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No. 444506

Did you farmers hear that 8chan is offline due to shooter manifestos? Thoughts? I just heard the news, apologies if this is the wrong place to post

No. 444512

I'm more afraid of losing it than I am of it existing. There are places in the world where fascism is real, and those places need anonymity to organize against it. Plus for all I know, for every isolated scrot that was radicalized on there at least a hundred or so found folk that talked them out of it.

No. 444514

do you really believe the rumors that 8chan was leftist or are you just that much of a newfag?

No. 444516

That board is infected with troons.

No. 444518

Also the fact that it was clearly a attack of anonymity more so than this whole "far-right/alt-right" bullshit. I believe we will start seeing more and more imageboards disappear in the coming months. Also I'm worried about flooding among everywhere else online as well.

No. 444520

There were hundreds of different boards on it for hundreds of kinds of users. Many were cesspools, no doubt, but to quote Thomas Jefferson, I'd rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.

No. 444521

Aye, good point. With their containment boards now gone they'll be fucking up here instead.

No. 444522

Feeling conflicted because I'm going to miss some of the smaller and more inoffensive boards on there such as /film/. Some boards might be remade on other chans but a significant portion of their userbase was already lost when the original got wiped.

No. 444524

I think it's inconsistent. Registrars and web services providers have long hosted content arguably worse than 8chan's, or at least equivalent to it: Chechen terrorists, pedo shit etc. Reminds me of when Tor users tried to take the Daily Stormer offline. Now Andrew Anglin is a vile little troll but it's laughable for people who facilitate CP to pretend they're moral. It's also laughable when people draw the line at racism but are ok with CP and other forms of terrorism.

No. 444534

how is it inconsistent, it's clearly publicity. if violent pedo rings were being exposed on a weekly, daily basis with manifestos being posted on 8ch, it would have been cut off then too

No. 444540

That's the point. Since they just follow whatever is the story of the week it's selective outrage by definition.

As for Tor, it's not some unknown thing that hasn't been exposed. They know exactly what they're doing.

No. 444545

I still remember exactly what I saw on 8chan's /pol/.
They posted videos of black babies being choked and commented shit like "This is the right thing to do" and "This is what you must do to save the white race". Only like two users actually objected to it, the rest were praising all of it and thanking the OPs.
That's the kind of people they are. I don't really agree with the entire site being shut down, because from what I've seen, not all the boards are like that, but its /pol/ offshoot needed to be taken down, and because of 8chan's nature, even if that one was deleted, a "/pol2/" would immediately pop up.
In fact, 4chan's /pol/ needs to be taken down. 8chan's wouldn't exist without it, and it's consistently been a cancer on 4chan that leaked out to the rest of the boards for the past few years. Not getting rid of it has been a failure in both moot and Hiroyuki's judgments.
Lolcow is the only chan I've been on that actively beats them down, and also stands against misogyny.

No. 444547

Mixed feelings. It's shit other users who use the board for personal, non-violent enjoyment get punished because of the select few assholes who can't behave like rational beings. I support free speech, and it's really crummy got 8chan got taken down… but… It probably will lower the number of shootings.

Anonymous boards IS where shooters go to reinforce their ideology among likeminded social handicaps. My only issue, is they'll just find a different site to invade. /pol/ on 4chan got shitted up more than usual the night 8chan went down. In the comments of one of the threads about the shutdown, someone said, "We're now going to drop redpills everywhere." since they no longer have a containment space. I don't want them shitting up every corner of the internet. It's nice knowing they all fester in a single pot, rarely recruiting anyone who doesn't actively search for or stumble upon their specific mess. If they go around dropping their nasty comments on social media to isolated boys, they'll create a massive problem. Just look at the RedPill. I remember when there wasn't even a sub for that shit and it was just contained in low quality memes and "pick up artist" blogs.

No. 444549

This is bullshit, if the internet can outright censor Tariq Nasheed and the movements around him they can censor rabid WN and other violent tards too. They just dont WANT to do it.

No. 444550

Also, national security simply REFUSES to take white dudes like the mass shooters seriously. I bet if these fuckers were affilated with ISIS or whatever radical islamist group they would be banned immediately and be all on tight watch lists to prevent them from doing anything

No. 444551

When has he ever been censored? His tweets are always on the top of the trending page. Also, he is ONE PERSON, not a fucking ideology. I guarantee you pedophilia is banned on all mainstream social media, but it still manages to find it's way on YouTube and Tumblr. In fact, that's why porn just got banned all together on there. Good luck with that.

No. 444553

That's the dirty little secret. There are certain people in power that actually want atrocities to happen. A public that's talking about gun control and internet censorship is a public that's not talking about Epstein/Clinton child sex trafficking scandals. Before Nikolas Cruz went on his little rampage he was reported to the police about three hundred or so times.

No. 444554

The solution is pretty easy. Delete 4chan's /pol/ and heavily intensify moderation on all other boards to ban refugees armed with "redpills" until they're delegated to the cesspool that is /b/.
Ideally, their ideological brainwashing will be washed away, shitposted at and mocked with the endless wave of porn, copypasta and spam threads.
I think /k/, /int/, /news/ /lit/, /bant/, /sci/ and /his/ would need the most heavy moderation in this hypothetical scenario. No "/pol/ refugee zone" generals. It's not difficult at all.
Even Voat is gone right now, r/t_d has been quarantined since last month, and with the adequate pressure, Reddit will probably just ban the most racist subreddits, and Gab will lose its hosting. YouTube's status as a conversion tool is losing footing with the rise of Breadtube (though that community is full of its own cows), and with some more pressure they'll probably buckle and start banning channels for white supremacist ideology. Same goes for Patreon. It's the perfect time to kill off the whole online racist front, they're currently scrambling like roaches. Then, of course, comes the less popular strongholds like Stormfront.
Tucow is the only problem element I see here. They're so greedy, they'll even support pedophiles (they hosted NAMBLA's official site IIRC). Bitchute, too, but the fact that it's a less popular platform (especially one that seems to offer no monetization) probably means it'll die out on its own, or be bought out by someone who will delete all the /pol/tard content so they can actually gain something out of hosting it.
The problem with the "You're just pushing them more underground so they can get worse" argument is that the answer is easy: Make it so obscure and difficult for these people to connect and spread their shit that their entire presence as a threat is completely neutralized. Recede the movement so much that nobody impressionable will even bother to look more into it, because it's just too much work for something that sounds stupid unless you're being drilled with it daily. Make it so that weak, retarded boomers will be the only ones involved in this shit, and that they're considered loons and laughingstocks. Don't let them engineer themselves into popularity, let them fester in onion links on Tor, and when you find those, find a way to fuck their shit up there, too.

No. 444555

Hence I said AND THE MOVEMENTS AROUND HIM… people who follow his ideology and most importantly the AADOS movement find themselves censored and having their movement literally railroaded and invaded all. the. time. and you bet more eyes go on them than it does those retards on 8ch and 4chan, just like how the US government was EXTREMELY focused on the BPP to the point of writing fucking manifestos specifically not allowing another black radical to pop up for the bc in America but gave KKK leeway.

This shit just sounds lazy. I have seen shit plenty of times get co opted and derailed but suddenly autistic faggots on an imageboard who can only shoot people and talk about lolis and memes are invicible. ? Doubt.jpg

No. 444556

Yes, exactly. Guarantee they arent gonna do that because what this anon said

No. 444557

Strong agree. People are screeching about anonymity because they don't have stances that require them to take the cover of anonymity. They forget about the benefits of being able to stay anonymous because they have never met the need to actually stay safe by being anonymous. As a prime example, I think everyone on this board agrees that something like gender critical opinions are very important to discuss (such as predators entering female spaces, kids being needlessly medicated and mutilated etc) but voicing your opinion under your real name would bring inherent harm. We already have many examples of people losing their jobs, reputation, sponsors, business deals, even threatened (or attacked for real) with violence for being openly critical of the trans movement.

If the US didn't have such a fucking boner for being able to provide guns to everyone at wal marts the mass shootings would be nonexistent. It wouldn't probably end them but it would sure as hell make it harder to do. Crazy weak minded sociopaths falling prey to radical ideologies will ALWAYS exist, it's impossible to get rid of them forever, but you can make it harder for them to commit atrocities.

No. 444558

Which will make the issue worse. Making it that much harder for racists and sexists to speak won't ever actually stop from being racists or sexists but it will make them angrier.

No. 444561

Then fight them back, and stop being pussies about it. Oooh no what if they get ANGRY. So, what? Its strange to me how in the 60s and 70s you had people actively fighting back against this kinda shit now its like people are too scared to and afraid of the outcomes. Chickens are gonna come home to roast whether you like it or not, shit is gonna have put on the front line regardless. It NEEDS confrontation and the same zealousness on the opposition side.

No. 444564

They're already angry, and they've been getting stronger and capable of enacting their dreams by brainwashing people who are actually young and wild enough to carry out their plans. You think Stormfront was created by and is full of of energetic 20-somethings and even younger? No. It was started by losers in their 40s and 50s who can barely even work a computer and don't know the first thing about committing crime without getting caught before they can even pull up to the location. They use younger people, all the time.
Rob them of their strongholds, starve them of attention, and let it be a bunch of pissy old people yelling at clouds from the nursing home, their local Applebee's or a Wal-Mart parking lot instead.
>In 2012 Italian police blocked the website and arrested four people for allegedly inciting racial hatred.[33] The measure was taken after the publication of a blacklist of "prominent Jews and people who support Jews and immigrants" on the Italian section of the website. The list included possible targets of violent attacks, including gypsy camps.[34] The subsequent year, Italian police raided the homes of 35 Stormfront posters, in November 2013. One man who was arrested in Mantua had two loaded weapons, a hand grenade casing, and a flag with a swastika in his possession.[35]
Italy had the right idea, but they should've gone even farther to stomp out this cancer from congregating, IMO.

No. 444567

it should've already been shut down in march. why did it take so long? i know that the christchurch and el paso shootings aren't completely 8ch's fault but both of these people coming out of that website is concerning. there was an archive of the christchurch shooter's thread and everyone in the thread was hyping it up. i think the police must be on these possible mass shooters and pedophiles' doors. anonymity isn't more important than protecting children and innocent civilians.

No. 444568

You might be right. 8chan has fedposting so they're quite aware of a lot of the shit that goes down there but they really just don't care.

No. 444569

I dont care.

its obviously a problem for the US and since the US is where most of these crimes are taking place, and NOT from isis; or if not the US then an extension by the Anglophone world, then it HAS to be taken seriously no matter what ackshutally muh global data says… bullshitting is.

You have to be a fool or an indifferent, callous retard to see it aint gonna get worse.

