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No. 437519

Previous thread >>429568(tripfagging)

No. 437532

I feel like my roommates are racist and it's really starting to bother me. They're all "women of color." I'm a woman of color too so I guess they think they can constantly talk shit about white people and I won't care.

Seriously every day I hear about "white people" this, "white people" that and it's exhausting. I guess these girls have experienced more racism than me, but I don't get why every other conversation we have has to revolve around race. If I had white roommates that complained about minorities a fraction of these girls do, I would be extremely disturbed.

For example, today we decided to go to brunch. My roommates wanted bottomless mimosas with their meal. Guess which kinds of place sell those? White bougie places. So we went to the restaurant, and guess what? These girls start complaining about how the restaurant is white and gentrified. No fucking shit.

Then they talked about how white people have bad taste in music. One girl told me, "I hate it when white people say something is sooo good because it's usually not." Uh ok, I like to listen to music by people of all kinds of races. A lot of the music I like is very white but these girls would skewer me if they knew the truth.

One of the most ridiculous things that stuck out to me today was someone who said "Because it was mostly people of color, after the event people wanted to eat." As if white people don't enjoy eating. It's like they got their impression of white people off of the Disney channel or something.

I could go on and on. I just think this is very disturbing to me.

No. 437537

i don't live in such a race-centered country where these issues are relevant, but the music part made me chuckle bc so often i've read about people of color telling their stories of listening to anything that's not 100% "black ppl" aligned and getting called "white" by their fellow poc, even really innocuous stuff like listening to the arctic monkeys or not dressing "hood" (whatever that means).

i keep my opinions to myself about black culture bc i don't belong to it and don't intend to participate in it, but some black people sure do end up stereotyping themselves in their attempt to be "woke" like your roommates. talking about things like music, liking food or even going to certain places being "whypipo shieet" is…very racist, imho. people of any race and color can listen to whatever music they want, eat whatever food they please and go wherever they hell they wanna go, the concept of specific races "owning" that stuff is racist within itself.

No. 437541

People of color is a myth so I know right there they probably have white bfs or secretly yearn for white dack while subscribing to insane SJW tier pro TRA ideaologies

And tbh, the USA is extremely racialized in a very shameless and shocking way so I am not surprised many people decide to be reactionaries to it even for attention.


Why do people of color have to automatically mean black people though? This is exactly what I mean lol, its like everything non white is black in peoples eyes and it means exactly as bad as it looks.

No. 437544

nta but it seems like "poc" has become almost exclusive to black people because many black people have decided to exclude asians and even natives as being "poc". i've even heard some go as far as to say asians are white and/or don't experience the same level of discrimination/disparity as black people.

No. 437547

I'm Asian. My roommates are Latino, Black, and Asian. I've never heard anyone say that Natives aren't PoC. I do think that Asians are considered PoC when it's convenient.

One of the most vocal girls is Asian. I'm not really sure what her deal is. THe kicker is even though she hates white people, she decided to go to a fancy preppy white liberal arts college instead of stay in Seattle where there's a ton more Asians. lmao

No. 437552

Black people say people of color isnt a term and is a safe catch all term liberals made with otherizes every non white individual which is ironically a racist term in itself. It is also derived from the US term coloured to describe black and black admixtured people.

I had a feeling one of them was Asian. There are a lot of Asians in the US who larp as black panther type of characters and really hate on white people a lot but of course they get ignored and the blame is automatically put on black people as usual

No. 437555

>Black people say people of color isnt a term
Some black people do and some don't. It really depends. But a lot of black people on college campuses definitely do think it's a term.

>I had a feeling one of them was Asian. There are a lot of Asians in the US who larp as black panther type of characters and really hate on white people a lot but of course they get ignored and the blame is automatically put on black people as usual
wtf are you talking about? lmao

No. 437557

Wtf do you mean wtf I am talking about? Im not talking about the marvel movie but the Black Panther movement of the 60s lmao

I suppose it does depend but ngl, I wouldnt say black people with an idealized view about other races are going to be the majority anymore. The Aados movement is gaining traction and I wont be surprised if the majority of black people have more exclusionary and realistic views about non black minorities soon.

No. 437558

I'm afro-caribbean and I cannot stand American blacks. They are some of the most racist and ignorant people I have encountered. I've constantly been bullied and picked on by them since childhood for not fitting all of the stereotypes they decided I should be in. Posts on websites like LipstickAlley are a true representative of how most of them are.

No. 437560

American blacks are the racist ones but no word for American whites or American latinos lol

Americans in general are race obsessed and extremely hateful and suspicious of other races. Pinning it only on black americans is pathetic

No. 437561

>excluding even Natives
Reminds me of a post I saw making fun of (North American) white people claiming Euro heritage to seem diverse and it included "56% Native." Bruh, I'm half Native and people treat me like a non-white person. They often assume Mexican or Filipino instead but still.

People called it out though, but idk if this happens more often in the African American community?

No. 437562

Never said other Americans weren't
At the same time you'd expect better from a group of people who are constantly talking about how racist America is towards them. Yet they uphold ideals and cultural norms that reinforce everything white people have used against them for centuries.

No. 437563


As an hispanic girl i wished first world girls would be more redpilled against hispanic men. They are way more violent and manipulative than americans. They make it out to be like every other girl here wants to meet europeans and americans online because we are golddigers but in reality is because latino men are garbage.

No. 437564

sorry that you had a bad experience with african americans but lumping us all together is uh…racist lmao
black americans are not a monolith and comparing all of us to the scumbags on lipstick alley would be like comparing all white people to the weirdos that frequent reddit

No. 437565

Most people are bullied by those of their own race, yet I see only black people deciding to exclude other black people for their childhood and adolescent experiences with their peers, in a world that is maliciously anti black overall. Your experience is neither unique nor different. Caribbean and American blacks have parallels in racial admixture, colonial and slave history, and being both of the New World so I dont see how this is meant to be a universal truth and why you chose to proudly declare this but okay.

Caribbean blacks and other blacks have their own problems being because of the same prevailing factor I mentioned in my previous statement. Singling out to Black Americans is poor overall. You also seem to not really gaf about the unique and complex history AADOS have in the US as well, and obviously think yourself as better than us.

No. 437574

I'm from Puerto rico and latino men are the epitome of garbage. they are babied their mothers and dont do ANYTHING (Cooking, cleaning, etc..) even in their 30s and they treat women like maids or their mothers. zero respect. the machismo attitude is toxic as fuck

No. 437582

File: 1563743610835.gif (1.27 MB, 480x270, giphy (5).gif)

I spent the weekend feeling sick while hanging out with friends, I nearly passed out from hypoglycemia or low blood pressure at some point and my chest still hurts. I'll go to the doctor tomorrow and I should be used to it by now but I'm scared shitless.

>Posts on websites like LipstickAlley are a true representative of how most of them are.
Is it? I never really notice who's American or not on this forum when I lurk but I got the feeling they had very diverse ideas and opinions. I do see them sperg endlessly when the subject of North Africans or Sudan is brought though.

No. 437593

I’m dating a Mexican guy and my observations are that the moms have done everything for their sons, while the dads put in hardly any work. The reliance on their mothers is so accurate, even my boyfriend’s near 50 y/o father is living with his elderly mom, and hardly talks to any of his kids except his favorite son (not my bf). He’s a true deadbeat, but that’s pretty rampant among men of all races. I just feel like Latina women are expected to pick up the slack especially after reading about their culture in some courses and then of course encountering it myself.

No. 437594


exactly, they also take zero care of themselves , they are whoremongers , love prostitutes and underage girls and think being a decent human is for gays and babies. Is all toxic masculinity to the extreme. Is so revolting that latam is such a mess that they get away with being like that with no repercussions.

American girls, be safe alright? demographics there have more and more latinos, acceptance is cool but don´t go full tumblr, a bit of prejudice might not be so bad.

No. 437601

I live in the Caribbean and afro-caribbeans are hella racist, especially against Haitians who are the collective butt-monkeys of the entire region. I frequently get racist videos from my coworkers and family making fun of the few Chinese immigrants we have. Xenophobia is also a thing pretty much everywhere here. Anon is talking out of her ass.

No. 437604

i'm relapsing into AN and i'm trying to hide it from my gf and family. but i feel so much guilt and shame yet i can't stop restricting. my psychiatrist isn't an expert in eating disorders so she recommended me to another doctor but i couldn't afford it. so i have to go through all of this on my own and i'm losing big time.

No. 437612

I'm speaking from my own experience, obviously. Most of the black americans I have dealt with whether at college or the places I've work have been like those people there. I hoped I would've escaped this nonsense once I got to college but it didn't change, and in many ways got worse.

>Singling out to Black Americans is poor overall. You also seem to not really gaf about the unique and complex history AADOS have in the US as well, and obviously think yourself as better than us.
I made my post in response to another. I wasn't the first or only person talk specifically about black americans so it's interesting that you'd say this to me and not the other posters here. I am familiar with this kind of animosity tho, so I'm not at all surprised.

No. 437616

I can't understand why people who mean the most to me hurt me whenever they want.
If they care about me, why they have to be so cruel? They know exactly how to make me feel like I'm the worst person walking on earth, they know exactly which words will trigger me and they do it anyway.
I'm not a nuisance, I'm not insufferable, I'm not alone because nobody can stand me. I know. But when they say those things, for a moment I believe it. And it makes me feel so small, so vulnerable.
Then I start to think…do they really love me? Why somebody that loves you would say all those things? How can be this…indifferent knowing I will be probably wanting to kill myself?

No. 437618

meeting black americans with an already negative perception of us probably hasn't helped with that. you clearly have a disdain of us, we get it.

No. 437619

people literally do that with everyone. calm down with you're #notallmen shit.

No. 437620

Then perhaps black americans should've treated me better starting from elementary school instead of making fun of my accent, my culture, and my willingness to pay attention in class instead of goofing off and not learning the material. I didn't form my opinions out of nowhere or based them on nothing.

No. 437622

If you treat other people like shit and expect them to be respectful and kind in return, I've got bad news

No. 437625

>black americans should've treated me better starting from elementary school

are you really basing your opinion on an entire race of people because of a bunch a mean elementary schoolers??? lmao

im a black american and i have been bullied by other BA because i didn't fit in with the culture of the area. but once i got out of hometown and saw more of the country, i found out that (wow!) people are different everywhere!

No. 437630

"Starting from" = it did not stop there.

No. 437634

File: 1563749006069.jpg (104.87 KB, 1125x929, ne.jpg)

ok anon

No. 437639

>willingness to pay attention in class instead of goofing off

Bullying for paying attention and academics is a real thing. I agree with this point Anon.

No. 437641

it definitely is but that extends across all races

No. 437644

nta, but by that logic every black person on earth is entitled to despise all white people, but we all know the stock response if anyone would try to argue that: it's wrong to blame an entire group of people for the actions of a few. people aren't monolithic hiveminds. men are another story though
plenty of black americans have gone through the same kind of bullying anon has for the same reasons. they don't all stick together to bully the foreigners. it's just silly to paint them all with the exact same brush lol

No. 437645

if conformity means that I'll go around treating other people who look like me but are from the caribbean or africa as primitive garbage, openly making fun of people and behaving badly then saying "b-b-but white people do it too!" or "we're all black so it's not offensive!" as defense when people call me out on it (because somehow it's better to join in with racist shit instead of rising above it), then no I won't be like those "other negroes"

thanks for proving my point with that image. it really sums up the entirety of my ongoing experience.

No. 437649

nta (and also not african-american), but anon, there's more black people in america than the ones you've met who were assholes to you. individuals don't stop being individuals just because they have the same race or nationality.
you might even be focusing more on the shitty ones than the nice ones out of confirmation bias. it happens.
and tbh, do you extend these opinions to other races in america, too, or do they get a pass for racism?

No. 437652

the black people i have gone to school with have been fascinated with students that were from africa or the islands. i personally have not seen them bully or mock these students (at least not for being immigrants)

No. 437653

>do you extend these opinions to other races in america, too, or do they get a pass for racism?
I never once said blacks are the only ones who are racist. I've had racist white teachers, racist latino or east asian neighborts, etc. My point is that blacks are very much racist too. As evidenced, the conversation is always redirected to whites and/or other races and american blacks never want to own up to the shit within their own community, which isn't right. When another black like myself says it, it's even worse because somehow this means to them that I'm either "sticking up for white people" or "think I'm better".

I guess it's wrong to ask people who have been subject to racism as well to be better than our adversaries.

No. 437658

>I guess it's wrong to ask people who have been subject to racism as well to be better than our adversaries.
the point is that america is a racist country full of fucked up people. internalized racism is a thing just like internalized misogyny.
they're literally a meme to the rest of the world, but there are also lots of good people too, so…

No. 437663

Honestly black americans are just like most americans, they hate people who are too foreign. Africans, Asians and Latino immigrants get a lot of shit usually, the only way not to be mocked is if we assimilate.
I was obviously foreign and not the good kind, so black and white people gave me shit. I got over it though, I don't blame you for resenting them.

No. 437671

I literally wish the guy that assaulted me in a public area would drop fucking dead in the most painful way possible. He was so smug. No one did a damn thing to help me either, so I hope they all end up violently ill.

No. 437676

Anyone else here living in their older sister's shadow? My sister is a 3 time pageant queen, has represented my country in Miss Universe…Miss World etc. She was a model in high school, went to an Ivy League school and has an MBA, married a successful and handsome lawyer, and now her and her husband and her make a nice six figure salary every year. I dropped out of college due to depression and spend all my nights drinking alone and having no friends. I have a job though so that counts for something. Cheers, ladies.

No. 437677


I don´t have sisters anon but feel your pain, my entire family is like that, all my cousins are living in the first world with phds and huge salaries, loving families of their own and i am the biggest loser of all that can barely afford to eat and turning 30, the sad part is i tried really hard but life got the best of me, a combination of really bad luck, lack of support and mental problems of my own, its sad to have everyone remind me of all the things in life i won´t ever enjoy.

No. 437680

I'm pretty mole prone some one will pop up every 6-12 months
It's probably a cancer risk, my dad did die of cancer, but I won't lie, they made me look more interesting

Yet as of late, I can't stop fucking scratching them off. What is wrong with me, the scars they leave behind are so gross and ugly.

Is this some sort of metaphor for me fucking my life up? Some sort of picture of Dorian Gray, but my ugliness is directly correlated to my terribly living habits?

I need to get laid. And I need to learn how to post things in the right thread.

No. 437685

I'm so fucking lonely. I just wanna love and be loved. Is that too much to ask?

No. 437686

I don't think people are really supposed to grow new moles like that, maybe you should talk to a dermatologist and show them when a new one appears?

No. 437687

its not. i feel you. havent had a physical conversation with someone in days.

No. 437701

File: 1563761128558.png (67.14 KB, 512x512, 1558137460661.png)

My ex already has a new gf and it has only been a week since we broke up.

No. 437711

I'm sorry anon. hugs

No. 437714

My aunt is obsessed with Herbalife and she recently started working for Avon. I tried to tell her that it's a scam but she keeps saying that it's just Multi-Level Marketing. Her life revolves around it now. Everyday she spams me with her code even when I tell her I'm not interested. I'm worried because she said she got a loan of $5,000 and I'm not sure if she can pay it. I still don't understand how can people believe you'll be able to earn millions just by selling cheap makeup and diet pills. It's too good to be true.

No. 437720

I get fucking panic attack every Sunday night out of pure dread of the week. I know comes Monday morning I’ll be fine but I just can not stop the overwhelming anxiety that prevents me from getting a good night sleep… I’m so tired of this. I literally contemplate suicide every Sunday night because of this.

No. 437735

He's so fucking cute and I can't stop thinking about him. Sometimes I think about how if a few things were different we could be fooling around together, but if those things were different we would never even have met. I wish I could smooch his cute face without it hurting anybody. I wish I was back at those few seconds when he hugged me or held my hand. I wish I had a confidente I could talk about him to.

No. 437748

File: 1563777912622.jpg (95.88 KB, 1000x664, 3-305487-3071-full-13084897.jp…)

I really want to adopt a pom.

No. 437752

My friend told me that a friend of his was interested in me (since maybe the beginning of the year), but I constantly turned down offers to hang out with them because while I thought he was cute, I had a lot of reservations and inclinations that he was a creep and that it'd be too awkward. Yesterday I had nothing to do and decided to fuck it and hang out with them. Turns out the friend is actually really nice and cute and none of my reservations about him were true. He's also leaving in about a week to work somewhere across the world for 1-2 years so there's nothing I can do about it now. I'm such a fucking idiot sometimes.

No. 437762

I have a pom, she's 7 and I love her to death but she's difficult to take care of. Poms bark loudly at everything any noise whatsoever will set them off and its hard to get them to stop lol. They're also extremely energetic so they need lots of play and time outside so be absolutely sure you're ready if you get one.

No. 437763

im stressed as fuck, my horrible flatmate is coming today. We all fell out in March when he kicked up a huge fuss since my other flatmate asked him to wash his dishes (he never did and we were running out, my flatmate did ask a little rudely but he had to ask at some point). There was a big fight and he also had a go at me in person and over messenger about how I actively hate him, conspire (?) against him and just generally is a bitch.
I dont care about the event anymore, i know hes a horrible person and I miss our friendship really but i feel so scared and anxious to see him again because I know he hates me.
He still loves talking to my bf (who we also lived with) and hes even messaged the other flatmate, im the only one hes ignored and left it at accusations and hatred. I feel so sick i wish he wasn't coming and my BF wasn't still friends with him honestly. Atleast my other flatmate still doesn't like him but ugh in a few hours time I bet they'll all be in the kitchen chatting and having fun.

No. 437776

My boyfriends family is visiting and his little brother keeps leaving his old bandaids everywhere and I who thinks that shits FUCKING NASTY keep telling my boyfriend to pick that shit up thinks I’m being silly fucken headass.

No. 437779

I'm so sorry, anon. I'm sure you already know it's not your fault in the least.
It hurts like hell at first, but soon, all of this will just be a bad memory.

No. 437782

That's basically a cat that barks a lot.

No. 437783

File: 1563789678432.jpg (216.36 KB, 918x597, 1533154547453.jpg)

I'm tired of my girlfriends constant talking about their boyfriends, how they're waiting for them to propose, weddings and kids. What the fuck has happened, suddenly my every friend who's in a relationship is going crazy about marriage. We're all 20-25 and they behave like 30 y/olds.
There's no conversing with them that doesn't end up on this topic. Maybe I sound like a bitch but they're crazily monothematic. I'm getting so annoyed with it, but at the same time I feel detached and like there's something wrong with me (for being frustrated, for not being interested in it, for being childish maybe?), even though I know I shouldn't feel bad. I guess the feeling of being left behind never changes, and you're never too old, too wise to beat yourself up over it. It's not rational at all.
At this point, there's a friend who texts me essays about her bf and I just ignore them completely and only reply to other stuff. This does not stop her at all. Boyfriend-splaining lol.

Seriously, throwing all your relationship-related irrelevant to anything thoughts and your marriage dreams and proposal thirsting on your single friends should be a crime punishable by law.

No. 437786

I'm married and wish I had a girlfriend to hang out with apart from just talking about guys. I feel you.

No. 437813

Ran into a twitter account that had bestiality porn and what looks like legit cp (didn’t dare to click it). Reported it to twitter and LOL nothing has been done about it. Twitter is fucking shit.

No. 437843

Did you not actually train your dog or what?

Poms are a great breed, but if you’re not familiar with dogs or training already, be prepared for barking and being ignored. Also, if you’re lazy and don’t keep them stimulated enough they can get neurotic and over protective. It’s super important to get them socialized with people and other dogs early too, as they’re really prone to being one-person pets otherwise. I wouldn’t recommend getting one if you have a regular day job either. They really need company, and leaving them alone for 8+ hours most of the week will wreak havoc on their mental state.

Anyway with that being said, they are so sweet and smart and full of personality. I have a 6 year old pom and I will probably never own another breed now. Best mix of cat and dog tbh (aka stuck on the floor and not knocking shit off your shelves)

No. 437853

I've been taking Effexor again for a month now and it looks like it's finally working on my severe GAD.
Wtf? I've tried it already two time before with absolutely no effect.
I wish I could figure out why.

No. 437854

Have my first therapy appointment later today and I'm so nervous. I chose to see someone younger because I have such a hard time connecting to people in my age group and for some reason thought that opening up and being vulnerable in front of someone like that would help but now I'm beating myself up over making such a stupid decision like this. Probably gonna waste $100 to see someone I'm too scared to talk to kek

No. 437873

Exercising has been helping me deal with my anxiety symptoms, but God, I can't find a good time to go to the gym. Some weeks I'll only go to the gym once or not at all and it's so noticeable. I'm trying to work out at work, but I don't want to be sweaty and gross in my uniform, they only supplied me with 2 shirts and pants.

My best friend has a pom and he's so cute. He needs lots of care, mostly the grooming aspect and training. Her pom still barks for the littlest things like not being given cold enough water or he's picky about food. Basically like another anon said, a cat that barks.

Tell them to get off social media and stop competing with each other on who's the most ~woke~. In a few years when you get a house and start having to pay bills and have a full time job and see your friends maybe once every other week, at most, none of this will matter and you'll realize you sounded incredibly silly and stressed out for no reason other than to one-up each other.

No. 437888

My mom is crazy. She is like a kid..she needs to get some documents and for that she needs to go with a plane to her brother that is in another country but thats only a 1,5h fly. We got her tickets all was ok etc and she is like nope not gonna go alone now so my sis needs to go with a grown ass woman cos she dont wanna go alone and nope its not cos its a plane it cos she just dont wanna go alone now.

No. 437922

AHHH I just got off the phone trying to get my transcript so I can start school and when she asked where she should send it I misunderstood and accidently said my High school and was sputtering when she asked why she should send it there. And you could tell she was like 'wtf'. I felt like such a dumbass…legit felt like crying after getting off the phone. My period starts soon too so everything just seems so much more heightened when it comes to mess ups like this. I wish I could handle things better…

No. 437931

Recently found out that this guy in a band who raped me when i was underage also raped lots of other girls, and so did 2 other members of the band and apparently it was a whole big thing that blew up online and caused the band to split up. Idk how I didn’t know but I feel even worse now because I should have called the cops or something, maybe it could have stopped sooner and other girls wouldn’t have had it happen to them and from what I read almost all of them were also underage

I wonder if there are any other anons who had someone from the band also abuse them? The orwells…

No. 437966

Tfw horny rn but sex repulsed. Dilemma.

No. 438002

im 19 & i've only ever been with guys but i think im gay? like ive always had crushes on girls and have only ever been interested in one (1) guy, until we fucked and i was like ew and dumped him.
i feel pretty certain some times that i'm gay but idk for sure bc! i didn't /absolutely/ hate sex with dudes, it was just kind of whatever. but i don't know if im just 'whatever' about sex, or if fucking girls would be significantly better.
i really just want to like! eat pussy! so i can fucking tell! whether or not im gay! it's so stupid but i think about this all the damn time

No. 438015

Not the same band but I was in a similar situation with another band. Not underage girls but mostly teens to early twenties girls. I went to the cops but they all lied to keep each other safe. They were so popular and well liked in the community I basically went into hiding. Eventually they disbanded when the stories started to pile up.

It's not your fault anon, you protected yourself the best you could. It's so hard to make a case even if you go to the police.

No. 438054

File: 1563830664152.jpg (132.66 KB, 750x921, 65771747_2038964849732474_3752…)

Fuck my mouth!! I just want my wisdom teeth to heal so I can fucking eat real food again!

I asked my dad to make me rice porridge because it's one of my favorite soft foods and super versatile so I could mix and match toppings and bases so it wouldn't feel like eating the same bland ass shit every day, but I have a hard time even gently chewing shit like eggs so I can't even put in the salted or century eggs I bought.

I'm about to treat myself to some grass jelly or passion fruit jelly to make myself feel better. Not being able to eat solids is making me crave super high calorie junk foods even more than usual. I'm holding out to eat this baby once I'm sure that my mouth has healed enough (planned to go get it with a friend last week and when the day of our lunch date came, my wisdom teeth pain was at it's absolute peak. fuck me). Someone's gonna call me a fat fuck but I don't even care.

No. 438072

Men with no hobbies or passions who expect you to listen to them when they have nothing to say but whine about their problems. What a fucking disgrace. I'm not your mother I don't have to put up with your shit, know your place.

No. 438076

File: 1563834354559.jpg (49.84 KB, 500x356, tumblr_mqop9pcrvs1rwfpr2o1_500…)

Someone I sorta run in the same circles with who's incredibly attention seeking, lies about EVERYTHING, and is currently going through a fakeboi phase is now claiming to have fucking PTSD. I know for a fucking fact that nothing PTSD-worthy has ever happened to her and I don't even want to know what stupid bullshit she's claiming caused it. She's tried to claim so many other mental illnesses in the past, too, but I guess those aren't trendy enough and now PTSD is the hot new thing to garner attention and ass-pats. Fucking hate people like her.

No. 438079

Should I get rid of my cat?

I work from home most days due to chronic illness and used to feel pretty lonely, as my old cat passed away a few years ago from cancer. I went to a shelter and specifically asked for a cat that was more independent and wouldn't mind being the only cat since that's all my landlord allows. The shelter made a recommendation for a 4 year old cat and I adopted him. This was 6 months ago.

He is not independent at ALL. Despite me playing with him several times a day as my workload allows and after work, he is constantly begging and meowing for my attention. I even got him a harness and taught him to walk to see if that would stimulate and burn off his energy but it doesn't. If I don't pay attention to him when he demands it (often while I'm working) he will destroy shit he's not supposed to - literally clawing the walls. He has toys, TONS of them, that I rotate out weekly to keep his interest, but he refuses to play by himself. He ignores automated toys, barely engages with puzzles or hiding treats. He has 2 cat towers situated by different windows but he rarely uses them except to scratch. He's got kickers and jingle balls. He will not play with anything except a feather teaser when I'm doing it.

It's literally getting to the point where I'm constantly having to entertain him or get him out of trouble that it's affecting my performance at work and already had a talk with HR about it. And I had to make excuses about health issues because how the fuck could I tell them that my cat is literally a toddler in terms of neediness and attention?

I've had him checked by the vet, he's perfectly healthy. The only advice they had was getting another cat since he sounds lonely. but my LL won't allow it anyway, and even though I could sneak having 2 cats, I don't want a situation where I have 2 cats vying for my attention. I feel like an awful pet owner. I always find it hilarious when I see websites saying "play with your cat 15 minutes a day a few times!" I literally play with my cat for hours and he's still miserable. We both are. I've had friends tell me to just let him outside for a few hours but I signed an agreement with the shelter saying I wouldn't do that, or I could be fined if he got picked up by animal control (considering how he will literally walk up to any stranger while walking and is totally fearless, it would happen).

Even though he exhausts and frustrates me I love him. It would kill me to send him back to a shelter (where he already was stuck for a year). But I'm at my limit. It's affecting my health and work performance. But I feel so awful and guilty and I'm scared if I try to adopt him out myself he will end up in a worse situation or back in a shelter.

No. 438080

don't let him outside, but my cat used to be like this, and you have to use negative reinforcement for cats sometimes. we got her a "time out" cage which is basically a dog kennel with toys and litter and food, and she goes in it when she's bad and is pretty much quiet when she comes out.

No. 438081

I think the right thing to do is find him a new home. I know you feel guilty but it's the best thing for both of you, you need to prioritize your health and job, and he needs an owner that can take care of his needs with their normal routine instead of forcing their life to fit him. Do you have any friends, relatives, or coworkers who are willing to adopt a cat? Or you could try asking them if they know of any friends/family looking to adopt. Maybe an elderly retired person would be a good fit for him if you know of any older folks looking for a furry friend. If you try to go through people you know and mutual friends hopefully they'd be more trustworthy than some rando on Craigslist or whatever.

No. 438084

I might try this, thanks. I'm willing to try anything at this point.

I have been putting out feelers for awhile but the only person who is interested is someone who I know is a cat hoarder, which is a situation I don't want him in. I'm not sure he would be good for an old person either, as he plays very roughly and I'd be worried he would accidentally hurt them since elderly people have fragile skin. Same deal with kids. He is very sweet and friendly but goes ballistic when playing tbh.

No. 438087

Replace "men" with "friends" in my case. It's so tiring when your friends are vapid and expect you to listen to their endless complains or else you're not a ~real friend~ uwu

No. 438088

Like the anon above me said, try asking people you know if they want to take him in.. older cats arent likely to get adopted sadly. Also, in regards to adopting another cat: from my experience, if your cat is older, they arent likely to accept new cats. I had one cat and when she was about 2, I brought in a kitten. She did not like her from the start and to this day still bullies her - they're both over 16 now. This also happened to another kitten I brought in and I chose to give her away because my friend wanted her.
Maybe you could try putting on some cat or classical music for him to help relax? Or use a laser pointer to play with her? They're pretty good since its low effort but you it gets them moving a lot.

No. 438101

my head is kinda borked today and the people around me aren't helping. Really praying karma will get someone for me at some point who is putting me through a tonnnne of bullshit (yeah, I believe in karma and it's a complex belief, not really immediate wish-fulfillment and instant-justice TM). I'll have to unbork myself this week and make sense of this whole mess. I'm taking all the steps necessary to get out of this situation but some things threw me off again and I'm in a bit of a rut. A really nasty rut. But I kinda feel better already typing this. Weird, huh.

No. 438117

the picrew shit it making me sad, why tumblrinas have to make a site for japanes/korean artist about GAYS AND TRANS AND UWU and tell the people that aren't ok with it that "they are free to leave :3" is THE WEBSITE IS FOR THEM MAKE YOU OWN SO YOU CAN SHIT IT UP ALL YOU WANT, i know is not my place to comply but jesus, this is why we can't have nice things anymore

No. 438126

File: 1563847248962.jpeg (11.31 KB, 128x128, E2A4297B-05E7-4DF9-A69A-99A00B…)

I shouldn't even be upset at all but I was talking about a character that reminded me of myself to my boyfriend and he kept talking about how awful she is and how her personality is the worst and everything he hates about female characters.

No. 438128

These are the same people who shit themselves over safe spaces for minorities, call cultural appropriation on everything, and haughtily refer to white people as “colonizers” then come and stamp English language and Western standards all over a Japanese site to the point that half the content no longer applies to the Japanese people who made it for each other kek.

No. 438133

Who is the character? Does your bf know you relate to her? I am sorry anon

No. 438134

Hilda from the upcoming FE game, I don't even like the series that much cause it got creepy but this one seems alright. He does but when I say that he just goes quiet.

No. 438139

don't worry anon, i hate it too. there's so many gorgeous anime-styled dollmakers that put the tumblrina art to shame. THAT's what we're on picrew for, for those dollmakers, not for the uggo steven-universe-tier art.

No. 438182

I've been struggling with bulimia for over 10 years now. I'm fucking 28 years old! Why can't I get over this shit? It is so ridiculous.

On top of that I'm living in Japan, where eating disorders are rarely taken seriously anyways…

My best friend wants me to move back home and get some real treatment, but honestly idek if I REALLY want to get better… I mean I guess I do.
But I relapse every week. I feel so pathetic.

No. 438183

>Due to being spoiled by her father and older brother, Hilda has a habit of slacking off. She is good at charming people and likes fine clothes and fancy things.

Haven't paid attention to FE so not sure how true this description is. If it is on point, I can sort of see why your bf dislikes her but also why do you relate. What sucks is that he doesn't say sonething like 'come on, you are not as spoiled as her!'. I thought maybe it's a matter of a different interpretation of the character's personality, but he sounds rude IMHO.

No. 438186

File: 1563858434218.gif (1.53 MB, 245x245, you better fix this shit now.g…)

>thought I was recovered from disordered eating and purging behaviors
>notice I feel softer, doughier
>don't like this at all
>weigh myself
>I've gained 4lbs
And to think, earlier this year, I was actually satisfied with my weight, started to like my body and ate whatever I pleased without thinking too much about it (like "normal" people do, I guess).
I know 4lbs is nothing from a non-retarded viewpoint, but I have to do something about this before I put on more weight and it becomes a real problem.
I refuse to be a living example of those "Weight loss doesn't work! Your body will go back to its natural fat self within a year or two, so just give up" HAES arguments.

No. 438191

i'm sorry anon, but maybe is becase the character is not that good? maybe you see what you like in her bout your self but you bf dosen't, hipe you feel better soon, maybe talk to him

No. 438195

I'm in my 20's and have never heard "I love you" come out of my mother's mouth. The one time I mentioned this, I was made fun of. My mother has always been distant and passive throughout my life, not showing her love verbally or through her actions. The aftermath is me feeling empty, stupid, worthless, and unlovable everyday of my life. I mentioned feeling like no one invested time and effort in me growing up, especially in order to instill confidence, self-discipline, and self-esteem , and I was met with "oh poor you, you've had such a hard life haven't you. It's not like I hit you or starved you"

No. 438203

same anon… I even had the same "conversation" about it.
last time my mother hugged me was probably when I was a child, but even then I remember moments when other kids got physical affection from their parents and I felt left out
I found out this year that all this time my mom has been bragging to her friends about me, but I'm not sure if that's love or if she just wants to flex that she's the only one in her friend group with a kid who's in university
do you still live at home? you'll feel better independently, hope you can regain your self worth
i feel with you

No. 438206

Idk how to help my friend. She is in a shitty mental place, living in a shittier place, and has a husband who is transitioning (she says its ok but eh, I don't buy it) Things keep piling on for her and I can see her drowning in it all. I reach out when I can, offer to help with errands and appointments since I have a vehicle, bring her healthy food… But she keeps withdrawing and I might get one reply out of every 5 texts (usually one text a day) It sucks to see one of your best buds struggling so much.

No. 438210

anons, this is tragic and disgusting and you guys should've been given so much love and affection from your mothers. your mothers should be ashamed of themselves for depriving their wonderful children of love and emotional safety. i'm sorry that you both have been given such a sorry lot. many hugs to you two and that you've even come this far despite being emotionally neglected really speaks volumes about how strong you both are.

No. 438237

Met a great guy on Tinder, thought we are a perfect match but since we added each other on Snapchat, I'm more hesitant to meet him. From what he sends, he seems like… a tiring person, I guess. I thought he was more of a calm-natured introvert, but he goes out a lot and lives quite a chaotic life.

Also I've never been in love/relationship and I'm dreading admitting it lol. I guess I have a hard time being vulnerable due to people always shaming me. I have massive anxiety just thinking about being nervous, having shaky hands (always when I'm even a bit stressed) and him noticing it and thinking I'm a virgin weirdo or commenting about it (for some reason people love to do that). I stress even thinking about how to greet him, like do I just say hi? Do I go for a hug? Lol I'm hopeless. I know I'm sabotaging myself with overthinking, but I just know I'll embarrass myself to the point of wanting to die. My brain is like a cat that wants to jump on the counter, but has been sprinkled with water for it many times…

No. 438238

Lmao same.
I also noticed she acts the same towards my father and it made me realize how it passively fucked me up a bit.
She also wonders why we don't have a good relationship.

No. 438320

I've had terrible social anxiety for years and it hasn't gotten any better. I've worked at numerous customer service jobs and now work in an internship I hope to keep. Yet, talking to customers is the easiest part. When I talk to strangers I don't need to form personal relationships and I will most likely never see them again. It's really making small talk that's the main issue. I hate small talk, and I feel like everyone is always judging me. My last customer service job was fucking awful and I despised everyone there. At my current internship everyone seems okay so far but I'm SO nervous that I'm saying the wrong things that it's so exhausting. I come home from work so exhausted. I can't take the mental anguish anymore. I don't know what to do. Like I said it hasn't get any better, and I have years of "experience" to prove it.

No. 438325

>It's not like I hit you or starved you"
This is how retarded narcs are. They don't think that emotionally starving you counts for some reason, as if you don't have a brain. Disgusting. Your mother should be locked up and so should every parent who withholds basic emotional and psychological needs. It's neglect, and it's not okay.

No. 438326

i wish anti sjws defended non east asian poc the way they defend east asians cause they make cool pop culture

No. 438336

Who's this fucking goth anon who keeps saying she's goth like every other day lmao
I'm probably just tinfoiling

No. 438340

No. 438349

I rant here a lot soz I don't like ranting too much to people irl cos they just get tired of it after a while.

My nan was supposed to come to my graduation, but she isn't anymore. It's a very long journey for someone her age, so I'm not made at her for it. I'm just sad because my parents behave themselves around her, and now that she isn't coming it's going to be hell.

I can't fucking stand being around my parents (they're super abusive) and now I have to do it for hours. My mood crashes SO fucking badly just being around them. I would just get high af, but that means I won't be able to hold my mouth. I have to hold my mouth fucking constantly around them. It's that dynamic where they can do whatever they want to me, and I have to just be silent and not react at all. I'm just sad that something that is supposed to be one of the biggest achievements of my life is going to be fucking awful.

I also have my absolute dream dress for it, but I just tried it on and it's fucking massive. I lose a lot of weight when at my parents, so I should have known this would happen. I just didnt think I would drop that fucking much so fast. The bust is honestly like 10 cm too big, and it's a strapless dress fs. I have fashion tape, which I'm hoping will work. I'm happy I've lost weight, cos I am kinda chunky (like 180 pounds) but the starvation (by my parents) is taken a massive toll on my body, so I would rather stay fat than feel this unwell. idk idk idk I could rant forver tbh.

No. 438350

>>438195 holy shit anon I had a very similar response from my parents. It was always "well we could have raped you, but we didn't. Stop thinking you've got it so hard" When actually they can abuse you without doing that shit. There was so many ways to abuse a child which are just as damaging as x.

No. 438354

>implying you're only a shitty parent if you rape your kids
This is why I hate 99% of parents. They will lower the bar for what constitutes as a decent parent far beyond what is reasonable to convince themselves they weren't total fuck ups as parents.

No. 438355

The only time my mother said she loved me was when I broke down recently, to complete hysterics, confessing to her that I have never been happy my entire life and that I've been suicidal and hurting myself since I was 9. I also got a pat on the back.
She has never once hugged me in my entire life. I don't think she actually held my hand ever either.

No. 438356

>>438355 ugh i feel that anon! I now can't stand anyone hugging me, even my best friends. It just feels so weird and too intimate.

I will never fucking understand why some people become parents when they know damn well they aren't capable of it. My parents have told me straight up they regret having kids. How they have ruined their lives. SO WHY DID YOU HAVE MULTIPLE CHILDREN THEN, HUH?

No. 438363

I have an amazing mom but my dad is literally shit. He has spanked my step mother many times in front of me and molested my sister when she was 10 yet he thinks he's such a great dad because he pays child support. The bar is really low.

No. 438385

My boyfriend almost always talks about sex with me now and it's getting annoying. Do men really not think they come across like they just want to fuck us and thats it?

