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No. 621142

once again, leave all brains and brain accessories at the door please

previous dumbassery: >>614614

No. 621145

File: 1599032278988.jpg (578.81 KB, 2441x3300, 0be31009-34aa-4401-9836-e80c3c…)

I just want to learn the dance choreographies to some old Britney Spears songs, but I'm very uncoordinated. Any dance anons who can give me advice or an easy choreography video?

No. 621147

first for rina sawayama and my homies ligma, sugma and sawcon

No. 621151

File: 1599032625902.jpg (82.75 KB, 792x602, aksjhdgdj.jpg)

my bf and i have been binging seasons of Survivor and it's been so much fun but also i think it made me realize i have questionable taste and/ or low standards in like all aspects. i'll be like "remember how weird that guy used to look on day 1, he's lowkey island hot now" or "he only looks good when he doesn't shave" or "she looks super different with makeup on in the reunion, she actually was cuter without it" etc etc and 80% of the time he'll be like EW REALLY??? WHAT? NO and i'm like

No. 621155

Do you dream in color or black and white and is it in 1st or 3rd person? Like do you see through your eyes or can you see yourself in your dreams?

No. 621157

I dream in color, but it's all very blurry (or at least that's how I remember it). it's also first person most of the time though I think I have dreamt in third person

No. 621160

Always in color and very vividly because of the anti-depressants I take. Mostly alternating between first and third person, but if a dream is mostly in first person it's usually a nightmare for me. It's weird but when my dreams switch to third person like 99% of the time I'm always incredibly different than I look as if I was a superhero, android or RPG character. If not that then I'm dressing much differently than how I would ever dress. There could be a billion ways Freud would look at my dreams.

No. 621166

I dream in color, sometimes in third person (usually when I'm some kind of superhero or villain version of myself), sometimes in first person.

No. 621169

I can't see pictures clearly in my head so idk, but considering what dreams are it's probably in color.

No. 621178

I'm just back from sobbing while dancing to Strobe by Deadmaus and I have a theory on why it affects me so much.

The genre is progressive house so it's like a fugue. And so I think that because there's always some new musical element being introduced means the song doesn't get stale, and so my focus stays on it. And there's also that phenomenon where you have a mild euphoric feeling in songs where you can predict what's coming next (https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00790/full I'm sure I read it in one of the articles of this review but idr the exact one. It's a very interesting read into the theories of getting chills while listening to music). Because it's a fugue you constantly get underlying barely audible rhythms that come to the fore so it's like this wave after wave of euphoria/chills that I'm not distracted from (and I usually can't focus on any one thing for more than 3 minutes straight).

And things are generally not going well in my life but when I'm stressed I just think of actions ot take to fix it to ease that stress.
So because it's like 10 minutes long I think it induces a trance like or meditative state that lets me just feel my deep feelings, and that's when the tears come out.

I just find it interesting because I used to hate like techno stuff when younger and listen to lyric heavy melancholy or downright miserable but poetic music like the smiths, radiohead and portishead (no judge pls) that no doubt did help me too. Yet this no lyric pure rhythm stuff hits me harder than that music ever could on a physiological level. It's such a basic formula compared to lyrically and musically complex stuff I normally enjoy but so so effective.

I'd love to have a conversation about this stuff but not only do I have no real knowledge about it but I wouldn't really know what to say. Just that it's pretty cool.

No. 621182

This is very interesting! I'm sure you're onto something saying that it's inducing something like meditative state that helps you connect with your feelings. Trance as a music genre is not an accidental name after all. Many techno parties would be just the same, repetitive rythm drilling your mind for hours and when you let yourself go and just feel it instead of thinking of superficial stuff like how you look dancing or what other people are doing, it really feels euphoric and very cathartic as well.

No. 621190

Always in color and always through my own eyes

No. 621195

I heavily relate to this. As I get older I find myself gravitating towards repetitive and instrumental music for the therapeutic elements of it. Nowadays I feel like lyrics often do not tell the story I personally hear in the melody, and they might ruin the sensory experience for me. Lyrics tell me what to feel, when I prefer to ascribe whatever feelings I need to ascribe to the music at any given time. It's healing. Raving is a meditative experience for me, moving my body to simple, repetitive music that lasts long enough to forget about thinking. It's a wonderful form of mind and body exercise. I've never needed drugs for it. I don't have time to read the article right now but I'll save it for later, thanks for linking it, very interesting stuff.

No. 621196

This is really interesting, thanks for sharing. Also, I had totally forgotten about deadmau5, Strobe used to be my favourite.

No. 621221

Ive been consistently feeling the urge to break up with this guy ive been dating (it's been like a month only). I actually love him, he's great, but my insecurities prevent us from ever getting intimate. I get anxious when he gets too close to my hair or touches it because i have A LOT of dandruff. I also act visibly uncomfortable when he touches my arms cause i have egzama-ish skin.
He's gonna go back to his hometown in a week and stay there for 10 days. Im kinda wishing that he cheats (like a one night stand while drunk or smt) so I'll have a reason to break up. God, i just don't wanna date anyone despite constantly craving attention.

No. 621226

>(it's been like a month only). I actually love him
Girl read that back to yourself

No. 621230

That it, I'm hosting a rave party in my bedroom this weekend. Who's on the guest list? Me bitch.

No. 621237

I can't give you any advice but here's the tutorial for Oops! I did it again!


No. 621238

Men are so ugly holy shit. It’s so fascinating to see how an average dude who doesn’t even take care of himself can get a beautiful woman. They don’t know how it feels like having to work on your appearance for hours every day before leaving the house. They just exist in their comfortable, hairy skin and think they’re the shit. and what’s more frustrating is to see gorgeous women doing beauty/lifestyle related things on social media showing off their abomination of a boyfriend and you lose hope for every woman. You’d assume at least they have standards but nope.
We are made to feel insecure and imperfect all the time so we settle for the most mediocre men who do the bare minimum. Meanwhile every incel-tier looking man
from young to old, is titled as attractive in the media and put in superhero movies…and we are supposed to swoon over them.
I really didn’t know how low the bar for men was until I came here and saw what anons here find attractive lol

No. 621242

Women put all this effort into their looks and most of us still will end up with someone ugly. There just arent enough decent looking men for everyone. And men are so entitled they dont see it as worth it to put in effort for an average looking girl these days.

No. 621250

Men rating their peers females based on their attractiveness while they themselves are ugly is ironic af.

No. 621253

> They don’t know how it feels like having to work on your appearance for hours every day before leaving the house.
I get ready in 5 mins.

No. 621261

Coomers being mad over being "scammed" by Bella Thorne is hilarious. Too bad your limp dick can't get it up for only lingerie photos anymore and too bad you're degenerate enough to give an ex-child actress $200 for an assumed nude.

No. 621266

Agreed. She literally announced "I won't post nudes" before the whole thing, but they're so used to ignoring what women actually say that they played themselves. Hope they seethe forever, and that any other woman on that shit app scams them.

No. 621276

Having two exams back to back is exhausting

No. 621277

You ever get so mad/stressed that your pussy starts to clench?

No. 621299

Joke's on you nonnies I'm a tomboy dating an effeminate man who puts way more effort into his appearance than I put in mine. We're both bishits so no closet gay whatsoever.
Sage for retarded brag.

No. 621300

it's hard to see someone else living your dream

No. 621301

Just realized the reason I'm so blunt with people and express my feelings is because I literally have nothing to lose lol. I have no friends bc my social anxiety prevented it for years. Now that my brain registered the fact that people won't like you even when you're nice, Idc if people find me mean.

No. 621304

Hand over your man bitch

No. 621321

I just watched Host (2020) (the horror film shot over Zoom) and I'm surprised that it's a genuinely well-made, fun time. Some scares I found cheap but it's worth watching kek.

No. 621327

Anons, should I make a strawberry swirl cheesecake OR vanilla cupcakes filled with strawberries with whipped cream and walnuts on top?

No. 621329

both sound delicious, do both

No. 621331


No. 621335

some people are weird when it comes to laundry. why are people so ashamed of owning underwear? they hate the idea of being seen taking their laundry out of the machine and hate when other people take their stuff out so they can use the machine themselves.
we all wear underwear. my god, who cares.

No. 621337

I'm weird when it comes to laundry in the sense that only I know how I like my clothes washed and dried. What goes in bags, what hang dries, what washes hot, cold, etc. Underwear? Who cares. I wipe my ass.

No. 621343

People are fucking weird in general. I know grown adults who are embarrassed by buying toilet paper even though everyone in the world shits

No. 621346

they have special underwear they only want boys to see, obvs.

No. 621350

Fuck it, I'm gonna do both

No. 621352

I wanted to be the wise mothery friend type of person when I get older but I turned to be the punk that everyone hates.

No. 621354

How so?

No. 621355

hell yea! follow your dreams bb.

No. 621358

File: 1599059281950.jpeg (66.65 KB, 498x726, Cd7ReaXUUAQmAji.jpeg)

Make up is gross and i hope it never becomes popular with men, but i wish they would shave their legs, take care of their hair and dress better. If you look at older pictures men looked so hot and stylish, i would die for a bf that dress like pic related.
By the way, i remember when i was i high school i dated a boy that wanted to dress more fashionabke but always complained men clothing was too simple and boring. ALSO PETITION TO BRING BACK SHORT SHORTS FOR MEN PLS.

No. 621363

File: 1599059517513.jpg (65.64 KB, 600x398, Notebook-computer-with-cat-paw…)

I hate being horny so often. If I could get a good dicking regularly my productivity would go up, like 50%.

No. 621366

Bubba is the most repulsive and trashy name/nickname and immediately lose all respect for anyone who uses it

No. 621370

I was half asleep last night and my bf called me some stupid nickname, and in my slumbering stupor I called him "bubba" and it shocked both of us into laughing awake. I immediately apologized kek.

No. 621373

>older pictures
That pic is definitely recent lol

No. 621385

You really just posted an eboy, oh my god anon. Go read up on fashion history.

No. 621391

Yeah i know, it was the fastest picture i could find

No. 621399

Ok but before that all shirts came hella long so if your torso wasn't huge every tshirt you wore came down to your thighs like a blouse. Normalize waist length shirts!!!

No. 621408

I love butter so much. I love it.

No. 621409

i was playfully flirting with an online friend last night and it ended up in us exchanging pictures… he never told me his cock is huge. what the fuck. ill never think of him the same again

No. 621417

Seems like fashion is very important for male teenagers and gen z nowadays.
All the guys I know dress okay (short shorts are so popular here) and they tend to shave their legs because they play sports. But I do agree with haircare, seems like men get haircuts regularly but they don't do any haircare and they end up with dry or greasy hair.
And let me add skincare, I've yet to find a guy with healthy, taken care of, skin. Moisturize and use sunscreen at least, pls. And put some lotion on your body, your hands feel like sandpaper

No. 621419

Love it too, anon. Some mornings I wake up fantasizing about the butter I'll use to make my breakfast. Love u, butter.

No. 621431

File: 1599065553238.jpg (94.91 KB, 1019x753, pika.JPG)

I really want this jacket tbh

No. 621434

File: 1599065682055.jpg (13.71 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I was browsing online and I remember coming across an article called "How to comfort your fat partner". It had basic shit like "tell them their weight doesn't make them a bad person", "tell them you still love them even if their fat", and "try to push them away from dangerous diets", but out of the blue they dropped this random bombshell of
>"Comfort your partner if any chairs collapse under them"
Like bro… I thought they were talking slightly chubby, but they were talking sumo wrestler huge? Sometimes the article pops into my head randomly and I just…

No. 621438

File: 1599065918415.jpeg (196.02 KB, 794x1059, 741AD726-E474-43CF-8E70-DE745C…)

Thread pic reminds me of the toad purses they sell on Etsy.

No. 621440

If this low t faggot doesn’t stop singing i’m going to commit homicide

No. 621443

ed sheeran?

No. 621445

Since I came back to my parents' place because of covid after staying abroad I decided to give, sell and throw away a lot of clothes and books I've never used or don't need anymore and it felt great. I'm too lazy to sell the last books I want to get rid of because I'll have to send a huge parcel though.

No. 621446

I don't think I will ever find men over 30 attractive. I'm 29 and I still only like the cute guys between 18-22 attractive. The older ones are just so gross looking to me

No. 621450

File: 1599067242034.jpg (40.18 KB, 790x446, 790full-guitar-hero-encore_-ro…)

I wanted to look like a guitar hero character since I was a kid but I was convinced it wouldn't work for me because I wasn't pretty enough and I feel like punk and goth fashion is sort of restrictive, but I started trying it out for a bit and I was actually able to look at myself in the selfie camera today without feeling like I want to run away, because it feels like I'm looking at a fun character and not myself. So I've decided, I'm going to 100% try my best at looking like a cool alternative person from now on. It gives me lots of confidence and if I don't try it now when I'm young, when will I? I'm gonna try to find a plaid skirt tomorrow. And I'm gonna put on funky eyeliner and nobody will stop me!!

No. 621451

last night I tried using my vibrator on my nipples and it felt too good, like I started feeling tightness in my chest and had trouble breathing but in a pleasurable way? But it was too intense and I had to stop. Also it made me feel super emotional like I was gonna cry. I don't understand but I'm never doing that again

No. 621452

Damn, no pauses, how do people learn this stuff? Do you just watch it over and over again?

No. 621458

File: 1599067625623.jpg (274.37 KB, 1280x720, promare.jpg)

Gonna watch promare tonight because I've been seeing lots of fan at of the green haired guy and kamina guy together

No. 621460

I feel this too, I always stop because like you said it's too overwhelming. I honestly think I could orgasm just from nipple stimulation alone but I've never really tried it.

No. 621463

I find it so embarrassing when men dance even when they're good or to a lesser extent when they start singing…like it's so bad I can't look directly at it

No. 621466

same! i don’t know why but it affects me on a visceral level.

No. 621467

I really understand you, anon. I missed on the opportunity to date a lot of guys that I really liked because I was so insecure and I used to deny any type of physical contact. I'm not depressed because of it, but I don't think it's worth it.
Seems like you really, really like the guy, so I'd encourage to talk your insecurities with him, you don't have to get into details if you don't want to but you could just let him know that's something that happens to you (and not because of him), exactly like you told us here. If he's a good guy, he'll understand you.
You also have the option to yeet yourself out of the relationship, but considering you "love" him, I wouldn't recommend that. I think there are healthier ways to approach this, such as talking to him as I said earlier.
And obviously, you should treat what's making you insecure and anxious, if you're able to.
Good luck anon!

No. 621495

Me too, I hate it so much. And I hate that I'm only attracted to one person a year at most, which is beyond inconvenient, so I live in a permanent state of untargeted uber-horniness while grossed out by 99.9% of the population. Like starving next to a fridge full of unappetizing food. A cursed existence.

No. 621496

File: 1599070390086.gif (2.95 MB, 245x320, F2EBC7A5-9829-404F-8622-5E68BD…)

Been browsing Pinterest and I’m relieving my love for high fashion. I’ve been only wearing sweatpants for the past few years and I wanna switch it up but I don’t really like current styles. I wish I could dress up like pic related on the daily

No. 621497

Same! I hate that I'll probably never have an excuse to wear something like that. I wish I could just go to the grocery store dressed like that.

No. 621501


No. 621502

I hope I age like my dad, appearance wise.
At his mid fifties, he only has some sagging, no wrinkles or expression lines at all, which is crazy considering he's always on the sun and never used sunscreen nor any skincare at all. Those italian genes, jesus
His receding hairline is okay, he still has a lot of hair and he has an even platinum color, which I think it looks so cool. Hopefully my grey hairs will look like that

No. 621503

Possible if you made it more subtle. If you can deal with the attention, why the fuck not

No. 621504

File: 1599071056850.gif (1.6 MB, 500x381, af0fb4f78a346a154cdbfb2668c74a…)

me too, anon

No. 621522

Somebody in our conference call forgot to mute their mic and they're eating chips, and it's like accidental ASMR. I want to pull my hair out, I HATE eating sounds.

No. 621527

I complained about all the shit that was happening across the threads here but now I kinda miss it. Y'all are so boring now. Start a fight with someone over some dumb shit or something.

No. 621528

Don’t. I enjoy the sisterly days on lolcow.

No. 621532

File: 1599073898786.jpg (339.07 KB, 1920x899, Chest_Binding.jpg)

I want to chop off my tits so badly, why did i have to be cursed with troon brain?

No. 621533

Your fault bitch

No. 621535

Like completely or a breast reduction?

No. 621536

>Y'all are so boring now. Start a fight with someone
I look really young for my age…

No. 621542

They ID everyone bitch get out of here you dumb wrinkled mess

No. 621544

full on mastectomy, flat as a board.

my country is a quite strict with trooning out so you can only get surgery after being on hormones for like two years, and i have no social dysphoria (don't mind being called she, wearing feminine clothing), i just hate my body, so its not worth it becoming a 5'1 balding incel with cystic acne.

No. 621545

No. 621548

Diff anon but I took T for about a year, came off it and returned to normal life as a woman. That was roughly five years ago now. I still have those feelings there but I just don't talk about it or chase transition anymore. I got like two permanent changes from that year and that's enough to keep me feeling okay in my skin.

No. 621559


Do you still have a low voice?

No. 621561

File: 1599076500817.jpg (45.17 KB, 646x646, 1548788800066.jpg)

the things that you like are bad and the things that you hate are good

No. 621568

If you meant to reply to me yeah, it's pretty low and seem permanently set. I can soften it a little if I need to but I like where it's at.

Think I stopped hormones at just the right time though, I've heard other detrans women sound so male that they just come off as MTF.

No. 621572

Is that made from a real toad?

No. 621575

>short shorts are so popular here
God i wish i lived where you do, south american men are so disgusting looking

No. 621582


op here, yeah i think that would be the case for me if i went on T, my voice is already on the lower end for a ciswoman, like those japanese voice actors that end up voicing male characters most of their career.

being a dysphoric woman is such a weird trip, i wish i knew where it came from and how to fix it, i don't really fit in what most people ascribe to reasons that ftms troon out.

No. 621602

When I was younger I would let a man say and do anything to me as long as hes cute. Now that I'm in my 30s even if a guy is really cute if he says or does something I dont like he immediately becomes disgusting to me.

No. 621606

File: 1599078879311.jpg (81.16 KB, 1300x867, 43880853-young-woman-vomiting-…)

That kelly and Chompurrs thread is so fucking sick. I don't usually get grossed out by stuff but the images in that thread are repugnant. The girl literally pulled out one of her nerves. How do you do that and not get fucking shock or some shit. I was gonna make a tuna sandwhich but now I can't cause I remembered her thread

No. 621609

Just looked at the thread and jesus fucking christ I wanna hurl. Ouch ouch ouch her poor leg

No. 621611

Try pizza instead anon kek i'm sorry

No. 621612

me with people

No. 621615

In my 30s too and I'm just so fucking sceptical of every man I meet. I imagine the weird porn they get off to or how many gfs they've been sexually pushy with or lost their temper with. Part of me wants my innocence back but If I never blindly trusted bfs in the first place I wouldn't be here anyway. My innocence is what got me here.

No. 621620

File: 1599079979161.jpg (46.35 KB, 528x416, howitfeelstoeatbeefstew.jpg)

how the fuck do you pull out one of your nerves? did she drug herself the fuck out?

No. 621621

I think the first, oldest neetlita posts were legit but the newer ones were impersonators. Same with whatever was posted in confessions now.

No. 621622


I didn’t know it was a thing for dysmorphic people to only wanna transition halfway. Story? How come you came off it?

No. 621624

Ohh jesus christ, jesus fucking christ.

Just like that I've got an interview in 2 days. Before that interview was one interview in February (that paid 1/3rd of what this would, different country). Before that I've literally never had one for a proper career job, just recruitment agents feeling me out. I've been looking for about 18 months now.

Aww my god, and it's a bigass company too. They probably really want you to do it by the book. Me not moving back to my parents house literally hinges on scoring a job within the next month. This is too high fucking stakes, and i'm too fucking inexperienced. I have like 80% of the qualifications on the job description but maaaan, whew. They'll feel i'm incompetent through the fucking screen.

And during a PANDEMIC, where jobs are short too ahhhh. Jesus christ I need to get research in instead of PANICKING ON LOLCOW.

No. 621631

My dad was about to disown me when he found out I was transitioning. I had lost my mom to cancer two years earlier and couldn't deal with losing him

I had gone down the right avenues to transition properly. Diagnosed with gender identity disorder by two seperate professionals (my country requires two) I'd had some gender therapy and got the go ahead. But I ended up just getting some hormones off the black market and taking it at my own pace. I looked up how much to inject and how often. My voice totally changed. I avoided any phone calls to my dad but after a few months I met up with him and he pretended not to notice while he side eyed me a little. I just injected til I had enough effects to feel like I can cope. I didn't want to go too far either. I passed as male for all of 5 months maybe and couldn't use dressing rooms or toilets because it was too much. Within a few months off it I stopped being read as male but kept some effects.

The clit side effect has actually been amazing, I had a really hidden clit before and struggled to come. Fixed lol. I just look like a butch lesbian at this point.
Voice and clit are perm, some of my new body hair stayed but some thinned out again. I had no hair loss on my head.

No. 621634

File: 1599081907809.jpg (7.29 KB, 235x254, emoji.jpg)

Oh my fucking god, of course I had to go and look it up. I usually handle gore pretty well but seeing that made my legs feel weak. I feel like I can't walk normally until I get this mental image out of my mind.

No. 621637

>unlocked hidden clit
Kek, I'm happy for you

No. 621638

I honestly don't fucking know. I think she just must have an EXTREME mentall illness. Idk how else you could stand to rip out nerves and pick football sized chunks out of your skin u ntil the bone is showing

No. 621639

maybe try to say your family has a history of breast cancer and you want to prevent yourself from getting it?

No. 621640


I’m not gonna look at this for the sake of my sanity. TL;DR on why she’s doing it?