No. 444570

probably shouldn't bring this up but does anyone else remember the pink themed pedophile board /hebe/ from a few years ago on 8chan? it was literal child porn that was just barely somehow legal enough to keep up until i guess it wasn't anymore. i was super underage when i saw it so looking back, i don't know how it took this long for 8chan to suffer the consequences of having boards for child porn, real life murder etc. there are plenty of good boards too but the bad ones were worse than anything allowed on 4chan or any other chan for that matter

No. 444571

They've always been racist and sexist but they're getting worse because they have isolated communities which leads to radicalisation.

No. 444572

Are you Neil Degrasse-Tyson, anon? If you saw the response when he said something similar, you already know exactly why that's a retarded argument, and I don't know why you tried it.

No. 444574

Any cancerous sites that radicalize retarded white men to go on shooting sprees because LOL HITLER WAS RIGHT should be stomped out. Don't let these fucking things fester in the name of 'muh free speech' because people are literally dying because from this bullshit.

No. 444575

lmao why?

No. 444576

Nope they dont care at all.

Imagine though if a digital movement that was actually anti misogynist, and anti racism, came up as an opposition. Something without the TRA and sex posi feminist derailments but also without the flabbiness and weakness postmodern US liberals have. I am already seeing movements like this start, surely, on several sites including this one I frequent. I bet you as soon as it will formalize and gain major traction, resembling the serious movements of the mid 20th century instead of those idiots who whine about pronouns in the 10s, the feds and others WILL make sure it gets detracted, invaded, and stomped out, while showing little involvement for the misogynist, racist, or the general misogynistic idiots that have been posioning the internet with its cancer since the 90s. In fact, you can already see that happening now, meanwhile kekfags suspiciously get protected under the MUH FREEDUM PEACH argument and people act too scared to derail those limp wristed, transparent cunts.

No. 444578

One way the alt-right was able to get so massive was because they weren't shamed enough. I feel like they were able to recruit a lot people from memes. You get some stupid kids hanging around them because they like the jokes but the more time they spend there the more seriously they take the ideas and soon they start believing in white supremacy.

No. 444580

the thing these "muh free speech!! hate speech doesn't exist!!" people don't understand is that someone's freedom to fucking live is way more important than their retarded "boo hoo graet replusmunt :(( i saw brown ppl in the mall and i dun liek it :((" shit.

No. 444581

I remember that too, I also remember getting literal child porn ads on there where it would take me to videos of prepubescent children engaged in illegal sexual activity and pictures of preteen models in lascivious poses. The US government has known this for a while, and didnt care, in fact the guy who made the website is likely a pedophile himself, and has some type of connections to the US government somewhere in his background if you look deep enough. American government is shady as shit and is just as corrupt as the worst 3rd world country. Honestly the worst out of any first world country.

No. 444582

I thought that 8ch had a deep web equivalent where the pedo boards were still up, given I haven't visited there but that's what I heard. i wasn't a regular browser of 8ch by any means but i do remember coming across the pedo threads and i didn't think that hebe was the only pedo thread either. pretty sure i stumbled across that during my first visit to the site since i was curiously poking around to see how bad it could get (like i did with 4ch). when i saw literal pedophile threads i wanted to puke, and i have no idea how hosting those kinds of boards wasn't the sites unraveling either

No. 444583

They were "isolated" from the day they lost, and only grew more radical from there on, honestly.
We can't placate them unless we're willing to make everyone who's not white and male into global second-class citizens to appease them.
Remember that 1984 quote about a boot stamping over a face forever? That's what /pol/tards need to experience, because that's what they want to enact on others. They're like retarded, atavistic creatures who balk at any world progress and seek to poison the future for the sake of their egos.
All they will ever respect or respond to is force and removal of rights. You can't "love and tolerate" the hatred out of them, and they won't appreciate the importance of free speech just because you give it to them and defend their rights tirelessly.
About the only thing they'll accept is the same treatment they think is just for the others. Then, hopefully, they'll realize their ideology (rather than something as childishly simple as "muh race") is what puts them at the bottom of the food chain, and seek to escape the chains of their stupidity.

No. 444585

Alt-right works the same way those Russian bots do on the internet. Hook them in with memes and slowly indoctrinate them.

No. 444586

No, they were given ammunition after Obama became elected and before that when minorities and women were actively included into media representation and important positions. Does anyone not remember the previous eras when America was touted as the saviour of all countries, the leading country of progress and equality, yadda yadda yadda? Now, its funny to me because they dont even bother to preach this anymore, and the former liberals who were liberals in the 90s and 2000s are the same alt right faggots or sympathisizing alt right faggots of today because they are sad they cant be non Politically Correct anymore. Really, I think the finally tipping point was when women achieved a hell of a lot progress socially and economically, more than when the blacks or the gays did it.

Also, video games made that shit worse, especially video game communities, which have been a hotbed for radical and very antisocial views for a while now, since as far back as I can remember to the early 2000s. Thing is tho, people kept pushing it off, and saying nahhh its no problem for these teens to call people nigger on voicechat and say hitler was right and all women should go to the kitchen, noooo.

No. 444587

I remember it. One thing that sticks in my mind was a thread where grown men were doing things with children's panties that they (presumably) bought themselves, and writing disgusting scenarios for them. "Legal", yet still completely repugnant on all levels.
8chan really is/was a cess pool that needs to be deleted.
Doesn't the current owner live in the Philippines? That might be why this shit has been allowed for so long.

They'd just start "White Nationalist Literature General" or "Redpill Literature General" threads to spread their filth.
I'd add /mu/, but national socialist black metal is kind of a dead meme of a genre.
/x/ might get filled with "Hitler was a meme wizard pepe archon thetan egregore" types, too, so that'd have to be curtailed as well.

No. 444589


No. 444590

I just realized music is a really good point to control masses, well entertainment in general. We see how anime and video games shaped the current gen and will shape the next one. I think music is just as good, but the music being promoted now almost has no political or socially defying undertones to it whatsoever and its about as destabilizing to the communities its intended for as it can get.

No. 444591

I tire of people telling me to treat WN with compassion and their willingness to reinforce these bigoted losers and their freezepeachhh complexes until their dying breath, but the moment anyone wants to protest them, they're somehow fucking violating the concept of free speech. Last I checked I have the fucking free speech to be able to use my words as coarsely as I fucking want to tell off and try and lecture these idiots out of becoming radicalized. Most of them are too far gone. I've witnessed the increased radicalization; in the amount of misogyny, racism, among young socially isolated men, being in forum communities where I've unfortunately been surrounded by a bunch of them, they're really not easy to dissuade. To some extent, I agree, they need to experience the same treatment as the groups that they claim to despise as a whole in order to fucking understand the vileness of their own ideologue, since that is perhaps the only way to truly bring them out of the light. It's very hard to deradicalize someone whose been immersed in a hate filled environment. I read an article about a woman whose son was radicalized in his early teens by WN, written by his mother, he did manage to come out of it, but it broke his parents hearts. Sadly many more young men are going to be radicalized by this and terrorize those in their life. It's a monster how widespread and at the same time isolated these pockets of bigot communities have become, and it's gotten worse and is probably only going to get worse. I can't show these people love and compassion when they would rather harm me and other women, or marginalized groups as a whole, and there's no reasoning them out of it, it's no wonder I want them treated as badly as they treat the groups they hate. I read stories about love and compassion and black men who put their lives at risk to try and deradicalize kkk members… and I'm just like… that's not what I feel is going to work.

No. 444592

Also the sheer entitlement of these groups is what is hilarious to me. There are groups, like MY PEOPLE, who are far more deserving of being enraged and bitter towards the system that constantly fucks us up and punishes us with a lot of prejudice, meanwhile miserable shit eaters who would have been better aborted and splattered on the side of the street are convinced it is their right to attack others and spread their shitty, weak minded, and trifle beliefs everywhere and hurt others because of it.

Honestly, I would purposely surround myself with those people, and go into their forums, and masquerade as them even, just to know their processes inside and out. The funny thing is, they want to desperately do it to us, but yet they fail too much because our processing and thinking patterns are too unique and diversified for them to be able to fully grasp it, meanwhile theres is very linear like a NPC, very predictable, I could even do it by myself as a teen, but yet people are too scared to do this and act like they are some hell hound who cant be seen without its mask. Why? This is obviously the result of conditioning and agendas being pushed, I have no doubt US feds themselves are pushing to lowkey support these types of people online. I would go as far to say they love it and hope more of this happens.

No. 444595

With gays and blacks they just think about how they could kill them, but when it comes to white women, they get touchy because they know they can't just get rid of them since the ~survival of the white race~ depends on having women so they keep trying to find ways to violate and subjugate women (like the deepfake stuff).

No. 444597

I think they are a particular danger to all women, going by their communities and years of being in all of them including their offshoots.

No. 444598

No, we get what you're saying. Just we also feel that if we lose our free speech then we also lose our lives with it. However much damage a few terrorists can inflict a potentially despotic government can do worse. The rights stripped from them today could be the same we need to survive against them tomorrow. There is no orthodoxy that can stay in power forever.

No. 444599

A lot of them have Asian fetishes so they aren't even genuine white supremacists when they go on about how they want to breed with Asian women, they're just really entitled and think that white women are too "feminist" while Asians are still tradfems or w/e. Others just say "fuck Asian, breed white" to justify it so you have them screwing around Asian women while married to white wives. They do have a fantasy of attacking and raping non-white women though to "get back" at non-white men, since women are always seen as the property of "their men".

No. 444600

Whats so hard about censoring specific forms of speech or giving limitations ? God damn.

No. 444602

Go ahead and try. That's the last thing I'm gonna say. Only don't be surprised when the more they're persecuted the more popular they become. Animals are always the most dangerous whenever they feel cornered.

No. 444604

File: 1565083012043.jpg (28.51 KB, 258x320, unperson.jpg)

Whatever tools you use to censor certain speech can be used just as effectively against other speech. Anyone that's in power will have carte blanche to remove just about anyone for any reason they wish.

No. 444605

I've never gone into the hive mind myself but I have talked with a former WN guy who I still disagree with on multiple issues (being a liberal and he's more conservative than I am) but who's been virtually deradicalized, and he can't fully explain why he left on his own volition, although his main motive seemed to be that the violence was too strong and his own nihilism and pessimism derived from surrounding himself with those communities was becoming overwhelming to his mental health. He occasionally still poked around and trolled the beehive last I talked to him, I kind of told him he should stop doing it though. I think it would be nice if more people studies their methods of operation to figure out what the causation is of such radicalization; unfortunately despite not exactly going into the more active communities as a poster, I've been a lurker, read articles, heard from former WNs myself who I've interacted with, and understand how it functions pretty well. I am too scared to do a deep dive without fearing that my own health is going to degrade, not that I'm going to be persuaded into their lunacy. More like the fear that I'm going to lose more of my faith in humanity and lapse back into my own phase of nihilistic hopelessness knowing that these people will continue to fester like cancerous tumors in their isolate corners of the internet. I very much understand how they function and it absolutely frightens me.

