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Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.

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it means many jobs

No. 739384

I’m in my final semester at college. Currently my only employment is as a TA. I’m nervous about graduating and searching for a job in mid-pandemic America. I also have a lot of worries about spending the rest of my life working jobs that will make me miserable

No. 739402

What’s the WORST thing that could happen if I quit my job that’s destroying my soul in the middle of the night and ran away from all of my responsibilities to live in a hotel for a few nights

No. 739477

I'll bite. You wouldn't be able to use this job as a reference in the future (or a good one, anyway), and that would probably bite you in the ass. I suggest giving a short notice. You do NOT need to give companies a two week notice if you're in an at-will state. They can fire you with no notice, you can quit with no notice too. If you're not a burger, my apologies and I have no idea how things work for you.

Otherwise, make sure you have your money situation sorted out. This isn't exactly the best job market ever right now, and you'll be competing with the following:
>Recent grads willing to work for just the experience
>Single parents who don't care how little it pays as long as it pays
>People in the same field as you who are significantly better candidates but just had the poor luck of being part of a mass layoff
>People in the same field as you but a higher level applying to every level because they just need a fucking job

If said soul crushing job is retail or something, ignore the above. You'll be fine. That was advice for office anons. Good luck, anon.

No. 739774

Thanks for the reality check anon! Sometimes I'm too impulsive for my own good. I've been relentlessly venting about this stupid job both irl and in the last thread since I started. I've only worked there a month and they require a month of notice (healthcare, I have patients scheduled out until April), but as soon as I get another interview I'm putting in a week. My health has gone completely downhill since I started, I've lost 10 pounds, and the company is unethical. I was just feeling particularly awful last night and my response is always to run away. I don't even care if I develop a bad reputation in the industry at this point, I'm just trying to keep from killing myself.

No. 739817

I am way over educated and qualified for the current job I am in. I have been managment before but I really hated salary positions due to xxx hours for xx pay. While I do enjoy this nice thing called overtime and "no I will not fill in because someone called off", it is difficult for me to let go of the manager in me. I am surrounded by laziness and complacency. I can snap and yell, which will change nothing but make me temporarily feel better (totally ruin coworker relationships btw), or continue to just look away while the stress of it triggers my depression.

No. 739836

I have 2 college degrees, 10 years of experience in my field, a track record of success in that fucking job, worked at fortune 500/ blue chip companies, what would be called a 360 degree of skills and training in that field. Speak 3 languages fluently, have lived in 3 different countries.
Back in my home country because covid and despite my best efforts in the past 6 months, recruiters insist on proposing me entry level jobs with matching salaries. The last one who actually did this was met with a laugh. Not a haha laugh, a "laughing with discomfort and in disbelief" type laugh. I was interviewing for an experienced-level position, and the hiring manager switched mid-call, proposing me the kind of job I did as a graduate with an 80% pay cut. The recruiter who arranged the interview was livid. So was I- waste of time.
I hate that time of my life right now.

>This isn't exactly the best job market ever right now, and you'll be competing with the following […]

So true anon. Depressing market right now.

No. 739839

I feel that anon. My younger brother just graduated and all he's finding is internships that pay not even a third of minimum wage.
It's gonna be extra tough, especially for graduates, but the covid crisis won't last forever. You'll find something to do, trust yourself.

No. 739860

Your degrees and experience in one country might be completely worthless in another and this is why they're offering you these jobs.
If I went back to my home country I'd be unemployed despite having also lived in 3 countries, speaking several languages, having 2 degrees and working at one of the biggest global multinationals. They simply don't give a shit unless you have local connections, experience and degrees to be measured by, with the exception of Harvard, Oxbridge etc. It also has to do with average salaries, where I live I make as much as some bigger CEOs do in my home country. It sucks, but it is what it is.

No. 739954

I actually graduated from a top business school in my home country, which is very much recognised here. I have not only connections but also experience because I was selling into this territory while living abroad. It's more the mentality of that specific country I suspect, because a lot of similar profiles among my friends have been struggling a lot, some taking 12+ months before finding a decent job/salary matching their experience. Plus current crisis put employers in a position of power they haven't had for a very long time.
You're absolutely right that it depends on the country though, both in terms of recognizing the experience and salaries to match.

No. 740042

File: 1613411169446.gif (334.16 KB, 454x388, IaLG69W.gif)

One of my co-workers revealed to me that he's searching for a new job because this one is boring. I offered to help with his resume. If he leaves, that means the rest of the staff gets moved up and I might get a weekend day off. And I'll be closer to a supervisor position!

Another co-worker has also said he wants to go back to school in his home state this year, and both supervisors seem to be about to move on for personal and career reasons.

Is 2021 actually going to be my year?? I fucking hope sooo

No. 740057

Fingers crossed!

No. 740339

>Hey students, the computer science field has a bigger demand for programmers than there is supply.
>Actually, the industry explicitly wants senior engineers and any job opening that's generous towards new-grads will have you wait for over a week and not even send an automated email saying you didn't make the cut.

No. 740401

i finally got to applying to jobs after a year!!! i was so anxious for no reason last year but I finally did it!!!!

Nobody has called me back for an interview yet but I'm really happy for myself that I chose the path to mental destruction once again for cash I truly hope they accept the salary I want ;_;

No. 740411

i hate my new job & its clear none of my supervisors give half a shit about me ….. should i quit at the end of the week or sooner? if i give any advance notice im pretty sure they'll tell me im done on the spot, but just abandoning is not an option.

No. 741014

Well done anon, keep working on that. It will pay off eventually.

Whatever you do, think it through long and hard, anon. Are you ok for money? Do you have enough savings? How fast can you bounce back? Have a plan and think about it thoroughly. I know it's hard when the job is a mental pain but be careful about your options.

No. 741627

File: 1613555680964.png (267.11 KB, 717x717, bonk!.png)

>had an internship at my current workplace as a bachelor student
>got offered a part time position
>decided to continue studying and am on my last semester of my master studies
>recently got offered a 70% temp position at my workplace

i love my workplace and the ppl there really seem to like me. i'd like to ask if there's a possibility for me to work there after my temp contract runs out. i think my boss actually said that this is a possibility, but she mumbles a lot so i'm not sure if i heard her right smh @ myself. should i just be straight forward when asking her about this?

they recently had a couple of job ads for positions in the department that she is the head of. i didn't apply for these because i literally don't have the time (in addition to my temp position i still have my part time shifts and work over 100% together, in addition to writing my masters thesis) and assume the positions will "start" this winter or spring. i'd assume that she would advice me to apply for the positions if that was the only way i'd get a job there? when she offered me my current temp position, she told me that she wanted to hire me (for a temp position) after i finished my bachelors studies before she knew that i was continuing my studies. instead, she hired someone else who now works there full time.

No. 741758

I kind of want to get into a more exciting field. I love the pay I'm getting, but I feel like I'm wasting time being at my job. Not only that, but I want to do more stuff besides walk and drive around for about 2 hours total every 8-hour shift.
I noticed my employer is implementing a wage cutoff unless you have a college degree, non-specific, but I don't have to worry about now. Also, I'm a few dollars almost there and with the fact the plans of minimum wage going up, they're most likely not going to change the wage without a degree limit. Fuck college, why don't my years of experience count? I'm sure discussing this frustration with a higher up can make an “exception” but why is this even there in the first place?
Either way, I've discussed with my spouse about me getting certified for IT shit. He's encouraging me to take a class during my downtime at work, and I'm all for it, honestly. I really do enjoy the free time I have at my job currently, but I find myself almost dozing off every couple days, and I'm certain this is fucking up my sleep schedule due to the lack of energy I'm exerting.
We're being told the job is going to get more active in the next few months, but we were told the same would happen starting September 2020. That didn't happen, however things are moving a long a little.

No. 742115

Yes, be straight-forward! Put it out there that you have a real interest in staying. Say something like, "I really enjoy working here so far, so I'm wondering if you've considered a position for me after my contract."

If she wants you to apply instead, she'll say so then. Rooting for you, anon!

No. 742132


Anyways i'm starting a small perfumery business and my first product is going to be lilac/gooseberry spray perfume based on the witcher three. I think its a good idea because you can't find those notes in any decent perfume on the market, and only a few people are custom making em, plus the fact its a nerd niche for witcher fans with pretty packaging.

Im starting with perfume because its the cheapest to make with fragance oils, alcohol, and carrier oil, plus cardboard stock and atomizers for packaging (ive got a good deal on both)

Next up is candles which will require wax, wicks, more expensive containers, then finally if thats profitable enough i'll do bar soaps (although people don't really buy them)

I'm also working on distilling essential oil from geraniums growing at home, it will take some experimenting to figure out ofc but when I get it right I can start growing specific flowers (violets first) and creating my own fragrance oils for cheap.

I guess my niche is gonna be movies/video games turned into perfume, although I have no idea what to do with that other than the witcher, not many forms of media are associated with smell? but its a starting point anyway and theres some rare flowers growing around where I live.

would you guys buy my product or is this a long shot? I'm selling them very cheap compared to other perfumes on the market, and its a local business using all natural ingredients

No. 742140

File: 1613606425596.gif (2.36 MB, 256x320, cat.gif)

Is becoming an accountant still a viable job in burgerland? I want to go back to school to study for a higher paying job and am stuck choosing between that or nursing. Thing is I'm not sure if my social skills are sufficient enough for anything medical related (I kind of have a short temper that I'm still working on) but I also hear that accounting jobs are at a high risk of getting automated.

I just want a job that pays well enough for me to live alone finally.

No. 742148


CPA takes a special masters and honestly most accounts are women!

No. 742170

update: the second idea is nuka cola, a lemon/liquorice/cinnamon/pine smell based on fallout

No. 742185

File: 1613610730536.png (629.8 KB, 619x578, hmmmmm.PNG)

Ok so a thing happened, and I don't know if I should bring it up or not?
Usually my team has weekly meetings to split tasks, but our lead took a week of vacations and usually when he does that we just split responsibilities using task management tool and skip the meeting. This time one of the colleagues asked to do the meeting without the lead and basically larped as him, but even more "intense" than our lead normally would, assigning tasks, asking rest of us about how our week went etc, it wasn't harmful in any way but uncalled for. I know for a fact he was not asked to do so, and it weirds me out he'd jump into this larp like that. I don't think it's a huge deal but I definitely would NOT want him to every be in any kind of leadership position, do you think I should talk about it with the real lead when he comes back from vacations?

No. 742203

UH YES, ANON. Nip this shit in the bud or this weirdo will keep larping

No. 742209

File: 1613612471618.gif (1.22 MB, 500x447, 87e.gif)

finally got a partime job! it's just starbucks but I quit my industry job to find another job but wanted something part time in the meantime. I quit because I was miserable and thought making less money but working towards something better would be nice.

Being unemployed for two months was nice but still couldn't get over the deep routed anxiety capitalism has engrained in me. even if i had savings for a year I hated seeing rent digging into my savings so much.

No. 742213

I second-guess myself too much, it was my initial thought that i have to nip it in the bud too. Thanks for setting me straight!

No. 742222

is getting a job at starbucks hard?

No. 742226

File: 1613613749688.jpg (20.41 KB, 400x400, k7o9tfq932j21.jpg)

Applied for this summer fellowship and got a rejection email
I'm hoping to I get an internship to fluff up my CV at the very least

No. 742252

File: 1613616359846.png (631.68 KB, 811x564, 1532946281_Nekopara-Foreign-VN…)


Unsure as I had a really lucky process, but I basically followed the tips of a bunch of online videos.
What I personally did was, before applying online I wanted to call the store manager to get their names so I could put it on my cover letter. Most people recommend applying then calling the SM to speak with them personally about your application. Either way she asked me to come in the next day for an interview. Simple as!

The interview went really well because despite being really introverted I have good customer service and had liked their vibe when working on projects at their locations throughout college. Just be genuine and say the typical buzzwords and highlight what makes good service.

I unfortunately had to wait a month because COVID but was then brought on, so I'm super hyped to at least socialize, be on my feet and get free coffee. I'm sure the learning curve would be steep but if you have any customer service experience and seem to vibe with the store manager it's pretty much guaranteed if they need people. It's a minimum wage entry level jobs that highschool students can do honestly. sorry if this was TLDR!

No. 742377

Am I stupid for wanting to go to school again for an esthetician certificate when I have a bachelor's? It doesn't pay great but I think I'd enjoy it. I wanted to go to cosmetology school as a high schooler and my dad didn't let me and shoved me into college. 5 years later after switching my major 3 times, I graduated. But I'm disillusioned because finding a job is difficult, and because I know at the end of the day, I'd dislike doing whatever job I'd get with this degree, at least from the descriptions I've received from those who worked in the field (software developer). Maybe I'll work in that field for a few years, save, and then do something having to do with an esthetician. I also wish I could be a piercer, too, because I think it'd compliment being an esthetician well. Oh well. I feel like I'm living the life of others, not what I'd want, and I just wish I could move out so I could live on my own, but these plans would delay that, too.

No. 742393

File: 1613644326729.jpeg (183.56 KB, 750x794, 0488E057-D3F2-461D-BFF7-07097B…)

It is so hard interviewing rather than getting a job, I fucking hate it

I applied to a lot of jobs via indeed and I ended up missing an interview because of my stupid timing. I also have an interview with a retail store coming up soon so yeah it’s very weird that someone like me would finally be able to be invited to interviews for these jobs with virtually no experience and then be very anxious because these people offer you opportunities at first and then rip your heart out after all of the stress of that interview just to say “I’m sorry after viewing all of our candidates blah blah wouldn’t be good fit” because how dare I be in school and not have my whole schedule full so I can show my fake devotion and loyalty for a company I want to work at only for money. I’m so highly worried of my future employment, I’ve never held a job before in my entire life and I’m trying very hard to at least go part-time because I’m worried about my future both financially and my personal life. Is it wise to take summer off school in order to job search?

No. 744060

I feel so down and done with everything. I don't want to go back retail but I don't have a degree or certificate. I am currently going to school but won't be receiving finical aid due to the fact that 2 years ago i failed all my classes because I couldn't be bother to attend school anymore. (Feeling like it was pointless at the time)

Am I stuck doing retail until I get my AA. Also before anyone says internship. I'm just starting my first semester going back. So I be don't have any chance with that.

No. 744761

My goal right now is find a job because I've been out of a job for the past 8 months now, move out of parents'home and start a new life. I'm not accepting anything less than a certain level of salary/responsibility which makes it extra hard - hope it will pay off.
So my daily goal is apply to x5 jobs a day consistently. Need to be more confident in my skills, experience and ability to find a job.

Anyone has advice of things they do to prep interviews? It seems I never manage to convey what I want and end up speaking too much out of stress while making long-arse sentence (like this one kek). Do anons train beforehand like rehearsing answers to questions etc? How do you prep before a first interview? SOS pls

No. 744768

basic guidance:
- research the company, look for a motto/company slogan that you'll want to tie into your answers somewhere
- use the STAR technique to answer question - situation task action result. what happened, what was required of you, what did you do, what was the outcome of your actions?
- look on glassdoor etc. to look at questions that may have been asked previously by that company
- look at common interview questions and have a basic response in your mind - why do you want this role, what do you know about our company, what experience and skills do you have that make you suitable for this role, how are you working in a team/independently/under pressure
- remember that the interviewer wants you to succeed - they're not trying to catch you out, they want to hire someone at the end of the day!

No. 744813

I kind of feel like I’m stumbling upwards in my career (Not even sure I can call that a career), but not making any real meaningful savings due to my situation of being expat in a different country and taxed out the ass.

My home country is heavily impacted by COVID and there are still lockdowns in place so no way I’m going back any time soon, but I feel like my clock is ticking, I’m nearing my 30s and I have like 10k in the bank. That’s it. That’s all I got even after managing to snag a very good position because I’m heavily taxed, don’t have access to any social service put in place for locals and have to pay for lawyers fees that can get pretty expensive.

On top of that, the country’s currency is pretty shit atm so even if I were to go back, my savings would be reduced by about 40%

I don’t know if anyone is or has been in a position where they don’t think they have savings they should have by now. I know people who are married, started buying their own home, meanwhile I’m living with a roommate because the city real estate is fucked but it’s also where I can find most jobs that pay decently.

No. 744817

Are you old enough for bar work? They prefer people that have weekends free so it might fit in with school

No. 744820

All I can contribute is that you're not alone with this

No. 745297

File: 1613950663312.jpeg (29.3 KB, 512x504, E721DE34-604A-4BF7-BBD0-84A476…)

got my contract terminated for a temp receptionist job i was working and don’t know why. i think it was because i came in sick for a week bc i had missed a few days after getting my second covid vaccine and i didn’t wanna lose anymore money since i get paid hourly. i got tested a few times and none were positive so idk what the issue was but i guess it was scaring the guests bc i was coughing and blowing my nose a lot and couldn’t really be 100% on the ball even tho i’d pumped myself full of meds to try to get through the day. im sad i don’t have a job rn but my temp company called me and offered me another job and i have an interview with another company tomorrow! feels bittersweet but i hated the receptionist job so much but liked being employed and making money. at least i got vaccinated and was able to adjust to a full time working schedule.

No. 745706

Thank you anon for all the advice, really appreciate it. I'm applying it rn, interview tomorrow. Thanks

No. 745781

It's so fucking unfair. I do basically the same job as my supervisor. He is paid way more than me. He makes me do stuff I should not do.
Its cool that he trusts me with all bureaucracy of our work while he deals with people but I feel like he should not win so much more than me because of that…

No. 747622

Any farmers in HR/People Ops that are pushing diversity and inclusion at their jobs and finding that employees don't actually care about it?

We sent out an anonymous survey asking employees what they think about diversity and what they would like to see, and only 5% of people answered, most of them saying everything was fine.
I find this hilarious because the majority of the department is made up of minorities/non-white people. I understand if people don't answer because they're scared of retaliation, but 5% is a pathetic response rate if diversity and inclusion is such a hot topic.

No. 747657

>three of my coworkers are pregnant
Why do they always have to do this shit in pods?

No. 747665

Unless you work at a super woke trendy company filled with 20something Tumblr chicks you'll find that nobody actually gives a shit about diversity and inclusion policies. It's funny because I've had the same experience where with majority non-white spaces there's even less interest in discussing that sort of thing compared to majority white employees.
It's honestly just being shilled. I don't use the terminology easily but when you hear about the topic all the time but can barely find anyone irl who cares about it that's some astroturf shit.

No. 747680

It isn't a hot topic, but you think it is because businesses pay people a lot of money to do speaking events and inclusivity training in an attempt to stay head of the curve on what young educated liberals want. Every year we get a packet from Human Rights Campaign on how to accommodate trannies which of course includes buying workshops and using their healthcare plans. It's a racket

No. 747713

OP and I agree with you. My favorite comment was someone saying all the focus we are putting on it is overkill and nothing will actually come up it.

I'm jealous of all the newly hired Heads of Diversity and Inclusion because they're making bank while not really doing anything except setting up workshops and telling us to hire a certain minority.

My poor boss is scrambling to come up with ideas for diversity, but no one gives a shit. It's hilarious. When I speak to her I'm like "Wow can you believe no one cares about this stuff???"

No. 747793

I fucking hate the stupid prestige rat race that is the legal profession. I was prouder of my accomplishments when I was working fast food.

No. 747875

My job is over 80% black women and every year on our survey HR sweats over how hire more 0.00001% demographics like native american men who barely live in our city to begin with. It's so funny

No. 749477

File: 1614325536728.png (55.9 KB, 348x297, 1395113670112.png)

I'm this anon, I think I might've fucked up.

Next month, I'll be working two days a week in the most physically stressful station on two of the most busiest days (no other coworker's weeks are like this). It was the same for this month and I asked my manager if she could change it but she said no and probably it'll change in March. Well it hasn't and I endured Feb in the hope that it will, so I asked her again now. She sent me a long and polite email that basically amounted to, "no, it's your job".

I got home almost everyday this month cranky and my body hurting, I dread doing it again. I just emailed her in response, expressing my disappointment but basically saying I get it and I'll deal with it. Then hours later I sent in my letter of interest in the supervisor position.

Honestly, it's not looking good cause I was hoping to quietly slink into the running and have a campaign based on my general agreeableness, and I feel like it'll be written on my face that I might be trouble compared to my other coworker who's applying too. I'm just trying to reassure myself that at least if I fail and a spot opens up again in the future, management will remember that I showed interest

No. 749483

How important are looks in the IT industry, anyone knows?

I'm asking because I'm an altfag and I happen to enjoy coding so I'm wondering how much I'd have to tone it down.

No. 749487

I've got a friend that has short green hair and dresses like a high-school punk and she's a successful senior developer. Looking at her co-workers too, it seems the industry is extremely lax when it comes to dress code.

No. 749490

I work in a nursing home that is very popular and has good status with the public. Well I reported them to OSHA, Ombudsman, & State because they violated workers rights, ignored Covid protocols, AND have tried to cover up the sexual abuse of a resident. I’m so pissed. But also I hope to remain anonymous because right now I can’t find another job that pays as much as this one does. I’m hating life right now.

No. 749532

From my experience, it’s a pretty chill industry where most people will have alt hobbies and if you’re being interviewed by people who are also into IT, they’ll just be interested in your coding skills. Especially if you’re bottom of the ladder and just sticking to coding.

However if by IT you mean Product owner or manager, and the people interviewing you are going to be big team managers, then you might try to dress business casual if you can, or at least for the first few days.

I always hide piercings and wear nice clothes at first then gauge the office ambiance. It has always worked for me in the past since some roles might be client facing or delivering presentations to stakeholders.

No. 749589

I quit my job of 3 weeks. I applied for a waitressing position, but then got put as a kitchen hand. Just because I wasn't given training at all, no one explained anything to me. Also traveling 3hrs just to work 2hrs is too much of an ask.
I'll find something again, but just frustrated about my predicament.

No. 749649

I can't believe I got my bachelors, suffered an abusive internship and worked so hard to end up applying to factory and assembly jobs. I'm either a neet or I have to work a 12 hour shift at the dingus factory. I hate my life

No. 749676

I just want big pay/little work combo with enough free time to sleep and have hobbies and shit. Is that too much to ask?

I'm not trying to get a private jet just $100k a year so I can be comfy pls universe

No. 749738

You did the right thing, anon. I hope you can stay anonymous or find a better job soon.

I wish I’d reported my previous workplace for their negligence with biohazardous materials, dangerous chemicals and patient information. I didn’t because I was afraid it’d be easy to trace it back to me (as one of the only people there who didn’t think it was okay to leave open, unlabelled tubes of fucking phenol chloroform standing around) and affect my ability to find another job in the field, but I haven’t found another job anyway so I might as well have reported them.

Same but with a master’s.
>go into STEM, they said
>finding work will be super easy, they said

No. 750735

From what I noticed, the only actually viable STEM paths are technology (cs) and maths (if you go either cs or finance). No matter how hard people shill other two letters, I don't see enough demand for engineers (not talking about chemists/biologists, lol guys you are fucked) to justify the hype.

No. 751903

Has anyone ever successfully used a recruiting agency? I’m so sick of my job but haven’t found anything I’m remotely qualified for online, similar to what’s been mentioned already in this thread: times are tough. Would a recruiter have access to jobs I’m not seeing on the many job websites I’ve been visiting? Do you have to pay to start using their services? I’m in a giant city in the US if that helps.

No. 751910

I have a STEM degree (geology/soil sciences) and now have a great job that I got easily. There's lots of viable paths in STEM, people just go for CS and math because they're the most popular and well-known since people think they will all get a higly paid job in a fancy office with them.
My industry has lots of jobs available and the pay is pretty good, but young people just aren't interested because they either don't know or don't want to work in agronomy. Everyone has been told they 'deserve' to be a heart surgeon or rockstar programmer, so working with farmers seems demeaning and gross to them.

These jobs are not only in high demand but are more needed than ever, but everyone would rather be a cool programmer or a youtuber I guess.

No. 751916

How math-y is it? I'm really interested in something like that, it sounds cool and unique

No. 751917

I've spoken with a lot of recruiting agencies and got my last job through one, though the recruiter approached me rather than me approaching her. All of the ones I've used don't have me pay to use their services, they get paid by the company who hires you (usually a percentage of your total salary or something). I would say some recruiters would have access to jobs you're not seeing. My old company only hired through a recruiter, it meant a lot less work from them and also weeded out a lot of people who were not worth their time. It's not like you can't find perfectly good jobs on a job board, but I don't think it hurts to also be in contact with a recruiter as well. A lot of recruiting agencies will have the job posting on their website sans the name of the company and I like to look through those because it also weeds out fake job postings too.

No. 751954

Not very. You will have to take a few statistics courses and there is a good deal of chemistry. The rest is just theory. It will be different depending on whether you want to work in water quality and waste management, food production, soil and wetland conservation, etc.

None of these fields are very popular so cross-hiring and retraining happens all the time where I live. If you don't like working in one industry, you can easily cross over into another if there's enough overlap. The pay isn't exactly as high as in banking, but there is a lot of travel involved if that's what you like.

No. 751963

I asked my manager about my hourly wage. It was because in my team the wages are all over the place, and there's someone with a very similar background/experience level that's being paid more. We all do the same thing, and I can't see any other pattern except that the higher paid ones are native to the country and male.

So I brought it up and asked what's needed and before I could get to pointing out that this higher paid guy has a similar background, he said he'd have to ask someone else about it. I was told my manager's directly responsible. I got myself so worked up for what seems like no reason, because given his responses to what I said, it's like he wanted the conversation to end.

The pay is still amazing though.

Congratulations anon, keep up the spirit! I've been where you are before, IMO it's about pure luck until you actually get to an interview, so keep applying! And applying for any 1 thing is better than nothing.

No. 751985

Can you give exact salaries? No one's expecting Wall Street money but I'm not changing careers for only $50k.

No. 751993

Is there much call for lab work?
I’m >>749738 and a turbo-autist who ideally wants to work in a quiet laboratory all day. I went into biomedical sciences because everyone kept saying that’s where all the jobs were but I’d be just as happy working with plants or fungi or cultured animal cells (though maybe not so much live animal models unless they’re like, microscopic). I’m not really into travelling or the business side of things, though.

No. 751997

Really hate jobs that make you do those stupid personality tests, it's so fucking annoying. I leave the page when I see a personality test thats unrelated to the job.
Why the fuck does it matter what kind of coffee I drink?!

No. 752215

A recruiter I've been in touch with for a while sent me a position for a logistics coordinator. I don't really have experience in the field and after leaving retail for a basic admin position, I was hoping to eventually make my way into a more HR function position, but would it be dumb to leave my current office (still a basic admin/receptionist job) to try out for this logistics coordinator job? I'm not desperate to leave my job, it's not super strenuous and as annoying as any other job, but there's all these tiny little things on top of shit benefits that make me want to leave. I'm worried as I continue to work towards a more HR position, that going from admin to logistics coordinator will just put me farther and farther away.

No. 752229

Don't change careers if you don't feel passionate about the field. I don't live in America so I don't know what $50k means. €4000-6000 is the usual monthly salary for my industry in my country, which is on the higher side of average.
Yes actually! If you are interested in wastewater treatment, pollution reduction, that sort of thing - that's mostly lab stuff and it's very meaningful, noble work. Soil scientists often work in erosion prevention, which also has lots of lab work (testing soil quality, pesticides in agriculture etc).
Conservationists do some but most of the jobs there involve field work, population control and monitoring.

What you're describing with plants and animals is biology, which I unfortunately don't know much about past what little I've learned over the years. Most of that is academic research to my knowledge, are a lot more hands-on.

No. 752230

Samefag, meant to say
>Geosciences are a lot more hands-on

No. 752253

hit one year at my job just before reviews and I ended up getting a small raise, and even a decent bonus! the amounts aren't anything to write home about, but seeing as I've only been working part-time and minimum wage before this job, the idea of this shit still blows my mind. getting PTO (and being encouraged to take it) blows my mind.
and honestly anons I'm proud of myself. I'm not making amazing money by any means, but I'm so amazed that I'm able to fully support myself now. I was able to move out, pay my bills, I don't have any debt. I never thought I'd be able to live "comfortably enough" without a degree, without any crazy skillset or talent. just being able to get by when I never thought I could makes me want to cry, everything else just feels like extras. I don't want to get too stuck in this mindset, I don't want to "settle", but shit. it's a weight off.

No. 752464

Anyone know how to get better at numerical reasoning tests they give you before you complete a job? I am so bad at them.

No. 752923

Does anyone here has an experience with internal international transfers? More specifically applying for job openings within the same company but the office is in another country?

No. 753317

I do. What's your question ?

No. 753996

good idea might be to try and find a few online and practice them. when you get an answer wrong try to figure out why, what kind of error it was (eg silly mistake or lack of knowledge) and then work on fixing those areas. sounds like really simple advice but it’s probably what I would do without knowing much else about the tests

No. 754317

I want to work in a national park or do anything with nature but I'm not sure how to begin looking for stuff like that. I also live in a shithole military city an hour out from anything interesting too so that doesn't help either. How does one even begin to try to search for stuff like that?

No. 754323

National parks are usually run by your state’s department of natural resources. Look on your state’s job portal. They will post listings for anything from custodial technicians to executive directors, lol. It helps if you can make a connection there first because a lot of state employment is heavily based on who you know.

No. 754342

File: 1614903584883.jpeg (91.47 KB, 958x722, 5198E2F4-A4E6-4CBF-AD59-2301F3…)

I want a better job and to make more money but I have no idea what my skills are and how I can advance, besides going into sales which I refuse to do. How do people figure out their career paths? I’m a coordinator for now.

No. 754349

I'm in software sales and make a shitload of money. People have no idea how much insane money we make in that industry. But sales is definitely not for everyone.

What industry do you work in anon ?

No. 754535

Is it unusual to not have a LinkenIn?

No. 754555

Depends in what industry you work in.

No. 754560

Anons I need advices, I'm a recovered NEET and have some money saved up, I want to go back to school to learn a marketable skill. I have some ideas (learn how to code, get into digital marketing…), but I'd like to know what would you choose in this situation? I'm afraid I'm going to miss some nice fields because NEETdom disconnected me so much from the real world.

No. 754602

Digital marketing is one of those things where you have to be on top of new trends and practices all the time. Only choose it if you're comfortable constantly learning and adapting.

No. 754887

In which industries is it common?

No. 754952

I suppose you got accepted and transferred, so. Did you need a visa to work in that other country? If yes, how did you persuade the company to pay transfer fees and help with the accommodation (basically what was your experience)? If not, then you can still tell whether or not the company was apprehensive to move you. And tell at least general region that you moved from and to.

No. 754967

Take a look at the job posting for the job you have now and basically reword a few things. Bam– skills.

No. 754982

I want to open a bar in my college town that is very niche but I think I can pull it off.
It will be a themed bar with a dog park and not open late, but we'll offer coffee too. I keep thinking about this and my boyfriend and I are really researching this but we're both very nervous. I think about how I acted in the past and think about how I don't deserve to have a nice future. I think about how I acted 10 years ago when I lived with my abusive parents and how I treated those around me. I am stuck and believe that I just don't deserve nice things, don't deserve to be happy. I know it is in my head but I do want to own a business with my boyfriend and I do want to be successful. It is like this devil on my shoulder telling me I have already messed up too much and am not allowed to.

No. 755049

I want to get into finance, is it a lucrative investment in the UK?

No. 755457

I cannot think of a worse career for a NEET than digital marketing other than like something super face to face. Look into UI/UX design, though. That might be what you want.

It's not super common to have a LinkedIn in my industry (design), but that's because everyone connects using Instagram and Houzz.

I think you might want to take the emotional part to the vent thread, and as for the rest, probably not the best time to open a bar up, especially something as niche as this, with zero experience.

No. 755460

I recommend you see a professional coach before starting up your business. They're specialized in removing psychological obstacles to professional success. Their services are well worth the money imo and exactly what you need to go into your business ready.

No. 755465

Samefag, it's also very different from seeing a regular therapist. It's completely goal-oriented. Also, much more fun.

No. 755522

It's oversaturated and full of daddy's money finance bros, wouldn't recommend. You'd be working with some of the most awful people you've met unless you're a banker of some kind.

No. 755524

NTA but also been through the same process
>Did you need a visa to work in that other country?
>If yes, how did you persuade the company to pay transfer fees and help with the accommodation (basically what was your experience)?
Big conglomerate so this was standard procedure for them. They paid for accommodation for a month and then I found my own place, as it was a permanent transfer. Didn't need persuasion since the employees here do it all the time.
>If not, then you can still tell whether or not the company was apprehensive to move you. And tell at least general region that you moved from and to.
If your company is apprehensive to move you (as seems to be the case for you), you might not be able to do this since everything goes through them and they have the final say. You might have to find work elsewhere at your new location. I moved from Europe to Northeast Asia.

No. 755665

thank you so much! Right now I am at the internship phase of my life, so I am not moving anywhere yet, but just wanted to know how realistic this plan is and whether or not transfers happen often.
>Big conglomerate so this was standard procedure for them [..] Didn't need persuasion since the employees here do it all the time.
So I guess at a big international it shouldn't be too big of a problem. Thanks once again

No. 755905

File: 1615072458968.jpg (36.55 KB, 480x480, 1590635864764.jpg)

Someone tell me to do callbacks. I need a job and I know I need to do them but goddamn I don't want to.

No. 759116

Anything related to software/tech,sales, marketing, recruiting, it's very common in those. I don't expect the nurse at the local hospital or a guitarist in a band to have a LinkedIn for example, but definitely someone working any kind of corporate role should probably have one.

>Did you need a visa to work in that other country?
In one of these no (UK was still EU then), in two of these yes (UAE then the USA)

>If yes, how did you persuade the company to pay transfer fees and help with the accommodation (basically what was your experience)?

In both cases (with and without visa), I had probed right at interview stage if they did offer the possibility to work in different locations worldwide seeing as it is an international company, and under what circumstances. At transfer stage, like the other anon, it was pretty much standard stuff, so it was not complicated. All I needed was negotiate the relocation package and what it would include in details (apart from internal interviews for the job I wanted). Also needed to work out details such as local law for workers, contract, and taxes in target country. Relocation-wise, exactly like >>755524 they did include a one month accommodation while I sorted my place for example.

