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No. 545522

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Share updates, personal experiences, vent, etc

WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
Some twitter account with a lot of Corona related updates: https://twitter.com/bnodesk
Torrent for Survival PDFs in case you want to go full doomer mode: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9889a43717fd93c95993552f817ced652a74e63e&dn=Survival%20Guide%20PDFs%20%5B8.1.2019%20Update%5D

No. 545526

I hate America. I hate that we have a president telling us to drink bleach and encouraging protests outside of governors' homes.

No. 545527

File: 1587751811356.jpeg (371.18 KB, 1242x2087, E7D2AB19-F84C-4458-96E9-8FA323…)


I’m extremely worried about this, how long do you think it will be until the NHS can resume normal activity?

No. 545532

Not in the UK but this worries me, I've watched a relative go through cancer and still die after catching it early. I myself have cervical changes I need to keep a close eye on and I'm in limbo since this started.

No. 545533

I couldn't believe it when I saw that in the news, at least one person is going to drink bleach and die after hearing that. Surely that's grounds to remove him from office? I'm sure you've had a lot of presidents who weren't really fit for office but this is just insane, he's a complete lunatic.

It says in the article you linked that we're looking at 6-12 months from the end of lockdown for cancer treatments, so I'd assume something like 12-24 months from the end of lockdown for all NHS procedures.

No. 545537

surely at that point the indirect deaths and suffering caused by worsening conditions would heavily outweigh the potential direct deaths of people getting covid? I guess either way so many people are just going to die…very depressing

No. 545539

as an american, i already had little faith in my country to begin with, but after all this bullshit and the way our clown of a "president" has dealt with the situation, i have zero faith in america anymore. i feel so trapped living here, and i know that people are probably stupid enough to vote trump for a second term so it'll only get worse from here unless we're lucky and biden somehow gets the vote and a decent cabinet (because let's face it, i'm voting for his cabinet and not biden himself). i want out, this country is no longer a good place to live.

No. 545543

We already having governors telling us that killing ourselves is Ok during the pandemic so all around I think we're in pretty good political hands
None of this would have happened if we lived in a caveman society, take us back holy shit

No. 545544

>It says in the article you linked that we're looking at 6-12 months from the end of lockdown for cancer treatments

Fuck, that's terrifying. Got cancer? Wait a year and we'll get back to you..

No. 545545

this kind of thing is scaring me beyond what I can handle maybe I should just stop reading the news or going online. They're saying we're saving the NHS but this isn't a functioning NHS at all, the reality they refuse to admit is we are all currently living without healthcare and I guess will be for a long time

No. 545546

When I said 'all NHS procedures' I was thinking of non-urgent ones too, but you're right that there will be a point at which it's arguably better to allow mostly older people to die from covid than to allow younger otherwise healthy people to die from diseases we can actually treat. Sorry, I wish I could tell you something more reassuring, but any healthcare system has a limit to its capacity and at some point the best you can do is make a decision on where to direct your resources and hope you made the right choice.

That's 6-12 months for normal cancer treatment service to resume. Cancer treatment is still happening now, just at reduced capacity. But yes, it's scary.

No. 545554

Calm down, there have been heaps of reports of those extra hospitals barely having any patients and there have been so many interviews with nurses saying theyre all waiting around for the pandemic to start.

The media will ALWAYS push fear and the worst case scenario because it makes people obedient and spend more money to cheer themselves up.

The NHS is still functioning it's the same as it ever was. Don't believe the hype. Obviously don't start running around outside and breathing closely next to strangers and licking your hands, but. It's ok.

No. 545556

>this kind of thing is scaring me beyond what I can handle maybe I should just stop reading the news or going online.

That might be a good idea anon. You're not morally obliged to keep up with the news if all it's doing is ruining your own mental state. If you don't need the information for some practical purpose then you should feel free to ignore it.

>They're saying we're saving the NHS but this isn't a functioning NHS at all, the reality they refuse to admit is we are all currently living without healthcare and I guess will be for a long time

This is among the many reasons I hate the 'protect the NHS' messaging; we do still have healthcare. >>545554 is right, doctors in A&E are even saying they're concerned by how quiet it is - they think people aren't coming in because of this mistaken belief that it's covid-only now. If you're ill or hurt you should still try to get help in the normal way.

No. 545559


You're right, I probably will do that and I hope that some of it is media hype but it really isn't okay or functioning, I guess if you have some acute injury or urgent thing you could go to A&E but I've had appointments cancelled indefinitely for debilitating things that I'm worried about how long it will be for… I feel like a lot of 'non urgent' things are going to become urgent if they are left for this many months

No. 545568

It's somewhere in the middle I think, and it depends where in the country you are too. We've definitely got reduced capacity, but they haven't completely halted normal procedures either.

I guess the best I can tell you is that the NHS trusts are also considering the trade-offs, nobody has forgotten about everything they've put on hold. The entire job of a public health expert is to try and ensure a balance is struck in situations like this.

And seriously, don't feel obliged to keep up with the news just for the sake of 'staying informed'. It's okay to just check for the info you actually need and otherwise put it out of your mind. Having read everything I can about the pandemic for the last month I can promise you that there's only a USEFUL update about once a week right now, you won't miss anything.

No. 545569

https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/karlazabludovsky/coronavirus-doctors-nurses-attacked-mexico I'm appalled, baffled, heartbroken and whatever else at reading this. I've seen other articles (of places outside of Mexico) of people treating healthcare workers poorly, and one about a nurse (or doctor) who was evicted from her apartment. Part of me understands that people are fearful of them being carriers of covid, but more than that, they're working their asses off trying to save god knows how many people on a daily basis who are infected with it!!! If these ungrateful dumbasses get sick with it, who do they think is going to take care of them?!?! Harming healthcare workers to the point where they can't return to work is disgusting. I'm so incredibly grateful to healthcare and other essential workers for holding shit together at the seams as much as they possibly can, it's so mind boggling and infuriating that people are being shit to them.

No. 545572

We are currently peaking in the UK (I assume that's where you're from bc you mentioned the NHS) however we are talking about lifting lockdown next month.

They wouldn't be talking about that if it wasn't safe to do so. The lockdown only came about in the first place because that health minister incorrectly predicted 500,000 deaths lol. It's ok I promise <3 stop reading the mainstream media built to scare you and make you panic buy.

A perfect example of how evil the media is, is that photo in the US someone saw being put together. It was an aisle in an American supermarket and all the shelves had been cleared to the side of where the photo was being taken, and the news outlet did a story about how the "shelves were empty".

Supermarkets everywhere making a fortune right now because they scared everyone into stockpiling.

Please don't worry.

No. 545574

NHSfag here, it will probably take like 1.5-2.5 years (maybe more jesus) to really get back to "normal" but I expect it will still be quite different than pre-corona, hopefully better but who knows.

No. 545586

In what ways do you think it might be better NHS-chan? Like… better funding? That's not a sarcastic question I'm genuinely interested in your opinion.

No. 545603

Yes I hope this will result in better funding for the NHS and hopefully we will stop operating at capacity and instead will have spare resources for unprecedented events like this.
I also hope it will spur on better infection control within the NHS.
I hope it will spur on a lot of innovation and adoption of new technologies, like video appointments when you can't physically go in to see your GP for certain things.
I hope it will result in better staffing and resources management like, this is literally going to be the biggest problem the NHS has dealt with in it's 70 years of life, it's crazy.

No. 545616

I very much hope you're right about all of those things. If nothing else, it's got to highlight how foolish it is to always be operating at 100% capacity in the name of 'efficiency savings'.

Personally I also hope it will result in better integration between the NHS and the social care system, because it's so clear in this situation how interdependent everything really is, but I don't know if that's likely.

No. 545625

Are you referring to Cuomo's interview? He said that people threatening to kill themselves does not mean we should reopen everything and risk getting other people sick. I have to agree with him, he basically said there's a difference between choosing to kill yourself because you have to stay in and going out and getting people who want to live sick and killing them. He didn't say you should kill yourself lol.

No. 545643

Honestly Cuomo's entire press conference yesterday was a shit show, made it seem he was more personally concerned with getting sick if NY opened up than thinking about the rest of the state.
And then he just goes on about how economic failures don't lead to death like “It doesn’t equal death. Economic hardship, yes, very bad, [but it’s] not death. Emotional stress from being locked in a house, very bad. Not death. Domestic violence on the increase, very bad. Not death. And not death of someone else.”
which are all situations that lead to dying if left uncheck with the current climate like suicide, starvation, and murder. Damned if you do damned if you don't.
I feel like I'm just going to cause another shitshow like yesterday in the opinions thread but fuck it that shit got me annoyed.
I'm not one for "guys open up i need my starbucks fuck the boomers" especially for NYC, there's just a lot of shit happening in NY that I can't really put in one message on a cow farming forum.

No. 545656

Because Georgia has a death wish.
I don't know who will actually follow through with it. Quite a few shops are choosing to keep closed.

No. 545783

staying indoors all this time has led me to down rabbit holes on youtube to figure out the impact of everything shutting down

I found this channel and this video strikes a little too close to home. I know Austrian School has been denigrated for decades as fear-mongering idiots who don't know what the heck they heck they are talking about.

However am I supposed to continue to believe the printing money furiously to bail out big banks and mega-corporations is the correct thing to do? Especially when they lavish all their attention on Wall Street while treating Main Street as a unwanted redheaded stepchild?

No. 545802

In mexico there are more deaths from assassinations than COVID-19 deaths. Hired guns and thieves aren't out of business lol

No. 545837

Nobody has said at the daily corona broadcast that we are peaking, we don't have enough data to know that yet.
If anything it looks like we are plateauing a bit which is why they keep saying we have flattened the curve, but we don't know yet by how much.

No. 545843

Just read that pregnancy test sales have spiked significantly in my country, especially in discount stores.. with the area I grew up in (the social welfare capital of my country) showing by far the biggest spike in sales.

What are people thinking? Getting pregnant in the middle of this when we've no idea how long it'll last. Will you get sick while pregnant? Will the health service already be struggling while you require maternity care? Haven't enough people been recently added to the social welfare queue without adding another. I don't get it.

No. 545849

I'm not surprised, people are bored with nothing better to do and it's easier to get welfare money now. I also think most people never consider those sorts of factors anyway - people have babies in wartime, under totalitarian regimes, people had babies during the Black Death and this pandemic isn't anywhere near THAT bad. For every woke hipster agonising about whether to bring a child into a climate change crisis there's 100 people who just have them anyway and see how it turns out. If we'd evolved to wait for a 'safe' time to reproduce none of us would be here, if anything we're primed to ignore any factors other than an obvious total lack of food.

Similarly, if you already live in poverty there isn't ever a GOOD time to have a baby. If you want a baby and don't expect your situation to ever improve, I can see why you might just shrug and think 'no time like the present'.

No. 545860

i mean those kind of areas tend to have other social problems too like domestic violence so getting pregnant isn't unfortunately always a decision a woman willingly makes if you know what i mean

No. 545864

Yeah that's a good point, we can't assume everyone's hoping for a positive test.

No. 545882

A good time and life-situation to have a baby is when people least have them. The only thing that seems to cause huge birthrates is either a war where a lot of people die, or living in a country where you are constantly at threat of violence or starving.

I guess it's an instinct that only kicks in when you're afraid to die and rich people who feel secure don't get it.

No. 545883

I know they won't all be testing for planned or wanted pregnancies but I guess I didn't detail the areas reputation. It's an area full of apartment blocks specifically built to house single mothers.

They're raising kids alone, claiming benefits that only apply to single mothers and (having grown up there and seen it myself) the norm there is to have one night stands here and there whenever you want a sibling for your kids, which also means a you get a bigger free apartment and more money every week. There are no partners in the area because their benefits would be cut off and their free housing would be taken away. That's the area with the big sales spike. It has a major reputation for people planning their lives like that and being supported.

No. 545889

Silly anons, he didn’t say to drink bleach. He said to inject disinfectant into your lungs! Within 18 hours, 30 new cases of people ingesting household cleaners popped up in NY.

No. 545891

People like you do much more damage than good.
>They wouldn't be talking about that if it wasn't safe to do so.
If this was another website, I'd call you a shill.

No. 545905

That's just natural selection for you

No. 545920

idk where to post this idk
my dad has covid and is in the emergency room. he's high risk and most likely will not make it out of there. this shit is real and shouldn't be blamed on "stupid people" not following orders.

No. 545952

i honestly feel bad for those people because if someone is that stupid i really can't hold them accountable for all their actions, there's something wrong with their head…

No. 545960

I’m so tired of people reading headlines in the news and just taking them for literal truths. Why can’t people think for themselves and to themselves that MAYBE “ I should watch that video to hear what this person ACTUALLY said” and that the news can and HAS taken things out of CONTEXT… And we know that EVERYONE at this point lies or doesn’t know the full truth of what is going on.
why is everyone in the USA so Anti-American? Why can’t we be positive and hopeful that maybe this or that new treatment works for either alleviation or treatment all together? Why do we shit on the President all the time instead of trying to give people HOPE? If you tell me that there’s a chance for a cure I’ll feel better about having to stay at home for so long. That all these people suffering is not for nothing. How productive is it to shit on everything all the time? I’m so done with the news and stupid people. I know this virus is real and I don’t think the virus itself is a
sham but I do feel hopeful it’s not as dangerous to EVERYONE as the news says. Dangerous to some and thats what’s scary but not to ALL

No. 545963

You shouldn't ingest disinfectant, anon.

No. 545964

My entire family caught it because they would not stay home and I warned them. I have a relative with two kids who kept visiting them every single day and I warned them that this family should stay home and now they have it too. It’s lucky the kids don’t have any symptoms. They haven’t been tested yet but for everyone to have the same symptoms that fall in line with milder cases of COVID 19 is no coincidence. One of their doctors had asked them to test and they don’t want to. I told them they have to go and they got mad at me. I’m worried and praying they only have the most mild case possible the whole time they ride this out. Them hating me is a price I’m willing to pay to get them to listen and stay home and stop letting so many relatives in that house

No. 545965

because of ratings. braindead liberals are so obsessed with trump that they're rallying behind joe biden the rapist. liberals love watching the news.

No. 545967

i am having such a hard time ordering groceries online. my local store is only doing delivery and i have to order food for the week. i am super used to ordering online usually, but groceries is a different story.

No. 545969

This is what I mean. I’m not stupid and I know not to. Have you watched that fucking clip? He never actually said anything about ingesting bleach or any other disinfectant. He was talking about finding some kind of treatment that could treat the body LIKE a disinfectant where it could eradicate the virus quickly . Is there a way to get something like that into the body quickly. The way bleach disinfects a counter very quickly. Never stated to use a fucking bottle of Clorox or any other cleaning product to drink or inject into yourself. What’s wrong with everyone

No. 545970

A lot of people seem to think that family are somehow safe, even if it's really large extended family coming and going. My neighbors have had all sorts of long lost relatives visiting them the last few weeks, new people I've never seen before. I think they honestly view family as an exception to all the risks?

No. 545973

It's tough with groceries depending where you are. Things are sometimes out of stock and the substitutions can sometimes not even be in the ballpark of what you needed.

No. 545974

>And I then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute, and is there a way you can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning. Because you see it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it'd be interesting to check that. So you're going to have to use medical doctors, but it sounds interesting to me, so we'll see.

No. 545976

I was literally about to post just that, lmao. He said what he said, and it's not good.
It's clear he doesn't know a whole lot about this virus or treating it, and it'd be better for everyone's morale if he just appointed professionals to speak (or at least had them heavily brief him and answer all his questions before he does any conferences).

No. 545979

I feel you, I think what he said was stupid and don’t support him as a president but I also don’t feel like I needed 48 straight hours of news coverage about it. Just say consuming disinfectant is dangerous (which I think most people are aware of) and move on to something else

No. 545982

Even disregarding the whole semantics argument, how could you not be annoyed by someone with absolutely no virology or medical credentials openly speculating cures on dedicated national coverage of what's supposed to be facts and updates? He's a blithering buffoon who doesn't know when to shut his mouth. A sign of a weak and egotistical leader when right now we need a strong leader who puts the people first. Those briefings ought to EMBARRASS you every single day, he looks like a clown and his assistants and advisors are always trying to clean up after his faux pas and missteps.

No. 545989

It's badly worded, but it's obvious what he's trying to say. I don't like Trump but I don't think most presidents would be doing great in this situation. As seen by outbreaks around the world.
Personally I hate that people are still trying to make everything political. You would think that people could put aside partison differences to come together to try to work on figuring out a treatment for this instead of constantly bitching about what the other side is doing. But no, the right has to constantly bitch about someone having a freezer full of ice cream and the left has to rip apart everything Trump says.

No. 545997

oh gosh what a character flaw for a person.. to love to watch the news….

No. 546001

Is it? I thought it was obvious that he was genuinely asking if surface disinfectants can be used internally, what did you think he was obviously trying to say?

>I don't like Trump but I don't think most presidents would be doing great in this situation. As seen by outbreaks around the world.

I'm in the UK and our PM is certainly not handling the outbreak well (he managed to get himself infected for a start…), but there's a difference between thinking your leader is mercenary and irresponsible, and thinking your leader is not mentally competent. Do people in the US genuinely think he's okay to run the country? Over here we mostly think he's clearly either senile or insane, because it's the only thing that would explain his behaviour.

No. 546015

He does have supporters in the US, it's typically some of the same people who are protesting isolation guidelines and city shutdowns. Whether or not they think he's a functional ruler or don't care all politics bad varies.

No. 546024

the only stupid people in this mess are the lazy, greedy assholes with power and money that we pay tax dollars towards to nip shit like this in the bud. keeping you and your dad in my thoughts. we should not even be here.

No. 546033

File: 1587857024619.png (431.33 KB, 1600x770, taskforce.png)

to any florida anons the florida covid-19 task force is accepting submissions regarding the re-opening of the state. they're claiming it will have an impact on policy decisions but either way it takes 5 minutes. naturally its being overloaded and state govt cant make a website that can handle large volumes but its there if you are interested

No. 546034

I work in mental health and my employer has "deferred" a significant portion of our salaries because insurance hasn't paid out any money for outpatient tele-health services in my state. Has anyone else been fucked by this? It's an even bigger bummer because I work in inpatient so I'm still at risk high risk of exposure. I feel like I've been run over by a tractor every day when I get home from work. pray for me anons.

No. 546045

I’m sorry for the financial stress this has caused . Not nearly on the same scale but my partner works in a care facility where the managers have already indirectly threatened to fire anyone who stays home due to corona fears and will not give hazard pay or bonuses of any sort. But the managers all have had the luxury of shutting theirselves inside their offices and letting the workers expose themselves day in and out and it’s frustrsting that we need that income or else

No. 546047

Where’s the first half of that quote.
The headline for this video is misleading but that’s all people see and then regurgitate it to each other.
Im not embarrassed by our president. Maybe I don’t agree to speculate a first time thought in front of the nation but I’d rather hear there are new possibilities to beat this virus instead of the news telling us what
We already know: that it’s killing some people and there’s no way to guess for sure who. Why scare the public more? Give new facts that are useful . Or report recoveries instead of individual deaths. I love my country and want it to heal and do better and have learned new lessons to better prepare us for next time . To better prepare individuals so they know when they should and should not be worried. Not just scare us senselessly.

No. 546059

I'm sorry Anon, I'm praying for you.

No. 546098

lol did kim jong un die bc of corona?

No. 546100

No. 546108

No. 546109

No. 546112

No. 546126

File: 1587874223235.png (73.73 KB, 279x368, why.png)

I know "what a time to be alive" is a meme but jesus christ…GENUINELY, what a time to fucking be alive.

No. 546144

Oh just turn off your tv for god’s sake

No. 546145

I work inpatient and have risk of exposure… my province is giving me a four dollar hourly raise and an extra 250 per hundred hours worked in a month. Just waiting for Americans to get fed up and start storming the border into Canada with their guns, tbh. What a horrible way to treat mental health workers, as if that isn’t going to impact your morale (or in terms the capitalists will understand, productivity)

No. 546147

Sorry to hear that anon, I hope he'll be ok.

No. 546195

File: 1587899247017.jpg (47.24 KB, 699x806, EWIHLXBXgAINfx-.jpg)

Yes I hear reddit is already making "smug imouto dictator" memes

Between the virus and rapidly dying main street (the fed didn't hesitate to save wall street), I think everybody already has their own plate full of things to worry about

No. 546210

2020's getting real messy lmao. Nukes when???

No. 546213

better to rally behind biden the maybe rapist rather than trump the actual rapist? lol

not to mention trump also has the title of trump the international joke and embarrassment, trump the nepotist, trump the dude who wants to fuck his daughter, trump the guy who can't make deals, trump the guy with ghost writers because he can't write, trump the guy who wants everyone to drink bleach and so on…

Biden's no saint but anyone is a better candidate than trump.

Go back to the conspiracy board.

No. 546226

God, she's so creepy. Apparently she's even more evil than her brother. It's going to be hilarious to watch people praising her for being the first female DICTATOR. A True, trailblazing, feminist queen.

No. 546231

I firmly believe a nuke is gonna be dropped at some point this year. Probably by our new Lady Supreme Leader.

No. 546233

File: 1587909050238.jpg (37.38 KB, 488x315, dieselbestupid7 sma.jpg)

Because people are stupid and believe everything they hear on TheView/DrPhil/DrCooper. It's ridiculous the amount of persuasion used in media today, almost everyone on Cable is shilling for something or someone else. That poor woman drank aquarium pills because of a statement that was misreported of the president's. Then it was blamed on him, and it also seems like most of the media is interested in pusing agendas, and too many people believe tweets at first seeing them, I love when these media hosts make fun of fox news, however the irony may be lost on them all.

No. 546234

*Forgive my typoes, anons.

No. 546275

>braindead liberals are so obsessed with trump that they're rallying behind joe biden the rapist.
Trump literally has over 20 rape allegations against him, has been recorded bragging about sexually assaulted women, and was friends with Epstein.

Also, fuck off with that ~braindead liberals~ bullshit, when your side is literally injecting themselves with bleach because your orange overlord told them to.

No. 546296

>Im not embarrassed by our president

you should be, anon

No. 546306

> I love my country and want it to heal and do better and have learned new lessons to better prepare us for next time
and yet
> Im not embarrassed by our president.

Americans like you are why we're hitting the high score right now in this fucked-up game.

Not soon enough.

No. 546547

If you were to guess, where do you think it’ll be dropped?

No. 546577

if it happens it's absolutely america lmao

No. 546704

I wish my mom would stop being a fucking dumbass!! She keeps going out when she doesn’t need to because she wants to see and accompany her friends to the supermarket or some shit. Like, you don’t need to go! Your friends are perfectly capable of shopping by themselves! We just went shopping ourselves, STAY THE FUCK HOME!!

And just now she told me “I’m going to go with (friend) to the local school for food!” and I said “thats for low income families” and she said “oh well (friend) said they don’t ask! (friend) has already gone for 5 days! It won’t hurt if I go for one day!” and of course I yelled at her because I’m so fucking frustrated that she doesn’t understand that. Yeah, it might just be one meal to you, but services like these are being spread out SO THIN right now. There are truly people who depend on these services, one meal makes all the difference in these times. We have so much food at home. SO MUCH. Our fridge and freezer are packed, we have so many non-perishable goods and snacks. We’re comfortable and don’t have to worry about our next meal. The people who truly need those free meals don’t have that, they don’t have the luxury of staying in and cooking all their meals at home. If I was in the position of those people who need it, I would be pissed as hell that someone doesn’t worry about their next meal is just sauntering in and taking a meal that I need or that I could give to my child or other family member! What the fuck!!!I’m so sick of her stupid ass friend inviting her out to these places. God I hope the bitch gets hit by a car, and god I wish my mom would have some common fucking sense!!

No. 546705

her and her friend are going to get into trouble themselves. or she will at least get scared off. the foodbank will ask for verification if her friend is there too often. your mom just sounds lonely, tell her to buy a puzzle or something.

No. 546708

Sorry you have to go through that bs, anon. People like your mom are the reason this virus is gonna last forever. I'm so tired. I just want this to end already

No. 546714

I really hope they do start verifying, but I also get the feeling that they won’t because my neighborhood is comprised mainly of low income immigrant families.

Both my parents have a number of underlying health conditions and I get so overwhelmed with anxiety and panic whenever I have to go out for groceries alone because I can’t stop thinking “what if I bring it home? what if I get my parents sick?” meanwhile my mom goes out to do stupid shit like this. I love my mom dearly, but I wish she would just stay the fuck home!!! Just watch dramas and play candy crush!!! I think she might also want to accompany her friend who lives alone, while my mom has me, my dad, and my cousin, but I don’t give a flying fuck about how lonely her friend is right now!! I actually don’t give a fuck about her friend at all!! I want my parents to come out of this pandemic alive, she can get sick and fuck off to her lonely apartment by herself!

No. 546723

most food banks are required internally to verify that kind of thing if they see a pattern of someone coming in super often in order to better help them and connect them to other social services. i'd think this would especially be true for a low income area.

No. 546758

Burger anon, specifically Pennsylvania and I've been really grateful for how our governor is handling it compared to other states. I've been up here waiting to get college done so I can move back to Florida and thank fuck I'm not down there yet. Our gov just released that he is giving additional funding to small businesses, even more than before (I worked at one before this happened). I'm also getting unemployment, plus I got a refund from my university for having to switch to online. Despite the retarded protesting in our state, it's pretty good. And I'm so glad the protests have not swayed anything. There has been a reopening plan released, and while the talks of reopening makes me nervous, and I think it was put out to shut up the protesters, it is said in the plan that the commonwealth is partnering with universities and such to plan which counties will open based on data and science. Like fuck I died. I was so happy to have someone in power in the US actually use those words. I'm so fucking lucky to be here in this situation.
From what I've heard from my friends in Florida and Georgia, it seems like they don't even know what the fuck is going on?

No. 546789

File: 1588021004685.jpg (36.8 KB, 900x506, 2-format2020.jpg)

I'm so sick of old men. German Mr. Burns here (who's 77 and in a wheelchair because he got shot) said today that not everything is less important than protecting lifes, we all have to die one day. Bitch, don't you get that you'd be first? But of course a bunch of other old rich male politicians (and my dad…) agreed because muh economy. But of course they don't say that, instead they claim it's because people get depression because of the lockdown and "why doesn't anybody think of the poor children!". If you cared about children, then you wouldn't play with their lifes (plus you should've taken measures against child poverty beforehand already). Students aren't lazy and spoiled for not wanting to go to school now, they're rightfully scared. One high school had to close down again after only 2 days of lessons, is that really worth it? Kids and young adults are making huge sacrifices for you, mostly without complaining, so quit thinking about your money for a second.

No. 546823

between beach and church reopenings it's pretty clear at this point desantis will sacrifice the villages for "the economy" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

No. 546831

I would just like to point out that the foreshadowing in this meme just came true lol

No. 546834

This was the first thing I thought of when I saw those videos!

No. 546839

Can you elaborate pls ?

No. 546841

Pentagon releases declassified UFO videos:

(Didn't put link in YT field because there's 3 of them)

No. 546844

it just keeps getting better and better

No. 546901

i saw an ufo back in 2004, around the same time the first video was filmed

No. 546961


Drifting way off topic but these ufos are weird because if they were actually our shit, we'd have used them by now. Maybe they really are alien probes or whatever.

No. 547008

Jumping in here to say that I'm the anon from >>>/ot/544780 and this morning the hospital informed us that my grandmother lost her fight with the virus and died. I'm very sad and heartbroken right now but I will be ok. I'm glad that at least she's no longer hurting anymore.

No. 547062

I'm sorry for your loss. This virus is awful.

No. 547102

File: 1588096995758.gif (252.73 KB, 500x447, giphy (9).gif)

I'm so sorry, I hope you can have a chance to grieve at this time.

No. 547113

My condolences. I'm angry for all of this.

No. 547161

Thank you a lot. I hope you and your families are all safe and healthy.

No. 547335

With corona death rates drastically going down by each day, I’ve been convinced since more than ever that corona’s just an overhyped flue. I really think everyone who is still bamboozled by it that they should just go outside for fresh air, wash their hands, and shower twice a day for the no-poo stinking hippie freaks out here.

I really think at this point that the economy is a bigger issue, you Bernie Sanderoids should understand that rose tinted glasses and saving the old isn’t gonna do much. Old people will die anyways, and it’s sad, but you’re just feeding an overhyped flu.

No. 547338

File: 1588160740485.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 547341

Use as many bait images as you’d like my dear anon, but stores and companies taking more hygiene measurements, people washing their hands and the rest of their bodies often, people not touching random strangers, fucking every living thing they see is something we should have ingrained into our society long time ago. Now focus on bigger problems when you’ve learnt to wash your ass because the economy will crash us so fucking hard and it will be worse than 90 year olds dying.

No. 547346


I don't think it's bait, because I think the lockdown will kill at least as many people eventually and make living completely shit anyway.

Last year a poll showed 56% of Americans thought nuking Japan in 1945 was justified but they're going to eat shit for the rest of their lives so grandma can fester in a care home a few more years.

No. 547352

The melodramatic stories you hear in those historic epidemics were caused by the behavior of people and I’m sad today people have not ever learn from it. Those people itt who are excusing themselves to not work are the same people who probably forgot to wash their cheetos stained hands because they stayed inside shitposting about corona 100/7 trying to make people anxious and motivated to not do a thing but worry and panic about the corona death rates.

No. 547360

File: 1588164853635.jpeg (84.32 KB, 760x755, it won't help.jpeg)

You can get a haircut later.

No. 547367

I don't know why any of you fancy yourselves as virology experts when even the experts still don't know a lot about the long term ramifications of this virus on account of it being so new. I just saw articles published that this virus could be affecting people's cardiovascular and neurological systems long term. It's kind of laughable that you're so certain that this is an a-ok thing to experience just like the flu–granted perfectly healthy young people succumb to the flu yearly but whatever to that I guess.

I mean if you're sure it's overhype and only granny is at risk, then go out and lick all the buggy handles and snog strangers to your heart's content until you get it. Then report back to us on how wonderful and consequence-free this thing really is since you're convinced this is a "Sanderoid" conspiracy to ruin the economy. By the way, there's no evidence that you will develop immunity to the virus. We don't even really know if this virus won't just stay dormant in peoples' systems and opportunistically attack similar to HIV/AIDs.
But hey, no biggie. Just hippie and commie bedlam.

No. 547375

File: 1588167221028.jpg (279.43 KB, 1280x2102, 493bc3c4-ec97-4c28-8ea1-3065d1…)

>snog strangers to your heart's content

No. 547390

For the billionth time it's so the health care system doesn't get overwhelmed by everyone getting infected at once. Then it's you at risk of dying if you need the hospital for anything important but every bed in your area is full. The death rate going down means the lockdown was the right thing to do.

No. 547398

jokes on you, i don’t like how unhygienic hairdressers are.
Except it’s been this way since lockdown’s going milder..
Mentall illness: this post.
> then go out and lick all the buggy handles and snog strangers to your heart's content until you get it.
Like wtf, did I say that corona’s not real?

No. 547402

Lack of reading comprehension: the post.
The point was that you underestimate the severity of it if you think it's no bigger deal than the flu, where did anyone say you think it's imaginary?

No. 547404

Because the analogy is weird anon.

No. 547405

>Except it’s been this way since lockdown’s going milder..
Right. Beacuse people are in lockdown. So we don't have too much of the population trying to get into hospital at the same time. So it's working.

No. 547406

That doesn't mean anyone said you think corona is fake wtf. Say what you mean.

No. 547407

You do you boo.

No. 547409

I do think doing all what you asked me to do defies my point. Social distance, hygiene is a good thing. And I don’t think lockdown or no lockdown will stop from old people die. But letting economy crash will kill us all.

No. 547415

NTA but what do you think about the economic and human cost if we get a 2nd peak as a result of lifting lockdown too quickly and without an at least halfway decent test, track and trace system in place ?
I'm a healthcare worker, so I really disagree with your opinion but I would be interested to understand your reasoning.

No. 547423

overall it feels like these threads are populated by select anons who either have legit anxiety disorders or just enjoy tormenting themselves with impotent panicking.

did you know that flu can also have overarching long term affects on diff systems? wow truly fascinating shit

No. 547424

>defies my point
What exactly are you referring to? Sounds to me you're backpedaling by tacking on extras after you've been called out for this happy ass post, to quote you yet again >>547335:
>"With corona death rates drastically going down by each day, I’ve been convinced since more than ever that corona’s just an overhyped flue. I really think everyone who is still bamboozled by it that they should just go outside for fresh air, wash their hands, and shower twice a day for the no-poo stinking hippie freaks out here. I really think at this point that the economy is a bigger issue, you Bernie Sanderoids should understand that rose tinted glasses and saving the old isn’t gonna do much. Old people will die anyways, and it’s sad, but you’re just feeding an overhyped flu."

NO WHERE did you say you think social distance and hygiene is a good thing (and you didn't say that up until this post). If you think you conveyed a tone that overall safety measures are a good thing then you're the one with the mental illness because your post DOES NOT send that message. Your post conveys that you think most of this shit is hyped up conspiracy and that people don't understand how to economy.

You must be underage, I hate it when posters like you don't take responsibility for what you type and don't type and then blame other anons for """misunderstanding""" your points because you fucking suck and can't articulate them. Just go away. Seriously, this is so obnoxious to see in this thread. You actually think you're smarter lmao.

