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No. 443618

Old thread >> No. 413538
A thread to collect topics/things that absolutely or mildly annoy you. Express your anger ladies.

Ex.Extreme nitpicks, anachans vs fattychans going at it, insecure farmers shitting up threads because tiddys were mentioned, you get the gist.

No. 443622

File: 1564920757074.jpeg (227.26 KB, 1018x1105, 5995100df0c12.jpeg)

I hate it when people see a meme, 2me4meirl, or watch a piece of media, bojack horseman/rick and morty, that calls them out for having bad habits or being a shitty person and all they do I say 'ha ha that's literally me' without any effort to improve.
The worst people at this are those dumb 'relatable artist' ones. Instead of liking 50 'I cant draw hands memes' have you tried practicing hands?

No. 443692

the new OP picture for this thread sucks ass

No. 443788

You know what’s really fucking annoying? Me. I’ve had depression as far back as I can remember, grew into anxiety and bpd shortly after. I know everyone fucking hates me because I hate myself and everyone is so cute telling me to get help. Bitch I wish I was privileged enough to afford help. I’ve tried to seek help, been to a number of therapists that promised to help me budget a plan for recovery, but I can’t even afford the bargain bin shit. I’m at my fucking breaking point and I know I’ll kill myself soon because I can’t fucking live like this anymore. I can’t fucking live with myself anymore. There’s too much shit wrong with me and not enough money to fix it. I don’t want anyone’s sympathy I just want it to fucking end. I honestly feel like I have no control over myself anymore and it fucking scares me how fast I can go from neutral to sobbing or screaming. I don’t even remember the last time I was fucking happy. I haven’t even been able to fake it anymore, every day is a fucking nightmare that won’t end. And it’s no ones fucking fault but my own. I’m the problem.

No. 443996

This. I was already annoyed by you when I got to the seventh word. Clean your room and forgive your parents. Happiness is a choice.

No. 443997

So does the one for the vent thread. Tf is that shit AND they were tripping for some reason. Fuck summer

No. 444007

Lets have a fucking swearing contest fucking fr motherfucker

No. 444031

Gonna see my in laws tomorrow and I really don't want to. They're so boring and they pick on my looks all day or ask about my finances.

No. 444063

>Happiness is a choice
Lol okay Marianne Williamson

No. 444069

I wish there were any internet communities pertaining to Islam from a Muslim background but with a
secular point of view that wasn't filled with grown men who sperg and get triggered over little shit they disagree with.

When I was a teenager I so desperately wanted to milk Islam-"critics" but then I came across a discord group filled with sweet Muslims who then later showed their fucked up opinions and I was done. I still want to though, but I doubt any normal (or literally any) communities for this exist.

No. 444076

>not fucked up views
>with that doctrine
It's not gonna happen bruv

No. 444116

"Innie" vaginas are the most retarded, sexist meme on Earth and I wish everyone who upholds it as an ideal would get lobotomized. It's shaming women just for having labia minora!

No. 444122

these people are the same people who get offended over big dicks being the ideal.

No. 444127

File: 1564998054160.jpeg (22.2 KB, 640x632, received_714196545641353.jpeg)

I just wanna buy cute platform shoes off of my cheap and shitty asian sites but they never go over size 8. And then companies like Dollskill come by and take those same shoes, make the sizes bigger, then mark the price up at least 3x. I curse the day I said I wanted big feet as a kid because I thought it meant I was 'more grown' than my cousins.

No. 444141

What do you mean anon? You sound insecure
The term innie and outtie vaginas aren't in itself sexist terms, and women with innie vaginas have labia minoras too, it's just not sterotypically attractive, which is fine because human genitals generally aren't attractive, just like some dick shapes look weird and gross and other dick shapes look more attractive

There are however, definitely men who are complete assholes about it and tinfoil about how she must have been hoeing all her life and how women with outties aren't worthy of sex, love or relationships, which is disgusting of course

No. 444161

God, I wish women would stop worrying about how their labia/vulva looks because the men who nitpick and guffaw about our genitals don’t know what they’re talking about and aren’t worth our time. I don’t think the women who fret about this are annoying—just the men who propagate this bull shit.

No. 444167

Anon you're on a site that thought Belle Delphine having an outtie vagina was milk and something to spend hours trying to figure out

No. 444272

my roommates annoy the fuck out of me holy shit
a few months after moving in the other two became a couple and now she's always shrieking and putting on this grating pouty voice, and he's laughing really loudly
he's in general loud with everything, and our flat smells like weed constantly because of him
also i can always tell when he bought more weed because whenever he's high HE FORGETS TO CLEAN THE TOILET AFTER TAKING A SHIT
but then this dude had THE GALL to throw a tantrum about a small period blood stain under the toilet seat (as in when you flip it up, guess he found it when pissing while standing)
he's also the worst bass player in this country but will crank up the sound so much that we regularly have neighbors complaining
i know it's all small things (there's more but it's all similar stuff) but i need to vent somewhere
we're about to have someone else move in and i pray to god that the new guy is somewhat bearable, i need some mental support in this house

No. 444276

File: 1565028516366.gif (795.08 KB, 500x236, giphy (1).gif)

Every time a cop drives behind me, they always fucking tailgate me! What am I supposed to do? Go above the speed limit so they can trap me and give me a ticket? I know I'm probably being paranoid, but I fucking hate cops, and always feel uncomfortable around them.

