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No. 425761

This topic has been unbanned, so vent about XY's here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, abusive men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-Please do not respond to scrotbait. Taking bait will result in a 3-day ban from /ot/, no appeals.
-No femcel sperging.
-Gender critical discussion goes to >>418616
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No. 425763

File: 1561397332655.jpg (163.82 KB, 749x363, 1534173412185.jpg)

Just a friendly reminder as scrots still lurk round these parts.

No. 425768

Good post. Thanks for the reminder, anon.

No. 425779

File: 1561400621960.png (33.31 KB, 897x344, Screenshot.png)

No. 425784

The one black man /tv/ doesn't hate and actively respects Patrice O'Neal
A small dicked, morbidly obese jackass who hated women and feminists and died due to his own lack of self control



No. 425789

He died several years ago.

No. 425805

man, i really want a print of OP pic for my wall

No. 425924

File: 1561422394550.jpg (205.55 KB, 676x961, throw the whole man away.jpg)

No. 425932

i always laugh at the patrice worship, by their own standards he's a cuck for being with a single mom and never having any children of his own. but he hates wahmen so clearly based, redpilled, etc etc

No. 426043

OK not really sure where to put this, apologies if this isn't the best fit for the thread.

I made some critique posts on a looks rate subreddit and since then I've gotten pms from various men too shy to post publicly asking for private critiques. The amount of doomerpill BS they'd pepper through their messages is depressing given that most of them are so young and that many of them are actually cute. They've barely had a chance to get jaded and are preemptively giving up and parroting incel talking points, what a goddamn waste.

I'd want to say that incels are crabs in a bucket but it almost seems worse. They are bucket crabs enticing young land crabs to fall into the bucket with them.

No. 426047

This has already been discussed numerous times in the last 3 Pink Pill threads but here we again
many Incels are actually not that bad looking and some are actually very handsome but the Incel mentality has convinced them that all women want 6 feet plus + Uber jock bros with comically large penises and that any woman who says she's not attracted to that type of guy is lying,they try to conceive other young men that they will never be loved and no one woman would ever like them in any way

No. 426048

Why do farmers keep showing this guy off as if he's cute in any way shape or form? Do blue eyes count that much? Because he looks like a mole rat.

No. 426050

sorry if I dredged up old news, I'd stayed away from these threads for a while because they were too depressing. These PMs were just really driving home that the mentality is snaring young teens.

No. 426055

Agreed, he's not attractive. But still, you wouldn't be surprised to see him with a gf.

The real problem with many men is that they are socially retarded and fucking AWKWARD. And the less success they have with women, the worse it gets. Most girls will take a funny, charismatic uggo/fatty over a normal looking guy who spergs out and can't talk to her or touch her without making her feel uncomfortable. Good looking guys might be able to get away with it, but a positive feedback loop when they're young usually turns them into socially adept adults anyway.

No. 426057

idk I think face-wise he's cute but perhaps I have odd taste

No. 426062

>"dead boy prank in abandoned haunted school"
not only was this troglodyte pornsick, he enjoyed garbage videos– his tastes matched his personage. In true Irish form does life imitate art. What a piece of trash.

No. 426065

It's probably just one person.
That anon's writing style is easy to recognize.

No. 426106

i agree, he looks really average. the other incel mod (pictures of him have been posted many times) on the other hand looks extremely beautiful. i think it's just that they won't accept anything less than 10/10 young girl, so they don't even try dating. most of them haven't even asked a girl out once in their lives.
i remember the other incel, elliot rodger. he rejected normal-looking girl, as he wasn't able to accept that tall, blonde "stacies" aren't interested in him.

No. 426119

Nah sis not even close

No. 426123

thank you

No. 426179

white supremacist incels might be the most pathetic humans on this earth. everytime i see some retarded white guy going on about "do you have any idea how hard it is to date as a man in a western society?" i crack up. they all are bitching because they are too comfortable. you're living in a first world country, all issues you have are caused by you being an absolute socially inept scumbag, and you are bitching about ~~evil western women's hypergamic dating standards~~ and having mental breakdowns about seeing non-white people minding their business in your oh so precious city. fuck yourself.

No. 426226

There's a story being reported about a baby getting shot in the head by a man who was rejected by the mother while leaving a house party. And it's the mom getting shit on for being a teen mom at a house party while men say "what he did was horrible, yeah.. BUT THE MOM..! " we don't know if that party was for family or friends. But the mom is 18 and therefore deserved to have her baby shot according to scorts.

Another one was a celebrity who had her natural breasts out in a revealing dress. And you know men hated that so they complained and laughed. While reading the comments, some women mentioned that men sag too but they weren't happy with that. Natural bodies are a flaw to them but they despise PS too. Think I hit my mh quota for the day

No. 426232

I think he's very attractive, and I don't like blue eyes. I think they're uncanny valley; most look very creepy. (I have blue eyes btw b4 anyone gets offended)

No. 426258

Ew guys please stop and get some self esteem that guy is gross

No. 426266

It's his skin that is gross, I bet he doesn't use a dedicated cleanser and face cream. But his face looks normal average to me?

In the end though I think women are less likely to agree if a given man is attractive or not.

No. 426267

Let's keep it real, his personality makes him ugly, like most incels.

No. 426274

He's not completely irredeemably ugly, but you can tell that like most men he doesn't do basic shit to take care of himself and become more attractive for women. This anon is right >>426266 his skin is kinda gross and I thought the same thing when anons first posted that video. The bitch needs to exfoliate and use a daily cleanser and moisturizer, good god.

No. 426282

No. 426284

wtf do you expect from a nazi with zero empathy?

No. 426289

File: 1561493130970.png (35.64 KB, 640x239, IMG_1210.PNG)

Was a mistake to check what's going on on Reddit after months…

No. 426291

boo fucking hoo, do you see fat/skelly conventionally unattractive women with attractive men more often than otherwise? it's way more acceptable for a man to not have body that fits into the typical standards. get over it.

No. 426309

File: 1561497668098.jpg (326.19 KB, 1598x1001, ui8w441wsh221.jpg)

You're posts reminded me of this-I will see if I can find the actual thread I remember it was gold.

No. 426310

File: 1561497940946.jpg (354.43 KB, 650x712, Maria-Ciuffo-02.jpg)

Oh and for anyone interested this is Ria Ciuffo, the kind of girl he thinks he deserves.

No. 426311

most incels are complete frauds who tend to misrepresent their standards. they will pretend that their only requirement for a woman is to be a female and alive, but if you browse the post history of most individuals on /r/braincels, you’ll very quickly find that they don’t date certain races and only are interested in women aged 18-24, regardless of their own actual age. additionally, a not-insignificant number have no interest in actually being a long-term monogamous relationship, but rather just want to pump and dump/neg women for their own self esteem. i clearly remember this one ‘truecel’ who was complaining about matching with a 26 year old woman. despite being 27 himself and uglier/fatter than the woman in question, he whined about only being able to date post-wall hags, lol.

No. 426314

i'm sorry anon but i'm relatively ignorant about incel rhetoric. can you enlighten me on what the wall is?

No. 426315

File: 1561498548223.png (403.49 KB, 1262x3203, crying and whining.png)

As a user said in cap he has posted this several times however not with the intent of getting advice, but to WHINE and act like hes somehow a victim. I now remember where I saw this post, on choosing beggars, where they really rip into him
seriously check this thread out hopefully you will get a chuckle

No. 426316

sure, it’s a term in the manosphere which refers to the point at which a woman begins to age out of their sexual value/leverage. most consider this to be around 25.

No. 426317

File: 1561498937370.jpg (25.23 KB, 500x198, creeps.jpg)

Was about to say this but some argue they "peak" even younger and have this weird conspiracy theory that society is trying to bamboozle then when in reality many people are just trying to stop them fucking kids.

No. 426323

tf is this pedo shit. as if men become greek gods as they get older.

No. 426328

File: 1561500182323.jpg (437.36 KB, 1878x2700, pdndyauppck01.jpg)

Any one else feel like the dad bod movement is only allowed because it gives middle aged men a way to cope? Think of other expressions of female sexuality (twilight, boy bands, 50 shades) or think of the last time a women set a single standard ('I only like tall guys' 'you judgemental bitch'). All this threatened guys so it was mocked and discouraged, but when the new form of female sexuality is average looking men everyone supports it. The Dad bod is pure cope CMV.

No. 426329

File: 1561500330608.png (659.74 KB, 717x681, CPR3.png)

Not sure if he created the term "the wall" but he seems to be very well known for it. Also his name is coach redpill and yes as you can imagine he really is that cringy. He thinks his videos of him talking into a fucking camera is "art". he doesnt even look like this anymore hes older and hairier but this is what he looked like when he talked about women hitting the wall at age 26.

No. 426330

women at the bare minimum are expected to shave half their body, wear makeup and style their hair, be skinny, and never age past 30 or get fat after pregnancy. Its only an issue when it happens to men just like how men redirect every fucking issue that impacts women to whine about how hard they have it. Women must never forget we have a duty to coddle our men first /s.

No. 426331

It was posted in wig0nheads thread in /snow/, a cap from pol no less, that fat middle aged men created this poll to make themselves feel better. I guess a broken clock is right twice a day kek.

No. 426332

the dad bod is just further proof that women find men endearing for their bodily flaws and even sexy, men use body flaws in women as an excuse to berate them or cheat on them in relationships. When is the last time a dude praised a menopausal body or post pregnancy body? Fucking never.

No. 426333

i've literally never seen a straight woman or gay man saying that they are into dad bods other than handmaiden shoeonhead. people are mostly into muscular guys or skinny twinks.

No. 426334

>their peak is at their youngest age
>youngest age

Someone posted a chart upthread where the male opinion of the female "peak" is in fact 14. Just pedophiles pretending it's uwu natural to want to fuck kids

No. 426335

women live up to almost 100 years but somehow peak at less than a quarter of their life…hm..

No. 426337

Just the fact that "dad bods" exists for men and "summer body" is a thing that is almost exclusively used for women, which is promoted and discussed in women's magazines, websites etc. to remind women to obsess over their weight ahead of summer, says everything.

No. 426338

imagine the possible backlash to a woman on reddit saying "men hit their peak when they are 18. it's the age that they are the most fertile looking. a young man would be able to work his dick better than old ass saggy men and wouldn't have erectile dysfunctions. it's just human instict and biology that women want them."

No. 426339

a shocking amount of men are pedophiles or pedophile apologists, just look at reddit or read the headlines. I wish all women would protest and stop having kids, whats the point anymore? maybe if we could separate the sexes and produce sperm in a lab but that will never happen because life is hell.

No. 426340

As someone who was in the bdsm scene and had men thrice my age trying to dom me and ignoring that my age limit was 40 when I was 20 I can confirm they act like why pissbabies and really try to use the excuse "young men do not have the experience" as if in this context that counts for fucking anything lol

No. 426342

this is not a contribution in any shape or form but men are fucking trash and incels just drive that belief home for me

No. 426344

Dad bod is a meme, the cope is real

No. 426345

Hmm new troll account idea, thanks.

No. 426347

please do this and report back here

No. 426348

I’m actually into dad bods but I still want my men to have some muscle under their chub lmao. It’s weird to my friends though and I still get shit from men who don’t fit my ‘type’ for being too picky.

No. 426349

No. 426353

Dadbod started as 'guy who was fit in his youth, but let go to because of their dad responsibilities', but men just changed it to be 'chubby guy'. So what you want is the orginal version of dad bod. That version actually took some effort, but scrotes couldn't have that and its just 'chubby guy' now.

No. 426360

lmao what dad responsibilities? Changing a diaper once in a blue moon wont even compare to the stress a mother goes through. Men are considered good dads now just for doing the bare minimum and not abandoning their kids.

No. 426361

Aren't like a half of incels non-white?
"currycels and ricecels" are a big thing. Most of them are obsessed with white women too.

