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No. 72686

Buzzfeed edition

No. 72700

this video is so scripted and cherrypicked holy FUCK
especially the part with the kid

No. 72712

>not all whites abuse dey powerz
>but when they do it mostly malez

this whole video is cringe. i agree with the comments tho, buzzfeed keeps race baiting

No. 72713

most poc i meet in real life are chill and don't tell me im oppressing them? or do i, as a 5'4 defenseless girl, strike fear into a 6'3 black man because of the color of my skin?

No. 72721

>from around the world
>just butthurt americans and australians

No. 72722

exactly, I work at a very diverse workplace and race is hardly ever mentioned, yet everyone seems happy

No. 72725

Are you American

No. 72727

I'm the anon that works at a diverse workplace and yes, why?

No. 72730

Surprised since Americans are so obsessed with race

No. 72734

Are you white and if so, are you actually friends with your "diverse" coworkers (hang out together outside of work, etc)? I wonder if you're just part of a racial clique and maybe things aren't as smooth sailing as you may think.

No. 72737

Yeah I think it is too, but for some reason, at every place I've worked at, no one has ever really cared about what your background is, neither have many of the people I've hung out with.

I'm always a bit mystified by tumblrs view of the world. I would come across some of it during my undergrad years, but never as angry as the keyboard warriors would seem.

Yes, I hang out with my coworkers outside of work and they're candid people. Race seems to be evenly distributed, and no one keeps among their own. Though you're right it could all be a facade. For ex:

The only person that has ever expressed discomfort due to race was another white coworker. Our supervisor is a black woman. Initially, when we joined the team she was a bit… all over the place for lack of a better term. We struggled (it was a new position for all of us at a new location), but my coworker blamed it on her being black. It made no sense to me, and when I admitted that to her, she paused and replied with: "well, I'm not sure if you're a feminist, but black women are known for being way when they get a position as a higher up".

I felt like I was losing my mind because that literally made no sense to me. I told her I can't generalize and that our supervisor was just stressed out, and my coworker was surprised because at the time I expressed the most displeasure towards our supervisor and my coworker thought I would agree with her. Since then she never mentioned it again, and she's all smiles with out supervisor.

No. 72741

I think it appears that Americans are obsessed with race because it's a very diverse country as opposed to some, Japan for example, that are very homogeneous

No. 72743


I dunno, as a black female I don't really see other blacks bitching about being oppressed outside of the occasional "lol white people be tripping" meme.

I've never personally seen anyone make a big deal of race, in school or work.

No. 72744

Interesting. Sounds like your community has very healthy race relations. Mine can be very tense at times… white and black populations are about equal and historically black people have been very disadvantaged and still are to a large extent. Things have been getting a bit better over the years or at least people seem to be hiding their bitterness well. I hope one day I can live in a community more like yours, farmer. It seems much less stressful.

No. 72750

I hope so too anon, I genuinely fear a future where people get this hung up about race. People are defensive about a lot of what they say from what I've seen online or media because everyone thinks they're being racist if they say something as innocent as "I love Korean food." I feel very fortunate for not having had any experiences like this yet and I hope conditions improve for anyone who does have to deal with that on a regular basis. It sounds exhausting.

No. 72776

Horrible oppressive white person coming through, but I never saw any of this either until I came to Uni. I lived in a poor area and no one made as huge a deal out of anything as the suburban kids do here. It's ridiculous.

No. 72778

File: 1456204430768.png (467.95 KB, 702x701, Dear_Cis_People_-_2014-03-10_0…)

No. 72779

File: 1456204496713.jpg (265.79 KB, 1500x970, pronouns.jpg)

>tfw in my Psych 100 class we actually had to introduce ourselves with preferred pronouns

No. 72781

File: 1456204673198.png (71.83 KB, 590x554, 1431143770856.png)

No. 72782

File: 1456204696419.png (661.33 KB, 1401x1827, 1431141510528.png)

No. 72783

File: 1456204769292.png (204.44 KB, 512x352, 1405137258938.png)


No. 72784

File: 1456204842893.jpg (124.83 KB, 600x880, 1398505102173.jpg)

No. 72785

File: 1456205188475.png (62.88 KB, 488x297, 1430631189235.png)

No. 72786

File: 1456205319287.png (37.25 KB, 560x314, 1413576371391.png)

Just for shits and giggles

No. 72788

File: 1456205860670.png (232.38 KB, 400x400, jimbo.png)

I'll just compile Jim's videos here because I really enjoy them. I'm sure most of you have probably seen some, but I really love these and have rewatched a lot of them

Hugbox Chronicles playlist
Tumblrisms playlist

New channel

No. 72790

Just chiming in, there was a girl in my class today (university) who was crying about how "literally every single white person is racist" and how whenever she meets a white person, she automatically assumes they are racist until they prove it otherwise. She even said that white people are defaulted at birth to be racist and she doesn't feel comfortable around them.
I mean yeah, I get it, you're a minority in a minority-friendly state and you think everyone is out to get you. But It's kind of annoying because it's a foreign language class and a really small one at that; third level, only 7 people in the classroom and we all know each other fairly well. To my knowledge, not a single one of us has treated her any differently than anyone else, but she says that she's not comfortable around us because we are white and she's not, even though I've tried for a year to be friends with her. Blows my mind, to be honest.

But am I just being racist?

No. 72792

File: 1456207407581.png (95.04 KB, 500x674, tumblr_napkjaYK9m1qhqxfro1_500…)

Jesus, fuck Aaron Diaz. He's one of the most self-important pieces of shit I've ever come across. In case you don't know who he is, he draws a webcomic called Dresden Codak and he's known for his ridiculously extreme SJW views. He complains about sexism and sexualized female characters in games, yet in his own comics the female characters are always losing their clothes for no reason, in suggestive poses and so forth. He also has a major case of sameface syndrome, it's like he literally knows how to draw just one expression and it's the "annoyed with my eyebrows cocked and mouth half open" Kristen Stewart look.

He also drew a "female Link" and tried to play it off like he was the first one to EVER think of that and he's SO progressive for taking a male hero and turning him into a female. When Nintendo released Linkle for Hyrule Warriors, he immediately jumped on it and claimed in all seriousness that Nintendo is stealing his idea and had some major butthurt about it on twitter. Yes, he actually thought Nintendo is stealing his idea about a female Link.

He's such a shithead. And I don't even know what's up with these tweets, he looks pretty goddamn white to me himself.

No. 72795

In all the dorms on campus (I'm assuming this is required) each floor has a posterboard of famous and influential black leaders and activists. It has MLK, Malcolm X, then right next to them it has fucking Shaun King and a bunch of other "internet activists". Honestly I don't know how anyone can get it into their head that Shaun King is even close to on par with MLK. It's a disgrace in my mind, but I'm white so what do I know
She's "woke"
Happens when you take AfroSJW classes
I didn't know anyone like this when I was in public school, but they're everywhere at the Uni level. You can blame Tumblr all you want, but it's academia that's really pushing it

No. 72798

She sounds genuinely racist.

No. 72800

File: 1456209023475.jpg (105.51 KB, 960x720, 1456154473151.jpg)

No. 72801

Beat me to it :^)
Racism=Power+Privilege shitlords

No. 72802

Well, I agree with that. There's no such thing as reverse racism. Just racism. And she sounds racist.

No. 72804

Haven't you learned anything? Only whites can be racist

No. 72810

>teach people not to hate, they're taught to hate they can be retaught
>people are born hating

which is it huh?

No. 72812

Remember to log out of tumblr the 5th of March, folks! :^ )

No. 72814

File: 1456214775845.png (166.42 KB, 264x314, 1439219624769.png)

>that music
>jump cuts
>close up on faces
>mixing sentences from different people
I cringe so hard everytiem

No. 72824

So many cringey liberals ITT.

Literally no matter what black people do and say about you you just defend them every time.

No. 72826

MLK plagiarised his doctoral thesis and beat up prostitutes. Don't act like that guy is an example to follow. Everything about him is modern day hagiography. Same with Mandela.

No. 72831

lmao I don't think they can handle being logged out for one day.

They will just pretend they are offline, while furiously browsing their dashboards to see who hasn't logged out.

No. 72844

File: 1456232892350.jpg (72.28 KB, 645x502, fattie mcbawbaw.JPG)

No. 72846

^i think im going to die

No. 72851

Tumblr actually thinks this is a thing. Are smokers considered an ~oppressed minority~ too now? I smoke and damage my lungs and overall health so it's just the fault of ~dem oppressive health nuts~ that I'm considered unhealthy? It's my own fucking fault and if I keep doing it for years, it's going to cause me health problems. Just like being overweight. You might be healthy at 20 despite being fat, but if you continue being fat for 20 years, you'll face severe health issues and it might be too late to get rid of them just by losing the weight. These people need a fucking reality check.

No. 72856

I can't wrap my head around their logic. It's not okay to shame someone for being fat but it's okay to shame someone for trying to lose weight because they want to better themselves? These people project their insecurities so hard. It's easier to be obese and do nothing about it if nobody else does anything about their health either, after all the more lazy fucks the better!!

No. 72857

File: 1456239018721.jpg (58.38 KB, 788x788, FRQq1MC.jpg)

No. 72859

Dude there was a post going around about how you should not ~shame~ woman who choose to smoke and drink whils being pregnant because they may be ~copping~ an old trauma, like, who cares if the baby comes out retarded or worse, as if retardation was a bad think, fucking ableist!

No. 72861

Maybe my college doesn't have enough richfags to claim oppression.

No. 72869

Maybe. I went to community college before this and while there were certainly groups like a black student union, they didn't bully the administration, block access to buildings in protest, or do much of anything really aside from host student events to "raise awareness"
Whereas here they block buildings which i dont know how they think that helps their cause. Recently they're freaking out because the University conducted a survey and found that 60% of students of color felt in danger because of their race on campus. My Uni is 40% white, so my guess is the presence of white people on campus make mosy students feel in danger. Or the survey was just bogus. I really cant wrap my head around 60% of nonwhite students I see thinking they're in danger on campus because of their race

No. 72879

I'm not American but I'm part of an ethnic minority where I live. I can tell you that in my country we're less diverse overall. Anyway, I can't blame anybody for being suspicious of some white people sometimes in specific circumstances, as I've been told some very unwarranted stupid or insulting things because of my ethnicity, almost everytime by white people. But being suspicious of others literally 24h a day isn't a solution, the best thing to do is to surround yourself by tolerant and respectful people regardless of their race/ethnicity/religion/whatever. I always thought it was an easy thing to do in the USA so I'm always surprised when poc (god I hate this acronym) complain about the US all the time.

I think I remember that post, the original poster didn't know much about the effects this could have on the baby and apologized publicly once they learned more about it, for once. In general people who say shit like that just delete their blog because they don't want to look stupid, so I can at least forgive them for admitting their mistake.

No. 72883

Hahaha what? If her parents did work and spend their money on "whatever they want" she would even have a television, phone, computer, internet, or a house to live in, food to eat, and clothes to wear. Tell me that she's just a troll.

No. 72885

>I live in a country that's mostly white
>I've been told some very unwarranted stupid or insulting things because of my ethnicity
>almost everytime by white people.
>everytime by white people
>in a country that's mostly white

To be honest EVERY majority is going to sometimes say something thoughtless to a member of a minority. But to blame white people to have the ultimate monopoly for it, the SJWs should hear how middle easterns talk about other ethnic groups like the Yazidis. They practically say they're worse than dogs who should be destroyed entirely and they're very open and loud about it.

No. 72886

>TV, tumblr and texting are basic rights
>Parents get to work for MONEY and spend it however they want! I'm not getting any of that!
Except for free housing, free food, free clothes and that free $1000 macbook and $800 iPhone you use to browse Tumblr to submit retarded and privileged posts like this.

No. 72887

Like Turks with Kurds and the Indian caste system etc.

SJW's are just so America-centric they don't realise racism and ACTUAL oppression happens in these places and is committed by non-whites

No. 72889

Well I was using white people as an example because I was talking from personal experience (living in a country with white people as the majority)and because most people I see complain about white people are Americans, where white people are considered the majority, but yeah, I agree.

I don't expect much from SJWs since they're so US centric, they think literally all places work like the USA except maybe Japan. I've seen some of them excuse some pretty horrible things done by poc from other countries (and sometimes even Americans) by saying that it's part of their culture so it's not up to people in first world countries to criticize them or it's racism. Even though some people in first world countries aren't white. They're just so stupid, not all of them are lost causes since some of them are uninformed teenagers who have good intentions but they're too annoying to deal with.

No. 72890

>They're the real racists guys!

When will you clowns realise this line of argument never works?

The moment you start saying things like "I know my ancestors did bad things but…" or "MLK wouldn't agree with you!" you've already lost because you've bought into their false narrative unconsciously.

By appropriating their language and begging for leniency/a reprieve you put yourself on a defensive footing to begin with and accept their premises as axiomatic without realising it.

Give them an inch and they'll take a yard.

No. 72892

>is committed by non-whites
That's just cultural differences, anon. Stop with your western, white privilege!

No. 72904

>while furiously browsing their dashboards to see who hasn't logged out.
And Tumblr actually did take notice of black history month, I've had notifications for it before like "Black History Month posts here, follow this link".
These cucks aren't even active enough on the site to make plausible complaints.

No. 72905

Please tell me that thing is satire.

No. 72908

Where do you live exactly?

No. 72915

I don't really want to give too many details, but I'm living in France, born and raised here.

No. 72917

I remember her mentioning she was a North African.

She really has no room to talk, given the sort of things Maghrebis do in France. She's acting as if French people dislike them for no reason.

No. 72919

No its highly educational

No. 72923

That's not a reason to treat people you don't know like shit or to randomly accuse them o things just because of their ethnicity. In that case I could say that all humans are complete shit just because some people are terrible, it's just as inaccurate.

No. 72925

You turned Marseilles into a shithole. You turned the Banlieues of Paris into a shithole resembling a warzone.

Maghrebis blame all of this on the "legacy of the evils of colonialism" while at the same time talking about how wonderful Islamic Spain was. You can't make this shit up.

No. 72926

>mfw I never went to Paris or Marseille my whole life
I'm speaking for myself from the beginning, I'm not trying to represent the whole group's (lol) opinion. I never heard anyone talk about how great Islamic Spain was, looks like you only talked to tryhard teenagers or the kind of weirdos nobody likes.

No. 72927

The whole mainstream notion that Islamic Spain was this wonderful, progressive and "tolerant" place is something pushed in academia extremely hard. Likewise with the "Arabs started the Renaissance" crap.

No. 72928

Literally never heard or read anyone saying this, people don't give a shit about Spain in the first place. I don't know you but you definitely talked with weirdos or people trying way to hard to emulate the whole sjw "white people stole every invention from pocs" bullshit you can find on tumblr, or something.

No. 72931


also i've heard that too in the US

No. 72934

In other news, Marvel and DC still wonder why people dont want to buy comics anymore.
Shit is so ridiculous that I wish this was an unfunny edit…

No. 72935

I'm on my phone so there are typos, I didn't notice. Just really curious but who told you these things about Spain? Was it on the internet or in a conversation face to face?

No. 72937

I think they put dialog like this in once in a while to make people forget the sexualization (or lack of) of female heroines, and other things people complain about.

No. 72939

What's the problem with sexy powerful heroines? As far as I know everyone who uses thight spandex in the comic industry is sexy as hell not only the women.
Do you even read comics?
And I dont know you but I'd rather have my clasic busty supergirl with a real personality and backstory instead of these "realistic" sj spewing sock puppets, at least the first one inspires me.

No. 72987

Different anon but I don't have any problem with obvious fap material. I don't bother with things like that, but it doesn't annoy me. What does annoy me is complaining about sexualized characters while making "strong female characters" that are more pornofied than actual porn. SJW shit is obnoxious to begin with but it's even worse when it's somehow even more hypocritical than usual.

No. 72990

Not that anon, but the renaissance was started by arabs meme, and Islamic ruled Spain was a great bastion of tolerance and innovation while other Europeans were bashing eachother with rocks is a pretty common narrative

No. 72997

?? there's already a term for this though: slacktivism

No. 72999

I've been wondering about this (not you being racist, you're not lol), whether this whole tumblrthink where everyone who is white is racist will make certain poc feel anxiety when they're around them. I had a friend confess to me once that she went to receive training to volunteer at a school an that she was the only black person there while everyone was white. She said "I don't mean to be that person, but at the moment I wondered what they thought of me because of the fact that I'm black, and that I was the only black person there. I felt insecure".

I simultaneously felt bad for her because I could see how poc in predominantly white states/cities etc may feel that they're different in a negative way, but at the same time, I felt that it was unfair for both the people in that room and herself to assume that they'd think less of her due to race.

No. 73002

Holy fuck the last one was scary, and the Angela one, I'm still trying to recover, the bitch who's the writer seriously think shes funny making those tumblr branded "oops redacted but its a shitty red pill mra opinion hue hue" insertions and even brags about "all them neckbeards I raged this time" on Twitter
also what the fucking hell is an asgardian doing talking about Israel?? How did he learn that? I know that you want us to hate the last seconds of that guy before he's brutally killed in the next page and like, make us feel that he deserved to be fucking beheaded because was antisemitic or something, but really?? I swear, this shit is driving me up the wall.
Good think I only read CBR archives and never buy shit anymore, I hope marvel burns.

No. 73020


The more tumblr tells people whites are racist by default, the more PoC start to actually believe it.

No. 73026

The term "PoC" is so stupid

>saying "coloured" is racist but "person of colour" is fine

Like they want to be equal but they also don't

No. 73037

I think it's retarded, too, but the idea is that "colored" nounifies it to some extent and makes it seem like that's what a person is, while "person who X" or "person of X" shows they're a person first, who happens to have a certain attribute.

The language is extremely awkward, but I do understand the intent. I'm still going to just say "black", though.

No. 73038

Doesn't she understand that her preference for her own kind also applies to whites though? We generally prefer other white people. That's what annoys me about non white people in general, they are ethnocentric but expect whites not to be.

No. 73143

I dont really think whites prefer their own any more
Only race who is "above" that in America

No. 73149

Are you white or non white?

I'm white and I feel more comfortable around other white people. Try living in a place where you're the only white person around, you'll quickly understand what I mean.

We can't let non white people take advantage of our admittedly more universal tendencies regardless.

No. 73152

File: 1456306079245.jpg (63.13 KB, 461x720, zL52krA.jpg)

No. 73153

'Some people', so not you?
Unless someone is extremely self critical, because of abuse by their parents as an example, this is actually an exercise that has to be done more often. Those SJWs could use some self reflecting.

No. 73155

dont care what you think, its true

No. 73158

I don't understand how something like that can be graded. I understand that it's good to teach kids about knowing their qualities and flaws but this exercise seems like a bad idea. Not an excuse for the op to act like that but something tells me that this story is made up for internet points anyway.

No. 73164

>this happened

No. 73173


I've had to do something like this before. It's either points just for handing something in or ungraded and just for the teacher to understand the students better.

No. 73174

Of course is made up.
Little bitch couldn't possibly babble half of that paragraph without looking like a lunatic and the teacher must have handed her ass on a plate after sending her to detention.
Also I refuse to believe that shit was graded.

No. 73175

Diaz is trying to convince everyone he's Asian now.

No. 73176

Same. It's probably a semi legit story. I had certain teachers give assignments like this at the beginning of a class, too. You often got points for completing the worksheet, and it's a way for the teacher to learn about their students. They will give grade you badly if you're a twat and refuse to do it.

I find it hard to believe this kid spoke out like that, though. Or maybe they did. Maybe they're that fucked after being on Tumblr too long. There were always a few crazies in high schooltrying to defend their "rights" and shit and being contrary to everything, so anything is possible.

No. 73177

wtf is happening here
did she tag it with afro?

No. 73178

i wish fatties would just die of disease already

No. 73179

>(god I hate this acronym)

Same. How the fuck is "person of color" any different from "colored person".

No. 73181

Does either of you think Diaz is schizophrenic? His nigh-unreadable comic panel layouts are the first thing that comes to mind.

No. 73182

File: 1456326798297.png (137.91 KB, 4000x3277, religions-and-ethnicity.png)

>tfw when SJWs are finished with white people they'll go after Asians next

No. 73186

I wish all other races would fuck off out of europe so we could be great again.. They could build their own countries great too, as long as they go away.

No. 73191

From what I've read on tumblr, it's because they put the person first. Which is why tumblr uses "person with disabilities" instead of "disabled person"

No. 73192

I don't wanna sound like a Nazi but it seems SJWs will only ever be happy if all "white" countries are like 50% white and 50% non-white and all media equally shows every single race even if the country is like 1% non-white which makes no sense

I dunno man I'm not good at explaining things

No. 73195

File: 1456330370829.png (394.2 KB, 600x984, which is it diaz.png)

Not Asian, Hispanic.

He very well might be, he has such a hard time keeping his shit straight.

No. 73197

File: 1456331294029.jpg (582.1 KB, 1114x2852, JXufvtJ.jpg)

Reminds me of this

No. 73205

No. 73207

Interesting read. Thanks
I wouldn't go so far as saying Hapas would identify only as white because that's a pretty half and half mixtures (one fully white parent, one fully asian parent) whereas with Latinos intermarrying with white people the Latinos are already at least 1/3 white or so depending on the person.

No. 73220

What you mean is that "SJWs" (leftists) want to make white people minorities in every formerly white-majority country.

Which is exactly what they're trying to do and what is happening.

Which is why we need a homeland.

No. 73222

please don't associate sjws with leftism

its very american of you

No. 73224

I'm European.

And they are leftists, their foundational axiomatic truth is egalitarianism. Just because you don't like how far they take the idea of "equality", it doesn't change this fact and the whole nonsense about how "SJWs have nothing to do with leftism" is merely a face-saving measure for channer leftists who feel ashamed by association.

No. 73229

Not the same anon but I'm French and from what I remember during history class the lesson focused on Islamic Spain, and it was like "Yeah Muslims, Jews and Christian lived in harmony and did cool science/philosophy shit"

But well, it was high school history so it didn't delve very deep into the subject, and I don't remember the textbook criticizing the Spanish for fucking the Arab's shit up later so idk

No. 73232

Amazing that we live in a world where the reconquista was considered bad but the genocide of whites on Haiti is considered some noble act.

No. 73233

File: 1456346319205.png (174.4 KB, 367x319, 1454574061894.png)


>For a nation constantly boasting about its multiculturalism and diversity – at least when its Olympic bids are at stake – tonight’s Brit awards are looking like a woefully white affair.


Thanks a lot America

No. 73234

I don't remember talking about it in high school, but we definitely talked about it in middle school. We didn't learn a lot about Islam in Spain, but I remember that we mostly talked about the influence of Islam on Spain at the time overall, like about laws and cultural stuff, but not in a "it was morally right/wrong". I wonder if statements like that depend more on teachers themselves.

No. 73241

I can remember a lot of absolute nonsense about Islam starting the Renaissance, but that's just me.


These were the guys who mostly transmitted the Greek corpus back to Western Europe after 1204.

No. 73242

>living in harmony… ever
Haaaah. Nope.

No. 73244

A really interesting thing about Islamic Cordoba is that there's this massive discrepency between what the Muslim authors say about it and the archaeological record. The archaeological footprint of that era doesn't show any evidence of this. The archaeological evidence from the Emirate of Cordoba has something like one tenth the archaeological footprint (in terms of major sites uncovered) that Londinium in the High Empire period had, and Londinium was, apparently, a significantly smaller city than Cordoba was reputed to be.

Polite sage.

No. 73245

i didnt say you were american, but comparing them is american-like, because it is ignorant

No. 73247

My dear, there is nothing ignorant about it at all. So called "social justice warriors" are motivated by leftist axioms, not rightist ones.

No. 73292

Aww, I originally thought it was the OP responded with 'Agreed. Racist piece of shit'
I wonder if that would even give the waaambulance pause.

No. 73296

Haha, that last one is from a Crossed comic and the whole issue was pretty tongue-in-cheek.

No. 73311

I dont have an issue with leftist politics without all the sjw crap piled on it
You say you're European as if to make a point. The European leftist groups are far more steeped in SJW bile than Democrats are here

No. 73312

>You can blame Tumblr all you want, but it's academia that's really pushing it

Thiiiiiiiiis. I once had an English teacher who was tumblr personified. I didn't learn a fucking thing about English, all she did was shove her SJW shit down our throats and show us Tim Wise videos.
My community college is what it is, a community college for poor people. Apparently, before teaching here, she taught at a more affluent school filled with white kids ~but she was only teaching rich white kids and not teh oppressed minorities~.
On a happier note, my school actually is very diverse, and I think she got more than she bargened for. Everyone hated her class. Half the class dropped and she even got into a huge fight with this really ghetto mexican girl.

No. 73331

It's just annoying to be dismissed because crazy extremists exist. While right wing people are often called bigots, they're not usually mocked and dismissed over Hitler and murderous Nazis, for example.

Leftists say SJW have nothing to do with them because they don't agree with the crazy, it's unfair to lump them together. That's all.

No. 73334

Are you kidding? People often draw equivalences with Hitler over the most mundane matters as it pertains to right wingers. For example wanting a strict immigration and naturalisation system.

No. 73375

We must ask ourselves what exactly is lefism, what it used to mean in a classical sense and what it means now

No. 73386

I prefer the term liberalism as it encapsulates most post enlightenment thought.

The ideas underpinning virtually all enlightenment political thought are individual liberty and equality being intrinsically morally good. I disagree with both axioms on principle.

