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No. 469216

An all-purpose employment thread. Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc. The chancellor will see you now

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Old thread

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There's like 100 posts left in the old thread though and it moves really slow

No. 469243

I like my job but I'm not sure if my position will move to full-time and I'm at the point now where I'm looking for full-time work. I enjoy the company I work for, what I do, and the flexibility of my schedule but I'm trying to save up to move out next year and I need more hours.

I'll have been at my job a year next month and I'm hoping I'll either get a raise or more hours but I just don't know. Looking for full-time work elsewhere also hasn't been panning out but I haven't been investing that much in searching since I really do like my job now.

No. 469253

I have a bachelors and make just under 15 an hour. The job search is so stressful that I dread trying to look for anything better.

No. 469442

File: 1570297064752.jpeg (53.17 KB, 640x645, dearfuture.jpeg)

i got called for an interview with the ceo even though my application was terrible lol. this is my first proper job interview and i'm not sure how to prepare? it's next week.

idk what it'll be like to have a male boss. all my previous bosses have been female, and they have been wonderful.

No. 469659

I think I'm going to quit my job this week.
I've been there 4 years and I can't take it anymore. I got up at 6 this morning to get into work at half 7, found out my boss had changed my roster and gave my shift to someone else without telling me and instead gave me the night shift…I had to walk the entire way home. I told my coworker I wouldn't be back in and to just tell my boss I'm sick.
this isn't even the first time this has happened. I feel like my boss does it on purpose. she's very vindictive and will make your life hell for no reason.
anyways I'm sitting at home now hoping they don't call me in

No. 469670

If I don’t have a job by January I’m definitely going to kms.
Why the fuck are there 27 other people to compete with for any goddamn position?

No. 469753

Hi. So, I have a job interview that's going to be both technical and behavioural tomorrow, but I'm kinda sick. It started around last Tuesday and it's only ever gotten slightly worse since then. My nose is stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, my throat is itchy and coughy, and I feel tender every time I move a limb. I discussed with my mom if I should try and reschdule the interview, but she said no because that's inconsiderate of the employees' schedule and will leave a bad impression. I asked one of my friends and she said to suck it up and do it, because if there are other applicants, I could lose my spot. My other friend said to reschedule if I feel bad because he lost a job doing an interview sick; the employers thought he wasn't enthusiastic enough.

I recognize that my mom and friend both have points, but I don't feel my best, even with some cold/flu medication and I'm pretty sure I'm infectious…

What should I do?? Do I suck it up and interview or ask to reschedule?

No. 469762

Depends, if you know there's a lot of competition I'd suck it up and go. If your employer can't put two and two together and realize you might come of as less enthusiastic because of your cold he's dumb.

On the other hand asking to reschedule isn't inconsiderate of the employees' schedule at all, you can't help you caught a cold.

No. 469785

Show up, and show them you mean business. Then go home and curl up on the couch. Good luck anon, post updates.

No. 469805

If you are going to go, make sure to let your interviewers know that you have a cold and don't shake their hands (just break the 4th wall and tell them "I would shake your hand but I caught a cold and don't want to get you sick")

if you don't, there is a good chance they will be able to tell you are sick… and if they realize you shook their hands etc and didnt tell them they will be disgusted…

No. 469845

Am I normal for feeling uneasy and awkward with almost everyone at my new job or do I have some kind of retardation?

I just joined a company where the atmosphere is pretty casual but I can't relax at all. Everyone seems friends with each other and I feel like an annoying autistic child just following people around.
It doesn't help that I don't really have any directions, I should be taking initiatives and asking questions/tasks I can do but I either pussy out or do it and then feel awkward because of the weird way I phrased something or the little annoyance I felt in the other person's tone.

All the jobs I've had I've felt like this to some degree and I'm starting to wonder if other people actually are at ease at their jobs and in good terms with their colleagues or if they're all secretly pretending and I'm getting conned.

No. 469853

how long have you had your previous jobs for? I felt like this at my workplace when i started too but it eased up like a year in and now i feel super comfy and relaxed (3 years in). maybe you just need to wait it out?

No. 469860

Most people have to go through this stage. You’ll loosen up as you learn how the job works, and you’ll just naturally become closer to your coworkers if they are decent people.

No. 469944

>struggling to find a job in my field so I'm literally starving and on the verge of homelessness, forcing me to live with my abusive parents who constantly threaten to kick me out
>apply for 2$/hr server job
>application takes 3 hours to complete, including 3 100 question surveys
>requires 2 licenses and several years of experience
>for below minimum wage casual chain restaurant

why are american employers like this

No. 469946

File: 1570408109041.jpeg (90.96 KB, 715x1000, 1E418CA9-D566-4B34-9D63-D4EBC9…)

Starting to realize the awful truth—literally everything is luck and connections.
Three years ago, couldn’t get hired on as a receptionist in a big city even with a bachelors degree.
Moved, randomly asked an old acquaintance to vouch me for an admin job at her company. Now?
About to be promoted, move to my dream city and make twice my hourly wage.
Seriously. Stay in touch with people. Even if they’re not doing anything amazing right now they might be just what you need in he future. I was cashiering with this girl as a 20 year old. Stay connected. Seriously.

No. 469947

That's really tough, I'm sorry. The real question is, why do so many Americans accept and DEFEND this? People irl never stop talking about how great everything in America is, defend crazy shit like this, but from top to bottom, in terms of American quality of life, we are doing a terrible job considering our wealth and potential. This is banana republic shit. It's so depressing.

No. 470009


No. 470077

Please hang in there anon. After I graduated, I was desperately looking for almost two god damned years before I finally got a break in my field. I thought about suicide all the time and even had a mental hospital stay. It's just fucking tough out there, so much competition. Try not to take it personal because I guarantee you're not the only one rejected for any given position.

No. 470169

I've only had short jobs, less than a year.
Good to know it's normal but I'm kinda bummed out bc I'm only going to be in this one for 8 months too. Hope I can somehow feel at ease before it ends so it doesn't become another awkward memory.
Thanks guys.

No. 470289

Whenever a recruiter calls and asks what my "employment" goals are I just want to answer
Whatever the fuck pays me the best.
Whatever the fuck will stress me the least.
Where ever the fuck you can place me because I can learn and adapt.

I don't give a fuck. I have no aspirations or hobbies that I can merge into a career to capitalize from. Working for me just provides the monies necessary to pay bills and put extra in my pocket for shit I actually wanna be doing when I'm not working.
I'm tired of this fucking LARP that everyone must feel passionate for performing tasks that they don't really want to be doing for more than half of our lives.
Just give me the damn job and quit acting like I've gotta be happy that I'm making some CEO's life more disgustingly wealthy.

No. 470325

I love how you've put my exact thoughts into words. I felt what you feel on a visceral level.

I always feel so phony when I come up with this bs answers and wonder if the interviewer really believes that or just plays along. Why ask this shit?

Maybe for certain job positions it makes sense, but for the ones that I've worked at? No.

No. 470367

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the episode theme was "defining success" and what the hosts said really resonated with me. One of them said, "As far as I'm concerned, being successful just means being happy." It was such a simple statement but I realized I never thought about it like that before and it's so true. Why strive to reach the highest career level possible etc if it won't make you happy? Just to impress other people and fit into their narrow view of "success"? Nah, fuck that, it's not worth it.

No. 470493

Ok so i live in a shithole and im on a unbearable abuse situation, i have a plan to get out of here, do something with my life and leave the NEETdom, i have the balls and energy to start working/studying i just need to polish this plan, i can't give too much context btw but any criticism or help is appreciated:
>19yo neet
>Good at illustration, english (im from a latin country) and fashion design
>Study english for 4 years, because although it's very remunerated here nobody studies it or can pull it off (the average IQ here is 85)
>While studying english, doing art commissions to earn some dollars, i need to earn at least 100 dolars per week (maybe i could do translations too, idk how that works to be honest)
>Save money to move with my counsins
>Study fashion design and work on my cousin's store
>Maybe study administration and open my own store
Any tips would be aprecciated too

No. 470504

>Study fashion design and work on my cousin's store
Is that a guarantee from your cousin? Is it a plan for the future or is their store is already up and running and profitable? It's not the safest choice to study, so unless it's a passion of yours ideally it should be a sure thing.
>Maybe study administration and open my own store
Starting your own business is hard mode, high likelihood of failure. I would recommend just getting normal, steady jobs before going on ambitious routes like that. Studying admin is a good idea for at least getting an office job though, and being bilingual can give you more options.