No. 547425

You tell me how the deaths of seniors will cause an economy outbreak? I want a pseudo lockdown, the end of hyping and spread of misinformation and a moving on solution, like many others.
And I work in a medical lab but that doesn’t mean I will agree with a lockdown, anon.

No. 547426

>>547341 is me.

No. 547427

Ah, right. You're just the whiteknight defending OP's honor for no reason, and once again I was expected to read your mind and magically know you weren't the same poster even though you quoted me after I responded to OP.

No. 547428

I am not following you but I hope you get well.

No. 547432

I don't think you follow anything, and likewise?

No. 547433

You’re taking everything I said out of context, though.

No. 547435

I never quoted you to begin with. I was responding to that ridiculous OP when you decided to interject and respond to me as if you were that person. If you're not the OP then I have nothing more to say to you.

No. 547436

I am OP, I am corona, and I’m also your mom.

No. 547438

Well hopefully the infighting you cause will obfuscate and bury your embarrassing shitposts into the bowels of lolcow forever.

No. 547439

Literally am OP, though. I just don’t understand why you think I’m baiting when I’m saying that corona only kills old people?

No. 547441

It only kills old people and an extreme lockdown and media hype is not necessary and is in fact harmful*.

I don’t see how it’s bait.

No. 547446

Texas is opening and I am praying I don't get called from work (JCPenney). I was actually waiting for them to go bankrupt but the CEO sent us an email telling us some stores will reopen. My unemployment check is bigger than my paycheck and I don't want to put my family through danger…

No. 547468

File: 1588178231512.png (230.97 KB, 1163x651, Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 17.28…)

UK now publishing data on all deaths including care homes but even the government spokespeople are admitting that none of us are going to know the true excess deaths until the pandemic is over.

Hopefully there's not much more excess mortality than what this data is showing now but who knows.

I'm a NHS worker and the first member of staff with covid has died in the hospital I work in. Grim.

No. 547477

ok ladies now that COVID is here and has been here for a while, time to ask ourselves the important question:
which of our favorite shows and movies will be getting delayed/cancelled? will covid cause a media blackout/apocalypse? will new reality tv shows exist ever again!?

No. 547482

I mean the good outcome is that the Kardashians won’t have their shows anymore. From top of my head the walking dead, I’m glad orange is the new black ended too soon now and I hope as a compensation that we can live out a life as exciting as an action series.

No. 547563

Lockdown doesn't kill people. Just because that Stacy with '''autism'''' offed herself doesn't mean everyone is doing that.

No. 547568

Update for US nonfilers, It’s showing up pending for me now! So hopefully it’s coming to everyone else within a few days if you didn’t get yours yet

No. 547607

I feel like it will never be over so there will never be an accurate death toll. I feel like here in the US we have completely given up trying to accurately collect data, it’s going to be impossible to test the dead especially if we are burying them before testing. The US is just too fucking big and different everywhere and some states are opening up while some states are really trying to get a control on it. I swear America should just be broken up into countries like Africa because we are just all over the place. Our states our the sizes of countries already. Idk it’s just a mess here and I fully believe every American will end up getting COVID in their lifetime

No. 547612

>I feel like it will never be over so there will never be an accurate death toll
Yeah I think we might have outbreaks every year or every few years but the thought of it being stamped out completely seems unrealistic to me at this point.

No. 547622

>On Sunday, the Paediatric Intensive Care Society UK (PICS) tweeted an "urgent alert" from the National Health Service England about a small rise in the number of cases of critically ill children presenting "overlapping features of toxic shock syndrome and atypical Kawasaki disease with blood parameters" – with some of the children testing positive for Covid-19.

Looking into what kawasaki disease is.. it's a whole frightening mystery in itself.

No. 547635

This virus is really horrible because it seems to overlap with EVERYTHING. The virus itself isnt really killing people, its just causing every fucking other thing that someone else could have to flare up like crazy and their body cant fight it because its working so hard to try to kill covid. I have a friend who works in the medical field and she said that so many people who test positive are coming in with strokes and heart attacks and the risk of blood clots has shot up as well. Its true a lot of the people have trouble before, but its still scary because a lot of people dont KNOW they have issues such as predisposition to strokes or heart diseases/heart attacks. Until it happens.

No. 547667

Just say you don't care about working class people and go. Piece of shit.

No. 547780

The smartest countries did what I want though, a lockdown lite. Why are you so upset about the people who aren’t crying and being melodramatic about this situation? You’re even acting this way. Calm down. It will be over and people who made songs about it and acted in a certain way will feel embarrassed.

No. 547782

Actually I totally forgot To say that since it struck the USA, it will be a sob pity song for the rest of our lives. Suddenly I hate corona.

No. 547793


What does this even mean? It depends on the country but working class people are going to die destitute because of lockdowns in the developing world. Dead, not sadface because of no starbucks or haircuts but because no roof over their head, no food and definitely no basic medicine.

No. 547823

Was in the queue for my local grocery store today with security only letting a handful of people in at a time. This has been happening for weeks already so people should be pretty used to it by now.. woman in front of me starts pleading to be let in as she only needs to buy one item?? Security explains the need to wait and he lets someone ahead of the queue as she was a healthcare worker accompanying an intellectually/developmentally disabled lady.. woman ahead of me kicks off again so security asks what the item is that she needs so badly.. it's hairspray.

No. 547840

do you guys think schools will open back up in the fall?

No. 547868

File: 1588261171625.jpg (102.76 KB, 750x466, 1587941914485.jpg)

No. 547870


No. 547881

i seriously doubt they'll open. but i kinda hope i'm wrong

No. 547895

they fucking better. I'm not renrolling in college courses until I can physically go back to campus. online classes have been garbage and it's obvious none of my physical lecturers know how to deal with them, plus I can't focus at all. Going to a campus gave me motivation and now I just feel like the days blend into one another with no cohesion.

No. 547898

Yes, but only if it actually is basically gone at that point.

No. 547906

see you in graduating class of 2025

No. 547958

I'm graduating in a few days but ok

No. 547964

Anon I love you so much. I'm a non-filer and I finally got it too!

No. 547974

File: 1588292389715.jpeg (69.19 KB, 1280x720, D8140D0B-B18F-4543-8FC7-153CEF…)

I honestly thought about a month ago that everything would be back to normal on May 1st and that everyone predicting 3+ months of shut down was overreacting. I’ll accept my clown card.
I’m so not looking forward to an online fall semester but I’m thinking it’s headed in that direction.

No. 547989

It was like a month or so ago that the US death toll was at 15 thousand but the news said it was getting better, now that number of deaths has quadrupled. Is the situation even remotely improving over there? It's hard to parse news from reality. My one friend there works as a NICU nurse and I haven't been able to talk to her much since this shitshow began because she is so busy but from her perspective it's an endless nightmare and I'm terrified for her.

No. 547993

I heard some places are opening? There are meetups in my area planned to meet in person within the next couple of days. Idk how that can be, we just closed down not long ago and it feels like it’s maybe just now starting to peak

I still can’t feel like it’s going to be as huge of a deal beyond that, somehow. It fucking sucks that people are dying, though, obviously it’s a big deal to those who lost someone.

No. 548002

The death toll is larger but the number of people who die a day has been drastically falling. It went from 20 people a day to 1 a day in my area. I would say social distancing is obviously to thank for that. With many states opening though, it will probably start to pick up again. The more progressive or largely populated areas of the US are remaining under lockdown while the po-dunk midwestern areas are reopening. Idk what it’s like in other countries but we have many hospitals and some that are in pretty remote areas, a long with no health insurance, and everyone not wanting to catch the virus, hospitals have been pretty empty. Social distancing seems to be working, but there is so many Americans throwing house parties and protesting. Almost everyone wears masks or coverings in the grocery stores and stuff so it seems like most of us are taking it seriously. I just fear what happens when everything opens back up and we do maybe have an over crowding issue. So yeah social distancing is working here but the dumb fucks want to go “back to normal” and keep gathering in big groups.

No. 548005

It's also hard because the US is so diverse. I saw a report about how South Dakota never locked down… I looked it up and there are less than a million people who live there. There's more than a million people in the suburb city of LA that I live in. So how can you compare them? Either way, most places should not be opening up yet, it's just going to cause another spike and everyone is just going to go back into lockdown.

No. 548011

It might be comforting for her to hear nice words from a friend.

No. 549469

>Oklahoma city ends face mask rule for shoppers after store employees are threatened
>“In the short time beginning on May 1, 2020, that face coverings have been required for entry into stores/restaurants, store employees have been threatened with physical violence and showered with verbal abuse," City Manager Norman McNickle said in a statement. "In addition, there has been one threat of violence using a firearm."
Why are they like this?

No. 549474

I work at a large public research university in the US and privately, they're fully planning on doing online-only for the fall semester, but publicly acting as if campus life will be back to normal in the fall

No. 549478

Makes sense. They're trying to keep everyone from dropping out.

No. 549479

I appreciate you posting this anon, it’ll help me prepare for next year. Do you have any idea how that’ll affect room and board charges? I actually won’t mind an online semester if it nulls the room and board fees.

No. 549512

My neighbors have people over every night and they all get drunk outside and yell. No shame whatsoever. Just because you're home heating business is going down bc of this doesn't mean you have to take the whole neighborhood down with you.

No. 549532

I'm not sure, I only know this because the part I work in a research facility that hires many student interns and we're having to find a work around. Although at least here you have the option when registering to pay for room & board or live off campus, so depending on your university/class standing/rules regarding living off campus you would likely be able to avoid the charges. Hopefully universities make an actual decision by the time your tuition and fees are due. This could also all change if a vaccine is actually being used (v unlikely) or testing is more widespread, but they're hesitant from my understanding because coronavirus could spread like wildfire in dorms in particular.

No. 549547

Whenever I go into a store with a face mask I get dirty looks from people and eyerolls and it drives me batshit. The employees are all wearing masks and gloves, surely that should set the tone for how we should conduct ourselves.

No. 549553

Thank you so much! I’m staying in school no matter what the Covid response is, but your info is really helpful on what to expect

No. 549572

Where do you live?

No. 549585

I might possibly be infected. husband might have brought it home from work, had his test, waiting on results. My emotions have been everywhere. I feel confused, delirious and seriously depressed. My blood pressure was so high the other day i could my pulse in my ears for hours. I feel suicidal. I wonder if I should go to the hospital.

No. 549616

Schools, colleges, etc. will open here in 2-3 weeks. They already opened the malls and amusement parks and I saw a lot of people post them on their social medias, they all were filled to the brim with people and most of them had no masks. My small city already has 2.538 positive cases (the entire country has about 15.527), I seriously don't know what the fuck the government is doing and thinking at this point.
I thought things would get better but I was definitely wrong. I used to stress over my college closing down but now I don't want it to open again, because I'd rather die than ride the public transport in the morning (where a lot of people already go out to work, etc.) and increase the risk of getting sick even more.

No. 549643

6 of my friends got infected but only two of them showed any symptoms and even they were just mildly flu like
They are also in their mid 20s and healthy(no pre-existing conditions or obesity) even though three of them are smokers
So if any of you are afraid of dying from this disease and are like them, hope this information helps calm you down

No. 549647

the symptoms wildly differ anon. my friend got it and could barely walk for a week. she's only mid 20s.

No. 549648

Yeah let's just ignore stats,science,and how others are affected other than just your friends being inconvenienced

No. 549657

You’re going to worry yourself to death long before covid can get to you.

No. 549658

Yeah, I'm sure the better alternative is to assume the worst and stress the fuck out rather than feel a little relief knowing there's a good chance nothing bad will happen. It's not like stress shoots down your immune system and makes you more prone to disease or anything.

No. 549675

No. 549686

you know you can worry for your health and not be a retard doomer, yea? telling people not to worry is just as dangerous and is why idiots keep ignoring warnings. all i said was that the symptoms wildly differ person to person, which is true.

No. 549822

File: 1588590850486.png (17.42 KB, 946x170, may 3.png)

Italy, May 4th: end of Phase One, beginning of Phase Two.
People are now allowed to take walks while being alone.
The total number of infected people in a day has gone down a little, from a peak of 108k in mid-April down to 100k as of now. More people are recovering.
The infection curve is now expected to rise again as people increase their mobility, more slowly than before hopefully.

No. 549833

Obesity has proven to be the #1 risk (among people with no pre-existing health issues) factor for severe COVID-19 but it isn't being talked about enough. Being obese means the excess fat you carry weighs down on your lungs and compromises your oxygen intake making your already poor heart have difficulties keeping the circulation up for the challenge.

So people, use your lockdown time to slim down if you got a BMI of 30 or over.

Yeah, let's just ignore stats and science of how all over the globe 96-97% of all diagnosed cases are classified as mild and how 30-50% of all cases are even completely symptomless.

No. 549838

Don't bother, they post this every single thread despite how other anons already told them what you said.

No. 549849

>Work says we have to wear masks
>This won't be so bad
>Itchy, polyester fabric
>Harder to breathe
>Fogging up my safety glasses
>Everyone is wearing is different
>Everyone is touching them constantly

No. 549871

NTA but that's not true about asymptomatic transmission.

The best data we have on how many people are asymptomatic is from the covid cruise ship where everyone was tested and asked about their symptoms, think it came out only about 20% of them truly had no symptoms at all once they interviewed people and tested them repeatedly.

Now to be fair the population on the cruise ship was probably older than the average for the population but still.

Here's an informative podcast about this specifically https://pca.st/ofo9spzw

No. 549893

Pretty sure anon just made those numbers up. Nevermind the WHO's category of mild disease also includes pneumonia cases.

No. 549925

What's going to happen to higher education now that Universities are losing millions of dollars and doing online courses? I was planning on going to a four-year school but now I'm not sure if I should wait until next year, or if I should even keep going in the field I was interested in.

No. 549926

don't cancel plans. this all means courses will be even cheaper it seems

No. 549928


For me, there's two things about covid that I feel are true at the same time:

1. It was/is really serious and the lockdown has good reasons.

2. There's been a global event of mass hysteria based on covid being a kind of subconscious proxy war between people and the concept that we're all going to die. "Nobody must die from covid!" Nevermind that until covid most people were told to go fuck themselves if they needed expensive/any cancer treatment or were made homeless. Tough shit! Life is unfair, we all die! But covid FUCKING 19?! Destroy the entire global economy for decades to save the golden special ones who could die of the coof.

Think you have a cancerous lump? Fucking whiner, that's not covid! Literally starving to death? It's not covid though, is it?

No. 549929

>she doesn't know that we're just trying to hold covid off until big pharma can patent a drug and upcharge it 500x it's manufacturing cost

No. 549931

Enrollment rate is already declining at most universities and lowered tuition only means the university bubble is going to pop soon. COVID is rapidly destroying other industries too

No. 549932

If you’re just starting out in school, I wouldn’t exactly rule out a four year school if they’re online next semester. You’d be taking a lot of general education classes anyway, so doing a semester of classes that don’t really matter to your field wouldn’t be devastating, and it secures you a spot at your school if we do go back for the spring. (I’m taking next semester off if it’s online cause I’m going to be a junior, so all of my classes are upper level courses pertaining to my field :’) )

No. 549934

In the UK the NHS is starting back up stuff like elective surgeries, fertility treatments etc. I don't think governments have over-reacted really in general.

No. 549977

It's because all boomers can die from covid. It's booms looking out for themselves, as it's always been. Young people never should have gotten on board with the lockdowns unless they live with someone old.

No. 549999

I know some doomer is going to go on a spergout about boomer tinfoils but unironically this. They didn't give a shit about swine flu 12 years ago because their immune system wasn't as compromised back then as it is now.

No. 550135

So today the coronavirus cases in my county quintupled in number, what a coincidence one week after they announced that things would ease on April 30th. Wow it's almost like staying inside was working and stopping the spread of a deadly virus.

No. 550188

People in my area think that just because the 8 pm curfew is gone that they can do whatever. Block parties, cook outs and meetings in wherever. They even jumped the fence in tennis courts and breaking locks in schools to have group cross fit sessions. I saw the ambulance take three people away in the past 7 or so days and a few neighbors are bitching that someone close or one of their family members have it, yet they are still chatting it up in gatherings. At this point all sympathy is lost and I'm tired of people around here whining how their loved ones have it while having a BBQ with all the neighbors.

I'm just ready for this to be all over since lock downs aren't enforced. In fact the lock downs seem just as harmful as the actual virus itself at this point.

No. 550238

If you are USA I would recommend doing the community college then transfer to a four year route (unless you can think of a productive way to spend the year you would be taking off). Many of the benefits universities bring are diminished with things being online. You can save a lot of money doing the GEs that way.

No. 550338

Seriously. Are you really suggesting that everything should be closed down until a magical cure appears? If so, we'll be in a lockdown forever because it's not happening.

No. 550398

You think COVID-19 will bring a closed door baby boom ? one of my friends is already pregnant

No. 550401

Certainly after the crisis is over. People with smart-to-average intelligence are going to wait to breed. Or at least vet current romantic interests so they can have relationships with children when this is over.
All the dumb ones are getting knocked up right now with uncertain futures. Usually the dumb and poor with nothing else better to do rationalize unprotected sex by thinking a baby will give them purpose, and they are so terribly idiotic for this.

No. 550435

A couple weeks ago I read about a surge in pregnancy test sales in my country.. then last week I read about a dramatic drop in condom sales. We're expecting a baby boom here. Like the other anon said people see their life as having no real direction right now so they think it'll give them a purpose.

No. 550447

Yep, corona baby boom incoming.

People locked in with their boyfriends/ husbands are alreay getting pregnant in droves.

No. 550558

No, that's moronic and you are being histrionic. I'm suggesting waiting until the number of daily cases is decreasing instead of remaining the same or going up. I'm suggesting waiting until there's adequate testing so sick people aren't out and about infecting others. I'm suggesting not using people as cannon fodder because the government doesn't care enough to give people who are running out of money breaks so they can get through this without being homeless.

No. 550850

The government gets its money from its people, not a magical treasure chest. If people are laid off or are otherwise unable to go to work and generate more tax money, the government can't keep its functions up. That means public health care, social security and other services can't be funded anymore. Lockdown is tremendously expensive to keep up and it's not sustainable at all to continue it for an extended amount of time.
>inb4 i-is money more important than human lives?!?!?!?
No, but you need funds to save human lives. Money doesn't drop from the sky and you can't command people to work for free.

No. 550867

We are talking about the US government right? I am. We all know that if military funding was cut there would be more than enough to cover this mess.

No. 550880

No, there wouldn't. People spew this shit about "b-but you can just cut from military funding and governmental paychecks and we'd get money!!!!" without realizing how much the lockdown actually costs. It's not only for the months that everything is shut down, each month extends the financial situation longer and longer into the future. In the case of the US, we're talking about trillions of dollars, not billions. Military budget is roughly 600 billions a year. Even if every cent was taken from it and transferred to some coronavirus covering fund it still wouldn't cover the costs, not even near. Forcibly shutting down entire industries and having people laid off is insanely expensive for the nation in the long term and far more damaging than the actual virus.

No. 550886

I keep going from being fairly ok about things to feeling like I’m going to cry. I’m usually quite a positive person but about a week ago I just felt hopeless.
One of my grandparents is very ill and the NHS have delayed her treatment by 2 weeks, I’m very scared for her. My father works in the prison service and the nurses there aren’t taking it seriously, prisoners are still allowed to meet and go out an exercise. The only protective equipment they have is gloves and they’re not allowed to bring their own face masks to work. My father has high blood pressure and I’m scared for his safety too.
I hope everyone is doing ok and your family is keeping well.

No. 550935

I live with my parents and all three of us are still working. About a month ago someone at my dad’s workplace tested positive and had to be hospitalized, and two days ago I found out my coworker’s spouse has it but is asymptomatic. It’s frustrating that more people are feeling confident about going outside/shopping, and they’re all going to places in groups but the number of cases is rising.

No. 550953

File: 1588780792665.jpeg (934.06 KB, 1242x1719, BF2B34C7-ECA9-4C2B-BA6D-F9318D…)


Do you think there will be a huge mental illness epidemic following this (more than we already had before)? People already seemed to already be increasingly lonely, distant from each other and unsocialised before the virus, I could see both reasons for it becoming significantly more so or less so the case after social distancing. I wonder if the lockdown will change how we interact with each other in the long run for better or worse

No. 550957

Most definitely, there will definitely be a huge psychological impact on everyone. Humans are social beings and for everyone to be cut off from friends, family and coworkers is incredibly damaging. I know when I’ve been feeling really awful speaking to a friends or coworker makes me feel much better and we can’t really do that anymore except over video chat which isn’t great but it’s all we’ve got.
I’m going to be an optimist here and say that once lockdown is lifted fully and the pandemic is over, it will take less time than you may think for things to get back on track socially. Not for everyone unfortunately.

No. 550960

No one is America is actually social distancing. I don’t believe there will be a huge mental illness effect just because the mass populace is not taking it seriously anymore. Half of Americans still don’t even believe in the coronavirus as deadly or highly contagious. Most of Americans are still seeing friends and family.

No. 550964

Jesus Christ, US are fucked. I’m so sorry to the people that are actually following the rules, you guys deserve better. I still can’t believe people are going out and meeting up. The stakes could not be higher. Peoples lives are on the line, how fucking stupid and selfish do you need to be.

No. 550966

Really? That’s interesting - I feel like in the UK there is a very small group who aren’t taking it seriously but I think it’s more likely we may be the opposite problem where because they’ve emphasised that people need to distance and stay home to ‘save lives’ and ‘protect the NHS’ (which most people in the UK are extremely protective over) so much I think it will be difficult for them to change the narrative and to actually get people to stop staying home and social distancing even when the benefits no longer outweigh the costs, a lot of people seem (understandably) terrified of the virus here but sometimes to the point of irrationality and being slightly blind to the bigger picture

No. 550968

Yeah the UK and US are miles apart in terms of the general attitude towards staying at home.
I heard though that there was a protest somewhere in the UK against lockdown.

No. 550975

I live in the South and people weren't taking it very seriously in the first place, they were still having family outings and having fun at the few stores that were open. Ever since the end of April everyone said fuck it; they opened the flea market and there's pictures of it packed it mask-less people. I said it earlier in the thread, but our number of new cases have been exploding the last three days, there is 5x more new cases everyday than there was before lockdown was lifted. I swear half the people here have secondary conditions, there's tons of obese people with high blood pressure and diabetes and no one cares. Most people think it's a liberal hoax and need to consume to be happy. I have an autoimmune disorder and I'm scared I'm going to die because these hillbillies can't use their brain.

No. 550976

Anonymous 44 seconds ago No. 550969

I'm an American and have left the house 4 times in the past 7 weeks. Mask and distanced every time. Everyone in my office has been working from home the whole time, along with everyone else I know. Most people in my area (a large-ish city) seem to be doing the same. In many of the areas around my city it is a literal ghost town. It probably depends where you live as the US is a big place.

No. 550978

Anon I’m sorry to hear that, that’s what’s wild about this whole thing you see the best in some and the worst in others.

No. 550983

There’s idiots everywhere anon. Your area is not immune to them just because you’ve been personally taking precautions.

No. 550987

File: 1588784386217.jpeg (738.87 KB, 1242x1402, 5721B459-80F9-4C0B-B020-3931EA…)

Correct estimates for those who saw my deleted post: 200,000 CASES per day, 3,000 deaths a day by June 1st. Predictions say it will begin on May 14th

No. 550992

File: 1588786394230.jpeg (54.63 KB, 567x358, 516B254F-3F40-45A8-A2FF-74A3FE…)

My work is so fucking stupid, they’ve been cleared to open again because we’re “essential” but in reality we’re just a retail store that happens to sell food products. Our main products are overpriced dessert teas and spice blends, we are 100% non-essential. We’re a small business but our online store is doing overtime so it’s not like all profit has come to a halt. Reduced number of guests, everyone has to wear face masks, temperature checks, can’t give out samples or brewed tea, have to have people swipe their own cards and we can’t directly hand them a receipt. There’s really no reason to actually open back up as we’ve already been doing curbside only pickup so it’s not like we haven’t been selling at the store either. I was perfectly fine with this as I could prep an order over the phone as well as take payment, and my interactions with people were limited to like 10 seconds. Now I’m going to have to deal with browsing idiots again who won’t wear face masks. Also I have to reopen the store by myself because my manager is going camping this weekend, and it all got sprung on me 3 days before.

Very tempted to quit but my parents are brain dead libertarians who would be mad if I chose my health over work.

No. 551003

quit your job.

No. 551022

quit your job. you deserve and will find better.

No. 551039

Have been helping my parents file for unemployment. The first two weeks we received the benefits via direct deposit just fine. The state mailed us the debit card out of nowhere, and I read from someone else that their payments were automatically swapped to go into the card instead of direct deposit, so the following week I reentered the direct deposit information. Money was released according to the UI website but never showed up. Called my parents bank and they said they couldn’t help us because they didn’t see any incoming money or anything that could help us at all. I sent an email through the UI website since getting a rep on the phone is near impossible. The following week, the payments were switched to the debit card instead, and the same for this past week. Fine, whatever, maybe I put in the wrong bank account info for direct deposit and thats why it never shower up. I went to login to the debit cards website to transfer the money to my parents bank account but the balance is zero with absolutely nothing in its transaction history. Nothing in and nothing out. All the payments say they were released according to the UI website. What the fuck do I do? I just keep sending emails and my mom is trying to get someone on the phone. I live in NYS, we’ve been certifying the benefits every week. I don’t know if it’s just the system being massively overloaded (which I know it is to begin with rn) or what since we managed to get the first two weeks of benefits with no issue.

No. 551059

I work at a major retailer and there are people casually shopping around right up until we close. It's much, much busier than it normally would be this time of year. Every other person I check out makes some comment along the lines of "I just had to get the urge to shop out of my system" or "I just had to get out of the house". Most people are not wearing masks. We sell furniture and people are picking up and moving the signs that say "Please don't touch or sit on the displays for the safety of employees and customers" to lounge and chat. Same with clothing – we've closed the fitting rooms and put up signs everywhere and people are just trying shit on over their clothes.

No. 551060

File: 1588796594233.jpg (40.34 KB, 656x466, this is stupid.jpg)

>"Military budget is roughly 600 billions a year. "
>Worried about the gov is losing trillions of dollars off the backs of Americans
>Forgot that dead and sick people can't actually work
>Not even realizing where a massive chunk of the trillions is going
>Doesn't know or is deliberately ignoring the fact that most of the military budget goes to private contract companies that keep dragging out concept projects

Hate to tell you but cutting some of the funding for bullshit projects like the F-35 could go a long way
The lockdowns could have been short if done immediately. But America is past the point of that thanks to people like you who value money over lives, despite your insistence (just own it). Lockdowns in places that haven't enforced them might be futile.

But hey, you go on and go ahead and eat your steaks cut by sick plant workers.

No. 551074

Mental illness from lockdowns? Yeah, it depends, especially on the home environment.
I'm mostly mental illness from being a frontline workers.
Speaking for my own country, it'll be PTSD for most anyone else for reasons >>550962 >>550987 cited.
3k/day is still harrowing, especially considering we've been at, if not a little over, 2k/day now.

I live in the South, too, and it feels like that part in the movie before a huge disaster hits. People in my town are mostly wearing masks, but you still have people who are going without as a political statement. Interestingly enough, all of them have the body type and likely the diet that would send them straight to the hospital when their symptoms flare up. Most of them choose sugary sodas over the water, and viruses in general thrive on high blood sugar; COVID19 especially.

I hope these idiots die/get too sick to wander around before they have a chance to make you sick.

What amuses me the most is that these are the same people who are often talking about how our military puts their lives on the line and make a sacrifice for the country. But they can't sacrifice a little time to put on a mask. Typical, though.

No. 551075

A non essential 'we sell a bit of everything' store in my town reopened. Signs all over the new entranceway insist that you wear the gloves provided at the cleaning station. You can't miss the signs or the cleaning area. I swear there was a clear divide in store, women wearing gloves and men just cruising on by without bothering. Why are some so weirdly resistant to it?? I've seen the same in my workplace when it comes to using hand sanitizer but what's worse about this shop is it's somewhere people really browse just for the hell of it, y'know pick up ten different items to look closer at them and maybe buy one.

I appreciate that the shops are making an effort but if you can't get customers to cooperate what's the point.

No. 551124

File: 1588807175377.jpeg (247.77 KB, 750x923, 557F995B-58C5-46CE-9B81-053F2B…)

Boomer dad spergs out because target employee told his 22 year old disabled special needs daughter (autism/cerebral palsy) she couldn’t be in the store without her mask on. She is exactly the person SHOULD have a mask. How do people this stupid exist? The same thing goes for her, none of her disabilities imply retardation level IQ so she must understand the fairly simple concept of me + not so good health + China virus = BAD trumps her personal preference not to wear a mask.

No. 551150

Everyone at my work is now required to wear a mask. All of the women are complying and a few of the men. The younger more obnoxious men are being obstinate brats and wearing them on their foreheads and around their neck. It makes me so angry, of course none of the bosses are enforcing the rules. One of the men doing this was bragging about hooking up with a 15 year old from tinder, this is the kind of moron with low morals who is fighting the mask rule. I keep thinking if he's hooking up with people he's probably a Petri dish of virus waiting to happen, so glad he won't wear his dumb fucking free mask.

No. 551183

NTA but a grown man…. fucking a 15 year old? Report that viral rat

No. 551184

Wearing gloves is pointless against the virus and does nothing. Covid doesn't leach in through your skin. Healthcare workers wear them to protect from patients' body fluids. They are not sterile. You touch the outside of the gloves with your germy hands, then put the m on your hands. Also touched the germs of everyone else that reached into the glove box to get some. Now the outside of the gloves is contaminated. You can touch your face, your phone, other contaminated things, whatever. They're just like your hands. Tired of people ranting about others needing to wear gloves. Stop and think.

No. 551188

Severe autism, not the internet meme kind, has nothing to do with 'personal preference'.

No. 551195

mte. That's not a 'moron with low morals', that's a literal criminal who needs to be reported to the police for rape, and to HR for sexual harassment (talking about it at work).

The way anons talk about their workplaces on here freaks me out, do americans not have HR staff or something?

No. 551205

File: 1588822685019.jpg (4.08 MB, 4134x2756, RTS2HUTR.jpg)

So many people are worshipping a politician like a celebrity just for doing an OK(but not great) job is annoying the hell out of me.

No. 551208

I agree

No. 551216

Sorry if dumb but who is this?

No. 551223

Jacinda Adern

No. 551228

Yep. I practically have a panic attack any time I leave the house (only to get groceries for myself and family) because idiots can't handle wearing a mask and not shopping. The effects of the virus scare the shit out of me and even if stuff is open I'm still going to stay home.
I wish they'd just round up the people who don't follow the rules and quarantine them away from everyone else, but I guess that's a little extreme. I just don't want to get a virus and die because people can't handle not going to the beach.

No. 551230

Sorry anon. Would you like Trump or Bolsonaro? Neither of them have celebrity cult status for doing an okay job.

No. 551232

Fallacy of relevancy.

No. 551244

ngl the Target employee seemed out of line. apparently they threatened to call the police if the dad couldn't provide proof? I work at a Target and it's like Target 101 that we never ask people for proof of their conditions (usually in regards to service animals, but the concept applies here, too). That being said tho the dad is fucking stupid and careless for not leaving the store as soon as he realized his daughter couldn't handle wearing a mask. He says in the full article he had to cut the fucking nose out of the mask to get her to wear it – she doesn't get to go in the store then, full stop.

No. 551268

Cleaning areas where I am are set up for people to first use alcohol and then glove up, then dispose of gloves in the way out. I feel more than anything the gloves are used as an indicator that people actually stopped and used the cleaning station including sanitizer.

No. 551282

It's to reduce the amount of fomites you can potentially create.

In the hospital we put our phones in sandwich bags, so I've just started doing that if I have to leave my house at all with my phone.

No. 551287


Posts like these are what make me way more scared of the people going full hypochondriac than the illness itself. The general willingness of people to warm up to totalitarianism out of fear has been jarring to say the least.

No. 551305

Working in a rural area I regularly serve farmers or other classy rural men with very visible dirt on their hands. I expected that this would at least lead to better hygiene in those men but I still serve visibly grimey hands all day, hands blackened by dirt. Always the same men skipping the cleaning facilities laid out for them.

No. 551315

for me it's mainly people who don't know what totalitarianism is but keep seeing the word on /pol/ that's the real horror

No. 551371

My father works with wood and his hands are constantly dirty but it's not that he doesn't wash his hands, it's just his hands are stained from tannin,
I just want to say maybe their hands are dirty, or maybe their hands are stained and they can't do anything about it. I hope for you that their hands are just stained

No. 551401

This. People think practicing health safety during a pandemic is a gateway to totalitarianism. If that's the case, there have been plenty of gateways to that. Funny how these same people never cry about things like the Homeland Security Act here in the USA.

Not to mention that tannin has antimicrobial properties of its own. People who generally work those kinds of jobs wash their hands like crazy, but you always have exceptions.

No. 551435


So health safety includes using cellphones to track people's, rolling out surveilance systems in colleges, informing on neighbors, completely changing our voting system, censoring online speech?

Anon things like the homeland security act is EXACTLY why this freaks me out, because once you establish these things as normal, they never go away.