No. 73388

File: 1456412549357.png (373.99 KB, 610x661, 1456412336507.png)

There is no stopping this train

No. 73407


No. 73411

>Harvard academics say that the word "master" derives from the Latin term "magister" - a form of address for scholars or teachers. It is similar to terms such as "school master" or "head master".

>But protesters have argued that whatever its original derivation, the word now has connotations of slavery.

Niggers are so fucking stupid.

No. 73416

File: 1456421986456.png (101.59 KB, 471x918, bf911f76f3f5a8ef98b1d47fd2ee1f…)


God I hate this fucking country

No. 73417

I barely see any white faces in the modern music industry in the West. Every other fucking song is bloody "Drake" or "Rihanna" or some other primitive garbage.

No. 73419

File: 1456422373897.png (78.37 KB, 468x742, b8458aaeb6539312761cfe64d0fc81…)

There is literally no racism in the UK compared to the USA


I really wish American SJWs would stop shilling their slavery and oppression rubbish, its not the fucking same here

No. 73421


Americans are OBSESSED with race. In the UK we can have interracial RS tv adverts and no uproar. Put that on the telly in the US and they all bitch about it like the slave masters didn't produce a ton of mixed race kids already.

No. 73423

This 100%

Majority of "artists" are black or white. Mostly black.

No. 73424

Other Brit here, please don't do this "our non-whites are better than your non-whites" shit. Afro-Caribbeans commit a shitload of crime in London and Birmingham. If we had them to the tune of 13% of the population you can bet your bottom pound sterling that we'd have it just as bad.

Regarding interracial couples on TV: That's not a good thing. The beeb is a fucking shitheep of leftist crap, didn't they make Guienevere black in a recent historical drama? And virtually every single advert has to have at least one black person in it.

No. 73431

>Put that on the telly in the US and they all bitch about it like the slave masters didn't produce a ton of mixed race kids already.
I hate to break it to you but there were coal burners hundreds of years ago too.

No. 73471

Bit off-topic but Jesus Christ, SJWs and people in general are going absolutely crazy about Trump, saying they're gonna move out the country if he gets elected acting like Trump is mega-Hitler and is going to kill all gays and Muslims. I mean Trump is quite the character but he isn't THAT bad

The same thing happened in the UK with Farage with people saying he's going to deport all immigrants and repeal gay marriage etc. but he hasn't got nearly the much hate as Trump has got

It's scary how gullible the general public are and how the media can sway them

No. 73473

Weird how they think they're being anti establishment all the while repeating an establishment narrative eh? But that's liberalism for the past few decades.

No. 73483

>I mean Trump is quite the character but he isn't THAT bad
They're not afraid of him, they're afraid of us. Right Wing Death Squads (generally just RWDS) is becoming a meme on 8pol.

No. 73485

And since Justin Trudeau is planning on in retaliation to give all Mexicans visa-less travel rights in Canada, so they can try to sneak in through the northern border, we'll get to build two walls. That way they cant escape either.

No. 73486

I thought it was because in the u.s. colored only applied to blacks and was basically another word for the n word

people of color applies to non whites so I think thats why they don't see it that way, but I'm not sure

she doesn't prefer her own race from my understanding, she's friendly to everyone and wants a diverse group of friends from our talks, but I think tumblr and being the only black person there got to her

No. 73487

What prevents illegals from staying in Canada then?

Either way, this means visa-free travel between US and Canada will be banned. This will only be a net loss to the Canadian economy

No. 73488

>What prevents illegals from staying in Canada then?
Nothing. But Trudeau doesn't care because its current year. They'll still probably try to sneak in to the US to be with their families because one of them got deported.


No. 73542

Right Wing Death Squads (generally just RWDS) is becoming a meme on 8pol.

Like neo-Nazis going around killing non-whites? I really hope this isn't a thing

No. 73545

They'll just focus on killing the shit out of whichever they perceive to be commies/kikes.

No. 73549

Fuck those edgy children. They're the people who make the right-wing look bad

No. 73569

File: 1456515956755.jpg (158.03 KB, 2048x1226, 1456515624732.jpg)

No. 73571

Are they being fucking serious or is this sarcasm?

No. 73573

Nah tons of them act like this. They see claiming themselves as trans as a legitimate and easy way to gain tons of money with no effort. Many of them make hundreds of dollars a month this way because their "allies" want to pat themselves on the back by giving their moeny away to random entitled people online. If they want a boob job so bad they should have to work for it like most women do.

No. 73584

They want their health care to pay for their boob jobs because it's gender-confirming for them. What a joke. Women with small breasts and women who get mastectomies due to breast cancer are still women, unlike these dudes who need a perfect porn-star body to feel like a real laydee.

No. 73586

It is amazing how these assholes even alienate people who support them. Also there is a 99.9% chance this is some transtrender that is just going to use the money on ugly shit.

Sell your phone, computer, or whatever device you use to access Tumblr for "transition" money instead of panhandling, you entitled twat.

No. 73587

I'll pay money so transgenders die is that good enough for her

No. 73595

It's good to see there are women actually opposed to this transgender crap.

No. 73597

Yes but please let us not become RadFems

No. 73619

too late

No. 73625

File: 1456535365717.jpg (54.72 KB, 640x737, e9abd5959204285b7573f154cb756b…)

In other news: Batshit Tumblrina goes on a stabbing spree at highschool
She claimed to be autistic and almost everything she ever posted about was some sj bull.
Bitch's blog and post announcing the crime: https://archive.is/9hLlB
And some other stuff.

No. 73658

The cat picture is an esoteric /jp/ meme. ("cat look like janny lol")

No. 73675

File: 1456584618242.png (181.13 KB, 431x908, buzzfeed.png)

Ahh Buzzfeed

One of the many vehicles of race-baiting media

No. 73677

I called it, man

Only a matter of time before SJWs start killing people

No. 73712

No. 73725

WTF, have any of these idiots not figured out that trying to suppress stuff just makes things worse? Especially right now in Europe. The more they try to push the 'poor, innocent refugees' story the more even traditionally left wing people shift to the right because they know it's bullshit.

No. 73728

File: 1456614089530.png (58.22 KB, 861x664, 7heWQ4r.png)

The thing is "hate speech" is such broad term almost anything can be considered hate speech

We are slowly but surely slipping into the world of Nineteen Eighty-Four

No. 73736

lmao is this real? If you post your opinion on a public platform, everyone is free to disagree with it. The equivalent would be yelling your opinion at the top of your lungs in the middle of a crowded street. You can't expect someone to not comment.

I really do hate social media. Most have this shitty echo chamber/circlejerk mentality where any opposing view isn't allowed, and I can't stand it.

No. 73738

I had a look around twitter but couldn't find this option. I found something similar but it just ends up giving you the option to mute/block. So, as far as I can tell, it's not super censorship.

I somewhat agree about the echo chamber thing eventhough it's somewhat expected. I mean…this is a bit of an echo chamber. We generally agree what is attention seeking bullshit or scamming or censorship. Everyone's (who knows how the internet works) bound to end up in an environment that supports their views in some way.

No. 73746

What do you spect, Anita created that fucked up system on Twitter

No. 73779

We've lived for the past few decades in a world (the west) controlled by liberals in most ways, but a world in which they've still been effective in pushing the narrative that they're this powerless counter-culture up against the powers that be.

Hopefully that can change for good now. Liberals rule the west. The right (the real right, not the people who just believe in low taxes) are the real counter-culture.

No. 74457

No. 74575

I hate that ~sassy~ attitude all these little bitches have, they all deserve a good punch right in the mouth for being so disgusting.

No. 74613


Notice how they're all white middle-class teenagers


No. 74623

Not strictly sjw-ish but jesus christ this video gave me a hernia

No. 74647

No. 74658

only one fucking down vote. jfc

No. 74669

File: 1456714763989.gif (495.95 KB, 500x359, tumblr_inline_mn9z4azrbj1qz4rg…)

No. 74692

i dare you to find one decently dressed black guy in any of these videos

No. 74693

it funny how this happens the day after a good half of the twitter staff jumped ship
they knew what was going to happen

No. 74697

>I really hope this isn't a thing
nah, it's a joke because every SJW thinks that republicans are killing them all in organized attacks because they are black/female/trans/whatever which is ridiculous
I think it kinda grew out when hilary said some shit like "the women who slept with bill were undercover republicans out to ruin him" in an interview

No. 75017

File: 1456807880857.jpg (151.16 KB, 1000x564, tumblr_o38xoz6Dwn1uwoowfo1_128…)

No. 75019

File: 1456808484180.png (112.22 KB, 480x360, tumblr_nv5b837zhB1uag5p3o1_500…)

but wait there's more


No. 75042

That is like the cutest old heterosexual couple ever. I am a gay woman and I would defend them to the grave. fuck tumblr

No. 75052

I'm confused about what I even just watched.

No. 75102

File: 1456824568111.jpg (20.52 KB, 527x185, whaaa.jpg)

Man, Charms reblogges some stupid shit. I love browsing her blog so I can lol at what a spoiled cunt she is.

No. 75103

File: 1456824584412.jpg (38.24 KB, 529x252, suicide.jpg)


No. 75117

How do they know when someone's a "neurotypical" and not a person with mental health issues repeating what their therapist told them? Are they a mind reader?

No. 75119

File: 1456826173941.gif (403.16 KB, 600x500, tumblr_o3aiicjjFc1uertqmo2_128…)


">mocking a group of people for no reason

No reason?? NO REASON??? You’re saying I mock cis people for NO. REASON?

SERIOUSLY. Do you read ANYTHING on this blog? Have you even looked at this blog? Once??

Cis people are inherently transphobic. Every cis person has internalized transphobia that is taught to them by media, religions, popular culture, the very systems and laws that build their society. Every cis person contributes or has contributes to the oppression of trans people and the perpetuation of cissexist beliefs that also feed into the oppression of trans people."

No. 75136

That's my biggest qualm with this kind of behavior. I feel like I can't go anywhere unless I pin a receipt on my shirt saying "UwU hi i haev depression and autism pls no bully UwU"

You shouldn't be required to wave a laundry list of disorders and """disprivileges""" you have just so people don't act like passive aggressive babies over you disagreeing with them.

No. 75173

It's the same thing when they scream about misgendering and whatever when in reality they NEVER ask for someone's "preferred pronouns" or mental ailments and assume everyone's gender on looks only when they're out in the public with other people. I look and act quite normal but I've been battling a severe depression for years, I'm bisexual and I've always had issues with my gender, but because I don't walk around with a shock coloured hair and tumblrcore outfits I get branded as an oppressive straight neurotypical cis scum!!!!11. I once asked a tumblrina about her making assumptions based on looks only when that's what she was fighting against and she completely avoided the question.

They don't really care about social issues like this and defending people who have to deal with them. They just care about feeling self-important.

No. 75174

>2nd generation Cuban.

Mm-hmm. You're like 10-20% Cuban, look completely white, have grown up in a white society with white parents but of COURSE you're a precious Hispanic PoC.

Will he become a transgender/nonbinary for attention in the near future? A tip for Aaron: being a PoC transwoman really brings in the followers!

No. 75181

Buzzfeed also had a video about POCs responding to the word "black" and it was equally as cringey because they all said "beautiful, strong, intelligent".

It just goes to show how prejudice some people are. If you have preconceived ideas about a race, you're racist. Just because you have dark skin, doesn't mean you can't be an asshole. Omg.

No. 75209

File: 1456845007202.png (219.83 KB, 1110x524, sjwwww.png)

No. 75214

I hate seeing posts like this because they're just collectively holding themselves back from doing their best to fight their mental illness and succeed in general. Once I saw some post (by someone who struggled with mental illness) about how exposure therapy is important in learning to function and get better, and it just got bombarded by thousands of notes of "neurotypicals are so ignorant they know nothing!!!"

No. 75222

some people are completely incapable of integrating with society though

No. 75316

No. 75333

Then do it

No. 75361

It's like those idiots in the comment section of facebook who self diagnosed their ~anxiety~ talk about how they get nervous in social situations and act like recluses and when people who have had intervention with their disorder call them out on doing nothing about it, they cry "WELL SOME PEOPLE HAVE IT WORSE THAN OTHERS SO WE CAN'T ALL JUST ESCAPE THE COMFORT OF OUR OWN ROOMS YOU JUST DONT GET IT!!!"

No. 75478

That or "UMMM EXCUSE ME, SOME OF US DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO GET THIS SO CALLED HELP YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT IM POOR AF SO SHUT UP" ironically while browsing tumblr on their Iphones or flaunting how they spend all their money on taobabo shit and animu cons that month

No. 75480

File: 1456874729214.gif (2.58 MB, 280x250, 1392404327273.gif)

>that picture
Started laughing right off the bat

No. 75487

File: 1456876011011.png (164.57 KB, 494x521, what the actual fuck.PNG)

what the fuck somehow i was following someone linked to this fuckery

No. 75498

>non-english speaking european country
>doesn't say what language or county
so much rage in such a small space.

No. 75503

>literally the face of the man who killed my cousin

anon i dont wanna be one of those guys… but pls

No. 75506

They probably don't know a non-English euro language and don't wanna be asked about it because it ruins the dream

No. 75522

I don't know why /pol/ seems to fondle Breivik's (and Hitler's, for that matter) cock so much. Murdering innocent people isn't really laudable.

No. 75525

really even poor people have internet connection and 'luxury items' these days, so it's unreasonable to include that

No. 75529

The whole liking being a neo-nazi thing used to be a joke but newfags have actually started believing in it

No. 75534

CAN WE PLEASE NOT TALK ABOUT THAT STUFF? Christ, this is not a /pol/ thread, stop trying to derail it and make an argument with repressed sjws aka leftists

No. 75538

Because it makes people butthurt
People try to talk about /pol/ and the like as altright headquarters, but in reality they just act the way they do because it causes butthurt. I'm not exactly right wing, but I'd be lying to myself if I didnt enjoy Tumblr/SJW tears
People are too easily offended these days so /pol/ takes it to extremes to trigger those people

No. 75593

File: 1456891255891.png (274.6 KB, 498x772, wut.png)

Probably a troll but I lol'd.

No. 75598

File: 1456891905377.jpg (391.75 KB, 1015x1236, death.jpg)

No. 75603

>All the murderers are black

Yeah this is definitely a WN trying to do a reverse psychology troll

No. 75614

No. 75617

File: 1456896700215.jpg (67.45 KB, 498x498, nigger.jpg)

No. 75622

Hahaha, no one really cares about BLM

No. 75629

I bet these people actually do this in real life

Inject there stupid politics into everyday conversation and take every little thing to heart

No. 75633

File: 1456901517807.jpg (53.49 KB, 465x899, lol.jpg)

This person sounds 12.

No. 75643

They do. Every single little thing is a ~microaggression~ only meant to target them in a negative way. They're unbearable to be around because they just love to overcomplicate things and do their best to pick up a fight, and when you become annoyed at the constant bickering they'll go SEE? ?? SEE?? I'M THIS OPPRESSED EVERYONE JUST IGNORES THE ISSUE YALL SUCH UNEDUCATED PRIVILEGED WHITE BITCHES WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND NO THANG

No. 75648

I'm going to get shit for this, but I hate it when white people post links to stories of white women being raped and use it to justify their racism. (Like after cologne). Rape is done to assert power over the victim, which PoC do not have. A PoC can not "rape" a white woman. Rape is a systematic tool wielded by oppressors to establish power over their victims. You can force a white woman to have sex with you, but you can't rape her.

No. 75649

you are mixing two thing that have nothing to do with each other.

Nice bait, tho.

No. 75652

Was this someone's actual post, or just shitposting?

No. 75658

This person is so easy to troll I'm dying


Their font is horrible to read so I'm gonna copy paste it;

Anon question, "I hate you too nigger"

"and this is white people for u all :) how amazing :) how self absorbed and disgusting people can be :) ur fucking supremacist racist terrifying asses..im not surprised

// slur tw //"

"im fucking shaking i kept getting thr notification for that messgae over snd over andim. Fhxigb crying oh my god"

"i canf ffycibg breathe i just wanna go to sleep"

"this persons blog is fucking terrifying fuck what the hell" (Talking about my blog)

Fucking lol

No. 75661

File: 1456912425180.png (77.07 KB, 638x676, scury.png)

Nm the it's more readable here.

No. 75663

Omg I actually thought you were serious for a second there, well done.

No. 75668

I'm fucking disgusted at the blog post of someone claiming that this is an attack driven by "depression" or "anxiety".

As someone who suffers from both and has many friends suffering from mental illness, I can honestly say that none would hurt a fly. This bitch is trying to make people with mental illness seem crazy or dangerous. Fuck her, what an asshole.

No. 75669

The sad thing is that there are people who actually think like this.

No. 75694

I'm not sure getting uncomfortable by looking at someone who murdered someone in your family is what you'd call butthurt.

No. 75695

Fuck off.

No. 75698

File: 1456924738099.jpg (88.81 KB, 497x746, 1431564232130.jpg)

No. 75699

White girl thingz

No. 75701

White people are batshit insane and are unable to comprehend anything. Maybe a white genocide might be good after all?

No. 75703

wtf are you talking about

I guess the polish prostitutes being sold off in turkey aren't being raped to death after all, they're just dying from too much power.

No. 75706

This is exactly what I mean: white people cannot comprehend anything. Who said white women cant get raped?
P.S I hate to burst your bubble Babschka but babschkas, especially non-russian babschkas, are swarthy, slav.

No. 75707

I'm not even Eastern European. Why are you trying to argue this?

No. 75712

As long as you keep the kid away from tumbr there's a 99% chance that their gender will match their genitals.

No. 75715

Oh God… I read through some of this tumblr and it was so cringeworthy I couldn't even get a laugh out of it.

There is no arguing with this person. They are totally out of their mind here. It's useless to even try to call this person out. But i get the feeling that's just what they want. More attention.

Why can't this type of blog be reported as hate speech and taken down? If It was down with trans I'm sure it would be gone in five seconds.

No. 75728

Your cousin's support of mass immigration has killed (and raped) far more than Breivik ever could, don't worry.

No. 75737

is that lindsay

No. 75772

No. 75773

That's fact. Not edgy.

No. 75777

Don't cut yourself on all that edge.

No. 75781

Alright memester.

No. 75784

>roleplaying as mentally ill people
I just don't understand this.

No. 75785

Don't you have a My Chemical Romance album to listen to?

No. 75789

No, too busy celebrating Trump's victories and the impending collapse of the EU.

No. 75790

idk if you're being serious but I am patiently awaiting the day when Euros realize that their "free" healthcare is pretty much subsidized by the US's crazy defense spending, which relieves their national governments from choosing between the ole guns and butter

No. 75801

He shouldn't have been a leftist race-traitor then

No. 75859

Wishing death on someone because of their political beliefs is incredibly childish

I wouldn't be surprised if you were underage

No. 75894

Gotta love how every single """native american""" on tumblr is also white passing

No. 75927

In a country like Norway? Are you retarded?

No. 75928

In one year, every single rape in Oslo was committed by non-western immigrants.

No. 75929

Except Europe isn't a country, it's a continent. So that really depends on the separate countries pal.

No. 75935

bullshit, almost all rapes are done by family members or trusted people. You are gonna have to link a source, or this is all presumptuous.

No. 75937

lol it was too obvious

No. 75965

No. 75966

No. 75971

I was really hoping he'd say something about the Oscar shit show
If any black person in Hollywood would I'd think it would be him

No. 75987

No one would listen though

The majority of black people would just call him an 'uncle tom' or 'coon' and then everyone forgets about it and goes about their daily lives again

No. 75989

>Murdering innocent people isn't really laudable.
How were they innocent, they were at a camp for a political party? If you dont mind me paraphrasing an excellent movie line: When you vote, you're exercising political power, you're using force. And force my friends is violence, the supreme authority from which all other authority is derived. Naked force has resolved more issues throughout history than any other factor. The contrary opinion that violence never solves anything, is wishful thinking at its worst, and people who forget that always pay, they pay with their lives and they pay with their freedom.

Every act the state performs is backed by the explicit threat of violence or enslavement. If you do not comply with the states demands they will enslave you (pursuant to the 13th amendment), and if your resist enslavement they will use violence to coerce you, and if you still refuse the use of force continuum will ultimately result in your summary execution. Simply because you've abstracted yourself from their process to such a degree through a convoluted system of layers upon layers of bureaucracy, does not mean in any way that you're innocent, it just means you've deluded yourself so you can sleep at night by paying another man to do your dirty work for you, to further the laws you elected those politicians to enact.

Those kids deserved to die.

No. 76017

>having opinions I disagree with and potentially acting on them in future gives me the right to shoot you and your friends

Nice b8

No. 76023

lol no

>Nice b8

>ignoring the whole part of them using the state to violently coerce people
dat projection

No. 76029

>everything ever is coercion backed by violence, wake up sheeple
Okay faggot, you got your reply, either you drop the act or you're one of those retards who thinks the cops coming to arrest you for running through the streets screaming "NIGGER" is oppression or something equally dumb.

Were those kids at the club even old enough to fucking vote? If they weren't they couldn't have done much even by your dumbshit logic where voting is effectively hiring government thugs

No. 76033

>Were those kids at the club even old enough to fucking vote?
Average age of the "kids" was 18:
But as you said, i'm sure they dindu nuffin.

>If they weren't they couldn't have done much

Right, because you volunter to go to a political youth camp because you're so indifferent to the state and its affairs.

>where voting is effectively hiring government thugs

The government just hires thugs because the politicans are evil people who tricked all the people in to thinking they're good, and that their electorate would totally never support that?

>dumbshit logic

keep on projecting.

No. 76040

I am pretty tired of the whole kid meme being pushed tbh

No. 76041

They meant 100% of rapes committed by strangers you dumbshit. Watch this video that literally takes 2 seconds to find when you type oslo immigrant rape to google. Even some of the schoolgirls have started to dye their hair black to avoid being harassed.

No. 76069

I love how the people spewing shit about immigrants and muslims and muh shitskins are exactly the same as the feminists spewing shit about men and cishets and patriarchy, they only have a different subject. Kek.

No. 76116

It's pretty clear you know nothing of the situation at all.

First of all:
>How were they innocent, they were at a camp for a political party? If you dont mind me paraphrasing an excellent movie line: When you vote, you're exercising political power, you're using force.

Most of the people there were under the age of 18, they cannot vote. The youngest who was murdered was 8. They have no power, no force.

The camp was also a summer camp, you know, for fun.

Fuck this is making me mad, you don't know shit.

No. 76119

I think it's pretty rational for people to be worried about the scale of immigration into Europe anon. People target Muslims because they're the most aggressive group, but I personally hold no love for most African Christians either, they commit a shitload of crime too if you look at the stats.

No. 76140

>radical feminist
I thought radical feminists were against that nonbinary shit?

No. 76157

File: 1457017946766.png (354.96 KB, 1084x2132, 1457015329803.png)

Ugh I hate this group so much

No. 76180

That is so fucking stupid. They're essentially reinforcing racism and segregation with this shit.

No. 76182

I've seen members be less subtle and campaign for "white-free" zones where POC dont have to experience racism

No. 76183

File: 1457022947685.jpg (181.1 KB, 1536x1152, 1453724794772.jpg)

did you just figure out BLM is a shitty racist movement?
you're late as fuck to the party

No. 76199

I'll never understand the point of excluding white people from this. Only people interested in this would come, because they want more info about racism and be educated or whatever you want to call it. Isn't that the point of this black lives matter? They're being counter-productive because of this.

No. 76217

Dude, we don't care about their narrative. They literally and unironically want to reduce white people to minority status in every country from Russia to the USA.

Why the fuck do you think we want to be "educated" by a bunch of double-digit IQ cretins in the first place? Their "tone" isn't the problem, their very axiomatic beliefs are the problem.

No. 76257

>Isn't that the point of this black lives matter?
No, the point of BLM is more gibs for dem programs.

No. 76385

Tumblrinas could say just the same about men, anon. Men do commit a massive amount of raping and domestic violence and all kinds of crimes. It's just rational to sperg all over about it!

No. 76491

Yup. It's awful and racist and for some reason they're allowed to go about it because 'free speech.'

No. 76496


You seem very fond of this word.

And we can't have a society without men and women.

We can, however, have a society without mass immigration (a much better one than we have presently in fact).

No. 76556

I fucking hate this group so much when they pull shit like this, how the fuck do they expect people to sympathize with them when they do this shit? Fuck I am mad.

No. 76570

Because if you don't sympathize with them wanting to cleanse the earth of white people then you're racist and deserve to be lynched too! Easy as that. Just embrace it. Fear, emotional manipulation and threats of physical violence are the trinity of every successful violent cult these days.

No. 76595

File: 1457047948172.png (804.64 KB, 919x514, yeah sure.png)

No. 76597

Lol those two sloppy wastes of human lives sure do look like gender study graduates. Why are gender studies graduates always so fat and slobby? Does it negatively impact their research if they stop stuffing their faces full of food?

No. 76601

It's really a clever name to call a group
It sounds bad to say you don't support Black Lives Matter. "Oh you dont think black lives matter??? You disgusting racist bigot!"

No. 76855

File: 1457058545991.png (1.02 MB, 572x2244, tumblr.png)

Wow, seriously?

No. 76874

Pretty typical. And you can never do the same to them and not get doxxed and dragged. This is the future we earned by being so complacent.