All I'll add from this other anon who pretty much describe exactly the same experience I had is, apprehension was more on my side seeing as my Visa depended on this one job/one company entirely and it can get worrying to have 0 option should things go south for any reason. But everything went well.

No. 759137

reimu would do those callbacks because she loves money. be reimu.

No. 759839

Last month during my annual review I asked for a raise and judging by my direct deposit pending, it looks like I got it! Never be afraid to advocate for yourself and recognize what you bring to a team

No. 759904

I got word back from a company that I applied to and they want to continue on to the interview but first they want me to take a take home test that focuses on problem solving and attention to detail and I'm so fucking scared. I'm definitely gonna massively fuck this up lmao. Honestly I'm surprised they liked my application because it's for a recruiting position but I have zero recruiting experience. I work at a place where I do some scheduling and most of my work experience has been client facing so I really hammed those parts up… Please pray for me anons, this is a big trading company and the only things I could find for their take home exams is the take home tests they give to people who apply to coding positions.

No. 759929

I'm sick of my job, I keep having the worst clients of the call center with the craziest requests, my statistics are shit because of it, the softwares we use always stop working at the worst time possible, and one of my supervisors won't stop asking me to be more like this, then asks for the opposite, rinse and repeat, then misinterpret what I say, etc. I also missed an opportunity to have a very different job that pays more and is way more in line with my degree in the same company because I didn't even have enough time to apply.

My current goal is to finally have 6 months of work within the company and look for something better somewhere else that's more in line with my actual career plans so even if I only just get a temporary contract at least I'll earn unemployment. It's been already 5 months and two weeks since I've been hired.

No. 761006

I really took a whole hour doing this five question self assessment and now I can't stop thinking back on how much more I could've fleshed out my answers ugh. Well, I tried my best and that's that. Time to move back into the job hunting grind.

No. 763778

Busy season is going to start soon at my job but here I am job hunting. As much as I don't mind working here, there's no future for me here and I have to look out for myself first and foremost. If I'm job hunting but end up not being able to leave until after busy season, that's okay, but I feel bad to leave and then leave my boss scrambling to find someone in two weeks. I feel really bad for leaving my coworker to have to retrain someone because only myself and one other new girl are the first two competent and decent employees our bosses have hired in a long time. It's just business and it's nothing personal and I do plan on giving in a two week notice, but I know they might take it super personal and I'll be burning this bridge no matter what, especially if I leave just in the middle/just before busy season. I haven't told anyone that I'm job hunting because it's none of their business and I know my coworker will get mad at me for it.

No. 763821

I’m so sick and stressed of my job, I think I may be giving myself a heart attack. I work at billing for a lot of hospitals and am constantly having to explain bills to patients. We recently merged with more hospitals so we have been bombarded with calls and have had very low metrics. With the merge came new rules of how we had to handle and end calls. I am one of the fastest people on the calls so I constantly forget a key part when we end the call so I got written up for it the other day. The petty part of me wants to just quit but it’s a great pay and I get to work from home, also amazing health insurance. I have kidney disease and this my health isn’t good due to that, which is why I could never finish college and get a better position. I’ve noticed that my left arm and armpit area has been hurting, I see my primary care on the 22nd and I’m telling her. But I’m scared I may drop dead before then kek

I’ve looked internally for other positions but with the recent write up I have to wait a few months before I apply. Every day I lose more patience with people.

No. 763941

File: 1616050890625.jpeg (6.49 KB, 235x215, download.jpeg)

I'm currently a waitress at a sushi bar, and I'm really getting frustrated with shitty, lazy parents with young kids leaving the table looking like a fucking nightmare. Why the fuck anyone would take their toddler to eat raw fish with messy rice and spicey sauces is fucking beyond me. When they left, there was rice everywhere. It literally looked like someone tripped and spilled a whole cup worth of it under the table. There were dirty napkins all over the place– on the floor, ripped up in little bits, and glued to the table with teriyaki. It seems like only a third of the sushi I served them ended up getting eaten– the rest was smeared all over the table, spat into napkins, or on the floor. In the middle of the dinner rush, I had to spend fifteen minutes clearing just that one table. It took me like four trips, and I had to move the tables to sweep up all the crap they spilled. Also, I didn't even get a tip.

Are parents just shittier these days? My mother would have been completely humiliated to leave a table like that when I was young. Frankly, she didn't take me out at all until I was five or six. For fuck's sake, I would at least have thrown away the napkins on my way out, or apologized to the staff.

No. 764494

File: 1616106884265.jpg (6.14 KB, 263x192, download.jpg)

A coworker (on equal level) that I'm sure dislikes me has been talking to my manager about me, and how I could've gotten fired over my recent behavior if I had one of the worse managers (my manager is a sweetheart). She told me this directly.

But we had a casual chat for 2 minutes, then she comes out with "you know you could've been fired if your manager was different, you're lucky". And it has me fucked up. For one, it would be baseless because I've got plenty of evidence that I was clear with my actions and made sure everyone was fully on board (taking on more than my share of administrative tasks to do less practical tasks). And the only reason I could've been fired is from people who don't know shit about my job judging what I'm doing and thinking I'm lazy for it.

I'd brush it aside as shit-stirring, but a coworker brought up me possibly being fired with my line manager. Like those words were said in a conversation between the two of them, without me involved. This is my first job and she's been in this industry around 15 years, I see her constantly talking 1 on 1 with the higher ups, absolutely sucking ass. This is a problem, right? And I'd bring THAT up with my manager, but I've been upfront about all my concerns so I think I'm pushing it and have nearly, if not already, crossed the line into being a problematic employee. If I came in guns blazing talking about why should I be fired, man I don't want to think about the outcome.

No. 764503

I hate working. Why do I have to do this shit

No. 765154

File: 1616189088426.png (159.1 KB, 664x475, 04567891230.png)

Anyone know a better coding place to go to?
Kinda boxed in to Irvine when it comes to job-finding.

No. 765185

I feel you, anon. I work as a busser in a restaurant and the amount of kids running around is insane. i even come up to the parents and politely ask them not to let their kids run, since waiters are carrying hot plates. I dont know if it's the pandemic or already bad parenting.I wish kids were banned from certain places

No. 765186

if you have chat logs, hold on to them. If it gets really bad, try to record shit you can take to HR. I'm sorry this is happening, anon

No. 765736

Anons in graphic design, what is the best platform for me to post an ad for a paid internship? I own a consulting company and need a intern to help with design projects. I traditionally use Indeed and LinkedIn for hiring, and it seems like those sites aren’t super popular among graphic designers.

No. 765738

In my country using facebook is very popular. There are groups dedicated to posting design related job offers, or the reverse, groups for designers to post their portfolios looking for job. Maybe something like that would work for you too?

No. 765740

Damn I’m also trying to work for Blizzard in Irvine and having trouble getting my foot in the door. Would have been cool to not just work there but also have a farmer as a coworker. Keep trying, anon!

No. 765783

I FINALLY got called back about a job I applied to and I had a series of interviews that I think went well. I'm the anon who's been posting about how much I hate my job, quitting impulsively, etc. for the past 2ish months, so this is exciting. Unfortunately now I'm extremely stressed by the idea of quitting if I DO get this position. I feel guilty about starting a job and then quitting 3 months later. I feel guilty abandoning my patients. I feel guilty that my references vouched for me and said such nice things and now I'm making them look bad too. I've been seeing a therapist and I know that certain things are out of my control (it's not my fault the company takes on more patients than they should) and I have to look out for myself, but I feel awful.

No. 765788

So been a neet since forever and a family friend's son needed a front desk person and so I got the job, but my dad has been super against me getting a part time, no benefit having, could get complicated family friend job and it spiked my already high anxiety levels. The company (if i can call it that) is also a bit sketchy, so I'm nervous about that too. I'm second guessing and I can't tell if its my gut telling me to leave combined with my dad's constant nagging, or if it just anxiety and I should pull through and at least try to do something after not having a job and living off my parents. I've been applying to jobs and haven't had a single callback, I'm also not really ambitious and have trouble finding what I want to do and feel like my degrees are useless. My resume is absolute trash. I just wish I could do a menial job that pays just enough for me to live comfortably. Is that so hard to ask for….. Also a bit of advice on job searching in general would be appreciated? Upthread I read someone mentioning call backs, is that something I should be doing? Calling the companies I applied to or?

No. 765800

Gaming industry is literally the worst place to work. Lowest pay in software industry and worst hours.

Best coding jobs in terms of pay, benefits and not having to try hard is in-house software development in other industries like banking, insurance etc… software development companies that work for those industries are second best place. Highly cool and hip tech companies like game development companies get tons of people wanting to work there and consequently pay is shit. And any manager can shit all over you (hello sexual harrasement) and they know if you say anything you'll get kicked out the door and they have 100 more candidates waiting to start work tomorrow.

No. 765963

Everything about this is true. The gaming industry is an abyss of horror, severe burnouts are so fucking common you could say it's inevitable. The pay is so shit compared to the hours you have to put in no matter what your position is. Banking and governmental jobs are the ones you want to go to for a stable paycheck without losing your mind, even though the job is boring it's still secure. I hang around plenty of tech workers being one myself and nobody can recommend the gaming industry. The sexual harassment and straight out abuse is rampant too.

No. 765966

It sucks and you might very well end up burning bridges with your current job just by leaving, but I hope you’ll get another job and be able to take care of yourself. You come first. I’m job hunting and potentially dealing with quitting my job also makes me nervous but that’s just how it’s gotta be sometimes.

No. 765985

Okay. I’m a game dev though, so that’s my field. It is what it is.

No. 769318

I can't stand the passive aggression at my job when I've never given off that I won't accept criticism or won't be open to any feedback.

So I was assigned to scribe for my company's audit which has been a 3 day ordeal. The woman whose role this used to be didn't tell me jack shit about what to do beforehand, just how to create a form document in the drive. She gave me no clue about what the managers look for or what they want in the notes, she just told me to look at past audits which…doesn't really tell me much as I wasn't here to compare what was said to how it was recorded? Stupid fucking bitch.

So anyway, I tried my best. The first day was an in-person audit so I typed literally every word dictation style which was supremely difficult. Oh and btw I'm relatively new to the company so the phrases and shit they're going over barely make sense to me. Imagine walking around trying to listen to people talking fast over masks and background noise about Greek shit, and then trying to type it on a laptop while walking because nobody told you that you could use a device like a phone but that it all had to be updated on a live document for back room to see. So I typed it all, and meanwhile other people were going in the document to paraphrase the dialogue I'd written or going back to delete and reword things. There were some comments made that if I've worked in the courtroom before because of the way I type. And idk, all that would lead me to believe maybe I was typing too much? Nobody gave me direction on how much or little I should be typing! Not even the auditor lead which is who I was scribing for.

The next two days were awful. We had remote auditors with thick foreign accents who had a nasty habit of hopping between different documents each while leadership tried to answer their questions. It was extremely difficult to keep up with and there's no way I was getting it all. Not to mention they brought up stupid shit that was right in front of their faces and I wasn't even certain that I should document what?
On the third day I eased off the notes big time. Then a supervisor from the back room messaged me and told me to take more notes because apparently I missed something. I straight up told her that I didn't know if I was typing too much or too little. Then she said "Oh just paraphrase and write key points," uh, okay? Thanks for telling me this NOW when if you would have told me this was expected on Day 1, I would have had a way easier time. I wrote literal pages of dialogue. "Oh but we'd rather have you type too much than too little because we can go back and fix too much." I don't care, there's a huge difference between "much" as in typing pages when I didn't need to, and "much" as in one extra key bullet point. Fucking assholes, but whatever, I just told her to feel free to point out anything else I'd missed and in response she gave a tone about how she was busy but would try…lol, okay.

I caught her and the audit lead (my manager) at the tail end of a secret convo they were having out in the hallway in a huff about my reduced notes today. Gee sorry, guess yall should have been leaders and gave me feedback about the job I was doing and maybe gave me pointers before I began, instead of feeling sorry and frustrated at yourselves now. Sucks to suck!

No. 769325

I have like a 4 month period of free time coming up that I'd like to use to work on a skill I can use to make money at home (ie learn how to do something at home to make a living off of, not just beer money).

Any suggestions for things that could work? As for things I already have going for me.. I am quite tech-savvy, have a fancy DSLR camera, am really good at Photoshop (but not Illustrator or any other Adobe program), and I can kind of draw and sew. Thanks in advance :')

No. 769382

Any anons work in UX/UI design? I've mainly been doing motion graphics but I think I'd like to try UX/UI. But I'm not sure how to start applying for those jobs without redoing my whole portfolio, or what companies are even looking for these days since shiny apps aren't the cool thing anymore. I already know HTML, CSS and JavaScript pretty well since I do it as a hobby. Does anyone have any advice?

No. 769402

My manager just told me I can't wear my skorts with leggings to the office anymore because apparently I reveal too much when I "bend over." I'm not really sure when I was full on bending over in a skirt (or for that matter who was looking..) but I'm pretty sure she's only telling me this because I'm a bigger girl and she doesn't want to see me in skirts. How does anyone see shit when I have pants and leggings underneath what I'm wearing? She even used the "several people have come to me about this" which is just the blanket term someone uses when they're too cowardly to just say they personally have a problem to give it more credence. The rest of the big girls in the office all wear jeans and dumpy t shirts, and apparently that's all considered more "professionally" dressed than I am with my cute tops, dresses, and skirts. I think my outfits are fairly conservative and I never have bare skin, so I don't know what she's talking about. I have to adhere to this now anyway, but fortunately she's never in the office so I don't have to be too careful after she fucks off back home for another month's stretch.

Oh speaking of tops, I got blasted once because the top of my bra accidentally showed because I pulled my under top down a little too far revealing the top of it. It was "too revealing," meanwhile I peep smaller girls leaving their cardigans behind while they walk around the office with spaghetti strap cami tops with bare arms and cleavage. Management fucking sleeps through that though, they just gotta single me out for my boob-having ways.

I haven't been policed in years about what I wear to work. The last time this happened I worked at a call center where some reknown psycho customer manager confronted me about a similar dress code violation because she had a problem with me wearing a "short dress" with capri leggings. I've had women give me shit throughout my life about innocent things I've worn and I wish they would leave me the fuck alone and gtfo with the tone that I'm showing up to work in stripper wear.

No. 769407

That sucks. Would you ever ask her what she suggests is appropriate to wear? I'd just like to know what she would say. I've noticed the same hypocrisy in 2 offices I've worked in. Management always sleeps on the skinny girls in stilettos and bare legs but curvier women always get shamed into being dumpy.

No. 769410

I'm a UX designer myself, you likely need some sort of a portfolio to show off your skills with either programming or web design. UX is the kind of field you simply climb over to from doing other tasks at first and gaining experience. I'd say start small, just apply for web design jobs like making user interfaces and widen your skillset from there. Just be patient with your career path, you'll get there. Study material design practices, color theory and accessibility issues for starters. And keep up with the trends, UX is a pretty new field and new discoveries are constantly being made.

No. 769415

nta, how much programming knowledge does a UX-er need?

No. 769417

It's not a necessity for a UX person but it helps out a lot if you have a basic understanding of how web sites work so that you don't end up in a situation where you're wasting your time designing features that the programmers return back to your table. So you don't necessarily "need" any but it just makes your own work easier.

No. 769431

Everytime one of my supervisors listens to my call at the call center to check if things are going well and if I'm following protocols correctly she always picks the absolute worst ones, the rare ones where I kind of fuck up because it's at the end of a 10h long shift so I'm tired or I'm dealing with weirdos or stupidly complicated cases. I'm worried I'll get fired over something that stupid because I heard that it's extremely rare but one of my coworkers wasn't performing well and got fired not long ago. At least if that happened to me I'll finally be able to get unemployment benefits I guess.

No. 769465

Call centers are hell. Worked in one for 5 years and I'm over this shit. Hope I will be able to find a comfy job that doesn't make me want to kill myself every day

No. 769473

I used to dread these meetings so much. Eventually I found out my supervisor was a huuuuge gossip and if I kept her talking it would waste our meeting time… It felt like the biggest life hack.

No. 770374

im not sure if any anons can help me but advice would be appreciated

i have been floundering for a few years since dropping out of uni at 18. im in a job rn which i enjoy more than the retail i was working before, but in terms of working towards a future career i still dont know what to do with myself.

what kinds of careers should i consider? i am happy to go back to uni if necessary. i would like to travel more in the future and possibly move to another country so i guess whatever i choose would have to be somewhat transferable. and ive discovered i am interested in healthcare related stuff, but really i will consider many things. i just want to have a concrete goal to work towards, not knowing what to do with my life is so anxiety inducing

i used to want to do something art or graphic design related but i realised i will probably never be able to market myself and get clients. im bad at putting myself out there and not competitive at all

No. 770445

File: 1616806800280.jpeg (7.23 KB, 225x225, descarga (1).jpeg)

Anons, is getting a job in IT worth it? How do I break into it? Do I need some certificates or a whole ass diploma? I need a job that pays a living wage asap so I can move out on my own finally.

No. 770474

Can you get a job as a pharmacy/audiology/optician tech or something? post office? some sort of temp job? food delivery? because you wouldn't be able to get an IT job that quickly

No. 770613

Pharm tech license requirements went up at the start of the year unfortunately, at least in the US. To sit the PTCB exam and become a certified tech you either need to work 500 hours at a store/hospital as a trainee (unlikely to happen), or you need to go to school for it. It's bullshit, especially with how little we get paid. I'm guessing too many people were passing the exam and stealing meds and/or selling patient info.

No. 772703

Is it a bad idea to offer to redesign certain websites for free/low price just to build my portfolio? Or are mock projects enough?

No. 772715

yes, it's a bad idea, don't spoil the market you want to work in. mockups are enough, eventually with just these in a portfolio you'll be able to land a normal paid job.
The only situation I'd think it's worth considering doing stuff like that without working against the general market would be helping some charitable / non-profit organizations.

No. 772717

That's a great point, thank you so much!

No. 773048

So I applied to a job on Indeed, a week later emailed them saying I'm super interested in the job and they messaged back on indeed saying do you have time to set up an interview and its been another week since then and they haven't responded to my message. Should I message them again or keep waiting?? I really want/need the job…

No. 773051

Yes, you can literally say you’re following up and interested in the position. Worst thing they can say is no. Sometimes things come up and that specific role may not be a priority hire.

No. 773052

Thanks anon for the quick response, you're a godsend, been worrying about this for a bit.

No. 773246

I have a job interview on thursday for a bank teller position. is there any advice any of you can give me?

No. 773336

File: 1617187870801.jpeg (75.37 KB, 1024x1024, DyaHfgGX4AA8Prt.jpeg)

I still haven't heard back from the job I interviewed for but I'm getting extremely anxious because one of the other therapists at my current job put in her two weeks notice yesterday. I feel so guilty about potentially quitting because now even MORE kids would have major interruptions to their plan of care. I'm still gonna do it, of course, but damn.

No. 773528

Useless update, but wanted anon to know that I have an interview setup!! Wouldn't have been possible without you telling me to just do it.

No. 773529

Sorry I can't give you any advice, but good luck on your interview.

No. 773893

Thank u, i appreciate it

No. 773901

Good luck! Emphasize your people skills!

Always look out for number one, anon. Hope everything goes well for you

Congratulations!! Great job for going for it, and good luck with the interview!

No. 774415

I’m happy for you anon. Best wishes with your interview. Sometimes that extra follow up is what takes you across the finish line

No. 774419

Thank you anonitas, the interview was a bit short and my interviewing skills are definitely lacking, but I'm glad its over and done with.

Also to the anon who deleted her post about the racist coworker. Can you alert your HR department about the person and the racist shit they've said?

No. 774472

So i just had my bank teller interview and it didnt go very well. Which isnt a huge deal because i already have a job but still kind of a let down. Is it normal to always feel fucking embarrassed after a job interview?

No. 774474

Sorry to hear that. I always feel embarrassed after interviews too and always replay the questions and hate that I find a better response after the interview lol. But I get over it by reminding myself that its over and theres no point thinking about it any further since its out of my hands now.

No. 774683

File: 1617351587298.jpg (128.73 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20210402-101853_Lin…)

god i hate the modern job search process

No. 774713

File: 1617354850953.jpg (62.36 KB, 768x432, romantic.jpg)

I sent an e-mail a few weeks ago about a writing job I was interested in (I sometimes do freelance writing to supplement my small disability pension) and I finally got an e-mail back from the editor and they told me my background in writing sounded interesting and welcomed my interest in submitting something for them and gave me the guidelines. I'll be writing a romance novella and I'm so freaking excited!

It's still far from the literary career I want, but money is money and experience is always good. I've got to admit, I think writing romance is pretty damn fun because fantasy men are better than men in general though I'd prefer writing lesbian romance.

No. 774730

I'm so happy for you Anon! I hope that you have fun writing. I bet someday you'll get paid to write lesbian stuff, too.

No. 774809

sameanon who posted this but i just got a job offer fuck yes i am finally getting out of toxic hellhole that is my current job

No. 774834

congratulations anon!! it's a great start, and writing romance s ginormously fun (i agree that writing fictional men is awesome bc they tend 2 be better).

No. 774866

This sounds great, congrats!! How did you get started, if I may ask?

No. 774879

Thank you, I'll keep going so that someday it'll become my reality!

It's like I don't have to think so much and feel more the stuff I'm writing, it's a huge change of space and it has been good for me so far.

I started out writing to porn magazines for money when I was still studying, just short erotica, and the ladies running the mag were really keen on it and I just basically applied stuff I had learned from fanfiction (I was virgin as fuck back then).

Later I did some self-published erotica as it's more for the ladies, on Amazon, (I still get some passive income from it and I really liked doing the covers too) and now I'm graduating more to romance. I don't love writing erotica as much anymore and the change seems natural as when doing erotica you really have to pump out new content to keep afloat but romance is in the more long-haul and the skill to write long works and write so that people are entertained seems very desirable to me.

I love writing, have written and read for years but the paid stuff in Finland is very limited. My self-pub stuff is in English and I mostly read in English, so the market seems more interesting to me and self-publishing in particular. It's more legit now than it was years ago.

I just hope I'll get together enough experience and money to start self-publishing lesbian romance well (paid covers, editing, so on) and/or other stuff later.

No. 774883

Congrats on the job offer anon, hope the new job isn't a toxic hellhole!

No. 776809

Got another shitty retail job and i want to cry about it. I'm not getting any other bites. Only positive was at least this time 3 didn't shitty retail places reply back instead of none the last time i was apply for jobs in October/November.

No. 776828

Congrats on the new job but don't end your search, anon! Keep applying and stop applying to shitty retail places

No. 776853

Thank anon. I'll still continue to apply to other places. Sadly I don't not have to funds too afford not to apply to retail.

No. 777288

I dont know who are the most retarded people between my coworkers or my customers but someday I'll get hired somewhere else and insult someone just so I can be fired and earn unemployement for a few months.

No. 777323

If you’re hired somewhere else already, why would you get unemployment? Also in some places if you’re fired “for cause” (like for insulting a customer or other conduct violation) you can’t collect unemployment.

No. 777327

Would it be overkill to have two master degrees? I have a degree at the moment in Heritage Conservation & Management, and I was looking at a degree in Disaster Management.

Would this be useful for a job/career? I'd love to work using my degrees, but I don't know where to start and I'm worried having two master degrees would be seen as a negative in my resume.
Other info: The master degree would be free, and I'd be able to leave for a year in Erasmus to another country.


No. 777329

>be me, unemployed since January while finishing Econ degree
>apply to a job at my bank, make it to second interview but denied job
>under the impression it’s because school availability
>flash forward today, applied to same position at bank and have an interview at 10
>ready for my zoom call, makeup done and dressed up, resume and application at the ready
>two missed calls on phone from hiring manager
>call back; he says “we got feedback from your interview in January, we aren’t moving forward”
>literally while I’m sitting in the waiting room of the zoom interview he calls
>been crying all morning, feeling absolutely hopeless

No. 777370

I posted this in stupid questions but here is probably better:

I have a BS degree and I'm starting my MA in fall but can't get a fucking internship. Can you all give suggestions of good jobs for the summer? I've previously worked at chickfila for 4 years and hated it. I swore after that I wouldn't work with food again so I haven't considered waitressing. I'm living with my dad so living expenses aren't an issue. Burgerfag in case you couldn't tell by chickfila.

No. 777373

ECON DEGREE? Anon you're the first farmer I've met who is an econfag as well. I can't give advice bc I've never been hired with my degree and I'm >>777370. But to be fair I wanna work in policy related stuff and not banking. Corporate/finance should be easier to get into though. Don't get your hopes down, you can do it.

No. 777391

Interested in an answer to this, I am finishing up a master's degree in Physics and I want to know if doing an unrelated degree would be seen as a negative if I decide I want to go back to physics.

No. 777396

File: 1617732639195.jpg (359.57 KB, 960x1089, 1574390836408.jpg)

I hate how whenever I finally have an opportunity to have a better life something crazy and out of my control happens and ruin all my effort and my small and temporary amount of luck. I really need to vent right now. It's like I'm a sitcom character or some shit:
>looking for a mandatory internship to graduate, literally cannot graduate without one that lasts 6 months
>employers in my country don't even read my resume or misread it in a way where it's obvious they read the word "language" and thought I'm a literature major
>suddenly, I have interviews with several companies in Japan
>all 5 interviews go well but because of the bad timing, they can't hire me yet
>all the managers send my application to one specific manager
>get horribly sick during this final interview because of an epidemic, lose consciousness on the phone, throw up, can't speak, can't hear shit because my data plan provider was fucking up this specific week only and never again
>new interview scheduled, the guy never calls back again though, essentially ghosts me
>finally, I have an internship
>the manager is a passive-aggressive bitch, more than half the employees and interns leave, she's not happy that I don't stay overtime everyday despite me being paid way less than minimum wage
>judges me and thinks I'm immature for living with my parents, when she pays me way less than minimum wage
>100% she would give really shitty references in the future just because she's a salty bitch
>after graduating, some manager from the same company wants to hire me after two successful interviews
>says no 2 months later because the CEO cut this team's budget specifically
>I decide to go abroad to get better job opportunities after all this bullshit
>suddenly, corona-chan
>the manager who wanted to hire me messages me on linkedin instead of sending an email or calling me on the phone the day before I bought my plan tickets because she can finally hire me
>too late, I'm already abroad because this bitch could be bothered to call me
>all job interviews there cancelled one after another because businesses close
>finally get a part-time job
>suffer from covid for months right after I get a full-time job proposal that could have allowed me to extend my visa and have a comfy life for a few years
>go back home to recover, the cool manager sends my applications to another manager
>can't hire me right now because of some timing bullshit
>tells me she'll call me back personally to add me to her team, but the girl she hired instead of me call me back by sheer coincidence
>when I mention the interview that took place 3 weeks earlier, she gets weirdly salty, her tone changes completely, doesn't give any info to the manager like she was supposed to, tells me the next day I'm not hired for not writing a new cover letter she didn't even ask me to send her
>amazing job opportunities missed soon after because I get emails in my spam mail box ALL THE TIME
>now stuck in a call center with retards who blame me for their mistakes

No. 777402

More degrees is always a plus, especially if the degrees are free, super jelly of you. Plus I might be dumb but those degrees seem like they work together and employers would like that more.

No. 777406

Wild ride anon. Wild ride. That sounds absolutely fucked. Just fucked. What kind of jobs were you looking for, curious.

No. 777413

>More degrees is always a plus
Not necessarily. It could be seen as delaying entering the jobmarket
Anon…I didn't believe in curses until I read your post lol

No. 777447

I have a degree that could allow to do a lot of things, but the focus is international business, marketing, importation. I never got to work in any of this because everytime I applied I got ignored and told that I wasn't qualified. Turns out that after some research I come from a public university with an excellent reputation and shitty but expensive schools with programs straight out of high school have deals with a lot of companies so they're prioritized for internships and apprenticeships. I couldn't leave my city because I was always too poor for that, so I have all my classmates who left who found cool, well paying jobs without even trying or they were given jobs by friends and family. Basically being poor but working hard means nothing, the only thing that matters is money and connections with other middle class people. I have experience as a recruiter because of the internship and that's what I'm looking for, except it's going to be very difficult because most companies don't hire, so they don't need recruiters.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that time when I had a job interview for a job I really wanted in England but the English borders got closed soon after the second interview, in which the recruiter ask me something, told me I got the answer completely wrong, and when he gave me the correct answer he literally just said the first answer I gave almost word for word so I was fucked over anyway.

I wouldn't even be surprised if someone cursed me before my birth, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 777456

Hell anonita. But I agree, jobs are all about who you know and it's really shitty cause it just reinforces class division. Damn hiring/recruiters really dont like you kek. What do they have a hateboner for you specifically or something

No. 777471

I type way too long posts, I'll reword it:
>nobody wanted to hire me because no experience, but I need a job to get experience, etc.
>recruiters don't read resumes for the most part so they don't even know what my skills and degree are, it shocked everyone when I read resumes and cover letters when working as a recruiter even though that was also their ​job, it was seen as a waste of time
>still from that experience, people are openly biased, clients/companies openly discriminate but manage to keep it a secret, I got replaced by another intern I had to hire myself just to rub salt on the wound and everyone was like "oh, hire a guy, it'll change the atmosphere and the team's dynamic~" very openly but never read the resumes I sorted for them
>this company is very prestigious and seen as trustworthy by job seekers, lol
>I'm not white
>my masters degree is too expensive for some smaller companies, supposedly
>I'm probably cursed

No. 777473

I've been working for 4 years already (in project management), so it wouldn't be seen as delaying the job market for me. I'm just worried I would be seen as a failure for going for a 2nd master's instead of a PhD.

No. 777476

Lol anon I read your post before you deleted it so idk if you want a response. But that whole new years day off debacle was hr tier, hr wouldve been on her ass, if the company had an actually good hr department. I'm sorry that you've had such a shitty hand in trying to get a job. Hope with vaccines getting pushed out more companies will be willing to hire people and you can leave and go abroad.

No. 777478

lol samefagging, but saw this post after posing my response. I think its weird that they don't read resumes cause what are they looking at then??

No. 777479

Uh no def not a failure. Phd is in depth while getting a second masters is broadening your education. I think if you get questioned about your second masters, you can always explain why during your interview and your thought process.

No. 777480

Any graphic designer anons know what’s the best route for someone with an AS in graphic design?

No. 777482

Ah, I see. In any case, you shouldn't make a choice based on whether you'd be seen as a failure or not. If you're interested in that field and the curriculum and you feel like it would open new doors in your career, go for it

No. 777485

They don't read the whole thing, they just read the schools or universities' names, half the name of the degrees of the candidates I had to sort, and called it a day. In my case I got the internship because during the interview I explained that I never studied literature in my life and I explained in details what I studied, the manager back then was impressed and very surprised. But she shouldn't have been because I was just repeating what was on my resume and cover letter. Basically my team was half-assing everything and still getting clients because f the companies' reputation as a whole.

The manager is friends with the women at the HR department, it would have backfired since I was "just" an intern and she was there for years because someone offered her the job on a silver platter.

No. 777509

Degree doesn't matter in graphic design jobs, portfolio does. So get your portfolio ready and apply for junior level jobs, even if you want to be a freelancer I believe you learn all the basic skills and work organization best at a job, preferably in a team with other more experienced designers to learn from.

No. 777824

>Toggle on entry level jobs on LinkedIn
>Coding positions still want 2-5+ years of experience
>Internship experience is tethered to a seasonal clock that didn't take into account a delayed graduation quarter
Why is job-finding a hassle? Is it so wrong for a new-grad to want to make a beeline away from home as soon as the degree gets mailed home?

No. 779352

This is probably a bit stupid, but i just got an internship and i thought they confirmed it would be remote work, but all of a sudden they told me to come on office which i specifically avoid because it's a shit long transit. Now i'm just constantly anxious for that day and my brain overthinks about what could go wrong since i've never been to that kind of agency before. It's very hip and cool with the kids and i feel insecure about it

No. 779374

A chance to work as a baker came up but I'm fucking celiac so I can't apply for it. I guess nursing it is since it's the only one that remotely interests me, even though I don't look forward to asswiping.
If there happens to be anons with celiac working somewhere with gluten I'd like to hear about your experience.

No. 780916

>never had a job
>looking for entry level coding positions
>>777824 in a nutshell
>except saw an internship that was looking for a master's degree a while back
>shits really fucked honestly
>want to look for jobs again
>portfolio has a cryptocurrency related project on it
If I ever get asked about cryptocurrency (the non-technicals) I can just decline to answer, right?

No. 781560

I got referred for a position as a receptionist in a law firm, set hours and everything. I got a call back asking if I'm still interested and would like to schedule an interview. Obviously I say yes. Tells me they'll text me or email me the address.
>> Has interview on Monday
>>1am on said Monday
>> Still no address…
Fuck me and no i can't call back. I'm big dumb and didn't save the number. I've had a bunch of other unsaved numbers call me in between that time.

No. 781563

You might be able to google the law firm and find a public number that could pass you along to whoever is doing the hiring. I would give that a shot in the morning.

No. 781676

OT but I love this thread pic. I don't even like Isabelle but it's so cute.

No. 782348

I just need a minimum wage job. Ran out of Mcdonalds yesterday while waiting for the manager to come see me because of something urgent so I won't ever go to that mcdonalds again out of shame. I just need a minimum wage part time job. Why is that so hard to find? How many more applications will I need to fill before i can finally find one?

No. 782349

You ran out in the middle of job interview? How urgent could it be?
Just go to a different McDonald, it's not like they keep track I'm sure.