The current presidential administration doesn't exactly help any sort of deradicalization when Trump himself fuels reactionary rhetoric. I do think the man is bigoted, but he's mostly bigoted because he's concerned with his own self interests and grew up immersed in an environment of inflamed narcissism and privilege to the extent where he does not understand the privies of the common man nor is he really willing to, and he's made that much self evident, but people are still willing to support someone who's so crippled by his clear interest in only himself. His rudeness and vulgarity and disinteresting in conducting himself with any kind of human decency hasn't helped the current political climate at all, and it certainly hasn't helped the increased trend of WN radicalizing young men. It doesn't help that entwined with WN rhetoric is the misogyny of incelism and there's much overlap between the two; racism and misogyny go hand in hand, their hatred of women connected to the idea that "the foreigners/black men/insert nonwhite race here men are STEALING OUR WOMEN". all these new movements of far right extremism are beginning to overlap. Hell, conspiracy theories and the conspiracy theorist community might as well be included in there too. And the antisemites. And so on. There's always been a multitude of these groups and they all started to overlap at the crux of the WN / alt right boom which made it horrifically powerful in the past few years, spurred on by reactionaries like Trump's fat mouth. it creates and even unhealthier environment for the participants including new recruits and the 30-50+ year old men who are running this shit at the top don't care at all about the well being of their cult following, they only care about turning as young as 11-12 year old boys into monsters who can spew their filth. When you examine the inter workings of it all it's terrifying and sites like stormfront have written literal instruction manuals on how to radicalize young boys using pop cultural stuff as means to recruit them into WN hogwash, now imagine that all overlapping with the aforementioned communities, that's why it's become so big. People say the alt right is dying? Dying my fucking ASS, it's alive as ever, people are reporting on it less and less, becoming desensitized to it, letting it become more normalized? No, people seriously need to keep fighting this, I don't give a shit about your fucking self preservation of "free speech". Real free speech is the fucking people who still have the gall to keep referring to this as what it is: a little factory that pumps out nazis who shoot up schools and public places all in the name of the HWITE RACE and terrorize the world around them because they're a bunch of self entitled brainwashed fucks who can't accept that for once, white men are being somewhat overshadowed by women and minorities who are finally getting the representation they've been waiting YEARS for. And there's still plenty of white men in power, bigoted white men nonetheless, who don't want to acknowledge that we have a domestic terrorist problem rooted in WN/alt right rhetoric and all its overlapping movements that have become this monstrous lovecraftian tier horror. Because that would them be acknowledging that racist white men are capable of being dangerous when cops and feds used to protect them and even had links to those organizations that prevented them from taking them down during the civil rights movement- but you can bet that Hoover himself was trying to take down MLK who pushed for social reform and unification between white and black people, because Hoover was a racist fuckhead. I have no doubts there's still plenty of bigots in the police force and federal wings, they get outed all the time, nobody gives a fuck. I'm sure there's plenty of people who aren't like that in those positions of power but the ones that are, they are what scares me. only a few of them is enough to try and convince their coworkers and allies that they shouldn't investigate domestic terrorists and thereby allow more shootings to happen with their passivity and refusal. Actually do something or don't pretend you are, in other words.

No. 444607

Freedom of speech must draw the line when it gets to rhetoric that causes real life violence. This isn't some delusional libtard paranoia, dozens of people died just last week due to mass shootings.

No. 444609

Not just one mass shooting either, multiple mass shootings all within the span of a week or less

This shit needs to stop

No. 444611


Where are the movements starting, anon? Recruit me.

No. 444612

Then be an animal too. Fuck the compassion.

No. 444614

I wont name them so the autistic WN trolls or inceloid WN hybrids wont go invade them but there is a pattern to be seen with the Pinkpill threads increasing traffic and the aados movement

No. 444616


Damn, sucks that we can name all the wn sites and discuss them but out of fear and self preservation we have to keep our opposition silent. So it goes. Bless the pink pill thread.

No. 444617

i wish these WNs moved to some uninhabited pacific island and made their valhalla dreams come true so that they can finally leave the rest of the world alone.

No. 444622

Why jump to assuming they want the entire world when currently they can't even have a single town?

No. 444626

Women who are against trans theory and sex-positivy are always no-platformed or harassed into silence since women are an easy target so their movements are a super tiny fringe in feminism. They passed the fucking Gender Recognition Act in the UK without even discussing it with any women's rights group despite the fact that it meant men could just access women's spaces if they "identified" as women. Fucking incredible.

No. 444628


As a mixed race woman who is constantly barreled down by trump supporters and alt righters, I have to say: that issue is fucking nothing in the face of white supremacy. It's not even a conversation worth having at this time (if it's just gonna be some transphobic bullshit where radfems pretend people like Yaniv or Contrapoints is all transgender people for the sake of the straw man: I'm not interested in it all) until we get this alt right thing either quashed wholly or quarantined like the disease it is. Racism is so very important and it effects me everyday. Your total disregard for the severity of the situation is insensitive and callous to say the least.

No. 444631

I remember they had a crazy plot to set up a "charity" in Namibia while slowly shipping in a settler colony before eventually seceding it out from the Namibian government to turn into a neo-Nazi white ethnostate.

No. 444632

>aados movement

No. 444633

They already do that shit in the Philippines lol

No. 444636

man, anon boards populated by men really do become cesspits.
im really glad for this place.

No. 444639

I'm a white gc radfem and I agree with you mostly. The gender theory shit is extremely troubling, but the race shit has reached a point that the trans shit probably won't ever match. I don't feel like there's much I can do with regards the rise of the right wing here in europe beyond what i'm already doing (voting for leftwing candidates, having conversations with people in my life when the topic comes up) so I don't talk much about social or institutional racism online. I don't think there's anything constructive i can contribute.
fuckin seriously.

No. 444641

African Americans Descendants Of Slaves. But I think its actually just ADOS. "Americans Descendants of Slaves" since I think the black people in the ADOS movement don't want any affiliation with Africa since they sold them to America and are not on the side of African immigrants either.

No. 444642

Anon this isn't a fucking contest for who has it worst. Nobody was saying "fuck racism but how about this gender ideology here". Two problems with oppression can exist simultaneously for fucks sake.
>Racism is so very important and it effects me everyday.
Yeah and homophobia and misogyny, two main ingredients in the gender ideology, affect a lot of people too from ALL races and cause violence and death to people all over the globe.

No. 444648

I'm a dark-skinned black woman and I was just trying to say that these movements have been going on for years but nobody gives a fuck about them, they are shut down immediately meanwhile WN has grown massively and people just let it slide. Why? Because they are comprised of largely white men who are already the most powerful. Of course they're going to have the most power and opportunity to spread their message across.

No. 444652

white men are not the most powerful. they are outvoted 10:1 by people from the third world who have 10 - 15 children each. this current push for immigration and ID-less voting is alienating whites and all conservatives. the rhetoric of the left appears to have no comment on this, and so we are all left with an increasingly radicalized right. pushing for the destruction of the right is going to make them push back harder

No. 444653

File: 1565089134001.jpg (92.13 KB, 720x775, 1565039834199.jpg)

most of the "white hate/nazi" rhetoric is propaganda too by the way, if anything, black nationalists are killing us(racebaiting)

No. 444655


My point was TERFS making this prominently race based issue about their transphobic ideology shit. Nobody is saying sexism and racism can't exist at the same time. Since you fail to be able to understand what you read: I was responding the radfem anons whom I felt were dragging up their gender critical shit for no fucking reason when we were talking about alt righters and the intense racism that fuels that this garbage. To suggest the too lax gender laws have anything to do with this alt righter 8 chan issie is so disingenuous and callous to the actual issue at at hand.
I get you. Nobody cares until tjis shit gets put of control.


The sjw left is somewhat to blame for this, I am not blind. But what you said is some straight white supremacists delusion shit. White men are the most powerful in western society. To disagree is basically admitting you think alt righters might have a point. These people are not angry about being "alienated" they are angry that they are not being told they are entitled to a society to suck their herpes dicks and ask for more anymore. When you've spent the majority of western history stuffing your pockets with blood money and being told you are better than everybody else so you deserve the world, of course you are angry when you are told "actually other people are equals to you". You can't be top dog if others are equal. You are totally missing the big picture in favor of strawmanning the whole left as sjw freaks.

No. 444660

I don’t doubt that there’s violent crime committed by black people, but aren’t most of their mass shootings gang violence or in already dangerous/high crime areas? While white mass shooters go and shoot up completely innocent people in safe areas? At least that’s what I’ve seen, feel free to correct me. Regardless it’s men who are the danger to society

No. 444665

kek, yeah, these supposed "black nationalists" that are counterintuitively killing… other blacks??? it's… almost like these shootings are for entirely different reasons and not comparable to disgruntled internet retards lighting up a sulphur springs chili cookoff??? this is poorly veiled propaganda coming from u

No. 444666

yep. men. but noone is calling for the banning of men. in fact they are importing them, as a higher than average proportion of the refugees entering america are military aged males. whats important to note is that most people aren't aware of this, or the fact that most gun violence is not caused by white people ("safe areas" as you say, are places with a lower proportion of black people, so I think you are being a little racist there). the really telling thing is that most people don't know that these shootings are a frequent occurence, and only pay attention when the media conglomerates have an agenda to push, such as "whites are killers".

No. 444667

you telling me black lives don't matter?

No. 444668

and check the facts, most victims are bystanders, going about their business

No. 444669

>boards populated by men really do become cesspits.
We have increasing regularity of posters suggesting literal male genocide in the pink pill, anon.
Literally any pocket can become radicalised if left to fester unchecked. In theory if either all the libfem or radfem farmers get too sick of arguing with each other and one side gives up, this site could tip and become either tumblr or a pink femcel r9k. I love this site too but don't get complacent, that's when toxicity can sneak in.

No. 444670

gang violence is a problem and no one said it wasn't. it absolutely victimizes innocent people, but that wasn't your gripe at all. your batty "black nationalist!!" bullshit outed you and there's no redeeming yourself.

No. 444671

>black nationalists
Stop reposting your /pol/ propaganda.

No. 444672

>threatening people online because they've realized you don't respond to kindness or decency
Really making a point.

No. 444673

yeah i should be outed! Im hurting at these statistics that I never knew until now. im hurting that these media companies use deaths to further their agenda! im hurting that the agenda currently is the demonising of someone's race!

No. 444678

The pink pill threads are a hundred times better than anything /r9k/ has put out. To be honest, the rhetoric in those threads isn't even really political. It's just the inevitable feeling that seeps in when you start holding men accountable and stop making excuses.
A pink pill anon would protect a girl or woman far more than a libfem ever would.

