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No. 131699

I checked around for a thread like this and didn't see one, so here is an all-purpose employment thread.

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.

No. 131700

I'll start with my experience. I've been working full-time for almost a full year after graduating university, I'm doing shitty customer service and am now looking for a better job since I've got enough experience/resume fodder from where I am currently. I went through a pretty bad period of feeling depressed and disenchanted with life in general, though I'm feeling a fair bit better now that I can finally leave my current job. I was also seriously considering teaching in Japan for a year, but decided it's not for me, so I'm gonna try and save up for some sort of study holiday (or whatever it's called) instead.

Also, maybe we can include a bit of finance stuff in this thread?

No. 131701

I'm working in one of those jobs that sounds really cool when you tell people (it's in fashion) it's pretty competitive and also supposedly "fun" so that means the pay is fucking shitty and barely above minimum wage. I absolutely hate it and it's making me miserable. I often wish I was still working retail, I hated that too, but at least I wasn't constantly stressed and anxious.

No. 131702


The oil prices really have me anxious about the future of my job/career path. I work for a company that does shallow hazard interpretation for oil companies. I started off in the company as a peon merely folding charts and assembling physical copies of reports, to someone who does quality assurance for all reports and charts. I got to fact check information, make sure that the reports read well, make sure that if someone said there was a canyon there WAS INDEED a canyon. It was so so so cool. Recently, though, we've had massive layoffs. I have been forced into a promotion that I didn't want. I'm now doing accounting stuff ON TOP OF the quality assurance…

This means that I'm the one that looks at the bank account…and honey it does NOT look good.

Every day I go to work wondering how long it is all going to last….They keep saying 'Whenever this blows over we will finally train you to become a geophysicist" which was the point of me working here in the first place….but to be honest I'm not sure if that is ever going to happen. I really need the money and the company treats me insanely well. They all know I hate this position and that I want to do geology work….but there's nothing that anyone can do about it…And seeing this bank account does not make me confident that my dreams of becoming a geophysicist are coming any closer.

I'm about 3 breakdowns away from quitting my job and going to college full time….but the problem is I am SO in love with and attached to geology that I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else….the problem is…geology jobs are either highly competitive or part of the oil industry….So I'm not sure if geophysics and hydrology would even be wise for me to study.

Also, I'm 22 and I'm not sure how I will be able to live on my own AND go to school full time. All of the part time jobs I've looked at on the internet don't seem like they will pay well at all.

I've never been more stressed out in my life.

No. 131703

Holy shit, I thought it was just me that felt that way. Sometimes I walk past little cafes with Help Wanted signs and wish that I could work there instead. I know the pay would be peanuts, but I'd probably be much less stressed out all the time.

No. 131704

Do you mind if I ask whether you have a relevant degree to geophysics?

I'm curious about what you guys studied. So far, I'm finding that many employers don't seem to care what your degree is, just whether you have one or not and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

No. 131705

After struggling to work with the degree I got when I was 21 and then climb whatever ladder I could grab a hold of when that wasn't working (and never getting anywhere) I decided to go back to school in a more lucrative field in my late 20s. School seems a lot easier now despite my major being comparatively harder, probably because I am not wasting time worrying about a social life and things like that.

I'm still working at my old job part time and looking to get as much stuff on my resume as possible. I know I am not old, but it is hard to feel like I'm not competing with younger people working at an advantage just by virtue of them being younger than me. It's only just starting to set in how stressed I am. When I worked my old job full time I made peanuts but it was generally stress free. I just keep looking toward the future hoping for the best.

OP pic reminded me that I REALLY need to get my work wardrobe sorted out…

No. 131706

I think that seems to be only true for liberal arts degrees and entry level jobs/government jobs. Higher level jobs may not care as much about what you majored in as long as you are otherwise qualified for the position, but to say they don't care at all seems incorrect. Really your degree just says "I am trained in this" so if your resume says "BA in Writing" but also has a list of programming languages you know, you would probably still be considered for a programming position (though you may have to compete with people who majored in CS and thus know more than you).

No. 131707

I actually have no degree. Most of our best geos didn't have a degree when they first started, or they had a completely unrelated degree but were interested in geology.

Of course they pay a lot less than what the typical geo would make, BUT their 'training' involves taking care of the financials for SEVERAL maths and geology courses. Most of the people that work here have started with nothing, jump started their education through this job, finished their degrees while doing the work they love, and went on to work for some of the companies that we do work for.

Only now we can't afford to pay for anyone's education and I'm not sure if the risk of staying doing a job that I hate just to maybe possibly eventually get help with my courses is worth it…

No. 131708

That's what I was thinking it was, thanks for clarifying. I'm currently just at the entry-level and that was the impression I kept getting.

No. 131709

I have my dream job but I live in a smallish crappy city. What do

No. 131710

That's how I felt one time when I went into a Barnes & Noble that had a Starbucks. The employees were ridiculously nice and it didn't seem like they were overburdened by work or customers.

No. 131711

I'm still in college at the moment (going to earn a BA in Molecular Biology because my university doesn't offer a BS) and I really want to go to graduate school for a Ph.D in something molecular biology-related. My main worry is that I don't have any research experience, and I'm already halfway done with my 3rd year. I haven't given up my search for a lab assistant position, but it's looking grim. Because of that, I'm considering taking a gap year and working as a lab technician to gain some experience before applying to graduate schools, since my lack of research experience is the only thing holding me back. The only problem is that housing in my area is really expensive, but on the other hand, there are a lot of biotech companies. I'm not sure if it's a better idea to stay where I am and hope I can afford to live here, or move back in with my parents and hope there are job openings for lab techs where they are.

Anyone have advice or job searching tips? I'm pretty clueless at this, and I'm super distrustful of my school's advisers.

No. 131712

>internships are important?
That's all I know. Coming from someone that didn't do internships and found difficulty getting my career jump started

No. 131713

Idk if my advice will work for you like it worked for me but I'm old af and figure it couldn't hurt

Network and make friends. …if you're interested in working at a certain place or field volunteer. Or at least go introduce yourself even if they aren't hiring. You never know when a friend can be very valuable.

Dress nice. Show a geniune interest in what you want to do. Go to events, conventions, whatever you can to get your face out there especially if your fields competitive.

Develop related skulls on your own time. Hone those skills. Your extra skill (a second language, knows how to program, etc) could be a deciding factor for your resume .

Speaking of resumes, find someone you trust and have them tear you're apart. Go to the local library if you really need to.

Don't underestimate the power of the Internet to network as well.

It doesn't hurt to take a better job with more responsibility in a crappy organization or city or whatever. It'll be a bit stressful at the time but a good 3 years in say…management at a small office might get you in at a better place you really like. Experience is honestly more valuable than anything sometimes.

No. 131714

Fuck off I'm a NEET my job is shitposting on lolcow

No. 131715

I'm a NEET too lmao. Got no fuckin clue whats going to happen if a break up with BF/parents stop "helping" me. Oh well.

No. 131716

The only thing that doesn't make me a NEET is that I'm in college but I never worked. I have no idea how to find a job, not for now but for this summer and maybe after the summer if I decide to stop going to college. I've looked on the Internet and haven't found anything in my city. It's making me more and more nervous because everyone I know who is my age managed to find something to do and to put on their resumes thanks to their connections, but I don't know anybody who could help me. I'm hesitating to ask the people in charge of proposing jobs to students.

No. 131717

NEETs unite.

I feel like I'm living on borrowed time, cause once my parents get sick of my shit, I'll have nowhere to go lel. At least I can shitpost for now.

No. 131718

My cl alerts sent me this to my email, made me wonder if it'd be any fun, even if just for a year or so. i wonder if there's a clause in the contract the lonely old men sign that deters persistent ones from making advances on you, or if it's just a glorified barmaid/maidmaid-esque job, but with better pay (I imagine).

No. 131719

I'm in this same situation. It sucks.

No. 131720

I have a sibling who took a pretty big paycut leaving one job to another, but now they're actually excited and happy to go to work even though they're earning less.

I think the "do what you love and you'll never work a day of your life" thing is kind of true, in that respect.

No. 131721

same. if i end up on the street i think i'd just resign and freeze to death/kill myself or sth. i don't even have the will to fight to survive. i'll just let natural selection happen

No. 131722

anon, how did you get a bf? before you became a neet/in school or sth? normal guys are creeped out by my neet-ness or find me boring it seems and the ones who aren't are beta af and too intimidated by my appearance

No. 131723

Same. Been a neet for 6 years and guys just run away from me.

No. 131724

I basically failed my way out of a couple of schools and have been working since then. I've done shitty waitressing jobs, dead-end admin work, call centre for both incoming and outgoing (selling laptops over the phone to people who don't know any better) and I recently got a short contract job in IT as a physical deployment engineer.

The company I was assigned to liked me and asked me to stay for a short while as a desktop field support but because I was hired by a vendor to a vendor to the actual company, the middle vendor didn't have the headcount to keep me so I'm jobless again for now.

The company that hired me said there's going to be another gig later in Feb, and it might have travel opportunities. I'm feeling rather anxious about this /g/. I think I might have found the field of work I want to stay in but I'm just so afraid that something might fuck up and I'll be back to doing the shitty admin or waitressing jobs again. My dream job is to work in a library but you need a Library Science degree to even apply and the way the education system is set up in my country means I'm totally fucked at getting a degree at this point in my life.

No. 131725

Work related: I work in a job where the dress code is black. Any there any suggestions for clothes I can get that doesn't make me look like a black blob? I wear my comfy jeans, but sometimes the tops I wear are so baggy and boring.i can't wear tshirts either. Button downs and blouses and sweaters are okay though.

No. 131726

I work full time in insurance and I hate it. It's boring, I sit on my ass all day and I do more work than any of my coworkers. I actually had to scale back my performance on purpose because they'd just give me more to do…but not increase my pay. I started a YouTube channel over a year ago and its actually making money now. I want to do that full time someday. What's unreal to me is it looks like I will actually be able to do that this or next year. Blows my mind. Browsing pt and other boards to humble myself and learn from other youtuber's mistakes.

No. 131727

You can try f21 and the like to see if they currently have any decent chiffon blouses. Places like ann Taylor loft, gap/banana republic also have stuff like that too but not always in black, but it'd not a bad place to look when you're at the mall. Places like kohl's and target sometimes carry that stuff, but it'll be with formal wear. Otherwise big department stores have suit sections which will have that stuff too. I used to work at one and have a few cute tops that were from the women's suit section.

Also just getting a few black cardigans and a bunch of tanks to rotate through can work on the mean time. When I had to were all black I basically wore black leggings and various tunic dresses all the time if not nice black jeans.

No. 131728

>if i end up on the street i think i'd just resign and kill myself

literally me too

what is your channel about? beauty?

No. 131729

Thank you anon! It's funny since I wear black jeans all the time, but when you're told ALL black, it's hard to look nice when you want at least some color to your tops. I'll try those places. I want some nice black tops with lace on the collar or sleeves.

No. 131730

No, gaming. But I am female. I'm trying to find a unique way to stick out in it.

No. 131731

No problem! Thanks to my old job half of my wardrobe is black and while I don't mind that, I do prefer wearing a bit of color. Also if you have some leeway, you can get tops that have embellishments like beading or rhinestones. I know that shit can look tacky, but when it's done right it can look really put together and nice.

I hope you do well anon! I'll admit that most of the gaming yt-ers I follow are dudes but I'm always open to watching anyone good.

No. 131732

Thanks. I'm just trying to be real to myself. I cannot stand when girls pretend they're perfect and I don't want to be that person.

No. 131733

Just be you. Trying too hard is annoying.I follow Minx and Krism and they're both pretty well known woman gamers for a few years now because they aren't try hards. They also don't do face cam, which is a plus since a lot people hate that shit.

No. 131734

That's fine. I don't think people realize that most of the actually successful yt-ers are that, even the annoying ones. When you're not, it catches up to you because Internet.

I've thought about doing a beauty or art channel off and on, but just… havent.

No. 131735

Definitely, anon! Just be you. And good luck. meant to direct this post to you here >>131733

No. 131736

I believe the most popular female gaming ytuber is iHasCupquake. Maybe see what she's doing right?

It's more important to be entertaining than good at gaming (see annoyingly popular PewDiePie). Keep in mind if you hide your face it's harder to build social rapport w/ your audience

Don't bare your cleavage. Guys see through that shit.

No. 131737

>Don't bare your cleavage. Guys see through that shit.

Seriously is the best way of getting backlash and while the attention might be good at first, it won't last. Face cams should be about 10% of the screen, not fucking 25% or more which is what a lot of the tits&games type steamers do on twitch. May as just watch a regular cam girl at that point since I haven't heard of a girl doing that who is actually good/knowledgeable at games.

>tfw you want ff9 to come out so that you can start streaming yourself playing a legal copy

No. 131738

Is anyone else stuck in the, no experience, no job loop? I should of done an internship…

No. 131739

Are you still applying despite lack of experience or are you being told that you weren't hired because of lack of experience?

No. 131740

I'm not sure, I've been told by relatives that I have no experience at my age (I'm 21) so there's no hope for me to get any job ever but they don't have a very realistic view on jobs, especially for college students. I can only bullshit about having done some baby-sitting because I used to look after my younger siblings and help them do their homework. I wish I could find a job that doesn't force me to skip classes, and while it doesn't seem impossible, it would still mean that I wouldn't even have time to do my homework, and almost everything I have to do at home is graded.

Aren't internships meant to make you discover how it's like to have a job as a beginner? Seems like this would mean that you won't necessarily need a lot of experience, but I'm not sure because I've never had an internship. And it might depend on countries and cities too. I've heard that in some countries internships are different than in mine.

No. 131741

In the US internships are often unpaid and having you doing really dumb work so that they don't have to pay you (the way it works is that if you are doing something that directly makes money for the company, they have to pay you.) It counts towards experience either way since you're in that environment and supposedly learning.

In all honestly as long as you can swing any job experience to be relevant (I've had LOADS of retail experience so I know how to interact with people despite being awkward otherwise). Having some kind of experience is better then none, it's about knowing how to sell it.

No. 131742

If you're still in college, look into being a TA or a grader. That's what I did. Basically the only experience required is that you did well in the course. Or, if you're a science-major, look into research opportunities. Those are often paid and you can do things (most of the time) at your own pace.

No. 131743

I'm in my early-mid 20s and I've been working as a waitress since I was about 17. Tbh I'm not even sure what most people actually do in offices, all my friends and family work in the restaurant industry or technical trades.
I just know I don't want to wait tables forever.
I used to want to study nursing but the working conditions in that field are so shit lately that I'd rather not anymore.
Other than that I just don't know what. I'd love a comfortable office job with benefits and sick days and vacations. It would probably get boring quickly though.

No. 131744

It depends. I've had desk jobs and it has always been pretty soul crushing for me, when I don't have any stimulation and work to do. As much as I hate retail, I can at least appreciate that it keeps me moving and not getting fat, which is what desk work did (and mind you I've worked at call centers and as a graphic/web designer. Both sucked for different reasons. I really wish I had been paid when I was doing the web work. It was an internship.)

My advice would be to sign up with a tempt service and see if they can match you with a clerical job. Keep in mind that since it is tempt, that you can be let go (or shuffled around as the call center work I did was tempt, I was just rehired and retrained for different areas at the center.) It'll be a good way to kind of get your feet wet to see if you can deal with that kind of work. If you like it, use it on your resume for other similar positions that aren't tempt.

No. 131745

I was kind of fucked over by a few of my professors post-graduation and ended up unemployed for the summer while being strung along by them. They still owe me hundreds of dollars for some different projects I worked on with them and the university doesn't want to get involved.

After that, as I continued to fail finding work related to my major, I did some IT temp work for a shit, dysfunctional company. It was really just a data entry position. The woman I worked under was a verbally abusive nutjob and her boss was the same. I spent a lot of lunchbreaks crying in my car, but on the brightside the place was tucked in this beautiful wooded area by a marsh with some great foliage. I saw a lot of hawks and songbirds.

I'm unemployed again and have used the time to earn some entry-level IT certs so I have something to fall back on. I almost want to go back to retail. Sure, the pay is shit and the work sucks, but the people I was with were great. Can't say I've really had good co-worker experiences since then.

No. 131746

Ok, understand why people complain so much about internships now. Herebwhere I am, once you do 2months of work you get paid thanks to a recent law. You don't earn much but you don't pay taxes because of the internship and you might get all kind of aids you can't get with an actual salary iirc.

In my country there is so much competition that if you don't have prior experience but still have a degree with great grades you're still screwed. I'll see whats available in my college though, maybe I can find things there more easily than by looking for a job by myself.

No. 131747

Yeah, internship law in the US is pretty shaky stuff, but until student debt is properly handled, it likely won't change soon. The US is a backwards place in a lot of ways when it comes to education and employment.

Decent co-workers is often what makes retail bearable. I'm still working retail, but I recently started a job that actually relates to my field and thankfully my co workers there seem cool too. I hope I do well so that I can quit retail, but that won't be for awhile.

No. 131748

I would never work retail. At least I get tips as a waitress. Maybe retail is slightly less stressful and physically demanding, but you still have to deal with the worst of the worst people. Or do you guys get commission?

No. 131749

It depends, some places will give you commission based on sales, but usually you get paid less hourly. That's the main reason why I don't think I could work as a waitress is because there are a lot of horrible tippers and I'd rather not put how much I make in their hands.

At my current job I don't get commission, but it's full time, more then $10/hr (which is insane given I started in Sept of last year as a seasonal in a different dept for less money) and I have benefits. Most retail places want to keep you under full time as much as possible so that they don't have to do shit (and I was on Obamacare when I had my previous job which paid me jack shit compared to what is currently min wage) as well as close to min wage as they think they can. My only advice with retail is that you shouldn't settle for a lower amount when you've had a few years of experience. I did and I regret it now, even though I was desperate for a job at the time.

No. 131750

To be honest the law I mentioned is pretty recent too, I only heard about it some months ago. But most students over here don't have to deal with an insane tuition most of the time.

No. 131751

Are interships more important than work experience? I have a pretty useless degree but I worked all the time while being at uni. First I worked for an enterprise agency and now I'm doing research for a professor and also giving classes at uni. But because of working and studying I never had times for interships . Some of my friends did so many it kind of scares me.

No. 131752

Internships can count as work experience, especially when you're looking at an entry level position that want a few years in the field (legit there are job listings like that.) If you have other work experience, just make it seem relevant when applying for a job.

No. 131753

Did I just shoot myself in the foot by sending out a resume that only had my previous job experiences and didn't include the schools I graduated from/attended?

Though if I do go to the job fair tomorrow I'll just let them know I'm not a high-school dropout, I feel really stupid for doing this accidentally.

No. 131754

Bring an updated print out of your resume if that's the case.

No. 131755

File: 1454925304643.png (7.83 KB, 381x381, 1451292695868.png)

I'm not in school(I was alazy shit so my grades went down the toilet) and I'm not employed because no experience, it's shitty. I really want to live with my older sister and go to school where she's at but without job experience I'm stuck here.
Right now I'm planning to volunteer at my local animal shelter and library, so that'll help me out right?

>I just really need a job so I can show my parents I'm not a bum and have money to blow on whatever I want but just thinking about job interviews makes me want to fling myself into the sun

No. 131756


My bf graduated with a Molecular Biology BS, so this is what he's experienced.

The viability of getting a job, even as a lab tech will really depend on where you are located. We live somewhere where there are a lot of universities and entry-level jobs are pretty competitive, so if you don't have lab experience going into job hunting, it might be more difficult.

You could consider getting some lab certifications (I know that HPLC is helpful around here) from your local tech college.

No. 131757

>work in retail management
>try to get job at a bakery instead
>have an interview with a manager and they tell me to come in for a practice day
>make a complete embarrassment of myself in front of a massive group of chinese tourists
>rest of the hour is so dead that they just let me go because there's nothing I can do besides hovering behind the managers
I feel so shitty it'd be a bit of a relief if they don't call me back, I'm not even tall enough to see over the front counter

No. 131758

File: 1455073862502.jpg (49.07 KB, 643x456, call-center-brokers.jpg)

I'm ready to jump ship on my shitty call centre job because I'm an introvert and the whole time I've worked here has been awful for my mental health (i.e. I come home and am a horrible bitch because I want everyone to leave me alone).

That said, I don't know what my alternative is as a uni grad who has an arts degree that is not particularly useful as is. I just want a job that doesn't make me want to tear my eyes out at the end of the day.

Any ideas of jobs for introverts that don't require a whole lot of experience? I don't mind interacting with people (I'm not shy necessarily), but phones ringing off the hook all day are stressing me the fuck out.

No. 131759

Volunteering is a good start and good way to keep busy imo (so as not forget how to function in society).

It's actually not too hard to get hired even with 0 experience, though, since there's always a shitty employer out there with a high turnover who needs a quick replacement. I'm the callcentre-chan who just posted, and that was the first real job I had. I kinda wish now that I'd been more selective, but I was desperate and jumped at my first offer.

No. 131760

Embarrassment how? It's probably no consolation, but most people are too busy focusing on their own lives to remember the screw ups of others for more than a day.

No. 131761

What's the job market like for California/Washington bio graduates? My friend is finishing up his 2nd year of graduate and I'm worried about his future(due to my lack of knowledge about this subject matter)

No. 131762

When I was originally interviewed I felt like I came off as being really competent and the manager seemed to like me. The day I went in to shadow I just kept making really stupid mistakes like having trouble folding boxes and putting the wrong number of items in them, which really held everyone up when the group was ordering. During this the manager came over and just threw away a bunch of stuff I had been trying to wrap and did it herself. I couldn't use their registers either, which would have made a big difference if I could have processed orders instead of telling another employee what had to be rang up.

Besides the one rush it was really dead so after a bit they just told me to leave because there was nothing I could do, and that they'd call me back if they wanted me to come in again. I wouldn't mind a second chance but the manager seemed disappointed in me and I feel discouraged about not doing a good job.

No. 131763

i don't know if this will help, but if your major is art, maybe a graphic designer or graphic artist? you can start by commissioning on deviantart or drawcrowd or artstation. i don't know about making bucks of it though.

No. 131764

Dif anon, but there is always a bit of a learning curve whenever you start a new job. Did they say it wasn't going to work out? Because that did happen to me last night and I was super bummed, but I still have a ft job so I'm not at a total loss.

No. 131765

i'm in nursing school and im starting a new job this week at a nursing home and im so nervous. i fucking hate old people but the only places that hire students are nursing homes. i'm an alcoholic and i've often come into work late smelling like booze at my old jobs and it got me a bad reputation. im scared that everyone talk about me behind my back and ill suck at my job. i have no confidence. i just want to be done school and working in the birth unit

No. 131766

maybe try drinking more fruity type drinks and wear a sweet perfume, maybe it will help idk but good luck to you with your education + career!

No. 131767

thank you!

No. 131768

File: 1455577235846.gif (904.25 KB, 500x532, 1427429286618.gif)

I have an interview coming up for publix, my friend is an assistant manager and she will be interviewing me with her boss apparently.

I'm feeling really anxious because I'm terrible talking to people I don't know. But I've been researching good interview behavior and about the store. I hope I'll do well and get the job.

Another thing I'm worried about is that I don't have an address, but I'm using my friends address. Hopefully that doesn't cause any problems.

No. 131769

I have an appointment with my university tomorrow to help me find a job. Hopefully they can point me in the correct direction (or, more so, help me figure out what I really want to do).

No. 131770

If the appointment is with boss, then you have good chances, because it's rare when appointment happens with a boss, and it's 90% of time end in rejection if you have appointment with just a HR girl, who sees you nothing more than a resource.

No. 131771

if you're working in a nursing home maybe you could shift your addiction to a light opiate like tramadol? I know this sounds like really bad advice but 1. it doesn't smell 2. it's more sociable in general 3. you will be able to do your job and not endanger others 4. in moderate dosage it doesn't destroy your body the way alcohol does 5. when you're on opiates alcohol isn't fun at all. it only gives you a head ache.

most people in the health and care industry are addicted to some kind of medication anyway.

or try the sensible approach and get sober, try therapy and stay away from all kind of substances.

No. 131772

They said they'd call me back if they wanted me again and it's been a week, so it looks like I'm not getting hired. I'm not that upset because the manager seemed kind of weird by the time I left (the manager at my current job is really great) but it would've been nice to see if I liked the job because it would have counted towards culinary school if I were to go for that. The place is normally very busy so they probably just wanted someone already experienced to get in and work.

On the positive side my parents actually started talking to me about college and want me to go back by September. I wish they acted like this when I graduated from high school but they're probably happy I have more money to pay for tuition.

No. 131773

So I went there today and the appointment was with the head manager of customer service (and the store I believe) and the assistant manager (who is my friend)

I'm gonna vent about it a bit and get some anxiety out.

So I applied at publix for anyone who works there. I went in and saw my friend and she told me to pretend I don't know her. I also go there 10 mins early which was good.

The interview lasted for 20 minutes and had basic interview questions. I was nervous and I blanked for one second during a sentence but that's it. The woman who interviewed was really sweet and she was in the same situation as me when she was my age. She did ask me a question that took me a minute to think about because it was a saying from the founder of publix. Ahhh..

So after that I asked her 1 question asking how I compare to other people and she said I was the first person she interviewed today but I have fantastic qualifications.(yay) then she went on and pretty much answered my second question about what happens after I get hired (hypothetically speaking) and the interview ended. She told me she'll be calling sometime this Friday wether it's yes or no at 5 and said just to wait by the phone.

Also she didn't take any notes while I interviewed. My dad said its a good thing because I didn't say anything negative.

But yeah, now I'm really anxious. I hope I get this job. A publix employee said if they call I basically got the job. I Hope so.

No. 131774

Interviewed not applied**

No. 131775

try to stress your competence despite nervousness, you lucked out with a similarly minded employer but she understands your flaws just as hard as your strengths. your employer is your lifeline and your reference on your application, make them proud of hiring you.

she probably didn't take notes because you went first and she'll remember you better because of that and your similarities

always call them back, even if they don't. it shows you care and that you're motivated and interested in the job - you'll be a better candidate for being considered again in the future if nothing else

What was the quote/saying she gave you? Your response was important and probably something she took into account. What position were you applying for?

and remember to always take rejection as criticism, not failure. it's never ever the end of the world. always, always, always, learn from it. Make sure your friend is putting in a good word and is giving you advice on the interview and work itself, especially the specifics.

You got this farmer, you're motivated, you have ethics and you're already going to outside sources for help. You'll do and have done great even if you don't get the job.

No. 131776

I have minimal experience and I have no idea how to spin it on my resume in a way that would at least net me an interview. I think if I could get that far it wouldn't be too difficult but I feel like I'm just sending my shit resume into the void and not even being considered… its discouraging

No. 131777

See if there's some sort of hiring agency that helps get your resume out there. I had shit luck with getting anywhere since January until I accidentally applied to one that had a job listing online and they've been working with me for the past month and netted me 3 interviews that have gone pretty well.

No. 131778

I went to an interview yesterday and the whole thing was so cheesy and annoying, they treated us like slabs of meat on a conveyor belt. We had 2 minutes to 'convince the jury' that we're right for the job and they kept repeating that 'you don't get a second chance to make a first impression!!', no pressure or anything.
The jury looked so disinterested and I was the last one to go. Fuck that.

I'm applying for other jobs atm because there's no way in hell I'm getting that job but I was perfect for it, I just don't know how to sell myself.

No. 131779

File: 1463104645210.jpg (89.24 KB, 276x258, 5468793.jpg)

I filled out an application for this cafe style place near where I live. The manager said the person hired would only be getting paid minimum wage but at this point I'll take peanuts. My current job at a pharm is really wearing me down and I'd rather take the cut and lose a couple dollars to be in a comfy artisan food shop.

I'm starting to feel really desperate so I hope they call me back for an interview or something.

No. 131780

I hope it goes well for you!
I also hope the shop is good, not to but my nose in but a friend of mine used to work at a cafe. Every plate/cup she broke, was taken out of her paycheck. Although the shop was really nice, the management wasn't.
Just beware, and keep looking - hosting jobs are usually really difficult and deserve more pay but don't get it.

No. 131781

>started working at ice cream place
>first job
>third day of training
>'ok anon, today you get to serve and ring up customers!'
>twenty minutes in manager tells me to go take a ten minute bbreak
>forget to add peanut bbutter to one guy's order
>keep fucking up portions
>afraid to raise voice due to childhood abuse
>have to yell at customers because it's loud af in the bbackline
>pretty sure all of my coworkers hate me

No. 131782

graduated with a BS in 2014. took me over a year to settle into a good stable job.
i'm a programmer.
i'm happy and it's exactly the job i wanted BUT there are things i want MORE than that, specifically - spending time living abroad (things i didnt do in college due to parents/bf at time holding me back with negative mindsets)

now i'm just… scared to drop everything and go live my real dream. i'm 25 and confident i could easily escape for a few years then come back to the workforce in my late 20s. i just don't know how to break out of my current routine. i guess just drop everything is literally the only thing to do. /rant

No. 131783

File: 1463242881776.png (797.33 KB, 812x806, gr8.png)

I'm really paranoid about pursuing the field of nursing while I'm in Los Angeles.

Nursing is oversaturated here, my academic transcripts at the local community college I attend to is abysmal, and I feel like it's a complete cliche because I remember a ton of people in highschool wanted to be nurses and I feel like I'll just be one of the thousands of nursing students here aspiring to be a RN.

Granted, my dream career goal is to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner but I know it is a LOT of time and commitment and I'm so paranoid I will never be competent enough to reach it. I know that careers in general have every pros and cons to it, but I really want to be a nurse.

I was thinking on getting a CNA certificate, work in a nursing home and then build up experience there while going to nursing school. I'm just so stressed out because at 21, I felt like it's already too late to go into the nursing path.

I also have no work experience whatsoever. I have volunteer experience, but it was mostly city hall admin stuff.

I'm just so paranoid I'll never be able to find a job let alone secure a safe career. I have horrible academic grade history ( I'm working on them though, I don't care how long it takes I want to be a good student again ) and I have no work experience.

I'm scared. I'm enrolling in a pharmacy technician program in the fall, because I want to use that as a fallback but even then I feel like I'm jumping all over the place and not jumping towards that one goal I want to thrive for.

No. 131784

dont give up on your dream.
if you know its gonna be a lot of work, work for it.

No. 131785

Is it possible for you to relocate for a year or two? Some parts of the US are experiencing shortages aND you can at least grab some experience.

I work at an actually decent college with a nursing program and all of our nurses seem to find jobs because the city is starved of trained professionals. People are actually coming out here to work.

No. 131786

File: 1463248765897.jpg (87.92 KB, 450x600, eirin.jpg)

Thank you so much! I'm definitely not giving up. I know the high burnout rates for nurses and how much shit they have to go through, so I definitely want to prepare myself for that.
I really wouldn't mind- the problem with relocation however is that my boyfriend wants to work for the LAPD so I'm just worried he won't be too keen on relocation, unless if its applicable that there are law enforcement-related jobs in the areas where there are in demand for people who want to be cops.

May I ask what are the parts of the US that are experiencing nurse shortages? I was thinking on the midwest but any recommendations coming from yourself would definitely be taken to heart.

Thank you so much for responding to this! It really reassures me and I hope both my boyfriend and I can find jobs related to our fields.

No. 131787

File: 1463613675670.gif (813.84 KB, 245x136, tumblr_o51j3nTBBw1rvoixxo4_250…)

Today was such a bad day at work that I felt like I'd come rant a bit. I'm the op who wrote >>131700 and it's so weird to read that post now and to see how basically nothing has changed since three months ago.

I'm still doing shitty customer service and I thought I'd be out of here so fast once I had experience, but it hasn't been nearly as easy as I'd thought. I haven't been getting any replies and most days I'm too exhausted to even send out resumes, I feel trapped. And today my coworker was fired for the stupidest reasons and I've had it, I'm so done with this place.

Is it really that bad to quit my current job before finding a new one? I've always read how you really shouldn't do that, but it's causing me such stress and I don't know if it's worth it anymore. Fyi, I live at home so rent wouldn't become an issue or anything… Anyway, sorry for the rant.

No. 131788

I work in a call center for a cable company and it is fucking unbearable. I decided to take a year off before going to college and save money but man its awful. I get people who are calling me a cunt / bitch etc and you have to kiss their ass and can't hang up on them or else you'll get fired. Its also busy all day the calls are back to back you don't have time to breathe between calls. I really want to quit but I just can't stand customer service job

sorry for the blog post but if anyone knows a job that has little interaction with people and that does not require a degree lemi know

No. 131789

Ugh, I know exactly how you feel. I ended up working in what amounted to a welfare office (hurray shitty liberal arts degree) for about a year and quit completely burnt out. I also burned bridges with the smug idiots who worked there but that's another story.

Now I'm planning on going back to school for an engineering degree. God I hate my life.

No. 131790

Ugh, are you me? I'm in the same boat and I came in as someone who was slightly introverted but okay with people, customer service is making me want to find a job where I can avoid as much human contact as possible.

I'm wondering this too, what are the best job options for people with less-than-impressive degrees who don't want to be on the phone all day? I'm really not picky with what I do, but I have a hard time finding entry-level jobs without "fast-paced" or "phone heavy" in the description.

Also hating my life and considering going back for more education.

No. 131791

Shitty liberal arts degree anon here. Have you considered lab tech jobs? I admittedly haven't done much research on them yet but they sound all right. You might even be able to parlay it into experience toward a higher ranking job/education.

No. 131792

File: 1463628825984.png (678.04 KB, 500x711, signal_sos.png)

It's actually more like an open salad bar with bakery and packaged meals/baked goods that are made in-house that people can choose from, so no plates to worry about breaking!

I am bummed though because I haven't received a response back. And of course this week at my current job has been pretty bad. Last week I went in at the wrong time because my schedule was changed and I didn't get an updated copy. I tried being more careful this week but lo and behold the manager didn't add someone to close tonight so I got a nice call on my day off that I had to go in because no one else could.

I just want a job where I can have a set schedule and be in and out, no favors or mistakes to deal with. One time when I was working a woman started talking to me about college and my life goals and said something along the lines of "I can tell you're the type of person that can do more than this" and now it just repeats in my head every time I clock in.

No. 131793

File: 1463629317819.gif (931.89 KB, 258x258, 1463092994968.gif)

>I get people who are calling me a cunt / bitch etc and you have to kiss their ass and can't hang up on them or else you'll get fired.

I work at a call center for an airline. Damn anon, that's rough. At least if customers swear at and berate us we can actually disconnect the call after giving a warning if they continue. So at least we get some rights.

But I completely feel you about back to back calls. I work second shift and it's pretty damn busy up until 11pm. It's worse even for first shift workers who are expected to handle anywhere between 300-500 calls a shift depending the volume. I fucking hate November-January because it's the busiest time of year with the most schedule irregularities, and also when my company enacts mandatory overtime where we're forced to work a 12-14 hour minimum shift.

The worst for me is the emotional manipulation, threats, and the bargaining that customers impose during my calls. I simply can't change company policy or make exceptions regardless of the situations and people think I have magic wands for it.
I deal with the most hectic calls: a woman saying she needs to book a flight home ASAP because a member of her family was murdered, a crazy woman who claims she can predict my future trying to find the non-existent flight of her Nigerian military commander husband, and poor basement-dwelling men who buy tickets for their exotic foreign gfs who wind up stiffing them at the airports.
The other day I had a woman threaten to "take her story to Twitter" because I couldn't make guarantees over the phone that she wouldn't have to pay a baggage fee for a piece of luggage that she claims was for humanitarian purposes.

But anyway I am also
>tfw liberal arts degree meme
Except I don't think it's worthless. I do feel like having a graduate degree shows that I can commit and work towards long-term goals. I originally wanted to get my foot in the door with a publishing house but, surprise, they all demand x years of internships and experience. Most internships I've looked at require me to still be in school, which is a clever stipulation to get away with not paying 'students.' Everyone tells me that I should either teach or get my doctorate, but tbh I feel so burned out. I want to write more but my job is mentally exhausting as well.

All I do is wake up in my one-bedroom apartment that I'm overpaying for, eat something, dread going to work, come home, eat, shower, argue with bf, and bed. Rinse and repeat. It's so depressing with no future in sight at the moment.

No. 131794

Hey, for those experienced with short term jobs I'd really like some help.

I'm leaving in August for a 2 year masters in Sweden, with about 4k saved. The recommended amount is 8k per year, I can cut that down, but I need more money, and very very fast.

Currently I'm on two 0 hour contract jobs. My "regular" has given me 40 hours this entire month, the other only offers a day or two every other month. There's a potential to work more hours in my regular one, in a different section, but the managers are so awful I'd have a breakdown within a week, every time I try it out they target me, so that's a last, last resort.

I've tried applying to call centres nearby, but my haste made me sabotage the interviews, and I can't apply to them again for a while.

I registered for a freelancing site, but it seems like there's a huge amount of competition (literally I had to enter a 'contest' of some kind to try write up a description). Just about to send an email to a company that writes up product descriptions, offering to do a few for free to show my mad skillz, but honestly I've no idea how it'll work.

This month because I've been offered basically no work and it's stressing me the fuck out, I've been trying to sell anything of value. My console, games, TV, boxsets etc. Books seem to be worth nothing. Some of this stuff I love, but I feel I don't have much choice. Soon I'll be on to my loved clothing, and god forbid if I have to sell my piano/keyboard/guitar.

So does anyone have any ideas of where I can apply/what I can look for with jobs? I only just realised yesterday that I missed my opportunity to be a private tutor for certain subjects, since the exam period is by.

No. 131795

Does anybody else here deal with a shitty part time job in food service while in college? I work as a barista at a local chain and it sucks. The worst are those customers that think they are better than us lowly food service workers

No. 131796

Unfortunately I don't know how you could make several thousand in a short amount of time, but is it possible and legal for you to work in Sweden? Maybe you could find a part time job that gives you a few hours a week?

No. 131797

Reporting in! The customers I hate the most are the ones who bitch about prices. I'm a poor and powerless coffee pusher, don't yell at me about it you cheap asshole. How many days are you working?

No. 131798

People who pressure customer service for discounts are the fucking worst. Surely they must know it's not our company and not our choice to make?

No. 131799

File: 1463672649577.gif (25.07 KB, 519x393, d5542c_d21985accf7648ae8b97048…)

Oh shiiiiiet the manager actually called me back today and set up an interview for tomorrow morning. Regardless of being hired or not it feels like such a relief when they actually contact you again.

No. 131800

I work Saturday and Sunday mornings… so I've got classes Monday - Friday and then work on the weekend. I hate it. Shitty store manager, high turn over recently so lots of new faces, entitled regulars who think they are coffee experts but have no clue what they are ordering ("why is so much foam in my cappuccino??? You're a ripoff!!!!" etc) and so many other things I hate. I'm currently not looking for a new job though because my coworkers are 90% angels and keep me sane

No. 131801

>I'm just so stressed out because at 21, I felt like it's already too late to go into the nursing path.

At the college I'm re-attending, most of the nursing students are in their thirties. Hell, I'm going BACK to school at 24 since it turns out I couldn't find a job with my CCNA. I can sort of get away with it since tuition is dirt cheap in Quebec. Don't worry about age, bruv; you're gonna make it.

No. 131802


Hey anon, I just switched programs in my second year of uni, and like you I felt it was a late decision. Over the past year, I just felt pathetic being in a new program surrounded by students 2 years younger than me. It really killed me knowing that I would be graduating later than my friends I entered college with. I felt like a disappointment for wasting so much time and money.
But you know what, it's never too late to go after what you want. We only have one life and that's enough reason to do whatever we strive for. So good luck on everything! Nursing is a wonderful field to go into.

No. 131803

File: 1467072996836.jpg (23.76 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_o6tamtKWPN1qaewh…)

One of my coworkers was fired, the other one went on mat leave, and now I'm the only one left to do everything in the office. I'm so miserable and stressed out, I'm giving in my two weeks notice in three weeks so I'll be out by the end of August. I don't have another job lined up and I'll be unemployed, but at this point I don't care because the stress is affecting my personal life.

I think I'm gonna bit the bullet and go teach English in Japan for a year since I have no reason not to at this point. Is there a thread for teaching abroad?

No. 131804

*out by the beginning of August

No. 131805

Hmm nothing so specific but there's:


"Anyone want to live in Japan?"

"Visiting Japan"

Sort of a Japan general.

Good luck to you anon, it sucks when work makes you hate life.

No. 131806

Thanks, anon! Those are really helpful, I'll check them out.

Yeah, as this was my first job I'm finding it hard not to feel like this is what work is and it's normal to just go through the motions with it until you retire (and then die), but I know that's not true. I hear a lot of grads go teach abroad because it's generally the best time to do so, so I figure I may as well give it a go while I figure myself out.

No. 131807

I would set up your application to teach abroad first, then quit. While at your job, demand a raise since you're doing 2x the workload.

No. 131808

I'm a waitress for the summer. I work the morning shift at a restaurant. Since we are in a very hot and humid area the morning shift is usually pretty dead, so I do it alone with a single busboy/assistant waiter, plus two kitchen stuff.

The old assistant waiter quit, and the new guy is retarded. Like, literally, I think he is borderline retarded IQ wise. He's not drooling on himself or anything, but he's incapable of understanding very, very simple things. Like, for example, that he should look at the dining hall and clean tables that are finished, take orders to the kitchen the moment I give them to him, and not do fucking evening prep when we have a table of 8 waiting on drinks that he should be pouring but isn't. It's not a matter of not knowing the job either, he's worked at a restaurent before. All the things I mentioned only require a bit of common sense.
He comes in 30 minutes earlier than he should, 30 minutes earlier than me, and his half of the opening chores are not done when we're supposed to be fucking opening.
He also has very little social skills, speaks very slowly, and breaths from his mouth.

