find any word to describe them except sexy

No. 628076

Do these lace up in the back?

No. 628085

I don’t think I find shorter men unattractive just because of their height but mostly because of their proportions. Like if a shorter guy had the proportions of a taller man that would be fine to me.

No. 628086

I licked emoji in last thread did I get banned

No. 628100

File: 1599845814917.jpg (25.89 KB, 525x700, e5c8ba8adf5d948f9dba8c3fe76f99…)

nta but yeah, they do

No. 628114

I used to hate shota type characters when I was younger but nearing 30's I started liking them a lot. Maybe it's my maternal instinct or just longing for youth lol, having detached from my childhood I no longer find them annoying like I used to. He's a cute boy nevertheless

No. 628119

Bought a multipack of underwear online, shorts that I mainly want to use as period pants. The product page showed black underwear but what showed up was 2 white pairs, 2 nude pairs and 1 black. Yay.. white period underwear

No. 628125

There are short men with nice proportions, they just don’t know how to dress themselves sometimes and wear unfitting clothes that make them look more disproportionate imo.

No. 628137

Flavor: Coochies and Cream.

No. 628139

File: 1599848354887.jpg (160.41 KB, 700x394, new flavor at my shop...check.…)

No. 628157

Me too. I think there's a small portion of the population that can almost pull off saying it (keyword almost) but for the rest it sounds awkward and ugly.
That said, since I love pissing myself off, I've found myself using it constantly to describe mundane things.
>Roommate threw away the expired sour cream
>"That's so sexy of you thank you"
>Washed my cup out right after using it instead of putting in the sink
>God, that's sexy of me
Its still awful but I can tell I'm getting desensitized now

No. 628163

File: 1599850519910.png (172.61 KB, 503x458, 258.png)

I don't care about mbti types but I took the test and I got intj and all the best memes are about intj, I love them please send more if you have any

No. 628180

File: 1599852199403.jpeg (169.56 KB, 1080x1112, 5A1A8C94-1C1A-4A31-9C3E-675281…)

No. 628197

having someone cry type at you is so damn awkward

No. 628200

Just ignore it or say "Can you type correctly? Thanks."

No. 628201

Sick burn, I still win because I’m not the one dunked in a barrel of tism

No. 628202

Thanks it's great I think I won't sleep tonight

No. 628207

he's not even sardonically smiling

No. 628213

I bust my ass laughing at this every time I watch it and thought you guys might like it too

No. 628217

i'm sorry you're experiencing this. i used to crytype to my e-bf when i was 17, our 'relationship' lasted a whole month before he got sick of me, which was understandable

No. 628222

proud of you, anon

No. 628223

What's crytyping? I'm too much of a boomer to know this.

No. 628231

I remembered applemilk, went looking for something about her and found out she did porn??

I used to have a huge crush on her tbh, and I had a look. It was some shitty japanese one, her in her underwear at all sorts of fucked up angles over and over for an hour.

It's just jarring to see. I was maybe 17 when I liked her and i'd imagine us being cringey weebs in Tokyo or something. And…there she is, you know?

No. 628233

When people type "llike this in a c conv,erstion to try and.make itt look like thryre cryigng", in an attempt to guilt trip/manipulate the person they're talking to.

No. 628235

File: 1599856328399.png (309.51 KB, 400x485, 306C3AB5-C1E9-4CDB-9608-156184…)

Wtf does this even mean

No. 628236

if you hate that, I'm sure you love "#foodporn"

Is that John Mulaney? hope you feel better or that it was good sadness

No. 628243

John Mulaney fans are annoying. I’d still peg tho.

No. 628244

File: 1599856627884.jpg (745.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200909-111118_Fac…)

god i am also getting this weird shit

No. 628245

Can anyone solve the mystery?

No. 628252

File: 1599856793494.jpg (65.65 KB, 868x867, 51daf1998baf98c772d652f4cadd13…)

how do I stop feeling bad for things I shouldn't feel bad for?

I started at my new job a couple of months ago. I really like it, it's the best job I've ever had. but I ended up working on both of my days off last week. and yesterday was another day off that I ended up getting called in on. I couldn't stay as late as my boss wanted me too because one of my headlights is broken and it was getting dark (I'm a delivery driver). I even apologized for not being able to stay later… I feel bad because I was a neet for a really long time and I feel like I shouldn't complain because I should just be thankful to have a job. but I cherish my time off, especially because I'm in two online classes this semester and I usually do my school work on my days off since the library closes early this semester (thanks corona).

No. 628256

just for fun, I’m gonna guess the brunette with the yellow swimsuit - she’s in the shade with her bump covered.
The blonde haired woman has a tan so she seems to be in the sun a lot, aka not good for a vampire baby, and the red haired woman has her bump uncovered and isn’t under the shade (I think) so again, too much sun for a vampire baby. But lmao, idk.

No. 628260

On /ot/ the rules are a little more lax. Did you get a ban notice?
I test the rules sometimes because I like to live on the edge. Posted RIP with a candle emoji and noone bat an eye. I think I caught someone else's ban from /w/ though. That was weird.

No. 628262


Having to work 3 extra days that you thought you’d have off when you’re already doing full time work/school is something that’s reasonable to feel unhappy about. Dwelling on it extensively probably isn’t helpful but it’s not like it’s an unhealthy emotion to feel.

No. 628264

so the nuclear spinsters are all whores now? who knew!

No. 628266

I think you are right.The 3 of them should been under shade, but the one with yellow swimsuit brings her belly closer to the parassol

No. 628267

Vivadrag is chimping in her own thread

No. 628271

The first time I saw this ad I thought it was weird oviposition porn or something. It gives me Snapesnogger vibes.

No. 628272

looks like >>628256 and >>628266 have solved the case

No. 628273

yuo have no reasons to feel bad, you are od««doing o«youuir best

No. 628274

I'm not familiar with her as a "cow" per se, but I find it difficult to read that thread as of lately. I feel genuinely very sorry for her and her loss. Call me a whiteknight, but there's a fine line between laughing at someone's ridiculous or attention-seeking behavior and faulting someone for struggling with their mental health after their boyfriend committed suicide.

No. 628324

Guys I was on the makeup addiction circlejerk subreddit and one of the commenters made reference to “supplying milk”- is this one of you? Or is “milk” a thing that people say outside of this site?

No. 628326

Samefagging to say it’s definitely one of you because she has a post talking about gender critical kek

No. 628327

Bitches out here concealing everything but their power level

No. 628330

The unpopular opinion thread genuinely stresses me out

No. 628332

Got fucking scammed on a local auction site, gonna report it tomorrow or monday. I jus wanted some darn sewing machines mannn.

No. 628343

Adam from YMS has aged remarkably poorly. He was always kind of funny looking, but he has aged into a Slaton sister. Talk about gay death.

No. 628361

I lost some respect for him when I found out he was a horse furry

No. 628363

What site and how did you get scammed?

No. 628365


No. 628369

omg I'm a dumbass, I truly belong here

No. 628370

It's a nordic one and I was just a fucking dumbass who payed before the seller sending the things. It wasn't all that fucking iffy, got pics and shit but the fucker said he sent them, a few weeks go by, I start wondering wtf is up, our postal services are slow but not this slow. Text him to ask where he sent them, no reply. My mom has been telling me to report his ass for weeks now and I am just embarrassed, feeling like a fucking boomer. Serves me right for being a dumbfuck but I truly wanna fuck this guy up.

No. 628377

I've been listening to these medieval style covers and I'm imagining going back in time and becoming a really famous trobairitz for singing these songs to royal courts across the land and everyone thinks I have a really mysterious aura (because I'm from the future) so I am the muse of poets, friends with great thinkers like Peter Abelard, and many a lord tries to make me his wife but I am true to my lost lover here in 2020, until eventually the inquisition charges me with witchcraft and I am burned alive

No. 628382

File: 1599871968331.jpg (1.02 MB, 1073x1500, Screenshot_20200911-205203_Ins…)

Now there's Hello Kitty face shields…

No. 628384

I love your mind, anon.

No. 628386

I love it tbh

No. 628389

Honestly, why not try to look cute during this pre-apocalypse.

No. 628391

too bad these do nothing

No. 628397

A mask and face shield work fine in a combination. You just cant wear a face shield without a mask.

No. 628399

I can't fall asleep on my stomach without having uncontrollable sexual thoughts as I'm in and out of sleep (before fully falling asleep) it's so weird. It's even worse if people are making normal every day noises in the room next door. I associate everything with sex. I googled it and apparently it's a SIN to sleep on your stomach because of this in more than one religion Kekkk.

No. 628402

Looks nice for casual stuff like buying the groceries and harvesting organs.

No. 628404

no the face sheild won't protect you unless someone sneezes directly into your face.

No. 628418

>this made me super thirsty
>He's like 15-20 years older than me
Cringe as fuck

No. 628447

Sometimes I feel like this whole "art" thing is not worth it. Drawing and painting is fucking hard.

No. 628451

>go in for job interview at chain restaurant
>Meet all the qualifications
>Interviewer talks the entire time and says he'll call me the following day
>A week later see the job posted an hour ago on indeed
Why are employers like this? I've been to so many shitty interviewers who wonder why they can't find an employee

No. 628452

I like looking at r/college and seeing all the students complain about how bad and lazy their professors are and then going on the professors subreddit and see them complain about how bad and lazy their students are kek

No. 628454

i thought earplugs would be the answer to blocking out annoying people but now i just hear an annoying ringing in my right ear instead

No. 628457

I'm paranoid that a gnat is gonna lay eggs in my ear while I'm sleeping. I won't even have time to flush it out (in the chance it does happen) cause maggots hatch in like 5 hours. Urgh. Sleeping with tissues in my ear from now on

No. 628458

I bought 7 cups of yogurt because my vegan gf is out of town for the weekend and now I don't know if I can't finish them all and hide the evidence before she gets back fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

No. 628460

If you're the anon from earlier, just be honest with her that you want to eat dairy yogurt. It's gonna hurt her a lot more if she finds out you were eating it behind her back. She might be ok with it, cause it's better to be mostly plant based but have that one exception than just full on eating dairy and meat and shit. Or atleast it is imo.

No. 628468

how do u crush on random writing posts on the internet
omg ya that was a long time ago! then eventually she was in some band with her boyfriend or something? after that i think she disappeared, but i wonder how she is nowadays

No. 628472

Who are the people in op image?

No. 628474

The bodganoff twins

No. 628475

No. 628489

Always shot above your league you might get lucky and find a chad with low self esteem or is desperate.

No. 628514

Someone on 4chan said that he said fucking animals is ok, and if you eat meat you can't say otherwise
Same, i don't watch his videos as much now but when I do I can't stop thinking about what he's really like

No. 628529

he didn't say that fucking animals is ok, he said that animals are raped (penetrated), tortured, killed, and eaten in other industries and that those things are worse and more traumatizing for an animal than some creep jerking off a horse for fun, and therefore people who consume meat or support those industries shouldn't soapbox about bestiality because it is hypocritical from a philosophical standpoint. He has specifically said that he doesn't think people should fuck animals. It's very funny to me though that a drunken tirade he made during a stream has followed him around ever since though kek.

No. 628551

He's still a furry which is degeneracy.

No. 628565

Got out of a shitty relationship two and a half years ago and I still constantly dreaming that I'm back with him and dealing with his controlling and childish behavior. Last night I dreamt we were on a weekend trip in a nice hotel but I was stuck biting my tongue and trying to hold in my frustration as he acted unnecessarily difficult, as always.

Brain it's been over two years! stop torturing me with the same tedious situations. We're free now.

No. 628578

How many hits do you need to a sink a nail, anons?

No. 628581

Do you guys think when two anons are arguing, one anon pretends to be another person to throw the other person off? I always think this when I see "You're confusing me for another anon" or "More than one person can respond to you". Mods won't even check them cause they don't look at post histories unless it's a repeat offender.

No. 628582

I am always distrusting of old men because I got groped by one as a 14 year old. Me and my mom were boarding a train and me and an old man got to the train at the same time so he gestured me to enter first, I was like 'oh how nice' and entered, he came after me and started squeezing my tits with one hand while talking to someone on the phone with his other hand. I was so fucking shocked at the audacity and slapped his hand aways but he started groping me again!!! In that timeframe he harassed another woman too who kicked up a storm and he was forced out the train. I was in such shock I barely said a thing and then cried in the train's toilet. I felt betrayed because I thought he was being kind to a child. NO! Can't trust these hoes anons

No. 628592

I now realize that elephants might be smarter than humans.
Apparently they live in all female herds and kick out males once they hit puberty. They only interact with males when mating and then it's back to a nice all female herd while the bulls go just wander on their own.

Not to sound like a furry but why wasn't I born another species

No. 628593

oh absolutely. he needs therapy lmao.

No. 628598

Idk about other anons but it happened a few times when a person I was arguing with was claiming that posts someone else wrote were mine. Anegdotal 'evidence' with zero proof, but unfair accusations of posting every single disagreeing post do happen.

No. 628599

I found the song "Juice" by Lizzo by chance on Spotify and I really like it but I just realised she's the idiot who showed her thong during a basketball match and now I'm sad. Is there no singer who makes jams but also doesn't act like a retard in public?

No. 628602

Digital clubbing sounds like a cool futuristic pastime but it's just a disease

No. 628604

Oh no I didn't mean like one anon pretending they made someone else's posts but for example, when two anons are arguing and one person contradicts themselves and gets called out for it, I wonder if they pretend that they did not make their earlier posts and that they are a different person.
Like this
>Anon 1 - I think fries suck
>Anon 2 - I disagree, they are fried and delicious.
>Anon 1 - No, fries and too salty and greasy.
>Anon 2 - I agree, fries are too salty and greasy
>Anon 1 - But you said fries are delicious
>Anon 2 - No I did not, you have me mistaken for someone else

God I feel like I'm not making any sense at all but, it's late at night, so I hope you see what I mean lol

No. 628605

Who cares, wtf difference does it make to how the song sounds? And dressing trashy in public one time is soooo far down on the list of shitty things celebs do it's not even funny. I mean, her male peers in the industry are often rapists and wife beaters so…

No. 628606

File: 1599905867188.jpeg (30.9 KB, 748x421, 4E857CC4-E649-44BF-BBDA-C19A93…)

The artist salt thread gave me a wave of nostalgia, so I checked out that one long ass fanfic I read years a decade ago because it was what my edgy teenager self from back then loved the most.
It’s not complete yet! Whyyyyy i loved it so much, it was cool, now it’s cringy to me, but I loved that shit, I read it all, and the last chapter is never coming out because they last updated it in 2011, now I’m clinging in an eternal cliffhanger because it even feels rude to write a mock last chapter when it has been so long since that horse died.

No. 628607

Haven't shaved my legs these last few months, bought some cute shorts and really wish I could just go out today wearing them without giving it a second thought. I'm fine with my leg hair, but I don't want to deal with that chance of comments.

No. 628614

Calm down anon I didn't say I liked the song any less for it. And I didn't exclude men in my phrasing either. I just wish the entertainment world wasn't promoting crime and dumbassery so much is all.

No. 628615

File: 1599906484713.png (561.87 KB, 737x737, Hange_Zoë_character_image.png)

feeling like shit. just want her back.

No. 628616

File: 1599906713663.jpeg (431.6 KB, 2048x1536, EhrKBuRU4AABFk7.jpeg)

Based Vancouver

No. 628620


I still like Adam (despite the fact that he's a furry) and his video game playthroughs are hilarious, I just don't like how his fans are so obsessed with his ratings and his opinions on movies. I mean it's to be expected since he is a movie reviewer but why take his word as gospel? It's only his opinion in the end. This is my problem with all the movie/tv show reviewers on Youtube, even if it's not all their fault. If I hear the word Fantano one more time when discussing an album he reviewed I'm gonna scoop out my eyes with a spoon

No. 628622


Hahaha holy shit is this real? When did this happen?

No. 628623

File: 1599907281295.jpeg (75.45 KB, 600x516, 451FC6DE-8856-4E1A-B8B7-B8138C…)

Thinking about the things I did when I was horny, I feel ill

No. 628678

/ot/ had potential to become a good place for women to vent anonymously but it's died, now it seems like women who vent either get ignored or immediately start getting hate, I've literally seen /b/ and r9k handle women venting better than most of lolcow ever did

No. 628686

Where is the consolation my constant constipation

No. 628687

Hmm, I don't know how it was before, but I can't agree about it dying. Almost every time I needed to vent or when I needed any other kind of advice in other thread, there was at least one anon to respond and make me feel listened. There are some more quiet periods, or anons getting their post buried under some other discussion, but it doesnt seem like the site is dead yet.