No. 76887

> This is the future we earned by being so complacent.
There is only one solution to this problem, the final solution. Will you join the right wing death squads when the god emperor is elected?

No. 76922

>The god emperor
You mean trump?

No. 76925

Address him by his proper title you fucking heretic. He is the God Emperor.

No. 76927

File: 1457064601938.jpg (91.59 KB, 643x655, 1457061710668.jpg)

No. 77082

Random attacks like this are so despicable. I bet this kid won't get arrested for this now that he'd taken the video down

Also what has Trump said that was racist against black people?

No. 77200

File: 1457142623273.jpg (118.84 KB, 1280x799, tumblr_o3j986qCrj1upxvpuo1_128…)

No. 77201


No. 77202

this doesnt even make sense. is it because theyre both white??

No. 77203

his audience is made up of teen girls?

No. 77204

Stop this meme

No. 77205

looked this girl up and she's literally 13
i doubt she even knows what she's saying, she probably just thought it sounded deep and clever

No. 77206

Nah I've heard in Tumblr circles that Taylor Swift is a symbol of racism because she's the Hitler ideal or something

No. 77207

>13 y/os on twitter making asses out of themselves in front of millions
I'm so fucking glad when I was a kid we still used screen names. I can't imagine how much I'd regret saying all the dumb shit I did under my actual name.

No. 77209

what meme
she's 13? wow in that pic she looks like 28

No. 77210


Video got taken down and the black guy deleted his tweet.

No. 77216

File: 1457143740089.jpg (30.87 KB, 440x585, tay.jpg)


No. 77221

Camille Paglia talked on this and she is the complete and utter opposite of an sjw.

No. 77222

Kid on the right of OP's thumbnail literally looks like some sort of hybrid simian creature.

No. 77224

She's pretty kooky, but damn the butthurt that she gives the far left is too good. (and I think she tends to consider herself part of the left, correct me if I'm wrong)

No. 77225

I was going to link the daily mail article, but is was a piece of trash
>Writing about Taylor Swift is a horrific ordeal for me because her twinkly persona is such a scary flashback to the fascist blondes who ruled the social scene during my youth

Triggered much?

No. 77226

Holy shit, this is exactly how I feel. Kids are puking their lives and opinions all over the Internet under their real names.

No. 77227

It's oddly Jewish, even though Paglia isn't Jewish herself.

It's like those Jews who still have night terrors at the thought of all-WASP country clubs or something.

No. 77229

As possibly one of the whitest black girls in the USA…I fucking love Taylor Swift. She can literally do no wrong in my eyes.

No. 77230

I liked her better when she pretended to be a loser. I relate a lot more to unrequited love than banging Harry Styles.


No. 77231

Yeah I dunno I'm triggered 2 I guess

Also she hangs out with Lena Dunham who literally used her sister as a toy and wrote about it jesus christ.

No. 77232

File: 1457144930669.jpg (111.37 KB, 634x793, 2F43199600000578-3355356-image…)

4 got pic

No. 77233

File: 1457145149772.png (290.87 KB, 1117x503, 1442825966062.png)


This seems like as good an occasion as any to cite Orwell's Politics and the English Language:

>Many political words are similarly abused. The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies "something not desirable." The words democracy, socialism, freedom, patriotic, realistic, justice have each of them several different meanings which cannot be reconciled with one another. In the case of a word like democracy, not only is there no agreed definition, but the attempt to make one is resisted from all sides. It is almost universally felt that when we call a country democratic we are praising it: consequently the defenders of every kind of regime claim that it is a democracy, and fear that they might have to stop using that word if it were tied down to any one meaning. Words of this kind are often used in a consciously dishonest way. That is, the person who uses them has his own private definition, but allows his hearer to think he means something quite different. Statements like Marshal Pétain was a true patriot, The Soviet press is the freest in the world, The Catholic Church is opposed to persecution, are almost always made with intent to deceive. Other words used in variable meanings, in most cases more or less dishonestly, are: class, totalitarian, science, progressive, reactionary, bourgeois, equality.

No. 77235

Lena Dunham is proof that if you vote for the right party and spout the right ideology, you can brag about diddling your sibling all you want

No. 77236

Would you walk into a gas chamber if they told you Taytay was playing a concert inside?
There are not enough words in the world for how disgusting Lena Dunham is.

No. 77239

are you the same anon who made the Demian post in /snow/?

No. 77240

Don't know who that is, so no.

No. 77242

She was six years old who gives af

No. 77243

I hate Dunham for a lot of reasons, but wasn't she only 8 when she touched her younger sister? Afaik she wasn't getting off on it, just curious about err…female anatomy or something. I'm not excusing it but a lot of young kids at that age "play doctor" without intending to actually harass or rape anyone. Imho she's not a shitty person for doing that, but she is shitty for publishing the whole fiasco…her sister must've been mortified

No. 77244

Just because they said it doesn't mean I'd do it.

No. 77245

She said she'd masturbate with her sister next to her in bed, when she was in her teens and her sister was 8-10

No. 77249

File: 1457147422153.jpg (98.77 KB, 600x800, dunham.jpg)


I can't even begin to explain how disgusted I am by Dunham, her show, how people treat her like she's the princess of liberal democrats.


>Honestly calling yourself a Liberal Democrat after witnessing the abominations "our side" have created.
I swear, by the time 2017 rolls around anyone with any sense will change their party to Unaffiliated.

No. 77251

File: 1457148821598.jpg (95.27 KB, 600x588, wQjQv0r.jpg)

Putting aside the issue of how old she was when the incidents happened, can you imagine what the reaction would have been if she were an obnoxious conservative instead of an obnoxious progressive? Yikes.

No. 77256


This makes me sick.

No. 77260

File: 1457150409988.jpg (35.74 KB, 413x465, 1317491357.06146426.jpg)

No. 77272

I still can't do it as an adult
If you google my name nothing comes up and I'm fucking happy it is that way. I would be so freaked out if I found anything
I know I'm taking it a bit to the extreme by having zero social media accounts, but jesus christ it just irks me.
>whitest black girl
Stop this meme. Just because you don't talk like a hoodrat doesn't make you "white"

I'm not bagging on you, but I'm just saying black=//=ghetto culture. Be happy being you

No. 77278

I've pretty much been deemed that by most of my peers. Doesn't bother me much as I am still black and I now I use it in jest to keep things lighthearted if that makes any sense at all.

No. 77282

Fair enough. If it's light hearted that's fine :)
I just don't like the whole "if he/she speaks properly/tries in school then she's acting white" bs

No. 77343


I think they're syaing that white people in sjw discourse are the first to demonize their own heritage. And that's weird and 1000% against biology and basic survival so maybe it's better if white people just genocided themselves/were genocided if they keep saying how "problematic" they are.

No. 77350

No. 77359

File: 1457166114791.png (223.51 KB, 539x841, 1457152455690-1.png)

No. 77360

I don't know why some black people think white people don't want them to prosper

Like they think white people keep black people down because if blacks prospered they would destroy the evil white supremacist (because every white person is a secret white supremacist according to this people) society or something

No. 77372

Whose language is English, who formalised its grammar and wrote virtually everything important ever written in the language?

White people. English is a white language.

No. 77373

This is true though. They had their own admittedly small economy before integration. They were better off.

No. 77374

Because there actually have been deliberate, concentrated efforts to fuck black people over by white people. See: the Tulsa race riot (and a few other white-on-black race riots), COINTELPRO, the "war on drugs" + where these drugs actually came from, police coverups of wanton murder, the assassination of black leaders, that time in history some white people literally painted themselves black and attacked white businesses to make black people look worse/unemployable, that other time in modern day life when some cops literally tried to instigate violence in Ferguson to turn it on black people living in the area + injured themselves and claimed blacks hurt them, etc.

No. 77376

I don't think America has ever really waged a concerted "War on Drugs".

An actual War on Drugs would look similar to what Singapore has, where there's strict liability for traffickers.

>that time in history some white people literally painted themselves black and attacked white businesses to make black people look worse/unemployable

Need I bring up the dozens of fake hate crimes that have been exposed over the years?

>that other time in modern day life when some cops literally tried to instigate violence in Ferguson to turn it on black people living in the area + injured themselves and claimed blacks hurt them, etc.

You can't seriously argue cops started the violence in Ferguson.

>concentrated efforts to fuck black people over by white people

See, I don't agree with this, but I do agree you need your own society. But you don't actually want that, you want to live among us, go to school with us, all the while pushing black tribalism at the same time. It's like dealing with a mentally handicapped child. White people can live great lives without black people, can you say the same for black people?

No. 77392

File: 1457178371244.jpg (150.57 KB, 1000x750, photoshopcon.jpg)

No. 77397

>I don't think America has ever really waged a concerted "War on Drugs".
Hence the quotation marks. It's not the drugs themselves there's a "war" on.
>Need I bring up the dozens of fake hate crimes that have been exposed over the years?
This wasn't fake, actually. It's been documented before. Of course, since you probably don't want to accept any sort of narrative that goes against your opinions, you'll probably plug your ears and scream "IT'S THE JEWS! NOT REAL! FAKE!".
>You can't seriously argue cops started the violence in Ferguson.
I didn't say that, but okay. Nice strawman.
>See, I don't agree with this,
Then you're disagreeing with reality, sorry.
>but I do agree you need your own society.
"you", kek
>But you don't actually want that, you want to live among us, go to school with us, all the while pushing black tribalism at the same time.
…When did I say any of these things? I'm sorry you got in a fight with someone who has these opinions, but that doesn't give you the right to project them on me because you don't feel like you properly "won" that argument lmao.
>It's like dealing with a mentally handicapped child. White people can live great lives without black people, can you say the same for black people?
Are you seriously trying to change the subject from "But white people never did nuffin to black people!!!!" to something else? Give it up, already. You were wrong about something on the internet.

No. 77423

oh it's you again

No. 77432

You forgot the best excerpt
>I shared a bed with my sister, Grace, until I was seventeen years old. She was afraid to sleep alone and would begin asking me around 5:00 P.M. every day whether she could sleep with me. I put on a big show of saying no, taking pleasure in watching her beg and sulk, but eventually I always relented. Her sticky, muscly little body thrashed beside me every night as I read Anne Sexton, watched reruns of SNL, sometimes even as I slipped my hand into my underwear to figure some stuff out.
"s-she was 8 years old u guys it doesnt mean anything now!"

No. 77433

What is incredibly bizarre to me is that she is shameless about it. Yes, these things happen, and sometimes you're so young that you don't realize the severity of what you're doing, but wtf lady, why did you get that shit published?? Don't you think your sister is mortified? Don't you at least feel awful about it as an adult?

But she's a progressive Obama feminist so the media gives her a pass.

No. 77457

This. Seriously, these kids have zero sense of self-preservation. They use their full real name online, share their photos, details about their life etc. Everything. When I was a kid everyone used a screen name and barely told you where they lived. the kids doing this now are going to regret it when 10 years later someone finds screen shots of their SMH FUCKING WHITE PEOPLE RIGHT KILL THEM ALL LMAO tweets.

No. 77476

Yeah, it's fucked up. When I was a kid, teachers and parents would hammer it into your head to never tell anyone on the Internet your name or where you lived, and certainly don't post pictures of yourself or pedos will track you down and rape + murder you. It was a bit paranoid, but it worked. Now preteens are spamming their face, real name, and stupid posts all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The normalization of using your real identity is probably the worst thing about social media.

No. 77481

It was the same for me, and whenever there was a case of something bad happening to a minor because of the internet, it was heavily reported. I was very careful on twitter before I deleted my account, I'm also careful on tumblr, I didn't even create a myspace or livejournal to avoid trouble. I think it's mostly because of facebook that kid give too much info about them, since it's "required" to give a real name, picture and the website really wants you to put as many info about school and work as possible, among other things. I just created an account some days ago for college, but I didn't put any info that would make my identity easy to guess except for my college, and my friends didn't add me because of that (so I told them irl). Kids that age are too used to facebook since an early age compared to us I think.

No. 77507

she's 13 with a verified account? Wtf.
The world is so stupid.

No. 77559

As much as I hate their behaviour I feel bad for them because they might have trouble finding a job later even when they grew out of this phase. But after all it's their own fault. It's not like employers checking out your profiles before they hire you is something new. Maybe then they will regret boasting about all of their self diagnosed mental illnesses and the edgy shit they post.

I'm really worried about this. The generation afer us seems to not understand the concept of privacy. I wonder where we will end up in 10, 20 years with this.

No. 77569

The trouble with twitter is that even if you delete it, and even if no one has seen you making an ass out of yourself and taken a screenshot, there are a bazillion other sites who automatically archive ALL tweets. In the unlikely event that all these sites go awol? The Library of Congress still has all tweets archived.

So now Carity Johnson, 14 and social activist on the tubblr, joins the rallying cry to kill all white male cishets.

When she's sixteen, she gets attacked on the tubblr for not acting/writing/dressing "black enough" and gains some perspective: these people are obviously all insane, and it's easy to get on board with that when you're a hormonal, emo 14 yo, but at almost 17 and looking at colleges? Not so much.

At 23, Carita successfully makes it into grad school. She's lost the passwords to her old twatter and tubblr accounts, but who cares, right?

At 25, Carita, now a specialist in international policy, and fluent in four languages, tries to get a job at the pentagon.

During her vetting for security clearance, it comes up she made tweets condoning terrorism and the murder of a large group of the population, give and take ten years ago.


No. 77571

buzzfeed has been completely colonized by fat SJWs. I'm expecting it to crash from a cardiac event in a year or five.

No. 77576

I think the point was "people who like Donald Trump are shallow and stupid, and people who like Taylor Swift are shallow and stupid as well".
- because Taylor Swift music is happy-go-lucky, she's playing that card, "brainless"
- and Trump is throwing "shocking" frazes just to collect attention all the time, and the point was that his supporters are "brainless" too
- basically both Trump and Swift are like advanced lolcows, and people don't realise that, but instead they buy their shit long time. Like, suckers.

Idc about Trump or Swift at all, just explaining it. This girl used the two of them, but the same explanation goes if she chose any other well-known politician or musician.
The comparison works better on tumblr if they're both white though. Sounds more shameful.

No. 77591

Yeah. If only Taylor Swift could make smart music like "we wuz kingz" tier rap that /mu/ fellates these days.

No. 77693

Better than Trite Love Song #3847834738 or "Le haters gonna hate check out my memes guys lmao sHAKE IT OFF" on endless repeat.
Plus, don't forget she literally copyrighted a phrase that's been used in every rap song ever ("This sick beat").
Taylor Swift is pretty shit-tier and not better than anyone, tbh.

No. 77836

File: 1457296996669.jpg (320.27 KB, 957x961, 1457280776062.jpg)

No. 77864

>Better than Trite Love Song #3847834738

I'm afraid it literally isn't.

Remember that stuff like Wiz and Nas are the "intelligent" rap "musicians", and their level of "intelligence" is on par with people like Black Hebrews. That's what passes for "insightful political commentary" in the music industry, but what do you expect? Musicians are even dumber than actors (in fairness to actors, some of them are actually smart and talented, but outside of classical fields virtually all "musicians" are thick as shit).

>Plus, don't forget she literally copyrighted a phrase that's been used in every rap song ever ("This sick beat").

What's that thing blacks say? "I'm gonna educate you!"?

Well, here's me educating you. Listen to this:


Black people just simply cannot produce that sort of music.

No. 77873

pick one


I think you mean Jews. The niggers just talk while someone else does all the work.

No. 78028

File: 1457319163731.png (102.23 KB, 958x543, 20160306_203354.png)

Ayy lmao

No. 78045

this is what happens when people try to pander to the blm movement

this guy could have won over more people by talking about how similar whites and blacks that live in poverty are rather than to say whites have never experienced the same degree of poverty that blacks have

whites make up the majority of the population, meaning the majority of poor people in the u.s. are white, though within race, blacks have a higher percentage of those in poverty. Still, that doesn't mean that because a racial group experiences more poverty that all of a sudden whites don't or can't. That they don't struggle.

Racism and poverty are two different things, jfc. I could understand if he said blacks in ghettos are harassed by cops in greater numbers than white ghettos, but to say that they don't know what it's like to be poor? lmao

No. 78059

File: 1457328926914.jpg (158.99 KB, 688x501, IMG-20160306-WA0130.jpg)

No. 78064

I hope he apologizes for this later
I'm a bit butthurt tbh

No. 78100

Here's that reply you wanted

No. 78102

>I'm afraid it literally isn't.
I'd rather listen to music with political messages, no matter how misguided they may be, than "We are never ever ever ever ever getting back together (200x)".
>Remember that stuff like Wiz and Nas are the "intelligent" rap "musicians",
By whose scale? Yours? You must listen to so much rap music, your opinion is definitely valuable and I'm going to listen to you (not).
>Musicians are even dumber than actors (in fairness to actors, some of them are actually smart and talented, but outside of classical fields virtually all "musicians" are thick as shit).
Unlimited bait works.
>Black people just simply cannot produce that sort of music.
I don't know why you turned the subject from Taylor Swift trademarking rap lyrics to classical composers (Surely you're not likening the two, now THAT would be fucking stupid), but there are/were black classical composers. IIRC there was at least one autistic savant black kid from the fucking 1600s who someone insisted was a "reincarnated angel".
I'm sorry you're so retarded and/or racist, but that doesn't change the fact that Taylor Swift's music is shit-tier and defending her to attack black musicians is dumb.

No. 78104


No. 78105

Cool shitpost, you really showed me

No. 78106

>What's that thing blacks say? "I'm gonna educate you!"?
What? No one says that. Are you retarded?

No. 78107

I don't see what the redeeming feature of rap is. Sure Taylors lyrics are generic shit but she's not trying to be smart. The likes of Nas are trying to be smart and insightful and the end result is we wuz kingz.

>there was some black musician in 19th century Europe

So? There are white people who can play the guqin remarkably well. Doesn't make it European music does it?

No. 78110

>I don't see what the redeeming feature of rap is.
That's because not only do you obviously not listen to rap music at all, you seriously believe all musicians are retarded if they aren't classical composers. There's no helping you in this part, so I'm not sure what you're even trying to argue.
>Sure Taylors lyrics are generic shit but she's not trying to be smart
Deliberately being dumb does not absolve you of anything.
>The likes of Nas are trying to be smart and insightful and the end result is we wuz kingz.
At least they actually tried.
>So? There are white people who can play the guqin remarkably well. Doesn't make it European music does it?
Who said it was European music? There are black classical composers. That's what I'm saying.

No. 78111

Name a genuinely talented rap musician who demonstrates an understanding of things like advanced counterpoint.

And yes. There were a couple of black composers. They weren't great and they were imitating European music in the same way a European playing the guqin is imitating Chinese traditional music.

No. 78112

If I did list off talented rap musicians who recognize music theory to you, one of two things would happen
1. You'd disregard them entirely and make up some reason why they don't count in order to save face
2. You'd pretend you didn't read/hear anything at all and continue chanting "Yea but rap is really shit music? Classical music is better because I say so?? You didn't change my opinion and therefore you've lost???"
In either case, it'd be a waste of time, and you wouldn't have learned anything. Try actually listening to the music itself instead of listening to <2 songs by two artists, then attacking the entire genre and begging to be spoonfed "good" ones all in one sitting.
>They weren't great and they were imitating European music in the same way a European playing the guqin is imitating Chinese traditional music.
Nice excuses. You said, "Black people just simply cannot produce that sort of music.", and I proved you wrong. It's literally that simple.

No. 78113

Are you seriously claiming classical music is black? It is white. It's origins, it's theories and it's greatest compositions were all created by whites.

Why the hell is lolcow suddenly full of mudslimes and black nationalists anyway?

>Try actually listening to the music itself instead of listening to <2 songs by two artists

Just name a damn rap musician who demonstrates rachmaninov level talent or fuck off. No more excuses.

No. 78115

>Are you seriously claiming classical music is black? Why the hell is lolcow suddenly full of mudslimes and black nationalists anyway?
Holy shit, your reading comprehension is at a 3 year old's level.
>Black people just simply cannot produce that sort of music
>But there are black people who produced that sort of music.
>Are you seriously claiming classical music is black? You're a mudslime and a black nationalist!
Reread this exchange. Just reread it at least seven times, and don't bother replying until you finally understand why your line of thought makes no sense whatsoever. And some people say classical music enthusiasts are more intelligent, fucking hell.
>Just name a damn rap musician who demonstrates rachmaninov level talent or fuck off. No more excuses.
Nope, stop being lazy and listen to the genre. I'm not going to spoonfeed someone who can't even read, especially when they're being a rude, pretentious cuck.

No. 78116

Simple question. Would classical music exist without white people?

>immah not gonna educate you! I am WOKE! A proud black woman!

No. 78117

Simple question. Why do you conflate there being specific artists in a genre to them inventing the entire genre?
>immah not gonna educate you! I am WOKE! A proud black woman!

No. 78118

Because the music isn't a product of black people, it's a product of white people. Non white people creating classical music is imitative, as Coleridge-Taylors rather uninspiring compositions show.

Still waiting on that rap musician, Ms twitter activist.

No. 78119

>I dont understand how generalizations work
>I can't cite relevant artists, so please make my argument for me by listening to my trash music

No. 78121

They still produced that "sort" of music, no matter how much you try to move the goalposts.
I'm sorry you were BTFO by a Tumblr SJW/Twitter activist at some point in your pathetic life, but I'm not one. I'm just posting ITT to point out that you're retarded, lazy and lack reading comprehension.

>Get proven wrong on one thing
>Change the subject to make generalizations on something completely different
>Get proven wrong on that thing as well
>Try to change the subject again
>Reply to a deleted post to complain that people aren't falling all over themselves to recc you artists when you're being a nigger
Sorry you're so dumb.

No. 78123

>creativity ex nihilo

One of these things is not like the other.

Do you deny classical music is European/White culture?

No. 78124

File: 1457349468356.jpg (66.45 KB, 422x750, me (2).jpg)

The only who's claiming any sort of creativity or non-imitative work here is you. What I've said thus far is that there are people who produced that music, even if they themselves are not white. Do you just make up arguments and paste them onto your opponent?
Actually, you don't need to answer that. I think we both know the answer.
Back to Tumblr autism

No. 78126

Again. Black people did not create classical music. When I say "that kind of music" I mean a similar musical tradition of equivalent complexity. Not an imitation of another group's musical tradition.

Is this simple enough for you? Your men are garbage by the way.

No. 78127

File: 1457350435039.png (319.63 KB, 3206x770, Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.32…)

>thinking i'm the same anon you've been replying to
>not the WE WUZ BEETHOVEN anon
>still being unable to cite "artists" from their shitty genre
>being this butthurt
You dont have to admit it to us, but deep down in your heart you know you're shit, otherwise you wouldn't be trying this hard to gain our approval.

>Reply to a deleted post to complain that people aren't falling all over themselves to recc you artists when you're being a nigger

pic related nigger

No. 78131

File: 1457350950199.png (200.82 KB, 1801x927, 1416769576346.png)

>Black people did not create classical music.
Point out to me where I said black people created classical music. I'll wait.
>When I say "that kind of music" I mean a similar musical tradition of equivalent complexity. Not an imitation of another group's musical tradition.
Nope, you're just moving goalposts in an attempt to pretend you weren't incorrect.
>Is this simple enough for you? Your men are garbage by the way.
Because I'm obviously black. Full autismo.

>trying this hard to gain our approval
1. "our"
2. What does it have to do with me, and how am I trying to gain your approval if I've done nothing but insult you, tell you to go listen to music yourself and mock your reading comprehension?
And yes, I made a typo in one post and deleted it. Stay buttmad.

No. 78132

>how am I trying to gain your approval if I've done nothing but insult you
I never said you were smart. In fact since you're a nigger it can generally be assumed you meet the classical definition of retarded. Which is evidenced by:

>tell you to go listen to music yourself

Your inability to cite these "artists" you claim, and are instead asking us to make your argument for you. And further evidenced by:

>And yes, I made a typo in one post and deleted it.

No. You added "especially when they're being a rude, pretentious cuck." to your last sentence. And are even incapable of using the term cuck correctly.

Retard confirmed.

No. 78134

File: 1457351735094.png (29.52 KB, 648x294, wat.png)

>This person insulted me, called me a nigger, a cuck and hurt my feelings by telling me to listen to music!
>Obviously they're a black person who wants my approval!
>not realizing "cuck" is a meme word
Embarrassing tbh

No. 78135

File: 1457351805922.jpg (107.27 KB, 398x726, all this over pizza.jpg)

No. 78136

>still no time stamped and well lit picture of the back of your hand
>i'm totally not a shitskin

>still being incapable of using the term cuck correctly

you might as well just start calling people longcat

No. 78137

File: 1457352032252.png (56.53 KB, 1077x632, tampons.png)

>demanding timestamped pics
You're not from around here, are you?
>still not realizing "cuck" is a meme word that lost its meaning long ago

No. 78139

butthurt shitskin confirmed

No. 78140

File: 1457352221191.png (12.74 KB, 500x264, wimmyn.png)

Whatever helps you sleep at night, cuck-kun.

No. 78390

Not even /pol/ but the constant Holocaust callbacks are a bit fucking much

No. 78449

I think a lot of people refuse to put themselves in the shoes of others. Kind of how a lot were dismissing what that Duggard molester did to his sisters. People were saying it was ok because he didn't know better. They excuse anything unfamiliar to them if done by someone they think they should/want to like.

No. 78456

What's with all the pol shit? Holy shit, you do know derailing like this is against the rules right? Why do you keep doing it?

