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No. 448171

Previous thread: >>437519

No. 448177

Such a cute OP picture.

No. 448184

I'm angry that I do not have these cats

No. 448186

File: 1565760496368.png (1.74 MB, 1256x1304, 1565302150758.png)


it happens to me too, i love cats so much but can't have them. I always imagine an imaginary cat i can pet, sometimes is some creepy tulpa shit but it makes me feel a bit better fantasize about a cute cat in my lap.

No. 448190

i love chubby cats so much you guys

No. 448198

File: 1565761841147.jpg (211.82 KB, 1594x896, 20151011_172136.jpg)

Guess we're all venting about how much we love cats kek.

I miss when mine was little, he was too cute. He still is but sometimes I forget how tiny he was.

No. 448225

File: 1565767358943.jpg (30.06 KB, 427x576, happybaby.jpg)

i was about to vent some sad shit but these chubby babies cheered me up, thanks anons
i can't have a cat but the next big city has a cat cafe (it's vegan and houses rescue cats, really wholesome place) so it's bearable

No. 448231

Pull yourself out of NEETdom with only the sheer willpower of wanting to own cute animals. Do it for the kitties.

No. 448257

File: 1565770808678.jpg (81.25 KB, 1024x1024, a6d3c0c6gy1g3lt2rlnxbj20sg0sgj…)

I want a cat

No. 448269

I'm not business savvy whatsover but my dream is to work with a local pound and open a cat cafe that lets people meet and cuddle the cats before maybe deciding to adopt them

No. 448283

File: 1565774441185.jpeg (268.14 KB, 800x1134, F01BA85C-3269-49FF-BE51-1A68A7…)

i’ve carried a sense of shame and wrongness for so long, i feel like even my physical presence is apologetic — constantly “body checking” in terms of the space i take up, shrinking and folding, trying to minimize it as much as possible while i’m in public spaces, always in a state of restlessness because of it. a large part of this is paranoia re: being stared at. it’s like going outside and being a young woman, regardless of what you look like exactly or how you behave, you’re getting stared at (by men). i’m sure you all can relate to that on some level. the conditioned purpose of the young woman is to be visual, to be seen, and no matter if you “succeed” or “fail” they’re still going to scan you up and down. sometimes i feel like i can never blend in or fit inside the crowd or something. i can never go “unseen”.

at the same time my insecurity shrieks it’s impossible for me to be seen sexually, so feeling those eyes sets me even more on edge because there’s no understood motive — they stare out of removed yet strangely persistent interest, as though they’re reading an advertisement on a subway train. i’m not a meek person, either, so i resent myself tenfold for having such a disconnect with my body! when speaking is when i can feel i can actually assert myself, or level the playing field, if that makes any sense.

also, for like the past 3+ years i’ve gotten anxious re: losing my sanity because getting older means learning the ways my mind differs from others’. it’s like my brain is a fucking shinkansen sometimes and i get irritated and lose steam when others can’t keep up or when i have to slow down. maybe less of a bullet train and more of a goddamned vortex.

early onset schizophrenia when, just bite the bullet God cmon hit me w it already

No. 448285

File: 1565774881635.jpg (35.65 KB, 640x640, 49370456_374433899998928_86470…)

i am procrastinating hard on writing a paper which is due in a few days and I just can't.
I am filled with dread but I have no motivation and no discipline, I am paralysed. and I like studying, I like my field, this is how I behave even with what I like.
I hate myself for being so lazy, weak, unable to delay gratification, I am a spoilt brat.
advice to anons who have bright children : teach them how to fucking WORK even if school is easy for them, or they'll end up depressed and unable to function.
somebody please slap me twice in the face.

No. 448291

File: 1565775079158.jpg (101.08 KB, 1072x1440, FB_IMG_1565595834704.jpg)

Inspiring posts, thanks anons for reminding me that I need to get through this breakup so I can get eventually get a cat too.

We are all gunna make it bruhs

No. 448319

File: 1565776474363.png (222.89 KB, 555x795, B984662D-07AE-4E19-9B85-CD8022…)

I’m so broke that I’m seriously considering selling nudes to pay for FF14. I really want membership but I have literally no money. I already tried doing surveys for money but after 2 hours I only managed to get 50 cents. Fuck me.

No. 448322

idk about where you live but if you have lots of books you don't read anymore maybe you can send them to second hand stores and get payment. I just received 50€ for three crates of useless old junk I didn't need.

No. 448329

File: 1565777062685.jpg (83.92 KB, 600x750, 1565015287519.jpg)


Its a videogame anon, come on, not worth putting your dignity on the line unless you are truly on the lifeline.

There's also better ways to make a few extra bucks online, like go on reddit and fiverr and advertise 5$ psychic readings lol. There's thousands of very random completely disposable services that still sell as long as they are cheap for first worlders to buy.

Work around it until you build up some skill in something more stable run with it and buy 10 chonky cats.

No. 448342

do not put your nudes out there forever to play final 'new content every three months' fourteen just make an ebegging post on reddit or something.

No. 448344

I am questioning if I wanna go to an anime con this month.
I don't have a performance set up, but I have a couple of cosplays I can finish up quickly and bring. I miss the scene and it's the best/biggest con in my area.
But. I have no money and will have to ask my mother. Also all of my friends would be there. Which sounds nice, but. I had this friend group for years. I dated one of them for years. We were really close. But my girlfriend dumped me and since then it's been awkward between me and all of them. Some of them came out saying I am a terrible person. Some flat out started ignoring me. They're also doing a big group cosplay I was supposed to be a part of (and I really wanted to be a part of) but I fell out because I got hospitalized and never returned because it was my ex's project in the first place and I wanted to give her space.
Two of the people in the group asked me to go with a smaller group cosplay with them the second day, but honestly even if I really want to cosplay that character, I think they invited me only because I am "part of the set", because I sincerely think they hate me now.
I like cons. I really do. But I would probably end up alone either way.

No. 448346

File: 1565778940378.jpeg (39.39 KB, 400x400, AB2D0CCB-B041-470A-91E7-E15E8D…)

Sadly I don’t own any books but thank you for the advice anyway!
I’m a shameless loser. I just really like the game and became quite desperate out of addiction.
I don’t know of any reddits like that but if I did I would’ve done it earlier.

No. 448355

What data center are you on, anon? I just bought my friend a timecard to play with me and he told me he didn't want it.

No. 448358

idk how much the subscription is but have you looked into transcribing? it pays better than ads for sure

No. 448359

File: 1565780415819.jpg (32.5 KB, 640x611, k3xiuenp7kf31.jpg)

Maybe it'd be better for you if you wean yourself off of it for a while then, it's not worth spending your money for a game.

Or replace it with an even dumber addiction like runescape, they've had free membership with twitch premium for a while and you can grind in-game to earn it too. It has a lot of Venezuelan bots though.

No. 448365

Aether. I’m level 32 working towards 35 but I just know I’ll grind through the game as much as I could. I’ve been playing for 2 days only but I already feel how soul-sucking it is.
Wow! this is actually very cool. I’ll check transcribing out for sure. I guess 130wpm can finally be put to use.
I played osrs for yeaaaars but I cant seem to get back into it.

No. 448371

File: 1565781189198.png (Spoiler Image, 39.89 KB, 689x152, aaaa.PNG)

I'm on Aether too. This is probably weird and sounds like a scam, but hit me up if you want.

No. 448379

They just released Prifddinas so now it's finally worth checking out

No. 448382

My bf won't stop liking and commenting on the posts from a guy who groped me while I was so drunk I couldn't move. He doesn't even really know him, he has only met him once, its me and his best friend who knows the guy.

He knows he sexually assaulted me, so why tf is he interacting with him? It isn't someone he has a history with, so why? Fuck I feel disrespected but also petty.

No. 448385


You are certainly not being petty. WTF is your bf thinking?

No. 448401

Sounds like her boyfriend is an unironic cuckold who wants this to turn into something

No. 448405

Either he's a retard who somehow forgot this incredibly significant fact or he's a retard who has no sense of human decency

No. 448448

My current job is really slow so I really don't mind helping other people to pass the time, but it's one thing when it's "hey, would you like to help me out with an assignment?" versus the HR manager not wanting to do something that's technically his job but he's deflected it to some other person who is out of the office this week so I have to step up and do it or else no one else will. I keep stepping up and volunteering to do things because it's so fucking frustrating to watch really simple responsibilities get deflected around and around this office where things move a mile an hour.

On the other hand I also wish I could say "that's not my job" like everyone else here but it's so ingrained in my brain to just do things and take on responsibilities that aren't even mine, and I don't want people thinking badly of me because I, like everyone else, have almost no work to do. It's only frustrating to see, but bearable to live with here, but at my old job I ended up burning out badly and quitting because I kept having to take on so many responsibilities. I kept being told that I was so ~*~*dependable*~*~ and didn't want to disappoint anyone so I just kept biting off a lot more than I could chew and I hope someday I'll grow the balls to put my foot down and say "no, I can't/won't do XYZ."

No. 448451

once you become the yes man, you will be known as the yes man.
i struggled with this in the workplace for a long time, but you have to be able to advocate for yourself and not take on too many additional responsibilities outside of what you're being paid for.
people just start taking advantage of you and it won't stop until you're inevitably burnt out like you mentioned.
just remember to put yourself first if everyone else is putting themselves first too.

No. 448452

Maybe I'm wrong but that doesn't sound like laziness to me because you are not enjoying yourself. Your dread, paralysis, inability to begin even things that you like, and self-hatred remind me of this:
Maybe reading it will help you.

No. 448457

Thank you anon! My current job is only temp, but I'll keep this in mind going forward and in my future jobs!!

No. 448459

I'm crying because I'm a pathetic mess that needs to be told that I'm cared about constantly.
I'm clingy to all of my friends. I don't see them often but I'm always thinking about them and I openly tell them how much they mean to me, but they aren't as overly emotional as I am. Sometimes I just feel like everyone hates me and that I'm annoyingly overbearing.
For the most part I can reassure myself that if people don't like me then they would have already ghosted me completely but right now I just feel like a sad nuisance to everyone.

No. 448472

Anon I used to be like you years ago and the advice I can give you is to calm down.
People like you or don't. It's not that important. I know it hurts probably because you love them so much and need to feel they will be there for you no matter what but what you're doing being this emotional is to push away people because they might feel overwhelmed by you.
You think they hate you because that's your biggest fear but try to remember that only because they don't say they love you all the time, you're still important to them.
This is not a competition, try to picture it as if it was with your partner: if they told you all the time out of the blue how much they love you, even when you already know, wouldn't be strange for you? Almost forced, I'd say.
I'm sorry if I sound harsh but this way of thinking it pretty toxic, I know because I was like you and I almost lost all of my friends, just one stayed by my side after asking me - more than ten times - that I needed to calm down. He told me that sometimes I was exhausting because by the way I acted it always looked as if I was feeling guilty about everything even if it wasn't my fault and that he was actually tired of having to be there for me and TELL me because if not I'd be paranoid.

No. 448485

Now I'm sad because I'm thinking about a cat I really wanted to get a few years back when I was at the pound. It was hissing and angry at everyone because they were approaching it so quickly or tapping on the glass; you could clearly tell it was abused. She had a missing eye and patches of fur missing. One guy laughed at it, "It shouldn't act like that if it wants to get adopted, looking like that." The girl who was with him giggled. That's the point, it doesn't want to be adopted, it doesn't know who to trust, the poor thing. It sounds like I'm making this shit up, but I was appalled. Everyone went after the clearly "cuter" orange kittens and ignored this one, as it was old and black. I could relate to the shivering that cat was going through, it reminded me of my PTSD. Funnily enough, I was the only person that cat would let get close to her. She would walk away from the other guests when they reached to pet her (the staff opened up the container to get another cat out), but she let me hold her. The staff said that no one has ever been able to hold that cat except two other girls working there. I had such a connection to this kitty, I felt it, but my parents hated cats and would not let me get her no matter how much I pleaded. I hope she found a good home, if she wasn't put down.

I hate people.

No. 448487

no1curr. this story is bad and you should feel bad. also why didn't you do something nice like go volunteer there? you seem just as bad as the other people who didn't want an abused cat (that the pound clearly wasn't rehabilitating properly) what a retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 448488

I miss the early, non-corporate days of the internet, when forums were educational, YouTube had quirky skits, and Tumblr was a welcoming place to find friends. I'm so frustrated and lonely; modern social media sucks the creativity out of everything, especially with the bland new layout designs and rules that will get you banned for just about anything. 4chan is no longer funny, and is just filled with the same recycled stale memes and political racist/misogynistic cult dogshit. I don't know why I use the internet anymore. Maybe I'm just getting older (doubt it, when I see pics of old myspace, deviantart, etc. I feel a tinge of joy). Are there any websites that remind you anons of the "gold ol' days" I can use? If not, I think I'm going to be tapering off and leaving the web soon.

