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No. 448171

Previous thread: >>437519

No. 448177

Such a cute OP picture.

No. 448184

I'm angry that I do not have these cats

No. 448186

File: 1565760496368.png (1.74 MB, 1256x1304, 1565302150758.png)


it happens to me too, i love cats so much but can't have them. I always imagine an imaginary cat i can pet, sometimes is some creepy tulpa shit but it makes me feel a bit better fantasize about a cute cat in my lap.

No. 448190

i love chubby cats so much you guys

No. 448198

File: 1565761841147.jpg (211.82 KB, 1594x896, 20151011_172136.jpg)

Guess we're all venting about how much we love cats kek.

I miss when mine was little, he was too cute. He still is but sometimes I forget how tiny he was.

No. 448225

File: 1565767358943.jpg (30.06 KB, 427x576, happybaby.jpg)

i was about to vent some sad shit but these chubby babies cheered me up, thanks anons
i can't have a cat but the next big city has a cat cafe (it's vegan and houses rescue cats, really wholesome place) so it's bearable

No. 448231

Pull yourself out of NEETdom with only the sheer willpower of wanting to own cute animals. Do it for the kitties.

No. 448257

File: 1565770808678.jpg (81.25 KB, 1024x1024, a6d3c0c6gy1g3lt2rlnxbj20sg0sgj…)

I want a cat

No. 448269

I'm not business savvy whatsover but my dream is to work with a local pound and open a cat cafe that lets people meet and cuddle the cats before maybe deciding to adopt them

No. 448283

File: 1565774441185.jpeg (268.14 KB, 800x1134, F01BA85C-3269-49FF-BE51-1A68A7…)

i’ve carried a sense of shame and wrongness for so long, i feel like even my physical presence is apologetic — constantly “body checking” in terms of the space i take up, shrinking and folding, trying to minimize it as much as possible while i’m in public spaces, always in a state of restlessness because of it. a large part of this is paranoia re: being stared at. it’s like going outside and being a young woman, regardless of what you look like exactly or how you behave, you’re getting stared at (by men). i’m sure you all can relate to that on some level. the conditioned purpose of the young woman is to be visual, to be seen, and no matter if you “succeed” or “fail” they’re still going to scan you up and down. sometimes i feel like i can never blend in or fit inside the crowd or something. i can never go “unseen”.

at the same time my insecurity shrieks it’s impossible for me to be seen sexually, so feeling those eyes sets me even more on edge because there’s no understood motive — they stare out of removed yet strangely persistent interest, as though they’re reading an advertisement on a subway train. i’m not a meek person, either, so i resent myself tenfold for having such a disconnect with my body! when speaking is when i can feel i can actually assert myself, or level the playing field, if that makes any sense.

also, for like the past 3+ years i’ve gotten anxious re: losing my sanity because getting older means learning the ways my mind differs from others’. it’s like my brain is a fucking shinkansen sometimes and i get irritated and lose steam when others can’t keep up or when i have to slow down. maybe less of a bullet train and more of a goddamned vortex.

early onset schizophrenia when, just bite the bullet God cmon hit me w it already

No. 448285

File: 1565774881635.jpg (35.65 KB, 640x640, 49370456_374433899998928_86470…)

i am procrastinating hard on writing a paper which is due in a few days and I just can't.
I am filled with dread but I have no motivation and no discipline, I am paralysed. and I like studying, I like my field, this is how I behave even with what I like.
I hate myself for being so lazy, weak, unable to delay gratification, I am a spoilt brat.
advice to anons who have bright children : teach them how to fucking WORK even if school is easy for them, or they'll end up depressed and unable to function.
somebody please slap me twice in the face.

No. 448291

File: 1565775079158.jpg (101.08 KB, 1072x1440, FB_IMG_1565595834704.jpg)

Inspiring posts, thanks anons for reminding me that I need to get through this breakup so I can get eventually get a cat too.

We are all gunna make it bruhs

No. 448319

File: 1565776474363.png (222.89 KB, 555x795, B984662D-07AE-4E19-9B85-CD8022…)

I’m so broke that I’m seriously considering selling nudes to pay for FF14. I really want membership but I have literally no money. I already tried doing surveys for money but after 2 hours I only managed to get 50 cents. Fuck me.

No. 448322

idk about where you live but if you have lots of books you don't read anymore maybe you can send them to second hand stores and get payment. I just received 50€ for three crates of useless old junk I didn't need.

No. 448329

File: 1565777062685.jpg (83.92 KB, 600x750, 1565015287519.jpg)


Its a videogame anon, come on, not worth putting your dignity on the line unless you are truly on the lifeline.

There's also better ways to make a few extra bucks online, like go on reddit and fiverr and advertise 5$ psychic readings lol. There's thousands of very random completely disposable services that still sell as long as they are cheap for first worlders to buy.

Work around it until you build up some skill in something more stable run with it and buy 10 chonky cats.

No. 448342

do not put your nudes out there forever to play final 'new content every three months' fourteen just make an ebegging post on reddit or something.

No. 448344

I am questioning if I wanna go to an anime con this month.
I don't have a performance set up, but I have a couple of cosplays I can finish up quickly and bring. I miss the scene and it's the best/biggest con in my area.
But. I have no money and will have to ask my mother. Also all of my friends would be there. Which sounds nice, but. I had this friend group for years. I dated one of them for years. We were really close. But my girlfriend dumped me and since then it's been awkward between me and all of them. Some of them came out saying I am a terrible person. Some flat out started ignoring me. They're also doing a big group cosplay I was supposed to be a part of (and I really wanted to be a part of) but I fell out because I got hospitalized and never returned because it was my ex's project in the first place and I wanted to give her space.
Two of the people in the group asked me to go with a smaller group cosplay with them the second day, but honestly even if I really want to cosplay that character, I think they invited me only because I am "part of the set", because I sincerely think they hate me now.
I like cons. I really do. But I would probably end up alone either way.

No. 448346

File: 1565778940378.jpeg (39.39 KB, 400x400, AB2D0CCB-B041-470A-91E7-E15E8D…)

Sadly I don’t own any books but thank you for the advice anyway!
I’m a shameless loser. I just really like the game and became quite desperate out of addiction.
I don’t know of any reddits like that but if I did I would’ve done it earlier.

No. 448355

What data center are you on, anon? I just bought my friend a timecard to play with me and he told me he didn't want it.

No. 448358

idk how much the subscription is but have you looked into transcribing? it pays better than ads for sure

No. 448359

File: 1565780415819.jpg (32.5 KB, 640x611, k3xiuenp7kf31.jpg)

Maybe it'd be better for you if you wean yourself off of it for a while then, it's not worth spending your money for a game.

Or replace it with an even dumber addiction like runescape, they've had free membership with twitch premium for a while and you can grind in-game to earn it too. It has a lot of Venezuelan bots though.

No. 448365

Aether. I’m level 32 working towards 35 but I just know I’ll grind through the game as much as I could. I’ve been playing for 2 days only but I already feel how soul-sucking it is.
Wow! this is actually very cool. I’ll check transcribing out for sure. I guess 130wpm can finally be put to use.
I played osrs for yeaaaars but I cant seem to get back into it.

No. 448371

File: 1565781189198.png (Spoiler Image, 39.89 KB, 689x152, aaaa.PNG)

I'm on Aether too. This is probably weird and sounds like a scam, but hit me up if you want.

No. 448379

They just released Prifddinas so now it's finally worth checking out

No. 448382

My bf won't stop liking and commenting on the posts from a guy who groped me while I was so drunk I couldn't move. He doesn't even really know him, he has only met him once, its me and his best friend who knows the guy.

He knows he sexually assaulted me, so why tf is he interacting with him? It isn't someone he has a history with, so why? Fuck I feel disrespected but also petty.

No. 448385


You are certainly not being petty. WTF is your bf thinking?

No. 448401

Sounds like her boyfriend is an unironic cuckold who wants this to turn into something

No. 448405

Either he's a retard who somehow forgot this incredibly significant fact or he's a retard who has no sense of human decency

No. 448448

My current job is really slow so I really don't mind helping other people to pass the time, but it's one thing when it's "hey, would you like to help me out with an assignment?" versus the HR manager not wanting to do something that's technically his job but he's deflected it to some other person who is out of the office this week so I have to step up and do it or else no one else will. I keep stepping up and volunteering to do things because it's so fucking frustrating to watch really simple responsibilities get deflected around and around this office where things move a mile an hour.

On the other hand I also wish I could say "that's not my job" like everyone else here but it's so ingrained in my brain to just do things and take on responsibilities that aren't even mine, and I don't want people thinking badly of me because I, like everyone else, have almost no work to do. It's only frustrating to see, but bearable to live with here, but at my old job I ended up burning out badly and quitting because I kept having to take on so many responsibilities. I kept being told that I was so ~*~*dependable*~*~ and didn't want to disappoint anyone so I just kept biting off a lot more than I could chew and I hope someday I'll grow the balls to put my foot down and say "no, I can't/won't do XYZ."

No. 448451

once you become the yes man, you will be known as the yes man.
i struggled with this in the workplace for a long time, but you have to be able to advocate for yourself and not take on too many additional responsibilities outside of what you're being paid for.
people just start taking advantage of you and it won't stop until you're inevitably burnt out like you mentioned.
just remember to put yourself first if everyone else is putting themselves first too.

No. 448452

Maybe I'm wrong but that doesn't sound like laziness to me because you are not enjoying yourself. Your dread, paralysis, inability to begin even things that you like, and self-hatred remind me of this:
Maybe reading it will help you.

No. 448457

Thank you anon! My current job is only temp, but I'll keep this in mind going forward and in my future jobs!!

No. 448459

I'm crying because I'm a pathetic mess that needs to be told that I'm cared about constantly.
I'm clingy to all of my friends. I don't see them often but I'm always thinking about them and I openly tell them how much they mean to me, but they aren't as overly emotional as I am. Sometimes I just feel like everyone hates me and that I'm annoyingly overbearing.
For the most part I can reassure myself that if people don't like me then they would have already ghosted me completely but right now I just feel like a sad nuisance to everyone.

No. 448472

Anon I used to be like you years ago and the advice I can give you is to calm down.
People like you or don't. It's not that important. I know it hurts probably because you love them so much and need to feel they will be there for you no matter what but what you're doing being this emotional is to push away people because they might feel overwhelmed by you.
You think they hate you because that's your biggest fear but try to remember that only because they don't say they love you all the time, you're still important to them.
This is not a competition, try to picture it as if it was with your partner: if they told you all the time out of the blue how much they love you, even when you already know, wouldn't be strange for you? Almost forced, I'd say.
I'm sorry if I sound harsh but this way of thinking it pretty toxic, I know because I was like you and I almost lost all of my friends, just one stayed by my side after asking me - more than ten times - that I needed to calm down. He told me that sometimes I was exhausting because by the way I acted it always looked as if I was feeling guilty about everything even if it wasn't my fault and that he was actually tired of having to be there for me and TELL me because if not I'd be paranoid.

No. 448485

Now I'm sad because I'm thinking about a cat I really wanted to get a few years back when I was at the pound. It was hissing and angry at everyone because they were approaching it so quickly or tapping on the glass; you could clearly tell it was abused. She had a missing eye and patches of fur missing. One guy laughed at it, "It shouldn't act like that if it wants to get adopted, looking like that." The girl who was with him giggled. That's the point, it doesn't want to be adopted, it doesn't know who to trust, the poor thing. It sounds like I'm making this shit up, but I was appalled. Everyone went after the clearly "cuter" orange kittens and ignored this one, as it was old and black. I could relate to the shivering that cat was going through, it reminded me of my PTSD. Funnily enough, I was the only person that cat would let get close to her. She would walk away from the other guests when they reached to pet her (the staff opened up the container to get another cat out), but she let me hold her. The staff said that no one has ever been able to hold that cat except two other girls working there. I had such a connection to this kitty, I felt it, but my parents hated cats and would not let me get her no matter how much I pleaded. I hope she found a good home, if she wasn't put down.

I hate people.

No. 448487

no1curr. this story is bad and you should feel bad. also why didn't you do something nice like go volunteer there? you seem just as bad as the other people who didn't want an abused cat (that the pound clearly wasn't rehabilitating properly) what a retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 448488

I miss the early, non-corporate days of the internet, when forums were educational, YouTube had quirky skits, and Tumblr was a welcoming place to find friends. I'm so frustrated and lonely; modern social media sucks the creativity out of everything, especially with the bland new layout designs and rules that will get you banned for just about anything. 4chan is no longer funny, and is just filled with the same recycled stale memes and political racist/misogynistic cult dogshit. I don't know why I use the internet anymore. Maybe I'm just getting older (doubt it, when I see pics of old myspace, deviantart, etc. I feel a tinge of joy). Are there any websites that remind you anons of the "gold ol' days" I can use? If not, I think I'm going to be tapering off and leaving the web soon.

No. 448491

>why didn't you do something nice like go volunteer there
I was 12 you retard. I can't volunteer now because I'm always working just to stay afloat financially.

>you seem just as bad as the other people who didn't want an abused cat

And you seem like a scrote. Go back to your containment site.

No. 448494

You're a dick and probably a maleposter.

She's allowed to feel bad for the cat and hope it was adopted, try growing some empathy.

No. 448495


12 year olds can definitely volunteer at shelters to serve food and just play with the cats.

and no, sorry, insulting you doesn't make me a man. i just think people like you are morons. it's not the job of people adopting any strays to try to fix broken cats that someone else broke. adopting from a shelter is a mixed bag anyway and often ends up in them taking the cat back for a second/third time. your parents didn't want to adopt a problem cat that would likely have high medical bills and need a lot of extra time and care just because you developed empathy at a young age. and neither did those other parents who were probably just trying to smooth over things for their small children. how young are you? because you still seem really fucking young.

No. 448496

oh no anons being mean? must be males! fuck off to c.c if you want everyone to pat you on the head for everything.

No. 448498

You know infighting is not allowed here? and this is the vent thread? Are you lost?

No. 448500

The minimum age for volunteering at that shelter was 14. I don't expect people to want to adopt the cat due to financial reasons, but making fun of it is uncalled for. My parents were looking to adopt a pet at the time and said I could help pick. We had more than enough money to care for it, my dad made 70k a year. It wasn't the abuse or financial aspect that put my parents off to adopting it, they literally said it was because she's a cat. Learn to read.

And we're wight to assume you're a scrote because of what >>448498 said. Learn board rules.

No. 448501

NTAYRT But I definitely agree with all of this, despite you being a bit harsh. I don't think people know much about adopting animals. It's totally different than just getting one from a breeder. It's almost impossible to know where they come from or what they've been through, so we get returns almost all the time. And not just for older animals, people return kittens when they grow up. I think anon just doesn't really understand being an adult.

No. 448503

sorry but you're really whiny and don't get what goes into adopting pets like that. that's why i didn't go into detail and just called you retarded. grow the fuck up and stop trying to act like your empathy for a cat somehow makes you a better person when you wanted to use it to burden everyone around you. you are just making excuses for everything. i absolutely hate people like you.

btw, if you have time to argue on lolcow you have time to do more productive things kek.

No. 448504

Why does anon's post make her a man? What is with you fucking spergs? Also OP tbh, you put me off with your sob story after everyone else was talking about cute cats. I think you should get therapy honestly because it sounds like you have a lot of issues that you need to work through if you're still so bothered by that incident.

No. 448505

I never said I was a better person and you pulled that out of your ass. Stop projecting your self righteous bullshit on others.

I'm not bothered on a day-to-day basis by this, but reading posts about cats reminded me of it. Sounds like you need therapy if you could pull all of this strawmaning from a single post.

Fuck this thread. I'm done.

No. 448507

Don't cut yourself on that edge, anons.
There are tons of far worse anons on this board, but you chose to call someone retarded, a bad person and generally go off on them all because they shared a single childhood memory about a kitten they wish they could've adopted? I just can't relate.

No. 448528

I just found out about the extent of China's corruption to citizens regarding detainment and organ trafficking and what is happening in general in HK. I knew there were protests but I didn't know it was because China is wanting to detain prisoners, as in extracting HK citizens to China. I've read about the link to organ trafficking and I've saw discussion about how this could lead to a World War if other countries intervene. I really truly don't think that would happen because of the current state of weaponry. As much as Trump is a loud mouthed twat and I still don't recognise Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, he's just such a colossal dickhead, I think they would try to diminsh warfare simply because hassle. Have there been global protests in support of HK? What the hell can be done about harvesting live people for their organs? I feel like revoking my organ donor card. How can this be known and not stopped? Sanction China, but then does that not isolate the population and make things more dire? Honestly I think for globalisation and trade to work there has to be a central world government that upholds human rights for all. I'm so sick of world peace aparrently being so impossible. Doesn't everyone have a better day when no one butts heads? I'm sad.

No. 448535


Have noticed that one here before, people who care so much about cats that they're all emotionally charged and over the top in replies. Like they often have no social skills (even by fucking board standards) so I guess their cat obsession makes sense

No. 448537

I've been thinking about this the whole afternoon. It's too good to be true but I feel quite guilty if you were to give this to me but it means a lot that you offered.

No. 448538

I actually just wanted an in-game friend, anon. I've posted in the friend finder in /g/ before for FFXIV lady friends. It's okay, though, I understand.

No. 448542

Woah could you please post articles or stuff you've read about the link to organ trafficking?? I haven't heard anything about that part.

I knew that the extradition bill was actually in response to the fact that they couldn't extradite a man who admitted to murdering his gf in Taiwan and then fled to HK and they couldn't do anything, so in some ways I thought it made sense to cover up those loopholes, but of course China being China…

No. 448548

thank you for this perspective, anon. there's definitely things keeping me from working, but I have so much guilt that I can't be that nice to myself, I have to shake myself up and get to work, which is hard because I usually rely on other people's anger, when they are finally done with my shit, for motivation (wow unhealthy).
thank you though, I feel a little bit better and I'll try to seize this little moment of relief for productivity.

No. 448550

No. 448556

going through exactly the same right now, just studying for an exam instead
it sucks, i never had to study in highschool and suddently in university i need to be able to study and do this work and i can't bring myself to it
and when i start it's not really effective

wishing you the best that you can get out of this though, i'll cheer you on for the next few sentences/ paragraphs you write

No. 448567

File: 1565819628024.jpg (264.53 KB, 1000x1181, 26407624.jpg)

Would I be an asshole if I didn't go to my cousin's wedding for being a huge bitch to me?

We've never been close, she's 5 years older than me. She's the daughter of my mother's brother and I feel like their family has always alienated me and seen me as an othered person. There's three siblings total including her, plus another cousin from another branch of family I don't speak to. Regardless they've always been super close while treating me like a black sheep. We only really communicate during holidays and on occasions where we are together due to family events. I've been around them when they talk nasty and judgmental shit about other people, so I always knew they were giving me the same treatment behind my back. They distance themselves and don't even act like they know me in some cases. I'd describe them respectively as unironic Chad and Stacey stereotypes that 4chan tends to screech about. Except now they're in their 30s and are pretending to be adults with their shit together.

Anyway, when this cousin was planning her wedding she let her sister and the other cousin I mentioned be her bridesmaids. I was the only female family member left out. It's not that I care because I frankly find weddings tacky and I hate being a bridesmaid, but I think it goes to show how much she doesn't care for me to have not even asked. Bet she'd still expect a gift from me!
Needless to say, bride cousin hasn't stopped harping about this wedding. She loooooooves my mommy dearest because she's giving the cousin thousands of dollars for a few venues for this wedding. My mom is a master at buying love out of people with money and gifts for her favorites.

I went no contact with my mom a couple of months ago because she is an abusive narcissist. I had the last straw with her. Her abuse was so bad that I left home in a hurry-threw my shit in storage and lived out my car and my gym membership for awhile as I worked because it was still better than living with her.
I finally found a place to live with my stepdad (who separated from her) and we split rent. But before that my friends had helped me a few nights so I'd have a comfortable place to crash besides my car. I made a post on social media intended for my friends only, just to update them on my situation and highlight some of the abuses that pushed me to make such a decision. It wasn't really scathing or dramatic, just honest. I got a lot of support from my friends and people who weren't aware of what I was going through became empathetic.

I made one mistake, however. I forgot to block one of those distant cousins in my privacy settings for the post. I later found out that this rat screencapped my entire post, and sent it out in a mass email to every single member in my family–who of course would stan for my narc mom. Hey, my narc mom isn't so bad if you don't live with the cunt and aren't her emotional target. I'm sure to outsiders she's just swell and looks like a great parent.

So bride cousin gets ahold of the email and thinks she's going to text me in order to bitch me out about what I posted. I was with friends at the time and it was upsetting to read. She had no idea what I went through and didn't care, because she cares more about being a goldenchild to my mom than me. She wrote to the tune of: ~*~HoW dArE U sAy ThAt I cAnTT bElIeVE yOu PoStED ThAT AbUT uR MAaWwWMm! JUst WaIt TiL ShE SeEs ThIsSSS~*~
First thing I replied to her about was how it was funny that she's more concerned about me telling the truth about her abuse, than her being concerned about my homelessness and living out of my car.
Secondly, that I knew for a fact that she was blocked from seeing the post and so if mom found out about it, I'll know who was in on snitching me out. Ergo she can't be trusted.
She backpedaled and gave me a few more copout lines, but it's been a month and she hasn't bothered me again since. I deleted most of them off social media.
I frankly don't like them, and the cat's out of the bag now as to who they'll cape for in the end.

I don't want to go to her wedding where I'll have to see her traitor face and then be made even more uncomfortable for the fact that my mom will be there as well.
I feel like sending a card, with no money in it, and being done with them all. I hate them very much, and I know they have no love for me at all.

No. 448576

Ugh, so I'm trying to buy a house and so far everything is great on my end and I'm clear to close, but my contract with the seller of the house is based on contigency of selling my condo. The buyer of my condo has asked for an extension on closing because of some issue with her lender (somebody probably did an oopsie during underwriting and opened a new credit card). Ok fine, its just 5 days later and I'm closing for both properties on the same date, however, the seller of the house I'm trying to buy hasn't signed the agreement for the extension yet and my realtor is essentially ignoring my questions about it. I'm angry because I've done everything right with my lender but now because either my buyer is a retard or their lending company is lazy I might loose out on the house. If the seller of the house says no or asks for more money I don't know what I'm going to do, this is absolutely unfair that I'm kept in the dark about this.

No. 448578

No. 448586

My whole life I've had an issue with recognizing my own face/body in photographs. I can recognize other people but genuinely not my own, unless someone points it out. I also will think that pictures of people who have vaguely similar features to me are me at first glance, even if it's just some rando's selfie. Either I'm autistic or my chronically low self-esteem has given me a very specific idea of how I look that candid photos conflict with.

No. 448592

sorry I’m about to fucking ramble

I really really really am having a hard time right now in that I need to get laid, however I really am not about one night stands (anymore, I used to be a big slut), I’d love to be in a relationship or even one day fucking get married like most fucking normal people my age, how am I supposed to get married when I don’t have anyone around to form an actual relationship with ?? How am I supposed to have sex and satisfy this crazy drive that I have if I can’t even deal with most people let alone keep anyone around me for a long time… This shit is so hard. I’m tired of giving myself away to people who add nothing to my life, or are shitty/selfish in bed. But I also literally have the sexual urges of a dolphin or fucking bonobo chimp. I for 5 seconds thought about fucking this guy that one of my good friends is fucking and just not telling her about it bc he was being flirty. Cloudy ass judgment. I haven’t had sex since early May.

also inb4 just masturbate I literally do all the time, I feel likethat is the only way I can get an endorphin rush and have a normal day or get to sleep peacefully, etc.
I’ve always been hypersexual im not sure if it’s due to being molested at an early age or what???? Like no idea

No. 448599

Anytime I move my legs when exercise, my joints click and make noises and it makes me feel sick. I’m one of those people that physically can’t stand when others crack/pop their knuckles or their necks, the sound is the worst thing in the world. I normally have to leave the room. The worst thing is when people figure out you don’t like it, they go out of their way to do it around you! Ugh, anyway, I’d like to exercise more but knowing that my bones will click makes me feel like accepting my weakling status forever.

No. 448602

I just got into a huge argument with a friend of mine about the Philly active shooting situation. I called him to talk about it, as I was concerned, and he tried to say this was a Jeffrey Epstein cover-up? I tried to tell him the shooting occurred during a drug bust that went bad, and he refused to listen and kept talking over me about how "they wanna take our guns away" even though he doesn't fucking own one. I don't mind the 2nd Amendment or whatever, but these shootings aren't always a damn conspiracy or cover-up. Jesus.

No. 448611

Just tell her you have to work that day or you have plans to help a friend move and can't get out of your commitment. You don't need to support someone who is an asshole. Be sure to tell her you aren't going though so she doesn't spend money on a plate of food for you.

No. 448664

There are these 2 middle aged women at my work who try to act like they have authority when they don't and it's really fucking annoying, not to mention they're wrong most of the time about what they tell us to do anyway. Also the break room is small and crowded and everyone eats super loudly. Chewing sounds are already unbearable but for some reason all of my coworkers like to suck and smack as loud as possible. And a lot of them chew gum when we're working and I wish there was a rule against that because it's disgusting.

No. 448670

My joints do this constantly, even just shifting in bed causes it. I kinda like the sound though lmao. Do you know why it happens? I’ve never heard someone else complain about it so I’m wondering if you have any insight lol

No. 448699

Why would you go behind your best friends back when you could find someone on tinder or at a bar? That's disgusting and also learn to masterbate.

No. 448724

I hate how almost all clothes are synthetic nowadays. Now that we know how bad they are for the enviroment and our skin, why is that our only option? But before we knew how much micro plastic clothes release, almost everything was made with natural fibers.

Ass backwards

No. 448728

I was thinking recently about how good the quality of children's clothing were (relative to now) back when I was a kid. Nowadays you either have to search high and low or buy ridiculous designer label clothes no one can afford. I want middle income affordable pricing and decent quality types of stores around here but there few.

No. 448739

it would probably be even more awkward to attend the wedding after all of this than not going
sending a card sounds like a good plan, go with that and live your best life (which is without them)

No. 448755

File: 1565858892783.jpg (10.46 KB, 219x220, 30cm-cafe-mimi-Yellow-duck-plu…)

>when you learn your abusive serial killer in the making NPD ex managed to hook some poor girl into being his gf

the fucker almost killed me twice. i told stories about him here before when i was too scared to break up with him and everyone told me to run the hell away. i wish we lived in a more trusting world where i could tell this girl to gtfo but i just have to sit back and try to hope she doesn't end up dead

No. 448757

I know That feel all too well anonette, I wish men weren’t like this

No. 448763

I recently stopped taking my birth control as an odd empowerment thing.

I was never sexually active it's just been ingrained in my head by my mother, for years, that I'll inevitably get raped. So with that fear and the idea of never having kids of my own I started taking it as soon as I could, around 15, I'm 22 now. It was so bad to the point that I would lie to my doctor stating that my period was too heavy to handle. I even remember almost having a break down in the dr's office because she at first prescribed me the pill and I was so afraid of missing a dose.

But after years of seeing how it fucked with my body: been near impossible to lose weight, my hair has been thinning, and my libido was nonexistent. I've decided to not let my fear get the better of me.

It's always been some thing I've been ashamed to admit because I know how stupid and illogical my fear is. I've even been too afraid to bring it up to therapists because I've been too afraid to be properly diagnosed with BPD or some other hated mental/personality disorder.

No. 448764

Holy shit, their tactics are crazy. I'm so glad you got away. I know what you mean, and I think that telling her has potential to harm you. If she tells him what you said to her who knows what he could do. Just wanted to point that out even though you're more than likely aware. Hopefully you're healing/have healed from all of that.

No. 448766

The Pill really depletes the body of B vitamins so you should find a good B complex, that should help with some of the issues!

No. 448773

i posted on my social media about being lonely a couple days ago. im going to school in a foreign county, I don’t really have friends or family here. i drink very heavily to cope. A guy had sex with at like 16 messaged me, i was his first time, he kinda ghosted me and I got over him pretty quickly. We were sending eachother memes and stuff I figured it was just him pitying me and giving me some human interaction that I don’t really get but I was shitfaced last night and he started talking about when we had sex, continuously asking for nudes, I kept trying to change the subject. Eventually I just sent him a nude probably to shut him up. I don’t remember any of this I was just reading through our texts. Idk I feel really shitty about it Idk I feel like he exploited my loneliness time to drink some more

No. 448800

I really wish I didn't have to be on birth control, I recently started taking it again and the one method that was working was too expensive and the one I'm on now is making me break out and its almost all mildly cystic. I'm not even sexually active right now I just couldn't control my periods because of the other PCOS medication I'm on. I was basically having multiple "periods" a month. I might just bite the bullet and join >>448763 and stop taking it again and hope I've been on my other medication long enough that my body doesn't make me bleed on and off every other week.

No. 448803

I've struggled with social anxiety for years, being mostly housebound because of it. Today my mom started pushing HYPNOSIS on me as if that would work. I laughed it off because it's just too fucking retarded, and she gives me this whole speech ''it's so funny how you think you know everything about the world being only 22 isn't it?..'', saying how I'm so arrogant. She wants me to go to her nurse friend who does hypnosis for $50 an hour. I go to therapy and work hard on self improvement yet she now claims I'm ''not even trying'' because I don't want to pay her dumbass friend to scam me.

No. 448807


If you have a mom who taught you to take birth control every day cos you'll eventually get raped and pregnant… I can see how you might have BPD. Alot of the time there's a fucked up and overbearing mother in the background of women diagnosed with BPD. It's nothing to be ashamed of either, you didn't choose to have an unhealthy mother passing this anxiety onto you

No. 448836

I'm sorry that happened to you anon. He exploited your loneliness for the nude, unfortunately.

No. 448841

My anxiety is so much worse than before.
My parents were alcoholics since I was a kid. When they finally give up alcohol, almost 15 years has passed. Sadly my mother died afterwards (nothing to do with her alcoholism which makes it so much harder to handle) and I almost have no contact with my dad.
I always thought this started when I was 7 or 8 years old but now I know I was wrong, that was when I started having memories of it.
I talked with some family members (we never discussed this situation because it felt wrong or like a secret we should keep) and they told me that even when I was no more than two they started noticing signals. I was only two.
I’m scared and pissed off. So, so angry. I have many questions that won’t be answered and I feel bad for getting mad, I feel bad because I loved my mother with all my heart and she did her best to give up alcohol and when she did it, she died anyways. I feel like I put her on a pedestal and now I can only think about why, she told me already the reasons that made her drink (as well as my father) and I understand it but…I was a baby. A baby.
I wish I didn't know all of this because I feel disappointed with the only person I truly loved and cared, with the one who always was there for me. I lost my best friend and now I feel angry and betrayed.
I.e. I bit my nails for many years (maybe from 3 to 8 years old). I always told this to people because I find it peculiar but now I realise it was probably because of my anxiety.
My emotional dependence and my fright of losing people probably is explained by how I was left alone crying for hours in the street where my family members found me asking for my mom (who was drunk sleeping).
And I feel ashamed and guilty of writing this because it was a secret, nothing to be proud about, she was better and in rehabilitation and now dead, it feels wrong.
I only told my best friend part of it (she knows all the problems with alcohol because for years I couldn’t take a shot without crying uncontrollably and started to apologise to everyone, also she met my parents while they were drunk) because I can’t say it out loud to anyone, nor my boyfriend.
I don’t want to meet up with other friends, I want to be left alone, I don’t even want to talk because as selfish as it sounds, every time they complain about their lives it seems nonsense to me because for the things they’re complaining about I know they didn’t have it as hard as me and probably won’t. It’s not a competition and I know it’s not right to feel resentful but I can’t fight this feeling, I’m in so much pain.
What’s worst is knowing that even if I search for help there’s nothing I can do, the only thing I want is to hear my mother’s voice, to reassure me it’s okay, to talk about it and that’s fucking impossible.

No. 448842

Work finally sat me down and had an intervention style meeting about my drastic change in person. I had to admit that I have pretty bad PTSD, something I've only said out loud a few times. They did it in a very fair manor, and I know they are worried about me. I just hate how my home life has ruined this job. Then of course the "why don't you tell someone" questions arise. I said there is nothing anybody can do to make this situation better, which again worried them. They said they wouldn't phone the police, which is great. I'm just so embarrassed. I cried, started shaking and was chewing my fingers. I honestly hate when people show emotions, so for me to break down is just so out of character. I confronted the person who used to be a teaching assistant in my primary school classes, and she says she doesn't remember my photo being up in the medical room. I'm so relived, cos I kinda thought she just ignored the obvious abuse I was experiencing during primary school.

No. 448845

Anon did you write here before, right? I remember you bc of the last part were you felt abandoned by your primary school…
I’m sorry this is happening to you, I well know how terrible that feeling of insecurity and vulnerability is but try to see it this way…people notice things, even if they don’t say anything and now they’re worried about you.
I really hope you the best, I’m sorry your life’s this hard atm.

No. 448846

double post, but separate topic.

I got loads of free makeup from work, like 40 different items. I gave a lot to my mum, and she hasn't even said thank you. I only took some from her so she might love me. Every time I get free stuff (which has only happened a few times over a number of years) she just feels entitled to it? and yet I keep giving her the stuff. The only time she has ever said he loved me was when I got her a freebie. It's so pathetic that I'm trying to basically buy her love with gifts.

No. 448847

>>448845 yeah. I did. Thanks for replying. I've been so obviously very depressed, and now I'm making loads of mistakes at work. I know they were going to have to talk to me sooner or later, but I fucking hate talking about that stuff.

No. 448848


I'm just pissed about the heavy flow shit, I go through so many tampons on my first 3 days, and it leaks regardless of what I do, it's crazy

No. 448850

try a cup? they hold a lot more (and they're safer/better for the environment blah blah) you can also get washable backup liners

No. 448859

Thank you for your honest reply anon, I'm glad you hear you got past this. I hope that I can get over it too, I don't want to be a lame friend anymore either!
>it always looked as if I was feeling guilty about everything even if it wasn't my fault
I really related to this, I guess it's something that needs addressed somehow

No. 448860

File: 1565883518518.jpg (43.87 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pclby0aKeS1ur5vj7o1_400…)

My panic attacks are getting really bad again. I've been dealing with them for my entire life, but I thought I was finally figuring out how to manage them a bit better. I'm so tired but also so agitated! I feel like the constant fight or flight and sense of imminent death are actually going to kill me. I need a hug.

No. 448885

Trust me, I know it's easier to say it than to do it but the moment you just try to not care (even if it seems wrong to you and you have to force yourself somehow), you'll understand that it's your mind telling you everything's wrong when actually your friends probably won't care if you send one, two or three messages.
What opened my eyes was exactly this, trying to reduce the number of messages I sent (even when the urge was strong because I didn't want them to think something was wrong with me) and seeing how even if I didn't talk with them for two days, everything was fine and normal, norhing has changed and they didn't think bad about me.
I'm sure you're not a lame friend because they choose you to be their friend in first place, so I'm also sure you have a good and kind personality.

No. 448892

Wow your realtor sucks. Not saging this because it's important you see this answer - it's very possible that the realtor and the seller are in cahoots. That they're deliberately setting things up so that you'll pay more in the end (and the realtor gets a bigger %).

This is what my realtor tried to do to me. I caught on to her, amazingly she didn't even deny it. They agreed to close the deal immediately the way it should have been before the delays.

Please be aware of this and do not let yourself be duped (I have a feeling you won't, you're already rightly suspicious). The law is on your side.

No. 448899

Grew up around grabby men and even now in my late 20s I will subconsciously brush my bf's hands off of me if he touches or grabs me without it already being an intimate moment. I will do it multiple times without realizing until he points it out. I hate that it's ingrained in me still.

No. 448904

File: 1565888988524.jpg (137.85 KB, 576x1024, ECBmH9rWkAEn0PH.jpg)

One of my favorite pet instagrammers just posted this on their story and I'm so fucking heartbroken. I have a senior pekingese too, and we found out she has kidney issues last month. We're treating a stubborn UTI at the moment, but I don't have high hopes that that'll be the end of her problems.

A few weeks ago I used up half of my savings to pay for her burial plot and the maintenance fee for it. She bounced back from when we got the initial diagnosis and is back to her annoying and yappy self, but it hurts to know her time might be soon. I love Chewlia too, she's so beautiful and cute. This post was just an unfortunate reminder of why I give my dog medication every morning, why I fret over every little thing, why the mornings when she's too lethargic to walk or eat are the worst because I don't know if it's her last day or not. I'm so fucking sad. Why can't dogs live forever? I've had my dog for 15 years, how am I supposed to live without her? Chewlia was adopted as a senior dog after being found as a stray, I'm so sad thinking that she finally has loving home, warm bed, and food and her time might be soon too.

Fuck I'm about to make a fool of myself at work and start crying.

No. 448910

There's been a mosquito trapped in my room for the past day or so and it's driving me fucking insane. I just want to kill that fucker but it's nowhere to be found. It keeps biting me and just now it fucking bit me on my FACE. It's woken me up at like 3 AM by whining in my ear but somehow when it bites me on my cheek right by my ear I couldn't hear it? Fucking coward won't even show its face like come on bitch let's square up

No. 448916

File: 1565891423530.jpg (14.45 KB, 363x321, 1553960194550.jpg)

Iktf. Here's a virtual hug, anon.

No. 448923

File: 1565892417988.jpg (1.93 MB, 2086x2987, Isaac_Oliver_-_Young_Man_Seate…)

consider vintage!! there's a lot of vintage stuff for about the same as or cheaper than new, especially for things that aren't branded. like your standard kmart/sears sweaters & button downs and stuff used to be, maybe not well-made per se, but at least cotton or ramie/linen and not the rayon disasters they sell at big stores now. i really can't believe the amount of like, under armory synthetic type stuff people wear. to me it just isn't comfortable and it also deteriorates really fast in my experience.

imo etsy is really good for vintage basics, since people tag things well in terms of size, color and material as opposed to ebay/poshmark where people tag mostly by brand. full disclosure though, if you buy vintage stuff on etsy in some categories, there is a good chance you will be buying from me. so i am not an unbiased advisor in this regard.

No. 448927

I'm so sick of me and my gf meeting really fucking weird and manipulative people. We blocked this fucking weird fuck who fetishizes lesbians (He made my lesbian gf write a fic about said characters who he says are lesbians getting dicked so theres that.) and tried to get our one friend to write a four year old with hyper ass? and a bunch of other gross shit. But after we block him his fucking girlfriend just starts BANSHEE screaming at my emotionally vulnerable gf; using all sorts of manipulative language and shit. Jeeze, we're both tired fuck off. Well, on a brighter side we're distancing ourselves from the fandom these weird fucks were in so…. Idk felt the need to ramble about this.

No. 448934

This is my ideal outfit. When is the 1600s going to be trendy again?