No. 438401

File: 1563901643210.jpg (47.6 KB, 720x720, fd61b39d11f6b26798dac880b09904…)

I started talking with this 4chan autistic boy about a week ago, he is pretty entertaining; Incel, misogynist, racist, ignorant, a Nice Guy™, right winger…
He keeps asking for nudes too, when I tell him that I'm not doing it in a way that a brain dead autistic can understand and not snap he plays it off as a joke or straight up deny it.
Since I'm unemployed at the moment I made it my mission to unbrain wash him and I feel like I made some progress since he is pretty young.

No. 438405

Wow, anon. Changing lives.

No. 438406

Why would you waste your time on some internet scrot who will never be grateful to you, and probably won't change much? Spend that time and effort on yourself, anon.

No. 438410

i hate being stopped on the street by strangers asking for shit. even when it's tourists asking for directions or someone just looking to chat i hate when strangers bother me for no reason. it also seems to happen to me more than my friends, i must have a very gullible face or something. or it may be that women are societally obliged to be nice and approachable?

i don't know why but it just drives me mad and throws me off whatever i was doing or thinking about.

No. 438415

It happens to me too all the time. I don't get why nice old ladies ask me for advice when I have headphones on and I can't hear a word they say.
I am not the only person (or even a woman) that they can ask for help.

No. 438417

I feel you anon. I live in a tourist town in a small place. Where I live is students and then when term ends it is full of tourists. I'm currently working and living here and I get treated like the local tourist guide. Thankfully everyone is very eager to get my deliveries off the postman haven't been to the post office in months.

No. 438420

omg i am so glad i'm not the only one, i was afraid i was a total cunt or something.

i wouldn't mind being stopped by nice old ladies, but when it's nasty old men asking me to get them cigs in the shop it gets a bit annoying. and just not when it's 3 times a day every day.

No. 438424

I must look extremely unapproachable in some way because it's a rare occasion that anyone stops me to ask for anything in public. Not that I'm complaining, I guess. I generally prefer not talking to people in person.

No. 438431

Is it just me that prefers talking with strangers?
It feels nice to feel helpful and there's none of the baggage that come with knowing someone, no expectations and such.
I'm specially bad with acquaintances, I'm never sure about how should I react or how much should I talk with them.
When meeting strangers the first-meeting script is so comfy for me though, you ask the standard question, get the standard responses and then it's done.
Maybe that's just due to my intimacy phobia though.

No. 438434

you fucking idiot, is one Bianca case not enough

No. 438441

anyone else not have their driver's license and live in a city/state where every adult is basically expected to drive everywhere?
it's not like i have any disabilities or anything that keeps me from driving. i'm just incredibly anxious and even lazier. i got my permit years ago and was able to drive short distances, but the longer i put off getting my license, the more anxious i got about the idea of actually driving. now i can't even sit in the front without getting scared of dying in a car crash or something. i would rather kill myself than die in a car accident at this point
the last time i practiced driving with my brother, i could barely get around a sleepy suburban cul-de-sac without almost having an anxiety attack about accidentally scratching the car or something… it's so stupid. i still plan on getting my license at some point, but i'm secretly hoping that self-driving cars become a reality in the next 10 years.

No. 438447

Anon,you're kind of making a huge mistake but you do you I guess

No. 438449

This was me years ago. I had to take Prozac. I was able to drive, and I was a good driver too lol.

No. 438450

I did this with my first 4chan boyfriend. He's still incredibly racist, but he does actually listen about shit women have to deal with now with an open mind, which is something. Also said he wants rapists to hang, and that he understands why cat-calling is a shitty thing to do. Told me the other day (we still talk) that he completely 100% understands why women are afraid of saying no to men and that it's not right that they should have that fear, but that he differs on what the solution should be.

You can lead to some improvement if he's not the dyed in the wool incel type tbh.

No. 438458

I get this too and I don't understand it! I don't look approachable in the slightest, I think I look kind of bitchy actually. Tourists are always asking me for directions or what bus to take and it's a waste of their time because I never know the answer. I'm also always wearing headphones so I have to awkwardly take them off and ask them to repeat. I think the worst is when junkies ask me for money. I once had a woman come up to me, ask me to take off my headphones and gave me this big speech about how kind I looked and how I'm different from everyone else and then begged for money lmao.

I've also noticed that some people are more prone to being stolen from than others. All of my friends who have been stolen from, have been stolen from again and again.

No. 438460

yes the junkies are unreal! last month a woman asked me for, quote, "change for bus" and tried to throw her tea at me when I refused. then didn't ask anyone else on the street and there was loads of passerbys around.
i started to just flat out say no or nod and walk past, unless it's an older lady or someone disabled who genuinely needs help. i know it may seem very rude to individuals, but i learned how much time you waste for strangers when you stop and engage.

No. 438471

Mini-vent, but I'm really upset there isn't a tumblr replacement yet. It's been around for years and it's super dead, but there isn't another site to jump ship to.

No. 438476


Wish they´d just end it, no replacement , no nothing. Just cancel tumblr.

No. 438484

i want to host my next birthday at a mexican restaurant but one of my (adult) friends doesn't eat anything that isn't chicken nuggets and spaghetti. she doesn't eat vegetables AT ALL, she takes her burgers with a plain patty and absolutely no add-ons, not even bacon or stuff. it's impossible to go out to eat with her, we can never go out anywhere ethnic or veggie if we go with her.

it's impossible to get her to try anything, too. one time we miraculously went to this asian-fusion place that some of us liked and ordered dumplings & stuff. she just went to a mcdonald's nearby and came back to sit with us, wouldn't even try meat dumplings. it kind of irritates me bc she's mid-20's now, she can't keep being a brat about not trying absolutely anything new.

it frustrates me bc even if i'm a fan of burgers & pizza i want to go out to new places & try new foods with my friends, but nobody ever suggests anything like that bc she's the only person in the group that doesn't eat anything. what should i do? would it be inconsiderate of me to demand we go to a mexican restaurant for my birthday knowing her diet?

No. 438488

I had bad anxiety before going to bed and woke up at 3am with heart palpitations. Palpitations aren't abnormal for me during an anxious episode but now there's this new breathing thing that's been accompanying it lately. It's not shortness of breath, exactly. It's like after I exhale, I suddenly inhale and it…feels weird? I don't know how to describe it. It's like my body is forgetting to inhale so I have to do it? This happens almost exclusively when lying down to sleep, it's never happened during a workout, so I have no idea what it is. I assume purely an anxiety thing, and since it feels so weird it makes me more anxious.

But I only got 3 hours of disturbed sleep so now my anxiety and palpitations are really bad. I'm out of the beta blockers I usually take for my anxiety and don't have any refills on my script. I feel stupid calling my extremely busy again when I just pestered her about questions for another medication. I feel like total garbage, though, so I probably will.

No. 438489

the tumblr ideology shit just moved to twitter since tumblr tied, it's pretty much ruined my experience on there
i miss having tumblr as a containment site

No. 438501

It's not like you're forcing someone with severe allergies to eat at a place that can't cater to their needs, this is entirely on your friend and it's not anybody else's responsibility to bend over backwards for her, especially when it's YOUR birthday. Your friend group needs to start holding her accountable for having the palate of a picky 4 year old, she'll certainly never stop being like this if everyone just caters to her childish whims.

Go have your birthday dinner at the Mexican restaurant, tell your friend she can either grow up and eat there like everyone else, or she can decide not to go. If you want to be nice you can warn her and tell her she can eat at home beforehand and just get drinks or something at the restaurant but it's not your responsibility and the only inconsiderate person in this situation is her.

No. 438546

Anon with the racist roommates here >>437532

So yeah my roommate is pretty fucking racist. I guess it's hard being a ~woman of color~ or whatevs.

But apparently she's having some issues with a difficult subletting situation. Somehow she has to turn it into a race issue because the subletter is white and bring out "reparations", "emotional labor" and the whole shebang.

I told her to just not rent to white people in the future and put out an ad saying people of color only. (Which I'm pretty sure is illegal here in the US, though I'm not sure about subletting situations) She thought it was a good idea lmao. Not really sure what white people did to her but that is really fucked up.

Some people have their jobs to be woke. Like they'll probably end up being diversity officers and make a living off of being super woke lmao

No. 438548

This is just a super random thought but what happens to a NEET when all their mooching resources are gone? Such as their parents/boyfriend or girlfriend/disability benefits/whatever else they have. My friend has been bitching to me how her boyfriend is upset that she hasn’t gotten a job at 26 and just sits around all day online. I want to be nice and listen but I’m also thinking how she is lazy af

No. 438550

Usually they 'sink or swim' or they just find another relative to mooch off of.

No. 438555

Most Mexican places have kid's menus that will include simple things like French fries or plain burgers. You might want to check if your restaurant of choice offers something like that.

No. 438573

There's an anime convention coming up and I don't want to go but my friend have pressured me into it. I'd rather keep my money. I'm severely disinterested in getting dressed up just to trapse around a hot building while being elbow to elbow with weebs and geeks. There's nothing I want to do and anything that remotely interests me will no doubt be packed. Conventions are huge money sinks too, my friends will expect me to impulse purchase, buy food, and drink alongside them.
The only reason why I agreed initially was because I thought my crush was going, but one can only buy a ticket beforehand and they're the type to pull excuses last minute about being busy and suddenly can't make it.
I don't even have anything great to wear either. I want to make up an excuse.

No. 438582

>Feel sluggish and struggling to keep my eyes open
>Turn off the lights and shut my eyes
>Feel able to destroy any test put in front of me with my 1,000,000 thoughts per minute infinite galaxy brain power
So fucking tiresome. How is sleep so difficult?

No. 438595

Just tell them you're busy that weekend

No. 438616

I want to tell my story so bad here but I’m always paranoid about someone I know finding out who I am and telling everyone I would mention about it.

No. 438619

Why not? Don't tell it all at once. Space it out, change minor details.
Even if someone correctly guesses who 'you' are, you still get the probable doubt of being anonymous. Kinda cringe on whoever's part to be that obsessed anyway haha.

No. 438671

File: 1563955891366.jpg (50.22 KB, 316x565, ff07470d-4a6e-4f07-b99b-a0955e…)

When you're so angry you post into the wrong thread…

Anyway, I work with a foreign company from my country and none of my bosses speak proper English. We have to talk to them over Skype, which doesn't have the best quality calls and it's a fucking nightmare.

I don't expect them to know English perfectly but holy shit I understand maybe ever second or third sentence because they make no sense whatsoever. They keep jumping around from subject to subject and it's difficult to piece it together while also having to respond and sadly I can't keep saying "what" 3+ times in a row or they get pissy and I end up looking like an idiot. They also never try to help one out since they seem to think they're "flawless", which is also why their business isn't going well here and they don't care about customers.

Half of their workers only speak Chez and they don't even bother to translate their mails with Google translate so we end up wasting so much time again trying to figure out what the fuck they need.

Once I save up some money I'm quitting because I absolutely can't stand it anymore.

No. 438680

File: 1563958890192.png (38.81 KB, 656x755, KPgRaqe.png)

I realised today that the genuinely cool guy in my class that keeps reaching out to befriend my autist ass has a voice so similar to my abusive ex's that my retard monkey brain is now legitimately scared of him lmao

No. 438707

I'm slow but not autistic just actually low IQ. I struggle to understand basic concepts, math, months of the year, and people always hate me. I contribute nothing to the world nor do I improve anyones life and I will kill myself in a few years, yes, I'm depressed but I'll go mainly because I'm simply, a waste of resources who will contribute nothing. I don't want to work low paying jobs forever, the only option is to die and try again next time.

No. 438718

File: 1563968895420.jpg (40.25 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o39zxvOWop1rm6c63o1_500…)

you don't have to contribute anything. Life isn't about "contribution". Life isn't about anything other than living. You don't have to achieve shit. Live your life as you want - you owe nothing to no-one. What do you like to do? Focus on this. Do what you have to survive, and spend your free time doing something you like or love.
We're here for a short time. You might as well live it through.

No. 438719

File: 1563968936674.jpg (65.22 KB, 1024x819, 1562221633814.jpg)

This probably belongs in /cgl/'s own vent thread, but i like you guys better.
I hate that there isn't a concise Lolita community in Brazil. It's already bad that i live in a third world country, but i can't even find the things I'm interested in here, and it's expensive to boot. I'm not interested in Brazilian fashion or culture, hence me locking myself inside my home and mastering english by myself ever since i was small. Alternate fashion is very looked down upon here (whenever people hear that word they think of punk, or of an attention seeker), I've heard many people tell me i shouldn't dress like a foreigner, i should dress like a Brazilian or that I'm plain weird and autistic.

I have to dig deep to find shit in here, and even then i have to resort to taobao or aliexpress. I'm planning my first lolita coord and i already feel the pressure from normies. I want more normie friends but nothing that i like attracts them. I just want other people like me to sympathize with and hang out, i want to feel like i belong. I don't want to be "not like the other girls", i want to have a girl group to belong to. But i can't help it… nothing about Brazilian culture and fashion enamors me like lolita, jfashion, American fashion and the like. Is it weird? Am i weird? Am i too much like a foreigner? Am i not Brazilian enough? I don't feel accepted in my own country by my own people.

It's so weird. Being raised bilingual was both a curse and a blessing. I think it would be best for me to move far, far away.

No. 438725

File: 1563971110816.jpeg (371.29 KB, 1242x846, B641EFB4-A63C-4A6B-810C-4E65F7…)

Why the fuck do men retweet shit like this??????

No. 438728

I'm brazilian too anon, I get you. I mean, what the hell is even brazilian fashion? Booty shorts and crop tops?

No. 438731

Because they hate women, anon.

No. 438734

I'm not Brazillian, but I know this feeling.
Can't get out of here soon enough so I can find some friends with similar interests.

No. 438736

>I've heard many people tell me i shouldn't dress like a foreigner, I should dress like a Brazilian or that I'm plain weird and autistic.

Taking into account that you are posting on lolcow and obsessed with lolita fashion… yeah. They are rude, but not wrong. Embrace your autism.

>Nothing about Brazilian culture and fashion enamors me like lolita, jfashion, American fashion and the like

What even is American fashion and how is it different than Brazilian?
Do you mean that you guys do not get the same mass produced crap that USA sells worldwide?

>Am i weird? Am i too much like a foreigner? Am i not Brazilian enough? I don't feel accepted in my own country by my own people

Sorry about that, but you might not necessarily have better luck in Sugoi Japan. America might be slightly better in that regard, but I feel like you suffer from the grass is greener elsewhere mentality.

No. 438737

They think they're supporting feminism, while also getting to degrade women as either whores or losers.
The correct answer is probably, "You're right. Thanks for making me see the light, sis. I won't fuck men or send them nudes at all from now on, period! :)".

No. 438742

>What even is American fashion and how is it different than Brazilian?
Do you mean that you guys do not get the same mass produced crap that USA sells worldwide?
Not really. If it's brand it'll have a price hike just for being "gringo" clothing, cheap alternatives are stores like Forever 21 and the like that sell replicas. If i could best describe Brazilian clothing in my opinion it would be simple, lightweight and with bright colors like white and yellow. (remember, it's hot as fuck here and people don't want to sweat to death so clothing is also thin and lightweight)

>Sorry about that, but you might not necessarily have better luck in Sugoi Japan. America might be slightly better in that regard, but I feel like you suffer from the grass is greener elsewhere mentality.

I could honestly do with the USA and Canada too, not just Japan. I don't know Japanese yet so I'd be shit out of luck, lol. I feel like I'd feel better if i could find a group to belong to and dressing like how i want to dress. I don't need to dress like I'm Brazilian just like nobody else from different countries is expected to dress the exact same way. I've been literally approached in the mall and asked "why do you dress so asian/foreign/gringo" more than once so I'm just at a loss.

No. 438744

honestly, if you're not happy there you should try moving
america would be good because at least there it's easy to find others with the same interest (though i personally wouldn't like to live in america, but i dont know if brazil is better or worse)
thankfully we have several lolita comms in my country
hang in there!

No. 438763

After a bad week last week started this week off trying to do better. Monday and Tuesday were great lol. Today in work my experiments failed setting me back and making me look incompetent af. My little pet has a preexisting condition and he was bad today so he's now got a vet appointment tomorrow morning. And my boiler is broke! Is this what they call mercury retrograde or just shite

No. 438764

Started talking to someone I met through an online community. Just random shit, banter about our shared interest, etc. I started to develop feelings for them, I guess… I'd get really excited when they messaged me, and I'd anticipate their messages as the first thing I looked at when I woke up. They recently admitted to me they have a crush on someone else in our community, and I'm a little heartbroken. Apparently they've been spending way more time talking to this person than they have to me; I had some idea that they were close, but I didn't realize to what extent. They told me this after the person they have a crush on went afk for a few days due to some irl issues. During the period of time that they were afk we were talking almost all day, everyday, but now that their crush has returned we talk maybe once a day over the course of a few messages.
I'm really, really hurt, even though I shouldn't be. It's like they were using me as a replacement for this other person… I know that's not what was really happening, but it feels like it. I'm so fucking lonely and I miss them a lot. There are deeper issues in my life that are making me feel this way, I know, because in the long run it's not like anything would have happened between us. I'm just in a dark place right now and their companionship really helped me get through the day.
Even now I'm sitting here, waiting for them to message me. I would message them first, but I just feel annoying and embarrassed at how desperate I am for their attention.

No. 438790

File: 1563988432260.png (466.43 KB, 646x650, blinx cant take it.png)

this is so pathetic but

>be me last year

>eating 0-800 cals a day, classic "green tea and 6 strawberries is a meal" MPA-lurking idiot
>start birth control, turn 21 (drinking age in US) and get into a happy loving relationship
>eating out a few times a week with him
>slowly over the months begin to develop good relationship with food because he's concerned about my eating
>sometimes gets me high before we eat so I can enjoy it even when I don't want to
>stop scouring the menu for nutrition and calories, stop obsessing about entering exact numbers for MyFitnessPal, stop crying in the restaurant bathroom over the calories put into me, just enjoy dinnertime with him
>start birth control, feel a little fat between this and all the regular eating
>despite this, always being told nice things about my body by him, feelsgoodman dot jaypeg
>going out so often to clubs and bars because being 21 is fun, calorie-laden shots and cocktails
>whatever i'm having fun for the first time in a long time, eat drink and be merry
>slowly leave disordered tendancies behind because life is good for once and somebody loves me more than i hate myself

Fast forward to last night, something in me absolutely SNAPPED for no reason; I was in bed thinking about what I ate in the past few days and absentmindedly started adding up the calories…I was fucking mortified, I wanted to die, I sobbed for like 20 minutes. It freaked me out so badly, I'm just so nauseous and ashamed and exhausted from overthinking it. I'm going back to my 500 cals a day and I can already feel how annoying i'm going to be with it. I worked for a year to be this happy and carefree, but one night of anxious thinking and I'm back at square one of being absolutely horrified of food. I can't believe this…anons y life hard

No. 438794

Moderation, anon! If your boyfriend cares about you, he'll understand you want to eat a bit healthier and maybe go work out together.
I slowly puffed up like a balloon after meeting my boyfriend and I brought up the issue with my clothes feeling uncomfortable, he totally understood and said we could try making food ourselves. It turned out to be a fun experience. We made some super salty and greasy shit, but it definitely felt healthier than getting something at a restaurant because we got to choose our portions and save the rest for later. We started doing planks in the living room and going on little walks for a few minutes and it's also improved our moods.
My bf says he likes how I look even if I'm chunky, but he definitely understands my concerns.
Being in a happy relationship is wonderful, but I understand why you had a breakdown last night, take it easy.

No. 438811

Social anxiety has and will continue to ruin my life. It's not the type where I can't make eye contact or I get sweaty, or the type where I can't talk to strangers, raise my hand in class, or be in big crowds. It's the type where I never know what to say, I never feel sure of myself when I do speak, and I avoid social situations because I don't find them enjoyable, I find them mentally draining and almost like a exam that I didn't study for. So much of this is due to how isolated I was growing up, something that could have been solved had my parents noticed and cared enough. Fucking sucks to be judged for being closed off and quiet, when it's literally something I can't control. Sometimes I observe two people having an non-stop conversation and I'm just amazed at how they manage to do it. I go home and fucking cry sometimes because I don't understand why my brain won't allow me to do the same. It's scary to be in my early 20's and realize I barely have friends, and it's scary to feel like there's absolutely no hope for the future.

No. 438817

I had Nexplanon (the arm implant) removed 6 weeks ago and got my first period in 3 years on Sunday. And my god it's like my body is trying to make up for lost time.

That was just in time for the heatwave to start too.

I feel absolutely fucking disgusting, all sweat and blood. I wish I could live in the shower.

No. 438835

I'm trying to make a picrew to get back to drawing but now I realize my character is looking like one of DevElves eunuchs.
End me.

No. 438904

So I work in a very small store (like ten people work there in total, normally no more than 4 people in at one time.) I've been severely depressed since moving home with my abusive parents. I've pretty much gone from someone who is confident, talkative and fun to a robot. I've explained that its because I don't sleep at my parents and that I'm beyond exhausted. Today everyone was really concerned about me in a genuine way, and I once again just said its home. I also let it slip that I fucking hate my parents. I feel so fucking stupid for saying that. They probably just think I'm a brat who hates them over stupid shit. Obviously I can't fucking be like it's very serious. I feel so dumb and guilty. I don't want any attention from this from them. I just want them to drop their concerns. I hate how everything gets ruined due to my ptsd.

No. 438966

You should be grateful, I've had nexplanon twice and my period twice a month since starting it.

No. 438984

kek i wanna seee

No. 439008

Same! I wouldn't worry about it, the Develv drawings are gorgeous (at least if we are talking about the more talented sister with the hindu-oldschool shoujo influence).

No. 439024

File: 1564007353406.jpeg (23.26 KB, 457x388, 82E8D9AE-B34B-4D3D-8F62-7ABBB0…)

I desperately want a group of girl friends. I had a horribly abusive best friend throughout my entire time at high school who isolated me from being friendly towards anyone else, and put me down/made me feel like shit constantly. But she was my ‘best friend’ so I just took it.
I finally stood up for myself and broke the friendship, but it really fucked me up in terms of becoming friends with anyone else. I feel so distrusting and feel like everyone hates me all the time. Whenever I see groups of girls in public having fun, I feel achingly sad inside, all I honestly want is for friends who give a shit about me. Like ride or die friends.
I feel like I come across pathetic as hell that I don’t have any friends, cause ‘who doesn’t have friend?’. Like there must be something wrong with me. I feel like there’s something wrong with me. I feel so fucked up.

No. 439053

I took a pregnancy test today after being like 6/7 days late for my period and it was positive. Me and my boyfriend use protection but I haven’t been on birth control in a while since the pill caused issues for me. I was going to get the IUD soon, but I guess that’s out the window for now. I know some people will say I’m an idiot, but I’m really terrified. I’m 20 and he’s on holiday with family right now and I’m really scared. He’s been really supportive about it and comforting but we’re both scared. I’m too unstable to raise a child but I’m too unstable to have an abortion so I don’t know what to do. I just wanted to get this off of my chest.

No. 439059

I have to buy a new diabetic pump, current company just went down under, and I'm scared my insurance might reject my claims and make me pay for it, yes I live in burgerland.

No. 439061

These past few days I feel like a have a big empty hole in my chest, and it's all because of a kitten that doesn't even belong to me.
Last week a relative left his adorable russian blue kitten at my family's house to look after while he was away. It was really nice having a kitten to take care of, and I got really attached to it. Then on the last day I went out for errands and the cat's owner came and picked the cat up early so I never got the chance to say goodbye and see it one last time. Ugh the way I felt when I got home and realized the kitten was gone….utterly heartbreaking. It makes even more mad that my relative doesn't know how to take care of his kitten properly. He never holds it, washes it, or clips his nails. The poor thing is home alone all day, then when his owner gets home he feeds him and has him chase around a laser point. That's it. It's a kitten, a baby, not some little beast to watch you heartless freak. I think my relative just sees the kitten as a prize possession because he's a russian blue. Who the fuck owns a kitten and doesn't even cuddle it?

I just want that kitten back even though I know it's impossible

Anon I relate to this so much it's like I typed it myself

No. 439062

god i fucking hate people with bpd.

No. 439093


everyone does anon. They are pathologically awful people.

Had a friend who ended up diagnosed with that, i still have trust issues remembering all the awful shit she pulled on me before i finally cut ties. They will always use you best intentions and goodwill against you and is like their whole purpose is to fuck everyone unlucky enough to cross their path and trust and be good to them.

No. 439117

I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I'm flying across the world all the way to New Zealand to meet and stay with a man for the first time that I had met online. I'm not even in love with him, I do like him I think, but it's like I'm throwing all my common sense and safety out the window and I'm not sure what for. I very much know the consequences of the worst case scenarios. I'm acting like a moron and I hate it. I'm slightly scared of myself.
I guess since I have nothing and nobody to live for right now, I'm taking a very risky chance, hoping I find whatever it is that I'm looking for. I suppose I'm extremely lost and misguided but being alone for so long will do that to a person.

No. 439123

I hope you can at least get out and enjoy some sightseeing in NZ? The actual tragedy would be flying all that way just to be couped up in some guy's dingy home just to suck his cock for a few days.
I hope-speaking of worst case scenario-that you're at least telling some living soul be it irl or online that you're traveling internationally to meet a man and to alert the authorities if you don't come back as scheduled. I know you say you don't have anyone, but no one will notice you're missing? You don't even work and have an employer?

No. 439132

I've known people with diagnosed bpd and they weren't terrible. My best friend of 20 plus years has bpd and she is the only person who has been there for me my entire life, better than family. I hate reading that no matter what someone with that diagnosis is a bad person. It doesn't mean that they are bad just for having the diagnosis.

No. 439146


having bpd doesn’t automatically make someone a terrible person.

No. 439170

just wanted to say i’ve been there anon, it’s the craziest, most surreal feeling… like a time bomb embedded inside you.

No. 439177

An abortion would be better than being responsible physically and emotionally for the wellbeing of a child for the rest of your life. Even when its grown. And being admittedly unstable is a fucking awful life to bring an innocent person that didn't ask to be born into.

No. 439179

hey anon, which side of the country will you be on? or city? i live here and if things go south i can help you sort something out.
but can't believe you'd go for a kiwi guy, our accent is so awful, get some bloody standards smh.

No. 439180


Plot twist: its actually yourself the one that was diagnosed with bpd and not someone you know.

No. 439181

Burger currently detesting being in euroland. Why the fuck is everyone so against air conditioning? I can’t sleep, opening the windows is just letting the bugs eat me alive, I’m miserable. If I hear “aircon is bad for your health” one more time I’m going to tie them up outside to a light post and let them die of heat stroke

No. 439188

nta but kek I went on a date with a kiwi dude once and he was so fucking hard to understand even though I'm Aussie and it's familiar enough. I actually love kiwi accents though, probably from all the Flight of the Conchords I watch.

No. 439191

Get a fan?

No. 439199

Which part of Europe are you in? It's a wide goddamn continent, most countries are completely fine with AC. In places like Greece it's impossible to find a place without one. But in some cases building codes are against them because they either want to protect old, historical buildings and permit modifications to them, or they're autistic over the noise the AC creates. Get one of those mobile ones that require you just to stick an exhaust vent out the window.

No. 439202

>Get one of those mobile ones that require you just to stick an exhaust vent out the window.

I have one of these in my room, it does its job and it gets chilli but it makes so much noise and thats very annoying, don´t know if they are all like that, but sleeping with that thing on is something i had to get used to.

No. 439204

May I suggest not being spoiled? It's worked wonders for me.

No. 439209

I didn't get in any of the Master's degrees I applied for which sucks. I aimed high because I felt confident, sure my Bachelor degree is nothing special but I've had good grades, went abroad and had responsibilities in extra curricular stuff. I didn't expect the ones I wanted most would accept me but I thought at least the more humble ones would.
It wouldn't hurt this much if I wasn't about to finish a gap year. Now my gap year is just going to be two years of fucking around I guess.
I applied for some state sponsored volunteer positions but the only ones who came back to me thus far didn't want me. I guess they were nicer about it than the schools tho, telling me they're sooo sorry and it doesn't mean anything about myself or my qualifications but they just had someone else. Guess I'm supposed to jump in joy hearing that or something.
My brother's coming to see me in a few weeks and idk how I'll deal when he asks me what I'm going to be doing. I don't want to talk about it, and he's the one who's always made me feel like shit for being bad in science and math subjects, who'd always tell me I'm wasting my time whenever I'd do something I enjoy, and plain ignore me the rest of the time. Incidentally he's the one in the family who went to the most prestigious school or whatever. And then in a few months there's going to be a family dinner with the extended family so I'll have to justify myself to them too… I think I'll just drink a lot and have fun and be myself while dodging the question or something. Though by that time I might have figured something out, who knows. I've got stuff I want to do to, and I'm still fucking young. It's not like I have no ambitions.
Also I'm living abroad with my bf and I thought he'd come back home with me but he's staying in this country for a few more months which SUCKS. I hate it. I don't want to be away from him. Not to mention going back means I won't be seeing all the friends I made here anymore and I love them. I'm happy to go back to my other friends but it's just not the same… many things have probably changed between then and now too, I hope we'll still get along like before.
I lost the ring my bf gave me for my birthday and cried about it all day.
I feel stuck in this weird place between letting myself have hope and feeling like my future is bright, and a voice in my brain pounding and screaming that I should just kill myself right now.

Also I think I poured my wine in the glass I was cleaning my paintbrushes in before, just hope I don't die.

No. 439211

That’s true. The last thing a child would need is instability. The thought of an abortion is still terrifying but if that’s the route I went down I hopefully would have some support. I’d rather repeat the same mistakes as my own mother

No. 439212

Sometimes I'm glad I grew up poor with my family having a loose grasp of what college is even.

Good luck anon.

No. 439213

NTA but I dare you live in Southern Europe in summer without AC. It's fucking 40ºC every day and 30ºC every night. Goddamit, I have a mobile AC too, I can't sleep because of the noise so I have been badly sleeping waking up drenched in sweat for almost 2 months now. And there's 2 months of the worst to come yet.

No. 439233

BPD people should have natural neon hair like those very poisonous amphibians so we'd know to keep away from them

No. 439234

My two friends only have time for their boyfriends and are never free to hang out with me because they're with them. I hate it when people do this…

No. 439242

is it just me or are the summerfags this year more autistic than ever?

No. 439243

Ayrt here, I've both had a child and had an abortion. Ask me which is easier. I guess if an abortion is too unsettling for you, you could go the adoption route. There are agencies specifically for pairing families looking to adopt with pregnant women not wanting to keep the child. I don't want to come across as an asshole about it, but you really have to make a decision as soon as possible before the pregnancy advances too far, you know? I wish the best for you, anon and I hope you have as much support as you need.

No. 439246

I'm extremely conflicted about my situation but at the same time I've made up my mind. I was molested by my mom's boyfriend sometime during middle school. I wasn't afraid at the time, just in complete shock and also full of rage and it's still that way. I wanted to tell my mother but I really didn't want to, mainly because I wasn't sure what would happen to my brothers since my mother would definitely try to commit murder and that is a fact. I was also very happy where I didn't want to move back to my home town because I was getting a really good education where I was. I just felt really bad because I know my mother would be disgusted if she knew what kind of person she was with and it's still that way.

I absolutely despise that man and wish he was dead every day of my life and everytime I have to see his face. I at least feel some sort of relief because I know their relationship won't last much longer and she's already considering leaving him once she has a place to go. But either way the timing is still really bad for me because my brothers are very young and have autism and I don't want to put them through any sort of stress that could fuck them up even more. I hate the fact that the memory sometimes pops into my head at the worst times and I just want to break everything

No. 439248

Samefag but either you tell him he's being way too excessive with the amount he's limiting you or you ditch his ass. The more you constantly make it about weight the worse it will get and that's a fact. Work something out with him.

No. 439260

It's good that you're trying to consider the wellbeing of your brothers, but your mom's boyfriend is objectively an evil person.

If you know your mother would despise him if she knew, I think the longer you wait, the harder it will be for her to deal with the fact she has been with someone who has molested her own child for so long.

Also, your brothers may be at risk living with this man, except they might not be able to comprehend what's going on, or tell your mother.

Obviously I only know what you've written, but if this guy likes to molest kids, it may just be a matter of time until your brothers are at risk too. I hope everything works out anon

No. 439261

What are you talking about? Also why are you using the term "summerfag"? This isn't 4chan(integrate better)

No. 439263

If he's really normal and safe, we will be going places and doing regular cute couple things; that's the plan. I will be staying in a hotel room with him which is still dangerous, but slightly better than being couped up in his personal shack. My job does know I'm leaving for a vacation.
I'm just in disbelief that I'm doing something rash like this when it's not even someone I'm 100% head over heels for.

No. 439265

>proving the point further

anon omg

No. 439279

I've been having a hard time sleeping, mainly because anxiety is just keeping me up. I've had dissociation last for hours last night and I know sleeping would probably help the symptoms, but it was so intense I just couldn't sleep. I was able to get a few hours finally, but it was tough at first.

No. 439283

I’m so tired of superhero films and pop culture in general. It’s all so tired.

No. 439288

same, anon. i feel like a skeevy snob whenever i even think about how boring, dull and idiotic i find so much of what comes out these days or what's "hot" & "trendy". i try to keep it to myself bc if i ever said it out loud i'd literally sound like one of those We Live In A Society r/iamverysmart copypastas

No. 439290

broke my ankle 3 days ago and already had a fight with my bf bc he wouldn't clean while i was working.

No. 439295

what an asshole. take care of you, screw him.
when i had a major surgery a few years back my ex was mad because dishes werent done and the floor was dirty and i didnt fix it. like homie, i was in the hospital for a week, thats all you.

No. 439304

I did something really stupid and naive which ended up in me losing 600 dollars… it's so stupid that I feel ashamed to even describe it anonymously. Just needed to vent it out somewhere..

No. 439339

yo i saw your post on stupidpol. small world.

No. 439353

Fuck the sun, and fuck hot weather. Winter can't come soon enough.

No. 439360

I keep having this horrible feeling like my life is going to end soon. Which I know is dumb but I can't shake it. It doesn't really help I live in a bad area and can't afford to move. We had a drive-by happen on our street a few months ago and I keep reading about how people are getting hunted down. It used to be in only a certain area but it seems to be expanding and I hate it. It worries me to the point where I don't even really want to leave my house and only do so to go grocery shopping.

No. 439370

I don't want to armchair but are you sure that's not an early symptom of psychosis?

No. 439371

Stupid question but are you on BC? There was a specific brand who would give me the same paranoid episodes you are describing. Your neighborhood seems rather unsafe too. Stay safe anon.

No. 439377

Same. There has been little to no original content in American media for the last 4-5 years; all reboots, sequels, or owned by the fucking Disney corporation.
And not to sound like a boomer, but social media was a mistake and should be limited or at least age restricted.

No. 439380

I feel so conflicted about death and where we go after. I can kinda accept that there's nothing after this life but I'm worried for my family and loved ones. Even if I don't go anywhere I at least want them to reunite with one another and find peace, and the thought of them disappearing forever really just fucks with me bad.

No. 439382

My ex boss( I was fired btw) has been sending me random pointless texts, what the fuck does he want from me? Initially he messaged me on Instagram asking me how I was doing and if we could catch up, I said yes sure but since then it’s just turned into pointless quibs about the weather and “do you ever go to ____” and “lmao yeah feel u” but without any actual invitation to meet up in any professional or even personal capacity. If this fucker wanted to ask me out he had plenty chances at this point, what does he want anons? We maybe worked directly 3 times the entire 8 months I was at his company, and I had one dinner with him ( a corporate networking dinner- he did one with every employee).

No. 439383

being a womanlet makes me want to die. i am so insecure with my height it makes me feel like an incel. my ex crush would make fun of my size all the time and it kind of fucked me up. but it's not like he himself was a giant or anything, i am 5 ft and he was 5'10. i don't know why he had to be so mean.

No. 439384

Sucks you got made fun of, your insecurities are valid, but hopefully you realize that women are usually perceived and thought to be as small and ‚dainty‘

No. 439386

Lmao you really let a manlet bully you about your average ass height? Sis cmon. Also as >>439384 says, being petite is a positive (or at least neutral) thing for women. I know those legs 4 days models look amazing to you right now but dating is a nightmare for them and they have bone density issues later on in life. Enjoy your better health and larger dating pool!

No. 439404

Your ex is just a shithead. One of my best friends is 5ft and guys absolutely adore her. She also looks good in everything because so much trendy clothing is designed and produced for small builds. As a tall woman I am definitely jelly.

No. 439411

File: 1564090434674.jpg (2.07 KB, 256x275, 1531739669394.jpg)

I need an advice kinda.
I've moved to a new flat a month ago. Week after I moved the rest of people (4 other girls, 2 of them are friends and moved there together) came.
Two girls that don't know each other are barely there, only come there to sleep.
Other two girls are messy as fuck and don't clean up stuff like they prepare food in the morning and leave messy cutlery FOR DAYS.
They also use normal towels to wipe dirty stuff instead of paper ones.
Not to mention, our sink is full of their leftovers. I bought like 90% of stuff (toilet paper, paper towels, washing liquid, cleaning agents etc.) and am the only person to ever take out the trash.
Now the owner mails us that there is a mess in flat and if we won't clean it up he will hire someone and every occupant will pay extra price for it.
I'm fucking angry and not have enough balls to point them stuff, because there are one me and two of them (I see another girl once a few days and haven't seen 5th girl for a week or two now).
What do.

No. 439412

thank you anons. i was wearing insoles to help my self esteem for a long time but i stopped wearing them as i started to get over him and i honestly feel better. he'd say shit like "why did you wear that dress, your legs are short", and tell me that i look like a little boy. maybe it was because i was skinnier back then, i don't know. he was such a dick.

No. 439414


I feel like american media has always been like that tough? , granted, there has been periods that you feel a push in innovation and creativity, but mostly everyone plays safe and the content is redundant. If one thing sells there will be a thousand similar things trying to capitalize and you have 1001 samey thingies that become a genre of same thingies been made yearly on perpetuity.

I agree with you about social media, they are a satanic entity and i´m not even religious, its just the best way i can describe them.

No. 439415

He sounds gay lmao, bullet dodged anon.

No. 439430

I hate the weird looks coworkers give me when I take home damaged our boxes/cans of food. They're FINE. Just not purchaseable.

No. 439435

Well, with damaged cans, there's a chance it's been contaminated with botulism. Just be careful!

No. 439437

They're never punctured of course! But taking home these "ugly" foodstuffs saves me about $60-$100 a month on pantry food. It's nearly impossible for me to rationalize why I shouldn't take them as a college student lol

No. 439443

I believe in God, but I'm really angry with him. I've been dealt the shittiest hand all my life. During that time I've had people tell me to "have faith, it's a test", and more than anything I just want to tell them to fuck off. It's easy to say have faith to someone when you yourself have been so fucking privileged in life. I wish I didn't believe in a higher being, because that would mean I wouldn't have to wonder why he hates me so much.

No. 439448

I need to vent. Today has been the worst fucking day of my life. It was also my graduation.