No. 621648

good for you girl, live out your alternative child dreams

No. 621650

Doctors will ask for confirmation in that case, getting a mastectomy is really really hard

Im thinking of going to a run off the mill plastic surgeon and asking to go from a C cup to an A, its not flat but close enough i guess, my boobs are too big and saggy for my frame anyway i think a decent plastic surgeon wouldn’t mind it.

No. 621654

File: 1599083707522.jpg (75.54 KB, 400x600, 16715903903_c78ee2764e_z.jpg)

I look probably the worst I ever have in my entire life. My skin is fucked, I wear band tees and jeans constantly, my body hair is out of control, I got too fat for my own liking, and my hair is in that weird in-between state so it looks like shit. I started wearing blue light protection glasses for eye strain so I feel like I look like Christian Bale in American Hustle without the beard. I'm strangely happy though? I'm essentially uninterested in men now and it's liberating to feel sloppy because my appearance was always for other people and not myself. I'm focused on my studies instead of being a pick me who looks like a stacy but on the inside feels like she looks like moo.

Also I love you bitches, thanks for helping me learn to love myself and to stop seeking the approval of scrotes.

No. 621655

Yeah you need to test positive for the BRCA gene I think to get it. My mother had breast cancer but it wasn't related to having the gene. I thought I had a free ticket to a flat chest til I learned that.

Full mastectomy is a pretty intense surgery in fairness so I can see why they don't hand it out too easily

No. 621659


No. 621660

5 for you glen coco you go glen coco!
Really good to hear you are happy and focusing on what really matters, all the best to ya!

No. 621661

File: 1599084655896.jpeg (125.93 KB, 1125x1241, 94CAF0DA-C8F6-450E-A007-E9A985…)

I genuinely love this, queen

No. 621662

File: 1599084834687.jpeg (60.58 KB, 600x601, 9FE5C016-8024-4482-8E0A-7B9AAB…)

Fite me bitch

No. 621664

I've always thought that the way a person looks stepping out of bed in the morning is them. You can spend all day on your appearance but we all roll out of bed back in our truest forms again lol. So don't fight it too hard.

No. 621670

I'm also from south america, argentina specifically lmao

No. 621671


Same here, I related to OPs post and loved every moment.

No. 621673

Sigh, whenever I decide to give crystal.cafe another chance I immediately have to regret it. Feels like you only talk with either neetlitas or larping scrotes/trannies. 95% of it just
>i'm so sad, how do i get x bf?
>my man is a good man who provides for me! you are probably just…
and of course always using a moe anime reaction image is an absolute must.

No. 621676

For me it was the shameless racism that made me stay away from the site.

No. 621689

For something clearly low budget I enjoyed it, wish they did a bit more tho

No. 621694

File: 1599087733790.jpeg (35.14 KB, 284x379, D769B63A-672A-4154-B135-441EDD…)

Yay bitch!!!
Actually, same? My hair is half root color now, and I use a hair-band to keep my pants buttoned. This whole covid thing made me realize how stupid caring about that shit is. I feel really like myself.

No. 621699

just went on there it’s just a bunch of retarded r9k shit, fash larp and tfw no bf. femcel hell.

No. 621701

My dad made dinner tonight and as I was eating it, the back of my throat and nose started burning, a similar burning sensation to when you cut onions and it makes your eyes water, but in the back of my throat/nose… The food wasn’t even spicy and the rest of my mouth felt fine, it just really fucking hurt in my throat/nose and became hard to eat because of how uncomfortable it felt. My throat didn’t start closing up or anything and the feeling has gone away now after drinking water and stopping eating but what the fuck. I don’t have any food allergies and I don’t think it was an allergic reaction, but it was weird and uncomfortable and honestly a little scary… I just gave my food to my mum to eat and hopefully my dad doesn’t kick up a fuss like “what’s wrong with you” lol

No. 621702

i hate people so fucking much. i never particularly liked them even as a child, but my indifference has turned into full-on disdain. humanity was a mistake. any ayys or supernaturals or AIs reading, pls come save me.

No. 621706

Anons please shout at me so I do the work I have to hand in in a couple of hours

No. 621707

Do your fucking work anon

No. 621708

Listen, I hate people too but if you feel this way you probably should get off Lolcow because in my experience it only makes you hate people more lmao

No. 621712

My fan makes my throat itchy and sore which kicks in my paranoia but I can't sleep without it since my house is too loud

No. 621713

Listen to music or white noise with your headphones instead?

No. 621714

Hey, anon, please do your fucking work already for fuck’s sake, why the fuck are you procrastinating? Like lady Rihanna said:

>work work work work work work

No. 621716

>My fan makes my throat itchy and sore

anon are you Korean?

No. 621720

File: 1599090834936.png (169.48 KB, 400x300, 136954-full.png)

stupid questions thread is full so i'm posting here

should i drink another monster energy even tho i've already had my can of the day

if i drink another one it'll make 1 liter of energy drink in my body


No. 621721

Huni, stop, please.

No. 621723

There are a lotta health risks if you're keeping it on all night

No. 621724



No. 621726

No. 621728

File: 1599091344743.webm (1.06 MB, 640x640, video0.webm)

No. 621729

File: 1599091535284.jpeg (28.85 KB, 358x302, 905C304A-87A0-4421-804B-95E420…)


No. 621741


No. 621747

You’ve reached your final form; peak physical performance

No. 621766

Pringles bbq chips + tuna melt is such a good combo. Tomatoes + tuna melt is overrated

No. 621767

Tuna melt + pickles is my fav!

No. 621776

not her but what if I always feel hot at night

No. 621780

What in the literal fuck? I was rubbing my chin while studying and literally out of nowhere a huge, hard cyst formed. I have never had acne (if I do it's very a little amount and small and goes away fast) Did I just give myself acne that quickly?

No. 621783

Maybe you have been rubbing the same spot subconsciously more often than you think?

No. 621784


No. 621791

I was watching videos on full english breakfasts and I really want to try it one day, but more than that it made me really want some fuckin grilled tomatoes. I think I’m gonna buy some tomatoes to grill tomorrow and then just eat them with some fried eggs for breakfast.

No. 621794

You gotta figure out why and fix it without the fan, window open maybe, anything but the fan, it's better to be a sweaty mess than have the fan on. Shitty ik.

No. 621805

This is some seriously dumbass shit, but I know a dude who would be the perfect spooky boyfriend for Heather Sparkles. He doesn't have social media, but everything that comes out of his mouth, EVER, is about how much he wants/needs a gf. How women reject him and won't pay attention to him. How much he desires the connection with his soul mate, and he knows she's out there somewhere. How he's "too intense" or "too much" or "too intellectual" for most women, and his special uniqueness and superiority is the reason for his loneliness – definitely not the fact that he is desperate, and comes off as batshit crazy. I was his close friend/confidant for about a year before he finally wore me down with his neverending desperation and negativity. He constantly overshares. He plays guitar in a shitty metal band. I think he might have a touch of the 'tism. He lives in NC, though, which would be far too long a drive for Hagther. ANYWAY, I am aware this is dumb, but he really and completely is the male version of her. Minus the social media screeching.

No. 621806

how do people do anything after work. i'm so tired all the time.

No. 621807

File: 1599101781848.jpeg (3.97 KB, 206x245, received_584191369174746.jpeg)

anons I am so sleepy…… goodnight

No. 621813

File: 1599102949693.jpg (69.17 KB, 600x325, sub11-49.jpg)

imagine eating this…

No. 621814

why am i attracted to your description of your friend? forget heather, i'll take him.

No. 621815

idk your situation but for me i’m an extreme introvert and when i used to work in customer service i was coming home exhausted after shifts and unable to do anything because social interaction was just so draining for me.
but now that i work at home i have a lot more energy throughout the day to do other things
idk if that applies to you at all but perhaps it could be a sign that your current work environment isn’t totally suited to you?

No. 621816

How would you react if you had a whole thread in /snow/ about you?

No. 621820

she has like 13k ig followers and the attention of 500 likes per photo is probably the only reason she doesnt kill herself because she's intensely mentally ill and needs to be committed

No. 621821

I did it anon. And I have time for 2 hours of sleep hell yea.

No. 621830

I get a strong boost of serotonin when someone on here responds to my posts, even negatively, and that's really sad lol.

No. 621837

File: 1599105876049.png (491.05 KB, 640x360, 44676465-91AB-4190-A30B-E4CA2D…)

No. 621840

no idea but that would be one slow and boring thread

No. 621847

You've reminded me of Boléro by Ravel, which is supposedly so weird and repetitive because the composer was suffering from dementia. I always used to get nightmares after listening to it, even before learning about the dementia thing. There's an interesting article https://www.nature.com/articles/news020121-1

No. 621849

This is exactly how I feel about Remember by Kaskade & deadmau5!

No. 621851

If it makes you feel better, I feel happy when I see threads I made doing well.

No. 621860

disappointed but not surprised. i did a lot of cow shit back in the day

No. 621862

jump out the nearest window ofc

No. 621865

Singapore looks like a really cool place to visit. I hope I can go there someday.

No. 621866

I'd honestly fucking defend myself as multiple anons while making sure to still shit on myself so that people don't think it's me kek.

No. 621868

Is it fake to be nicer. That sounds so dumb, but I'm such a cynical and negative person but I realize the people I hang out with are more positive and have friends that are positive. I don't want to be a fucking downer. I go out of my way to be more positive even though I'm fucking lying and feel fake doing so.

No. 621869

File: 1599110080242.jpeg (270.76 KB, 1080x743, C1F66680-8CC5-4BBC-A2C5-E033D1…)


I totally forgot about that. And the biologist Anne Adams who started painting later in life and got obsessed with the song, going so far as to do a painting of every measure. Turns out she had the same disease as Bolero though it was in the early stages and undiagnosed at the time.

I looked up the song on YouTube and everyone in the comments is all “this piece is amazing,” but I can’t help but feel like you’ve gotta have neurodegeneration to enjoy it lol. It’s incredibly repetitive and the tune got on my nerves after just a few minutes.

No. 621897

File: 1599115480833.png (1.51 MB, 750x1012, 9A57BD94-EDE6-48BA-8A5A-76FD5B…)

I like how it feels when i run my fingers over my scabs from cutting . It’s rough and nice

No. 621933

I hate my boobs when I want to dress tomboy-ish but I love them when I dress more feminine. That's life

No. 621936

You're welcome fam, jeans and shitty t-shirts is all I wear now because they're comfy and make me feel less conscious about my appearance. Scrote approval is not worth the trouble of spending over 10 minutes each day to get ready

No. 621937

File: 1599121474161.jpg (27.79 KB, 317x400, 100_4205.jpg)

I have weirdly muscular legs. I have high testosterone and I do work out regularly, but nothing crazy, just some dancing, long walks and (usually light) elliptical training a few times a week. I have long legs and a short torso and I get a lot of comments on how damn muscular my legs are, especially my calves. I have legs like a fucking football player but I'm kinda fat and the rest of my body is doughy af.

No. 621938

bitch same, my upper body is doughy and I gather all my fat into my stomach but my legs are looking fine and muscular as hell to the point people comment on them. I look like a goddamn freak and it annoys the hell out of me.

No. 621943

I'm tired of waxing my upperlip. Why was i born so hairy

No. 621945

Goals, honestly.

No. 621951

lol I'm researching the company and it's funny because it's notoriously unethical (all big companies are), but i'm reading their info pamphlet and i'm crying because they've saved so many lives, like millions through these humanitarian projects. I think it's just the stress of prepping but I hope I don't tear up in the interview. An actual fear because I really did almost cry talking about a muscle wasting disease in my last interview because a friend died of it at like 15.

I need to chill tf out, but also I need to prep.

No. 621966

I would probably enjoy the attention

No. 621970

I kind of want to be a single mom

No. 621984

no you fucking dont, your kids won’t appreciate that either.

No. 622003

I like the idea of community child rearing with my best friends

No. 622004

Only do this if you have lots of friends and family who would voluntarily and gladly help you out.

No. 622005

I love the idea of co-parenting!

No. 622007

Same, I love the idea of community child rearing with my close friends and family. I feel like it's looked down on in America but it's not that uncommon in other parts of the world.

No. 622009

It’s true! I was raised by all the women in my family, mom, grandma and aunts. I didn’t even know my cousins were cousins lol

No. 622037

Same Anon. My favourite holidays and parties are always those with lots of friends lodging together, helping each other out with cooking and cleaning etc. I'd love to have a similar atmosphere every day and for children to bask in the feeling of being loved, supported and treated with respect, while being able to see adults from different backgrounds, different personalities, so they learn that you can be accepted by being yourself.

My boyfriend says it'd be tiring to never be left alone but I disagree, first of all living with a close knit community doesn't need to be every single meal and free time every single day has to be spent together. I think it's so much harder for some men to see the point of raising a kid communally because they wouldn't be the one taking on 90% of child rearing in a nuclear family unit.

I'll probably never have my "chosen family" utopia but I hope I can get close to it by having a big house fit to accommodate any friend who wants to stay with us for a while, with boundaries of course, and hosting really big events for holidays and weekends. I was fucking bored as a kid and my parents never did anything special for holidays, it was basically a chore for them, I hope if I have kids I'll be able to give them magical memories of laughter, wonder and love.

Anyways if I had kids and ended up getting isolated, never going out except for groceries, with no one to help me like a lot of moms do I would go on a fucking killing spree.

No. 622038

Does anyone read city-data.com forums? I've come across it a couple of times while googling and I really feel like it is one of the bitchiest, snobbiest forums out there. I was looking up info about somewhere I was thinking of moving to and a poster randomly bought up that there was supposedly an HIV epidemic there. Feels like the whole gossip of the topix forum with slightly more class.

No. 622046

I would self post. I’m a cow!

No. 622050

Haven't seen any of my family members since before covid. Now my dad is coming to visit from sat to tues.. the exact same days my period is due. I'm two decades into not being able to explain to my dad that I have a health issue that makes my periods worse and I need to take it easy on those days… he knows, he just refuses to believe it. Can't wait to entertain him all weekend.

No. 622051

Kek when I find old posts for a google search they seemed so nice or well written in the response, but 2013-now they all seem so much more rude it's weird

No. 622055

Please don't I'm already trying not to spend all my money on Aggretsuko merch, I don't need this temptation

No. 622081

I lllooooove thrift shopping. I just bought THE coolest double breasted plaid coat and a pristine white denim skirt from Zara and I paid less than what I would pay for a t shirt in a normal store. I surely spent an hour browsing though but I think it's fun and worth it. I just feel like the store clerks will get annoyed at me for being there so long though kek I know lots of anond are disappointed in the selection in their local stores, I wish I could bring you all with me next time.

No. 622086

File: 1599139314263.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, B02212D1-7D13-4341-8151-DDBB2C…)

These are the coolest handknit socks I've ever seen, they're simple but it's the brilliance behind them that's leaving me dumbfounded. Not sure if the person who knit them is the same person who designed them but I'm in love

No. 622131

These are cool, you should get them. Been thinking about commisioning a local knitter person to make me a beanie, my head is fucking huge and although I can sew and make headwear, I can't knit at all.

No. 622150

Has anyone else noticed KFC is only good in third world countries

No. 622185

and japan.

No. 622188

Ngl, never been to a third-world KFC.

No. 622202

Born & raised in a third world country and can confirm, KFC is delicious. Never tried it in a first world country though so I wouldn't know how bad it could get.

No. 622205

KFC is solidly mediocre in North America, that's really interesting

No. 622206

all fast food is worse in the US than other countries tbh.

No. 622209

KFC is generally mediocre/below average for fast food here but I've had such good experiences with it abroad even restaurants in more rural areas outside of main cities. I wonder if the actually recipe is different or if it's the way they cook it or something?

No. 622210

File: 1599151645543.jpeg (166.87 KB, 1600x1936, 61D0F088-D6F5-481F-BA9B-A5ABCA…)

Blueberries are fancy as fuck, I feel like a fucking Instagram fitness influencer with 300k followers.

No. 622212

that Selena Gomez vogue video is so uncomfortable to watch

No. 622215

true, in my country most people eat homecooked meals and McD's is considered a "hip", slightly pricey place where young people meet up.

No. 622219

Kek this is how I treated McDonald's in high school even though I live in America. Not particularly the "hip" or "pricey" part, but to meet up and hang out for sure.

No. 622226

I met a very interesting woman today. She told me she loooved my hair and asked where did I get it dyed, it matches my face and everything so perfectly, and she works in fashion so she knows that stuff, and then she told me I was so pretty over and over again and she had music on her phone that she couldn't turn off because her boyfriend hacked it and was playing songs for her until she forgave him, and she talked about this funeral she was just at, how the dj played her deceased aunt's favorite song (what kinda funeral has a dj though) and that she was a dance and music therapist for children and getting her phd and how handsome all the aunt's grandchildren were ("they're all basketball players!") and how pretty her dutch friend (who her boyfriend cheated on her with which is why she dumped him) is. And then her boyfriend texted her "congratulations" on her aunt's death. And then she left. I never learned so much about a single random person in 5 minutes ever before

No. 622227

That's a very weird interaction. Where you at work and just making small talk or did she just stop you to recite a whole autobiography?

No. 622229

Are you sure that you didn’t actually just learn one thing (that she’s a schizo)?

No. 622230

I was waiting for public transport, I wasn't even waiting for long, she started talking to me randomly as soon as I stopped. Older men and women sometimes do that randomly, just trap you into a conversation, it's happened before but this lady was just exceptionally interesting

No. 622231

Was this because of her insanely trembling hand everyone was pointing out or something else? Because I felt kind of bad due to 1) how unhealthily skinny she looked and 2) how shaky her voice sounded. I'm not a fan and only watched it because I like Vogue videos but I do sincerely hope she's doing ok.

No. 622232

druggies are weird. i once met one who insisted on photographing me and my boyfriend with my phone (she even gave me her phone to hold so i knew she wouldn't run away).

No. 622237

Anon, check your pockets and bags.

No. 622239

Yeah, the insane hand trembling but also the slurred speech and her eyes just seemed glazed over and I felt a lot of what she said sounded really odd

No. 622244

Sounds like an AGGRESSIVELY lonely woman. The people who tend to overshare with me most are stay-at-home moms and people who were severely bullied when they were younger. She might be one or the other.

No. 622246

Yeah. I remember reading that she had to go to rehab for mental health issues. I think the poor thing needs a longer break from show business. I hate how this period of instability seems to be a staple now for starlets. Makes me sick to think about it.

No. 622256

It's alright everything is here
I don't think she was under any influence, some people just constantly need an audience. When I think about it, this happened to me a handful of times and it's always children or old people, which makes me concerned, how do they think telling a stranger all kinds of things is safe and alright.

No. 622265

H20 delirious and Liz Katz/ Risi Simms.

I can't believe i used to watch that cringy youtube shit

No. 622266

OMG WTF. I'm genuinely surprised at this. I always considered H20 a goofy normal dude whose DBD videos I could watch whenever I was bored. I never looked at his socials so I had no idea about this. Wild.

No. 622307

File: 1599158642832.jpg (41.64 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg.jpg)

I live in a third world country, a muslim one and I really like kinda out there fashion that's nonsensical and fun but I know I can't wear that shit here, I'll look so stupid and pretentious and stick out like a sore thumb and I just hate that I'll have to wear boring ass clothes that I'm lukewarm about.

No. 622308

When I watch this woman's videos I get kinda jealous I don't have any rhythm to save my life.

No. 622314


KFC is very popular in Indonesia. I’m not a fried chicken fan so it’s solidly “meh” to me both in the US and Indonesia, but some of my more-classically-American friends who have lived in Indonesia are head-over-heels obsessed with it there. I always assumed it was an outlet for their homesickness when abroad but maybe it really is better?

No. 622319

File: 1599159274286.jpg (32.18 KB, 400x344, ba93f1f398b412cebfb952be8cdb01…)

What the fuck happened to Tom Hiddleston?

No. 622322

The guy next to him is hot af

No. 622323

Uhhhh… when I close my eyes and open them, it is already daylight. It's like dying but without so much drama. Why should I be scared?

No. 622326

>Pay a doctor to "discover" you breast cancer

No. 622329

File: 1599159782735.jpg (236.19 KB, 800x600, FullSizeRender-1.jpg)

Some greenhouses for your viewing pleasure

No. 622330

File: 1599159814579.jpg (205.38 KB, 736x920, 530e4a8af5806d41f087b3f5e826b8…)

No. 622331

reminder to never stand next to more attractive people

No. 622332

File: 1599159922025.jpeg (34.28 KB, 540x540, cad.jpeg)

I drank roughly drank 1,584 calories of pic rel and I honestly don't regret it

No. 622333

File: 1599159928707.jpg (176.75 KB, 640x799, tumblr_9381c28ab3e4287150e7344…)

No. 622334

File: 1599160027037.jpg (76 KB, 429x640, ff3de4b446a81f99d5185a607cd113…)

No. 622336

File: 1599160158035.jpg (107.09 KB, 480x720, dfef94d9c57bc37112ad3d299d1d87…)

No. 622344

What types of conditions/accidents/illnesses do people faking for attention use the most?
A malingerer acquaintance that I was friends with in high school loves to post about falling and injuring a part of her body (usually a sprained ankle) no less than several times a year. I notice she does it when she's particularly overwhelmed and having an episode, sometimes after shaving the side of her hair again. Sometimes she'll bring up panic attacks and general mental health conditions that she's never been formally diagnosed with like anxiety.

Anyway, I know none of those things are legit because when she does have a health condition that does require medical attention there's usually pictures to accompany 24 hour updates for days on end. What do you guys see?

No. 622350

Normal mental health shit like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and OCD. BPD not as much, but people are starting to pick up on it which is stupid kek.

Physically, lots of food allergies, lactose intolerance, and IBS symptoms. I've seen people say "muh lactose intolerance" and then eat ice cream my shop kek.

And then idk, general "chronic illness" that's not always specified, but usually MS, fibromyalgia, PCOS (god, fatties love PCOS), and if they're really special, POTS.