No. 444277

nah fam, some cops do this on purpose.

No. 444280

Your roommates sound really shitty, anon. But somehow I don’t think adding another person to that is going to make it any better for you.

No. 444283

they're just getting close enough to read your license plate so they can run it and see if anything juicy comes up they might be able to pull you over and check on

No. 444284

Weird. I’ve never needed to tailgate in order to read license plates myself. Seems more like they’re trying to intimidate people into making poor choices so they can meet their quotas than anything else.

No. 444285

they're cops though, why would they be able to see properly? they act like they can't even be bothered to see who they're shooting at most days.

No. 444310

this guy pouting like some moe animoo

No. 444339

well it's a 4 person living arrangement and our previous 4th roommate moved out recently
she was only here for one semester and not involved at all
right now if there's any descisions to make the couple will decide together and if i'm unhappy i'm "outvoted", this already happened when it came to managing some finance stuff and when choosing our new roommate (the only reason the person i didn't like didn't move in was because he found a different place in the meantime. they seriously wanted to have some 30+ year old indian dude move into our student flat because he promised to cook for them. the one roommate is vegan and complains about the slightest hint of spice, she wouldn't be able to eat shit of what he'd cook anyway)
so I hope the new guy will even it out a bit.

No. 444350

The cops tailgate you because they're all fucking assholes. They're all Afghanistan and Iraq vets with PTSD. what the other Anon said about not being able to read the license plate is bullshit.

No. 444357

that's true but those registration stickers are tiny and it's something i've been pulled over for before

No. 444363

small registration stickers but also the possibility that they are on a priority call that is non emergency but they still have to get there asap. acab idiots drive me nuts.

No. 444365

I'm so fucking sick of having people around who get pissed off/mad because of jealousy when anything good happens to me. I have no friends because of this. What kind of behavior is this, even? Like, is this normal shit? I'm always happy to hear of the good things going on in the lives of people I care about, personally. It really feels like I can never share the good things happening in my life with anyone because they instantly turn around and say I'm bragging or some shit when I'm just trying to have a conversation.

No. 444367

I'm kind of tired of women putting down other women for having a body men supposedly like, especially when all men are different. Women with innie vaginas and big boobs don't exist to piss you off and a lot of men don't care for either one.

No. 444370

Fucking twitter fujos.

No. 444376

idc what they are doing but i wish they stopped calling my favourite kpop boy gay.

No. 444436

They ruin everything. So glad I got off twitter years ago.

No. 444963

The way reddit pretends to care about issues just pisses me off. The way reddit tries to care about fat people (fatpeoplehate), MLMs (antiMLM), and child abuse (casualchildabuse). All these subs missed the point of trying to fix the problem and just devolved into selfrighteous cirlcejerking on how they weren't the people posted in the sub.

No. 444966

Yeah, agreed. The kinds of people that wanna post in those subs are all crazy and hateful themselves.

A platform like Reddit could be doing so many good things for the issues they like to discuss but they all turn into shitposting and circlejerking. Is it the teenagers that keep fucking up discussion or are grown adults also retarded?

No. 444988

What are you talking about? Who said anything about big boobs?

Also I'll disagree with you on the whole "men don't care" thing, just a simple look through relationship forms or Google searches you'll see men dumping their girlfriends over their boob size or labia, if they aren't dumping them they just go to the internet and bitch, compare them to men, brag about emotionally abusing them, it gets sick the lengths men are willing to go to just because their girlfriend doesn't have a feature they like

No. 445268

I hate that the old vent thread got bumped and is now relatively active alongside the newest one.

No. 445273

Yep that’s what happens when dumbasses make the new threads way too soon

No. 445291

Queen. I love you anon

No. 445294

File: 1565194528702.jpg (70.46 KB, 630x630, 1360929_1.jpg)

This is REALLY dumb but I'm so tired of my boyfriend wearing Spencer's Gifts or video game graphic t-shirts all the time, especially when we have lunch or dinner dates planned. He knows I like to wear skirts/dresses/even just cute blouses and curl my hair for our outings but he'll literally show up in pic related, and has done so multiple times. Writing it out feels so petty but I feel embarrassed about how we look together. I dont want to hold hands with a guy who got his wardrobe from a high schoolers' reject bin. and he actually expects me to feel turned on at the end of the day

I'm starting to understand why women wear the bare minimum of topknots and hoodies/leggings. Men will not put in any effort so why should we. He also knows how much I appreciate good clothes but wont pick out any of his nice ones just for one damn date. reeee

No. 445301

I have a variant of that shirt lmao.
Have you talked to him about how it turns you off and makes you want to not spend time with him? Could be a wake up call for him. I do find it petty that you can't get over how he looks, but it's your relationship and looks like you really need him to either try to look better or leave? Idk, a guy that doesn't find self-grooming relevant is probably not going to start doing it bc they start to conflate grooming with "vanity" which is really dumb but they do that. Men draw the strangest lines and build their masculinity over it.