So the day started with my 2 k camera breaking. A memory card broke in it, which meant small amounts of the card got lodged into the slot. My dad then makes it worse by basically stabbing the slot. He broke the camera even fucking more. I've been told that is likely the camera is a write off, or fixing it will basically cost like 75% of the camera worth. I can't afford this. I have like - £90 in my bank account. I don't earn enough to replace it for months. Photography is honestly one of the only things that makes me happy. I feel so fucking awful without the camera.

This then obviously meant I couldn't have nice photos of my grad. Yeah I have phone images, but it's not the same.

After this happened, my mum had a fucking break down. Threatening to ill herself because she is so fucking fed up of being a mum. She wants out. She took a day off of work for this and it isn't fucing worth it. I'm a parasite.

This all happened hours before I was supposed to even leave the house.

The whole day they were fuci=king awful. They were saying the most horrible things. How I'm a worthless waste of space/They don't love me/ They don't want to be here. This went on for hours.

They also caused so many fucking scenes. They were screaming constantly. At one point, I needed to find a bin. They went fucking nuts? Everyone else was just staring in disgust. Today is supposed to be a day of celebration for everyone, but nope some white trash is highjacking the fucking day. I hate the pity in everyone's eyes. It's so humilating.

They lashed out at so many members of staff for no fucking reason. We went to go get the tickets, but we arrived too early. Instead of just leaving it and coming back later, they went off on the poor guy about how unacceptable it is. He has one fucking job abd he can't even do that right.

So the ceremony ends, and my parents said we could go get a couple of drinks and then get takeaway. When we get into the car, they're saying how they don't want to spend anymore time with me. They've done enough for me today. I'm just being fucking selfish and difficult. We still go to the bar though, which again results in a massive scene. The bar was semi filled. They get in and start saying how they want this to fucking be over. I need to order my drink straight away, down it and then leave asap. Obviously the general public stared again. They started whispering and rolling their eyes. There's a 2 for 1 on drinks, so obviously I take the free one? This results in my parents coming up to the bar and demanding to know what the fuck I think I'm doing. They don't believe me when I say it's 2 for 1. The bar man has to get involve.

So next came the drive thru. I knew they were going to give me shit for eating junk food. But I had lit like 400 calories so far, and it was like 7 pm (excluding 2 drinks) so I'm so fucking hungry. They rant to be about how I'm going to be dead by the time I'm 30 because I'm so fucking fat. I'm like 170 pounds, so yeah I'm fat - but I'm not THAT fat. My weight is also stable, so like?????

We get home finally. Once again, they're ranting about having to attend my grad and what a burden it was on them.

I also popped so much fucking xans today, but it still didn't make it even remotely tolerable. I've cried so much. I fucking hate my parents. I fucking hate how I can't even celebrate my degree. I am so fucking miserable.

To top it off, they played proud parents online.

/rant over. what a fucking novel. So much more happened as well.

No. 439452

5'10" is not manlet lmao

No. 439453

also 5' is well below average for women. your perception of average heights is very skewed.

No. 439457

no 5'10 guy has a place to go around talking shit about short girls for being short lmao

No. 439459

sure, i'm not saying she should be shamed for being short. but she is, as i said, well below average while 5'10" is slightly above average for men…again, you seem to be a bit confused about average heights.

No. 439460

i wasn't the anon you were replying to but it's understandable because there are different standards for women and men's heights.

No. 439461

calling a 5'10" guy a manlet is understandable?

No. 439488

Thanks for the advice anon.ive tried talking to my friend about it but she's honestly no help with anything and just keeps giving me 3 word responses. I'm starting to think about it more and I feel like it's possible I could take him to court once the time is right. It's just going to be kind of hard on my mom and I'm also worried about the system finding her 'incapable' of keeping my brothers safe just because I wasn't comfortable telling her sooner. The system is quick to jump to conclusions and it's frustrating me because I know she's almost a perfect mother.

No. 439506

just started sobbing in the middle of sex for the second time cause i cant stand having a physical form that can be looked at anymore

i feel guilty cause i keep ruining it and i know im being annoying at this point and i just feel like curling up into a ball so tightly that i collapse in on myself

No. 439508

I feel you, anon. I manage to save the crying for afterwards, but holy fuck I hate existing and being perceived.

No. 439514

sorry youre going through it too but it feels nice knowing another anon gets it

hopefully we’ll both get over it but jeez its really messing with me right now

No. 439530

I really hope I don't come across as an asshole either, but what exactly makes you too unstable for an abortion? To me, pregnancy and childbirth are way more terrifying things to experience as an unstable person. Not to mention being forced to adopt out after all you went through, or facing being an unstable parent.
Just…how could you think abortion is worse? Think, think, think.

No. 439545

I'm getting an 8x8x7cm cyst removed from my ovary tomorrow morning. I'm just really worried about the anesthesia.
Not much of a rant but I'm just worried!!!!!!!

No. 439548

Good luck, anon!

No. 439557

File: 1564117251818.jpeg (90.8 KB, 550x550, 10FC69F5-35CE-4EF7-BB74-65C523…)

>be me
>retailfag who's been working in the industry for nearly 3 years
>never been promoted to manager due to mood issues or other various excuses
>late at night after hours me and one of the co managers are dealing with the three registers, everything seems to be going well
>at the last register a problem crops up
>manager from last night forgot to reconcile the total amount and the computer program we use to input the digital count for the money is disallowing count for the third drawer
>coworker gets this look on her face of dread and asks me what big bosses number is
>i tell her
>big boss doesn't answer and her voicemails full, she has a problem answering her phone on off days
>call another co manager who's been doing this longer than my co manager who's relatively new to this, she says call tech support
>call tech support, wait on hold for fucking ever
>keep trying to call big boss hoping she'll answer
>tech support guy finally picks up and coworker out of frustration accidentally jams her finger on the end button
>I find out there's online help guide for the program, pull it up on slow ass dinosaur store register computer
>nothing is of help
>phone battery for the handheld phone and my cell is dwindling
>big boss finally calls back on store phone on line 2
>tech guy picks up again on line 1
>keep tech guy on line telling him we're seeing what big boss says
>big boss says she'll take care of it and that we don't need to talk to tech guy
>by this time it's probably been a fucking hour of this nonsense
>literally want to strangle the previous night's manager for not reconciling the safe correctly after me and my coworker ran around like headless chickens for a fucking hour extra that I'm not sure we'll even get paid
>wanna lowkey strangle big boss for not answering her phone when she says she'll answer her phone on her offdays if we need help
>lowkey wanna strangle myself for not being enough help to my coworker even though I try
>reaffirms that I'm honestly never going to be good enough to be a manager because I run around like a headless chicken
>me and coworker leave feeling dejected and shitty and hangry because we haven't eaten for a good while
>and my birthday is tomorrow or like in 7 hours I don't know? it's now tomorrow here so I guess it's in 7 hours
>fucking hell at least I don't have to work on my birthday

No. 439572


That actually made me laugh out loud. Nah dude I don't have psychosis, the only thing I've been diagnosed with is general anxiety disorder.

Nah no BC but most likely could just be my anxiety being constant due to incoming period. stupid hormones

No. 439575

I don't get this recent beauty trend where it's apparently cool to thicken your eyebrows like crazy and also wear false eyelashes/get extensions. It makes these people look like cavemen. You either have thick eyebrows or long eyelashes, can't have both unless you're naturally born with them, but even still it doesn't look as horrendous as the makeup version. It's too top heavy and makes your forehead look small.

No. 439584


I don't really get it either. The eyebrow thing isn't as bad to me but when I see girls with fake lashes they remind me of sesame Street characters. It just looks really bad and way too thick. Also ot but I think this should be in the annoying thread instead

No. 439603

anon, i'm so sorry. your parents are absolute pieces of shit, i hope you kick them out of your life one day and never look back.

No. 439616

im really tired of men saying they love me when they don't. theyre the biggest fairweather friends/lovers ever and i wish they'd just stop

No. 439643

Welcome to the world of shitty roommates, everybody gets one/some/many.
Try to propose making a cleaning schedule and have it posted in the kitchen. Take into consideration the two girls who are almost never there. But I can almost guarantee that'll cause I problem "why do I have to take the garbage out when X doesn't have to do anything this week"

Make a rotation for buying cleaning supplies, but keep a back up for yourself in case they don't follow through. Keep a roll of paper towel and some dishsoap, and an all-purpose cleaner in your room.

You can try just "casually" bringing up points like "hey there's j-cloths or paper towels for wiping up messes so we don't have to worry about washing towels", "I've noticed some flies/smell coming around, it might be because of the sitting dirty dishes" "if we can just clean up after ourselves [like functioning, self-sufficient people] we don't have to pay for a cleaner"

Seriously none of this may work but I wish you the best of luck. I've always been of the belief that if I'm washing [my] dishes, I should wash whatever else is in the sink even if it's not mine. The favour usually gets returned but I also had great/clean roommates. Also I'm talking like, a couple plates or maybe a pan and some cutlery - not a pile that accumulated for days.

Roommates suck

No. 439648

Same, anon. Their love seems like this possessive, ownership of you. As long as your his he 'loves' you, without caring at all for your personal happiness. I feel like I've never once been in a relationship where a man has loved me as deeply as I've loved him. Obsession yes, love, no.

No. 439651

Why is it that everytime I give my boyfriend affection and love like an actual human being, he starts to act emotionally distant from me? Bitch really has to be cold and uncaring to get any male attention. He's always the most considerate and kind when I act mildly annoyed by him. Dating men is really such a joke. I hate these stupid, shitty games and I'm convinced men who can genuinely love you are unicorns. Autistic fucks, all of them.

No. 439664

man hate thread is mostly cringe nonsense. myself, pink pilled philosopher and a few others are the only good posters there. fact.

No. 439667

Holy fuck anon I literally came here to rant about this shit. I used to think my boyfriend was a unicorn but hes just a shithead as well. I honestly think we're doomed unless we die single.

No. 439676

He's into femdom.

No. 439688

I'm so sick and tired of always feeling gross and dirty, and worrying if I smell or make weird body noises. I bathe every day, wash my face and hair, and brush my teeth and wear clean clothes, but I always feel dirty and gross and feel like people are judging me for being dirty. I have bad skin and I'm finally taking medication for it after going to a dermatologist after years of trying to fix it myself, because the first dermatologist I went to was extremely unhelpful and just trying to sell me expensive makeup. But My face and skin look really gross, and I just feel so oily and nasty. And also my stupid stomach gurgles and my knees and legs pop, and I just always feel like a big, fat, gross blob monster that makes gross noises and is too disgusting to look at. Why can't I just ever feel at peace in my body? I wonder if other people (especially women) feel like this, or if it's just my stupid social anxiety being turned up to 11 all the fucking time.

No. 439693

These are fairly normal feelings but they shouldn’t be overwhelming. Keep in mind that a lot of people do feel similar but no one is judging you and you probably do just appear completely normal to everyone else. No one really cares about minor stuff on other people like pimples or a grumbling stomach.

No. 439697

do you browse /pt/ or /snow/? just taking a guess since theyre right there, but you might have to step back from them and threads like that if the nitpicking is getting to you at all.

No one in real life picks people apart or focuses on menial details that way, its just something for fun here

No. 439707

This is definitely anxiety. No one honestly cares. Sure, someone may hear your legs pop or something and think "Wow, that must've felt either really good or hurt" but they won't care about it after that. There's tons of people who don't take baths every day and they probably don't smell, you just never know.

No. 439770

Expose their shit on facebook and then block them. Well, maybe not until you get to move out. Also if you do move out do not tell them where you live. I have a few friends who separated themselves from their insane families and not telling them where you live is a huge life saver.

No. 439781

Anyone else from Canada here? Lately I've been wondering why it's such a strong societal expectation to tip when we eat at restaurants. I understand why its needed in the US since they barely earn an hourly wage there…but in Canada they DO get min hourly wage. At least 12 hourly now in Ontario I believe. Really, they dont need tips. When I told my sister this she looked at me horrified and was like "no wtf anon they need it! They work so hard! Restaurants are so busy!". That argument isn't valid to me. How about the chefs or fast food employees? They ARE also there when the restaurant is busy and I guarantee they work just as hard. It's kind of ironic hearing it from her since she works at a grocery store and deals with customers shit all the time, but doesnt get tipped for it. And in Canada were expected to tip at least 15%. Food prices are already high - I pay at least 15 for a meal before tax. So with the tax and tip this ends up being like 20 per meal which is fucking insane. I hesitate to bring this topic up with my friends or they'll probably think I'm a monster bc I dont believe in this stupid ass social rule.

No. 439785

Actually, in the US, if a server doesn't make at least what they would be paid if they were being paid the minimum hourly wage, the restaurant has to make up the difference. Restaurants AND servers count on people to not know this. Restaurants so the wage doesn't come out of their pockets, servers because they make a lot more in tips than they would if they were paid the minimum wage because of naive suckers.

No. 439786

File: 1564165005349.jpg (308.89 KB, 1079x1137, Screenshot_20190726-131657_Chr…)

Per the U.S. Department of Labor.

No. 439787

I feel like a fucking loser right now. I don't have anymore any female friends, every single social media is pure shit and since I'm away from home for some time, I won't meet new people for the time being.
All my friends now are male and even though I'm pretty much a tomboy myself I miss female friendship so much I just keep on browsing lolcow.
I need more girls in my life, but they will eventually fuck everything up as every girl did, and I will be let alone again.

No. 439789

WOW. I did not know that. That's super shady.

No. 439795

I'm on a very similar boat. Whenever I've been close with a female friend, I've become their platonic girlfriend who treats them the way a good s.o. should, while they fuck these losers and rely on me exclusively for emotional support and often times life advice as well. I in no way think they owe me intimacy or something but sometimes I feel like they don't understand what bisexual means and why I shouldn't be tasked with their sole romantic burden when their boyfriends should be at least partially taking that burden. None of my female friends ever cared to visit my home even though they expect me to come over at odd hours and go all out for them constantly. Outings? Have to be around their favorite neighborhoods, I'll commute for an hour because fuck me right? They won't hang or even make appropriate time for me unless I just tag along like their fucking purse or something. They don't give a shit.

I love women and I really want more feminine energy in my life but not as their weird pseudo-gf. I'll treat women right regardless, they bring out that kind of feeling in me, but I hate it when I'm just giving and giving with seemingly no return even in terms of whether they'll make time for me. Just be my fucking friend. I'm not here to be your slave.

No. 439803

It's why I don't tip. The servers I get never go beyond taking the order, bringing food, and refilling drinks once. The always expect to be tipped because it's what our society has conditioned and shamed everyone into doing. So, they just do what requires barely any sentience and hold their hands out for that 15% at the end.

No. 439808

i'm an 18 year old virgin and i'm horny all the time and i do know some hot guys that i trust but my parents keep cockblocking me because of religious reasons. i'm not even religious myself. i want them to leave me alone and let me have a normal life. are we in the stone age? i just want to fuck without feeling like i've started ww3 because of my parents. i wish i had enough money to move out already.

No. 439812

Why are mods of small forums and subreddits so insane?
I’m not talking about lolcow because they mostly seem chill and don’t overmod, this is actually one of the few sites I feel comfortable posting on.
I’m talking about places with rules out the ass so you have to read several paragraphs before making a post, then it has to be approved after all that? And it will probably be deleted if it doesn’t fit within the standard regurgitated post. How does this not completely defeat the purpose of a forum anyway?
I’m a bit salty I’ll admit.

No. 439820

Reddit has a fuckton of communities and they rely on the culture the cultivate to keep the community intact. Rules=elements of that culture.

Also lolcow is extremely hawkish in its moderation and rules, which change relatively often, for a chan especially but unless you're a newfag you won't notice it. It's not a bad thing, it's just an effort to keep the discussion on a level that is consistent and a pursuit of maintaining a userbase that is fully assimilated.

Subs with a fuckton of weird vernacular and abbreviations are weird and too much effort, but you won't be spending time on those unless you're just as crazy anyway lel.

No. 439851

File: 1564175643223.gif (1.41 MB, 245x167, giphy.gif)

My life is so depressing even though I have some considerable privileges and would be considered advantaged in comparison to a lot of poor souls. I also find a lot of global trends very depressing, especially environmental issues that are apparent to me everyday almost everywhere. I know my feelings are subjective and shaped by my experience in life and that I can heal and move on and get over it and maybe learn something. But it's hard rn to be positive. I want to be a better person and also healthier and feel more at peace with global developments, tragedy, suffering at large and individually and at peace with my own life. I'm sure that's possible somehow but so far, I'm not there yet. I have also felt really down about myself and hated myself a lot this week and partially somehow justified. I wish I could be a better friend and parent to myself and pick myself up ya know and do better. Or process these feelings and move on from them. Maybe I'll get there

No. 439859

File: 1564177621919.png (267.88 KB, 386x550, report-abuse-cute-grr.png)

My roommate is on a week long vacation and ask me if she can have her boyfriend over for a couple of days. This is her first boyfriend ever and I want to be a supportive friend and roommate, so i said sure. Thinking to myself 3-4 days isn't a long time. I met the guy once and she told me about him. He seems okay.

BOY was I WRONG! It not like he spoke to me once, since they been laid up underneath each other every second of the day. They BOTH are messy and eat out everyday. So my living room and kitchen is fuck up now.

I have a sneaking suspicion that he is trying to move in by testing how the two can live together during this week. BUT GUESS WHAT BUCKO, I have the FINAL say and I SAY NO! I REFUSED to live with a male who is as unhelpful and disgusting as you. You are so disrespectful that you are sitting on MY couch in just a pair of shorts or taking a shower after fucking my friend?

SERIOUSLY? FUCK YOU! Now I have to find a way to disinfect my couch of musk. While you are just a lazy mama boy, with no car, no job and living off the government.

I will not parents TWO people, because my roommate is enough of a womanchild for me. I can't take care of a manchild too. I can't wait for him to leave, because I'm going to nip that idea right in the bud as soon as that door is shut behind your flat ass.

No. 439866


If you dont want to tip, just get fast food

kitchen/bussers/everyone else makes more than minimum wage generally. The reason its set up this way is because their job is the remnants of a type of indentured servitude. Theyre generally doing much more than typing in an order and waiting for it to come out- the jobs require a lot of work and they should be getting a fair pay for it

beside the fact that its a fucked up system, anyone choosing not to tip is still the asshole

No. 439879

oh, no! better keep the status quo then so I don't look like an asshole to a dumb bitch I'll never see again! people with harder and more important jobs than you never see a tip. fuck you. I would get my own plate at your restaurant and tip the bus boy $100 in front of you.

No. 439881

>Tfw farmers are blaming the customers rather than the greedy restaurant owners who don't want to pay their servers like the rest of the kitchen staff.
I can't wait for burgerland to adapt the no tip policy, maybe servers will actually enjoy their jobs not having to rely on random civilians to make ends meet.

No. 439882

Imagine defending extortion and your own exploitation by an employer. Maybe America should just get on the same level as the rest of the world? Hopefully in every aspect, but I'll certainly accept the abolishment of this particularly ridiculous social norm.

No. 439884

It's insane to me that some of the richest, most developed countries in the world allow businesses to rely on customer's voluntary contributions to subsidize their employees wages. Absolutely ridiculous.

Do any places ever raise prices and publicly state no tipping? You'd think the customer base would stick around if the cost was about equivalent. Or do businesses prefer the tipping system for tax purposes? It's basically unreported cash in hand and presumably lowers their income tax.

No. 439888

i DID say that the way it works is fucked up, i never stated anything in support of it, but you could literally NOT go to a restaurant to eat. Youre punishing the employees for a service your demanding

if you dont think the job is important, then why is the service in such high demand? I never worked as a server personally, but ive worked in a restaurant. Everyones working hard, possibly moreso than whatever shit job youre working

No. 439892


I never tip either, fuck that. I hate places that add that shit to the bill without a prompt. Pay them a wage or fuck off .

No. 439893

NOBODY is being punished because >>439786, dumbass. Should we also start tipping McDonald's workers? The person who checked me put at Walmart? The janitor at the mall? There's plenty of people making minimum wage that don't get tipped.

No. 439897

Stop whining and get your ass back to class. Summer's over.

No. 439901

See, that's the argument that everybody makes. "They work hard". Yeah, screw that, as far as I know everyone works hard at their job if they want to keep it. I dont see why waiters/waitresses are an exception.

No. 439903

these jobs arent minimum wage with opportunities to earn a raise or, in the case of mcDs, is just restocking and getting the order typed in and it isnt even uncommon to tip them

if you cant afford to eat at a restaurant, dont go

No. 439904

yeah everyone works hard so everyone should get a decent pay out of it

No. 439911

I'm sorry you don't have enough brain cells to understand a snippet of text from the Department of Labor website.

No. 439913

File: 1564183978798.png (157.49 KB, 345x345, 1460054618055.png)

Everything about this is weird and sad

No. 439914

Isn't there a femdom thread where you can ask this? It's so cringey holy shit ew.

No. 439915

janitors and cashiers typically earn more than minimum wage and mcd employees arent responsible for the same duties servers are and are still able to earn tips on top of minimum wage

if you cant afford to sit and eat at a restaurant, grab some fast food or eat at home

No. 439917

File: 1564184266236.jpg (8.05 KB, 476x289, 1483157183181.jpg)

>I have been in a committed polyamorous dominant submissive relationship for the past three months

Stopped reading right there

No. 439919

This is one of the most humiliating things I've read on lolcow in a hot minute

No. 439922

Ayy this shit aint even real. This is some bait

No. 439923

I know it's weird but can you guys offer some actual input? Some advice? Or maybe just not reply if you have nothing good to say?
Not everyone will have the same kind of relationships you do….

No. 439926

last time i checked this is the vent thread not the advice/lick my ass even if you think my life choices are degenerate. thread. your post seems better suited to the femdom thread anyway

No. 439928

But it's not the holier then thou vanilla bitch thread either so maybe leave me alone

No. 439932

Well, first off, I hate polyamory with a passion.
That being said, allowing your subs to kiss seems reasonable. If it's poly, why deny them sharing their affection through kisses.
If they "unionised", it sounds like it was really important to them and you should respect that.
A power-hungry domme can soil the fun and come across as mean. Maybe the communication there can be improved. Idk talk about your feelings with "I statements" and not just rules and contracts and relationship bdsm politics.
If you as a domme feel undermined in the dynamic, think about that for yourself. Are you really undermind or do you still feel as powerful as ever? If not, is it something personal or does it have to do with this event and what can restore your needs (internally vs. externally). Idk if you wanna show them for unionising (which can be a good thing if it is about needs) you can always take a small break and treat yourself and make them miss you idk. Or have them do something special for you after which you make a whole lot softer rules.

No. 439933

for someone who likes to dom, you sure are thin skinned. what a joke.

No. 439936

File: 1564186993026.jpg (108.47 KB, 800x478, pasta-casera-t.jpg)


Mamma mia! Buon appetito!

No. 439937

double-post, I think being generous and confident can go a long way and not overthinking your rule-making-process. Just have them spoil you and indulge for a day and then be done with it and give them what they want generously

No. 439944

>But the power balance was shifted when they unionized
KEK, has to be b8

but I'll play along, could it be theyre just testing you to see how "domme" you really are?
maybe theyre just asking for more aggression, get some nazi LARP gear and start quelling this rebellion.

No. 439945

My ear was blocked for 4 days and it finally cleared but my other ear just got blocked.

No. 439962

>>439945 this is for nose but has worked for my ears too, press in between your eyes and swallow a few times quickly. should relieve or release some shit that's in there.

No. 439972

File: 1564190747050.png (206.45 KB, 1233x957, db7.png)

If you're serious about this, you seriously need to get off the internet and reevaluate your life.

No. 439973

File: 1564190873626.png (233.8 KB, 500x400, you_are_wrong.png)

It's too delicious for me to pass up, forgive me

Imagine this joker in >>439909 meeting up with their pOlYcULE pretending to be a "dOmMe" and not even knowing how to periodically and consistently make a series of statements that claim you're willing to meet for negotiations, keep delaying and only partially address or offer a mostly insignificant concession to demands, then when you're met with further resistance asking you to address the original complaints in their entirety, decry this as unjustified stubbornness and insist that you have already shown willing to meet for negotiations and have offered [aforementioned insufficient] concession and that really it's them who aren't willing to properly negotiate or come to talks?

>I'm a dOmInAnT but I don't even know basic union busting tactics

lmao u fkn scrub anon, honestly

No. 440000

>post-war union-busting roleplay
I'd watch that porn.

No. 440005

File: 1564193863569.jpg (175.01 KB, 720x960, 1540321258461.jpg)

I feel like i need to stop browsing imageboards, i hate it, i always come back and is like a crotch. I already stopped using social media, the problem is that ok, sure i stop but my life is so fucking lonely and sad i just sink deeper into misery and it makes me notice my isolation and the endless void i've been in for years. I need to focus on constructive shit like going back to study stuff but i have zero motivation, i feel i will always be just as sad no matter how much i stress and fatigue myself.

I was thinking of just deleting my entire folder of reaction images and ib related stuff. That would feel crippling to my posting habits because is like a collection of the last 5 years of browsing the intertubes. I wish there was something else i could replace my compulsions with and not feel as empty inside and lacking purpose but i don´t have friends, family, all my hobbies feel like garbage to me know and i hate my job and everything that ever gave me excitement or motivation seems trite an dull including my trade.

No. 440019

FUCK I hate myself. It’s 6 days post getting my wisdom teeth out and I’ve been meticulously been keeping my mouth clean with gentle brushing after each meal, salt water rinses every 2-3 hours, and taking my antibiotics. I didn’t even touch the extraction site until today! But of course today, when I went out to see friends and got some mac and cheese (been working my way up on solid foods, still keeping to relatively soft and easy to chew and trying to keep food chewed towards the teeth right behind my canines) and a tiny fucking chip of stupid baked cheese slithered on to the back and I thought it got jammed back there. I tried getting it out with my tongue- nothing. Had a really hard time distinguishing between food and my stitches back there. I bought a dental mirror and went to check it after I got home to make sure there wasn’t food lodged in there and lo and behold, my socket is empty and I can see something whiteish in there (probably bone). Other socket is fine.

My stupid paranoid ass doesn’t know what to think. I thought it might be okay because I’m supposed to start irrigating out the sockets with the provided syringe starting tomorrow, and when I was looking up exactly how to do it (because I didn’t know where my sockets were or how they looked before today), one website said it’s normal to dislodge the clot and for some bleeding to occur. I figured if I had to start irrigating it anyway, then the clot was gonna come out anyway right? Then google takes me down a trip and NO, DUMBASS, the blood clot isn’t supposed to come out at all. Congrats, now you’re gonna get the dreaded dry socket you’ve been meticulously trying to fucking avoid. I’m going to call my oral surgeon’s office tomorrow morning since they’ll know best, but fuck I’m so mad at myself. Going to probably have to pay a bunch more money to fix it. Ughhhhh.

No. 440031

Unfortunately seeing bone the socket usually means you're going to develop dry socket. Even super meticulous care can still result in it; I got dry socket for no fucking reason at all. It sucked ASS though. The dentist didn't do shit for me except tell me to take some Advil, which didn't even touch the pain (luckily my bf at the time had gotten knee surgery and shared his painkillers with me lol). Good luck anon, I hope you don't have any complications. Don't beat yourself up over it.

No. 440049

File: 1564203317587.jpg (385.07 KB, 850x616, 1553438248171.jpg)

i have nightmares every time i go to sleep and i wake up exhausted and panicked. idk i try to talk about it but it sounds like a stupid problem to have since they're just dreams. i have PTSD after a break-in and being raped and beaten to a pulp in front of my mother but that was like a couple years ago

i could just do with a night's sleep where i don't have nightmares about home invasions or rape or dying. gotten to the point where i dread falling asleep because fuck these hellscapes i see at night. got a script for sleep meds but that just means i'm in hell longer

No. 440051

File: 1564204484615.jpg (215.27 KB, 1024x1024, bun2.jpg)

>it's like a crotch
fuck lmao

No. 440052

File: 1564204513029.jpeg (20.65 KB, 275x136, ED99D8DA-F151-4B78-B072-9FEECD…)

was gonna have a mattress delivered thru FedEx to my future apartment on a date no one would be at the house. called FedEx to see if I could set up a pick up date and they told me I would have to wait until it was delivered to do so, there would be a manager to call, etc. so I Stupidly assumed it would be brought back to a FedEx storage facility or some shit, right? because if no one’s there to pick it up, as I told them! turns out it was delivered today, no one signed, they just dropped it off. what the fuck! they’re opening some sort of investigation, but if they can’t prove it was stolen I can’t get my money back. I feel stupid but at the same time, how could I have fucking scheduled a pick up when I’m working and can’t check my email every 5 seconds to see whether or not it was delivered then take the time out of my shift to call them and shit! I’m so fucking pissed I spent 300$ on that mattress and I can barely afford to get another one at this point. guess I’ll have to settle for something cheap and uncomfortable. but I feel like I took all the necessary steps to avoid this. I hope they recorded the conversation I had so I can confirm if I was being an idiot or the person over the phone was. FUCK

No. 440059

God, fucking FedEx and UPS hires the worst people. I had an almost similar situation happen to me recently with UPS except they didn't drop off my package, they left a note on my apartment door, but had no fucking information about who the package was for or where the access point where my package would be able to be picked up was located, just a poorly written date. I'm pretty sure I was home at the time too, and I didn't hear a knock or doorbell ring. By the time I found out it was my package that was attempted to be delivered, the access point already sent my package back. I emailed UPS customer service about the issue and they said to just ask the sender to send my package again. For what? So they can do the same shit again? I need to just have them deliver to the UPS store nearby instead.

No. 440064

have you tried dream-suppressing medications? not sure if accessible to you. I don't dream when I smoke weed. Just reading about this is terrifying, one of my biggest fears tbh. I hope you find relief, anon.

No. 440074

File: 1564210172294.jpg (6.38 KB, 199x254, images-5.jpg)

I feel like I'm stuck in a rut with myself. Doing the same shit everyday without actually getting anything done. Even things that I usually like aren't making me feel good. There's this lingering feeling of existentialism, like what's the point of doing anything? 

I want things so desperately to change but I'm too afraid to do anything. Like I'm 20 years old, I feel like I should be able to go anywhere I'd like on my own, but i never left home and can't really afford to go anywhere. I have 'goals' I'm working to achieve but there's still this fear that I don't actually want what I'm working towards and it's just a distraction to put up with the fact that I don't really know what I want to do. I'm in college & my parents are helping me pay which I'm grateful for, but I'm not enjoying my major as much I thought I would and feel shitty if I changed in the middle of finishing up.
Right now I'm out of school and a job so I don't really know what to do. I've been applying to jobs everyday but every time I'm optimistic it's going well nothing happens.  So I'm basically spending most of time home not going out or spending money online while I wait for the days to pass. Extremely pathetic for someone almost 21 years old.  

I feel terrible about feeling like this when I have it better than a lot of people so I just kick myself more for this.
Things were going so well for my mental state that it just feels out of nowhere.
I know this is just a phase in my depressive episodes but I had gone for so long without one I forgot how to cope with this.

No. 440080

Prazosin truly changed my life. It immediately stopped my nightmares and I even started to have good dreams. It's prescribed for PTSD. Cannabis worked really well for me too before I had health insurance. I'm so sorry you are going through this anon there really is hope.

No. 440082

Reading this makes my blood boil because UPS is the absolutely worst fucking courier service and I have no idea how they stay in business. I've literally never had a good experience with them. Most of the time they don't inform me of the delivery date at all and try to deliver the package when I'm not home without leaving the goddamn note or even attempting to call me.

No. 440090

File: 1564213874804.jpeg (65.26 KB, 356x450, 5CC67E35-0294-495B-903E-ACBCCC…)

I’m so sick of my pathetic NEET brother. He’s almost 30 and my parents do nothing but baby him. He’s been a NEET throughout his 20s and my parents did nothing to get him to be productive. Nope, they just enabled his NEET lifestyle. Ever since he was diagnosed with depression last year, my parents only babied him even more. Taking him to therapy has only stopped his violent outbursts. He’s still the same fat, pathetic NEET who won’t do errands, find a job, or cook his own meals. He just sits in his room all day playing vidya or sleeping. My dad even got him a gym membership and my brother is too much of a lazy shit to go to the gym and lose weight. My parents have spoiled him since birth and they still spoil him, only now they use his depression as an excuse to be a NEET.
Pic related is an accurate representation of my brother minus the porn and anime figurines.

No. 440091

File: 1564213902582.jpg (50.35 KB, 580x435, RCbg3Mcx-580.jpg)

I'm in a similar situation, except I changed majors halfway through. Everyone I started with is done and continuing with their actual lives. It's depressing as hell.

I'm here getting straight A's and still feel like a failure, lol. I'm trying to convince myself to not care about grades so I can attempt to enjoy my life a little, but I'm shallow and like the positive attention my grades get me. It makes me feel like I'm worth something, but then I remember nobody truly cares. Then I also feel stuck because for my entire academic life I've been branded as "THE SMART ONE" and I've accepted that role for myself. I want to believe it won't make me stupid in people's eyes if I just do the bare minimum and get Bs and Cs. I care too much about dumb shit.

No. 440093

Most of the time lately when I think of my bf I cry..not in a good way

No. 440172

File: 1564229430207.jpg (77.55 KB, 787x787, aurelius.jpg)

In a few weeks I'm officially moving 8 hours away by train to study, to a city I've never been in before and know nobody. I'm pretty much already friendless with intermittent depression, mild 'tism, and bad social anxiety. My habits are not the best and I have a LOT to learn when it comes to self-care and living on my own, and I'm already 22.

I'm so fucking terrified of not making any friends and being ostracized there, my dad just now stressed the importance of making friends in the first few weeks because 'after that everyone has their groups' and 'these are contacts for life'. Yes, he meant well, but I'm fucking panicking. Do I be myself (kinda weird, awkward, direct) or try to be some kind of fucking TurboNormie in the beginning so I don't get judged as someone to avoid? Do I just take it as it comes when I'm there and try to make things grow naturally from doing things in proximity to people? Am I gonna be alright?

No. 440177

Been there Anon. Tried to be TurboNormie but it didn't change the fact that I eventually got ostracized from any group and ended up being all alone anyways.
I hope you find nice people to be together with, I got my present irl friends from random telegram groups, if you're mildly 'tist as I am it may help a lot.

No. 440184

You CAN make friends after the first few weeks so don't worry if it takes you longer as long as you continue talking to your classmates, looking and trying. I ended up making my closest friend group towards the end of my first semester by approaching them after I heard them talking about doing something I really like.
Anyway you can connect better with people for real friendships if you display more of your real interests but you will want to cover up awkwardness and act out a more outgoing normie facade even if you feel shy since putting yourself out there and talking jovially with peers is the best way to make new friendships. Look around for anyone who seems somewhat nerdy like you and maybe see if there are clubs available. Some schools have clubs for nerd interests and those can be easy access to an accepting social group.

No. 440190

You're gonna be alright! I was very socially anxious and sheltered, and at my first day I introduced myself to the nearest girl in a truly awkward attack. We're still friends after 4 years of studying together, and our uni friendship group of course expanded. The worst you can do is not talk to anyone. Remember that most of people around you will be in a similar situation and also desperate for friends. I think it's super easy to make friends in first days, even if you're awkward, because people don't want to face the first days alone and are way more welcoming. Good luck!

No. 440193

Thanks anon, this made me feel better. I didn’t end up getting the prescription pain killers they sent to my local pharmacy because I’m scared of taking them and managed to tough out the worst of post op pain with otc painkillers, but now I might grab them just in case… I called the office and the lady said it’s okay if the blood clot comes out on its own and the white stuff I saw is probably dried blood in the socket (that part sounds fake, but ok). As long as I’m not in pain then it’s fine, but if I am in pain I can go and pop on over there to see what’s up. I was in such a bad mood all night because of this but now I guess there isn’t much else to do but keep up my cleaning routine and making myself feel better with ice cream.

No. 440195

File: 1564236381435.jpg (43.93 KB, 500x667, 1533649730998.jpg)

i've started writing shitty vent poetry and have no one to share it with so here. this is about the time i dated a drug dealer and got addicted

choking down the poison
in my lungs

show me what it means to be happy

god im in heaven
not for long

i don't want to feel don't want to see

i'll take a hit for my next hit
i need i need i need i need i need
i need something else in me

but happy doesn't come for free

the warmth the glow
calm the demons i've grown
and i don't care
if it eats at my nose
i'll run to you
and you will know
that my hurt is high
but my stash is low

sleeping with the devil
far too young

anything you say i will believe

please put another
on my tongue

let my body rot into your sheets

i'll take a hit for my next hit
i need i need i need i need i need
i need something else in me

but happy doesn't come for free

No. 440196

If your school has clubs, join those!

Making friends is easiest in the beginning, but it isn’t the end all be all time of making friends. I made friends all throughout the year over my 4 years when I was studying away at college! Be yourself, if not just the best version of yourself to new people. If you force yourself to be a turbo normie, people will eventually find out your true self when you burn out from keeping up that persona.

Best of luck anon! Don’t sweat it too much, I’m sure you’ll make friends, even if it isn’t immediately.

No. 440198

Thank you, this calmed me down! You're all great and I love how supportive lolcow can be sometimes.

I think I'll try to act natural but a little more cheery and open to feel welcoming, see where things go, while focusing on myself as well.

No. 440218

I mentioned having a roach problem at my home a couple of weeks ago in the advice thread… right before we left for a two week trip. My dad went home a week early, and I asked him at the beginning of the week if he's seen any of the fuckers and he went no. But of course he can't be trusted because he's fucking blind and somehow does not give a shit about them, as if he is unaware of how fucking nasty roaches are?

An anon gave advice on how to deal with them but when we go home I'm praying it's not totally disgusting and then call an exterminator. I'm just paranoid my dad's going to say some dumb shit and try to persuade me not to and then I'll go with it because I'm retarded. We had a few baits out beforehand but I doubt they helped much.

No. 440223

put diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your house, it's even safe to sprinkle around corners in your home. Hopefully they all dry out and die!

No. 440230

Slutty but honestly quite good.

No. 440231

seconding the diatomaceous earth thing, it's pet-safe since it works on small animals with exoskeletons. It absorbs the oily/waxy coating on their outer shells, leading them to dehydrate. It just doesn't work as well if you live somewhere very humid, so you'll have to sprinkle more frequently, but it's a great non-toxic option. I put it on windowsills, door jams, corners of the kitchen, and anywhere I see bugs chilling.

No. 440233

I'm going to need a lot of dental work done, either implants or a bridge to replacing missing decayed teeth. I'm so angry at my younger self for not taking better care of my teeth knowing my genes and all. I'm jealous of people with a lot of money and a good family dentist they've grown up with, both my fear of the dentist and past money troubles have lead me to this point. I'm just lucky I have enough money to deal with all of this hopefully, but I'm going to put off so much in my life just to get this work done. Fuck me.

