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File: 1564919951222.png (156.07 KB, 186x419, download.png)

No. 443618

Old thread >> No. 413538
A thread to collect topics/things that absolutely or mildly annoy you. Express your anger ladies.

Ex.Extreme nitpicks, anachans vs fattychans going at it, insecure farmers shitting up threads because tiddys were mentioned, you get the gist.

No. 443622

File: 1564920757074.jpeg (227.26 KB, 1018x1105, 5995100df0c12.jpeg)

I hate it when people see a meme, 2me4meirl, or watch a piece of media, bojack horseman/rick and morty, that calls them out for having bad habits or being a shitty person and all they do I say 'ha ha that's literally me' without any effort to improve.
The worst people at this are those dumb 'relatable artist' ones. Instead of liking 50 'I cant draw hands memes' have you tried practicing hands?

No. 443692

the new OP picture for this thread sucks ass

No. 443788

You know what’s really fucking annoying? Me. I’ve had depression as far back as I can remember, grew into anxiety and bpd shortly after. I know everyone fucking hates me because I hate myself and everyone is so cute telling me to get help. Bitch I wish I was privileged enough to afford help. I’ve tried to seek help, been to a number of therapists that promised to help me budget a plan for recovery, but I can’t even afford the bargain bin shit. I’m at my fucking breaking point and I know I’ll kill myself soon because I can’t fucking live like this anymore. I can’t fucking live with myself anymore. There’s too much shit wrong with me and not enough money to fix it. I don’t want anyone’s sympathy I just want it to fucking end. I honestly feel like I have no control over myself anymore and it fucking scares me how fast I can go from neutral to sobbing or screaming. I don’t even remember the last time I was fucking happy. I haven’t even been able to fake it anymore, every day is a fucking nightmare that won’t end. And it’s no ones fucking fault but my own. I’m the problem.

No. 443996

This. I was already annoyed by you when I got to the seventh word. Clean your room and forgive your parents. Happiness is a choice.

No. 443997

So does the one for the vent thread. Tf is that shit AND they were tripping for some reason. Fuck summer

No. 444007

Lets have a fucking swearing contest fucking fr motherfucker

No. 444031

Gonna see my in laws tomorrow and I really don't want to. They're so boring and they pick on my looks all day or ask about my finances.

No. 444063

>Happiness is a choice
Lol okay Marianne Williamson

No. 444069

I wish there were any internet communities pertaining to Islam from a Muslim background but with a
secular point of view that wasn't filled with grown men who sperg and get triggered over little shit they disagree with.

When I was a teenager I so desperately wanted to milk Islam-"critics" but then I came across a discord group filled with sweet Muslims who then later showed their fucked up opinions and I was done. I still want to though, but I doubt any normal (or literally any) communities for this exist.

No. 444076

>not fucked up views
>with that doctrine
It's not gonna happen bruv

No. 444116

"Innie" vaginas are the most retarded, sexist meme on Earth and I wish everyone who upholds it as an ideal would get lobotomized. It's shaming women just for having labia minora!

No. 444122

these people are the same people who get offended over big dicks being the ideal.

No. 444127

File: 1564998054160.jpeg (22.2 KB, 640x632, received_714196545641353.jpeg)

I just wanna buy cute platform shoes off of my cheap and shitty asian sites but they never go over size 8. And then companies like Dollskill come by and take those same shoes, make the sizes bigger, then mark the price up at least 3x. I curse the day I said I wanted big feet as a kid because I thought it meant I was 'more grown' than my cousins.

No. 444141

What do you mean anon? You sound insecure
The term innie and outtie vaginas aren't in itself sexist terms, and women with innie vaginas have labia minoras too, it's just not sterotypically attractive, which is fine because human genitals generally aren't attractive, just like some dick shapes look weird and gross and other dick shapes look more attractive

There are however, definitely men who are complete assholes about it and tinfoil about how she must have been hoeing all her life and how women with outties aren't worthy of sex, love or relationships, which is disgusting of course

No. 444161

God, I wish women would stop worrying about how their labia/vulva looks because the men who nitpick and guffaw about our genitals don’t know what they’re talking about and aren’t worth our time. I don’t think the women who fret about this are annoying—just the men who propagate this bull shit.

No. 444167

Anon you're on a site that thought Belle Delphine having an outtie vagina was milk and something to spend hours trying to figure out

No. 444272

my roommates annoy the fuck out of me holy shit
a few months after moving in the other two became a couple and now she's always shrieking and putting on this grating pouty voice, and he's laughing really loudly
he's in general loud with everything, and our flat smells like weed constantly because of him
also i can always tell when he bought more weed because whenever he's high HE FORGETS TO CLEAN THE TOILET AFTER TAKING A SHIT
but then this dude had THE GALL to throw a tantrum about a small period blood stain under the toilet seat (as in when you flip it up, guess he found it when pissing while standing)
he's also the worst bass player in this country but will crank up the sound so much that we regularly have neighbors complaining
i know it's all small things (there's more but it's all similar stuff) but i need to vent somewhere
we're about to have someone else move in and i pray to god that the new guy is somewhat bearable, i need some mental support in this house

No. 444276

File: 1565028516366.gif (795.08 KB, 500x236, giphy (1).gif)

Every time a cop drives behind me, they always fucking tailgate me! What am I supposed to do? Go above the speed limit so they can trap me and give me a ticket? I know I'm probably being paranoid, but I fucking hate cops, and always feel uncomfortable around them.

No. 444277

nah fam, some cops do this on purpose.

No. 444280

Your roommates sound really shitty, anon. But somehow I don’t think adding another person to that is going to make it any better for you.

No. 444283

they're just getting close enough to read your license plate so they can run it and see if anything juicy comes up they might be able to pull you over and check on

No. 444284

Weird. I’ve never needed to tailgate in order to read license plates myself. Seems more like they’re trying to intimidate people into making poor choices so they can meet their quotas than anything else.

No. 444285

they're cops though, why would they be able to see properly? they act like they can't even be bothered to see who they're shooting at most days.

No. 444310

this guy pouting like some moe animoo

No. 444339

well it's a 4 person living arrangement and our previous 4th roommate moved out recently
she was only here for one semester and not involved at all
right now if there's any descisions to make the couple will decide together and if i'm unhappy i'm "outvoted", this already happened when it came to managing some finance stuff and when choosing our new roommate (the only reason the person i didn't like didn't move in was because he found a different place in the meantime. they seriously wanted to have some 30+ year old indian dude move into our student flat because he promised to cook for them. the one roommate is vegan and complains about the slightest hint of spice, she wouldn't be able to eat shit of what he'd cook anyway)
so I hope the new guy will even it out a bit.

No. 444350

The cops tailgate you because they're all fucking assholes. They're all Afghanistan and Iraq vets with PTSD. what the other Anon said about not being able to read the license plate is bullshit.

No. 444357

that's true but those registration stickers are tiny and it's something i've been pulled over for before

No. 444363

small registration stickers but also the possibility that they are on a priority call that is non emergency but they still have to get there asap. acab idiots drive me nuts.

No. 444365

I'm so fucking sick of having people around who get pissed off/mad because of jealousy when anything good happens to me. I have no friends because of this. What kind of behavior is this, even? Like, is this normal shit? I'm always happy to hear of the good things going on in the lives of people I care about, personally. It really feels like I can never share the good things happening in my life with anyone because they instantly turn around and say I'm bragging or some shit when I'm just trying to have a conversation.

No. 444367

I'm kind of tired of women putting down other women for having a body men supposedly like, especially when all men are different. Women with innie vaginas and big boobs don't exist to piss you off and a lot of men don't care for either one.

No. 444370

Fucking twitter fujos.

No. 444376

idc what they are doing but i wish they stopped calling my favourite kpop boy gay.

No. 444436

They ruin everything. So glad I got off twitter years ago.

No. 444963

The way reddit pretends to care about issues just pisses me off. The way reddit tries to care about fat people (fatpeoplehate), MLMs (antiMLM), and child abuse (casualchildabuse). All these subs missed the point of trying to fix the problem and just devolved into selfrighteous cirlcejerking on how they weren't the people posted in the sub.

No. 444966

Yeah, agreed. The kinds of people that wanna post in those subs are all crazy and hateful themselves.

A platform like Reddit could be doing so many good things for the issues they like to discuss but they all turn into shitposting and circlejerking. Is it the teenagers that keep fucking up discussion or are grown adults also retarded?

No. 444988

What are you talking about? Who said anything about big boobs?

Also I'll disagree with you on the whole "men don't care" thing, just a simple look through relationship forms or Google searches you'll see men dumping their girlfriends over their boob size or labia, if they aren't dumping them they just go to the internet and bitch, compare them to men, brag about emotionally abusing them, it gets sick the lengths men are willing to go to just because their girlfriend doesn't have a feature they like

No. 445268

I hate that the old vent thread got bumped and is now relatively active alongside the newest one.

No. 445273

Yep that’s what happens when dumbasses make the new threads way too soon

No. 445291

Queen. I love you anon

No. 445294

File: 1565194528702.jpg (70.46 KB, 630x630, 1360929_1.jpg)

This is REALLY dumb but I'm so tired of my boyfriend wearing Spencer's Gifts or video game graphic t-shirts all the time, especially when we have lunch or dinner dates planned. He knows I like to wear skirts/dresses/even just cute blouses and curl my hair for our outings but he'll literally show up in pic related, and has done so multiple times. Writing it out feels so petty but I feel embarrassed about how we look together. I dont want to hold hands with a guy who got his wardrobe from a high schoolers' reject bin. and he actually expects me to feel turned on at the end of the day

I'm starting to understand why women wear the bare minimum of topknots and hoodies/leggings. Men will not put in any effort so why should we. He also knows how much I appreciate good clothes but wont pick out any of his nice ones just for one damn date. reeee

No. 445301

I have a variant of that shirt lmao.
Have you talked to him about how it turns you off and makes you want to not spend time with him? Could be a wake up call for him. I do find it petty that you can't get over how he looks, but it's your relationship and looks like you really need him to either try to look better or leave? Idk, a guy that doesn't find self-grooming relevant is probably not going to start doing it bc they start to conflate grooming with "vanity" which is really dumb but they do that. Men draw the strangest lines and build their masculinity over it.

You should try dating and asian or black man, those two groups have more individuals that care about things, they'll wear nice shoes and groom their hair usually. Not sure where it comes from, but white dudes are the sloppiest dudes on average for some reason.

No. 445302

this is really nitpicky but

I usually do my own nails but I sometimes go to salons with a nail tech friend of mine. I was on a family vacation a few weeks ago and my mom and sisters wanted to go on a spa-day, I don't know the area she drives to the cheapest one in the area demanding that we all get our nails done, and she prepares for the manicures and her pedicure. i'm too polite/scared to walk out now and the manicure starts to immediately chip. it's been a few weeks and it's so badly chipped, i can't wait to get it off i've just busy. family bonding lmao

No. 445305

He knows how I feel about what he wears and how I feel about those shirts specifically (he owns several), and after I told him I think theyre tacky and immature, he wore them again and again for dates and it felt like he was just trying to be an ass at that point. He actually has worn nice things in the past (we've been together 5 years) and has asked me if I'd like him to dress up for our dates the day of. But now he's just completely given up I guess. I have graphic tshirts too but I'm not wearing them to a $50+ dinner date.

He takes a lot of care in his hair though and has pride in being good looking. So I guess the vanity line for him is a zigzag instead.

I'm not really attracted to Asian or black guys but I do see how they attempt to dress clean and with some finesse. It made me laugh that you knew he was white though, lmao.

No. 445321

stop dressing nice on date or even actively wear ugly/lazy clothes and if he dares to comment, tell him he never wears anything nice for you so why should you

No. 445379

My bf literally only used to wear anime, MLP, gaming shirts (don't tell me to love myself I do, he is really sweet and treats me well and is attractive besides this)
I just sat him aside and told him I would prefer if he dressed nicer, especially when we go out on dates. He apologized because he didn't have that many nice clothes and the next time we went out he asked if we could stop somewhere and he bought nice button downs. He also started styling his hair nicely and shaving more closely.

How is it petty? A guy should take care of himself and look presentable if he's going out on a date with you. That shirt's pretty funny though.

No. 445424

It's petty that she feels she should be able to patronize her partner about his appearance. Idk, maybe she would do whatever he wants as well in which case it's not petty as much as it is mutually controlling.

Just date someone who values similar things, instead of trying to change them imo.

No. 445435

Majority of men are unaware of how slovenly they look and must be told.
Do you think the boyfriend would rather work out his wardrobe or be dumped?

No. 445480

My boyfriend was the same so I told him I would like him to wear nicer things and he moaned,

but then I offered to buy him a nice shirt and he wears it a lot now and expresses that he wants more.

I'm a bit of a sugar mama so I don't mind.

No. 445485

I'm saying it's shitty to date someone who hates the way you look. I do think it's good to dress for the occasion personally but pressuring someone to conform to my desires in this way would feel quite wrong to me.

If a man were to tell me what to wear for a date I would probably leave him.

No. 445541

Board has had a strange uptick in bitter fattychans getting defensive over fellow fatties being made fun of and insisting that fried processed foods are healthful. HAES is a cowtier meme.

No. 445563

I fucking hate this youtuber (markie, not the woman in the thumbnail). His voice, accent and the way he talks are extremely fucking irrirating and all I want to do is punch him. Can't even tell what he's talking about most of the time.

No. 445566

Where are people saying fried foods are healthy and why would you think only someone fat would be defensive about their food choices?

No. 445580

So, I'm 100% sick and tired of my bf listening to some guy called Professor Black Truth. The "professor" is just straight up a self hating sexist delusional shithead. Same with Tariq Nasheed, which my boyfriend also listens to constantly. I'm really not into people like them and I really wish he'd stop feeding into their shit. He teases me about my disgust towards them. Saying "Oh you're not pro-black". It's annoying as all fuck. I want to talk to him about it but the last time I talked to him about something he does that upsets me, it basically went in one ear and out the other. I really feel like telling him to only to listen to that shit with headphones on to spare my ears because I'm tired of hearing it.

No. 445581

I think other women obsessive to the point of nuerosis about other womens body types when society and scrotes already put us down about it are annoying as hell too

No. 445639

They're saying PIV sex is seen as the default, anon, not that no woman ever enjoys it. You may want to work on your reading comprehension and unclench.

No. 445689

The thread got too many responses from triggered people who didn't read the original post.

No. 445694

You should break up with him. Not considering a partner's feelings is a red flag in a potential long-term relationship. It will definitely not be good for you in the future.

No. 445707


If he has a habit of picking sexist men as his gurus I would run a fucking mile. The reason he isn't listening to you..is cos he doesn't think much of womens opinions

No. 445862

I hate that too. I accidentally posted in it because it had so many new replies and now I feel like a big dumbfuck. It doesn't help that the new vent thread isn't labeled, though.

No. 446183

File: 1565392581596.jpg (158.05 KB, 835x878, EBfxwuCWwAEBbUM.jpg)

The bnha fujos in particular are fucking vile

No. 446220

My mom won't just accept that we have different tastes in media and it's driving me crazy. When I was younger we used to bond by watching tv and movies together, but over the years we've stopped liking the same things and now it's a hassle to find something we both enjoy. We'll spend an hour scrolling through netflix trying to find something but it ends with us arguing because we can't agree on something to watch. We barely even look at the same genres of shows/movies, why bother forcing ourselves to watch stuff we hate?

I don't mind sitting through a bad movie if it makes her happy but I just wish she wouldn't get so upset when I tell her I don't want to watch a movie that she wants to see. It's not that I don't want to spend time with her, I just don't want to waste time on stuff I won't enjoy.

No. 446226

your mom was probably wasting a lot of time on stuff for you she didn't enjoy lol.

No. 446234

File: 1565402370933.jpg (43.52 KB, 510x239, 1542703404135.jpg)

Please make it stop.
Can't enjoy anything these days without people trying to shove horny content in everyone's faces

No. 446328

File: 1565419104454.jpg (38.85 KB, 600x759, c65.jpg)

anon i literally quacked irl wtf, these fujos are mental and they're fucking everywhere

No. 446341

File: 1565421248952.jpeg (53.63 KB, 567x319, 1531674736517.jpeg)

anon sorry for being late but this happened to me and i want to tell you this shit is not your fault and most of these people are so cranky because they're fucking losers and wont accomplish anything on life so they need to drag everyone else on their misery (boo fucking hoo), you deserve to feel good about yourself and your accomplishments, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

No. 446395

I really hate it when stuff is labeled 'no artificial sweeteners but still has stevia in it.
Like yeah it's made out of a plant, but it still has a nasty aftertaste like sucralose or aspartame.

No. 446417

i like it tbh, maybe coz im a bnha fujoshi myself but i think its a nice change of pace from mens shitty ahegao shirts everywhere
idk where one would wear that besides an anime con though, i saw a guy told he cant be let in unless he changes or covers his shirt so not even all cons let you wear em

i love proud fujoshi (girls who label themselves as such), id take that over uwu ftm mlm softbois yelling at fujoshi for fetishizing gay men as if theyre any different because they wear a he/him badge and call themselves oliver

No. 446421

I hate fujoshits and the male equivalent and posters who somehow think fujos are better.

No. 446422

stevia wont give you stomach cancer though anon.

No. 446520

File: 1565457050605.jpg (30.5 KB, 612x387, DJrmQ8yV4AA9JjX.jpg)


No. 446640

File: 1565477059827.png (3.05 MB, 2025x1200, degenerate.png)

It's literally the same shit, fujos will throw a fit when male nerds sexualize teenage girl characters yet they're doing the same with underage male characters
Fujos are as gross as neckbeards yet think they have the moral high ground, it's kind of hilarious

No. 446686

I don't drink stuff with artificial sweeteners either, they all have this terrible aftertaste that I can't stand.
Really pissed me off when the cheap Shasta pop started adding it to their non diet drinks just to make the label numbers look better.

No. 446690

> hey guys, guess what? i'm 31 today

every day. we stray further from god's light.

No. 446691

File: 1565489289468.jpg (41.48 KB, 500x333, 4527714-7474432124-large.jpg)

>Cake with ahegao on it

No. 446696

I fucking hate it when I'm standing behind someone in public and they open their selfie cam and I have to see myself.

No. 446697

talk about shit taste

No. 446699

I always give them a creepy face or start licking my lips seductively. It's always fun to see them weirded out.

No. 446700

I'm late af to responding but, I'm trying to be slightly understanding because this is very first relationship. So he's not use to how things work. He was kind enough to actually listen to me and put on headphones when I asked him to do so. I guess he's improving. I'm hoping this eventually leads to him dropping those two from his daily YouTube watches.

No. 446704

Dang ol' 8chan immigrants ruining mah board, build the wall.

No. 446711

Anyone else know anyone who's one of those MLM "boss babe" types? My coworker is in this hair product pyramid scheme and her instagram posts about it are so goddamn annoying but also hilarious. The best part is that the company literally has class action lawsuits against them for making people's hair fall out and their scalps break out in sores. But despite that she is super condescending to people who don't use this extremely expensive (it's like $50 for a 6 oz bottle) shampoo that fucks up your hair. I mean I don't use cheap drug store hair products either but even the most shitty $1 shampoo ain't gonna make your hair fall out.

Not to mention there's also barely a chance of making any actual money off any type of MLM.

No. 446713

are these really that common? I always hear about them but never see them

No. 446715

I think it depends on a lot of factors like location and age group. We're both in our early 20s and she's the only person I currently know who's in an MLM. I live in a large metro area and my social circle is mostly spiritual and bookish types but I imagine if you live in a smaller city or suburb with lots of bored stay at home moms you'd find a lot more.

No. 446731

File: 1565501176085.png (357.73 KB, 527x585, ugly.PNG)

why the fuck shit art like this get so many notes, some of those characters look like racial caricatures

No. 446734

well you live your life i suppose anon

hate to bring the same argument but theyre just drawings imo cant really have an age, most of the time their appearance looks more mature than they are. that image with the mother is quite cringe i agree, but for the cake in the context of eating it at home i dont see the problem honestly. i just visited her page and that sort of social unawareness in life is kinda nice as cringe as it is. i wish her the best. the comments are pretty sad, its a shame the bar for being a pedo is set so low, if it was loli or shota id get it, but 'teenagers'? very muscular ones too, i dont get this witch hunting culture.

i guess my contribution to the annoying thread is i hate newcomers to fandom who have grown up with the sjw crowd and leave shitty comments on things they dont like instead of just blocking and ignoring like it was done in the good ole days, witch hunting is so tiresome imo how do these kids have this much time to be leaving anon hate for shipping something they dont like, dont they have homework or something?

No. 446741

Yes, this art style is awful, but the show itself was way more awful and way more racist. Omi (the small one) is chinese and was depicted as being literally yellow.

No. 446745

bnha fans are obnoxious, fujoshi or not. I don't know if it's because it's mainstream and popular enough to attract all sorts of idiots.

No. 446765

>very muscular fictional drawn teenage character that could very well be 18 based on the vague cartoon looks alone
Are you done with your sperging? Show on the doll where the fujo touched you, anon.

No. 446767

> i just visited her page and that sort of social unawareness in life is kinda nice as cringe as it is.
Yeah this, I really can't bring myself to be angry over people who are obviously socially impaired but not malicious. They're harmless and mostly minding their own business despite being cringy and autistic.

The pedophile meme is set by people who hate fujos in general and are looking for any petty reason to bring them down, or people who want to cancel others for liking a ship they don't like, like what happened with the Voltron fandom. It's despicable because actual pedos are let go and the term has lost all its meaning in the midst of this. Now you actually have to to digging to find out if the cancelled pedo of the week is actually fucking kids or some MHA fangirl who stanned Bakugo.

No. 446780

Oh no, somebody upset the fujos.

No. 446794

It’s because it’s main stream. That’s how it goes, so hopefully something new will come along soon and drag all the undesirables with it.

With that said “Fandoms” are so unnecessary and do nothing except cause problems. If you want to enjoy something, do it with friends and/or keep to yourselves. The fact that you can’t control all the ridiculous headcannon/ship/fanart/drama nonsense that comes out of it makes me bitter tbh.

No. 446808

Hahaha what the fuck. Who the fuck is this?

No. 446824

And of course it's a they/them bondage cosplay enthusiast.
Fascinating to watch them grow…in age only.

No. 446838

>age 31
godspeed I hope she never has children

No. 446839

Sounds like the same kind of argument neckbeards use to justify jerking it to their 5000 years old loli vampires or whatever

No. 446843

They/them got too much autism for that, I think.

No. 446890

this thread is reminding me why protesting fujos on LC is a bad idea, it draws their ire

No. 446893

>If you want to enjoy something, do it with friends and/or keep to yourselves.
I already do that because I've seen how annoying fandoms can get long ago, but even my close irl friends are obnoxious about about this manga. Obviously it's only when the topic comes up or when we recommend new series or books to each other, and they're pretty well-adjusted for nerds. I haven't read it or watched it yet and maybe it's entertaining but from what I've seen it's just a typical popular shonen jump series that will be dragged on for a decade.

No. 446905

You don't need to protest fujos to make them angry, you can just write things like "I don't like yaoi so I want yuri recommendations" in the anime thread and they'll pop up and rage.

No. 446924

>you can just write things like "I hate yaoi because it's so stupid and my friend is a retarded fujo and I hate her and every other fujo so someone tell me yuri, recommendations because I hate those fucking weeb fujo bitches so much!!!" in the anime thread and pretend to be oblivious when your totally not forcibly provocative post is challenged
Fixed that for you

No. 446930

s e e t h i n g

No. 446931

Animefags are retarded lol

No. 446939

Hey look who popped up. Please take care of your blood pressure anon.

No. 446954

nta but that was an actual post in the anime thread lmao

No. 446957

I really wish people who are B L E S S E D so as to not have skin problems would stop giving unsolicited "advice" to people who suffer from these afflictions.
Stay in your fucking lanes. Count your lucky stars you can eat like shit while smearing bacon grease on your unwashed skin and sleep on it overnight on your filthy bedsheets yet wake up the next morning with skin as smooth as baby ass.
No, trying proactiv is not going to fix a genetic skin condition. Yes, older people with skin conditions have tried many methods to help it and it's harder than you realize.
Someone send out a fucking memo.

No. 446969

"Just wash your face and drink water!"

Wow thanks, never tried that one before. All this time I'd been washing my face with cooking oil and downing nothing but 5 bottles of coke per day!

Fucking morons. Of course I wash my face and drink water, did you really think someone who's been working with her doctor for four years to try and fix her acne hadn't tried that?

No. 446971

Nta but aren't they just running with the joke? I don't get why users are so quick with u r mad bro posts these days

No. 446975

God yeah, I also fucking hate when people assume acne sufferers are just simply unclean. If only they knew how much I dehydrated and tortured my skin as a teen by washing 4x a day and showering twice and coating it with peroxide because of that.

No. 447044

Solidarity, fellow bad skin anons. Nothing makes me angrier than when people think acne is a person's own fault. People with perfect skin just love to blame people for acne and try to give advice when they don't know dick about skin and don't even follow their own shitty advice.

I know a guy who has a residency at Johns Hopkins, and he says they still haven't fully figured out acne's causes yet. Basically, everybody's skin has some amount of the c. acnes bacteria on it. People with acne rashes have more of that microbe in their pores. C. acnes rearranges lipids, so when there's too much of c. acnes, the sebum's chemical properties change, which invites more dangerous bacteria into the pore and breaks down follicle walls, creating a larger resevior for dead skin, sebum, and bacteria. No one knows what causes c. acnes to overpopulate in some people but remain normal in others. What they do know is that hormones and genetics play significant roles.

I'm 20 and I have moderate acne. The only thing that's worked for me is a perscription anti-biotic cream (tretinoin). My friend uses birth control for acne, but that doesn't work for everybody, and for some women it makes the problem worse. Vitamin D supplements also seem to help some people.

No. 447047

I know what you mean. The people giving advice already started with nice skin. The bacon grease thing made me laugh since I only just read that that's a thing yesterday. Do people really do this? I saw one person promoting it and couldn't help thinking that the few times I have gotten bacon on my chin from eating bacon I ended up getting a pimple in that spot later. Are these people really this blessed that bacon grease and butter don't clog their pores? So strange.

No. 447048

There's a big difference between a woman sexualizing a 16 yo character and a man sexualizing 10 year old lolis.

Both are gross, but it's obvious which one is worse. The vast majority of child rapists irl are men, and the vast majority of victims are women.

No. 447053

Yeah, okay, but hear me out.
Have you tried, like… washing your pillows?


No. 447096

>>447053 stfu jkfag

No. 447098

I assume you're joking, but of fucking course we have. I wash my pillowcase every few days.

No. 448217

File: 1565765563531.jpg (92.28 KB, 1024x1024, AE-Beyonces-_Homecoming_-revie…)

as a greekfag,i truly fucking hate when foreigners,and especially americans(i notice it with them the most)do shit like pic related.why the fuck do you use fucking Σ as E and randomly place letter like Ψ,Δ,Θ etc in whatever to make it look aesthetic or whatever?it looks dumb.this shit probably started from the american colleges/unis with the random names like ΨΔΑ and it spread to whatever has to do with greece or sorority/frat shit in media.it makes the people who use these seem dumb and disrespectful. if it was another language i would see shit calling this cultural appropriation everywhere.i dont even really believe in cultural appropriation but this somewhat is

needless to add it's annoying as shit in other languages too esp if you know how to write things or read the language

No. 448256


i remember one burguer sperging about how burguers are the true heirs of roman culture and shit and posting Julius Caesar pictures, like bitch , what is this anglo from the new world talking about, they simply pick any culture and place in history and self insert their shitty fan fiction narrative in there like it all exists at their convenience.

My entire family is Italian and i know how italians use to be treated in the United States, they would not even consider them white because they were inmigrants, screw them.

No. 448258

I'm an American but I can read Cyrillic (started learning Russian as a kid but gave up) it really fucks me up when people use Cyrillic letters in place of the Roman letters that they vaguely resemble, like the one that looks like a backwards R. It's really annoying amd hurts my brain.

No. 448261

Reminds me of that one Soviet-themed 4chan banner that read "chsadi" in Cyrillic and people kept defending it with "It's just AESTHETICS!"

Also will someone explain sororities and houses and all that shit to me, because I don't get it. We have student apartments and parties in my country but it's not really the same, and they were built back in times of Yugoslavia so they're kinda shit now.

No. 448267

File: 1565772674064.png (412.16 KB, 402x525, Untitled.png)

i know some cyrillic too and i remember seeing Д used as an A and some other stuff and lost my shit

like fuck if you wanna use another alphabet do it correctly.at least it's gonna look considerate of the language

>"It's just AESTHETICS!"
no it's just them being brainless idiots.they look like the people who wear random shirts with shit written on them

>Also will someone explain sororities and houses and all that shit to me

yea same

No. 448273

File: 1565773640357.png (753.93 KB, 700x838, cultural appropriation REEEE.p…)

greekfag again.wanted to add this pic i saw where someone spelled Mykonos like MPSKOPOS (with fucking omegas)bc it didnt look GRΣΣΚ enough

No. 448420

File: 1565789957916.jpg (47.96 KB, 640x640, kill me.jpg)

Getting into frugal/saving culture is pretty cool, but frugal culture has this annoying 'I'm going to become rich one day!' sub-culture. You know the type of person why post stuff like pic related and falls for ever 'get rich quick' scam? They see frugal culture as a way to become rich and it's just cringy.

No. 448423

>if it was another language i would see shit calling this cultural appropriation everywhere
This. But Beyoncé fans are absolutely terrifying and would defend her even if she was a serial killer.

No. 448433

File: 1565791415425.jpg (125.26 KB, 720x921, 1565537452461.jpg)

Be my girlfriend, greekfag

No. 448435

Hasn't beyonce culturally appropriated a bunch of shit already?

No. 448453

I studied finance and holy shit those types were over half of my class. All of them used our degree to measure dicks and all of them have shit jobs now, or had rich daddies and are now losers doing blow and being "digital nomads" in Thailand. It's called being homeless, Thad.

No. 448454

What is the name of that type of cat, they are adorable.

No. 448470

For some reason I can't stand people who are extremely depressed but don't make an effort to get better, don't seek for professional help, people who think they won't get better even without trying, people who only know the word ''COMPLAIN'' and expect the world to turn better just because.

No. 448471

How can anyone normal and well adjusted browse 4chan?
I’m active on cgl and as obnoxious as that board can be, it’s probably the most sane and well adjusted one on the site, and big shock, most users there are women.

Whenever I browse any other board, no matter what the topic, 90% of the posts are
> Jews!!!!
>roasties are evil cunts
>greentext story about how anon totally has sex
>greentext story about how anon is an incel
>race sperging and trump posting
>regurgitating ancient memes and saying “based” every other word

No. 448478

One time I was browsing /ic/ and someone mentioned how they didn't join art discords because of the 'SJW rules'. When he was asked what the 'SJW rules' were he said wasn't aloud to say the n-word.

No. 448479

I browsed 4chan since 2005 until about a year ago since yeah, it's just the exact same low quality drivel over and over again. Maybe I simply grew up but I think it was the activity spike from the 2016 election that flooded the place with kiddies who copy every retarded meme they read to fit in.

No. 448484

exotic shorthair

No. 448493

I feel that to annon. Its kind of hard to tell People this because they'll just accuse you of being a 'have you tried being happy' or 'deppresion isn't real' type of person. They also might pull out the depresion is chemicals in the brain stuff too. Deppresion memes are the worst for this. Whenever somebody suggest surrounding yourself with depresion memes and self depreciating jokes 24/7 probally isn't the best idea and you'll get a hoard of 'well it helps me cope' replies in your inbox.
For all the shit reddit gives on how 'tumblr teens make up mental ilneses for internet points' reddit has the biggest place for teens to make up mental illness for internet point's, 2me4meirl.

No. 448521

I agree. I dont think anyone likes those types of people except for themselves. In my experience, the people like that also have victim complex towards hardworking secretly depressed people too.

No. 448532

idk how my frustration towards a shitty trend makes me gf worthy,but this was pretty cute thank u anon

my post wasn't on beyonce but the trend overall,it's just the latest example i saw of something/someone popular using it so i used it as an example.beyonce has done other annoying shit like filming a rap video with her husband in the louvre which could be considered "cultural appropriation" too.but no,since it's her and jay-z,it's "art".just imagine a white person doing it in some museum in an african country.shit would happen(random rant i just remembered that kek)

No. 448539

I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling like this. Truth is I've been depressed for 12 years now and tried to commit twice so I can confirm the victim complex is something real.
Having depression gives you an excuse to feel always worse than others and superior to their sadness and pain. I used to think I was better than other people because they couldn’t understand what it feels wanting to end it all but NOBODY cares at the end and nobody will care even if I harmed myself or kept posting about how lonely I was.
Other thing that I did was to think everyone owed me something because poor me couldn’t handle life and I thought I deserved to be treated with more respect because I was sad all the time. Now that I’m writing it I feel embarrassed.
It pisses me off to watch people degrade themselves and dragging people with them in their misery because it’s not fair, it’s manipulative, people loving me doesn’t give the me right to stand by me, even if I said I wanted to die.
I’m surrounded by people who drown in their depression because they want to. The hardest part is not searching for help, the hardest part is knowing that when they’ll get better, they won’t have any excuse to justify that they don’t want to study/get a job/take some responsibilities.

