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File: 1457164706797.jpg (93.15 KB, 588x473, 1432577623001.jpg)

No. 77356

(Note: Robots or /pol/ users who found this site through their respective board may be banned if they post outside of this thread, and especially this board, depending on post content and history.)

How is everyone holding up?

Old Thread

No. 77358

i hate your thread and i wish you would all just kill yourselves.

No. 77394

File: 1457179296153.jpg (185.58 KB, 798x1200, 1457132560399.jpg)


Don't worry I will soon.

No. 77661

Better than us taking our shit everywhere else on this site

No. 77683

File: 1457255333540.jpg (127.17 KB, 843x604, 1456926637197.jpg)

Don't really understand most robots basing their entire existence on being a virgin/not having a gf

I wish that was my worst feel, I really do

No. 77788

Why can't you just stay on r9k or make your own secret robot club?

No. 77812

I like it better here and actually learn stuff instead of wallowing in my own misery on /r9k/

No. 78063

File: 1457331048676.webm (13.01 MB, 800x600, nteyiw.webm)

Don't even care about girls anymore
I just want to fool myself into thinking I'll be a Dad someday

No. 78941

File: 1457499314638.jpg (48.72 KB, 550x400, 1393739760220.jpg)

Wish I wasn't such a fucking sperg

No. 78942

File: 1457499544732.jpg (11.21 KB, 236x331, 4e7748e0d0f8f057fd076f5ebd683e…)

That's a positive outlook on things.

I kinda like our Robot brothers here.

No. 78943

Eh, they aren't really shitting up other threads so what's the harm?
Enjoy the pepes and schadenfreude.

No. 78949

Because every other thread doesn't have several:
>as a male,
In the thread. It's fine here, but they're spreading their cancer into other threads. All it takes is that one lolcow obsessed psycho to ruin it for everyone.

No. 78950

Eh, it's like all reddit level LE epic trolls.
You ignore the few shitposts and they go away forever.

No. 78951

You know you can ignore it, right?

No. 78953

Sometimes it's relevant to the discussion
Other times it isn't though

No. 78969

No. 78973

Don't know why so many robots base their lives off of being virgins
It kinda pisses me off that being 20 and a virgin is their biggest problem. I am too, but I pay that zero fucking mind since I have much bigger things to concern myself with

Autistic I know, but it triggers me. I wish that was my only problem

No. 79039


I actually stopped going to r9k since summer since I found here. Life improved immensely, that place is poison.


Because being a male virgin is looked down upon by people, they exaggerate it of course but it's still bad.

No. 79043

Robots are just so overdramatic about being virgins though. Its not like their virgin status is burned onto their foreheads. They act like they are getting stoned in the street for being virgins, when in reality, nobody cares.

Like I won't know you're a virgin unless you tell me. I've said it a million times, but robots fixate on things to explain their loneliness, when their true problem is crippling insecurity and a lot of the time, some kind of untreated mental illness.

I have no issue when I hear robots get all "I'm a virgin and it makes me sad" but when they get all "I'm a beta virgin because girls only go after chad, and their standards are impossible", I just roll my eyes. Feeling insecure is normal, but feeling so insecure that they construct elaborate conspiracies to explain it away is not.

No. 79044

How did your life improve?

No. 79054


Well Chad thing is a bit true, some men just have it all and lots of girls compare you to them while you have -0 chance of competing with them. I'm 25 and feel like an immense failure for not having someone in my life and being a virgin. You feel inhumane for not being able to achieve majority of people do naturally. I don't give a shit lately though, kind of gave up on love stuff. I'm too insecure to hold a relationship.


Normal stuff. Got a job, got pro help and on meds, somehow managing to act normal at work, losing weight.

No. 79057

>some guys just have it all
Some /people/ just have it all. It isn't a "chad" thing, it is a "life" thing.

There's nothing wrong with noticing that some people just have it all. But you don't know what their life is like behind closed doors. Their entire public persona could just be a front.

I think its what goes along with the chad fixation that is especially damaging to robots. The idea that women will cheat on your with chad, given the opportunity. Or that every woman wants chad, so if she is with you by some accident, it is because she is using you for the beta bux. It is the perfect external excuse for not trying anymore: why try to improve yourself and be happy, if you can never match up to the mythical chad? It is safer to just stay inside and stew at this injustice, because even if you find a gf, it will be fake. It is a weird insecurity vortex.

No. 79061

This. All of fucking this.
>Feeling insecure is normal, but feeling so insecure that they construct elaborate conspiracies to explain it away is not.
Specially this one part.

I couldn't give less shits if you are a virgin. However a robot life spins around his virginity and his non-existent sexual life. There is no other facet in their lives other than them being not able to have sex, and they make everything about that fact. They don't produce, they don't create, they don't do anything worth with their lives; they just bitch and moan about how miserable they are because they don't get to put their dick inside any hole. How fucking dull and boring can you be to let something like that to take over your life completely? Sorry but is something I don't get. I just don't fucking understand.

This fucking ridiculous victim complex they got is disgusting and makes me cringe. If someone came at me irl with the bullshit these idiots say on the internet I couldn't keep myself from punching him in the face. Insufferable whiny bitches jesus christ.

No. 79062

It's called being a complete useless being and being a gigantic dramawhore/having a victim complex.

No. 79068

Its a weirdly arrogant insecurity, too. Because robots who believe these things seem to think that they have stumbled upon one of the secrets of the universe. They know the real reason why they are alone, and why the world is against them. When you bring up people you know IRL who are in happy relationships, these robots /know/ that the relationships are actually a sham. Everyone is just too stupid to see it!

But it is also kind of contradictory. They feel invisible to women because they aren't chad, and yet women already know all about them (their virginity, "betaness", whatever), and automatically reject them because of this info. Which leads women to ignore them, so they feel invisible. And on and on it goes!

No. 79071


Well I don't care about it anymore anyways, completely gave up on romance in my youth. I'm an ugly, fat, balding manlet with little money and extremely passive personality. No way in hell that anyone will ever like me. Don't get me wrong this is not self loathing, I accepted all of it. I'm just stating the obvious.

No. 79078

This makes me sad.

No. 79079

You are so hard on yourself. I hope you can sort through those insecurities some day.

No. 79081

File: 1457524943596.jpg (5.54 MB, 4608x3456, 20160307_154602.jpg)


Sometimes it's best to accept things as they are and move on anon.


They're not insecurities anon, just the truth.

No. 79082

Okay, so what are you going to do about it? Do you want to improve your situation at all?

If your self esteem is that low, you should really talk to someone.

No. 79083


Gotta work now, talk to you in a couple of hours.

No. 79092


Well got an early break, I think I talked with you before in the previous thread. I'm the Turkish guy with job problem. I'm sorting out my stuff and I'm on SNRIs for my depression. My mind is much more clear now, I'm not insecure I have many things I'm good at but I'm just not equipped for love. Nothing I can change.

No. 79103

Saying its ever relevant to a thread is hardly true in MOST cases, but it's definitely ignorable

If anything, it's on par with fembot attention whores on 4chan. No one here cares if someone is a male. It's unecessary

No. 79120

It's not about being relevant. It's about the unwanted male presence in threads besides this one.

>ignore it

Lol fuck you. Because robots don't go full retard when femmebots appear in threads. Why should we put up with attention whores?

No. 79122

>tfw your ass will never be this blasted from shitposts

No. 79131

File: 1457541863043.png (93.09 KB, 654x976, 1456428968949.png)

>tfw you wake up again

No. 79132

File: 1457542245288.gif (435.77 KB, 320x239, 1457326253213.gif)

I got rekt in a psych experiment yesterday I had to do for class, I showed up and got paired with a qt girl. There was a recording device in there and I thought that was kind of strange. Anyways the experiment isnt important, but basically we would complete tasks on computers across from each other and then there would be 5 minutes of breaks after each one in which we talked. I couldnt believe it but she was actually flirting with me and after talking for a total of probably 15 min she said I was cute and I asked for her number. Experiment ended and apparently she was just a plant and was in on the experiment. I knew it was too good to be true and I wasnt even embarassed. Just thought "oh that's why she was talking to me"
Just got my shit and left after

No. 79134

Don't take it personally. If her being social and flirty was part of the experiment, then it wasn't personal.

No. 79145

Robots being in other threads is never relevant. Ever. I'm okay if they mainly stay here and post in this thread, but I have seem them all over /pt/ and /g/

No. 79161


Yeah those are retarded but there is an increase in people impersonating robots to troll people. See misandry thread.

No. 79164

I feel this.
This happened to be too, but it was an insult to my intelligence, still, a huge ego buster.
I go to a school that's in the top ten, am constantly reminded by professors how this year was the yr with the most applicants, and I'm like "who made the egregious mistake of letting me in here?"…anyway, I went home and cried because I'm a retard that can't focus.

No. 79165


>as a male

lol ikr? They actually think their opinion is valid here.

Nobody here cares about your opinions if you have a dick fucksticks.

No. 79173


As a male I'm extremely offended, pls delete

No. 79200

File: 1457550423337.gif (36.02 KB, 200x146, 1412777205975.gif)



No. 79306

Can't say I'm in top 10, but I feel fucking retarded here both socially an mentally. It was an ego booster at the time then it came crashing down to lower than before
I'd already given up, so this has just furthered my resolve kek
Ya I know that's what I meant
I'm not remotely upset with her, but I just feel dumb for thinking a girl was actually interested in me for a few min

No. 79311

Why don't you lose weight and work out? Nothing wrong with being bald. You can change.

No. 79316

brotip for you anon, in the future always turn the tables on girls when they ask for your number. reply with something like: "well, you can give me your number".

that way you find out instantly whether she's really interested or just playing games at your expense (yes, bitchy girls do this shit outside the context of bogus psych "experiments" too).

You do have every right to be upset with her, btw. Any decent human being capable of empathy would know better than to pull a stunt like that.

No. 79317

Nah it was part of the experiment
I don't care kek

I've stopped caring for a few years now and I didn't really get my hopes up, so I guess you could say I was just more pleasantly surprised than anything. Not a huge disappointment

No. 79324

Fair enough. I guess I just don't understand how a professor could greenlight an experiment like that in this age of higher education political correctness. Can you elaborate on the experiment anyway?

No. 79327

Still don't really understand the purpose of it really.
Basically you sit across from a person, they're on a pc and so are you. Then you are given a scenario onscreen and you have to try to type your raw thoughts as if you were in the scenario. Like trying to keep yourself from being distracted while studying. Raw input so it doesn't make perfect sense on paper
Anyways I'd do one of those for 5 minutes as did she, then there would be a 5 min or so waiting period which we weren't allowed to move on. I would have been fine just sitting there in silence, but she started talking to me and it went from there. Rinse and repeat a few times

No. 79341

File: 1457574896169.jpg (192.64 KB, 476x599, tumblr_ngfvnv5xPm1qcot5jo1_r2_…)

Congrats on the life change.

No. 79342

File: 1457575123308.png (266.6 KB, 499x358, 1346814844749.png)

Bruh that was shitty even if it was an experiment.

No. 79365

Didn't they tell you at the end what the purpose of the distractor was? In the US they do this.

No. 79367

They did iirc but I blanked out after he mentioned she was a plant. Beating myself up internally for falling for that. I couldn't get out of there fast enough

No. 79377

File: 1457581206003.png (17.96 KB, 633x758, 1403140893401.png)

My cat is really sick back at home
Had her since I was like 5. Hope she's okay
Killing me to think about tbh

No. 79410


I'm doing it but it won't change my ugly mug. Most younger girls don't like balding guys, balding is a sign of genetic inferiority.

No. 79411

>genetic inferiority

Why do robots assume that women care about fucking genetics like that. Do you really think that women are sizing you up thinking "hmmm…what physical feature might he pass on to our future children?"

Because when I'm talking to a guy, his genetic fitness never enters my mind.

No. 79412

No. 79414

It's not a concious thought, but yes. What women find attractive are signs of strong genes, no diseases, and all things that would symbolize you would have strong and healthy children

Men do the same with sizing up women based on how well they'd rear children and bring them up

I don't mean to shit on the other guy, but you really are deluding yourself if you don't think that balding puts him at any sort of disadvantage

No. 79415

I bet there was one set of participants where she was really really friendly to, and another group that she was cold and unfriendly with. I bet you any money that they were trying to see if your performance on the task was effected by her interaction with you.

No. 79416

I don't even want kids. So people's genetic fitness means nothing to me.

No. 79418

I mean, balding might put him at a disadvantage but I think it's overdramatic to say that women won't like him because he is genetically unfit.

I think placing blame on genetics is the typical robot response to blame their problems on something they can't change. You can't change your baldness, height, dick size, whatever. Fixating on it, is just placing blame on something you have no control over instead of the multitude of things you could do to be happy and improve your situation.

No. 79419

Baldness doesn't necessarily mean he is genetically unfit. We don't use our hair for warmth. There is no evolutionary advantage to having having hair on top of your head, when we live in modern times and can easily just put in a hat. Its not like he is missing his thumbs. And even then, modern conveniences mean that there is usually a way around something like that.

Unless he has cancer, losing his hair isn't an immediate sign of poor health.

No. 79421

Lol I find guys who wear glasses to be pretty cute. If anything, that is a more accurate sign of genetic inferiority (poor eyesight). But I still love guys in glasses. The guy I've been with for 5 years has glasses, and poor hearing in one ear. And yet…I think he is sexy as hell.

I also don't want kids sooooo

No. 79422

File: 1457592515407.jpg (56.11 KB, 500x750, nerd-chad.jpg)


No. 79424

Did I say that?

Or did I say that I found glasses to be cute?

No. 79425

File: 1457593250091.jpg (69.38 KB, 960x960, IMG-20160226-WA0001.jpg)


I'm also short and ugly, another case of inferiority. Not even counting my horrible avoidant, bitter, cynical and depressive personality.

No. 79426

Again, its not that women can sniff out your genes that is holding you back. Its probably that personality that you mentioned.

I'd also be willing to bet money that you're depressed.

You can change your personality, and start focusing on your happiness. Depression can be treated.

No. 79427

I just find it so crazy that robots are basically like "well I can't compete with chad/have shitty genes so that's why I'm lonley" and are comfortable with just giving up and wallowing in their own misery.

No. 79429


I tried, it didn't worked. I didn't became depressed and butter in a day. I wasn't always like this, you are less than dirt if you're an ugly male.


I'm on SNRIs, not feeling depressed at all.

No. 79431

>feels like less than dirt
>not depressed anymore tho

Idk dude, you seem to have a really negative self image and zero self esteem. If you're on meds then you obviously have a doctor. I'd suggest getting a referral to a therapist to work on these things.

No. 79432

>I tried

Tried what? Not wallowing?

No. 79439


I was fairly normal in the past then got called worthless by a girl in middle school after she learned I liked her, they started messing with me calling me a contagious virus, how I deserve to die alone and no girl will ever approach me with a 20 meter stick, how disgusting I am. Fucked me up pretty bad, tried acting normal in high school again but got rejected all the time, same thing in college then I completely gave up. They were %100 right, I'm going to die alone without knowing love.


Therapist can't fix my disgusting face.

No. 79447

But you're an adult now. That was middle school and high school. People get viciously bullied every day. But now you're an adult, so you aren't forced to be around shitty people anymore.

A therapist can help you fix your piss poor attitude, develop self esteem, and get over your baggage from middle school.

If you don't want help, then what's the point of you listing out all your faults to us? I'm not going to enable you. If you want help, then great. I'll encourage you with that. If you're just here to have a pity party, then I don't really care to hear it.

No. 79448

How old are you? If you're in your 20's then you should really work on your baggage from school. Its time to move on.

No. 79450

I find that a lot of robots are either in high school or plagued by bullying during those years. But, they seem stuck there mentally. They seem to see the world in terms of black and white categories (ex: alpha and beta), which always reminds me of teenagers and their obsession with popularity.

That's what most robot conspiracies are about at the end of the day: being resentful at their lack of popularity. Most people move past that strict dichotomy as they grow up. They realize that high school popularity isn't everything, and feel comforted as they gain control of their lives with age. As you grow, you get out of high school, and never have to see your former classmates again. I bet robots replay their high school experiences in their heads over and over. They fixate on the injustice instead of thinking "fuck those bullies. Who cares about them anymore! I never have to see them again!"

And since these experiences isolated them socially, robots have no other frame of reference for how the world works. You can't convince them that the adult world works differently, because their only experience is with black and white social dichotomies: you're either popular or you're not. And if you're not popular then you will be ground into the dirt, physically or mentally. If you're not strong, then you must be weak.

No. 79452


I'm getting help from a psych, I don't have money for therapist. Like I said I accepted what I am and moved on, I get sad about it once in a while though.