No. 628689

Meh I've seen some hella intense posts get buried in vent threads

No. 628699

I agree. I mostly just read through the vent thread, but the one time I did post in it my post was completely ignored kek but to be fair, it was kinda long

No. 628700

File: 1599919870058.png (427.84 KB, 360x450, Heimskr.png)

I downloaded an app to learn icelandic and guess what the word for stupid is? It's heimskur.

No. 628701

I don’t know anon. The reason I don’t reply often to anons in there is because I don’t know how to. I do really feel bad for anons going through tough times though. If I could help them irl I would.

No. 628702

Sometimes with too intense stuff people who can't relate just don't know what to say. Some anons I've seen really need a therapy, not a vent thread.

No. 628717

A lot of my more insane-er vents are ignored, but I don't really mind it. I just like getting it off my chest and into the void. I always appreciate words of advice and support tho

No. 628766

>A lot of my more insane-er vents are ignored
I feel like it's the opposite, my vents have always rather similar, usually just something "mild" but lately I keep getting ignored because problems in university or with your parents/friends/bf obviously pale in comparison to the anons who say they will kill themselves or who want to perform abortion on themselves.

Maybe the solution would be having 2 threads, one for huge problems and one for lighter rants.

No. 628773

Canyon posting his fucking dick with his ugly ass face and his subsequent posts are fucking me up, i tear up looking at that thread

No. 628779

File: 1599927995483.png (10.29 KB, 320x320, tumblr_inline_mg8ddtFXHt1rx2fz…)

Anyone also felt lowkey sad when a tumblr that you really liked because they used to post about something that you were also passionate about, changed its main subject to their new obsession that did not interests you at all and you end up unfollowing them?

It always felt like a break-up in a way lol

No. 628785

In 30 and I dress kind of early 2000s goth and e girlish in the most tacky way. I figure I'm never going to fit into this societies beauty standards anyway so I might as well be my cringe self.

No. 628786

it's the vent thread, not the guaranteed response thread. here you just post into the void. surely some anon read it and sympathized. that's enough for me to feel heard and seen. generally, there is a climate of solidarity except for the occasional pissy bitch anon (I agree that they can get annoying). with the volume of posts and different time zones and everything, it's unlikely everything gets a response. and what are you supposed to say all the time? when the tenth suicidal anon comes around, I feel for them but that's all I can say at that point: I feel for you and wish you well. For me it's the equivalent of sitting in silence together and vibing.

No. 628789

I think it's due to covid. Anons are too concerned with their own problems to give advice to anyone else.

No. 628790

Yes, it did the same for me again on twitter with an artist who changed her style (and gender identity, lol). Don't forget to archive or download the contents you really liked before they nuke the blog

No. 628793

I used to think that women were also supposed to ejaculate, like let out some jizz when they orgasmed. I saw it in so many hentais and women saying they came buckets and they ruined their panties etc and shit. I thought I was an anomaly because my orgasms weren't accompanied by any gushing of fluids. I was 16 when I learned women don't ejaculate like men.

No. 628798

File: 1599929831289.jpeg (47.6 KB, 554x554, A1368B51-6188-42BE-805E-D1FC7E…)

I have small tits and a tendency for fat to collect in my stomach so I have a recurring fear that my torso looks like Putin’s

No. 628799

Aw yeah for sure. Same feeling when someone I followed would change their url from some fandom/interest I shared to something else entirely (back when I was younger and gave a shit about people’s urls kek)

No. 628802

File: 1599930207590.jpeg (49.26 KB, 640x594, 1C215CEB-B4EB-4336-8B6C-0ED03B…)

It’s pretty wild how fast my body recovers. I cut a gash a quarter way into my flesh, and it went back to normal within 3 days.

No. 628806

I had so much hope for amina dujean only for her to become a pick me escort years later

No. 628807

My stomach has been making loud digestion sounds all fucking day, I'm waiting to maybe start shitting my brains out soon? Hours into this now, stomach please stfu already

No. 628813

I'd be disappointed if mine didn't anon. Look at that physique!

No. 628817

File: 1599932261808.jpeg (55.02 KB, 640x480, E014428B-6CAE-41A1-A342-5FE7E1…)

I guess they’re coming out with a Mario 64 port for the switch but personally I was never able to finish this game out of fear of this guy

No. 628819

Only two days til my vibrator arrives

No. 628820

No way I'm so excited. When is this happening?

And I don't blame you that piece of shit would pop up out of nowhere.

No. 628821

he's just misunderstood

No. 628823

I can't believe not thinking trans woman are real women is considered transphobic. I just don't get how someone mechanically changing their entire body and hormonal balance to become what I was naturally is equal.

If trans woman need to use women restrooms, fine. I'd prefer gender neutral, but I get the danger they'd be put in by going into a men's restroom. If they want me to refer to them as she, fine. I'll probably avoid them at all costs but sure.

But if you were to ask me if I thought you were as much of a woman as me? Fuck no. I can't believe this logic going around. Even progressive conservative religious groups are hopping on the transphobia train now. What happened to having an opinion…

No. 628831

Ma'am, I think you are lost. Here's the site you are looking for:

No. 628840

I love how whenever any biological woman says anything about anything they’re directed to this site. No womminz allowed on lolcow!

No. 628841

I can link all periods of my young adult life to some type of imageboard or forum and that's just sad.

High school - GuruGossip
College - PULL and Gurugossip
Now - Lolcow and reddit(but I'm getting sick of both shit holes)

I've been finding myself occasionally lurking LipstickAlley, but the people there are kind of unhinged in a very unique way.

No. 628842

Yes join us on AshGardens we need more people.
(however I think someone clicked this link and started spamming the N-word over there)
besides that it's a good place.

No. 628845

Either way, it just seems anons are awfully at handling trauma, in my opinion there shouldn't be vent threads at all here because anons can't seem to respond to them like decent people. I've also seen a lot of people claim to have freshly traumatic events get ignored

No. 628846

Lipstick alley is very unhinged but It's cool. I love the woman/feminism forum, but when it comes to their fav celeb? You can't say shit about them without being attacked.
I also hate how to them every single man in Hollywood is gay. I cannot think of one dude they don't think is gay.
I think it has a lot of gay men/straight men there as well. The straight men just defend male slander all day and the gay men think everyone is gay and are catty towards the women.

No. 628862

I made a typo complimenting a cat, I said stron instead of strong and a troon thought it was some babytalk lingo thing and said "Awwww stron gorl" im dying

No. 628864

lmao at his tiny nipples what a nipplet

No. 628870

I kinda like being an inverse triangle.

No. 628879

I sell fruit at farmers markets & people act like I, myself, am responsible for certain varieties of fruit going out of season. Like it’s not me doing it fool, if you have a problem take it up with Mother Earth.

No. 628882

File: 1599941335383.jpeg (24.09 KB, 300x300, 35FDD990-F2E9-4151-92F4-1E3D02…)

i love you

No. 628897

Not an inverse triangle, but would love to be one tbh, always wanted broader shoulders and a narrower waist to look more masculine, unironically. Plus, you can fit into any sort of jeans, and your legs dont look like shit.

No. 628902

NTA but thank you, I've always hated how broad my shoulders were especially since I'm 5'2" and it looks weird on a short person. I just wish my shoulders and hips were proportional in width.

No. 628922

The rights performative and hysterical ‘condemnation’ of pedophilia regarding the cuties movie but just in general with hollywood/““the elites”” and stuff is so frustrating to watch. These people don’t care about pedophilia. They’ll do all this performative outrage then go right back to posting about wanting a 14 year old virgin tradwife.

No. 628925

stop hanging around 4chan incels, some people actually have moral compasses and don’t like the sexualisation of children

No. 628928

>I feel like i could punch a crowd of people to the rythmn of End Of the Century.

End of the Century is the shittt.

No. 628932

I know, but those are not the people I’m talking about

No. 628940

I have a friend who always types stuff like that and does the commas,,, instead of ellipses thing and I am damn tired or it

No. 628941

File: 1599944081064.jpeg (143.32 KB, 828x533, C24A8D77-2693-4522-818F-15C171…)

Looks like it’s Mario 64, sunshine, and galaxy all together

No. 628949

File: 1599944383521.png (263.69 KB, 437x549, EhUkPwZWsAMVZ8n.png)

I'm sad and want a bf

No. 628955

I don't have any razors in my house at the moment. My pubes reached that awkward itchy length the last couple days.. I could've just waited and bought razors tomorrow but instead I sat down with a pair of tweezers and for well over an hour I plucked the hairs. Wasn't that bad. I played a podcast in the background and now I look like I just got a wax.

No. 628956

these people still exist anon and they walk among us, not just incels, but a lot of pedo Christians and other cult dudes are the same way as well therefore it should be something that is talked about

No. 628962

I met a guy I was somewhat interested in and he was hitting on me a lot, but then ended up starting a relationship with another woman out of nowhere. Got to know him better afterwards though and he turns out to be a huge manbaby douchebag. Dodged a bullet and his current gf is insufferable too, two annoying people off the dating pool kek

No. 628968

>and one for lighter rants
you mean the Annoying Thread?

No. 628970

I mean it’s not an advice thread. I don’t reply a lot of the time because often it just seems like the person just wants to get it off their chest as oppose to unsolicited advice. No one is stopping you posting on /r9k/ if you genuinely think it’s such a great place for women venting lmao.

No. 628971

I have "turn that poop into wine!" stuck in my head

No. 628972


I found the piano and the laser shooting eye ball way worse. Also the motherfucking stupid ass bunny that you had to catch. And don't even start with the pinguines.

No. 628973

why am i not remembering what this is from even though i have distinct memories of hearing it?

No. 628974

The Eric Andre Show "black scientologists" skit, iirc.

No. 628977

that fucking piano jumpscared the hell out of me as a kid, fuck that

No. 628978

I think imported food has ruined people's perception of what's naturally available. I get together once a month with my friends and we sell the surplus fruit and vegetables from our gardens. I nearly always have to explain to someone why something isn't available.

No. 628979

I can barely listen to rock and its variations as of now, I don’t know why, I just can’t find songs that I like, i don’t even dream of finding a band I like, it’s weird.
Sometimes I feel like I’m too autistic to listen to different types of music but also not autistic enough to know everything about one single type of music.

No. 628988

My favorite thai restaurant went under new management and now they’ve been renamed. I looked at their menu and it’s kind of similar but the one item I always got was their tom yum noodle soup and they don’t offer it anymore… I can only pray their tom yum soup is still the same. It’s like the one place that was so spectacularly delicious, no other thai restaurant had tom yum as delicious as theirs. I’m so sad covid robbed me of this.

No. 629002

This YouTuber came up on my recommended and her whole channel is so fucking cringe

No. 629003

I have absolutely no knowledge of any new coming bands. I've been listening to old favourites, the music industry just kind of fell off.

No. 629004

Lmao I literally don’t think I ever got that far because I never progressed past the eel

No. 629019

Just eatimg my kinder egg. Happy

No. 629035

What toy did you get anon?

No. 629055


No. 629106

Why are two of these threads being bumped at the same time?

No. 629149

I hate when people post like running commentary about their poop

No. 629155

I went back and checked on radfem Tumblr for the first time in months and it is a goddamn catastrophe. Part of me believes that it's being raided or something because all of the new users and retardation going on over there is too ridiculous.

No. 629157

split colored hair/wigs make me irrationally angry. they look so fucking hideous

No. 629159

There's been a weird increase in those posts. Might just be a guy with a fetish

No. 629160

twitter radfems are just as bad tbh

No. 629169

I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed it lmao. I agree it seems fetishy but honestly I feel like it could be a girl with a fetish. Plenty of farmers seem like they’re into gross shit which is whatever but I wish they wouldn’t keep posting about it in /ot/.

No. 629174

I wish you could mute words on lolcow. It would be so much more enjoyable. Currently wish I could mute the word ‘cuties’.

No. 629175

I hate when people post

No. 629176

Go back weakling

No. 629180

Sorry I don’t want to see like 20 posts about people ‘actually crying’ over the ‘traumatic’ movie

No. 629181

I laughed my ass off when I seen this, you can literally see the photoshop warping but of course there's always one or two people that chim in saying "it's real! I've seen her in real life!".
Why are people so stupid?

No. 629182

Imo it's wrong to expect attention and responses in the vent thread, this isn't Facebook, nobody owes you anything we're just all collectively screaming into the void together.
That's what makes it more real when someone cares or even takes the time to tell you that it's not that bad

No. 629184

No. 629188

A lot of people who are venting don't just want to scream in the void they want advice and someone communicating with them about their issues, but most anons looking to vent get ignored or the infight baiters go after them, lolcow is a horrible place for venting

No. 629191

Then make an advice thread? Most just seem like they want to vent. I feel like I’ve seen loads of anons complain about unsolicited advice from the vent thread or complain when they get advice but it’s not the advice they wanted.

No. 629194

An advice thread already exists. The vent thread is and should not be for advice. It's about getting people who relate to respond to you and share their own personal experiences and MAYBE give you advice based on their own lives. Nothing's worse than venting in the vent thread and someone judging you or giving you advice that you then have to give more context to the vent in order for them to understand why their advice or judgement isn't valid. And then it turns into infighting. Sometimes when friends vent to you, they just want someone to listen.

No. 629195

all boys do is jerk off and make you miserable, you do you anon.

No. 629196

But that doesn't even happen anymore, anons either try to fight or just ignore each other, advice thread is dead as well so

No. 629197

I've heard.

No. 629200

so confused. This is an imageboard. We aren't crisis workers. if no one wants to respond to someone's generic vent, they don't have to. I almost always get a response on there and my vent's aren't even dramatic or unique. If I don't get anything, no big deal… And when I do get something, it's either a dumbass who is jumping to the farthest conclusions about my life based on two sentences, or someone who says "same" and tells me about how they can relate. Knowing someone relates or can acknowledge the shittiness going in your life is enough for most anons.

No. 629201

But this is an anonymous image board, you don't get to control how people respond to you. If people want guaranteed positive replies and a way to down vote harsh replies they can take it to social media. If people don't want any type of response, they don't have to post to begin with

No. 629203

that…was my point. I'm saying no one should be coming here for advice or positive comments, but that the vent thread is meant for people to just vent and have other people "relate" and vent in return. it's about venting, not really solving issues unless an anon asks for it.

No. 629204

So what exactly do you expect when I say lolcow is the worst place to vent? No I'm not saying anons have to respond to vents please stop repeating that. If anons want to truly help themselves or find places worth venting to mental health boards do much better, be offended all you want.

No. 629205

KEK this guy in my uni that I've been talking to on insta sent a message saying, "I want to beat you up so badly." then unsent that message after ten minutes. Still haven't asked him about that but idek how I'd begin to ask.

No. 629207

What are you talking about this is the first time I've contributed to this conversation…. If anything I'm responding to the people who are offended that their posts get ignored on the vent thread. How am I the offended one when I just finished saying the vent thread is for venting and that people shouldn't take it so seriously..kek

No. 629210

sometimes I'm afraid to say "y'all" cause I don't want to be called a twitterfag, but I'm from texas anons, give me a break I stg

No. 629212

My main point was that lolcow is the worst place to vent because everyone either gets ignored or anons try to start fights over nothing, and here you are, trying to start a fight over nothing

No one's "offended" by people's responses getting ignored, I'm just saying that lolcow is a shitty place to vent, which it is, oh and don't even get my started on the fact everyone has to walk on eggshells to prevent infighting and even if they do people still get strawmanned. No I'm not saying I want to hold anons at gun point and make them respond to vent posts, I'm saying lolcow is a shit place to vent and if you truly want to do something about your issues then go to other boards to help, that's it, that's literally it but you farmers manage to infight over every little thing said so this isn't a shocker to me.

No. 629213

You're infighting with yourself at this point. No one is pressed but you.

No. 629215

And how are you helping exactly?

No. 629216

into fashion
dresses up

Why do you dress so extra

dresses down
You look sick . Why are you wearing such baggy clothes you have a great body. you look like a hobo

dresses in tighter clothes
I hate you. we get it you have a good body.

Wtf? wtf am I supposed to do to please these bitches I call family???

No. 629217

forgot to add that I am told I can't dress in tight clothes because I have curves and that it makes everything I wear look sexual and innapropriate.

So really, I'm tired of being this weird punching bag for my family.

No. 629218

your family sounds exhausting, at that point just wear whatever you want, and insult them back if they try putting you down.

No. 629219

What kind of humblebrag is this? I have a very curvy body and no one's ever said anything about me wearing tight things unless something wasn't fitting properly, most people don't care what you wear

No. 629223

>complains about humblebragging
>states you have a VERY curvy body…
>not humblebragging??

No. 629224

It's not a humblebrag and just because it's not your experience doesn't mean other girls don't deal with it. It's called coming from a conservative family that thinks a women's job is to serve men but also not look like a whore around them. Even if that means wearing skinny jeans with a long sleeve body shirt tucked in.