No. 782362

File: 1618273367220.jpg (39.92 KB, 480x480, 1615963812283.jpg)

OK so I have a job interview on Wednesday, for a dream job. I'm amazed I even got my foot in the door.
This would be an incredible thing, if it weren't for my current circumstances. I had a significant event at the end of last year that left me with brain trauma and a spinal injury. I wasn't told what to expect after all of this - or if I was, I can't remember it.
It's become pretty clear that chunks of my knowledge and memories have gone. I remember bits and bobs but I've lost periods of months, maybe even years in my memory. I had to use my phone photos and Instagram posts to learn what happened and how I used to be.
Trouble is, I'm still finding it hard to memorise things and the last few months are so blurry. I'm worried I won't do the job well, and extremely worried that all my knowledge relevant to the role won't come back to me when I need it in the interview.
I'm also physically disabled now and it's taking a lot of getting used to. My nerve is damaged down my leg but it's had knock-on effects. I get tired extremely easily and find it hard to lift even a plate. My muscles ache for days if I do too many stairs in a day. I'm on 29 pills a day to control my pain and heal my body, and I have minimum three appointments a week with different nurses and physios.
I applied for disability living allowance but I can technically do things like walk a certain distance with aids and make simple meals and wash myself so I'm not considered significantly disabled according to the assessor.
That means I have to find work sharpish but I just don't think I can do it. I don't even know how I'm going to get to the place for the interview since I can't drive anymore.
BUT that said: it's a permanent role as a curator in a lottery funded institution, the gallery works closely with working class communities in the county and people with mental health/developmental issues. It's an art centre that isn't shitty and elitist. It's exciting and aligns with my values. How many permanent paid jobs in the arts are there? It's the first one I've ever had an interview for, tell you that for sure.
I feel like I need to get this job but I just can't physically do it, no matter how perfect it is or how much I want to. I'm trying to put together a presentation on my experience with curation and I'm drawing blanks on names and things I've done. I used to teach art history at a uni so it should be a piece of cake but it isn't. Anons what do I do? I feel like I'm going to cry. If I go and get rejected it's going to add insult to literal injury. If I get the job and realise I'm completely incompetent because of my fucking brain damage and crippled leg what do I do then?
Sorry for whining I just feel so conflicted and need some straight advice

No. 782365

y’all? how weird is this? i submitted an application on saturday to panda express, got a call today requesting and interview tomorrow…. such short notice i’m kinda resigned that they won’t offer me anything or they’ll offer it on the spot which is kinda… idk.

No. 782393

I don’t think that’s too unusual. Fast food places usually have high turnover and need people fast. Good luck anon!

No. 782436

I really want to quit my fucking job. I'm sick of marketing. Sick of the clients, the deadlines, everything. Sure, I make a decent amount of money, but I break down at least once a week because of something job related.

Because of covid, I have no idea whether I could even get another job, much less one that pays as well as the one I have now. I just don't want to be miserable for 40 hours a week. I can't believe I got a fucking degree for a field I don't even want to work in anymore.

anyone here ever abruptly changed fields? Were you successful? Or did you fuck yourself over?

No. 782442

Sorry about everything that's going on, anon. I would treat this as casual as you can; don't let yourself panic. Get transportation sorted (is there a friend or family member you can carpool with? Maybe reach out to your local disability service). Put the presentation together the best you can, and try your best at the interview. If you get the job, fantastic! But if you don't, it's okay. There'll be other things. Everything will end up okay

No. 782889

thank you! fast food interview anon again: i got the job!

No. 782892


No. 782903

Wonderful! Congratulations!

No. 783055

Very very urgent. I was too shy to tell the manager that I needed to leave so I stared at her like an autist until I decided i wasted enough time already and left. It wasn't a formal job interview anyways, I just walked in and asked to talk to the manager. I know I fucked up but I'm not usually like this, this was a serious emergency that literally couldn't wait another minute.

No. 783202

Is it weird to apply to the same company for a different position after being rejected once already?

No. 783203

I don't think it's weird, go for it. I've applied to the same college for like 4 different positions in the span of one and half years. Finally got an interview the last time but was rejected again anyway.

No. 783213

has anything changed since you last applied that would make you seem more qualified?

No. 783217

ah wait, a different position may be available to you, i wasn't reading correctly, but i wouldn't see an issue with it.

No. 783507

File: 1618413826941.gif (1.62 MB, 384x288, 172315.gif)

After 3 years of slave labor my company finally decided to give me a raise! I'm not sure the exact figure but it comes with a title change as well. I'm trying to not get my hopes up too much.

No. 783531

File: 1618416557405.jpg (87.73 KB, 960x762, 161387936_489208799114963_8184…)

Thank you for replying anon. I just came back to update; I retracted my application and thanked them for the opportunity. My medical team doesn't think I'm well enough. I didn't want to listen, but last night I cracked because I was finding everything so hard and my body hurt so much. I realised I just can't physically or mentally do the job to the best of my ability like this, and I hated myself for being so weak.
My mum and best friends comforted me and said it's OK to take my time and that there will be more opportunities when I'm better.
I still feel like dirt, under normal circumstances I would never turn down work on principle, but I know it's the right choice for me right now. Thank you for listening.

No. 784042

I've never had a job before. I finish college soon and will leave with a health and social care degree and after that I have no idea what I'll do. I know I don't want to go to Uni, but I live in a very small town in the middle of nowhere so I have no idea how I'll even get a job.

No. 784111

Has anyone had an issue with someone who is not your supervisor repeatedly providing non constructive criticism?

My coworker and I are tutors in a middle school. She has an education degree and I don't, so I guess she knows more about teaching. But in any case, our positions are the same.

We've had a lot of issues, which I won't get into here. But I feel like it's spilling into my work directly. In the afternoon, we work in the same room. While she's been waiting for the clock to run down, she's been sitting there judging how I tutor.

The first thing was she said I was being too mean to the students. Like who tf sides with students over their coworker? It did make me realize I could improve so I've tried to be nicer. However, what ticked me off is that she unilaterally decided that she should tutor the student that accused me of being me without asking.

Then yesterday, she asked if I was completing enough assignments with a student. I said no, I didn't turn anything in that day because we were reviewing and the student didn't remember the concept at all. My coworker then said I should be turning in one assignment per hour. I guess I could have reviewed while doing assignments, but there's no way the student could have completed the assignment without me doing most of it for her. I just do NOT feel comfortable doing that.

I'm very new at tutoring so I realize there's room for improvement. But I still feel like my coworker is overstepping her bounds. I do not feel like it is her job to hold me accountable, especially when none of my actual supervisors in the administration seem to care.

No. 784142


what a bitch, lol

No. 784143

is your supeiors dont care then just ignore her. i have had to work with bitches like her my entire career. they never change, just have to sunny and blithe in the face of petty maniacs like that.

No. 784236

Man I don’t know. I feel like I’ve had a lot of issues with my coworkers as well and I’m also working in education. I think it’s best just to think of your coworkers as people who work with you. They aren’t your friends. They are people you work with.

No. 784623

Any tips on how to write a good CV?

No. 784666

Keep it SHORT, no more than one page, recruiters have no time to read. Don't include anything that is not relevant for the job, so if for example you're applying for a graphic designer position, no one will care what high school you've attended and that you worked as a cashier when you were 18. Hobbies/interests section is good to have but not in every case (they'll not care about it if you apply to Amazon's warehouse but they may if you want to work in a small "we're like family" office environment). A lot depends on what kind of work you're seeking.

No. 784829

uh so I received a job offer via online for a fast food place and i haven’t received a call from anyone and I’m genuinely confused should I call the place to see what else I should do?

No. 784894

I don't use Facebook anymore and I keep myself irrelevant online. The other day I terminated my account that goes all the way back to highschool and made a new one that looks corporate. It has no friends but I've laid it out like a linkedIn. Will this be considered suspicious to a HR worker?

No. 784899

You can hide your friend list, from friends and strangers alike, HR doesn't have to know the account is empty. I don't see why it should a problem!

No. 785265

I hope your business fails

No. 785582

What's a passable wage for South California?
I'm stuck with Craigslist as the last job finding site left and the wages are below $20/hr.

No. 785677

Cross posted from dumbass shit: how bad would I look if I got offered (and accepted) a position in a company, but asked if I could apply to a different position within the same department?

Some background: I saw an advertisement for the job right after I accepted the one I originally applied for, and HR has already sent me the onboarding documentation to fill out. Would I seem like a jackass if I asked if I could interview for the new job? It's so much more in line with my career plan and I only accepted the previous position so I might stand a chance of transferring to it later on. Why couldn't I just have waited a while longer fml I have the WORST timing…wwyd, /ot/?

No. 785724

Funny but rude, don’t listen to her op, I would buy the nuka cola idea one it sounds like it smells nice. Plus independently made perfumes are usually less harsh on the skin than commercial brands, there are lots of women and otherwise who wear perfume and have sensitive skin. Don’t lose hope! >>742132

No. 785788

Ask as soon as you can if it's alright to change, worst case scenario they say "no" and you still keep your new position. They won't have a lower opinion of you just because you're looking for the best available position

No. 785926

Depends on your living situation and how much you care about being poor. 16 to live with roommates and be okay, 18 to live alone and be okay to possibly struggling depending on rent, 20+ to be loving alone and comfortable

No. 785941

I got laid-off in December and have been applying to well over the amount of jobs needed to be eligible for unemployment.

The jobs where I have to do multiple rounds of interviews and end up getting rejected after interview 3 hurt so much… It feels like I wasted so much time for a "we don't want you, actually."

>tfw this has happened to me 3 times in the past 2 months

No. 787320

I just got a message on indeed. Apparently I'm overqualified. Biiiiitch if I thought I was overqualified I wouldn't have applied REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Its corona baby, I just need a job so I can put food in my tummy and a roof over my head. How do you guys deal with "overqualified" shpeel?

No. 787445

UX anons, what softwares do you work with? Figma? Adobe XD? Sketch? Which one is preferred?

No. 787446

You move on to look for a different job. They don't want you, overqualified is an excuse, there's no way you can change their minds.

No. 787629

Figma, Sketch, and InVision are my top 3. Figma and Sketch are pretty much the same, but Figma has a web and Windows app – convenient if you're collaborating with people who aren't using Mac OS.

No. 788339

Anon from >>784111, I'm so fed up with my coworker. Today she accused me of ignoring her text messages about doing something for her even though I did respond and just ended up doing it late.

Now she's threatening to report me to our supervisor for being "passive aggressive". idk I'm kind of nervous because I've been in trouble with this supervisor before but I'm not sure if I did anything against the rules.

I should just wait and not say anything to our supervisor until I get an email first right? Or should I be proactive and message our supervisor before my coworker gets to her first?

No. 788380

How hard is it to be an UX designer?
I might try it out, I'm already a graphic designer.

No. 788386

Thank you!! A few more questions and I'm gonna leave you alone I swear lmao (Idk any UX designers in real life, in my country it's like a completely new thing). Is UX something you switched to from another career or something you studied for? What does a day look like for you? Do you have a higher up who tells you what the final product should look like, or do you get to work independently, following your own ideas?

No. 788390

I want to be an art teacher but I also might have to move to another country like either France or UK. I am worried my education in the US won't add up. Outside that, I just worry I won't be able to be an art teacher my BA in art will be useless since I need a BA in art to be an art teacher. It's like a gamble too…

No. 788401

Do you mean like, history of arts in school or more like painting/drawing tutor? Because if it's the latter I'm sure you could find work without country-specific degree.

No. 791100

File: 1619346498805.jpg (109.85 KB, 1092x748, raccoon sitting on kerb.jpg)

feeling very stressed and dejected after getting to the second interview stage of this job and now being ghosted. The last interviewer even apologised for how long the process was taking, it's coming up on two weeks since the last interview and it's been radio silence even after I sent a follow up email. They're recruiting a lot of people right now and mentioned they had some applications after mine to consider. I'm going insane hoping that they're just busy with onboarding and simultaneously trying not to get my hopes up. This was a really amazing job, and the furthest i've gotten since i've started applying for jobs in my graduate field. I feel so stupid for pinning all my hopes on this and I'm dreading going back to job hunting.

No. 791108

Ahhhh, so close! Be proud of being able to go that far in recruitment process, usually at that stage it's a very close call between candidates. Also, it's not over yet. I've been hired when my company had a very hectic employment process, multi-stage like yours, took 3 months total to hear their final decision. Since you've gone so far it's pretty much guaranteed you'll hear from them about their final decision, they'll definitely not ghost you, especially since they've already shown they are willing to communicate by emailing you that apology earlier. So, don't lose hope, be patient, hope you get that job!

No. 791110

NTA but UX is a broader concept than just graphics, it often requires you to have an idea of how the technical architecture works (in case your idea is not implementable and you have to reiterate it) and understanding of human behavioral psychology to be able to create a consistent user flow based on user research material. But most graphic designers are able to get a grasp of it since it's a derivative of UI design, just look into product design to get a grasp of how the field works.

No. 792054


Thank you anon, this made me feel a little better when I saw it. Unfortunately I woke up to a rejection email so at least I can stop agonising over it. I wish I didn't put so much of my self worth into my academic abilities and employability because it feels pathetic to get this upset over it. I'm going back to the job applications today.

No. 792077

I graduate soon, and I kind of just want to take a month or so off being a NEET before getting a job. Would that be bad? Or should I start applying to jobs ASAP?

No. 792079

I wanted to do the same but instead went for jobs. I think I prefer having the stuff to do and then on the weekend you can just do whatever and there's no financial stress.

If you can afford it and not care about having 0 responsibility/to do stuff each day then why not. You could even just apply for 1 or 2 jobs rather than really trying during that month off.

No. 792096

It will most likely take about a month if not more before you find a job so you may just as well start searching.

No. 792548

A job I applied to got back to me for an HR assistant. They emailed asking me what my minimum salary requirement is but then at the end of the email state what the salary is for the position, which is minimum wage in my state. I was hoping to get a little bit more (like 5k more) more but I don't technically have any HR experience. Should I forgo trying to negotiate salary in order to get experience?

No. 792566

I would think that the fact they ask implies they're open for a small negotiation, doesn't hurt to try!

No. 792672

after a whole year of being a neet and leeching off my parents, I received a job offer and I am moving forward with the hiring process!!!!! The only downside is the pay is low for the amount of roles i was given…. but money is money

No. 792689

I replied back with the range I'm looking for (their salary being the bottom end of it). They're an NPO so I know I shouldn't expect the best pay. It's the same as I'm getting paid now, but on their glassdoor people say there's good benefits so it might be worth trying to pursue (although the general reviews are pretty meh). I don't really hate my current job, just about as much gripes as you would have with any mediocre admin job, but getting an HR related position would start moving me where I want to go at least.

I know my current job might take me back for any reason because a girl I work with now left and came back after a few months, and they're super small and tight knit, but I fear that leaving before my 1 year anniversary with them is really going to burn some bridges. It's going to look even worse if I have to leave in the middle of busy season.

No. 793225

I very recently got a job that pays okayish (not great, not terrible), but I also got offered another job that pays much better. Would it be in poor taste for me to leave this current job and go for the other one despite only recently starting?

No. 793236

Is the other company much better in other areas besides just pay too? I would probably do it. It's impossible to leave so soon without burning any bridges, but at the end of the day, that's just business and you have to take care of yourself first and foremost. They'll find someone else, or if they really want to keep you, they would offer the same salary or more (if you want to say that a competing offer is why you're leaving).

No. 793269

I had to leave my last job because it was a contracted position. Today the exec assistant, who I made friends with, asked me to call her to tell me about a new position that opened up! It's another admin position under a different department and most likely will be a full time position. The dude who worked in that position before left for whatever reason, but the expat that he worked under also left (which kind of sucks because I loved chatting with her, I wish I could've worked with her). The exec assistant recommended me for the job and I really hope I get it! I just started ramping up my job searching efforts but I'd love to go back and work for them… it's a really slow job and the pay probably won't be great, but I know they have decent benefits and I know pretty much everyone there already! Please wish me luck ladies!

No. 793335

File: 1619556287988.jpg (16.93 KB, 400x400, oh lol.jpg)

Are there any anons that work as a receptionist? Especially at a decently-sized corporation? How do you manage the high stress levels and what do you find most rewarding and taxing with what you do? I have an interview to be a receptionist at a law firm that I've always respected and have a previously-established connections with the HR manager there as well as one of the attorneys, as he is a frequent customer for a store I worked at for many years. The firm is medium-sized with ~50 attorneys, so I know I'd have my work cut out for me should I get the position.

I'm nervous for the interview because it's gone from me meeting with the HR manager and benefits coordinator via Zoom, to the HR manager's schedule being too packed that day to join so I will be interviewing with the other woman via FaceTime while she is driving to an appointment she has later that afternoon. Considering they are mainly a real estate firm, this makes sense – the last week of the month is always a dumpster fire for real estate firms and everyone's schedules are extremely tightly packed. I know is a good sign that they are still so gung-ho to meet with me in spite of this. I'm about anxious informality of the initial interview for reasons I can't quite pin down.

Getting this position would hopefully open a lot of doors for me, as I was going to school for a paralegal degree before having to drop out in order to take care of my dying grandfather. He passed in Dec 2019 and I'd always said I'd go back to school and finish my degree for him. Then COVID happened and no one wants to be learning law-lite via Zoom. So this would essentially be my way of taking the backroads to get where I want to be, especially considering many firms will offer to train a receptionist in paralegal work should they do an excellent job as is and express interest in it.

No. 793776

Of course not, put yourself first. The company you just started working at also only behaves in it's own best interest and will put itself first. You don't owe your current employeer anything if you can leave contractually.

No. 794056

Oh god everything is happening so fast and all at once. I got a phone call from the HR girl I'm friends with at my old company about applying to the position and am going to send her my updated resume and will be going in next Monday for the interview. I just got off the phone with a recruiter for another place I applied to and the recruiter thinks the position wouldn't be a good fit for me, but he did recommend me another position that he thinks is better and the pay is a lot more! The interview for that might be next week too… so much is happening all at once ahhh. I'm going to try my best!

No. 794309

Would it look too sloppy to roll up the sleeves on my blazer for a job interview? Most of my clothing, including my blazers are in storage (long story) so I had to run out to buy one for an upcoming job interview. I got one at Target that fits decently, but the problem is the sleeves are too long (they hit my knuckles). There's no point in getting these altered, especially because they were kinda cheap, and I was just going to return it after the interview anyway. Would it look bad to roll up the sleeves for an interview? Even if I push them up for a scrunched look, they fall back down very easily unless I keep my arms in a weird position.

No. 794347

A few days ago I got an interview for this Friday but I forget what time it was for. Now I feel like I'm going to look stupid when I call to confirm tomorrow but I don't want to be wrong. At least I am calling the day before. I can't believe I didn't write it down, I have EVERYTHING else written down for that day even the directions she gave me to get to the conference room. Stupid me

No. 794391

Could you just fold it up to your wrist? I personally think that looks more professional then rolled up all the way. Unless that's what you meant

No. 794403

Bitches at my job drive me up a fucking wall with their rude asses and bullshit so much that their fuckery keeps me awake at night thinking about it. The problem is that they disguise their behaviors with microaggressions and weasel words so much that if I were to ever react or attempt to call it out, I would look like the mean or oversensitive one.
It's just a job. But fuck them.

No. 794407

I was going to roll them up about midway up my forearm since I don't have any safety pins to keep them pinned in place if I fold them inward to my wrist (plus the buttons would look wonky). I did see a trick with using a rubber hand above the elbow to create scrunch, but I'm worried the sleeves would slip and reveal the rubber band lol. I have short hair so I don't have any black hair ties, but maybe I should just go get a pack kek.

No. 794419

Do you own an iron anon? If it's just for a short interview l, literally just press them down with the iron for a few second

No. 794423

You really think they wouldn't dump your ass for someone willing to do your work for half the rate? Your employer is not your friend.

Depends on the job. Something in banking or for a law firm, probably not okay. Tech, definitely okay. Most everything else, also probably okay. When is the interview? My real suggestion is just buy another blazer. If there's an H&M near you, they're my pick for good, cheap office clothes.


No. 794596

I just called today at 11am (the interview is tomorrow morning at 10:30 or 10am) and it rung a few times and went to voicemail. Should I leave a voicemail or just call back after noon because she might be on lunch?

No. 794608

>tfw waiting to hear back from a job is both maddening and the one thing keeping me going at my current job

No. 794649

File: 1619714101002.jpg (398.18 KB, 1280x960, turtle-960709_1280.jpg)

>I want to ride around in a small vehicle in nature or forest, be alone not talk to anyone, checking up on the wildlife, maybe do some simple lab tests on the earth and weather.
>No crazy long work hours or bureaucratic paperwork, just a fairly autonome job.
I don't want to go to university because I hate the academic environment and pressure.
What kind of career fulfills this? And where do I get training? I am eurofag.

No. 794687

Like a field researcher or park ranger? We have these places near me called 'nature stations' which are essentially just small woodlands where people can go hiking, bike riding, picnicking, etc. They also have a building in the front where they have some natural exhibits and animals. I'm sure they have people there who have to maintain the park areas. Not sure if you need any special credentials to work at these kinds of places though. Maybe try to find something similar and volunteer there?

No. 794689

Afaik in Europe you'll need to be in a research field (which implies a degree) to do any atmospheric research. You can be a game and fisheries warden, but you'll have to talk to hunters and fishermen and inspect their permits. Volunteering might be a good option.

No. 795024

Ohhh, definitely did not think about using an iron, thanks anon!

It's a news company! I went to H&M today to see what blazers they had- the last time I went in for a blazer they didn't have any in plain black for whatever reason. Most of them also have the sleeves hit my knuckles, but I found one where the sleeves are just tight enough that when I push them up to scrunch them they stay up! I found one that was made with already scrunched sleeves but the fabric looked too much like linen even though it wasn't and I didn't want to risk it looking too casual.

No. 795959

File: 1619863468273.jpg (118.63 KB, 566x642, 1619847945756.jpg)

>Every job thread online, no matter the website
>"Get an office job, anything else will destroy your body"
>All my office worker friends in their mid twenties are constantly complaining about their backpain, their joints clicking doing basic movements

No. 795965

all you can do is exercise and get ergonomic chairs/desks/etc so you minimize the damage. stretch, drink water, sleep enough hours so your body isn't exhausted…
and avoid being american. the fact that cashiers over there can't sit down is retarded beyond belief.

No. 795980

Jobs were you're not allowed to sit are hell I had one and the abuse you would get if a client saw you sitting down. I would always be exhausted and feel sick after my shifts.

No. 796750

I'm pretty sure I have carpal tunnel now because of all the mindless clicking I do on my computer all day, but I feel like it's easily remedied with stretches and breaks. I worked retail prior to getting an office job, the only thing I miss was mindlessly burning a fuck ton of calories because I was running up and down the store all day and could stand 12+ hours in a day and not be bothered at all. I gave up a job that emotionally destroyed me in exchange for an office job that gives me some body aches. I do yoga every morning which has really helped me.

No. 797193

any tips to build the confidence proper for a sales position?

No. 797283

check your morals at the door and do your best saul goodman impression

No. 797327

I got the job and am going to go to sign papers an do hr stuff on tuesday but idk if its self sabotage, my anxiety, my depression, or used to neetdom but i want to kms. I dont want to work and i know i have to. But im just terrified of working and having to meet peoples expectations. I would rather die or get kidnapped and i know thats also really bad thinking but this job is stressing me out and it hast even started. Sorry if this shouldve been in the vent thread instead but any advice frome previous neets?

No. 797345

Gusanon would approve

No. 797368

What kind of job is it, if you don't mind me asking? Personally, working in fast food helped me break out of my NEET-induced anxiety shell and now I'm more confident than I could have ever imagined. I dissociated on the first day because I had never been in an environment as loud and busy as that for such a long time, but it didn't take long to get used to.

No. 797384

yes anon, don’t work. matter in fact free yourself and leave an example, run away and destroy any evidence of your existence. labor is essential to humankind, but working produces an unhealthy alienation from the worker to their labor. don’t listen to the bullshit from the other anon because it might not be true, if in your gut you don’t feel well about it it may never change and not working may be best for you as of now. don’t force yourself for change, it happens least expected and definitely when you don’t want it to

No. 797421

Nta but god, if only running away and living off-the-grid was feasible for the average person. I'd do anything to drop everything and pursue the arts. But damn, I'm too sensitive to heat and being without AC in my area is a death sentence. Ah…

No. 797458

File: 1620020196638.jpg (29.59 KB, 560x314, 1400117018061.jpg)

Anon don't worry about it. Just do the job, you don't even have to do it that great. If you exceed expectations then that's all that they'll expect from you, but right now since you're new, all they expect is the minimum. Bask in the benefit of doubt while you can

Everything's going to be fine, I believe in you

No. 797492

Anon don't even worry about meeting expectations, you'll be new and they only expect you to show up and attempt to understand what you are meant to do. Plus if it's a low end job like retail or fast food don't do anything beyond the bare minimum. If you do they'll always expect more and start to abuse your good work ethic but not properly compensating you.

No. 797609

The only job i got call backs from were related to my undergrad degree, teaching…… so im gonna be teaching at a school. I was also applying to office jobs too and retail but nobody called back for office jobs and retail said i was overqualified, and im not cause i dont know how to do anything in general and forgot everything i learned in school.
Ive always dreamed of living off grid and i think i could but dont have the base money to start off. Id have to buy a rv/camper or maybe a small cottage? Cause i wouldnt be able to be living in tents. A nice cottage, cutting my own wood, having my own garden, every once in a while go to the nearby library and checkout/return books. Thatd be my ideal life.
Thanks anons! I know its not feasible to live off grid and everything but its nice to dream. I will be trying my best and hope that i dont mess up too much my first year and if i get fired and burn bridges/disappoint people i hope i at least get unemployment kek. Thanks for the encouragement! It feels different from strangers than it does from people around me.

No. 797631

File: 1620047176787.gif (253.58 KB, 500x285, 1443759443873.gif)

Anon when you apply for jobs you need to tailor your resume. For example if for applying retail, leave college out. They won't background check you lol

Good luck with teaching though, that's way better than retail! I'm sure you'll do great, no sarcasm

No. 800154

File: 1620295645186.jpg (31.31 KB, 693x451, 0000000z.jpg)

what are some skills I can learn in 6 months or less (I plan to go REALLY HARD) that will allow me to work remotely from home full-time? i'm rock-bottom desperate here because i feel so hopeless and due to severe mental illness i can't work a regular job (yes i am in therapy/treatment and have been for a long time).. please and thank you ;_;

No. 800184

You can try learning some graphic design but be aware that freelance is actually far more stress inducing and demanding than office job in the industry.

No. 800187

Sitting all day is very bad for your body, probably worse than doing menial labour*.

The best jobs in terms of protecting your health, are the ones where you are on the move all day, but don't do any physically taxing work, so like being a postman or a site supervisor or some shit like that. Any job were you are walking around with a clipboard all day is perfect.

*menial labour used to be much worse and more hazardous but today there are better working conditions mandated by law, but the idea remains that office work is healthier, although of course there are exceptions

No. 800418

I'm going to insult one of my clients someday. Fuck call centers and HR departments that are too greedy to hire the correct number of employees.

No. 800490

didnt meant to sage lole

No. 800495

Stop being retarded, this is definitely inappropriate.

No. 800500

Anon, seriously, are you stupid or were you sheltered in life for so long? Jesus

No. 800501


ok i will stop…

No. 800504

You are playing with fire here.
Technically what you did is already sexual misconduct, although don't worry nobody will actually care and he would be scared to file a report.
I am curious what you are trying to do though?!

No. 800510


>sexual misconduct

uhhh its kinda hard to explain the context to someone who wasnt there but i think he probably clocked that i was only joking

i'm not trying to do anything, he probably knows that, i am in a committed relationship and so is he.

the responses here have been a wake up call for me so i will stop now and not say anything else like that

No. 800513

oh lord please spare this nonny from the ‘tism, she is only but a retard.

No. 800518

Anon, it's just a FYI for you in case you will be surprised if he would sexually assalut you 'because you were asking for it', leaves his wife because of you (which is unlikely, because in 99 of the time they just end up giving you a role of mistress (and trust me, he will never divorce) ). The whole situation sounds disgusting, you are probably not even aware of how men are.

If you want to keep friendly attitude, keep it PG. I do not understand how a 20yo can be horny for a 51 year old, sounds like someones fantasy to me. There are lots of fishes in the sea, and you never mix love and job together.

No. 800683

I recently applied for a job at an Apple store. Figured what why not, I always have to help people with their iphones at work and it seems like the company offers a lot of benefits for the lowest positions. Besides being in the apple cult I can't imagine it being any worse than the retail job I already do so I hope I hear back from them.

I've also been applying to other types of jobs, things like marketing that tie into my degree but so far it's been no replies or rejections. So it seems like right now all the entry-level jobs are dying to hire people but the ones that pay well are still difficult to get into.

No. 800923


>leaves his wife for me

>makes me his mistress
>sexually assaults me

its hard to explain context but he’s the kindest man i have ever met in my life and is not even capable of any of those. i am just having a bit of fun because i fancy him, i am also in a committed relationship

No. 800927

Imagine if your boyfriend was making sexual innuendos about his coworker's tits to them. Inappropriate for his colleagues and disrespectful for his partner.
The fact that you're also in a relationship makes this situation even worse… I hope you mature soon

No. 800931

LMAO without getting into the details, my bf has not been entirely faithful to me and it hurts more than i can say. i have absolutely nothing to feel guilty for.

No. 800937

So your committed relationship isn't as valuable as you want to believe, then, either. Find a better bf that doesn't make you feel so unwanted with his disloyal behavior that you end up feeling desirable by a creepy 51 yo committing sexual misconduct…

No. 800939

i am desperate to drop him but honestly i am too busy to find someone else and tinder is beneath me

No. 800958

Am I a dumbass for wanting to pursue a career in cosmetology when I have a bachelor degree related to stem? I can't bear the idea of actually doing that kind of job and I was pressured into doing that major in college by my parents who paid for it so it majorly guilted me into finishing. I feel like I've wasted years of my life. But at the same time, maybe I'm being an idiot for pursuing a career that would pay far less. The thing is, I've wanted to do cosmetology since high school but my parents were very rude about it. They even told me when I was in college how "wasn't I glad I didn't just do makeup and hair" when the whole time I felt disgusted by the job descriptions of the careers I'm supposed to get with this degree (I don't mean that they're objectively awful, I just mean, I felt dread at the idea I myself would do it when there's something else I'd rather do). I have enough saved to get into a program at a community college with no debt and I still have my part time job I was in through all of college. I may switch to another part time job near where my bf lives so I don't need to attend cosmetology school while I live with my parents. What are your thoughts?

No. 800968

You're not an idiot and money isn't everything. Although you an make a shit ton of money through makeup and hair. As another stem bound artsy bitch pressured into the wrong degree, I say go for it. There's nothing to lose, and if you realize it's not for you, you can always go back to stem.

No. 801057

Oh woe is me–

>Wants a job so I can stop being so dependent on my parents at 21

>Can't get a job because I can't let go of an authority figure loudly demeaning and making fun of my first attempt at writing a resume

>I get too scared and feel like I need my handheld

>Not even most retailers want me without a resume

>My parents forbid me from working and volunteering when I was younger to focus on school so I don't even have anything to put on a resume

>I try to get help but everyone treats me like a tard because these are all something that you should "know"

>I'm autistic so I don't "know" most things anyway, but because I don't regularly bang my head on walls or stim openly people don't like to give the help I need

>Maybe I should just become a sugarbaby and call it a day

No. 801066

Can you stop shitting up the thread ? Go to vent or dumbass shit.

No. 801078

Don't mean this in an offensive way but I could tell you're autistic before I got to the part where you addressed that. Are there services you can get in touch with?

Where I live there's services that hook up autists and others like that with basic jobs. I think even social workers help with that sometimes, or they know who to refer you to.

No. 801107

>Don't mean this in an offensive way but I could tell you're autistic before I got to the part where you addressed that.
NTA but how could you tell?

No. 801115

You should try applying to a grocery or craft store, they don’t seem too difficult to work at for an entry-level job

No. 801133

Do any of you have experience with lying about your employment status/holes in your application?
If not, do you think it would be fatal?

No. 801265

Not sure how you clocked it, but good job. You're automatically better than most of the professionals who were supposed to help me

And unfortunately no–Well maybe I can, but I don't know of any. I've never thought of looking into one, usually I do things through my school and they haven't alerted me of anything

Those that I applied to rejected me unfortunately. Someone told me that it was because I didn't have a resume, but that just leads me back to the beginning.

Oh I am SO sorry I troubled your delicate sensibilities. I just assumed that a thread about jobs would be a good place to vent about my difficulties in finding jobs. I'll think remember what you said for the next time.

No. 801274

Hmm, if there's no way for your employer to find any proof you lied I think it would be fine; these questions are often too invasive to be answered honestly anyway. If you lie you worked somewhere and they call there to ask about you just to find out it's a lie, you'll be in trouble; but if you say that you, idk, had to tend to family matters while actually you just sat on your bed depressed for months, it will be totally ok. I don't want to encourage you to lie for sure because honesty is usually the best thing but sometimes being too honest won't help and you need to pick you battles I guess.

No. 801304

It really depends on what you're applying for. If it's something like entry level retail, they're not going to bother verifying your work history to begin with. Otherwise, as long as you're not claiming to have a doctorate or something, fudging some info isn't fatal. You're just trying to get noticed for an interview.

No. 801427

How hard is it to find a job in the IT field?
Computer janitor sounds like a nice, boring job that lets me put my attention on better things.

No. 801658

Just say you worked at Pier 1, dummy. Then when they ask why you're looking for a new job, you answer that you're currently unemployed because the store you worked at closed. They went out of business. How are they going to verify that?

By the way, you have all of humanity's knowledge at your fingertips. Google how to write a resume, resume templates, and retail resume templates. It's all there for you. You just copy and paste. At least pretend to give a shit. I can already tell you're the type to be happy staying miserable.

Not at all. At my old company, we were always hiring people for IT. Huge turnover rate there. It's not as bad as my current company, but I always see IT roles open on LinkedIn (I guess LinkedIn thinks I work in IT and shows me a bunch of IT roles in the jobs section). If you can handle a lot of boring work and some crazies freaking out about how they got god knows what on their work laptop god knows how, you've got a nice and steady career ahead of you. My favorite IT person at my company has been around for nearly two decades. I'm at a tech company. People usually stick around for two YEARS. I think you should give it a shot.

No. 802310


this >>800184 anon isn't wrong that a lot of graphic design jobs do offer work from home but its a highly competitive and broad job market. You have to get really good at one specialised area (web design vs editorial for example) or be a jack of all trades that can do all of it to a decent standard (advertising, print and digital, web design, packaging, merchandise.) I recommend learning some coding languages because that can be utilised in a lot of jobs from backend development and admin through to design in the web/mobile/gaming industries. Codecademy is a good place to get started, there are tons of free coding courses and resources. I would also recommend taking some courses in marketing and social media management, i see these jobs all the time and they will only get more popular, often fully remote even for non-freelance jobs. A lot of it is mostly admin work, online customer service and basic content production.