It's not like the old guy was fucking Einstein, but at least he could have a coversation and understand what his job is.

The owner knows he's stupid, too. He jokes about it all the time. He basically had to hire the first guy to walk through the door as the previous one left in such short notice.

I really, really hope he fucks up real bad soon, in order to get fired. He makes my job 100 times harder.

No. 131809

I'm in my second year of nursing school and 21 years old. A lot of my classmates are in their thirties and forties. I'm pregnant and many of us have kids and families. If you're 21 with no kids, you're going to have a much easier time than a lot of people.

No. 131810

File: 1467212302340.jpg (107.93 KB, 750x750, 1451689530455.jpg)

I'm 22, I have no professional experience and I can't find a job. I need a job to pay for my driver license and to get more experience but I need to already have professional experience and a driver license to get pretty much all the jobs I found so far. Everyone my age I know found jobs only thanks to their family or friends but I can't count on anyone. Makes want to kms at this point.

No. 131811

I totally know the feel. I can't drive legally either. Mine is more of a phobia and inattentiveness problem though.

Anyway, I hope it encourages you if I tell you I got my first job in my mid-twenties in a shitty restaurant, and as long as I could make it, no one really cared. I got rides home all the time from people that lived nearby.

I was having trouble finding work online too, so I started going to places at the shopping center nearby and asking. Turns out one day the shitty little Steak N' Shake had a career fair and they don't even do online hiring!

Just make sure you talk to some of your potential coworkers and try not to make it obvious, but try to see if that kind of environment open to car pooling is there. You'd be surprised.

Now, if you're trying to work at a high skill, professional digs kind of place… yeah you're shit out of luck. You'll have to lower your standards a bit.

No. 131812

I feel you anon. I'm 22 too and the lack of a boost from friends/family really makes a difference. The lack of drivers license is a real pain too.

If you have a voluntary job you could count that as professional experience most of the time. I know it's small, but it's really helped me into the type of work I'm in atm.

No. 131813

For what it's worth I'm 22 and the only real working experience I've had is a summer internship two years ago (through nepotism). I still managed to get hired at a place recently. It's not anything spectacular and the work seems mostly tedious but I am interested in the company and what it does and I think that showed to the hiring manager.

Even if you might be at a disadvantage in experience I think some employers would rather you give a shit about what they do over not.

No. 131814

I feel you anon, same age, same problem. I only managed to get one internship via a family's friend, besides that I only have retail/barista experience from the standard part time job most students do.

Maybe we need to try to get some internships and then apply for jobs? Also I've heard some companies might hire you if you were a good intern before. In fact many jobs I applied/want to apply for even required you do an internship with them before they even give you the job.
Really if by the end of the summer I haven't managed to get job, I honestly see no other option if I ever wanna go past shitty retail/barista jobs.

It is shitty feeling though; all the time you spend on your degree, all the years you worked hard to support yourself, it's all worth nothing. In the end you're better off if you know the right people.

No. 131815

What's it like trying to get a job after being out of work for a while due to illness?

I imagine difficult. It's really stressing me out imagining that my chosen career will be closed off because my body hates me.

No. 131816

Nevermind internships, if you guys haven't worked before and aren't qualified for anything you can walk into then you should look at volunteering. Just working at a charity of some kind for a few months can really boost your chances at getting somewhere to take you seriously.

No. 131817

I haven't find any job, be it internships, or entry level jobs. All the times I've asked for entry level jobs, employers told me that I needed experience. I asked to become a maid (dunno if that's the word?) in a hotel for the summer and the employer said that I needed to have a degree from a tourism school. The job is literally doing the beds and cleaning the rooms, and I've been asked to have a very specific degree for that. Another time I've been told I needed to already have 1 year of experience in order to prepare sandwiches for a bakery. I guess it's because of the competition but what the fuck? Where I live it's at this point where having a shitty part time job as a student is a goddamn privilege.

No. 131818

I'm so tired applying for jobs. I have one but I'm after a second just to boost up my savings since I've got plans. But it's annoying I just never hear back even with experience.

No. 131819

Person who had first job at Steak n' Shake here. The job ad also said that experience was preferred and people didn't really have confidence I'd get it.

I managed to get it because I capitalized on experience in school and volunteering the right way. It didn't work the first few interviews I tried, but with practice, it paid off.

Don't give up! Try to practice interview techniques, get more volunteering in, and groom yourself into a prime candidate they can't resist.

Taking some kind of communications class also really helps, if you haven't already.

Fake it til you make it, honestly.

No. 131820

I'm wondering if I should look for a second job. I work as a cashier right now and my manager was talking about training me at the customer service desk. She said I needed to work on improving my speed first. So, I'm not sure where I'm headed with this job atm.

I was thinking of looking for another (probably part time) job because I could use the money and the experience. I'm 26 and before this job I've only had one internship and some volunteer experience. My goal is to eventually get a full time job (probably in something accounting related) but I feel like I lack actual work experience right now.

I'm also doing freelance art and writing as well as self publishing erotica in my free time. Should I focus more on this instead of looking for another part time job?

No. 131821

How did you do that anon?

No. 131822

You have to really get kind of creative and you have to fake the confidence until it is very genuine.

Easier said than done, really, but I can impart some tips.

Don't lose confidence over a voluntary job being "not a real job." I volunteered for an adoption fair and this offered me plenty of experiences to pick from.

I emphasized ability to recognize situations which required me to do antibiotic and antiviral cleaning ASAP, and therefore I understood the importance of following food safety regulations.

I emphasized that I could be a good problem solver by coming up with situations where I had to think fast. There were times in an independent research lab and in my volunteering with animals that required immediate intervention.

I didn't have sales or serving experience, so I emphasized that some potential adopters wanted to tell me what they wanted in a dog, and a few of them I was able to direct to a dog they then adopted. This was EXTREMELY valuable to them.

The point is, phrase your experiences in ways that link it concretely to the skills they are asking for. You're probably gonna want to write some note cards and practice public speaking with them.

The other big thing is confidence. I was a socially awkward wreck and a bit of a NEET first looking for a job, so it took awhile. I took a public speaking class which helped, and started using some specific techniques to build confidence.

Do not have submissive body language going into any opportunity. You need to stretch yourself out, do things that impart more assertive feelings. This will be the "faking" part that will make the confidence genuine.

Watch this TED talk to see what I mean: https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are?language=en

No. 131823

I work in a shitty diner type place and i'm so glad i only have a couple more weeks to work there. We've changed managers at least four times over the last couple months cause the place is just a shithole. It stays open 24hrs and is cheap so naturally it attracts some garbage customers.

I basically just stand by the door and greet people and clean the place. It's boring and easy enough but the people are what makes it so draining. The newest manager is a fat douchebag that is never happy with anyone's work and likes to lowkey flirt with the female workers. We get shit customers who yell at you and throw shit if things don't go their way and of course the usual robberies so you always gotta be alert. I mean, i've met some allright people at the place but the rest are just…eugh. I've watched dudes pull guns on one another right in the parking lot and it's like "Well hell, it's no wonder you can't keep employees here". Why am i going to stand right next to the door while two guys try to shoot bullets into each other's faces right in front of me? Nope. Certain shifts get robbed enough at gunpoint that just standing by the door makes me nervous.

One of the decent cooks quit and one of the best waitresses we had left so the weekend rush hours are total hell. It goes even slower than usual and our newest manager just kinda walks around like a dumbass. He can't even create a new schedule on time at times so if you need time off you better hope he remembers or else your stuck having to call in everytime you need time off for something.

I'm putting in my two weeks notice real soon. I have to leave for uni anyway and it's easy to get on-campus jobs so there isn't much point in me staying. Getting shot or glass tossed at me over minimum wage is not my cup of tea.

No. 131824

I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Be wary of some campus jobs though, I got fucked over with one real bad and had to drop out. Basically, let me put it this way, if your boss does anything bad that you can be implicated for, whistle blowing would have more immediate damaging consequences for you the student than it ever does for them.

So its really quite easy to exploit students in ways that make the administrative person have total control over their future and life. Its fucked up. If something seems fishy and weird, it probably is.

No. 131825

I just have a question: Where can I find work clothes for petites besides banana republic? I love BR but it's too expensive and work clothes in other places are too big. I've tried looking in the juniors but they don't make work clothes in those sizes and I don't fit into women's sizes. Other retailers don't have many petite options.

No. 131826

Thrift stores

No. 131827

I can't fit into a lot of clothes cause i'm too small as well. Do what >>131826 says or try ordering things from asian countries cause they're sizes are smaller.

No. 131828

Jeetly! A lot of their stuff comes in absolutely manktastic colours but they've some good stuff

No. 131829

I was thinking of getting a job in my university's library because pretty much everyone dives into working for the dining halls. Hopefully the people who run the place don't screw me over. I think they have some type of rule in place where they aren't allowed to schedule me in a way that conflicts with my classes and they can't push me over 20 hours a week.

If they try some bs tho i'll be on the lookout so thanks for warning me.

No. 131830

I don't want to get into too many details for reasons that will become obvious, but my boss basically had me caught up in agreeing to something that could have gotten me expelled from that school and banned from financial aid forever.

No. 131831

He asked you to suck his dick didn't he

No. 131832

No. In some ways I would have preferred that because actually I would have never risked any consequence like expulsion or losing financial aid. I just would have reported it and they'd get in trouble.

No. 131833

honestly to clear BS like this up I'm just gonna clarify a little bit.

It involved work I did on what is really more of my boss's charity project, and that I later found out was not only forgoing following regulations regarding it to get funding first and work that out later, but something that was not really work the school would have approved of for all those reasons. My time sheets were essentially worthless records to them because of all this. Even though I worked all semester.

So consequences of whistle blowing included at least getting all my money taken away, and at most getting expelled + aid taken away if boss felt vindictive enough to argue successfully that I was in on the fraud knowingly.

No. 131834

That's a good idea… I've been putting it off, but I'll probably try to do that in the next few weeks.

That said, I think they'd fire me if I asked for a raise. Girls in our position are seen as easily replaceable at this place, so I wouldn't put it past them.

No. 131835

So…i was originally going to put in my two weeks notice but things have gotten so hellish with scheduling. I'm the anon who from>>33644
and the latest manager is flipping schedules constantly. I could not be scheduled all week and then i end up scheduled randomly during that week and not know until the last minute. It's getting really frustrating. All my coworkers understand i have to leave for school and they all figured i would have to leave anyway so i didn't really need to tell them but once the recent manager caught wind of it he started playing with my scheduling and being an even bigger ass.

I wanna be polite and give a two week notice but it seems like i don't even need to if my manager is just gonna change things to where i might as well not even come anymore.

Has anyone here ever quit a job without a two week notice? When is it ok to not give one? I'm at the end of my rope here.

No. 131836

I think you should give notice, just to be polite and take the higher ground even though the place is shit. You could always give it in this Monday, then you'll only have two weeks to go. That is, UNLESS you feel as though your safety is seriously at stake, then I would just leave.

The only time when I (kind of) left without notice was when I was super young and didn't know I had to give notice in writing, so by the time it was time to leave they forgot I'd notified them about it verbally a while back. I left that day anyway, but even now I wish I had notified them properly. Either way, good luck anon! I'm quitting soon too and there are days I wish I could just walk out and never come back without saying a word, but I'm trying not to burn any bridges.

No. 131837

File: 1467651944865.jpeg (36.71 KB, 300x600, image.jpeg)

anyone here work in the medical field, particularly as an EMT/paramedic/nurse/PA?

I'm interested in entering the field (thinking about getting my BSN and working as an EMT prior to that with the ultimate goal of working as a PA or NP), and I'd like to hear some experiences.

No. 131838

I tried to work in neuro. had an internship.

A few things about my experience:
The healthcare system is truly unsympathetic and profit based. If you are going into this to help people, you are going to need an insurmountable amount of strength to get over how your ethics and morals are going to be tested, everyday.

I had quite a few experiences during my internship where I truly felt that I witnessed abuse of a patient. And I felt very powerless to do anything about it. Its very hard to be the person that asks a lot of questions about, "Well, shouldn't we have stopped when the patient begged us to? Isn't that what I've been taking a patient care class for?" They don't care. They want to bill the insurance or medicaid or whatever and get the money. I saw them bill several young, broke mothers for tests on babies and toddlers that were exhibiting normal developmental ticks, "just in case" it might be epilepsy. You'll see so very much of that kind of shit and maybe even participate in it yourself.

Oh and you will witness death. You will witness the lack of care for people depending on class. You will witness old ass rich motherfuckers that everyone knows shouldn't be alive anymore kept alive on machines, not living a life, because their families won't let the fuck go and throw all their money at terminal illness.

If an administrator does not for any reason like you or think you are suited for the job, you better prepare yourself for the most hyperbolic exaggeration and bullshitting of your failures imaginable. It's very militaristic and only the highest standards apply.

As such, the best recommendation I can give you is to not make my mistake and to actually volunteer in a clinical setting for an adequate length of time before deciding this is what you want. It is a hard, emotionally rough, callous, and difficult field that is only rewarding for the most resilient and smart people out there.

If you are at all emotionally sensitive, lazy, or struggle with learning disabilities you either need to grow a thick skin, get persistent, and learn to immediately cope with little to no help or guidance otherwise you should stop now. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm honestly just saying some stuff I wish had been made more clear to me.

No. 131839

Honestly, what this anon >>131838 said about the medical industry is true, which is exactly why I decided to pursue public health instead. I care more about morals and ethics and helping people and public health fits that way better, although of course the pay is lower, which I don't care about at all.

No. 131840

are you me
sounds like your manager means she wants you to get the customer thru your line faster, I was hired as a cashier and moved to customer service/bookkeeping; whip thru scanning items faster and your manager will prob train you.

i mean why bother with another part time job may as well skip that step and try to get your goal n land a full time job, i have family members who had no degree in accounting but worked their way up to accounting. maybe a temp agency could help you land a decent pay office job where you could work your way up (where i am they drug test at local temp agencies so b clean)
basically youre me, i jump around between beta ass jobs and freelancing art, tryin to land a 'real full time job' to dissentigrate at as well. the main downside to freelancing full time from my experience is unsteady gigs, having good time management and self discipline/direction (i suck at this), and as im sure youve heard before 'when you have to do your passion as a career sometimes it takes the passion out of it' but that sentiment def bears more weight than i realized before attempting full time freelance art. if you really need money i def say keep doing your entrepreneurial art shit alongside a company job
but yeah if you have a good cover letter and interview well your work history (or lack of) wont matter that much
also pls link your art anon i want de eroticas

No. 131841


Med student here. This is very true. Hospitals have a very strict hierarchy and everyone who stands at a slightly higher place than you is going to treat you like shit. Be prepared to feel dumb and unappreciated, but if that's the life you want don't give up.

No. 131842

Programmer here. I'm glad I live in a day an age where I can coop up in my room all day and still make a living. I worry my already atrocious social skills will decay, but I don't think I have to worry about the internet disappearing (and along with it, my source of income), and being able to maintain my own accounts make me feel like a functioning adult despite lacking so many basic social skills. If I didn't have a source of income I'd probably decay to a full blown hikki state.

No. 131843

I mentioned a similar story myself earlier in the thread about being fucked over by my professors. All of the backhanded shit that goes on in academia, the schools are completely aware of and don't give a single fuck about or just end up supporting it from behind the scenes.

If any of you are considering working with your professors or on campus in general, just be really cautious and back everything up. Keep a record of all your emails, send read/received receipts, write down conversations and date them, get everything in writing up front, and always have a witness if you can. Mine would ask me to help with a project, have me sign official-looking papers and assure me they had the funding, it'd look great on my resume, you'll be fast tracked into grad school cause they have a connection on this project. 1 1/2 years later and I still haven't been paid. I complained to the school (one project was for the President's office) and got a really nasty email from an aide there telling me in no uncertain terms to stop sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong. All of my timesheets in employee tracking and messages in the campus system disappeared shortly after this.

I just want to stress to any younger people reading that your cool, laid-back professor isn't your friend. You're just a means to an end.

No. 131844

can I ask what field of stud(ies)?

No. 131845

>Keep a record of all your emails, send read/received receipts, write down conversations and date them, get everything in writing up front, and always have a witness if you can.

Can't stress this enough, for all professional settings too. Academia especially encourages this stuff, but it happens in other workplaces as well.

If you have a verbal conversation pertaining to anything important, follow it up with an email confirming the major points of the conversation so you have a record of it. Witnesses can be good, but don't rely on them alone because if you are lower in the pecking order then the witness may default to siding with the other person because in places with power dynamics it's just a lot less trouble for them/may get them brownie points.

No. 131846

Maybe there's more to it but I kind of like your lifestyle. I don't want to be a NEET but I don't like dealing with people too often. It's really draining at the end of the day even if I don't mind have people around at first. Like I have a job but I want a career.

No. 131847

Anyone here feeling like they're working until their body physically breaks every day?

I've been working full time at a dog grooming salon at night and another part time job in the morning. It's not a problem because ever since graduating high school I've had 2 or 3 jobs at a time. Tried going to college on top of that but that was a bust.
But the grooming salon job is starting to kill me. I've been working there for a few years and have had to make up for pretty much everyone in my position quitting after 2 or 3 months due to the stress. Because of this I come into my shift with 5 or 6 dogs all at once that I need to groom in 3 hours. Sometimes I get up to 14 dogs a day whereas I'm told people usually only do 5 a day at other salons. This is all because we are short staffed and financially in the hole.
This is on top of cleaning, working the front reception area and handling walk in services. I also need to help out my coworkers who are overbooked because the company decided hey let's let customers book online at shitty times. I work with no break or lunch for all but 1 of my shifts (If I'm lucky). My parents bitch at me saying it's illegal but it's the norm at my place so everyone just says "fake a lunch". And the upper managers have been yelling at me for not taking in more dogs so I'm at my breaking point. We also get inspected every now and then by the branch managers to see if we are putting blocks in our schedules to prevent being overbooked online. We get scolded for this.

The physical stress is killing me. I'm getting gray hairs, developing back issues and a pain in my back leg. I also have scars all over my body from dogs scratching and/or biting me. I just feel my body slowing down in general.
I honestly love the job. I love my favorite customers and dogs. It's cool seeing them grow up and training them to like grooming. We also have a new salon manager who replaced Satan's asshole incarnate and he's such a nice dude. My coworkers are also currently my only friends and source of social interaction. But I need to figure out what I'm doing with my life. I am leaving for vacation soon for a month and am trying to decide if I should just quit or come back. I don't want to leave my coworkers stranded but do I really want to keep working for this shit company that could care less about their employee's health? I'd rather not.
I applied for a translation job at a company I love and they replied very fast. Still waiting for the feedback on my trial translations but it's taking so long that I probably failed or something. I just need to get away from this job. It's turned me into a haggard looking bitter bitch.

No. 131848

I agree and I don't think you really need super extensive social skills when you work at home anyway. As long as you can function as an adult and aren't feeling lonely, it sounds fine to me.

I'm thinking about getting more education to do web design or something, because office culture is just not jiving with my personality and I don't think finding a different office would make me feel any better. Working from home and being able to go out/stay in when I want to sounds like a really nice alternative.

No. 131849

Anon, please quit as soon as you get paid. That environment sounds unhealthy. Keep applying for internships and stuff.

I'm in the same boat. I live in a foreign country where the language barrier prevents me from getting a 'normal' job, so I got a job as a housekeeper in a 5 star hotel.

You might be thinking 5 star hotel jobs are cushier than 4 or lower, but you'd be dead wrong.
My coworkers are all lovely people as well as 2 of the managers, but one of the managers is a bitter cunt who hates anyone who isn't a local and rolls her eyes at everything we say. The only people she's nice to are the 2 locals working there, and she always gives them nicer tasks.

People think housekeeping is just dusting and changing bedsheets, but we're literally closer to maintenance guys than housekeepers. We have to lug heavy equipment around a 6-storey hotel with narrow-ass corridors and a lot of fine decorative china on display, work upwards of 10 hours per day, are allowed a 30 minute break per day (and if you work too long they take it out of your salary), have to bend over and crouch a lot so pretty much all female staff have to wear men's cargo trousers because our thighs and biceps are fucking massive and we're all under 5'3. I'll let you make a mental image of that, I'm a circus freak from the waist down. We also all have or will have arthritis at some point in our lives. We're given 20 minutes to make a room spotless and they call that generous. The rooms are usually elaborate affairs with several beds and bathtubs (which we have to clean), and most of our customers are filthy fucking pigs lacking even the most basic manners, older businessmen generally being the exception.

They double check everything and complain if we leave behind even one tiny spot. We even have to arrange the toilet roll nicely and notice and remember every minute detail that's off in the room. Everything that's missing we have to write down and remember because they will blame us for the dumbest shit, one lady complained because she'd forgotten her cheap shampoo bottle in the hotel and of course they blamed us. We get shit on by customers (a French woman clicked her fingers at me as if I'm a dog yesterday and told me to 'give back what I'd stolen', which turned out to be a tissue box she dropped down the toilet, didn't even say sorry), the reception and even waiting staff/other employees because they think they're better than us and we aren't people with lives and feelings. Also, many customers, usually American, will blatantly lie and blame us for the dumbest shite (usually very obvious because we have a strict procedure set up to make sure things like that don't happen) because they get a free bottle of champagne as an apology from the hotel. The reception of course never apologises for their everlasting onslaught of verbal diarrhoea. Earlier this week a customer complained that someone'd supposedly left behind a used condom on the rug (really? you don't think we'd notice a used fucking condom in the middle of the room, especially when we have to deal with random nitpickery like water stains on the bottom of bidet taps?) and didn't get called out for it, I'm still fuming.

So yeah, that's my job. I didn't include other extra work like steaming carpets and fixing air conditioners because it's not an everyday thing but rest assured we do that too. In worse hotels they give you 10 minutes but at least you're not expected to be a flawless cleaning machine.

No. 131850

This sounds similar to my situation, except I work in an office and everyone else has been fired or quit so all the work is piled onto me instead. Regardless, I INSIST on taking my break/lunch. It's illegal for them to deny you that right and I realize now that pushing yourself harder to reach impossible quotas is rarely appreciated very much, so much as it raises management's expectations of what you're able to get done on your own. I know how much of a mindfuck it can be when the other staff there are nice and you consider them your friends, but try to remember that a lot of people look at business from a very impersonal standpoint and will be friendly with you, but also won't hesitate to take advantage of you. So I really recommend that you keep searching for a new job while on your break, maybe with a different grooming service since you do seem to like that sort of job. And I wouldn't think of it so much as leaving your coworkers stranded, because they clearly haven't been thinking of your needs very much. The way I look at it is that if they really cared they would have been looking for another person long before to help you out anyway. You don't owe them anything more than two weeks notice. That, and it doesn't sound like you can carry on for much longer even if you want to, so I really think you should get out before you snap and quit on the spot or say/do something out of frustration.

I'm giving my notice at the end of this week and don't have a new job lined up… but I really can't stay any longer or I fear I'll snap and ruin my reference from this place. I was really trying to hang on for just a bit longer, but now I really regret not doing more to get out sooner. I just want to get my old self back, I'm tired of being a haggard, bitter bitch too.

No. 131851

Wow, that sounds awful. Do you mind if I ask which country you're in and what you're doing there? (Exchange, work abroad, etc.)

No. 131852

Welp…I just got fired. I think.

>Work shitty diner place. Robberies and (98% of clientele are hell.

>Unstable management. They come and go. Latest one is a prick. Constant flirt(borderline sexual harassment) and does whatever he wants
>Heading to other places soon. Have to put in a two week notice soon.
>Latest manager doesn't schedule me all week.
>His supervisor calls me one morning asking where I am. I find out the little shit changed the schedule without telling me. Basically trying to get me in trouble.
>The supervisor catches what's going on after I explain to him and speaks to his douchebag underling.
>I go in next day to collect my weekly pay. Manager plays around and pretends he has no idea he changed the schedule on me and others.
>After I collect pay he basically says don't come back for my two weeks and then says "Good luck out there"
>Call his supervisor. He's basically about to rip the guy in half. And isn't real sure what to tell me.

Well…I'm gonna wait to see how the supervisor rips into the lil shit. I wonder if I'm pretty much fired though…

No. 131853

I know that feel. There are pros and cons to both, but I feel pretty content with my current situation. Friends who also work from home always want to meet up during the day to get work done together at a crowded coffee shop or coworking space, but I'd much rather work from my quiet apartment.

>I don't think you really need super extensive social skills when you work at home
It depends. I work for myself now so I can choose to talk to no one for work if I want to, but in some ways working remote for other people required more social skills than coming into the office even though I did less socializing over all. Also if you have a lousy manager who only get's ahead by making others look bad, it's easy to pick on the person who works from home. Those types are a pain either way, but if you're not seen working every day by other people, they can manipulate it to make it seem like you do no work. Thankfully with programming everyone's name is tied to their commits so it's easy for me to prove otherwise, but some companies aren't set up well for remote workers and you can really screw yourself over career wise if you try to do it full time without some good communication skills yourself AND a good employer that has a good remote work set up.

No. 131854

GIS & Remote Sensing. It's a really niche field, so I'm not sure if that affects the behavior at all.

You're absolutely right about witnesses. As I think about it, witnesses really might not be worth all that much. A couple other students went through what I did, and some of my friends in the department got hit worse in some areas, but even multiple stories did nothing. So, even if people have your back and complain themselves, the higher-ups ultimately don't care at all. You're powerless unless a super famous or powerful person happened to see it all go down I guess.

Since you seem to like grooming, have you tried looking into other salons or even other dog services in the area, like dog walking or doggy daycare stuff? As much as you like the people, it's not worth destroying your health for. There will always be new people to meet and to enjoy the company of, don't let your feelings tie you to a shitty situation.

Denying you lunch is completely illegal - it might not pan out to anything, but if you call the attorney general's office, someone will at least listen to you vent. I hope things work out for you, anon.

No. 131855

File: 1468201811293.jpg (54.13 KB, 640x393, fa31f.jpg)

What employment/career can I possibly have as a socially crippled hermit? I just want a little job where I don't have the talk to anyone, not even on the phone, is that really so much to ask? I work hard, and I'm smart, I'm just totally useless with people. Any advice?

No. 131856



No. 131857

I've googled around for something like that and it doesn't seem as though there's much that doesn't require at least a bit of training. I'm not a social cripple, but I just want a nice, quiet job where I type away at my keyboard all day. Right now I'm on the phone all day and I hate it.

Data entry isn't a bad option for an entry level job I think, though I have noticed a lot of them are more like data entry + reception/customer service. Otherwise, the options that take some training are programming, design, lab tech (if you're into science), or like >>131856 said, cleaning.

No. 131858

This is probably way late and sounds like shit advice, but start smoking. 75+ percent of nurses and caregivers smoke and it helps cover other smells. People are just going to assume you smoke a lot like everyone else. Plus it relieves stress and helps build rapport with coworkers. 2-4 cigarettes a day helped me go from 4 xanax a day to 5 a month.

No. 131859

Where do you live? There is no way 75% of nurses smoke in my city.

No. 131860

Yeah that was super late but I'm gonna go ahead and say that many, many nurses and assistant nurses are alcoholics or at least binge drinkers, and it's even likelier if you work at a nursing home. That's why so many smoke as well.
No one cares really, where I live (Canada) they'll hire basically anyone. Just don't drink at work and chew some gum.

No. 131861

Career? What career? I dropped out of university last two years (animation student) and have been a steady NEET living with my family. No regrets.

>before starting uni, applied to work at a mall as a cashier

>overwhelmed by the customers
>quit after a day of work. lame
>fast forward, applied to work at a cafe
>fucked up the interview
>"I'm also selfless" FUCK WHERE DID THAT COME FROM
>not too good with crowds and customers so demanded to work as a dishwasher at least
>"but anon, we need people who can do any jobs if required"

I can draw but not as good as most but good enough to make money out of it. There's a local animation studio that accepts even high school graduates as long as you have the skills but I'm too lazy to commute to there (not a morning person and have to change trains to get there). I have been planning to open for commission since like what three years ago maybe but I don't have an ounce of confident. Dad recommended me to take part in some data-entry jobs funded by gov but I need to take some training which means I have to meet new people (iirc mostly old ones from what I saw from their FB page).

I'm really jealous of people who makes money from Patreon by simply drawing from the comfort of their room. I don't have a large fanbase, heck I don't think people even know me.

No. 131862

I'm 25 and have never interviewed for a job (I've had 3 jobs before, but just got lucky from family/networking), so i am freaking out about graduating from school this winter and interviewing for an actual real adult job. I'm too old to bad at interviews and so inexperienced… I feel like such a loser…

No. 131863

*too old to be bad

No. 131864

I'm a 23 year old university dropout just entering the workforce and preparing to return to school after years of NEETdom and being a crazy unstable bipolar bitch. I have so much anxiety about how old I'll be if and when I finally complete my BA/BS and the humiliating part is that I come from an "elite" (gag) background where dropping out due to mental health issues is not even a thing.

No. 131865

I never went to uni, which I regret but also its super expensive and we can't afford it.
I'm now working for a dispatch company at a really big global company everyone itt has heard of. I really hope they'll employ me directly soon, conditions now are shitty (no sick leave, no transportation allowance, no maternity leave). And then once I got that locked down, I want a baby. Just can't stand the thought of having a baby without any job security.

No. 131866

>first job at 18 working in a department store - quit after a week because I'd cry on the train home every day
> second job was like 6 months later, kept fucking up so they let me go after a few shifts.
> about 8 months later got a job at a really shitty cafe getting paid $10 under the minimum wage. Was having problems with ED at the time and fainted at work so they let me go
> Finally got a pretty good office job and was progressing but mental health went to shit and they pressured me to resign
> Tried to study for dream job, mental health went to shit again, spent time in a psych ward and had leave the degree cuz i couldnt finish it in time
> Got a job as a receptionist of a happy ending massage parlor, super abusive boss so i quit
I said fuck it, I'm going to concentrate on freelancing and stuff but i can feel my mental health slipping again.. it's shit and i don't really know what to do.

No. 131867

Seconding working as a cleaner. I used to work in a huge store as a cashier, it was absolute hell, and i thought i was just lazy until i switched to my current job as a movie theater cleaner. It's amazing compared to talking to hundreds of people every day even if the pay is usually shittier. You can be a total introverted retard, listen to music/podcasts all day, and nobody gives a fuck as long as you do your job. Just keep sending out your resume to every cleaning company you can find, they aren't that picky.

No. 131868

Hey, it's going to be okay. You're young. Focus on your health and on school. You're going to get there if you keep at it.

No. 131869

I really want to do something like this. I'm not even extremely socially awkward, but I think most people will agree that doing customer service isn't exactly desirable. I'm conflicted because I feel like I should be striving for better and I know that as the only university graduate in my family, they'll be expecting that too.

I gave my notice on Friday and my manager's reaction was so creepy and robotic, it was basically a professionally worded "K thx bye!" I guess I'd expected something more from someone I'd worked with for more than a year. Now, I've become jaded by the business world, it all feels so phony. I dunno what I'm gonna do next, but I already feel so much better knowing my options are open and I don't have to go into that shit hole any longer than the end of this month.

No. 131870

File: 1468919820239.jpg (32.04 KB, 331x499, 51MPnT7LW4L._SX329_BO1,204,203…)

Might sound weird, but has anyone here any experience with the funeral industry?
I've been thinking about getting into the field for a while now, but it's super hard to get into. You can't just do an internship, and even the few small part time jobs require experience, and it's hinted they mostly look for big strong men to carry coffins.
There appareantly is an apprenticeship, but there doesn't seem to be any mortuary near me that offers this.

I thought about volunteering at a hospice, though I'm not sure they want someone under thirty with barely any death experience. This way I could get some insight on death and paperwork, and maybe fetch a small part time job later and work my way up?
My college degree is pretty unrelated, but as far as my research goes there's no college degree required anyway since there's no specific degree for the funeral industry.

I wouldn't go into embalming per se (it's not that popular here anyway, and requires a different career path).

Just want to know if anyone has any advice, or experience.

No. 131871

You seem kind of all over the place about it, if you don't want to go into embalming and you're not looking to carry/sell coffins, what are you hoping to do? Why do you think you want to do it if you have barely any death experience?

I have a friend who was an undertaker and it seemed a pretty rewarding job for him, but he started off with some related qualification first (biomed I think. He mostly sewed people up, broke bones into positions and applied makeup from what I know, but he also went back into education with the aim of making better money from working with the living instead.

No. 131872

Future mortician here.

I don't know if you live in the states or not, but here you can go to a mortuary science college, and though you'll be taught embalming, you're also taught how to run a funeral home from a business standpoint. After you graduate, you can choose which path you'd like to pursue. You don't have to be a mortician. You'll also be required to do some apprenticeship work, but the college helps with all of that and helps you find a job after you graduate.

Other options you might consider are sales positions for cemeteries, selling plots, headstones, etc. or getting a job as a crematorium technician, which requires very little training, though the pay could be better. If you're also into cosmetology, there are a lot of people who are freelance makeup artists just for funeral homes.

No. 131873

I'm sure people have posted about mental issues/history keeping them from work in this thread (but it's very long) so I hope someone can respond to this.

I have anxiety and depression that keeps me from work. I'm almost 21 now and haven't had a job since I was 17. I've thought that animation seemed like a good job for me, but the stress and aggression from it are too much.

I am crafty and used to have an online store, but even that seems too full of pressure now. Any job honestly seems so scary now that I don't know what to do.

I feel like there's no job for me out there, or that nothing will be able to solve my mental issues enough that I can have a fulfilling career that fits me.

Does anyone else feel this way?

No. 131874

I hate to be the asshole here but the amount of stress that goes into the creative industries often means it's just not suitable for non-masochists. Unsteady people benefit more from a secure working environment and regular pay.
Find out what 'normal' jobs could suit you and work at that. People in this thread have said cleaning is great for introverts, I personally like the quiet of data entry. Having work that you want to do is nice, but I think it's just as good to do work you don't care about in a nice environment. Just stick to whatever is manageable and get enough experience until you can move about and find a place to do it that has a nice atmosphere.

No. 131875

Piggy backing off of >>131874 to say that this is the exact reason I quit the creative industry after working towards it for 6 years (and trying a couple different fields).

Got myself on medication, forced a daily routine, and began working towards I "tasking" type job. No management work, no creating my own schedules, no struggles with "creative performance" etc. It's the happiest and most stress-free I've been in over a decade.

No. 131876

My borderline autistic sister who suffers from anxiety is insisting on pursuing a graphic design path. Thank you anons for giving me affirmation that I should do everything in my power to steer her toward a far more stable career.

No. 131877

What kind of work do you do anon, if you don't mind me asking?

No. 131878


Yep, I'm a graphic designer for a large and very well known fashion company. While the job itself is easy and fairly secure, so in that respect I'm ok, the soft skills/social side is slowly killing me. I'm awful at public speaking, presenting and networking and it's really holding me back to the extent I can't really see myself progressing very far in this industry because I'm just basically way too much of a sperg and easily intimidated by people I feel are way cooler than me. I often lie awake a night agonising over whatever it was I did that day that made me look like a weirdo.

I often feel like just really want a comfy job in an office with old ladies and balding men in suits with no pressure to be super cool and outgoing. Or better yet, I job where I can work from home/freelance without barely scraping minimum wage.

Having, said that. Graphic design can be alright if you have anxiety I guess, you just have to pick the right environment. I'd advise in-house work (definitely NOT agency) at a non-trendy company.

No. 131879

File: 1469449785344.jpg (109.23 KB, 955x768, 1447389359296.jpg)

>applied for a really good job
>got called for an interview
>basically get hired on the spot due to my knowledge of the field
>was told I would start right away
>only needed to wait for a drug test/bg check approval
>get called few days later and told to come in
>think i'm going to finish my paperwork and finally start
>they tell me they fucked up my bg check because they entered my ssc number wrong
>also told they now have to do it manually so i'll have to wait 4 weeks to start
>call them once a week to see if there's an update
>4th week
>they tell me to come in and sign some stuff
>turns out when i went back to show them my ssc so they wouldn't mess it up they forgot to have me sign one last paper
>mfw now I gotta wait 2 more weeks for them to get an approval

No. 131880

Lol they'll probably forget to pay you every month

No. 131881

Anons, I applied for a really great job with benefits in my field and passed the first phone interview and am going in next week for an in person interview. This job entails interacting with some relatively important people on occasion and while I think I can handle that I'm afraid they won't hire me or will be turned off by my undercut.
I can't decide if I should be honest and go into the interview with my hair up and let it be very obvious, or if I should style my hair down to hide it and then work out the problem later if I get hired.
The latest place I worked was professional but though it was cute and matched my personality, but another placd I interviewed wanted me to shave my whole head and grow it out.

Currently it's shaved on the sides and part of the back, but I've let the sides grow out to about 1/2" and what is long is clean, trimmed and my natural hair color.
What do.

No. 131882

Style your hair in a way that makes it less obvious. If you get the job, find out how the other people in the company are styled and dressed; if there doesn't seem t be a problem with your haircut, you can wear your undercut normal whenever you don't meet the important people, and style it down when there's an important meeting. And if they are absolutely unaccepting, you can let it grow out.

Are you from a country that doesn't require a photo with your job application? Kinda jelly.
>tfw I look not very good on pictures in general, even when done by professionals
>tfw round, young-ish face that makes me look like an ineperienced shy teen
>also have to hide my hair on picutres because long curly hair is appareantly considered the least professional
I am sure I (and other people) missed out on more than one job throughout the years because companies looked at my picture (which has to be right at the beginning of the job applicaion) and won't even give me a chance before they even met me or read my whole resume.

No. 131883

This is wonderful advice! Thank you.
Yeah, in the USA here. I've never had to attach a photo to my resume! More recently they do a phone interview to check you aren't a weirdo wasting their time, then bring you in for an in person interview.
I think with the issues the US has with """""Institutionalized Racism"""""requiring a photo on the resume would be a law suit waiting to happen.

No. 131884

I hear other office ladies in my workplace dissing housewives and am secretly burning inside with rage because I want that lifestyle so badly and can't have it because my husband is underemployed.

No. 131885

Are you German? I might be going there for exchange next year and I'm so hoping I get picked for France instead for that reason alone. I look like a dirty hippie because my hair is super long but if I pull it back I look bald.

No. 131886

A lot of those big patreon artists are those who have worked for at least a couple years to build up a big enough following that's willing to financially support them.

No. 131887

I wish I could be a housewife too, but I don't like kids, so that kind of pours cold water all over that.

I just really hate working. I got my "dream job" and it still sucks and I get no pleasure from it. I don't really feel any happier than when I was working retail, maybe even less so, because at least I was part time. I'm only really happy when I'm at home or with my family/boyfriend.

No. 131888

You can still be a housewife without kids, can't you? Maintaining and caring for a home is a lot of work.

No. 131889

Are you a housewife yourself?
When people try and defend being a house wife by saying "It's a lot of work desu!" it shows they have no concept of how easy they have it. Most people work full time AND maintain their homes, cook, grocery shop, pay bills, etc.
There's a reason women get married and quit their jobs ASAP.

No. 131890

File: 1469939892798.jpg (153.57 KB, 1280x740, 1280px-Tiktaalik_roseae_life_r…)

currently working at a horrible restaurant as a busser and have been for the last year its under the table and i know the owner/manager so they feel comfortable ripping me off and shorting my pay whenever they want
ive applied to a lot of other places in my area but no response yet
if i get a new job should i report the owner for his illegal shit he also uses this tactic to pay his immigrant workers 4 dollars an hour (he pays me 8 because im white and american (used to be 10 but i complained to him that he needs to pay them more so he cut my pay to punish me for speaking up)) and he knows they cant get a job anywhere else because they dont speak english and cant get a job anywhere else
he also does nothing about the huge sexual harassment problem with the cooks and the women/girls who work there literally every female has complained or fought the cooks at one point
etc etc i wanna ruin his life when i leave but that would fuck with my coworkers jobs too
maybe i shouldve posted this in the vent thread

No. 131891

Be careful the ICE could do a raid in that restaurant and those people that are illegal would be arrested and deported and who knows if they have kids that depend on them.

No. 131892

I mean, yeah, in theory. But I can't really see that many guys being ok with that.

No. 131893

Soon to be 28. I work at a kennel as the graveyard shift (I do all the maintains). I actually have my cosmetology license and did hair for three years. But I hate the environment myself. High end salons, catty guys and girls. I did well, but after my last salon job with a special well known brand I dipped… Now I work total opposite job.. And make way less! Not really sure where to go from here. My BF has more of career path with his current job or after he finishes school he will have a even better job. Just so weird to think of all the training I have under my belt I'm doing pretty demanding, dirty job for peanuts. I won't lie, I told my BF once he goes full time I'm taking an extra day off from work if not which to a even lesser paying job soo I can be happy. He seems cool with it. But I still daydream about having a career.. Just don't know in what!

No. 131894

You're welcome, and good luck on the interview!

Is it that obvious, or are we like the last country who demands a photo on the appliction? Technically it is not mandatory, but in praxis you're pretty much forced to do it, and anyone who would not include a picture would be deemed unprofessional and shady. I really fucking hate it and I wish Germany would forbid this bullshit.

No. 131895

report the place. sounds like a real garbage fire you work at.
>hires illegals
>illegals get paid shit because they can't complain as they're not supposed to be there in the first place
>illegals get sexually harassed, can't complain because they don't want get deported. that is messed up.
>you complained, owner cuts your pay
yes, your co-workers will have problems if the place is investigated. that is their problem to deal with. it was their mistake to continue to work for someone who illegally exploits them and choosing to enter the country illegally.