No. 426365

Definitely a cope from gross men, but also a cope from insecure women. We all know how shallow men are, some women have low enough self esteem to do mental gymnastics and convince themselves they totally want a guy less attractive than themselves. They've been doing this with older men for ages, pretending they age like wine and are more mature. Top kek, it's an absolute meme. But the fact is, if a woman dates someone uglier/fatter/older than herself, she has significantly more power in the relationship. They subconsciously desire that leverage and higher chance that the man would be faithful and not obsessing over porn stars and celebrities and teenagers instead.

No. 426366

I've been browsing r/PurplePillDebate/ recently, a subreddit where you normal people and red pillers/incels debate gender relations. It's amazing how the men there want to avoid any responsibility for children and want to end child support laws.

>Why doesn’t the manosphere ever talk about the father who abandoned the single mother?

>For thousands of years women controlled human evolution by selective breeding. Man will generally mate with whoever is willing to mate.
Men are so superior to women but when it comes to sex they can't help themselves and women have to take all the responsibility!

No. 426367

Men around my age range with average bodies is fine to me, tbh I don't care that much about looks when considering a relationship. The term "dadbod" sounds like men in their 40s going through a midlife crisis trying to find a way to feel hot and desirable though. They can try to meme this all they want but most sane women in their 20s still aren't going to want their creepy old asses.

Otter bodies are the most aesthetically pleasing to me, I think a lot of other women would think so too. I'm not into super muscular guys and really skelly dudes just look like I could break them.

No. 426382

Looks very feminine.

No. 426383

This face have all the symptoms of a future tranny.

No. 426384

Well apparently the manosphere agrees with the feminists to praise single mothers as the best form of parenthood.

No. 426391

I've seen discords with incels in them and basically all of what you said was completely true. In fact, as time went on I began to think they didn't even want to "ascend" as much as they claimed they did. It seemed to me like they almost came to enjoy this type of "incel" identity and community. No self-improvements, no giving a chance with the women they managed to match with online or met irl because most of them weren't even that ugly anyways (instead they just posted pictures of these women and trashed their appearance in their servers). Just sitting all day on their discords whining, arguing, and reposting misogynistic memes and infographics.

No. 426399

sorry if this is off topic but i needed to get this off my chest. I recently moved with my little sister in our first apt and there is a small grocery store super close to us which we thought was super convenient. The first time i went everyone was so sweet and kind but i did notice a guy kinda following me around. I didnt think much of it because im super indecisive and i walk back and forth a lot which i can understand is sketchy. ANYWAY i went again last week and I was wearing a Samezuka academy jacket from the anime Free! (its a pretty dope jacket dont judge me lol) and one of the workers there tells me he likes my "chinese jacket" to which i kindly correct him and say its actually from an anime. To which he responds with wow i love anime and names a bunch of generic ones. Me being a sucker for conversations about anime and being in a generally good mood because its friday and I'm off for the weekend, decide to make small talk with him about it. We talk for maybe 2 mins maybe less and then we say our goodbyes I finish my shopping and he walks away. 10 mins later I walk outside and Im about to go back home but something tells me to go to CVS because I wanted to buy cheap wine and decompress lmfao. So i make my way there when all of a sudden I hear my name being called. (i stupidly told him my name because im too trusting). I turn around and low and behold its HIM! Now im confused because what are the odds that hes headed home at 5:45 on a Friday afternoon? Again I was in a very good mood and I didnt want to be rude because normally im very rude to strange men but he just seemed awkward and harmless and im thinking its just a coincidence that we are headed the exact same way. He's still talking to me about anime so I think maybe it isnt so bad but the way he is walking it doesnt seem like hes sure of his destination. He even asks me if the train station is near there which there obviously was because we both saw a train go by. Long story short I start to get creeped out real quick and he asks for my # which I gave to him. (i know another dumb move) I only gave it to him because Ive had times where ive given a fake # and a guy immediately called it in front of me. I tell him im going to the store and just walk into a random store and I can tell he wants to follow me but he decides not to. Immediatly after he calls me 3x in a row. I dont pick up any time because wtf dude. I go home and tell my sister about it because I feel so uneasy because the grocery store is so friggin close to our apt and he couldve easily found out where i lived. As soon as im done telling her she says the exact SAME thing happened to her but she told him she was a hs student so he backed off. It makes me so angry because now we have to go to a less convienent grocery store because this dude could easily up and follow us home. I say all that to say that finally today I couldnt stop thinking about how if he did this to my sister and I whose to say he hasnt done this to other women? It also pissed me off that everyone ignored the fact that he followed me and basically blamed me for trying to be nice. So I called the grocery store just now and let the manager know what happened. The worker gave me his name so I told the manager but he didnt seem to know who it was which kinda freaks me out because the dude was wearing their uniform!! IDK I just really hope they fire his creepy ass. Thank you to whoever read this paragraph. I really needed to get it off my chest and reading this thread gave me the courage to report him because everyone else was telling me to let it go.

No. 426403

Jfc that's horrifying, anon. I'm glad you and your sister are safe. Don't beat yourself up over giving him your number, you were in a scary situation and that was a way to diffuse it. You never know what men are capable of if you give them a fake number or refuse them. I really hope the manager does something about it. If you're scared of him trying to get revenge in case he gets fired, I'm sure he's done it to dozens of women so there's probably no way he could pin it on you.

No. 426415

So he works there ?? Report him to the manager for that shit and get him fired so you and all the other women in your area can feel safe! If you’re too scared to go in person call the store

No. 426504

rating people's looks is the most male thing ever. i've never seen a woman going on about "a 6/10 girl, this guy is a 4/10, how is that 2/10 guy dating that 7/10 girl?" and shit, it's always the incels. it's like they have no self awareness.

No. 426517

I chimed in on that conversation to say he's not attractive, I still wouldn't give him a numerical rating. How could I try and turn my subjective opinion into an objective number? It's not a natural thought process at all, I can't rank people even if I know whether or not I find them good looking.

Rating looks is something men practice and share with each other, they obsess over women's appearances to the point that they can refine their judgments into a scale that is universally understood by other men. It's harder for us when we don't do it often, don't know what other women's rankings are like, and are sexually attracted to non physical things like charisma.

No. 426521

incels do it themselves.

No. 426527

I think she means lazing about on the recliner watching TV or playing vidya.

No. 426530

Should be interesting. They just started it and I hope it grows.

It's just numbers, imo saying someone is super ugly and saying 2/10 is the same.

No. 426535


TL;DR: OP’s boyfriend has been secretly drugging her with sex pills that interacted badly with her anti depressants, causing her to be heavily sedated.

Men will do anything for sex even if it means sacrificing the safety of his girlfriend. Fucking animals. Men act like it’s some horrible trauma that they suffer from blue balls or don’t get enough sex. I’m absolutely convinced all men are disabled by their own sexuality. Women never do shit like this because unlike men we can control our sexuality and at least have empathy to never harm people we love in such a secretive and perverse way. Disgusting.

No. 426554

its insane how a man can drug and rape a woman but then still act like hes the victim

No. 426566

Socially awkward men have their little groups they can all be pathetic together but there's really nothing like this for socially retarded women

No. 426575

Probably because we just get the fuck on with life. Men kick the bucket at the slightest of hardships as shown in their pathetic suicide rates.

No. 426593

I hate men. Fucking stupid, useless rats who can't think of anything besides their worthless dicks.

What kind of subhuman lifeform literally pays for sex? Who is that driven by their sex drive, besides an idiotic animal?
They rape anything and anyone, too. Animals. Children. Elders. Women they know. Women they don't know. Relatives. Strangers. And when you put them into jail cells, they rape each other.
They shouldn't be given free reign, they're like animals compared to women. They should have vasectomies and be legally required to take something that completes kills off their sex drives from the time they hit puberty. They should only be off it when it's to start a family, and even then they should have a background check to make sure they're worthy of being fathers.
They literally should not have rights, much less be the heads of any households.

Notice how they hate us because we won't have sex with them. That's literally all their complaints boil down to, because they are animals. Meanwhile, we hate them because they rape, abuse, and kill us. They even take away our rights. Their only excuse for this is "Not all men!". Misandrists and misogynists will never be comparable, because we actually have good reasons to hate them.

No. 426654

File: 1561571657583.jpg (341.62 KB, 890x1809, jzut80no4l631.jpg)

No. 426658

Lmao of course they have to add that interracial relationships are banned and only sees black men with white women as criminal. Fucking kek. You know exactly the type of male who wrote this. Couldn't view his profile though but

No. 426668

Posts like these make me wonder if males even have the ability to love someone. I know they can obsess over people or feel strong sexual attraction towards them, but can they truly, selflessly, love?

No. 426671

why does my therapist 'suggest' to me that i stop hating men? it's not affecting my long term health, it's the opposite tbh. i stay away from them and it makes me feel better. i don't have to worry about some towering ape male going full retard in my home anymore and i like it that way. i know she has to be impartial about them, but i don't understand how she can NAMALT when she's treated so many damaged women.

No. 426673

hating an entire gender is irrational no matter what you think and it can definitely fuck up someone's mind if they stay in an echo chamber like this one. the pink pill isnt as bad as its male counterpart but yall need to chill

No. 426674

Yeah actually full on hating ALL males is no good for you. It's 100% justified to be warry of them, but you should still give them some room to prove if they're one of the good ones.

No. 426677

Begone satanic scrote

No. 426678

Well it does affect your life in some way, especially if you're straight.
It is frustrating to see all the shit they do on daily basis but yet still having to coexist with them…and knowing you can't do much about it is even more frustrating.

No. 426679

What does libertarianism attract the crazies?

No. 426680

Lmao it makes me so happy to know how miserable this dude is. He'll never get to enjoy any of the things that makes life bearable, he will forever be a miserable sack of shit who only know how to hurt others and himself.

No. 426681

Notice how he makes exceptions for "QT traps".

No. 426683

She's protecting her own psyche. The "Not all men are like that" mantra is the only way a woman in this society can block out the truth. It's still too painful for many of us to accept.
The more women turn against men, the more your therapist will be forced to recognize the elephant in the room eventually.

No. 426686

File: 1561578996984.png (175.56 KB, 400x407, tumblr_olc0lrz3E91rafy10o2_400…)

If you're going to die alone, then just die already. Stop irritating us scrote. You're talking up too much space.

No. 426690

Quick rant, but I goddamn hope Kim's full body makeup idea doesn't pick up. All it does is make teen girls more insecure, grown men more picky, and Kim richer.
Also the product fails at helping who it needs to help. Whenever my skins flairs up I'm lucky if I can even put water on it without it burning. No ones going to be able to use this during a flair up.
This is gonna take 'I like women without makeup (AKA cover up your scars/zits with makeup, but don't put it on so heavy I can tell)' to a whole new level. Finally if one of the ingredients in the make up caused cancer and you applied it daily. You would be fucked.

No. 426691

Get out of the manhate thread
NTA but
No, you don’t need to give men a chance to prove they’re shit, that’s how so many women get murdered, raped etc. It’s perfectly acceptable for women to want to be separatist considering the near 100% chance of bullshittery

No. 426698

Oh god I love bringing up men's loss of sex drive as they age. They talk about "the wall" all day but if you mention their dicks aren't as good as they were before they get butthurt.

No. 426700

oh me too. if they are such assholes to women's aging then i'll definitely bring up how sexually incompetent men get as they age. it's like their trigger sentence.

No. 426706

Men are so bad at larpimg as women lol. You can always easily detect them.

No. 426710

I think this attractiveness gap is more noticeable as people get older and their hygiene, effort put into their appearance (and lack thereof) starts to take a toll on their looks. A majority of men put little effort in how they look (most men I know don't even use moisturiser) and while they can get away with it as young men and look average, they gain weight and wrinkles in their thirties.
I definitely see this gap in the UK, and I've also noticed it in France to a lesser extent. I think the food and drink associated with masculinity in both countries (excessive beer/cider in the UK, excessive red meat in France) really affect the aging process of men and make them gain more weight than their female partners.

I also think a lot of men expect attractiveness in their female partners that they don't actually ever attain, though. Like I've known obese, unwashed men who would pursue only really cute girls, but fortunately they've never managed to trap one. So stating that many men's expectations are very high, higher than their own looks would dictate (and obviously heavily influenced by social media and men's inability to detect photoshop) is true, even if they might often bitterly settle for a woman in their looks-range.