No. 448945

One of our cats passed away last week and I cant get over it. He was a rescue and had such a horrible and hard life, he came to us emaciated, had abscesses, missing teeth, and a torn ear. But he was so affectionate, he would stay by your side 24/7 and always wanted to be loved. He deserved so much better than the shitty life he had to endure, its so fucking unfair that he had to go through that and he never even got a fighting chance.
I found him in the morning unresponsive and he died in my arms before I could do anything.
I still cry and get worked up to the point of panic attacks when I think about him, I try to talk to friends and family about it but even though they are sympathetic I can tell they thinks its ridiculous that I've been mourning this long.

No. 448954


If anyone thinks that's ridiculous then let them, it sounds like you had a wonderful bond with him right up until his last moment, and still.

Loss is intense, and a week is nothing.

No. 448958

File: 1565896790795.jpg (269.27 KB, 430x642, 16th century gang.jpg)

it's more possible than you think. this waistcoat is actually late 1700s but it auctioned for only $287 - https://www.augusta-auction.com/search-past-sales?view=lot&id=4825&auction_file_id=8

that was in 2007 though so things are probably more now. that site has some really funny stuff so i spend a lot of time on there, and there's really nothing that's much more expensive than modern designer. which is just insane honestly.

No. 448959

I just realized that I find it hard to choose between two or more options, especially if there's time constraint. I end up regretting my decision, it can feel like physical pain. I ask someone to help me choose and they say nothing… Any anons with anxiety experience this?

No. 448964

I'm sure your cat loved you and appreciated everything you did for him, anon.

No. 448965

I once saw a weird thing saying that if you have difficulty making a decision about something, to set an alarm for the middle of the night to wake you up and then make your choice when you wake up. I don't remember the reasoning and I'm pretty sure I saw this on tumblr with some people saying it worked for them (but tumblr being tumblr, I'd take it with a grain of salt). Sorry for not being able to offer any actual useful advice, but this is something that always pops up in the back of my head when I have a hard time deciding something!

No. 448973

this shit about tulsi is annoying. it's obvious that men are only interested in her as a candidate because they find her attractive. there's literally nothing more compelling about her as a person or her policies that would attract a person to her over bernie.

No. 449009

really loving the fact i worked an over-night, 10 hour shift to be rushed into showering and getting dressed to sit in my spouse's office dead ass silent because they get buttfucked hurt if i say anything or make conversation. you dont even need me here. i want to sleep, i want to go home. i don't even fucking like you much anymore.

No. 449010

But she hit the wall a long time ago? So funny that they don't follow their own logic.

No. 449016

I have used a cup and I bleed through them too.

No. 449045

I'm tired of seeing women waste their lives. My old friends all rely heavily on men. One keeps getting pregnant with different men despite having no job, no education, no place of her own to live, and all her baby daddies are stupid losers who she switches between while her extended family takes care of her and the kids. The other ones don't do anything to better their lives besides obsess over their boyfriends who are losers and don't care about getting a career. I recently found out the girl, who was valedictorian and went to college to be a pharmacist and do chemical engineering, wants to marry her now army boyfriend and become a stay at home mom. She's like obsessed over getting married and becoming this perfect stay at home mom after all the work she put into her career because that's better for her super religious, trad agenda? I can't believer how stupid other women can be. Why would you want to live their life at the mercy of your dumbass boyfriends and their wallet?

No. 449047

>I recently found out the girl, who was valedictorian and went to college to be a pharmacist and do chemical engineering, wants to marry her now army boyfriend and become a stay at home mom.

She sounds smart. Why not let the man pave her way if he can provide? If having children is something she wants then it's much easier done as a stay at home mom than balancing the hell that is childcare and job.
If she already has the education and some experience it means she can always pick her career back up again if military hubby doesn't pan out.

You should definitely be concerned about the brainless unemployed thot friend giving her offspring away to family between boyfriends though.

No. 449050

>Why not let the man pave her way if he can provide?
Nta but because he can withdraw that support at any time? Because you can't leave someone you depend upon to live, no matter how he treats you? I swear people are so short sighted about this, I am all for using men for money and work does suck but without your own savings and work experince you are putting yourself at risk. You'd be relying completely on a man's goodwill, and god knows they are stingy with it. I can't count the number of times I've seen miserable, abused, wives and mothers who are stuck because their husband controls the finances, it's a horrible position to be in.

No. 449051

>Nta but because he can withdraw that support at any time?
Which can happen regardless if she has a job.
>Because you can't leave someone you depend upon to live
She has an education, why couldn't she find a job and leave if it came to that?

It's a bit of a different situation. For anon to have started out with the jobless educationless thot and then fixate on this woman who relatively has her shit together is a bit…odd.

No. 449054

women can still get jobs after they have children so I think they are comparing the graduate to the lifestyle of the lazy baby momma too much

there’s nothing wrong with staying at home for two or three years to take care of a kid until they’re in school

No. 449055

big gaps in employment can cost you dearly tho even with a good reason. if she has to go back to the workforce she will be competing with either younger people or with the ones who continued with their careers.

Also, most men? They don't see SAHMs as equal in a relationship. They will be calling the shots either for the money or for dumping on you all the chores and child care. Obviously not all men, yadayada but it's a kind of arrangement that can degenerate quickly for women

No. 449057

She could get a job, she'd just be far behind in her career progression, savings, retirement fund and investments. Of course I don't think it's life ruining to stay at home after having a kid, that's the norm. I just think it's important to get started a good while before you have a kid so that if things go south you can afford to move and support yourself until you find a job. It sounded like anon meant the girl would be popping them out right after graduating.

No. 449059

Kind of minor but I'm really frustrated because I've been trying to repair my hard drive all day and of all the possible solutions zero of them are working. Always eject safely friends.

No. 449062

One time when I was 7 or 8 a mosquito bit me near the eye in the middle of the night, I woke up in the morning looking like quasimodo all day.

No. 449073

File: 1565924495953.gif (238.67 KB, 320x320, 386.gif)

One of my friends just vented to me about how he's gotta move back in with his parents because the sister that he was renting from wants to kick him out specifically because she wants to walk around the house naked.

Lmao, can't make this shit up.

No. 449101

I want to be a better girlfriend, today my partner and I got into an argument that resulted in them leaving the house—about our lack of intimacy. I know we’re both so busy and stressed, but we haven’t had sex in a month and I feel so alone. I keep trying to reach out, and so does she but we can’t seem to get our attraction to align right. Someone always had a rough day, or is just exhausted. Today’s fight was my fault, when she woke up I was all ready irritated and told her I felt more like roommates than partners and I couldn’t keep this up. It was shitty of me, and I know that but I felt so abandoned in that moment. She’s doesn’t say it, but I know she feels the same. I’m gonna work on being more empathetic and loving, I feel like if I can’t just push aside that selfishness things will get better. I need to stop prioritizing fleeting feelings and remember the love and labor that’s gone into our relationship. I don’t wanna feel guilty anymore—I NEED to be better.

No. 449103

I'm 5' and average weight but I have big features that make me want to kill myself. My nose is very wide and round, my lips look like slugs, and I also have weirdly big hands and feet (US size 9.5) despite my height. Maybe I could fix my nose but wtf am I supposed to do about my man hands/feet? I wish I could get over it and stop being so pathetic about inconsequential shit. It's like I was supposed to be a man in the womb but halfway through fetus me changed its mind.

No. 449149

I think I am decent looking from the front but my side profile makes me depressed

No. 449167

I feel you - I have a noticeable overbite (four years of braces didn't help much) and a slightly weak chin, so I hate seeing my face from the side. It sucks looking at yourself from the front, thinking, "I'm pretty cute," then turning your head slightly and realising you're only cute from a very specific angle.

No. 449182

I get jealous when people have good relationships with their siblings, because I hate my brother to the core. He’s 16 and an entitled catfishing fuckboy trying to get famous on TikTok and it disgusts me to see so many girls thirsty for him. Before I graduated we would ride the bus together and he’d encourage his friends to bully me, from taking videos to provoke me to throwing trash at me. He harasses on me for being 20 and living at home, because I chose a situation where I could work full time and not have to pay rent to prepare for college, meanwhile he doesn’t have a job because he “can always find money”, aka he steals my mom’s credit card to buy dumb hypebeast shit and never gets punished for it. His ex girlfriend messaged me for help because she wanted to leave him but he was crazy and threatening suicide, but he was cheating the whole time. When he was in middle school he would sexually harass 8 year olds and talk about “private parts” with them on the bus. I can’t wait for him to become a 30 year old loser to validate my hatred.

No. 449205


Is your mom aware of his sexually inappropriate talk with kids? And his treatment of his ex? This is exactly what moms don't want their sons to turn out like

No. 449208

File: 1565963652768.jpg (12.74 KB, 500x259, creycat.jpg)

I am jealous of people with thick hair density. My hair is curly but really thin so I look like I have random bald spots on my head because the curls stick together. My brothers and sister all have thicker hair than me. I'm also the shortest of my siblings but I'd trade two inches of height for hair like theirs. As the youngest, I feel like my mom's body just gave up and handed me all the bad genes.

No. 449211


same, my face is flat as fuck from the side & I hate it. I look like a fucking alien/bridge troll from so many angles.

No. 449212

Yeah, she doesn’t give a shit and tells me to mind my own business, I get every small mistake I’ve ever made thrown in my face if she thinks I’m even slightly criticizing him. She’s raising him to be the man of the household, so he doesn’t have to touch the dishes or do anything in the way of cleaning. He took over a bathroom on his floor and made it into his disgusting closet with shoes and mildew towels everywhere along with a healthy sprinkle of pubes covering every surface, and she does not give a single flying fuck. I think it’s because he will scream at the top of his lungs at her and laugh in her face if she tells him to do anything.

No. 449213

I'll commiserate with you anon. My hair is also very thin and it has a frizzy curl to it. I basically walk around looking like I have damaged witchy hair most of the time. It's quick to grease at the roots while the ends look permanently dry and frazzled, even with hair masks.
When I heat tool my hair it looks okayish, but it's too damaging to do everyday. I just get people commenting on how nice it looks compared to when I let it go natural and it makes me feel bad. Yet even when I heat tool and style it, it's only a matter of weather or a little bit of sweat for it to poof out and refrizz.
I look like an extra monkey right now because my hair broke and shed a lot recently so now I have a lot of flyaways from regrow. It's a hot mess.

I want to be one of those girls who wake up everyday with silky, gorgeous hair with no effort.
Thicker hair would've been a blessing for me not only for the fact that it generally looks nicer, but it also would have balanced out my moon face and square jaw better.

No. 449215

Fuck your brother anon. I can only hope that the hand of justice will give him a swift and painful slap into the ground when he realizes he has no real future if he keeps this shit up.

No. 449216


I hate it when moms raise boys like this

No. 449220

My dad yelled at my mom the other day because he doesn't like it when we button the front of his work shirt because it makes it easier to fold and that shit infuriates me so much. How else do you want me to fold it? If we're doing the laundry, we're gonna button it and fold it the easiest way for us!!! If you don't fucking like it, do the laundry yourself!!! But of course he never will because he's so ~*~tired~*~ after work. Also we've been doing it like this for months now and you just want to bring it up NOW?

I told my mom to start making my cousin (who started living with us a while ago) to do the laundry too, because she had to start doing laundry 2x a week because he goes through so many fucking clothes in a matter of days, and she told me "he broke the laundry machine when he lived his with parents and now he's too scared to do it" and she ACCEPTS THIS. I know if I fucked up doing laundry I'd get yelled at and told to suck it up and not fuck up next time, but he gets a free pass? Stop being a fucking wimp. Laundry isn't rocket science.

I tolerate my cousin and I love my dad, but men are truly fucking useless creatures. I started scolding my dad over other shit and I know one of these days it's gonna erupt into a full on screaming match because he has a bad temper, but for now he usually just gets silent because he knows that I'm right.

No. 449221

he's like a four year old in need of a nap and a diaper change, that is so self centred and pathetic. sorry you have to live with that, you and your mom deserve better.

No. 449222

Is your family patriarchal?
Mine is. I never had siblings but the eldest and only male cousin in my family was mollycoddled in a similar fashion and is now a psychotic piece of shit in his 30s.
Antics include: Repeatedly crashing expensive cars his parents bought him and trading in lesser cars he was bought for more expensive trucks; stealing gas and getting into legal trouble whereby he'd bilk my grandparents for thousands for lawyers; hooking up with floozie women from bars for social clout and getting into fights; having an out of wedlock child with one said bar floozie that he uses to curry pity gifts and money out of other family members; constantly pretends to be a good single dad even though he refuses to vaccinate his child or put him in early schooling; stole a firearm from an uncle and became enraged and entitled when the uncle called him to give it back.

!*!BuT hOw DiD hE bEcOmE sUcH a SpOiLeD BrAt~*~
When my grandparents were alive they were super deluded about him, thinking he'd become a dentist (lmao). He never did well in high school, was a partier, and had no interest in college.
His current job is being a mid manager in a timeshare selling company. So basically a scam artist. And it must hardly pay the bills even though he posts on social media about flying to exotic places because he always acts hard up for things like furniture and stuff for his kid. I'm sure he'd be a slob too if it weren't for his image that he's so desperate to cling to.
Men have shit on easy mode and they still manage to fuck up everything and blame someone else.

No. 449224

File: 1565965609664.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20190816-150610~2.p…)

I sound like a jelly hater but influencers that put relatable captions on photoshopped images bother me more than they should
I don't have anything against photoshopping, or girls trying to seem relatable even when they don't realise that they aren't, but the combination of the two gives me a bad taste. Don't call it irl when it isn't.

No. 449225

Thank you, I’m hoping something will happen to change him but deep inside, I want him to fuck up so badly that he wakes up or gets tossed out.
I think it has a lot to do with the fact she didn’t really raise us, all of my childhood memories up until I was old enough to babysit are mostly from shitty cheap daycares that we’d be moved around to. She worked a lot and never really established parental authority, and he has always abused that.

No. 449226

>quirky girl pose that probably took 20 shots to get right
>heavy shoop
>little to no believability that it's what she does irl
>"lol this is me everyone!!"
Nah, you're right. It's called being a tryhard. People used to call this being fake, but I think tryhard suits what this is better because these influencers truly want to believe they are this image they're conveying.

No. 449229


The pic and caption just scream 'I'm self obsessed' to me

I only ever like pics of animals and cute things on insta cos I hate that shit

No. 449234

Yep how the heck is that "me in real life" from a girl who shoops every photo into an anime character

No. 449235

Sitting in the parking lot of my work feeling like shit. I seriously only came in for an hour before leaving despite us being understaffed right now. Life feels like it's just been an endless cycle of mental breakdowns, therapy, recovery, and worrying the fuck out of my parents. I had a bad drug trip recently and after violently vomiting and bawling my eyes out started to actually feel just how much of a disappointment I am and the worst part is that there's no one to blame but myself.

No. 449241

We definitely do. She told me a long time ago how we have to do it because we're the women of the house and I almost lost my fucking shit. The only reason why I clean the floors and help her with laundry is because I know no one else with help her and she'll end up having to do all of it alone. There were so many better ways to frame it to not make me so mad about my dad and cousin very barely contributing to the household chores, but this is the way she chose to go about it. She's pretty old fashioned so I can't blame her, but fuck does it really boil my blood.

My dad isn't completely irredeemable as a person and is very loving, supportive of me, and defensive of my mom when her friends/family treat her like shit, but he's got his bad qualities and it's so unfortunate that they're huge glaring problems that sometimes completely cloud over his good qualities rather than just being small nuisances. My cousin really needs to pick up the fucking slack though. It's not that he's spoiled and rotten as much as he definitely should contribute considering all he does is play monster hunter all day. My parents gloss over him because he's not technically their kid (staying with us while he studies at uni), as if he's a guest at a hotel and not basically just a freeloader at this point.

No. 449253

The golden age of tokusatsu shows was in the late 80s to mid 90s.

No. 449260

naturally, the FX we have now has made the genre lose it's charm. i know they still try to make stuff campy and budget looking but it's not the same.

No. 449275

I'm like the opposite, my brothers moving back in at the end of the month and now I can't walk around in my underwear anymore…

No. 449283

File: 1565977106565.jpg (15.88 KB, 640x636, 3e7a491.jpg)

I am so jealous of people who had normal childhood. They can always at least look back at memories and shit when they get sad or some shit. I was just sat here thinking back and I have tried to block nearly everything, so if there were some cute moments, can't fucking remember in the midst of all the shitfuckery. Same goes for the people with a safety net made of family, bitch you do not understand the panic and depression you have knowing you're fucked if you fuck up. You fail and fucking uwu yourself into your pillowy ass family. I am so mad wow. Same goes to these weirdass snowflakes who claim to be so banned from their family, such black sheeps they are, their parents hate them yet when any holiday or even the occasional weekend comes, it's mommy, daddy and me selfie galore. I am jealous goddamit, why the fuck do you get that, what the fuck did I ever do to not get that shit even as a kid, I want answers. Let me just scream into the void for a bit, I know I am pathetic right now but jesus fucking christ I am Salty.

No. 449286

File: 1565977404051.png (6.77 KB, 234x216, 1.png)

I empathize with you entirely. When I see people my age who have a great family and good upbringings I tell myself it's stupid to feel jealous and bitter and that I should be happy for them, since every child deserves that. But when it comes to people who claim that they've had such a terrible experience with their parents, only to fall back on them every time they want money, nice items, or trips, it angers me to no end.

No. 449289

File: 1565977890854.jpg (51.45 KB, 500x500, golden.jpg)

this is only pertaining to the picture and not a slight at you, but who tf looks at memes to cheer yourself up. memes are depressing. cute animal pics are where it's at.

No. 449291

>>449286 I always feel extra awful because I am getting salty for something everyone should have? Glad (I guess) someone else gets it too!

>>449289 I just chose a pic I first found on my phone, I usually get even sadder with animal pics because I can't see mine anymore due to the shit family, but you have a good goddamn point.

No. 449292

i abuse any bf/gf of mine uses 'thats MINE I PAY FOR IT' as an excuse to break something or take something away and my bf rn is really pushing it with his shitty ass attitude

No. 449295

I have absolutely 0 sympathy for cheaters, even on the mistress/misters end. Women with bpd are attracted to the lifestyle and the men who partake in it are even worse. Especially when you break apart a marriage with children, I suffered so much abuse from my stepmother who was a homewrecking bpd ridden psychopath. I know its misogynist but I don't care, people need to stop having such low inhibitions.

No. 449308

>>449286 I agree so fucking much. I have the constant threat of homelessness over my head and no one fucking gets it. They don't understand why my parents would allow me to be homeless, when they're fairly wealthy and have spare bedrooms in the house. They always think im using hyberbole.

No. 449311

Theres been this god-awful smell that popped up in our room a couple days ago. We started laundry, checked for mold and made sure the litter boxes were clean, but it seemed to get worse as time went on.

Today, we cleaned up much more thoroughly, yet the smell seemed to get even worse. I couldn't even stand being in our room at that point so my gf helped me sniff around for it

It turns out it was just the dog. He’s clean now, but fuck, the scent was so foul

I hope that his disgusting habit of rolling around in dead shit and rot every time he goes out keeps us from getting into another argument about why I dont like him on our bed for a while

No. 449318

The more I read about Greta
Thunberg the more I think the world has gone insane. This is a 15 year old girl diagnosed with Asperger and OCD, is basically fear mongering and being neurotic to the point she sounds like a fucking cult leader. How the hell are so many people nodding with approval and praising her? I don't care what you think about climate issues, unstable young people with underdeveloped brains and extreme black and white thinking shouldn't be in charge of anything.

No. 449325

My office sends a weekly package back to our Japan office and it's usually just documents and whatnot (packed away into separate envelopes), but occasionally they'll send commodities like books and whatever and I have do declare it. It's just an extra step to look up the pricing and whatever so I don't really care if I have to do it, it's just so frustrating that they don't write who it's from on these envelope so I can't track down who it's from to just ask them what the fuck is inside…

I don't think I'm allowed to open these envelopes so I don't want to risk opening them and getting in trouble for it, but I feel like it might be too passive aggressive to write a note on the box people drop their to be mailed stuff into to even just write a post it note to say what it is and its value…

No. 449335

I agree, and I disagree. She's probably going to end up very mentally unstable more than she already is from this, at the same time, we need to care about our planet now so much more than ever. Whatever inspires some change in the mindset of the general population, I guess I'm for it.

No. 449341

>Whatever inspires some change in the mindset of the general population
No, see, that's the problem. She's a diagnosed asperger with OCD and a teenager not willing to make compromises, OBVIOUSLY exploited by corporations using her as a poster child, probably was pushed to the public eye by her parents to sell their book, etc. Seeing something like that as the face of changing the consumer behavior is not going to work, anyone sane will look at her and think "Wow, this is what it's about? These environmentalist people are nuts!". The only people she actually resonates with are probably young people just as radical and underdeveloped as she is and we know how movements like that end up with. If the face was someone who the average person could relate to and who was not preaching like they were reading from the Book of Revelation, a lot more people would give the thought a chance.

No. 449346

I have a hard time believing that she only has Aspergers, she's already 16 yet looks like a 10-year-old with down syndrome. She's just a mere puppet of her fame and money hungry parents and also of leftist/green parties.
So many kids in my country used to protest during that last view months and now cause there are summer vacations nobody does lol
Only spoiled brats whith the newest iphones who have their moms drive them everywhere…

Plus her sailing stunt is actually less environmentally friendly than flying. A couple people had to fly the US to bring the boat back and the crew who sailed with her needs to fly back too.

No. 449348

god my mothers political opinions are such garbage and every time I say something about them I have to show self restraint because she is literally the most ignorant and cynical bitch who is ignorant as hell and only regurgitates conservative news media garbage, worships Trump and rhetoric that isn't exactly what I'd called "white nationalist" but pretty fucking ignorant

she was less like this when she had a liberal boyfriend but her fiancée is friends with people who seem to be verging on alt right faggotry so whenever I have to hear her talk about politics she makes me want to jackhammer my eardrums out. it's not easy to counter what she says unless I want to be hit with her verbal abuse onslaught

No. 449349

everytime theres a cool or interesting event to go to or happening and i decide i want to go i always back out on the day, i just wish i had fucking friends to go to shit with, ive been alone for so long and its never gotten easier, im so fucking miserable, pathetic and lonely

No. 449353

i'm crying into my pillow right now because i'm absolutely dreading my work shift in the morning.
i work in a care home and we have been so understaffed lately, with only around 4 of us on shift with about 30 odd residents to take care of. a lot of recent residents require the aid of two and we have a new man who is borderline violent and it is the most exhausting 8 hours of my day.
i absolutely love my job. it's great honest work but i have a lot of stress both at home and with relationships so the added stress of my type of work is really getting to me. i've known i need professional help for months but i just can't seem to find the right time to look into it. i shouldn't even be on my phone right now, i should be asleep for waking up early but i just cannot handle the stress.
i took so much overtime this month thinking about the money but working so much with little days off to just recharge has me like the walking dead. i have to put on a brave face and not take my personal problems into work but as soon as i get home i just lose it.
i wish i could just call in sick but i don't want to let my work down, we are understaffed enough as it is. had i not gone in the other night there would've been only 3 people on and i just feel awful.
i just wish i could go to sleep, and never wake up.

No. 449396

i'm building a gaming rig solely for the purpose of playing classic wow (ok cyberpunk too, plz no bully, i actually haven't had a good desktop in forever so this was my excuse to treat myself) and it went beautifully. i spent months buying components and parted everything together with love in my heart. this is going to be my new baby. today was great. it was the smoothest, most mellow afternoon. i had so much fun putting it together.

except for now, when i can't get it to post.


No. 449398

Go get lunch or dinner at the nearest place as hour before so it's only next door and you're already out

No. 449409

It's weird. I love my stepmother, she's chill and doesn't try to be my mother. We talk a lot, she's more like an aunt or something. Stepfather is a douche, though. My mother and father hate each other's guts so tbh it was a relief when one or both of them started cheating -they both did it around the same time- and they divorced. The effects of divorce on kids are overrated, seriously I was so tired and anxious from listening to them bitch at each other for days at a time that it was great when the fighting stopped and things were finally quiet again.

No. 449421

File: 1566008183634.jpg (139.1 KB, 469x647, 1565275688856.jpg)

Some pedo that online groomed me when I was 14 is sorta big now.
I recently went through my old snapchat and saw our messages… He was 20 at the time and now he's big on twitter with around 10k followers for being an esports coach and I feel really weird about it. Thinking back to it now is messing me up and even more so for the fact that he's actually somebody notable online.

No. 449429

File: 1566009784582.jpg (32.68 KB, 359x359, ssssinful.jpg)

I've had my cornsnake for several years, and the other day he had his first incomplete shed. He basically had leftover skin bits still stuck to him, usually he only gets it on the tail but this time it was up near his neck and face.
I was too afraid to leave it on him, so I soaked him for a spell and attempted to peel it off but he gave me a bigger fight about it than expected. He doesn't bite, but he struggles a lot. The only times he was still was during little spurts of exhaustion but shortly after that he went back to wacky flailing inflatable no arm flailing tube man.

I feel like he's still stressed out by me. Is it pathetic that I just want my snake to love me in the capacity that a noodle can love a human? I wish he understood my good intentions.

No. 449432

god this happened to me when i tried to build a computer with my dad when i was maybe 14. we put all the things together but then like, when we turned it on it said to press some keyboard thing, but we needed to install the keyboard drivers to use the keyboard. or something. years later i'm pretty sure it was that it was a usb keyboard while the motherboard or something was old enough that it could only read those keyboard-port keyboards without drivers. felt pretty dumb at the time though. don't have any help for you other than try switching around your ram sticks if you have multiple, i've had ram sticks be dead kind of a lot and it just makes the computer not post or do anything. i haven't built a computer from scratch successfully ever though so i really have no ass clue.

No. 449433

Destroy his career, we'll help you

No. 449436

oh also if you have a goodwill computer center in your city they have just huge bins of every component for literally dick nothing (cause they're super old and untested) so you can get swap parts for diagnostics. there's one in my city but idk how common they are.

No. 449448

I think that would be near impossible. I don't have exact proof of the perverted/lewd stuff that we did, only memories.

No. 449452

I recently got a blood python, a hatchling. People keep telling me they're aggressive and nippy and whatnot. But mine is…chill? She does well with handling but still gets antsy sometimes. I want to try building a bond with her and maybe she can like me in some capacity. Or maybe I'll always be that annoying moving tree thing that picks her up sometimes.

On another snake related thing: it bugs me when people just buy a snake (or other reptile, etc.) and just shove it in a tub, on a rack. With minimal substrate or decoration. What's the point? What kind of life is that. I want my snake to be enriched, and thrive instead of just surviving. I'm planning a bioactive enclosure and it's more expensive but she deserves the best. I just love that little sausage.

No. 449457

my sibling got a small reptile when she was in high school because her friend had the same species. she got bored of it after like a month (to be fair, it's not a particularly interactable reptile, but that's what i told her in the first place). she left it at home when she went to college and now my parents are stuck taking care of it until it dies (10-15 year lifespan). nothing in its terrarium but a stick and a pot shelter. sits around with uneaten food crickets crawling over its face. so fucking selfish and thoughtless. if she doesnt take it with her when she has her own place after college i swear i'm going to accidentally euthanize it because when it eventually dies of boredom on my parents' watch my sister is going to go bongos on them.

No. 449461

Right? I have a huge terrarium setup for my snake. He has several hides and natural log branches for him to climb up on. His tank is in my room so I can see him from time to time, and I think he enjoys scoping on me when I'm on my laptop sometimes.
I don't believe reptiles really care about being constantly enriched but it seems so nasty and indifferent to shove them into plastic tubs like what so many of those reptile hoarders do. It disturbs me when people treat animals as objects like that.

No. 449466

If it boots but doesn't post, check the post code. If it doesn't boot at all make sure that you've plugged the front panel headers into the motherboard correctly. Also don't forget to turn on the PSU by pressing the switch at the back. This one sounds obvious but it's tripped me up before.

No. 449467

Exactly. I guess if you're a breeder and you need to have a lot of snakes in one area…but I still don't understand it. I don't care about morphs/bred color patterns, or people valuing the color over the actual snake itself. Especially when in some cases (like spider ball pythons) it can lead to actual neurological issues. I have a friend who has a WIDE variety of reptiles and it kind of bothers me because I hear her get something new every so often.

Also my dad is still kind of annoyed with my decision to get a snake, despite it living in my room and he literally never has to see or touch it. He seems to legit think they will carry salmonella or are all disease carrying wild animals.

No. 449493

sending you good thoughts for today !please take care, you sound overworked and really stressed.

No. 449494

Please expose him, please do this or he's going to get away with it forever. I know its asking a lot, and I don't know how snapchat works is there an anonymous feature? Post something anonymously and if you have proof show proof.

No. 449501

As a little kid, I couldn’t wait to be a teenager. As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to be an adult. Now as an adult, I still feel like I want life to move faster. I just want all the big milestones already! When will I ever be happy where I’m at in life lol it’s so annoying honestly

No. 449522

I know nothing about snakes but it sounds like maybe it was uncomfortable for him when you were doing it? Maybe the skin wasn't ready to come off? Again I know nothing about snakes other than the basics so forgive me if I'm being an ass.

No. 449537

Someone dumped a kitten off here and there isn't anything I can do about it. All the animal shelters are far away and my brother who has the only car can't make it home in time before they close to take him (also since they're community-funded they're only opened three days a week and its never when he's off for a day.)

I fed him some dry food which he greedily ate so he's definitely been weaned off his mom. It just makes me upset that someone dumped him (we have lots of strays here but he's not feral, or acting like one at least.) I'm really worried he's going to get hit by a car but since I already have two cats (and a dog) I don't think it'd be fair on them to suddenly add a new member (also my first cat is a highly jealous one)

No. 449541

File: 1566042737987.jpeg (35.1 KB, 681x445, A3414A7D-1278-4B32-94AC-F4C0EB…)

I think I’ve developed an ED.

It started out with dieting, keto, then intermittent fasting and now I can’t eat anything without guilt or numbers running in my head like the fucking math lady meme. I’ve tried throwing up several times but I can never do it properly. If I managed to throw up successfully I’d probably do it all the time.

I’m trying to focus on exercise and healthy dietary choices for the most part but god am I tired of trying to be “good” all the time.

I wish I could go back to my teen days and eat whatever I wanted without caring so much. Now I’m miserable just trying to lose 5-10 pounds.

No. 449544

i wish chrissy teigen stopped existing

No. 449554

Ruin him.
He did the crime, force him to do the time. Victims of grooming often empathize with their attackers too much to press charges by the time they e grown to realize what happened. Don't do that, it's how groomers win and the goal they want. He fucked with your life when you were powerless, now you have power. Bury him.

No. 449575

I just wanted to say the K-Pop critical thread is full of ana-chans and people salty their group isn't successful.

No. 449577

I agree. I used to read it because it was kind of interesting but lately it's pretty obvious most people are kpop fans getting butthurt about their faves not being successful.

No. 449629

Is there any point in updating my FB and confirming friend requests? I don't talk to any of these people anymore. They're just people from HS.

No. 449637

I take HUGE shits all the time. like, 8-10 inches long. It's a problem because I live in an older house and the toilet clogs easily. Literally every time I go I have to plunge the toilet and I'm embarrassed because I think my roommates can hear me in there fighting the toilet to get it down lmao

I used to eat a lot bc high metabolism but because I'm working again I usually only eat one meal a day so I don't understand why this happens

No. 449643

I just got back from working abroad for three years and I have no idea what kind of career I want to pursue now, so for the time being, I wanted to get a retail job and I got two interviews at a store I really like but at the second one, they basically said I was overqualified and I've been upset because I just wanted a job so that I didn't have to feel like a burden to my family while I'm trying to get my shit together…

No. 449658

im tired of being in debt but i have to keep using money to maintain my happiness im so fucking tired i wanna buy a fucking coffin and die

No. 449672

Only old people and failed influencers post FB updates now. I only have the Messenger app and I never even try reading my feed because it takes three rotations of the Earth to load like two posts at a time anyways. That site is in a weird limbo where it never immediately perished like MySpace but Insta and Twitter don't have a good enough DM system to replace it.

No. 449673

I found out I wasn't the one being cheated on, he was actually cheating on another girl first. We look so much alike too. It's really fucking weird; she and I share almost the same hobbies. I want to crawl in a hole and die. What the fuck.

No. 449682

I'm just really starting to feel there's no point persuing any relationship with anyone any more. I just find myself constantly disappointed by the people I know. I want a best friend so bad. I wanna feel happy with what I have but I just can't. My relationship with my boyfriend feels utterly pointless, but I feel guilty to leave him. I'm really trying to find joy in things but it's so hard. What's even the point anymore.

No. 449683

I hate my siblings. I always knew they never liked me and they treated me like shit. Years of constant bullying, stealing my stuff, manipulation, and even sexual harassment. I didn't know better until I went away for school and lived with strangers who treated me like a person. When I moved back home their behavior towards me got worse because I wouldn't put up with their bullshit anymore. Since then they made it a mission to tell everyone in our extended family that I'm a loser and made up all sorts of lies about me. I feel stupid for not telling anyone my side of the story for all these years because now everyone has the idea of me that was built up for them. All of my relatives are on good terms with them but only a few family members talk to me. If all of my siblings died in a fire I wouldn't even fucking cry. They're horrible people.

No. 449684

have you tried breaking it up before you flush it? like with a coat hanger or something? Might be awkward to keep a poop-breaking stick in the bathroom if you have roommates though.

No. 449686

you could try goodwill. pros: will hire anyone right away, pretty easy work and flexible. cons: pay not great, if people you know see you working there they probably will think you're an addict in recovery.

No. 449705

File: 1566078512356.jpg (52.61 KB, 480x632, anime vodka (2).jpg)

ughhh my boyfriend is at a party with a bunch of dicks and i feel bad even though i shouldnt because thats toxic or whatever, so now im drinking alone to compensate.

No. 449709

I deleted my sm a year ago and have no regrets. I never get solicited by MLM moms, never have to scroll past several Trump rants (from both ends of the spectrum,) never have to deal with awkward friend requests, etc. The list of pros really does go on.

No. 449712

Why do people lie about the dumbest shit?? Last time I hung out with my friend (and her wife) they talked about going to visit friends in a nearby town and how good of a time they had. Now the wife of my friend was texting me about how those friends came to town to visit them and she was so happy we was able to introduce them to my friend for the first time. (it being the same friends is 100% confirmed) Anyway this is dumb and I catch her lies like this maybe once a conversation. Do I call her out on it? Does it matter? It makes me feel like she thinks I am stupid but I know that weird behavior is on her.

No. 449719

My longterm relationship fell apart out of the blue but I guess there were a lot of issues building up that we didn't acknowledge until the end.

He got really into fitness and health. Gym every single day, sometimes doubling up, but cannot miss a single day. Started with vegan diet, then intermittent fasting, then OMAD. Plus he's sober. So not only could we not go out to drink, we no longer could go out to eat. Or even really cook. And if I was hungry or ate, there'd be tension and judgement.

I tried to support him for so long but it got to a point where I could see him trying to do week long water fasts "just to push himself". And I was so sick of being judged for wanting to eat. Going out for dates was out of the question because he only ate after the gym, at work. But he made his own exceptions when he wanted ice cream or junk food. But only when he wanted them.

Plus when we started dating, and he was drinking at the time, we had rough/kink sex. He would tell me he got hard just if I was in the room.
But he got sober (good), the sex slowed down, then happened maybe once a week, or two weeks. For ~5 minutes. Just felt like obligation. I started feeling like shit about myself, and even now my libido is still fucking shot.

Anyway now I realize when I'm ready I can see someone else and be able to eat/drink but it seems ingrained into me that no one will want to fuck someone who doesn't go to the gym 7+ times a week and eats <800cals a day and doesn't have veins showing in her hipbone area.

No. 449720

I'm doing the exact same thing except it's a concert instead of a party.

Also, what anime is this character from?

No. 449722

i have no idea anon. i hate that im feeling this way though since he sould be able to have fun without me but i cant help it. glad to know there are more like me on this hellsite of a website though lmao.

No. 449723

This sounds like the nightmare gymbro experience, you have my sympathies.

Know that none of his behavior was normal, is sounds deeply eating disordered. I'm glad you're out of there. I hope you meet a normal guy who loves food next time.

No. 449724

Don't feel bad, you can't help the way you feel. The important thing is you're acknowledging it's irrarional and not taking it out on your boyfriend.

No. 449729

If they're still kpop fans it makes sense that a lot of them would be ana-chans since they idolize people who display their anorexia like a prize
Yeah it kinda defeats the purpose of the thread

I feel for you anon. People can be so disgusting and horrible, and siblings are no exception, despite what some people may think

No. 449731

Yeah he didn't know what OMAD was until I told him about it, so I asked if he had heard of orthorexia. He defended his habits because he says he fixates on one thing at a time - it used to be drinking, now it's health which is obviously better. I said it shouldn't be so black and white but what do I know.

No. 449740

Maybe their plans changed?

No. 449765


Update on this; I guess we're keeping the kitten? One of our cats is cool with him being in the house (not showing any aggression and is only curious/sniffing him a bunch.) The other is jealous as hell but I'm sure it'll pass. We just will need to get him used to being around other cats and dogs but should be fine; he's already not so scared of the dog if the dog is sitting in my doorway watching the kitten play in my room. (My dog was raised around cats and he absolutely loves kittens.)

No. 449780

This is probably tmi, but what the heck do you eat?

No. 449802

NTA but usually if someone's shits are that hard and long that it regularly clogs a toilet they're probably not getting enough fiber and/or water OR they're only shitting every few days. Sounds like my brother who used to do the same thing and had a very fiber-poor diet.

No. 449824

Darker than Black, it's really good.

No. 449915

My bf is always cold and excluding towards me whenever his friends are around. I get that they are his friends and that I shouldn't insert myself, but they always try to include me in whatever they aee doing. Its just my bf that is acting distant and bothered by me, his friends seem fine with me.

No. 449926

File: 1566126505185.jpg (12.3 KB, 480x161, 55c-1.jpg)

Dear friend,

I know you think this guy you met 3 month ago is the love of your life, but c'mon. He a shitty man child. He is a disability check weeb with no car or job. The only thing he is good for is being a human dildo. You may be a fat girl, but you can do better than this fat manchild.

To answer you request on him staying a week every month. Denied. I told you I don't want to live with a man. I don't feel comfortable or trust him to be left alone in my home. So, you are gonna have to go back to fucking him at his mama house.

You decided you love this lazy POS, so you are gonna have to lie in that semen stain bed next door. Gosh, you better hope to not get pregnant by this man, because I can't support this. I'll leave and you'll never hear from me again.

you thought i was joking when I said I'll leave when you start to get serious with him. I wasn't, I can't take this relationship seriously. you both act like unsupervised 15 years old. All you two do is eat fast food and fuck.