No. 622352

File: 1599161310056.jpg (37.87 KB, 450x251, screens_feature5.jpg)

I'm sorry but looking at him just reminded me of this character.

No. 622357

Reminds me when I was a kid and I used to sneak into the kitchen at night to eat spoonfulls of the powder. Always ended up choking on it but it tasted so damn good.

No. 622373

File: 1599163227882.jpeg (125.09 KB, 750x750, 2E96096B-5969-48C1-AE43-82267E…)

Lol I found the original

No. 622377

Did they photoshop the model as well or am I hallucinating?

No. 622379

Yeah I think so, like they widened his face

No. 622396

I opened Youtube to watch her video and it was the first suggestion… i'm not even subscribed to Vogue and I have never seen anything related to Selena…

No. 622400

I never understood where shoops like this come from. Who makes them and for what purpose?

No. 622404

I want to bury myself in a video game so bad. I want that game to be Persona 5 but the stealth mechanic stresses me out kek.

No. 622411

Worry not, Persona series was never stealth oriented, the devs know their audience so it's just super-simplistic stealth for dummies. You'll manage

No. 622424

if it makes you feel better anon, the stealth mechanics really aren't that difficult to work with, and even if you do get caught, the alarm is honestly more jarring than anything else (this is also me saying you should play the game anyway anon, it's worth it)
this is gonna sound so fucked up but I'm kinda bored with all the cows using the usual disorders and illnesses for attention, I wanna see someone pop up with some weird shit like Foreign Accent Syndrome or Visual Snow Syndrome.

No. 622428

It's always been my least favorite video game mechanic!! I'll keep giving it a try, I'm halfway through the second palace. My heart seriously beats so fast every time those alarms go off lol

No. 622439

What does stealth mean in this context im dumb

No. 622457

Thank u anon <3

Having to sneak around to avoid getting caught in video games

No. 622482

File: 1599170617744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.23 KB, 735x552, f1e140436d253acc9efc0bbdd213a5…)

Nipple piercings are so cute… but I'm such a coward, I'd die if my nipples get infected or something, I've read some horror stories about it and that throws me back to get them done. Maybe some kind anon has them and is willing to share their experience?

No. 622487

I got mine pierced when I was 19 and it was the most painful piercing of my entire life. Probably one of the most painful things I’ve experienced in general, and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Not to scare you, it’s different for everyone and I think it probably has something to do with sensitivity, but yeah. That shit hurted.

Once the needle went through it was fine, though. Normal piercing soreness. If you get them caught on anything while healing, like a bra or towel, it hurts like hell and even when fully healed those things can irritate them, but they really are cute and worth it. Kinda wanna redo mine again now….

No. 622492

Not me but my friend who has a lot of piercings overall planned to have both nipples pierced and managed to only get through with one, she said it was so painful it was just not worth it to do the other one; so that supports what >>622487 is saying.

No. 622493

Pierced my own nipple, only did the one because I was nervous about losing sensation. Worked out fine, I actually gained some sensation and now that I retired the piercing it's still my more sensitive nipple

No. 622496

Thank you for the real answer, I am A Fellow Gamer Girl but I rarely read or talk about games, I get so fucking jittery over that shit in games ufggh

No. 622528

This is amazing

No. 622532

I got mine done over 3 years ago and they never really healed. They constantly will flare up if i go swimming, change my soap or sweat too much. even when using antibacterial soap and showering everyday they would manage to get infected for a short time. Some peoples bodies don't take well to surface piercings like nips. Pain was not so bad, my industrial hurt more.

No. 622535

Noooooo my "vegetarian no-meat" ramen pack is fish based. Serves me right for not reading the ingredients kek.

No. 622536

Which ramen is it?

No. 622538

Nissin simulated chicken ramen

No. 622539

She sat on this video for like 10 or 11 months. There's apparently one more she'll probably post after we're all dead.

No. 622555

I also tried doing this but I only got the needle halfway through and almost passed out clutching my bloody nipple. Gonna get them done properly soon hopefully.

No. 622571

Just now realising how much time has passed since lockdown started in March and how it’s felt like almost no time passed and it’s making me so sad what the fuck

No. 622579

I went to visit my brother and his girlfriend the other day and saw that she recently dyed her hair a really pretty shade of red. I've wanted to try dyeing my hair red for a long time and felt inspired after seeing her but I feel like it'd be weird to dye my hair a color that's similar to my brother's gf? Maybe I'm just being paranoid but I feel like if I suddenly had red hair shortly after seeing her it might look like I copied her or something.

I think I'm a little more sensitive to having similar hair to someone cus when I was 13 my friend yelled at me for getting bangs a few months after she did because I apparently was "stealing her look" even though half the girls in our grade had bangs kek. I don't want to seem like a skinwalker.

No. 622581

File: 1599179879674.png (436.3 KB, 720x540, 81zq5ul300a11.png)

Farmers, how does this image make you feel?

No. 622582

why not compliment her and mention you were thinking of getting that color, see her response.

No. 622585

That I am too old to find this nostalgic in any way (outside of the 3ds.) Also dang Smosh has been around a long time.

No. 622586


No. 622588

File: 1599181119702.png (2.54 MB, 1536x2048, 2C13400F-90D6-47C8-9487-FD5DA9…)

This broke me

No. 622590

Nice, toothless meth head

No. 622592

Truly disgusted, anon. I hated myself back then and I hated everyone I knew. I wish I could go back, blank out and pretend that year, 2011 and 2012 never happened

No. 622593

rip lmfao kek the only thing i've held onto from that time in this pic is youtube and the 3ds

No. 622594

In the comments someone pointed out the white power neck tattoo, oof

No. 622598

>rip lmfao kek
three-hit combo

No. 622604

why didn't you hoes tell me about sports bras sooner?

No. 622606

… I can't believe there are women out there that don't use sports bras. They're the only bras for me

No. 622608

File: 1599183491479.png (Spoiler Image, 3.16 MB, 1920x1080, l7767x22va551.png)

Can someone please explain to me what the fuck happened to Phos to go from left to right on pic related? (obvious spoilers btw). I really want to read Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous, but my attention span is almost non existent with anime and manga. I'm so intrigued by that transformation AAAAH. Like, how? why?
Also if you want to tell me about your thoughts on the story and characters, or fangirl, or rant, feel free to do it since I'm very interested in knowing more about this manga. Like, really, please vent all you want to me, I'll gladly read it all.

Btw I did watch the anime when it aired, but I barely remember anything; just Phos breaking all the time, and then fusing? with some other gem or something like that and becoming more boyish looking.

No. 622609

lmaoo the title is killing me.
I'm just wondering why she decided to release this a whole year after Magdalene. We shouldve had this masterpiece when it dropped.

No. 622617

File: 1599185087851.jpg (283.41 KB, 589x626, 1594879710121.jpg)

Does anyone else hate that when you lean your calves against something (like the edge of a bed), they squish out like fuckin' sea lions and make you look fat as shit? I cringe every time it happens and try avoid it altogether whenever I'm with my guy.

No. 622619

What? Maybe you just have big calves anon. Literally never seen this happen to anyone that's average or skinny. Not shaming you though, rock those fat ass calves, anon.

No. 622620

Even my thinnest friend has calves that do it. We must all suffer together.

No. 622624

File: 1599186187729.jpg (887.51 KB, 2156x3235, rrRYZ8k.jpg)

I assume anon is talking about what Sarah Hyland's calves are doing here??

No. 622627

I was in high school and none of this meant anything to me

No. 622628

Oh I get it now. Still though it's definitely not that noticeably lol. Idk how anons calves could spread out so much to look like a "sea lion"

No. 622632

I'm the hottest I've ever been (never been hot before kek) and yet I'm the most isolated I've ever been. Literally no one knows me at my best people just know ugly me.

No. 622633

File: 1599187178935.jpg (227.73 KB, 682x1024, istockphoto-108129484-1024x102…)

lol tbh depending on the severity it's a big clue for me that it's been a few days since I've stretched/worked out! I have big calves but I'm a skinny person overall. Sage for autism but I've always hated this since I was a teenager.

Urghh, thanks anon, I feel less alone. I sit all uwu bent-leg usually if I'm lying on a bed but in reality I'm avoiding the flat calves look.

If the widest part of Sarah's calf was fully resting on her other leg, I think it would look more severe. I don't have the effect when I cross my legs myself. I'm trying to google a good image but even when I search "woman sitting down straight legs" it's all women with bent legs bc they know how bad it'll look lol. Just picture pic related if she actually squished her leg against the edge, bringing her fibula closer to the bed.

No. 622635

No. 622637

Looking at family photos from the 90’s while Alanis Morissette blasts inside my head

No. 622639

File: 1599187635672.jpg (108.46 KB, 606x371, thisshit.jpg)

okay anon I literally took a picture. Left is my regular ole normal looking leg, right is when I want to shimmy off my bed and my calf presses on the bed edge. Sends my whole entire being into wanting to ana-chan myself off a cliff sometimes

No. 622640

Do you ever think you hit rock bottom or experienced depression only to be hit with an even stronger wave and think "oh shit, dealing with that was child's play"

No. 622642

ur fine bud

No. 622649

yeah but i'm also just really bored of being mentally ill

No. 622651

im tipsy and i cant stop thinking about this time a guy asked me to samurai jack and chill with him

No. 622654

File: 1599188962393.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.01 KB, 1600x900, Father Of The Year Spade 15.jp…)

This picture of David spade lying naked on the pavement has had me laughing for 20 minutes straight and I want to share it with my fellow farmers. No graphic nudity but spoilered it anyways

No. 622659

What is the context? also anon who defended him and said he was absolutely conventionally attractive where are you now?????

No. 622663

Too high to take my make up and I don't care about the resulting spots tomorrow after this mega sleep good night

No. 622664

Praying for your skin

No. 622671

I feel nostalgic for those simpler but funnier times. I would give anything to escape this discount apocalypse and turn back.

No. 622685

groceries? it can wait. a $40 shirt that i will rarely wear? immediate buy the moment it's for sale. why am i like this.

No. 622688

fashion passes but style is forever anom

No. 622690

I am skinny yet I always look 2 months pregnant. Why is my uterus like this

No. 622693

he still looks like a balding funko pop coming off a week-long coke binge, what gives

No. 622701

I truly don't miss that time. 2000s however, would love to go back and be a kid.

No. 622711

Idk if this will make you feel better or worse, but you’re literally acting like an insane person. That’s a leg, it’s what they do? Are you expecting it to be made out of hard plastic like a Barbie leg?

No. 622712

This is your brain on shitty beauty culture.
Don't be an autist, anon. There's literally nothing wrong with your legs. That's literally what human flesh does when pressed/pushed on.

No. 622717

this looks like one of those chad vs incel images. will now use it this way thank you

No. 622721

Nothing happened to him. The media just stopped drilling the lie that he's attractive into people's heads for a bit, and now they're actually recognizing what he looks like.

No. 622728

We're all lame bitches for using this site

No. 622731

File: 1599199667646.png (2.31 MB, 2000x1582, c80.png)

>mfw people talking about this being nostalgic to their childhood when I was in my early 20's during this time
Someone should make an early 2000's starter pack that ISN'T made by a zoomer who thinks people were playing on an original gameboy in 2003 and listening to Ke$ha in 2004, pic related got pretty close

No. 622732

idk which thread to put this is so im dropping it here. i recently had a dream about an ex of mine from 6 years ago, i wondered what he was up to so i went to his instagram and found out he blocked me. for context we had been on good terms and both of us are in serious relationships for years, i think the last time i talked to him was just in december. i feel kinda bummed out that i got blocked for no reason, like damn what did i do wrong kek. it doesnt really matter in the end im just a bit taken aback since now i cant creep on his profile

No. 622736

I miss this

No. 622739

i still feel ashamed for having Sonic OCs back in the day

No. 622741

I revel in my lameness.

No. 622744

I recognize more on this chart than the 2010s one

No. 622750

I have no idea what the context is I just searched "David Spade nudes" and that was one if the images I found

No. 622768

Disgust and cringe

Fondness and nostalgia

No. 622778

>mindlessly nope-ing on everyone on tinder
>come across a profile, okayish looking, unflattering pictures, not much in common, opposite music taste
>get a hunch and give him a like, we match
>actually a very sweet guy, I enjoy talking to him
>we change instagram profiles to keep talking over there
>this bitch is drop dead handsome, has the facial structure of a model and a very fit body. Only downside is he's only 5'6 but idc

Why the absolute fuck are men complaining about not getting matches when they put zero effort in their profiles? I'm glad I matched him kek but they should try harder.

No. 622779

I feel like it's largely incels that complain about it and they'll say 'because Chad doesn't have to put in effort' or something

No. 622784

>I just searched "David Spade nudes"

why tho

No. 622788

Because I wanted to see David Spade's dick and put the pictures in my special sexy hot penis folder, duh

No. 622813

I dont get why only white people use spray tans/self tanner. I feel like it looks good on people who already have brown skin to make you look more bronze/glowy but people always think it's weird that I use it.

No. 622814

I grew up with my mom always telling me that I was too pale, that I looked 'sickly' and I needed to go sit out in the sun and tan.. almost like she wanted to give me a complex around it.

I've still never tanned or used the fake stuff either.

No. 622816

i want to go back to good old days where pasty skin was all the rage.

But to answer your question: racism

No. 622819

Not all white people have pasty skin, dumbass. For a group of people who gets offended when people call you "bland" you sure like pretending all of you are skin type I fair haired and light eyed Nordic people.

No. 622821

I'm >>622813 and I'm not white and wasn't trying to say all white people have pasty skin, just that self tanning is usually exclusively associated with them and I don't really get why people find it weird for non white people to do it even though I think it looks good (and more natural) on people who already have darker skin

No. 622826

There are way too many posts on here lately like 'white people why do you do this thing?' or 'I've heard white people shower differently'

Like stop with all the 'white people' posts already, it's pretty transparent

No. 622844

I didn't get a spot! And that's on boujois cc cream

No. 622846

After enduring several nights of less than pleasant dreams, I finally had a dream where I was getting laid by a super hot buff dude, but lord only knows what I ate the day before, because my stomach had other plans. Every time I'd get somewhere interesting in my dream, my intestines would let out this unholy gurgling followed by what could only be described as the intense pain of a thousand cramps. And each time, I would try to suppress it and go back to sleep because I wanted to continue my imaginary sex with this imaginary guy my brain conjured up. But alas, the dam could no longer hold in the flood, and I knew that I only had but a few minutes to abandon all prospects of an imaginary orgasm and rush to the bathroom before my colon explosively released all of its contents in my toilet bowl.

No. 622848

Is this scat fetish erotica?

No. 622849

A lot of people with already medium or darker skin tones or even pale (white or not) people with a darker undertone can tan fast enough for self-tanning to seem useless though. Many women would rather use simple makeup like using bronzers and highlighters to make their dark skin or their natural tan look good, it's less annoying to do.

No. 622850

To my ex,

Love is am easy thing and though you were an easy lay, it was nothing special.

No. 622853

Guys I'm having the worst shit of my life, I might pass out holy fuck.

ate super spicy pork katsu and then some ice cream afterward, I legit am light-headed…. stomach please……..

No. 622854

Wonder where that anon who lived with her stepdad because of her narc mom went. I haven't read about that mess in a while.

No. 622857

I was having a horrible day but then I remembered season two of the boys is out today. Yay

No. 622874

File: 1599221751602.jpg (37.45 KB, 462x498, IMG_20200506_122842.jpg)

I have less then 10 photos on any social media I own. I hate my face and rarely take pictures but here I am drunk, taking pictures of my face, tits and ass. I know if i get cunted enough I will post it on some 4chan general thread I lurk kek.

No. 622881

I love blink 182 so much. Sometimes I listen to them and it feels like a religious experience.

No. 622882

Time for round 2….

No. 622883

Period is due tomorrow, my new dildo arrived today..thank you universe. I will make the most of my day off now.

No. 622901

What the heck, i am also from Argentina. Do we live in different realities because every man i have meet has been gross.

No. 622908

LMAO casi todos los chicos que conozco son chetitos, y esos si que usan los pantalones cortitos. Inclusive cuando iba al secundario mis amigas y yo nos peléabamos con los directivos porque mis compañeros hombres llevaban pantalones cortos literalmente y a nosotras no nos dejaban
(Me estoy riendo tanto que las dos somos argentinas)

No. 622910

This made me laugh, have fun queen

No. 622917

I ghosted a friend of a friend who wouldn't stop pestering me and asking me to go to his place to "hang out with him" by ignoring his last message he sent me on messenger (not even a "hi" or "hello", just something like "pop") and I'm glad he never tried to contact me again after I ignored him. He could have sent another message to ask me straight up to go to his place to play on his PS4 while he completely ignores me and play LoL at the same time, or he could have even tried to call me or send me a text but he never tried, thank fucking god. And he's becoming more and more of a shut-in so even if he lives not far away from my place I never saw him outside by coincidence. I should have ignored him long before that actually.

Nostalgic but in a negative way. I don't know how to explain it better.

No. 622932

Just found out a local artist is still making music, and it made my morning. His stuff was the first music I ever legally purchased and I'm glad he's still doing it. Very nice and motivating to see!

No. 622937

i feel ya anon… im the same. get friends that love your negative self no matter how fucked up it is lol

No. 622942

I’m glad I moved my bookshelf out of my room. That thing has evil energy and not having it in here solidified that belief for me

No. 622959

Let’s say I’m crushing on a tiktoker who lives 1,5 h away from me and I lfollowed him on ig and he followed me back. Hems single and I’m single, should I slide into his DMs or not? He’s a funny guy and I like his dumb sense of humor. Also he’s a weeb, so practically made for me. Thoughts?

No. 622960

Good going with them typos there my girl good god.

No. 622961

Do it gurl, you have nothing to lose.
And please keep us updated if you do.

No. 622979

This probably belongs in confessions or dating apps thread but I'm laughing about it because of how stupid it is so I'm sharing it here

I had a phase when I graduated college and moved in with my parents in a bumfuck flyover state where I was so bored that I just started using tinder for laughs and developed a precise formula to attract annoying edgy alt boys (I'm typically not an "omG i LoOve manipulating men teehee!" bpd-chan but I have a particular ire towards men who think they're so extra special and intelligent because they have a little earring and listen to, idk, machine girl) and I had so much fun, they were all so idiotic and would have completely inane "deep" conversations with me where I could sense them trying to like, groom me into depression? (Please tell me someone else has experienced this type of interaction) it's so fucking funny the bare minimum you can do to seem ""different"" and guys like this will go nuts

Anyway I obviously never went out with any of them and later realized they were all in the asskissing skinwalking friend circle of that cow from /snow/ vivadrag, which made everything way funnier so thanks lolcow

No. 622984

File: 1599236650983.gif (560.69 KB, 500x288, 13c574c433183d8033b72155955905…)

All I want is to create a cute pixel art otome game with a relatively mature storyline…

No. 622986

why aren't you doing it?

No. 622987

Kek I know exactly the type of guy you're talking about and good for you, they deserve it.

No. 623003

I don't have the skills right now, and I'm afraid of the amount of work/time it would take. Wageslaving takes up most of my days.

No. 623027

there's an 80% chance he has loli shit on his computer. sorry

No. 623033

Not to whiteknight the crush haver but aren't all tiktokers children themselves

No. 623035

I did it and he responded!! I’m and embarrassement but I legit squealed a little! I told him I had to take a couple drinks to gather up the courage and he said it was nice that I did! Now I’m just desperately scrambling on how to keep the conversation going because I am terrible at talking on the internet. Help a fellow nonnie! What do I ask him? ?

No. 623037

File: 1599239382324.png (50.04 KB, 275x173, 1598833539174.png)

I live across from the elementary school I went to as a child and over the years I've watched them slowly take away more recess equipment. There was an entire playground and a grassy field for impromptu sports, and they took it all down for a big ass gym they're not even allowed to go inside. So for their recess they just stand on the blacktop around the building and maybe there are like 2 kids playing basketball at a time.
Like, I thought it was shit when I was a student but wowww it got worse lmfao

No. 623043

Yikes, I

Hope not? Gonna take that risk and then out him if that happens. But we’re both in our twenties.

No. 623075

Wish there was more discussion about mental health in the arab community. I feel so alone and crazy for just having depression and anxiety. Even worse that mine is diagnosed and not just a case of the blues. I could never tell people about it. No one understands or takes it seriously. If I mention it , I'm told I have weak faith or I'm told i'm unmarriagable.

No. 623079

I feel that anon. I used to go to therapy but I stopped because my mum kept getting in my head about how I was shaming her by going. Now I just don’t talk about it at all and I’ve never been worse.

No. 623081

I remember thinking everything was so annoying back then. Minecraft was cool though.

No. 623088

does it matter how much time or effort it's going to take if it's something that you really want? what do you do on your free time? you can learn the skills needed, even if it's slowly. even if it takes 5 years, isn't it worth it?

No. 623094

Ask him about his favorite music or anime (you mentioned he's into weeb shit) and why does he like those.
Sprinkle it with info about yourself too, like "oh I absolutely dig that show" when he mentions one you like.
If it goes well and he engages don't be shy and ask him where he hangs around usually, maybe mention you'd like to go there as well.
Best of luck nonnie!

No. 623099


No. 623101

File: 1599245268627.jpg (100.4 KB, 456x366, 1393012897215.jpg)

Someone gave me a supportive comment on another thread and it was so motivating, like I actually felt happy. Is this what having friends is like?

No. 623109

Imagine having irl people care about you? That shit must be nice

No. 623145

Worked hard to lose weight and works hard to maintain current weight…

Everyone: You're so lucky that you can just eat whatever you want. I eat one thing and I blow up ..


No. 623151

Wow same I hate this shit especially when the people that say it are my literal family members who watched me lose like 50 pounds over a span of YEARS

Or when someone who fully knows I keep a strict diet sees me eat my one giant meal of the week and is like "WTF how do you eat so much??? It's a mystery!!!!"

No. 623153

lol this always gets me. you think this one big meal after a fasting period is "whatever I want"??? "naturally skinny" people (aka, people who have small appetites) have it so good I swear.