No. 629225

anon did you miss when they said family or..? Yes because you've totally met their family and know they wouldn't be treated like that hmmm.

No. 629226

Where I live if someone says y'all you say it back at them, sometimes in an exaggated accent. I've seen it online too. I do it with friends over text. Grew up always doing it and surrounded by it

Did it earlier today on here and I think it got taken badly. Didn't actually know there was a tension around it or that anons link it back to twitter or whatever

No. 629227

Humblebragging is making up or exaggerating problems to brag about something, I was just stating my own experience, even the curviest women I knew barely got comments on what they wore

"My family totally always says something about my super hot body anytime I wear something" =/= "I have x body type"

No. 629228

It's associated with liberal hipsters who live in LA/NY/Seattle and use "y'all" online to sound southern when they're not. I'm from Arkansas and use it daily conversation and yeah, it makes me seethe too.)

No. 629229

I don’t get why saying a slur in a song would be considered so awful but it’s fine in a script for a tv show or movie, or book. Like they are both within the context of a piece of art/media, both a performance, but treated completely differently.

No. 629230

Are you mentally ill. This is an imageboard. The fact that you go into reading posts from people assuming they are wanting to humblebrag anonymously is strange. Even if they are trying to - it's an imageboard. They aren't benefitting from it.

No. 629231

So what? We can claim every other anons story is a lie except this one which is an obvious lie?
I'm literally from one of the most conservative places in the US and I have yet to meet a single person who's family talks about how hot their body is while having an issue with everything they wear, that literally sounds like something I would hear in middle school come from the girl who needed attention

No. 629232

Well then good for you and all the curvy people you knew

No. 629234

anon just say your insecure and go, you literally said the same thing. You didn't say you had a pear body type, hourglass, etc. You said you were curvy just like >>629216 did. Apparently when another women says her experience, it's wrong if it contradicts your totally "valid" experience. Just say you're a hypocrite and leave.

No. 629236

>Why would someone come to lolcow to humblebrag
>It's not like lolcow had the biggest humblebragging issue that there was a thread made about it years back
What do you expect? Any anon who says something that even remotely seems fake will get called out, are you new here? Or does the "no humblebragging callout" apply to everyone except that anon?

No. 629237

> is obviously a lie

Wow…it's almost like there are different versions of the term conservative. And that not everyone has the same family as yours. Can you fuck off? By the way, VERY CURVY sounds like you're on the cusp of just being fat. Look into that.

No. 629238

File: 1599965661032.jpg (45.39 KB, 594x592, 170203-salt-bae-mn-1530_060e58…)

No. 629239

No claiming that "ugh my family always makes comments about my hot body" is pathetic, I think that's the part you're missing
So what's so different about conservatives? What conservative do you know makes constant comments about their family members body being hot?
>YoU'rE pRoBaLy FaT
I have abs and teach yoga so no

No. 629240

i like that all of you anons just proved this anons point >>629212 only a couple posts later

No. 629241

File: 1599965820629.jpg (48.54 KB, 625x483, 1ab8410b237d730446660df1272b10…)

>does yoga and has abs

No. 629242

conservative …does not just mean hick and holy trump supporters dumbass.

No. 629244

KEK honestly the duality of lolcow is outstanding

No. 629245

> What conservative do you know makes constant comments about their family members body being hot?
Soooo who's gonna tell anon about trump?

No. 629246


Not sure why I am responding to your aggressive posts, but I come from an asian family that thinks my job is to find a husband and look nice while also making sure I don't look like a whore. My AUNTS will comment on my weight whether I weigh more or less, look good or bad, and will tell me not to wear oversize clothing (which I'm into) because it looks shitty, but will also say I dress inappropriate even when I'm covered head to toe.

Was that enough information for you to believe that maybe just maybe other people deal with shitty and overbearing family members? Or am I still strangely competition to you even though I will admit I don't have a "VERY CURVY" body like you? Corn ball.

No. 629247

It doesn't, but most conservative people would have similar family and modesty values. I've met people from all walks of life and have yet to meet a single person who experiences their family "constantly making comments about how hot their body is". I'm sorry but if you can't see how that's not a humblebrag then I don't know what to tell you

No. 629248

File: 1599966095716.jpg (20.44 KB, 640x468, UncomfortablePopularIndianjack…)

No. 629249

Because people are openly talking about that shit to you, and because you're in their houses…OK. You're trying so hard to disprove a fucking post on lolcow for what? Are you mad that family don't comment on your body or something? Maybe it's because you don't actually have a good body like you think. My friends mothers talk shit to them about their body and clothing all the time. It happens believe it or not.

No. 629250

And there's that backpedaling. I've met conservative asians anon, none of them had their family constantly make comments on how their body is hot lmao, weird contradictory comments about dressing? Sure, but "your body is hot! Show it! But not really! Your body is hot we get it!" at least own up to what you said

No. 629251

Anon just doesn't understand everyone has different experiences and didn't have the exact same life as her. She also doesn't know what a humblebrag is. There's no point in arguing with dummies.

No. 629252

anon never said that. Stop repeating something that was never even said to begin with. And you seem unhinged. Just because you don't know anyone like that does not mean it's not a reality. It happens in arab and hispanic cultures all the time. Get over yourself.

No. 629253

Nice bait, if you're surrounded by family who never stops telling you how hot your body is then your clothing is the least of your issues

No. 629255

you're right, but honestly this is really funny and i hope humblebrag anon keeps responding.

No. 629256

You're right, in her first post
She did not imply that her family always tells her that she has a great body and needs to show it off then says "we get it you have a nice body" when she dresses up, silly me

No. 629257

>Anon just doesn't understand everyone has different experiences and didn't have the exact same life as her.
But you guys have no problem calling most stories fake or even making that weird "how women describe themselves on the internet" picture
> She also doesn't know what a humblebrag is. There's no point in arguing with dummies.

Okay please explain to me how someone trying to claim their family makes constant comments on how good their body is no matter what they wear and how it's so hard, isn't humblebragging

No. 629258

who hurt you mrs. curvalicious.

No. 629259


No. 629260

File: 1599966715891.jpeg (14.61 KB, 250x276, 14d997fd6a73559bc23ae3c3fac43b…)

Oh it's you again

No. 629262

KEK Anon i laughed out loud omg

No. 629264

Honestly, I rarely see anons call posts fake. It has to be super obvious or written by a man for people to say it's fake. The post was not about how good her body is. In-fact she didn't say that she herself thinks her body is good. You have to be insecure to hyperfocus on the one part lol.

Anyway, I think you should watch this anon. Maybe it'll make you less mad at anonymous posts on the internet?

No. 629265

Read this while laying down, nearly choked on my own laugh

No. 629266

Who comes to lolcow and talks about how their family never shuts up about how great their body is? Literally who? And you really think no one ever on the face of the planet would exaggerate how uwu so hard it is to have a nice body? Lmao
Also the whole "lol you mad" defense is outdated and useless

No. 629267

she teaches that though..she's off the clock . This is how she releases all her anger, so that she can go back to her lessons and pretend to be a sane individual for an hour and 30 minutes and convince people that the downward dog will solve their anger issues.

No. 629269

we get it anon, you teach yoga, get over yourself

No. 629270

All that tensing and clenching from raging out at anonymous posts is whats REALLY causing those abs…

No. 629271

>Obsessing about a single attribute an anon you don't like revealed about themselves
Here we go again

No. 629272

Imagine finding out your yoga instructor goes home and shames people on lolcow for having family who hypersexualize and comment on their body and claims it surely has to be a lie because she's thick as a brick and her hick family don't say shit.

No. 629273

We're just making fun of her dumbass

No. 629274

Except for the fact anons have said similar stories in the past and got called out on it for being humblebraggers but you have to keep the infight fire going somehow right?

Seriously wondering how you think "my family always says my body is great and it's so hard" was just going to fly fine on lolcow knowing we have an issue with humblebraggers making up stories like so all the time

No. 629275

It makes you seen unhinged and it's a typical lolcow infighting pattern of psychos. Hopefully you don't turn into one of those people who go to other threads and start accusing everyone of being yoga anon

No. 629276

Except the post was not about how her body looks

No. 629277

Omg…omg you're actually insane. No one is even listening to your arguments at this point you're just something to laugh at. YOU LOST. I'm so sorry but you lost. You caring about humblebragging makes so much sense now because you feel the need to win this sooo bad even though you're anonymous and there's no reward to all the effort you're putting in right now.

No. 629278

I didn't make that post. And again it's just jokes. Stop being paranoid.

No. 629279

File: 1599967587248.jpg (57.22 KB, 720x720, 7c6a58d5d490da685cda18c7719162…)

No. 629281

That wasn't the point, anons have always came in and tried to make stories (a lot pertaining to clothes and what other people comment) to talk about how hard it is being hot, they've always got called out it except for now

>Lol you lost
Are you 12?

No. 629282

>You're showing signs of doing what a lot of unhinged infighter's do, please don't be like them
>Lol stop being paranoid
Lolcow group therapy when

No. 629283

Lmfao seeing this randomly pop up in the middle of the argument made me laugh in real life

No. 629285

And psychotically screaming in a lolcow thread about how "you lost!" Isn't ?

No. 629286

>Are you 12

The irony…

> My family is conservative and THEY don't tell me i'm dressing innapropriately. So there's no way yours does. My uncle doesn't come into MY room at night. So there's no way YOURS could.. I'm god. I see everything.

No. 629288

Yep you're right you're totally got me, everyone and their moms family never stops talking about how they have such a nice body except for my family, you win, my bad. You don't seem humblebraggy at all. Your life must be so hard when your family tells you that your body is nice. Prayers go out to you

No. 629289

I'm not the original anon. I'm pretty sure they realized who they were dealing with early on and is just enjoying the show at this point. Miss thickalicious.

No. 629290

File: 1599968245985.jpg (79.09 KB, 680x507, d19.jpg)

good after work entertainment

No. 629292

I'm sorry but what is exactly different about this anon and the other anons who came in claiming how hard it was having nice bodies? Every single time anons have made similar stories they've got called out, now you're shocked it happens again because?

No. 629293

i feel like you've just been repeating the same thing over and over for an hour. Let it go thickums.

No. 629294

Why is this such a hot topic issue for you. Anyone with a functioning frontal cortex was able to conclude that the point of her post was that she feels like her family is always criticizing her. Why not be grateful that you can't relate to that and shut the fuck up. If you find it to be humblebragging so bad, why light a fire under it to this extent. Stop acting like stopping humblebragging on lolcow is a form of philanthropy.

No. 629295

Then why don't you answer my question?
You're literally reacting the same way I am, all I said was that it's humblebragging and despite knowing many people from all walks of life I've never met anyone who had this happen to them. If it was that crazy or whatever you could have just ignored my post instead of getting defensive like your life depended on it, It takes two to tango, if you infight I infight back, don't like it? Move on.

No. 629296

File: 1599968866060.jpg (76.97 KB, 735x565, a530be2f682118e53ff77e88ca0ef3…)

shits in this thread and runs off

No. 629297

>if you infight I infight back,
This is too fucking funny

No. 629298

Aren't yoga classes usually taught at like 5 am. Go to sleep hicky mc thicky.

No. 629299

>Laughing off arguments as usual
Oh NPCs you never change do you?

No. 629300

I don't know if this is enough of a distraction. Quick someone post Chris Evans recently leaked nude so we can argue about his dick being ugly or not

No. 629302

And typical, you can't answer a simple question and want to act like I'm the bad guy. Don't you have other threads to go repeat the same arguments in? Or let me guess everyone is crazy except you?

No. 629303

you started the infighting Thickie Vickie

No. 629304

File: 1599969166703.png (Spoiler Image, 46.11 KB, 207x205, chodes arent hot.PNG)

you ask and you shall receive

No. 629305

And you're continuing it fatty patty

No. 629306

Or Silentos puckered anal prolapse.

No. 629307

File: 1599969192616.png (28.81 KB, 200x200, ChipSkylark.png)


No. 629308

File: 1599969235634.png (423.22 KB, 567x720, 1453150348958.png)

No. 629309

you crazy bitch ilu

No. 629311

i can’t determine anything cause the pic was taken at such a bad angle. also why is it in black and white

No. 629312

No. 629313

File: 1599969345200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.58 KB, 567x1011, EhIUFvFUYAAwXWh.jpg)

Dont open if you dont wanna see a prolapsed asshole

No. 629314

sometimes, a dick needs to look dramatic, only way to do that is in black and white. OR to cover up how dirty his dick is, might be that.

No. 629315

It's the head that doesn't look right but then I'm used to massive foreskins, which I'm fairness probably look worse on first sight

No. 629316

the hero we need but don't deserve

No. 629317

Wtf is this? The shadow of a dick? The pixelated essence of a dick? Dick pic a la Film Noir?

If it ain't long, girthy, and HD then it doesn't go in my big meaty cocks folder.

No. 629318

Well he knows his angle that's for sure

No. 629319

That head already looks dramatic to me.

No. 629321

File: 1599969675206.jpg (69.67 KB, 576x740, Screenshot_20200912-230217.jpg)

Why he like this

No. 629322

But it's captain america's dick, forget the porn parody version… that's the real deal

No. 629324

Captain botched circumcision

No. 629327

I'm so inexperienced with cut dicks, are they meant to look like that?

No. 629328

That's kind of an ugly one, some look better.

No. 629331

Quick! Someone post Woojin nude leak too

No. 629334

No. 629339

Fuck off to twt kboo

No. 629345

File: 1599972785006.jpg (24.31 KB, 800x600, f4de9d9b46b1c99d2af1365fae30bd…)

I just ate some of my moms peach rings while she was asleep. hehehehhe

No. 629356

Orange chicken dripped in ranch is so fucking goddamn good.

No. 629358

I watched The Duchess on Netflix and it was so good. Weird elements of liposuction almost killing the best friend and liberal feminist moments but it was chaotic and just what I needed.

No. 629368

File: 1599980390122.jpg (9.82 KB, 317x267, 1491288342012.jpg)

oh fuck

No. 629372

whats up with people trying to make it seem like only the right has a issue with that "Cuties" movie? I've been to multiple sites, two are sites for black women/men and are very liberal are they right wingers?
it's stupid ass fuck.

No. 629373

Sounds intense

No. 629382

Ahhhh I am excited to check it out. I've been hearing good things

No. 629388

My bluetooth headphones just stopped working while i was using them wtf. Why does this always happen with headphones

No. 629398

File: 1599986908130.jpeg (67.79 KB, 937x525, F022FB9E-C4DF-425D-A789-D8FCB6…)

Im beginning to question my bisexuality, more or less if I’m actually just secretly morphing into a full blown lesbian. I’ve loved dick and getting fucked by dudes for so long, and now that I’m single again I’m absolutely repulsed by the idea of getting fucked by one again and desperately wanting a girlfriend instead. Is this just a moment of putting women on a pedestal because I haven’t actually managed to have sex with one yet so it’s a fantasy projection, or am I really just significantly attracted to females now? Guess there’s only one way to find out, but I run into the trap of I respect women too much to use them as my sexuality guinea pigs but then desperately wanting intimacy with them. All I know is if I get hit on by another man this year I’m going to scream.

No. 629399

Anyone using a split wig/colored hair seems like a twerp to me. It's the ultimate crutch for people who want to look "special" and "unique" while having absolutely no taste or eye for coordination.

No. 629401

kek, I had split hair from 2012-2017 and looking back I fucken CRINGE. was my real hair too, someone cyberbully me pls
same thing with pastel pink hair ngl, or purple. I do miss gurokawaii/pastel goth tumblr days tho

speaking of which is there a nostalgic fashion thread or? can we do this?

No. 629402

i want to drink this

No. 629403

i thought you were referring to >>629313
was worried for you

No. 629408

There's already a dated aesthetics thread in /g/.

No. 629439

this is the whip nay nay dude yes?

thank you stöp

No. 629444

Obviously people know there will be people on all sides with varying opinions on the movie but the online right has been disingenuously trying to portray itself as the ‘anti pedophilia’ side and the left the pro pedophilia’ side for a while now

No. 629445

how do i stop being a hamplanet

No. 629447

Eat what you want but only half the plate. And stop drinking everything that is not water, tea and coffee without sugar or syrups. Don't forget that when you want to keep a lower weight you cannot do crash diets, you'll lose 10 kgs and gain 17 because after a few weeks you cannot withstand the craving for sugar/fat/etc.

No. 629450

Agreed with anon above me but also: every time you feel the urge to eat something, ask yourself why. Does your stomach rumble from the hunger? Or do you just "feel" like eating something. A lot of people eat to relieve anxiety or stress or just for the pleasure and are not consiously aware of it. It's also very common to confuse feeling thirsty for hunger. If you're concious of why you want to eat something, it can be easier to make the right decision.