No. 78468

Dude why are you arguing with racists? They lack the ability to use common sense. A black person could save a racist white persons life and they'd claim the black person was trying to harm them in some way or vice versa. There is no arguing with those people.

No. 78537

I think the hate and contempt you feel for racists comes from exactly the same place as their hate and contempt for other races.
I think it fulfills the need of having an enemy, something we really seems to enjoy. And it enables weak people to flaunt and posture while they talk about how many evil XY they would slay.
I think its funny your hating on a group for blindly hating others by… blindly hating.

I think this whole thing got started by people like you.

No. 78544

No. 78550

>saying people who lack common sense lack common sense is the same thing as hating them

No. 78552

Oh so you don't hate racists? Type it out, please.

No. 78554

I don't hate racists. I do pity them deeply and believe they're more unintelligent than the average person, though.

No. 78559

File: 1457401536210.jpg (31.98 KB, 460x283, gliRvf6.jpg)

>I don't hate racists. I do pity them deeply and believe they're more unintelligent than the average person, though.

No. 78563

lmao, good one

No. 78647

Really want Hulk to pull through and btfo them

No. 79462

Holy shit I fucking HATE social justice warriors.

I'm sorry, I needed to get that out, but I would be labeled as a racist if I were to say it to 60% of people I know.

No. 79463

File: 1457604555592.jpeg (187.49 KB, 750x1181, image.jpeg)

how does lolcow feel about the recent shitstorm over j.k. Rowing's new stories about Magic in North America?

Natives have gotten the worst lot of any minority group in America, absolutely. Just wondering why SJW are attacking this story instead of trying to raise attention to unemployment, substance abuse and poor treatment of native peoples instead.

No. 79464

Lmao stay buttmad. You are a speck on a rock, stop getting assblasted over other specks on rocks.

No. 79465

SJWs like being outraged over things that barely even matter. It makes them feel "deep" and sensitive.

No. 79470

File: 1457608558418.jpg (55.43 KB, 604x453, 1331311141036.jpg)

Someone call bullshit and this is your reaction? No. Your an evolutionary dead end, anon.

No. 79472

File: 1457609838291.jpg (220.81 KB, 700x760, man1.jpg)


Hang on, what are they actually upset over here? That Rowling incorporated concepts of skinwalkers and other such Native American mythological lore into her works? They're actually pissed that she's GIVING them representation?

Why is that a problem exactly? Absolutely nobody in Europe or Asia kicked up a fuss over her portrayal of creatures such as Black Shuck (East Anglian), a Sphinx (Egyptian), Werewolves (Greek), Cerberus (Greek), Mermaids (Assyrian), the Phoenix (Greek/Roman/Chinese), Mandrakes/Mandragora (Spanish/English).
Why should Native American lore be any different? Why should she be disallowed from writing about it? If you don't belong to a certain ethnic group you're never allowed to write anything about a subject that pertains to that group ever?

No. 79473

>mfw I share a species with someone who literally hates people over the color of their skin and their facial features
I don't think I'm the evolutionary dead end, anon. Also,

No. 79474

File: 1457610108337.gif (1.67 MB, 427x240, DjgvAEK.gif)


Ah dang. Guess im out.

No. 79475

Reincarnate as a rock next time.

No. 79476

File: 1457610324948.gif (631.81 KB, 220x220, UuOLneO.gif)

No. 79480

Wow, good post.

No. 79481

File: 1457611493966.gif (1.54 MB, 320x240, 1405981397006.gif)


No. 79482

>Mom, what's a meme?

No. 79484

File: 1457611996204.jpg (56.1 KB, 375x515, objectifying_29.jpg)

I don't even.. Was that because i post images and shit on an imageboard or cours its old shit?

No. 79489

Shh. No tears, only dreams now.

No. 79491

>Shh. No tears, only dreams now.


No. 79492

can you guys exchange IMs or something and stop fagging up this faggy thread with your faggoting

No. 79493

File: 1457615624756.jpeg (37.18 KB, 275x275, image.jpeg)

can you stop fucking derailing? like please, for once can there not be a butthurt darkie and a racist-chan having a race debate in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THREAD!?

No. 79495


No. 79515

File: 1457622725819.gif (2.73 MB, 295x168, 140524658766.gif)

I'd like to point out that as the racist-chan in this, i was just trying to suggest that for or against, anti or pro, when you get into the deeper end of seeing people as groups and instinctively sort them you end up with blind hatred. And then all you have accomplished is setting yourself up to be the next thing that people will rally against with exactly the same kinda fury that drove you.
>As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy.
Said somebody and its probably true.
>the smallest minority is the individual
Said somebody else and its probably also true.

How the hell is this not on topic for a thread called Tumblr/SJW on /b/? And how did I become the racist?

At the end of this we fucking love dividing people up in groups, both because it gives unity and identity to have a common enemy but also because it provides the framework for proving yourself. Verbally or physically. And that's what most people want. The look-at-me-i-did-something-good effect.

Don't think so but even if it is, why can't you let it slide and just be happy you think you might be able to spot someone samefagging? Even my gifs added more then you.

Im not sure how i was suppose to react to this. But you have my attention.

Not even that mad actually.. But its all just an ocean of shit at this point.

No. 79517

No. 79518


Kill yourself instantly

No. 79519

SJWs don't care about actual oppression if they can't blame cishet white males for it.

No. 79526

No one cares

No. 79527

I think you do. Just enough to let it gnaw at you.

No. 79550

>And how did I become the racist?
Because you're white and you didnt check your privilege. What you need to do is just stop trying to use logic with them, and call them niggers.

No. 79552


No. 79596

GODDAMNIT how many times does Admin and Farmhands need to repeat that screaming "MMMOOOOODDDDSSSS" is going to be much help. They are not magical little fairies where you can call upon them. If you want them to do something go report it.
>check off the little gray box on the upper left corner of a comment type in the reason then report it.
>you can go to meta and find the thread for complaints
>you can also go into the chat room and tell them the issue there.

No. 79597

I ment not much help

No. 79813

No. 79821

That makes me so happy.

No. 79835

File: 1457714595741.jpg (73.34 KB, 640x530, h.jpg)

No. 79840

File: 1457716455565.png (156.01 KB, 500x446, image.png)

Ah I'm really not extreme SJW about most things, but I understand her insecurity

Back in high school, my three closest friends were white and it felt like they were always making me the butt of the joke. "Hah, she's just our token black friend" "Haha anon look points out black 'ghetto' lady wearing a scarf walking out of a store thats you in five years huh, haha jk hah" or jokes about me eating fried chicken and being sassy. Like they're constantly trying to project stereotypes on to me, but they never make the same jokes about other races

I mean, I don't cry oppression, they're all gay or bi and they all have their own problems, but it's really hard when it feels like your different and inferior to them just because you were born with a certain look.

I spend a lot of time on 4chan too so I'm constantly seeing post about how black women are the least attractive and they're all loud and undesirable and it makes me wonder if other people really do see me that way. Having really bad social anxiety just worsens it ten-fold because I'm paranoid that people would look down on me or reject me because they already have this preconceived idea of who I am and that they probably dislike me by default. I still haven't made one single friend since starting college because it's predominantly upper-middle class white people and I'm afraid they think I'm a gross dumb ape because of these insecurities.

I know it sounds stupid, but I can understand her insecurities

No. 79857

Wow, you friends were shit op.
Also just dont take people on the Internet seriously. People have told me that my country is full of ugly ignorant hicks because is Hispanic and I'm not American, yet im still here giving them the finger, because they have never come here in the first place so they dont have a word to say about me or my people. My point is; They dont fucking know you, so you shouldn't feel bad about what a bunch of strangers say about you. If you're confident in yourself, you'll realize their words are just pure edgy bullshit.

No. 79861

>I spend a lot of time on 4chan too so I'm constantly seeing post about how black women are the least attractive and they're all loud and undesirable

All of this is true. Objectively true I mean. Black people just have a higher threshold for noise tolerance in my opinion. Compare black neighborhoods to white ones. It's a matter of racial preference more than one side being "better" than the other.

Black women are, and this is no exaggeration, most white men's last choice. That being said, they do themselves no favors in the dating market, can you at least understand why white men wouldn't really want to date a black woman from a social/cultural perspective, given how hardcore racially tribal a lot of black women are wrt politics?

I don't like the implication that white people are somehow comparatively less friendly to people of other races though. There's no way you can say we're more ethnocentric than say, Koreans, with a straight face for example.

No. 79867

>"Haha anon look points out black 'ghetto' lady wearing a scarf walking out of a store thats you in five years huh, haha jk hah"
You should share a picture of some fat white trash moms with them on FB and say "Lmao [names] these reminded me of you (jk love ya!)." If they chimp out, play innocent and remind them that they would pull shit like that on you constantly.
Other than that, I know how you feel. The thing is, even if you do "prove" you're not some gross dumb ape or whatever to those sorts of people, they'll still make jokes about you like in HS and think it's all in good fun (if not to your face, then behind your back). You're not missing anything. You'll still be the "token". It sounds harsh, but if you can't handle that, you should flat-out avoid befriending non-black people. Other races tend to be even worse about this, too.
Most of my friends are actually white and do it to an extent, but I've learned to either filter it out or mock them in return with a "lol it's just a joke :P" attitude. They usually don't actually get angry about it because they're not complete hypocrites, which is why I'm still friends with them.

That post wasn't even about dating. Go back to /r9k/ or your containment thread.

No. 79869

>That post wasn't even about dating. Go back to /r9k/ or your containment thread.

She mentioned black women are the most undesirable, which is objectively true according to statistics. I explained why and how black women can perhaps remedy things.

You think any non-black man wants to date a woman who never shuts up about black tribal politics?

No. 79870

Hush. No one in this thread wants to date you or hear your opinions on anything. Yes, I mean you in particular.

No. 79871

>You should do this really passive aggressive thing on social media!


No. 79873

Who cares? It's just a joke, and if they get pissed off, they'll understand why the way they acted was shitty.

No. 79874

Passive-aggressive behavior is obvious to everyone, if you think they're not going to notice how hilariously unsubtle it is, then you've been doing it wrong for a long time.

No. 79877

But why does it matter whether or not it's subtle? If it makes them upset, they'll get it.

No. 80059


Watch as no one bats an eye to this because the perpetrators happen to be not white

No. 80062

File: 1457771084315.png (350.29 KB, 812x656, 3.png)

I'm going through the #unfairandlovely tag and it's a sea of ugly. I don't want to spam the thread so I'll post the rest in the ugly bitches thread, but here's an example.

No. 80065

…or maybe it's just too far from where SJWs are.

No. 80085

feel when this is literally how liberals want the entire world to look a thousand years from now

No. 80092

But you and the liberals will be long dead by then.

No. 80096

Makes you wonder how many SJW Asian Americans would support "SJW" type policies being applied to their ancestral countries, doesn't it?

No. 80098

Is that Kelly Kapoor?

No. 80151

She would be pretty if she wasn't a landwhale.

No. 80161

I understand, I know I shouldn't take stuff people say on the internet seriously, but taken irl experiences into account, it's hard not to think that maybe they are being a kind of honest when they say that x group of people are garbage. Even if it's just ignorance and intolerance on their part, I can't help but feel a little out of place knowing that people irl probably hold those same ideas. It just feels a little unfair. I don't hate myself or anything, but jeez, it makes me afraid of even approaching people. I thought college would be different, but I really should've just taken online courses or something.

Eh, that's kind of where I'm at now. I don't have friends outside of my current gf from high school and it took her years before she laid off of the jokes because her ex (she's half black/white) was really annoyed by them and often called her out on it. Before that, outside of my HS, my closest friends were most of my coworkers and it was really comfortable hanging out with em as it was an even mix of people from different cultural backgrounds so there wasn't a minority of anyone.

I mean, I feel like IM being racist by being afraid of approaching people in college because I worry that they'll dislike me by default, but my social anxiety is already horrible so it feels like I'd be doomed either way.

No. 80397

File: 1457882684392.jpg (35.91 KB, 600x458, CdTD-1BW0AAHdKI.jpg)

The fact this is happening makes me want to kill myself. Why don't people realize this whole being non-straight and non-cis is a fad?

No. 80404

you know if they did then all the sjw babbies would cry and bitch.

No. 80415

You're all posting with them genius

No. 80449

File: 1457899339724.png (138.34 KB, 1079x883, 1457897797053.png)

I dont even support Trump but leftists showing their true colors and acting like big whiny babies are pushing the white people in the middle towards him

No. 80453

Yeah, all this rage is going to backfire for them.

It's just so openly anti-white.

Does this chucklefuck not understand that plenty of white people have a right to be angry? Look at the way successive administrations have sabotaged white blue-collar industries.

What does he expect them to do, vote Dem to support all the bullshit social "issues" that Dems care about in lieu of actual economic policy, like faggot marriage and trannies? Fuck the contemporary left up the ass.

No. 80469

Who is benefitting from this?

No. 80474

Not to mention Bernie saying White people don't know what it's like to be poor. I assumed he just mispoke because it was so ridiculous, but he hasn't backpedaled at all on it. Republicans are the only ones who actually recognize poor and working class whites exist. On the Dem side they're either demonized or just ignored. Chomsky wrote a paper on this a few weeks ago that explain that Trump is doing well because he's not ignoring that voting bloc like everyone else is.

No. 80477

Yeah, I'm on the far right, so I don't have much sympathy for Chomsky, but that's one area he has always been respectably honest - in speaking about the establishment's contempt for the white working class. He's also anti-porn, and in my experience he generally chooses to ignore bullshit feelgood hashtag "social issues" in favor of meaningful economic ones.

As for what Sanders said, it's insane. The vast majority of America's blue-collars are, or rather were white, in things like primary industry and manufacturing I mean. These are the people who have been hit by free trade policies the hardest since they, you know, actually had real jobs in the first place.

No. 80478

What's the white version of an Uncle Tom? Whatever it is we need to start calling these people that.

No. 80480

Self-hating white liberal.

Just "self-hating" in general. I use it to describe weebs all the time because that's what they are.

No. 80488

though sjws throw that at (for example) women all the time who don't ascribe to their gender studies-grown opinions.
internalized misog. etc.

No. 80514

I wouldn't describe myself as far right, but more on the moderate part of the spectrum. I just have no tolerance for the SJW oppression olympics/fuck whitey/fuck men crap. I don't agree with Chomsky on a lot, but I at least have some respect for him. Same with Bill Maher. I think he's a smug cunt and can be really stupid a lot of the time, but he's spot-on with calling out the PC police and especially with calling out the collective boner the left has for Islam.

No. 80520

That's exactly how I feel about Chomsky. He's from a generation of leftists who came before intersectionality (i.e. non-white racial tribalism masquerading as leftism) became a thing.

No. 80623

Jesus, just what makes someone tweet this bullshit out loud? What makes you turn against your own kind this much?

Ugh, I'm so glad the sole idea of ~white privilege~ feeds all the poor whiteys living in ghettos and trailer parks. Because of course, white people can't be disabled, unemployed, substance abusers or any other reasons why pretty much anyone becomes poor. The white privilege heals all wounds.

It's like these people have lost all their sense of reality and think they're observing some movie with them being the allies for a sympathetic minority which will then praise them as their kings after winning the war.

No. 80787

No. 81021

Anyone who is seriously annoyed at asexuals on the internet? Most of them are incredibly whiny for no reason and not really asexual at all.

No. 81045

I feel like a lot of asexuals on the internet are honestly just experiencing a low libido.

No. 81066

>these are students at the world's best university

No. 81330

I've seen 'asexuals' say they have sex but don't enjoy it

No. 81335

File: 1458151685579.png (53.46 KB, 899x409, 7691ff347b3ee8c447dd1dc4bbab43…)


No. 81341

File: 1458153677574.webm (9.42 MB, 1280x720, pupinia_triggered.webm)

This whole thread and SJWs in general trigger me

No. 81348

Isn't Pupinia a SJW? I swear seeing SJW stuff on her tumblr but maybe she deleted it

No. 81350

>pupinia fan
Hell yeah motherfucker. I love schmitty's work but now they're kind of falling apart because theyre getting pretty fucking butthurt

No. 81450

They're literally all white teenagers…

The influence tumblr has is crazy man

No. 81452

Came here to post this just now
Fucking hell these people piss me off

No. 81453

No. 81473

I might be wrong, but she intentionally posts stuff to lampoon SJWs.

No. 81479

He didn't even make any valid points, he just regurgitated tumblr buzzwords.

No. 81481

Shit like this is making me more and more conservative by the day. It is frightening that this is the new generation of "progressive" people. My own close relatives have been tortured and killed due to people who thought their perceived privilege was enough of an excuse for that, now the liberals of the day want it to happen again.

No. 81789

File: 1458272071617.png (35.18 KB, 497x448, Capture.PNG)

No. 81791

>18 years old

Somebody please tell me most of them grow out of this shit by 21

No. 81797

What I find is funny is how much info they go into with these things, and she's even making a mobile version! Do they really think to themselves " I bet someone will be so interested in me, I need to make a mobile page for all my mobile readers!"

No. 81798


You btfo'd her
top kek at the random
>your men are garbage XDDDDDDD

God what a dumb slut

No. 81799


>and this is no exaggeration, most white men's last choice

Most black women aren't attracted to white men so I don't see what the purpose of this comment was, fam

No. 82089

Dont know if the "refugee" crisis counts as sjw in itself, but its supporters certainly are and it's pissing me off

No. 82107

>Most black women aren't attracted to white men
Really? I thought you're really into swirling or whatever it's called

No. 82154

It is, but mostly with middle class/suburban girls. Many in the black community pracitcally worship lightskin/mixed kids. One of my coworkers is black and she got knocked up by her white bf, and it was unbearable seeing all her friends and family members in the comments section going crazy over the baby's green eyes and saying they should get a white dude.
Granted, I don't think your average hoodrat has much interest in white men because he doesn't have street cred
Not the person you're replying to btw

No. 82161

I think it's an interesting conundrum. In my experience black women are, typically, more attracted to black men, but they go crazy over mixed kids.

No. 82186

I'm just going off of my limited experience, but it seems to me both white men and black women assume the other has no interest in them so they don't even bother considering the other as a potential partner

No. 82215

I'm half black and I just like white men. These days its a little weird since there's a lot of opposition by other nonwhites (sjws) that it makes me feel a bit sad about that.

No. 82216

Explain to me why you care what sjws think

No. 82218

Maybe not full blown sjws, but some of my friends from HS have drunk a bit of the kool-aid. I care what they think, in that I don't want them to hate my bf just bc he's white. Or immediately come with a critical eye just because he's white. Or attribute his flaws to the color of his skin. Or any of the other dumb things racists have done and will do to people like me.

I don't think they're racists at all, let me be clear, but in the 4 years since graduating HS I've watched them fall farther and farther down the sjw rabbit hole.

Or on the other side, the growing anger from the black community against whites. I'm not close with any of my family (except my mom), so I feel anxiety about one day coming home and having to introduce a white guy to them. My brother complains a lot about white gentrification, and aside from one cousin, no one has brought home white people. And from what I've heard, that cousin was met with A LOT of opposition before her husband was accepted.

No. 82231

On that note, why don't black women date asian men? I've never seen it.

No. 82257

File: 1458442300659.jpg (117.81 KB, 768x830, _20160319_224706.JPG)


New bloggo for special snowflakes. What sort of dumb spells should we request?

No. 82263

>but in the 4 years since graduating HS I've watched them fall farther and farther down the sjw rabbit hole.
I know exactly how you feel here. I have friends who were the most crass, rude, and borderline racist people come back from uni and bring up systematic racism over a bite to eat at McDonald's. Just the other day we were playing super smash bros and one started going on about how sexist zero suit samus was and was talking about the lack of PoC in the game.

I know it's supposed to be a meme that Universities are marxist indoctrination camps, but from my experience there and how others have turned out it seems to be. It seems like the equivalent of the /pol/ redpill except that it's actually encouraged and taught in higher education

No. 82267

I may be conservative/controversial in my views, but I honestly think this is due to the lowering of standards for most university admissions. Like… I walked into my first year dorm bathrooms and see posters about "how to think critically", that just doesn't sit well with me. It's no wonder that some people just drink up whatever shit their professors/peers say, if they don't even know what critical thinking is or how to do it. (this was in a very prestigious high ranking university btw).

I think it goes both ways though, some schools definitely seem like they pander to marxist ideals.

No. 82268

I consider myself pretty moderate, but maybe to the left a bit. The shit they're selling at unis is just way too much tbh
I decided to take a film class as a gen ed and the entire class was some grad student who majored in Queer Theory and pop culture going on rants about white men. We had an entire class discussing how problematic it Eve's portrayal was in the Wall*E movie. I took a psych class too and along with our names we also literally had to stand up and give our preferred pronouns

No. 82269

Well as it goes they're on complete opposite ends of the spectrum generally in terms of personality. Black women are stereotypically very loud and rude whereas Asian men are generally pretty quiet and formal
I've seen a few couples at my Uni though. Koreaboos/weebs mostly

No. 82281

File: 1458461208602.jpg (246.59 KB, 1280x853, black-person-at-harvard.jpg)

No. 82282

File: 1458461405628.jpg (265.55 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_n1s1u5MqP31tucgl1o1_128…)

Whaa people trying to start conversations with me is racist

No. 82283

File: 1458461433266.jpg (245.9 KB, 1280x853, I-Too-Am-Harvard-11.jpg)


No. 82302


lel. Is she Latina? There's this Latino guy on tumblr always going on about being mixed and part black but he does not look black in his selfies. At the most he looks a bit middle eastern.

No. 82362

The white woman could've meant she thought she misspoke because Harvard is a prestigious university that's hard to get into for any person and not simply because she's black

I don't know though

Is it because her name is hard to pronounce?

This one is just silly

No. 82366

Jesus Christ, all of this is way too close to home for me.

There is this weird split at left-leaning elite schools where there's a mostly white/male old boy network and a loud obnoxious social justice crowd that dominates campus activities. It makes sense when you consider their history, and it falls neatly into the "queer PoC struggling under white male power structure" narrative, but it is very much jarring, especially at ground zero.

No. 82376

I hate snapchat's fatshaming filters!

No. 82393

I never understood why the mispronunciation of names is considered a racist thing when I think it's actually more of a language thing. If you're not exposed to the words and sounds of other languages, you're not going to immediately understand how to pronounce the names. I know people struggle with Irish names like Conchobhar, Dearbhail and Saoirse. It's not because they hate the Irish, it's just because they're not names that they're used to.

Yes, it's annoying having to explain how to pronounce your name every time somebody sees it written down, but there's no reason to assume there's racism there unless the person gives you reason to.

No. 82399

this is so embarrassing. is this what happens when you're bullied too much as a kid?

No. 82403

And if you don't ask how to pronounce it and then mispronounce it, that's still racist. Go figure.

No. 82408

Well, duh, being white means you're inherently racist due to privilege.

I mean if a white girl had a name like Saiorse Lyudmila Šiklić de Llolano y Moussa nobody would ever ask her how to pronounce or spell it.

Goes to show that even Ivy Leaguers can be complete dipshits.

No. 82448

File: 1458516390119.jpg (38.22 KB, 479x356, oh-wait-youre-serious-let-me-l…)

I……Is that nigger crying? He's fucking crying!

No. 82449

xx studies majors are a joke at every college regardless of ranking.

No. 82542

>sort of abled (chronic joint pain)
can you imagine being on this level of trying too hard

No. 82544

I really don't understand why racism is still a thing. I'm getting really tired of racist people crying 'racism' and trying to pretend one race is more racist than the other. SJWs can be just as bad with this as racist people are, it doesn't make any sense.

That, and the fact that a lot of people like pretending that racism doesn't actually exist and doesn't give certain races heavier disadvantages than others. The average Native American, or at least what's left of them, are fucked over much worse in comparison to the average white person

I wish everyone would just give up and be nice to each other. It's not like people of different races aren't their own individuals who have their own things going on. There are snobby middle class Asians and poor ghetto white people and etc., if anything, the whole this race of people are this and this race of people are all this is just really ignorant.

This stuff is getting really annoying, it's like people just like hating each other and getting into stupid arguments. People like this should know better by now. I really don't get why SJWs and whatever the far right is called seemed to be the only sides anyone takes anymore


No. 82549

>average white person
Oh you mean russians and eastern europeans with hardly any access to healthcare, horrible crime and alcoholism levels? Or are they shitlord too?

No. 82629

In America


Thanks for the bait anyway, anon

No. 82637

racism is something the upperclass invented in order to retain the class structure. in reality it's not black(minorities) vs. white but rather rich vs poor. racism is simply a diversion to keep everyone from the lower class retaining their state. who else but the rich, wanting power over foreign lands, benefited by racism originally? it creates a divide of the people who need to be united the most. out of this demented class structure was born the racism of today, still a power trip for everyone involved. it will not go away because the dynamic works for those wanting to abuse it.

No. 82641

why do these threads always have to have race debates? why are there always people slinging around /pol/-tier buzzwords or crusading for some muh justice rights? Can't we just go back to posting funny TUMBLR screencaps and laughing at silly people?

No. 82642

it comes with the territory when most of tumblr's content is butthurt whiny minorities or 'kill whitey' college aged armchair activists.