No. 623167

File: 1599251244466.png (82.75 KB, 1176x738, 1599232753866.png)

She posted pic related after saying she had "baby fever" lmao.

But anyways, this post reminded me of a cute memory I had from when I was around 5 or 6. I had phase where I kept a toy baby pram near my bed that I loaded full of my favorite dolls and stuffed animals. In case there was a fire, I'd be able to easily wheel them out to safety. I was terrified of losing them.

No. 623171

Stuff like that is why I just don't comment on weight. Whether someone gains or loses I always just stick to my trusted 'You're looking well!' Nice and vague.

No. 623172

simpre me pierdo de los chetos lindos por vivir en el conurbano. Also, no me sorprende que haya tantas Argentinas aca, somos bien barderas(?).
I used to sleep next to my dinosaur toys because i though they would defend me from the monsters lmao.

No. 623175

My earliest memories are all of stuffed animals and me treating them like actual family

No. 623191

Hey thank you! I didn’t have a chance to really start asking him any questions, but hopefully later! I’m still not really sure if he’s into me or not and like I get it, he probably gets hundreds of messages a day so I really need to stand out, but I also don’t want to bother him and I am so fucking conflicted. He told me the bar he was going to even though we don’t even live in the same city (he doesn’t know that) aaahh goddamnit. Like was it him inviting me to meet or what! Now I’m just venting really. Strange man, still wanna smash.

He’s probably not feeling the same.

No. 623202

File: 1599255401957.jpeg (180.02 KB, 600x1320, C67F2BB0-695F-431F-B4EF-D110DF…)

Been binge reading mondo mango and tried to google CK, my troop senses are now tingling even though it wouldnt bother me as I find these comics adorable.

No. 623203

tROON SENSES fucking autocorrect

No. 623209

I had literally never heard of a 'funko pop' in my life and then suddenly the past few days have heard it like 100 times a day from multiple different people what's going on did something happen

No. 623227

File: 1599257279763.png (1.19 MB, 1303x740, pale-lady.png)

What are your favorite horror movies anons?

No. 623232

There's a thread for this in media.

No. 623237

Oh I forgot about that thread! Ty anon

No. 623240

The internet:




No. 623281

you must've subjected yourself to something nerdy/quirky or your friends/family have.

No. 623282

File: 1599265161883.jpg (49.64 KB, 750x750, heeh.jpg)

Sometimes I want to be in a group chat but that would be a bad idea always . just a waist of time

No. 623285

Theres also pog from twitch if that's what you've been hearing and thinking is pawg anon

No. 623350

I wish the Tinder guy would respond to my texts but I guess that won't happen!!

No. 623354

File: 1599272368508.jpeg (75.58 KB, 474x694, bf2828b4334e963bdeaaab3ef5a97c…)

I feel really bad because I met a guy on tinder who was cute, sweet, funny, smart, and had the same interests as I do, but I got so anxious and self conscious when he asked if I'd like to meet at the local bar for a wine tasting date that I peaced out without responding. I wish I wasnt shy and awkward, I pretty much ruin all potential relationships because of it but hey at least I'm not dating a guy who unironically wears shirts with this graphic on it

No. 623385

swear no scrote but if everyone could please direct all your good energy to the Vancouver Canucks right now I would really appreciate it

No. 623387

Anyone else watch or is familiar with 90 day fiance? Am I the only one who strongly feels like half of these couples are just "In on it?" As in they are "together" because they want to be on the show? With Mohammad and Danielle I believe it was a serious case of him genuinely pursuing her, but to get a greencard. But with Laura and Aladin, it just seems completely unrealistic that someone that conventionally good looking would have to resort to pursuing a woman like that just to get to America. Surely he could have found someone more attractive. I think they met and stuck with each other with the intention of trying to get on the show. Not sure how exactly though.

No. 623390

You bitches failed me… (I still love you)

No. 623391

I live in Singapore :) it's a nice place to visit because it has lots of cool touristy stuff but it's a really boring place to live with a deeply complacent social and political culture lol

No. 623392

I had a subway sandwich in Chambèry, France, and it was the best shit I've ever had, fancy bread delicious cooky perfectly fresh fruit, but then I had one in Paris and it was the worst subway I've had in any country ever. makes u think

No. 623395

Yes WTF . I LITERALLY LOVE YOU FOR SAYING THIS. KFC in the middle east is gourmet quality for cheap.

No. 623398


I had a McDonald’s burger in France once and it was rectangular with a diamond quilted bun. They know they’d never get anywhere with just the trash they sell in America lol.

No. 623416

You're absolutely right that it'd be worth it and extremely satisfying in the long run!
I do 2 to 3 hours of art practice a day so that's what takes up most of my free time, plus all the menial tasks everyone else has to do. Tbh coding scares the shit out of me, I'm aware I'm not even trying because I'm afraid of failing hard.

No. 623427

Fuck. I haven't had a friend in 10 years. I hate being an aspie.

At least I have funny cringe stories of how I fucked up social situations really badly

No. 623428

I can help. Can't art for shit but I love writing romance. We can make the main character and other designs by vote. Like who gets the curved penis and mommy issues.

No. 623430

File: 1599294352144.jpg (38.82 KB, 736x736, a7b0265c2f1c35c33353140a75facc…)

I'm gonna buy a gecko when my bday rolls around and I'm so fricking excited. I can' wait to have a bby lizard and have beetles and shit so I can feed them. I decided to either name her Venus, Jupiter, Artemis, or Athena

No. 623439

Yeah it's pretty sweet, but it's also a weakness. Like yeah supportive comments are nice and make you feel uplifted, but maybe they comment on something good happening in your life that can bring you down just as much. They'll say i'm a sure shot for a job I applied to and I trust their opinion and it motivates me, but then I find a romantic prospect and they tell me he gives off douche vibes, which is now also stuck in my head and kills my attraction, and tbh their opinions have ruined a lot of my initial opinions on things.

Vulnerability is a bitch, but I'm glad I have it because the good outweighs the bad.

That's with GOOD friends though, you've got lots of insidious snakes that act nice then kill you and what you're secure in for fun, it's a gamble.

No. 623446

I always resented drinking as a child bc my dad, mom, and siblings can't handle alcohol but recently I've really enjoyed the taste of white wine. I got tipsy during my boyfriend's family dinner and felt amazing bc I'm usually super shy and reserved but I spoke so clearly and loudly (ok probably not that loud but way louder than I normally talk) and it felt so nice. I aspire to be tipsy me and make all the jokes I usually hold back on

No. 623451

Some people are so obnoxious anons. I matched with this dude on tinder and after like an hour of talking he started flexing his intellectual capabilities by telling me that he was observing me and deduced that I was the 'rich Daddy's girl' type whose every wish is fullfilled by her father. Honestly, I was fucking appalled by his smugness and how absolutely wrong he was because I have no contact with my father and we aren't rich. And it was so rude to say all that. What was he thinking? That I would be impressed by this shit?

No. 623460

I watched this today and I literally started crying because I just realised sloths are so fucking cute and look at that little permanent smile and cute shiny nose and how smooth its head is and it's holding onto a toy as it has a bath ow my heart. Anon I love sloths now

No. 623468

File: 1599304695501.jpg (172.67 KB, 946x671, sadsloth.JPG)


loved the video but then I saw this comment

No. 623474

That's probably what he's looking for and he's waiting for a girl to say omg!!! how did u no and hit the jackpot.

No. 623491

You can still ask him questions and not feel like a pushover, just wait for his answer before asking something else.
Telling you what bar he frequents is a good sign. At the very least he's not scared of you being a creep. Also you could tease him with "wow are you asking me out for a drink? Jk haha". Playing dumb works pretty well when a man doesn't know you and you can drop the act as soon as he shows interest.
Unless he ignores you or straight up tells you he's not interested there's no reason to believe he doesn't want the same. Weebs are just awkward most of the time.

No. 623506

I've been wrangling wth my sexuality for ages now bcaus I'm like oh there's one dude I like. Went out for drinks with him and others last night and he kept flirting and I was like ew, so ye might be full lezza now, epic

No. 623507

I hate whenever a woman criticizes/dunks on another woman it is seen as jealously. Like maybe it's because I think what she is saying/doing is stupid? It's dumb.

No. 623516

I hate women.

No. 623523

We hate ourselves. Wanna make out?

No. 623530

I hate people never being able to spell jealousy correctly, it makes you sound like an illiterate preteen.

No. 623531

Ahhhhh fuck, thank you for the advice, kind anon!! I should keep pursuing him! It’s just difficult because I have terrible social anxiety and I keep thinking about how he’s probably sick and tired of thirsty girls sending him DMs day in day out and he’s just too polite to say he’s not interested.

I’m going to the city/neighborhood where he resides next weekend, a friend of mine lives there too and I really wanna see her too anyway, so might just ask him out for a beer? I don’t know, this is hard!

No. 623533

Because everyone on the face of the planet speaks English as their first language, right?

No. 623535

Sorry anon, I wrote that post in rage.

No. 623542

It's not that hard to write a word correctly, kind of like the word "definitely", even natives butcher that one on the reg. T. Esl fag.

No. 623545

File: 1599316976610.png (709.73 KB, 574x1024, M0CVLRK.png)

pretty sure this is DJ Khaled shaming spelling errors because he misspelled jealousy for ages. finally you have the upper hand, DJ …

No. 623551

For me the worst is when people write "lose" as "loose." So many native English speakers do it, and I just don't understand why.

No. 623552

Yeah! Or defiantly when they mean definitely.

No. 623553

It enrages me so much when I see anons post pictures they made and the image size is larger than 3 MB. Pretty much every photo editing program has a feature that lets you make the picture smaller, so why tf do I still see so many 10+ MB pictures? What's the purpose, my guy?

No. 623554

that's still nothing compared to "I could care less"

No. 623555

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a degenerate are you? Please explain.

No. 623556

Ayrt, it's my third language and I still manage not to fuck it up. Just use autocorrect and don't be stupid, damn.

No. 623558

Waah waaaah they didn’t even spell it wrong they just added -ly

No. 623560

Oh lord do I hate that one.

No. 623563

ok but the thing about that one is that both sayings are actually correct. I never say "I could care less" but I get the use of it. It kinda just means "if you think I'm acting like a unsympathetic bitch NOW, this is me at my best"

No. 623564

>It's not that hard to write a word correctly
Yeah but as an ESL fag that's not the problem is it? Sometimes we just don't know we're spelling a word wrong or we know it's wrong but can't be arsed to look up the correct spelling (it's just the internet after all).

Also English is incredibly annoying because you can't tell how something is written by how it's pronounced and vice versa.

Signed non-native speaker who also definitely can't spell definitely correctly without looking it up.

Lol how can you be this mad over a spelling mistake, you're someone who had to study second and third languages, can't you sympathize with how easy it is to slip up at all?

No. 623567

Sorry for starting an arguement by spelling jealousy wrong anons. It shall not happen again.

No. 623577

Unless he tells you he's too shy to ask someone out don't, just mention you'll be around and that it would be funny if you ran into each other. If he's interested he'll most surely ask you where you're gonna hang out.
Don't worry about what he thinks and show some confidence. At worst you'll never meet and you're gonna stay the same as now, at best you're gonna date a man you like.
Also if you get to hang out don't show you're a fangirl, he's gonna think he's better than you (protip: he's not, he just got a little famous).

No. 623578


Nice one

Anyway it's mostly native speakers who do the "could of" bone apple tea mistakes

No. 623579

idg people that sperg over minor spelling errors while ignoring the rest of someone's post unless it's straight up unreadable.
bigger images look better

No. 623580

Just do better

No. 623583

File: 1599321587691.png (1.14 MB, 640x960, liz.png)

oh my god why can't i be her (appearance wise) it's not fair i'm going to kms

No. 623588

As someone who only speaks English, I don't understand why ESL speakers chastise other ESL speakers for making minor spelling mistakes when people who only speak English makes those mistakes all of the time and none of us care. Do they think that never making a spelling mistake will make native English speakers like them more, or something? I don't get it.

No. 623591

Most natives already hate us, we don't have to give them reasons.

No. 623593

>people who only speak English makes those mistakes all of the time and none of us care
That's probably why all of my English teachers ever hated on American English for being sloppy lmao

No. 623599

How do I fix my sexualité? I'm basically a female version of Agp (autoandroplile, is that a thing?) I'm only aroused by the thought of having straight sex in a man's body.

No. 623602

There are certain celebrities who seem popular and are deemed as attractive but I absolutely don’t see anything in them, whether it’s talent or looks. They have absolutely no charm. Idk how they made it so far even.
Zendaya is the prime example of this for me idk why.

No. 623606

Same anon. I don’t wanna fix it. It’s not bad enough that it stops me from having normal sex with my bf. I do notice it gets worse when I read (or watch) a lot of porn so maybe if that’s a problem for you, you could stop that and see what happens?

No. 623608

finally bought a bucket hat, wish me luck that I don’t look silly in it

No. 623610

File: 1599324641719.jpeg (183.87 KB, 1024x640, D7A927DF-8410-4BCA-9E38-FD9400…)

I’m sure you’ll look great nonnie

No. 623612

File: 1599324767763.jpg (4.57 MB, 2112x2816, Bucketheadgnr.jpg)

No. 623614

Funny that you said Zendaya, her and Bella Thorne both came to mind. I don't see anything particularly special about Selena Gomez or Camilla Cabello.

No. 623617

I feel like Vaush is going to get 'exposed' for lying about his age. Idk I just can't believe he's only 26 I thought he was nearly 40 or something.

No. 623619

File: 1599325540796.jpg (42.29 KB, 500x500, tumblr_f63efe8992a62bea2f67c3a…)


No. 623620

Zendaya is always just kind of there. I feel like she's as talented as any disney actress is, her skills haven't really progressed beyond that, and she's moderately attractive. I'm so fucking glad she didn't get cast as Ariel, though, I was expecting that to happen after people hyped her. I don't know why I care though because Disney live action remakes suck

No. 623621

is there a thread here with gentle male-dom stuff like there is for femdom? my bf and i like both but i always send him pics that i find here which are always femdom.

No. 623623

File: 1599326269258.jpeg (26.4 KB, 400x400, 15F68386-8D74-4072-9A1A-DE9528…)

No. 623626

File: 1599326554384.png (669.98 KB, 1280x1034, tumblr_ead89e30c4bf88732d0b596…)

No. 623631

I'm embarrassed to admit that I like things, even to myself. If I see an actor/actress I like and want to watch other things they've done, I can't even bring myself to google their name. I do everything in the most autistic roundabout way, like googling one of their costars and then clicking through wikipedia pages until I "stumble upon" the person I was actually looking for. Even then once I find another movies/show that they've done, I can't just look it up, I have to scroll through a streaming service until I "accidentally" find it. Wtf is wrong with me anons? I'm not looking for anything even remotely shameful

No. 623637

Bitch we know u stole this from tumblr

No. 623640

this is very specific and very relatable.

No. 623641

No problem here. Your inner mind knows to shield you from Google and other invasive company's manipulative algorithms. Being figured out is a threat.
No, but, like in all seriousness, anon, did your parents (or other people who were around in a particularly formative time of your life) mock your interests a lot? That might be a big reason why.

No. 623644

Well yeah, "tumblr" is literally in the filename.

No. 623645

Glad I'm not the only one who's broken.
I honestly never thought about it but yeah, I've always been teased for having weird interests or being attracted to weird people. It never bothered me because it seemed lighthearted, but I guess I internalized it all kek

No. 623656

Mental illnesses sure exist

No. 623657

There’s BDSM General in /g/ but maledom shit gets laughed off here because you can literally get that content anywhere else on the internet.

No. 623668

I don't watch porn, it's just the thoughts I have in my head. I'll quit mastubating for a while and see if that works but I also have non sexual fantasies about being à man.

No. 623669

I have the same opinion on Zendaya and I still have no idea why people praise her so much for being hot or for her roles in Euphoria or the MCU.

No. 623675

File: 1599332029411.jpeg (15.96 KB, 275x178, 4BDECA35-374A-4DAD-9E62-499FA8…)

contemplating making a tinder again just for the validation

No. 623676

holy shit, he looks wrecked for a 26 year old. No fucking way

No. 623690

God I’m the same. I’m so much more sociable after drinking

No. 623694

Tried to follow vid rel and still unsure what my undertone is, Partially because my judgement/ sense of aesthetics suck and all of the people I live with just say 'you look alright' when I ask for help. I think I might be cool toned since I look better next to my navy blue jeans vs an orange sainsburies bag (I don't have any orange clothing), but I have olive skin and I think I look alright with a mustard yellow sweater I have, but look bad in a pastel blue sweater I also have, though that may just be my poor judgement

No. 623703

you just listed literally all the people i was thinking of! theyre kinda just there… very below/average people in every aspect

No. 623706

Are there any celebrities with skin tones similar to yours? You can google "[insert celebrity name] skin undertones" and something might pop up.

Also look at your veins, if you haven't. Blue veins = cool tones, green-ish veins = warm tones.

No. 623708

An ftm 'penis' isn't even genitals… it's made from thigh/arm skin. Woah

No. 623710

Samefag but forgot to add, for Olive people usually the darker you are the more warm you are and the lighter the more cooler you are. So I guess your undertone might depend on how light you are.

No. 623711

Good and pure video

No. 623714

Anon how ableist of you, all those ftm were suppose to be born with thighs as dicks don't you understand gender theory

No. 623715

But if anon can't tell if her skin is cool or warm and if a color looks bad on her or not then she probably won't be able to tell if x celebrity really has the same undertones. The light = cool and dark = warm is also most definitely not foolproof. There's dark af people who're cool toned and vice versa.

No. 623719

>There's dark af people who're cool toned and vice versa.
I know anon, hence why I said
>for Olive people USUALLY the darker you are
Keyword usually.

No. 623730

>blessed with medium big boobs, yet harmless
>they are wideset and just look weird on my bust because of my shoulders tbh
I suppose you can't have it all.

No. 623734

Are there any movies about manic pixie dream boys?

Like a super cute guy comes into some loser girls life and changes it for the better?like a guy way out of this girls league but for some reason hes talking to her.

No. 623737

The only one I can think of is Augustus waters from A fault in our stars

No. 623739

thinking back to when I was on tumblr and a 15 year old girl started telling everyone that she was seeing a 50 year old man with a wife and kids. He kept sending her thousands of dollars and wouldn't touch her or kiss her or anything. I remember thinking it was so fucking sick even at my young age and messaged her saying that it wasn't a good idea and that she was being preyed on. She responded publicly telling me to fuck off and that she's mature and knows what she's doing, and that she would never have sexual relations with him. fast forward 2 months, this dumbass's parents find her public tumblr and find out about all the shit she's been doing. She let's us know she won't be on for a while and that the relationship with her and the guy ended. I can't believe anyone would openly talk about being with a pedophile without realizing that to everyone besides other 15 year olds, the relationship is creepy and it's not at all cool that she's getting money from him. (She would post screenshots of her bank account. he would send her 3k on a random wednesday)

No. 623740

forgot to add that she literally posted a photo of them together….like…how can someone be so dumb, including her "boyfriend"

No. 623741

Edward Cullen - Twilight
Whatever book adaptation of sick/dying girl meets boy stories lol

No. 623746

I can only think about FF10 (video games) and maybe the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (novels/anime and even then it's not obvious) but not movies, I'm curious too.

No. 623756

omg I do this too, I don't know why. Not quite to the same extent as you, but if I want to look up a celebrity I'll look up something they're in and then find them from there. I'll also try scrolling through my YT recs instead of just searching for someone, even though the chances I'll find them are very low.

I guess I don't want our google overloads to know who I'm interested in. It's not like I exclusively search for celebs I have a crush on, it's genuinely just to find other things they've been in. There's nothing to be embarrassed about so it's weird.

No. 623781

Try shoujo manga and otome series.

No. 623787

File: 1599342596381.jpg (72.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I miss her already

No. 623791

>bring quiche to work
>Eww anon what's that it looks gross
>These same people eat McDonald's

No. 623794


Scott Pilgrim is generally regarded as prime manic pixie dream girl material and there’s a movie adaptation, though I haven’t personally seen it.

No. 623796

She's asking for the opposite thing, normal girl and quirky boy

No. 623797

I think you misread anon's post. She wants manic pixie dream boys, not girls. And you should watch the adaption, it's a good movie.

The best equivalent I can think of is when interesting, fun men kind of 'rescue' women. Especially lower class men who show rich women a good time away from their stifling rich people lives. Like Jack and Rose in Titanic, or Aladdin and Jasmine.

No. 623806

True! If Titanic was from Rose’s perspective it would fit the MPDB trope.

No. 623808

I dreamt about a small silver necklace pendant that looked exactly like the ➰ emoji. Please someone tell me what key words to google to find a necklace like that

No. 623810

Freddie from Skins

No. 623812

"pray the gay away" is such a fucking hilarious saying sorry

No. 623813

Why does junk food not taste as good when you plan on eating it? Why is it always more satisfying when you had no intentions of eating or or know that you shouldn't be?

No. 623815

I hate watching sports when there's people around because I'm too self conscious to scream at the telly or overreact about dumb stuff. I was excited I was home alone tonight and could watch this game in peace but my brother came home and now I'll have to be quiet. Wish I could stop giving a shit and not afraid to look like a crackhead around others.

No. 623818

freddie's boring as hell

No. 623819

How I Live Now, at least in the first half lmao

No. 623820

File: 1599345450539.jpeg (12.46 KB, 299x300, 1E99AC0C-4EF2-467D-AAAE-C069EC…)

This is what the pendant looked like but with the ➰ symbol instead. In my dream they were alternatingly referring to my necklace as “horned god pendant” and “taurus pendant” so I was very annoyed when I googled upon waking and found it was neither.

No. 623822

maybe 10 things I hate about you?

No. 623823

Yeah that’s why he fits the bill, he’s cute, he’s a simp, he has basically no personality outside of the girl, in contrast with Cook

No. 623824

Every time I see Taryn Manning I think of Ted Bundy.