No. 551443

I agree with you, I wish you could express concern over this without people interpreting it as you being some right wing /pol/ conspiracy theorist who literally wants people to die so you can go to Starbucks or whatever, like you can think the lockdown was the right call and be worried about these things simultaneously, I feel like you can express concern about indirect deaths or negative social/health outcomes from the lockdown and discuss how these things should be weighed together in the future enforcement of it without undermining the need for it currently

No. 551467

File: 1588881413429.jpg (27.38 KB, 498x320, 1585764674683.jpg)

wasn't OP's pic revealed to be staged?

I'm sick of sensationalism in mass media. No one cares about flashy pretty dramatic shit caught on camera- all we fucking want is valid and transparent messages/information shared so everyone can be content and do what they can now.
>b-but if they stage this part just a bit then the public will definitely take it more seriously!
no fuck off, that's GAS LIGHTING and it MAKES SHIT WORSE. For the love of fuck just be 100% honest for once during this pandemic, and if you make a mistake, just come up and admit to it (not by some shit twitter post btw, put it on the same platform or TV station that you originally told the news of) and move on.
And put the political shit flinging aside for another day- well its probably a bit too late for mass media because they've been conditioned to be autistic over it. But just so you know those boomers know that if every single comment on the internet was personal- then we would already have had more than 1 Charlottesville, and probably been in a civil war by now. Get a grip on reality jesus christ.
/corona vent

No. 551484

I hate the reacting coming from my peers. I'm an essential worker and I feel like I'm going through this pandemic more relaxed than a majority of people. I work 5 days a week so leaving the house is still my norm. People who have only left their house like 3 times since lockdown overreact about the littlest things, like "I see people outside, they need to go back inside, this is fucking serious!!! Follow the rules!!! You're risking everybody's lives!!!" I probably go to the grocery store twice a week because stock is so low and I keep running out of things, I literally couldn't prepare like most of these people freaking out because they see a mom and her child walking their dog.
On the other hand, I have seen a couple people who are way too relaxed about the pandemic and they also happen to be anti vax conspiracy theorists. Like, I get a few points, wanting numbers and facts, but there's a bunch of shit that's straight up retarded.

No. 551489

By "censoring online free speech," do you mean shutting up people who are spreading misinformation and hustling quack therapies? Or do you mean places like China bullshitting their numbers and banning their netziens from playing online games w/people from overseas so they can maintain their illusion? Don't hit me with that "they're the same" bullshit.

I think people like you are in denial and WANT to believe this is fake to the point of gobbling down whatever some irrelevant fat dude on the internet says. You clearly know nothing about the level of absurdity that Americans are capable of and the type of machinations that tend to rile up our boomers (money, guns, and the illusion of freedom, mostly).

No. 551494


Meanwhile, in Britain….

No. 551496

love when people like this acts like they are rational.

No. 551499

I’m >>551443 and didn’t mean mention free speech but my main concerns are

- being worried about getting to the point where the lack of functioning NHS, inability to access dental care and mental health problems exacerbated by the lockdown lead to a loss of years of life that exceed that if we weren’t in a lockdown, being able to understand that there isn’t a scenario where no one dies or gets sick and that we need to pick the solution that minimises it the most, that non essential healthcare will become essential if left long enough etc

- the introduction of heavy surveillance that won’t be criticised or questioned as it is presented under the guise of ‘saving lives’ (9/11) and the only route back to ‘normalcy’ meaning some people will be willing to accept things that infringe on human rights to privacy and freedom of movement

- creating a sense of distrust among each other where people are eagerly looking for scapegoats and over zealous in reporting people to the state instead of directing their blame and anger at the leaders who have lead to us being this unprepared for a pandemic 2020

- people being unable to accept the fact that the ‘facts’ have been constantly changing throughout this entire thing and while I agree lockdown may be the safest option currently, we know very little about second waves or immunity and that people should remain vigilant and ensure research into things like numbers of infected and production of antibody tests, increased testing etc are happening and being reported on, and being able to accept that in the future the best way forward may be different.

I feel like I can’t talk about any of these things without being dismissed as some Alex Jones type weirdo who just wants to be able to go to the mall again and wants all boomers to die but I don’t think any of those things are genuinely that conspiratorial or irrational(political sperg)

No. 551550

You mentioned the NHS; are you in the UK? I know there's been a creeping issue with the government trying to put CCTVs everywhere they can think of prior to this, so I understand the context of your concerns better.

No. 551567

Critical Role as a livestream is probably dead, they’re the only large TTRPG podcast not continuing from home (Educated guess: they’re trying to finish their animation project before they lose too much ad revenue from Twitch)

Weekly Shonen Jump is now Bi-weekly Shonen Jump, but so far this has been providing better art quality

Influencers as a career track are done. No one wants to hear rich people complain with a 20+% unemployment rate and the smart ones are avoiding social media.

No. 551574

File: 1588897066383.png (404.15 KB, 654x517, China is LITERALLY the modern …)

Rude. No where in my post did I say it was fake or not, all I talked about was mass media and its lack of sincerity in their approaches.
Also you seem to misunderstand China vs trolls making shit up on the web. China will fucking kill you (and conveniently cover up your death and use you as a "warning" to scare other citizens) in a drop of a hat. Freeze peaches land will at least rely on you to have common sense and a grasp of reality. Just because you have free speech doesn't mean you have an anarchist society, we have laws in place to cover the hindsight like libel, faking serious terrorist threats, and other basic shit.

Also China literally resembles the shit the Nazis did in WWII of rounding up "unwanted" groups and killing them off. And they too were fond of censorship.
>I feel like I can’t talk about any of these things without being dismissed as some Alex Jones type weirdo who just wants to be able to go to the mall again and wants all boomers to die but I don’t think any of those things are genuinely that conspiratorial or irrational
I feel this so much. Thankfully its just the internet and I'm around reasonable people who won't immediately jump on me as an extremist on either side for saying one opinion or thought, that shit is mostly stuck on internet bantering.(political sperg)

No. 551580

When we've had people in these past threads trying to be devil's advocates and horseshoe theorists, of course I'm rude. I'm surprised we don't have tinfoil hatter in these threads protesting over David Icke's Youtube ban for the bullshit he's been spewing. Which is why I asked was it shit like that vs the shit China's been pulling.

No. 551585

File: 1588899112744.jpg (40.86 KB, 507x574, 1885CO39.jpg)

dudes cosplaying as nurses but the trump supporters, idk

No. 551695

When it’s convenient for the West they care about muslims. This is interesting.(continuing political sperg derail)

No. 551744

Greenland and the Svalbard Islands are the safest places right now

No. 551747

lmao why should we care about muslims

No. 551750

You shouldn’t at all in any case, so back off from countries that aren’t the West and enjoy the corona, America.

Yes I just referred to a single poster as the country the USA.

No. 551751

I’m the same way, I’ve been really cautious and over the past month and a half I haven’t gone anywhere but work, but I’m still leaving the house 4-5 days a week and have been potentially exposed to covid twice lol. It’s the people who are leaving the house once a week/not at all who are the most paranoid and I kind of get that, they’re not going out and having to handle the reality of maybe getting exposed. The idea of a life after shutdown doesn’t seem so odd to me because like, I’m already going out and in a public facing job so I’m seeing 100s of people a day.

No. 551823

basic human decency but you wouldn't know about that

No. 552434

I hate to sound like an edgelord, but I feel like this is going to be the beginning of the end of the HAES thing, cause when the mega obese people get the rona, they are all going to die, and the chances aren't that good for people with over like 40 BMI either, right? I mean, who's going to continue with the HAES thing when most of the advocates are dead? Maybe this will be a wake-up call for those people who could still change their life around and get healthy, because how could anyone possibly argue that your weight has nothing to do with dying of this?

Not that I wish anyone to die, but for death fats getting corona is a death sentence for sure, let's be real here

No. 552560

It's definitely going to put a dent into the HAES thing since higher BMI means having a harder time with this virus, no joke.

It's already speculated that corona might do some long term damage even on the healthy people it affects (which any more severe virus can do from small things to extremes), so, even if the deathfats survive, they may be in a worse situation or get their own wake-up call to improve their lives. The wake-up call is what I hope for.

All that said, I'm also expecting a rise in orthorexia from all of this.

No. 552599

File: 1589156918440.jpeg (130.17 KB, 960x720, 5AAA93A5-94D6-4738-8B3A-4F72AC…)

Saw this on social media. It happened in Huntington Beach. That’s a depiction of Gavin Newsome, California’s governor. I’m tired of these crybabies.

No. 552612

I can understand the reasoning and the need for protesting, when they make cringey banners like that though it's hard to take it seriously

No. 552620

What are they even protesting? The right to go outside and die in the beaches?

No. 552810

Someone post that meme where it shows off protests, where Ragen, Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, Bush je, Obama, Hillary and Trump all get compared to Hitler

No. 552829

>I can understand the reasoning and the need for protesting
Holy shit you're just as bad as they are

No. 552833

Wow I sure love being unemployed and fighting with the unemployment sites trying to apply for it and having my family unable to make ends meet and seeing no end to this craziness in my own state because they want to push this until June, guess that makes me literally Hitler or something!

No. 552835

>seeing no end to this craziness in my own state because they want to push this until June
Michigan anon? I’m tired of it too

No. 552847

File: 1589215096360.jpg (42.2 KB, 700x800, Untitled-444.jpg)

I wasn't going for the literal Hitler bullshit, but you do you. Protesting wanting to go back to work is a no-brainer understandable; but most of these protestors have no regard for anyone around them and keep comparing the safety measures to slavery (and Hitler, apparently). But I'm even more sick of the government not getting their shit together with a consistent solution.

I do find it funny these protesters tend to be the ones who shriek "survival of the fittest" while trying to peg people trying to enforce social distancing and masks as Hitler. I'm not sure if that's how that works.

No. 552850

Hence why I called the protestors out for their cringe banners, they act retarded so they can't get their point across. Anything meaningful they could have said gets ignored because they call grocery store lines breadlines (which is funny but not really an apt comparison) or dress up in fake commando gear.

No. 552858

I'll take the L and apologize to you for jumping the gun like an idiot, Anon. Fuck this entire shit tbh. I don't know what these people's endgame is. They should know routes like this won't get them anywhere beyond sensationalized news coverage and probably an actual infection.

No. 552888

Get an undesirable job if you want to work so badly. I got a job during lockdown at an essential business doing grunt work. Work somewhere shitty. Don't whine and say you need your special job back when there's jobs available. It's not fair to everyone else to open everything up.

No. 552919

I need some advice, fellow burger anons.

I got a job at Amazon during this mess (Got temporarily laid off from my other job). Also was getting unemployment. A few weeks ago, I decided to abandon that job because finals were coming up and I want to study instead of working 10 hour shifts in a row, three days a week, which left me fucking exhausted to do anything, let alone school work. I tell my mom this and she's like "Okay well, you're not gonna get unemployment if you quit…." Also she was the one constantly nagging me to work in the first place (I swear, she would be more happy with me working shitty dead end jobs for the rest of my life than actually getting my degree and doing something meaningful with my life).

While she's very knowledge in this subject (she's been working in HR for over 30 years), I often get the sense she has no idea what the fuck she's talking about at times, especially since Covid-19 has changed a lot of the regular rules. I got $2,000 from Unemployment last week and she kept saying it wasn't right and it must've been a mistake until I showed her the passage that explained it on their website. But I feel like working at Amazon and quitting is going to fuck everything up and I won't get anything anymore. I been told just to not do anything till I get fired but I hate the idea of getting fired (Personal issues that doesn't have to do with anything but still)

Did I fuck up anons?

No. 552924

She's right. You fucked up. You get unemployment for being fired or losing your job due to covid-19. You had a job at amazon and didn't need unemployment. You quit the job and are not applicable. Unemployment is currently paying out base pay + $600 a week due to the CARES act.

Why the actual fuck wouldn't you google this before doing it? I'm kinda getting why your Mom gets frustrated at you because this is incredibly irresponsible and 10 seconds of googling/asking your Mom would have cleared this up for you.

Also, if you were claiming and receiving unemployment WHILE working at amazon (check payment dates for period they cover) you just committed fraud so good luck buddy

No. 552927

For the record, I still haven't technically quit Amazon. Their reasoning is that if I get fired, I could get unemployment. I'm aware that qutting a job means losing your unemployment benefits and I've been aware for quite awhile. Also I made the decision when I didn't know that I would be in quarantine for this long.

I did wish I would've thought about more before making such a rash decision. I was under the impression that I wasn't going to get much in unemployment and that I would make more at Amazon. I was egged on my family to find a job right away (and I would be branded as lazy if I didn't and focused on my studies instead) and I feel completely stupid for listening to them (not trying to put the blame solely onto them. I get some of it is my stupidity as well).

No. 552928

Were you claiming unemployment for your old job while simultaneously working at amazon or were they giving you backpay for the time you were out of work?

No. 552929

Are you gonna tell me to find some rich friends and link my paypal too?

No. 552944

> A few weeks ago, I decided to abandon that job because finals were coming up and I want to study

Did you quit or not? Are you just not showing up? Because x amount of no shows = you quit and Amazon will point this out on any unemployment claim you make. Its probably in your employment contract.

Also, it sounds like you were claiming unemployment while working. They're going to be coming hardcore for people pulling this shit when things go back to normal

No. 552949

People like you who are using this situation as an excuse to not work and reap the benefits disgust me.

No. 552952

That's not even remotely the same thing. If you need money really badly get a job stocking shelves. It's as simple as that. You can return to your old job when things open, problem solved. You don't need to protest to have things open so the person who works at the nail salon or the hairdresser are forced back to work or face being fired. There ARE jobs available; it's not my problem if you think you are too good to take them.

No. 552959

But I was working. I got another job while I temporarily unemployed from my permanent job. I stopped attending my temp job because it was getting in the way of school. It definitely wasn't an easy decision to make but considering in the past I put work over school and it ended up biting me in the ass in the long run.
Fair enough. I didn't quit. But I've been showing up to shifts on and off. I claimed unemployment before working. I expected it to stop getting it once I reported my earnings at Amazon. I certainly didn't expect to get $2,000 AFTER I started working at Amazon from Unemployment. And then working was getting in the way of completing my assignments and readings for school.
My permanent job didn't pay me shit. My boss told me to sign up for Unemployment.
Timeline as follows
>Get temporarily laid off from my job
>Sign up for unemployment
>Few weeks later, get at job (Still get some money, but not a lot for to make for the few weeks I wasn't working)
>Get continuous paychecks, expect to get nothing from EDD
>But EDD gives me $2,000 (Califag, if anyone is wondering)
>Meanwhile, Amazon is getting in the way of completing schoolwork
>Realize I'm up shit's creak without a paddle and wonder how it's gonna affect me for the rest of the year

No. 552970

Learned helplessness.

No. 552996


University isn't doing you much good if you can't research for yourself how fucked you would be if you quit or slacked off so much anywhere would fire you. They're not going to just say 'oh Amazon are assholes they fire everyone' they will say you deserved it.

You'd better chase up whether you weren't supposed to get that $2k because if you weren't and try to hide it they will fuck you so hard. You can just play dumb and use the fog of all this pandemic shit for whatever confusion caused it.

No. 553001

OP idk what to tell you other than working 3 days a week, 10 hours a day is less than a lot of us work + study fulltime.

You have to sign up for unemployment weekly. Either you signed up for unemployment on the weeks you still worked at amazon, committing fraud, or you didn't and you're fine.

No. 553013

>Meanwhile, Amazon is getting in the way of completing schoolwork

No, they are not. You are. Just ask for less hours from Amazon, don't take unemployment and start acting like an adult. Damn.

No. 553019

I did. And I was told I wasn’t allowed to change my schedule until after 90d days.

Also these shifts were 10 hour long each over night which made me rather exhausted to do anything afterward. Don’t act condescending and tell me to grow up when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

No. 553089

Lucky. The USA is a fucking mess and i'm ashamed to be trapped here

No. 553102

Had to go to the hospital the other day because my pancreas is being a cunt. My lipase levels were high, but not enough so to do anything drastic. The hospitals separated anyone who has travelled or experienced any symptoms/been near someone who has symptoms from the rest and handed out M91 masks. People sat very far from each other and the staff in the genpop area were still wearing double PPE. It was incredible! For my treatment (IV) it was only 4 hours and everyone was very respectful of each other. Whenever someone got up from their seat, a cleaner would use oxivir immediately.

I was so afraid because I only consume American news stories, and not nice ones usually. I seriously put off going to the hospital in this much pain because I thought it was going to be a total shitshow.

Can anyone tell me what American hospitals look like right now? I'm from Canada and googling it doesn't bring up those kind of answers. Did they switch up their triage? How are people brought in by ambulance? Do they do a temperature check? Did they separate the uses of the hospitals? I'm super curious.

No. 553113

depends on your area, we were hiring more shelf stackers at the start of it all but all the positions got snapped up in less than a week and that was near a month ago. all by engineers and similar folk with higher educations.

No. 553119

i had plans to teach abroad somewhere in Asia this summer/fall. Guess that dream is going to be on hold until 2021….

No. 553120

My country actuall decided to open up schools for the last 2 weeks because wh the fuck not. Dumbasses.
Sorry but this is better suited in the vent thread, cmon now.

No. 553137

RIP double rainbow guy. He passed away the other day due to COVID-19.

No. 553150

I rent an apartment with my dad and he's going to be the reason why I and anyone else we know is going to get covid. He works as a contract tradesman at an ivy league campus, he still reports because they're considered essential for made up reasons. This is now the second time we've gotten a phone call from his employer saying how someone he interacted with from a different company tested positive for covid over the weekend so now he's gotta get tested too. He can't work until he hands them the negative test result. I work remote but sometimes I go into my office so I'm laying low until we get his result back. I just feel bad about telling my workplace this because I sound like a liar telling them I should probably stay home because someone I live with keeps coming into contact. I'm afraid they'll start demanding that I give them negative tests next.
Doesn't matter though. So my dad came into contact with this person on Friday. Do you know what he did over the weekend? Oh just hung out with the neighbors, went to a few public places, visited his gf and her rugrats, etc. Because he can't be assed to stay at home and uses the fact that our state is lightening restrictions as an excuse to justify his choices. I can't say shit or else he'll call me 'panicky' because I'll be disagreeing with something he wants to do.
He's a giant asshole.

No. 553157

I’m stressed because I keep hearing differing opinions from everyone about the virus. Today at a work meeting everyone was saying that they “weren’t worried” about the virus and my boyfriend said today that even though 19 people have died in my county that “people die every day.” It makes me feel like I’m overreacting by being stressed out by the direct and indirect effects of the virus.

I know that the virus probably wouldn’t kill me if I got it, but I’m still stressed about it. I think it would kill my boyfriend if he got it because of a disease he has, but he’s been in quarantine for weeks now luckily. I also can’t visit him because of travel restrictions. The whole situation makes me depressed but I don’t know how I’m “supposed” to feel.

No. 553190

No. 553205

Has anyone experienced hostility towards quarantining? Me and my roommate have been staying inside since march when the order was passed and we lost our jobs. The other week we were sitting on our porch and 4 of our neighbors (who haven't been quarantining and regularly go out etc) started mocking us for "never leaving the house"???

I said we aren’t meant to be leaving and they all just laughed at us and just kept shouting “losers don’t go anywhere!” They also told me to go back to my own country so that’s the level these people operate on, but I was just in shock. You hear about these crazies on the news but it’s just impossible to reason with them irl. They just think they’re so much more advanced and informed than you. It really shook me up and I stopped even going on my porch.

No. 553218

Ugh I’m sorry your dad is being so irresponsible like this. If your workplace is kind though, they’ll understand that it’s real and that you aren’t lying. Just say you live with an essential worker, I work at a store and I’ve gotten told twice in the past month that I’ve probably been exposed to covid so it’s not necessarily outside the realm of possibility for someone to keep coming in contact, I hope they’ll understand. Good luck with your dad, I hope you stay healthy + safe.

No. 553220

I have. I've been wearing a mask since mid March out of habit and the whole covid-19 made it worse. At work, I wash my hands regularly and luckily i work with people who do as well. My customers come in (the drive thru) and almost none of them are wearing masks or gloves. There are a lot of people who dont think covid-19 is real and it frustrates me. I've known 5 people who died from it already and i'm trying my best to stay safe for myself and my spouse. I dont understand the mockery… Why dont the naysayers just die already

No. 553254

I got yelled at the other day for being outside without a mask. I do have one, but I left it at home that day and I was only going on a quick walk. It's not like I was up close with people and breathing down their necks. I always make sure that there are 6ft between me and another person. Was pretty rude and unnecessary.

I actually live somewhere where people are overly cautious about the virus to the point of straight up fear-mongering. Lots of rich neoliberal boomers and people who spend too much time on the coronavirus subreddit and now think the virus is going to mutate to the point of wiping out all of humanity. Like, basically anyone who goes outside at all is given dirty looks, and you can't post anything on social media about being outside without making it extremely clear you weren't hanging out with other people. Your reputation is basically ruined if there is any evidence whatsoever that you went to the beach (some are still open w/social distancing rules in place), or if you found a trail that isn't closed yet. People are 100% still going out and finding stuff to do, but you have to keep it hush-hush.

The death glares my bf and I have gotten for taking walks in neighborhoods we don't live in (literally we just need a change of scenery from time to time because we're losing our minds) is hilarious. The irony is that we are ALWAYS wearing masks when we do this, and the people who live in those neighborhoods that we pass by are often not wearing masks.

Don't get me wrong, my state is one of the least-hard hit ones because our governor is actually taking this thing seriously, but I really wish that everyone would calm down a little. Ffs, I STILL don't know anybody who has actually gotten the virus out here. I don't even think I know anybody who knows somebody who has gotten the virus out here. Our hospitals have been virtually empty since this whole thing started.

No. 553263

one time i was walking around my block (when we were restricted from going further than 1km away from our house) and a guy was yelling into a megaphone "GO HOME STAY INSIDE STOP WALKING OUTSIDE". it was my first time going outside at all in 4 days and the walk lasted all of 30 minutes. like jesus christ CHILL

No. 553276

I visited family during Easter and got chewed out by my friends. People were going on about how the bodies will be piling up since everyone is moving around and not isolating. A month afterwards the amount of deaths and new cases is still going down over here. No body piles or overworked hospitals. People really need to stop spend their every waking hour browsing corona related articles in a hysteric state.

No. 553280

My boyfriend has been teased at work by grown ass men in their 40's+ for wearing a mask and gloves at work. He works in IT and is touching all of their computers that they never clean, so of course he's going to take precautions. He doesn't really have a strong opinion on whether other people choose to protect themselves or not.

I think seeing other people taking different precautions makes some people question their own stance and they can't deal with the cognitive dissonance so they lash out. This situation has everyone scared about something, whether they admit it or not. I think the fact that we never actually shut down where I'm at has people especially on edge. Everyone's been arguing on Facebook for months over what they think is the right thing to do, so when they're faced with it in person they're already in that mindset to just start arguing whether anyone was being confrontational or not.

No. 553301

is anyone else pissed off about how self righteus and obsessive some people are being? literally 90% of my facebook timeline is people screeching "sTAY iNsiDE!!!111!!1!", posting photos and videos of people outside and shaming them, even if there's only one person, and I'm honestly scared leave my house to even go shopping because there's some psychopath prawling around in my neighbourhood who's beaten multiple people in the head with a stick while screaming at them for going outside over the last week and the police still havent caught him.

like ppl need to fucking calm down.

No. 553303

Post screenshots and spurce for the psycho

No. 553306

lol all I have is single line email from my landlord warning people to be careful and not go outside, and also a brief description (mid 30s, brown hair, balding, wearing a mask and sunglasses) because of the psycho and it's not in english either

No. 553309

Yes. I’m not even someone who wants to immediately re open everything and thinks the virus is a hoax etc but the people who are becoming totally unhinged and fanatical about the virus/ lockdown are alarming to me like they seem to have completely lost their minds and the growing trend of people acting this way is scaring me more than the actual virus/ affects of the lockdown

No. 553312

Yep. My FB is full of people screeching autistically about all the COVID conspiracy theorists and how they're a danger to society with their stupidity. It's so dumb and unhelpful. Most people I know who buy into these theories are mentally ill either with psychosis, or just have severe trust issues, and they don't do anything other than share retarded shit on FB with their equally fucked up friends. They're not out in the streets protesting, or refusing to vaccinate their kids. Hell, most of the people who are doing that constitute such a small minority of the population that's it's basically not worth talking about at all. Just let the crazies be crazy and get on with your life. The media makes it seem like there's way more of these people than there actually are.

No. 553314

Whoa wtf? 5 people you know are dead? Do you know a lot of elderly/landwhales/cancer patients anon? COVID has a lower than 1% morbidity rate for the age of the average lolcow poster, I would have thought.

No. 553318

I went to CBT for anxiety management and part of what was taught was to identify things you can't change and to minimise worrying about them. I think this is the sort of mindset lots of these types of people are displaying; thinking all day about how dangerous it is outside won't change anything, so there's little to do but get on with life. We're realising we were living in a period of safety that has now passed, and are psychologically adjusting to this new situation of risk. People understandably don't want to live in a bubble, we're a social species.

Sorry about your boyfriend anon, I hope they develop a vaccine soon.

No. 553322

Maybe she does, and you're being a dick to phrase it the way you have.

No. 553326

Finland? I don't get it. And they're "prepared to close them down again immediately if cases surge." Then why do it at all since the risk is very much there. Only viable reason I can think of is for the kids with horrible home lives, but it's not like schools can do much about that even under more normal circumstances.

No. 553332

Yea, it's fucking ridiculous. Most of politicians are keeping their kids home and i read somewhere that parents aren't allowed to do that. Tf they gon do tho? You can just call in sick or just make shit up for at least 3 days, fake a fkn diarrhea if you must. I do feel extremely fucking awful for kids in abusive homes, school may be the only henkireikä they have but this ain't it sis. The kid killing and general degen at home brutality has already began, especially at vantaa so i am fucking worried. The junkies and alkies are losing it.

No. 553368

Especially now, I don't know if this is occurring in other countries/ being reported on but in the US kids are now falling seriously ill and dying, babies up to young teenagers. Its so heartbreaking seeing like, 12 year olds on the news talking about they're thankful to be alive after being in the hospital for weeks. Obviously, kids are no longer thought to not be affected at all like previously thought, so it seems really irresponsible to have kids all congregating together.. they won't understand distancing if they're six or seven and haven't seen their friends in a while.

No. 553371

BTW anon how old are you?

No. 553379

Colombia anon here. The found out a Corona party in my city today….. it's like people don't realize that our country is poor, the health care system is non existent and people are fucking dying. I hate this place

No. 553382

I have friends who aren't essential workers who freaked out at the fact they can't visit family/friends and seeing a mutual of theirs do just that made them go off on a salty Twitter/Facebook thread about how they're literally killing people, meanwhile their bf/gf is an essential worker and comes into contact with about a hundred or more people a day and they don't say anything lol. It's so backwards.

No. 553388

I meant screenshots of the people on fb who film others

No. 553424

My friend
>lives in a high populated city
>COVID numbers still going up
>Live with family member that in remission from cancer
>Still goes out often with friends
>Said friends have a friend who has COVID
>Still goes out with them
I'm going to bet that they aren't wearing mask, they are all cramped in a car, and I'm willing to bet those friends pick up anyone who ask them too. Some people are extremely selfish

Anyways I'm from burger land and lockdown has been extended which sucks but it is what it is.

No. 553442

Another Finn here and you guys are overdoing it. Hospitals are practically empty at this point, authorities are worried that because we've been keeping the infection rates so low that the peak is going to be massive and only pushed into the future when other diseases (the seasonal influenza among others) are going to be circulating at the same time, causing an even bigger surge of patients in the hospital. The chance is now or never to open up gradually because a vaccine doesn't exist and Finland will be the very last on the list to receive it whenever it comes out. It's realistically not possible to wait for 1-2 years in a lockdown because afterwards it'd take us over 10 years to dig ourselves out of the horrible economical slump and we'd be screwed for a very long time. We were already in a bad situation financially before covid-19 and entire industries losing 99% of their business for an extended time is going to be very bad news as we need the tax money to run the hospitals. Even if we decided to tighten the lockdown rules until the infection rate is 0 (which could again take months) it'd just start all over again at some point, someone will carry the virus back into circulation. We're not an isolated island located in the middle of nowhere and the scarce population makes it hard to track all infection chains. Especially because the virus is so rampant within immigrant groups who don't speak the language or contact authorities.

Additionally if you're the budheads over in the Finland thread asking for tips on how to get drugs then I'd advice you to drop that shit immediately to keep yourself healthy ffs

No. 553462

I guess you’re right anon. I hope they make a vaccine soon too. I mentioned the vaccine during that same meeting at work and one of the owners of the place started talking about how vaccines are “toxic” and how I need to learn more about “functional medicine” (I work as a receptionist at a chiropractic place). The whole meeting just made me feel bad. I was also the only person there wearing a mask.

No. 553513

I agree with you. Looks like the measures already taken were basically a waste and it's a shame. I just don't think reopening schools for a couple of weeks is reasonable or necessary. There's got to be better means of gradually opening up than putting children potentially at risk.

(And no, haven't even been reading the finn thread.)

No. 553539

What the heck is a corona party?

No. 553698

The corona virus has all the Karens of the wild completely tapping into their violent tendencies. I've seen many videos of people physically assaulting store employees, people protesting about not getting a hair cut, not being able to use the gym (while demonstrating that they don't need it) and a security guard was shot and killed for telling people they need masks. I honestly wish these people could just be shot on sight or hurry up and catch covid and die. I hate these people so much.

It's a party set up by a bunch of retards in secret. I have a feeling my dipshit sister is going to them because my parents caught her leaving the house with a full face of makeup and fancy clothes. She also works as a trainee midwife. I hate it here.

No. 553790

So, it looks like the corona is here to stay.
I saw one news article on Twitter comparing it to the HIV/AIDS pandemic but I didn’t bother reading it because frankly a) clickbait and b) the title was enough unwarranted fear for me…
At what point do we accept that people are going die and there’s not much we can do about it?

No. 553801

>At what point do we accept that people are going die and there’s not much we can do about it?
What do you mean by this? People been dying. Do you mean we should stop the efforts to look for a cure or alleviation?

Also, headlines are designed to instill fear or rage for the clicks. Probably the worst part of an article to read.

No. 553824

The statement was taken out of context (surprise) but don't know why they chose to refer to HIV when it's an entirely different type of virus altogether. It can only be spread by directly injecting into your body (sex, contaminated needles and blood transfusions), it can't be cured and is only able to be kept from spreading and causing AIDS with meds that you take for the rest of your life. SARS-COV-2 can be taken care of by your own immunity system alone. "We learned to live with influenza A" would've been much more descriptive and accurate.

No. 553839

My ear hurts SO FUCKING MUCH…
I've had some fucking intense pain before and this has to be one of the worst in terms of how sharp and unignorable it is

At first it just felt blocked so I put some hydrogen peroxide in it and gently used a qtip. Then a few hours later it started to ache a little, I figure I'd irritated it

By the end of the night I was gritting my teeth, all I could think of was that it hurt

Day 2 i filled a syringe with a bit more hydrogen peroxide and put that in my ear. It tickled and felt weird and I was concerned it might've made things worse, but I woke up on day 3 with 0 pain and only blocked feeling/muffled hearing from that ear

I bought a little applicator with olive oil and a little cleaning tool and used both alongside hydrogen peroxide again, hoping that since the pain left it was just blockage

Another night is fine. Day 4 I wake up with a small bit of dried blood. It was a very insignificant amount so I thought maybe I scraped my ear with the little tool and the olive oil leaked this out. No pain so not very concerned, but I can't hear out of the ear at all; have to turn my head to hear if someone is trying to talk to me on that side

End of the night the pain begins sharpening again. I figure I'll do another rinse of hydrogen peroxide olive oil and the cleaning tool. It provides no relief this time. The pain has been intensifying for hours. there's a pulsing inside my ear, white noise sound, and no matter what I do or how I lay or sit no relief is offered. The pain became so bad maybe 20 minutes ago I was yelling swears without meaning to in reaction to the stabbing sensation. I've tried every home "remedy" google has to offer, and I fear making it worse to do anything more. Both pressure and removing pressure hurt it. I've taken a bunch of Tylenol cold & sinus sleep pills in hopes it relieves the pain enough I can fall asleep, as it's 4 in the morning and I have to work tomorrow.

I've already been causing issues for my work all week trying to get tests done because my auto immune thyroid illness is acting up again. My boss said to my supervisor if I wasn't capable of working he'd find someone who could, implying I'd be fired and replaced. I absolutely need my job and depend on my insurance it provides for my medications. and I'm being treated like a leaper by blood clinics and a burden by nurses even though my thyroid issues have nothing to do with covid and I've had no symptoms of covid (up til now if this lone earache counts). I didn't even want to do all these tests but my doctor refuses to increase my medication until my blood levels become ridiculously bad each time this happens, even though I'm experiencing symptoms like severe water retention, kidney issues, constantly out of breath despite being physically fit/active, rapid weight gain, stopping breathing in my sleep and narcolepsy.

Where I live has the lowest amount of cases in my country, I think it's even bringing down the bar for my entire continent. We've literally only had 5 confirmed since this entire thing started… And still, I can't get my fucking EAR treated easily or my thyroid properly because we're all in complete shambles over the pandemic

Fuck you covid. I know I still have things infinitely better off than most right now but fuck. This. Shit.