No. 448491

>why didn't you do something nice like go volunteer there
I was 12 you retard. I can't volunteer now because I'm always working just to stay afloat financially.

>you seem just as bad as the other people who didn't want an abused cat

And you seem like a scrote. Go back to your containment site.

No. 448494

You're a dick and probably a maleposter.

She's allowed to feel bad for the cat and hope it was adopted, try growing some empathy.

No. 448495


12 year olds can definitely volunteer at shelters to serve food and just play with the cats.

and no, sorry, insulting you doesn't make me a man. i just think people like you are morons. it's not the job of people adopting any strays to try to fix broken cats that someone else broke. adopting from a shelter is a mixed bag anyway and often ends up in them taking the cat back for a second/third time. your parents didn't want to adopt a problem cat that would likely have high medical bills and need a lot of extra time and care just because you developed empathy at a young age. and neither did those other parents who were probably just trying to smooth over things for their small children. how young are you? because you still seem really fucking young.

No. 448496

oh no anons being mean? must be males! fuck off to c.c if you want everyone to pat you on the head for everything.

No. 448498

You know infighting is not allowed here? and this is the vent thread? Are you lost?

No. 448500

The minimum age for volunteering at that shelter was 14. I don't expect people to want to adopt the cat due to financial reasons, but making fun of it is uncalled for. My parents were looking to adopt a pet at the time and said I could help pick. We had more than enough money to care for it, my dad made 70k a year. It wasn't the abuse or financial aspect that put my parents off to adopting it, they literally said it was because she's a cat. Learn to read.

And we're wight to assume you're a scrote because of what >>448498 said. Learn board rules.

No. 448501

NTAYRT But I definitely agree with all of this, despite you being a bit harsh. I don't think people know much about adopting animals. It's totally different than just getting one from a breeder. It's almost impossible to know where they come from or what they've been through, so we get returns almost all the time. And not just for older animals, people return kittens when they grow up. I think anon just doesn't really understand being an adult.

No. 448503

sorry but you're really whiny and don't get what goes into adopting pets like that. that's why i didn't go into detail and just called you retarded. grow the fuck up and stop trying to act like your empathy for a cat somehow makes you a better person when you wanted to use it to burden everyone around you. you are just making excuses for everything. i absolutely hate people like you.

btw, if you have time to argue on lolcow you have time to do more productive things kek.

No. 448504

Why does anon's post make her a man? What is with you fucking spergs? Also OP tbh, you put me off with your sob story after everyone else was talking about cute cats. I think you should get therapy honestly because it sounds like you have a lot of issues that you need to work through if you're still so bothered by that incident.

No. 448505

I never said I was a better person and you pulled that out of your ass. Stop projecting your self righteous bullshit on others.

I'm not bothered on a day-to-day basis by this, but reading posts about cats reminded me of it. Sounds like you need therapy if you could pull all of this strawmaning from a single post.

Fuck this thread. I'm done.

No. 448507

Don't cut yourself on that edge, anons.
There are tons of far worse anons on this board, but you chose to call someone retarded, a bad person and generally go off on them all because they shared a single childhood memory about a kitten they wish they could've adopted? I just can't relate.

No. 448528

I just found out about the extent of China's corruption to citizens regarding detainment and organ trafficking and what is happening in general in HK. I knew there were protests but I didn't know it was because China is wanting to detain prisoners, as in extracting HK citizens to China. I've read about the link to organ trafficking and I've saw discussion about how this could lead to a World War if other countries intervene. I really truly don't think that would happen because of the current state of weaponry. As much as Trump is a loud mouthed twat and I still don't recognise Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, he's just such a colossal dickhead, I think they would try to diminsh warfare simply because hassle. Have there been global protests in support of HK? What the hell can be done about harvesting live people for their organs? I feel like revoking my organ donor card. How can this be known and not stopped? Sanction China, but then does that not isolate the population and make things more dire? Honestly I think for globalisation and trade to work there has to be a central world government that upholds human rights for all. I'm so sick of world peace aparrently being so impossible. Doesn't everyone have a better day when no one butts heads? I'm sad.

No. 448535


Have noticed that one here before, people who care so much about cats that they're all emotionally charged and over the top in replies. Like they often have no social skills (even by fucking board standards) so I guess their cat obsession makes sense

No. 448537

I've been thinking about this the whole afternoon. It's too good to be true but I feel quite guilty if you were to give this to me but it means a lot that you offered.

No. 448538

I actually just wanted an in-game friend, anon. I've posted in the friend finder in /g/ before for FFXIV lady friends. It's okay, though, I understand.

No. 448542

Woah could you please post articles or stuff you've read about the link to organ trafficking?? I haven't heard anything about that part.

I knew that the extradition bill was actually in response to the fact that they couldn't extradite a man who admitted to murdering his gf in Taiwan and then fled to HK and they couldn't do anything, so in some ways I thought it made sense to cover up those loopholes, but of course China being China…

No. 448548

thank you for this perspective, anon. there's definitely things keeping me from working, but I have so much guilt that I can't be that nice to myself, I have to shake myself up and get to work, which is hard because I usually rely on other people's anger, when they are finally done with my shit, for motivation (wow unhealthy).
thank you though, I feel a little bit better and I'll try to seize this little moment of relief for productivity.

No. 448550

No. 448556

going through exactly the same right now, just studying for an exam instead
it sucks, i never had to study in highschool and suddently in university i need to be able to study and do this work and i can't bring myself to it
and when i start it's not really effective

wishing you the best that you can get out of this though, i'll cheer you on for the next few sentences/ paragraphs you write

No. 448567

File: 1565819628024.jpg (264.53 KB, 1000x1181, 26407624.jpg)

Would I be an asshole if I didn't go to my cousin's wedding for being a huge bitch to me?

We've never been close, she's 5 years older than me. She's the daughter of my mother's brother and I feel like their family has always alienated me and seen me as an othered person. There's three siblings total including her, plus another cousin from another branch of family I don't speak to. Regardless they've always been super close while treating me like a black sheep. We only really communicate during holidays and on occasions where we are together due to family events. I've been around them when they talk nasty and judgmental shit about other people, so I always knew they were giving me the same treatment behind my back. They distance themselves and don't even act like they know me in some cases. I'd describe them respectively as unironic Chad and Stacey stereotypes that 4chan tends to screech about. Except now they're in their 30s and are pretending to be adults with their shit together.

Anyway, when this cousin was planning her wedding she let her sister and the other cousin I mentioned be her bridesmaids. I was the only female family member left out. It's not that I care because I frankly find weddings tacky and I hate being a bridesmaid, but I think it goes to show how much she doesn't care for me to have not even asked. Bet she'd still expect a gift from me!
Needless to say, bride cousin hasn't stopped harping about this wedding. She loooooooves my mommy dearest because she's giving the cousin thousands of dollars for a few venues for this wedding. My mom is a master at buying love out of people with money and gifts for her favorites.

I went no contact with my mom a couple of months ago because she is an abusive narcissist. I had the last straw with her. Her abuse was so bad that I left home in a hurry-threw my shit in storage and lived out my car and my gym membership for awhile as I worked because it was still better than living with her.
I finally found a place to live with my stepdad (who separated from her) and we split rent. But before that my friends had helped me a few nights so I'd have a comfortable place to crash besides my car. I made a post on social media intended for my friends only, just to update them on my situation and highlight some of the abuses that pushed me to make such a decision. It wasn't really scathing or dramatic, just honest. I got a lot of support from my friends and people who weren't aware of what I was going through became empathetic.

I made one mistake, however. I forgot to block one of those distant cousins in my privacy settings for the post. I later found out that this rat screencapped my entire post, and sent it out in a mass email to every single member in my family–who of course would stan for my narc mom. Hey, my narc mom isn't so bad if you don't live with the cunt and aren't her emotional target. I'm sure to outsiders she's just swell and looks like a great parent.

So bride cousin gets ahold of the email and thinks she's going to text me in order to bitch me out about what I posted. I was with friends at the time and it was upsetting to read. She had no idea what I went through and didn't care, because she cares more about being a goldenchild to my mom than me. She wrote to the tune of: ~*~HoW dArE U sAy ThAt I cAnTT bElIeVE yOu PoStED ThAT AbUT uR MAaWwWMm! JUst WaIt TiL ShE SeEs ThIsSSS~*~
First thing I replied to her about was how it was funny that she's more concerned about me telling the truth about her abuse, than her being concerned about my homelessness and living out of my car.
Secondly, that I knew for a fact that she was blocked from seeing the post and so if mom found out about it, I'll know who was in on snitching me out. Ergo she can't be trusted.
She backpedaled and gave me a few more copout lines, but it's been a month and she hasn't bothered me again since. I deleted most of them off social media.
I frankly don't like them, and the cat's out of the bag now as to who they'll cape for in the end.

I don't want to go to her wedding where I'll have to see her traitor face and then be made even more uncomfortable for the fact that my mom will be there as well.
I feel like sending a card, with no money in it, and being done with them all. I hate them very much, and I know they have no love for me at all.

No. 448576

Ugh, so I'm trying to buy a house and so far everything is great on my end and I'm clear to close, but my contract with the seller of the house is based on contigency of selling my condo. The buyer of my condo has asked for an extension on closing because of some issue with her lender (somebody probably did an oopsie during underwriting and opened a new credit card). Ok fine, its just 5 days later and I'm closing for both properties on the same date, however, the seller of the house I'm trying to buy hasn't signed the agreement for the extension yet and my realtor is essentially ignoring my questions about it. I'm angry because I've done everything right with my lender but now because either my buyer is a retard or their lending company is lazy I might loose out on the house. If the seller of the house says no or asks for more money I don't know what I'm going to do, this is absolutely unfair that I'm kept in the dark about this.

No. 448578

No. 448586

My whole life I've had an issue with recognizing my own face/body in photographs. I can recognize other people but genuinely not my own, unless someone points it out. I also will think that pictures of people who have vaguely similar features to me are me at first glance, even if it's just some rando's selfie. Either I'm autistic or my chronically low self-esteem has given me a very specific idea of how I look that candid photos conflict with.

No. 448592

sorry I’m about to fucking ramble

I really really really am having a hard time right now in that I need to get laid, however I really am not about one night stands (anymore, I used to be a big slut), I’d love to be in a relationship or even one day fucking get married like most fucking normal people my age, how am I supposed to get married when I don’t have anyone around to form an actual relationship with ?? How am I supposed to have sex and satisfy this crazy drive that I have if I can’t even deal with most people let alone keep anyone around me for a long time… This shit is so hard. I’m tired of giving myself away to people who add nothing to my life, or are shitty/selfish in bed. But I also literally have the sexual urges of a dolphin or fucking bonobo chimp. I for 5 seconds thought about fucking this guy that one of my good friends is fucking and just not telling her about it bc he was being flirty. Cloudy ass judgment. I haven’t had sex since early May.

also inb4 just masturbate I literally do all the time, I feel likethat is the only way I can get an endorphin rush and have a normal day or get to sleep peacefully, etc.
I’ve always been hypersexual im not sure if it’s due to being molested at an early age or what???? Like no idea

No. 448599

Anytime I move my legs when exercise, my joints click and make noises and it makes me feel sick. I’m one of those people that physically can’t stand when others crack/pop their knuckles or their necks, the sound is the worst thing in the world. I normally have to leave the room. The worst thing is when people figure out you don’t like it, they go out of their way to do it around you! Ugh, anyway, I’d like to exercise more but knowing that my bones will click makes me feel like accepting my weakling status forever.

No. 448602

I just got into a huge argument with a friend of mine about the Philly active shooting situation. I called him to talk about it, as I was concerned, and he tried to say this was a Jeffrey Epstein cover-up? I tried to tell him the shooting occurred during a drug bust that went bad, and he refused to listen and kept talking over me about how "they wanna take our guns away" even though he doesn't fucking own one. I don't mind the 2nd Amendment or whatever, but these shootings aren't always a damn conspiracy or cover-up. Jesus.

No. 448611

Just tell her you have to work that day or you have plans to help a friend move and can't get out of your commitment. You don't need to support someone who is an asshole. Be sure to tell her you aren't going though so she doesn't spend money on a plate of food for you.

No. 448664

There are these 2 middle aged women at my work who try to act like they have authority when they don't and it's really fucking annoying, not to mention they're wrong most of the time about what they tell us to do anyway. Also the break room is small and crowded and everyone eats super loudly. Chewing sounds are already unbearable but for some reason all of my coworkers like to suck and smack as loud as possible. And a lot of them chew gum when we're working and I wish there was a rule against that because it's disgusting.