No. 802338

Bunch of scrotes in this thread talking about finding jobs. Cringe. You will never be a career woman, trannies.

No. 802628

stop projecting.

No. 802713

File: 1620585119005.jpg (129.03 KB, 750x928, tumblr_e1a329e406cb4d140783018…)

does this person have a problem with me or am i just imagining it? for context, i teach swimming on weekends.

>first day of work was today

>coworker with no superiority over me tells me to take my hat off
>even tho she has no authority to do so, i remove it not wanting to ruffle feathers
>ok sure whatever

>interrupts my lesson to tell me to move my hat even though its fine where it is

>i tell her im a student teacher

>goes on to tell me how she gave a student teacher a good dressing down
>implies we're inexperienced and unworthy of respect whatever

>stops her entire fucking lesson to stare at me with an appalled look on her face

>i have no idea why
>her students look around in confusion as to why she's stopped

>start reading swim teaching manual during break

>'you're not looking very confident with that book luv'
>starts interrogating me on my preparedness/lesson plan

obviously shes retarded and i know the things she's saying to me are totally inappropriate and snarky but my true worry is that
>this is only my first day
>i havent done anything wrong
>i happen to be very good a my job, which i have been doing for 3 years

i just wonder if this could be the start of a process of her trying to get me sacked. she's old and has been there for a long time

how do i protect my job from this witch?

No. 802742

Are you keeping to yourself a lot?
Try to make friends with other faculty.
Maybe that will help keeping her away.
Bullies usually prey on the weak.

No. 802749

Yeah, good suggestion tbh.

I did actually reach out to another member of staff who seems very nice.

I have an advantage cos the lifeguards are both girls my own age, so I will make more of an effort with them next week.

No. 803399

>recieve job interview offer and linkedin connection request from recruiter on a friday morning
>link embedded in email says to book a slot in their calendar
>saw and opened the email not 10 minutes after it was sent
>link is broken, says the interview is no longer available and to contact the recruiter
>send email explaining what happened along with my availability right away
>no response
>now monday afternoon, still no response

and now im going to be sitting agonising over this and refreshing my email over and over. Are they busy scheduling
interviews? Is the recruiter away from the office? Did they overlook my follow up email? Did they miraculously hire someone in less than an hour? Did they initially offer me it by mistake? I fucking hate how unhelpful and slow recruiters can be sometimes. Meanwhile I sit here and overthink whether they'll think I'm impatient for sending a follow up email.

No. 803405

So I've been unemployed for a while but I worked at a place for 3 months from last year's November until this year's January. Now obviously I can't put that on my resume. My question is, wouldn't such a big unemployment gap count as a red flag to potential employers? What should I say I did in that time?

No. 803407

samefag, thought I'd add that before that I worked at a company for 4 years consistently

No. 803414

Document everything unprofessional that she does. Write it down with time stamps and email it to yourself every day so you have further proof of those timestamps - do it on your personal email.
Don't tell anyone that you are doing this, but documentation is extremely important and could potentially come in handy for you in the future.

No. 803434

I applied to some farm jobs. No experience needed so thank god for me! Just waiting for some call backs. Will call tomorrow if no calls today.

Anons, what's your opinions on jobs that say "No experience needed" but when you get to the interview they expect experience in the job they advertised? someone please explain that shit to my dumb ass.

Encouragement to all the anons here! we need it!

No. 803435

dont worry about it imo, every office-working person I've tried to reach lately has taken like a week to respond. And this is me trying to bring business to them lol. I think they are all savoring the last couple months of remote work before they are herded back in. Don't hesitate to email them again within a couple days, in fact make sure that you do so you seem attentive. A tip is to send your email during about 10am-11am as i feel like thats when people are most attentive and actually working, and theyve settled in a little snd dealt with anything that came up overnight. Although, in all likelihood your giy was just like "hey IT guys, zoom broke" and is on vacay til they deal with it.

No. 803462


No. 803476

>So I've been unemployed for a while but I worked at a place for 3 months from last year's November until this year's January. Now obviously I can't put that on my resume
What? Why not? Did it end very badly?

You should start off with reminding them that the offer said "no job experience". Then go "however, I do have X skill…" and talk about your qualities/skills that you've earned from other experiences (school, other jobs, hobbies, etc) that would, in your understanding, be useful for the job. Generic ones would be attention to detail, flexibility, I guess endurance for farm work? And conclude with saying you're very eager to learn the job.

No. 803480


I'm assuming you got fired or it ended badly at that 3 month job, because otherwise I don't see why you shouldn't put it on your resume? Unless you know they will give you a bad reference you could just make up some bs reason as to why the role wasnt a good fit, something about the shift pattern/location being inconvenient or the work or team not being a good fit for you. As for the unemployment gap, people always say its fine to say "taking a mental health break" but a lot of employers are pretty unsympathetic and just care about you being reliable. You could say you were upskilling or in online training, or thinking of studying and changing careers but then changed your mind. Could say you had to focus on caring for someone like an elderly or sick relative and couldn't spare the hours or risk catching covid.

No. 803491

File: 1620662846123.png (2.39 MB, 1084x1172, 1575207315882.png)

Congrats, anon!!!

No. 803579

…no, it did not end badly, they even wrote a reference letter for me, I just always heard that jobs that lasted under a year should be omitted from your CV because it is seen as a red flag…?

No. 803607

LOL what complete retard told you that?
Every single experience is good to put on a CV, even a one week internship if it's relevant to what you're applying to.
As long as your CV is only one page there's no reason to take out a good experience.

I find it so funny you thought that. Do you think every single person who's ever sent a CV had had jobs that lasted over a year? LOADS of jobs don't last a year. And obviously a 3 months job that went well looks better than a huge gap.

No. 803612

I don't know what is with this luck but I've been waiting to hear back for a position I interviewed for with my old company, and while my coworker was so sure that I got it, my hopes were dwindling with no email from HR in sight. The recruiter from a different place called me to set up a second round interview so I ended up setting that up… then in my inbox I see HR from my old company sent me the email that I got the position!!! I'm shaking a little bit, and I'm glad I have to wear a mask because I'm smiling like a goofy idiot. The pay will be less than the other position I'm interviewing for, but it's in my field, the place has good benefits, and I know my coworkers already. I'm excited to go back.

Now… how do I break it to my coworker…

No. 803621

Alright, yeah looking back, it was a stupid question. thanks for your answers!!

No. 803639

Bless you anon! Thank you!!

No. 803802

File: 1620681469202.jpg (312.24 KB, 1170x1919, IMG_3685.JPG)

Me again. Within 5 minutes of the Facetime interview, the benefits coordinator let me know that they definitely wanted me to come in for an in-person interview. The first one lasted about 25 minutes and I absolutely killed it – a very casual interview, more akin to getting a feel for one another.

My second interview was Friday at 10:30 AM. Ended up starting closer to 10:45ish, what with COVID paperwork and the little bit of wait time in between. I met with both the HR manager and the benefits coordinator. It was mainly more getting to know me, HR lady and I catching up, discussions of what an average day looks like there (no such thing), compensation, when I'd be able to start, etc. and me posing questions as well. Upward mobility looks more like receptionist > legal assistant > paralegal, which I honestly like better than what my best friend has at her current job, wherein she was thrown from receptionist straight into paralegal and it was a bit of a culture shock. I asked about when I would hear back and was told they weren't sure yet because they were still interviewing others. I got out at 11:20. At 1:15 I got the call that I got the job! Words can't express how grateful and excited I am to finally have everything falling into place for me at 22. I no longer feel like I'm behind all my peers. I'm actually starting a career, and at one of the top firms in my city, no less! I put in my 2 weeks at my current call center job and now everyone is saying I'm calling for a sidebar whenever I grab a superior for something lmao

No. 803994

Congrats anon! Well deserved

No. 804009

I work at Hobby Lobby. I feel so miserable going to/being at work. Before covid, I spent a year training to be an actress. It's my dream.. I can't imagine anything better than getting paid to do what makes me feel like nothing ever has. So alive, so full of emotions, just bursting.

I took the HL job because covid shut down all productions here.

It's starting up again. I checked my states film page and there's more casting calls than there has been in over a year.

Do I quit this job that kills my soul to pursue this?

I worry about what my parents will think.

The thing is, a casting director came to the actors studio, and she told my teacher that I was the only one who stood out. Lol, nothing like that has ever happened to me. I just feel like I could really make something of myself, and sometimes I want to cry at work, like I'm just wasting my life here. Dramatic, i know lol.

I just don't know what to do.

No. 804010

Can you have your hours reduce until you land a paid gig?

No. 804011

From what you've written it really feels like you'll regret not following your passion at this moment
You can get a hobby lobby kind of job later in life, but following your creative passions is something for the present. You will absolutely lose financial security by following your dreams, but as long as you can theoretically sleep on your parents couch then you may as well try it for a bit to see if you can make it work. Why even live if you don't try what makes you happy?

No. 804018

I'm assuming that you want to quit because the auditions etc will be during work hours? Maybe you should look for work with alternative schedules, like night shifts etc. I'm sure you know that no matter how talented you are, you aren't guaranteed to make a living by acting. Following your dreams is a nice idea but realistically you need to work too, you just have to manage your time so you can do both.

No. 804036

hobby lobby isn't a career. working retail will never go away or be off the table if acting doesn't work out. don't spend the rest of your life wondering.

No. 804240

maam if you dont quit your job and screw what your parents think. Also if you are young (which you sound like) don't even think about money especially i fyou live at home. your early 20s and shit are meant for you to be broke (not poor lol) spending your money and time finding yourself and chasing after your dreams. your parents lived their lives already fuck what they think. As long as you are respectful and are actively trying to pursue acting (if they arent assholes) they will come around and be very proud of you. Please don't think about other people when it comes to pursuing something you love. So many people are stuck at dead end jobs hating themselves for not even trying out of fear other people around them's opinion. Its your life!!! if god forbid it doesnt work out jobs will always be there lol. Somebody is always hiring. You will be fine. Good luck and we cant wait to see a fellow anon on the big screen LMAO

No. 805347

What's the best (or rather least bad) job finding site you know of? Remote positions are compromised for me since I'm stuck with siblings and a desk that is too high to have a half-decent camera angle.

No. 810220

Currently dealing with an asshole bitch in my office who's been maligning me against my manager and coworkers behind my back. I think it's because I had the audacity to ~annoy~ her by asking her questions on my job and how to do things when I was new here and taking over her old role. I'd ask her like three questions a week and she eventually started whining about how she didn't have time to help me even though nothing I asked had ever taken her but a minute or less to answer. She was supposed to have trained me and integrated me into the role but she was a terrible trainer who just wanted to wash her hands of it. Since the manager is remote 100%, I couldn't really ask her site-specific questions or get on her good graces unlike the opportunity that this coworker had before I got here and before covid. This coworker literally learned her job one on one with the manager when they were small, but I'm treated like an idiot for not reading their minds or not automatically following how their business works. My responsibilities have actually expanded beyond the scope of what I was originally hired for tbh. The manager is bad and is the type to pretend like she's open to questions. Yet when I ask her something she acts like I'm stupid, demands my justification for asking, proof that I tried to figure it out myself, or she doesn't have time for it cause she's "too busy." That's everyone's favorite line here, being "busy," as if I just sit around doing nothing besides cooking up ways to "bother" people. I went to HR about this because I think it's shitty that I'm trying to be decent at my job by asking questions and verifying processes, yet I'm treated like I'm just around to be obnoxious and shirk. I do a lot of shit every day so it makes no sense why I catch this attitude…until I account for the coworker who talks massive shit about me.

Anyway, this coworker has a huge chip on her shoulder because she was here when the company was still a startup and believes that means she's worked harder than others, especially me. Ex: When I got Adobe Acrobat Pro to combine and edit the massive amount of files I had to process, she just had to pipe in about how she used to have to print out and rescan everything even though I too did that the first few months when I was new here. Actually, the small size and close knit atmosphere of the company meant she worked in a more casual environment and had more hands on experience–and she had less shit to do because there were less than 40 fucking employees to process shit for. She got to see the company and its processes grow from the bottom up so she understands the workings better. She got to cultivate a golden child relationship with the manager that she can do no wrong even though she's a pretty mediocre employee who does in fact make mistakes. Based on the messes I've had to pick up after since taking this position, clearly she's sly and just swept shit under the rug until it was someone else's responsibility to clean it up (mine). Now I get to be treated like the office punching bag for it. And regarding this role: There'd been attempts to fill it at least three times before me, but everyone mysteriously was let go or left. I'm starting to think it's because this bitch and the department are toxic as fuck. And I recently found out she acts as a pseudo supervisor over me, despite having no such authority or position, because she reports any little thing I do to the manager meanwhile letting people on her good side ie. A contractor who's been bribing her with free salad lunches from her second job, do shit like arrive to work 2 hours late without tattling.

I dislike them but I'm not quitting cause the job just isn't stressful on paper outside of dealing with these assholes. I'd wait for them to fire me first so I can comfortably collect my unemployment, and I'm sure this fact is the only thing that holds them back from doing so in addition to the reality that I'm clearly the only one willing to put up with their shit for a paycheck and benefits unlike the others before me.

No. 810225

>a desk that is too high to have a half-decent camera angle
Anon I don't know what to tell you, if you can't work out some makeshift solution for that then you probably don't have much motivation for finding a job
Where are you living? Different sites do better for different countries

No. 810259

OP's post has major burger energy

No. 810271

Use it as a paycheck while you find other work. Dealing with people or a person you can't stand every day will slowly drive you nuts, trust me.

No. 810280

anyone work with animals but isnt a vet? ive been wanting to get into caring for animals but i never see any shelters or veterinarian hiring

No. 810298

Are there any sort of like, online career advisor services anywhere? I wanna try talking to a professional to explore what kind of realistic options I have that are perusable.

No. 810363

im a busser I clean tables and I want die externally whenever I see like a 12 top with a bunch of kids I swear to fucking god I know you want to eat out but I am very tired of cleaning up after your children :C :C :C

i found my job using indeed but they're really annoying with their emails
the only job I can think of is house-sitting since you're looking after a home and you'll probably be looking after a dog with that home(:C :C :C)

No. 810365

Not directly employment related, but I have a question about a professional issue - what does it mean when a non profit tells you that you can't volunteer with them anymore?

I am on a college scholarship where you have to volunteer XX hours in a year. I was really into this one place I found (a bird sanctuary), and I was putting in a bunch of work. I even got a reward for my volunteering - a fancy water bottle that retails for about $30.

I thought things were going to go well and I could volunteer there this summer. But then I got a call from the head of the organization (not my supervisor) about how she was sorry I couldn't work there anymore because my supervisor would be busy with an intern for the summer. However, she was going to still be working with volunteers who had been there longer.

I thought the whole thing was weird. Like why couldn't my supervisor talk to me myself? And why wouldn't an organization want free labor?

I'm super bummed, and even if there was nothing wrong on my end, I'm really annoyed because I'm not sure where else I could volunteer this summer. I live in a very rural area with no car so that really limits my options.

No. 810384

Did you ever discuss your plans for the summer to the supervisor and head before any of this?

It's weird how they did not have a meeting with you at all. I'm in a very similar position and I have to do meetings at the end of each semester to see what we should do next.

Hugs to you. I hope you can find a better gig, soon.

No. 810787


I had a friend who also volunteered at a bird sanctuary. They had a lot of offers for volunteers, so she only had a chance to work for them a handful of times because they wanted to keep rotating volunteers to give more people opportunities to get involved. They could just be restructuring, maybe the head of the org decided your supervisor would be better off overseeing fewer staff members, and you just got unlucky that you were one of the newer or less memorable/skilled recruits?

No. 815857

How do people even get a call/email back? I've applied for so many internships and haven't even had a single followup email. This has been the case for me ever since I started applying for them in sophomore year of undergrad. The only internship I had was a fake one that I got through my dad at a tiny company totally unrelated to my degree. Now I have a BS and I'm going for my MA in econ. I've had ONE response from a job with the government but it was full-time and they were gonna pay me like 45k and I'd have to move to a city where I knew no one. Am I just doomed to never have a legit internship? I'm so fucking confused. I graduated magna cum laude and have a lot of academic experience, have a bunch of good references, but I have no professional experience, is that it? Or what is it?
Sorry anons if this comes off as delusional

No. 816316

i tutor and i have to work with this (actually) autistic child and am legitimately afraid of getting hurt. like i was thinking of getting eyewear. he was banging on top of my head last time. i just can't do it, it's too much for minimum wage. but i want to be able to use my boss as a reference in the future + keep working there until i'm finished with college. how would you handle this situation while staying on good terms with your boss? she already knows he does all of this…

No. 816317

File: 1622026822742.png (1.84 MB, 1105x765, 1a1.png)

this thread moves so slow but i thought i'd come back and share my success because i've used this thread many many times over the last few months to vent my frustrations and delusional overthinking after getting rejected over and over. I'm also holding off on telling anyone irl until my references are checked and the offer is 100% secure but I GOT AN OFFER FOR THE BEST JOB VACANCY I'VE APPLIED TO YET! They even agreed to pay me my requested salary which is 2k higher than what they were originally offering. The recruiter said I was a standout from the beginning as well as a lot of other things that killed my imposter syndrome for a hot minute. The second interview was over an hour long and afterwards I just felt so depressed and convinced myself that it went badly, then they fucking offered me the job an hour later!!! I'm so glad I was rejected from the last few places I applied to, because I would've accepted them in a heartbeat and end up in roles that were way less suited to me.

Imposter syndrome is creeping up on me still, I've had some paranoid thoughts about my references somehow not coming through or that I will mess up the job when I start - even thinking "what would happen if i dont accept it?" I'm trying to embrace those fears and just trust myself. Any anons feeling a similar way remember you were selected for a reason and your achievements are not a fluke!!! It's all about quantity and every rejection letter is just one step closer to that job.

No. 816325

Queen shit, wishing you the best!

No. 816391

File: 1622036609123.jpg (53.88 KB, 600x480, 1-4-23-11.jpg)

Anons, how do you know if a company / jobs place is not fishy or dangerous?

I am a 20yo immigrant who is all alone in a foreign country, still looking for a job for a year now (thanks to COVID ruining the economics).

My parent tells me that I shouldn't go work as a waitress (at least to places that has alcohol) because of sexual assaults cases (grabbing your butt, etc, I worked in a small place as a teen and that happened to me before, ended up working only for two months) and worse.

I told them that I am so desperate (because I am sick of being a useless leech) that I wouldn't even mind being a janny, but they thankfully told me not to.

Ive been taking care of children for my whole life, so I think that this job will fit me the most, or maybe something basic as secretary. I enjoy helping people and taking care of them, especially kids and elderly.

I have tried applying for customer support places, but due to a high % of unemployment and how small this place is, they said they preferred native citizens. I am still trying to knock on the last place which interview I sadly failed last year.

What do you think? Sorry for such noobie question, I am feeling a bit lost.

No. 816398

>due to a high % of unemployment and how small this place is, they said they preferred native citizens
This is overt discrimination and potentially illegal where you live. Look it up and complain, you can even sue them for money.

t. fellow immigrant who had similar issues back in the day, they count on you not knowing how the system works and not being able to fight for your rights so they can underpay you or pass you over for someone else.

No. 816399

You can look up employees reviews, and general customers reviews just to see what kind of place it is in general. From my experience waitressing jobs are mostly normal, there's only a few sleazy places. I can't imagine you'd be groped in a pizzeria or whatever.
Maybe tell us what country you're in, there could be someone native to this country who could help you better?

No. 816419

I was supposed to start a dream job at a museum this week but I just got an e-mail saying they rescinded their offer because of my background check. I disclosed on the damn application before I even got the interview that I have a misdemeanor charge from two years ago (I also explained the charges before consenting to the check itself). I am not a repeat offender, I got in a fight while drunk (didn't even hurt the other person ffs), have since quit drinking entirely, and accepted the guilty plea since COVID made pretrial diversion impossible. I am so fucking crushed, I thought this was going to be the start to a promising career after being stuck in retail my entire working life, and god, more than anything I wanted to work with the people there. I'm so humiliated because I made a good impression on them. I don't know if I can go back to school and there's not many options where I live. I thought I was going to be more successful than this, I'm so disappointed and hate myself so fucking much

No. 816446

Guys how do I get work Visa in USA? I'm trying to leave my 3rd world country to pursue work and education in USA

No. 816450

How to stop judging myself after a job interview? I have this feeling that I did bad. It feels like shit. The voices inside my head are torturing me. Any advice?

No. 816458

I know this is hard thing to do but the moment you leave the interview you just got to say it went well. Text me you did good on the interview. The fake it to you believe it attitude.

No. 816464

I'm so sorry this happened to you, anon. Do you think sending a follow-up email or a reference letter from someone you trust would hurt? I personally think at this point you have nothing to lose. In any case, fuck 'em, they lost a great potential employee. I'd also look into how soon you can expunge your misdemeanor.

Acknowledge that it's over. Send a follow-up email if appropriate. Reflect to yourself on what you could do better next time, and most importantly what you did wonderfully. You did it, anon! That's all that matters right now, I promise. Then put all your energy into the next interview.

No. 816475

Thank you anons! I will try my best to comfort my mind. I really want the job, I hope I get it

No. 816478


That is so awful anon, have you had a chance to explain yourself and point out that it was something you were honest and forthcoming about? Maybe that was overlooked if there were multiple people interviewing/processing your application. Like other anon said you have nothing to lose if you just remain polite and respectful.


Agreed with others that even just telling yourself and others that it went well will help. Remind yourself that you have no way of knowing for certain what the recruiters think, and acknowledge how easy it is for your brain to distort small comments or moments to convince you that you should feel bad.

No. 816499

Medical coder anons, how do I break into the field? I have a year of training under my belt on top of a 4 year degree but even entry-level positions are filtering me out due to lack of experience. I'm set to get certification this summer, but I'm desperate to get a job beforehand because service industry work is destroying my body. Should I wait until I'm certified? Any advice is appreciated!

No. 816506

If anecdote can be a consolation, I was 100% sure I messed up my dream job interview, I remember being so disappointed with myself I cried when I left; I ended up actually getting that job and later talked to HR to ask for feedback about that interview, they were surprised I thought I did anything wrong. Basically, leave judging for others! No need to torture yourself really.

No. 816770

I would get any type of job in the field, think janitor or volunteer work. I work in a museum now, and I got in by becoming a security guard lol.

No. 816822

File: 1622062527159.jpg (75.21 KB, 827x982, 1614467225600.jpg)

My coworkers have been reduced from 6 to 4 people, no plans on replacement, another due to leave in 2 months. Our workload has actually INCREASED, with it taking up half of our working hours (and half our equipment) each day. Of course, then our standard work suffers and we have to delegate that to the other team because it's the end of our shift. However, the other team are complaining and the only possible way I see this going is splitting our hours to interchangeably work later shifts. I don't want to work til 9pm. I've had enough shitty customer service jobs working later hours and I'm done with it.

I'm still finding job searching kind of traumatic though, because I spent so long unemployed…I have a lot of feelings there.

Is there any update on this?

No. 816902

My boss is trying really hard to keep me, she heard I was looking for other jobs and asked about it. The one I was most serious about might have around a month to get back to me so she wants me to take a month-long class that would give me a raise but it’s really not enough to live off of as a single person.

No. 816945

Don't fall for this trick. They know you intend to leave so once they find a replacement, you're kicked to the curb.
Once you tell your old employer there is no going back.

No. 816955

Fuck them you don’t owe them shit lmao

No. 816961

It depends tbh, I've played a risky game telling my boss I got offered a better job I'm thinking to go for and he cared for me enough I got a raise to beat the other offer. That happens sometimes.

No. 816975


Classic terrible boss move.

On the bright side, consider that since you have a job already you can afford to take time and be picky when applying for alternatives. It’s not quite the same increasingly desperate exercise it is when you’re unemployed.

No. 817007

If it's a white-collar environment then managers have to jump through hoops to let someone go; it would take longer than a month to get rid of her.

No. 817062

Any anons in the UX/UI field? I feel uncertain about the trajectory of where it’ll take me even if I just gotten accepted into a bootcamp cohort. I want to build a portfolio good enough for me to get hired and the imposter system is mega stronk? How do you nonnies handle the fear of not getting hired regardless of the quality of work?

No. 817465

File: 1622136438962.gif (2.08 MB, 282x324, 1621950348268.gif)

>have a job at a call center I'm way overqualified for because of the economic crises
>supposed to be for cars breaking down and insurance for workers in healthcare, some basic shit
>after 6 months, am trained for other basic insurance shit
>"we barely have any weird calls, you'll sometimes get calls for that one specific service but it's super rare, like once a month at the very most :)"
>it happens twice a week at least
>customers won't stop asking me advice because they may or may not be sued for maybe having indirectly killed a patient to me way more often than to other coworkers, have to tell them to call the proper department since that's the point of that "service" or give them a specific lawyer's phone number
>today just got a call from some landlord who's asking to some cleaning service after the guy who lived in his apartment died and was found rotting on the ground ten days later and covered in blood and shit, and right after that another call from a doctor who was being sued for the death of a sick baby

I'm THIS CLOSE to quitting and becoming a worthless neet.

No. 817469

Kek I used to have the same job. I only worked there for a year and still have dreams about fucked up calls years later

No. 817476

Honestly if it weren't for the whole covid bullshit I wouldn't even have come back to my country to begin with, let alone gotten a job like this. I'm trying to stay until the very end of the year so I can get as many bonuses as possible, after that I'll just stop coming back so I'll be fired and get unemployment, then I'll look for something I'm qualified for. I've had some job interviews that went to shit because of super bizarre situations I mentioned some stuff earlier in this thread and because the businesses that want to interview me had to close for 7 months because of covid.

No. 817478

These jobs sound so stressful but I'm really curious about the things you both heard

I once had a job that was kind of similar because it involved typing up police reports but it was all either dry DUI arrests or upsetting domestic violence cases, I didn't realise how much it affected me until I left. I hope you both have non traumatic jobs forever in the future

No. 817481

It's less traumatic that when I worked part-time at that one shithole of a clothing store where costumers would shit, piss and fuck in fitting rooms, insult us for closing the store on time and leave change their dirty underwear in front of everyone to still clean underwear.

Oh and one manager got supposedly fired when I was on holidays for punching a supervisor he was cheating on during their free time. I will always remember this dick head for hiring some guy pretending to be a customer who was actually from another security company than the one we worked with who insulted me and shoved me, a 40kg short woman, so he could pretend to go to the fitting rooms to still something and see our reactions. Fuck this guy, I hope he'll be homeless.

No. 817555

This is my own fault but I still think about it all the time - but one time a woman and her months old baby broke down in the middle of nowhere in the winter and I sent a tow truck over 2 hours in the wrong fucking direction. Everything was ok in the end but she called back and asked to be transfered to me a couple days later. In the most calm voice she told me she had never been more disappointed in another human being as she was with me lol

No. 817576

Did she give you the correct location to begin with? The few times this happened to me I had to almost harass people to give me the correct info because they can't be bothered to ask around or look it up on google maps and they keep repeating 10 times in a row "I don't know???", or they give me incorrect answers in ways I still can't understand to this day.

No. 817578

Yeah it was completely my fault. East/west roads out of town and I just fucked it up somehow. Kek it boggled my mind how often someone wouldn't know where they were and I'd have to ask dumb questions like "well where were you going?" to try and figure it out for them. Even worse when I'd ask them what car they drove and they'd just give me a color.

No. 817591

Sometimes when I asked where someone was they answer over and over again with where it was BEFORE they started driving or where they were going to. Once I asked a guy where he was at the moment with his car and he told and he gave me his home's address. Here's how it went:
>Where are you right now?
>My car is parked right next to my house
>So I should send break down service at [home address], correct?
>No, don't send them there! That's not where I am!
>Where should I send them then? Can you give me an address?
>Well, usually my car is parked next to my house
Rinse and repeat for over 5 minutes, I was going to lose my shit and insult the guy.

No. 818191

Ok so I had to call back the landlord to tell him what we covered and the tenant had a bunch of cats who shitted all over the floor the past 10 days and he implied that they started eating the tenant corpse at some point. Thank fucking god I'm on holidays for two weeks after on Monday.

No. 818306

File: 1622227955513.jpg (32.05 KB, 659x567, 1616375735451.jpg)

Just had a job interview and I fuckin nailed it! No matter what happens I know I did my best and had a great attitude and felt really good about the ppl who were interviewing me, like they would be great to work with. I'm hype and I just wanna keep this positivity and happiness going!

No. 818350

I just had an interview with a domestic violence outreach and intervention program for women. Decent pay and I’m more than qualified. It’s a big jump of careers (my background is in journalism) and I’m really hoping I hear back from them next week. Please send good vibes anons! Im excited to get into social work, it’s been my dream for a long time.

No. 818361

Good luck anon, I hope you get it.

No. 818434

anon wtf

ooo that's awesome!! What was it for?

good luck, you're going to do fantastic!!

No. 818501


Thanks, ladies. I know this site can be really critical and is based around drama, but the discourse encouraged and enabled by the anonymous nature of the boards has really helped get the gears in my head turning and you guys have been a true inspiration. Y’all really have aided in fueling my desire to devote myself to women and children/family social and health issues. I can’t understate this. Thank you.

Rooting for you, nonnie!

I don’t have the time to comb through the most recent posts between my readings and certification studies but I really do hope the best for all you girls. There truly are some positive takeaways from this site, and the insight/encouragement from you guys are one of them. Love all you bitches lmao

No. 818721

I have to describe my achievements in the application form but I don't think I have any. Not because I'm humble or something, I just really haven't done anything special yet. How do you think, would it be ok to give a totally honest answer? But adding something about how I'm willing to achieve something in the future.

No. 818804

Great vibes coming your way. Thank you for doing such an important thing.

No. 818822

An achievement could be a project or goal you finished. I legit had "exceeded sales goals" as an achievement for selling eight trays of zeppole at one point while my coworkers sold like half a tray lol. If you can put numbers on it (like percentages), even better.

No. 819129

Thank you anon!
Was a little drunk and gushing the last night but wanted to reiterate how positive this female only space has made me feel. I’ll be sending a good vibe to all of you awesome women tonight. I hope all of you girls land the career of your dreams.

No. 819354

Tomorrow I'm starting my summerjob, it's a callcentre job working from home. Tbh I haven't been trained that well. Anyone god some advice? I'm starting to get nervous about it.

No. 819460

File: 1622397511594.jpg (244.68 KB, 1062x889, 159893723200373956565237719553…)

Anons, all the admin positions that open up above me require some or heavy bookkeeping, accounts payable, etc. I have none of these skills, and I'm sick of passing up all these positions because of it. Has anyone taken any free bookkeeping classes and can point me in the right direction?

No. 819463

What field is it in? Knowing what kind of people you can expect will be calling can make all the difference in the world. When it comes to people yelling or being overly rude you have to be able to step back and examine the situation. If it's about something that's totally out of your control and you know it, just keep up a stone cold demeanor and calmly explain the situation. After about a minute 99% of them will realize their yelling won't get them anywhere and they calm down.

No. 819492

It's for the covid vaccination line in my country, I'm planning the vaccination appointments. Currently people in their late 40's and up are being invited and risk groups. I'm mostly nervous about not knowing how to navigate the multiple systems while on the call and making people wait and not knowing how to talk through that.

No. 819579

Narrate what you're doing, don't leave the line dead for more than two seconds. Take your time, people can wait, even the ones "in a hurry"

No. 819614

There's probably a lot of countries who have positions like this right now but we may have applied to the same job lol
I'm worried about the same thing. I don't know when I can start yet and I'm excited to be able to work from home but phone calls are not exactly my strong suit so hopefully it'll be easy to get used to.

No. 819819

I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

Wanna reveal where you're from? I feel the same way as you, bleh. Good luck when you start!!

No. 820060

Found a job opening that sounds interesting and up my alley only to find out it's actually at my boyfriend's job. The position would be intertwined with his though not directly working together. I'm a little bummed tbh.

No. 820394

Sorry, anon. Working with your partner can be a really mixed bag. Any chance you can look into their competitions and see if there are similar positions open? Also remember. You can always email a CV/resume to HR and ask if there’s an ideal position you might be suited for

No. 821316

File: 1622627146024.jpg (12.49 KB, 235x286, 3beb588a8b1418fb29cfbeaf7dc668…)

Currently a student in animation and Im super nervous about graduating and actually working

>crab mentality rampant in the animation industry

>not being good enough to be accepted at any job
>need some connections if you want to get into the animation industry

No. 821402

It's far less dramatic than lurking online would make you think. You start small, an internship, a work in a tiny studio, you make friends - that's all networking is about - you go to bigger studio, it all goes fine. Seriously, no need to be worried.

No. 821434

I got hired as a research assistant for a foreign news company. It falls in line with my major, and I did study the language for a few years (but have forgotten a lot of it and I'm basically illiterate when it comes to reading/writing it) but holy FUCK do I not know what to do. I'm terrified of my manager realizing I'm a sham. I worked here before at the front desk and everyone knows me, and they all gassed me up to my manager, telling him how I'm so bright and smart and he made a really good choice in hiring me. The job doesn't pay enough for me to bust my ass that hard (just barely above minimum wage) but I'm afraid of looking like I'm not doing my job at all because I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing.

I guess it's good to not have a micromanaging manager looming over me, but I feel like I have too much freedom, and in the world of politics and news, being vaguely told "we cover the americas but also basically the whole world because we follow the UN" I have no idea where the fuck to start. My manager is the one who writes all the articles and I really do want to try my best to support him, but I can't proofread any of his work because I can't read the language very well, and everything is so vague that even when I read the news I always wonder "is what I'm reading even relevant?" He told me to skim the newspaper of our department so I can get a gauge of what to focus in on, and I've resorted to just google translating the website, but even then… just what kind of assistant am I?! At what point am I actually doing the job that I was hired for? He isn't even here today so I'm just watching recordings from UN meetings and skimming the news again, because I have nothing to really zone in on and do in depth research on. He was already writing an article when I came in yesterday so I was just left to browse through all of our news subscriptions and read a bunch of things.