And I don't know if there's any particular reason you can't work part time while studying, but if you can make more than $100 a week in retail or fast food or whatever, you should do it.

No. 470753

>Is that a guarantee from your cousin? Is it a plan for the future or is their store is already up and running and profitable? It's not the safest choice to study, so unless it's a passion of yours ideally it should be a sure thing.
Its not really guaranteed but she did help me in the past (if she doesn't help me then i will just study administration), i discovered they don't really have a store but have a stable business with regular costumers as she lives from it. I guess fashion design it's kinda like illustration since its not really a safe choice unless you really like it, i like creating designs and dressing people up, also dresses are horrible here so that's an extra inspo.
>Studying admin is a good idea for at least getting an office job though, and being bilingual can give you more options.
I think you're on the money , that's what everyone has told me actually, i have relatives that got office jobs after studying admin, and they also said being bilingual could get me very high since almost anyone does it and CEOs need someone to translate their products and shit.
>I don't know if there's any particular reason you can't work part time while studying
I'm still trapped in this third world country so my only chance at earning dollars is by doing commissions to US citizens.
Thanks for the advice anon, have a nice day!

No. 470830

Anyone got tips on occupations in a country where they don‘t speak the language?

I‘m lucky enough to be supported by my bf at the moment, we moved here together when he got a job and I graduated, but it‘s been over 6 months now and nothing.

I‘m just done volunteering at a festival and my god, the difference! For the first time, I was out there, getting to know and like people and it was a huge boost to my self esteem and perceived value of me and my time etc. I went to bed exhausted but satisfied, you know?

So I‘m qualified for one particular field that I‘m applying and cold emailing to like crazy, but I‘m mot looking for…anything tbh. Native english speaker where english is a desirable skill to have for a lot of jobs…but so is fluently speaking the native language obviously. Working on it.

I only have experience in bar and service work. Nothing secretarial or officey, but I‘m really open to any occupation that‘ll get me out of the flat at this point.

No. 470837


Would any waiter with several years of experience and two licenses actually apply to a $2/hr job like that?
Just try and apply anon, employers usually put crazy requirements like those but they are aware of the job market. It's basically just testing your resolution and confidence.

No. 470861

the ""licenses" anon is talking about are likely servsafe and TIPS, which most waitstaff jobs require. also the $2 is without tips, most waitstaff makes a few $$ over minwage.

No. 470930

I’m gonna start school in the spring and I only have a vague idea of what I want to do.. I can only go to the community college because I sucked in high school and will probably have to take remedial classes before moving onto something more substantial.

I’ve been thinking I want to do something education based, but don’t know if I want to work with young kids or try to pursue a more community oriented career? Like being available to the general public for education, resources, counseling, etc in a special field. Is it normal to not feel sure?

No. 470933

i have a variety of invisible chronic health problems (mostly mental but not all), one of which qualifies me for FMLA. i'm always using my limit of FMLA callouts and still have mild but constant attendance problems because of it; i'm never late, i just often call out sick. it's been like this my entire life, from when i was in school through every job i've had. i never take advantage of it (like call out just to be a lazy ass, or when i should have gotten pto instead, because im hungover etc). no matter how few hours i work, my work is always done on time, at or above expectations, and completed quickly if needed on-the-fly. actually, i'm notorious for taking on special projects and extra work for others on top of generally being the IT of the office.

i'm very lucky that my boss is extremely understanding (i've been pretty candid though nonspecific with him about my health problems) and we're a small, tight-knit department that is managed in a less "corporate" fashion. i get about a coaching a year because he has to based on our company's points-based system, and he always seems to feel bad that he has to write me up. i don't get any personal complaints or comments from him or my coworkers about my absences. he always encourages us to go home when sick and take time off when needed. PTO is essentially guaranteed, even if unpaid time.

despite that, i still feel guilty and bad whenever i do call out. like many others with invisible illnesses, i know i have a habit of invalidating the severity of my problems and feeling like i should just be able to work through it, which is a separate issue i'm working on. work-wise, how do i extricate this aspect of my work performance from my overall self-confidence? i'm not a "career is my life" person at all, but i'm excruciatingly type-A and it bothers me to have a glaring weakness or character flaw. the tight-knit and small nature of my department also makes me feel like my absences are especially noticeable to others; i don't care what they guess i'm absent for, i just don't like being known for something negative (being absent a lot, being sick).

how do i truly become someone who doesn't let their feelings about their job/work performance bleed into their off-work time? how do i compartmentalize those feelings to keep them on the clock?

No. 470980

I live in a country/province where I do not speak the main language. Technically it's bilingual but French is absolutely required by law. Obviously anything service related it out. Are you talented in any of the creative fields at all? I'm in advertising and e-commerce and my English is really appreciated. For any copy I write the company is large enough to have in-house translators to put it through the French lens.

No. 470985

fellow quebec anon?

No. 470987

I’m a bit of a NEET but I luckily work for my family business and currently live at home so I don’t really have many bills besides my car insurance. I tried and dropped out of community college, mainly due to mental issues and gave myself a gap year. The business is okay we mainly sell things and to do odd jobs (currently tearing down the inside of an old place to convert into a restaurant). The problem is I’m miserable and want to move before my mid 20’s. I’m also deaf and got passed over by many places when I tried before joining the business. I’m not very passionate about the idea of any career, never really had a plan for my future but I want to get out of this. I’m not even sure if I’m asking for advice or just venting.

No. 470988

I'm boss level pokèmon. I absolutely hate having to do disciplinary action. They mess up and act like a bitch because I have to follow policy.

No. 470992

I’ve got a 50/50 chance I’ve got lymphoma and have just straight up lied about my health on all my job applications lmao. If I get hired and end up actually having cancer am i fucked? Or could I just lie and say it was totally sudden and unexpected?

No. 471011

>Playing games and putting shit tests up instead of just being fucking straight forward on what they want
Are American employers a bunch of little girls or something?

This is seriously behavior I expect from petty middle school girls. Not grown ass adults in positions of hiring people.

No. 471040

that's only no/low skill jobs. ya gotta weed out the opiod addicts somehow.

No. 471059

Most low skill jobs are sought by desperate young adults, if this was the case they sure suck at it because anytime I go shopping or dining most the employees are lazy ghetto fucks, and the hard-working overachieving type young adults who don't have a college degree yet are the ones struggling to find work

Back then it was as easy as making a simple resume, printing it out, handing it to different places, some places will hire you on the spot and others will interview you and hire, now most employers play the game of "put in your resume, we'll give you a call if you're a match" while expecting you to call them and not being clear, putting up ridiculous requirements they don't actually need and don't have anything to do with the job but not actually needing those just looking for a person with certain personality traits, the whole "we'll call you back" thing and either never calling or again expecting them to call, thinking employees should want to kill for their shitty position at a clothing store or else they don't want the job enough, not being straightforward with hiring and firing, etc.

It's just difficult and mentally exhausting what so many employers acting this immature just to avoid being straightforward because "muh muh opiod addicts"

No. 471121

those kinds of places want unquestioning wageslaves, of course they would pass up ambitious young adults. it's frustrating because you're one of the types they're trying to weed out. they don't want you, they want the type of person who will jump through ridiculous hoops and still want to show up the next day. it's not immature, but a calculated tactic esp if it's some huge corporate chain like Walmart.

people with any sort of ambition are better off picking up a skill and trying the skilled market. could be any skill and doesn't have to be related to your major if you go to uni. the more skills you have (or more valuable) the easier it is.

it seems to me that 99% of low skill college graduates get their first non-retail tier job thru networking. if you don't have a network, get a skill.

and I get it, it sucks to hear when you're just trying to figure out how to survive. but looking back, I wouldn't hire the me with low skill if I also had to consider people with good skills and/or good personalities.