No. 553850

Not to be all "told ya so" with people but a lot of people including me, kind of figured this would be the case a month and a half or so ago. Coincidentally I was also one of the anons who tinfoiled if this virus would resemble HIV, and while the WHO never said the virus is like HIV, I find their comparison to it to demonstrate covid's endemic stretch…a little curious to say the least. Although maybe the reason they compared covid to HIV (and not measles for instance) is because people are more likely to take a HIV comparison more seriously. Something like a flu or measles comparison would probably cause more social resistance from anti vax kooks. I mean look at for how long people ran with "IT'S JUST A FLU!!!" just because that was the comparison media first went with. I still think there's much we won't know about the effects of this virus until years down the line. Children are now reported to be having nasty reactions from the infection.


Direct quote not taken out of context:
>"It is important to put this on the table: this virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities, and this virus may never go away," Dr Ryan told the virtual press conference from Geneva. "HIV has not gone away - but we have come to terms with the virus." Dr Ryan then said he doesn't believe "anyone can predict when this disease will disappear".

We're basically going to have to deal with this. It really fucking sucks. Not enough people are taking it seriously where I predict we'll have low enough infection rates to enjoy life as carefree as before, at least not for the remaining year.

No. 553851

You ARE a fucking tinfoil you loon. Influenza never goes away, it keeps mutating and coming back into circulation each year. That doesn't mean it's anything close to how HIV behaves.

No. 553853

>That doesn't mean it's anything close to how HIV behaves
That's what I said? No need to be a gaping asshole when I was just trying to have a discussion.

No. 553857

So basically Corona will be just a thing for the next 5-12 year (or perhaps even longer)

the world won't end but it will normal for a a couple million people to die each year due to the Virus

No. 553864

I don't understand, has it been stated when a vaccine is suppose to be ready I know it's not immediate due to testing and what not, but once a vaccine has been certified would it not be rolled out with immediate effect? Densely populated areas would be more critical. i hope 5 years is an overestimation.

No. 553869

NTA but we never got a vaccine for HIV or dengue for example so there is no guarantee we will be able to develop an effective one for covid. I have begun mentally preparing myself for no vaccine to come.

I think it's more likely we will develop therapeutics to treat people who have been infected. But I'm a disillusioned hospitalfag.

No. 553875

Also dengue fever doesn't have any specific effective treatments, you just have to lay in bed, keep the fever down and hydrated, most people don't get the really bad hemorragic version (wow just like COVID!) but the ones that do, welp

you just have to rely on luck to get out of it alive.

No. 553903

A lot of people have gotten COVID19. I'm guessing you mean most people won't get the fatal version of it, not get the coronavirus at all.

t. recently recovered

No. 553909

NTA but that is obviously what >553875 meant are you ESL or something? Maybe the covid is still affecting your reading comprehension.

No. 553923

Did you dilute the hydrogen peroxide? You aren't supposed to use it straight and you aren't ever supposed to put it in when your ear already hurts, that's probably why you had blood. I've been waiting months for help with my ear, too. It sucks, try to hang in there and stop experimenting at home. You might be able to get some antibiotics over the phone until they can see you. I had to do that even though no confirmed infection. But please stop putting shit in your ear, that's the worst thing you can do right now.

No. 553928

Calm down, dumbfuck. I was asking for clarification since it reads as if they said not many people will get the hemorrhagic version of dengue, just like most people won't get COVID.

You must be an American.

No. 553935

Even if it turns out a vaccine isn’t super viable do you guys think that if we find more effective treatments and increase our infrastructure that this will at least help? It’s definitely super nasty when you get it but I think people are really starting to forget that the mortality is much higher because all the systems are overwhelmed. I feel like a lot of people are saying a vaccine is the only thing that will help but is that really true? I know the previous way of life is dead but there are so many people who make it seem like life will never be good again.

No. 553938

In the UK our NHS hasn't been overloaded (yet) but there's still a lot of people dying but hopefully we will get better at treating people with covid so that less people who are admitted to hospital end up dying.

So new medicines/treatment protocols/techniques could help people with covid survive but tbh I don't know how much of a difference it will make since the vast majority of people who are dying are elderly and have comorbid conditions.

No. 553947

A lot of people are being pessimistic about the future, but I don't think you should be.

Doctors are testing and trying out new prophylactics and antivirals, and have a better grasp of the disease than 5 months ago (i.e. not using respirators as indiscriminately as they used to). Unfortunately, they still do not have a drug that would reduce mortality, but I have hope that something will turn up soon.

A vaccine being developed by Oxford has now gone into phase 1/2 of their human clinical trial and is projected to be used in emergency cases as early as September of this year. This is quite miraculous, as they were initially developing the vaccine for MERS and SARS, but both of these diseases were put under control and so the development of a vaccine was no longer needed.

Not to mention, there are a number of other vaccines being developed alongside this one, so we have a safeguard in case this one goes to shit.

No. 554095

So those non essential friends should instead be freaking out at their essential partners because their essential job is with the public? Okay anon

No. 554136

Can you possibly get a phone appointment and request antibiotics? Alternately if this isn’t at all possible you could purchase fish antibiotics. It’s amoxicillin all the same but you can get it without prescription usually.

No. 554336

I'm so fucking tired of seeing people complain about wearing masks. I'm honestly baffled that some people are so opposed to it. It reminds me of the citizens of Pawnee from Parks and Rec. Unnecessarily angry at little things meant to help people.

No. 554460

Man, I feel retarded as fuck if I made my ear a thousand times worse than it would've been by trying those things. I didn't dilute the hydrogen peroxide at all, I'd read multiple sites on Google saying dilution wasn't required… of course, in my haste to "fix" the pain I went full retard and didn't fact check that. There were a lot of mixed answers on using it if it already hurts, too, so that part I did read a bit about but took the risk. Good luck with your ear too, anon, it's not the kind of pain I wish upon anyone

Yeah, thank you for your advice. I woke up today in extreme pain and the right side of my face was swollen from my cheekbone/jaw to my ear to a significant/disfiguring amount, and google was giving me the "Go to the ER, IMMEDIATELY" answer, so I QQ'd hard and my doctor ended up doing an emergency phone-diagnosis and loading me up with steroid antibiotic drops and orals.

NGL though, it's jarring when even your doctor's tone sounds worried lol.

Non-reply blogging:
Pharmacist said it's fine for me to take some sudafed and the pain is now entirely manageable by the end of the day. hoping it stays that way and the swelling in my face goes away sooner than later… It looks so uncanny, like one side is totally deformed. I feel ugly as sin but for once vanity is the least of my current worries.

I think I angered my boss more by having to come in late (again) today because of this, but like, I didn't really have an option lmao. I also stayed four hours unpaid OT to get through a bunch of work, so I'm hoping that all being completed will appease him. Thank fucking God for the weekend rest, I'm sure I'm gonna need it.

Far as doctor could diagnose over the phone, we're assuming my outer ear canal had become infected and began to swell, and that's why it felt very "full" initially. I'm sure my fucking around trying to clean it didn't help, but I get the impression this would have needed treatment regardless. Dr said outer ear canal infections can spread to the skin nearby, so that's likely why my face is… fucked.

I'm kind of concerned if the steroids/antibiotics won't wreak havoc on my immune system and trigger my thyroid problems further, but honestly it doesn't seem like there's any other option at this stage. And my thyroid feels like a cakewalk compared to this nightmare.

Holy shit, I know, anon. Like, I understand the concept of not creating a shortage when they're needed by medical staff, but it's hate just for the sake of hating something. I think everyone needs quarantine therapy lessons to control their projected anger over stresses caused by the pandemic.

Even my roommate, as I was getting a ride to work today, was literally screaming and swearing about how stupid it is for people to be wearing a mask while driving. I was like what the fuck dude, why does it matter? maybe they are sick and don't want to spread it; maybe they don't want to risk the mask not being properly secured if they take it on/off etc… and he just flipped out saying the entire internet agrees that "wearing masks in the car are a pussy beta cuck thing to do"

I think my mind momentarily evacuated my body in an inability to appropriately react to how cringe/retarded that was. This entire thing seems to be bringing out the edgelord in a lot of people

No. 554488


As an ugly person it's my dream come true.

No. 554540

Well fuck the governor of my state decides it's a good idea to open up a large shopping mall on June 1st. and when you work at said large shopping mall it's a HORRIBLE idea!For fucking what? So idiots can buy their useless Hot Topic shit and smoothies. I hope he changes his mind the dates are (allegedly) tentative.

No. 554548

I was thinking the same thing, I wish we were all required to wear paper bags over our heads.

No. 554551

Same, those and ott conspirancyfags. I wish they'd all just sign a contract that they won't take any hospital bed or any remotely medical resources once they get it, since "it doesn't exist/isn't that bad anyway".

No. 554558

Even after the lockdown, the virus will still be around us all. It's a live or die situation to be honest and fuck knows what will be in the vaccines.

No. 554559


That's because they're brainwashed af anon.

Sure people will die over this but the whole world won't be wiped out ifs

No. 554598

No one said that the whole world will be wiped out, some of us just aren't degenerates and actually care about at-risk family and friends. Or you know, the kids who are now being affected by the new aftereffect disease (I know two who are hospitalized bc of it). I guess it really does take having someone in your personal life catching it in order for pea-brain people like you to really grasp why things need to be the way they are right now.

No. 554627

anyone else oscillating between "this pandemic is definitely real and we should all continue to stay inside as much as possible" and "fuck the government this entire thing is a hoax" on a regular basis?

No. 554631

nta but not everyone has at-risk friends or family. It's acceptable to visit healthy, non-risk friends/family if you maintain distance and good hygiene, which is perfectly possible.

No. 554642

How on Earth can people think this is a hoax? I personally know someone who fucking died from covid complications. It costs zero dollars to just wear a mask to slow the spread until we learn more about treatment.

Cases are going down because people are being safe you retard. Also just because your local flyover state hospital isn't being overwhelmed doesn't it's not happening in other cities.

No. 554646

it's really not. that's exactly how asymptomatic cases spread to people and become symptomatic.

No. 554651

NTA, but I live in a big city and our hospitals have been empty since this whole thing started. It's kind of baffling to me, considering how dense some parts of the city are. You'd think at least some hospitals would see a huge spike in cases, but nope.

No. 554685

Tip for the future. Mix a tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda into a mug or glass of water and then drip the mixture into your ear. It works by dissolving the ear wax and it's also a mild disinfectant. It's best to do it before you have a shower so you can rinse it out afterwards.

I do this. It's confusing because there's so much contradicting information. Some say it's a mild infection, others say it leaves people with permanently damaged lungs. I just don't know what to think.

No. 554861

Good for you. Doesn't mean it's not happening.

No. 554871

Whether there is a virus or not.

People are definitely being killed off. I don't care what anyone says.

This is the tenth video I've seen so far of nurses saying this. It's more detailed than anything on the news.

No. 554872



There will STILL be the corona virus AFTER the lockdowns. There is no fucking point living in fear. And I'll bet you or a family member of yours is ordering piles shit online and then has the audacity to sit there acting like you're this sofa hero cheering for all the nurses and doctors.

Eventually we will have to go back to work and life. That's a fact. Whether you like it or not.

No. 554873


Because half of the people have been killed off anon. That's the thing. Yet people are so fucking blind they don't look into all of this.

No. 554879

I know HAES is an Americanism, but Boris Johnson wants More to be done about Fat people, I don't know what CAN be done, They have done education even for the slow-witted, Free gym and Weight Watchers memberships, Dieticians , Sugar Tax, If a fat person goes to the GP, they are weighed and offered these services. So WHAT can the UK do? Ban all take out and have special Doors so fat people cannot fit through the doors of fast food restaurants?

No. 554880

Some other Anon from Burgerland mentioned they would get more on unemployment than working! How much is Unemployment compared to say a low paid cashiers job?

No. 554897

I get $1200 from unemployment every two weeks and I don't even make that in a month from my job. I like my job but it only pays $9 an hour and I have to really fight for hours. Even if I worked 40 hours each week, I'd still earn under $1200 after taxes for 4 weeks of work.

No. 554898

Morbidly overweight people aren't going to take their mobility scooters through all the hassle of going outside and waiting in 2m distance queues right now, they will just sit safely at home and order their fast food to be delivered. Everyone is sitting at home on their asses and getting fat, everyone.
We could go further and even hypothesize that healthy exercise addicts are at a higher risk because they will still go outside to run

No. 554901

>paranoid ED chans tinfoiling that this virus is a conspiracy to exterminate fatties

Top fucking kek. Except you missed the part where this is also killing and complicating matters for healthy people and even children now. Losers.

No. 554907

> it only pays $9 an hour and I have to really fight for hours.
How is it even possible to live like this?

No. 554978

Well obviously I can't live alone hahaha. Everyone I know who works in the same area as me works 2-3 jobs just to make it if they have their own place. It's a downtown touristy area but all of the jobs are within the range of $7.25-9.00 an hour. It's true that they're low level jobs but someone has to do them.

No. 554994

I doubt anything can be done by the government to make people lose weight. You can get a giant tray of cookies at American dollar stores, like an entire pound.

No. 555007

where retards willingly go to die

Karens are going AWOL right now, they keep calling to cutomer service screaming about stupid shit

ALSO, has anyone been having sharp "ice-pick" like headaches recently? I haven't left the house but it's been killing me for the past few weeks.

>Listening to retarded nurse practioners LMAO
No fucking wonder there has been stupid people in this thread

No. 555100

>tfw my canadian province hasnt had any new cases in the last like 8 days straight despute more testing than ever before
>most cases recovered already
>places starting to reopen in the last week and still no jumps so far

a mixture of luck and enough of us quarantining since like mid march or so. also our weather is so cold and shitty 7 months out of the year and we have literally one major city so.. nobody travels here lol. i feel so bad for the countries who are only getting worse and worse.

No. 555161


If there's a shortage of food caused by the lockdowns then you'll eat your words. Because you'll be hungry.

No. 555225

>tfw literally opposite
>provinces numbers keep growing
>outbreak is on most populous island in country
>literally no signs of improvements

Holy shit anon, make it stop. I just want to be able to go out again.

No. 555600

Yeah dude, when Americans stop being fat I'll eat my words.

No. 555609

The reproductive clinic I volunteer at wants to reopen patient chaperone services. We're there to shield them from the protests. The abortion protestors never fucking left during covid despite there being an order to not hold gatherings of people. The police here are probably religious themselves, since they never enforced the order nor penalized these protestors despite numerous calls to the property. Don't get me wrong, I realize that the need for abortion doesn't stop just because there's a pandemic, but I really don't want to be around religious kooks spreading plague. They're more likely to have it too, as congregations are reopening and these places were among the first to experience cluster outbreaks because of their close proximity and disbelief of facts It's not that I don't care, I just think it should be someone's job at the clinic during these times to call patients in advance and let them know what's going on. It shouldn't fall on us volunteers to take risks like that.

Yeah the government can't hold people at gunpoint to starve them thin. But gee, don't you think the government could enact programs and revise policies so people could have access to preventable healthcare (including mental health) so they'd be less likely to get fat in the first place? Ever notice the countries with the lowest obesity rates tend to have the most progressive policies granted they're not shitholes?
I'm sure we're not the only country where we can get sweets for cheap. However, we are one of the only first world countries who refuse to provide citizens with reasonable access to affordable healthcare, overworking them because we refuse to pay out livable wages, and all the while we pretend it's solely an individualistic moral failing when the system is rigged to make lower class citizens into fast food-addicted wageslaves. Somehow it seems more complicated than a $1 platter of cookies.

No. 555613

My Canadianons… I'm in the province where good things grow and numbers still keep going up and people have picnics at parks. Help

No. 555634

I think the increase Ontario sees from being so stupid won't be a large enough jump to cause them to realize how dumb they're acting, sadly. I'm waiting for malls to open up so I can laugh, it's absurd. There is no need for Aritzia to be selling $200 tshirts, there is no demand for Reitman's pajama sale. It's all so bizarre to watch. My entire extended family is adding on two months to whatever date is declared "safe" just to actually be safe.
That being said, I live very near to a very disgusting and drug-addled city so I've been driving around in it for two months gawking at the people who remained in huge crowded parks for the duration of quarantine. Homeless people don't suddenly stop being homeless to be courteous to others, lmfao. They will absolutely tap you on the shoulder or knock on a car window during a stoplight, no hesitation. It's like nothing in that city changed. You could sit inside any shawarma hut and talk to 20 people in good company, no masks. I can't believe we aren't worse-off for it.

No. 555659

If the province is Gaybec then we are also in the same province and we can't do anything. Montreal is basically a hazard and Legault said he's going to open up businesses.

No. 555678

Nah, Ontario.
The homeless mostly come out at night or during really nice days so they can ask for change.

While I do realize that most of the cases and deaths are within nursing homes, I want to smack all the idiots who picnic at parks in such close quarters. However, I know that I'm kind of a hypocrite, taking walks with friends… I dunno. I definitely hate the trend of seeing young people living carelessly YOLO but I also don't blame them… not that it excuses bad public health behaviour.

Really curious to see how the next weeks for Ontario will be. Inb4 big ass spike in mid June.

No. 555681

Ontario anon here as well. I want to visit my family in Quebec so I hope it starts to get better for both of our provinces soon… Are any of you planning on going to college in September? They just announced the semester will start on the 21st instead of the 3rd and I don't mind that much but I'm worried the teacher's union might strike this year. Fuckin bastards would probably use this as leverage…

No. 555682

I've been out of school for a bit but I have no hopes of schools opening, honestly…
I've seen this article floating around the web but who knows what will happen. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/26/opinion/coronavirus-colleges-universities.html
I hope everything gets better too and I hope you can see your relatives soon. Being stuck at home alone for almost 24/7 sucks smegma dick.

No. 555813

Finding this out was the nail in the coffin of my trust in the government, "scientists", and ugh what a rabbithole of betrayal.

Computer Model That Locked Down The World Turns Out To Be Sh*tcode

It was an Imperial College computer model that forecasted 500K deaths in the UK (and 2.5 million in the US) should policymakers pursue a “herd immunity” approach (a la Sweden), that influenced them to reverse course and go full lockdown instead. The model was produced by a team headed by Neil Ferguson, (who recently resigned his post advising the UK government when it surfaced that he was himself violating lockdown directives by breaking self-isolation for dalliances with a married woman).

The source code behind the model was to be made available to the public, and after numerous delays and excuses in doing so, has finally been posted to GitHub

A code review has been undertaken by an anonymous ex-Google software engineer here, who tells us the GitHub repository code has been heavily massaged by Microsoft engineers, and others, in an effort to whip the code into shape to safely expose it to the pubic. Alas, they seem to have failed and numerous flaws and bugs from the original software persist in the released version. Requests for the unedited version of the original code behind the model have gone unanswered.


Any programming anons want to weigh in?


No. 555828

>Zero Hedge

Looks like they're trying a new angle to spread their bullshit from.

No. 555863

None of the calculations made for my country came true. We were supposed to get a big death toll and hospitals bursting at the seams, but none of it happened, not even near.

No. 556317

It's not just poor people with no healthcare that are fat. Everyone is, even people with good healthcare and access to mental health.

No. 556321

Statistically, people in poverty are more likely to be obese due to the lack of access to resources and healthcare.
Well off people becoming obese is more likely explained by socioeconomic factors but that really wasn't the main point. Either way it's always recommended that the government do more to provide resources for its people across many studies of the phenomenon.

No. 556332

What's an acceptable amount of covid19 deaths for you then?

No. 556411


You didn't ask me, but I guess 'acceptable' would be whatever amount is low enough to not overload the hospitals.

How many Iraqi deaths did the UK feel were acceptable for 'regime change'? The people in charge don't have any qualms about sending people to their deaths (see: herd immunity plan at start of crisis) so don't kid yourself.

No. 556466

NTA but should we just continue to be shit humans because other humans have been shit in the past and never try to improve? I'm a medfag and I don't want to fucking treat human life like it's worthless.

Also, we are still hoping for herd immunity because an effective vaccine/medication is extremely unlikely to happen on a large scale anytime soon (like years away) that has been the fucking plan all along in the UK and in most western countries.

No. 556523


I'm not a medfag but isn't one of the vaccines coming through (assuming the government waves it through as long as it seems safe to deploy, not so much that it's sure to work) more likely to happen sooner than herd immunity?

They just came out with an estimate of 17% of london had covid and 5% rest of England. If the R number is now less than 1 how does that ever turn into herd immunity?

No. 556543

I know unemployment is fucked right now, but are they just accepting any claims without checking? A guy I know got a call yesterday from his boss asking why he had applied for unemployment as he's still working. Long story short it turns out someone stole his social security and applied. He spoke to the feds and they told him it's some guy in Nigeria who has collected over $1.5 mil doing this shit. But they paid out THOUSANDS in backpay to "him" before even contacting his school and checking if he was actually laid off.

I know this other guy that hasn't worked at all for over 1.5 years. He applied for unemployment and was accepted and is saying it's right, but surely it can't be? He listed himself as an out of work artist because he used his stimulus to buy some art supplied even though he's never had an artist job/schooling. Again, he's collected over 4 THOUSAND DOLLARS in backpay for this shit.

I feel like the system is beyond fucked right now and still people who are entitled haven't gotten anything yet? I also feel like they're going to come down hard on people that are trying to game the system when shit calms down. idk though maybe someone that knows more can shed some light.

No. 556765


What? Non sequitur much? I prefer and expect science to be carried out by scientists not politicians and programming to be carried out by programmers.

No. 556811

All of the comments on the article are just "herp derp open up tha country". Thats all I need to know about your post. We can already see in the news that opening up too early is just going to fuck us over. Also, this isn't the programming thread. There's probably just 1 or 2 who actually are.

No. 556818

If a vaccine comes out within even the next few months, the majority will not take it. If they do, they'll wait to see how the first group responds to it. Even though the vaccine is based off of a another vaccine that took 5 years to make and hasn't been used yet (which is what they're saying). There's too much distrust around the world when it comes it this situation, which is the fault of WHO and political leaders.

No. 556858

We don't know if the vaccine will even work effectively yet.

Additionally, if we get lucky and the UK manages to develop it's own vaccine it will take us months and months to make enough dosages for even a fraction of the population.

It is very unlikely that we get lucky and it turns out our first vaccine is successful, it usually takes many, many years to develop a vaccine.

It is more likely that another country will develop a vaccine before us, and then we will need to wait till we are able to purchase it from the supplier in addition to having to make enough dosages for everyone.

Vaccine is a pipe dream imo (I'm the bitter medfag)

No. 556928

“If covid didn’t exist my 94 year old grandma could have lived!”
Sure jan.

No. 557241


Just wait until younger people start dying off early because of the whole 'cancel everything except for covid' policy. I see an emergency law or three to protect people from being sued.

No. 557455

I’ll wait for the 300 kg boys and gals to die eagerly, yes.

No. 558541

File: 1590458307301.jpg (69.35 KB, 720x644, 1585120238501.jpg)

Just got an email that due to covid my program for 2020 got cancelled :( It was a year long specialty program so that's probably why. My friend says they are looking for alternatives for her program as it's her final year. I don't think they can cancel everything though, or everybody would riot.
Thank you for your kind words, I still have hope <3

No. 558562

File: 1590461257048.jpg (61.11 KB, 391x519, 1552759666073.jpg)


No. 558802

I am honestly surprised (and mildly disappointed) how there haven't been any sjw's whining about the order to wash your hands not including amputees. That would have been funny as shit

No. 558868


Seems like you're the only one it occured to.

An actual side effect problem of covid is that people wearing masks makes it harder for people with hearing problems/deafness. It just is what it is and if you're in one of the places where they wear masks you're SOL. But at least you're not old and in a nursing home (or if you are it's the least of your problems).

No. 558879

"The man flu meme isn't as funny since granddad died"

No. 559309

I know not everyone wants to be cooped up all day, but why the fuck do people in America have to gather outside in huge pool parties and shit? Ngl, they look fun, but this is absolutely the wrong fucking time for them. Idiots.

No. 559393

no one in my city (Chicago of all places) is distancing anymore and it feels defeating. People are literally deciding none of this exists anymore because they're bored of it. We've had 2.5k new cases today so I don't know where people are getting off throwing big parties. I hate people

No. 559854

Lmao I was gunna say ask for hazard pay but then I read volunteer. Women‘s health organizations can’t afford hazard pay, let alone staff.

No. 559859

Idc about aritzia but I need clothes for my healthcare job, it’s fucking hot and my size has changed so online shopping is difficult. Plus Canada post takes forever…

No. 559865

Difficult in mental health settings to have half your face covered, also

No. 560027

File: 1590651273673.jpg (99.77 KB, 1024x1006, C4G03_rVUAAaARi.jpg)

im a stupid idiot. i went out today to do grocery shopping for the first time in months and i forgot to properly disinfect my phone when i got home. how likely is it that i got the rona?

No. 560031


No. 560097


Who even knows now. I think I got it from something about as unlikely just before lockdown but that was in the cold weather.

If it's that easy to catch then it just depends if there was anyone infected around touching shit. Depends where you are/dumb luck.

No. 560240

My classes will be entirely online next year and I'm devastated. I'll be going into my second year of a professional second-entry program. I feel like I've been robbed of one of the best years of my life.

I don't really understand why such drastic measures are being imposed for the upcoming year when less than 7,000 people in my country have died from the virus so far. It's not like we have a death toll in the hundreds of thousands. The vast majority of people who contract the virus will not die from it.

I'm skeptical of whether it is really necessary for everyone to sacrifice mental health, social lives, education, careers, the economy, etc. with no clear end in sight. I wonder whether the effects of the preventative measures are more harmful than the virus itself. I'm not saying everything should immediately go back to normal but there must be some sort of middle ground.

No. 560272

You're definitely going to die. Time to put together a will. RIP in peace anon

No. 560273

I was mostly over my fear of COVID but last night one of my friends who is a nurse told me she knows someone who had the virus and now has to take blood thinners to prevent clots which she now gets as a side effect of the virus. Apparently it can do that sometimes and nobody knows yet if it's permanent…fml

No. 560284

>to sacrifice mental health, social lives, education, careers
According to survey, majority of people in my country report improved mental health and relationship quality within family, but there is a decrease in relationship quality among work colleagues. Some parents are complaining that their children are having problems keeping up with studies, but i think there are kids that benefit from not being hindered by the slow progress of less gifted kids. I feel like my mental health is improving as well, i wish some safety measures would stay even after the pandemic.

No. 560375

> improved relationship quality within family

Domestic violence calls have skyrocketed in my region. Do you really think people stuck in abusive and life-threatening situations are sitting around taking surveys?

No. 560379


exactly. my heart hurts for all the kids and youth stuck at home with abusive and neglectful parents or nothing to eat. i wish there was a one size fits all solution for this but there isn't

No. 560397

A city in my region is doing a massive test campaign (they're testing all their citizens) and because the mayor is right-wing the leftist retards do nothing but sperg online about it. Yeah, yeah, if you get a negative doesn't mean you can't catch it but they will quarantine every positive with no symptoms and minimize the risk. They will also test for antibodies and the people who have them will be able to participate in further studies. Yet these shitheads only care about the color of fucking politics. I'm a leftist as well but they make me hate it.
I wish I lived in that city.

No. 560407

A lot of this is to protect the old ass professors. I don't know how it is at your school but every department at mine is like a senior citizens home. Them and their DECADES of research are not going to be put at risk so some shit kid can go to their in person lecture and browse Facebook.

No. 560463

Can't you defer and take the semester off? My little sister is in uni and i think that's a good idea if people aren't going to meet in person.

Also look at Sweden, their economy crashed pretty hard still.

I agree with >>560407. A lot of profs are vulnerable to the virus. And no uni wants to be known as the place where a ton of students caught the virus or where a student died.

No. 560465

I hate how in the US there are bars and such that are banning customers who wear masks. Wtf, how is this justifiable. I am never going to those places.

No. 560480

I'm almost certain that my faculty is only granting deferrals to people under extraordinary circumstances. If they allowed everyone to defer simply for the reason that they would prefer to take classes in person, then most students would probably defer, and the school would take a huge hit financially.

The weird thing is that the faculty decided to take a mandatory pass/fail approach for grades this past term on the basis that some students are more affected by the virus than others, and would have more difficulty studying and taking exams from home. But now they're like "nah online learning is fine and we're going to grade you all in the fall so you'd better just deal with it." And it really sucks for my class because the recruit for my profession takes place in second year, so the only grades we're going to have on our transcript at that point will be from this upcoming fall term. Our future careers are essentially going to be determined by how much we can learn from zoom lectures while living in isolation and it's kinda ridiculous.

No. 560507

The CDC says we have a 0.004% rate of dying from the Rona

No. 560530

Better archive that

No. 560555

File: 1590724127476.jpeg (103.69 KB, 1067x1200, CBE2314C-C51F-4E94-98FE-DB835B…)

Watching news clips of all the death where I am in the US is so depressing and overwhelming… I wish I could move my whole family to Canada or somewhere nicer. I just want to see my brothers already, but I work long hours with the public. My heart is aching for all of the people who are suffering right now. I wish people here in the US cared more about each other.

>sage because I’m just being a big baby and need to vent a bit

No. 560608

Then go to the vent thread maybe

No. 560667

Did anyone else stop shaving during lockdown? When I return to work in 2 weeks I'll probably have to take a lawnmower to my armpits.

No. 560710

i personally don't like having hairy armpits (i get way sweatier) but my legs look like a jungle lmao. im gonna have to remove the hair soon but i'm kinda dreading the moment, my poor razor will experience hell

No. 560794

File: 1590776711839.jpg (42.7 KB, 600x480, 9c0.jpg)

I hate having a high body temperature because people think I have the corona virus
No I don't have a fever,yes I'm stressed out,no I'm not coughing,yes I'm overthinking a lot

No. 560808

>Thinking crime and violence don't exist in Canada

No. 560936

Would it be inappropriate to travel to California in June. My friend has business there for a week and asked me to join, but In all honesty I don't want to be #Cancelled nor do I want to put anyone in harm's way.

No. 560967

it's definitely lower than it is in America

No. 561131

Great. now we're going to get all corona-fied because of lack of social distancing during protests. 2ND WAVE

No. 561140

Not defending America or trying to tear down Canada but Canada’s population is also a lot lower than the U.S. So comparing statistics between the two countries is gonna be a bit sweked. The U.S definitely has a problem with crime though and I’m saying this as a burger.

No. 561146

Of course an amerimutt doesn't know how stats work lmao

No. 561165

America has a huge crime rate problem compared to most western countries and even a lot of developing ones lmao

No. 561171

I genuinely think america being so capitalist has something to do with it. I'm not commiesperging, capitalism is mostly good with a decent social protection system because not every single person can work all the time but it seems so cutthroat and literally every man for himself that I can't help but wonder if it has something to do with it all

No. 561173

It’s true though you retard

No. 561174

the crime rates are proportional to the number of citizens, autismus prime

No. 561179

Okay, but I wasn’t denying that?

No. 561180

…I seriously hope you aren't under the impression that statisticians somehow have not accounted for population size and that you're the only genius who realizes it's necessary.

No. 561875

It's going to be extremely fucked. The folks staying home to avoid covid despite lockdowns ending are all out now.

I'm in favor of protesting in normal conditions (and yes ACAB)but the pandemic is not the time to do it. Americans stay stupid as shit.

No. 562030

File: 1590944396714.png (159.1 KB, 480x270, 0b690e251a25fc7e62cd643e3edfef…)

So since my mum got bored she invited my grandma over. My Grandma is 70 years old and my mum is in the risk group. Both of them got annoyed that I don't want to hang out with them or didn't want to greet my grandma with a hug. My mum said that "at least the youth respects the rules to keep the distance hahaha". So they both were sitting in the living room when it suddenly ringed on the door and my aunt just dropped by after she traveled to another country to the funeral of her mum and now they sit all together because it's def the best thing you can do after a journey to another country /s. On the top of that my brother started to date a girl and he is switching place back and forth to sleep so I have another person that literally fucks around instead of staying at home.

I swear these are the kind of moments where I hate the town I live in because I want to move out for so long but it's so hard (even harder now) and being constantly surrounded by idiots like these makes me angry because I work in a pharmacy job and I'm not interested to lose it because of them. I already had the situation that my brother had contact with infected people because he continued to have an internship in a grocery shop that wasn't necessary for him FUCK

No. 562084

These protests and riots going on in America are a disaster for coronavirus control. And fuck everyone who thinks so are so racist for pointing this out.

No. 562086

Yep. I thought some of the reopening (restaurants where you can't wear a mask) were bad enough but now there's going to be huge outbreaks among people at the protests. I understand the sentiment behind the protests but it's like everyone forgot that there's a pandemic. And it probably wont kill most of the protesters but rather their family or people who they come in contact with.

No. 562101

The coronovirus spread is going to kill and injure way more people than police brutality

No. 562109

Right, everyone forgot Corona because they were (rightfully) caught in the emotion of this, but now huge crowds of people have converged in every major city and spread, spread that Corona. And then more crowds converging to repair damage, and lest we forget the hundreds of cops swarming around. I have no idea what this will do to the stats but it feels like kicking when they're down to burn down small businesses and spread the Rona after the efforts put in to stay safe over the last two months.