No. 629452

ntayrt but that point about mistaking thirst for hunger is so interesting! that’s something i’m gonna pay attention to in the future from now

No. 629454

I like drinking tea with milk when I'm thirsty but my brain mistakes it for hunger. Tastes like a little bit more than a plain glass of water and the warmth seems to fill up the stomach more

No. 629455

calculate your tdee and count calories. It takes 3,500 less calories to lose a pound of bodyfat. Do cardio and weightlifting to lose fat instead of muscle. One weightlifting program that I've heard good things about is Starting strength. Focus on eating less and better, rather than exercising more. Losing weight isn't immediate, it took me 9 months to lose 10kg

No. 629464

I first started out as dipping my toe into gc feminism, then I got into anti-sex work stuff, and now I'm starting to become anti-piv….how did I get into this rabbit hole?

No. 629465

I've never heard of this before, why?

No. 629466

i think there's a trans guy in my program…
i feel kinda bad for them, spending all this money, time and energy into transitioning but they just end up like 13 year old-looking manlets when they were 5'4 tiny women.
well i guess he got what he wanted, he looks like a man to the untrained eye.
>inb4 "don't you mean she!!!?!?!?!?!??!"

what'd particle image velocimetry do to you anon??? (for real though, what does piv mean and why do you hate it?)

No. 629468

NTA but I'm supposing piv in this context means "Penis in Vagina" i.e. straight intercourse.

No. 629469

nta i never got too deep into reading about it but if iirc it’s about the harmful effects of piv sex, how piv sex is trauma bonding ect. here’s a more detailed link if you want to read more: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/radicalhubarchives.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/its-the-trauma-bonding-talking/amp/

No. 629471

oh man, turning personal trauma into a political movement is really popular, huh.

No. 629473

>I'm starting to become anti-piv
This is crazy. I don't see how this type of thinking is anything but backwards and harmful to women.

No. 629475

While the post >>629469 linked is borderline psycho spergy, it still has a point. Plenty of women don't orgasm from PiV and it's a huge risk to even take due to STDs, cervical cancer and accidental pregnancy. A lot of men don't want to wear condoms either causing women to go on BC which often fucks up their natural hormonal system with severe side effects. Men rarely settle with other types of sex that would probably be more pleasurable to women. It's just some food for thought regarding the power structures embedded in heterosexual sexual intercourse.

No. 629479

>because we all know that pregnancy can kill you, or make you very ill, even if you have an early abortion. right?
Sounds like fear mongering to me.

In order for the human race to continue, woman have to bear children. Life is unfair. How is she suggesting the human race continue in an ethical manner?
>Women should be artificially inseminated rather than engage in an act of intimacy with their partner

No. 629481

But women still have a sex drive and can enjoy the intimacy of piv even when they don't orgasm. Sure some of those points are valid but they can be (and have been) addressed without being extreme as anti piv.

No. 629488

women's decisions > human race
There will still be women who want to have children, anyway.

No. 629497

I like showing people my hairy legs and them going 'ewwww anon'. My mom refuses to even touch my legs because of the hair, makes gagging noises. She feels if she insults my legs enough I'll wax 'em but I keep my legs hairy just to spite her

No. 629505

Why should your mom even touch your legs to begin with? There's no sort of appropriate touch I can imagine, can someone please enlighten me on the type of situation in which their mom would be touching their legs long enough for hairiness to be a problem?

I swear some people have the weirdest relationships with their parents.

No. 629506

How are people on here able to find a problem with everything

No. 629508

I'm asking a genuine question here, followed with my opinion.

No. 629510

Nta but I wondered the same thing kek

No. 629511

The way it’s phrased makes me think she’s saying she asks her mom to touch her legs because she enjoys seeing her disgust and that her mom refuses to do it because it grosses her out.

No. 629513

I just followed the draw a touhou tutorial from the artist thread and drew a pretty princess, we should make a thread for following meme tutorials like the meyoco tutorial

No. 629520

It's less "don\t do piv" and more "you deserve to sleep with men who understands why feminism might dislike piv and takes steps to make you comfortable"

No. 629521

That meyoco tutorial was super cringe and the end product didn't even look like her art

No. 629522

Okay! This makes sense, thank you for giving an actual answer to my dumb ass

I imagined her chilling on the couch with her mom just rubbing her legs like, shudder

No. 629523

File: 1600007160297.jpeg (27.38 KB, 225x225, 29E71361-1C6F-449C-9A85-32E981…)

It’s kind of short, isn’t it? Look at the finger holding it, it isn’t as impressive as the Chinese fan comics and fanfics made me think it was.

I’m disappointed.

No. 629524

This x 100. Being anti-piv isn't about forbidding the act altogether but being critical of it. So many women complain about shitty non-pleausrable piv sex being expected of them and I'm pretty sure they can get behind the idea.

No. 629526

Neither does the touhou tutorial that's why it's fun to follow them

No. 629527

what manga character is that? she's cute

No. 629528

She's Elizabeth from Black Butler, don't even bother with the manga now because it's so slow. Last chapter was like 8 pages long but it's released on a monthly basis. And don't look too much into it because spoilers will ruin everything if you want to read it later.

No. 629531

Those eyelash growth serums actually work so well? I was expecting them not to do anything.

No. 629532

flexed on the nazis by voting today. feelsgoodman.jpg

No. 629534

Careful, some of them cause hyperpigmentation apparently

No. 629536

Ty, I was not aware of that! I’ll look into the one I’m using and if it’s a possible side effect.

No. 629541

I tease my mom so she can be all 'nooo anon you're such a gross ass' and it makes me kek how annoyed she gets. Why are my posts regarding my mom are always seen as incest-y, jfc

No. 629544

If you want to some anon on cgl made a schizo makeup thread to talk about this, she goes into more detail like ingredients i think

No. 629551

Keto diet. Not eating processed carbs will change how you feel and think about food. Fat and protein are much more satiating than carbs and sugar, so you eat a lot less. It makes doing things like IF, OMAD and eating a caloric deficit much easier. You don't have to do it for the rest of your life. After doing it for a few months, the way your body reacts to food will changed and you can add in more unprocessed carbs back into your diet.

No. 629554

I like autistic people irl but they should be banned from the internet

No. 629555

I agree. You should be the first one!

No. 629557

Has anyone else had the humiliating experience of being hit on or having having drinks bought for them when you’re literally with your parents. This has happened to me multiple times and I find it mortifying. I even got solicited for prostitution with my mom once.

No. 629567

When I was at a bar on a cruise ship with my mom, she went up to some guy and told him to buy me a drink and to ask me to do dance.. he was pretty cute and I ended up losing my virginity to him..

No. 629607

>draw a touhou tutorial
Post it

No. 629616

dae think some mens egos are so big it makes them kinda gay
Like theyre straight but the dick obsession is real lol and thinking males > females and bromance and also not liking women how they actually are vs ideas invented by men. I mean im joking but anon earlier in this thread mentioned thinking women jizzed cause of hentai. I always found it weird how guys stare at their own dicks as well when jerkin. Just makes you think dont it
Good thing its the dumbass thread

No. 629619

No I get what you’re saying. Men are very homosocial in general. I feel like a lot of ‘straight’ men are at least bi but repress it because of the stigma.

No. 629621

the ashleigh coffin thread is boring as shit.
now that the kimi drama is of the past and she broke up with her embarrassment of a baby daddy, she's just a twitter leftist who posts titty pics.
i enjoy the thot pics but don't really like her as a whole so i won't follow her, but she's not exactly the most hate-able bitch out there. her edgy content is on par with any other terminally-online twitter troll out there.

No. 629622

No. 629649

I always thought those cringe screenshots of someone texting a person for years without getting a reply were exaggerated, but it's been happening to me now for over 2 years. There's a new "hey" text from this guy like once a month.

I truly don't understand what would convince anyone to do this over such a long period of time after getting no response. And no, I didn't ghost him, I previously told him in person and over text that I wasn't interested. I didn't block him initially because I didn't imagine it would continue this long and I wanted to have evidence if he sent anything crazy.

No. 629674

Most men roll back around to see which girls are willing to fuck and give jime attention. He probably had to roll super far back because everyone else rejected him.

No. 629675

In another life if eugenia wasnt a ana chan with no future she couldve been a politician shes so good at using a lot of words to say nothing and running around questions

No. 629684

File: 1600027888844.jpeg (184.92 KB, 1242x1184, EbE26TqXYAEu92u.jpeg)

No. 629693

bruh femboys are so fucking ugly

No. 629694

I get that, I've had some desperate guys reach out again after ignoring me for a while, but it's just bizarre to get these messages so consistently and for so long.

I can't imagine texting someone every month for years after they haven't replied to you. How would you not feel embarrassed after a while?

No. 629699

File: 1600029923749.gif (12.26 KB, 105x96, OOOOO.gif)


No. 629700

i’ve been dancing to 911 by lady gaga for like an hour i don’t want to stop

No. 629701

I don't understand how people can watch her. Even outside of the severe anorexia, her constant, labored smiling and wide eyes make me think of an anxious, but hyper animal about to run off and/or bite off its own leg to escape a situation.
It's pitiable and saddening, but also bothersome. If she's that uncomfortable, she really shouldn't be doing vlogs or streams. It's almost like she's being held hostage in her own home and body or something. The name "Cooney" fits, because she has that exact kind of "raccoon" energy. A small, feral animal trapped in a cage, and it doesn't know what to do but walk in circles and bare its teeth. You can't help or do anything much, but there are millions of people just watching and saying inane shit like "I love you", as if this is a normal situation.
Everything is heavy, almost aggressive suppression of what are probably trauma/fear responses with her. The shaky high-pitched voice and everything. She just gives me a mix of bad vibes, I always get a light headache and this weird reactive stress whenever I see a clip of her talking.

No. 629702

I hope you're listening to the intro/Chromatica 2 before 911.

No. 629703

File: 1600030505059.gif (770.06 KB, 127x189, Alien_Dance.gif)


kek let me join you

No. 629706

Best intro, I second that recommendation!

No. 629708

obvi i am, i’m no pleb

No. 629711

File: 1600032509204.png (7.1 KB, 546x198, haunted.png)

oh fuck

No. 629714

King Tut
Buried with a donkey (Funky Tut)
He's my favorite honkey!
Born in Arizona
Moved to Babylonia (King Tut)

No. 629723

File: 1600035296187.jpg (16.24 KB, 360x360, IMG_20200914_001404.jpg)

> periods are going to come a day after my birthday
> hormones already decided to throw me a big bunch of small super pink acne even on my clean cheek

I guess I'll spend my birthday in apartament with s/o, instead of together with his family because I'd be busy screaming while applying makeup… Goddamn. I'm so tired.

No. 629726

I’ve been seeing a lot of rare beauty review videos and it bothers me a little bit how everyone’s like “Selena decided x” or “Selena did x” like yes she’s the founder/face of the brand but surely all these things were not singlehandedly her idea?

No. 629727

2D femboys are the only good femboys

No. 629728

File: 1600036581706.jpg (40.68 KB, 433x448, 6663eb4b-17c5-48fa-a465-8dbbbf…)

mfw I have a dumb crush on a hockey player that's too handsome/normal to be posted on the unconventional men you want to fuck thread but too average to post him on the attractive men thread.

No. 629731


No. 629739

File: 1600037815442.jpeg (14.68 KB, 206x245, 9207B117-AED8-446F-BCA1-E8CCCD…)

post your hockey husbando anon!!!

No. 629745

post him in the unconventional thread if you have a doubt, the attractive thread is a shitfest anyway

it helps that I like conventionally attractive men who happen to often be shitheads, to my chagrin (older Hollywood men are often shitheads) so I can have an excuse to post them there anyway due to age / reputation. means less shaming by the timothee chowder fans

No. 629762

File: 1600040287012.jpeg (77.81 KB, 750x750, 99A343C2-664D-483C-B25A-485A26…)

Got called a pickme bc I said that if I had a bf I’d have sex with him everyday… BITCH I’M JUST HORNY

No. 629763

Stop parting your hair on the side!!

No. 629768

is it creepy of me to dm this dude who follows me on Instagram to say he’s cute? I don’t follow him back, he follows my art account and watches the stories I put up and I looked at his profile out of curiosity. He lives far away also… maybe I’m just feeling lonely lmao

No. 629770

I would follow him back first

No. 629773

File: 1600042056758.png (192.38 KB, 540x750, 25898e97-489e-4555-8bf0-c4f3d1…)

Travis Konecny kek I find him cute. I feel like if I went to the US I would probably find 10 guys who look exactly like him in some small town petrol station, all wearing camo and driving beaten up pick up trucks.
Eh, he's a bit of a hick and a (funny imo) dickhead, but other than that he's awfully average. But I do agree that the attractive men thread is an absolute shitshow.

No. 629779

File: 1600042683076.jpg (19.72 KB, 320x400, df043cde2c4d1d3a7896723020fcc3…)

This tweet makes me think of some future dystopia were any one deemed ugly is 'deleted', killed, from society.

No. 629796

I love TK! Definitely an unconventional attraction though. He looks like he makes his boys take 6 separate pictures of him with the fish he just caught

No. 629797

That wouldn't work since societies standards of women are always changing rapidly, if they tried to kill all short skinny women for not meeting their standards they'll bitch in a few weeks about how all girls above 130 need to die, it would just end up killing all women off and most men who don't eat like a damn cow would stay if even that. I probably only knew one or two guys who were consistent about what type of women they are attracted to

No. 629799

me too anon I am horny as hell and have nothing to do but fap my feelings away. I have no one but myself. cry

No. 629805

Check out the book series called Uglies

No. 629808

was about to say this, sick book series. uglies, pretties and there's a third one i think? good shit

No. 629825

I hate being approached by men at work especially when they don’t just take no as an answer and keep going. It’s so transparent they just want to take advantage of the fact I’m being paid to be nice to them and that I can’t just tell to fuck off.

No. 629827

I loved that book series when I was younger anon! I actually have it in my bedroom rn lol.
>sorry to derail original thread
Scott Westerfield was such a good author. Peeps was also one of my favorite books. I couldn't get enough of anything w/ vampires, including Twilight.
I was obsessed with Edward. I spent so many hours fantasizing him being my emo bf who looked like one of those Myspace scene guys with the eyeliner, snakebites, and that stupid hair covering their eyes.
Also, Midnight Sun was horrible and the ending was such a cop out. They were prepping for hundreds of pages for this fucking epic fight…and they just.. decided.. not to fight. .. at least that's how I remembered it.
Also my stupid 14 year old self was also excited for some kind of a sex scene, but nope. The book was a let down in all ways.

No. 629828

Specials was the third one. I also have that in my room lmao.
Hell I may read it again now.

No. 629844

ntayrt but those were my shit when I was younger anons, should reread them

No. 629892

I’d love to be a contestant on big brother but only if there were no cameras recording.
Which would be pointless I spose

No. 629897

just stay in your house for three months

No. 629900

I can’t there are no comical games to test my full body agility or wacky conestants to compete with at my apartment anon

No. 629901

File: 1600053293474.png (507.97 KB, 423x568, terezi.PNG)

I've been getting better at painting portraits recently and I'm so proud of myself. Going out of your comfort zone is really amazing.

pic is by @svvshi

No. 629918

People in the future are going to look back on the early 2000s/now the same way we look at the early 1900s and that freaks me out. Like we really are just a part of history that people will think “damn that was so long ago”

No. 629927

How to avoid falling in love with my grad professors? I am the only student in some classes and I have very knowledgeable professors that make my clit tingle and it doesn’t let me focus, I feel like a coomer. I have trouble falling in love with men that have authority over me, my psychiatrist being one lmao

No. 629940

File: 1600058238391.jpeg (73.45 KB, 535x800, 08D183B8-E11B-4073-BA3B-BFB23A…)

I’d say basset hounds are even more deformed than borzois

No. 629942

as a child, I thought basset hounds were old beagles

No. 629950

File: 1600060259551.png (250.86 KB, 570x544, 6596549165.png)


No. 629951

File: 1600060489448.jpg (336.85 KB, 1200x1200, Kfvw for your finger licking d…)

No. 629953

you're cute anon

No. 629955

time is linear and one day humanity will meet its end. no idea as to where and when, it's a little spooky

No. 629956

Omg so did I

No. 629957

I follow this ed channel and I know it's wrong but I love seeing when she uploads new binge videos. Not because I like seeing her hurt but because the food she makes looks so damn good. I would binge eat if I was cooking good shit on a regularly basis too

No. 629959

File: 1600062152768.png (2.7 MB, 1536x2048, 74816985_p0.png)

Muh godslayer

No. 629961

Sometimes I read posts here and get the vibe some of the anons are "not like the other girls" girls.