No. 426715

wish I can find that graph of a guy falling down stairs that start with tfw no gf, hating women, going mgtow, liking only anime traps, and eventually "become the gf" and going full troon. Wait for that poster to start saying he's mtf.

Idk if it will tbh. Whenever Kylie or kim release something, I've seen people only tired of them. Look at Kylie skincare. We know kylie doesn't use any of that shit, especially that horrific walnut scrub. If Kim pushes hard at her full body makeup, it'll just flop because we all know they're getting full body procedures done to look like that.

No. 426739

File: 1561586699134.jpg (22.16 KB, 500x303, 1558047812372.jpg)

This graph?

No. 426759

op sounds like a pornsick 15 year old edgelord. "you can write on them" kek

No. 426777

I don't know where this is from but someone,anyone, please PLEASE tell him to Have Sex.

No. 426783

Nah, this subhuman doesn't deserve human touch. He'll end up as nothing more than a male suicide statistic, lol.

No. 426797

File: 1561613929028.jpg (70.12 KB, 579x453, men are a disgrace.jpg)

No. 426801

File: 1561616104166.jpg (176.98 KB, 1024x684, 27683491754_eea9e1275a_b-3.jpg)

What is it with men and the hoops they will jump through in order to make it seem that it's women who are the sex-craved monsters and that they're doing us a favor by fucking us when it's them who go on shooting rampages and commit suicide of they can't get prestine pussy?

They can't make women orgasm for shit, drain womens bank accounts (in this day and age) cry and play victim if you ask literally anything of them, but act like they're gods, why?

No. 426802

Men do not deserve sex with women especially him, if he did get laid he'll probably go back to Reddit and scream and bitch about how her pussy didn't smell like candy and how she didn't look like a sex doll and fuck like a goddess

Males are choosing beggars, everything they say about women is projection

No. 426805

>It smells, and tastes bad."
Wait, is he saying dicks never smell like dick cheese and cum tastes good? kek

No. 426806

>it smells, and tastes bad.

lmao as if peen was any different.
Also cum tastes like shit too, so idk how they can cry about that shit.

No. 426808

File: 1561619383548.png (517.88 KB, 518x525, 1476001259901.png)

>QT traps
>"I remember watching this hentai"

Why are they always like this

No. 426810

I don't understand this. The salty pennies thing is not even accurate and we taste better than them. We literally taste way better. It's unbelievable how everything out of their mouths is projection.

No. 426836

>women like performing oral sex, men generally don't
lmao does he think porn is an accurate representation of what women want? does he think dick tastes and smells like chocolate and roses?
men are so obsessed with their own tiny dicks it comes off as extremely gay. please don't fuck retarded men who prioritize their own pleasure, anons. women deserve better.

No. 426846

I hate how porn convinced men their penises are some sort of magical candy that all women are just dying to have inside them, even fat hideous men with chodes are convinced they're literal God's, no wonder they spend their day's going on and on about how entitled women have become if we dare have a preference - it's projection

See what I mean? Men can write paragraphs about how great their dick is and how women are dying without it, and it's ignored or marked as a kink, a woman can just compliment herself and they act like she's committed the ultimate roastie sin

Men - women HATE sucking your yeast sausage, for sex most women can't orgasm and most likely either don't feel anything or just feel unpleasant pain, your dicks are literally useless for most women hence why so many have to fake orgasms just to get the sex over with, your dicks are gross, smelly, shitty to look at, just useless essentially except for reproduction and that's it, there's a reason why there's no subreddits or pretty much anything for dick pics, yet for our so called undesirable vaginas? r/simps r/largelabiasgonewild r/lipsthatgrip r/fatpussy r/munchbox just to name the few, but where is it, that women have boards and threads dedicated to your so-called, to-die-for dicks, posting pictures and worshipping it and going on about how great dick is, where is that at men? I only ever see gay men worship other men's dicks

Stay mad men, keep hating us, cry about it all you want, the fuller you get of yourself the more you ask for it, lose touch of reality and I'll be happy to hit it right back at you

No. 426848

Men need to be shamed a lot more for finishing after a few seconds or for not being able to give a woman an orgasm for once in their fucking lives.
There's so much women can make fun of but most of them are too good to men and put on their best fake orgasm act just so his tiny ego isn't destroyed or so they can finally end the terrible sex.

No. 426850

Finishing too early and taking forever to get off and making sex boring and a chore, most porn sick guys are impossible to please and it makes sex, which is supposed to be a magical fun thing, and just makes it horrible and want you to get over with, same with dudes who spend the entire sexual time judging the woman's body instead of enjoying it

No. 426854

>Men need to be shamed a lot more for finishing after a few seconds
I disagree. I really like when they cum quickly and can't control themselves. It puts us in a position of power. I prefer that they be overwhelmed by us/our bodies so easily, and them know/be reminded that we're not overwhelmed by theirs. Just force them to put a cock ring on it or something before cumming or very quickly afterwards to hopefully retain whatever hardness is left. Cumming too quickly is way better than the alternative of porn-addicted lidocaine dicked dudes resenting us for not being able to get them off.

No. 426856

Related to your post, I'd like to toss in that dicks are easily replaceable.
Dildos/vibrators come in all shapes and sizes,give you orgasms, don't get tired/erectile dysfunction(lmao), cum too early,get you pregnant etc..

No. 426866

Agreed. I assume before porn men would practically come in their pants at the sight of a naked woman letalone being inside of one, I think being a bit overwhelmed by sex is much more attractive and natural than training stamina for a pornstar sex life.

I do think men should be shamed for having small dicks though, instead of girls pretending it doesn't matter to spare their fee fees. Men pick on every part of our bodies even when they don't impact the feeling of sex like dick size does, so I don't feel bad. We can't immediately tell what size a man will be, so if an otherwise good looking guy has a tiny dick, he should take responsibility and date down in looks to compensate. I look better with clothes on than without and I take that into account when considering who to date, they should do the same.

No. 426883

File: 1561638678666.png (121.24 KB, 839x411, 0830F308JF3.png)

A cam girl died of asphixia after a male with a snuff fetish paid her to strangle herself on camera. He didn't try try to alert the emergency to save her. Of course males don't think he should have gone to prison for it.


No. 426884

I love the Idea of two Innocent virgins(male and female )who have never watched any form of pornography in their lives learning to make love with each other on their own naturally

No. 426887

Men sexualizing breasts in society is beyond disturbing and disgusting. A fucking baby eats from them. Men are meme'd into thinking anything's sexual and the only reason breasts being thought of as sexual is accepted and mainstream is because of certain religions under 2,000 years ago. Nothing says sexy like two sacs a CHILD eats from. Gross.

No. 426889

As a bi woman who cannot stand having a dick in her mouth but loves eating pussy, yeah sure I love giving oral but it requires you to be clean and recently washed, which men arent and women usually are. Requires me to be in a dominant position via this which is easy with a pillow princess type but men seem to use getting their dick sucked as a powermove. And last of all, it not to make my jaw dislocate, sucking dick has caused horrible pain for me before in the way that tongue fatigue could never. The idea were even meant to put dicks in our mouths is absurd. I'm very thankful I can disregard the male population and focus on women and I feel sorry for straight girls.

No. 426892

You'll love Blue Lagoon then

No. 426900

File: 1561641533653.png (407.28 KB, 926x780, Untitled.png)

i look at a lot of concept art and see this bullshit so much lol. a man will draw stereotypical military dudes in normal gear, but all the women he draws have to have their tits out and body on display with smatterings of the clothes the men wear. of course they're an artist and ~they can draw whatever they want~ but it instantly makes me judge them and unfollow them if i see this garbage. unless they're also drawing needlessly sexualized dudes. which they rarely do.

No. 426901

can confirm after i got a dildo i pretty much stopped looking for a bf entirely.

i'm still open to the idea of a relationship but i ask myself, what will a man give me that i can't already give myself with my dildo and imagination?

it's a nice filter so i don't jump into something just because i'm sexually attracted to someone. the dildo is perfect, so the guy really has to be exceptional for me to want to spend time and effort on him.

No. 426906

Men as a whole gender, are narcissists. Projection, projection, projection and the creation of false realities and lies, when shattered, the narcissistic injury is so strong they chimp out and go on shooting sprees. I can't believe they've been able to spin degeneracy so well in their favour. The Propaganda is truely criminal, when you realise it infiltrates EVERYTHING you are really taught to believe you are less and they are more when it's complete opposite. Men live in a false reality like a narcissist.

No. 426925

This should be posted in the kinkshaming thread.
>SaFe sAnE AnD cOnSeNSuAl uwu~

No. 426929

my god, those nipples… what the fuck

No. 426946

File: 1561650538966.jpg (117.76 KB, 975x650, 34766_aj.jpg)

Is it any good
also is their any other media with similar "pure" male characters who are not corrupted by male society(fuck off back to Reddit Neccesaryspeed4)

No. 426966

i have to laugh every time a guy attacks girls (especially ones with feminist leanings) by saying they have "daddy issues". you're openly admitting that men are the cause of many girls and women's personal issues, but you're also chiding them for speaking on these issues? how does that make sense in your head?
like, what is the implication exactly, and how is it supposed to count against the speaker?
>"haha, your father traumatized you, therefore everything you say is invalid"
how does this help you? and if you're seeing a large amount of these cases to the point where you're saying swathes of women have "daddy issues", how can you not place any blame on men?

No. 426978

File: 1561657239147.jpg (51.39 KB, 534x185, boys are bastards.jpg)

Warning: animal abuse

No. 426980

Why the fuck is this is a thing? Why would they wanna terrorize them? Tf….

No. 426982

That's horrifying. Poor animals.

No. 426983

I always took it to mean something along the lines of "haha pathetic girl expects/wants male compassion and didn't get it kek"
They are just reveling in the fact women generally value men (from childhood, hence daddy issues) and are primarily disappointed. Just my take on it.

No. 427005

I've never seen any male actually care about male suicide rates beyond using it as an epic counterargument to pawn le roasties.

No. 427008

They like to claim they have more problems whilst simultaneously berating women, calling women "emotionally unstable". So which is it lmao

No. 427011

If you tell them to care they screech that they can't change anything, aka they don't give a shit and are waiting to fix their shit for them

No. 427012

for women to*

No. 427018

The Mackenzie Lueck case is making me depressed, fuck this sugar daddy bs and fuck capitalism and fuck men. I wish you could get the younger girls to trust you when you tell them that men are dangerous but they never believe you until its too late. That's why these evil men will never run out of their supply of young and stupid girls to abuse.

No. 427045

The female suicide rate isn’t as high because men are already killing us all. All suicidal women have to do is get with a bad enough man (which most often do) and get murdered by him once his tiny chimp brain makes him flip out because she couldn’t provide enough sex or something.

No. 427058

Exactly. Same with shelters for male victims of abuse. They expect women to do all the work of starting them and running them and funding them and screech when we're too busy with shelters for the many many many more abused women.

No. 427062

Seriously. Idk how they can claim that women are the overly emotional irrational sex when they’re the one going on psychotic rampages and/or blowing their own brains out every time things don’t go their way. Narcissist projection is a hell of a drug.

No. 427071

Fucking libfem will keep poisoning each other with delusions about some nice kind old man who will put her through college and only fucks her Sometimes while they’re on some sunny tropical island.
Every mid-large city has huge active forum of scummy men sharing infos on “sugar babies”. They tell each other who’s cheap, who’s dumb, who lets him put it in her ass raw. They even keep list of “pros” to avoid ie women who trick for a living and know (more than others) how to keep themselves safe…

No. 427073

this is what we need to talk about when the 'sex work' enforcers come out of the wood works, as long as a man can overpower a woman and use force on a woman, prostitution cannot be safe! These men do not view these women as just humans providing a service, they look at them as literal objects to abuse and use in any way.

No. 427079

But anon
>Not all men!!!
(this is sarcasm)

No. 427086

Right? In a perfect world where men see a hooker the same way they see the IT guy then sure, hoe yourself to your heart’s content!! But that’s not this world, no one is getting sold into doing landscaping.
Same with political structures tbh, it’s not the concept of communism or capitalism or whatever that are evil, it’s the fucking innate psychopathy in men that simply will not allow a utopian system to exist. They HAVE to exploit and abuse everything.