No. 83137

File: 1458832008704.png (1.15 MB, 965x855, 1458829957043_0.png)

No. 83138

Irl Tumblr experience here that's happening near me
Basically in 2012 at a small university close to my hometown a black employee was shuffling around in a backroom and found what she thought was a noose and reported it as a hate crime and some form of intimadation she assumed a white employee left for her to find because she's black. So now the university has created anti racism and pro diversity task forces now and are currently in talks with giving this bitch a cash payout for psychological trauma.

Not in the news yet, but rumor has it from many people I know who work there that it wasn't even a noose, but just a looped rope.

I can't imagine the mindset people like this have and how they're able to function in society with it

No. 83141

How do black scouts deal if they can't make a noose?

No. 83157

Wtf why did she automatically assume a noose was left for her? Did she experience any actual racism prior to this? If it was a real noose I would've been more concerned that someone may have wanted to kill themselves.

No. 83169


No. 83171

This is such bullshit. this is literally the 90s/early 2000s bisexual trend all over again. ugh

No. 83172

rofl I want this to be real.

No. 83173

This is everything wrong with liberal bullshit. They always make it about race. So…no white people are poor and live in the ghetto? Guess I'll tell my white neighbors who are struggling just as hard as me to make ends meet that Bernie says they don't exist as a demographic. This is such bullshit.

No. 83174

I will never understand trannies.

No. 83175

This bitch is so buttmad for zero real reasons.

No. 83176

Why do black people use the race card so fucking much? I bet any amount of money they never experienced real racism.

No. 83215

>going to harvard to fuck up their debate classes

No. 83277

>trans woman
>sjw as fuck
I seriously can't stand Kat Blaque.
I always see her dumb videos show up in my recommended on YouTube and can't resist hate-watching them.
When people try to add their differing opinions in the comments she replies with long ass paragraphs about how they're wrong and she's right. She can't understand anyone's side or points but her own.

I personally like this one where she invents her own definition of racism.

No. 83280

I constantly see this annoying cunt on my feed because some of my friends are turning into cancerous sjws. She's clearly a misinformed idiot and yet people back her regardless. It's pitiful.

No. 83281

Oh lordy…this is such a grotesque combination already.

No. 83339

File: 1458945671812.jpg (86.39 KB, 325x810, 1424556170394.jpg)

No. 83519

File: 1459036397598.jpg (98.09 KB, 639x681, okaaaaaay.jpg)

Not SJW related, but I found this girl who's obsessed with Dylan Roof.

No. 83523

File: 1459036550250.jpg (74.21 KB, 479x892, shooters.jpg)

No. 83538

Huh? That's a girl isn't it? Or is it a guy?

No. 83542

Sooo a black person owning a business that won't hire an asian, native american or non black latino isn't racist? How about a black person that targets particular groups to terrorize and then doesn't face any justice because a community or justice system sides with them (i.e. undocumented non black immigrants)?

No. 83543

I thought she was born a female too…

No. 83550

there's like a million girls like that, it's a weird internet subculture. look up "true crime community"

No. 83554

They made up their own definition of racism so they could exclude themselves from the term. Why? Because everything they do would get them labeled a racist by normal society lol.

No. 83556

I thought she was too, but then I came across her video talking about being trans/not wanting the sex change op/still having a penis, etc.

No. 83562

wow prior to this I didn't see it at all, she did a good job

No. 83580

File: 1459075399310.jpg (63.87 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_nlhw3nV5yx1so77v…)

This fat ugly SJW nigger has a boyfriend who looks like this. Why the fuck should I even try to be a good person anymore? Maybe if I were a massive cunt to men they would take me seriously. These are the types of women men are always saying they hate. And yet, SJW tumblr girls always have cute, sensitive and loving boyfriends while us real ladies can only get with misogynistic gun nuts. I guess men secretly like being treated like shit. If you don't treat them like shit, they walk all over you.

No. 83586

File: 1459081992881.gif (1010.78 KB, 500x420, BYE.gif)

>us real ladies

No. 83600

b8 harder

No. 83601

I laughed, but there is some truth to this shit.

No. 83625

It's so true

No. 83639

Because black people never shoot guns. Why is that person so racist?

No. 83646

Farmers who have officially become reverse /r9k/

No. 83658

They should go hook up with robots then kek

No. 83693

that guy is so ugly, that's how I know this is bait

No. 83709

File: 1459177216129.jpg (226.95 KB, 1440x817, okay.jpg)

No. 83742

MTV is now pumping out SJW propaganda if you didn't know

No. 83774

There are so many hot people in the world and these people are lusting after some loon with a bowl cut. Embarrassing.

No. 83776

Tbh Dylan is better looking than most of the guys in the kpop thread.

No. 83777

he's still ugly with bad hair

No. 83789

File: 1459213044253.jpg (404.06 KB, 1280x1707, 1458611299203.jpg)

People like edgelords

No. 83804

This is getting out of hand

No. 83813

Holy shit

No. 83814

please tell me this isn't real

No. 83815

This makes me so fucking angry I would sock that stupid cunt's face if I saw that on my campus

Fuck you sjw racist piece of shit bullies

No. 83816

>MTV News
Jfc what happened to the one channel that I grew up with in the 90s? This is bad, even for MTV.

No. 83817

I literally don't get it… he's so below average.

No. 83818

233: Nergal is a bisexual transboy

Really? I thought that was Slaanesh's territory.

No. 83820

File: 1459231258402.webm (91.64 KB, 480x480, really nigga.webm)

You fucking kidding me with this shit?

>I'm gonna keep grabbing you because I don't think you should have dreads

>Wait, why are you touching me, thats bullshit, you can't do that
>I'm black, ergo I can indirectly lay claim to Egyptian culture

No. 83822

I'd love to see this posted on facebook. I can already see all of my social justice warrior ~nubian qween~ 'friends' saying how she was completely in the right and that a white boy should be bullied and assaulted for not washing his hair.

I despise the world we live in.

No. 83829

What do Black Americans even have to do with Egypt? They won't stop insulting, ignoring or erasing North Africans, and then they culturally appropriate North African cultures? wtf? By erasing I mean that they won't stop calling North Africans "white people" or "oppressors" because they're so butthurt over… something. I don't know what though.

No. 83836

To each their own, I think he's really cute. Also, a persons personality can make them seem more attractive.

No. 83837

How the fuck can they do this when so many of their music videos are "problematic" to say the least?

No. 83841

Roofmeister you mean?

No. 83853

I think what's more insulting is calling those ratty tentacles he calls hair dreds

No. 83992

I find it both annoying and sad how so many black people, especially young teens are taught that they only have 2 options in life: being killed or being in prison. Especially, when they are taught this by other black people just because they have suffered through the same themselves or have witnessed friends, family, and those in their neighborhood go through it. Why would someone ruin a childs dream that way? Why would they get surprised when they then think that there is no hope for them so they are going to join gangs, commit crimes or give up on school (not saying they all do this, just speaking for the ones that do as a result of being convinced they have nothing else worth living for).

I remember a friend of mine talking about some black radio host whose name I can't recall but he works for a big NYC radio station. She called him a sellout who doesn't understand what it's like to be black anymore because he didn't think that black people should be told things may be more challenging for them due to racism because it will not motivate them. I was mind boggled because it makes sense. Black peoples achievements should be emphasized, while still talking about how there are hateful people in the world, not how because of these hateful people they'll get nowhere.

No. 83993

I don't even care what she thought she was accurate about, she shouldn't be putting his hands on him. She can't even make a decent argument, reducing down to mocking him. She also asks where Egypt is located, as though that makes a difference. French is spoken in multiple African countries, that doesn't mean it originated there, that it is the only place in the world that speaks it, or that all of the countries in Africa speak it. Granted, dreads on anyone non black do look different, but that doesn't mean they can't where them. it's not like media is going crazy over non blacks wearing dreads anyway, so idg how it's a hairstyle thats being appropriated.

No. 84007

they seem to claim it as their precious ancestry/culture since egypt was super cool. even though it makes no sense and nubia was just as awesome. it's fucking stupid because their ancestors were definitely not from egypt(or even near there) but they do that whole 'you can't prove it' and baww like it matters.

they actually teach that egyptians were black in their 'black studies' classes.

No. 84011

This is strangely relatable. I'm not Black but from another ethnic group that's stereotyped the same way more or less and I've been told that sort of shit before I learned how to read. It ruined myself esteem but tbh now I'm doing better than most people my age thanks to my efforts so I can't bring myself to personally care about these opinions anymore.

That's not even stupid in a normal way, it's even worse because they won't stop whining about their culture's erasure and they ignore so many other cultures while erasing Egyptians' culture (both ancient Egypt and Egypt nowadays).

No. 84012

i'm not generally someone who thinks of myself as racist but i'm going to be really racist right now and say that i think americans are fucking retarded, especially black americans.

No. 84020

Hatred of niggers is not racist because they aren't human.

No. 84034

Now now anon

No. 84035

Racism in and of itself is retarded, believing and refusing others their rights just because you think you are superior to them based on the color of their skin is asinine. To hate someone for how fucking stupid they are is completely justifiable. I grew up around blacks and never hated any for their race, only their actions. I never even thought there was a way to 'be' black because then someone would be able to tell me what its like to be white. Some would say great things while others would say we're incest loving hillbilly molesting serial killers. That shit could apply to anyone, the same way the derogatory thoughts about blacks could apply to anyone too…

I'm just tired of people policing others on shit that doesn't hurt anyone else. If whites want to wear dreads, thats their business and it does not belong to a race.

No. 84048

>you think you are superior to them based on the color of their skin

It's annoying in general when people think they're better than everyone but using an accident of birth as the basis for that belief is just embarrassing. Don't they have a positive quality, talent or skill that they can use to boost themselves up? It makes more sense to get your self worth from something you actually control rather than something you had no say in.

No. 84096

File: 1459378764551.png (375.18 KB, 572x464, 1457617346206.png)

>implying you'd want a sensitive, caring "nice guy" in disguise
oh please, I'd rather have a testosterone-fuelled bf who could protect me over these kinds of guys I'd come across in high school

No. 84100

/pol/-chan, I thought you were grounded.

No. 84102

Are you by any means justifying that crazy bitch on the video?
Also, who say dreds have to be organised and good looking? Fucking shit is a lump of matted hair no matter how you look at it.

No. 84120

>oh please, I'd rather have a testosterone-fuelled bf who could protect me over these kinds of guys I'd come across in high school

This.This.This.This so much. I want a guy who's going to go cave man over me and tell me I'm his, and only his. Fuck some sissy twink fag. Dominance is sexy.

No. 84124

File: 1459397670975.png (248.48 KB, 540x344, tumblr_n9nvpuGdIU1rilii3o1_540…)

Million times this. Especially in the long term, the "nice", "sensitive" guy starts looking reaaaally emasculated and so pathetic over the act, especially standing next to regular guys. I've noticed my male friends who tweet supportive SJW shit, and who are eager to agree with women regardless of circumstance are super pussies. Plus they get all weird around men they perceive as being "manlier".

No. 84127

Protect you from what? Bears?

No. 84135

It's about a "protection" mindset, not that we think we're going to need constant defending. These are the kind of guys who will take brutal physical pain, ie, pushing you out of the way of a car only to get hit by it himself, without a second of hesitation. These guys can out-smart, out-play, and out-strength sensitive, infantilist "nice guys".

They're also not afraid to check you when you're being an asshole. Girls with "nice guy" boyfriends never change because they're always validated.

It doesn't feel genuine, because it isn't.

No. 84137

Lol "protection" has never been a factor in my relationship. But if it works for you, that's nice.

No. 84138

>These guys can out-smart, out-play, and out-strength sensitive, infantilist "nice guys".

Why would I care about that?

No. 84143

File: 1459410861281.png (46.86 KB, 335x114, Screenshot from 2016-03-29 18:…)

Was browsing sparknotes the other day, looking for chapter summaries for a book I was reading, and saw this on the corner of the page. I know they've had their own articles for quite a while but were they always this shit?

No. 84148

How come blacks are so obsessed over their heritage from decades, centuries or longer ago??

I can't imagine this shit being pulled off from anyone else, at least in Europe. I'm half Italian for example, but I didn't grew up in Italy and I barely speak the language. Most of my Italian relatives don't really see me as "Italian". And I can't imagine anyone here would accept me going around "GUYS I'M SO ITALIAN DID I TELL U ABOUT THE GREAT THINGS THE ROMAN DID?!?!?" or claim I'm the bestest artists because muh Italian artists heritage or whatever.
My grandmother also came from a part of a country that's now Poland, but I'd never think about claiming this would give me ~polish roots~ or whatever. It's rumored we had a Jewish couple in our family, can i claim to be an oppressed Jew now?!
And maybe some centuries ago, my family came from Africa or Greek or whatever but who the fuck cares about that?!

Serious question here. Why can't they just accept they're Americans, and let it go?

No. 84153

>Serious question here. Why can't they just accept they're Americans, and let it go?
The thing is, they DID, before identity politics became a 'legitimate' thing in the 60s/70s.

Quote by Jimmy Garrett from the Black Panthers in the book "From Black Power to Black Studies":
>"Garrett fostered a nationalist spirit by telling students to identify racism on campus: "I started pushing people on the issues … [and] they began to settle down to work projects, different kinds of projects, like how [to] cut out racism in different areas on campus. Finding out what classes were racist. What teachers were racists." At this point Garrett innovates what might be the embryonic form of black studies at San Francisco State College: "We began to set up, well we call it internal education program where we would [meet] at my house or someone else's house and we would talk about ourselves seeking identity, and stuff like that. A lot of folks didn't even know they were black. A lot of people thought they were Americans. Didn't feel themselves that they were Black people. We discussed that a great deal."

No. 84157

As a fellow Irish person, I don't understand this either. I find it hilarious that people abroad can't pronounce my name. It's fun to introduce people to my language. Why can't people just accept that their name is weird and have a laugh about it?

No. 84159

Wow this bitch is so fake. Could barely make it past the giggly intro.

She makes racism sound like some kind of crazy conspiracy theory. If someone hates an entire race, they're racist. And that goes for "minorities" also. Too often I've listened to "friends" flat out say that they hate ALL white people and that they can't wait until we're all "mixed" and whiteness doesn't exist. That's racism too, friends.

No. 84161

That's so coincidental that you say that because I was only reading something the other day that said our generation has probably the most bleak outlook on life yet.

We've been raised watching terrorist attacks on tv and the internet has made it easier to see how the random killing of innocents happens on a daily basis.

A lot of young people feel hopeless and that they're going to get nowhere in life thanks to the colour of their skin, where they live etc. and it means they're less likely to -try-, whereas previous generations really fought for it.

It makes me really sad.

No. 84200

This is just my hypothesis, but as someone who grew up in NYC, black people here come from all over, including the Caribbean. Most of them claim to be from a specific ethnic group or culture, i.e. "I'm Nigerian, Jamaican, Creole, or West Indian, etc" because they identify with their culture more than their race.

American blacks whose ancestors were enslaved and brought here don't have a connection to where their ancestors came from. Blacks that identify with another group of blacks who no longer exist may do it because of the fact that no one can say they don't belong to that group due to no one practicing the same norms and thus saying whether they're correct or not.

I've seen the same behavior among "white washed" Asians and Latinos, though only on tumblr, not irl.

No. 84255

having dated one, the "nice guy" stuff is a pretty self-serving act and underneath it all the guy was pretty assholeish and self centered. if you're an asshole, I'd like to know upfront so I know what I'm dealing with.

No. 84261

>You don't want what you want, you want what I want

No. 84266

File: 1459522055069.jpg (66.41 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o1ql7uRG5n1v6xrmdo1_500…)


Your favorite furry is a lesbian.

No. 84352

Well, we also have a ridiculously overburdened planet with human population, and I think that + wealth inequality cements people into certain roles in life. The odds of getting from living on benefits to making 56K a year is very slim even in first world nations, we're loosing jobs to machines in a time when more people than ever need work, and there's nothing to replace that system. Really we're getting to the point in our history where we have to address the concept of work, livability and wages for a modern world and that shit is gonna be messy.

No. 84909

File: 1459887092591.webm (6.41 MB, 512x384, tumblr_1993.webm)

>They predicted the future 23 years ago

No. 84916

Omfg that's some amazing shit

No. 84918

It's been like this for 50 years, but thanks to the internet it's been more publicly in our faces and garnering new growth, rather than just being localized or in a news story.

No. 84920

I'm sorry but your picture makes me laugh every single fucking time

No. 84921

please someone upload this to the tumblys

No. 84922

jesus how accurate lol.

i wonder when tumblr will start using people of girth and handicapable

No. 84928


No. 84945

File: 1459906228716.jpg (78.65 KB, 690x671, k.jpg)

This bullshit: Gap apologized for something blacks outraged over that was not racist in any way, even though in the Gap kids ad a year before, it was a taller black little girl resting her arm on a white girl's head. It was a height thing, not a racist thing, but this is why people don't take actual racism seriously because of shit like this.

You know this is some tumblr shit.

No. 84954

Clearly these people complaining have been around actual children. I used to do that all the time to my shorter friends

No. 84955

*have never

No. 84969

Now that you mention it, I just have to blog about this. Admin can ban me but I think I'm being on topic and I try to be race neutral the best I can.
The people who cried racism about this are the same people who tell you you're a racist if you think Rihanna cant sing. Their mentality annoys me so much, I used to have sympathy for the people with this mentality they sympathize with because lets face it the people with this mentality have sympathy for a race that did and are suffering a lot but when I recall a dialogue between me and a young man I just feel a burning rage inside me, because I really try not to be racist I just hate double standards and defeating verbal abuse with physical abuse. The "conversation" went like this:
A guy called me a nigga, and I said "why are you calling me a nigga?" and his face went from friendly to agressive and scary. "Who are you calling a nigga?!??" I had to apologize because It would be suicide for myself to stand up for myself and I didn't want to get suckerpunched.

was i suckerpunched and the assault was posted on youtube no one would defend me except for a few racists or perhaps people who think like me.

No. 84970

It's super dumb but I can maybe kind of see why people would point out the black girl. She sticks out the most by wearing pink and being black while the other girls are all white and in navy. she also looks not really happy so maybe people interpret that as her feeling "oppressed" or whatever bs. I honestly feel a little bad for her bc she couldn't even do something cool like the girls on the outsides, and being super short I have had people rest their arm on me like that and it's annoying as fuck. no one wants to get a face full of your pit stank.

No. 84989

Exactly. the girl is short that's all. She is 8 and the other girl is 12. When I read the article I couldn't believe it.

She isn't having an arm resting on her head because she's the white people's arm rest.

Perhaps had she smiled or worn different clothes in the same colors as the other girls. It's a shame because she's very cute and that does seem a bit wasted.

No. 84994

Please tell me where this is from

No. 84998

Kids in the Hall

No. 85148

File: 1460051639656.jpg (34.85 KB, 600x299, CfI2LF9WEAAXeDc.jpg)

There are other shots too, where a black girl rests her arm on top of a white girl's head. It was a cute pose for kids with a height difference. I don't know why it blew up.

No. 85156

Americans in general seem to get weirdly obsessed over their heritage.

No. 85158

I can speak for every American or every black American, but from my experience we try to overcompensate when it comes when it comes to our Ancestry…whatever it may be. The thing is a lot of times we tend to forget that that we can be proud of where we came from without berating another race or whatever.

No. 85160


No. 85346

No. 85367

No. 85410

Not incredibly SJW by any means, but I was looking for new Mukbang videos to watch and this one Asian-American (Korean to be exact) girl at some point talked about how this lady she bumped into was being super rude for no reason.

So far so good until she suddenly says "I wonder if her reaction would have been different if I wasn't Asian." and it just seemed so random. I mean just because this one person was a cunt doesn't mean she was a racist cunt. After all sure if she was a burly 6'2ft tall black guy the lady's reaction would have probably been different too.

No. 85464

not SJW but I'd rather be an asian america over a black american/hispanic american any day. In terms of POC racism,east asians have it the easiest in America.

No. 85467

Especially if you don't come from a family with money. I lucked out that my family had money so I didn't really deal with racism until my late teens and even then it wasn't anything too serious.

No. 85507

It's the same pose, but has a completely different feel from the other picture. And not jus bc the races are switched. I think its bc theres more cohesion between all of the girls. The other pic really should have had them all doing acrobatic poses

No. 85736

File: 1460282154130.jpg (190.27 KB, 1240x588, 1460280262148.jpg)

No. 85749

Nothing makes me rage more than this shit. Are transgenders especially MTF so psychologically damaged and fragile that the mere insinuation that hey, if you were actually female to begin with you wouldn't have needed to…transition…hence…the…trans…in…transgender… They will never not be the sex the born as. I don't think it's doing them any service to all make believe for them so we don't hurt their poor little deranged fee fees. Females don't have dicks and balls, and never had them to remove in the first place. Biology has seriously become controversial now? What a time to be alive.

No. 85768


Same. I agree so much with this video.

No. 85769

it seems like most tranny supporters need more mental help than the people they're advocating for.

No. 85800

File: 1460340177682.jpg (153.83 KB, 721x820, b688fdd1c209a049da04ac04199f04…)

can someone explain this to me?

Maybe it's just anecdotal fallacy but it seems that majority of tumblr sjw/activists seem to be unattractive or lower end of average people.

I don't know if they go for styles that make them stand out but it seems like a lot of the belief system comes from lack of confidence or searching for some kind of purpose to make them unique or stand out, or give them reasons for why "mainstream society" doesn't get along with them.

I can understand gay/trans people but this genderfluid, genderqueer demisexual stuff is all so confusing and seems to be some sort of special validation to dressing the way you like and it's "oppression" if someone thinks it's weird.

No. 85832

Are you seriously trying to understand the oppression olympics? I recently had to break ties with a friend over tumblr logic. I simply stated as 2 black girls from privileged family we aren't as oppressed as she was trying to make it seem. Most people on tumblr are children that are trying to figure out who they are and think that what they are dealing with is life changing. Just ignore them and chalk it up to them being dumb kids.

No. 85833

No. 85838

>kill the jews
This meme has been created by a jew

No. 85839


It's because her headmate is Hitler

It's just a joke anon

No. 85841

>A similar saying occurs in Chinese and Japanese culture that translates to "The nail that stands out gets hammered down".

That's not what that refers to…fuck wikipedia.

No. 85874

File: 1460410063661.png (73 KB, 1293x685, tmp_16107-1460407600917-361749…)

What the fuck is wrong with Europe?

No. 85875

File: 1460410613178.png (90.55 KB, 1331x530, 486d38aedaee015550b1dc51945113…)


Thanks /pol/

No. 85876

File: 1460411313294.png (29.9 KB, 1338x322, fd152011bbec35f35e91253fef961d…)

People can't still think this in Europe of all places can they?

No. 85878

Sounds like Canada.

No. 85885

Found this, its not so much the video that drives me insane (it made me feel fairly cringey), but the comments. There seems to be no middle ground on opinion, just extremely opposite ideas.

No. 85886


This isn't so bad but the last gif is definitely some Hillary propaganda imo

No. 85901

this guys videos are amazing.

No. 85904

Being an eurofag I'm not surprised. Seriously, here the pro-refugee agenda is pushed down your throat so aggressively you're end up with no other choice than to agree. Everyone against the uncontrolled wave of refugees flooding in, or even has a slightly negative opinion about it, is branded ruthlessly as a racist and has to face some really out of proportions treatment. The general consensus in the western Europe is that refugees are all poor and in need of protection, and every country should carry out their share no matter if they have active war duties going on in the refugees' countries or not. If you're against that, you're against Europe.

We're fucked, we're cucked. The whole situation is so bizarre I'm starting to look for conspiracy theories as to why the European leaders want to destroy their own countries.

No. 85950

You're not alone anon, I'm not even a person against helping those from war countries, but this isn't a few poor sad refugees, this is literal countries moving to Europe and search of a better like aka benefits.

Nothing gets me more angry then those stupid organizations acting as if, despite everything that has been done for those people, we're torturing them because they didn't get a house and they don't like the food.

fuck them

No. 85956

I feel so bad for Europe.. I don't know where you guys went wrong, but I honestly feel for the sensible people against the refugee scum.

No. 85957

Tranny and tranny supporters are both insane.

No. 85964

A lot of people who support refugees do it out of genuine kindness because they can only think about the (legitimately) poor kids getting dragged half around the globe and having their childhoods fucked up.

Basically, we're too nice

No. 85984

That's the thing with these sjw shits
There is no set goal that they'll ever reach that will make them happy. They just want to bitch and moan because it is there entire existence

No. 85985

Canada is doing it fine by actually vetting people and not completely opening their borders. I'm efriends with a Syrian refugee whose village got besieged by ISIS and he's been in refugee camps in Lebanon for well over a year now and he just got into Canada a few months ago and had to go through a vetting process. He's an actual refugee, not economic migrants from outside of Syria which seem to make up the bulk of the "refugees" that are pouring into Europe

No. 85988

Seriously fuck the Saudis tbh
They have taken ZERO refugees and them offering millions of dollars to build mosques in Germany for the refugees while refusing to take any of them was one of the fuck yous I've seen in my life

No. 86055

China also has empty cities with thousands of empty apartments yet they won't take anyone

But no it is us Europeans who must struggle to house and satisfy the whim of every "refugee" while subjecting ourselves to possible attacks, rapes and terrorism for no reason other than "morality"

No. 86075

Sorry about that Anon. :(
If it helps we'll trade all you refugees in exchange for Sheena.

No. 86090

Serious question here and not trying to start an argument about refugees or whatever, but how many refugees do you Eurofags come across on a regular basis, or middle eastern immigrants for that matter?