No. 440235

thanks for feedback anon. everything i've written so far is pretty slutty since i pull from my own degenerate memories

currently writing one about a night when i was 15 and got proposed to by a man twice my age. i said yes. wonder if we're still technically engaged

No. 440236

I'm not much for poetry, but it sounds good.
It's just relatable to me. Since I dated a drug dealer too. Though he forced me into that kind of life. He fucked me up so bad, god.

Also the picture is really cute. Do you know the artist?

No. 440237

Did Luna Slater write this

No. 440249

That's kinda cute though?

No. 440250

Glad I never took it further than weed. There was a time in my life when I would have liked for nothing more than to be an escort who fucked different men for drugs. Just seemed kinda romantic at the time idk. I'm sure other farmers can relate?

No. 440251

kinda cute kinda fucked up, i was a kid in love and he was a hurt man. the technical term is grooming but i have no malice, the engagement ring is in my jewelry box

thanks anon! unfortunately i don't have saus on the pic, sorry. glad you could relate to my writing. thinking about making it a song, it's already structured like one

No. 440256

I really wish it was weed. He forced me into a lot of different shit. I don't even remember most of it. He thought that if I would be high, I wouldn't mind if he raped me. I still don't know how the fuck I dated him for 3 years.
Well, I was extremely young, stupid and never had much self-worth. Now I can say I tried most "prominent" drugs tho. For the hip points or something. Hah, no, there was nothing good about it and there is nothing good about having that kind of experience.
I think I'm going to kill him if I ever see him again. My entire identity got destroyed in the process of dating him. I was never a really bright or interesting person, but he reduced me to a doped out cum-rag for a long while. I am still picking up the pieces. 5 years have passed and I still can't think of myself as anything but a wothless pice of human trash he made of me.

No. 440258

Can I be honest? It's messed up and probably an example of my own low self esteem but being a doped out cum rag for a dealer who passes me around is a fantasy I've had for years. I wish I could have something like that happen to me. I know it's horrible but I wish it were the case.

No. 440262

I have ptsd from growing up in an abusive environment and poverty in a country that detests the poor and that's why I became a drug addict. It is romanticized a lot and I do admit to falling in love with drug culture and doing stupid suicidal things to myself. I can't stress enough how addiction actually ruins lives though and if you've ever seen junkies they are nothing to romanticize cause we ugly.

No. 440264

Well… don't be ashamed about that. Even if I say it's the worst experience of my life, having that kind of trauma so early in my life made me crave the same abuse. That's just how my brain got wired in the teens.
It's incredibly fucking shameful and disgusting to me that I sometimes get off to the fantasies of being used like trash I am. But I still do.

It's not healthy, but I think a lot of insecure girls with zero self-worth share the fantasy. Because from early teens we are taught by society that we are nothing but pieces of meat existing to satisfy men. And because being someone's doped out slave takes the responsibility away from you. If you're suicidal or depressed, it's easy to surrender control to someone who "knows better", it's so tempting to belong to someone, to be "useful" for once. That's how a lot of mentally ill or otherwise damaged girls end up in the clutches of abusive men. And drugs make it easier for both parties.

I literally gave my life away to that man. He tried to kill me several times and I was okay with it. Just resigned. Because I hated myself so much. Because his opinion, his decision was that much more valuable and because I didn't want to take responsibility for my own shit existence.

No. 440265

Even with all the warnings about what it's really like I wish I could just experience it. I feel worthless and I don't feel like I deserve love. I feel like men who talk about things like love are actually kinda disgusting. In my mind a real man is one who hurts me and treats me like shit and pimps me out to his friends because it's so unfeeling. I'd love to feel useful like that. Like even if I'm stupid at least my body can please people and can earn money for him.

Sometimes it makes me wonder whether the shit men say about us is true. That we are all just broken and fucked.

No. 440266

"Haha Europe is gonna die cuz no AC" makes me absolutely enraged. I live in a poor third world country and in summers we tend to have 45 degree weather that the population performs manual labour under. Outside. And immature teenagers out here are making the most massively ignorant and tone-deaf posts here while alternatively being the most racist shills in existence. Who wouldn't even cast a glance of empathy with the rest of the globe. Go fuck yourselves, please.

No. 440269

We aren't anon. Men just like to prey on broken girls and perpetuating a stereotype so that we ourselves would believe in it. Gives them more "material" to work with.

After that guy I have met a wonderful person, who truly loved me and whom I truly loved in return. It was good. Extremely good to finally have someone who sees actual worth in you, who sees you as something other than a body to use and fuck. Love, actual, sincere love is everything you can hope for and more, everything you need. It doesn't fix you, but having someone who truly loves you for who you are helps immensely. That person i met was actually the one who made me understand that what I went on while on dugs with that guy wasn't what life is supposed to be and that I'm worth more than that. I am eternally thankful to her, despite her no longer being in my life.

No. 440273

Yeah just wish I had someone to talk to about it tbh.

No. 440315

I know spouting omg go to therapy is a big fuckin meme, but I really do think you would benefit from talking to a professional, anon, and I think you feel this too. If you're Ameripoor I know you can occasionally find therapists who run sliding scales. I'd recommend trying to find a female who tends to work with young women who have experienced abuse; you could even try contacting a woman's charity or shelter for a list of recommended practitioners.

Take care of yourself.

No. 440317

air conditioning is probably one of the most useless, expensive luxuries out there. all it does is make sure that people cant acclimatise to the actual temperature lol. its absolutely pathetic. people have made do without it since forever, i cant believe there are actually people out there who think ac is a neccesity.

No. 440321

My boyfriend keeps saying nigger and it's bugging the shit out of me. I'm not even sjw but it's so "I'm an edgy retarded male on the internet". He also bitched about his mum making fun of asians on the tele.

No. 440327

His mum sounds based. Racial humor about blacks is boring but racial humor about Asians is funnier to me since it tends to make them madder.

No. 440329

Especially when you live in a country where you'd need ac for maybe 3-4 months in the year and not even daily.

No. 440331

and then theres the people who run it constantly even when they dont need it, even though ac eat up electricity. ive heard theres so many people in the us where over 50% of their electric bill is spent on ac. no wonder americans produce so much pollution.

No. 440343

What do you call this irritating shit?

>remind bf of something

>"I know! I heard you the first 100 times!!!!!!"
>stop reminding him of anything
>"Why didn't you SAY SOMETHING????"

No. 440344

He a baby. Set up a board where you leave a notch every time either thing happens and compare the data to shut him the fuck up.

No. 440346

Where I live, it's extremely hot for the vast majority of the year, and humid, yet, I still have my ac set to 75. Which most people I know think is fucking crazy, theirs stay 65 or below.

No. 440352

You're right, it is absolutely boring.

No. 440389

A man trying to get out of doing something and hoping you will do it instead

No. 440415

My "friend" has been implying that she thinks I'm ugly for awhile now and it pisses me off so much.

The times that stick out the most are:
>Friend says she wants to find me a boyfriend since I'm a shy kissless virgin, recommends her male friend
>the dude is a repulsive neckbeard, has bad hygiene and is just overall unpleasant
>uh, no thanks
>"come on anon, don't be picky!"
>Other friend comes to my defense, says I could do better
>Friend looks doubtful but drops it
>Fast forward few weeks later, an attractive male classmate sees me sitting alone in the college library
>He sits next to me and we have a nice conversation with some flirting
>Later I tell my friends what happened
>"Lol chill anon he was probably just being nice, i doubt he likes you"
>Other friend backs me up, says I'm pretty and he could like me
>"Yeah, I guess, just seems unlikely that he'd be interested in anon when there's other options"
>I laugh it off and change the subject

I know I'm no 10/10, but damn I'm not hideous! It just hurts that she seems to think no decent looking man would dare to find me attractive. She has no problem insulting my personality as well (says she finds me "dorky" and weird) and I can tell it pains her to give me a compliment even when everyone else does. I'm not even sure if I should confront her about it because there's a good chance she'll just deny it and say I'm being dramatic. Technically we're only friends because she's close with all the people in my friend group so I'm forced to be around her if I want to be around them. It's hard to tell whether she's purposely tearing down my self-esteem or doesn't realize how rude her words are but god I hate her.

No. 440416

My boyfriend is super angry at me because I took too long in the bathroom and now he can't shower before we go to this outdoor event that's like a game night thing but like, he didn't let me know I should finish up soon since I had no sense of time, so now he's in a complete mood of snapping at me over everything, saying there's no way I needed that much time doing the makeup I'M proud of saying I look exactly the same..

No. 440418


it sounds like she's insecure and needs to make someone feel bad about themselves to feel better, and unfortunately you are the person she picked. i don't know exactly how you should navigate this issue considering she's attached to your friend group. maybe you could privately go to some of your closer friends in the group and let them know its really hurting your feelings. maybe they can tell her to chill. if they're your friends they really should just do this anyway.

i'm really sorry she's making you feel like shit though, no one deserves that and I know its hard to deal with even if it is coming from a place of hatefulness and insecurity from that person.

No. 440420

That snake is not your friend, please confront her on how disgusting she has acted under the guise of "honesty" and then tell her never to speak to you again. Thrive without snakes 2020.

No. 440421


"thrive without snakes 2020" yesssss

No. 440447

>i don't know exactly how you should navigate this issue considering she's attached to your friend group.

Fuck - and I say this meme entirely unironically and with feeling - her dad.

That or you can out her by playing dumb and asking her to double down on her criticisms of you. She knows exactly what she's doing, and so does your friend who keeps coming to your defense. Play dumb, ask "why?" all innocently, ask for clarification on why men wouldn't be interested in you and see if you can trip her up.

No. 440499

Try living somewhere where the humidity is in the 90s and the temperature is 90 plus during the summer and then come back. It's like torture, you feel wet and sticky constantly, it's too hot to cook, exercising is off the table, going to work in dress clothes is a nightmare, sleep is impossible. It's not just being hot, it's being wet and covered in grease and sweat. It lowers your quality of life significantly.

No. 440509

Yeah I don't get this holier than thou attitude when it comes to air con, it gets 40c where I live for like half the year and it's fucking absurd to expect people to not want to cool off, we get sent home from work because it's dangerously hot. While I can tolerate the heat ok while I'm awake and will use a fan instead, you better believe I crank it down to 18c in my bedroom to sleep.

Old and sick people die in heatwaves all the time, it's not a "weakness" to be comfortable. Sheesh. Good for you if you live in a climate with short mild summers but some of us live on the equator.

No. 440516

I'm in my first relationship it's only been a week but I feel like he's tired of me. I'm not sure if this is just anxiety getting the better of me since I feel like if i'm not giving any attention i start to worry. But we never really had the talk if were really in a relationship or not maybe if we confirm that i'll feel better, idk.
I'm also worry that since I go to school across the country from him that he will eventually get tired of the long distance, he says he won't but i don't know. I'll see him tommorrow night and our second date might be on monday after work.

No. 440538

Why are all MTF troons exactly the same in personality and behavior? Every single one I meet online is the biggest attention whore I've ever met in my life, constantly talking about their girldicks and their porn habits and fetishes, then start getting furious when people aren't paying attention to the stupid shit they say 24/7? And once everyone gets sick of them they start huge drama and move on to the next group of normal people to harass to death. ALL of them are like this. We've had a few come through my WoW guild in recent months and I'd swear they were the same person fucking with us if I didn't know better.

No. 440559

Am I a bitch for being really really upset over my boyfriend not wanting to do anything for my 21st?? Like I get it it's a Monday but we can do stuff in the day.. I don't even care if it's just me and him but I was looking forward to celebrating that day since I can finally drink at a bar and shit. I had so much set up in my mind.

No. 440560

>Old and sick people die in heatwaves all the time,
Yep. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_wave#Health_effects
>Heat waves are the most lethal type of weather phenomenon in the United States. Between 1992 and 2001, deaths from excessive heat in the United States numbered 2,190, compared with 880 deaths from floods and 150 from hurricanes.[25] The average annual number of fatalities directly attributed to heat in the United States is about 400.[26] The 1995 Chicago heat wave, one of the worst in US history, led to approximately 739 heat-related deaths over a period of five days.[27] Eric Klinenberg has noted that in the United States, the loss of human life in hot spells in summer exceeds that caused by all other weather events combined, including lightning, rain, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

One specific example is that elderly people in Japan are very reluctant to use air con because of energy conservation measures that, iirc are no longer in place, but they still stick to. And not using air con literally kills them during heatwaves.

No. 440561

I should add he's off the day and like, we could do it earlier? I don't mind going wild at fuckin 5 PM lol

No. 440564

My bf is vegetarian (has been since he was 10) and LOL the look on his mom's face when he told her how excited he was that my family has veggie/vegans galore and he had the best time at my cousin's bday was priceless. My bf's family isn't very accomodating and cracks soooo many jokes at his expense and have even tricked him into eating meat in the past. It's so fucking childish for no reason. His mom looked angry that he was bragging about getting to eat everything at a party. No vegan agenda here but omg why are some people like this??

No. 440576

I could've written this about myself tbh word for word

have you tried meditation? there are lots of guided meditations out there to help make peace with/accept the things beyond our individual control (if that's a direction your interested in) the app insight timer is free and has thousands of guided mediations. I use it daily.

try being gentler with yourself anon, you will get there.

No. 440579

that's so cute how excited your bf was at being around other veggies/vegans and the fun he had, fuck his mom. he's allowed to be excited. his family sounds pretty awful, especially the tricking him into eating meat, wtf.

vegans can be annoying (and this is coming from a vegan lol) but some meat eaters (of course not all) know no bounds to their childishness. I'm really happy for your bf

No. 440656

I'm thinking of ending yet another relationship out of insecurity, I literally break up with men because I am completely convinced no matter what I do I am never good enough and nobody is happy with me, I have extremely bad issues stemming from an ex boyfriend emotionally abusing me over my looks, my current says he's happy with me but idk no matter what he tells me I constantly just feel like he's secretly is repulsed by me or goes on Reddit or 4chan or some dumb shit and talks about how miserable I'm making him and how he desperately wants the relationship to be over because of my breast size or my stretch marks or whatever.

Men have completey fucked up my views on relationships to the point where I feel I can only be useful by distancing myself and avoiding relationships, sometimes I can't help myself but to get into them because I have needs but I just feel absolutely miserable and disgusted with myself and like I'm doing nothing but making them miserable. I don't know what to do other than to avoid men and kill myself. I don't feel like anyone views me for who I am but my breast size

No. 440660

File: 1564324945610.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.37 KB, 720x960, 1485750021932.jpg)

vegetarians and vegans are extremely annoying people

No. 440665

if his parents do this now, why would they have ever allowed him to become vegetarian at age 10? something doesn't seem right here.

No. 440667

It was a mistake that we allowed them to stay after slavery was abolished.
We should definitely ship those niggers back.(3edgy5me)

No. 440668

I don't mind vegetarianism and veganism, eating a lot of meat just makes me ill, but a lot of them just never shut up about it.

No. 440674

Passive-aggression. I was a vegetarian for a while, and my parents didn't disallow it, but they gave me a lot of shit about it.

No. 440704

So I went to my family reunion and my cousin laughed in my face when I said I was a janitor, I’m a janitor at a very prestigious university finishing a computer science degree. Ngl, it was annoying, am I suppose to be ashamed? Most of my extended family treated me like shit growing up cause I was weird, withdrawn and so obviously depressed, I guessed they assumed I’d amount to nothing. Barely anyone in my extended family has a degree, and I’m attending the best school out of the entire bunch. (I know I’m bragging) Anyways they told me theyre working as a security consultant yet when I told them my major was computer science they swiftly corrected me and said, “IT”, like no those are two totally different majors. Anyways this motivated me to graduate sooner and focus on accomplishing my goals.

No. 440715

A job is a fucking job. Fuck anyone who makes you feel bad for getting up in the morning and doing something with your life. Old fucks like to believe that jobs come at a dime a dozen; that is NOT the case. Especially when attending university for something as taxing as a computer science degree. You have to find a job that fits between your classes, classes that are going to get you a high paying job one day. They know this, so they are using this as an opportunity to shit on you while they can.

No. 440716

I'm really tired of people commenting on my resting face making me look "angry" or "depressed" I can't control the way my eyes droop at the ends along with my eyebrows. It's horrible when I'm genuinely in a great mood and having a great time and someone comes up to me and goes "why do you look so miserable, smile". Great, so everyone else can be normal but I have to be ON all the time to avoid people thinking i'm upset? When I express to people that I'm not upset and that they need to stop assuming so, they tell me it's not a big deal and that they don't get why I'm so worked up about it.

No. 440730

Idk what to tell ya. He had a single mom who worked a lot and didn't care because now it was his responsibility to feed himself.

No. 440733

Idk I think people with happy faces all the time look kind of dumb, resting bitch face usually signals you're lost in thought.

No. 440734

I'm doing a CS degree as well and working customer service. I wish I was a janitor, I would love a job not dealing with the public much. Most college students have a crappy job on the side while they study anyways.

No. 440739

I think my nephew and niece are beyond spoiled and raised poorly. I can afford to buy them birthday gifts but I choose not to because they have everything they ask for tenfold, and so many things get ruined or broken. I get away with it because I don't live in the same city, so I'm only obligated to do Christmas gifts.

Even furniture, plants, gifts to their parents get ruined because no one tells them "stop pulling the fabric off the couch" or "don't fucking break that plant because you're having a meltdown because you lost in your game"

They're the kind of kids that have meltdowns at restaurants because they won't have the "right" kind of chicken fingers. They don't go to restaurants for that reason I imagine. They eat every meal in front of the tv, and it's always chicken fingers, pizza, etc, even if it's Thanksgiving or Christmas. The son is infront of a screen all hours of the waking day, the daughter is a bit younger and isn't at that point but sees that behaviour as normal.

No. 440752

>because you're having a meltdown because you lost in your game

Oh my god my nephew is like 8 years old and already rages at Minecraft like this, angry sperging, hitting his iPad, and completely ignoring everyone around him until they take it away.

Sedating your kid with video games seems nice now, but I'm ready for the "told you so" moment when your sperg gets addicted to games and throws controllers at the wall. Apparently parents of this gen just missed the boat on learning about screen addiction and wondering why they cant get their little boy to get off the vidya and take out the trash. Fuck em, they've had since early 90s consoles to figure it out.

No. 440774

File: 1564350442820.jpg (33.22 KB, 320x343, tumblr_pv0n6a7Ctu1y6pk8to1_400…)

my relationship with my mom is deteriorating. as much as i try to save it, it seems like she just doesn't want anything to do with me. i think she's embarrassed of me bc im not a successful doctor/lawyer/whatever at the decrepit age of 22. she looks annoyed everytime i try to talk or joke around with her. i dont think she hates me, but its like that saying "I love you, but I don't like you".

sometimes i just wanna down a whole bottle of pills and walk into the forest and end this miserable existence.

No. 440782

I don't think my bf and I have good chemistry or he's just very boring. He's VERY quiet and never really talks to me and when he does respond, its about some irrelevant asian shit or boring ass internet nostalgia. Fuck I don't even know his interests except music and even then he isnt into any particular genre or band and everytime I ask him about his interests, he says he feels self conscious and doesn't know what he likes. I mentioned to him that I feel like we dont have chemistry and he told me he doesnt feel that way. Am I supposed to come up with conversations and start one myself each day basically talking to myself? I feel like he doesn't have a personality. So harsh and I care about him, but our relationship doesn't feel right. Feels like I'm talking to a brick wall. We're both adults. For some reason, he doesn't work either I assume because he's lazy and has rich parents who spoil him so he doesn't have to make any effort. I've yet to mention this to him.
Maybe find yourself before you decide to date.

No. 440786

Not working as an adult just gives me huge red flags. Unless he’s in college currently (and school is in session) there’s really no excuse not to be working. That could possibly be contributing to him being boring, if nothing happens to him all day then of course he has nothing to talk about. Plus that also means he probably doesn’t have to interact with people regularly outside of people of his choosing which strikes me as odd. Just my 2 cents, I’ve rarely met a well adjusted adult who doesn’t work without a realllyy good reason.

No. 440788

i'm kind of over feeling extremely devoid of affection and love, not from my family but from a complete lack of a partner. it's just miserable to be lonely when you're a huge romantic inside and you believe in soulmates and shit. i'd get a crush on someone and they just completely ignore my existence. most recently i somehow developed a crush on this very well known DJ from my area, like of course he's probably trying to go for some instagram model/influencer tier women.

No. 440791

I agree with you, but even as a nonworking adult, he shouldn't be absolutely jaded. There's still a lot of stuff to talk about.

No. 440794

and now he's just saying doing anything like that is stupid and meaningless and a waste of money.. I want to celebrate the way I've always wanted by going to the bar real close? I'd have money set aside for everything and I'm just honestly really upset to the point of wanting to cry because I've been looking forward to this for years.

No. 440799

>my boyfriend can't understand why I want to celebrate my own birthday

anon please go celebrate your night with someone who is capable of empathy, you deserve to have a nice night if you've been planning it for so long, wtf

No. 440802

I wouldn't wanna go to a bar or anything without him and I mean on a base level I get it, he has to work the next day, it's a Monday, and yeah we don't have a ton of money but I have money set aside for it.. Like I even said IDGAF if I'm drinking like, midday, I just wanna celebrate somewhere… I feel like a spoiled brat for being so upset over this but this feels like a milestone, I didn't even get to do anything for like, 16 and 18..

No. 440804

I hate it when people tell randos on the internet to dump their SO over one issue, but holy red flags Batman. If a talk with him about what this is unacceptable doesn't bring him to his senses, I couldn't imagine staying with someone after this. Especially since you're only 21, so I assume you haven't even been with him for that long?

No. 440806

i don't think it's stupid anon, my bf an i celebrate eachothers bdays every year and make sure they're special. you're only 21 so very young, but i hope you learn to not put up with people like that. you deserve someone to care about what's important to you even if it's not important to them. do you think he's planning a surprise party and trying to throw you off?

No. 440807

You're boyfriend is being a shitbag tbh. Both my adult relationships dropped hundreds on my birthdays and Christmas even though they made modest wages because they cared so much they saved like crazy. I'm not trying to imply that should be the standard women expect, but the point is that finding a guy who cares enough about you to be happy to go to a fucking bar to celebrate your birthday is not that damn hard. Love yourself and have standards.

No. 440809

>yo i saw your post on stupidpol. small world.
lol I am all over the internet. pretty much have an account on all the major active sites I feel like

No. 440813

File: 1564357377787.gif (448.14 KB, 484x178, giphy.gif)

made bolognese with soy-based fake mince today, it tastes really good tbh and the texture is right, but it was a BIG mistake, i'm so incredibly gassy my stomach hurts from the expansion. and i still have like 5-6 meals worth left

No. 440814

wtf anon same
I just made some today with some balsamic vinegar and tomato sauce (top notch btw) but they make me so bloated

No. 440823

wow that is a crazy coincidence! it sounds delicious and I'm wishing you a quick deflation!

No. 440828

>I'm slow but not autistic just actually low IQ. I struggle to understand basic concepts, math, months of the year
Oh fuck, same anon. I get to understand all these important life things way too slow. I'm like really late bloomer or something (and stupid lol).

No. 440829

Did you chew properly? Making sure to chew the hell out of food even when it's soft to begin with really helped me with gas, and I've had a lot of them before.

No. 440841

File: 1564369479677.jpg (115.42 KB, 750x938, 48007538-150f-466a-a122-e4c693…)

Not sure if it's just the summerfags pissing me off but think I'm starting to fucking hate this website. The userbase has become unbearable and I can tell that it's only going to get much, much worse from here. Been here for around 4 years and this might be the one I finally dump this site for good.

No. 440844

yeah but where else are you gonna go….

No. 440846

Truly, I am a braindead cunt. Visiting my cousins who are just moving into their new home and thus only have three beds set up right now. Turns out my 10 y/o cousin has lice and right before bed my mom mentions this and when telling me was like "oh, it's not that bad." The path of least resistance was to sleep in a bed with my cousin bc number of beds and not to hurt her feelings bc she is a bit bratty. Well I don't know if I'm just paranoid or if I actually got fucking lice last night! My aunt as a precaution used some lice removal conditioner on both our heads this afternoon so I'm just more confused. Now since I'm probably already fucked I'm just going to sleep in the bed w/ her and fuck myself over even more for the rest of our trip.

No. 440848

I've been here for years sis, it fluctuates like this all the damn time. Take a break if need be, but damn I've never found another chan board I've liked as much as this one no matter how many times other anons or moderation have ticked me off. And for all its bad, I don't think it's worse as other places.

No. 440850

There are a couple threads in pt and snow with active cowtipping and cows sharing the site. Also some of the more active/new flakes attract ex-fans that don't know how to integrate. We're getting newfags from them.

No. 440851

The part of the userbase I hate the most is /ot/ users by far

No. 440852

This weekend was supposed to be special for me and my boyfriend. I took an unpaid day from work so that we could do something and every time I tried to plan he wouldn't compromise. It was either we did something he liked or nothing. Not one thing you like and one thing I like. Not something we both enjoy. Just what he likes. Once I gave in he decided to fuck it up and stay up all night and day because he has to play video games with people he's never met and finally work on his car. I told him it was okay and we could just do a day trip to a nearby city the next day because that's what I really wanted to do. He happily agreed and then proceeded to stay up late and not wake up in time for us to leave. "Oh why can't we just do it next weekend" because my fucking birthday was this weekend. Because we planned to do something this weekend. And to top it off he told his mom that I didn't want to do anything with them next weekend or receive any gift from them because it HAS to be on the day or else it doesn't mean anything to me. NO YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT TO GO ON THE TRIP WE PLANNED FOR THIS WEEKEND NEXT WEEKEND BECAUSE WE FUCKING PLANNED FOR IT THIS WEEKEND AND I TOOK WORK OFF FOR IT TOO. THANKS FOR MAKING ME LOOK LIKE AN ASSHOLE TO YOUR MOM. THANKS FOR MAKING ME MISS WORK FOR THIS.
This is all over the place but I just want to bitch and moan. Thanks.

No. 440854

ot is pretty tame aside from a couple spergouts.

No. 440855

What a total asshole. I hate when anons say that couples should break up, but it sounds like he doesn't care about your feelings at all. I'm so sorry.

No. 440857

Strong disagree, /ot/ has been shit for ages. This is the worst board on the site.

No. 440862

I hate that my ex pushed my buttons behind the scenes, so when I lash out I look like I’m crazy and being a bully. She’s always been one to talk shit behind backs and say she doesn’t do that shit and just be aggressive behind the scenes.
Then she turns and plays victim to everyone because I get mad she won’t leave me alone.

No. 440868

I literally don't even know how to make internet friends. Am I even a person? I feel like I have no serious interests.

No. 440883

File: 1564381764430.jpg (87.68 KB, 825x408, pskxph62aW1un81boo1.jpg)

I hate being social.
I like my pals. I really do. I have maybe 4 people I can hang out with and enjoy it. But. They all have jobs. I have constant medical appointments, a job that has a random schedule and a lot of days I can't physically go out. So not a lot of times when both the parties are free. And everyone wants to hang out with me at the same time. I can stay home and be free for a week straight, but three people would hit me up for hanging out on the same day.
I end up shafting someone when I agree to meet the other person inevitably. And then my plans fall through and I'm alone anyway because everyone already made other plans without me.
To boot I am a literal autist so I forget about messages even if I saw them or read them and I disappear for days without explanation just because I forgot or can't really muster up the social skills to compose an answer. Especially if it's not an overwhelmingly positive response. Even something like "sorry, I can't, I have an appointment that day" fucks with me so I end up stretching it out and then have to answer like 5 days later with "sorry I disappeared I am a fucking asshole oops" which is even worse. Disgustingly worse.
How do people even want to be friends with me still. Honestly everyone seems so patient with me which makes me paranoid about them hating me, but not telling me.
I'm a mess.

I'm writing this here as a promise to myself to get better. At least answer people when they message me, even if my answer is "I can't tell yet", if not for the people I like, but for myself to not feel like absolute piece of garbage that ignores her friends.

No. 440885

Maybe your friends understand you better than you think, and that's why they are still friends with you. They must know of your health and work situations, but it's still worth asking you if you're free.

Anyway it's not mean or rude to not always want to hang out with friends, everyone has a different tolerance level for socializing and for some it might be much less often than others. As long as you treat them well when you do hang out, you're not wronging them. Maybe you should just make an effort to organize something yourself when you're feeling up to it, so it's on your terms and you're less likely to bail.

No. 440893

tbf I do eat way too quickly but I only experience bloating this severe from soy products and some milk products. will try chewing more next time I eat, thanks!

No. 440903

I award your boyfriend a gold medal in the Selfish Pig competition

All he had to do was go out with his girlfriend on her Birthday and he sabotaged it (and then turned down a future event too)

I'm annoyed for you, just reading it.

No. 440925

I’m infuriated right now because I’m starting a new position at work today so I’m extremely nervous and I am also a really light sleeper and for some reason my boyfriend thought it was a good idea to wait until 6am to come to bed (which woke me up). Now I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour and have to be up in 30 minutes, exhausted as all hell and nerves shot to fuck. I can’t think of anything that could’ve pissed me off more short of running in banging pots and pans over my head.

No. 440950

Ive already ranted about this but im fucking sad. My camera is my most prized possession. Its the most expensive thing ive every purchased. It brings me so much joy. And now its fucking broken beyond repair, mostly thanks to my abusive parents. I can't afford a new one. The repair will cost about the same as a new camera. My parents keep telling me to stop being so fucking sensitive and to get the fuck over it. YOU FUCKING STABBED A 1.5 K CAMERA FOR THE FUN OF IT HOW THE FUCK CAN I GET OVER THAT. I won't contact the police, as I'll be made homeless and won't be able to do a masters. This is way too fucking far, even for them. I'm so fucking depressed over it. I could get a loan? But as a student, I can't afford to even pay like 50 quid a month which is the lower end of payments. Even if I save very well, I won't have that money for like a year. Yes I have a phone camera, as well as some super old digital ones but I want my camera. This isn't fucking fair and I fucking hate it. Honestly I want to kill myself, as this is the icing on the cake of a super fucking shitty life. I'm trying to get sponsors, but I'm a nobody so I doubt I'll get it. I can't even do the commissions I've got in place, one of which is the highest paid commission I've ever done.

No. 440961

Hope it goes well, anon!

No. 440970

This makes me so angry. Please dump him anon.

No. 440987

I have the most tragic body type and proportions imaginable. Top heavy wide back and shoulders holding visceral fat in the stomach with completely flat ass and pin legs, plus extremely saggy boobs and a terrible posture with a face and double chin that balloons after any bit of food. So. Much. Suifuel.

No. 440990

thats so fucked up, anon, I'm sorry. what type of camera was it?

No. 440991

Your body type is actually one of my favorites. It just seems like a stong, "don't fuck with me" type.

No. 440992

File: 1564408634400.png (157.7 KB, 500x419, tumblr_ngadnoZPyW1qd77d5o1_500…)

Recently I've been thinking a lot about an old friend from high school. We used to be decently close, honestly when I first met her she was literally my only friend, but eventually we started to drift apart and it turned into dumb high school drama where we both were pretty nasty to each other and eventually cut contact and pretended that the other didn't exist. For the longest time I was so damn bitter about it and stewed in my hatred for her. Yeah, she was kind of a bitch and did some irritating things but I definitely buried my head in the sand and acted like the innocent victim when I definitely did my fair share of bitchy things. It's the kind of shit that you lay awake at night cringing about, sometimes I really want to punch my younger self for being so immature and awful. But I guess everyone feels like that sometimes.
I logged into an old social media account and found our messages to each other from 5+ years ago and it made me reminisce on when we were still friends and I felt kinda…sad. Like I missed out and ruined what could've been a good friendship. She was the only friend I ever had who liked nerdy shit like me, even if we didn't always play the same games or whatever we still could bond over similar interests. She took me to my very first con and even though it's cringy looking back, it's one of those comfy memories, it was such a simpler time. I think I'm just feeling lonely since I moved far away from my hometown and have no friends here but a secret part of me deep down is hoping our paths will happen to cross so I can reach out and apologize for how shitty I was in high school. I'm afraid she still hates me or most likely, she doesn't give a shit about a loser like me.

No. 440999

I just WISH there was a reliable platform to work through the morality of eating meat.

I think the meat industry and its process is disgusting, I think there‘s a cognitive dissonance in the majority of the population about it, I‘ve straight up heard "I don‘t want to think about it, it‘s depressing“, then there‘s the edgy ones saying they‘ll eat twice the amount of meat if there‘s a vegan there. On the flip side there‘s people judging you for eating any met, or any dairy products. And it‘s even worse if you‘ve looked into it and decided you‘ll still eat meat.

Personally, the mass production of meat, to me, is wrong. But it‘s not wrong to eat an animal. I think that if I was not able to face killing the animal myself, morally I shouldn‘t eat it. So that leaves chicken and fish for me. Mind you, still I might eat some once a week, as I‘m learning to cook dishes and while often meats don‘t add much to a dish, sometimes they do. If it‘s the key ingredient in a recipe, I may do it. If there‘s a good, cheap similar tasting alternative I‘ll go for that.

ANYWAY. I came up with this mess of an opinion probably completely on my own, because I haven‘t found a source that isn‘t heavily biased. I‘ll come out feeling like a piece of shit for eating any meat, every time. I don‘t think it‘s inherently wrong, but they talk about it in such an emotive way it can‘t be helped.

And THAT, those extreme views of either you eat meat and are cool with it, or you don‘t and are fully morally correct, that split is exactly why people are turned off of the idea of vegetarianism, it‘s the fucking elitism, and if it was just more generally accepted and vegetarians were cool with there being a spectrum of meat eating, more people who frequently eat meat would be open to listening to the other side and cutting down their consumption.

They‘re fucking shooting themselves in the foot here.

No. 441001

File: 1564410650869.jpg (7.21 KB, 251x241, 1561117841440.jpg)

>lurking online stores a month or two ago
>find two T-shirts with designs I like a lot
>order them because they're so cute
>they show up in a week, and are sitting in my closet right now
>check the artist's social media
>"This artist is so good, I love their style of drawing!!"
>scroll through
>naked loli drawing out of nowhere
>I gave my money to a fucking nonce
God fucking damn it. I really like those shirts, too. No one really knows who the artist is, so I might still wear them, but I'm so disappointed that I ended up supporting someone like that.

No. 441005

i feel this. and i feel like i am on the same wave length as you. i really love meat as a food, but it disturbs me to think about the disgusting conditions the animals are forced into because of industrialization. i live in a pretty progressive city area so i have access to consciously raised animals and can even talk to the farmers/tour their farms. i'm waiting for lab grown meat to be a thing too! (i just hope that the more extreme vegans don't have issues with that somehow) also if it makes you feel better, farmed fish is actually becoming good for the environment since they are moving fish farms to factories. my fiance is a marine biologist and fish factory farms are fully sustainable and are basically just big fish tanks! and most of the hype around anti-farmed fish is from the fishing industry itself rather than environmentalists.

either way just know there are some of us that are on the middle ground and ethically sourced meat is becoming more available.

No. 441007

I wish my mom and family in general could stop being so weird about fitness and weight loss.

My mom has always been critical when me and my siblings put on weight and will often lecture us about eating habits and the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, which is good, but as soon as she sees me working out, make healthier meals or hear that I've joined a gym, she will act all weird about it and tell me not to overdo it or I will develop an eating disorder, become too skinny or "not look like yourself anymore", whatever that means.

She's been doing this ever since I was a teenager. I've moved out now but we meet fairly often since she's otherwise very nice to be around, but there's barely a time where I don't hear her make a comment about me having gained or lost weight, followed by why it's bad.

I am currently overweight and I just want to be able to work out without the nagging comments from my famly in the back of my mind telling me how 'you've never been fit, it's too late to start now' and other such nonsense as 'your bone structure will never allow you to be thin, so what's the point?'

I just want to be comfortable in my own body. Of course I'd like to be skinny, but I also find working out enjoyable for the mere fact that I enjoy feeling my muscles work and my body being active. My family mostly just think that I'm being vain, because to them working out is all about looking good and never about health, apparently.

No. 441014

>I think that if I was not able to face killing the animal myself, morally I shouldn‘t eat it
Same, anon. I've used this logic for a while now. Maybe I'm just a fucking weak bitch but I've never been able to handle even watching animal death and cruelty in general on screen(hunting shows etc). The only animals I could see myself killing are fish so morally I just avoid all other forms of meat. It gets complicated though because I love dairy, especially cheese, but me eating it means I'm actively funding the industries that butcher cows, which I don't support. It's not like you can buy milk from a farm that ensures the cows weren't then butchered for meat. I kind of wish I could go back to not knowing about factory farming etc. because of how much guilt food in general gives me.

No. 441022

I've been a vegetarian for many years and I used to be involved in animal rights activism, and everyone was the sort of crazy elitist you describe. Their arguments never went beyond "animals are nice so eating them is evil", couldn't explain anything about the meat industry's flaws apart from it being painful to animals, didn't really care about over-consumption of resources or things that damaged the environment that weren't meat-eating. They'd really just screech about how cute animals are and how if you wouldn't eat your pet dog, you shouldn't eat a pig ; all while abusing their own pets by putting them on a vegan diet.

I think your opinion isn't a mess at all, though, it's what I believe too. Meat consumption isn't inherently evil, but the enormous scale of the meat industry, our over-consumption of meat and general desire for immediate gratification are just not sustainable in the long term, the strain they put on the environment is insane. This isn't so much about morals as it is about being responsible and sacrificing some of our luxuries for the sake of preserving our environment.

No. 441075

Can’t wait for invitro meat to be perfected. Cheap, eco friendly, humane. Too bad the farming lobby is probably already fear mongering the masses.

No. 441088

File: 1564422354973.jpg (69.3 KB, 1077x1616, 29662415_1651528641597484_5862…)

>i just hope that the more extreme vegans don't have issues with that somehow

Oh ho ho they absolutely do. But at least their opposition is consistent, in that their argument against meat comes from an ethical objection to the commodity status of animals, and ergo all human use of animals right down to the origin of cell lines used for in vitro culture of meat is by definition not vegan.

On a pragmatic level, I've been following the lab-reared meat thing for a while and I think the point is effectively a moot one for now: the issues with overconsumption of meat and factory farming contributing to climate change and environmental collapse are too pressing and the technology for in vitro meat culture won't advance quickly enough for it to be able to effectively replace or fix the damage, if that makes sense. We're too far gone in terms of being locked in to global temperature rise and increase in extreme weather events and seasonal shift that I usually end up agreeing with the XR types who are drastically reducing or eliminating their meat consumption entirely IN ADDITION TO completely refusing to consume air-freighted food, avoiding any travel by airplane at all and trying to become car-free. (Not saying that I've followed exactly in their footsteps and started growing my own carbon-sequestering hemp to weave my own tampons but I respect the activists I've met who really commit to it, and some of their points have rubbed off on me. I've not flown anywhere since 2016 and have also drastically reduced my meat consumption because I'm a poor.)