No. 427093

This is pretty common with almost all artists in general. It's pretty heavily a reflection of our culture. Every time I used to log into DeviantArt, you'd see anime chicks (all with the same face) with massive tits, a few landscapes, and a dude once in a while dressed in badass armor. Artists that depict women as "human" rarely get noticed. Almost all art of females are of them in form fitting clothes to give that photoshopped e-thot hourglass figure. I rarely ever see a popular piece of art of a woman with broad shoulders, or a ruler shaped body. Any time a woman is wearing baggy clothes, she's usually only wearing a shirt in a sexual manner. I just want to see representation in art of women being more than what is socially "beautiful", is that too much to ask? If sexual art is inevitable, can it at least be tasteful? Most erotic artists like Sakimichan are really fucking terrible (and she's one of the good ones). The proportions are so off and look like deformed fetuses; it's disturbing guys can get off to that shit and not to their IRL girlfriends (as witnessed on r/nofap).

No. 427096

This is petty, but a some what popular lefttuber made an incels response video and instead of responding to an incel he just responds to some random black women who happens to have incel talking points.

Like why? Why her of all the incel videos? She isn't representative of the community so why maker her the focal point? Why choose the very anti-thesis of an incel for your incel video? I'm not defending her, but this feels like she's being attacked because she's a women. Like how people avoid attacking male transphobes, but TERF get all the hate .

No. 427101

A woman gets shot while pregnant, and is charged with manslaughter because of the fetus's death.
What the fuck is going on? How can this be real?
>“The only true victim in this was the unborn baby,” Lt. Danny Reid of the Pleasant Grove Police Department, said after the shooting in December, AL.com reported. “It was the mother of the child who initiated and continued the fight which resulted in the death of her own unborn baby.”
Even if she was fighting, she didn't fucking shoot herself. I don't even know what to feel.

No. 427102

Can we just remove Alabama from the union? Pretty sure it's not human, let alone American.

No. 427103

File: 1561672423402.png (45.61 KB, 845x481, bwa ha ha.PNG)

>When you've learned nothing

No. 427106

Vaush is a piece of shit, lmao. He'll take basically any excuse to call a woman a "dumb bitch" whenever possible. His followers either have brain worms, are trannies, or some morbid combination of the two.
He also said something about how portraying graphic child rape in media is okay.
He's a bizarre hybrid of those predatory male feminists and your typical misogynistic neckbeard with a porn addiction.

No. 427110

kek alabamas fucked, i hope alabama women take this as a hint of whats to come and get the fuck out of dodge

No. 427114

File: 1561673038093.jpg (59.63 KB, 730x1095, 8266b083a1711d2e4d9ba7ed4775a9…)

Wow Neccesaryspeed4 got recognized and banned? About time. But I will miss the posts about pimping out retarded men kek.
I do life drawing, and it brings home even more how insane popular art of women is. The real female human body is so different from the snake spine boob shit.

No. 427118

I have no real contribution to make but please don't hate Alabama because the policies are shit. There are women here and believe me it fucking sucks and if it was actually removed from the union I'd probably just kms. Everything is getting worse, this place is the ultimate shithole.

No. 427120

God that's just depressing. "pro life" especially pro life men do not and will never care about women, only the unborn fetus. Women are merely incubators. Wait for thr stories to out that Alabama and the other states start to criminalize miscarriages. Then pregnant women working or doing anything that is outside the home for "fear of hurting the baby" Their keep em barefoot and pregnant agenda never left mind.


There are alot of handmaids and trad girls on board with the legislation though. Theyll never move until they're the ones being forcibly told what to do.

Hope you leave soon anon!

No. 427123

RIP anon. If all the women moved out in droves and turned Alabama into the sausage fest incel state, maybe the far leaning righties would take a fucking hint.

No. 427124

Pro-"lifers" are inhuman assholes and I hate so much that they've had a resurgence in the US. It's legit terrifying.

No. 427125

I would love to leave, but you have to remember most people can't afford to just leave to a new state. Most places won't even rent to you if you don't have an established job with income so it's not as easy as it sounds unless you know someone in another area. Try to remember that when you bitch about women in Alabama not leaving. They probably want to but have no way out. It sucks.

No. 427147

Entire thing is about his anger and revenge, but then in the last paragraph he reveals what he is. Like some sort of signature, fucking psychology pottery.

No. 427177

I don't see a reason why they can't discuss their problems if it won't just boil down to
>hurr women just want to fuck bad boys and Chads, not nice guys like me!! Get raped roastie!
Because that mentality is what people are criticizing. If none of that applies to him why is he bitching? Is it because he just goes around patting himself on the back for being a "nice guy" like in this post and catches shit for it? That's generally for other people to decide.

No. 427183

File: 1561683239206.jpg (279.19 KB, 815x523, 2019-06-27 20_52_48.jpg)

It's disgusting how he just reverted on this. "It's extremely painful and she doesn't enjoy it but I'm going to put her through it anyway"

No. 427184

Why the fuck are men so obsessed with fucking women in the ass? It’s gross and not at all pleasurable. It’s designed for stuff to come out of it not for your dick to go inside of it. Dumbasses.

No. 427185

Men will fuck animals and babies and trees if you leave em alone for long enough. They're disgusting.

No. 427186

It's a conquest and ego sort of thing. That's why most men will absolutely not let women reciprocate anal if the women wants to do it to them.

No. 427188

>the app creator said that it was inevitable that this will happen when trying to argue with himself if this app was even morally ok

They have porn sites, millions of videos and nudes but it's never enough. Unreal.

No. 427197

>Millions of porn stars willingly put out free porn out there for them
>Millions of everyday women have can shows and willingly post nudes to Reddit for free
>Somehow this still isn't enough for them since most of the time they rather just insult the women's bodies instead of appreciating what they literally begged for
>Would rather violate unconsenting women just to insult their bodies even more

WGTOW is looking better each day

No. 427198

Giving men technology is like giving a toddler a band set. You think they might make a career out of it or do something good, but all they do is annoy you days on end.

No. 427199

>Interracial rape doesn't count and isn't outlawed
Lmao what is this supposed to mean? It's okay to rape non white women now?

No. 427200

>“The world is not yet ready for DeepNude,” the statement concluded. The DeepNude website has now been taken down.
When is it ever supposed to be ready?? What is the need for this app? Who is helped by it?
What the fuck is wrong with them? What do they even want from us?
>complain and bitch all day about how women in the modern age are whores and sluts
>find photos of women who are clothed and digitally strip them naked
All I can think of is how many guys must have planned to use this to ruin women's lives by spreading fake nudes of them, assuming that hasn't already happened.

No. 427206

because they want the control and power and know women don't get pleasure from it at all. same men will cry and scream if you ask them to let you peg them like another anon said.

No. 427216

Because they know its gross and not at all pleasurable for women. They get off on the "dirty" aspect of it, and don't give a shit about any hurt they're causing.

No. 427224

>I felt empathy for my girlfriend but after reading these comments from strangers I will ignore that empathy and keep fucking her in the ass even though I know it hurts
>Sorry for the confusion where I seemed like a reasonable human for a second, it won't happen again

No. 427244

Reminder he got #metoo'd for sexually harassing and grooming an autistic teenage girl on discord and had to change his username from IrishLaddie to try to hide it.

No. 427261

the fact that he had to say "i'll keep fucking her ass" after the backlash of retarded reddit incels is sad. bitch you have a prostate and you still hated to take something small in your ass, you empathized with your girlfriend yet some people on reddit made you change your mind? try sticking your own dick up your ass, maybe you cna empathize with her better.

No. 427262

femcel thread #23(you're goddamn right)

No. 427263

Everyone is like "Oh, he's autistic so it's totally fine". It's obvious to me that his alleged autism has nothing to do with how he spoke to this girl. He knew very well that she wasn't comfortable. It stuns me that a guy can be this fat, unattractive, and annoying, and still think that girls who say "if you send me a dick pic I'll block you" still want to see their diabetes tier dick. The male ego is like being on fucking life-long Haldol, holy shit.

He's a whitetrash Pennsylvanian neckbeard of the highest order. He's honestly one of the more disgusting lefty sphere dudes. How old was this girl again? I recently learned he's only 25, too. That's a HARD 25. Like, you-must-be-a-sheetrock-and-bricklayer-for-a-living 25, because that's rough. I truly thought he was like, 33. "Left" men leave me feeling like I've just bathed in an oil slick.

No. 427264

Also, really take note of the middle school levels of mental and emotional susceptibility of 32-33 yo men when exposed to something as inconsequential as fucking reddit comments. It's pretty incredible.

No. 427279

People who are in their twenties and look so old are weird to me

No. 427283

Why do so many men villianize what they chase?
Think about it
>they villianize social women, party girls, popular girls, but at the same time chase them and spend loads of money on them all while ignoring the very women they claim they want
>They bash almost every single body type possible but also chase them
>Claim to hate vaginas but worship them
>Claim to hate their wives and moms but also chase them and when women started becoming disinterested in the idea of marriage after all this talk about how much they hate their wives, women are the evil and bitter ones


No. 427284

They hate how much they desire us and feel humiliated by their sexual impulses / urges. So they demonize us. This is legitimately the story of the catholic church, and pretty much any religion tbh.

No. 427297

Im tired of my male friends trying to play the daddy role with me and give their input to every little decision I do they dont agree with and give me unwarranted, forced and awkward advice and statements. I also dislike how half of them act like forced boyfriends to me for no reason

No. 427325

My boyfriend's best friend acted that way towards me before I decided to cut contact with him. He'd constantly comment on my appearance and whether he liked my makeup/hair for the day (and congratulate me for "doing my hair for him" when he did or call me a prostitute when he didn't), pat my head even though I asked him not to and make gross comments about my body. As if me dating his best friend somehow gave him special rights over me or something.

No. 427329

File: 1561717142995.png (186.98 KB, 814x662, exredpill.png)

A dude trying to free himself from the redpill expose the beliefs that are hurting his current relationship.
(He can't get over the fact that his gf has one night stands in the past)

No. 427330

>younger women are always more valuable
right, so, is that actually true? you're telling me a fat 22 yo is 'worth' more than a thin 26 yo? like how can they even type this and not see how fraught with inconsistencies it is??

No. 427334

>Alright, I'll try to put it as neutrally as possible. I don't actually support bestiality, but…
Lmao. That's not something you add a "but" at the end of. Fucking disgusting.
As for the other shit, why can't he just take "No" for an answer? Why are they like this?

No. 427366

File: 1561722824282.png (103.04 KB, 625x1215, SKEET.png)

I like it how men have communities with a specific philosophy with specific terminology on how to get laid, and the community ends up hating women because not only do they find out that women Have Sex just as much, but because that's also the kind of woman the community looks for most. Do they not see the connection? "Hmm, I need to stick dick in hole" -→ Finds a woman who will sleep with him that very night -→ "O no, this has happened to her before because she's very attractive, outgoing and didn't seem to care that I invited her inside after meeting her just hours ago" -→ All women are whores! Not to mention they think hypergamy is the worst thing to happen to humankind, when philandering is "just part of masculine nature bro".
I'm not going to even talk about how childish it is that men think it's gross that other guys ejaculate into vaginas, 'cause no, your baby isn't going to slip on Dylan's spurt like a banana peel out of the birth canal.

No. 427375

Thanks for the info anon, I won't respond to guys here.
>Some guys do deserve some karma for hating women though.

No. 427384

Not to mention that men can't tell a woman's age very well.

No. 427385

>The more sex a woman has the less valuable she is

So this guy's girlfriend should never fuck him ever again then.

No. 427386

File: 1561726751364.jpg (189.4 KB, 1242x1364, ohvzzx4ak1331.jpg)

No. 427393

Someone this retarded can’t have a girlfriend. Sounds like weird forevealone venting trying to pump himself up for ever having a woman pay attention to him.

No. 427397

the idea of my child coming from the same penis that have been wrapped by other vaginas is horrifying. the more sex a man has, the less valuable they are.