I also assumed he would be coming in everyday (other departments are rotating between in office and working from home) but he's not here today… Yesterday he asked me what days I would be in the office and I said I thought it would be everyday… HR told me it's up to him, and he just say "oh, yes it's good you'll be here everyday! You'll get the hang of things faster!" but he's not in today?! So here I am, on lolcow, with some recordings playing in the background.

It's only my literal second day but I'm already nervous. I don't do well with this much freedom, I wish there was at least some sort of "Can you look more into XYZ current events" or focusing on a specific conflict or something. Do I take notes on what I read? What the fuck am I doing? The guy before me would actually write articles and visited the UN and did actual journalism things, and when I was hired they told me I wouldn't be doing the same, maybe occasionally visiting the UN, but mostly I'd just be doing research. I'm fine with that but fuck!! I'm so lost all the time!

No. 821643

You need to study the language again ASAP instead of stressing out you dumb dumb

Then when you can actually read you can start to ask him what you can do to help or what to research for him.


No. 822163

i have an interview on monday and i hope i get this position. i always do fucken terrible at interviews.

No. 822181


I work in a similar position doing callhandling for the covid frontline, not vaccination but typically speaking to people who have covid. No matter what horrible clients make you think, remember its OKAY if you don't have all the answers immediately, and a little bit of of awkward silence wont hurt anyone, its better to ask for a moment to refer to your notes than give out some wrong advice that you have to apologise for. Don't worry about being 100% perfect all the time, people actually prefer it you dont sound like a robot. Just remember the limitations of your role, you're not a therapist or a doctor or a negotiator trying to talk lunatics into the vaccine so don't beat yourself up even if thats what your clients seem to think. Overall most people take covid pretty seriously and would be delighted to get vaccinated so I think you'll have it a lot better than most jobs. Good luck nonas, I hope you get it!

No. 822261

Doing an interview for a insurance company call center. It's remote and inbound calls only. Any tips for anons who worked in this type of field? Is it better than the typical call center like those who cold call?

No. 822283

Sounds like you might have some imposter syndrome anon? If your colleagues backed you then they at least believe you're competent to some degree.
Study up the best you can and fake it til you make it.

No. 822438

File: 1622770128792.jpg (11.48 KB, 852x480, jure-tovrljan-coronavirus-logo…)

don't know what to do, nonnies. i've been in my current job for almost three years, the only problem i've with it is the salary, which is a joke. to add more insult to injury, we have a predatory union that takes away 60CAD monthly, plus next year i'm gonna face further discounts, which will affect me pretty bad. like, everything goes up but my salary. today i got this job offer out of the blue, with just one interview, no technical or portfolio review, no evaluation. nothing. and a couple hours later i got a call telling me i got the job. weeeird. of course i'll make more money, but at the expense of working more hours, no pension, no healthcare or no paid extra hours. did a bit of research and it seems this company it's just a huge IT maquila. since i don't have any friends or close ones to talk about this but my parents, which just told me to read the contract carefully and ask questions before signing (a very sensible answer), i just want to talk about this with someone. i feel like i just should say no. i guess something else will come up before the dreaded next year. i still have my badly-paid nice job, but i don't have the guts to jump ship, specially after today's odd situation. i feel so discouraged.

No. 822620


if you've got a gut feeling that something just isnt right with this job then listen to it. I didn't know what an IT Maquila was until I googled it but maybe you should look online at places like glassdoor to see if its common to have only one interview for similar jobs or if there are reviews from ex employees. If it turns out they have rushed through the interviews, i'd pass on the offer because it already sounds like the possible downsides outweight the benefits.

I had a similar thing happen my first interview out of university. I quickly realised this company was not as well established as initially thought, took forever to respond to emails, tried to hand work over to me before I'd even seen my contract. I passed up the offer and felt terrible and disappointed for weeks, blaming myself and wondering what might have happened. Just had to keep telling myself it would have been more hassle than it was worth and I'd rather have less money and a stable mental state.

No. 822657

I was so ready to quit my current job cos I couldn't find a good work/life balance at all, then yesterday I got offered a promotion to be a supervisor and I think I'm gonna take it??? Its guarenteed more hours per week but supervisors set the rota so I will be able to book time off easier and chose when I work rather than just being set a bunch of shifts at the start of the week. I have until August til the training starts so I can say no until then! Idk what to do though, I feel like if anything the experience would be good to put on my CV in the future

No. 822669

File: 1622810804484.png (257.72 KB, 575x380, screen-shot-2013-06-17-at-10-1…)

thanks for your reply. as i was so weirded out by the way things carried out, i went and looked on glassdoor and indeed and it does look like a corporate hellscape, just like you mention: horrible management, overwork, no extra hours compensation, etc etc. i think i need to avoid this bullet. the contract hasn't arrived yet, but i already have this list of questions that probably will direct me to tell them no. thanks for sharing, it means a lot!

No. 822683

I've been working in elementary schools for the past 2+ years with some freelance art/graphic design sprinkled in and I'm worried I shot myself in the foot by not sticking to one thing. Neither of those things line up with my degree (foreign affairs) and I'm scared that I locked myself out of having a career now. I don't want to go back to school but I can't fathom what kind of job I should even be applying for with my ridiculous background. I would love to do different jobs all my life but I'm really tired of scraping together living wages. Help

No. 822686

Help I am autistic and find any job stressful. Living is just exhausting but I hate being a NEET

No. 822690

I think you can pair foreign affairs with another skill or degree that would be compatible with careers, like computer science, or foreign languages that are in demand

No. 822697

It'll be tough, but I think you will be able to finagle your way into foreign affairs if that's still the path you want to go in! Find applicable/transferable skills you learned from working in an elementary school and doing freelance art- dealing with people, managing deadlines, whatever you can think of! I got really fucking good at putting what skills I learned at the forefront rather than simply what positions I held and what fields I was in. I heard something on a podcast recently, about a career being made up of many little steps until you find your way there. It's never too late, you just have to find someone who can see your potential and is willing to take a risk on you. I believe in you anon!

No. 822699

The company has a tuition program that basically only covers language study but I won't be eligible until I've been here for a year but I'll be taking advantage of it when I can. The language is Japanese so the hardest part is all of the kanji.

I'm hoping maybe I just can't see what all of my colleagues see. My manager has finally given me some topics to look into and research so I've been able to actually focus in on a topic and work and things have been going well! I don't know if he likes the work I'm producing but I think in due time after working with him for longer I'll be able to predict the specifics he's looking for and work more efficiently. This is the first job I've had that actually uses my brain… since I've only held retail/receptionist/admin positions before this so after getting the basics down I just become a robot and run on autopilot lol.

No. 822801

so currently I'm at a really boring office assistant job after being management for 5 years in a retail gift shop at my local zoo. I'm really appreciative of my current job because at the start of the pandemic they allowed me to work from home most of the time. The timing I got this job was perfect because I left the zoo late 2019 months later I would've been out of a job had I stayed.

I've always wanted to do something in tech so I borrowed a lot of money to go to Heald College but a few months before I was supposed to get my degree and graduate, the school got busted for fraud and my debt was sold to a collection agency. I've been pretty discouraged from ever really putting myself out there again but recently I started taking coding classes with a small tech startup in my city and I recently had several interviews with higher-ups (I got an interview with the CEO!) and today I just scheduled an interview with the lead of one of their paid apprenticeship programs! I haven't felt like this in so long but I feel like I'm finally getting another shot at breaking into an industry I know I would thrive in, this dull boring office work is safe and easy but my brain is literally dying every day I log on. wish me luck nonnies!

No. 822894

good luck and go for it! you know, when a door closes another will open.

sooo, an update regarding my shady instant job offer i got yesterday. it happens that the yearly salary is obscene. it's even more than i understood yesterday. but the thing is that the lady who called me yesterday saying that the job was mine (to which i said yes), sent me this morning a "contract", which is not a proper contract per se, it's an email to which i need to reply with "i agree" to the offer, so after that they'll send me a proper contract that i already committed to, which i haven't signed or read. i talked again with the lady which called me in the beginning to clarify all the doubts i had (extra hours, flexible schedule, timesheets, etc etc) and she couldn't reply a thing. she had to talk to other people to give me not-so clear replies. the entire thing smells like stinky bait. i know the obscene salary sounds amazing, but this offer smell so fishy, plus my personal time will take a hit.

my parents are the only people i trust enough to talk with them. my mom just wants me to take it, she won't sit down and help me put my thoughts in order, she considers whatever else i do in my spare time a waste of time. my dad is trying to help me out at least. he told me to call my bosses to see what they could do, because my current job is super nice and has everything the new offer doesn't, but the salary. i was super nervous, but my boss told me to talk directly with the main boss and she is willing to raise my salary, not by a large amount, but a sensible one that will allow me to, at least, pay pension next year and live withou pulling the calculator. i'm a frugal person and i like to save, and this raise will allow me to do that. tbh, i'm happy with it. i haven't taken a decision yet, i want to let it brew during the weekend.

No. 823429

File: 1622912528805.jpg (667.3 KB, 945x1375, RDT_20210605_12000485940714918…)

Why is it so hard to get a job close to you? Everyone I know has at least an hour long commute, just seems like unnecessary traffic pollution, are employers biased to locals or something?

No. 823451

wtf, I've also heard it's bad manners to come early because you are disrupting the process and they don't know wtf to do with you. I'm confused

No. 823550

What's the best way of keeping track of internship openings as a CS major? Google seems to be the only one with 3 intern seasons but it's held back by being Google.

No. 823708

this can't be real. what a scumbag, you probably dont want to work there anyway anon

No. 823724

It's not bad manners, it's just awkward and weird for the schedule. If a manager's busy and you come more than 10 minutes early it could be cutting into their lunch time, or they're finishing up a meeting or another interview, and then reception has to make you wait somewhere that isn't in the way but able to be kept an eye on.

Have you gone to a CS internship fair? My college has those and they've been helpful. I would reach out to your departmental assistants.

No. 825144

Anons, my boyfriend is an angel and currently pulling strings with his former coworkers to get me an interview for his previous position. It's a hyper-specific job that very few people know how to do (by some miracle I have experience in it from a previous shithole job), so if I got this on my resume I would literally be set forever, after nearly 3 years of failing to break into any career. To raise the stakes even further, I've visited the office before and it's amazing and trendy and all the glitzy downtown big city stuff I can only dream of.

I know I'm romanticizing it, I know a job is a job, but this could massively change my life. Even with a degree from a "good" university I've been getting paid absolute table scraps for any somewhat dignified job that will take me. That being said, I am soooo scared to get my hopes up. I always self-sabotage in these situations to the point where it's like I anti-manifest things for myself due to insecurity and believing I deserve nothing. Idk how to break the cycle, if this job comes through I'll need to work on my confidence FAST, thank you for reading

No. 825166

I feel u. I just was offered a job I thought I had no chance in hell of getting, and I keep thinking it must be some mistake. Or that I'll inevitably screw it up. Hard for me to accept when the universe is nice to me for once.

No. 825211

Ew I hate nepotism.

No. 825251

Good for you if you get it but fuck I hate it when people "pull strings" to get what they want.

No. 825274

Lmao you two; this is called networking, not nepotism. A friend or associate puts a good word ahead and that's it; what happens next relies solely on whether recommended person is actually a good fit or not, they'll not hire anyone incompetent just because of a recommendation.
If her boyfriend was the only one doing the hiring and only hired her because she's his girlfriend, that's unethical, sure. But this is not the case so don't get so heated.

No. 825394

I'm looking at job offers ATM and I'm so depressed. Everything is horrible. Why is it so hard to find a job that
>doesn't require me to sell crap or talk with random people
>is 9 to 5, no bizzare shifts that ruin your health
>isn't completely in contrary with who I am as a person
>doesn't pay like shit

Honestly, the only job that seems remotely interesting to me is video game testing but it has shit salary. I'm also aware it's not as fun as it may seem. I got it last year but declined because of poor salary. I'm so sad cause I applied to a vidya translation job offer, but they had so many other people applying they haven't even checked my email.
My therapist says that I should think deeply what kind of job I want to do, but IDK beyond it being office. I feel like there is hardly any point in thinking about it when apparently a job offer in accordance with my needs doesn't even exist. I've been slaving away for the last 5 years in a job that I hated and was not fit to do at all and therefore had to compensate hard and I just can't do this anymore!!! I can't start every day wanting to kill myself so that I'm at least free from that job. Money is super important, but I just can't keep ruining myself just to cry myself to sleep on one more day.

No. 825418

NTA but knowing people in the industry who are recommending you for your skills =/= having your boyfriend recommend you on account of the fact that he puts his penis in you and if he doesn't you won't let him

No. 825419

I'm OP and no yeah I completely agree with you guys, and this specific company has a track record of hiring friends and family of current employees which I think is stupid even if they're good at the job. I hate it too since it's a big reason I've been locked out of good jobs, but like >>825274 said unfortunately this is just how it seems to work.

And for the record, the only thing my bf did was message his friend "haha wouldn't it be funny if Anon worked for you" and Friend was like, "yeah send her over I want the referral bonus." My bf could have sent him anyone, I don't think my status as "girlfriend of former employee" would have any influence on my hiring, and like I said I do actually have some experience in the field. So it's equal parts "knowing someone" and actually having a hireable background

No. 825523

I just scheduled an interview for Monday at noon, but I'm paranoid that scheduling it a week away was a bad idea. Anons, did I blow my chance already putting it off or am I being retarded? What's the normal timeframe etiquette for booking interviews?

No. 825528

He is still not the one hiring her so whether he "sticks her penis in her" or not has literally zero influence on whether she will be hired or not, so please do not be jealous of anon that got referred to a person that will refer her to somebody else.

No. 825574

>the fact that he puts his penis in you and if he doesn't you won't let him

Using sex as a bargaining chip sounds like something out of those boomer scrote I Hate My Wife Facebook memes. I hope you heal from whatever situation made you think this is a normal thing for healthy adults to do.

No. 825620

Does anyone have any resources for balancing not being "a bitch" and not being a doormat at work for a woman? I'm already outcast because the other women go out of their way to be happy and friendly and bake cakes for the coworkers, arrange the birthday cards and shit (which I've yet to see a scrote at the workplace do by the way!).

Today I asked for the attention of 2 coworkers today having a very casual conversation and even though they heard they let me just stand there without acknowledgement. If I interrupt, wow how rude, but if I don't I'm a fucking clown. What do? I mean genuinely what's the socially acceptable thing to do?

No. 825625

>I hope you heal from whatever situation made you think this is a normal thing for healthy adults to do
nta but you misunderstood that anon completely. She's agreeing with you, lol

No. 825628

You're always going to lose to work bitches, anon, no matter how friendly you try to be. I remember being a suck-up to the work bitch for a year because otherwise she was exhausting to deal with, but then I fucked up one time by not following her orders (we were in sales and she micromanaged me in front of my customer), and then I was on her shit list forever. There's no pleasing these bitches.

If you're able, I'd go looking for another job.

No. 827318

I’ve been on a job hunt but so far the only business that contacted me for an interview is a Lush store. I’m currently in a pharmacy and was trying to get away from retail (even as a technician I do both) but I’d guess it would be more enjoyable to work there? I’m definitely going to interview just for the sake of having some practice

No. 827340

consider that you either have to get used to smelling like a lush store 24/7 or having a neverending headache or both. good luck though I hope you get a great job wherever it is

No. 827418

Wtf am I doing wrong anons, I have a college degree and I can't find even part-time work. Do I need to cheat on those stupid personality tests?

No. 827419

what part time work requires a personality test?

No. 827423

The ones I am applying to all do if they're for large companies. I've tried different job websites and nothing sticks. I've gotten 1 interview in 6 months.

No. 827464

Have you tried applying directly to some places? Maybe that would help you avoid some weird hiring practice some middle-men could have?

No. 827615

I guess that should be my approach. What sucks is where I'm applying to is far away because I want to move there, so I'd have to make a day trip of applying to places directly. But if that's what it's going to take, so be it.

No. 827623

I've found better success with small businesses hiring through Indeed over large companies.

No. 827661

I work with a small but well run biz and we always struggle to get applicants on Indeed for some reason - maybe people thinking we can’t provide for them as well as the huge corps? But our benefits are actually way better than most and there’s a lot of opportunity for upward mobility so I definitely stand behind this thought and recommend anon apply to some smaller groups. We don’t do any of that 5-stage computer interview shit either.

No. 828379

Any anons here that work in a mental health related field? I just got a job where I'll be directly working with severely mentally ill people and addicts. I kind of don't know what exactly I should prepare for since I have no degree or training. I was hired for my personal experience rather than professional experience.

My main concern is that I'll say or do the wrong thing and inadvertently cause a severely unstable person to commit suicide. Idk how I could live with myself if that happened.

No. 828403

I think anon meant apply directly from the company website. Also I've always had better luck with a smaller company.

No. 828405

I’m a chronic job hopper with no real prospects and I’ve mainly worked in retail and restaurant jobs my entire adulthood. Lately I’ve been considering going to cosmetology school but I dunno, it’s only something I’ve recently become interested in/thought about doing. Do any anons here have any advice about that career path? If I were to go through with it I’d want to be a hair colorist, specifically. Not all that interested in the cutting and styling aspect of it tbh.

No. 828413

Don't do it, anon. It's just another shitty service job.

No. 828467

My sister used to be a hair stylist, got back in a salon recently and to be honest it sounds like she’s doing really good. She said before subtracting supply costs she made $1600 in two days last week. I think covid made a lot of people stop doing hair, and with salons reopening before summer everyone wants highlights or new cuts.

I’m not sure if some places let stylists do color only but you could talk to the instructors at the cosmetology school and see what they have to say

No. 828890

Do you mind me asking if this company's name starts with M?

No. 828918

Not sure what country you're from but in the US you need a lot of hours of instruction in order to get your license and yes, all school will make you know how to cut hair even if it isn't your specialty. It's on the exams you have to take after accumulating all the hours.

No. 829814

How tf can I get a part-time job as a cleaner? I have a degree but I want extra income. The problem is, most places look for experienced cleaners or cleaners with a sole trader's licence (or Idk what it's called in English) and I have neither

No. 829819

Is overnight work and option for you? I've found it easier to get part time cleaning jobs that way.

No. 829856

Look into cleaning outsource agencies in your area, a lot of business are cleaned by the same agency these days, the only downside is that there are more rules like not wearing headphones etc

No. 829870

Started my call centre job around a month and a half ago after a month of training and honestly, I’ve never hated an academic/career experience as much. Be prepared for people to be total dicks to you because people get brave when they can’t see someone in front of them. Expect shitty management and favouritism, I’d recommend getting out and looking for other options ASAP. Finally managed to find something else after doing this job and I can say that my mental health seriously suffered in that role.

No. 829908

Samefag, also what kind of jobs can I do on the weekends if I don't have a car and I'm not a student?? The promoter jobs and hostess stuff are mostly aimed at students

No. 829927

I was fired after 3 months from my previous workplace and now I'm interviewing - what should I say about the reason I was fired?

No. 829939

Depends, why were you fired?

No. 829946

Communication problems (I have social anxiety)

No. 829947

My life for the past five years has been me jumping between all the fast food jobs in my city and I kinda got used to it but I absolutely hate when old classmates see me working. It's embarrassing because we were in the same classes and all got into good universities but I'm the only one who fucked it up and am working food service after all these years.

No. 830198

File: 1623699904769.jpg (51.65 KB, 712x1011, 4790ed97bab39b6983c0eab51b1a63…)

there is a profound lack of respect for teachers in the UK.

>be fully qualified English teacher

>have 4 ENTIRE YEARS of experience teaching English as a second lang and other subjects during undergrad
>be rejected for TEACHING ASSISTANT (this is a min wage & unqualified job)
>as in not even an interview
>teaching assistants are minimum wage and unqualified positions ​
>teachers in Dubai recruited from the UK are paid £54,000 per year no tax.
>average Californian teacher is paid $86k
>UK pays teachers less than half that
>UK asks the world and demands they complete unpaid overtime
>UK only pays teachers £26k

>finally get an interview as a teachers assistant

>find out I have to compete with 2 other suckers for a literal entry level job in a demeaning ritual
>am already extremely overqualified for this job
>do it because its the best I can do so far

How can schools be so selective? I thought there was a national crisis shortage of teachers?

No. 830200

Whoa, hold on now. Californian teachers start wayyyyyy lower, like in the 30k range, anon. 86k is typical for oldfag tenured people.

No. 830207

How can a state whose average property price is $1,000,000 legally pay them only 30k?

No. 830212

A lot of them live with their parents or are dependent on their spouse/partner. Also, I meant 30k to 40k, sorry for the typo.

No. 830218

That's an abuse of human rights in my opinion. So teachers should have to live with their parents for the rest of their career? What kind of disgusting capitalist sacrifice is that?

No. 830229

us teachers are also underpaid in many areas and still do unpaid time of grading or tasks like writing recommendation letters at the high school level.

No. 830334

Was thinking of going into teaching but holy shit, I had no idea schools were so picky and had so much choice.

No. 830549

I dont want to discourage you anon, I love it. Bur if you want to be taken seriously you need to complete your PGCE with Cambridge university.

No. 831405

Just lie and say your position was made redundant or make up some covid related excuse. Saying you're fired is basically saying you changed your mind and don't want the job.

No. 831450

What kind of logic is that? Minimum wage isn't relative to property prices in a specific area. If you can't earn enough to afford a house, you just have to move somewhere with a lower cost of living.

No. 831455

NTA but do you think it's how things should be? Minimal wage should allow people to at least be able afford renting; and often it doesn't.

No. 831464

Affordable housing is important, but making highly desirable locations affordable for all isn't possible. If you could comfortably live in a great city on minimum wage, everyone would want to move there, the demand would drive prices up so they become unaffordable again. And anon was making it out to be a legal issue, like it's our right to be able to afford property in california? It just didnt make much sense.

No. 832066

But even in big cities there are minimum wage jobs that need doing, are all poor workers supposed to commute from cheaper areas just to clean houses or work at the grocery stores?

No. 832076

Not her but some cities have rent controlled places where I assume poorer people live. One of my relatives works under the table but he has a rent controlled building and his rent is around $1k less than the average apartment in the area

No. 833341

File: 1624047083579.jpeg (347.18 KB, 766x670, BCC5A128-5541-427A-9040-74BB60…)

I’m feeling over the top because I just had a phone interview and absolutely killed it. I made notes before it and wrote everything down the employee told me, they’re setting up a second interview so I hope I can get the job if goes well

No. 833357

Not possible now with all the NIMBYists, poor housing/zoning policies, and governments overlooking affordable housing policies for sweet, private investor money…

No. 833533

I got asked when am I available for an interview and told them this Monday 3 days ago and they still haven't responded to confirm if that was fine with them or the location of the interview err and now it's the weekend

No. 833535

Good job anon!

No. 834056

File: 1624135431082.jpg (1.32 MB, 4032x3024, 7r8ouhybpad61.jpg)

my aunt's being annoying about me becoming "stagnant" in my full-time 100% work from home public sector job because the salary is very mediocre, but i hate interviewing and job searching. i’m not ambitious and as long as i'm able to save some money while buying a few things for myself i don't care. why the fuck do i have to grind so hard and put myself through the stress of career advancement when i can just be content with this? it's not like i have to provide for children. i wish people would stop shaming me for my lack of ambition when it doesn’t even effect them.

No. 834303

Has anyone else ever stayed at a job where they weren't liked by their coworkers? How long after you found out did you leave or did you just stake it out for the paycheck?

I'm dealing with toxic ass office culture. Basically one in-group gets together and excludes everyone else while targeting people they don't like with rumors and general alienating treatment. I'm friends with a few people but this particular group has damaged my rep. I'm treated like an annoyance even though I've been nice and keep to myself. Before I got this position, two other people had quit it within the last year and now I wonder what the real reasons for their quitting were as I was told it was a them problem. I've found out other employees have been mistreated in this way and one of them even confided in me about it. One woman is from my department and constantly shit talks to my manager about me and the manager never questions it because the woman is her favorite. One time I asked a subordinate if she was busy and if not if she could help find something in the filing room, I was pretty busy. This woman stormed over (she's not my boss) and told me how I wasn't to ask the filing associate to help me find something in the filing room, wrote to my manager about it, and then my manager later conference called me to talk down to me as if I had delegated my duties to someone else. Snake tier shit.
It's not a stressful job under normal circumstances by any means, but not being liked makes me really uncomfortable. I feel like I do a lot of work but I'm constantly being spied on and reported for any misstep, meanwhile the favorites get to fuck around and don't need to work nearly as hard because no one's gonna tattle on em. Most people tend to leave this business around the 2 year mark, I think they stay long enough to get the experience and a notch to put on their resume and then find another job in order to quit.

No. 834469

Any chance she's jealous? If she's working a stressful job with long hours etc I could imagine it's a misery loves company situation.

I feel you though. I'm solidly underachieving and unambitious, but idgaf what anyone thinks. I've got the money I need to live comfortably, barely any stress and way more free time than people with impressive careers do. We just have to do our thing and ignore everyone else, they can have fun working themselves to death while we chill.

No. 834682

I feel the same way. I'm completely un-ambitious and just want to make enough money to be financially secure and live without worry while working a relatively stress-free job. Working a taxing, high-stress job that I don't like just because it makes a lot of money would make me so truly throuroughly miserable. I don't have or want kids nor do I have very consumeristic habits or expensive hobbies so what do I need the money for?

No. 834981

Kind of fucked up my future since I changed majors pretty late and I am cramming all of my classes for my last year in university. As a senior, I have no experience since I have only worked unskilled labor jobs and even worse is that I am getting a computer science degree so I just feel so behind in everything. Anons give me advice please. Is there any hope for me left? All the jobs I see have the required qualifications as stuff that I haven't even learned of yet. I do pretty good in my compsci classes but I'm still so behind in everything. Just comfort me and tell me that this isn't the end of my life D:

No. 835029

Short of a felony, nothing you do at your age is going to actually, seriously ruin your life. Take a breath. It's going to be okay.

You changed majors. You did it late. That's fine. You didn't drop out. When you do get to working, you'll find that many of your colleagues did the same. I work in a big tech company and I'm actually one of the only people on my team who finished in 4 years. Many people do take that extra year, and some might take two years or even take a long break from uni before going back.

You're getting a comp sci degree. Have you heard of 1337code? This is a site where my company gets a lot of our software devs from. You can also apply to internships at companies. Do this directly through the company sites. They're not just for students. My company is open to anyone from juniors to graduates who graduated less than a year ago, and I know that's the case for a lot of other companies as well.

If you haven't done so already, set up your LinkedIn. Start building a network with your fellow students, your professors, and anyone you run into at things like career fairs or networking events (both things your school will be able to guide you towards). A lot of application sites will ask for this, and even if they don't, the hiring manager will probably check there first.

No. 835044

> Have you heard of 1337code
NTA but I’ve never heard of this website and think it’s hilarious that people out there are actually doing serious business using a site with “1337” in its name.

No. 835074

Thanks for the comforting words. At least it is nice knowing that I'll probably see other people like me in the future.

I haven't heard of 1337code before but thanks for bringing it up. I'll check it out for sure.

Only thing I've done so far is set up a LinkedIn so I just need to go to career fairs and networking events now that everything seems to be clearing up.

Thanks Anon! You've lifted my spirits up a bit!

No. 835080

bro my mother didn't graduate from college until she was in her 50's and now she's working her dream job, you absolutely have not ruined your life

No. 835082

Nta but good for your mom, always really nice to hear about women going after their goals and succeeding.

No. 835083

nta, but thank you for sharing and tell your mum she's class

No. 835184

So last Friday they called me from a company I applied to but I was having a language class so I didn't pick it up. Got an e-mail from HR where they asked me what time I'd be available for a 10-15 conversation as part of the hiring process. Is it a bad sign that I said Tuesday instead of Monday? I mean technically today would have been good, the only problem is that I'm getting my second vaccine shot and I'm not sure what side effects I'd be experiencing and how it'd have affected the conversation. Or am I just overthinking things as usual? Also, I gave a slightly lower salary in the application because I was desperate, how can I address this in the conversation?

No. 835202

Mad respect to your mother, that can't have been easy

No. 835224

File: 1624268091970.gif (1.14 MB, 300x200, halp.gif)

I'm the cursed anon >>777396, I still have my call center job, I was on holidays for two weeks and went back to work last week, and OF COURSE I always get the worst phone calls in my entire team all the time. My managers were shocked. My schedule for this summer is a mess, I'm gonna have to work until nearly midnight one week, then the other I'll start at 7am, and it'll be like that for the next 3 months. That was also the case before I was on holidays and it was so tiring that I spent my first week doing nothing but sleeping.

Anyway I'm thinking about getting another job somewhere else so I can stop dealing with these retarded clients, and maybe I could have a stable schedule for once in my life. I just added info on my linkedin profile, and I've been checked job offers this weekend. Please wish me good luck.

No. 835258

Yeah, I think I fucked it up. Hours later I still haven't received an e-mail to confirm if tomorrow works for them

No. 835269

Just call or email them back nona, there's no reason Tuesday is bad and you're overthinking

No. 835270

Chase them, contact them back yourself before the day ends to ask for that email and casually mention you only can't do Monday because you're getting the vaccine

No. 835370

But the thing is, I sent them an e-mail and they are the ones who are not answering

No. 835374

I really need money but the roughly 20 office jobs I applied for so far didn't even bother to reply to my applications, so now I started looking at physical jobs. When applying for a cleaning job, should I say I don't have experience or should I lie instead?

No. 835421

aww thank you

i should also probably mention that she tried to go to school when i was a kid and nearly flunked out because her major was so wrong for her. if anyone reading this is struggling with finding the right career path, it isn't the end of the world, i promise

No. 835424

Anon the same thing literally happened to me this weekend. Sent my interview availability last Wed (I said next Monday) and they didn't reply, then I just sent a double/second email politely asking about the confirmation on Sunday and they immediately booked me one the next day. They may honestly just be busy and forgot to respond.

No. 835426

Is your CV/resume clear and concise? Do you have relevant experience and no time gaps in it?

No. 835428

Say you have experience that could apply to that position, and that you can and are willing to learn everything else quickly. This applies to all job searches, honestly

No. 835710

Anon, thank you for sharing about your mom. I can only admire her

No. 835733

Can anyone give me recommendations for a job for an social anxiety autist neet? I tried doing customer service jobs and an office job where I had to take calls daily, and they were both bad experiences… I feel useless. I like helping people and being creative. I can handle some social interaction (not constant) but I'm not sure. I've thought about assistant healthcare jobs but I don't know.

No. 835744


No. 835747

Night shifts stocking shelves, warehouse management, security (you just walk around a building with a torch and ensure that yep still not being burgled right now) data entry,

No. 835763

This is my dream job but job listings are far and few in between, not to mention competitive…
>warehouse management
I'm a small and weak female. Not sure if these would work for me. Especially security, my partner would never let me work that since he had a buddy who got slashed up working in security despite being a big guy.
>Data entry
The office job I worked at was advertised as a data entry job but ended up being a regular office job in disguise. It's also extreme boring, but I'll still keep looking into it.
Night shift stocking is something I'm looking for but it's not well paying or a career, unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestions anons.

No. 835766

This is a good idea, thank you!!

No. 835776

I’m tiny and weak and they hired me for them. You’re an operations manager in the warehouse so you tell the blokes where to lift and what to lift. You don’t move anything.

Security is literally just walking at night. If anything happens you’re meant to retreat and call the cops. Lots of watching cameras and kinda wishing teenagers with spray paint would show up.

It sucks but if you don’t want the social side your job will usually be boring until you’re like, doing lab work which requires a degree or two. It’s like that cheap healthy tasty triangle but it’s well paid, interesting, and asocial. Pick two.

No. 835852

I ended up calling them and did the interview and I FUCKING ACED IT!!! I could tell the recruiter really liked me. Next round in a week. Thank you so much, guys!!

No. 835874


No. 836017

Do you live the the UK?

No. 836167

I should've kept my dumb mouth shut but now I have to conduct interviews for my boss. I work for a news agency but this is my first job in news/media and I have no idea how to conduct a good interview with an expert in their field. I can probably just hand my boss a transcript of an interview with basic questions and answers but I don't want to look like a fool to the person I'm interviewing and want to ask compelling questions but I don't even know what the fuck to ask!!!

Also another place I applied to finally selected me for an interview but I already accepted this job lol. I miss mindless admin/customer service work that requires minimal brain power but I no longer have to answer phone call after phone call or deal with random people constantly, so maybe it's a worthy trade off.

No. 837016

got in with a firm that has a really impressive name. finally graduated and started working there, and my soul is crushed after the first few days.

my degree was extremely programming heavy, i have multiple certifications in technical skills and services, and i even performed research and wrote curriculum for the new [redacted so nobody recognizes me, but it’s a technical subject] degree program. buuuuuuuut i got assigned to a team that doesn’t take advantage of any of those things i can do! and there’s an engineering team that’s a perfect fit for me, but i guess i just got unlucky. i don’t think they put much thought into it, like they kind of just put people places. and i get that because they can’t know everything about every single employee, it’s a big corporation after all.

i talked to family and friends about reaching out to some of my HR people to see about getting switched over, but everyone is telling me something different. it’s not like i would complain like i am here—I’d just gently make my case, be enthusiastic, and say i’d be really happy and interested to work with the other team and go through their training program instead.

some people are telling me i’ll get fired, others are saying it’s worth a shot, others are saying just put up with it and don’t even try. but this is the only opportunity in my career to go through extensive training for stuff that’s relevant to my future career path. tl;dr i’m freaking the fuck out and i just want to be a security engineer, it’s my only goal, dear god please wish me luck because i’m going to speak up and ask

No. 837024

It would be great to speak to someone such as a supervisor about your concerns. HR mostly only deals with hiring, firing, disciplinary actions etc. and they only deal with conflicts in such a manner that it protects the company from legal trouble. An HR department that cares about your happiness in your role is rare. They probably won't be much help to you in this situation. But any higher ups in your department such as your supervisor should care about this stuff so that you can perform well. If your direct supervisor isn't any help, you can look into other options but definitely start with your supervisor since it's bad work etiquette to go over your supervisor's head.