People still treat me the same, moving on doesn't change anything but I accepted they were right like I said. Denying it was more painful, I feel more at ease accepting that I'm like that.


Those years are crucially important for self esteem and confidence. Crush them at those years and they most likely never fully recover from it.

No. 79457

>they'll most likely never recover from it

Bullshit. People go through more traumatic experiences during their formative years and managed to move past it with time.

No. 79458

>I've accepted what I am and moved on

It doesn't sound like it. If it didn't bother you then I doubt you'd spill your guts about it to internet strangers. What did you hope to gain from that?

No. 79459

Okay so what do you want us to do with that information?

No. 79460

File: 1457603206492.jpg (282.02 KB, 1120x1284, IMG-20160226-WA0000.jpg)


Nothing, I was just venting a bit I guess. Forget what were talking about.

No. 79478

.mfw rereading the stuff I wrote in the morning

Someone pleasr take away my internet in mornings. So fucking cringey.

No. 79485

Give us more than that. What cringey stuff did you write?

No. 79486

File: 1457613222892.jpg (4.89 MB, 4608x3456, 20160310_141139.jpg)


The posts about ugliness, god I become a depressive whiney cunt before meds kick in. I hate it, I become a completely different person at noon.

No. 79487

Aw I feel for you anon. I really hope you are getting the help you need. I wish you happiness.

No. 79496

File: 1457616812040.jpg (6.7 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-10 15.17.06-1.jpg)



Thank you, I think it was you that made me get help last thread. Thanks for encouraging me even after my parents gave up on me.

>tfw my tree is blooming nicely

No. 79500

Aw. I think that probably was me. I really mean it too. I hope you can be happy and confident with yourself.

PS that tree is beautiful.

No. 79501

File: 1457619185350.jpg (7.52 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-10 15.17.06-2.jpg)


It was dying and full of pests when we moved in, landlord literally left the whole yard dead. I do all the work in it for fun now, it looks good.

No. 79506

What kind of tree is it? It looks so healthy! You must have a green thumb.

No. 79507


I think it's a jacaranda, flowers looks like it. It took 1.5 years to make it like this.

No. 79513

It is gorgeous. You did a great job.

I live in Canada, and right now all the snow is melting and turning into these gross grey mountains on the sides of the road. All the trees are bare, and it all looks so depressing.

I am jealous of your happy tree.

No. 79516

File: 1457622768435.jpg (4.9 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-07 16.15.18.jpg)


It snowed and rained through all winter in Istanbul, it was depressing as hell but it's been really warm in last two weeks. Even though I kind of hate it in here the weather is absolutely the best in the world. I want to visit Canada and US though, you guys have gorgeous national parks and nature.

No. 79521

There will always be some spazz that misinterprets a simple sentence and puts words in your mouth.

No. 79525

A psychologist or psychiatrist?
Here's the thing, an antidepressant isn't going to fix much, it just maybe keeps you from carrying out a suicide plan. If you have been depressed for a long time, that changes a lot about your personality and the way you think.
I know you can't do therapy right now, but hopefully you can in the future. Because you still have the negative/depressed cognitions that a depressed person has. Slowly, I learned to catch myself when I was having a negative/black & white thought & then think about another way to interpret it.
(Ex. Group project: initial thought—fuck me. Thought about it—need to be less retarded since I'll have these interactions in the working world, took the class, enjoyed it.)

No. 79528


psychiatrist, I don't have money to pay for a psychologist right now, paying too many denbts. I get clear headed and calm after anti depressants and sperg like a retard without them. Thing is not a single positive thing happened in my life since I was 12, can't take anything for positively without medication.

No. 79529

Canada-chan here again. Don't beat yourself up for having depression. It is a chemical imbalance. You couldn't "fix" it on your own if you tried. It would be like trying to wish away diabetes. It just has to be managed through medication.

That's why I wish you weren't so hard on yourself. Because it isn't your fault.

I know that you have been dealing with rough stuff since you were 12, and it is hard to be positive, but I really wish you could write down one positive thing about yourself a day. Even if its something stupid like "did the laundry!", just write down a good thing that you accomplished. Or a good attribute about yourself.

Let me start you off today: you are clearly an awesome gardener. That tree was dying and now it looks awesome! And that was thanks to you. Not everyone can do that. Some people couldn't keep a house plant alive. And now that tree in your garden is thriving.

No. 79531

I agree with this. My psychologist always tells me that I'm too hard on myself (of course I am, I feel like I'm a piece of shit). But realizing that my brain is ass backwards and that even retarded children can function better on a daily basis, I will take any small victory.
Again, you've been depressed for so long that you can't/don't see positive little things.

No. 79533

Exactly. I actually have generalized anxiety disorder, am medicated, and have had a shrink in the past.

And I'm totally fine with it. If I had high blood pressure or diabetes, I wouldn't beat myself up about it. I couldn't have somehow prevented having a chemical imbalance. My brain just doesn't recycle certain chemicals correctly. That's it.

and that's what's kills me when I read about anons like the one with the awesome tree. He's beating himself up about something that isn't even his fault! I feel so much for people who struggle with things like that.

No. 79537

This is also why I was encouraging him to write something nice about himself everyday. Even the little accomplishments. Appreciating the small victories when you are struggling can help put things in perspective.

No. 79540

Well, why don't you look for a girl your age or older then?

No. 79555

File: 1457629403979.jpg (5.09 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-07 16.15.57.jpg)


When I said younger I meant girls between 18-28/30. I'm 24.


Well if you say so, I'll try

>finally found a decent job

>dad is not breathing down my neck anymore
>losing weight
>don't feel like blowing my brains out and feel constant dread 24/7
>can sleep normally lately

These are the things I can think of now.


It's just the lack of success with girls is really bringing me down, I can maybe fix other stuff by myself but I can't force girls to like me. I feel inhuman because I'm failing at something %90 of humanity does naturally. Don't know how to explain it.

No. 79559

File: 1457630512031.png (190.96 KB, 638x814, 1403835943273.png)

>tfw rereading my journal entries from when I was 13

No. 79560

Stop caring about girls
If it happens it'll happen. Don't chase them

No. 79561

Also if it makes you feel any better in the past it was far from 90% of men reproducing

It was just artificially kept at roughly 1:1 for a few hundred years through monogamous marriage in the West, but that is coming undone so we're going back to our roots where many men will not reproduce. That's just how it is, nothing we can do, and you should stop caring about such things


No. 79563

File: 1457631042002.jpg (60.67 KB, 741x494, pls stop.jpg)


Didn't meta girl I was interested in six years anyways.


>chad got all the girls while others just lived their lives frustrated


No. 79565

File: 1457631304597.png (22.37 KB, 530x444, 1409837285748.png)


>you were born just in time to die alone in cold, empty house

What a wonderful world

No. 79580

It's only a problem if you make it one. Just completely forget about women. Protip: They're shit and you're just setting yourself up to be cucked later and lose half your shit

You don't need one to be happy. Focus on doing what you love and forget about them

No. 79589

Says the robot hiding out on a female-dominated imageboard

Keep on keeping on beautiful tree-anon. You give me hope.

No. 79590

No. 79591

File: 1457637182757.png (229.98 KB, 500x443, smuganimegirl.png)

>Says the robot hiding out on a female-dominated imageboard

No. 79595

File: 1457637820552.jpg (548.74 KB, 1280x720, 1457553544703.jpg)


Thanks man. Time to sleep for me now, gotta get up at 6 thanks to shitty traffic to reach work.

No. 79611

I just think it's comfy here most of the time and it's interesting
Shoot me

No. 79617

oh damn, we had these trees in the courtyard of the last apt. building I lived in. They're so gorgeous. There's a mirroring apt. building across the street but their trees were ugly while our courtyard was full of pink blossoms.
I'd come out some days and see my car just carpeted with fallen petals. Pollen season was hell, but I loved it, it felt like living in a shoujo manga.
Anon, good job. I'm proud of you.

No. 79618

That's a good list of stuff to be happy about.

I think you should treat yourself, and buy a nice new journal for you to write these things in daily. You deserve it.

No. 79619

Oh no, anon! I'm really sorry to hear that. What's happened to her? Have you taken your cat to the vet yet?
Sometimes I think about my cat dying and it would honestly cripple me as a human being. I have maternal feels for that animal, I've literally been with her since she was born.

Dude, just shave your head and pretend it's an intentional decision to be bald. Worked for my male friends, get a good hat if you're uncomfortable with the shape of your skull. There's nothing sadder than seeing a balding guy try to grow out a ponytail, buy a toupee, or sweep hair over his scalp to cover up the exposed skin. That shit doesn't fool anybody.

No. 79622

File: 1457643889261.jpg (Spoiler Image, 839.2 KB, 1301x997, kot.jpg)

I'm not home now (uni), but she's been in and out of the Vet's all week. She hasn't eaten since last week either. Really want to see her
I've had her since I was 5 (I'm 20 now). I love her so much and she's been a constant in my life. She doesn't look so good in this pic, but at least she has a qt bandage.

No. 79625

File: 1457644133496.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.91 KB, 1003x1280, sgchjx.jpg)

Last pic I've taken of her
This was like 2 weeks ago
Pardon my thumb

No. 79631

A lot of the time it's difficult to recognize the hang-ups that you develop during your formative years, though. I can kind of understand why robots end up like this.
My sister was verbally/physically abusive towards me for years, but I never noticed until I actually left her sphere of influence by moving out of my parent's house. I always accepted her opinion as fact because she was the popular/prettier/skinnier/smarter sibling, but after I got away from that environment, I realized that she was a real fucking cunt, too. But during that time, I admired her so much that I accepted all of her insults as what I deserved. It's probably the same with anons who find themselves bullied by 'popular' kids. You just want to be accepted & acknowledged by the people you look up to, regardless of whether there's good reason to look up to them or not.
I think most robots just become trapped in a cycle of self-derision because they're used to it from others, and they never actually move out of their comfort zone enough to accumulate the positive experiences that would contradict their shitty ones. It's like they think that insults won't hurt as much from other people if they're already telling themselves the same shit.
Anon, no matter what you look like, appearance doesn't define you. I've met a lot of guys who wouldn't rank high on the looks scale, but they end up with qt3.14 girls at their side because they've got that joie de vivre, which is way more attractive than a pretty face or a set of abs. You have assets, talent, experience: you have way more reasons to be proud of yourself than you'll admit to. I think your posts itt and the previous really downplay your potential. Find what's important to you and fight for it.
For what it's worth–from what I've seen–everyone ITT has really liked seeing the pictures you post, too…so it's sort of rotten to hear you describe yourself in such negative terms when everybody seems to be appreciative of your contributions.

Haha, I know this feel. Opposite ends of the spectrum, but damn.
I had a drunken tomfoolery night when I was really feeling myself and ended up irritating a lot of folks on lolcow by detailing my woe-is-me-tiniest-violin high school experience and how I coped with it.
Even now, I cringe whenever I think about how arrogantly I came across.
>just call me narc-chan
Being anon is a blessing at times.

No. 79632

Your cat looks quite majestic in this picture, I hope she'll get better soon!

No. 79633

Hope she gets better.

No. 79634

She's a beaut, wow! Look at those tufts of fluff. Gorgeous coat, too.
I'm really sorry, anon.
I lost my dog to similar circumstances last year (she became really lethargic, stopped eating, wouldn't even play with her favorite toys…it turned out she had some kind of tumor. Keeping her alive would have meant shelling out a few thousand for surgery, and even then the vet said she wouldn't have lasted longer than two months or so. After we got the news, we opted to put her out of her pain. You'd think that having that kind of closure would be an advantage, but… it still makes me choked up to think about it. I hope something can be done for your little lioness.)
What's the bandage for? Is it something related to her condition, or do you know what the problem is, yet?

No. 79660

File: 1457656141553.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1056x1818, djzwjt.jpg)

The bandage is just from a catheter
The vet thinks it's something called Triaditis. Sounds horrible and I hope it isn't fatal. She was perfectly fine last I saw her. When I come back from Uni she practically lives on my lap and likes me carrying her around. Every night I fall asleep with her on my back or chest depending which way I'm laying down. Been like this since I first got her. Literally 15+ years of this :/
I've been through a lot with her. She knows when I'm upset too I swear and she'd come cheer me up
Thanks guys!

This one shows off her coat more and it shows her in her natural habitat

No. 79663

I don't think I'm really a typical robot, but what you're saying is definitely not true for me. Never cared about popularity at any point except a brief stint in 6th grade. I had a group of 3 friends and I was fine with that. Then I started getting picked on by everyone as a skin condition worsened and even friends brought it up, so I just went into a sort of shell and stopped socializing and found 4chan as a sort of refuge. I would try to break out of it every few months and it was met with failure after failure. I've always been a sperg before this, but I was fine with that.

I got sent to the nurses by a substitute teacher in Freshman year of high school because she refused to believe I normally looked like I did. That was pretty embarrassing especially with all the students telling her I was always that gross while she argued that there's no way that was normal. Everyone was just picking apart all my imperfections for a good few minutes until she told everyone to shut up and said for me to go to the nurse. Just walked out of school and got drunk with my Dad's beer tbh. A bunch of incidents similar to this happened where kids would poke fun at me and in one class the teacher wouldn't do anything, but would laugh with them. Or the only time I tried talking to a girl and she just said I was gross. It all culminated in me hating myself physically and thinking I was a genetic mistake and that train of thought is still with me today.Only person I hate is myself for being like this. Obviously that's not all there is wrong with me mentally and emotionally, but a lot of it stems from this. I tried going up to a stranger a week or so ago, and after a while he asked about it. He wasn't rude about it, but it still killed me and we just parted ways about 10 minutes of awkwardness later. I don't even want to be attractive, just maybe a bit below average and normal looking so people wouldn't have this sort of reaction

No. 79689

What was your skin condition? Do you still have it?

No. 79692

pics or it didn't happen. Just shoop out your eyes if you're concerned about anonymity

No. 79701

I'll save it for the derm thread. No real point though, I went to the dermatologist once and she just said I'd have to live with it. I don't want to bog this thread down with this subject. So I'll just leave it at that
Not posting myself here especially since threads don't get pruned

No. 79748


I just don't know, it feels like relationships just work with appearances these days. I feel like I'm not worthy of anything and just will make the other person miserable. I feel like I won't ever be enough and just get dumped the moment someone better comes. I have no redeeming qualities looks wise, no experience in segs and small benis. I mean yeah I have a lot of talents and things I'm good at but feels like nobody gives a shit about your personality or things you do anymore.

No. 79761

Just hold out until vr bud
Then we'll be free of the scourge known as w*men

No. 79766

Why is your happiness centered around your relationship status?

Let's say you're right, and relationships are all about looks, and no one cares about personality (you're wrong about this BTW), then is that really what you want the root of your happiness to be? Do you really think that you'd be happy in a relationship where the other person doesn't give a shit about your personality, achievements, values, humor, etc, and only cares about your looks?

Other people can't fix you. You can't expect a relationship to bring you happiness. You will be just as miserable in one as you are right now. Work on your insecurities.

No. 79767

You are worrying too much about the "what ifs"

What if you get a gf, and she ends up being a serial killer, and she leaves you dead in a ditch?

Focus on your reality. Focus on the now. What do you want to work on? How do you want to improve yourself?

No. 79771


I know, I know but lack of affection and attention in my life is driving me insane. I'm just so fucking lonely, whenever I see a happy couple when I'm out I feel like o got stabbed in the heart. I keep trying to fix my insecurities but people keep reminding me of them. You're gonna call bullshit but I keep overhearing girls at work talking shit about me after I pass them. I'm trying to lose weight the best I can but shit like this keep shaving off all my motivation. I keep losing my will to do stuff and just want to shut myself in my room and numb myself with alcohol and escapist media. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this shit but a simple smile from a girl keeps me happy for days. I'm such a fucking man child.

No. 79772

You aren't a man child. You sound depressed, and a little bit paranoid.

I'm not going to enable your misery. But I will give you a reality check:
Those happy couples that your see on the street aren't being happy to spite you. They aren't being happy at you. And the fact that other people's happiness feels like a personal attack to you makes me a little worried for you. I don't want to make you feel more invisible, but strangers don't care about you. They don't know anything about you. Their happiness is unrelated to yours.

You're right, I don't believe that those girls at work were talking shit about you. But if they were, you should go to HR. No one deserves to work in a hostile environment. Shitty people are everywhere. But it doesn't mean that you have to be around them or tolerate it. Talk to your boss. Don't be a martyr, and just sit there thinking "well this is life! I'm here to be shit on!" Use the proper tools that are available to change your situation.