No. 427401

> women present a loving, committed personality when they are in love (…) and a different, more sexual personality with a short-term mate
how are men this fucking retarded. yes OF COURSE i'm not gonna drool and swoon over your peenuus if we have a one-night stand. women act romantic when they're in love BECAUSE THEY'RE IN LOVE??????

you bet anything that if suddenly all women were to act romantic and involved with men they have casual relationships with they'd be called "clingy bitches" or sth by those same men who REEE about cold-hearted whores not putting their micropeens on a pedestal. damned if we do, damned if we don't.

No. 427420

File: 1561735715441.png (202.69 KB, 655x637, peniksen käyttöasteet.png)

You reminded me of this picture.

No. 427425

I threw up in my mouth a little. He needs to be locked up in a mental institution for a while.

No. 427429

File: 1561736497759.jpeg (44.53 KB, 815x721, DycpRYnUYAEQPKU.jpeg)

you reminded me of this one

No. 427430

The best bit is this is semi true and men really do get ED from jacking off to porn lul.

No. 427435

No. 427440

This is the only lefty meme I've ever laughed at.

Spread this shit like wildfire.

No. 427457

Guys like that have girlfriends. It's more common than you'd think. I knew a guy who went into deep depression after learning about his girlfriend's sexual history.

No. 427472

That pic makes me happy, I need to show it to my sister and try to get her to do figure drawing. So many teen girls have issues with feeling fat when they just have normal internal organs, we are never taught at a young age how much effort and illusion goes into perfect model photos but they are all around us.

Imagine if everything around us had adverts with barely dressed sexualized men, or men in submissive poses, they'd go batshit. I hope some photographer did a series like that to point out the difference between the way people percieve the sexes.

No. 427476

Am I allowed to vent about a previous fling here or should I post it in that bad relationship thread?

No. 427478

in my experience, genuinely kind guys with attractive qualities that seek women on their level and fail at dating have one of two problems
>too on the spectrum to communicate with normies/doesn't seek online communities
>internalized low self confidence (people don't like me bc i suck. compare this to incel/niceguy logic: people don't like me bc they suck)

neither group are motivated to share their experiences with others, hence why no subreddits. redditors are braindead.

No. 427496

Yes, as this thread is also for personal experiences with shitty men its on topic.

No. 427497

Why is it that women generally find men attractive the way they are naturally (with some basic grooming) but men expect women to change everything that comes naturally to them (be skinny, hairless, and wear makeup or get plastic surgery/enhancements). If men are going to resort to the nature argument or evopsych bs then please explain why you want women to look like dolls and not actual women?

No. 427498

the same reason why they say "i'm attracted to barely legal girls with somehow curvy bodies because youth and fertileness!! it's just biology!!" yet get offended over women wanting strong and competent men. it only applies when it panders to their narrative.

No. 427503

That's because men are attracted mainly to childish characteristics, such as hairless body, ""innie"" vagina, big eyes, small skull/jaw, short, etc.
There are almost no men attracted to truly masculine women (so not just muscular women, but women with manly faces and bigger waists).

No. 427504

Culture-when men are portrayed in media they mostly portrayed nearer to reality where as women are not.

No. 427506

women who do not look childish =/= looking manly, like those are not the only 2 sets of categories women fall into.

No. 427511

For one thing, men somehow manage to meme themselves into finding shit attractive. Just look at niche fetishes online. A lot of beauty standards for women are similar, if slightly less severe. Pubic hair used to be the norm and liked in the 60s and 70s… until porn started shaving women completely and men memed themselves into liking bald vaginas. Basically, men are easily influenced.

No. 427512

Pretty much, in japan they are big on pubic hair, so its certainly culturally based.

No. 427515

>in japan they are big on pubic hair
Not anymore. Porn is changing that.

No. 427523

Yes, of course, sorry, I didn't want to imply that. I just wanted to make an observation because I find it interesting. There are girls who prefer men with feminine faces and small bodies though.

No. 427524

then men should stop whining about evul womynz preferring big dicks. porn's influences, you know

No. 427526

Can we really compare pubic hair to big dicks? Not having pubic hair is more of an aesthetic thing, it won't directly infulence your pleasure, but bigger dicks make the sex more pleasurable physically.

No. 427527

That's also changing. The new japanese porn has less hair and bigger dicks.

No. 427530

Today a male student assaulted two female students because he had a crush on one of them and she rejected him.

Men are truly terrifying.

No. 427534

The Beauty Myth is a great book to read, it basically comes down to control. Every generation, beauty standards change, but why is it that the men of that generation always desire what's being marketed? It holds women down. Women are too busy depleting their energy and resources trying to maintain their identity of womanhood through whatever is being marketed to them as "feminine," otherwise they lose credibility in the workplace. Women are gaslit as crazy for even recognizing the phenomena that we're treated differently in media, work, and politics. Women were objectified following the second wave of feminism. Since women were starting to move away from being suburban housewives and becoming professionals, advertisers could no longer market that housewife using a whirlpool appliance, and slowly creeped into the weird lifeless sex dolls we see marketing something as unrelated as beer or perfume.

Men like us being skinny, hairless, and plastic curves, not because it's actually better, but because it shows mental submission to the surrounding culture, and therefore vulnerability and an easiness to manipulate. Too busy trying to be sexually desirable that you can't get ahead in life, otherwise you won't be taken seriously. You see how certain women in politics or in acting are negged as bad, not because of their policies or performance, but because "she's old and haggard" or something along those lines.

No. 427538

Let's be real, you can say that about average dicks but not bigger dicks. Big dicks are just a visual thing, not a pleasure thing since they just make things uncomfortable/painful for 9 out of 10 women. You can tell most of those women hate being jackhammered by big dicks. most of them are clearly on drugs to deal with it

No. 427543

nta, but do you have recommendations for other books like that? i'd like to pink pill my book list

No. 427546

Still…It always looks weird when so many of you complain about things like this on the same site where you can't stop overcriticizing other women.

No. 427547

I wonder if they realize villianizing women for having sex will only make women not want to fuck them, become more picky, and prevent women from enjoying sex

No. 427550

>Being this obsessed that women have sex with men who aren't him
Someone put him out his misery pls

And I hope this supposed girlfriend gets out of the relationship soon, if he breaks up with her he'll being doing her a favor

Srs there are men out there willing to marry ex sex workers and here this dude is throwing a damn tantrum because their girlfriend has had sex with others in the past

No. 427551

>Sucks in bed
>Can't please a woman for shit
>Wants sex to be all about him
>Is ugly
>Instead of actually caring about her or attempting to please her and get better in bed, he rather just go out of his way to explain why she's valueless except the sex he claims to hate, continues to tinfoil about what goes on in her mind without even talking to her, and demonize her for not being a perfect young sheltered virgin
>Insecurity and tantrums are some how better than getting over the fact women have sex with men who aren't him

If these men are so traditional, you'd think they wouldn't demonize older women so much, out of fear of scaring girls that they'll get into a relationship with someone and when inevitable aging happens she will become worthless and undesirable to him, but these males aren't smart and would rather shit themselves and throw tantrums everyday for no apparent reason other than insecurity and realization they ain't shit

No. 427588

same anon as above and also sorry for venting. I got triggered from that asshole in >>427184 ‘s post for refusing to change his ways after discovering butt play ain’t fun and still continues to engage in butt sex with his gf.

A guy I was totally head over heels for dumped me because I refused to give him anal. He kept pressuring me into it, even comparing me to his “crazy ex gf who was totally kinky and not like other girls”. She was into anal sex, rimming and was perfectly fine with pornography (watching it with him and letting him watch it.) He boasted that she had alllll these sex partners before him that taught her a bunch of hardcore stuff, making him very happy she was the one to take his virginity away. His logic was that because he had a very experienced partner as his first, he could spread his sexual prowess to other women even though he had only one sexual partner in his history, not a string of girls that so many men desire and use to boast that they’re a sex god.

He also got a thrill out of the idea of corrupting me because I was a pure innocent virgin uwu at the time. He definitely had a Madonna-whore complex. Just because I was a virgin, he thought he could easily manipulate me into anal because I was very intrigued by sex and everything but I told him again and again I didn’t want to do it…. and then, just like that, he dumped me out of the blue and blocked me and ignored my calls and everything. Not even a formal breakup. I got fucking ghosted.

I guess anal is THAT necessary for men that they’ll break it off with a girl who doesn’t even want to do it. How the hell did it become so fucking prevalent in today’s society that it’s expected women to give in to anal sex? Why do men obsess over how many girls they sleep with and how experienced their partners are to get even more girls to sleep with them? After this fiasco, I honestly prefer a virgin over a man who’s slept with a “kinky” girl.

No. 427593

That's where all the projection comes from, men aren't able to have sex with women without enjoying it unless the woman was some super kinky goddess, once a man supposedly has sex with a woman who's into all this stuff or has x features he is essentially ruined and isn't able to enjoy sex with other girls unless you can somehow one up them but you aren't able to do that without pretty much pretending to be into something and just going through with it or plastic surgery

Funny you hear many stories like yours even though it's supposedly us who are unhappy if we fuck Chad

Men can't enjoy what they have without moping and crying about how she isn't begging to be anally fisted or how she doesn't have Barbie tits, at least with women we actually look for things to appreciate our partners over, men can't, men don't deserve women, WGTOW is the right way

No. 427600


came up in my youtube recommendations for some reason. just remember that men know nothing about female anatomy and hygiene but love acting performatively repulsed by vaginas

No. 427603

These threads have been enlightening. It's nice to know that others realize men are garbage too. Wish I had come to terms with this before I got married.

You know lolcow isn't a hivemind, right?

No. 427607

What is it with men and pretending their shit don't stink?

No. 427613

The vast majority of men expect anal these days, it must be porn. I've had a guy tell me my boyfriend would leave me because we don't do anal. I've had other men talk about women "giving anal as a birthday present".
Thankfully my boyfriend has zero interest in anal and he never even touches the region. He's disgusted by feces and anal by association.

No. 427620

Did anyone else find it weird af that Western beauty standards for women rapidly changes every ten years? Ever since my Ethiopian friend pointed this out years ago i cant get the bizzareness out my head

No. 427622

>Promotes putting your dick in a place where literally the worst body fluid comes out of
>Not even pleasurable for women
>Have to douche, bleach, use lots of lube and stretch properly for anal
>Even if you used an enema shit can still get on your dick
>Even if done correctly still has lots of consequences for the bowels and anal tearage, can also give utis to the woman if his dick goes near her pussy after anal

>Hole made for fucking and reproduction

>Stimulates organ literally only there for pleasure
>Orgasms for both
>No before hand prepping needed other than possibly a shower if you didn't shower for days on end
>Naturally lubed literally for sex
Men: yawn boring

No. 427627

File: 1561774350414.jpg (79.25 KB, 804x993, v39s2n26xwp01.jpg)

>le intelligent gender
>would rather put their dick in the objectivly most dirtest, smelliest, most disgusting part of the human body
>because the hole literally made for them to put their dicks in is gross because they all don't look like sex doll vaginas and smell like rainbows

Oh men
Same goes for gay males too, all the shit talk about how gross vaginas are but turn around and put their dicks and other men's shitholes, they really do think their shit doesn't stink
Newsflash males: human genitalia, male and female isn't always pretty and smells that great, humans are disgusting, if sex is gross to you then avoid just don't contradict yourself by making women feel gross for having vaginas but turn around sticking your dicks in poo poo holes

No. 427629

which subreddit is this?

No. 427634

All men are autistic, it's confirmed. This reminds me of the guy who would hang around /g for awhile writing books breaking down the "reasons" a woman wouldn't want him because his dick was 5 inches instead of 6

Like guys will really imagine a problem, and then make 100 bullet-points attempting to validate the problem to themselves and give themselves an excuse to be unhappy with their "problem" while never attempting to get over it or work around it

No. 427636

Screenshots of this? I’d hunt them myself but i don’t know which threads he’s posted in

No. 427642

File: 1561777761014.jpeg (645.71 KB, 1300x400, dick sperg manon.jpeg)

nta, but this is the first post of his I ever saw.
His replies get even longer so have fun. He's also posted in the mh threads but most have been deleted (it gets redundant). Some have also stated he's the same anon who spams scat porn.