No. 441147

I wish my dad would stop telling me to just give the dog more food when she follows me around for food!!! I buy her a subscription based fresh food, so everything is pre-proportioned so she can't have too much or else she won't have enough before her next box of food comes in. Plus, we just took her to the vet and he said her body shape is PERFECT, so the amount of calories she's eating is correct and if we feed her anymore she's just gonna get fat (she's already old with some joint issues plus some kidney/bladder issues we're treating right now).

He thinks it's okay to feed her whenever she wants food, but won't accept the fact that she just always wants to eat, no matter what. She'll fucking eat herself sick, run off to vomit, and then come back for more food because she just wants to fucking eat all the time. He won't accept that he has to stop feeding her until she vomits. She's well fed and doesn't exercise enough to burn off any excess calories, so I keep her treats to a minimum. I'm the one who feeds her everyday so I don't really worry about him overfeeding her, but I'm tired of him giving me shit acting like I'm fucking starving her. She's not starving!!! She's just fucking bottomless pit!!

No. 441168

It sucks because the masses can be memed into liking it so easily. I convinced my hickass stepdad that lab meat would be great because it'll piss off vegans since it's technically vegan too. Like "HAH checkmate vegans! I can have my meat and eat it too and still be as goody-goody as you." It's a very republican mentality.
Then everyone's vegan, and the earth is the real winner.

No. 441189

it did, thank you!

No. 441205

i don't think it is irredeemable, it sounds like a very 80s bodytype if you know what i mean, maybe explore some of the fashion trends then and try to incorporate them in your wardrobe for more flattering fits? could also try hitting up the gym to better your posture and tone your belly?

No. 441206

I was offered my first job out of university today, and instead of feeling happy or excited, I just felt numb, then terrified. This is my reaction to everything good that comes my way. My brain convinces me the good thing is actually a bad thing or one new thing to panic about. Fucking sucks. Going to go make a coffee and make my anxiety worse.

No. 441209

It's crazy to have depression and have literally no one in your family care. I could stay in my room for days at a time and no one bothers to knock and ask if I'm okay, even if they know the answer. It really messes with your head knowing you're basically already nonexistent in other's lives and no one is affected by that.

No. 441210

nothing noteworthy to add, but thats pretty much what i look like too. youre not alone.

No. 441212

Try to sit down and feel proud of yourself, anon. Sometimes learning how to feel positive emotions is something we have to fake until we make it, but with enough repetition it'll start happening naturally. And you do deserve to have it happen! Getting a job that quickly is a real achievement for a graduate these days, well done

No. 441219

Same! Both my cats overestimate how much they can eat. They throw up if they eat too much. Luckily my parents understand and we all make sure not to overfeed them. However as bad as I feel for complaining, I get really annoyed when they beg for food lol. They try to stand in front of me while I'm walking, making me almost trip. Not to mention they meow allll day. Sigh. Tough love, I guess.

No. 441266

File: 1564448504962.png (160.54 KB, 699x479, Honestly.PNG)

>Bf got admitted to the hospital a second time for an infection
>This time they're actually not going to let him out until he actually gets his transplant

I know it's the best for him, but the wait for an organ is so brutal. Doesn't help that the drive to the hospital is also long and stressful.
He's been bringing up marriage a lot recently too, but it just adds more pressure to my conscience. There's no way of knowing how this is going to turn out.
I'm just really scared, man.

No. 441267

i have /a lot/ of health anxiety & i'm worried that there's something very wrong with me but i won't be able to get an appointment until months from now. i haven't left my house this entire summer because of it

No. 441298

File: 1564453820839.jpg (21.81 KB, 355x400, 512MX261M8L._AC_SY400_.jpg)

>match up with guy online into my same kinks
>figure I'm horny and whynot, proceed to chat and swap pics for a week
>wants me to drive to see him, it's outta my way but figure if sexual needs are met it's something to do if we are compatible
>tries to sweet talk me about being his waifu and trying to make me feel special
>I have my suspicions
>over the course of chatting his 2edgy4u personality leaks through
>idc but he tries to pickme by calling me "based"
>he really wants me to think I'm someone special
>almost like he's trying too hard to throw me off something and make me comfortable quickly
>notice for past couple days he's awful silent for someone unemployed and who has fuck all to do every day
>chats me in the evening, he's acting somewhat manic
>sends me a pic of pills and a lot of money
>weird and strange flex
>also sends me a picture of his """ex""" sucking his cock and it's a pic linked from b on 4chan
>claims it's an "old" picture that he wanted to show me
>what tard would even think this is a good idea to show someone he's trying to hook up with?
>tries to gaslight me about having requested to see it
>go to the b thread where he posted that to investigate
>in short his captions were "hurr she's so eager just took these tonight anyone know a camming site since she's willing???"
>it all fucking clicks lmao, no wonder he was silent today
>screengrab the thread and send it to him
>caught redhanded
>he replies
>"no I was just flexing they really are older pics from my drive y are you upset if i found other thots id let you know kk? youre still coming right?"
>don't buy it
>"cmon you're way cuter than my ex…unless you're all angles, filters, and contrast ;3"
>weird neg, maybe it is
>"Eh it's whatever you want to do."
I'm sure it is, since he's obviously facefucking someone else tonight and doesn't need me. All he had to do was keep his retarded ass shit to himself and he might've gotten away with the lie. It blows my mind.

Oh and the age gap between him and the "ex" he got to suck his cock was 10+ years according to the b post. What a stupid bad liar fucko. Got himself exposed and tried to play it off.
I'm not even mad that a kinkster turned out to be a ho, I'm mad because he obviously thinks he's smarter than me and thinks I'm gonna dismiss that dumb shit.

No. 441310

Stay the fuck away from 4channers and the unemployed, anon.

No. 441321

>the unemployed
Being unemployed isn’t a precursor for someone being bad news, plenty of reasons why someone may not currently have employment

No. 441330

as much as the guy you matched with sounds like an immature piece of shit you shouldnt be surprised or disgusted that men from dating apps have no standards or fuck anything that walks. you even said urself it was only for sex so dont get ass hurt he didn’t reply to you cause he was fucking another person lul

No. 441341

You didn't read the bottom part of the post and you're defending lying. Makes you sound like a scrote apologist.

No. 441343

I hate how I try to make friends w people and then their true colors out and now I’m just disappointed at myself for making a poor choice in someone to let into the close zone of my life.

Like someone who calls and asks how you’re doing bc they know something bad just happened to you, then once you explain what happened they don’t even let you finish your story without talking about themselves.

I can’t believe that people are so delusional they think that just bc they post about something - an opinion or maybe talking about aspects of their lives and personalities - on social media that that makes it true when the reality they’re living is completely opposite.

No. 441408

File: 1564475788156.jpg (148.25 KB, 600x600, 1552166753332.jpg)

i don't know how to stop loving the man who groomed me starting at 14. it keeps me up at night. it's my greatest shame. i miss his voice, i miss being taken care of, i miss the feeling that no matter what i'd be okay because i had him. i miss him as the only father figure i had.

i'm in a healthy(?) relationship with someone nearer my age but there's an itch i can't scratch because… i guess because i'm not being babied, it's not unconditional, i can't rely on him to carry my burdens like the dynamic i had before. i'm still so immature, despite being on a path of success and independence. i want to be told what to do. i'm lost without instruction, without surveillance. i know it's my fault, i know it's all me. i don't know if i'll ever be satisfied in a relationship again. to be frank, i miss what i now know was abuse. i was essentially his child. i feel weak.

No. 441410

What you need is a parent or parental figure, anon, not a sleazy older boyfriend. Do you have anyone like that in your life? Doesn't have to be an actual parent, it could be an aunt or uncle, or an older cousin, or a mentor.

No. 441412

i have a very dysfunctional family with narc parents–i would look to my older sibs but they're also unhealthy and toxic in their own ways. i kind of raised myself before him. i really yearn for somebody i can look up to and be guided by without ulterior motives or tension, i just don't have anyone healthy in my life. you're right though, i just wish it were something i actually had

No. 441419

I got a notice to pick up certified mail and from the tracking info I can only assume it's from my landlord. Now I going to be anxious all night wondering if it's a notice to vacate or something. I really hope not because I love my current rental and it will be borderline impossible to find another one this nice that will also let me keep my cat. The thought of having to move again makes me borderline suicidal.

No. 441436

Agree with >>441410 but I have another solution: a therapist or counsellor could be exactly this kind of person, and will also eventually encourage you to not feel you need a parental figure any more.

That sounds really difficult anon. I really hope your boyfriend recovers as much as possible, at least he's in three best place for him if there's any problems.

No. 441514

If someone is blackmailing me emotionally into being with them with suicide or self harm, should I just block them/ignore?

No. 441517

A few months ago I have posted about being on a fence wether I should contact a certain edgy blogger that I related to tons, but who also had strong cow tendencies (a druggie, a drama queen and an emotional exibitionist).

A week ago I have finally gathered strength to reach out. She has not been posting on her blog for months (which was slightly weird, I guess, as she was doing it frequently for years).
Well, I was late. By the time I wrote to hear, she's been dead for months. She died in a car accident.
I have just found out as her friend replied to my comment.
I am at work currently and I am in a complete shock. I don't know what to do with myself. She was one of a kind and I wish we became friends when I had the chance a few years back, but my mental health fucked it up.
I had so much in common with her and now I know I will never meet someone so similar.

It's fucking tragic that she died so young, she was special. I wish I was as open as her, I wish I was writing as much, I wish I was capable of expressing myself so that other broken souls became my friends… She was so mamy things and now she's just dead…

Sorry if I make it all about myself, but I need to get this out. I don't know how to focus on work.

No. 441518

If they directly link the two, yes. Threatening to kill themselves if you were to leave them is manipulative.

If they're suicidal and expressing their despair by mentioning thinking about wanting to die but not trying to leverage that to make you stay with them, then they should really be talking to a mental health professional first anyway. It's a real tough call, go with your gut.

No. 441519

Yes, definitely. Block, block, block. Don't let someone like that into your life.

No. 441530

I've reached a point of almost catatonia and it scares me. It obviously isnt true catatonia but. I'm mute, can't show facial expressions, can barely move. I feel completely empty. I don't feel like a person anymore. I feel like a ghost. I can use my phone, but i can't do anything else. My family doesn't even fucking care. They think I'm being a brat. That this is an act in order to manipulate them. It isn't. I think its because I've reached a new level of trauma? Like my brain can't handle it anymore and its broken. Its scary. I've tried taking stimulants, but they have no affect. Even if I take a fuck ton.

No. 441535

My ex has been posting the most ridiculous shit about me on Instagram and it's really annoying me.

I know I shouldn't care and that he's only doing it so I'll contact him but it's aggravating. I have him blocked on my main account so he can't see what I'm doing (I know what really set him off was the fact that I'm dating someone else) but he still continues to post shit.

It pisses me off because we both agreed to act like adults post-breakup and he immediately pulls this once I move on. We were still on speaking terms before I got a new boyfriend and I think he must've believed we'd get back together eventually or something. I expect this shit from teenagers but not a 31 year old man. Ugh.

It also bugs me because I use my main account to post artwork and the two of us have mutual followers. I don't want them seeing that shit and thinking I'm some bitch because he's playing the victim. I already had one unfollow my personal account the second I posted a photo of my bf so I know she's likely been talking to my ex. I don't know. It's all just stupid.

No. 441551

Hah, my ex also was nice/cordial to me until he realized he wasn't going to get me back. After that he was nothing but manipulative, threatening suicide/self harm if I didn't do as he said, calling me names… These men are so fucking worthless.
You're above this Anon, fuck that idiot and the people who believe him.

No. 441560

File: 1564505151500.jpg (165.31 KB, 640x480, 1421266220043.jpg)

Update: Out of morbid curiosity I asked for this man's address under the guise that I still wanted to meet up.
Once he gave me the address, I ran it through state sex offender and criminal databases.
I found his mugshot. Turns out he is a level 3 sex offender who had lied to me about his name which is why when I searched him before nothing appeared. He has a criminal history that goes back as far as 2005, including online sexual exploitation of minors and failure to report as a sex offender. The reason why he insisted I go see him and not the other way around is because it looks like he's on probation for the next 10 years and probably has an ankle bracelet for the fact.
I went to some 4chan archives next for boards he mentioned frequenting. I searched key terms like his location, some personal details he mentioned regardless if they might've been lies, and key terms he used in chat. I found numerous posts of his that I can confirm were his because he used the same pictures he showed me, and among the posts were various "jokes" about minors. It was pathetic trying to see this 33 year old blend in with 4chan culture knowing his lies.

He did give me a reason but it was not "Hey I'm a level 3 sex offender and I am unemployable."
He told me he was an accountant and ex military going through PTSD, while on 4chan he flexed about living off his mom and NEETbux. Obviously his income is government assistance. Some world we live in, right? A criminal commits crimes and because he cannot retain employment the government takes care of him.

Trust your gut. Just because I was looking for a hookup doesn't mean I wanted to enable a sex offender.
You know what duping delight is? It's when liars think they're clever and cunning enough to get away with lying, and so they signal consciously or unconsciously their thrill in knowing that they're duping. It's the pleasure a predator gets when he thinks he is in control and can manipulate you.

I was right.

I just wonder what I should do? Clearly he's soliciting people off 4chan. Should I report this to the probationary office? Post a macro warning others on 4chan where he lurks? Be glad it wasn't me and sweep this under the rug?

No. 441561

how old are you anon?

No. 441562

sweeping stuff like this under the rug is what women have been doing forever and the reason why men like this just keep going on. Make a post on 4chan and report him to his probation officer.

No. 441563

Am I right to assume most of the guys posting on 4chan are unemployed sex offender freaks? Why does anyone want to fuck trash like that?

No. 441564

Jesus Christ, how horrifying. Definitely put him on blast somewhere, complete with links to the pages showing that he's a sex offender.

No. 441568

Late 20s. I'm not trying to flex, but I think it's because my demeanor comes off as younger than my actual age.
The reason why I'm so suspicious of men is because I have attracted predatory ones before and I'm quick to spot tactics based on past experience.
I've never had one this bad before though. This is huge.

I think I'm gonna blast him. Just gotta get all the evidence I need in order.

I have made friends from 4chan from back in the day. I know a lot about them and having their social media for several years. The guys I know are employed even if they were assholes and edgelords back in the day. But who knows with current 4chan culture? These days it feels less like something introverts and geeks use to connect and more like a honeypot for predators and people with bad intentions. Times have changed. It's why I don't browse there anymore.

No. 441577

I'm in IT and my huge soulless company wants me to go on TV for some marketing campaign and help explain results of a report I generated. I'm just in IT, what the fuck, I wear glasses and pick my nose while writing scripts. I can't go on TV. Wtf. Why.

No. 441590

>some guy messages me first
>reply with questions, furthering the conversation, etc.
>he ghosts me

No. 441594

I keep telling myself that I'm trying really hard to keep everything together (and failing) when I have a lot going on, but I'm suspicious that it's a lie designed to protect me from facing the reality that I'm lazy and not as smart as I think.

Things never seem to lift. I just keep walking up the hill. I'm not surprised people kill themselves, if this is the truth of life. Nothing changes, you just keep getting more invested. One big long sunken fallacy.

No. 441595

My friend is in a bad situation and asked me for a place to crash with her and her partner who are nearly homeless and I turned them down since the reason they need a place is that her partner and dad got into a huge physical fight and kicked the crap out of each other. I feel bad but I can't bring myself to be around a man I know is violent. I offered to help in other ways but she is really disappointed in me bleh.

No. 441602

sometimes guys (i had a friend that was a girl that used to do this too) will literally message like 20 people at once and then whoever responds first or is the most attractive wins

No. 441603

does she not want to stay with you without him? he can fend for himself.

No. 441606

i think you're being way too judgmental. unless he is normally violent, he was probably defending himself. not only that, but why would you even want your friend to be with someone violent at all if he is normally??

No. 441608

I kind of suspected that may have been the issue, darn.
It was on plebbit though and not a dating site, and he said I was the first person he'd ever pmed but…people do lie.

No. 441612

>ur the first person I ever dmd ever uwu

oldest trick in the book.

No. 441617

Went to the cinema with some friends and was at the end of our line of 5 when the world's fattest fuck of a man decided to sit next to me. It was like he WAS a cushion. He was sort of propped on top of his chair by virtue (vice?) of fat alone, which blocked the screen at times. There were plenty of other seats in the row he could have moved to. It wasn't even his assigned seat. He loudly proclaimed to others sitting down that "nobody's going to be in this screening! Sit wherever you want, I'm not even supposed to sit here!" Not once did it occur to him that I might not want a) his disgusting rolls spilling into my seat b) his elbow intermittently in my face as he repeatedly ate popcorn from rustling little bags he was taking out of a multipack, c) the light from his tiny brick phone shining right next to the cinema screen halfway through as he sent texts back and forth, and the ringtone disturbing the film, d) his loud, laboured panting after walking the 50 metres or so from the ticket desk to his seat. When will these people get some fucking shame? Fat people shouldn't be allowed in public when they pose any above-average inconvenience to other citizens.
This man (40-50?) was morbidly obese and felt absolutely fine subjecting himself to a group of younger girls out together, even trying to talk to us, and yet some of my friends are so insecure about their normal un-obese weights that they feel bad showing any skin outside sometimes. At least this retard of a man will probably die early of his inevitable heart conditions. You're free to gain massive amounts of weight and still like your body if all you do is sit inside, but the minute you start inconveniencing others due to your size you should just be taken out back and shot.

No. 441618

i probably am being too judgmental but i'm not being exactly rational about it either. the thought of him in my space makes me so anxious and uncomfortable at the moment. and while her partner isn't normally violent someone wants to kick his ass for instigating something every other month. anyway, they have a place now. i offered weed and food which is something i am able to do.

No. 441623

It's your place and they aren't entitled to it just because you're friends. If it makes you uncomfortable you shouldn't feel guilty about it. My friend asked to crash at mine when her fucktard boyfriend started shit with his own parents and got them kicked out and I said no. She sulked but got over it eventually.

No. 441626

Some guys actually like/message/follow hundreds of girls at a time, especially on dating sites, but also places like reddit and Instagram.

No. 441733

I'm not normal, and not in a "she's weird" type of way or a "I'm not normal i'm different!!" type of way either. I appear normal on the outside to others, but I feel so fucking inferior and weird. I feel like what others do effortlessly my mind goes into a whirlwind over. I basically have impostor syndrome, except with being a human being in general.

No. 441761

File: 1564537357843.jpg (19.56 KB, 643x517, 09865432211222.jpg)

Thank you anon, I needed that.
You're right and he tells me the same thing, but it's hard not to think about the possible bad outcomes.

No. 441764

>guys are basically casting a giant net and always have a backup
Not the OP but this is why I struggle to not be jaded in the current dating culture. I know two wrongs don't make a right but it's hard for me to emotionally invest in a single person while being aware that a guy is after his top 10%. It makes me want to juggle multiple people and go after mine.
These days I try seeking men organically via friends and real life interactions, but sometimes it's tempting to want to jump into the pool of online dating knowing the options out there. Guys seem to want endless options but no commitment in case someone better walks their way.

No. 441772

File: 1564541294678.gif (548.46 KB, 450x306, 29385939.gif)

This could also go into the employment thread but this is really just a general vent:
I work underneath a great supervisor, and as my work contract will be coming to an end he's been making sure I and a different coworker have an exit plan so we're not left with no employment afterward. Specifically the supervisor has been talking to the project management because he knows that I have higher degrees, and all I have post-grad five years out are menial entry jobs that didn't require any type of degree.
Even though I'm thankful for him arranging this sort of connection I feel wholly inadequate and dumb. I'm looking at online resume samples for the position in question and all I see are highly accomplished examples with relevant portfolios, jobs, and intern experience. I have nothing relevant besides an obscure project I did in grad school and some clinical exposure from this current job, which isn't saying much. Anything else narrative wise I would be completely BSing. Faking it until I make it-so to speak.

I remember when I left grad school I was thankful for just getting the degree and not having killed myself. No joke. I was so depressed from my parent's pressure and not having a vision of what I wanted to do with life. I attempted suicide twice during the program because I couldn't see a future. I gave myself credit, because I thought I'd be dead before I made it that far. Then I graduated, but had no career plan. I moved and struggled to find employment with my equally useless ex boyfriend in tow. I applied to many relevant jobs but encountered rejection every time for lack of experience. I wound up getting a sales job out of desperation and stuck with it for years as I was baited with promises of advancement that never came.
I kept my head down, clocked in, and made the money. I lived paycheck to paycheck. My headspace was in survival mode as the sales job was incredibly stressful and inflamed my anxiety disorder. I came home and performed more emotional labor via picking up after my shitty ex and trying to take care of my own shit. Forget having the peace of mind to think about career advancement. Every day was about keeping my head above water.
When I finally got the grapes to ditch my ex and the fragile security the sales job offered, I was at ground zero with nothing but ~customer service~ to show for those years.

Even though my friends say otherwise, I view this current job as a complete fluke. By the grace of a video interview, my supervisor happened to like me better than another candidate.
Up to this point I feel like I've coasted by on luck and a prayer, but I'm finding that any type of job worth a damn wants hard evidence of skill. They want to see something concrete that my so-called skills have produced and I've got nothing. There's no internships for people not in college, and any type of credential programs cost hundreds of dollars that I cannot afford.
My supervisor says that the worst that can happen is they say no, but truly that is the worst that can happen to me. How pathetic that I have a network into a type of job that I want and pays well, but I'm going into it with a subpar resume and no experience. It's an awful feeling knowing I'm not the best candidate and-unlike my supervisor-big companies don't have time to give stupids like me chances to prove themselves.

Well, anyways, wish me luck anons because I really need it. I'm re-doing my resume as we speak and trying not to bawl. I'm bringing it in tomorrow so me and my supervisor can figure out how to tailor it better.

No. 441785

>>441733 big fat mood, often when i'm riding the tram, i wonder when all these strangers will notice i somehow am just inferior and fucked up. Like, does it show? Nobody ever takes my "lmao i hate myself" jokes seriously and just says I am such a confident blahblah blah. Shit's weird.

No. 441789

Did you do something that angered them? People don't blow up on others out of nowhere. Did they say you were making them upset/hurt?

No. 441795

lol im retarded. just masturbating in the bathroom at my aunts house bc im stuck sleeping with my 10 y/o cousin and was reading smut and turns out i didn't lock the door and my muslim mom just fucking waltzed in and was basically like "what the fuck are you doing. in the morning you're gonna tell me what you were doing/ who were you talking with"

deleted texts from bf out of paranoia fuck me lol

like fuck truly i'm retarded idk if she rlly caught me with my hands in my fucking pants or how she's gonna ask

i was gonna ask her tmw to if i could meet up with my friends on aug 3rd but mission abort fuck my dumb ass it's what i deserve for being a pussy ass horny pathetic bitch tbh

thoughts immediately go to "hmm what's the WORST case scenario and does it involve me needing to kill myself" stupid dumb overdramatic bitch hah

No. 441798

You're not retarded, your mom clearly just has weird views on masturbation/sexuality.
Sorry you're in this tight situation though, anon. I hope she isn't too mad that you're an adult with physical urges.

No. 441799

Oh, man. Please give us an update on this later. My Muslim mom has almost caught me masturbating, but luckily I don't think she saw anything. Or maybe she did see the split second before I pretended I wasn't doing anything and just decided not to question it. But yeah… let me suffer with you.

No. 441807

this happened to me once and I went full catatonic due to depression/trauma. I literally could not move or respond for 2.5 hours. I wasn't sure anyone else on earth had ever had this sort of reaction. I don't even remember how I got out of it, I think my mother forced me to move physically and it snapped me into things again. I'm sorry to hear that farmer

No. 441812

File: 1564558433951.gif (403.17 KB, 494x498, 2356762342.gif)

I downloaded teamspeak (don't ask lol)and joined a server. I didn't realize for ten minutes that I was automatically moved into a lobby with my microphone unmuted. And unfortunately, I was speaking to myself the whole time… The only upside is that all except one person was completely deafened, but I don't know who went through the lobby and if people muted because of me.

I'm so embarrassed, and this could've all been prevented if I was careful.

No. 441821

I'm SO scared of aging. Men will say all you have to do is be a le trad waifu and settle early, but that doesn't stop the man from hating seeing you age. It's obvious men prefer as young as they can get. Look online, and men will even say women are straight up ugly after 30. I see so many older gorgeous women but it doesn't matter when men value youth over looks. I could never settle down with a man my age because in less than 10 years he might leave me or cheat because I got 1 fine line on my face. I am seriously considering only looking for 40-50+ year old men because I'll always be young in their eyes.

It's so fucking easy for men. All they have to do is get a good job/education. If a relationship ends and they're 30, they can just start over again with a 20 year old gf. If they're 40, find another 20 year old gf. (Even if they're too ugly/poor for this, it's what they truly want and anything older is to them settling for less)

No. 441825

He's not selfish he is evil. He was trying to starve you for gods sake.

No. 441826

>I am seriously considering only looking for 40-50+ year old men because I'll always be young in their eyes.
Ugh, come on. That is so much worse than just being single. Why does life have to revolve around finding a husband? Aging isn't scary when you have sources of happiness other than male validation. But yeah, you're right, it is easy for them. And the ONLY thing women can do to fight it is not fuck old men. Anyone who does is indirectly screwing themselves and their fellow women over, and for what? Dusty wrinkly old dick, that's the big reward. Keep in mind that men have spent all of history creating a social system that forced women to rely on marriage to survive, and now we can survive on our own, they focus their energy on making women scared to death of being single so that we date down and desperately try to appease them. It's all a big fucking con, don't fall for it.

But either way, you're being naive if you think super old men will be grateful for your youth. They'll just take it as confirmation that they are entitled to 18 year olds forever and will dump you for aging anyway.

No. 441827

Please don't enable gross men. There are plenty of normal guys out there that date within their age and it's not a big deal. Also what >>441826 said.

No. 441833

Thank you anon. I know this sounds so stupid but it means a lot for someone to verify I'm not totally crazy.

I know I've made and deleted a couple posts but I'm just afraid of him somehow finding out that I put him on blast on some lady imageboard.

I'm just sad and lost right now but thank you to the few anons who've replied to my vents

No. 441856

Anon I am over thirty and lots of guys still want me. I get more attention now than I did when I was younger. One thing I noticed is that older guys who want younger women tend to leave her when she gets older and trade her in for a younger model. If you date someone younger he will be more loyal as long as it's not because he thinks older women are a fetish. I attribute this to two things: First, you already seem "old" to a younger guy so he doesn't care about you getting older; second, younger men are easier to control so it's easier to keep them interested. It should be easy enough to find someone your age though, aside from really weird internet creeps no one really gives a shit how old you are.

No. 441862

This age thing really is crazy because men can't actually tell the difference. 14 year olds look 24 and 17 year olds look 34 now because of insta baddie shit, so it's even more warped. They start inventing reasons as to why a woman looks "older" or "old" once they hear the actual age, even if they're indistinguishable from a younger woman.

No. 441864

But the young ones are just as gross, they just aren't old enough yet for it to be exposed and obvious.. Every man is a future old pervert.

You're right that old pigs aren't grateful either.. Guess I'm pretty delusional to think that because of their life experience they might realize when someone is our of their league. I truly wish I felt the same as men so I could be fulfilled by focusing on earning money and being a cougar who fucks young men or something.

Interesting how you get more attention now being 30+, did you lose weight or something like that? I read a study saying men choose looks over youth when it comes to long term relationships, slight hope..

No. 441866

I'm only 2 years older than my boyfriend, but he talks a lot about me being a "MILF". He has a thing for that, and discusses being into older women in general.
It makes me wonder if he seriously thinks of me as one sometimes.

No. 441867

Well do you like it or is it a turn off? At least you don't have to worry about aging with him.

No. 441871

I'm not sure yet. I don't hate it, it's just a bit confusing.
And yeah, there's that too.

No. 441872

I didn't lose weight, if anything I look frumpier and more disheveled than I did when I was younger. I don't know why I get more attention now, possibly because I don't care as much what men think so it comes off as confidence. I have no idea.

You mentioned in a reply to someone else that old pigs aren't grateful either.. That is very true. Any man that is below you will suddenly think he's hot shit when you give him the time of day. They inflate their egos to the point that they cheat or break up because they have the illusion that they can do better. Dating down is always a mistake. Don't be afraid to have standards.

No. 441876

I'm sorry but I do find that kinda weird, especially since two years imo are really nothing. If you don't mind it then great but if you are uncomfortable with it you should find a way to discuss that with him.

No. 441880

yeah im experiencing something similar. like as if a very tiny age gap is 14 years, though this guy in question isn't into milfs, just really used to dating younger women. it's like, are you 10? it's kind of a huge turn off because it's so out of touch with reality and rude? it's good your bf is into older women, i guess, but it's like men think women age in dog years.

No. 441898

Sometimes I don't know why I keep going. I wish I was dead at this point.
Some days are better than others when I try not to think about it but then something happens, my boyfriend screaming at me, my friends ignoring me, even family members talking bad about me. And it's like the world comes crashing down.
The thing is that the only person I could talk with, the only one who could understand me without judging me, the only person who made an effort to understand me even when I couldn't understand myself…Is dead. Has been dead for a few years now.
And I have to live everyday accepting that she's never coming back, not even for a hug, I'm afraid someday I'll forget her voice.
As I said, it's not always that bad, because my mind doesn't let me think about it. I just panic whenever I have to accept the fact that I won't see her again, ever, like right now, when I'm having an anxiety attack because if this is the life I have to live without her, I don't want it.
No one could ever replace her. No one. I feel so alone all the time. Even when I'm feeling happy and better, there's this voice at the back of my head telling me I'm just fooling myself.
When I was little I had panick attacks at night thinking about losing her, it was my worst nightmare. And then it happened. If life was like a movie, it would have been easier. All would be fine and dandy, I'd feel better by now and even I could have had a proper farewell. But this is not the situation and it's killing me.
And I tried everything. Therapy, pills, comfronting my own trauma. I just can't stand it anymore. Instead of keep going I feel like I'm stuck and in denial and I feel like I can't get better because that would mean having to accept that she's never coming back and…I just. Can't.

No. 441900

My ex and I broke up one and a half months ago, or I broke up with him because he didn't have the balls to do it himself. We were only dating for a couple of months but the breakup left me confused and devastated, especially because I coudln't (and still can't) wrap my head around the reasons for why it happened. I had been single for 3 years before meeting him, so he was the first guy I really liked in a long time. Unlike me, he seemed completely indifferent about the breakup and seems to have moved on already.

I texted him around a week after the breakup to ask if he would like to talk, because I had regrets and felt that we never actually tried to solve the issues he had with our relationship (the thing is, the whole breakup took place over text and we haven't talked on the phone or in person because he refused to do so). He got really defensive and needless to say, the conversation blew up into my own face, so instead of fixing it I somehow just made it worse.
I haven't talked to him since, but I'm still thinking about him all the fucking time and I just can't get over it. To make things worse I keep dreaming about him on a regular basis. The dreams are always super realistic and usually consist of him texting me to apologize/ get back with me (which will obviously never happen). I just really, really want those dreams to stop because they make me feel like shit from the moment I wake up and keep me from moving on.

Call me stupid, but I'm again at a point where I'm thinking of texting him. I know it's a bad idea, but the no contact thing is driving me insane and I feel like I just can't get over him this way. Every single thing and place reminds me of him.
I wish I could just move on.

No. 441901

I'm sorry anon.

Can you tell me 5 things that make you happy, or that interest you?

No. 441904

Do not text him.
You mentioned it's a bad idea. You know nothing good will come from it.

No contact is meant to be hard. There's no easy fix (we all wish there was)

I still have dreams about my longterm ex and we broke up 3 years ago, and I've been in another longterm relationship since then. Sometimes I still dream about the exes I had before my 20s. Every one feels weird.

Stick with no contact. You'll slowly and eventually move on.

No. 441939

our lab is having like pizza and drinks rn but my lab partner left and I'm Highly Embarrassing and sitting there with a bunch of phd students while they're semi awkwardly drinking beer sounds awful so I didn't go but this one lady tried really hard to convince me to stay bc duh, free pizza like am I retarded to leave, so now I'm kinda sure I've reached humongous autist levels in her eyes. also I'm sad I'm missing that pizza. I'm just so stupid

No. 441940

I really, really wish the best for you anon. I hope you'll get that job and keep succeeding in life!

You getting your current job might have been a complete fluke, but hey, if you were truly as inadequate as you believe you are, you would've been fired by now! Your supervisor going the extra mile and making sure you're set for the future after this job is a testament that you're great at what you do, so believe in yourself! You're great! You're amazing! You'll get this job if not another one that's equally as good!

You have someone who believes in you, so don't waste that. Prove to those other companies that you're worth taking a chance on! If your supervisor can see yout potential, someone else will as well.

No. 441968


Thanks for the support, but last night I overreacted. I have a habit of being really emotional at night and I never realize that in the moment.

This morning when my mom asked me what happened she begged me not to lie. I guess she didn't catch that I had my hand in my pants? I couldn't bring myself to straight up say I was masturbating. She then suggested "Were you texting your friends? Playing phone games?"

I went along with the phone games excuse. She just scolded me "you're going back to college you can't do this there, honey."

It's sad that I'm so paranoid, but I still don't understand my parents/ the strength of their beliefs and so avoid setting them/ their boogeyman versions in my head off. But lying about dumb stuff makes me feel like shit and wish I didn't place myself in these situations.

No. 441974

my boyfriend is quite a bit younger than me and he's lovely, he's not bothered about youth at all. my best friend married a man ten years younger than her! it can be done. do not worry. as other anons have said you're better off single than with the kind of man who cares about youth above all else.

No. 441975

File: 1564592744633.png (16.49 KB, 518x566, image0-68.png)

I think I'm turning into a lesbian volcel. Every girlfriend I've had in the last 3 or 4 years have trooned out into fakebois that at this point I don't even pay attention to the bullshit and put up with it for coochie. But now, even that is wearing me thin.

No. 441995

i want to add on this

fuck studio killers, lana del rey, grimes, die antwoord, alice glass, and all and any other of these vapid cunt wannabe arthoes and millennial teenbands that you stupid washed up used goods women 'stan'. you stupid cunts need better taste in fucking music. literally all of these artists are god awful and the entire fucking universe would be better if they were incinerated via a gamma ray burst. grimes should literally be dead from that untreated chlamydia she contracted after spending a week with her meth dealer and not showering on that shanty 3rd world tier """boat""" they sailed in CANADA. CANADA!!!! you bitches really stan a fucking canadian???? her production is such amateur unappealing bs, same with de ntwoord, speaking of them they really need to die in this supposed south african racial war happening because they are literally disgusting and untalented. lana del rey's voice sounds like that of a 40 year old smoker from tennessee who's already had 2 kids and lived her best life, and her lyrics are all shit, materialistic and out of style regardless of if they're ghost written or not, her production is wack and low-quality, i could really go on about how worthless these pedo and rapist supporting feminists are but as much as i hate them i hate their fans (you dumb college arts major womanchildren) more. not because you enable them but because when i think of you, a very specific group of images conjures up in my mind. the most prominent one being that of a short-haired overweight glasses-wearing plaid scarf neck who huffs and puffs her way to her humanities classes at the university of whogivesafuck in vermont; another is an aging 30-something year old woman with a big head but a skeletal, short body, with itty bitty flappy mom titties, hunched over her computer in a dark room in her 7-year-old green macy's tanktop and JEANS reading blind gossip and talking about ""her boyfriend"" in these vent threads to make sure all the anonymous transients knows he exists; and another, a budding instagram cosplayer who rants about tHe WeEbS despite being a manufactured product worshipping koreaboo, calls other women out for ps but in the same turn would get a bunch if she didn't spend her $35k salary on shitty plastic props that are more suited for a four year old than a 23 year old woman, and plushies, lots of plushies, all disorganized in style strewn throughout her room in a way only an autistic man would appreciate. she would have a thread on /snow/ if she were more honest. anyway regardless if you fit into any of these stereotypes you all need to get your life together and be normal. fuck abnormality for real. and get better taste in music.

No. 442022

I hate when I actually start to read a post and consider that the thoughts shared in them might be reasonable, nuanced takes, but then some shit like
>"washed up used goods women"
shows up midway through and I realize it's not an opinion or vent from a sentient human being, but another scrote who just came here to share his unwanted opinions. Go away already, faggots. If we want to hear from you, we'll go to 4chan.

No. 442027

Yup. I don't think I have ever seen a woman talk like this before.

No. 442028

took you until that?

No. 442029

Hope you feel better now, anonymous ranting man on a message board for women to chat shit on.


No. 442049

No. 442095

Don't feel like shit anon, you've been conditioned since you were young to feel the way you do about masturbating and lie to avoid what i am assuming is possibly unecessary and harsh punishment or reprimanding from your parents, people we want to love us. It's a lie, but in no way shape or form is it hurting anybody.

No. 442106

I'm upset that I have very little friends yet it's truly my fault. I allowed my social anxiety and insecurity to cause me to isolate myself, to back out of plans, to never be the first to reach out, and to doubt myself. No one in my life has social anxiety, so I feel so abnormal and misunderstood. I'm mad that my brain works this way, and I'm even madder that, at the end of the day, I have no one to blame but myself. All the traditional ways of finding friends has passed. Now all I can do is fucking live with the damage and pain I've caused for myself.

No. 442114

Damn, they finally suspended mombot on Twitter. I actually liked her and was able to talk to her a few times. A bunch of people kept saying she was a white guy larping as a Japanese woman, but no one ever gave any actual proof and I'm super into knowing the truth. I've seen. People who were close to her who did try to "expose" her only did so because they got salty for doing something different according to whatever plan they had. I seen the pics, she's just chunky and dresses like an otaku lol.

No. 442118

Your parents really aren't entitled to know your sexual habits.

No. 442130

Is anyone else a very multifaceted person who seems to just shut down in front of others? I can feel myself being boring around others, it's only when I'm alone that I start thinking about interesting things/being in a humorous mood.

No. 442131

I hate looking younger than my age. I don't have a baby face at all, I just look about 16 when I'm really 23. People don't take me seriously, and many people my age assume I am a teenager and for that reason don't confront me/start conversations with me. I don't know how to explain it. I've got curves, no baby face, there's no real reason for people to perceive me as being young. Yet I can still understand why they think I am. Maybe it's because I'm 5'4????

No. 442132

What works best ime is changing how you dress to look more adult. Experiment to find what gives you the best results. Personally heels and lipstick go a long way even if the rest of my outfit is trash and my makeup light.

No. 442134

the obvious projection and autism made me kek


No. 442155

i just really hate studio killers and lana del rey

No. 442166

I just got hired at walmart which is great, but I also did an interview with target today and 2 hours after the interview I got a rejection email and its making me really sad for some reason. Ive gotten rejected from jobs before and it didn't bother me this much. I'm not sure why its bothering me so much, I guess it's because I feel like the interview went pretty well and can't figure out why they didn't want me..