No. 562110

it breaks my heart because black people are going to be the most affected by it by it too. Its really fucked up and gives me so much anxiety. I hate it here

No. 562112


then they are going out and protest again because "muhh freedom" when the numbers are sky rocking and everybody is being forced to stay at home.

No. 562128

I feel a lot of you are under the false impression that people were taking things seriously before the protests. No one has been staying inside for over a month where I live, cases are skyrocketing and the hospitals are almost to capacity and no one cares. The riots will make things worse but we were already fucked and no one was doing the right thing in the first place.

No. 562130

THIS!! lets keep it really real we had over 100,000 cases BEFORE the protest even started. And the fucking beaches and hair salons and all other unnecessary shit has BEEN started to open up. At least people are risking spread for a reason and not because johnny needs a haircut. But once this all blows over BLM will be the #1 blame. this country is a joke!!!!

No. 562147

Meh. Not only America, but Canada also. There was a huge protest in Toronto following George Floyd's death and due to the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet. I stand in solidarity for a better system for the vulnerable and against police brutality, but it really is not a good time to protest… People are frustrated and wanting change, but during a pandemic? Guess I'll wait to see the spikes in two weeks time.

No. 562153

The thing is is that there will never be a good time to protest. Of course this is super risky, I won't deny that, but waiting for COVID to blow over will mean that more brutality will just be lost to other news.

Having a 'holier-than-thou' attitude because people aren't being nice and waiting to show their outrage over an unjust death is so fucking stupid. A quarter of Americans have lost their jobs, have been given scraps by the US Gov while major companies are given millions of dollars, and vulnerable communities have been disproportionately affected by this virus in both infection rates and death while majority whines about not getting a haircut. People are already at their limit seeing just how much our government has failed us when the entire WORLD is vulnerable and this just pushed everyone over that edge.

I'm terrified of how this is going to impact cases, I really am, but if people don't stand up for themselves when they're at their limit then who will?

No. 562184

This. People in my city never followed lock down orders, everything was opening now. We didn’t have a curfew during the “lockdown” but now during the protests they’re enforcing curfews in my area. The protests are important and if the virus is going to spread have it at least be over something that actually matters. Because either way people weren’t self quarantining.

No. 562229

It's never a good time to protest, becuase it isn't convenient. Better to get it over with, because nothing else works.

No. 562231

If people are mad about how the government is handling coronavirus, then people should be protesting that. This is an issue that has nothing to do with the coronavirus. Protesting now vs a year into the future isn't going to help more lives from being saved.

Police killed about 1000 people in 2018 and about half of them were white. Coronavirus has killed way more black people in comparison.


There's just a ton of people who want to randomly burn up shit and destroy random property including libraries. How the fuck does that help things?

No. 562266

Fair points. I didn't consider that there never is a "better" time to protest when fucked up shit is constantly happening and exists.

I'm just hoping that the protesting wasn't in vain and real change happens in America and beyond. Otherwise, covid just might push more cases and deaths… godspeed.

No. 562304

I can't believe they protest against police brutality when black on black crime is way higher, or deaths from disease caused by diet.


I'm just waiting for the news that Russia was behind all the blm protests like back in 2016. https://www.vox.com/identities/2018/12/17/18145075/russia-facebook-twitter-internet-research-agency-race

No. 562307

This literally is the worst and only worst fucking time to protest bc there is a plague out there. Any other time would be just fine.

No. 562309

>black on black crime is way higher
oh my god stfu and go back to reddit

No. 562314

Sorry sis, I'm not as woke as you.

No. 562317

i told you to shut the fuck up, didn't i

No. 562318

do you know white on white crime is high too?

Hmm, it looks like most murder occurs because people KNOW each other.

Fucking retard

No. 562320

Imagine believing the FBI in 2020. God bless Americans

No. 562324

Murdering your friends isn't very nice.

No. 562327

Thanks for showing your true colors, now move on and get yourself better bait

No. 562331

When people post things that hurt your feefees, just call it bait.

No. 562332

Well yeah, of course this is the worst time relative to when there's not a plague. But everything that has happened to cause all of this happened during a plague and nothing can change that.

No. 562335

These threads were entertaining a few months ago. This is lame.

No. 562339

How tf did I manage to offend you

No. 562342

NTA but you seem pretty offended. Calm down and contribute to the thread or go back to fucking Twitter

No. 562343

I told you to come up with a better bait and this is what you do? tsk

No. 562348

This is bait

No. 562352

Lmao you deleted your posts in shame

No. 562355

You must be bored

No. 562363

Hell yeah I am. Dance, monkey, dance! Tell us that false allegations are more common than rape! Tell us that reverse racism is as bad as real racism!

No. 562582

Go to your containment thread, or better yet, Twitter.

No. 562591

You weren't here before they deleted their posts so kindly shut the fuck up and mind your own business.

No. 562698

Nice bait, stupid.

No. 567659

Hooooly fuck.

I work for an agency that’s contracted by the state to answer calls about Covid19 and here’s my abridged rant.

The government, from federal to local, including the CDC, does not give a flying fuck about people’s safety. Because it’s all about money.

The guidelines change every week because of money, and you’ll see that they say that guidelines are “science and industry based” - lol, they’re science based until it hurts an industry and then they adjust so the precious economy doesn’t hurt.

No actual financial help for small businesses, just shitty loans that almost nobody qualifies for - hospitals and other health care related agencies having to sanitize one time use PPE to keep using it - old people dying in nursing homes because prevention measures go as far as the budget stretches - and tourism agencies being a powerful enough influence to prematurely open the state back up.

Fuck the government and their agencies top to bottom. Burn them to the fucking ground.

No. 567680

WHO's recent announcement on asymptomatic vectors is probably gonna do more harm than good. Idk why people insist on jumping to conclusions every time WHO says something when the truth is there is basically no scientific consensus atm.

No. 567694

It's really bleak and I wonder if we're not stuck in the same pit.
The largest local hospital here has filled right back up over the last four days as the CEO slash state Governor's golf buddy keeps sending "ACT NATURAL AND DON'T TALK TO THE MEDIA" memos to the numb staff.

No. 567712

Fuck every disgusting employer severely low balling wages for new hires cause they're taking advantage of people desperate for employment during COVID. I hope they get an ass disease and their tits turn to jelly.

No. 567830

File: 1591709553939.jpg (31.03 KB, 495x350, 11I20IncidentPitDiagramColour_…)


You sound like you're visiting from 2 months ago.

You're thinking you're in an incident pit where a lot of old people with limited time left are going to die earlier from covid.

Most people are realising we're in an incident pit with 'utterly fucked economy for years' is the bottom.

No. 567902

The other day I had a discussion with my mum about how she thinks that the corona virus isn't real because she knows no person who is infected or died because of it. Meanwhile my bother had several people at work who were infected and a co-worker of mine had two family members die because of it. My mum still says that it isn't real because it does not personally affects her. She got mad at me when I then told her that she shouldn't go to the hospital if she get infected with covid and things get serious because apparently it's not real and you can't die of it, as she says …

No. 567906

Play her interviews, make her listen to stories of real people in their own voices
Something like a visual interview with a nurse working in a hospital would be best but another thing that comes to my mind is one of the recent episodes of the This American Life podcast "The test", the prologue has a short interview with an EMS worker talking about the spike in deaths, the risks that they're taking every day, and how they can't even put an arm around the recently bereaved to comfort them.

No. 567907

I'm always weirded out that people can raise kids all the way to adulthood and still live in a bubble like that. You'd expect a loner who never married, never had kids or did anything with their life to maybe, maaybe say that after many years of isolation.

But moms with grown kids out in the world usually watch the news and warn YOU about risks, there's a role reversal between you and your mom.

No. 567918


my said mum loves to read "independent" news sites that have like no source on what they are writing. She said she does not believes the normal media. It's the same person who once told me that my country is surrounded by tanks and soldiers when the pandemic started, because she read it on her totemo serious news sites. On the top of that she always spams me with videos with proof how fake everything is and I get every damn time so angry because people like her are one of the reasons why this shit could last forever. It's not real, I hate face maks, I do not distance from other people, no need to wash your hands etc. etc. ugh help.

No. 567922

I suppose that if she truly believes these 'sources' then in her mind sending you something like.. a link to David Ickes take on covid is her being a caring mom, letting you in on the real news lol. I just hope she isn't immune compromised or risking others in that category

No. 567939

got my positive antibody test back, nerds

i was a confirmed cover positive anyway back when i was sick so it's zero surprise but still reassuring

No. 567987

Don’t mistake my late rant for a sudden realization.

No. 568131

Honestly wondering how many people got infected with all those gatherings going on.
I wouldn’t put it past some psycho running in just to infect people.

No. 568132

Kek, my countries death of the day is going up.
Can't wait to see the numbers in two weeks are.
We had black people prostesting and not distancing (for basically nothing since this is a west europe country)

No. 568188


Depends how easy covid is transmitted through fellatio.

The reported death numbers always go up in the middle every week you need to see the average.

No. 568742

File: 1591884434851.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, villager-mad.gif)

I'm scared, anons. My job told me our state is now in phase 2 and customers dont have to wear face masks. Like they can come in, order their over priced coffee and we have to serve them. We have plexiglass guards at the counter, but why would the state allow them NOT to wear masks? it's recommended, but not required now. I'm freaking out guys. I work in a small starbucks cafe and now all i can think of is getting infected by some idiotic customer. i'm really not happy. And i love how they tell us this after we had the option to take phase 2 leave, so i dunno if i can anymore

No. 568743

This. It's so gross. Companies are so scummy right now and seriously hiring people for 1 or 3 days and not giving them any hours. And longer employees are having hours cut. Everything is a mess

No. 568760

The protests are going to bring us right back into March/April. Let's see what happens now. I'm really concerned at all the huge crowds in the last week

No. 568778

Fuck this absolute cunt kek

No. 568790

>but why would the state allow them NOT to wear masks?

People in positions of high power are refusing to wear them. I know you have to be very careful with customer service at Starbucks but don't be afraid to fuck up a drink or three for the most entitled maskless idiots coughing on your counter.

No. 568854

One of my mutuals is upset she's considered essential now lol, my this-entire-time-I've-been-considerd-essential ass is laughing at her having a fit. Lazy ass, get to work. You just do office shit lmao.

No. 568923

Quarantine is over, but the virus isn't down yet.
It is going to come back stronger in autumn.

No. 568983

File: 1591929072721.jpeg (165.79 KB, 750x755, 7B912B4F-7BD9-4587-98C5-06F689…)

sage for bot but I’m laughing at this stupid logic but also gagging at how, if this is a real man, he probably never washes his hands, even after taking a dump lol

No. 569717

Thanks, anon! I'm gonna try my best to keep my distance. I really hate people so much right now

No. 569718

This ugly mofo looks exactly like the people i'd expect to be protesting masks and 'muh freedom.' This country is doomed.

No. 570780

how on earth does this idiot think WASHING YOUR HANDS does nothing? sadly people like this keep chugging along

No. 571030

Paging Dr Semmelweis

No. 576151

Pretty sure I have the rona. I have a sore throat, mild dry cough, body aches, fatigue, a headache and diarrhea. All feels pretty manageable right now, thankfully. Really hope it doesn't get worse than this.

I feel really bad because my bf and I just visited his parents and they're over 50. We all had masks and stayed 6ft apart, but still. I really hope they don't get sick.

No. 576207

Welp, saw a neighbour passed out in front of our building from covid yesterday morning. Pretty young too, in his early thirties. Called the ambulance, he's ok now. He was walking his dogs when he suddenly felt ill.

It was a scary experience, didn't know if he was alive at first, lying prostrated on the pavement like that. Also, seeing how you can pass out from covid just out of the blue like that is very frightening.

No. 576291


The high body temp from covid could do it. I get a bit overheated and I'm fucked these days.

No. 576679

My Grandpa is in his second week with Covid & this morning had to go to the hospital. He'd been doing so well at first that the Dr's didn't even think it was Covid until the test came back positive. He spiked a 104 fever and had become really weak (like couldn't even get up to go to the bathroom). My Mama was taking care of him because she's the only other person in our family that tested positive. She's going into her second week too, hasn't had a fever & her O2 stats have been good. I'm so fucking scared its gonna hit her like it did my grandpa but he is 87 so idk. Fuck I hate this.
And I'm so pissed off at all my friends because I've had to quarantine 2wks because I took care of Grandpa while he was sick (I've tested negative twice so far but I've got another week of quarantine) and its like they keep 'forgetting' or they just don't fucking care. Like I know its inconvenient for y'all but I really cant risk it rn even if they think it's "worth it". Selfish bitches, like my Bestfriend her disabled Mom she lives w/ has COPD and she keeps asking if she can come swim in our pool and she'll bring tequila so we can take shots & its like no dude why do I have to keep telling you this? Can you really only think about yourself during all this??

No. 576704

Yeah, I feel you on the friend thing.
Everyone around me seems to not take the social distancing seriously at all and it's so irresponsible, on top of making it harder for me to not give in to their invitations.
At this point they're even acting all cold to me because I don't want to see them. They don't seem to get that I would love to see them and have drinks together but it's just not smart.

No. 576721

Maybe you both should adopt a balanced and rational approach in considering seeing your friends instead of coming across as neurotic henny-pennies. You're more likely to get covid from the grocery store or at your jobs than seeing friends who haven't been exposed to covid in the past two weeks, sorry. Most areas even say it's okay to see a friend as long as it doesn't turn into a group. Unless you live in an area with high incidences of course.

No wonder you guys are depressed and angry, you're over-isolating for no reason.

No. 576728

I get where you're coming from, but I work at home and am also very careful when grocery shopping (as well as wearing a mask).
When I know for a fact that my friend hangs out with multiple other groups of people almost every day, the risk doesn't seem as small.

No. 576739

You're way more likely to get coronavirus while drinking at the bar than at the grocery store


Don't go out to the bar folks. It's been one of the biggest causes superspreader events.

I think drinking with one friend in an outdoor area can be ok.

No. 576837

Good thing the post you quoted didn't suggest going to a bar.

No. 577022

I'm >>576679 , I live in 1 of the hotspot cities for Covid in the US (thanks Abbott), I have to isolate because I was in direct contact with a Covid case, not the other way around. I was taking Care of my grandpa (and staying in his house overnight) while he was sick & had fever with Covid and was in close contact with my Mama too. In the case of my Bestfriend I don't want her coming around because she's not going to social distance or wear a mask & her Mom is high risk with COPD. I don't want that on me if I turn positive in the next week. I had chills last night with no fever but that was how it presented with my Mama before she lost her sense of smell/taste. My Bestfriend even sent me something today about how wearing masks "decrease o2 intake & increase co2 intake therefore weakening the immune system and masks harbor Bacteria" and told me that is why she doesn't wear masks unless made to. I'm mad they don't take their own health seriously or consider their families when they say "we wouldn't be mad at you if you gave us Covid" That's dumb. Our hospitals are filling fast & people are still getting sick. Why roll the dice for one night of fun in a pool & tequila? Its not worth it if you/someone in their family gets really sick & that's what makes me mad I wish they'd try to see the bigger picture.

No. 577610

I really wish the US gov or at least state gov would start fining and even arresting these retarded motherfuckers who refuse to give two shits about others spreading covid everywhere. I really don’t understand why wearing a piece of cloth to get bananas and Breyer’s ice cream for your stupid kids is so goddamn traumatizing for these assholes.

I bet y’all a cookie these were the same nuts who were hoarding cleaning supplies two months ago and trying to scratch people’s faces off because they couldn’t buy 15 Clorox bleach sprays at walmart.

We were doing so good too in May, not perfect but things were doing ok. Then Cheryl and Brent decided they need to go see Grandma Rose, their best friends two states over, and bunch up like sardines in a tiny bar to watch fagball because they’re so lonely.

I want to start traveling again. I can’t take this shit anymore guys. End angry rant. Stay safe.

No. 577854

I'm currently frustrated because some of my family members don't take the virus seriously anymore because "it was going on for so long" and "Well everything is open again so it isn't THAT bad anymore"
I still manage to pay my bills but they want me to stop working from home and get a "real job and to not let the virus scare me from living."

I hate how I'm related to them right now

No. 577893

>and stayed 6ft apart
The virus is not distance triggered

No. 577940

My dumbass uncle went to a bar and came down with Covid. He gave it to his entire live-in family that rely on him as their caretaker because they're very sick and elderly. It's highly likely both of my grandparents will die, but more-so my grandmother, who is the least deserving of this virus after the shit the family has put her through. Even if she were to survive, she could not pay the hospital bill. She was married off at 15, only has an elementary education, and has never had a real job in her life. It's in addition to the fact she is homeless right now and carries her husband's debt from his real estate abuse. They're living in a hotel, and now in an emergency room. She doesn't have insurance. She said she's going to kill herself when she gets out of the hospital anyway. Fuck this earth.

No. 577944

Omg that poor woman! I really hope she doesn't kill herself if she survives that. My heart goes out to you anon, I'm sorry those men in your family were so thoughtless and uncaring.

No. 577958

>She said she's going to kill herself when she gets out of the hospital anyway
What is the point of that?

No. 578005

Another Amerifag and I agree. These people refusing to wear masks have the political ideology of an indignant five year old crossing their arms and shouting, "NO!! I DON'T WANNA!"

This country is so fucking doomed. Imagine politicizing such a menial task like wearing a mask.

No. 578048

They were supposed to take this shit more serious back in May. I even had papers proving i was an essential worker then. I'm so exhausted, anons. People who come into my job for take out and dont wanna wear masks, or wear them over their chin for a 4 min order piss me off. just wear your fucking mask . This USA really is doomed. Entitlement will kill us all

No. 578062

Gyms have reopened in my county, but I'm expecting them to get shut down again because, surprise fucking surprise, nobody wears masks or social distances, and the gym workers refuse to do anything about it.

Going to the gym was like, the one thing that I missed most while on lock-down. Now these assholes are going to ruin that again for everyone.

No. 578090

Getting tired of the discourse online where people act like it is all Karens causing the shit we are in now here in the US and the Floyd protests had nothing to do with increased cases. Just be consistent.

No. 578149

Amerifag here. Honestly it makes me consider moving to another country but the thought of moving just gives me anxiety

No. 578150

someone straight up told me that protesters couldn't have spread covid because they were wearing masks, like that's the magical barrier that makes you immune to it or something

No. 578163

Don't, it's a lot easier than you think. I have been planning on moving for a long time and my family has become a lot more supportive over the years after being understandably concerned for a while.

Once things have started calming down and we've figured out how to travel abroad again, that's the first thing I am doing: figuring out how to get some kind of visa or whatever to live abroad. I speak more than one language, and we travel a lot anyway so I have no fear of leaving behind the US.

There are so many days recently where I've woken up and I don't even recognize my own country anymore. I thought Americans were a lot more resilient…I was wrong. If I had known that a bunch of people would go mental here over wearing masks and having to stand six feet apart in the grocery store, I would extended my trip in Europe last year and gotten a work-study visa.

No. 578170


do it. the only reason i came back to america was cause my country of work got covid really bad so it was between me being quarantined alone in an apartment or going home to my family in the us (where covid was not at the time). i was on vacation at the time so it wasn't like i was fleeing out of a contagious area or anything.

coming back to america was a fucking mistake and once i get my shit together im leaving again. i was a fucking idiot for thinking americans could handle the outbreak better than korea, japan or even china. i thought that america had plenty of time to develop a response, that the country was spread out enough that outbreaks would travel slower unlike the densely packed cities of east asia. i wrote emails to my state reps about the situation in my country of residence and outlined a plan of action (similar to SK's) to take BEFORE the outbreak reached america and i had booked plane tickets home to the usa.

once i returned people fucking stared at me and bitched about the "china virus" being a hoax when i was shopping in a mask in early February. i bought some hand sanitizers and masks before the store raids and suddenly friends and family were texting me to spare a few even though i reached out the them and warned them weeks before. the state reps never responded to my email or calls, btw.

fuck this individualistic country, it's so rotten and self-centered. i've lived in europe and asia. people may not be as welcoming to you depending on a multitude of factors like race or sex. but when you go and live in a foreign country and realize what it means to be welcomed, supported or even discriminated by different governments and cultures, you begin to understand what's important to you as a person. does that make sense? i missed america many times while i was away, mostly food and family. but now that im permanently back, i'd take missing wendys over having to watch people get sick and die and having to pay 100 dollars for essential medications and inhalers. i bought my asthma meds in literal convienience stores when i was abroad. my CT scan was 15 dollars out of pocket.

sorry i'm venting at this point dude. im just so disappointed by this whole thing, we had literal months in advance to mitigate this and now hundreds of thousands are dead.

No. 578174

File: 1593643791298.jpeg (692.55 KB, 828x1309, C0319FFF-3AF9-42D9-917E-0D1936…)

> fuck this individualistic country, it's so rotten and self-centered. i've lived in europe and asia. people may not be as welcoming to you depending on a multitude of factors like race or sex. but when you go and live in a foreign country and realize what it means to be welcomed, supported or even discriminated by different governments and cultures, you begin to understand what's important to you as a person. does that make sense? i missed america many times while i was away, mostly food and family. but now that im permanently back, i'd take missing wendys over having to watch people get sick and die and having to pay 100 dollars for essential medications and inhalers. i bought my asthma meds in literal convienience stores when i was abroad. my CT scan was 15 dollars out of pocket.

Preach, it’s the truth.

I cry a lot because I miss London and Paris. I hadn’t been since I was a little girl and it was nice to have a “break” from America. It made me see why my grandma wanted to have a home there, just in case.

I also thought the spread of the states would mitigate transmission, but I never thought people would be state hopping for the hell of it. I never thought I would see people going mad in the store because they don’t want to wear a mask like a child. Or hearing about restaurants closing because some entitled cunts want instant service right now.

It’s really depressing. I am the same about missing some things from the States like Mexican food and fried chicken, but I would rather give that up to have a happier life. It just isn’t worth it anymore. I am tired of these people, our stupid, selfish culture, and yo yo politics.


No. 578177

Sorry for double sperging but I forgot to add. I keep hearing Americans screeching about how not being able to go shopping at Nordstrom or stuffing your face in Chili’s means our freedoms our being taken away and shit. It makes you think, if most people’s definition of freedom here is wandering around in a mall and eating 10,000 cal meals, we really need to redefine what freedom is kek.

No. 578207

I'm supportive of the need to drastically reduce police budgets but in terms of transmission risk, the protests were really no different than when people posted about beaches being full. I didn't go protest because both of my parents are high risk.

No. 578411


couldn't have said it better myself. this quarantine has sucked for me because i was literally in the process of moving my shit from USA to AUS when COVID broke out. now I'm stuck here until god knows when international travel opens back up and they allow me to continue my visa process. i cannot wait to leave this shit country.

No. 578473

Turns out the hospital by uncle stayed at 2 weeks prior was actually a Covid hospital and they didn't notify him, so that's where he contracted it. His father died yesterday night, the one who abused my grandmother. So, if my uncle and grandmother make it, they can sue the hospital and hopefully pay their debt. Such a weird turn of events.


No. 578474

What's a covid hospital? Are some countries limiting which hospitals take in covid patients?

No. 578518

Nta but yes. My country also does this. A hospital will either care for only covid patients or have no covid patients. The government dedicates which hospitals will become covid hospitals according to need. It lowers the risk of infecting other vulnerable patients and is just overall more efficient that way.

No. 578595

Gym owners need to stop whining and shut the fuck up about not being able to reopen just because bars are open. They're not comparable. Most people can see why it makes sense to close a gym over a bar. People are huffing and puffing at the gym, sweating, touching equipment, etc. Transmission would be through the roof!
Karma for trapping people in their shitty contracts and charging their credit cards unfairly IMO I hope all those jocks eat shit and that the common populace finds alternatives to exercise outside or at home.

No. 578621

My county opened bars and gyms in the same weekend. Cases spiked like crazy. Bars and dine-in restaurants are closed again. Not sure why gyms are still open but I'm not anticipating that to last much longer. I'm still amazed as to how anyone thought this was a good idea. We're never getting out of this.

No. 578898

Ah ok. I wasn't aware. I live somewhere with only a handful of hospitals in the country so I know someone currently getting chemo in a hospital with lots of cases, which is worrying.

No. 578929

File: 1593799151581.jpg (61.64 KB, 482x272, kys.jpg)

logged into facebook for the first time in a few weeks, and this is the first thing i see. i guess it's my fault for logging into facebook in the first place.

luckily this retarded cunt lives several states away from me.

"love and peace" lmao fuck you.

No. 579141

Stupid bitch sounds anti vaxx too

No. 579217

probably. she posts all kinds of insane, sperging rants about conspiracy bullshit and has been doing so for years.

No. 579246

This idiot should take a look at stats in countries with compulsory masks. How the fuck is wearing a mask to protect you from an airborne virus more dangerous than not wearing one and sucking down the virus?

These same people tend to be deluded enough to think all the cases, stories, stats, hospital footage are fake just because they're lucky enough not to have deaths among their family and friends.

No. 579425

This virus has made conservatives even worse. I didn't think they could get more delusional but they did. They have all been stuck at home only consuming fox news, right-wing facebook, and trump and nothing else. This has bred a whole new depth of dangerous delusions.
My aunt has turned into a horrible person. She used to be such a sweet christian lady but she has gone bonkers. When people tell her to "be safe" she says back "be free" and doesn't wear her mask correctly. It's all so disappointing and sad.

No. 579444

Why do the trumpets just eat everything he says up without even a question? They completely ignore when he's wrong. It's so confusing.
I don't mean the coward politicians, who have to frequently step back.
I mean the poor redneck nuts who outright deny reality.

No. 579455

I think she believes that crazy biologist who has been going around claiming masks somehow make you more sick if you get the virus.

No. 579471

It's something about charismatic and strong individuals. You see the same shit with religious prophets and celebrities. It's something in them, not necessarily Trump or anyone else they gush over.

We will anon. It just isn't going to happen overnight. A lot of states like where I am in CA never had a peak, so I anticipated that we would see a surge because the virus was still circulating. Remember NY has around 450k, if not a little more. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the populous states have around the same numbers - 200 - 300k cases. There seems to be a pattern with a huge surge, it hits a peak, and then starts leveling off after a month.

No. 579610

Any other parent anons concerned about the whole schooling situation? In my state, they still haven't come up with a concrete plan and it's worrying me because his grandpa (babysitter) is going back to work in august and I can't afford a daycare (along with no one I know/trust having the time) to watch him before my dad gets off work.

No. 579642

My mom uninvited me from my sister’s graduation party because I said I was going to wear a mask and asked that no one hug me while I’m there. I didn’t even ask or express any opinion about whether they’re going to wear masks because our state is fully open and people can do whatever they want at this point. I just planned to distance myself and it’s going to be outside anyways so it shouldn’t have been an issue. I think they’re overreacting but at least now I get to be lazy and don’t have to buy a gift lol.

No. 579694

Oh what the actual fuck I can't believe what I'm reading. It's as if it's permanently Opposite Day in the USA.
It's the 21st century and people are against disease prevention, I can't wrap my head around it.
People are allying with a virus, a natural enemy of our species, against what? What? What is there to gain from refusing masks other than death?
Aasassjgf my brain hurts

No. 579720

for sure overreacting. I still see a shit ton of comments freaking the fuck out. If you explain you are from a low risk area, where there haven't been no new cases for awhile and even your countries health advisor says it's okay to go mask free. Nah some online Karen has to 'school' you on why that's stupid and you are killing millions lol

No. 579738

You're dude who pressures his gf to go bareback and just pull out because you hate how condoms feel, aren't you?

No. 580083

Ayrt and I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I was going to wear a mask to the party, even though nobody else was and I didn’t mind as long as nobody tried to hug me. They uninvited me for wanting to wear a mask myself. Our state never fully shut down and was one of the first to fully reopen. Cases have been steadily rising recently to the point where local hospitals are now at risk of overload, so I definitely think they’re necessary but wasn’t trying to enforce it on anyone and just take care of myself. I also have an autoimmune disorder. I think they are overreacting by uninviting me because I wanted to wear a mask when I never even asked or implied they should do the same.

Yeah, I don’t understand it either. My family has been bitching about not seeing me in months and I thought this was a good enough compromise, but I guess not. It’s probably for the best anyways though because I’ve come down with something since then and qualify for Covid testing with my symptoms.

No. 580168

File: 1594050308864.jpg (112.9 KB, 736x736, b97022498b925d77d5337666b1a3e6…)

Is there something I'm not getting with how people NEED tot be going out right now?

Before the coronavirus hit I was in uni, being very busy every day, and keeping my calendar full with various appointments and coffee dates. After it hit, I was really depressed from having to move back in with my family and losing touch with my friends. Now I'm ok, and I've been skyping some people and doing one-on-one visits with others. I'm lucky that I get to see my parents and sister.

But I don't get why people need to be partying like crazy and vacationing right now. I miss going to the bar but I can't imagine being in one when it's probably the number one place to get coronavirus (indoors + cramped + drunk people + no masks). I get that some people live alone and are probably super lonely but I think there's other ways of connecting.

My city is a pretty big tourist city and the bars were packed for weeks. And we also have the stupid pedal tavern things going around. Why?

I love partying/travel but I don't get why people act like it's the end of the world if they don't get to do those things for one year.

No. 580170

Your family knows you are at risk and won't let you wear a mask? Fuck them. Your family should be bending over backwards to keep you safe.

I usually hate people who say this but I'm so embarrassed to be an American right now. Why the fuck won't people wear masks?

No. 580185

Consumer culture. People are so hopelessly addicted to spending money and using small commodities as distractions from their shitty everyday lives that Americans have conflated their shopping addictions with being a part of their rights. Same reason why there’s so many Instagram accounts dedicated solely to showing off random crap Target is selling despite these people not working for Target at all. They do it for “fun” but really it’s because they have literally nothing else. It sounds bitter on paper but that’s why there’s so much weird diehard brand loyalty for fucking department stores.

It’s not like I don’t enjoy going to restaurants or shopping occasionally either, but it’s not a part of my core identity anymore. I miss going to my favorite coffee shop and sketching for a few hours but goddamn it’s not important right now. People need to learn to entertain themselves with things that are not Netflix.

No. 580204

This is definitely a huge part of it. More towards the beginning of quarantine (or at least, when we're supposed to be quarantining) I saw lots of memes and viral tweets along the lines of "Who knew my only hobby was going out to eat and buy overpriced drinks lul".

One of the biggest demographics that's guilty of this behavior imo are yuppies who chose to focus their lives around stressful but high paying jobs. The benefit of that is that you get a lot of disposable income to travel and go to trendy bars or whatever but I can't imagine it feels good when you can't go out and spend money anymore, work slows down and you've uprooted yourself for work/you've made other personal sacrifices to maximize income. The "experience" economy is as hollow as any other form of consumerism in a lot of ways.

No. 580219

as soon as corona hit my city my workplace took the necessary precautions and let everyone begin working from home. that was 3 months ago, now for some reason they're requiring us to go back in to the office once a week(there were literally no issues working from home and the system is running perfectly smooth) but since I'm in contact with the public now and my wife isn't I have to quarantine myself in my own home. it's only been a week but we haven't eaten together, kissed, or even hung out except for video chatting from across the house. The situation is so out of my control and I feel so helpless…I just want to hold my wife and watch stupid youtube videos with her ffs

No. 580228

Why do you have to quarantine yourself though? i work with the public and just sterilized my clothing and take a super hot shower every night after work

No. 580231

she has massive anxiety and is at risk due to an underlying health condition. I take the same precautions every time I come back home as well but taking these steps plus having to buy an air purifier and quarantining myself help put her mind at ease…it's a little hard to deal with tbh but she's my wife and I really don't want to stress her out or put her life in danger

No. 580444

I’m getting existential dread again. I don’t want more people to die and get sick, and the fact that kids seem to be getting sicker and sicker from this is terrifying to me. If the Spanish Flu petered out in about a year then hopefully this one will too? It feels selfish but I don’t want to deal with this anymore. My work might close again, I’ll lose my income and I didn’t quality for unemployment the first round. I want to get away from my shitty dad and start my life but I feel like I never will.

I know no one wants to say anything definitive right now as to how this will play out but can we reach herd immunity through exposure and vaccines? Can we really ever go back to being able to go in public and interact with each other?

No. 580509

>kids getting sicker and sicker
reading this gave me so mich stress. I work graveyard with so many tourists. I can't tell you how many times I've slept in my car just to avoid spreading the virus to my parents and son.

No. 580610

Idk how accurate this info is, but I’ve read that there’s evidence that most people only have antibodies for 2-3 months after infection. If that’s the case we’re unlikely to reach herd immunity the natural way.

No. 580997

My mom was watching fox news and they were bitching about how kids not going back to school is a scam from the unions trying to get more money.
FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU you probably make more in a month that a teacher makes a year and you think they should be forced to put themselves and their families in danger because parents don't want to take care of their kids? If you don't want to deal with kids, don't have kids.
The fucking right doesn't give a shit about anyone's lives and I want out of this country

No. 581048

I read this last week, it touched upon some of the things you were saying and I found it accurate. 'middle class' identity in the US involves a certain level of consumerism

>a scam from the unions trying to get more money.
I know they aren't the same thing but two of my friends were doing substitute teaching as part of their work to become full time teachers and they haven't had any income from that since March. some scam, eh

No. 581062

I have a bunch of friends who are teachers and they aren't happy about distance learning, but they want things to be safe. People seem to think they were just sitting around doing nothing because of distance learning, but most have said it's more work with all the questions they have to answer and reviews if students can't be on the computer at the same time. Teachers are already woefully underpaid, so it really made me angry that they were acting like teachers wanting a safe work environment was a scam to get money. Show me a teacher who doesn't spend their own money on their classroom.
Sorry, I'm just so tired of everyone making everything a partisan issue when the virus doesn't care what side you're on. But instead of working together to try to get through this, they fight.
I have never seriously considered leaving the US before but I want out.