No. 629969

I just re-listened to 'I kissed a girl' by Katy Perry in the radio and lmao how did the lyrics not get her cancelled? It's like every bad cliche/stereotype about bi women put into a song and made quirky.

No. 629973

>she hasn't heard Ur So Gay

No. 629975

Do you not remember the endless discourse over that song at the time and years after

No. 629978

I've seen way more anons misuse that term and try too hard to larp as "stacys" if anything

No. 629979

I always wondered what would've happened if Tumblr got a hold of those lyrics.

I really truly love that song and would always sing it angrily about my exes.

"you're so sad, maybe you should buy a happy meal
You're so skinny you should really super size the deal
Secretly you're so amused that nobody understands you."

No. 629987

anon it came out in like 2008

No. 629989

File: 1600066358990.jpg (109.64 KB, 1000x1000, 61hfFCUDKDL._SL1000_.jpg)

i've eaten the pic related curry almost 2 weeks ago and my tongue is still stained.i was told it's not normal and that it should be gone by now.and the thing is that my tongue is not stained equally through the day.it's ok in the morning and i get a yellow stain as the day goes by

>inb4 wash your tongue

i do it daily but the stain keeps appearing idk wtf is going on

No. 629990

What is wrong with you?

No. 629995

is it even possible to get reappearing stains from something you ate two weeks ago? Couldn't it be something else?

No. 630005

i was thinking about that tbh.i never had an issue like this before and at first i didn't really pay attention as im not sticking my tongue out like an idiot all the time but it has gotten me wondering.i should look it up but if any anon knows anything i would appreciate a reply

No. 630007


I was thinking something similar to this like people looking back at shit like fortnite and saying "maan this is so vintage/retro" kek

No. 630009

File: 1600070416269.jpg (13.2 KB, 250x250, 160104.jpg)

i feel guilty for liking quarantine

No. 630014

People who have their profile picture of themselves wearing a mask are a special type of annoying and insufferable

No. 630022

File: 1600073352570.png (489.32 KB, 779x933, 1592766014223.png)

Sometimes when people make fun of Kiwi Sunset and her body, hands and titties it hurts my feelings because we have almost the exact same body type and I feel like "hey wtf that's so rude her titties are normal not national geographic"

No. 630024

Lmao same except when people talk about LJ's tits or Venti's because mine are all big saggy on my fridge-ass body but i like to think that anons just dislike their personalities and try their hardest to find physical flaws for some insane reasoning that annoying people can't have perfectly fine bodies. Anyways, your bod and tiddies are totally fine anon, don't let others comments make you hate your healthy body that keeps you alive and lets you experience life!

No. 630028

Oof this is how I feel when people drag cows for having a "potato nose" or say that they're "dirty" for having acne. There are so many times I've felt tempted to derail a thread to tell these retards that acne is genetic and hormonal. I've been to so many dermatologists and they've all told me that, but anons still think acne is caused by dirt and eating sugar.

No. 630029

I wish there was an extension or third party app that filters out all political discourse from the Internet. I like politics and staying informed but holy shit, I'm tired of Facebook tier discussion, people not fact checking and believing random 2 follower accounts or clickbait articles just because of confirmation bias.

No. 630031

I'm honestly surprised that gap in the market hasn't been filled yet.

No. 630034

I wish I had paid more attention in coding class so I could do it myself tbh. There's only so much built in blacklists and filterlists can do.

No. 630036

A person with no chin that has a following considering her attractive? i'm feeling so validated rn, no-chins unite

No. 630039

When I feel bad about my no chin, I tell myself: at least it's not a big, manly chin.

No. 630045

He looked so cool before the game's release, now I can't unsee him as a shitty edgy brat who won't stop arguing with his exhausted mom.

No. 630058

So you're basically forcing interaction out of someone… Maybe that person doesn't even want the door to be held open, or doesn't think it's a big deal (not enough for a thank you, just basic expected behaviour).

No. 630070

I love checking /meta/ for drama but the pic for the general complaints disgusts me so much I don't want to do that shit anymore.

No. 630084

You know you can hide the thread pic on any and all devices you use right? I've done that for several threads.

No. 630100

File: 1600089608676.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.09 KB, 2048x2048, p6hx5n4zwih31.jpg)

I can't wait for Little Nightmares II to be released. This bitch is gonna be so fun to fight.

No. 630117

File: 1600091373302.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3160x2416, D7C18D41-4D9E-4669-8FA9-03B685…)

Looks like non redhead carrot top

No. 630121

File: 1600091483018.jpg (14.16 KB, 172x129, gewhau.jpg)

I want to lose weight quicker but I just can't quit noodles cold turkey, that's the only carb I can't get enough of.
At least replacing all sugary drinks with flavored seltzer and ice water is a start.

No. 630132

for literally years I used be to like

“I’m not a breakfast person. I wake up not feeling hungry and the thought of food makes me nauseous”

BITCH it’s because you spent every night eating a full course meal . Anyways, after years of not doing that , I ate late at night last night and now I feel horrible . Knowing what it feels like not to eat like shit makes eating healthier so much more worth it.

No. 630150

Not to do the whole "I hate entitled white women" spiel, but something recently happened and GOD DAMN did I want to kill this bitch.

I got to work and suddenly really felt the need to shit. I shit at home and hate shitting at work but when nature calls, nature calls. I went into one of the individual bathrooms in our building and did my business. I genuinely felt sick so I was in there for a while. Keep in mind we have HELLA bathrooms in our building. At least 4 individual and 1 big bathroom with stalls , on every single floor (we have 3 floors). All of a sudden I hear knocking. I didn't respond, not sure why but I just didn't feel like shouting "i'm in here" to a stranger, especially when a locked door is enough of a hint. A few minutes later I hear the same knock. I've come to the conclusion that this person's office is right next to the bathroom and they are too lazy to walk over to the other side of the floor to go to another one. That and they refuse to use the stalls. NEXT thing I know , I hear her call over security and go "both of these bathrooms are locked and no one is responding. I've been here forever and this is ridiculous. Can you GO LOOK ON THE CAMERAS AND SEE WHO IS IN THERE" THE GUY ACTUALLY GOES TO HIS OFFICE TO CHECK, AND I HEAR HIM COME BACK AND SAY "YEAH, ITS A YOUNG WOMAN IN ONE AND A YOUNG MAN IN THE OTHER" At that point I realized I should have just been like I'm in here to avoid this mess, but too late. I hear her complain to everyone passing by for a few minutes before I finally finish, make sure the bathroom is decent because I'm a decent person, but realize the stench is going to kill her on her way in. Oh well, that's what she fucking gets. I get out and avoid eye contact with her not because I'm embarrassed but because I don't even want to give her the time of day at that point. I had just finished having a horrible morning and she had to make it worse for literally no reason. I can't even shit in piece before the work day begins.

No. 630158

how so?

No. 630159

I started chatting with a girl who supposedly has BPD to see what it looked like. I think she is love bombing me? I'm moving soon and she said she would write the date down and no one has done that for me before haha. But we barely know each other.

No. 630161

What the actual fuck, I can't imagine calling security over a locked BATHROOM even if no one replied kek. Always operate under the assumption someone is in there or there's a mess. What the hell is wrong with people. I hope the smell taught her a lesson.

No. 630162

>cameras in your bathrooms


No. 630167

instead of changing all of your diet just try eating less and exercising more. i lost 8lbs by doing that and i still eat anything i want. lifestyle changes are easier when you add something instead of taking something away.

No. 630172

File: 1600095242270.jpeg (77.96 KB, 749x549, 19E323B9-620F-4D3D-B2C7-5BB850…)


No. 630173

Happy Пасха everybody

No. 630174

No. 630175

wait, you're chatting with someone just to explore their mental illness? are you a sociopath of some sort?

No. 630180

Lol they aren't in the bathroom it's right outside meaning I guess they can see who goes in. Not sure who was like "WE NEED THESE CAMERAS TO FACE THE BATHROOMS" but…

No. 630181

My brother works in security and every now and then he'll get called to check on a locked (usually diasbled) bathroom because nobody is responding. The concern is fainting or whatever medical emergency could be happening inside and it's amazing how often people will stay in there silent while security ask over and over if they need help.

Why not just shout back that you're fine?

No. 630182

They are slightly internet (in)famous. I'll leave it at that. Nah, I'm not a sociopath. I'm just curious.

No. 630183

no one asked if I need help . It was literally just her wanting to see who the bitch taking up the bathroom is. And liek I said I was awkward and didn't respond when the woman knocked the first time so I felt awkward just randomly responding then. I'm stupid .

No. 630185

weird moment of solidarity with the person shitting in the other stall

No. 630186

Because people are embarrassed that they're pooping, anon.

No. 630190

I pass out all the time from taking these enormous shits. Security have saved my life so many times

No. 630192

I get that but If it's a matter of security asking you if you are ok or wondering if you're passed out in there..it'll only escalate if you don't answer lol

No. 630194

Question is was he getting hassled and also silently panicking in there?

No. 630198

I don't think security went and knocked, I think he just checked the cameras–the lady was the one knocking and asking.


No. 630202

Scat-fetishist anon? they like to post about women shitting

No. 630273

File: 1600103613328.jpg (11.83 KB, 386x381, 1599939693117.jpg)

>wearing makeup in 2020
>wearing makeup

No. 630281

File: 1600104412907.jpg (57.63 KB, 600x753, wtf-is-this-crap-i-just-want-t…)

I need to renew my ID card but I do not want to go to the photographer because no matter how I style myself, I always look like a mugshot from the fbi most wanted list lmao

No. 630282

I accidentally pulled the "help me" cord in a disabled bathroom once but I was too cringy to be like no oops I'm fine so they kicked the door in, bit embarrassing

No. 630284

I too have that problem, a bus driver looked at my photo once (on a bus pass) and was like r u sure this is you, so I frowned and pushed by face back a bit and he was like oh yeah oops

No. 630290

I be in the club.

No. 630293

i like effeminate men and slightly masculine women. is that weird?

No. 630294

File: 1600105820104.png (300.78 KB, 547x416, myh40if4jjl.png)


No. 630295

I used to love reading comments on YouTube but they’re all so stupid now. It’s basically just a competition of who can get the most likes rewriting a tired meme formula.

No. 630296

i'm crying laughing at the pic you chose anon oh my god

No. 630299

There's this 450 pound man who works at my company and I've found out from overhearing his conversations that he has a toddler son.
How the fuck do guys that huge manage to reproduce? I think I overheard him bemoaning some health emergency he had that was heart related once too. This is why I'll never feel bad about women being overweight, men can walk around almost being bedbound and still find a woman who wants to have his child and be his caretaker. It's honestly unbelievable.

No. 630301

I miss the days when I enjoyed drawing things other than ass.
Puberty and thus being horny killed my creativity.

No. 630304

No. 630306

I'm slowly becoming more and more attracted to personality over looks. It's starting to make me attracted to ugly boys and I hate myself for it. Like, why do I find Joji to be extremely hot? Me a year ago would be ashamed of current me.

No. 630307

Joji is the one man I'm actually attracted to and I have no idea why

No. 630310

Joji kinda has a shit personality tho

No. 630311

Joji isn't super cute, but he's not hideous. That's something to consider when you find yourself more attracted to personality than looks. I've never been into absolute chads or stacies alone, personality always has to be a factor, but I still couldn't date/stay with someone I wasn't attracted to at all. Don't hate yourself, it's normal lol

No. 630313

fucking this. the boy is so fake. i hate "woke" sad fuccbois like that. his music is also shit and has that whole "2deep4me" stoner feel to it.

No. 630316

I don't like him for that personality. I hate his fan base and the persona he puts on for his music. I just mean he's a pretty creative guy in general and I like how he is in natural interviews/podcasts and with his friends back in the day.

But yes, I can also acknowledge he's kind of an asshole, but I guess I find that toxicly attractive too.

No. 630318

tbh i miss his filthy frank days. i think when people do ironic characters like that it allows for a level of rawness that people need to acknowledge (plus his pink guy rapping was fire) i think you're right about him in person though. he lived near my ex-friend when he lived in boston/cambridge and he was pretty cool with us (other than my friend's fiance who has an unironic 4chan /pol/ personality). i know that he changed with the internet, and some personal stuff happened, but it's just a little gross to me.

No. 630332

Us girls need to stop beating ourselves up over dumb shit. As long as it's not harmful you should feel free to like whatever makes you happy and dgaf about what others think

No. 630338

you right bb. it's just hard.

No. 630341

My boyfriend has low self-esteem and thinks he's ugly despite being my vision of male beauty since I was in at least grade 6. I'm always complimenting his skills and appearance and the things he says. I love him, going through photos of him is something I spend a LOT of time doing because he's such a cutie and I love the memories attached to them. I always post pictures of him (us) because it makes me happy. Is there anything else I could do? I'm making him a pair of gloves as a surprise for the winter because me making things for him seems to help. I just feel sort of at a loss, like what else could I add? I want him to come home today and feel good. I've cleaned and done all the "extra" laundry like the couch blankets and slippers, the house smells and looks fantastic. What else could I add? Goddamn I want him to feel as lovely as he makes me feel and it isn't working

No. 630343

Besides supporting him you can't really do much. Low selfesteem is an inner struggle he has to overcome himself. You can't do that for him.

No. 630347

What makes Joji not actually cute? I've always thought he was pretty conventionally good looking.

No. 630350

My dad just texted me that he went on his yearly nut picking trip today, he collects them at the end of each summer

Did you get many nuts this year dad?

Feels wrong

No. 630353

The youtuber Psych Irl made a vid about him lately and I wish she had explored what makes him so weirdly fanciable. Have seen so many anons on here describe being into him. And it usually goes along the lines of 'I don't even know why but god I'd jump his bones'

I'm one of them lol. I don't think he's insanely attractive..but I'm insanely attracted to him anyway. Simlarly I don't have any real idea who he is in terms of personality. And I rarely crush on men so? it's a mystery to me.

No. 630354

It's not that he's conventionally ugly. He's just not a looker in the sense that most people aren't into him because of his looks alone the way some people are into other celebrities. Plus he gives me whiplash because sometimes he looks great and sometimes he looks like shit because he doesn't always take the best care of himself appearance wise.

No. 630358

I think Joji is cute because I already had a crush on Filthy Franck…………. The baggy eyes and the nerd aura are my thing unfortunately.

No. 630359

Safari man does it for me.. no joke

No. 630363

File: 1600113137977.jpeg (433.94 KB, 828x636, 917FD0D4-5801-4D17-995E-63B6E4…)

Dead. I guess watching someone eating ravioli out of a pen pocket had to have been someone’s thing out there

But I agree with other anons. He’s cute but definitely makes himself ugly when he grows his out among other things. He’s also not very tall. I like him in attached pic. Also to be fair he has said multiple times he finds himself to be ugly so at least he’s not full of himself.

No. 630371

Today I remembered how in high school i made a mixtape for a debate trip I went on. For some reason, I decided it would be a great idea to put "I Touch Myself" on the CD. I was then so mortified when my mom's religious evangelical friend heard it. In retrospect her family was cool with pop music and might have even heard it before but it's embarassing to listen to that around an adult

No. 630372

File: 1600113887930.jpg (48.54 KB, 517x497, pinkpeen.jpg)

No. 630375

I'm going to sleep anons, goodnight. I wish you all happiness and a good week. And good dreams.

No. 630387

File: 1600114895752.jpeg (87.57 KB, 749x548, D89EC758-4C2C-40FE-B44F-3303D7…)

Have wholesome dreams, anon, sleep well.

No. 630397

I keep thinking about eating mug birthday cake. I already made one but I didn’t add enough sugar and I want to eat another but there’s no room.

No. 630398

It's the time of the month when I know the weed doesn't effect me much because of my period yet my irrational ass while just buy more weed during this period smoke more and feel nothing.

No. 630399

Will* consequentially the weed only affects me grammer

No. 630413

>teacher has major exam within first two weeks of starting, has obscure questions not in PowerPoint or main reading, had lockdown app with no notes and webcam on
>surprised people didnt do well on it
>sends out passive aggressive mass DM using peoples answers to say they're wrong to whole class

Wtf is this teacher even thinking would happen? We'd all seriously get a good grade when the major points were on things hardly included? Embarassing students doesn't sound right either.

No. 630417

Some teachers are just wankers, if enough complain to the department it'll get rectified. Schools shouldn't be in the business of failing students but imparting practical applicable knowledge

No. 630449

File: 1600122710938.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 75.45 KB, 1280x1125, 0DC675D1-B7EA-4C52-B9EF-B60AA7…)

Maybe he’s skinwalking you, now he’s the cow.

No. 630450

Is this really you using lolcow as a place to do the equivalent of subtweeting/posting about the people you're in/have been in a relationship with hoping that they'll read it and get pissed/scared?

If not, you've basically just identified yourself to him if he does lurk here, considering all the information you just gave.