No. 444679

seriously, all i hear now is that the three last shootings that are getting media attention (the "white" ones) were done byy white nationalists - they werent! and when corrected, people keep changing the subject.
I know im being rude, im sorry for that, but this seems really important to me, and i think we are all being mislead.

No. 444680

Lmao you were literally reposting /pol/ propaganda. You aren't "sorry" at all.

No. 444681

Imagine caping for white supremacist murderers and making excuses for them. Imagine defending these people. You are certifiably insane.
Literal fucking brain worms.

No. 444682

Except black men who commit mass shootings are almost never "black nationalists". Wtf? Black men tend to commit crimes against each other and white men also tend to commit crimes towards each other since most crimes are intraracial. However, white men have the highest rate of committing hate crimes as well, being the most likely to commit interracial crimes. They shift between being 50-60% of the perpetrators when it comes to hate crimes per year with the numbers being even higher if you count attacks against Jewish people. Antisemitic hate crimes are classified as hate crimes towards religious identity although I think it's pretty silly since most white supremacists attack Jewish people on the basis of their ethnicity since they don't see Jews as white.

No. 444683

bitch i know u knew them. we all know you doughy weirdos use the black on black crime rates in an attempt to justify like, apartheid or the congo free state.

No. 444684

>black men shoot at each other
>"they are black nationalists!"
>white man despises and shoots at mexicans
>"he isn't a white nationalist!"


No. 444685

Even outside the insane racial shit, my biggest fucking gripe with them is their sheer hypocrisy.
They go on about white ethnostate and wanting to "secure a homeland for their people and a future for their children". Fine, then proceed to your homeland of Europe. If you like, get all the immigrants to go back, too, but you might want to have your government(s) stop causing strife and destruction in everyone else's countries for personal gain. Everyone can go home and we can all leave each other alone. Cool.
Oh, wait. You're still squatting all over the world in countries that aren't yours. You still think you're entitled to South Africa. You still think you belong in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the list goes on.
If we're playing "blood and soil" games, all these white supremacist fucks surely need to go back, too.
Like, hilariously enough, they think it's okay because they killed or defeated the people who actually belonged there. This was never about "securing a homeland" for anyone. They're just greedy and evil, that's that.

No. 444686

definately NOT defending. fuck that. stick that one right up your bum, or you can go to heck with those shooters
yeah, "black nationalists" was a stupid thing to have said. I was attempting to make a point, but I see the error there.
they literally weren't white nationalists (afaik, look it up)

these tradgedies are being used to demonise a race, thats all I'm saying. they shouldnt be.(Stop trying to bait the thread, newfag.)

No. 444690

Continuing the racebait conversation will earn a swift ban. This image board is not for race discussion.

No. 444691

The truth is that it's very hard to completely shut down places where young men congregate in the internet. They're the most tech savvy demographic and can easily relocate.

No. 444695

A literal pedo board. Fuck that place, good riddance. Zero is fine, 8 was literally just a bunch of fucking weirdoes

No. 444696

NTA. There's a rule against femcel sperging but when is it ever even enforced? I wish I could browse that thread without having to read posts from mentally ill sounding femcels or crazy femdoms using it as a vestibule for their fetishes. Even the thought of calling it pink pill to counter the redpill is just stupid to me.

No. 444697

Can we talk about the NZ shooting and the El Paso shooting since they are relevant to 8chan's shutdown?

No. 444699

You put my thoughts into words. What do white nationalists actually think about this point?

No. 444701

If you're a white woman and you don't support MoC you're not a feminist.(Racebait)

No. 444702

what does this have to do with anything anon

No. 444703

As an advocate of ethnostates (but not of racial purity stuff) I think this is fair. The only problem with non American Indians leaving the Americas is that it would just become ripe ground for another colonization again, in this case probably Chinese.

No. 444704

Reminder: every single one of these threads about politics gets invaded by /pol/ scrots pushing their garbage.

No. 444706

Yepppp. They've even started spilling over into CC. I just want a comfy female only space that feels like pre incel r9k. Not a space for insane radfems saying you're not a real feminist unless you abandon your father.

Another anon put it best. It's obvious from the sex work and ex internet boyfriends threads that we have way too many ex "fembots" on here who think they were sexually abused by some moron they met on post incel r9k.

No. 444707

I've seen some of them say "We made America what it is today, so it belongs to us" which doesn't make any sense because they are constantly butthurt about Constantinople getting conquered by the Ottomans. The El Paso shooter said something like "We need to be cautious about the immigrants, Native Americans made the mistake of not taking immigrants seriously" which again, doesn't make any sense. iirc he released his manifesto on 8chan. why did that imageboard attract so many people like this, i don't know

No. 444709

Did Kiwifarms get shoah'd too?

No. 444710

Oh shit, it's down. KF is pretty edgy but I didn't think it'd get caught up this.

No. 444717

I lean more towards radfem but it does make sense if the femcel spergs are former fembots who spent way too much time on 4chan. Their understanding of radical feminism is very shallow and their convictions seem emotionally driven and black and white rather than political and nuanced.

I'm glad I never spent my teen years rotting away on /r9k/ of all places. I used 4chan for only couple of years when I was around 17/18 and still I knew it was a misogynistic cesspit and the men should be avoided.

No. 444718

Basically "it's bad but not if we do it"

No. 444719

They're just getting DDoS'd. It always happens to them lmao.

No. 444720

Yes, that's how conflicts of interests work.

No. 444721

Same. I love Gail Dines because she actually comes across as a reasonable, empathetic person. All these fantasies about male genocide and buttraping men with strapons are just surreal at best and genuinely disturbing at worst.

Also yes. Lots of them are dumb fembots who sent nudes to robots, or actually dated some of them. They just want to play victim despite courting the worst sort of male attention in their teen years.

No. 444724

>Their understanding of radical feminism is very shallow
I'm an older radfem but it's like everybody new to the movement just talks about troons 24/7 instead of actual theory. I do agree troons are a problem but there's more to radical feminism than just being gender critical.(radfem derail)

No. 444725

It's a /pol/ scrote baiting again.

No. 444726

>Fine, then proceed to your homeland of Europe
The issue for nationalists in Europe is that if immigration keeps going the way it is, white people will be a minority in their own homeland so there will be no homeland for them to go to. The solution to the rise of white nationalism in both Europe and America is to have a sensible response to the issues that cause them to radicalise in the first place. With the current left that's never going to happen because the left is already radicalised. If both the right and the left keep going further in opposite directions, then civil war will be the eventual outcome.

This >>444681 is a perfect example. While one of the posts is clearly race bait and was rightly banned. The other posts raise legitimate points, yet the leftist will not consider someone else's perspective and will dismiss anything that goes against their world view as mental illness. This doesn't change anyone's mind, all it does is entrench the existing views that people have and cements the other side as the enemy.

No. 444728

>just found out
This is like week old news. Bit late huh

No. 444731

Congratulations, you mean what has happened to other non white groups, yet they didnt whinge about it online, make shameful and embarrassing memes, and then schizo tier targeting at massive groups of people ?
I dont care.

No. 444735

File: 1565097929043.png (379.45 KB, 2616x790, sh1-.png)

On the logic of the shooters and 8chan, I just remembered an anon posted some information about their outlook in a thread from a while back. They made some good points, IMO. Thankfully, it's not racebait shit. It goes beyond that, and directly delves into their psychology and social structure.
This was about the NZ shooter, but since both he and one of the latest shooters browsed 8chan and put out similar manifestos, I believe it applies here too. They were indoctrinated by the same community. 8chan definitely fosters these people by giving them a home to disseminate propaganda and allow users to marinate in it. That's probably also why they like to leave manifestos and damn the site.
From reading both manifestos, it looks like their goal is accelerationism. Their goal is for the left to respond with equal violence and for war to break out. I personally think the only cure is to kill their online presence and mute them, not any sort of retaliation violence (and 8chan's supposed demise would be a step in the right direction).
It's both a love letter and an attempt to fan the flames by sowing division.

No. 444739

Please tell me what other ethnic group is facing becoming a minority in their own native homelands.

No. 444740

File: 1565098176717.png (254.33 KB, 2618x606, sh1.png)

And this goes into the colonialism/ethnostate topic from a bit earlier. I won't personally discuss that anymore because it's too easy for it to derail the whole thread, as we have a variety of /pol/tards lurking, but I agree with all the points made.
False promises for recruitment and indoctrination.

No. 444743

>The leftist
/pol/ scrot right there, keep trying to damage control neckbeards.

No. 444745

it already happened in the past lmao
lets not forget the mass groups of blacks mongrelized by arabs and whites from centuries of colonization
they basically arent even black anymore

No. 444746

Went to Warsaw recently. Was pretty nice being a massive majority in a city. Felt like the few non white people I saw were very cowed and knew their place. So not all of Europe is like that.

No. 444748

Sounds like to me the US government wants this war to happen

So fight the power, I guess

No. 444749

>immigration of people who don't have any power
totally the same thing

No. 444751

Imagine being an overconfident talking ballsack

No. 444752

Not American but this is what bothers me the most. Why does it seem like the government is taking absolutely zero measures to quell the political unrest happening in the US right now? This is some populist, spooky shit.

No. 444753

It is though, either way one demographic is being replaced with another and getting deplaced.

Again, why should I care ?

No. 444754

>Felt like the few non white people I saw were very cowed and knew their place.
>knew their place
holy shit. you /pol/ retards are quick to go masks-off, huh?
no one even invited you, and we still don't welcome you, but you get comfortable so easily.
get the fuck out already.

No. 444756

And have you noticed most of these tards are American ? Sick country.

No. 444758

no inhabitant is vanishing into the air, no one is being replaced, y'all are just paranoiac.

No. 444759

I do, which makes it all the more retarded. whats very retarded is defending muh honor of a mongrelized mutt country when youre likely a mutt yourself is even more banal, and if it was literally any other group of people who colonized many other races, spread their genes everywhere to leave mixed bastard kids in every corner of the earth, and became culturally dominate, they would say chickens come home to roast. So tell me why is it different? Im not getting an explaination

No. 444760

One of the wackiest things about the NZ shooter is that he wasn't even from NZ. He was Australian. Then again, I realized America and Australia are pretty similar in certain regards when I heard about Australia's detention centers.

No. 444761

And why does the US equal white only when mongrels and ados have been apart of the US even longer than recent white and especially asian immigrants? It all a bullshit lie and a farce and disingenious as fuck.

No. 444763

So because I disagree with you I'm a scrot? Thanks for really hammering the point home I guess.

It was wrong then and it's wrong now.

No. 444765

Not an excuse. Most like you dont think like you anyways.
Its easy to reduce it to just Native Americans, lol.
Sounds like to me when you mongrelize other races, corrupt their cultures to the point they emulate your religions and your languages, and intervene to the point their own countries become fucked, then you want to whine when they come over to your countries I dont give a fuck. Its not the same thing.