No. 448571

This picture was made by a moron who can't even spell the word "lose". Why do you even care what it says, the point is lost when you can't even spell basic words properly.

No. 448591

It's all just survivorship bias anyway.

There are tons of shit ass rich people who just inherited wealth or came upon it by chance, who have the mentality of the people on the left.
Meanwhile there are poor people who've done everything within their power to try to advance in life and still fail, even though they have the attitude of what's on the right.

Either way people only ever hear about the extreme examples from either side and don't consider the billions of people in the middle of the spectrum whose attitudes didn't really make or break them either way. It's absolute bullshit.

No. 448600

No. 448650

I get this. The only board I still bother with on 4chan is /g/ because I just want somewhere that I can talk about computer hardware and alternative operating systems. Nearly every thread gets derailed. The dilate/have sex shitposting is the most inane thing I have ever seen on an image board.

No. 448719

I can't stand 4chan. Every board is a porn and racebait board.

No. 449098

File: 1565930324285.jpg (300.6 KB, 959x1080, 365723948423.jpg)

agree. i hate the rampant sexism on certain boards that i consider somewhat gender neutral. i was browsing /ic/ a few months ago, and some dumb anon went on about how he can "draw the beauty of females without having the deal with their bitching and moaning". and of course their art, if the art they posted was theirs, was just a boring pretty girl. and a quite a few anons were cheering them on. just pathetic honestly.

unrelated, but most anime/manga plots are boring and any male targeted genres like shounen, seinen, ecchi have such awful female representative. women always fall into the "manic pixie dream girl" trope, and they are always sexualized to some extent. maybe i dont watch enough anime to make an opinion on this, but this is what ive seen from what ive read and watched.

No. 449187

Similar but it annoys e when english speaking people throw random umlauts in words. It lööks stüpid stöp it

No. 449256

why do so many people say "sage for x"?
like why do you feel the need to announce the specific reason you saged your post

anything that isn't new info regarding the cow (99% of posts) = sage. no explanation needed. how dumb would it be if everyone explained their reason for saging?

it doesn't really annoy me persay i just think it's stupid

No. 449258

It's an apology, anon. Other people are just trying to be polite.

Sage for obvious.

No. 449259

If I remember it correctly once a long time ago you had to announce the reason for your sage on early 4chan.
So that plus the anons here being over-apologetic and ready to accommodate others because of female socialization.

No. 449262

I hate people that post shit like
>you are not less of a feminist if you uwu like makeup, BDSM, is submissive, etc, etc

Fuck off I can shame whoever I want when i think they are just bending under le patriarchy. And why is it always the cringy kinky/sex positive kinds that post that? So annoying, stop shoving your porn and sex preferences all over peoples faces.

No. 449263

why apologize for making a comment just like everyone else? that's what lolcow is for

oh i didn't know that. although a lot of anons who do it don't even sage their actual post

No. 449267

That's an interesting tidbit from >>449259 in terms of internet culture history, but I'm still going to sage until you remember something else about imageboards.

No. 449270

File: 1565973690233.png (28.54 KB, 1634x176, 3456789.png)

shit i mixed the replies but it's too late to delete

i also kinda agree with the old admin about this

No. 449285

That’s why I stopped going on 4chan altogether. More than a decade ago, you can go on every board but /b/ and be okay. After the influx of actual serious racists, a few good SFW boards get shitty, but you can still go on boards like /mu/ and the outdoors one without seeing too much racism. Now, I can’t even go on the Pokémon board/vp without seeing someone call the new dark skinned character a nigger.

No. 449296

It makes me laugh when someone claims to be a feminist and submissive. And by submissive I don't mean wanting their partner to take the lead or being teased a little bit, but full on being choked, slapped, being degraded, called a slut, rough sex in general, etc. Yuck.

No. 449304

The same thing seems to be happening to CC, and that's why I've started avoiding it. It's worse because CC is a smaller site, but the mods (or admin) are either absent or don't really care anymore.
After the trannies and 4channer males LARPing as women comes their fucked up ideology, I guess.

No. 449527


imagine going to 4chan for art critiques. Everyone there is a noob clown that can't draw, whenever they do post art is terrible, just scrubs that regurgitate memes from popular artists but never get better and is blatantly obvious no one there knows what they are talking about and the anonymity makes it easy for jealous people to voice retarded biased opinions against much more talented artists and instructors.

I only browsed a couple times and understood it was an awful place to be. Sad thing is that currently there is nowhere better, since ca.org stooped being relevant there's nothing, its either pro showcasing like in artstation or retarded brainlet circlejerks and memes like in fb groups and ic/, no in between. And thats saying a lot because Ca.org was already a somewhat toxic bro club.

No. 449581

never thought I'd get to this point, but I'm tired of educated people from nice family backgrounds talk about the world with little empathy & only "research".

No. 449818


Empathy is often a handicap though. It can easily be abused by manipulators and politicians. A well informed opinion worths more than emotional drivel.

No. 449857

I hate when people bring their dogs to street festivals. What exactly is the point, like the street is crowded, they're just gonna cause a nuisance and everyone has to walk around them. My grandma nearly goddamn tripped over them every 10 minutes. Stop bringing your annoying ass dogs to places wheres its totally unnecessary

No. 449878

I dont know how to even explain this, but my mom always has a bunch of spit in her mouth and when she talks I can like, hear it? Mostly when she makes a K sound. It makes my fucking skin crawl so much. She also has really bad vocal fry. I feel bad for getting irritated but it's just so fucking disgusting and irritating.

No. 449884

why not both asshole. they're not mutually exclusive

No. 449910

Nayrt but a lot of 'fact driven' people tend to be really blind to circumstance. They read an article that says A is caused by B and they stick to that story even when a person is trying to tell them about a situation where A is caused by C and D.

No. 449913


they are also typically blind to nuances, idiosyncrasies and other variables.

No. 450604

For critique, there are amazing discord servers and FB groups made up of pros and semi pros but I'm not going to point anyone to them bc I'd hate to have artpergs from 4chan or LC shitting up those nice communities. I've seen enough art threads on these two sites to know the sorts of "artists" that hang there.

No. 451015

File: 1566321451591.jpg (22.73 KB, 600x315, qb93fiS.jpg)

This sounds like some stupid made up disease, but I'm pretty sure I have a visual static problem. Usually it's so small I don't notice it, but when I look at big swatches of one color it gets really bad.

No. 451017

Omg I used to experience this as a kid! This picture is extremely on point, especially the floating grey things. I thought I could see bacteria with my eyes.

No. 451020

No. 451028

I have that, too. When I was a child, I thought I was staring at neurons for some reason.

>The dots are white blood cells moving in the capillaries in front of the retina of the eye.
>The shapes are shadows projected onto the retina by tiny structures of protein or other cell debris discarded over the years and trapped in the vitreous humour.

No. 451049

i get these when i have anxiety that flares up. it's uncomfortable but harmless. also i get the floating lights from time to time when i take a shower.

No. 451137

Sure this isn't an ocular migraine?

No. 451148


great groups are only like 10 people at most and that´s it, those kind of cliques come with networking and finding your own professional friends you can create them with, which implies getting good enough or popular enough to sit in the cool kids table because art is highschool politics except forever. Anything else is not a big secret at all, specially on fb.

No. 451218

I have these too, I bring it up to my eyedoctor every time I go but she never seems concerned….they're fucking annoying though. I literally have them all the time, and sometimes they're bad enough that I can't ignore it.

No. 451259

File: 1566370726876.jpg (523.5 KB, 930x1467, bigsigh.jpg)

I can't decide which thread has the most insufferable userbase at the moment, the Venus Angelic or Momokun one. The Venus thread is full of skinwalkers having a mental breakdown over her doing pretty much anything. Honestly, I read a few of the most recent thread to see what qualifies as "milk" and it's 100% anons just speculating, then starting to believe their own fanfiction and applying it as facts. Momokun thread does the same shit but with more obviously bitter fellow costhots and people who for some reason are hellbent on trying to "prove" that Momokun is a pedo. Because she said that edgy Kanna thing once and pretends to have a mommy fetish for her incel fans. Gonna love how in 5 years after all this pedo sperging people aren't going to take actual pedo accusations seriously because people like this have muddied the term to nothing.

No. 451267

I don't get why the Venus Angelic thread even exists. She's clearly suffering from a lifetime of abuse and I only feel incredibly sad for her whenever I watch her videos. But crazy weebs still hate her because she got to go to Japan lmao.

As for Momo, she seriously peaked with the sexual harassment fiasco and hasn't had any milk since.

No. 451290

>I don't get why the Venus Angelic thread even exists.
This. I can't believe it's not on autosage or moved to /manure/ or something. It's just PULL tier tinfoiling and beating a dead horse for the 3rd year in a row. Who even gets a kick out of stalking an obviously abused girl who had to spend her teen years dressed up as a doll being pushed to publicity by her mother? She hasn't even done anything that's really milkworthy, she's just really, really sad to me. Like do you really want to spend your life posting unflattering in between movement frames from her videos to laugh at how "ugly" she is?

No. 451295

those threads exists because anyone who wants to really talk rationally like you anons gets completely shunned in them. it's really really sad that you gotta tiptoe around in /pt/ and /snow/, making sure that you say "haha she sucks tho amirite" at the end of your posts, basically.

No. 451318

I agree with the Venus thing. I only consider Margo a cow, I mean she abused her daughter since she was born, she used her for money, she didn't have a job, she did all sort of weird fucked up shit and is obviously a very big narcissist. I can only see Venus as a victim.

No. 451440

Fuck pinterest
I was enjoying it tremendously back when I downloaded it a few years ago, but mental disability from the creator's end likely manifested in the most retarded updates for 2 weeks time. The creatures took away the ability to swipe left to view the subsequent pin (what the actual fuck?), removed the like button, added the ability to pin through screenshots then removed that, fucked it up so it became prone to collapsing the minute I enter the main page after performing a search, replaced thumbnails with weird boxes and made it impossible to click anything to view it. I deleted the app with it's updates and downloaded the older version to retain tranquility without a disabled snotter updating that shit and ruining it, and things were going pretty smoothly until another boost of autism manifested in a banner that pretty much said, "Your app will be out of date by August 15th, please update it." I was done, but the nail on the coffin was actually opening it today, seeing it had updated to an unusable form, and deleting it for good, because it's unusability makes it a waste of space at this point. Pity, because Google images has become unusable too. Sincerely hoping that they fuck the app so badly it gets mass deleted and forgotten, just like they did with Tumblr.

No. 452534

What's with all these grown ass adults throwing shitfits about the MCU/Spiderman split. Who even fucking cares.

No. 452967

I know I should separate the art from the artist, but I'm kind of disappointed that 2 musicians I recently got a liking to turned out to be hardcore /r9k/ incels. I guess I shouldn't have assumed much from the guys who made 'life is neet' and 'santa give me a girlfriend for Christmas', but I;m kind of sad they're wasting their talents on rapping about being an incel. I think the neet guy is slowly growing out of his inceldome, but I think the Christmas guy is going to shoot up some place

No. 453019

I find it so rude and disrespectful when people put their phones on the table as they eat. It seems to be the norm sadly because when I got out to eat there's so many families and couples with their phones on the side. My sister put her massive phone down in the middle and the poor waiter had to awkwardly shift the plates around to avoid touching it. Like, would it kill you to put it away for a quick meal? I can't comprehend it.

No. 453020

what artists????

No. 453025

I know the NEET rapping guy (Chad Marco), I discovered his channel when he posted a thread with misogynistic slurs on a female-dominated subreddit, seems like your typical robot as you said. I'm also curious about the artist of the christmas song?

No. 453130


No. 453145

I know this woman and she’s one of the ‘all-men-are-bad-I-hate-them’ feminists, but the same time she literally wants every guys attention and if she doesn’t get it, she starts talking about how bad and evil men are and that she’s going to turn lesbian and bla AND ITS IS SO ANNOYING!I mean, how can she ‘turn’ lesbian when she physically lusts after every guy she knows and asks them out when she knows they aren't interested

No. 453154

She seems to be the type to do a total 180 and pull a Laci Green once she finds a stable relationship.

No. 453167

She sounds bitter and would be okay with men when she finally bags a man. Funny how that works, hm.

No. 453176

Holy shit do we know the same person? This women I know is exactly the same. She even claimed she was lesbian and paraded around the fact she was fully accepting of her sexuality and love of women for a good half year, next thing you know she's dating a man and all of a sudden she's going on about her lover and having sex with him. I honestly don't get these people. She broke up with him a few months ago, but she's starting to do the "I'm so gay" thing again.

No. 453183

No. 453188

I've had visual snow pretty much all my life
It does appear as a symptom from doing too many drugs, stress, or like you said migraines

But sometimes you get lucky and get to have all of it for free!

The eye floaters just weird clumps of eye fluid, you can typically get rid of them by rinsing out your eye or crying

No. 453255

Margo and Moo are cows, I feel bad for Venus. She's not problem free but she's also a product of her environment, and getting out after an entire life of an abuse with a narcissist mother who lives veraciously through her meant Venus was never going to be well adjusted

honestly I have a similar experience with my mother, and I have to live with mine right now due to "difficulties" so it's insufferable to me to think about the shit Venus has gone through while having to deal with my own projecting mentally ill mother with abusive tendencies crawling up my ass. I can't really hate Venus because she's not milky at all compared to someone like Moo who's abused and harassed people, and she's moreover a victim of long term abuse who's had trouble with maladjustments after growing up in a sheltered and difficult environment.

No. 453267

I think this is just how vision normally works and most people don't pay attention to it or think about it at all because it's not something usually spoken about. If it's so small you don't notice it usually then it's not a problem.

No. 453413

it's annoying af how youtube prioritizes certain type of content over others. if I watch a bunch of videos about something I find interesting like mythology more mythology videos will slowly show up in my feed. but if I watch one makeup video (I hardly ever do) I will get bombarded with makeup videos and makeup ads for like a week.

No. 453425

exactly. there is this one cow who keeps getting accused of being racist. I think she's otherwise a terrible person but there's not a shred of evidence that she's racist, and every time I've ever brought this up I've gotten accused of WKing. it's so insanely fucking annoying that just speaking the truth is considered WKing.

No. 453433

I hope this isn't about shayna

No. 453443

File: 1566707193627.jpg (13.58 KB, 469x468, 1566102538021.jpg)

Full offense but what's with all these people pretending like they are professionals on south america? You discovered it literally 20 minutes ago when Bolsonaro hit the media, and just now that the amazon is burning. Nobody was talking when Brazil had its biggest economic recession in 50 years with inflation going through the roof, or when we impeached one of our presidents. Nobody was checking for Brazil when we had problems, now we're all the talk! People think they're hot shit just because they watched one breadtube video on Bolsonaro. If you're going to pretend to know about our issues, can you at least know some major events from the last 5 years? Nobody's asking you to be a historian, just be a little bit more informed for the next time you open your mouth to say dumb shit about a country you don't live in.

Late as fuck, but i had to comment on this since fujos more and more are starting to shill places that they're about a woman-positive porn community. It always makes me laugh, I've both witnessed it and experienced it. Fujoshits harassing other women in fandoms because they either didn't like yaoi, or didn't want to draw it. Fujoshis that try to convince other girls that yaoi is girlier, better, purer, etc. I prefer yuri and hetshit honestly, every interaction I've had with a fujoshi has been absolutely ass, counting fakebois too. They're the same shit, only disguised as a protected class.

You know, every time i post a het ship and i get the odd fujo in my inbox REEEEing that I'm not drawing the most popular gay ship, I'll have a giggle. I can't outdraw or outwrite fujos, but i can sure piss them off by just… being a woman that's not interested in gay erotica, it's interesting.

No. 453444

This rant might sound a bit stupid lol but I get so irritated when people act like memes are a special thing for their generation and nobody can get them when it's been a popular term to use for like 40 years now. People act like it's some stupid internet joke that can be as dumb as possible but they don't even know the genuine academic and cultural side to it. Idk it might sounds dumb but it honestly bugs me.

No. 453449

to think that its only recently that people can collectively think that a generation could think differently from another is really short sighted. you can look in any generation and say that a portion were meme'd into a belief.

also, anons in the onision threads encouraging sara to not report their pedo shit while for the last few years have sperged about them getting shut down by the feds for all of that deserve to get sent out back like old yeller.

No. 453451

How do you know that people talking about Bolsonaro are not Brazilian?
I'm from there and don't find it reasonable to start every post about the subject with "Brazilian here". Or are you just upset that people on the internet are not anti PT like your fam?

No. 453454

LMAO no not her, but I bet this girl I know would probably be envious of her and pretend to hate her even though they're basically the same.

No. 453461

Their were/are so many girls like this on Tumblr and r/Trollx

women who make Ironic misandry Jokes,who make jokes about straight white men,who say say they hate men but If you go to their Instagram or faebook accounts you'll learn 9/10 times they're dating a conviviality attractive white dude who they will most likely marry and have kids with

No. 453474

no, it's not lol

No. 453619

For some reason it really irks me when people call things overpriced just because they're not being sold for dirt cheap fast fashion prices. I see it all the fucking time with the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks, since they became trendy every smarmy contrarian calls them overpriced, but personally I don't think around $75 for a backpack is some kind of ridiculous scam, and this is coming from a poorfag cheapskate. I don't own a Kanken myself but from my understanding they're very durable, high quality bags that are meant to last years. I paid about the same for a North Face backpack years ago and it's still in great condition after heavy use, to me it was definitely worth the money, especially since a backpack is something that will always come in handy for school/work/travel.
People need to stop being salty just because things are trendy among teen girls and young women, popular and trendy doesn't always mean low quality.

No. 453698

Oh no, I'm not talking about LC specifically. I was just shocked about the amount of media coverage compared to past events. Where was all this attention when Mensalão or Lava Jato were happening?

No. 453703

Anon, as much as I sympathise with you on people opening their mouth to talk about your country's political situation when they know jack shit about it (happens all the time with my country too), this is mainly because the amazon fire affect the whole world. This isnt just a Brazil problem anymore, this shit is gonna have consequences on the whole planet.

No. 453742

I completely understand the Amazon situation, u definitely have no place to be talking down the Amazon situation when it's happening right at my doorstep. I think this overall will make people pay more attention to Brazil. Maybe. Hopefully.

No. 453888

for anyone wondering "Meme" was first originally used in 1976 in the book ''The Selfish Gene'' by Richard Dawkins as a method of explaining how cultural traits are passed on and popularized and then slowly become the norm,to be specific, a meme is the cultural equivalent of a gene - its self-propagates through conferring certain advantages on the host population, or through stimulating the host to spread it further.

memes function on a similar level to genes, in that they propogate (usually horizontally rather than vertically) through cultures (or genes in the case of genetics) to their own ends.

No. 453914

This is so true. Before the Fjällräven backpacks got trendy, I remember parents getting them for their kids’ field trips. They’re super durable and lasts you years. I still have mine from when I was a kid. The price is completely justified since the quality is great.

No. 453981

Fjällräven is also made/dyed in an ecofriendly way.

No. 453990

everyone acting like pewdiepie's obligatory wedding to marzia is so cute really annoys me. he's not a good guy and i don't feel like he's really in love with her. i dislike him and his voice doesn't match his body. she looked really pretty though and the dress was nice

No. 454035

I think hunting is the most ethical and environmentally friendly way to get meat (and leather), but hunters who do it for "sport", boast about their kills and especially take those pics where they pose with the dead corpses while having big fucking smiles on their faces, they annoy the shit out of me. They lack empathy and respect. It's fine to enjoy the exercise, spending time outdoors, etc., I completely get it, but the actual act of killing animals should never be "fun". I'm not saying you should hold a memorial service for each and every duck and deer you shoot, but just have the basic decency not to dangle their lifeless bodies in front of a camera. Having respect for nature and animals should be a requirement for becoming a hunter.

No. 454044

I personally disagree, but that's because I've been watching him for years and he's a decent guy. I agree about the dress. The wedding venue was also beautiful. >>453444
Memes losing their academic meaning is a meme in its own right lol

No. 454052

Agree! I want to learn to hunt my own food. My spouse and I occasionally bring up how we want to learn how to fish first before hunting our first deer.

No. 454055


hunting was the only way my family could really survive, we were super fucking poor had ate venison and home grown vegetables because its was the cheapest

but if youre more in it because you want to be uwu sweet to the animals, youre going to have to toughen up fast. skinning, cleaning and butchering the kill is hard if you still want to memorialize the animal after the kill. i have too many childhood memories of slicing apart a deer while also wishing i didnt have to because animals didnt deserve to be needlessly killed.

No. 454063

The word meme used in that sense (=/= from the word même) existed in french well before that.

No. 454094

File: 1566836669419.png (Spoiler Image, 818.52 KB, 610x1085, 3c1b4ded-b7d6-4bb0-bba3-000e00…)

Yeah I completely understand the necessity of hunting, and like I said, I think it's way better ethically and environmentally than mass produced meat. I'm not opposed to responsible hunting or fishing at all. I was complaining about people like in this pic (even though it's a bit of an extreme example). You don't have mourn every animal you kill, you don't even necessarily have to feel particularly bad, just don't go out of your way to be a disrespectful asshole.

No. 454313

Fuck vocal fry.

No. 454319

I get the feeling this guy is probably a good dad and actually teaches his daughter useful shit but this is going too far

No. 454334

I'm so done with anons that post complains about a thread at the thread itself and don't sage their fucking post. We need notes about what is sage and how to sage in the front page.

No. 454352

I never use the 'hide saged posts' feature. I don't give a fuck about sageing and it's annoying to hear people bitching in no-content posts about it in every thread.

No. 454359

I don't care about sage for the content, I care about it because unsaged posts bump the thread up and the more time a shitty thread spends on the 1st page the worst it gets.

No. 454416

It's actually pretty easy to enter the hobby. r/Fishing is a pretty good place to start if you want to try it out. You can also join local fishing groups and meetups if you have one nearby.

No. 454511

a "good dad" doesn't let his 5 year old eat a warm quivering heart

No. 454521

people who overlaugh. not just one loud laugh, but laugh forcibly for ages, especially over something that isn't funny enough to warrant it. it's fake either way and i don't want to be around people that pretend. hbomberguy does this and some people ik irl do this and it really makes me want to never speak to them again

No. 454567

like two things robert sapolsky has said are okay, but he's actually a dumb sexist evopsych tard like the rest of them, he's just more open to the possibility of molding a more benevolent future rather than resigning himself to the inevitability of violence and brutality bc it's "natural". he also shills hard for flawed tranny 'science'. male neuroscientists or men at all interested in neuroscience, including neuroendocrinology, are reductive hacks and sexists every time

No. 454635

File: 1566928075415.jpg (229.81 KB, 1052x919, kittymirror.jpg)

I can relate. In my experience those are the same people getting dramatic over simple innocuous bants. I rely a lot on humor to connect with people, and I hate having them around, not only because they're fake as fuck, but also because I always fear a playful jab will be perceived as plain shit flinging because miss or sir laugh-a-lot can't shut up about it being a "roast" and such. You can't joke around such people, they have to fuck up the group dynamic and make it into a loud awkward show

No. 454639

Had an ex-friend who would laugh forcibly and sarcastically to mock people, but she would do it for several moments and get louder and louder until someone else would laugh at how hilarious she is.

ugh that makes me think of an annoying thing, people who try to force jokes or youtube-tier commentary into every conversation or during movies or tv. I've trained myself to stop laughing out of politeness because they're always dudes who never deserve a reaction, its never anything witty or clever. Double points for repeating a joke or a funny thing as if saying it twice makes them feel funny too.

No. 454662

Yeah you can get horribly sick from eating raw meat especially from a wild animal he's endangering his daughter

No. 454698

I'm taking a forensic science class atm and the amount of people who think they're the next Sherlock Holmes from listing to Serial is staggering.

No. 454815

Moms who make up shit on social media about their kids for attention.

Literally just saw an update from a high school ex buddy about how her 11 year old son totally just showed up a shoe store clerk for saying his sneakers were actually girl's sneakers by replying how he didn't care.
The sneakers had nothing girly about them so much that I don't buy that a clerk getting paid minimum wage at a shoe store would have cared enough to comment.
Either this shit didn't happen or she's misremembering and blowing up an innocuous comment.
Deep down I think she's a little upset her son isn't wanting to wear dresses and troon out so she could get more attention.

No. 454823

Lmao, you know that little girl would have never fathomed the thought nor had the inclination to eat a warm heart out of a deer unless her attention-starved dad gave it to her, told her what to do, and posed this shit for his camera to put on social media.
These parents need to stop projecting onto their kids.

No. 454860

I'm so sick of muh mental health uwu. I'm sick of everyone and their mother having depression and anxiety, it's annoying and whiny.
Toughen the hell up.

No. 454882

Those websites that barely work or have the most confusing designs ever known to mankind but you HAVE to use them to pay your phone or public transport bills or they're official government websites that you need to pay your taxes or other important shit. Fuck them.

No. 454887

This is so random and petty but one thing that I can't stand is people who feel sorry for themselves because they can't eat a restaurant alone. Especially people who claim they have no friends, so they can never go to restaurants.

Bitch, I love going to restaurants by myself. I love being able to eat where I want, when I want with no scheduling conflicts. I can also enjoy my food at my own pace. I'm actually a pretty social person too, but eating alone is one of my hobbies.

Unless you're in a restaurant that is fancy with a dress code, no one gives a shit. It's not like most young people can afford to go there regularly anyways.

If you like going to restaurants for the food, then just go alone. Stop expecting people to feel sorry for you because you're afraid to do a very basic thing by yourself.

No. 454889

I know i can't be the only one who gets fucking annoyed when someone is on a thread and uses the preferred pronoun of someone who's not even the cow then someone off of gender crit comes in and derails the entire thread for 20 messages just because they get triggered. We get it you don't believe in trans people but for the love of god don't fucking clog the thread just because someone called a "fake boi" he. Just use what ever pronoun you want and continue with shitting on the cow like the rest of us.

No. 454893

People shouldn't feel like they have to go to restaurants with other people if they want to eat somewhere specific, but going to a nice restaurant with friends is more fun and comfy tbh.

No. 454903

Whenever Lena Dunham gets brought up I can’t fucking stand people who say “oh isn’t she the one who molested her sister??” Not bc I’m a fan of hers, but because the phrasing drives me fucking bonkers. Like yes she’s the one who molested her sister. Why can’t you just say that and go instead of asking a retarded question YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO? Like this goes for literally anything.

No. 454908

this extends to shit like people finding going to the cinema alone weird.the times ive been to the cinema alone have been my favourite ones because i can actually enjoy the movie.usually the other person im with is going to comment on the movie and distract me which is annoying

like do whatever the fuck you want with your life no one cares if you do things alone.if being alone prevents you from having a good time,guess who has the fucking problem

No. 454915

as a child that was actually molested that, i guess, 'molested' other children in repeating that behavior, i really find this "lena dunham molested her sister!!" lie disturbing. what she did was childhood curiosity. the kisses were not molestation, and the pebbles were not sexually motivated. her sister shoved pebbles up her own vagina and lena looked at her vagina and saw it. how is that molestation? the other accusation is that she really wanted her sister's attention and trust, and to be close to her sister, so she'd bribe her for 3 second lip pecks with candy when they were both children. it's not okay, but it's not molestation. it was not sexually motivated. they were children incapable of understanding the sexual motivations behind kisses, anyways, as they were little children. it's always people who hate her for being fat and 'too feminist' (when she's hardly a feminist at all, she's just a little annoying and people hate that she sexualizes herself while being fat) who complain about her 'molesting' her sister. i find it really disturbing the way people are so quick to demonize a child when it obviously was not sexual.

No. 454916

Idk anon, didn't she say she also masturbated while her sister was in bed with her at night? She was around 17-18, so she would definitely know that what she was doing was sexual and therefore inappropriate. Honestly i just find it very awkward and tasteless for her to discuss such things in her book, like what if her sister didn't approve? Even if she did I find it really embarrassing that she felt like we had to know these things - those kinds of things should be private.

No. 454922

File: 1566995063993.jpg (12.31 KB, 255x198, download (3).jpg)

she's just a shameless tard. she has no understanding of what's appropriate, but it's not like she actually molested her sister. she's close with her sister and i assume she got her permission. lena dunham's mother is an artsy fartsy photographer and her father is an artsy fartsy painter that exclusively paints sexual garbo. kids being kids is whatever. it was really stupid to put that in the book, but she's in a liberal bubble where anecdotes like that are seen as quirky and educational and somehow liberating. pic related is her dad's art. this is ALL he paints. she had no chance of being normal.

No. 454948

The anatomy of a cheap blow up doll

No. 454952

I agree with you guys that it's not child molestation in the edgy shock-outrage way conservatives mean it when they bring it up (in general I think child-on-child stuff needs to be strongly differentiated from child sexual assault…)

Especially the masturbating while sharing a bed thing is just Lena having been a horny teenager who can't go one night without masturbating. If Grace was aware of it, or Lena tried to make her aware of it or was using her presence as masturbation fodder, then that would be different, but it was just something gross and inappropriate she did without anyone knowing until she blabbed grossly and inappropriately about it.

But IDK, it still is damaging and abusive in another way, even if they normalised it to themselves. Especially the pebbles thing is a really strange thing for such a young girl to do to herself. I think it is extremely unsurprising that Grace Dunham had a trauma-typical reaction of dissociating from her body and ultimately trooning out and getting a double masectomy.

No. 454958

I fucking hate "kArEn" memes and think they're super sexist/yet another excuse to hate on women.

No. 454960

File: 1567003195444.png (1.27 MB, 1024x768, collage.png)

Lindsey Stirling is so cringey. I have to walk by a giant poster of her uwu anime self and I die on the inside everytime. She reminds me of Kevin and Lori. You are 32 years old, you will never be a teenage animu girl, stop embarassing yourself

No. 454965

agree. I'm especially sick of that shit on the site. but then what do you expect on this kind of place, at least we could attack each other less…

No. 454968

I agree. Not to mention as someone musical, the community considers people who do melodic covers like this to be the very bottom of the barrel. The content she's creating is literally the bare minimum and she relies on other people to do the hard work (the full instrumentals) so she can do the violin version of karaoke.

No. 455008

Yeah as someone who worked in customer service for a few years I can tell you that middle-aged men can be just as annoying and entitled as women, if not more, yet mysteriously nobody ever talks about the rude male customers.

No. 455014

They make me want to stand up for myself less in fear of being a "Karen." Really says a lot.

No. 455036

She's a fucking piece of shit.
One of those self righteous
As if this girl can't recognize her fucking privilege and luck. She says a lot of stupid shit too.

No. 455085

There's even a whole r/Karen sub.

No. 455108

File: 1567031069878.gif (514.83 KB, 648x364, tumblr_inline_mmcavt3rwx1qz4rg…)

The more I find out about her, the more annoying she gets.
I always knew her as the Obnoxious Nerd Girl With A Violin, but apparently she's also a Jesus freak with a sob story. Nothing against religious people but holy shit, just read her instagram posts.

No. 455113

Jsyk, Carroll Dunham used to paint decent stuff before these vagina close-ups.

No. 455132

File: 1567036312767.jpg (103.55 KB, 800x800, 12_15_QnA_CarrollDunham_retouc…)

He looks like a director who date-rapes actresses. You can practically see the pretentiousness wafting off of him. This is a guy who likes the smell of his own farts.

People like him are why normies think artists are obnoxious snobs. Why is it that when a man paints a hairy vagina, he's lavished with praise, but when a woman does it she's a tasteless feminazi? It's lazy, shock-value trash regardless imo.

No. 455176

Nah, fuck religious people. most of them are really anti gay and dont use logic or facts for arguments, rather their faith and love for jebus or whatever god. Plus all religion is based in sexism and female oppression. Especially female sexuality oppression.

No. 455179

He looks like a self entitled male feminist who creeps on artist women.

No. 455199

>that painting

No. 455253

Not familiar with this person, but she's giving me ~*quirky*~ Shoe0nHead vibes in that gif. It makes me cringe a little bit.

No. 455265

File: 1567056936516.gif (809.58 KB, 400x224, tenor (1).gif)

You are extremely right, even though you haven't seen shit yet.

No. 455300

I don't know her personality but musically it's on par with André Rieux and Vanessa Mae. Apocalyptica kind of shit. I'm not even a classical snob but it makes me bitter.

>I heard you like classical music and violin you should listen to this :)

No. 455320

File: 1567073330713.jpg (42.77 KB, 469x405, dunham.jpg)

I agree don't get me wrong. I dislike him too, I think there are much better artists of his generation and surroundings, even of his style and I was never impressed by his stuff. I'm just saying he has painted other things, that werent as bad as those porno paintings.

No. 455324

how is a dicknose painting better?

No. 455328

kek, this

No. 455363

Kids behave sexually inappropriately towards other kids all the time. Maybe you were just copying what others did to you without knowing the context but not all kids are as ignorant. And Lena literally compares her own behavior to pedophile grooming in the book herself kek.

No. 455369

I personally prefer "fuckface".

Also if your dick looks like that, you should see a doctor.