He's a creep. Why even waste your time wondering why?

No. 630452

File: 1600122878375.png (986.09 KB, 1292x984, Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 18.3…)

hahahah amazing

No. 630453

This is so dumb. If you think he's capable of this behavior why is he still following you on instagram? Either block him or confront him.

No. 630455

fucking lul i wonder how many trannies she will hve murdered with this book's existence?

No. 630456

I'm so confused by this post. You're afraid your ex is stalking you on one platform yet you're letting him follow you on another?

No. 630457

lmao love her she really has balls of steel huh

No. 630464

Does anyone else just make shit up when it's a slow night on here?

No. 630466

I wish I looked mean and intimidating

No. 630467

No. 630469

Holy shiiit now she's really going to be treated like hitler even more

No. 630470

>makes a book about a CIS man who kills people dressed as a woman
>trannies reeeee on twitter about how this makes transwomen look bad
>basically tricked troons into admitting transwomen aren’t women, but men dressed up as women

JK based and pinkpilled

No. 630472

I know this sounds really stupid but when people say they have a stomach ache do they mean nausea? Or like period cramps? Or is it something else? because obviously I’ve felt sick/had period cramps before but I don’t think I’ve ever just had a random stomach ‘ache’ in my life.

No. 630473

Lucky as fuck. I get stomach pain from IBS and it feels like I’m getting stabbed. Unique from both cramps and nausea. It’s hard to describe but it fucking hurts. I didn’t know there were people who didn’t get tummy aches. You’re superhuman or some shit

No. 630474

A car pulled up to me today to ask for directions. I was walking to work early, it's a quiet town and I was drinking a take away coffee so I wasn't masked up. Guy in the car gestures for me to come closer to the car and it turns out he wants directions to the local covid testing centre.. his head stuck out the window and unmasked.

No. 630475

I've only really had proper stomachache when I had norovirus. So twice in my 30 years

No. 630477

I don't know if people ever really apply those terms to women, it usually gets watered down to 'moody and bitchy' just to belittle you

No. 630480

File: 1600126194414.png (968.57 KB, 1121x1121, 1 sSl2Pa5HiemyvG6p5SVJfA.png)

No. 630486

everyday she gives less of a fuck and its incredible

No. 630489

If this is legit, then she is actually based and has my respect.

No. 630501

um, based???

No. 630517

i keep thinking about an interview i fucked up 2 months ago and god how i want to rip my face off from how horrible it was.

No. 630520

funny posts thread is giving me an existential crisis over my husbandos

oh my god

No. 630521

I have awkward interactions with cashiers that haunt me for way too long afterwards, A bad job interview would be like permanent cringe

No. 630533

I remember a few years ago one of my fave (very small) youtubers just randomly died in his sleep. His partner went on the channel just to say it was sudden, unexpected and down to a heart problem that had never been detected. He was under 30 and he just died while asleep.

I cried about it and when my bf came home to me crying I said I was sad because he was such a sweet guy.. I was weirdly jealous at the same time though. I was crying from that frustration.

No. 630534

File: 1600131698315.png (12.85 KB, 546x31, Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 8.01…)

I hate that this is me.

No. 630535

I made homemade ice cream out of canned milk and it was fucking AWESOME yet so easy.
Things shouldn't be allowed to be so good.

No. 630538

i've had them since childhood and it basically feels like you're being punched in the stomach

No. 630541

Yes! One was really nice to me the other day and I swear my self confidence got its first boost in years. He had a mask on so I dunno what he looks like besides his hair, still fantasised about him afterwards

No. 630542

Fuck anon I literally came here to complain about falling in love with every stranger I pass on the street. I'm sorry we're like this.

No. 630546

My nipples have been so sensitive/sore the past few days to the point that even my shirts or purse rubbing against them is noticeable wtf help me, it’s not my period, pms, new meds or anything like that

No. 630549

i already cringe from daily interaction with people. but job interviews makes me want to end my life because i suck at them no matter how long i practice and prepare.

No. 630551

what the fuck

No. 630553

Hmm anon… I have a feeling they aren’t the insufferable or annoying one here

No. 630554

Just wanted to say a general thanks to anyone who has ever replied to one of my many posts venting about my ex. The mind games were endless and now my vents are endless too. Twenty more late night posts about him and I should have it out of my system.

No. 630556

that’s just how it be sometimes anon. genuinely, it happens to me sometimes too

No. 630564

I hid the vent thread for a reason. What's with people posting vent bs here

No. 630567

no problem. Now can you stop no one's amused.

No. 630585

File: 1600139399977.jpg (27.41 KB, 412x309, image1.jpg)

I'm having a major blast to the past, I just found some Laruku and Malice Mizer shit on youtube and I feel like crying out of nostalgia, I can't believe I completely forgot about them. I believe I was around 15 when I got really into the whole jrock/visual kei thing, the FMA movie had just come out and I was having the time of my life being an annoying little weeb. Am I becoming one of those "things were better back in my days" boomers or is the geeky/weeby scene less fun nowadays? idk, maybe it's just that back then everything was so novel and hard to come by, like I remember it took me forever to find a MM concert in video but when I finally did it was so exciting, even though it was in extremely low resolution lol that said I just googled Hyde out of curiosity and I'm scarred for life, he used to be so cute what happened

No. 630586

Aw, anon! I had the same thing happen to me with the same groups last winter. It was so magical, I even bought a few cds from ebay

No. 630591

that's exactly how I would describe it, magical! it's been so long since the last time I listened to them that it feels like the first time. I'm so tempted to buy the whole marveilles photo book and probably every single CD I can find on ebay. I'm living my 15 year old dream in my 30s

No. 630593

No. 630605

early anime culture was absolutely kino

No. 630607

>back then everything was so novel and hard to come by
This is true, especially for anime/j-pop stuff. Hours spent searching through obscure forums for (hopefully not dead) YouSendIt/Megaupload links, pouring over IRC channels, etc. Now there are so many easily accessible streaming sites for anime that’s all pre-licensed, and music videos are all on YouTube. It’s definitely a lot easier, but man did I enjoy the hunt.

No. 630634

Sometimes when I browse lolcow in public, I wonder if admin or one of her irl mod friends will be nearby and notice

No. 630635

Sounds sexy

No. 630655

Probably encourage him to go to therapy, honestly. He's gotta learn self love.

No. 630661

In the beginning of 2019, I had some kind of a flu that made me lose all sense of taste and smell. Not in the way of "oh my nose is stuffed so I can't smell", my nose wasn't stuffed at all, I just couldn't smell or taste anything. It was so unnerving, it felt so weird not being able to smell my bf or taste food at all. Everything felt so sterile. It was so bad that a glass of wine tasted the same as a glass of water.
I wonder if corona already started earlier and I had it?

No. 630665

Thats the reason why I love him.

No. 630666

Astolfo the ripper, yes.

No. 630673

she so fucking great

No. 630674

No. 630678

There are rumors that the first cases have been dated to dec. 2018 but who the fuck knows. I feel I'm tinfoiling hard but the media is doing their best to spread misinformation and panic in order to hide some info.

No. 630686

There was evidence found of COVID being present in Italy for a while before China spoke about it officially for the first time. So I'd say it's not impossible.

No. 630687

I've read about it too and it wouldn't surprise me but I don't want to tinfoil too hard either. (I live in Germany by the way.) It'd be so interesting to know if it actually was corona, though I will never find out anyway.

No. 630689

My favorite part about this is that if it ends up proven that Covid-19 had been around on a global scale for much longer than we thought, it kind of proves that the ridiculous government-induced media-driven panic was an overreaction and there was no actual justification for it.

No. 630691

Good point

No. 630692

I find it very interesting how different are the numbers in different countries. I live in Poland, we got strict measures implemented for about 2 months and returned to relatively normal life after that, numbers stayed pretty much the same and even at the height of the pandemic things were easily manageable in the hospitals (my mom is a nurse and worked with covid patients). Then you have countries like Italy, where it really was bad and hospitals were overflowing with patients. I think it's not unreasonable to be careful - especially since we don't know if there are any long lasting effects of being infected with that virus and it's pointless to risk things, but it is true that media made the panic reach heights so crazy, people going full tinfoil were an inevitable outcome.

Having said that I really hope people will stop going feral with the anti-masks protesting, because for majority they're not hard to wear and having everyone wear them will really help.

No. 630700

After two months of torment, I have finally freed my ingrown nipple hair. I can die peacefully now.

No. 630705

Was it on the actual nipple or the areola? That sounds so painful wtf Im so sorry anon

No. 630707

I don't get why JKR is so harshly critiqued and put down for having a trans character in her book being a killer. There was another book a year or two ago that had a trans serial killer but it was written by an actual man and no one cared. Books always come out about current themes. Of course trans characters are going to be more common. What about murder mystery books, are all those villains petty self inserts by the author? People need to stop their performative woke shit, especially for an identity/affliction with no known cure. Transitioning is a fucking mess, it's a mental illness. There is nothing based in biology that shows a healthy functioning person should have been born with the opposite sexual reproductive organs and no amount of cosmetic surgery is ever going to actually amount to a sex change. Cosmetic is superficial.

No. 630708

I live in Spain and trust me, the numbers are way overblown and I think Italy has the same issue. For an instance hospitals were strictly forbidden from performing autopsies on people who were suspicious of having the virus and died even if they had dunno, cancer before then counted them as deaths from 'rona. I say suspicious because back in March and April we didn't even have enough tests. Now media is spreading panic again with headlines like "12k new infected people yesterday, the highest number since March, we're all gonna die" not accounting now we actually have tests and testing everyone and his dog.
It's also easy to say masks are not hard to wear when you don't live with 40º everyday and your government didn't enforce them even if there is no one around (but they sell them with the luxury tax ofc).

No. 630710

>I don't get why JKR is so harshly critiqued
Because misogynists on twitter are insane, the question is why people who should know better buys into their bullshit. Newspapers, celebs etc

No. 630711

>trans killer
That’s not true is it? I thought that her character was clearly a cis man that dresses as a woman - thus the outraged trannies shooting themselves in the foot from being outraged because it shows they don’t see themselves as women in reality.

No. 630713

This. The char is a biological man who wears skirts. Was never mentioned that he is a tranny (however…irony!)

No. 630715

Well then the other book had an identified trans killer and didn't get any backlash. So JKR wrote a book on topics she had researched. People are honestly so retarded in their preaching. Isn't it better to have a book even explore a topic so there can be a discourse. The funny thing is half of these melts can't critically read books for shit. They start reading a book and highlighting a passage that backs up their stupid uniformed opinion. I've already saw it happen with the Rowling book. Sometimes authors write bad characters and make them do bad things so you don't like them like what the fuck lol it's part of telling a story. I hate how pc everything is.

No. 630716

Hospitals were overflowing only in one region of italy, the one with the most population and the first place in europe to be hit. I just want to specify because sometimes it seems like the whole country got hit in the same way while that's not the truth and they worked against it being spread to other regions

No. 630724

the bitch was on the outside ring of my nipple, so like where boob meets and nipple begins. they all grow here on me and they’re always super fucking long dark and coarse. electrolysis hurts like a b but I’m fucking tired of these shits ruining my day a few months out of the year

No. 630727

I used to clown on farmers here finding mads hot but honestly I can kind of see it.

No. 630728

I love tormenting myself watching stationary hauls being poor as hell

No. 630729

whos mads?

No. 630733

Mads mikkelson. He can kinda get it ngl

No. 630739

Ignore her, it's Mads Mikkelsen.

No. 630743

File: 1600173364274.jpg (107.07 KB, 346x299, img43959.jpg)

I do this thing where I see how long I can resist before scratching an itch and I think I've done it so much I've accidentally developed an itch kink

No. 630747

I forgot to take all of my meds this morning and I'm already at work rip

No. 630750

Jesus Christ anons who feel the need to respond to every mention of the U.S. here with anti-burger sperging are annoying as hell. God forbid people talk about the country most of the anons here live in. Literally everyone in the U.S. knows how much it sucks here. We get it, whatever European country you live in is a fucking flawless utopia. Sorry I was born on the wrong chunk of land and don't have the money to move somewhere else!

No. 630757

Stop being such a drama queen, whenever anons complain about Americans it's usually because they make conversations that were obviously about people in general, several countries or one country in particular all about the USA.

No. 630762

Nah, someone will talk about their experience and if it's clear they're American or their views are influenced by American/western thought, people absolutely sperg about burgerfagdom. It's annoying to see happen every day.

No. 630763

I hate my food intolerance i keep going through periods of not eating much because im tired of making my own food or paying high prices for ready made food that excludes it. im very jealous of normal people who can buy microwave meals, buy take out, go to fast food.

No. 630778

I have the exact same problem anon. It got really bad at the beginning of the pandemic and has been a fluctuating, ongoing problem since then. I'm in another period of no appetite and low motivation to prepare food right now. It feels horrible

No. 630794

> whatever European country you live in is a fucking flawless utopia
I complain about mine more than anything, it's backwards and overly religious

No. 630805

File: 1600183316349.jpg (86.87 KB, 409x600, 1515606563581.jpg)

I honestly had no idea that "retard/retarded" was considered a slur in english. I see it used so often that I thought it was super common, until yesterday I heard that someone almost got ~cancelled~ for saying """"the r word slur"""". I had to google what they meant because it was the first time I saw that word referred to as that. In my language, moron and retard mean literally the same. So for me it's super weird how one is acceptable and the other isn't

No. 630808

This killed me. I'm sorry, anon, but thanks for the laugh!

No. 630811

Therapy. You're doing your part in supporting him but there is a lot of homework that needs to be done internally, by him.

No. 630814

t. doesn't understand exponential growth

No. 630818

Moron, retard, imbecile — I know there’s more. They do all mean the same thing. But like 10 or so years ago everyone suddenly hopped on the “retard is bad” bandwagon, even non-SJWs. But if you point out the other words, then you’re just being annoying and extreme, to everyone except the most ‘progressive’ tumblrites.

I’m curious if anyone knows what started the railing against retard? My best guess is that it started because of autism awareness, and autistic kids were becoming the public’s darling. It took me forever to get on board with it, and when I finally did I still didn’t think saying retard was that big of a deal. But people take it more seriously than “nigger” or “bitch”

No. 630828

I remember being in middle school in like 2006 and some spergy girl in my class saying that "retard" was a mean word uwu. She wanted to be a SPED teacher. I ignored it, but that was the first time I heard it, then it snowballed to being truly problematic, though I can't put my finger on when it caught on overall.

>people take it more seriously than the n word

Idt that's true at all still, but otherwise ya agree with you. People sharing leftist infographics on IG saying moron and insane are ableist terms that we shouldn't use anymore get a hearty kek from me.

No. 630832

Every person I knew who said nigger or thinks that saying nigga is any better is against saying retard. I first heard “the r-word is MEAN and disrespectful” was from the guys in my junior high who were the same ones saying “hah— GHEEEEY! Nigga fagot!”

Suddenly they would interrupt everyone and wag their fingers at them. Like ok. kek

No. 630833

im training to be in the medical field, but i consistently get dizzy and have even fainted in small, enclosed hospital rooms. i dont have this problem if the doors are open or in large rooms, and it doesnt even have to be a patients room, i once fainted in the nurse station where i was putting together an infusion because the room was very small and all the doors and windows were closed.

how the fuck do i get over this? its not even because im squeamish, idek whats causing it. its a big problem, because most hospitals in my country have very small rooms. this is literally so stupid, why cant my body stay conscious.

No. 630860

Honestly I don't say it much IRL because I never really got into the habit of saying it, but there's something viscerally satisfying about still being able to say retard on imageboards. I feel like retard isn't as frowned upon as the others (though it's still socially unacceptable.)

No. 630861

I shouldn't have looked up this retarded BTS song, I can't get it out of my head now.

No. 630862

honestly i don't see a problem with retarded. the words stupid and moron have the same origin and connotations. getting huffy about the word retarded specifically doesn't change the other words that are used to make fun of others by comparing them to the mentally handicapped.

No. 630866

My BMI is overweight (mostly muscle because I have a job that requires a lot of strength) and I got accused of being anorexic. God I hate america's obesity epidemic

No. 630868

You can have a high BMI and still be food restrictive. You probably act neurotic enough for others to notice.

No. 630874

Why is this the most retarded thing I’ve read today?

No. 630896

You can, but the point was that I'm certainly not anorexic by any means
Because it's lolcow and everyone goes out of their way to take anything they possibly can out of context

No. 630898

File: 1600190833714.jpg (1.34 MB, 1657x1551, goth hot dog.jpg)

how the fuck do i make her face not look so doughy PS anons pls save me

No. 630901

OP again, I also would like to add this person has never had a conversation with me before and I have nothing out of the ordinary in my bio (it was someone on a dating site) no reason to call me anorexic or accuse me of being crazy or anything

No. 630904

The context in english makes it even more retarded though(ba dum tss) when I was a kid in the mid 00's literally nobody used "retarded" to refer to mentally disabled people, you'd say "special needs" or something like that. Retarded is only used for people that act like an idiot or do something stupid.