And if you ask how I personally feel, I dont feel any type of connection to Asian and MENA immigrants, they are different to ME in every way as a Western person , and surprise surprise not every Western person is white like the faggots of your unempathetic reptile brain tunnel vision NPCs group think, but I still also dont care because you are whining and expecting sympathy for something you did and also not showing the same sympathy for others.

Even then, if you dont personally believe this nearly all of the idiots especially male idiots do think in this linear black and white way.

No. 444766

>non American Indians leaving the Americas
The fuck lol

No. 444769

Nothing of value was lost. I hope this is the beggining of more of these cesspools shutting down. A world without /pol/ would be a dream.

No. 444773

NTA, but they become more divided, less organized and less of a threat. They scream into nothing, act on their own, make stupid decisions (if they take any action at all) and get caught.
In fact, you can tell that their echo chambers are their weak spot by the way they balk at having them taken away. If they were forced into perpetual nothingness, they simply wouldn't have this much power or a fresh batch of youths to sway with memes and fake promises of glory.

No. 444775

What I find weird is these shooters all posted on 8chan and 4chan very vile Nazi stuff. They should have been on a terrorism watchlist. The second they started stockpiling guns or weapons accessories, the FBI should have been at their front door.

The second they started writing a manifesto or talking about it on discord or talking about killing people it should have been over for them. I’m very concerned about why the US law enforcement agencies aren’t taking terrorism threats seriously.

Nazis loves to moan about how 8chan is a honeypot but was it really? If it was a honeypot then why did no one ever get arrested? Seems like bullshit to me.

I’m happy it got shut down because it had a lot of child porn and loli shit. But there are probably more obscure websites that host the same shit… so hope is lost for me.

No. 444776

not an excuse

No. 444777

Not necessarily. They might even get divided into even more extremist groups.
When r/incels/ was shut down they made 2 other big communities, /braincels/ being more moderated and incels.co where they're free to get as wild as they want.

No. 444780

Cloudflare's literally hosted ISIS which has done way more damage than shooters on the web. Neil Tyson was right when he said we're all just media-ized.

Also the typical blue checkmarks are celebrating this as a victory without understanding the potential future repercussions.

As an aside I've heard that the Dayton shooter was a far lefty antifa bro.

No. 444782

They're already as extreme as it gets, anon. People have died. People are dying.
The final solution to the incel problem is for Reddit to shut down braincels, whatever host keeps incels.co up to revoke their rights, and /r9k/ to become heavily moderated.
Giving them a home and a "containment board" doesn't work.

No. 444787

The fact that they hosted ISIS is just even more proof that the US wants these things to happen and make some sort of gain in people around the world getting killed, not that it doesn't matter and we should just accept shooters. Tyson is a smug, rapist piece of garbage. His words are worthless.
Taking down these people's strongholds and refusing them the right to an open space is the only medicine. It's very possible, very easy, and still, the "powers that be" refuse to do it.
And before you go on about free speech, notice that saying "Trannies aren't women" can earn you a 30+ day ban on 4chan, but saying "This race of people are not human and should be genocided", "Women are not human and should have their throats slit like the dumb roasties they are", and a whole culture of child predators ala /r9k/'s "waifu community" is perfectly allowed there. Make it make sense.

No. 444788

This. THIS. The fact people are ignoring this is beyond me. Too much shit isnt adding up.

No. 444791

What about the roles of memes in all this? Every male dominated online "nerd" community is full of incel and pol memes.

No. 444795

Not to dispute what you are saying totally but honeypots aren't just used to arrest people. They're also used to provoke people into doing nasty shit to advance certain agendas. This has existed since before COINTELPRO which used these methods to take out both neo-Nazi organizations and the Black Panthers

And as an aside, it's not just WNs, since Elliot it has also been incels radicalized through lookism, discord and /r9k/, and since Nasim and Pizzagate various types of conspiracy theorists on YouTube and /x/. There was even that troon that went around trying to maim people with an axe

No. 444801

>lone wolf
Stop repeating this as if none of us have ever taken a look at /pol/, had them invade our spaces (hell, they're invading this very thread) or know about their Discord servers.
It's pathetic, and it only works on the uninformed. You're on a site full of imageboard users right now.
These people were egged on. 8chan's /pol/ is/was lousy with the very sort of rhetoric these shooters espoused, and so is 4chan's, and they continually praised their actions in pursuit of accelerationism, so don't even bother trying to gaslight.

No. 444805

>Whether they're egged on or not,
And that's where you're wrong. They are encouraged to do this, and they name their echo chambers to thank them for the courage and "redpill". They are too mentally and emotionally weak to have done this on their own without the touch of Good Boy Points from internet strangers.
Give it up, there's too much blood on your hands. No one is falling for your bullshit anymore, and we all want you and your trash gone for good.

No. 444807

You don't live in reality. Democrats are the ones who have been screaming for years and years about how white terrorists are never labled terrorists. Republicans are the ones who refuse to assign that label because most white terrorists are right wingers and their motives are often parrotting shit right wing politicians say, like the "invasion" shit or Planned Parenthood "selling body parts" for example. The only example I'm finding of a republican acknowledging right wing terrorism as terrorism is Ted Cruz saying it about El Passo. Literally the only example I can find. Yet, there's countless examples of democrats calling them terrorists.

Also, fuck off with that "lone wolf" narritive as if white supremacists and the terrorists they breed aren't a massive plague.

No. 444808

>Most like you dont think like you anyways.
So now I don't even think what I post because that would invalidate your world view.


What have the white people of this generation done to anyone? I think almost everyone agrees that the wars in the middle east are wrong. What you're saying is like saying that all of America should be nuked for the Iraq war, even those that tried to stop it.

>I dont feel any type of connection to Asian and MENA immigrants

That's just disconcerting. How can you judge others for being hateful when you yourself can feel no other connection to other human beings simply because of their race and geographical location.


Nice /pol/ meme. You do know that this originated on 8chan? You are perpetuating the very thing you claim to hate.

>Even then, if you dont personally believe this nearly all of the idiots especially male idiots do think in this linear black and white way.

Because that's all there is too think. People aren't born to shoot up supermarkets or high schools. What makes them do it is the circumstances that they live in, the people they meet and the information they're exposed to. There is no center ground anymore. The left shuts down anyone they disagree with screaming "nazi" and the right shuts down anyone they disagree with by shouting "cuck". The center is attacked from both sides.(racebaiting derailing)

No. 444814

File: 1565103574074.png (685.98 KB, 798x464, lyingontheinternet.png)

>At no point in my life have I advocated for violence or racism of any kind.
>That's why I'm fighting for white supremacist's right to congregate with the threat that they'll do exactly what they've been doing all this time if we take away their Validation Boxes!

No. 444820

>there is no contradiction here
You're literally saying "If we take away their online validation and encouragement to commit mass killings, they'll do the same thing they've already been doing, so doing nothing and letting them be is clearly the better option".
They can be "talked out of it" literally anywhere. They create echo chambers like /pol/ specifically not to be disagreed with.

No. 444839

Not the same anon… But you really believe that will happen? If that was true, they wouldn’t be killing now. I don’t care if they don’t have support, friends, a girlfriend/wife, etc, how many women don’t have shit but we dont see them going postal?

I refuse to feel sorry for them like you do.

No. 444842

I’m just kind of shocked by how many people think a private company like Cloudflare should be forced to host a website they no longer would like to host.

The Nazis should have freedom of speech but private small businesses should be legally compelled to host messages they disagree with?

No one is destroying free speech or anonymity here. Every person in the world is welcome to create his own website or imageboard to write his own thoughts on. That doesn’t mean you can compel people to listen to you.

No. 444843

It’s because there’s clearly some /pol/ scrotes posting.

No. 444851

It's the same guy that's been at it for years btw. He used to be more outspoken and brazen in the MH thread, but nowadays you can find him rping as a traditional woman on cc or /pol/posting here on /ot/ trying to "redpill".

No. 444853

Who said I hated 8chan in specific? I just said I didnt care and that they are faggots.

I also said you didnt think, I just said a lot of your view are more radical than you because they are retarded scrotes.

I dont feel connection in that vein of ethnicity and culture, but doesnt mean I cant feel empathy and love for them as human beings. Something the male species cant relate in this nuanced emotional variety.

No. 444857

File: 1565107217942.png (392.47 KB, 1544x1926, 1560712403754.png)

I went to the 4plebs archive for /pol/ to look for an old description of Stormfront's shilling tactics and how they took over 4chan, and I ended up finding this.
So, it's actually been discovered that the FBI posted on 8chan's /pol/, but were too stupid to remove the (You)s in their posts. As >>444795 said, COINTELPRO includes provoking actions. This perfectly explains why they aren't curtailing this problem, and fits into Cloudflare hosting ISIS.
They supposedly had the people behind the Wayback Machine delete the archive of the /pol/ thread they were exposed in, but archive.is kept it, so you can see it here: https://archive.fo/VWlcn
For those of you who were have been denying what's going on and pretending like this is an argument about free speech, eat crow.
This is the warrant where they posted their "findings", but left in the (You)s: https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.casd.626722/gov.uscourts.casd.626722.1.0.pdf
Pic related, all their posts. They seem preoccupied with blaming Russians.
There's definitely something going on here. This has been allowed to fester because there's a vested interest in death, grief and destruction on an international scale.
The /pol/tards I've lifted this from used it to claim "The FBI is leftist", but I think that's bullshit, because they still classify leftist groups like BLM as "identity extremists", but have no such terminology for these white supremacist muderers, and have historically been responsible for operations aimed at destroying leftist figures like MLK and the Black Panthers with violence, surveillance, etc. I think that like the pedo shit, all of this goes beyond paltry left/right shit. They're doing something much bigger and far more sinister. They want strife, somehow.

No. 444859

I’ve been suspicious of this too. He has similar posting style. I hate how he hasn’t been exposed yet.

No. 444861

File: 1565107878364.png (722.33 KB, 2552x1436, strmfrnt.png)

Oh, and as for the Stormfront stuff:
>"We will have an army of angry basement dwelling neckbeards to fill the internet with our message 24/7."
>"We should recognize our power and start infiltrating these groups. Do a google search for Anonymous and begin reading about them. Begin making connections. Begin infiltrating them. We could, over time, take them over by our sheer numbers. Or we can find out where they are and retaliate for their attacks against us, or both."
"Racism is freeze peach!!" retards can fuck off now, thanks.

No. 444863

tradkun is back at it again

No. 444865

It’s definitely either him or some other alt-right idiot. They show themselves every time. You can argue for things you don’t agree with, but what that poster is doing is pretty much playing devils advocate, trying to make us feel what? Sympathy for them? Awwww their lives are sooooo hard and because theyre fucking privileged, they should have access to a site associated with murders and crime. That’s like me wanting to keep an !S!S site around, because some radical feels good when he goes there. No thank you.