No. 442167

the singer is a man.

No. 442177

i like that this sperg-chan only named artists i like.

No. 442191

I'm in the middle of a protracted job hunt and the rejection emails always sting, especially when the interview went (imo) flawlessly. But no matter how well the interview went and how qualified you might be, there can always be someone who did better, if only slightly. Just think of fruitless interviews as practice.

Congrats on the job btw.

No. 442198

File: 1564628818558.jpg (138.41 KB, 1080x752, PicsArt_07-31-11.01.25.jpg)

Some idiot on craigslist is selling this rabbit. This pic infurates me. Rabbits shouldn't take baths! They shouldn't be cold, it stresses them out and it's dangerous for their health! The idiot describes themselves as someone who's not a "rabbit person", and details how they found the rabbit in a parking lot. If you don't know how to care for a rabbit, DON'T FUCKING DO IT. Find a shelter!

No. 442207

I don't get headaches a lot or anything, but when I get one I can feel it oncoming and then it lasts for hours. I always make sure to eat, hydrate, and maybe take a nap but it never seems to resolve without resorting to popping a pain pill and even then it takes another hour or two to go away. Tension? Heat related? Idk.
I might get a couple headaches like this a month and it's always a bitch. If there's two pains that I cannot stand, they are headaches and sore throats.

No. 442210

That’s so sad. I hope you get the rabbit and that it has a much better life with you!

No. 442211


No. 442214

I don't know much about rabbits but if they found it in a parking lot maybe it was super filthy and had to be washed? I hope it finds a good home, it's very cute.

No. 442219

They literally said they found it in a parking lot, it was probably filthy. They're obviously not keeping it since they're selling it. At least they took it home and tried to care for it before. Would you rather they had just left it there? Ffs anon.

No. 442223

That bun doesn't look very well, and almost looks like a hare crossed with a rabbit. His eyes are bulging which means rabies?? I think

I agree the seller seems dodgy, that bun doesn't look like he's gonna last the week. The posture is really strange, bunnies normally sit completely straight, not bent like that.

No. 442231

I f hate drunk old dudes. Yesterday i was in a buss and there was a girl that was sitting next to a drunk dude. He started to talk to her. At first i was like „nah it may be her frend or so” but then he took her hand etc and i saw how scarred she was. So i went to her and asked of she wanna go with me somewhere else. Fuk drunk dudes on busses.

No. 442241

I feel bad, lolcow.
I killed a snake in my garden today.

It was a slightly poisonous one so I didn't want anyone to get bitten, and I couldn't just throw it somewhere else, it was curling up getting ready to jump.

Then I saw the body was still moving, but it wasn't from reflexes, it went blue and then back to its brown-green pattern and moved a lot without a head, she was carrying 3 babies inside (in colder regions snakes don't lay eggs).

No. 442243

File: 1564648039380.jpeg (196.96 KB, 719x1280, F3DCF0E5-55DE-441E-AC60-0E75D7…)

I feel like Illegal Drugs helped my mental health more than any fucking medicine i ever tried. And I Tried almost all in the book. Being a mental fuck up since childhood is tiring.

Its not just The High but also the comedown of hard-ish drugs(mainly coke) sort of of lift up the sick fog from my brain, during the high i feel like the best version of myself, I don’t act coked up, i act like normal, pleasant and outgoing human being and when i come down im not depressed, im thoughtful and at peace.

Its not a everyday thing and i have no reason to make it so, its just on social occasion where i have to interact with too many people.

Does that mean im an addict? Is it wrong to want to self medicate this way?

No. 442244

Glad you made it out alive. Sometimes you just can't help it. Don't beat yourself up about it, anon. Just be extra careful not to get caught next time you get the urge. lol

No. 442252

I‘m a genuine incompetent and don‘t know how to get better.

I‘ve risked jobs, being kicked out of classes, my actual degree, twice! Because deadlines just seem to pass me by without my noticing.

It‘s not like I don‘t care, I do. I wouldn‘t stress for months on end about whatever deadline if that wasn‘t the case.

I went to ask at the official office yesterday,to explain my situation and for the first time in a long time I was met with a shrug instead of an "it‘s OK". I deserve it, but shit.

Somebody who might now literally be kicked out of the country she moved to or ordered to pay thousands because her idiot self didn‘t complete the mandatory paperwork on time.

No. 442253

Either you're depressed, subconsciously trying to sabotage your degree or you have adhd.
Get yourself checked out, it could be a mix

No. 442283

File: 1564660046380.jpg (23.92 KB, 316x341, 1563548259509.jpg)

>post on a lesbian discord server asking for girls to play a game with
>first person messages me
>it's a tranny

No. 442296

My friends pity me so much they try to hook me up with guys they know.
Thing is, the guys constantly turn out to be jerks and dip once they've gotten what they've wanted from me, which is usually sex. And it hurts to get attached up to that point just for that to happen.

I appreciate their efforts and I know they just want to see me happy because a romantic relationship is important to me. But what's the point? I know the outcome.

No. 442305

I'm so torn between two people, essentially a love triangle. This is horrible. I feel like I'm juggling 3 people's emotions (theirs and my own) and I can't handle it. Why would anyone want to be in this predicament, or even cheat, or have multiple people around/be poly? This is nothing short of a nightmare. I have no idea what to do and feel so confused. Idek what I want. I just want to work and cry. This is so complicated and I'm walking on eggshells 24/7 and constantly upsetting people and am making myself miserable to spare other people's feelings, but it ends up devastating someone anyways.

No. 442311

Zoužre not responsible for other people's feelings anon. Do whatever makes you comfortable. If a relationship is making you feel bad, it's a bad relationship. You're allowed to say no to something that makes you uncomfortable and you don't need to spare yourself for others since they're clearly not caring about you.

No. 442312

You're*, Slav keyboard sorry

No. 442324


I was in this position years ago and it concluded with me committing to one person. Five years later I am no longer with said person (and glad I'm not) and definitely don't regret not choosing the other person. I would just say it's up to you what you end up doing but just keep in mind feelings change and can fade

No. 442333

File: 1564673505041.gif (485.85 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n22q33Fk2T1tq4of6o1_500…)

I am


horny and sexually frustrated

No. 442340

>want friends to talk about stuff and envy those discord chats
>everytime someone approaches me online I get tired of responding to their messages, and it applies not only to them but also IRL people (but I try harder with them to keep an engaging conversation)
>get annoyed in the span of a month
What the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 442341

I do this too. I'm pretty sure I have avoidant personality disorder. I feel lonely and want to be able to maintain friendships but I speak through this filter where I don't say what I think because I feel like the real me is a worthless, boring person that no one should have to put up with. The charade eventually gets to be too much and I end up ghosting because I can't handle it.

No. 442342

Absolutely same. I used to put a lot of value into the number of friends I had and how much everyone liked me. I moved away from them and realized that those relationships were extremely tedious to maintain and a lot of them were not putting the effort into the friendship that I was. After that realization I haven’t made an effort to have friends and it really doesn’t bother me because people generally annoy the shit out of me. I get lonely sometimes but I think it’s mostly FOMO and projecting from shit I see on social media and TV shows.

No. 442348

god DAMN the music scene and I don’t even make music but I want to so badly, I just want to make shit people can dance to

No. 442368

File: 1564680043576.jpeg (54.43 KB, 933x773, 463DAB28-E2F3-4615-9045-0CED34…)

So this dude who strung me along for fucking months and used my body suddenly comes to my Instagram (I forgot he had on, blocked him everywhere else) to apologize. I never wanted an apology. I never asked for one. He makes me feel like absolute shit and his flowery little apology just made me feel worse if anything. He doesn’t understand how he made me feel. Fuck, I feel pathetic for letting a pathetic scrote get so entangled in my emotions but i’m A lonely little piece of shit who just wanted affection.

Any advice on how to feel less shitty after you’ve been essentially pumped and dumped?

No. 442404

I'm mad at myself for being mad about this stupid tweet some nobody bitch I'm not really friends with anymore tweeted. She was being all high and mighty acting like she's so much better than some random woman because she's waiting until marriage to have sex, when in reality she's a fucking loser because she chooses to live paycheck to paycheck/still rely on her parents for money when she's almost 30 just so she can continue to live in Japan and support this indie band that's on their last legs. I only keep her on my social media because she produces some skim milk sometimes, and her entire existence is cringey and bad, but man, I just got so riled up today lol. I want to knock her off her high horse.

No. 442410

Glad to see I'm not alone (kek). I think I'll just lose contact with everyone during my life and when I'll die it will take 3 months for someone to discover me or some shit

No. 442425

I'm writing about abortion and have spent the last few days doing research. It's so incredibly infuriating hearing and reading mens opinion on it. Just clicked a video that seemed pretty neutral and it's just an old gross piece of shit man just going ''abortion = bad!'' Ugly fucking geezer. Will men please just shut the fuck up. Just stop talking, forever. I'll happily listen to a pro-life woman talk or read her article but the next time I see a mans name on it I'm closing the damn tab. Fuck you

No. 442445

i am having the worst dental pain i have ever felt in my life but that kind of bullshit will never fail to make me feel more anger than anything.

No. 442450

File: 1564692942296.gif (1.08 MB, 268x272, lkjhg.gif)

i have this guy ""friend"" (a guy in my friend group who forces his friendship on people) who annoys the absolute shit out of me. he's super obese and always complains about the air force won't accept him because of his weight, is in to the most degenerate porn known to man (loli, scat, bestiality) and thinks its so fucking hilarious to send me screenshots of one of these disgusting videos. he hits on me constantly even though he has a gf whom he has a child with (god only knows how he got a gf).

he also has a strange obsession with billie elish. he claims he hates her, but brings her up in any conversation he can somehow make sound relevant.

i fucking cant stand this guy but its hard to get away from him since we share so many friends.

No. 442454

Just remember to avoid the same pitfall in the future and focus on yourself. Shit sucks, but now you can make room to find someone else who will really appreciate you and not just see you as someone to use.

No. 442455

ot but any interesting insight on the subject?

No. 442466

>into loli
>has a child
Oh god.

No. 442488

i knew a man nearing his 30's, father of two small children, who owned and wore an ahegao hoodie in public. scrote otaku are particularly horrible.

No. 442497

sorry for the long rant. i just gotta get this off my chest.

my parents keep pressuring me to become a lawyer so im starting my law degree this september. im already too deep to back off now. i got a scholarship and i already paid my lease for the year. im having doubts. i was at first motivated by the money because don't lawyers make $100k? and i just basically got manipulated and persuaded into a career path i don't even want ever since i was a child. i suck at public speaking and i only got in because of my grades and LSAT score. my social anxiety is literally going to make me so depressed and fail at school.

all i ever wanted was a laidback repetitive job that doesn't require any communication with anyone. i wanted to be a librarian or an archivist or an author because in my head it fits that mold. i still want to be one of those jobs. i know the pay is shit at 50k a year but if i try hard at it i can make 200k at a major university or writing bestsellers. anyways i don't even care about the money anymore even though that's what my parents encouraged me to think about when considering a job. i just hate how im doing something i don't even want to do but im too dependent on my parents to change my life to what i actually want.

No. 442502

Hello anon, all is not lost. I work within the HEI library sector and about 60% of my job is copyright and license advisory. You may yet be able to turn this law degree into precisely the job you want so seriously, don't give up just yet. Find a way to make it work for you: there is a HELL of a lot of copyright and intellectual law involved in libraries (and even more in publishing, like if you're a little more morally grey and want to make fucking bank go work for Elsevier lol, I'll call you a cunt tho) that a law degree would be ideal starting point for. Although you do have to deal with people (you need to deal with humans in all jobs, sorry) none of it has to be like public speaking as if you're a barrister or something, depending on what job you go for. I find the people working in the sector to be similarly eccentric or less-social-butterfly types, and they're usually more tolerant of oddballs or mild autisty traits. If you have the right mind for attention to detail, problem-solving, and dealing with repetitive regulations/databases/procedures then you'd be a great fit for librarianship or archivist post-grad qualifications, and you can take the skills you learn doing law straight into the industry.

I'm going to bed now but if you want to ask me any questions I'll be around tomorrow and will give you as much info as I can without doxxing myself

No. 442506

File: 1564701920121.jpg (29.24 KB, 541x541, 1561250893943.jpg)

Typical feel but I feel fucking disgusting and ugly. Seriously. I've dropped 9kg but the more I lose the worse I feel attractive-wise. I expected to gain some confidence but I only realize just how far I am from my goal.
I can't bring myself to leave my house or see my friends because I just feel embarrassed and ashamed.

No. 442515

Century eggs made me and my cat vomit!

No. 442520

Don't. I know someone who was in the exactly same situation, this person ended up dropping out shortly before graduation because the family pressure became unbearable. They left the country, got out of a socially acceptable marriage, came out as gay and studied something completely different which is what they always wanted.
You are going to waste your youth on something you hate, and once you give in your parents will keep pressuring you into other things you don't want. Become independent and set boundaries, it's your life and you can always back off if that's what you fucking want. Just my 2 cents.

No. 442523

I obsessively listen to podcasts because i can’t cope with listening to my own brain and thoughts. After my boyfriend broke up with me in a horrible way 2 years ago the only way I could not think about it was to listen to podcasts because all of the music I listened to reminded me of him. A lot of the time it’s still hard for me to be alone with my thoughts and for the most part I don’t even really listen to the podcasts, they just play in the background while I’m at work or whatever. Even when I’m at home I either have the tv on, podcasts, or music (finally I can listen to music again).

Idk, I just realied that I use podcasts as a coping mechanism today and I wanted to talk about it somewhere lol

No. 442529

i enjoy playing music but my partner straight thinks im shit

she’s quite talented an doesn't have much patience for amateurs. if i start humming or learning a new song, she’ll take over completely. As if to say, “stop, you sound terrible and i can do whatever it is youre doing much better”

it isn’t just with me, she does it when listening to mediocre artist on youtube as well, but it hurts nonetheless.

playing music was something i did, albeit poorly, since childhood, so something about her constantly shutting me down and taking over by doing it better really stings.

No. 442530

She sounds quite narcissistic. Does she do things with other things or is it just music/singing? You should REALLY talk to her about it. Instead of saying "You are really hurting me with those comments" say "I'm really hurt by your comments, even though I know you have no harmful intentions and only trying to critique, I can't help but feel shut down. It would help me a lot more if you supported me and gave me advice instead"

No. 442531

I'm unable to wake up early than 10am because my first thought if i do it is usually: "i hope i die today" "today's the day i hang myself". I don't really want to die but sometimes my parents say "shes just like a little child" and that makes me think suicidal thinks too.

My father used to be abusive last year because i bought a pair of boots he didnt like and used to talk with my brother about how i looked ridiculous and like a whore and that used to made me nauseaus all day long when i remembered.
Things got a lot better since my boots broke but i don't know why waking up early and being treated like a child triggers me that much.

I don't want to die but when i feel that way is like i can't stand being alive a minute longer. I hate i feel that way because i'm materially spoiled even though i'm poor and extremely sheltered since i was a child (thats why i understand my folks opinion that i'm unable to be on my own/ kind of childlike)

That happened today again because everyone had to go out and they didn't wanted me to be alone in the house (i'm 21). Feels bad.

No. 442535

anon what the hell, that's NOT normal or okay at all, it's horribly narciccistic and shitty of her to do that to you. please talk to her about this and bring up how hurtful and mean it is.

No. 442542

I relate! I constantly listen to podcasts, youtube videos, movies, and audio books(sometimes multiple at the same time) to cope with schizophrenia. It's extremely helpful but I'm not reliant on it. Do you listen to things in the car/transit? I think it would be healthy to start to wean off of it. Thoughts are terrifying but it's good to learn what to listen to and what not to.

No. 442546

update on this. i ended up taking them in for a night after their other place fell through and took in a bunch of their belongings since they don't have money for storage. getting their stuff was a hassle because they didn't know they needed a police escort to go back to the house. fucking haaaate cops, they were treating me like i did something wrong for bringing them there when i literally had no clue and was only trying to be helpful. took like 2 hours to get that sorted. i took them to a shelter tonight which kills me but it is what it is. it's crazy (and scary) how quickly things went to shit for them. hopefully it all works out though.

No. 442558

i used podcasts to cure my insomnia. it helped me take my mind off not being able to sleep and eventually like an hour into a podcast i would just conk out.

No. 442570

Sometimes I feel like I lost a part of myself, the more driven one, when I got over my anachan phase during middle to high school.
Not sure if I fried my brain during that time, it's just that I never managed to be as dedicated with my studies, looks, and work as I could be then.
Even if part of what made me snap out of it, or change it for disordered eating, was feeling like I could legit have heart failure sometimes I feel so disappointed with my current life and self that I wonder if I should have died back then.

No. 442578

Just date a guy around your age that also likes MILFs! Then you will always be golden.

No. 442591

Agree, I'm planning to do this. My mom married a man 9 years her junior who only ever dated women much older than him…I'm assuming it's his taste hehe.

Also this reminded me of that anon kept posting about her bf watching granny porn. I wonder if they stayed together.

No. 442617

God I really liked this song in 2013 (and the rest of their music) but it annoyed me when people didn’t understand it, either being turned off by the title or thinking it’s a straight up man hating anthem when there’s a subtlety to it! It’s in the lyrics where the most damning things about men are … sung by the guy who’s pulling the ‘I’m not like other guys’ card to get into the girl’s pants, Cherry’s not being an edgy misandrist.

And speaking of, it was annoying as fuck as people began to headcanon her as trans because of her voice. Why can’t she just be a female character who is voiced by a man? It took me like 15 minutes of googling around to find who the singer’s speculated to be and all three members of the band are all dudes.

No. 442620

Smart. Anything but a teen obsession.. I rejected this reeeallly cute 18 year old guy (I'm 23) because I was so insecure about aging too fast for him and hanging out around his young female friends. It's dumb.

That's so cute. Maybe all of us who are scared of aging should run cougar game. The fantasy makes me look forward to the future atleast.

No. 442658

I used to have a major shopping addiction that put me into thousands of dollars of debt years ago. After an intervention and some therapy I have finally managed to curb it and pay off my debt, but lately I've been having insane urges to buy shit I don't need or wouldn't use just because it has cute packaging or my favorite youtubers endorse it. It's such a stupid urge and it almost ruined my life and DID ruin my last relationship so I don't know why my brain can't just fucking stop.

No. 442662

haha i'm a bmi 17 fatass now fuck

No. 442690

File: 1564745469516.gif (1.65 MB, 480x270, 75977F2E-C50E-4E40-BE79-D126E4…)

No. 442692

I think the US presidential elections are pretty much garbage at this point. I have no respect for either of the two big parties, and it's impossible for a third party to win.

Revolving door politics is the absolute norm now. There is no fucking excuse for it. Wake up idiots.
People will believe anything and are so easily manipulated.

No. 442694

You must have a very miserable life to feel any kind of accomplishment with this. Fuck off anachan

No. 442695

Gentle suggestion but maybe cut down on the amount of YT content you're consuming? All of those product features are paid 'reviews' anyway. What is it about buying stuff that keeps you hooked? Are you excited until it arrives but once you have it your life doesn't feel as magically better as you subtly hoped it would? I only ask because I used to shop a lot when I was younger but it was because I was desperately unhappy at college and had very few friends or other things to take up my time, so I spent my student loan on clothes. I hope you find a way to break the habit, anon, you should be proud of yourself for getting out of the old debts.

No. 442716

>Are you excited until it arrives but once you have it your life doesn't feel as magically better as you subtly hoped it would?

Pretty much. And it's not like I'm not aware that it won't make me happy or change my life but my brain still craves the high of buying shit anyway, even though it's incredibly fleeting. I'm definitely in a rather unhappy period of my life due to circumstances beyond my control that will hopefully be resolved soon, but in the meantime I'm just consumed by these thoughts and urges.

No. 442719

This job interview was… Subpar. Disappointing. Maybe that means this time I'll get it since I never do when it goes well.

No. 442722

Maybe channel your efforts into consuming what you already have and only buy to replace? It's what I did and it helped a lot. I found a billion new ways to use up what I had and a lot of things I used and hated I didn't rebuy. It's so much nicer looking at my medicine cabinet now than when I had a bunch of things stuffed in there, it feels like I can breathe so much better now.

You're not alone though, I clean people's homes for a living and almost everyone, rich and poor, big and small, has a fuckton of things they obviously never use up and all of them always have more the next time I come over. Women in their 30s especially have a LOT of clothes and cosmetics of which half will have a thick layer of dust on it and be untouched from where I left it months ago. And I don't even go through drawers or anything, this is just stuff they have lying around on random surfaces.

I don't know if it's just me or if companies have doubled down on marketing shit to us recently. There's so many choices for cosmetics and clothes and yet most of it is just kind of samey and trendy, I get pushed ugly "revolutionary" Chinese crap from Kickstarter as soon as I open my Instagram, and a lot of my clients own exactly. the same. stuff that they clearly don't use and don't even like.

No. 442723

i have a phone interview coming up and im nervous af to get rid of of my NEET status. why was your interview disappointing?

No. 442725

File: 1564750029135.png (566.89 KB, 1047x639, Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_5.33…)

This is probably bait, but to any other anons reading this:

17 is an underweight BMI. It's what I have, and I'm frequently told by doctors that it's not healthy. Trust me, a BMI of 19-24 is perfect, and if that's what you have, don't worry about losing weight.

Anyone who thinks that a BMI of 18 or lower is "fat" seriously needs to see a therapist.

No. 442730

I feel this so hard. I have an interview coming up and I've decided to put 0 effort into it because when I engage and ask questions and do well, I get rejected anyway.

No. 442747

Absolutely quit if you don’t want to do it anon, one has to want to be a lawyer really badly for it to pay off. Lawyers don’t make $100k out of law school…that’s 20 years down the road, maybe, in this climate. Easier to be a doctor lol Especially as a female lawyer, people really think you’re incompetent compared to old wrinkly scrotes. Become a paralegal if you Have to do something in law. 1/10 the cost 1/3 the time. You can make $60k with 2-3 years xp. Maybe even more if you land some big dick firm.

No. 442757

sage for not being helpful, but I read that Elizabeth Warren charges something like $600/hr, and she was criticized for it while others pointed out that she's really undercharging herself considering some fresh out of law school dipshit men charge the same rate for a fraction of her experience and knowledge, simply because she's a woman.

Don't do it unless you think you can spin it to work in your desired field.

No. 442781

My boyfriend of four years is now the breadwinner after three years of me carrying his costs and college texts. Ever since then, I have been handed every chore (or this place goes to Hell) except for scrubbing the bathtub (I have a bad back) and doing his own pots and pans. The bathtub is disgusting and the dishes are more full than the sink can offer. I'd do them, but I have my own extensive list of chores to do today, including things he already won't help me with like changing over insurances or remodelling of the living room. Beyond that, sex is 100% only catered to him. I have a weird fetish about having my nipples touched, and when we had first met he always did it. So one day I complimented him, saying "it was amazing", "thank you for doing that", "most men won't do that sort of thing even when asked" and he responded by almost never doing it again. He only cuddles me to have sex or to fall asleep at a retarded hour, but he makes all of the money. I almost feel no love for him anymore because of how little my feelings matter to his daily life. He's buying me a laptop today and that might make me stick around for a little longer but this is absolutely just dragging on because I have nowhere to go with my cats. If I could take my cats with me to my family home, I would have left in 2017. I kick myself in the ass for getting cats. I feel like he only loves me because I cater to his very disgusting fetishes without question and became a total anxiety ridden NEET when I quit work, which appeases his ravenous jealousy problems. I just do not like today and writing this seemed to help in the moment.

No. 442797

File: 1564759326308.jpeg (7.52 KB, 260x194, images (2).jpeg)

>see farmers mention fucking younger guys and convince myself it's just a meme
>am 27
>met a qt 18 year old, he picked me out
>super eager to please
>innocent yet rough in bed
>all that young energy
>wants to be stylish
>good to go two times in a row and then wanted a third before he left
>his "first" on a few things

Hnghhhhh I'd forgotten these feels. I'm glad he wants to come back huehuehuehue.

No. 442802

I can't stop thinking about my ex. It's been months since we've broken up, and I got over the worse of my post-break up blues, but I still can't stop thinking about her. We didn't have a fight or anything, we ended on good terms- we just weren't compatible as partners in the end.

But almost everyday since we've broken up I've thought about her. She's the first person I've been with who treated me so well, like an actual person deserving of love and affection outside of what I can provide as a human cumrag (I was only with men before this- lo and behold my standards were on the ground lol). We had a lot of the same interests in hobbies and shows, and she had the same taste in food as me (a weird and unfortunate rarity in my life because so many of my friends are picky eaters). Aesthetically too, she was 100% my type. It's so rare to just find a girl who likes to dress and present androgynous who isn't a fucking fake boi.

Maybe it's because we didn't even make it out of the honeymoon phase. Maybe it's because I was infatuated with her for so many years before I worked up the courage to actually talk to her (and fucking lucked out that she didn't think I was a creep and liked me back). I feel so awful every time I think about her, because it just proves her point that we aren't compatible lol. I liked to be around her so much, I liked to be physically close to her, to hold her hand and shower her in kisses, to send cute little love notes in the middle of the work day, to always wish her good morning and good night. But she realized she didn't want any of that, couldn't keep up with any of that, and ultimately just doesn't really want a relationship at all- with anyone.

I get so sad wondering if she misses me. I wonder if maybe I wasn't so overbearing, if things might have turned out different (I don't think it would have). I wish I could stop imagining a future where she's in it- where we live together or we get married. I get a bit angry because deep down I still feel so torn up about it, while she's seemingly moved on just fine. We haven't talked in months, we just keep each other on our public twitters. I want to send her dumb things that remind me of her, but I think that even that might be crossing a line. I hate that I even dated her in the first place, now I'm even farther from her than I was when she didn't even know I existed. I can't send her stupid memes, I can't tell her about a concert that's coming up of our favorite artist- because then I feel like I'm being too much and I'm bothering her. She doesn't want to talk to me, she wants her space.

I thought I got over her, but I was only temporarily attracted to other girls who don't even hold a candle to her. In the end I got over those feelings and went back to thinking about her all the time.

I don't really know who I am as a person anymore after all of this. I ended up disassociating for a really long time after out break up and I feel like I came out of it a new person. I like things that she likes, but is it because I actually like these things or because she just liked them? Is my need to have set boundaries and a lot more personal space and time just a new thing that I like, or am I trying to be a person that would be more compatible with her? Sometimes I don't really know who I am anymore. Is this really me? Am I actually a lesbian now? Do I really like and enjoy my life now? I think I am and I do, but sometimes I still feel like an impostor who's driving this body until the previous me comes back. I really fucking hate myself and wish I could move on lol.

No. 442805

Hah, it was a phone interview actually. It was supposed to be a video conference, but the interviewer's camera froze after one minute which completely destabilized me. I barely said anything when she asked to introduced myself, only the basic of basics even though I know I should have talked a lot more about my extra curricular activities, personal life etc because it's much more in touch with the position. Also we lost connection for a good five minutes half way through and then she barely asked me any questions, and I couldn't find any good way to start a conversation. So many little blanks.
The position has to do with communication too so I obviously did a poor display of skills lol.

I hope yours goes well Anon. And if it doesn't, know the sea is full of fish. Even if I keep getting rejected I know I'll find something if I keep trying, so don't get discouraged either!

It sucks. I think after a while it becomes more efficient in regards to time and emotional investment to just wing interviews, so at least if you fail you can tell yourself it's because you didn't give it your best, rather than because you're worthless as a person.
I'm trying to not be too bitter about it because I have to keep applying to other positions though, lol. Good luck Anon, may your interviewer be in a swell mood.

No. 442812


I was in a very, very similar position a year ago, anon. You're in a tougher position than I was, so no shame in not immediately chucking him, but I'd definitely advise you to start taking whatever small steps you can towards leaving him. I didn't realize what a psychological drain it was, being this thing that cleans and is fucked every day. It feels so, so good to be out from under that. You'll get there too, anon.

No. 442814

oh anon, I'm in a similar situation right now.

I'm 29 and met this really awesome guy. I thought he was in his mid 20s, maybe 23 youngest, but then he told me he was 18.

We jog in the same place and share many interests. He seems mature for his age too. After he casually mentioned that he's now preparing for his first year in uni, I got my first suspicions. Then he told me his age but the thing is he also thinks I'm about the same age.

Before that we had such great time together. He wants my number and to go out and I honestly don't know what to do.

No. 442816

I know exactly which anon you're referring to lmao

No. 442824

I'm very mad at myself and in a really bad situation both mentally and financially and I don't know if I'll ever escape this hell. I failed to get into college the second year, although you can go to college for free where I live if you score enough on your exam I scored enough to get in on tax but I couldn't afford to pay the tax. I feel like I should already give up on my life because my mental illness will aggravate as I go on with my life and realize I'm just left behind with everything. I don't think I'm stupid or anything but my mind is just screwed from years and years of abuse, it's very hard for me to hold a job or keep a routine death doesn't scare me anymore but I do not wish to die either.

No. 442827

I say go for it, you get along and are attracted to each other. You have to be aware it will most likely be a fling though, and he probably won't have the money for nice dates. If you're ok with an fwb or a casual relationship and are ok with cheap dates or paying for him you can have a good time. Maybe you'll get lucky and he will have a trust fund lol.

No. 442837

Tell him your age. It's predatory if you keep on pretending. I usually hate the "imagine if that was a man!" but if you were a man, I would fight you.

No. 442838

this. wtf anon?

No. 442839

Anon dump him. You know you deserve better and there are men out there who will give you what you need.
Men are like monkeys. But you gotta think the way a male does sometimes, externalize your needs, feel fucking entitled. Males never do things for others first if it’s not self serving. Reward him with your nice actions (chores, sex, gifts) AFTER he has given you those things first. This way you train them to think that doing things for you is self serving, thus motivate them to give on their own and never take you for granted.

No. 442841

18 is so young… i mean, you gotta tell him, but also, like… 18 is so young. idk, follow your bliss, but imo 18 year olds are literally 12 so…

No. 442845

wtf anon

No. 442847

Exaggeration. She knows 18 year olds aren't 12 but does think they are childish. I won't dispute that, it's why the anon in question shouldn't expect more than a few months fling out of the guy.

Wanna know what her skin routine is like though if the guy thinks she's around his age.

No. 442849

lol boys ae stupid. plus some young girls style themselves much older or younger so it's hard to tell ages. anon probably just seems his maturity level (and clearly is since she's lying about her age)

No. 442854

In older days a 19 year old getting a job and married wasn't weird whereas now people grow up much slower.
I would feel skeezy going near even a 20 year old, they're just kids. 19 year old me had no understanding of actually living in the world.

No. 442857

>fuck studio killers, lana del rey, grimes, die antwoord, alice glass, and all and any other of these vapid cunt wannabe arthoes and millennial teenbands that you stupid washed up used goods women 'stan'. you stupid cunts need better taste in fucking music. literally all of these artists are god awful and the entire fucking universe would be better if they were incinerated via a gamma ray burst.

Serious question: what is the scrot equivalent of those? Though equivalent isn't fair as I feel that most (if not all, but I feel icky about DA and their music) of those artist are talented and deserve their fanbase. What I mean by this is shit musicians that brainless scrots treat like Gods because they make their idiocy feel justified and normal.

No. 442859

/mu/core garbage

No. 442862

people grow up the same lol stop enabling manchildhood idiocy

No. 442863

Scrots love Grimes. She's the manic pixie dream druggie.

No. 442865

I finally found the kind of bag online that I was looking for. it's made of a jute/sisal fabric and is woven and has these wooden beads but it looks as though a couple of the beads have got wet and transferred red ink on to the bag itself :< I bought it second hand with no refunds but it's bummed me out a bit because I'm a perfectionist bitch and my new bag has a red blotch on it. hopefully it'll come out

No. 442870

I didn't interpret things as her lying just that she got cold feet once she knew his age and was too embarrassed to tell him hers hence why she hasn't given him her number though he has requested it.

No. 442871

not to mention she talks about hentai on twitter compulsively, dresses up in like, zero suit samus skintight costumes, and doesn't let manchild musk pay for anything but lets him fuck her on the LITERAL FLOOR of the tesla factory, iirc??? she panders so hard to the worst men, how could they not love her? she has no spine and she depresses me. sad because visions was a pretty good album.

they really don't? it's also fucking stupid to expect 19 year olds to get married. they literally are not fully developed and are impulsive with 0 life experience. we shouldn't be harking back to 1956 by acting like children aren't children. 19 year olds were dumb as fuck in 1966 and they're still stupid today, they just have less responsibility. there's a reason why scientists and doctors are advocating for officially changing the legal span of adolescence from 10-19 to 10-24.

No. 442873

lol then go and listen to your ~~real music~~, who's forcing you to listen to any of these people?

No. 442876

File: 1564771328708.jpg (33.91 KB, 468x453, IMG_2711.jpg.1379598334863.jpg)

I woke up with mild angular cheilitis one morning from drooling in my sleep and it's stressing me tf out because I'm on a time crunch and have a really important event coming up. It feels gross and hurts. I read that the cure is most likely solved with clotrimazole (especially in my case) and I want to give it a go. Does anyone have any experience with this??

No. 442877

lol i just developed it from tretinoin + toothpaste and am at the tail end of having it. i put lanolin on it and 2 days later it's about gone. clotrimazole is worth a shot tho. i haven't tried.

No. 442878

Clotrimazole worked for me and mine were pretty severe

No. 442881

oh the same doctors and scientists that tell people changing their sex is possible? 19-24 olds are not children in any shape or form plain and simple

No. 442883

I've suddenly gained 15 lbs and I just can't shake it off, the worst part is that it's all around my waist and gives me a nasty pot belly. I feel disgusting. I've been dieting and exercising and generally being more active for months but I feel like I'm only getting fatter. I've always been skinny to skinnyfat but still looking nice with my clothes on, now I can't fit in my jeans and they constantly feel tight around my waist. I fucking hate this.

Yeah I know I'm most likely doing something wrong like snacking on something unhealthy but I'm just venting out my frustration because I don't even know how I gained this much, I have been eating the same as I have for years, not binging on garbage food. come hell or high water I will fucking lose this so I don't have to switch my whole wardrobe to fatty boo boo sizes

No. 442885

friendly reminder: the brain doesn't fully develop till age 25. this is for men and women.

No. 442887

How did you anons get over your shopping addictions? How did the therapy help? Was it like CBT or something?
I could really use help with mine. Can't believe I am addicted to shopping, yet it clearly happened. I feel so stupid and worthless. I want financial security, but my impulsive want of pretty things makes it impossible.

What exactly is /mu/core? Asking as I don't frequent 4chan. I know the board, I am unaware of the exact tastes of people posting there.

No. 442890

it doesn't mean you're still a child it means you start getting old

No. 442893

>The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so.

>In fact, recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s rational part. This is the part of the brain that responds to situations with good judgment and an awareness of long-term consequences. Teens process information with the amygdala. This is the emotional part.

kys out of /ot/ with that christmas cake tier thinking.

No. 442896

Bf was unhappy when I was home riddled with anxiety and now he is unhappy I am spending time with friends and family. I can't do this anymore. He is literally crying because I went out of my way to help some friends and he is hurt by that?? Is he that fucking insecure? I don't think I can ever feel attracted to him again after this lol.

No. 442898

your bf sounds really manipulative and controlling if he's crying and trying to make you feel bad for socializing when he clearly knows you have anxiety.

No. 442900

uuh, anon, did you maybe stop and think that he's having some kind of mental issues as well? if he was dealing with your anxiety he probably did. maybe suggest he go to therapy?

No. 442903

doctors and scientists generally don't tell trannies changing their sex is possible. they just placate crazed troons because they're just huge sexists that can't help but try to intellectualize their chauvinism much like racists did with craniometry. doesn't negate all neuroscience. if anything, that science suggests that the brain isn't fully formed until 25 goes totally against thousands of years of previously held beliefs and is more credible considering that fact, really. it's very unlike the tranny thing, which does nothing but attempt to solidify the status quo (sexism). 18 year olds really are children tho and most people from 18-24 have no idea who they are or what they're doing. on average, their identities are frequently in flux and they're incredibly impulsive.

No. 442908

idk if that is the case. i have asked him before about anxiety/depression and he said no. this only manifested after i started spending time with other people and that was only after him pushing me to get back out there. i feel yanked back and forth.

No. 442909

Sounds like denial on his part. You're doing what he suggested for you to feel better and that's what you're doing. He can't handle it, either due to abandonment issues or what, he should get that sorted out with therapy.

No. 442910

this. exactly. i don't think he's being manipulative, but he's definitely not acting rational, even if he was truly upset by it.

No. 442916

Note those anons, but some anon a couple months back kept posting about her crush on her nephew in /g/ nonstop. It was gross.

No. 442919

like i said it means brain after that age starts slowly degenarating as you turn into old age rest is just effect of enabling immaturity in adults

No. 442920

Hey anon, how long did it take for you until it healed up fully?

No. 442921

No. Just scroll back in the catalog in the retarded crush thread. She was spreading that shit to other threads too though.

No. 442928

I start my last year of college in a couple of weeks and I'm kinda scared to graduate. Mostly I'm afraid to no longer be in a school setting. I mean from ages 5-21 my life has been one constant routine: Start school in the fall, focus on school work, have a 2-3 month break in the summer, and then repeat. The idea of no longer being a student is so unsettling to me. As weird as it sounds I genuinely like school; it gives me purpose, makes finding friends easier, and I thrive off of that type of environment even if it's stressful sometimes. The fact I'm about to lose all that structure in life is making me panic a bit. Doesn't help that I have no real plan for after graduation (basically just "get a job and start being an adult").

tl;dr: I hate life changes.

No. 442930

No. 442931

don't worry too much. a job is the same thing, honestly, you just get paid too and can't be absent as much.

No. 442936

so by your insane logic a 24 years old should be able to date 12 years old because they both developing children?
stop making the world even crazier

No. 442941

Stop whining, you trust fund yuppie. Get your ass to work like everyone else.

No. 442946

i have suggested therapy for other things in his life in the past and he says its not for him. he gave me a lot of leeway with my mental health issues and i love and appreciate him for that but he won't acknowledge any of his issues and is dragging me back down fast. i am terrified of going backwards and want to jump ship to save myself.

No. 442950

Like the other anon said, don't worry too much!

I didn't really have plans after college either except to work, and that's what I did. I worked 2 years in retail right out of college. It wasn't really the routine that I needed, but there was some semblance of structure in my life- I at least had a purpose and was earning money to pay off my loans and buy dumb shit. Now that I've got a basic bitch 9-6 office job, I have an even better routine on top of purpose to wake up every morning.