If he doesn't care about your diet, or how you live in filth, or improving yourself. Than I don't give a fuck about him.

the last week he was here, prove how little he truly care. He just using you to get a cheap room and cheap pussy from. Wake up. The only true date place you went to was the movies, you both stay inside or ate fast food. How is it that your relationship is base around eating and fucking?

I wish there was more to complain about, but there honestly nothing to your relationship I can honestly think about. It sad, boring and I can't believe this is who you want? You.Are.Settling. Trust me, I know it hard being close to 30 and this is the first guy to EVER like you, but you can't settle for bottom of the barrel dick. C'mon, you can do better.

As a friend of 10 years, I know I am being incredibly mean and cruel, but Damn. I don't know how to tell you how worried I am about you. My gut is telling me this guy is all red flags, but I hate to be the person to make you sad. So, I'm struggling to be okay with this. I want you to be happy. I want to see you get married and have children. You'll be a great mom and wife. I love the years we been friends.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I can't do this anymore.

No. 449927

He sounds like a 15 year old, could he be afraid of his friends liking you 'too much' maybe? Still childish behaviour

No. 449928

My ex used to do this. I put it down to him thinking he was too cool to be nice to me in front of his friends, though to be fair, all his mates did the same to their gfs too if we all hung out.

No. 449932

is your friend dating my ex? it sure sounds like it.

>27 yo weeb (back then, he'd be 32 now)

>no job or car, lived off of benefits
>had a kid
>had a shit load of ex gfs he was still friends with
>did nothing productive ever

No. 449934

I fucking don't want to go back to work tomorrow, I'm tired and my body hurts, I pretty much wasted my two days off because I slept through most of them. Honestly just fuck. I'm having random pains in my body too and I think my urinary infection might have come back and I really don't want to go to the doctor.

No. 449936

he doesn't have a kid, but you describe him perfectly.

No. 449940

File: 1566128851710.jpg (65.3 KB, 564x810, bdd8af9e73018cd66c2a3d3975bd9f…)

I hate my height. And the fact that nobody takes me complaining about it seriously. Whenever I vent about guys not liking me everybody comments "Why don't you go for shorter guys?" - as if they would like me. Short to average men usually are the most cruel.

Short men on reddit, 4chan, youtube, simply everywhere on the internet go full on incel, yet while us tall women would also have a billion reasons to sperg out just like them nobody of us does. Something like a female bagel-man would never happen. Instead of getting angry I as well as other tall girls only turn more and more quiet and insecure.
My biggest wish would be to look normal and not have such a hard time dating.

When I was a young girl and getting mocked for being tall by other students and receiving nasty comments by adults I always thought I'd be more confident as an adult.
Tomorrow I'll turn 24 and it's still a massive (literally) problem in my life, I feel as if it'll never get better.

Whenever I meet somebody new I'm bound to get not so nice comments for it. I'm 5'10 while my coworker is probably 5'8 and she constantly comments on how small she feels next to me, how glad she is that she's not as tall as me… She's just 16 so she doesn't know better, but it hurts nevertheless.
Just recently I went to a new doctor and of course the first thing she says is "OMG you are sooo tall! How tall are you?!" She probably didn't mean it in a bad way, but nevertheless why does everybody think this is okay? I didn't think of telling her she's short and old either…
When I was younger I comforted myself with unironically wishing to become a model, but now that I'm a not so pretty, not so skinny adult, being a giant is literally useless. The only thing I'm good for is helping grannies get stuff of the top shelf in supermarkets.

Pic related, I'll probably really do that lol

No. 449942

I think tall girls are hot tbh. And there's definitely hope for you, anon. My brother and his girlfriend are the same age as you, and they're 6'5" and 5'10" respectively.

Tall guys being into short girls is a meme, methinks. All the tall guys I know are with tall girls.

No. 449943

I'm sorry anon. Being tall is such a cursed. I agreed with >>449941 I envy how taller girls look better in clothes. They can eat more. They look so mature. I'm not even short, just average. Keep your chin up!

No. 449948

i’m 3 inches taller than you and all it’s gotten me is attention from weird dudes who have a height fetish so

it’s really not a big deal anon, you get one body and you’re allowed to bitch as much as you want but it’s not going to help you in the long run. just be your tall ass self and live your best life

No. 449953

I feel you anon, I'm 5'9", been mocked for my height my whole life, especially by strangers. Had a friend who was about 5'6" and would make non stop comments about how tall I am. My sister is about 5'3" and always reminds me of how tall I am and loves to remind people of how short she is. And I'm the unfortunate kind of tall, because even though I'm tall I'm not slender, I'm still very round and my torso is what makes me tall rather than my legs which I fucking hate. If you're the kind of tall girl who has long legs then you should wear outfits that accentuate that, or that accentuate whatever you like about yourself. I've heard that having short hair can make you look shorter.

I don't know about that. My ex boyfriend liked to talk about how much he wanted to fuck short girls with small tiddies and ass too (I'm the opposite of all three of those) and when I would get offended he would just tell me that I had insecurity issues, which I did, but I told him it upset me and yet he kept doing it. I think tall men get an ego boost from being around short women, it's a domination thing, or at least it was with my ex.

No. 449961

Your ex is a shithead. If he was with a short girl, he'd probably neg her by saying she's too short. He was probably intentionally negging you because he thought that destroying your self-esteem would make you stay with him. It's what psychos do when they're worried that girls will leave them.

Sex between a tall guy and a short girl is literally painful because of the size disparity. I've been told as much by a couple short women already.

No. 449965

>between a tall guy and a short girl is literally painful because of the size disparity.
how? curious bc am short and never been with a tall guy. what would make it painful?

No. 449968

I use to be so passive aggressive that it almost was an art form to me. If have friends crack up over some of the shit but after going thru ~therapy and trying to be uwu positive I stopped it. Started voicing when I was simply upset with the person instead and it causes so much more issues. Sometimes it shouldn't even be addressed, its just an annoying thing. Sometimes the person in turn gets offended and defensive and it spirals lol. I've even been accused since doing this of always paying the victim.

I can understand the underlying mental health issues most people have. It is just better to bite your tongue or spit out something hateful to an ally or whatever for a chuckle. It usually builds closer bonds with the impartial party.

What I'm trying to say is. I need to stop giving a shit about people's feelings cause most people just feel in the moment and move on. It doesn't seem like anyone wants to discuss the past unless they've just had too much therapy or whatever.

I'm just going to be me I don't care anymore.

No. 449974

I'm thinking short girl = short vagina = hitting cervix = pain

Plus he's using more strength and force to hit that cervix than a smaller man can

No. 449975

>They can eat more.
But since my body needs more calories I also get hungry quicker than shorter girls.
>They look so mature.
That's one of my main problems tbh, since I always wanted to look and dress cute, but was never able to, even as a child. I don't have the typical "stacy" personality, so dressing elegant or sexy feels super odd to me. But whenever I try something more girly it also looks weird. So I dress just super plain. Plus finding winter coats that don't leave a good portion of my arms bare is also difficult. Same for shoes.

My friends also constantly said rude things, like comparing their small body parts with my bigger ones. I can't believe thtat this wasn't intentional.
>my torso is what makes me tall rather than my legs
I'm the same, super tall, but stumpy legs.

>Sex between a tall guy and a short girl is literally painful because of the size disparity.
Just because a woman is tall doesn't men that she's looser than you down there…

No. 449981

I hate that i have to hide things and not be honest.i hate that i have risked my mental and physical health in the past bc i cared too much about other ppls bs.i got a few lessons from my health journey and even though I don't get as stressed now,im annoyed that i have to cover up for someone else while they don't care about lying as much.

"unfortunately" i don't have the talent to lie very well and make up a web of lies to live in.i hate that i have to lie bc the lie doesn't have to do with me and uncovering it will cause havoc or make me "the bad one"

I slipped out a couple of things that i wasn't REALLY supposed to say but arent putting the person in big trouble either because sometimes my mind isn't rational and bc im hiding so much stuff already…i hate that i have to take on stuff that isn't about me and be understanding of everyone and then be critisised for slipping up or telling my opinion which makes people angry

I just wanna live in a tiny place where no one knows me and leave me the fuck alone.sometimes it feels like socialising with people you know and have problematic patterns of behaviour with can stun a person instead of making them get better and move on since lots of "ifs" and "musts" are involved

No. 449983

My mom didn't do anything to celebrate my birthday. No card, no dinner, nothing. My bf's birthday is one week before mine. She told me he needs to be hyped up, and so went out and got him a bunch of candies and snacks she put in a huge birthday bag. I also recall her asking me where he wanted to go to dinner to celebrate.
I had to make the plans for my siblings to come over and celebrate. Feels really bad man. My mom is not acting maliciously, it's not really how she is, I think I'm just a huge disappointment and I don't deserve anYthing.

No. 449984

It sucks how your parents can fuck you over by having their head in their ass for your whole life dealing with their own bullshit and neglecting your development, and then one day when you're old enough, they can just cut the ties of responsibility and it's your fault if your life is fucked up and you're fucked up. Must be fucking nice

No. 450001

I tend to carry my weight in my lower half and it's always made me super insecure. I especially hate how big my thighs are in comparison to my body and it makes me want to fucking die seeing other girls who are the same height and weight as me yet have super tiny thighs. Now the whole "thicc" body type is popular and you'd think that would make me feel more comfortable in my body, but for some reason it makes me hate myself even more and I don't even understand why.

No. 450003

thanks anon, you're very sweet! that shift went okay but i actually just got sent home from today's shift cuz i had a panic attack in the middle of the tea room and threw up from stress (which i didn't realise was a thing!)

maybe i AM overworking myself…

No. 450004

Just work out, and take up dancing. I have big thighs but dancing and walking everyday just made me have really toned legs.

No. 450007

I'm the same, anon, even at a normal BMI my thighs are too large. I used to get insulted by even strangers if I showed my thighs at all (literally had a guy I didn't know look at my legs and mutter "disgusting" years ago), and now that this is actually desirable and I get compliments instead of insults, I still feel gross. In my case I'm pretty mad at how fickle people's tastes are, and how the same men who insulted me years ago probably like "thicc" girls now; maybe that's also what you're feeling?

No. 450050

I hate my roommate's singing voice. It's like this bizarre combination of indie girl voice with a Shakira impression. She's always flat and sings the melody too fast if there's no music. Which wouldn't be a huge deal if she didn't sing constantly, any time there's any music she recognizes. I don't have the heart to say anything because telling someone you don't like their singing voice is liking saying you don't like their laugh. It'll just make her sad and insecure about something that's difficult to change. So now I'm just suffering in silence, forced to listen to her weird frog voice all damn day.

No. 450075

File: 1566149936488.png (147.63 KB, 300x300, 054.png)

I keep hearing about these genius kids that graduate from HS early (around 15 or so) while also going to a community college so they can enter university as a junior and it makes me so feel so stupid.
I'm attending community college now, I'm 20 years old, a semester behind because I started late, and I'll probably not even have my degree until 2022.
Comparing yourself to people is dumb, I know, (especially since a lot of those guys are coming from these mega rich families) but goddamn. I can't help it.

No. 450078

this is so fucking petty but i made my own food yesterday, spent time on it and made it perfect for myself because i was completely home alone and then my family comes home and just throws it out??? because my veggie rice "smelled"??? and they get mad at me for being mad at them for throwing out PERFECTLY good food …

No. 450081

not really? I never update my fb either and just keep it for events and about two groups I'm in
If my local lolita community didn't organize their events through facebook i wouldn't even log on anymore

No. 450092

too bad you're not a lesbian, anon
tall girls are so hot

No. 450093

Don't feel bad, those kids are actually getting fucked over socially pretty bad by going to college that early. I started college at 17 and it was horrible because everyone saw me as a little kid and a liability even though I was only a year younger than them. I couldn't make any friends because of it. I couldn't imagine how awful it would be to start at 16.

No. 450097

i hope your plans still ended up fun anon, that sucks i feel with you
make the best out of the day and treat yourself

No. 450099

Outside of men, it’s 90% fat bitches with queen bee syndrome that create a toxic workplace environment. Sorry you weren’t popular in high school! They’re so fucking judgy and hypocritical and domineering (of other women) and always shacked up with some beta soy boy of a boyfriend/husband whom they complain about nonstop. These people trigger goddamn misogyny in me.

No. 450119

I was so upset about my breakup for months but now I realized how wrong everything was and all the red flags and I feel so happy now that that part of my life is finished

No. 450126

The most relatable post, why do we cling to shitty relationships?

I was so unhappy in my last relationship that I developed all sorts of little health issues..they all disappeared once I was living alone again

No. 450149

I love my boyfriend, but he seriously needs to shut up sometimes.
He has a habit of rambling about really dumb, vapid things. Useless shit like the kind of milk he used to see at a grocery store until they stopped stocking it, or whether some celebrity neither of us pay much attention to may have changed their name.
I don't shut him down, because he might get anxious over it and not bother talking about the more important and/or interesting things, but it's tiresome.
Like, I love you, but holy crap. It's okay to be silent.

No. 450156

I've had nearly my entire workplace (of mostly women) search up my facebook 7 or 8 years ago and make fun of me, follow me around, and stare at me until I was fired because it was easier to just get rid of me. When I painted apartments for a super liberal white lady I was constantly yelled at and talked down to. When she was explaining how she wanted me to paint she'd tell me it was 'just like painting your nails' in the most condescending tone ever. Also she went on a rant about how privileged I am and I should never complain (I never did?)…I'm an immigrant..some women just need to put other women down like its oxygen they breathe.

No. 450161

People on Twitter are downplaying the 19th amendment because it only was exclusive to “white women” and it’s annoying the hell out of me tbh.

While it’s definitely important to make the distinction, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still an important milestone in American history. I feel like some parts of “woke” Twitter gets off to being misogynistic when it comes to this because white women are an easy target to them.

No. 450186

I mostly eat protein, carbs and a lot of processed sugar(I know my diet is shit). I normally go 3 or 4 times a week. Is that weird?

No. 450200

You really need a better diet. Or at least start taking metamucil daily.

No. 450225

>buys a bunch of cute dresses i found for super cheap at a local boutique
>tfw no bf to take me on cute dates that give me a reason to wear the dresses
>remembers i'm a shut in who only leaves my apartment to go to class/run errands so the dresses will probably sit in my closet unworn for a very long time

I just started my senior year of college, my goal is to stop being such a loser…to actually leave my room, meet people, go to events, etc. I'm so jealous of the girls I see online who are always going out with their friends and having fun; I have a small group of friends but they're also not very outgoing, we mostly just sit and watch movies when we hang out. I don't mind that but god I wish I wasn't so goddamn anxious when it comes to interacting with people, I'd love to be extroverted and sociable. As silly as it sounds I just really want to go places! Get dressed up and look cute! Be care-free, young and dumb! Have fun memories to look back on when I'm older! Hopefully I can change but idk.

No. 450237

i feel you. i have cute clothing i never get to wear and use flavoured lip balm as though I'm going to get kissed but i never do because the person I love doesn't love me back.
and it's been that way for years, I have robbed myself of my teens and now sorely regret it.
i hope you reach your goal anon, I definitely wish I had had the drive to put myself out there and be more social.

No. 450258

You know what? It fucking pisses me off when my bf pretends to be sad about someone dying or having some disease or whatever.

Like he won't care about the big stuff on most days, he'll downplay historical tragedies and shit, but here, for example, he'll message me during a work day;

>oh no, Roger passed away

>Roger X, a coworker in X department, died of X at whatever time
>oh right shame, did you know him?
>no, but it's so upsetting, apparently he was a great guy

I paraphrased, but the initial messages were done in such a way I thought it was someone close he knew, only to realise he probably just read it in some announcement and wanted to virtue signal all over the fucking place at the expense of this dead stranger.

Trying to paint traits of him to make it seem like more of a tragedy when he'd never fucking seen or heard of him before. It's gross and exploitative and I can see right through it.

Man I was so annoyed by it I didn't message him the rest of the day. SO many people do that too, it's terrible.

No. 450260

I had a big panic attack related to my trauma after a few days of white knuckling it, it was super uncomfortable so I'm just trying to do things to feel better. I'm doing good. I'll be good. I'm safe. It was just uncomfortable.
I have therapy on Tuesday so I'll try to talk to her about it then.

No. 450267

I wish I had a really lovely best friend who I was super in sync with and had a great relationship free of toxicity with. I love my two current best friends, but one's a cunt and the other is a Borderline dramawhore. I want one who involves less compromise and that I don't get sick of.

No. 450270

A week ago I put in an application for a job I really want, and one for a similar position but more inconvenient (longer commute, shittier hours). The latter place has already scheduled an interview, but the former hasn't. Is it stupid to call and follow up to see if they're interested or not? I would vastly prefer to work there over the other place, and if I could get some confirmation one way or the other then I'd know what to do about the other job. I just don't know if 1 week is long enough or what to say.

No. 450290

I'm so fucking retarded. I didn't turn in my SAP appeal (due this upcoming 23rd) after I completed it on July 31st. Now it's the 18th and I have to submit a payment plan to my school with money I don't have so don't get dropped from my schedule.
I literally submitted it minutes ago, and will have to wait even longer to get it accepted/rejected, and even after it gets accepted I'll still have to wait WEEKS for it to be passed along so I can get my financial aid/scholarships. I'm legit thinking of also turning it in to the office in person tomorrow and grovelling.

No. 450299

i feel like my ex-best friend girlfriend is either skinwalking me or we are way too fucking similar and it pisses me off

-get into watercolor and updating my art via insta
>ex-bf girl (k) starts uploading their art, stops uploading it 3 weeks after i stop
-gets into witchy stuff, talks about crystal and astrology with at that time best friend
>K immediately talks about their amethyst collection, starts uploading into insta lots of stuff with stars and galaxys
-Dyes my hair tips pink
>K after months dyeing their whole hair green decides to only dye their hair tips the same pink
-practice hellenism for years but was vocal with it with just close friends
>GUESS who suddenly gets into hellenism

there's other stuff too but i guess you could say its too general and dumb (sudden new fav bands, similar fav color, etc) but the stuff i listed happened exactly days or few weeks after talking with ex best friend, the moment she claims shes suddenly into sharks im gonna fucking lose itttttttt, i feel like shit too because this girl has already been cheated with 3 different people with my ex best friend so a part of me feels like i shouldn't be so hard on her but its unnerving

No. 450311

Today I was at the store and there was a troon in a wheelchair being so obnoxious talking on the phone the entire time I passed him my half hour there. He was dressed so loudly, like a bajillion star pins in his hair, striped rainbow knee-high socks, neon green hoodie. The only item he had on him the entire time were fucking baby wipes with Hello Kitty on them. Almost forgot to mention, this was at a Japanese store so this place is like a magnet for degenerate weebs. I feel so bad for these random Japanese people shopping and seeing these shits being so loud and just basically visiting the store to sightsee their real life animus.

No. 450318

I know you guys hate fatties but I needed to vent somewhere.

I'm feeling so insanely discouraged about losing weight. This summer I've lost 15lbs (down from 200) through a combination of intermittent fasting, healthier eating and extremely expensive weight loss medication, which wasn't nearly as effective as my doctor promised it would be (this expectation set me up for failure big time already). I have hit a hardcore plateau already on the max dose. My doctor told me I need to start doing at least 20 min of cardio a day, not just a few times a week, because I am insulin resistant with PCOS, so I've stepped it up these last 2 weeks. I missed 1 day but otherwise I've been doing high intensity rowing for at least 30 min a day, as well as a 1 hr cardio spin class 2x a week. My eating has been perfect. All lean protein and leafy greens. No refined carbs or sugar. No cheat days. Water only, no soda, juice or milk. 1400 calories or under a day, as my doctor instructed. Stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh in - I had gained 3lbs. I hadn't expected enormous losses, but to GAIN kind of sent me over the edge and I broke down crying for hours.

It just sucks to work so hard and see no visible results, even my measurements haven't really changed. I know I should tell myself that even if my weight doesn't change, my diet and exercise is making me healthier every day. But all I can think about is my bulemic mom shaming me just like she did when I was a teenager because I was a size 6 and not a 2 like SHE was when she was in high school. I feel like I'm never going to be good enough.

No. 450319

It's highly unlikely you have actually gained 3lbs in fat. Weight fluctuates small amounts like that all the time, because of water weight or your digestive system or whatever. Just stick with it, you've already lost a good amount.

But yeah I can relate because it's so disappointing when the scales dont reflect your hard work, I feel so nervous before I weigh myself. But you just have to trust the math behind caloric deficits and keep going.

No. 450322

thats amazing anon im so proud of you, i think the weight gain is muscle or water weight if its even anything at all, could just be last nights meal or something. losing weight sucks ass it literally takes FOREVER you must not give up hope and keep up the good work. im personally stuck at the same weight after losing over 40lbs, lets do our best together anon!

No. 450323

Someone left a kitten at the bus station in front of my house. I tried to catch it before the bus came, but it ran off. I already sent a message to my father but who knows if he'll do anything.
If it dies it's on me.

No. 450326

there's no harm in calling them! some people get the job that way, it shows you're interested. just don't be rude like "hey asshole have you looked at my application yet??"

No. 450333

to add to this, if you've been exercising a lot more you've also probably been drinking a lot more water. water weight actually fluctuates a crazy amount. if I eat salty foods for two or three days in a row i start to physically look like i've gained a significant amount of weight due to water retention. also, if you stopped drinking/eating certain things that act as diuretics or laxatives, you might retain water for a while before your body gets back to normal after losing the external diuretic/laxative.

coffee/caffeine in particular does this to me. whenever I quit drinking coffee I get really tired & bloated for a while….basically feels like i have 3 days worth of poop in me and I have to eat a lot of kale for roughage and then shit like a lot to get back to normal

No. 450336

yo plateauing is a bitch but it happens to almost everyone temporarily and you're still making long-term changes. you got this!

No. 450338

oh and it makes complete sense that you feel this way with that mom. Try to be kind to yourself and heal if you can. We're here for you.

I hope that kitten has a guardian angel watching over it till rescue! And it's not on you, it's on the owner or it was an accident. Good luck

No. 450339

How do I talk to my bestfriend about how obsessed her & her bf are with each other? I have only seen her twice in the 9 months they've been dating alone and both times her boyfriend got mad at me because I smoked pot with her (I'm apparently a "bad influence"). She never wants to go anywhere with me unless he can come or worse she says yeah lets go and when i pick her up her bf gets in and is like "where we going?"

I hate her bf, I think he's a pos father and a lousy boyfriend. and I hate how she acts like an asshole around him (he's one of those "I hate the world" type people who are proud to be assholes). I feel like talking to her about it is going to start shit not only between me and her but me and her bf. I don't know, she's kinda shown that she's not a great bestfriend lately and maybe I just need to move on. Idk I'm just pissed that i can never just talk to just her unless shes at work. I don't understand their need to be up each others asses 24/7

No. 450350

Maybe I'm a cold bitch and maybe it's the reason I have a tiny social circle but if a friend of mine is distant/uncommunicative/busy I just… let them go. If they want to talk to me they can, if not, it's not gonna ruin my life. Getting dramatic over a lack of attention from friends is some high school shit tbh, they might be wronging you but that in itself proves they aren't a great friend and you shouldn't waste energy on getting them to talk to you. That said I don't think it makes them such a terrible friend that you shouldn't talk to them again if they made the effort, you just have to leave the ball in their court.

No. 450361

Agreed. Make time for people that want to be around you, let go of the rest.

No. 450362

My rapist is dating a fifteen year old girl now and on one hand I feel so bad for her but on the other hand, he’s been dating fifteen year old to close to four years now and she actually should know better because she was friends with like four of his ex gfs?
They even had a cringy group chat a year or so back to talk shit about him.
They met on Twitter, like all his other ex gfs for some reason. Like, we life in a pretty big city and he can’t even find someone to hook up with close to him because that’s how annoying he is lmfao
I hate him so much

No. 450363

I just reread this and this is barely coherent, sorry. Was just trying to let out steam so I don’t cry about this.

No. 450366

I've actually started hating Americans. Them having a spergout spanning like 300 replies over legitimate criticism in the unpopular thread was the last straw. Before I didn't have that much trouble with them, they were more like the "dumb but harmless" people, but for some reason they've gotten so fucking annoying in the recent years.
>Forces their shitty politics on people from other parts of the world with a completely different society and history surrounding them, this is the worst part and the reason to why they're called the "World Police"
>OBSESSED with race, literally OBSESSED and it's ALWAYS the black/white issue, other ethnicities don't exist and all "white ppl" are always Anglo-Saxon western Europeans
>But both white Americans and black Americans are just as ignorant and entitled when it comes to foreign nations
>Chimps out over the suggestion of having to pay for health care from their taxes, would rather go into $900k debt for cancer treatment or have a poor person die of a tooth infection
>Actually has no idea of how the other world works, what other countries there are, massively uneducated
>"Mass shootings are not because of m-muh second amendment, I.. I bet your country is even more violent because it's foreign!!!" (it's one of the safest countries on earth)
>When you meet them IRL they're SO FUCKING LOUD. Can't you fuckers talk with a normal tone of voice instead of yelling everything?

I mean you're not the worst country on earth but you sure do your damnest to try to convince me that you are. inb4 shut up weeb because of course if you can't stand Americans you're always a weeb.

No. 450368

I agree with you on everything and I'm American, I did immigrate here at a young age but I'm tired of the severe nationalism and fear of socialist healthcare. The for profit consumerist culture also makes us cold towards each other and blind to social ills.

No. 450369

try stepping on the scale in the morning only, I've had up to 10 lb fluctuations in one day between morning and night

No. 450370

Ditch the medication (I'm guessing this is something like Xenical) and try eating a keto diet. A keto diet is known to help with insulin resistance and PCOS. There's plenty of information online about this and there's even been medical studies to prove it's effectiveness. Another thing to look up that you may find helpful is iodine supplementation with PCOS.

No. 450371

we aren't harmless. our politics alone infect other nations. look at the campaigns in australia and the uk to privatize and the way privatization propaganda fuelled by american admiration is eaten up by the stupidest people in these countries and the damage that's being done because larger and larger percentages of people are somehow buying that our model is preferable. a lot of americans are stupid and have no idea what's good for them. i almost unironically believe left authoritarianism needs to happen in the US or else literally nothing will get done. the general american populace is so proud to be endlessly anally reamed, they'll literally grin ear to ear while Cigna fucks their son up the ass with a spike-covered dick extender. they'll forever laugh off massive injustices and tragedies as karmic retribution for being lazy and unambitious unless an administration comes in and forcibly feeds them an antibiotic in a ham-flavored pill pocket.

No. 450373

Sadly I just don't think Americans will ever come around, most would prefer Trump over Bernie.

No. 450380

Absolutely true. Americans are so antisocial and hateful towards each other because all they care about is money. We are very evil.

No. 450383

LOL wtf. My friend's newly transitoning partner (mtf I try to respect my friend) insisted that my bf was attracted to them??? He was indeed very nice and friendly but that was it? And they told me I was wrong? Are they delusional? Autistic? Anyway I am typing this before I tell them off because after I wtf'd them they insisted it was still true and I need to dilute some of this anger. My bf is crying laughing at this all.

No. 450384

MTFs are narcissistic dicks, they think literally everyone is attracted to them. That's why they try to cope and claim TERFs are secretly in love with girldick and angry because they're in denial about it.

No. 450385

File: 1566203684946.jpg (32.78 KB, 270x350, pledge.jpg)

That's how a lot of us if not all of us are raised (not like its any excuse when critical thinking skills are something everyone hopefully has).

Fun/sad story: I remember being in kindergarten, before any of us could read, and after we recited the pledge of allegiance one morning I asked my teacher what a poster on the wall said because I kept trying to figure out what the words were and it was literally the pledge. I hate using the word indoctrinated but that's basically what happened, before we even know how to read the words to what we're saying. Texas (unsurprisingly) even has a pledge for their state flag too.

I stopped reciting/standing for the pledge in high school and people looked at me like I was doing something insane, and it just reminds me of how weird other countries think we are for reciting some weird nationalist thing to a flag every morning. Most kids here don't even know the pledge isn't mandatory either, you'll likely never ever hear anyone telling a student its well within their rights to refuse to stand or say the pledge, or the national anthem. Usually you also one way or another get accused of hating veterans and/or active military too because… why not I guess.

No. 450391

So I have anxiety, but lately I was feeling good because I was handling my depression well.
But for the past month I was having a co worker make my life hell. She would tell me I was dumb, I was lazy if I didn't do her work, name calling, invading my space, passive aggressive bumping, the works. All because I told her no.

I completely broke down this past week. I feel bad because I vented to my friends at work. This week alone I called out sick once and twice already I just didn't show up. I decided I don't even want to work at my job anymore, it is a lot of BS for no pay. Why bother? But I know I should formally resign or at least go "hey I quit"

I dunno man. I didn't even sleep tonight.

No. 450399

why does my cat insist on being in the bathroom when i wanna take a shit

he’s so weird. i love him anyway though

No. 450405

I don't think any American here will argue with you. For me, it feels like I've always been a black sheep here and I would imagine that niche internet circles (like lolcow) attract this type of person; the outcast.

No. 450408

You should alert hr about the coworker as your reason for leaving and give specific incidents and dates in your letter/email, especially do so if you're quitting. Also if you're quitting you may as well try to stay on sick leave for as long as possible whilst you look for a new job.

No. 450418

my bathroom door doesn't latch so my cat is always opening it when I'm in there shitting. I think they just like a captive audience.

No. 450423

I think you're the first American I've ever encountered that understands the risks to other countries political systems posed by the virulent nationalism inherent to the American mindset. I don't want my fucking socialised healthcare sold off, and the abuse of our supposed "special relationship" by the conservative right in my country (when previously for the past 60 years we've always viewed Americans with something approaching mildly tolerant distaste, because you are all just so very loud) after the 08 global recession has made growing up with the effects of neoliberal policy nothing short of devastating to my generation (I'm not even going to get into how prescient and self-aware Zoomers are, they absolutely know they're fucked and I respect that kind of nihilism). Your country was built on the worst kind of "fuck you, I've got mine" principles and everyone around the world suffers because the American ones influence our own greedy capitalist pigdogs who share that mindset.

No. 450438

For a month I've been dieting and exercising and not losing anything. I don't get it. I used to be able to lose extra pounds easily but for some reason now it's just not happening. It's so discouraging and depressing, I feel like shutting myself inside.

No. 450439

Idk if this is a worldwide concept but in my country there's a tradition of having a party for the dad shortly after the baby is born, similar to bachelor parties. It annoys me to no fucking end because what is the POINT. The dad has had 9 months with absolutely no restrictions to drinking or staying out late. None. While the expecting mom can't just go out drinking or partying as they wish, it would make more sense to have this kind of event for them (and even then it would't really). What the fuck is the logic behind this tradition. If the baby is out it should be clear that you can't just bail and party like you used to. Do it before they are born.

No. 450476

it was the power supply! it's all cute and glowy now, feels good to have a space for myself again.

No. 450490

My parents agreed to let some family friends stay with us and I'm so upset that they agreed because our apartment is a FUCKING MESS. Our apartment isn't small by NYC standards, but there's so much junk in our apartment that it makes it feel smaller and stuffier than it actually it. My dad buys so much stupid ass shit there's literally piles of random junk on the floor because it couldn't be contained to one spot. My cousin started living with us so he sleeps on the couch and there's his junk all over the couch (no matter how neatly piled and folded, I think it just's a bad fucking look).

I'm so fucking embarrassed that these people are staying with us. I told my dad to clean up his shit and he said "how?" Are you fucking kidding me? I refuse to do no matter how bad my embarrassment because I hate enabling behavior like this, I don't want to start letting him think that he can make a mess and I'll pick it up just like how I always have to clean the dishes he leaves in the sink after I've gone to bed. I went through several major cleaning sweeps to get my room into decent order, and there's still work to be done, but it's miles better a less full of junk than anywhere else in our apartment.

When my dad called our family friend to confirm when he would be coming, he also said "Oh! Our apartment is really messy, sorry~" and the guy (who was on speaker) said, "No, no, it's okay! Don't worry!" and it reminded me of when you're a kid and your friends are coming over and your parents scold you to clean your room, and once your friends come over you they're like "well idgaf if your room is messy or not lol" so you say "see! I didn't have to clean! They don't care!" I feel like the parent now. Sure, they might not care, and I don't give a shit about whether they care or not because I care.

No. 450494

I love my dad and he's an amazing father, a lot of people can't believe what he does for us but I think the reason why he hasn't had a girlfriend in 10 years is because he's only attracted to younger women. His last girlfriend was 27 years old when he was 40 something and it ended in a complete disaster to the say the least and he uses that as an excuse as to why he hasn't dated since cos he feels so guilty over all the things he did and how he ~hurt us~ even though we're all adults now and not children. I also hate watching him interact with women in their early twenties, its so cringe. I guess it just makes me sad that at the end of day, men are all the same even the "good" ones, like my dad.

No. 450503

Chicken, broccoli, water. It's simple. You have to want it.

No. 450507

Weight loss is a lot of blandness, repetition, frustration, and disappointment.
I'm sorry you're going through this anon. You'll pull through if you stick to it.

No. 450518

I'm dealing with my first broken heart, due to unrequited love for someone I wasn't supposed to have feelings for and will never see again. I'm so demotivated as she used to be the main motivation for most of the things I did. I've been considering suicide, which really scares me. I got into my dream university and start next month but right now I can't see myself doing any of the reading or studying I'll need for a good degree. When I collected my results last week I heard people commenting on how sad I looked. I just feel like life is pointless if I can't tell her about it or have her near me. I didn't get to say a proper goodbye and the thought of never hearing her voice or seeing her smile again makes me want to end my life. Tf do I do now??

No. 450522

Some times I lie about pointless details in a story if I think it will get the point across easier. Like for example, if I read your post correctly, the lie here is that she said they went one town over instead of the friends actually visiting them in their town. If, for any reason, I thought that particular friends coming to visit me would bring hiccups/misunderstandings to the conversation (e.g. "Oh but I thought John had X on that day and his car would be elsewhere etc.) then I'll just change the story to skip the fuck around, as long as the actual point of the story (that your friends met each other) gets across… I don't know if this is weird, unhealthy, wrong or whatever, and I realise my example was a little contrived in this case since admittedly that does seem like a weird thing to lie about, but that's my perspective anyway.

No. 450535

Haha are you me anon?

I idealized the hell out of my stepdad until he told me a few months ago that he was cheating on my mom with a 30 year old mother. Only a few years older than me, and he's almost 60.
I always thought he was the trustworthy, charismatic voice of reason "not like the other guys." Compared to my psychotic mom I guess maybe he just didn't hold as many red flags.

Now I'm living with my stepdad after the fallout and their split. He's acting like a giant manbaby. Better than living with my mom but not by much. He throws tantrums, never cleans, and constantly tries to guilt trip me about going no contact with my mom because he feels like he started everything by cheating–which was certainly a catalyst. Not that he actually cares about how I feel towards her, he just wants to be relieved of the guilt he feels.
When he told me he was cheating he added "I'm not looking for your opinion or advice, I'm going to do what I want," yet he's trying to force me to have a relationship with my mom as if I have no autonomy on the matter.

I don't really have faith in men anymore. I recognize my biological want for them, yet I always anticipate the punches now and never stick around for a second hit to the face.

No. 450537

Heartbreak isn't easy, it'll never be easy, so take things slow! It really took me several years to get over my first relationship. I'm several months out from my most recent breakup and things still weren't easy, even though we ended on really good terms with each other. Heartbreak is heartbreak.

Distract yourself, find new motivations. It's a lot easier said than done, but the world is still moving around you, so the faster you pick yourself up (even if it's just small steps!) the more you'll thank yourself in the future. Let yourself cry it out and indulge in your sadness, you just lost someone very important to you! But there's a very fine line between letting yourself live through that sadness and letting it completely consume you. It also helps to talk to people (or in my case, I took to writing in my journal since that helps me best).

It sounds fucking impossible, but there will come a time when you look back at her and realize you have no feelings for her anymore. That time will come anon. It might take a long, long time, but it'll come.

I'm so happy that you got into your dream university. Even if it'll be hard, join a club or something! Make friends to help you forget about your troubles. Walk around campus and enjoy your current surroundings. One door has closed behind you, but so many more have just opened before you. I know my post may come off as overly optimistic and cheesy, and I might not be one to talk since I'm still feeling my own heartbreak, but I hope things will start looking brighter for you anon. Don't let the heartbreak you're feeling right now ruin your future by affecting you academically. Don't let it take over too much of your present moment either! Also, don't beat yourself up if you get sick of feeling so sad all the time.

No. 450543

I do this too, haha. I hate it when people get caught up in their details when telling me something so I'll water down all the important stuff to get to the point or simplify the story, especially if I'm talking to someone who really wont care or im not close to. And if we become close later they usually understand why I simplified things and I explain the real stories. I suck at telling actual big lies though.

No. 450544

Today a guy at work told me one of the women "walks too much like a man" and the other new women "walks too sexy. What is she thinking, she's in a shop full of guys!". I'm so tired of listening to these retards. Everyday it's some new dumb shit.

No. 450550

I feel your pain SO hard. I'm surrounded by manchildren at my job.

No. 450554

Thank you so much anon, this is exactly what I needed to hear. I'd spam heart emojis if it was allowed

No. 450586

Am I in the wrong for asking my mother for a 4k loan? It's for school, and I can pay her back early October at the latest.
I mean yeah. I should've studied harder in HS to get that magical ~full ride~ but damn. I didn't.

No. 450593

Was at a party this weekend, chatting with a few people and having a really good time. Poly hipster guy that was a friend of the host wasn't able to keep up with conversation and getting visibly frustrated so started dropping comments about his "girlfriends".

Every poly dude I've met is an insecure skeevy asshole who have made wanting to fuck multiple people a personality trait and bragging point so no one realizes how fucking bland and terrible they actually are.

No. 450595

I'd say that really depends… are you sure that you can pay her back? How is your mother's financial situation at the moment? 4k is a really hefty amount of money imo, I'd definitely be taken aback if I was asked to loan someone that much.

No. 450617

I still have an hour and a half until I get off work and I've been hit with the worst fucking bout of nausea. It happens on and off at work, but lately it's been almost a daily occurrence. I'm left staring at a screen all day so I'm sure that doesn't help, but the a/c isn't being blasted like it usually is, which would normally be nice since everyone is usually freezing, but it staves off my nausea so I'm not sitting here slowly being overheated. Whenever it happens after work ends, I know it's because I'm hungry, but it feels awful that I can't just feel normal hunger- instead I'm so nauseous to the point where I don't want to eat because I'll feel like I'll vomit immediately while also knowing that eating will stop it. Fuck.

No. 450620

Poly is disgusting, period. It's just a way for guys to fuck different women and not have it be called cheating. Only men want poly shit. women arent into being emotionally and physically cheated on.