Then again people on tumblr tried to ban words like crazy, stupid, idiot etc too

No. 630908

lmaoooo please post this in the altcows thread, this is too good. with all that money you'd think she'd invest in some facial reconstruction…

No. 630967

that filename kek

No. 630981

This is a weird assumption/you must not have read the OP correctly.

No. 631011

Can the scat fetish anons stop please

No. 631045

File: 1600199150496.png (399.86 KB, 500x563, 877703ced5ed1fecd92c5a1117fe1f…)

No. 631052

God I really want Heather to get better. She's insane. I feel kind of sad.

No. 631061

Not to be basic but the Office is right.

No. 631065

Does anyone here like talking out lout to themselves? I think it's a great way of organizing my thoughts. And tbh I like the sound of my own voice. I guess people think I look crazy in public but oh well.

No. 631080

yes! It's also always my go to way to faster memorize stuff

No. 631081

LOL I just got a ban notif (expired) telling me to sage in /ot/ lolcow is run by actual newfag dickgirls isn’t it

No. 631096

Bought some shorts online on sale. They're navy with a pink flower pattern and looked nice on the model. For some reason once I put them on they looked like pajama shorts on me

I still wore them out of the house today. Wonder if people thought I was just that lazy.. small town where everybody notices shit too so I felt weird. Will prob now use them as pjs

No. 631097

Trannies who think it's cute to call themselves dickgirls make me want to vom. Stick to femboy if you must. Or faggot.

No. 631099

I wish I had started using coconut oil as a deep body moisturizer years ago. I tried some on a whim and it is the only oil that keeps me hydrated through multiple showers and has really made a difference with my body. My legs used to be so scaly and now they are smooth and silky. Plus I love that nice toasty scent of coconuts.

No. 631100

she looks like holly conrad squashed vertically

No. 631102

my coworker is an anti-vaxxer and refuses to get vaccinated for covid when/if we ever get one

No. 631106

she'll probably have to or have to quit.

No. 631109

>tfw ow new skin challenge
>has tracer wearing pink and blue on skin
how long till she's officially a transbian?

No. 631113

No. 631146

File: 1600206734707.png (110.66 KB, 481x358, 99fb1c79e91ce73f010bf13fb86a3d…)

just use a reaction image like everyone else

No. 631174

I probably have ADD and talking to myself is the only way I can keep myself on track if I have to do something. Like I keep ”narrating” everything I’m doing/about to do just to stay focused. It can and will go on for hours.

No. 631249

Hopefully I’ll get to quit before she does lol. She was complaining about it too like “well I guess I’ll HAVE to get vaccinated because they’ll require it for work UGH!!!”

No. 631257

Very curvy yoga teacher anon if you’re reading this no this is not a humble brag.

Does anyone else struggle to find body shirts that aren’t tight enough around the sleeves? For some reason I have very skinny arms and every body shirt I wear doesn’t actually hug my skin like i want it to. I can’t just buy a smaller size because then the shirt won’t fit in other areas.

No. 631259

*that ARE tight enough

No. 631264

File: 1600217097090.png (138.81 KB, 645x699, 1599970727018.png)

You see this? Stop this

No. 631268

kek. Why are you so mad at an anon jokingly and briefly referencing what was genuinely a hilarious debacle that took place just a few days ago?

No. 631269

Nta but no? If people here were how you want and stopped doing those things lolcow would be a boring pullesque hug box.

No. 631276

i miss the kpop threads

No. 631280

Because it's annoying to bring up dumb arguments that happened days ago and it just comes off to me as unstable. Who even thinks about arguments they had on lolcow days later?

No. 631281

File: 1600218835698.gif (74.95 KB, 791x902, lcbingo.gif)

lmao anon did you make that bingo?

No. 631283

Me too but I get why people don't want them back

No. 631285

Who said they were part of the argument. Do you not realize how many people were reading/laughing at that.

And by the way, not to add to your bingo chart. But the anon also called us unstable for just defending that anon and cracking a few jokes along the way. Now you're calling us unstable. I had no idea this was boarding school. Let people fucking laugh.

No. 631286

File: 1600219023835.jpg (894.93 KB, 2048x2048, smh.jpg)

If you are gonna simp over men, at least do it over 2d ones.

No. 631290

Stop policing the site. If you think it’s unstable or mean move on? Holy shit people are soft on here lately.

No. 631291

I didn't say they were part of argument. Excuse me I had no idea that idiots fighting on lolcow over nothing was a highly stimulating reality show for you. Guess idiots really do get entertained easily

No. 631294

> Who thinks of arguments they had on lolcow days later?


No. 631295

Why were they banned? I never posted in them but I also never really noticed k-pop topics leaking into other threads like with the other banned topics.

No. 631296

Why infight when you can get your pussy ate?

No. 631297

The only time it is acceptable to simp men.

No. 631298

it’s because the twitterfags those threads attract are unwelcomed

No. 631300

No. 631303

>she doesn't infight on lolcow while getting eaten out by her gf

No. 631304

idiots fighting over nothing is entertaining

No. 631306

Yeah but I'd rather just go to 7/11 and watch crackheads fight, at least then it's not a cringe factory

No. 631324

>pees before bed
>chugs the majority of my 24oz cup of water immediately after peeing

Why am I like this anons

No. 631328

bc you like to be hydrated.
Your skin thanks you!

No. 631334

then go.

No. 631335

Holyshit, you are not alone

No. 631337

there are so many stupid tiktok videos that revolve around shitty starbuck ~uwu secret menu~ that are the dumbest things. all of them look annoying to make and make me feel bad for the people who work there having to deal with these special requests.

No. 631339

Same. I hate being dehydrated before sleeping too!

No. 631341

The Sara’s School Life YanSim rip-off looks like complete shit. Worse than YanSim.

No. 631351

>people are soft on here lately
glad I'm not the only one who noticed this tbh

No. 631353

I'm not ugly, but my eyebrows are soo droopy and low on my face. I can't stand it. I don't want to do any type of operation, but I'm tired of people asking me why I look so sad or mad all the time. It actually really upsets me when I'm in a good mood and people comment on it. I hate the way I look in the mirror when I dont have my eyebrows gelled up. I don't know how to fix this.

No. 631360

Its gen z cry baby asses.

No. 631386

Wonder if it was a poor attempt at negging kek

Last guess I have is if your muscles are pretty defined, having "sharpness" in your look could be misread by manbrain to mean low weight? Assuming it was a man who said this.

I do this. Nature's alarm clock

No. 631472

i've had two glasses of wine and im ready to go to bed. alcohol is boring and nauseating. i just want a big fat blunt hnnnnnng

No. 631484

I'm so dumb I can't even tell if what I'm doing is dumbass.

So I'm desperate for a job, but when a recruitment agent contacts me about a potential I'm super picky about it considering how desperate I am. So I'm going for skilled jobs because min wage shit is even harder to get, but agents offer me graduate positions in a subcategory in my field that I've taken maybe 2-3 classes in. And the job posting obviously wants people with experience since they're temporary jobs. So it's like…technically I could stretch my knowledge enough to claim I'm familiar with what they're studying, I'd take maybe a day to study that content, plus a day to prep questions and so when I see an email like that all I can think of is I'd be doing 15-20 hours of prep…for possibly not even a fighting chance because I didn't do an internship or anything in that subcategory. I mean when people say take a chance or give it a shot…I don't think they're aware how much prep is needed for an interview.

And I'm adaptable, if it meant being employed I would learn so hard…but that's not really what employers would want, particularly for temporary positions so it feels like a fucking waste, but then I'm unemployed, so what's my time worth anyway?

No. 631496

File: 1600244834495.png (482.25 KB, 1078x671, 063A0906-020D-4491-A462-3DFE2D…)

Wasn't sure if this should go in dumbass shit or redditor thread

No. 631501

This has to be a troll. It's too funny to be true. Stress induced orgasms are a thing but a.) it's usually women who have them b.) imagine being so stressed over an online argument you orgasm. Jesus lmao

No. 631508

i cooked with a new kind of spicy pepper and scratched the spot under my nose…it hurts. so bad. i also touched my earlobe and i can feel it itch.
i tried to bite my nails and it was SPICY
im so scared of taking the first bite even if i love spice

No. 631509

> Stress induced orgasms are a thing but a.) it's usually women who have them
This is really interesting. Is there a reason behind it?
I used to get them when I'd be terribly late for something like even the bus for work or uni project. It's so efficient that when I want to get off myself I just imagine I'm late for somewhere.

No. 631512

It's speculated to be because when stressed you unconsciously clench your pelvic muscles causing stimulation to your nether regions. Some women experience it when they're for example sitting down during a very stressful school exam.

No. 631520

I hate my hip dips so much. If I didn’t have them I’d actually have a nice body

No. 631524

Hip dips look nice!! But if you hate them so much, I've seen plety of workout routines to minimize them, have you tried something?

No. 631538

Seconding to anons answer, stress can also trigger persistent genital arousal disorder although imo OP sounds like he got too worked up and his brain mixed up the signals

No. 631666

File: 1600274595980.jpeg (302.35 KB, 687x1023, 52F1DF8C-60E7-4115-A701-7EACCB…)

I wish I had a friend I could live out this movie with

No. 631668

It blows my mind that there are people out there who can eat dairy or spicy food and be digestively fine afterwards. Spicy food and dairy are truly my two favorite things on earth, but I can't have either one on most days because things will quite literally go to shit.

No. 631684

File: 1600276244205.jpg (119.8 KB, 1300x1139, 83159089-nerd-.jpg)

this may be extremely personal or some dumb Mandela effect shit but does anyone else remember the name 'chad' meaning someone geeky/nerdy? growing up in school we would call nerdy people a "chad" and always named hypothetical, glasses wearing, mouth breathing characters chad. this was 90s-2000s. nowadays a chad is a buff alpha male but i distinctly remember the name being associated with geeky males as a kid.

No. 631689

no but I recently found a crudely drawn attempt at a western manga I tried to write in sixth grade, and the male love interest was named "chad"

No. 631691

I wish my grandfather would leave and get his donut so I can make coffee in my peace. I am tired of hearing about the stock market and the three companies he is obsessed with.

No. 631708

Yeah I vaguely remember this. Like it was a generic male name used to refer some loser guy. Like, “And then we got CHAD over here with his pocket protector!” Maybe because it sounded good with ‘chump’ or maybe because it sounds nasally like how nerds used to be portrayed in media

No. 631736

I'm so lucky to have an easy period. It's bad but I laugh a little when I see girls complaining about their period.

No. 631742

Mine are easy too, they can change alot with age though. I consider myself lucky right now but I watched my mom lose her mind with PMS and heavy bleeding in her 40s so I'm nervous about that peri-menopause stage

No. 631744

not even mad at you, Im happy that you and others at least aren't suffering through that experience. It gets unbearable truly (enjoy ur laugh)

No. 631748

>hey can change alot with age though.
this, count your blessings while you have them girls. I used to have the easiest periods; light bleeding and absolutely no pain or any discomforts during my teens and early 20's. My friends used to call me a lucky cow for it. Now I can't lift myself from my bed without a maximum dose of painkillers multiple times a day.

No. 631752


Got downvoted on leddit for saying asian girls tend to be more rectangle shaped than curvy, on a post about an asian twitch streamer who shoops her body to have Kim K esque proportions.

I just, what?

Is it because the scrotes can’t accept asian girls aren’t they ultimate sexy anime waifus with F size tits and a 19 inch waist?

I was tempted to pull out a “Uhh AKTHUALLY Im an Asian Woman!!” (Im not, im native american) just to shut them up.

No. 631753

Dumb question but while the topic is brought up, what are your periods like? Mine are very heavy and painful for the first 2 days and after that barely anything. I don't talk about it with my friends but I want to know how others have it.

No. 631755

I get tearful two days before, feel some fatigue that gets extreme by the first day of bleeding. I turn white as a ghost for the few days. Bleeding itself is on the lighter side, lasts for four days. Some stomach upset but less pain than I used to get.

I'm early 30s, the fatigue and paleness is only since hitting 30. They are lighter then ever but I look like death on them.

No. 631756

Damn I didn't even realize they could change that late. Whenever people talk about period changed it's like your cycle as a child/ten vs your cycle as an adult. Fingers crossed it's smooth sailing until I hit menopause.

No. 631758

No. 631760

It varies a lot. Some periods are super light, some are heavier; sometimes they hurt like crazy, other times they just hurt a little. Mostly they’re medium, I’d say. There’s a lot of blood on the first three days and it usually hurts enough for me to have to take a higher dose of painkillers, but I still only have to use “normal” size tampons and small ones the last few days. I’ve heard about some people who bleed through their tampons all the time and who are crippled by the pain and that’s usually not the case for me. (I still prefer not to get up because of the pain, but I still could if I really had to.)

No. 631761

Used to be 8 days total, first and last light bleeding and the rest moderate. Now i'm on the pill for almost 3 years, it's 4 days, one light, one INCREDIBLY HEAVY and last 2 moderate. I'd still rather have that than bleeding for 8 days, especially since it never really started on the same day so I couldn't fully predict it. Now it's like a clockwork.

No. 631762

I get cramps and migraines and often am bed-bound.. I keep finding out this is way more common than I ever knew. Also, the day or so before I usually feel sad for no reason, but its not like the "crazy woman PMS!!!1!" trope. PMS is real but more bearable than the pain.
I wish the shitty period education millisecond they gave us in school wouldve warned about the other symptoms more. I know its just my body but I always think "I didnt sign up for this" lmao I never expected headaches
Anyway I just take whatever medicine helps and is prescribed to me. I recently found that walking/exercising and drinking water reduce my symptoms even to nearly none. My doctor said this but its hard to buy until you try.

No. 631763

oh yeah cant forget the shitting. period poops are truly something

No. 631764

I get tender breasts a few days before it starts and I rarely get cramps. Even if I do get cramps it's a level of discomfort that requires a hot water bottle not medication. Once it starts it's usually over in two days. Compared to what other women go through I think I've been lucky.

No. 631772

Hurts on day 1-2, one advil a day usually sorts it out. No cramps, but my spine and anus hurt a lot if I don't take a painkiller because I have a retroverted uterus. Warming up my feet really helps for whatever weird reason. I don't get bitchy but my depression gets far worse for the week leading up to my period. I usually have a crying fit over nothing but I kinda like it because it's good emotional release for all the shit I bottle up. Heavy-ish bleeding for the first 2-3 days, spotting for a few more after that. I can't use tampons because they cause insanely painful abdominal cramps which I don't ordinarily get on my periods. I sweat more than usual which is annoying. Usually no pimples. My breasts swell and get tender, sometimes painful. I think that's all lol.

No. 631773

I said heavy but I've never bled through a tampon and I use a small pad even at night so maybe it's not heavy. Maybe like normal lol.

No. 631776

File: 1600283818960.gif (720.69 KB, 480x360, 76BF5D97-FF0E-4D3E-86E5-24459A…)


No. 631779

Every time I scroll up and read my previous Cringy dumbass messages, I die a little bit on the inside.

No. 631783

Kek it never stops, we shan’t engage

No. 631784

i'm 29 but same. getting older just made me feel freer to express my style. and the whole 90's/2000's revival gives me the best nostalgia. i dress now like i wanted to dress back as a tween but i was waaaay too shy to stick out in any way back then. and i know some people may cringe but i've honestly stopped giving a fuck now. i love ageing.

No. 631789

I bought some shirts from China a few years ago and the sleeves were tighter compared to the ones I buy here (Germany). Perhaps it might help you?

No. 631811

lol reddit dudes love to think that any "flaw" a woman can have (not that being a rectangle is a flaw, but you get what I mean) is her own fault somehow. They look at shooped hourglass Asians and think that every Asian woman can look like that if they just eat right and exercise. One time I saw a thread where someone posted a blogpost screencap of a woman talking about how much she hated being apple-shaped and all the comments from men were like "hur dur just stop shoving food in your mouth and you won't be an apple anymore"!!! I got downvoted for pointing out that being apple-shaped is down to bone structure. I even posted pics of fit, apple-shaped celebrities and they kept making excuses.

Men also have a madonna/whore-like complex with plastic surgery. They desire perfect women but only if they were born that way, so they refuse to believe a picture of a perfect woman is retouched. Like when Mckayla Maroney started posting a ton of post-surgery bikini pics and a ton of dudes were convinced her ass grew like ten inches because of muh puberty and squats lmfaooo.