No. 448670

My joints do this constantly, even just shifting in bed causes it. I kinda like the sound though lmao. Do you know why it happens? I’ve never heard someone else complain about it so I’m wondering if you have any insight lol

No. 448699

Why would you go behind your best friends back when you could find someone on tinder or at a bar? That's disgusting and also learn to masterbate.

No. 448724

I hate how almost all clothes are synthetic nowadays. Now that we know how bad they are for the enviroment and our skin, why is that our only option? But before we knew how much micro plastic clothes release, almost everything was made with natural fibers.

Ass backwards

No. 448728

I was thinking recently about how good the quality of children's clothing were (relative to now) back when I was a kid. Nowadays you either have to search high and low or buy ridiculous designer label clothes no one can afford. I want middle income affordable pricing and decent quality types of stores around here but there few.

No. 448739

it would probably be even more awkward to attend the wedding after all of this than not going
sending a card sounds like a good plan, go with that and live your best life (which is without them)

No. 448755

File: 1565858892783.jpg (10.46 KB, 219x220, 30cm-cafe-mimi-Yellow-duck-plu…)

>when you learn your abusive serial killer in the making NPD ex managed to hook some poor girl into being his gf

the fucker almost killed me twice. i told stories about him here before when i was too scared to break up with him and everyone told me to run the hell away. i wish we lived in a more trusting world where i could tell this girl to gtfo but i just have to sit back and try to hope she doesn't end up dead

No. 448757

I know That feel all too well anonette, I wish men weren’t like this

No. 448763

I recently stopped taking my birth control as an odd empowerment thing.

I was never sexually active it's just been ingrained in my head by my mother, for years, that I'll inevitably get raped. So with that fear and the idea of never having kids of my own I started taking it as soon as I could, around 15, I'm 22 now. It was so bad to the point that I would lie to my doctor stating that my period was too heavy to handle. I even remember almost having a break down in the dr's office because she at first prescribed me the pill and I was so afraid of missing a dose.

But after years of seeing how it fucked with my body: been near impossible to lose weight, my hair has been thinning, and my libido was nonexistent. I've decided to not let my fear get the better of me.

It's always been some thing I've been ashamed to admit because I know how stupid and illogical my fear is. I've even been too afraid to bring it up to therapists because I've been too afraid to be properly diagnosed with BPD or some other hated mental/personality disorder.

No. 448764

Holy shit, their tactics are crazy. I'm so glad you got away. I know what you mean, and I think that telling her has potential to harm you. If she tells him what you said to her who knows what he could do. Just wanted to point that out even though you're more than likely aware. Hopefully you're healing/have healed from all of that.

No. 448766

The Pill really depletes the body of B vitamins so you should find a good B complex, that should help with some of the issues!

No. 448773

i posted on my social media about being lonely a couple days ago. im going to school in a foreign county, I don’t really have friends or family here. i drink very heavily to cope. A guy had sex with at like 16 messaged me, i was his first time, he kinda ghosted me and I got over him pretty quickly. We were sending eachother memes and stuff I figured it was just him pitying me and giving me some human interaction that I don’t really get but I was shitfaced last night and he started talking about when we had sex, continuously asking for nudes, I kept trying to change the subject. Eventually I just sent him a nude probably to shut him up. I don’t remember any of this I was just reading through our texts. Idk I feel really shitty about it Idk I feel like he exploited my loneliness time to drink some more

No. 448800

I really wish I didn't have to be on birth control, I recently started taking it again and the one method that was working was too expensive and the one I'm on now is making me break out and its almost all mildly cystic. I'm not even sexually active right now I just couldn't control my periods because of the other PCOS medication I'm on. I was basically having multiple "periods" a month. I might just bite the bullet and join >>448763 and stop taking it again and hope I've been on my other medication long enough that my body doesn't make me bleed on and off every other week.

No. 448803

I've struggled with social anxiety for years, being mostly housebound because of it. Today my mom started pushing HYPNOSIS on me as if that would work. I laughed it off because it's just too fucking retarded, and she gives me this whole speech ''it's so funny how you think you know everything about the world being only 22 isn't it?..'', saying how I'm so arrogant. She wants me to go to her nurse friend who does hypnosis for $50 an hour. I go to therapy and work hard on self improvement yet she now claims I'm ''not even trying'' because I don't want to pay her dumbass friend to scam me.

No. 448807


If you have a mom who taught you to take birth control every day cos you'll eventually get raped and pregnant… I can see how you might have BPD. Alot of the time there's a fucked up and overbearing mother in the background of women diagnosed with BPD. It's nothing to be ashamed of either, you didn't choose to have an unhealthy mother passing this anxiety onto you

No. 448836

I'm sorry that happened to you anon. He exploited your loneliness for the nude, unfortunately.

No. 448841

My anxiety is so much worse than before.
My parents were alcoholics since I was a kid. When they finally give up alcohol, almost 15 years has passed. Sadly my mother died afterwards (nothing to do with her alcoholism which makes it so much harder to handle) and I almost have no contact with my dad.
I always thought this started when I was 7 or 8 years old but now I know I was wrong, that was when I started having memories of it.
I talked with some family members (we never discussed this situation because it felt wrong or like a secret we should keep) and they told me that even when I was no more than two they started noticing signals. I was only two.
I’m scared and pissed off. So, so angry. I have many questions that won’t be answered and I feel bad for getting mad, I feel bad because I loved my mother with all my heart and she did her best to give up alcohol and when she did it, she died anyways. I feel like I put her on a pedestal and now I can only think about why, she told me already the reasons that made her drink (as well as my father) and I understand it but…I was a baby. A baby.
I wish I didn't know all of this because I feel disappointed with the only person I truly loved and cared, with the one who always was there for me. I lost my best friend and now I feel angry and betrayed.
I.e. I bit my nails for many years (maybe from 3 to 8 years old). I always told this to people because I find it peculiar but now I realise it was probably because of my anxiety.
My emotional dependence and my fright of losing people probably is explained by how I was left alone crying for hours in the street where my family members found me asking for my mom (who was drunk sleeping).
And I feel ashamed and guilty of writing this because it was a secret, nothing to be proud about, she was better and in rehabilitation and now dead, it feels wrong.
I only told my best friend part of it (she knows all the problems with alcohol because for years I couldn’t take a shot without crying uncontrollably and started to apologise to everyone, also she met my parents while they were drunk) because I can’t say it out loud to anyone, nor my boyfriend.
I don’t want to meet up with other friends, I want to be left alone, I don’t even want to talk because as selfish as it sounds, every time they complain about their lives it seems nonsense to me because for the things they’re complaining about I know they didn’t have it as hard as me and probably won’t. It’s not a competition and I know it’s not right to feel resentful but I can’t fight this feeling, I’m in so much pain.
What’s worst is knowing that even if I search for help there’s nothing I can do, the only thing I want is to hear my mother’s voice, to reassure me it’s okay, to talk about it and that’s fucking impossible.

No. 448842

Work finally sat me down and had an intervention style meeting about my drastic change in person. I had to admit that I have pretty bad PTSD, something I've only said out loud a few times. They did it in a very fair manor, and I know they are worried about me. I just hate how my home life has ruined this job. Then of course the "why don't you tell someone" questions arise. I said there is nothing anybody can do to make this situation better, which again worried them. They said they wouldn't phone the police, which is great. I'm just so embarrassed. I cried, started shaking and was chewing my fingers. I honestly hate when people show emotions, so for me to break down is just so out of character. I confronted the person who used to be a teaching assistant in my primary school classes, and she says she doesn't remember my photo being up in the medical room. I'm so relived, cos I kinda thought she just ignored the obvious abuse I was experiencing during primary school.

No. 448845

Anon did you write here before, right? I remember you bc of the last part were you felt abandoned by your primary school…
I’m sorry this is happening to you, I well know how terrible that feeling of insecurity and vulnerability is but try to see it this way…people notice things, even if they don’t say anything and now they’re worried about you.
I really hope you the best, I’m sorry your life’s this hard atm.

No. 448846

double post, but separate topic.

I got loads of free makeup from work, like 40 different items. I gave a lot to my mum, and she hasn't even said thank you. I only took some from her so she might love me. Every time I get free stuff (which has only happened a few times over a number of years) she just feels entitled to it? and yet I keep giving her the stuff. The only time she has ever said he loved me was when I got her a freebie. It's so pathetic that I'm trying to basically buy her love with gifts.

No. 448847

>>448845 yeah. I did. Thanks for replying. I've been so obviously very depressed, and now I'm making loads of mistakes at work. I know they were going to have to talk to me sooner or later, but I fucking hate talking about that stuff.

No. 448848


I'm just pissed about the heavy flow shit, I go through so many tampons on my first 3 days, and it leaks regardless of what I do, it's crazy

No. 448850

try a cup? they hold a lot more (and they're safer/better for the environment blah blah) you can also get washable backup liners

No. 448859

Thank you for your honest reply anon, I'm glad you hear you got past this. I hope that I can get over it too, I don't want to be a lame friend anymore either!
>it always looked as if I was feeling guilty about everything even if it wasn't my fault
I really related to this, I guess it's something that needs addressed somehow

No. 448860

File: 1565883518518.jpg (43.87 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pclby0aKeS1ur5vj7o1_400…)

My panic attacks are getting really bad again. I've been dealing with them for my entire life, but I thought I was finally figuring out how to manage them a bit better. I'm so tired but also so agitated! I feel like the constant fight or flight and sense of imminent death are actually going to kill me. I need a hug.

No. 448885

Trust me, I know it's easier to say it than to do it but the moment you just try to not care (even if it seems wrong to you and you have to force yourself somehow), you'll understand that it's your mind telling you everything's wrong when actually your friends probably won't care if you send one, two or three messages.
What opened my eyes was exactly this, trying to reduce the number of messages I sent (even when the urge was strong because I didn't want them to think something was wrong with me) and seeing how even if I didn't talk with them for two days, everything was fine and normal, norhing has changed and they didn't think bad about me.
I'm sure you're not a lame friend because they choose you to be their friend in first place, so I'm also sure you have a good and kind personality.

No. 448892

Wow your realtor sucks. Not saging this because it's important you see this answer - it's very possible that the realtor and the seller are in cahoots. That they're deliberately setting things up so that you'll pay more in the end (and the realtor gets a bigger %).

This is what my realtor tried to do to me. I caught on to her, amazingly she didn't even deny it. They agreed to close the deal immediately the way it should have been before the delays.

Please be aware of this and do not let yourself be duped (I have a feeling you won't, you're already rightly suspicious). The law is on your side.

No. 448899

Grew up around grabby men and even now in my late 20s I will subconsciously brush my bf's hands off of me if he touches or grabs me without it already being an intimate moment. I will do it multiple times without realizing until he points it out. I hate that it's ingrained in me still.

No. 448904

File: 1565888988524.jpg (137.85 KB, 576x1024, ECBmH9rWkAEn0PH.jpg)

One of my favorite pet instagrammers just posted this on their story and I'm so fucking heartbroken. I have a senior pekingese too, and we found out she has kidney issues last month. We're treating a stubborn UTI at the moment, but I don't have high hopes that that'll be the end of her problems.

A few weeks ago I used up half of my savings to pay for her burial plot and the maintenance fee for it. She bounced back from when we got the initial diagnosis and is back to her annoying and yappy self, but it hurts to know her time might be soon. I love Chewlia too, she's so beautiful and cute. This post was just an unfortunate reminder of why I give my dog medication every morning, why I fret over every little thing, why the mornings when she's too lethargic to walk or eat are the worst because I don't know if it's her last day or not. I'm so fucking sad. Why can't dogs live forever? I've had my dog for 15 years, how am I supposed to live without her? Chewlia was adopted as a senior dog after being found as a stray, I'm so sad thinking that she finally has loving home, warm bed, and food and her time might be soon too.

Fuck I'm about to make a fool of myself at work and start crying.

No. 448910

There's been a mosquito trapped in my room for the past day or so and it's driving me fucking insane. I just want to kill that fucker but it's nowhere to be found. It keeps biting me and just now it fucking bit me on my FACE. It's woken me up at like 3 AM by whining in my ear but somehow when it bites me on my cheek right by my ear I couldn't hear it? Fucking coward won't even show its face like come on bitch let's square up

No. 448916

File: 1565891423530.jpg (14.45 KB, 363x321, 1553960194550.jpg)

Iktf. Here's a virtual hug, anon.

No. 448923

File: 1565892417988.jpg (1.93 MB, 2086x2987, Isaac_Oliver_-_Young_Man_Seate…)

consider vintage!! there's a lot of vintage stuff for about the same as or cheaper than new, especially for things that aren't branded. like your standard kmart/sears sweaters & button downs and stuff used to be, maybe not well-made per se, but at least cotton or ramie/linen and not the rayon disasters they sell at big stores now. i really can't believe the amount of like, under armory synthetic type stuff people wear. to me it just isn't comfortable and it also deteriorates really fast in my experience.

imo etsy is really good for vintage basics, since people tag things well in terms of size, color and material as opposed to ebay/poshmark where people tag mostly by brand. full disclosure though, if you buy vintage stuff on etsy in some categories, there is a good chance you will be buying from me. so i am not an unbiased advisor in this regard.