No. 450623

File: 1566247934461.jpg (32.33 KB, 768x432, Yakuza-0-768x432.jpg)

Someone just rage quit at my job. We've been losing coworkers by the week. People who have been there 3+ years. Our new manager is satan's daughter and i've been on the verge, so i'm looking for new jobs right now. This bitch is gonna lose all the best employees because this doesnt treat us with a shred of respect of dignity.

No. 450627

Same Anon. Almost daily. We both probably have some bad eating habits. As soon as that nausea passes (it doesn't last forever) eat some crackers or something. That will get you over the hump, then eat a real meal. Keep food nearby so you're ready.

No. 450629

Yeah I honestly hate how american sexism is being imported over the internet here. I mean obviously the men of my country were sexist pigs before too but now were getting the american prude stuff over the internet too like some younger guys saying women are whores if they go to unisex sauna even if being naked is or at least wasn't supposed to be a taboo in our culture i hate it

No. 450630

I told myself to buy granola bars when I was at the store yesterday, but for whatever stupid ass reason I didn't. Will buy some crackers though! I have a really small appetite so almost everything will ruin it but hopefully just some saltines will be okay.

I didn't use to have these before at my old job- it was just regular hunger pangs (which suck on their own but honestly I'll take being hangry over being nauseous). I drink a lot of water/tea throughout the day but since I work the front desk at an office now I can't really have snacks to nibble on/easily leave to grab something small to hold me over.

No. 450632

Literally every man in a poly relationship I've met:
>Hipster or a hippie
>Narcissistic and manipulative
>A complete slut who wants to fuck around
>Can't be alone and breaking up would result in a wounded pride so instead of dumping the gf he got tired of he guilt tripped her into a poly relationship
>Humblebrags about it to everyone, bringing up his special poly setting in any discussion by starting everything with "My PARTNERS….". And it's always PARTNERS to avoid sounding like a womanizing creep– I mean to be ~woke and gender neutral~
>If the girlfriend is upset about the situation, the man just pressures her into "trying it out" and once she tries to be involved with another guy, the man uses that as a weapon against her every time after that ("But you had that one other guy too didn't you?")
>"I mean monogamy works for some people, but this just works for us the best! All you need to do is to ~communicate~!"

Applies to poly women too but like 90% of the time it's always the man who wanted a poly relationship.

No. 450638

I was getting really stressed about my job because I have to help out another location that’s in really bad shape. But even though I was expecting the worst it’s a quiet store without many customers, so I can get my work done quickly and they even have good WiFi from a restaurant next door. At the store I normally work at there’s always so much to do I wind up racing to get everything done by closing time.

No. 450644

Would you say you feel like you have to juggle these responsibilities and ensuing work drama, time, gas, etc. that comes with having a job? I like how you described one of your jobs… I really would feel most comfortable in a jewelry or clothes boutique, especially a beauty clinic. There's opportunities around where I live but anxiety makes me timid and self conscious of my capabilities in the work force. How do you get in the zone~ for one job, yet alone two separate ones with totally different environment, like store/office vibe and demands of bosses and coworkers? I want to learn how to be useful.

No. 450657


No. 450669

I work doing freelance art and I have a repeat client who's started getting fucking weird. He gets me to draw his OCs, always SFW, but lately he's been sprinkling in a shitton of irrelevant backstory including references to his character having an incest or pregnancy kink. The last piece he got from me he sent straight NSFW smut art of the character for a reference. I get strong sperg vibes from it all.

I really need the money but I feel so dirty and gross for not ripping him a new one. I guess I should stop being a baby and just bite the bullet and take the loss in business, but I feel like it's an overreaction because it's not like I'm having to draw porn, the guy just has turbo autism and I get smacked in the face with his gross kinks.

So far I've just been completely ignoring when he goes on his spergy kink tangents and keeping my emails to him strictly professional and hoping to fuck he takes the hint. Any artist anons have similar experiences or recommendations for how to handle things?

No. 450678

how much does he pay? like, how much does this crap go for?

No. 450681

He's gotten a variety of different pieces but I'd say 100 USD a piece average? He's been getting shit for the past couple years and has spent 3k or so overall. That's probably not a great price for my comfort, huh.

No. 450684

how many hours do you spend on one of these pieces? if youre making crazy money and need the money, i say whatever. he'll just find some other person with no qualms about drawing a kagome shoving manchego-stuffed green olives up her nostrils or whatever turboautistic obsession he's paying for

No. 450686

Idk if they still do it in elementary/middle school but by the time I was in high school, we didn’t do the pledge anymore. This was in Texas.

No. 450691

i fucking love you, anon. this site is going to be a new obsession for me. wow. seriously, thank you!

No. 450694

Financial aid for college has been a mess. I think its just a mistake, but Im paranoid that my mom is lying about finances and I cant contact her now that shes run away with her new husband to live on the road and decided she no longer has an obligation to acknowledge any of our existences anymore.

I cant even denounce her despite her having nothing to do with me. I have a ticket in at the moment to get things fixed, but I still feel hopeless.

Im so mad that education cost tens thousands of dollars. I dont need a fancy university, i just want to fucking learn. I really cant wrap my head around $9,000 a semester for all this shit when I really just need to attend a few lectures for 12 hours a week. Most of the studying, which takes much more time than a single lecture, and basic living is done by myself at my fucking house.

I really dont understand why we make it so tedious. I really dont think it should be like this. I feel wronged and angry. Im frustrated that it feels impossible to move beyond my standing without being born into a proper footing

No. 450696

I fucking hate that I have to work in the same part of town as my ex boyfriend. My work is so close to his work and every time I'm in that part of town I think of him and want to drive by his work and see if he's there. I specifically tried to get a job in other parts of town but this one was the only one that hired me.

No. 450698

File: 1566262840912.png (627.36 KB, 935x783, reeeeeeeee.png)

i made a long drive to visit a friend i haven't seen in a while and she kept coming onto me. despite telling her i'm not interested she constantly forced her hand into mine, snuggled up to my shoulder in public, and got into my personal space/grabbed my arm under the context of being so uwu scared by everything.

she had asked me out a long time ago and i already said no. thought that was that, but when i commented on thinking a guy was cute she was like "UH!!! I'M OVER HERE YOU KNOW!" and "if you ever think about dating someone… y'know… i'm here!"

i feel really angry and i'm in a weird position because i don't want to be mean or perceived as mean by our mutual friends. but like holy shit get off of me

No. 450706

File: 1566263701852.png (12.37 KB, 350x322, 1417251871662.png)

>tfw asshole
whats my damage? why am i so mean?

No. 450728

Vote for Bernie if you want socialized healthcare and free college, Europe and Canada already figured it out why can't we?

No. 450740

Wednesday I'm moving into my dorm and will be able to have a social life again. Had a meh summer and spent entirely too much time online. While I've definitely appreciated this site it's fucking time to step back into the real world and have some space from my parents.

I did reflect a bit this summer and thought about what I should discuss with the school psychiatrist, but after hearing the secretary say a lot of people want to see them, and as I'm mostly doing okay I think I'll schedule an appointment a little farther down the road.

No. 450741

File: 1566272186965.gif (1.86 MB, 228x170, 1533669359464.gif)

There is a mosquito in this room and I lost sight of it before I could kill it. I'm really tired but I know for a fact that as soon as I close my eyes that bastard will sting me and I react 10x more allergic to insect bites. It will ruin my whole week.

No. 450744

File: 1566273256157.jpg (70.83 KB, 727x727, 5c1730b8-a855-41a7-808c-1832eb…)

Bloody hell…. I must say, I feel really bad for you. I hate those bloody blood sucking bastards.(namefagging)

No. 450747


She sounds like a creep. Women arent excused from that behavior. it's even worse that she's a fellow woman making you feel so uncomfortable when you clearly expressed you werent into dating. Make it very clear or cut this person off. I would go with the latter.

No. 450752

Living in Seattle sucks. I’m depressed as fuck. Everyone here is passive aggressive, moody, RUDE RUDE RUDE, and flaky as fuck. They blame their asshole tendencies on being “Scandinavian” and the “weather”, but those are excuses. Expect another rant in a few days, this place is hell.

No. 450763

It's not a sting anon, it's a succ

No. 450787

>>450752 what do you mean by "scandinavian"? is it these muricans who had a swedish guy look at their grandma in 1934 and they claim to be nordic?

No. 450793


go to a doctor?? i'm sure they'll figure it out. some women will care about it and some won't. tell them that you have this issue before doing something intimate so it won't be like the "he didn't know i was trans!!" stories.

No. 450796

I've had all the tests, been to the doctors, had my hormone levels tested and the like. There's nothing wrong, and it correlates perfectly with antidepressant usage and follows the pattern most men on the drugs follow.

>Tell them that you have this issue before doing something intimate so it won't be like the "he didn't know i was trans!!" stories.

Yeah, heh, that's a given. I'll keep it as a third date rule.(not a pander group for your penis problems)

No. 450802

>It looks like I'll have to wait until my mid thirties, you know, where bed death actually becomes common, before having a decent chance of finding someone.
Women reach their sexual peak in their 30s, idiot. Maybe start treating women like actual human beings and not just things that exist for you to put your limp penis in or to give you free advice. If you actually socialised with a few women you'd probably know the answer to your embarrassing questions. Imagine thinking a website full of women want to hear about your penis. Fuck off.

No. 450816

I went to my doctor and he prescribed me mefanamic acid, initially got it because I had painful cramps. It just about halves my blood flow, or if i‘m light it stops it completely.

Would fully recommend if you don‘t want to spend the first 2-3 days wearing the heavy tampon/pad combo.

No. 450839

Short-man incels piss me off. That 'bagel man' incident a few weeks back really highlighted it to me. So many youtube comments where men sympathised with the aggressive little fuck, making out like being 5"4 for a man is a cruel existence that no woman will ever understand, that women are making these guys lives hell and that it's the ultimate suffering..

I recently moved to a small town down the country (far from where I grew up) and the amount of men in this area who are 5"1 to 5"4 is noticeably high, they're married men with families mostly, they're friendly and respectable people with full lives and I don't see them having a chip on their shoulder

No. 450857

This is fucking amazing.

No. 450865

I'm the one that opened my relationship several years ago and it's a fucking trip trying to navigate the scene because it's exactly as you describe or terrible fat weeb/aspie/goths who live like the world is a walking FetLife page. We are a normal middle class fit people employed in two cool industries and everyone we'd be interested in is horrified (maybe rightly) by open relationships so we don't even try anymore.

No. 450876

A few stories from back in my fetlife/local kink scene days: I met one convicted sex offender (child porn) he had aspergers and told everyone about his conviction openly but was still allowed at all events for some reason. I googled his case and it was sickening as he communicated with a child porn ring and requested specific things

I had a threesome and afterwards found out I'd fucked a 16 year old who lied about her age (met her in an over 18s kink club night and she was with her 30 year old master)

I saw open relationships where cheating/emotional cheating still happened at alarming rates and ripped relationships apart in a dramatic fashion where it created a bad atmosphere at most events, you were expected to take someones side

That same 16 year old later moved from the Uk to the US to meet a master and she got engaged the day she landed, tattooed with his name that week and pregnant that month..she's now living back here as a single mother

Sorry just reminded of all them interesting 'fetlife' types. You sound level headed and a world apart

No. 450903

Open relationships aren't normal. Take the clue.

No. 450906

I was ready to pay for a therapist on 7cups because performance anxiety means I don't do well with irl therapy. But I don't have a credit card and they don't take PayPal.
It feels like I'll never find help.

No. 450916

Like during the 1800s and 1900s, a lot of Swedes and Danes moved to the area and now that’s the reason why everyone can’t look each other in the eye and the service in restaurants suck.

No. 450940

Then move back where you came from.
I'm really hating all these out of towners coming into the region and driving up prices…

No. 450950

File: 1566315063443.png (191.14 KB, 998x752, Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 10.1…)

This kind of person pisses me off. He is an incel conspiracy theorist who doesn't have a girlfriend. Also uses made-up pseudointellectual terms while clearly never having picked up a philosophy or social science book in his fucking life. The kicker is he is obsessed with his music taste because he loves Radiohead and Modest Mouse.

I hate to admit this but this person seems like such a miserable and emotionally draining person to be around. I hate to admit this but no one is going to live up to his standards. I don't usually say this but I really hope this kind of person kills themselves.

Honestly it makes me so mad there are so many people, usually guys, who are satisfied with their intellectual capabilities while studying ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING. Why the fuck do I try to learn all of the time when these guys pat themselves on the back for nothing? These guys do exist irl. I went on a date with a guy who thought he was so deep for thinking that Dr Strangelove was a parody of the cold war. It makes me so mad.

No. 450955

anon I graduated college at 25 after suffering for almost 8 years. My husband was the same pretty much. Think of it as being exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.

I wouldn’t have been able to start a decent career if I had graduated when I was supposed to because of mental health issues and shit. Try to avoid those types of stories/articles because I know it’s hard to not compare yourself to other people no matter how confident you are

No. 450956

It's like this guy never matured of this 16-23 yo period where you feel so edgy and profound and that you're so much better than everybody for liking some obscure shit you think you know a lot about.
It's pathetic in a 29yo and the reddest of flag.

No. 450957

I'm not going to graduate college until I'm almost 26. It sucks that I'm seeing so many of my classmates complete graduate degrees and med school already. But it's better late than never. I also got involved in a field, conservation, that I probably never would have considered until the right timing happened to me.

No. 450960

something that constantly frustrates me is the way people treat me because of my height. I believe most people think I’m younger than I am because of my height, and therefore don’t treat me with the respect I believe I deserve. No matter if I’m angry or upset, people (males mostly) don’t take my emotions seriously unless I go absolutely insane and then I’m just marked as some emotional baby.

It doesn’t help that I’m in the STEM field I guess.. I just want to be taken seriously. I want people to stop telling me how small and cute I am. I feel like that’s all I’m good for and it’s making me so angry inside and makes me doubt my skills and intelligence.

TLDR; The anger inside me grows every time sometimes treats me like I’m an idiot baby just because I’m short. Tall girls give me some of your fucking height

No. 450970

File: 1566317807140.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 1553211590619.jpg)

This might be the single most pretentious shit I have ever read in my life.

No. 450984

i get that same treatment. im quite irl and i dont like to get into deep conversations with people because they have no need to know the 'real' me but people are really dismissive when they speak to me and think that im not skilled in anything i guess because i dont brag about how much i know about stuff? i wonder sometimes if its because i may come across as a big ol bitch but i dont know. i let people lead the conversation and laugh at their tired ass reddit jokes.
but i worked in the game industry. women were only around because they had tits and could part men of their money easily.

No. 450991

he never matured past the angsty 15 year old phase, a literal manchild

No. 450994

I honestly think it’s because you’re not constantly bragging and talking over people like others do. I’ve noticed that with both friends, old project partners and coworkers alike. Though it’s pretty easy as a quiet female for people to simply write you off as a bitch, especially if you don’t constantly smile or spazz out.

I almost wish I spoke to other quiet women in the industry more often. Even having you reply to me makes me feel better so I bet it’d feel awesome irl lol

No. 451004

Everytime I go outside (I live in a major city) I see couples of similar height and who are "looksmatched" as they say. I also see all sorts of race combinations that they claim don't exist. Might just be where I live but in my experience their claims don't seem to line up with reality.

No. 451021

This is how people talk when they have accomplished absolutely nothing with their lives. If he was actually intelligent he would have a measure of success and therefore be surrounded by like-minded individuals with whom he could relate. He looks around and sees "docile rats running in their cages" because he is one and that's why all he can use to cope is that he watches ~intelligent movies~, listens to Radiohead, and reads about history on reddit sometimes.

No. 451023

I tend to be attracted to categories of men that they claim stand no chance because of 'us heartless women. I like short guys, kinda feminine guys, Asian men, introverts etc

The amount of Asian incels that insist it's race affecting them.. meanwhile I also see women almost fetishising them in the same way men do with Asian women ?

No. 451029

I feel similarly. It's just so apparent that they don't leave the house.
When I was younger I felt bad for them but as I interacted more with the outside adult world I've come to find many women are fine with short men. Shut the fuck up manlets, lmao.
Big same, are you into South Asian guys too or just East Asian?
It's hilarious when I see incels use the "what about muh Indian turbomanlet, huh?? No woman wants that!!1" argument because that's literally my type.

No. 451031

I got a job I really wanted and found out there is no dress code other than a vague “be appropriate”, my coworker wear shorts and dresses and sandals which is great! comfy clothes! but I’m still nervous about dressing more true to myself because I don’t shave my legs and I’m worried about judgement from both my coworkers and customers. Bahhhh hopefully I’ll get over it but I guess for now it’s pants or tights w my shorts/dresses/skirts.

No. 451035

>The amount of Asian incels that insist it's race affecting them.. meanwhile I also see women almost fetishising them in the same way men do with Asian women ?
I've noticed this, too. I believe it's a specific "type" of woman they want, and they consider all others completely unacceptable or non-existent.
Elliot Rodger (he was Eurasian, so maybe this is more r/hapa shit too?) literally only wanted to date really normie blond women with blue eyes in sororities and stuff. He lamented them not giving him the time of day. He was an overall very superficial person, concerned with nothing but being rich, having the best material possessions, and popularity.
He wasn't ugly, by any stretch. He easily could've dated some weeby girl who would've taken his race as a "plus", same with the rest of these incels who are Asian or Eurasian. They just want "Stacies" and "Stacies" only, so they play victim and RP about being hated all the time. Kind of pathetic.

No. 451038

My dad is a hoarder. A few years ago our central A/C broke, leaving our house without air conditioning, in TEXAS. Couldn't we just get someone to come over and fix it? No way, my dad won't let anyone come into our house because of said hoarding. Will he clean up all shit? No way, that's just too hard despite him being retired and sitting on the couch all day.

I recently got a pet snake, so with the need to provide her with climate control and my own self feeling beat down by living in the miasma of heat all day I got myself a room a/c unit. But apparently I should not have done that, and I get criticized heavily for it. I get told I can only have it on at night (not you know, during the peak hot hours of the day?!) despite needing a stable room temp for my snake and me. I offered to pay for the extra cost of our electricity bills because of it, as well as saying before I bought it all with my own money. I don't get how I am in any way in the wrong?

No. 451041

File: 1566325198585.png (194.32 KB, 539x660, srtfd.PNG)

Why can't people follow their own logic? Do they not realize that it costs zero dollars to block the account/close the window/press the back button?

No. 451042

File: 1566325304806.png (615.71 KB, 1540x720, esoijl.png)

For context these are the images in the first tweet. I saw the tweet on my timeline and made the unfortunate mistake of looking through the replies. Not sure what I was expecting but after this vent I'm going to take my own advice and block and move on. Ugh.

No. 451050

File: 1566327153966.png (82.53 KB, 640x276, tumblr_fdc05143bb55c04d5cc8863…)


this is real. reason #394830948389 why living is hell

No. 451051

My abusive rapist drug addict ex just got married.
His new wife is wearing a dog collar in the wedding pics. Actually, she's wearing it in every single one of her pictures. I am sure he made her as he's into the whole lifestyle bdsm thing.
I don't know how I feel. She knows what he did. Me and several others warned her. But she seems genuinely happy. And also really fucking stupid. I want to save her, before her life is ruined like mine was. But does she even deserve that if she doesn't want to see the reality?

No. 451055

I was groomed online by a man in his 20s from ages 12-18. 18/19 is when I broke that hold from him. Now almost 21, I'm having an incredibly hard time that's making me feel like a vulnerable 13 year old girl again. I got drunk and messaged him. He holds such a sad, angry place in my heart; I can't help but feel love for him because of how I was conditioned and I hate it. I hate how he effected me, I hate how it feels eternal. An eternal, fucked up love that I will never get over. Even though it's dumb because online, but we skyped all of the time (and sexually a lot when I was underaged sadly), I feel so gaslighted and odd. Fuck this.

No. 451056

Some people just won't listen until they've seen for themselves.
He probably has her convinced that you and everyone else are crazy, malicious bitches.
It's sad, but you've done your part to warn her. It's out of your hands.

No. 451057

I needed to hear that. Thank you.

A part of me is really bitter too. They seem happy. They are a couple, married even. He ruined me so bad I ended up fucking over my entire life, losing everything and everyone and how fucking dares he look so good, look so mirthfull. I want him dead.

No. 451060

Fuck anon I feel for you; this is a situation I was in a few months ago similarly.
But some people won't listen until it's too late. Hopefully that isn't the case, but it's more likely that it will be. Just remember that it's not your place anymore, someone who won't listen isn't going to listen no matter what.

I felt a similar bitterness, but eventually, you focus on your own life and let their dumpster fire be their dumpster fire, if that makes sense.

No. 451070

Your post is extremely relatable. I am sorry anon. Things sort of get better but I am not sure if it is ever possible to forget without therapy. At least I was not able to.

No. 451072

Press release regarding the study's purpose, in case anyone's interested.

No. 451073

No. 451079

I don’t even know if this is a vent or not, i just wanna get this off my chest since I don’t know what to feel. Let me preface this by saying that i’m in a relatably new relationship after one that was crappy and towards the end i was treated poorly by my Ex-BF. After the breakup and after getting over my ex I had a small crush to this very sweet and funny guy. I tried vaguely flirting and had an inkling that he might be interested, but nothing happened, and I didn’t pursue him, being the little bitch that I am. Little later after that I found my current partner and I’ve overall been pretty damn happy to be treated with common decency and kindness and not feel like crap in a relationship. i keep things pretty downlow cause I’m still scared and wary to proclaim my relationship out to the world. I’m scared i’ll get hurt again and I guess I fear that people might hound me with questions if we were to breakup. Anyway I’m not surprised that people that are not close to me might not know

And then my then-crush comes knocking. He’s still kind and funny and vaguely implies interest, leaving me feeling all kinds of emotions. In no way am I going to destroy something that i’ve been building just to try my luck, but I still feel mild annoyance and sadness towards the situation. And the dumb sexual fantasies keep fucking me up

No. 451081

'Are women with endometriosis more less fuckable than those without'. I would genuinely like to know who exactly came with what hypothesis and thought : yeah, sure, good research, it's going to be help those women with a crippling medical issue to know for sure if they are hot.

>For this reason we are eager to investigate new ideas that might help shed light on the still unclear causes of endometriosis. This is why we did this study and we hope our research can become another building block in our quest to understand why some women develop endometriosis – or even different types of endometriosis – and others don’t.

Kekked at the quote, too. They could have spinned it as trying to scientifically look at the basis of the stigma regarding women suffering from endometriosis (hairiness and all - and it that light, the conclusion is actually somewhat interesting) or even go all out on the correlation between attractiveness and fertility but nope. Just some bullshit about the cause of endometriosis that doesn't even make sense.

No. 451083

I remember years ago I kept hearing about how women were more attractive during certain points in their cycle, that men had some built in sense so women were sexy at fertile points and less sexy at other points… and all I thought was who puts money into finding this shit out? Who cares? It's not like we're low on population and begging men to fuck to reproduce

No. 451093

eh, it's weird. i feel more attractive at certain points in my cycle, so it's whatever. i think pheremones and hormones affecting one's perceptions of self is interesting to think about.

No. 451094

Stop making excuses to yourself to try and fuck with other people's happiness, maybe?

No. 451096

Fuck this dude who just called our office lol. He said he wanted to speak to someone who spoke Japanese only, and when I asked him what it was about (so I could transfer him to the correct person, also I don't speak and am not Japanese) I realized the person who usually handles that shit is out of office and there were only interns in that area at the moment. I told him I was putting him on hold and my supervisor who I usually ask things to had literally JUST stepped out for his smoke break, and I had to wait like 2-3 minutes for this other supervisor to finish his convo with another coworker and when I finally got an answer, I ran back to the phone to tell him I was about to transfer him but the line disconnected just as I pressed the button to get his call back. He called back immediately and goes on a whole rant (in English) berating me and complaining about the line being busy and I had to hold my tongue because ~*~japanese manners~*~ and explain that's unfortunately how what plays when I put someone on hold. He was like "just transfer me to anyone who speaks Japanese!" but I'm not about to be yelled at by a coworker for transferring someone to them when they don't have the answers he's looking for, and he would've just been mad anyway cause they would've just kept bouncing him from person to person.

No. 451098

NTA, but piss off. Seriously.

No. 451116

Finally found the instagram of a model I've been looking for a while, only to find out she's turned herself into an instathot.

It's so frustrating to see beautiful girls ruin themselves, especially when you're hopeless

No. 451121

It makes biological sense and yeah I bloat once I'm past ovulation so I basically have two 'most attractive' weeks of every cycle and then it's slightly downhill for two, I remember it being the kind of study that cosmopolitan mag wouldn't shut up about, back in the 'top 10 ways to please your man' article days

No. 451133

Damn. Lent my 3DS to a good friend going through some hard times and she managed to lose it. I know it's dumb but I really want to cry. I can afford another 3DS and my friend straight up offered to buy me another one but I really felt weirdly attached to it lol. It a pink 3DSXL with a bunch of fruit stickers on it rip

No. 451135

You should take her on her offer.
RIP your other 3DS

No. 451147

A year ago I ragequit my creative job due to burnout. I was so stressed I developed severe insomnia, would have panic attacks before work, started losing hair, dropping weight, etc. I figured in a year I would find a new job in a different industry, even if it was just crappy retail or dishwashing, anything was better than my last job. But despite sending hundreds of job applications ranging from minimum wage retail work to generic office administration, I've only been called into 4 interviews, none of which culminated in a job offer.

My husband works a good job and it's enough to support us both, but we aren't saving any money and we want to get on track to buying our first home. He's also expressed that the burden of being solely responsible for all of our expenses is beginning to be a source of stress. I felt really guilty and understood 100%, so I decided to apply for a couple jobs in my old industry again. I got a call immediately for an interview for tomorrow.

I spent the whole last night awake, so stressed and panicked about the prospect of working this job again that I made myself sick and threw up a bunch. My husband woke up and told me that it was ok if I wasn't ready to work this job again and he didn't mind supporting us while I found a job that didn't make me want to kill myself; he said he didn't want to go through what happened last time again because it was really stressful for him too.

But I honestly just wish I could get over myself and work this stupid job and make some money. It's obvious that I'm either never going to be able to switch careers or if I do, it will take a really long time, and I just want to shore up our savings and feel like I'm contributing to our household. I'm going to my dr today to see if she has any ideas on how to cope. Seriously, how do I get over the burnout if I haven't been able to after taking a break for a year??

No. 451155

File: 1566343625547.jpg (16.85 KB, 250x250, kermit1.jpg)

this is pathetic but i posted in the friend finder in /g/ a while back and no one ever added me. the ladies i did add never responded. i have no irl friends and no female friends at all so i just wanted to sperg with another farmer about nerd stuff, tfw even farmers can sense the autism

No. 451156

File: 1566343722990.jpeg (33.33 KB, 387x416, C14B533D-589C-4CB5-BEE2-716EAD…)

mine and my bfs flat got infested with fruit flies a while back because of our plastic recycling bag (uk recycling is hella retarded and we have these massive pink bags with velcro for solid plastics) and there’s still a few around. my bf kills them without even thinking but i’ve always refused to because i’m a weak ass bitch and i don’t think it should ever be a human’s place to end the life just because they can. today i killed one intentionally and also put out a cup of apple cider vinegar which they essentially drown to death in and i feel so god damn awful even though i know i have no choice at this point. pls no bully i know most people do it without thinking twice but i’ve never in my life purposely hurt or killed anything but now i feel so guilty taking an innocent insects life just to convenience myself

No. 451157

what's your discord anon, let me add you please. i need some friends too.

No. 451159


sorry to hear that anon, i was part of the discord group and it seemed like the universe didn’t want me to make friends and for some reason discord just stopped working on my phone entirely, nothing fixed it. i wish there was a tinder style app where you can find friends based on shared interests and personality types that wouldn’t turn into a scrote-zone lmfao

No. 451164

the bumble app has a bff mode! you can choose to only see females and i've met up with lots of people through there. just don't scare them by instantly asking to exchange numbers or hang out

No. 451165

Apple cider traps are good and also don't forget to pour boiling water down any kind of piping like sink and bathtub pipes, since the flies like to hide there.

I wouldn't feel bad about it anon. If you were a nuisance to an animal it would snuff you without thinking about it if it were capable.

No. 451170

IK those feels but if they start infesting your place it ends up being better to cull them ASAP. I learned from experience when in my first apartment I refused to kill them thinking I was doing the right thing for them. They mated and a couple weeks later TWO HUNDRED fruit flies were in my apartment. I know because I counted while killing every single one of them by spraying them with windex and then smashing them with a paper towel as they walked on whatever surface they had fallen to with wet wings. I never wanted to be fruit fly Hitler but my refusal to hurt 1 fly got me there

No. 451183

is okay anon, I fucking hate bugs but I love bugs at the same time (entomolgy hobby with a fear of bugs) so when people around me kill bugs I want to cry, I've stopped killing them now. but fuck fruit flies. they are a nightmare and would die anyway

No. 451184

it sucks that it's relateable, but I am on a therapy waitlist so hopefully when I get therapy with work and time it will get better. I know it will always have a hold on me and so will he - but when I try to improve I will hopefully not allow it.

No. 451188

File: 1566351469597.gif (488.96 KB, 300x216, tenor (1).gif)

Couldn't wait to get home after work because I had a giant pimple festering on my forehead all day. I tried popping it at work but it was really deep and I needed my comedone extractor. The pressure behind the pimple built up all day.

I put my extractor to it and felt immediate gratification as the thing popped and shot all over the mirror. There's nothing more satisfying in the world than popping a nasty zit.

No. 451189

I brought up the fact about a week ago that I wanted my boyfriend to last a little longer in bed and made the mistake of implying that he was rushing and getting too excited. He responded very sternly at the time and pretty much said that he has always cum too soon since he was 15 the first time he had sex, he said he has seen doctors about, has practiced different masturbation techniques, and even confessed that he has a secret cabinet in the laundry where he has been hiding a small numbing cream which he has been applying without me knowing if he thinks we are going to have sex. He said that this has been an issue he has had with basically every girl he has ever been with for longer than a fling and even said that he held off on having sex with me for the first time until he knew we were going to a music festival together where he could get drunk and take drugs to make sure out first experience lasted longer. I probed a little deeper and it breaks my heart how much his life actually revolves around keeping this a secret, pre-emptively masturbating, and even sabotaging our opportunities to have sex, all to mask his PE. He agrees that it has become nearly a compulsion for him but also explained that for years it has been a bodily reaction unrelated to any sort of mental issues and he resents when people (like me) tell him to just calm down and breathe or whatever. I can ABSOLUTELY live with it I don't care that much, I am just so shocked that this kind of insecurity was hidden so deep when he is one of most stable people I know.

No. 451192

We haven't had physical contact since… At all. Lol sorry that was the vent but I forgot.

No. 451198

The numbing cream thing is amusing since that shit has probably been rubbing off on you and making your vagina less sensitive.

No. 451210

Well he showed me what it was, it's more of a spray that sinks into his skin. It doesn't stay on top.

No. 451221

I moved out for college and I’m living alone for now until my housemates move in. This week’s been a total nightmare, I have complete control over what I eat and no one around to judge, which is awful for me because I have the palette of a 4 year old/stoner and I love to bake sweets in my spare time (and I have too much spare time because I’m still job hunting). I can’t stop binge eating because of my period and my disordered eating habits have been in full swing after I’ve been trying so hard to stop b/p. I just wish I could think about food in a healthy way and stop wanting to binge all the time

No. 451248

File: 1566364960798.jpg (4.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

i wish my boyfriend wasn't the stereotypical emotional cripple who shuts down so badly in any kind of conflict. i understand wanting space to cool down or process and i'll give him that but then he does it to what i think is an extreme. also since i have anxiety when he does ignore me for days during or after an argument it consumes me. he knows how it makes feel, like he's gone forever or preoccupied with another woman, but he still doesnt take the two seconds to say, "i don't want to talk right now but i love you." which gives me enough to not get to that point where i spiral and i end spamming him which makes him only want to avoid things more. we basically intensify each others issues since they're the opposite and when it does get to that point i basically have to say, "since you wont reply/deal with this like an adult i can only assume at this point we're done." it's only after that he'll finally talk usually saying, "i'm sorry i just didnt want to talk about it but i love you."

i feel bad for the ultimatums but it's the only way with him and while i know my issues and have bettered myself he hasn't. i love him and want a real future with him so it worries me he shows no improvement with baseline communication. i figure it'd be easy to take the two seconds to communicate literally anything to avoid hurting me and making him overwhelmed but he still doesnt so at this point i truly just cannot understand why he does this.

No. 451260

I'm on my period (and its almost a month late) and all I feel is empty sadness and horniness. I'm really needy too, its like I'm barely even attracted to men until my period hits and all of a sudden I feel like I can't live without a man. Hormones are weird.

No. 451268

I just went to visit my hometown last week after moving away to a big city halfway across the country. I was so excited to see all my close friends after a year of not having anyone to hangout with and I feel like I discovered so many things I was not meant to see.
Everyone is depressed as shit with their own huge mess of problems happening to them and have absolutely no goals or aspirations or anything going for them in their lives. Meanwhile I completely turned my life around since moving and have regretted how much fucking time I wasted here in my early twenties. I’ve been having nothing but mental breakdowns since I’ve been staying here since I had no idea it has always been this fucking awful.
It kind of sucks to see “home” feel more like hell than anything else. I should have not come back.

No. 451272

anxious attachment type (you) + avoidant type (ur bf) is supposed to be the most toxic relationship… consider if you two are a good fit.

No. 451305

I feel like listening to my parents advice and doing what they wanted me to do has destroyed my life. I have repeated the first year of university twice and looks like i may have to repeat the second year again. I am scared to tell my parents the truth because i never wanted to go to university in the first place. I wanted to work in my anxiety and depression first and all the bad habbits attatched to it. I just want to drop out so bad because i have wasted to much money already and I hate myself for being such a stupid push over. My life is not worth living if i stay with my parents.

No. 451330

My parents are obsessed with Trump and we're not even American. When I visit them they always have the news on and get angry every time he's on screen. My dad will stand in front of the TV and yell insults at him, as if he could hear. They'll voluntarily put on channels that discuss and criticise Trump a lot, just to get angry when he's brought up.

My country has its own political issues and problematic leader, yet they focus on Trump so much. It's really exhausting, I don't like Trump either and that's exactly why I don't want to hear about him all the time.
It also kills me how black and white their thinking is. One time I tried to tell them that Hillary is very manipulative in how she pretends to be a feminist but blamed white women for her failure in the elections, and my dad called me a nazi.

It all feels so absurd. Like some two minutes of hate shit straight out of 1984. I really resent the media for encouraging this by insulting Trump all the time and acting as if that's "brave", no matter how terrible the man is, this can't be a replacement for proper, objective criticism.

No. 451383

I didn't get in to the masters programme which I wanted and I am so sad. I had a house in the city ready, funding and everything. I want to die. I had no back up plan bc I was sure I was getting in.

No. 451474

File: 1566394194297.gif (494.06 KB, 500x213, me irl.gif)

I still have no career plans or whatsoever and I'm going to college pretty-fucking-soon. I told my parents I wanted to take up wielding and construction cause I want to make pretty furnitures, they laughed at me at told me I wouldn't be able to feed myself. They're really pushing me to take up med and though I actually enjoy learning about human biology, the idea of studying for the entire fucking half of my adulthood already makes me want to kill myself.

I want to take up Physical Therapy, but then I'd have to go abroad for work because the demand here is low which sucks ass because I love my city. I want to be an ob/gyn too but that's 12 years of studying, fuck that shit.

I swear to god my future is bleak and I don't want to kill myself thinking about it. Any strong career women here who would like to give me advice would be appreciated.

>inb4 "just do what u love 2 do"

No. 451487

Trades can be very lucrative if you're able to start your own business. It does take hard work and some charisma, but a career in medicine would be even more demanding in that regard. I know people who were very passionate about becoming doctors and were very hard-working, and the pressure of med school still fucked their mental health so hard they had to switch fields.

You should so some research on the trades you're interested in, maybe even call up some professionals in your area. My mom teaches in a trade high school and employers tend to be be pretty impressed with kids that are genuinely interested, so they easily give information and even placements to those that put effort into contacting them. And her former students that started their own businesses are doing very well financially.

Hopefully if you can show your parents that their idea of a trade job is completely false, they'll change their mind.

No. 451500

stop trying to make anything out of this retard. you continue letting this happen and so he will continue not working on himself. you make an effort and give him space, and not only does he not meet you in the middle, but he only reacts after you are so worried that you freak out and give him an ultimatum.
find somebody who's willing to do his part, this one seems to think it's OK to make you carry everything that's heavy. I think you deserve better.

No. 451531

Depending on where you Trump can have a significant negative impact on your country's well being overall. America is a power player with the biggest armed forces and trade deals so when it's being helmed by a fascist racist sociopathic narcissists it's time to get obsessed and worried no matter where you are.

No. 451571

Ask her for the loan and pay her back on time. Tell her you'll pay back x amount each month and stick to it. If you do the right thing she will trust you later if you are in a tight spot and need to borrow money again. Just don't miss ANY payments for any reasons at all.

No. 451589


He has done pretty much nothing internationally that any normal ass US president hasn't done , probably a lot less actually considered all the escalations in the middle east with Bush and Obama. Its literally just derangement syndrome and perception. Trump is an ordinary as it gets except for fired up tweets.

No. 451603

I want to essentially purge my entire friends group. I don't want to formally cut them off, just "naturally" cease communication outside the bare minimum. They're a bunch of trainwreck energy vampires and I'm done wasting time on them.

No. 451632

he asked to buy greenland.

No. 451636

you are fully wrong and should not pretend to be well-informed. drone strikes in the middle east have risen dramatically under trump, and then they stopped reporting civilian casualty numbers (https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/2019/5/8/18619206/under-donald-trump-drone-strikes-far-exceed-obama-s-numbers). he pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, and pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, endangering the world. These were both negotiated by Obama. In addition, two anti-abortion Supreme Court justices have been appointed. Your false equivalencies are puerile and you're not cool for pretending there's nothing wrong, especially as a non-American with less skin in the game (until climate change starts to affect you).

>Hillary is very manipulative in how she pretends to be a feminist but blamed white women for her failure in the elections

What the fuck does this even mean? 1. when did she do that, and 2. why would talking about conservative white women be non-feminist? Stop letting your pissbaby too-cool friends make your political opinions for you. It must be sooo annoying for you that your parents are politically passionate and care about the future world you'll live in. Just more evidence that everyone with some vague "thing" against Hillary really mostly resents their mom for telling them stuff they know is right but don't like to hear.

this too lmao although that's more idiocy than policy. the dangerous policy comes from John Bolton et al, but we've known for a long time that he'll just do whatever the last person he talked to says is right. I honestly think he's too terrified of blood and has too little confidence to start an actual war, but that doesn't mean his advisors won't set up a situation where he feels like he has no other option but to retaliate to a perceived attack.