No. 427666

That's like every "5'11" vs 6'" meme ever. Men talk about how women are obsessed with height, yet they're the ones always posting about it. It's amazing how hard they project rather than owning up to their problems.

No. 427676

men who talk about the wall are truly delusional. they keep going on about men aging like "fine wine" when in reality they start balding in their late teens or early 20s. major cope.

No. 427708

Probably a mix of porn influence,
, men not realizing they're gay and just purely getting off to making women be in pain. There are plenty of guys who admitted that it doesn't feel good as only the sphincter is tight.

How old is he? Sounds like an angry tween edge lord. Or an mtf angry that he doesn't have a vagina. Or just a gay man.

If men had vaginas you know they'd never stop praising it. Anything men have or are is praised. What women have is "absolutely abhorrent"

No. 427718

SO called 10 10 features lmao. Yall must be ugly to say this shit I swear

No. 427721

Swiping through tinder is a fucking trip, men age so prematurely it's ridiculous. God forbid they wear sunscreen and avoid deep af crows feet at 27. Can't blame them for balding but it's so unattractive, they need to shave their head the moment their hairlines start to recede.

No. 427722

Fucking thank you!!! "10/10" anon, I'm convinced, along with "he's extremely beautiful" anon, have to both be necessaryspeed. They have to be. He looks like a sullen child and I'm worried for any woman here that doesn't see that this looks like a stroppy middle schooler.

No. 427726

yes, I was recently looking around and guys that are 26 look 37. why do they look so old? is it just skin damage or what? some of them have incredibly long faces, so that has to be partially it and why i'm associating them with looking more 40 than 26, but their skin looks so thin and crepey already. it really freaks me out. how dare they try to claim shit about us aging poorly when most average guys look so fucking old despite being young as fuck.

No. 427737

Since everyone is talking about anal, my recent experience was with my boyfriend who kept pressuring me for anal until I finally caved in. Eventually he admitted it wasn't that great and didn't feel very different or better than vaginal sex and he didn't understand why all of his friends had lied to him about the magic of anal. I swear men just fucking egg each other on to become fucking monsters like it's a competition.

No. 427741

File: 1561793788284.jpg (64.24 KB, 496x1136, avbnvqwcz5731.jpg)

how much do you have to hate women to claim women lactating = must be ready to get used and abuse like worthless animals

No. 427748

>"women are slaves to their biology"

KEK As if most men weren't slaves to their dicks.

No. 427765

He looks like a literal child and I’m concerned. Must be fujos or weebs or some shit.

Actually every guy posted in these threads as “attractive” has been fugly as hell. Get some standards anons!

No. 427766

It really is, anal is too much work and very high maintenance, I don't believe people who claim to have all this anal sex, anyone who's ever done anal sex can tell you it's not fun for either parties unless done correctly, not to mention the painful UTIs it could cause for men but hey anal amiright?

Porn memed men into putting their dick in shitholes, "le intelligent gender" my ass

No. 427770

Why do so many men demonize women who enjoy going out?
I understand getting drunk, smoking, and shagging strangers is unattractive for both genders if one is looking for long term
But you can literally just go out with your friends, dance a little, go shopping, and have a healthy social life and men will deem that as unattractive, why?
Why is it men going out, they're just dudes being dudes and it's controlling to tell him he can't
Women hang out with their friends? Must be fucking every dude she sees, using them for drinks, getting gang banged, fucking Chad, and just a woman telling you she's going out with her friends is worthy of a divorce/break up

No. 427775

Sometimes I just can't help but laugh at how wild and sex filled men imagine every woman's life to be. I'm sure plenty of girls have crazy nights out and ONS and all, but for me and most of my friends, the average night out is definitely PG rated. They must have Stacey blinders on and ignore all the average girls who don't party that hard.

No. 427779

>They must have Stacey blinders on and ignore all the average girls who don't party that hard.
That's what MGTOW/incelism/redpills is essentially
They cry about "where have all the good women gone" and either
a)ignore average women and think all women to be Stacy, refuses to get to know other women who aren't necessarily out there but sums up all women because of those women they cherry picker
b) create this "no-winning" standard of shit like, wanting a good girl with a personality, but not one that goes out with her friends or enjoys socialization, wants a woman who takes care of herself but doesn't go to the gym or take up any sports, wants a woman with common interests but if they do have common interests she's a hoe and attention whore, they want a virgin that's willing to put out on demand but also somehow fucks like a porn star
c) if you do somehow beat their standards they'll do lolcow tier tinfoil where literally anything you do must be some conspiracy against them of evil women fucking tons of Chad's behind their backs

And that's why these men will always be bitter and lonely, which is good,they don't deserve happiness or someone that loves them

No. 427782

This, it's fucking awful. Bald, wrinkly guy with weird big muscles started to hit on me like a week ago, I was convinced he was at least 50 lmao, but I checked his facebook and he is… one year younger than me. I'm 27.

No. 427800

fucking thank you, it is absolutely delusional cope and it’s both frustrating and hilarious to witness it. in my personal life i see couples of the same age all the time where the man already has a receding hairline and has packed on the pounds, meanwhile the woman looks basically unchanged since college. that men think they age better when most of them undergo drastic changes in their appearance in their 20s is insane. and women are collectively gaslit into accepting it as true too.

No. 427801

Are you really going to sit there and pretend men aren't interested in PIV sex? That's peak pink-pill delusion.

No. 427803

no one is claiming men aren’t interested in PIV sex. obviously that’s the majority of heterosexual sex that takes place. it’s just that anal is vaunted as superior to PIV sex when it’s objectively less pleasurable for both sexes. it’s indicative of porn sickness that

No. 427806

No one said that but let's not pretend men act uninterested about vaginal sex, how many gay men sperg for days about how gross vaginas are but stick their dicks in poop holes, how many straight men are pressuring their girlfriends into anal because vaginal sex now is considered boring

No. 427809

it bothers me when people compare pink pill thread users and incels, or call us "femcels". femcels are just mad that they don't have boyfriends but i'm willing to bet half of the people in MH/pink pill threads have boyfriends or husbands. there have been way too many personal stories for this not to be the case.
incels are mad because women don't want shit to do with them. we're mad because men won't leave us the fuck alone. all the incel's shit is based on their assumptions with no basis in reality. our shit is based on personal experience, the things men actually say to each other or about themselves when they're given a safe space, and statistical data. and even then, IMHO if men just started acting decently on average by not raping, killing, harassing, abusing and victim-blaming us starting from the moment we hit puberty (and sometimes even earlier), most of us would probably drop the whole thing.

meanwhile, misogynists have existed since the dawn of time. even when we were considered actual property with no rights to "oppress" men with, they still hated us. just our existence is "wrong" to those people.

not to mention there aren't misandrists out there killing and/or raping men, but plenty of misognyists doing just that to women.

like, i'm all for valid criticism, but when it's "you're just the same as INCELS", it reads as if the person is in denial

No. 427813

All femcels are pinkpilled, but not all pinkpilled are femcels. They aren't as bad as incels, they lack entitlement, aggression, etc. They mostly hate men for being looks obsessed and themselves for being ugly.

But yeah absolutely agreed with everything else. The idea that man hating comes from not being able to get one is serious projection. Most of it comes from men we've dated or who tried to have sex with us or whatever.

No. 427815

I can't even really feel bad for women when it comes to aging because many of us date these old men for cash when we are youngerand it doesn't help the situation

No. 427824

File: 1561811865371.jpg (8.53 KB, 300x400, 300px-Femitheist.jpg)

>They aren't as bad as incels, they lack entitlement, aggression, etc. They mostly hate men for being looks obsessed and themselves for being ugly

Most pink pilled ladies aren't ugly, a good portion of them are actually attractive universally, it's that standards for women are so fucking high nowadays that an 8/10 woman is considered average and mediocre

No. 427829

I don't know where you live anon, but where I'm from it's really uncommon for young women to date old dudes. And the few ones I personally know do it for "love" (aka they're often groomed and abused). So no, not many of us do that.

No. 427847

I remember reading her blog when she was still alive. It was the outrage and harassment aimed at her that pinkpilled me as a teen. MRA and PUA sites and channels promote much more gruesome 'solutions' and they get nothing. Not even a slap on the wrist.

No. 427859

I did until I learned about capitalism, now it all makes sense.

No. 427860

All the men I have seen talk about the wall are ugly and hate "chads" so its another example of their bitterness.

No. 427868

All the good looking ones on tinder are fuck boys that just want to hook up before they settle down. You literally have to swipe through 1000 ugly guys and 20 ~poly~ couple to find one decent looking man who doesn’t have a shit personality. Usually the ones who with model tier looks, normie interests and a post-secondary education are trolls/catfishes or just want to hump and dump.

Tinder is a shit show.

No. 427869

This shit annoys the fuck out of me too. I'm happily married, my pink pilled status has nothing to do with my own romantic life. It's because men too often prove themselves as violent and mysoginistic with not enough exceptions. Comparing women who hate men for raping/murdering/beating/discrimjnatibg against/shitting on us to men who hate women because they can't can't get laid is one of the most enraging examples of false equivelency.

No. 427874

Yeah, any logical pinkpilled woman knows there are decent men out there, we're not retarded enough to be screeching "AMALT!!" or something. We hate men for actual reasons, not stupid shit like "waah a hot dude won't fuck me!!"

No. 427880

File: 1561821150572.jpg (219.97 KB, 1080x1736, IMG_20190629_180642.jpg)

Men project so much and rightfully believe women have more sexual partners on average than men when they're the ones obsessed with having sex. They're the whores, not us.

I've also seen men claim women are cheaters when again, on average men cheat much more than women do.

No. 427884

Incels always refer to the "the top 20% of men get the top 80% of women" meme and call it the cock carousel but all it demonstrates is that 20% of men are enormous sluts.

Also of course none of them understand that the vagina works through muscles that become more powerful through constant use, including the pelvic floor muscle and bulbocavernosus muscle, and is not just a limp sock, which is a concept equally ridiculous and hilarious as the squashed banana.

No. 427905

>You literally have to swipe through 1000 ugly guys and 20 ~poly~ couple to find one decent looking man
Are the men on Tinder that ugly? I've never sued it.

No. 427937

Oh God, reading the replies in this thread made me remember my /soc/ days.

I made friends with a few guys on 4chan who were "possibly interested in something more" and I went along with it (I was naive then). Over the course of a month, a lot of those friends got narrowed down, and of the friends left that I got along with whom sex was mentioned with, every single one of them brought up anal. One guy even offered to buy a plane ticket to fly and see me just to have anal sex. I told him I wasn't comfortable with that since we hadn't been talking long, and he kept pressuring me. He told me I wasn't really losing my virginity since it was in my ass (Firstly, kek. Secondly, that's not why I'm worried about having sex with you. STDs exist no matter what hole you stick it in). I said "no." He said that was okay, but then kept telling me to "think about it" every day and wouldn't take my answer. He eventually ghosted me, but I was kind of glad because some of the things he said were terrifying and I couldn't tell if he was joking or not. He said that raping women in times of war was okay, and made statements about how the "enemy's woman wasn't really human." I was going to block him right then, but I found that mentality so fucking bizarre I kept talking to him just to see how he thought about other issues. It was so novel to me, like observing another species.