No. 837033

good luck, thats very scary!! If you need to, i feel like ypu could imply you think you were discriminated against by being put on the less technical team because you're a woman, and they might be more responsive to that than if you just phrase it as being about your preference. And heck, it could well be true that you were somewhat discriminated against or not taken seriously fpr your technical skills (im assuming its a mostly male workplace b/c it is engineering). Like if you cant find a higher-up willing to help as it is, you could go to HR and imply you feel discriminated against and they might do it for that reason, since what you want is pretty reasonavle.

No. 837164

hey, thanks for the encouragement anons. i have so many people in my ears telling me that it’s wrong for me to ask and they’re all making me feel so stupid.

so what’s going to happen is, i’m going to meet with an internal career guidance person, express my concerns delicately, and ask to be directed to who i can talk to about pivoting. i’m also going to meet with the staffing head of the team i’m currently on (aka the team I don’t want to be on) and ask for further details about the position, and how she thinks my technical skills can be applied there.

if the latter meeting goes well, I might reconsider pushing for a pivot immediately and just make the best of it. if not, i’ll meet with the person my career counselor suggests and make a case for myself about the value I can bring to a different team.

if all else fails, i will stay with my current team for 6 months to prove my work ethic and then ask to pivot again. i don’t think I can bring up discrimination because there’s actually a surprising amount of women at this company. please wish me the best…. this is all so stressful

No. 837696

so disappointed in myself. i got a job offer and verbally accepted it. i didn't want to ask about the pay but i knew it was going to be the lower end and told myself to negotiate when i get the letter offer. i got the letter offer, hesitated, and just accepted without negotiating. my supervisor kept telling me he's disappointed i didn't negotiate because he knows how greedy the company is. i was feeling so-so because at least i'l be working a new position but he made me feel like shit telling me he's disappointed.

No. 837703

I! Fucking! Hate! Zoom! Meetings!!!

No. 837709

Sounds like your supervisor is disappointed for you, not in you. You certainly aren't the only woman who has been pressured to take a lower pay offer without negotiating. At least you can always try to negotiate a raise in the future!

No. 837742


yeah he keeps saying he just wants the best for me and i deserve a higher wage. i haven't even started yet and he already told me when the performance evaluation will be for me to ask for a raise.

No. 837743

File: 1624570205737.jpeg (308.61 KB, 1191x1541, 372EE106-F5BD-4656-B3F2-E5EF92…)

I just got an email expecting it to be the time for my interview and it said they were looking into other candidates. Guess that’s over.

No. 837769


are you interviewing them about their craft (I doubt, since you say you have no experience to judge their skill level?) or for team fit? There are always questions you can ask that will tell you about the candidate, that are not craft related. For example:

>Tell me about a time you experienced a challenging task. What was it, and how did you handle it?

>Describe a time when you under-delivered. Why did it happen, and what would you do differently if you found yourself in the same situation today?
>How do you mentor those more junior than you?
>Tell me about a time when you worked with a challenging stakeholder.

No. 838217

I applied to a new job recently. I did the interview with HR, I even got an email from the director saying I got the job and that I can start work on July 1. But I'm kind of confused, like, do I just randomly show up to work next week? Shouldn't they ask me for additional documents? Or to sign some papers? Or a copy of my ID? Or even to come to some kind of training or orientation? I know they asked for a copy of my diploma but even though I graduated, I haven't received it yet, I'm supposed to receive it sometime next month. Any advice would be appreciated.

No. 838232

Usually they just have you start the job and training or w/e right away, on the assumption that all your documents etc will work out to be fine once you get them in. If its a big company you might need some info to get your ID card made and accounts set up and stuff on the first day but other than that its nbd.

I think it works the way it does because if whoever hired you had to have HR work this stuff out beforehand, it would take weeks of back and forth b/c you arent there yet and its not urgent. Instead theyd rather just hire you and have you come in, and then be like "hey HR get this person their stuff" and send you down to HR so they have to do it faster.

No. 838242

I'm gonna assume when you go in, at some point they might send you to HR or HR will pull you aside to do a quick orientation and get your paperwork sorted and then they'll ask you to bring in ID and stuff on another day to them. That's how it's been at the two smaller firms I've been at. The one super big place I worked at did email us before hand what we were supposed to bring in. If anything, just bring your ID (passport and SSN card if you are a burger) and maybe a voided check just in case if you want to be prepared.

No. 838337

Wow I reread my post and realize how confusing I made it sound after throwing in the second half about getting a job interview lol. Sorry about that anon!

I'm interviewing people about their craft/field of study. I actually just got an email back from a university professor and our meeting is set for Monday but I'm so terrified. Like, this man is basically an expert in his field of study, I don't want to ask super dumb-dumb questions. I have a few written out that I think sound pretty okay and might get me some good responses (I'm looking for answers about race relations and specifics about this one ethnic group). I was forced to do some interviews in college, but back then it's like "hey I'm still a student!" so it feels like people will cut me slack if I fuck up, but now it's like… I'm a working professional and I represent the company I work for. It's not a tiny independent news company, it's an actual place that has a channel and newspaper that a lot of people pay for, and it's absolutely terrifying lol.

I also am trying to figure out how zoom works since I've never been on the other end of setting them up and being the host. I think I have it set up okay but ugh… I've basically done fuck all the past two days my boss has been out so I'd like at least one interview to have something to give to him when he comes back, and then I'll say no one else got back to me for interviews (which is not entirely a lie but I didn't start sending out email requests until this morning lol).

No. 838341

why are salaries so bleak in the uk? most of the people i know in the uk make £20-£26k, it's fucking depressing.

i have just graduated with a teaching Master's, (pgce) and the best i can do is £25,000 per year for full-time work? i need better. i feel like such a fucking loser who wasted her life.

i'm such an idiot, i wish i did dentistry or optometry.

i'm a complete and utter fool.

No. 838343


Not to diagnose you or anything but it sounds like your imposter syndrome is getting in the way of you doing your best at work. (You putting off emailing people, etc.)

If your company didn't think you can handle this task - you would not be chosen to do it, so stop doubting yourself and just do your best! If they gave this task to some dude he would not for a second doubt himself, so you don't do it either, OK?

You will do good, just own the situation with transparency. The guy and you will both know he is more senior than you, and that is OK. Just ask your questions, and follow-up on whatever he answers.

I believe in you. :D

No. 838440

File: 1624660703780.png (549.86 KB, 300x468, 1404876244188.png)

ayrt, sorry for late update. They got us a chair after my last email. Whenever we do that station, we can sit down from time to time, and it helps so so much. My coworkers really liked that so I got extra cool points with them. My managers have their hands full with a genderspecial they hired who's causing headaches every week and with time our relationship went back to normal. I'm now seen again as the low-key girl who's pleasant to work with.

Oh, and I didn't get the supervisor position. I do think my emails were part of their decision, but my rival worked there longer so that's fine. I've realized that I really enjoy not having responsibility over operations/staff. Instead, I have my sights set for an admin position deeper within the institution.

No. 838767

truly bizarre considering i've been hearing ads trying to recruit teachers in the UK for months. You might have more luck applying to private schools, or private tutoring if you live near upper-class areas.

No. 838771


In my experience employers hardly ever ask for proof of your diploma, so the fact they did counts for something I guess. If you dont have the physical document yet they should be able to call the institution directly and check that way. Most places i've worked will only really ask for proof of your right to work before starting (i.e just your ID, work visa if you have one.) You will probably get an email asking you to bring documents a few days before or they will just ask when you arrive there, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

No. 838787

>In my experience employers hardly ever ask for proof of your diploma
Well I must say your experience is not the norm, they absolutely do usually. Otherwise, yeah, she shouldn't worry, it'll all be handled when she gets there.

No. 840071

I have to do a 3 hour long test for a technical writer position that has a writing section, logical thinking section and another one that will assess my language skills. I'm freaking out a little I've never done this before

No. 841669

Had a job interview over zoom today and I honestly have no idea if it went well or not, but if I fucked up then they were all too nice to let it show. They’re all women, seemed very nice with a fun sense of humour, the position itself is genuinely interesting, hours are great and the pay is better than anything I’ve ever done before. Pray for me, anons!

No. 841702

Thank you anon…!!

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stretch out the interview long enough or that I didn't prepare enough questions but the interview went on for an hour and I only got through 4 questions… Or it's mostly that he rambled on for an hour and I only managed to squeeze four questions in lol. I went back through the audio and removed all the fluff but it kind of sucks that I ended up with not that much information at all haha. My boss comes back tomorrow so I hope it's good enough. I did contact some others but no one else is available for an interview so whelp.

No. 841740

For anons who have been working from home due to the pandemic:
>How are you feeling about returning to in-person work?
>Do you think you'll be able to continue working remotely? Do you think it'll become more common?
>How have people you know reacted to remote work/returning?

No. 842558

I'm trying to break into UX writing and holy hell am I frustrated. I've made a portfolio and I think it's acceptable, but I don't know how to showcase it in a way that doesn't make it obvious that I'm fairly out of touch with modern design. I'd also like to gain more experience actually working with developers and designers but I can't actually find opportunities for this. You type "ux writing" into any search field on internship and volunteer sites and get zilch.

It's nuts. This industry is overflowing with promotional humble brag articles about how such and such got their start in it, but there are no actual people to talk to for advice. All the forums for ux writing are dead. The Facebook group for UX writing that I'm in is nothing but newcomers begging for help and being ignored.

I'm so lost and upset. It's starting to seem like this is the type of job that people already working in UX just sort of fall into and are refusing to be up front about for whatever reason.

No. 842599

Something weird happened when I applied for a server position at an inn today. I was assuming it was a ft/pt job but the manager pretty much said it’s on-call and asked if I could work this weekend. I said not this one and he said he’ll put my name on their roster and call when they need help, to check my availability. Is this kind of work always under the table?

No. 842608

Sounds like under the table gig work to me. Only way to know for sure is asking up front how they intend to pay you for your time.

No. 842634

Literally every single person doing UI/UX I know started as "regular" graphic designer and then transitioned to UX, would you consider doing it this way?

No. 842662

Working with all women is my dream job. Sending all the positive vibes to you!!

No. 842665

I’ll ask if he calls me back, I’ve never worked as a server but I wouldn’t mind trying something different for a day. It’s just a bummer that I was looking for work with a consistent schedule and this turned out to be the complete opposite.

No. 842775

Please tell us what position you're applying to if you can anon. Sounds amazing.

No. 842913

nta but anon in interested in UX writing, not UX

No. 842915

3 days after the test still no feedback. I don't think I got the job. Fuck

No. 842917

Anyone have any experience reneging on an offer they've already signed? How'd it go?

No. 842921

we call this role "content writer" and i see a lot available on linkedin. might be a bit difference in scope, but they do ux content writing

No. 843063

Would it be a stupid idea to offer to clean an apartment free just once to convince someone to employ me as a part time cleaner if I don't have previous experience?

No. 843085

Just received the e-mail that I didn't get it. Oh well

No. 843092

Worst thing they can say is no, but please understand that even if they agree you'd basically be doing it for free and could still get turned down

No. 843097

Maybe offer that this one will be free if they hire you and some small pay in case they decide to not to? this would make them think twice if they maybe consider scamming you (getting a good clean and not hiring)

No. 843130

It’s a laboratory position in a field of biomedical research that still mostly male dominated, and a lot of female colleagues I’ve had in the past were very male-identified/NLOG so finding a group that’s almost entirely made up of and led by women is an extra big deal. I normally try not to get my hopes up too much but this time I just can’t help it.

No. 843243

so fucking cringe so cringe. so i have this summer internship right now and we have to attend anti-racism zoom seminar for 2 weeks, shit is absolutely so uncomfortable and awkward. the breakout groups and discussion is just the most cringe thing i've ever had to engage with. i have to get out of this country.

No. 843245

also the breakout group i was in, 4 of us, 3 white and one black girl. and she literally left midway through the group meeting. unbelievable LMAO
so cringe i really just want to exit the meeting right fucking now but my supervisor is attending as well.

No. 843663

why did she leave?

No. 843940

no idea honestly, she was talking a lot too. idk if she was put into another group or if she just left the seminar entirely.

No. 844166

What's the difference between UI and UX design?

No. 844172

UI is user interface i.e. the front end of what users will be interacting with. This is more of a conscious thinking on the actual interaction between users and the software/hardware.

UX is like the user experience. You conscientiously design based on HOW you want the user to experience your product and what you think they might feel when they use it.

They go hand in hand most times. Think of it this way:

A door handle. The functionality of it is to open a door right? The UI of the door handle would be that the user turns the handle and the door opens. That's the expected outcome. Will the doorknob have a lock on it? The UX is the decision of whether or not we want the door handle to be shaped in a weird goofy way. How would the users feel if they had to interact with the handle like that? Do we want the doorknob to be wet? Do we want the doorknob to be course? How would the user feel about those particular shapes? That would be more like the User Experience of it.

No. 844173

samefag but I kind of minored in user interaction in college. I do miss it, they were fun courses and we got to combine art with computer science, we also got to use 3D printers. The UI was a little more boring, but that was basically planning the layout of the page. UI was practical thinking, UX was more critical thinking.

No. 844181

Would it be weird to write to a website owner that I'm willing to redesign their website for a fee? I'm looking to build my portfolio and this particular Asian grocery store website looks like it was made in the early 2000s

No. 844182

Also what would that process look like? Do they just give me the contacts of the web admin of the site and I would send them the files?

No. 844344

File: 1625253742706.jpeg (89.92 KB, 828x508, DE3AFD45-7C81-40E0-849A-2F2370…)

I graduated college in late 2019 and was lucky enough to bag full time work that’s somewhat in the industry I want to be in. It’s really unique work and I have a lot of fun doing the parts that I like, but the other half is pretty boring and menial. I knew this going in so it’s not really a shock, but the disparity kind of highlights how much happier I am when I get to do the parts of the job I got my degree for. Recently thought I’ve been having these thoughts of quitting my job and do streaming. The Pandemic essentially allowed me to both clear my thoughts and leave an abusive relationship and I’ve been realizing just how much I like entertaining people. I really like making my friends laugh and I think I have a decent stage presence. My entire life has been so miserable and I feel like transitioning to a risky but rewarding career would be worth it and I’d be able to not only support myself but have a lot of fun doing it. I have a lot of ideas for how’d I’d like to incorporate my art into the streams as well. My current job skills are pretty niche as well and sought after so I think I would be able to fall back on those and have a good career if being an internet clown didn’t work out. Is it worth trying or am I just chasing a pipe dream?

No. 844351

Realistically it’s unlikely to make it big enough to support yourself through streaming, especially if people don’t already know who you are. But you can try it out as a hobby and see how that works out! I’ve had multiple friends try twitch and they all quit after only making a few cents off of hours daily of streaming.

No. 844369

That’s very true, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. I know so much of it is luck. I originally had plans to move out to California to work in the industry I want to go into but I feel like my plans are shifting. My plan was to start off as a hobbyist and see if anything goes to there, though of course ideally ending up supporting myself fully would be nice. I just think streaming and performing in general is super fun and would really allow me to focus on self lead art projects that I could then incorporate into my streams. I guess it would be better to try and fail than to keep wondering.

No. 844411

Will it bite me in the ass that I list another residence instead of mine on job listings? I am moving far and no one nibbled when I used my actual address. But when I use this address, people are finally nibbling. It's not quite a lie because I spend all my weekends and weekdays until I go back to work near my actual residence, so I technically do live there and the goal of me getting a job is so I can permanently live there.

No. 844412

>It's not quite a lie because I spend all my weekends and weekdays
At the "fake" residence, whoops

No. 844427

Is there an estimated date for when the world will stop being on lock-down? I feel like job-finding is gimped until then.

No. 844438

The world? My country hasn't been on lockdown since more than a year, I honestly can't even remember when exactly we were cooped up. It's all a weird memory.

No. 844488

I keep checking the thread to see how you are doing kek. <3

Tbh whenever I interview people I never get more than 5-6 questions out of the way. And that's fine. I hope it all went well and your boss is happy with your work. :)(emoticon use)

No. 844489

Where do you live? Join a UX writing group/meetup. Look for keywords like "copy writing, UX copy, content writing". People in this industry are super happy to network and help juniors get a leg in.

There are also Slack communities dedicated to UX writing, where you can network, etc.

No. 844634

File: 1625281661231.jpg (23.14 KB, 617x411, 29571061_903324836495405_60003…)

I just started working at a retail job a few days ago and I'm already miserable. It's a "store cleaner/custodial" position and was told that they've never had this position in their store before so they're just kind of winging it and wanted my input and experience since I used to be a housekeeper. They specifically said I'd be doing custodial work like cleaning the breakroom, bathrooms, etc.

So far, they have me coming in 2 hours before opening to do detailed work like spot cleaning walls and floors (literally on my hands and knees), tidying up the break room and doing odd jobs here and there. Once the store opens, they've just got me dusting shelves for hours. I don't mind hard work and labor but this is so boring and unrewarding. I've just been finding time to hide in the janitors closet and use my phone.

I don't know if I should stick it out or look for something else. Cleaning jobs are hard to come by so I was happy to get this one but it really sucks. Plus my coworkers are all anti-social zoomers. The managers are nice but kind of aimless when it comes to this job. I dunno what to do. I just wanted a nice cleaning job where I can work alone and not deal with customers all day.

No. 846177

>How are you feeling about returning to in-person work?
I'm so fucking excited. I miss MY space being MY space. I hate working from home. My job pre-covid was 100% work from home (I'd try to swing by the office 1-2 times a week anyway), then I got a new job mid-covid so that was obviously work from home, but now I'm finally going to be able to return to the office. I hate this blurred line between home and the office. I'm going to be the first one back I swear.

>Do you think you'll be able to continue working remotely? Do you think it'll become more common?

Maybe after like two years of staying in the office I'll be mentally prepared for WFH again. It's becoming more common but companies that have invested a lot in their offices (like mine) definitely aren't going to let you work from home full time the way companies that just rent their offices will.

>How have people you know reacted to remote work/returning?

It's been an honestly even mix. I'm probably the outlier single, no kids person who actually wants to go back to the office but I know a lot of the parents are looking forward to going back even more than I am. On the other hand, you've got people who just don't like office culture (which I personally love but I get it) and a lot of new parents who'd normally have to drop their kids off at daycare but now actually get to bond with their babies. I hope they come up with something that works for everyone.

Nope, go for it. It's really just used to weed out anyone they don't want to pay relocation fees for, so if you're willing to move yourself there, hell yeah pretend you already live there girl.

No. 846291

Had a test today for a technical writer position. I had to write printer manual from scratch and describe an image. I think it went well (knocking on wood)

No. 846690

File: 1625522932607.jpg (30.69 KB, 750x739, EjPq9CsU4AAAqhE.jpg)

Started my second week of work today. My first week went great and I was excited, but today they threw me into more stuff and I got so overwhelmed and frustrated with new duties and things to remember that I started crying after a phone call to schedule a patient went horribly. My coworkers told me things only got harder from there, and I had to step away because I couldn't stop crying! I've never been so embarrassed. Is it even worth sticking it out if I've made such a jackass of myself so early?

No. 847269

just got a part time job, hope i don't get scam

No. 848087

File: 1625671120163.jpg (46.96 KB, 381x594, 1574983481476.jpg)

Your workplace doesn't sound like it has a good onboarding process and your coworkers sound like they've forgotten what it's like to be new. EVERY new job takes time to get up to speed on, even for a veteran in the field; hell, I work for a tech company that's known for recruiting top talent and it's expected that newcomers take 6-9 MONTHS to become fully acquainted with the work and internal processes. I'd recommend hanging in for at least a couple of months, and please don't be hard on yourself because nobody knows what they're doing two weeks into a skilled job and imposter syndrome leads to self-sabotage.

Rooting for you nonny!

No. 848092

It should be a requirement for someone to understand how to use a computer before they get given a job where I work. If the work means having to sit at a computer, do admin or use Teams then they shouldn't be given the job unless they can prove they can do this. I've had to show 3 people how to copy and paste. COPY AND PASTE!!! I answer everyones technical enquiries and it's usually the most simple solution.

I dont know why they keep hiring old people who are 'afraid' of technology, the extra annoying thing is nobody showed me how to do anything, I just learned myself because it was required of me.

No. 848414

Reading this made me feel a lot better, thanks for the reassurance anon! Things have been going a little better. Its still a lot to take in, but I'll continue to do my best and stick around for a little while!

No. 849653

I'm looking for a job ATM and most of offers that interest me require proficency in Excel/Word. I've never been super good in either, and I forgot most of the stuff since my studies. Does anyone know what's the best way to quickly catch up?

No. 849770

>stuck in remedial office position and basically do the tedious shit no one else wants to regularly do
>toted as 'important' for functions but the work is super easy and it won't lead to any further learning of useful skills towards the role I'm actually interested in and was promised I could be promoted to…eventually
>said skills could get me jobs at different companies if I start to hate it here as others have done

>driving a current project to import different company modules into an electronic system

>was part of setting up a meeting for today about a module for a function that I haven't learned about yet
>bitch manager sends me shit to release to the company half an hour before
>think nothing of it because I'm at work for another three hours and the meeting won't take the whole time so I could do it after
>log into meeting
>manager messages me to say "Hey this is the function session, your time is better suited to get documents released, thanks."

What a bitch. She did it on purpose to exclude me from the meeting so I wouldn't get to gain any insight or learn anything new. Meanwhile she gives her favorite tons of shots at opportunities to learn new things even when she doesn't know wtf she's doing and then she asks ME for my opinion. I wish I could just start playing fucking stupid beyond anything that isn't technically "my function" but of course that would be the final nail in the coffin for any chance of advancement here.
I'm so mad because aside from this manager issue and typical office politics, the job itself isn't bad or typically stressful.

No. 849778

microsoft's actual website surprisingly has a lot of learning resources
pretty rudimentary stuff but probably all they would expect you to know how to do for a new job

No. 849913

My phone browser isn’t fully loading the end of this thread but wanted to say thank you to the anons who encouraged me when I posted about interviewing with a DV prevention program. I didn’t get it cus I’m not fully bilingual as their program needs, but the hiring manager passed along my CV to another women’s shelter for recovering addicts who were mostly abused in some way growing up, and I begin as an assistant case manager next week. Thanks so much for the supper you guys. I’m happy to finally be doing something meaningful as a career!

No. 849916

Support* sorry, having a couple of glasses of wine alone in my apartment to celebrate. Passing along the good vibes, I wish all you ladies the best of luck in securing your dream jobs this year!

No. 850162

Look for work elsewhere. Petty bullshit like that will make you unhappy in ways you won't even notice until you work in a better environment. If you're not using your skills now then moving to a job where you can will only become harder the longer you delay.
-t. left a similar situation complete with a promotion to the role I wanted getting waved over my head

No. 850185

File: 1625889643266.jpeg (297.49 KB, 1125x525, 20E962C4-B1DB-4FA1-AFAB-C219D4…)

do they really mean this or am I right to abandon all hope on this one

No. 850223

Looking at LinkedIn makes me want to hurl. All the insufferable careery shit people spew into that app, and the expectation is that I follow suit? I'm sorry I just cannot swallow that amount of shit and repeat it with a straight face

I'm a developer and after about a decade I have lost any ability to pretend I want to work for another Brodude McFounder and the tubby sperg friend of his they made CTO.

No. 850233

I've just gotten recommended for some freelance work and I'm ecstatic but ready to curl up in a hovel and disappear. The pandemic destroyed any semblance of my normalcy amongst other people. I'll be working with my mentor for the first project, and mostly by myself for the second project (which comes with a hard to deal with client). Does anyone have any advice going forward?

No. 850235

I'm pretty sure they mean it, if you were a bad fit they wouldnt be encouraging you to waste their time in the future

No. 850518

Idk about you but in my experience this is a softer rejection email. I think anon should just move forward and pursue another gig. I’ve gotten these emails before and I have never, ever, been called up to interview for an interview they “kept my resume on file” for

No. 851870

educational specialist in the UK here, i find child safeguarding to be so extreme that anyone with a vendetta against a parent can weaponise social services to their will.

safeguarding guidelines are suffocating, contradictory and dogmatic. as an example, it is considered 'emotional abuse' to overprotect your child, but also to make them walk to school alone.

No. 852435

How often does that happen? Genuine question, not being snarky.

No. 853440

i am foaming at the mouth raging at having to isolate for 10 days because my mum went to spain and tested positive.

i’m starting a new job and it’s such a bad look to have to take time off as soon as i’m meant to start. i sent them an apology along with my mums positive result and explained we live together and couldn’t get out of it

i’m just so pizsed

No. 853449

i think it's a power move

No. 853479

I worked at a fast food place where I worked like maybe 1-2 weeks.

I had some medical things come up, and this is why I had to quit. I was surprisingly told by the hiring manager to text when ready to be put back on the schedule.

I just wanna state…or ask…

Is this like normal? I got the handbook and it does not mention medical leave or anything for employees. I am welcome back it seems.

I know that fast food and food places are hurting for employees.

No. 853483

they're desperate. also you don't need to space out every sentence.

No. 853486

Sorry! Thanks for the response, though.

No. 853594

well my bfs mother who has another younger son was targeted by women in her neighbourhood because they had an issue with her and she had to fight tooth and nail for her son in court, and eventually won.

making people fight for their children is such a perverted, british ritual. i understand kids who are genuinely in grave danger, but the reality is that even children who are abused are probably better off in an abusive home than in state care.

her social workers would come to her in completely bad faith and feed back negatively to their superiors.

i just can’t imagine how insulting it must be to be constantly monitored my CPS even though you’re 1) not a chav and 2) not an addict of any kind. the whole thing was humiliating for her.

No. 853998

>someone saw my profile on a job board and sent me an email to ask for my updated resume
>because of some issues with my computer ##which only happened a few minutes after getting the email" I send her the resume at the end of the week
>it's been nearly two weeks since then and she never contacted me back
Am I getting fucked over? She told me she had a job to propose me but I don't have enough info to call her directly and I found her profile on linkedin but I'm not sure it's hers. Was I getting my hopes up?

No. 854001

I don't think it'll hurt to send her a follow up email like "hello, just wanted to follow up if you had any job opportunities for me?" or something. It might have been that after reviewing your resume that you may not have been appropriate for the job she had, or she put up another candidate, or the job listing was filled up.

No. 854029

It looked like she had several jobs to offer to create a new team, but maybe you're right. I'll send her an email tomorrow morning but I'd rather not think too hard about it.

No. 854030

i used to be a corporate recruiter and you should always send follow-up emails for that kind of thing just because a lot of them have such a large workload that candidates get lost or they get sidetracked because sourcing is tedious and messy unless you're really organized and disciplined (most of them aren't)

No. 854047

I used to be one too and usually we contacted candidates once more if they didn't reply to us, just in case. Maybe it depends on teams and companies though. On the other side when I get recruited usually I tend to get answer super fast from companies.

>sourcing is tedious and messy unless you're really organized and disciplined (most of them aren't)

I'm having flashbacks of former managers being retarded and not even reading resumes and cover letters and thinking I studied english literature and not international business….

No. 854218

I feel like my boss doesn’t take it seriously that I’m looking for another job because I haven’t had much luck with the places I’ve applied to. I could apply to any other retail business and get hired but I just want something that’s not dealing with the public as much.

No. 854503

Samefagging to say I just sent another email and I got an automatic reply saying that the woman will only be back to her office tomorrow. I probably sent my first email right before she set up that automatic reply then. Should I send an email to her coworker or just wait until tomorrow?

No. 854511

Wait until tomorrow

No. 855403

Been on a red flaggy job interview:
>job interview for assistant position a company that leases apartments
>manager is a guy in his 50s and the assistant (whose position I'd take over) is a young girl in her 20s
>girl is visibly uncomfortable throughout the whole thing
>upon being asked how long she's been in this position she says one month
>I didn't ask why because I didn't want to make her even more uncomfortable
>I ask how many employees there are at the company, answer: 'only the two of us'
>manager seems way too eager about my salary request which makes me realize it was way too low
>he also seems eager about the fact that I'm jobless and I could start as soon as possible
>after going home I look at the company profile in the registry and found they have a negative record (which could mean anything from tax evasion to God knows what)

No. 855405

Forgot the best: manager looked quite a bit like Jeffrey Epstein

No. 855681

This sounds insane, holy shit. Anything else weird about the interview? How did you find out about it?

No. 855694

I found the ad on a popular job searching website, nothing special. Thinking back about the interview, another thing that was weird was the janitor, when he heard which company I came to interview for, he let out a snicker as if it was funny. When I was there I didn't think much of it, I thought he was just a weird old guy but thinking back that was the first red flag

No. 856356

File: 1626539714590.jpg (32.43 KB, 375x427, side-effects-mara.jpg)

Anons help me I'm starting to feel really hopeless. I've lost my job in January. In the first few months after that I didn't really look for a job because of mental health reasons. I feel fine now and also I'm running out of my savings so I started looking (luckily there's a family member who helps me out financially). I applied to numerous places and I either don't get a callback or I fail the 2-3rd round of interviews or I show up on the interview and it's a sketchy place.

I mean, it is summer, so things are obviously slow right now, but that's only part of the problem. I feel like I'm essentially unemployable. The stuff I would love to do I'm unqualified for, the stuff I'm qualified for I'm not getting callbacks and also I just…hate it with a passion and I think it showed at my last workplace. I wouldn't say I got burned out, I was just grumpy all the time. I have a degree in humanities and most of my career I've worked as a translator (even though I only have a bachelor's), translating manuals from the local language to English or vice versa. After I worked at a place as a web administrator but only for 3 months and I was fired after that. I honestly don't see any reason why anyone would employ me. In this country, English is still not spoken by a lot of people, but it is a basic requirement at better companies and I don't really have other skills to offer other than that. I'm also brushing up on my French and taking private lessons but it's a really slow process.

UX is a really fascinating field to me and I feel like I could be great at it, and I've been taking courses, reading the literature and slowly building a portfolio. My dream would be to work in UX as a freelancer, as I find the socializing aspect of workplaces super draining. So far my schedule is that in the morning up until noon I search for jobs and then, after lunch, I learn UX and continue building my portfolio. I guess my question/point of confusion is I'm not sure which one to focus on. Sometimes I get really discouraged because I only see positions for Senior UX designers and feel like noone would ever hire me. But it seems like noone wants to hire me based on my previous experience anyway (and BOY did I send my CV to a lot of positions, mostly administrative stuff, back office stuff, front office stuff, secretary, receptionist, hotel maid, administrator in a kindergarten, caretaker in a care home, cleaner, nanny etc), and I feel hopeless.
Any advice is welcome, thank you

No. 856377

"My dream would be to work in UX as a freelancer, as I find the socializing aspect of workplaces super draining."

Anon I cannot even begin to tell you how much socializing, schmoozing, bullshitting, ass kissing, & mental dexterity it takes to freelance. You've got to win those contracts and network and it never fucking ends. I make good money but it is a fucking slog. A 9-5 is so much easier in that way.

No. 856379

What I wrote didn't really reflect what I meant. What I hate is going to the same place every single day being surrounded by the same people every single day. It's the 'still water' aspect of it that I hate. I don't mind the ass kissing and bullshitting as long as it's it happens in a varied environment and with different people every time. I'm a sociopath in that way I guess

No. 856645

File: 1626564796216.jpg (28.66 KB, 720x888, 1578393611592.jpg)

>UX is a really fascinating field to me and I feel like I could be great at it, and I've been taking courses, reading the literature and slowly building a portfolio. My dream would be to work in UX as a freelancer, as I find the socializing aspect of workplaces super draining.
I'm not sure what country you're in and I'm more familiar with the research side than design, but even in the US, UX is a hard field to enter; freelancing is actually the way that most hopefuls start out because the job market is so shit, but I get the impression that it's very unstable. My advice would be to look for a contract position if those are available wherever you are (the bigger the company the better), continuously look for a full-time position (again, could be regional and it's also really stupid but some hiring managers in UX are sketched out by people who work >1 year as a contractor), try to spend a couple of years in a full-time position, then transition to freelancing if you still want to. It becomes way easier to have a stable career in UX once you spend a couple years full-time, and if you eventually spend some time in a full-time role at a big tech company then you're set in terms of being able to choose where or how you work.
>I guess my question/point of confusion is I'm not sure which one to focus on.
Focus primarily on getting a job because a large gap in your resume may make it even harder to find one, but keep learning UX and try to start freelancing once you feel confident enough.
>and I feel hopeless.
If it makes you feel any better, many MANY people have been in your situation, myself included. I spent months trying to get my foot in the door when I was starting my career, got fired from a contract job after a couple months, and now work at one of the big five tech companies. It's possible to drag yourself out of a pit, but you have to be persistent, passionate and enthusiastic during interviews, and know how to sell yourself. lmk if you have any questions!

No. 856701

I had to yell at my boss about the work I was currently doing for him (I work in video games). Basically for the past few weeks I've essentially been wasting my time, and nobody bothered to fucking course-correct me. So when we had a meeting with our coworkers and I presented my work, they gave me very patronizing feedback of "Oh you'll pick it up eventually, loosen up". So then I realized that, because nobody showed me a fucking guideline of how the company works, I thought I was further along than I actually was.

TL;DR my boss never sat me down and told me how they do things so I fucking yelled at him

No. 856822

Anon employers can tell when you don't actually want to work (even though nobody actually wants to work they just want that salary). You really gotta up your fake enthusiasm. Really kiss their ass. Practice your acting and lying skills. I've been there. Licensed and sent CV to all possible jobs I could qualify for. Edited my resume multiple times, asked for a smaller salary, etc. and the only thing that really ACTUALLY worked and got me multiple callbacks was kissing ass. I could be completely unprepared for the interview and unaware of what the company does but I'll still make it through so long as I flatter them and make them feel like I wanna work for them and no one else. It makes me feel disgusted with myself but what can we do

No. 857210

A little under a year ago, I left food service to go into the grocery/food retail industry. Kinda the same, but different enough. I got hired on as a shift manager, and had a bit of imposter syndrome when I first started since I had no prior retail experience. Just when I started to get over it, the company announced they would be restructuring the management hierarchy so we'd either be getting a promotion to ASM or demotion. Well, I got the promotion over my coworker who has been with the company for like a decade. The position started Monday, but we've been short staffed there's been no time for training so we've been just operating like normal. There hasn't been any tension or anything yet, but I can't help but worry things are going to get awkward because he's notorious for having a negative attitude and making it affect everyone's shift.