No. 451644

File: 1566407300929.jpg (84.23 KB, 700x700, sadcat8.jpg)

i posted that since we were in the middle of another fiasco like that. he last said, "i love you." so i said, "then talk to me tomorrow." then today just sent the usual, "if i don't hear from you once i'm done closing at work then i can only assume separation." this is the worst it's been. i even un-added him on a social medias. i added him back on snapchat since that's how we primarily talk but he hasnt added me back so i think it's just over at this point. and i guess i am better off.

No. 451648

Anon, did you read my post ? My dad stands in front of the TV to yell at a screen. It's not healthy, it's not being "passionate". It's a waste of time.

The other post you responded to as if it were me is another anon, I'm really not pretending to know the details of what's going in the US. My country has serious issues, our president is a fraud who was elected on false promises, the two main parties have almost entirely crumbled for the first time in centuries, we've had violent, destructive riots for a while now and those things are much more immediate issues for me and my family, but they don't care about that nearly as much as they care about what's happening on the other side of the world.

I just really resent how obsessed everyone is with America and Trump, and not even in way that is productive. My country's going through awful, chaotic changes but everyone's too busy making Trump memes to care.

No. 451649

If he doesn't care about you enough to even engage in minimal contact with you, he's probably not in love with you. That's not a good future. It's hard to let go but you have been too charitable for too long. You deserve someone who gives back.

No. 451651

are you reading the correct post?

No. 451662

since you started out talking about "trump derangement" and "hillary is manipulative" which are conservative/chapotraphouse canards i'm inclined to distrust this "oh I'm just worried about my country" turn. You can say you're worried that politics is damaging your parents' mental health without being edgy and pretending to have informed opinions.

If you were actually interested in making your parents less upset, you could talk to them about the fact that although you understand how awful it is, it's not healthy to engage in that much anger and anxiety. Or you could try to get them involved in your country's politics, since working actively brings more day-to-day fulfillment and a feeling of meaningfulness rather than being furious about stuff you can't control. That would be fair and a good tack to take. But it sounds like you're mostly trying to tell them that the issues aren't that serious. If I was your parent I'd ream you out for that.

They're reading the correct post but they're not reading it correctly. They thought I was still talking to them in the second reply but I was not.

No. 451663

File: 1566409332858.gif (958.58 KB, 220x220, 1564580479896.gif)

I have a friend who's very nice and fun to hang out with but whenever anything gay comes up in a conversation with our friend group she always visibly cringes and acts disgusted. At first I thought she was just like that when the topics of BL and ships came up when talking about series and manga we all like, but when we talk about more serious things like activism, the news, gossiping about who's dating who, etc. her reactions are the same but worse. She suggested we became room mates once because of the high rents in our city but I refused because I can't 100% feel comfortable with living with her even though she's harmless. I'm just disappointed.

No. 451672

ntayrt but it's nice to see another local Washingtonian on here kek I guess I'm one of the people op is talking about considering my family came here from Norway in the 60's and we're all pretty territorial. I'm just sick and tired of all the Californians moving here and then complaining about the weather/people/etc. I don't even go to Seattle anymore, they've completely ruined it.

No. 451680

my dad makes a spectacle of how positive, generous, and kind he is in public but he is the biggest douche in private. he's constantly cruel to my mom, curses out our dogs(??? i know it sounds minor but who swears at puppies daily), has no kind word to say, and ruins anything fun we have planned with his dickbaggery. the worst thing is he's an executive of sorts so when i go to events people say things like "your father is so inspiring anonette!" and i have to be like haha yeah totally

he even corrected my speech when i was younger to be more "positive" and punished me if i said something "negative" lest it manifest itself into the world. dude thinks he's a genius after reading The Secret

No. 451685

File: 1566410712123.jpeg (4.4 KB, 224x224, 1563317061848.jpeg)

>My friend didn't cheer when Big Brother came on the screen, should i accuse her for committing thought crimes?

No. 451697

Why do you guys keep posting this weird old guy? Is this a raid?

No. 451699

>They thought I was still talking to them in the second reply but I was not.
I was actually talking about how you responded to that one anon saying they weren't American, which made it seem like you assumed my first post was theirs too.
I also didn't mention "Trump derangement" anywhere ? I think you're conflating >>451589 and my own posts, that's another anon.

I did try to talk to my parents about their angry reactions (not just to this but other things too) but it accomplishes nothing, they immediately block me out and yell some more. I just can't help but feel that the media is partly at fault for encouraging this passive anger and obsession with America, because they weren't always like this, they used to be a lot more active in their beliefs.

No. 451712

>Trying to drop BMI from 25.5 to 22
>Exercise 5 times a week 1 hour of cardio, take the stairs, walk everywhere etc
>Do muscle training on the side
>Count calories and diet
>After a month still no weight loss
I hate it. What the fuck is wrong with me. I suddenly gained a lot of weight and I still have no idea how, it just happened out of nowhere without me really changing my life style. I've been really stressed for the past year so I guess that's what causing me to gain weight, I so wish I was one of those people who lose weight instead.

No. 451713

I know this sounds like a cop-out, generic response, but seriously consider getting your thyroid checked. I gained a shit ton of weight randomly due to diagnosed late onset thyroid disorder. Also, make sure you're measuring how much oil you use in your meals when you're counting calories.

No. 451717

Get a food scale.

No. 451729

Long af, but here it goes: I have this friend (who is also my dormmate) that really likes to give hugs to her friends that are only girls, so I'm included. We were both freshmen last year, and now, we're still dormmates. I wasn't really bothered by her hugs since it was her personality (bubbly and kinda aggressive), so I let it. This occurs almost daily, and even twice or thrice in a single day.

But a few months before the end of our first school year together, every time she hugs me I would just feel very nauseated. Whenever I see her, I would just have this feeling of dread at the pit of my stomach, and I would stiffen up as she hugs me. I would even hold my breathing at times.

Fast forward to a new school year, we're still dormmates, and she still hugs me, but the feeling of nausea was gone. I was still uncomfortable at times, but not as bad. But I think that by the end of the school year, the feeling of dread would be back again.

I know it sounds petty compared to the other posts here, but I just really want to tell her to fuck off sometimes. I'm really not that confrontational, so I don't want to tell her about this since it also sounds really petty, but at the same time, she should really know her boundaries. I've also just known her for a year, so I don't know how she will react.

That's not the only reason why I vented here tho, because at times, she would just be condecending af. I know that sometimes maybe she just wants to help, but her tone of voice just grates on me. Sometimes when we're at the dormer's lobby, and someone from the other table would have trouble with something, she would offer "help". Stop trying to talk them down. And when someone is talking about their experience, she would sometimes butt in about her OWN experience about the same topic or something.

What really gets me is when we were chatting on messenger, and somehow the topic of depression came up, and I told her that I was depressed (not really clinically diagnosed). I told her about my experience of crying myself to sleep almost every night for almost 2 years, only to stop for almost a year, but then it came back worse. She told me that maybe I'm just "sad" and not depressed at all since I haven't been officially diagnosed, and then proceeded to ask me questions in her attempts of "diagnosing" me. When I told her that I tried to attempt suicide twice, that shut her up. I just hate how "all-knowing" she is at times when it's not needed.

I also haven't been clinically diagnosed because I don't want my parents to worry about more things other than the shit they're going thru (finance and a possible divorce), so I kept shut most of the time. But they caught me attempting one time and told me how much they love me. And my mom reminded me of how long she carried me in her womb thru all those 9 months, only to end my life. That sure got me to shut up since I know how distraught they were when my mom had 2 miscarriages before having me. But my depression never got better after that day. It was only a few years later when I finally got better.

I also didn't want to consult a professional because my mom believes that depression could just be turned around if you just "have a positive thinking" bullshit. It also irks me how she would sometimes tell about this story to her friends. Like. Wtf woman. Your daughter just had a fucking breakdown, tried to kill herself, then you go off and tell it to your friends. Such fucking class.

My life is much better now - my parents' life too (didn't got thru the divorce), but that experience still left an impression on me till this day. Sorry for the tangent.

No. 451735

My sister is currently on her way for a psyche eval because she told her therapist she is having suicidal thoughts. I'm at a loss on how to help her anymore tbh. She's a 25yo neet and she has been struggling with bulimia this year. It's been a really hard year on my family (sister mentioned was attacked by a dog at her job, aunt died, my mom & I were accused of killing my aunt and it had to be investigated bc I work in home health and so does my mother, our grandpa had a dangerously low sodium level and almost died. He lost alot of his cognition and phys health though he's made good progress this month my sister, my mom, and I all take 12hr shifts because Drs say he & our grandma can't be home alone anymore) I understand why she's struggling, this year has been one punch after another and we're all exhausted. She has anxiety issues and had recently told my mom that she can't keep working (taking the 12hr shifts at our grandparents) but we really need her to. I had seen that she has started purging again (saw evidence twice in the past 2wks) and told my mom she needs to talk to her. I have caught her two other times relapsing with her ED and I really can't talk to her again about it. I'm at my wits end, I just wanna scream at her to knock it off, get out of her head but I know that isn't the solution. I'm the younger sister and I feel like I'm always playing 'my sisters keeper' type of role where our parents always just relied on me to handle whatever was going on with her because her and I have always been like best of friends. I just don't know what the fuck to do anymore, like does she need to be in an inpatient? Are we asking too much of her with the shifts? Usually she only has to do 2 nights and 1 day, I know she sees herself as a burden on our family and we're always trying to tell her she's not and that she needs to not focus on that but because she feels that way we're all so worried about how to talk to her about anything because we don't want what we say to make her feel worse or use our words as ammo against herself. Idk if I'm making any sense, I'm so overwhelmed and just over it. I want to check out too sometimes but I can't, it's a part of being an adult I got shit to do and people that rely on me I can't be entertaining suicidal fantasies atm. I really love my sister, she's one of my greatest friends but I don't know what to do and I am angry at her for this (again I know thats not rational and I would never tell her that I am). Everything has just been so hard and I don't know what to do anymore, idk how to fix any of this. I've struggled with self harm and sometimes still do but I have never experienced an eating disorder idk how to help with that. Everything is just starting to feel so hopeless and like none of this will ever end or get better, and i sound like a titty baby i get that its just hard to stay positive and keep fighting when im so over it all.

No. 451759

I wish /m/ and lolcow in general was more popular, just with women though.
/a/ just keeps getting worse after allowing shonen threads and being flooded by pooltards after the Trump election and the only thing mods do is banning the threads addressing the board issues.
At least mods an janitors in here give a shit about what the anons want.

No. 451772

File: 1566424954209.jpeg (5.75 KB, 300x168, images (2).jpeg)

An insidious strumpet keeps discarding used gum up all three flights of stairs to my apartment and it pisses me off. I know it's the same culprit because it's the same gum.
What dumbfuck discards gum wads on the same space where they walk! Animal! If I catch this bitch in the act I'm going to scrape that doughy mouth refuse off the fucking concrete and plug her nose with it.

No. 451776

For what it's worth I thought /m/ was /meta/ until last week, when someone on the confessions or dumbass shit thread said they like posting there when drunk.

Now I post there.

No. 451784

Becoming a full time caretaker for your family is incredibly stressful and not everyone is cut out for it. Your sister, who was already struggling with her mental health, is now tasked with the emotional burden of taking care of your grandparents too. It's not like she can help feeling suicidal. Maybe you should hire someone to help with your grandparents and take the burden off of all of you? Even if it was only a couple shifts. I know there are state programs to help with elderly people who don't want to get put in nursing homes but still need care. I know it's difficult for your whole family but try to have some empathy for her. You even admitted it's been a tough year for her.

No. 451789

File: 1566426898819.jpeg (36.7 KB, 240x213, F5072D84-B30C-441B-B127-FF547E…)

Yesterday I hooked up with a long time fwb and after he started showing me pics of kreyshawn (of all people) and said things like this pic drives me crazy and how all her thirst traps turn him on. I am honestly gutted by this and so unbelievably pissed off I didn’t say anything before he left because I didn’t want to get emotional but after I told him what he did was fucked up and he’s like “if it’s any consolation I never hesitate to tell you how good you look” bitch and?? That means nothing if ur thinking about other women when ur with me who does that. My self esteem is in the pits now I feel like shit and I hate myself for feeling this way and letting a stupid hookup fuck with my emotions like this

No. 451793

I wanna get fucked so bad but my stupid shitfuck vagina makes piv near impossible even with a small toy and yea clit stuff exists but I WOULD JUST ONCE APPRECIATE A GOOD POUND SESH. So sad and mad about it.

No. 451800

I have to agree with >>451784 on this one.

I was in a very similar situation to your sister, acting as a caretaker for an ailing family member while struggling with my own mental health (including an eating disorder). And it is so fucking hard. My mom and I were the only ones caring for my dad. While my other siblings got to continue on with their normal lives, I had to put my education and career on hold to help my mom so that she didn't have to do it all alone. I can't even tell you how much I began to resent my sister who I felt had absolutely no right to criticize me for my failing mental health when she and my other siblings put the entire burden of helping my parents out onto me. That time I spent prevented me from graduating college and took years out of my resume. Most employers don't care that the reason you have a big employment gap was because you were busy feeding and changing the diapers of your dying father. They just see that gap and write you off immediately.

This is turning into me ranting and seeming angry at you specifically, but I don't mean to. I'm just trying to get you to empathize with your sister right now because it's so hard being in that position. I wish I had more specific advice but idk your family's financial situation or other details like that. So I realize your family might not be in the position to hire someone to help you.

The best thing for your sister right now to get out of that situation - whether that's for treatment, schooling, trying to find a job, whatever…

So yes, you guys kind of are asking too much of her with the shifts. That kind of work takes a huge emotional and physical toll, and is definitely not for everyone - especially not someone dealing with so many big traumatic life changes along with mental illness. This isn't an easy thing for anyone involved, so I wish your whole family the best.

No. 451801

wut wrong with your vagina?

No. 451803

my dad choked me and dragged me across the floor today, I honestly don't really care cause I deserved it but holy shit am I pissed that some of my face and neck scarred. I'm currently peeling from a chemical peel so my skin is extra sensitive and now I have a couple of extremely dark scars…Fuck me.

No. 451805

>I deserved it
Anon, unless you were threatening his life with a weapon, you never "deserve" being hurt. What happened?

No. 451808

I’m feeling achingly sad right now. I’m so afraid of failure and embarrassment that I’ve stopped putting effort into things. I don’t know how to fix myself, it’s like there’s nothing but a downwards spiral from here. It’s scary feeling so fucked. Idk.

No. 451817

You can do it anon, keep trying and about the failure and embarrassment remember that we are all going to all eventually and nothing will matter. You are not your mistakes or how people see you, put effort for the self you want to be/help in the future.

No. 451818

>>451801 no clue, it just feel very intensily uncomfortable to do piv for more than a short moment. I don't have vaginismus, weird hymen or idk trauma so…no fucking clue. It's miserable.

No. 451820

i used to say i deserved that level of abuse from my step father because i had so little self esteem. my wake up call was when he would shove loaded guns in my face. shit is in no way excusable…

No. 451821

>>451803 anon, that sounds fucking awful, i'm sorry your dad is so shitty wtf. I'm sure your skin will be fine tho, if that's any help? I don't think you could have done anything to "deserve" that either, don't let him get in your head like that.

No. 451822

>>451820 dude, my dad did the loaded guns shoved into your face thing. At some point you just get used to it and it absolutely pains me that I gave so little shit at a point that it wouldn't even phase me, just took the bullet boxes (ammo??) and hid them. I fucking hate dads.

No. 451824

its so awful that that is something we had gotten used to. its horrifying! it was just so scary tho because he was constantly drunk and on meth or shrooms or something so i really did think i was going to die for a good two years.

No. 451826

Fuck. My stepdad once made me put a glow in the dark star on my head and stood in my bedroom doorway with a rifle pointed at me for I don't even remember how long. I'm sorry guys.

No. 451842

File: 1566434274679.jpeg (61.23 KB, 720x720, 1555505508752.jpeg)

this shit makes me hate men so much. i have a few decent men in my life but then this kind of stuff happens. ugh

No. 451844

God, there was a woman on the train who smelled like potatoes and onions and now the smell is just lingering on me. I thought once I got off the train I wouldn't smell the potatoes and onions anymore. I need to take a bath lol

No. 451848

>>451842 whenever someone says they hate their dad and it's about some "he said i dress weird!!1" and there you are, feeling like shit bc you thought you found someone to bond with the terror of possibly being killed by your daddy dearest.

No. 451850


No. 451862

I've got a couple of unemployed friends I am thinking of talking to. We have someone come for Mon-Tues from 9:30-4:30 but we don't have alot of money to pay for more.

I know what I said sounded callous, I didn't mean for it to. I feel for her I really do, I help her in trying to get hobbies, I invite her out with me & my friends (and they all adore her). I think the best way to put it is I'm mad at the situation. I don't know what to do to help & I feel like my family looks to me to be the one to fix it all when it comes to her. I think she looks to me for that too. Back when I was a jr. in hs i helped her a lot when she was suicidal and would stay home from school if she had asked me to. I kinda went off the deep end and would use school hours to get high/fucked up and went off the deep end for a bit. I can't do that again, but I don't think it is going to be like last time, I'm just paranoid. I really do empathize, I love her. I wish I knew what to do.

They decided she should stay at the inpatient place, so I'll be taking over her shifts for now. I hope that where she is will give her some kind of useful tools in how to deal with her bulimia. That's my biggest concern right now. We've talked about it a couple of times, and I've confronted her (not rudely but in a "hey don't lie I know you what you're doing " kind of way) but I really have no idea what to do when it comes to that.

I want her to be okay, I want her to do well and feel good about herself. I want her to get out and enjoy life. I just feel overwhelmed and hopeless with everything going on and i'm not handling it well, my emotions are all over the place.

I really appreciate yalls input, I will talk to our mom and some friends of mine and see what we can figure out from here.

No. 451895

those feels though..

No. 451911

>been surviving off of ramen and canned food for the last couple of weeks, decided to treat myself to some fast food
>i order and go to pay, my credit card gets declined
>the worker lets me try again but it keeps getting declined
>gets embarrassed and awkwardly tries to hand the food to the worker since i can't pay for it
>worker takes pity on me, tells me not to worry about it and lets me take the food for free
>thanks her profusely but also feels pathetic for being so damn poor

The lady was an angel, the location I went to is kinda known for having employees who don't give a fuck about their job and will give away food if they feel like it so I'm lucky that I happened to get one of those workers. I just hate that I reached a point where I can't even afford food, my new job doesn't start for another week and I won't get paid until two weeks after that, so I'm surviving off of junk right now. Can't wait until I have an actual income.

No. 451921

File: 1566450386460.jpeg (17.25 KB, 275x262, 1555100755124.jpeg)

I'm generally pretty good at living off a minimal amount of interaction with my friends but holy shit tonight I just feel so lonely and so anxious. I think its because I'm PMSing but I just wish I could have an actual good conversation with someone. I'm seriously considering reactivating my tinder just for some human interaction.

No. 451939

anon, you need to tell her to stop hugging you, if you feel uncomfortable. I recognize this from my past, where one of my friends was way too touchy and after awhile it made me very uncomfortable and I started to dread our meetings and when we did meet, I felt nauseated when she touched me. You have the right to decide when it comes to your body and right of inviolability and it sounds like your friend doesn't seem to respect those rights. If she touches you and talks down to you, it sounds manipulative af.

I'd like to add, if she reacts badly when you confront her, it's not because you did anything wrong.

No. 451950

I love all cats but i cant deal with the bullshit thats it „donT bUy catS gEt Them oFf the StrEets”. Nope, i am not evil cos i got my from a breeder. I checked the ppl etc. It is a good breeder and i love my smol fluffy son. I am not evil cos i wanna a cat that is this way and not another. Deal with it. I can love all cats and still want a cat that is a certian way.

No. 451954

File: 1566456769534.png (46.2 KB, 300x250, AsSx85PzQ1-6.png)

i have been binging eating constantly today and i hate myself.
also i just want to have sex with a sorcerer up in his stupidly tall stone tower with the permanent lightning storms flashing and shit.
i really dont think im handling my depression very well

No. 451956

it's still selfish and cruel to the cat you would have adopted who's still in a cramped shelter. needing your perfect cat is not a valid excuse. you aren't "evil" because you got a cat from a breeder, but it is cruel and irresponsible to get a cat from a breeder. honestly, if you really love cats, if you looked at shelter cats for long enough, you would fall in love with one. you don't have to live your life perfectly - everyone gets to indulge in some things. but don't try to say it isn't wrong. it can be wrong and not mean that you're a bad person. you don't have to be able to justify every choice you make to be a good person.

people who let their cats outside to kill birds can get shot, but that's a separate issue

No. 451957

I have the same fucking problem. People make fun of people with weight issues by acting like hormonal issues dont exist but they do. Like other anon said, you might have thyroid problems or another hormonal problem.

No. 451961

I don’t understand why you’re so emotional about him finding other women attractive when you know he’s nothing more than a fuck-buddy. Either you have feelings for him or self-esteem issues.

No. 451981

cats are not indoor pets and you are beyond cruel if you don't let yours roam in nature.
the problem is not cats killing birds, it's too many cats killing birds, and the solution is to sterilise them to get that under control.

No. 451986

that sounds really shitty anon, i'd feel awkward around someone like that too
you'd think she'd at least try to hide it since being a homophobe isn't socially accepted anymore
but showing such an obvious reaction is gross

No. 451994

>letting your animals, that you're supposed to watch over and protect, roam freely, where they can contract disease, get attacked, poisoned, run over and killed, shot with pellet guns, etc etc
what fucking other animal do people have they they allow to do this? none. the answer is none. people who actually like, love their pets and can't stand to see them harmed, just use enrichment and play with them, rather than allow them to be exposed to the elements and exposed to all sorts of other animals, disease, and people. i can't even tell you how many cats i've known who have been "indoor/outdoor" cats that have been run over.

No. 451996

A couple months ago I cut off a person who honestly annoyed me with petty crazy bullshit for years. Like to the point you want to shake them and say “Are you fucking listening to your psychotic babble?” but now I feel like a shit person for doing it damn. Probably because I dont really have a close friend. I’ve kind of always been like this though. I’d have one ‘best friend’ who would treat me like crap and call me a dumbass, judge even the most basic of my decisions in a condescending way, and put me down in other ways. And then I’ll just snap and cut them off because I can’t handle that shit day in and day out. In one instance I had a whole group of people telling me how annoying and flat out mean a certain person was (we were all just mutuals) and they persuaded me to cut her out of my life (which i agree was for the better)

I know you shouldn’t keep shit people in your life but in the end I feel like the shit person who has no friends lol

No. 452001

that is life. sterilise them, vaccine them, give them anti flea treatment and let them live in the fields and in the forest. I would rather they go on adventures and enjoy the outdoors and get devoured by a fox at 5 rather than rot away on a sofa and die at 12 of sadness and boredom.
cats are not for you to confine, cats are animals and they are made for freedom and I don't interfere with that.
if you can't stomach your cat exploring and being at risk ie having a life, get a plushie, those never go anywhere and don't die either.

No. 452006

it's not some insane hippie liberal belief to take care of your fucking animals. People who let their animals roam the streets are complete morons and shouldn't be allowed to have animals

>spending money on your animal just to let it die because you were too stupid to watch over and protect it like a good owner

>letting an animal corpse just rot in the streets for all the family and children to see, sorry I don't think little jimmy should see mr whiskers head splattered open and maggots everywhere because some dumbass couldn't even be bothered to take even the most BASIC of care of an animal which was watch over it
>it displays irresponsibility
>people who have vicious animals can let them roam the streets attacking other animals and people

sucks most people are so fucking black and white lots of people think telling someone to act like responsible pet owners is some extreme liberal crazy toxic belief

No. 452007

>spending tons of money on cats just to let it become wild fox food because you don't know how animals work
god forbid someone give their cat a nice warm home safe from rain and harm, so selfish!

No. 452009

You sound demented

No. 452010

or you could just provide your cat a happy, enriching life without letting them fend for themselves like a wild animal? teach them to walk on a leash. get a catio. supervised outdoor time. possibilities are endless AND safe.

No. 452011

File: 1566463554198.jpg (4.77 KB, 300x250, buggs.jpg)

My dog is becoming more demanding. I've tried ignoring it/not rewarding it like I read but my dog constantly is grabbing my hands to pet him.

He wakes me in the middle of the night to tuck him in and pet him till he goes to sleep. If I ignore this behaviour he will whine until he gets his way (he will go a looong time till I give in). I admit I have spoiled him, but it seems to becoming worse to where it affects my sleep. I fucked up anons. I tried increasing playtime because I thought we weren't spending enough time together and we go on longer walks even. It seems to just be the result of spoiling him too much.

No. 452012

The anon is just simple minded and black and white, they think there's no other option than "let a helpless cat get mauled by animals" or "just lock it a room all day"

I wonder if they think all the indoor cat toys and activities as well as cat owners often owning more than one cat is all for decoration. Clearly no other activity is better for a cat than roaming the streets and woods digging in trash cans for food, scurrying for a place for shelter when hard weather hits, and running from cars, animals, people, etc, just to have it's guts splattered all over the street for all the kids to see. But it's the people who allow their cats to live a healthy, stimulating, social lifestyle that's also indoors who are the true evil torturing animals

No. 452013

My stomach hurts and I can't stop burping because I ate too much again. It was just one normal lunch set from a mexican rstaurant and my stomach was empty, I don't understand. It's like my stomach is too small or something. Last time it happened and ended up barfing on a sidewalk after leaving the restaurant, it sucks.

No. 452020

My long relationship is falling apart because I am still mentally ill. All I want to do is get drunk to the point where i can finally kill myself.
No, that's not how I deal with things. I've just try so hard. I don't know what to do.

No. 452025

I don't even get the point of having a cat if it just roams like a wild animal 24/7 and only comes back for food. Just get a hands off animal like a reptile or a fish at that point.

No. 452030

looks like i'm not the only one assuming things. my cats don't get run over because I don't live in an area with a lot of cars, and if I did I wouldn't have cats, because I am not selfish.
they are welcome at my home for shelter or food at anytime they choose.
I just am not controlling enough to reduce their world to one little house or apartment and shake plastic toys in front of them to ease my guilt for not allowing them to explore outside, hunt, smell things, have an actual social life with other cats, eat disgusting stuff behind my back to make themselves an immune system, hide, play, say hello to the neighbours, etc.
I'm quite shocked so many of you guys lock up your cats. i hope for their sake you are at least neets or homemakers and keep them company, because imagining them sleeping all day bored and declawed, having never seen a deer or climbed up a tree, and wheezing because of the litter they are forced to shit into, while youre gone from 9 to 5, is beyond sad.
actually what you are doing is exactly like people who put a goldfish in a tiny bowl but cats are so common that encaging them in your living room is normal.

No. 452032

>my cats don't get run over because I don't live in an area with a lot of cars, and if I did I wouldn't have cats, because I am not selfish.
??? one car is still a chance to get run over, and if you didn't there's more chance a wild animal would maul them, if you truly weren't selfish you wouldn't think it's better for cats to die a slow painful death than to be in a safe comfy home and do stimulating activities

>I just am not controlling enough to reduce their world to one little house or apartment and shake plastic toys in front of them to ease my guilt for not allowing them to explore outside, hunt, smell things, have an actual social life with other cats, eat disgusting stuff behind my back to make themselves an immune system, hide, play, say hello to the neighbours, etc.

they can… literally do those things while living in a house or apartment. you clearly didn't read in which I listed ways cats can live stimulating lives while being safe therefore just shows me you're purposely ignorant and that there's no point in repeating myself, hopefully your brain cells can rub together enough to comprehend what me and the other anon said, or else you wouldn't be so damn insistent that we're evil cat torturers and who only want cats to never leave our couch

No. 452034

Idk how anyone can feel comfortable keeping their cat indoors all the time, it's so unnatural. Cats are obsessed with the outdoors, even when mine are inside they love to sit at the window and if the glass doors are shut they will stare and wait til they can go outside. It's not ideal that outside isn't completely safe, I planned for an inside cat when I got my first, but I felt like the worst person ever when it became clear how desperate she was to get outside. It's not like they constantly wander the neighbourhood or the roads, mostly they just like to roll around in the dirt in our yard.

No. 452035

I'd say it depends on the area and depends on the cat. I've met happy indoors cats and happy outdoors cats, so I think anyone who says stuff like "If you let your cat outdoors you're an evil murderer" or "If you keep your cat indoors it will never be happy" is delusional.

No. 452036


You sound like someone who thinks cats can be vegans too.

No. 452057

Sometimes I feel really pathetic that I'm weak even for a woman. I rely on men to do a lot of labor for me, I'm not strong, and I'm not independent. Feminists hate me, and I still have feminist views and all but I can't be this strong perfect warrior woman like other women can. I get needy in relationships and I can barely lift 10 lbs and I hate arguing with men and just agree with them if they challenge me. I don't like that I'm this way I'm just emotionally and physically weak.

No. 452064

My cat was a stray, but she loved inside. We never got a cat flap for her, she only went outside when someone was in the house, she didn't range very far and we lived in a quiet street and she stayed away from cars. Older she got the more reluctant she was to go outside, tending to just want to go to the bathroom and come back in, I have memories before school having to wait on her to come back in before I could leave. Best part of the morning routine, I would never get mad if she took her time lol. It was always so sweet watching her chase insects and leap about the flowers. She loved being in the garden with people or sitting in the front garden when school children would be walking home for pets. She sadly passed away from a stomach cancer. My mum and I use to clean up hairballs with disinfectants we didn't know were poisonous. I'm not sure what caused her cancer but there's a lot of indoor stuff that can be just as fatal as outside.

No. 452065

You're sounding like you're trying to blame being a doormat on being a ~uwu smol weak girl~, tbh. No woman is born being a "strong perfect warrior woman", all women develop muscles slower and with more difficulty than males, so you being weak is totally understandable. We're also all potential targets for male violence, and it'd be easier for all of us to be doormats who agree with men all the time. You're likely not any weaker, physically or emotionally, than the average woman, you just think so because it's easier to see yourself that way, and/or men have told you you are.

The only difference between you and the feminists that supposedly hate you is that they made the choice not to rely on men, no matter how much easier their life would be. If you live in a country where you can legally be independent, work and support yourself, you can make the same choice.

No. 452072

File: 1566477419786.jpeg (13 KB, 275x157, 1530841154004.jpeg)


Just because feminism has been brigaded by bull dykes pushing for their own fag agenda for years doesn't mean you have to give a crap about their shitty ideas of what a woman is like or is not.

No. 452073

i'm such an idiot. almost every single crush i had turned out to be a horrible person. everytime i thought "hey, maybe i can talk him out of this! maybe he just needs help!" it never worked and i just ended up hurting myself. does it ever work? it never did for me..

No. 452075


how common is it for people to walk their kitties on a leash? I've only seen stuff like that online. Like people who travel and hike with their cats, the leash is not like a dog leash but more comfortable one.

Where i live is not safe to leave cats to wander, they get poisoned by garbage neighbors or Santeria practitioners (no, its not a fake stereotype, santeros sucks) .

No. 452083

see, the funny thing is, by buying a cat from a breeder, you're letting another cat languish in a shelter. doesn't that make you beyond cruel?

you fucking bought a cat from a breeder and you're lecturing us about how cats deserve freedom and independence? who's treating a cat like a possession here?

you can literally let them do everything you listed by taking them outside on a leash and arranging meetups with other cats, but you're just too fucking lazy. Where does declawing even come into this?

this person thinks there cat has more right to a fun & fulfilling life without them having to put in any effort, than about 10 songbirds a day have a right to live.

take your cats outside on a leash then. walk them like people walk dogs. if you don't want to train them that just means you'r fucking lazy and selfish.

poisoning cats to defend birds & other wildlife is fully valid. cats are an invasive species. we cull invasive species. they don't have any special right to exist over other animals just because we think they're cute.

No. 452088

You sound like a roleplaying man.

No. 452093

Whenever people post in local groups about their lost cat, 9 out of 10 times it's an outdoor cat. Don't let your cat out. I've even seen people make posts for their barn cats.
I've had my cousin lose his cat for over two weeks and came back severely underweight. Turns out the cat was in the neighbor's yard and afraid of their dog. They stopped letting him out after that. Learned their lesson.
If you REALLY wanted to, leash train your fucking cat and go outside with them. My cats are comfortable enough being set outside in a large dog cage while I relax out on the porch.

Do these same anons claiming keeping a cat indoors is cruelty let their pet birds roam outside too?

No. 452094

Women who don't live up to your standards aren't real women, noted.

No. 452095

Dunno how common it is but it was pretty easy to teach my big dumb boy to walk on a leash. I'll walk him around my garden and occasionally beyond around my building and a small nearby park, and my cat is super friendly so he doesn't mind when people walk up. If any dogs come around and flip out I just pick him up and go somewhere else.

No. 452096

Anon didn't say anything about standards though? I see what she means, the whole "I'm just so weak and need a man to save me even though I'm a feminist!" thing is a really big male fantasy, it's an actual porn category. Not to say that anon might not really be struggling with this, but it's true that men write roleplays about that shit.

No. 452097

File: 1566480187970.jpg (39.14 KB, 540x405, IMG_20190814_001757_121.jpg)

I feel like everything I have done to this point in my life has been pointless. I always believed in hard work, in fights and social battles, but now it just seems so doomed to nothingness.
For each good news, there is a big, fat, one as a sign our future is destroyed and there is nothing left to do unless big Corps vanish in a day.
I had have always a bright smile and optimism for the future, everyone knew me for my energy and my will to go on and fight for the future, for the first time ever I feel defeated. My time wasted.
I just want to live by the day waiting for the day in which there is nothing left and I can pull the trigger without regrets.

No. 452098

This isn't what I said? I said your post reads like that of a man from the phrasing to your view on being female and on feminism.

No. 452102

I think it should be ok to admit weakness when you're constantly told you have to be strong its suffocating.

No. 452103

I've tried walking my cat on a leash but no matter how many times we do he just doesn't understand that I can't walk straight through bushes and fences. Now when he wants to play outside I tie his leash to a tree in the garden and let him run around out there.

No. 452104

>You're mean and abusive to cats!
>Also poisoning cats is valid.

No. 452106


You don't sound very happy about yourself, anon. You know you can change the things you've listed as not liking about yourself?

>I'm not strong

Nobody is born strong. People don't come out of the womb able to lift a 10kg dumb-bell. Buy some home weights (start small, like 1kg) and try working out at home a little bit each day. No, you probably won't ever be able to pull a truck yourself but you can get to the point where you can lift 10lbs with a bit of exercise.

>I just agree with men all the time

This sounds like a self confidence issue. Do you often find yourself giving way in discussions and arguments? Your opinions and feelings are as deserving of respect as anybody else's. Yes, even if you were born with a vagina. Have you thought about therapy to address your lack of confidence? Short-term therapy can actually be a really great way to get yourself on track for who you want to be.

>I get needy in relationships

Is this because the people you're dating are emotionally distant or is it because you require levels of attention and validation that no human can reasonably be expected to give? I would say consider this question (don't just default to "It's my fault" but don't write off the possibility that it may be either).

No. 452107

Poisoning cats is a scrote meme, it gets posted over on /an/ constantly. They can't comprehend that the solution to cats messing with the ecosystem is to supervise your cats' outside time and to neuter and release strays, because they just want an excuse to kill something.

No. 452111

I mean yeah I'm certainly no personification of confidence or happiness. I don't like that I let men talk over me but I hate arguing and I'd rather just let a man win and be right than have to argue or prove him wrong. I'm not some uwu smol bean I just think feminism should leave room for being to be emotionally expressive sometimes or open about their feelings.

No. 452112

* for women not for being

No. 452114

>I don't like that I let men talk over me but I hate arguing

Do you let women talk over you or shout you down?

If yes: This is a self-confidence issue and therapy really would help you. I used to be like this and it led to people walking all over me and put me in a lot of situations I hated because I didn't feel like I could stand up for myself when it counted. I still don't like arguing and will avoid it if I can, but I don't let people shit on me.

If no: This is a self-confidence issue and an internalised misogyny issue. Therapy can help you gain the confidence and respect for yourself to stop letting people treat you like you're worth less because of your sex.

No. 452115

What sort of feminism are you talking about exactly, anon? The feminists I read/follow always condemn men's inability to process their own emotions and encourage women to engage with each other and discuss their feelings and struggles. It's a very male idea that feelings are a weakness, it's not normally a part of feminist theory.

No. 452117

Anon this makes my heart ache so much. Best of luck in your new job! I hope you'll find a nice crisp $20 bill on the ground and can get something nice and filling with it.

No. 452119

they are separate issues. Buying a cat from a shelter contributes to the abuse of cats. Letting a cat outdoors contributes to the death of birds. By buying a cat, you are culling a shelter cat who will be euthanized, or will live its life in a most likely cramped shelter, so that you can have the perfect aesthetic kitty for your self-image. You're doing the same thing, but for your own selfishness. The purpose of culling cats is to protect wildlife populations.

To lay it out clearly for you:
- buying a cat contributes to cat overpopulation and euthanasia at shelters
- culling wild cats via euthanasia is to protect wildlife

it's the same action, but one is for a purpose.

Yeah, it would be great if everyone supervised their cats outdoor time. but they don't. It would be great if neutering strays stopped the mass murder of birds by cats for fun, but it doesn't, because people buy cats from breeders and let them go outside unsupervised. These are partial solutions, but there needs to be a way to deal with people who let their cats outdoors and don't give a shit.

Ideally non-stray cats caught outdoors could be traced back to the owners who would be fined. But we don't have a system for that, and there isn't likely to be one anytime soon, especially in developing tropical countries with endangered bird species. So I can't really blame people for taking direct action.

If birds could fight back on their own, people wouldn't let their cats outside.

No. 452131

I doubt many people who buy cats from breeders let them go outside.

No. 452135

About 70% of people keep their cats strictly indoors, and about 30% let them outside at least sometimes. I doubt this would be different for people who buy cats. It would make sense if they were more protective of their cats because they paid for their perfectly bred kitten, but outdoor-cat people usually deny that being outdoors is unhealthy or dangerous, because otherwise they'd have to admit they aren't caring for their cat properly, which they never will. If anything, I would suspect people who buy their cats from breeders let them outside more, because they're thoughtless, self-centered people in one aspect, so they probably are in others.

No. 452139

This is a britfag perspective but here basically shelter cats are outdoors cats. Unless it's a cat with specific trauma or a health issue, they won't let you have a cat unless it can be an outdoors cat.

Most cats from breeders are indoors cats here.

No. 452147

>they don't have any special right to exist over other animals
>but i kill cats because other animals have a right to exist over them

Fuck you, imagine being this entitled and degenerate to kill an innocent animal that belongs to a neighbor and is loved by them. You are the scum of the earth and fuck your beloved vermin and pidgeons too.