No. 79773

To add to my last response,

A smile from a girl shouldn't be the source of happiness to that level. Again, not to make you feel smaller, but a smile is the most basic form of politeness. I smile at people all the time. It isn't a symbolic gesture.

Why is your happiness so dependent on other people? It sounds like you use other people as a way to measure your own self worth. Why? Why give other people (especially strangers) that much power? And from the examples you provided, you don't even judge yourself against people you know. Strangers being happy in public can get you worked up. Why? They could be just as miserable as you, but just have a better poker face about it.

No. 79774


No no, I don't think it's an attack on me. I just feel depressed and lonely when I see them.


I have no idea how to be happy by myself, how do you do it? I seriously don't want to be like this, I'm sick of every fuckung thing I do

No. 79778

>how to be happy by yourself

Honestly, I think you need to talk to a professional about this.

You already said that you don't think accomplishments or personality even matter; only looks. So how can I convince you that happiness can come from within, and not purely from external sources? Our compases are set differently.

What are your values? What do you take pride in? What do you enjoy? How do you challenge yourself?

No. 79779


Maybe it's just comes down to luck, I just met shitty girls and people all mu life and never had chance to met a decent one.

I guess I'm a good person. I help people and animals in need without expecting anything back from them. I'm pretty sure I can survive off the grid, can learn languages pretty fast, good with scientific theories, I feel really calm and cleansed when I'm stargazing and away from city and people, can play drums really good. I'm really weak against pressure and challenge but I like busting my brains over physics.

No. 79780

>it comes down to luck
No. You know that your perception is screwed. Don't be a martyr.

>maybe in just met shitty people

Yes. I believe that is true. I know a lot of shitty people, too. It sucks.

Look at that paragraph of things you enjoy and value. Do you find happiness in them? I think you should. Focus on those things. Make time for yourself. When you start to have intrusive thoughts about strangers, tell yourself to stop. You know that train of thought is irrational, and you have plenty of things to take pride in and enjoy. Start to train yourself to stop focusing on what you don't have, and nurture what you enjoy.

You have power over your life. Don't give it away to other people. If you don't like how your life is going, then use the power you have to change it.

No. 79781

File: 1457691489396.jpg (3.96 MB, 4608x3456, 20160311_121527.jpg)


I'll try, thank you so much for dealing with my insane ramblings. I really needed this.

No. 79782

Anytime, buddy!

No. 79789

File: 1457697370120.jpg (4.54 MB, 4608x3456, 20160311_135048.jpg)


Man this training is too fucking boring, at least I'm getting paid to just sit and listen.

No. 79792

If its one of those all day training seminars then maybe you'll get a free lunch!

No. 79794


It's two weeks long, we get sodexo tickets for lunch, it's pretty good.

No. 79814

/r/ing the why you want a gf infograph. Opened my eyes to realizing how dumb I was.

No. 79823

File: 1457711669916.jpg (4.92 MB, 4608x3456, 20160311_174857.jpg)

Phew another week ends.


I will when I get home m8

No. 79844

Looks nice m8

No. 79849

The stupid seminars and conferences that I have to attend are always catered by the hotel they're in, and it is always so hit or miss.

My mom was telling me that she was organizing a training seminar and was like "should I order Greek or Indian catering????" And I was so jealous.

If I'm going to be stuck in a room "learning" with people from work, then lunch better be good.

No. 79851

Did you find it on a pick up artist website? Because if so, I'd suggest that anon doesn't read it because it probably won't bring much peace of mind.

No. 79856

File: 1457719486085.png (177.14 KB, 1100x950, K8sL1VX.png)

Back home and found it
I find this very accurate. I can't even love myself let alone another person

No. 79858

File: 1457719690863.jpg (5.27 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-11 17.38.51.jpg)


I work for a tourism agency so every time they make new arrangements with new hotels we have to know all of them %100. I saw 43 new hotels today, my mind is buzzing.


kek, I love it when anons impersonate other people

No. 79876

Jesus Christ this is depressing.

I would suggest that no one take this seriously.

No. 79878

I'm not impersonating anyone lad
What's inaccurate about it?
Serious question. A few of those are true to me

No. 79879


>I'm not impersonating anyone lad

>Back home and found it

Seems like you do because you're not me.

No. 79889

How do I get qt cow gf?

No. 79894


You need to be yourself m8

No. 79895

I tried that 22 years but I am still KV robot.

No. 79898

I was the person originally requesting it at the time
I came home and looked through my wojak folder and found it
You don't

No. 79901


Whoops sorry m8

No. 79902

I don't know. I'm not into online relationships.

No. 79903

You might live near one
Np lad

No. 79904

>what's inaccurate about it

Idk it just seems kind of depressing. It doesn't offer any advice, and it almost seems to be a list of reasons to not want to enter a relationship, because you (the reader, if those attributes apply to you), are just too sad of a person.

I guess I just don't understand how that chart can give you any direction. Unless you were looking for reasons to stop trying.

No. 79905

>you may live near one

That's possible. I do live in a major city in my country.

No. 79907

>Unless you were looking for reasons to stop trying.
Pretty much
The point I glean from it is that you need to improve yourself and solve many of your personal issues before focusing on getting a gf. That's the difference between women and men in this regard tbh. Women can be broken and get in relationships, but men have to be confident, fit, and many other things

No. 79908

we're farmers. the subjects of the threads are the cows.
i hear there are a couple of the old seagulls who cultivated relationships with our Queen, she's getting kind of qt these days? normally i'd suggest kiki, she seems easy, but she's awol at the moment and also probably would only touch your dick if it could get her a kawaii japanese visa.

No. 79919

File: 1457728083828.png (519.78 KB, 486x780, 1457156760491.png)

Time to get drunk while on anti-depressants, what could go wrong?

No. 79920

>women can be broken and get into a relationship

Okay buddy.

No. 79921

Omfg lots can go wrong! You will feel like double shit tomorrow, and depending on the antidepressants, you are at higher risk of getting sick from dehydration (sounds lame, but when you have the dehydration-shakes you will think of me).

Not to mention, again, dependening on what you're taking, and how much alcohol you consume you blood pressure can be thrown out of whack, and your blood will get super thin. I hope you don't have any heart or blood pressure problems.

No. 79922


No idea, haven't got my heart checked in six years. It was healthy as hell even though I'm fat.

No. 79923

But naturally, this all depends on your meds, how much alcohol you consume, any previous medical conditions, etc

If you're going to drink until you wake up in your own vomit, of advise against it. But if you're just having drinks with some friends and getting a good buzz you're fine.

No. 79925

Honestly, your doctor would have warned you about the risks of mixing alcohol with your meds when they were prescribed.

And sometimes they will even put little warning stickers on the pill bottles at the pharmacy saying "do not mix with alcohol".

No. 79928

File: 1457729092425.jpg (308.39 KB, 850x1189, 1457620471631.jpg)



kek, it's just my usual pass out plan for Friday night


Yeah she did, I'm actually having second thoughts but getting drunk on Fridays became a habit for me.

No. 79967

File: 1457739496635.jpg (79.64 KB, 563x714, 1403622306280.jpg)

It's finally Friday

No. 79968

Yes. I see it all the time

No. 80011

you could start by ripping the batteries from your cold mechanical body you rusty faggot

No. 80014

File: 1457755779222.jpg (113.51 KB, 1280x720, shot0001.jpg)

Anyone have any plans tonight?

No. 80017

File: 1457757411220.jpg (113.08 KB, 1280x720, shot0245.jpg)

Oh sweet escapism

No. 80032

Okay buddy.

No. 80033

What's your issue with what I sad? Men are typically the alpha breadwinner and can't afford to be broken. Women just need to be cute and they're set. The man can provide her with a shoulder to cry on, but the other way around doesn't work

No. 80039

If you're going to go based on some stupid trope, what about the "women are natural nurturers. They want to fix you!"
I imagine robots to be an even more unattractive version of the character Tom from 500 Days of Summer.

No. 80046

Clearly you don't have a lot of relationship experience. I want to be my bf's shoulder to cry on. I want to be able to help him when he's hurting. I want a partner.

>alpha breadwinner

If you believe in the whole red pill bullshit then you're a lost cause.

And with the breadwinner thing, do you think women are living in poverty, waiting for their paycheck aka bf to show up? I don't need a breadwinner.

No. 80048


This, they are all ugly fucks.

No. 80050

File: 1457768390725.jpg (19.21 KB, 275x155, image.jpg)

damn girl you tellem

No. 80052

File: 1457768732984.png (19.7 KB, 450x420, 1457720603334.png)


>I want to be my bf's shoulder to cry on. I want to be able to help him when he's hurting. I want a partner.

Wish there were more girls like you.

No. 80053

All women say this but it's not something they actually mean
They cease being attracted to you if you let your guard down and open up to them. Similar to how no woman would ever want to be with a guy they saw get beat up

No. 80055

Why do robots always presume to know what women are "really thinking"?

Where do you even get these batshit ideas?

You have no experience with women. How could you possibly know what I'm truly thinking? You don't. These are the things you tell yourself to make yourself feel better in your loneliness. Why would you even want to be with a woman if they are so heartless and cruel?

No. 80056

I'm not unique in that regard. I don't think I know any women IRL who think otherwise. Trust is incredibly important in relationships. It would kill me if my bf didn't trust me enough to share his pain with me. I would want to help him through it, and comfort him. I would want to take the pain away. I don't think anyone would want to see their loved ones in pain.

No. 80057

I'm a bull headed asshole and even I feel this way. Fortunately for my boyfriend's mental health, he is well adjusted.
Your partner/friend wants to be there for you and make you feel better. BUT if you continuously feel sorry for yourself and don't allow someone else in, then nobody is going to understand and stick by your side because they feel hella shut out.

No. 80058

File: 1457770188371.jpeg (25.93 KB, 256x256, image.jpeg)

No. 80061

Okay buddy.

No. 80066

File: 1457773540989.jpg (43.31 KB, 496x368, 1457550190098.jpg)


I want to have a relationship based on trust too but last time I did that I got cheated on two weeks later by my first and only girlfriend. Since then I only talk to internet strangers about my stuff, never show weakness in real life. I wasn't even this fucked up in the head back then, just depressed and tired as hell from school and working like hell to pay our debts with my father.

No. 80068

So one girl cheated on you, and you assume it is because you displayed weakness, and not because she was a shitry person?

No. 80069


No. 80070

File: 1457774694709.png (722.24 KB, 1366x768, 1457753040178.png)


N'ah she just straight up told me she doesn't want to talk about my depressing shit after I found out and wanted a "real man". Have a real time connecting and trusting people since then, don't know maybe the meds I'm on will fix it soon and my debts will be paid in three months so maybe I could also fix my problems I mentioned in previous posts.

No. 80083

Again though, she sounds like a shitty person who was purposely trying to be hurtful. Do you really think all women are like that?

No. 80086

File: 1457780528343.png (410.96 KB, 500x506, 1431876686529.png)


Of course not, there are sure great girls out there. I just don't socialize much and don't have opportunity to meet them. I don't hate people for actually preferring attractive, well adjusted men instead of me, even I wouldn't want to date myself. I have too many stuff to take care of before becoming likable.

No. 80088

Anyone find themselves addicted to a certain type of girl, to their own detriment?

No. 80089


I like the nature loving motherly kinds, they're so hard to find.

No. 80095

My problem is I like a type that's probably not good for LTRs. Somewhat histrionic nerdy types. As a result I end up in relationships where there isn't really the same level of raw desire, for whatever reason, since I actively avoid that sort of girl as I know they're not good for relationships.

On the whole though I think I make the right choice. I used to date a girl a bit like that who cut all the time and blamed me because she said I should have told her parents (despite her expressly telling me I shouldn't when I was about to). And the ones who are into that asian men trend are even more super obnoxious, as /pt/ and /snow/ show.

No. 80099


You sound like a giant masochist m8, why are you making yourself suffer like that?

No. 80101

Your cat is a beautiful majestic beast- I hope she gets better anon

No. 80105

File: 1457788780829.jpg (78.23 KB, 765x1280, 035.jpg)

Are we posting cats?

No. 80106

File: 1457788814580.jpg (884.91 KB, 1920x2560, 2013-10-23 18.28.32.jpg)


Posting cats

No. 80107

File: 1457788875226.jpg (978.53 KB, 1952x3264, 2014-07-06 05.59.14.jpg)

No. 80108

File: 1457788903110.jpg (205.51 KB, 2000x1500, DSCF1246.JPG)

No. 80109

File: 1457788943868.jpg (857.96 KB, 1952x3264, 2014-07-13 15.26.20.jpg)

No. 80118

>probably not good for ltrs

Why not? Why not try and see how it goes?

No. 80172

File: 1457805338373.jpg (134.46 KB, 1280x692, [Orphan-fussoir] The Tale of t…)

Man this movie is so fucking beautiful.

No. 80249

>tfw long term online female friend had her nudes leaked on /r9k/ a few days ago
I'm not orbitting her, but I consider her a great friend and she's always been there for me and vice versa. I know she had a boyfriend who browsed /r9k/ and I stumbled across a thread with her as the op and sure enough her nudes were all over the thread and people were saying how disgusting she was (she's not in shape). I get a message a few hours later from her saying she broke up with him. It's been a few weeks and I haven't told her

Should I just keep it like this or does she deserve to know? I don't want her finding the original thread and seeing all the mean things people were saying

No. 80250

Downloading this now
Looks awesome

No. 80282

Questions for robots ITT:

Why do you come to contaminate lolcow?
Why do you come to contaminate lolcow knowing it has a female userbase rather than staying on any other male friendly board?
Why haven't you committed suicide yet?

No. 80286

Honestly tell her. Thats illegal. That guy is a dick and you would be doing the right thing. I would want to know

No. 80291

Ok just humor me a bit
What would telling her do? She already knows her ex is a dick and her nudes are already out there. I dont see what telling her would do. She's not some super hot girl tbh and I doubt they'll ever be reposted for her to see

I'm still just mulling this over

No. 80293

>Why do you come to contaminate lolcow?
I dunno. Just a fun site and it's interesting
>Why do you come to contaminate lolcow knowing it has a female userbase rather than staying on any other male friendly board?
Why go to 4chan? I just find it interesting here
>Why haven't you committed suicide yet?
Parents are still around

No. 80320

File: 1457851096547.jpg (221.22 KB, 1280x692, shot0002.jpg)

Loved this movie. Thanks fam

No. 80326

File: 1457853600865.jpg (210.49 KB, 1280x692, shot0015.jpg)

May as well shill it a bit more

No. 80327

File: 1457853625087.jpg (205.59 KB, 1280x692, shot0016.jpg)

No. 80338

File: 1457860052870.jpg (167.46 KB, 1280x692, [Orphan-fussoir] The Tale of t…)


Right? Animation style and colors are so fucking beautiful.

No. 80352

I've dated that type in the past. That's why I moved away from them towards more normal girls I met IRL

No. 80381


What do you girls think about men being %100 expendable?

No. 80382

Just accept it. We're less biologically valuable than women. No reason to bitch. That's nature.

No. 80389

Where do you guys get these batshit ideas?

No. 80396

That's the price men pay for assuming and upholding the idea that women are fragile flowers that in no way could match the strength and the wit of a man.

No. 80399

We don't do any of that anymore, unfortunately. We pretend men and women are exactly the same mentally speaking, in direct contradiction to scientific evidence.

Women are fragile and they do need to be protected. You'll never convince me otherwise. I have sisters.

No. 80400

I'm not defending either stance (whether they are or are not).
Be protected from what?

No. 80402

Predatory men are a big danger, in various sorts of ways. Not just standard rapist types, but manipulative types.

No. 80413

File: 1457888093068.gif (244.05 KB, 320x240, 1457886056028.gif)

>another explosion in Ankara


No. 80416

Feels pretty fucking bad tbh
In history very few men reproduced and those that did are the Chads of today. Now that the whole traditional marriage and dating construct is falling apart we are going back to the old days

No. 80417

Another reason why men are expendable

No. 80418

>those pictures

I'm in tears anon.

No. 80420

File: 1457889062736.jpg (9.94 KB, 246x250, 1436830044810.jpg)


>mfw police are on alert and they put out an alert for a possible attack on subways

>have to use subway to go to work everyday

Will I finally be free of everything soon?

No. 80421


I have no face, this was posted this morning

No. 80426

What does it mean

No. 80427

File: 1457890814222.gif (984.44 KB, 416x234, 1382722779516.gif)


Murrikans knew it yet our intelligence agency didn't do anything about it. Also it was posted two days ago, not this morning.

Fuck this country, I can't take it anymore.