No. 86099

Britbong here

I don't think I have encountered any Middle-Easterners and there are no refugees here yet

I do see Pakistani Muslims everyday though which are pretty much the same thing as Middle-Easterners

No. 86184

Not sure if it's related enough, but is anyone else bored with the Daily Show now it has Trevor Noah?

It feels like every other 'joke'is now about lol silly white people vs black people, doesn't help that Jessica Williams doesn't feel like a funny correspondent but rather like your average SJW. I'm becoming increasingly annoyed with her.

The show was already gearing more towards that near the end, but now with Trevor there hasn't been an episode where I felt like laughing.

No. 86201

>building mosques in Germany
fuck that shit. Once you start that, the country will be overturned by the muslims. I seriously fear for the US. I hope we have the guts to stand up this garbage.

No. 86205

We might be a melting pot, but with all the gangs, klans and PTSD survivors I think we'll be fine.

No. 86237

I see them on a daily basis and especially the afghans are disgusting.They are ugly, loud and they don't know how to behave around women. And just yesterday a 13-year old girl got raped by one.

No. 86239

You did it to yourselves tbh. You didn't take them in to be kind, you took them in so you could boast to the rest of the world about how charitable you are.

No. 86244

We went on holiday to Paris at the end of March and we drove past Calais and passed the infamous immigrant camp right by the road to the port. Barbed wire fences separated the camp from the port and there were loads of policemen hanging about. It was horrible, dirty, cramped. My parents were like 'lock the doors, turn the windows up' lmao. I haven't personally encountered a refugee but I do have a pretty negative opinion of them TBH

No. 86251

Oh Lord, that sound horrifying.
I've heard that most of all, rape is becoming pretty common in countries that have allowed refugees, mostly of little kids and that's just… Frightening.

No. 86261

Uh, yeah. That show is an abomination. It's just a bunch of race baiting bullshit. Can't see why anyone would still watch it.

No. 86263

Any Britfags here see the news yesterday about Islam mixing with British ways?

There was some statistics and it was scary seeing how Muslim men demanded their women obey husbands. Jesus.

Gonna be honest, I don't like the sand bunnies not because of their race. Just their ways. Same goes for half of these Romanians and shit. They act up, dirty and loud.

No. 86265


Most do. But it is sad because I do believe there is innocent people meshed in with the asshole rapists and con artists.

No. 86266


The ones who run your local shop are probably mostly British now. But it's scary because sometimes I think they have god knows what locked up in their basements in secret.

Being honest though most British (non Asian not the Chinese) don't really like them.

No. 86267


Anon, you should already know. China doesn't give ten shits about anyone who isn't Chinese.

No. 86268


There was a tranny on Jeremy kyle the other day, he claimed to be some kid's father but the kid didn't want him being a woman and when the DNA tests came out the look of joy on his face was hilarious.

No. 86269


Exactly. It's basically new age Myspace. Remember how emos used to always bitch about being accepted, originality and sexuality? These fuckers bitch about everything else.

No. 86270


African Americans think everything is racist. They only have to look in the mirror and think their reflection is racist.

No. 86271


Cos 1. They're Black and 2. They're American so obviously they need something to get defensive over.

I'm half black myself and I sigh when I see the same shit about race/slavery on and on. I'm all for black rights and I support the black community, black people. But whenever slavery is thrown in… I always think "oh here we go…"

Slavery happened. It's over with, lets stop looking in the past and focus on the fucking future.

No. 86272


Nah, not black people. African Americans <

Black British think African Americans are crazy fuckers. Half of my black family laugh at them and think they're mental. Most of the people locked up here in the UK are Asian and White.

No. 86273


Reminding myself when I go travelling not to engage with African Americans.

No ty

No. 86274

I thought I was just being too harsh or something but guess not.

It's just so dreadful to watch through now…

No. 86292

that lady is just a dumb bitch, not all of them are like that.

No. 86294

Also slavery happened in all cultures and socities, to every race not just those from the countries of Afria. But the working class English or Scot's man or women I guess doesn't fit into theor stereotype of what a slave was/is. Just as many people think theb only victims of WW2 were Jewish.

No. 86295

Given that most of the population is either White British/White European with the dominant POC being Pakistan at least in Scotland it's hardly surprising. Also in Britain our prisons are not run for proft, we did not have president Nixon who implemented a war on drugs just to lock of people who were black and might oppose him. Goid old American racism is why the majority of proson population in the States is non white.

No. 86300

But most are

No. 86308

You are very misinformed if you think thats the only reason theyre locked up more

No. 86374

They still wear Muslim clothes like robes and hijabs, still speak their own language they form their own ghettos and their children are becoming more radicalised than the adults

If anything assimilation is going backwards imo

I know what you mean
I don't dislike someone because of their skin just because of their culture

I have a feeling this has Islamic connotations too

No. 86391

to be fair, japan has women only trains, trolleys and even study floors in libraries and the like.

No. 86392

white folks love japan somehow so its ok lol

No. 86424

I'm muslim and I voted for Donald Trump but when I say this all the muslims and sjws chimp out and threaten me and tell me I go to hell even when the sjws are atheists. IMO donald trump is actually a sort of khalifa and a great leader my dear prophet muhammed always told me to honor leaders so actually by logic its haram to not vote Donald Trump. The best leader for America is Donald Trump alhamdulah.

No. 86426

File: 1460666163423.png (23.73 KB, 500x500, 5c0.png)

Ok racist chan

No. 86427

This is the sjw thread and i am complaining of the threatening ways the sjws behave to me just because i am pro trump. I am really muslim btw. I just like donald's way of thinking. I just wanted to go outside and spread the word about donald trump but im afraid the sjws will kill me even though i see pro bernie sanders marching everywhere.

No. 86432

yeah but japan majority knows how to follow rules and not behave like a fucking dickhead in public.
It wouldn't work in the west because everyone is a moron and I could just see a group of drunk/drugged men busting into the carriage and molesting a bunch of women for a laugh.

No. 86438

if youre gonna try to troll at least be a bit better about it eh

No. 86457

Probably for the same reason everyone else loved japan. It's civillised.

No. 86458

That's not true and you know it m8. The stats show black carribean and african people commit the most crime

No. 86459

File: 1460678093751.jpg (47.06 KB, 468x473, knife-crime-in-london.jpg)

Oops dropped my stats

No. 86460

There's an asylum seeker's crib in my town, they loiter in the streets around their government appointed home and bug the locals, especially women. They go crazy for young preteen and teen girls (my friend has some daughters) it's disturbing.

I just hope they go away soon.

No. 86468

I'm not trolling. Do you think civilized muslims (there are none) love the average muslim?
I've met a palestinian immigrant yesterday (he claims to be a syrian refugee but i knew by his accent immediately that he is a palestinian who lived in Lebanon most of his life) and i wanted to kill that muslim scum because he talked to me in arabic instead of english and because he lied about being a refugee. I dont even wear a hijab so this proves this scum will never even take the time to integrate, stupid ass leach.
I'm not a weeb anymore because I'm 18+ but I did meet a few japs and they are indeed VERY friendly nice people unlike the jungle azns (chinese koreans etc…)

But one thing I hate about japan is that they sexualize children, but ay at least they dont rape white wimminz like those melon munchers or allahu akbaring buildings

No. 86496

Christ, ever think it's YOU that is the problem. YOU that is the racist. I hoe you see sense and stop being such a twat to others.

No. 86536

Yeah and most of the time police/newspapers aren't allowed to report that it was a refugee because that could lead to "unjustified xenophobia".

No. 86541

File: 1460735515499.jpg (41.45 KB, 510x287, Sarcastic-eddie-murphy-meme-ge…)

>civilized muslims (there are none)
Kek you only see what you want to see. There's only black and white no grey in your thinking. Why so obsessed with race? :)

No. 86546

Why do they act the same literally wherever they end up

No. 86548

Muslim isnt a race dumbfuck

No. 86559

No shit Sherlock :) I see you commenting about races with your dumbass grammar, too. It shows you degenerate.

No. 86562

I was that anon
Muslims technically imo can be considered a race just as much as jews can be considered one. we all look alike anyways with our smell and burkas. Also I dont see why I cant comment about niggers though, most people who hAve met niggers hate them, if I had to choose whether muslims or niggers should die I'd choose niggers, a lot of niggers are muslim anyways.

But the hate I have for muslims is strong anyways. I hope the jews will kill all the arabs they can find, because thanks to muslims and niggers people are afraid to get robbed on the street or worse: get raped by a dunecoon or baboon

I apologize for the muslims that live in europe and I hope they will be removed asap
Because racially they are inferior to the white man (swt)

No. 86563

Whats wrong with my grammer?
>>no shit sherlock
obviously its not "no shit" to you, you obviously consider them a race, well they arent. Islam is a dangerous ideology that promotes stoning, rape, beating, cutting off hands, sleeping and marrying 6-year olds and i could go on, it does not belong here in the west. Muslims are welcome, islam is not.

No. 86564

You sound like those edgy teenagers who hate christianity or their parents. Kek.

No. 86566

I hope this is the case, and the racist anon learns better and grows out of it. Otherwise it's pretty fucking pathetic to b a grown adult with such immature and ignorant views about others.

To that anon, if your parents/family are influencing you to have such opionions then break the cycle you don't need to follow their ideology .

No. 86570

Whoops, none.
Fuck off.

No. 86575

It's grammar not "grammer" for one

No. 86576

Just find ANY london or uk stats that show race. They all show the same thing.

No. 86662

Finfag here living in the city which most of the immigrants flock to. I see them every day, it's usually the Iraqis and the Somalis. They hang around train/subway stations and shopping centres, catcall or harass women and are generally loud and obnoxious. The Iraqis aren't as aggressive as the Somalis who are like fucking animals.

No. 86666

All this Ghost in the Shell stuff is pissing me off so hard. It's just by someone from Japan, like fuck it's bascially porn! Nothing about it other than the animation is inherently Japanese other than some parts of Standalone Complex. People are bitching so much now it's making me sick. It's just an edgy matrix style film with egregious nudity.

I love how these people were too young to bitch about all those Japanese horror films we remade.

Everything is devolving so much.

No. 86678

Care to explain yourself a little more, Giga Satan?

No. 86681

Hollywood is making a Ghost in the Shell movie with Scarlet Johansen as Motoko Kusanagi and liberals are crying "muh whitewashing PoC characters" "why couldn't they use AN ASIAN" asngodng;vos

No. 86685

Well they do have a point. Hollywood does like to whitewash asian characters (for financial reasons)

But honestly SJWs don't give a flying fuck about asians because dem gooks are 'privileged model minorities'. They only make such an outcry every now and then to hide their own hypocrisy

No. 86688


It's gonna be fun and games when Mulan the live action movie gets made.

What about Asia and their fetish for white folks though?

No. 86695

but anime characters aren't necessarily asian. and they're not white washing her character, they changed the entire setting to the US.

as i said, what about movies like the ring and the grudge? they did the same things with those movies, changing location and everything just using the story. GITS is a story, a dumb one at that. even the creator said it was basically porn.

No. 86705

File: 1460859229824.jpg (32.64 KB, 408x349, Leftist_evolution.jpg)

Don't worry about that. Disney is under intense pressure so Mulan herself will have an asian actress while just about everyone else is white. I'll bet you a pretty penny on that.

It's not merely asians, but also arabs and indians who go nuts for blonde women. You can blame Hollywood for that.
>Family reunion in Asia and grandma jokingly asks if I'm dating a blonde girl

It's not about racism, it's a 100% financial decisions. It's difficult to make a massive blockbuster hit with a fully PoC cast since western audiences don't identify well with them. The rest of the world is okay with white actors since they have been exposed to Hollywood exports for generations.

But SJW will insists this is anti-PoC racism

No. 86712

fb is trending a claim that the production studio commissioned tests to make ScarJo look "more asian". Which, if true, makes them look even worse than they do now.

Either way, the backlash is dumb. Just because GitS is anime, doesn't make any of the characters explicitly asian. Hell, Motoko is part cyborg.

Honestly, I just wish Hollywood would actually make more original shit than adapting every fucking popular book, comic, or cartoon out there.

No. 86727

I'd wager a character living in nipland with the name Motoko Kusanagi is meant to be Asian.
Why is it that people get angry when characters commonly accepted as white in movies are made black or any other race (see: the backlash toward Star Wars and that one Annie movie), but when they make non-white characters white there's always some bullshit excuse to be made, like "Oh! Muh finances! ScarJo is popular!" (so why not make her an extra/supporting actress and big her up in the trailer to bait the unsuspecting?) or "W-Well maybe it's not really an Asian character even though they have an Asian name, the franchise was written to be set in Asia, the creator is Asian, etc" or "W-Well they picked actors based on talent, not race! YOU'RE the racist!!"?
Murrikan directors need to stop touching anime and just stick to comics. It's the one thing they can't fuck up.

No. 86735

Not European, I live in bumfuck America where a good percentage of refugees go. (A full 8-10% of my city is refugee at the moment) They're pretty quiet and keep to themselves, a lot of the really poor people here prefer to live around them because they're less dangerous than trailor trash. Then again, the danger here is white meth heads and crazy rambo types. (My childhood hometown had a trans lady booby trap her trailer with pipe bombs,set fire to her car, strip naked and run down the highway to protest being given legal documents in her (male) legal name and not the female one she was to lazy to make official. This was in 2010 before sjw shit caught on.)

No. 86738

Muslimanon here

I made up my mind and you girls were right. I should not be such a bigot and I apologize for that.
I realized Arabs actually aren't that bad and neither are turks or iranians so I take back my comment about the wish I had that the jews should kill them all. I realized yesterday after having a discussion with a shitskin that it is the berbers, kurds, hindu muslims (otherwise known as "pakis") that is ruining it for the rest of us. I thought turks were meming about it to blame it on everyone else but them but they are right, the kurds really are destroying Germany and they are doing it to even sixth world countries like Syria. I mean sure turks are ugly and genetically inferior BUT I was never afraid of a turkish man but I did feel threatened by kurds. As for the problematic nigger somalis raping the blonde women in finland etc it must be because their nigger genes are too high that they are problematic because their cousins the sudanese people seem to be wellmannered and civilized for some reason so it must be the amount of nigger genes they have in their blood in order to be wild animals (I say 50% makes a person of mixed SSA descent wild, thats why biracial african americans are wellmannered often, because they have actually less than 40% in total african american blood at average and if its more they are exactly like the typical nigger)
Anyways I'm not a racist IMO because I respect the northern sudanese mongrels and they dont take no shit from negroes from the south! They kill them because they know the truth! I hope Turkey kills all the kurds and Israel should kill all the palestinians (most arabs are ok except shitty arabs like palestinians sorry imo)

Therefore I learned minorities in every country ruin it for the rest of us, whether you're white or belong to some civilized minority. Does this mean the good behaved shitskins are just as good as white man? No, white people are the most wellmannered civilized people I've ever seen. Sophisticated, educated and their beauty is to fall in love with. The Japanese sure are similair in behaviour but they aren't imo technically human due their genetic make up. So uhm yeah the best thing we can do atm is vote for Donald Trump to make America great again. Hope you agree with me tyvm and I am so glad I have such an open liberal mind, the liberals were right. Its always good to change your mind about things.

No. 86744

Hollywood makes movies for western audiences. Western audiances = White
So why do they have to cast other races?

No. 86747

>This was in 2010 before sjw shit caught on.
I don't know where you've been but this mindset has been around prominently for 50 years. We're only just noticing it a lot more know thanks to the internet and congregations of this groupthink on tumblr and reddit.

No. 86751

Because it's not just white people living in the west and/or contributing to most of modern western culture, retard. You probably live in the 1800s if you honestly think that the west, its population, social nuances and entire culture is 100% white.
And they don't "have" to do anything, it's just fucking stupid to arbitrarily change the race of established characters and people, especially when you're adapting something non-western.

No. 86752

>in the 1800s
**or some particularly inbred, forgotten bumfuck region of Eastern Europe.
Forgot about that.

No. 86777

I dont know why you are going on about authenticity. Even if they brought in asian actors, 99% of them wouldn't be Japanese anyways. Then all the SJW's would still freak out because "OMG ALL ASIANS DONT LOOK THE SAME WHITEY!"

No. 86790

It's almost like if you fuck up something very easy and do something completely retarded instead, people will be upset, and if you also do something else that's similarly retarded, people will still be upset. Who would've thought?!
And it's like you seriously believe there is no such thing as Japanese actors in Hollywood.
>who is Chiaki Kuriyama
>who is Devon Aoki
>who is Rinko Kuchiki
Do you even watch movies? Holy fuck.

No. 86795

It hasn't been a thing here until the last two or three years. I graduated high school there in 2012 and the sole out gay student got consistently beaten up until he had to be put on suicide watch.

No. 86796

true but the white majority holds most of the cash. Of course they're going to appeal to the wealthiest denominator.

No. 86799

File: 1460944494946.jpg (65.48 KB, 478x478, 14-ghost-in-a-shell-scarlett-j…)

I'm not as peeved by this as most people are, I just don't understand the point of changing the setting/etc.

I can understand having an american adaptations I guess but why not change her name/character?

Either way it seems like it's going to be to far removed from GiTS for fans to see and may be too niche for casuals, but you never know. The drama might pull in more viewers.

I wonder how Batou is going to look.

No. 86801

File: 1460945634327.jpg (129.74 KB, 1100x575, 8321643_orig.jpg)


He's already been cast >:[

No. 86802


Current top 3 economies:



No, the Asians have most of the cash.

No. 86803

Motoko was a Japanese woman who retains Japanese nationality but I don't believe that either a Japanese woman or a white woman should be portraying her.
They should have hired a mixed actress because Motoko's cybernetic body is quite clearly haafu.

No. 86804

Which is retarded, considering that you can make a buck off every group and ultimately make more money if you play your cards right (which is why shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remain one America's greatest hits, as does the Bill Cosby show). To argue that white people can never, ever relate to non-white people in media or enjoy anything where white characters are not at the forefront is the same as arguing that white people are incapable of seeing other races as human (which I guess may be true for some people, but speak for yourself lmao). Plus, I'm pretty sure I don't need to remind you that most of the white people who would actually be able to appreciate a GiTS movie are actually not happy with the lead being white because that's not what the source material calls for.
What do you think is a better idea: make a shitty, forgettable sci-fi movie that no one - anime fan, film aficionado or sci-fi enthusiast - will truly like because it's generic, watered down fodder that panders only to plebs and needs to use "big name" actors/actresses like Scarlett Johanssen and Leonardo DiCaprio to distract from its mediocrity, or make a decent adaption that dares to do something different from the norm and make itself memorable?

No. 86805

>watered down fodder that panders only to plebs and needs to use "big name" actors/actresses like Scarlett Johanssen and Leonardo DiCaprio to distract from its mediocrity
Honestly, it will probably end up being this regardless of who was cast no matter the race.

pretty sure you meant to reply to me.
But.. so?
The movie's being made in america, so it will appeal to the demographic of the country it's produced in.

No. 86807

Responding to the discussion about Ghost in the Shell from the Taylor thread…

Well, Hollywood wants it both ways. Milk the weebs and pull in casuals with a big name ticket like ScarJo. It's not a bad move because fans will watch it out or curiosity and others will be attracted to the well known names.

I don't mind them Americanizing GITS, but god damn it, change the setting and names. It's fucking dis-cognizant as hell to hear Motoko and see a super white woman. And as a animu purist, twitter had tons of examples of Asian women who look exactly like what you'd think of Motoko in real life. Makes you a little peeved, but we all know the race won't matter when the script is inevitably shit.

No. 86808

RE: all this shit about scar jo and muh whitewashing

"I think some people are framing the The Ghost in the Shell conversation incorrectly, or, well, missing an important angle. Yes I agree it is an unfortunate casting and a part of a greater problem. And, please consider something:

This movie, like many recent Hollywood movies (Iron Man for example), do not make the majority of their profits in America by a long shot. As a result, this movie is not targeting an American or even Western audience. It is going to make the majority of its profits in the overseas market, chiefly East Asia. If we want to have a conversation about whitewashing, we have to also talk about anti-blackness and the elevation of white beauty as it exists in East Asia.

The actress playing the cyborg heroine of the movie is currently the face of a shampoo campaign in Japan (LUX). The film “Lucy” was very successful in China. She’s graced the cover of Vogue China.

The powers that be picked her for the movie, not so much out of a lack of appreciation for Japanese culture, but rather they picked her in order to successfully market the movie in East Asia

This does not relieve Hollywood of any blame, as American soft power helps perpetuate anti-blackness in East Asia, but I think it is important to consider the international reality underscoring the controversy of this casting. Boxing it as an American problem feels like focusing on a symptom and ignoring the big picture."


No. 86810

I can see where this argument is coming from, like that last shitty transformers movie was definitely pandering to overseas chinese audiences more than american ones, but I'm not sure where the anti-blackness stuff comes in…

No. 86811

sorry, hit enter too early

Also, where's the evidence that they're not Americanizing the names? That would be fucking retarded on hollywood's part. Even niche as hell americanized adaptation "Edge of Tomorrow" changed the names so it wouldn't look fucking dumb to call Tom Cruise Keiji Kiriya

No. 86815

It's a good point, actually. I understand where it's coming from.

Also, there are rumors that said that they will use CGI to make ScarJo more Asian?


If this is true, personally, I don't understand why they have to go such lengths, why don't they just cast an Asian person to begin with? If star power is the main issue and if they are targeting East Asians, why don't they cast a big name actress (who can speak English very well) from there? Surely they will make plenty of money too.

No. 86816

I'll bite and say: Shut the fuck up, you waste of space nobody gives a two shits about your backwards change of heart. Hell, no one fucking cares about you in general. Now get out of our board.
Damn it.

No. 86817

>falling for this painfully obvious muslimanon troll

You guys can't be this retarded

No. 86819

This. I'm always falling for racist-chan bait and even I know not to take this faggot seriously.
Shitty, poorly done troll/10.

No. 86821

Oh, we're that retarded.

No. 86874

I think the character(s) in Ghost in a Shell should be Asian because they're Asian in the anime

Like people got mad at the possibility of a black man (Idris Elba) playing James Bond because he's traditionally a white character

No. 86877

I think that if a character was meant(and represented) a certain way then they should stay that way…well I guess unless there's a nultiverse situation (like DC and Marvel).

No. 86880

File: 1461019785522.jpeg (30.9 KB, 500x281, image.jpeg)

If it makes you feel better that you think I'm just baiting because you think people aren't threatened by "PoC", good for you!
>our board
An hero yourself

No, anime characters that look japanese look like picture related. Idris Elba has two wives.

No. 86895

File: 1461028305094.jpg (187.22 KB, 1012x675, Ghost-in-the-Shell--ScarJo_art…)

I don't really give a fuck what race they cast for the characters but you have to at least admit Scarlet looks wildly different from the original character. So do countless other movie characters but I can see why some fans of a given series would dislike that

No. 87045


Good Lord, they act like Newbury Comics has separate entrances for PoC and nonbinarykin.

No. 87056

was there this much of an outcry when the live action attack on titan movie was made?
Full cast japanese actors/actresses even though the majority of the characters are meant to be white.
But seriously, I'm asking. Was there even any bitching? Or was it negligible because japan aren't a bunch of pissbabies?

No. 87071


Here's the thing, it's not really a situation that's in any way comparable.

In order for Japan to get a visually accurate cast together for a film like Attack on Titan, they have to deal with the statistical impossibility of finding Western-looking teenagers (because the characters are kids), whom not only LOOK the part of their roles, but are also able to speak fluent Japanese to the extent that they are believable in the lines they deliver. How many white teenagers do you know that can not only speak Japanese but can also competently act?
Also due to the fact that Japan is still largely a homogeneous society, there is a very large chance that by having an entire cast of Western-looking actors, people will not go see the movie.

For America it's not really the same at all. The culture (kek) is so heterogeneous, producers quite literally have their pick of the litter. There are SO many Japanese/East Asian/haafu actors and actresses in Japan who would not only be able to look the part visually, but are very competent and gifted performers, and are able to speak both Japanese and English.

Japan does not have these options available.
America does, they have all the options, and they still pick this chunky, honk-nosed hack.

Legit the only person Scarlet Johansson knows how to portray is Scarlet Johansson, but then we all know she wasn't chosen for her acting ability, but because the producers know they can't rely on the GitS fandom alone for their revenue so they have to put a "big name" in there with some nice tiddies and a bit of recognisable ass to go with it.
The bigger problem in itself is that for people born in America with Asian ethnicity who do decide they want to act and actually retain the talent, it's already difficult for them to obtain roles because of the way they look, but every time a producer decides to cast somebody like ScarJo you're literally taking a potential job away from an Asian person and giving it to a white person, again.

I really hope the film tanks. I certainly won't be paying to see it. You'd think these cuck producers would have learnt their lesson from what happened with Pan, Stonewall and The Lone Ranger.

No. 87075

I agree anon, if they took the concept and Westernized it and changed her name and just changed it to appeal to American audiences, that's cool. It's just weird that they're not changing her name.

No. 87082

File: 1461138301806.jpg (16.4 KB, 244x116, Screenshot 2016-04-20 at 4.12.…)

trans people are so fucking delusional it hurts. and of course, OP was the typical fugly tumblrina-tard package, short bangs and all

No. 87089

>and they still pick this chunky, honk-nosed hack.
damn anon. She's not suited for the role but that's a bit harsh.

But I do actually think a movie like this would have been a great opportunity to bring in a new name actress. It's just one of those films that needs a new face as the star.