Another guy I was talking to, I can't even begin to describe the whirlwind he put me through emotionally, but he ghosted me eventually as well (thank fuck). We got along from the start and were very flirty with each other, so we did requests for each other. It was very mutual at first, but the things he asked for started getting more and more porn-like, and he assumed it was because I had "low self esteem" I wouldn't do these things for him that he started negging me and telling me that other women would do those things. Excuse you, I'm not other women. I'm my own individual with my own wants and needs. He told me I needed to say "no" more and assert boundaries, but almost every time I did, he'd pitch a bitch. This guy went on and on about how he wanted an equal partner to him, that he despised traditional pedestal mentality, and yet he got upset I wouldn't get jealous when he told me he was flirting with other women. He made it clear we weren't together and didn't see any potential for us outside of friendship. He'd teeter back and forth telling me we were "very close" and "didn't know each other at all." It was a lot of gaslighting. He thought I didn't want to have sex with him because I was scared of losing my virginity and becoming "used." No, I was afraid of being USED and wasting a precious moment I saved, on someone who doesn't care about me at all. I say I'm waiting until marriage, but I'm open to it with the right person I've known a long time. He thought I was uncomfortable with my body; I'm not! I'm only uncomfortable around him because he had so many preferences before he'd consider dating a girl, let alone making her his girlfriend. Why would I have sex with a guy who doesn't think I'm even worthy of dating? "Sex is just an act, it means nothing." FOR YOU. He wanted me to get an IUD, just for him, just so he could have sex with me without a condom. When I told him I wouldn't have sex with him when we'd meet in person, he said that was okay. Yet around the date we were supposed to meet, he fucking ghosted me. Shortly after, I found him posting on another board. He found a girlfriend. What's hilarious, is that he said he needed to date a girl for a very long time (like a year) before considering her a girlfriend, which means he was talking to her for a long time, while talking to me (he told me he wasn't talking to anyone, and I didn't even bring it up. I didn't care). I don't know what's worse, the fact he said he'd never "back-burner" me (make me his emotional side-chick), but he did, or the fact he was sending nudes to me on the side while with this girl. I feel bad for her, in all honesty. This guy told me a little about his past relationships, and now that I'm out of my mental fog and in therapy, I can see he's a pretty toxic person. He's in his mid twenties, is fit and very good looking, has a well paid government job, and says he wants to marry and have kids… but somehow couldn't find someone? Yeah… there's something wrong there. In his own words, "I could do better."

No. 427940

it should be illegal for men to be shirtless in public. god it's so insufferable and ugly when i am subjected to all the balding, hairy, chubby old men walking around all sweaty and shirtless. no one should have to see that, jfc. i don't even like when young hot guys are shirtless, it always just makes me uncomfortable. like i literally don't care what you have under there, keep your shirt on. does absolutely nothing for me.

No. 427947

If anything being married has given me more reasons to hate other men. I thought that I would be left alone once I wasn't available anymore and that hasn't happened. My marital status is now fetish material for men that get off on the idea of having sex with other men's wives and I have to deal with men believing the trope that I'm a bored housewife that doesn't get fucked enough by her husband. It never ends. Other men even give my husband shit for being married. They don't have the self awareness to realise that what's stopping them from doing the same is themselves. It's easier for them to blame their own failings on women and other men than do something about it.

No. 427955

Not to mention the very fact we have to say we are in relationships or married, just to even try to get men away from us, like just cos another man has "claimed us" is a reason not to pursue anymore, rather than just accepting no for an answer. Why do we have to be seen as some other mans property before they accept no (if they even accept no)

No. 427964

It's so fucking obvious that they don't view women as human, just as prizes to fight over and win. Out of everything a woman has experienced in the decades she's existed, the only thing that matters is the less than 1% of her life she's spent having sex.

No. 427975

> /soc/

To me that is somehow the worst board on 4chan.

No. 428061

How me bitch about the shape of vaginas and how a pussy shouldn’t look a certain way. As if their ugly elephant trunk slug motherfucker they own for a third leg looks any cuter half the time.

Like bye dude

No. 428062

No. 428064

File: 1561856805695.jpg (109.67 KB, 522x960, weeb brain rot.jpg)

No. 428076

>speaking of sex all the time does not make a good impression
>FIRST step is about sex

needless to say this did not make a good impression

No. 428078

any man that watches anime should be avoided like the plague

No. 428079

File: 1561858920000.jpg (215.58 KB, 1160x689, shonen_jump_girls_by_tosh_by_g…)

>anime girls are how women used to be
>don't be a slut

>pic related is most anime girls men like

No. 428082

File: 1561859300850.jpg (89.18 KB, 500x357, dere fere.jpg)

1. hentai doesn't count as anime girls apparently
2. Most anime girls are just 1 note characters. Also Tsundere
3. Tsundere dude
4. watch some soap dramas or some good tv show thats not trashy hentai.
5. Tsundere
6. Most anime girls have no hobbies besides being sex objects unless it involves their story (Ex: cooking harem has chef girls, magic harem has mages, so on)
7. Most harem anime depend on basic misunderstandings. Also Tsundere
8. Tsundere
9. Tsundere
10. He wont work out though
11. Anime girls do that 24/7. Also Tsundere

The fuck kind of anime does he watch? I can't think of a single character like that

No. 428087

>avoid self destroying habits

Home dude should take his own advice and stop watching anime.

No. 428093

you should carry pepper spray, this is disgusting

No. 428094

In my area (Toronto) it’s full of desperate guys. I set my age 19-23. Most are already balding. Some went really try hard with their photos with cutesy powerpoints and photos of fake hobbies like hiking and rock climbing or photos with puppies that didn’t belong to them. Very pathetic lol. The ones I’ve matched and conversed with got overly comfortable and ask me what my fetishes are, how sexually experienced I am, give gross pick up lines etc. There’s even 50-year old men larping as 20 year olds and then there are the weird couples looking for a threesome. I once matched with a FTM because I thought he had a very feminine face for a boy (which I love) but it turns out he was trans and didn’t tell me at all, probably planning to leave me in the dark and find out when we hit the bedroom. Telltale signs when I met up with him: high pitched voice, feminine body fat distribution, and the arm scar for phalloplasty. He also kept acting overly masculine like a macho man. I noped tf outta there.

Maybe I have high standards for tinder. I try to go for decent looking men (not chubby/skelly and not bald) with a good job and education. It took a lot of swiping to get twenty or so matches with my type. There are also a lot of partiers and weed smokers that made me swipe left.

Tl;dr: tinder is a cesspool of desperate pathetic men. If you live in a city, expect to swipe left a lot as a woman and run into troons, creepy old men, sexual perverts, and swingers. Swipe right if you want to troll.

No. 428099

I don't understand how someone can legitimately be attracted to an animated character, much less a typical soulless anime face. It must be autism or something, its just not normal to actually get attached to a cartoon character, like these aren't men that you should want to continue a genetic line with if you know what I mean.

No. 428100

we need to genetically engineer perfect husbandos, 99% of men are at best worthless and at their worst absolutely parasitic and dangerous to those around them.

No. 428101

Eh, I get crushes on cartoon characters. You get a sense of closeness when you see how they react to certain situations and are able to see something from their point of view on a personal level. It mimics an intimate relationship, but it's obviously one sided. The problem is, is that scrots have a hard time distinguishing anime grills from reality. I know my cartoon crushes aren't real, and they're just silly escapism. I don't compare real men to them, or use them as the standard/bar for real men to reach.

No. 428102

>fake hobbies like hiking
lmao yep. How convenient for these boring ass males to have a hobby that requires no money, skills or time commitment and gives them an excuse to say 'I want a girl who can keep up on hikes!' ie 'no fatties'. Skiing/snowboarding seems to be a vital hobby for 90% of men too, also convenient considering most people only do it once a year in winter.

But yeah, honestly tinder is depressing because it seems like 80% ugly/fat/old looking guys (and I hate beards, which most guys have because it's like makeup for men, so that takes it up to 90% guys I'm not attracted to), and the remaining men are such stereotypical hot, ripped male model chads that I won't bother talking to them.

No. 428106

Tinder is far from the end-all-be-all of selecting a potential partner, but what exactly are you looking for?

No. 428108

I mean its different for women, I don't really care what fetishes other women have as long as they're not putting themselves in danger. I just find it childish and look down on the men into it as not being worthy of entering into adult relationships when such a fundamental part of being human to them is so flawed. I can't really explain it, its just humans are supposed to recognize the difference between human and animation yakno?

No. 428112

I posted it in the ideal boyfriend thread but it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve found someone and it definitely wasn’t off tinder. What a waste of time that was for me. And like what >>428102 said, there were ripped ~Chads~ on there that didn’t interest me at all. I liked them and they liked me back and I got a boost of self esteem from that but, like typical dick brained men, they unmatched when they found out I didn’t wanna hook up.

No. 428113

chiming in to say I hate beards too

beards are scratchy

No. 428115

Why the fuck are you people going on tinder? What are you hoping to get out of it? You’re not getting a good relationship that’s for damn sure. 99% of men are just there to fuck and 100% are there because it’s a near no-effort way to get women. If you match with a guy it will never be because you were something special, you will always just be one of the 500 girls he swiped right on

No. 428134

Because men are under the impression that women all have to be perfect and men do not, that's why they go out their way making all these "rules for women" which are essentially just "shut up, don't do anything but cook, read and pop out babies, don't enjoy socialization" but never apply any to themselves just to throw man baby tantrums about "ebul ebin!!! Where have all the good women gone!!!" When they're just mad they're getting a taste of their own medicine

No. 428154

File: 1561876229680.jpg (23.56 KB, 400x284, adam levine.jpg)

Men don't know how to groom themselves properly and choose a facial hair style and hair style that flatters their features

The thing is literally just a haircut and the right facial hair can completely transform men and men are too fucking lazy to use it to their advantage just to stand around and cry about women not finding them attractive

No. 428155

The more of this type of stuff I read the less I want to ever be in a relationship with one of them because I don't want to deal with this annoying and tiring insecure bullshit. Jesus Christ.

No. 428161

adam is still ugly even with the hair

No. 428167

Men are so disgusting. They always talk about things like how women with body hair are unhygienic, but we are so clean compared to them. You want to know how I know? Because our underwear is cleaner. I have done the laundry for many people over the course of my life and every single man has fucking SKID MARKS in his underwear. Every single one. Know how many women I've come across that have skid marks? Zero. Fucking zero. Why the hell can't men wipe their own asses properly? Seriously how do they walk around with shit crowning out of their asshole or smeared all over their cracks without wanting to scream? I never want to touch a man's disgusting underwear again, I'm so butthurt (no pun intended) about this phenomenon. Fuck.

No. 428179

I bet it's because they're so hairy they can't clean themselves properly. Nasty af.

No. 428187

File: 1561884778613.jpg (67.52 KB, 912x599, never should have come here.jp…)

Oh, looks like she hit a nerve. Did that anon hurt your precious feefees, scrote? Wash your ass and leave

No. 428192

I love how he doesn't even deny his underwear has skid marks, lol.
go shit ya pants elsewhere.

No. 428193

I'm dead at some scrot camping in our thread, lurking to read our discussions on how men are subhuman, evil, incapable of empathy or love, hideously ugly, etc and the thing he gets triggered by is anon's anecdote about how men have shitty undies. Must have hit a nerve, kek.

No. 428194

the only flattering facial hair style is clean shaved

literally every single man looks better without pubes on their face lmao

No. 428198

he probably got trapped by a tranny if he thinks vaginas are constantly pushing out weird liquids lmao

No. 428200

Men have horrible hygeine when it comes to their junk. I feel like half of them don't wipe more than once. The advantage of having a period is that it makes us more aware of the importance of vaginal hygeine.

A lot of TiMs actually need to be told to wipe front to back when they get neovaginas. Do men not wipe front to back? Fucking gross, that's a great way to get shit on yoir taint and balls.


Real talk, though? Stop fucking hovering when you pee. Half of the messes in ladies' rooms are caused by prissy bitches hovering and pissing all over the seat.

On Mythbusters, they proved that toilet seats, especially public ones, were sanitary. But if you're so fucking concerned about your thighs touching the seat, then put toilet paper on it and flush it after you're done.

Also, that's what vaginas are supposed to do? A healthy uterus sheds its lining, and a healthy vagina cleans and lubricates itself (this is why doctors discoirage douching).

Guys WISH their dicks could do that.

No. 428204

I have heard a man saying "men don't wipe their asses that much, we don't like putting anything near there if we're not gay". Amazing.

No. 428205

men who are so afraid of doing anything gay tend to be closeted gays. these retarded incels who go on about how vaginas are so gross, how women's bodies are ugly and shit are actually gay men who can't accept the fact that they are gay. it's okay to be gay, work on your self esteem and stop taking it out on women lmao

No. 428206

Vaginas disgust you, we get it. Stop wasting your time here and go suck your boyfriend off if you love dick that much.