No. 80428

File: 1457891985640.png (291.22 KB, 336x440, 1402946379852.png)

>almost +150 dead


No. 80432

BBC says 25 killed 75 injured

No. 80433


Don't think so, saw some pictures from the bombing site. A whole bus completely got fried, that should be more than 40+

No. 80434

No. 80451

File: 1457899379606.gif (1.99 MB, 372x323, 1457777073893.gif)

>tfw small dick

No. 80475

How bad fam?

No. 80476

File: 1457904165595.jpg (255.58 KB, 2000x1333, 1434435683719.jpg)


13x10 cm

No. 80527

Are you in shape?

No. 80538

No. 80539

That's probably why dude. You'd be surprised at how much dick can be hidden by fat in that area

No. 80546


If historically only chads reproduced, then are we all the children of chads?

Wouldn't that mean that we have some chad genes?

No. 80548

Yes, but Chads historically also fuck every woman they could (hence why women can't be robots) so those dormant betamale genes in women were passed down to most of us.

No. 80558

But if chad is so dominant, wouldn't his genes be the dominant ones? Like, that's the whole point, right? That chad shows genetic superiority, and so he is wanted by every woman. Why wouldn't his offspring be more likely to show his dominant genes? Don't robots say that women pick chad because they want his genetically superior babies?

So after a while, wouldn't beta-ness be eliminated after a few generations?

No. 80559

How do you measure "Chadness"?

No. 80590

File: 1457925715280.jpg (486.88 KB, 2048x1152, 20160313_221840.jpg)

Last cig ever. Made it down to one every 3 days and now I'm done :D

No. 80591

Not for the past few centuries or so because we've had marriage as an artificial institution for stability so everyone got one partner even the betas
That's coming undone now and we're back to the natural order

No. 80594

Anyone know any way to relearn high school math? Like a duolingo type deal or should I just work through a textbook? I would much prefer an online thing though

No. 80595

Yeah KhanAcademy may be good. Reminds me I need to go on that website more lol

No. 80601

High testosterone and assertive/borderline asshole behavior would be my guess
Oh ya forgot about that. Those videos helped me a bit in high school. I also love points systems and stats. hnnng

No. 80603

File: 1457927432670.jpg (46.28 KB, 550x550, 1393817086808.jpg)

Why can't I into school

No. 80624

So things are better now?

No. 80627

at least you can afford school
even with maximum federal loans I can't cover the cheap local state school
and since my parents are poor as fuck there credit rating is too shit to co-sign any non-federal loans.

guess im gonna have to be a drug dealer all my life

No. 80630

>tfw vyvanse stops working so no more focus, but can't sleep
Does anyone have tips?

No. 80633


Yeah! Chads for everyone! Fuck uggos

No. 80634

Robots are too obsessed with Chad. The conspiracy they built around him only exists to give robots an explanation for their loneliness, and an excuse to further spiral into depression.

No. 80635



Lol no, he is very much real

No. 80636

Dude, no he isn't. All women don't want the same thing. Chad is the red pill boogeyman that you can never live up to. Thinking about "him" just reinforces all the shitty robot insecurities: you will never be enough, you can never improve enough, you can never be "normal".

If you're sad that we're past the days when women had to marry for necessity, then you're basically saying "if there is no social pressure for women to marry, I will never be in a relationship. She would never choose me if she didn't have to".

No. 80639


Basically that.

No. 80641

Kek. I was about to say "Chad" is the robot's boogeyman.
God damn, grow some balls and take responsibility for your shitty personality.

No. 80642


>le boogyman maymay

No. 80643

Is it a meme tho? Chad certainly has a mythology with robots. They fear him. They tell all kinds of stories about him. They talk about their fear of chad all the time.

Chad seems to be hiding around every corner.

No. 80645

Please share with us more secrets of the universe. Robots seem to know everything about women. I'd love to learn from you.

No. 80647

Can someone help me understand why robots don't bother trying to change the things within their power (which is a lot of things, but is sometimes limited to your resources). Like, you're crappy personality, seeking help if you can, losing weight, maintaining basic hygiene/appearance upkeep. Basically, doing constructive things to decrease the divide between you and "Chad."

No. 80648

Also, why do they seem to come here and basically use the thread instead of a shrink.

Like step 1 for robots who come here should be to get a therapist. They all seem to have major baggage.

No. 80649


He is everywhere, that job you're busting your ass to get? He got it without breaking a sweat thanks to his daddies connections. That girl you spend days just to get a date? He gets in to her pants in 5 minutes. Trying to improve your pathetic manlet frame while going to gym 4 days a week while maintaining a perfect diet? He drinks and eats shit while going for a day to do curls yet looks better than you. Socializing? He is the master of it thanks to confidence he got from his childhood with constant positive reinforcement while you struggle to fix your issues. While you're balding in your 20's he will still have a thick head of hair on his head. You can never compete, never be good enough, you will always get compared. Life is a fucking cosmic joke.


Not falling for the not all girls are same meme anymore after seeing the sweetest girl I've ever known cheating on her bf without ounce of regret with a turbo Chad. Almost all my friends got cheated on once with a Chad.


Because no matter how much you polish a turd it's still shit. I do all of that but it doesn't mean shit when you're an ugly balding manlet with a small dick. Going to a therapist won't make you less of a genetic failure.

No. 80651

Here's the thing though, in life there's always going to be someone better than you at something. You can't be the best at everything. Most people make peace with that, and find happiness in their strengths.

So what are you going to do? Wallow in your own misery? You're clearly depressed and have zero self esteem. A therapist can certainly help with that.

I know cheaters, too. My dad cheated on my mom (who paid her way through university by working hard and saving all her winnings from beauty pageants, so she isn't some ugly moron). But I see that as a fault in my dad, not my mom. She is beautiful, accomplished, a wonderful mother, patient, loving, creative, etc. He's the selfish one who cheated instead of trying to work on his marriage.

Why can't you guys see that the cheaters are defective and cruel, not the ones they cheat on?

No. 80654

Did you know that cheating has to do with your genes? Some people have genes related to being unfaithful and some people have genes related to being faithful. Just find someone with genes related to being faithful.

No. 80656

No. 80657

What* Jesus Christ.

No. 80658

File: 1457956755407.jpg (74.15 KB, 1876x247, 1457803251347.jpg)


Doesn't fucking matter. See this thread and how they react to non-chad men.


people get cheated on because they are inferior. It's either killing yourself or swallowing your pride and act like a good cuck and settling for Chad's leftovers in a relationship where you partner fucking hates you.

No. 80659

Get a therapist

No. 80661

That screenshot and thread prove nothing. People fall out of love all the time. It has nothing to do with chad. People change.

No. 80662

>doesn't fucking matter

Okay, so what's your plan? Since you have all this true knowledge about women, what are you going to do with it?

No. 80663


Nothing because nothing I'll do will ever matter.

No. 80664

No. 80665


Kek we weren't ridiculing the men in that /g/ thread because they weren't Chad, we ridiculed them because it was a bunch of men who thought they could pull one over the board by creating a thread where they posted attentionwhore selfies and pretended they are some user's boyfriend.

No. 80666

but… how can you not realize that the most unattractive trait is that exact attitude? you're acting like a spoiled little child. so you're ugly then? is that is? you realize that "beauty" is subjective right? do you have a small penis? learn to finger/eat like a champ, no chick will care if you're head chef so to speak. ok so, you're now the pussy eating-fingering-champion of a place where you fit in with the beauty norms and you're still not getting chicks? >nothing i do will ever matter

it's your personality dude. fucking stop feeling so sorry for yourself. you insist on coming on to a heavily female board to whine and cry. why? just to point out how miserable you are? or do you actually want some hints? if so, the biggest gift you can ever give yourself : stop feeling sorry for yourself, focus on shit you like, remember that no one owes you anything and work on your god damn personality. we are not trophies, we are just people whos genitalia goes inwards. treat women like people and i promise you shit will change. we're not ~queens~, and we are not your cumbucket. humans. people. get the fuck over yourself and the pussy will come to you dude.

No. 80667

how's r9k doing? I gave it up for new years, and with this place I never have a strong desire to go back. I miss the britfeel threads a bit though.

What was the content? Typical robot bullshit?

Are you going home to see her then?

No. 80670

Seriously. These robots have such a black and white worldview that they classify everything into "alpha and beta" no matter what we say.

Like did the robot even read the thread he referenced?

No. 80671

Seriously. What does this robot even want? An audience to whine to? Because I'm not here for that.

If he wants to be a martyr, he can go back to r9k.

No. 80672

exactly my point. this kind of attitude really aggravates me. it feels like this kind of person thinks that if he gets a woman to feel sorry for him, pussy will just bestow itself upon him like a reward. I mean, okay there probably are a few chicks out there who get off on pathetic men who whine and cry, but I'll be willing to bet a fair sum he won't find them here.

No. 80674


Ever seen people looking at you with disgust even though you're clean and dressed nicely or have people move away from you/flinch when you catch them from falling to the floor in the bus even without a single thank you? This shit is my daily life. I could be confident and I would be creepy, I could be a good guy and get branded with "nice guy", I could try working on my body but I would be the "overcompensating manlet". You can't fucking win as an ugly guy.


It's shit, normies and bait threads everywhere.


>implying you wouldn't do the same in real life



No. 80675

ok jesus christ dude let me put this in terms you'll hopefully be able to comprehend :

you are paranoid
you are not well

seriously, do you realize how deformed and oozing with puss you'd have to be for people to legit "flinch away in dusgust" from you? your eyes probably scream "i'll slit your throat bitch" because of how insecure you are. GET HELP. jfc.

No. 80676

>ever seen people looking at you in disgust

Have you ever heard of paranoia? Or narcissism? Or a therapist?

Here's the thing. In your life, you are the star of the show. Those people are just the extras. They are "walking man 1" and "walking woman 5". They don't even appear on the credits reel in the movie of your life

And you're acting like they're the main characters. You're acting like they know everything about you from one glance, so they obviously looked away in disgust. Its like you've already read and memorized the script where you're playing the role of "disgusting man", and everyone is playing along with it.

But what if I told you that in the grand scheme of things, you didn't matter to them.

No. 80677

>implying you wouldn't do the same in real life

Why do robots think they can read fucking minds? This is where you're fucking up in your life: stop assuming you know so much about women. Because you know nothing. If your ideas were correct, then why aren't they working for you? Why aren't you using your superior knowledge to come out on top?

No. 80678

>Dude, no he isn't. All women don't want the same thing
There is some variation, but ya they want a tall lean handsome and confident guy 99% of the time
Not saying it isn't impossible for robots to get to that point

No. 80679

I don't because I have a pretty bad skin condition so everything else would be kind of pointless if I don't get that sorted out tbh
If I somehow ever get this issue sorted out then I think I'll be fine. Until then I'm kinda stuck

No. 80681

>Did you know that cheating has to do with your genes?
Pretty tired of blaming every shitty part of yourself on genetics
>"Waahhhhh I'm fat because genetics it's not my fault!"
>"Wahhh I'm an addict because genetics and it's not my fault!"
>"Wahhhhhh I'm a cheater because genetics and it's not my fault!"

No. 80682


Just fucking kill yourself already and make yourself and world a favor you fucking faggot.

No. 80683

Exam in an hour
I wish I could pull A's but it seems I'm an eternally B student
So close but so far :(

No. 80684

what the fuck is this thread even? a place for boys to whine? "i'm an eternal" NO nothing is eternal fucking do something about it jeeeeez

No. 80685

File: 1457962428310.png (195.05 KB, 316x313, 1393819224934.png)

Just let us be comfy here
pls no bully

No. 80686

Chill down anon, I'm the first to hate obnoxious pretentious robots but >>80683's post is ok

No. 80687

Jesus Christ those are just generic features.

I want someone who I have good chemistry with. Who I can support in the hard times, and lean on when I need to. I don't really go after a cookie-cutter physical type. For me it all comes down to how we mesh together. Are we attracted to each other? Do we have shared interests? Do we have similar values? Can we talk about anything?

No. 80689

>until then I'm kind of stuck

Okay, so what's your plan for getting unstuck?

No. 80690

I think a lot of robots need to hear some harsh truths. They seem to enjoy beating themselves up mentally. They complain endlessly about being worthless.

We aren't your therapists. If you're feeling worthless, what are you gaining by complaining to us about it? Do you want me to hold your hand and say "yes anon, you are absolutely right. You have no value"? Because I'm not going to do that.

Don't come here for a pity party. Stop acting like a martyr.

No. 80691

comfortable whining? We let you have this thread, why don't you use it for good? here you actually have a chance to speak to women without being scared that we'll see you. it's good practice. practice being a more positive person.

No. 80692

Every shitty behavior is programmed into genetics/race/sex/etc and has nothing to do with the individual's education, psychology or environment.

Now, seriously. Dudes, do you truly fucking believe this? Every goddamn robot/lonely male infested shithole holds that kind of mentality as some kind of dogma and is a constant shield of an excuse to explain everything that happens in the world for them.

God robots are sure stupid. How swallow do you have to be to literally believe this?

No. 80693

That was my point fam. I know a lot of just b urself and act confident posts are a meme but I know it goes a long fucking way in all honesty
I'm just not a confident person sadly. I wouldn't be terrible looking without my skin condition either. Here's hoping it goes away with time :)
I think you're all just a bit flustered with the guy who was here earlier
I've learned a lot from these threads

No. 80694

I agree. These whiney robots need to read up thread for comments from other robots who are actually trying to get help. Some of them are struggling to deal with their meds, or have been updating us about seeing a therapist. It actually makes me really happy to read those comments. There are positive examples out there for the whiney ones to look up to.

No. 80696

>I'm just not a confident person

But that's something you can work on. Honestly, a therapist can help you build self esteem. See if you can get a second opinion from a different dermatologist about your condition. There could be treatments that your current doctor hadn't considered, or they could provide you with different insight.

No. 80697

K'. I think I get it. So basically you posted your ugly face on that thread in order to prove how mean women are. Then we called you out for your shitpost and you thought we "proved your point" (+ you didn't get any ego boost) and now you feel enlightened and butthurt. Right?

No. 80698

I've been to two and they both said I'd just have to deal and pray it goes away with time I bought a new cream this morning so we'll see how it goes. If I could sort this out I'd have no complaints about myself tbh. Am I not the Chad archetype and I don't want to be. I just want to be a regular 6/10 or so dude without people staring or asking what's wrong with my skin

No. 80699

flustered anon here. I'm glad to hear that this place is helping some of them/you. i try to stay away because i get so frustrated by pathetic whiny ~woe is me~ robots, but this time i couldn't contain my frustration.

I remember hanging around 4chan back in the day and always feeling slightly out of place due to my gender. finding this place was wonderful. I don't want it riddled with misogynistic cryfappers. I do on the other hand like the possibility of doing something to thin out that population by helping.

No. 80700

So talk to a therapist about building your self esteem so people's comments won't hurt you so much.

No. 80701

there are always options. you have accutane and proaccutane. they can kill you, but they can also save you.

Anyway just a little positive note; my dude is the typical "chad" in terms of looks, he is tall, well built, and handsome. AND he has acne. I don't even see it, because, you know, people usually don't if you dare to look past it yourself. if he'd been whiny and hated himself for it i think people would have noticed it. you are probably a good 6/10, you just have to get over your acne and start fixing your personality/working on your psychological issues.

No. 80702

I have been, but I don't think I'll ever be at ease until I get it solved. It's the first thing that pops into my mind when talking to someone and it just makes me embarrassed. I don't even like going outside much because of it. Only been going for like 2 weeks, but as of now the therapist is just someone to talk to tbh. Hasn't really helped much aside from that

No. 80703

express your concerns with them. tell them exactly what you wrote. finding the right therapist can be a long process, maybe this one isn't for you. They will most likely try to change their approach, or refer you to someone they think might be able to help you better.

No. 80705

It's not acne. I wish it was that straightforward to solve
I've told her exactly that. She's nice and easy to talk to surprisingly. Didn't think I could open up to someone about that irl before

No. 80706

good. ok so to be more constructive, what is your skin issue about? I'd love to help you in terms of searching for a solution.

No. 80707

Aw anon that makes me so sad.

Maybe that just isn't the right therapist for you. Sometimes you have to shop around until you find one you click with.

No. 80708

Same. I don't have a skin condition, but I've worked at the makeup counter at stores before. If anon was looking for skincare products, I would love to make a suggestion.

No. 80709

see boys, we can play nice. it's all about mutual politeness!

No. 80711

Also to add to this it also has to do with me not really realizing how bad it actually is. Depending on the lighting and time of day it can go from me looking relatively fine to me wanting to never leave my room. The uncertainty about how it actually looks is pretty bothersome
I have to leave, like right now. Gonna be late. Will you be back later? I'm trying to build a skincare routine, but I literally zero clue what I'm doing tbh. I tried asking on reddit a few days ago but got zero responses.
If someone emails me at my throwaway (see email field) that'd be great and I could send pics of my skin and it'd just be easier. Alternatively just wait around for me to get back
Would love advice on this!