No. 623831


Mmmn yes the curl emoji, second only to the “floating business man in a suit” emoji in terms of uselessness.

No. 623833

File: 1599347435153.jpeg (19.16 KB, 300x300, B7ED522B-FDF6-4AD2-8D3C-ABD824…)


It looks vaguely like the angelic power rune from The Mortal Instruments. Maybe that’s what gave you the dream?

No. 623835

Every time I see a cute guy in the street I send them telepathic messages to ruin my life but they never do. Men ain’t shit girls. Or maybe I’m ugly.

No. 623846

I want to go to a spa someday, get a massage, a facial treatment, relax and maybe also get a manicure. I've never done any of this in my life and it seems so relaxing. With how expensive that would be and how I wouldn't be comfortable with people touching even without the pandemic I'm not sure that's going to happen anytime soon though.

No. 623848

Let's go! I wanna bond in the saunas like how dudes do, or so I'm told.

No. 623849

I hope you find your horned god necklace. Your dream sounds cool

No. 623850

Happened with me and a sweet potato once …still not over it

No. 623852

Ah damn, I loved this shit. Sad the author is such a cow.

No. 623855

I've never been to a sauna either, I want to try it out too. I also really wanted to go to hot springs when I was living in Japan but with the pandemic that became impossible really fast.

I'm familiar with hammam though, everytime I was visiting my family abroad all my female cousins, aunts and sisters would go to one and we'd just scrub each other's backs while gossiping. I miss it.

No. 623861

File: 1599349306425.png (903.32 KB, 640x480, Android_17.png)

When I was about 7 or 8 years old
I always thought Android 17 was a girl and my little girl mind said "ohh evil twin sister androids"
I never heard his voice to find out that he's male because I use to watch those old DBZ amvs back then on YouTube.
I even intentionally dressed as him in the first grade on Halloween by stealing my dad's bandana and wearing one of my brothers shirts.
I even had the short black hair to complete the look

No. 623862

The whole concept of urinals is so stupid to me. If men need a specific contraption just so they can pee properly, then why do we only have regular toilets at home? Just another way for the world to cater to scrotes.

No. 623867

I used to clean bathrooms at a job and it seemed like the urinals were never actually used, when I asked the guys there they all said they never use them anywhere since they don't want to take their dicks out in front of some random guys, so I think they are literally a meme

No. 623868

True but I also think urinals are for speediness? They can walk in, whip out their dick and walk out faster instead going into a stall. In men's restrooms there would be stalls and urinals, so double the capacity of women's even though women's restrooms always have longer lines. Scrotes live life on easy mode.

No. 623871

I always thought it was because the designers knew damn well that when men get their piss droplets on the toilet seat, they don't wipe it up, and no store or restuarant employee wants to wipe up stranger's piss droplets all day.

No. 623873

>when men get their piss droplets on the toilet seat, they don't wipe it up,
They know damn well how to lift the seat up tho. Men can piss like a normal well-adjusted person at home, but when they go out, they're suddenly so retarded they need a special toilet? Grow the fuck up.

No. 623883

They also make the bathroom smell like stale piss

No. 623886

The reason is because they're actually cheaper to fix/maintain in commercial buildings and use on average 4 gallons less water per flush. I actually asked someone in the trade industry this because I thought the same damn thing. I always thought the idea of urinals was kinda gay, like is that not kinda show-offy? I'd totally be too shy to do that sort of shit kek

No. 623887

No, I agree with you, I'm not caping for men here. I can just sympathize with establishment managers and employees who'd rather have more urinals than toilets installed because they know if they only had toilets they'd be cleaning up piss drops every day.

No. 623889

What do y'all like on your bagels? I do
>Cream cheese
>Avocado or carrot salmon
>A lotta red onion
>Salt, pepper and smoked paprika

No. 623890

File: 1599351011425.png (612.08 KB, 720x1280, 1599346731358.png)

I'm not the first anon to say it, but it's scary how much Pixielocks and Shayna are starting to look alike. Picrel was just recently taken from the thread.

No. 623892

i have a thing for russian women

No. 623897

White men are only attractive to me if they have curly, dark hair. Blond/ginger men don't do it for me.

No. 623898

the men in my family always get piss on the seat even after lifting it up

No. 623899

>cream cheese and strawberry jam
>lots of butter
>butter and sugar

No. 623905

I love ripping all my clothes off when I get home after a long day of work

No. 623906

Extremely embarrassing tiktok crush having thirsty girl updating!

I asked him out on a date and like… he DIDN’T say no? We had a super weird and cringe ™ talk that ended in him telling me that he’d definitely go out with me but that next weekend he’s already booked ”” but whaaaaat! That’s good enough! I’m screaming!!(emoji)

No. 623907

You need to be 18+ to post here, love.

No. 623910

holy fuck someone had to say it lol the post sounds like a 16 year old twitter stan

No. 623912

I've started becoming friends with a coworker who is a few years older than me. Thought we might have more in common because of our ages. He sent me a picture of an animal, I was like, "Okay, I bet he has some weird animal pics or funny memes." Boy was I wrong. Sent him a funny cat pic, he gave me a weird picture of an actor in a black and white pic giving a thumbs up and didn't even reply to the next pic I sent. Now I think he must be really fucking boring, kek.

No. 623913

This shit's wild. She could have literally just SHUT UP and been better off and maybe even free.

No. 623914


I’m sorry guys, I’m 25+ with no shame apparently…

No. 623915

Happy for you queen, the mods are gonna red text you for that emoji tho lol

No. 623916

I mean, I deserve it so they better!

No. 623920

How old is the tiktok guy? Most guys on there are like 18

No. 623923

He’s 24! I keep wondering how is he single because he’s fucking hot and hilarious but maybe it’s the Tiktok.

No. 623926

>man on tiktok at 24
LMAO can't wait to see you in the vent thread when you inevitably find out he's sexting 16 year olds who also think he's hot. I mean, he's already scheduling you 2 weeks out yikes.

No. 623929

I used to think Frieza was a woman due to the US voice sounding like someone's grandmother, I remember thinking it was cool the big bad was a woman who wasn't sexualized and was disappointed when a boy at school corrected me
I also thought Squall from Final Fantasy 8 was a girl since that was the first Japanese media I ever saw, I thought the plot was she was a lesbian with a crush on a more femme girl until someone called him "he" in the dialog (also disappointed) which is funny looking back since Squall is actually pretty masc for most weeb media protagonists

No. 623931

I know, I have no self worth lol
But also we’re not amerifags, there’s seriously not that many men for me to choose from, I live in a country with less than 6 million people! My taste in men is trash regardless.

No. 623932

File: 1599357577519.jpg (25.97 KB, 300x300, beabadoobee-image.jpg)

I like her music but she makes me feel like shit because she's much younger than me and so much more successful with her art. I'm starting to feel this jealousy towards other content creators I like too. I just want to make good shit for a big audience.

No. 623933

I’ll never not kek at the “it’s chewsday innit” meme making fun of British people

No. 623934

speaking of the little mermaid remake.. how r they gonna shoot the underwater stuff? Like every mermaid show that's underwater has the characters silent underwater, cant' happen here surely

No. 623937

I dunno, anon. I find her music to sound like every other "indie" female artist, ie. boring, safe, uninspired. She's ok, but nothing to get upset about.

No. 623938

who on earth is this person

No. 623939


No. 623942

never heard of them lol dont worry anon shes not that successful im sure you'll have a bigger audience in no time!

No. 623943

It's 4am and I want to go out for a walk because I'm upset over my favourite sports team losing. Will I get murdered if I do it?

No. 623944

Why am I even trying to justify my choices to some anons kek

I like what I like!

No. 623953

Hell yeah, you do you, anon

No. 623955

Been thinking a lot about the casey anthony case. I realize it's been 10 years but it still shocks me that she got away with it despite clear evidence…

No. 623962

Thank you, I appreciate that!

No. 623966

This whole time I didn’t know who Ben Shapiro was & thought the person in all those memes was the guy from the Big Bang Theory that isn’t Sheldon

No. 623967

File: 1599362226446.jpg (25.23 KB, 355x369, 1585892503535.jpg)

My boyfriend refuses to admit that skincare and makeup are two different things. Why are scrotes so damn dumb i stg

No. 623974

File: 1599364006850.gif (2.52 MB, 374x200, 1588736603690.gif)

>liking tiktok pedos
love yourself for the love of god

No. 623975

I worked with a standarly infuriating scrote once & he came to work telling me about a funny skit he made in his head starring Will Ferrel & Chris Farley so I jokingly teased him that hhe essential made a fanfic & he got so huffy & pissed off for over an hour.

He verbatim said “if by ‘fan’ you mean I’m a fan of their work and by ‘fiction’ you mean it’s something I made up that isn’t real the. I suppose” among other shit. Men are so strange

No. 623978

I’m just curious, but why do you think having a tiktok makes someone a pedo?

No. 623980

there's many instances of men on there thirsting over minors. and this guy is a weeb too to top it off

No. 623986

How do I even

I get your point. I do. But I guess all men are potential predators no matter what platform they use so why is tiktok being singled out here?

No. 623988

Tiktok is basically a kids’ app, I think they even had issues because the minimum age is 13, but they got lots of requests to lower it to 9 since the majority of the kids into tiktok are around that age group.

No. 623989

Cream cheese, red pepper, red onion, and lots of alfalfa sprouts. Wish I had one now

No. 623992

Men argue with me about my own height.

No. 623993

I feel like you don’t know what tiktok is like at all. I’m on the adult side of it and see kids extremely rarely. It’s just a social media platform. I’m not gonna fight with you, though. I understand the concern.

I’m just happy he’s a weeb because so am I and no normal man would want to be with me anyway.

No. 623994

NTA but TikTok is absolutely not basically a kids app. Maybe you've only seen kids on it (or maybe you haven't used it at all) but there are so many subcommunities on tiktok, I feel like they're hard to miss.

No. 623995

Let me guess, you're "only 5'1"?

No. 623998

Mmm i like ice cream yum

No. 623999

I found a bird on the ground today, I guess it hit the window and was in shock so I helped it onto a tree branch so it could rest, and it turned out to be ok, it flew away after ten minutes.

Anyways now I really want a pet bird god help me

No. 624000

I'm 5'7'' but I'm shorter than 5'5'' girls wearing heels and platforms.

No. 624002

Who was the actor?

No. 624004

File: 1599371348155.jpeg (52.07 KB, 600x600, B9BA33B8-63C0-49DF-BF35-F8086B…)

No. 624005

As someone who relates with her situation, her decisions are so fucking frustrating and dumb. You were already free from your parents, just leave and never go back.

No. 624008

I got a shag haircut weeks ago and I'm just kinda angry I'm not currently in the 70s because I know all the grainy photos of me would be cute as hell. But now it's just high-def meh. Hair's still cute tho.

No. 624014

Amazing. To me he just registers as smug non-threatening manlet sperg with questionable relevancy because I only see farmer memes about him

No. 624015

You ever take a pic of yourself that looks pretty ok so you spin your phone around, mirror the image, squint, stand really far back, just trying to see if you're just blind and it's actually a bad pic? Usually waiting a few months helps me have a clear perspective of the picture but damn, that's too long n I just wanna be pretty for once

No. 624027

ngl I find her music kind of boring, also if she was ugly she wouldn't be popular.

side note but I have her skin tone and natural hair color and had pumpkin-orange hair until recently and I used color remover because I was so sure it was going to look bad when my roots grew out but she looks fucking awesome arrgghhh I should have kept it!!!!!

t. hair currently stewing in midoriya-green dye

No. 624036

File: 1599383939643.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.2 KB, 736x960, 548c8b27ec0b11f5eb56f9bac9e80d…)

This made me curious enough to look and this was one of the results

No. 624037

I need to stop clicking spoilered pics without knowing the context first

No. 624039

I think it was pretty obviously about money. Her drug dealer boyfriend couldn't financially support her.

No. 624041

File: 1599385314005.jpg (21.82 KB, 430x412, IMG_0052.JPG)

I know I shouldn't participate in fast fashion, but I often can't help but buy shit that I don't need and probably end up throwing away/donating. I feel like any piece of clothing that's over £15 is way too much, even though I end up paying more by just buying new stuff every few months, rather than buying a few slightly 'expensive' pieces of clothing that I'll genuinely love wearing a year because idk if I'll actually like it in the long term.. I sometimes get the epiphany to actually wear things to actual wear clothes that look nice on me and read up on 'finding your undertone'/ kibbe stuff but after a while, I regret the clothing I purchased. Why must I be this dumb

No. 624043

me too anon, me too

No. 624052

this is amazing

No. 624079

Late af but I have visual snow. Am I a fucking joke to you?!

No. 624089

>Foreign Accent Syndrome
Vicky Shingles

No. 624090

she wanted her cake and to eat it too. get revenge on her parents, stay with her boyfriend, get their money, do whatever she wants with it and somehow walk away free.

it's crazy how they didn't suspect her at all in the beginning.

No. 624113

She's a woman, asian ("good minority") and semi good at acting.
Too bad she was a C- student and wasn't able to masterplan this better, kek.

No. 624119

Now that I think of it, being suicidal and continuing to keep trying isn't unlike staying in an abusive relationship and hoping it'll get better. A very shallow take but it IS the dumbass thread.

No. 624157

I was speaking to my mum on the phone and she told me how good my dad is in bed. I really, really wish I could unhear that conversation.

No. 624164

you should be happy for them tbh, it seems like most couples stop having sex, never mind good sex, waaaay before their kids are adult

No. 624166

>formal article says "the annals of history"
>know how it's pronounced
>say "anals" in your head anyway because shit's funny

No. 624170

So apparently wearing a bandana on your head is cultural appropriation now..I'm so tired…..Still going to wear this bandana.

No. 624171

How in the fuck

No. 624172

Why am I so ?!#@*!!!!!! during conversations?…. Why can't I just be a cool girl who doesn't feel the need to be super emotive and engaged d? I end up being seen as eccentric and weird and not even social and present. fuck me and my low self-esteem.

No. 624178

pleaseee ignore me im just typing to pretend like i'm working!!!

ladidaaaa oh my god I'm stuck at work this with awkward weirdo who was telling me about his Chinese fiancee who definitely pressured him to marry her for a green card but this idiot was like "hmmm, was it for a green card?? I don't know!" Like no shit sherlock, you really don't have that much going for you, of course she's just trying to marry you after a year long rocky on-again-off-again relationship for your citizen status!!

Then after she broke it off, ghosted him, and immediately found a new man, he pathetically tried to crawl back after her and even got his sister to contact her but she was like "lol nope found a new man that I'm happy with!!" I could care less about the girl or how they treated each other but lol. I just want to know what I said to even bring on being told this weirdo's whole love life!!! Dude I don't care!! I'm just trying to watch twitch streams while I wait for this phone to ring! Slow sundays are both a blessing and a curse…

No. 624180

boots and pants and boots and pants

No. 624185

I moved from an area where you could easily get a full time job with a livable wage and had to move to an area (not out of choice) where 30 people are all fighting over 200 dollar a week jobs, simple jobs require tons of experience, and there's no full time jobs so I would have to get 2-3 jobs to get by. On top of that wages are shit, jobs that require licenses are barely above minimum wage and the price of living isn't any different from most big cities. So much for the whole "uwu just move to the countryside you entitled millienal" boomers never shut up about

No. 624187

Hi, are you me???? I can’t seem to control myself at all, I’m always all over the place! Some people find it endearing tho so I don’t know, lean into that??

No. 624194

>I moved from an area where you could easily get a full time job with a liveable wage

where did you used to live anon?

No. 624197

Pacific northwest

No. 624213

Why is r/bodyshaming a thing? They're not even motivating people, they're telling women who have their ribs showing to lose even more weight and women with heathy bodies to gain weight

No. 624221

It looks like a fetish subreddit at first glance. It's probably just what they get off too. Third pic was literally some girls vagina with the title "tell me how ugly my virgin cunt is". Everything about how people in the comments talk screams "this is a kink".

No. 624232

File: 1599416616323.jpg (111.39 KB, 1280x658, 1599408635018.jpg)

This image makes me chuckle every time I see it

No. 624245

>there are jobs here that make employees pay to see their schedule, pay for their own uniform, offer no job benefits, make employees buy their own tools and don't reimburst for travel and offer barely above minimum wage for things that require 3k$+ worth of school

I hate this place how are people okay with this?? There would be literal riots where I'm from for this

No. 624248


Did you get the job anon?

No. 624260

I kinda wanna kiss the anons in the conspiracy theory threads, not even because I believe most of it but they just sound cute to me. Wanna kiss your lips ladies

No. 624294

Yessssss I'm so happy nonnie, I hope you can have your date soon and keep us updated.
I'm also glad we're around the same age and non-burgers, burgers here don't understand us old dumb bitches kek.

No. 624301

File: 1599425648175.jpg (51 KB, 828x634, e3a1020d1280.jpg)

noot noot

No. 624322

Anyone notice that Honey doesn't work anymore? I used to get really good discounts, now nothing ever comes up.

No. 624328

I feel like I’m finally in a good place to put myself out there and make friends and maybe even get into a relationship but I live in the worse place possible with the worst people + corona.

No. 624337

This isn't even me being a troll; every short man I've ever met has been psycho in some way,shape, or form.

No. 624344

Ugh some scrote is shitting up /g/ and /m/

No. 624349

I saw the blacked photo in the images thread and was wondering wtf was going on

No. 624352

Why the fuck don't cats smell bad. I picked up my friends outdoor cat and sniffed it and he smelled great. Meanwhile dogs always smell like shit.

No. 624354

Dogs are the objectively worse animal. Take the catpill.

No. 624355

so weird when scrotes come on here and try to defend themselves or start "a discourse". Like, do you know where you are? We literally joined forces and made a girl's only site because we all have made up our minds about the other sex. Also what is even the end goal. Wipee you said one thing about men that an anonymous girl agreed with, what now… You're still trash as an individual man and chances are one good look at you would make me vomit (no functioning attractive male adult is lurking lolcow and posting)

No. 624356

I agree. I visited a family friend who have two boisterous dogs and they smelled so.. meaty?? I have an indoor cat, in comparison he is so much more clean smelling and soft.

No. 624357

I haven't personally smelled a stinky dog before, but it's probably cause cats clean themselves more as apart of their daily routine. Dogs eat their own shit and don't have that instinct to clean themselves. That's why dogs need baths and cats rarely need one.

No. 624359

my cousin's cat sleeps outside (by choice), eats wild animals, and hasn't recieved a bath in over 3 years. He genuinely smells really good. Cats are so fucking cute and pure.

That reminds me, the lengths dog owners will go to defend dogs and shit on cats is wild. My aunt found and stepped in dog shit the other day in her spotless house and got pissed. She cleaned it and let the dog continue to roam. Her daughter's new cat which is nice and stays in the basement accidentally ran up to the first floor and she threatened to return it to the shelter. The cat is sweet , doesn't meow, cleans it's own shit, yet my cousin has to walk on egg shells to make sure the cat doesn't piss her family off.

No. 624362

Men are allowed to post. Go back to asherah's hellhole.

No. 624363

Is it dramatic for me to say this is borderline animal abuse? Something about restricting a cat to a basement where he's probably barely being stimulated doesn't sit right with me. Poor baby.

I think cat-hating people don't like cats cause they're independent. Dogs always want attention from their owners, meanwhile cats do their own thing and interact when they feel like it. I guess some people need a living thing to depend on them.

Since when lmao. Like a month ago 2 men got banned. Y'all are not welcome.

No. 624364

Why did you delete your original reply?

No. 624365

I can smell you

My cousin's basement is legitimately the size of a small apartment. It's not a normal basement. She's also allowed in my cousin's room upstairs. But yes, I don't necessarily agree with it either.

No. 624366

>We literally joined forces and made a girl's only site because we all have made up our minds about the other sex.

No we didn't. Lolcow was started by a man and wasn't a 'girls only site'. We 'joined forces' because drama got banned on /cgl/, that's what the whole point of the site is and we only 'banned men' as a response to an r9k raid. Idk why there are so many newfags who think lolcow is some femcel imageboard that was made because of us 'making up our mind about the other sex'.

I'm nta but I deleted it bc I accidentally tagged the wrong post

No. 624369

No. 624370

who ever said I don't know the history of how this has become a generally known girl's only site. I'm fully aware of what led to it. Who fucking cares about how we got here. If you're concerned about "newfags" not knowing about lolcow history and the 'heartbreaking historical oppression' of men on here, write a detailed document and educate our youth why don't you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 624373

stay lurking and defending yourself on a site where no one likes you …. gain some self-awareness please. And get a girlfriend.

No. 624374

If you're going to take the bait, at least sage.

No. 624376

maybe im a weird dogfag (im a catfag as well, but primarily dog) but i love to sniff my dogs’s heads, usually cause I give them kisses on the tops of their heads. They don’t smell bad to me unless they’ve gotten into something or spent too much time outside. And my dogs have their own subtle scents. My collie can smell quite perfumey at times and it’s lovely. My other dog who passed smelled like cheez-itz, and my little dog smells like corn chips.

No. 624377

You said we 'literally joined forces and made a girl's only site because we all have made up our minds about the other sex.' when lolcow has never been that and even with the no men rule still isn't. PP/Radfem/sperging about how all men are scum etc is banned. Posters like you are as annoying and undesirable as male posters.

No. 624378

Why did I drink coffee at 6 pm?? Am I stupid? I just wanna sleep now…

No. 624379

I do this too! Also a bit off topic but my dog gets walked at a doggie daycare company and sometimes she comes home smelling like perfume because one of the girls who works there wears a lot. We know she's had a lot of cuddles if she comes home smelling perfume-y!

No. 624381

I envy you. I’m convinced that if I stop drinking coffee my heart will legit stop. Bp registers low-normal after my sixth cup of the morning and fall asleep mid-coffee.