No. 455405

The composition is better, the texture is better, it has an interesting approach to the body, the color palette is nice imo. I'm not saying it's good, like I said, I don't like him as a painter or artist but… if the only art you like is illustrative art or realist shit and spend your time in the art fag thread here, then I don't know how to convince you it's decent.

I mean, again, if you're only into realism… I don't see how you can successfully critique typical postmodernist paintings.

No. 455413

File: 1567095132579.jpg (5.3 MB, 1400x2198, Age-of-Rectangles-1983-85.jpg)

was literally just asking how a dick nose isn't porny.

anyway, I like looking at art, don't know much about it though. and don't hang in artfag threads. pic related is a Carroll Dunham (I think? that's what Google said) that I kinda like, despite the vulva and penis imagery. is this compositionally decent?

No. 456195

Its probably been said before and its a trait many cows have, but straight people that call themselves “bisexual” when they have had no experiences with the same sex before. Its usually women with husbands/boyfriends that try to shove themselves in lesbian spaces. Bisexual is what straight women call themselves because it still makes you “gay” without having to even touch another woman.

No. 456901

I've given up on the "unpopular opinion thread" because it derails so much. last thread derailed about race, then derailed about the US prison system. now it's derailing about race.. again…

No. 456959

File: 1567404627529.png (25.05 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-threa…)


The unpopular opinion thread actually features controversial opinions, who would've thunk.

No. 456963

Nobody wants to read ongoing arguments on those opinions though? Anon said her issue is the thread being derailed, not the existence of posts she disagrees with. Your response would be better suited to those doing the derailing.

No. 456965

What's the purpose of the unpopular opinion thread then? Just to post a controversial opinion and nothing happens? Of course it's going to be challenged. Unless it's race sperging I don't really care if that thread gets derailed.

No. 456970

Not that anon, but it really was sperging.

No. 456974

File: 1567411862506.jpg (84.81 KB, 497x489, people-are-arguing-about-a-top…)

>Nobody wants to read ongoing arguments on those opinions though?

No. 456996

NTA, but I feel like people who defending the obnoxious sperging and derailment in the unpopular opinion threads are the main spergotoids participating in that fuckery. This is maximum projection.

No. 457234

I hate how people are demanding artists to have ~diversity~ in their characters which essentially means that everyone has to be a fat midget with vitiligo and either an undercut or a headscarf. I want to draw beautiful big tiddy anime girls and ungodly handsome anime faggots, I see enough ugly people IRL every day. I only do art as a side thing so idgaf about stagnation or keeping an audience, I can practice colour theory, composition and proportions without having to have the whole cast of tumblr headmates in my artwork. Everyone needs to mind their own goddamn business.

No. 457306

I get your point but the thing is that anime shit is not even beautiful, its just retarded

No. 457307

File: 1567510386238.jpeg (70.67 KB, 768x960, EF4BB2BD-6257-485D-AE73-F402F3…)

No. 457315

Quit acting oppressed when big titty anime waifus and pretty boy twinks are literally mainstream animu art.
Fat midgets and skin diseases should threaten you the least.

No. 457317

so you can't know if you're into a gender unless you've had sex with them? lol

No. 457335

my friend talks so fucking much. it's driving me nuts. i've told her to stop, that it's not that she's not allowed to talk, just that it absolutely drains my energy to have to listen to someone who talks non stop and spends 15 mins saying something that could have been said in 1. my hearing is pretty shit and i just get so, so tired when i have to focus on listening to her rambling, and i've explained this to her many times, but nothing changes. she just acts like it's quirky. at this point i just feel she is being selfish and disrespectful since her need to ramble about dumb shit apparantly is more important than me not feeling annoyed and tired everytime we see each other. we're good friends because we have trust in each other, similar values, many things in common, but i can't really enjoy her company anymore, so idk if that's enough

No. 457368

>100% proving anon's point

No. 457370

I just started a new study abroad program. I am really loving the country and the other people I'm with. It's a good mix of people, except for one super annoying dude. In short, he is one of those geeky guys who loves being soooo weird and different. I'm pretty sure he has legit autism. Not in an internet meme way but actually. The big thing is that he won't stop talking about himself and thinks that every thought he has is super interesting and must be shared with the world.

>Within ten minutes of meeting him I learn about his shitty dungeon synth project and how he is obsessed with metal

>He is also obsessed with communism and "conjugating" new English words
>Tries to talk to a blonde sorority lacrosse player type about dungeon synth
>Acts so surprised when the orientation leader didn't knew what the Clannad anime was or references to other obscure things
>Also obsessed with race relations despite being a Jewish guy who lives in Vermont and is involved with one of the whitest genres of music ever (I wonder if he considers himself a "white-passing Jew"…barf)
>Bragged about being a bad roommate who plays loud music and won't clean up after himself

There is another guy in my program who is somewhat like him - a guy who is pretty leftist and also into weird music. The difference is he is actually chill so I don't want to hit him.

The weird thing is that he has had a girlfriend, which might not be so surprising. That shows if he can get a gf, anyone can.

No. 457371

I'm so sorry anon, I'm jewish and that's always been my biggest problem with jewish males, they're full of themselves, cheating, have awful try hard personalities but believe they deserve stacies

No. 457415

This just in, all virgins are asexual.

No. 457439

File: 1567530798126.jpg (112.91 KB, 1170x658, eyeburn.jpg)

Is there even any real point to having light mode as the default on sites anymore? It should be seen as a relic from the early, more naive web.
All websites should just be in dark mode by default. It just looks so much cleaner, and is easier on the eyes.

No. 457528

dark mode is meant to be used at night. using it in daylight will just have the opposite effect on many.

No. 457681

File: 1567560260106.jpg (3 MB, 2305x2833, post-impressionist-impressioni…)

I hate those stupid
>Me: Can I draw something cool
>Hands: No
Art memes. Your brain is amazing at filling in the blanks. It can see a human face from 3 lines, it can read text with missing or flipped letters without noticing, and it sees something from abstract impresonisism. The idea in your brain is also 'filled in the blanks' as in its not a good idea, but a loose blurry image your brain fills in to look good. Its not that your hands are shit it's the fact your idea is also somewhat shit. Its not your hands stopping you from drawing that giant explosion its the fact you don't know how to draw an explosion outside of the abstract idea in your head. Those brain:hands fuckers are the new 'sketch looks better than lineart'

No. 457686

There's a special place in hell for people who make porn of children's shows. Just saw Shera with a dick fucking Catra and some other girl from the new Shera show. Why? It's literally a show aimed at little girls with tons of female role models and some dumb dude just has to turn it into gross porn.

No. 457697

those are actually legit tho. not even just for art but for music and design in general. it has to do with the inability that most people have when it comes to recreating things we see/hear in our minds. more from the fact that most ideas happen in a blip, though some can be almost recreated. not about whatever autistic babble you posted. you don't sound like much of an artist yourself if you don't know what that's referring to. many famous artists and musicians share the same sentiment that the idea you form in your mind sometimes doesn't resemble the outcome very well.

No. 457698

bad art days exist you know

No. 457738


Yeah, i always think the person is simply stating they can't draw but in a low key way. Do thumbnails, do silhouettes, use reference, do study sketches , look how other artists solved it and do master studies, anything.

No one comes up with stuff that effortlessly anyways unless they have already studied it in depth and drawn it a low and you don't need a super clear idea at the start of a piece to take it to completion, just take the steps and figure it out.

The only valid art meme should be "stop looking at art memes and go actually draw". Its a pain in the ass when people shore more of those memes than their actual art.

No. 457745

nta but you're not capable of drawing what you don't know. What do you think the fundamentals are? You learn to break down how the world works to develop a deeper understanding of it, and the ability to build it back up yourself. That anon was right, our brains are constantly filling in the gaps, it's only when you try and actually test yourself (via drawing something you think you understand) that you realize how little you actually know.

No. 457783

again, it has nothing to do with skill or not. it has more to do with your imagination's role in the creative process. the thing about the brain filling in the gaps has nothing to do with translating your imagination into a creative work.


this article explains it pretty well

No. 457799

Doesn’t the saying go that our imagination is 5 years ahead of our hands? I see truth to that, I can now easily create the things I could only imagine 5 years ago but am having a hard time visually articulating the ideas that I come up with now, it’s never quite how I imagined it

No. 457805

File: 1567608541541.gif (976.7 KB, 475x355, Nursery_Rhyme.gif)

I'm so tired of Disney shit. I still like some movies sure, but all these man and woman children give me a headache.

No. 457827

File: 1567616457875.png (102.59 KB, 720x560, Screenshot_2019-09-04-12-59-09…)

Redditors have hilariously bad taste

No. 457845

I mean, what else do you expect of man-children?

No. 457865

File: 1567624599543.webm (430.54 KB, 640x360, produt2.webm)


Hate to admit it but the soyjack , soyboy memes are kind of on the money with redditors. Its annoying spam that is ruining all IBs but still, its accurate.

No. 458043

Super had a similar plot but handed it much much better.It showed what a Batman-type would be like in the real world not a rich attractive billionaire but a sad mentally ill man who beats up people with pipe wrench

No. 458082


No. 458548

experience isn't limited to sex, retard

No. 459481

It really irritates me seeing those stupid posts on Tumblr saying shit like "if you're against/for this or you disagree with this unfollow me immediately." Like, what's the fucking point? We don't know each other, and you literally don't even know what my political/whatever opinions are, so why would it matter? Why do you care about stuff that would have literally no effect on you in the real world? I'm an anonymous number just looking at the posts you reblog, fucking chill. People really think others care about them more than they do lmao - that's the illusion of social media

No. 459503

I fuckin hate it when people call "patrons" on "Patreon", "patreons". It's PATRONS. The platform is called PATREON. Because it has PATRONS in it!

No. 459507

People are trying to meme back things like twilight/sasunaru under the guise of "it was hated because of misogyny!", it's so annoying. It's really a mountain sized cope to screech "b-but all women like it!! I-It was made for women so all women have to like it!!", it just screams insecurity and virtue signaling behavior. Just enjoy things, yeah? You don't have to be woke. It's okay to move on from your annoying fangirl phase without wanting to drag every other woman down with you. It's like the "not like the other girls" shit got turned upside down and its turned into "every girl was/is just like me"

I wonder if in 10-15 years we'll start to see the same desperate copes from today's infamous fandoms saying everyone hated them because of bigoted reasons, not because most of them act as if they have rabies. It's really pathetic and transparent. Like, do you think you're fooling anyone?

No. 459521

Sasunaru? Holy fuck are we going back to 2006 but all the fangirls are approaching 30 and woke, why is that so funny to me? I always thought twilight was shit though, not very fond of the basic modern English that reads like someone’s sanitized diary.

No. 459551

I'm beginning to hate the "karen" meme. it just reeks of misogyny, particularly misogyny towards older women.

it's often used to depict difficult/rude customers but I've worked in a lot of retail and in my personal experience men are far far worse customers, especially middle aged men who would not only be assholes but act aggressive for no reason even though literally no one makes memes about them.

No. 459552

But wasn't alot of the criticism of Twilight that the male character in it was shitty and their power dynamic was unhealthy and a bad example for girls

It's similar to how fifty shades goes beyond sexy/kinky and is just an unhealthy dynamic. People don't want naive girls thinking that shit's normal or ideal

No. 459555

>People are trying to meme back things like twilight/sasunaru under the guise of "it was hated because of misogyny!"

Fat girls need to learn to let go.

No. 459557

Yep, middle aged people should be the meme, ones that lose any sense of embarrassment at holding up lines or being demanding, that approach sales staff like we're all automatically idiots and below them. The meme is always female but the reality is men get fucking aggressive on top of that

No. 459559

File: 1567946590260.gif (4.35 MB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

No. 459576

the criticism wasn't just that, but also that the books (twilight) were aimed at very young impressionable girls. at least with 50 shades of gray it is supposed to be for adult women who should know it's just fantasy, but they were afraid that twilight would give girls unhealthy ideas of relationships and stay with abusive men because they believe it's true love.

No. 459613

When a celebrity commits a crime but media chooses to report or propagate said celebrities in a flattering fashion while leaving their victims in the dirt.

>Kylie Rae Harris

>convicted of past DUIs and just got her ignition breathalyzer removed from her vehicle last month
>drove into the back of a pickup and veered into the oncoming traffic lane where she collided with a vehicle head on
>killed herself
>but also killed the 16 year old girl in the other vehicle
>alcohol and texting while driving is suspected as the cause of the crash
>literally all media reports have talked nonstop about the bitch's life and posted flattering photos of her while completely sidelining the 16 year old girl as if her life was meaningless
>Harris also leaves behind a 6 year old

Why do I have to know or care about who Kylie Rae Dipshit was? She killed an innocent person and ruined her own little girl's life by doing something stupid.
Fuck selfish celebrities. I hope the family of the teenage girl sues the shit out of her estate.

No. 459620

Maybe it's an unpopular opinion here because middle-aged women were always the fucking worst to me in retail so I completely understand where the Karen memes come from.
Those women were always so fucking nasty to me but peachy sweet to any male associates even though I was friendly and generally gave better customer service.

The only thing I can say in their defense is perhaps the reason why I didn't get as many male assholes is because men are less likely to shop at the stores that I've worked at and women are more likely to shop in general, especially during daytime hours if they're sahms.

No. 459804

yeah, I always wondered if that meme came from stores where women shopped more. I worked at a grocery store chain so there wasn't more men or more women.

No. 459822

File: 1568002208849.jpg (598.34 KB, 2896x2896, Ggq4cTr.jpg)

I hate basic white girls who think that being obsessed with Disney and Christmas makes them special. Oh wow, you're so quirky for liking the two most basic things an American can like. Here's your fucking medal.

I usually get annoyed when people throw "NPC" around, but those people are total NPCs. They just exist to consume the capitalist garbage Disney and Christmas shit out.

No. 459824

At least they’re not aggressive or spewing harmful garbage. yeah they like exclusively popular nonsense, and it’s boring, but compare that to TRAs, incels, and tradthots.

No. 459827

Lindsey Ellis pulled this crap not long ago, trying to shame people for trashing Twilight, a book written by a conservative Mormon that glorifies stalking and a abuse.

Lindsey also shills for Hontra. What a handmaiden.

No. 459828

Some people just like things, it doesnt necessarily mean they pretend to like it to make themselves seem quirky.

No. 459830

Ugh I agree anon. I had an old roommate who would go in the other room and sing that stupid fucking "Let It Go" song at all hours of the day. I've noticed Disney-obsessed people are always really clingy, too.

No. 459831

I hate most "paranormal story time" videos on YouTube. They are mostly cute girls who take forever to get to the point of the story with irrelevant details, then in the actual story nothing paranormal really happens. It's always something like "I went into a haunted house and got a horrible feeling, worse than ive ever felt before I ran out and never came back". I'm mentally ill and I get horrible feelings on a regular basis and feel like I'm either going to die or the world is going to end or something like that, it doesnt mean its a ghost.

No. 459832

A bit juvenile but aside from some really outdated tropes about women-that Disney seems to be getting a bit better about these days-and some questionable consumerism, there's nothing morally abhorrent about a Disneyfag.

Compare that to toxic cultures like gamers, animefags, etc. who breed ignorance towards women and violence from within their ranks.
The worst crime of a Disneyfag is being annoying. I'd rather see a white girl be that than be a game with internalized misogyny, trying to skinwalk an uwu waifu, or trying to be a tradthot by pandering to dangerous men.

No. 459849

I hate the fact that most studies are paywalled as a general rule, but I have a specific case of that today, and it's pissed me off like nothing else.
I found this glowing, supportive article on some study that supports claims that I personally disagree with. Since I don't want to carry psuedo-science in my mind, and news articles almost never go into the actual nitty-gritty of things (layman readers don't care about the method as much as the results), I thought "Hmm, let me see for myself".
Unsurprisingly, the whole thing was blocked off except for the abstract. Nothing about the way they did it, or how subjects were screened was publicly available unless I paid some bullshit fee. I Googled to see if other places had cited it, in hopes that they talked about the process. Nothing except two piddly articles essentially saying "wow gr8 study ppl who disagree with us BTFO".
So, I disagreed with the ideas expressed, but I couldn't personally look into how the study was conducted myself to confirm its accuracy, everywhere else was praising it without going into specifics, and I was basically stuck.
But then, I was lucky enough to do some digging and find someone who does have access to the full study rip it to shreds, confirm literally all my initial, uninformed suspicions, and essentially say "Basically, you've been lied to".
I'm annoyed that the only way around these things is to either buy the content yourself, or find someone who has to dissect it. If I hadn't found this counter to the study, this shit would've bugged me for days, and I might actually have been converted to the viewpoint of whoever pushed it out, since literally everything else was happily presenting it as reputable. Alternatively, if I had paid for it, I would've wasted my money on shitty propaganda. Either way, whoever conducted the study, and the shills who sang its praises, win.
Like, it strikes me as so fucking dishonest for a news publication to source a "study" that's completely flawed, deliberately not talk about the intricacies of that study, and proceed to champion it as a valid "takedown" of whatever viewpoint they're trying to discredit. It's insidious, manipulative, and I hate it.
Not to go full commie or whatever, but knowledge should most definitely be free to the public. How the fuck are the "common" people supposed to avoid being brainwashed, otherwise? This is supposed to be the age of information.

No. 459856

There’s no point for them to get to, since only retards believe in ghosts. How else do you make a video about something that’s entirely fake without talking about nothing and saying ooooh spooky?

They won’t ever have an interesting ghost story, since being fake makes those stories boring fanfiction.

No. 459876

Just fyi if you go to the site scihub and put in the DOI (a number attached to every paper) you can get it for free. It‘s almost always on the page showing the abstract.

Not sure if you do STEM and this is patronising since every student knows it, but maybe it‘s news to you, personally it changed my life when it comes to doing papers.

No. 459892

Not in STEM, so I didn't know about this at all. Thanks, anon, you've saved me future headaches!

No. 459899

Seeing smoothbrains on /pol/ and /r9k/ saying they want radfem gfs makes me wretch

No. 459903

They probably think they could "convert" us to their retarded ideologies kek

No. 459908

Probably. I barely check 4chan at all and yet the past couple of times I did I saw shit like that, they also gawk at the femdom thread in /g/. It's just gross.

No. 459925

Disneyfags are annoying… but harmless. I think the part that most annoys me is the fact that they buy everything Disney shits out. Disney is very lucky to have a collective of customers at their beck and call for every release.
Somewhat related but i notice a lot of men on 4chan wanting "cute neet gamer girl gfs" and that they can't find them because all women are whores or fakes, or something. Thing is there are a lot of neet gamer girls who are "not normie", but for 99% of the population it's often not a desirable trait in a woman. Most women in this situation would prefer to hide being heavily interested in a stereotypically male hobby, because it's looked down upon.

But to be fair, the dumbass handmaidens pushing this e-girl shit aren't helping women in this community either. Looking at you, bathwater girl. But what's with 4channers wanting "dysfunctional" or outcast women anyway? Is it a desire to fix them?

No. 459927

What is their reasoning for it? I never browse that cesspool of a site anymore.

No. 459944

100% guarantee it’s because NEETs are often easier to abuse for a variety of reasons

No. 460000

Well, there's truth to it though, it's not just ~*woke virtual signaling*~, it's about the double standards applied between genders. Teenage boys get to like all sorts of sick things and people just roll their eyes, but teenage girls liking anything even slightly dubious causes a landslide of criticism. Twilight is garbage for sure, but people acting like it's actually harmful and ~glorifying abuse~ are taking it way too far. Media directed towards teenage boys always has hot chicks forcefully jumping on a self insert's dick and it's just taken for what it is - a horny teenage fantasy, but for some reason when it's a hot dreamy dude forcing himself on a self insert girl character people freak the fuck out and scream degeneracy. I was already an adult when Twilight was a thing and I just shook my head at both the teenagers liking it and the hysteric people who thought it would ruin their chaste daughters forever. All the while having teenage boys watch all sorts of brain rotting crap and nobody ever paying any mind to it.

The best example is actually The Beatles, back when they were huge in the 60's everyone thought they were a group of untalented kids only staying afloat because of dumb teenage girls liking them for their looks, but after men started enjoying them they were considered the foundation of modern pop music.

No. 460005


So you base your identity in not being "basic" and ~not like the other girls uwu~ who like X popular thing.

How very exceptional of you anon. You must be an incredibly interesting and deep free thinker , intellectual philosopher and art connoisseur.

No. 460010

nta but spotted the crazy disney horse girl

No. 460012

I'd rather be friends with a Disney horse girl than an edgy pickme who thinks she's better than me, at least the horse girl doesn't give a fuck what people think about her hobbies and doesn't see the world through dick-coloured glasses

No. 460016

>But what's with 4channers wanting "dysfunctional" or outcast women anyway? Is it a desire to fix them?
>implying any of these knuckledragging, porn-addicted, soon-to-be sexual offenders have even a soupçon of empathy or interest in caring for anyone but themselves

nah, it's literally just that they'd feel too outmatched by a woman that has her life together and can't manipulate her as easily. they're all entitled males that want to use some girl's mental illness, disabilities, inabilities, etc, against her to keep her and further break her spirit by emotionally abusing her for as long as possible AND because few women will want to play with their limp fettucine and tolerate some hairy-backed manchild begging them to roleplay in crotchless panties as that dinosaur from Undertale, but hopeless neet girls with no ability to support or care for themselves sometimes might

nta but she's right, disney, for all it's garbo consumerist crap and basic bitch shit is still like, aesthetically comfy or whatever. buzzfeed quizzes are fun, too. sometimes i do like finding out how my preference in macaroni & cheese makes me more like tiana than snow white.

No. 460017

Sometimes guys are just jealous that teens/young women are lusting after someone.. and it's not them

My (much younger) cousin has been crushing on Tom Holland the last couple of years and whenever she mentions it around any guy they point out that he's "so short and scrawny pfft!" like let teens have their little crushes without feeling intimidated guys

No. 460019

Because they share a few opinions with radfems (being gender critical, critical of Islam and immigration) they seem to thing they can get the girl to shift all her opinions to theirs. Idk if these are the same types that want 'tradthot' gfs that want someone with similar opinions without the other trad shit or if the appeal is in changing the girl. Some of them though definitely seem to have conflated radfem with femdom though. I guess they want a tradthot gf that will sexually bully them or something.

No. 460023

File: 1568054446228.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, IMG_1141.PNG)

Will this image ever stop being relevant?

(From Photoplay January 1925)

No. 460070

there's nothing wrong with being a basic white girl tbh, i might not have anything in common with them personally but it's such a pickme thing to hate women who have such inoffensive hobbies

No. 460176

Not really, they tend to be assholes.

No. 460421

Why is it releveant at all? Why are we allowing this?

No. 460515

I know farmers have complained about the "Rule 34" but damm I feel like crying every time a man draws my favorite female characters.

No. 460527

They aren't gender critical. They hate troons but I guarantee most of them support/believe in gender roles. Anyway, back in the day when I would look at /pol/ out of curiosity so many of them would say that the only thing Islam gets right is their mistreatment of women. I mean my point is that radfems are critical of those things for completely different reasons than the 2edgy4u conservitards on 4chan.
They're fucking delulu if they think they have anything in common with women who can see right through their male bullshit.
>Some of them though definitely seem to have conflated radfem with femdom though.
That's reasonable considering that many anons on lolcow have conflated them also. It isn't even compatible with being kink critical, which many radfems are.

No. 460531

There are plenty of "basic" things that are cool to like. I was just specifically talking aboit rabid Disney/Christmas girls. Calm down and go watch Frozen for the 1000th time, Becky.

Also, I'm gay. Is it even possible to be a gay "pickme?"

I never said ANYTHING about horse girls. Horse girls are fine. Horses aren't literal explemplars of capitalism, they're just animals.

No. 460554

File: 1568187069434.png (Spoiler Image, 414.47 KB, 510x702, AALghvN.png)

I was on a thread on a website and came across a post about a guy bragging about fucking a woman 5'2 and 133 pounds since the thread was about the average American woman being 170 pounds

5'2 and 133 pounds is no where near unachieveable but first of all, this woman has obvious implants, which is funny because how tf are your breast genes so shitty that you need B cup implants at 133 POUNDS. After seeing this pic for a third time im starting to suspect she may had other surgeries done on her body too. Why are scrotes so fucking stupid?

No. 460555

Lol this. People who are extreme fans ofDisney are basically defending a corporation and being the ultimate examples of capitalistic pickmes

No. 460557

i think her boobs are bigger than a b cup, anon. and it's possible that people want a different shape to their breasts, too. she's not necessarily in need of mocking, it's retarded men who are so visually retarded and anatomically illiterate that they hold implant tits up as if theyre not implants

No. 460563

Huh? Who cares about any of this shit? What do implants have to do with breast genetics when half the time the sole purpose is to make them bigger, not necessarily gigantic?

You seem to be taking this woman's body and the fact that some guy likes it bizarrely personal.

No. 460565

Because the woman is clearly under 25 and im tired of women making themselves get porn star bodies for the sake of appealing to musty dick men?

No. 460570

That's… even more confusing. She looks about 1% as fake as your average insta thot or porn star. Why are you singling her out like she represents harmful beauty standards by having a small and barely noticeable boob job?

No. 460573

I think it's because she is assumingly an average woman, the more average women with fake bodies the more men will expect women to look like that, especially in the pink pill thread where men will literally violate and shit on their average looking girlfriend because their ex had a porn star body or whatever

Nothing wrong with implants but men are fucking degenerates when it comes to women's bodies and the more "perfect" bodies they experience the higher they hold their standards to, and if women don't meet them they say and do absolutely disgusting things to them, it's sad and infuriating how men are when it comes to women's bodies

No. 460576

How is it barely noticeable when her body fat is clearly low and women by that point tend to have small breasts?


exactly, the point about breast genes being shitty was too harsh but im tired of people acting like its normal to have full perky breast on a low bf frame and act like small breasted or non perky big breasted women are deformed

No. 460579

Anon those are most definitely NOT B cup breasts, I have B cups and they're maybe half the size of those honkers. Those are closer to H or G.

No. 460590

that makes it even worse smh

No. 460595

Yeah they're definitely not b cups. They're full and sitting nicely, they're probably fake, although she's got nice muscle tone so she could actually work out which is why she's a nice shape. I've been trying to work my chest region, freaking out about smoking effecting elasticity in my skin lol. I want my bs to at least look cute.

No. 460610

This is a really bad coincidence, but the time my culture celebrates new years is the same day as 9/11. I feel so akward being happy and ssying happy near year because 9/11 happened.

No. 460650

Bracoanons can stop any fucking moment now. It was funny the first 50 times. Stop trying to make all the thread pics Braco, I fucking see you. Not all of us want to look at pictures of some old man, sorry your dad didn’t love you.

No. 460657

trying not to feel annoyed that almost everyone at my work has one of those "good job" cards… you know like when someone specifically catches you doing something they thought was noteworthy enough to write about.

one girl got a card before i did even though we bust our asses the same amount and she got hired after i did. i keep telling myself it's not a big deal, especially since the girl in question hated working here and literally just quit because she was unhappy and these stupid cards don't mean anything but it feels kind of embarrassing to see, again, almost all my coworkers have one and i don't

No. 460662

that's sasuke/naruto, right? there's some truth to the idea that so-called "fujos" are reviled by male nerds and often attacked by women who feel an inner hatred for their own desires, claiming that to like yaoi is homophobic because it sexualizes gay men.

women often flock to m/m because they're either 1. straight and want to see two dudes going at it, which is perfectly fine?? men do the same thing with fetishizing lesbianism and no one cares, 2. they are queer and don't see female characters in series they enjoy being personality types that they feel represent them or they're attracted to. male characters get to do all the fun, actiony, heroic shit and they get to argue and have more intense chemistry with each other than female characters tend to. i'm aware that there are exceptions but like, in the case of naruto? basically all the female characters are written like absolute shit. if someone likes naruto then they're undoubtedly going to be more drawn to the male characters than the females and this is why a lot of lesbians still like m/m stuff; male characters get to express themselves more rawly than females, on the regular.

sorry for the huge tangent but i have always noticed this

No. 460671


Men hate fujos because of a mix of homophobia and misogyny, but a lot of women hate fujos because fujos are often extremely misogynistic themselves. Plus for people who don't ship whatever the big m/m ship in Naruto fandom or any other fandom is, it's incredibly annoying having to wade through tons of fujo fapfic to find any other fanart or fanfiction. Someone ran the numbers on AO3 and m/m fic literally makes up something like 94% of stories on there.

No. 460672

inb4 fujos are all femcel pedos
Yeah let’s not anon lmao

No. 460674

i can't even blame men for hating sasunaru though. it's so boring and its fans were really loud and obnoxious.

No. 460679

File: 1568208461768.gif (5.99 MB, 480x270, giphy[1].gif)

>Not all of us want to look at pictures
I agree. They should mix it up a bit and use gifs as well.

No. 460680

where are all the people calling men misogynistic, homophobic, problematic etc for drawing the girls fucking each other entirely for male gaze though?

this has always been a fandom double standard. women aren’t allowed to think it’s hot when two men are together but men are expected to find two women together sexy, it’s normal and fine

No. 460681

>where are all the people calling men misogynistic, homophobic, problematic etc for drawing the girls fucking each other entirely for male gaze though?

People call men misogynists for their creepy lesbian fixation all the time. Where have you been?

No. 460683


pretty much all female-dominated fandoms look down on men shipping f/f. it's even commonly used, usually by fujos, to shout down actual lesbians shipping f/f, even though the real reason is always just "vaginas icky!" when you drill down into the details.

No. 460705

probably on /r9k/. most women who think that all this gross shit men do is normalized by the public are usually former fembots.

No. 460731

No. 460760

>they're talking about fujos

No. 460782

Oh, i get it now. I was confused, but now I've reached nirvana.
It's okay anon, to be honest i was more talking about with people thinking sasunaru/twilight was an universal female experience. What would bother me the most is if someone assumed i used to be a hardcore fujo from the get go, or that i was supposed to be.

That's just one of the things that annoys me. "Every teen was reading 1D fanfiction back in the day!" ummm, no? Don't group me into this, it's not much to ask to not be grouped in with roided fangirls
It's always been a strange space for women who don't really care about BL. I'm biased as fuck considering I've seen some harassment by fujos against women that don't like BL. I really wish fujos would clean up their act before shilling that it's a perfect porn community by and for women, considering how they act when they notice a woman that is not interested in gay erotica at all lol
It's an eternal debate, anon. Get some popcorn and get comfy.

No. 460916

I get being annoyed at bragging scrots, but I fail to see why this girl getting implants is a problem. They don't look super natural, but they don't look bad, either. Judging by the picture, a lot of her weight might be muscle, and she might carry most of her fat in her legs, which is why she might have had small breasts.

Mine are B and the size looks pretty similar to me. Granted, I haven't been measured in a few years so I might be a C now.

No. 461021

Just moved in with my husband and in-laws and everyone here is randomly singing a tune over and over it's driving me up to the wall. I'm easily irritated by noises.

I wish we can afford our own house or rent

No. 461057

she looks pretty average just with implants

No. 462043

It annoys me that forums aren't really a thing anymore. Bring back the animated signatures especially they were like the phone charms of internet

No. 462077

Is it me or are comedy movies just unfunny. I just watch them and laugh at 1 or 2 jokes, but the rest of the movie is just stuff? Its very rare I come across a comedy movie thats a collection of jokes 24/7, but comedy movies have 1 or 2 highlights and its just random crap.
Romance triangles get a bad reputation of being tagged onto any movie, but the comedy tag is 100% worse.

No. 462079

Most modern American studio comedies heavily rely on improv beacuse they assume retard normies want to see them just to see that actors style of performance as they play themselves in everything, they don't even bother to script dialog or jokes a lot of the time other than for the plot and the big set piece gags.

No. 462082

ok commie chan, go support your favorite commie neets on patreon or go see if Olive Stone made some new propaganda film you can throw your money at.

No. 462091

Hailee Stainfields song most girls. Makes my blood boil and feel like a failed girl or a tranny or something

No. 462093

I hate that song.

No. 462118

What's wrong with it? I got the impression it was an anti not-like-the-other girls song, which is refreshing.

That said I cannot remember what it sounds like for the life of me.

No. 462125

I guess that's the idea of it but it feels like an alienating libfem anthem and like I'm still that weird miserable 5thgrader while hailee and her clique are the pretty and nice popular girls. if you got through the lyrics it's like she (or whichever 50 year old man who actually wrote it) was ticking off issues mentioned in top 10 tumblr posts in the feminism tag.

No. 462141

this depressed egirl shit is so annoying. remember when all the faux edgy girls were trying to be aesthetic and getting famous just to get reblogged and be envied by other girls, primarily? (felice fawn, dakota, all of felice's knockoffs, a bunch of others i cant remember)? i hate that now everything is to be like an internet girlfriend or 'lewd' edgy girl for men, like it's just all for men and boys now. all of it.

felice fawn seems almost quaint now. now it's much worse, now all of them are like trying to one up each other with their edginess in their appeal to men. like between 'aesthetic' or lewd photos of their faces and body, they'll post like, loli guro or like, bdsm bullshit or whatever and do ahegao while bleeding or with xanax on their tongue and flirting with men and boys in the comments and having discord servers or patreons centered around their egirl bullshit. give me a break!

plus does anyone else feel like the same goddamn aesthetic has been around since like 2012 and everyone is acting like it's new and not stale as hell and like it hasn't been like the dominant aesthetic on tumblr for forever?