No. 581356

>schools re-opening
I don't want kids or teachers to spread corona but… e-learning is so pitiful for some kids. A lot of children thrive in more social, interactive school environments than sitting a computer where their only solid source of authority and feedback is their parent or guardian. Plus I feel like a lot of the emphasis on computer learning is just another way to train future Amazon worker drones.

No. 581373

You're not being selfish, a lot of people feel the same way you do. Don't feel bad. And yes, we will go back to a normal life. It just feels scary because we are still in the midst of a big storm and haven't really had to deal with something of this magnitude in a while. You are a lot stronger than you realize, you will make it.

I am not even sure why Fox News is even on air anymore. Or any of the primetime news channel that be on all the time. They all say the most retarded shit imaginable, it drives me nuts. My grandfather watches that shit like a goddamn lab rat and then goes off on rants about how it is china's fault the virus is out of control, uguwuwu, they're all nazis and shit, ugubooboboo, they're trying to get Doo Doo out of office, blah blah blah.

>Sorry, I'm just so tired of everyone making everything a partisan issue when the virus doesn't care what side you're on. But instead of working together to try to get through this, they fight.

Don't be sorry. I feel the same way. I don't know what the hell is going on here anymore. I see Americans on social media going off on conspiracies and shit, ranting about what to call the virus and obsessing over the fucking lab in Wuhan, pulling up medical research papers they can't even fucking understand and basing their opinions off of abstracts like this is somehow the smoking gun that's going to tear the world apart.

I did read up on a lot of interesting and weird coincidences that happened before the pandemic but what is that going to do? It's not like any of us can fly to Wuhan and storm the laboratory. None of us have the power to hold any government accountable for their ineptitude. Bullying doctors on twitter and instagram isn't going to change anything. And a lot of our problems people in the States don't realize we bring on ourselves. But no one will ever admit that maybe we should fix what is obviously failing under the pandemic.

No. 581797

>I have never seriously considered leaving the US before but I want out.
Same, anon. I joked about it before with everyone else once Trump got elected but never would have followed through. But this virus has shown me we're absolutely hopeless. Even if I can't move, I at least need a long break living somewhere else temporarily.

And about the conspiracies, same. I love conspiracies, and I read about the Wuhan stuff too. But it's not just a fun hobby to read about stuff like that anymore for people, it's to a point where people are only using it to suit their narrative to not wear a mask or whatever they think.
This virus has made it clear to me it's not only the government that's the problem with the US, it's the people that live here who are also a problem. Guidelines or no guidelines, it all comes down to what WE do, and I bet the government will start to blame us too. It's clear what other countries have done to stop the spread, and people here can choose to follow the same "rules" technically, so there isn't any excuse for stupidity anymore. Obviously when it comes to things like them forcing kids to go back to school it's different. But a hard pill to swallow is that a lot of it is our own fault.
But.. for everyone doing the right things, that's all we can do. And we can try to educate others as much as we can. And then we have to admit that's all we can possibly do. When people refuse to listen and learn, there's nothing else to be done. We're fucked.

No. 582071

Is there a way to know if you had the COVID if you don't have any of the symptoms anymore thanks to the tests currently available? I was abroad as an expat the first semester of the year and was supposed to stay the whole year there, and in late April/beginning of May I got too sick to do anything, I couldn't breathe well at all for like 10 days and felt like shit, but it took me more than a month to fully recover. I couldn't see a doctor there because I was too sick to leave the house by myself and I saw that they rejected many requests from people asking to at least be tested, doctors just tested the worst cases and told everyone else to isolate themselves at home and just come back if it gets way worse.

No. 582075

an antibody test… it will tell you if you are immune, which would mean you already had it.

No. 582084


Until they know how reliable the immunity from having it is, might as well save your money. Assume you can get it again and get sick up to and including dying.

No. 582096

I thought the antibody test wasn't fully developed yet, thanks for the info.

I already assume I can get sick anytime, especially now that people in my country as using masks less and less often and are going back to hugging and kissing like we usually do to greet each other. And for all I know I could have been sick because of something else entirely, though I would be really surprised if it were the typical cold or influenza because it felt way worse than that. Tests might be free/reimbursed where I am but I'm not 100% sure, I'll check again and see where I can get one without waiting too long.

No. 582098

>having a cig outside my office
>boomer sits on the same bench watching videos on her phone at full volume
>all of them about the dangers of wearing masks and how oppresive they are
>she then proceeds to call someone and complain about how some relative of hers died of rona

What the fuck did I just witness?

No. 582144

File: 1594386706788.jpeg (147.02 KB, 792x2048, EVLRpR8U0AEJO0L.jpeg)

It's too late for you, but for anyone else, it can take the virus a month or more to shed so you can test positive well after you get better. My bf tested positive till ~1.5 months after he first showed symptoms that lasted about 10 days. Some people may shed it faster. Not sure.

No. 582146

File: 1594386894856.jpg (90.69 KB, 1280x720, wild-ride.jpg)

I dread going to work everyday because i'm terrified of the virus and feel like no one in America is taking it seriously. Like, i'm really scared this isnt going to go away. i just bought a face shield. i just want to be safe. I cant afford to not work.

No. 582156

I hate working right now. All I can think is that even if I leave my current job I’ll just be going into another that will involve me interacting with the public. The state I live in is at the bottom for cases but it’s frustrating knowing how easily it can change because of travelers coming in from the rest of the US

No. 582186

It's so surreal how bad things are still in other countries, meanwhile in Finland things have returned to pretty much normal and we're just kind of preparing for the second wave if/when it happens. Finland is not perfect by any means, but damn it still feels good to get to live here when so much of the rest of the world is going insane. I feel so bad especially for the burgerfags and swedes, your situations are so fucked up rn

No. 582205

don't feel bad for them, they deserve it for having such shitty countries

No. 582207

Only after corona did I realise how small 2 metres actually is. I guess I always had the image that 2 metres would be longer

No. 582228

Why do you feel bad for them? Finland is one of the best countries in the world to live in, be proud instead. Be proud that we all collectively followed the social isolation and hygiene rules and that our government was sane enough not to follow the route Sweden was taking despite the pressure put upon them. Our biggest national flaw is the self-flagellation we do to ridiculous extents and constantly feeling guilty and undeserving, must be due to being colonized for 500 years and counting. Sweden can rot for all I care.

No. 582278

holy shit, cant even remember the last time i saw a finnish anon on lolcow. torille

No. 582337

I'm so sick and tired of hearing that everyone who wants more social distancing is a shut in who has no friends and hates fun. Before coronavirus, I was in college and constantly going out around campus every day. Ever since I had to go home, I've kinda been a shut in but there really isn't anywheres safe to go and a lot of my friends had to return home.

My city has a big tourism industry and it's crazy how packed the bars were for the last couple of weeks until the city made things shut down. That kind of shit makes me depressed that things won't return to normal for a long time. In particular, I was planning on going out of the country to visit my best friend this year and now I don't know when I'll be able to see them again.

I think there's definitely safe and unsafe ways to have fun. For example, I got to see a friend yesterday, and we went hiking and got coffee outside. A couple of weeks ago, I even went to an indoor gathering for my friend's going away party, but that's not something I would do every day.

I'm not against people meeting up. But I don't understand why people have to do things like go to bars or throw house parties (especially huge ones). Ughhh…

No. 582338

>A couple of weeks ago, I even went to an indoor gathering for my friend's going away party, but that's not something I would do every day.

So you're part of the problem

No. 582377

File: 1594420548985.jpeg (48.32 KB, 715x527, 84F420D4-972A-444C-BE0E-23B480…)

I have the rona because my live in bf was forced to go into his office because he works for the state GOP legislature and they have politicized this whole thing. I also work in public admin but I’m on the agency side so we’ve been working remotely for the last few months. 4 confirmed cases on his floor. I have breathing problems to begin with and now I’m laying here coofing my brains out under 6 blankets because some fat alcoholic boomer republican thinks the “Wuhan Virus” is a hoax

No. 582378

Anon I think I live in the same state as you and it is so frustrating that the governor has been giving in to pressure from outside states. We could and should have a self sufficient economy but we’re so busy catering to people out of state and we’re really going to end up in trouble if we open early.

No. 582380

this is your chance to infect them all and take them out lol

No. 582419

Got tested for Rona. I'm supposed to be not working till I get my results, however my employer still expects me to come to work Sunday. I'm so afraid to say anything, because I don't want it to make it seem like I was purposely skipping work. I never want to get tested for that shit again, it hurts so fucking much.

No. 582432

That’s how my state is too but we’ve been growing rapidly compared to how well we were doing in the beginning. I fucking hate Texans for being selfish as fuck and for being so obsessed with their state they’re either wearing it or just HAVE to tell me where they’re from.

No. 582484

Hurts? Tf did they do to you

No. 582495

File: 1594439519804.png (175.37 KB, 500x365, coronavirus-testing.PNG)

No. 582565

Got this exact procedure done cuz I needed a endoscopy done at a hospital

It's highly uncomfortable, but it wasn't pain? Either the nurse jammed it in at the wrong angle maybe but >582419 you might wanna get your nose checked for polyps or irritation if it hurt tbh

No. 583841

Another austitic amerifag vent incoming but I really wish the Anglosphere would stop trying to force the virus into a political issue when it is clearly a humanitarian crisis. I really don't give a flying fuck about any of these goofy ass politicians in the US who have been telling us one thing after the other since January and now have dug themselves into a massive hole that they can't get out of.

Now the media is trying to act like Fauci is some sort of herculean figure because he doesn't always agree with Trump, but now he's being investigated for being inconsistent and giving misleading statements, so OMG witch hunt!!!!! lol Like y'all don't remember when he was telling us that the virus wasn't serious and that we shouldn't wear masks because they wouldn't protect us from the virus? And then all of the sudden they was all, yeah so you should wear one, like right the fuck now?

FFS all the no mask fags keep quoting Fauci's previous statements as proof that they aren't obligated to one wear, that it is clearly an kungspiracy to take away our rights! He did fuck up, and I wish the media would just acknowledge that instead of trying to off on this tangent that President Orangeslice is just picking on people for no reason. Imagine if we had been told from the beginning to wear masks? I don't think we would be dealing with as many nuts going apeshit in Trader Joe's and killing people because they have to wear a piece of cotton over their mouths for a few hours.

No. 584039


>>Wishes people wouldn't politicize covid

>>writes rambling political sperging about covid

No. 584278

Ugh, I know anon but I was so irritated yesterday, I am genuinely sorry for the ramble!

No. 585812

I know that Covid is a new virus but fuck I am so sick of seeing conflicting information, one minute they’re it’ll be over once there’s a vaccine and now they’re saying we’ll need to social distance for years to come. I don’t fucking get it, just shut the fuck up until you know for fucking sure which no one does 100%. No one fucking knows what’s going to happen!

No. 586758

I get what you mean. People around here are turning it into a matter of opinion, like a red vs blue issue instead of looking at it for what it actually is. And the Fauci thing is irritating because of COURSE medical professionals are going to change their minds as new data comes in. Thats how science works. Or else we’d still be treating kids with a little cold with fucking mercury or something.

Im in Texas and now that trump has banned hospitals from reporting to the CDC, which already sounds nightmarish and evil, I’m pretty sure our state wont be reporting accurate data in regards to the pandemic anymore

Im a delivery person and people straight up stopped wearing masks when they meet me. Ive gotten used to leaving stuff at the door and tap the bell/knock, but now theyre actively waiting for me outside of their homes on deliveries that are supposed to be no contact and its frustrating because my mask wont do anything if these plague rats keep coming up to my face.

No. 586810

>tfw my state has increasing numbers
>tfw delivery people and maintenance people keep wandering around my building with no masks
help! my friend's grandfather just died and his mom is probably next.

No. 586869

better this than being intubated

No. 587510

File: 1595334659370.jpg (18.61 KB, 446x473, t0n4lkcmv8p41.jpg)

I was reading an article about how social distancing and quarantines have an impact in the amount of overdoses and how more people with addictions are dying because of that and I find it so jarring and sad how little the comments seem to care.
People were making it political, saying how trumptards use heavy drugs and liberals only weed so it's ok? Or how those people dying are just weak, that they should just not do hard drugs, as if they chose to have an addiction.
I don't understand how you can use masks and social distance, which are things you do for others because you care about them not getting sick, and have 0 empathy for people with other sickness and weakness other than covid19.
How can you really give no shits that people are killing themselves because they lost their support system, went bankrupt, have too much anxiety because of all the media bombing, are stuck in abusive households.
I'm just so sad, I wish people wouldn't act like this whole pandemic is a 'us against them' situation and actually care about the ones having their lives destroyed by some of the measures taken.

No. 587528

It's harder to have sympathy for addicts because the people that are close to addicts go through absolute hell for just looking out for them. I know it's unpopular but a lot of addictions are mind over matter and being smart about reducing and weaning yourself off something that causes such a financial, emotional and physical toll. I've got my own addiction issues and I know I have to stop and everyone that knows me knows I have to stop so really I never expect sympathy. I've been mocked and ridiculed and when I mention other tjings that get me down it truly does stem from my behaviours surrounding my addictions. Covid is completely different tbh

No. 587533

Here, read this article, it explains everything:
>Not to be confused with Hominoidea.
>"Great apes" and "Hominid" redirect here. For other uses, see Great apes (disambiguation) and Hominid (disambiguation).
>The Hominidae, whose members are known as great apes or hominids, are a taxonomic family of primates that includes eight extant species in four genera: Pongo, the Bornean, Sumatran and Tapanuli orangutan; Gorilla, the eastern and western gorilla; Pan, the common chimpanzee and the bonobo; and Homo, of which only modern humans remain.

No. 587968

ok, I am NOT an anti-vaxxer. I don't go out often, when I do I wear a mask, I want this shit to be over with. but doesn't it usually take years to get a commercial vaccine to market? there's a lot of money waiting for the first corporation that gets something out there and given every political leader wants to say they helped solve the crisis I'm not entirely confident all required testing and research periods will be enforced.

No. 587980

They're getting shit loads of funding from various governments to go as fast as they, way more money than they'd get for completing it actually, so if anything dodgy's going on it's that private companies are incentivised to take too long.

No. 587982

they have leftover gains from the (failed) sars vaccines, so they aren't exactly starting from scratch. most reputable resources said that the vaccine would be a year out as of march, im assuming the trial phases are going to be streamlined and won't exactly hit all FDA guidelines

No. 587989

to add to what other anons said most commercial vaccines are also for largely stagnant viruses/diseases so there isn't urgency and they don't need to be updated as frequently. whereas the flu vaccine, for example, has to be remade from scratch every year

No. 588000

Yes and no?
The difference is that I don't think we've ever had a time in history where we had a situation where
>The ENTIRE world is pouring money into a single vaccine
>Society is on edge and pressuring anyone in power to do what they can to expedite the progress
>Everyone is personally invested because it literally affects every single person on a societal level

So yea, they take a while to come out but this isn't just a regular vaccine development. The first group to create the vaccine will literally go down in history books and there's so much money to be made, it's THE once in a lifetime chance for any industry with connections to vaccine development. Under normal circumstances I'd be skeptical of anything coming out soon, but we're far divorced from normal.

No. 588010

thanks for the responses anons, I appreciate that yall didn't look at me like some kook
I haven't been averse to any other vaccinations in the past, I just had some concerns I wanted to air out to others re: COVID-19. really is unprecedented stuff

No. 588046

I'm scared shit brains about this virus but morose because I'm traveling to see my boyfriend and going to uni overseas and my worst fear is testing positive. I never and don't have symptoms, worked from home, only go out for groceries, disenfect everything, wear a mask, hand sanitized to hell. Only visit grandma, she haven't gone out and is doing fine…like yes I am paranoid to hell but fuck imagine doing everything by the book and still get it and not know that you have it.

Someone slaps some sense into me and tell me I'm overreacting.

No. 588100


Another angle to consider is the first countries to vaccinate their population gets a big advantage in the race to rebuild their economy.

No. 588164

I thought I was over the panic and fear of the virus that I had back in February/March but it's definitely coming back as the second wave is starting here in Europe.
I went for dinner with my dad yesterday and he casually mentioned that his gfs daughter (who lives with her) was getting tested because she's been having bad cold-like symptoms for weeks. Meanwhile both the gf and my dad are out and about meeting tons of people like nothing's going on. I told him that if her daughter has the virus, his gf and by extension him are going to definitely have it too, even if they don't have symptoms. He just didn't give a shit about it and brushed it off, but I think it's really selfish of him to go meet up with people, giving them hugs and everything, while possibly being a carrier. If I turn out to have the virus that's on him.
Tonight I had a terrible nightmare, a huge grim reaper esque figure with a scythe and everything was slowly descending from the night sky right towards us. I was terrified watching it from my front doorstep and alarmed my dad, who gave it one look and said 'eh I don't really see it, it's probably a play of the light'. Eventually I opened the bedroom door to find the reaper right there sliding up the staircase. At that point I woke up in cold sweat. There's no doubt what that nightmare was about and since then I've been restless about the whole situation.

No. 588166


The grim reaper is coming for the people with untreated cancer.

No. 588421

File: 1595462006625.png (84.42 KB, 662x446, Screenshot from 2020-07-22 19-…)

Rand Paul out here criticizing Cuomo for his decision to have a lockdown because to him, it didn't do shit, so the economy got fucked for no reason. I want to know what he would have done. If he thinks the lockdown didn't help, does he think NOT having a lockdown would have helped? I'm truly baffled.

Ok, I'll give him the nursing home thing, but everything else? Nah dude.

No. 589617

Europa is stupid for re-opening, the whole continent of America is suffering, especially the 3rd world countries and you retards are dining out and posting pictures. I hope the Corona comes back and eradicates the colonizers.

No. 589647

Is anyone else making bank off unemployment as a result of losing their job to COVID? I'm now making almost 5x the amount I was before the pandemic. Not really sure how I'm supposed to feel about that, but I guess it's a nice thing to have while I finish my degree. Not like I'd be making anywhere close to that without one, especially right now.

I have almost 12k coming my way due to back pay (I just filed a claim last week). I have almost no expenses since my bf has been paying our rent since I went back to school. I feel like I just won the lottery. I could potentially pay off almost all my student loans now.

No. 589649

As an eurofag with one of the lowest infection rates: yea. Why the fuck do I keep seeing retards going out to fucking concerts, like why the hell cannot you just sit the fuck down and stream that shit? It could be one fucking summer you don't go out and act stupid but no, people just can't think of others. We were pretty careful but now people are getting too fucking cocky, it's especially awful to see people who work at stores and such going out to bars and shit.

No. 589652

Amerifag here. I'm in one of the states that took a lot of precautions early on, so our rates were very stable since the beginning, but we did exactly what you're saying and re-opened too early. Now we're going through a second wave and everything is closed again. It's unbelievably stupid. Our governor went from re-opening barbershops, beaches and hiking trails to opening fucking gyms and bars. It made no goddamn sense to me and I knew another lock down was inevitable once that happened.

No. 589663

Sounds fucking awful. We've had under 1000 cases but why the hell do people think that is? We stayed the fuck in when ordered, now they opened the bars saying shit like "OH WELL AS LONG AS THERE'S SEATS FOR EVERYONE, IS COOL" because drunk people usually follow orders and sit where they must. I just am waiting and fearing the second wave, kids are about to start school again and I have no idea if it's gonna be in person or not, I think fall will fuck us up but then again everyone gets extra depressed during darker months so maybe they'll be more likely to stay in. It's all very frustrating. Hoping for the best for you guys as well.

No. 589760

Canadafag here, the provincial government has done the same thing where I live. They lifted the lockdown measures in a similarly disorganized way while there were still active cases of the virus in transmission. Some reach around. Local reports are now saying that the number of cases among people under 40 are on the rise in my town.

No. 589763

Guise, they all had to lift it early, because they mustn't do it in the fall, when the flu season kicks off. Countries/states must be open at least some of the time in order for the ecenomies to keep functioning. So they chose to do it in the summer period, to have an expinential growth in cases at a time when it won't be compounded by seasonal flu and colds. (Keep in mind that seasonal colds are the same type if virus and can give false positives in coronavirus tests, which also complicates matters)
Their strategic choice takes into account much more than just number of infected with corona, it considers other diseases, the economy, healthcare capacity, testing/tracing ability and so on.

No. 589769

I live in a tiny country with one of the lowest infection rates and even here there's so many dumb idiots it's insane. My bf's sister went to a nightclub the other day and he failed to tell me until today, despite me having asthma.
They hung out together but he can't keep his hands off me and wants to kiss me all the time because "it's ok…. I'm not showing any symptoms, I'm fine see?"

I also see rich people from a neighboring country (with crazy high infection rates due to their government thinking they're just naturally better than everyone else and don't need to take precautions) going on vacation all the time and infecting everyone else. A lot of locals in Greece are getting infected by Scandinavian tourists because they're so spoiled they just have to go on vacation or they'll die.

No. 589787

Besides everyone wearing masks and avoiding unnecessary travel, I wonder what else we could really do without a vaccine. Many people in the US are not even doing the bare minimum. I try to avoid the r/coronavirus page but I get bored and read some of the comments. Some of them on there really think we are all screwed until a vaccine can be widely distributed (yet they don't want to be the first ones to take it lol) and others saying that we will just have to live with this virus forever and enforce lockdown. I've gotten to the point where I just don't care anymore. Avoid interacting with high risk people or crowds, wear a mask, and just try to get through this. Especially in the US since the government will not support us financially if we are forced into lockdown;people have no choice and have to go out to make money. I just feel like our futures are ruined no matter what steps we take.

No. 589788

I'm fucking SICK of the fact that people are allowed to go on vacation to any fucking place that has it's borders open but after summer I'll still not be allowed to go to school in person to receive good education I'm paying a fuckton of money for and instead have to resort to more shitty online classes. Even the elderly in care homes have more freedom than we do. Students are majorly being fucked over just because we're not economically active.

(mandatory disclaimer: in my country)

No. 589809

>since the government will not support us financially if we are forced into lockdown;people have no choice and have to go out to make money
There's always a choice, comrade. Proletariat revolution.

No. 590249

File: 1595715451710.png (154.97 KB, 840x1608, FT_20.07.15_Conspiracies_new_0…)

Is there any hope for the American education system? Legit how do we teach Americans to actually rely on research they do themselves than what they see on Facebook or twitter?

No. 590263

File: 1595716967482.jpg (30.35 KB, 560x373, 07adfa6b-259f-4712-aed4-9d5ce1…)

I don't really believe those stats. According to them more black/hispanic people and also more women believe in these conspiracies - but we've all seen that the majority of anti mask protesters everywhere are always middle aged white dudes. They are the ones who die the most because they think their bodies are invincible and if leading a country they are also the ones who fuck up the most.

No. 590277

I can tell you're not around black people much. They buy into conspiracy theories more than any other demographic by a wide margin, especially boomer black men. They're cynical about all politics and just think everything is decided by the Illuminati or whatever.

I think the difference is that the middle aged white dudes are loud with their bullshit and go out to protest. Boomer blacks don't really bother.

No. 590283

Speaking from experience with my Mexican family, yeah they believe pretty heavily in conspiracy theories.

I have 5 different family members who got corona from each other and an aunt who almost died but they still think the coronavirus is overblown. It doesn't help the Mexican news networks fearmonger to hell and back about literally everything.

Not meant to be racebait at all, but it's definitely not surprising to see those stats. Especially since black and Latino people die at a higher rate due to other factors, I wouldn't be surprised about the misinformation that gets spread around considering what the US had done to the communities historically.

No. 590284

Gonna personally kick out all the swedes from the borders, stay tf away, you never did shitttt. I am also fucking ashamed to see people getting drunk at bars and then whining when they catch "a summer flu". Bitch it's rona.

No. 590285

To clarify I'm not saying that misinformation is the fault of the US government, in this case lmao. Just that distrust of it has been building up for the past couple centuries making people more susceptible to some of the more outlandish conspiracies.

No. 590300

Pew is about as reputable as it gets so I'm inclined to believe these stats.

No. 590762

Does anyone want to start a group or thread for moving out of the US? I thought about leaving the US for a long time but now I am sold, especially after not only getting covid but working in the medical field. I have been doing a lot of research but having a place to discuss things might be nice.

No. 591063

Do it, I support it

No. 591591

File: 1595908697681.jpeg (504.91 KB, 798x1398, 05B5CAEA-785E-41E2-8300-A8FBF1…)

No. 591597

America drags its feet on providing basic needs to its people while other countries have been giving out higher amounts monthly. I hate this place so much.

No. 591605

File: 1595910340188.gif (850.92 KB, 500x200, fcc.gif)

That's alright.

I'm more fed up with the fact that while the government acknowledges that in this time of crisis, those who are unemployed need unemployment pay + net $600 extra per week in order to survive minimum, and yet the people out there in "essential" work are told to fucking deal with less than that pay. Why do we need to work more and need less money to survive than people who are safe at home? I'd be okay with this shit if they gave $600 a week for EVERYONE making below a certain income, but no, they're never going to do this.
Btw, if their net is $600 + $200-400 from unemployment per week, at highest that's making $25/hr to sit safe at home. I don't really care that they'll only be making $15/hr now to sit at home now that the $600 is being reduced.

My """progressive""" friends are pulling the biggest "I've got mine so fuck you" spin I think I've ever fucking seen whenever someone points out how this is unfair to people who are working. "WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULDA THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE YOU SIGNED ON FOR AN EMPLOYER WHO UNDERPAYS YOU!!!!"
>pic related
As if employers were willing to even pay most people over $20/hr before this shit went down, liars.
You're supposed to be stanning for us you fucking pseudo-Marxist jerks, not telling us to shut up while you reap profit.
I hope you don't get tax returns next year when you file.

No. 591611

Aren’t these the same people that despise orange man? Such hypocrites

No. 591615

I'm so fucking mad at this. The people staying at home calling us essential workers "heroes" while they are so happily getting their unemployment PLUS $600 a week and most of us will never see that amount unless we're working $19 an hour. And they're saying "Don't be mad at us, be mad at the government!" Bitch, I can multitask and be mad at you too for basically trying to spit in our faces while we're busy doing labor and all you're doing is sitting at home sharing posts on social media about staying the fuck home.

No. 591616

I read that dependents/college students are supposed to be included in this round. In 2019 I was a student and worked a little, but I let my mom (who doesn't even support me) claim me as a dependent because she basically begged, not knowing that was going to fuck me over for this year (I filed way before the pandemic shit started). But people are like "you're an adult and you should be claiming yourself bitch!" Too little too late. Also, because the cut off age for the extra $500 ($600?) for dependents was 18, my mom never got that either, just the $1200 and she gave me like $100 lol. What kind of fuckery. So anyway I hope I get my 'timulus check this round I guess.

No. 591619

My stepfather tried to claim me as a dependent to get enough tax money for a new house but I ended up getting the $1,200 check anyway. This only happened because the tax lady told him not to file that part due to legal reasons.

He was pissed that I got the money kek

I hope you get your money as well, anon. If you don’t, do not file as a dependent and I normally wouldn’t say this but fuck your mother.

No. 591632

I think the 600 too much especially in states where the cost of living very low but I'm gladly taking the extra 600. Finally able to pay off my debt that I struggling with with working.

No. 591636

I mean, I'm technically one of those people, but fuck anyone getting benefits who is complaining about people not staying inside. I'm very grateful that I have all this money and can actually afford to pay off some of my student debt + save for a new car, but it's honestly super fucked up that I'm currently making more money than my boyfriend who still works a full-time job. It's also kind of a slap to the face considering how hard I was working and how little I was making in comparison before I lost my job.

No. 591721

I make less than $15/hour testing COVID specimens in an expensive area of the state. I have to pay for gas btw.

No. 591731

File: 1595937483978.png (387.35 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20200728-124837~2.p…)

>women more likely to believe in conspiracies
A small UK study is showibg that women are more likely to listen to comply with corona virus rules than men. Infer from these two conflicting ideas what you will.

No. 591785

I hope they give out checks again, I got a call from my bank telling me I owe them money and my checks from the state aren’t coming in.

No. 592125

so glad I'm not the only one who's feeling this right now. essential workers were written off by literally everyone on every point of the political spectrum as a necessary casualty to this pandemic. no one gives a fuck about us, while internet warriors are screaming "please don't let them take pandemic unemployment from us!!" they're silent as fuck about the rights of essential workers. no one said shit when our "hazard pay" was taken months ago. sorry, don't give a fuck that you're losing unemployment, and I don't have time to scream on Twitter because I still work full time.
surely there are ways we could have handled it that didn't put us at risk. I'm no genius but why not let everyone isolate and have FEMA and Natl Guard distribute food and resources? because they actually signed up to take that risk, we didn't, and we barely got hazard pay or anything for the shit we've been put thru. barring that, we could have at least been fairly compensated for our unwilling sacrifice, like receiving an extra $600 weekly too? that's more than I make working full time at $15/hr by almost twice as much. I felt sick to my stomach and broke down when I found out how much people got on pandemic unemployment. the mental and emotional toll this pandemic takes on grocery store workers is enormous. people have to go to work feeling like their life is endangered and customers are even worse than ever. and at the end of the day, other than flashing their stupid lights off their balconies, no one has given a single fuck. anytime I try to talk about this I get shut down with shit like "well don't blame ME why don't you go ask Jeff Bezos to pay you more??"
the same people who expect everyone to fight for every cause they feel is important are not willing to advocate for essential workers even with all the time and resources that have been handed to them. my heart is broken and I feel betrayed.

No. 592230

As a 3rd world anon I get so mad reading all those posts complaining about stimulus check, bitch at least you get something, our government just said "stop being poor, you should have saved money before this" 58% of people work in the streets selling food and miscellaneous stuff, government's employees keep stealing money that was suppose to be invested on healthcare and food, the criminality has gotten EVEN WORSE, mostly robbery. The amount of homeless people that you see on the streets living from recycling and mendicity has increased tremendously.
And the cherry on top: the real statistics of deaths and infections are unknown because they get lost, don't work, the names written get erased… everything it's so fucked up, I have lost all faith on my future, there is nothing, we are all gonna die either from corona or hunger.

No. 592241

Ugh thank you for saying it.
I've been working the whole time and while I'm glad to have a job, it makes me a bit salty that people are making more than me while doing nothing… so they get a paid vacation basically. Why do only people on unemployment need that extra money? If they can't pay their bills without the extra, how were they paying their bills before?
Ya, it's partially on employers for not paying enough but I feel like I'm missing something when people are getting paid $600 extra to do nothing.

No. 592249

Is everyone in this thread collectively being purposely obtuse or what?

The $600 a week acts as an emergency injection for the economy to stay afloat. It's why stocks didn't bottom out. The $600 benefits the suits in walstreet, not the evil poors. Did no one fucking notice that stocks rose a little during all this?

I'm sorry you guys are having to do your jobs, so am I. But we are in the middle of a fucking pandemic. No, they can not afford to give you all $600 and yes it's very sucky. Suck it up. They should scale it back a little but it needs to remain on par or higher than wages or we will be dealing with the economic repercussions for years. How many of you want to buy a house or car? Then accept that the $600 is a necessary evil right now or accept another economic crisis for the next decade. Your choices. I personally have dreams so I'd rather them throw cash at the poors for a while.

No, you don't get hazard pay for working in a grocery store. Don't be ridiculous. Do you know how many millions would be entitled?

Also where is the anger at Musk getting $5 billion, Kanye getting millions? Nah guys you're right, it's the $600 that's the REAL issue.

Like you guys are mad about this money but literally only because you're not personally getting it. All your solutions are "give me money!". grow the fuck up. There's so much more important shit going on right now but empty headed twats keep getting bogged down in the "but some people get more money :(".

No. 592290

Can we all agree how fucked it is that many people are making more not working with that extra $600. Why? Because employers pay shit and wages have been stagnate for ~40 years. This shithole can't work up more money to help it's own people and multi million dollar companies can't fucking pay its essential workers and that's why shit is fucked. Why the fuck is it so controversial for people to get more money anyway? Bills and groceries didn't stop existing for people in these four months. Keep in mind usually unemployment is HALF of what you would usually make.

Being a retail fag I'm thankful (impressed, really) that my company paid me my average hours while we were closed, but also kind wished they didn't because I would have been paid more on unemployment and could saved that extra money. I'm not paid enough to fucking babysit grown-ass adults on how to properly wear a mask and buying the non-essential shit, acting like everything's fine. Bitch, why the fuck are you buying new stuff?! We ain't going nowhere!!