No. 452156

I know that feel anon. I've vented about my dog a number of times here.

She's old and going senile, and a while back had a death scare that seemed to reset her and she forgot a lot of the house rules about when it's acceptable to bark. She would go several nights in a row just barking up a storm, running between my room and my parents room until someone got out of bed to pet and cuddle her, but of course it wasn't enough for her. I try my best to use positive reinforcement and had to scold my parents into ignoring her throughout the night too (they spoil her a lot more than I do, and behind my back), but it didn't work because of course the only time she has hours worth of energy to spend barking is during the middle of the night. She doesn't care if you ignore her, she'll just keep going until it's time to wake up and inevitably people will get out of bed and pet her. I love my dog so much, but it's downright fucking infuriating when we've been kept up multiple nights in a row because of her. I thought it might be because she's hungry so I switched from giving her one big meal a day to splitting it into two, to also trying to play more with her/longer walks (but she's a senior dog so there's only so much more playtime/walking we can do), to cuddling her more but it just wasn't enough.

It sucks, but you might have to use some negative reinforcement. Not Brooke Houts levels of course, but I'll usually stick to a quick, firm tap on the head/nose and telling her no. This works best for me and my dog to get the message across that she has to knock it off. Sometimes she'll keep going but I'll watch her for a bit and repeat if necessary until she's completely stopped/given up. I've heard of some people spritzing their dog with water/vinegar or some just grabbing and holding their dog's snout to 'reset' them, but I haven't tried any of these since just a tap will do with my dog.

Best of luck anon! I love my dog, but there are some nights where I'm absolutely at my wits end with her. I don't like to see her sulk after being punished, but I enjoy my full nights rest and she gets plenty of love/is allowed to get her crazies out in the morning time when it's an acceptable time for it.

No. 452157

>endangered native bird species = vermin
yeah ok

we cull invasive species. that's a fact. invasive species disrupt native ecosystems in ways we can't predict. if you're against the culling of invasive species, that's a whole other can of worms.

I would support a system of fining the owners of cats found outdoors, in preference to culling, for the record. But you're taking the easy way out, crying about the culling of cats while pretending that outdoor cats don't have negative consequences.

No. 452167

>cats are an invasive species. we cull invasive species. they don't have any special right to exist over other animals just because we think they're cute
All truth. These cat ladies have no idea how much damage their little fur babies do to their local wildlife. Birds and other little critters are far more valuable to natures order than cats.

No. 452170

I fucking hate the subreddit fatlogic… I used to go on there back when it was more tolerable but now its just a piece of shit. They ALWAYS target fat woman harsher than they do fat men, meanwhile they always make excuses for fat scrotes and if they dont they have a faintly coddling undertone to their posts when the subject is on them, while fat and chubby women are literally worse than hitler and ugly as fuck and hideous and shouldnt breed. Fuck im so fucking tired of blalant misogyny existing on every fucking website that isnt female dominated. I think those faggots hate fat women so much not because theyre unhealthy but because they find them unfuckable. Its so inauthentic.

Another thing, I see a lot of EDfags and people with weird BMIs like BMI of 15 posting there and defending it like its normal. Exercise you skinnyfat fuck and get to a normal BMI of 19 instead of starving yourself because you dont wanna hit the gym or build muscle.

No. 452171

My friend cancelled our plans last week and said he'd make it up with going to a movie/dinner this week. He's started a new job so I didn't know his days off were consistent now (we both used to work the same retail job so changing off days were our norm), and it wasn't until he texted me this morning that I knew our plans would be for today. I'm a bit peeved because it's going to be fucking hot as shit today (92F) and I was supposed to go get korean cold noodles with my mum for dinner. He's off tomorrow too, so I asked if we could just go out tomorrow instead because it's significantly cooler tomorrow (77F) (also I wouldn't be so worried/pressed for time to do my regular after work shit), but he's going out with his parents. I asked him if we could go out to the mall today instead then (our original plan last week) so that we could at least just walk around indoors because I don't want to deal with the nasty, sticky humidity but he said he's going out to the mall tomorrow with his parents. Well fuck me I guess.

I know I should just go but I hate hot weather and really wanted cold noodles with my mum. I'm just being selfish because I hate being so pressed for time on a weekday night when I know I have to go home and have a bunch of shit waiting for me to do before trying to get into bed on time. Might just end up making an excuse to back out anyway even though I know it'll probably make him annoyed.

No. 452172


Rat ladies and commander Holly seething about their dumb vermin.

I actually live in a tropical city with plenty of birds, cats mean shit for their population, we have an increase of population of several bird species actuall and one of the parks that have a large population of birds happens to be nearby an area with lots of strays, Like 90% of hat they would hunt are dumb street pidgeons and rats that are available and at ground level. Your argument is retarded.

The biggest danger to endangered species is never cats, not even close, is poachers and retarded humans that hunt them, catches them as pets or fuck their habitats like you are doing with cats.

No. 452175

Anon, most people in this thread who are disagreeing with poisoning cats are arguing for walking your cats on leashes, building catios or supervising them in your garden so they don't actually kill birds, rodents and the like.

Also, why do people only care about the ecosystem when they can criticise cats? No one says anything when humans import non-native insects that kill the local insects and can't even pollinate local plants, which is a much more serious issue than cats are. Caring about the environment is great, but a lot of people seem to actually just be looking for an excuse to kill cats.

No. 452181

Dialysis is fucking boring.

No. 452183

People just don't think about the environment, like at all. All native species are important, in ways that we can't even predict. In India, their native crows almost all died due to a livestock medication that was toxic to them. This meant that dead livestock were consumed by dogs instead of crows. Crows, when they eat carrion, have strong digestions that destroy bacteria. Dogs don't. This led to the spread of disease, as you might expect.

Cats don't hunt crows of course, but they do hunt a lot of birds that control other pests, mainly insects.

From wikipedia: In Australia, hunting by cats helped to drive at least 20 native mammals to extinction, and continues to threaten at least 124 more. Their introduction has caused the extinction of at least 33 endemic species on islands throughout the world. Feral and domestic cats kill billions of birds in the United States every year, where songbird populations continue to decline.

No one is talking about rats, and I don't know what the fuck "commander Holly" means.

just because there are bigger issues than cats doesn't mean they aren't an issue. No one needs to have a cat, much less an outdoor one.

There are several people arguing that cats should be allowed to roam free outdoors, and I would assume they are against culling. No one is "looking for an excuse to kill cats", jesus christ. You are taking the easy way out of a sticky issue with no perfect solution, and taking a simplistic and naive moral stand rather than discussing a complex issue. Are outdoor-cat people "looking for an excuse to kill birds"? No, I don't think they are, they just don't like to think about it. Again, cats obviously aren't the world's biggest environmental issue, but keeping a cat indoors (or supervised when outdoors as you said) isn't fucking hard. It's literally the same amount of work as people do for their dogs.

To be clear, I don't support culling cats, I support spaying & neutering strays and fining the owners of cats found outdoors repeatedly.

No. 452186

NTA but literally just not common pets compared to cats? lol.

No. 452188

Yeah and I'm pretty sure importing invasive species is punishable by heavy fines and confiscation of the animals. Cats are just grandfathered in.

No. 452191

Holly shit my mother is so freaking dumb.
She can't distinguish between tv shows and reality and thinks that analyzing media critically is for nerds.
I can't not despise someone so proud about being dumb, lazy and poor. The stupid b** does literally nothing in her life, was an incompetent mother, doesn't work nor seeks education and thinks she has any right to criticize people that are trying to better their lives or to live in a better country.

No. 452194

Samefag but, she also always puts out this really weird energy whenever I'm busy studying or specially when I'm working or looking for a new job.
Maybe it's the crabs in a bucket mentality taking effect…

No. 452196

Dont freel like this, sorry. If i buy a cat its alredy there so i give the cat a home too. Its not like o tell them to make a cat for me. Sorry but i know ppl that got cats from shelter and they are crazy. I know what i get, and if u dont want to buy pets its ok. But dont tell me i am selfish etc cos i am talking care of a pet i give him a home etc. Why cant ppl accept it?

No. 452199

I don't think I'm very well again and I don't know what to do about it. I keep having really bizarre thought processes and it's getting increasingly harder to stay focused on the real world. I found the guy that groomed me online when I was 12 through a mutual friend of ours and followed him, knowing he would instantly message me - and he did. I keep obsessing over my abusive ex and what he did to me…and missing it. I don't want to die, but I sure wish someone would just fucking lobotomise me.

No. 452204

Unnatural? Wat? My cat is happy he has a cosy home, he is a all time at home cat and has no problem with it. The problem for some ppl may be that u need to play with a cat like that every day some time, get him stuff to do, toys, tricks and i think thats the problem for you. Ppl think that u get ur cat outside and thats it some food and let him be. I dont see it like this sorry but nope.

No. 452207

That and free range cats are one of the main causes of extinction of native birds and small rodents. So it's not very environmental friendly to let your cat out.

No. 452212

Tottaly. The problem with cats is that people think that you dont need to play with them, do stuff with them etc. Cats are the same as dogs here, if you have a indoor cat you need to give him some of your time. And ShOoK the cat is not sad etc. If it gets the stimulation it needs it can be a happy indoor cat. But u need to oku with it.

No. 452214

Yep, I adopted my older cat and was specifically told to keep her indoors at all times because she has a heart murmur and severe allergies. Absolutely none of these "cats need the outdoors!!" people can make me feel bad about taking care of an old lady in her retirement home.

No. 452244

this circular cat care arguments happen every week without fail and is boring and gay

No. 452287

Like you

No. 452291

New people at work keep leaving their trash on my table. I don't know how people can be so selfish and stupid. I'd be so embarrassed if I left my trash everywhere but hardly anyone in this shithole cares. I'm sick of people walking all over me just because I'm quiet. I'm not a maid to a bunch of people double my age.

No. 452293

U can go away then?

No. 452331

A general cat discussion thread might be good? Maybe there is one and I hadn't noticed

No. 452370

Any subreddit that's for judging or making fun of people, like relationship_advice, publicfreakout, amitheasshole, roastme, etc will inevitably go harsher on women and to a certain extent racial minorities. It's so obvious that they do that but they will turn around and claim actually all subreddits are somehow biased to favour women. I agree, I'm tired of going on most male-dominated websites.

No. 452374

I'm happy I left my retail job but I feel so awful for my friends who are stuck there. Newer bottom of the barrel employees have nothing to hold them there, but a lot of my friends are in slightly higher management so their pay is pretty damn good (bottom of the chain employees used to be paid a few dollars more than minimum wage, but now it's just minimum wage) so it makes it harder to leave.

It's a fucking hot mess. It's the biggest flagship store in the world for that brand, but they're horrendously understaffed and overworked because of company standards (which by themselves aren't bad and have honestly helped me build up a good work ethic). There's a huge culture clash because they're a foreign company here in the U.S. and refuse to adapt, all of upper management is filled with expats who refuse to budge and listen to the employees. They cut corners constantly and haven't stopped, the worst of which was deciding to not renew the contract with the cleaning company that came with the building they lease. Yes, the cleaning company was expensive, but we don't have the minimum number of employees even needed to run this fucking monster of a store and on top of regular cleaning duties (sweeping floors, dusting the tables and fixtures, lint rolling- not bad or difficult, but again, literally the largest store of this global company) employees have to clean the bathrooms.

I went to visit my friend the other day and he said that both the employee and customer bathrooms were fucked and closed off. Well okay then, what about the bathroom in the subcellar of the building? It's our last resort option aside from physically leaving the building to bother nearby businesses for their bathroom. Nope, the building shut off the water supply. Get fucked if you want to drink water or pee! HR demands that employees clock out if they have to go outside to pee (we later found out we technically don't have to and it was an empty threat).

There's rumors that they might shut down the store and I fucking hope they do. Every general manager that store has had has slowly plunged it deeper into hell, and there's no saving it now. There are so many bright, wonderful, and truly hardworking people who work there who get scammed into that "just continue to work harder!"/"wow you're so dependable!"/"who knows, we might just put you up for a promotion next period!" shit and get taken advantage of and burned out.

Anyway, fuck retail. I shouldn't even be complaining anymore because I'm out of that hell, but I feel so awful working a nice, stressfree job while my friends are still in the clutches of that inferno.

No. 452382

Usually people who don't adore their grandmas are treated like their scum, but I can't stand being around my Chinese grandma tbh. I know she loves me a lot but she is so negative and annoying to be around. Then when I'm not receptive to talking with her she passive-aggerssively goes, "Why don't you love me anymore?"

For example, I recently told my friend was learning Chinese and moving to Taiwan soon. Being the brainwashed mainlander she is, she told me that my friend should move to Beijing instead because China was going to take over Taiwan soon. Nevermind the fact my friend is a lesbian. Later my mom mentioned the fact to her, and my grandma proceeded to tell me it was wrong to be lesbian and I should tell her to stop.

My grandma is also a vocal atheist so I didn't want her to find out I go to church. Well, someone in my family told her and she asked me, "Why didn't you tell me that you go to church? Can't we talk about these things?" Then she told me that it was a waste of time. No wonder I don't want to talk with her.

This trip to the grocery store was the breaking point. Before we left, my grandma asked me why I had bought reusable tote bags with me to the car. I said it was to reduce waste. Then we went to the store, and she started complaining about a bunch of things like the quality of the produce I picked out. I forgot something I wanted to make for dinner, so I went to the butcher and she complained how I made her wait even though it was ten minutes max. The kicker was that at the checkout, I put our stuff into the tote bags and she scolded me because we could have gotten free plastic bags from the store. I lost it at that point.

What makes things worse is that my Chinese is pretty good for someone who grew up abroad, but I still struggle with more advance phrases. She acts like I am suppose to have perfect Chinese, but it's impossible for me to reason with her or defend myself. My sister's Chinese is noticeably worse so my grandma doesn't bother to engage with her as much.

Next week, the rest of my family will be gone and I will be stuck with her alone at home. I'm really dreading it.

No. 452398

File: 1566504025865.jpg (32.91 KB, 625x479, 22622e2c4930.jpg)

I'm so alone all the goddamn time and deep down I just really want somebody who will comfort me when I cry. I hate being single but most of all I hate that I crave intimacy so badly. I wish I could be a robot with no emotions.

No. 452442

holy fucking shit i hate getting my car serviced. why is everything so expensive? i'm too busy to learn how to do everything myself, the most i'll do is change my oil, top off my fluids, replace filters, and bulbs, but anything else i'm sending it to a mechanic.
i remember once they asked me for $800 to replace some part connecting to my tire so they could service it in the future because it was "too rusty". i took that shit home and went to another mechanic a few days later and they had no issues with the rust and said everything was okay, i even specifically asked about the rusty and they said no issue.
i just moved to a new city and i'm dreading potentially having to search around town for an actual good mechanic. some people on facebook always recommend the oddest people and i feel like they're family/employees shilling their business.

No. 452458

I'm so tired of my boyfriend pulling out his phone immediately on lunch and dinner dates while we wait for food or even in the middle of it. I just stare at him, doing nothing, saying nothing and it looks terrible from an outside perspective but he has no clue. And he gets incredibly pissy if I bring it up (I have many times) or if I look slightly upset about it when he finally puts his phone away. I just wanna be talked to.

No. 452477

My ex did this too, made out like I was mad for wanting to talk when the rest of the week we had work or had his kids around, in the beginning he was playing app games but towards the end it turned out he was chatting with his mistress, such respect

No. 452481

I'm not Chinese but I know this feel so hard. You're not alone, anon.

One of my grandmothers is a narcissist. She'd constantly pit me and my cousins against each other by having an ever changing favorite that she would lavish attention and special outings on. To this day, she treats everyone like they're 5-year-olds and even asked my 50-year-old dad if he picked his clothes out himself.

Things got especially bad when my grandfather developed dementia. She would tell at him, berate him, and be the biggest bully to him for forgetting things. She tried to ruin Christmas once because he accidentally left someone's gift at home. I don't even remember her crying at his funeral which is really messed up because she was clearly the love of his life but she treated him like dirt.

Everyone secretly can't stand her but no one can say anything.

No. 452493

I’m out for dinner with my mom and I’m wearing jeans but I have such a bad itch on the cusp of my ass holy fuck. I just keep pinching it but I’m too nervous about drawing attention to myself aughhh I just wanna scratch it so bad

No. 452530

i hope im just being paranoid but i really wish my bf isnt doing something shady? he says not much of anything to me but he's tip tapping away at his phone n i ask him what he's doing bc its quiet between us and he says 'nothing just looking' and sets his phone aside so i ask him what he was typing and he said nothing. i clearly seen him typing so whats the deal? i pressed him on it and he says he doesn't know and that hes confused about what im talking about. ive searched his phone in the past and every term i can think of to search in his history is gone. almost too clean you know? he also recently met two friends but gives vague details about them but he's hiding them. im at work all the time and he's a full time student so i really feel like he may have something going on, cheating or otherwise. i dont want to be paranoid about this but he deflects denies and covers his ears when i want to talk to him. what should i even do

No. 452542

Trust me, you can never trust men. If i were you, I'd hack his WhatsApp, that's what i would do.

No. 452545

just break it off, men who are shady aren't worth the stress over

No. 452546

File: 1566526536819.jpg (139.99 KB, 750x746, 0760b3530e9127495d14cdf805f032…)

Can I say how much I fucking hate ita bags.I get picking up a little keychain or pin of your favorite character, but to spend all this money on useless plastic and rubber trinkets in a shitty little aliexpress bag that will rip after a day seems like a huge waste. Sorry for the vent My friend keep sending me pics of her bags and I want to scream. She's not hurting anyone so I shouldn't be such a bitch about it.

No. 452547

Anon, I hope you got to scratch your booty hole.

No. 452548

That ita bag is extra fucking ugly because Izaya and Shizuo both are shit characters with bland designs…

No. 452551

Just feeling really appreciative that my bf is so attracted to me when I'm hairy all over. He isn't an overly sexual person, but he always says my pubic hair is "really pretty" and loves going down on me, and thinks my hair all over is cute. It makes me feel like a person and not like I have to worry about pedoshit. The hairyness isn't a kink and it doesn't matter what I end up looking like, somehow he's more attracted to me than I've ever seen any guy be attracted to anyone, so I'm blessed, but having dealt with men that complain about hair and say "ew" to PUBIC hair (idgi, pubic hair is really aesthetic), I'm just feeling appreciative. I can have lots of dark hair on my legs (and I mean a lot), dark, long armpit hair and rock a voluminous bush and he still thinks I look incredibly feminine. It's very heartwarming in comparison to how quick men are to jump to how anything that isn't performative femininity is masculine and that tranners are actually peak fem, kek.

No. 452561

This is cute. My boyfriend is the same way and I love it. He just seems to find me attractive no matter what. Even if I don't shave, if my hair is messy, if I dress in baggy unflattering clothes, etc. It's just really nice that he finds me attractive unconditionally, that I don't have to dress up perfectly, shave, do my hair, etc just for him to find me attractive (although I enjoy dressing up and looking nice anyway)

One time I got really busy with work and forgot to shave my underarms. The hair got really long and I accidentally raised my arm as we were being intimate and he definitely saw it. I apologized for forgetting to shave and he panicked thinking he made me feel bad and he buried his face in my underarm and kissed it a bunch so I wouldn't feel bad lol. It's definitely not a fetish of his but he always does things like this to reassure me I'm attractive to him no matter what and it's so lovely

Honestly it's really surprising because he loves anime and video games, and you know how it tends to influence men's perception of women… It's so refreshing to finally meet a guy who enjoys the same things, who doesn't have a bad/judgemental view of women

No. 452565

what's your hair type?

posts like these depress me because it's always written by women who naturally have sparser hair. always. body hair positivity is only accessible to those with light colored or lightly sparsed body hair.

No. 452569

you too can be loved by someone who doesn't explicitly have a body hair fetish, don't worry

No. 452572

Yesss my bf doesn't care either, It's great. On the rare occasion I do shave he finds it exciting for like the first day because I feel different but then it's business as usual. It's nice to have a partner be so indifferent to my body hair.

No. 452589

File: 1566531749167.jpg (8.86 KB, 181x278, download (2).jpg)

I TOTALLY feel this, and honestly it pisses me the fuck off. Like when you see charlotte free or miley or whoever who have literally like 3 blonde armpit hairs that have a max length of 2 cm, but no, I have A LOT of hair on my legs, armpit area, and pubic area, and it's dark. It's not "a lot" in an unhealthy way, it's a normal amount not indicative of a disorder, just not anywhere near sparse. I hate the hair on my legs and i have long, pin straight black armpit hair. Whenever I see women talk about not shaving and being "confident" they look like pic related. It's like… yeah, who the fuck is gonna see that? I should mention that I'm not in general confident about having my body hair grow out. I don't care around my bf, because he likes it (not in a kink way) but I hide it from everyone else. Worse than the armpit hair, are my legs though. I have really hairy legs and whenever you see women that are ra-ra about not shaving almost every time they have sparse hair or sparse BLONDE hair. GTFOH trying to make women with lots of dark hair feel ashamed about not being able to be as "confident" as someone with barely visible body hair anyways.

That's really cute of him and you guys sound like you work really well together. Tbh, thankfully mine isn't into anime or video games, but it's really nice that your bf doesn't fit the mold. Most guys into anime by default probably aren't going to fit that though because, well, 2d 'women' don't have body hair.

It really is great. It's a huge stressor to be with someone that really ties femininity to hairlessness. And it's just so relieving to know the attraction and love is still there despite all of the insane expectations. When I look at women, tbh, like, I hardly even notice the body hair, even if they have lots of dark hair like myself. I don't see how that detracts from the overall picture of a woman at all. I don't see it as a masculine trait. Our body hair patterns are and distribution are just so different. Meanwhile, men will literally try to claim trannies with hairy backs and man-asses are feminine. People (and men) are also really prone to thinking like, a slight happy trail is an automatic marker of PCOS or something when it's totally normal.

No. 452604

I think sparser hair looks worse and I'm envious of girls with thicker, coarser body hair. Like, if you're gonna be hairy it looks better being actually hairy (if that makes sense). I've never shaved my pubic hair and probably never will, if I do get a bf I might get it waxed into a cute V shape but it does make me kinda self conscious because its not a nice full bush, it's light and doesn't cover the mons pubis fully.

sage for being blog posty but thick pubic body hair is beautiful and needs to come back into fashion and this weird pedo culture needs to go. We are WOMEN not little girls.

No. 452612


Hear, hear anon.
I'm a white girl with red hair and DARK thick body hair- people would not believe it since only my forearm hair is sparse and light. My armpit hair is way thicker and darker than my bfs. I mean, hell, I probably have more hair than he does which I always like to joke with him about. He doesn't mind it at all.

No. 452627

Recently moved to a new apartment and brought my dog along, she spends some weeks w me and other weeks with my dad since I would feel very guilty completely separating her from him. Asked my landlord if it was okay and they said it was totally fine also explained that she is a bigger dog but is very quiet and calm. No problem the first few days, but apperantly word got around that someone in the building had a “ massive aggressive dog “ ( she’s a labrador pit mix but is the sweetest girl and doesn’t bark ). People immediately assume she’s aggressive, one of my neighbors chihuahua demons attacked her when i was walking her to the outside of the building to take her to the park and my dog did not fight back yet somehow she’s the one that gets blamed. Now my landlord is being harassed to kick me and my dog out when we didn’t do anything. I should also say the building mostly allows dog and if you’re renting it’s 100% up to the renter to say if they allow any pets and like i said my landlord was okay with it . I cant even walk my dog without getting dirty looks from everyone. She’s my best friend so I don’t really know what to do at this point.

No. 452651

I'm sick and tired of my industry and seriously want to switch to working with animals or plants. I don't really care about the pay, I just need out of this garbage field.

No. 452654

All of the guys I've hooked up/been in relationships with haven't said a word about my body hair. I shaved my vag once and hated the feeling and never did it again. Then I stopped shaving everything about nine years ago. I absolutely hate the itchiness of hair growing in so I just don't tolerate it anymore. I have the curly armpit/pube hair combo. If they felt any way about it, it wasn't said to me. It might be related to the type of people I mostly surround myself with. A friend of mine is terrified to go with out shaving anything because of the dudes she hooks up with on Tinder are randoms. I personally find myself and women with pit and pubic hair attractive and feminine.

No. 452668

What field is it?

No. 452689

Most nights I fall asleep with my laptop playing YT on autoplay and whenever I wake up, for the past month or so, it's always some kind of livestream on astronomy science.

It's just a bit weird. Afaik I never viewed any kind of universe or astronomy like videos for this to autoplay as something recommended. I really don't know how it gets me to there.
Does this happen to anyone else?

No. 452691

I always somehow end up at cyst popping, has nothing to do with any of my usual videos

No. 452709

Mine always ends up on those horrifying baby nursery song thingies that have bright colours and terribly animated 3d characters, it's horrifying to wake up to and I have no idea why it does that

No. 452710

>>452689 that sound way more peaceful than my usual horror readings that gets muddled up into my dreams. I did end up some nasa streams at some point so do you wanna share a tinfoil hat with me, anon?

No. 452731

I'm trying to log into my airbnb account on a new computer but the stupid website keeps telling me to verify myself. I signed up when I was living abroad so when they made me put in a phone number, I used then number of my phone abroad. Now I'm back in the states and have never had an issue so I didn't change it/forgot to change it because it's never been a problem. Why is there no option to verify myself through email? There's only an "I need help" option that takes several days to get back to me. If I login through my connected facebook I get the same "verify yourself!" shit. They sent my email an autologin link that brought me to the homepage but didn't even log me in? What the fuck was the point of that!

Fuck I don't even want to go on this trip anymore because my dad of course wants to actually just say stuff and then end up buying plane tickets last minute so everything is going to be pricey. I'd let him just go with my mum but he's a fucking man child and I don't want him taking out his anger on her when something inevitably goes to shit. I can't even take off anyway and don't want to do an impromptu weekend trip where I have to fucking fly somewhere.

No. 452732


Its the ((algorithm))


shaving is not hard at all, how lazy can you get? its pretty easy not to be gross. Next thing you know people won't want to wear deodorant or clean their asses after going to the toilet and everyone will pretend is liberating after all, its so natural uwu.

No. 452734

>its pretty easy not to be gross.

Men seem to struggle with shaving though. Or is male body hair just magically less gross, even though there's much more of it?

No. 452740

>move countries to be with long distance gf of 3 years (now 4)
>she lives with her mum and nan who require her help, i live in a shared house
>we work the same part time, minimum wage job
>love her to bits but cant find a better job and college/uni is way out of my reach as a foreigner
>pretty bleak future money wise
>decide to go back to my home country for 3 years just to get a degree and come back (my parents can support me there)
>now its nearly time to go
>crying my eyes out everyday
I hate this, I know it's the smart thing to do and it will benefit us both in the future but right now I'd rather be dirt poor for the rest of my life

No. 452741

Adding to my sperging:

I feel bad because my parents rarely get time off and I think I've only taken one vacation with them that wasn't filled with dealing with our shitty extended family, but that was only because they came to visit me while I was a student abroad, and I still couldn't even spend that much time with them. I really want to have that nice picturesque family vacation, but this trip is way too last minute (dad's been throwing it out there but hasn't bothered to actually look into transportation/hotel at all, just mentions it like once in a while quietly) and it's too much of a financial strain on me at the moment. I know they would cover my costs without a second doubt, but then I just feel like it's a financial strain on them.

Maybe I'll just suggest a trip to Atlantic City or some shit instead. I saw nice airbnbs the other day on the beach, and it's a driveable distance, so I think that would be a lot nicer. Not the aquarium my dad wants to see, but at least a nice break from our home city.

No. 452743

Be stong anon! I hope things will work out for the best and you'll be able to land a very nice comfy job in the future so you two can live your best lives together.

No. 452744


So women should turn into men, got it.

I can't wait to grow my first beard, maybe if i take hormones it will grow faster so i can brag about it.

No. 452747

>shaving is not hard at all, how lazy can you get?
Who said I didn't shave because I'm too lazy? That isn't why I don't shave.

No. 452748

Thanks anon, I actually laughed at the stupidity of your comment.

No. 452750

nice double standards lol

No. 452751

>That isn't why I don't shave.

If you think its makes some sort of statement thats even sadder.

No. 452756

It's a scrot troll, anon. Just report and ignore.

No. 452762

It's the Latin-American shitposter who thinks being gay is a kink and 12 year olds are whores again.

No. 452763

I'm sad, thick body hair anon and this depresses me too. it IS hard to shave all this shit off. if I wanted to be "beautifully hairless" like in the commercials, I'd have to shave EVERYTHING. legs, arms, BACK, buttcrack stomach, it's so much work

No. 452766

most cat cafes operate this way, so it's a totally obtainable idea!!

No. 452768

People say never to move overseas for someone. I guess I should have listened. I still love them, and I love my new city but I miss home and my friends. Relationships are such bullshit sometimes lol

No. 452789

What age are you anon?

No. 452790

Creates a weird power dynamic when you do that, sacrificing something that they don't

No. 452793

Video games.

No. 452797

What are some of the issues?

No. 452799

Extremely low job security, most positions are contract-based and underpaid to the extent you can get a similar job title in a different industry and make far more money than working as a game-anything. Also long hours that don't justify the amount of work you put in.

Project leaders are cynical and will prioritize unethical practices I don't wan't to get too specific about, but the "suits ruining games" idea is not far off. Even small indie devs are super-duper in it for money and will calculate things like Epic store not allowing reviews or making a game multiplayer so that "people will judge it less hard and we won't need it to be that good". Lots of shit like this. I've worked both indie and bigger, both PC and mobile.

Also the majority of jobs are mobile jobs and if you've ever worked in a casino in some capacity, that's pretty much that experience. I feel dirty helping people become addicted and broke.

No. 452802

>Or is male body hair just magically less gross
It isn't. Male body hair is nearly always coarser and thicker. Unwashed men reek of sweat far more than any woman, even those that are averse to bathing.

No. 452817

Does anyone else just not enjoy receiving oral sex? I really, really don't. I have sensory processing issues and when it comes to anything around my vag, I'm very limited in what feels okay and what makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable.

I just feel weird like I have to justify it because I'm 'supposed' to like it- and if I don't it's either that my boyfriend sucks at giving it, or I'm just a prude who won't admit it. No, I just really don't. FWIW, my bf doesn't care about getting oral from me, either, so it's all good.

No. 452823

Nta but obviously it wasn't a serious question. It's just pointing out that the people who call women disgusting for not shaving won't say anything about men despite them having coarser, thicker, and a far greater amount of hair than women like you said. Men usually have jungles of hair on very visible places: face, legs, arms, armpits, etc but no one says anything despite it being disgusting and smelly 99% of the time. A woman has a slight amount of arm or leg hair and people freak out.

Imo it's just a weird particular thing to say. It's like saying that you don't like your clit stimulated… obviously a good amount of women don't but don't expect people not to raise eyebrows

No. 452837


I do like clit stimulation, though. Just not with a mouth. Idk, it's weird- but I fully admit I'm a weirdo.

No. 452838

In my experience oral is very much about how much you are into it mentally and physically and if you're not into it then you just won't get the same muscle spasms (which IMO exaggerating on purpose vastly improve the experience and help you build up to orgasm) and blood flow through the area, otherwise it won't build up into anything amazing or even good. So if you mentally don't like it then it makes perfect sense it won't be a good experience at all. Also I think it's pretty common for it to start out just being meh and weird or tickly until things really start getting going but if you don't like it then it's not gonna get there. TBH out of my close female friends it seems like half of them don't get oral from their boyfriends at all and didn't like it, and the other half who love it took ages to figure out how to make it work.

No. 452845

I’m abroad for a couple days on a holiday and I’m on my f period. I’m feeling really teary and insecure and it’s so frustrating cause I was really looking forward to this. I really trying to not overthink things and feel ugly but it’s hard.

No. 452849

I stick my neck out making sacrifices for those closest to me and its never appreciated and usually backfires on me. Maybe I would be better off living on my own.

No. 452860

I broke out bad this week and I have several painful nodules on my face that won't pop and make me look hideous even with foundation. I've been attacking them with hot presses and benzoyl peroxide to no avail.
Fuck all this humidity and sweat.

No. 452874

Put some toothpaste on it to dry it out.

No. 452881

>>452860 sounds like hippy bullshit but back when my face was fUCKED UP i also used to use tea tree oil, it calmed it tf down a bit quicker and gentler than other stuff. Eventually got on meds and rid of cystic acne but i still use the oil for breakouts and shit works. Sage for oil pushing.

No. 452887

Also hippie shit but my favorite thing (that worked well for me) was just to take some plain ol tomatoes, smash that shit up into a paste and smear it all over my face. Leave it, then rinse after it dries. Worked wonders!

No. 452911

I've heard a lot about tea tree oil, I think I'm gonna give it a shot.

Also btw I'd totally believe the remedy with the tomatoes. When I was a kid my grandparents grew tons of tomatoes, and every summer they'd pick bushels of them and ask me to grind them for sauce. I used a hand grinder. After an hour or so of grinding my hands would always sting from the juice. I assume because the tomatoes are acidic it helps kill bacteria and get rid of dead skin.

Thanks for the memory anon haha.

No. 452933

ugh, hit with a wave of dissociation while cleaning the dishes. i thought getting up and doing something around the house would help, but guess not lol. i need to work out tomorrow to release this adrenaline!! the only bad thing is the gym closes 4 hours earlier on the weekends, but i guess i'll just go when i get out of work.

No. 452983

That "not shaving is gross" anon reminded me, does anyone else get pretty horrible skin reactions to shaving their legs? I've been single for a while so I rarely shave my legs anyways since I always wear pants but when I do its ok for about a day but until the hair fully grows back in its so itchy and sensitive. I shave in the shower so I can't even rub a towel against my legs to dry off without it almost burning. I don't always use shaving cream but I get the same reaction even when I do, same reaction when I moisturize as well. I've also tried exfoliating beforehand with no real difference, and I always make sure I have a fresh razor.

When I do start dating again I'm probably just gonna tell whoever it is once it gets to that point that I'm not planning on shaving my legs that often and if that bothers them then find someone else because I'm not gonna have to go through super itchy, irritated skin multiple times a month just because someone else wants smooth, hairless legs. This is also the reason I choose to just keep my pubes trimmed and neat, its borderline unbearable to shave anywhere besides my armpits.

I'm sure there are more methods I could try to avoid such shitty irritation but I'd rather just… not shave. Its just hair anyways and its stupid that women are expected to be hairless in the first place.

No. 452988

Whenever I tried shaving I got strawberry skin, it’s only just now starting to go away after years of not shaving

No. 452995

Have you tried salicylic acid? It and glycolic have been nothing but good to me.
I'm with you though dear anon. Although I did it to myself by taking probiotics that SOMEHOW triggered my fungal acne that I had just cleared up. Wish you luck.

No. 453026

i bought some lacy bras and underwear after living a life in sports bras and full briefs, i feel kind of self conscious to wear them even though no one will see them (tfw no bf) growing up i felt too ugly and that i dont deserve nice pretty things and still dress in mens clothes to this day. i also want to start wearing womens clothes but feel super self conscious and when i try them instore im pretty sure nothing suits me, do any anons have advice for overcoming this?

No. 453028

NTA but my horror bingeing has caused cat vids to appear in my recommended more often. Do you watch the "Horror Stories" channel? It's my fave cuz he just reads about horrific events and thats the vid, no BS.

No. 453041

at my work they keep pairing me with a coworker who BARELY speaks english and I only understand about 2% of what she says. I also know she barely understands anything I say, because I will literally ask her not to do something and she'll say "okay" and then start doing it. I feel like such an asshole when I have to ask her to repeat herself 12 times in a row. I have nothing against immigrants working or anything like that but it's just fucking frustrating because communication is a huge part of this job and it effects me getting my work done if we can't understand each other. at first I could deal with it but it's getting to the point where I'm fucking losing my shit and I don't want to go back into work because I know they're going to have me work with her again. oh and she chews gum most of the time which is really fucking annoying and makes me want to scream

No. 453043

I've heard of the horrors of game developing. I was interested in game developing and always assumed it would be in high demand because of the popularity and profitability of video games but I did some research and apparently it's highly competitive and unstable and takes a toll on the devs mental health.

yeah, some times weird shit will pop up in my recommended and I don't know why. youtube kept recommending me art restoration videos even though I had never watched anything art related. and art restoration just seems so niche and specific and I had never searched for that before. still not really sure why it started popping up.

but some times it has to do with tags, and two seemingly unrelated things can have similar tags, and I think that's why that happens, sometimes at least.

kek I bet it's cos people go to watch cat videos to make themselves feel better after getting creeped out.

No. 453045

Im tired of my soon to be husbands father and brother being absolute creeps to me, how unlucky do I have to fucking be???

No. 453060

so much milk in the onision thread but it's unbearable because it all reads like kiwifarms posters or like, overly chummy and cloying farmers taking on kiwifarms/reddit style posturing

No. 453061

I hate being an idealist and how real life never measures up to how its supposed to be. People are selfish assholes and you can never expect much from anyone. There's hardly any mystery or curiosity in things anymore like the kind of general awe with the world you have as a kid. Everything either changes too fast or nothing makes any progress. I'm on my period and I hate the world.

No. 453063

god, i feel this so hard. i could deal with things being shit a bit better if people just didn't fight you everywhere, anywhere you go, when you see an opportunity to improve something. they fight tooth and nail to keep things inefficient, stupid, and senselessly cruel.

No. 453066

Most of the disillusionment also comes from dealing with men, what absolute hateful creatures. Always angry, never satisfied, profiting off destruction and exploitation, and impede our efforts every step of the way. All the radicalization efforts on the internet too have made people so retarded and angry that we can't even get people to focus on saving our environment because its a liberal Chinese hoax to turn men gay.

No. 453076

to be fair, it's a good way to support the show you like from overseas if it's something that didn't get licensed or you streamed illegally anyway
good merch sales are what get you another season of your fave show

i get that it looks tacky but some of my fave series have gotten an extra season or two because of the itabag hype so i'm biased

No. 453089

I returned to my hometown after years of absence since I live abroad. The place seems perpetually stuck in 2007, people dress the same, people I went to school with are either jobless deadbeats or had an oops baby and a shotgun wedding, yesterday I saw a girl who used to be a Taekwondo champion and went to my class, she's now a fat dowdy auntie with an equally fat and dowdy husband who wears socks with crocs.
I love this place and it brings back so many memories, it's as if I never left, but I hate how bittersweet this nostalgia tastes now that I'm more grown up and can scratch behind the surface to see the muck. Everything was the same when I was a kid, but all these things are something I couldn't see and I thought my hometown was great. I wish I saw it like that still.