No. 448927

I'm so sick of me and my gf meeting really fucking weird and manipulative people. We blocked this fucking weird fuck who fetishizes lesbians (He made my lesbian gf write a fic about said characters who he says are lesbians getting dicked so theres that.) and tried to get our one friend to write a four year old with hyper ass? and a bunch of other gross shit. But after we block him his fucking girlfriend just starts BANSHEE screaming at my emotionally vulnerable gf; using all sorts of manipulative language and shit. Jeeze, we're both tired fuck off. Well, on a brighter side we're distancing ourselves from the fandom these weird fucks were in so…. Idk felt the need to ramble about this.

No. 448934

This is my ideal outfit. When is the 1600s going to be trendy again?

No. 448945

One of our cats passed away last week and I cant get over it. He was a rescue and had such a horrible and hard life, he came to us emaciated, had abscesses, missing teeth, and a torn ear. But he was so affectionate, he would stay by your side 24/7 and always wanted to be loved. He deserved so much better than the shitty life he had to endure, its so fucking unfair that he had to go through that and he never even got a fighting chance.
I found him in the morning unresponsive and he died in my arms before I could do anything.
I still cry and get worked up to the point of panic attacks when I think about him, I try to talk to friends and family about it but even though they are sympathetic I can tell they thinks its ridiculous that I've been mourning this long.

No. 448954


If anyone thinks that's ridiculous then let them, it sounds like you had a wonderful bond with him right up until his last moment, and still.

Loss is intense, and a week is nothing.

No. 448958

File: 1565896790795.jpg (269.27 KB, 430x642, 16th century gang.jpg)

it's more possible than you think. this waistcoat is actually late 1700s but it auctioned for only $287 - https://www.augusta-auction.com/search-past-sales?view=lot&id=4825&auction_file_id=8

that was in 2007 though so things are probably more now. that site has some really funny stuff so i spend a lot of time on there, and there's really nothing that's much more expensive than modern designer. which is just insane honestly.

No. 448959

I just realized that I find it hard to choose between two or more options, especially if there's time constraint. I end up regretting my decision, it can feel like physical pain. I ask someone to help me choose and they say nothing… Any anons with anxiety experience this?

No. 448964

I'm sure your cat loved you and appreciated everything you did for him, anon.

No. 448965

I once saw a weird thing saying that if you have difficulty making a decision about something, to set an alarm for the middle of the night to wake you up and then make your choice when you wake up. I don't remember the reasoning and I'm pretty sure I saw this on tumblr with some people saying it worked for them (but tumblr being tumblr, I'd take it with a grain of salt). Sorry for not being able to offer any actual useful advice, but this is something that always pops up in the back of my head when I have a hard time deciding something!

No. 448973

this shit about tulsi is annoying. it's obvious that men are only interested in her as a candidate because they find her attractive. there's literally nothing more compelling about her as a person or her policies that would attract a person to her over bernie.

No. 449009

really loving the fact i worked an over-night, 10 hour shift to be rushed into showering and getting dressed to sit in my spouse's office dead ass silent because they get buttfucked hurt if i say anything or make conversation. you dont even need me here. i want to sleep, i want to go home. i don't even fucking like you much anymore.

No. 449010

But she hit the wall a long time ago? So funny that they don't follow their own logic.

No. 449016

I have used a cup and I bleed through them too.

No. 449045

I'm tired of seeing women waste their lives. My old friends all rely heavily on men. One keeps getting pregnant with different men despite having no job, no education, no place of her own to live, and all her baby daddies are stupid losers who she switches between while her extended family takes care of her and the kids. The other ones don't do anything to better their lives besides obsess over their boyfriends who are losers and don't care about getting a career. I recently found out the girl, who was valedictorian and went to college to be a pharmacist and do chemical engineering, wants to marry her now army boyfriend and become a stay at home mom. She's like obsessed over getting married and becoming this perfect stay at home mom after all the work she put into her career because that's better for her super religious, trad agenda? I can't believer how stupid other women can be. Why would you want to live their life at the mercy of your dumbass boyfriends and their wallet?

No. 449047

>I recently found out the girl, who was valedictorian and went to college to be a pharmacist and do chemical engineering, wants to marry her now army boyfriend and become a stay at home mom.

She sounds smart. Why not let the man pave her way if he can provide? If having children is something she wants then it's much easier done as a stay at home mom than balancing the hell that is childcare and job.
If she already has the education and some experience it means she can always pick her career back up again if military hubby doesn't pan out.

You should definitely be concerned about the brainless unemployed thot friend giving her offspring away to family between boyfriends though.

No. 449050

>Why not let the man pave her way if he can provide?
Nta but because he can withdraw that support at any time? Because you can't leave someone you depend upon to live, no matter how he treats you? I swear people are so short sighted about this, I am all for using men for money and work does suck but without your own savings and work experince you are putting yourself at risk. You'd be relying completely on a man's goodwill, and god knows they are stingy with it. I can't count the number of times I've seen miserable, abused, wives and mothers who are stuck because their husband controls the finances, it's a horrible position to be in.

No. 449051

>Nta but because he can withdraw that support at any time?
Which can happen regardless if she has a job.
>Because you can't leave someone you depend upon to live
She has an education, why couldn't she find a job and leave if it came to that?

It's a bit of a different situation. For anon to have started out with the jobless educationless thot and then fixate on this woman who relatively has her shit together is a bit…odd.

No. 449054

women can still get jobs after they have children so I think they are comparing the graduate to the lifestyle of the lazy baby momma too much

there’s nothing wrong with staying at home for two or three years to take care of a kid until they’re in school

No. 449055

big gaps in employment can cost you dearly tho even with a good reason. if she has to go back to the workforce she will be competing with either younger people or with the ones who continued with their careers.

Also, most men? They don't see SAHMs as equal in a relationship. They will be calling the shots either for the money or for dumping on you all the chores and child care. Obviously not all men, yadayada but it's a kind of arrangement that can degenerate quickly for women

No. 449057

She could get a job, she'd just be far behind in her career progression, savings, retirement fund and investments. Of course I don't think it's life ruining to stay at home after having a kid, that's the norm. I just think it's important to get started a good while before you have a kid so that if things go south you can afford to move and support yourself until you find a job. It sounded like anon meant the girl would be popping them out right after graduating.

No. 449059

Kind of minor but I'm really frustrated because I've been trying to repair my hard drive all day and of all the possible solutions zero of them are working. Always eject safely friends.

No. 449062

One time when I was 7 or 8 a mosquito bit me near the eye in the middle of the night, I woke up in the morning looking like quasimodo all day.

No. 449073

File: 1565924495953.gif (238.67 KB, 320x320, 386.gif)

One of my friends just vented to me about how he's gotta move back in with his parents because the sister that he was renting from wants to kick him out specifically because she wants to walk around the house naked.

Lmao, can't make this shit up.

No. 449101

I want to be a better girlfriend, today my partner and I got into an argument that resulted in them leaving the house—about our lack of intimacy. I know we’re both so busy and stressed, but we haven’t had sex in a month and I feel so alone. I keep trying to reach out, and so does she but we can’t seem to get our attraction to align right. Someone always had a rough day, or is just exhausted. Today’s fight was my fault, when she woke up I was all ready irritated and told her I felt more like roommates than partners and I couldn’t keep this up. It was shitty of me, and I know that but I felt so abandoned in that moment. She’s doesn’t say it, but I know she feels the same. I’m gonna work on being more empathetic and loving, I feel like if I can’t just push aside that selfishness things will get better. I need to stop prioritizing fleeting feelings and remember the love and labor that’s gone into our relationship. I don’t wanna feel guilty anymore—I NEED to be better.

No. 449103

I'm 5' and average weight but I have big features that make me want to kill myself. My nose is very wide and round, my lips look like slugs, and I also have weirdly big hands and feet (US size 9.5) despite my height. Maybe I could fix my nose but wtf am I supposed to do about my man hands/feet? I wish I could get over it and stop being so pathetic about inconsequential shit. It's like I was supposed to be a man in the womb but halfway through fetus me changed its mind.

No. 449149

I think I am decent looking from the front but my side profile makes me depressed

No. 449167

I feel you - I have a noticeable overbite (four years of braces didn't help much) and a slightly weak chin, so I hate seeing my face from the side. It sucks looking at yourself from the front, thinking, "I'm pretty cute," then turning your head slightly and realising you're only cute from a very specific angle.

No. 449182

I get jealous when people have good relationships with their siblings, because I hate my brother to the core. He’s 16 and an entitled catfishing fuckboy trying to get famous on TikTok and it disgusts me to see so many girls thirsty for him. Before I graduated we would ride the bus together and he’d encourage his friends to bully me, from taking videos to provoke me to throwing trash at me. He harasses on me for being 20 and living at home, because I chose a situation where I could work full time and not have to pay rent to prepare for college, meanwhile he doesn’t have a job because he “can always find money”, aka he steals my mom’s credit card to buy dumb hypebeast shit and never gets punished for it. His ex girlfriend messaged me for help because she wanted to leave him but he was crazy and threatening suicide, but he was cheating the whole time. When he was in middle school he would sexually harass 8 year olds and talk about “private parts” with them on the bus. I can’t wait for him to become a 30 year old loser to validate my hatred.

No. 449205


Is your mom aware of his sexually inappropriate talk with kids? And his treatment of his ex? This is exactly what moms don't want their sons to turn out like

No. 449208

File: 1565963652768.jpg (12.74 KB, 500x259, creycat.jpg)

I am jealous of people with thick hair density. My hair is curly but really thin so I look like I have random bald spots on my head because the curls stick together. My brothers and sister all have thicker hair than me. I'm also the shortest of my siblings but I'd trade two inches of height for hair like theirs. As the youngest, I feel like my mom's body just gave up and handed me all the bad genes.

No. 449211


same, my face is flat as fuck from the side & I hate it. I look like a fucking alien/bridge troll from so many angles.

No. 449212

Yeah, she doesn’t give a shit and tells me to mind my own business, I get every small mistake I’ve ever made thrown in my face if she thinks I’m even slightly criticizing him. She’s raising him to be the man of the household, so he doesn’t have to touch the dishes or do anything in the way of cleaning. He took over a bathroom on his floor and made it into his disgusting closet with shoes and mildew towels everywhere along with a healthy sprinkle of pubes covering every surface, and she does not give a single flying fuck. I think it’s because he will scream at the top of his lungs at her and laugh in her face if she tells him to do anything.

No. 449213

I'll commiserate with you anon. My hair is also very thin and it has a frizzy curl to it. I basically walk around looking like I have damaged witchy hair most of the time. It's quick to grease at the roots while the ends look permanently dry and frazzled, even with hair masks.
When I heat tool my hair it looks okayish, but it's too damaging to do everyday. I just get people commenting on how nice it looks compared to when I let it go natural and it makes me feel bad. Yet even when I heat tool and style it, it's only a matter of weather or a little bit of sweat for it to poof out and refrizz.
I look like an extra monkey right now because my hair broke and shed a lot recently so now I have a lot of flyaways from regrow. It's a hot mess.

I want to be one of those girls who wake up everyday with silky, gorgeous hair with no effort.
Thicker hair would've been a blessing for me not only for the fact that it generally looks nicer, but it also would have balanced out my moon face and square jaw better.

No. 449215

Fuck your brother anon. I can only hope that the hand of justice will give him a swift and painful slap into the ground when he realizes he has no real future if he keeps this shit up.

No. 449216


I hate it when moms raise boys like this

No. 449220

My dad yelled at my mom the other day because he doesn't like it when we button the front of his work shirt because it makes it easier to fold and that shit infuriates me so much. How else do you want me to fold it? If we're doing the laundry, we're gonna button it and fold it the easiest way for us!!! If you don't fucking like it, do the laundry yourself!!! But of course he never will because he's so ~*~tired~*~ after work. Also we've been doing it like this for months now and you just want to bring it up NOW?

I told my mom to start making my cousin (who started living with us a while ago) to do the laundry too, because she had to start doing laundry 2x a week because he goes through so many fucking clothes in a matter of days, and she told me "he broke the laundry machine when he lived his with parents and now he's too scared to do it" and she ACCEPTS THIS. I know if I fucked up doing laundry I'd get yelled at and told to suck it up and not fuck up next time, but he gets a free pass? Stop being a fucking wimp. Laundry isn't rocket science.

I tolerate my cousin and I love my dad, but men are truly fucking useless creatures. I started scolding my dad over other shit and I know one of these days it's gonna erupt into a full on screaming match because he has a bad temper, but for now he usually just gets silent because he knows that I'm right.