No. 131896

I dropped out in highschool due to mental health issues when I was around 15-ish. I'm now almost 19 and I still haven't done anything with my life. I dropped out of a course in cosmetology because of my social anxiety, and I really wish I hadn't because now I'm like 20k in debt.
I want to find a job but I'm not sure where to start or to even look.
I volunteer at an op shop but other than that I've got nothing to write as a reference or anything.
Is there any hope for me at this point lol?

No. 131897

Volunteering is a good start and you can use people you've met there as references for most entry-level jobs (personal references are probably okay too). Most employers hiring for an entry-level position are aware that people with no experience have few legit references, so it's not a big deal. Otherwise, I'm not sure how much having not graduated high school will affect things, but I would say you just need to start from 0 like most people do and get a retail job or something to add to your resume and get some more experience. Admittedly, I don't have much employment knowledge, but this is what I would do.

No. 131898

File: 1470073009578.png (112.82 KB, 477x277, Clipboard01.png)

Office jockey from above, I finally quit my job and I'm starting to regret not spending more time planning BEFORE I left, but I'm really not sure what I could've done otherwise. I know for sure that office work isn't for me, so I really didn't want to leave one and go work in another out of desperation. But thankfully, a few days before leaving I was contacted for a position and it actually looks promising, so hopefully I can get that job to tide me over while I figure out what else to do. If not, I figure I'll either work abroad or just use some of my savings and go on a trip while I'm still young and unattached enough to do so.

No. 131899

As far as I know, Japan still requires resume photos too.

No. 131900

>Nursing is oversaturated here,
Is it at all possible to relocate? If not, can you secure a job after graduation somehow?
> at 21, I felt like it's already too late to go into the nursing path.
Funny, when I started at 18 I fely weird because everyone was older than me by at least four years, so I took time off then came back. Age is not an issue at all.
>I'll never be able to find a job let alone secure a safe career.
Seems to me like nursing at this point in time has the highest job security with an aging generation and the fact that it can't be automated, combine with the fact that you can weasel your way into things like public health with it as well.

and yes I realize I'm two months late, I figured to reply anyway.

On another note, how do I make friends in university? Everyone already seems so close, so I just kinda sit out and all which makes placement transportation really damn difficult when everyone else arrives together in a car pool and I was walking like a fool.

No. 131901

File: 1470164819753.jpg (244 KB, 690x420, 5976535453.jpg)

I had a review at work and it went really terribly. For the last few months I had been on a sort of job quest sending out applications and trying to find something that would let me leave the place I'm currently at, but nothing came out of it besides two interviews. This combined with apathetic attitude I started to get towards my current job aggravated my boss and she called me out during the review for not really having a sense of direction with what I want to do with my life or career.

So I kind of gave up on job searching to reapply to school and it turned out that I'd get enough financial aid from working to cover classes at community college. When I told her about this she got really ecstatic and said she'd help out if I had any questions about schools or if I would ever need to transfer later on. My family couldn't care less about my education so I'm kind of glad that she was willing to call me out and kina get me moving towards trying college again because I was getting nowhere pretty fast.

No. 131902

Same anon as >>131879 here.
Still haven't heard shit from this job. Went ahead and applied for another one this past Monday and got a call yesterday for an interview. This one has even better pay plus it's closer to where I live. Interview is on Monday, crossing my fingers everything goes right.

No. 131903

Thanks. I'll look into some kind of retail job since I have cashier experience.

No. 131904

Undercut anon here. I got the job! Amazing pay, paid holidays and vacation and paid for health care!
This thread inspired me to do better!

No. 131905

I'm ashamed of my job. I do shitty freelance work because no one would want me. I only have a high school degree (and several drooped years of college) and I'm too weak for any kind of physical work.
I bring in some money but nowhere near enough to live without the help of my bf.
I feel like shit.

No. 131906

I have no problem with embalming; training or the apprenticeship will probably require the basic techniques of embalming, but if you want to do embalming specifically, you need to go a different education/apprentice paths more specialized in embalming/preserving only.
No problems with selling coffins either, but the most mini or part time jobs seem to mostly be just to fetch the bodies from hospitals/homes/etc, and I doubt they will hire a woman with no experience for that.

The book in my first post got me interested tbh. I looked into as much information as I can find online, and the job just appeals to me.
I have no problem selling, and I am good with customer work. I don't think I will have trouble dealing with something as sad as death; while I have empathy I can clearly seperate my own feelings with those of the customers.
I'm also not really in for the whole "I wanna help those poor grieving people!", if I wanted to help people I'd become a nurse. If I can provide support that's great, and I'd try my best to take the challenge of providing a nice funeral service. But I don't expect some miracle helping to be done, in the end all I can do is my best which might help, but might not. I'm okay with that.
Also kinda like the appeal in working with bodies. Seems like a challenge I would want to take, and with a satisfying end result if I can complete the work to my best. A mixture of art and mechanic, if that doesn't sound too morbid…
Last but not least the work itself seems appealing. I have to blend in the background, I can work mostly alone, I don't mind boring paperwork. I hate academic work I'm doing right now at uni, and I don't really like the idea of a normal office job.

Mortician anon if you are still around, maybe can you give a little more insight? My speculations are probably naive-sounding and missing stuff (I didn't want to blogpost too much though), I'd love to hear some inside perspective.

No. 131907

Future mortician here again.

Everything you said is pretty much why I decided to pursue this career.

I appreciate the creativity and hands-on aspect of the job. I'm introverted and like that I don't have to deal with anyone unless they're already dead. I'm not in it for the helping others reason either. I couldn't care less honestly.

I don't know where you live, but in the US, it's a very well paying job that requires minimal schooling. I consider that a bonus, because it means less debt and less time wasted in school.

The only negative about it is that it's demanding of your time. You often miss holidays, work long hours and weekends, etc. Sometimes, you've gotten get up in the middle of the night to meet a fresh one at the funeral home.

Of course, another negative is not being able to handle the gorey parts. This isn't an issue for me, but some people think you'll only be dealing with those who are freshly dead and looking well, but often you get ones so badly decayed that you can't even embalm them or so mangled that having an open casket viewing isn't an option. You also have to be ready to deal with children.

If all of this still makes you want to do this job, I say go for it.

No. 131908

Reading this is so much of a relief. You're giving me hope!

I'm mentally prepared for the gorey part. The smell will probably be the worst, no real way to prepare for that.
Children of course are always sad, but if they are already dead it is much easier to handle than the sick and dying ones. And tbh I think seeing ill the neglected elderly people or those who took months to die of terrible illnesses will just be as bad, there are so many tragic ways to die.

Time demanding and missing holidays/weekends full of work sucks of course, but whatever. Can't be perfect, and as long as I am getting paid for my job I can deal with that.
Sadly I'm a Eurofag. There's no college path, the only way is the apprenticeship. There are few and not always in town, but I do hope to get one next year. I am super anxious not to be able to get one because I am a woman and because I am kinda overqualified, both the usual disadvantages. And there's really no way to do an internship or part time job before, which is why I considered volunterring at a hospice. Closest to dead people I can imagine. I'll luck further into anything like that thogh. Apprenticeships start next year so I'll have about a year to prepare.

Thank you very much Anon, I appreciate your insight! Wish me luck and strenght.

No. 131909

Eurofag here. I wanted to be a mortician until I saw there's no school for it in my city. It's the fucking capital city of the country. I'm mad, it looked like a good carrier for an introvert.

No. 131910

File: 1471039142336.jpg (79.2 KB, 634x469, article-2385475-1B2C4AD8000005…)

>>"so what's your day job?"

No. 131911

Unlike in America, mortician wasn't really a recognized career in my country for a looooooon ass time. It was only about ten years ago they even recognized an official apprenticeship way to be a certified mortician. Schools are very few and far between, and apprenticeship is a costly way for a business so there are very few spaces.
It really sucks and I think it shows how our culture treats death. We're even more ashamed and in denial than America, and continue to see mortician as a low end "dirty" job despite all the qualifications and work you do.
It'll be hard for me as well, but I do hope to get in. I feel your frustration, Anon.

I could ramble more about it but I guess that would go too off topic.

No. 131912

Yep, you're right. I honestly wouldn't have mind the fact that most people tend to find this choice of carrier weird, but I wasn't ready to uproot my life for it.
It's a real shame. It so difficult to find a introvert's career…

No. 131913

I just got hired for my first real job out of college and I feel depressed and mad at myself for being depressed.
I have an accounting undergrad and masters, just graduated in May with the masters. I went on over 15 interviews between August 2015 to this July. None of the "good" jobs in public accounting wanted to hire me bc I'm a dork and short and ugly.
After all the tears and drama I finally got an offer from a tiny company in a specific niche but it's 15k less than what my normie classmates with those jobs will be making.
I'm grateful to have a job and I live at home so I only have 2 bills but I think I fucked myself over by picking this major.
I might consider going back to school and becoming an x Ray tech.

No. 131914

>None of the "good" jobs in public accounting wanted to hire me bc I'm a dork and short and ugly.

So when they contacted you after the interview, they said they weren't going to hire you because you're unpleasant to look at?
And not like, I don't know, that you are terrible at interviewing or acted bitchy or anything else realistic?

No. 131915

WTH? If you picked accounting and can't find yourself a good job, it's a tell-tell sign that there's something wrong about you. They don't care about your apparence, you're not dealing with people. Like >>131914 said, you're probably really shitty at interviews and selling yourself.
Good news : you can totally work on that and get better at it.

No. 131916

I know I sucked on my first interview, but I improved on the next. I'm just saying almost all of the people at my school hired for those jobs are either attractive or have great experience.
My last big interview the lady looked at me like I was a piece of shit, kept interrupting me, and didn't bother to silence her phone which rang several times and fucked up my train of thought. I asked her for advice and she said be more engaging-I tried to engage with her but kept getting interrupted by her or her phone.
Hell I've even been told I had "excellent" responses in interviews and got rejected.

No. 131917

Oops just saw this post. But yes public accounting is dealing with clients all the time, not so much in tax work but audit. (I picked tax jobs). Private accounting, not so much.

No. 131918

Does anyone have a favorite webpage with some guidance on cover letters?
I feel like I suck at them and am unable to sell myself.

No. 131919

Additionally, do you guys think "out of the box", "mailing a 'creative' resume and cv to the hiring manager" is a dumb thing to do? Does it just make good news blurbs but actually really annoy the people at he companies?
The job I'm looking at is temporary, a few months, but I can see it being vied for by a lot of people because of the organization it's at. I think I'm near perfect for this job and want to stand out a little more, but not sure if that's a good thing.

No. 131920

Don't do it. I've read recently that a lot of those little out of the box stand out things such as this. I'd be slightly annoyed if i were the hiring manager too tbh. I think the most tactful way to make your resume stand out is by choosing a nice quality stock paper to print it on.

No. 131921

Sorry I have no explanation for that second sentence. Just don't do it tho fam

No. 131922

I agree with your 2nd sentence anon. I think a creative resume is only good for people who are already highly successful and known in their field. Otherwise, try to keep your resume traditional with 1 page length. Even if you have 10 pages worth of shit, just choose the most applicable to the position at hand. Good luck anons!

No. 131923

I applied to my first job for retail in a pretty big clothing company, and they called me back yay! But problem is, i am not sure what to wear to the interview to not seem too casual nor too business.
In their web they specify that you should dress like you normally should, casually, not try too hard, but i am not so sure what would be "appropiate" to wear in terms of hair and clothes to the interview.
I'm thinking a shirt and skirt, not sure about shoes since most shoes i own are sneakers, and just style my hair as naturally as possible since a pony tail or up-do seem too formal for a job like this, not use many accesories, use clothes from the company… But i am afraid i will appear to not care about fashion if i tone it down this much. So i am a mess thinking about what to wear to show that i care about fashion (which i do) but i am not trying too hard/appear old.
Any farmers that worked in retail in a big clothing company, what would your interview tips in how to present yourself would be, like what to wear, what not to do etc etc?

No. 131924

I started working when I was 16 and have had so many jobs I can barely remember them all. The most money I ever made was working as a stripper, but I couldn't stomach it anymore after a year. I tried being a cam girl afterwards but found out I'm really shitty at that. So now I work in a busy restaurant as a waitress and I make enough to support myself, but I fucking hate the restaurant industry. In my experience, restaurant managers are just as slimy as strip club ones, but you don't even make as much. I'm in my second year of a computer science degree, but am scared of failing and being condemned to either restaurant or sex work the rest of my life. Am also scared of graduating and not being able to compete with younger, smarter grads too.

No. 131925

Most retail clothing jobs sort of expect you to be their walking mannequin. It wouldn't be a bad idea to shop around, check out look books if their company has a catalogue or anything like that, and put something together kind of on the nicer end of the spectrum based on what vibe they give off. Buy a couple new pieces from their store if it's in your budget. Make sure your look is in season. If they have anything of the sort, try to make it an ensemble with a sweater or something to go over the shirt or blouse you're wearing. Wear jewelry.

I'd personally say NO sneakers. Unless they're clean and brand new and a neutral color such as black or white or beige. Flats are always a nice casual look.

One thing you know for sure though is they'll expect you to look your best, even if it's your best version of "their" look so just make sure to be well groomed and clean. Good luck anon! You got this.

No. 131926

Does anyone work as a UX Designer or know about it? I'm thinking of going for it as a career, but would like some more information on the industry. Especially pertaining to job availability, if you can move up in position, and the work-life balance.

No. 131927

File: 1477631200897.gif (792.55 KB, 500x500, giphy.gif)

I work as a dental assistant currently. The job is fast paced and pretty tough on my back. The doctors get frustrated easily because I'm new and make mistakes but that's expected so I don't take it oersonally.
Working with people who are in pain and in bad moods can be exhausting without a day or two off in the week, but I'm trying to get as many hours as I can in to get experience
I love seeing the procedures done. I had my wisdom teeth removed by the doctor and assistant I work with and I have gained a whole new perspective and respect for them because they did such a great job at making me feel as comfortable and relaxed as they could while they were ripping impacted teeth out of my skull. I don't want to be a dental assistant forever because it doesn't pay that well so I'm going to finish my general education online and choose a more lucrative path from there.q

Remember: floss the teeth you want to keep!

No. 131928

Don't do too much UX design myself but I work with a bunch and I personally think it's a great career to get into. Software is only going to become more prevalent, you'll always have opportunities, and really good UX designers are worth their weight in gold. IDK about moving up, and for work life balance I feel it's similar to software in there there is a wide spread. There are a ton of big corporate companies you can work at that are strict about only working 35-40 hours a week and no more and have great benefits and what not and there are also a ton of startups that will expect a ton of you and can't get you health insurance so it's up to you to do a little research before signing on. You'll also have a variety of niches you can get into so you can work on projects that interest you, whether that be creative tools, games, apps, whatever.

But god damn I gotta vent for a sec there are some UX people I'm working with that fucking don't understand that hover elements won't show up on mobile and a bunch of other basic shit. I fucking hate to be that broken record in the weekly meetings that points it out every damn time, but what's the point of me writing it now knowing it'll be ripped out in a couple weeks because the people asking for this specified it needed to work well on mobile up front. I get dragged to these stupid meetings because they can't keep these basics in mind.

No. 131929

I managed to land an interview for an internship. I feel a little bad because I found it thanks to a classmate who talked to her supervisor about me and he was glad to have a new intern to replace her when she'd leave, but at least it's something. She told me he was pretty impressed by my school accomplishments and my way of talking in my email made me sound "cultivated", which boosted my ego a little bit haha.
Nevertheless I'm pretty stressed out about this interview, I've never worked a real job in my life and I've never had interviews that were not with a teacher, but it should go okay hopefully. I'm really glad I didn't need to make intensive research to find this, although it would have been good training for later, just thinking about it made me anxious.

Now to look up every "babby's first job interview" article I can find.

No. 131930

Thank you for your reply anon! I'm studying computer science now, and when I started making apps I found that I really liked the design portion of it. So I thought it might be something I would want to do as a career. I will definitely research more into it though, and hopefully find a UX designer to ask a bunch of questions to.

No. 131931

CS and UX design is a great combo! Just personally observing some of my friends though I'd just say be weary of being sucked into just programming if you're really into both. At my company when we were small we had people wearing many hats, but when we grew and hired dedicated designers some of the CS/UX people naturally got pushed into just programming. Luckily my company is pretty responsive to feedback so it was corrected easily, but if you're not one to speak up it's easy to get pushed into one thing or another. Good luck with your studies!

No. 131932

No. 131933

Starting at a call center next tuesday

Regretting it already

No. 131934

My unemployment is about to run out and I've never been so fucking worried. Like I've never had this much trouble finding a job? It's extremely frustrating.

At least I still have 8 more weeks. But honestly idk what to do? People just aren't getting back to me. What a decent paying job that's really easy to get (like waitressing except not that?). Any life pro tips?

No. 131935

And I have a college degree, so my options shouldn't feel this limited. Glad that it helps so much these days…

No. 131936

What's your degree in?

No. 131937

Double major in psychology and philosophy (LOL). I do have a lot of experience in the healthcare field, hour as we as supervisory experience.

No. 131938

Christ HR as well as

No. 131939

Does anyone know if autocad/drafting technician jobs are still a thing?

My younger sister is probably autistic. we're not sure but she is an adult and we have no authority to force her to go to a psych. She currently has no job, halfasses community college, no direction at all, spends her days watching the same shows over and over again and spending her savings on animu crap. No friends except for her autist bf who does nothing but enable her.

To be fair so are we. Parents are not pushing her and I have given up because I know that nothing will happen unless I play helicopter sibling and literally do shit FOR HER (jobs, career planning, etc)

I'm at my last rope and thinking that drafting might be an option for her since she is good at that kind of thing when she wants to be. But is it sustainable at all, at least short-term? What are some other options?

No. 131940

I'm still in college so I can't have a full time job yet but I'm in a work study program as a cage monitor. All the heavy lifting is hell with my scoliosis and it's minimum wage ($7.25/hr) but I need the job so badly because I can't afford my materials for my classes or the cost of tuition itself without it

No. 131941

I went to an engineering school and it wasn't my major but people in mech civil engineering did lots of autocad stuff, it seemed like it was necessary for a lot of jobs.

A way to get into it without paying for a new degree for her or making her interact with people might be getting into 3d printing, she could sell designs for now or use a site like shapeways to sell prints, but later if she felt like getting her shit together she could get her own printer and make some bank.

All that stuff is for money over time but if she wants money up front she can take commissions to translate other people's designs into useable print files. There's a wide swath of opportunities in that from working on contracts with companies to just helping people with their cosplays and getting paid under the table.

Honestly I could really use someone who was good with that shit, haha, I'm trying to teach myself now because even though I'm happy to pay I had some annoying experiences hiring people for it.

No. 131942

Home health aide. Just barely pays enough to get by, but it's a chill job without being boring.
Family wants me to get RN, but I have no idea what I want to go back to school for.

No. 131943

If she wants to be a CADmonkey she should get into architecture. I get the sense she would like the drafting etc.

No. 131944

Not sure if this should go here or in love/relationship thread..

At my work we got some transfer associates from our HQ which is overseas. One of them is pretty cute, but I never really noticed it until more recently. We have a bit of a language barrier, but know enough of each others' languages to kinda get by. The exchanges I've had with him so far were nice. He has a charming personality that's kind of infectious I guess. Because of where I currently live, I'm often lonely. I'm far from friends so I never go out. I actually enjoy my job and some of my coworkers, so that's where I get most of my socialization. I think this makes me especially vulnerable to any intimate encounters, if that makes any sense. The biggest thing about this is that I'm in a LDR. I think we're doing great and prob marriage material. I really do love him, and because of that I've been feeling immense guilt for being swooned by another person. I feel like I'm in fucking grade school or some shit lol.

So is this normal? I mean I see this coworker nearly 30 hrs a week whereas I see my boyfriend like once or twice a year. I'm a friendless sap with no excitement in my life.

No. 131945

> I feel like I'm in fucking grade school or some shit lol.

You probably feel that way because you're acting so childish. It doesn't sound like you know this guy at all, he's just 'charming' and physically available. Are you really going to compare that to someone you consider 'marriage material'? What does that even mean to you? For a lot of people you can't suss that shit out through some casual work place conversation with someone you don't even speak the same language as.

No. 131946

I'm in the RN program and it's suffering.
I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing and I'm not much of a conversationalist even though I like to help people.

probably going to end up accidentally killing someone and then work as a cashier forever.

No. 131947

Started out in nursing for my bachelors… Realized it just wasn't for me 2 semesters later so I switched to CS. Best decision of my life.
Nursing is a good career in itself but I think it takes a certain type of person to handle it. Not trying to discourage you or anything - there are other areas of nursing you could get into if you're not liking clinicals.

No. 131948

You're right. I think I just needed to let that out. I really don't enjoy my irrational stupid thoughts slipping through the cracks.

No. 131949

I'm at a point in my studies where I have to decide between several career paths and I can't make up my mind.

I like finance, but I'm honestly not the best informed of people and mostly just get by on what's taught in class. I'm very knowledgeable about accounting but it sounds like a shit career. My mother used to be an accountant and now she's a nanny. Pays so much less but she actually prefers it to her previous job and never misses an opportunity to shit talk accountants. Whenever I ask her for advice she just says 'don't ask me anything, I don't know' and runs away. That's how much she hates it. Other careers in finance are alright, I like budgeting and financial planning but I'm not like super in love with the whole thing.

My other option is marketing. I hate marketing out of principle and the field seems to attract the worst people. Everyone is spelunking so far up their own arse they need a rescue team to pull them out. But I'm so good at it it blows my mind, and I've always been a creative at heart without the talent to paint or whatever. It'd also go really well with my hobbies.

I don't know which option to choose.

No. 131950

Haven't studied and don't work in either field, but my own two cents of just observing other people and having friends in those fields

> I hate marketing out of principle and the field seems to attract the worst people. Everyone is spelunking so far up their own arse they need a rescue team to pull them out

You can describe finance in the same way. I also kinda feel like in marketing which company you work for will have a big impact on how much you like your job, so I think you ought to intern at a few places before you make a hard decision. Can you take a break in your studies?

No. 131951

>you can describe finance in the same way
ehh, you're not wrong but there's more to it than that.

Finance attracts all sorts of people. You have your accountants and other excel monkeys/wage workers, they're usually kinda nerdy. Lots of women there too. Then you have your corporate financiers, they're mostly normies (this is where I wanna go) but agreeable enough, they need to know a bit of everything and not be socially retarded. Gender representation about 60/40 male:female. The ones you're probably talking about are wannabe investment bankers/financial advisers/wall street hustlers, usually fuckboys trying to get rich quick. Absolute muppets most of the time, though I know a fair few nice fellas there. Slavs love investment banking for some reason.

The marketing types I was talking about are a bit different, love to talk about themselves and how great they are, make graphic/powerpoint CVs where they call themselves Superman and try to be witty/cute but come off as self-absorbed dicks, also 'social media experts' who act super slimy and think everyone loves them. Really the only marketing guy I've met that wasn't a complete wanker was some mucksavage from Tralee who came to talk about Google AdWords a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I can't really afford to take a break unfortunately. I can only afford to intern after I've made my pick bc we only get one 'work placement' period that's part of our mandatory studies, the rest of the time I can barely make it to bed before I'm up and out the door again, let alone intern on the side.

No. 131952


Get out while you still can. I hated clinicals but liked to help people so I stuck it out. Got my BSN, passed my NCLEX with ease, worked as an RN for 10 months and I was absolutely miserable. I even tried different departments but it was all the same. Now I'm back working as a chemist like I was before and I couldn't be happier.

No. 131953

Seeing as you like both, finance is better if you want to have kids/family and need stability since there are always jobs and pay is good. Even in a downturned economy accountants and book managers etc are always needed
Marketing pays less to start, is less stable, but is more creative and the pay overtime can far exceed a lot of jobs in finance. If you aren't held down, even if you lose your job then you can always move to another city or even country and find a job as long as you are sufficiently qualified.
I'd recommend instead of internships to join a school club, they should have clubs for both subjects, or at least business where you can hopefully make the right choice for you.
I hate finance and am going to graduate school for marketing soon (undergrad was business), but I've moved countries a lot and don't want kids so the possible instability beats dreaded bookkeeping any day for me lol

No. 131954

Do we have any translator-anons around? How is the market? I know some languages are super competitive and saturated.

No. 131955

What country are you in? What language? Make sure you get your foot in the right door and find your niche early on.

I'm bilingual in English and a SE Asian language (located in the US), had dreams of conducting really cool research abroad and translating official documents.

I ended up interpreting at the welfare office and trying not to blow up at the endless line of scam artists/baby mommas/deadbeats. And I got paid shit. This is a depressingly common path for people who are fluent in, ahem, certain languages - market is oversaturated so all the "good" jobs are taken and you end up translating benefits documents that people don't bother to read anyway.

I'm now in a completely different field. Don't be me anon. Get to know the right people and work for your foreign service or something, or figure out how to freelance.

No. 131956

I'm in the same position. I was enthusiastic in the beginning but I'm already so burned out in my 2nd year of clinicals. I don't know what else to do as a career, but I feel like I'll go insane if I keep this up.

No. 131957

There's a guy I work with who has some industry insider information on a very niche interest of mine and also says he has access to a piece of lost media I've been searching for for a while. Unfortunately our shifts only overlap by one hours each week and he constantly is working (he works about 60 hours a week, 6 days a week). He's the only co worker I feel like I get along with and could be friends with, but I also want to befriend him so I can get a copy of that piece of lost media

No. 131958

File: 1478485112085.gif (910.75 KB, 615x600, 1471317576408.gif)

I was interested in CS, but I'm not very good at math. I took a couple CS courses in high school and it was fun I guess. Wasn't the best at that either though.

I guess I just feel like I'm not good at anything, you know?

jesus, i'm in 2nd year too. you must be me.

I'm super interested in how work as an RN is. Did you find it hard? In clinicals I feel like I'm always in the way or I'm not the quick learner I need to be. I just have 0 confidence, I wouldn't mind being an RN it's just that I feel like I suck ass at it.

No. 131959

It wasn't hard in the sense of passing medications, assessments, and documentation. Time management comes with practice and you get faster at charting. What I found to be hard is management wanting to make as much money as possible so staffing was cut waaaay down, and the hospital gets paid based on patient satisfaction. So you're expected to do the work of 3 to 4 people ( rn, lvn, cna, Ward clerk) and maintain top satisfaction scores while being overloaded with patients. I worked in the ER for a bit and you can explain to the pain't med seeker all you want that you're 15 minutes late with their pain medication because you had someone actively dying and 6 other patients to take care of and they will still shit all over you because muh pain medz. I also worked on a spine/neuro floor that actually made money so they cut our staffing ratios way down to make the most possible so you get shit on again. I learned a lot and grew as a person, and I saw a bunch of neat gross stuff, stupidity, and head injuries/traumas but the money I was paid was not enough for what I had to do and put up with. 12 hour shifts turned into 14 and 15 hour shifts with no breaks, not even to use the bathroom, because shot would hit the fan and then you get yelled at by management because productivity is through the roof. It was hard on my body and my mind. Major props to everyone who stays with it, I love the people I worked with and still have best friends working as nurses but if your heart isn't 100% into it, burn out will hit hard and fast. I'll maintain my rn license but I doubt I'll ever go back. If you want to know anything else or if there's something I didn't cover, let me know.

No. 131960

I totally just bombed a phone interview. I got nervous and clammed up and couldn't think of any questions to ask the lady, which is a death sentence considering much of the job involves talking on the phone.

No. 131961

I just messaged a colleague on LinkedIn and am sweating bullets bc he hasn't replied and now I'm afraid he thinks I'm a loser or something. Oh god the paranoia

No. 131962

what are you working as now? how useful is a BSN and years of nursing experiences when applying to other jobs?

No. 131963

I work as a chemist in a laboratory setting now. I had interned in a lab before I went into nursing school so I just applied to the same place because I really liked working there and I liked the work. Honestly it's not that much less money than what I was making. I didn't work a lot of overtime on the floor I was on before I quit, due to budget cuts. The BSN made me stand out I think. A lot of questions in my interview centered around why I didn't want to be a nurse anymore. I just answered honestly and said it wasn't a good fit for me and people were very understanding. On a personal level, it's really helped me. I don't find things near as stressful as I used to because no one's life is on the line like it was when I worked as a nurse. Pretty much anything in a lab I can fix, but when you're a nurse you can't fix everything. Working as a nurse put a lot of things in perspective and has helped me multitask and my time management skills are pretty great compared to others. When you work as a nurse you get really good at customer service, multitasking, prioritizing, time management, making critical decisions, working under pressure, and fast assessments. I think a lot of those skills come in handy in a variety of jobs it just depends on what you find you like.

In the long run, it helped me grow as a person and really take things in perspective and I fine tuned a lot of skills that are transferable. But there's not enough money in the world to make me go back to working in a hospital. It wasn't worth my health or sanity.

No. 131964

I'm really sick of my friends having no faith whatsoever that I can be a drug clinician/social worker. I've got a background in early childhood education as well.
I'm going for positions in the field one step below child protective services, working with families with drugs, minor violence in the home, and lacking parenting skills. I aced the school side of it, did 200 hours of placement with wonderful recommendations and performance reviews at the end but everyone seems to treat me like the first client to call me a cunt is gonna break me. I resent it so much because it's the first time I've ever been good at something and it's like they can't let me feel confident and competent even though I've displayed that I am.

No. 131965

If you are one of the few people who can excel at it and are in the field because you genuinely want to be there, hats off to you anon.

I think the issue is that many social workers are in the field because they cant find jobs anywhere else. I know a lot of these people, just fell into social work because it was the only option available. So, obviously, they are bad at their jobs/burn out quickly. It doesn't sound like this is you.

No. 131966

Maybe you need new friends? They should be happy for you since you seems to genuinely be good and liking what you do, not bringing you down. Sounds like either bad friends or envious people who didn't find their vocation.

No. 131967

May I ask, are you an assistant or a hygienist? (Or are they the same thing?) I am considering the latter because jobs are in high demand in my city. May I inquire what your pay is and what state you are in? I read that the pay is great which is why I am a bit surprised by your post.

No. 131968

You're so right about a lot of social workers not being passionate about the field. A lot end up burning out with vicarious trauma or compassion fatigue as well. It's really unfortunate because no matter what the reasons are it's the clients who end up suffering or not getting the support they need. Thank you for your response anon! It's nice to have someone validate feeling this way

You raise a good point that I hadn't even thought of. The ones who have been largely unsupportive are the same ones who have been unemployed long-term. Thank you!
Idk, some of them are coming around now that they've seen/heard some of curriculum and because I had to handle a disclosure from a young girl (9 yo)who was having food withheld from her at home on the third day. (She and her mother are no longer living with the perpetrator and she is in a much better position last I heard) I hope once I'm in the field as a professional they'll take me a bit more seriously.

No. 131969

File: 1479155846779.gif (16.65 MB, 720x404, evym-gun-chase.gif)

I am so sick and tired of writing cover letters, I should just kill myself and get it over with I swear to god.

No. 131970

I have a "technical" interview at a salon in an hour and ALL I gotta do is cut and blow dry my aunts hair. But I'm still stressing. Realistically I know I'm more than okay, but still I'm freaking out because I'm more of a colorist than a cutter. I wanna throw up

No. 131971

How'd it go anon? hopefully well!

No. 131972

I got the job! Thank you for asking :)

I swear I replied earlier

No. 131973

How do you deal with a colleague who's obviously not pulling their weight?

I'm junior to a guy who the entire fucking office and our business partners knows to be incompetent. The joke is that he has dirt on a higher-up cuz the bastard has been here for 16 years and has managed to avoid being fired or even written up. I, our supervisor, and even other people in other departments have to constantly pick up the slack.

Maybe it's a disability law thing? The guy has the diabeetus (and it's pretty obvious) which leads to a ton of other issues so maybe they'd be on thin legal ice if they tried to remove him.

I'm looking for another job somewhere else but anyway, I hate the fact that I know I could do a better job than him but am currently prevented by politics and bureaucracy from officially taking over the position that he's supposed to be responsible for.

Fuck, if I'm leaving anyway I should just stop asking for permission and take control of things. The guy is constantly complaining about stress (à la CWC, seriously) but never sits down to get any work done. Ughhhh

No. 131974

File: 1479426549740.jpg (66.21 KB, 500x674, 5ofaafZ.jpg)

I'm starting to get quite worried i'll never get a job because i don't get called back even from the shittiest entry-level jobs. I don't know what to do anymore because i really need the money.
I was a shut-in most of my teenage years so i basically only have high-school studies and the fact that i can speak 3 languages to add to my CV, which contains mostly embellishment bullshittery and hobbies/skills i picked up along the way.
I do everything people say to do, i personalize every CV and cover letter to what i am applying, but i recieved 0 callbacks so far or got told i didn't meet the "requierments" (which were mostly be a graduate in HS and speak the languages (which i do)). I apply mostly online since most places here tell you to fuck off and apply online anyways.
I live in a shitty european country with a very high unemployment rate, which might also be part of the cause, but i cannot move because i have no money.
But, fuck, even some of my classmates that didn't even graduate HS managed to get a job, so i don't know what the fuck is my problem.
Any tips to write better CVs if you have no experience? Any anon that managed to land a job without experience or in a similar situaton to mine?

No. 131975

File: 1479526602448.jpg (13.94 KB, 320x320, view.jpg)

fuck you, arbys, you pieces of cock. fucking yank yobs.

No. 131976

Should I tell my coworker I have a bf?

There's a coworker I'm friendly with, have exchanged emails outside of work (no phone #s) shooting the shit. He asked me to coffee once which I never took him up on, has also sent random get well soon emails when I was out sick.

I know that he's single. I'm not interested in dating and he's already been ambiguously asking me out, so should I draw a line in the sand asap or just shut up and don't do anything to encourage the overfriendliness?

No. 131977

Bring it up casually. "what'd you do this weekend?" "Oh, y'know, blah blah blah with my boyfriend, then blah blah. The usual, how about you?"

No. 131978

I did that for 8 months this year, sounds like you're doing everything right on the surface. Only suggestion I can have is to tailor your cover letter or resume using specific words from the job posting. Also, if they say something like "Fast paced, deadline oriented workplace", even without experience you should be able to write about a time you were stellar at doing that.

No. 131979

I forgot to mention that I don't actually have a boyfriend right now.

No. 131980

Then don't tell him you do. Just say you're not interested in dating if he tries to ask you out on a date.

No. 131981

I kind of missed that boat when he asked me out for coffee the first time. I said something like "uh yeah sure, I'll let you know if I'm around" because I'm a cuck and hate confrontation. I guess I'll just keep being cordial at a distance.

No. 131982

>trying to befriend only coworker in the company who is my age
>talked a bit on LinkedIn and he suggested "lunch sometime"
>haven't really heard back from him
>too afraid to bring it up in case he was just being polite

Should I keep trying or abort mission?

No. 131983

I went with the "internship to job" way after school since I never really had a real job before. I gave it 110% of my effort and got hired after 6 weeks of training instead of the standard 14 weeks.

Doesn't matter what you do at first and how much it pays, just build up your CV in any way and then work yourself in to better positions. As long as you don't get used and it pays off in some way its all good.

Not really an instant problem solving advice here but its good to know and repeat the basics of modern job market.

No. 131984

How long should you stay at a job before you include it on your resume? I've been at a new one for a couple of months and it's not working out (for pretty fair reasons- it's a 56 hr work week and it's a bit much), but I still think the skills I'm getting out of it are very worth putting on my resume.

I'm only going for fairly low level customer service jobs, and my previous work history is 2-4 yrs at each job. I'm definitely not a serial job hopper, so I've clarifed my reasoning in my cover letters. I'm wondering if it was a bad idea though…

No. 173678

File: 1482821330173.gif (3.4 MB, 503x283, ok.gif)

So I just started a new job and everyone seems to be okay with me except for this one girl who upon my first day, immediately started bitching about me to another coworker. Every time she happens to see me, which has been three shifts now, she talks shit about me (very loudly) to anyone in her vicinity and I'm not sure why. I don't know anything about her and she doesn't know me. I wanted to get along well with everybody but now I can't help but feel spiteful towards her when she's acting this way. She seemed really sweet when I was applying, but I guess that's only because it's policy to pamper a customer. I can't exactly hear what she's saying, so I don't want to seem paranoid but I have definitely heard my name spoken and my coworkers respond with something along the lines of "that's not nice" and "you don't remember your first day?" (when she talked shit about me as soon as i walked into the building on my first day). I don't want to sound stuck up, but all I can think of is that she's jealous of my appearance while she piles on instaho makeup with those sharpie brows and all. I was on break waiting for my shift to begin and messing around on my phone. All of a sudden, I get an urge to look up and there she is just staring at me in the distance. It was kind of creepy. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Why is she acting like an asshole when we haven't even spoken? I've been ignoring it quite well to my surprise and feel apathetic about it for the most part since we won't be seeing a lot of each other due to different shift times and days but I'd be lying if I said it doesn't bother me to an extent. What's her problem?

No. 173687

Sometimes people just have a problem with you. Maybe she doesn't like the way you look or she feels threatened by you or whatever. Not your problem, and the fact that other people seem to call her out should make you feel confident.

No. 173689

She sounds like a bitch tbh. You do you anon. It sounds like everyone else in the office doesn't have any problem with you or your work at all.
Unless your manager/supervisor isn't happy with you or your performance I'd say fuck it and ignore that cow. Bring in a cake or something for everyone and watch her try to complain after that.

No. 173705

I include jobs that I've only had for a month, but lots of my jobs are like that. Just put that it was a shorterm contract?
That cake idea is golden anon. Clearly nobody else hates you, so the kill them with kindness route sounds awesome

No. 174613

File: 1483160934468.gif (2.03 MB, 250x187, chrisfarleywtf.gif)

Thanks, guys. I'm trying to play nice because I obviously don't want to start any trouble and today before I got off work she actually said, "Bye, anon" in a sweet voice. Seems like we'll both be faking it to each other's faces because she was nonstop talking shit about other coworkers today and even customers who walked in. I found out she is incredibly cringeworthy and almost flat out retarded so I see why she's insecure about herself and needs to make fun of others to lift herself up. She kept bitching about how much she hates babies and children, made fun of Mexican customers pouting, "I hate how they speak spanish in front of me like i dont know what theyre saying. i can understand every word" (she then proceeded to brag about how she knows spanish in a cringey, elitist way to a coworker), made fun of some dudes voice and face that came in when her foundation cake face looks like the surface of the fucking moon, bragged about how she's never single and always talking to a guy, then told a coworker how she wanted a vape because they're "so cool and i want to be cool" which really sealed the autism package nicely. The whole time I was listening to her yap, I basically had a riff-a-thon in my head as if I were the guys from MST3K. She's insufferable and unaware that she acts like an edgy middle schooler. I genuinely am embarrassed for her but I think I'm the only one there who notices how lame she truly is.

No. 174874

Kek, this thread.

>look I'm a big office lady now just like daddy.

Statistics show over and over that women are incompetent and too emotional for the workforce so please fuck off

No. 174876

File: 1483318326856.png (2.66 KB, 160x160, AbeOik6.png)

No. 174878

Says you when the opening pic is some whore crying. Speaks volumes about women "professionals"

No. 174881

I mean like, there's these things called men. I heard somewhere that there's a few of those that are shitty too.

No. 174882

Stop responding to trolls.

No. 174883

Also it's really autistic to use a thread from this board as "proof" that all women are unprofessional. That's like saying that /r9k/ is representative of all men

No. 174885

File: 1483327881698.png (1.7 MB, 1275x1651, please stop.png)

I'm in my late 20's and have never had a job due to caregiving obligations. I have to start looking for one soon, but have nothing to put on a resume. I didn't even graduate HS (just got a GED), so it probably looks even worse.

I'm learning Spanish right now and want to take some courses to learn excel, so I have some skills to add, but if anyone has any other ideas of stuff to add I'd appreciate it. I know volunteer work is always good but I haven't found any opportunities where I live yet.

No. 174886

Please tell me this is someone's actual resume

No. 174888

No. 174892

>tfw that cringelord has better credentials than me

No. 174900

Ahhhhahahaha excellent. I love that there are people stupid enough to do that. >>174892
She might have credentials but she'll never be hired unless somebody thinks they're hiring a disabled candidate for ~diversity~

No. 174971

Holy shit that guy is either pulling crap outta his ass to have graduated from Stanford or he didn't learn jack shit. Who woulda thought that Stanford would pump out students who would make resumes like this?!

No. 174999

File: 1483382273866.jpg (370 KB, 1275x1650, gIWgWsh.jpg)

No. 175706

File: 1483629747069.gif (607.72 KB, 375x211, b60ef-tumblr_m9t7hr7abl1renkn2…)

I'm moving out of home with my boyfriend this summer.
I can deal with my parents being surprised or upset i'm leaving so soon, but they know i needed to move closer to the school i'm going to anyways. school has no dorms, and i can't afford to live alone. Why would i live with a random room mate when I can live with my boyfriend?

Anyways, stuff is really starting to stress me out. I need to apply for a job ASAP so i can work as soon as i move to the new town. i need to start looking for apartments and household things i can't even afford yet.

I worked part time last summer at a Staples in my town, so i'm probably going to end up working at the Staples over there part time until i finish my degree and can start working as an aesthetician.

i'm just really stressed by all of this

No. 175709

Do you anons have advice for someone with social anxiety and a useless history degree in Europe?
I worked throughout college so I have some work experience but only in academia. I graduated magna cum laude at a good university but that doesn't change the fact that my degree's useless…

I want to become successful in academia but I need a plan B since the odds of making it are very bad.

Is there anything I could teach myself? I would love having an actual profession, something substantial.

Stupid teenage me. I never thought I'd make it past 21 so I didn't plan my future. I'm fucked.