You should try dating and asian or black man, those two groups have more individuals that care about things, they'll wear nice shoes and groom their hair usually. Not sure where it comes from, but white dudes are the sloppiest dudes on average for some reason.

No. 445302

this is really nitpicky but

I usually do my own nails but I sometimes go to salons with a nail tech friend of mine. I was on a family vacation a few weeks ago and my mom and sisters wanted to go on a spa-day, I don't know the area she drives to the cheapest one in the area demanding that we all get our nails done, and she prepares for the manicures and her pedicure. i'm too polite/scared to walk out now and the manicure starts to immediately chip. it's been a few weeks and it's so badly chipped, i can't wait to get it off i've just busy. family bonding lmao

No. 445305

He knows how I feel about what he wears and how I feel about those shirts specifically (he owns several), and after I told him I think theyre tacky and immature, he wore them again and again for dates and it felt like he was just trying to be an ass at that point. He actually has worn nice things in the past (we've been together 5 years) and has asked me if I'd like him to dress up for our dates the day of. But now he's just completely given up I guess. I have graphic tshirts too but I'm not wearing them to a $50+ dinner date.

He takes a lot of care in his hair though and has pride in being good looking. So I guess the vanity line for him is a zigzag instead.

I'm not really attracted to Asian or black guys but I do see how they attempt to dress clean and with some finesse. It made me laugh that you knew he was white though, lmao.

No. 445321

stop dressing nice on date or even actively wear ugly/lazy clothes and if he dares to comment, tell him he never wears anything nice for you so why should you

No. 445379

My bf literally only used to wear anime, MLP, gaming shirts (don't tell me to love myself I do, he is really sweet and treats me well and is attractive besides this)
I just sat him aside and told him I would prefer if he dressed nicer, especially when we go out on dates. He apologized because he didn't have that many nice clothes and the next time we went out he asked if we could stop somewhere and he bought nice button downs. He also started styling his hair nicely and shaving more closely.

How is it petty? A guy should take care of himself and look presentable if he's going out on a date with you. That shirt's pretty funny though.

No. 445424

It's petty that she feels she should be able to patronize her partner about his appearance. Idk, maybe she would do whatever he wants as well in which case it's not petty as much as it is mutually controlling.

Just date someone who values similar things, instead of trying to change them imo.

No. 445435

Majority of men are unaware of how slovenly they look and must be told.
Do you think the boyfriend would rather work out his wardrobe or be dumped?

No. 445480

My boyfriend was the same so I told him I would like him to wear nicer things and he moaned,

but then I offered to buy him a nice shirt and he wears it a lot now and expresses that he wants more.

I'm a bit of a sugar mama so I don't mind.

No. 445485

I'm saying it's shitty to date someone who hates the way you look. I do think it's good to dress for the occasion personally but pressuring someone to conform to my desires in this way would feel quite wrong to me.

If a man were to tell me what to wear for a date I would probably leave him.

No. 445541

Board has had a strange uptick in bitter fattychans getting defensive over fellow fatties being made fun of and insisting that fried processed foods are healthful. HAES is a cowtier meme.

No. 445563

I fucking hate this youtuber (markie, not the woman in the thumbnail). His voice, accent and the way he talks are extremely fucking irrirating and all I want to do is punch him. Can't even tell what he's talking about most of the time.

No. 445566

Where are people saying fried foods are healthy and why would you think only someone fat would be defensive about their food choices?

No. 445580

So, I'm 100% sick and tired of my bf listening to some guy called Professor Black Truth. The "professor" is just straight up a self hating sexist delusional shithead. Same with Tariq Nasheed, which my boyfriend also listens to constantly. I'm really not into people like them and I really wish he'd stop feeding into their shit. He teases me about my disgust towards them. Saying "Oh you're not pro-black". It's annoying as all fuck. I want to talk to him about it but the last time I talked to him about something he does that upsets me, it basically went in one ear and out the other. I really feel like telling him to only to listen to that shit with headphones on to spare my ears because I'm tired of hearing it.

No. 445581

I think other women obsessive to the point of nuerosis about other womens body types when society and scrotes already put us down about it are annoying as hell too

No. 445639

They're saying PIV sex is seen as the default, anon, not that no woman ever enjoys it. You may want to work on your reading comprehension and unclench.

No. 445689

The thread got too many responses from triggered people who didn't read the original post.

No. 445694

You should break up with him. Not considering a partner's feelings is a red flag in a potential long-term relationship. It will definitely not be good for you in the future.

No. 445707


If he has a habit of picking sexist men as his gurus I would run a fucking mile. The reason he isn't listening to you..is cos he doesn't think much of womens opinions

No. 445862

I hate that too. I accidentally posted in it because it had so many new replies and now I feel like a big dumbfuck. It doesn't help that the new vent thread isn't labeled, though.