Thanks for the support so far

No. 80713

i'll be checking in, don't worry. come back and we'll try to help you. I think, based on how many posts i've made on this topic vs other replies, we are about three chicks here who want to help you.

No. 80716

I'll be checking back from time to time. If you tell me your symptoms and budget I bet I could recommend you a good three step skin care routine. Daily care is super important.

Also, have you ever used makeup? If you can't treat your symptoms, surely you can cover them.

No. 80730

Well if they are shit, why would any sane woman want them?

No. 80736

ignore them. everyone can improve.

No. 80737

File: 1457969503415.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.2 KB, 360x325, signal-2016-03-14-102656-1.jpg)

She's feeling better now it seems. She's eating breakfast :D

No. 80738

File: 1457969832339.png (798.36 KB, 558x884, 1457895038401.png)

>mfw did the anti-depressant/alcohol fueled whineposting fest again

I'm so sorry, I keep doing this

No. 80739

Learn from it.

No. 80741

Been there

No. 80742


2nd time doing it itt, I keep getting violent mood shifts.

No. 80744

I've done the same man.

For me basically I'll be in a shit mood and make posts I don't even agree with, but for whatever reason people not agreeing with said view I don't even have pisses me off.

Been a few months since I've done that though

No. 80745


Holy shit are you me?

No. 80747

Not sure if it's rosacea or kprf as I was diagnosed each by a different dermatologist.
Basically I have irritated or inflamed blood vessels. It fluctuates a lot from being fairly noticeable where I'll just look a bit rosy all the way to holy shit what is wrong with my face! It doesn't look like a natural skin tone at all. There is a very clear line from where my normal skin ends and the blotch of red/pink ugliness begins. If I could keep it just at rosy levels I could manage ok I think.

It also hurts, a lot. Don't really know how to describe it, but I can feel it on my face, sometimes more than others for sure. It'll range from just feeling kind of irritated to my face feeling like it's on fire and my eyes water. I don't know what kind of temperature or setting triggers this. It's not during extreme cold or extreme warmth. Being hot and sweaty is not what I'm talking about because that feels much different. I had a class in a trailer a few years back and they would blast the heater which made that class so unbearable because it triggered what I was referring to above literally every day. Hard to concentrate for sure. Obviously the redness levels typically coincide with this which makes me self conscious and in pain

It appearing when I was 14 so part of me hopes it's just a hormonal thing that'll go away as I get older.

I was taking pictures and it made me even more unsure of how it actually looks. In the lighting where I am sitting now I took a pic and you could hardly see any of it. The shot that made it look the worst was when I used my frontview camera and stood by the window. Not sure how accurate that is because I look as pale as a ghost and the marks are a dark pink in contrast. Mirrors are a whole different story. The one I use now has really white and bright lighting and dear god does it look bad in that, but I've looked in others where I look ok

Anyways I've never really gone into skincare all that much and don't know what I'm doing. If you could spoonfeed me products to use along with how often to use them and in what order that'd be fantastic

No. 80748

File: 1457974704311.jpg (37.04 KB, 466x349, 1457972783037.jpg)


No. 80751

No. 80752

>the men i've dated have been the shy, submissive, beta
Where do I find a m'lady like this?
I want a mommy gf ;_;

No. 80753

No. 80755


No. 80766

You have to stop drinking on your meds.

No. 80767

Okay, so we're getting somewhere here.

Your skin sounds like it is sensitive to dry air (like the air in the trailer from the heater). When it gets irritated and stings, does it feel dry?

Do you ever get pimples? Do you ever feel any oil on your face?

No. 80768


I'm trying to quit but can't sleep or feel relaxed without it.

No. 80770

That's a whole different issue, my dude.

How much do you drink per week?

No. 80771

File: 1457982598727.jpg (22.16 KB, 405x405, 1457964761094.jpg)


Through all weekend and once on week days if I'm turbo stressed/sad.

No. 80772

Are you consistently drunk all weekend? How many drinks do you have? Do you drink beer or liquor? How much?

No. 80773



Only at night, finish a small/medium bottle.

No. 80774

And how do you feel the next day?

No. 80775


Mediocre as usual.

No. 80776

Dude you have to stop mixing alcohol with your meds.

No. 80777


It's one of my few joys left but guess it has to stop.

No. 80782

Yes, okay great. We have something to go on. It sounds to me like you would benefit strongly from some good cold/heat protecting creams and a bb cream. Bb is a moistorizer with some color to it. If you buy the right one (a shade that is right for your skin tone, not too dark/light/pink/yellow) you will be able to combat this. You know, this is actually what feminism is. The freedom for you to use cosmetics to enhance your beauty. You will of course need a good skin care routine, but please do think about using bb cream for the discolouration. When my bf gets red spots we fix it with some concealer. No one can tell he is wearing it and he feels a lot better about himself!

No. 80784

What do you take anon? I was taking Effexor and tapered off because I was becoming an alcoholic on the stuff. Intense cravings and could always drink more than everyone else without feeling the effects as intensely. Also started to become a violent drunk.

No. 80786


Efexor XR 75mg and she gave me another one for my anger issues but didn't bought it yet, don't know what it is. I'm the sad kind of drunk, I keep crying and become depressed.

No. 80790

I'm at 150. Are you satisfied with it? Did you always drink that way/much? I used to party a lot on the weekends, then got more responsibilities and partied for less days, then shorter hours. After I got on meds I started to buy bottles of vodka after school and drink till I passed out (leaving like a fourth of the bottle left). Long story short, I googled this shit and have found that other people on SSRIs or SNRIs crave alcohol and consume way more in one sitting than they used to. Withdrawal fucking sucks, but I'm glad I'm done with Effexor.

No. 80791


Well I'm less anxious, can actually sleep without nightmares and don't stay awake till sun rises, don't dream about blowing my brains out 24/7, still feeling a bit down but guess I'm better, no sides effects either. I always drank on weekends so I didn't changed much.

No. 80799

I'm on Effexor, too! But I used to drink heavily before I was put on it. I stopped drinking heavily shortly after I started my meds.

I just feel more anxious and depressed the day after I get black out drunk now. I can get tipsy, and drink socially, but I often don't because (and it sounds awful), it just seems pointless. If I'm going to drink, I'd rather be hammered.

But again, I was like that before the Effexor. Luckily, I was kind of growing up when I started using it, and I didn't want to drink that much anymore…not because I don't like drinking, but because I don't want to be a hot drunken mess.

No. 80802

I also read just now that IPL might help with rosacea!

No. 80804

File: 1457995876978.gif (149.92 KB, 500x282, 989.gif)

>tfw you have an internet gf from lolcow

still a kissless handholdless virgin but there is hope

No. 80805

Interesting. I'm in therapy as well as taking meds. I decided to continue it right now because I was afraid that I would suicidal ideation again. Since being off of it, I feel great. Just trying to figure out what the other defects are.

No. 80807

congrats I guess?

No. 80809

Jesus Christ, why can't robots just let themselves be happy?

No. 80810

How does that even work? I mean, I've watched every episode of Catfish so I get it, I just don't understand it.

No. 80831

Kek, agreed

No. 80841

How bad is it to lose one's virginity with an escort?
My birthday is coming around and i thought that maybe i could gift myself this.

No. 80843

Personally I think the value society places on virginity is pretty dumb. I dont know how much its played up for guys but its just not right. ANYWAY, if you got the money and shes not totally gross go for it. Wear a condom, do it at a hotel, and dont leave your valuables in plain sight. I know a few girls who escort and they seriously steal anything.

No. 80844

I actually will spend a nice amount of money on this.
I want to know how does this stuff feel like. I'm tired of being scared of sex and intimacy.
I'm terrified about doing this, but i think i must do it. For my own good.

No. 80856

Why don't you get a girlfriend or one night stand instead? I'm sure you're not that bad looking, or is this about wanting to fuck a girl that looks like a model (high priced escorts)?

Sex isn't that amazing in itself, but I think it varies across individuals. Sex is like kissing or dancing. It can be passionate, slow, fast, shy, loving, angry or even forced. It's a bodily expression of emotions.

No. 80863

Because it scares me.
I tried having a relationship last year. Ended badly for me. Still feeling bad. At least i tried.
I want a relationship but it just doesn't happen. I'm way too introverted too. I don't like the ideaof ons nor escorts. But i have no choice.

No. 80866

obviously those things take a ton more work. i don't really see a problem with an insecure guy(whether he has a reason to be insecure or not) paying a prostitute for his first time. it actually sounds ideal to me. he can learn something and will be less nervous when he eventually has sex with someone he actually cares for.

No. 80867

Nothing wrong with being introverted. Have you tried online dating? Or perhaps, websites that aren't for dating, but where you might come across some eligible women?

In my experience, women are more receptive to men on websites that aren't specifically tailored to dating. If a guy messages me on okcupid, there's no romance there. If a guy messages me on instagram, twitter or even 8chan it's more intriguing.

It's how I met my soon to be husband actually. We're getting married this year, met him on 4chan of all places. I was one of those attention whore timestamp girls, he started talking to me and we hit it off.

You need to start loving yourself, because even from the limited amount of text I have, I can tell you're well put together. You don't need to be some buff chad or extroverted barthomelew to get the waifu of your dreams. If you DO want to get jacked, more socially apt etc. do it for YOURSELF don't do it to get a girl.

Wounds will heal, nd your past relationship that ended badly will be nothing but a funny anecdote to you. You need to keep fighting for yourself and for your own future. Women will come and go, if getting an escort is what you need at this point in life, I say go ahead. But keep in mind you can easily get a girl without paying. Don't devalue yourself.

sorry for rambling, am sleepy

No. 80868

>will be less nervous when he eventually has sex with someone
that's a great point. Reminds me of this channel 4 documentary on "older" virgins. Once they had sex with a prostitute they reported feeling much more at ease with women, like a weight had been taken off their shoulders etc.

It's something to be careful about though. Prostitution may be illegal where anon is, it might be dangerous, he might get robbed, beaten or led on. It's not an ideal situation, and I hope anon stays safe.

No. 80877

>robots getting a gf or one night stand

No. 80878

It's mostly mental/in their head unless they're truly super ugly.

No. 80879


Which most of them are.

No. 80880

Not based off of their photo threads.

No. 80882


Eh really? Some of them posted theirs in previous threads, they were quite bad tbh

No. 80883

File: 1458021303236.png (119.62 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-03-15-07-53-45…)

So freaking cold today, weather was really great two days ago too. Spring pla come I can't take this dark weather anymore

No. 80885

File: 1458023015138.jpg (4.71 MB, 4608x3456, 20160315_082126.jpg)


Such a gray day.

No. 80889

>Why don't you get a girlfriend
let me just hop on down to the GF store

No. 80892


Men are shit

>“It’s the most important part! It’s the only reason a guy even wants to be with a girl. If you make me wait too long, I’m gone, but once I get it I’m leaving,” one male said.

>Most girls want something that is going to last and most guys want that quick satisfaction

No. 80894

I loved the part where a guy is quoted dancing around saying "I am insecure if my gf makes more money than me"

No. 80895

>“I want to be a man and to me, that’s what men do,” one male student said as he puffed out his chest.
>Most women feel like this so they won’t be totally dependent on men. Because who knows, a man may use society’s stereotype as a way of controlling his woman and that’s an injustice.


No. 80897


>chads are shit

Fixed that for you

No. 80898

Except the socially inadequate men you worship so much are the worst when it comes to this shit.

No. 80899


You two might be on the same team

No. 80900

The school is almost entirely white btw.

No. 80901

>tfw in class
>tfw people just won't shut the fuck up
>teacher not giving any shit
>all these different voices mixing and hurting my head

What do these people talk about so fucking much? Can't they just wait until the fucking break? Fuck I'm mad.


Socially retarded men are not capable of pump and dump.

No. 80902

No. 80903

What school?

No. 80904

Ikr. Do these robots not see how they also have fucked up ideas of relationships and women…just like the men quoted in that blog?

No. 80906


>expecting women to act like decent human beings instead of vicious whores is having fucked up views now

No. 80907

Lol okay buddy.

If that's how you want to spin your conspiracy theories, then that's nice.

No. 80908

>act like decent human beings

Jesus Christ robots are so dramatic.

No. 80912

File: 1458039864380.jpg (373.93 KB, 1080x1920, 1449607048711.jpg)

idk why you girls are persisting in trying to rationalise with these wasters. They're losers precisely because they won't take any body's advice, not on here, not in real life.
You think they're actually interested in what you have to say when you're in here making gentle suggestions of dating sites and book clubs and they're acting mildly receptive?
They don't care, they're just here to vent and use you guys as an emotional sponge, and tomorrow once they wake up they won't sign up to a film debate club or start a diary or go for a long bike ride or try to learn a new skill, they'll sit down at their desk, turn on their PC, click on their lolcow/r9k bookmark and resume shitposting about how shitty their lives are and how unfair it is that nobody ever pays attention to them or tries to help them and why women are all whores for not dropping into their lap en masse.

Don't think you can help a person who isn't even interested in helping themselves. Their lives are "comfortable" the way they are and they've no real interest in changing that because they're afraid of actually living.

No. 80914

>why do the farmers here feed the attention whores here
Because naturally women are prostitutes/nurses sadly.

No. 80916

File: 1458040278191.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-10-02-02-30-11…)


Go out and actually try living your life fuccboi, then maybe you wouldn't feel so depressed.

No. 80917


>women trying to help men

>the same as sucking dick for $$$

Robots are beyond help.

No. 80918

I'm not a robot lol…I'm just telling my opinion. Most women are whores and most men are either abusers or rapists. Statistics back me up.

Also you are implying prostitutes dont nurse men

No. 80919


If be interested in seeing those statistics. Post them fuccboi.

No. 80920


Robots living in 1st world have no fucking excuse. I belong to a race everyone fucking hates, I'm still struggling to get out of poverty, I can't deal with the ultra macho middle East life, I work backbreaking jobs for peanuts, can't continue college because I have e no money and stuck with these jobs but thankfully I got a normal job recently thanks to trying. Bombs keep going off in our cities, I have no idea if I won't die to tomorrow while going to work meanwhile struggling meds, taking care of my family and crushing hopelessness and depression. Only thing that gets me going is the thought of getting out of this shit hole someday. I rage like a mother fucker when I see American and European robots just waving all their opportunities away.

No. 80921

I don't know. Since they're away from their echo chamber, it is easier to have a conversation with them.

Radical internet groups are also a weird little interest of mine. I like to lurk batshit places like lookism or the coalpha forums. Honestly, if I was still in school, I'd totally pick one of those communities to do a report on. I find them really fascinating from a psychological and sociological point of view. There are so many contradictions that robots see as facts. And they get so angry at the perceived injustices in their lives. It interests me to hear them explain that shit in their own words.

I would love to be a fly on the wall during a robot's therapy session. I'd love to hear their thoughts as they were walking down the street. How can they be so self centered, but have zero self esteem at the same time?

Even the cap you posted says "chad deserves to bang your crush", and I find that very intriguing. Breaking down that statement, combined with the other content in that comment, the take-home message seems to be "you're a loser. You can improve yourself if you're motivated to, but chad will always be there to play with your toys." Knowing how so many robots feel like they don't want to date a woman who chad has "used up", I feel like the comment has extra stinging power. It is implied that there is a threshold you must reach for your crush to submit to you…but by the time you reach it, she will already be tainted. You're going to lose anyway. You'll never be special.

So even comments trying to set robots straight on r9k play into their delusions. I think robots can benefit by us not participating in that. They want that captive audience. They want that pity party. So even if they don't do a 180 and change their lives after talking to us, challenging them or insisting that they get therapy will hopefully give them a bit of a slap to the face. Maybe during their next drunken rant, they'll look at themselves in the mirror and say "maybe I do need therapy?"

But until then, I'm comfortable with asking them questions and seeing how they justify their bullshit and contradicting ideas.

No. 80922


Yep. Whereas their biggest problem in life is "weeeeh me no stick peepee in chichi", all the while living comfortably in a relatively safe country, in homes their parents pay for, eating food they didn't buy and enjoying luxuries they don't deserve.

No. 80923

File: 1458043041926.jpg (21.57 KB, 497x371, FB_IMG_1458042456739.jpg)


I'd fucking sacrifice my left ball to become an average white robot living in West. I can't use subway and walk for 1 hours after work because I'm afraid someone would blow it up, we don't have food to eat at ends meet sometimes. I take care of my sister and mom while dad is looking for a job but can't find any because he's old. I too have tfw no gf but these guys are pissing me off.