No. 624387

Tumblr feels weirdly okay despite the big downfall it had when NSFW content got banned. Every art site I joined since has been nothing but increasing levels of fetish and porn art that would put even DeviantArt to shame. I logged back into my Tumblr account today, searched for some art inspiration, and aside from the occasional cringy fanart and SJW discourse, I found myself browsing new art and finding new artists I genuinely wanted to follow.

I never used Tumblr for porn so I rarely stumbled upon it anyway, but it's nice to browse search tags without a constant stream of unfiltered fetish art thrown in my face.

The site feels dead, but I kinda like it, to be honest.

No. 624388

tumblr is at it's best state right now. the site might be fucked and broken but the spergy fandoms and fujos have fled to twitter and you're less likely to encounter one in the wild. you still see the odd "anti anti's!" blog but if you have a shred of mental sanity you likely will not even follow anyone that engages with that sort of crew. for me tumblr isn't for anyone but myself, i don't talk to anyone or post hoping to gain followers. it's like a diary to me.

No. 624390

I'm kind of the opposite. I joined Tumblr in 2012 and starting using it intermittently 2015 until leaving it in 2016. The terribly-moderated content restrictions were the downfall of any originality on that site.

No. 624393

Didn't they only ban porn and erotic gifs and such? The art on there is pretty much the same as always, just less naked bodies. I don't know if it removed originality in other ways since I mostly browse art on there.

No. 624408

File: 1599444155453.jpeg (10.34 KB, 431x210, 458C79A9-2630-4F66-853C-193093…)

Been constipated for 2 days now. I can’t breathe. I feel so uncomfortable

No. 624414

>Didn't they only ban porn and erotic gifs and such?
No. They implemented a content filter system that wasn't moderated by any actual staff members. When it was first implemented, many completely innocuous and safe-for-work posts (text and media posts) were "flagged" for allegedly containing not-safe-for-work content… which they didn't. The only way to unflag your post (it was censored to all other users who had their blog set to "safe mode", which it is automatically set to and must be manually disabled otherwise) was to send in a report that forced a staff member to look at the post to see whether or not it was contained any content deserving of being flagged. I'm still not sure if they've fixed or removed this system, actually. The fact that media can even be censored there, on top of the fact that your blog can be turned into a "non-safe-mode" blog by staff members without your consent after which the setting can't be removed, turn me away from the site, especially considering how free and open it used to be for all kinds of content back in 2012-2014.

>The art on there is pretty much the same as always, just less naked bodies.

After being bought by Yahoo, what Tumblr changed about their terms of service was that artistic and non-sexual nudity (photographed, recorded, or drawn) were considered "not safe for work", which is ridiculous in of itself and inhibits the abilities and opportunities (on the platform) of artists who create that kind of content and use the platform, perhaps sometimes as a means of income. The cherry on top was that the change in terms of service also included specifically "female nipples", but not male nipples. If you're a woman who has nipples, you're walking pornography, apparently?

No. 624415

My mom wants to go to the movie theater next week and I don't want to cause I don't want the rona but also everyone in our house is going in and out anyway and visiting other people so what's even the point of trying to be safe

No. 624434

File: 1599448054950.jpg (28.68 KB, 720x560, 107694101_10223354279062268_26…)

I just went through all my unread emails spanning back YEARS and now my inbox is clean as fuck. What a good time waster.

No. 624452

I've been drinking a shit ton of milk lately for no reason and now I can finally check it off of things that make me throw up and shit at the same time, so that's good! Yay, lactose! One day I'm gonna figure out what my body hates!

No. 624465

goddammit i hate having a fuck dream about someone i don't give a shit about now i can't stop thinking of them and getting weirdly attracted to them it's so awkward

No. 624471

what does everyone think the least gross word for penis is?

No. 624475

Womb Broom

No. 624477

she said least

No. 624481

“Male genitals” or “phallus”

No. 624484

We need to bring back shaming people who wholeheartedly believe in astrology. When did it become acceptable to unironically judge people by their zodiac signs? I see that shit everywhere but I lose it when I see it in serious context where people legit blame their own or others actions on the their sign or how xyz is in “retrograde” or some bs like that.

No. 624486

Can someone please tell me they relate to this feeling? Every once in a while, a strong wave will hit me and I’ll feel extremely uncomfortable in my own body. It’s not that I feel like my body isn’t mine or anything, I just really feel the need to jump out of my own skin. I have no body image issues, it’s more of a dirty/embarrassed feeling, even when no one is around. Wtf..

No. 624488

File: 1599461160418.png (438.19 KB, 500x491, c012c85b387a328e55291ea5e83308…)

Anon this is a great idea, I would love to incorporate some dumb details about the guys that you can only gather from snooping around their stuff or spying on them.

No. 624493

No. 624494

File: 1599462000218.gif (64.84 KB, 220x199, tenor.gif)

that's dreadful. sending you good recovery vibes may you have a great healthy poop of relief soon

No. 624496

File: 1599462938787.jpg (41.9 KB, 500x310, ulbvtw87.jpg)

I've been keeping a stalemate for a few months now. It's taking a lot out of me and the other side keeps making careless, retarded choices. I really jumped over my own shadow and grew here with my back against the wall. Not even with high expectations. I'm just tired. Most days, I'm happy with my appearance and just grateful to be alive in my little body. I'm less self-obsessed out of insecurity. Hell, I even grew to like my eye-bags and often feel very cute somehow and in touch with myself on good days. But I've been picking my scalp like crazy and my face feels and looks like it's gonna melt off today. I guess I need to work on my stress-resistance. I'm so close to going back to the ward. I think I'd be better this time around and I should be grateful I even have this prospect at all but I don't wanna go down that rabbit-hole yet.

No. 624499

So yeah, I am sitting outside along the green belt in my ‘hood crying because of my stupid abusive fam. It is almost 1 am and I am pretty sure the only company I got right now is a retarded opossum and a braindead moth. I hope you guys are having a somewhat nicer day or evening wherever you are. Fuck holidays man (tomorrow is Labor Day for us fat fucks in the States).

No. 624500

Possums are great company anon, I hope you feel better soon

No. 624502

Thank you anon, I needed the fresh air anyway, it was hot as hell today.

No. 624509

File: 1599466308326.jpg (55.06 KB, 700x525, 7e4.jpg)

why are we here anons? just to suffer?

No. 624510

I'm hanging on just so I can eat one more serving of spicy french fries. Keeps me alive

No. 624511


my friend brought me 7 lbs of popping boba balls

No. 624515

I guess

No. 624516


No. 624517

My cats bust the door open at 3 am to 5 am and scream at me and get in my face until I feed them. I've been getting up at this time for 6 days the last few weeks for work, even on weekends my stupid brain starts waking up at this time. I want to sleep.

No. 624521

random, but reading this still makes me tear up and think about sad old men in viddiya games

No. 624522

going to meet up w some friends I haven't seen in five years and they're gonna have weed/edibles, what should I know about getting high for the first time? I drink a lot so I'm not totally new to substance abuse.

No. 624526

Idk, I wouldn't use edibles the first time because if you have a bad high, it will take forever to come down.

No. 624528

and me

No. 624533

what sad old men?

No. 624535

these ones

No. 624546

File: 1599473900817.jpg (146.22 KB, 634x565, 413c877a-259d-425f-ab10-2a8667…)

In 99.99% of cases when I finally figure something out that I was too stupid or incompetent to get right I feel bad about it. I just feel like: did you really take this long to get it right, ya dumb bitch? I really need to learn to be happy about little or big improvements instead of abusing myself for it

No. 624549

I just realized my face looks like a fat Felicia Day with more acne scars. FML.

No. 624580


No. 624586

Note to self: stop browsing lolcow and get your ass up and clean the house or your roommate will get home and yell at you because you're a lazy piece of shit.

No. 624596

I finally found my oracle deck and I can't wait for it to arrive and learn how to do readings. My friend had the horoscope deck and I know how to use it but it doesn't feel genuine since it's not my thing.
Maybe I'll do some readings for you, my lovely hoes.

No. 624598

Would it be a good idea to buy a Ipad pro if I want to do art AND use it as a regular computer?
My 2009 macbook is dying and I don't want have to buy both a new computer and an expensive tablet. I got recommended a surface pro by a friend but it only got shit review so idk.

No. 624623

File: 1599491058865.png (133.73 KB, 275x275, sad22.png)

I love senior cats more than younger cats or kittens. Also, orange cats are the best! Second best are brown tabbies.

No. 624630

Thanks anon! I was finally able to take a shit this morning!

No. 624631

I watched eurphoria last night, i wasnt really interested in watching it at first because I'm like 30 but it was great. I thought eurphoria was going to be some pick me show glamorizing sex positivity and making it seem like being a whore is good but it actually showed it realistically.
1. You wont cum
2. You will end up like Kat, who hates men, is repulsed by them and thinks they all want is to just use her for a quick fuck. It will ruin your self esteem no matter how much you act like you're a bad bitch.
3. Or if you are sweet/naive you will end up like that blonde girl with the huge tits in the show and just get used and sexually abused by men.

No. 624662

File: 1599497308434.png (446.18 KB, 305x384, 325FFE02-7BC8-480E-B944-7631EC…)

What a filthy scrote this mf is

No. 624665

File: 1599497555338.jpeg (344.99 KB, 736x1104, 9CEEB50E-80D0-4331-9D83-314FF3…)

fall fall fall fall

No. 624671

this is not tumblr

No. 624687

Not that anon but

> once again, leave all brains and brain accessories at the door please

No. 624715

File: 1599503094035.gif (164.05 KB, 220x198, shake it.gif)

let's get sillay my fall bitches

No. 624733

My cat will beg and cry for her dear life to go back inside the house and once I do, she's immediately meowing to leave again. If I let her leave again, she will start rolling around on the floor outside as though she's never had a taste of freedom , even though she was quite literally outside less than 2 minutes ago. I don't understand cats.

No. 624747

File: 1599506392350.gif (1.96 MB, 450x450, 25E8E607-55C6-4D3A-9928-5CD258…)

SpOoOoOoKy season

No. 624749

Hell yeah ladies

No. 624756

I'm scared to go use the restroom on my period it's terrifying not knowing if you're about to unleash the red sea all over the toilet

No. 624769

his bday (that he claims) seems fake as fuck (2/14, valentines day, because he's such a sex god??? lmao) and ive gone through chat logs in february 2018-2019 where he didnt even mention his own birthday… it is suspicious

No. 624772

File: 1599508916117.jpg (45.27 KB, 506x900, EhTkiduWsAAsNEH.jpg)

There's a tweet going around that some guy shot himself via shotgun on tik tok
I really just hate this and social media. rip that guy

No. 624775

I’ve been nocturnal lately and I dance a lot late at night and being 5’10 I’m naturally heavier and I feel like my downstairs neighbor hates me but I can’t stop myself. Also when I first moved in I didn’t think anyone lived down there and he probably heard me singing Betty Davis Eyes and I am a very bad singer. Whenever I hear him doing dishes or taking a shower I get very embarrassed.

No. 624778

That's sad. This type of stuff is gonna happen more and more probably. I remember watching some 4channer blowing his brains out. It's really sad, horrid. I hope not too many kids come across this. Witnessing someone take their life.

No. 624779

Awww, how cute

No. 624783

the suicide of a politician is on youtube with millions of views. the difference is now kids scroll mindlessly through tiktok and the algorithm will present them shock videos on a platter (before eventually taking them down i guess).

No. 624784

I just hate the edgy kids that share this for the people to see without warning. I've seen people mentioning classmate sharing this on class facebook group and so, and this shit has a pretty high chance of inflicting actual PTSD on a person.

No. 624786

Woah i dont want to sound insensitive but i dont really know why someone would broadcast that, of all places on tiktok? Ive been very depressed and i know it fucks your thinking and i can even understand those people who plan to do it around their bullies/peers. But, to random kids on tiktok? Again i guess its insensitive but holy shit… I know you can hate the world but even I didnt want to upset anybody with my death when i was thinking it

No. 624790

I remember watching this, a politician surrounded by reporters puts a gun in his mouth and goes for it. The amount of blood he spilled out of his nose was so much that if I saw it in a movie I'd think it was overkill.

No. 624793

I keep telling myself and others that i am gonna lead this efficient, wholesome and mature life after my recovery but I know I am gonna just slither into shitty pretentious fashion circle parties, go abroad and possibly disappear for a considerable lenght of time. Can't wait, growing out my coke nail as we speak.

No. 624805

In the comments people said he was trying to contact his gf that recently broke up with him. He eventually gives up then shoots himself.
He'd been having issues before apparently. Several people have already uploaded the video to youtube, fucking animals.

No. 624817

Men do that. In depression they just don't give a fuck about anyone. That's why they blow their brains out in their own home for their mom to find. And do internet stunt like this because even in death, they want others to suffer too.

No. 624825

That is so true. Even in such situations most women think about the people around them first…crazy how socialisation works.

No. 624832

I don’t feel bad for him, tbh I’m glad he did it to himself and not to a group of people or to his ex so that it’s one less unhinged person to worry about.

No. 624839

File: 1599514306965.jpg (59.24 KB, 492x212, bleh.jpg)

Am I the only one who hates writing like this? It's just so gratingly pretentious and lacking in subtlety that I feel like I'm getting repeatedly bricked in the face. It's exhausting. I'd almost rather read something that's actually so bad it's entertaining, rather than something that is good, but just takes itself way too fucking seriously and gives you no room to breathe. The fact that this is a passage from a fanfiction somehow makes it so much worse to me.

No. 624840

I was typing out a text on my group chat and almost referred to everyone as anons instead of guys. I need to get off the internet.

No. 624856

Why does everyone over 40 write like they're 12? My old boss (smart, educated guy) wrote me an embarrassing reference letter with almost no punctuation. My mom will text me gibberish with a bunch of random spaces that takes me like 5 minutes to decipher. My coworker will casually send emails that look like they were written in the middle of a stroke.

I know they didn't grow up texting/typing, but ffs write something legible.

No. 624859

I wish I knew the answer to this, anon. It's like they're holding down the buttons for too long and just can't be fucked to edit anything because the very act of crafting the message was so much effort to begin with. Overuse of commas and other punctuation is a big thing for these people too.

like,,,, i always run into,,, writing,,, like, this,, on the internet,,,,, or via,, text ,, you know???

No. 624868

I hate it too, it's a first stage amateur writers have, equalling ability to write well to abilility to use metaphors and less common words. You're supposed to grow out of this pretentious phase but seems like some people never do.

No. 624869

Something something brevity is the soul of wit

No. 624873

On that note, what the fuck is up with academia's aversion to the comma? I swear, every research article I'm assigned has a minimum of 2-3 commas per paragraph. It's already not easy to grasp what the fuck you autists are on about, you could at least add some punctuation here and there for readability's sake. I've actually been asked to proofread work by grad students. I always recommend more punctuation, but they refuse. I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills. Like, shouldn't you WANT your work to be more digestible? Are you intentionally trying to confuse readers?

There's something so icky to me about writing in a way that only other academics can understand. It's so fucking elitist. Fuck academia tbh.

No. 624874

That hurt to read and I've no idea what I've read

No. 624875

This person claims that they're a "professional writer" and can write an entire novel "in a week." Bitch I bet.

No. 624890

File: 1599517616801.png (232.03 KB, 677x395, 3653f14720181ce32b08b2e96e1914…)


No. 624897

the worst shit all in one post

No. 624898

ladies and gentlema’ams why are the boards so slow whenever I have time to kill

No. 624899

Why take something popular that’s already making rounds on twitter and post it here?

No. 624900

my brain hurts

No. 624901


No. 624919

I love not wearing a bra but I feel like my yiddies are flying everywhere when I run

No. 624927

Recaptchas make me want to hulksmash

No. 624930

Work sucks and I can't wait to get off work tomorrow so I can fuck myself up with some homemade salsa and tortilla chips. I've been craving it for a week and I feel like tomorrow is the time to get funky with some tomatoes.

No. 624941

"Yiddies" sounds like slang for the breasts of Jewish women kek

No. 624943

File: 1599521909189.png (848.32 KB, 602x599, 006864c5ac3454221f95b2693289d1…)

Bby dragons

No. 624945

I don't have twitter, twitter is for fuckheads LOL KEK

No. 624950

Oh so you just have shit taste, got it

No. 624962

I wanna wear sweatpants everyday

No. 624963

I notice white people stop partying and then start complaining about being bored around 30 but I'm black and I notice most black people still party the same way at 30+.
I remember growing up my 40+ female relatives would be blasting music and partying with 20 year olds at 2am(which would piss me off because I'm trying to sleep). My mom is 50 and still gets drunk and parties every weekend.

Maybe it's a culture thing lol

No. 624968

I think black people just kinda wait till their kids are grown to to do all the fun shit. Like "I couldn't do all this shit cause I had to take care of you, so I'm doing it now". Especially cause so many women have their kids young and don't get to have fun as a 20-30 year old. not racebait btw mods, I'm black so this is just what I notice Maybe white people are just more like "well I'm a mom/grandma so i shouldn't be doing all that"

No. 624969

I thought it was just me noticing this. My family is listening to trap and at the club twerking at 35 which is why it was a culture shock seeing white people complain about giving up partying at 26 lol

No. 625016

Anon(s) posting something regarding social reclusion and sadness : I don't know, I've just been feeling severely depressed and feel different from other people on a foundational level. I just want to be alone most of the time

At least one anon's response each time: hey, this sounds like autism, I had the same issues before getting diagnosed. Seek help luv <3

Like I get it but come on…kek. I shouldn't be surprised considering it seems like at least half of the active members on here are autistic, but ya'll will take the most generic/vague behaviors and do the most with it.

No. 625022

File: 1599531943621.png (465.78 KB, 603x590, michael.PNG)

i hate when i burn my tongue and i cant taste shit properly like a day. fuck burritos and their lava insides pic is by @plastiboo

No. 625033

Whenever I scroll onto the confessions thread I sing the chorus from Confessions Part II by Usher out loud

No. 625043

File: 1599537053794.png (163.48 KB, 225x446, 48647-13oz-Jalapeno-Ranch.png)

I don't really care for regular ranch but this shit is so good. Currently dipping broccoli and red red pepper in it.

No. 625054

File: 1599539007993.jpg (54.39 KB, 709x578, EdVgmZ1XYAUY786.jpg)

I wish my sis would watch something with me I waited up for it :C

No. 625059

It's not bad advice to go to a professional and ask their opinion instead of assuming you're simply ~different from other people on a foundational level, but not like… retarded, im ~~~different~~~

No. 625106

Any anons here who work weird shifts (like a morning shift one day, then a PM shift the next)? How do you maintain hobbies/routines?

No. 625110

sometimes i feel just a teensy bit bad for popular youtubers who get fans (mainly teens and tweens) oversharing their deepest, darkest secrets with them and how they saved their lives with their minecraft let’s plays and shit
imagine having tons and tons of baggage unloaded on you like that because you make mindless youtube content that people overly-attach to.
tween me was so guilty of this, it’s so embarrassing

No. 625119

I'm taking a psychology of sex course this term in college and I'm currently learning about female, male, and intersex anatomy. It's embarrassing how much of this shit I didn't know. I'm not sure if it's the American abstinence only sex education talking, but we never got this detailed in my high school health class. Interesting nonetheless.

No. 625125

Can you share some of the stuff you learned? I'm curious about what some of us may have missed out on

No. 625126

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned?

No. 625140

File: 1599555559497.png (Spoiler Image, 679.49 KB, 1388x734, themoreyouknow.png)

Right now I'm still reading about female anatomy, so it's the basics like the vulva encapsulating the entirety of the exterior. Then it delves into the different sections (e.g. labia majora/minora, clitoral hood, clit, etc.) It talks about an internal structure called the Bartholin's glands that are responsible for secreting the substance for when you get wet. This is also the first time I've learned about the clit in great detail. Obviously it talks about the interior anatomy as well. There's a section on the different types of cancers and fibroids. There's statistics about hysterectomies (fyi, as of 2016, 600,000 are performed in the U.S./year and 1 in 3 women have one by the time they're 60). I think a lot of this is stuff you could learn about if you had access to a gyno.

I thought it was interesting to find out there's different types of period pain. Most women (especially those who haven't had children) experience primary dysmenorrhea, which is just your run of the mill cramps that can be solved with like heat and anti-inflammatory drugs. Then there's secondary dysmenorrhea, which happens when a woman has an underlying pelvic disorder causing her pain (or maybe due to her birth control/IUD). Pic related also blew my mind. I never hear anyone talk about the female G-spot anymore.

Overall, I'm really excited to learn about this stuff in general. Some of the other chapters cover topics like paraphilias, sex work, and pretty much anything else related to sex.

No. 625145

Thanks for sharing, anon! That sounds awesome. I wish I could take a course like that too.

No. 625149

File: 1599557359308.jpg (32.33 KB, 414x500, book.jpg)

No problem! I don't know if this helps any, but this is the textbook I use. I found a free pdf version online through one of those pdf textbook websites (bc if I'm going to be stuck at home taking all of my classes online anyway, I'm going to pay for the least amount of fucking textbooks as I can). So far it's been a really insightful class. I like that we started with the basics so that everyone's on the same playing field. My professor's also an evolutionary psychologist, so he has some unique insight into the differences between all of the sexes.

No. 625155

I just spent 30 minutes on /b/ and /r9k/ and I wish I could erase those 30 minutes

No. 625161

I hate people who take bait, but mors than anything I hate people who take the bait.

No. 625164

File: 1599561955076.gif (1.94 MB, 540x302, 3709c5bcfc873c27978496ac18b87e…)

I know that feel

No. 625167

I hate people who take the bait too anon

No. 625173

Take me with you anon I've always wanted this lifestyle but never went for it

No. 625184

File: 1599565244335.gif (2.55 MB, 400x230, tenor.gif)

Don't feel bad for them lol. I'm sure they're crying about it into their wads of money.

No. 625202

I've taken out my tampon wrong and dropped my period blood onto the floor.