No. 449221

he's like a four year old in need of a nap and a diaper change, that is so self centred and pathetic. sorry you have to live with that, you and your mom deserve better.

No. 449222

Is your family patriarchal?
Mine is. I never had siblings but the eldest and only male cousin in my family was mollycoddled in a similar fashion and is now a psychotic piece of shit in his 30s.
Antics include: Repeatedly crashing expensive cars his parents bought him and trading in lesser cars he was bought for more expensive trucks; stealing gas and getting into legal trouble whereby he'd bilk my grandparents for thousands for lawyers; hooking up with floozie women from bars for social clout and getting into fights; having an out of wedlock child with one said bar floozie that he uses to curry pity gifts and money out of other family members; constantly pretends to be a good single dad even though he refuses to vaccinate his child or put him in early schooling; stole a firearm from an uncle and became enraged and entitled when the uncle called him to give it back.

!*!BuT hOw DiD hE bEcOmE sUcH a SpOiLeD BrAt~*~
When my grandparents were alive they were super deluded about him, thinking he'd become a dentist (lmao). He never did well in high school, was a partier, and had no interest in college.
His current job is being a mid manager in a timeshare selling company. So basically a scam artist. And it must hardly pay the bills even though he posts on social media about flying to exotic places because he always acts hard up for things like furniture and stuff for his kid. I'm sure he'd be a slob too if it weren't for his image that he's so desperate to cling to.
Men have shit on easy mode and they still manage to fuck up everything and blame someone else.

No. 449224

File: 1565965609664.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20190816-150610~2.p…)

I sound like a jelly hater but influencers that put relatable captions on photoshopped images bother me more than they should
I don't have anything against photoshopping, or girls trying to seem relatable even when they don't realise that they aren't, but the combination of the two gives me a bad taste. Don't call it irl when it isn't.

No. 449225

Thank you, I’m hoping something will happen to change him but deep inside, I want him to fuck up so badly that he wakes up or gets tossed out.
I think it has a lot to do with the fact she didn’t really raise us, all of my childhood memories up until I was old enough to babysit are mostly from shitty cheap daycares that we’d be moved around to. She worked a lot and never really established parental authority, and he has always abused that.

No. 449226

>quirky girl pose that probably took 20 shots to get right
>heavy shoop
>little to no believability that it's what she does irl
>"lol this is me everyone!!"
Nah, you're right. It's called being a tryhard. People used to call this being fake, but I think tryhard suits what this is better because these influencers truly want to believe they are this image they're conveying.

No. 449229


The pic and caption just scream 'I'm self obsessed' to me

I only ever like pics of animals and cute things on insta cos I hate that shit

No. 449234

Yep how the heck is that "me in real life" from a girl who shoops every photo into an anime character

No. 449235

Sitting in the parking lot of my work feeling like shit. I seriously only came in for an hour before leaving despite us being understaffed right now. Life feels like it's just been an endless cycle of mental breakdowns, therapy, recovery, and worrying the fuck out of my parents. I had a bad drug trip recently and after violently vomiting and bawling my eyes out started to actually feel just how much of a disappointment I am and the worst part is that there's no one to blame but myself.

No. 449241

We definitely do. She told me a long time ago how we have to do it because we're the women of the house and I almost lost my fucking shit. The only reason why I clean the floors and help her with laundry is because I know no one else with help her and she'll end up having to do all of it alone. There were so many better ways to frame it to not make me so mad about my dad and cousin very barely contributing to the household chores, but this is the way she chose to go about it. She's pretty old fashioned so I can't blame her, but fuck does it really boil my blood.

My dad isn't completely irredeemable as a person and is very loving, supportive of me, and defensive of my mom when her friends/family treat her like shit, but he's got his bad qualities and it's so unfortunate that they're huge glaring problems that sometimes completely cloud over his good qualities rather than just being small nuisances. My cousin really needs to pick up the fucking slack though. It's not that he's spoiled and rotten as much as he definitely should contribute considering all he does is play monster hunter all day. My parents gloss over him because he's not technically their kid (staying with us while he studies at uni), as if he's a guest at a hotel and not basically just a freeloader at this point.

No. 449253

The golden age of tokusatsu shows was in the late 80s to mid 90s.

No. 449260

naturally, the FX we have now has made the genre lose it's charm. i know they still try to make stuff campy and budget looking but it's not the same.

No. 449275

I'm like the opposite, my brothers moving back in at the end of the month and now I can't walk around in my underwear anymore…

No. 449283

File: 1565977106565.jpg (15.88 KB, 640x636, 3e7a491.jpg)

I am so jealous of people who had normal childhood. They can always at least look back at memories and shit when they get sad or some shit. I was just sat here thinking back and I have tried to block nearly everything, so if there were some cute moments, can't fucking remember in the midst of all the shitfuckery. Same goes for the people with a safety net made of family, bitch you do not understand the panic and depression you have knowing you're fucked if you fuck up. You fail and fucking uwu yourself into your pillowy ass family. I am so mad wow. Same goes to these weirdass snowflakes who claim to be so banned from their family, such black sheeps they are, their parents hate them yet when any holiday or even the occasional weekend comes, it's mommy, daddy and me selfie galore. I am jealous goddamit, why the fuck do you get that, what the fuck did I ever do to not get that shit even as a kid, I want answers. Let me just scream into the void for a bit, I know I am pathetic right now but jesus fucking christ I am Salty.

No. 449286

File: 1565977404051.png (6.77 KB, 234x216, 1.png)

I empathize with you entirely. When I see people my age who have a great family and good upbringings I tell myself it's stupid to feel jealous and bitter and that I should be happy for them, since every child deserves that. But when it comes to people who claim that they've had such a terrible experience with their parents, only to fall back on them every time they want money, nice items, or trips, it angers me to no end.

No. 449289

File: 1565977890854.jpg (51.45 KB, 500x500, golden.jpg)

this is only pertaining to the picture and not a slight at you, but who tf looks at memes to cheer yourself up. memes are depressing. cute animal pics are where it's at.

No. 449291

>>449286 I always feel extra awful because I am getting salty for something everyone should have? Glad (I guess) someone else gets it too!

>>449289 I just chose a pic I first found on my phone, I usually get even sadder with animal pics because I can't see mine anymore due to the shit family, but you have a good goddamn point.

No. 449292

i abuse any bf/gf of mine uses 'thats MINE I PAY FOR IT' as an excuse to break something or take something away and my bf rn is really pushing it with his shitty ass attitude

No. 449295

I have absolutely 0 sympathy for cheaters, even on the mistress/misters end. Women with bpd are attracted to the lifestyle and the men who partake in it are even worse. Especially when you break apart a marriage with children, I suffered so much abuse from my stepmother who was a homewrecking bpd ridden psychopath. I know its misogynist but I don't care, people need to stop having such low inhibitions.

No. 449308

>>449286 I agree so fucking much. I have the constant threat of homelessness over my head and no one fucking gets it. They don't understand why my parents would allow me to be homeless, when they're fairly wealthy and have spare bedrooms in the house. They always think im using hyberbole.

No. 449311

Theres been this god-awful smell that popped up in our room a couple days ago. We started laundry, checked for mold and made sure the litter boxes were clean, but it seemed to get worse as time went on.

Today, we cleaned up much more thoroughly, yet the smell seemed to get even worse. I couldn't even stand being in our room at that point so my gf helped me sniff around for it

It turns out it was just the dog. He’s clean now, but fuck, the scent was so foul

I hope that his disgusting habit of rolling around in dead shit and rot every time he goes out keeps us from getting into another argument about why I dont like him on our bed for a while

No. 449318

The more I read about Greta
Thunberg the more I think the world has gone insane. This is a 15 year old girl diagnosed with Asperger and OCD, is basically fear mongering and being neurotic to the point she sounds like a fucking cult leader. How the hell are so many people nodding with approval and praising her? I don't care what you think about climate issues, unstable young people with underdeveloped brains and extreme black and white thinking shouldn't be in charge of anything.

No. 449325

My office sends a weekly package back to our Japan office and it's usually just documents and whatnot (packed away into separate envelopes), but occasionally they'll send commodities like books and whatever and I have do declare it. It's just an extra step to look up the pricing and whatever so I don't really care if I have to do it, it's just so frustrating that they don't write who it's from on these envelope so I can't track down who it's from to just ask them what the fuck is inside…

I don't think I'm allowed to open these envelopes so I don't want to risk opening them and getting in trouble for it, but I feel like it might be too passive aggressive to write a note on the box people drop their to be mailed stuff into to even just write a post it note to say what it is and its value…

No. 449335

I agree, and I disagree. She's probably going to end up very mentally unstable more than she already is from this, at the same time, we need to care about our planet now so much more than ever. Whatever inspires some change in the mindset of the general population, I guess I'm for it.

No. 449341

>Whatever inspires some change in the mindset of the general population
No, see, that's the problem. She's a diagnosed asperger with OCD and a teenager not willing to make compromises, OBVIOUSLY exploited by corporations using her as a poster child, probably was pushed to the public eye by her parents to sell their book, etc. Seeing something like that as the face of changing the consumer behavior is not going to work, anyone sane will look at her and think "Wow, this is what it's about? These environmentalist people are nuts!". The only people she actually resonates with are probably young people just as radical and underdeveloped as she is and we know how movements like that end up with. If the face was someone who the average person could relate to and who was not preaching like they were reading from the Book of Revelation, a lot more people would give the thought a chance.

No. 449346

I have a hard time believing that she only has Aspergers, she's already 16 yet looks like a 10-year-old with down syndrome. She's just a mere puppet of her fame and money hungry parents and also of leftist/green parties.
So many kids in my country used to protest during that last view months and now cause there are summer vacations nobody does lol
Only spoiled brats whith the newest iphones who have their moms drive them everywhere…

Plus her sailing stunt is actually less environmentally friendly than flying. A couple people had to fly the US to bring the boat back and the crew who sailed with her needs to fly back too.

No. 449348

god my mothers political opinions are such garbage and every time I say something about them I have to show self restraint because she is literally the most ignorant and cynical bitch who is ignorant as hell and only regurgitates conservative news media garbage, worships Trump and rhetoric that isn't exactly what I'd called "white nationalist" but pretty fucking ignorant

she was less like this when she had a liberal boyfriend but her fiancée is friends with people who seem to be verging on alt right faggotry so whenever I have to hear her talk about politics she makes me want to jackhammer my eardrums out. it's not easy to counter what she says unless I want to be hit with her verbal abuse onslaught

No. 449349

everytime theres a cool or interesting event to go to or happening and i decide i want to go i always back out on the day, i just wish i had fucking friends to go to shit with, ive been alone for so long and its never gotten easier, im so fucking miserable, pathetic and lonely

No. 449353

i'm crying into my pillow right now because i'm absolutely dreading my work shift in the morning.
i work in a care home and we have been so understaffed lately, with only around 4 of us on shift with about 30 odd residents to take care of. a lot of recent residents require the aid of two and we have a new man who is borderline violent and it is the most exhausting 8 hours of my day.
i absolutely love my job. it's great honest work but i have a lot of stress both at home and with relationships so the added stress of my type of work is really getting to me. i've known i need professional help for months but i just can't seem to find the right time to look into it. i shouldn't even be on my phone right now, i should be asleep for waking up early but i just cannot handle the stress.
i took so much overtime this month thinking about the money but working so much with little days off to just recharge has me like the walking dead. i have to put on a brave face and not take my personal problems into work but as soon as i get home i just lose it.
i wish i could just call in sick but i don't want to let my work down, we are understaffed enough as it is. had i not gone in the other night there would've been only 3 people on and i just feel awful.
i just wish i could go to sleep, and never wake up.

No. 449396

i'm building a gaming rig solely for the purpose of playing classic wow (ok cyberpunk too, plz no bully, i actually haven't had a good desktop in forever so this was my excuse to treat myself) and it went beautifully. i spent months buying components and parted everything together with love in my heart. this is going to be my new baby. today was great. it was the smoothest, most mellow afternoon. i had so much fun putting it together.

except for now, when i can't get it to post.


No. 449398

Go get lunch or dinner at the nearest place as hour before so it's only next door and you're already out

No. 449409

It's weird. I love my stepmother, she's chill and doesn't try to be my mother. We talk a lot, she's more like an aunt or something. Stepfather is a douche, though. My mother and father hate each other's guts so tbh it was a relief when one or both of them started cheating -they both did it around the same time- and they divorced. The effects of divorce on kids are overrated, seriously I was so tired and anxious from listening to them bitch at each other for days at a time that it was great when the fighting stopped and things were finally quiet again.

No. 449421

File: 1566008183634.jpg (139.1 KB, 469x647, 1565275688856.jpg)

Some pedo that online groomed me when I was 14 is sorta big now.
I recently went through my old snapchat and saw our messages… He was 20 at the time and now he's big on twitter with around 10k followers for being an esports coach and I feel really weird about it. Thinking back to it now is messing me up and even more so for the fact that he's actually somebody notable online.