No. 471380

Oui! Bonjour/Hi from an American Fag who wanted to flee Trump and is now under the thumb of The Coalition Avenir Québec lol

No. 471394

How is Quebec, anon? I’ve always wanted to visit but never got the chance. Are the locals nice?

No. 471419

had an interview for a tour guide position eariler today and i cant stop cringing at myself

they could probably smell my desperation

No. 471736

what's the point in my boss asking colleagues what they'd rather work for christmas/new year if literally no one gets the shifts they ask for? 'we can't give everyone the shifts they want' yeah no shit you literally gave nobody the shifts they wanted that we've all resorted to doing our own shift swaps with each other. ugh.

No. 478508

wow that's an awesome story. Good luck. What's your field?

No. 478626

thank you anon! i got called into a second interview, but totally bombed the technical test and kinda rambled due to nerves. i'm afraid my anxiety driven rambling made the ceo think i had the wrong impression of what the position entitles. the second interview was 100 times more embarrassing than my application kek.

i doubt i'll get the job, the second interview was really that terrible. on a positive note, this process has been a learning experience. and it's in the IT field!

No. 478760

What kind of degree do you have to get to do medical lab work? And do medical lab work jobs pay well and are they in demand?

No. 478769


Great job. Interview practice is always valuable no matter the method or result.

I also prepare my ass off before any interview so I'm barely nervous at all when I get there. I'll spend around 4-8 hours studying, making up my own tests, and most importantly, talking to myself out loud and rehearsing what I want to say to make myself sound cool, and what I think they would really like to hear.

The root of all confidence is competence, and you only get competence through DELIBERATE PRACTICE, by yourself or with others.

What really changed my perspective on interviews was that it's one of the only rare times in your entire life where you're ENCOURAGED to brag about yourself. Unfortunately, this is the same reason why many people don't like the process. Not because they don't want to brag, but because they don't have enough practice bragging lol

Despite that, always remember that IT'S YOUR SHOW, anon! Enjoy it!

Bring "props" (your portfolio information or a tablet, like I do), pick your "costume", tell informative stories related to your work, and crack a joke or two to get them to like you.

They don't like my show? Cool. Either I'm not the right fit for their environment, or I change up my "set" so I can have a better "show" next time.

I was in a psych class in college and my teacher discussed interviews. He said something that permanently influenced my approach to interviews to this day:

Most interviews actually aren't the best way of getting to know an eventual employee. Alot of it is bullshit and formalities.

But, getting them to LIKE you is just as important, if not slightly more important than how skilled you are.

Aside from being chosen for the job, everything else is under YOUR control. In a paradoxical way, that's liberating!

I hope you remember all this for your next time :)

No. 478779

Multiple ways, what kind of lab work are you thinking of? Labmonkey or god mode?
They are (for now) and if you're a labmonkey the highest paying trade leveled jobs for obvious reasons, if you're in godmode it pays ok, depends which company actually. Doctor labmonkeys tho…cashcashcash.

No. 478793

I used to work as a tour guide for many years and that's normal. They're going to think you were nervous and so on. Just don't be too harsh on yourself.

No. 478814

I feel exactly the same. I hate how in interviews you're asked why you want to work there and what drew you to the job. money. money is what drew me to this job. nothing else. I need money to survive. that's the only reason.

No. 478816

totally agree

No. 478818

>Maybe for certain job positions it makes sense, but for the ones that I've worked at? No.


No. 478900

I work retail at the equivalent of about $14.50/h and get anywhere between 28-40 hours a week, which is pretty decent considering I have no real qualifications, but man.

I'm always on my feet and I'm so. fucking. tired. My legs always hurt, my back always hurts, I'm always clenching my jaw to the point where my back teeth have started to move because we have to deal with so much shit from customers. Me and my coworkers are busting our asses while our new manager throws our rota to us one day before the start of the working week and disappears to other stores in the chain for "training" while making almost twice what we make. Our company is like a cult, and I hate so many things about the "culture" they try to foster.

My hours are unpredictable so my social life is non-existent outside of holidays or if I get my two days off in a week together. Am I going to be in work for 7am after finishing at 10pm the night before? Are we going to know what hours we're working Monday on Saturday night? Who knows! I'm missing a halloween party and a friend's hen party this week because they "didn't have anyone else" and because I'm on a contract, I can't swap my shifts.

I know this sounds terrible, but my boyfriend is about to start making an absolute killing and has essentially said that he doesn't want me to ever worry about money… and honestly I'd do it. If I thought I could be financially secure by someone who genuinely WANTS to give me money, I'd do it. Probably not forever, but I'd even love to be able to go back to college and learn to do something I actually like instead of working retail for the rest of my life.
To have a break like that would be magical.

I've been working non-stop since I got through a lot of pretty bad mental health shit and college and I just jumped into the first job I could actually do. College didn't qualify me to do shit and I have no other applicable skills. I always tell people I'm happy with my job because I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I wish I could do something I loved and have enough money to do great things and buy my bf and mom nice things.

No. 478902

File: 1572472004260.jpg (122.77 KB, 1103x1200, 2453.jpg)

oh my god, anon.. thank you so much. seriously, thank you for such a lovely response. i will def memorize all of this! it really warms my heart.

it has been a week since my interview and the ceo dude said that i'd hear from them in about two weeks. i just want to get a response (hopefully a positive one kek), so i can finally relax and focus on other things…..

i will speak it into to existence… i will get this job

No. 478904

Can we just admit that most of the questions asked in a lot of interviews are fucking stupid and irrelevant? I think a lot of them are covert psych eval questions instead of being actually relevant to the job.

No. 478915


You're welcome.

I also recommend not waiting for his response at all and keep applying to more. You interviewed, but you're not officially hired yet. Another key of having confidence is having options ;)

No. 478917


Exactly what I pointed out in >>478769

No. 478927

Found an at home job that's flexible, part time, no human interaction and I get paid 10 bucks an hour. I'm so fucking happy right now! I plan on getting a real job once my anxiety isn't as bad and I'm more content with human interaction cause right now I just can't deal with people.

No. 478931

Congratulations! I hope it stays stable for you, that sounds really great.

No. 478932

You wouldn't believe how sick people are of this stupid gameshow.
I know you're all still young and trying to put a foot in the door, but call that bullshit out. Say what you really think about it. Keep it real. The older HR staff will gleefully hire you, the younger HR staff will remember you. And you'll help put a stop to this ineffective circus.

No. 479062

File: 1572526173302.jpeg (219.47 KB, 1400x1400, r.jpeg)

Thanks but I want to be hired, not remembered.

"Wow they were cool. I wish we could hire them." lol

So many things in life feel like a gameshow. If that's the case, fuck it. Learn how to win.

Losers complain, but once you learn how to win, you magically start complaining less.

We already know life isn't fair. What are you going to do about it?

No. 479068

File: 1572527257925.jpg (30.59 KB, 357x395, og.jpg)

Dat rare Tyler tho

No. 479070

File: 1572527835760.jpg (13.48 KB, 300x300, dea.jpg)


If anyone else wants to look for a job like this, try FlexJobs. For my field I have gotten as far as the phone interview stage, but didn't get a job.

>"Unfortunately we found someone else, but your profile is great! I'm sure someone will be lucky to have you!"

>"Y-you too"

But I like the site. Really informative and generously affordable.

No. 479071

if anyone wants to look for a REMOTE job, I mean.

No. 479074


I never wanna go back to inconsistent shifts ever again. I would always get 4p-to-close, though. And every single weekend without fail. When I went away to college and had weekends free for the first time in a while, I didn't even know what to do with myself and just channed it up all weekend.

No. 479175

I just sent off an assessment for q company. My brain has been at max cap for two days. Zzzz please invite me for a code review. Then an interview. Please… I hate being a NEET.

No. 479774

I'm worried about maintaining my hobbies with full time work hours and I was wondering if you guys have any practical tips. I have like 5 hobbies I like to do as often as possible that I developed and strengthened when I was working part time, but I'm worried I'll neglect them and fall out of habit if I have a full work schedule. Two of them are related to my field so I'd be fine with them being "built in" to my work day sometimes and not doing them much outside of work, but the other 3 can only be done in my free time. I know that on paper there's more than enough hours in a full time work week to do all kinds of things, but realistically a lot of people lose their dedication and consistency because they're tired and/or distracted by other things. So I was wondering if anyone is actually able to pull off several hobbies and a full time job, ideally in addition to maybe having friends/a bf outside of work lmao.