No. 444866

Like pottery!
>I couldn't tell you why women are generally better at not killing people. Maybe society treat us better(unlikely, but possible)
Us? Who do you think you're fooling? This is fucking pitiful.

>I still reckon there's steps that anyone can take help steer them back into the light.

It's simply not our responsibility to focus on entitled little white boys who already have it all. They had nice families, money, health, weren't deformed, nor hated for being women/black/immigrants. They simply want more, more than everyone else at the expense of others.

>"Some of you guys are cool, so stay home tomorrow". It just always stuck with me that however evil he was he still didn't want to inflict any pain on those that were ever kind to him.

Yes, and that dad that killed his two daughter and wives was a wonderful family man as well. Of course he'd tell his community of fellow woman haters not to go to school; they supported his view. I doubt he made any long lasting friends on r9k.

>I imagine a world where people are always kind to everyone. What a difference that would make.

I highly doubt this is what you want. You wouldn't be here preaching about how the little white nationalists (or men in general for that matter) need help and care and understanding if you did. What they need is a dose of their own medicine to devleop empathy, and to be violently pulled out of their echochambers.

I'd usually say it's their choice to wallow in misery and hatred, but when the writings of two of them get posted on a fringe website and credited as their motivation, it's time to do something about that site, and maybe the culture about it too.(racebaiting derailing)

No. 444868

File: 1565108119750.jpeg (286.4 KB, 750x1190, 5CAC7132-A4B9-4112-A9CD-16EA4A…)

Did Kiwifarms get hit too? Is there another thread talking about this?

No. 444873

Good fucking riddance. A website that hosts boards for pedophiles and psychotic murderers should be taken down. 8ch fags don’t deserve a gathering place. There is more harm done for 8chan to exist than it being taken away. There are boards dedicated to doxxing and stalking random girls online, posting revenge porn, loli shit, gore shit, all the worst things you can think of. But with this takedown of 8ch there will surely be another imageboard to take its place. Though it’s nice to take a community away from those degenerates.

No. 444876

It's actually so obvious, reading the post you replied to. A scrote trying to take advantage of women not being unempathic subhumans to try and pull the wool over our eyes. He forgot that this isn't Tumblr, and many of us don't fall for that "Humanize the murderers, maybe even a little hybristophilia haha…Nah, I'm jk. Unless…?" shit.
He even tried to carefully bring up female privilege ("Maybe society treat us better(unlikely, but possible)" lmao no woman who has actually gone outside would agree with this) and try to make the "Some of you guys are cool, don't come to school tomorrow" some poignant symbol of not being human filth. So lowly.

No. 444879

yeah, it's not like these racists haven't commited multiple mass shootings or anything.(racebaiting derailing)

No. 444885

>What part of all people must exclude whites nationalists?
The ones white nationalists want to abuse/subjugate/kill.
>White Nationalists are people.
They don't see me as a person I don't see them as a person.
>Love all people and your enemies most of all.
Go fuck yourself, jesus christ.
>Make special exceptions for them
You do this and what they do is take the opportunity to advance their ideas or fuck you over. Here you are making exceptions for them, but you're probably white and also a man, so they don't hate you.
>I never said he was wonderful. What I'm saying is that they could be wonderful under the right circumstances.
That's what the media, white men, say anytime an event like that occurs. It's the same thing your're doing now. You're missing the point. They already are wonderful to their tribe. They won't ever be wonderful to the people they hate unless they get dealt back with hate by someone above them (physically, economically or socially) and learn how being in the other position feels. Even then, men mostly externalize their hatred and blame society. They'd likely just want to kill their oppresor and never associate it with the people they themselves oppress. I don't think they can ever learn tbh.
>Exposure to violence doesn't aid in developing empathy.
Didn't say it did. Expore to an event will develop empathy towards people going through the same even though, unless you don't see a group as people but rather subhumans.
>There's a 1 to 1 relationship in how often people are abused when they're children and how fucked up they're likely to end up as adults. To wit, there's never been a spree killer that hasn't been abused.
No, there isn't. Show me your sources.(racebaiting derailing)

No. 444890

Nah Null is scrambling around like a wuss as usual because he supposedly uses Cloudflare at least for DDoS and if he loses that his site is fucked and subject to e z attacks. He got similarly paranoid after Christchurch. One day I wouldn't mind if KF actually died though, given how they cover people who aren't even cows with the sole intent to abuse and harass those people and their doxing and stalking habits are a lot more intrusive than the majority of drama site. KF is garbage through and through so seeing it go wouldn't be a great loss, most of the cows who are worth talking about on KF have LC or PULL threads if not both.

No. 444894

white nationalists are quite open about their plans to infiltrate government, political, and law enforcement organizations.

or are threats only of the mass violence variety?

No. 444908

Don't worry guys. They got better. Cut off a hydra's head and another two grow back.


No. 444909

This is what they get for moralfaggotry. Now ATF and exhentai are back up and they're gone. Good riddance, you should have stuck to chris chan and lolcows.

No. 444910

They're extremely organized and their efforts are deliberate. Anyone that thinks they're not a terrorist organization is doing Onision levels of dictionary definition shit and ignoring their function. And they love that people can't tell their efforts are calculated and secretly organized.

Chans becoming stormfront recruitment sites was a deliberate thing that was done bc they noticed lonely virgin men were particularly open to manipulation. They're using dogwhistles and they're spreading dangerous literature to indoctrinate people. It's no different from ISIS recruitment, and the mass shooters are not lone wolves. There is a method to it and the common motivator the same wrath you see in any terror act. They're all inspired by each other, reference each other in manifestos, hear the same dog whistles and nowadays they also come up with strategies together on chans.

I don't care about posting politically incorrect shit anonymously enough to allow these dipshits a mainstream place to congregate. Burn it all down.

No. 444913

File: 1565114247776.png (83.08 KB, 1094x314, cnsp.png)

Cool, so they're shamelessly returning to their roots as CP hoarders. I'm sure no bad will come of that, and they'll have a very easy time recruiting people this way.

No. 444916

Yeah but now it's harder for the average person to access right? Is it kinda like onion shit now?

No. 444920

Why do they act so smug and self righteous about the fact that they’re going to be hosting or uploading illegal content?

I feel like the only way to stop them from popping up constantly is to start reprimanding the people who browse and post too. If someone posts child porn or death threats, why is law enforcement ignoring it?

No. 444922

The only reason a site would move to a platform like P2P decentralized internet today is that they want to do extremely illegal things. No normal site would migrate to something like this when their content is allowed on the world wide web.

No. 444923

I predict either of these things
1. If it stays this way, the only people who are going to access it are people who really want to be there in the first place. People who are already so far gone that they'll even support and mingle with pedophiles, rapists, human traffickers, etc who may or may not brag about their "spoils" with evidence.
2. Idiot boomers who think they can help the white nationalist cause, antifa types looking to do some damage from the inside, whistleblowers out to spill some top secret info, and blue checkmarks looking for a story will flood the place en masse, killing off any real effectiveness it had as a "super sekrit" medium for /pol/tards, making it easier for the FBI, CIA, etc to get in as well and perform surveillance, disinformation, bait retarded posters into doxxing and exposing themselves, etc. The medium itself being "secure" does not mean its users are, and we all know about social engineering. Eventually, with enough surveillance, they'll probably find a way to pull the plug (again) and some arrests may be made. This may well have fucked over the latter group of degenerates in #1 now that everything is out in the open, including the fact that illegal content isn't deleted. How many people knew about ZeroNet before today? Probably not so many, right?

No. 444924

Zeronet was not on anyone's radar, basically. They're very visible now and they're stoked but their tech is now going to be known as the pedophile and nazi enabling platform.

No. 444927

>The only reason a site would move to a platform like P2P decentralized internet today is that they want to do extremely illegal things.
Techfag here, have to be pedantic for a moment: there are legitimate reasons to move to decentralized net that's for stuff that is "illegal" but not necessarily immoral: things like pirating films or government dissidence in areas where you're restricted. As well as if you want to have "social media" which is less prone to monetization of your personal information/government snooping.
However, trying to get away with selling CP/drugs and sharing other illegal material is, sadly, often the reason to go P2P, delegitimatizing anyone who wants some modicum of safety or privacy in personal affairs or from malicious actors.

No. 444929

Yup, no matter the "hydra" comparisons, getting 8chan off the mainstream internet is an amazing thing. Now to get /pol/ removed from 4chan…

No. 444932

It seems like ZeroNet gets around the problem of making everyone host illegal content by giving people the option to "mute" certain users.
This still sounds like a problem, considering that there's no doubt a lot of content that a person might be hosting and simply not see at first.
I can imagine people using this and getting in trouble for hosting CP they didn't even know they had.
Even muting isn't super effective, because it's apparently possible to use Tor to hide your identity. If someone wanted to force people to see and host illegal content by force, it looks like it'd just be a matter of switching identities once muted and getting back at it.
This system of "It's always online because we're all downloading and uploading everything!" seems far less secure, on top of being less accessible.
They can beat their chest and yell "Heh, can't kill the chans!" all they like, but it's a front. We've pushed them down and cut off one of their limbs.
One down, more to go.

No. 444936

Illegal isn't necessary immoral. I want to do illegal things like say that men aren't women.

No. 444939


look at this retard.

No. 444940

More than tens, less than thousands. Hundreds is accurate.

No. 444945


Stop bringing up AADOS.

No. 444946

Why was this redtexted for racebating? Saying white nationalists are racist and are shooting up people are literally facts.

No. 444950

>only 175 deaths linked to white supremacy, not a big deal

you would not be saying that if black nationalists did it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444953

Honestly, this is my problem with the whole thing too. I don't give a shit that 8chan's /pol/ cesspool is dead, but I do give a shit that Cloudflare terminated service over a subjective moral line it drew, then Voxility terminated service for the same line.

Blah blah they're legally allowed to, yeah, I'm clearly not saying what they did was illegal, but these services are examples of the foundational blocks of the Internet that let you go to a site without one guy with twenty dollars DDoSing it forever, and they're willing to end your service based on that subjective moral line. I think there's a division between the people who see this and go "They obviously did evil, and now they're gone, what's your problem here?" and the people who go "Well, yeah, but maybe in the future that subjective line will come for me too, and people could agree that my views are evil."

Like I don't think free speech is all or nothing, but I think it's more all or nothing than we're making it out to be. In Canada I can be held in jail for calling a man a man, among other things, so allowing the subjective line to be drawn by popular agreement like this may just end up being the tyranny of the loudest people on Twitter and any politicians who stan them.