No. 446183

File: 1565392581596.jpg (158.05 KB, 835x878, EBfxwuCWwAEBbUM.jpg)

The bnha fujos in particular are fucking vile

No. 446220

My mom won't just accept that we have different tastes in media and it's driving me crazy. When I was younger we used to bond by watching tv and movies together, but over the years we've stopped liking the same things and now it's a hassle to find something we both enjoy. We'll spend an hour scrolling through netflix trying to find something but it ends with us arguing because we can't agree on something to watch. We barely even look at the same genres of shows/movies, why bother forcing ourselves to watch stuff we hate?

I don't mind sitting through a bad movie if it makes her happy but I just wish she wouldn't get so upset when I tell her I don't want to watch a movie that she wants to see. It's not that I don't want to spend time with her, I just don't want to waste time on stuff I won't enjoy.

No. 446226

your mom was probably wasting a lot of time on stuff for you she didn't enjoy lol.

No. 446234

File: 1565402370933.jpg (43.52 KB, 510x239, 1542703404135.jpg)

Please make it stop.
Can't enjoy anything these days without people trying to shove horny content in everyone's faces

No. 446328

File: 1565419104454.jpg (38.85 KB, 600x759, c65.jpg)

anon i literally quacked irl wtf, these fujos are mental and they're fucking everywhere

No. 446341

File: 1565421248952.jpeg (53.63 KB, 567x319, 1531674736517.jpeg)

anon sorry for being late but this happened to me and i want to tell you this shit is not your fault and most of these people are so cranky because they're fucking losers and wont accomplish anything on life so they need to drag everyone else on their misery (boo fucking hoo), you deserve to feel good about yourself and your accomplishments, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

No. 446395

I really hate it when stuff is labeled 'no artificial sweeteners but still has stevia in it.
Like yeah it's made out of a plant, but it still has a nasty aftertaste like sucralose or aspartame.

No. 446417

i like it tbh, maybe coz im a bnha fujoshi myself but i think its a nice change of pace from mens shitty ahegao shirts everywhere
idk where one would wear that besides an anime con though, i saw a guy told he cant be let in unless he changes or covers his shirt so not even all cons let you wear em

i love proud fujoshi (girls who label themselves as such), id take that over uwu ftm mlm softbois yelling at fujoshi for fetishizing gay men as if theyre any different because they wear a he/him badge and call themselves oliver

No. 446421

I hate fujoshits and the male equivalent and posters who somehow think fujos are better.

No. 446422

stevia wont give you stomach cancer though anon.

No. 446520

File: 1565457050605.jpg (30.5 KB, 612x387, DJrmQ8yV4AA9JjX.jpg)


No. 446640

File: 1565477059827.png (3.05 MB, 2025x1200, degenerate.png)

It's literally the same shit, fujos will throw a fit when male nerds sexualize teenage girl characters yet they're doing the same with underage male characters
Fujos are as gross as neckbeards yet think they have the moral high ground, it's kind of hilarious

No. 446686

I don't drink stuff with artificial sweeteners either, they all have this terrible aftertaste that I can't stand.
Really pissed me off when the cheap Shasta pop started adding it to their non diet drinks just to make the label numbers look better.

No. 446690

> hey guys, guess what? i'm 31 today

every day. we stray further from god's light.

No. 446691

File: 1565489289468.jpg (41.48 KB, 500x333, 4527714-7474432124-large.jpg)

>Cake with ahegao on it

No. 446696

I fucking hate it when I'm standing behind someone in public and they open their selfie cam and I have to see myself.

No. 446697

talk about shit taste

No. 446699

I always give them a creepy face or start licking my lips seductively. It's always fun to see them weirded out.

No. 446700

I'm late af to responding but, I'm trying to be slightly understanding because this is very first relationship. So he's not use to how things work. He was kind enough to actually listen to me and put on headphones when I asked him to do so. I guess he's improving. I'm hoping this eventually leads to him dropping those two from his daily YouTube watches.

No. 446704

Dang ol' 8chan immigrants ruining mah board, build the wall.

No. 446711

Anyone else know anyone who's one of those MLM "boss babe" types? My coworker is in this hair product pyramid scheme and her instagram posts about it are so goddamn annoying but also hilarious. The best part is that the company literally has class action lawsuits against them for making people's hair fall out and their scalps break out in sores. But despite that she is super condescending to people who don't use this extremely expensive (it's like $50 for a 6 oz bottle) shampoo that fucks up your hair. I mean I don't use cheap drug store hair products either but even the most shitty $1 shampoo ain't gonna make your hair fall out.

Not to mention there's also barely a chance of making any actual money off any type of MLM.

No. 446713

are these really that common? I always hear about them but never see them

No. 446715

I think it depends on a lot of factors like location and age group. We're both in our early 20s and she's the only person I currently know who's in an MLM. I live in a large metro area and my social circle is mostly spiritual and bookish types but I imagine if you live in a smaller city or suburb with lots of bored stay at home moms you'd find a lot more.