No. 462145

In the case of Naruto specifically, the story and characters were never amazing, shippuden was a mistake, Sasuke ruined everything, there's barely any real stake, what made the story appealing in the first place got ruined by "muh destiny" and it was obvious from volume 1 that Kishimoto was forced to add female characters in his story which is why the male characters are way more appealing and less half-assed. Literally anything the fans can do is better, and Naruto being into Sasuke for whatever reason makes more sense than 90% of what happens.

No. 462160

Please try to get out more, anon.

No. 462168

File: 1568458996345.jpg (47.87 KB, 427x640, Audrey-Kitching-Photos-audrey-…)

what does this have to do with getting out more? this is becoming popular, anon. it is annoying to see that there's essentially a depressed """alt""" girl to egirl to sex work pipeline going on now that young 'alt' girls are seeing they can garner major followings by being both attainable and sexualizing themselves from the jump without being on straight camsites, by focusing being the 'smol titty goth gf'. they're focusing on boys and men so the ante is upped continually both in terms of edgy, gross shit, shit influenced by really awful hentai, and sexual shit that's affecting what boys and men think women and girls are okay with or should be okay with, too and they're building entire micro communities of creepy/desperate dudes around them, instead of girls just trying to get attention and recognition from primarily other girls. it's a lot easier and immediately gratifying for them to gain a following when they focus almost entirely on a male audience and sexualizing themselves, so there's no encouragement to try to just develop an enviable style or take aesthetic photos or whatever as they used to do. they used to at least want to be 'real models' with a specific style and concepts for photos or whatever, now vulnerable girls are emulating other vulnerable girls and are objectifying themselves to perverse audiences of men and boys and becoming very accessible to them at the same time.

now there's much more of a very sexual element that leads straight into sex work or sex work lite, with entire communities of just men orbiting them and further encouraging it, and a large part of it is them being attainable/reachable to these really gross men and boys by creating intimate communities where men become more obsessed and creepy? that's really not good and has a domino effect. at least before it was more about being artsy and interesting to other girls. it was almost all about appealing to other girls and influencing other girls. now it's really normalizing this fusion of sexual stuff and gory, bloody, dangerous stuff too. when bruises were romanticized on tumblr in the past, it was mostly just to other girls because it was uwu, not necessarily sexualized. now all of this shit is also being exposed to boys and men

No. 462175

>instead of girls just trying to get attention and recognition from primarily other girls. it's a lot easier and immediately gratifying for them to gain a following when they focus almost entirely on a male audience and sexualizing themselves
I completely agree with this. Imo MySpace queens used their sex appeal quite a bit but the tumblr girls and early Instagrammers aimed themselves more at being quirky, relatable or otherworldly types. Tumblr girls with sexual blogs definitely existed but it wasn't the only path to success, most girls just had an army of girls. Molly soda, Nicole D or even luna slater pushed their aesthetic life to other girls or lovers of the aesthetic instead of creating mostly sexual content for guys, with the occasional lewd.
I don't know how the change happened. Maybe it's all connected to the pornification of cosplay?

No. 462181

Movie trailers are so fucking bad these days. They're literally all the same, with the exact same music, text, character voice-over stuff, etc. And there's no subtly or holding back, they have to show everything that happens in the movie and it completely ruins the surprise element of going to a see a film and not memorising all the scenes that were in the trailer. They're supposed to be minimal, short but effective. Also, where the hell did this obsession with trailers come from anyway? I swear there never used to be such massive importance in them but now everyone's gotta analyse it, overhype it, and literally judge the movie even when they haven't seen it yet. It's bloody ridiculous. I always avoid trailers when I can especially for movies I wanna see but it doesn't help that people shove them in your face everywhere.

No. 462196

i'm really annoyed by how overhyped and popular superhero movies have become. marvel, dc, whatever else there is. all of them look and feel exactly the same, and they're so unappealingly dull i can't even bring myself to actually watch them to see if i'm wrong. i find superhero stuff in general boring as shit and i wouldn't find it annoying if it was just people liking what they like without harming anyone, you do you, but of course it's not like that: it's fucking everywhere. i've barely been to the theatres this year bc everytime i want to check out what's playing half of it is moronic disney shit and the other half is moronic superhero films i couldn't care any less about if i physically dedicated all my energy to it.

also i hate disney and i think they're not only boring but also insultingly mediocre. i've already ranted about this in previous threads, probably.

No. 462235

I was thinking this recently as well, it's rare for me to actually find a movie funny. I find TV and surprisingly books/plays to be the funniest mediums for me.

No. 462238

lmao yeah how come out of all things this dumb shit stays

No. 462239

Yeah I didn’t realize how overhyped superhero movies were until I saw Deadpool 2. Thorough out the movie I gradually become more annoyed at how unfunny and tryhard of a character Deadpool is. I also hated all the female characters in Endgame, they all acted like they had sticks up their asses. Sorry I wasn’t impressed by the “girl power” scene either. Speaking of Disney, I can’t believe there are people who actually like the live action trash they’re making (see the people who are looking forward to the Little Mermaid and Mulan remakes). From now on I don’t want to hear anyone complain about the remakes. They deserve all the trash they’re getting.

No. 462250

Tbh I sick of seeing Sailor Moon and Steven Universe everywhere. I want to meet people with different tastes in cartoons and anime. Also I’m sick of Instagram and Tumblr suggesting posts of those aforementioned shows. Stop showing me posts of that pink Mickey Mouse bitch already!

No. 462251

Trailers have always been super cringe for me when I'm forced to watch in a theater, especially ones for comedy films my god. There's a South Park ep "Rob Schneider is a carrot!" (etc) that pretty much nails how absurd trailers really are.

No. 462270

I plug my ears and shut my eyes when trailers come on in the theater for another movie I'm intersted in since I know they'll explain the whole plot and probably even show clips of the final scene.

No. 462311

I agree that the over-hyping of trailers and obsessing about every little thing in them for months is super annoying. But trailers have always been too long and show way too much. The original True Grit trailer fucking shows what happens in the entire movie, and the original trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey spoils the ending with the space baby. It's best to just try to completely ignore trailers for movies you are interested in.

No. 462348


remember hearing somewhere that it was all his editor's idea. That's why Sakura is kinda like Hermione and the whole school setting has a bit of Harry Potter feel to it in the beginning of the show. Kishimoto didn't knew much about Harry Potter and the original idea was more of an edgefest with base humor but his editor did and he thought it would make the show more popular to include the trio dinamic with the smort gurl.

No. 462374

I long for the days I thought hick hop was some type of spelling mistake.

No. 462390

>I'm biased as fuck considering I've seen some harassment by fujos against women that don't like BL.

I've BEEN harassed by fujos for not being into BL. I even have a few m/m ships I do like, but if you don't ship every single m/m ship fujos love they get btfo and call you a homophobe. And they love to call m/f or f/f ships "abusive" and "toxic" for having any disagreement or fighting whatsoever while shipping men who routinely try to murder each other together.

No. 462424

It seems like it's rarer for comedy movies to not have a significant amount of improv-style stuff, as opposed to TV where it's mostly written jokes. It's a shame because 90% of the time, something written will be better. Even most good improvised scenes could be fixed up and re-shot. They probably don't do that in part because they like the "energy" of how it was performed the first time. But it's always obvious when actors are fumbling for funny things to say. Most improvised lines end up being too random or just pop culture references anyway.

No. 462502

File: 1568528301401.png (2.15 MB, 1200x2000, using. periods. for drama..png)

Is this the new crytyping? I fucking hate it, that's for sure.

>Guys. I don't. know how, to tell you… this. But. I really. love attention. A lot.

>Your brain. subconsciously. reads this in a. bad. William Shatner impression.

Barely just a step above

>om,g,,,, I cah,nt,,, ecen,,, rgiht noe,,,,,, :C im,,, havging a pnikk,, attack rgih nowe,,, hewp,,,,,,

No. 462513

>>om,g,,,, I cah,nt,,, ecen,,, rgiht noe,,,,,, :C im,,, havging a pnikk,, attack rgih nowe,,, hewp,,,,,,
where did this come from and when did this get popular? i remember when i was younger, like, back in 2007 or whatever we all were like "ASDFKLJWHATF" but never whatever this is with the commas. i only recently learned of whatever the fuck that was. where did that gain popularity and when was it popular? do boys and men type like that too?

No. 462516

File: 1568531111441.png (469.19 KB, 1000x1000, 1568341654225.png)

Same hat, I know exactly what you mean. I have changed search engines entirely, now I use Yandex as my search browser. Sometimes you have to fill out a captcha to search but the image results are just as good, if not even better, than Google's and you can save the images.

I only recommend it for images though, if you try to use it for regular sitesearching it'll always give you Russian sites and sites that would normally be in English are automatically translated to Russian. Google still gives the best website options imo, but it's nice to have options. Bing and DDG are kinda shit.

No. 462517

I started seeing it on Tumblr back around, I want to say 2013-2014 or so. Certain types of people would start crytyping like that whenever they were in trouble or being criticized for doing stupid shit.

I think Homestuck really popularized it because there was a character named Tavros that has a typing quirk that uses inverted capitals and commas for periods (jUST LIKE THIS,,,) and he's known for being meek. Maybe non-Homestucks picked up on it and decided to add it into part of crytyping? Who knows.

No. 462536

File: 1568539308967.jpg (50.22 KB, 316x565, ff07470d-4a6e-4f07-b99b-a0955e…)

People who message you and ask you basic shit like age/country/name while the crap is literally in your blog/profile description, that you HAVE to pass/see in order to message someone.
At this point I just don't bother to reply anymore. It's also usually men who do this.

No. 462551

If it's on social media just block them or mute them. It applies to fandoms in general but normal, decent fujoshi aren't going to be visible since they keep things to themselves to avoid being harassed as well. I'm a fujoshi and I block this type of fujoshi and fakebois on a regular basis and it makes social media way better.

No. 462594

It's becoming really annoying how every new vaguely medieval/historical tv show/movie is compared to Game of Thrones or being accused of trying to cash in on the Game of Thrones popularity. It's like people are completely unaware that medieval/historical fiction and fantasy existed before GoT did. The Tudors ended before GoT aired but if it came out today I am 100% sure people would say it was ripping off GoT or trying to be like it.

No. 462597

Same thing for RPG and other video games taking place in a medieval Europe-like setting.
>Fire Emblem Three Houses is released
>has a lot of plot points taken from the previous games of the franchises but sometimes with a twist
>is about dragons, royal families and war like the other games in the series since 1990
>"is this game of thrones xD!!1! I've watched game of thrones and nothing else so I'm suuuch a nerd!!"

This also applies to anyone comparing stories with supernatural elements or straight up witchcraft taking place in schools to Harry Potter.

No. 462658

I get unreasonably irritated when I see merch or a pic/aesthetic that I think is from an Elder Scrolls game but it turns out to be GoT. I miss when Skyrim was the only point of reference of medieval dragon stuff for normies. Now everyone around me INSISTS that I watch GoT because I liked Skyrim. Like, no, your show sucks and I dont need tits every episode.

No. 462754

I think Skyrim is incredibly boring and bland. Cliche D&D type fantasy is always terribly dry and boring so i do appreciate Game of Thrones mixing it up a bit using those elements. It definitely deserves more recognition than Skyrim, but its not like skyrim is some underdog obscure thing, it is as mainstream as it gets, its ported to every console ever and people still don't shut up about it.

No. 462794

>boring and bland
That's fair actually lol, it's a very watered-down ES game but it's also very comfy. I think playing it for the first time is just a very modern-nostalgic and "magical" thing for many people. It's def not niche but imo, to complete Skyrim takes a lot more dedication than just bingeing a show on Netflix. I'm trying not to sound like a weird "Normies reeee" person cuz I also binge shit on Netflix but I hope my point makes some sense. Oblivion was the superior ES game anyways but people seem to never know about it.

No. 462799

>Oblivion was the superior ES game
not Morrowind
Now that has a unique fantasy setting.

No. 462807


Its even worse with videogames and Dark souls.

Any videogame that is hard is "The dark souls of *insert genre". Apparently Dark Souls was the first and only hard game ever made. I've seen a ton of comparisons with the aesthetic and themes too, but dark fantasy have been a thing since forever, is way older than videogames and dark souls itselfs rips off so much from Berserk is crazy. Its just a bad habit from pop culture, the way people describe stuff is always "is just like X but with Y" so everything becomes a reference to another thing thats popular and there is no escaping it, even when its not intended people will process it like that.

No. 462854

Morrowind is best TES followed by Daggerfall. Skyrim is pure retardation and I unironically look down on people who enjoy it.

People saying that Septimus Heap is a Harry Potter rip off. Like they barely even have the existence of magic in common; the magic system is totally different. Not to mention that it’s an entirely different setting and characters

No. 463108

Entitled parents are the worst. It's honestly impressive how many people think the world revolves around their cumstain. Your kids are your responsibility, what part of that did you miss? It is nobody else's obligation to entertain or buy things for your child.

I'm not even talking about men or women in specific, if you use the "I'm a parent!" card to excuse your or your kid's shitty behavior, you're on the shit list.

No. 463549

If I ever get famous will I ever see these boo-hoo I'm famous videos as something more? Or will it always be annoying

No. 463552

tbh you have to have a very specific extremely extroverted personality to handle being famous well, most average people can't even handle the scrutiny and overstimulating social signals of just using facebook or twitter too much without it fucking with their head

No. 463563

are most celebs this kind of person? or is that why so many of them have addictions and mental illness behind the scenes

No. 463564

i love property shows but i get so angry watching people go on these programs not knowing what they want!! this woman has seen 3 houses and cried over how small they were even though she asked to downsize!! fuck off lady

No. 463571

They’ve already picked the house prior to filming. It’s all drama for the cameras. They know what they want.

No. 463612

those shows are definitely bs but fun to watch. semi related but my dad used to be a broker and there are some real crazies searching for houses. they want a 3000 sq ft 3/3 by the beach for $120,000. they don't want to put down $120,000 and finance, no, they want an expensive property for $120,000 and think all sellers will forgo like, $200,000 just because they "have cash" and can avoid the approvals and waiting financing. and they're always like "BUT I HAVE CASH", yeah, dude, so many people here are actually rich and have cash. no one is going to just give you a $700,000 property just because you have $120,000 in cash. then they complain about the person helping them find a home

theyll see houses that are well under market value and that assess so much higher, that are nice, and if they can't get "their deal", that is, if they can't get the seller (the bank, in this case) to give it to them for much, much less than that, even, they get indignant and shitty to my parent and the banks, etc. like they can pull rank on multinational banks. they'll try to tell banks "no one will ever buy this property" (meanwhile, they get offers like crazy and they'll find another buyer immediately that'll take on liens, will waive inspections, etc).

No. 463698

Are there any late teens-early 20 year olds that aren’t giant weebs and/or have a life outside of gaming and “dank memeing”??? Why am I doomed to the hell that is this retard generation?

No. 463873

this may be a nitpick but i hate people who post like crazy about being something without having fully transitioned into the thing,claiming it's a part of their life and dropping it or half-assing it

ex. soooo many "vegans" who stop eating meat for a month and say "oh im a vegan now" and make a ton of posts about how they love animals and eating meat is evil.and then for whatever reason(health issues,financial issues etc) they stop being vegan.YET they may still promote the whole vegan thing(which isnt bad in itself)and posting about how all animals are equal while still eating burgers

cant they just transition slowly,without fucking up their health,see if they can manage it and THEN say it?they want the "animal loving vegan who cares about the enviroment" label,while they half-ass it and their activism is mostly from instagram posts

and this annoys me with people who jump into trends they can't keep up with overall.i brought veganism as an example since i have seem many people being like that but it extends to other things too

No. 463876

i hate when guys ask me out, but don't feel like i'm able to complain or vent about it because it might seem like i'm humble bragging. i'm volcel and have been single for 24 years at this point, maybe i'll get a bf one day but i have a lot of shit going on in my life that i have to work through.

yesterday a customer (who apparently frequents my workplace) asked me out. but the way he did it was so strange.. he phrased everything in a kinda creepy way and made me feel objectified. the encounter made me uncomfortable and stressed out. when i told one of my housemates about the situation making me anxious, she replied with the following phrases:

>aww, but that's so nice anon!

>but i think it's so sweet! what a nice thing of him to do
>that's so cute

the situation was far from sweet and cute. especially considering it happened while i was at work. ugh….

No. 463891

i agree.same with movie posters too
your post reminded me of video related

No. 463934

Holy shit it's so accurate it hurts lmao. This is exactly what I was talking about

No. 463936

Trailers are so formulaic now, it's like they're made with a checklist. They always begin with a fade into some vague whispered quote (unless it's a comedy in which case we start with jaunty music and an equally vague quote but delivered in a chirpy voice) and always end with the music building to a crescendo followed with a "funny" (it's never actually funny) stinger. Fuck off.

No. 464006

Same. Even with tv shows finding one that I actually think is consistently funny is very rare. There's a couple of older sketch shows that I really like but most comedy series these days focus way too much on "funny" relationship drama and not enough on the actual jokes being good.
Books and text get this across way better and manage to be funny in a more implicit way, often because of things like writing style.
There's some youtube channels that put out pretty hilarious videos but ones that don't feel forced are hard to find as well. I'm sick of the whole "a fast breath out the nose every ten minutes is enough for me to keep watching" mentality that's apparently common now.

No. 464044

How did he ask you out?

No. 464057

People are getting lazier and probably not paying their writers or recycling old scripts because the $$$ is all that matters. There's a severe lack of talent and some stingy fucking producers out there and its making everything suck

No. 464120

he kept saying stuff about my appearance and that he had been watching me for a while. if he had been like "you seem nice, would you like to go out with me?" it wouldn't have bothered me.

whenever a guy shows interest in me, based on nothing but my appearance, it puts me in a really bad mood. i feel so objectified and don't want to appeal to the male gaze ree.

No. 464222

I just broke my earbuds on accident. I was on my bed and sitting on them (didn't realize I was on them) thought I was pulling a different cord from under me but it was actually them and then the cord snapped. they cost 12$ a pair and I have to order them off ebay because literally no one else sells them and they take a week to get here. now I have to use the kind that go in-ear which I hate because I have tiny ear canals and they're really uncomfortable. I know this is an extremely first world problem but it's just so fucking frustrating that my stupid fat ass broke my earbuds and it was so easily preventable.

No. 464227

me too. in my old retail job i had plenty weird guys and older men flirt and ask me out. one guy outright told me to add him on facebook. i told him i never go on it but he was persistent for 3-4 months until he got the memo. the creepy thing about that is my facebook was VERY private, and i didn't even use my real name. i have no idea how he found me.

i've also had best friends who tell me they're in love with me, and in turn our friendship crumbles because i don't feel the same, and i never will.

there's nothing nice about someone befriending you expecting poon. i feel used and i cant even vent about it to people because they see me as humble bragging. like 'why are you complaining that people fall in love with you?' umm because i don't feel the same? because i've lost plenty of amazing people from my life?

i hate befriending guys.

No. 464237

Do you wish these guys never were friends with you?

Sorry that you are so attractive anon. But I could never relate with having tons of guys falling in love with me because I'm not attractive. It sucks to come on this board with so many attractive woman. Meanwhile if I ever complain about being unattractive I get told I should be grateful. It works both ways anon.

No. 464261

File: 1569075653071.jpg (14.71 KB, 200x300, ugh.jpg)

This stupid game is to dark. I've edited every setting, but its still to dark to play

No. 464262

NTA but
>Sorry that you are so attractive anon
What a nasty and weird thing to say to a woman who was speaking about being harassed by an old man. Sounds like the real reason guys don’t like you is because you are completely oblivious to social cues.

No. 464264

You sound like an insufferable cunt. Women dont like getting stalked at their jobs or have their friendships fall apart because guys are unable to be platonic. It sucks because a lot of women dont get into friendships with guys thinking or hoping they'll fall in love with them. some people are married or together because of a friendship but that is usually a rare case. It sounds like you're victim blaming anon for just being a woman and not wanting these advances.

No. 464265

I don't even know where you farmers get that telling stories about men harassing us is a attractive/unattractive/humblebragging issue, cause in my experience that shit has happened to all sorts of women regardless of how they look.
Lots of women I've seen talk about this have been in a situation where men had the power dynamic over them (re: working a customer service role and the male being the customer) and got harassed as a result. It didn't really matter what they looked like because men enjoy the novelty of making a woman who cannot flee give them attention.
Seen this happen in friend circles too. It doesn't take a humblebragging super attractive woman nor a hideous cavewoman to find out her male friends just want to pork her. Or want to use her to cheat on their own girlfriends.
Plus it stands to reason, that the more you've been around males in your life the higher the odds that you've had an unpleasant experience with them.

Get some perspective people.

No. 464274

There are people saying that the new Invader Zim special was ableist and fatphobic because Dib was obese and couldn't get out of his computer chair and that it was attacking obese people and now I remember why I don't read text post on Tumblr and only go on there for pretty pictures.

No. 464275

nayrt, but i dont think you should "feel grateful" for being unattractive. i wish men would stop using attractiveness as a basis when it comes to interacting with women.

i want men to like me because of my actual personality, not my appearance. it's shallow and annoying.

because women congratulate me. they tell me to take it as a compliment. even though i say that kind of male attention makes me feel uncomfortable, they don't see it the same way. not every woman thinks this way ofc, but most people in my life seem to have this mindset.

like, i frequented an art museum this summer and one of the security guards hit on me by telling me he recognised me. this made me feel kinda creeped out and not want to return to the museum in case i ran into him again. when i told my friend this, she asked if he was handsome, said i should feel flattered and didn't understand why i was making it a big deal.

No. 464279

>because women congratulate me. they tell me to take it as a compliment

It's internalized misogyny. See it for what it actually is. We're told as women that any kind of male attention is what we should want.
Some women just aren't there yet to see how it actually isn't flattery.

No. 464281

Directly edit your monitor brightness?

No. 464283

i know, and it explains why they might see it as humble bragging as they see male validation as something positive.

No. 464313

I agree. It's pretty much a thinly-veiled "I wanna ogle and fuck you, let's go out." Is that supposed to be a compliment, because it's really not. With how predatory most men are and how their sexuality tends to be, that's the kind of attention I want to avoid.

No. 464330

So women are supposed to feel grateful for being unattractive?

No. 464332

File: 1569097233442.jpeg (699.43 KB, 750x1191, F563D285-D6DB-4FD0-A900-1A02E6…)

god i hate depop and some sellers on eBay.

>Could do with a good iron

yeah no shit? iron it yourself and take a flattering photo if you want to sell it, holy shit.

it looks awful and makes me think some girls don't bother to wash their clothes before selling. eugh.

No. 464334

Depop sellers will take an ass pic in some wrinkled dirty fast fashion skirt and be like $80 please, this was $81 new so it's a great deal! $12 shipping.

No. 464343

>got a message from a client requesting some work
>I give my price and a deadline of 2 weeks with an specific date for delivery.
>client agrees to it
>still writes me the day after to see how his commission is coming along
>Explain to him that i have several commissions in line and not to worry, his piece is accounted for and i would start on it some days later and will deliver on the date we agreed upong
>he tells me he understands
>Still writes me again the day after to ask me how his commission is coming along , and the day after to see if i started yet…

Fuuuuuu, why are some people like this? Tbh this type of clients are kinda rare, but when one is like this it grinds my teeth. If you are a in the client position never do this, only two things can happen if you push: either the artist gets annoyed and cancels or the artist delivers earlier than agreed but is going to be some rushed bullshit done halfheartedly just to get rid of your nagging ass. I am still deciding which one of the two is gonna be this time because i can't deal with an entitled narc breathing on my neck every day for the rest of the week. In my experience just canceling is preferable because if a client is like this at the start even if you bend over and do your best work and deliver super early they will probably still give you shit afterwards and try to pull a fast one on you, i know because i used to be such a pushover when i started out and i got burned so many times that now i have a siren blasting in my mind when stuff like this happens.

No. 464358

File: 1569106196831.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

holyshit, you aint wrong

No. 464361

i think what anon is trying to say is society based women's attractiveness on getting male attention. men are idiots and will fuck a sock if you let them, so no matter what happens, just ignore men and focus on yourself. it has nothing to do with actual female attraction.

No. 464383

Why do some women receive more attention than others if men only care about attractiveness? You make no sense.

No. 464446

whenever i try to vent about things my friend tells me she's going through the same situation but never really consoles me

it just turns into her saying "oh yeah me too" and then launching into her own problems and like

she isn't doing it to be rude or anything i think she's just commiserating

but it's tiring

No. 464452

It's okay, you can say "Mariah".

No. 464481

Lmao, that's really how it is.

No. 464493

I think anon doesn't realize that below average women are pretty much ignored and are disadvantaged in the job market etc because of it. Not every woman gets hit on or cat called. Some women make it through their entire life without male attention. They would have to work very hard to get some sex with not an absolute goblin.

No. 464562

some people don't know how to respond to people venting to them so they instead try to console us by talking about their own experiences so we don't feel 'alone' in our woes.

but usually they come across as making it a competition or not caring.

No. 464571

File: 1569146893557.gif (1.38 MB, 402x404, 5D94F162-8D96-4542-8A47-17B86E…)

Oh no, never being cat called? How awful to not have strange men scream about your tits in the streets.

No. 464583

>watch some dumb yt video
>trump mentioned in a negative light for 5 seconds out of a 8 minute video that is otherwise completely unrelated to politics
>comments are nothing but whining about it and about leftist
Why the fuck is this still such an emotionally charged topic for americans? It has been years.

No. 464592


As a non american i also ask myself that, people either love him to death or hate him and think he is literally Hitler, no middle ground and no matter which one americans can't seem to be able to shut up about him.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and youtube channels unrelated to politics and no matter the topic always theres going to be a non sequitur comment about Trump. Like someone would mention something and another goes "like certain president you know who, amirite??" or they are talking about another country, another time, like Teotihuacan in 1000 b.c and they'll go "which reminds me of the difficult troubling times we now live in with Trump being president and all…"

Dear americans, sorry, it makes you look like airheads somewhat.

No. 464597


cat calling is never a compliment

No. 464600

try having one of the biggest sexist, racist, idiotic jokes of a human being in your country get elected as president then see how happily and proudly you call him your president

No. 464602

You sound like an ignorant twat who enjoys the smell of their own farts. Americans are mad because he didn't even win the popular vote and proved that voter fraud is real.

No. 464603

Don't listen to the americans, lmao. Obviously everything in their mind must be related to their actual political/social situation. It gets tiring, especially for people from countries with even worse governments.

No. 464606

How dare people discuss issues in their own country in a space where non-Americans' delicate ears might have to hear it.

No. 464611

And how dare people be annoyed (!) by you guys' constant talking.

No. 464613

I'm so tried of 20-30 year old adult men complaining about fortnite

I don't play fortnite but my nieces and nephews love it and it seems like a fun game for kids

I remember trying it a couple times and it was "alright" I guess but I also started chatting with this really cute 9 year old boy who was very respectful and that's my only interaction with the fortnite community

No. 464617

I hate love songs that say things like "im nothing without you" "my life would be pointless without you" "youre my entire purpose" etc. It just gives a sycophantic desperate vibe..

No. 464626

File: 1569162087154.jpg (73.16 KB, 960x321, drumpf.jpg)


If we are talking about a political podcast or current event discussion then yeah, go ahead and sperg about drumpt if we are talking about unrelated topics that have nothing to do with it and get ruined with cringy derailing, then no, stop self inserting and wallowing in self pity because you don't like a president. Is trite , annoying and intellectually lazy to just scream "Trump baaaad" every two seconds. Specially for us not in the US who just want to eye roll at you.

>but muh safe space, muh oppression

Please burguers, get real

>Americans are mad because he didn't even win the popular vote and proved that voter fraud is real.

And still that has shit to do with the content i follow and the huge amount of situations where Americans insert Trump talk into. Imagine every single anime you watch having stupid jokes about Shinzo Abe or some shit. Even people living in third world shit regimes don't bring it up in everything they do online as much hyper sensitive spoiled americans and their triggered comedians and public personalities.

No. 464629

I'm an American who no longer lives in the US, and while I definitely sympathize with the ongoing struggles with healthcare, ICE, etc.,the people who just bring up Trump endlessly and never stop stressing about him need to give it a rest. We get it, he sucks. I was reading this guy's blog post the other day where he was talking about how stressful it's been with his elderly father being sick lately and how frustrated the doctors make him feel. and then, out of nowhere, he says:

>I used to go entire years without getting angry. I was a peaceful person. It’s Trump’s fault. His lawlessness without consequence undoes my zen

If Trump's existence is having that much of an impact on your daily life and mental health, you're in WAY too fucking deep. It's not healthy and it's not worth it.

No. 464631

most of them are written by men so go figure

No. 464633


I find it kind of funny that this man's healthcare was frustrating him, and then brings up Trump. It's under Obama my family lost our health insurance because the price nearly doubled and our quality of care went down. I'm no longer on anti-depressants because my family can't afford them; mental health was part of the coverage that was lost. My grandmother was at stage 3 cancer because she refused to see her doctor due to the costs. It wasn't until her symptoms neared death we finally convinced her to go. "But you get to keep your old doctor!" I genuinely fucking hate democraps.

I'm not here to shill Trump; I'm not a fan either, but these assholes who hate him could stand to look in a mirror.

No. 464634

File: 1569164744469.jpeg (585.36 KB, 750x743, E914A2AE-5678-4D28-A455-C22C15…)

When people who go on lolcow post on LSA.

No. 464661

File: 1569169807155.jpg (8.98 KB, 214x214, canonical-disgust.jpg)

I have a couple on my social media who always acts like they're so grown up and more mature than literally anyone else who ever does a thing ever, yet currently they are online begging randoms to go pick them up tissues and cough drops from the store in the late am when everyone's sleeping because they claim too sick and cannot move to go to the store themselves. They live 5 minutes from a store. The woman can't drive so it makes sense, but the guy certainly can.
If they're that desperately ill they need a fucking ambulance ride to a hospital.
They have a roommate but must have burned their bridge so as to not be able to ask him or for him to automatically say no.

They are some of the worst grifters I know. It won't be just tissues and cough drops, they'll tack on a few bunch of other 'little things' to their order when the person responds, and expect the person to pick up the tab if they're a good, non money hungry friend–which whoever already is for going to the store for a couple of adult babies at 2am.
And if that same person asks them for a favor later? They always got an excuse as to why they aren't available to do anything, like they're such busyyyyy adults they just don't have the time but woulddddd if they couldddddd. This is why they tend to befriend people with low self-esteem (me) but they especially target the "yes men" who can be used as repeat suckers who think they have to go above and beyond to prove they're a good friend to have.
At least I don't fall for that shit.

The biggest cherry is that not too long ago they were lambasting their roommate on social media for calling out sick from work and acting like one's gotta pull themselves up by their bootstraps and just go. Which is esp funny coming from the woman because this is her first time working in two years and only got the job because of her bf pulling strings at his job to get her it. Yet here they are, both taking a day off from work at the same time from what sounds like a common cold that everyone gets during seasonal change.
They got mad because their supervisors didn't give a shit about their wellbeing because they told them they needed them back for work tomorrow. Lmao, welcome to the workforce motherfuckers.

No. 464684

The sandals I was eyeing for weeks finally got marked down but my size sold out. I bought a half size up but I don’t know if that will work.

No. 464686

my sister and i got groceries yesterday and somehow my parents decided to just go " yeah fuk u" and ate half … we bought for 5 days for less than 50$ and now i've to go grocery shopping AGAIN. control your fat asses

No. 464703

I'm sick of the societal expectation for people to have a lot of friends. I'm an introvert who really doesn't crave hanging out with friends on the daily or making a lot of them. With that being said, I feel so fucking bad about myself because everyone around me DOES have a lot of friends and DOES feel the need to socialize and it makes me feel like a degenerate. I'll be hanging out with a friend and they'll just be like "I've noticed that you don't have that many friends" like… ok? Why is that such a big deal?

No. 464724

I hate the type of woman that feels entitled to dictate what other women can and can't do.
Just because you are too scared to go out by yourself at night or to travel alone doesn't mean every women that does that should be raped Karen. People are allowed to not have the same fears as you.

No. 464726

This forever. I like to be alone or with my partner.

No. 464753

You sound like you have autism.

No. 464766

I agree as well. I'd personally never get married or have children because of that reason also, I prefer to have one or two friends i can sperge about random shit with once in a blue moon.
I also hate how when I was in school the teachers made me feel bad for being by myself. I also hate people who tell me i need to come out of my shell, like sorry, this is who i am.

No. 464769


introversion = autism apparently

No. 464772

sad attempt at trolling

No. 464775

LOUD CHEWERS!!!! they make my blood fucking boil!!!!!!!!! I can't sit at the same table as a loud chewer and enjoy my food or even just look at my mobile.