I guarantee this would have just made it much much worse. all the screaming about cultural erasure from tumblr and the fans getting pissed the story is being messed with.

No. 87090

File: 1461141234518.jpeg (23.51 KB, 708x354, image.jpeg)

Pic related looks much better.

No. 87092

I'm honestly not a violent person but I wish I could beat the shit out of all these trannies who think this way. You can mutilate your body, pretend to be a woman, and I'll play pretend with you but this is too fucking far.
They're literally trying to put half the population in danger just so 0.3% of the population feels comfortable. And honestly, it's not even a huge deal if they actually pass like so many of them love to humblebrag about.

No. 87093

>The film “Lucy” was very successful in China
Hilarious. While Asian Americans complained about a white protagonist killing off Asian guys left and right and shooting an Asian for not being able to speak English, the Chinese apparently didn't care at all. It's often interesting to see how different East Asians and Asian Americans think.

No. 87096


>Scarlet Jo


waistless hipless skinnyfat monster detected
kill yourself. you're far more repulsive than a garbage can.

No. 87097


Does this dumb bitch really think Arabs aren't bad? COME THE FUCK ON!

No. 87098


Scarlet Johansson pls leave.

No. 87099


man I'd rather be her than some tube shaped masculine looking cunt

No. 87105


Well I'm sorry you feel that way about yourself :(

No. 87116


Why are you projecting? If you're a tube shaped cunt then move on. I wasn't talking about me.

No. 87139

File: 1461158744184.jpg (233.92 KB, 2800x4200, oFwm7.jpg)


Scarjo is a chunky monkey and not fit to play my waifu; deal with it :^)

No. 87141

Bro, are you even listening to yourself? Obviously the characters most Japanese media are Japanese, that's the easiest to do. It is extremely simple for people to take inspiration and create characters based off of their own familiarity. The creator isn't very good, only did porn before hand and took a lot of influence from western media too. The plot and characters in the movie were never inherently Japanese. But there is a huge difference between the setting being in Japan for and it being a Japanese setting.

Also, this is art, not reproduction I think it would be really boring to keep everything exactly the same rather than translating the whole thing over to the US.

No. 87143

I hate seeing this shit everywhere now with headlines calling the law that people should go to the restroom that matches the gender on their legal ID "the transphobic law". JFC. I guess compromising the safety of the vast majority of women means nothing compared to looking after the poor fee fees of a minute number of trans people. If people are allowed in whatever bathroom they want without even trying to look the part (which is the only situation their ID would be questioned) it's just inviting creeps in droves. Is it really so much to ask that trans people actually put effort into looking the part of their proclaimed gender and take the time needed to make legal changes before trying to act as that gender in some of the most "private" public places?

No. 87147

Japan doesn't have that many white/western actors, so it's understandable. America has no real excuse, there's a plethora of Japanese actresses available.

No. 87149

>this is art, not reproduction
But it's a literal adaptation. If you don't want to reproduce most of the key features of something, why are you using its title and characters?
It's not like GiTS is the only sci-fi franchise ever. Having ScarJo play someone named "Motoko Kusanagi" is a very retarded move, no matter how you spin it.

No. 87150

Buzzfeed strikes again. They really sugar coated a lot of the Jessi Slaughter drama in this. Furthermore, I don't even know why they would have an article about her now. It's really not too relevant.


No. 87158

They could have just used the actress from Pacific Rim since that movie went over really well and people would recognize and like her

No. 87163

>You'd think these cuck producers would have learnt their lesson from what happened with Pan, Stonewall and The Lone Ranger.

Agree. Those directors should take notes from whoever made Mortal Kombat movie. They cast unknown actors and the cast matched the races in the games too. It bombed in reviews, but it was the fourth highest grossing video game adaptation ever released. That's quite a good example that good casting with unknown actors can bring more money too, in my opinion. Although yes, Mortal Kombat have bigger fandom than GitS, can't debate with that.

Yep, 'Motoko Kusanagi' name sounds and is Japanese, it would be hard not to picture a Japanese or an Asian woman playing her. It's like Emma Stone in 'Aloha', like, would you seriously believe that Emma is a half-Asian named Allison Ng?

No. 87179

The two bitches who bullied her can get raped tbh.

No. 87195

Basically: Turks from Western Turkey are about the only decent "Muslims", and even then they're only nominally Muslim and would be exterminated by Arabs if ever they had the chance. That's actually partly why the Arab revolt arose - Arabs felt Turks weren't real Muslims. Seriously.

No. 87196

They cast Abe Hiroshi as a blond-haired Roman. The guy never speaks a line of Japanese in both Thermae Romae films, so your excuses don't really stick.

That being said Abe Hiroshi is about the only decent looking Asian guy who doesn't look like a twink faggot, so it's ok.

No. 87198

Soo, please. You're so obvious.

No. 87251

Lol why are you assblasted? What is your ethnicity? Arabs are ok people tbh, the only civilized moroccans (if there are some) are arabs. Not a coincidence at all. Only those fucking palestinians….ugh. Only good pali is a dead pali.
i dont understand this post though

No. 87252

>i dont understand this post though

Wish Turks would have genocided Arabs and North Africans rather than Armenians. Armenians are still a race of Jews though.

No. 87260

What¿ I dont understand your post because it has literally nothing to do with my sperging about muslims, kurds, berbers, niggers, palestinians, jungle orientals, donald trump and pakistanis. The reason why turks are cool is because in daily life they wont rape you or attack you out of nowhere unlike the kurd. No need to mention history.

>Wish Turks would have genocided Arabs and North Africans rather than Armenians. Armenians are still a race of Jews though.

But turks did¿


No. 87293

On this picture she looks like her

No. 87294

>waistless hipless skinnyfat monster detected
>kill yourself. you're far more repulsive than a garbage can.

who turned the simulator back on?

No. 87296

I just noticed that all these actors and actresses have the most shittiest bodies ever. Examples: leonardo dicaprio, keira knightley etc

No. 87347

No. 87353

Their kebabs are ace though

No. 87356


And baklava. Baklava is incredible.

No. 87390

Those things are middle eastern and not just Turkish. Even Turkish delight is not Turkish, but middle eastern. You know what's Turkish though? Huge noses and insecurity.

No. 87398

I was going to say kek nice bait, but honestly I've been a selfish bitch in all relationships. They're always at least 4th priority (coming after work, friends and my own hobbies), and every one of them has been nurturing, caring and only too ready to provide. And all of them would lick me out knowing I wouldn't give anything in return.

It's hilarious.

No. 87425

Just look at Erdogan, going after anyone that calls him a bad name like a brattish child.

No. 87426

Are you ignorant to the genocide that Turkey is raging on Kurds? Burning defensless people alive in their own homes then shooting the corpses for good measure! Have you no shame, no sense of compassion or reason? I hope you are some jumped up "edgy" teenager then you still haven't fully developed your brain, but if you are an adult then I pity you, racism just shows how bloody ignorant and dumb you really are.

No. 87427

It's not Palestinians stealing others land, and ethnically cleansing the inhabitants all because some fairy tale textn says it is their promised land.

Why not be concerned about the real supporters of human rights abuses, war crime and apartheid….. ISRAEL!

No. 87475

Israel may do bad things but I'd rather have an advanced state that contributes to the world rather than yet another shitty medieval terrorist sharia kingdom

No. 87540

>somehow saying my ninja is worse
There are so many more threads I could paste here but I'd get brain cancer if I did.
Lipstickalley definitely belongs in this thread. I see anons here openly admit that they use this black version of stormfront even though LSA is the SJW playground. (for blacks only which is worse!). Each user (the majority) hates on every race but their own, and then they turn around and say "hurrr blax r moz opresh one!" After saying a couple wacis remarks. They hate SJWs but they are the epitome of one. Also, LSA wasn't always like this. Before 2011 they seemed a bit more reasonable so I say it's definitely the influence of the currently winning SJWs.

No. 87541

No. 87542

tbh if people from LSA came here and saw half of the racist threads they'd probably run with the notion that lolcow is a racist chan (which it really isn't).
It's a forum that pretty much for black people are you surprised…like really?
Personally I don't deal with LSA because race based forums are beneath me.

No. 87545

Is this dude Pilou Asbæk or am I dreaming?

No. 87547

Yeah but the thing is LSA is a mainstream nonedgy forum for black female normies which means that it influences black females to be like this irl too.

We're here edgy autists and only PULLtards post here unironically.

No. 87551


It is.

No. 87552

I'm a black female and I don't like LSA for the reason stated above. A forum based solely on race is pretty much just going to be a circle jerk, so I don't waste my time with sites like that.

No. 87670

What sort of "advanced state" commits ethnic cleansing and murders children? What sort of cowards harrass and kill women and children every day? Also are you ignorant to the fact that Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the same god !

No. 87673

File: 1461391494535.png (188.73 KB, 775x337, jews.png)

You didn't know Shakespeare was black?

No. 87676

…. Now is the time to pull the trigger

No. 87677

He's…not black in that image. Do you just search for random things to be upset about, anon?

No. 87678

File: 1461401180137.jpeg (671.08 KB, 1943x2490, image.jpeg)

Despite /pol/ telling you white people always have pale skin blonde hair blue eyes I will tell you something you probably did not know: there are europeans that look like hispanics/arabs (for example: Kim Kardashian) Omg amazing huh? Just don't tell /pol/ they will get triggered!

No. 87679

Agree with you on the Shakespeare issue but Kim K isn't european. Armenia is in Asia.

No. 87680

What the hell? Kim K has Armenian blood, Armenia is not in Europe, even if it's culturaly considered European, they are a lot closer to Asian and Arabic people.

No. 87681

File: 1461402266626.jpeg (97.74 KB, 684x821, image.jpeg)

Yeah and the Irish were considered niggers too. Kum looks more like Kris Jenner than her father, so is Kris Jenner (who is dutch) not white either?

Perhaps it's because race is just indeed a social construct¿¿¿ (also something people don't want to comprehend)

No. 87683

File: 1461402626173.jpeg (221.01 KB, 636x322, kim.jpeg)

Surgery made her look more white (and like her mom), but she looked a lot more ethnic naturally.

No. 87684

LOL retards arguing that Armenians aren't white because some look middle eastern. Khloe looks pretty white. The younger sister (Jenners) look the most Armenian, yet are 100% not. Which is weird.

No. 87685

Lots of Russian and Greek blood/culture mixing in Armenia, too.

No. 87686

File: 1461404496283.jpeg (91.47 KB, 625x422, image.jpeg)

She just looks more polished but not specifically less ethnic?…it's not like she bleached her skin, put in blue eye contacts etc…
Unless you consider a symmetric polished face european which is absurb.
her two halfsisters could pass for turkish/gypsy/armenian etc…yet they are as white as they come? If they said that they are turkish or something no one would EVER consider them white.

For me Armenians are white for you they aren't. Yet I am right because they are considered politically so (I wont say culturally lmao because even culturally they barely are). But that goes for ALL the "white countries". Otherwise Shakespear should also be considered not white. We wuz kingz :^).
Their sisters look armenian because race is a s o c i a l c o n s t r u c t. There's an italian celebrity that looks 50% black yet she is 100% italian. Aboriginals look black yet they aren't. Etcetcetc

No. 87687

Kris and the Jenner daughters looks so much more Armenian than the older sisters. The older ones (well, Kim and Kourtney) look so arab-y. except for Khloe.Then again, Khloe doesn't look like either parent.

No. 87688

… wait are we joking or being serious about the "social construct" stuff? I can never tell what's real or what's going on with social constructs anymore.

Turks are dirty.

No. 87689

I think it has to do with that and unfortunately "war rape". Dirty arabs mixed into the blood of pure real Armenian blood resulted in a long time = eventually a good portion looking arabic-ish

No. 87690

Well my mother is 100% armenian but has green eyes and blond hair naturally.

No. 87691

File: 1461405051384.png (290.14 KB, 375x506, image.png)

If you're too /pol/ or scared to accept the fact that race is a social construct see pic related and that might wake you up. She is considered white, italian.
White sandnigger plz. Armenians/greeks always looked dark. And I think you're talking about turks not arabs. Sure your mother has blonde hair and green eyes, but the majority of Armenia does not have this. And even pakistanis can have blonde hair and green eyes. What's your point?

No. 87693


How could she be considered white? She is very clearly black. Italian is not a race btw. (Not outside in america)

No. 87694

File: 1461405545215.png (449.57 KB, 371x505, image.png)

I know this. And meh biracial a bit I wouldn't say 100% african. I'm from an Arab country and we have a lot of girls who look like this, although we do not consider them as a butiful melike. Heck even I look like her a bit lmao. But my point was only that Europeans, despite them being able to look like complete sandniggers, are white because they politically just are. Except turkey if course. And that Shakespear was not darkiefied like anon was implying.

No. 87767

I wonder if tumblr sjws would view these people as "self hating"

No. 87768

1. His skin is flat out brown.
2. He's clearly light skinned in that picture
3. Look at all the darkies in the side pictures

No. 87773



Evolution is just a social construct you racist piece of shit. Haven't you ever taken a sociology course?

>black Hamlet
>black Julius Caesar
>black Brutus
>extremely black Romeo with light Juliet
>brown Shakespeare

No. 87776


This website is goldmine

No. 87777

File: 1461465717866.png (8.94 KB, 354x142, jj.PNG)

I was hoping this was satire….

No. 87778

Holy shit, the titles alone are enough.

>5 Ways to Maintain Your Queer Identity in a Relationship People Read as Straight

>6 Ways I Was Taught to Be a Good Fatty (And Why I Stopped)

>Sociopaths, Borderlines, and Psychotics: 3 Mental Illnesses We Must Stop Hating On

>Your 6-Step Feminist Guide to Respectfully Flirting with Asian Women

No. 87790

It's called stylization. Do you even color theory/palette choices, or do you have eye problems?
>black sea
>orange donkey
>blue night sky in one picture, then dark grey in another
>yellow quill pen, not white
>"wow not realistic at all, smh racism"
Literally how you sound.
Next, you'll probably complain that white people are being turned brown if they use a yellowish/sepia filter on their photos.

No. 87792

this was honestly the funniest thing I've read all week

No. 87804

I don't suffer from any mental illness but I have to agree with this one. Armchair psychologists are truly the most annoying piece of shits ever. Try saying N people are bad to a psychologist and she will laugh in your face.

No. 87805

Nah, I found a Tumblr post on it and they only reiterate ten times how Japs in Japan don't understand Japanese Americans because they didn't grow up in America blah blah.

No. 87806

I don't suffer from any mental illness but I have to agree with this one. Armchair psychologists are truly the most annoying piece of shits ever. Try saying N people are bad to a psychologist and she will laugh in your face.

No. 87824

Haha okay. Try living with a sociopath/borderline, then speak.

No. 87826

Living with anyone who has a mental illness is not pleasant. I don't want to live with anyone who has severe mental issues for that reason, but just because I dont want to fuck someone who isn't stable doesn't mean I have to make fun of their mental issues. I have sympathy for this boy just as much I have sympathy for someone who has borderline.

No. 87828

I will ofc agree with you in regards of especially the video you provided. It's heartbreaking and I would never make fun of someone for their actual autism, but telling people that they will be straight up laughed at by a therapist if they said that someone with bpd/ who is s sociopath is bad then i feel like it should corrected, or at least feel like people should not be afraid of disclosing such feelings to their therapist. My mother is Narcisistic and Bpd, my therapist did in no way laugh at me when i told him my mom is a monster. I realize most people can't help how they are in terms of mental illness, but living with such people does at times make me think they are bad. Because they can be.

No. 87836

Yes of course you can say your mother is a monster, I have heard stories of parents straight up raping their son or daughter when they were babies and you're anon here so your mother could have done terrible things in order to be called a monster so I am definitely not saying that you cant tell your psychologist this.

But you did not say to the psychologist that "People with personality disorders are just as bad as rapists etc…!!!". You instead complained about a person who also has npd.

But in case you still dont understand my point: i've met plenty of unstable people but never in my life did I say to them "haha you are so borderline xd" or "haha kill all narcissistic people". It hurts people who have possibly done you no wrong, it doesn't concern you and you should focus on the shit they do to you and not their diagnose. If we do this to autists who can potentially ruin your life just as much as someone with a personality disorder, it would be called cruel, so why aren't we civil people to everyone no matter what their diagnose is? That is all what I'm saying. End the stigma of every mental issue.

No. 87838

oh no, I fear I might have just gone off on the whole "therapist will laugh in your face" comment. I wholeheartedly agree that one should not go tossing that stuff around lightly, and i especially feel for the people with bipolar & ocd, those terms seem to be misused the mosed i.e "i'm such a neatfreak = i'm SOO OCD LOL", that shit has to hurt.
Thanks for not losing your shit on me, like i feel happens a lot here now a days. Glad we could have a "conversation" on the topic.

No. 89049

Stumbled upon this today

No. 89061

The Impossible Demands of Dating Under the Pressures of Rape Culture

It's your own dumb fault if you agree to meet a stranger from the internet in an isolated place and let him give you alcohol. Don't try to play this up as "mah rape culture".

The comic feels like it's sending a weird mixed message. You should not do something this stupid. Yet others shouldn't be telling you not to do something this stupid.

>>"We're expected to perform risk calculations"

Well yeah. Even a 7 year old usually knows that strangers are dangerous and you do go off with one into a sketchy apartment or van. Education about risk is not victim blaming.

No. 89062

Oh here's a good one: http://everydayfeminism.com/2014/12/myths-non-binary-people/

>>Using “he/him/his” or “she/her/hers” pronouns does not always mean that someone is actually male or female. This is why it is better to introduce yourself with the combination of pronouns you use rather than calling them “male” or “female” pronouns.

So I'm supposed to say to new people "Hello I am Anon and I use she/her/hers pronouns. Nice to meet you."

I'm obviously female. I don't think I should have to use my pronouns to announce myself along with my name. Maybe they just mean nonbinary tumblrinas here. But I always see them posting about how you should ask everyone foe their pronouns. I am not using weird pronouns. I would be very uncomfortable saying "Johhny told me that xe got a new job and will be able to move xirself into a better apartment now"

No. 89092

I think most people would be offended if you asked them for their pronouns

No. 89093

It's your own dumb fault if you agree to meet a stranger from the internet in an isolated place and get accused of rape.

No. 89100

You guys are both right tbh. I dont think people should meet that quickly…I also believe false rape accusations are huge and I also believe rapists get away with rape too often.

No. 89126

No. 89155

>Alex Jones is posting about SJW's now
Lol really?

No. 89210

Article recently about how a girl was denied a bank account because she identifies as gender "fluid". Surprise he real world isn't tumblr where you can identify as a turtle.

No. 89214

File: 1462110518261.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 472.32 KB, 800x800, image.jpeg)

This whole Trans happening is so bullshit.
>i always played with dolls thus im a woman
>i was such an ay lmao tomboy thus im a boy xd
Gender roles are literally just a social construct, which they believe so too and I believe in evolution so dont call me a christian, yet they believe at the same time males and females do certain things because of our "female brain" and "male brain. Fuck. I bet they are the same people who think women never want sex or cant be as much as an /r9k/ sickfuck as men. There are transwomen who refuse to surgically tuck their penis in because they arent willing to go as far as their counterparts but they seem happy enough with meds (only meds they need is a lethal injection or antipsychotica meds) and an XXL lolita BTSSB petticoat. Do they realize there are women, real women, who dont have a lot of estrogen? Yet as few of that hormone they have they are still more woman than gigi gorgeous is even though they might look like a /pol/ neckbeard. I miss the times when it only required 3 seconds to decide your gender. Just because you look like a dyke doesn't mean you're a guy. Transwomen are just trannies who take rupaul's dragrace too seriously.



No. 89384

I thought she personally refused to make an account instead of the bank denying her because the lack of non-binary gender options on the forms triggered her. Which is dumber.

No. 89402

>Do they realize there are women, real women, who dont have a lot of estrogen?
you say that like there's a serious shortage of e pills. are you that dumb

No. 89421

I think anon's point was that some women have naturally low estrogen levels, but they're still an actual woman whereas transwomen aka males who injects estrogen into their body doesn't make them suddenly a woman like they pretend. Just makes them a male with too much estrogen.

No. 89632

No. 90824

If you're a nigger spic muslim all at once that mus' be the most horrible shit ever.
hate race list
1. nigger
2. spic
3. muslim
…1018292282. jews ( i actually love jews tbh)
what race do you all hate the most?
what race do you all love the most?
i love white people the most, then the jews (but tbh jews are white people)(please tell me more)

No. 90840

File: 1462676865538.jpg (154.07 KB, 636x645, 1462663569042.jpg)

No. 90849

I know this may confuse you, but unlike "Jewish" the term "Muslim" refers to a religion not a race.
Prehaps you should change #3 to "Indos" as Indonesia has the largest population of mussies in the world.

No. 91307

File: 1462883754500.jpg (22.03 KB, 510x200, KeanTweets.jpg)


>The person behind the “i will kill every black male and female at kean university” tweet and similar ones posted in mid-November is a black female activist, according to police.

>The woman – a recent alumnus of Kean University and former president of its Pan African Student Union – allegedly made the tweets during a protest against racism at her alma mater; she left the rally, headed into the campus library, created a fake Twitter account and posted the tweets, then came back to the rally and showed demonstrators the “racist” statements against them, NJ.com reports.

No. 91310

File: 1462883858925.jpg (54.08 KB, 450x450, aaeaaqaaaaaaaam5aaaajdzjnzczm2…)

No. 91332

Lol why do blacks need to be victims so bad? Why can't they simmer down, work hard and be more like asians?

No. 91348

With a face like that I'd blow myself up

No. 91353


Can't simmer the zimmer!

No. 91392

I already know their logic behind it.

They rationalize this bullshit by saying "well threats like these have been said before or are probably happening to a minority somewhere right now so it's okay to make a fake account demonstrating what's happening 'out there.'"

No. 91426

Normal blacks do work hard. It's the SJW ones who need to be exterminated.

No. 91429

>Normal blacks do work hard

No. 91431

I know a lot of hardworking black people. Those are the ones I call "normal".

No. 91433

shaneequa no, even in africa the people who work hard are the pakistanis and asians. over here where I live they (blacks) are lazy as shit, even if you pay them a lot.

No. 91437

File: 1462908355961.png (14.86 KB, 528x248, f7da49f300594760dc46920f83389c…)

I encountered this bullshit in the Ted Bundy tag sometime ago. This girl could've made such a good point by actually addressing the real problem aka the tumblrinas that romanticize serial killers, but instead she's spouting bullshit about how it's Evil to be sexually attracted to someone just because they were a murderer (or maybe even racist!), regardless of how plenty of hybristophiles/masochists are perfectly aware killers are disgusting pieces of shit and don't claim them to be anything else.

No. 91440

Wanted to just share this with my fellow farmers

No. 91467

>most serial killers were/are racists, misogynists, etc.

Holy shit, whodathunk that mass murderers don't respect people?

No. 91728

File: 1463030336058.png (289 KB, 1080x1066, butwhy.png)

this was a comment on a photo of trump eating a taco bowl. in what world is this even relevant to that? sometimes i can't even believe that people who reach this hard are real.

No. 92075

File: 1463167113103.jpg (128.19 KB, 718x559, 505-donald-trump-twitter-3.jpg)

I don't know why people are so angry at Trump's post

He's not the best with his words but I feel he was trying to be nice

No. 92076

>He's not the best with his words
youre retarded his words are clean and pure fuck you

No. 92081

Sorry anon

No. 92122


I dont follow US politics that much
>from the land of maple
but I think it would be because he wants to build that mexican wall and appears to be racist towards mexicans?

No. 92132

The Secure Fence Act was passed way back in 2006 but the last two presidents refused to provide funding to complete the wall.

Only the California section is complete, but illegal immigration pretty much disappeared there, so Trump's ideas are not that wild.

Trump is way smarter than you think. He intentionally placed that photo of Marla Maples (2nd wife) to steal attention, and every tongue-wagger in the media talked about that instead of Ted Cruz.

No. 92161

>I love Hispanics!
Kek. This is weirdly cute.

No. 92265

Trump-chan is totemo moe desu yo.

No. 92269

He is! I love him!

No. 92270

its ok as long if you know what you did wrong

I ordered my donald trump cap btw yay

No. 92273

Why? He has bankrupted every business he has owned and now is just paid to put his name on buildings or act as a reality TV star? He has shown himself to be an incompetent businessman, to have treated the women in his life badly and justs shouts reactionary soundbites so he can get into the tabloid press the next day.

Why would you want him to be your president? I'm glad that in Scotland he got upset about our First minister having a windfarm near his golf course that he took us to court and got chased out of our country with his wig.

No. 92274

Because it's an idiotic idea. If you get Mexicans coming over to do short term work, they can't travel easily back to their home therefore you would be making illegal immigrants rather than discouraging it.

No. 92392

So, are you using hyperbole to emphasize your point, or do you really believe the things that you've just typed, or more likely trolling?

No. 92393

Explain why you love Trump and let's see.

No. 92394

tbh this isn't necessarily true
one of my ex's owned an architecture company. he had black people on his staff simply because he wanted 'minorities' to make himself look better to clients. he would often complain about how little they actually did around the office. one of the guys that he hired was actually sent to jail because he was stealing from the books, but he got hired anyways because the ceo wanted to appear as though he was encouraging reformed criminals. they don't let him touch finances with a ten-foot-pole, though.