No. 449429

File: 1566009784582.jpg (32.68 KB, 359x359, ssssinful.jpg)

I've had my cornsnake for several years, and the other day he had his first incomplete shed. He basically had leftover skin bits still stuck to him, usually he only gets it on the tail but this time it was up near his neck and face.
I was too afraid to leave it on him, so I soaked him for a spell and attempted to peel it off but he gave me a bigger fight about it than expected. He doesn't bite, but he struggles a lot. The only times he was still was during little spurts of exhaustion but shortly after that he went back to wacky flailing inflatable no arm flailing tube man.

I feel like he's still stressed out by me. Is it pathetic that I just want my snake to love me in the capacity that a noodle can love a human? I wish he understood my good intentions.

No. 449432

god this happened to me when i tried to build a computer with my dad when i was maybe 14. we put all the things together but then like, when we turned it on it said to press some keyboard thing, but we needed to install the keyboard drivers to use the keyboard. or something. years later i'm pretty sure it was that it was a usb keyboard while the motherboard or something was old enough that it could only read those keyboard-port keyboards without drivers. felt pretty dumb at the time though. don't have any help for you other than try switching around your ram sticks if you have multiple, i've had ram sticks be dead kind of a lot and it just makes the computer not post or do anything. i haven't built a computer from scratch successfully ever though so i really have no ass clue.

No. 449433

Destroy his career, we'll help you

No. 449436

oh also if you have a goodwill computer center in your city they have just huge bins of every component for literally dick nothing (cause they're super old and untested) so you can get swap parts for diagnostics. there's one in my city but idk how common they are.

No. 449448

I think that would be near impossible. I don't have exact proof of the perverted/lewd stuff that we did, only memories.

No. 449452

I recently got a blood python, a hatchling. People keep telling me they're aggressive and nippy and whatnot. But mine is…chill? She does well with handling but still gets antsy sometimes. I want to try building a bond with her and maybe she can like me in some capacity. Or maybe I'll always be that annoying moving tree thing that picks her up sometimes.

On another snake related thing: it bugs me when people just buy a snake (or other reptile, etc.) and just shove it in a tub, on a rack. With minimal substrate or decoration. What's the point? What kind of life is that. I want my snake to be enriched, and thrive instead of just surviving. I'm planning a bioactive enclosure and it's more expensive but she deserves the best. I just love that little sausage.

No. 449457

my sibling got a small reptile when she was in high school because her friend had the same species. she got bored of it after like a month (to be fair, it's not a particularly interactable reptile, but that's what i told her in the first place). she left it at home when she went to college and now my parents are stuck taking care of it until it dies (10-15 year lifespan). nothing in its terrarium but a stick and a pot shelter. sits around with uneaten food crickets crawling over its face. so fucking selfish and thoughtless. if she doesnt take it with her when she has her own place after college i swear i'm going to accidentally euthanize it because when it eventually dies of boredom on my parents' watch my sister is going to go bongos on them.

No. 449461

Right? I have a huge terrarium setup for my snake. He has several hides and natural log branches for him to climb up on. His tank is in my room so I can see him from time to time, and I think he enjoys scoping on me when I'm on my laptop sometimes.
I don't believe reptiles really care about being constantly enriched but it seems so nasty and indifferent to shove them into plastic tubs like what so many of those reptile hoarders do. It disturbs me when people treat animals as objects like that.

No. 449466

If it boots but doesn't post, check the post code. If it doesn't boot at all make sure that you've plugged the front panel headers into the motherboard correctly. Also don't forget to turn on the PSU by pressing the switch at the back. This one sounds obvious but it's tripped me up before.

No. 449467

Exactly. I guess if you're a breeder and you need to have a lot of snakes in one area…but I still don't understand it. I don't care about morphs/bred color patterns, or people valuing the color over the actual snake itself. Especially when in some cases (like spider ball pythons) it can lead to actual neurological issues. I have a friend who has a WIDE variety of reptiles and it kind of bothers me because I hear her get something new every so often.

Also my dad is still kind of annoyed with my decision to get a snake, despite it living in my room and he literally never has to see or touch it. He seems to legit think they will carry salmonella or are all disease carrying wild animals.

No. 449493

sending you good thoughts for today !please take care, you sound overworked and really stressed.

No. 449494

Please expose him, please do this or he's going to get away with it forever. I know its asking a lot, and I don't know how snapchat works is there an anonymous feature? Post something anonymously and if you have proof show proof.

No. 449501

As a little kid, I couldn’t wait to be a teenager. As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to be an adult. Now as an adult, I still feel like I want life to move faster. I just want all the big milestones already! When will I ever be happy where I’m at in life lol it’s so annoying honestly

No. 449522

I know nothing about snakes but it sounds like maybe it was uncomfortable for him when you were doing it? Maybe the skin wasn't ready to come off? Again I know nothing about snakes other than the basics so forgive me if I'm being an ass.

No. 449537

Someone dumped a kitten off here and there isn't anything I can do about it. All the animal shelters are far away and my brother who has the only car can't make it home in time before they close to take him (also since they're community-funded they're only opened three days a week and its never when he's off for a day.)

I fed him some dry food which he greedily ate so he's definitely been weaned off his mom. It just makes me upset that someone dumped him (we have lots of strays here but he's not feral, or acting like one at least.) I'm really worried he's going to get hit by a car but since I already have two cats (and a dog) I don't think it'd be fair on them to suddenly add a new member (also my first cat is a highly jealous one)

No. 449541

File: 1566042737987.jpeg (35.1 KB, 681x445, A3414A7D-1278-4B32-94AC-F4C0EB…)

I think I’ve developed an ED.

It started out with dieting, keto, then intermittent fasting and now I can’t eat anything without guilt or numbers running in my head like the fucking math lady meme. I’ve tried throwing up several times but I can never do it properly. If I managed to throw up successfully I’d probably do it all the time.

I’m trying to focus on exercise and healthy dietary choices for the most part but god am I tired of trying to be “good” all the time.

I wish I could go back to my teen days and eat whatever I wanted without caring so much. Now I’m miserable just trying to lose 5-10 pounds.

No. 449544

i wish chrissy teigen stopped existing

No. 449554

Ruin him.
He did the crime, force him to do the time. Victims of grooming often empathize with their attackers too much to press charges by the time they e grown to realize what happened. Don't do that, it's how groomers win and the goal they want. He fucked with your life when you were powerless, now you have power. Bury him.

No. 449575

I just wanted to say the K-Pop critical thread is full of ana-chans and people salty their group isn't successful.

No. 449577

I agree. I used to read it because it was kind of interesting but lately it's pretty obvious most people are kpop fans getting butthurt about their faves not being successful.

No. 449629

Is there any point in updating my FB and confirming friend requests? I don't talk to any of these people anymore. They're just people from HS.

No. 449637

I take HUGE shits all the time. like, 8-10 inches long. It's a problem because I live in an older house and the toilet clogs easily. Literally every time I go I have to plunge the toilet and I'm embarrassed because I think my roommates can hear me in there fighting the toilet to get it down lmao

I used to eat a lot bc high metabolism but because I'm working again I usually only eat one meal a day so I don't understand why this happens

No. 449643

I just got back from working abroad for three years and I have no idea what kind of career I want to pursue now, so for the time being, I wanted to get a retail job and I got two interviews at a store I really like but at the second one, they basically said I was overqualified and I've been upset because I just wanted a job so that I didn't have to feel like a burden to my family while I'm trying to get my shit together…

No. 449658

im tired of being in debt but i have to keep using money to maintain my happiness im so fucking tired i wanna buy a fucking coffin and die

No. 449672

Only old people and failed influencers post FB updates now. I only have the Messenger app and I never even try reading my feed because it takes three rotations of the Earth to load like two posts at a time anyways. That site is in a weird limbo where it never immediately perished like MySpace but Insta and Twitter don't have a good enough DM system to replace it.

No. 449673

I found out I wasn't the one being cheated on, he was actually cheating on another girl first. We look so much alike too. It's really fucking weird; she and I share almost the same hobbies. I want to crawl in a hole and die. What the fuck.

No. 449682

I'm just really starting to feel there's no point persuing any relationship with anyone any more. I just find myself constantly disappointed by the people I know. I want a best friend so bad. I wanna feel happy with what I have but I just can't. My relationship with my boyfriend feels utterly pointless, but I feel guilty to leave him. I'm really trying to find joy in things but it's so hard. What's even the point anymore.

No. 449683

I hate my siblings. I always knew they never liked me and they treated me like shit. Years of constant bullying, stealing my stuff, manipulation, and even sexual harassment. I didn't know better until I went away for school and lived with strangers who treated me like a person. When I moved back home their behavior towards me got worse because I wouldn't put up with their bullshit anymore. Since then they made it a mission to tell everyone in our extended family that I'm a loser and made up all sorts of lies about me. I feel stupid for not telling anyone my side of the story for all these years because now everyone has the idea of me that was built up for them. All of my relatives are on good terms with them but only a few family members talk to me. If all of my siblings died in a fire I wouldn't even fucking cry. They're horrible people.

No. 449684

have you tried breaking it up before you flush it? like with a coat hanger or something? Might be awkward to keep a poop-breaking stick in the bathroom if you have roommates though.

No. 449686

you could try goodwill. pros: will hire anyone right away, pretty easy work and flexible. cons: pay not great, if people you know see you working there they probably will think you're an addict in recovery.

No. 449705

File: 1566078512356.jpg (52.61 KB, 480x632, anime vodka (2).jpg)

ughhh my boyfriend is at a party with a bunch of dicks and i feel bad even though i shouldnt because thats toxic or whatever, so now im drinking alone to compensate.

No. 449709

I deleted my sm a year ago and have no regrets. I never get solicited by MLM moms, never have to scroll past several Trump rants (from both ends of the spectrum,) never have to deal with awkward friend requests, etc. The list of pros really does go on.

No. 449712

Why do people lie about the dumbest shit?? Last time I hung out with my friend (and her wife) they talked about going to visit friends in a nearby town and how good of a time they had. Now the wife of my friend was texting me about how those friends came to town to visit them and she was so happy we was able to introduce them to my friend for the first time. (it being the same friends is 100% confirmed) Anyway this is dumb and I catch her lies like this maybe once a conversation. Do I call her out on it? Does it matter? It makes me feel like she thinks I am stupid but I know that weird behavior is on her.

No. 449719

My longterm relationship fell apart out of the blue but I guess there were a lot of issues building up that we didn't acknowledge until the end.

He got really into fitness and health. Gym every single day, sometimes doubling up, but cannot miss a single day. Started with vegan diet, then intermittent fasting, then OMAD. Plus he's sober. So not only could we not go out to drink, we no longer could go out to eat. Or even really cook. And if I was hungry or ate, there'd be tension and judgement.

I tried to support him for so long but it got to a point where I could see him trying to do week long water fasts "just to push himself". And I was so sick of being judged for wanting to eat. Going out for dates was out of the question because he only ate after the gym, at work. But he made his own exceptions when he wanted ice cream or junk food. But only when he wanted them.

Plus when we started dating, and he was drinking at the time, we had rough/kink sex. He would tell me he got hard just if I was in the room.
But he got sober (good), the sex slowed down, then happened maybe once a week, or two weeks. For ~5 minutes. Just felt like obligation. I started feeling like shit about myself, and even now my libido is still fucking shot.

Anyway now I realize when I'm ready I can see someone else and be able to eat/drink but it seems ingrained into me that no one will want to fuck someone who doesn't go to the gym 7+ times a week and eats <800cals a day and doesn't have veins showing in her hipbone area.

No. 449720

I'm doing the exact same thing except it's a concert instead of a party.

Also, what anime is this character from?

No. 449722

i have no idea anon. i hate that im feeling this way though since he sould be able to have fun without me but i cant help it. glad to know there are more like me on this hellsite of a website though lmao.

No. 449723

This sounds like the nightmare gymbro experience, you have my sympathies.

Know that none of his behavior was normal, is sounds deeply eating disordered. I'm glad you're out of there. I hope you meet a normal guy who loves food next time.

No. 449724

Don't feel bad, you can't help the way you feel. The important thing is you're acknowledging it's irrarional and not taking it out on your boyfriend.

No. 449729

If they're still kpop fans it makes sense that a lot of them would be ana-chans since they idolize people who display their anorexia like a prize
Yeah it kinda defeats the purpose of the thread

I feel for you anon. People can be so disgusting and horrible, and siblings are no exception, despite what some people may think

No. 449731

Yeah he didn't know what OMAD was until I told him about it, so I asked if he had heard of orthorexia. He defended his habits because he says he fixates on one thing at a time - it used to be drinking, now it's health which is obviously better. I said it shouldn't be so black and white but what do I know.