No. 446731

File: 1565501176085.png (357.73 KB, 527x585, ugly.PNG)

why the fuck shit art like this get so many notes, some of those characters look like racial caricatures

No. 446734

well you live your life i suppose anon

hate to bring the same argument but theyre just drawings imo cant really have an age, most of the time their appearance looks more mature than they are. that image with the mother is quite cringe i agree, but for the cake in the context of eating it at home i dont see the problem honestly. i just visited her page and that sort of social unawareness in life is kinda nice as cringe as it is. i wish her the best. the comments are pretty sad, its a shame the bar for being a pedo is set so low, if it was loli or shota id get it, but 'teenagers'? very muscular ones too, i dont get this witch hunting culture.

i guess my contribution to the annoying thread is i hate newcomers to fandom who have grown up with the sjw crowd and leave shitty comments on things they dont like instead of just blocking and ignoring like it was done in the good ole days, witch hunting is so tiresome imo how do these kids have this much time to be leaving anon hate for shipping something they dont like, dont they have homework or something?

No. 446741

Yes, this art style is awful, but the show itself was way more awful and way more racist. Omi (the small one) is chinese and was depicted as being literally yellow.

No. 446745

bnha fans are obnoxious, fujoshi or not. I don't know if it's because it's mainstream and popular enough to attract all sorts of idiots.

No. 446765

>very muscular fictional drawn teenage character that could very well be 18 based on the vague cartoon looks alone
Are you done with your sperging? Show on the doll where the fujo touched you, anon.

No. 446767

> i just visited her page and that sort of social unawareness in life is kinda nice as cringe as it is.
Yeah this, I really can't bring myself to be angry over people who are obviously socially impaired but not malicious. They're harmless and mostly minding their own business despite being cringy and autistic.

The pedophile meme is set by people who hate fujos in general and are looking for any petty reason to bring them down, or people who want to cancel others for liking a ship they don't like, like what happened with the Voltron fandom. It's despicable because actual pedos are let go and the term has lost all its meaning in the midst of this. Now you actually have to to digging to find out if the cancelled pedo of the week is actually fucking kids or some MHA fangirl who stanned Bakugo.

No. 446780

Oh no, somebody upset the fujos.

No. 446794

It’s because it’s main stream. That’s how it goes, so hopefully something new will come along soon and drag all the undesirables with it.

With that said “Fandoms” are so unnecessary and do nothing except cause problems. If you want to enjoy something, do it with friends and/or keep to yourselves. The fact that you can’t control all the ridiculous headcannon/ship/fanart/drama nonsense that comes out of it makes me bitter tbh.

No. 446808

Hahaha what the fuck. Who the fuck is this?

No. 446824

And of course it's a they/them bondage cosplay enthusiast.
Fascinating to watch them grow…in age only.

No. 446838

>age 31
godspeed I hope she never has children

No. 446839

Sounds like the same kind of argument neckbeards use to justify jerking it to their 5000 years old loli vampires or whatever

No. 446843

They/them got too much autism for that, I think.

No. 446890

this thread is reminding me why protesting fujos on LC is a bad idea, it draws their ire

No. 446893

>If you want to enjoy something, do it with friends and/or keep to yourselves.
I already do that because I've seen how annoying fandoms can get long ago, but even my close irl friends are obnoxious about about this manga. Obviously it's only when the topic comes up or when we recommend new series or books to each other, and they're pretty well-adjusted for nerds. I haven't read it or watched it yet and maybe it's entertaining but from what I've seen it's just a typical popular shonen jump series that will be dragged on for a decade.

No. 446905

You don't need to protest fujos to make them angry, you can just write things like "I don't like yaoi so I want yuri recommendations" in the anime thread and they'll pop up and rage.

No. 446924

>you can just write things like "I hate yaoi because it's so stupid and my friend is a retarded fujo and I hate her and every other fujo so someone tell me yuri, recommendations because I hate those fucking weeb fujo bitches so much!!!" in the anime thread and pretend to be oblivious when your totally not forcibly provocative post is challenged
Fixed that for you

No. 446930

s e e t h i n g

No. 446931

Animefags are retarded lol

No. 446939

Hey look who popped up. Please take care of your blood pressure anon.

No. 446954

nta but that was an actual post in the anime thread lmao

No. 446957

I really wish people who are B L E S S E D so as to not have skin problems would stop giving unsolicited "advice" to people who suffer from these afflictions.
Stay in your fucking lanes. Count your lucky stars you can eat like shit while smearing bacon grease on your unwashed skin and sleep on it overnight on your filthy bedsheets yet wake up the next morning with skin as smooth as baby ass.
No, trying proactiv is not going to fix a genetic skin condition. Yes, older people with skin conditions have tried many methods to help it and it's harder than you realize.
Someone send out a fucking memo.

No. 446969

"Just wash your face and drink water!"

Wow thanks, never tried that one before. All this time I'd been washing my face with cooking oil and downing nothing but 5 bottles of coke per day!

Fucking morons. Of course I wash my face and drink water, did you really think someone who's been working with her doctor for four years to try and fix her acne hadn't tried that?