No. 625204

So tired of constantly seeing these bimbos being recommended on my feed

No. 625206

slower and sfw boards, anon

No. 625215

dr KEKyl and mr HHHHHHHH

No. 625225

the hidden camera prolly recorded that for the world to see

No. 625228

I hate people

No. 625230

Isn’t your feed based off of what you look at and what’s in your bookmarks and likes?

No. 625232

Sometimes I wonder if some people only keep up with me because I'm their personal lolcow.

No. 625234

hahaha nice

No. 625262

I'm 25 and my family/boyfriend still buy me stuffed animals. In my family it was never considered "childish", but instead "nostalgic" and seeing other people being reprimanded for having/collecting stuffed animals makes me wince. I had no idea life outside was so evil, so cold and unloving. I'd be really upset if that sort of thing was pushed on me, like don't women have enough shit to feel guilty over for no reason? Damn

No. 625265

not being up to talk to others is completely normal when having a bad mental health episode

there's nothing wrong with ending a friendship especially if you don't want to deal with their mental illness but sounds like you are indeed guilty and trying to repress it by shooting up on some ebin misandry when mentally ill women do the exact same kinda thing

No. 625271

Own it and give them their money's worth, anon

No. 625273

It's happened 3 times within the last week that someone important from my job calls me while I'm shitting on the toilet. Someone will tell me that they're going to call at noon and then call me at 11:35 while I'm pooping. One time someone said they would call me some time between 9 am and 1 pm and somehow they decided to call during the 4 minutes I decided to poop during!


This is really not a downside that I foresaw when I was told I had to work from home this year.

No. 625276

He actually livestreamed this on Facebook. Allegedly his mother was watching his livestream and blasted himself after the phone call. Some are saying he lost his job during Covid as well as a girlfriend.
After he shoots himself, a small dog is seen exiting his bedroom and coming to investigate what happened. And moments later, police arrive.

The video is just being spammed on tiktok by edgy kids.

Either way, this guy did what he did because he wanted to hurt people in the same way he was hurting. Most suicidal people rarely want to burden others, so you know when one of them makes a spectacle of their (violent) death it's because they wanted others to be scarred for life.

No. 625290

This might be a push back against the long, convoluted run-on sentences in older texts. If you read some very old articles or books you might sometimes find one sentence will fill half a page and then you forget what it's even about before it finishes. Shorter sentences are meant to be clearer and more concise but if people are fucking that up then I wouldn't trust them with commas either.
Academic types never care about legibility, they can't look past their inflated egos to read what they wrote from a fresh perspective and they assume anyone who can't understand them is an idiot.

No. 625392

i forget to bring my drivers license and i get paranoid that it'll be the day i get pulled over. people out there driving their friends around on a drivers permit and stuff with no worries… like how.

No. 625397

Ah so this is why I never understand what the fuck Anna Khachiyan is tweeting.

No. 625401

If I pull through this bullshit, we're goin anon. Grow out your nail (1)

No. 625402

that’s why I said a teensy bit

No. 625405

I love you but most people have this jotted down by the time they get out of junior high.

No. 625408

File: 1599586587644.jpeg (183.23 KB, 1640x1093, B2301989-45A8-429C-AB38-014AE3…)

Icelandic State Church posted a picture of trans Jesus and if that isn’t some dumbass shit I don’t know what it

No. 625412

ok i know this sounds scrotey and altrighty but wtf has the west come to

No. 625414

Well that seems more fun than the old chestnut of slaughtering firstborns and stoning raped daughters.

No. 625415

This is hysterical, thank you.

No. 625416

What kind of junior high did you go to? We just about learned what periods are.

No. 625417

It seems rather fitting with all that imo

No. 625422

A nordic one?

No. 625424

That explains it, we barely covered that stuff in my secondary school (UK)

No. 625427

>the old chestnut
What is with y’all repeating a specific phrase another anon just used. It sounds too pedantic.

No. 625429

wtf? Why does Jesus have breasts?

No. 625431

File: 1599587516126.jpeg (23.26 KB, 225x224, F00FEF8D-0B1E-4E2B-A829-D73485…)

So, I guess you could say that jesus said troony rights

But for real, I didn’t expect something like that at all, what?? How?? I’m not exactly a religious nut job, but isn’t that, kind of sorta, sorta kinda, offensive to the whole religious speech and such? Why even do that? Aren’t most troons atheists?

No. 625456

I’m just worried the affect this has on society, Jesus Christ is the poster boy worldwide for the concept of religion & having him encourage trooning out will have way more of a widespread effect than the current shit that leads to troonage like anime which is more niche

No. 625459

>faux-concern trolling over a shitty drawing of jesus portraying a contemporary social discourse motif that won't be relevant five years from now
"Rent free" really is true, huh?

No. 625462

oh yes, a poster in a country with 300k people for a religion that's actively losing members will definitely encourage trooning out

No. 625468

File: 1599589599689.jpg (29.86 KB, 568x365, b40hK58l.jpg)

why do I feel like I'm trapped online and trapping my internet friends online? A part of me feels like we'd be better off without so much internet but at the same time I wanna talk to you all and support you all

No. 625471

I hope you’re right about it not being relevant in the coming years

No. 625472

troons will find any excuse to justify larping their fetish so it isn’t too far fetched

No. 625481

eating greek yogurt feels like eating tasty chalk

No. 625494

tasty chalk huh?

No. 625496

Well now you can learn it all in a neater package! Seems very interesting though, I kinda wanna study that stuff too but Idk for what you know.

No. 625503

I’m wheezing

No. 625505

AHH I wanna go hoooooMe work is so boring I just walk around and do nothing and customers don’t wanna interact

No. 625506

This looks like it was drawn by an anon in the artist salt thread

No. 625514

Original anon, and I totally get what you're saying. It's practically become a half-joke among Americans to talk about how little we're taught about sex and related topics in school. Plus, it also seems to be a common theme that the majority of parents here don't have thorough conversations with their children about it either. That being said, Nordic countries do a lot of things better than the U.S., I guess that's sex education included. Anyway, it never hurts to have a refresher on some of this or too late to learn about it!

No. 625522

File: 1599593751010.png (58.76 KB, 923x684, rr.png)

>That being said, Nordic countries do a lot of things better than the U.S
Only true if you exclude Sweden.

No. 625528

Isn't it because Sweden's definition of rape is more broad than US' and it's taken more seriously, thus more recorded cases?

No. 625534

File: 1599594224903.jpeg (248.08 KB, 1860x1600, 6D8E3A7C-A456-4CDF-94BD-D152B8…)

It’s okay to tell someone you love them, even if they’re dead in front of you.

No. 625546

Anons will you please pray for me to do well in my exams so I can get into uni, I’m stressed as hell and I feel like I’m not going to make it.

No. 625548

You can do it, anon!

No. 625549

I'm supporting you anon, remember to sleep and eat properly so your brain can retain your studying!

No. 625554

Borzois creep me tf out and people keep posting pictures of their demented faces in the animal thread in /m/ and it's making me sad because i have to hide the thread now otherwise i'll get grossed out

No. 625556

File: 1599596484754.jpg (255.62 KB, 1388x2048, 5f79621e3b7cee124ae4ccf8fb430a…)

No. 625559

File: 1599596567164.jpeg (9.84 KB, 255x197, images.jpeg)

Borzois are best bois what is wrong with you

No. 625560

DO NOT SPEAK SQUID SCROTUM i can't wait til inbreeding knocks those ugly fuckers out of existence

No. 625561

They don't creep me out, but I kinda get it. They look like sheet ghosts but dogs.

No. 625566

This drawing looks very satirical, like they're mocking troons and over-PC culture

No. 625569

Good luck, anon! I'll pray.

No. 625575

This is legit making me go not my hecking jesusino

No. 625583

ikr now they’ve made him a troonidooni

No. 625585

They’re so funny looking. I didn’t even know about this breed but they’re hilarious

No. 625593

They’re cute but definitely inbred

No. 625594

File: 1599598703529.jpg (122 KB, 736x1018, 8bb2e74f4bc607327b7292ce45c6bf…)

Fuck all that anyway

Worship Athena, bitches

No. 625597

Nah. I'm a disciple of Dionysus for life until my liver gives out

No. 625602

Jesus isn't yours anon he gave himself to everyone duh
Jesus in the scripture is very about forgiving people and not judging them. Using his image to make a statement about inclusivity seems pretty fitting imo
I don't know why anyone here is actually angry, unless the gender critical anons are also coincidentally staunchly religious. it's going to generate some funny discourse and reactions at most

No. 625604

I heard of a local tale today about a pair of twins that had a falling out. One of them eventually went on to do gay porn… using his twin brother's name. Lmao.

No. 625605

File: 1599599534354.jpeg (69.33 KB, 563x688, A6862260-DF34-40F1-B6A6-90FA3D…)

Demented? More like majestic.

No. 625606

It's like when you'd drag the Windows XP thing all across the screen and stretch it. Cursed.

No one's angry

No. 625608

>No one's angry
NTA, but there are 17 replies alone regarding that mediocre drawing, a majority of which are embarrassingly sincere.

No. 625609

File: 1599599790311.jpg (89.69 KB, 1200x675, 1598632046212.jpg)

Accept the Borzoiverlods.

No. 625611

Beautiful baby. I want one so bad

No. 625612

Anons, I’m proud to announce I’m not a NEET anymore. Hope the 200€ for working 10 hours a week is worth it.

No. 625617

Amazon prime shipping is chefs kiss. Shopping from smaller companies that cant ship as fast definitively made me realize how impatient it made me tho.

No. 625620

It will be! Good for you anon!

No. 625621

People were forced to pee in bottles by Bezoz so you could have that delivery rate, anon

No. 625623

>live in what is practically a ghost town
>Traffic pollution is worse than ever despite the pandemic
>Takes me an hour to get to my 5 mile away job
People need to die. I don't feel bad for everyone getting coronavirus

No. 625629

If that's what it takes to get fast and free shipping, then fuck those kids.

No. 625633

Rachel Dolezal and this other lady are ~valid~

No. 625634

>this other lady

No. 625642

The Anon Reading This

No. 625654

seriously tho can you stop, I love this thread and seeing those ugly ass anteater lookin bitches is starting to creep me out

they're sheer uncanny valley

No. 625664

Why does cold/rainy weather make me so happy and hopeful. I just feel safe and inspired. It makes me want to dress really nicely and go to some dimly lit restaurant and spend time with family. I don't even celebrate christmas or anything so it's not like it's because of that time of year.

Summer actually depresses me and makes me angry.

No. 625667

Every worker at Zara is a BITCH

No. 625675

the area around my city is on fire and the sky is apocalypse orange and there's smoke everywhere and wind and its hard to breathe outside but I really wanna go to the store and buy some cookies…

No. 625676


No. 625677


No. 625683

Ntayrt but a google search tells me it’s Jessica Krug

No. 625702

File: 1599610446633.jpg (7.57 KB, 124x186, download.jpg)

Recently watched this movie and it scares me that I saw myself reflected in the main character so much. God I need actual friends

No. 625706

I loved that movie but oh no anon

No. 625741

i like to visit my old youtube channel once a year because i still think i was funny as hell. no one else did tho kek

No. 625742

Can't wait to get out and about again so I can fall in love and get over that dude who rejected me because I'm not edgy enough.

No. 625772

One of my cats hates being touched and picked up but she absolutely loves to sit on a towel and have me drag her super fast around my apartment. She purrs so loud and hops back on if she slips off. I probably look like a dumbass doing it but I just want to play with he lol.

No. 625787

Have you guys ever looked at your neighbors and wondered if they are like, a former axe murder or related to some important historical figure? Have you ever had a weird thought flash in your head that the clerk at the grocery store may be a missing person or someone in witness protection? Or just any outrageous scenario that a normal fag might not think about?

No I am not high. I am really weird.

No. 625789

no, but I do drive by houses and think "what if they have someone hostage/kidnapped in their basement right now?" The documentary about the three girls who were trapped in the basement of a well-loved man within the community, for 10 YEARS before anyone found out, really scarred me.

No. 625795

Anon you need to film this this sounds hilarious.

No. 625801

my grandparent's neighbor tried to shoot another neighbor for using his saw too early in the morning. the woodworking guy was in between my grandparent's and the guy who tried to shoot him, so it was super scary. he got arrested of course and his wife moved. i was young and i only remember those neighbors as ones who never accepted trick or treaters.

No. 625810

I kept hearing gunshots the other day and it turns out my neighbor was chopping wood and shooting snakes that came out of the wood like wtf

No. 625813

I actually was going to post the kidnapped theory but didn’t for some reason.

No. 625814

I feel like it’s deliberate because how is it possible for every single person who works there, in every single store, in every country, to be like that

No. 625816

It is, it’s to make you buy more to prove you are worthy of their courtesy

No. 625828

File: 1599626624044.jpg (50.98 KB, 560x400, borzoi-dogs-in-love-christian-…)

Nah lolcow isn't made only for you lmao

No. 625829

Why do Indian accents sound so pretty on women but sound so annoying on men?

No. 625832

It's a meme

No. 625835

lol its exactly like the episode of Friends where pheobe's twin sister started doing porn but used pheobe's name

No. 625836

thats fucked up but I can't stop laughing at it. like every time i reread your post i start laughing again.

No. 625837

dude seriously fuck off i'm sick of seeing these monsters

the next person to post one dies in 7 days

No. 625840

File: 1599629612794.jpg (96.25 KB, 1280x960, awoo.jpg)

shut up

No. 625842

File: 1599629921749.jpg (49.14 KB, 400x294, Borzoi6.jpg)

Remember that lolcow isn't made for you

No. 625844

File: 1599630017130.jpg (20.23 KB, 400x400, magic worms.jpg)

every time i see them i think of someone comparing them to these and it makes me wheeze

No. 625846

File: 1599631121664.jpg (70.84 KB, 1080x1080, Wormzoi.jpg)

One of us

No. 625847

Lolcow doesn't pander to your ideology or retarded unjustified hatred of a dog

No. 625849

Okay honetly? You're so fucking immature, what is wrong with you people? I don't care about other breeds, even pitbulls with their nasty beedy rat eyes. I'd prefer a million of those other types over fucking borzois

just stick to posting about them in pet threads or w/e that i don't care about but dude just stop here, you're embarrassing yourself

No. 625850

Wow good going retard how long it take you to make that? you're pathetic

No. 625851

Don't waste thy anger on art cunt i just woke up, first time posting today shuddap

No. 625852

File: 1599631839828.jpg (29.79 KB, 460x390, 322.jpg)

did a borzoi eat your parents
why are you like this

No. 625856

Probably a futile question but is anyone here also a pale white woman who is strictly into tanned men? Race doesn’t really matter though I’ve always ended up with hispanic men to the point that my friends and family make jokes about my ‘preferences’. I feel guilty from a privileged racial standpoint as a white person who is into tanner/darker complexions but I’m genuinely never attracted to pale men.

No. 625859

STOP FUCKING POSTING PICTURES like i'm happy to engage in discussion but why you gotta keep showing their nasty ass faces and bodies?

i've never even met one but i don't need to meet a nazi to know i hate one

No. 625861

File: 1599632684783.jpg (57.75 KB, 640x615, 4009f035c31211ccab790a908e27d6…)

nta but how the fuck dare you, they look cute and funny

No. 625863

given the context of this conversation every borzoi you post looks mildly chastised. embarrassed, even.

No. 625866

they are
here are some long bois singing

No. 625868

This is so fucking ridiculous, honeslty tho fuck you guys for ruining this thread for me. Borzois not n=only creep me but they gross me out and now I have to hide this thread aswell as the animal one. Fuck you all, I hate this place

No. 625869

i love long snoot bois. i wanna give them a lil kiss on the nose

No. 625870

Just for that I'm going to spend the rest of my life on earth breeding them to be larger and larger, and they'll have wonderful following and chasing skills.

No. 625872

File: 1599633763865.gif (899.76 KB, 341x330, 1547372394546.gif)

No. 625880

The word cupcake is so damn cute. It's like a little tiny cake…in a cup. It's cup-size. It's so adorable. And they're so round and puffy and cosy, you wanna hug them. They're snuggly.

No. 625881

everyone ignore this anon and please keep posting borzo everywhere, A+ choice

No. 625882

File: 1599635591451.jpg (97.13 KB, 700x874, 3275.jpg)

there are borzoi irl and you cannot hide them

No. 625883

How can you do that when they're fucking inbred dumbass?

New York doesn't deserve this shit this is so juvenile

I agree

No. 625885

File: 1599635901146.gif (812.54 KB, 240x240, borzoipowerup.gif)

bow down to our snooty overlords

No. 625890

File: 1599637828736.jpg (31.46 KB, 367x550, irish-wolfhound-with-maltese-d…)

On the topic of big puppies, I fuckin love irish wolfhounds so much. They remind me of the dogs you get in Skyrim and I really hope to adopt one some day

No. 625894

Great taste. They are angels

No. 625895

The trick is to just keep breeding the puppies to the mother until they're gigantic and deformed with a heightened sense of tracking, I'm not the dumbass for thinking outside the box

No. 625896

The gay bitches on this site are annoying. I hope none of you guys find girlfriends.

No. 625899

My newest thing is pretending to sniff my dog's face like a fellow dog. For some reason she hates it

No. 625910

Now that's some good taste, way better than those ugly Benedict Cumberbatch of the dog world cunts honestly

No. 625912

Coming onto an all female site and seeing posters use the term bitches as if it's just interchangeable with the word women is annoying too

No. 625914

I was very obviously using it in an insulting way and not interchangeably with women but alright.

No. 625936

The Borzoi discourse is such wholesome bullying. On 4chan mad scrotes just spam child gore or photos of turds when they disagree with an anon.

No. 625937

File: 1599644310571.jpg (59.36 KB, 454x675, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Male Internet Defense Force is fucking me up anons, i laffed

No. 625939

File: 1599644435479.jpg (287.01 KB, 1500x844, GettyImages-a0041-000589-5a127…)

hello scrote invaders, welcome to Lolcow

No. 625942

How would you anons honestly rate your looks on a scale from 1-10?

I think I'm a 6.5 on a good day.

No. 625944

I wish I got a screenshot of that post before mods deleted it

I think i'm 5.5-6. Average, not ugly but not enough to be considered cute. Maybe that's just the insecure talking tho.

No. 625946

I like to think I'm a 7 on an average day, 8 if I really try. This is clearly a biased opinion though so maybe I'm fugly. Idk.

No. 625948

all women are 10s

No. 625954

I'm convinced I'm a 6 but a strong 7 ocassionally when my skin looks good and I dress up nicely

This said I agree with >>625948

No. 625956

For my face, 4 usually. If I'm dressed and all then 5. I think I have a nice bod, so 8 just for my bod minus face.

No. 625961

Compared to other women im probably around a 4-5? I look fine I think, my face is nice but I am quite chubby and I don't dress fashionably or wear makeup.

Although, I am comfortable and enjoy how I look so in my head im a 10.

No. 625962

No. 625979

Face a strong 6 maybe a 7, body a fucking 1.

No. 625984

File: 1599652089188.jpg (110.27 KB, 683x1024, 5698082147e148d75fff460d45fe17…)

I can't believe blogpost written by women who dress like pic related used to make me feel bad about wearing graphic Tees.

No. 625987

It’s kind of difficult to rate myself, I think I have a 5 type of face since I’m fat, I’m probably a 7 with makeup and styling my hair. Body wise, I’m a 4, 5 with shape wear.
When I get to start sliming down, I usually reach a 7 to the point in which I actually attract people if dressed up and with some makeup.
I think having a nice skincare routine that fits your needs, helps a lot with how you see yourself in the mirror.

No. 625988

post a link to her blog, I want to laugh.

No. 625991

It depends on how I feel and in which direction my hair is sticking but I feel like a 10/10 mostly and sometimes if I'm feeling insecure I feel like a 3/10, but I think most people I meet are 10/10 because the rating system is made by dumb scrotes who want to "put women in their place" and everyone is beautiful and we should all feel beautiful because we are. And stop listening to people who tell us we're all 5/10 at best because they are just trying to get us to spend more money. I know I sound like a drunkard but I swear I'm not drunk I'm just ESL. And sing this song when you feel any lower than 10/10.

No. 625992

I was outside smoking weed and this old lady from my building told me someone died here last week… I feel sick and scared

No. 625993

1) is it legal to smoke weed there?
2) was the old lady sound of mind
3) trippy

No. 625997

Yep it's legal, I live in Canada. And I get kind of weird vibes from the old lady.

No. 625998

I like the lesbians on lolcow personally. They’re usually really kind to women on here and the only thing they (kind of justifiably) sperg out about are GC/PP. You will rarely see them looking extra pathetic in the relationship advice thread. Very nice 7/10.

No. 626003

Ja maybe a 5 or 4 compared to other women. They take an awful lot of care of themselves and they look SO GOOD for it. Through depression and maybe pickmeism I'd not make effort to look or dress well but yeah that didn't make me a "natural beauty" kek.
I do think it's an unhealthy mindset to compare my beauty to other womens. When I see an attractive woman it just makes me happy though. And even if they're not super attractive if they look happy and content I think they're a 10.

Compared to men I'm a 10 though because what a mess. They're ugly, all ugly but have the audacity to think they even measure on a similar scale to women.

No. 626039

my therapist suggested stationary treatment for my phone and internet addiction today

No. 626042

7 or 8 when my skin is behaving, with or without makeup

No. 626048

the vtuber phenomenon kind of squicks me out, idk why though

No. 626050

a solid 3

No. 626051

It's so fake and cringy. Reminds me of those weebs trying to be kawaii idols in the late 00's.

No. 626055

The little dog looks so funny near the big dog, they’re both cute

No. 626057

Same anon. I genuinely think I'm attractive but when my skin is acting up I feel like a solid 3. I'm also hairy but I can deal with that lmao

No. 626060

what is that

No. 626076

rehab or inpatient therapy/psychiatry

No. 626077

range from 7-9 depending on my mood

No. 626081

I misread a girl's t-shirt and thought it said "Ruin the day" when it said "Run the day".
FFS I wanted the former.