No. 80924

You are either rich or poor in the middle east and if you have acess to internet in an internet cafe you're poor but if not…you know what this means huh?

No. 80925


No. 80926


Internet is dirt cheap here, I use it shared with my neighbor. We split the bill.

No. 80927

No one is bombing in your country stop lying. (If turkey is your country)

No. 80928


Yeah 40 people died by themselves two days ago right?

No. 80929

In Syria its 500 times worse yet they still go outside without fear?

No. 80930

Holy fuck you are missing the point

No. 80931


Probably, they have it better than me for sure but it doesn't take away my right to fear for my life seeing how I was near a suicide bombing at Taksim in 2010 and actually got injured. How many explosions happened in your country lately?

No. 80932


*worse than me

No. 80933

Don't worry, man. I totally get what you were saying.

Robots act like their life is ful of dramatic suffering, but when you put it in perspective, they don't have it half bad. Especially compared to turkey-kun…who provided us with examples from his life.

No. 80934

I think robots lack the ability to form this perspective: you are able to recognize that there are other people in the world who are suffering more than yourself.

I find that when you point that out to robots, they just push their delusions at your further. They use histrionics to describe themselves and their pain (they are "subhuman", "worthless", "manlets") instead of direct language (for example "I have really love self esteem. I'm so insecure!").

They have an air of "you have NO IDEA how bad my life is!"

No. 80935


I whined a lot in this thread too so can't say I'm better with drunken rants but they have so many opportunities they don't have to live like this.

No. 80936

But I feel like you are more willing than other to learn from your mistakes. Reflect on the fact that you come here for your drunken rants.

No. 80937

Are you >>80912
I hope not

No. 80938

File: 1458045213639.jpg (40.62 KB, 540x540, FB_IMG_1458044910217.jpg)

I am, I want to start therapy like Canada-chan asked me to but I have no money to spare and health care only covers psychiatrists. Man this latest thing really bombed my mood, one moment you are a living breathing human, coming back home from having fun with friend, two hours later you are just a number in a bombing. I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 80939

Lol no. We're not the use person.

No. 80940


No. 80941

You have a doctor who prescribed your meds, right?

Ask them what they would suggest you do. Explain your financial situation, and see if there are any ways the fees can be reduced because of it.

There has to be some programs for therapists for low income people.

My city has a non-emergency mental heath helpline. Does yours have something similar? If they do, call and see what they suggest.

No. 80942


I used my colleges counselor before but I'll see if there is a program like that. Dont think we have though.

No. 80943


How long do you have to have been living under a rock to belive that an Internet connection is a sign of wealth? This isn't 1998 anymore gramps.

No. 80944


This is awful. Just awful. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this right now.
I know England has a lot of problems, but at least I cab afford to walk around daily without fear of being ripped to pieces in an explosion. /robots/ have no idea, selfish bastards.

No. 80945


What's worse is Nowruz is coming soon, that week is gonna be hell because Kurds always use it as an excuse to chimp out every year but thanks to opearatiions in East radical Kurds started up their game with stuff like this. I feel a civil war coming soon.

No. 80947

Do some creative googling. Maybe this is just my north american naiveity but…there has to be something in your city to help low income people access mental health care.

No. 80949


I will when I get home, thankfully I might get out of here next year and move to NYC for a job.with my cousin living there if it goes off well.

No. 80950

To be honest few people are ever truly ugly. If robots groomed, went to the hairdresser and learned to wash and moisturise their face, that alone would do wonders. Not to mention things like dressing well, shaving that monobrow and exercising a little.

No. 80951


I did everything that is recommended to me in those threads. I need to drop 25-30 KG more to look decent now.

No. 80954

It is a process. I have faith in you.

No. 80957

This is pure truth anon. You can't help those who won't help themselves.

No. 80959

You realize that you can blog about your feelings without racebaiting right? Also, dont worry, before a civil war is going to happen your country will do what it always was good at: genocide.

No. 80961

File: 1458050339592.jpeg (15.44 KB, 273x261, image.jpeg)

I'm a farmer but you remind me of Shiv.

No. 80962

It's pretty much this. They're allergic to help and will perceive help as an inconvenience/ normies etc

No. 80963


I'm not race-baiting at all, merely stating the situation here. My uncle in law and cousins are Kurdish, my sister's bf is Kurdish. I have no problem with Kurdish people and only hate the ones hurting other people, be it Turkish or other people. I am not my government nor I am proud of what they done. Seems like you're getting triggered for wrong reasons.

No. 80964


Who is he?

No. 80966

Thats plork, isnt he the one who said that white people cant be robots or something

No. 80971


I see, I'm not saying they can't be but just wondering why don't they use their advantage and end up like this instead.

No. 80973

File: 1458051539412.jpg (21.7 KB, 360x500, FB_IMG_1458051116110.jpg)

>mfw AKP shills at work defending Erdogan near me again

No. 80977

Im a white guy and i don't understand it either. Maybe their purpose in life is just serving as future lolcows and bad examples

No. 80979

As long as I don't have your experience, I will never value life as much as you do, so leave me to my misery faggot

No. 80981

>whoring for sympathy

No. 80983

Kurds are legitimately bad people and most of the massacres you're referring to had kurdish shock troops committing the most egregious abuses.

Kurds image in the West is just pr.

t. Greek.

No. 80989

Mehmet my son…

No. 81005


Hello komsi


Whatever you want m8




No. 81006


>tfw no butifel melike

No. 81011

Man there are police checkpoints everywhere. Feels so fucking tense.

No. 81012

Of course it's not "wrong" to be introverted, it's just that it hinders your chance with a sizable number of women. I would even say the majority, but i don't know exactly if by majority i mean a 60,70 or whatever percent, but it surely is above 50 %.
Dating online weirds me out. I have seen way to fucked up shit on the chans to trust people on the Internet.
I don't like myself too much, true. I'm sad most of the time, but i have been like that since forever. I'm buff, if only because exercising became a hobby of mine and one of the few places where one can be on his own and not be shamed for being a loner.
Oh and about the past wounds shit… i don't know how normal people do it. I wish i had a thick skin like most people have. These things devastate me.
Lastly, i just wanted to say that i understand how stupid it looks to be shitposting about male stuff in a female-centric imageboard. It's mostly curiosity, i never thought i would see one, and it's nice to have counter-evidence against one's preconceived ideas. I post here as to not shit up the rest of the board.
My experience (well, at least my observations on how other people get in sexual relationships) seem to be that you need a bare minimum of self-confidence to get a relationship. It's just that in my case i don't really have a reason to be that much self-confident.
Wouldn't you be dissapointed that your significant other had to pay for sex?

No. 81013

fuck off back to /r9k/ already, waste of space.

No. 81014

>totally not a robot lol the fuck are you saying

No. 81016

I dont think a robot would say that men are rapists though…

No. 81017

That's an amazing post.

>So even comments trying to set robots straight on r9k play into their delusions.

I know right? It gave me the same exact feeling when i read the screencap and then I read the post. The screencap is playing their game. It feels like is not the same kind of message >>80912 is telling that is simply and plainly "fuck off". It's strange, because it (the screencap) its critizicing them but at the same time it feels like it is encouraging them. Is weird to explain.

Robots (and batshit insane internet subhuman beings in general) fascinate me in a similar way too. Not as people, but as guinea pigs to study. (lol, i bet robots in this thread will take this one as a personal attack by another weecked womyn), because I am not enable to see them as people anymore. They reached a level of self-destruction and misery (and then blaming such disgrace on everyone around them but themselves) that it's imposible to me to see them as capable people anymore. It's like some stereotyped character like the one from >>80916 's pic came outside the page and started shitposting. How does a person become such a lowly being? How can someone reach this level of pathetic? It escapes my understanding how someone can have that little respect to oneself that they let themselves sink this low and do nothing to avoid it.

No. 81018

sorry for that shitty english btw

No. 81020


I try not to browse r9k anymore, it's like a blackhole that you can't get out of. At first you have fun because you think you found a place where people share the same feelings as you, you vent and you vent, people agree with you. You start being comfortable with who you are more and more THEN hopefully you realize there is something wrong with this shit and try to fix your stuff or just fall more and more in to the void.

No. 81026

That's what I find so interesting about it.

I completely understand wanting a group of people to vent to, without judgment.

It just seems to be a void with r9k. Like it snowballs until the "subhuman" and "worthless" comments aren't being tongue in cheek. Until they truly believe it.

Then the self depricating comments start to be laced with anger. And the encouragement continues. At that point, you're so worked up, that when another robot mentions his batshit pet theory about how women/minorities/society are the cause of all your problems, its like "ya, why not?" Nobody else is questioning the theories or the anger. And suddenly there's a new circle jerk to join.

Rinse and repeat.

I'd love to be there for that tipping point: when a robot goes from joking to being a true believer.

No. 81027

And where does the anger come from? They flip from hating themselves to creating elaborate conspiracies to explain away their pain. Why? Why can't they look inside themselves and confront their true demons?

No. 81028

But people here outside this containment thread are like this too though……

No. 81029


Ok not gonna defend the retarded shit we do but be completely %100 honest with me. Let's say some guy finally got his shit together, erased all his insecurities, adopted a great personality, basically became a great human but he is a baby faced, balding short guy. Would any of you ever choose this guy over a tall guy with a thick head of hair and masculine face but a shitty/average personality.

No. 81030

I dont believe in good people anyways but I'd do the latter tbh.

No. 81031

Honest to god, I'd pick the guy I have the better connection with. If Hottie Nice Hair had the personality of a rock, why would I want to be with him? What would we talk about? What would we do together?

I swear on my cat, if I met a sweet guy who wasn't conventionally attractive, and I learned that he spent the last couple of years turning his life around, THAT would pique my interest. I would find that attractive. That's hard to do. It takes a lot of drive, self discipline, and maturity to pull yourself out of a bad situation, and I have a lot of respect for people who do that. I'd see him as a strong person for doing that.

No. 81032

Of course, but I'm talking about robots specifically.

No. 81033

Obviously I'd go with shorty. You'd have to hate yourself or be really insecure to cling to an asshole guy just because he had hair. That's embarrassing af.

No. 81034


Forgot to add that he also has a small donger

No. 81036

Same anon here. I just thought of a little anecdote that goes along with this.

A couple of years ago I started to have a crush on a guy at work. Wanna know what he did? He washed cars. Like, you know when you buy a new car, and its super shiny and perfectly clean? He did that.

He was also a former addict in a methadone program.

He looked like a scarecrow; gaunt and haggard. But we were the same age. I didn't know much about him until one morning I saw him in the break room looking really upset. I asked him what was wrong, and he just spilled his guts to me. He told me that he's in a methadone program, and this is his first job in a while. He spent the last couple of years turning his life around. He has his own place, a car, he's working his program, and his boss was starting to give him a hard time about needing a day off for a checkup with his doctor. Obviously, the checkup was part of his methadone program, and very important. But he didn't want yo have to explain that to his boss. He was scared that his boss would think he was a scumbag.

My heart hurt so much for him. He was trying to hard to get things back on track, but he was so ashamed of his addiction. He was so driven and focused. I have so much respect for him, even today.

Nothing ever came of the crush. I don't like to try things with coworkers, and he was really working hard on his program and shit I didn't want to throw a wrench in it. But I was still attracted to him. He had no "status" as robots would say, but he just had so much passion for life. His drive to improve himself was attractive. His pride in his accomplishments was attractive.

No. 81038

Same answer. The peenor is not the root of happiness.

You could have a footlong chicken teriyaki sub in there, but that won't mean I'll cum.

No. 81039


Thank you for the honest answers, good to see that memes are not real, hopefully.

No. 81040

They've never been true in my experience.

You need to let yourself see it.

No. 81042

File: 1458068996473.jpg (90.16 KB, 1100x781, 1457980299810.jpg)


Well not like I ever met a girl I was interested in since high school, I'm starting to think that I lost the ability to like someone tbh.

Also I found that our city hall gives free therapy but looks like it's really shitty from the comments I read. Look like I need to save up and actually go to a good one.

No. 81043

Well here's another tidbit about my crush on the addict to kill the memes:

He had a kid! And I still had a crush on him! I even gave him a bag of Wii games that I didn't play anymore to give to his kid. He was working so hard to improve his and his son's lives. I really liked it. It said a lot about his character.

So to sum it up:
>Looks: he basically looked like a former addict. He looked kind of sick. He wasn't a beefcake.
>Status: he was a car detailer
>Money: he was a former addict with a kid, so he wasn't rolling in cash

No. 81044

>free shitty therapy

What do you have to lose by trying it out?

No. 81047

File: 1458069661024.jpg (189.66 KB, 900x998, 1457987842416.jpg)


Should I really try it? I really don't feel comfortable talking to a government issued shrink specially in this country.


Reading things like this gives me a sliver of hope to go on. I always just think even though I get my shit together I'll still get passed for people with better features.

No. 81052

>should I really try it?

I think so! Even if the shrinks are government sponsored, they still have to keep your sessions confidential. If you were an immediate danger to yourself or others, they would step in.

Honestly ask yourself: what's the worst that could happen?

No. 81054

yea fam go for it, as long as you don't start saying that you wanna kill the president or whatever, it should be fine

No. 81055

File: 1458071092193.jpg (988.82 KB, 1800x1283, 1457917650913.jpg)


Well guess I'll be okay if I don't mention my anti-government stuff and desire to hang Erdogan from a tree. I have a record for getting arrested at Gezi protests though, do stuff like this become a problem with these kind of programs?

No. 81056



Aaaand too late kek

No. 81057

If you're worried about the government therapists, look up your rights in your country. Your government will totally have a website with information on what kinds of legal powers therapists have with their patients (confidentiality and whatnot).

No. 81058

Lol well, maybe leave that stuff out. But with the amount of political unrest in your country, I'm sure they hear that shit all the time.

Maybe make a list of the things you want to work on, and focus on that?

No. 81059

Your record won't be a problem. Therapists have seen some shit, and I'm sure your record will be mild in comparison.

At least in my country, a therapist can't have you arrested unless you're a danger to yourself or others. If you're talking about violent thoughts, that's okay. If you're talking about a violent action-plan to fucking murder someone, they'll step in. Like, I once told my shrink that I had a dream that I killed my dad's gf with a hammer. I wasn't arrested. We just talked about what I thought the dream meant, and my unfinished emotional baggage with my dad.

No. 81060


Well I'm already working on stuff I want to. Losing weight, trying to finish the western canon, start playing drums again and maybe find a new band to play with. I need more self esteem and confidence but I can't seem to get it by myself.


Well rights doesn't mean much here but I'll look it up just in case.

No. 81061

>rights don't matter much here

But at least you'll have an idea of the general "limits" to stay within.

In don't want to sound like I'm belittling your issues, but you are struggling with some very common problems. So many people struggle with depression, and finding happiness in their lives. Do those problems sound radical to you? You just need some guidance.

No. 81062

I meant make a list of things you want to work on in therapy. What do you want to talk about? What don't you want to talk about?

No. 81063

File: 1458072379347.jpg (4.84 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-11 17.48.54.jpg)


-some bad shit happened in my childhood, not the "meanies bullied me" : ( type
- stress management
- gaining self esteem, not seeing myself as a piece of crap on the sidewalk
- loving myself

I really won't have anything I wouldn't talk about if it was a private one but I have issues adapting to my life in my country and some dangerous opinions about the government so I won't probably talk about them. I feel like an outsider like I'm a foreigner or something. Can't really bond with anyone except some people, have problems dealing with people etc.

No. 81065

The memes are real, they are just lying to make themselves seem good. Who would be with a "goodhearted" ugly guy when you can sex a brad pitt. I mean who cares if he has an average personality…Goodhearted ugly men dont exist, they are bitter and shitpost on 4chan.

Just like ugly irl goodhearted girls like me

No. 81067

Who hurt you?

No. 81068


This, stop lying and feeding false hope to him. He's gonna crash even harder.

No. 81069

Honestly that's a great list of things to work on in therapy.

See how you mesh with the therapist before you get too worried. Treat the first couple of sessions like test-runs.

No. 81070


Fuck off you bitter fuckhole

No. 81073

You can have Steve Buscemi give me a handsome rich intelligent interesting /fit/ guy. I mean I so wouldnt be happy with him, its all about the heart of a guy :^)

No. 81078



hello mr. roboto

No. 81079

It is so painfully obvious isn't it?

No. 81082


It's easy to recognize my shitposting fellow robots, no girl here write fit like that and uses that stupid emote.

No. 81084

No. 81086


What the hell is PULL?