No. 446971

Nta but aren't they just running with the joke? I don't get why users are so quick with u r mad bro posts these days

No. 446975

God yeah, I also fucking hate when people assume acne sufferers are just simply unclean. If only they knew how much I dehydrated and tortured my skin as a teen by washing 4x a day and showering twice and coating it with peroxide because of that.

No. 447044

Solidarity, fellow bad skin anons. Nothing makes me angrier than when people think acne is a person's own fault. People with perfect skin just love to blame people for acne and try to give advice when they don't know dick about skin and don't even follow their own shitty advice.

I know a guy who has a residency at Johns Hopkins, and he says they still haven't fully figured out acne's causes yet. Basically, everybody's skin has some amount of the c. acnes bacteria on it. People with acne rashes have more of that microbe in their pores. C. acnes rearranges lipids, so when there's too much of c. acnes, the sebum's chemical properties change, which invites more dangerous bacteria into the pore and breaks down follicle walls, creating a larger resevior for dead skin, sebum, and bacteria. No one knows what causes c. acnes to overpopulate in some people but remain normal in others. What they do know is that hormones and genetics play significant roles.

I'm 20 and I have moderate acne. The only thing that's worked for me is a perscription anti-biotic cream (tretinoin). My friend uses birth control for acne, but that doesn't work for everybody, and for some women it makes the problem worse. Vitamin D supplements also seem to help some people.

No. 447047

I know what you mean. The people giving advice already started with nice skin. The bacon grease thing made me laugh since I only just read that that's a thing yesterday. Do people really do this? I saw one person promoting it and couldn't help thinking that the few times I have gotten bacon on my chin from eating bacon I ended up getting a pimple in that spot later. Are these people really this blessed that bacon grease and butter don't clog their pores? So strange.

No. 447048

There's a big difference between a woman sexualizing a 16 yo character and a man sexualizing 10 year old lolis.

Both are gross, but it's obvious which one is worse. The vast majority of child rapists irl are men, and the vast majority of victims are women.

No. 447053

Yeah, okay, but hear me out.
Have you tried, like… washing your pillows?


No. 447096

>>447053 stfu jkfag

No. 447098

I assume you're joking, but of fucking course we have. I wash my pillowcase every few days.

No. 448217

File: 1565765563531.jpg (92.28 KB, 1024x1024, AE-Beyonces-_Homecoming_-revie…)

as a greekfag,i truly fucking hate when foreigners,and especially americans(i notice it with them the most)do shit like pic related.why the fuck do you use fucking Σ as E and randomly place letter like Ψ,Δ,Θ etc in whatever to make it look aesthetic or whatever?it looks dumb.this shit probably started from the american colleges/unis with the random names like ΨΔΑ and it spread to whatever has to do with greece or sorority/frat shit in media.it makes the people who use these seem dumb and disrespectful. if it was another language i would see shit calling this cultural appropriation everywhere.i dont even really believe in cultural appropriation but this somewhat is

needless to add it's annoying as shit in other languages too esp if you know how to write things or read the language

No. 448256


i remember one burguer sperging about how burguers are the true heirs of roman culture and shit and posting Julius Caesar pictures, like bitch , what is this anglo from the new world talking about, they simply pick any culture and place in history and self insert their shitty fan fiction narrative in there like it all exists at their convenience.

My entire family is Italian and i know how italians use to be treated in the United States, they would not even consider them white because they were inmigrants, screw them.

No. 448258

I'm an American but I can read Cyrillic (started learning Russian as a kid but gave up) it really fucks me up when people use Cyrillic letters in place of the Roman letters that they vaguely resemble, like the one that looks like a backwards R. It's really annoying amd hurts my brain.

No. 448261

Reminds me of that one Soviet-themed 4chan banner that read "chsadi" in Cyrillic and people kept defending it with "It's just AESTHETICS!"

Also will someone explain sororities and houses and all that shit to me, because I don't get it. We have student apartments and parties in my country but it's not really the same, and they were built back in times of Yugoslavia so they're kinda shit now.

No. 448267

File: 1565772674064.png (412.16 KB, 402x525, Untitled.png)

i know some cyrillic too and i remember seeing Д used as an A and some other stuff and lost my shit

like fuck if you wanna use another alphabet do it correctly.at least it's gonna look considerate of the language

>"It's just AESTHETICS!"
no it's just them being brainless idiots.they look like the people who wear random shirts with shit written on them

>Also will someone explain sororities and houses and all that shit to me

yea same

No. 448273

File: 1565773640357.png (753.93 KB, 700x838, cultural appropriation REEEE.p…)

greekfag again.wanted to add this pic i saw where someone spelled Mykonos like MPSKOPOS (with fucking omegas)bc it didnt look GRΣΣΚ enough

No. 448420

File: 1565789957916.jpg (47.96 KB, 640x640, kill me.jpg)

Getting into frugal/saving culture is pretty cool, but frugal culture has this annoying 'I'm going to become rich one day!' sub-culture. You know the type of person why post stuff like pic related and falls for ever 'get rich quick' scam? They see frugal culture as a way to become rich and it's just cringy.