There's something freeing and refreshing about coming home after work and having a few hours to be able to do whatever the fuck I want. Yeah, there are days that I really have to be an adult and spend my time cleaning or running errands or spending a whole ass day at the DMV, but not feeling the crushing weight of needing to succeed in all of my classes lest I be a failure for the rest of my life or the impending feeling of doom for an upcoming exam that covers material that you don't get no matter how much you review your notes is great. Sometimes I come home and start feeling a little anxious because I keep thinking I have a paper to do or something, then I remember that's all past me and if I wanna watch dumb youtube videos until it's bedtime then I can without screaming in the back of my head.

There'll be catty people in the workforce that you can't avoid, but you'll probably be able to make friends with your future coworkers! I still frequently talk to my college friends while also meeting a crazy amount of cool people while I worked in retail.

You'll figure out something for yourself. A routine takes some discipline when you don't have something as rigid as a class schedule to keep you in check, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. Or maybe for me, after 2 years of an erratic work schedule, I desperately craved static routine everyday and clung to it once I got it lol. Good luck anon!

No. 442958

File: 1564778167530.jpg (233.32 KB, 1080x1305, 7a8adc06ba1837f67a7faf8dceeae4…)

I'm so fucking sick of my family. I'm trapped living in the shitty Midwest, and I don't think I'll ever be able to leave. I live on my own, but I still live near family, and I feel trapped by them. They kept me from following my dreams, by giving me horrible anxiety about leaving or trying anything, just because they never did. I have insomnia thanks to my dad. Coming over unannounced and lecturing me, and making me feel like an idiot. I had to kick him out of my house once because he came over just to yell at me and call me a shit, because I was horribly suicidal and depressed, and didn't want to go to my uncle's b-day party. My whole family hates me. They think depression and anxiety, and things that are wrong with you that can't be physically seen must mean I'm lying for attention. I just wish I had gone to school far away, and now I'd live in another state and have a job, and I'd never have to see my family again if I didn't want to. I'd probably be healthier, and more mentally stable and not have insomnia. I'm never allowed to feel bad. They tell me I'm "bitching" if I dare to complain about anything in my life. I hate my family. They kept pressuring me for years to fill out a will so I could leave my money to them, because they know I'm suicidal, so I better fill out a will to them so they can get my money. That's all they care about.I was told that when I kill myself I better not hurt anyone else! Oh no! That would be awful if I hurt a stranger when trying to kill myself. If I die, that's fine, but leave us your money!! Fuck them. I don't know how to leave. I can't afford to live in another, nicer, state. I don't have a job, and never went to school. I only have money from a settlement, and it's not nearly enough to live forever off of, or enough to live in a non shitty state. I'm trapped. And I want to die. I've tried therapy for years, and have been on so many drugs, my brain is per-mentally messed up from taking Klonopin. I already don't talk to over half my family that don't live near here. I just wish I could get away from my other relatives I still live near. But it sucks that I'll just be replacing one shitty Midwestern town for another. If I could go back ten years, I would take my settlement money and go far away to a school in a different state and not give a shit what my family had to say about it. Follow my dreams, and at least TRY. Now there is nothing, and I'm nothing.

No. 442961

Of course I'm going to tell him. I was so shocked when I found out I just hurried home. It was our last encounter.

Yeah, I wonder if he's going to be into me when I tell him. If anyone told me that there's this guy that's awesome but 18yo, I'd nope out and wouldn't hear the rest. Now that I know him I can't wait to see him again.

I know, I know.

No. 442962

WTF anon I'm so sorry your parents can't respect your boundaries. Your house/apartment, your rules. Stick up for yourself and if you don't want them to come in unannounced, don't let them in. I know it's easier said than done, but for the quality of your life to improve you have to set your boundaries.
I recently went no contact with my parents because they were also trying to come over to my house announced and would always complain to me about miniscule things and took large amounts of money away from me by using threats of calling law enforcement on me. As it turns out, these were empty threats to try to manipulate me.
Honestly, fuck your parents, you're an adult. Get anything that belongs to you that you still want is out of their home, make sure nothing of yours is still under their name (insurance, car title, phone bill) it's a big financial situation, but trust me, you will feel tons better with no way they can try to further harass you during the process. I lived on $25 to my name for a brief week. Also block all numbers and emails and be wary of any other family members trying to contact you for your parents. Take care of yourself anon, go to therapy if you can afford to. I wish you all the best.

No. 442986

You live on your own using settlement money, you are in a great position to leave your family. Just get a job like everyone else. Even if it's a shitty job your finances are already better off than most.

No. 443017

My boyfriend gets absolutely pissed with me when I want to walk downtown, it's only a like, 3 mile walk, he's convinced it's not safe despite being daytime on a decently frequented road. It pisses me off, I'm not a kid. I need things from the store and I don't have a car or anyone to take me there, so plans I had for the stuff I need is ruined. I get it's because he's worried but now I'm stuck in the house all day! I need exercise, and fresh air, and fucking groceries.

No. 443024

It actually relieved the redness overnight and since mine was pretty severe, it took a few days. I just made sure I kept the corners of the mouth as dry as possible, but it worked really well.

No. 443031

My BF is the same. He's afraid I'll get harassed by some homeless person. I mean, I lived in worse conditions as a child and I came out fine. I was outside all the time when I was a kid, but I understand his fear. I think a lot of his uncertainties are because he doesn't go out much so his anxieties are just out of proportion, just whatever he knows is fear mongering from the news or friends who had a one time bad encounter with a bad guy.

No. 443040

just do it anyway fam, preferably when he's away. if he gets mad lock yourself in a room and wait for him to cool off before talking about it.

No. 443044

>eccentric or less-social-butterfly types
literally me. i can fake pleasantries but it eventually drains me
>oddballs or mild autisty traits
people think im autistic but ive never been diagnosed
>attention to detail, problem-solving, and dealing with repetitive regulations/databases/procedures
i loved all my previous jobs that were paperwork and repetitive tasks. its like meditation to me. plus i don't have to talk to anyone and can listen to music.

>copyright and intellectual law involved in libraries

that sounds amazing and i hope you can tell me all about it without doxxing. what experiences would look good on a resume? what steps do i need to get there?
ive talked to my parents about it and they're alll for it. after crying and thinking about it ive inevitably decided to accept the pressure and just stick with law; they're paying for my degree(s) and i have no backbone/independence to do what i originally wanted anyways. they planned for me to do municipal law but i convinced them that copyright law is ideal for me so at least that's a small victory. when im older and i find out i hate law, i at least still have my undergrad in history… maybe i can work in a museum/archives later in life.

No. 443065

I’m almost 28, living at home, and fucking hate it. My parents have been manipulating me to keep living with them since I’ve graduated high school. They always act like I’m too stupid to live on my own (or to do anything really) and act like they always know what’s best for me. They barely taught me any life skills and of course because of them, I hardly have a concept of budgeting and saving money which of course they blame me for it. Ever since I’ve realized their intentions, we been fighting a lot more lately. I’m glad I finally woke up but
I feel pathetic for wasting my 20s on them.

No. 443075

it's not too late, anon. don't let them totally steal your 20s away. you're capable.

No. 443098

28 isnt end of life, youre still young, you can do this. manipulative assholes will always be manipulative assholes, but you can get yourself out of all that.

No. 443100

My hair has been getting thinner and thinner and I thought at first it was vitamin deficiencies. But no it's due to the fact that I have this weird thing of scratching my head whenever I start feeling overly stressed and I'm always overly stressed. I feel so stupid I never put the two together but it's not like I can really stop. I've been doing it for most of my life and I'm late twenties now. I'm going to have to get a wig. I feel like shit because it's just one of many reasons I'm ugly that can't really be fixed since I'm poor. Yay me.

No. 443120

Anon do you have trichotillomania? There are some minor therapeutic things you can do to help by keeping your hands busy when you’re stressing

No. 443132

I always wanna rant about dumb shit but I'm afraid dumb fucks will derail via my posts. I usually type out a rant then delete it and leave.

just afriad of being banned for derailing when its not my fault or breaking a rule from the never-ending, always-expanding rules. I wish there was a place to genuinely fuck off to thats still an anon female space.

No. 443171

Yesterday I came (once again) to the realization that I really don't enjoy the company of my classmates at all. The only thing we have in common is the fact that we're in the same class and because of that go to student events as a group sometimes. Even there I'm usually just bored to death and want to go home, especially if the few people I actually like aren't there.

When the fall semester starts I really want to just cut back on the free time I waste with these people. Though I sort of fear they will start to think I'm even more of a stuck-up bitch than they already think I am. And I already know there's gonna be some mad FOMO I need to deal with despite not even wanting to be there. But I guess I've just got to stay strong and spend more time with the friends I actually love instead because ultimately that's what good for me. At least now that I've moved away from the city center I can use that as an excuse to not go out.

God it feels good to type this out. And maybe this will also help me keep up with the decision.

No. 443207

Are you in a cohort with them? Because I've been in that situation. Maybe just pretend to be friendly lol. I was in a similar situation where my classmates pretended to like me until I got sick and then asked to leave. School is the fakest toxic environment. I'm in contact with none of them now.

One of my classmates was a racist alcoholic and I couldn't stand her so I opted to hang out with people I actually liked and had no regrets

No. 443244

God how come every time I have a dissociative episode I feel like a toddler, like I have to reteach myself YES THIS IS HOW EYES WORK over and over

No. 443253

I'm grabbing it today, I was afraid to put this stuff near my mouth but fuck it, I'm going to do it since I don't have much of a choice. Cheers, anon!

No. 443261

my period has been cockteasing me for like 2 days now. I'm very regular to the day but now I'm having all the side-joys of period, such as nausea, diarrhoea, cramps, bloating, without the actual bleeding part. I'm guessing it's the stress from this internship and lack of sleep but god am I ready to murder.

No. 443266

I've been sleeping only 5 hours for the past 2 years, i want to die.

No. 443278

Currently in my country there are countless instances of police brutality aimed at innocent people, who are tired of authoritarian regimen on all governmental levels. 2\3 of my country's population are old, dumbed by totalitarian and authoritarian governments of the past, lack any sense of freedom in their minds, and they see no harm in police brutality. I hate this place. For the last 10 years I hoped that I could stay here, that all can change, that us, people can change something, only to see videos of peaceful, unarmed people, who do not agree with our current state election system - to see them being beaten each by 10+ heavily armed policemen, being arrested, seeing having their limbs and heads broken (all of it is filmed by bystanders and other protesters!) - all because this year there are new, fresh candidates who are not connected to a ruling party, and govt is doing everything to stop them from even being registered. This is ridiculous, scary, tiring. The more I learn about all this, the more I want to leave.

No. 443282

File: 1564844874584.jpg (15.81 KB, 186x275, 1452757782578.jpg)

I caught feelings for the second girl I've been talking to on the internet, in the span of three months. We're not very far from each other, and I'd even consider her below my league if I just saw her scrolling on tinder, but our chemistry is so good and we share the same values, we'd be so compatible as a couple and we flirt a lot.
Too bad I'm pretty sure she's just joking with me, and is actually thinking of dating another girl near her that doesn't even fit her type.
It hurts and I'm so sick of catching feelings so quickly. I'm so sick of this loneliness.
Sometimes I see people on here wishing they were lesbians because men are terrible etc, but the big downside is that your dating pool is so small you have to resort to "meet" people online, hoping they're real, hoping they meet your basic standards, and hoping they're not just playing with you.
Now excuse me, I'm gonna cry a bit more

No. 443288

Looking into different schooling systems and ideologies and I am beyond pissed off that all the philosophies/curriculums that were created for children of the working class are now only accessible to the affluent since they’ve been proven to yield positive results.

Capitalism and greed can honestly eat my shit, children from all backgrounds should receive the same level of education.

No. 443290

File: 1564849009989.jpg (15.6 KB, 360x240, 398409858903.jpg)

My narcissist mom texted me the other day after almost three months of no contact with a "Let's get dinner and catch up I miss you," and I'm sure because I didn't respond to it she's going around to anyone who will listen about what an awful daughter I am (which means family, because she has no friends). She's just looking to manipulate and intrude into my life again, probably because she's bored and doesn't have any useful idiots in her house to terrorize. I'm sure my stepdad tells her updates about me, but I can't do anything about that.

I don't miss her. I enjoy coming home to my apartment everyday and not fearing that I'll be screamed at over something petty, or have to endure a five hour argument before I exhaust to bed. I enjoy being able to sleep in and doing chores at my leisure on my weekends without that projecting retired bitch telling me I'm lazy. Among other quality of life improvements.

And you know what? Between me and her, nothing really changed. I never felt I could trust her to talk to her or open up about anything without being yelled at or criticized, and now with no contact it's the same. I didn't love her when I lived with her, and I still don't love her now.
And the only thing I grieve is the fact that she set me up for a lot of failures and how I have had to unlearn a lot of her toxic traits, and I mourn that if I had a better mother I might have been a better off person. That's what makes me sad.

No. 443291

What are those curriculums, anon?
Do you mean stuff like Montessori, or for older kids?

No. 443294

i have been sleeping like that for the past 4 weeks and already feel like a living corpse, no idea how you pull through it, anon. is there a reason for why you can't sleep more?

No. 443295

I hate that I can't be visibly butch and out with my girlfriend.

For example. There's only one washing well in our town as it's a university town and our flat doesn't have a washer/dryer hook-up, which is fine. Washing wells are a good thing to have when needed. However, the ONLY ONE in town is ran by a creep.

Every time I walk in he makes this face as if I was banned or something (?) and insists on asking if I had questions. Every time. Like no dude, no questions. I'm here to wash. So my girlfriend and I have a preference to wash all of our clothes in one shot rather than half one week, half another. So we use more than one machine. Which should be fine as no one is ever here when we are. But he insists on guarding our clothes. He specifically likes to stand in eye shot of our whites (bras, panties, etc.) and doesn't move when it's time for us to grab our clothes. I have to tell him he's in our way.

Our dryers here are stacked and we decide to use the bottom stack of dryers, because they're roomier and fit more in there but it made him hoover over us again.

I've never witnessed him being this way towards a woman with a male in the vicinity. Plus, his body language and demeanor seem overly aggressive for no reason? Why are your hands in your pockets and flexing your neck just to be hawkish over two women doing laundry together? I don't get it.

No. 443301

File: 1564852931125.png (29.13 KB, 193x261, 1516116962004.png)

I can't fight with my mom without triggering a massive panic attack, usually making me cry in public situations.
Not only that but she makes it 30000x worse by telling me I'm over-reacting and that there is something seriously wrong with me.
My mother physically beat me throughout 5-19 and would come into my room multiple times(once every 5 minutes) to come back and shout/beat me, creating my trauma towards repetitive actions. I immediately start crying and losing my cool when people repeat phrases/actions during arguments or discussions.
Yesterday, my mother and I went to get sushi. We were discussing something really stupid and I just said "I know, mother, I get what you're saying. I agree." but she kept repeating her point over and over again which triggers the absolute hell out of me. I started freaking out and told her to stop but she again would repeat it as if I didn't agree with her. I started crying in public around a bunch of people which just heightened my anxiety and she would keep saying that I'm ill. I've told her multiple times that repetition makes me very stressed but she never listens. It makes me want to cry even writing this because it sounds so silly.

No. 443306

I really hope the only reason why you do things like go get sushi with your abuser is because you're not financially independent yet to move out on your own. Not that you're independent and actively choosing to continue a relationship with this sick woman.
It's never going to get better anon. Never.

No. 443320

nta but same and i can feel it chipping away days off my life expectancy every day

No. 443326

you really should find a way if you can to get away from your abusive as fuck mother. my step father was the same but i havent been around his ass in a decade but i still struggle with the ptsd from it all. please take care of yourself

No. 443329

File: 1564860964968.jpg (166.77 KB, 750x750, 1540259139866.jpg)

god dammit i hate being a "cute" girl I HATE THIS

i have NO friends at ALL, i had ONE and i told him from the beginning i wanted to be friends, he comes at me today saying he wants romance with me, i told him no, i'm in a relationship, now he refuses to talk to me. he was so fucking cool and i thought he could be a great friend but NOPE
every. single. guy. i meet. in real life. does this. i can't help that i'm attractive enough to pull guys in in the first place and i think my personality is shit and annoying but i'm just a desperate boy magnet and i'm tired
all i want is friends and girls refuse to talk or interact with me so i'm stuck with guys who always end up developing feelings
i want to die why can't i be born ugly, everyone is jealous of pretty girls but it's so hard to be one for shit like this
i cannot wait to leave this place because right now i have no one to hang out with and i can't trust any man here to just be my friend
i'm so upset i lost my one and only friend because he thinks with his dick and not his head after i told him i didn't want to date
i am exhausted someone save me

No. 443334

File: 1564861316347.jpg (38.73 KB, 600x603, Oh_My_Sides!.jpg)

holy shit i hope this is bait lmao

No. 443336

You’re delusional about your looks which is probably why no one likes you.

No. 443338

i don't even like how i look, i've just been told my entire life i'm beautiful/pretty/cute and guys literally flock to me, i wish i looked different but it's hard not to feel like you're not pretty when you're told that by literally everyone you meet
i wish

No. 443339

File: 1564861833443.jpeg (159.52 KB, 739x810, 89C581DE-0747-4DE1-8958-29A4BC…)

No. 443340

uhhhh this happens to all girls, not just ones that perceive themselves as being attractive. dudes will literally fuck a potato. get a grip.

No. 443341

you know what that's true you're right
nvm i'll shut up i'm just frustrated bc i thought i had a friend for once

No. 443342

just a thought anon, learn to develop a personality outside of being uwu cute and take the time to pay attention to other people outside of thinking theyre all two faced or only want to fuck you. guaranteed people irl see that youre so self absorbed if strangers on anon can already pick up on that in three posts.

No. 443343

My country, the absolute 3rd world hell scape jfc. We have a fair amount of tribal communities up in the mountains and they are absolute unevolved savages with iPhones.
One of the tribes to this day still partakes in LITERAL rape festival every spring called “wife stealing” or “wife catching”. This is when a male effectively kidnaps any woman (but it’s almost always a young child) of his choosing in broad day light and drag her to his home to be his wife. They say the harder she struggles and the more effort it takes to drag her there means they’ll make good husband and wife. He can enlist his friends help kidnapping her. Once the girl entered the man’s house, she is not allowed to go home for 3 days. After those 3 days, she may beg her father to take her back and stop the marriage.
This is 2019, I am not making this shit up. I had thought this was propaganda against indigenous people but now there are irrefutable video proof all over YouTube of 12-15 year old girls being manhandled by a group of boys, screaming and struggling the whole way. It’s not like these people are cut off from civilized society, they have smartphones and internet, they just want to cling on to “traditions”.
Why the fuck is our commie government Not prosecuting and homogenizing them?? Not like they’re contributing to national gpd. FUCK! Genocide is justifiable.

No. 443344

yeah i know i've really been trying to better myself as a person, i have like genuine autism so it's even harder for me to make friends because i come off the wrong way
i don't really know if i'm a narcissist because i do hate myself to a degree and i hate how i look and i hate my body, just it feels like everyone else does like it, when all you're given is constant ego-boosts it's hard not to have a giant ego
but i'm working on it, just wish i had a genuine friend

No. 443346

Stop holding out hope that you'll find genuine friends in men.
Instead ask yourself why you can't maintain any female friendships. Autism is hard but I do know women autists with friends so there's gotta be more to it than other women just being jealous of you anon.

No. 443347

That's fucking terrifying anon.
I hate to suggest something so pathetic but could you write a journalist piece and gather every irrefutable piece of evidence possible and beginning to hassle journalism or media outlets to take the story from you. I would suggest recording interviews with victims but it's not worth putting yourself at risk of being discovered, don't put yourself in harms way at all.

No. 443348

i actually don't think women are jealous of me, i think my personality just turns them off, i'm socially awkward and have nothing in common with girls around here, and i dress eccentrically which is a deterrent (or maybe attracting to some people)
if i came off as if i was saying women are jealous of me i didn't mean to come off that way, i really don't see what they'd be jealous of tbh, i just think women don't like me bc of my personality and clothing choices

No. 443350

Well you didn't just come off as saying that, you've literally said that–twice now.
I don't think women are jealous, I think they pick up that you see them as jealous outsiders and so even if they did have something in common or to talk about with you your attitude turns them off.
Humble thyself.

No. 443351

you can make friends with other girls being socially weird and it turns out plenty of girls have interests in stuff that isnt make up and clothes. youre willingly sticking yourself in an isolation box, blaming people for being nice to you as a child and thinking your clothes are the issue. good to see that you can admit that your personality seems awful. honestly you sound like a nightmare. i wouldnt want to babysit you either. guaranteed you can find a forum somewhere else if youre actually interested in something other than yourself and find other women who like it just the same as you. but ill bet my last 5 dollars youre just wanting other people to come to you to be best friends.

No. 443354

File: 1564863673222.png (238.59 KB, 587x544, 1484723815573.png)

The fact that you're holding a "I'm not like the other girls!" stance already explains exactly why other women might not be fond of you. Stop thinking you're so special. Every woman gets hit on and find it difficult to make friends with men. Women are only hard to make friends with if you think you're better than them.

No. 443355

yeah you're right
i don't remember saying it but maybe i did i can't remember
i said girls around here where i live, not girls everywhere, i can easily be friends with girls online, but in real life, i live in a hick town in the middle of no where. everyone here is into "country" stuff. which is fine, i don't care, but i can't be friends with people who don't like at least one of the things i like. and i've tried to be friends with these girls, but when they realize i'm not like them, they distance themselves. i actively seek out people to be friends with both online and offline and it just rarely seems to work in person, i don't expect anyone to come to me at all
my personality really is shit and there's not really an excuse for that but i'm actively trying to become a better person but it's not easy especially when i have no therapist and i'm all on my own you know?
you're right, thank you

anyways i appreciate the responses i've gotten here cause i know i need to wake the fuck up and get over myself, so thank you girls for slapping me in the face and telling me not to be such a little bitch. wake-up call. i know i gotta work on myself

No. 443358

>Women are only hard to make friends with if you think you're better than them
nta of course, but incorrect. They're hard to make friends with when you think they're all better than you, too. I'm horribly intimidated by women and always bungle it when trying to talk to them.

No. 443362

i think the real thing is that people are hard to make friends with, because there are indeed shit people. i've tried to be friends with annoying "not like the other girls" and they are 100% jealous of you if you're slightly more attractive than they are. and they are usually the ones who act like they think they're better than you, because they're secretly hiding crippling insecurities.

No. 443371

exactly this. no one wants to be friends with someone like vickey shingles.

i can totally understand that you would hate to be trapped in a life such as yours. it sounds insufferable. it sucks to have such a huge reality check but its super common that people are told as children that they are the chosen one and super special over literally nothing. but it does suck when the reality of adult world hits and super intelligence turns into average and that model looks are just a regular everyday build. finding an irl therapist to help with your insecurities absolutely can help but youre limiting yourself. what im getting from you is that you hate yourself and think youre shit but you still blame others and foist the responsibility on others to avoid the work of becoming secure and learning to be okay with yourself. the same way an addict can both hate and love using at the same time, youre comfortable where you are at but at the same time want to change but its all you know.

at this count, you have blamed guys, girls, clothes, autism, childhood praise, bumpkin town, and no therapist for your awful attitude. you can say that its all you, but between the lines you can tell that you still dont believe that and will go on finding another reason to be miserable.

No. 443402

I'm addicted to binge eating. I'll have these disgusting eating sessions of 4000-8000 calories. I've tried long to keep a near perfect diet, because I read so many times that if you feel like binging it's because you're lacking in nutrients, not getting enough calories etc.. So I eat healthy, track my macros, calories, take vitamins.. But the urge still doesn't go away. I'll feel full after a large meal and still want to stuff my face with sugar until I'm on the verge of puking. I spend more money on food than anything else. The only reason I'm not fat is because I started restricting until I've made up for it. I'm fucking miserable when I have to go as little as a week without binging. Maybe I have emotional issues or something but I honestly just think I love sugar too damn much

No. 443405

The worst feeling is when you see or hear about something and your first instinct is to tell a former friend/boyfriend about it but you can’t because you don’t talk anymore. Like damn

No. 443427

Damn anon, me too. I didn’t start regularly binging until recently, the habit just kind of snuck up on me. It’s all on sugary junk too. Probably stress related bc of school And work for me…ugh. It’s not only wrecking my self esteem but my skin too. I work out and eat extremely clean on days where I’m not so tempted to binge to make up for it in some way. I wish I had words of advice to give you, but sadly I’m just as stuck. I hope you get well soon

No. 443434

I recently joined my first Dnd group last week but in the group one the members (Who is an incel weeb) keeps throwing the game off and trying to force themselves to be the DM. Every time someone rolls they HAVE to make a statement and it pisses me off. I really don't like them cause they have a shitty, rude and disrespectful attitude for the sake of being funny and edgy cause their social skills are that of a retarded child and he keeps and wanting our games to be like Critical Role.

Honestly every time I ask a question they shit on me (It might because I'm a girl) and I want to hang myself. The DM is disillusioned and wants us to play buddy-buddy with each other. I feel like the incel has ruined DnD for me.

No. 443435

Fuck, I'm going on vacation soon to a whole different country and I think my period is going to land on the day of leaving or shortly after. Kms

No. 443439

Montessori, Waldorf, a lot of it does seem to be primarily curriculums for early childhood. Tbh it reminds me of gentrification almost

No. 443443

Don't even bother sticking with this group, anon. "Nerds" usually make the worst players, because they project their weeb power fantasies on the game and refuse to engage in proper socialisation.

Tabletops are much more mainstream nowadays, so you should be able to find normie players, or even introduce normie friends (if you have any) to the hobby. I've had the same experience as you having my love of tabletops ruined by edgy, rude weebs but DMing for normie newbies was genuinely great, they were creative and actually willing to be sociable.

No. 443446

It's fucking stupid how my boyfriend tells me I can text him while he's out with his friends but never replies to me or takes hours to do it. He doesn't go out much so I'm sure he's busy catching up with old friends. But it pisses me off that he always says he'll text me while he's out but hardly does.

It doesn't help him any that he told me he was going to ride motorcycles with someone from a local group and it ended up being a girl which I had to find out on my own after seeing his gopro videos. He also told me was texting a guy friend to go to the lake with. I don't remember how but I found out he messaged a girl, who him and his sister use to be friends with, and was trying to get her and possibly her boyfriend but he was working and he was asking her to go without him. How fucking hard is it to tell your girlfriend the truth? "You'll get mad if I told you" no, you could stated the truth instead of lying to me and giving me an actual reason to not trust you.

No. 443448

>"You'll get mad if I told you the truth."
It's a cop out anon. There's certain things you don't do once you're in a relationship and he knows he's being inappropriate. Get a little mad about it and don't be a cuckquean.

No. 443451

I have nowhere or no one else to tell this but for the past month all I've been thinking is slicing my arms, organizing everything so I can finally die. I've made a list of everything worth selling, with prices and was thinking packing everything in binbags as if I was moving. Just to make it easier for my mom and the few friends I still have. I have passwords written down on my fridge door already. I just don't want my mom to find me so I was wondering if I could time my shit correctly and message someone to call 122, like some timed message sending app or something? I just need to get a sharp ass knife and maybe some blood thinners, ibuprofen does that too so better than nothing. I just wanted to get this off my chest. I don't want help because I don't think it would help, it's ok. Don't have the energy to pack my whole place up yet so that's hindering my depressed arse still, kinda ironic. Maybe my subconscious is trying to stall me but I truly have no proper future so why bother? I have enoyed this site tho, I love /ot/ the best.

No. 443454

I hope you will be at peace some day. Whether on Earth or in heaven. You know what is best anon, as long as you gave life a chance.

No. 443464

>>443454 I really did try my best but at some point it becomes so futile and embarrassing. Thanks for no clichés, anon.

No. 443468

File: 1564883026501.jpeg (182.69 KB, 819x819, 1559010721070.jpeg)

Don't you owe it to yourself to find a more peaceful way to die than..slicing arms and taking painkillers? Also based on the facts, that's very likely to fail and that instant notification you mentioned would most likely result in EMS saving you and then having to deal with the 'embarrassment' of having to look your loved ones in the eyes as you recover in the hospital.

No. 443474

I'm going to be the asshole and say please dont.
but if you're going to, I agree with anon above. you deserve to go out peacefully. instead of organising what you're leaving behind, find a cosy way to go so you feel safe. carbon monoxide poisoning is like falling asleep apparently, and easy to rig.
again, please dont. who gives a fuck about having a future, live out of spite. if you have nothing left to give, start taking. there's a million other options besides death. please reach out to someone. tell anyone, it could be the point that you look back on in years as the catalyst for getting out of your hell.

No. 443475

I’ve gotten purposely very drunk and attempted to kill myself by cutting. I ended up in the hospital with staples in my arms, with my very disappointed mother making my psych hospital arrangements. I ended up getting the help I desperately needed, but I have to live with the scars forever and my friends & family are way more on top of how I act so it doesn’t happen again. I’m really lucky I didn’t lose my job after missing two weeks of work and even luckier that I had savings to cover my bills.
What I’m saying is.. cutting is a cry for help. The will to live is way too strong to let yourself bleed out. If you really want it, find an alternative way. But if you really need help and don’t know how to get it, don’t seek it by scarring up your body. My heart really feels for you and I hope you find a better way out of this.

No. 443479

Wow. My experience was exactly the same. Nothing quite compares the feeling of shame when you wake up in the hospital after an attempt. My nerves are permanently damaged now too. Cutting is just the worst way to go about it hands down.

No. 443482

Luckily I only have scars ugh. I went back to the fire station that responded to my emergency to thank them and they said I had almost cut through a tendon, could’ve lost function of my thumb. Cutting is just all sorts of dangerous if you don’t actually die.

No. 443490

No offense but if you don't want cliches why post here? You have to know people are going to tell you not to do it.

No. 443506

My mom is abusive and she also likes to repeat things. She yells at me like I'm disagreeing with her and half the time the arguments consist of me desperately pleading for her to stop and trying to explain that we actually are in agreement and we don't need to be fighting. She convinced everyone in my family and all of my neighbors and loved ones that I'm insane and that there's something wrong with me. I finally moved away from her last September and you know what? I live with someone else and he never treats me like that. We fight but it's normal and gets resolved and he doesn't gaslight me constantly and try to prove to other people that he's the best and I'm crazy. I know it's almost impossible to get away from someone like that when they constantly make you feel worthless and you are so depressed you can hardly function, but I really hope and encourage you to do your best to leave. You will thrive without her, you don't need her in your life. You will realize that life isn't supposed to be like that, it's not normal. I really hope you can get away from her. I want you to feel better.

No. 443602

If you have the power, go full Old Man Henderson on the incel (look that up, I found it hilarious)

No. 443608

can incorporating more snacks into your normal diet help?
it's how i've gotten over sugar cravings, i'll eat a normal balanced diet and one chocolate bar or something like that a day, and i'll buy the snack on its own and not in some value pack with several pieces because i know i'd eat the whole bag if i had it laying around at home
but it's helped me curb the craving enough to not need to binge

No. 443678

File: 1564929039241.png (811.23 KB, 1000x1250, CAF4303A-0C60-473A-A7A7-605B25…)

I just bought some stuff for NYC comic con but I’m thinking about not going. I’m terrified there’s going to be a shooting, and I can’t shake the feeling. It feels like this is DEFINITELY it, and it’s DEFINITELY going to happen. I know I can’t live in fear but at this point, is it even anxiety anymore? Isn’t shit that crazy??

I was SO excited to dress up as AND MEET my hero Uhura (with my boyfriend being my fat lil Capt Kirk), and now I’m dreading it and want to back out. I know this is exactly what these assholes want, but it’s working.

No. 443684

feel like god is punishing me for supporting amazon/frivolously spending money as my neighbour is essentially holding the controller I ordered (so I could play katamari on emulator better) hostage. why couldn't they leave the parcel by the entry or my door as they have before? why couldn't they leave it with a neighbour that is home more often than random 10 min slot a day?

No. 443689

File: 1564929925348.jpeg (473.72 KB, 1242x931, 3A7A9E5E-9E19-4301-B25A-D56C0E…)

Been seeing ads for this everywhere on buses lately, it makes me feel sick - why can such a vulnerable demographic be openly laughed at and used for entertainment, do people actually feel good for laughing at kids that are in shitty conditions? Because obviously what girls need is further ridicule and be solely blamed for something that more than not is a product of their environment. Feels bad

No. 443693

Yeah. and of course all the blame is always put on the girl like some mouth breathing scrot didn't cause this in a fit of their personal desperation.

No. 443697

File: 1564930552158.jpg (122.43 KB, 541x960, 34523666677858.jpg)


Those are some clear man shoulders anon, he's even putting hands on his hips to make him look more girly lol. Why would a Japanese mom give a shit about american vidya politics in the first place? It makes no sense

No. 443715

From what I know about her, she lived in the US until she was in her teens. Her husband is American and her job requires her to translate English article into Japanese. Literally we have cows featured here from the all over the country like Nobita who are too into US politics so it's not as absurd as you'd think.
She was into a lot of things troons and men normally wouldn't like when trying to mimick women. I lurked on her likes a couple times and saw general boho arts and crafts shit.

No. 443727

Definitely sure it was a guy from /v/ loving the attention.

No. 443731

this is a man.

No. 443737

oof, that beer gut. You can't convince me this isn't a 30-something white man.

No. 443749

I‘m sorry to hear that, anon.

I got the same flip flopping treatment, when I was young (but started puberty), my mum would constantly insist I try on clothes too small for me and SHE would get frustrated that they wouldn‘t fit, never mind what it was doing to me. Similarly when I got to my older teens and started to thin out a bit she‘d insist I‘d eat more, and it‘d be a battle to say no, because she would never actually take no for an answer.

Anyway, even when I‘m nearing 30, I went out with her recently and she was trying to get me to wear sizes I knew were too small, not taking no for an answer. I tole her that just because they CAN fit, doesn‘t meant it‘ll fit well. Thankfully I‘ve had the time away from her to build up confidence in myself and solidify a more healthy body image.
She constantly thinks she‘s too fat, and her sister (they‘re both nearing 60 now) makes comments on her weight.
Frankly it‘s all on her, and her unhealthy views on what a perfect body should be. Maybe it‘s insecurity, jealousy.

These days I just try and build her self image up, because I find it a bit sad that all my life I‘ve heard her say openly disparaging comments on her body, and for at least 25 years has been deeply dissatisfied with it. Why waste your energy on it? Keep fit and chill out.

Go you, seriously. Their concerns are more about themselves than you, and I‘m sure you know that. Work hard and be content with yourself.

No. 443754

Does suspended mean she will be able to use her account again in a few days or it's permanently deleted? I've seen both cases were the profiles were described as "suspended" so it's confusing. I've always been curious about mombot, either she's really a Japanese mom who works as a jp/eng translator and a total westboo, or she's actually a western weaboo who's good enough at Japanese to fool people online, but in both mombot is definitely a nerd. People say so many things about her with no sources other than "trust me I know what I'm talking about, I read it on the internet" too.

I'm not an American and I like video games (mostly Japanese ones) so personally I keep up with the news and what's released. Almost all of my friends do the same thing and none of us speak English as a first language. If she's not lying about who she is she could be the same type of person, but at the same time I don't get why she would still care so much about gamergate or whatever else was going on. Also the angle of this photo is kind of shit so it's hard to see anything with her baggy clothes.

No. 443758

Suspended means she'll be able to come back in a few days or weeks, banned means she can't come back, or at least sign into that specific account ever again.
I remember looking through her old tweets pre-GG and she posted a little here and there about herself compared to now. She's also mentioned being hafu.
I also specifically remember her posting a photo of her cat and you could see the outside of her apartment in it, like some spergs on 4chan could definitely find out exactly where she lives or lived and maybe confirm something. I might've saved that pic on an old laptop.

No. 443762

Thanks, I think I've seen too many people confusing being banned and being suspended. So basically she attracted crazy spergs who wanted to dox her, she valued her privacy and decided to stop giving too many details about herself and because of that people are assuming even more things? I've read that she tried to trick people into thinking she was someone else for whatever reason too but a lot of people think it was real which is why everyone thinks it has been proven that she's a white American or Australian guy, it was confusing.

No. 443771

That was when that person went by the name Brian or something to befriend some of the anti-gg crowd to get shit on them. Regardless, it's a trashy reactionary account for raking in attention from drama. I hate the "woke" side of twitter but mombot's takes are often "rules for thee, not for me" and supporting whatever opinion is popular on reddit/4chan to get attention.

There was that time when he was quitting twitter forever and came back in a week when that neckbeard notch tweeted at him, lol.

No. 443803

I ran 12 miles yesterday and I'm so sore I can barely stand. I feel like a baby deer, a popsicle stick and one of those morbid obese types all at the same time. I have work (fast food/retail) in 2 hours. fun.

No. 443806

I'm tired of being a fucking idiot.
I'm really out here ghosting people because I hate talking, then feeling bad because ~I'm inherently unloveable and no one likes me~ since I've been rejected a few times by others (who I would inevitably also hate talking to tbh).
Bitch what the fuck. I don't even know what I want. I want to be alone but also close to someone, I want to only listen and not have to reciprocate conversation but also have someone like me.

No. 443826

File: 1564953618842.jpg (32.15 KB, 640x480, 9qkou8P_d.jpg)

I think my good friend is extremely anti-Semitic and I don't know how to handle it.
I don't want to reveal too much here but she has had some bad experiences in the past and people were giving her trouble due to her upbringing.
Meanwhile my hometown is historically very Jewish and I'm very close to many people who mostly fled to Israel in the late 90s, some of whom even invited my family over to live with them and still visit my mom whenever they can.
I like her a lot as my friend but I can't stand her shitting on everything that has to do with the religion when it shouldn't fucking matter.
I don't want to pick sides and ruin relationships with people who I consider as close as family because of your dumb préjudice, even though you cry and play victim whenever someone does the same to you.

No. 443850

I love the new Purell Multi-Surface disinfectant! I bought it on a whim at Target, a few months ago and was so impressed I've added it to my regular shop. With a lot of multi-surface, 'everyday' cleaning products ive found the smell too overbearing and felt like i needed to rinse with water whatever i had just sprayed. With Purell, i don't feel that need and it actually makes me want to clean more. It's silly how much I enjoy this product, but whenever someone new comes over I always end up mentioning it.

No. 443873

I work at the front desk of a university library and someone turned in a flash drive as soon as we opened. Whenever one gets turned in, we look at the files to see if we can find someone's name and then e-mail them telling them we found it and it's at the front desk to be picked up, and so I looked at this one and it had a shit ton of files for what seemed like some kind of music major and the files seemed pretty important. Finally found his name so I looked him up in the system and sent him an email from the desk saying we had it and he responded back saying how relieved he was and all that, and I don't know, it just really made me happy that he knows where it is and he didn't lose it forever. Maybe it's because I can commiserate. I just finished this huge project where I was toting around a flash drive every time I went to work so I could work on it whenever I had a spare second, but I hardly backed it up because I'm a dumbass, so if I lost that flash drive, I would've been completely destroyed. Hopefully he does have his stuff backed up somewhere, but if not, he was a grad student and there were a lot of presentations and compositions on there, I'm sure he would've been devastated if he lost it.