No. 81088

Ah I misread your post, sorry mr. Robot-kun. But this is a chanboard too and girls also use dank memes ay lmao.

No. 81095


Ayyy, I actually feel good tonight thanks to you people and the fact that I realized I lost almost 30 KG now, proud of myself instead of disappointed.

No. 81103

Also have a question about skin care, I use this face wash every morning and before bed+moisturizing cream and peel once a week but the pores on my cheekbones and nose just won't go away. How the hell do I lose the open pores?


No. 81107

Do you use a toner at all?

No. 81110

Holy crap, dude! That's awesome!!

No. 81113

File: 1458077843917.png (957.41 KB, 1366x768, just like my japanese animes.p…)


Nope, I have no idea what that is. My little sis got this for me but we can't see each other much so can't ask her now.


Thanks, guess I can do it when I want to.

No. 81115

File: 1458077985493.jpg (83.95 KB, 571x960, kebab rape alley.jpg)

I'm in a good mood, mind if I dump some photos?

No. 81118

File: 1458078129926.jpg (5.21 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-02-01 17.13.10.jpg)


I've been getting in to photography lately but I still have no idea what I'm doing.

No. 81120

File: 1458078197915.jpg (4.65 MB, 3456x4608, 2015-11-08 09.25.55.jpg)

No. 81121

File: 1458078281012.jpg (4.41 MB, 4608x3456, 2015-09-27 16.50.06.jpg)

No. 81122

hides thread

No. 81123

File: 1458078325594.jpg (5.88 MB, 4608x3456, 2015-10-08 16.30.37.jpg)


Comfy alley

No. 81124

File: 1458078390862.jpg (5.87 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-02-01 17.29.05.jpg)


I think I fucked up the colors in this one.

No. 81126

File: 1458078429481.jpg (5.67 MB, 4608x3456, 2015-09-27 17.21.24.jpg)

No. 81127

File: 1458078495211.jpg (44.65 KB, 960x540, 123.jpg)

No. 81128

File: 1458078566989.jpg (4.95 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-07 15.54.12.jpg)

No. 81130

File: 1458078638287.jpg (5.24 MB, 3456x4608, 2016-03-07 15.48.22.jpg)

No. 81132

File: 1458078714635.jpg (4.9 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-07 16.14.35.jpg)

No. 81134

Toner is a watery product that you put on a cotton pad, and wipe around your face, after you wash it.

It will clean away any leftover dirt, residue from the product you used to wash your face, and will close your pores.

If this is the anon with rosacea, be careful with toners that have a lot of alcohol in them. It will irritate your skin.

Also, instead of the peel, try exfoliating once a week. Those large pores could be the beginnings of blackheads. If you're worried about finding a good exfoliant, you can always look at the section of the store with the face sponges. There are rough sponges (they'll probably be labelled "exfoliating facial sponge") that you can use to exfoliate, and also this little plastic pad that has little nubs on it. I'll try to find a pic hold on.

No. 81135

Do you have to put it always on a cotton pad? I just put it on my fingers sometimes and then on face

No. 81136


I'm not him but I have very sensitive skin. It gets red and irritated really easily. Do you know any toner that is good for sensitive skin? I think I know what you mean, my sister had one of those.

No. 81137

File: 1458078886553.jpg (12.86 KB, 225x225, mDIqv18_WSzb9Ifii4IO27A.jpg)

This is the exfoliation pad thing.

No. 81139

Oh yes, I would. You're not applying it to the skin, like a lotion. You are wiping it across the skin to wipe away the bad stuff.

No. 81141

One more question:

That redness and irritation…does your skin feel dry? Or is it red and irritated from pimples?

No. 81143


Sometimes red pimple like things pop up and my cheeks and forehead gets red. I'm fat though so everything gets my face red.

No. 81147

Okay, so if you're looking for a basic product to start out with, Neutrogena is sold basically everywhere, and they have a pore refining toner. Neutogena as a brand is pretty good for skincare basics.

If you're looking for something from the drugstore that's a bit more hardcore try the brand Eucerin. They make a lot of products for sensitive and acne prone skin. Their products also are known to have no perfume, no alcohol (in certain products), and I've found them to basically perform as described on the label.

Eucerin has a toner for general "purifying" as they call it, with no alcohol, and one for acne prone skin with lactic acid. I would try the general purifying toner first. See how it goes, and then decide if you need to try the other one.

No. 81150

Okay I fucked up, the hardcore toner is called purifying

And the normal cleansing one is here

No. 81152


I'll try the eucerin since Neutrogena's stuff tends to irritate my skin like hell.

No. 81153

I find that neutogena is a good starting point for skincare. If it works, then great, its cheap and everywhere. If not, then you have to go up a level.

And when trying new products, always give them two weeks to find out how your skin likes them.

No. 81155


My skin is liking this diadermine face wash, just need a toner to go with it and the one you recommend looks good.

No. 81156

Does that brand have a toner in the same line? They often sell them with the whole "three step skincare routine" in mind.

No. 81159

File: 1458081147963.png (43.48 KB, 225x284, 1453799768462.png)


I see, I'll check out the store tomorrow to see if there is any. I guess the sales girls can help me with it, thanks for the answers I'm gonna sleep now!

No. 81214

Pores don't open or close… They're always "open" anon.

No. 81233

They're a tad bit too "open". My nose and cheeks looks like a strawberry because of them.

No. 81239

Is thread auto saging?

No. 81247

They appear to be "open" if they are clogged with dead skin and dirt.

Toner helps to wipe that away, making the pores appear "closed".

No. 81249

Honestly, exfoliate once a week, and start using a toner with your daily skincare routine. You probably have some blackheads, or maybe dry skin buildup.

But if you're the anon with the sensitive skin, I would avoid those "pore strips" that you put over the nose, and rip off. They will probably irritate the hell out of your skin. That's why I'd recommend a good exfoliant.

No. 81253


I'll visit a cosmetics shop after work today. Let's see if I can find a good one.

No. 81256

No. 81258


Pls stop I wanna be positive today

No. 81259

You know that robots start those threads to be shitstirrers, right?

You're being trolled.

No. 81260

Just fucking ignore it. Its typical robot garbage.

No. 81268


LOOOOOL dicklets are literally exist to be cucked, fucking subhuman little shits who would never satisfy a women

No. 81277

No. 81286

Okay buddy

No. 81287

>tfw ded thread
>tfw bored at work

No. 81308

>tfw actually finished a day without getting depressed

No. 81352


No. 81369

This makes me happy, anon.

No. 81370

Why is this happening??????

No. 81381


This thread triggered me. I know it's just people being edgy for (You)s but god damn

No. 81382

Just looking at her you can tell she'd be one to pull this type of thing

No. 81388

File: 1458165211252.jpg (968.63 KB, 2793x2395, 1457529316517.jpg)

Random pic for visibility
This happens a lot after the robot diaspora trickles out. Their way to stop giving robots an incentive to come here
Everyone is capable of being equally depressed no matter their situation. I have a friend making $200k a year and he's on so many meds because he's a depressed fuck. Money doesn't mean anything if you dont have friends/family/any support system
Sorry I'm more than a bit late and hopefully you guys are around. I dont really get much acne. Obviously being a young guy I get some on occassion but it's really not that bad
I dont feel oily at all either. When it's irritated it just feels really hot. Next time it happens I'll pay more attention to it
Okay I'll look into it on amazon tonight. So bb cream is like make up? I actually got a handheld mirror today and it doesnt look super bad at least. Helped me get through my day
I actually had 3 treatments of that once. I'm going to call for pics (they took some before each session) and see if there was much improvement. You're always your worst critic and I dont see much change, but the derm says it looks a lot better

I was super busy and had no time to get post here. Doesnt help that this thread is on autosage but i hope some of you guys are here

No. 81400


I think admin forgot to adjust the bump limit for this thread like the previous ones.


Is she a known person in lolcow? She seems like lolcow material.


Not saying they can't be depressed m8, what I'm saying is they have loads of opportunities to fix their life with average effort.

No. 81402


Thank you, I'm actually feeling great(but sleepy) today. People kept praising me for my visible weight loss(loads of face gainz), I feel confident.

No. 81431

What do you mean? The bump limit is like 1207 or some shit

No. 81549

File: 1458191247988.jpg (52.16 KB, 500x373, 1457587792691.jpg)

How goes the gf hunt boys?

No. 81580

That's awesome. I'm so proud of you!

No. 81581

Bb cream is makeup. Think of it as a foundation (skin-coloured, highly pigmented, and thinner than lotion. It is applied to the entire face to create a "foundation" of clear, even skin) + a light moisturizer. The "BB" stands for "beauty balm".

I use a BB cream instead of a foundation. It creates a more natural, moisturized look on my face. I have some acne scars, and dark circles under my eyes, and I find that when I cover those up, and use the BB cream, my face looks more natural. I used a foundation in high school, but I had more active acne breakouts, so I needed stronger coverage.

No. 81582

Omg I really wish this thread wasn't autosaged because I really want to teach you the ways of makeup and skincare. You have no idea. I woke up early and I'm on my second cup of coffee.

Anyway, if you're looking for a BB cream to try, I would definitely suggest buying one IRL instead of online, so you can test the shades on your hand. When you see one you think would match your skin, take the tester (if they have one), and squirt a tiny blob on the back of your hand. Rub it in, like you would on your face, and see how it matches your skin. Hold it up to your face, and look in a mirror (cosmetics isles are peppered with them). Does it match? Then you're good.

For drugstore brands, avoid Rimmel. The only thing I like from them is their Kate Moss lipsticks. Their skin products will probably irritate your sensitive skin. Also avoid Covergirl. Especially their scented products.

I'd suggest Physician's Formula (I actually use their BB line of cream, pressed powder, and consealer. They sell it in a set with all three). Their products aren't scented, and have been very gentle on my sensitive, acne prone skin.

I also quite like the brand Marcelle. If they have it in your country, I would totally check it out. I love their makeup and skincare. I used to use this "cleaning milk" of theirs, and it was perfect.

L'Oreal and Revlon are also safe bets. But stay away from the L'Oreal "magic" BB cream with the beads of color in it. I found it to be way too thin.

No. 81585

PS: if you're going to start using any kind of makeup, it is very important to wash it off every night before you go to bed.

Your skin will be worse if you sleep with it on.

No. 81590


Oh, I thought he adjusted it specially for these threads sorry.


T-thanks, hopefully I'll go down to 85-90 kg by summer if I go on like this and look normal.

No. 81595

File: 1458209149120.jpg (57.21 KB, 960x945, 12454.jpg)

>feeling good
>see this thread
>not feeling good anymore

I need to get off internet for a long time.

No. 81596

Why does it effect you so much?

No. 81599


Because I'm almost everything in those threads and there is nothing I can do about to change it. Well at least I'm losing weight but completely lost the good feeling I had yesterday.

No. 81600

You have to remember that those threads aren't about you, personally. I'm sure you've read threads on r9k about physical preferences all the time. What would you tell a girl, if she told you that those threads were upsetting her?

No. 81602


I would say her not to feel bad about it of course. I just can't wrap my head around that a women could find a short, balding, feminine looking guy attractive.

No. 81603

Well, you also aren't attracted to men.

And, lbr you know you're depressed. So of course you're going to be extra hard on yourself.

Wouldn't it make sense that you might not be able to see what's attractive about yourself right now?

No. 81606

File: 1458211933931.png (39.46 KB, 633x973, 1453492983010.png)


Makes sense I guess, thanks for talking to me as always I'm off to cook some lunch.

No. 81617

File: 1458217305672.jpg (4.63 MB, 4608x3456, 1 - Copy.jpg)


Well these came out okay.

No. 81699

Taken a backseat for a few years tbh
Thanks I'll look into it
No problem. I come here about every day or two usually. Alternatively my trash email is above
Skincare sounds so complicated, wew. I ordered a few products recently. I wrote down a lot from this post and others though. I have lots of time to try different stuff
Looks good m8

No. 81703

May as well add I put on moisturizer about 20 min ago. Felt nice and smooth for about 10 min, but now it feels a bit irritated and my skin feels hot

No. 81705

Second day without sperging out or getting depressed much, let's do this!

No. 81741

Is this a new product? Or a product that you have used in the past?

No. 81742

Another question about your moisturizer issue: did you apply it after you washed your face? You should use it morning and night, after you washed your face, and wiped with toner (if you use it).

No. 81743

That's awesome, anon! I'm sending you good vibes!

No. 81757

Update. Still feels dry and hot. Regret applying it, but now I know at least
It's a moisturizer that I've had laying around for months that I don't use much because I usually get this reaction. Decided to try yet again though. The bottle is kind of a clusterfuck, but the brand is Simple and it says light moisturizer spf15
Today I took a shower and then put it on about 10-15 minutes afterwards. I don't really wash my face with water much. That really flares it up, and looking up and seeing that isn't a great way to start my morning tbh. It doesn't hurt though, but I just get super flushed. I'll start doing it though. Back at home for a while I'd just fill the sink and dunk my head in. I don't have a sink I can do that with where I am though. I'll just splash around

No. 81795

File: 1458276138162.jpg (55.69 KB, 650x650, 1452207563811.jpg)

I must say fellow /r9k/ chums, this board is starting to feel like home.
What with the rate thread, the numerous racebait threads and the general bitterness/incompetence/ self pitying.What a comfy shithole.

Robots are fragile beings fully capable of kindness. They just have nothing to believe in and no one to believe in them. Which can do wonders to your self confidence :^)
From there it's a simple case of looking for the root cause until it becomes a cycle, that seems inescapable alone. Which is a problem because robots are alone.
Robots can't be "saved" because people don't judge them as worth "saving", which kinda leads into how shallow normalfags are and reinforces the image that robots are worthless which just sends them deeper into the rabbit hole.

No. 81807

It sounds like you need a new moisturizer. That one is giving you a bad reaction.

Just a skincare tip: wash your face with water and a cleanser, after you get out of the shower. Just water isn't enough.

No. 81871

Fuck, I forgot meds were running out and paid some bills. Now I have no money and meds till the end of the month, how fucked I am? They're pretty expensive and o have no one to borrow money from.

No. 81887

File: 1458312114569.jpg (4.76 MB, 4608x3456, 20160318_163846.jpg)

What a comfy day.

No. 81895

so if I'm a male, but not an r9k or pol user (anymore), am I still only able to post in the robot containment thread

No. 81912

File: 1458319434511.jpg (5.18 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-18 16.36.52.jpg)

Turkish guy here, something weird happened today. I was out getting lunch today all of a sudden two really tall girls approached me with bags in their hands, they asked me if I know where their hotel is because they were lost and no one knew English around. Their hotel was on my way so I told them to follow me, I dropped them at their hotel and they told me to wait outside a bit. They dropped their baggage and came out saying they wanted to buy me lunch for thanks, I accepted it of course. We had lunch together and talked for an hour, they gave me their number when we parted ways, told me to call them if I wanna hang and have some drinks. I don't understand a bit, Turkish girls don't even look at my face but things like this happened couple of times with foreign girls, I don't understand why they like me or wanna hang with me(these ones were Dutch). A-am I gonna get murdered or something if I go hang with them?

No. 81913


Same with me m8, almost stopped going to both of them. Hanging at /diy/ and /out/ most of the time for months now.

No. 81958

Aw dude I bet they thought you looked friendly, and you ended up being very helpful to them, and now they are thankful. They might even think you're cute!

I see no harm in having lunch with them. As long as you're in a public place, you should be fine.

I actually think this whole situation is adorable. It made me smile.

No. 81959

*no harm in having drinks. You already had lunch. Bleh.

No. 81960

I don't know. I think you will be okay as long as you don't cause drama (I'm sure you've seen threads with obvious robot shitposting).

No. 81961

What meds are they?

It completely depends on the type of medication, and the dosage.

I've forgotten to renew my meds before, but I've worked at a pharmacy in the past. So I talked to the pharmacist, and asked if I could have an "emergency prescription". They had my pickup history, and my meds aren't a controlled substance. They were able to prescribe me half of my prescription (which I had to pay for…but still). So i was okay until I could get it renewed.

If you explain the situation to the pharmacist, they might be able to help you. Think about it, what if you were in vacation and forgot your meds? They'd have some way to help you, right? Or what if your wallet got stolen, but you still needed a prescription?

There's no harm in asking. Maybe you can talk to your doctor who prescribed the meds, and see what they would suggest. Sometimes doctors have "testers" of medications with them. Your doctor might be able to give you some of them until you get the money for your full prescription.