No. 448423

>if it was another language i would see shit calling this cultural appropriation everywhere
This. But Beyoncé fans are absolutely terrifying and would defend her even if she was a serial killer.

No. 448433

File: 1565791415425.jpg (125.26 KB, 720x921, 1565537452461.jpg)

Be my girlfriend, greekfag

No. 448435

Hasn't beyonce culturally appropriated a bunch of shit already?

No. 448453

I studied finance and holy shit those types were over half of my class. All of them used our degree to measure dicks and all of them have shit jobs now, or had rich daddies and are now losers doing blow and being "digital nomads" in Thailand. It's called being homeless, Thad.

No. 448454

What is the name of that type of cat, they are adorable.

No. 448470

For some reason I can't stand people who are extremely depressed but don't make an effort to get better, don't seek for professional help, people who think they won't get better even without trying, people who only know the word ''COMPLAIN'' and expect the world to turn better just because.

No. 448471

How can anyone normal and well adjusted browse 4chan?
I’m active on cgl and as obnoxious as that board can be, it’s probably the most sane and well adjusted one on the site, and big shock, most users there are women.

Whenever I browse any other board, no matter what the topic, 90% of the posts are
> Jews!!!!
>roasties are evil cunts
>greentext story about how anon totally has sex
>greentext story about how anon is an incel
>race sperging and trump posting
>regurgitating ancient memes and saying “based” every other word

No. 448478

One time I was browsing /ic/ and someone mentioned how they didn't join art discords because of the 'SJW rules'. When he was asked what the 'SJW rules' were he said wasn't aloud to say the n-word.

No. 448479

I browsed 4chan since 2005 until about a year ago since yeah, it's just the exact same low quality drivel over and over again. Maybe I simply grew up but I think it was the activity spike from the 2016 election that flooded the place with kiddies who copy every retarded meme they read to fit in.

No. 448484

exotic shorthair

No. 448493

I feel that to annon. Its kind of hard to tell People this because they'll just accuse you of being a 'have you tried being happy' or 'deppresion isn't real' type of person. They also might pull out the depresion is chemicals in the brain stuff too. Deppresion memes are the worst for this. Whenever somebody suggest surrounding yourself with depresion memes and self depreciating jokes 24/7 probally isn't the best idea and you'll get a hoard of 'well it helps me cope' replies in your inbox.
For all the shit reddit gives on how 'tumblr teens make up mental ilneses for internet points' reddit has the biggest place for teens to make up mental illness for internet point's, 2me4meirl.

No. 448521

I agree. I dont think anyone likes those types of people except for themselves. In my experience, the people like that also have victim complex towards hardworking secretly depressed people too.

No. 448532

idk how my frustration towards a shitty trend makes me gf worthy,but this was pretty cute thank u anon

my post wasn't on beyonce but the trend overall,it's just the latest example i saw of something/someone popular using it so i used it as an example.beyonce has done other annoying shit like filming a rap video with her husband in the louvre which could be considered "cultural appropriation" too.but no,since it's her and jay-z,it's "art".just imagine a white person doing it in some museum in an african country.shit would happen(random rant i just remembered that kek)

No. 448539

I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling like this. Truth is I've been depressed for 12 years now and tried to commit twice so I can confirm the victim complex is something real.
Having depression gives you an excuse to feel always worse than others and superior to their sadness and pain. I used to think I was better than other people because they couldn’t understand what it feels wanting to end it all but NOBODY cares at the end and nobody will care even if I harmed myself or kept posting about how lonely I was.
Other thing that I did was to think everyone owed me something because poor me couldn’t handle life and I thought I deserved to be treated with more respect because I was sad all the time. Now that I’m writing it I feel embarrassed.
It pisses me off to watch people degrade themselves and dragging people with them in their misery because it’s not fair, it’s manipulative, people loving me doesn’t give the me right to stand by me, even if I said I wanted to die.
I’m surrounded by people who drown in their depression because they want to. The hardest part is not searching for help, the hardest part is knowing that when they’ll get better, they won’t have any excuse to justify that they don’t want to study/get a job/take some responsibilities.

No. 448571

This picture was made by a moron who can't even spell the word "lose". Why do you even care what it says, the point is lost when you can't even spell basic words properly.

No. 448591

It's all just survivorship bias anyway.

There are tons of shit ass rich people who just inherited wealth or came upon it by chance, who have the mentality of the people on the left.
Meanwhile there are poor people who've done everything within their power to try to advance in life and still fail, even though they have the attitude of what's on the right.

Either way people only ever hear about the extreme examples from either side and don't consider the billions of people in the middle of the spectrum whose attitudes didn't really make or break them either way. It's absolute bullshit.

No. 448600

No. 448650

I get this. The only board I still bother with on 4chan is /g/ because I just want somewhere that I can talk about computer hardware and alternative operating systems. Nearly every thread gets derailed. The dilate/have sex shitposting is the most inane thing I have ever seen on an image board.