No. 626086

Fuck jstar reminds me of yugioh abridge's Pegasus with less class

No. 626101

I’d be a 10 if I wasn’t fat

No. 626126

I'm so sore from lugging around furniture yesterday, I just want a massage from a cute boy and to be fed strawberries dipped in sugar
whoah you're right I knew he looked familliar

No. 626129

What the hell is vtuber? Like youtubers?

No. 626153

File: 1599670291697.jpg (35.45 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

I am realizing that the totez mature and special e-relationship I had with a middle aged scrote when I was 16-17 wasn't actually good. The first and last time I ever self harmed was because of him. It was such a wild ride, I told him I liked mesh shirts like pic rel and he started going off on me, calling me a whore and shit. Because of the fucking shirt. And I cried hours on end and apologized to him, it was insane. He told me I had 'slutty tendencies' and other stuff. Used to send me videos of him pissing and being like 'i wish it was ur mouth i was pissing in'. You know what caused me to stop all contact with him? I asked him to send me a picture of himself because I had never seen his face and he sent some after much protest and omfg… he was so fucking ugly, fat balding 35 year old gross man. I was so disgusted and deleted all my accounts. I'm glad I did lmao. Thank you for listening to me complain

No. 626163

Fuck dude, I’m glad you ended that. I hate how this experience is common and relatable these days. Sad part is a bunch of girls are gonna internalize the shit these balding prune scrotes project on them.

No. 626164

Anon you're just realizing this? I want to hug and slap you a lil, but most of all I want to kill the scrote wtf is wrong with men???

No. 626169

File: 1599671323025.jpg (28.36 KB, 616x423, 199jlb.jpg)

My ex coworker is blasting his baby momma drama on facebook and it's surprisingly entertaining. He's a weekend parent to his 8 year old daughter and just bought her an iPad for her birthday, which the mom said she can't have since they already have a "family" iPad. Of course this spurs a facebook freakout, he calls her abusive, says she's trying to alienate his daughter, then the mom's family starts posting calling out his shit since mom is blocked.

I guess he thought most people would take his side, but it's nice to see at least a few other adults don't think a child should have their own expensive tablet.

No. 626178

I'm not the brightest bulb in the room evidently. I appreciate you anon. Scrotes will never fail to disappoit and shock.
I know right? Even if it was more dumbass reasons, i'm happy i pulled the plug sooner than later. I feel less alone knowing many others went through the same as me but it's sad too, so many wi be dealing with the aftermath in an unhealthy way

No. 626190

I hate that shit. Dated a guy with one son from a previous relationship. Weekend dad too (not even every weekend,every second weekend!) and he'd argue to keep his monthly support payment as low as possible. Whenever the kid needed extra stuff for school or dentist work he'd insist that he won't pay any extra towards it because he already gives his low monthly payment.

Come xmas time he'd buy hundreds of euros worth of fucking legos… just because "mwahaha his mom won't have any use for these" Like dude buying your kid braces cost the mom a fuckton of money.. so well done on letting her stress about money all year long while you swoop in with expensive legos for a 12 year old. Oh and he totally won't outgrow legos by next year.

Made sure I was real good at taking my birth control and I left once he got mean about paying his way with our bills too.

No. 626193

File: 1599672739142.jpeg (164.84 KB, 1242x1085, 4D914B95-4736-408A-A59B-468448…)

Gonna start telling this all the guys I sleep with because I hate being on top.

No. 626197

that got me

No. 626198

File: 1599673392413.gif (1.61 MB, 368x206, vwyoh42gwxf11.gif)

Why did I install this amazing, addictive game again? I know I'll just have to uninstall it again. I'm gonna do something productive now with some music. I really need to use music more to refocus

No. 626199

I hate being on top too, I have a condition that affects my lower back so my ability to thrust is weak and that shit is painful for me.. you'd think pain would be a good enough reason to say "okay anon no worries" but as soon as you tell a guy he can't have a certain sex act.. that's all they want

No. 626201

men are disgusting, when my throat hurt my ex boyfriend would throw a fit because i couldn't suck his dick

No. 626202

Can we talk about how riding dicks is inherently more work than thrusting into a pussy?? I have no trouble using a strap on for 30 minutes, but dudes who never attempted to squat on a dick for 10 minutes on a soft mattress wanna act like you’re spoiled for not wanting to be on top.

No. 626205

I thought I was out of shape for getting a little winded/uncomfortable being on top for an extended amount of time. Why is that always the guy's default?

No. 626207

it’s nice seeing other anons acknowledge this, i thought i just had 0 endurance (which is still kinda true). it’s cool for like a minute or two and then i just lean forward and let him do the work kek.

No. 626211

File: 1599674401986.jpg (32.38 KB, 680x450, dd0.jpg)

>I know some of you need extra time because you came in late, but due to the school grading policy's I'll have to start putting in lates in as 0's. I know this will decimate your grades, but don't worry! Once you turn in the late assignment I'll grade them like normal
>I know this will decimate your grades
For a comforting email it sure is threatening

No. 626212

I might get judged here for watching porn but this always occurs to me when I'm watching women in porn riding dicks (on top) for most of the 50 min scene… I can feel their pain from just watching it. The amount of porn now where the woman is getting a full workout in and the guy is just..there

No. 626214

The only way I like riding is if I just sit on it and gyrate in circles. But no, men want you to lift off 7 inches in the air and bounce like how they see it in porn.
>Does riding my cock make u cum baby
No Matthew, my quads are burning and I can no longer feel your pathetic chode.

No. 626215

File: 1599674609246.jpg (48.17 KB, 1080x276, 20200909_130252.jpg)

I…get this out of my fucking inbox

No. 626219

Quora is just a bunch of people shitposting lol

No. 626221

Who says porn is easy work kek

You're right, though. It drived me nuts when I see women in porn doing that, or worse yet, like…literally sitting upright off a bed or chair to the point of doing squats for extended amounts of time. Girl start a fitness Instagram instead.

No. 626222

I cant really feel anything while I’m on top. Like no matter what angle.

No. 626227

Same, it’s so boring from the girls pov unless they have a huge dick.

No. 626231

The only good part is the guy gets off faster so it's less time I have to pretend to enjoy sex.


No. 626237

pretty faced normie body women >>>>>>> butterfaced skinny or anachan women

there i fuckin' said it

No. 626239

I'm obsessed with chewing on things and I try to deal with it by chewing gum and mints but the sugar alcohols give me truly horrific gas

No. 626240

Water is wet.

No. 626241

As am I.

No. 626242


yes hon ur totez prettier, feel validated now?

No. 626248

I guess but you’re comparing two unequal things. Pretty faced skinny woman > pretty faced ‘normie body’(?) woman imo.

No. 626252


No. 626255

i've been seething about this for so long. my bf is into being dommed so it's his favorite (his and every other scrote's) but shit hurts my thighs and doesn't even feel good. on top of that i need to say a bunch of shit and play his body like a bop-it or he gets soft. FUCK

No. 626261

I wanna play Among Us with anons

No. 626266


yes pls

No. 626273

> i need to say a bunch of shit and play his body like a bop-it or he gets soft
Is this real?

No. 626309

Um he's domming you homie, tragic

No. 626315

File: 1599679769941.jpg (9.94 KB, 226x223, pls.jpg)


No. 626322

there was a sweet and considerate mechanic in my apartment building today. I fantasized about him coming onto me and cuddling and making out with him

No. 626333

File: 1599680574141.jpeg (144.24 KB, 600x600, surrender to the corn.jpeg)

surrender to the corn

No. 626351

Who else loves snacking on frozen fruits? Green grapes, mango, and blueberries are my favorite.

No. 626363

i eat chips frozen

No. 626369

Imagine living like this, literally straight out of a shitty shoujo webtoon


No. 626378

i just want a housewife tbh

No. 626389

i feel like i'm missing the point… wearing a blazer, cleaning the floor and cooking? are those considered trad now i feel so out of the loop

anyway there's nothing wrong with doing housewife shit, for yourself or for someone else, if you want to

No. 626391

File: 1599684166325.png (343.01 KB, 750x450, Screen-Shot-2018-09-05-at-9.14…)

Got a date on friday and I just got out of the shower and realized I have pimple on my butt

No. 626394

She works anyway. Nothing wrong with this lifestyle if you enjoy it. Bad ass imo owning your own business, eating good, and running your own YouTube channel for some sweet side cash

No. 626404

This video makes me want a baby even though it would be A Very Bad Idea

No. 626413

Shes so cute oh my god. What baby stays this still and patient?

No. 626414

Lol I went for a walk and was lowkey freaking out because I thought I'd lost my fitbit. Scoured the path on my way back with my phone flashlight for a bit until I suddenly remembered "Oh wait, I put it on charge earlier and I can't.. seem to remember having put it back on." I'm dumb.

No. 626416

Why are there pictures of these uggo dogs everywhere? And how do you dig up these oddly specific images?

Fashion thread? Girl in pretty dress surounded by uggo doggs
Tumblr post thread? Meme with uggo doggs
Good art thread? Art of uggo doggs

what am i missing

No. 626417

But that feeling of relief is always unparalleled

No. 626418

Forced meme.

No. 626419

they filter out the weak

No. 626420

Are you still seriously sperging about this? My god borzoi-chan you need to just take a break from this site at this point

No. 626429

How much you wanna bet Yukapon has been among us all along, calling everyone fat and raging about her baby face

No. 626430

I'm not the anon you're talking about, not all of us religiously browse lolcow all day and know the lore to whatever dumb shit is going on

No. 626432

There truly is no lore, it’s just forced. The youngins try a little too hard sometimes.

No. 626434

>amazing, addictive game
which game, anon?

No. 626437


dude no matter how many times you reee about forced memes across multiple threads is gonna change people's mind
imagine being this triggered by stupid dogs, fucking autist
now i want to keep it going as long as possible to spite you

No. 626440

I’m not triggered. I doubt the other anon is either. You’re just being kind of retarded. I don’t give a shit if you post stupid dogs. Have fun stimming I guess.

No. 626443

Imagine making this post and then having the nerve to call someone an autist

No. 626445


i didn't participate the dog posting actually but every time you pop in to waaaa about it, my contempt rises

No. 626451

But I haven’t waaad about it. Wtf is wrong with you lmao

No. 626453

lmao Do you really think that it's impossible for multiple anons to complain about it?

No. 626454

File: 1599688507695.jpg (257.18 KB, 506x1450, 1599681899665.jpg)

Found this ancient fossil, I remember how I used to think this was epic pwn

No. 626456

I can’t stop laughing at this

No. 626458

Growing up is realizing that gaymer gurl was based, put the joo scrote in its place

No. 626467

Because it absolutely is an epic pwn

No. 626470

jewfro guy has a punchable face holy shit

No. 626475

he looks like he smells like sweat i wish this was how anons argued on here

No. 626480

Could you be happy as a NEET? Even though I don’t think there’s any objective value in working and in an ideal world people wouldn’t have to, under the current system we live in I feel like I could never be happy as a NEET. I feel like I would still want to at least do some kind of education or volunteering, or maybe a part time job and I would hate never being able to afford my own place and the lack of freedom.

No. 626487

He instigated, it was uncalled for and sexist tbh. Like ok it's kinda cringe and NLOG but some teenager girl doesn't want to be told go to the kitchen or make a sandwich on the xbox, which is perfectly reasonable? At the time, just outing yourself as grill will 100% earn you those remarks. Jewboy get fucked.

No. 626505

I am fucking nervous about these online course kind of things i'm starting next week, i have a phone meeting with a counselor lady about some open uni courses as well, i feel fucking pathetic

No. 626506

>At the time
I can promise you this has not changed.

No. 626509

I went on the student room to check something about uni applications and I decided to explore and holyshit the autism and retardation is bountiful and beautiful, I suggest you check out the relationship and life threads

No. 626511

That website makes me feel actually depressed for some reason. Like it’s not even autistic in the funny way.

No. 626513

He literally started that shit because he simultaneously wanted to fuck her and is jealous of the attention

The duality of males

No. 626515

True, good PP fuel

No. 626517

I'd be a 10 if I wasn't fucking ugly

No. 626519

I see what you mean now. I had to stop looking at it, it’s a weird sad feeling

No. 626521

Relief truly might be the greatest natural high possible.

No. 626522

I love using the words aspergic and autismal

No. 626525

Can someone tell me who that Wolfe Barrett dude is who’s thread got locked in pt. Just curious. I tried to look him up and found that pedo tweet and a long ass court document I did not want to read but nothing else. Please spoonfeed if you know why he was arrested.

No. 626537

Anons, give me random things to draw. I need ideas for the first page of my new sketchbook

No. 626538

File: 1599693453006.jpg (463.69 KB, 1080x1504, Albrecht Dürer The Little Owl.…)

This 500 year old owl drawing

No. 626539

this bitch with a disney tattoo seriously just called me basic

No. 626542

File: 1599693758262.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.62 KB, 1020x447, visit-uss-arizona-memorial-pea…)

Anyone else feel their skin fucking crawl when they see sunken ships looming underwater? I spoilered in case anyone else is a pussy like me kek

No. 626544

Unless you've posted about it before, I've definitely read an anon expressing similar feelings.

No. 626545

File: 1599693902310.png (6.22 MB, 2698x2233, Borzoi-2ym-body.png)

No. 626546

Fuck I walked right into this one

No. 626548

File: 1599694121014.jpeg (41.39 KB, 800x600, 29110600-A875-41A6-B570-B2D8D3…)

Pharaoh hounds are the superior breed & it’s the fucking truth

No. 626552

Anything looming underwater is creepy as hell.

No. 626567

A sexy man

No. 626570

File: 1599695767439.jpeg (734.54 KB, 1744x1218, 4B5CA60D-570B-4915-B46F-FA33C4…)

Started watching Arthdal Chronicles and the men are styled very attractively, do recommend if you’re bored. The costuming is pretty good as a whole.

No. 626574

can you draw a pikachu named sparky who has undergone a changed, fully delitzed, full permanent bologna bodied, full permanet bologna organs and bologna insides, two permanent bologna and ham ears, two permanent ham lips, a permanent bologna, ham and cheese tongue, two permanent bologna feet, a full permanent bologna head, a mixture of ketchup, tomato, pizza, bbq and taco sauce as his blood type running through permanent bologna veins to all his permanent bologna organs and bologna insides. literally he has been fully delitized the same way as foreverial tiedup Tbone, he has been fattened at the same time that he has been fully delitized, he has been completely wrapped up, tiedup, rope mummified, covered complete in permanent rubbery rope bondage leaving only his head, feet and part of his tail exposed through the bondage, now his name is foreverial tiedup fat sparky

No. 626576

Guess I’m spoiled lol. Bottom only.

No. 626593

The girl is based, I bet that guy is balding now

No. 626599

Is that the korean GOT knock-off?

No. 626604

I just love Mariah Carey so much…

No. 626606

Will draw ty anons
Not gonna read all that bullshit, but ty for suggestion anon ♥

No. 626609

i wanna ask you guys if this guy is cute but i'm too scared of putting his picture online because he sent it to me specifically. atleast he isn't addicted to social media. the rest of his pictures are cosplay with makeup.

No. 626610

Show us then delete it

No. 626611

Yeah bish

No. 626612

ok im rdy post soon or im out and youll never know my important take on your potential bf's hotness.

No. 626613

Yogi tea is the fucking best. I love it.

No. 626614

Don’t post it. I don’t have social media either and would be so hurt if someone posted a picture of me on an image board without my consent. Just ask your friends or something.

No. 626617

The victorian ages were so crazy. Anyone could do anything and nobody cared. Mozart talked about his scat fetish with his family and was free to do it. I mean, it was weird, but I want that kinda freedom

No. 626618

>Anyone could do anything and nobody cared.
Except all female human beings

No. 626624

I feel like that’s more just a Mozart and his family thing than it being accepted during Victorian times

No. 626625

you're right. i want to protecc his privacy.

No. 626627

actually i disagree. the more narrow the scope of "normal" in society, the more you can get away with extreme stuff.

No. 626631

Maybe, but I’m pretty sure outside his family it still would have been viewed as odd by wider society. Certain people could probably joke about that kind of thing now with their family if that’s the dynamic they have.

No. 626632

File: 1599699083661.png (118.21 KB, 275x275, 1599189603091.png)

Never noticed how playing the fluit or whateverthefuck can worsen your nasolabial folds

No. 626647

File: 1599699996649.gif (992.24 KB, 120x120, 7657463123.gif)

me when all the Stacy's that played the floot in HS are ugly now

No. 626682

i play the flute, girl just has bad genes bruh.

No. 626687

what’s your definition of normie? like size 7-13? sage your completely unremarkable hot takes and quit taking post slots from actual good shitposts like borzoi chan

No. 626697

There's no borzoi chan though, there are more people

No. 626700

That would be pretty cool, tbh, just a bunch of long ass pictures of people posing and giving their opinions about something.

No. 626722

During ice breakers when they make you go around and your name and a fact about yourself what do you say? This situation is like living hell for me. I can’t think of anything on the spot and honestly don’t want to tell a bunch of strangers any facts about me.

No. 626727

No one will remember your intro 2 minutes later. Say your hometown, a hobby, and a goal. Done .

No. 626737

It just hit me that I will never ever find a man as good as my dad. My dad is quite honestly the purest, genuine person that I've ever met, and I mean that without bias. That's makes the bar so much higher when it comes to guys.

Almost just want to give up the whole idea of dating together because the majority of men are scum in my area.

No. 626741

Wtf, educate yourself anon

No. 626748

Yeah I googled it after I posted that and realized he was born in the Georgian era. Close enough tho lmao.

No. 626788

i know this meme
well done anon

No. 626811

i miss the early days of the Holly BRown threads sooo much. that was such a good time.

No. 626820

So many "fashion forward" people shit on graphic tees but damn, is it nice to look down at my chest and be reminded of one of my favorite albums or bands. I'm doing it right now! In fact right now I'm gonna put on that album and listen to it front to back because I'm sitting here like "damn this WAS a good album."
Plus, have nice fitting t-shirts ever really been out of style? Maybe not everything has to be "modern" for it to look good & make your body look good, as well as express yourself in such a direct way

No. 626821

I think I accidentaly traumatized myself by watching true crime and now I keep obsessing about it and the many ways I could be murdered while I'm alone for another few days in my apartment. Tf do I do now anons I'm literally unable to sleep bc I'm so scared, men are evil

No. 626822

forgot to unsage, bumping out of despair

No. 626826

Watch some funny or interesting videos to take your mind off of it.

No. 626828

Just want a bf who’s never used the word based

No. 626829

Graphic tees are great, especially because the busyness of the print usually means I can wear said tee without a bra.

No. 626834

…are you telling me you dumbshits don't know how to cum being on top? Grinding front and back with a dick buried in is my favorite position because the clit gets friction too. If the dick is good I'll treat the guy to some up and down motion but I use this to come as many times as I can.
No wonder you don't like piv.

No. 626837

My bf drank alcohol maybe twice a year during his 20s. He's 32 now and I am jealous I will never have skin as good as his lol.

No. 626839

No. 626841

ty anon was just about to go splurge on shitty beer. idc if I fuck up my liver I just want nice skin.

No. 626847

Most women can't just cum however they please you ungrateful bitch

No. 626849

find someone who isn't an imageboard or edgy twitter user.

No. 626853

My normie friend just showed me the "every 60 seconds in africa, a minute passes." video because she thought it was so funny, I'm so proud of her

No. 626854

File: 1599726375996.png (71.45 KB, 1290x208, 8.png)

i think there's more actual scrotes on crystal cafe than on lolcow, which is why i prefer lolcow

No. 626855

Does anyone know how to get someone's chrome bookmarks off your chrome? Like, my exes bookmarks are synced to my chrome but his info isn't in my settings so I really don't know

No. 626861

I agree and I think we should take it back. There's way too many posts centered on men and every other user makes a post in /feels/ about her relationship problems, like just use the damn relationship problems thread we don't need 50 new ones, if they even are real and not scrote bait. We need to make more fun topics centered on media, crafting, learning, sharing personal experiences of the world or just silly threads and not even more threads about men like "your ideal boyfriend!!!!"

No. 626865

YES, anon, let's take it back, somehow – we must, for the sake of all our integrity.

No. 626866

I used to make random threads a long time ago there but I just stopped visiting cc. I'm gonna go make a thread right now! I have to study but I'll make a sacrifice in the name of our integrity!

No. 626874

I love you

No. 626877

File: 1599732152801.png (77.53 KB, 1424x328, s.png)

It has literally become scrote central

No. 626885

File: 1599734398306.jpeg (27.74 KB, 640x480, allegedyoungman.jpeg)

While scientifically they do have the advantage of thicker skin, they take such shit-tier care of themselves that it's practically nullified. Personally wouldn't be boasting about that if I was a scrote kek.

No. 626890

Sorry your bf is so lazy that he just lies on his back and makes you do all the work.. couldn’t be me

No. 626895

File: 1599738135734.jpg (105.26 KB, 794x794, lwiagtnwh.jpg)


No. 626896

I wouldn't even if I dead

No. 626897

Drank a bottle of red wine last night and spent my evening a-logging Michael Cera

No. 626910

Too small, you won't even see them from a distance greater than 5 cm

No. 626914

No. 626965

Love em

No. 626979

File: 1599748115625.jpg (58.87 KB, 821x789, swvpw7gct8r21.jpg)

uninstalled that super addictive game again. one step closer to not being a total fuck-up

No. 626992

File: 1599748676729.jpg (47.65 KB, 750x708, 4c30bc6afaab62d82bc3690de0139c…)

I just spent 100$ on a handmade Lana Del Rey doll. Life is good

No. 626993

ur so cute anon

No. 626994

File: 1599748696431.jpg (96.42 KB, 1862x1048, praying201.jpg)

God I ask thee to cure me of my yellow fever, amen

No. 626996

…but I want to fuck him so bad hnghghhhhh

No. 626998

I really dont like bumbles concept of messaging first knowing how men just match with any girl they can without even looking at their profile makes it weird for me

No. 627000

What's the game? But damn bitch you're stronger than me, props