No. 449740

Maybe their plans changed?

No. 449765


Update on this; I guess we're keeping the kitten? One of our cats is cool with him being in the house (not showing any aggression and is only curious/sniffing him a bunch.) The other is jealous as hell but I'm sure it'll pass. We just will need to get him used to being around other cats and dogs but should be fine; he's already not so scared of the dog if the dog is sitting in my doorway watching the kitten play in my room. (My dog was raised around cats and he absolutely loves kittens.)

No. 449780

This is probably tmi, but what the heck do you eat?

No. 449802

NTA but usually if someone's shits are that hard and long that it regularly clogs a toilet they're probably not getting enough fiber and/or water OR they're only shitting every few days. Sounds like my brother who used to do the same thing and had a very fiber-poor diet.

No. 449824

Darker than Black, it's really good.

No. 449915

My bf is always cold and excluding towards me whenever his friends are around. I get that they are his friends and that I shouldn't insert myself, but they always try to include me in whatever they aee doing. Its just my bf that is acting distant and bothered by me, his friends seem fine with me.

No. 449926

File: 1566126505185.jpg (12.3 KB, 480x161, 55c-1.jpg)

Dear friend,

I know you think this guy you met 3 month ago is the love of your life, but c'mon. He a shitty man child. He is a disability check weeb with no car or job. The only thing he is good for is being a human dildo. You may be a fat girl, but you can do better than this fat manchild.

To answer you request on him staying a week every month. Denied. I told you I don't want to live with a man. I don't feel comfortable or trust him to be left alone in my home. So, you are gonna have to go back to fucking him at his mama house.

You decided you love this lazy POS, so you are gonna have to lie in that semen stain bed next door. Gosh, you better hope to not get pregnant by this man, because I can't support this. I'll leave and you'll never hear from me again.

you thought i was joking when I said I'll leave when you start to get serious with him. I wasn't, I can't take this relationship seriously. you both act like unsupervised 15 years old. All you two do is eat fast food and fuck.

If he doesn't care about your diet, or how you live in filth, or improving yourself. Than I don't give a fuck about him.

the last week he was here, prove how little he truly care. He just using you to get a cheap room and cheap pussy from. Wake up. The only true date place you went to was the movies, you both stay inside or ate fast food. How is it that your relationship is base around eating and fucking?

I wish there was more to complain about, but there honestly nothing to your relationship I can honestly think about. It sad, boring and I can't believe this is who you want? You.Are.Settling. Trust me, I know it hard being close to 30 and this is the first guy to EVER like you, but you can't settle for bottom of the barrel dick. C'mon, you can do better.

As a friend of 10 years, I know I am being incredibly mean and cruel, but Damn. I don't know how to tell you how worried I am about you. My gut is telling me this guy is all red flags, but I hate to be the person to make you sad. So, I'm struggling to be okay with this. I want you to be happy. I want to see you get married and have children. You'll be a great mom and wife. I love the years we been friends.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I can't do this anymore.

No. 449927

He sounds like a 15 year old, could he be afraid of his friends liking you 'too much' maybe? Still childish behaviour

No. 449928

My ex used to do this. I put it down to him thinking he was too cool to be nice to me in front of his friends, though to be fair, all his mates did the same to their gfs too if we all hung out.

No. 449932

is your friend dating my ex? it sure sounds like it.

>27 yo weeb (back then, he'd be 32 now)

>no job or car, lived off of benefits
>had a kid
>had a shit load of ex gfs he was still friends with
>did nothing productive ever

No. 449934

I fucking don't want to go back to work tomorrow, I'm tired and my body hurts, I pretty much wasted my two days off because I slept through most of them. Honestly just fuck. I'm having random pains in my body too and I think my urinary infection might have come back and I really don't want to go to the doctor.

No. 449936

he doesn't have a kid, but you describe him perfectly.

No. 449940

File: 1566128851710.jpg (65.3 KB, 564x810, bdd8af9e73018cd66c2a3d3975bd9f…)

I hate my height. And the fact that nobody takes me complaining about it seriously. Whenever I vent about guys not liking me everybody comments "Why don't you go for shorter guys?" - as if they would like me. Short to average men usually are the most cruel.

Short men on reddit, 4chan, youtube, simply everywhere on the internet go full on incel, yet while us tall women would also have a billion reasons to sperg out just like them nobody of us does. Something like a female bagel-man would never happen. Instead of getting angry I as well as other tall girls only turn more and more quiet and insecure.
My biggest wish would be to look normal and not have such a hard time dating.

When I was a young girl and getting mocked for being tall by other students and receiving nasty comments by adults I always thought I'd be more confident as an adult.
Tomorrow I'll turn 24 and it's still a massive (literally) problem in my life, I feel as if it'll never get better.

Whenever I meet somebody new I'm bound to get not so nice comments for it. I'm 5'10 while my coworker is probably 5'8 and she constantly comments on how small she feels next to me, how glad she is that she's not as tall as me… She's just 16 so she doesn't know better, but it hurts nevertheless.
Just recently I went to a new doctor and of course the first thing she says is "OMG you are sooo tall! How tall are you?!" She probably didn't mean it in a bad way, but nevertheless why does everybody think this is okay? I didn't think of telling her she's short and old either…
When I was younger I comforted myself with unironically wishing to become a model, but now that I'm a not so pretty, not so skinny adult, being a giant is literally useless. The only thing I'm good for is helping grannies get stuff of the top shelf in supermarkets.

Pic related, I'll probably really do that lol

No. 449942

I think tall girls are hot tbh. And there's definitely hope for you, anon. My brother and his girlfriend are the same age as you, and they're 6'5" and 5'10" respectively.

Tall guys being into short girls is a meme, methinks. All the tall guys I know are with tall girls.

No. 449943

I'm sorry anon. Being tall is such a cursed. I agreed with >>449941 I envy how taller girls look better in clothes. They can eat more. They look so mature. I'm not even short, just average. Keep your chin up!

No. 449948

i’m 3 inches taller than you and all it’s gotten me is attention from weird dudes who have a height fetish so

it’s really not a big deal anon, you get one body and you’re allowed to bitch as much as you want but it’s not going to help you in the long run. just be your tall ass self and live your best life

No. 449953

I feel you anon, I'm 5'9", been mocked for my height my whole life, especially by strangers. Had a friend who was about 5'6" and would make non stop comments about how tall I am. My sister is about 5'3" and always reminds me of how tall I am and loves to remind people of how short she is. And I'm the unfortunate kind of tall, because even though I'm tall I'm not slender, I'm still very round and my torso is what makes me tall rather than my legs which I fucking hate. If you're the kind of tall girl who has long legs then you should wear outfits that accentuate that, or that accentuate whatever you like about yourself. I've heard that having short hair can make you look shorter.

I don't know about that. My ex boyfriend liked to talk about how much he wanted to fuck short girls with small tiddies and ass too (I'm the opposite of all three of those) and when I would get offended he would just tell me that I had insecurity issues, which I did, but I told him it upset me and yet he kept doing it. I think tall men get an ego boost from being around short women, it's a domination thing, or at least it was with my ex.

No. 449961

Your ex is a shithead. If he was with a short girl, he'd probably neg her by saying she's too short. He was probably intentionally negging you because he thought that destroying your self-esteem would make you stay with him. It's what psychos do when they're worried that girls will leave them.

Sex between a tall guy and a short girl is literally painful because of the size disparity. I've been told as much by a couple short women already.

No. 449965

>between a tall guy and a short girl is literally painful because of the size disparity.
how? curious bc am short and never been with a tall guy. what would make it painful?

No. 449968

I use to be so passive aggressive that it almost was an art form to me. If have friends crack up over some of the shit but after going thru ~therapy and trying to be uwu positive I stopped it. Started voicing when I was simply upset with the person instead and it causes so much more issues. Sometimes it shouldn't even be addressed, its just an annoying thing. Sometimes the person in turn gets offended and defensive and it spirals lol. I've even been accused since doing this of always paying the victim.

I can understand the underlying mental health issues most people have. It is just better to bite your tongue or spit out something hateful to an ally or whatever for a chuckle. It usually builds closer bonds with the impartial party.

What I'm trying to say is. I need to stop giving a shit about people's feelings cause most people just feel in the moment and move on. It doesn't seem like anyone wants to discuss the past unless they've just had too much therapy or whatever.

I'm just going to be me I don't care anymore.

No. 449974

I'm thinking short girl = short vagina = hitting cervix = pain

Plus he's using more strength and force to hit that cervix than a smaller man can

No. 449975

>They can eat more.
But since my body needs more calories I also get hungry quicker than shorter girls.
>They look so mature.
That's one of my main problems tbh, since I always wanted to look and dress cute, but was never able to, even as a child. I don't have the typical "stacy" personality, so dressing elegant or sexy feels super odd to me. But whenever I try something more girly it also looks weird. So I dress just super plain. Plus finding winter coats that don't leave a good portion of my arms bare is also difficult. Same for shoes.

My friends also constantly said rude things, like comparing their small body parts with my bigger ones. I can't believe thtat this wasn't intentional.
>my torso is what makes me tall rather than my legs
I'm the same, super tall, but stumpy legs.

>Sex between a tall guy and a short girl is literally painful because of the size disparity.
Just because a woman is tall doesn't men that she's looser than you down there…

No. 449981

I hate that i have to hide things and not be honest.i hate that i have risked my mental and physical health in the past bc i cared too much about other ppls bs.i got a few lessons from my health journey and even though I don't get as stressed now,im annoyed that i have to cover up for someone else while they don't care about lying as much.

"unfortunately" i don't have the talent to lie very well and make up a web of lies to live in.i hate that i have to lie bc the lie doesn't have to do with me and uncovering it will cause havoc or make me "the bad one"

I slipped out a couple of things that i wasn't REALLY supposed to say but arent putting the person in big trouble either because sometimes my mind isn't rational and bc im hiding so much stuff already…i hate that i have to take on stuff that isn't about me and be understanding of everyone and then be critisised for slipping up or telling my opinion which makes people angry

I just wanna live in a tiny place where no one knows me and leave me the fuck alone.sometimes it feels like socialising with people you know and have problematic patterns of behaviour with can stun a person instead of making them get better and move on since lots of "ifs" and "musts" are involved

No. 449983

My mom didn't do anything to celebrate my birthday. No card, no dinner, nothing. My bf's birthday is one week before mine. She told me he needs to be hyped up, and so went out and got him a bunch of candies and snacks she put in a huge birthday bag. I also recall her asking me where he wanted to go to dinner to celebrate.
I had to make the plans for my siblings to come over and celebrate. Feels really bad man. My mom is not acting maliciously, it's not really how she is, I think I'm just a huge disappointment and I don't deserve anYthing.

No. 449984

It sucks how your parents can fuck you over by having their head in their ass for your whole life dealing with their own bullshit and neglecting your development, and then one day when you're old enough, they can just cut the ties of responsibility and it's your fault if your life is fucked up and you're fucked up. Must be fucking nice

No. 450001

I tend to carry my weight in my lower half and it's always made me super insecure. I especially hate how big my thighs are in comparison to my body and it makes me want to fucking die seeing other girls who are the same height and weight as me yet have super tiny thighs. Now the whole "thicc" body type is popular and you'd think that would make me feel more comfortable in my body, but for some reason it makes me hate myself even more and I don't even understand why.

No. 450003

thanks anon, you're very sweet! that shift went okay but i actually just got sent home from today's shift cuz i had a panic attack in the middle of the tea room and threw up from stress (which i didn't realise was a thing!)

maybe i AM overworking myself…

No. 450004

Just work out, and take up dancing. I have big thighs but dancing and walking everyday just made me have really toned legs.

No. 450007

I'm the same, anon, even at a normal BMI my thighs are too large. I used to get insulted by even strangers if I showed my thighs at all (literally had a guy I didn't know look at my legs and mutter "disgusting" years ago), and now that this is actually desirable and I get compliments instead of insults, I still feel gross. In my case I'm pretty mad at how fickle people's tastes are, and how the same men who insulted me years ago probably like "thicc" girls now; maybe that's also what you're feeling?

No. 450050

I hate my roommate's singing voice. It's like this bizarre combination of indie girl voice with a Shakira impression. She's always flat and sings the melody too fast if there's no music. Which wouldn't be a huge deal if she didn't sing constantly, any time there's any music she recognizes. I don't have the heart to say anything because telling someone you don't like their singing voice is liking saying you don't like their laugh. It'll just make her sad and insecure about something that's difficult to change. So now I'm just suffering in silence, forced to listen to her weird frog voice all damn day.