No. 444960

Principle arguments suck and I hope you see that someday. Go ahead and be annoyed that they terminated service in principle, except the moral line they drew was not arbitrary at all. They got dropped by cloudflare bc their site is openly welcoming of white nationalist terrorists and they allow discussion of extremely dangerous shit including child grooming. This is a subjective line, sure, but only faggots that can't see beyond principle have an issue with it. They didn't wreck 8chan because there were TERFs on it, they did it bc people were literally hoarding CP and planning mass shootings on there.

Get some perspective.

No. 444964

It's the same group of users creating the new subreddits and being the moderators everytime. Recently for every subreddit that gets banned they also go in and suspend the moderators or the most notorious members of the sub. I'm sure they can just make a new account and probably have some discord servers where they keep in touch, but at least it's a start. Hopefully they can eventually kick them all off for good.

No. 444965

Anon, people died. Not once, but like three times now.
Stop thinking in principles. Look at nuance. Canada's law on trans shit is stupid, and it's also nowhere near the same thing as not wanting to host actual terrorists and mass murderers, lmao.

No. 444972

the anonymous format appeals to people that have trouble socializing publicly - an increasingly big part of that is… really bad people.

No. 444973

You see it that way but Canada does not
LMAO okay. NO one has said the line is 'arbitrary but people who hate TERFs see them as worse than people who upload child porn or literal murderers. Some people would have you killed for typing 'faggot'
Fuck off back to twitter then

No. 444974

>Canada's law
Are you talking about the Jordan Peterson thing? I'm pretty sure that was never real; Peterson just misinterpreted the law and got rich/famous because of it.

Sorry if you were referring to something else.

I tried looking on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transgender_rights_in_Canada - but couldn't find anything unusual.

No. 444975

This shit is crazy, spooky, and eerie even, especially with all the damning evidence in our faces blaring us in the eye with it. Anyone with a sense of intuition and common sense could feel something wasnt right,and that there is indeed an agenda to promote and allow these losers to grow, yet why are we being ignored, despite the internets so called freeze speech supposedly in our dominion ? Please explain.

No. 444977

>Fuck off
yeah - and it's also a meta-problem, where the mean people drive away the people who are at least trying to be nice. Were you on 4chan in the early days? It was a completely different audience pre-gamergate.

No. 444979

No. 444980

You take away morals and the foundation of what made your people sane and prosocial to begin with you get bullshit like the radicals on 8ch. Either dump it or lose.

No. 444990

You could actually understand that? Seemed schizophrenic to me.

No. 444994

exactly. im grossed out that lolcow is actually sticking up for 8chan. when so many users on here talk about the horrible men they've met on imageboards, men who groomed them when they were underage and exposed them to pornography and begged them for nudes. the men on those sites aren't just all okay with a few bad apples. it's step one in radicalizing these men into extreme racism and white supremacy.

No. 444995

simple, mind your business(ban evasion)

No. 444996

I'm the anon who posted it. It's pretty straightforward, not sure why you wouldn't understand it.
>FBI does some investigation on 8chan
>accidentally tell on themselves making posts in their own evidence
>try to cover their tracks, but fail
>inadvertently prove their involvement in this whole mess
Meanwhile, retards argue about how it's a matter of "free speech" and "principle". We're being played like fiddles.

No. 444998

Not trying to shit up the board with my own stupidity, but… are you just saying the FBI went on 8chan, or that … they… were trying to cause a mass shooting to originate on 8chan so they could shut it down?

It seems like you're saying

1. FBI investigates 8chan
2. Terrorist originates on 8chan
3. ?????
4. FBI caused the terrorist to originate on 8chan in order to subvert the 1st Amendment.

Am I getting this completely wrong? I'm really not trying to be obtuse.

No. 445001

Just the former.
I personally suspect that they egg these things on and encourage them. Look at the way they urge users in the thread to save everything, accuse people of being Russian shills (irony), and try to stir up in-thread drama. It's bizarre.
They could've shut 8chan down anytime, but instead, they're permissive to that environment, and even make contributions here and there for unknown reasons. For whatever reason, they want to create a frenzy.

No. 445002

like I said >>444990 - seems schizophrenic to me. I guess we just perceive the world differently.

No. 445003

How do you see it, then? I'm genuinely curious and open to alternate ideas.

No. 445005

The answer is simple. The "anons" defending 8chan aren't the same anons who talk about how horrible it and 4chan are.
The defenders ITT are most likely the same dumbfucks who've been victim-blaming kids for being groomed and abused by 4chan scrotes. Exhibit A: Look at >>444706. Why did they bring up sexual abuse when it's not even remotely relevant to the conversation?
These types refuse to ever hold men accountable for anything, let alone racism and murder.
They and/or the ugly men they worship are brigading this thread, and probably have been here for a while.

No. 445007

>If it's not a government conspiracy then what could it possibly be?
Um… cute and cuddly internet bigots aren't always harmless irl, I guess?

No. 445009

…I'm talking about the actual FBI warrant files that have "(You)" in their screencaps, anon.
Did you just skip over everything or something?

No. 445016

This thread is a 8chan's scrote refugees invasion.
Oh the irony.

No. 445017

I'm reading the affadavit now but it's pretty long and I have errands, so I'll post again later.

No. 445040


What probably happened is those posts are from a regular 8channer who took the screencaps and handed them over to the feds because they realized this shit is fucked or was already on a watchlist and the feds turned up at their apartment and seized his machine and got the screencaps from it. I doubt anyone that well "infiltrated" into chan culture to be making those posts would forget to hide their (You)s.

I remember seeing a video an 8channer posted of two FBI agents turning up at his door and basically trying to make him an informant by telling him shit like "we know you're not a violent guy, but if you see anyone planning things like that online, you'll let us know right? neither of us wants other guys like you on there getting dragged into some bad stuff, here's my number". The dude just kept playing nice to get them to leave, but they probably said shit like that to other regular posters and probably managed to convince or intimidate them into calling them. Or just kicked his door down one day and grabbed his tower after one too many "gas em all" posts in an actual terrorists thread.

No. 445042

I feel like this whole thread was started by a scrote since they don’t know where to post it and they originally double posted it

No. 445060

Ok so I read the affadavit. The police had to investigate everyone who was replying to the shooter's manifesto-thread, so they posted links in the thread showing that this was a real terrorist situation.

No. 445065

Peterson is a piece of shit who also loves to argue on principle, much like that anon. Hmmmmm…

No. 445093

8chan's owner Jim attempts to defend his site. He discusses how 8chan always readily worked with law enforcement and claims the Walmart shooter uploaded his manifesto to Instagram first and someone else later uploaded it onto 8chan's /pol/.

No. 445099

Too bad our legal system is "whoever is richest wins."

No. 445104

there were less than 100 boards, anon.

No. 445105

he looks like an ugly pedo

No. 445118

All men do.

No. 445189

Did scrot cumbrains forget that people know their special little refuge was made for nazi incel pedos who were too repugnant even for 4chan? Boo hoo, I guess they'll actually have to find a productive hobby that doesn't involve masturbating to child rape victims and having violent nazi spergouts. Try something productive, like bathing or maybe gardening.

No. 445201

I really doubt that anyone would take "Hitler was a wizard" meme seriously. Leave /x/ alone

No. 445212

>board full of scrotes posting "how do i summon succubutt gf"
Sure, anon

No. 445217

WTF is this creature? OMG why is it alive?

No. 445221

Because social Darwinism and eugenics should only affect racial/ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, and women, and leave disabled white men alone. I know it’s against rules to use emojis, but I’m seriously rolling my eyes here, not at you, but at the fucking Professor X wannabe.

So he didn’t think it was good to speak out when CP and animals torture porn had their own boards? I can’t stand people with alt-right sympathies.

No. 445222


How are you posting on an imageboard and dont know who hotwheels is? How the hell did you get here to begin with

No. 445225

8chan isn’t as big as you think it is.

No. 445226

Ok. why should I know or care about this autistic vegetable? cos he's a faggot who created a website for other faggots to watch other men fiddle little boys? lol. anon I'm not angry at your curiosity as to how I got on image boards this thing has just made me really angry, it shouldn't of been made to live past an embryo.

No. 445274

>not knowing hotwheels lore
reeeee get out normies

No. 445276

File: 1565191965181.png (216.62 KB, 1120x928, rip.png)

I guess that fell apart, lmao. GG to all the retards who ended up helping share illegal content while flooding the place to make a point.

No. 445277

File: 1565192068929.jpg (118.43 KB, 1200x900, EBWWoY3WsAA9Xt9.jpg)

From one of the replies.

No. 445283

i feel sick.

No. 445284

CP is shared literally everywhere, whether it's on tumblr and Facebook. What makes it so much more disturbing to you that it's on an anonymous site?

No. 445287

NTA, but do you even know how ZeroNet works?

No. 445292

imagine hating them women and minorities so much you go and get cop on your computer for it

No. 445293

holy shit i was supposed to write cp but cop works too i guess if this is another honeypot

No. 445295

Neil Degrasse Tyson please leave.

No. 445337

im disappointed farmers
i thought you were sharper than this

i see a lot of people equating all of 8gag as pol, and some equating it all with pedos. both equally infantile assertions and what id expect from MSM news outlets, over actual imageboard users like yourselves.
is pol a major board? yup
is b (and now b2) saturated with pedofags? yup
but 8gag, as shit as it was, went much deeper than that. if i were to attribute a modern political label to what it was it would be something along the lines of "XXX fascist-libertarian/anarchist fuckfest part: 88 XXX". you could find anyone from troon pornstars, to furrys, to diaperfags, to gommies etc on there depending on where you looked.
by itself it had no political left/right leanings. only up/down. and clearly they (8gag) were in more favor of a lawlessness compared to their predecessor. and thats why 8gag found an audience, not only with lideral gnatsees, but also with every flavor of troon and degenerate hopeless piece of shit you can think of. truly an interesting place. kinda like mainstream social media, but where everyone was actually telling the (at least partial) truth about their lives, rather than lying out their ass to improve their social standing irl.

now if you want an answer as to why white nationalists found such a platform there early on, you need only to look at the rest of the world. where exactly does one go to discuss in a rational environment, the merits/detriments of such an ideology?
point is, they DONT, so they head underground. when suckchan got too mainstream and b&happy, they all got b& or otherwise left for 8gag. the problem is that by moving further underground, they are being driven right into the open arms of extremists who are there SOLELY to radicalize them (motherfucking picrel). if any of you were around for the "stormfags ruined muh sekrit club" era, you know what im talking about. before that debacle, most 4channers politics could be accurately described as "anti-war lolbergs with a nihilist streak". afterwards, we were left with a gradually growing fascist tumor, that has spread malignantly ever since. and with each place that these loudmouth shitheads congregate that gets shut down, or DDoSed or otherwise fucked with, their confidence that they are right, grows. a streisand effect of sorts.