No. 464781

this! and people who chew AND talk at the same time! it's so gross i don't want to listen to you while you spit food at me ewewwwwww

No. 464782

If you're introverted to the point where too much socialisation drains you then just stick to what makes you happy. As you get older people don't comment on it as much

No. 464818

We need to being back calling things "controversial" instead of "problematic". Just because there is discourse about a particular topic, that doesn't make it automatically "problematic". At that point you're just assuming that the controversial elements of the topic are automatically wrong or bad, instead of something that might be just a case of culture shock, for example.

No. 464919


this is slightly off topic but I honestly hate buzzwords like problematic and the like because they're so easy to overuse and misuse and most of the time i'm just gonna get the impression that the speaker is lazy and just spouting off shit they read from other people. This goes for a lot of words, idk it just annoys me. I might sound like a snob lol but I just wish people would talk better and get their thoughts across clearer and not have to resort to easy catch-all words, like it's not hard.

Leading into that - it irritates me when you can tell someone is parroting something they heard another person say or stuff they read off the internet. Because it not only controls your wording but your opinions and thought process too. My sister does this all the time and it drives me nuts, it's like she automatically has to get approval from others on topics and never speaks/thinks for herself.

No. 464923

ugh god I had to share the breakroom with my coworker today while he ate his lunch and he had his headphones in and didn't realize he was chewing loud as fuck. I generally don't have misophonia but I was getting physically uncomfortable and the sounds he was making.

No. 464936

My stupid teen ass wanted to wear glasses for the ~aesthetic~ and now that I need them I hate them. I can't keep them clean for an hour. I wish I wasn't half blind.

No. 465008

No. 465018

Did you guys even read my original post? I wasn't only talking about people who complain about trump but trump supporters too. >>464583 And except for one anon none of you answered my question. Why is it still such a hot topic just like the first day, after years? Don't you ever get tired of talking about it? I want to know if it's something cultural I'm missing.

No. 465053

judging from the replies the only thing you're missing is not being american and having trump stained in your short-term memory

No. 465286

When people make disgusting sounds with their throats. My dad does this so much and it drives me up the fucking wall. it's like he's hacking up a hairball. i just don't understand why they can't cough normally like a decent human being? ughh

No. 465312

People shitting on Jojo Siwa.
Somehow a literal 15-year-old dressing too colourful and acting a bit too over the top is considered a crime worthy of entire twitter and youtube making fun of her. You have grown ass men sitting there, making videos about why she's bad and if she reacts she's a pressed bitch with no sense of humor.
The thing I hate the most about it are the "Jojo Siwa is taller than [male name]"-memes. So what? Would her being short change anything? Must she act like an adult just because she's taller than your sorry ass?
While I certainly behaved differently at her age, I still think that she's a billion times better than all those other preteen influencers who twerk in bikinis.

No. 465314

It’s insane that people are so riled up over her wearing silly bows and not being heavily sexualised. She does a show for little girls and encourages harmless shit like craft ffs.

No. 465319

I honestly don't know anything about her except her hairline concerns me.

No. 465321

I dont read screenshots if the person uses one of those asinine phone fonts, becauss its ALWAYS some kind of swirly one. If you think its okay to post an entire series of milk with your shitty font overlaying it, then you shouldnt be posting anything at all. It actually strains my eyes.

No. 465322

that really upsets me too. LET HER BE A CHILD and wear fun, cute stuff! amazing how girls get shamed for following the cues society gives them by objectifying themselves, but are also heavily put down for being modest and you know, enjoying their actual childhoods and encouraging other girls to do the same. then they claim the danielle cohns "do it to themselves" etc. obviously no little girl should be sexualizing herself, but if they weren't encouraged to do so, it wouldn't be happening as it does

No. 465332

Using that font should be illegal (this is hyperbole for the autists who take everything literally here)

No. 465336

>no one:
>absolutely not a soul:

i hate this meme with a passion. it's so damn overused and it was never funny to begin with

No. 465338

This applies to all memes. Period.

No. 465343

got to agree with you here. especially written ones

No. 465349


I hate that meme but also hate the "soul" meme. Now dumb kids don't say "i don't like something" , they'll go "it doesn't have SOUL". Bitch shut up. what you like is bullshit too that someone else will consider soulless, don't try to pass your own teenage biases as deep shit.

No. 465368

So you go on /v/ then? Soul doesn't really come up anywhere else. Don't waste your energy hating that shithole when you can just leave and never look back.

No. 465369

Sometimes my bf doesn't seem to worry about anything and it annoys me. The main thing that pisses me off is a lot of the time he doesn't care about how he looks to myself or others, or about his health. When I comment on something even nicely he'll change it but with incredulity. Like bitch don't wear anime t-shirts out, hold your knife and fork like a civilized person and not a neanderthal, and stop hunching your back like a caveman. It's crazy bc he's physically attractive but a lot of the things he does, not much so.

There's should be a middle between being too carefree and too self-conscious. It sends my blood pressure through the roof. He is great besides these things but I wish he'd try to be more attractive instead of complacent and lacking self-awareness. I'm starting to regret moving in so quickly.

No. 465371


It literally comes up in threads here all the time. People are using it for all sorts of media in all sorts of places, i wouldn't know if it originated on v/ because i don't browse there but it makes sense that it comes from snooty gamer brats. I also see a trend of people watching a lot of gaming youtubers then using game design buzzwords everywhere.

No. 465372

t. a NPC with pleb taste who enjoys soulless entertainment

No. 465376

Soul literally just comes from black slang bastardized,as usual

my parents used to always say this person ain't got no SOUL when they sing (when really it meant they didnt have a powerhouse voice and melisma-esque vocals)

No. 465382

>t. a NPC
>Thinks she is special
>starts a sentence with two memes like your average imageboard drone

ok sweaty

No. 465403

File: 1569335054090.jpg (36.93 KB, 500x483, 3458'.jpg)

No. 465430

>Not every woman gets hit on or cat called. Some women make it through their entire life without male attention

i dunno what universe you're living in, but i want in. In my most hobo off days, i still get cat called by greasy men. men are disgusting and will hit on anything they think might be a woman or will give them attention.

Haha, pretty much

No. 465452

Nta, but throughout my life (27 years,) I've been cat-called/hit on in public all once that I remember. I think I put off a very unapproachable, unfriendly vibe when I'm alone.

No. 465469

I've been around the world and I've very rarely been cat called. According to everyone I ask, I don't have rbf. In fact, I personally consider myself to be a big smiler. I guess I'm not really a woman.

No. 465473

As a non-American I question the sheer absence of any objectivity Americans seem to have regarding their president, whether they're for or against him as well.

No. 465488

It's not really that important what you dress like. It's just important that that the men you have around you aren't trash.

No. 465490

I think weirdly enough, I have only ever gotten cat called/hit on when I'm extra slobby (and no, I dress normie, no jap fash or whatever on my "put together" days). And like I'm certified ugly with rbf so idk what's up with that.

No. 465492

As an American, I agree people here focus on Trump WAY too much but also, no one is forcing you to watch/listen to it. If it bothers you, go find some non American entertainment that doesn’t even mention Trump. It’s not that hard

No. 465497


No. 465499

I hate it when people say Darwin awards or natural selection in response to someone dying in a certain way. It's like it's cool to be as callous and cynical of people as possible. This is the same mentality people use for sexual abuse victims but since it's about dying (where the SJW and PC team think is more okay than sexual abuse/rape for some odd reason I can't understand) it's okay to say this kind of cruel shit. Even my American boomer parents say this shit. I fucking hate it.

No. 465534


No. 465546

i zone out when theres comments criticizing only appearance and nothing else. literally anything else is more productive than the same comments about some girl's hairline or box body. i think i prefer someone's shit behavior being called out instead

No. 465562

File: 1569363413417.png (10.34 KB, 477x151, Screenshot_2019-09-24-17-52-21…)

Redditors with vendettas from childhood need to grow up
>muh english tescher ruined reading
>Homework bad
>school should start latter
>like high school is to hard bro
I dont hate these ideas, but I hate the fact they all combine to make this "I didnt fail school because I was bad, but because the system is bad"

No. 465570

As a first year English teacher; thank you. I just taught a unit on a book that I read with students IN CLASS and not for homework, and they still didn't remember/grasp basic facts or concepts (Literally not even the main theme) despite that. I know it's not me because I taught this unit during student teaching and had an entirely different response from students. I assigned a quiz today that they refused to stop complaining over, even though i basically gave the answers the day before in discussion. So fucking annoying. I NEVER give homework or busy work, and they don't even appreciate it. It just makes them complain about the things I do make them do.. like learn/discuss.

No. 465577


Some people simply don't want education, don't want jobs, don't want to be accountable for anything or even do the most basics of tasks in life, everything that isn't them getting neetbux only for breathing is abuse and even when they are on wellfare they will still whine all day.

No. 465586

I’m someone who failed literally because of homework lol. All my in class work was perfect, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t do homework for the life of me. I think there’s some merit in less homework but probably not in the way OP is wanting?

But unlike other kids who failed for similar reasons, I actually do really well at work.. because I do what I need to do while I’m there and don’t bring shit home. Plus money is a great incentive lmao

No. 465611

Everyone wants to think they are intelligent so when they are faced with dozens of areas in which to prove their intelligence and they fail, the cope is that it must be someone else's fault. Sorry, every barrel has a bottom.

No. 465614

Sorry but can you give more context? You couldn't do homework because you genuinely struggled with it or struggled with the idea of sitting down and doing it? I'm not trying to be snarky I'm trying to understand. How is a teacher supposed to ensure you understand a concept (and not just because you learned in 5 minutes ago and it's still fresh in your mind) without homework, essays, projects, etc?

No. 465616

NTa but also failed because of homework.
I had zero work ethic and some minor add that I didn’t learn to manage until way too late. Procrastination and poor discipline are a shit combo.

School wasn’t abusive for giving me the tools to develop a work ethic outside of class tho.

No. 465619

Struggled to just sit down and do it. I aced every assignment otherwise, including tests. I’d squeeze in homework during class sometimes, but my home life was a wreck and so I spent my free time either dealing with that shit or avoiding going home entirely. I failed because homework counted for a massive percentage of my grade and despite making A’s on what I did do, I couldn’t pass a class with the homework zeros lol

No. 465634

File: 1569373567620.jpeg (21.86 KB, 432x432, 531CCA6C-3649-4768-80F0-017483…)

i deleted my social media to take a break and focus on more important things but now instead of hopping between apps i've been spending all my time here and switching between boards.

fuck the internet. i think i just need to destroy my phone entirely if i'm going to be productive at all. it's not as easy as i thought… my attention has just shifted.

wahhh i just wanna do stuff but i can't break the habit of opening and closing the same page over and over!!!

No. 465640

my friend always… ALWAYS finds something to complain about at work to the point i've just started ignoring all her venting toward me about it. i can't say anything beyond "wow that sucks" because she never wants advice she just rants about seemingly anything. there's always some problem she has with another coworker. i want to tell her to relax and get more hobbies or something, bc the more you vent the more you do it and the more overall angry you become

No. 465643

Try weaning yourself offline.
Set a timer for twenty minutes or an hour or whatever and do what you need to do and then after that time is up, you can browse for half the time you worked for.

No. 465646

upstairs neighbour is going through a break up and loudly vailing along to sad pop songs at 2 am. like I empathise, girl, but also can I go to sleep pls

No. 465733

from my experience the only people who complain about the school system are the ones too lazy to do shit and then fail (im not american tho)
homework shouldnt be stopped just because youre too lazy to do it and don't want to get yelled at

No. 465754

Wine aunts on goodreads who feel the need to include 23 reaction gifs and blogpost about themselves in their review.
Please fuck off with this. Please.

No. 465755

The current education system is a relic from the industrial revolution that is failing children globally and is only getting worse and worse as time passes and officials refuse to change their approach, but sure it’s just that kids are lazy

No. 465759

>t. Lazy zoomer

No. 465774

Don't forget I hate my dumb mom who forced me to clean my room and also Stacy who rejected me in 10th grade.

No. 465779

I personally did quite well at school, but go off

No. 465786

I went to an "alternative" school (quaker school) k-8 before I went to a normal, private prep school for high school. at quaker school we didn't have typical homework, grades, etc. (these people on reddit's dream) and as a result I struggled a lot my freshman and even sophomore years of high school to keep up with average homework tasks, I did better in subjects like writing, social studies etc. but struggled really hard with math and science. I think with math and science especially practicing through homework is a necessity. my quaker school had a lot of the ideas thrown around for normal schools - unique/non classroom activities (shit like camping, hiking, etc. which I hated), lenient with missing school (ended up with me missing at least one day a week to avoid said unique activities, parents would take me on vacation for weeks at a time), non-traditional hours (started at 9, let out at 2:45 so basically no time at school), no grades or homework (never tried at all except in writing and social studies which were the only subjects I liked), forced to communicate our feelings (I now hate talking about myself), very small class size (no privacy whatsoever). as a contrast my high school was probably more difficult than most and I thrived after my freshman year, college is a breeze bc I was very well prepared.

I think some people do better with more structure and some with less structure. but it's hard to know what would work for a kid and nearly impossible to implement multiple different learning styles that work for students at a larger scale (public schools). Honestly sometimes I think we should have more programs for high schoolers who don't give a shit to just get a certification to be a dental hygienist or mechanic or something. some people will just never care about school.

No. 465793

>I think we should have more programs for high schoolers who don't give a shit to just get a certification to be a dental hygienist or mechanic or something. some people will just never care about school.

In my country those existed in public education and for a time they were well funded and had a good rep, but for the last couple decades they have deteriorated and have a terrible reputation as being hoodlum factories, as everything here that is run by the government.

No. 465801

People that can't think of anything beyond "laziness" or "stupidity" as a reason someone might have had a different experience than theirs is annoying.

No. 465806

It really is, naive and childish too.

No. 465845

I’m getting kind of annoyed by the random posts in the altcow threads relating to the drama between Psychara, Mai Magi, and Manic Moth which give totally different reasons for why the girls aren’t speaking. But they all are invariably anti-Psychara.

Try to ask them directly about it, and they start moaning about how it’s a private issue and that everyone who knows what happened knows. But then either they or one of their close friends comes into the threads, makes some random remark about how “Psychara did xxxx”, as though a couple of days ago someone else wasn’t saying the girl did something else to piss of Mai or Moth.

I just wish someone would finally spill the fucking milk on this bullshit so we can stop talking about them, or that they would stop lurking and posting fake shit.

End rant.

No. 465888

The public highschool in the town I live in tried to do that with a CNA program, but they couldn’t go through with it because the grades in the science department were too low.

I went to a public highschool and my older sibling went to a government tech school. She got completely shit on by my parents for going there, yet she and her husband are doing great at their careers whereas I and my public highschool graduated cousins are struggling to make anything of ourselves.

No. 465923

is annoying when a polfag is in a discord server trying to be this family freindly person, this asshole has post pol memes and when people call them out the mod (a fat ghot) defent them to no end

No. 465947

File: 1569451745159.png (397.08 KB, 868x556, shit man.PNG)

I know I shouldn't let this bother me as much, but literature devil fills me with rage. He first wouldn't stop coming into my recs with his dumb "why are SJW characters mary sues" video and now this? He's also doing comic gate videos.
It's his smug persona that borders on satire that pisses me off.

No. 465960

Y'all, I wanna know what that comic is of the muscle woman covering lovestruck boy's face is. That's hot.

I already have a feeling the video is going to pander to the 4chan weebtrash crowd and praise Eastern work, but give it a tap on the wrist as a "critique" to seem fair for criticizing western work pretty hard. The Eastern shit he portrays in this screenshot, one is of a adult breasted 14 year old girl in a bikini… pedophilia. I'd rather have a butch hair Captain Marvel.

His examples are prurely sexual from this still alone. "West bad because a small few pieces portray pandering leftism/women I don't wanna fuck. East good because scantily clad nude ladies who throw their tits in dudes faces at random times is funny and cre8tiv!" Eastern storytelling is really fucking poor from a mainstream standpoint. It's all "Power of nakama!" Fireblast looking powers activated by shouting random words, and women with 0 substance outside of looking pretty and occasionally looking badass in a fight, despite having traumatized past (no real storyline in between new power and past event). Men are truely the NPCs of gender.

No. 465973

You wrote a very bitter post and you sound like you belong on an atheist subreddit. Hope you can find love soon anon

No. 465978

the real question is why are you watching a dumpster fire scrote like that anon or why did you ever click on one of his videos to pollute your recs

No. 465981

File: 1569462814322.png (126.34 KB, 720x1280, 6hezyjdy3ho31.png)

can't stand woke White girl who say demeaning things about white people in front of ethnics to get brownie points but still largely date only white men(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 465983

You're offended by something posted almost a month ago, the ship has sailed on your struck nerves anon.

No. 465985

>white men are ugly!
>m-my current boyfriend is white…

Lmao. Just watch her play Mother Theresa and pretend she deserves extra woke points for dating an uggo too.

No. 466026

semicolons and the people who use them

No. 466030

I'm the anon that uses them; they're proper grammar.

No. 466036

they have no place in casual conversation. they're tryhard and antiquated. no one uses them, so why use them? it's like americans saying 'whilst'. sure, it's fine, but everyone can already tell you're too autistic to gauge what's appropriate for casual convo, they just wont tell you so. everyone that i've met that used them in a setting that doesn't absolutely call for it ends up being absolutely terrible

No. 466037

I find it funnier when it's woc who shit on white men via Twitter, but their avi is with their white boyfriend… or when /pol/acks complain about white women being unfaithful to their race, and then try to get with woc, more often asian.


That's pretty reasonable. I don't use them in texts or causal convos.

No. 466047

Lmao, by whose standards? Don't be afraid of something you don't understand; embrace the semicolon as a beautiful grammatical tool that joins two related but independent clauses without the need of run-on sentences, or sloppy commas.

No. 466056

I want to see promare but I can't afford it and the idea of going alone to see a weeb movie in a theater seems socially retarded

I'd rather wait six months a pirated copy cuz I hate paying to see shit in the theater on my own dime

No. 466058

I follow the Shay thread less closely than other cows, even though she's a dumpster fire, simply cause I constantly get annoyed by all the salty camgirls. Always "omg pls work harder!! other girls do xyz. good content has xyz. this is her JOB." Taking pictures of your asshole on the internet can make you unstable money, but it isn't a job. It's like Onion or June pretending they're "youtube employees" cause they live off youtube ad revenue. She's not "working" and neither are the rest of them without day jobs, like get off your high horse ffs.

No. 466060

Great, I'm now aware of some anon using and defending semi colons it's going to annoy me every time I notice it. Sure it's correct but that doesn't stop it coming off as autism.

No. 466065

NTA but how dull does someone’s life have to be to get so worked up over people using correct grammar, tbh that’s pretty autistic of you

No. 466067

Imagine being triggered by correct grammar. "Muh casual conversation"
> ~whilst~

No. 466092

Jsyk I've been using semicolons ocassionally on here before you complained about them so don't think posters are doing it to spite you. Although I do find that this upsets you pretty hilarious.

No. 466103

You do realise that correct grammar is important in text so that it isn’t tiring to read and it flows like spoken language does, right?

That’s why…. it’s so awful… to read posts… written like this… because you inherently read them slowly…. because it reads like gaps… or so some people write like this and it’s exhausting to read because there’s no commas or like full stops so you don’t get to pause at any point and take a breather and it just keeps going and going and even though you don’t read it aloud you still feel out of breath and exhausted because written text is still treated like spoken language so it’s important to use proper grammar to let the reader know what tone everything is being spoken in. I MEAN, IF GRAMMAR DIDNT ACTUALLY MATTER THEN WHY DOES IT SEEM LIKE IM YELLING JUST BY WRITING EVERYTHING IN ALL CAPITALS?

Just because you don’t see the value in proper grammar doesn’t mean it isn’t important. It’s ironic how people are now writing more than ever but written language is so bastardised.

No. 466104

>Imagine being triggered by correct grammar. "Muh casual conversation"
you guys are the ones that keep posting angrily about it, like people aren't allowed to dislike it bc you use them. grammar and language naturally evolves. people who are married to "proper grammar" and "technically correct" words like "whilst" or "thrice" are strange and come off as onision-tier pests that look for any opportunity, including convos about paper towels, to try to assert authority or knowledgeability. there's a reason why no one understands middle english even though it's also perfectly correct. grammatical rules are completely arbitrary anyways, so it's really weird that people are so married to "correct grammar" like there's a forever unchanging basis behind it, like all languages share the same grammatical rules or like it doesn't also change over time. it wasn't something that was discovered. the fact is that things fall out of use and it becomes clunky and uncommon to use them casually as a result.

people who insist on more formal phrasing or structure in casual convo or anyone who wants to cling desperately to the corpses of rarely used grammatical tools or outdated words bc it's "proper" is immediately telling the word they're a horsegirl

No. 466106

>immediately telling the word they're a horsegirl

Can’t decide if you’re autistic or dyslexic

No. 466114

it's obviously meant to be "world", anon. are you so autistic you can't take context clues? or do you think imageboards are not casual and that no one makes typos on imageboards? the overly offended way semicolon fans act over a punctuation mark really shows, imo, why you guys turn out to be pretty intolerable people irl and you prove exactly why i hold these opinions

sure, grammar is important, but not universal and unchanging, but that's how people act. there's a big difference. people who make mention of "proper grammar" (like the anons above) are usually ones complaining about it in a forum that is inappropriate for the complaint, like youtube comments or texts. semicolons are not a necessity. they are literally falling out of use, which makes using them casually very odd, and people who talk about grammar like it's a natural science are nitpicky for the sake of feeling superior

No. 466121

I wasn’t referring to the typo but rather your very polarised thinking and how weirdly angry you’re getting over this. Also, I’m one of the anons that uses semicolons so, ya know. Feel free to abloobloo over how people type in a legible way that inconveniences you in absolutely no way

No. 466148

I'm a different anon who uses them, sometimes you just need a semicolon.

No. 466172

This video triggered a weeb rage in me I didn't think was possible. It's like an incel haunted my body temporarily just to seethe about this. I'm just going to sperg out here so I won't bitch too much about it later to people in my personal life. Hope no one minds too much.

The British interviewer is being such a condescending asshole from the jump. Don't like maid cafes? Fair enough, but the rudeness in this video just makes my blood boil. When she's offered a meal, she snarkily goes "No, I've lost my appetite" and then says she wants tea. When she gets the tea, she bitches that it's cold. The rest of the video is just her making faces and saying shitty comments about everything and everyone. She admits that the waitress who served her is around 20, but proceeds to call her a "30 year old baby" in the voiceover, anyway, just to add some spice. The waitress's awful faux pas to bring this insult on herself? Repeating the stock phrases given to her by management, serving food/drinks and just doing her work. What a crime.

>"uhh they all sound like chipmunks on helium haha infantile japanese women amiritte"

>"uhhh they're all dressed like 12 year olds" (Just what kind of pizzagate-tier gatherings have you been frequenting to see maid costumes and immediately think of 12 year olds, Sue? For fuck's sake)
>"omg guys i've never been so uncomfortable in my life" (Who asked you to go? You knew exactly what you were getting into, and there's a shitload of other things you can report on in Japan, but you chose this?)
And like, her obvious irritation at everything hyper-feminine and girly is so grating. Not to sound like a tradthot, but she's definitely framing this as if she's just some enlightened, liberated western feminist with no tolerance for gender roles, and I'm just not buying it. You can tell a large chunk of it is personal bitterness, and maybe a tinge of internalized misogyny. She absolutely reeks of that whole bullshit idea that doing everything you can to resemble and behave like a man is true freedom.
She was probably that girl in school who made a huge fucking show of hating the color pink and was constantly shitting on other girls who wore skirts, enjoyed pop music and actually liked pink because it totally made them vapid and unintelligent or something. Sorry, it is not every liberated woman's dream to cosplay as a 48 year old frumpy closeted gay man from Illinois 24/7. That is not peak performance for all women.

At the very end, she cobbles together the typical "Japanese men are scared of real relationships and are also misogynistic so they go to these places instead of actually dating" to pass for critical thinking. I mean, that's obviously true, but holy shit, who doesn't know that already?
Somewhere in the middle, she does the typical "OMG they're serving and entertaining the men, it's just like the geisha from history!!". This is not intelligent or decent analysis. You literally just plagiarized every other western news think piece on maid cafes. You jumped on the "Maid cafes are so odd and alien to us westerners!!" bandwagon 5 years later than everyone else, and you think being a rude piece of shit will cover up the fact that you have absolutely nothing substantial to say, and probably haven't for a while now.

Like, all the hand-wringing and bitchiness, and you couldn't even come up with any original thoughts? No truly eye-opening criticism about the culture? No food for thought at all? I can't believe this lazy, dishwater take is what passes for news these days. You literally just went there to talk shit. Fuck off back to eating greasy fry-ups at your local fish and chip shop owned by some oily football fanatic with a wife he neglects and a son who may or may not have fetal alcohol syndrome. That's obviously where you feel most at home, and no one begged you to travel. If you're out of ideas, stay home and think of something. Don't deliver this bullshit and call it a day. It's a waste of footage, waste of bandwidth and a waste of time.

No. 466175

>infantilizing women is wrong
>it's weird for older women to act teenage
>men being the primary clientele speaks as to what maid cafes are really about and who they cater to, and it makes normal people uncomfortable
She's not wrong, but she's still an asshole for saying those things. As if she wasn't going to offend anyone watching who actually likes maid cafes, and that's just not becoming under the guise that this segment was supposed to be a BBC inside look.

No. 466182

i'm not angry. at worst it's a minor peeve purely bc the kind of people that choose to use semicolons rather than a conjunction or a period typically choose to use the semicolon out of pretension, not out of necessity. there really is no necessity. nowadays it's just an affectation that's deliberately chosen over 2 more casual and better understood alternatives. it says a lot about the user, tbh

No. 466190

i knew what this was before clicking the thumbnail. thank you for posting this. i've gone off sue these past few years and this programme absolutely hit the nail in the coffin. she was just so pretentious the whole time.

i hate bbc and c4 documentaries the most, especially the ones that try to be so 'woke'. stop sending annoying celebs to countries they don't give a shit about. why do these people get to travel to all of these amazing places in order to shit on it? i hate it.

i'd rather just watch a japanese documentary with a nice voice over actually speaking interesting facts about the places and the people than have some annoying white woman prance around making a fool of herself.

right now they have contests for this morning and loose women and there's some annoying older woman in japan running around and being a tit to promo the prize and it really makes me cringe.

No. 466199

NTA but I don't understand why you're so intellectually threatened by a semicolon to think that the people who use it in writing are always being pretentious or trying to write pretentiously.

Then again, we live during a timeline where most people cannot differentiate between you're and your, or their, they're. and there.
Maybe you're right anon, maybe it's time we put a cap on a lot of grammatical conventions because it's insulting to people who either can't or won't understand them.

I'm sure the emdash, colon, and parentheses are the next fossils on the chopping block until we're all talking in emojis and using them pronouns to address each other.

No. 466207

Don’t forget lose and loose

No. 466245

>why are fooking whypipo on british television reeee
>i mean, she is right but she is still wrong because she was white

You are just a racist who hates white people. keep your bigotry in check

No. 466247

Don't forget should've and could of.

No. 466276

Race isn't even the important topic at hand here, and I never mentioned it. No one said either of the things in your greentext, either. Holy shit, cut it out already.

No. 466341

Good lord I'm fully with you on the triggered weeb rage here. I fucking hate it when foreigners (usually brits and americans) go to Japan to just gawk at the ~perverted~ stuff there, of course heading straight to Akihabara and make it seem like some sort of cradle of debauchery.
>a "30 year old baby"
>"No, I've lost my appetite"
It's fucking bullshit, plenty of girls go to maid cafes too because it's so fun and makes you forget about the everyday world for a minute. Jesus christ what a superficial bitch. I'm surprised she didn't bring up the used panties vending machine meme too. As someone who frequents Tokyo a lot it's fucking painful to deal with people asking me if "I went to those crazy sex cafes lmaooo!!!" because they see dumb fetishizing videos like this done by actual news outlets. FUCK.

No. 466455

I'm all about girly things, I don't mind the kawaii shit, but the sex industry in Japan skeeves me out. I find it sad that old men buy used panties or hang out with school girls. That shit is not ok at all.

No. 466457

That literally happens in every country. It's not exclusive to Japan. Can't count the times me or my friends have been asked to sell panties or straight out sex to old geezers and I live in an European country. For some reason people just love to think that Japan is all about child rape and sex with teenagers and I'm pretty sure it's because of videos like this.

No. 466459

Japan has a huge anime/hentai industry with a lot of child porn, of course its not unique to Japan but its still more open in Japan.

No. 466466

I hate how condescending she is too. The waitress was very sweet to her, so I don't know why she had to talk shit about her the entire time? Like somehow her being girly and sweet is a bad thing?

I mean, I totally get hating the clientele but the waitresses aren't doing anything wrong. Rather I think the clientele are disgusting bc you know they're getting off on this in some weird way. I would be less creeped out if there were maid cafes that just served girls since it would be a cute and fun thing. But like the reporter said you know these men go to these cafes bc they're using it as a substitute for having a girlfriend. The girls can't stop engaging with them or reject them.

No. 466467

nta, i've found that claim is kind of overblown actually. CP stuff isn't even found in most seedy stores.

a real issue is incest, which is 100% not illegal and rampant in tons of media (sexual or otherwise) and still practiced by rich families.

No. 466468


But Japan has even lower statistics of sexual abuse and general crime than most western countries, and Japan problem's are their own anyways, not that they don't have them but its usually easier to point at issues in another culture rather than looking at your own. Most americans would moralfag about anime sooner than they complain about something like underage beauty pageants and the sexualization of teenagers in their own pop culture.

No. 466470

Can I be against all of it? I hate the exploitation of children in beauty pageants and pop music, and I also hate it in anime.

No. 466482

File: 1569530988422.gif (1.56 MB, 268x179, tumblr_pms1l29hJ51u7hbcvo5_400…)

>stop sending annoying celebs to countries they don't give a shit about. why do these people get to travel to all of these amazing places in order to shit on it? i hate it.

I discovered this C4 show called Travel Man where Richard Ayode (guy from IT Crowd) and a guest celebrity spend 48 hours in a major city. I thought it was really funny at first but as the episodes went on it basically turned into what you said. Why do they let this go on the air, who wants to watch these grumpy people who seem like they don't want to be there and are rude to the locals? I might just cut out all travel shows with presenters and go for something like Planet Earth or Something Street from NHK, or even just a travel book or memoir.

No. 466497

i think anon is trying to say to worry about your country first. i've personally seen my fair share of women recoil about anime being gross and then turn around and sexualize their own daughters in beauty pageants and crap.

No. 466543

Why do so many after effects tutorials assume you have some random add-on

No. 466550

I normally like Sue Perkins but that was sad. It's fine for her to hate the cafe but it's just bad showmanship to present it in such a one-sided way.
I know it's the weeb in me but I'm so tired of 'wacky japan' television, especially from the BBC, so much for this climate of political correctness that we're supposedly living in.

No. 466554

Imagine writing a paragraph about how semicolons and their use make you mad. I wrote 2 phrases.
>"you're the ones typing angrily about it"
>posts a novel about how semicolons make you mad

No. 466565

Wow, this is really poorly done. I get that Sue Perkins is a lesbian and a feminist, and she rightly looks down on how women are infantilized and sexualized by men, but she's more rude about the waitresses than the men. Those young girls are just doing their jobs and she's being so rude to them. Meanwhile, she has no problem interviewing the men and treating them with at least neutral politeness. Why couldn't she have reached out to Japanese feminists and had them speak on the topic of maid cafes for some insight on someone brought up in the culture, rather than some rude british asshole making assumptions.

This is like going to Disneyland and being mad at the women playing Cinderella or Snow White for being damsels in distress. They're acting! They're doing their job!

Does anyone else find it suspicious that every customer in the background is an otaku dude? I know men do go to maid cafes but from what I've heard, they've turned into tourist traps for foreigners.

No. 466662

I'm a lesbian and a feminist too and that's exactly why I don't understand why she would be such a bitch to the girls working there. As someone who supposedly has respect for women, she's being ultra condescending and unnecessarily mean to the girls who are just doing their waitressing job.

I had a friend who worked in one of Tokyo's otaku districts (not maid cafe but performing), she was interviewed for a western news outlet and the journalist basically described her as a mindless sex victim who's only meant to sell sex to middle-aged men gawking at young girls. You could imagine how hurt she was because she really enjoyed what she did and it wasn't even sexual in any way. The way I see it is that people have this retarded mix of a savior complex and the feeling of superiority when it comes to women in Japan, especially when they're treating a grown ass woman working as a dress-up waitress like she was a starving 12-year old hooker in the Philippines. Especially Americans seem to have a knack for treating anything "strange" as inherently sexual and decipher it as some fucked up fetish.

No. 466673

File: 1569568783098.gif (983.48 KB, 500x452, annoyed gigi.gif)

As someone who was molested, I really hate how loosely the internet uses the word "pedophile" these days. I think it's ridiculous that drawing shipping of fictional teenagers from anime makes you a pedophile.

A pedophile is a person who creeps on and molests real kids. Calling random fujoshis on the internet pedophiles for drawing Naruto or whatever without a shirt seems like a great way to rob the label of its seriousness. Sexualizing teenage anime characters is certainly weird and gross, but it does not deserve to share a label with the rape and sexual abuse of children.