No. 81968

File: 1458331024794.webm (3.83 MB, 1280x622, r9k.webm)


Guess I'll take my chances, I looked a bit weird next to them they were like 1.90 or something(I'm 1.79). Seriously I really don't get it, this happened when I was in Japan and US too. I think the reason I'm depressed is because of this country because I had some girls genuinely interested in me in both of those countries but anyways this thing made me feel really good. Never had any girls treating me like this since 5 years ago I think, got a bit of an ego and confidence boost tbh

>Aw dude I bet they thought you looked friendly

heh, probably because I look white as hell(dark blonde, curly hair, really pale)since I'm half croat.


Efexor XR 75 mg, I actually have the prescription but you sometimes have to pay some extra money because social security won't cover all of it. I thought I had one more film and postponed getting them to pay for the electricity and gas but I was wrong. I try talking to my doctor, my first box was one of those tester ones maybe she'll give me another one. I really don't wanna have those "withdrawal" effects when you stop using anti depressants.

No. 81971

File: 1458331751045.png (527.78 KB, 852x926, 1457040411174.png)

Wish this thread weren't auto-saging

No. 81984

I totally feel different if I haven't taken my effexor. But I'm a 120 woman who is five foot five, and taking 300mg.

Again, monitor your side effects. If you're the anon who just started taking the meds recently, your side effects will probably be minimal. They might seem hardcore at first, but you don't have that much in your system, so you should even out quickly.

Honestly, call your doctor and explain the situation. Ask if you can have a tester to use until your next payday.

No. 81985

Same. I like giving advice to the nice robos

No. 81990

File: 1458335549056.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.09 MB, 6944x2104, curls pls return.jpg)


> But I'm a 120 woman who is five foot five, and taking 300mg

Wow, mad respect to you sis. 75mg fucked me up a bit for days and I'm 5'10" 238 lbs.

>If you're the anon who just started taking the meds recently

Yeah, I'm also the drunken rant guy, been feeling great lately and feel no need to do stuff like that anymore. Not feeling negative anymore, can actually see that I'm not ugly just need to lose weight. My balding was actually telogen effluvium and it's recovering slowly I'll hopefully get my curls back until summer, and this thing with Dutch girls happened today. I feel really really great.


This place actually opened my eyes, I was thinking too narrowly about life. You can't blame a whole bunch of people just because you had couple of shitty experiences, there are shitty people and great people in both genders. Guess I just needed a non hug box environment.

No. 81995

I'd say most guys in these threads don't go to /r9k/
You're fine
Alright I will. All these different creams just blur together for me. Still not entirely sure what the difference is between exfoliants, moisturizers, etc are. First bit came in the mail so skin routine soon :D

No. 81997


I suggest you visit the skin care threads at /fa/ m8, they're good and they're eager to also help mostly if you want faster replies.

No. 81999

File: 1458339099497.jpg (351.24 KB, 1782x1330, 1430420847072.jpg)

Good night everyone, hope it'll be more active tomorrow. I really enjoy talking in here.

No. 82019

I'm the anon who couldn't stop sleeping when she first started her meds. It was from the beginning doses of effexor. That's how constantly tense and stressed I was.

I think you're starting to see things without the fog of anxiety and depression. I'm so happy that you're feeling more positive. I love reading your updates because there's always a touch more positivity to each one.

No. 82021

Moisturizers are exactly what they sound like: a cream to add moisture to your skin. Well hydrated skin is very important.

Exfoliant is a light cleanser with a gritty substance in it. You rub it around your face (it doesn't lather), massaging the grits into your skin to use them to rub away dry skin/dirt. If you don't use a cleanser based exfoliant, and you use a sponge, the mechanics are the same. The rough sponge will rub away the dry skin/dirt.

No. 82090

I asked twice on there and provided pics. Got no response kek. Same woth reddit
Thanks! I just used a product called prosacea I think (I'm in bed and I'll check the exact name in the morning). Didnt have a negative reaction yet and it feels good to actually put on. We'll see how that goes
Night bud

No. 82102

>wake up
>another bomb gone off in Taksim

I just love this country

No. 82103

Called the Dutch girls and told them to leave the city, bomb was close to their hotel. Hope they'll be okay.

No. 82108


No. 82111

>go around the internet
>people already making jokes and celebrating our deaths


No. 82122

File: 1458391193397.jpg (118.62 KB, 960x1280, just b urself.jpg)

Remember robots, just be urselfs

No. 82123

File: 1458391319631.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.05 KB, 718x810, 1458391013637.jpg)



No. 82126

File: 1458393597862.png (40.08 KB, 1395x366, 1458384999317.png)

No. 82129

File: 1458397286106.jpg (78.31 KB, 600x580, 1458395502429.jpg)

All short man needs to be eradicated.

No. 82138

No. 82196

File: 1458422320976.jpg (161.99 KB, 1280x720, 1432297278917.jpg)

>tfw thread is dead
>tfw haven't talked to anyone for all day

admin pls fix the thread ;_;

No. 82261

Ikr. And the last few posts have been garbage.

No. 82271

Well it's a combination of this thread being on autosage and also it being indefinite hellweek (which is probably why this is on autosage in the first place)

I don't shitpost much on this site, but I was permabanned yesterday. I've been here for about 6 months or so with no issue, so I don't know what it was about. I'm sure mods had their reasons so I'll be off now and maybe come back in a few months and hopefully tell you all that therapy went well and that I can finally look myself in the mirror.
Good luck and thanks to all the anons who helped me out

No. 82291


I see, wonder if it'll turn back to normal after it ends.

No. 82311

Withdrawal is killing me, I borrowed some money from my friend but it's not gonna arrive until tomorrow since it's weekend. I started to throw up and can't stand up straight because my head is spinning like hell, all that positive mood I had is gone too. Guess I'm nothing without the medication.

No. 82324

Dude, don't beat yourself up about needing meds!

If you had high blood pressure, or a heart condition, would you be feeling down on yourself for needing medication to manage it?

No. 82325

Make sure you are eating and drinking enough during this time. The meds you're on can suppress your appetite and make you dehydrated. While going through withdrawal, you might not notice just how hungry you are. Or you could be feeling starving.

No. 82326

File: 1458490352601.jpg (41.43 KB, 736x494, 1458466561238.jpg)


I feel sick after I eat, puked my guts out couple of minutes ago.


I just feel so fucking defective, why couldn't I just be normal? Why couldn't my brain just worked normally? Why do I have to be this miserable sack of shit? What did I ever do to deserve any of this? I feel like this is nature's way of keeping me out of gene pool and make me kill myself to remove me from the nature.

No. 82328


What's worse is I know people with worse situations than me dealing with them and moving on yet I'm like this, I hate myself for being so weak like this and ashamed.

No. 82334

But you aren't weak. Chemical imbalances aren't anyone's fault.

Would you fault someone for needing glasses or braces? The human body isn't perfect. Sometimes it needs help.

There's nothing you could have done to prevent a chemical imbalance. Just like you can't do anything to prevent having bad eyesight.

What would you say if someone came to you and said they felt like a failure because they have to manage their body with pills, because of a heart condition?

No. 82335

And remember, you're coming off your meds. You're going from 75mg to 0. So do you think a lot of these thoughts that you're having are honest thought, or are they being caused by your brain going through a chemical rollercoaster?

No. 82336

Remember to stay hydrated if you have been puking!

No. 82341


I try to drink water, makes me feel really sick though.


I honestly don't know anymore, everything I conditioned myself in to has been blowing apart lately. Don't know what's right or what's wrong anymore. All my life I believed I was a worthless piece of shit that doesn't deserve to be happy but now that I felt a bit happy lately I don't want to go back anymore, I'm also scared shitless because the bomb yesterday went off 400 meters away from my office, I overslept and missed work yesterday. If I did go to work I was gonna pass by the place it went off, I think I'm probably alive right now by pure chance. Fuck I just don't know anymore

No. 82342


man I sound fucking insane again

No. 82370

File: 1458502288291.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.78 KB, 768x1024, 1458447429709.jpg)

>tfw forever a 12 cm dicked quarter man
>tfw born to be cucked
>tfw no women will ever respect me
>tfw never gonna have a dick like this

No. 82378


jesus christ, girl, go to r9k if you want to mommy these fags.

No. 82504

Do robots have a dick pic file or something? They always seem to whip to whip out a random dick pic during the whole "something something chad" thing.

No. 82505

>being nice is bad

No. 82508

That's the depression talking, dude. You aren't worthless! You deserve happiness just as much as anyone.

No. 82518

Wow, streets are so empty today. Passed close to the place that got bombed on Saturday. All windows are broken and shops are closed. Lets hope I don't get bombed today.


Lots of people think we don't deserve any.


Feeling a bit better thanks to nice weather today, I'm scared of more attacks though. Being really close to previous site also doesn't help.

No. 82523

No. 82545

No. 82546

No. 82560

Why do you read it if it upsets you?

No. 82577


No idea, it's like I actually like to suffer. I'm retarded

No. 82578

Stop seeking out things to upset you. You're trolling yourself.

No. 82595

File: 1458593651322.gif (1.94 MB, 422x409, 1454618786708.gif)

>meet girls
>get their numbers, promise to hang out
>bomb goes off next fucking day
>they return to their country out of fear

No. 82597


Oh shut the fuck up you drama queens.

No. 82804

Shit man. that's crazy. I'm glad you're safe though.

No. 82817


Thanks you, hope no Belgian here or their loved ones were harmed today.

No. 82858

File: 1458667194636.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.79 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-03-22 19.04.14.jpg)

fucking finally

No. 82976

I've officially lost interest in everything. I don't feel enjoyment doing anything anymore, not even 4chan. All my old hobbies and ways to waste time have just died off in the past few years, and I can't make myself enjoy any of them as hard as I try. I can't play videogames, read, make origami, watch anime, nor do anything else without just feeling…nothing I guess? It sounds edgy, but that's how I would describe how I feel 100% of the time now. Nothing.
Internet was the last to go. It was something I imagine I held onto for so long because it's the closest thing I have to socialization I get, but I've realized in the past few weeks I glean zero pleasure from it anymore. It went the way of all my other hobbies where I realized it just became routine towards the end with no enjoyment on my part, and I eventually cut it off. I haven't left bed for almost 4 days now and thought maybe I was refreshed and ready to browse 4chan again. Nope. I feel I don't belong on there, especially not fucking /r9k/. I was browsing it all day today and it just infuriated me in all honesty. These people just base their entire lives over how women perceive them, and I just wish that was my only problem. I swear the board is entirely made of high schoolers sometimes. I stopped caring for girls in the romantic sense a long while ago and their collective attitude just baffles and irritates me. I think I've outgrown 4chan and I'm no better without it, sadly. I just don't know where to go now , and what to do. I'm almost 30 now, and I know I've missed the boat, and have nothing but a life of working my same deadend job until I die. I'm really thinking of just clocking out early in the next year. I'm drunk off my ass and I know I'll regret this cringepost in the morning, but I have no one else to talk to

No. 83240

Read the other conversations with robots in this thread. They should give you some insight.

No. 83718

File: 1459182325118.jpg (48.55 KB, 427x720, 6.jpg)

>tfw rejected again

I thought I got used to this but still felt like I was getting kicked in the balls.

No. 84123

File: 1459396426660.gif (1.01 MB, 400x300, tumblr_n5sfclMW7L1re6nxeo1_400…)


So, how many of you other robots have been busted back to this containment zone?

I'm not toxic, just sad, I've kept myself civil, but as soon as you de-cloak to lend credence to a topic where it's relevant (Neckbeard hate thread) you get the hammer.

I guess that makes this place Wizardchan for chicks?

No. 84151

If you were shitposting to defend the honor of neckbeards, then you deserve to be here. Go to r/forever alone to do that.

No. 84166


Meh, stopped going to chans lately. Meds are making me happy, I have a girl that kinda loves Mr back, busy with work. I kinda miss the shitposting but this is okay.

No. 84231


Never, but my time amongst the autists, like Dian Fossey with the chimps, has revealed to me their hidden world.

Really people are just big old reaction machines, and when most of their experience is negative, their reactions will be negative too.

You have to observe their behaviour with a scholarly detatchment, and ask yourself why they think and say the things they do.

You can of course simply settle with the idea that they are innately hateful people and deserve their misery.

But that's not going to be of much help dissecting the personal rationale at work, and can just as easily be applied to anybody with an axe to grind.

And of course, there is the problem of always tarring with the same brush, but this is a universality.

No. 84503

File: 1459694949552.jpg (82.13 KB, 752x960, 1459668270297.jpg)

Is there even a point in trying?

No. 85097

What happened bby?

No. 85106


>almost gone to jail because of father's debts

>only girl I loved in a decade is dating someone else
>job is extremely stressful and I might get fired soon because cops picked me up from work
>2/3 of my pay will go to denbts
>sexual frustration, stress and broken heart is killing me inside
>not even meds are working anymore
>can't sleep
>weight loss going to shit because I eat when stressed

I'm trying to fix my life but god damn everything I touch turns to shit. It's been like this forever, nothing good ever happens to me. Can't even get satisfaction out of gardening anymore, not destresses me. Should I just fucking end it?

No. 85262

I am so sorry to hear about everything you've been going through. I know those sound like empty words, but I am truly feeling for you right now.

Please don't hurt yourself though. If your meds aren't working, then please talk to your doctor! If you're the anon who recently started effexor, then your body probably is just used to the dose you were on. It sounds like you're ready to be bumped up a dosage (which is completely normal, and totally a part of the process for finding your correct dosage).

Please tell your doctor about how you're feeling.

No. 85263

Double post but I really want the best for you gardening-anon.

No. 85290


I can handle the other stuff but she hurts me so much. I didn't felt like this in 10 years for someone and now she's ignoring me for a week. First she told me that she likes me too then wanted to stay as friends, now she's ghosting me. I thought she was different from other girls but ends up it was still the same. She didnt judged me, understood what I was feeling, I didn't had to fake anything with her and could be myself but it's all finished now.

No. 85333


This place is not yours to screw it, get over it. For fuck's sake, why is it so difficult to understand that robots are not wellcomed in this site? Why is it so diffcult for you guys to take a "no" for an answer? You just don't owe every place you step on to fuck it over.

>I'm not toxic, just sad

No, you ARE toxic. When you are depressed it's almost impossible not to be annoying to a normal person, and this comes from someone who's been depressed for years and then had to stand other sad people outside chans. That you don't realize doesn't mean shit.

Just get over the fact people here don't share your opinions and, in fact, most of us hate the guts of the likes of you. You literally have thousands of places to go to chat with other hopeless men like you. No one forces you to be here.

>inb4 you're replying to a 8 days old post blah blah

Sorry not sorry. I came to see what's been of this thread since more faggots from r9k are shitting /b/ and /g/ yet again. Then I see you faggots whining about that you have been kicked back here again. We have this thread for you because we don't want you to be around us, as simple it sounds.

No. 85343


Forget the ghosting, at this point I'm just hoping she's okay and not hurt or something, my messages don't even get delivered and I'm worried.

No. 85866

fyi someone posted about this place on /r/drama over on plebbit, so expect some more redditors (worse than even robots) to show up and pretend they don't have a dick (physical, metaphorically we know they don't)

No. 88346

Its on funnyjunk too now

No. 88562

File: 1461715725133.png (462.26 KB, 600x598, Selection_049.png)

Signed up for fetlife today advertising myself being a 23 y/o virgin

Hoping for a nice mommy gf to show me the ropes ;^)

I don't have high hopes

No. 88603


>mommy gf

Literally nonexistant

No. 89211

Wonder when will I get the courage and motivation to fix my life or just fucking kill myself. I can't take it anymore.

No. 89576

Yeah I know. Deleted it after a week after I got no replies to the dozens of messages I sent out

Feels bad

No. 89665

I've been fantasizing about suicide a lot lately. Specially just sticking a knife to my throat, stabbing myself through the heart, blowing my brains out with a shotgun. It's all I dream everyday, I can't think of anything else. My medication stopped them for a bit but they returned stronger than ever couple of days ago, every time I see a knife I want to stick it to my throat and just end it all.

No. 91038


That's it, I'm killing myself today. There is nothing for me in this life and there never will be.(you will be forgotten)

No. 93502

Only whites can truly be robots, all the other races get sex for free. White girls everywhere want brown and black dick, and in Europe they give that shit out on the streets. I've never seen a Jew virgin, Indians get arranged marriages, and East Asians and Latinos are socially very conservative and get married. Only whites can never get free sex by virtue of their race

No. 95242

Well lads i turned 24 a few days ago and decided to end my khv status. Would rather not waste money in a prostitute so I went with a crossdresser who just wanted someone's dick. Felt weird at first but once you stop getting hung up on the fact that it's a dude its ok. Takes the edge off when after work i can just go and fuck someones face. Havent actually fucked it yet and I dont know if I will.

No. 226324

Bump for someone please be my girlfriend.

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