so i ask you, what do you think will happen to this burgeoning reactionary movement when its main meet up spot is DELET? at first, some confusion and disorganization, but they will find some new guy crazy enough to host the servers, and life will go on, probably in a slightly more extreme way. and these underground nazis will have a new platform, fresh, free of shills, free of saboteurs, free of all the things they had to be wary of before. new and improved.
imo, if the feds had ANY inclination of stopping the spread of this they would protect 8gag and keep it up at ALL COSTS (which may or may not be what jim is doing tbh. i know that greedy fuck wouldnt keep the lights on for a loss). it was the perfect honeypot (speaking of pol directly here) and the sunshine scandal a few years back demonstrated how EXACTLY they could do it.

another very concerning aspect of this cloudflare takedown is the disturbing precedent that its setting, as well as the clear duplicity in action thats being demonstrated with it. cloudflare, under US law has every right to do what politicians CANT. they have the ability to pull the plug on ANY platform they dont wish to support as they are a private company. now of course, with US elections coming up, polis NEED places like 8pol GONE as they dont want a repeat of 2016, but legislatively they have hit a wall time and time again. but what they CAN do is hand some dosh behind the scenes to a third party lobbying group to hand to whatever service provider can cause a shutdown by denying their service. we saw this in the weeks following christchurch, with aussie/kiwi ISPs blocking a whole laundry list of sites. nevermind the fact that the actual massacre was streamed on facebook livestream (ive yet to see anyone clamoring for a takedown of facebook tho (also, nazis aside, FB is one of the prime sources of pedofag content. interesting that i never hear that whenever the MSM mentions FB)).
imo what this is REALLY about is an effort to encourage the few posters unhinged enough to actually go do this insane shit irl, and using it as a way to cultivate an environment where mass censorship (on a company level) is not only totally permissible, but ENCOURAGED by the public. and so far the plan has worked swimmingly. i expect more and more of this kind of censorship as time goes on.

so was 8gag an irrecoverable cesspit? yup
but i can fucking GUARANTEE that whatever pops up to take its place will be infinitely worse. meanwhile, the assault on peoples freedom of expression will be continually branded as a paragon action by the public, all while arguably making the problem WORSE.
interesting times indeed(pure autism)

No. 445338

File: 1565202030613.png (268.63 KB, 1360x1888, muh sekrit psyop.png)

forgot pic

No. 445339

You sound like a faggot

No. 445340

just telling it like it is

No. 445341

No you're a boring cunt and type like a dull man that's never been told to stfu.

Lolcow is not like other faggot men image boards. You sound like you would fit in at reddit.

No. 445344

so what do YOU think will happen as a result of 8chins being deplatformed?
do you think it will stop ANY of this shit?

No. 445354

File: 1565203752687.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, tldr.jpg)

>but 8gag, as shit as it was, went much deeper than that. if i were to attribute a modern political label to what it was it would be something along the lines of "XXX fascist-libertarian/anarchist fuckfest part: 88 XXX".
Stopped reading there.

No. 445357

destroy the internet

No. 445358

This is a male and he likes Jordan Peterson.

No. 445362

unironically agree tbh. the internet was a mistake.

No. 445369

Go back to reddit

No. 445376

File: 1565207188514.gif (236.25 KB, 220x123, D48AB303-34C0-48B5-835E-A0399F…)

Do you have any friends? Do you have a job? Do you have a girlfriend or a wife? Do you have any meaningful hobbies that doesn’t include jerking off to hentai?

Like another post said, take that shit back to Reddit or /r9k/

No. 445409

Are you the same Anon that said a couple times in the past that the internet should be shutdown for a week or so?

No. 445410

I agree with you, even if you're a scrote incapable of reaching the shift key because your tongue is too far up Null's asshole.

No. 445413

nta but that would genuinly be a good idea

No. 445431

I'm still trying to understand all of what is going on in this thread but now would be a good opportunity to make a fake website to trap pedophiles and the next shooters and put them on a watch list or something. I'm eager to see if that will happen or we're gonna watch law enforcement continue on ignoring every illegal(harmful) thing that has been posted to these sites already.

…Is that it?

No. 445448

The Dayton shooter was a far left winger. Are any of the chans sympathetic to the left to the point of making them extreme?

I thought only reddit was outright left. (I feel like we're practical women here and aren't so one-sided in either direction).

No. 445460

The shooter was motivated more by misogyny than political ideology. The only lefty boards I’m aware of were /leftypol/, /leftpol/, and /marx/ on 8chan. While I certainly remember there being some misogyny on those boards I don’t think it was as extreme, and besides the shooter was known to be a deranged individual long before anyways.

No. 445461

He was a hyper-misognyistic piece of shit who made a literal "rape list" and told at least one girl she was on it. His shooting wasn't politically motivated, just insane, violent scrote behavior from an actual degenerate.
Hardly a sensible comparison, unless what you mean to say is that the "far left" is now to be affiliated with abusive male tendencies, misogyny, etc (and I might entertain that, especially in the wake of all the TRA shit these days, but there don't seem to be many examples).

No. 445470

It's what I read on cnn.

No. 445471

see: anti gamergate and breadtube for lefty males acting abusive and misogynistic. see: every "feminist" male, troon, or tra who gets exposed for some vile shit.

No. 445484

While it's true that his act had nothing to do with him being a leftie or rightie, it was a political act. Misogyny is political because it infringes on womens' rights. Rights are political. Furthermore, he did it to bring awareness to his message, which signals an ideology, which is political.

No. 445495

are you okay? this sperg is evidence that 8chan should have been closed down

No. 445498

Honestly not surprised if he was a lefty or righty, all these men are misogynistic. You can't escape an oppression by picking a side. One side just chooses to sugarcoat it and cover up the worst parts of it.

No. 445509

It wouldn't surprise me if r/chapotraphouse churns out a shooter at some stage since every second thread is "yes but our political violence is justified, kill cops and landlords… in minecraft ;)".

No. 445513

Dayton shooter watched a lot of violent pornography too. Sometimes I wonder if pornhub and stuff like that could be considered hate site for promoting violence against women.

No. 445515

*hate sites

No. 445516

yes they could, but no they won't because far too many special interests trying to keep the porn industry alive

No. 445518

Browsing CTH and Co. for to long really fucks with your mind. You kind of realize how shit the world is and how you're incapable of doing anything through voting. If you aren't mentally stable or are in a really shitty place that stuff will get to you.

No. 445522

The stuff you can find on porn sites include FGM, women being hanged, sexpat vids of SEA prostitutes getting beaten, women being forced to fuck animals, and dudes who stick their entire heads inside women's vaginas. Abhorrent that so many groups will protect this.

No. 445526

Good riddance. Saw some genuinely fucked up shit back there. If they did their job and modded it properly it would have been fine. People seem to forget because of the lack of moderation it became CP central which was the first reason it got shut down temporarily.

No. 445584

I think you're the one who needs to be told to shut up, tryhard edgy bitch(infighting)

No. 445601

Too bad those posts are by two different anons. Fuck off ya boring cunt.(infighting)

No. 445608


No. 446703



No. 448034

File: 1565741979161.png (24.75 KB, 593x207, 8ch deplatformed tweet.PNG)

8ch was a quarantine zone for fascists and now its un-quarantined. its only going to spill out as these people find and create new places to be and now have an excuse to infiltrate and radicalize other people. With enough of these websites being removed from hosting (gab, daily stormer, etc) eventually all it will take is one company who sees all of these disenfranchised and deplatformed sources of income and then hosts them if these people don't just make their own platform which it sounds like the current 8ch admin is doing if you check his twitter. Pic related. We're going to get a segregated internet based on left and right because outrage sensationalism makes too much money from both sources.

No. 448041

In a way, Twitter is already an example of that.
I can't find it now, but there was a graph showing how starkly separate "left" and "right" Twitter are.
But the problem with an unregulated space like 8chan, even with hosting from an opportunistic company, is that if higher authorities decide, they can always pull the plug by applying pressure. Try as it might, no company can protect them forever when they're knowingly pumping out so many terrorists.
Eventually, the legal stress and blackballing from other venues will be too much. Either they'll be shut down again, or neutralized into enforcing the heavy moderation that made the radicalized users abandon "mainstream" platforms in the first place.
I mean, hey, if they want, they can go back to hosting CP on ZeroNet just for the sake of spreading propaganda. That's on them, though, and it comes with its own laundry list of problems, as you can probably imagine.

No. 448098

File: 1565749409695.jpg (155.33 KB, 1051x805, DJDveu2XkAEG1Ak.jpg)

No. 448108


I actually do a ton of original research on this exact subject for my job! it's interesting stuff

No. 448116

File: 1565750889998.jpg (28.39 KB, 750x498, 1564806546720.jpg)

Feels ironic that leftists of all people are celebrating and defending the right of private corporations to censor whatever they want.

What a weird timeline.

No. 448117

I also think it's hilarious how anti free speech a good chunk of these people are. The ones advocating for it the most are basically getting paid to bootlick their employers while simultaneously pretending they want to live in an anarchist state, complete with that sweet verification checkmark on Twitter.

No. 448123

i honestly don't think people talk about how fucked censorship is a whole

No. 448125

We should keep up the site that took so many lives in the span of couple months from radicalization, you must not be the type of person to be targeted from this so obviously you don’t give a fuck.

No. 448127

>We should keep up the site that took so many lives in the span of couple months from radicalization,

could we take all the internet? how many lives has twitter and fb taken? how many crimes have phones and the printing press enabled?

No. 448130

It's honestly concerning how many young people especially don't care about things like free speech, anonymity or privacy.

No. 448134

>and dudes who stick their entire heads inside women's vaginas.
i'm sorry but nigga what

I see it that most people are sick of anonymous users and easily accessible places be occupied with cp and shit.

No. 448136

Tbh I blame social media, mainly facebook. They ask for too much information now, not that it's required to be public, but what normal website gives you a fill in space to put in your location, phone number, email, employer, address, and full name?
The moment these people get the cops called on them for something mundane, I bet they'll start to privatize their information.

No. 448199

But you don't have to fill out everything though. You can make any social media account only with an e-mail address. If you allow them to use your location, give your real name, and phone number, it's your fault.

No. 448206

Isn't having a non-real facebook against the rules? Hell I don't think you can activate it to even try and upload fake info without verifying by replying to a text message now adays.

No. 448216

I have several accounts I use for sharing stupid mobile games stuff. None have my info aside from throwaway e-mails. As long as you don't get reported they don't care.

No. 448436

And that's the thing, imagine being young and making a Facebook as a public About Me page to connect with your classmates. Most young people like to share about themselves to their friends. When you get older and become an adult, people branch off to being more public or more anonymous.

No. 448568

>free speech, anonymity or privacy.

Yeah, I love it when freedom allows regular cp to be posted and lots of propaganda that pushes people to become violent mass killers. We are so violated to have that removed. kek. Freedom.

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