People need to get a fucking grip and understand the difference between real life and goddamn Japanese cartoons.

No. 466693

But ANON!!! there are totes studies showing how cild prn makes every 20something meek nerdy woman an IRL pdphile because they like shipping 16 year old vaguely aged cartoon characters and drew them shirtless or aged up having sex!!! FICTION AFFECTS REAL LIFE YOU FUCKING PDOSYMPTHZER I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE YOU SICK FUCK I WANT TO STAB U IN THE THROAT U FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway it's a groomer's paradise out there, when kids are being taught that you can spot a pedo just by looking at their interests they learn to ignore other red flags a seemingly normal person would exhibit. No predator ever walked up to a minor and said "look, I love kiddie porn and I want to rape and abuse you". They're people who gain your trust by manipulative methods and make it hard for you to refuse. Calling someone a pedo because they shipped underage shounen characters in a setting where age really doesn't matter because everyone is under 18 and not really exhibiting childlike appearance or behavior is ludicrous and straight out insulting to the victims of actual child sex abuse.

It's a song that's been played over and over but really, a lot of people use fiction to handle a trauma to cope with it in an environment they can control, and nobody really owes an explanation to some stranger on the internet about their personal history. I've been in abusive relationships which is why I find them fascinating in fiction, to be able to observe something I went through from a 3rd person's perspective. It helps me reflect on what happened and cope with my experiences. But of course due to the current extra woke discourse this can only mean that I have a fetish for abuse and should be banished for predatory behavior.

No. 466699

Pedophile has always refered to the sexual attraction not the act, it's like saying you can't be gay or have a certain fetish or whatever if you're a virgin who hasn't done it for real. If you get turned on by fantasies of pre-pubescent children you're a pedo sorry.

No. 466701

It's okay when you turn 25 too and realize you still like that 16-year old fictional cartoon character you'll understand.

No. 466706

By that logic, "pedophile" doesn't apply because the characters are neither pre-pubescent nor people. They're drawings of teenagers.

This, too. Is someone a pedophile for still liking a teenage character they liked when they were a teenager? People grow up, characters don't.

I should also note that I see a lot of "pedo11!1!" screeching directed at women who draw shipping of teenage shounen protagonists. Come the fuck on. How is that in any way comparable to neckbeards who draw POV porn of prepubescent lolis? I think art can definitely be a gateway drug to actual pedophilia, but that's only when the characters are clearly portrayed as prepubescent children, and when the person consuming it is pornsick to the point of allowing porn to distort their sexuality.

It really makes me mad that we're blaming art for what is ultimately the fucked up decision of the individual. A man doesn't rape a child because he looked at anime porn, he rapes a child because he made a conscious decision to, and he probably would have done it regardless of what porn he looked at. I'm sick of men blaming their horrid behaviors on everything but themselves. It's a lot like the "violence in video games causes shootings" myth. Shootings are caused by guns and extremism. Child rape is caused by evil people who want to hurt and control people weaker than them. That's all there is to it.

No. 466712

File: 1569576038181.jpg (609.02 KB, 1491x1200, 29342385.jpg)

> I'm sick of men blaming their horrid behaviors on everything but themselves. It's a lot like the "violence in video games causes shootings" myth. Shootings are caused by guns and extremism. Child rape is caused by evil people who want to hurt and control people weaker than them. That's all there is to it.
Preach. I thought we grew out of this "____ causes violence/rape" stuff in the 90's but now it's made a comeback full force due to the current purity culture. All child rapists aren't even pedophiles per se, they get a kick out of abusing people weaker than themselves be it a woman, man or a child. I read a story written by a mother who had a son who was taken in by the extremist alt-right people and it was due to him having bitterness and resentment towards authority figures caused by bad experiences and having his feelings neglected, not because he played video games. Fucking Catcher in the Rye, a book super tame by today's standards, was credited to inspire murders decades ago. People are always looking at fiction to blame because it's an easy answer to a complex societal issue they necessarily don't have a lot of control over.

No. 466766

In one of my classes in high school we watched the movie Deliverance. I don't remember what their reasoning was; it wasn't a film class. It's a good movie, but it's far too rapey for school.

No. 466774

Or you grow up and start relating to and liking characters who are your own age? Adults who are obsessed with the same media they liked as teenagers or media created for teenagers are usually immature and socially stunted.

No. 466781

Oh right I forgot this site is filled with 20-year olds who think that once you turn 28 you magically stop enjoying anything from your youth and only watch adult romcoms of 35-year olds having a midlife crisis. You'll be in for a shocker once you're nearing 30.

It's like age isn't a thing you consciously think about when you're more focused on a fictional character's development, personality, choices, looks and thoughts. Good lord the people who CREATE them are adults themselves.

No. 466784

I'm 27 and am not sexually attracted to 16 year old characters anymore since I'm not a demented weeb, your only saving grace is that's technically ephebophile since they're post-pubescent but then we're in libertarian meme territory. The idea of thinking of a 16 year old sexually makes my skin crawl.
>i-i-its just a drawing! its not real!
Literally what pedophiles say when grooming kids online with lolicon and what guys on their way to trooning out say when jerking off to traps. Anime is so pathetic.

No. 466785

This is the spergiest post I've seen in a while.

No. 466846

Unlike people who defend being turned on by anime children which is very normal and not associated with actual ASD.

No. 466855

File: 1569613732197.png (147.63 KB, 300x300, 054.png)

possibly late, but the whole "anti" thing online today seriously irritates and confuses me. i mean, back in the early 00s, people had "bad & unhealthy" pairings across the board & i assure you nobody gave a shit because we all knew they were just cartoons, we weren't to do these things irl, etc.

like. speaking as someone that grew up shipping things with large age-gaps (sebaciel, naruto x kakashi, roxas x axel) and other so-called "problematic" subjects (i had a LOT of brother x sister & other incest ships back then), i'm doing pretty fucking well? it hasn't had, and it didn't have any effect on what i enjoyed irl, and it never will. it's just not real, i don't get why people aren't understanding.

hell if anything i'd say seeing those minor x adult pairings actually helped me avoid a real nasty thing with a super senior my freshman year of uni (but that's a whole 'nother story)

i dunno. i'm hoping it ends within the next few years. & that people realize there's so much more to be angry at than a mid-late twenties lady wanting to see the boku no hero characters kiss.

and this may sound semi-unrelated but i'm 20, and seeing people my age (or even like, a year or two above) refer to women that're like 26 at most as "hags" is so jarring. conversely seeing people that're 19 calling themselves "baby". why do they have such a weird grasp on age

No. 466863

There's still a ton of pedo shit on AO3 if you like that. But as long as woke culture still exists the anti shit isn't dying out. Anti culture is part of a larger cultural trend towards a certain of moralizing. I don't think it's going to dye out any time soon.

No. 466867

DDLG/Loli triggers me and I fucking hate how popular it is. Especially when people go into detail and try to make it as close as child molestation as possible. You'd think with a subject as sensitive as intertwining children with sex as well as the fact many people are victims of child sexual abuse and the effects it causes, people would be more careful with where they put it but nope they just cast that shit everywhere and greasy fat high schoolers go out screaming daddy and shit at the mall

No. 466871

Nayrt but they don't sound any more spergy than the usual people who defend whacking off to Sakura Kinamoto like it's their religion. Both anons are expressing their unpopular opinions in a thread that was made for that, actual assblasted rants are more fun to read.

No. 466872


I feel you. Technically sonic is 16 but he clearly does not act like a normal 16 year old. No parents, no school and a shit ton of responsibility. He is not coded as a child. I use him as an example because I was a huge sonicfag as a kid and shipped them all the time.

This subject is tricky. Back then the internet was only really used by nerds and older tech people. Now you can't avoid it so any one can gain access. The grooming techniques from pedos has gotten really sophisticated due to them being able to connect better. Some pedos actually use ship art to convince kids that this kind of relationship is ok and normal. Shota and Lolicon manga is often used.

Still. People really need to learn the difference between an actual pedophile and a fan who wants to look at porn of their husbondo. Context is very important with this kind of shit.

No. 466881

>refer to women that're like 26 at most as "hags"

I really cannot wait for these people to hit 30. What, do they think they'll be 19/20 forever? KEK

No. 466889


They are a generation that takes for granted being over exposed to information and trends starting and ending very shortly, everything moves too fast with them and one year seems more eventful that it really is, like going from 19 to 20 is like a whole decade passing.

Also, with the job market and global economy they are getting into life might as well end at 20 lmfao.

No. 466895

>Sakura Kinomoto
i'd be pretty disturbed if someone admitted to jerking off to this character since she's very obviously a child ngl
less so characters like illya from fate prisma or whatever though…

No. 466897

I'm in my late 20s and there were people back when I was 18/19 calling women about to hit their 30s "old hags" too. I think it's an arrogance thing, not necessarily a sudden generational thing.

People like that don't cope well. They turn into Lori from /w/ and move goalposts when aging happens to them. It's not that they will look old at 30, clearly they're as youthful as they remember themselves 10 years ago and they spend an awful lot of time trying to convince people that's the case and claim jealous haters if someone dares to tell them they look like their age group.

No. 466901

I can't imagine being 21 and calling a 26 year old a hag. It's literally 5 years ahead of me and 26 year olds who look right don't look too different from 21 year olds

No. 466906

It's fucking baffling how people are comparing women shipping 16-year old cartoon characters to porn-addicted predatory men jacking it to toddlers and grooming irl underage girls. What do you even say to that? It's clinically insane to even think you can put them in the same category. It literally makes me speechless to see people go above and beyond with their hysteric rage against someone drawing a 17-year old, very adult looking male video game character shirtless. Like do these people actually believe this borderline psychotic stuff they're saying or are they just doing it for melodrama? Like do they ever just stop for a moment and listen to themselves spewing this absolutely bonkers stuff about the human rights of a Naruto character? Ma'am if you're in all seriousness concerned about the safety of Sasuke when some 22 year old likes to see him kiss his boyfriend then I think you're the one who needs to see a doctor here. Like all normal people I'm horrified by IRL children experiencing abuse which is all the more reason why I'm so dumbfounded by people unironically diluting the term like this.

You'd be surprised. Our society really forces the idea of a woman hitting the wall when she turns 25 so hard down our throats that a lot of young girls believe it. Even this hellsite has a ton of 19-22yos being horrified of aging because they believe the wall meme.

No. 466908

File: 1569623243378.jpg (143.09 KB, 640x640, maxresdefault-1360.jpg)

I fail to see how shipping characters means you want to fuck them, unless you're drawing/looking at the characters having sex.

That said, some ships are pretty gross. I always thought Hiei and Mukuro seemed pedophilic, because Hiei is 100 and that's equivalent to like 13 in demon years, and Mukuro is clearly an adult woman who is at least 500.

But if the ship consists of two teenagers the same age and the art isn't literal porn, I think it's fine. Especially if the ship is canon. Yusuke and Keiko are 14, and the dude who wrote/created them was in his late thirties at the time. Is he a pedophile, too? Are adults not allowed to write stories about teenagers being in relationships with each other, despite that being a real thing that happens normally in real life?

Kids often fall in love in Ghibli films. Is Miyazaki a pedophile, then?

I'm telling you guys: throwing "pedophile" around this loosely really lessens the impact of the label and therefore the crime.

No. 466910

I despise pedos with a passion but all it takes is a moment of rational thought to be like 'yeah, shipping Haikyuu characters is probably not an indication that someone is attracted to or preying on either teenagers or children irl'.

Anime characters who are neither actual children nor middle age pretty much all look the same, they have no real, physical markers of age in their depiction. By nature most anime series focus on high school and it's pretty inevitable most popular characters will be that age, but if they were older they would look and act exactly the same.

No. 466916

their faces are designed to look as neotenous as possible, esp in newer anime. the child faces are indistinguishable from the adults. putting a hyperneotenous face on a big boobed body is still weird as fuck. it's the same face.

No. 466919

File: 1569626018932.jpg (163.72 KB, 1198x1200, DkgWDi4W0AAQZGm.jpg)


>underage teenagers in fiction put into wildly dangerous and violent situations, fighting for their life and the future of the world: I sleep

>underage teenagers falling in love and showing hints of sexual expression: AAAAHHHHHHHH

No. 466920

The standard for a female to be a pedophile is much lower than for a male to be a pedophile. Women in their 20's could be attracted to 17 yr old football players and be considered pedophiles, meanwhile men could be attracted to 14 yr olds who look like children and people will use the muh fertility excuse

No. 466921

A lot of anime and video game characters straight up look like and act like 18-25 year olds

Which begs the question why bother making them 13-15 if they're just gonna design them with the appearance and personality of young adults (until very recently where they just look like aliens with baby heads and adult bodies)

Like what is the point

No. 466922

Despite being short Hiei has the body of a fucking 30 year old and a face you literally can't tell an age from. This applies to like every character in Yu Yu hakusho, watching it I constantly forgot they were supposed to be like 15 because they all look and behave like goddamn adults being strong, rational and able to take on a fucking army of helldemons, sacrifice themselves and whatever. As for Mukuro, I thought SHE was the one who was more of a teenager. This just goes on to tell you how vague and up for personal interpretation cartoon characters can be.

No. 466924

Japan is obsessed with youth (iirc it's a Shinto thing) and I'm pretty sure it's meant to make the reader feel younger because they're projecting into the 13-15 year old characters. You're not supposed to really read them as actual 12-year olds, you're supposed to see yourself familiarizing with these young people. I remember when I was like 12-13 myself and reading some manga I was baffled at how adult all the "13-year olds" looked but like I said it's related to some cultural difference I'm not knowledgeable enough to explain in a thorough sense.

Honestly this, people can take teenagers being beaten up by adults just fine in media but anything even remotely sexual is just degenerate and disgusting, as if nobody under 18 ever kissed or had sex.

No. 466927


You still see these people who think the most fucked up part of Evangelion was the sexual tension between the characters. A show were kids get wrecked mentally and physically by piloting death machines and ends in the genocide of the entire humanity, but yeah, Shinji fapping and being sorta gay, thats what's fucked up.

No. 466928

File: 1569627906429.jpg (60.86 KB, 727x675, eb5c13cbd5ca8476cc4cbe2662caa5…)

I find that more often than not these people hop on the MAP train but say that anime = pedo shit. It's really spergy and delusional to think that Japan is pedophilia central because of drawings; and not caring that the UN's troops has been caught multiple times running child prostitution rings. It's some really delusional zoomer/delusional boomer shit to think that drawings makes people act out. If you think drawings would make you act out in such a way, maybe you should be fucking locked up then.

I agree with you anon. But some people are delusional too, remember that shit-brained fujo who got mad at the Boku no Hero mangaka for drawing his female characters in bikinis? Guess what was in her profile, oh wait. If you're going to act high and mighty about drawings, better make sure your high horse isn't made of fucking glass.

Kek but literally this. I never see the same argument used for people who draw gorey images, or enjoy true crime or things like that. Drawing someone getting killed won't make you a murderer, but drawing a young looking character makes you a pedo, lmfao. Literally braindead. Do videogames make people violent too? I should be a serial killer by now.

No. 466929

They are neotenous, but they still don't look like actual children. They don't look like any real people, their faces are usually androgynous, ageless, and raceless. The art is so simplified and lacking in detail that their audience has to project their own idea of what a human looks like on them. I don't think it's safe to assume that projection will be a child.

Anyway I don't really think it needs deep analysis in the end, we all know who the pedos and scumbags of the world are, and who actually ends up molesting children or committing statutory rape. It's men, almost always, not nerdy girls with anime husbandos and ships.

No. 466930

always found that to be a dumb argument. You can't put yourself into the murder of a teen or person, but you can project yourself on child porn. You would feel pleasure murdering someone, as the other anon mentioned real crime, but you would feel pleasure from CP.

No. 466931

*would not feel pleasure murdering

No. 466932

Semi-related but some women don't look their age? I know some anons think flat chested women can only get pedos as boyfriends, but like, not everyone looks like a supermodel. It's not that deep. I thought pedophilia was about the age of the individual, not their fucking appearance.

No. 466945

Yes and no
If that was the case pedophile lolicons wouldn't draw things that are obviously children and claim they're 100 yr old demons. The main part of pedophilia is liking prepubescentness

No. 466947

>I thought pedophilia was about the age of the individual, not their fucking appearance.

look, i know you guys feel victimized by people saying women are pedos for having an emotional connection to anime boys, and you're right to feel victimized bc people come down 100x as hard on women for shit men do way worse, but it's very different when it comes to women and men, generally. you don't have to wholesale disregard the fact that the art style is pedophilic just bc you guys are into it. defend fujos or whatever, idc, but let's not pretend hyperneotenous art styles aren't indicative of male creepiness. female weebs with emotional connections to teenage characters they were into as teens is nothing like how men see anime girls and anime women. and yes, the men into this shit absofuckinglutely have pedophilic tendencies. they're the same ones rationalizing the idea of sleeping with 14 yos bc its peak fertility. let us not conflate the issues. female sexuality is typically way less fucked, but the hyperneotenous art style in anime is for sure problematic and is at the least, mildly pedophilic. you guys are obviously into this shit so you're going out on a limb to excuse this, but it's not necessary because it's nowhere near the same.

the men into anime girls have pedophilic tendencies like 90% of the time. that's not a fluke. i can't imagine being attracted, personally, to a teenage character because it just isn't something i can relate to, but i think this attraction that females have to them is mostly benign, and the women that like these characters don't typically end up actually displaying pedophilic tendencies. the same can't be said for men. there's a reason why we see that men can't separate porn from reality, and the same rule applies for anime. it has an effect on them for sure, and female anime characters, facially, look the same age all across the board: like children.

No. 466948

>They are neotenous, but they still don't look like actual children. They don't look like any real people, their faces are usually androgynous, ageless, and raceless. The art is so simplified and lacking in detail that their audience has to project their own idea of what a human looks like on them. I don't think it's safe to assume that projection will be a child.
er, so why are veritable pedo men into anime girl teens/"young adults" as often as they are? seems like a pretty crazy coincidence.

No. 466965

listening to my roommate complain about nasas reps at twitchcon looking dowdy and fat while also slamming alinity for being a tiddy streamer is so fuckin retarded. if nasa decided to use an 'attractive' face for their reps they would have been blasted for being thirsty for attention. wtf you want?

No. 466974

With the exception of serious disorders, there is no 20-25 year old woman in the world that looks like a 10 year old.

I don't think even Asians, who racist people attempt to project their ideas about prepubescence on and relatively compare their race to their features, look like children at adult ages.

No. 466983

The inconvenient truth is that many men do end up becoming pedophiles by breaking their sexuality with too much porn, discovering lolicon or IRL "teen porn", and then progressing to sexualizing actual children when that gets boring. No amount of platitudes about it being just drawings or whatever can change that. If an important aspect of your fantasies is your partner being significantly younger than yourself, then there's a problem, sorry. I'm gonna go ahead and (re)post the research I've found on this specific topic.

From Pornland by Gail Dines:
>“Some of the worst stories I hear are from men who have become so desensitized that they have started using harder porn and end up masturbating to images that had previously disgusted them. Many of these men are deeply ashamed and frightened as they don’t know where all this will end. Phil told me, “Sometimes I can’t believe the porn I like. I feel like a freak,” and Anthony sees it as a “slippery slope I never thought I would slide down. I never thought of myself as a guy who would like the really hard-core porn, but that’s what’s happened to me.” Some speak of moving toward more violent images while others have become increasingly interested in bondage and even child porn. Because accessing child porn is illegal, many of the students said that they had not actively gone searching for it but had accidentally come across it while surfing porn sites. This had piqued their interest, although most of the men I spoke to are very disturbed by their sexual interest in these pictures.”

>“Students are not the only group becoming bored by and desensitized to porn images of adult women. In interviews I did with seven incarcerated sex offenders, aged from their late thirties to early sixties, all said that the quality and quantity of their porn use changed drastically after the introduction of the Internet. Prior to the Internet, they would regularly use pornography (of adult women) but after the introduction of the Internet, they began to use it compulsively, some of them even losing their jobs because of it. For this group of men, the regular gonzo pornography became boring, and they moved into more violent, fetishistic pornography, often that which looked like overt torture. When this also started to become boring, most of the men moved into child pornography. Some accidentally came across child porn while surfing porn sites, and others sought it out to masturbate to something other than the usual porn. The average length of time between downloading the first child porn and sexually assaulting a child was one year. Most men told me that before becoming addicted to Internet porn, they had not been sexually interested in children."

>Clarence A. Johnson once enjoyed the adult pornography sites he viewed on the Web.

>But after a while, the thrill was gone.

>So Johnson started clicking on some of the advertisements that popped up on his computer screen above the naked men and women he was staring at.

>He was seeing something new — young teenagers, and even young children, posing in the nude, having sex with each other or being molested by adults. At first, the 49-year-old Batavia man was appalled. But once the shock wore off, Johnson couldn’t get enough. Like thousands of other men throughout the United States, he was hooked.

>“It was a drive, something like a fix,” he said. “I needed more, and if I didn’t get it, I felt empty.”

>“I’ve seen men from many different walks of life,” said David G. Heffler, a Lockport psychotherapist who is appointed by the courts to counsel child pornography offenders.

>The men, Heffler said, usually fall into two categories. One group is the hard-core pedophiles and molesters, who use child pornography to indulge their fantasies.

>A U.S. Postal Service study in the mid-1990s found 35 percent of men who view child pornography also molested children. A more recent study by the federal Bureau of Prisons found 80 percent acknowledged molesting children, even if never charged with the crime.

>The second group Heffler identified are men — such as Johnson — who start looking at adult pornography but then “slide down a slippery slope” toward child pornography.

>“Many men told me they started out looking at adult porn and never intended to look at children,” Heffler said. “But after looking at adult porn for a long time, they get bored. They want to try something different. They start looking at children. Then, they can’t get enough of it.”

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20071019011521/http://www.buffalonews.com/home/story/185614.html

>Since I was 17 I’m attracted to boys between 7 and 12, and I’m addicted to porn videos, photos and drawings you can see on ill reputed sites online.

>I really know that what I do is very bad, that it’s horrible to all those innocent children but I can’t stay away from those images and videos, or I fantasize about them while I’m near a school or in the street.

>[…] I often want to say “stop”, I erase everything I have on my computer, I go to dating sites, I try to be normal but it never lasts I crack again I re download and spend sometimes the whole night looking at this porn files on my pc, my tablet or even the smartphone.

>I feel terrible everytime I go on those sites, and when I download despite all my anonimity programs I’m never safe. If my family found out it would be horrible! Then my nephew who is 2, what 5 years from now? Will I be able to not do anything to him?


Note that I don't personally lump in women shipping characters in anime or video games with the above category, as I haven't seen or read any cases of this phenomenon happening with female shippers.

I could post some studies conducted by researchers about the effects of violent pornography on how men view women, too.

No. 466984

>wtf you want?
To bitch about women. That's literally it.

No. 466987

>Japan is obsessed with youth (iirc it's a Shinto thing)
I'm not an expert but that sounds like bullshit. Why do people ascribe random stuff onto Shintoism?

No. 467015

So men end up only liking rape, sexual violence, and children lol

No. 467027

From what I've seen, some branch off into things like bestiality, scat, vomit, insects, animal torture/crushing, physical deformity, etc. You also get crossovers and mixes, like men with a thing for animal feces specifically, men who like to watch underage girls vomit or eat insects, etc. There's almost infinite ways to be a disgusting freak.
The take-away is that pornography (and pornography addiction) is about thrill, primarily, not just sex. Men who get fixated on the "high" of that thrill have their interests get progressively more niche and fucked up over time as their usual go-to content quits giving them the buzz they're after. Pedophilia is definitely not some line they won't cross. Point blank, there are no lines or real limits for them.

No. 467033

>because Hiei is 100 and that's equivalent to like 13 in demon years, and Mukuro is clearly an adult woman who is at least 500.

how can you even write this with a straight face. they aren’t just cartoons but they’re non-human cartoons who look like adult men. it’s not in any ballpark range of being pedophillia.

No. 467034

File: 1569653555197.jpg (370.93 KB, 800x1200, 9781421524498_manga-YuYu-Hakus…)

Excuse my autism, but he's Yukina's twin. Ice Maidens give birth asexually when they come of age at 100 years old. Combine this with Yukina's appearance and it's obvious she's prepubescent. Since Hiei is literally the exact same age as her, that would also make him prepubescent. Therefor, whatever "relationship" he would have with Mukuro would clearly be statutory rape.

The anime tried to obfuscate this by drawing him muscular and giving him an adult voice actor, but the text still indicates that he's a kid. The manga (pic related) drew him much more appropriately for his age.

Mukuro "acting" like a teenager doesn't mean dick. She's at least five times his age.

I'm not like other autists online, though– I'm not going to call you a pedophile for shipping it. It's fiction, and fiction that distorts physical traits and age at that. But it's certainly gross and weird, and if YYH aired today, people would definitely be upset by all the ship-teasing with a literal child and an adult woman.

By this logic, all porn is a "gateway drug" to pedophilia. It literally says in your citation that these people started with vanilla porn. This is more an issue of pornsickness/overexposure than of anime fanart.

Like I said before, these people are destined to rape kids regardless of what porn they look at. By your own admission, it doesn't matter what they started with, they all raped children in the end. We should not be restricting law abiding citizens' free speech because of a handful of pornsick criminals.

>the men into anime girls have pedophilic tendencies like 90% of the time
[citation needed]

No. 467035

>Therefor, whatever "relationship" he would have with Mukuro would clearly be statutory rape.

Assuming demons have a concept for statutory rape, and again, this is stupid and you’re being pedantic over a fictional race from a fictional anime. And Ice Maidens reproduce every 100 years but they can also reproduce sexually with a male assumingly at any time, which is how Hiei and Yukina were born in the first place. Considering ice maidens are only female and somehow Hiei was born with fire powers and as a male, it can be assumed his father was a different species.

If that’s the case would Kuwabara be a pedo for liking Yukina?

It’s ok to just not like a ship you don’t need to invent reasons why it’s problematic.

No. 467037

>If that’s the case would Kuwabara be a pedo for liking Yukina?
He's 14, dumbass. He's a kid, too. The biological age difference there is negligible.

I specifically said people who ship it aren't pedophiles, but go off I guess. I didn't "invent" reasons for it being fucked up. It is fucked up. You can obviously still ship it, but it doesn't hurt to be aware of the problems.

Imagine if the genders were reversed. What if it was Yukina who was dating an adult demon five times her age? You'd look like a fucking asshole for defending it. Double standards like this are why female child rapists get lighter sentences.

Obviously male rapists and female targets are way more common and the more pressing issue. But it doesn't mean we should reinforce the cultural idea that male children who get raped by adult women weren't victimized.

Art isn't pedophilia. People can draw whatever they want. But art, especially popular art, can reinforce and be indicative of cultural attitudes. This is why it's important to view things with a critical lens, especially if you are a content creator yourself. It helps prevent those sort of mistakes from persisting. YYH is a good anime, and Mukuro and Hiei are good characters. Questioning these things doesn't mean I hold the show or the manga in lower esteem.

No. 467039

>Imagine if the genders were reversed. What if it was Yukina who was dating an adult demon five times her age? You'd look like a fucking asshole for defending it. Double standards like this are why female child rapists get lighter sentences.

…….i wouldn’t care because they’re demons and not human and also not real. also, is anyone calling kagome and inuyasha pedophillia? they’re still an incredibly popular and well loved ship. twilight was deemed problematic but no one cared that Edward was nearly 100 years old and Bella was a teenager. like oh my god you say it’s fine to ship whatever and then you go on and say attitudes like mine towards FICTIONAL NON HUMAN CHATACTERS are why rapists don’t get convicted?

>He's 14, dumbass. He's a kid, too. The biological age difference there is negligible.

But Yukina could be several decades old. And again, Hiei isn’t an ice maiden so why would ice maiden rules of age and puberty apply to him?

No. 467045

>This fucking meme again
We're talking about people hopping on 20something women squealing over 16 year old anime characters kissing, not sociopathic men looking at torture snuff child porn and interacting with IRL kids. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 467046

File: 1569658948344.png (520.89 KB, 1023x767, 7f94067ebd6febec9903629328dc94…)

Jesus, I get it, you flick your bean to the idea of Hiei and Mukuro fucking. Sorry I encouraged you to think critically lol

There's a middle-ground between "pedophilia" and "100% okay". It's not rocket science. He's a prepubescent boy. She's an adult woman. It's weird regardless of the numbers they stick on the characters.

No. 467049

What? If you're fucked up enough you absolutely get a kick out of seeing people get hurt or murdered and project yourself into the role of the killer or the victim. It's not at all unheard of and I've met people like that personally, this is the dumbest take I've seen. Like every serial killer ever gets sexual pleasure out of what they do, that's why so many of them use choking as their preferred method. Hell if you're Dan Schneider you get a kick out of looking at kids' feet but nobody is asking people to hide the toes of cartoon teenagers.

>the men into anime girls have pedophilic tendencies like 90% of the time. that's not a fluke.
Men have ultra-young dating preferences in general, it's not just evil anime hypnotizing people into pedophilia. Studies show this is not only because of the teenage girls' bodies, but also because they're insecure and easy to control. The greasiest nerds slobbering over their 9000 year old loli dragon body pillow are attracted to her because being the absolute omega tier of men they need a literal child to feel superior over.

NTAYRT but just stop it already, the anime and the manga showed both Yukina and Hiei being actual children in flashbacks so they're obviously not supposed to be "prepubescent" anymore. When you actually have to dig up lore behind 20 wiki links to make something "pedophilic" I think it's a good indicator that there's nothing to it. You can say what you want about their relationship otherwise but pedophilic? That's a big old reach. I've read both the manga and seen the anime and never even thought that they would be different ages because they both behave on the same level of maturity, don't have canonical ages and physically could just as well be 17 or 25, I'd buy both.

No. 467050

File: 1569660792762.gif (6.05 MB, 380x416, Tyronn Lue 5.gif)

mrw i'm reading all this autism after lighting up

what chinese cartoon is this even

No. 467053

nah there were people who disliked the Edward and Bella age pairing. even Robert Pattinson said it was really fucked up and that Edward, as a character, has something "very obviously wrong with him" to try to get "with a kid".

No. 467054

>They were children in flashbacks
Wow, you fucking annihilated my case anon! I didn't realize that being a toddler at some unknown point in the past makes them 100% adult now. Flawless logic.

Shipping it doesn't make you a pedophile, but it's still creepy. I judge people for shipping it, and you're not going to change my mind. Someone thinks you have shit taste on the internet. Go cry into a pillow about it.

No. 467062

Did you even read the post, or are you just retarded?
>Note that I don't personally lump in women shipping characters in anime or video games with the above category, as I haven't seen or read any cases of this phenomenon happening with female shippers.
Even the anon I was replying to and the anon before that were speaking in a general sense, not just about your fujoshi fanfics. Seriously.

No. 467065

>By this logic, all porn is a "gateway drug" to pedophilia.
Pornography in general is pretty fucking bad, yes. This isn't really news or a wild idea to anyone who's not a cumbrain, anon.
Writing is more subjective since it doesn't typically rely on the pattern of thrills, but the content itself, and that's probably why we don't hear similar stories about shippers.
>Like I said before, these people are destined to rape kids regardless of what porn they look at.
This goes directly against what professionals have observed, did you actually read the text? They weren't born that way.
>By your own admission, it doesn't matter what they started with, they all raped children in the end. We should not be restricting law abiding citizens' free speech because of a handful of pornsick criminals.
A lot of them don't even end up raping children, but having those fantasies as a result of their pornsickness. That in itself is an issue.

No. 467073

What solution do you propose, then? Ban all porn? Yeah, Japan did that, and it didn't accomplish shit.

Maybe restricting bandwidth on porn sites would help. Overexposure would be hard if you had to wait an hour for one video to load kek

No. 467075

When did Japan ban all porn? About the only thing they banned was showing genitalia and pubic hair uncensored, so producers just slapped a blur on those parts and did as they pleased.
Even child pornography wasn't banned until relatively recently (2014).

No. 467091

File: 1569681991685.gif (5.49 MB, 362x640, tenor (1).gif)

Japan Airlines is rolling out a seat map that will display seats next to parents with babies that have been booked with a baby icon. It's for people who don't want to select seats near them.
This has angered mombies. I saw one comment on social media about how this is discrimination. Other bitter moms cursed that they hope people get placed next to their screeching kids anyway.
Then we have this CNN opinion piece

Why are parents so hurt that other people don't like their children as much as they do?
The seat icons aren't discriminatory because it's not herding all the parents with babies onto a certain section of the plane. It's just giving people the power to not sit next to parents with babies if they don't want to. OR, maybe people who like babies or fellow parents with babies want to know where other parents with babies are on the plane.
So what if no one wants to sit next to their baby? Heaven forbid if these parents with babies have an ~empty seat~ next to them on an international flight, as if that's such a terrible thing when there's people in the world that pay an extra seat ticket in order to have exactly that extra space.
And what's extra funny about some of these arguments, is that some of them are using the slippery slope argument like
>"What's next? Showing icons for people who drink too much, clip their toenails, and snore?!"
And I just find it funny because their unconscious implication is that they know their baby's screams are just as gross and obnoxious as annoying drunkards and snorers. Lmao. It's like, why yes, I'm sure people would love icons for that too but the reality is people would probably opt for icons to get empty seats next to them lmao.