No. 479775

I do so many interviews but constantly get rejected despite always following up, why? I need a job because I'm on the verge of homelessness I don't care if I'm folding clothes or dealing with Karen's, and nobody offers constructive criticism either so I don't even know what I'm doing wrong

No. 479779

My tips depend on your job, I don't know if you've found one yet but if you're currently looking keep these in mind…
>a short commute
People underestimate how much a short commute improves their lives and their happiness levels, travel time takes so much out of your day and adds stress because of traffic etc.
>flexible hours
See if you can adjust your hours to suit your productivity levels. I work 7-3 because I get nothing done in the morning but can do a tonne with a big chunk of time in the afternoon.
>work on your hobbies while at work
If you can get away with it, obviously. Maybe in your lunch break or once you settle in you can use your phone to research or learn things. I do language flashcards in my downtime for example.

Also just in general, unrelated to work but I use spreadsheets and daily/weekly/monthly to do lists so I don't forget or feel comfortable skipping my usual routine.

No. 479786

Recently moved to a new country on a working visa (which made my chances a little more difficult) but…
I just wanted to say. I got rejected from Lush (which really took out of my self esteem because it’s just a basic bitch job selling soap) but I got a job working at a University with a lot of competition for the job.
But of course my self esteem is stuck on the “you failed at Lush”

No. 479798

>you failed at Lush
Lmao, don't take it this way anon.
Retail jobs are stupid finicky and the hiring HR aren't exactly bright bulbs. You got a way better job at a Uni while you would've wasted time with Lush.

No. 479805

Small success story time anons. Boy, it's been a roller coaster:
>find out contract for clinic administrative assistant job was ending back in July
>rumors abound that company would extend contracts bc of project incompleteness
>but I couldn't risk it
>spent two months applying on my own with little luck
>super competitive
>one job had 10,000 applicants!
>give up a month before the contract ended and contacted a recruiting agency
>get paired up with this recruiter who negged me the entire interview
>in no uncertain terms told me my degrees meant shit
>kept pointing out that my work history before my admin job was customer service so I should just settle
>she asked what kind of position I'd like
>when I told her she scoffed and replied "Well everyone thinks they can be that! Let me show you the resume of one of my clients who I got a position like that for!"
>left interview with no job placement, hurt self-esteem
>the next week she called me with an "administrative" job that I said I wanted
>super low pay and I'd have to commute 40 minutes one way
>I was desperate
>went to interview with the company
>turns out it's basically a call center job with admin duties tacked on for the same mediocre pay
>fear the worst and I'll have to accept it cause I had no other offers
>then suddenly
>get an offer from a different, nicer recruiting company for a pharmaceutical administrative assistant
>land the offer right away
>it pays more and is only a 15 minute commute
>the office is great, nice people and flexible hours with a great first shift and weekends off
>immediate sense of dignity and respect
>don't have to deal with customers ever again
>the work is easy too
>politely told the other recruiter agency to piss off
>"W-wait what's the other recruiter's offer?!"
>make up some bullshit figure
>"S-s-so if we got our client to pay you a dollar more than that rate, you'd do it?"
>never heard back from them lmao

I'm sure that recruiter was pissed because she lost out on commission from me.
Then of course my old job did wind up extending contracts, a WEEK before they were set to expire.
I'm just glad I made it and don't have to deal with either of that bullshit any longer.

No. 479808

Lush gets 20 applicants, they can hire one. Don't beat yourself up for not being that ONE.

Funnily enough, I'm in the same situation as you with a university job with benefits but rejected from Mcdonalds lol

No. 479839


you're just gonna have to drop some and get over it. Having a full time job + commute reduces your time dramatically. There may be more days than you think where you come from work and don't wanna do shit. Keeping an 8 hour per night sleep schedule EVERY DAY will help with this much more than you realize.

No. 479844

File: 1572742065073.jpg (41.38 KB, 680x422, 148.jpg)

No. 479846

Literally just start half-assing your hobbies. Don't drop them because that sucks but you can't engross yourself in them anymore unfortunately
Adult life just SUCKS

No. 479884

As someone who used to work for Lush, seriously anon, don't let it weigh on you. Who gets hired really, really, REALLY can be such a crapshoot. It says nothing about you.

No. 479947

Someone contacted me about a job on Indeed but the job requires 6 months experience in a field that I only have 2 months experience in. My resume clearly states my experience, so its annoying/frustrating that they would contact me about it.

No. 479951

autism but im planning on searching/getting my first job after being a neet. Ive got some retail places nearby i can ably to but im extremely nervous about the interview when it comes, primarily because its gonna probably be in french (in live in Quebec) my my french sucks and i cant speak it without slurring or stuttering. I also dont know what type of responses to give to generic questions since I cant really think of any quality or skills I have.

No. 479954

It's because it doesn't matter that much you dumbass. Sometimes they'll write they require experience but still get someone who doesn't.

No. 479955

Seriously apply anyway.

It's said that men apply for jobs that they don't meet all the requirements for, and women only apply for jobs where they do meet all the requirements.

You do not need to meet all the requirements of a job to get it. I will apply to any and every job where I meet at least 60% of the qualifications, and I have gotten a few of them.

Additionally, I recommend writing an awesome cover letter to go along with jobs that you do not have all the qualifications for. I've gotten a few callbacks based on my cover letter alone.

I have a generic one that I will tweak for each job.

No. 479960

Apply! You're given the opportunity, do it anyway. I apply to any job that I know I'm qualified for despite it asking for random requirements or preferences. Most of the stuff asking for years or months of previous experience doesn't really mean shit. There WILL be someone who's worked 2 years in the same field as you probably knows as much as someone who's worked there for 2 weeks. Also, most of the time after a few weeks, you just get comfortable knowing how your specific place works. I've applied to places that have ~preferred~ college degrees and I have none, only a year of college experience, and still have gotten an interview. As long as you have some experience, definitely apply. Don't underestimate yourself, anon!

Honestly I think having interviews should be seen in a more relaxed view. I've had plenty of interviews where I walked in and the interviewer was basically just setting me up for the job. It didn't even feel like an interview, but more like a rundown of what goes on during each day and they ask me if I'm comfortable doing it and what day I'd be able to come in for orientation. Maybe it's easier for me because the last few positions I've been hired on for are overnights lol.

No. 479961

this is a completely useless and dumb post, but my company's vice president has a name that sounds like a name a Skyrim character would have, and I find that fucking hilarious

No. 479973

Could you copy paste it and remove the details anon? I suck at writing cover letters and don't know what a good one looks like

No. 479974

You noticed lolcow makes no money right? There are no ads, products, or paid subsriptions. And nobody would pay if there were.

No. 479975

Also I hate that graffiti logo morph, so misogynistic especially when I visit the site and you're writing about people like Traci Hines who is not a hoe by any definition

No. 479976

The Taylor one is a direct copy paste from the lolcow OP!

Definitely ditch this website Anon. One lolcow is enough.

No. 479979

Isnt there a patreon?

No. 479994

>It's said that men apply for jobs that they don't meet all the requirements for, and women only apply for jobs where they do meet all the requirements.

Yep. But honestly this is simply what I learned to do from multiple career blogs and forums.

I have a theory that there has been a trend of inflated job postings over the years, therefore there's no way anyone is 100% what the job posting is asking for. It's just their ideal preferences for a candidate. This really should be common knowledge by now.

No. 479995

plenty of sites to help you out. However I'd recommend that you visit freelancetowin.com and look up how to write proposals. I now consider this method even better than regular boring cover letters. If I ever write one again I'm writing it this way.

No. 479998


>Additionally, I recommend writing an awesome cover letter to go along with jobs that you do not have all the qualifications for. I've gotten a few callbacks based on my cover letter alone.

Exactly. >>479995

No. 480054


Plan is to make money through ads.