No. 448719

I can't stand 4chan. Every board is a porn and racebait board.

No. 449098

File: 1565930324285.jpg (300.6 KB, 959x1080, 365723948423.jpg)

agree. i hate the rampant sexism on certain boards that i consider somewhat gender neutral. i was browsing /ic/ a few months ago, and some dumb anon went on about how he can "draw the beauty of females without having the deal with their bitching and moaning". and of course their art, if the art they posted was theirs, was just a boring pretty girl. and a quite a few anons were cheering them on. just pathetic honestly.

unrelated, but most anime/manga plots are boring and any male targeted genres like shounen, seinen, ecchi have such awful female representative. women always fall into the "manic pixie dream girl" trope, and they are always sexualized to some extent. maybe i dont watch enough anime to make an opinion on this, but this is what ive seen from what ive read and watched.

No. 449187

Similar but it annoys e when english speaking people throw random umlauts in words. It lööks stüpid stöp it

No. 449256

why do so many people say "sage for x"?
like why do you feel the need to announce the specific reason you saged your post

anything that isn't new info regarding the cow (99% of posts) = sage. no explanation needed. how dumb would it be if everyone explained their reason for saging?

it doesn't really annoy me persay i just think it's stupid

No. 449258

It's an apology, anon. Other people are just trying to be polite.

Sage for obvious.

No. 449259

If I remember it correctly once a long time ago you had to announce the reason for your sage on early 4chan.
So that plus the anons here being over-apologetic and ready to accommodate others because of female socialization.

No. 449262

I hate people that post shit like
>you are not less of a feminist if you uwu like makeup, BDSM, is submissive, etc, etc

Fuck off I can shame whoever I want when i think they are just bending under le patriarchy. And why is it always the cringy kinky/sex positive kinds that post that? So annoying, stop shoving your porn and sex preferences all over peoples faces.

No. 449263

why apologize for making a comment just like everyone else? that's what lolcow is for

oh i didn't know that. although a lot of anons who do it don't even sage their actual post

No. 449267

That's an interesting tidbit from >>449259 in terms of internet culture history, but I'm still going to sage until you remember something else about imageboards.

No. 449270

File: 1565973690233.png (28.54 KB, 1634x176, 3456789.png)

shit i mixed the replies but it's too late to delete

i also kinda agree with the old admin about this

No. 449285

That’s why I stopped going on 4chan altogether. More than a decade ago, you can go on every board but /b/ and be okay. After the influx of actual serious racists, a few good SFW boards get shitty, but you can still go on boards like /mu/ and the outdoors one without seeing too much racism. Now, I can’t even go on the Pokémon board/vp without seeing someone call the new dark skinned character a nigger.

No. 449296

It makes me laugh when someone claims to be a feminist and submissive. And by submissive I don't mean wanting their partner to take the lead or being teased a little bit, but full on being choked, slapped, being degraded, called a slut, rough sex in general, etc. Yuck.

No. 449304

The same thing seems to be happening to CC, and that's why I've started avoiding it. It's worse because CC is a smaller site, but the mods (or admin) are either absent or don't really care anymore.
After the trannies and 4channer males LARPing as women comes their fucked up ideology, I guess.

No. 449527


imagine going to 4chan for art critiques. Everyone there is a noob clown that can't draw, whenever they do post art is terrible, just scrubs that regurgitate memes from popular artists but never get better and is blatantly obvious no one there knows what they are talking about and the anonymity makes it easy for jealous people to voice retarded biased opinions against much more talented artists and instructors.

I only browsed a couple times and understood it was an awful place to be. Sad thing is that currently there is nowhere better, since ca.org stooped being relevant there's nothing, its either pro showcasing like in artstation or retarded brainlet circlejerks and memes like in fb groups and ic/, no in between. And thats saying a lot because Ca.org was already a somewhat toxic bro club.

No. 449581

never thought I'd get to this point, but I'm tired of educated people from nice family backgrounds talk about the world with little empathy & only "research".

No. 449818


Empathy is often a handicap though. It can easily be abused by manipulators and politicians. A well informed opinion worths more than emotional drivel.

No. 449857

I hate when people bring their dogs to street festivals. What exactly is the point, like the street is crowded, they're just gonna cause a nuisance and everyone has to walk around them. My grandma nearly goddamn tripped over them every 10 minutes. Stop bringing your annoying ass dogs to places wheres its totally unnecessary

No. 449878

I dont know how to even explain this, but my mom always has a bunch of spit in her mouth and when she talks I can like, hear it? Mostly when she makes a K sound. It makes my fucking skin crawl so much. She also has really bad vocal fry. I feel bad for getting irritated but it's just so fucking disgusting and irritating.

No. 449884

why not both asshole. they're not mutually exclusive

No. 449910

Nayrt but a lot of 'fact driven' people tend to be really blind to circumstance. They read an article that says A is caused by B and they stick to that story even when a person is trying to tell them about a situation where A is caused by C and D.

No. 449913


they are also typically blind to nuances, idiosyncrasies and other variables.

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