No. 175738

Become a teacher or learn how to code.

No. 175745

I've done freelance art, (illustrative painting and graphic/web designing) for about 5 years. I'm a really good artist, but I don't often draw cartoons/anime or fan art, so its hard to get any commissions. I live with my well off relatives.

I've attended community colleges online since last year, but our rural mountain city is so far from any civilization (10 miles to nearest /super expensive/ university) that I have to take courses with horrible teachers who grade harshly, mess up my gpa, and the college rarely even offers classes I need online.

In my early 20s, its hard feeling "stuck", but I do really want to transfer into a university and move away into a dorm and generally get my life in motion this year.

No. 175754

>with social anxiety
no jobs exist except shitty freelance jobs where you DONT have to talk to people. with a history degree, theres a lot you can do. museum curator and teacher for starters

No. 176003


I feel you nurse chan. All you said was true and it was like reading my own experiences. I hated the hospital and moved to post surgical rehab where I've been much happier, but you still see a lot of cutbacks in staffing for them to save money. It wasn't nearly as bad as the hospital (and some hospitals in my area expect you to take care of up to 10 patients in med surg). The rehab I work at now is OK, 12 mostly stable patients, but I hear others expect 40 patients to 1 nurse, and many nursing homes seem to be the same way. I can't wrap my head around having those many people on my watch without doing some serious shortcuts or skipping breaks altogether.

I've had a few different jobs over the years in my nursing career and I can say that all but one of them (my current job) have been unpleasant in some way, being shat on by management or staffing cuts or doing the work of 3 people. I finished sending my transcripts to a college to maybe take some classes or learn a new skill so I don't have to rely on nursing forever. I don't regret doing it, but now it's time for me to move on to something else.

No. 176006

File: 1483805381072.jpg (15.94 KB, 260x340, visiblesigh.jpg)

Please tell me I'm not the only PhD here lol. Or the only one who works in an economics / finance / statistics related field…

No. 176008

File: 1483805474017.gif (1.8 MB, 540x405, tumblr_o14cmnfTQU1upe1ufo1_540…)

i'm graduating with a BSN this june. seeing all of these posts is making me incredibly nervous. i really hope this all regional - i've heard california is a good places for nurses to work, but new grads don't have a chance there.

No. 176009

Don't worry snowflake, you aren't

No. 176010

Could you just say you are too? I have the feeling you would have said so if it were the case. But you sounded bitter instead, I can imagine why.

No. 176015

Anon was making fun of you, pompous, humblebragging bitch.

No. 176017

I'm starting my first real internship next week. I'm super excited, this is the first time I'm not going to be at school during that period, or just free of homework, classes etc.
Not sure what to expect but I'm cautiously optimistic.

No. 176020

>I have the feeling you would have said so if it were the case
No I wouldn't because my ego isn't so fragile that I have to validate myself by bragging about my PhD on an anonymous imageboard.
The way you worded it and the reaction image you used made it clear that you thought yourself superior for studying econ/getting a PhD.

No. 176022

I just genuinely wished that more females did it. I wouldn't have asked if it weren't a predominantly female imageboard. Sorry if it sounded like that. I don't see it as superior. I just wish there were more people to share relatable stories about it, like y'all do on the internet. That's all.

No. 176025

Congrats, anon! Don't be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem idiotic. (But always Google first, to make sure they aren't obviously idiotic.)

> free of homework, classes etc.

One of the greatest things when you're out of school and working is when you can go home and chill the fuck out without having to worry about assignments being due.

No. 176030

Let's play spot the robot

Also I go to a FT top 10 business school and over half of the Finance department is female so I don't know what you're on about. Econ is predominantly female as well to a point where it's considered a 'girl degree'. Guys usually go for corporate law and management or go in wanting to be day traders only to drop out halfway through when they realise everyone's taking the piss out of them including teaching staff

No. 176084

I flip burgers. I flip the heck out of burgers. I've been doing it for five years now and hopefully I can keep doing it in the future.

No. 176089

Ay i take out meat from tin crates and slap em on a bun. hopefully i can continue grabbing that meat ;)

No. 176093

You inspire me, not even kidding. I wish I had it in me to do whatever I have to do the best I can but if I don't deem something 'good' enough for me I give up. I'd be so much more successful now if I had that can-do mindset.

No. 176102

File: 1483875145152.jpg (19.34 KB, 221x216, haaa.jpg)

I really want to quit my job but I'm so afraid that I'll lose financial stability if I do. I kind of don't want to get another job right away

No. 178482

My job, waitressing, is very taxing on my body physically. I have fibromyalgia.
The amount of work I do put so much stress on my body I've begun to urinate blood.
Quitting isn't an option. Pls help.

No. 178483

Also no, it's not STD or STI related, I'm not sexually active.

No. 178484

NEETbux until you can get a office job?

No. 178486

I will be kicked out if I'm not working. I take 7 different medications and am in therapy. It all adds up. Family will not help me.
I don't mind working hard. I just don't want to urinate blood.

No. 178500

Anon, i have been peeing small amounts of blood too. I'm not sexually active either. Meeting with the doctor soon to find out what's wrong, please do the same.

No. 178512

At the moment, I can't afford to go to the doctor. Talked to my boss. I think she understands and tries to not work me so hard now.

No. 178518

Does it hurt to pee? It could be a uti.

No. 180428

Go to work, but then around 2:30, say you got a call from your mom/sister/aunt/whoever and there's been an emergency at home and you need to leave immediately. You probably need to make up something good for the emergency.

No. 180429


Bless you kind anon, I have immediately regretted posting my stupid problem all over the internet but your quick reply makes me happy.

No. 181069

Yesterday,I went to dinner with my boss and two foreign clients.

My boss was ordering for everyone and asked me what I wanted. I told her but she didn't care. She just turned around and ordered me the cheapest option. She didn't let me order my own drinks too. And I was too much of an autist to correct her.

The funny thing is the difference between what I wanted and what she got for me was literally a dollar. lol

What kind of special breed of stingy is this?

No. 181071

Graduated this fall and I am currently working a low hours job but I really enjoy it. I'm going to move back to my parents city in the summer but I don't know what I'm going to do then. I was planning on grad school/going out of state for a job but with my mother's stage IV cancer and my own depression I do not want to leave my family. It is likely I can't get a degree related job close to my parents so I guess it may be back to retail for awhile. Here is hoping I don't kill myself if I do.

No. 181074

So did you make it to the interview, if you don't mind me asking? I'm the same anon that replied. I almost deleted my reply once I saw that you deleted your post, but I figured you might need it.

No. 181075

Doesn't sound like stinginess - sounds like some kind of petty power play, imo.

No. 181080

Yeah, I did manage to go to my interview. But I didn't get the job though. Life sucks sometimes.

No. 181082

But why?

Damn. If it is really power play, she really should throw away whatever self help book she was reading to learn that. It pretty much made me lose all respect for her. Lol

No. 181129

My last job ended 7 months ago. It wasn't the best experience, I was heavily depressed and didn't so the greatest job, didn't get along great with my coworkers. Still, I left somewhat cordially, thought I'd get something else soon and move on. HAHA, nope. Fucking nothing, not even interviews.

I've seen my old job floating around and it's so bad I've seriously thought about emailing my old boss and asking if I applied would I have a chance or if I'm completely person non grata. This despite the fact I'm pretty sure they're giving me shitty references hence the no luck in other jobs and that when I left I told them if they wanted me back next year to contact me (which they obviously didn't).

This is tl;dr as is but I'm so frustrated that I found something I wanted to do and now it and my life are completely ruined because of one bad job. I'm back to being suicidal and my mood swings between extreme anger and complete despair filled sadness.

No. 181134

Aw, that sucks, anon. Sorry. Better opportunities will come along.

No. 181136

>completely ruined because of one bad job.
Would it be possible to hide the fact you've worked there? Take it out of your resume - having a big gap with nothing could be better than awful references.

No. 181140

Which industry do you work in anon? You said it's your dream field? Maybe there is something similar. Also agree with >>181136 if they are giving you bad references then make something up that you did then i.e. self-improvement or you had medical issues.

It will get better anon, don't worry!

No. 181152

Was NEET due to mental and physical illness for a few years, going back to finish my undergrad degree full-time in a couple months.

I'm relieved to get back on track but at the same time I am DREADING being several years older than my classmates. Plus I will be same age/even older than the grad students. All my friends already have good careers. I'm getting better at looking on the bright side of things but ngl I feel so behind.

No. 181186

probably the opposite experience of most of you and probably going to get me labeled as 32 inch waist chan but that's what makes it frustrating. i have a good job where i'm paid well, spend only maybe 50-75% of my day actually working, i'm liked and respected, management is fair and on my side, and i excel with little effort. my partner makes enough money to cover all of our bills and then some, so i only work to have the money to spend recklessly on restaurants and vacations. my bosses are aware that i don't have financial obligations tying me there and go out of their way to keep me for my good performance. to gild the lily, my job is a quasi-charity that helps disabled people, so i can feel all morally righteous about it too.

but i'm the only one in the office that isn't struggling in some way or another. people can do better than me in some areas of performance, but no one skates by as easily as i do. i've had people shit talk me in the past by saying i'm so perfect that i leave no room for them to mess up. everyone would think me a monumental asshole for saying anything about how easy and happy i have it. it sucks to have to hide so the bitter crabs in the bucket don't get upset that one got away.

No. 181189

Fuck them anon, you know they're just jealous of the fact that you don't have to struggle. It's not your problem that they have financial issues. You should feel proud that you can have a nice comfy life.

No. 181194

File: 1487022205261.jpg (25.27 KB, 500x354, fff.jpg)

>tfw no career gf

No. 181197

You'll never be a househusband robot.

No. 181200

Congratulations on going back! Don't worry about being older than your cohort, trust me when I say people either won't notice or won't care. As long as you don't become that token mature age student that asks too many questions and brings a roller bag, you'll be fine. You're not a NEET anymore, you should be proud that you've overcome your difficulties. You have plenty of time to get to where you want to be, no rush.

No. 181212

File: 1487049817710.jpg (49.22 KB, 480x345, 5ddfff69c836a46475ff5f05b3cdc6…)

In person, I would 100% shit-talk you with no remorse and I feel nothing but pity for your coworkers that actually have skin in the game.

On the other hand, I'm going to assume you actually worked to get where you are, even if you did marry into a stable income, so good work and I hope you enjoy your station.

No. 181216


I can imagine how your coworkers feel. Having to bust your ass to make ends meet and then seeing you not have to worry about money. You don't even need the job because your partner can pay all the bills.

No. 181235

Thanks anon!! I'm thankful I at least grew up during the past few years, so college for me will be about learning and career rather than partying and chasing boys.

No. 181249

lmao and this is exactly why i don't. i actually worked to put my partner through school to have the good job that carries our financial weight, and i started from the absolute bottom in my company. not hating on you, it's just a funny thing about our society that you assumed that i married into money.

don't get me wrong either - i put in the work at work. the quality of my work doesn't get praised because of favoritism. i am within the top 10% of my company performance-wise. i just have a lot easier of a time than most people seem to. it's just something that comes naturally to me and works well with skills i already had. it's not even in my field lol.

you're assuming that i've ever said anything of the sort towards them. that's literally the thing i said in my main post that i don't do because i would feel like a jackass lol. yeah people get salty when they see evidence of my financial standings but i never rub it in anyone's face or brag about it. not my fault if any evidence of my good life is enough to trigger people who can't be happy for others. actually, last year i took a friend with me all expenses paid on vacation to another country. i have nothing but sympathy for people in the struggle bc i've been there. 6-7 years ago, i was paying to put myself through school while my partner worked seasonally or got unemployement, eating rice and beans and scraping up pennies for gas. Ain't my fault that i seized the chance I got to do better and ran with it.

sorry for making y'all salty, but i'm a self-made man and nothing like the strawman you'd like to imagine lol

No. 181365

I live in Japan. Worked as an English teacher for 4 years, then finally was fed up and am now working for a normal company as a team assistant. My work is boring as fuck. Apparently the woman before me worked overtime, but I read news and longform articles for hours each day because the work load is so low. I just want to quit…
I've been asking for more work for the last two years, but the increases are so fucking tiny, it doesn't really change anything. I wish I was the kind of person who could spend hours talking to people, but that's just not the kind of person I am.

No. 181385

I managed to get a bank job at 19 and Im a little bewildered at how I got here and what I should do to capitalize on the position career-wise.

No. 181399

I was going to have to leave to California for a month and a half to do some job training for a new career path. Before I leave I'd have to train my replacement, lose my apartment and my cat and I started feeling extremely stressed and guilty about the money I'd have to spend to travel and lodge (3k+) and leaving my boss when it's such a terrible time for it etc… but I just found out I can do the training locally, I can spend a fraction of the money ($500), I don't have to give my cat back to my mom and I can keep my apartment and job for now. I feel significantly less stressed now.

But I am worried for my next path, I work in a family business and don't want my leaving to feel like a slap in the face. Everyone understands that I need to forge my own path in life but I still can't help but feel guilty for wanting to leave so badly. I've worked here for 3.5 years and it's the only "real" job I've had aside from retail. I hope I don't end up making a mistake.

No. 181401

File: 1487267779969.gif (1002.3 KB, 500x264, wr3q5658686776567.gif)

I've been overworked for the past few months and feeling pretty damn unappreciated. I've had take work home with me every weekend and get constant calls when I'm supposed to have time off. I'm a salary worker too so I don't get overtime for all this extra work.

But today I received a personal thank you note and a really fancy gold pen from my corporate office saying how much they appreciated me and that they notice all the hard work I do, it really made my day so much better. My local field office may not appreciate it me very much but it's nice to know someone up there is taking notice.

No. 181403

Anyone here a fashion stylist? Whether personal or other. I'm planning on getting certified soon because I finally have the money.

No. 181410

If you like it try to move up into management, since banking has been converting to online the lower position like tellers aren't as in high demand. My mother has been one for a very long time and it seems like it's more stressful for her now because she works with less people.

No. 181418

Yeah, thats certainly what Im hoping to do, even though Im just starting as a teller. Im not left wanting for work stories though, since our bank just through a series of scandals and weve got a lot of angry people who take it out on the entry level workers.

No. 181420

I'm in social work and after 2 years I'm more depressed than I have ever been in my life. I'm burnt the fuck out. Currently looking for a new job asap. I can't keep being this sad anymore.

No. 181428

File: 1487290517615.gif (477.52 KB, 500x297, c85d1418d79d224a32461eeb160115…)

I'm starting a new job soon at a restaurant and I'm so fucking scared. Maybe because I've only worked in fast food and this is a step up from that. I have really bad social anxiety so I am dreading the day I start and what kind of people work there. Not to mention feeling too intimidated to meet with the owner who is kind of a big deal. I can't stop crying and feel like such a loser wanting to hide from life and turning my stomach over something I seriously cannot avoid.

No. 181442

when you make mistakes, which you will, laugh them off. when you don't know something, ask for help genuinely. people will like you for trying your hardest and keeping a positive attitude about it. fake it long enough and it becomes real.

No. 181471

I lasted 10 months and during that time went from occasional social drinker to fullblown alcoholic. Get out while it's still relatively easy for you to move to a different field - best of luck anon. It's truly soulsucking work.

No. 181561

I work at a cafe and my boss really has it out for me. We have clashing personalities and I feel like because she doesn't like me personally she tends to pick at my performance way more. Another theory I have is that she hates me because of my race. Anyhow, I'm hanging by a thread :).

No. 181566

File: 1487479927549.png (86.18 KB, 1280x720, DBB221EE-0092-4C95-BC44-9E2D2C…)

I fucked up and picked a job with a commute of an hour each way, driving. I don't even like the job and I just started. Fuck I want to punch myself in the eye.

No. 181567


Depending on your location there is also the option to move into the corporate end of things. I started off doing call center work for a bank and now I've moved into business analytics for them. Way more job security and mobility than branch work.

No. 181568

Im in a branch outside Seattle, I'm really hoping to turn this into a corporate career, but I've got know idea what I'd even want to do within the company.

That mobility sounds super sweet though.

No. 181583

I decided to stop perusing my dream job because they are taking men over women because "equality" I guess.

I'm settling to do a course in something that I might hate but pays well instead.

Lol kill me

No. 181595

I've felt your pain anon. Had a 90 minute commute each way for a pretty shitty job. Unfortunately I didn't have a choice at the time. It was so awful

No. 181601

Chiming in with my own past shitty commute. Had to take a 6:30 am bus to the city, which took 2 hours, then from the city I'd have to walk to the subway for a 30 min ride. Then I had to walk down a slummy street to get to the office. Going home wasn't as bad, but that was because I was so relieved to be going home.

No. 181602

What job is that, anon?

I'm also resigning myself to going for a major I'm not very excited about but hopefully will get me better paying jobs. As long as I have at least some time for my hobbies I'll stay sane.

No. 181643

It's mostly just a vent. I probably should've put it in the vent thread but hey it belongs here too.

I quit my job today.

Eventhough I worked there only for a month and a half, I was just done. I hated it so, so much.

It didn't have designated lunch break, I had to work Saturdays and I worked late everyday with no overtime pay doing works outside my job description. The pay was shit too. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that I would quit as soon as I find a better job.

Luckily, my job being shitty as ever kept putting off finalizing my contract, so I had no problem just telling I quit and walking off.

The thing is I thought that quitting my job would be the most satisfying feeling in the world, but in reality I just feel like shit because 'I wronged someone'. I hate being such a doormat.

No. 181644


That sounds like a shitty gig, hope that makes you feel more certain. I hate jobs that dont give breaks.

No. 181647

Thanks anon, quitting was the right thing to do. The company not having anyone who worked there more than 6 months should have been a pretty huge warning sign. You live and you learn I guess.

No. 181744

I just want to be a cute office girl.

I work two part time jobs. One in retail and the other at a hotel at nights twice a week. I thought I would at least get to wear nice clothes at the hotel job but I have to wear a clingy polo shirt. I can't quit either job until I get a full time job and I've been looking but it takes time which is frustrating. I wouldn't mind staying in the hotel/hospitality field but the hotel I work at now has really no room for advancement.

My retail manager asked me if I was interested in going full time in a position at the store then two weeks later let me know that the position doesn't exist at our location and I would have to travel 30 minutes to a different store if I wanted to interview for that specific position. It doesn't make financial sense for me. I'm upset how he sort of dangled that in front of me because I want to quit my night job. It's going to become too much if I have to work days and nights like this for much longer. I have to tough it out now though for the health benefits and money.

I finished an accounting certificate and I have my bachelor's in art which is sort of useless now. A lot of the jobs I'm looking at want a bachelor's in business or accounting. I want to go and get a second bachelor's or my master's in business/accounting but I need money for that.

No. 181762

>You could consider getting some lab certifications (I know that HPLC is helpful around here) from your local tech college.

This is pretty good advice, I graduated with a BS Biology. My parents were willing to let me continue living with them (For a reasonable time), so first thing was to do unpaid lab work for professors at nearby universities – professors love free labor that doesn't have to come out of their grant money.

With the unpaid work, I was able to get experience with various laboratory assays, and you are entirely correct HPLC skill is one of the best to pick up. Get some more buzzwords in there, like electrophoresis, cell culture, wet chemistry, ELISA, etc. I never got any publication credit, and didn't seek any, a letter of recommendation was good enough.

Very important, get those letters of recommendation from your professors, and politely ask them to write it in such a way that it specifically calls out what tasks and skills they had you performing. Because job applicants sometimes lie about their skills to get that first interview, of course HR departments know this.

If you trust your professors you are working for, then you want to have your letters of recommendation handled as confidential (you never get to see them, officially), as this boosts their value in the eyes of the reviewers. Have the held by either your undergraduate college's Rec letter service, or a private Rec letter service like Interfolio. The service will send out copies on request to HR departments directly, without ever passing through your hands.

Anyway, I worked in the pharma and biotech industries for about 9 years, before going to med school – but that's a whole other story. To all fellow Lab-rats, good luck!

No. 181769

>I have fibromyalgia. The amount of work I do put so much stress on my body I've begun to urinate blood.

Is your urine foamier than usual? Any swelling in the ankles?

Do you have colicky flank pain or lower back pain?

No. 181877

I have an interview tomorrow to do office work in a business office. Definitely not my dream job, but I need a better environment for my mental health.

No. 181893

You may need to start at a more entry level position in an office and move up from there. Try checking out receptionist jobs so you can get office experience and if a position opens up for an admin assistant, accounts payable/receivable, etc. you can apply to that.

No. 181945

one of my coworkers is literally physically stinky. dude doesn't shower or do laundry. he's visibly dirty. his stench literaly lingers. we had to febreeze a chair after he left because it held his stench like a ghost. management won't fire him because we're desperate for people. fml.

No. 181958

I have the same problem with a technician who works on the fire system where I work.
I don't even think he changes his clothes. He has visible sweat and dirt dripping from his neckline down his shirt like he was trying to eat something and got it all over himself.

The odor is to the point where I close my door when he comes around.

I don't want to say anything, because I can't think of a good way to say 'you smell'. It's just something that's on the back of my mind.

No. 181963

he's been written up for it, but he doesn't care and his performance is good enough that they'll never fire him for it alone :(

No. 182136

If he ever gets fresh with you, call him out on how he smells. He will probably resent you after that though.

No. 182140

I'm really frustrated at how older people are given privileges at my company while younger people my age (mid 20s) aren't.
I don't mean the types of older folks who've been with the company for a long time, I mean old people with the same hiring date as me getting first pick on shift choices. Solely for the fact that we're "ranked" by hiring date and age. As we bid for shifts. Whereas I was 606th and had to list that many shifts in order by preference (yeah, we really have to do this every 3-4 months), just because someone was aged 50 in my hiring group they were ranked 550th and had a better chance of getting their first picks.

I'd rather we be ranked by something tangible like job performance WITH company seniority. But not this age bullshit. The old lady who was ranked like 60 people in front of me is sweet, but she sucks at her job and naps during training sessions.

Another thing that pissed me off recently is how one of my coworkers I like told me she had been invited to a company gala whereas nobody else was extended that opportunity. It's because she's also in her 40s w/ adult children so she bonds better with company managers. I love my managers but clearly I'm never going to be able to bond with them in the same day someone from their age group with their like experiences would.
The managers asked her to be a stand in.
So she got to attend this black tie affair in the corporate ladder solely because she has a relationship with the managers due to her age and ability to "schmooze' as she puts it.
We have the same pay grade and she's no better at our regular job functions than I am.

It's such bullshit.

No. 182144

Ok, not sure if I'm venting or asking advice but here goes:

I work as the assistant to the director of IT for my city's government. My department supports tech for every moving part of the city government including first responders, water treatment, etc (Just to give an idea of what that means.) I basically am the IT director's administrative assistant and I also help him with any projects as needed, as well as keeping inventory of/replacing/ordering any technology used by the city government as needed.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that my boss is probably on the spectrum. I am not. He has a lot of characteristics of someone who has aspergers. He is very skilled and talented in his field and highly intelligent, but his communication skills are almost non existent. He avoids eye contact with me most of the time and can come off as extremely rude and narcissistic, though I've learned that he doesn't mean to. He is terrible at reading people, and always seems to think I'm either frustrated or upset when I'm completely emotionally neutral and just focused on my work. Most of the time when he talks to me he is extremely unclear about what he wants. Its almost as if he doesnt realize that im not in his mind with him and he does things like not finishing a sentence, or throwing something at me with no context at all so that i have to guess at what he is even talking about. A lot of what he says when he speaks is just filler words (the thing about this is, the thing about that is, and that's that, and well what we need to do is, we need to do this…kind of like he's gathering his thoughts but they never translate into spoken words) and he is the complete opposite of concise. When I confirm with him what i just heard, or press for specifics, I'm met with defensiveness, or he gets visibly frustrated as if I'm unintelligent just because I'm not always sure what his point is due to him being so unclear with his words. Being that he's an older man and he has worked in his field for a long time, I think he has learned to mimic a lot of social skills he is expected to possess, but it's clear that these characteristics are way out of his nature.

My problem is, because I'm expected to complete tasks as assigned by him and report directly to him and no one else, and because I am his only assistant,i worry that his lack of communication skills might impact my performance reviews and i am in this boat alone.

An example: last week, he asked me to work on this year's technology budget for a certain department. He specified which department it was by giving me the department head's name. He had actually misspoken and said the wrong name, BC it seems like he gets ahead of himself and always says one thing but means another. I spent two days working on the wrong departments budget. When I was about to finish up, I asked him a question about something and was met with extreme frustration when I told him that he might have accidentally misspoke or I misheard him because he said the wrong name. I mean, he got extremely emotional. He turned red, aggressively rubbing his eye, talking fast and avoiding any eye contact with me at all while he chewed me out. He was extremely defensive but I wasn't coming across as accusatory at all (I have a lot of experience in corporate culture and dealing with higher ups…I know that's a no no) I even took the blame for hearing him wrong knowing that he had without a doubt said the wrong thing.

HOW do I deal with having to take orders from someone who possesses no communication or social skills whatsoever? I know that working with different types of people is a skill and I'm generally good at it, but in my experience it's never been a problem to ask confirming questions or press for details, especially when it's because you want to do everything correctly the first time. In this case, it causes my boss to have an autistic meltdown. Can someone halp please

No. 182149

To be fair, I know a lot of bosses who would exhibit the same emotional immaturity realizing they had messed up that badly and couldn't really blame their subordinates.

Honestly the only way to deal with his type is to walk through the information with him like a toddler to be sure everything is accurate. If he gets fussy at the tediousness just remind him that it's for accuracy sake to make sure the job is performed correctly. If he's upset it's his problem. It's not your fault and he'd only be taking his anger out on you because he's a loose cannon.

No. 182163

I have been a NEET for years, again.

I need to get employed

No. 182203

Thanks for the feedback. I do everything I can to demonstrate that I'm actively trying to listen well and understand him as he talks. I even bring a notepad and jot down notes. My only thing is that for any neurotypical person, what would just be considered "active listening" or things like nodding, giving small feedback-like comments to confirm or agree with what is being said etc, or questions around what he is saying is met with defensiveness almost every time. It's like he feels like he's being personally attacked. Almost like he takes it as if I am questioning his character or intelligence. Summarizing what he says after he is done speaking is taken as if I'm criticizing him in a "really? You just said that?" fashion. In order to avoid frustration or tension a lot of the time I just have to pretend like i know what's going on in his head and play detective once I walk out of his office by making phone calls or asking others in my department for details around the topic. On one hand it keeps the peace between us and minimizes misunderstandings but it's risky because if I didn't understand him correctly (which happens a LOT) I'm treated as if I'm incompetent. I want to bring up this issue to HR just to have a record of it in case I get negative reviews from him but I know that I have to be very careful with my words. If he is on the spectrum (ehuch im almosy certain he is) it's a touchy subject.

No. 182208

I'm upset with myself because I have a good degree, but I worry that the next place I go to work won't be as lenient as my current employer has been with me.

The job I'm in is fine, but it's a dead end job. No hope of promotion unless someone above me dies. Any suggestions?

No. 182322

It's been six month since I started a course in web development. I feel like I'm still shit. Sometimes I feel too anxious about the future to even try to write some code.
I'm not smart, i'm never going to be good at this and I'm already almost 30.
I just want to make it all go away.

No. 182772

Yeah, that's not a bad idea. I did apply to a couple of receptionist jobs to but I could look for more.

No. 182796

I'm taking four classes while working but I'm struggling with two of them because I always run out of time to do the assignments required out of school. My grades in both of them are in the sixties right now, but I don't know if I should keep going or do a withdrawal to protect my GPA.

I also debated quitting my job (I have 20k saved and this semester was covered by financial aid) and just living off it that while in school but since my grades are already fucked it wouldn't help this semester.

No. 182826

Bring those grades up to low 70s, and quickly ask for an "incomplete" if your school has that sort of program, and finish it over the summer or something. Come up with a very good excuse though.

If you're applying to grad school, or even slightly thinking about it, withdraw.

Or else, if your uni counts D's as passing grades, then you can take the hit.

Your options require a little foresight on your part though. Good luck, Anon! I really hope it works out.

No. 182852

Don't know if I've posted this before (hope not), but I really need help.

First of all, I need to mention that I'm from an exceptionally poor country. Like, Africa-tier, but in Europe. It's tiny and the job market is oversaturated, and the average wage is 300eur. People with the most prestigious PhD's can't get a job. I was also born into a working class family with no connections, so finding a job for me would be twice as impossible.

Now, because of that situation I moved to another country four years ago. They earn a LOT more than we do, their colleges are solid, but they speak a different language and I have yet to meet a single person who has moved to this country that has mastered the language even after 15 years.

I go to college here. I wasn't able to get into a good one because they require a local high school diploma or an IB, but I was too old and poor for a 3-year IB so I got into an okay international college.

I've been applying for internships forever, but every single ad in my field, even in English, always says (native speakers only). I've applied to events where they don't even bother to respond to me if I'm not a native. I've busted my ass looking for opportunities but they either say they don't want a foreigner, or that they want someone with more experience.

Next year I'm moving abroad to go to another college (it's part of the programme), and after that I won't have enough money to do anything unless I get a job. Again, I wouldn't have moved here if I'd had other opportunities, but it was either go here or rot in my native shithole.

At this point I'm seriously questioning whether I'll amount to anything in life. I want to succeed so bad, I've done all I could, I've applied to every single thing I could, but every time I'm passed over in favour of some better 'talent' who has had more work experience since people in this country can work from the age of 16. Back home it's impossible for anyone under 30 to find proper work. I can't volunteer because they won't let me, I don't speak the language (I do, but not up to their standards I guess). I've tried applying for a scholarship in my home country (need to be studying in a specific field at a university back home) and here (need more work experience, volunteering, proof of exceptional skills and competence).

I'm 24, poor and unemployed. My time is running out and I constantly see younger people in the US and UK talking about their internships and first jobs. Lots of people from here go there too and always have a blast and have no trouble getting jobs whereas I have trouble getting enough money for a single ticket.

What do I do? I feel like everybody's busy playing house while I'm sitting outside because nobody wants to let me join.

I speak multiple languages, my grades are the best in class, I participate in class projects, I have a blog, I showcase my acceptable normie hobby online so people can see I'm a well-rounded person. Nothing. Every single time I ask I'm given a bullshit reason like 'you need to do your CV like this' or 'end the email with yours faithfully, not best regards, this is why they didn't hire you'.

Sorry for the novel. Am desperate.

No. 182862

Which country are you talking about? You might find help here if someone's from/lives in the same country

No. 182864

What country are you in? Germany, France?
Also, you're going to be fine, don't compare yourself to others, it always going to make you feel bad. I'm 27 and starting school again only now after terribad fuckups. Shit happened. You're only 24, you're going to make it.

No. 182870

Thanks for the encouragement, anon.
Really, I'm used to people saying it's my fault for not doing X, Y or Z and asking me 'hurr, then why'd you move there in the first place? xDD'.

No. 182874

Can I ask about the field you're in?

They are dumb. Everybody has their own set of circumstances. Daring to move was a big choice, I'd say you're fucking courageous to take your chances elsewhere instead of choosing the comfort of staying home.

No. 182876

Business with an emphasis on finance and accounting. I love the field and am actually good at it thanks to my God given autism.

The only opportunities foreigners seem to get easily here are to be a nurse aide, hairdresser or cleaner.

No. 182914

I see. I'm a foreigner in Belgium, working in IT and there's plenty of English speaking jobs in it. But I guess it's because of the field?
How long 'till you have your degree? You could move then?

No. 182915

I need a visa to move. And money. I'm graduating in 2 years.

No. 182964

I have a job interview in two weeks. It's in a place where I desperately want to move (currently stuck in a dead end town in the UK, want to move to Manchester), in a more exciting/specialised area of my field (work in a medical laboratory), better/less hours for the same pay (currently working 24/7 shifts, on nights this week which is killing me) and genuinely seems like a cool interesting job.

Needless to say I'm nervous as hell - I've been in the industry for two years already so it's just a refinement of the process, and I wouldn't have gotten an interview if they didn't like my CV, but I've only ever had the job I have now, with an internal promotion last year. I'm fantastic at my current job - I work hard, I constantly do overtime and optional shifts to help out the lab, I do a lot of extra quality work and I'm the health and safety lead in addition to sorting out all of the training of new staff and various other bits and pieces. There's a simple data entry and analysis test at the beginning but I'm not worried about that - it's the actual interview I'm terrified about just because I desperately want this job, I need to move out of this town and it seems so interesting.

I've spent all day today looking at the centre I'd be working, researching what other people who currently have the job say their duties are on LinkedIn so I have a response if they ask if I know what the job is about (my god it looks so cool), thinking about things I'd say in response to common interview questions e.g. why do you want this job, what can you offer, tell me about a time when you worked as a team/were under stress, what are your strengths and weaknesses.

I guess I'm wondering if there's anything else anyone can recommend I do? I actually have a few mock interviews set up within my current job in preparation, with the specialist lead for the job I'm applying for, and when I go to work in a bit I'm working with someone who used to work in the same area, just in London.

Sorry for the ramble, any suggestions would be appreciated. Like I said, the last interview I had last year was a doddle because they knew me already/I was pretty much guaranteed the position, and before that it's two years before I've even applied for a job. Thanks to anyone that reads all that.

No. 182967

Any advice for a 25-yo graduated biochemist who is currently at home taking care of a relative but wants to finally work in the area?

Only place I worked was a supermarket, restocking stuff. I feel so lost

No. 183115

File: 1488806178258.jpg (275.25 KB, 650x650, Rozen Maiden - SCIENCE.jpg)

>Any advice for a 25-yo graduated biochemist who is currently at home taking care of a relative but wants to finally work in the area?

Depends, if you want to go the industrial route to do things like Quality Control, Manufacturing Support, Analytical Support, try:

If you want to go the academic and R&D route, that's a bit harder, and you'll need an advanced degree.

There are also alternative paths. If you're charismatic and a good communicator, there are alternative paths like pharma industry rep, communication liaisons, etc.

No. 183368

File: 1489034476491.jpg (149.9 KB, 640x853, IMG_2356.JPG)

I was a desperate dipshit and after getting turned down for a position in my city, I applied for and got the same position, but in in another Library Branch in a city an hour away. I went ahead and took it and I'm driving the hour everyday. Now it's six weeks later and more full time jobs are suddenly opening at the branch where i actually live. Did I fuck myself? I want to apply for them but I've only been in this position for a few weeks. I mean I originally applied for one location and the new positions are at a lower tier but idk if that even matters.

No. 183386

Apply for the new jobs and leave the place you're working at now off your résumé? Don't tell your employers you're applying somewhere else, of course.

No. 183400

Apply for the new one. If they somehow manage to find out where you're currently working, just say you want the new job because it's closer. That's always understandable.

No. 183427

Thank you for your advice. I've been away for so long that I'm lost and I even need to review up what I learned before as I forgot a lot of things. The lab experience seems great, 'll try to talk with my old project professor.

No. 183482

File: 1489161539669.png (280.45 KB, 853x480, 756767.png)

I just started my first ever job and am basically shitting myself before I've even started training. I work at a hotel and will have to train for like 2 months before I can start working on my own. There's no pressure to learn things quickly, but I keep stressing over what if I can't get things right, what if I fuck up too much, what if my co-workers don't like me, etc.

I'm so shy and socially awkward that I feel sick just thinking about having to interact with my bosses and co-workers, even though they're all really nice and kind of already know I'm quiet/shy. I'm even freaking out over lunch breaks because one of my bosses jokingly told me that everyone has their preferred seat in the break room. It's like fucking high school all over again except I can't eat in the bathroom this time. kek

On top of that, I'm suicidal and depressed 99.9% of the time and am dreading the idea of having responsibilities and to have to be an adult when all I really want to do is kill myself. Most days, I can barely gather the energy and motivation to shower or brush my teeth, let alone work for 8 hours a day and having people depend on me.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm just scared as fuck.

No. 183496

working helps with depression. It gives you something to focus on an you enjoy your free time much more.
As for your actual job, don't fucking sweat it. Do what you can, if you mess up remember that you always have tomorrow.

No. 183507

youre bound to make a few mistakes when doing something new. so don't worry too much. remember it's normal and give yourself the time to adjust. don't be hard on yourself if you do something wrong. and as far as lunch breaks go, you could try and drive off home or somewhere else if the break rooms too much.

i struggle with similar issues. so i hope you'll give yourself a chance and stick it through anon. rooting for you.

No. 183515

How do you deal with coworkers hating you/finding you annoying?

I'm naturally very bubbly and 'silly' and it tends to piss people off. I can't help coming off that way, it's how I've always been and the combination of being both socially awkward and a bit of a Pollyanna tends to irritate people a LOT. I've tried to tone it down but it usually results in people thinking there's something wrong with me and being even meaner so I decided to save myself the stress and just be myself.

I used to work as a housekeeper until one of my coworkers got me fired because he just didn't like me much (he went behind my back and complained to the manager), another coworker mocked me whenever I had a shift with her and a third one sexually harassed me the whole day I had with him. I couldn't complain because I was too new, I received no formal training and instead had to be trained by my coworkers who all had different methods of doing the work so the moment I switched 'partners' for the day they'd yell at me because everything I'd been taught was wrong and wasn't the right way to do it.

I felt horrible, had virtually no rights and got fired just because one schmuck thought I smiled too much. It's so unfair.

No. 183516

at work? really? you know that's inappropriate, there's a time and place for it and it's not at work.
also sounds like you just worked for a bad company, no formalised training etc

No. 183517

Did I say 'at work'? No? Then why are you assuming I acted inappropriately?

At work I was always serious but friendly. Besides, I didn't exactly go there by Her Majesty's appointment so I don't see why a tasteful joke or two would be in any way inappropriate.

No. 183518

>asks for advice
>gets shitty when given advice

No. 183519

Yeah, about that… If you think that resembled advice in any shape or form, I feel bad for you.

No. 183521

Your post sounded like you're constantly like this though. And why would people at work dislike you if you don't act bubbly/silly at work? You're not making any sense.
If people hating your at your old job had nothing to do with your silly personality then your post is very confusing.

No. 183522

Yeah I'm gonna agree with >>183521 you seem really immature. I immediately thought someone that would describe herself similarly. She refuses to see her own flaws and is defensive too KEK

No. 183524

I live in Eastern Europe. min wage in my country is around $2.50/hour so it's barely worth it to work.

I'm 19 and suffered a psychotic breakdown about a year ago (during senior year). I didn't properly finish high school, so I'm not going to uni anytime soon.

Right now I work part-time as a ghostwriter ($35 per 3 hours of work) and an ESL teacher (I have 4 hour-long lessons a week, $10 ea).

I'm not making much and I'm still living with my parents and suffering a ton. I'm kinda desperate for advice.

sage for blogpost. slav life worst life.

No. 183543

Damn, I sympathize. I never finished high school either because I had a mental breakdown and pretty much lived at home until my mid-20's because I couldn't work or go to school. Also my bf is from Russia and has suffered from a crapton of mental shit since he was a kid but has never had much support from family or doctors because of that stupid "hurrr mental illness isn't real" mentality there. I imagine it might be the same for you?

Do you have any coping skills that you can use when you're having a hard time? If not, there's a lot of info online about self-care and coping techniques. Maybe find a few that work for you.

I don't know if there's a high school equivalency degree you can get like there is in the US, but my advice is to save up as much money as you can, do whatever it is you need to do to complete your high school education, and then try to attend college somewhere else. I've had a lot of Russian friends go to college elsewhere just to leave for awhile.

No. 183643

I was born in the US so I have an American passport…I'm thinking I can go to a cheapo community college in the states next year with government help. (I completed the SAT last year and did fairly well, so I think I could get in) I think a change of scenery would be nice.

I'm getting therapy, have been for 5 years now. (Slav therapy is shitty but it's free) I'm going to try going on lithium later this year and see if it helps me.

I'm glad someone can relate (tho I'm not glad for you, cuz it sucks…) And yeah slav world is dreary af and doesnt rly believe in mental illness. Plus the unchanging commieblock landscape gets to you after a while!

No. 183655

I'm 24 and going to graduate in a few months, and I'm actually pretty terrified. I've been living on my own pretty much since I turned 18 and it took me a long time to finish school because I tried a few different things and had to work full-time to pay rent (although it's gonna boost my resume a lot)

I live in Europe so I'm afraid my first pay will be mediocre at best, basically minimum wage, while I'll be stripped of all my student advantages and start being taxed heavily. I'm single, living alone and honestly feel like my purpose is supporting the lifestyle of others, especially families who get a shit ton of support, while I'm slaving away for almost nothing.

I've been thinking of downsizing my appartment for a while now (ended up with a slightly too big one because of a dick move from a previous friend) but moving out cost an arm and a leg and I'm left with peanuts by the end of each month.

I wish I could have a rich family supporting me while I travel to another country and try to land an employer there but of course that's impossible. So fucking jealous of kids whose parents can afford the best schools without a care in the world and take a few years traveling to other countries to study or go on holidays.

Meanwhile my friends are going on their 5th trip to Japan and Korea and I only left the country once or twice cause I can't even afford a vacation just in case my heater breaks again. I feel like I'm going straight to jaded adult with bills territory and never experienced a carefree 20s

No. 183668

Oh, that's great that you might be able to attend community college here! I'm glad to hear that you're in therapy too, even if it's not that great. Sometimes just being able to speak to someone we aren't friends with/related to can take the edge off a little. I hope you find some meds that work for you. I know shit sucks and is really hard, but you're doing a great job!

No. 183672

Hi anon! I'm also from Eastern Eu and I can say I'm somehow in a similar situation. If you want we could talk on kik, my username is easterneufag.