No. 480055


Plan is to make money through ads.

No. 480056


Plan is to make money through ads.

No. 480138

You CAN get hired for being you, instead of being hired for performing a clown routine.

Guess what job will make you happier?

No. 480252

this is legit so true. My aunt has no complete university degree but managed to get a job at the european parliament through networking.

I'm currently getting a teaching degree but a part of me just wants to quit it all and ride on my aunts coattails.

No. 480441

do you farmers have a preferred job hunting service, like snag, glassdoor, indeed, craigslist etc? do you have a favorite, or one you avoid, and why?

No. 480445

Avoid: indeed & craigslist
Why: Craigslist is too scammy - never had a promising lead end up to be more than a scam to get my info. Indeed is just not user friendly, kind of a redirect site that feels like an endless loop of signing up for different job hunting sites.
Use: zip recruiter, Glassdoor, or go to the employers site directly.

Take this all with a grain of salt tho because I haven’t had the pleasure of job hunting for a while. Also, my employer uses zip recruiter to hire, but I haven’t used it personally.

No. 480449

i work making an app for a business communication service. it's okay. really good money. i think office culture is fun however having to deal with the same people everyday is a little annoying. i love all my employees and there isn't drama. i just am rather secluded.

im just waiting for my boyfriend to finish getting his masters so he can find a job. i really have no interest in pursing a career.

school is fun, i am currently getting a masters. i think i just like to keep myself busy.

No. 480450

Indeed is definitely a redirect site, but pretty helpful if you have the mobile app, there's a quick apply option that sends your resume to the employer.

No. 480451

thank you and yeah I never actually use craigslist anyway, either I'm never qualified for the jobs posted or the job just seems shady, but I know some people use it still. I use these services more to see who is hiring.

No. 480563

I'm so fucking tired

I'm surrounded by mediocre males who are not as skilled as me but still get more recognition.
It's so frustrating that as a woman I always have to give 110% to survive the competition.

I got a promotion I wanted but had to fight for it with a guy who is The Nice Guy that everyone likes but who doesn't have my experience and WHO HIMSELF KNEW I WAS MORE QUALIFIED.
I'm so sick of all the guys who think they are better than me.

It's so exhausting to think that this is what I'm going to do next 40 years: fight for the right to exist in the academic world.
What's the point?

No. 480633


Plan is to make money through ads.

No. 480819

I recommend what >>479995 said, but here is a cover letter that I wrote two years ago for a hair color company. I got an interview, and was offered the job but turned it down for another one. I will say that I remember their ad being really quirky, so I tailored my cover letter to it. So do know what job/industry you are applying to. For some jobs this cover letter would be a hard pass.

Dear Hiring Manager,

Fantasy, excitement, and ease of maintaining a creative color is what I see in XXXX, and is why I’m excited to apply for the Client Services Representative position! With my previous customer service experience, I have learned to engage customers by asking questions, listening to their needs, suggesting products, and helping them the best I can. Using these skills, I believe that I can help the XXXX team make the customer experience a magical one!

As I built relationships with customers as a XXXX at XXXX, I realized that not every dog, customer, or situation was the same, so I would need to come up with creative solutions. For example, a dog may be wiggly for their face. And I would then try singing, or comforting them, only to find that a dab of peanut butter on the nose was the solution!

Similarly, at XXXX, I also used my problem-solving skills to help customers. Often I would speak with customers who were stressed, and I empathized with them and ensured them that I was there to help.

Overall, I believe great customer service is a service that meets the customer's needs, while being friendly, and I wish to work with the XXXX team to provide that for their clients. I am excited for this opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.

No. 480822

Another one from a few years ago that got me an interview with no references even though they requested it upfront. I got another job and ended up declining the interview. I hope these help someone:

Dear XXXX Hiring Manager,

I was excited to see a part time Sales and Visual Merchandising position at XXXX. I know that XXXX is known for high quality products, and a great atmosphere. I would like to be apart of the team that provides that.

Currently, I am a full time college student at XXXX and I am majoring in XXXX. At my previous jobs I have learned customer service techniques such as engaging the customers by asking questions, listening to their needs, suggesting products, and helping them the best I can.

I have also always believed that if customers have a clean and visually appealing environment, they will be happier in the long run. When I worked at XXXX and XXXX, I worked hard to make sure things were as clean and neat as I could make them. I often got compliments from guests that ranged from, "This is the cleanest bathroom I've ever been in." to " It is so clean, it doesn't look like you groom dogs here.". So, I do take pride in maintaining the spaces I work in; and along with the customer service skills I've learned, I think I would be a great fit for this position and XXXX team.

For my current school schedule I have classes in the morning and afternoon. My last class ends at 1:50 PM, so I would be able to work anytime after that.

I look forward to speaking to you and thank you for considering my application.

No. 480831

Many thanks.

You're an angel.

No. 481570

File: 1573241067228.jpg (690.95 KB, 1920x1080, 27-3021.00.jpg)

I'm currently a receptionist at a foreign news company in my country. By the grace of whatever higher being, I was able to land this position after quitting my shitty retail job that I was suffering massive burnout from. I literally just wanted any sort of fucking office job that would give me stable hours, I didn't care for what company or what field. I'm lucky that our branch is very small and slow, so I spend most of my time on here or browsing through random stuff on the internet (no one cares as long as I answer the phone lol not that it rings more than like 3 times a day). It's only a temp position and only pays minimum wage but I accepted it because I needed office experience on my resume.

Currently, the news department is hiring… or they've been hiring for months but the head of the department hasn't found anyone he likes. I'm sort of close with some of my coworkers here and one of them told me about it and sent me the job posting, trying to see if I would be interested or not. I mean, I guess it would be nice to not have to worry and deal with job hunting when my time here is about to end, plus the commute is ultra convenient, and I pretty much know everyone who works here already. The downsides are it's the news department, which means sacrificing my soul to the news gods and never leaving the building. Also, I told myself months ago that I wouldn't want to stay because I didn't want to work this specific sort of company because of cultural differences and struggles (last company was from the same country and had the same cultural differences/standards that led me to burnout).

I don't even know if the head of the department would even consider hiring me because I have zero experience in news. I feel like I'm just sort of stuck. When I left my retail job, I told myself that I don't really care what company or what field I end up working in, as long as it would afford me stable hours so that I could come back and relax with my family and friends, but the news position would be the exact/near exact opposite of it lol. What do you think farmers? Is it worth trying for? Should I bother or should I just job hunt for a different position (mostly would be looking for admin assistant positions)

No. 481788

if you don't really want it then don't do it. Leave it for someone who is really dedicated to do their best at it. That clearly isn't you.

No. 481789

100% do it anon! Far more pros than cons! Whatever you decide, don't base your decision on the fact you're not sure you'd even be considered, you'll never get it if you decide on beforehand you won't get it.

No. 481797

dumbass advice. news jobs are grueling hours and high pace and high stress. that's 100% the opposite of what anon wants. if retail burned her out, news will destroy her.

anon, figure out what you actually want and want to do (tbh you should have been doing this at your temp job). job seeking is so much easier when you have a clear plan or vision. taking anything and everything is unsustainable. you don't need a high ambition career plan, but unfocused searching just means you miss a bunch of opportunities & also basically start from the bottom at almost anyplace you end up.

No. 481831

Need to rant a bit. About two months ago, a coworker of mine was promoted manager. At first, I was happy for her because she's a great seller, but her behavior changed totally. She became very condescending towards regular employees (which other managers don't do), always spying on us to check if we follow the planning, giving orders while not really helping… She became particularly contemptful towards female employees, as if she views us as inferior because we didn't get a promotion. While being a great seller, she's not that good at the other positions (has no idea how the stock works, never went to any other store of the brand, bad at repairing products…), it's obvious she was promoted because of favoritism. She acts all cool with the other manager staff, so complaining would not be taken seriously. What pisses me off greatly is that before, she was super nice and friendly, I think she just showed her true colors with her new position (I should have guessed though, she's a huge Beyoncé fan).

Hopefully I'll get a new job in the near future finally related to my studies, I'm getting tired of all the coworkers I don't like.