How does this work against the favor of anyone? It's such a non-issue!
I personally hope airlines adopt this, and also roll out icons for "emotional support animals" too.

No. 467093

it's a great idea and i hope they keep it. gif related is so dehumanizing. almost all parents treat their kids like accessories. i remember seeing so many mombies and retardo parents defending the cheese thing. most parents shouldn't be parents.

No. 467095

Yeah they pretty much only care about their own feelings and interests.
They don't like people not sitting next to them on planes with their kids because it makes them feel bad.
They throw cheese on their kids not because they care how their kid will respond, but because it's funny to them.
Me, me, me, me. Yet they call other people selfish.

No. 467101

Wtf this is great, why the fuck would anyone get pissy about this. I don't like getting stares from people that don't like my screeching kid and the people giving me the stares don't want to be around her, with this everyone wins. Would take a lot of stress and anxiety from traveling on my part because I could just think that the people who choose to sit next to us can handle a baby acting like a baby.

No. 467103

I didn't even know about this cheese thing until just now. What the fuck?

Man, the kind of crap hicks will do to get attention on the internet. First it was the Halloween candy thing, now this. Obviously the cheese doesn't hurt the kids, but it erodes their respect for you as their protector and authority figure. Any person who "pranks" young children is a dipshit who doesn't care about their kids' trust. How obsessed with likes on social media does someone have to be to do this kind of thing?

No. 467114

i guess a negative is you might find yourself surrounded by pedos

No. 467116

I think posting shit like that on social media is the biggest thing that separates the issue: A harmless prank that a kid might laugh at, versus the parent wanting to show the public how they degrade and humiliate their kid hoping others will find the spectacle funny for internet points.
It's like knowing that an embarrassing childhood photo of myself exists somewhere in a family album on a dusty shelf, versus my parents trying to socially capitalize on my embarrassment by publishing that photo on the internet for all to see.

That's why if I have children I'm going to be very careful about posting photos of them on the internet. It's not fair to have their life plastered all over the place before they can even consent.

No. 467137

saw a literal 14 year old girl wearing an ahegao hoodie at a con today. jesus christ.

No. 467141

>I fail to see how shipping characters means you want to fuck them, unless you're drawing/looking at the characters having sex.
Ignoring most of the pedo talk sperging that followed and just replying to you, I can say that I like to write/read ships because for whatever reason, writing and reading stories about people in love makes me happy. Ones that are sad and difficult are still enjoyable to read because they make me think. Not quite the same since it's not drawing, but whatever. I might think the characters are cute or good-looking, but I'm at best living vicariously through their happiness or remembering my own happy feelings in relationships/hoping for the future. I kind of feel the same way about seeing my friends getting into relationships irl. I just love seeing people in love. There isn't really a sexual component other than that if it involves adults, the story will probably have sex. I don't get off while reading/looking at any of this. At "worst" I've read something where a character resembles my partner and/or I ended up projecting us/imagining ourselves and getting horny about that. It's the "wish I had that" thing people get. People, not all of them, but many, project onto one or both characters and wish they could have what the couple has, whether it's good looks, money, power, hot sex, emotional stability, whatever. A lot like porn, the problem is when you're really into stuff that's fucked up or stuck on it, conditioning yourself to it, and let it ruin your irl expectations or relationships. And there are definitely fandom weirdos who have gotten obsessed with ships and ship porn who send death threats. Look at Tumblr or LJ.
>But if the ship consists of two teenagers the same age and the art isn't literal porn, I think it's fine. Especially if the ship is canon. Yusuke and Keiko are 14, and the dude who wrote/created them was in his late thirties at the time. Is he a pedophile, too? Are adults not allowed to write stories about teenagers being in relationships with each other, despite that being a real thing that happens normally in real life?
With kid/teenager ships it seems like some people are wistful for first loves or childhood crushes, but it definitely gets into creep territory with some people. The problem with writing about teenagers is that teenagers have sex, and doing that without acting or looking like a creep to some people is really hard, unless you are also a teenager. And that there are people who write that because they're pedo-lite rather than because they're trying to tell a story. The love stories you mention in Miyazaki films are really sweet and well-done imho, although he's also spoken about trying to write relationships between boy and girl that aren't quite romance but mutual needing, idk what the quote was exactly. Those are some of the most wholesome and unobjectionable romances involving kids you could possibly think of. It's all about tastefulness.
I think people get really pressed about fiction when they shouldn't and go after the wrong people, but also think that sometimes what you ship might reflect something about yourself, and not always good things. Like personal problems, your taste in partners, etc. If you're drooling at the thought of your ship having sex, I think yeah, that's definitely sexual, but I don't think everyone does it for that reason. Fujos seem to do that a ton because they're into gay sex and it fits neatly with the romantic aspect.
I know shipping/romance fiction and art is pretty cringe but it's an interesting topic. Just usually devolves into shit-flinging, much like "muh ship is better" retardation.
>tfw you sperg out and fucking blogpost too

No. 467145

Japan just censored some of their stuff but haven't challenged the misogyny that pervades porn. Afaik yes, CP was technically legal until recently, and some laws about video porn were probably passed in the 80s by the Diet partially because of all of the pornographic computer games. Misogyny in Japan is cultural and it's not going to change in porn unless the culture changes, period. Look at how the sex industry there focuses on objectification of young women and schoolgirls, including paying schoolgirls to go on dates or soap men up. It hasn't even changed in countries with less obvious misogyny, it's just notably worse in Japan.
I think the only solution that works without potentially trying to ban freedom of sexual expression is changing the culture, and that's fucking hard and takes time. And giving people actual sex ed and imagery of human sexuality that's more neutral so that they aren't learning from porn first, as well as educating people on how you can form sexual habits/compulsions that are unhealthy and that porn usage can/will feed that if left unchecked.
I personally dislike porn most of the time, but I don't like taking the draconian route of banning it and think it means people will just go underground.

No. 467184

I think the big problem is that there's too much free porn. It was much harder for people to get addicted to porn before the internet, back when accessing it required some sort of payment. You had to pay for the channels, or buy the magazines, or rent the videos on VHS.

Now that it's free, self-control is the only means of moderating intake, and we all know how shit men are at self-control. I feel like if porn required payment again, the problem would ease. But I have no idea how something like that could be implemented.

No. 467253

Vent incoming…

Mods banned me for this >>466037, lmao. That's something that annoys me: I wish there was a women's board to discuss this and heavy political topics. Even crystal, "no race posting." Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, any woman's space in general. The few that allow it, only allow typical hollywood liberal tier views. My views are about (((this))), but I'm still a feminist. Please tell me a conservative womens board exists that isn't filled with pick-mes and tradthots. I swear to god, I feel like the only one of me in the world. If my kind does exist, we're just kicked off of everything. It honestly makes me feel in the right and that others are trying to hide something. Debate me if I'm wrong, don't silence me.

"b-b-b-but scrotes"
You're silencing more women than just kicking male posters off.
It's like witnessing the rad fem, pink pill, gender crit get merged together, and many people got the kick for being "too spergy" about men because of the horrible RAPEY MURDEROUS shit they do. I've been meaning to bail. I miss the fun little "Look inside of lolcow's purse" type threads. I post dumb stuff just to bump threads so I can read other people's responses because everything actually feels slower.
Kinda hoping I get a permaban tbh.

No. 467302

This is how I feel basically. I don't know what your views are but ive never met anyone who had the same views as me and I pretty much get kicked off of every platform.

No. 467307

I hate people who fat shame or make fun of fat people and then say it's because they care about people's health and want them to lose weight.

Dont get me wrong, I don't care if people make fun of fat people. I'm definitely not innocent when it comes to mocking people's appearances. But as someome who has struggled with my weight, I can say shame is not a good motivator for long term lifestyle changes that it takes to lose weight and keep it off.

I just hate the "I'm doing it because I care about people!!11!" Bullshit excuse. If they actually cared about people being healthier, they could push for things like better food regulations so there's less added sugar in food, or better education for children/parents about healthy diets, more honest food packaging(regarding nutritional information) etc. But they don't do any of that because they don't actually care.

No. 467311

Personally all fat people whom I met and were my friends were the worst kind of people to be around when it came to talk about weight. They nitpicked about everything I ate, how much exercise I did or didn’t do, my choices about my diet…and of course I couldn’t say anything because they were fat and that would be fat shaming and I’d be the shitty one there.
Don’t get me wrong, of course I understand where you’re coming from and why you’re saying what you’re saying but having people who weight 15 pounds more than me telling me how flat my ass is or how unhealthy my diet was, while they couldn’t walk for more than half and hour without losing breath and having to rest for two hours is pretty…Ironic.
If someone is obese it’s fine, I can’t care less about that tbh but it pisses me off because the people who commented the most about my body were in fact people who were way overweight.

No. 467316

This. I’ve never said shit about a fat person, but they can tell me to my face that I look like twiggy. Fuck off

No. 467324

I feel the same way, I've been banned for calling hontra a man lmao

No. 467329

I'm that anon and I agree with you, fat people are often the worst when it comes to being judgmental about other's appearances, even towards other fat people. The other day in the break room at work, a female coworker who is morbidly obese was complaining about fat women wearing bikinis. Also my grandma (who has been overweight her entire life) is EXTREMELY nitpicky about people's appearances, but especially weight and will call people fat who are less fat than she is.

But like I said I'm not saying people should never criticize fat people or make fun of them on the internet, I'm just saying they shouldn't use the "I'm doing it because I care" excuse because that's bullshit. Like if you're gonna fat shame just own it.

There used to be this youtube channel that is now deleted, but it was this guy who made nothing but "fat people cringe compilations" but then would make posts about how he cared about people's health and was making those videos to encourage people to be healthier. Like yeah, sure you were dude. sure you were.

No. 467332

this has been my experience, but I'm tall. I've never said a single bad word about short people in my life but I've seen other anons shitting on tall women on a regular basis. I've also seen it in other areas of my life, but most recently lolcow. and it wasn't just once or twice either, it seems like a consistent thing. like wtf have I ever done to you? I didn't ask to be born with a longer skeleton.

No. 467385

People judge at pretty much the same rates, but anons itt just notice it more from people that are opposites to them.
Judgmental words about your blueness as a blue person would stick out more if it came from a red person as opposed from another blue person. The difference is more jarring and you naturally are more critical of people who aren't like you having their opinions. It's literally a defense mechanism that everyone has.

You're going to remember the short person that joked about your height than the slightly taller person who made the same joke. You likely just brushed the latter off as you didn't see it as a criticism when it came from the slightly taller person who is a bit more like you.

No. 467391

Same. I don't say shit about them, but I've gotten things like
>You weight 20 kg with wet clothes xdddd
just out of nowhere. They really think it's acceptable, tf

I'm sorry, anon. I'm short but I always praise tall women and I find them really attractive.

No. 467406

>how do they think that's acceptable
Because they've let their view of skinny being the ultimate desirability cloud their etiquette about how it's not okay to make those kinds of comments about someone else's body.

We know it's wrong to say things about fatties because it's like kicking a dog.
People forget to empathize with the average or skinny person because they assume they've got no problems.

No. 467407

For the post you got banned for, you can unironically go to lipstickalley. It's a forum dominated by woc but they discuss about mixed race couples endlessly.

No. 467412

black women* these two terms are not interchangeable, and I'm tired of people treating it like they are. even black women do this and it's like why participate in your own erasure?

No. 467414

I'm mixed and so are a lot of people on this forum too. And I'm also not american. In my country any black woman literally gets called the noun version of "colorful".

No. 467473

I’ve never, ever had a skinny friend of mine comment how shitty my diet was, even when one of them is a nutritionist. They give me advice instead, a respectable one.
I had fat people look at me with disgust when I said I didn’t like salads, laugh at me claiming I should eat it someday because if not I’d be unhealthy all my life and then proceed to tell everyone in the same class I was the girl “who didn’t like salads” as if it was something bad.
One of my friends went on a diet and on the second afternoon of her keto diet, she was already telling me how I should take breakfast because “it’s not that you’re not skinny, anon, but you still have fat around your thighs, see? No muscle, just fat”.
This happened recently to me from friends who are losing weight and are in a poor mood because of it. The same old pattern. One friend can’t eat this or that and they’ll blame me if I eat it, if I don't eat it, whatever.

No. 467515

Oh so you meant people who are salty because they're on diets.

No. 467517

God this, I wish there was a way to bully people into stopping with this dumb meme. Just say what you want to say without irony filters on.

No. 467541

"woc" also includes white Latinas and Asian women, who are not treated well on that site. and they don't really accept mixed women unless you're super pro black. it's a black woman site tbh.

No. 467544

>"woc" also includes white Latinas


By that logic an european could say white american women are also "woc". That is really insulting to white latinas.

No. 467546

>imagine calling an asian woman or a white woman black

Women of color are only brown and black women.

No. 467551

You can't be racist and a feminist (((Jewish women))) exist too and deserve respect and decency like it or not.

No. 467576

Jewish people believe they alone are chosen and the rest of the world is subhuman though.

No. 467580

no? people use it for all non-white women all the time. Asian women and Latinas (regardless of whitepassing) absolutely call themselves woc. I see it all the time where I live and elsewhere. white Latinas where I live are very adamant about using it to show distance from anglo whites.

it's just weird to me that people will say woc when they really mean just black women. not black and brown, not non-white, etc.

No. 467582

why is jewish even a thing? are u talking about the religion or israelites?

No. 467584

>absolutely call themselves woc

your lying though, only white american girls are this self hating.

If a white latina ever says something like that and that nonsense about showing distance to anglos you can be 100% certain that they were born and raise in the US and are only aping white american girls because they are literally, white american girls themselves.

Not even indian girls or arabs like to be grouped with black people and saying something like that to an asian where i live would start some shit. Never in a million years.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 467585

there's no such thing as white latinos, latinos don't have a set color, there can be however lighter latinos who benefit from the imperant racism and colorism and may "look" white.

On that note, i dont care if you were born in south america, if your predecessors are non south americans you are not culturally latino, the same happens with "my x was mexican, cuban, etc" you were born in USA so you're culturally more gringo than you think you are.

No. 467588

>there's no such thing as white latinos, latinos don't have a set color, there can be however lighter latinos who benefit from the imperant racism and colorism and may "look" white.

Peak burguerism.

No. 467589

hi. i'm arab and i don't hate black people.

No. 467590

>Not even indian girls or arabs like to be grouped with black people

Many Indians, specifically men, I’ve come across like to pretend they’re black to the point they even call each other nigga

No. 467602

just because it happens due to self hatred or american politics doesn't mean I'm lying and it doesn't exist lol. I even acknowledged it was out of fake wokeism (distance from anglos). they do use it though, and every women of color thing I've ever been to have been basically for all non white women. usually run and spearheaded by Latinas and Asian women.

No. 467610

Man I really don't care about color autism, you knew what I meant.

No. 467612

>I feel like if porn required payment again, the problem would ease. But I have no idea how something like that could be implemented.
I mean, there's a movement with porn stars and camgirls telling people to buy their stuff or pay for porn, a lot of stuff is copyrighted and reposted posted violating copyright infringement. I'm not sure if they challenge things under copyright guidelines, but a lot of tube sites are chock full of rampant violation of copyrighted material that was supposed to be paid for, besides the obvious leaking material of girls/couples without consent. Some sites do work on a "pay to watch" basis. The problem is the same with everything else copyrighted: some of this stuff has so many mirrors or seeds that scrubbing it and stopping it spreading is very difficult. There are several metric fucktons of porn online, and I'm not sure how far people would go to find it if you tried to push the "free" stuff underground and make everything else paid, on a similar model to streaming and digital content for non-porn content.
Personally I think we need to make men get more self-control, but that's a tall order for a lot of them…they have to want to change or realize they're fucking themselves up by not browsing media responsibly.

No. 467628

Holy fucking shit. I have sensory issues and have trouble concentrating without complete silence. In my Uni's library in the "quiet zone" where there are signs up saying no food, no talking etc. and people STILL COME HERE AND TALK ON THEIR FUCKING CELLPHONES AND EAT. It's also super echo-y. there are 50 other places on campus that are FOR sitting around and talking and eating but people always come here for some reason and then talk and eat??? I fucking hate people. Also the library workers will walk right by and not do anything. Fuck them.

No. 467652

I'm sure this has been said before, but I hate it when people stop in front of places where people commonly travel to talk

In front of or on stairwells, infront of or inside doorways, in the middle of a street (sometimes not in a car, but even within a car, just pull over and continue the conversation)

Like, you know you got there because you were taking the same path as everyone else, but for some reason you own it?

No. 467654

I once walked past a group of girls who were clogging up a doorway to stand there and talk. One yelled "That's rude" because my bag might have brushed up against one of them, but honestly, why the fuck were they all standing there? People need to use the halls. Find somewhere to sit.

No. 467686

I think anons replying to you and going on their "Well the fatties I've met are the most judgemental cunts ever!!!" tirades are completely misunderstanding your point. People definitely use the "I'm only worried!" excuse to be as vitriolic as possible because they find fat people disgusting. It's especially apparent when they make fun of fat people at the gym, like what the hell do you think they're doing there? Maybe trying to work out and lose the weight? How are you taking photos and giggling at the huffing fatass attempting at becoming healthier and still claiming you're doing it because "you're worried"? You're just a bully, admit it. I don't think fat positivity should be a thing either and definitely believe obesity is a problem but there are constructive ways to express it.

As for the "fat people are judgemental and made me fun of being a twig" yeah that happens too, I'm not even rail thin but just average weight and I've been told by my fat friends that I'm scrawny. But I really don't see the "you need to get some meat on your bones lmao!" remarks as hurtful and stigmatic as someone being ostracized for being overweight, because you really don't even need to be obese to be considered a fatty. I've met multiple people who developed eating disorders from the latter but never one who became a meat planet for being called too thin.

No. 467694

You shouldn't be mean to fat people solely for being fat, but it's human nature to be disgusted by visibly sick or unhealthy people. They're fat and it's slowly killing them. That's the reality, and people shouldn't feel obligated to lie to obese people that they're "beautiful" and "healthy". Same goes for ana-chans. Being in the healthy weight range isn't fucking rocket science.

No. 467698

NTA but fat people often have medical and psychological issues that make it hard for them to be healthy (I am not talking about genetics, though it happens in some cases as well). Instead of shaming, they need help in finding doctors that will allow them to tackle the undermining issue so that they can be healthy. It's a lot like with other forms of selfharm.

Shaming does fuck all and fat people deserve to be treated with respect, even if they might seem disgusting to someone.

No. 467699

>But I really don't see the "you need to get some meat on your bones lmao!" remarks as hurtful and stigmatic as someone being ostracized for being overweight
Agreed. People will jump up and down about how unfair it is that fat people can insult thin people by calling them twigs or sticks or whatever, whereas insulting fatties is taboo. And like yeah, technically it's not 'fair' in the sense that it's not 100% equal but come the fuck on. We all know perfectly well being thin is better than being fat and that one insult is far more hurtful than the other, because being fat is just worse for the vast majority of people. If a fat person tells me I'm too thin I take it as a compliment and honestly feel kinda smug, no matter how they intended it. A fat person could go on an absolute tirade about all my flaws and I'd still remain unaffected because being thinner than them trumps almost anything else.

I feel like the crybaby skinny people who bring it up are just humblebragging tbh. They like being thin and they like a chance to mention it, pretending they're offended is a great way to do that without seeming like they're showing off unnecessarily.

No. 467711

They never talked about lying to obese people and calling them beautiful and healthy. They talked about actively bullying them and pretending it's because they care about their health. It's not like there are only two extremes as options how to behave. Basically what >>467698 said.
Personally I think bald spots are disgusting, but you don't see me yelling at bald people how I can see my reflection on their scalps and throwing toupees at them.

No. 467714

this, it's 100 % humblebragging. not a fatty defending them but lbr, you're extra pathetic if you think being called "too skinny" by someone who most of society would think is unattractive, is hurtful. i just feel bad for fat women, they're obviously compensating. a lot of them have depression and if it's true that skinny women are "soo hurt uwu" by it, they shouldn't be allowed outside. how are you managing actual criticism from bosses if you're falling apart the second an insecure fatty makes some harmless comment? reminds me of orangecitrus and her mentioning every few seconds about being harassed by boolies for having "big boobs".

No. 467717

Do all mods just camp out in /ot/? People are banned for the most minuscule thing here, while /w/ is a shitshow full of nitpicks and jealous pull spergs.

No. 467719

Boo hoo lose weight then fat fuck. Being fat is 100% avoidable, just try put down your fork once in a while.

I have no sympathy for fatties whining about being called fat, lose weight if you don't want to be called fat.

No. 467720

life is more complicated and stressful for some, and they might have health issues, or just use food as a coping mechanism. it's easy to gain a few lbs if you're busy all of the time and are focusing on work or paying down debt, or your kids, or whatever. people in the real world have stressful lives and give up on themselves or just have no hope. i can understand that. learn some empathy, sociopath-chan.

No. 467723

Alright, not eating is doing less work than eating. If life is boo hoo soo hard, its even easier to not waste time showelling unnecessary food down your throat.

"Health issues" do not make you fat, eating more than you burn does. If you have "health issues", like all fatties apparently do, eat less then.

No. 467725

You're such a sperg that you missed the part of the discussion where even average women get called fat.

People need to work on themselves and be healthier.
You're still an edgelord for wanting to be a bully past the age of 18, and it's cringe. Get some accomplishments so you'll have more to brag about than being thin, which people don't care about when women age anyway.

No. 467726

Feel the same but people will always ree because it’s not nice. Aggressive fat women can literally tell you you’re not a woman because of the size of your breasts but god forbid you call her anything less than beautiful and brave whilst paying out the nose in taxes for her big girl hospital bed five years down the track.

No. 467729

Calm tf down sperg, do you have any reading comprehension? Literally cannot fathom how you thought my post came from a fat person. Not once did I call myself fat, I even put myself in the position of the one being called thin by a fat person.

You don't have to be fat to acknowledge being fat sucks more than being thin and therefore getting called fat will hurt more, and that bawwing about getting called thin is humble bragging.

No. 467730

Men. You mean aggressive fat men tell you that you're not a woman for your lack of breasts.

s2g you people make this shit up to vindicate your hate on other women and it's sad, because even if other women said this they're clearly pickmes mimicking and echoing what men spew all the time.

No. 467731

Well, when I was called a titless wonder and a 12 year old boy it was only by women, so no I don’t mean aggressive men. Way to throw a straw man out into the field tho.

No. 467732

Health issues might make you binge eat or eat more than necessary due to constant hunger pangs and fucked up body chemistry. If someone binges due to their life falling apart or/and lack of healthy coping skills, they still need help with dealin with the bigger issues before they focus on weight. But people like you only care about bullying them cause their look offends you, not about improving lives.
You are retarded and as blind in your hate for fatties as you assume they are in their love of food.

No. 467734

Your anecdotes against mine, dear anon.
I've known sweet fat women who'd never say that sort of shit. Meanwhile I've known anachan tier bullies like yourself who think two wrongs make a right.

No. 467738

Of course there’s heaps of perfectly nice and normal fat women?
I can still dislike the fat people that are rude and demand special treatment whilst gatekeeping womanhood.

Must be great to be able to read minds over the internet. Is it hard determining who’s a psychological wreck and who isn’t with a few sentences and some guessing?

No. 467740

>n-no I only meant fat women who were mean to me!
That's not what you said here >>467719.
If you don't want your posts taken at face value then learn to explain yourself better.
>gatekeeping womanhood
Friendly reminder: Being thin with big tits and big ass is still the mainstream "gatekeep" of ultimate femininity in mainstream society. There is no guild of fat women making up new societal standards because fat Felicia called you titless once in middle school.

No. 467743

That was a different anon rtard.

No. 467744

Sure Jan.

No. 467745

Even if you're not the sperg reeeing about fatties you agreed with the post, so.

No. 467748

Righto. Stay mad about it and inform more women of their own experiences I guess?

No. 467750

See yourself out this convo with that backpedal, anon. Kek.

No. 467764


Japan IS pedo central you dumb weeb, child porn was fully legal until 5 fucking years ago, they still have fuck all convictions for it, you get vending machines of little girls panties in public, you get cafes were creepy old men can buy a date with a real underage schoolgirl, they have lolicon hentai in normal book stores and selling DVDs of 6 year olds playing in bathing suits is a big and legal business.

No. 467765

I can't sleep because I've figured out that my roommate snores occasionally, and now I lie awake hesitant to try to sleep since I feel like she's gonna start snoring out of nowhere. I've tried using brown noise but it's not gonna work until I get some wireless headphones instead of choking myself with the chord of my Apple headphones. I'm legit losing sleep over this, I feel dumb.

No. 467773

>you get vending machines of little girls panties in public
>cafes were creepy old men can buy a date with a real underage schoolgirl
>lolicon hentai in normal book stores
Ah, the spergery of the anti-weeb anon who has literally never been to Japan. It's like saying because Belgium had a huge child sex slave ring it's a pedo central where anyone can fuck and torture a toddler if they knew the right people.

No. 467774

File: 1569843923414.png (2.27 MB, 1888x3748, ffff.png)

this stuff is maximum cringe

No. 467787

All true https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/57eaaf23-0cef-48c8-961f-41f2563b38aa but funny how you have to go for the smaller things and avoid how CHILD PORNOGRAPHY WAS LEGAL UNTIL 2014

No. 467793

And the UK has a massive grooming ring for young, underage girls and the Police refused to act on it. JK cafes have been banned in Tokyo and as far as I know, it's illegal by to have underage girls working in those. That Stacey Dooley documentary the article is referencing has been criticized multiple times for being scandal-seeking and twisting truths to make it more sensational. IIRC she didn't even check if the girls actually were underage and called a girl handing out maid cafe flyers a "child prostitute". And as for the child porn being banned, it is banned isn't it? 5 years ago or 50 years ago, it still is.

And I have never, ever seen loli porn in "normal book stores" in Japan.

No. 467806

I agree with everything you said expect the Loli porn stuff. Literally almost every manga store in Akihabara has loli hentai on the bottom floor along with other hentai.

No. 467808

>normal book store
that ain't it. book-off in niigata won't have loli porn.

No. 467811

little late, but it's usually pedos who are into the loli shit that's for pedos and they just act like they're into all anime as to not arouse suspicion. there's a notorious weeb who's "waifu" had huge tits (and was known for having them) and low and behold tons of CP all over his computer. obviously the big tit girl was a cope.

No. 467816

Who was he?

No. 467817

No. 467822

Oh, I remember him.
>MCMICHAEL claimed this was a joke.

No. 467861

Fucking hate it when people blame all of their shitty actions and choices on outside forces or things. No, it's you that chose to be shiity. NOBODY held a gun up to your head and forced you to so these things. Own up to your actions! Like jesus when i was a drug addict and made some more than questionable things, i didn't go "b-but the drugs! but my TRAUMA!". I apologized to the people i hurt and then slowly came to changing the things that were shitty about me.

No. 467868

it can be both tho. this is overly simplistic and your experience doesn't mean you know what caused other peoples actions at all

No. 467882

Yea, but to blame it on those outside forces means you are not taking any responsibility or accountability. Like you can start using drugs to cope with trauma…but the shitty choices you make doesn't make it the drugs fault. Before people into drugs, the vast majority of times the person knows what that will do to you and what kind of person you can become.

It's also like…if someone who is abused goes on to start abusing others, and they blame it on the fact they too were treated that way when younger…bla bla bla "i can't help the way i am due to this".

I'm sorry, but if you start doing shitty things you really have to look deep inside yourself and find the root cause, then work to change it. It's a cop out to continue to shift the blame any and everywhere else.

Like i get from a young age if you get shaped into being that way it is almost unavoidable and you can't really grasp the magnitude of your actions and also don't know better, but once you've reached a certain age and you KNOW what is right and what is wrong, it's time to stop the blame-game and get to doing some introspection.

(Also i am only talking about choosing to do shitty things. Not personality traits or other things changed by the things i mentioned)

No. 467884

Samefag, and it's quite obvious i might not know cause of other people actions because how could i? But if you do something shitty you should at least admit to being shitty, apologize, and work on it. Blaming outside forces as being the cause to why you chose to be shitty and then CONTINUING to be shitty because ~muh truama~ is where the problems lies.

No. 467932

that stephanie harlowe woman is so annoying. i hate her face and the way she speaks. if anyone here watches true crime stuff on yt you guys should know what i'm talking about. she's kind of stupid too. her takes are bad.

No. 467945

Did you finally get rangebanned on cgl or why are you sperging here now?

No. 468004

anti o's on twitter are the worst. they want to call out greg and taylor for being pedos but dont misgender kai!! because thats what matters with the whole issue.

No. 468039

I hate it when you click on a youtube video with an interesting thumbnail about a topic but it turns out to be some faggot a la Leafy shoddily playing a game while spouting a sloppy opinion while trying to stretch their worthless video for as long as possible.
Who even watches this shit? Their gameplay isn't even good, it's booooooring.

No. 468041

I feel the same for Kendall rae

No. 468046

That's on you for falling for the clickbait thumbnails.

No. 468049

Silly people, thinking titles and thumbnails indicate content lawl.

No. 468063

Thank you, this is basically all I was trying to say. I was by no means trying to say that fat people are all angels who should be above criticism, just that 1) shaming/bullying is not productive or helpful, and 2) I hate it when people just want to be an asshole but hide behind the "I'm doing it because I care!!!" excuse. And actually it doesn't even have to be about fat, it could be about anything really, like bullying the weird kid so they become "normal". It's just that I see way more of it about fat shaming.

I also agree that the body positivity movement is bad, like telling people that they can be healthy at any size. I wish the body positivity movement was more centered around things that are impossibe/difficult to change about your body, like stretch marks, scars, cellulite, acne, thinning hair, height etc etc.

No. 468071

>I wish the body positivity movement was more centered around things that are impossibe/difficult to change about your body, like stretch marks, scars, cellulite, acne, thinning hair, height etc etc.

Why lie to unattractive people?, if your face is full of acne and you are loosing hair you can't pretend that's a positive. Body positivity is inherently condescending and disconnected from reality, maybe if they'd call it body acceptance r body resignation it make more sense. "sure , i have these unatractive traits so maybe i'll focus on something else" is very different from "yas kween, i am a bootilicious overweight momma and i am smoking" . I can't imagine someone with body positive attitude as anything other than a self deluded cow, body positive communities are setting people up for disappointment.

No. 468072

how many times do I have to tell customers at my job that we don't have a goddamn public restroom before they understand we don't

No. 468073

>body resignation

Because how dare someone feel attractive even with features such as stretch marks or cellulite (both extremely natural and common features for women btw, they’re to an extent even secondary sex characteristics due to our fat distribution and skin elasticity), no they should instead ‘resign’ to their reality of apparently being undesirable. Maybe people as a whole should stop demonising completely normal human traits so that the majority of the population doesn’t hate some part of their reflection.

No. 468076

When everyone stops getting surgery and treatments for these things, then sure. Otherwise I can’t believe that anyone is actually blessed and the rest of the people are just unlucky. Money is what makes someone beautiful usually.

No. 468080

File: 1569913909903.jpg (92.98 KB, 1244x700, simpson-4x3.jpg)

>stop demonising completely normal human traits so that the majority of the population doesn’t hate some part of their reflection.

Exactly, you just resign to the reality you are not among the minority of atractive people who lack unactractive traits. Being ok with being a normie seems like resignation and acceptance to me

>Yas queen, look how normal i look, i be slaying dat lowest common denominator bracket

No. 468095

File: 1569916388262.jpg (11.31 KB, 259x194, 2124455.jpg)

Beauty standards are classist and are impossible to reach all of without expensive augmentation. The only people who benefit from the idea of innate traits being "ugly" are corporations and the dumbasses who give them money.

If you are a human being, you naturally have at least ONE of the following: cellulite, stretch marks, acne, a big nose, a fivehead, small tits, saggy tits, small ass, nasolabial folds, crooked teeth, thin hair, rosacea, dark circles, big labia minora, wide shoulders, dark arm hair, thin lips, an overbite, an underbite, a widow's peak, psoriasis, chicken skin, eczema, scars, or eyebags.

If someone doesn't even possess ONE of these things, it's because they've poured a great deal of money and/or time into changing/hiding them.

No. 468110

I fucking hate Kendall Rae. She's so fucking stupid and annoying it hurts to watch. I discovered her back before she jumped on the true crime bandwagon and I haven't even watched any of her true crime videos but I already know they're terrible.

No. 468137

Since when do attractive people lack so called "unattractive" traits? There's a lot of beautiful women far more beautiful than you'd ever look like with celluite or stretch marks or otherwise "imperfect" traits

Honestly this "looking completely perfectly in every way" is a recent invention and had to come in the 21st century with the exposure of porn and photoshopped actresses/singers. People always wanted to look perfect but the poreless, hairless, so called "flawless", ect doll trend is taking it too far and not even sexy to me and a lot of people. I also don't understand why this keeps being shilled as something innately sexy either.