A few hours later, I bought Wingstop for my coworker and I because he always brings me sbux and I wanted to finally pay him back because I hate not having the playing ground completely even, especially when it comes to men (even though it seems innocent and he gets food/drinks for our other coworkers, including guys). I'm not usually very comfortable feeling or expressing emotion/general appreciation so whenever I have genuinely pleasant days like this, it's like the dark cloud above me lets some sun through for a bit. It's nice to not have to feel constant fucking bitterness once in a while.

No. 443918

Apparently my family's dog is dying and I'm pretty sad about it. She's only 10 years old, but she was from a backyard breeder so I guess I shouldn't be shocked…I'm still really sad about it. I live overseas and can't leave for the foreseeable future and I'm really sad that I won't get to see her before she passes. I remember the day we got her really clearly, and how troublesome of a puppy she was…but she was still a good dog. And this time last year she was doing great. Insane how she went from going on runs with my dad and swimming to being incontinent and unable to walk in such a short time.

No. 443946

I got ghosted for no reason that I can think of and I’m feeling like it’s the last straw that I can take lmao. We had been out on 6 dates and it was going super well and we had even made plans for the next week and then one day he just stopped replying, deleted me on Snapchat etc.
normally I would be annoyed for like a day and move on but I feel like this time it really tapped into my vulnerabilities and insecurities and I feel like shit. It seriously sucks that I’m not even worth a simple text saying he didn’t think it would work out or whatever. I’ve been mildly depressed for a few months since I graduated college and it’s just amplified it. I just want to hug someone tbh

No. 443952

Maybe he got scared. Sounds like he's dealing with personal issues and you dodged a bullet if this is how he handles things. Good riddance lmfao

No. 443957

Lol this is such a cute post anon

No. 443971

Yeah, idk I’ll never know because I have too much pride and know better than to text him and ask why and make a big deal out of. Just kind of made me have a minor meltdown this past week. Weird how you get close with someone for a brief period of time and then life feels strange without them around

No. 444001

Youll be okay, anon. Dont be discouraged, theres plenty of fish in the garden and whatever is meant for you, will eventually come to you. Just let go.

No. 444018

Having a massive mental break down today over the fact my best friend leaves back to uni this week. I literally have no friends except her, she’s honestly the only reason i leave my house or get out of bed except work. I really don’t want her to leave but i don’t want to be selfish, and i know this sounds super childish but i just know once she leaves my life is going to go back to just constant depression, she’s one of the only people in my life who genuinely cares for me and who I have a healthy relationship with.

No. 444027

I moved and can only speak to my friend through text. She texts me about improvements in her life and when I compliment her on it or show excitement her only replies are snarky like I did something wrong. It’s extremely exhausting. Like wtf did I do wrong? Not kiss your ass enough?

No. 444064

I'm an eurofag. Last night I read from the news that from ALL the reported sexual crimes committed in my rather large city are done by immigrants. ALL OF THEM. And almost every last one of them are done by muslim immigrants specifically. A few years ago a police officer anonymously confessed that the forces were instructed not to talk about it publicly to not "ignite racism". I thought I was being a racist when I tensed up whenever a middle eastern/african immigrant was in close proximity but apparently not. It's so shitty that it's women who have to ultimately deal with the worst parts of immigration yet we're the sex that's socialized to be docile and accepting.

No. 444066

I watched the teen moms of my country and it just made me sad. The girls in it had obvious cognitive disabilities/low IQ (not saying this to be mean) coupled with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, they needed professional help to get a hold of their life management instead of some shitty TV show making fun of them. Some of them were functional and happy to be mothers but a fair share of them were just sad. And of course all the fingers were on the mothers and not the sad sods of dads who didn't bother to wear a condom or take responsibility.

No. 444088

I do like lolcow but I have to stop reading some of the things here. I just can't take it. I don't hate being a woman but this is a place where I go and get overwhelmed with reading how much I'm fucked over just for being one and how social media/men have done yet another shit thing today. I know I'm supposed to "haha just shut off the screen and walk away" but I can't mentally leave it when these things are buried at the back of my head fueling my anxiety. Like a lot of things in my life I don't know how to truly leave it and move on to do something that will actually make me happier. In fact how can I be happy with life in general when every media outlet is telling me how shit everywhere is, from my POS city to the human race itself? I guess the two things I'm the most irrationally afraid about are the migrant crisis and troonery. It doesn't directly affect me but I worry one day it will and everything I read tells me "this is real!". It's like knowing I'm wearing the tinfoil and how absurd it is but I can't take it off.

No. 444109

Men will literally fuck raw chicken breasts, yeah no shit you have autism if their attempts to fuck you have inflated your ego that much.

No. 444124

>ALL the reported sexual crimes committed in my rather large city are done by immigrants. ALL OF THEM
Anon, no fucking way you believe it? People are so easily manipulated and brainwashed, crazy.

No. 444126

Which city?

No. 444131

It's really better to only visit these type of sites a couple of times a week at most. I love this site and all that I've learnt from farmers but anything can be poisonous if you take too much.

No. 444133

Finally snapped and put up a sign asking people (aka my male housemate) to clean the toilet and toilet brush after use. I hate passive aggressive notes like that but I hate seeing/smelling a shit covered toilet everyday more. I have two female housemates as well but this only started when he moved in so I know it's him.
Worst thing is, when I complained about it to my friends, most of them had the same experience with their bf/dad/brother/etc. Do men seriously just walk away without ever glancing at the toilet or do they really just not care about whoever has to deal with their literal shit?

No. 444142

I'm sorry you were lied to about sexes being equal. Most men neither notice, nor care about mess at all.

No. 444160

I’m an anxious mess right now because my dog is sick. The vet is treating it like it’s a normal GI issue but it hasn’t improved in 5 days, so I probably have to take her in for tests tomorrow or Wednesday. It could be (and probably is) something that’s easily treatable but I have this gnawing fear that it’s like, early signs of renal disease or something bad.

No. 444282

I'm so sorry about your dog anon. Would you possibly be able to do a video chat with your family back at home or something so you can see her like that? My own dog is a senior and I know her day is coming soon, and even though it's silly, it makes me feel a little bit better hoping that there's life after this for her. I'm not even a religious person, but I like to imagine that all dogs do go to heaven, where they can run free and no longer be in pain, be fed the best food, and be loved on 24/7.

I posted this link to an anon a few vent threads back. I hope it might help you. https://www.reddit.com/r/baww/comments/1m7exu/dogs_never_die/

No. 444286

Wishing you and your dog best of luck! I just went through a really rough time thinking my dog was dying (she still might be/is) but she's on medication and back to her crazy, yappy self now at least. I really do hope it's something easy to treat! Give your dog lots of love from me.

No. 444327

File: 1565034112749.jpeg (26.81 KB, 389x299, 4EB77C04-8DB6-4D2A-B0E5-32B0F2…)

Thank you so much. I hope your dog is on the mend and can fully recover. I recently lost two of my family dogs (both 16, died within a couple of weeks of each other) back in the US and I’m still so broken up about it. I think that’s why I’m extra stressed about her being ill.

No. 444458

File: 1565053764432.gif (367.44 KB, 500x281, DQGO.gif)

My stepdad is being such an entitled, woe-is-me boomer and it makes me sick to my stomach. I've never seen a person change for the worst in such a short period of time.

I moved into an apartment with him after he separated from my mom–and she's an unbearable narcissist psycho so living with her wasn't an option. We split the rent down the middle and yet he's still paying bills for her ass at their house. He's constantly pressed for money and he takes it out on me but it's. not. my. fucking. fault! It's not my fault their marriage went to shit and it's not my fault he's irresponsible with his money. I'm the one who's helping him lest he'd have no one to split the rent on a "luxury" apartment or help pay for non-necessities. He'd still be bumming off his alcoholic friends and crying because they don't pick up after their animals taking shits on their carpets.

Right now he's throwing a mantrum and screeching about "HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE TO BLEED ME DRY?!?!" in the other room right now because he forgot to pay his cable bill and just got a call about it. You know what I said to him when we first moved here? That he should go without, because cable is an unnecessary expense and we only need internet. I lived by myself for several years with my ex and we never had cable. Only boomers think they need cable.
He basically told me to shut up and acted like my ideas for streaming internet were dumb.

Meanwhile I can't even buy food at the grocery store without him squealing at me like a stuck pig. I went to go buy a tin of canned fish for myself (a whopping $2.20) and he stormed over to me and berated me about how he needs to watch me because I "go crazy and do shit like buy $3 cans of food." Y'know, because he had to tack on the extra 80 cents as a round up to make out like an extra piece of shit. Meanwhile he has cans of cat food tuna in the pantry that he doesn't even eat and then bitches about there being "no food" in the house because, unlike my mom, I work and don't cook for him. He's too lazy to cook for himself so he spends a premium on buying frozen tv dinners which are way more expensive per pound than my little tin of fish. And no, he doesn't let me buy any frozen premade dinners because he doesn't want to spend the money. He shoos me away to go pick out my $1 bag of veggies while he blazes through the pricey snacks and dinners for himself.
I have one meal a day that consists of white rice (cheap filler), frozen vegetables (cheap filler), and a quarter serving from a package of cheap protein (usually pork). I would say my day to day meal doesn't cost over $3 to make, but the second I want to buy a $2.20 tin at the grocery store I'm a spoiled fucking princess. You should've seen him give me the evil eye when I dared put soy sauce in the cart so I could season the cheap food I eat.
He buys milk but he constantly guilts me if I have a glass from it and "jokes" about it being gone the next day even though one of his nightly rituals is to have a giant bowl of cereal.

All that resentment towards me for a meager couple of bucks so I can feed myself, and yet he gets charged a $300 cable bill thinks it a justified albeit difficult need.

I feel like shit. And then these stupid fucking people who had no business being parents or being married wonder why I try to get into relationships. It's so I can fucking escape so I won't have to deal with them and their bullshit anymore.

No. 444460

300 fucking dollars for cable? He is an absolute retard to pay that and then flip out over a $3 meal.
I hope you can get out of this living situation when your lease ends.

No. 444463

Wtf is it with boomers and cable for real? My parents, while gen X'ers, were raised by their much older parents (my grandparents were technically silent generation, the people who raised boomers as well) so they have a LOT of boomer mentality/tendencies. My dad refuses to ever get rid of his cable (a $300 or more bill, same as your dad's.) I've tried to tell him and show him how to use Netflix/Hulu/etc to no avail. I think they're just lazy. They don't want to have to go through the "hassle" of figuring out what to watch when they can just turn on a channel and veg out for hours. Sorry your dad sucks, anon. Hoping you can get through this rough patch.

No. 444473

File: 1565056895913.jpeg (72.47 KB, 759x960, 4D16BBE2-D274-4699-BB33-6BAA9F…)

I’m being a big baby about flying in a few days, I’m really excited for my trip but my anxiety (ON top of the excitement) really makes me feel crazy. I know planes are safe and security is fine but anxious brain aways convinces me that something will go wrong on THIS FLIGHT because I’m there.

No. 444497

File: 1565062811825.jpg (60.33 KB, 500x282, b5e39a36-a1e2-4f4f-a382-e707e9…)

My coworker is pregnant and already having major pregnancy brain. She is outright forgetting to tell me things that I wouldn't know about otherwise because she has direct contact with our client and I have limited contact (she's my superior) she's also getting super pissy and generally having a bad attitude too, when usually she's nothing but nice. I'm trying to cut her some slack but she's really pissing me off. I'll be filling in for her when she's on maternity leave so maybe she's trying to toughen me up? Idk, just super frustrating

No. 444507

File: 1565065914857.jpeg (42.9 KB, 500x713, 6BFDE113-9F03-4CB8-A13D-8376B2…)

hi my name is anon and I am so ashamed of my flat ass I have just now, at the age of 22, decided to start buying/wearing pants I like, paranoia be damned

I know they’ll look like shit but I can’t live my life under imagined hyper scrutiny (likely male) like this. so maybe step #1 in my personal journey of feminist liberation is as early 20th century as “start wearing pants”

No. 444510

this is cute as fuck anon i'm so happy for you

No. 444544


Don't worry anon, the ride will be pretty relaxing. I was extremely anxious about airplanes most of my life until I did it last year. Just relax, put on some headphones, and maybe bring a 3ds to play while you're there.

No. 444637

File: 1565086956148.jpg (28.76 KB, 550x320, bc9fc7d9e7630c69079b11fdc61d55…)

My (ex) bf is an imitation of an actual human.

>Anon, I bought chips and salsa!

>It's veggie chips and salsa
>He never remembers that salsa is with totilla chips. Once bought vinegar potato chips for salsa.

I know it's a little thing but he does this all the time with so many things. He washed his hands with toothpaste. He's either completely unsocialized or he's an alien. Also he is super awkward, unnatural, and lies about things to pretend to understand.

His mom also babied him so he's incompetent now. Good luck next gf!

No. 444638

ANON, huge asses are a meme. good luck!!

No. 444644

proud of you. you're going to wear the fuck out of those pants anon! I wore a skirt out in public with unshaved legs for the first time last week and that feeling of no longer giving a fuck was great.

No. 444658

Unironically autism.

No. 444675

NTA but I think the child's mom being openly ridiculed on TV/the internet will increase that psychological damage tenfold.
Plus, anon's point is that scrutinising only the mother is taking the blame off of the dad and the teen mom's parents who possibly contributed to her early pregnancy through lack of education, which doesn't actually do anything to discourage teen parenthood. Why aren't teen dads being criticised, when they often are the ones to demand unprotected sex? Why aren't the parents being called out when most teen pregnancies occur when the teens' parents never give them the talk?

No. 444693

File: 1565093050723.jpg (26.14 KB, 550x469, question_mark.jpg)

>Washes his hands with toothpaste
…At least they're minty fresh?

No. 444694

I hate having body anxiety. I popped a pimple and for 48 hours I was terrified it was staph or mrsa. If I have a rash, I think it’s something crazy like aids or syphilis. Mind you I’m monogamous and I go to the doctor (gynecologist and primary care doctor) every year for a check up on everything I can possibly think of (I have decent insurance so I can ask for tests).
I moved to a new country and finding a therapist is a pain. It’s almost like if I don’t have something to worry about, I think something is wrong.

No. 444732

It has happened again. I met a new person a few months ago and we have developed a nice healthy friendship. That all is very nice! But recently I realized I have grown OBSESSED about this person. I can't stop thinking about them and I have crazy fears that they will abandon me.

I hate that I can't form normal relationships with people.

No. 444737

The store I work at is staffed by 4 women and 2 men and you can expect nothing to be cleaned nor fixed up when the men are scheduled together. I made a comment about this to my superior, and she acknowledged and agreed that they're only on the schedule to not over-work us at this point. Why is it men can't work retail?

No. 444742

That's how it was whem I worked retail. The guys got nightshift and eventually fired one by one because they just talked and smoked weed on shift instead of getting shit done for the morning crew. Lazy

No. 444750

Wish the very obvious 8chan posters in the 8chan thread would fuck off with the race stuff. Yes, the sites getting shutdown, who cares about race unless you're racist. Smells of pol already

No. 444755

I wonder if it's becausw they see retail as a "woman's job" or if they do it shitty enough, one of us will be able to fix it for them so they don't actually have to do it correctly? When I was hired, it was for an assistant store manager position because I had prior experience, and that was enough for one of the men to pout about being there longer and deserving my position. I tried to explain to him that him cashiering for less than 20hrs a week isn't enough to actually put you up for a promotion as ASMs have a LOT more duty behind the scenes to follow. I don't get it.

No. 444768

In the last couple years the manager I work for has only hired one gay man, and ever since the guy left it’s been all female staff.

No. 444783

I feel fully disrespected by my 2 closest friends.

I live in another country now and we keep in touch daily, but it often feels like the 2 of them vs. me.

Like we play a MPG together. One weekend they ask if I have time free, I say I can do an hour at 6pm and they‘re like "no thanks, we were looking for more time than that" so we don‘t. Next weekend they tell me they‘re going to play, and I stop what I‘m doing to join them. One botched game (5 minutes), and they log out, having decided to have dinner and watch a movie instead. Like fuck me making the time, right?

We organise to watch a TV show, and when it‘s time to start they tell me oh… another 40 minutes, actually yet another 30 minutes. Oh we‘re going to do this first, we‘ll be about an hour, then 90 minutes later with no contact I give up and go do my own thing or go ahead and watch it, and THEY have the gall to get annoyed at ME.

And so on. We have daily correspondence but since the last transgression I‘ve muted their chat and only come on every so often and basically treat it like I would a very casual acquaintance group chat. I‘m worried because…we‘re early 30s, I don‘t have a job (looking) and I have been emotionally close friends with these guys for SO LONG, but it‘s almost like they don‘t realise how inconsiderate they‘re being, that i‘m not just text on a screen, you know? I rant, and get something along the lines of “you‘re right sorry" from the pacifist, but the behaviour repeats.

I don‘t want to lose them, they‘ve been with me through a lot. But at this point my standards of a friendship is higher than they‘re meeting. IT feels like…when you were back at school, and the lowest "ranking" in the friend group, and your opinions or feelings were never thought about.

No. 444794

time and space apart can really mess with relationships. if you really do feel like things are drifting and its affecting you, focus less time on them and work to form new connections where you live. they can always be there but maybe its time to loosen the grip to the past. and make a better outlook socially

No. 444804

I'm really badly depressed again. I was okay a few days ago. I was a no call no show today again for work because I couldnt move and I haven't been able to move from room today, not even to pee, the though of even just pissing on piece of cloth on the floor would be okay cos nothing matters.
I held it until it was very painful. can't see no future. I have no money cos I blow it all. no friends.no partner (will die alone, confirmed) fat no matter how many times I try. siblings only care when they want something. don't even know why writing this here. guess theres no place else and no one to speak to. I feel so guilty. so. much. guilt. I'm really glad you can't guns at home here. things are making me very paranoid and I've seen some weird signs but I can't remember them now but they were important. oh well. I'm a fucking idiot.

No. 444809

I'm definitely going to come off as harsh but I do think you should distance yourself/cut off ties with them.

My best friend went through similar troubles with our friend group last year. They were slowly distancing themselves from her, giving her excuses as to why they would never invite her to hang out with them (it was always "well we assumed ____" but never actually bothering to ASK her if their assumptions were true), and then at some point, being straight up malicious to her (they told me they posted photos of them hanging out with one of our other friends all of us barely get to see strictly because they knew my best friend would see it and get upset- bitch who the fuck does that to their best friend?). Even though she confronted them multiple times throughout the years, they would all just end up crying and make up, and then the cycle would repeat. It was like talking to a brick wall.

While your friends are probably not as shitty as my old friends, if they don't make the effort to make time for you when you make time for them, it's time to start moving on. If you talk to them about it and their behavior doesn't change, it's time to start moving on. It's definitely harder as adults to match up your schedules and make time, but they should consider your feelings too.

No. 444811

Anon you should definitely at least call out, that is if you intend to keep that job. Mental health is hard and no doubt I and others like myself have called out for mental health days. What will stymy your recovery however is a hostile or more strict work environment when you return because your boss feels disrespected and your coworkers think you're irresponsible.
A phone call telling them you're unwell is very simple, you don't need to explain beyond that.

No. 444816

So, this person who I've been talking with/flirting for months suddenly told me she's going to date another girl soon. While still flirting with me. When for all these months she flat out said she wants me, flirts with me all the time, sends me pictures, sends me vocal messages, stays awake until 1am just to talk to me, has 10/10 chemistry with me, shows jealousy when I talk about other women, and basically talks to me all day long since she wakes up until she goes to sleep. Her justification is that "this girl is closer to where she lives", even though she admitted she's not even her type, only because she flirted with her and lives closer than me apparently. I'm pretty heartbroken, but most of all I'm fucking mad. Who does that? Why saying all those important words to me if you didn't really mean it and I was just a toy to keep occupied with until you found the first girl who shows interest in you? Fuck you, bitch, I hope she turns out to be a grade A cunt and breaks your heart badly. You deserve it.

No. 444817

File: 1565103921058.jpeg (244.3 KB, 700x610, 68ED9E42-9673-4A14-BFC3-0EE2B0…)

I'm spoilt/very badly raised with an absent father I now live with and who I am dependent on financially. My dad is pretty much rich and I get to live in fancy places but I'll never be like these people and never live a life like this in the future. I've always been subhuman in these areas.

School was shit and my siblings are both autistic and took most of my mother's time. I isolated myself with videogames during most of my "upbringing" and when I was a teen I engaged in abusive sex - because daddy issues and bullying by males for being ugly, yada yada. I don't think I'm attracted to men either but that's a different can of worms.

Me and my father, while living in the same apartment (he recently divorced and got himself a young pretty little servant) barely speak but I know he resents me for becoming a depressed, childish slob. He believes I just have to Pull myself Up by the Bootstraps and not that I have decades worth of depression and mild autism/intense social anxiety to work through and that I'll always be unattractive and a little odd. Also, he has absolutely nothing to do with my mental state and I'm just blaming it on other things. This could be half true, I've been navel gazing a lot, but I'm so fucking sad and lonely and have been since my tweens.

Fuck you, dad, why did you have to uproot my life every other year so you could further your career? Why can't you just love me a little? I'm not like you and I never will be, and I feel worthless because of it. I know you think I'm a disappointment but your silence is worse than if you'd just say it to me.

I'm moving away to study to a place far far away from my family and "friends", where I know nobody. Any ideas of how to stay afloat? People usually don't like me, I think it's a combination of my meekness/social inexperience and offputting looks. I'm on antidepressants and will probably need to find someone to talk to again - a counselor in uni? - eventually.

No. 444823

they expect you to explain beyond that. I don't respect my boss nor any of the people who work there. that job contributing greatly to my declining mental health. I feel destroyed by them.

No. 444824

Then quit. You need an income and at least a tolerable work environment.

No. 444825

She sounds like garbage and at least she took herself out to the trash rather than making you do it. Hope you'll find someone great eventually anon!

I always suggest this to university anons, but join clubs. Look on your school's website, there will probably be a list of clubs. Find ones that pique your interest and go to their general info meetings (pretty low commitment, I was heavily involved in a school club and we knew most people who came to our GI meetings probably wouldn't return, but we also try to put our best foot forward here). You'll have the benefit of shared interest with a bunch of strangers, and people are usually nice so it shouldn't be too hard to hit it off with at least one person. I was in a lot of nerdy/weeby clubs (pls no bully) and even the grossest neckbeard was treated nicely by all club members and actually had friends they would find through clubs.

I would definitely suggest going to a counselor in uni if you can! You sound like you've got a lot to work through, but I hope one day you'll be able to flourish and became a great person with a fulfilling life. Best of luck anon!

No. 444827

im gonna lash out.

No. 444832

Nah you're just gonna veg out in bed until responsibilities come knocking on your bedroom door. But that's not going to fix how you feel about yourself and life in general, anon.

No. 444841

Similar situation in my retail job. Funniest thing is, on an individual basis, they think they are sooo hard working and agree that other men are shit and lazy and just faff about to look busy yet they don't see themselves doing the same bs. My other coworkers are elderly ladies and they are hard as nails and don't give a fuck about being civil to them and point their fault out openly, which obvi makes the men confide in me (as I'm young an naive and eager to listen to their moaning in their eyes) about how the ladies are big bitches and how they are different and not like all men and def the most hardworking person in the entire chain lamo.

Honestly, I'm very thankful for this job as before I used to be intimated by men to the point I'd refuse to talk to any, even when spoken to, or would like profusely blush when that would happen. Now I literally do not care what they think of me as I know they will be eager to please me if they esteem me fuckable enough or quickly turn to resent me as I age/loose value in their eyes. They are literally worthless, occasionally entertaining, but ultimately worthless.

Also it made me realize older women don't have to be boring and motherly, they can be just as silly as teen girls fucking around after school and have friendships just as intense and close.

No. 444855

File: 1565107303519.jpg (21.58 KB, 450x350, 17701_937369532973103_43594588…)

Thanks, anon. I just hate that I had to have such a great chemistry with such an asshole. Even our other friends who saw us interact always pointed out how great our chemistry is, how our humor matches perfectly and we should totally date etc., and I've never met anyone else like her. I can do much better, but right now I'm just sad and scared that I won't meet anyone that matches me so well again.

No. 444864

AYRT I had/have the same feelings about my ex. She dump me to chase after someone else (rather, she respectfully as possible broke up with me for a lot of other personal reasons), but I think one day we'll find our match.

Sometimes I think about the men I used to fuck and caught feelings for. Validation from men being virtually useless and my dumb teenage decisions aside, I thought the first one was the best thing to happen to me. He was attractive, smart, and we got along very well. I thought I couldn't do better, and ultimately got treated like garbage by the end of it. The next guy was so sweet to me, treated me (in hindsight, just barely) like an actual person deserving of genuine care and affection, but left me for some other girl because he couldn't handle me telling him to stop being annoying for once. I thought I wouldn't ever find anyone who would treat me like an actual person. And then I met my ex, who treated me like an actual human being deserving of love and affection outside of sex, and cherished me so much that even til the very end, her choice to break up with me was out of concern that she wouldn't be able to hold up her end of the relationship and didn't want to drag me around.

The point is, someone better has always come along. Even if the most recent person seems absolutely perfect, you'll definitely find someone better. I still wonder if someone will ever top my ex, but I think someone eventually will. In the meantime, now it just means I won't settle for subpar treatment, and you shouldn't either.

No. 444867

I know this is fucking stupid and that I should "grow a spine" but I argued with a white man online and he had the dumbest and all-in-all moronic ideas of fucking culture, politics and society that I literally cried for the sake of humanity. I know it's so fucking stupid to cry over online disputes about stupid shit but the fact that we can never really do anything about everything is just fucking scary and disheartening.

This planet deserves to rot.

No. 444881

File: 1565109927074.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1080, 693f46e6-0986-41f6-b1cf-9ad356…)

Thanks for the words anon, they were helpful. I hope you find someone even better than your ex soon.
As for me, I'll probably cry it off for a week or two and then get better until I won't care anymore.

No. 444901

I fell on love with someone who has too many flaws, it hurts me a lot and I know he will never change despite his attempts to make me think otherwise. I don't think I'll ever finish if I try to name every single thing he did that hurt me but it's a mix of extreme jealousy, porn addiction and gaslighting. I know what most farmers are going to say but it hurts me because he is really sweet and caring despite everything and I really try to be a good girlfriend, I'll do anything to make him happy but every time I point out something that bothers me he acts nice and acknowledges his mistakes yet he only becomes more secretive and two-faced and thinks I won't notice and it's breaking me because I don't know how else should I approach it and I don't want him to think I'm like a nagging wife. Dumb, I know.
It's hopeless, he'll never change and I'll never stop thinking about it whenever I can't sleep as the resentment is piling up. But part of me still loves him and I don't want to hurt him. I think I'll just cut all contact someday (probably not now…) and I'll refuse to tell him why because if I do he'll find a way to convince me to stay. I wish I were stronger and smarter to not get involved with him from the start but I know I'll learn from this to not repeat the same mistake.

No. 444904

I know that feeling, anon. You're not alone.

No. 444907

I once teared up a little because a man was spewing woman hate in a discord for like 20 minutes and I got muted immediately for my input. Its ok anon, it may be "just the internet close the tab" but those are real live people at the end of the day being this stupid out in society. Just dont even give them the time of day.

No. 444914


This feeling is way too real. Especially the woman hate etc. I feel like it's gotten so bad recently and is part of why I've migrated to lolcow. I'm biracial too and everywhere I go on the Internet someone is spewing hate either about women or (insert race here). I know I shouldn't take it seriously but it gets to me. I've stopped going online a lot lately and try to pick up offline hobbies like drawing and baking.

No. 444915

File: 1565114382436.gif (4.34 MB, 300x300, MeaslyPettyAmericancreamdraft-…)

I owe it to my sweet ldr boyfriend to break up with him because i've fallen for a close irl friend. didn't mean for it to happen but we got close over the summer and although I like them equally (or thought I did idk) it's hard to give up all the possible and genuine physical intimacy I can receive from my friend.

I can't get myself to break things off however, I feel like a coward. And awful because he's pretty much the only boyfriend I've had thus far that has treated me well. I keep waiting for "a good time" but there really won't be one. I need to do it soon though as I don't want to cheat on him. Glad to get this off my chest at least.

No. 444934

So I recently started doing strength training because I enjoy feeling my muscles work and the feeling of being strong. I'm not into fitness and find it one of the most boring topics to talk about ever. I really just enjoy my body getting some work and decided that I would see my daily workouts as a hobby rather than a path to weight loss or fitness. No dieting. No difference in food intake. Just have fun and swing some damn kettlebells and such.

But, it's been two weeks and I've wasted hours googling, researching articles, watching youtube videos and reading forums on weight loss. I was just googling exercises to do at home, but stumbled into the fitness-wormhole of mixed, confusing advice.

One article says calorie counting is all that matters. Another article states that yes, you should count calories, but only the weekly amount. A youtuber says she didn't count calories at all. A friend of mine who is a personal trainer swears on cheat days and eating what you want within moderation, while another article tells you to restrict sugar and carbs, food prep, protein shakes, you get the idea.

I'm notorious for always wanting to do things the right way, hence the amount of time I spend researching stuff, but all this varied information is making me go crazy. The last four days I haven't done anything but think about food, weight and fitness. I have other hobbies I love to do, but instead of doing them I distract myself with another article hoping to find the "right" answer, completely forgetting why I started doing this in the first place.

I'm sitting here now with a calorie counting app on my phone. I've reached today's limit, but can't focus on anything because I would really like a sandwich, but mentally debating whether I will feel like shit after eating it or not.

This wasn't what I was supposed to do. I just wanted to get a sweat going, dammit, how did I manage to trap myself in a mental battle over a damn sandwich?

No. 444941

>because I enjoy feeling my muscles work and the feeling of being strong

stick with that. that is a perfect way to approach exercise. (well that and making sure to do the motions correctly) as far as the food component, im in the camp of calories in calories out. just avoid eating like amberlynn and you should be fine.

enjoy your sandwich, enjoy your exercise.

No. 444956

i agree with >>444941
also calories = energy = being able to work out more.
if you're not desperately needing to lose weight, i wouldn't worry about the nutrition aspect of it too much. it's one of those things where everyone thinks they knows what is best and you will read 100 varying opinions.

No. 444958

I know this is lolcow's /ot/ so someone will call me a dummy for still wanting a male partner but…it is what it is.

I have no idea what it is about me that turns men off when it comes to romance and it bothers me. I'm not perfect, but I'm what should appeal to at least some men looking for LTRs. I'm an introverted virgin with her own hobbies and all that, not a perfect body but I exercise and eat decently. I know the issue isn't the men being noncommittal either, since I know many girls in relationships and the type of men I like I have seen with partners. Nor is it lack of trying, I've pursued so many fucking men this year.

Does social awkwardness really hold such weight to men? And people in general? Or am I just inherently unlovable? I've had men wanting to do sexual shit (and refused), so something about me must scream "not romance worthy" but I don't fucking know what!

No. 445021

What are your hobbies?

No. 445032

I draw mediocre pin ups of conventionally unattractive men (and a webcomic), work out, am interested in arthropod husbandry (I only have a tarantula atm though) and bugwatching, and like dolls and shit. Sometimes I watch western cartoons and horror movies but I'm no buff on either.

Maybe I need deeper, more intellectual hobbies like analyzing literature or something. Is that what's missing? But I thought the whole "girls who have hobbies outside of dating!!!" thing was about wanting a partner who is self-sufficient, which I am. And one of the men who only wanted fwb shared a similar hobby that I was surprisingly more knowledgeable about, yet he wouldn't even engage in conversation with me.

No. 445035

having a partner is just about putting yourself out. you're not unlovable or anything, don't bring yourself down like that.
i don't know how old you are but you should go to your local communities irl and share it with others
i met my two boyfriends in college because we had the same hobbies (i'm studying video game stuff) - you can also search for communities online but sometimes you won't see they are crazies so be careful with that
he was just a dick who was afraid of a woman being better at something than him

you will find someone, just be confident and trust yourself, i'm sure you're an interesting person - the truth is: if you believe you are attractive, others will find you attractive too
don't change who you are for a partner tho

No. 445036

No, your hobbies sound super cool. I was wondering because I've had similar things happen to me, but I am a plebeian into Japanese media and games and surprise surprise, most of the guys who like those things are extremely unromantic and gross.

Thankfully I found my boyfriend who is extremely respectful, thoughtful, and loving who also shares my hobbies, so if I can find a nice guy you can for sure.

No. 445047

Thank you anon, perhaps you're right. I'm not very social outside of just cold approaching random men lmao, and the one club at my uni that I wanted to join never replied to my email. But I'll try again this year and with different groups I guess. It might help me be less awkward if nothing else.
As for the guy…maybe that was it. It left the worst taste in my mouth out of all of them since on paper we were such a good match.

>plebeian into Japanese media and games
Nah, that's pretty based. I often wish I could get into vidya but I just can't for some reason.
Maybe it is all just luck and continuing to search. I'm glad you were able to find a nice bf! I hoped my post didn't sound bitter at all since it actually is heartwarming and encouraging when other women find good partners.

No. 445078

Eh. Call me a bitch, but I’ve only really feel sorry for the actual kids in that situation. Idk about Teen Mom Australia but in Teen Mom U.S, most of the moms are complete idiots who make bank off their shitty decisions and who are probably screwing their kids up for life. Plus, I think they’re at least smart enough to know what they signed for and don’t care that they’re being ridiculed because of the money they’re making. I agree that the fathers/parents need more blame though.

No. 445087

The kids are going to 100% be fucked as teens/adults. I can’t imagine literally having my birth through 10 years of age broadcast on MTV along with all my parents’ drama. It’s like some kind of gross social experiment.

No. 445145

I have a friend of a friend who's incredibly annoying, pessimistic and pretentious who won't stop asking me to hang out with him regardless of when I'm available. I've tried to avoid him because I never really liked him and I'm sick of him but my actual friend won't stop inviting him to things without telling anyone and it's obvious I'm not the only person who feels that way about him. I can't pretend I don't see his messages anymore. I'm sick of friends planning things and inviting people nobody knows or like at the last minute too without telling the others.

No. 445151

File: 1565164104944.png (22.23 KB, 204x186, tumblr_o5v485YM1b1sx4oc5o2_250…)

>tfw I got interviewed for my dream job today and was told I was a 'perfect fit' but I know I still won't get hired because this same exact thing has happened in the last 3 interviews I've done and I still don't get a job offer

please, I don't want to be a NEET anymore, stop getting my hopes up just to crush me

No. 445155

>PTSD symptoms have been worse these past few days
>"God I fucking hope I get used to the uncomfortableness soon."
>Sudden cramps at 2am
>On my fucking period. OF COURSE.
I hate when my symptoms worsen with during the time of the month and I basically have to be on edge for a day or two to figure out, "Oh, it's because I'm bleeding."

No. 445179

I had the exact same thing happen to me, anon. I even went to the same college as the hiring manager. The hiring manager later told me that she wanted to hire me, but that the owner wanted someone else.

Meanwhile my mom's coworker's criminal druggie son gets a job at a restaurant just because his dad knows that owner.

No. 445202

I don‘t know if I‘m an elitist or what but I‘d like, FOR ONCE, I‘d like a boyfriend who can watch films with me appropriately.

So my last relationship I refused to watch "serious" films with my partner, because they‘d make light of EVERYTHING, so I just stuck to light stuff that doesn‘t need attention or investment. It was a source of contention, because my ex thought I didn‘t take him seriously (which tbh I didn‘t for that aspect).

Not wanting a repeat of that, I‘m trying to watch more serious films with my current bf since he wants to share my passions but he just…can‘t seem to take things seriously, or get invested.

Like for films where things escalated into some absolutely horrific scene and I‘m frozen in terror, and he starts to laugh because if you just view it as its own scene and through the viewpoint of "it‘s just a film", it does look a bit silly/dramatic.

Like that scene where the woman breaks down in possession, the end of the original wickerman, "that scene" in mother!, the last act of hereditary. All of these have been near ruined because I have someone next to me guffawing at how it looks.

I…just not watching it with a serious partner is insulting, but in the moment I‘m not going to pause the movie and call him out because I just want him to stop, and I know he‘ll get sensitive and moody about it. Also he‘s never watched movies with other people, I‘ve tried to delicately readjust his etiquette but it‘s hard. And it FUCKING fucks me off.

No. 445206

I feel so apathetic, bored and unmotivated. At least I'm not crying for hours like a couple days earlier but fuck. I wish I didn't have a period, how can a bunch of hormones make me such a shit person.

No. 445208

This. I have the same issue, anon. It's no fun and I feel for you.
I wish I could bring this up to my doctor without her deferring to, talk to your gyno.

No. 445210

I know this old but I'm bored and decided just to watch some old vids from crime youtube and I was just watching the surveillance footage of Kenneka Jenkins in the hotel and its scared the shit of me not because I think its some ~conspiracy~ but scared shitless from what alcohol can make you do. Holy fuck. She was totally gone. No bit of consciousness left walking like an alien just aimlessly with absolutely no control and terrifying body movements, knocking into everything HARD and ended walking into a freezer and dying. It scares the shit out of me cos I have some drinking problems and black out a lot, I'm scared one day I'm going get so fucked up and blacked out like she was and do something like that and kill myself. It also worries me thats what I'm like when I'm black out but I've been told I get VERY very quiet and can't even emote. It would absolutely kill me inside to watch but next I get black out I'd like my sister to record me.

No. 445218

>Record whilst blackout drunk
It worked for David Hasselhoff.
Good luck anon and try to cut back if you can.

No. 445220

Thanks anon. Alcohol is really such a horrible horrible drug.

No. 445231

I'm usually the quiet type but a few days ago a friend introduced me to a guy who's into the same obscure weeb shit as me. We talked a bit and I was really excited to have found someone who got my shitty taste.
Fast forward today, my friend sends me a couple screenshots from his convo with said guy complaining about how obnoxious and annoying I was. I blocked the asshole right away but I still feel like shit. I'm better keeping the things I like to myself and acting all bitchy and unintersted.

No. 445236

File: 1565183929986.jpg (77.4 KB, 1152x864, The_Two_Faces_of_Squidward_24.…)

an outrageously hot spanish guy came to view the flat I am about to move out of, I am almost mad I'm moving out as he is also looking for a flatmate but I know this is just a moment of thirst I'm having. but seriously, he was so fucking chiseled and his lips looked so soft and he was really into holding overly long eye contact and all of this was happening in the room I rent. wow.

No. 445264

My cat has diarrhea and i am in panic. I know its normal when u give them new food or if they are stressed etc but for God sake i am in so much panic..he is playing normal and eating too but why do u have to shit this way cattooo

No. 445269

I'm angry for you anon, what a piece of shit. I can't imagine hating someone who is kind and has similar interests, that should be positive. What a stupid cunt he is.

No. 445275