No. 592293

>Is everyone in this thread collectively being purposely obtuse
No, but you are apparently.
>The $600 a week acts as an emergency injection for the economy to stay afloat
This magic injection only works for the unemployed, but not the low paid employed. Interesting theory. Bullocks.
>not the evil poors
No one said shit about demonic poors, just smug leftists silencing anyone struggling to make ends meet while being deemed 'essential' enough to be disposable for covid.
>I'm sorry you guys are having to do your jobs
Condescending bitch.
>they can not afford to give you all $600
LMAO, BUT THEY CAN! Stupid bitch, you just made a take on wallstreet and stocks, but don't know a majority of emergency money is going to bloated corporations? You're a fucking retard!
>Suck it up.
Suck a fuck.
>we will be dealing with the economic repercussions for years
Recession already happened, we're fucked for years regardless if government gives you welfare.
>How many of you want to buy a house or car?
What does this have to do with buying a house or car? Anyone could literally go outside and get either right now. What are you even on about.
>Do you know how many millions would be entitled?
Those millions ought to be exactly entitled and not a penny less.
>Also where is the anger at Musk getting $5 billion, Kanye getting millions?
Nice strawman, as if we're not fucking angry about that. You're the one ignoring this until it's convenient for your argument. How could government not redistribute the money for grocery store clerks again? Dumb bitch, go drink your dumb bitch juice.

No. 592301

They like saying "Blame the government, not the people"
Oh, so we shouldn't blame the people that are reaping the benefits and profiting from a broken system? I love eating one meal a day and living in my parent's house after graduation because I can't afford rent while seeing people cheer about how they bought stupid shit with their inflated reward for not having a job.
I don't get why they increased unemployment so much anyway, didn't they know most people would be paid WAY more than their actual jobs?? Fuck the spoiled shits bragging about it and fuck the government for being incompetent like always and fucking over people who actually work hard and get ignored time and time again. I also see that barely anyone is fighting for us and their focus is on their own money decreased when it was more than they needed in the first place.

No. 592322

What exactly do you want people to do? "Fight for us"…what are you on about? Do you want the people getting benefits to send a portion of it to you? Should we be picketing in the streets for your rights as an essential worker like we've been doing for BLM?

You have a right to be upset and I don't blame you, but what can anyone realistically do for you other than not cough in your face while you're at work?

No. 592373


Expecting people to not be selfish shits is very tumblr of you.

No. 592451

no anger at Musk etc? where have you been?
working at a grocery store during a pandemic is a hazard and should be compensated as such, retard. why does everyone feel the need to "thank" essential workers? because we're putting our life at risk for you to have some semblance of normalcy right now.

No. 592453

I have doubts you're actually working and if you are, you come home with more than $600 a week.
I have an issue with the fact the government believes $600 a week is a good amount to come home with, which it is, HOWEVER, minimum wage is barely $8 in some places. Why are we working so hard and coming home with less? I make $17 an hour and when taxes are taken out my direct deposit gives me $500 every week. It's frustrating to have a glimpse at what your friends and aquaintances on unemployment are doing during their free time and wondering how they're still getting by and then knowing their numbers months later. It makes me and tons of others feel unmotivated if we're getting fucked over in the end. The government needs to raise minimum wage and both them and employers are aware how it's not going to hurt them if their main concern and the base for the $600 is fucking stocks.

No. 592456


Do you want a weekly clap and free takeaways? The thing is you're not doing a difficult job and all the shitloads of people who can't do their normal job will do yours if you want to piss and moan.

No. 592465

And those people will be doing an undervalued now hazardous job. This is just going in circles and you seem very out of touch.

No. 592658

>when taxes are taken out my direct deposit gives me $500 every week.
the weekly $600 is taxed too, anon. every two weeks when you have to re-certify your benefits, you're given an option to select 10% withholding tax for that week

No. 592662

Working at a grocery store is hardly a hazard with the enforced rules in place. Shoppers are required to wear masks, you have barriers between you and the customer, are 6 feet apart at all times, etc. Sure, there's a slightly elevated risk of getting the virus, but you act like essential workers are being forced into a situation where there are no standards whatsoever enforced to protect them against COVID, and that simply isn't true. If it were true, we'd see WAY more cases of COVID popping up at places like grocery stores, fast food joints, etc.

Just admit that you're mad that you're not getting free money. It's not a crime.

No. 592675

I just want them to recognize that multiple groups of people are being fucked over this whole time more than the unemployed are going to lose from their reduction in benefits. Essential workers have been behind the scenes this whole time with barely anyone backing them up besides doing useless shit like clapping and whatever. I don't see why people shouldn't be protesting for multiple causes either when they actually have the free time to do it. Instead, they get defensive over essential workers judging them for being paid more lol

No. 592680

>enforced rules
The issue is that it's difficult to enforce. I don't work at a grocery store, I work at an indoor restaurant doing take-out only where people are supposed to be wearing masks, however I would say only about half of the people actually wear their masks correctly. Even if you correct them most of the time they've already started speaking to you so there's already some risk of transmission.
Yes there is less risk with the measures in place but people aren't 6 feet apart at all times, the barriers don't surround the workers completely, and people don't wear their masks properly. I wouldn't be so dramatic to call working a "hazard" but the risk is definitely more than "slightly elevated".

No. 592689

I agree that "clapping" for essential workers is pretty stupid and useless. I guess if the mistreatment of essential workers were enough of a concern to warrant a protest, it might be feasible, but I don't see anyone speaking up about it to the extent that you and other anons are in this thread, which begs the question as to whether it's truly an issue of anyone's rights being infringed upon as opposed to a shitty situation where, despite doing all that we can, some people are just a little less well off than others. Meanwhile, it's still a developing situation and we don't know how much longer essential workers are going to be subjected to these conditions, so it's hard to say what is going to be best for them going forward.

>Instead, they get defensive over essential workers judging them for being paid more lol

Yeah it really doesn't sound like anyone in this situation is actually engaging in constructive discussion. This just sounds like a bunch of people with fragile egos and conflicting opinions yelling at each other.

No. 592699

I work in a restaurant too and half the people have their masks sliding down their noses when they are ordering at my area and it freaks me out. I scream at them to please wear their masks properly. I hate it. why are people like this

No. 592705

I go to the store once a week and I was standing in checkout when this dude without a mask comes in. The cashier is like “sir you need to wear a mask” but the guy just keeps walking so he repeats it and then the guy starts screaming at him yelling “FUCK OFF” and it’s like what the hell?? I can only imagine what they have to deal with all day if I saw that within 10 minutes of being in public places

No. 592711

Please tell me someone threw his ass out

No. 592736

I hate working in these times. Classic cases I find are:
>couple comes to order, girl has her mask on and her bf doesn't
>customer has their mask on normally but takes it off as they order
>mask sliding off as they order
>wearing mask only over mouth
>comes in without a mask and then gets mad when we don't have extra masks lying around to give them or tries to start debating me about the science of masks
It's so tiring having to confront every other person who orders. I'm always on edge because you never know how they'll react.

No. 593902

A friend of my mom's son is getting married next week on the beach, and they're "only" allowed to gather 50 people. My mom asked if I could take off of work, as if I want to go risk getting corona on a hot ass beach. I actually like that I can use corona as an excuse because I don't want to go to the wedding anyway. Still, I'm surprised they're allowing them to gather that many people, but then again this is the South.

No. 594552

This whole thing is so unfair, and it makes me so depressed.
For almost 6 months I've stayed home, only going out for food/stuff I need while constantly wearing a mask and following rules. I haven't seen any friends in months, I just stay at home with no motivation to do anything because of the depression.
Meanwhile, people go out and have parties, eat in restaurants, run around without masks and have no negative consequences (I guess some of them get the virus, but most of them are fine so it encourages more people to act like them). This could all be done if they would just follow the rules but god forbid they don't get drunk with their friends for a few months.
It's just unfair that it's making everything last so much longer even for those who follow the rules and we're just stuck and can't do anything more than we already do. If the government wants to send federal troops after people, I wish they'd send them after these people instead of people in Portland who are just trying to protest for better treatment of people.
I've never wanted to get out of this country more in my life. These selfish ass people are the worst and they're the ones who deserve to die from it instead of the people that they infect because of their own selfishness.

No. 594567

File: 1596305875704.jpg (27.97 KB, 480x298, tumblr_p3cuydlafM1rnnob2o1_500…)

i tested negative!! really thought i was on my way to coronatown. praying that i can ride this out till a vaccine comes, i have chronic pneumonia with lung scarring.

No. 594598

People are still working and have to do everything as usual so it’s probably hard for them to care as much since there’s no incentive for them to stay home. Selfish idiots are always going to do dumb things and cause more outbreaks. The government obviously doesn’t care to keep people safe either. I’m pretty much just expecting to get infected since I can’t afford to not get a job, can’t get anything from unemployment, and it’s hard not to feel like I’m just disposable anyway. I’m not going to go party or anything but coronavirus is always going to be a present threat and we have to deal with that reality.

No. 594618

I don't drive and live where there is almost no public transport, I always wear masks inside and around people, but when I have to walk 4 miles round trip to get food for the week, I keep the mask off. I'm fully ready for some privileged person who can stay inside attacking me assuming I am anti mask Trump grandma hater. They drive past and glare…I'm just trying to ccarry this rice and veg home sorry I can't afford a car…. I'm just trying to live. not like I deserve it

No. 594626

>have to walk 4 miles rto get food

jfc anon where do you live?

No. 594628

California desert nowhere area. There are closer places to get food, but circle K and burger king aren't suitable for groceries

No. 594632

Sup fellow califag? I'm very sorry you have to live in the desert. I've never driven through one of those cities/towns and thought to myself "gee I bet living here doesn't totally suck shit"

No. 594637

It wouldn't be half as bad if I had a car but yeh, there is nothing here but misery and meth and miles of houses that all look the same

No. 594639

Yeah I hear the housing market out there is pretty affordable. You just have to be willing to you know, actually live there kek

No. 594729

Has anyone else who has tested positive gone through a few days of feeling like an oncoming panic attack meaning that sort of pressure and hard to breathe state? You know, like breathing in a room too humid. I don't have a fever, but my throat and lower throat, like just below where the collarbone meet in the V, is itchy. I at least wanted to post this to date the this.

No. 594824

I didn't get it but my bf who had it said he would breath normal but it was like the breath didn't have enough oxygen in it.
Get well soon anon.

No. 594942

At least you are sticking to the pandemic plan.
I know a girl who basically quit her job because they started going back to work and she said didn't want to put her family at risk. She was sharing/making a fuck ton of "Stay at home" types of posts online. Then like 3 days later she's having a breakdown on social media over not being at a music festival and then the next day she's posting photos of herself hanging out with her friend from out of town. Even worse, a day later she announces she's having a friend from out of state to visit her. Like, I guess her family wasn't really at risk, she's just a brat.

No. 595425

Anyone hear that Australia is enforcing an 8pm curfew due to Covid cases skyrocketing. That’s fucking terrifying, everything that comes out of this is just bad. I feel utterly hopeless, the lack of fucks a lot of people people give, I was out wearing a mask and everyone was out in fucking droves and I had to actually body swerve them.

No. 595451

Seems pointless, people are less likely to go out late anyway… This isn't like the lockout laws they implemented to stop bogans glassing each other at the club, viruses don't get worse at night.

No. 595478

I know! What the actual fuck, So the rules are that no one is allowed out for any reason past 8pm…that seems absolutely insane to me. Also there’s been “an incident” in Manchester I believe, or somewhere else in England but no more has been said about it. There’s been no details other than that, it’s a high risk area for Covid and so I’m assuming it’s something to do with it. It’s fucking weird, the state of this planet.

No. 595672

I work at a pharmacy (I'm even writing this from our work computer kek) and I'm so disgusted by our customers. Nobody buys masks and I wear one because I'm exposed to so many people with flu symptomps all day. I get so many snarky comments from my customers about how "masks have no proven effect". I don't care!! I'm trying to stay as safe as possible in an unsafe environment. The only customers who actually buy masks are those who are obligated to wear one during their flights to Spain and Greece. Fucking swedes can't stay home for one damn summer.

tl;dr swedish people refuse to wear masks and are traveling during a pandemic

No. 595676

I'm so worried because the numbers are rising to fast again in Europe. How come it is no longer much of a problem in East Asia when we had a much stricter lockdown for so long? People now are used to wearing masks and are still careful, yet that alone is seemingly also already too much… And why is it taking to long to find a vaccine? I remember that so many were already claiming that they're close to finding a solution back in like April already, now it's August and still no news.

No. 595677


There's an obvious factor that explains the places in the UK that have a virus resurgence problem but it's waycist to name it.

No. 595713

Vaccines take a long time anon.

No. 595725

In my country the government made masks mandatory in every public place then slapped the luxury tax on them kek. Doesn't matter there's at least 40º outside, doesn't matter you're walking on an empty street, if you get caught without a mask on you'll be fined 100€. Their greed is showing.
I also hate how people trust these flimsy pieces of shit. If someone walks with no mask on everyone avoids them like the plague but I had people shove or ram into me because apparently if you have a mask on they're immune to you. Next time this happens I'll take my mask off and fake cough on them.

No. 595769

Threatening to cough on hypothetical people that might piss you off in the future.. are you larping as a Karen?

No. 595841

Confirmed someone sick worked last week and everyone in the store has been on edge about it and they came to work knowing they were sick since that Friday and this was Tuesday.

They were supposed to come back next Wednesday, now it is pushed out to Friday. I'm almost certain they have corona. They were on a flight, out of state, at a party, where 1 person was positive, so yeah. Everyone is worried, one girl is pregnant, 6 of us have immune diseases. The person who is sick: Doesn't believe in COVID.

Fuck me.

No. 596016

Purposefully coughing on people can get you arrested in the US now iirc. Maybe in your country too.

You sound so typical.

No. 596073

took my first test today, it was uncomfortable but not as bad as i had heard. just nervous about the result. i haven't been displaying symptoms but a colleague of mine a while ago got it and she had 0 symptoms. i also have really important life changes coming up so it would really put a dent in it.

No. 596181

My boyfriend just told me that masks are a fad and every one is going to stop wearing them by next week. I work in customer service in one of the worst states, so god I hope not!

No. 596195

Yep. Both tested positive.

No. 596197

your boyfriend sounds horrible

No. 597006

Does anyone else live with people who try to pull off your mask? I live in a rural area with not many cases, but masks are still required in many places. My family refuses to enter buildings if they require a mask, bitch about it the entire time they have to, or have it slide down their nose/face when no one is looking. And when I have one on when they don't, they'll pull it off of me, saying "get that off!" in a sorta teasing but semi serious way.

My views are pretty in the middle, but the people around me think it's "something to control us." I'm really sick of all the talk about being controlled. I go for bike rides, take photos of butterflies, and make myself a sandwich with the cucumbers I grew. Do I sound like a brainwashed sheep? Sorry for the rant lol

No. 597237

one of my best friends close relatives died a few days ago. it spread through a couple of her relatives despite following strict guidelines, some of them having to go through the ventilator process. im so scared this will take my mom. im so angry people are still saying this is fake fucking news. i hate it here

No. 597240

>they think it's "something to control us."
>they'll pull it off of me, saying "get that off!"
Sounds like THEY are the controlling ones. Oh the irony, the lack of self-awareness…

No. 597262

Walked pass an ambulance taking some people with COVID. It felt so eerie seeing the people wearing white suits there. I heard a lady saying one of the people that had it was diabetic.

No. 597323

my test came back negative however the city i live in has gone on lockdown and people are advised not to travel to it after an outbreak in a local pub. so i'm grateful my workplace is now doing weekly covid testing.

No. 597418

This is all a joke, sorry I just can't believe the world turned to shit because of this. And everyone is being manic around me as if bodies are dropping dead on the street. No one values their freedom anymore and seems fine with these dehumanising measure for years to come.

>woooeee cases are rising

Yeah from like 10 to 15, and all because we're testing more

>My poor children shouldn't have to go back to school! It's dangerous!!111!!

42 kids under 14 have died during this whole thing. Just. 42.

>B-but my grandma is in danger :(

So let grandma quarantine. Sorry that old and sick people are dying, but if this kills them they were gonna die from something else soon enough. People these days think that we can all live to 110 and have disconnected from the reality. Death exists.

>a mask takes no effort!!

it's ugly, annoying, and I want to see people's face like a human being rather than walking around like a muzzled dog.


No. 597423

>muzzled dog


No. 597427

baa baa

No. 597436

i'm blue in aberdeen i will die

No. 597437

>[cases are rising] from like 10 to 15, and all because we're testing more
You realize it will still spread and people will still die regardless of whether or not we actually test for it right?
>42 kids under 14 have died during this whole thing. Just. 42.
So what's your plan for when the kids infect the teachers? Good portion of them are over 55. Or when the kids catch it, go home and spread it to grandma? Additionally, COVID has more than two outcomes- it's not just you die or you survive a-ok, you can still develop lifelong complications.

No. 597445

results just came in sis, you've tested positive for retardation

No. 597465

a friend of mine had covid and is "recovered" but her doctor is telling her she will have to do pulmonary rehab for at least a year because her lungs are so severely damaged. she was 100% healthy before this (avid runner, even ran marathons) and now she can't walk up a flight of stairs

No. 597481

>Comments deactivated

No. 597518

as someone who has had severe pneumonia less than ten years ago and has never had good lungs to begin with, the idea that covid managed to destroy a healthy fit persons lungs fucking terrifies me

No. 597567

My doctor sent me to get a test today because of contact tracing. The test wasn't bad. It doesn't go all the way to the back of your nose anymore, but double swabbed both nostrils. Doctor said that because I work where someone tested positive, even though I didn't come into contact with them and they left an hour prior, knowing they were sick and they are postive, I now have to go one for safety. She could see how much anxiety I had in the telecom meeting, so I think she gave me the test because of that too even though she said chances are low that I have it.

No. 597569

I'm so afraid of this. I have milk asthma, but my brother has an at home breathing machine. I'm so worried about him catching it. he already never cares for himself.

No. 597661

File: 1596669676676.jpg (278.9 KB, 733x631, a0f0dd59ce5053b1b471abf1b39dc0…)

No. 597776

I'll get banned for this but it's okay

but the reason why Hispanics in America are more likely to get COVID isn't because the government is injecting them with COVID, it's because the vast majority of lower class Hispanic people act completely ignorant to the virus. I have two jobs and both require me to be around a lot of people. I drive through a lot of hispanic areas due to my job and every single time I enter a hispanic area ALL of them decide to go outside, crowd the streets for no specific reason (seriously half the time they're just talking to their friends in the middle of the road), they allow their children to run around half naked in already crowded streets, continue to have more and more children despite living in a shitty trailer and making 100 dollars a week, their neighborhoods are literal dumps, nothing has been cleaned in years, their childrens clothes look gross and like they've been unwashed for ages, and if money was really the issue then they wouldn't be ordering the most expensive options for food delivery several times a week. They're honestly worse than conservative white people who think COVID is a lie at this point, I don't have sympathy for them knowing they're more likely to get COVID

No. 597785

Same with South Asians in the UK. Literally 2 of my Asian neighbours decided to have huge weddings in lockdown with 30+ cars parked around my neighbourhood each time. My town and all towns with a high South Asian population have the highest infection rates and are going into second lockdown. I get that their culture is more family oriented ect so they like being in big groups or whatever but it’s a fucking pandemic. The problem is they don’t even have poverty or lack of education as an excuse, they’re middle class and educated yet still act like retards in a pandemic.
>Inb4 das waycist

No. 597811

Vast majority of people who have COVID got it from large social gatherings, not from eating at diners at 2 am, not from going for jogs, not from going shopping, not from going out past 9 pm, not from ordering certain things off of menu's

That being said I feel like Americans have done a god awful job at preventing COVID-19, everyone on my Snapchat and their moms suddenly want to go on crazy road trips, go to malls which for some reason are crowded, get fast food and spend 15 dollars on gas just from waiting in the fast food drive thru line alone because for some reason everyone wants fast food too?? Grocery stores are crowded and so on. I went to LA (inb4 evil coronavirus spreading hypocrite, it was for work) and despite LA being one of the most populated cities in the US the stores, the beach, traffic, fast food and so on wasn't nearly as bad as my small suburban town of less than 8k people????

No. 597820

Coming from a Mexican American I totally get why you would be upset. I have plenty of family that are in denial of COVID, they have parties constantly and my mom constantly has to tell them that they are stupid. I have had family members almost die. Just a week ago literally thousands of Mexicans had a party in a nearby county and it was met with a lot of anger from the community because it was a shit ton of young adults. They just don't take it seriously and I really wish that it wasn't the case because it's shameful and reflects horribly on us.

That's one thing to criticize, it's not racist but the other shit you mentioned is pretty laughable.

I can tell you my anecdotal experience actually growing up in those low income communities, going to my friend's low income mobile homes and never ever did I think they were dirty? The neighborhoods weren't trashed, the insides of their homes weren't trashed, they definitely don't order food every other day. The kids are kind of feral but again go to any low income neighborhood and kids roam around regardless of race. I live in the suburbs and even now people still talk in the middle of the road to their friends?

Unless you seriously work in the far below poverty level neighborhoods, you sound like you're over exaggerating.

No. 597827

I think anon is confusing cheap and old with dirty

No. 597828

to be fair, i live in a town of around 30k that is 97% white. People won't stop gathering here, either. Our neighbor had 30 people over on 4th July. It's really dependant on where you live and although culture can defintely play a part on gatherings etc, it's no better in white towns. My neighbor screamed at me and my roommate when we were on our porches that we were pussies for wearing masks and not going out much. People around here have been downright aggressive.

Plus none of the stores are enforcing the masks. I went grocery shopping the other day for the first time in a couple of weeks and there were entire families of 7 out shopping, maskless. Who needs 3 adults and 4 kids at the grocery store together in normal times, let alone a fucking pandemic. There's no reason for that many people to be together. There was some woman coughing directly on her baby?? I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Some disgusting fat bitch had her tiny 7lb dog under her arm letting it sniff the baked goods. I pointed it out to management and they told me service animals are allowed in the store???? It was eating a bagel??? He just shrugged at me.

No one is taking it seriously here at all and it's spreading now. We didn't get our first case until mid-July so people here just don't believe it's real or a big deal.

No. 597831

Nope this is what I've experienced in my area, could be different in other areas. Most people, especially children, have visibly dirty clothes, they have extremely dirty dogs, trash everywhere around their trailers, and one of my jobs is food delivery and they're always ordering at least 100$ worth of food weekly but magically can't find the money to get their clothes washed or for cleaning supplies?

Being poor isn't dirty or lazy but lots of poor people don't know how to maintain their homes or life

No. 597871

File: 1596701611689.png (186.88 KB, 1668x744, image0-5.png)

That's what I was getting at, it's all anecdotal. We aren't exactly reliable narrators because obviously we're both biased.

It's silly to generalize all of us. I've been hit with a lot of stereotypes but being dirty is one that I've never understood because cleaning was so memed about online and with friends. Honestly, it's besides the point.

I already said that the unnecessary interactions happen and it's incredibly infuriating. However that's not nearly the only reason why Latinos are so highly represented in COVID-19 cases.

Latinos are overrepresented in essential jobs within agriculture, food service, construction, etc. Many of them can not afford to work from home as a result. Yes, many work more than two jobs just like you anon. Cases will spike even if social distancing measures and mask mandates are in place because that's always a risk when you have to work with so many people throughout the day.

I'm not trying to coddle Hispanics. Attitude is a big part of it, it doesn't help that Facebook and Latino news channels pedal wild conspiracy theories. It doesn't help that our communities struggle with obesity & diabetes which significantly puts you at a higher risk of death.

There's a lot of shit to criticize about our communities. I'm the first one to call it out but you assumed a lot of shit about Hispanics when universally poor people regardless of ethnicity have pretty much the same living conditions.

Sorry for the sperg, but it's like are we dirty/lazy, or are we stealing your jobs and scrubbing your toilets?

No. 598015

You went from saying people think hispanics are being injected with COVID when no one is being in jected with COVID and we know these minority groups live in lower income housing, usually don't believe in it, and are crowded due to rent and everyone has to stay at the same house while still working, usually, public jobs.

There isn't much else to it.

No. 598116

That wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for a pandemic. I work at a hospital and like 90% of cases I get are from people who got it from going crowded outtings or hanging in large groups. They bring it on themselves. I don't care if they work or are poor, it's that they purposely exacerbate every bad situation they're in (horrible money management, having more and more kids despite living in low income housing, not cleaning up around their neighborhood, crowding up streets for no reason, etc)

No. 598661

I believe a lot of #StayHome activism is coming from a place of classism. A large amount of essential workers are in marginalized communities. Lots of low income families have not had their daily work routine change, except now wearing a mask and wearing gloves. Majority of essential workers are still making less than $15 per hour. Now having to scrounge up more for a babysitter for their children since they can't rely on public schools to watch them. Most of us are finding we're going to the grocery store more often than usual because stock is sparse or wherever was in stock was too expensive to afford.
It is a privilege to be able to stay home, whether because your job is letting you work from home or you have been eligible for government assistance.

No. 598700

I'm seeing retards on reddit telling people to quit their job to avoid going out, calling them murderers if they don't.

This whole thing is virtue signalling. No one actually cares about SaVIng LiVeS

No. 598705

Is it possible that you guys in America have a different strain which kills young healthy people as well or isn't obesity considered a risk factor over there?
My country was horribly hit by the rona and over 40k people died but 99% were elders because our shitty government didn't put restrictions in time, blatantly increased the inheritance taxes two weeks before enforcing lockdown and spread it in retirement homes.
My mom had it and she's well in her 50s but all she had was a couple days with a horrible fever and she had "an annoying cough" as she described it for 2-3 weeks. My father showed no symptoms and I don't live with them so idk if I had it.
Other young people I know had it but described it as a bad flu. The only young guy I know that had to be hospitalized and intubated is morbidly obese.

No. 598708

I think it’s mainly the obesity and diabetes/prediabetes that’s causing the high death rate. A third of young adults in America have prediabetes, and more than a third are obese. The coronavirus has been shown to cause more damage to people with high blood sugar and obesity .

No. 598720

Americans are fat as shit. If this thing kills you, you're either very sick, very fat, or very old.

No. 598727

Is there some kind of statistic that shows that more young people die in america than in the rest of the world? Most euro countries might not be murican deathfat but not exactly slim either…

I just looked it up for my country and the average age of the people who died here is 82 and less than 100 people under 50 died (out of 200k infected).

No. 598741

It's so weird what people pick and choose to ignore about America when it comes to the virus.

Maybe consider our high death rate with the pre-existing healthcare coverage crisis? People couldn't afford to go to their physicians for regular checkups before the virus. Now you're expecting people to roll up to hospitals, that notoriously bill people tens of thousands of dollars, just because they suspect they've got a problem with covid? Nah. People are going to wait until they need fucking intubation and cannot move (so basically at death's door anyway) to go to the hospital if they're not choosing to die at home so as to not burden their families. No wonder our deaths are high, it's hardly to do with diabetes or fatness (btw other countries with healthcare coverage have less fatalities for these groups compared to the US). There is zero medical help. Initial testing here was such a scandal because very few people could afford a charge to be tested as frequently as they were required, and it wasn't until much later that tests began to be covered and even now that's not entirely the case.

It's such a troll argument. Healthy and young people are dying or landing severe complications from this. It's impacting everyone like it is because our system deincentivizes people from receiving preventative and adequate care.

No. 598763

I'm >>598705 and I genuinely asked because I see so many people claiming perfectly healthy young men and women died from covid in the US it made me think it mutated somehow. Where I live we have decent healthcare yet a lot of people died because no one gave a fuck about the elders but young people were mostly unaffected. Our obesity rate is 14% though and that seems pretty high to me.

No. 598774

It's the media's panic porn. Healthy young people are fine. As with any virus no matter how mild, there will always be the odd case of a seemingly healthy young person dying.

No. 598777

the most ridiculous thing i’ve seen is all the posters in front of businesses telling people to “call your health care provider if you're experiencing symptoms”. just the audacity of a country with zero care for it’s people’s health boldly assuming that not only does everyone have access to a GP, but that everyone can even afford to see a doctor in the first place.

also assuming that people will be honest if they’re sick. i have little faith in the people reporting a cough or a sniffle when they have bills they desperately need to pay or they just straight up don’t care because fuck everyone.

No. 598811

Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for the severe case of covid but this doesn't get talked as much because it hurts fatties' feelings, iirc it's even worse than asthma. I'm not even kidding. Having excess fat on your body weighs down on your lungs and fucks up your circulation anyway, when your heart has to pump blood to support your lard mass of a body while not getting enough oxygen from your lungs it's under tremendous pressure.

No. 598822

>it hurts feelings
Or maybe because it's a non-argument because you're acting like something could or can be immediately done about it? What would you have them do? Last I recall, crash diets lower immunity–which is why bariatric patients tend to be rather sick fyi–and even if someone started to lose weight healthily back in March they're likely still fat now in August. No one can get proper healthcare to see a doctor for antidepressants or stims to help them lose weight. Everyone is stressed and are probably stress eating with gym closures and lack of social interaction compounding the problem.

You're just an asshole looking to stir the pot with zero solutions, and then you're the first to screech about ~underlying condishunz~ when an average weight or athletic person who wasn't a geezer kicks the bucket from this shit. It CAN happen to you and you're not as safe as you think.

No. 598828

What? Do you expect people with asthma or diabetes to swallow a magical pill to cure their disease too or else talking about it is absolutely futile? The point is that obese people are at risk of contracting serious effects from the disease which is why they need to be just as careful as other people belonging in risk groups. This is exactly why it isn't talked about, it instantly causes fat activists to screech about how ~losing weight is actually more dangerous~ or other retarded points about how they can't be expected to take care of themselves.

No. 598867

>the point is fat people are risk

We been known, have a seat.

No. 598922

Omg the seethe. Can we have one covid thread without fatties getting triggered over facts? The nerve of demanding people stop talking about it, quit reading about it if you dont want to hear it.

No. 599028


HAES always had a bodycount but covid really broke through the candy frosted ceiling of reality. It's like, is it better to be woke and let fat men from India die or deal with reality?

No. 599227

File: 1596841559412.jpeg (289.16 KB, 1125x1116, 5E962FE2-83A8-4268-A42C-86BB5C…)

>it’s your fault Covid’s still around cuz u didn’t get vaccinated!!!


No. 599244

But nobody questions the flu vaccine lottery where “well gosh I hope this is the strain we are gonna have” like I bet the vaccine won’t even protect it or it’ll mutate kek

No. 599258

well that's one way to lower america's obesity rates

No. 599271

File: 1596843892992.jpg (66.81 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-200807132612-634-M…)

God if fatties brought up their fatness as much as you bring up your rants about them, oh boy.

Pic related, another old obese fatass who got what was coming to him today.

No. 599279

>your rants about them
You're not fooling anyone fatass.

No. 599284

Kek okay Nancy Drew.

No. 599412

>everyone who thinks i shouldn't derail threads with my sperging about weight is obviously fat
What kind of mental illness is this?

No. 599413


for anyone claiming that "healthy young people are fine"… a 7 year old in Georgia with no underlying conditions had a seizure caused by the virus and died this week. a 6 year old girl from Tennessee and a 6 year old boy from Nebraska also died from the virus this week.

the belief in a just world is the cognitive bias that a person's actions are inherently inclined to bring morally fair and fitting consequences to that person. we don't want to accept that sometimes people are not responsible for their own deaths, because it suggests that we could suffer the same fate, despite our best efforts, and that we ultimately have very little control over what happens to us.

this virus obviously isn't "like any other virus" because no other virus in recent decades has affected the entire world to the extent that this one has. the long-term effects of covid on the body alone are terrifying. even those who survive are suffering from permanent lung scarring, blood clots, etc.

shit is serious, and anyone claiming otherwise is either deluding themselves or simply unaware of the facts.

No. 599852

That's awful that young kids are now getting very ill from it. At first it seemed like they were almost all fine even if they got it.
My mom was telling me today that it's not healthy to stay home and I should go out to eat with friends or something. When I told her I don't feel safe eating in a restaurant, even outside, she blew me off and told me to stop being paranoid. Sorry, no. This virus is like the most awful crapshoot as far as what happens to your body. I'm not going to risk that just to go out to eat. I miss my friends but I also don't want to get sick. The completely stupid actions of people in this country who think it's fine to go hang out with friends in groups is why we can't get over this thing.

No. 599856


No. 600027

Um it is paranoid to be scared of setting foot outside…do you think the COVID demon is going to just bite your foot or something?

No. 600032

>Americans being forced to work, especially if they start exhibiting COVID symptoms, all because Americans define others worth by their employment status and the fact that the only thing Americans did to help the COVID thing was somewhat hold evictions, meaning everyone will just be homeless after this shit is over, instead of being smart and lifting fees which would help Americans stay indoors
>Lack of health insurance, most Americans have so many bills they can't even get extra guac on their chipotle, hospital and medical care is seen as a luxury
>Obesity, lack of healthy food available, Americans constantly being encouraged to eat like shit (comfort food, McDonald's nostalgia, "real women are thicc! Like Lizzo"), or in other areas the ideal woman is a skeleton
>Lack of American hygiene, despite having access to water and soap practically everywhere a lot of Americans don't wash their hands

No. 600057

Not that anon, but people unironically act like this.

No. 600113

You have an option to go out by yourself. It would be safer to take a walk than sit in a restaurant around others. Go through the drive thru and sit on a bench in the park or a nature trail.