No. 481840


if they're really serious about finding a good candidate, they'll see that she doesn't have what it takes and filter her out through the interview process.

No. 481841

>Hopefully I'll get a new job in the near future finally related to my studies, I'm getting tired of all the coworkers I don't like.

Should we tell her?(Emoji)

No. 482360

Thank you for your input anons!

I'm still trying to think it over. It might be too naive/optimistic of me to assume that I might actually like it in the end or grow into it, but I'm still relatively fresh out of college and treating it one of baby's first real jobs. The job posting mostly described going through local news and finding stuff that local viewers back in my company's home country might like to know about, and I heard that they go to the UN quite often. It doesn't sound too crazy, but then again I imagine bigger US news corporations to be people running about chasing after the newest stories and whatnot. I'm going to try and speak with some of the people who work in the department if I get the chance!

I figure >>481840 does have a good point. They won't take me if they don't like me, and I won't have any hard feelings over it. They're desperate to fill in the position, but even of the few people I've seen called in for interviews, I haven't seen any of them hired, so they aren't willing to settle. At least I'll be able to leave/job hunt without thinking 'what if' if I get rejected by them. My coworker is encouraging me to do it for just a year to test it out.

No. 483180

Oops. I was despairing so much I didn't see a newer thread was available.
I'm going nuts. It's been 12 months since I've last done something full time. I can pretend it's not so humiliating by saying I graduated this July (technically), but I've been doing nothing since I relocated here with my bf. When I research I see expats taking 1+ years to find a job, and I haven't even landed an initial interview. I'd do anything at this point. Back to customer service, factory work, whatever. But since I don't speak the language the minimum wage easily obtainable jobs aren't within my reach.

It'll be christmas soon and I'll have to carefully and awkwardly explain over and over why I'm not employed yet, and it just sounds like a bunch of excuses. My friends back in my home country think I've just decided to stay unemployed and leech off my bf. They don't say it, but their questions and comments are becoming more pointed in that tone that implies "but are you actually trying though?". It's as if they haven't known me to be a fiercely independent person my whole life, and just think I've happily taken on this tradwife role. And they laugh about how I'm becoming a trophy gf, as if I don't very genuinely feel like I have no purpose and am a useless sack of shit for not contributing and having no objective purpose, day to day.

I feel judged. Judged when I need meds/a doctor and my bf pays, not benefitting him in any way. Just money lost for him. I feel judged by my and his family, and my friends. I feel incompetent because honestly, why, with quite a qualified and specific degree to an industry with lots of entry positions, has there not been a modicum of interest? Is there sloppiness in my CV? I've revised it plenty. Is there something wrong with me alone? Do I just come off as a child/stupid in every way?

I'll be starting an intensive language course soon, so at least I might be able to take the minimum wage jobs at some point. But I have 3 months until my job seeker permit runs out, I'm kicked out the country and will subsequently break up.

No. 483231

Women who work super hard at a career are pathetic. They are usually too ugly physically and personality-wise to get a nice bf. Enjoy being wageslaves.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 483290

Hey anon, I'm in your boyfriends exact shoes at the moment. With gender roles reversed. My boyfriend is English and hasn't had a job in 1.5 years (only landing a few interviews).

I have to be honest, I genuinely don't think people judge you as hard as you think they do. This is shame and guilt that is making you feel this way. It's clear to me that you seek independence and you value you capabilities as a person. And this "failure" is making you question it.

I don't blame my boyfriend. It's hard for people speaking the language to get jobs, but 10x harder for foreigners. Even with qualifications and education.

And my friends have asked him similar questions and teased him about me being his "sugarmomma" but they don't genuinely think he is using me for that.

I would love to say don't be so hard on yourself and you would magically feel better but being unemployed for a long period of time is soul crushing.

I'm sure the language lessons will help you out! And if you need to occupy yourself I'd sign up for volunteer work like at short movie festivals or charities where English is acceptable. This will keep you on your feet while you look for jobs and maybe even land you a temporary contract to extend your permit with.

Good luck!

No. 483338

Straight chicks are wild

No. 483342

pretty sure that was a scrot

No. 483565

Do some euroanons know some jobs that pay really well and are easy to get into? Is welding still sought after?
I would be willing to go through a few months of education and training to get a certificate that would allow me to get a job that pays above the average even if it's bad for health or physically taxing.
I also hope that being a woman, I won't get discriminated against. I've heard of women getting into welding so it shouldn't be a problem, right?

No. 483710

i got another email from my old job asking if i'd like my position back. it was a pretty emotionally taxing job, but it was probably my favorite work environment ever. no matter how stressful the job was, the actual vibe of the office was amazing and i loved the people i worked with. most of my old co-workers are still there and i'd be lying if i said i didn't want to work with them again.

but i already have something of a job if you count writing as a job. i'm already struggling to meet deadlines because i'm fundamentally lazy (and also v depressed), so adding a structured, day-to-day job to the mix might be a bad idea. i could use the money, though, and i could also use the change in scenery. i rarely ever leave my house these days, so this job could be a good reason for me to get out and see the sunlight and shit.

i don't know what to do.

No. 483715

Welders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians all get paid extremely well where I lived around Europe.
Also amongst people who get a crazy salary are garbage collectors and communal sanitation workers (Street washers) but for obvious reasons not many want to do that job. Also street washers work at night and early morning so that also sucks.

My friend worked as a garbage collector for two years and he says you can make stupid amounts of money for not that much work.

No. 483750

Tradesmen get well paid once they're fully qualified. The time that takes depends on the trade. In the UK an apprentice wage is £3.90 an hour for the first year. The minimum wage for a normal job is £8.21.

No. 483758

Even in my third world hellhole those jobs are well valued and you would make more than someone with a degree and can even charge in $ cash rather than our devalued local coin.

Theres not always fancy jobs in tech and design and when they are you take whatever shit wage they offer so they don`t hire any of the the thousand over educated tryhards applying for the same position, but theres always a ton of people with broken ACS and with their gasoline tanks leaking so mechanics, plumbers, refrigerator technicians, welders they always do just fine, specially if you have good word of mouth on a wealthy neighborhood or in the corporate sector or have some friends with the many union mafias.

No. 483893

File: 1573878203238.jpg (29.68 KB, 512x461, 1573448740866.jpg)

I'm shitting my pants a little, since I need to give out references to get my offer. I don't mind doing it but man, I asked one of my old managers from an intership for a reference over Linkedin… but has only read my message for him with no reply. One of my other references hasn't read my message. It's been about 11 hours. I'm definitely panicking but it's slightly worrying since I really, really want this job.

No. 483915

Good luck anon

No. 483945

Take it, anon. It's financial security for your writing. Unless your writing pays for itself.

No. 483947

>It's been about 11 hours
Anon, that's nothing, especially over the weekend. I'm sure they'll write you back monday/tuesday.

No. 484058

I'm right now in a call center in a third world country,my goal is too animate and create animated tv shows,I have a plethora of ideas, already drawed the main characters
But I can't seem to start at fucking no where.

No. 484121


Hey this person here, should I take this job? I've been unemployed nearly a year now and this is a ~2 month position doing some work behind the scenes of a clothes shop

>yay somebody wants me!
>actually gaining money for once
>financial cushion will help no matter what happens
>fucking doing something with a purpose
>the migration office may look upon me favourably and grant me an extension on my permit due to having been employed (the info I received was confusing. It won't change my current permit at all but it may possibly help me in my case applying for a different kind of permit)
>could build a small social network other than my bf
>might be easier to get relevant work if I've worked in the country before

>would have to cancel the language classes I had planned and would slow down progress significantly or stop it for that time
>relevant job search may slow down
>may prevent me from attending interviews for graduate jobs (unlikely)
>will have to cancel my trip to see mom's side of the family for christmas
>bf booked his flights to his home country so I'd spend christmas day alone in our flat

It's the christmas thing that gets me the most. Even the hypothetical of spending my christmas alone in a foreign country with no friends is getting me down. If I could get 24-26th off and blow a few hundred more euros getting a new flight I'd be much more on board with it. I thought this christmas would be magical, my cousin had a baby (first of the newest generation) that I wanted to spoil this year, and I convinced my mom to come with only for me to maybe pull out and say "oh, sorry not coming!".

thank you, that was an uplifting reply! Stuck now though. I did those exact things! Volunteered at an arts festival and for an environmental group, it really did help.