No. 183766

I have my first ever job interview tomorrow, it's not really an interview but more like a "taster" day so I know it's the job I want to do for my placement year at uni. I'm a pretty late bloomer when it comes to jobs, i'm 20 and this is the first time someone has actually wanted to have me around and accepted my application.
I'm stressing a bit since I don't even know how to act in an office or the social standing. It's an indie game dev company so it should be pretty chill but I have no idea what to wear or how to introduce myself. Chances are im most likely going to be the only girl and I really hope it's not the case.

No. 183857

i'm quitting my job in a few weeks for a much better paying one and as my last hurrah i am going to write up a big email of every last bit of drama and shittalk i've quietly collected, CC the whole office on it, and recede into the bushes while cackling

No. 183881

Why would you do this?

No. 183888

I mean that's nice and all but have you considered that you might be getting people fired? Some people might deserve it but you're delusional if you think only the actual bullies will be on the shit end of the stick if you do that lol

No. 183895

that's super unprofessional and probably a terrible idea, however satisfying it is to daydream about

No. 183896

Same Anon.
I got the Job! I was the only girl but the other girl that works there wasn't in today. I had only 2 autistic slip ups which were not too bad by my standards.
One thing though, I was wearing a game related T-Shirt due to the whole game dev job thing i thought it fit well. It's not form fitting or whatever but the boss was staring at my chest for the first hour while talking to me. I have no idea if he just liked the design or what but it tilted me a little.

No. 183903

>>the boss was staring at my chest for the first hour while talking to me

Isn't it a common thing in male-dominated fields (especially something like the video game industry) for women to get treated like this and gawked at? I would expect no less from autistic neckbeards. I hope you don't have to deal with that again, anon.

No. 183907

Women all want to become men and get careers now, so there should soon be a lot of financially successful women who have all the money they need.

Why is it that those women STILL refuse to date a man with no money? Or even men with a lower financial/social status than them?

Let me put it in perspective, when a man is financially successful, he specifically does not want his girlfriend/wife to be employed. Why would a financially successful man ever want an employed wife? It would make no sense.

She would drain large amounts of her time into work, which is time that could be spent on housework, cooking, shopping, child raising, and giving him sexual pleasure. Instead she would spend her day at work and then come home very bitchy, tired, and permanently non-feminine from working.

Successful men do not want employed women, the more money you make the less value you have to successful men.

Why don't financially successful women feel this way?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 183919

why not?

if they get fired, they did something they shouldn't've anyway. i'm just the messenger, i didn't make them do anything

if a bridge is gonna be burned, why not toss a little gasoline on there to make it a better show?

No. 183925


You know they'll know it's you because of the timing and if they want to, they can contact your new workplace and warn them.

No. 183935

File: 1489636430430.png (440.26 KB, 438x614, ZjTiYaW.png)

Thanks for the advice and support, guys. I appreciate it.

Just finished my first day and feel confident in saying that I hated it and was miserable the entire time. I was ostracized by some of my coworkers because I'm white and everyone I work with is black, so there's that. Also blatant favoritism of the other new trainee. I pretty much just kept my head down for my training, ate in the breakroom but didn't talk to anyone, and then went home and had a nervous breakdown.

No idea how I'm going to keep this shit up.

No. 183940

they'll know it's me because it'll come from my work email address lmao

"contact my new workplace" firstly as if i'd tell them where i'm going, secondly as if they could even find the right person to talk to about me, thirdly why would my new employer care? abloobloo i stirred up some office drama by telling the truth about what everyone's doing anyway

gonna return to: i'm just the messenger. it's peoples' faults for doing things that would get them in trouble. maybe it'll make them think twice about their actions in the future.

i feel like all the anons getting butthurt about this are ones who would be fucked if their own actions came to light at their own jobs…

No. 183944

We're not butthurt anon, you're just acting like a vindicated 15yo and it's kinda pathetic to read. You seriously have nothing to win from this except 2 minutes of glory after your Revenge.

No. 183946

Aren't you on Linkedin? And there's always ways to find where you've gone other than that you know.
In any case you sound 12.

No. 183948

I just quit my job (along with 3 other people) because this family run business let their narc 40 yo daughter work there because she's a waste My boyfriend still work s at the company so I get to look forward to dealing with her drunk ass at next years XMAS party I'm excited;). So I'm now unemployed and in the process of becoming an STNA. Im nervous but excited I'm pretty confident I want to get my RN after this. I'm ready to get back to work though !

No. 183957

I'm just telling myself he liked the shirt design for now but if it continues I will say something about it. I would get it if it was form fitting or low cut, but it was a normal shirt..

No. 183963

2 minutes of glory as i walk off to my new better job cackling? yes this sounds like a bonus. sorry you're not in a place in your life where you can do something like that, continue to toil in misery~

i sure am not. you've got to be pretty naiive to the working world to think that any employer would be that invested over a bit of workplace drama from an ex-employee, y'all acting like i'm gonna burn the place down. in any case, you sound buttblasted.

No. 183964

i sincerely hope it doesn't come back to bite you in the ass, but it probably will. if nothing else, from the character traits that lead you to think this is an appropriate course of action. good luck

No. 183967

Please stop acting like everyone here is super mad and offended at your actions, we're just getting second-hand embarassment and advising you against it because it's childish.

So you're not going to include that job in your resume I assume? I know you already found another job but if you end up having to search for something else it's not out of the question any place you try will ask your former employers. I hope you didn't stay at that job too long, a gap in your CV doesn't look too good.

No. 183986

it won't because i wouldn't if it would, but thanks! so many anons acting like they know my jobs….

yep im sure youre just personally super invested in some random anon's career and are definitely just moralfagging for the good of all, right?

it seems that reading comprehension comes as strongly for you as not being butthurt because ive stated before, new job is already all lined up. just because i'm not a coward doesn't mean im stupid lol. you think i'd really shoot myself in the foot if i didn't know i'd get away with it? in fact, i'll still put that shit on my resume because i've got buddies in management who will think this shit is hilarious anyway lmao.

i just cant believe you really think that any employer is going to care about 'oh noes this person aired some drama that had basically no consequence but rustling some jimmies' like have you ever had more than a mall job?

also i was at current job for 6 years and they loved me thru every second of it :^)

No. 184004

Sounds petty as fuck, anon. Just rant to your friends like a normal person instead of being a 12 year old and trying to rehash bad memories for people.

No. 184012

How am I invested in your bullshit? It takes me 30 seconds to type up a reply and is fun distraction. It's time to admit you're a complete cringelord.

Also if this is all mindless shit that will not do anything but rustle some people, then sure, I guess you shouldn't have any issue, but the conversation here made it seem like you actually had good deets on your colleagues that could get them im trouble. But I guess someone so immature would be able to make a big deal of little gossip and pointless offenses.

But you know it doesn't take much for an employer to not want you. A simple "she did something very inappropriate on her last day" would be enough to make a potential employed not want to bother interviewing you. It doesn't matter how good you were during the job - although there's a big chance they dodn't like you as much as you think if your personality is so shitty.

Also I did mention I knew you had already found another job, seems like you're the one with a lack of reading comprehension.

No. 184018

Let it go, she's throwing a temper tantrum because noone thinks this is an appropriate reaction from a professionnal and mature adult.

>multiple people think what I'm doing is petty and stupid

>they all are wrong! I'm not a petulant child! This can't hurt my reputation in any way, and besides, I really want to do it for no reason whatsoever!

No. 184080

i'll admit, it's petty. but feels good man

lmao you were invested enough to type up all that shit that i'm not even going to bother to read, stay mad

lmao you're acting like i came on here for anyone's approval. you do you, i'll do me, and maybe someday you can have that kind of freedom :^)

No. 184127

i live in a small town where it can he hard to find jobs. but there is a bustling cafe culture here and i just moved from one of the best cafes to another because i wasn't getting many hours.

well i'm at the new one now and while it's a lot more organised and just as busy i don't like it as much :( my old boss found out i'm working there now and got like personally offended and i feel like shit.

ALSO my other (main job) is a shitty takeaway shop where i make the least money ($17 an hour, compared to the cafes where i make $24) but my boss there really relies on me and needs me and she's a sweet person and almost like a mother to me. and she got me the job when nobody else would hire me (i had just moved from another country) and has been really good to me, even literally GAVE me her old car (even tho it's shitty lmao).

but i'm a bit upset because i found out that most of the others get paid more than me. they get the $24 that you are supposed to get. now i'm younger while the other women have kids and families and whatnot but i still have to make a living too you know? should i ask for a raise? but i know she's struggling a bit as a small business owner, however she often talks about how the others don't do anything and are a waste of wages etc. and yet they get paid more. and ALSO she just put on her niece for sunday afternoons and pays her ON THE BOOKS AT $26 an hour. this girl is like 17. wtf.

she got a bit annoyed when i got another job again but like… i can't afford to live on what i was making just there. but it's so hard because i feel loyal to her :(

idk what to do man

No. 184131


I say you should try asking for a raise. Tell her the same things you wrote here, maybe a bit nicer. Like how you have to change jobs because of money but you also feel loyal to her. I feel for you, sounds tricky. Good luck!

No. 184144

I got promoted to manager but I really, really suck at it. I have no spine at all.
I talked to my boss about how I'm unfit for the job but he just tells me to work at it. The only reason I got the job is because I've been working there forever and I'm a great employee, but it doesn't actually translate to management skills.
For example there's some shittier jobs like cleaning the toilets, or doing the dishes, that I just do myself because I feel bad making other people do it. Which is insane, because they're paid nearly as much as I do but I just want to be liked so I do it instead when it should be the opposite…

No. 184145

Are you in Australia or something? Those wages are insane

No. 184146

i think you're right, i'd obviously have to be a lot nicer in the way i phrase it but it's worth a shot i suppose. thank you!

yeah australia haha

No. 184147

I got accepted to some accelerated nursing schools but the negative posts about nursing here make me nervous.. Is it really that bad? What if I want to move into other areas? I'm particularly interested in being a nurse practitioner, working in NICU or an instructor for a university.

No. 184246

>24 dollars to work at the cafe
what the fuck? thats more money than a government worker makes in the us

No. 185871

Any advice for (summer, stem) internships, anons? I've been applying since mid-February. Applied to 20ish companies that posted ads or went to career fairs, and have since gotten 5 rejections. My self-confidence is taking a hit here, I've had my resume reviewed by multiple people several times and been told it's good and that they mainly expect willingness to learn, yet…

No. 186053

Maybe it's Australian Dollar or something, the fact that they said 'takeaway' (an english expression) might suggest that

No. 186099

Is your resume customized to each job posting (like has exact words from the ad in it)?
You might be getting rejected before anyone even sees your resume.

Also, are you submitting customized cover letters too? That is the place to show how you are willing to learn, and why you would be good for the internship. It helps to have a generic one written out, and then you can tweak it to various jobs and companies.

No. 189597

Graduating in about two weeks and I'm kind of really worried about getting a job…

A professor I'm very close with sent me an e-mail today about a job position another professor told him about. It's research assistant position and mostly administrative work and none of the qualifications feel too out of my league except that I'm not that proficient in Japanese… The location is in Japan and I've studied there before, but because of my own shortcomings and irresponsibility, I'm not as fluent as I could be. I wonder if I should just apply anyway… I mean, the worst they can do is just say no, right?

It also feels really stupid but my dog is getting pretty old (turned 13 this past year) and she's the light of my life, and I really want to stay where I live right now so I can be with her until she passes away. I was doing some more job searching and found some good positions in my area… but I feel so stupid for wanting to stay behind for my dog lol. I just know that I'll be devastated when she passes and not being there for her would just rub more salt in my wound.

Regardless, I'm prepared to just take a retail job so that I can at least make my student loan payments…

No. 189638

You can bring your dog with you anon! There are pet immigration specialists that can ensure your dog doesn't end up in quarantine. Only thing is making sure you find a place where you can keep pets.

I'm moving out of the country, and likely back to asia soon and will be using specialists to immigrate my cats.

No. 189639

But is it wise when your pet is old and frail?

No. 189654

Forgive this vent, I just need to fucking put this somewhere or I will explode

Fuck entitled bitches

I work at a movie theatre and it's Guardians weekend. Whenever big movies like these come out, it brings out all the worst fucking people.

We had a stall door torn off, someone shat all over the stall next door, someone physically turned a toilet around, and someone else smoked in the family room. Why. Why.

I had a guy today ask me while coming down the stairs:
>are you a manager?
(yes I am, usually a bad sign when they're catching you walking down the stairs)
and he proceeds to tell me that our ushers did four theatre checks in the span of 30 minutes, disrupting his movie and ruining the experience and whatever
that doesn't make any fucking sense, since we have a check sheet for them to do checks once every 30 minutes. it's possible that they forgot to mark that they did their checks and someone else did them too, but unlikely. Four in 30 minutes? No.
He wants to know WHY. I'm not sure why, since I don't even believe his story. I do know that there was an issue about 10 minutes earlier with rowdy customers, and it might have been in his theatre? This info just riles him the hell up.
>I ASKED if it had something to do with another customer, and I was told no! I want to speak with another manager!
Why another manager?
>I was told one thing by one person, and now you're telling me something else! Why wasn't I told about this customer??
I proceed to tell him (in a professional manner) that it is none of his damn business if it didn't involve him, which is clearly didn't.
He still wanted to talk to another manager, so I take him to one. Turns out the issue was in a different theatre, so I apologize for letting him think there was an ulterior motive for the checks. After more talking, hemming and hawing about how his experience was ruined, he goes to a hundred movies a year all over the country and has NEVER seen this before, et cetera, he finally says that it's the wand the ushers carry that is the root of the problem.
I tell him the wand must be used, and theatre checks must be performed. I am stern on this.
>Well I want to talk to whoever made that rule!
That would be our head corporate office.
>Fine, I want to talk to them!
Ok. I go and get him my GM's card and the customer service number.
He's seeing another movie that day, and I inform him that he should expect at least 2-3 checks during his movie. It is our goddamned job.

No. 189682

Dude he sounds legit insane. Who tf cares? If you want absolute silence watch it at home. And all that for Guardians? I used to work at an AMC for a few months, theatre weirdos are a strange breed…

No. 189722

Please share more theatre weirdo stories.

No. 189739

It has really made me appreciate nice people, for sure. Also, were you in a mall? Mall-cinemas get some really shitty people.

I actually worked in a different theatre before this one in a.. so-so area inside a mall, the people who lived in the area were fine, but we would get overflow from the city sometimes and they were nuts.
We had a guy come in, and he was acting kinda weird already before even going in to his theatre. He eventually came out of his theatre shirtless, screeching about how his theatre was unclean and needed to be blessed (it was an old theatre for certain, but I would have never used "possessed" or "demonic" to describe it) while waving a crucifix around. Since he was making a scene, a manager was trying to get him out towards the mall, and he threw the crucifix at her head, and ran away.

Another time, there were these two kids running around in our lobby. It's a small lobby, and these kids were probably no older than 5. They're literally running in circles, and I guess one of them tripped over her feet and ran head-long into one of our display cases for popcorn, shattering it. Glass (and popcorn) everywhere. We're trying to dress her wounds, she's obviously upset, and we ask the adult if they want us to call an ambulance since it was still bleeding a lot.
>They're not MY kids, hang on I'll call the parents.
It was amazing just how totally detatched they were from the whole thing. They cared more about missing their movie.

Related, I never understood why customers would get snitty with me after I asked them not to put their child on our popcorn display top. It's glass. I know it's a countertop, but get your kid off of it.

I was in box office once, and when you work in a mall with rated R movies, kids are going to try to sneak in. They try something we call "fishing", which is going to other people in the mall and asking if they can buy the kid's tickets for them. We had a popular R-rated movie, and these two kids come up and try to buy tickets. I tell them that I need to see an ID to sell them the tickets, and apologize. They go out into the mall and find someone. A older gentleman comes back and asks for two tickets to the rated R show. I tell him that I can not sell him the tickets, as I already sold him a ticket for a different show at the same time, and that I know these tickets are for the two kids.
no sir, they need an adult to see this show, and you're seeing a differ–
I'm panicking at this point because he's intentionally making a huge scene and it is a battle I will not win
The kids wanting the tickets did not expect this and are looking super super embarrassed, so I'll give them that
I think I had to call for a manager to calm him down or something, my memory fades after him screaming racism

I've been doing this for longer than I care for, I've got more stories.

No. 189740

Here's two quick ones from AMC anon, I need to write a paper but trust me there is more.

Once some old creep wouldnt leave me alone at the front ticket desk despite how I was not playing along one bit. For 10 minutes he went on lying about how he worked in over 100 movies and knew George Clooney - oh and he kept wanting to know if I wanted to hang out with him after work to see his corvette… Nopenopenope. I called over my male manager and he left pretty quickly after I wasnt alone.

Another was finding like 6+ empty tuna cans leftover from a 11am movie. Not normal snuck in food…just tons of tuna. Only one person went to that showing too, it was for some girly twilightesque Vampire Highschool movie. I still wonder, who was that lonely person watching a bad matinee while eating pounds of tuna?

No. 189754

Damn, I'm kinda shocked. I always think about creepy dudes beating off in theatres or people going there to makeout, but these people sound legit cazy. lol

You ever deal with any violent crazy people? Honestly, I haven't been to a theatre since the Batman shooting because I'm scared of being cornered by some nut with a gun, though I always assumed it was pretty unlikely to happen again.

>Who was that lonely person watching a bad matinee while eating pounds of tuna?

That's hilarious. It being 11am makes it even funnier. Seriously what the fuck?

No. 189770

>gross theatre sex/makeouts/beating off
Oh believe me, that happens too, along with taking dumps in the back

More story: every summer we have to go through 10 or so weeks of fundraising, where we ask customers if they'd like to donate to help kids with cancer (goes to a whole list of foundations like St. Judes, Will Rodgers, Boys & Girls Club, etc)

In order to help incentivize donating, we also offered movie posters if you donated like $5. We kept them on a table with a paper list to go through. Someone grabbed a few one day right off the table and made a mad dash out of the mall, while my GM actually tried to pursue them haha. Ah.. that's sad, stealing from a fundraiser.

One of the other managers was around when I flubbed the line in front of a customer and still has not let me forget it.
>would you like to donate to help kids fight cancer?
turned into
>would you like to donate to fight kids with cancer?

We get all kinds of reasons for people not to donate, as I imagine most places do. My favorites are:
>what have kids ever done for me?
>my kid has cancer
>have YOU donated?
>I hate kids

Just say "no thanks" or "maybe next time", jesus

There was actually a guy who would scam us by buying a movie ticket, and then go inside the theatre and ask the customers for their ticket stub, saying that his kid needed them for some school project. Then he would "suddenly need to leave" and get refunds for the tickets. He hit us for a couple of years, and was #1 on my GM's hit list. That was another person he chased down the mall, hahahaha

One day I was usher, and a customer came up to me asking me if I could help him find his water bottle that he had dropped in the theatre. We had sloped seating (as opposed to stadium), and only our biggest theatre had cup holders, so things rolled down to the front pretty often. He was acting a bit funny, but he said he needed it so that he could take his medicine.
I'm crawling around on the floor with my flashlight while this movie is playing, and I see a plastic flask.
>Oh thank you, you found it!
But.. this isn't water
>Oh no it is, I need it to take my medicine
He of course left it behind after his movie, and it was fucking vodka. I crawled around on the floor for fucking vodka I was so amazingly pissed

>batman shooting

We've always had a bag-check policy but after the shooting we really cracked down on that, and oh my god it was practically the end of the world with some customers
>no, I'm not showing you my bag, it's my stuff
jesus christ I'm not looking for food I'm looking for weapons
fine, feel free to get your money back, because I can't let you in

We've gone to a lighter version of it (checking big bags and backpacks), but for about 6 months after the shooting we were checking everything
If you're genuinely worried, I would suggest seeing a weekday matinee show. You'll be one of the few people there.

>violent crazy people

I'm trying to think of anything that would have been like that.. the closest I can think of is one of the managers at my current location told me that there was a guy who came in and had such an epic tantrum that he threw our standing sign (purchase tickets here) into the stand, I think broke one of their displays? It's a big heavy sign, so I wouldn't doubt it.
the only other violence I can think of is related to severe autism/mental stuff but I don't really count that. It helps that we had cops on site on friday and saturday, which is usually when customer fights would occur.

I actually had someone recently try to guilt-trip me over the phone regarding her deaf kid group. Apparently they tried to book a show at a different location for Boss Baby but something happened, and she wanted to know why I wouldn't be able to give her a show on a friday night of Open Caption Boss Baby. It's friday night! It's Open Caption! You're giving me zero notice! Yes there will be an issue!
>but it says here online that you have caption glasses?
Yes we do, how many are in your group?
>36 kids
………… and they ALL need the glasses?
Sorry, we can't supply that. We only have 10 glasses, and we can't reserve them in case someone else needs them too
>but it says here online
we only have 10 pairs. If you want an open caption, you need to go through our corporate box office so they can set up a show for you. We can do it, but we need a lot more time in advance, and you say you need this tonight.
>yes but this other place messed up and I promised these kids and they were so looking forward to seeing Boss Baby…
I'm sorry, I don't know what happened with your other location, but this is what I'm able to do.

Tell me I'm not alone in this, AMC-anon

No. 189789


Amc anon here, that shit is fucked up. Especially the vodka one and the deaf kids one.

We had a lot of people drop their kids, with no money I presume, to just loiter in the main lobby and try to sneak in.

Coworker found a freshly used condom in a chair.

Finding an old 50$ bill covered in m&ms under a chair.

Never actually having time to clean and being instructed to swat garbage under chairs.

Insane manager that frequently calls meetings to scream at the underlings. Hair looks like its trying to get away from her head.

Bed bugs in the chairs.

Once a kid pulled the fire alarm and people were freaking tf out and stampeding. They wouldnt listen to employees telling them it was nothing. One fat redneck woman couldnt open a locked door and started shrieking at my manager that she would have burned. At this point, im like 5 minutes past the end of my shift so I got the fuck outta there! Shit was in the newspaper. Management blamed us somehow…

No. 189795

I just quit my job to try and become a professional fighter.

It appeals to me because it's a fair contest of skill where your success or failure is completely up to you. I don't want to be a slave to the whims of the market, and I have a distaste for the social maneuvering and deception it takes to succeed in business, yet I still crave success. I also just plain hate doing what other people tell me to do all day, every day, and having to be so fucking restrained. It's like people aren't allowed to be human beings anymore at their jobs, to have emotions and act naturally and I hate it. I'm also interested in the evolution of society above all else and I crave a way to influence it in a positive direction, and fame and money expands the scope of your influence greatly. I honestly first think I got the idea when I was reading Ted Kaczynski's manifesto and thought how fucking retarded it was for him to kill people to draw attention to his ideas. I thought that the way to do it would be to become a sports champion and then come out and try to influence people with your ideas. I know people are going to say that it's not realistic and I shouldn't get my hopes up, but regardless of whether that's true or not (personally I actually believe I can do it) I know I would rather pursue a lofty goal than to pursue something tiny, and that in the end, the pursuit is probably more important that the attainment.

I'm going to have to move to get more exposure though. I decided on California since it seems nice and has a good MMA scene. I've always wanted freedom and autonomy and control over my own destiny and now I'm going to get it, but I have to admit, part of me is afraid. I've been dragging my feet on my moving preparations and I don't have anyone to give me a pep talk since I'm not planning on telling anyone my plans. I've just told them I'm taking a vacation, they have no idea the move is long-term or that I'm going to devote my life to martial arts. I know they would all just call me crazy, and who knows, maybe I am.

No. 189796

Get good dental insurance.
You're gonna get your teeth knocked out. Kek.

No. 189798

You won't be able to read when you get all your brain cells knocked out copypasta-chan

No. 189800

They have mouth guards which are pretty effective. Still, before a fight I mentally prepare myself for all the possible outcomes. I imagine my knees getting caved in, my skull being split open, losing my mind before I'm 50, etc. Every time I make sure that it's worth it for me to step into the ring and every time so far, what I'm gaining has been worth it to me. I'd rather live a life as a retarded cripple who respects himself than as a nobody who doesn't. I've finally figured out something I actually want and I'm not afraid to pursue it just because there are potential consequences.

No. 189837

Ugh gross. This state has enough roided up MMA wannabes. You will fail and end up being a bouncer at a strip club and not even the good ones.

Why can't you retards punch each other to death in the midwest. Also the likelihood of your CTE damaged brain driving you to domestic violence and assault on strangers is very high. So fuck you, ya small dick piece of shit loser. Just kill yourself now before you hurt others.

No. 190322

NZer here. Gonna start working in fast food real soon. Is there a need to unionize?

No. 190620

I'm >>189597

I just applied to several jobs, most of them just retail or other kinds of part time staff at cafes and stuff.

The one position I REALLY want right now is at this Japanese sweets shop, but I also got an interview with a retail chain I applied for, and might get called for an interview with this cute Japanese cake cafe too… I'm not trying to overestimate myself, but just in case, what should I do if one job offers me a position on the spot but I want to wait to see what the other jobs say to me? Should I just take the one with the highest pay? How should I even go about bringing up wages? Both of the Japanese shops look pretty high end and are located at pretty ritzy areas… It's dumb to ask an imageboard, but what are your opinions?

They aren't jobs in my field and I'm scared stiff that I'll never get a job in my field if I don't immediately jump into one, but at the same time these are all only part time and I figured some job is better than no job so that I can start paying back my loans and saving up. Maybe I'll pick up an unpaid internship on the side so I can have real experience in my field, won't really mind if it's unpaid if I have an actual side job I guess.

I'm honestly scared that I'm gonna get called for all of these interviews (I ended up applied to like 6 different places) and in the end none of these places will hire me, or one will but as I wait for another offer (that ends up not coming), the place that wants to hire me rescinds their offer.

No. 190633

File: 1494911753312.png (203.66 KB, 600x337, images.duckduckgo.png)

got an internship in a city i've always wanted to live in. the job fits my interests, skills, and is viewed highly by my peers. it's also my first 9-5 office job ever, and the hours/lack of moving around are making me feel like shit.
i dont have energy to do anything, i've lost interest in my hobbies, i'm snapping at everyone, and i'm drinking more than ever. i just spent half an hour looking up ways to disguise alcohol breath so i can drink at work tomorrow to get through the day.
i'm dreading the thought that they might offer me a permanent job after this, even though on paper, it's a perfect fit for me & everyone in my life will be upset if i don't accept the job offer.
tl;dr i'm a lazy fucking privileged asshole & even though i should be pleased with my life i feel like shit all the time & i don't get why i'm not happy

No. 190635

No. 190636

You can always get another job elsewhere anon. Don't let other people's expectations turn you into an alcoholic. Live your life. I'm sure your loved ones will respect your decision once it's all worked out.

No. 190640

I agree with >>190636. If it's making you that miserable, it's not worth it. Even if the people around you will get upset, they aren't you. Leave the job and use that experience you got to get a better one. If not a better one, at least one where you won't feel like absolute shit. Tell everyone around you to suck it if they give you shit. Your well being matters a lot more than what they think.

No. 190671

Not that anon but I worked at an independent movie theater for a summer doing basically everything (ticket sales, concession, cleaning, etc). It was fun as fuck but there were some weirdos.

There was a mystery piss man(?) that would see a movie every month, piss in his large size cup, and leave it in the cupholder. My manager picked it up too quickly because it felt mostly empty and spilled the piss all over herself.

There was a customer we would refer to as "extreme butter woman". She came to the theatre about once a week and ordered the same thing everytime: large popcorn with layered butter. We used actual butter and not the oil shit theatre chains use.
A lot of customers asked for layered butter but she REALLY meant it. You had to layer it about 4-5 times. We had some new hires and she literally waited until I was free (I had two customers in line while the two new hires had none) so she could get her ideal butter ratio. She was nice though, I felt bad being an accessory to butterbased suicide.

Also there was a small gang of old ladies that would try to confuse you into giving you their items for free by saying they had already given you their money while you're busy as hell on a Friday. It worked a few times until I got wise to it.

The most annoying constant was people that had bought Groupon deals because it said in the fine print it could not be used on Saturday or Sunday. So you see these people coming up to the ticket window with a printed paper and its a fucking weekend day and you have to tell them its invalid that day. I had to literally circle the fineprint in red pen for multiple customers because they didn't believe me when I told them it wasn't valid at the time.

piss man, butter woman, and groupons

No. 190709

File: 1494968214962.png (118.84 KB, 453x518, Desk-exercises-ntu_0.png)

Really, go to the gym before or after work. It's gonna suck the first couple times but you'll feel so much better. Also, some desk exercises

No. 190717

File: 1494976118814.jpg (30.53 KB, 350x346, 1480614318487.jpg)

I been working as a telemarketer for a week now, pls kill me

No. 190874

File: 1495061862247.jpg (77.21 KB, 680x680, 59349538945.jpg)

I really hate my job as a hotel housekeeper.

*Other housekeepers are always hoarding linen, making it harder for everyone else to get stuff done
*The industrial washers suck so the clean sheets are still stained as fuck, so we go through clean sheets like crazy trying to find unstained ones to use

*Insurance provided through the company is a fucking joke. We only make $9.25/hr and the cheapest insurance has a $4,000 deductible. What the fuck is the point of even having it? Dental insurance is also provided but you can't even use it for a year after you start paying for it.

*The head housekeeper checks all of our rooms and scrutinizes our work, making us go back and clean things "better" and often adds rooms to our list at the end of the day/last minute

*Way too many guests are entitled assholes who makes messes on purpose, especially people with kids. I'm dreading the summer because of how long we have to work and how fucked up and trashed the hotel is going to be every day.

To top it off, we have a reoccurring long-staying guest who is morbidly obese, is a hoarder and won't let anyone in her room routinely to clean, shits the bed and sleeps in her own shit for days (we always just throw the expensive sheets out), and even lets her yappy little dog shit and piss everywhere. Last time she stayed, it took hours just to remove all the trash from her room and the whole room had to be repaired and fixed because she fucked it up so bad. My bosses don't give a fuck that WE have to clean up her shit routinely like this is a nursing home because she pays so much money to the hotel. If you want her to stay so bad, YOU fucking clean her room then.

I dread going to work every day and having this job has just fueled my suicidal thoughts. Some days, I fantasize about coming home and killing myself because I hate it so much.

No. 190876

File: 1495063783799.jpg (923.12 KB, 3024x4032, j5oszd1uacxy.jpg)

Shit that has happened at the hotel I work at:
>crazy man wetting tissue and toilet paper and putting it over the OUTLETS, the eye hole in the door, and other cracks and crevices to ensure that nobody was spying on him

>crazy woman who told our cool but stern front desk woman she was "pretty good at her job for a black woman", insisted that my friend "center" his chakras while he cleaned the room, lined the floor with all the room's towel supply, insisting that it helped guide her to the toilet at night instead of fucking turning on the fucking goddamned lights

>Some guy who wanted to argue with me about whether or not it was "inappropriate" for him to be asking for my number after staring at me like a fat fool waiting to be slapped while I explain, like a fucking naive idiot, where to find coffee in the hotel, rather than telling him to wipe his dick and fuck off
>subuxon strips fucking everywhere, blood squirted onto the upper wall in the bathroom, presumably with a syringe
>Our groundskeeper randomly has a seizure (has epilepsy) and his drunk mother won't answer her phone. Two weeks back somebody called him a slur because they were mad they were getting kicked out of a room for smoking, just took it out on him while he was literally on his hands and knees wiping off the floor of the elevator
>Woman passed out, drunk, way passed her checkout time, with a water bottle half-full of stubbed cigarettes she had been smoking inside, the window closed. The manager and head housekeeper knocked on the walls and said hello several times before she startled awake and shamefully stumbled off with her crap. She left me with a new pack of non-menthol Newports and a sugar-free red bull
>Found probably a gram of dabs reeking from a tiny side table drawer shoved all the way in the back
>Found all kinds of pills that shouldn't be lost on the floor, in sheets, etc.
>Found a foot long inch thick blue latex dildo I yanked from in between the mattress and bed frame with the entire set of sheets balled up in my fist
>Found some wedding bands, one ring, in particular, belonged to a gracious lady who returned with a $20 bill specifically for me (you have to put your name on the card you attach to the lost item)
>Bringin' home whole liquor handles at least once a week during a particular summer month
>Someone left a line of conspicuous powder for my friend, but he avoided it because you do not have time to chemically drug test that shit while doing a timed room clean

Also, my co-worker…

>Got her bottom teeth removed. Not replaced with anything. Still smokes hand-cranked butts and drinks iced coffee

>Told me she was obsessed with removing body hair and she is absolutely repulsed by it
>Found out her daughter was 4 weeks pregnant by some dude that's almost 26. Tells me this, I do not ask for any of this information. Do not want to know. I tell her that it "isn't too late", implying her daughter could get a less invasive procedure to have an abortion, she hasn't even graduated high school yet
>She smiles real nicely and says she "doesn't believe in any of that stuff." I don't try and press her
>Believes in the full power of horoscopes, that different days have different energies that are related in vague ways to specific things
>Constantly posting semi-dramatic statuses about her kids and how shitty they are, how much she misses her baby who passed away in 2004, how unappreciated she feels, how ignored she feels, and how much she wants to sex up her disgusting jobless husband she refers to as hubby.
>has a kale farm on her remaining teeth

Love it, honestly. Love it.

No. 191631

A retail job that I applied for posted a position for the same position I applied for (sales associate) at a location closer to me than where i originally applied.I applied to the closer position, but i already have an interview for the first location that i applied to. Should I bring this up in the interview that I applied for/would like to work at the location closer to me?

No. 191645

No. Take what you can get is my best advice for retail. The same hiring manager doesn't work at both locations, probably.

No. 191923

I'm majoring in graphic design right now. I want a job to earn a little money on the side, but I go to school 4/7 days of the week and I have no job experience.

I was told GD was about making connections, but I don't know how to do that. I don't go outside much and I'm kinda of a recluse.

No. 191940

I'm barely getting enough hours at my retail job to survive and have had no luck in finding a second job. I've slowly grown to hate it, the customers here are so entitled because we coddle them and it's made me really appreciate retail/service workers even more.

No. 191985

File: 1495649595576.jpg (44.52 KB, 960x720, worfashdgfdhg.jpg)

I've been working customer service at a grocery store for almost three years, I've been applying for full-time jobs after graduating uni or even just a new part time that pays better and I don't get any messages or notifications back even for a flat-out rejection, it's become really disheartening. Even though I hate this job I've become dependent on it and feel anxious about working elsewhere.

have a nice story of what an average customer is like:
>At customer service desk, looking around, accidentally make contact with lady, she starts waddling over
>she's is basically a troll, gross body and the deepest gravelly voice so low I can barely understand her sometimes
>She's always trying to return shit for cash, without a receipt, etc.
>lo an behold trying to return shit from another store
>Ask her for the shoppers card that was used on the order
>Gives me her card, tell her it doesn't match, she says they used a different card
>Tell her we can't return it without the card matching
>in .02 seconds she's screaming "FUCK WHITE PEOPLE" and starts yelling about how the black people let her return stuff, how I'm racist, ugly, etc. etc.
>waddles away, stops and screams for a manager, keeps moving as everyone ignores her
>Goes through checkout where she can still see me and keep yelling insults
>she's white

No. 192028

What do I do while waiting for HR to get back to me, anons?

No. 192334

Anyone else have work crushes? I work in a small company and me and my closest coworker are the only people in the same room in the office. He's not like dating material and I'm not like physically attracted but he's kinda sweet/cute in a way. I keep getting a little excited when I see some skin though and I've had a couple dreams that stuff happened. I know this is pretty common so I was wondering if anyone else had stories.

No. 192341


I'm a GD major as well. Look out for events at your school (professionals from behance or adobe just came to my school and we have a lot of professionals that are giving talks) and it's super easy to connect when you're in a familiar environment. Also look for talks and meet-ups in your city, they're really fun. Creative jams are also great.

You can also try to connect with people on instagram, reddit etc. if you're active and post your work and message people. Or apply for an internship in your field! There's so many options, really.

No. 192538

File: 1495988189814.jpg (21.68 KB, 528x394, BwO5KqrCIAAGVTT.jpg)

Quick rant incoming.
I work retail at a busy store and I'm ready to go. Its only been a couple months but it's waaay too stressful for me. The customers are rude and it seems like I always get stuck at the register with a ton of people. Not to mention its hot and they work me like a slave.
Yesterday I had to deal with this coupon lady and according to what was stated on the coupon, she couldn't use them, so of course she got pissy with me for following the rules. Im nice to everyone, even inconsiderate jerks but If I work there any longer I think I may lose my sanity.

No. 192541

I know the feel anon, I worked at a popular supermarket and held out for about 16 months before it became unbearable. You could try looking for a new job before quitting tho

No. 192542

Yeah I'm looking rn for something less crazy. I'll give them their 2 week notice. Thanks

No. 192585

Im dropping out of university after my first semester. The course that I thought I wanted to pursue, I didnt end up liking, and the only other options I can see myself taking are just 'interesting'. They feel like im taking a fun highschool course rather than pursuing an actual job. I guess Im gonna have to work full time to I realise what i want to do, but Im just so directionless and lack motivation. Do I wanna do a course in spa therapy at a technical college? Do I wanna work in hospo all my life (currently at a resturant job I hate and would dread to do full time). Im only 18 but I just feel like everyone else has it so much more together when it comes to the rest of their lives.

No. 192592

I've been at a store for about five years and I'm caught between people telling me to quit and move on versus having the safety/transferability of my position. I told the owner that I'd like to leave by the end of the year but I'm worried about not being able to find another job after or when I finish college. A couple ex-coworkers have even come back for similar reasons, but I know if I don't quit I'll never give myself a decent opportunity to do something else.

No. 192616

I'm 21 and have only small ideas of what I am doing.
Doesn't help that my sister is so much better than me. Wouldn't really bother me but our family is kinda elite so they always compare us.
So yeah feel you.
Are gap years common in your country ?
You can do one of those. They always look good on a resume and you will have a year thinking about all that stuff.
Kinda helped me a little bit.

No. 192619

I actually had this problem for the past couple months anon (I'm the post you're replying to). Quit the store because I was tired of being treated like a plebeian by asshole customers while being overqualified for the job and making min wage, then had a lot of trouble finding a job/internship related to my field because of the flood of other summer applicants. I'm back to retail again, lol, but even finding a retail job was a hassle. I am not a graduate yet though but the thought of not being able to find a legit job after finishing school terrifies me too.

Imo the best route would be to look for a new, better job while you're still working, and then make time for interviews and stuff when you get call backs. Just apply everywhere you're interested and ask to lessen your hours or something so you have time for better opportunities.

No. 192715

currently freaking out about my current situation. I graduated college not too long ago, but can't find a job. i'm in the environmental field, so the selection is already narrow due to the hiring and grant freeze. all the entry level positions are now requiring years of experience i simply don't have. i cant even land a retail position due to the influx of high school students needing summer jobs. i'm falling back into depression because of it. at this point, i don't even feel competent enough to go through with an interview if i ever landed one.

No. 193241

My words are probably just going to be words on a screen to you, but I believe in you anon! I'm working shitty retail right now, and only got the job because the place wasn't hiring anyone who would only be seasonal so I lucked the fuck out. It's gonna be hard and there will probably be a lot of rejection, but please don't lose hope anon! I hope many good things come your way. My favorite professor told me just before I graduated that the period right after graduating was going to be a wild rollercoaster, and it feels weird because after this summer… there's no more school (unless you're planning on grad school). Make the best out of what you can. Definitely easier said than done, but I believe in you!

No. 193246

i have no idea how to "start" community college. idk what the first step is

No. 193250

find the advising office there, and make an appointment to discuss these things

No. 193252

Anyone here worked multiple types of minimum wage jobs (grocery store, fast food, customer service, waitress etc.) before? How do they compare?

No. 193268

Sometimes they have you take a placement test for classes, and then you should file for fafsa/financial aid in case you can get any free money. It only takes a few minutes to do it online. I'm in cc now and regret not knowing about this sort of thing when I first tried going to college.

And like the other anon said, see an advisor at the school and they should give you a good walk through.

No. 193289


I loved working in a grocery store. Not sure why but I did. Restocking shelves, pushing carts, bagging, etc didn't really bother me. The shifts were long and rushes sucked, but the other employees and customers were generally sweet.

Hated retail. Fucking snobbiest people would come into my store. Hated dealing with shitty moms. I almost got fired for cussing a lady out because I got fed up at some point (was yelling at me that the line was too long and threw all her clothes on the ground before leaving. Told her I didn't give a flying fuck if her fat ass took her "business elsewhere".) If I didn't deal with people, it would have been okay because organizing the store was easy and oddly relaxing.

Waitressing was 50/50. I would get great tips, but I couldn't stand the neediness/pickiness of people. Some of their demands were unbelievable. It sucked because I had to give in or management would be on my ass. Sometimes you can be as polite as possible to a rude table, but they still leave you with no tip. Or make a mess on purpose.

No. 193291

I worked as a jewellery saleswoman and a housekeeper at a 5-star hotel.
Jewellery stuff was nice, my coworkers were grand. The customers weren't too bad, and my bosses were shady but otherwise nice. It taught me how superficial all the glitz and glamour of a store can be, most of the store was well-lit and the display cases looked pretty on the outside but everything was a facade for the customers and the jewellery was sold at a HUGE markup. Most of the prices you see are inflated to fuck, basically.

I also didn't like shilling things, they basically instructed us to sell by any means necessary. Most of us had no clue about the shit we were selling and would sell gold-plated stuff as pure gold and told people they could get a lower tax-free price than they actually could because there was fuck all they could do about it once they bought the thing and were already at the airport. All jewellery looks super fake to me now after I saw the original wholesale prices and the markups they had on everything. No wonder jewellers make mad dough, they're all collectively in on this.