No. 450075

File: 1566149936488.png (147.63 KB, 300x300, 054.png)

I keep hearing about these genius kids that graduate from HS early (around 15 or so) while also going to a community college so they can enter university as a junior and it makes me so feel so stupid.
I'm attending community college now, I'm 20 years old, a semester behind because I started late, and I'll probably not even have my degree until 2022.
Comparing yourself to people is dumb, I know, (especially since a lot of those guys are coming from these mega rich families) but goddamn. I can't help it.

No. 450078

this is so fucking petty but i made my own food yesterday, spent time on it and made it perfect for myself because i was completely home alone and then my family comes home and just throws it out??? because my veggie rice "smelled"??? and they get mad at me for being mad at them for throwing out PERFECTLY good food …

No. 450081

not really? I never update my fb either and just keep it for events and about two groups I'm in
If my local lolita community didn't organize their events through facebook i wouldn't even log on anymore

No. 450092

too bad you're not a lesbian, anon
tall girls are so hot

No. 450093

Don't feel bad, those kids are actually getting fucked over socially pretty bad by going to college that early. I started college at 17 and it was horrible because everyone saw me as a little kid and a liability even though I was only a year younger than them. I couldn't make any friends because of it. I couldn't imagine how awful it would be to start at 16.

No. 450097

i hope your plans still ended up fun anon, that sucks i feel with you
make the best out of the day and treat yourself

No. 450099

Outside of men, it’s 90% fat bitches with queen bee syndrome that create a toxic workplace environment. Sorry you weren’t popular in high school! They’re so fucking judgy and hypocritical and domineering (of other women) and always shacked up with some beta soy boy of a boyfriend/husband whom they complain about nonstop. These people trigger goddamn misogyny in me.

No. 450119

I was so upset about my breakup for months but now I realized how wrong everything was and all the red flags and I feel so happy now that that part of my life is finished

No. 450126

The most relatable post, why do we cling to shitty relationships?

I was so unhappy in my last relationship that I developed all sorts of little health issues..they all disappeared once I was living alone again

No. 450149

I love my boyfriend, but he seriously needs to shut up sometimes.
He has a habit of rambling about really dumb, vapid things. Useless shit like the kind of milk he used to see at a grocery store until they stopped stocking it, or whether some celebrity neither of us pay much attention to may have changed their name.
I don't shut him down, because he might get anxious over it and not bother talking about the more important and/or interesting things, but it's tiresome.
Like, I love you, but holy crap. It's okay to be silent.

No. 450156

I've had nearly my entire workplace (of mostly women) search up my facebook 7 or 8 years ago and make fun of me, follow me around, and stare at me until I was fired because it was easier to just get rid of me. When I painted apartments for a super liberal white lady I was constantly yelled at and talked down to. When she was explaining how she wanted me to paint she'd tell me it was 'just like painting your nails' in the most condescending tone ever. Also she went on a rant about how privileged I am and I should never complain (I never did?)…I'm an immigrant..some women just need to put other women down like its oxygen they breathe.

No. 450161

People on Twitter are downplaying the 19th amendment because it only was exclusive to “white women” and it’s annoying the hell out of me tbh.

While it’s definitely important to make the distinction, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still an important milestone in American history. I feel like some parts of “woke” Twitter gets off to being misogynistic when it comes to this because white women are an easy target to them.

No. 450186

I mostly eat protein, carbs and a lot of processed sugar(I know my diet is shit). I normally go 3 or 4 times a week. Is that weird?

No. 450200

You really need a better diet. Or at least start taking metamucil daily.

No. 450225

>buys a bunch of cute dresses i found for super cheap at a local boutique
>tfw no bf to take me on cute dates that give me a reason to wear the dresses
>remembers i'm a shut in who only leaves my apartment to go to class/run errands so the dresses will probably sit in my closet unworn for a very long time

I just started my senior year of college, my goal is to stop being such a loser…to actually leave my room, meet people, go to events, etc. I'm so jealous of the girls I see online who are always going out with their friends and having fun; I have a small group of friends but they're also not very outgoing, we mostly just sit and watch movies when we hang out. I don't mind that but god I wish I wasn't so goddamn anxious when it comes to interacting with people, I'd love to be extroverted and sociable. As silly as it sounds I just really want to go places! Get dressed up and look cute! Be care-free, young and dumb! Have fun memories to look back on when I'm older! Hopefully I can change but idk.

No. 450237

i feel you. i have cute clothing i never get to wear and use flavoured lip balm as though I'm going to get kissed but i never do because the person I love doesn't love me back.
and it's been that way for years, I have robbed myself of my teens and now sorely regret it.
i hope you reach your goal anon, I definitely wish I had had the drive to put myself out there and be more social.

No. 450258

You know what? It fucking pisses me off when my bf pretends to be sad about someone dying or having some disease or whatever.

Like he won't care about the big stuff on most days, he'll downplay historical tragedies and shit, but here, for example, he'll message me during a work day;

>oh no, Roger passed away

>Roger X, a coworker in X department, died of X at whatever time
>oh right shame, did you know him?
>no, but it's so upsetting, apparently he was a great guy

I paraphrased, but the initial messages were done in such a way I thought it was someone close he knew, only to realise he probably just read it in some announcement and wanted to virtue signal all over the fucking place at the expense of this dead stranger.

Trying to paint traits of him to make it seem like more of a tragedy when he'd never fucking seen or heard of him before. It's gross and exploitative and I can see right through it.

Man I was so annoyed by it I didn't message him the rest of the day. SO many people do that too, it's terrible.

No. 450260

I had a big panic attack related to my trauma after a few days of white knuckling it, it was super uncomfortable so I'm just trying to do things to feel better. I'm doing good. I'll be good. I'm safe. It was just uncomfortable.
I have therapy on Tuesday so I'll try to talk to her about it then.

No. 450267

I wish I had a really lovely best friend who I was super in sync with and had a great relationship free of toxicity with. I love my two current best friends, but one's a cunt and the other is a Borderline dramawhore. I want one who involves less compromise and that I don't get sick of.

No. 450270

A week ago I put in an application for a job I really want, and one for a similar position but more inconvenient (longer commute, shittier hours). The latter place has already scheduled an interview, but the former hasn't. Is it stupid to call and follow up to see if they're interested or not? I would vastly prefer to work there over the other place, and if I could get some confirmation one way or the other then I'd know what to do about the other job. I just don't know if 1 week is long enough or what to say.

No. 450290

I'm so fucking retarded. I didn't turn in my SAP appeal (due this upcoming 23rd) after I completed it on July 31st. Now it's the 18th and I have to submit a payment plan to my school with money I don't have so don't get dropped from my schedule.
I literally submitted it minutes ago, and will have to wait even longer to get it accepted/rejected, and even after it gets accepted I'll still have to wait WEEKS for it to be passed along so I can get my financial aid/scholarships. I'm legit thinking of also turning it in to the office in person tomorrow and grovelling.

No. 450299

i feel like my ex-best friend girlfriend is either skinwalking me or we are way too fucking similar and it pisses me off

-get into watercolor and updating my art via insta
>ex-bf girl (k) starts uploading their art, stops uploading it 3 weeks after i stop
-gets into witchy stuff, talks about crystal and astrology with at that time best friend
>K immediately talks about their amethyst collection, starts uploading into insta lots of stuff with stars and galaxys
-Dyes my hair tips pink
>K after months dyeing their whole hair green decides to only dye their hair tips the same pink
-practice hellenism for years but was vocal with it with just close friends
>GUESS who suddenly gets into hellenism

there's other stuff too but i guess you could say its too general and dumb (sudden new fav bands, similar fav color, etc) but the stuff i listed happened exactly days or few weeks after talking with ex best friend, the moment she claims shes suddenly into sharks im gonna fucking lose itttttttt, i feel like shit too because this girl has already been cheated with 3 different people with my ex best friend so a part of me feels like i shouldn't be so hard on her but its unnerving

No. 450311

Today I was at the store and there was a troon in a wheelchair being so obnoxious talking on the phone the entire time I passed him my half hour there. He was dressed so loudly, like a bajillion star pins in his hair, striped rainbow knee-high socks, neon green hoodie. The only item he had on him the entire time were fucking baby wipes with Hello Kitty on them. Almost forgot to mention, this was at a Japanese store so this place is like a magnet for degenerate weebs. I feel so bad for these random Japanese people shopping and seeing these shits being so loud and just basically visiting the store to sightsee their real life animus.

No. 450318

I know you guys hate fatties but I needed to vent somewhere.

I'm feeling so insanely discouraged about losing weight. This summer I've lost 15lbs (down from 200) through a combination of intermittent fasting, healthier eating and extremely expensive weight loss medication, which wasn't nearly as effective as my doctor promised it would be (this expectation set me up for failure big time already). I have hit a hardcore plateau already on the max dose. My doctor told me I need to start doing at least 20 min of cardio a day, not just a few times a week, because I am insulin resistant with PCOS, so I've stepped it up these last 2 weeks. I missed 1 day but otherwise I've been doing high intensity rowing for at least 30 min a day, as well as a 1 hr cardio spin class 2x a week. My eating has been perfect. All lean protein and leafy greens. No refined carbs or sugar. No cheat days. Water only, no soda, juice or milk. 1400 calories or under a day, as my doctor instructed. Stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh in - I had gained 3lbs. I hadn't expected enormous losses, but to GAIN kind of sent me over the edge and I broke down crying for hours.

It just sucks to work so hard and see no visible results, even my measurements haven't really changed. I know I should tell myself that even if my weight doesn't change, my diet and exercise is making me healthier every day. But all I can think about is my bulemic mom shaming me just like she did when I was a teenager because I was a size 6 and not a 2 like SHE was when she was in high school. I feel like I'm never going to be good enough.

No. 450319

It's highly unlikely you have actually gained 3lbs in fat. Weight fluctuates small amounts like that all the time, because of water weight or your digestive system or whatever. Just stick with it, you've already lost a good amount.

But yeah I can relate because it's so disappointing when the scales dont reflect your hard work, I feel so nervous before I weigh myself. But you just have to trust the math behind caloric deficits and keep going.

No. 450322

thats amazing anon im so proud of you, i think the weight gain is muscle or water weight if its even anything at all, could just be last nights meal or something. losing weight sucks ass it literally takes FOREVER you must not give up hope and keep up the good work. im personally stuck at the same weight after losing over 40lbs, lets do our best together anon!

No. 450323

Someone left a kitten at the bus station in front of my house. I tried to catch it before the bus came, but it ran off. I already sent a message to my father but who knows if he'll do anything.
If it dies it's on me.

No. 450326

there's no harm in calling them! some people get the job that way, it shows you're interested. just don't be rude like "hey asshole have you looked at my application yet??"

No. 450333

to add to this, if you've been exercising a lot more you've also probably been drinking a lot more water. water weight actually fluctuates a crazy amount. if I eat salty foods for two or three days in a row i start to physically look like i've gained a significant amount of weight due to water retention. also, if you stopped drinking/eating certain things that act as diuretics or laxatives, you might retain water for a while before your body gets back to normal after losing the external diuretic/laxative.

coffee/caffeine in particular does this to me. whenever I quit drinking coffee I get really tired & bloated for a while….basically feels like i have 3 days worth of poop in me and I have to eat a lot of kale for roughage and then shit like a lot to get back to normal

No. 450336

yo plateauing is a bitch but it happens to almost everyone temporarily and you're still making long-term changes. you got this!

No. 450338

oh and it makes complete sense that you feel this way with that mom. Try to be kind to yourself and heal if you can. We're here for you.

I hope that kitten has a guardian angel watching over it till rescue! And it's not on you, it's on the owner or it was an accident. Good luck

No. 450339

How do I talk to my bestfriend about how obsessed her & her bf are with each other? I have only seen her twice in the 9 months they've been dating alone and both times her boyfriend got mad at me because I smoked pot with her (I'm apparently a "bad influence"). She never wants to go anywhere with me unless he can come or worse she says yeah lets go and when i pick her up her bf gets in and is like "where we going?"

I hate her bf, I think he's a pos father and a lousy boyfriend. and I hate how she acts like an asshole around him (he's one of those "I hate the world" type people who are proud to be assholes). I feel like talking to her about it is going to start shit not only between me and her but me and her bf. I don't know, she's kinda shown that she's not a great bestfriend lately and maybe I just need to move on. Idk I'm just pissed that i can never just talk to just her unless shes at work. I don't understand their need to be up each others asses 24/7

No. 450350

Maybe I'm a cold bitch and maybe it's the reason I have a tiny social circle but if a friend of mine is distant/uncommunicative/busy I just… let them go. If they want to talk to me they can, if not, it's not gonna ruin my life. Getting dramatic over a lack of attention from friends is some high school shit tbh, they might be wronging you but that in itself proves they aren't a great friend and you shouldn't waste energy on getting them to talk to you. That said I don't think it makes them such a terrible friend that you shouldn't talk to them again if they made the effort, you just have to leave the ball in their court.

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