No. 857678

nayrt, I’m looking into breaking into UI design. Are the job prospects for UI design similar to UX design, or is it any better? Parents trying to get me to do a boot camp but they seem like a scam. When I try to look up info about breaking into UI design, all I get are results about UX design which is sort of a different thing. I’m fresh out of school with an unrelated degree, although I’ve been doing freelance graphic design since age 15 and had a summer job as a graphic designer at a print shop for 2 years so I’m already very familiar with the visual design element of the job, which I know isn’t everything but idk

No. 857760

Thank you for your advice!! I'm in a Central European country where it's just becoming a thing btw

No. 857799

Samefag, a question: what should I focus on in my portfolio other than unsolicited redesigns of existing products?

No. 858007

I get really overwhelmed and feel down when I look at job ads, though. I feel like I can't do anything they are asking. The ones I do apply to don't call me back.
>have bachelor of science, relevant internship experience, 2 other office jobs as resume experience
>have really bad people skills
>can't make change or use a cash register (this is non-negotiable)
>can't be a receptionist or telemarketer, barely survived as a receptionist, had frequent breakdowns and would go to the bathroom a lot to hit myself
I am thinking of going to an employment office with my resume and telling them everything I wrote and asking them to help me. But I am afraid they will tell me I am too picky. My mom says I am too picky but I feel like I will just waste my time getting hired someplace that I will end up fired from/quit (It has gone this way twice, when I tried to be a cashier and when I tried to be a census worker). What do you guys think?

No. 858153


I used to get so depressed looking at job ads. Most applications won't ever get a reply. It takes time and money and for what? Don't worry about that.
The shithouse places I've worked also had really picky ads which is hilarious. It's all bullshit. If you get an interview and seem like you'd be able to do the job/fit in then you'll probably get it. Getting fired is what it is. Quitting is a mistake, don't do that.

No. 858669

anons should I feel guilty about not being able to cover my manager's shift due to not being in town? I'm only supposed to work weekends because I'm finishing up a postgraduate degree, but I feel guilty because I'm new and feel like I need to prove myself?

No. 858672

Are you planning to stay working there for a longer period of time?
If no then nope, they should've managed the situation better

No. 858742

If you have an autism diagnosis it may be worth contacting an occupational therapist, or at least an employment office that's sympathetic to disabilities. You've got specific needs and that's fine.

No. 859299

File: 1626833362219.jpg (94.03 KB, 1024x1023, 1578507267977.jpg)

I'm >>818306 and I ended up not getting the job. I found out that they gave it to someone internally. I was sad for a bit but since then I've been getting job interviews almost every week. I'm trying to look at it all as practice until I finally land a job. Keep your head up girls, we're all gonna make it.

No. 859310

Unfortunately I'm not sure what the job market looks like for UI design, but I get the impression that most employers expect designers to do both UX and UI design, even when they list a 'UX Design' role. I think that learning the principles of UX design and building a portfolio that shows off your UX and UI skills would make you more marketable, but even if you want to stick with pure UI Design, it's worth trying your hand at applying to entry-level jobs before going the boot camp route. I do know some people who've successfully pivoted into UX Design from completely unrelated careers after a bootcamp, but I also know people who've successfully pivoted without one so it's worth trying to avoid the expense.

No. 859666

I've been tasked to do expense reports for my boss but god I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing and I'm so scared of messing these reports up… I'm gonna ask a coworker who usually does them (and she showed me how) to check over my work tomorrow when she's back in the office ugh.

I hope I don't annoy my boss but I set up a binder for him to put all of his receipts into from now on because I'm missing half of the receipts for this month's statement and I'm NOT doing this 'hunt for receipts thing' again next month or ever again lmao. I thought it'd just be as easy as 'find receipts, match them to the ones on the statement, write out what it's purpose is' but some numbers are super fucking funky because it's in foreign currency sometimes and UGHHH

No. 859686

I wouldn't take it personally at all if it went to someone internal; at a lot of companies they're required to post positions publicly and interview at least one person externally even if they know they are just going to promote a specific person internally. I got a promotion a few months ago and they went through the motions of interviewing some people from outside the company but had zero intention of ever hiring them. It's pretty shitty

No. 860816

Thank you for the insight. It is shitty but I know if I had that same opportunity to promote I'd take it too. Respect for the hustle, I'm gonna keep at it until something comes through.

No. 860849

Does lying on Amazon applications work? They're the only company that can be bothered to respond back.

No. 861961

A few months ago I applied to a museum desk job and they replied in two days with a rejection email. Recently some security positions opened so I applied again, but this time it’s been over a week and they still haven’t responded yet. Should I call them?

No. 861963

Does anyone else find it impossible to find a job with only back office experience?

No. 861987

I think that's a good idea, yeah

No. 862086

Seconding that question, though I heard their expectations are low.

No. 863654

Literally what can I do when I've been looking for a job for literally all this year and I cannot for the love of God find one??? I searched for ones in my field and I also searched in other fields and I either do not even get a callback or get rejected for reasons (most of the time it's just a generic sample e-mail saying they went with another candidate or the ones where I had to do a specific test they said that I was unprecise). I would do literally anything at this point to get money. I even tried and registered on OnlyFans but they rejected me too. I can't even get a simple cleaning job because I only cleaned at home so far and apparently that's proof that I cannot switch on a vacuum cleaner in an office environment or something. I'm desperate

No. 863660

Have you tried "networking" aka ask some of your friends and relatives if they know of any open positions?

No. 863668

I don't have many friends unfortunately. Yesterday I asked one if he knew of any but he said no

No. 863669

If its for simple stuff you know you can do like cleaning, start by lying about your experience on your resume. Loads of businesses closed down during covid, who's to say you didn't work for one of them?

No. 864602

Is immigrating hard? I would like to immigrate to Western Europe from Eastern Europe. Maybe Danemark, my friend might go to Danemark so I might leave with her in one year.
Is getting a job there hard? My only experience is working at Mcdicks when I was younger and my current job which is offering English costumer support. I would like to start my life over there and keep a job while going to college. I think college is free too.

No. 864736

my night job is killing me. my cognitive functions are fucked, my digestion is in tatters and i overall feel like shit. i need to quit this job but i have bills to pay. each time i go in i feel like i'm dying by the time i am finished for the night. i work very long hours and honestly, i sometimes just pray i break an ankle or something so i don't have to go in. never work night shifts. it's fucking atrocious.

No. 864830

I work for a tiny little foreign news media company and my boss wants me to get the contact information of 9/11 survivors to conduct interviews. It's a fun and interesting task but god finding the contact information for the majority of these people is so fucking difficult, I have no idea where to even look. Trying to do a basic google search doesn't bring up much in way of contact information, mostly just news stories done by other news outlets. Those journalists somehow got their contact information but UGH from where?!

No. 864840

God I would hate to be pestered about the worst day of my life

No. 864843

A few handful have become motivational speakers which is great (easier for me plus I think their stories are amazing- there's a blind guy who was led down by his dog and another guy was buried twice after each tower fell) but I'm pulling names from existing articles so they've been okay to speak about it before.

No. 864856

If you have their names, through facebook?

No. 864906

Unironically on the comment section of youtube videos. Several people who are seen on the footages get named there and from then on it's just using search engines social media and google. Alternatively you can lend some of the more personal books on 9/11 and look through their source pages.

No. 864928

Dang guess I'll sign up for one to stalk these people haha. Surprisingly I've found a lot of their LinkedIns but who knows if they check them that often.

Thanks anon! I try going through some comment sections to see if I can find anything!

No. 865474

I just had the worst interview and I need to crytype about it
>aced first interview with nice manager, came in this one overconfident
>meet two other managers, one obvious anachan and one beardbro
>nice manager is muted and camera off the whole time so I'm already feeling frazzled
>Anachan looks at my bloated face like it's a war crime
>beardbro grills me about statistics stuff I only have a vague knowledge of
>I'm flailing and rambling
>Pidgeon smashes into my window while I'm talking and I shriek like a total autist
>Have zero relevant experience beardbro asks for so I panic and lie about a fictional example that doesn't even make me look that good
>I'm a terrible liar
>Booked for an hour, but they'd seen enough after 20 minutes
>"we'll be in touch"
Part of me is bummed because I really wanted the money but another part is impressed I even got this far because I 100% bluffed about my skills lmao. In my defense bluffing usually works and I get the job and figure it out along the way. I just wasn't on my game today, the pigeon didn't help either lol.

No. 866002

Oh my god, just had an interview for a content writer position for one of those companies that buy medicine and "scientific" magnet bracelets that protect you against chemtrails and sell those to boomers. i have to write an article just like this. i already started writing it (as a test of my skills), but honestly the entire thing is gross and fishy. They had a lot of bad opinions by supposed ex call center workers (money not paid on time, bullshit salary cuts). I don't know what to do honestly. I hate looking for jobs and feel so drained tbh

No. 866031

I know how you feel, anon. With positions in my field I do get invited to interviews occasionally but always end up being rejected because I don’t have enough experience, and there is no such thing as volunteer work in this field so no way to gain experience without first being hired somewhere. Meanwhile entry level retail, food service or cleaning jobs ignore my application 99% of the time and when they do respond they tell me I’m grossly overqualified. Friends and family know I’m looking for work but nobody has been able to help. I’m seriously considering selling crafts on Etsy or something, because at least that would be better than nothing.

No. 866235

Is it possible to make a (pivot?) table that changes the information displayed when you pick a different choice from a drop down on Excel?

I’m an amateur in Excel trying to learn by doing my own project on it but no guides actually cover this. I’m certain that it’s possible though.

No. 866250

File: 1627519743071.jpeg (37.15 KB, 640x360, 5D0F7D68-65B6-45D2-ABC9-1FAD34…)

I just submitted my first job application ever. Well, that’s not quite true, I once applied to Zurcher’s when I was 16. They never called me back.

But anyway since then I’ve kind of just fallen into jobs and now here I am at 26, about to get my masters degree but I’ve never gotten a job the traditional way. Im keeping my expectations low but hopefully someone decides to hire me someday.

No. 866254

Good luck with the job search anon. What did you get your masters in?

No. 866256

Geology, babyyyy. My dream job is to work for a nonprofit doing geologic hazard mitigation (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc) but I recognize I probably won’t be able to find a niche job like that immediately.

No. 866345

File: 1627530330267.jpg (110.38 KB, 392x445, 43 - JakyghM.jpg)

I'm putting my free services out there as a resume reviewer. You can upload it here and block out any revealing info or send it to my email. Like not to brag but I actually have gotten many many many job offers with my resume so I think I'm considered a "pro"? Idk. Anyways, don't be afraid nonnies and you can use a throwaway email address if you want. block out as much info as you need to feel comfy.

No. 866467

>I’m seriously considering selling crafts on Etsy or something
I was literally considering the same!! Either that or I'm gonna make up a new CV for a cleaning job just to get something

No. 866472

When I converted my CV from Word to PDF, the last sentence of my CV went on a whole separate page (so now it's 2 page long and the second page only has one sentence on it). Is this seen as a big mistake?

No. 866483

Id make a fake email to write you a glowing reference

No. 866486

do whatever you can to keep the cv on 1 page, it looks sloppy to have a single sentence second page

No. 866527

I just had an interview with a multinational company and my jaw dropped to the floor when the recruiter listed all the benefits. Health insurance, company laptop AND phone, monthly budget for self-education, team trainings in foreign countries…I mean wow. I've only worked at small local companies where the benefits were that um…the boss' wife sometimes baked us muffins and the boss sometimes drove me home from work because I live near the kindergarten where his kids go to lmao

No. 866561

I had a job interview last week and the recruiter asked for references. The manager I had during my internship is on holidays so the recruiter couldnt contact her, the other manager I had is crazy and will lie or say stupid shit like "anon isnt trustworthy because she used to leave the office right on time instead of staying 30min more like everyone else eve though she's single and doesnt have kids" because she did exactly that to another former apprentice. What do?

No. 866562

File: 1627555571709.gif (387.04 KB, 220x284, tenor.gif)

haha I love you nonna

No. 866580

This isn't exactly legal, but what if you asked your friends/family members to pretend to be your ex-managers/coworkers?

No. 866843

Too risky, they don't know shit about the industries I've worked in and the reference I have is for a well known multinational company so it'd be weird if they didn't have their own linkedin profile and more info. And if I did fake my reference or degrees and I get caught I'll be in some really deep shit, I could get sued if they hire me and catch me after the fact.

No. 866949

To add to this, this is an emergency so I gave her the bitvhy racist manager's phone number. Pray for me. I wanted to give a former coworker's phone number but she left the company and she told me on linkedin that she wasn't my above me in the hierarchy so her opinion wouldn't be relevant (except she acted like she was anyway and she was working way more closely with me as well)

I'm absolutely cursed, if I still get the job despite all of this I'll be so shocked I'll have a heart attack.

No. 866956

I applied for a fuck ton of places, mostly as a dishwasher n shit, but I also applied to a few bakeries cause I have some experience and a lot of passion for baking. Not one of the dishwashing positions called me, but TWO bakeries did and one of them has amazing benefits. I have two interviews and I am pumped. I haven't worked in a bakery in a couple of years and I can't wait to be covered in flour again.

No. 866960

Congrats on getting two interviews anon! I happy for you! A bakery sounds so cute to work at, it reminds me of a little girl who is a friend of my family, who always tells me she wants to be a baker when she grows up! Very wholesome.

No. 866997

Anyone here get irrationally pissed off at other people's incompetence?
> I am a process engineer at a manufacuting company. Its your typical scrote-infested pigsty.
> Product is coming off the line all fucked up
> There are only two processes where it could have realistically gone wrong
> For the first process I request for maintenance to change two pieces of tooling on a machine
> They only change out one.
> I notice this immediately, as product is now half-fucked.
> They explanation is that they wanted to 'test' if I noticed they had not done it.
> Why?
> Upon further investigation process 2 is also out of whack and has been causing separate. unrelated issue.
> I once again have to wrangle the autistic maintenance team into action.
> They use it as an excuse that I was wrong, while both processes are messed up and uncontrolled by their lackluster work.
> They never finish the work, are back to having a cuppa and a fag claiming that the work is too hard so they had to call an out-of-site engineer to come in.

Just fucking ridiculous.

No. 867042

Ot but what does a process engineer do? It sounds kind of cool.

No. 867068

Its a pretty loose mechanical engineering branch that specializes in how well things flow in a factory or any other place where you have something happening over and over again.
So basically all you do all day is try to come up with new ways for things to be better and more efficient/safer/more reliable.
It really depends where you work to be honest but its fun and I recommend it, even with it's downsides its very fun.

No. 867086

anon idk if you're in the US or not, but your job reference can't legally say much besides "yes anon was [job title] and worked here from this date to that date." I wouldn't worry about it, so hoping it all works out for you!

No. 867104

I'm not in the US and in my country what you said works the same way, but when I was still working there I caught her ranting about a previous apprentice about petty shit instead of just saying "yes she worked there and was a competent/incompetent employee", saying shit like
>I don't get why she leaves right on time everyday, she's not married and doesn't have kids so she doesn't have anything better to do, she can stay 30min more everyday to finish some stuff
>she lived with her parents back then too, she has no excuses
All of this completely unprompted. Literally none of this is anyone's business but she described her that way and made fun of her for not getting a new job after her apprenticeship was over once the phone call was over. She was lowkey judging me for still living with my parents during my internship even though she payed me way less than minimum wage so you can already imagine how she is.

They're the type of company that (illegally) hires interns and apprentices all the time for jobs that should be permanent because it's cheaper that way, and since that's illegal they can't say it outright I'm worried she'll try to cover up something if the recruiter asks her why they didn't hire me properly after my internship. During the interview I said I wanted to focus on preparing my thesis and oral presentation to graduate so that's why I didn't want to stay in the company but you know…

No. 867200

we won't have enough employees necessary for production in the upcoming months. most of our PD temps are major flakes/addicts/drama queens who work maybe a day and then just don't show up. temp agencies being shady af with advertising for us. HR/Marketing won't let us open up an official facebook or insta for recruiting. if they want better people for work, go where they're looking for work: the internet!!

No. 867230

What do you do about letters of recommendation if you haven’t been in school for a couple years, just skip over it?

No. 867380

In the context of jobs, a letter of recommendation is something you get from an employer who reviews your work ethic and what it was like to work with you

No. 867454

If you mean a letter of recommendation from your professors, surely you could e-mail them and ask for a letter of recommendation, I'm sure they get asked all the time

No. 868184

Have my first shift tonight. Want to throw up and pee.

No. 868212

File: 1627703188093.gif (606.75 KB, 498x407, gl.gif)

No. 868221

If it makes you feel better, a few years ago my mom went back to work after 20-odd years of being a SAHM. She sits down her first day and they give her a laptop to use, at which point she realized she’s exclusively used Macs for pretty much as long as home computers have been a thing, and she has no idea how to operate it. Plus, everyone she was working with had masters degrees in that field and there she was with an unrelated bachelors and no official employment for decades. She seriously thought about ‘going to the bathroom’ and just driving off. She held on though, even though she cried every day for about a week. But fast forward to now and she loves her job, does great work, and all her coworkers love her. You can do it, even if it’s hard at first!

No. 868306

I escaped NEETdom two years ago, been working and saving up money since then. Right now I have an opportunity to go back to school to learn webdesign, all financed by some state programs. Is it still worth it to get into webdesign or am I extremely late to the party and should focus on something else? If I could work as a freelancer it would be perfect for someone like me.

No. 868312

Web design is really oversaturated, a niche tech skill would be more worth your time and effort

No. 868363

Thanks for the answer, can I ask what are you thinking about when you say niche tech skill?

No. 868372

I don't know any of the specifics, but anyone in network security automatically has my respect.

No. 868456

From my understanding what we call web design today has been swallowed up by front end development and UX/UI design so consider looking these up

No. 868502

I think you're right, but I don't think you can go to school and learn UX/UI design right away, it seems most people in that field started as web designers and made their way step by step into UI/UX. That would definitely be a goal of mine eventually.

No. 869277

File: 1627826886408.jpg (1013.59 KB, 2000x1238, 4frcl6cwbsn01.jpg)

Thank you ladies! I did really well!

Pic related - you giving me support.

No. 869897

Anyone do medical coding and/or billing? I wanna break into that. Decent money, room to advance, i like solitary work. I have a master's in social work, it's not for me anymore and want to switch fields. Any advice?

No. 869906

File: 1627901243940.gif (1.15 MB, 292x200, 1624427654034.gif)

I got the job! I complained about how the recruiter who interviewed me couldn't contact previous managers because one of them was on holidays but they want me in their team so they're hiring me and they'll try to contact them afterward anyway to get a reference. I can finally quit my shitty call center job and I'll finally have a normal schedule for the first time of my life. I'm waiting for the recuiter to send me an email as proof she'll hire me and then I'll send an email to my company to tell them I'm leaving.

No. 869922

I just had a phone interview with a recruiter who had the thickest Spanish accent I've ever heard. I had to ask back multiple times what she said because I couldn't understand. I don't think I'll get the job kek
Congrats, nona!!

No. 869937

Congrats! And that gif gets me every time

No. 870045

my mom has a master's in social work and she also didn't stay in it very long, maybe 5-10 years, then she went to law school so she could be a type of public defender. Law school is expensive ofc but if you're going to work for a government agency afterward you can get most of the debt forgiven after not that long. She was able to work mostly alone as i recall, just reading documents and writing idk legal things, with an occasuonal hearing or court date.

I would also recommend looking at fields that are closer to yours so you can build on the experience and degree that ypu have. For example i think ypu could sell yourself for a corporate HR position which has the potential to pay quite well, but that isn't solitary, so idk.

Honestly i think a lot of farmers would be very well suited for law in the sense that there's a general no nonsense attitude am0ng farmers, as well as incisive intellectual aggression. And not much of a desire to have some family that takes up your time. And kim from better caul saul is very mean and hot.

No. 870172

>Fill in application
>What's your ethnicity?
>Are you a protected veteran??
>Do you have a disability???
Why do these people feel the need to waste the maximum amount of time? It's not like they're gonna apologize for making a minority wait epochs just so they can send an email saying they didn't get the job.

No. 870698

Is it a red flag for employees that I have been unable to find a job since I was layed off in January?

No. 870709

Considering the whole covid situation, not at all

No. 870738

How much makeup are you supposed to wear to a job interview? Is nude lipstick+eyeliner+mascara too much?

No. 870746

Sounds about normal to me!

No. 870747

Just don't do something too heavy like instagram makeup or a night look.

No. 870775

Is it awkward/bad to call a recruiter right after an interview and ask if my salary request was too low? I have no idea how much I could have asked for but when I said my expectations during the interview, she looked surprised

No. 870809

Was it a job agency recruiter, or the hiring manager for the job itself? Have you researched the average pay in the field and compared it to the figure you've given?

No. 870897

It was the hiring manager. I have researched it and I asked for what's expected for someone starting out as a technical writer. I have been on the job market for 5+ years but I mostly worked as a translator, not a technical writer so that's why I asked for a junior's salary (and it's much more than what I earned before)

No. 871018

I just started a job and the lady in charge didnt give me a written schedule only a senile verbal recounting over the phone. I asked her for a written copy and she keeps switching up hours and only giving it to me verbally. It's confusing and unprofessional, but I like the job enough to where it's only mildly annoying. I just hate that she thinks I'm irresponsible because I keep asking when it's really her fault for not just giving me a real schedule like a real employer. From the looks of it the job will be a shitshow, but I want to keep working there for the great environment.

No. 871043

never tell a recruiter your expectations without them offering up a number first.

No. 872029

I just had a job interview. There is a chance I may actually get the job. I don't know if I want it, though. I definitely need money (though I will not get kicked out of my apartment if I don't get it, it's more about not wasting precious savings on my bullshit). It's not my dream job or in a dream industry. It requires working with numbers and excel (there is a training), as well as precision and checking your work. I'm not a big fan of either. At the same time, the job KINDA seems comfy and stable, provided it's not a nightmare straight out of Papers, please (like my previous job was). Honestly, I'm confused.
Maybe I have fucked up the test questions (math and logic) and won't have to make the difficult decision, LMFAO. I'm worried about getting into shit I hate again and not being able to quit due to money/fear of the job search process.

No. 872254

Honestly anon, there are other jobs out there. I feel like you're only going to make yourself miserable because you need a job and you're settling for something you don't even want. You're worth taking the time to get the job you really want. I don't know how much time you do have, but I would keep applying places that you're actually interested in. Even if you took this job, and kept looking for others just so that you have something to hold you down until you get the one you want. You can peace out anytime within the probation period without a 2 week notice.

No. 872489

File: 1628113209357.gif (698.86 KB, 456x262, 138D764E-0243-4819-889A-637C63…)

I wanna fucking leave my job. I’m sick of having to babysit everyone and being responsible for other people not doing their job right. Why the fuck am I getting yelled at because a manager didn’t do their job correctly??

Problem is that I literally don’t know how to describe my job duties or apply them to another job out of my narrow ass field. When I try to pick apart my skills it’s like “knows how to use this very specific program for this very specific job” or “I do this very specific thing daily”. I suppose the closest thing I can look at is marketing or operations, but can’t find anything lateral that pays better.

tldr I’ve hit a wall and don’t know how to describe my skills in any way I could apply to various jobs.

No. 872498

I have trichotillomania and it's on the severe side. There is no fixing or covering up the multiple bald spots I have. Some are as large as a bread plate. My hair is varying textures due to regrowth and my scalp is a disaster from scratching and pulling. This is embarrassing but I've stuck with my shit job because the store owner let's me wear a beanie/hat which helps my appearance, plus I'm the only person running the store during my shifts. I put up with their, quite frankly illegal, bullshit however because my self worth is so low and I am chronically insecure to be the point of (intentional? Perceived?) helplessness. Job interviews are terrifying because I can't think of an appropriate hat to wear and first impressions are important. Many jobs that allow hats don't pay well enough to survive on. I feel like I'm stuck? Pursuing a career and networking feels like a mountain because I have such a visible "yikes this bitch is nuts" condition. I've tried wigs, even bought one that was $500 and real human hair. But it still looked so fake and awkward and very out of place, even with a professional cut from a hairstylist that specializes in working with hair loss and wig styling.

Am I just fucking retarded and holding myself back? I feel so stuck in my career and it's not because I'm incapable , it's just that well-kept hair is very important in many jobs. That sounds silly but honestly you don't necessarily believe it until you experience it. What the fuck do I do.

No. 872864

What kind of job do you want to have anon? No office job that requires no face to face contact with a client would require you to remove any hat you'd have on so there's a whole array of idk, marketing, hr, office management, social media marketing, design etc jobs you could consider.

No. 872882

Thanks, anon. I'm still sitting here praying that I don't get the job. I feel like the reasonable thing would be to accept it, learn Excel and stuff on their training (I think the first week or month is just training), give it a shot for a month and resign if I don't like it… but nothing seems interesting or exciting about it (beyond the money). I also find it sus that the interviewers didn't want me to ask a lot of questions (to be fair, they also didn't ask me the usual bullshit). They hurried me up, so I only asked like 3-4 questions and the male interviewer was like 'okay, so can we move on or do you have any other questions?'. A few days ago, I had a job interview with (what turned out to be) a scammer company, and even they allowed me to ask as many questions as I wanted.
It would be good to keep looking for the job that I want while working, but I'm worried that I will be too tired to do that. Plus, I will be expected to work 9 to 5, so when would I set up a job interview?
I have a big problem with accepting the first thing that I find because I don't believe there is anything better for me and I'm afraid of the risk of losing money (been superpoor most of my life)

No. 872884

You said a wig "looks fake". That's normal. Most any wig, people are going to be able to tell it's a wig. Some just look nicer than others. It's okay if people don't think it's your real hair. If anyone is rude enough to ask about it, you can say you wear it for personal reasons and don't want to discuss it. Or you can pretend to have that disease that makes your hair fall out.

No. 872887

Honestly many people wear wigs just for fashion, so it doesn’t matter if it looks fake as long as you feel comfortable wearing it

No. 872910

I'm seconding/thirding the wig idea. I could see a fashion related position tolerating some sort of hat during the interview process, but a wig is your safest bet

>such a visible "yikes this bitch is nuts" condition

They don't know and don't have to know why you're wearing a wig. You could have alopecia areata, you could have had chemotherapy that made your hair fall out, you could have had a hair treatment in the past that went wrong and burnt your scalp, you could have worn one too many hair extensions that weakened your follicles, you could have a genetic hair disorder that run in the family, you could have had moles removed from your scalp because they were cancerous, etc there are literally myriad of reasons why one might want to wear wigs. And if they ask you about it, you could always lie and say one of the previous things that I listed

>it still looked so fake and awkward

Just focus on being presentable, no stray hairs, make it sure it doesn't fall off, wash it before you put it on and also make sure that your outfit is suitable for the interview. Maybe you could do try-on sessions and just wear it around the house or wear it to the store or just go for a walk in it to get used to it. It only draws attention to it if you're visibly uncomfortable in it, if people see that this is something you always wear and you look natural, they are not gonna ask questions

No. 872913

I've had friends who wore wigs due to either fashion, going through chemo or a disease causing their hair to fall out and nobody has given them shit for it. Most people know better than to pry about it and if you pick the natural looking ones people rarely pay enough attention to realize it's a wig. It's all in your head nonna, just try wearing one for a while.

No. 873009

Any anons work in Human Resources? How do you like it? Also, how did you get to your current position? I'm an office administrator with a degree and I think I want to go into HR.

No. 873111

You could go more generic with it? like you know how to use a specific programme for specific task - consistency, attention to detail, technical skills, ability to learn etc. same applies for 'very specific thing daily' think about what the thing is and all the steps that go into it and you should be able to pull out something useable.

No. 874277

File: 1628263550742.png (16.7 KB, 600x600, blob.png)

Any anons work with Tableau and freelance? I'm looking to start trying to freelance in addition to my 9-5 so I can get more experience in it, I use it some at my job but I want to eventually move into a full time job only doing Tableau. The work I do is mostly intended to be internal and is confidential so I can't exactly show potential clients. What are good projects to build your portfolio? Also is it worth it to get certified through Tableau?

No. 874345

Do I HAVE to give two weeks notice? This job is just hell on earth and I have considered reporting them but I don’t want to start drama. Can I just say at the end of the day “I’m quitting. Goodbye.”? Can’t they fire me during those two weeks too?

No. 874348

Hey anon, you can totally quit when you want. 2 weeks notice is a curtesy. If you have any friends at that job, make sure to get their contact info and permission to use a referral.
On your resume or application for your next job, you can say “ I left for personal reasons and for more opportunities.”
Hope this helps.

No. 874353

Read your contract carefully. If in the contract you've agreed to 2 weeks notice, they can sue you if you just leave

No. 874368

Man I’ve never heard of that! But I’ve also worked in restaurants mostly. I guess it depends on what the job is.

No. 874465

Does anyone work here as a nutritionist/dietician?
Where do you work and what exactly do you do? Is this a job you would recommend?
Recently, I've been thinking about becoming a dietician.
I'm just considering various options for now.

No. 876021

File: 1628435300624.jpg (32.25 KB, 600x450, 4ae.jpg)

Sharing because I thought it was funny
>Quit from lab job a month ago bc they fucked me over in a promotion by moving me to a different department out of no where (had to "start over" with my experience basically)
>Finished summer classes a week ago
>Rev up in applying for positions
>Get first response within first week
>Get excited then realize that this company has next to no online presence
>1st red flag
>When the company reached out on LinkedIn they said "volunteer"
>wtf I wouldn't apply to an unpaid position
>Try to check posting that I applied to, its gone
>more red flags
>decide to just do the (phone) interview to see what's up
>First thing that happens is earrape feedback from interviewer
>Thick af Indian accent
>Goes on whole spiel and finishes with "and I just want you to know its unpaid, is that ok?"
>silence then I say "…no"
>"understandable, have a nice day" and quickly hangs up

Obviously this one was a scam, but how tf are unpaid positions allowed still?

No. 876448

File: 1628467164932.jpg (54.45 KB, 1024x678, 2.jpg)

Anons who have a job that they actually like…what job is it? What field do you work in? I need to get inspired.

No. 876655

Graphic design, as with any job there are better and worse days but I've been doing it for 7 years now and I continue feeling inspired, looking for new things to learn and earn satisfaction (on top of decent money) from finishing projects.

No. 876769

File: 1628509306372.jpeg (292.7 KB, 1600x1200, 3d.jpeg)

Do any of you work as 3d artists? And what are the best places to post your works? My guess is Artstation, Dribbble, and Behance.

No. 876871

I think Behance is a bit irrelevant in the 3D industry, don't know anyone who would use it, otherwise Artstation and Dribble are good choices, maybe also sketchfab?

No. 876873

I work with AA and NA. Coming out of a 15 year long bender of drugs and booze I needed something to do so I threw myself into volunteering with the places that saved me and that slowly turned into employment. I have a low level job that's mostly behind the scenes office work but I'm getting more involved with the sessions and even holding additional meetings for people who are trying to improve their health post-sobriety. It's enough to pay my bills while I side-hustle and I'm helping two amazing places so I'm very happy with my life as it is. My advice would be to follow your passion, but you've probably heard that a lot before. More realistically I recommend getting a job where you help people, either directly or indirectly. It's a very satisfying feeling to see people grow and heal and know that even if you're not directly responsible you were still a cog in the machine that helped.

No. 876876

Thanks anon! Sketchfab looks like a great place too!

No. 877037

I just got a call for an interview for a library aide position at a middle school. I've never actually worked in a school before, does anyone here have a similar job? One of my old coworkers got a job at a library and he seems to enjoy it so I hope it wouldn't be too crazy with kids.

Anon that's awesome. Alcoholism is so hard to beat but the recovery process can make such a huge difference to both the people willing to attend meetings and their friends/family

No. 877469


No. 877796

I really hate having an office job. I wish I had a job where I could move on my feet most of the day and I could afford to support myself financially.

No. 877799

That's not a job any more than being a NEET is a job

No. 878222

Holy shit, my company just got acquired. It's getting split into two different companies and all the execs are saying nothing will really change and that no one will get laid off but I don't trust them. For those who have gone through something similar, do you have any warnings/advice for me?

No. 878349

Anyone have recs to help with anxiety before an interview, excluding weed and prescription meds? I’ve got an unexpected interview tomorrow and I’m definitely going to take an imodium and bring water

No. 878352

that the joke

No. 878602

Can you get valerian root pills where you are? They are OTC in many places and a mild sedative. Otherwise a guided meditation calms me down, I like the Meditation Minis podcast because they're short and hosted by a woman with a really soothing voice.

No. 878665

File: 1628694783779.jpg (147.27 KB, 711x713, 1578708945372.jpg)

I just got a job as a tutor and while I'm excited to finally earn some money I am insanely nervous about fucking it up. I'm currently tutoring a student who needs help with statistics for an assignment and the whole thing is stressing me out so much. I'm afraid I'll make mistakes and teach her to do the wrong things, I'm afraid of not communicating in a professional enough way, not wording emails right, generally failing… I can feel my heartbeat and adrenaline going crazy when I'm tutoring. Especially when it's an online zoom session and I can't read their body language.

How do you look confident and like you know what you're doing when in reality you're extremely insecure? Everyone else seems so sure of themselves and natural while I feel like I'm an incompetent child just pretending to fit in with the grownups. Advice very much welcome because I'm at a loss.

No. 878728

My old job that I hated contacted me back. They want me to come back work with them again, possibly on slightly better conditions. I have already agreed to another job that I'm not super excited about >>872029, >>872882, which would allow me to learn new things, but pays much less. Honestly IDK what to do. I need money so bad, but the previous job has been ruining my mental health. IDK if the new one is gonna be better tbh.

No. 878739

Take the new one I'd say. If you learn new things, your gonna become more marketable in the future and therefore you can earn more. Also your mental health is invaluable

No. 878746

I cut my salary by half. Last job gave me nightmares every night and I didn't even enjoy weekends. It was worth it.

No. 878768

It's very common to be nervous when starting a new job. Confidence will come with experience.

No. 878773

How often are references asked for? All my previous work experience were temporary jobs so I never got to build rapport with the managers or anyone above me?