My other job was a billion times worse. We had 20mins to clean a loft and they would tell us we were lucky because 'in other hotels they get 6 minutes tops!' We had to lug around heavy trolleys of dirty bed linens and everyone at the reception desk treated us like crap because we were housekeepers. The customers would constantly make shit up (this is a 5-star hotel mind, so these people are incredibly snooty and posh or businessmen on work trips), especially families, because they'd get a free bottle of champagne on the house as an 'apology'. Then they'd ring our manager and blame whoever had that particular room on their rota for the day for 'screwing up'. I never got proper training and was instead bounced around from coworker to coworker who each had their own way of doing things that was the 'right way' so I'd always get scolded for being 'slow' or doing it the 'wrong way'. One of them was a neat freak who made me clean every single thing in the room and then got mad when I couldn't do everything in time. Ultimately I got fired when some guy complained about me being too slow… because I had been following her instructions. The manager would always come and nitpick everything too, which didn't help.
Worst of all were the customers, most of them acted so fucking rude and entitled and some of them even ignored me when I told them something about a baby cot they'd wanted and spoke directly to the receptionist. Businessmen were usually the best of the bunch and really patient and polite. The most disgusting part of the job was when I was blamed for not cleaning up somebody's pish (on a rug) and having to scrub layers of dirt and dead skin off a bath.

I somehow always get min-wage jobs at posh places that end up being… not very posh at all, once you scratch the surface.

No. 193292

And oh, yeah… Nothing in your hotel room is cleaned thoroughly. There's simply not enough time. Your bed linens will be clean, and you may or may not get a clean water cup for the bathroom. Everything else is wiped down and polished a little bit. Also hotels waste a LOT of product (shampoo, conditioner, soap, slippers, bathrobe). If it's not a towel they're probably counting on you to take it.

No. 193294

Well at least you guys wash them. My friend works at a 3 star hotel (Hyatt) and she said that they don't wash the sheets unless there was a stain on it. lol

I guess that's the difference between a regular hotel and a 5 star one.

No. 193296

the hospitality industry is a cesspit. sorry anon. similarly shitty on the food and beverage side of hotels :(

No. 193334

File: 1496461352213.jpg (36.89 KB, 540x960, 467458674586.jpg)

Damn, makes me feel glad to work in a 3 star hotel. We're supposed to clean a room in 25 minutes, but that isn't really enforced, just as long as we're actually cleaning and not fucking around in the rooms all day. On average, it takes me 30-40 minutes, depending on how bad the room is. Sometimes a little longer if the room has a glass shower.

I kind of get people being picky and shit in a 5 star hotel, but it kills me how many entitled guests we have at ours, especially the ones who are staying long term for whatever reason. Just the other day, one of our long term guests bitched to my boss that I refused to vacuum her room even though I offered 3 times and she insisted that I didn't have to. Just why? I love when we get businessmen and religious groups though. They tip well and are always so clean and tidy and appreciative.

The only bad thing I can say is that my boss is a huge pushover when it comes to guests who stay frequently or for a long time. One of our guests is super nice but absolutely disgusting. She shits the bed routinely and lets her dog shit and piss everywhere. She's also a hoarder and hates when people come in her room. All the housekeepers have begged my boss to kick her out but he won't because $$$. Instead, we only clean her room 2x a week and just throw the sheets away. You can literally smell the shit smell wafting out of her room every time the door opens.

I work at another 3 star hotel, so I guess it's different. We don't change the comforters or top covers unless they're stained, but we do have to change the rest of the sheets. Some people have tried to "pop sheets" where they just remake the bed as is and always get fired on the spot once our boss finds out.

No. 193345

Yeah, your bosses don't sound as crazy as mine. 40 minutes was my average too, and we had glass showers (and glass baths, for good measure) and the rooms were enormous with a lot of detail, everything needed to be just so and they were expecting us to do it in 20???
>businessmen and religious groups
They're the best! Businessmen are always clean and super considerate, some of them even offered to help me with my little (bigger than me) trolley with rusty wheels. I also liked old Japanese ladies, they always tipped with sweets. I thought it was adorable.

Luckily we didn't get too many gross guests (they were otherwise insufferable) but there were a lot of alcoholics and restocking minibars was always a pain in the arse since they'd drink everything and ask for more and you can't keep track of how many to charge them for on the TV interface.
I feel for you, my friend who worked as a waitress in the same hotel said people who work in the kitchens are perpetually mean and pissed off and her patrons were incredibly whingey and picky. I can't imagine what it'd be like working there for a year or more, I stg I was tempted to bomb the place every day of my miserable life and I only worked there for 2 months.

No. 193351

I finally found my first job ever, so now I'm going to working during the summer in retail. It's going to be hard because of the long period of sales that will attract the most annoying customers you can think of, but I'll finally have something to put on my resume and enough money to go back to college.

What's actually stressful for me right now is that if I'm not good enough the first week, they won't keep me. If that happens, I'm screwed.

No. 193581

File: 1496601114999.png (136.59 KB, 1020x469, 3cce36fe567feb8e79f4dc85904d3e…)

Basically a insurance call center employee for one of the better companies. Frequently used to train already trained employees because our program is soooo outdated.Woes and anxieties go in had cause I worked 10x4's whilst being a depressed PTSD ridden weenie. I hate how older men want to talk to me despite when I clearly tell them no. This one dude before I went into training is 40 years old and stared at me all day.

I honestly wish I could be neet again. I love how I don't have to be face to face with customers but being relatable is exhausting. I don't trust people. I don't think I'm doing a good job despite going to all of these higher up events in the company.

No. 193654

File: 1496621068214.jpg (156.69 KB, 640x720, 3df90768c4f57ca90ec365cb3cc82e…)

First job was at a grocery store (worked as bagger, then produce department, then cashier), fucking hated it but manage to stick it out for two years. Restocking and facing shelves was fun, same with chilling the the milk cooler during summer, and some cleaning duties.

After that worked in a call center for a month, left with 25 other employees, it was a serious shit show.

Waitressing was p much like what >>193289 said. It is a 50/50. people are picky, and you get situations with customers constantly telling you how their allergic to gluten but still want the free bread.

No longer retail though. I work as an office assistant in Medical Archives/Information management at a hospital. Pays double compared to what I was previously making, and I have 401k and benefits. Have some bitchy coworkers and really shitty upper management (the hospital does NOT have a good reputation.) Only been there for a month so I'm on edge about being fired, especially since I fucked something up on Friday, and tried to cover it up like a dumb ass.

No. 193657

>learn other languages in my free time
>now I make good amount of money, working when I want from home translating books and shit

This shit is too fucking comfy, translating at least a book plus couple of documents every month sets me up for like two more month, wish I started earlier and haven't spend time and money on college.

No. 193662

>Only been there for a month so I'm on edge about being fired, especially since I fucked something up on Friday, and tried to cover it up like a dumb ass.

Story time, anon?

also, sorry, that shit seems stressful. Hope it works out.

No. 193672


English and Japanese, I'm learning a bit of German lately. Native speakers usually just get teaching jobs not translation and my language is not important enough to learn thankfully.

No. 193674

haha yeah, thank you I feel really fucking dumb about it. Long story short; I faxed a face sheet (one page summary of patient info/allergies/etc.) to the wrong insurance company. Well…they're the same but ones military and ones normal. Usually we fax to military so I quick typed their fax # instead of the normal one. Realized my mistake but ended up typing the final report saying I sent it to the right insurance company. Would have reported it to my supervisor but she's been gone all week and the only people were my coworkers who, the last time i asked for help, were very rude and condescending. Actually can't even strike up a normal conversation with them. The supervisor is really cool but I know I'm gonna get shit for this. I hate acting like a scared kid at work but god damn sometimes I need to actually slow the fuck down and double check my work.

sage for blogpost

No. 193691

How do you get a job like that, is there a particular website or did you directly find an editor?

No. 193808


Luck and connections I made in college, have friends in some publishers and a friend working in a Japanese construction firm. They bring me the jobs.

No. 193828

I see, that's cool.
I'm studying Japanese and business and the more I go the more it gets obvious I'll only use Japanese to watch animu and read manga or novels, plus the occasionnal Japan trip, rather than actually use it professionally. I'd like a job that's mostly marketing/HR/management that uses a bit of Japanese but that's pretty specific.

No. 193853


Yeah it's hard as fuck to translate Japanese because of how it works, there are so many things lost in translation and I have to use a huge ass kanji dictionary and some machine translation software for it so I try to avoid dealing with Japanese mostly. English is my bread and butter.

I could probably find something paying much better but I'm liking all this free time and flexibility. I just put on some tea, chill music and do my business.

No. 194506

I've been working a certain job for about 4 months now and it's been bringing me a lot of stress and anxiety. The thing is, I am the only one in my company that speaks a certain language and they all need me because of that. But I also basically have no free time, a lot of overtime hours and also because I have a work phone that I have to answer whenever and wherever I am, even if it's 3 AM. And it rings a lot , especially on the weekends when I'm supposed to have some free time for myself. Way less stress definitely.

Now last week I got offered a better job, at a different company. It's not as demanding as this one and the pay is alright.

The problem is, I feel bad leaving the company I am working at right now. I know if I leave, they will be in deep shit as they have trouble finding someone who speaks the language I do. My boss is keen on keeping me but I want out because all the stress is destroying me. Yet I still feel bad for them.

wat do

No. 194527

Don't be a people pleaser if by pleasing them means you're putting your health on the line. I understand not wanting to let anyone down, but they can always find someone else after you're gone. It's much easier for them to do that than for you to potentially become ill through stress, it's hard to fix problems like work-based depression/stress/anxiety because you're always attached to it.
I say go for the other job. You might feel like a shit leaving the one you're in now, but everyone will move on. Go be happy anon!

No. 194529

Same. Anon if you feel like you'll let someone down because you're going for something less stressful then reconsider what you want a second time. It just seems like they're penny pinching with one language line versus hiring a small group. Just move on.

No. 194539

I applied for a publishing company in their international department, it's entry-level and I think while I don't have prior office experience I hit a lot of other things they had like a college degree and foreign language, etc.

I actually got a call the next week I submitted my application, and the HR manager left a message and said to call back to discuss my background, but I've called two times now (that same day and then three days later) and still haven't gotten another call back. I have no clue what to do, I keep worrying that she didn't get either of my messages and I don't know when/if she'll call back. Can I do anything else or will that seem too much??

No. 194544

I applied at a hospital close to me in LA (BIG deal considering the amount of traffic to get anywhere) and got denied at the last moment due to a bad reference.

I'm in a financial crunch. This was my dream job I've been trying to get since forever. I was SO close to getting hired but my dumb ass put in a bad job reference. I'm painfully disappointed and I feel like I botched any chance of having a successful career.

No. 194545

I got an offer for a job I'd really enjoy but I know I can't take it. It only offers 22k a year, and is located in the bay area in CA. I'm really sad because I would love this job but it doesn't pay enough and I can't afford to move there.

No. 194696

I got my very first job a week ago in a store and they're keeping me for 2 months at least, unless I'm good enough to work in August too. I'm 23 and honestly, seeing that most employees are students, a bit younger than me and think I'm barely 18, I'm starting to think I had a hard time getting a job partly because I look younger than I am so I didn't give a good impression on recruiters. I had no professional experience prior to that so I have no idea why they hired me. Maybe they needed pretty much anyone.

But anyway, the job is annoying because customers are obnoxious sometimes but it's actually not stressful and it's so much better than going to college and studying hard to get shitty grades because teachers are stupid as fuck. It makes me so salty I could get a job earlier, I could have earned so much more money by now and I really need some.

No. 194697

If you're in the US, they probably hired you because they need the extra employees for the summer.

No. 194698

Not the US, but that's what I've been told. The thing is, pretty everyone else has more skills or experience than me so I was really surprised that I got hired.

No. 194719

There are thousands of hospitals anon. Why not apply to hospitals far away from LA and move there?

No. 194720

I have a suggestion a friend made to me when I moved to my new job: have you considered maybe renting a spot in a townhouse? You would have to live with other people, but townhouse spots are relatively cheap compared to apartments.

No. 194721

How do farmers deal with employees who call the boss over every little thing?
I've already been complained about twice over little trivial things. Now I'm stuck on the worst shift and I'm thinking about quitting and finding another job.

No. 194734

I live in my parent's home for free. Finding a home in LA is a goddamn nightmare. Luckily I have a car, and having to deal with bullshit traffic is probably a small price to pay for botching up a good job opportunity close to me.
Oh god, been there done that, and thats part of the reason why I got a bad reference in that job. Don't ignore the situation like I did and bring it up with the boss. If you don't speak up, it's going to be your employee's word over yours completely.

No. 194740

Believe me I understand. I live near LA.
I was just suggesting you move somewhere really far, maybe out of state. It sounds like you're qualified for a good job, and you would be able to afford it.
I understand if you would rather stay though. This is just what I plan to do when I'm done with college. I hate California.

No. 194745

I've tried looking, but everything available in the area is at least 1500 when shared. The single bed/studios I found were 2500+. It really sucks too because it's the only offer I've received.

No. 194754

Why do you hate California? I'd like to move there eventually.

No. 194762

I'm close to finishing this project I'm working on. I keep dragging it on because when I finish it, I'm set to change my career for the third time in my life, and change like that is always scary.

I'm 36, been highly successful in every career I took up so far. But I'd die inside if I kept doing the same thing day in, day out. Even if I've risen to the point of being the top dog. I can't take it. I'd rather reset and struggle starting all over.

I'm scared. I need to do this, again. I'm scared. Again. But I need to do this.

No. 194764

>to change my career for the third time in my life
Wait, that probably wasn't clear. This would be my 4th career. Hence, third time I change it.

No. 194773

Didn't want to divulge too much deets, but I'm qualified for work at an animal hospital. So, not too much pay there. If anything, Cali is one of the few states where they pay people of my job description the best salary. Fortunately, I don't plan on having a family so I'm not too concerned about being super rich.
I don't blame you for wanting to leave Cali though.
If you plan on moving to LA/OC, you better have family living there or have a really good job lined up. Rent is pretty expensive, unless you don't mind living in a ghetto neighborhood.

No. 194820

It's just everything that I personally hate all in one. They aren't necessarily "bad" things if they don't bother you.
Tons of them, and a high percentage are assholes. You will meet friendly people, but there is this "flakey culture" that exists here (even with nice people) where they will agree on plans and either show up super late or not at all. Also people will fake wanting to hang out with you, or say things like "yeah we should do that some time!!" and never actually follow through.
Smog, trash, etc.
Rent is super high, houses are super expensive. I know people who live paycheck to paycheck working 6 days a week (2 jobs) so they can afford to share a studio. Fucking ridiculous.
Everyone talks about how nice the weather is but it gets pretty hot (at least for me)

All that being said, I like having snowy mountains and warm beach within driving distance. That's something I'll miss. Also the desert is kind of fascinating if you can stand the heat.

No. 194851

People are like that every where, anon. I live on the opposite side of the US and seems the majority of peoplr act the same. Everything else is accurate and sucks, though.

No. 194857

i just quit one of my jobs in favour of the other and i hope it works out. it took a bit of courage because my other job is "safer", i have a good relationship with my boss there and was kinda second in charge, only it was an incredibly boring job where i was stagnating. i also felt a bit taken advantage of, i was underpaid for a long time and she still uses me to work public holidays because that way she doesnt have to pay the full rate, with anyone else she'd have to pay them the rate.

new job is busier, more stressful, but i am learning new things and the pay is better. i just have heard that my boss is a bit hard to work for, it's been about 2 months and i've seen a tiny bit of that but i know people who have actually quit just because of him so i'm hoping i can handle it.

he also has a habit of commenting on appearances, i think he thinks he's being nice but it comes off kinda creepy since he's double my age… he told me i looked gorgeous one day, and when i was sick said 'wow well you don't look sick at all, you look so great' and told my partner how beautiful i was when they met just a couple days ago (which i think is really weird to say to your employee's partner? idk)

wish me luck fam

No. 194860

Anyone got any tips on getting into a entry level office job without a college degree?

No. 194880

Thank you guys for advice.
Today I told my boss I quit. She was on the verge of crying.
Felt kind of bad but welp.

No. 194893

I've been out of work for two months and I'm pretty much ready to an hero.

Weed is expensive and I'd rather not be broke

No. 194895

Maybe it's an American thing then?
When I lived in Europe people seemed better. They were weird and slightly autistic, but at least they showed up to things that they agreed to.

No. 194898

Some of my friends who've been to the US say Americans are 'fake' and insincere because of things like this, so it's possible.
Stuff I've heard them complaining about:
>'Omg, I love your purse!' (No I don't and it shows, but I'm desperate to find someone to talk to)
>'We should hang out sometime' (I'm just being polite and have no intention of hanging out with you)
>'How are you doing?' (I really don't care, I'm expecting you to say 'great, thanks' and ask me the same)

No. 194925

I'm American and never had anyone say they would meet me and not show up. Maybe it's the people you are meeting? My bestfriend moved to Europe from China (we used to live there together) and has had a lot of Europeans ditch him. It's really odd, because I'm pretty sure this is considered extremely rude pretty much everywhere.

No. 194945

Yeah I don't know. My experiences made me to believe it depends on the local culture, but I'd like to believe it's more of a person to person basis.

Quick story just for fun:
My friends in high school gradually become more flakey and generally don't show up to anything. Then I see on facebook all of the fun stuff they're doing without me. So I stop talking to them for a few years, and when we finally reconnect, I get invited to their new apartment to have a drink. So I get excited, because I missed them. But the day comes around and I ask for the address, and get no response.
I deleted them the next day. Haven't looked back.

No. 195000

File: 1497384874614.png (10.12 KB, 240x200, images.png)

please don't an hero anon :(

buy the weed live life and love it :D :D

No. 195011

>'How are you doing?'
Isn't this the same pretty much everywhere? I hardly believe Europeans respond to people they just met with how they're actually doing.

I feel like people forget that the US has "fake" cultural customs for politeness like everywhere else because it's so prevalent globally. Every culture in the world has random BS fake shit they do to/with other people to be polite/save face/be considerate. I wonder if people think Americans are being fake when they say "omg I love your purse!" because politeness here is sometimes tied to being overenthusiastic (being polite, but restrained can sometimes appear rude) and that's usually not the case elsewhere.

As for the flakiness, in my experience this is not a US thing as I've seen countless international students and immigrants do this too. People everywhere can be tied up in their own lives to care about others.

No. 195042

Can't speak for all 0f Europe but most people won't even ask you 'how you are doing' unless you are family a friend or a doctor.
Here fucking everyone ask you that which is part of a greeting I guess but dor Europeans it's weird to get asked this even though the shop assistant just asks this because she has to

No. 195046

Nope, where I'm from most people don't ask you that at all. They may ask 'how's it going/what's up', but that's totally different imo. When I ask 'how are you doing' it's when I see a friend who's sick or someone whose mother died or something and I know them well enough to offer them my support.

I usually don't ask anything, just say hi and then talk about whatever (weather/the party/whatever's going on at that particular moment)

No. 195059

I quit my first full-time at a call centre last summer, mostly because call centres fucking suck. Started working an admin job in December and already I'm thinking of leaving this too at just 6 months.

There are a number of reasons, but the main one is how uncomfortable I always feel. When I was still very new, one of my coworkers embarrassed me at a company function by exposing something personal about me (he exclaimed it loudly and everyone heard). Since then I've never felt like I fit in, like people hurried to leave when I was around, and saw me as weird. I tried to live it down,but they never seemed to warm up to me and this guy keeps bringing it up and is always asking me really uncomfortable, prying questions about my personal life. This Friday he was asking me if I've ever "heard people having sex before" and I've decided that's as close to sexual harassment as I want to get. I worry about how this job hopping will look on my resume, but I can't stay here. It sucks because the actual job itself is quite nice, but this guy is in the family and there's no HR to complain to so I feel I have no choice. I just hope I'm not just being dramatic.

No. 195060

Canadafag here, everyone asks that here too and I hate it. Never saw the point of asking a rhetorical question no one really wants the answer to when you already greeted each other by saying "hi".

No. 196375

File: 1498352831640.jpg (48.09 KB, 358x239, WbUdbIU.jpg)

Just here to bitch about bf's job.

>bf and I only share a day off on the rare friday or saturday

>he's really indispensable at his job (bar manager) and his irresponsible af coworkers rely on him constantly to pick up for them etc.
>they rarely pick up for bf in return
>one girl is on really thin ice and asks my bf to cover her shit all the time because another strike could mean termination
>bf had to write her up more than a few times for being late for shifts (sleeping in after partying), showing up to work drunk (customers noticing and complaining..), and one incident where she ran outside threatening to jump into traffic (customer wrote yelp review about incident)
>you know, shit that would get people fired at any other kind of job
>if only bf wasn't a spineless softie trying to be friends with his employees
>she's a complete Stacey stereotype; one time I went to her apartment party and bf and I were left alone while she went upstairs with the gang to snort coke
>don't really trust her because she has problems and is irresponsible
>recently claimed her identical twin brother and father passed away
>within a 2 month range
>nobody even knew she had a brother
>so she's been acting more irresponsible and rowdy as usual
>IF this all isn't just a ruse to get her the weekends off and she isn't just blowing her mind with booze and drugs
>because she keeps asking my bf to cover for her on saturdays because she suddenly gets 'emotionally overwhelmed' on the weekends only
>never during weekdays…
>never inquiring about sick time or bereavement leave like a normal grieving person…
>she's acting wayyyyyyy too selectively normal considering the grandiosity of these losses

>so today

>having early dinner at restaurant
>that bitch calls
>bf caved and picked up for her again today so I'm sitting here alone again

I told him to tell her he was busy. But nope.
He's just rewarding her shitty behavior, she really doesn't deserve to be employed–and I say that as a person who had to jump through corporate loops to prove my grandfather passed and get bereavement leave, and was still penalized for it.
>mfw whenever bf has off from work and his cell rings and I know it's his shitty coworkers trying to shirk out of work again

No. 196405

Anon tip drugs at her and hope she gets locked up :^)

No. 196441

sorry to say but this isn't the girl's fault, this is your boyfriend's, as a manager he needs to have her replaced at this point. what bar is this, at applebees? come on

No. 196471

I've been at my current job for about 6 years and I need to get a second one.
The thought of having to go through the interview process literally gives me anxiety so bad I've only applied at one place so far.

I just dread getting to know new coworkers because I know how it is coming in as a new person while everyone is so buddy buddy

No. 196473

No, it's a tavern.
And trust me, I know it's mostly him and it makes me so angry.

No. 196478

how he does his job will either get him fired really soon.

No. 196481

I just can't respect someone that spineless I mean what if a girl came onto him one day and he's too spineless to say no?

No. 196569

movieanon here, and I've had one hell of a night. Sorry for incoming.

Somehow a parent with an infant going to a rated-r film makes it past usher. Oops. I tell the usher to be more vigilant, but I don't want to interrupt the movie which has already started, so I'll get them out if I get a complaint about the infant.

Apparently another usher wants to play Judge Dredd, so he goes in there and informs them of our policy and asks for their stubs, since he ALSO thinks they're sneaking in. This is during the movie. They can't produce the stubs.

To alleviate his thoughts, we do a head count of the patrons, and it matches ticket sales. I also tell him not to act without me.

They also have three kids (ages 5-9) seeing Transformers. W/e I don't care. But they're running up and down the hallways, climbing all over our game machines, and keep going into their parent's theatre for this and that. It's annoying, but I don't do anything about it. They clearly don't want to watch their movie.

The mother comes out and wants compensation for missing half her movie. I have no idea what she's talking about since she's been in the theatre the whole time??

I walk down to the theatre to figure out what's going on, since she's just hanging around outside the theatre door.

The following conversation took away an hour of my life that I'll never get back.

she wanted to know why we would take a family out of a rated-r movie halfway in, which we didn't do
wanted to know whose policy it was that 6 and under can't see r-rated features, told her it was our parent company
said she'd never heard of them, who owns them (????? we're one of the biggest chains in the US)
that she had had a miscarriage in our bathroom 5 days prior
she took the corpse to a mortuary and the mortuary burned down the next day (didn't find any news coverage of this, and I DON'T RECALL ANY CLEANUPS OF THAT KIND)
says her son is distraught because he lost a brother, her husband blames himself that's why he's an asshole today
she was raped by a black man at 17
her first husband died in bed next to her
she's alone in this state
she owns three businesses
one of the ushers was eye-fucking her
why was I pulled out of my movie (YOU WEREN'T)
you can fight me but I won't fight back (I'm not here to fight???)

The father joins in at one point, his first thought is that I was there to kick him out, which I wasn't
>it was that whore in the third row wasn't it she said she'd tell a manager
woah what
>it's useless to talk to her (me), she's shaking like a penguin and looks like a corpse
he's clearly aggressive, and looks like he wants to do something, but I am putting up NO FIGHT. All I want to do is compensate. Calls my usher a faggot, mocks making a phone call in an effeminate manner when he threatens to call the cops if he gets violent. goes back inside the theatre looking for a pacifier and flips off the patrons.

jesus do you guys just want passes get the fuck outta here
>no I'm above that, HE would want passes and refunds, but I don't need them.
then what do you want
>why did you pull us out of our movie I don't understand
policy.pdf, also we didn't pull you out
>I don't understand that doesn't make sense I'm from Arizona I just had a miscarriage in your bathroom five days ago and the mortuary burned down and I'm alone in this state and I come here five days a week and my first husband died in bed next to me do you understand what that's like and you take me out of my movie and tell me I can't have an infant in there
I can give you passes for the inconvenience
>no I don't want those
>I don't know you should tell me what I want
omg what
>also you guys pulled us out because your usher has a vendetta against my husband because he gave you a look when you were checking me out earlier. I know you, I saw it.
woah woah woah

Eventually I got her to take passes
This was an exchange that should have been ten minutes TOPS. But she just kept repeating the same weird information over and over and over and my usher was taking the bait and I had to keep stopping him because SHE WANTED A FIGHT.
Also I will call the cops if I ever see her family again.
I'm tired.

No. 196573

Jesus fucking christ
I'm sorry you had to put up with that shit

No. 196654

My coworkers are being fucking annoying about shifts.
We bid for new shifts every quarter (~3 months), based on hire date, department, and age.
My rank is usually 500.
I go through a master list of shifts and have to rank over 501 of them in order of preference and hope I get what I want. Seriously, it takes me a good hour.
In order to have a hope of getting a single day on the weekend, I have to bid for shift times that are extremely busy and not wanted ie. 2pm-10:30pm
So I go for unwanted times, even though I'd appreciate a 9-5, just so I can have a Fri/Sat off schedule. Because the shift time sucks, nobody EVER picks up for me even if I had picked up for them. If they do, they do it begrudgingly because my shift is busiest and they never allow people time off during it.

So coworkers like to bid the nice, normal shift times and get relatively useless days off like Mon/Tues with the expectation that they will solicit people like me, corner me at work, and try to box me into picking up for them on my Fridays or Saturdays. So they can go on vacations, trips, and have all sorts of fun nonsense while people like me just try to get through the week with our fucked, useless weekdays.

>older bitch in my hire group sends out mass email asking to compile everyone's shifts for trades

>she's one of the ones who could get a decent shift time arrangement with a weekend off SOLELY because she is older than me, but chooses not to for the retarded tues/wed off thing
>don't want to respond to email because it makes me a target for solicitation and ergo everyone's resentment when I tell them no, no, no, no, no, fucking no
>also it's not really anyone else's business
>all the worms who usually ignore me in the office try to sly up to me around this time and act friendlier so they can mooch my weekends knowing I got at least one day

Fucking scavengers.

No. 196655

W E W.
I am so sorry Anon. You have the patience of a saint for being able to put up with that level of bug-fuck crazy.

No. 196657

Forgot to mention the other reason why they like bidding the mon/tues/wed, because we get travel perks at our jobs and those days are least busy for travel. So if they con people into picking up friday/saturday/sunday, they can go on fucking cross-country trips and vacations twice a month or more. It's horseshit.

No. 196662

I found out later that the family was involved with a suspected domestic incident last week, where a concerned customer came out and said that we needed to call the cops, as it looked like a fight between the parents was about to break out in the theatre, and the mom + kids ran out.

They ran down the hallway and outside behind the building (we're not attached to a mall) by the trash compactor, while the dad in his gold SUV with fucking 22 inch silver rims moved slowly towards the family while other managers were trying to figure out what was going on before calling the cops.

When he got close enough to the family, they apparently leapt out from behind the compactor and jumped into the car and the car sped off. I don't even know.

Then last month they plus another family came in to see a movie, and they were being loud. Got complaints, but the kids weren't in the movie anymore, so a manager asked the dad to calm the kids when they returned. He was of course met with defensive anger and asked if it was that "old bitch in the back row", and the manager assured him it was "multiple people".
Kids came back with moms, and they were clearly scolded for being loud. Other Mom pointed at the manager and said he would kick them out if they didn't behave.
one of the children responded with a loud
then promptly got pulled out by the Other Mom again.

I'll say that one at least sounds funny, if not still disruptive.

The crazy mom says she's not comfortable coming back to my theatre and that they're moving back to Arizona, but with claims of coming in five times a week, we'll see how true that is.

Oh, and apparently our usher is a predator, because not only was he checking her out, he was checking out her son as well.

So you know, there's that.

No. 196663

bidding for shifts sounds horrible, I've never heard of that.

Hopefully you can hold onto your weekend

No. 196703

My husband's work had a system similar to that. It's bullshit.

No one would bid for the late night/weekend shifts, let alone volunteer to cover those shifters days off. Didn't matter that they would get paid a higher hourly rate, they wouldn't take it.

It was a pain in the ass for us as a couple. My husband was new and took all the graveyard shifts, worked holidays, and did a ton of favors for his coworkers. I hardly saw him for the first two years he worked there. He got promoted because of it, but not everyone is as passionately autistic about their profession.

Higher ups eventually put their foot down and told people they couldn't bid for the same shift two quarters in a row because it was so unfair. They changed the bidding system after he had already changed positions. It gets me steamed to think about it, to this day. I guess good on them for realizing their mistake.

I know you're just venting and it's hard to change anything. I still hope that someone up there will see how dumb it is and fix it. For your sanity.

No. 196732

I'm glad he made it out of the pit.
It's my second year dealing with this as well, and unfortunately they don't hand out promotions, only applications into other departments. My corporation is so huge, and this way of bidding has been here forever, that I don't think it will ever change.
All I can do is hope the old fudds die/retire/get fired so my horrendous rank can increase a tad.

And lol, what a coincidence that after I posted that, the mega bitch tried to solicit me this morning:
>texts me at noon before I go in at 2
>they stopped giving time off to morning people at 9am because we went into overtime (entitled morning bitches squeal like pigs when it happens)
>"Anon you work 1-5pm? I don't feel well abloobloo"
>I have work during that time, get well soon!
>come into office
>mega bitch is on floor with customers when usually she works internally loooool
>another (nicer) morning shift coworker signs in at 2
>mega bitch demands to know how morning shift coworker got off until 2
I could tell she was so damn salty hahahahaha.

No. 197571

I'll be honest, I'm really liking coming to /ot/ to log my days now

Spiderman pre-shows were last night, but didn't have many crazy people

Fandango likes to flip the seating chart for JUST the handicap row in one of our theatres, so that caused issues and I had to call them again, I really fucking hate them sometimes
naturally noone is actually handicap sitting in those seats, they bought them because they wanted them or it was the front row only but they want to come out and yell at me about it but w/e passes passes sorry passes

but the entitlement on some of these bitches astounds me
it really shouldn't because I've been doing this for so long but it just does

I was working concession and helping by running orders and things, and someone is asking about our spiderman shirts, like what size they are. The concessionist doesn't know, so I tell them they start at adult M. Then they mention something about chicken wings which we don't carry, but an old ad is playing on the front of the register so I twist it around to check and apologize, since our wings turned into tenders over a year ago. I go and grab food for her and others, and notice them at the end of the counter telling a different concessionist that they didn't get their shirt and popcorn (the combo). The concessionist, being nice, gives them a shirt, but I ask to see their receipt, since that shit costs us a lot and it's odd that they didn't get it if they ordered it.
Turns out they weren't charged for it, so I offer to ring it up for them so they don't have to stand in line again.
>I outta slap her across the face
I was stunned by that comment, since it didn't really seem necessary
I go over and ring in their card, and the mother (the one who made the comment) comes over to me. She's pissed and indignant.
>I wanna know how this happened. why didn't she ring this up??
I'm sorry, there must have been a simple misunderstanding, but everything is fine now
>no it's not fine, you stood here and watched us order that shirt, and now we weren't charged for it?? you HELPED US with sizes!
I apologize, I gave you additional information, but I wasn't aware that you wanted to purchase the shirt
>you didn't look at her list?? you MOVED THE REGISTER to look at the ad for the chicken wings, and didn't see that it was up there when we ordered our shirt?? it was up there! when you turned around it was gone!
((what.. what are you saying? I turned around a different register, I didn't look at hers? are you saying I could see the front of everyone's register by turning one around? are you saying that she made sure I wasn't looking and deleted it from your order?))
I'm sorry for the inconvenience this caused, but I didn't look at her order, so I didn't think about the shirt
>what do you mean you didn't look at her order?? isn't that your job as a manager??
I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that you had ordered the shirt
>well what are you going to do about this, we spent over $100 here and we didn't get our shirt that we ordered!
Well I charged you for the shirt and popcorn, so I was going to go get your popcorn, again I am sorry
>((she studies me)) Yeah no, you're not sorry.
She walked back down towards the end of the counter, but by God, I was going to give them their large popcorn. This is stupid and I don't want her bitching about the popcorn later.
Here is your popcorn, I'm sorry for the inconvenience
>where's the M&Ms?
Oh, I didn't ring those up, I'm sorry
>of course you didn't
but! I can just give those to you, which did you want?
>it doesn't matter, I don't care

I will say that it was really just the mom doing this, the dad seemed okay and the kids were whatever
She was either fishing for me to punish the concessionist, when it really was just a mistake, or wanted the shirt and popcorn for free, which lolno.
I am actually afraid that my face betrays my feelings too easily these days. I was having a hard time following her crazy logic as to why they weren't charged and how it was my fault and her implying the whole thing was intentional, that my face probably fell into a "this is stupid and makes no sense" face
I didn't ring her up! I was helping multiple people! People change their mind about everything ALL THE TIME! People ask questions without buying things ALL THE TIME! It's not weird! YOU WERE NOT MY CUSTOMER! Mistakes happen! I was correcting the issue! Yes you spent $100 but you got $100 worth of goods and that DIDN'T INCLUDE THE SHIRT! I'm sorry, it sucks! But if you want it, you have to pay for it! Crazy, I know!! I might be a manager, but I don't micro-manage weird shit like that!


No. 197579

guys I need a job, like bad, I really need to move out, I've been applying like crazy but can't even seem to find at least one interview or call back

any tips and/or help? I don't even care if it's a min wage fast food job, I NEED a job fast and I'm 18 and have been applying since I was 16

No. 197580


what's your resume look like and what are the places you're applying too?

Now that you're 18, I'm assuming you have a high school diploma and you can legally work full time, so that should make things easier. Most retail places make you start the application process online, how are you answering their questions?

No. 197616

It depends where you live, some places have few opportunities. In which case, you might want to consider relocating tbh.

Publicly upload your resume to job websites like Monster and you might be headhunted, that's how I got my first (shitty) call center job. Otherwise, I think a big part of it is connections and rapid-fire applying. Try to play up your availability and pad your resume with anything (academic or otherwise) that in some way resembles working duties (volunteering, community service, etc.) Also, keep in mind that you may have to lower your standards and accept a shitty position for a while. You're more attractive on paper if you're already working, so do not get stuck at this shitty job, keep applying even after you get it. Once you've got your stop-gap job you can be more choosy and should really tailor your resume for each application.

Take all this with a grain of salt, this is just the way I got into the workforce with 0 experience at 23. Now I'm trying to figure out how to get past the shitty job stage…

No. 197617

Forgot to mention, I got the job 3 months after graduating uni.

No. 197620

File: 1499474959439.jpg (45.4 KB, 640x480, med_1437770696_image.jpg)

Does anyone else get tired of jobs really quickly? I can't imagine staying anywhere for years like I hear people say, I just get so restless and I burn out if I hang around for too long. I stop caring and feel so irritable.

I think a big part of it is school has made me so used to always moving up from one thing to the next best thing. The people all change, the scenery changes, the content changes… I miss that. I can't stand coming in everyday seeing the same building and the same people and doing the same damn thing with nothing more to look forward to than coming in again tomorrow and doing it again. I feel like it's driving me crazy sometimes, and I'm racking my brain for an alternative. I'm so afraid of becoming comfortable/complacent anywhere.

I've had two jobs that were like this, I guess I need to keep looking?

No. 197632

yeah i stop caring after the second day which is after ive picked up on the basics and become so aloof. i still act nice when im addressed because what the fuck else am i gonna do but im pretty lifeless altogether and people can tell im distant and not interested in them. this is referring to restaurant related stuff tho since these are the only jobs ive ever had.

try looking up local jobs in something you enjoy doing even if its total novice stuff. since you like switching environments, babysitting and walking dogs or animal sitting come to mind. if ur looking for a big girl job, try working towards getting work in travel.

No. 197635

Anyone from NYC here?

No. 197649

Nah, the opposite. I fucking hate the whole process of getting a new job. Training, meeting new people, learning how the office works, and worst of all the possibility that it will be a downgrade from my last job.

No. 197650

I need to get a new job, I had to love after a house fire and now my retail job is almost an hour away. The pay is better than minimum but holy shit this is so annoying, I keep using a ton of gas to get around and they are getting pissy that I can't cover shifts as much as before. And this is for some bull 4 or 5 hour shift - not worth it. The summer crowd from NYC is also here and they are insane…

I want to quit so I can just start somewhere but I also don't wait to be unemployed lol. Got an interview the 19th for one place though. Gotta keep sending resumes…

No. 197660

Try getting on with an airline as a flight attendant. They travel to different places a lot.

No. 197668

yeah, I've been looking since I was 15/16 and the most experience I have is a family owned store but I also have a lot of credit from extracurriculars and honors classes

I answer the questions with the typical bullshit they wanna hear
"are you honest? Yes I'm very honest" type of stuff

the employment system where I live is…. awful

I knew a girl who has several honors classes, straight As, is in choir, pretty much the goody religious two shoe type girl, she had 13 job interviews and still no job yet these people who are failing out of school and getting arrested every other month get jobs so easily, it just doesn't seem fair

already have on indeed, but I can't relocate until I get enough money, I'm trying to go college soon which is in a more city area, I live in a very rural area, so it should be easier, but I also need to pay off some medical bills from when I had skin cancer at 15-17, along with trying to help my family with the flood

I've considered cam girling sadly, getting a sugar daddy, donating my eggs, starting a business, selling some of my things, etc etc
but the problem is my parents have access to my bank account and control when I can and can't leave the house, which is another reason why I wanna move out so I can have a more personal life

No. 197670

Where do you live that's so bad anon?

No. 197671

the south, it's not that it's bad, people are nice, housing is cheap, the scenery is beautiful, it's just how they handle employment and government, I want to move to the city so badly, but I can't if I don't have at least a min wage job, I know if I do get a min wage job I can alter my spending and stuff to afford getting at least a shitty 200-600 dollar apartment

No. 197723

I've thought about this, and I think it's probably my best option for my level of experience.

Only thing is, in my country you must be bilingual in English and French and I'm far from bilingual. Makes me feel pretty dumb, since French was literally my major in uni and I just never reached that level. I dunno, I might do a work/study abroad program first if I can find one.

This is just like me, I stop caring and go on auto-pilot, don't really talk to anybody, I'm basically a robot until work is over. I never get how my coworkers can even pretend to give a shit about food, or carpets, or whatever the fuck the company does.

No. 197726

>They travel to different places a lot.

Depends on the airline. Most get assigned to typically just a few routes. Airlines will make you move because you have to go where you're based. The work is exhausting, and say if you do overnight at someplace new, there's often not a lot of time to do touristy things before the return shift. New hires who are young are often put on smaller planes, and given less hours compared to seniority coworkers.
Customers are shit and your life is literally on the line everyday.

My cousin is a flight attendant for Southwest, and I work at a office for a bigger international airline. Our flight attendants have to do six weeks unpaid training to boot (unless you transfer from within the company). I don't think flight attendant is a good pick for anyone who gets tired of jobs quickly, it's too much to invest in to decide in under a year that you don't want it.

No. 197728

YOOOO I'm the anon from here I finally got an interview with a game store I am excited
what do I do

No. 197729

what do I wear without seeming overly pretentious ?
its a shitty gamestore in the ghetto, and I don't wear pants much

No. 197730

Semi-formal, and be sure you're hygienic and don't smell.
If you have a power level, keep it relatively hidden.
Once knew a Gamestop manager who said he actively didn't hire too many nerdy people because they wouldn't be friendly/marketable to normies.

No. 197731

power level?
I look like a huge weeb though, I have round glasses, short hair (low neck), chubby, acne

thanks anon, I'll dress semi formal

No. 197734

I already had an idea of how it might be shitty, but that sounds so awful and not right for me. The travel aspect is enticing, but I guess I'll keep thinking over my options.

No. 197759

>your life is literally on the line everyday
B-but isn't air travel supposed to be really really safe?
I'm terrified of flying, used to love it but a pilot once lied to us passengers to get us to sit down whilst the aeroplane was literally at a 90deg angle with the horizon and I haven't been able to get on a plane since. He said it was due to the 'weather' but he was actually making circles because we were early and he couldn't land yet.

No. 197783

Is it better to start applying to jobs while working the one you want to quit, or is it better to leave first and then start sending out applications/resumes when they'll know that you're completely available? I'm trying to plan an exit strategy to leave my current job within the next couple months.