No. 484154

I understand your cons but it truly appears that taking on the job would be better for you at this time. It sucks that it lines up with other stuff going on for you family wise, but it's not like they're going to go away suddenly, same with your language classes. You'll have many christmases to make magical in the future. Getting recent work history on your resume is invaluable and for someone in your position I don't think it's a good idea to pass it up. Your fam will understand.

No. 484185

How important is it to call after applying online to a shitty retail job? Like just for peon jobs at Walmart, Home Depot, that kinda thing. I have customer service experience and it's soul crushing applying to these places, but I don't know what other option I have. (Sorry to whine)

No. 484522

Thanks for the reasoning, it helped me continue prepping for it when I really didn't want to, and my bf said he'd rebook his flights to spend christmas eve and christmas with me, if it comes to it! So…kinda win? And I'll spoil my baby niece with all that cash I earned later in the year (if I get it).

No. 485924

File: 1574410236816.jpeg (10.71 KB, 267x400, 2B62897C-AACE-49AD-BE26-1599FA…)

Today I went in fully prepped for interview 2. I was so nervous and had been studying all night.

As soon as we sat down:
"Anon, we want to offer you the job."

I'm so fucking happy.

My first non-shitty job working at a big university with people who actually have degrees (while I do not) and are kind and passionate.

And an actual salary I can live on.

No. 485938

Congrats, anon!

No. 485940


No. 485944

I work as a translator from home and I want to die everyday, I hate my job so much…can't stand the monotony. but I am unsure what to switch to, I don't really have marketable skills. I can fuck around in Photoshop and Illustrator but I'm not creative enough to be a graphic designer. I know how to build a static website but that's also pretty useless. Feeling lost. Advice?

No. 485947

I'm finishing up a doctorate degree in a field that I've realized I don't particularly care for. Tbh I don't even know why I went into healthcare since I'm always so drained after spending more than a few hours around people.

I think the biggest problem I have with my field is that so many people consider it their dream job and their lives revolve around it. I don't want to listen to an occupational therapy podcast while I drive to work for my 10 hour day as an occupational therapist and then spend my weekends at continuing ed classes. I talked to a new hire and another student at my clinical rotation and all three of us said that if we had to do it all over again we wouldn't choose OT, which seems pretty damning. They really market it as a low stress and fulfilling field but that's a lie. I've had no work-life balance over the past 3 months and I thought about dropping out of school at least 10 times

Any advice for alternative healthcare careers? I want to keep up my clinical skills but there is no fucking way that I will ever do 10 straight hours of patient care ever again

No. 485960

File: 1574423838238.jpeg (57.41 KB, 548x560, AE1FA1A0-4135-4C34-9499-0C256E…)

It’s been a month and still nothing. I’m reapplying to the same companies that have rejected me twice before because it’s all that’s available. New Years funeral ftw

No. 485963

honestly, the end of the year is not the best time for job searching…things going to speed up in January and February when hr gets new hiring budgets. hang in there!!

No. 486137

Thank you!

I'm the anon above who got hired at a university.

The skills that got me hired were being able to create static websites (limited to html css) and explaining why that would make me suitable for a position as pedagogic system administrator.

You can do anything you set your mind to, anon

Side note:
I want to mention I was unemployed 7 months before I landed 2 jobs at the end of the year. I didn't even get a response back from 99% of all my applications.! I was ready to give up.

No. 486262

So, I was the anon that asked for welding before. There's a free program to get you qualified where I live because welders are in high demand but when I called, the person told me that they won't stop me from signing up but that it's a very difficult job for men, let alone women and they wouldn't recommend it.
It just sucks. It really does.

No. 486278

Everything is hard.

I say go for it! Worst thing that happens is you give up. Maybe you love it - maybe the person you called is a pussy - maybe it's totally normal job once you get used to it.

No. 486279

that's unfortunate but i think it's probably for the best. it's dangerous and imagine all of the fumes you'd be breathing in… lot of occupational hazards. there are other trades that i think would be less dangerous to your health.

No. 486283

Bullshit. I'm an electrician (Canada) and I've seen plenty of female welders on jobsites.

Sign up anyways. This person is being super unprofessional by discouraging you.

No. 486304

prove that motherfucker wrong. i have a good female friend who is a welder. cut his dick off and weld it back on

No. 486381

Thank you anons for both your support and concerns! It means a lot. I'm going to see if I can still sign up. I did research online and it's nothing like hard construction work. It is physical to a degree but far from being an obstacle just because someone is a woman, so it did catch me off guard when I was told that.
Thank you once again. I would really hate it if I missed this opportunity.

No. 486498

does anyone else ever get extreme anxiety just APPLYING for jobs? like even if you know there's like 0.001% chance of them calling you back? I feel like such a weak piece of shit.

No. 486509

Let me warn you of this, it WILL ruin your eyesight. I come from a state where the main money-making jobs are welding and oil field stuff. Every guy I've ever known that's a welder has told me they're trying to make a lot of money quickly so they can move up to inspections or retire early before they go blind. It's not the kind of job you can just keep doing for a long time. If you still want to go for it, save as much money as possible.

No. 486510

Samefag, also, it's very common for men to hire their wives as welder helpers, so it's not like there aren't any women in the industry if that's discouraging to you.

No. 486622

I wish I had seen this earlier because I know two women who were welders. One of my coworkers is in her sixties and she used to do welding on ships, until she had kids and wanted a closer job to home. And then I worked with another girl who left to do welding, she said they trained her and the pay was nearly double what she used to have. I think she got busted for weed though because the company is very stringent about that.

No. 486748

Whatever raises my odds of getting paid, I'll do it as long as it's reasonable and not straight up lying. It's not just about being qualified, it's "will they fit in with us?" "Can I imagine myself working with this person every day?" "Will they be good on a team or will they push everyone away?" Not a hiring manager but that's just my opinion.

No. 486816

I'm not sure that counts as anxiety but I was so stressed from job hunting, just looking for job offers online and sending applications as well as going to just one interview that my psoriasis got pretty bad even though it was barely visible before that. I stopped looking for a job for 2 months now because I plan on just leaving the country for a year and it got a bit better, my rashes are a bit less visible and they're not burning anymore. That's just how bad it was.

No. 487143

I am handing my resignation letter today. It's over a month's notice. My last day will be 12/22. I feel so guilty!!! Tell me to calm down! The position I'm in is low-tier HR and its basically like a call center with like 8 older ladies. I hate it a lot and my boyfriend said he will help me out if I go back to school. I have been here for less than a year and the other ladies have been here since like '01. I'm 27 and I feel like this is a great opportunity for me. I never had the opportunity to study full time just because of family and bills/ unpaid internships. I am technically a senior at school. Please tell me to calm down or am i pulling a jerk move?

(I am so sorry i bumped the old thread. I'm so nervous )

No. 487406

Is this your first job? Don't be surprised if they make you leave as soon as the moment you hand in your resignation. You're not as irreplaceable as you think you are. Especially being a call center person.

So leave. Leave sooner. Based on what you've shared, no one cares anyway.

No. 487409

… And you might as well use the extra time to bang your bf and prepare for the Spring semester.

No. 487680

I just applied for a TSA position at the airport. I don't even want that job, I just applied for the hell of it, but now I'm having anxiety thinking about what if they actually call me back lmao. I know they won't though.

No. 487702

Just thank them for the call and say you've just heard back from some other place and accepted an offer so you're unavailable

No. 487738

I am so annoyed and anxious right now. I graduated this summer from art school and almost immediately landed a freelance job from august till october, in march next year I will have another 10 month freelance job, so now I have like 3 months completely to myself and everyone in the family starts reeeing and bothering me instead of minding their own goddamn business.
"You need to get a job anon! Three months is a long time!! You gonma sit at home and do nothing all day?" No, I was planning to work on my portfolio and build my social media because I actually have time for that now. But to please them I got a little part time job at a post office and guess what? I got fired after two weeks because my autistic ass was too slow. So now I defenitely know that I should just stay at home this winter and do whatever I want. I just wish my family could understand that I'm already doing way better than the average art school graduate in my country and leave me the hell alone.