No. 453099

Any articles/proof on itabag craze helping fund sequel seasons? I want to read more on this and am curious what series you are referring to

No. 453100

Were you living in a city? I'm moving back to my hometown next week and it sounds similar to mine but without the homeless crack addict problem. I can't handle a city though, is it ok to be a hillbilly?

No. 453103

Hangovers after 25 are fucking hideous. I wasn't even wasted yesterday, it's just my body forfeiting after too many parties I guess lol.
But I got this gorgeous tomboy flirting with me.

No. 453111

File: 1566644876305.jpeg (27.3 KB, 500x506, Anger.JPEG)

I just need to get this off my chest so bad. I don't even want help I just want to let this all out, it doesn't matter where.

I feel like I'm stuck in the same place and it's killing me. I still live with my parents because I haven't got a job or money (even part time work is hard to get here) and I just want to move out so bad. We're all kind of the same with few friends, don't go out or even do much. I hate it. I also broke up with my bf and he was the closest person aside from my family I had. Now, I haven't got anyone close other than my family and I hate it.

The only new thing that's happened to me is going to university and I'm happy that I'm able to go but it's still not enough. I only have a class a day bc of doing part time and after my classes it's either going to stores or going home. I am making friends but there hasn't been anyone I'm becoming close with. There's also I guy I'm trying to talk to but I never get the right moment and it's pissing me off.

I'm sick of it all. I want to get out and start new but I feel like it's impossible.

No. 453115

I hate how people love shitting on virgins and people who only ever had sex with their spouses. I'm always hearing that those people are more likely to cheat than promiscuous people who "got it out of their system".
There's no actual evidence for this. Actually there are studies showing the higher the number of past sex partners the more likely the person is to cheat and to be unsatisfied with a relationship, even when religion is taken into account.

No. 453117

Yes I've always found it immature when people make fun of others who haven't had sex yet or are waiting for the right person. Like, what's it to you? Why is it so hard to just mind your own business? Sex can be a very private thing for some people and their choices should be respected - and then promiscuous people demand the same kind of respect lol. I don't think it's very good that sex at a young age has been normalised, people think there's something wrong with you if you're like twenty and haven't done anything, which I find nuts.

Kinda related, the youtuber Curtis Conner did a video with a friend watching like a teenage dating show and one of the male contestants said he was waiting for the right girl to kiss, and they snickered and made fun of him the whole time. I found that so rude and it put a bad taste in my mouth regarding him.

No. 453118

Me and my SO were both inexperienced virgins who waited for 4 months before we did anything serious in bed,I'm not gonna lie the fist time wasn't that great as we both had no Idea what to do but we got the hang out of it through trial and error

some people actually do make fun of me because I have only been with one person and they say I should try different variety of men but I'm really happy with my Sex and romantic life and wouldn't change a thing

No. 453122

I'm upset that the cutest little man came into work yesterday (retail) while I'm breaking out all over.
Not that I can do anything about him on the job anyway but…shit.

No. 453125

File: 1566650680007.jpeg (71.05 KB, 808x455, C46C2E4A-C252-4B61-BB07-C60191…)

My dog peed in my car and I was in the middle of the highway so couldn’t clean it till I got home, the whole thing soaked into the seat. My car smelled slightly of urine but not like very strong so I got these scented things and they only had orange and it somehow made the smell worse, my car literally smells like absolute hell, I get out and all i smell all day is the scent of urine and citrus and i wanna rip my nose off. I’m literally trying 4 different methods to get rid of the smell but i’m so worried my car is just gonna smell like orange scented pee forever. I know it’s not my dogs fault and i love her but this has me so stressed because I have an extremely sensitive nose and the faintest scent can linger in my nose all day and now i’m smelling this shit no matter what i spray or try even outside my car and I literally feel like throwing up.

No. 453128

You gotta break down the urine with something like Nature's Miracle or another enzyme killer brand, you should be able to find it at your local pet stores.

No. 453134

I actually bought this from amazon cause no stores near me had it unfortunately. Does it really work?

No. 453144

>Why is it so hard to just mind your own business?
This. It's no one's business who other people have sex with. I lost my virginity to my husband. It's not something I tell to other people because it's completely irrelevant. It's a personal choice that has no impact on anyone else. The only people that know are a few of my close friends. I told them because they thought it was weird that I would go quiet when they were talking about past relationships. I had to explain that I wasn't judging them, I didn't say anything because it's not something I have any experience with. Now I get lightheartedly teased and me being pure, naive and innocent is a in-joke.

Enzyme cleaners work. I started buying Urine Off because my mother wets herself on the furniture. It's the only thing that I've found so far that gets rid of the smell permanently. The only problem with it is that the stain must be completely saturated with the cleaning liquid.

No. 453149

I dislike how someone doesn't exist if they don't have social media these days.
My friends keep pressuring me to get an Instagram, and insist it's something I need because of [compliment about my photos or domestic talent]. But why? Sometimes when we do get together they reference some IG post or drama on another platform that I'm not privy to just because I don't have it.
I have Facebook and a Kik and Snapchat that I hardly use unless someone explicitly tells me they'd like to interact on there.
Tbh Facebook alone bothers me enough because it reminds me of how much people don't give a shit unless I'm updating with posts on that thing several times a day and posting contrived selfies for likes.

I hang out with friends about once a month, and while I understand it's because we're all adults with tough schedules, it's almost like social media is meant to 'fill in the blanks' the rest of the time we're not seeing each other. And if you don't do it, people think nothing happened in your life. Because if something did happen, surely you'd be posting about it? Ugh. It's exhausting.

Truth be told I've started dating someone I really like and spending a lot of time. I haven't been updating my social media about the relationship and haven't even posted pictures. And you know what? It's freeing to just not.
No one's judging me. No orbiter is upset. People I haven't talked to in years don't know my personal business,
I wake up every day and I'm not so concerned about what kind of social media post I need to create to let people in on my life. If anyone gives a shit, they'd ask huh?
What's even more boggling is that a part of me actually feels like I'm doing something "wrong" for the fact that I'm not updating, but I keep telling myself I don't have to and shouldn't feel obligated.

No. 453150

File: 1566656313111.jpeg (55.08 KB, 451x600, 74EA5125-5A5F-4B5B-8BA4-D6CBD4…)

I keep wasting my days on youtube and lolcow instead of cleaning, studying or even doing something productive like playing guitar.
Nope, I just sit in front of my desktop or ipad and refresh this hell site over and over again and listen to some male talk about video games in the background.
I hate this but I’m also too retarded to stop

No. 453184

Fuck I think I'll need to hide the Amazon disaster thread.
It's fucking my mental state even more. I mean, how can I manage to deal with my shitty life choices and inability to function and also care that my shithole is steadily getting shittier while making enemies with the whole world?
I can't get my life in order and worry about the end of the world at the same time.

No. 453186


same anon, so fucking same. Idk for how long I tell myself to pick up drawing again, it's been almost a year since I had a proper drawing routine. makes me always wonder where my art would be if I would put some time and effort into it but then again I can just watch cat video complication instead and listen to music.

>cute birb pic btw

No. 453224

File: 1566669814943.jpg (24.88 KB, 670x503, 1550812500619.jpg)

>friend asks me how I'm doing
>say not well
>friend asks what's on my mind
>spill about how my life right now is really hard, I'm basically taking care of an ungrateful parent, and if I didn't have a date to take me out and treat me I'd never do anything and never be able to afford food outside of rice and vegetables

…I don't care about your fucking anime convention…

This autismo friend always does this. They never ask me how I am out of genuine concern, it's always so they can lead into talking about themselves. I always think it's going to be different.
It never is.
I want to be mean and respond with "I don't care" but all I can muster is a passive aggressive "haha" and let it die.

No. 453225

so sorry you're going through this, anon!! I have a similar acquaintance who cant stop talking about her cosplay and convention bullshit. it's the worst topic to listen to when you legit dont care

No. 453238

My boyfriend came home last night with a horrendous head of "baby dreads".
I cried. They were so thin and Ive never seen anything like it. Even when girls at my school/college got dreads they were never this weird looking. He pinned my shock and disgust on "oh you never grew up with black friends so you don't know they "grow out" and dont stay thin" and even tried to say he doesn't say he hates my haircut because he knows I like it. I've told him multiple times never to get dreads but he ignored me. I yelled at him on the phone and he still is coming with excuses. This happened after a really shitty day yesterday and I'm caving to the stress.

No. 453241

File: 1566671776879.jpg (63.64 KB, 540x642, squard.jpg)

I just got into an argument with my boyfriend, and I actually came very close to calling him a "dumb scrote" in the heat of the moment. He was acting almost as low-empathy and retarded as the ones who invade LC to post bullshit, it just set something off in me.
I'm glad I showed some spine, but I've got to be careful how much I pick up from these pink pill threads.

No. 453244

File: 1566672278891.jpg (58.51 KB, 547x609, 1515813353775.jpg)

People who demand spoilers for certain tags on IG are trash. If you are not done with a series or refuse to read the original source material, dont then follow certain fan blogs and cry about year old spoilers.

No. 453247

Yeah, you need to ditch that friend anon. There's nothing worse than turning to a friend for venting only for them to make the convo about themselves. Especially if they're immature autismos.
I was in a similar situation where an ex friend would literally just tell me the entire plots and twists of the cartoons she was watching. I didn't care and wanted to talk about more serious things but she just couldn't hold the convo. She also didn't know how to control the volume of her voice so it was embarrassing hanging out in public with her. I feel bad for her but also she's a grown ass adult that needs to get it together.

No. 453254

File: 1566674043254.jpeg (35.31 KB, 399x400, 78C72D62-AAFC-4749-AC98-3CFAC8…)

>tfw no sleepy millionaire tech bf to put an end to ur wage cuck suffering

No. 453261

File: 1566676836405.jpg (30.85 KB, 400x299, 1539995761292.jpg)

Somehow I forgot that dairy makes my period cramps way worse and ate a whole pint of halo top. fuck.

No. 453263

THIS. It's one thing to complain about your friends on social media spoiling shit from episodes that aired the previous day without warning, but I still see people bitch about spoilers from things like Dumbeldore's death. How fucking entitled can you be to expect people to spoiler shit from almost 15 years ago???

No. 453264

Just did that to myself a few hours ago. It was a bad time.

No. 453265

Black and Latina women screaming that they're the only ones with "real curves" and telling white women that we "steal their bodies" is literally just them asking for people to be more racist. It's such 21st century entitlement that it's almost funny, except these hoes really do believe that white women are "stealing" their body shape.

What's even funnier is that half the time they're either obese cows with diabetes/heart conditions who need to tell themselves they're just "curvy", or idiots who have injected themselves with plastic and cement and whatever the fuck else people use to give themselves huge asses/tits. Depends on the wealth level of the individual, but it's not white women injecting cement into their asses just to appeal to men.

"Natural" and "strong independent woman" indeed. Like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, etc. The level of denial among women of color on this issue is insane.(racebaiting)

No. 453268

another day being criminally horny
girls, it's bad today

No. 453294

File: 1566683528452.jpg (106.02 KB, 720x720, 1487303470405.jpg)

I just want to be held gdi
My bf has been in the hospital for weeks and it's been really lonely without him. Won't go into detail but he's in a delicate condition. When I visited him I couldn't kiss or hug him. Shit is brutal. I miss him a lot.

No. 453314

Kind of tired of /ot/ suddenly being overcome with racebait bullshit. 2 days ago (or yesterday?) was pretty bad.
Where are these retards even coming from? Why can't they go back? I don't come here to read "REEEE all women of this race are totally just dumb fat obese skanks reeeeeEEEEE" sperging. Like, seek therapy.

No. 453318


No1cur what you come here for. Hide shit if it gets your panties in a bunch so much. Also, narrowing posts you don't like down to "ree"ing just makes you look like a sperg, FYI.

No. 453319

>sperging out even more because no one liked your retarded racist post
>thinking you can "hide" posts in a thread
Get some help and stop flooding a decent board with your mental diarrhea.
You've been shitting up this place for days now.

No. 453321


Well, thank you for proving my point about entitlement. Enjoy your type 2 diabetes.


>Everyone I don't like is the same poster! Reeeeeeeee!

Utter kek. That was literally my first post in this thread (mods can check) and it came about because I deal with entitled welfare queens like yourself all day. Fuck off to whatever liberal hellhole you come from.

No. 453322

Do you have any pets, anon? They obviously can't replace an SO, but an animal companion can help a lot with loneliness.

No. 453336

Fuck short men.

No. 453337

File: 1566689868364.png (308.64 KB, 860x672, chart.png)

I'll just leave this here.

No. 453339


>mysteriously leaves out butt fillers/injections, the main point of the first post

Hmmmm. It's almost like you don't want to admit that women gather fat in the same places you do.

It's almost like you're just mad because other women are receiving the male attention you desperately crave yourself, despite the fact that male attention is shit anyway.

Also, these stats have nothing to do with the majority of women as a whole. They merely count the ones who do have surgery, and I'm sorry to tell you, sweetie, but the majority of women have the natural bodies they're stuck with.

But you keep convincing yourself those evil whities are "stealing" your body from you, lol.

No. 453340

Honestly gonna get banned for just saying Im on r9k but this shit is so fucking true. Ive noticed how niggers and spics always think theyre superior compared to white women to the point of where it becomes wholeheartedly uncomfortable, like they basically associated their gross ethnicities with being thicc. It reminds me of when like black and mexican guys always end up trying to replace the white man. its obvious when shit like blacked.com exists and other cuck shit Lmao. never knew that someone on lolcow would have a lot in common with me. Discord maybe?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 453341

File: 1566690455360.jpg (31.45 KB, 720x648, 1565177913527.jpg)

White women are queens(samefagging)

No. 453342

What is this meant to prove? It doesn't even mention butt implants.

No. 453343


Annnnnd in one post I realize why I don't want to be associated with people like you, either.

My point is that the majority of women, as a whole, do not have surgery and this whole "wahhhh that white lady has a fat ass, cultural appropriation!1!1" shit is just another form of 21st century libfem entitlement. Especially when icons in the black community, like Nicki Minaj, have had tons of injections/fillers/etc that the average black teenage girl is never going to be able to achieve on her own.

Ya'll bitches watched "Get Out" too many times.

No. 453344

Go back to /pol/ you incel.

No. 453345

According to stats, about 4% of white women get cosmetic surgery, 3% of Latina women and 5 to 6% of Asian women depending on the year. Can't find the stats for black women but it's probably aabout the same.

No. 453346


Looked it up. In 2018 1,617,300 black people in the U.S got plastic surgery. That's about 4.3% of black people in the U.S in total so yes, it's pretty much the same as every other breakdown.

No. 453347

So, you don't get ass implants, you just get literally everything else done?
Powerful. Welfare queens BTFO.
Do you have data on ass implants to back up your claims?

It's just statistical data on plastic surgery, for personal reference. I make no statements about or in relation to its data.

No. 453348

>pretending to be a feminist after openly attacking non-white women and calling them names
Pathetic and disgusting.

No. 453350

I'm >>453314. How am I /pol/ or an incel? I was literally complaining about that kind of /pol/ shit, and then this "person" started screeching at me, calling me "entitled" and "liberal" for not enjoying him/her/it defacing this site with their bitter, hateful nonsense.

No. 453352

Sorry, I meant >>453265
Incels from /pol/ always come here trying to start stupid arguments about race, trying to put women against one another.

No. 453355

nta, but you don't need to support ALL women to be a feminist. That's the same retarded intersectional thinking that's letting troons get away with all the shit they pull.

No. 453358

So, a woman's race is grounds to exclude and shit on her? Some women are the same as trannies?
No, thanks.

No. 453360

Excluding isn't shitting on. There is a hell of a lot of places in the World that aren't America. In the overwhelming majority of those places there isn't a reason to include any "other" group.

No. 453362

This anon actually did shit on black and Latina women is the point. She's not a feminist, she's just a piece of trash who thinks she's saved herself by launching all her internalized misogyny at non-white women.
Feminism is directly related to being female. Focusing on other women when you're in a society that's 100% just one kind isn't mandatory, but when you decide certain women, because of the race they were born or where they come from, are okay to attack, demean, denigrate, or very deliberately exclude (and we all know the difference between a circumstantial "I live in this country, so I focus mostly on my fellow countrywomen's issues" and a very purposeful "Feminism is NOT for latinas, blacks, asians, etc - just me", so please don't try to equate the two) you go against the core meaning of the movement. That's that.

No. 453364

I miss drugs I miss drugs I've been only sober for three weeks but shit I hate being sober I can't sleep

No. 453365

The way I interpret liberal intersectional feminism is they expect you to care about women, which is a given, BUT also be similarly knowledgeable and activist about race, disability, nationality, sexuality, pant sizes, if they wear glasses or not, and everything else that doesn't just focus on women and can also apply to men. Feminism is to focus on women and issues that pertain to why women suffer for simply being born female.

No. 453367

>Feminism is to focus on women and issues that pertain to why women suffer for simply being born female.
We're not going to go far if we decide it's smart to fight against ourselves on the basis of those same things you mentioned. They're all issues that relate to women and their suffering, especially in communities made up of different types of women. Misogyny is literally everywhere that men occupy, and it manifests in all contexts in its own way.
If you are Malaysian or Swedish and only care about Malaysian or Swedish women who grew up in your neighborhood, have your specific genetic makeup, don't wear glasses, are wheelchair-bound, and know how to cook, thinking "Fuck the rest, god I hate those bitches who aren't like me", that's whatever, but definitely don't call yourself a feminist or try to speak from a feminist standpoint, because feminism is about women, period, not just certain kinds.

No. 453368

>"Feminism is NOT for latinas, blacks, asians, etc - just me"
I can't see where they said that, or anything like it.

I wrote out and deleted a longer reply from this point after having second thoughts while writing it. I don't think you can take away being a feminist from someone just because they don't subscribe to other unrelated causes. I doubt 1st wavers gave a shit about WoC. You can't seriously suggest they weren't feminists.

No. 453372

Then you're blind. They literally atttacked those same women, called them disgusting names, and then tried to RP that they just hate libfems.
It's clear racism against women, and that has no place in a women's movement. Maybe a community of tradthots, but not feminists. Misogyny is misogyny. If you want to be 1st wave so badly, build a time machine, go back to the period where only one race of women in a country like the US had the means to fight for their rights, and die of old age with the rest of them, taking any bigotry you hold for women who aren't like you with the rest of them, and leaving behind a legacy for all women to flourish. The reason the racism was dropped is because it does nothing for women as a whole, and actually holds back the movement. End of story.

No. 453377

Only actual troons say this, lmao.

No. 453378

I cringe whenever someone doesn't realize making an internet search you can put words in any order and you'll get the same results. I had to explain this to my spouse and he acted like I was just lazy, like NO you don't have to do the extra mile and put things in order

No. 453379


No. 453380

You can shoe-horn a lot of social causes into feminism by following that line of thought. It doesn't change what feminism is at its core.
>Lesbians are women. Therefore gay rights are a feminist cause.
Before you sperg out I don't have a problem with lesbians. You don't need to be on the front line of every social justice cause to be a feminist. You just need to support women's rights.

No. 453381

Throwing tantrums about lesbians does, in fact, diminish your validity as a feminist.
Sorry to break it to you.

No. 453383

You're an intersectional feminist. You don't need to be an intersectional feminist to be a feminist. You're doing the same shit libfems do to terfs.

No. 453384

Trannies are not women, so libfems are arguing stupidity and backwardness.
You think that not being white or being gay makes someone less of a woman, so you are also arguing stupidity and backwardness.

No. 453391

>You don't need to be on the front line of every social justice cause to be a feminist. You just need to support women's rights.
And to add, this is a complete strawman. No one ever said you have to be on the front line for every social justice cause.
You just can't claim to support women's rights while also attacking women for stupid reasons. If you can't even pull that off, and honestly think the barest minimum of not being a racist or otherwise hateful piece of shit to other women is "being on the front line of every social justice cause", then you're lost.

No. 453392

They're not throwing a tantrum though. They're saying issues that pertain to lesbians is meant for LGB activism. Because a there are feminists who aren't LGB and cannot have a say on the matter because they don't experience homophobia. They CAN discuss misogyny that lesbians experience, but not the issues related to their sexuality.

No. 453395

See >>453391 and >>453367.
This is not about not wanting to make every social issue central to feminism, it's about not attacking other women for being gay, non-white, having red hair, whatever. A "feminist" who targets lesbians does not support the rights of women, she supports the right of a certain kind of woman. Equating the two is frankly, on the same level of choice feminism BS.
My complaint here >>453348 was about the anon who thought it made sense to shit on black and Latina women, then try to bounce back by claiming to be a feminist after the /pol/ incel came to meet his sister in arms, lmao. I don't know why that anon is trying to change the story, especially since >>453265 has literally nothing to do with feminism and is just misogynistic bullshit to its core.
If another person popped up to bitch about lesbians like this, and then claimed "I'm a feminist", yes, that would be bullshit. Not directly being involved in support is no big deal, but being part of the problem that fuels misognyny is.

No. 453398

Okay but why even make it a big deal about feminism 2 hours later when no one responded to her post? We all know it's bait. We all know the anon talking about non-white girls wasn't complaining under the guise of "owning the intersectional feminists".

No. 453401

Ask >>453355 what her deal is. I responded literally like 8 minutes (not 2 hours) after the "I just did it to own the libfems, pls im no racist" with two lines showing disdain for the hypocrisy, and then got hit with this "ugh, stop being so INTERSECTIONAL" bullshit.

No. 453426

I don't want to get super into detail cuz I don't wanna write a whole essay but I'm dealing with a whole metric fuckton of shit right now, deteriorating mental state, very sick mom, moving, awful job, PTSD, anxiety, no money, all that shit and I'm just exhausted and want to fucking die.

My best friend is also dealing with a lot of shit and I want to support them but I have no energy or support to give. And they're guilting me about how I'm never there for them. I feel awful for being distant but I also don't think they're being very fair. I don't know what to do and they're pissed off at me. Ugh

No. 453428

>>453426 i'm sorry you're dealing with so much shit, anon. Couldn't you just tell your friend just that? You have a lot on your plate, you aren't fit to give lot of emotional support to them not because you don't want to but because you can't right now? Sometimes it's enough to just maybe read their vents or just yell at each other how shit things are, not necessarily try to play a therapist. Sorry for the long ass reply, I just feel you very hard on this.

No. 453434

thanks anon, i appreciate it. No need to apologize for anything btw.

I agree with you and I did explain how I felt over a text and they haven't responded so idk. I feel like I'm expected to be perfectly supportive and endlessly giving for them and it's just frustrating sometimes. Of course I wanna be, but I'm not a goddamn buddha, yknow? Shit gets real and life really sucks sometimes. I love my friend and they're a great person but I feel like we're very different people and sometimes they really just don't get where I'm coming from.

No. 453437

>>453434 Well, at least you messaged them and explained! Hope they get it and maybe get off your back but sometimes people just…can't get it? I hope everything works out for you anon, I truly do. Tackle one hurdle at a time.

No. 453472

This. I was so mad that they played the "but I wanna get married and have children" misogynist card. Girl, I'd take that life anytime.

No. 453480

if my sister takes her shit ex bf back, i wont forgive her, why does she need to do this??? he's asleep in her bed rn after he came over in the middle of the night and she screamed at him over the phone. he's manipulative, controlling and she already swore she wouldn't give a shit about his feelings anymore, yet he's in the house and i wanna beat him up so badly … he has ruined a whole 1 year of her life … men ain't fucking shit

No. 453481

whats this in reference to

No. 453493

Aggretsuko S2

No. 453508

In their defence the "I don't believe in marriage" guys are usually dead beats who want to sleep around without repercussions.

No. 453535

I am sorry if I sound unempathetic but I really dont understand people who are relentlessly attracted to people who treat them like shit, or enable those people to treat them that way. I truly dont understand.

No. 453537

I was on 3 different psych medications for 1,5 year. (For those who know 20mg of Lexapro, 10mg of Frisium and 20mg of Abilify).
I had reach rock bottom with my depression and anxiety due to a traumatic event, to the point where I'd eat once every day, shower once every 2 weeks and couldnt go outside because I was terrified of everything. Plus id get terrified and my heart would beat fast and id start shaking for no reason. The meds didnt cure my depression but did stabilise me.
However except ruinning my sex drive forever, they made one of my biggest fears a reality: I gained weight. A lot of it, about 15kg total. I was skinny all my life, even underweight but naturally, and I had never learned how to restrict because I had a great metabolism and could junk food freely. Meds have been off for months now but my metabolism is ruined forever. I don't know what to do. Last night I had this episode of crying to the point where I was screaming into my pillow not to wake my parents up. I was terrified to find I have reached a BMI of 24.4
I panicked big time. I knew I gained weight from my meds but I thought they weight would go back since i stopped taking them.
I started looking at thinspo feeling dead inside and compulsively saved like 20 pics. I know how they are shunned in this site but I also looked at some pro ana forums and websites. What was the most disturbing thing is that I found my self agreeing with things they said, like "Skinny people are more desirable" or "Everyone is prettier skinny".
The fact that I used to be skinny was my only source of attractiveness. My face is ugly, so fucking ugly and now that I'm ruined I have lost my last good attribute. I don't think I deserve to eat anything but 100cal cereal bars anymore.

No. 453544

it’s so funny to me seeing delusional white weeaboo and koreaboo women insist that k-pop idols and asian women in general want to be white so badly. they’re just projecting hard because they wish they were asian. half of them look like fat drug addicted trailer trash that just rolled out of an anime convention too
can they not see how sad it makes them look?

No. 453549

not a white korea or weeaboo but how are they wrong? asian women, broadly, do seem to want to be white because their cultures place high value on light skin and european features? there's a reason why "small face" is a compliment to them. because they see their faces as being too broad and splayed, they bleach their skin, and get $100,000s in plastic surgery to have thin, pointy noses and eyelid surgery and mimic having a natural fold. not that european features are objectively nicer at all or anything, they're just different, but it's obvious as a culture they value these things. kpop stars are always wearing too white foundation as well…

No. 453553

light skin has been a beauty standard for e.asians before white people even showed up, and nobody wants "european features" besides maybe a slim nose, lol, but even that isn’t exclusive to white people. tons of asians are born with double eyelids too.
it’s just such a reach to think everyone wants to be you when you don’t even want to be yourself and are obsessed with asian pop culture

No. 453593

Tbh, there is a lot of white guys who say that about asian women too. I am sure the anons on non female majority imageboards arent just so called jealous white women posting all the time.

Also, has anyone noticed posts online regarding race always follows a racial pattern, and if it doesnt conform to it it either gets ignored or derailed in the discussion to the acceptable racial pattern?

>white and asian couples

>white men love asian women
>white women jealous of asian women
>black vs white
>black men love white women
>black women jealous of white women
>black and latino vs white and asian

The NPCdom or agenda pushing is real.

No. 453598

Come on, anon. You KNOW white features are idolized in many East Asian countries. Blond hair, blue/green eyes, freckles, pale skin with pink undertones (ever seen a Korean BB cream?), high nose bridges, these are all qualities that are seen as beautiful in East Asia. Olivia Hussey is seen as the standard of ideal beauty in Korea, even though barely anyone in the West remembers who she is.

You're the one who sounds crazy when you try to deny obvious facts. It's like when people in the West try to deny that Asian women are seen as beautiful and fetishized here. They sound crazy for denying reality. And so do you.

No. 453602

asians tend to fetishized the most in the us tho, arent they?

No. 453603

Are you so angry you can't read right? I just said Asian women are fetishized in the West.

No. 453609

File: 1566742561826.jpg (1.25 MB, 1125x2052, IMG_8455.jpg.191eaebd8af13f74d…)

TIL only white people can get freckles and asians only have one color undertone and type of nose, i guess? you sound super delusional. also olivia hussey literally looks more asian than white besides her eye color so you just shot yourself in the foot by mentioning her.
wearing contacts and dying your hair every once in a while is something literally every culture does, it doesnt mean they want to be a different race.
white women, on the other hand, are basically the only ones to do this
>#halfjapanese #halfkorean

No. 453622

Olivia Hussey looks white, because she is white. Unclench.

No. 453626

How am I angry?? I just asked a question

No. 453641

yeah … you are definitely delusional. there’s a reason it’s olivia hussey and not anna nicole smith, kek
no one’s clenching but you here lol, enough with the projection and go do some yoga or something
you’re even throwing shitfits at random people over this. it’s embarrassing

No. 453655


stop racebaiting, your trolling is unoriginal and tired. at least pick a new topic instead of this tired race shit.

No. 453658

I'm european so seeing topless women at the beach is a pretty normal occurrence, but for the first time in my life today I saw a woman wearing nothing but a very tiny thong… At one point she bent over to pick up her phone and showed us her whole ass, her butthole was almost out and it seemed like the she put it in the face of a 12 yrs old boy on purpose.

There is no way she wasn't a pedo, she was always hovering the tween boys playing around. I was looking for a man with a camera because I know perverts love filming this kind of shit to share it with other degenerate online.

No. 453661

i’m not trolling, i posted a vent. somebody was posting about beauty standards too earlier but it was about blacks vs hispanics vs white so what’s your problem now, autismo? it’s only okay if it’s americans doing it? are you another delusional white weeaboo? kek
just go to another thread if it triggers your feelings so much

No. 453663

I'm so sick of my boss. Part of my job involves designing the posters for events we put on, and she knows nothing about graphic design but will literally stand behind me and order me to change stuff to make it worse.

I'll be designing an A6 flyer and she'll give me like 500 words of text she wants on it. Today she wanted me to print the fucking terms and conditions on the flyer. I said people will just go to our website for stuff like that and she said "No they should have everything they need on the flyer!" I don't know how to explain to this stupid baby boomer that it's not 1978 anymore and people use the Internet now.

No. 453664

Women may not abuse/kill things as much as men do, but we facilitate it/don't care when it happens, and then infight among ourselves for imaginary good girl points. We're gross primates, too. Pretending otherwise makes you a pretentious tool.

No. 453666

does she want it at the bottom in impossibly small text or does she actually expect for you to put it on there legibly and it take up 3/4ths of the page?

No. 453668

we are powerless to do anything, it doesn’t mean we are as bad as men. you sound like the pretentious one tbh
of course some women don’t care but we’re definitely not as evil. what do you mean by imaginary good girl points?

No. 453669


>immediately trying to start an argument with a post that states women are too busy infighting each other and giving asspats to do anything about abuse

>literally repeating the "lol we can't do anything" line

Nice "no, u." Come back when you have something valuable to add to the discussion. Btw, I'm sorry you feel powerless, but that's just an easy excuse for you to do nothing. At least admit it and work on yourself, sis.

No. 453670

She wants it ALL legible. I tried saying "OK, I guess I can try putting it at the bottom" and shrank the font down to fit it all, and she said "No, now they can't read it."

There's no room for anything except text squeezed into the margins in her "design" and she's complaining it looks boring. Yeah, because it's a wall of text because you left me no space for literally anything else, not even white space.

No. 453672

that wasn't even a no u. and what have you done? are you just here to bitch and act superior? is the dumb hurr we all primates thing your excuse?
your attempt at a discussion is useless shit that could only come from an arrogant mind

No. 453674


You're literally "no, u"ing again by calling me arrogant/pretentious, and are absolutely proving my point about women facilitating this shit while still having a desperate need to be called a good person. That's where the imaginary good girl points come from; you needing to tell yourself you're doing something for other women when you aren't/are allowing abuse to occur with the pathetic "we're powerless" excuse.

You want to be considered a good person without actually putting any work into being a good person, which you literally admit by offering excuses instead of solutions. At least I can admit that I'm focused on my own needs, why can't you?

This desperation to be seen as a hero seems pretty scrot-like, tbh, so it's kind of hilarious. You claim that men are evil (true) and then emulate their behavior. You're a pretentious cunt, and probably a libfem.

No. 453675

lmfao, i'm sorry. that's funny though. she's insane and so dumb. i can't believe dumb people are in charge of so much shit.

No. 453677

She's SO dumb, anon, I can't even begin to tell you. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes she interrupts my work to call me over to her desk because she doesn't know how to attach a file to an email or edit a spreadsheet.

No. 453679

i’m a scrote for not attacking women when men are the ones who do the most damage on the planet? nice handmaiden logic.
nice to see you admit you’re actually a shit person who only cares for themself. that’s great but don’t push that on the rest of us and bitch about it, we aren’t all happy parasites like you
keep ranting about the evil wimminz and maybe you’ll look less low IQ after a while, i’m not going to waste any more of my time on someone this up their own ass lol. hope you get over that inner misogyny one day ((assuming you’re not a tranny larping of course))

No. 453682

Going through something similar unfortunately, my mom is getting back together with her ex who is addicted to drugs and beat her. And treated my siblings and I like utter shit. My grandma spent over 500 dollars to get her away from him, and it’s only been about a month and a half since they’ve been apart. But he’s ‘sober’ now, what the hell. I feel like my family doesn’t take this stuff seriously at all, my grandpa even said something about him staying there with them?? What the actual fuck…my younger brother still lives there and I don’t know why they would want him around. My family is full of idiots apparently.

No. 453704

Abusing and killing things will always be the worst actions.
It's not pretentious, it's objective.
The opposite of being an activist is not being a bad person. There's a lot of grey area in the middle. Like a woman can be a fighter for some things at certain points in her life while other times she cannot be.
You're viewing things in extremes and that sort of lens doesn't work in today's society.

Sad how women are criticized for not self-sacrificing enough as if it's on the same level as telling men to quit being violent.

No. 453741

me neither … he has zero redeeming qualities

"he's sober now" yeah …….. right … i don't understand this kind of thinking … but i do hope your mom has a safe space she can go to if she leaves him for good

No. 453743


Holy shit the autism in this post, lmfao. Don't come at anyone else about "inner misogyny" when you can't handle being told you're not a hero without resorting to anti-female insults.

No. 453745


My point is that the majority of women are not the social activists they think they are. Even your post reeks of someone who posts a lot to FB while wanting to be in the same category as women who kill rapists in India; you're an entitled, delusional Western idiot who has convinced yourself that you're "not as bad" while you happily lap up the profit from women's suffering.

White Western women aren't feminists, nor do they give a shit about women as a whole. There's always an excuse for why they're "powerless." Thanks for proving my point.

I'm sorry I refuse to jerk off your egos, but I'm not the one with a misogyny issue. Take a good, hard look on the mirror, sweetie.

No. 453746

lmfaoo anon literally what part of the other anons post was "anti female"? did you get triggered because anon called you a handmaiden(which you are)?

No. 453747


Aw, someone's upset. It's okay, go cry about it to your other Western libfem friends and I'm sure they'll give you all the asspats you think you deserve, you entitled cunt.(continuing infighting)

No. 453756

File: 1566764637606.jpg (108.19 KB, 1124x1124, arthr.jpg)

NTA, but it looks like you're the last person who should be scolding anyone for "anti women insults", considering your existing track record in this thread. You haven't even been trying to blend or adopt board culture.
Isn't summer supposed to be over? Stop trolling on imageboards and return to your studies.

No. 453757

>My point is that the majority of women are not the social activists they think they are
Um, no. Your original post called everyone "gross primates" equating lack of social activism to men being violent.
>Even your post reeks of someone who posts a lot to FB while wanting to be in the same category as women who kill rapists in India
Not even close.
But I guess killing Indian rapists is the only valid action for feminist activism, hm.
You don't even know who you're replying to.

You're one pretentious ass bitch not even worth the argument since your tardbrain can't even formulate a thought without a cheap insult.
Hope you're trolling/10

No. 453763

File: 1566766005815.png (678.07 KB, 586x585, vocat.PNG)

>broke up with my long term LDR bf
>was because he wasn't in a good place mentally
>we remain just friends
>I still love him to death
>he knows that
>me big attention whore
>I send him nudes now and then trying to wake something up in him

He either ghosts me or just act as nothing had happened. I crave attention from him so fucking bad, my day would be going so great but I would feel sad because he ignored me even though WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!! In my head, we're still together and I can't live a life where I don't get compliments from him and he hasn't in like five months now.

Got lots of thirsty orbiters in my DMS and all my socials but my sicko brain (and vagina) only desire him. I'm usually cold and mean and the type everyone thinks is probably the child of satan but he is my soft spot and lord I can't handle this anymore, waiting by my phone for hours on end refreshing every other minute to see if he replied or send something. He mostly got over me before we even broke up but I'm still trapped in his hole.

I'm tired of feeling sad and empty just because he left me on read, I'm tired of turning men away because I still think of him, I still can't even look at dick pics I receive because I'm oh so faithful.
Until yesterday I was thinking of how I'm going to do with our wedding and what would we name our children (pls don't call me out for this, I know it is mental).
I never thought I would listen to breakup songs or that I would even care about anyone let alone a man. I'm -or used to be- a man-hater and was all about independence and not ever having children, until three years ago when I was in a very dark place struggling with my family, my identity, I felt empty half of the time and had lots of depressing times, he was messing around in my comments so I DMed him to distract me from myself and the rest is history.
He changed me a lot and so did I, it is very painful for me to let go of our relationship because it felt -and still feels- like we were made for each other… pray for me anons

No. 453771

I wouldn't mind if this were Luna posting, lol. But same tbh except I miss liquor.

No. 453772

my ex still loves me romantically. the break up was rough. i care about him deeply still because i know he went through some deep shit but i refuse to let that be an excuse for a decade of cheating and abuse. its just confusing and i have to tell myself that its probably just some bullshit love bombing because he is scared of being alone.

i just want a qt tall girlfriend to cuddle and watch mean girls and trashy reality tv with.

No. 453774

Anon, having oneitis isn't healthy. You deserve someone who would equally desire you back. It makes me really sad to read how you're trying to be so attentive to someone who doesn't even appreciate it or acknowledge you still exist.

No. 453778

I’ve been in this situation before. Was with my LDR boyfriend for about 3 years before he cheated on me with some Russian art hoe once he developed some weird fetish with Slavs. During the process that I was moving to his state, too. He left me for her. 6 months later , broke up with her. Right after he came back to me and the whole time I was missing him so bad. I let him use me when he came back hoping he wanted to get back together. He would ask for nudes and I’d send them. I spent 60 dollars on him for his birthday after driving two hours to see him, and only hung out with him for about 2 hours. I gave him gifts. I was always desperate to talk to him, always being kind to him, despite everything he put me through. I saw him putting flirty desperate comments on more russian bitches instagram photos and that’s when i told him I’m done. He apologized that he can’t give me what I want. I blocked him. A month later he sends me a happy birthday text. I called him a manwhore and told him to go fuck himself. Blocked him for good. Four months later I found the love of my life (who, ironically, is russian also lmao) blocking him was the best decision I made. The whole time I was being a pushover cuck for that guy I hated myself and I was so constantly stressed out about whether or not he wanted me. Now i’m just super happy and focused on my boyfriend and i never even think about him really. Fuck you, Sam.

TL;DR Block his ass and it will be the best choice you can make.