No. 197798

Have you thought of doing home-based work? It's not the most exciting, but if you can find a company that will let you work from home it's not too bad. Plus you'd have a lot of flexibility.

Flight attendants have to take out a life insurance policy specifically for accidental death, and some airlines make them sign a waiver that their family/friends can't sue the airline in case of death no matter the circumstance. Though you're entirely correct, commercial airplanes are extremely safe.

I meant more about the passengers. This one is the most recent mainstream story I've seen:
More and more people are flying because tickets are the cheapest they've been in a decade. Problem is, if you're an attendant on a budget carrier, you've got to put up with the kind of clientele the pricepoint attracts. There's a lot of assaults, harassments, and crazy/drunk people who are not in their right minds. People who don't travel frequently who think that their $200 roundtrip cattle class ticket is 'expensive' start a lot of shit because they act entitled, don't understand how things work, and don't know how to behave on planes.
During flight attendant training, you have to learn how to hog tie and restrain threatening passengers.

Just youtube 'passengers kicked off planes' and see the insane shit people tantrum over and the shit they cause.

No. 197806

Any farmers have any experience with telefundraising?

No. 197810

Im crippling depressed and cant manage to finish my master thesis, since I dont want to be dragged into the hamster wheel of work-sleep-work-sleep-weekend-work
But im a fucking failure if I just dont do nothing and will end up as a fucking NEET…

No. 197811

i've been at the same job for years and want to quit but everything on craigslist just sucks and i've been looking for months. any other recruiting websites where people have had success?

no but i live in NJ

No. 197847

Indeed worked for me. GL

No. 200634

File: 1501591438966.jpg (37.8 KB, 400x310, Ln3bk3h.jpg)

The county is going to help me look for a job this month but it's only the first of the month and my mom's already pressuring me to call them (when they said they would call me some time) or else I have to find work at the mall this weekend. Why can't she wait and focus on one thing at a time?
The county helping me look for training or paying for college courses for me to attend is A LOT more important than some shitty retail job at the mall. I'm also sick of working fast food and retail mostly because of the types of people who work there except for mom n pop places which are okay but those places rarely hire. The mall has to be the worst though because then you have more little shits added to the picture. On top of that, she stole all my money so I was never able to buy a car when I was younger and I'd have to uber omw to and from work every day. That's fucking expensive when min wage is 7.25 where I live.
Get off my ass, mom!

No. 200645

I used to work at Gamestop several years back and it was shit.

>guy comes in, looks pretty unassuming

>puts some old shitty PS2 game and a receipt on the counter
>he purchased the thing many weeks prior for $4 and wanted to return it since he beat it
>tell him that he's past the two week return period and can't return it for his money back
>he starts to get pissed, but contains it and starts speaking through gritted teeth to ask if there's anything he can do
>tell him he can use the trade-in program although he won't get the same amount of money he paid for the game
>I can tell he's getting more and more angry but he asks what the trade in value would be anyway
>tell him that the game goes for $1 in store credit, significantly less in cash
>he finally can't hold the anger in anymore and chimps out and throws the game at me as hard as he could
>I duck and it hits the glass case behind me, cracking the glass
>he stomps out of the store, slamming the door behind him
>except this door is a metal frame with a big tempered glass pane in the center, so slamming the door causes the entire pane to crack and shatter (as much as tempered glass can)
>he pauses for a second when he hears the glass crack, then proceeds to powerwalk towards his car
>my manager runs out after him
>the guy starts threatening to beat the shit out of my manager, and since there were no security cameras in the parking lot he could get away with it, never mind that this was all taking place in the middle of the day
>my manager threatens to call the cops if he doesn't do something about the shattered glass
>the moment the cops are mentioned the guy clams up, then starts becoming extremely apologetic
>gives my manager his insurance company's card and his business card and begs him not to get the police involved
>the moment the guy got in his car my manager called the police
>turns out the guy had a warrant for his arrest for aggravated assault and battery


No. 200647

I used to work at GameStop too. It was fucking awful. Men would give me their phone numbers and gamer tags nearly every day. Not to mention, I really love playing video games, but working there made me hate them for a while. I never even took advantage of the borrowing system for employees.

No. 200654

Anyone else a literal farmhand? doing some part time fieldwork, warehouse, and farmers market stuff lmao

No. 200669

I did an interview for gamestop, I called them to tell them im interested still but its been a month and I never had a call back

honestly, at this point where I am, I don't give shit if I have to work in some garbage dumb in the fuck middle of nowhere with the bossiest bitchest co workers and boss and deal with rude customers on the daily for minimum wage… I'm really desperate for a job…

No. 200692

I understand, anon. Gamestop is fine for a retail paycheck. In some ways, I think it'd be easy to move up into management there. If you can get to be a manager, they basically get to go to a huge con in Vegas every year for free. Sounds like a riot.

No. 200712

I've had 3 jobs, one for one day before going in the next day and saying no thanks.

And I've got an interview for one but I feel like I don't know enough and I'm falling behind and I'm gonna be exposed and I really should be learning more but there's so much to learn and I wouldn't know the exact stuff I'd need till I went there and worked and I actually learned a lot on the last job, but this one will probably be less structured and not a cushy office job and fuck.

No. 200863

I'm thinking about becoming a flight attendant. Anyone here went through that? Advices?

No. 200878

same, are you entry level? it was always my dream to be a flight attendant but the local airport doesn't have an opening for one

No. 200923

I'm so tired of my coworker sometimes.
She is a nice lady but she doesn't really do much despite her telling me that she does.
She is on tomorrow in the morning and I'll during the day sometimes.
Thing is we are supposed to clean rooms on Saturday. Since I normally come on around 3 or 4 I would expect her to do at least one room so I can do the other room later or the next day even - what normally do because I come on a little bit late so doing a room isn't an option because I have to start cooking around that time.
Anyways everytime I come on I see her being on her laptop and no room was cleaned.
The thing is we already don't have to do much at our job and I understand that once in a while you want to be lazy or whatever so I wouldn't say anything if it only happened once.
I'm just frustrated because me and another coworker have to do the rooms then. I don't mind doing them but my coworker already does so much so I feel sorry if they have to do this task too.

No. 200933

I love my career/job but one of the supervisors in my department (not my direct supervisor; thank god!!!) is a raging cunt with borderline personality disorder. I'm a social worker at a psych hospital so you'd think most people I work with would be kind, empathetic and nurturing people: HAH. This woman is an absolute bully, she was targeting me and another coworker for MONTHS. I still can't find any discernible reason as to why she decided to be a dick to us specifically. I'm the only one in my department who does what I do; I have a specific specialization that allows me to work with specific patients/populations. This woman who knows nothing about my specicialization would critique me endlessly, she would give me extra work and say rude/snarky things about my work. My actual supervisor at this time was out in maternity leave or otherwise she would have nipped this behavior in the bud. I started writing down incidents with dates and times. The breaking point came when she apparently told one of the new members of staff to not associate with me and another coworker because we were "bad news". This woman also plays favorites and is so easily manipulated by her favorites that she looks like an idiot to anyone viewing what is going on outside of our department. I ended up taking my documentation to HR; there was a huge meeting and she got a letter in her file with strict instructions to not communicate with me and if there were concerns to go to my supervisor. Work is a lot better now although some people in the department can't believe I went to HR over it no one really disagrees with my choice. I ended up going to therapy over the whole thing because it really fucked with my sense of self as I've always really flourished at work and this was the first time I've had any issues with anyone. My therapist was the one who used the term bully first and after consideration I agreed. Having a label to place on what happened honestly somehow makes me feel better. Sorry for the long post.

No. 200935

Have you tried anything with telemarketing? I did that in college and while soul sucking it's easy to get a job and the pay is decent. My friend currently works from home with a call center and basically takes complaints and tries to resolve customer issues; she makes good pay but again its soul sucking. A lot of banks are in need of call staff because they have 24 hour customer service in their call centers. If you can stand the hours and having to be on the phone with angry people it may be worth a try. My friend did that and one incentive to working at a bank is that you can work your way up and end up off the call line and doing something else, regardless of education.

No. 200950

Yes. I'm in a fb group for flight attendants and I'm gathering infos, I've already chosen the company I want to work for. I just need at least 6 months of customer service and swimming license and I'm ready for the new adventure

No. 202028

File: 1502840791949.jpg (116.49 KB, 1000x750, o.jpg)

Has anyone worked or know of what people working in the floral section at grocery stores do as part of the job? Would a floral clerk be the correct description? I want to apply but i dont know if it requires any sort of specialty or actual experience with arranging flowers. I'd like to just hop into it and learn something new if that's possible. I've always wanted to work with plants and even take college courses in horticulture (which includes flower arrangements) one day.

No. 202030

I know many people who've worked in floral section with 0 floral experience. most times they will have a main designer make the arrangments in the morning or beginning of the week and the others just sell them, upkeep them, process the boxes of new flowers, etc. you still get to work with flowers, but may not get to design right away. some places I know will eventually teach you some design. plus if u like it and want to work in an actual flower shop having that experience will looks nice on a resume!
I'm a florist and absolutely love it, a floral clerk is a great start and introduction into the flower world without being overwhelmed!

No. 202033

technically it's often a kind of florist job but as >>202030 said you don't always need that type of experience. i have a degree in horticulture and i'm currently a literal farmhand ;-; at least i do get to work with plants and working the farmers market stand is really fun

No. 202055

File: 1502852143330.jpg (1023.63 KB, 218x228, FmYjcHV.jpg)

I'm a fucking nanny and I hate it. I made shitty decisions in my early 20's that has kept me from having a solid work history and has now made it hard for me to get hired at a real job. So, for the time being, to keep myself making some money until I can find a real job, I have resorted to watching people's kids… And I am a woman who has chosen to not have children, so it's definitely not my thing. I'm working towards fixing that, but I'm miserable for the time being and I realize it is my fault.

No. 202060

You'll get trained, but you'll start small in floral department. I was technically in fruit and veg, but pulled extra shifts in floral for valentines, mothers' day, etc. They'll start you off just wrapping bouquets and vases, filling balloons, keeping the coolers stocked, etc. A lot of grocery store flower arranging is going to be super basic aswell, because people don't really come to the grocery store for fancy floral arrangements, but you'll be trained to do arranging as well and will do it to keep the display cooler looking nice and well stocked at worst, and at best to have it sold. If you like art or design in general, and also like flowers, it's a pretty sweet gig, and if you haven't got floral experience but have got even a passing interest in it or in art, let the supervisor know at interview. You'll be fine anon. Good luck.

No. 202070

Sometimes I get really sad because I don't think I'll ever be able to do what I want since I was a dummy and dropped out of high school. Doesn't help that everyone I know tells me i'm too smart for min wage jobs or whatever :(

No. 202071

I'm in the same boat, smart as fuck, multilingual, many skills, but I made stupid decisions that continue to hold me back.

No. 202082

>everyone I know tells me I'm too smart for min wage jobs
Everyone you know is toxic. There are plenty of smart people (even graduates) in minimum wage jobs for all sorts of reasons, unfortunately being smart doesn't entitle you to any special treatment outside of school.

No. 202083

Consider this: if you really were smart you wouldn't be sitting on lolcow.farm complaining about being a NEET.

No. 202084

If you were that smart you wouldn't call yourself too smart for s min wage job. There's not a lot of options out there and a smart person would take what they could get. Only dumbasses say they're too smart for work that isn't 100k+ per year.

No. 202093

I would be quite happy with a cozy min wage job, I'm alone and I live frugally I'm happy with the minimum the only thing
I really like to spend on it fresh fruit and veg. It makes me sad when my family members look down on me for not being whatever they think I should be though.

No. 202104

Thank you so much guys! I already applied and was freaking out thinking i would look stupid but you guys made me feel better. Idk what i would do without u!

No. 202109

I don't think intelligence differs between people all that much tbh. What does seem to differ is work ethic. I've worked with a lot of people in quite different jobs and no one has ever stood out as being particularly stupid.

No. 202119

Go back to school. Get a GED or whatever equivalent you've got if you're not in the US. Work PT to support yourself/your hobbies and to get experience while you're studying. You're not "too smart" for anything. Your perceived intelligence won't get you very far without some formal education/marketable skills.

Depending on where you live and what languages you speak, you can be an ESL/EFL tutor/teach other languages you know/work as a freelance translator. You have many skills, yeah? Are they marketable and in demand? You might be shooting for the wrong things if you're SOL with all these desirable traits under your belt.

No. 202130

you don't happen to live near any farms do you? i get minimum wage and free fruit and veg that doesn't get sold after the farmers market and after boxing stuff up at the warehouse

No. 202140

>Doesn't help that everyone I know tells me i'm too smart for min wage jobs or whatever :(
That's got nothing to do with anything and you come off as lazy and unintelligent from this alone.

Why didn't you start working toward getting your GED right away? Call the county and tell them to help you and they'll pay for it. That's what I did when I dropped out. And hey, I busted my ass making min wage and looking for a job. You HAVE to start somewhere. You're not gonna get an office job making 50k+ a year right away.

No. 204495

File: 1505430151269.jpg (58.95 KB, 448x342, 144579483.jpg)

Have no idea how to go about changing my "career" path. I have a degree but have worked in a non degree-related job for so long, my degree must be considered useless now. This job is not something I'd want to do for the rest of my life but you gotta pay bills.

I'd also like to move abroad to Asia (Hong Kong, China, Japan, not Korea tho) but that's not going to happen with my current skill set. And being a Eurofag, I wouldn't be able to go the easy English teaching route. Oh well.

No. 204522

>And being a Eurofag, I wouldn't be able to go the easy English teaching route.

you would

No. 204538

Not that anon but not really, they usually go for Americans.

No. 204540

i've only got two friends that are in china and they're both english teachers for kids. i've only got one friend in japan and he used to be an english teacher too. so i guess there are chances of scoring such a job as an european

No. 204545

I bust my ass 6 days a week all fucking day to barely get by
I didn't even get paid for some hours I worked
I NEED new job, I've been losing weight because I barely even afford to eat and my boss made me clock out because of how upset I was which didn't help, I drive to the park down the street for lunch break so my employers don't get suspicious when I'm not eating anything for lunch, I'm trying to get a new job but no one wants to even bother giving me an interview, I hate this economy

No. 204552

They go for anyone who looks white, I shit you not.

No. 204672


How did your friend find a work from home call center job? Are there legit companies that offer this type of job? I'm looking for something to make a little extra cash.

No. 204675

How long does it take before you start earning a decent amount? I want to move out soon but most apartments are charging over half of what I earn monthly and taking my other expenses into account, I would have barely anything to save. I'm also earning a pretty average salary so I'm not sure how other people afford it?

No. 204689

Staying home and not sinking money into rent is how you get savings with an average salary. We can't tell you how long it will take before you start earning a decent amount, it depends on your career track.

No. 204702

I'm not speaking from experience, but I think a lot of young people who move out early do so by finding roommates until they can afford a place of their own. The more you have, the less your rent is. But again, I'm just speculating.

No. 204728

Alright, I'm a sophomore in college and I'm terrified about my future career path. Currently I'm majoring in Ecology/Evolutionary Biology because it's what I really love, but I'm afraid because there's neither a ton of jobs in that field, nor do they pay really well. I'm thinking about switching to a general biology major or even microbiology because jobs in those fields seem more common and more lucrative but I'm still really not sure. Right now I'm working for free as a lab assistant at my uni, its boring as hell but I just want experience so I can get a job in biology in the future. Any advice from farmers who are also in bio?

No. 205123

File: 1505960840261.gif (628.75 KB, 166x126, tenor.gif)

I'm new to the workforce (2 years) and genuinely confused how people working full-time can find another job when they need to. I've never been able to find a new job without quitting first and I'm getting discouraged because that's definitely a skill every grown adult needs.

I can't get time off, so I've only been on one interview since I started seriously looking and I didn't get that job. I work in a very small office and random days off come across as really suspicious unless you have kids ("kid was sick", etc.), so I don't feel at liberty to just say it's "personal business" and disappear or come in late/leave early. I'm already worried that they might fire me for not fitting the company culture, so I don't want to push my luck…

I need to leave this job asap, and I would have had at least 5 interview opportunities by now if only I could go to the interviews! The times when I've suggested Skype or by phone they say no and leave it at that. I know that people say you're more attractive on paper when you're employed, but this is so frustrating.

No. 205124

Saged for OT but every time I see OP's pic it makes me irrationally sad. Wish I knew why.

No. 205127

File: 1505962382786.jpg (97.91 KB, 394x526, officelady.jpg)

It's from a Japanese office worker whose twitter became popular after she started posting some really sad art depicting her unhappy office worker life. That's probably why.

No. 205129

>couldn't afford to eat and cried at work because I found out I had a medical issue
>get told to clock out until "6 months" because it made customers feel awkward

wtf even happened, I applied job after job for years to get this piece of shit job and they fired me for crying because i can barely afford to eat with the 145 a week they pay and refuse to even pay me overtime

No. 205130

Anon, I wish I had some good advice for you, I don't but I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. Wage slavery really is a fucked up world, a lot of bosses have no morals whatsoever and I don't know how they sleep at night.

I'm frequently depressed and often worry about it costing me my job. I get my job done, but employers care so much about how smiley and "enthusiastic" you are that just doing a good job is often not enough…

No. 205136

It makes me feel because of how sunny and nice it is outside her window, but there she is waking up at 6am to go to work. She's slamming an energy drink and getting dressed before going into her painfully boring and stressful office job. Wherein she will spend any meaningful daylight hours until it's dark outside.
She cries before going into work wishing there could be any other way out of the cycle, but realistically, there isn't. This is her life now.

When she comes home she: fixes something to eat, has a measly few hours to herself, then has to go to bed to repeat the same cycle the next day.

Her place is disorganized and messy because she doesn't have the energy after work to do much domestic chores. Her days off are spent catching up with sleep and mentally recovering.
She doesn't get the time or the money to be able to decorate to make her drab surroundings more tolerable. She compensates for that in little things (the cute frog plushie and spotted pajamas), but ultimately her domicile reflects how her life revolves around work; hangars above the bed to make dressing in the morning easier.

>Can you tell I fucking hate my life?

No. 205253


I was job hunting and going to interviews while I was employed in my last job and I'm going to job interviews while working on my current job now. Here's what I did/am doing:

- Have the interview early in the morning, say I had to stay at home in the morning to collect a package/wait for the plumber to come

- Say I had a dentist/doctors appointment in the middle of the day or early in the morning

- Took a sick day and went to the interview

- Schedule the interview during my lunch break. Since I was in a bit of a rush to get there and back during my lunch break I used Ubers for quick transport

- Arrange to get to work earlier so I could leave earlier and go to the job interview before COB.

You'll need to strategically vary your excuses of course so it's harder for your employer to catch on. However, if they do start getting suspicious — let them. You can't control what other people think.

Also don't worry too much about having a job secured before looking for the next one if it can't be helped. Employers will ask about the gap in employment but just say you wanted to direct your full attention into finding a new job or anything else that sounds amicable.

I've been contacted by a lot of recruiters lately and have been meeting up with them for interviews without any follow up afterwards. I feel that the more interviews I go to, the harder my job search will be to hide so I understand the frustration.

No. 205254

I've been a flight attendant for 3 years at a major airline. I love my job and its union, so you get great protections. I wouldn't recommend going to a connection/small airline first, they have not so great pay and inferior management. I went to the interview with references and 3+ years of customer service experience and only English language skills, and was hired on the spot. You have to be willing to move to any city they assign you as a base, do your makeup every day and give up your sleep schedule, but it so worth it! I plan on keeping this job until I retire, and I'm only 23. I've travelled the world and you can get buddy passes for your friends and family to come with you. It's not for everyone, but if you're interested in travel I highly recommend it.

No. 205295

Doesn't the airplane air and the lack of a consistent sleep schedule fuck you up and make you feel gross and tired? I hate traveling by plane, I feel nauseous after even a 2 hour trip. I can't even imagine wearing makeup and high heels regularly on a plane. Kudos to you.

No. 205324

Thanks anon, this is good advice.

I'm a shit liar so I've always looked for ways to avoid it, but I'm realizing now that I'll just have to be creative. I dunno if this works, but I thought a bank meeting could also be a good excuse, since a lot of banks close early.

Good luck with your search, though. That's exactly why I usually avoid recruiters, there's no guarantee they'll do anything but add you to their roster and move on…

But oh well, such are the ways of the world. And you're right, what's the point of worrying they'll find out if you're trying to leave anyway. I have to keep these things in mind.

No. 205325

I wish I could try this, but I'm Canadian and I think 99.999% of the time you have to be French-English bilingual here. I'll just have to keep working on my French skills.

No. 207613

It is a misnomer that public accountants don't interact with people. Maybe tax people don't so much, but auditors interact daily with clients and their team and you HAVE TO be able to socialize well and be easy to work with during those long hour days during busy season.

No. 207750

Spent my entire educational career convincing myself I should be in STEM when math and science have consistently been my worst subjects. Somehow convinced myself I had a passion for those subjects. I entered uni thinking I'd get my bsc in X STEM degree and go on to grad school.

I've recently graduated and have been working in research for the past two years. I hate my job and hate what I majored in. My adviser has been pressuring me to go to grad school for months now and I feel so shitty for letting her down. I just feel so disillusioned with my life and have no idea what career to pursue.

No. 207757

Don't go to grad school right away. Take some time off to figure out what you want to do. Maybe there are some things you have in mind that feel decent. If you find out what you actually want to do, go to grad school for that and not a STEM field.

No. 208456

Anyone have success getting a job at a new city with little experience? I don't want to jump ship before getting a job offer, but I would really like to relocate soon.

No. 208685

You are using misnomer incorrectly.

No. 209106

Jesus, even interviews for shitty retail jobs became a fucking psychological war. Bitch I'm just here to sell shit and make poverty tier money not to take over your shitty company. God I hate work life so fucking much.

No. 213785

No. 213963

File: 1512188696044.jpg (40.91 KB, 219x214, 1456178317432.jpg)

Work as an archivist/records administrative assistant for a hospital. It's boring, and can be pretty stressful at times, but the pay is good. Only problem is working a 40hr/week desk job is depressing as all hell.

No. 213968

File: 1512191180449.jpg (24.64 KB, 349x349, 1509436945922.jpg)

I'm 23 and I feel like I'm going nowhere in life.
Gave up on university after 4 years of doing absolutely nothing. Even though it was a field that I loved it was like all passion I had for it was drained out of me the second studying it became an obligation instead of something I did in my free time. Just like everything else in my life.
By pure luck, being european meant knowing English on top of my own language, and my being a weeb pushed me to study Japanese, leading me to my current translation job, started 2 years ago.

But there's no contract, I get paid weekly, and I suppose it's technically a dead-end job. I won't be able to use this job as reference for anything (for various reasons), and it feels like I'm just buying time until I lose it and I'm left 25+ years old without any education titles and technically no working history.

I'm trying to study for some language certifications to at least get some prospects, but it feels like wasted time knowing that companies for some obscure reason value language based degrees (which only give you a pathetic intermediate knowledge of the language) highter than actual language certifications (which go up to native level)

And then, even if everything goes to plan, EVEN if things to well…the fact remains that translation is a soulcrushingly monotonous job, it's like being an egyptian scribe, or an amanuensis. And anything web-based will be taxed for like 60% of its value.

I just don't want to live forever working menial jobs and crying about having wasted my whole life.

No. 213974

Do you deal with the public at all?

I work 40 per week as a call center agent. Has all the stresses of dealing with poor internal systems plus the aggravation of dealing with retarded customers back to back. I'm getting sick of it and I'm looking to find a different job just to get out by next year.

No. 213975

Just get your N1 and TOEIC and you'll have something to put on your CV?

No. 213980

I already have a Cambridge C2 passed with merit, and I'm taking the N1 next summer since I was too late to apply for the December session.
My fear is that they won't be enough though. The C2 and the N1 both prove a native proficiency of the language, but they're still considered less of a proof of skill than a language degree (English Lit: B2-C1, Asian Studies: N3-2).

Even ignoring that, I'm still worried about the giant 18-24 hole they'd see in my CV. Plus, translation is a horrible profession. I'd like to get into game localization, or being an interpreter, but we're stepping into the realm of "Needs technically worthless degree" again.

No. 213985

What about going back to school?
I literally have taken the same path as you (dropped out from college, gone into freelance translation English/my language and realized I was pretty much stuck because no 'real' job would want me without a degree in translation). You're still young, you have time to go back, get a degree (even if it's not something you really like, in Europe, just having a bachelor will open you at least some doors) and have a career.

No. 214002

>What about going back to school?
I'm afraid it's going to kill my passion for languages, just like it killed my love for computers as soon as I got started on my degree, and just like it temporarily killed my progress when I joined an high-intensity course for my Japanese.

It's a mental block I've always had, lately I've started thinking of it like an handicap, or an illness. It's like I can do just fine and put in an astounding amount of hours into anything as long as it's out of my own will, but as soon as it's an obligation or commitment of some kind my willpower goes to shit.

I feel like that's a bit OT though. Bottomline is that I'm looking into whatever qualifications you can get without being forced to follow a course, but it's hard. The job market is built on top of the degree mill industry after all.

No. 214015


Is it really that bad in your country? I translate fantasy novels in my country, did the reprints of Dragonlance lately it was so much fun tbh.

No. 214058

If this isn’t the thread for me.

I feel so bad about my career if you can even call it that.
In my country, you can do different studies in high school. I've graduated high school, but I chose the wrong stream and I don't have the requirements to get into the field of study I want to. I had different ambitions when I started high school vs at the end of it. It sucks. I'm 20 years old and I haven't started a bachelor yet and it makes me feel like a complete idiot.

I have to take the high school studies I'm missing. I'm so angry with myself. It costs a ton and I feel like I’ll be so old when I start my bachelor.

No. 214090

File: 1512251255486.jpeg (913.51 KB, 1000x750, D9A57EF7-4303-4E3A-9A1E-9EC279…)

Which country are you in anon?

I turned 21 this year and I still have several high school classes bc I spent a sizable portion of that time either hospitalized, locked up in a mental ward or just staying home because I couldn’t deal with reality. I hated myself for taking so much longer, felt retarded and worthless and like my life was ruined. I didn’t think I deserved to pursue my dream career because I’d already blown it.

Fast-forward a few years, I’m finishing off my remaining classes in a supportive and happy environment at pace that works for me, I get the high grades I never believed I’d be able to achieve making my chances of studying what I desire that much higher, have actual fun doing school work and for the first time since I was a preteen I have hope for the future.

Being angry with yourself for “wasting” years of your life isn’t going to bring those years back. It’s better to forgive yourself for those few years and embrace the future because otherwise you’ll be wasting your whole life. A few high school years is nothing. The remainder of your life is so much greater than that.

Take the time you need, anon. From a clinically depressed socially inept wreck of an sperg-chan who used to want to kill herself over the very reasons you described, you still got this. Good luck.

No. 214129

I'm from Scandinavia.

I thought no one would bother replying, thank you so much for bothering to reply. You have no idea how much it means to me.

I've spent so much time crying over how much of an disappointment I am to myself and everyone around me. I feel so incredibly stupid.

Your story reminds me a lot of myself. I speant most of my high school just wanting to get out and get my diploma because of mental illness. I didn't really get a proper idea of what I wanted to do because of everything going on with myself and around me. It sucks that I still have to take high school subjects despite having my diploma.

I hope you reach your goals too, anon.

No. 214151

I’m the same anon again and I’m from Scandinavia too! Which country?

I’m glad! I was worried I sperged out too much and the post got too blogposty haha.

I truly hope you’ll reach your goals too. I’m sure you’ll manage if you do everything at your own pace and cut yourself some slack every once in a while. Life happens. We’ll both get through this, anon.

No. 214183

Small world, huh! Or should i say that Scandinavia is small? lol

I'm so happy that I'm not alone in all of this (even though I don't wish for anyone else to be in the same boat as me). I see everyone being so accomplished and doing this and that and it feels like I'm still not going anywhere.

I'm from Norway. So I have to go up as an "privatist" and pay around 4000 dollars for my fucking high school studies.

Now I'm curious where you're from!

No. 214240

I'm currently in university and recently just got rejected for all the internship interviews I had. They were all for pretty lucrative careers:trading, investment banking etc. I got pretty depressed because I feel like I am coming to the realization I just don't have the right "fit". I'm not the smartest, confident, or social. Quite frankly, I felt like I would have had better chances if I was a guy. This wasn't due to any explicit gender discrimination but people tend to hire people that are more like them, and the finance industry is predominantly male.

After typing this, I recognize I come off as whiny and I probably won't get much sympathy. But I was wondering if any farmer here has had experience with finance (capital markets) or internship hunting? I think I will be looking towards smaller companies instead of banks now.

No. 214247

I feel you, anon. I didn't study finance but the internships I interviewed for while in school all rejected me, so here I am still job searching after graduating while I keep getting rejected after interviews.

No. 214248

At the moment the job market here is infamous for the outrageous education requirements, on top of the scarcity of positions in any field.
Don't know how it is in other countries, but here they have taken the "internship" meme to the extreme, as a way to go even a decade without paying anyone, too.
So people desperate for CV experience will be literally doing it for free, making the job market even worse.

No. 214249

Look for small funds. Finance is definitely not predominantly male anymore, at least not where I live, so it also depends on your area. It can also be easier or harder to score an internship depending on the time of year and location. I live in France so I can always apply to Luxembourg or Swiss companies. Your GPA and credentials also matter, if you have mediocre grades and nothing else to set you apart you'll most likely get rejected. Some companies specifically encourage women to apply but having that as your only gimmick is honestly not the best and is kinda sad if you have to resort to it.

No. 214250

Oh and investment banking and other high-stress lucrative careers have strict requirements, no shit. You need a pretty wide set of skills and knowledge to work there. Does it have to be that? What about auditing, accounting, tax, risk management…?

No. 214251

My GPA is pretty shit, but I was able to land interviews/advance to final rounds due to extensive networking and being really involved in school + work experience. I will look at other streams like risk…asset management… too. I think I would really like to try out investment banking or one of those lucrative high stress jobs once, maybe just for the fulfillment of my ego and FOMO. But I think I've come to terms that it might not happen immediately.

Should I offer to work for free? At this point, I just really want something on my resume and an opportunity for a job after graduation.

No. 214252

Good luck anon! Is it just me or is it incredibly tough to land a job right now? And I say this coming out of a pretty good school. Not sure if it's 2008 bad but shit is still pretty tough right now

No. 214271

Omg ikr?! Especially on lolcow of all sites lmao

I know the feeling! That’s the feeling/thing I was the most terrified of in the past- being so far behind everyone else and being too old by the time I’m finished. People used to tell me this all the time back then but I refused to acknowledge it at the time: a lot of people our age work a few years before they decide what they want to study. You’ll see people who start studying in their late twenties/early thirties and everyone sees it as completely normal, if not average. My siblings are proof of that haha. (Hell, my current classmate is in his sixties finishing off his high school classes. He’s really cool and has had an awesome life.) You’ll be surprised how many will be the same age/in the same situation as you once you hit uni!

Oh my god I’m so sorry. I had no idea you guys had it like that. Have you absolutely no kind of safety net or insurance or anything? Don’t you get money from the state when you study or anything? Is there no way to get around that cost?

I’m from Sweden! Your next door neighbor haha. I study at Komvux which is free and we get money from the state so we can make ends meet and pay for books and stuff.
I thought we all had the same system within Scandinavia and I’m so sorry you guys have it like that. Sounds like some ‘murican capitalist haven shit. Send the system a giant 18K gold middle finger once you’re rich and successful fam.

If you wanna talk more about school or whatever else outside of this thread I posted in the /g/ Friend Finder a few days ago (the only Swede lol). Feel free too hmu if you like!

Again, best of luck my Sexy Scandinavian™ friend.

No. 214284

Norwegian privatist here too, I mean, I thought we had other options? Voksenopplæring etc? I just went with this route for the conveniece lol, although it is pretty damn expensive. We should have had the option of "nationala prov" or whatever, like the swedes. One test, bam, high scool done!

No. 214286


Sounds like how it is here.

No. 214298

Aww, I'm gonna send you a message!

I wish we didn't have such a weird system here in Norway. Sweden has a better system, in my opinion. Norway has a relatively low high school graduation rate actually, it's worse the further north you go. I wish we had something like komvux here too.

It costs around 1000 NOK for one exam in a subject you haven't taken before and around 2000 NOK for a subject you already have a grade in.

I have no right to any high school level teaching anymore. I have to pay to go to an private school for that.

I have no way around it, I have to pay. I can take up loans, but of course I'll have to pay it all back. I get no financing or scholarships.

Voksenopplæring is only for people who hold no high school diploma. If you do have an high school diploma, you can sign up if they have any places left to attend classes but you still have to pay a big sum just to attend. So even if I went for voksenopplæring instead of privatist, I still have to pay the exam fee AND the fee for attending classes. Voksenopplæring is reserved for people who are 25+ anyways.

Do you go to any schools? Like Akademiet, Bjørknes or Sonans? I'm signing up for sonans.

Rip being a Norwegian I guess lol

No. 215878

I have today off. I opened on v little sleep yesterday. I didn't sleep in today. I'm about to fall asleep for a nap and my phone starts ringing. It's my work. I don't answer. They leave me a silent voicemail. Then my coworker calls. I don't answer.

I'm not coming in on my day off, to cover a shift for someone who gets 3 days off and had yesterday off. I'm sorry. I'm just fucking not. Especially because NO ONE covers my shifts, even when I did cover everyone else's.

No. 218805

So I'm a tattoo artist. I started at a tattoo shop, but now I'm working at home, because all the shops in my city are shitty and I don't want to apply there. Also I do some graphic design in the meantime.
I like doing it, but I earn barely enough for rent, food and supplies, and even when I get some extra cash I have to save it in case next month I won't have enough clients or something happens. This uncertainty if I'm gonna survive the next month is depressing and killing my creativity.
Then I go on social media and see people buying expensive stuff and going on vacation and trips and it really makes me wanna drop this whole art thing (even tho I think I'm good at it and progress fast) and get boring, unproductive job just to have stable income and have nice things.
For quite some time I thought money doesn't matter as long as I do something I like and it's creative and makes other people happy, but I'm not sure if it's worth it.
With friend we're thinking about opening our own tattoo shop in the future, but need money to do this and stable client base (ours are growing but I think it's not enough), and still it's pretty risky…
What should I do? The best way seem to be getting part time job but these are extremely hard to find where I live, aspecially without experience…

No. 219416

I really want to go back to college and get a degree in writing/art so I can stop being a retail wage slave for shitty hours and no benefits.

a few years ago I was in a really high stress, high demand, high competition college program, and i had a mental breakdown due to overloading myself w/ work on top of chronic physical illness. and developed several psychiatric illness as a result of a psychotic meltdown. I've really been trying to put my life back together by getting a job, but I'm still stuck living w/ my mother at age 25, and working for fucking peanuts and hardly able to afford healthcare bills.

My state has a scholarship program (the new york free tuition for state colleges thing) , and theres a college that has my major/minor (creative writing and marketing) but they require several academic/professional references and it's just… I have no ZERO friends, all my previous college credits are STEM, and I have absolutely no personal connections toany community. I think that I write really well creatively, but I have nothing to back it up academically. I feel like I hit a brick wall by not having any social game. I made no friends in college because we were all fighting each other to be #1, but it seems like majors in the art actually REQUIRE social interaction, which I've had almost none of for my entire life.

No. 219426

>I really want to go back to college and get a degree in writing/art so I can stop being a retail wage slave for shitty hours and no benefits.
Going to college can help you avoid that, but getting majoring in art probably won't allow you to do that. You need to pick a different major.

No. 219797

File: 1514593389920.jpg (66.03 KB, 720x960, 1482910973826.jpg)

I really don't know what to do with my life. I'm trying to get job interviews for an internship but I feel like I barely have any chance to get that stupid mandatory internship because of my degree and the fact that I can't move out of my city because of the lack of money and the insane rent prices in some cities. I think I'm also not taken seriously in general for reasons out of my control. I almost want to give up and move on.

I'm not particularly ambitious but seeing that I probably wasted 5 years of my life on college, which I always hated, just to be stuck in a shitty retail job pisses me off. Just because of my general lack of luck, opportunities and money, not even because I'm a bad student and get shitty grades.

Oh, and shout out to recruiters who know that students look for an internship for their last year to gain work experience for the first time and expect said students to already have work experience that you can ONLY get after graduating. You can all go fuck yourselves.

Also I'm tired of my part-time retail job and my shitty managers who tell me to wear specific shoes even though the company doesn't even provide them. And I'm also tired of them asking me and the other employees to do stupid shit so THEY can get a raise, especially while there are more urgent tasks to complete. And I just don't like the atmosphere where you have to act like you get along so well with the staff in a way that's completely artificial, it's annoying. There are colleagues that I like a lot, some less, I'm still polite with everyone but I'm sick of some of them telling me about their sex lives and other things that are too personal like we're all bffs. Also, I hate the customers and I'm so close to insulting one of them I'm surprised I haven't done it yet.

No. 219843

I have a <2.5 GPA due to some issues but I made a 3.5 this semester. Should I bother applying to jobs?

No. 219847


jobs don’t look at your gpa, lmfao. grades don’t matter outside of the college bubble. it’s about your experience, extracurriculars and networking.

No. 219855

yeah most people don't put their gpas on their resume at all, unless you're asking if it would be wise for you to get a job while still in school?

No. 220350

I finished college, but I can't do shit with my degree, I don't want to lock myself into a postgraduate/masters that I mightn't actually want to do, so I'm working retail after four years of college. I've been in the same place since I finished college in 2016.

Admittedly I'm on a pretty decent wage for retail (not in US but it's the equivalent of over $14/hr), and I was enjoying it up until a few weeks ago. I'm always in pain (for maybe two years or more), never diagnosed for anything and don't want to go down the self-diagnosis route, but I have widespread joint and muscle pain almost every day. Even standing all the time it didn't used to bother me hugely, it wasn't always such a big problem, maybe it was just the Christmas rush, but getting ready every day has become such a huge effort for me, I nearly feel like crying.

I have no social life even though I often only work 20-30 hours a week. I feel so pathetic. I have no energy to meet friends on my days off or after work. I get out maybe once a month, if that.

I have no useful skills. Absolutely none. My bf works in IT and makes a killing without even having finished college (dropout), because he was always interested in that sort of stuff and essentially taught himself for 8+ years. I have nothing I can dedicate myself to fully like that.

I probably sound like such a whiny shit because I know that I have one of the better paying retail jobs, but I feel like I'm at a dead end. I can't take up sports or classes for anything because reducing my availability in work means fewer hours and less money. I've considered doing a lot of language self-study but I don't know how it'd be of any use to me unless I did proficiency exams or something.

Sorry, this is all a bit of a rant. I just feel like I'm in a bit of a rut.

No. 220373

This annoys the fuck out of me. Fucking bosses talking about how we need to upsell and shit and we don't get commission so it's like why the fuck should I work harder so you make more money? Hell, the fucking "attendance" competition for the holiday winners were all management, no fucking worthless shits like us. I'll do the bare minimum in front of you while mindlessly doing the rest, but if you think I am going to try at a retail gig, go fuck yourself.

No. 220380

That's funny, because that's the only job you seem to have. Maybe try a little bit and not let "THE SYSTEM" be the excuse for your bad attitude, anon!

No. 220393

Hey you stupid dyke, it's little worthless shits like you who make our jobs six times more annoying. Even though your lazy ass is too fucking daft to do a simple task, there is still work that needs to be done in retail. Product is not going to hit the sales floor itself, the floor isn't going to be magically rearranged for every different season and new event; therefore you going above and beyond to do something rather than being the world's most useless paperweight means that you get to go home earlier and be a fat lazy bum. And hey! Bonus points: the better you do at your job means the more money we're willing to give you! Holy shit golly gee what a concept! We all know inept trash like yourself are so quick to bitch and whine about being broke and having no money but still being too stupid to understand that if you actually did your job then you would make money.

-Signed 10/10 Mad Management

No. 220404

Not all retail works the way yours does, which you're clearly very ignorant of. And I'm glad you've made it your career to work in retail management, putting that degree to good use.

I just really dislike the corporate dishonesty that encourages and survives through the current retail labor situation.

No. 220412

You do realize that there are people in management who don't have a degree and just worked their way up, right? Which proves my point. Let alone just being able to do your job means you get more hours which means more money for you to blow on big macs and hohos. Which again proves my point.

Retail is retail, it's all the same. There's still work that needs to be done and it would be really nice not having bitchy, ungrateful sales associates who actually have a sense of work ethic instead of doing nothing and complaining about bum fuck nothing to help get that work done. If you don't like the job, get a new one cause there is literally nothing stopping you. Hell, the hours your dumbass is hogging can be given to another employee who is a delight to be around and actually tries.

No. 220415

You really are projecting here about the whining. I also said it was mindless work that was easy, and that busting my hump wouldn't get me any more money than just moving along and smiling at customers.

>and actually tries.
I'm saying that the only people who benefit from trying are the company who doesn't give a shit about either of us, and maybe a tiny bit you. I could forgive your attitude if you were running your own company, sure, but not if you're some corporate drone.

No. 220423

I'm the anon who posted to complain about it first. I'm actually doing my job far better than most people in my department and I get along well with my colleagues, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm asked on a regular basis to do stupid and useless shit that doesn't help customers or any of my colleagues and doesn't help keep the store clean or boost sales whatsoever. And it's annoying at best. I won't give more details on that because it's useless and could give a hint as to where I work but you're really projecting.

Also,I noticed that in my store the ones who are really pissing off supervisors and managers as well as some of the staff and are lazy as fuck aren't the part-time workers who are also students but either the newest employees or the employees that got hired when the store opened. All the colleagues that actually do give a shit about doing a good job before going back home say this specific task is useless and a waste of time that we could use to help colleagues.