No. 468138

Yes because people can either be attractive like a photoshopped doll or have hair loss and extreme cellulite lol

Your only exposure to hot people is from the internet isn't it

No. 468144


Honestly? No man gives a shit about any of that shit unless your fat. It’s women who are weird about “chicken skin?” I don’t even know wtf that is. Just don’t be fat, and you’re already leagues ahead

No. 468164

True. I don't even know what "psoriasis" is since I don't read the threads where people think a camgirl should neck herself because her left pinky toenail is ingrown or whatever autism no one in real life would ever notice.

No. 468173

This is astonishingly true and I didn't expect it. I reached a healthy weight recently and though my skin has become horrible with acne I've actually had a guy make a move and others eying me. As well as have an old friend become suspiciously friendlier.
I think many men aren't memeing when they say "just don't be fat."
In fairness psoriasis is a genuine health issue. It's itchy and I'm pretty sure painful for some.

No. 468179

I've never even seen/heard a man say that. But I'm obese and I still get hit on. Although both of my ex bfs would watch porn and one would say it was because he needed variety basically and that one woman could never fulfill all his fantasies. I told him it discouraged me from wanting to lose weight bc I felt like I could never be good enough and be basically said I was stupid for feeling like that.

Most women misunderstand men when they think men want one type of body or face or what have you, when really what they value most is novelty. They just want to plant their flag where it hasn't been planted before.

Bill Maher said it best- "it isn't about big or small or skinny or fat, it's about old and new"

No. 468185

Mentioning that the UK allegedly has an underground pedo ring doesn't really change the fact that pedophilia is seen as much more acceptable in Japan than other places. Obviously if it took them til 2014 to make it illegal then they have more accepting view of it.

No. 468189

Just the fact that its underground informs us of how it viewed. There are very rich men that sometimes get away by being rich, and others that get away with it because British police are useless, and everybody else that's utterly appalled by it. Meanwhile in Japan it's rare to find an anime without any loli shit in it. Having an attraction to very young girls is just thought of as a fetish, as innocent as any other.

No. 468191


i hate loli shit as much as anyone but you need to stop grasping at straws. prominent and accepted aren't the same thing.

No. 468200

Okay, but not making something illegal for a long time indicates acceptance.

No. 468206

not really, especially not in japan. the whole "legal age is 12" meme is not because their legal age was actually 12 anywhere, but because prefecture laws already existed, and the federal government didn't need to make it a federal law because their were already laws in place. the same happens in other countries. shit like what you're saying is the same idea as what ignorant weebs say about japan too, so be careful not to sound like a dumbass.

No. 468230

I mean, pedophilia is a huge issue in Japan though so it's no surprise pedophiles are attracted to Japanese culture and they idealize little girls to be the ideal woman. Pedo handmaidens aren't helping either

No. 468238

exactly but it's a problem because it's not accepted just prominent. the average person in japan thinks lolicon is gross or doesn't even know what it is and many people speak against it and pedophilia because they don't want it to exist there.

No. 468244

i wish mods would just lock the onision thread and force the twitter kids to fuck off.

No. 468266

How do you not know what psoriasis is? Also, there aren't any cows that have it afaik. Psoriasis is something people get bullied for in real life on an individual basis. It's when there are patches of elevated, scaly pink skin, usually on the neck or scalp.

Chicken skin is when your arms are covered in tiny, firm red bumps. It looks sort of like rosacea until you get close. It's also called keratosis.

Both conditions are really common. You've probably seen them without knowing what they were called.

No. 468290


I've also never read the word rosacea before the OP post or keratosis before your post.

Don't think I've ever noticed keratosis or psoriasis before but I think I've seen people with rosacea on their face and I assumed it was burst blood vessels under the skin or something from unhealthy lifestyle since it seems to be a middle aged fat smoker and drinker thing, but maybe that is just bad skin I'm noticing.

Also didn't notice or know the term nasolabial folds before coming on here.

No. 468305

File: 1569968221581.jpg (143.67 KB, 1280x720, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

I hate how much the anti-"digital art isn't real art/is an easier form of art" cross over with the pro-"modern art isn't real art/is easier form of art". You can hate modern art all you want, but it's annoying that most modern art haters just repeat 'white canvas sold for 1.3 billion' and if you ask them what type of art is good art they'll reply with the most famous renaissance artist or something like pic related. It's very rare you find a good thought out critique of modern art that doesn't devolve into "my son could do that"

No. 468328


Maybe if 4channers themselves didn't insist on flooding every other online space to "troll the normies" the media would have never given them attention and normies would not have flooded them in return.

Stop hitting yourself 4chan

No. 468329

Yes anon, we should worship mediocrity and squash any outliers who do have any kind of ideal traits.

Give it to the communist to always find the stupidest take on everything.

No. 468331

Yeah sure, saying beauty standards is classist doesn't mean = worship mediocrity

I appreciate beauty a lot and look up to beauty icons but I know a lot of aspects of 2010s beauty culture is corporate driven bullshit

There's also a sweet irony that you, an imageboard user, talking about "worshiping mediocrity" when you lot will gas up any basic cunt that fits the right imageboard e-nerd or weeb aesthetic despite her body shape and bone structure being absolutely average and nothing captivating in anyway except to autists who don't get out

big lol

No. 468332

btw I am not that anon u replied to so you cant say "communist!!11" when replying to me

No. 468343

File: 1569975049117.jpg (90.75 KB, 711x952, Lindar_Small-1200x1607.jpg)

Modern art is pretentious, I rest my case.

I would personally argue that digital is a very difficult medium, because anyone can make mediocre digital art, but making excellent digital art necessitates an understanding of traditional media as a prerequisite.

Hey anon, you might want to get your autism checked out. The "classism" and Marx thing was just an exaggeration for the sake of a joke. My base point still stands, though.

By no means should be worship mediocrity. There's a middle ground between worshiping mediocrity and worshiping the unrealistic.

No. 468370

Yes you actually should not care about how someone looks.

No. 468387

the word you retards are looking for is contemporary. modern art refers to the late 1800s to the late 1900s.

No. 468390

File: 1569983547824.gif (1.53 MB, 348x260, anyway.gif)

The modern period of art lasts from the mid 1800s to the 1970s. The "stereotypical" modern art is Dadaism and Abstract Expressionism, both of which fit comfortably into that time period. Also, at no point did >>468305 imply that modern art is contemporary.


No. 468416

the whole "blank white canvas" shit is about contemporary art you fucking pleb.

No. 468417

File: 1569994042951.jpg (400.13 KB, 905x1024, 8276910959_cd7a06bd05_b.jpg)

No. 468420

File: 1569995433846.jpg (6.89 KB, 229x200, 2324335354.jpg)

Someone's cranky she didn't finish her BFA.

A blank canvas is ready-made-art. The most famous "blank canvas" is "White on White" by Kazimir Malevich, which was painted in 1918. Sorry Becky, that's in the Modern era.

No. 468464

Man, I like manga-style art, but if someone wanted to go on a "Modern art is TRASH" kick and they posted that pic (or one of those "anime realism" Sakimichan tit monsters) as examples of "good art", I don't think I'd be able to stop laughing. It's too fedora-tier.
Anyway, it's no surprise that many people who bitch about modern art are just virtue signalling about being born in the wrong generation. They don't really know anything about it, or have any real interest in it.
It's an extension of those people who are like "Remember REAL music? All this new shit sounds the same!" even though all they listen to is dadrock that also all sounds the same and was backed by the same big record companies that back the current generic pop musicians. They don't know much about music from this era or those before, they just want to feel special and maybe a little politically provocative. Same shit, different medium.

No. 468478

I think something that modern art critiques don’t take into account (especially the whole ‘I could do that!’) is that the point of modern art was to criticise the industry itself. Yeah, it’s overly simplistic, that was the whole point - to poke fun at the fact that a urinal just needs to be signed and there are those who will consider it to be art, because art is subjective

No. 468483

No. 468517

I lowkey hate people who arent from my area because they all start conversations with "well from where Im from…". Only you care about the subtle differences between on New York and south Carolina run their hospitals

No. 468519

I high key hate people who have never lived or even traveled to other places. Because they all post this dumbass shit on facebook like, "ONLY IN BLHABLAH DO YOU GET THIS THING THAT HAPPENS LITERALLY EVERYWHERE!!!!" Especially with weather, like dude, the Northeast has extreme weather, it's not just in your region. Or people complain about how X city or county is soooooo trashy. I'm like dude, have you ever gone anywhere in your entire fucking life? This is America. It's full of trash everywhere. It's not this town, it's not this county. It's us.

No. 468536

File: 1570031423629.jpg (1.67 MB, 4252x2835, NINTCHDBPICT000486442287.jpg)

There's plenty plus size only stores why can't there be one or two petite only stores?? the hypocrisy is real.

Im starting to have issues finding clothes that fit me, specially in proper woman stores, i had to have a few new shirts tailored because a size 2 wasn't even a real size 2 anymore And im not even anachan or underweight.
Im buying only from teen-aimed stores now because tailoring everything i got was getting waaay more expensive than it should.

No. 468540

I totally agree— I’m also petite and it’s so hard to find clothes that are a true size 2. I wear a 2 at topshop and guess, but when I’m gifted clothes from nicer adult brands like Brooks Brothers in size 2 it’s basically falling off me. I’m also not that short (5’4”) but I still feel like a lot of pants are way too long on me. Luckily I’m still young enough to like shopping at trendy stores, but if the population keeps getting fatter and vanity sizing keeps going up idk what I’m gonna do by the time I wanna solely buy classic adult clothes!

No. 468548

Personally, I think the fact that size 0 or 00 exists at all in any store is ridiculous. With all this vanity sizing going on, I'm surprised they haven't started doing negative sizes yet.

No. 468550

Yeah, I had a panic attack in Kohl’s trying to find work-appropriate slacks in the women’s section.. Nothing below a size 2, which is really more like a 4 due to “vanity sizing”.

So fucking annoying.

No. 468551

File: 1570033719993.jpg (397.06 KB, 1080x1256, 20191002_182701.jpg)

The state of /w/

No. 468552

Lol @ this salty bich describing the crease that forms at the thigh when you sit “fat rolls”

No. 468556

File: 1570037520797.gif (1.1 MB, 300x226, 1567220229388.gif)

>mfw can almost only wear tshirts and denim trousers because everything else is too big for me
>always feeling like I'm too underdressed in some situations because I have no choice
>"but anon, why aren't you more fashionable!! I'm sure you'll look good wearing this style!!1!"

No. 468559

>eewewwww stretch marks and a hip fold!
Can anons just…stop acting like there's a physical standard to be a camwhore?
Men will pay for anything catered to them if someone puts it online to sell. We've seen fat girls, ugly girls, druggie girls, STD girls, bad hygiene girls, meatflap girls.
All the shit that anons thought were unattractive features evidently don't matter. Nothing has stopped all men so far.

No. 468560

Lolcow is running out of insults or these bitches are completely blind. Claiming wrinkleless women are aging like milk, claiming underweight women are pudgy, claiming clearly perky tits are saggy, diagnosing 3 STDs because of mild razor burn on the thighs, claiming women who look like they just got out the shower look dirty, and of course all bodies that don't look like hentai characters are boxy.

I always knew lolcow was nitpicking but it's gotten to a point where these bitches are just straight blind now

No. 468562

Yeah this is why I stopped browsing the Momokun thread way back too. Lori (the girl in the picture) has done so many shitty things in her life that you could address, but this vain cunt decided to start nitpicking nonexistent "fat rolls and stretch marks". She's a terrible piece of shit as a person but I'll admit that she has a pretty face, she's thin and has aged well enough. Even in the non-photoshopped candid photos she looks just fine to the point I fucking WISH I'll look as good as her at 35. I wish people here stopped concentrating on superficial high school mean girl tier horse shit and actually focused on things that matter but I guess they're the teenanons who think women turn to dust when they hit 30.

No. 468564

>Meatflap girls
You realize it's only become a recent thing for long labia's to be considered ugly right? Even then most people don't care unless it's extreme amounts

No. 468567

The point was
1) Labia have been nitpicked on this website before.
2) It's a characteristic that men online have made fun of for way longer than what you're claiming. Despite them paying many camwhores possessing it.

Sorry I hurt your feelings.

No. 468570

File: 1570040824997.jpg (113.84 KB, 1646x615, ScC12T[1].jpg)

"One persons trash is another persons treasure" applies to taste in all things. Any average, or extreme look, you can think of can have an army of men drooling over them if they're willing to cater to them. Its a worthless metric to measure by.

No. 468571


also no there's a bunch of ancient books on the phenomenon.

No. 468572

Jfc you are all annoying as fuck, who cares this much about the shape of a vagina? You are all just as bad as the men who care about that shit. Its just meat flaps between tour legs its not that deep

No. 468573

Honestly is like all the male threads where they spend hundreds of posts arguing about dick size and shape.

No. 468578

It's not the worst idea ever. There aren't a lot of men that are into muscle chicks, but there's probably even less muscle chicks. Supply and demand.

No. 468591

that's because the site is full of femcels. these women don't realize the only men that give a shit about this aren't the ones having sex.

No. 468596

Just anons who see no problem bashing the shit out of any body type possible then loading their guns if anyone says anything about long labia's

No. 468612

Anachans with meaty vulvas. Lmao.

No. 468614

>was to criticise the industry itself

the art industry itself is doing it to this day, is a money laundering scheme and the joke wasn't even funny in 1917.

But fuck actual artists, here's a urinal for the nth time, tips fedora* epic trolled, figuratives owned

No. 468616

NTA but literally everyone else is talking about contemporary stuff.

No. 468617

They also bitch "how can girls with 'bad personalities' be successful camwhores?" Are 90% of the users on this site 15 years old?

No. 468622

Wasn't that on extremely long labias tho and not just any visible labia? I'm pretty sure the standard to not any pussy lips showing at all is recent

No. 468623

Or just nitpicking anything a cow says. I know they're cows but anons have a habit of blowing things way out of proportion

No. 468625

Extreme anything is unattractive. In the past most people didn't give a shit about how genitals looked until about the 80s or 90s, even then they still liked vaginas that looked like a woman's vagina and not a little girls. It kinda sickens me how a "perfect vagina" on a woman nowadays is practically a child's

No. 468637

Extremely stupid question incoming: is that actually true for women with no visible inner labia? Do their vaginas really look like a child's? Just asking because I've always had what people consider meatflaps, but I never remembered if it's something that happened during puberty or if I always had them. I never looked at my labia as a kid

No. 468642

>80s or 90s

god please stop parroting this ridiculous drivel.

it's not, anon is retarded and spreading incel lies you don't suddenly get long labia as an adult, that's why some people don't have them.

No. 468643

>anon tries to make a point about how body standards in camgirls don't really matter cause scrotes aren't as picky as they pretend
>insecure anons take 'meatflaps' and proceed to have a labia discussion for the billionth time


No. 468644

I have no inner labia and let me tell you its a pain in the ass, its really uncomfortable and for me it causes a lot of friction. I cant wear cute panties and have to go with cotton ones all the time because it gets irritated very easily. But there is now way in hell my pussy looks like a fucking childs.

No. 468645

i wish insecure anons didn't compare the shit they're insecure about to children all the time.

>children's chest

>children's vag
>children's height
>pedo magnet

i know the entire site isn't full of giant, hairy amazonian tier cave women.

No. 468646

I have no inner labia visible. One man made a comment likening it to a child (I won't be explicit). I actually don't have children or have an occasion to see one unclothed so I have no clue nor remember what a child looks like.
My mother's nether regions look just like mine. (I had to see her like that when she was very ill for very long and needed bathroom assistance). So I assume it's genetic and not due to puberty which was quite normal for me. I have had a lot of piv sex so all that BS men spew is such.
I hate my labia because of the comments I have heard through the years, IRL and online in general, and have often wished for some sort of freak acid spill. I know it's unhealthy and I probably need therapy but I absolutely hate the appearance so much. It also makes me not trust any male partners I've had; more so if they have made any sort of explicit comments. fuck I need a bit of therapy.

No. 468657

Sure, tell yourself that every night before you sleep, you frothing autist. You conveniently ignore that Japan has one of the lowest crime rates, and also ignore that the west also has a huge pedophilia problem. The name of the game right now is young girls looking like they're 21. There are a bunch of girls getting pimped out by instagram while retards like you sit here and go "m-muh drawings tho"
>Japanese culture and they idealize little girls to be the ideal woman.
Do you actually know anything about Japan or are you talking out of your ass? Do you speak Japanese? Are you in Japan and know what kind of demographic people are attracted to there? You sound like a retarded burger.

>pedo handmaidens

Thinking western countries running child porn rings shouldn't be given a pass because someone's Japanese vendetta makes me a handmaiden, sure. Let's go with that.

No. 468661

Depends, but the vagina gets more fleshy and wrinkly after puberty

No. 468662

Prove me wrong

No. 468664

Why do people always assume anyone who speaks against Japanese culture is a burger

No. 468669

Amazing how triggered weebs gets, like you honestly feel like it's your homeland. An actual Japanese person would not get this defensive.

The low crime rate is from their corrupt legal system where they have a 99% conviction rate since it's basically legal to force confessions there. Don't care about defending Western degenerates so whataboutism doesn't work.

Have fun with your community packed to the brim with pedos, trannies and actual ASD sufferers though and don't worry being aroused by drawings of children definately does not mean you are aroused by children or anything which would just be crazy to say.

No. 468679

File: 1570066208585.jpg (195.8 KB, 1341x793, ja.jpg)

>Have fun with your community packed to the brim with pedos, trannies and actual ASD sufferers>>468669

But the troon issue and the sudden spike in agps transitioning is very much an anglo thing though? trans keep crying about Desuland being mean to them

No. 468681

So basically they're on the level of 70s American society? Pushing gay/homo/pedo shit but there's still a conservative and repulsed reaction to it when it comes to serious shit? Ebin.

East Asian and Anglo cultures are trash and cancer, just admit it

No. 468684


Dunno, sounds like you should just stop fucking pedophiles.

No. 468691

File: 1570067461235.jpg (35.57 KB, 720x720, WkfmOY9.jpg)

>Pushing gay/homo/pedo shit

That something exists in a country doesn't mean the country itself is pushing it.

>East Asian and Anglo cultures are trash and cancer, just admit it

They are just the two major producers of media internationally so they are constantly on the public scrutiny. I don't see the same people going around country by country complaining about problematic depictions, watch some mexican tv or nollyoowd or bollywood, i am sure you'll find plenty to be upset about.

No. 468704

Kek, I don't know about triggered, but if it makes you feel good so you can pretend it's whataboutism, so be it. You're going to die mad when you compare the crime statistics, so keep crying about "muh forced convictions"

No. 468739

Yeah this. It's absolutely astonishing how people are willing to ignore the exploitation of actual kids in the west just to bitch about muh drawings and how they totally read online that you can buy used toddler panties and child sex slaves from local grocery stores. Japan has an extremely low amount of crime compared to countries like the UK or US and you really can't explain it all away with the "people don't report it" meme.

But of course if you're not throwing your common sense away because weebs made you cringe in high school and that's why you're on a life long vendetta against them, you're a pedo supporter and probably a pedo yourself. Remember how fast people forgot about Jeffrey Epstein just to bitch about stupid shit like Sakimichan drawing lewd pictures of an aged up character, if they ever addressed him at all?

>The low crime rate is from their corrupt legal system where they have a 99% conviction rate since it's basically legal to force confessions there.
lmfao, This is what burgers actually believe. keep coping

No. 468842

I don't know anybody in life ever who complained about that Sakamachan person because only weebs would do that shit

I know you're that braindead retarded as fuck Latina, so not only you're a racebaiting bitch you're also a dumbass weeb as well. I sincerely hope something extremely bad happens to you.

No. 468846

>retarded as fuck Latina
>No , u are racebaiting

No. 468849

File: 1570108609644.gif (216.33 KB, 275x155, AF325F24-8C5D-45C9-9A88-F74158…)

Anon let her go to glorious Nippon and see how they treat her ass. Women in different countries making strides, but women’s equality in Japan has decreased and China is now considered better for women than Japan. Hate Tariq’s hotep ass, but let them hold their own nuts/ovaries.

No. 468855

>and China is now considered better for women than Japan

Found the salty chinese bot, now is pretty obvious why the sperging against Japan.

No. 468858

i'm not part of this conversation but this is just the most wrong statement i've ever seen. japan at the very least has a proper feminist movement and they are currently fighting against their archaic rape laws and for same sex marriage. where as china still doesn't allow divorce for adultery.

No. 468865

I hope someone beats the shit out of you and puts their foot to your head so you can at least come out less retarded

No. 468867

BASED Nippon being America's future! BASED retard weebs who make it about Anglo vs Nipponese instead of seeing how it is

No. 468871


I don't care at all about saying Japan is better or worse than any other country. I just don't blindy defend a country on the other side of the planet because I don't get my perosnal identity from an online community filled full of pedos that most actual Japanese people think are pathetic.

Click to get triggered over the very real problem of forced confessions tho.



No. 468875


Ok Xi Ling

No. 468892


Lol Chinese bot. I actually like Japan better, but I’ve read too many articles to white knight for them. They are rated as the lowest of the G20 nations for women and lots of jobs actually require you to wear high heels. Forbes article has the China quote.



No. 468913

this is done in China though too actually.

No. 468985


No. 469005

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No. 469015

I got called for a phone interview while I was at work, and one of the male coworkers-who doesn't have a very high opinion of me-made fun of my voice after I was done with the call. It's my "customer service" voice which tends to be very tonal and high energy. Because I worked at a call center for three years and was in retail for another four years before that.
I thought he was being so fucking annoying.

I explained to him that's an autopilot survival trait for anyone who's ever worked customer service long term. Especially in a call center. And especially for women.
Because customers are so fucking irate that they can only be placated by singsong charm. Many customers tend to get combative and perceive women employees as having "attitude" if we're not bubbly and perky. Calls, and even my face to face interactions, with customers 9 times outta 10 always ended better if I talked like that. It usually took a massive prick to treat me otherwise. Speaking like that was how I mentally protected myself from becoming a verbal punching bag, and even sometimes it still happened no matter how nice I was.
That damn call center pounded into my head to "smile with my voice," while my retail jobs reprimanded women employees on their performance reviews if they weren't friendly==unless they had kids or knew the manager, then they got away with murder.

This coworker doesn't fucking understand because he's such a god damn know it all. He's a military boy who went into the paramedic field after he got out. While he knows how to take an order, he's never been ripped apart for something out of his control. His job is one where he doesn't have to necessarily have bedside manner-which he doesn't. I see him raise his voice and act passive aggressive all the time over slights, and gets shaky and miffed when he encounters any client who's remotely belligerent towards him. Can you imagine this fucker surviving without authority? Fuck no. If he talked to customers like how he talked to me, he'd be fired in no time.

He's probably half-pissed that I don't talk to him in that sweetly, subordinate tone. But too bad. He's not someone I report to in our office, he's a coworker with a different function and it really agitates him that I don't answer to him sometimes.
He went on further to divulge his criticisms about me by also adding how I have an excuse for everything and can't handle criticism.
It's like, bitch, I've worked in customer service for several years and you think I've never had to swallow criticism before? You think I've never been held to account?
Again, just because I don't answer to HIM because he's not my SUPERVISOR and when he talks to me he's a DICK, he thinks I'm the one with poor work attitude.

And guess who had to swallow his criticisms to keep the peace? Yeah, I can't handle anything…

No. 469021

I've had to deal with this problem at every job I've ever had as well. If you aren't fake bubbly, it's the equivalent of being a belligerent cunt somehow. I put on the show for customers but I don't for management because it's just not who I am and I can't. Once they see I do pretty for customers they chill. I'm never anyone's favorite person though.

I'm moving into a different career soon and thinking about trying to show up with a peppier, more optimistic and friendly personality so people will like me better. Do you think it's worth it to keep up an act like that? My well of positivity doesn't run deep but I won't have to use as much of it on customers as I do in my current job so there would be more left over for coworkers.

No. 469036

That's gonna take up a lot of your energy, anon.
There's nothing wrong with being friendly to your coworkers that you click with, just don't go out of your way to be unnaturally peppy. Sometimes shit like that backfires because they accuse you of being 'fake' the second you slip up or have a bad day. The only person you need to make sure likes you are your supervisors and upper management so you'll have a bridge to a career promotion down the way.

Bottom line: People who've been in customer-facing industries for years will know the score. The smart ones all got a customer 'mask.'

No. 469040

File: 1570159439924.jpg (238.19 KB, 1337x1289, 1553431507880.jpg)

>was actually really looking forward to promare
>it's now the flavor of the month for fujos and BLfags
>you can't escape it in any social media
god damn it

No. 469088

File: 1570173124609.png (95.94 KB, 588x230, my-face-vs-my-soul-58631aa9e16…)

>was actually really looking forward to promare ever since it was announced
>am a fucking fujo and that's exactly the reason I was looking forward to it because literally who else would be interested in it I mean come on
>it doesn't get screenings in my country
>spergs are ruining it for me with the Discourse, bad takes, unsolicited spoilers and overall burgerfaggotry on social media
>my weeb rage is triggered

No. 469120

File: 1570188307573.png (19.08 KB, 298x304, 1555160625609.png)

>mfw was looking forward to seeing Promare as a fujoshi and as someone who liked Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann
>Japanese fujoshi spoil everything
>finally it's screening in my city
>movie is fun and great, despite spoilers ruining some scenes a little
>suddenly, unavoidable discourse about everything ever online, can't avoid it anymore unless I mute everyone who posts about Promare
We just can't win. By the way I think the BD will be released in February in Japan iirc, if you want to watch it later if someone posts it.

No. 469133

File: 1570192620530.png (135.97 KB, 380x351, 1569116786811.png)

>tfw trigger will never make something as beautifully animated as Kare Kano, Eva or FLCL because they're being dragged down by that perv Sushio who has no imagination

No. 469134

Guys, we have an anime critical thread in /m/?

No. 469135

Do you mean criticising the industry or otaku creeps and culture? There was a thread that reached post limit in /ot/

No. 469141

we have one in /m/ already

it got moved, it didn't reach post limit.

No. 469529

File: 1570317081667.jpeg (49.16 KB, 1464x976, 1436745237789.jpeg)

REEEEE babies won't stop stealing my glasses

No. 469561

There ought to be repercussions such as suspended accounts on Amazon for vendors shipping used products as 'new.'
It's hard to prove but sometimes there are telltale signs, such as shoddy packaging and the condition of the item that no ordinary seller with integrity would let pass.
It's fraud and they do it anyway thinking the person will either be too stupid to notice or won't bother trying to return it.

No. 469571

most of the time when i see this it's stuff that amazon fulfills from the amazon warehouses and that's because amazon reuses all that used stuff as new stock.

No. 470008

I watch this female streamer and the topic came up of gold diggers and then age gaps in relationships. I said men are immature for dating young women. The entire chat got so fucking triggered…fucking pathetic. I would've ripped into them if I was anonymous but god they make their ages and motivations so obvious. Always requesting the shittiest of dad rock songs and bragging about their lives. Bitch you're here watching a girl stream for several hours just like I am, you obviously don't have anything else to do, just like me lmfao. Don't see the point in posting this in the "pinkpill" thread, it's just gender crit and you get banned for man criticism anyways.

No. 470636

File: 1570559820870.png (144.8 KB, 500x522, prime-example-of-why-l-dont-wa…)

the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of this 'meme' has me heated

No. 470647

>[insert normal sexual behavior or interest] is why I don't want a daughter
Imagine how pissed off men would get though if women quote tweeted cases of rape and domestic violence with "this is why I don't want a son." Ahahahahaha.

No. 470691

Damn, that annoys me too. 95% of girls would only take a picture like this to make their friends laugh and be tongue-in-cheek, teenage boys do way more depraved shit and take it seriously. Anybody who thinks that meme is true is a dumbass.

No. 470711

women being sexual! alert the authorities!

No. 470712

women being sexual! alert the authorities!

No. 470719

Honestly I wish more men would freely waive their red flags around for all to see and judge.
I would love to know if the man I'd have children with would be a controlling bastard with an obsession about my daughter's purity and an incest-y fixation about her sexual activity.
I hope they all reveal themselves so no woman will suffer the mistake of having procreated with them.

No. 470734

Aside from the fact of it being a joke, what is the actual implication of wrongdoing? That she has a celebrity crush? As if the girl is actually going to fuck Zayn Malik lol. Dream on.

No. 470767

When that femanon started blogposting about her wedding in pixyteri's thread, it reminded me of how much I hate wedding culture and how some people think it's acceptable to be so self-centered and entitled over their special day.

No. 470891

well, as we all know, anon, no guys EVER have celebrity crushes or talk about wanting to fuck women they don't know, or fuck famous women, or create fake porn of women they want to fuck, or hack into devices and leak images of the famous women they want to fuck, or grope or assault famous women they want to fuck, or create entire communities centered around their obsession over famous women they want to fuck. boys and men are just so chaste and dignified. oh, wait…

No. 471099

File: 1570703839272.jpg (20.48 KB, 490x490, weliveinasociety.jpg)

Fuck, I really hate that everybody and their mom is asking for ko-fi donations nowadays. I was on a fanfic binge and every single author had their ko-fi linked. I kind of get why they do it, but I mean this is fandom and all… You're doing this shit as a hobby, in your free time, I already comment and like and do whatever to engage with the writers etc, why do they need money? Just do commissions, ffs. Like, I write and draw as well and I would never ask for this shit. I just want people to interact with my content. I like bonding over fandom, I'd never be comfortable with asking for donations.

No. 471114

I think one part of that is “side hustle” culture where everyone is trying to find something besides their day job that will get them money - especially with Patreon because it’s monthly.

No. 471116

That shit weirds me out too. I have a cosplay instagram account and friends of me that I follow all start to have a ko-fi.

It just seems so beggar-like. I would not feel good about friends or strangers funding my voluntary hobby.

No. 471144

People who spend a bunch of money on their weddings are dumb. The beginning of a marriage is such a financially unstable time. Even if you do have extra money, I'd argue that the honeymoon is a better way to spend it, because it's just the two of you, and really that only applies if you're the kind of person who likes to travel.

No. 471164

File: 1570718077976.jpeg (91.06 KB, 840x473, 51303419-BC7B-4B8A-8893-B8F746…)

i'm fucking sick of pixar sameface and i'm especially not looking forward to the jack frost/onceler level of tumblr peak horny over the most blandest character designs ever, again. have people started to draw porn of these two blue guys yet? because i wouldn't be surprised. plus they're voiced by chris pratt and tom holland so, yikes.

No. 471172

>generic dreamworks face and ratatouille type of guy rehashed for the 983493th time
>voiced by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt
That's a double yikes for me. This is why the western feature animation industry is dying.

No. 471175


Glen Keane's style is the golden goose, they keep mimicking it and it keeps selling. I don't think we'll ever see the end of it. You can even try it yourself as an artist, you could spend years throwing stuff at the wall trying to find your own style and never find the success and money that you would get with a Glenn keanish style with maybe some weeb flair thrown in, just look at Loish.

No. 471193

the 21st century has just been a dustball for creativity

No. 471257

File: 1570725794688.jpg (37.7 KB, 232x197, 7b1.jpg)


Its only going to get worse, a lot of those shitty movies that bombed in the US and were badly reviewed by the critic rake billions in China and India. Theres no incentive to change and Disney owns everything.

I personally think is really pathetic they give the same animation Oscar to Disney Pixar every fucking year, is the lamest, just the promotion budget for a Disney film is the entire budget for even the most expensive foreign animation film several times over. Fucking monopolies man.

No. 471265

This is unironically why I only enjoy anime/manga, everything in the west that even gets a budget is owned by Disney and isn't inventive the slightest. Even that shitty Klaus movie people are hyping now looks like Despicable Me v. 5.0. At least anime films have other premises than "Quirky Glen Keane face spewing pop culture jokes for the trailer".

No. 471268

I get it but I also can't get into anime/manga either cause it too has that "low creativity" thing with another, different captialist flavor except less severe and less automated. I just dislike everything at this point

No. 471306


At lest that was anime was, they were throwing good budgets to really wild stuff and had a real incentive to try everything. Anime now is a moe hellscape and piracy really rekd them pretty badly, the incentive now is mercandising but i still like that they keep 2d alive and some really cool things do pop out every so often.

Fun fact, the emoji movie cost 5 times more than Akira, and 3 times what Spirited Away cost. The most expensive japanese animation ever has been Steamboy at 20 million usd, meanwhile, Cars 3 cost 175 millon. Cars.fucking.3

No. 471354

spent $75 bucks on a clothing website over a month ago, they still haven't shipped, and they won't even process my request for a cancellation. i decided to google if other people had the same problem and it turns out that this happens to almost everyone who orders from them and no one gets their items or a refund. opened a paypal dispute but also i'm just a freaking idiot for not checking about this before ordering

No. 471356

Name n shame!
There's a company who pulls similar fuckery and it's obviously because they put in orders to an overseas factory because they can't be assed to keep a domestic warehouse with stock. It really pisses me off and I don't order from them for this reason.

No. 471366

company was kooding. i assumed they were trustworthy since some of the stuff on there isn't cheap but i've been had. beware

No. 471617

i cannot fathom how people just don't drink water. a colleague told me her son hates the taste of water and hasn't drank it in a year. what the fuck? how can you hate the taste of water? it's fucking water. also how is he not dead yet…?! i refuse to believe he's gone that long without drinking water. fucking idiots.

No. 471620