No. 453787

I think he's doing the wrong thing by not addressing the nudes you are sending. He's making himself Mr Unattainable MySterious Person which obviously is furthering your interest (I been there)

Things would be a lot easier for you both if he was more honest.

No. 453789

OP here, once he admitted jacking off to them which I have to say only made it worse.

No. 453793

that really sucks but please don't convince yourself women are somehow better partners or something because your ex was shitty… girls are a fucking mess to be with

No. 453798

File: 1566773119135.jpeg (52.75 KB, 604x604, 1483910427619.jpeg)

"Haha, I don't really care if they reply back. :) "

I care immensely.

I wish I could self-control my emotions. Like, I've been getting better at pep-talking myself that it's just my bad anxiety making it out as worse than it probably is, and that's it's going to be fine. Stop worrying that this person might've muted you on Twitter, there's no basis and you're reading way too into it. It's a really bad habit of mine that I want to break.

Then I get ~triggered~ by seeing said person somewhere and I feel like I have to spill my guts about all my worries to a friend, feeling pathetic I couldn't just let it go and feel like a stupid loser for it. A similar thing like this happened years ago towards a person I wanted to befriend but the feeling wasn't mutual and I had annoyed them with my slight pestering of trying to chat with them…. I have moved on from them since then and feel at ease if they pop up, but that might be because I have this other person to be anxious about.

I just want this whole thing with this current person to end up being at least neutral on both sides and with no hard feelings. It's also a lot harder since he's a non-native English speaker as well. So this is one hard rut I'm in.

No. 453800

This is one of my biggest problems, if you're like me then you only feel this way towards one person at a time and usually, it lasts for long.

No. 453803

File: 1566774117040.gif (678.8 KB, 207x275, 8F1008F4-86B0-4D43-9775-974DE6…)

Have been working on this drawing in procreate for weeks now, the app crashed and erased the entire drawing. I was getting back into art but guess that’s not happening anymore, there goes weeks of work. I want to scream.

No. 453807

nono i get it. people will be assholes regardless of gender. i have been in relationships with women before. i just stayed with that guy because i had kids with him. i tried to convince myself it was for their better but that was a lie. no kid needs to see their parents fight constantly. that shit will fuck them up. they seem to be doing better despite the space we have as a unit. i just miss having a girlfriend.

No. 453812

File: 1566775919130.jpg (19.82 KB, 640x480, ymzq7qcudrz21.jpg)

i hate constantly swinging from feeling good/neutral about my appearance and hating my face. it depresses me thinking that i have days where i feel absolutely amazing but in reality when people look at me they're not thinking that, at all. i've seriously considered plastic surgery but i will never have the cash for it. it's just so weird being content with yourself when you're actually quite ugly in reality, because no guy wants to be with you, and you get reminded of the ugliness when you remember no one hits on you or makes any romantic/sexual advances toward you.

No. 453814

Dang anon, that blows. That’s happened to me before.
Maybe you can start new, and make something even cooler.

No. 453822

File: 1566778039429.jpg (34.28 KB, 646x334, anon gets her unicorn man.jpg)

I've been dating someone that a friend introduced me to for a few weeks now. For the first time ever-I'm 27 and I've been with so many people-I feel like I'm truly in a nice relationship and I have zero complaints.
Usually I get mistreated or find glaring flaws that I justify and put up with because of my low self worth. Yet so far, nothing.
It could be because he's older than me and is a bit more traditional, all I know is that he's such a breath of fresh air from the fuckboys, users, and low efforts disguised as pseudo progressives that I've dated.
He's doing such a good job that I'm almost nervous that he's being too good to me.
I mean it when I say: No one has ever treated me like they desired me in this way before.

He texts me every day multiple times a day. He drives out to see me whenever possible and sometimes even drives me back to his place, making sure to bring me back on time for my job in the morning. He pays for all our dates and takes me out to restaurants. He reminds me that I'm beautiful every single time I see him, and multiple times a day he says it. He loves being physically intimate with me and he has never rejected my attention. The sex is amazing, and he's very considerate going so far as giving oral every single time. When we go out he holds doors open for me, and even gets the car door. In public he's close to me and is around me so much as if to convey that he's not ashamed of me. We talk about our futures and he includes me in long term plans. He shows genuine concern when I rant to him about my troubles and offers to do things for me.

Even today after he dropped me off after my night with him, he offered to take me to buy groceries for the week after I mentioned how I'm taking care of my stepdad and money has been really tight for me. No previous guy would have ever done that for me, at least not begrudgingly.

My skin broke out bad recently, and I didn't bring an overnight bag to his place to neither treat the acne or wear makeup. This morning before taking me out to lunch he still told me I was beautiful.
One ex was so repulsed by my acne before that he scalded me in the shower with hot water thinking that it would 'burn' away the zits on my back, he didn't care about my pain.

And among other things about him…he doesn't care about video games and he's a normie. He dresses in nice brand clothes every day. Has great hygiene. He's a hard worker and strives to get better things. Comes from a troubled family so he's very sympathetic when I talk about my own troubled family situation.

I just want to cry.
I almost wrote him off and judged him for something stupid early on but I'm glad I gave him a chance.

No. 453825

This is just me being depressed

I feel like so much of my life has been wasted on waiting for something to happen and then failing to make it happen. And I know people "turn around and do amazing things" later in life, but I really wanted those memories (even back then when I was the age to be making those memories).

There are so many moving parts in my life and for once I would have just loved to have 1 sure thing. Just one thing I don't have to worry about because it's basically just a given. Whether that's a relationship, school, a hobby or something I'm passionate about, something that I can always fall back on and immediately pick up or try again with.

But most of the time I'm just too busy or tired to do anything, to the point where sometimes I just don't eat (Which would make more sense if I was skinny, so you know I'm pigging out at some point during the week). I just feel like a lot of stuff is just not worth my time.

No. 453826

I'm tired of going back and forth with my self-confidence. Some days I look at myself and think that I am attractive and even above average, while other days I think I'm hideous. I don't know where I truly lie attractiveness wise.

No. 453827

happy for you anon! you deserve to be treated well.

No. 453829

>it's just so weird being content with yourself when you're actually quite ugly in reality
I feel you, I almost never see anyone say this but I don't think I'm ugly/fat, I just assume men think I'm ugly/fat due to a lack of attention in a world where most women apparently get hit on more than they can tolerate.

Feels alright I guess. I can always apply plausible deniability, maybe I just don't meet/interact with enough men to give them the opportunity. Doubt it though kek.

No. 453832

File: 1566779709557.jpg (40.3 KB, 480x480, 9764523.jpg)

I feel like I've been lonely for so long i'm physically incapable of having friends anymore. I'm so lonely i could scream and all my attempts at befriending people go nowhere or we literally have nothing in common. tbf I could put myself out there more and like join an uni society but the though of being around that many people I don't know and having to mingle with is paralyzing but trying to make friends organically through practicals etc has gotten me no results in these 4 years. I have been trying to be a more easygoing me, a more adaptable, normie me, just plain old myself, none of it has worked lol. this is going to be my last year of uni and I don't see things changing/see them only getting worse as I have exhausted the "coursemates to try and befriend" reserves and my only actual friend has graduated and is moving away. this is supposed to be the best time of my life but tbh it could rival 11th grade which was previously the lowest point of my life. I do work but all my colleagues are older than my parents and we can't talk about much besides the generic weather, local news and "this job sucks" topics. after graduating I'd like to do masters but I'd need to work fulltime for a year or so to afford it and the thought of that being my only human interaction for that long is so depressing. I just want to talk to someone about things I actually care about and laugh and maybe walk around or go somewhere (tesco's is fine) and exchange memes with and have fun. sometimes I can hear young people being rowdy on my street and it just fills me with sadness as it seems like an unattainable dream I'll never achieve. I literally feel like some sort of 4chan incel more and more by the day (don't mean all their incel ways, just the incredible isolation and mental derangement parts)

I'm going through the society catalog just now but idek what society I could try joining, anime and manga one will be male neckbeards only (checked out their fb page), I tried badminton for a semester as I like it (despite being horrible at it lol) but it was dreadful as everyone else was like semi-professional and would only play with their friends and would avoid me as I'm very beginner-tier so now I'm kinda afraid of other sports based-ones (that and I hate my body moving around in front of other people), I do draw like chinese cartoon cringe but the art society is like fine arts you know and like the rest of them are very irrelevant to me/are related to skills I don't have. I don't even feel human anymore.

No. 453844

lol I have the same problem too. I don't seem to get much attention from guys, positive or negative. I don't think I'm ugly so I'm not sure what is the cause.

No. 453847

>sending nudes to men
>especially those you broke up with

Why do women keep doing this

No. 453863

Eyebrow on the outside corner near my eye has been twitching all afternoon make it stoooooop.

No. 453870

You could try joining a Women's lifting community,those ladies are great and always help out newcomers

a lot of people in the fitness community(male and female) are like you,lonely depressed people who want to make themselves better

No. 453872

drink some water maybe?

I'm so out of it today, I've been on edge this past week so of course my mind's trying to take a break. I just want to feel grounded for a little bit. It's been a while. I don't have therapy for another three weeks and even though going probably won't change the way I feel, I just feel numb atm. Maybe I'll go to the store when I get out of work or something.

No. 453930

guess my week was going too well because the universe ended it with me tripping on the sidewalk and my bf's instinct was to grab my hair to catch me. RIP my scalp and knee.

No. 453938

File: 1566807553593.jpg (200.36 KB, 758x527, 1535840043868.jpg)

I can't help but feel my boyfriend has low standards for dating me. I have just awful self esteem as of late and believe that I'm not even close to a catch. I'm not particularly attractive, smart, witty, funny, or interesting. The ultimate plain jane but he tells me how perfect I am for him but it almost makes me want to cry just in how much disbelief I am of this statement. When we talk about it or I hear it, I tear up every time. I know I should just work on myself on this because its purely based on my own insecurities and it's completely destroying me. I can't help but think he could just do so much better than me and I feel sick and sad that someone so good is stuck with me. Am I just sulking in self hatred and pity? What the hell do I do?

No. 453943

Yesterday my mom told me about a girl in our neighbourhood who's appearantly so anorexic that she looks like she can't walk and I know that this is so wrong and disgusting, but I can't stop thinking about it, I feel jealous.
I thought I'd be better, I've been fat and obviously not starving myself for years already, but I still secretly wish to be so skinny that everybody worries about me.

Also, in a month I will be going on vacation for the first time in 5 years and I'm absolutely dreading it because my body is nowhere near ready to wear shorts, much less a bikini…I don't look that fat in normal long clothes, so my friends will probably be shocked by how I much I really gained. I wish I could just stay at home.

No. 453945

Yes you are anon if he's with you it's because he sees something in you he appreciates whether you see it or not and your self destructive attitude is going to end up pushing him away eventually unless his love is that strong, try to do exercises(not physical) that are going to help your self esteem so you aren't constantly projecting.
Trust I'm speaking only cause I've dealt with this

No. 453949

i miss 16 year old me so much. i had a pretty great social life, i had a ton of interests, and i had a lot of confidence so i wore whatever the fuck i wanted. (tho it was during my cringy emo phase, but i look back on it fondly)

now im just a lonely broke 22 year old with -1 friends. i wish i had a time machine

No. 453951

I just found out the guy I was pining over for so long, who I spent countless nights crying about because I was too scared to confess my feelings actually liked me back at one point but gave up cause he thought I would never be interested. RIP me :'(

No. 453971

File: 1566817136925.jpg (16.24 KB, 250x250, 1561881086130.jpg)

I'm not cute and only have a laundry list of flaws with basically nothing good about me on paper but for whatever reason pretty desirable men end up obsessed with me. I really don't get it because I see way prettier girls than me being treated much worse and settling so much harder when they don't need to at all. Dating really is all about how some decent people happen to fall into your lap or something, I guess.

No. 453987

I feel like nobody will ever love me.

How long will I have to keep trying and trying to finally find friends, a bf? It seems so hopeless. Girls think I'm weird and guys find me repulsive.
I will always be the least important family member, despite trying my best to be the most filial. All my life my younger siblings overshadowed me, while my parents additionally tell me that I need to take care of them more, that I need to treat them better etc. Nobody has ever taken care of me.
I sometimes think about how it would be to have friends or a bf, but just imaginening being intimate with anybody scares me.

Last week on my birthday my aunt called - but not to congratulate me, no, to chat with my brother. Most relatives don't even know me, but if they do they only ask "How's your brother/sister?" How would I know, it's not like my brother talks with me.
I barely get a word in at home, my teachers were shocked to find out who my siblings are because they're so outgoing, talkative and extroverted, meanwhile I'm a total recluse. As a result I of course also am not brave enough to talk much with others, be it in uni or at work. I'm always scared of sounding stupid and embarrassing myself.

No. 453992

I used to be a lot like you and I still am to a certain extent,My mom set up on a blind date and I met the love of my love and got married

I get all my socializing from my husband and occasionally his brother and sister when we visit them. I genuinely don’t have an issue with my lifestyle though. I’m just really glad I married someone who’s understanding and loves me for me.

No. 454001

Why are online mum groups utter hell, so fucking condescending and you can apparently never question one another’s parenting. Fucking sorry that I don’t feed my infant the homegrown organic strawberries from my balcony garden like you do, Sharon, silly me for thinking the ones from the local farmers market are good enough.

No. 454033

I'm dealing with a skinwalker situation and it's so annoying and honestly creepy as hell. This type of shit was stupid but vaguely flattering when I was a teenager, but this girl and I are both in our mid 20s. I thought she was sweet but sheltered and I wanted to help her out a little, but now I just want this weirdo to leave me alone. Being vague because I'm not sure if she checks here since I mentioned it once to her.

No. 454038

Are you both still single? If so, why not ask him out? It won't hurt to try.

No. 454043

Man I'd love to join some online mom communities since I don't know anyone around my age that has given birth, I feel pretty alone, but hell really seems to be other mothers. I'm also not obsessed with motherhood and it's not my only identity and I don't really take it that seriously so finding mom friends from groups that are solely based on the fact that they're moms seem to be the wrong place to go for me. I just want to discuss baby stuff with people that also have babies, not to be judged for everything I do.

No. 454051

whispers gently in you ear 22 is young. youre fine. taking on more adult responsibilities will always seem like a drag compared to being young and carefree. finding a balance between wage cucking and keeping a personality is important. small steps and you can regain a sense of self. good luck

No. 454057

I started weaning myself off of social media for those reasons- trying to fill in the blank in our lives, keeping up an image for people to see, constantly posting about things that happens. It got tiring and it was taking a toll on me. I don't really use facebook anymore, but I'll browse through my newsfeed out of habit but nothing really piques my interest because it's all people I'm distant from and if it's events or something big that happened in a friend's life, we'll talk to each other one-on-one about it. I also think its nice to have stories saved up to share that others might not know of, kinda kills the mood when you try to talk about some big fun event that happened and the other person says "oh yeah I saw your post already." I haven't deleted it because I joined a bunch of groups recently (mostly shaming groups) and I quietly lurk on them for laughs whenever I get super bored. I deleted everything off my instagram and I feel so much happier. I'm happy to just browse and save food spots and post dumb shit to my stories.

The only place I'm super active is on twitter, but it's mostly me blogposting dumb ass mundane shit on my private account to friends. I feel like it's my only social media over the years where I've never been concerned about the image I put out on it- it's basically just a digital diary for me to put all of my dumbass thoughts.

Social media sucks. It's freeing and nice to live life without it. I hope one day I'll be able to stop browsing, but even just stopping myself from posting and caring about post interactions feels like such a great improvement to my mental health.

No. 454062

I'm jealous of all the people who don't need friends. I spend so much time and energy maintaining friendships. Even if I had a boyfriend or husband I would still want other friends. Life would be so much easier that way.

Are you in uni? How do your teachers know who your siblings are?

No. 454066

why do you need them? people don't really add so much to my life. other than immediate situational help, how do you need them? it sounds really tiring. i haven't been close to people for many years. i really feel like people complicate my life and it's more work than it's worth. i just don't get enough out of social interaction to justify the energy expenditure.

No. 454067

you havent really weaned yourself off social media though. its good that you seem to not be so attached to it but you still have them

>freeing to live without it

but you admit you still use socials. try having zero. i know for sure its my bias towards people who think they are better than the masses because they only indulge in it a little but you still use them and are reliant on the mental tug and pull it provides. youre really just trying to convince yourself you are better than that while still doing the exact same thing.

No. 454086

File: 1566835128284.jpg (202.85 KB, 900x1200, 1527830164864.jpg)

This is the second time this year that I have my heart broken by a bitch that plays with my feelings. Now I'm legit scared of girls, everytime a girl flirts with me I feel a pang of pain in my stomach and only want to run away. I wish I had a cold heart, and I wish I didn't want a girlfriend so badly.

No. 454096

I'm sure I've gained some weight and most of it goes to my stomach first and my pants are starting to become harder to button up!!! I want to go on a short diet and and reel back in my overindulgent eating but I live with my parents who have terrible eating habits and can't even stock the fridge with healthy foods that I like because they've stuffed it full of useless shit (most loads and loads of sauces).

And on that note, I also wish my parents would stop eating so much garbage. One of my old highschool teachers passed away last week from a heart attack, and I know my parents will be going down the same road if they don't stop. Fuck. She was just a few years younger than them. My dad acts like eating vegetables and not deep frying everything in sight is a fucking crime.

No. 454102

I feel you anon. My family has always had bad eating habits (though my mum and brother are both thinner than me), so the food we have at home always fuels my binge eating. My family has an abundance of sauces in the fridge too, it's ridiculous - I have a running joke with my friends that the only food in my house I can eat is sauce and bread. If you're dependent on them with food shopping, maybe just suggest a few things to switch out that are healthier? Or if you can work or get money buy your own food that you make and eat yourself (I keep fruits and veg and some other stuff for meals in so I can try to eat somewhat healthy).
I can't wait to move out so I can just cook my own stuff. I will literally have a bowl of rice for lunch and my mum will act like I am starving myself and offer me more food.

No. 454110

I was at my newish job today stocking shelves and as i was unwrapping some bottles of makeup remover apparently I squeezed it on accident because it squirted on me. I didn't know what to do, no one was around and I literally just put it on the shelf with the rest. No one saw me but there are security cameras and now I'm paranoid to go to work tomorrow because I'm afraid someone will have found out and ill get fired or something

No. 454112

you need to be 18+ to post here, anon.

No. 454114

I do work and usually buy my own groceries, but I'm limited in what I can buy to what little fridge space opens up unfortunately. It sucks that whenever I go over to my best friends house and she opens up her fridge, what she calls "full" is so… sparse compared to my fridge. I wish I had that much space! Sometimes my dad will complain about me buying food and overstuffing the fridge but it's like… my stuff makes up the tiniest fraction of what's actually in there and most of it is stuff that I cook and eat. Other times he'll just complain in general about the fridge as if most of it isn't his shit. I used to make iced tea in the summer but I stopped because as soon as the fridge got full, my tea was the first thing to come out. They would take it out when I wasn't home and leave it in the hot kitchen, completely spoiling it. Our freezer is completely stuffed too full of frozen meat. Why do we even need this much frozen meat? I don't get it, I really don't.

When I studied abroad for a while, I felt so great that I could buy whatever foods I wanted to cook with. Despite my slightly disordered eating at the time, I ate so good- mostly fish and vegetables (I'm not vegetarian, but also not that big of a meat person). I can't wait until I move out and can go back to that life. I love indulgent foods as much as the next person, but I'm perfectly happy with really simple meals full of veg. I also unfortunately have a huge sweet tooth so I'd much rather indulge myself when it comes to dessert than with my actual meal…

One day we'll be free anon…!

No. 454115

Aw anon, it was just an honest mistake. I doubt you'll get fired for it, probably just a slap on the wrist if anything. Accidents happen, and the next time it does, just set it aside and explain what happened/ask if it's okay to put it on the shelf (since it's now been opened/used a bit) or if you should do something else with it (tester? bin it?).

No. 454123

you sound exactly like me. i also think im not good enough for my bf and laugh it off sometimes when he compliments me, but if i take off my love-goggles i can realistically see that he's NOT too good for me, we're a perfect match for eachother and there's a reason he chose me, and i him. most people arent super attractive, smart, witty, funny or interesting but they are loved and fall in love regardless.

No. 454124

>>454114 are you me? Literally there is never space in the fridge because it's packed with my mums boyfriend's food and sauce. That's why most of my foods are snacks because they can be kept in my room or in the cupboards, there is literally no space for actual food, and the amount of bread that is bought and goes to waste is ridiculous (so if I can actually fit my own bread into the bread bin it's a win). Maybe you should invest in a mini-fridge for your room? That way any food you have that doesn't need to be frozen can stay fresh.

My family also cook with way too much oil, so I don't eat much of what they make and most of my meals tend to be snacks or coffee, which makes it easier for me to indulge too. I love plain food, so oily veg… is kinda gross.

One day we can move out and eat like normal human beings lol. I used to be anxious about ever living alone but I'd rather do that and be responsible for my own food and meals than live with people who stuff the fridge with junk.

No. 454132

I actually do have a mini fridge in my room lol… my dad got it for me when I was younger to hide our junk food in but over the years I stopped putting stuff into it. I'm in the process of decluttering my room and there's some stuff in front of it that makes it difficult to open all the way, but aside from that, it also doesn't seem to be that cold?? It's cranked up to the max setting but whenever I do put the occasional drink in there it comes out… just slightly colder than room temp. It's 50% being hesitant about food keeping well in there, and 50% it's been sitting in my room for so long that I tend to forget it even exists. I'm not really sure what's wrong with it but I'll see if I can fix it and start using it to store food and stuff.

My dad's the main cook of the house so if he's off for the day I won't bother to cook, but there was a time where he kept frying stuff non stop and he made something wrapped in filo dough and it was so… tasteless. It was so upsetting lol. I get the appeal of fried food is that it tastes good and the crunchy texture is great but this was somehow just BLAND? Sometimes I can just eat some chips (we have so many around the house) and call it a night without eating a real dinner, but fuck man, it makes me feel bad about how unhealthy it is to keep doing that.

It feels good to hear about other anons having the same fridge troubles haha. A lot of my friends seem to have parents that really emphasize healthy living and have "normal"ly stocked fridges that I felt like it was just my family being fucking weird with all this sauce hoarding.

No. 454136

maybe try to fix it, or find a better one if possible. it'd be easier than not being able to store food constantly. I wonder if there's mini fridge's with the same temperature as a normal fridge? maybe that's something to look into.

My mum's boyfriend is the main cook of the house and basically makes the same meal every night - meat, veg, and potatoes. Mostly some form of pork, beef or chicken. It's so boring. Obviously I'm not going to say anything because it's ungrateful and rude, so I just deal with it for now. Sometimes I replace my dinner with a small snack or small bowl of cereal if I'm really not feeling it, or even just a serving of rice. He uses so much oil with stuff I think replacing dinner with a snack is healthier lol. I don't mind bland food but if you're going to fry food the point is that it's unhealthy and tastes good?? lol

Most of my friends have healthy, normally stocked fridges, especially my boyfriend, which was a shock to me since my ex's fridge was awful (literally nothing but snacks, I gained so much weight in that relationship it was ridiculous).

No. 454141

as a fellow shelfstacker - literally nothing will happen. we even have an unofficial tradition for the person who works in the air care aisle for the night to perfume it and themselves with air freshener of their choice and then just put the thing back on the shelf after.

No. 454170

You realize you won't get this resolved until you put him in jail, right? It may be hard to do, but you can't get closure if you're able to just freely text him like that.

No. 454188

I'm about to cave and build myself a fucking gaming PC and I hate it. I gave up that useless time sink of a "hobby" years ago in favour of trying to apply myself to more constructive pastimes; besides actually having a career that I'm trying to develop I took up fitness and made a commitment to read more and pursue art and music again. I've only really half succeeded at that over the last 4 years and I still waste way too much time online. Now my laptop is dying and I'm extremely tempted to buy something to game on again, but I would hate myself for giving up on other goals.

No. 454226


There is no such thing as "productive" hobby, a hobby is a hobby, if it is productive and you do it as an investment then its something else.

When it comes to hobbies and activities done purely for leisure it truly matters little what you do unless it override your main directives. Its supposed to be your time out anyways.

A few years ago it suddenly became "hip" for 30 yr olds to game and sperg about comics and shit like that, now i start to see how its suddenly cool again to insult people with pastimes outside of just "work and don't complain" because soy or woman/manchild or something or maybe resented people are jealous of those with disposable income and free time.

No. 454229

I built my self a pretty decent gaming PC for under $500. It's guaranteed to last a few years of next gen gaming. Currently has specs just above the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

No. 454255

I'm not knocking the concept of hobbies, I'm mostly pessimistic about my ability to moderate my time playing games. Maybe I have more self control than as a teenager, who knows.

I'm also not shitting on videogames to be contrarian, but I think there is a definite hierarchy of how edifying a particular hobby can be and I would place most games near the bottom. I understand that it's a massive industry and there are titles that cater to many different audiences, some "smarter" than others, but so many of them hinge on the same basic dopamine reward cycles that are designed to keep people playing. I'm only speaking from past experience, there are games I sank thousands of hours into as a kid and you wouldn't be wrong to argue that as long as I enjoyed myself it was time well spent, but when your /played returns literal WEEKS of time I find it hard not to think of all the things I could have learned in that time.

No. 454262

File: 1566860547940.jpg (37.02 KB, 600x400, punymortals.jpg)

Why does the geographical area where I live always have to be so fucking humid?
Feels like I'm trapped in mother earth's swamp ass 24/7.

Oh and of course I have thin hair so I have to look like an ugly humanoid poodle as if the insult of constantly being sweaty and uncomfortable wasn't enough.

No. 454276


I have avoided all online games for this reason and i am kinda thankful i am naturally bored with open worlds and "infinite" games like Minecraft and stuff like that were you endlessly wander and play with no particular purpose.

I like to play games that are single player, mostly linear and X amount of hours long. You beat them, feel great about the experience and thats it. You know that X amount of hours each session will get you to the endgame in Y amount of time while Online gaming has no end in sigh that and makes you loose track of time, that's the danger zone.

naturally i like games from the Ps2 era downwards. After the 6th gen is all fucked.

No. 454293

a productive hobby is one that produces something. many hobbies are productive: art, writing, crafting, programming, music composition, woodworking, etc.

and some are consumptive: art appreciation, music appreciation, video games, watching films, reading, etc.

and some are what I would say is "nuturing": gardening, vehicle maintenance, restorations of all kinds, etc.

these are all things that can be done more or less at leisure. we're just stuck in a capitalistic hellscape that says only things that can be monetized (e.g. productive hobbies) are worth our time.

No. 454309

I'm taking part in a training/interview process that I'm 50% sure might by a scam. I feel so dumb, yet I can't let go of hope so it sucks.

No. 454314

File: 1566867318536.png (480.7 KB, 892x595, Capture.PNG)

Same. I know a lot of video courses are scams, but I kind of want to believe. I don't buy them, but I feel so dumb for being tempted by them.

No. 454325

>P2 era and down

Based anon. I agree. I love games that let you explore and wander. Competitive games are such a man thing. One of my male friends keeps asking if i'm ever gonna download battlefield V. No way in hell. I hate PVP shit. that kind of mindset is massively toxic.

No. 454327

>art, writing, crafting, programming, music composition, woodworking, etc.
>gardening, vehicle maintenance, restorations of all kinds, etc.

You literally just called a bunch of full time jobs and career paths hobbies.

No. 454330

Something can be a hobby or a job depending on how much time you spend on it and if you plan on using it to generate an income anon.

No. 454346

uhhh what do you think the label 'professional' is for? a hobbyist woodworker vs. a pro are two very different things.

No. 454347


A hobby is something you do on your free time and purely for leisure. Its completely hipocritical to be shaming people's hobbies for not being "PrOdUcTiVe" when the truth is that even if you choose something that is an actual career as a hobby you are still doing it for shit and giggles to waste your own leisure hours, otherwise you would be taking seriously as a career prospect, not a pastime.

No. 454351

I'm >>454293 and >>454346. I'm not shaming any hobby as being "unproductive" in the sense you mean. I mean that some hobbies literally produce something tangible. There is nothing wrong if your hobby doesn't. A lot of hobbies don't, and a lot of hobbies that aren't typically shamed (like gardening, restoration) aren't technically productive either.

Even if you're sitting alone in your room making art no one but you will ever see, you're still producing something. That's just a simple fact.

Anyway, you're also insulting every single serious hobbyist who put in quite a lot of time and resources doing something they love, just because they love it and not for the potential income stream it could bring. Maybe we should mourn the fact that people can't have serious leisure hobbies anymore without trying to monetize them.

No. 454356

>dont work for 6 months, barely have money
>have a shit time trying to find a job
>finally find a job
>have to work 3 weeks to get first paycheck
>a bit lower than what I was expecting but still thankful
>have to take my car into the shop the same week as my car insurance payment
>car insurance payment + car maintenance = literally all of the money in my bank account
>have to wait another week and a half til next paycheck

luckily my parents are supportive so I don't have to worry about food and stuff til I get more money… but still, it's just aggravating.

No. 454358

UGH I am so fucking done with """gardeners""". Like, wow you placed some shit in the ground and it grew congratulations. Guess what cupcake the seed is the one germinating you did fuck all. Pretty sure that only mentally ill people would even want to pick up a hobby all about asserting your dominance over mother nature and bending her to your will. GROSS. These people should be publicly shamed.

No. 454360

File: 1566873436188.png (3.54 KB, 248x203, isthisbait.png)

No. 454373

Started a new job and I’m literally only bringing healthy shit to eat because I’m weird about eating in front of strangers and I don’t want my new coworkers to know I eat like shit normally. Plus it’ll make me happy if they start associating me with healthy stuff, in the sense that I actually “earned” my thinness and it’s not just my metabolism still being decent. lmao I feel slightly conceited for this entire train of thought!

No. 454374

Good for you but literally how is this a vent?

No. 454381

what thread would you put this in?

No. 454385

irl diary

No. 454393

Brag thread on /g/, dumbass shit thread (you can post pretty much anything there that doesnt violate the rules) or diet thread

No. 454481

My phone was stolen yesterday and I'm still really upset about it.

I was on my way to an interview at the time and instead of spending time preparing for it, I had to call my phone company, give a statement to the police and log out of all my accounts. The worst part is that when I told him to stop, he hit me on the head which I can't stop replaying in my mind. I've always felt really safe in my city but on the way home from the interview, I didn't feel safe anymore. It couldn't have happened at a worse time because I was expecting important phone calls and emails and I had to find my way to the interview without a map or way to tell the time. The phone was only a month old and it was a big deal because I saved up for it and my mom paid half because I helped her out with something. I just feel so stupid and angry. I wish I could rewind time.

No. 454495

christ can people fucking not with the goddamn minecraft bee. I've seen nonstop fucking dumbass meme shit about "minecraft bee is gay rights and trans." This meme somehow pisses me off even more than all of those goddamn "X character says trans/gay rights!"
does literally fucking everything have to be a symbol or celebration of lgbtqa. I'm tired of seeing it all. I could not give two fucks if you're whatever, I just want a fucking break from seeing this shit nonstop everywhere. Why does shit that has absolute fuckall to do with lgbtqa have to be made into its fucking mascot. Literally the only fucking reason they chose the goddamn bee is because it's cute and people like it.
I probably sound retardedly salty about a stupid fucking bee meme, but it's an accumulation of things

No. 454502

File: 1566906830343.png (1.04 MB, 960x721, 4nl6935za7731.png)

My brother has recently been hanging out with an extremely creepy guy who legit scares me. I want him gone but my brother gets extremely defensive of him. Pretty sure its a drug-related thing which just makes it worse on me and my sister.

No. 454504

I have about two weeks left to study about 80 pages of material, which would be absolutely doable if I wasn’t a lazy slob. I hate myself

No. 454517

i already posted that i got rejected for a masters course, despite meeting the min requirements (I didn't meet my offer, but as I still met the course requirements I thought I would be fine) I've applied for other courses at the same uni, but I don't think I'll get in. Again, despite meeting the min requirements. I had accommodation ready and a job, but since I won't be a student I can't move into that accommodation (building rules)
I've applied for a llp at another uni, but it's probably too late if I do get accepted. I would have like 2 weeks to find a place to live.
I just fucking hate this. I have a law degree from one of the best unis in my country with a decent grade it shouldn't be this fucking hard. The application processes are taking so much time and I'm running out of time.
I also haven't told people that I have been rejected and I really don't want to. This is the first time i've ever failed anything and it's humiliating.

No. 454532

When I first met my bf I didn't know how porn sick he was, or careless before meeting me. It only transpired later when we lived together. I never had confidence issues with how I looked naked and even think some parts are great or whatever. When we first got together I was more relaxed and free. He made me feel confident because he was just so accepting. However, since coming across his porn, and seeing the various things he's into etc., I've become more embarrassed in the bedroom.

I tend to turn away from him getting undressed now, embarrassed that when my bra comes off i don't have the fake tits of porn that stay up. See, when I found his porn and talked to him about it he tried to ask to watch together. I said no. We have never done that, but since I know he likes porn and what he's looking up, he's pushing more during the act to constantly switch up, do this, move like that, do this now blah blah blah.

I'm not a porn actress getting paid to perform. What the fuck about my experience. I honestly feel like I'm a prop now, he seemed to have more respect before I knew about his porn habits.

Majority of the time we have sex now I don't even know where to look or what to say, I'm just going through the motions and awaiting directions. And half the time he cums too early and then I get to use his semi to get myself off on top of him. It's not hot.

No. 454533

Nta but could you list the parts you used? Like the graphic card etc.
There are so many new games I want to play and if I could have a good gaming PC for just under $500, I'd do it running

No. 454538

Same. Feelsbad being in canuckistan with no microcenter

No. 454541

Can you have a word with him before things get unfixable?

Explain that you need more connection during sex, that you feel like you're posing and being a prop, and you want more time spent on making sure you feel satisfied?

You shouldn't have to endure shitty sex and issues like that only get worse if not discussed

No. 454586

File: 1566921397246.jpg (9.44 KB, 225x225, fuck everything.jpg)

one of the people i was talking to kept supporting my histrionic mythomaniac sister who has hurt so many people and got me so mad i deleted all my messaging apps without even thinking about it.i dealt with so much but this was the last straw.i dont fucking care that this person is my relative,i dont care if she has made a fool of herself and now has to deal with it.she says she is an adult and she has to act like one.she has hurt people so badly they cried and harmed themselves while she finds her next victim to have fun and lie without thinking of the concequences

fuck this shit.fuck those apps.fuck the people who dont want do realise the shittiness in front of them while i lose years off of my life trying to help

fuck all of this

No. 454599

I just stumbled upon some furry liveblogging on Twitter about his hands getting amputated because he put them in dry ice and fell asleep for 6 hours (uh??). I feel like it was not an accident because he is already talking about getting paw prosthetics.

No. 454603

i'm so sick of my dad always acting like me being a vegetarian is the worst thing in the world. he's the one with the heart problems, not me

No. 454604

A mentally ill furry…unheard of

Reminds me of people with amputation fetishes who do similar, strange world

No. 454605

this crush is the lowest point of my fucking life. he hates everyone, not exaggerating, everyone, yet he also whines about his loneliness. he is severely depressed and mentally unstable. he is in too far through the incel mindset. i tried to empathize with him as much as i can and thought maybe i can help him out of it but i became the one getting dragged down instead. i feel like shit because i think i just proved his retarded "blackpilled" mindset that "women are after mentally unstable, disrespectful men, they don't care about personality, they only care about looks" and shit. that's not what i want, i don't want him to be an aggressive moody fuck, i'm trying to look at the good in him and want to have a healthy relationship. it's not working. i can't gain his trust because he's deluded into thinking that no woman will ever be trustable and loyal. i'm so fucking done with this

No. 454606

this year has taken me out of my comfort zone in a lot of ways that turned out for the better but were still tough to endure. i think i've finally identified that the source of my months-long burnout is being too type-A to let myself relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor. i have a chronic illness, but it just makes me push myself twice as hard to prove to myself that it doesn't hold me back. my life is great, i have a very supportive partner and social circle, my job is good and my boss is understanding, i have no reason to not be happy. but i'm stuck in a spiral of feeling that if i'm not giving 110%, it's 0, and unless i'm constantly doing something productive in some way, i'm slipping.

how do i cast off my own impossible expectations and standards for myself and be kind to myself and not constantly degrade myself for not being better?

No. 454608

>There is no such thing as "productive" hobby, a hobby is a hobby, if it is productive and you do it as an investment then its something else.

not the anon you were replying to but i needed to hear that today, thanks

No. 454609

link plsss

No. 454612

Don't waste your empathy on someone like this anon, they'll suck all the happiness out of you for nothing

No. 454630

too bad anon is full of shit. hobbies are just interests you pursue that you get into yourself for fun and don't intend to follow past that. whether they are productive or not depends on your and your situation. if your hobbies can positively affect your job, they're productive.

No. 454633

no, there's just other interpretations of that statement than your intentionally negative one. i read it as 'there's a line between doing something for the fun of it and doing something to create a final product'. our sentiments are pretty similar so there was really no need to go on the attack about this lol

No. 454640

i have no judgement about "unproductive" hobbies, but for me the pleasure of a hobby is also being able to say "I did that myself".
but I dislike when people, especially adults, define themselves with what they consume (being a potterhead, a comic book fan, etc). I think making your whole identity something passive makes you less hands on or creative.

No. 454649

I get so mad thinking about how the shitty people in my life get to go about their lives being loved and adored by the people around them because others don't know what awful people they are. I cut them out and I'm enjoying my life without them, but sometimes I think about them and how they just get to go on like they weren't hurtful, manipulative people who hurt friends they considered close. I wish I could just permanently delete them out of my memory.

No. 454657

Most relatable, with me it's exes

Leaves you wondering if they repeat the pattern and eventually abuse the next person too

No. 454669

File: 1566932266070.gif (2.8 MB, 275x275, 1547430745017.gif)

I'm bawling my eyes out because I got denied roaccutane NOT because it might cause kidney damage but because it can cause issues with your reproductive system and possibly cause autism in future kids or make you sterile. I DON'T WANT KIDS. EVER. I told her that but nooo. I might even be autistic ffs

I literally wasted a lot of money to get the problem checked out by a private professional, only for my doctor to tell me no because of children that I'll never have and instead prescribed me some useless shit that'll dry out my skin and not to anything because the problem is internal.

I can buy the stuff under the counter but I can't afford it and I really needed it to be prescription. Holy shit I'm mad.

No. 454681

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this anon. Doctors like this are the absolute fucking worst.

No. 454683

that shit happened to my mom. she had her tubes tied and they still denied her until she reached age 45 just incase fuck doctors.

No. 454691

This makes me so sad because so much of the medical industry is still very anti women. not every woman wants kids. this is horrible. So sorry you had to go through that. maybe find a different doctor??

(Also, that