No. 631812

Ordered a dildo today and I want to post about but when I typed something out I just sounded like a larping scrote

No. 631823

I’ve had men get pissy with me when they find out im not a real redhead and my hair is dyed without me ever claiming to be natural, its a bizarre phenomenon.

No. 631829

Reminds me of my friends boyfriend (27yo) genuinely getting upset back when I had peak black silver jrocktard, asking which one is my real color. This was after thinking it was natural and this was all happening at a restaurant, so his tardfit was making a scene.

No. 631832

As a (half) Asian woman I agree, we tend to be rectangle shaped with narrow hips (and that doesn’t necessarily mean skinny and uwu tiny lol). Obviously not every Asian woman is like that but all you need is eyes to see that’s one of the more common body types

No. 631836

I pick-me’d my way into cool hobbies when I was in hs but now that I refuse to engage in talking about them with men unless they’re already my friends

No. 631868

So I was trying to procrastinate by playing a match but I ended up losing because of an afk. Probably a sign I should be studying kek

No. 631872

Same. If I'm not dating the guy, I don't talk about it with them because even men friends are shitty mansplainers occasionally.

No. 631880

As someone who likes that body type it's so fucking annoying that scrotes are trying to make people feel bad about it.

No. 631890

damn yeah can't shit having a period!

No. 631895

Post anyway. I posted about my own tits once and got called a larping scrote lmao

No. 631909

File: 1600296563849.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.87 KB, 900x900, ffboss.jpg)

I was looking at a few different toys from the same brand. For some reason I skipped past the toys that would've been a better fit for me and ordered a bigger one just cos I'm stupid like that. Guess I have to make it work. Weird impulse purchase

No. 631910

The implications of women getting accused of being men in a space centered exclusively around women, for discussing topics that many women experience and discuss themselves, are interesting

No. 631912

So? We gonna pretend men don’t love creeping on women and shitting up women’s space?

No. 631913

I'm not sure what you mean unless it's the implication that men greatly enjoy invading spaces 'centered exclusively around women, for discussing topics that many women experience and discuss themselves'

No. 631915

No idea how that was what you deducted from my post. It's just that a non-paranoid understanding is that not all women are secretly male, some women are surprisingly just women

No. 631919

Um duh? What I find weird is how triggered some “women” are at being accused once. Like you feel invalidated or sum?

No. 631923

I'm dildo anon, when I was going to post about it earlier it occured to me that my post was basically "just ordered myself a big dildo, sure hopes it fits in my lil vag"

I was concerned that sounds scrotish, it really does if you don't word it right. I made a weird impulse purchase and I just hope I find a way to actually enjoy it

No. 631924

tits anon here, rather than being triggered I just thought it was funny someone’s immediate thought about me posting “I wish I had a girlfriend to touch my tits” was “this must be a scrote” rather than “oh a lesbian”

I’m awful at telling when its a scrote larping/posting so I’m always a little curious as to what specifically about a post makes some anons jump to that conclusion

No. 631925

I don’t actually think there’s many if any males or trannies actually browsing or posting on this thread regularly at all, idg why the accusations gets thrown around so much.

No. 631930

File: 1600298007106.jpg (61.99 KB, 600x800, leafy.jpg)

What is this nigga up to these days?

Just remembered him and how he used to fraud with lighting and angles and still looked 3/10 at absolute best lmao. Making fun of people
while not even looking slightly human. Avearge man mogs him to grave, even retards he made fun of mog him.Betabuxxing some 6/10
whore is his only hope, no way could a woman be attracted to this recessed hapa fuck. Legit most hideous man i ever saw. He used to claim
he was mostly swedish while extremly obviously being (half) asian too. His shitty sense of humor is one of his (many) copes. Chads
laugh at the videos of kittens, i know this for a fact. All males who have this le offensive humor are boneless subhumans, i know this
for a fact too.

No. 631931

> I loved high school
You DID?!

> I loved college

You DID?!

> I love my job

You DO?!

Besides getting diagnosed, I truly have verification that I'm a depressed piece of shit because it amazes me to hear people say they are enjoying a certain period of their life. I don't think I ever enjoyed any period in any way.

No. 631933

You’re just naive then. Every week there’s a new scrote discovering lolcow and posting endless threads about le gorl chan on every 4chin board. These threads would get hella replies every time.

No. 631935

I'm enjoying my thirties. I didn't enjoy life at all til I was at least 30

No. 631943

Why'd you put "women" in quotation marks?

That's basically my point, though. Should all women have to speak in a specific manner about topics as mundane as their vagina, their sex toys, or their attraction to other women just to avoid being accused of being male by totally-feminist women? Even in exclusively-female spaces? Does the whole idea of "sounding scrotish" not originate from the specific speech style, words used, and/or topics mentioned that these women accuse other women of being men for doing?

>I’m awful at telling when its a scrote larping/posting

Everyone here is, anon. The farmers who think they're "so good" at spotting male posters aren't good at anything but accusing women of being men over something like, I don't know, arbitrarily using certain imageboard terms. I've seen farmers get accused of being male for the weirdest things, like discussing vulva hygiene in a thread about vulva hygiene, talking about a lesbian wet dream in a thread about dreams, or asking farmers what the best way to put on a bra is.

It's the paranoid schizophrenia.

No. 631954

Me thinks the "lady" doth protest too much

No. 631955

I just wanted to talk about my dildo

No. 631956

Prepare for a 5 paragraph reply lol

No. 631957

And that's fine. You should be able to talk about that without getting accused of secretly being a man, is my point. All women should.

No. 631958

Anon, you're on an imageboard. If you can't cope with getting called a scrote, or a samefag, or a sperg, or a self poster, or whatever term people may feel applies to your post, you might be too thin skinned for it. Wild accusations are an inherent part of anonymous discussion and it's weird that you think of it as some heinous injustice rather than typical dumb imageboard shit.

No. 631960

Implying anyone on this board is truly "thick skinned" lmao.

No. 631961

>it's weird that you think of it as some heinous injustice rather than typical dumb imageboard shit
I don't. It is dumb imageboard shit (it's certainly not anything smart) and I only pointed out the hypocrisy of that kind of accusation in its specificity to female-only online spaces, hence why I posted >>631910.

No. 631962

Some in the skincare threads are

No. 631963

> specificity, female-only online spaces, hence why

No. 631964

don’t we all anon?

Anyway, I feel like I have the opposite problem lol. I’m a size queen but I always order a little smaller to be on the safe side, but then I’m easily bored. I have one dildo that is my largest and I base all future dildo purchases around how similar in measurements they are to it. I order it on bad dragon’s black friday sale a few years back and also bought another one in the same order but sadly that one is TOO large. I’m always torn between continuing to play it safe or push it a little bit. Hope you have fun with your new dildo anon!!!

No. 631965

How is it hypocritical when there's been cases of actual, confirmed males posting here?

No. 631969

The instances of men posting here (not including instances of male newfags openly outing themselves because they didn't read the rules and didn't realize this is an exclusively female imageboard, but instances where men actively tried to pretend to be women and were caught) pale in comparison to the amount of women who post here and the amount of times farmers have been accused of being men for innocuous stuff. It seems like we have more posters who are terrified of every other poster being ~secretly a man~ than we have actual men, and that's not an invitation for men to come over, just an observation.

No. 631971

File: 1600301308949.jpeg (53.7 KB, 228x341, 38097B94-1B16-4864-A855-8D67CB…)

I like a dick that is big and strong.. Onyielding if u will

No. 631973

No. 631974

I need to get dicked

No. 631975

Onionieldingly strong and meaty

No. 631985

File: 1600303447684.jpg (46.83 KB, 674x223, 20200916_174418.jpg)

Someone make this into a banner, i found it on the comments of a Facebook post praising nurses during COVID.

No. 631987

File: 1600303648307.jpg (636.77 KB, 1080x1348, 20200916_204059.jpg)

Accidentally posted this in the old thread but I think ball jointed dolls are so beautiful. I'm a NEET but I want one so much im thinking about getting a job just to buy one for myself. I want one with long pretty hair.

No. 631991

modern life fucking sucks can we go back to being protozoa or whatever the fuck

No. 631992

They are! I used to have one, saved up for it when I was 16 and it was a major struggle but I don't regret it. There was a small local BJD community, we would meet up at each other houses with our dolls, take pictures and talk about stuff, some people had the most beautifully decorated displays for their collection, it was really nice. Do you have a model / dollmaking company you particularly like?

No. 631996

My choir professor sounds a lot like Greg, which is very off-putting because said professor is actually a nice dude who just wants to help us sing.

No. 631998

No. 632000

I had a meeting with a client, and when it was time for them to leave and say goodbye, I said "thank you for showing up!" As soon as I said it in my head I thought "shit". Is that a weird thing to say? I don't know why I said it. I meant to just say "thanks for coming". I feel like "Thanks for showing up" just sounds bad.

No. 632001

File: 1600306275315.jpg (443.07 KB, 798x1053, Feeple60_Sionna_4.jpg)

That sounds really fun anon! Do you remember what kind of doll you got as your first one? I like the Fairyland and Volks dolls a lot, it'd be so hard to make a decision on what doll to buy when the time comes though.

No. 632002

Leafy is asian???? I'm so shocked.

No. 632010

earlier i said morning to someone when it was already 1pm. i am not used to saying good afternoon.

No. 632013

File: 1600308184334.jpg (74.07 KB, 736x723, 23b757f7b8eeeb0b3d4b3155c89453…)

Good evening I hate men

No. 632014

File: 1600308302846.jpg (79.02 KB, 682x1024, cee3124c58b8c80b846e9d3d09ff9d…)

Dolls are HIGH tier artform. There's so many types to admire

No. 632016

anons i have lost all sense of brain i’ve been studying for like 8 hours straight and it’s 3am i don’t feel real

No. 632017

I remember when someone on tumblr said this was terf rhetoric because the void referred to a “pussily cavity” and it’s problematic to associate vaginas with women.

No. 632030

Hear hear void sister

No. 632032

The last time life was good was when I asexually reproduced

No. 632050

Do you guys have any recs for good doll artists I can look at? I've always been lightly fascinated by them but I'm a noob who only knows enchanteddoll.

No. 632054

i really want to pay off my loans already. sometimes i think about using all the money i have saved up just pay it all off but i don't want to be out of money if there's an emergency.

No. 632056

My dog looks like a croissant when he's curled up and sleeping. A lil chonky croissant. I love him

No. 632057

give him a pet for me

No. 632065

File: 1600318381302.jpg (58.11 KB, 600x854, FB_IMG_1598819059000.jpg)

My boyfriend deserves this japanese scholarship so badly. He's working so hard on it, on top of having a 9/5 job and freelancing. I am applying too, but I hope he gets it.
I believe in you bb

No. 632076

i wish i had a xbox to pay kinect sports, it'd help me exercise and have fun doing it

No. 632084

Just a heads up, there's is currently a foreign travel ban in effect. Assuming you are a foreigner to Japan or outside of Japan.

People are losing their jobs and housing because of this

No. 632089

i left asia because of covid. are you in japan currently? how are things? is the govt discriminating against foreigners like in china?

No. 632092

Wasn’t the re-entry ban lifted for non-travel visa holders like two weeks ago?

No. 632110

I got drunk and sperged in my work groupchat after one of my coworkers made a "jk rowling bad" joke and I pointed out her hot takes are nothing compared to the damage straight men inflict on all women cis and trans and one of my libfem male coworkers started privately messaging me and…we had a really nice respectful convo in which he genuinely tried to see my point of view? Damn maybe I should do this more often…

No. 632113

I thought this would end badly, I'm glad it didn't.
It's definitely easier said than done (it would've been a different story if your group was filled with like, crazy diehard libfems), but I think the more women speak out, the better.

No. 632121

Day before: horrible pain, awful mood
1st day: horrible pain, a few drops of blood
2nd day: more bearable pain, flooding to the point I have to change my pad every hour
3rd day: a little pain, still a lot of blood
Days 4&5: barely any pain, barely any blood

No. 632122

So I was thinking (I promise I won't do it again soon):
1) Do animals go to heaven?
2) If yes, do ALL animals go to heaven?
3) If yes, including mosquitoes?
4) If yes, a place full of all mosquitos that ever existed does not sound like heaven, quite the contrary.
5) Maybe heavenly mosquitoes don't bite, but instead sing melodically like tiny Cherubs?

No. 632131

You know, I've been thinking about that "cuties" film, and I haven't seen it but it does seem very french in that it tries to have us empathise with an annoying/narcissistic character whose sexuality is explored. Like I'll list the synopses of some french movies this year, when I was exploring my local film festival listings;

>teenager finds an old male artist and goes on journey to try make him do art again

>16 year old idolises her older female cousin who fucks older men to go on boats and shit
>17 year old girl idolises some old man theater actor because her classmates suuuck
>cheating wife is loving life with her side man, then…something happens to ruin it all

If it's french, the synopsis more often than not includes the word "sensual" and I've learned by now to give it a miss. Obviously I'm sure some of these movies have some life lessons, like maybe the young girl will stop idolising her prostitute cousin, but I'm not watching to find out.
All that said, when trying to view things from a french cinema lens, I can totally see how a french director having an annoying brat discover her sexuality could see it as something progressive and feminist.

My take is that they'd do what they love to do, but it won't affect you and you'll be chill about it because it's heaven and the small things that annoyed you on earth won't once you're dead.

Personally I'd think a heaven with NO animals or insects and only humans would be awful. Imagine never seeing rabbits, deer or hearing birds again. Just human voices, gross.

No. 632132

oh wow, I love your mind anon. According to the Christian dogma, animals don't go to heaven. I may be wrong and I hope that I am though.
I think heaven was made with people in mind so definitely no blood-sucking mosquitoes even if they somehow go to heaven kek

No. 632133

yeah I got kind of worried that I'd burned multiple bridges because of my drunken antics lol but I think it helps that my hatred of transtrenders is heavily, heavily eclipsed by my hatred of greedy doctors suckering naive and suffering people into getting irreversible surgeries for their own gain, which is an opinion I've found many protrans liberals share either secretly or openly.

No. 632137

that feeling when your taking a shit so intense that you can feel it in your legs is more powerful than any emotion ive ever felt

No. 632140

File: 1600331512406.jpeg (252.92 KB, 1010x1010, 5A2A6A0E-6E20-431F-9776-1D616E…)

Is it just me or does her skin actually look worse in the after photo? (Chemical peeling and deep pore cleanse)

No. 632141

File: 1600331581858.jpeg (229.71 KB, 990x990, 1267B8B4-429A-4836-9AD4-3119F3…)

samefag. Seems like a good way to fuck up your skin but I don’t really know much about this stuff.

No. 632142

File: 1600331588657.jpeg (29.24 KB, 590x386, 92010296-6B7C-4192-863F-697004…)

Tfw flunked my first two exams this semester for the first time ever in my college career. Online learning sucks man.

No. 632147

the whole point really is to remove the first few layers of skin so your body can replenish the missing stuff and boost cell turnover. it also brings all the bad stuff up and out to the surface so it goes away quicker leaving your skin better. it’s a multi day multi step thing even after you leave, your body needs time to absorb the products and start the process of healing. it’s also a thing you need to do regularly (like once a month) if you want to see real results, her face might look weird to you because someone was fucking with it for probably an hour so there will be some redness

No. 632149

It looks kinda plastic-y, but that might just be because it's right after the procedure. Afaik, chemical peels never look good right after their done, and won't look good until like 5 days when the skin is finished coming off. Her skin does look a little clearer though.

>Seems like a good way to fuck up your skin

chemical peels are pretty good if done correctly. It can be used for stuff like hyper-pigmentation, textured skin, acne, uneven skintone etc… that can take months or even years to "fix". They pretty much take off the first layer of your dead skin, like exfoliating but a lot faster and the skin comes off in bigger pieces.

No. 632150

>take off the first layer of your dead skin
samefag but it's not just dead skin, just the first layer of skin in general.

No. 632151

Oh, okay, I had no idea, I was just baffled that it looks so irritated. I don't see the point of posting a picture directly after then (it was a promotional post for her friend who does these peels, I think), why not wait until the results have reached full effect. Her face looks so sore, ouch.

No. 632153

File: 1600333245773.png (622.62 KB, 902x615, sisi.png)

Young Claire Danes and Gwyneth Paltrow. It always takes me a few seconds to see who's who.

No. 632156

They look nothing alike. In fact they are completely opposite types: Claire has big facial features, Gwineth has tiny; Gwineth's features are sharp, Claire's are softer, etc.

No. 632158

They don't if you see them next to eachother, but as they have similar eyes and facial shapes and used to style themselves pretty similarly, it always takes a sec for me too see who's who in old pictures of them.

No. 632159

Gwyneth *
Of course I misspelled that, it sounds like a character name from Lord of the Rings

No. 632171

I've never dated before but when (if, let's be honest)