>Bonus points: the better you do at your job means the more money we're willing to give you!

Maybe only when you're a manager though. I get more things done in an hour than most of my colleagues and yet we're paid the same. So again, stop projecting and interpreting our posts the wrong ways.

No. 220424

I think the only people shitting on your thoughts about this are lower management anons who work in good company cultures and teams. Being in a poor-performing store with shit pay, no incentives, and clueless management is the absolute worst.

I once worked in a rural area for a discount clothing chain and I 100% felt the pressure about having to sell/upsell people things like credit cards. When I started, we had to get at least 5 cards a day, no matter what, in a store that didn't average more than 100 customers a day during non-holiday times. Sometimes when we were desperate we'd make our own employees sign up for one.
Middle management didn't give a fuck about us. Lower management (cashier managers) pretended to care because it was the only way to keep us motivated with no incentives or proper pay, but even they would take their anger out on employees if we couldn't meet the quotas.
What's worse is, say, if we had a good day (overshot our credit card goals and got 9 approved), it would be sent to regional management and we would get a patronizing letter stating that because we accomplished it once, our ~*~superb and excellent~*~ team could increase signups to 10 everyday from then on!!!

We were supposed to be grateful for the meager 10% discount we got, and some days 20% (let us reward you by giving you a discount when you put your paycheck back into our store). There was no such thing as commission, profit sharing (even though it is a multi-million dollar company), good benefits, nor union. I think sometimes we had cheesy holiday competitions but only the favorites would ever win and the prizes were shit.

I'm fortunate enough to currently work in a company that does call center sales. As much as I hate my job, it has great benefits, travel perks, a union, profit-sharing, and I just found out everyone in my company is getting a $1000 bonus check this quarter. No commission, but hey, at least it's 20 steps working above normal retail.

No. 220466

Bruh, you work retail. Why do you think you're above doing stupid shit? As a sales associate your only job is customer service and straightening up and when that's done then what's left to do is the stupid meager tasks that is impossible for you to screw up while I'm in the back or on the floor doing shit that keeps the store running and the bosses on my ass happy. I can't keep you on the clock while you pick your butt and talk about the 15 dicks you sucked on Saturday night.

At least you were smart enough to leave that shithole. The simple fact is if a place is being a shithole of a place to work then you need to leave it and find a new job. Why stay at a shitty place, have a bad attitude about it and complain about it to everyone on the damn staff on the clock, and then have the nerve to pretend your worthless ass is a victim? No, you're not a victim, you're just lazy and compliant with getting ass pats from others who feel the same way. Hurry up and leave the damn place so some hours can be freed up for people who actually deserve it.

No. 220472

You have bad reading comprehension or some issues yourself it seems.

No. 220474

Same to you since you are really too simple to understand that there isn't much else to your job except for customer service and stupid shit.

No. 220486

>Bosses on my ass happy
So you admit you're just a sad person taking out your frustration on others? And honey, I'm very likely older and have had more jobs than you, even an office job where I had my own locking door.

No. 220498


I don't work retail. I have a post-graduate degree and am currently sitting in my office and since I already finished my charting, I can dick around on the Interwebz. Prior to getting my degrees, I did work retail and honestly, your job as a manager should be helping motivate people to work. Retail is soulless, demoralizing work and while I was grateful to have a job and did my work rather well, I noticed management was so out of touch with the people on the sales floor that it would be laughable if it was not so sad.

If you want loyal employees, you have to treat them well. Sure you can replace the shitbags, but you are going to have to interview, train them, and then the cycle will repeat unless management style changes. If you keep noticing shit employee after shit employee, pause and think what you and the company you work for can possibly do differently.

No. 220508

File: 1515006935611.gif (1.46 MB, 432x264, giphy (8).gif)


>Why stay at a shitty place

Because some people don't have options.

When I worked there I was a grad student who just needed some extra money but couldn't take on a full time job.
Others came from poor backgrounds and had no way to gain employment mobility via seeking education or moving away for better prospects.
I only got my job when I moved six states away after graduating. My hometown is garbage with no job opportunities if you don't work for local government or are a specialist like a doctor. No tech jobs, no industry jobs, no tourism jobs. Nada. Just working ass at customer service a la Wal Mart and other big box retail/fast food that's prominent in bumfuck nowherevilles.

>have a bad attitude about it and complain about it

Being able to criticize the work environment is how improvements for lower level employees happen. Changes that benefit the low employees come to the detriment of the profit margins of the higher ups.
That's why you've got places like Wal Mart who are severely anti-union and like to brainwash lower management (you) into thinking anyone who criticizes the workplace is a no good, entitled dependa who just wants an easy ride. The best countries in the world give their employees decent benefits, decent pay, and foster positive work environments. Only retarded wage slaves think cracking the whip above peoples' heads is how you create productive work.

But other than that? Yes, I was very glad to leave that toxic place because I know people like you were just looking for their next victim to domineer.
>tfw having a second degree yet being bossed around by clueless idiots like prego Susanne on her third unwed child thinking she knows better because she's been assistant store manager for five years
Haha. No thanks indeed!

No. 220536

Ok so now I have more time and my laptop so I can give you a more detailed answer. I'm that anon >>219797 btw, since it's easy to confuse other anons who agree with me at this point.

>Why do you think you're above doing stupid shit? As a sales associate your only job is customer service and straightening up

I literally complained about how some of our tasks have nothing to do with keeping the store clean or customer service, we sometimes are asked to not do that and bother clients for some shitty online survey in which we ask them to give our store the best score possible so the managers can get a raise. Here's the thing, you'd think it's useful because answers can help the management if there are things the customers don't like or find annoying but they don't give a shit about that. They just want their high score and money, and sometimes prevent us from actually working just for that. I have spend some days doing almost only that. It's annoying and useless to me, if they care that much maybe they can just do it themselves instead of asking me to do it and tell me that I'm not good enough and blah blah blah just because I CAN'T force customers to answer the survey. Do you understand now? I also complained about managers telling to wear black shoes even though the ones I bought for the job are beyond fucked up and I couldn't buy new ones. AND where I work, employers have the obligation to provide you with whatever you need, including your uniform and in that case, the fucking shoes. Wow I need to spend money to work, how great!

>I can't keep you on the clock while you pick your butt and talk about the 15 dicks you sucked on Saturday night.

I also literally complained about people who do that shit, why do you assume I do that too when I think this attitude is unprofessional and annoying? Again, you have some shitty reading comprehension and assumed this about out of nowhere, or confuse me for another anon and also completely assume that she does that.

>The simple fact is if a place is being a shithole of a place to work then you need to leave it and find a new job. Why stay at a shitty place, have a bad attitude about it

That's not possible for everyone, are you a spoiled brat? I know this isn't directed at me but I'm a student and work part-time, and where I live the mere fact that I have a job is a miracle, and it's not even a shithole. With my salary and my scholarship I can't even live by myself so literally how am I supposed to go find a job somewhere else? I stop studying and get a full-time job that won't even get me enough money to even pay rent because I don't have a degree yet? You see what I mean? As >>220508 said it's not a matter of choice and some people are stuck in shitty situations and jobs.

Also from the way you speak you seem to be a shitty manager. You're not just supposed to give orders, you have to motivate them. Are you salty because your staff shit talks you behind your back even though they most likely have good reasons to do so? It's not because the job isn't difficult that it's not annoying or even a pain in the ass for some people. Of course I'm going to complain in a thread about jobs here to feel a bit better when I see that customers piss and shit in the fitting rooms, leave period blood on the clothes they try, make all the clothes on some table fall on purpose and then smugly say that we're supposed to pick it up because that's your job, sometimes straight up insult you and threaten you with violence, etc., all of that on a regular basis. That and what I explained earlier. You assume, again, that I straight up go to the managers and whine about everything like I'm not doing my job because you're an idiot.

No. 220561

>Bruh, you work retail. Why do you think you're above doing stupid shit?

>Hurry up and leave the damn place so some hours can be freed up for people who actually deserve it.

I love this two-faced mentality all retail/food service management has. Your employees don’t deserve a living wage because the job is ~so easy~ but then you act like you gave them everything in life bc they work there and they owe you?

The truth is that retail and food service are shitty jobs because they have shitty managers like you who use their meager position of slight authority to belittle and degrade whoever they feel is “below” them. Pro tip: that makes you a shitty person. Funny how certain people can consider themselves too good to do certain jobs and mock people who have to, but then as soon as the overworked, underpaid baristas at Starbucks misspell your name you have to go on a tirade about what a worthless failure they are and how easy their job is.

Funny how the worst assholes who cause all the problems can only blame it on the working poor they’re actively keeping down.

No. 221347

File: 1515411524317.jpeg (39.17 KB, 300x468, 48B48F4A-CA69-418A-AF65-2CFA60…)

So at the end of this month, I might be going to a foreign country for a business trip. By business trip I mean I’ll be pretty much left to my own device to research and set up our company’s operations there. And i’m just so anxious. Not the good kind of anxious like I can’t wait for it to happen. But the kind that makes you stay up all night with dread and makes you want to run away never to be seen again.

I know I shouldn’t feel this way. It is a really safe country and I know the language, kind of. And if things go well I might become the country manager and manage our operations there. It would mean so much for my career, if I just say yes. Yes, i accept you offer. Yes, I can do it. Yes, Iwant to do it. But I just can’t.

I wish I was confident, had the can-do attitude, woke up every morning feeling like i can do everything. But instead i’m just this anxious mess who dreads waking up every morning.

How do you even stop being such a failure? I hate myself so much.

No. 221366

The only way to start accomplishing things is by taking that offer anon! You only listed positive things other than your own feelings of anxiousness, and to me it says you want to do this. No one wakes up happy every morning. Even the most successful people struggle with the same feelings. Don't let what could be an amazing opportunity just slip by, you'll end up regretting it and wondering "what if".

No. 221846

I've been working at my current job for about a year and a half now. I like the people I work with and it's a good environment, but it doesn't seem like there's room for much advancement. I've talked with some of my coworkers (who have worked there for 7+ years) and despite being proficient in many different areas and departments, they've only received a raise twice, maybe three times. They're also continuously being told that "there's a pay restructuring happening", but never see anything from it.

So, on a whim, I applied yesterday another job in my area (both where I live and a field I work in)… and they called me back in less than 24 hours. I have an interview with them Friday morning and they're already offering me a higher pay than what I am currently making (depending on what they go with, it would be a $1-$3/hr increase).

I talked with the person I directly report to, and she says I should go for it… but maybe wait until after I see how the interview goes and everything before I mention it to our supervisor (just in case it doesn't turn out well or something). She even helped me with a believable excuse as to why I'd be showing up late.

I'm just nervous because if it goes well and I think what I would be doing would allow me to advance further, I will be 99% likely to take the job. I feel bad, however, leaving my current job because there's a lot of things that rely solely on me and who I report to to get done and there's not really a back up person for that. I guess that's really more of their problem for not hiring people who want to advance/eager to learn… because that's how I moved up so quickly: I always wanted to learn more to be able to help and do more.

I've just never been in a position like this because my current job is my first full-time one out of college.

No. 221853

Starting to get really fucking annoyed with my manager and fellow coworkers in my shitty retail wageslave job. My rationale is that once I get the schedule for the next week, I schedule all the other shit I have to do on the days that I have off. The problem is that without fail, every single day I'm not on the schedule, they will call me to come in. EVERY DAY. I have a feeling this is partially my fault because in the early days of working here, I went in whenever they asked because I didn't quite hate the job yet and wanted all the hours possible since I get paid shit. Because of that, I don't know if I really have the right to bitch about this.

The one thing that really irritates me is one specific incident where I was on call while my manager was scheduled to work open to close. I was EXTREMELY ill that week, and I was only supposed to go in for one hour (which is ridiculous) so I figured I can push through it. However once I get there my manager made up some dumb story about how she wanted to go to dinner with her mom (who lives here. she can do that anytime) and can I please cover the rest of the night for her? The problem is that she knows I can't say no, because technically I'm on call so they know I'm available. She can see that I'm sick, can't talk without going into a painful coughing fit, and have a throbbing headache. I say yes anyway, and she leaves to go get dinner or whatever. It's been pointed out to me by other employees that she always does shit like this - leaves early and dumps her work on someone else. This is the fucking manager lmao.

Anyway so after I did that I very naively (and with a bit of entitlement that I'll admit to) expected them to kind of like me more because I'm willing to go out of my way to cover for them and go in on days I'm not scheduled to work. But NO. They even started to stick me with all the shitty hours, like working on both NYE and New Years Day alone from open to close with no help. They leave me there alone when we have back to back double booked appointments even though they're not supposed to do that. She always says she can't find someone else on call to come help me, but ANYTIME someone else is working and needs help she will go in and help them. I'm the only one who gets stuck alone with 4 people in the waiting room and I have to explain that we're understaffed to angry customers. My manager also has an attitude with me all the time which can't be helped.

So I guess my question, specifically directed towards any managers who may be here, is that if I suddenly stopped going out of my way to help, cover shifts, and go in on my day off, will I most likely get fired? I'm assuming it will reflect very negatively on me, but I just can't stand it anymore. Everytime I see their texts or calls pop up on my phone i KNOW they're going to ask me to come in and I get so angry. I almost want to ask them why they don't hire more people so that they don't have to do this. Plus as far as I know, I'm the only one who gets this treatment. Everyone else gets their days off unbothered.

I don't even care about this job, in fact I despise it. But I also don't want to lose it because a job is a job and I haven't found anything else yet. I know I sound like a spoiled ungrateful bitch saying all this, but I'm just really annoyed and want to rant.

All I can say is don't get an art degree guys, lest you end up back in retail. I know we all want to professionally pursue the things we are passionate about, but it just isn't worth it anymore. Dumbest decision of my life. Now I'm 23 and if I wanted to go for another degree, I'd have to start all over and I'd be in school until I'm 27. I'm a dumbass.

No. 223288

You need to do what's best for you anon. It's nice that you feel that way about your current job, though. The thing is, they probably managed to get by before you came along and will continue to do so even after you leave. The best you can do is give them ample notice and do as much as you can before your final day. But take whatever good opportunity comes your way.

Sometimes just taking the plunge is easier said than done. Believing in yourself is also extremely hard. But sometimes you got to just force it. Whoever gave you the offer thought you were a good candidate and capable of the job. Even if you have to lie to yourself, don't give up this chance. What your feeling is normal, but don't let it stop you from advancing!

No. 223557

Thank you, Anon! I had my interview this morning and I felt like it went really well. I got interviewed 3 separate times (once by one of the owners, and then by people in two departments where I could potentially be working) and it felt like a place where I would be able to grow and advance due to changes coming to the work place in the coming years. The people that I met were also very nice and it seemed like a relaxed environment.

They're also going to start rolling out a 401K plan in the next couple years, as well… which is a major plus because that's not something I even have the option for at my current job.

No. 225114

i've been working for 10 years now and i'm already ready to retire. fuck late capitalism.

No. 225369

File: 1516652407829.jpg (2.18 MB, 1280x1280, hottnd.jpg)

about to graduate cosmetology school in ~3 weeks. i feel set up in a really good position because i'll be graduating with great references, a ton of experience/skills, decent student portfolio, my full kit, and i've had a job in my field since before i even started school. beauty school full-time and part-time salon work without a car and depending on my legs + public transport to get me everywhere has been the hardest thing i've ever done in my effing life at 25. i have worked my a s s off fam. but i deserve to go far in this field, and i know i will. my work ethic alone is worth gold, not to mention the skills i've polished up on and gotten bretty fucking good at.

my life isn't perfect; i need/desperately want to get my own apartment within the next ~3 months, really need to get my junker car fixed an/or just get a new one (if i can afford it) and i don't really like my current salon and really want to go elsewhere. but i know above all else, i will be ok. the confidence school has given me is invaluable, my people skills have gotten really really polished. not to mention i've lost ~30 lbs and counting from the lack of time to eat, and all the standing, walking, and movement my job requires.

believe me when i say i was a chubby fuckin sperg when i started this field. now i can finally fit into brand, my bf thinks i'm a beautiful fucking angel, my confidence is off the charts and my paychecks aren't bad either. anons - if you put your mind, body, and heart into something - you can do it! don't give up.

No. 225381

Congrats anon! Hope everything works out for you

No. 225383

Sorry for being off-topic, but what's that picture from?

No. 225385

File: 1516658933746.jpg (101.2 KB, 236x447, 444rarestpiegon.jpg)

thank you kind anon <3! same to you.

hey there, no prob! i honestly have no idea but it's cute isn't it? i saved the original file from tumblr, glitch edit done by me in gimp. ; u;

No. 225437

I've been working since I graduated high school in various jobs. Hotel housekeeping, paper delivery, office work, customer service and sales. It's nice to have experience on my CV, but since they've all been kind of "shitty" jobs with low salary, I'm tired. I'm ready to get an education.

I spend almost all of my free time learning creative stuff like drawing, writing and making music. I love it, but I never thought of taking an art education or similar because it doesn't get me a job. Plus I know that making your passion your job can result in you hating it in the end, so I've always been careful about keeping my job life and my personal hobbies separated.

A friend of mine who's getting an education in 3D design and animation suggested I do too. She thought it would suit me perfectly as it's a skill that I can use to broaden my personal projects as well as open doors to jobs more relevant to my interests, without it ending up in mixing my hobby and career.

Reading up on the study it claims that you can work with everything from visualizing products for companies to making commercials, web material and sales, but I can't help but feel in the back of my mind that this is just a fancy version of an art education. Cool and creative, but in the end useless on the job market.

This is the first time I've been truly excited about the idea of an education, but everyone aside from my friend who studies 3D advices me not to. One family member acted downright insulted that I would consider something so reckless rather than going into health care, business or studying something that will "prevent you from being a burden to society".

And I know they're right. So here I am. Stuck at writing applications for studies that will pay the bills.

I feel like I'm always going to be split in half. Work-me and hobby-me. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it brings me down knowing that over half of my life will be spent working jobs that don't really interest me. That's most people's lives, I guess.

No. 225444

I love it! Do you also have the unedited version of >>225369 ?

No. 225447

I passed the initial screening stage for an internship for an investment bank in Paris and they gave me two online quizzes to do, social skills and arithmetic. The social skills one went by alright but the arithmetic one was timed with 60sec for each question and I dropped the ball on most of them because of the pressure. I feel like an idiot for embarrassing myself because they were really easy questions too, I just panicked. I ruined it for myself, good job me.

No. 225486

I'd say go for it, but be prepared to bust your fucking ass being the best you can be. Creative careers are funny because you either succeed and the rewards are lucrative; or you don't and have to crash back into standard jobs feeling worse than most because you "failed" your way there.

I'm saying this as someone who trained as a MUA when I left school and then studied English at college… I wasn't amazing at either and now I'm stuck doing low wage shit jobs. Trust me, it's worse from the other side of hope. So good luck, I hope you win!

No. 225826

First day back at work tomorrow after being off ill for 2 weeks. I’m the only one in my job position so there should be a nice pile of bullshit that’s built up over the past 2 weeks to deal with. I don’t start for another 8 and a half hours, so I still have time to decide whether to kms or not kek. Seriously pisses me off that when I’m away they don’t have anyone fill my position. Once I had annual leave and I was gone for 3 weeks, I had to do 3 weeks worth of work before I left, then I came back to a nice pile of work that had built up while I was away and more, I may as well have not taken my annual leave because I had to do the work I would have done during that time anyway, only under 10x more pressure and stress. When I return colleagues say they missed me followed with “because I needed you to do x and I’m so glad you’re back now so you can do it for me (because I’m too stupid and lazy to learn how to do it myself for when you’re not around)”. Sometimes I wish I could be one of those benefit dossers who claim money for doing fuck all because “muh anxiety” yet spend all day eating cheetos and posting selfies on instagram. I have to tell myself “at least I still have my dignity” but at what cost? The development of stress related nasolabial folds!?!?

No. 225947

File: 1516896790657.jpg (179.96 KB, 500x375, 107364267391.jpg)

I majored in graphic design. I kinda regret it now, because there aren't many graphic design related jobs where I live. I need to move out of state, but my grandmother is my only mode of transportation for now and I'm tied down to her. Even worse, my computer crashed and I lost most of my GD work, so I have nothing to show for it. I feel like I wasted my time. I don't even have any work experience at all, so I'm fucked. I'm only 19, but I'm running out of time. I can't rely on my grandmother forever.

Also I realized that I wanted to be a photographer. Most studios ask for experience and I don't know how to freelance.

No. 225955

freelancing is super easy. my friend started out doing tfd (time for digital) at cons to build up a portfolio and then branched out using that to do other subjects. also, tfd is basically where you shoot for free with the idea that both parties get the rights to the photos. cons are great for this since many cosplayers want photos but can't afford them. you can post on con facebook pages too, and do it in areas where badges aren't necessary.

No. 225962

You could try selling stock images online, I don't think people get a lot of money from it but it'll get your work out there at least.

If you did any of that stuff for school I would also recommend asking your teachers if they have anything saved, too. I'm a GD major and our professor saves all the work files we give him for a few semesters.

No. 226044

no, dear anon, you're still young. i'm 35, graphic designer too, and i'm the one that feels like going nowhere. you still have time. you can gain experience in other ways. try to find other kinds of related jobs (museums? libraries? volunteer work?)… nobody cares about a school-made portfolio, most employers are looking for stuff you made for other companies. learn how to make websites or 3D/autocad. then build up from there. not all is lost, you got to work it.

No. 269533

hey guys this place probably isnt the best place to come for advice but… i'm ashamed to ask for help from anyone i know irl

a month ago i got in trouble cus i fwd a file from work to my personal email, i wasnt exactly clear with the company policy at the time and my manager gave me a warning and he understood i was new and just wanted to work from home

today my manager spoke to me again today, cus i sent a file from my work to my linkedin. i sent a file where i replaced all company data with just filler inputs that doesnt put the company at risk but my work place said that's still not allowed and compliant. i really fucked up and got a scolding from. i wanted to send it home bcus the work was taking me a really long time to do during my work hours so i wanted to do it more at home etc..

i want to set up a time to talk to my manager in person to move past this, what should i say and how should i explain myself?

No. 269535

anon, it sounds like you really fucked up, just apologize for it and don't tell them why unless they ask you explicitly.

you need to be asking your manager if you can do these things rather than just doing them, since it sounds like you have a monitored internal company email.

No. 269588

>applied for a job abroad almost 3 months ago so I could start as early as possible if I actually get the job
>only received an email today so I can have an interview next week
Fucking why? I'm not even happy or relieved that I got an answer, I'm pissed that they took so much time to answer that I almost forgot about it.

No. 271850

File: 1532555119833.gif (242.64 KB, 360x203, tumblr_lpfktfdhNz1qdc388o1_400…)

I'm a teacher with a degree in grades 1-5 and a Master's in special education. In September I'll be working at my current full time job for a year, which is basically a pre-k center for underprivileged kids. Before I got the job I felt so much pressure to get a "real" teaching job, like one in a traditional school. I used to be a substitute teacher but quite frankly I hated it.

In the end, I was thrilled to finally get a full time job and sort of prove to myself that I was capable as my classmates, but right now I'm in a position where I don't know what to do with my life. The job itself is okay, I love interacting with kids but my coworkers for the most part suck and there's barely room for advancement. I keep telling myself I'll only stay another year but I'm deathly afraid of stagnating, and even a few coworkers warned me to keep looking for better positions out there.

My parents have been encouraging me to apply for other jobs but I have no idea what to do. I feel especially pressured now that my old classmates are working full time in schools or overseas. I feel like my resume and experience is severely lacking compared to my old classmates so I'm scared to apply for other jobs. I'm scared of being burdened with more responsibility and I don't know if I'll do well. I love kids and teaching kids but sometimes I wonder if I should have pursued another career path.

No. 271857

is anyone a lawyer and can give some advice to someone thinking about becoming one?
what's the daily life of one? do you stay in an office all day? what should I be doing now to prepare? do you enjoy it, or is it monotonous? thank u <3

No. 271872

anons, what can i study/go into that makes ok money and has lowest possible stress/low responsibility? i don't care at all about loving it, i just want reliability, and ideally, a career where i can basically be invisible

No. 271881

I would recommend CS and working for a large coorperation. Finding a job out of school is really easy too at least where I live, the only people I know who became unemployed were those who did not try very hard, for example no internship experience and no portfolio.

No. 271891

how intelligent do you have to be to make it in that field? my so is a programmer and his coworkers are fucking retards that he says suck at their jobs and they stay employed, but i don't know how competent i would be at this. what kind of skills or talents are needed to succeed?

No. 271964

I don't think you need to be particularly intelligent to do CS. It's one of the easier STEM fields. As long as you aren't retarded you'll do just fine. Of course, you will have the guys who have been doing this stuff all their lives who will make you feel retarded though. I think your SO is correct in that you can have really poor skills and still stay employed in CS. Being good only really matters if you are trying to move up in position, if you work for a big enough company you are pretty much invisible even if you suck.

CS has a reputation as being "the major for autists" for a good reason. If you hate talking to people and are ok with sitting down and doing repetitive tasks for a long time this may be the major for you.
>what kind of skills or talents are needed to succeed?
Not taking criticism personally
Liking problem-solving
Being physically able to stare at a screen for more than 8 hours
Actually liking computers
None of these are essential though, they are just nice to have.

No. 272009

>I don't think you need to be particularly intelligent to do CS.
Yes you do.

99% of women could not become competent programmers no matter how hard they tried.

That number is around 80-85% for men.

99% of women wouldn't even be able to figure out how to use Linux or compile a program, let alone actually be programmers.

There is a relatively high level of intelligence required or you just won't be able to grasp it.

No. 272016

where are you getting this statistic from

No. 272026

Can you source those pretty ludicrous statistics?

No. 272119


Another case of a butthurt incel running away when being asked for source on his ridiculous statements.

No. 272132

File: 1532607218365.png (147.27 KB, 553x585, 2f9.png)

No. 272207

>There is a relatively high level of intelligence required or you just won't be able to grasp it.
Is what compscincels tell themselves as they sit at home, alone, still unemployed, and masturbating trap porn in their rainbow stockings?

No. 272219

To be fair, 4chins /g/ trap-posters who keep talking about programming socks are not your usual employee

No. 272250

Right, and those unusual troon programmers are the exact types who say embarrassing, misogynistic shit like that guy did.

>implying that guy has a job
kek, 99% of compscincels could not get jobs no matter how hard they tried.

No. 272252

True, and he's also wrong. You don't really need to be all that clever to hold down a job. I know people who have been employed for 10 years and they still produce 2 bugs for every bug they fix and nobody says shit to them.

No. 272258

Oh god, anons, I don't know what I'm going to do…

I've just graduated from uni and now I'm looking for jobs. Friends told me to try ziprecruiter and Indeed, and I've already gotten interviews lined up, but I'm really not trusting them.

My degree was in consumer studies and marketing, and I looked for marketing jobs, but I'm pretty sure most of them are just sales rep positions in disguise. They wouldn't be so eager to interview me if it wasn't' something with a high turnover rate, right?

I don't think I'm good with corporate culture either. I either am too loud and colorful naturally,or I just become meek and passive to keep things quiet and not start trouble. I'm not a "self-starter" or a "go-getter", I just want to do the job well, make money, and go home. I just want a quiet life to follow my hobbies, not take over the world.

I'm seriously thinking about getting something small in my hometown and just living quietly for awhile. Being at home isn't so bad, it's just the pressure of looking for a job.

No. 272291

Any legal experts here?

Let's say my job gives me a letter saying I'm going to be fired by September 13, and I file a discrimination grievance on September 12.

Is it still considered unlawful unfair retaliation if they still go ahead and fire me on September 13 without investigating my grievance?

No. 272298

Does anyone know of a way I can make money while travelling? My husband got a new job, making lots of money, but he has to travel around the country and I have to quit my job in order to go with him. Even though he will be making enough to pay our bills and then some, I want something to do that will keep me busy and make extra money on the side because it never hurts to have another source of income. I've considered technical writing online like some anons here, but I don't have a degree or anything. My hobby (other than browsing the interwebz) is reading books, but I can't do that for very long stretches of time.

No. 272318

Online translation, editing, copywriting that kind of thing. There are several companies that do that.

No. 272338

if you need immediate advice, try asking a reddit sub. they've helped me out quite a bit before.

No. 272344


How long until you leave? You can just apply for literally any stock-standard remote gig.

No. 273246

If it's more about keeping busy, you could sell something nice and handmade on etsy.

No. 333080

Time to revive the thread because I have a some doubts and questions. I have an internship in HR and it's going well so far. It's in as international company with a very good reputation and I got very lucky I got this internship. Problem is, I'm not specifically studying HR even though I had courses about human resources management and similar subjects. I'm actually about to get a master's degree in international business and management if everything goes well, and after that I'm not too sure what I'm going to do because working in HR seems appealing now that I finally have some professional experience, but I'm wondering if I'll find a similar job easily somewhere else if the company can't keep me after the internship without a degree in HR. At the same time, I won't have the money or time to get a new degree.

The reason why I'm worried is because I had a really hard time getting an internship last year to graduate and I had to get enrolled for a new year just to get an internship and actually graduate since I started mine way too late. Meanwhile, a friend who has the same bachelor's degree as me and nothing else managed to get a similar job in another company, except he isn't just an intern so he's paid normally, as opposed to me who makes less than the minimum wage in my country. He suggested handing my resume and cover letter to boss, but his boss didn't want to schedule a job interview because I wasn't trying to get a HR master's degree even though she herself hired a guy with a "worse" resume than mine. It only made me salty at the time, but now I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do to be taken seriously by potential employers. I've been thinking about asking that guy about it but we're not that close and he'll probably take it personally.

I know that in the end, experience is going to be more important but it's hard to get even an unpaid internship without a degree or connexions and I want my career to start in the best conditions possible.

No. 333369

My suggestion would be to keep going at your internship and talk to the people that you go to school with. Sometimes, you can make connections that way, or at least learn about different companies. I'm not sure what country you're in but also getting a linkedin could help many connections as well. From what I've found, confidence and experience go a long way when finding a job. Even though your masters isn't specifically in HR, I think your degree is close enough. Combined with your experience I think you should be fine. Don't let your friend's boss get you down. There are plenty of other places that you'll be able to work. I've been in many internships and it's frustrating and it sucks, I'm sure that you'll begin to find (if you haven't already) that you're better at your job than your paid coworkers. Internships suck, and they are only temporary. You got this!

I'm going to launch into my bullshit now
I'm currently a licensed counselor and I start a new job job tomorrow after working at my old job (a smallish nonprofit) for 4 years. I really loved my old job for a long time until the level of bullshit became almost unbearable with leadership changes and a lot of really poor decisions that were effecting clients more than anyone else. My friend/old coworker started working at a big hospital and referred me. I interviewed and they said that they were going to hold off on filling the position that I applied for because it was grant funded until the end of the year. They asked me if I was interested in 2 other positions and I expressed interest in a specialty clinic position more than the other one. They made me do a panel interview with a bunch of doctors, which was terrifying. They called me a few days later and asked me if my heart was set on the job at the specialty clinic. Shit at work was fucking awful that day so I was feeling desperate to get out and I said that if they thought I would be a better fit in the other job (the one I didn't really want) that it would be okay with me. I also figured that I bombed the interview. Later, my friend told me that she was told by someone who was in the interview that they all voted for me and the plan was to offer me that job. I called the supervisor back and asked for clarification as to whether or not I had a choice and she told me that they were holding off on filling that position as well. I let it go after that. Then, my fucking boyfriend went to see his primary care doctor last week, who works out of the same hospital in a different department. He mentioned that I was going to be working there. His doctor said something like "oh I heard about her, she was supposed to work in the specialty clinic and turned it down for (other job)". Now I'm confused and annoyed with all this fuckery because it feels super manipulative. I'm still going to work there because no matter what it's better than my old job, but the weirdness, compounded with the anxiety of starting a new job tomorrow is weighing heavy on me.

No. 333681

Working is ten times better and I was neet for 8 years before I got my first job. Just because you feel safe, doesn't mean you are. Enjoy fucking yourself up because you're scared.

No. 333748

It's really sad that you think you're happy being a neet. It's going to stunt your mental and emotional growth exponentially and fuck up future friendships and relationships, and you could seriously hinder ones that you currently have.

Working fucking sucks, but it's life dude. Personally, it has most definitely turned me into a better person. You learn and grow as an individual with a job, but have fun being stuck in your own little safespace I guess.

No. 346604

any anons here work trade jobs? what's it like?

No. 346645

File: 1546233140405.jpeg (19.92 KB, 389x378, images.jpeg)

hello anons, does anyone have experience as a chemist/applied chemistry/ working in labs? what's it like for a woman in this industry? is PhD worth it? currently in uni

No. 346668

Hey anon, I work as an electrician. I typically work a 40 hour week unless we're crunching near the end of a project. Physically it's not that hard, cable/wire pulls are the hardest thing and for extremely long/difficult pulls we just use a Tugger. The money is pretty good too, especially when you're working OT you can make bank. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with my career choice.
Anything in particular you want to know?

No. 346779

nta but is it hard to get into? Like, does it take a long time to become good? I know a lot of jobs, particularly trade jobs, can be quite dangerous in some circumstances to perform but do you personally find your job really dangerous more so than the others?
Also, how do you feel about being a woman in this trade? I hate pulling the gender card, but I always get the impression that people will rather hire a man in such jobs than a woman.

Also, that's a really cool job, anon.

No. 360171

I've been interviewing for a full time 9-5, weekends off, benefits and raises kind of job. They want someone permanent. It's in a beautiful office ten mins from my apartment. This job pays well above min. wage. It's a dream and would change my life.

I've made it to the final interview - it's going to be a panel and I've never done one before. I'm terrified but I really want this job and I know I would do it well.

My interview is in a few days and I'm so unsure of what to expect or how to adequately prepare. I'm just reading everything I can.

No. 360225

Hi anon, congrats on getting to the final interview! It sounds like a great opportunity that's perfect for you.

Here are a couple interview tips if you were interested:

>job listing description

This is your best friend atm. On most if not all job listings, the company will post a bullet point list of what they're looking for in an ideal candidate. Expect to be able to demonstrate competency of any of those bullet points.

For example, one company might write "the ideal candidate must enjoy working in a busy and deadline driven environment" as a random example. Then at interview, they may ask questions like "name a time where you had to work towards a deadline" or similar.

>glassdoor interview and job reviews for the company OR similar companies in the field with the same job role you're looking for

You can find golden nuggets of info from previous applicants and employees.

Best of luck! You've got this.

No. 363800

Thank you anon! I had my interview this morning. I think it went well and the hiring manager said so herself.

Now I just have to hope my references answer their phones (we all have jobs with horrible hours) and I'll be notified in a week regardless.

No. 363823

I was pressured into my major and university by my family. In reality I wanted to be an esthetician and start my own business. However family ridiculed that and I listened like an idiot. Now after taking >20 credits a semester and graduating with honors, I've applied to more than 200 job postings and have been called to interview with 2. Both rejected me.

I've taken my original salary expectation (that I was told I'd get by family and school) and cut it more than in half. And still no luck. Now I'd be making less than half of what I'd make if I followed my original career choice… and would actually be working. It's all very depressing.

Don't listen to others.

No. 364703

Update to >>360171
I got called this afternoon and I got the job! I literally cried tears of happiness.

Yeah, similar situation here. I'm only getting my first "big girl" job now, years after university.

Always listen to your own instincts and fuck everyone else. I'm really sorry anon and I hope things work out for you. You seem resilient. Don't be afraid to try and take your degree and skills outside your field of study. Be creative when looking at and applying for job listings and see how you can skew what you do know into fitting for that job. The job I just got I actually have no experience for - I just told them how it was similar to what I already know and do.

No. 364718

File: 1548918502241.jpg (100.2 KB, 675x607, e8a8bef02ee392584d1cd5ba46a13e…)

I recently became a certified CNA and one of the places I applied to was a small care facility. Like really small; I think this facility is a converted home

The surreal moment about this is was in the tour I was given, the residents' rooms were divided by shower curtains. I'm used to residents given a little MORE privacy (i.e a room for every two to three residents) than all residents are all behind a curtain.

I didn't go back for a second interview, and apparently State thinks this facility is acceptable… so ehh…

I need to verify that the facility is a care and rehab facility, not a hospital. The quality in these sort of places feels a hell'va lot different than a hospital. Plus the residents are different as well; there are a lot of psyche/homeless residents in these sort of places.

Fun fact: I learned that semen is (obviously) a lot thicker than urine, so if a male resident has a catheter and were to beat his meat, the jizz would block the catheter and the RN/LVN would have to replace the catheter.:")

No. 364721

Congrats anon! When do you start?

No. 364924

I've been at the same company since 2016. I've hit the highest point that I can get to. There are no growth opportunities, they don't give raises, or yearly/holiday bonuses. I work for a huge Japanese company, but they are CHEAP. I have daily tasks that are so integral that me taking even one day off is a huge shit-show bc they won't let me train a back up person. I take one personal vacation a year (in August) and can never be sick - it's great!

I really need a new job, but all my experience is in this field and I really don't want to work in this fucking field any more. They make me do so much here (order & refund processing, payroll, HR, etc) – but that is stuff that most jobs look for certification in, which I do not have, nor do I have the money to get.

tl;dr: just complaining, I need to get a new job and idk what I want to do. I do have a BA in Science, but it's pretty much worthless like most college degrees haha

No. 364987

File: 1548968034997.png (114.25 KB, 300x300, Mae frowny.png)

This is relatable. It's not easy finding jobs when all you feel you need to do is keep working on your skills and I don't know shit about finding one. I have resources to help me, but I'm too worried I won't be able to make the cut. So as I mentioned, need to keep developing my skills.
ᵃˡˢᵒ ᵍᵘʸ ʰᵉʳᵉ ᶠᶦʳˢᵗ ᵖᵒˢᵗ(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 366215

File: 1549154587115.jpg (54.51 KB, 720x526, 1547843668930.jpg)

I've been job searching for the past 2-3 months with no luck so far. I've been to one interview recently for a customer service job but never got called back for a second interview.

"Oh, it will be easy to find a job with a Biology degree!"
I keep hearing that but I'm getting depressed. My focus is trying to get a lab assistant job or at least something in an office to tide me over for a few months. Is there a lower level of lab job that I'm missing and I'm aiming too high for someone who only has lab experience in college? Like….is there a name for an entry-level lab job where you clean petri dishes and other crap but where you can get promoted to a better job in the lab after a time? I've been looking at ads for "medical assistant" and "laboratory assistant" on my searches.

"Education experience: High school or higher. But you need at least 1-2 certifications and previous job experience for this """"""""entry""""""""-level job! LOL" oh go fuck yourself

One of the reasons for me getting a job is to fund a big overseas New Years trip I will have with friends and time is ticking…so I will feel like a goddamn failure if I don't have something by April at the latest.

No. 366219

The whole entry level but need experience shit triggers me. What the hell is entry level even supposed to mean then?

No. 366220

Isn't getting a degree basically supposed to count as a couple years of experience? They don't really count it like that if that was ever true. I'm also having trouble finding work in my field because … experience… But how TF am I supposed to get experience if no one will hire me.

No. 366788

I am doing an online study so before I will do my internship I want to spend some time workin

Well I didn't know it would be that hard to find a damn basic job. I apply to work as cashier at random ass stores and they all hit me with 'so many people have responded, you did not make it through the first selection"

I never thought it would be so hard and it lowkey pisses me off when I am in these stores and I see shitty employers being all moody and not helpful.

I am assumin the issue is me not willin to work in the evening..

No. 366798

try searching for ecology or environment in ur searches, if you think that would suit you if you have not looked.
i kinda had the opposite problem, there is a surplus of medical lab entry level stuff that I did for a half year before I found an ecologyish lab that hired me, which is what i wanted.
honestly anon, apply for jobs that need certification that you dont have if they say entry level. there may be a chance your resume looks good enough to them to call you for an interview. if it showed you worked hard on projects in college, itll make you look like an employee they want.

No. 366812

I wish I could change my job but my workplace is that kind which brainwashes you into thinking you're actually useless and they're doing you a favor by hiring you. Customer service 101. I do speak several languages and learn fast but I don't have any degree. I'm doing better than 90% of my coworkers but apparently I don't deserve a raise or a promotion because that's what I'm expected to do. Instead I get more work for the same pay. We're just numbers for them.
I wish I could get something in translation or event organization but there's no way I could without connections. I can't afford to leave now or change for a worse paying job.

No. 366836


I'm glad I changed majors from nursing lmao

No. 367255

Thanks anon, I'll keep that in mind. I did do some ecology classes in college, including a upper-level lab where we spent a few weeks doing experiments in the swamp. Other than that, I mostly focused on microorganisms.

No. 367257

Don't let a shitty job convince you that you can't do better. If you can't leave right now, can you juggle education on the side? Maybe community college or online courses somewhere?

No. 367303

I wish I could but I'm a highschool dropout and studying just won't do anything for me. I can't remember shit from reading or listening, my fast learning only applies to the practical side. But of course no one is going to hire me and teach me even if I can master most tasks in about 2 months.

No. 367356

File: 1549340059493.jpg (55.58 KB, 540x540, tumblr_pbm3lzYTvT1qf3fyf_540.j…)

Oh, the things I would do for an office job. Retail is a fucking nightmare. People don't read signs, they ask all sorts of dumb questions - like you're Google, or like all of your stores are some hivemind collective, so you would OBVIOUSLY know what the same store across town carries. Ontop of it all, my managers are incompetent assholes.

Retail is all I can manage until I get some kind of higher education for better qualifications, but fucking hell, this is thankless.