I'm so depressed looking at jobs ads. The reality of actually doing work in the "real world" scares me. I feel like I barely qualify for anything. I need to start applying but the thought of going through the whole interview process terrifies me.

No. 878833

>If you learn new things, your gonna become more marketable in the future and therefore you can earn more.
I'm thinking about this too. I don't want to be stuck in the travel industry forever.
>Also your mental health is invaluable
The only problem is that my old, shitty job would allow me to pay for weekly therapy, ADHD diagnosis (which will cost 1/3 of my new job salary) and physical therapy for my broken wrist (trying to get this paid by national healthcare, but not sure how it goes). It gives me some money to burn (or spend on my health), while the new job barely covers credit card payment (me and my bf use them like debit cards). It's also not clear if the new job will allow me to work remotely, while the old one guarantees this. On the other hand, I've been fucking miserable for 5 years in that old job and I doubt that small changes (no phone calls, only chat and supposedly one booking system) will change that. I cannot stand waiting for the next contact and wondering what insane shit will I have to fix this time.
How are you dealing with expenses? Or were you smart enough to spend only half of your salary and save the rest? I'm really nervous about barely having money…

No. 879237

Nursing, maybe?

No. 879238

No one has ever asked me for previous employer reference, to be honest I don't see why good recruiter would care about some random person's opinion either

No. 879290

Any software developers? I'm trying to get my first job in the industry but it's like every job ad asking for jrs requires at least 3 years of experience which is stupid

No. 879307

Not one but also trying to get in. Just keep applying like with every other job and while you wait keep practicing and making projects

No. 879319

I've always had them asked for but I don't think they ever actually contacted any of my refs. I never heard anything about it again.

No. 879370

I don't know for what kind of jobs to apply anymore.

I finished business school as an accountant but haven't found a job in the field in the last 3 years or so. So far I've only had shitty customer service jobs where I have to shill shit to clients.

Now I might lose the job and I have no idea where to go next. None. The jobs that are available are all low paid shit slavery jobs where you have to work unpaid overtime. I know there is no perfect job but I have no idea what to do anymore. I have savings but I'll need them to survive so I can't pay for school or classes. I feel like working customer service fucked me over big time

No. 879516

I got diagnosed with this crazy brain disease in Jan and have been out of work possibly permanently since it's so bad. Checked if I could apply for disability, but apparently I only have 14 work credits out of 40 to be able to apply? Am I fucked?

No. 879575

if you're really struggling you can ride temp agencies. i know people who do that as a career.

No. 879579

not sure where you're from anon but in the UK at least you need to exaggerate the fuck out of your symptoms to qualify for disability - even if you have a valid disability. Don't feel bad about exaggerating symptoms as lots of us tend to play down their severity/ what we might be able to do on a good day. Speak on disability forms as to your abilities on your very worst day, not your good days

No. 879600

Today I (>>877037) got the call for a clerical position at the school. The library opening wasn’t a perfect fit because it also requires doing lighting/sound/audio and I have no experience with that. But the principal said she really liked all the candidates and that I could use my background in graphic design to help the different departments. I’m kind of nervous but also excited because the school is near a Uni I could transfer my credits to!

I was wondering about that as well but the woman who interviewed me said they contact the reference after they choose who they want to hire.

No. 879605

Still trying to get a job in the graphic design field tbh. I have everything I need but can't seem to get any callbacks except for customer service jobs. "networking" is bullshit

They literally only shill literal slavery jobs unless you have a super phd masters and personally shook the hand of your nation's leader.

No. 879616

I'm thinking of going to community college to be a licensed practical nurse wondering if any other nonitas have gone down this career path, is it worth it? The only reason I'm going is because my gpa is unfortunately too low to be a RN or Medical Assistant at this time

No. 879621

ya, you're supposed to only do the paid training portion

No. 879630

Any eu anons working for an us company?

I'm thinking about applying for a remote it helpdesk job but am worried since the us and eu work laws are so different. I only worked for eu companies, uncluding outside my country.

No. 879641

Community college is a solid pick, you do it right you’re getting hired right out the door. I had GPA issues too, struggled in university, thrived in CC. I’m not a nurse, but nursing is always a solid career choice if you can stomach it.

No. 879671

Yeah, if you have financial aid qualifications or live in a state that has free cc you might wind up paying next to nothing. Plus if you change your mind down the road it’s likely any credits you earned will transfer to other schools.

No. 879673

Everyone I know is hiring everyone they can get their hands on. There is a massive lack of people in the industry.

No. 879674

Software developer.

No. 879687

Web development. Part of the reason I enjoy it so much is because most of the time it's pretty chill, so I'm not stressed all the time.

No. 879690

Park ranger.

No. 879716

I work in tech in a non tech role. It’s the most money I’ve ever made, more than double my previous salary but it’s so boring I’m so goddamn miserable. I don’t know how anyone manages to not want to rip their hair out at this place. I legitimately sometimes regret leaving my old job. At least that was fast paced and fun. But I guess I gotta suck it up.

No. 879720


Not saying it’s gonna happen but I’d start looking for a new job just in case.

No. 879739

Just got a rejection email. I'm conflicted, on one side I'm happy they let me know but at the same time it's such a bummer.

No. 879746

Rejection emails always suck but like you said, at least they let you know! I hope you'll find a good job soon anon.

No. 879856

Yep, definitely getting prepared for interviews! It's so petty to me, but our company before getting acquired had unlimited pto but it's going to change to an accrued model parallel to the acquired firm's sometime soon. Pain.

No. 880408

Since I found a new job I quite my current shitty call center job, and my last day will be on August 27th. I'm seriously thinking about straight up not going there on my last day so I'll get a three day long weekend before starting my new job, I'm just sick of it. I'm always trying to not insult clients but it's like they're begging to be insulted for being the most stupid bitches on earth. What do?

No. 880421

If you think you won't need them for any future references/don't mind burning that bridge then don't show up. Are you on good terms with your coworkers/boss? I would stick it out if you have a good relationship with them, even if it's a shitty call center job I think it's just a good idea overall to maintain as many good work relationships as possible.

No. 880440

The thing is that even though my plan was to properly quit to have good references later I'm still about to lose my shit everytime I get a call so I'm losing my patience. I get along with my coworkers but we're not that close so I'm not sure they could help for a future reference.

No. 880603

I applied to a job that I was really dreading would want to hire me. It looks like a total clusterfuck there based on their website. But I told myself if I got the job I would take it anyway because I couldn't justify not taking it. I'm a new graduate and need experience in my new field. Well they sent me a rejection email today and I'm so happy I'm not going to have to deal with the insanity I was ready to put myself through. I've never been this happy about not getting a job.

No. 880874

Since you already got the job it really doesn't matter if you burn that bridge. By the time you move on to the next job you'll have your new job/coworker to use as a reference.

No. 882488

Fuck! I have no idea what I want to do as a career. I'm envious of people who can work from home, but I'm not sure what sort of careers/positions allow you to do that (besides graphic design), and I can see blending your home and work environment can be rough on you mentally. After working retail for so long, I think I need a job where I can sit down at least most of the day… I'm sick of interacting with customers/clients too. But I don't know where to start looking or working towards that meets those criteria. And now that I have tasted the (honestly not much) $15/hr income, it's intimidating going for a job that pays lower yet allows me to sit.

Sorry for going on but not knowing what to do with my life is tearing me apart. What kind of jobs are out there that don't require a degree? Or if they require certification, aren't that hard/expensive to get? I don't mind going to school, but I don't want to go without a goal in mind.

No. 887471

If you've worked retail, then try aiming for a receptionist position. I worked retail for two years before I quit because it was taking such a large emotional/mental toll on me and found myself a receptionist position. I will admit that I got very, very lucky that a recruiter found my profile on indeed and my company hired me. It takes a little bit of adjusting to, and it's still customer service so you'll have to deal with shitty people, but ended up being significantly easier to me than working in a retail store. Once you get your foot in with at least one admin/receptionist position, it'll be significantly easier to move around from there. I was interviewing for an HR admin position to get into HR work (without the degree) and one of the interviewers told me she sort of stumbled into the field too so she didn't mind that I didn't study it. I opted to return to the company that first hired me as a receptionist for a different role that was related to my field of study (politics, just wanted to try it out and see if it was for me). If it doesn't work out I'll go back to admin work/trying to aim for an HR role again.

I'm also supposed to be off my probation period at the end of this month which means I'll be eligible for my company's health insurance plan… I know I should cancel my current plan before it happens so I don't get charged for it but I'm paranoid that they might not actually want to keep me and if I cancel my health insurance then I'll be screwed for the rest of the year. My boss likes me enough I think, but he's quiet and a little hard to read so I'm not entirely sure… He did just have me apply for a long term press pass to cover a certain place though, so I guess this is basically the green light that he wants to keep me?

No. 887836

you can do call center work from home for the same amount that you make now, but just saying, call center jobs suck. I’m actually in the same position as you but instead of retail, it’s call centers. I worked in retail for years when i first started working, now I’ve been doing call center work for like 3 or 4 years now. I can’t seem to get any other kind of job, feelsbadman. but I will never go back to retail and I really like working from home.

No. 887860

In-home customer service maybe? It's a natural step from retail and a lot of companies will also offer paths for their customer service employees to work their way up the company, although realistically you'll do better moving from one company to another.

No. 888074

got another rejection letter. just another one to add to the pile. this shit is making me suicidal

No. 888141

File: 1629559049963.jpg (30.2 KB, 600x413, will_poulter.jpg)

Look at fancy pants over here getting rejection letters.

No. 888158

Nonitas pray for me. I am working as a consultant for a consultancy, and currently working for a client, who is very happy with my work. I requested a 33% raise from the consultancy and they said they will negotiate a raise with client that would enable them to pay me what I want. But then the client reached out to me and said they wanna hire me directly and kinda offered but not in writing what would be a 66% raise. God I hope this works out. I'll fuck over my current employer but that is just so much more money for doing same work basically.

No. 888167

Nonna, according to statistics it takes 100-200+ applications to receive one job offer. How many have you applied so far?

No. 888196

File: 1629565431932.jpg (30.56 KB, 680x547, 3npaik.jpg)

Praying for you, anon!

No. 888204

keep applying dont give up

No. 888225

Thank you.

No. 888253

Any Actuary anons around or anons who have Actuary relatives/friends? I have a few questions

No. 888262

Call-centers/Customer Service like >>887860 said can be done from home nowadays. I'd also encourage getting into some form of development work…Data analytics or web development is highly in demand and you can learn everything for free online.

Microsoft certs are always good and carry a lot of weight like Azure developer. Also Comptia certs like A+, security, network+ etc.

No. 888532

Anyone working as a CNA or nurse? I have a bachelor's degree in something completely unrelated but was thinking about becoming a CNA and possibly a nurse later on..

No. 888537

being a CNA is mostly drudgery, I would only do it if you're just trying to be around nurses and get a feel for what nursing really looks like. Another way to go about it is to become an EMT basic, can be done in a semester or less and then you can work on an ambulance which is less rote drudgery or if you still want to get in the hospital you can be an ER tech or PCT which is basically what a CNA can do.

No. 888539

anyone know any global job websites for people who live outside of the us?
do you need a visa for this shit?
asking for a friend

No. 888541

what's a PCT? Thanks for the advice btw.

No. 888577

Patient care technician, same job a cna would do basically, if you decide you dont like working on an ambulance or being er tech

No. 888858

I applied to one company location and different one of their branches reached out to me and said they’d like to interview me. Did a phone interview on Wednesday, and then they asked my to come in for an in-person interview yesterday. I don’t like to assume things, but I really felt like the interview went well and it was pretty much in the bag!!! Today they emailed me to let me know they want to move forward with other candidates instead ha… Im really not trying to take it personally, especially knew it was a possibility, but I feel like such a clown for feeling like it went well, but when it’s already so hard to even hear back from places, how do I get past this feeling or any advice or anything at this point

No. 889287

I'm on my first year in uni for a career I'm interested in, yet, I sometimes feel I'm fantasizing too much about it and that in reality, I don't have the personality for it. Also, I have like two or three job options/routes that I want in this industry and I don't know if it's the right thing to do, shouldn't I have many options and like all of them?
Rant aside, I'm curious about another career and that's child psychology. I'm wondering if any of you have first or second hand experience about the job? I'd love to hear about it

No. 889365

idk if I'm right but this maybe?

No. 890380

Thank you, nonnies. I'll have to think hard about something. Collecting certificates in stuff doesn't sound so bad though.

No. 891361

Less than a week left until my new job starts. I’m scared but also relieved that I got a Mon-Fri job, and it’s only 6.5 hours each day versus doing 7 and 9 hour shifts at my current workplace.

The one thing is that the job I’m leaving kept me on my feet all day, so I want to make sure that I stay active if this one leaves me at a desk.

No. 891373

You should develop more clarity around what career you want to (and realistically can) pursue as you go through school. You should try and land an internship in the one you're most interested in if you can.

No. 891380

Good luck anon! At my retail job I averaged at least 20k steps a day, now I’ll be lucky if I hit even 5k! I purposely get off a stop before/after my actual stop and walk 10-15 minutes to work/home to get myself moving a little bit more… I’ll admit I do miss being able to be on my feet for 9+ hours and feeling absolutely nothing, now I can’t even walk for 2+ hours without my feet hurting, even in my comfy sneakers! I do morning yoga as well and I’m trying to figure out when to figure out time for the gym

No. 891406

I really liked getting 15k+ steps but in the last year I’ve noticed my back/neck starting to hurt from the long shifts, and I started feeling pain just from sitting down. Luckily this new workplace is near a big college campus I can park and walk at after. I was debating transferring my gym membership too but the one closest is in a sketchy area.

No. 893661

just got a new job at major auction house. I feel like I have to reevaluate my entire wardrobe and buy new shit, bc most of the stuff I have is thrifted and shit I wore as a college student which is way too casual.

I'm just wondering where I should be shopping/what I should even look for? bc I'm gonna have to do a lot of shopping in the next two weeks before my jobs starts. If anyone has some good ideas lmk

No. 893681

shop clearance section at Macy's and J Jill. If you're a normal size than you can also find stuff at JC Penny and TJ Maxx. If you go in person ask a salesperson for help. There should be a business section for such occasions.

No. 893687

Seconding anon above but I have built up my work wardrobe (for an office) by shopping Ann Taylor and Loft sales. I only buy from them when they have at least 70% off (a few times a year) and stock up then.

No. 893695

Oh, should also clarify that I mean a discount on top of stuff being on sale. Most of their regular sale items are pricey but they’ll throw discounts on top of them eventually (Ann Taylor runs a buy 1 get 50% off, buy 2 get 60% off, or buy 3+ items get 70% off existing sale price a few times. I usually aim for this sale)

No. 893729

Anyone ever work at riot games? I’m applying and I’m just curious about the hiring process and work environment. I know they had that sexual harassment settlement a couple years ago and I’m sure it’s probably still a brofest but the job is too good to pass up.

No. 894063

Unless things have somehow changed recently, the entire industry is a landfill for the passions and dreams of the workers it exploits, though imo there's nothing wrong with taking the job and jumping ship in a year or two if you hate it.

No. 894154

I lost my shitty retail job earlier this year due to covid. I've been enjoying the unemployed life since then (I earn as much money). I do not want to work retail again cause I'm sick of the shit pay and the awful customers I had to deal with everyday. I applied for a well paying office job a month ago. I got call a call back, passed the written and Microsoft Office tests and interview process. Now I just gotta wait to pass the medical test. I really want this job. I'm a little anxious cause it asked if I have mental health issues and they could refuse me because of it.
Wish me luck anons.

No. 894161

Good luck, anon! I hope you get the job

No. 894421

>Medical and mental health tests for an office job
what the fuuck

No. 894476

yeah tf? what country is this? seems unethical.

No. 894494

I had to do the same thing for a job I just got (high risk environment) and I passed even though tbh I’m pretty mentally ill.
Hope you do fine anon.

No. 894503

File: 1630217815800.jpg (77.34 KB, 981x755, 1523904563113.jpg)

I got ghosted earlier this week for an interview for a phone repair job. The male that called me I guess thought that I was also a male (I have a boy's name) and I corrected him. We set an interview up for the next day and he never called me back. This was one of those 'we will train you' positions. His loss honestly, because my autistic ass is a very quick learner and I love working with my hands to repair and make things. I was also fucked out of a job because the manager had a crush on my bf years ago and he didn't return the feeling so now she hates me for some reason. I've never said a single negative thing to the girl. I hate that hiring managers can throw your application out just because they don't know how to separate their personal feelings/beliefs from their professional lives.

No. 894684

What’s a good gift for a boss you’re leaving but are on good terms with? Restaurant gift card, something work related, nothing?

No. 894713

Nothing imo, they should put something together for you if you've worked there for more than a few years.

No. 894741

It's because it's an high risk environment like anon said. I'd work in hospitals and social service centers.
I still felt really uncomfortable answering that question, it also asked for my weight.

No. 895299

I got an e-mail from a company I sent a job application to that they wanted to do a video interview with me and to wait around for the invitation e-mail. 20 minutes later I get an e-mail with a link to a website with instructions on how to do the interview. Turns out I'm not actually meeting a person. I'm going to enter a video chat with a robot that will ask the questions, and I will have 2 attempts at recording my answer correctly before moving onto the next one. The deadline is within 48 hours.

The job is a simple customer service job that I'm more than qualified for. The fact that they don't have 15 minutes to spare meeting their candidates face to face is kind of off-putting. I'm gonna do it either way, but my interest in this company went down to 0 at this point.

No. 895305

Went through the same thing, gave up because I didn't have a webcam and it was a minimum wage job. Honestly fuck companies like that.

No. 895334

this is a real thing??? what sci-fi bullshit is this

No. 896270

File: 1630410125590.jpg (Spoiler Image, 350.04 KB, 1200x1523, 1200px-Sophia_at_the_AI_for_Go…)

Tried it and it didn't go well. I only had one try left on one of the questions and started to stumble a bit in my words, paused, and then blanked out like a moron. I realized then that there's probably not even going to be a real person watching these videos, and probably not even a real person who decided to read my application either. I didn't deliver the interview and instead sent an e-mail to the hiring manager stating that I would like to withdraw my application. They just replied today asking me to finish and deliver my online interview with no mention of the e-mail I sent, so that's probably also just a bot with a woman's name attached to it, kek.

No. 896271

That's some nightmare dystopian bullshit.

No. 896272

I guess recruiters are going to be automated in the distant future?? That's wild

No. 896286

I googled and it seems like they are pretty popular already. It kinda sucks. I have become very good at doing face to face, video and phone interviews, so to think that I now have to start practising being just as energetic and relaxed in front of a robot is just demoralizing.



No. 896299

Also…I feel like personal sympathy and whether a person psychologically can fit in the work culture is an important aspect of the recruiting process and no way a robot can measure that

No. 896643

I didn't know that was a thing until yesterday. I just started my new job as a recruiter yesterday for a company that has SO many candidates all over the planet that the company set up this system. The videos are watched by real people who will then contact the "best" candidates to set up a real interview with real people. I guess the company you sent your application to has a shit ton of resumes and calling each person individually during the employees schedule wasn't possible?

No. 896653

Did anyone else go to art school and get blackpilled? I went to the best school for animation in my country and the teachers basically refuse to teach you because 'only self-motivated people can succeed in this career', and with covid I had almost no actual in-person education. I want to go to grad school but I've basically been put off the art industry forever by the heavy messaging that someone like me who wants to work to live, not live to work, won't succeed. Can I even obtain an MA in a different field with my worthless art degree? I didn't choose art due to a lack of options or extreme passion and drive, I just fell for the mesaging that 'art is a totally valid career!!!', which is only true if you're insanely well-connected and driven.

No. 896707


I'm sorry you fell for the art school meme so hard, maybe you can use your credits towards teaching?

No. 896767

Tomorrow I'm supposed to start my job as a junior data specialist, and I'm having a nervous breakdown. I'm in poor mental health (seriously thinking of going to outpatient) and I'm horrified of meeting all those new people that will expect me to do a good job. I will have a training, but it doesn't change that I hate counting, hate excel, and this is what I would be dealing with. I feel pathetic for agreeing to this offer in the first place (because of money, of course). Should I go? On one hand, maybe it will not be as bad as I think. However, if I do go, I will have to immediately sign the contract which will make me lose unemployment benefits (low, but better than nothing). If I decide the job is not for me, I will still have to work 2 weeks since I inform that I want to resign.
I'm such a mess right now. Big problem is that I really have no idea if there even is a job suitable for someone with my low skills and huge mental health issues. I suck at maths, I suck at manual work, I thought I could write but turns out that's bullshit (and my messed up brain makes it impossible to focus on anything, so yeah). I am seriously so sick of myself and the world, it's like there is no place for me

No. 896778

Seconding teaching. It won't make you much money but I would still go for it. You could also try being an art therapist but I don't know much about that. In order to be a teacher you should get your Masters in Teaching I think…I think a Masters in Education is for people with bachelors degrees in education.

No. 896788

Thanks, I'm working towards teaching and I've been working at a daycare doing art classes but it seems like such a bleak future, art teachers are the snake oil salesmen that got me into this mess. I turned 18 at a truly shitty time, the art school meme was rampant and I really chose it over computer science, which I was doing equally well in. All my art teachers advised me to do art, and even my CS teacher did because he was a miserable scrote who was having marital problems with his artist wife and basically hated me and didn't want to write me any letters of recommendation.

No. 896792

I'm sorry about that anon. I know how you feel. I did not major in something art-related but I also fell hard for the "do what you love!11 be in a creative field" meme and majored in something that is "creative" and that I absolutely hate. I was actually thinking of getting my Masters in Teaching myself but I just don't want to get into more debt and I'm scared that I will make super low pay/be treated like garbage.

If you are still into CS, from what I understand it is not difficult at all to transition into it and you don't even need a masters degree for it. You can just get certificates or do a coding bootcamp and learn a lot of it by yourself. I have no experience with CS though, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt when it comes to it.

No. 896815

I wish people were more honest about how hard it actually is to be successful in creative industries, sure it's possible but you really have to weigh up whether it's viable for you personally. Just being good at art isn't enough. What pisses me off is that I had extremely good grades and could've studied a much more lucrative degree - this isn't meant to be a humblebrag because it's literally impossible now - and no one ever sat me down and said 'what the hell, you're ruining your life'. I mean, that's just common sense. Don't be an artist instead of a lawyer or a programmer as if it's the same fucking thing, it's a much riskier venture and it shouldn't be controversial to point this out.
Thanks for your kind words, I'll probably pursue the CS thing but the amount of time and money wasted on my 'art career' will haunt me.

No. 896835

NTA but I get how you feel. I was (and sort of still am) in a similar place, fucked my education situation up, and just got marched through it due to sunk cost fallacy. But I’ll say this: anon, it was the best path we could’ve chosen at the time, with our situations, and with our choices. You probably did the best thing with what you had back then. No use letting it “haunt” you— or it will quite literally paralyze you, keep you regretful and anxious forever, stuck in a cycle of powerlessness. What’s done is done, you can’t change, we must accept that we made retarded choices when we were 18 and accept them with a smile. Take the L and move, or you’ll find yourself in the same place in a couple of years. Let it be a lesson: you weren’t immune to the “cultural moment” back then. Now try to cultivate mental independence, and become less “porous” and more resistant to your surroundings.

I’ve also seen lots of people with creative backgrounds in CS. Most importantly, have fun. Lots of people looking for a role or an image to adjust themselves around, but you’ll stop giving a shit once you stop letting people’s judgement impact you in any meaningful way and realize that most of them are retarded. And avoid people who willingly paralyze themselves. Learned helplessness is a contagious disease.

No. 896886

Thanks anon, you're incredibly kind and wise. You're right, it's an L and I should take it and move on. It's impossible to know how something will turn out until you try it, and if we hadn't pursued these career paths they would have always stayed in the back of our minds and we'd end up having a mid-life crisis. In the future I'll take your advice and try to be a fully-formed person, and not just an amalgam of what everyone else expects me to be lmao

No. 896942

Just wanted to chip in and say I also went through the same thing. Art teachers remind me of remorseful parents that bug other people to have kids just so they can stop suffering alone. A lot of people talk about the disdain people in STEM have for people in arts and humanities but nobody really talks about how it also applies the other way around.
Something to think about is that your art background could come in handy in the future depending on what you want to do professionally, maybe it'll even open some doors for you.

>Now try to cultivate mental independence, and become less “porous” and more resistant to your surroundings.
This is one of the best pieces of advice I've read in a bit.

No. 896948

How do you start freelancing? I'm studying software engineering and I'd like to start doing some web dev or something like that on the side but it makes me feel inadequate and uncomfortable for some reason.

No. 896965

Learning to freelance, learning web development, and software development are three completely different things. Pick a language and learn the basics of programming first.

No. 896977

>the art school meme was rampant and I really chose it over computer science, which I was doing equally well in.
Wow, that fucking blows. Can you start over in CS or somehow transfer? You'd probably make the wasted tuition money back in no time. If you're good at design you could also try pivoting into UX design, which naturally pays less than a CS career but afaik can have a good work-life balance so long as you're not working in an agency.

No. 896996

Yeah and I was wondering about learning to freelance specifically

No. 897010

File: 1630460684669.jpg (53.11 KB, 796x492, You_Dont_Say_Campaign_8.jpg)

Somehow the concept artists get yelled at for fucking up the tiniest details, but when I ask two separate guys from the 3D department for a simple screenshot from the game's engine, they BOTH manage to fuck it up 5 times in a row. Christ on a bike.

No. 897018

Lucky duck. I tried hiking around a park recently to do some drawing but I was so out of shape I didn't even make it to the beautiful parts, lol.

No. 897278

how do i become a concept artist like you. teach me your ways anon

No. 897290

In 2016 I did seasonal work summer and winter in an amusement park in a city I don't live in anymore. The management changed and our new boss was awful, so since I was moving to study anyway I decided not to come back for summer season 2017. I haven't heard from the park since then, until a few days ago where I recieved the standard e-mail they send out to employees to invite them back for the next season and to let them know if we weren't available for work. I didn't reply thinking it was a mistake since I clearly don't have a contract with them anymore, but today I recieved an e-mail from my former boss asking to give me a heads up for whether or not I needed days off during winter. I haven't replied yet, but the fact that he assumes I'm somehow available for work when I haven't been there in years just confirmed how unorganized he is. Part of me wants to be unprofessional and don't answer him at all, but I feel like it would be too petty.

No. 897689

I got hired to co lead a LGBT discussion group. I wouldn’t even say I’m LGBT, I just stretched the truth because I was desperate for a job. What’s the best way to seem like i fit in with the group and be professional? I think I will just follow my co lead’s lead and copy whatever she/they suggest.

No. 897702

Listen to hozier the lesbians love him

No. 897894

You're going to need to learn all the current words and pronoun habits.
Try to emphasise that you want to "make space for everyone" that way you can justify why you don't overshare your own experiences and opinions
Read Pink News and Autostraddle every day so that you've got all the hot conversation pieces

No. 899237

My dream job called me after three years of sending them my portfolio to work remotely just as I always wanted. Yesterday was my first day and I loved it but is hard and I'm tired but previously I had two part time jobs and I'm planning on keeping them all, since the dream job is until December only ( if I pass through the trial week)
I hope everything runs smoothly for me and I don't make myself sick

I hope my work is good enough to use this opportunity

No. 899249

Today I submit my last paycheck to my contracting company. On Tuesday I start as a full time employee at the company that’s had my contract for a year. I love my new company and it’s basically my dream job as far as my boss, team, location, expectations, and tech stack goes. My contracting company is almost as predatory as the military with how they prey on college grads + the contract they lock you in to and they’re criminally dishonest, but also they helped me get my dream job and I skipped ahead in line because I’ll be making $95k including bonuses with only two years experience + a two-year NEET work gap before that. Being with the contracting company was always an end to justify the means but they still suck… so bad. But also I 100% would not be here without them, so I’m conflicted.

No. 899399

Congrats anon! You got this and I believe in you!

No. 899633

File: 1630701760683.jpg (146.56 KB, 998x1500, 1630012511098.jpg)

I start a new job cleaning in a hotel soon.
Can anyone tell me what I can expect at this job? Any advice, tips, etc on how to not fuck this up?

No. 899638

People don't respect housekeeping. I had to pickup used cum rags and touch vomit covered sheets. I also had a laundry room job as well and it was worse because the machines would give me headaches.

No. 899642

Hit the gym, it'll be a lot of heavy lifting and being on your feet all day. People will treat you like garbage and talk down to you, you might get blamed for things you didn't do. Turnover is very high, prioritise being fast over being meticulous. Nobody wants meticulous, everyone wants fast. If it looks clean and passes the usual checks, it's clean as far as you're concerned. You will seriously get fired for being too slow.

No. 899651

I wrote about this in the neet thread, but how do Neets who haven't been employed in years or never been employed explain the gap? What are good jobs for someone very shy? I just want something where I can be on my own, lots of walking and not much talking.

No. 899654

You lie and say you were taking care of a terribly ill family member

No. 900843

This. Worked for me. It's probably the best lie you can come up with because unless they are complete sociopaths they're not going to want details about something as private as this.

No. 901324

Tips for overwhelming anxiety at a good job? I've been here a couple of months and everyone has been kind to me, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and for something to make my life hell. All my jobs before this have had that moment, sometimes on the first day, sometimes weeks later, where I realize that I'm not respected and it will feel like death working here. My last job I thought everything was going well, I got good feedback, then they fired me on a dime and told me I was actually bad at everything but they were embarrassed to tell me. This came out as a lie because there was no evidence I was incompetent, they just didn't want me to serve notice because they found someone who'd do the job for less… But it was my worst (career) nightmare and every day at this new lovely job feels like a clock ticking down to another moment like that. I'm not letting myself be happy and enjoy this because I feel as soon as I relax I'll fuck up. How do I let go of my bad past experiences and give this a chance, the anxiety is wearing me thin and I'm miserable, it's like a self fulfilling prophecy at this point.

No. 901333

Lying about self employment

No. 901354

I just want a job where I don't have to interact with people much at all, just go on about my own way, maybe a job where I can restock, but I never have to do like register or something like that, I want to walk around all day, so I can lose some weight, make money and not have to deal with people, like talking or work drama.

No. 902223

I’m back in school yet am still struggling with finding a job…

No. 902240

I have to wake up at 4am to get on a plane to meet clients and be trained by them for two days straight, I'm not going to survive this shit.

No. 902256

do you have any examples?

No. 902257

Rip. See you when you return as a zombie.

No. 902461

It's 5am and I'm already dying, goodbye anons I love you all.

No. 904722

Does anyone has experience with costumer service/telemarketing? I'm tempted to apply to this job because the pay would be really good and my chances of going to medschool and pursuing my dreams are ruined at the moment… Since I'll be receiving in dollars, which is a lot more than my country's currency, I'd be living a reaaaally comfortable life for doing just a normal paying job back in america. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips to be really good at it or just tell me about your experience in general.

No. 904725

yes i did it. it’s easy work if you have a thick skin, but you have to get used to letting people verbally abuse you and having it roll off your back. would not recommend for anyone that has social anxiety, low self-esteem/confidence, or a short temper lol. it really is easy though, customers will just be mean to you most likely.

No. 904736

Thanks! I'm not that worried about how I'd be treated since I've always been a calm person under pressure and knowing how good the income would be, but you never know… You said it's an easy job and I am a little concerned at how tiring it might be to learn every single detail about how the company operates/products during the training, but that makes me feel a little better lmao I can't be that dumb hopefully. Also, english isn't my first language but guess I wont even get the job if its an issue or keeps me from doing a good job.

No. 904747

a lot of those jobs they will give you a script to follow at first, you could definitely do it

No. 904749

I'm excited to give it a try. Tysm for replying anon

No. 904778

anyone know how much the labor shortage in the US is carrying over to the corporate/administrative side of the workforce? i work in HR as a cog in a massive company's machine and i absolutely hate it, my family is always telling me to look for a new job because "there's never been a better time to look for a new job, you'll practically be able to name your own salary, nobody has any workers!" anyone know if that's actually true? obviously not the naming any salary i want part, but i was kind of under the impression that the labor shortage was really mostly affecting service industry type jobs. is it actually affecting corporate jobs as well, like are my chances at finding a new job in my field better than normal at the moment?

No. 904783

i’m in corporate hr and have been looking for a new job and honestly, yes it is mostly lower level positions right now. i’m still going through 3-4 rounds interviews with companies and finally got a new position under contract this week, but for me it’s still been incredibly competitive.

No. 904800

no harm in looking for jobs. just look on ziprecruiter or something it takes 5 minutes

No. 904803

i was looking for new positions too, but even if they are kind of plentiful, the rules have changed a lot. there has been an increase of work hours, most of the time they can only offer 2 week vacations, no flexible hours, no paid extra hours and almost no benefits. i decided to stop looking because my current job has an obscene amount of vacations (and i got a promotion, but that's another story)…

No. 905243

Currently, I'm unemployed, I finished my B.A. last year in October and I had to figure out a lot of mental health stuff and obviously, the pandemic hit hard. My goal is to be a self-employed Artist (I mainly do illustration and editorial design) but so far everything seems very bleak. I have no connections and I'm generally such a loner that I'm afraid I'll never achieve my goal or find happiness. I'm almost 30 and it sucks to feel such immense pressure. I've applied to a few jobs I don't really wanna work at but I feel like financial stability is also a huge issue. I feel like a loser in a certain way and that I'm unqualified for the jobs offered because I specialised in such a niche part of my bachelor

No. 905267

Not in the field but I think you have to aggressively market yourself and put yourself out there. Are you on behance? Do you have your own website with your portfolio? Do you post your art regularly on social media? You have to grab every chance you have to expose people to your art and get potential clients

Are you in therapy? You don't sound like you got out of that mental health rut, your self-esteem sounds super low. You have to practice self-compassion and avoid labeling yourself as a loser

No. 905312

yeah I'm already trying to market myself, and yes I have a psychiatrist but recently my boyfriend of 8 years broke up with me over 'nothing' essentially so I'm not very well right now but I'm trying. Thank you for your encouraging words

No. 905940

Steal, cheat, and never reveal where you get your inspiration from. Also don't look at modern art, it's all shit. Study medieval artists, because their art is beautiful and earthy and real.

No. 906911

File: 1631359842874.jpeg