No. 92426

this makes me so mad, but that fat sack of shit really did make an absolute fool of herself lmao. I'm so glad she's now the official face of SJW's everywhere!
LONG LIVE #TRIGGLYPUFF (at least until the inevitable heart attack)

No. 92428

Mexicans doing "short term work", can obtain the necessary visa and cross legally.

No. 92447

File: 1463323263472.jpeg (119.12 KB, 634x797, image.jpeg)

First of, I want to say that one SJW mod banned me and I am do not believe that it was admin sama who banned me because he promised us that we could be rednecks in these threads! So whoever banned me itt fuck you and your sister, you stupid ugly fucking nigger spic mudslime. Being a nigger spic mudslime is possible, just be an afro messican who converted to islam!

Anyways, niggers are doing it again!

No. 92448

to clarify the pic more, niggers are screaming racism because michele hasnt been drawn pretty even though the drawings are accurate as fuck

No. 92452

Melania means "melanin". Trump confirmed for racemixer. :^))))
Also, I'm pretty sure Michelle has done more as a first lady for America than Melania ever could, but Trump supporters are certainly dumb enough to base a first lady's (or any lady's) merit solely on her outer appearance/race/youth, so I guess that doesn't matter.

No. 92464

He's the only candidate who is concerned with looking out for America and the American people. He turned down money from Israel so they don't have that to hold over his head, while still having a positive relation with them. He knows how to play by the rules.
Check out this cute little story: http://rightwingnews.com/top-news/yes-the-rumors-are-true-this-is-what-trump-did-when-the-city-told-him-to-take-down-his-flag/

No. 92472

Is the joke here that Michelle has toned arms? boring tbh

No. 92473

File: 1463336638869.jpeg (6.7 KB, 279x181, bengarrison.jpeg)

There's something funny about an artist that looks like a melting plastic cowboy thinking the attractiveness of the first lady is really that important

No. 92475

>he's the only candidate concerned with looking out for America and the American people

Like, I don't want cute stories about how 'proud' he is of the American flag. It's just a banner for a country in the same way a logo represents a company. I want hard facts. Which of his policies do you think are sound? Why do you trust this guy?
Also, before you start:

How can you defend a candidate that has been this badly reamed?

No. 92476

Trump legit belongs on lolcow, but in /pt/ instead of /b/.

No. 92482

nigger you belong on pull

No. 92498

Milk with political flavourings

No. 92538

/pol/ just signs offensive comics with ben garrison's signature, he doesn't actually make edgy alt-right comics

No. 92541

Deporting illegals.
Taxing outsourcing companies.
Hating muslims.

No. 92542

Sometimes he'll deliberately post misinformation so people will look it up, like the black on black crime rate was actually higher than the number he stated. I never said I trust him, but I certainlytrust him more than Shilldog or Bernie Panders.

No. 92634



This is an interview with Trigglypuff, also, cis white males are a social construct now?

It's long, but so laughable and cringe-inducing

Enjoy, fellow farmers.
The video wouldn't embed properly, sorry for that.

No. 92638

Is this real? Legitimately sounds like a man forcing an impression of a girl. Maybe fat just does that to people though.

No. 92648

Video description:
> NOTE: Obvious parody interview is obvious.

No. 92688

That's what they USED to do and Garrison wasn't happy but he eventually snapped and actually started making alt-right drawings

No. 93506

A muslim girl in Sweden was told by a Swedish doctor that the reason for her sickness and vitamin D deficiency was caused by her hijab and covering clothes.

>What can be done about the islamophobic sun condition in northern countries?
>How can countries in the northern hemisphere make sure that the sunlight here is as strong as in the middle east as to accommodate different cultures and their clothing of choice?
>Is the sun and the doctor racist?

No. 94271

File: 1464250461641.jpg (644.16 KB, 1538x2048, 1464202824955.jpg)


So apparently the normies are unto /pol/ memes around taylor swift, and now they're turning on her because some dudes on 4chan think she's hot.

No. 94276

>He's the only candidate who is concerned with looking out for America and the American people.
>trumpettes actually believe this

No. 94340

File: 1464280783642.jpg (34.74 KB, 589x250, kek.JPG)

I'm actually (kind of) shoked that so many Americans wan't trump to be their president. Even if you agree with what he says (which is hilariously retarded most of the time) why would you want someone who can't act like a decent human being to represent your country? and by that I mean someone who is constantly going for personal attacks at other people, yelling, and just overall super rude. I wouldn't want some rude redneck to be screaming and insulting the way people look/their dick size to be representing my country.

>inb4 he's only doing that and saying ignorant things because HES ACTUALLY a SUPER SMART GENIUS HURR

No. 94344

I evaluate people based on their policies.

No serious state would simply up and naturalize 11 million people (at least) who have entered your country illegally. It completely destroys the notion of the rule of law, consistency, the idea of citizenship in of itself being valuable and something to work towards and so on.

For that reason alone I support Donald Trump. A state without real borders is no state at all.

No. 94422

>why would you want someone who can't act like a decent human being to represent your country? and by that I mean someone who is constantly going for personal attacks at other people, yelling, and just overall super rude
Hahaha, oh anon don't you see? That's the american way!
It just seems fitting that an asshole is going to be in charge of an asshole country, don't you think?
Now even your own president will reflect completely and without shame what north america is all about to the whole wide world.

No. 94433

File: 1464326715204.jpg (52.87 KB, 474x595, 1450280037581.jpg)

>I evaluate people based on their policies.
Holy shit

No. 94438

What's the issue?

No. 95581

File: 1464725830336.jpg (86.73 KB, 574x574, tumblr_nqtqj2Vzoy1ro6s43o1_128…)

Ewww ewww ewww

No. 95582

File: 1464725847594.jpg (63.77 KB, 574x543, ewww.jpg)

No. 95585


Hey, least she's been honest. Can't fault a ho for that.

No. 95589

Ah, the liberal pro-sex movement has caused this garbage.

No. 95591

Imagine how awkward it must feel when some girl is sucking you off and she suddenly stops just to take a selfie. And after that looks at the selfie, finds it ugly, deletes it and takes another one.
>"Babe hold still for a second I need to take an aesthetically pleasing selfie of me sucking your dick"

No. 95592

File: 1464726852319.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

This is vile. Do we seriously live in a world where everything must be broadcasted on social media?? I'm glad I'm older now and never did this trash.

No. 95593

>passion in my eyes

Bitch your eyes are closed in two of the pics. Even in the open ones she looks like a bored druggie.


No. 98244

File: 1466294322083.jpg (97.49 KB, 493x351, tumblrinfight.jpg)

No. 98262

File: 1466308145054.png (51.22 KB, 501x548, and everyone clapped.png)

This true story.

No. 98263

File: 1466308319270.jpg (32.49 KB, 540x260, The kicker is OP is only 14.jp…)

No. 98264

File: 1466308345668.png (189.27 KB, 540x450, How to get diagnosed with auti…)

No. 98266


And that man was Albert Einstein

No. 98285

File: 1466334408775.png (113.16 KB, 648x748, sjw.PNG)

No. 98290

The sad thing is that people actually believe this happened.

No. 98291

How can someone be so upset over something as trivial and stupid as fanfiction? Surely it must be racism if your shitty genderqueer POC Harry Potter AU fanfiction doesn't get any attention on tumblr :(((

>white women are more dangerous that white men BECAUSE THEY DON'T GIVE MY FANFICTION ANY ATTENTION

No. 98330

File: 1466368363621.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2560, tmp_22543-Screenshot_20160619-…)

This is a sponsored post and I'm very surprised that SJWs aren't shitting themselves ALL over it. There's no comments yet.

No. 98504


No. 98507

That's so poorly written. It even uses bad fictional narrative devices (he said… I felt… he says with drunken confidence. he smells like whiskey), is this shit even intended to pass as a legit thing that happened? If so, that some odd choices.
It's cute in a way, because it's absurd and non realistic. Like how very young children lie about impossible things because they don't know better. Awww.

No. 98541


I can understand why she may feel this way. I am a hispanic but lived in the US most of my life and I have gotten told by many americans things like "wow your english is so good unlike the OTHER ones" or "wow your parents went to college???" like just dumb little things but over time they get to you. A lot of people have little prejudices although not malicious racism it's a pain in the ass.

No. 98544

I get the same exact thing and I'm white "passing". "wow your spanish is so good unlike the OTHER ones", "wow you actually like "real spicy" food???", "You mean your parents aren't related?" plus tons shittalking in spanish about how I must be racist before I've even gotten a chance to say hello. Everyone who's out of the ordinary gets it in every country.

As for your english is so good it's not really a "racist" statement depending on where you live. If I didn't know basic spanish it'd be literally impossible to talk to most of the people in my neighborhood. We have tons and tons of first gen Mexicans and south Americans in my area. Even in things for customer service and at jobs if I don't speak spanish chances are they'll mess something up or have a lot of communication errors. Usually only the men learn even basic english because they need it for work and even then a lot stay in their own community so even 50 years later they never learn how to put together a sentence.

No. 98605

jesus fuck when will this stop

No. 98608

I saw this today and was okay until I heard the"genderqueer, nonbinary" shit.

No. 98610


No. 98618

it's a problem that people still think this is just a fringe tumblr thing. it's coming into the mainstream lgbt when it shouldn't be. it's a youth subculture like scene/emo was 10 years ago.

No. 98640


I'm white passing too!

I understand what you mean. I have never lived in "spanish" neighborhoods only white american filled ones. I don't consider the "wow ur english is good' statement usually racist (unless its said like "wow all other hispanics are dumb and can't speak english!" kind of shit haha) it's more just a little ignorant. By the time people usually say that statement anyways it's usually paired with being "surprised" about what my parents do for a living, our level of life/education, etc which makes it pretty annoying. It's usually a combo of "wow so u don't work at some super "low" job/are "super low income"??? WOW how shocking!".


I didn't watch this video but I have to say I can understand people not "identifying" with one specific gender. In many cultures there are more than two genders (and our concept of gender is pretty socially constructed, Ie. "girls like pink, boys like blue!"). Do I think many people play this up and come up with a more "ridiculous" thing like saying " I am genderfuckqueeralphawomenpixie" gender or some shit? yeah ofc but I also don't think a third (?)/ non descriptive gender identity isn't too crazy of an idea.

I personally Identify as a straight woman and I'm sure most people identify as their born sex/gender tho.

No. 98643


Barista: claps
My mum: claps
Obama: claps

No. 98659

>I also don't think a third (?)/ non descriptive gender identity isn't too crazy of an idea.

It's a retarded idea because all that does is further reinforce the girls=pink, boys=blue stereotypes/roles. Honestly people need to shut the fuck up about gender unless they're trans or sth (but that's a different issue I guess) and just do whatever the fuck they want. Ok your overly religious grandma hates it when you wear your hair short, and makes you wear dresses? You prefer pants? That doesn't not make you a girl so don't cry about it dipshit, you're gonna have to deal with frustrating people WHEREVER you go. Swallow your entitlement or tell her to fuck off and wear pants.

It's like people are getting too retarded to think for themselves.

No. 98677


sorry I didn't use a good example. I'm not saying that someone not adhering to traditional gender roles is automatically "duo gender/the opposite sex". I like to do some "traditionally" male things but I don't think I'm suddenly a man because of this, I still identify as a woman for example.

What I was trying to say is I can "understand" why there are some people that don't feel like they fit a gender binary (because gender is a something we feel). Like I can understand there being something like "three" "genders" man, woman, and the "third" being something like neutral? I don't know. I don't Identify with anything out of the ordinary but looking at other cultures that have more than two genders made me think about it.Gender varies throughout cultures so it's not so right/wrong/black white tbh.

I don't understand why you got so angry about it. i was just trying to share my viewpoint.

No. 98682

>because gender is a something we feel
Nah anon it's all about what you pee out of.

No. 98708

>I like to do some "traditionally" male things but I don't think I'm suddenly a man because of this, I still identify as a woman for example.

Good for you. But have you ever heard people who identify as nonbinary and such? That's all that it's ever been. "I liked some weird stuff, and didn't really fit in well with my more normie peers so I'm going to embrace my untreated PCOS as a sign I'm meant to challenge the 'gender binary'".

Gender varies throughout cultures because gender is not something we "feel", it is not innate. It is the product of a society's structure and the way they've decided roles should be dealt for the sexes. Different cultures have different ideas for gender because they have different ideas for the way a society should be run. Saudi Arabians think society runs best when women can't drive. Some Native American tribes traditionally didn't give a shit if a person wanted to occupy both male and female social roles.

And a society's rules are nebulous. In the past the 'boy color' was pink and blue was for girls. It's pointless to rally against a 'binary' that isn't even set in stone. Be happy that you live in an era where girls can wear pants and study science, and embrace your differences constructively. But no, we have to endure the endless screeching from half-brain idiots who think the most pressing matter in social politics is whether or not ~genderqueers~ can have a bathroom when unisex toilets have existed for ages.

>I don't understand why you got so angry about it. i was just trying to share my viewpoint.

You can barely articulate your viewpoint, do you even know what it is? If I sound angry then it's because I'm tired of well-meaning, clueless passives like you who don't want to ~offend~ dumb fucktards whose idea of reaching gender equality is shitty haircuts and posting retarded shit and selfies on social media about 'down with cis' and bullshit like that.

Sage for rant

No. 98726


that's sex not gender.


>who don't want to ~offend~ dumb fucktards

What are you even talking about? I'm not trying to be ~omg pc~ I'm just saying I can see somewhat from a point of view. like I said, I wasn't referring to "tumblr" people who call themselves some insane shit only because they have short hair or something I meant in general I can understand why some people may feel a certain way. I wasn't even thinking about ~gender equality~ or ~inclusion~ or whatever other ideas you think I have.

No. 98729

Sex and genders were synonyms until the tumblr nation attacked.

No. 98736


No. 98878

I do love the like/dislike ratio though.
I think it speaks for itself.

No. 98922

>And a society's rules are nebulous. In the past the 'boy color' was pink and blue was for girls. It's pointless to rally against a 'binary' that isn't even set in stone. Be happy that you live in an era where girls can wear pants and study science, and embrace your differences constructively. But no, we have to endure the endless screeching from half-brain idiots who think the most pressing matter in social politics is whether or not ~genderqueers~ can have a bathroom when unisex toilets have existed for ages.

Holyshit, this. If you were born a man, you are a man. If you were born a woman, you are a woman. I am damn grateful I can wear pants to work, makeup isn't a damn obligation, as well as go to school for a legit career instead of my only options being stay at home wife or secretary.

The idiots on tumblr have NO idea what a real struggle is. They are not the women from the 1960s fighting for equality or the women living in third world shit holes who get their clitoris cut off to remain 'pure' for men. I hate sjws more than anything. They are the most self-entitled, overly privileged pieces of shits that take real world problems backwards and focus on garbage like which bathroom a man in a dress can piss in and 'muh pronouns!!1'

No. 98923

LGB used to be fine, not it's a god damn joke. I'm embarrassed to be a gay woman sometimes..

No. 98924

File: 1466731395833.jpg (99.52 KB, 500x647, tumblr_n7e1l1P6YP1t3fucio1_500…)

At least scene/emo didn't force shitty bathroom laws and other bullshit down your throats and you can easily ignore them. Now I see subway ads in NYC saying to use the 'bathroom you feel identifies with your gender.' fuck this gay earth.

No. 98926

People always, ALWAYS, compare this transtrender bullshit to emo/scene. Emo and scene wasn't trying to make little kids fuck up their hormones because "muh gender roles" or pass retarded laws.

No. 99089

have you seen the comic 'assigned male' by Sophie Labelle?
He actually advocates children being put on hormone blockers until they decide what gender they want to be.

No. 99090

Holy shit. How do people like this exist, that's just child abuse… No one's body is doing anything wrong by producing hormones. It's just doing its job. If SJWs believe sex and gender are different things then why do they advocate hormones and stuff so much? Hormones are just related to sex, not "gender identity". People need to realize that you can express yourself however you want despite what is in your pants. No one's body is inherently wrong and it doesn't need hormones or surgery. It doesn't define you, it's just a meat covered vessel for your mind.

No. 99096

File: 1466748191360.jpg (590.49 KB, 1500x805, download (1).jpg)

Just checked out his comics. Utter shite.

No. 99103

Honestly, this. People are still coddled up with the idea that this is just a marginal Tumblr phenomenon while actually it's getting more and more mainstream. And it's damaging as fuck too. In my country, trans treatments are paid by the state's public health program but you have to go through a very tight screening that will last from anywhere between 6 to 24+ months depending on the progress you're making with the psychiatrists. Kids who get caught up in the Tumblr ~nonbinary snowflake~ bullshit sign up for the screening and actually pass around advice on how to fool the doctors into thinking they're trans in order to get an access to HRT and the surgeries. I follow plenty of kids aged 17-19 who actually think about everything they're going to say and how they're going to dress up and sit in the chair in order to get the diagnosis.

The stats are saying that the amount of young people seeking to get into the screening is on a steep rise, so it's not just a small problem. These kids are making decisions that WILL last for the rest of their lives and are _irreversible_. Before teenage girls would do something stupid like claim their gender as male on deviantart and act like a fakeboy, but really they didn't go through with hormones and mastectomy. Give them 5 years and they'll grow the fuck out of it.

No. 99115

>These kids are making decisions that WILL last for the rest of their lives and are _irreversible_.

Serves them right, imho. I just hate that we have to pay their treatments. I'm all for getting help (hormones, therapy etc) for REAL trans people, but these kids should pay for their own fuck ups.

No. 99245

The problem with that logic is, is that a lot of time you can't tell who is a "real trans" vs misguided until it's too late. If the treatments weren't payed for by taxpayers and such that would in and of itself deter a lot of the fake trans.

No. 99248

Yeah especially since studies show that 80% of children with feelings of gender dysphoria just spontaneously lose it on their own with no intervention. So speeding them through a process of hormones, surgeries, and upheavals of how their peers view and treat them is clearly a horrendous idea in the majority of cases.

No. 99249


even treys in on it

fuck sake

No. 99250

> A state without real borders is no state at all.

^ Hence why the UK left the EU cept our tit head prime minister is resigning and god help who we get next

No. 99251


The usage of niggers is getting old

No. 99252


Blacks are fine its just the African Americans who are the issue

No. 99253


Come to the UK and tell that to Black British who work their asses off. Americans know nothing.

No. 99254


Armenians are asians they're smack bang next door to the fucking turks and if you've been to turkey you'll know its an asian country, they're asian people. Some look lighter but still cater the big hook nose and middle eastern look.

No. 99255

>big hook nose and middle eastern look
>they're asian people

No. 99258

And the kicker is these kids are supposed to be like, 8-10 years old yet talk like a menopausal gender studies teacher 100% of the time.
I'm so done.

No. 99275

I like how the argument isn't even addressed.

No. 99331

Wow I wanna punch that screeching manic

No. 99573

No. 99600

File: 1467047092731.png (290.42 KB, 465x723, chinkeyes.PNG)

A white tumblrina decided that Hanzo from Overwatch didn't look "Japanese enough" and made a stupid ass edit to make him look "more Japanese" because m-muh diversity without realizing how fucking racist the thought is. Thankfully it backfired horribly.

No. 99631

>Wild Tumblrina Appears
>She's given her own medicine
>It's super effective
by the way, those double dubs.

No. 99632

>Wild Tumblrina Appears
>She's given her own medicine
>It's super effective
by the way, those double dubs.

No. 99672

File: 1467077832865.png (670.33 KB, 720x540, hahhahah.png)

As someone who likes Hanzo, this is fucking hilarious. I'm glad she got what was coming to her.

No. 99674

I remember this girl, she says she has a physical disability because her emo hair obscures her vision.

No. 99676

This is right, though. They're getting sick of asexuals pretending to be just as hated as those who are killed en masse. Too bad tumblr will never crack down on fake trans

No. 99678

Is anyone else here a humanities fag? I have a LOT of fun analyzing tumblrites through my academic glasses, shit's more addictive than crack.

And I can still deceive myself and pretend like my essays on the crazy will be relevant someday.

Fake trans is still read as trans, and trans people are necessarily oppressed all of the time. Especially because they're deviant in an active fashion rather than in a "passive" one ("ace") that simply consists in abstaining.

Don't mind me, just agreeing with you and making a pointless point.

No. 99698

Not so much a humanities fag here but do tell~

No. 99712

Duuude ikr, there are so many things to analyze it's kind of overwhelming

No. 99732

>the lgbt community was formed by bi trans women
I thought it started from a few gay dude communities banning together and then including lesbians?

>flamboyant gay dudes = trans women?

>gay dudes/transwomen liking dick would make them straight
>but they're also gay = bi?

is this it???

No. 99765

Don't even dignify them by using their bizarre acronyms and terms.

They are mentally ill. This is not a pejorative statement. These people are pathological. Let them destroy themselves with their illness.

No. 99858

File: 1467171413975.png (22.7 KB, 500x219, join tumblr now.png)

No. 99859

File: 1467171563396.png (9.04 KB, 520x190, maybe start taking your meds t…)

No. 99872

>m-muh friendly white christian girl classmate is LITERALLY the same as a radical islamic terrorist!!

No. 99907

>killing us on TV and in real life
mfw I'm gay and never got the fuss over killing off LGBT characters. They're fictional, who gives a fuck

No. 99934

I wish popular bloggers would stop reblogging this boring image.

No. 99997

You don't understand anon.
For tumblr fictional characters are more important than real people. Is like when they kill a character from their favorite shows then it's taking it one step too far worthy of a meltdown.

No. 100007

It is such an obvious trope tbough and quite boring and predictable to watch. It would be nice to see more lgb characters just have normal, free from dramatic death storylines.

No. 100114

No. 100130

They're the wrong kind of black, like the wrong kind of gays, wrong types of women, etc

No. 100147

File: 1467395579556.jpg (41.92 KB, 600x400, tom-cruise-triple-laugh.jpg)

>i literally fear for my fucking life when i walk down the street with my short hair and my rainbow necklace

Then don't dress that way? Holy shit

No. 100153

He just looks less angry.

No. 100170

You know a lot of Asia is brown people, right? Pakistan, India, etc

No. 100178

the short hair and "gay" necklace is probably all the personality and identity she has tho, telling her to grow her hair or change accessories from time to time would be like erasing her status from the face of the earth.

No. 100187

can someone explain why non binary isn't real? i distinctly remember someone on here explaining why it isn't but I can't remember which thread, or if that's simply my shit memory fucking up. I even tried googling it even though i knew that all that'd appear were tumblrs, WordPress blogs, and wiki's on how it's real etc.

anon, that's oppression, don't you know!

No. 100189

>can someone explain why non binary isn't real?

No. 100194

>non binary

Fucking tumblr. Which one is that again? The one where they don't think sex=gender or the one where they make up all the different 'kin' things or the one where they have a million different ways to say that can love whoever the hell they want?

Legit. I cannot keep up with all this fucking bullshit.

No. 100196

"don't label us!"
"excuse me, we are this label, how dare you not use our pronouns"

No. 100202

Tumblr: I totally don't have gender u guys, liek gender? what's that, amirite?
Oh btw today i use He/Him/They/Them pronouns, and I'm using this poofy pink skirt and drag makeup with my pastel blue hair, misgender me and ur death shitlord :^)))

No. 100207

They all don't think that sex = gender, "cis" people (aka pretty much everyone) just so happen to have their gender match their sex but they're totally not the same thing because that invalidates the existence of trans and non-binary people!!1!

No. 100226

File: 1467469570774.jpg (77.72 KB, 1280x720, 524942724_1280x720.jpg)


>An elite Manhattan school is teaching white students as young as 6 that they’re born racist and should feel guilty benefiting from “white privilege,” while heaping praise and cupcakes on their black peers.

>They complain the K-8 school of 430 kids is separating whites in classes where they’re made to feel awful about their “whiteness,” and all the “kids of color” in other rooms where they’re taught to feel proud about their race and are rewarded with treats and other privileges.

>The program, these parents say, deliberately instills in white children a strong sense of guilt about their race. Some kids come home in tears, saying, “I’m a bad person.”

>They say white kids are being brainwashed into thinking any success they achieve is unearned. Indeed, a young white girl is seen confessing on a Bank Street video: “I feel guilty for having a privilege I don’t deserve.”

They're in your law courts.

They're in your schools.

They're in your universities.

They're in your media.

They're in your entertainment industry.

How much longer can you keep claiming they're just a "lunatic fringe" when they're able to exert this sort of influence?

No. 100229

File: 1467470305119.jpg (40.82 KB, 758x518, ea579e04a1daecb15f9d6b14a4d182…)

No. 100231

Guess they don't understand that slavery and oppression has affected all races.

No. 100232

The intent behind this is not wrong. It's not like western society has completely evolved from segregation/Jim Crow laws.
The problem is they go overboard and just make things worse by victimizing children who aren't mature enough to fully understand the implications. If all they can take away is "I'm a bad person because of my race", not "I have a lot of good things in life, and it's mostly because my race grants me both conscious and unconscious advantages. The opposite is true for anyone who doesn't look like me or my family, and that's wrong", then the teachers are doing it wrong.

No. 100234

File: 1467473109079.jpg (25.21 KB, 405x271, tumblr_mnsg5qtR7S1s87hito3_500…)

>intent behind brainwashing 6 year olds and trying to make them feel guilty is not wrong

What happened to lolcow? Why are there so many unironic sjws here now?

>conscious and unconscious advantages

I hate your black skin and flared nostrils.

No. 100235

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