No. 600329

File: 1596986922257.png (107.52 KB, 275x271, tumblr_49c500d93bf8a40b9834eb1…)

feel like killing myself and i need to vent.. my sister has a fever out of the blue and i'm so paranoid it's the virus even though we barely have any (reported) cases in my town

my parents are both smokers with diabetes and around 60 years old and both seem to be chill about it trying to calm her down and she acts as if i am making a big deal about it. if she actually has it i'm so worried i may have transmitted it to my friend and her parents who are at higher risk than my own.. am i a retard for overreacting like that? i almost got into a fight with my mom over it but on the other hand she is at much higher risk than me so i should be a bit more collected in front of her

anyway fuck this shit

No. 600378

calm down. there are many more viruses going around than covid, many which could wipe out your parents or other people. were you worried about them before covid? the world is just hyper focused on this one making you feel like it's the big bad killer.

pretty much everyone's gonna get exposed to it eventually.

No. 600390

People are like “you’ll feel sad when your friends and family get it” but I still don’t know anyone personally and only one person we know’s (super insanely obese) friend and his dad died.

No. 600394


It's really harsh but if someone's really ham planet obese they can't be surpised when lesser things than covid just push them into the long sleep.

No. 600405

every now and again i think about that anon from this thread that had a breakdown at work when she heard about how much unemployment was and laugh. Some of you all really show why you're working in minimum wage jobs and think $600 a week is a big deal with how you handle basic life stuff.

No. 600469

I was couch surfing working on campus part time every day and university jobs are disqualified from unemployment. It sucks knowing that if I had worked literally anywhere else I would be able to pay off debt and live comfortably in my own place. I'm glad that people being in bad life situations without ever being able to get help is funny to you though.

No. 600665

glad I could provide a laugh. it was learning that people made twice as much as I do as an essential worker (making $15/hr, not min wage) just from the pandemic relief unemployment alone, while I had to deal with every reeeeing retard in the area and the constant narrative of "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE" and yeah, after months of dealing with eating shit from everyone I did cry from stress about it. it would be nice to make twice what I do, having to deal with everyone's collective psychosis full time. definitely not an understandable, human reaction to stress at all.

No. 600842

I have asthma and this scares the crap out of me.. This is honestly so scaring because of the lung scarring and lasting effects.

No. 601184


Wagey wagey get in cagey
All day long you sweat and plaguey

No. 614627

My friend's stupid boyfriend (that I hate anyways) got exposed to COVID last week at work and didn't get tested til yesterday. Not his fault, it was through work, but still. I hung out with her not knowing, shared drinks and all, and just found out. I have major post nasal drip and a slightly sore throat. I'm paranoid as all get out and absolutely pissed. She thinks it's no big deal, meanwhile I work at a hospital (admin work) and my partner, who I saw and kissed and all that last night, is a teacher. Mother fuck.

No. 614723

i honestly feel like im going insane. no one cares about the virus anymore. people are eating at buffets and salad bars and packing themselves like sardines in the grocery store. pathetic

No. 614737

Agreed. I'm anon above you and my friend is being so nonchalant about it, saying "two weeks off tho" like bitch I don't want 2 weeks """off""" from my job or to WFH, I want to not be sick and spread shit. And the testing restrictions in the USA are absurd. No one fucking cares. So shitty and stupid, I hate it. I hate this so much.

No. 614797

im sorry anon, she sounds like a shitty friend if she doesnt care about the health of you or your loved ones. some people really don't think about the ramifications other people face because of their actions and its infuriating

No. 614847

She's usually so much better about this kind of thing, is vigilant about wearing her own mask and rolls her eyes at those who don't wear them/wear them properly, but she constantly wants to like. Travel to the big cities which are 2hrs out from where we live to do some shopping which is stupid and annoying imo. And I either have to go with her or let her use my car because hers is old and won't make it/fit large furniture if she finds any. I went once and hated it, then just let her use my car.

She must have like concern fatigue or whatever they call it because as we were talking about it, her attitude was horrendously callous and she joked about how we're part of the problem even though I've been telling her how uncomfortable I am with any sort of going out, her travelling, etc. She hasn't and doesn't want to tell her managers that she's possibly exposed..

All I do is work, sometimes grocery shop, and see the same people who also quarantine. Just ugh. Now I feel like it's ruined. I feel so stupid.

No. 621822

..read about the possibility of antibody-dependent enhancement with this virus… why are people acting like idiots

No. 621882

wat can u explain this concept

No. 621923

maybe if ham planets weren't riding on germ-infested electric scooters around Walmart coughing with masks under their nose they wouldn't be getting sick now, would they?

it's bad enough we hear people complain about being scared to step outside now we have to hear about people being scared because they're FAT

No. 621934

dude i watched a woman in walmart pull down her mask and cough on her baby lmao

There's no way there's not going to be a giant spike again labor day weekend like there was with 4th July

No. 621948

Don't forget Halloween now that schools and haunted houses are open, and the Americans who are already dying from the effects of the economy (shitty expensive healthcare, limited health care and long waiting lists, no one being able to stay at home, evictions leaving Americans sick and in the cold or heat, etc)

I honestly don't know what Americans even expect anymore, even joining the military isn't even guarantee not being homeless anymore, I know hospital workers who are homeless. Why is America like this?

No. 621968

The amount of time I saw people pull down their mask just to cough… do they have any awareness what was the mask for in the first place?

No. 621971

I believe it, anon…At Walmart I had someone pull down their mask to tell me to "move" I was like um…

What I find fucking ridiculous is that when it started getting really bad, I worked in a restaurant on THE LAS VEGAS STRIP and we requested to please have throw away menus and maybe possibly wears gloves (I was a hostess I don't have a job now lmao) we were told it would "scare the customers" and now look….and now no one even cares after the scare and I am out of a job


Yeah, I was super bummed Halloween Horror Nights had been canceled here but it was inevitable and I wouldn't have gone this year anyway!! I guess holding onto the last hope of something lol

I was lucky the union I work for extended our health insurance until March and I have two year recall rights but even then I may not get called back to work…almost every casino has opened but mine..so I am taking this time to do online school and do something different!

No. 622069

Part of me wants to say "nah, let them and let them die off from it," but they still go along and spread it and come in from their hick towns into mine, trying to be maskless even though our city has a mask ordinance, curfew, etc. Absolute retards. I hate them so fucking much.

No. 624403

I think I caught it guys. Two days ago I went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist took my phone to scan a coupon (my prescription was $100 originally, confirmed burgerfag). I didn't freak out because my priority was to get my prescription price lowered. I sanitized afterwards bc I'm a germaphobe (I have a weak immune system to begin with) but today I get my first symptoms which are an itchy throat & sinuses and body aches. My head is also warm but I haven't taken a temp yet. So far I'm scared to sleep and wake up tomorrow because I know that I'm only going to feel worse.

I'm slim with no respiratory conditions or health issues but I have a really bad immune system (low igA count to back that up) so I'm terrified that I could be one of the young people who dies from this virus. At the very least I could be one of the young people who has long term health complications from it.

Meanwhile my Trump supporter dad has been saying that COVID isn't that bad and saying that it's overblown. That all the talk of COVID-19 will end after November 4th. And obviously aside from how fucking stupid that all is, I genuinely wonder what it will take for my father to comprehend how serious this is. Do I have to die in order for his thick skull to comprehend how serious COVID-19 STILL is? Sorry for the vent but it's infuriating enough to live with a Trump supporter–now I have to quarantine myself while he basically gives no fucks and tells me to "wash my hands" like there's no way that he's going to get infected too by that logic.

No. 628220

File: 1599855391025.jpeg (113.42 KB, 960x720, 5f593b077ed0ee001e25e58f.jpeg)

Jeffree is a fucking parasite.


His company only has 21 employees and yet he still received an emergency corona loan between $350k-$1million.

No. 628280

This was already discussed in the j* thread. Just admit you have a hateboner for the spoopy skelly man, and fuck off.

No. 628299

Maybe I don't stalk his spoopy thread and posted this here because, get this, it's relevant. Cry harder stanchan.

No. 628374

I just bought a vintage textile on ebay and the seller messaged me to say they’re asymptomatic but in quarantine. Do I just leave it outside for a day or two once I get it or what

No. 628408

This just proves the rich get richer. This is disgusting. Jstar is the last person who needs a hand out to pay his employees.

No. 628411

I want to quit my job. I have a manager who is always pulling down his mask to talk cuz he says people cant hear him when i tell him to just… speak louder, you fucking idiot! I hate people who think you cant somehow raise your voice through a mask. i want off this ride

No. 630419

oh god anons, what do i do? my uni made us physically come into class, and a person from one of my classes just tested positive for the virus a few days ago. we were in a room with open windows, i was sat in the middle of the first row, and she was sat in the second row by the window. i didnt measure it, but from how i eyeballed it there was definitely more than 6 feet between us, and everyone in the classroom was wearing a mask, properly. i also washed and disinfected my hands a few minutes after leaving the classroom. it was only for one class.

im considering just pretending i didnt see the facebook post where she announced it tbh because my entire family is calling me stupid and neurotic for wanting to go get tested and because it could cause me to lose my semester since false postitives are so common and my school is really weird about corona related absences.

No. 630422

I feel so sorry for students starting up. I'm a graduate but before corona I remember how fucking common getting someone's fucking cold was after a lecture. There are times you can feel yourself getting sick through your eyes I honestly have no fucking clue why no one is taking this seriously. I hope you're good anon, just keep practicing hygiene what else can you do

No. 630426

I am a tattoo artist. Any reputable artist has to pass a bloodborne pathogen test in regards to cross contamination and the like.

The amount of tattooers who do not take this shit seriously confuses the hell out of me.

No. 630459

File: 1600123625571.png (271.91 KB, 500x492, tumblr_1532dfb9b2dab1707dd8685…)

Somebody I live with possibly has COVID and I find this out right after I sat in a classroom full of people all day and took public transport.

No. 631451

Most people I know with COVID or potentially have COVID go to work and school like normal. You can thank Americans and their lack of prepareness to keep Americans the fuck home

No. 631456

Is it not punishable by law in the US?

No. 631467

It is but to most Americans you have to go to work or starve/get evicted anyway or go to jail, at least prison has free healthcare

No. 631486

Basically all of this. Fuck this stupid country.

No. 631510

File: 1600250831648.jpg (22.27 KB, 300x290, angrycat.jpg)

I know this sounds incredibly selfish but christ it sucks to be in a long distance relationship with someone who lives in another country right now. My country's doing somewhat good with less than 10 active cases per 100 000 people but my partner's country's one of the worst in all of Europe so there's no travelling either way for the foreseeable future.

No. 631519

Idk if I posted this before (do link my post in case u know i did) but I love this corona pandemic and not in an edgy way because I’m a working adult that failed college and now I can multitask my online classes with other stuff because wasting my ass sitting in classes from morning til almost 5 pm sucks. THANK YOU, SO FUCKING MUCH. For earbuds. And for corona.

No. 635857

My apartment complex has regular pest control for roaches and shit and I've been calling and cancelling since April. I don't have any bugs but they have to come in and inspect. So the pest control girl shows up and knocks on my door and she insists on coming in and she's not even wearing a mask. I told her to go away but next month she has to come in. I'm immunocompromised and I'm so bummed she's going to be coming inside. All I can think is that she was just in dozens of other apartments before mine tracking around all kinds of crap on her shoes, and also she's young and fit so she could easily be asymptotic and spreading it to every apartment. I'm disappointed, I was hoping we'd be allowed to turn it down until there's a vaccine. I hope I don't get sick. I'm a bit worried and also it's just so gross.

No. 636634

The U.K. is in partial lockdown for 6 months, people are now unable to meet another household indoors. Yet schools are still open and if a case is found in a school the whole class who came into contact with the child isn’t told to isolate only those who were 2 metres away but how tf do they know who’s came into contact with them outside that class!! It makes no fucking sense, I’m done with this fucking stupidity

No. 636643

Did you ask her to wear a mask when she comes in? Like, I know some places aren't requiring it but still on your own personal property I think you can request politely for someone to wear a mask. Maybe even have a disposable one for her if she doesn't have one, or call the management company and just say "hi, I'm immuno-compromised with xxxxxx and I'd like to request that the person who checks my unit wears a mask". I don't wear a mask when going in people's homes but if someone asks me to for sure I'd do it, I hope they'd be reasonable too.

No. 636651

>Amuricans talking about 'easing the lockdown' or 'going back to reality'
>30k cases today

USA is unreal

No. 636681

We’re just taking the expedited herd immunity route /s

No. 636782

it's ok, I'm in a similar situation and it's frustrating/depressing as fuck. We're both in high risk countries so I don't know when it'll be viable. It must be horrible for people with family living far away too, don't underestimate the emotional impact it has on top of everything else.

No. 636812

The government is ordering very similar regulations to this where I live. It's fucking stupid.

On top of that the premier here has also blamed the surge of cases on groups of young people partying, and while this has definitely contributed to community transmission, so does the fact that young people were ordered to return to their shit jobs in retail and food service where they're coming into contact with hundreds of people.

All the scientific evidence has pointed toward the emergence of a second wave of infections in the fall, it's so frustrating that the government hasn't detailed any plans about how they will handle the outbreak or what our lives could be like.

The summer went by and bars and restaurants and salons reopened and the public stopped caring about physical distancing too.

I hate that so many small businesses are going to have to close their doors while corporations continue laughing their way to the bank.

It's a fucking shit show.

No. 636816

We’ve been allowed to see people from outside our own households for under a week and there’s already a public birthday party for a toddler planned.

Great grandmothers in their 80’s, a handful of toddlers, and a newborn or two all in a public space touching benches and barbecues and playgrounds.

We’ll be dead in weeks.

No. 636867

I don't think you understand how big the United States is and how did apart some towns are than others. The US is about 1k km smaller than the entirety of Europe.

No. 636891

It’s fucking ridiculous, if we go back into full lockdown again I’m going to fucking riot. I love that the government are blaming young people when it’s always adults I see not wearing masks properly or just not at all.
What an absolute shambles this has been.

No. 636903

Men still is lack basic hygiene. It's older men never using hand sanitizer and still pissing outdoors and obviously not washing their fucking hands. According to UK govt transmission happening more indoors and basic shit like putting the toilet seat down when you flush does not seem to be common. Trying to impart this on to my stepdad and brothers is infuriating.

The schools should not be back yet. There is no reasonable way to expect primary school aged children being responsible enough to practice the required hygienic standards. Also why are guidelines acting like children can't be carriers for the virus? Single adults are resolved to only see people outside of their homes, yet workers are mixing and school children and parents are essentially unrestricted. If you have kids anyone can come to your house under the guise of childcare.

It's depressing as shit

No. 636911

SERIOUSLY THOUGH, just recently I've went to a restaurant and one of my male acquaintances refused to use hand sanitizer at the entrance "because pandemic is a hoax", argued with the staff about it, they told him he can go to the bathroom to wash his hands instead at the very least so he went and later at the table he bragged that he just pretended to do it… and I'm like, dude WHY. Even if pandemic was a hoax why the fuck won't you wash your hands you dirty pig

No. 637507

living in a southern town where elderly folks refuse to wear a mask even when I offer them the free ones our store offers. also karens who think they can walk in without a mask because they’ll “only take a minute!”

best argument I heard this week was “The law says masks are required. It doesn’t say I HAVE to wear it!”

No. 637869

My boyfriend has gotten sick several times during this pandemic and every time I've known it was just him making a big deal over a simple cold but this time he's complaining that it feels like someone is crushing his lungs and I'm starting to worry if it's finally happened. I won't admit to him that I'm worried unless he starts coughing blood because I'm the man of the house and have to stay strong kek, but I'm genuinely scared he'll get one of the bad cases
After five years of shit my life is finally improving so it would make sense for us to catch a lung-eating virus now and become crippled for life

No. 638112

How does he keep getting sick? If he's washing his hands and wearing a mask his chances of even catching a cold or flu is lowered quite a bit. What's happening?

No. 638921

I wish I knew anon, he has been self-isolating so unless I'm bringing him colds from the outside world that I'm immune to it doesn't make any sense to me either. I hope he is just pathetic and that it doesn't turn out to be the covid or immunodeficiency especially because I will feel like a jerk

No. 646209

I feel worried, I had to get an x-ray last week and the office I went to wasn't doing anything to prevent covid spread. I went inside, no one took my temperature or asked any screening questions about if I had any symptoms that might signal infection. They had all of the patients waiting in the same waiting area together. Three people in the waiting room didn't have masks even though it's mandated state-wide. Two employees at the front desk didn't wear masks. They didn't wipe anything down before or after my visit. A man in the waiting room kept having coughing fits and every time he coughed he took his mask off. Then when I had to x-ray I had to take my mask off and set it on a dirty table top where everyone sets their purses and shit. I put my mask back on and I'm scared even that was a mistake after it touched the table. The last two days I have had a sore throat and nausea plus diarrhea. I'm so scared I got sick. I've been isolated ever since the pandemic started because I'm high risk. Now I've left my apartment twice in the last month for medical stuff I was putting off and I'm scared I was infected due to their negligence. I would have left immediately but it's the only place that does x-rays in the entire area. The test positivity rate in my county is almost 25%. I'm so scared, anons. I feel like I'm going to burst into tears.

*deleted and reposted because spelling mistake and I felt stupid

No. 646724

On the bright side, if Trump and Chris Christie survive corona I think the chances of most people surviving are pretty good.

No. 646725

except don't they have higher quality medical care

No. 646728

you do realize that those people get 24/7 1 on 1 care (the president of the US probably has the whole hospital attending to him) and special treatments (ie antibodies) that your average nobody in the same situation would not get?

No. 646739

With corona specifically, medical care doesnt seem to amount to much. The body's reaction to the virus is completely random, some treatments work for some and not others.

No. 646832

Two people have corona. Both are having difficulty breathing–one is able to get top quality care quickly with respirators, the other is not.

Yeah, having better medical care DOES make a massive difference, anon.

No. 649048

A lot of people still die on ventilators though. Though it is getting better now

No. 649050

I’m finally getting covid fatigue. I was fine not doing anything in the spring and summer when I was living at home. But now I moved to a new city and started a new job and I want to go out again. It’s too bad that covid is certainly going to get worse during the winter too.

No. 649053

Same, it was hard to switch to home office in first weeks but I thought I'm fine now, yet last two weeks my mental wellbeing is just getting worse and worse, and it doesn't help that my country's situation is easily few times worse than it's ever been. I can't wait for it all to be over.

No. 649222

i have a friend who's brother is a nurse and his brother survived having covid twice since it hit. he has asthma as well and it seems he doesn't have any aftereffects of being sick.

No. 649673

I feel like people are completely mindwashed and I want to scream into the void.
Masks don't do shit. We have mandatory masks in open air since July and yet we're the worst Euro country in number. The reason why they're still enforced? Luxury tax. Oposition parties asked twice to lower it to basic product tax and the (allegedly left-wing) government voted "no" both times because they "want to lower it to 0". Still hasn't been done. Kids are being suspended from schools for refusing to do PE with a mask on. And despite being October it's still fucking hot here, a lot of people are feeling awful or collapsed because of masks. When people started using reusable masks suddenly a lot of "studies" proving reusable masks aren't effective popped up. It's all to line politicians pockets. Yet people are screeching on social media about how irresponsible we are for taking masks off on a fucking empty street. I've even seen idiots wishing we had guns like in 'murrica so they can shoot people who don't wear their masks properly. So much for saving lives amirite.
We have the highest numbers in Europe because the central government promised more money to the hospitals which reported more cases. So they started massive PCR testing (yeah, those tests who frame common colds as COVID positives) and people are fucking blind screaming we should go into lockdown again when from 1k positives only 2 or 3 people actually need to be hospitalized. Again, our government is waiting for the EU will also give them more money for reporting more cases. Will that money go to funding important things? Nah, it will all line their pockets.
The whole "flu completely dissappeared in the southern hemisphere" is absolute bullshit. Idk how so many people go through the mental gymnastics of thinking it's all thanks to masks when it's so fucking clear they counted flu cases as COVID cases.
Our government also approved a law which allows law enforcement to bust into your house without a warrant "just to check there's no illegal meeting(aka 6 or more people) happening". And people are cheering this bullshit.
Everything so your 93 years old granny Maria doesn't die. Well, if she's still alive in 2-3 years when the vast majority of people will be unemployed your granny Maria will be cut half her pension and she'll probably die of starvation.
>b-but young healthy people are also dying
Hamplanets aren't healthy. If you don't stuff yourself you won't get the beetus and you won't be at risk.(>>>conspiracy thread)

No. 649675

I hope this is bait. You sound like a total retard.

No. 649680

ok but before you typed all of this did you try searching google for how facial coverings are supposed to work because kek. its not the masks fault your government is full of exploitive rich white collar old men who dont give a fuck about you.

No. 649682

People aren't even wearing the fucking things correctly the majority of the time. When you're pulling it down under your nose and constantly fucking with it, guess what spreads because you're not washing your hands after you do it? Won't the virus spread faster and onto everything that way? And it's nearly ALWAYS with fucking old people. Most of the people here over 60 weren't wearing them until they were mandated, and it was shocking because to be in the age range where they're supposed to be so vulnerable they were smug

No. 649693


>And it's nearly ALWAYS with fucking old people. Most of the people here over 60 weren't wearing them until they were mandated

Fucking THIS.
From my personal experience, old people are the ones who do not give a shit at all when it comes to wear a mask the right way, keep distance from you etc. I can say how often I saw them wearing a mask, taking it off sneeze into the wild and then put it back on. Or cleaning their noses in a bus and then touch the pole right after it.

Shit like this is the reason why I only go with shopping cards into the grocery store because it gives me the chance to push them away from me when I walk around or stand in the waiting line because otherwise they stand right behind me.

And don't even start with my own grandma that had to celebrate her 70th birthday with other old people because she knows nobody that died yet of covid …

No. 649698

>Masks don't do shit. We have mandatory masks in open air since July and yet we're the worst Euro country in number.
This is the reason why I've always thought the mask sperging is retarded as fuck. It's a placebo and gives people a false sense of security and control over the situation. You don't get the infection from walking past someone not wearing a mask, in most cases you get it from a family member, a friend, a colleague or someone you have spent a long time with in close contact. Masks may help a bit but physical distancing and good hygiene practices are much more effective ways to not catch the virus. Like fuck wear a mask if you want to but I'm so sick of seeing virtue signaling "went outside today and I can't BELIEVE someone wasn't wearing a mask!!!! ppl r DYING" okay stay the fuck home if you're that neurotic over it.

>Everything so your 93 years old granny Maria doesn't die. Well, if she's still alive in 2-3 years when the vast majority of people will be unemployed your granny Maria will be cut half her pension and she'll probably die of starvation.

Fucking This. Besides some rare corner cases every time I see a patient described as "young and healthy" catching the severe form of covid it's always a fat tub of lard already having breathing problems under all that flubber. All of the actually healthy young people in their 20s-30s I know who have had covid couldn't tell it apart from a normal flu.

No. 649703

Wouldn't a lot more of them be dead if they're doing all of that and being completely careless, decrepit immune systems and all?
Cloth masks are going to be the harbingers of even worse things and we're already seeing that with dermatitis. Once everyone is locked indoors with the warmth inside again, wearing those microbe infested sheets over their faces full time, we're going to start seeing even more sickness.

No. 649704

Do you guys…not wash your masks regularly?

No. 649706

Yes. Do you think the majority of the world populus does? If you have any other infection that you've caught that's airborne and made it through the mask you're going to make it worse

No. 649709

>Masks don't do shit.
Masks when used correctly prevent people from touching their faces. There are reports coming out that active coronavirus can live on surface layers and skin for up to 9 hours, compared to flu which can only last a bit over an hour. So wearing a mask combined with frequent handwashing is sound logic to prevent the touch spread of the virus.
Coronavirus is also confirmed airborne. Meaning any facilities with enclosed space, poor ventilation, and tons of people (offices, churches, clubs, funeral homes, schools, etc) are way for likely to spread particulate without masking.

Sorry about your government but masks definitely have use.

No. 649715

Ah yes, the Chinese, known for being omnifats and hamplanets certainly died so much from covid due to their world famous girths.


No. 649716

This is the stupidest thing I've read all day. People constantly touch their face with masks on. Constantly.

No. 649717

Not everyone and it still stands that more people are touching their faces less with it on. It's not stupid.

No. 649722

Masks have shown to reduce the viral load if infection occurs and reduces severity of symptoms.

I don't get the people that wear masks, but wear skimpy clothing. Saw a girl out jogging in the rain when it was 11c wearing booty shorts and a sports bra. She had a mask on tho lol

No. 649724

Are people legit wearing masts in public spaces then? Always? How is the nightlife? Are schools and universities working?
You're completely unhinged all because you refuse to put a mask on your face for a few hours. Risk group starts at 50 years old, not at 90, but even if it did then what, you want someones grandma to suffocate and die alone in a hospital because you're so fucking retarded you refuse to participate in some communal effort?
I wanted to write more but I'm so pissed at this post I'm gonna leave it as it is. Congrats on being so woke anon, hope you stay in your basement forever though.

No. 649727

Do you have any exact numbers for that or are you just listening to the telly? I've seen it's worse when people are trying to talk to me or eachother and their pulling the fucking things down to speak

No. 649731

Where are your numbers about how masks don't actually do shit? You seem to have superior sources so you should have no trouble presenting them here so us "telly watchers" who definitely don't read studies or medical journals can learn a thing or two.

No. 649732

I’m so late I know, but seriously, if they’re violating state laws especially being a MEDICAL office, please report them to whatever your version of public health is (Canadafag here)

No. 649736

Fuck didn't copy it right but yeah, people do. If the police catches you not wearing the mask on the fucking fields you will get a fine and depending on the mood of the policeman, a beating and an arrest.
Nightlife has been suspended since March. Schools are working but kids older than 6 can't attend without a mask (but they can be crowded in classrooms) and if they don't attend our dear politicians already threatened parents with social services.
My mom is almost 60, got the COVID and she was down with fever for a couple days. The virus doesn't do shit if you're not sick as fuck already.
I'm all for masks in closed/crowded places and grandma shouldn't leave home.

No. 649737

I’m all for masks, but i totally agree they’re making people think no other practices are required. When I ask people to stay 6 feet away from me (I’m a bitch), they always just reply “well we both have masks on what’s the issue?”

No. 649738

>I've seen it's worse when people are trying to talk to me or eachother and their pulling the fucking things down to speak
So the problem is people are absolutely fucking stupid and not using masks properly, not that masking is a problem. I see this too and it drives me insane, but it doesn't make using masks properly less effective. Always boomers and old people, too.

No. 649739

Observation. People watching when you're working with them constantly tells us quite a lot about the behaviours of others. Outside of watching people whose hands are too busy and holding too many things, they're constantly touching their faces and around the masks

No. 649740

I fucking dare you maskfuckers to live at 40ºC (and by live I mean move in the fucking sun, not sit under the AC) sweating with a mask on. Let's see how healthy you feel.

No. 649743

I'm not trying to dismiss the effectiveness of masks, only the intelligence and credit that we seem to be giving the general population of the world. The best part is that they think they're doing it right.

No. 649744

Oh, your anecdotal evidence. See cause where I live most people are using their masks properly and not touching them constantly.

No. 649745

Just because your mom was fine (and I'm very glad she was, because I'm worried for my own mom so I can imagine the stress it was) doesn't mean everyone will be. My mom's hospital had a ~80 years old man in a bad state actually manage to beat the virus and go home just fine while somewhere else in the country a 46 years old with no other illnesses died. It can happen, and we really really should do everything in our power to prevent that. >>649737 is very right though, masks are one thing but another is respecting everything else also, people constantly breach the "safe space" in the stores and all, like, go TF away, there's enough space for both of us, you don't have to bump into me.

I gotta say I have no experience with police being overzealous since it didn't happen in my country yet (police enforcing the rules forcibly I mean) but I can totally understand getting pissed at them crossing the boundaries depending of whether they feel like or not. It's messed up.

Where is 40 degrees now?

No. 649747

I worked in food service at a very busy local shop during the humid summer and kept my mask on without fucking with it in the slightest, moving tables and chairs outside, waiting on them, sweating my ass (not to mention my face) off. I mean, try again? Did have plenty of boomer spergs try to ~own~ me a few time, though, so I'm used to the likes of you.

No. 649749

Are you a fatty-chan or something? Is that why wearing a mask is so hard for you?

No. 649750

Anon do you dismiss everything that you see in your day to day life? I try to be very practical and take into consideration what the news is saying, but when the only thing that I've observed en masse in person is the opposite. Couldn't you see there being a conflict there?

No. 649755

Haha don't drag fatties into this, they're the ones being the most paranoid cause they know the stakes for themselves.

We've got perfectly average people acting like they can't breath in a mask in the southern US just because it's hot outside and they don't want to wear one like everyone else.

Your error is assuming that masking isn't working in other places just because people are messing around in your area. And that still doesn't prove the masks are ineffective because some people paw at theirs.

No. 649758

Cloth masks are harbingers of germs unless people follow the correct steps and keep their hands away from their faces, adjust only from the sides if needed, and wear them properly.
I am not saying that masks are ineffective. I'm saying that people are too fucking stupid to follow simple rules and will end up getting themselves and everyone else around them sicker by half assing it.

No. 649759

So the solution is to dissuade effectiveness completely because of morons. No thanks.

No. 649763

I'm not telling you to dissuade anything. Would you kindly not put words into my mouth and not go full on hysterical?

No. 649764

This is your brain on media hysteria

No. 649766

True that, there should be more efforts put into showing how to wear the mask and what not to do (like pulling the mask down on your chin when you are too lazy to remove it to eat something etc). Also huge emphasis on washing the mask after EVERY use. It will dry overnight so it shouldn't be that hard.

No. 649769

I haven't done anything. You said masks were "stupid" because you see some people in your area touching their face and pulling it down when my original argument that you responded to was for CORRECT use. You're the one going absolutely hysterical you shitcunt.

No. 649774

File: 1602167163935.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x341, hmm.jpg)

>You're the one going absolutely hysterical you shitcunt.
Nta but

No. 649777

I'm not the only anon you're arguing with. Another anon said that masks don't do shit. I stated that they're not effective and shit at guarding from disease when used improperly. Please calm your collective tits and take a break from electronic devices for a bit(infighting; baiting)

No. 649780

Incredible. Common sense. I love you anon.

I don't get what's so hard about pulling them off from the ear straps or adjusting it on the very edge of the nose piece if it's slipping (that's the only place I may fuck up regarding mask wearing/touching). Also, all the people wearing them under their nose…I did it in my car once after leaving a place full of people who didn't know how to wear them properly, and it's LESS COMFORTABLE. I will never understand.

No. 649781

>Masks don't do shit.
With correct use they do.
>But some people don't do it correctly.
That's not a good enough reason to make blanket statements that they don't do shit when it's actually some people just not following rules.

Is everyone clear now? You need to wear a mask and wear it correctly. Unless you have a study that states their ineffectiveness, the burden of proof has already been provided in numerous studies for wearing the mask that they do indeed prevent contagion with proper use.
Quit using weasel words and arguments because you don't want to wear the damn things.

We all know exactly which posts you made cause you don't use sage for any of your infighting. Lmao.

No. 649785

What's your point? The OP that was responded to stated masks don't do shit. When anons responded to that you jumped in on behalf of that OP who's allegedly not you to try to gotcha people with arguing that some people don't wear it correctly and lower effectiveness.
Whoop de damn do. What's your point? All you're doing is arguing and playing a clown, we been knew that some people don't wear masks correctly. You're literally fighting for supposedly no reason.

No. 649788

You’re samefagging hard, it’s obvious by the similar typing styles and lack of sageing. Get over yourself and wear a mask, anon.

No. 649797

Imagine being so contrarian and full of rage about being asked to do a basic thing, but too self conscious to express it anywhere an anonymous board where everyone hates you, she’s clearly thriving!!

No. 649802

What in the actual fuck? I've agreed with your statement. Wear them correctly or they don't prevent contagion. Wear them incorrectly, and risk contagion. Why should I bother samefagging if I agree with you?

No. 649805

>we been knew
Gtfo here with your ESL ass. Did you even comprehend the majority of what I said?

No. 649811

Did you mean AAVE oh my god stop you're so embarrassing

No. 649812

The audacity of this bitch lol.

No. 649820

Found the scrote

No. 649845

They just can’t seem to resist being demeaning

No. 649862

Stfu you fucking crybaby scrote. Go back to your Menschen on 4chan.(infighting)

No. 649974

wait I genuinely don't understand this, like is she going to absorb the covid through her thighs and midriff?

No. 650195

I work in a daycare where we don’t wear masks but we have spray down the room twice a day and it’s so exhausting. And one of my coworkers decided it was a good idea to go to the bar on a work night yet they had the gall to imply I was lazy because I didn’t want to do pointless work

No. 650440

In my town, a middle aged public servant who is also an anti masker went bar hopping in a densely populated area while waiting for the result of a covid test. He ended up testing positive and the bars he went to had to shutdown for several days. This kind of negligent behaviour from people who should know better makes me feel like I'm going insane, he should be fined for this shit. On that note, I'm fucking sick of people not making distance between me and them when the space is available for it. It makes my blood boil every time, like why can't these retards practice the slightest bit of spatial awareness?

No. 651210

The nurse I saw at my doctor's appointment yesterday was complaining about coronavirus protocol and hinted that it might wink wink go away after the election. I assume because of it's a democratic hoax. I hate it here. Even the medical staff is retarded.

No. 652172

No. 652175

File: 1602351844066.png (949.68 KB, 1502x372, mhm.PNG)

can't wait to have a scientific awakening thanks to a channel like this