No. 487829

I’m making big moves this next year towards my dream job but god I’m so nervous about the entire process. It’s a male dominated field (like I might never work directly with another woman in my whole career) and I will have to bust my ass just to be seen as equal.. Trying to maintain my confidence/motivation is so hard sometimes, how do y’all do it?

No. 488397

After working jobs that involve helping people over the last decade and only getting stress, depression, and poor pay as a result, I am looking for a job where I can just work from home and not have to take the brunt of angry customers/people anymore. But all of my searching comes up dry.

Thinking of going back to school but other than programming, I can't figure out what would be best to study for this kind of job.

No. 488451


No. 489453



This question is another reason why you can't just walk in, say whatever "feels right to you :))))) #FuckCapitalism", and expect a red carpet to roll to your feet. Real life isn't a Mary-Sue fanfic.

You have to say what will most likely get you hired. This will vary by position, but the overall principle is the same.

It's a game.

Accept the game.

Learn the game.

Practice the game.

Play the game.

Win the game.

No. 490354

I'm looking for jobs through a temp website and a lot of listings have a "one click apply!" button, but then in the description also say "email your resume to ABC@XYZ!" Should I do both or just e-mail my resume to this person? What should I even write in the body of the email, like a very condensed cover letter for the position, a small paragraph introducing myself, or just a one liner "Hi my name is XX and I'm interested in XX, here's my resume!"?

My contract at my current company ends in Feb, is applying now too early or a decent time to start applying?

No. 490381

I personally wouldn’t be completely financially dependent on a man I’m not married to. If he changes his mind or you two break up, you’re screwed

No. 490424

You can email them too, just say "Hello, my name is xxx I have just finished completing the application for x-position posted on xwebsitex.com and I noticed it said to send a resume to your email as well. If you need anymore information or questions please let me know, thank you!"
Usually that gets them interested.

No. 490652

Thank you so much anon!

No. 490659


OK, this is me in the vent thread just catching up to the concept of networking and not liking the idea at all. I'm socially incompetent and tbh also isolated since I live with my boyfriend who does have a job.

Anyway, networking is the way to go, and I received the email to say that the networking event I signed for has a place opened up and it's TOMORROW. I don't want to mess this up. What's acceptable wear? Can I just go up to people and start talking to them? won't they lose interest when they realise I have no job I could offer them? Do I have to have a super clear goal of what I want or just say I'm looking to go into X industry? Should I present a very specific skillset? Will I hand out my linkedin?

And how can I hide my disdain for the whole thing? Free food though, which is nice.

No. 490743

I applied for a job at a call center and got a call back the today, but I'm having some reservations. I've heard horrible things about working in offices and I'm not sure if I'm mentally equipped to handle it, but my job now pays shit and I need to start earning some adult money so my fiance and I can move out of his parents house. Also, in dire need of health benefits. Do any anons have call center experience or advice??

No. 490745

it's a lot easier when you start. you'll realize soon that your peers and supervisors don't actually care about anything and doing the bare minimum there will be received as you going above and beyond.

No. 490811

>How can I hide my disdain for the whole thing?

Do you like having money? If so then you better find a way to deal with it. Just focus on the money.

No. 490861

My manager told me I'm expecting a nice raise at the beginning of the year due to my supervisor praising me not even a month into working there. I've only been at my site for half a year and I'm gonna be making as much as my coworkers who've been here for 4 years. I'll be making a living wage finally! I've been a poorfag all my life so this is such a great feeling.

No. 490863

Slight rant, but I hate how many companies basically force you to be a part of their "work culture." Tech companies are the worst with this. Even if they're not technically mandatory, you're basically a social pariah if you don't want to attend boring work parties where everyone just gets shitfaced.

No. 490864

I fucking hate that too. I have a friend who works in tech and basically any time he's out, it's with his coworkers. Like, does a personal life truly exist in these fields?
I remember going on vacation in a larger city and hearing people at multiple shops saying they HATED workers from Amazon coming into their stores, calling them Amazombies because they're nonstop talking about work.

No. 490872

File: 1575530210527.jpg (57.84 KB, 728x468, imgbin-internet-troll-trollfac…)

No. 490878

Make sure you solidify the mindset that when someone's acting shitty towards you they've had a bad time of it and have poor coping skills and take it out on you. Don't take personal responsibility for their feelings. Otherwise it can be very emotionally draining. Quite often I'd see girls running to the bathroom crying, and I'd say it's not worth it if you think it'll get to you like that.

But then again I was CS at a toy company around christmas, so emotions generally ran high and sometimes I could either "make" or "break" their kids christmas. What is it you'd be doing?

No. 490927

>any time he's out, it's with his coworkers. Like, does a personal life truly exist in these fields?

most of these people barely have friends outside of their job. it was described to me as a bunch of people who relocate to some tech hub, meet their coworkers who have also relocated alone and they just stick together instead of going through the process of making non-work friends in a new city where you don't know anyone. coupled with the fact that many are low-key spergs who could have work/life separation if they wanted to but their job topics are also their hobbies/special interests, etc. and the other fact that these companies love hiring fanboys bc it makes them easier to exploit into doing more work.

like, these are all nerds who have issues with social skills, probably have some hangups about normies, and want to make other nerd friends to sperg with. 99% of the time they'll find this in their coworkers.

short answer, yes a personal life is achievable, most of these people just don't want one.

t. tech adjacent and continuously amazed by how these people live

No. 491273

My main issue is that even if it's not really your thing, you're still expected to attend team building events/after hours work parties, and some companies do these weekly. If you don't look like you're a "team player" excited to hang out at a bar with your co-workers for 3-5 hours on a Friday night, it can actually affect your chances of getting promoted, or get you fired for not "fitting in with the culture."

There's no reason you can't enjoy your work or your co-workers, but being obligated to hang out with people on your off time or else your job could be in jeopardy is inherently unfair and should be the same as your employer asking you to work off the clock.

No. 491365

Is it possible to get non call center office type job without experience or education? My only experience is in retail settings. I don't care if its high paying either, minimum wage is fine.

No. 491389

I have a job interview on Monday that might just be a 'life-changing' job, as cringe as that sounds.
I'm so nervous and I just don't know how to prepare for the interview or the test they have for me.

No. 491423


What's the test, anon?

No. 491424

Is flexjobs worth the price? I want a part-time job and have advanced skills in very specific areas but if it's going to take months to find something then ehh I don't see this being worth it

Basically how is this site not scammy

No. 491438

I'm in your position (no prior office experience, but do have a bachelors) and got my current (temp) office job as a receptionist. It's possible, but it's a whole lot of luck. I scored a handful of interviews but was ultimately passed over, and a recruiter actually reached out to me about my current position. I hope that you'll find a good job soon anon.

No. 491439

Not sure if this will help you, but I always like to make a little review sheet for myself. I google up the most asked/typical interview questions and write down bullet points that I would like to say if that hiring manager asked me those questions. I don't write out full answers because I don't memorize things very well and don't want to sound like a robot, so at least remembering what points I want to touch upon helps. If you can find interview questions for that company on glassdoor, that's the best possible thing. I always practice saying out loud what I'd like to say since I realized that I will definitely stumble thinking out full answers on the spot and this helps normalize/helps my mouth remember how to say things the way I want to lol.

I also have a quick rundown of the company in there so I don't make a fool of myself lol. As for the test, I wish you the best of luck anon! I hope you get this job!!

No. 491777

Sorry for the late reply but IDK they haven't told me what it pertains just that there is a test!

Tysm! that's actually really helpful!!

No. 491916

>I don't want to wait months for a job

You sound entitled. A free site will never be as good as a paysite. This keeps out spammers and freeloaders.

The website isn't a job-producing machine. The best way to know if you will like it is to try it out yourself for a bit. You can even find partial search results without signing up at first.

No. 491935

Finally got a job after looking for one relentlessly, it pays very well and starts later in the day! I'm very excited because the job isn't that difficult and the skills I could learn on the job will be a nice addition to my resume.

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