No. 428210

How do any of those come close to shit? Go wash your ass.

No. 428212

File: 1561890012229.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, f78.png)

I know we're not supposed to respond to scrotes but this guy being so assblasted about skid marks is cracking me the fuck up.

Like he doesn't wipe his ass and is mad that someone insinuated that other men also don't wipe their asses.

No. 428218


It's too fucking good, this is the thing just keeps getting him riled up and replying.

No. 428219

kek he's quite dedicated to defending the honour of other men's shitty assholes.

No. 428222

File: 1561893730421.jpg (78.21 KB, 440x810, quora.jpg)

>Anime girls are how girls use to be before feminism

No. 428223

File: 1561894080467.png (465.97 KB, 1024x492, 44edafhsqc731.png)

Saw this being posted around.
Do men really think women only care about these things?

No. 428224


i hope this is being ironic including the upvotes

No. 428225



It’s not fucking normal. Like I’ve seen them Japanese documentaries on YouTube with Japanese men where they’ve got a pillow or a video game character as their wife.

They need lobotomising.

No. 428226


Lots of men stink.

But you’re right about their cock. The last guy I slept with - Christ.

His breath started to piss me off and his semen stunk. It really grossed me out. I had to tell him in the end “we’re not doing this again…” and he said why and I said “Because you fucking stink”

His face

No. 428232


god bless you anon

No. 428253

I’m glad that those animu pillows take the bullet so real women don’t need to deal with those manbabies

No. 428260

File: 1561901303670.jpg (412.85 KB, 1079x1025, Screenshot_20190630-162350_Sam…)

No. 428261

Funny. If y’all ever use Snapchat, on the discovery page “Brother” uses the ~girlie~ podcast topics as click bait. Brother is obviously directed towards men.

No. 428266

"Waah mommy didn't teach me how to wipe my ass properly, it's that stupid whore's fault my underwear is constantly full of shit! I'm a superior man, women are so fucking stupid!"

No. 428267

The whole 'oh no boys are doing worse in school!' thing is so dumb. The only solutions men can come up with is to literally pander to little boys.
>Boys don't read
Oh just put some graphic novels in school
>Boys misbehave?
Oh have recess and incorporate more physical activities for them!
>Boys get bad grades
It's because female teachers are biased! Get more male teachers

None of these involve telling men to grow up and act mature during school it just tells them the world will pander to their every weakness. Those little boys are either going to have a big wakeup call in college or privilege will give them another free ride. Same in the workplace.

I can't control my laughter annon.

No. 428269

Lmfaooooo, Joe Rogan frequently has Eddie Bravo on to talk about his flat earth bullshit and other weird conspiracy theories. So intellectually stimulating! I just love the way they're talking up JRE like it isn't a podcast for dumbass dudebros. I like how Cardi B has her own bullet, like, I've never listened to that podcast but I really doubt she's that frequently mentioned on the podcast. They're just extra assmad bc she brought karma to the trashy mansluts that go to stripclubs.

No. 428273

As I get older I realize women are superior when it comes to looks. Even the average chubby 30 something looks better than the majority of men. I don't like the way men smell, I don't like how hairy they are, I don't like how they look as they age. I just wish everyone on Earth looked female.

No. 428275

I actually dated a guy who thought wiping was gay so her had skid marks on his undies. He never even cleaned his ass in the shower. He had to use a shower head because he didn't wanna touch his butt. I'm not making this shit up lol

No. 428277

the whole older men thing is a meme. only gay men like them.

No. 428281

How did he not get like sepsis or something? I don't understand how someone can not clean their ass at all and not feel extremely uncomfortable.

No. 428282

Gay men have the shittest taste in men.
I guess males in general are just tastless little creatures.

No. 428283

Are the mods that busy with the eunuch girls thread that they can't come clean this one up? Where are they?

No. 428285

wtf do you mean? all scat kun's posts have been deleted.

No. 428296

Yeah women have been totally memed into liking older men. Meanwhile men are utterly repulsed by older women and any man who says he likes older women is branded a freak. I really hope more and more women wake up from the delusion men have spread about them aging like fine wine, when in reality their dicks stop working pretty early on and they all end up fat and gross looking.

No. 428300

That's disgusting and I feel for you. Chiming in with another true story but I used to stay with my dad at his friend's home, and this man was like, 44 at the time, employed, had a paid-off home, and he would refuse to throw his shitty toilet paper into the toilet. He would toss it in the bathroom trashcan. He genuinely thought it would clog the toilet. I was like, 13 and had to to tell him that's not how toilet paper works. It's pretty amazing that men are so unbelievably babied that this man was able to go through life for so long without knowing how toilet paper works. He owns his own $900,000 condo in Queens. Really fucks me up to think about it, that from the outside he seemed to be able to take care of himself, but had been tossing his shit-covered toilet paper into bins all over NYC, for at least 40 years. He also had this pushover nurse pining after him for many years despite him being so disgusting (on many levels, he's like, a short mestizo, pock-marked chubby dude, yet women fall for him, IDGI). I don't know wtf incels are talking about because my experience with men has shown me that they're clueless toolbags who frequently find doormat women with no standards that carry torches for them.

No. 428302

i wonder why milf is always one of the most searched porn categories if men are oh so repulsed from older women. there will always be shit ton of people who are into young women and older women.

No. 428307

not that it isnt disgusting, but toilet paper can clog the toilet.

No. 428308

This weird man I used to date always bragged about how older women are superior. They are more sexually experienced. They’re more mature and have a steady job. Older women know what they want in life. Etc. he just wanted a mommy type to take care of him and bring in the dough while he sat on his ass and played video games. Seriously. He was on discord 24/7 with LoL playing in the background or browsing reddit all day. He was also a dropout and had no prospects in life so he just wanted to leech off a successful older women and be a trophy husband (he was def not trophy husband material and just had a big ego). Anyways, if men do like older women it’s usually a fetish or they’re looking for a mommy-gf.

Bonus cringe: he was a fake feminist boy and was super creepily into menstruation and pregnancy preaching that “it’s not your fault your body punishes you for not being pregnant.” I always thought it weird his female friends would complain about their vagina and menstruation cramps to him. I think secretly he got off on that. And when we initially started dating, he always joked about impregnating me spawning a lot of babies with his seed, as well as doing various sex acts while on my period.

I think he had a serious case of womb envy.

No. 428309

Of course it CAN clog the toilet, but provided you're not using meters of it at a time or something and your plumbing isn't fucked, it shouldn't. This wasn't a one time thing, like, where his ass was extra messy so he chose to throw it in the trashcan to err on the side of caution. He thought it ALWAYS would clog the toilet and was doing this everywhere. Toilet paper is manufactured specifically to be broken down. He didn't do this because he had an issue in the past with his plumbing, he just genuinely thought no one flushed it down the toilet.

No. 428310

Samefag. Just wanted to add he was in his early twenties and his first gf was 30 when he was 19. I was the same age as him (22) but he just liked me because I got accepted into law school and had good grades. He “invested” in me despite being the same age as him because I had career prospects ahead of me.

No. 428312

He sounds like the exact kind of guy that'll become a tranny, tbh.

No. 428313

honestly. i haven't seen a single girl who was into older men (as in older more than 5-6 years) that wasn't a mentally ill girl with daddy issues but all bottom gay guys i know have an age difference fetish.

No. 428317

what’s the state of your hairline?

No. 428326

The scrots haven't been banned yet

No. 428328

>what is ban evasion?
they've literally been redtexted with ban evasion countless times in these threads, anon…

No. 428342

Can confirm. Mentally ill myself and always date older. I've always been okay with my dad though.
It's amazing how delicate the brain and emotions can be and influence our decisions. That's why it's so important for men not to be disgusting to young girls and also to take care of their children/protect them.

No. 428345

Yeah, no offense, but I am mentally ill and have horrible issues with my father but older men are not hot. They're really grody. I feel like the this is a meme within a meme, like, a meta-meme that excuses and allows the original meme to continue on (to the benefit of men).

No. 428346

i hope you are able to maintain healthy relationships. it's really abusive and scummy of older men to take advantage of girls who have mental health issues or girl with daddy issues.

No. 428364

Yeah but Milfs in porn are still relatively young, usually in their 30s or 40s. I'd say it's the fantasy of drooling after your friend's mom as a teenager they're after, not actual, say, 50+ women.

No. 428375

i think it's the same for ddlgfags, they are into 30-40 year old actors, not actual 50+ grandpas.

No. 428376

My dad gets them too. I barf every time I have to do his laundry. He defends them and says they're normal and "everyone gets them." Ew, bitch no they don't.

There's an entire podcast of Joe Rogan just gushing on and on about J-Los ass. Lmao.

No. 428377

My current partner is 9 years older. He's not an abusive piece of shit which is neat but the bar is low.

We both have pretty serious mental health issues but happen to be people who work on it and take it seriously. We both take meds, both go to therapy, don't party, don't drink often.

The age gap initially really freaked me out because my ex I who I met when I was 18 and he was 25 was a classic narcissistic abuser who got me drunk all the time and used my age and mental health against me constantly (and eventually raped me.)

I think you can date older responsibly but my best advice is wait until you can really hold your own or at the very least have a good support network. Stash like at least 1k for emergencies? I mean that's my advice for dating all men honestly just be ready to run?

No. 428381

It's just funny that men clearly also lust after older women despite saying the wall is at 16 or whatever.

No. 428386

Mentally ill girl with daddy issues reporting in. I prefer being with older guys; they're generally just a lot nicer to be around and aren't horny 24/7. In my experience, they actually take interest in getting to know you as a person. They aren't into e-thots or anime girls; most don't even know what that is. I'm not memed into the "experienced" or "maturity" crap. Older guys can be just as immature as they were in their 20s if not more, but I prefer the mellow and easygoingness a lot of older men have. Guys my age bounce off the walls with energy and always seem to want to be sticking their dick in something that isn't me, or playing vidya. It gets old.

No. 428397

>implying men going through midlife crises are easygoing or mellow

No. 428405

You ever bump a blue collar man or professor in his 40's+ who's pretty well off and is just enjoying his hobbies? I meet these people through conventions or at stores; they seem pretty content with their lot in life. Generally nice people to be around.

No. 428410

The whole daddy issues thing is just another way for us to demean, devalue, and manipulate women (inb4 begone scrot). In the first case it’s a way to lash out at normal women who reject us (she didn’t have a man to raise her right, that’s why she is a slut). In the second case, it part of an abusive savior complex (she never had a real man in her life, I can fix that)

No. 428415

Old boomer men love the sound of their own voice. You can tell they think they're so wise and intelligent too as they bestow people with their retarded boomer opinions

No. 428427

Yeah, I think your weird attraction to them is coloring your view of them as people. They're pretty infrequently kind when compared to other groups of men, and probably the worst group of people I encounter when going about my day. Men close to my age treat me much nicer.

No. 428429

So many women into old men here. Gross.

No. 428433

it's so sad but i guess it shouldn't come as a surprise. image boards do tend to attract the mentally ill, even boards as normie as lolcow.

No. 428437

Men my own age pressure me to drink, and have sex with them with no string attached. I don't even know how I attract this bullshit because I've never drank, I'm a virgin, and I explicitly go out of my way to avoid people with obvious red flags with behavioral issues. I don't use dating sites or apps, but I still attract the Tinder douche. They just don't reveal this side of themselves until I've lowered my guard a little and began to trust them. Guys in their 20s are the worst.

No. 428439

Eh, the mentally ill/daddy issues thing is overblown. I think popular media plays a big role, and I think it has more to do with being a mentally malleable dumbass than anything. The media really loves to shill how it's more sophisticated and glam to be with an older dude (tumblr 'daddy' trends and Lana are proof of this, and for whatever fucking reason, there are a lot of LDR fans on here). This board also seems to attract a lot of camgirls, so again, I think the dumbassery is doing a lot of legwork. Chalking it up to 'daddy issues' is reading waaay too far into it when the majority of these people are puddle deep, and also makes it seem as if it's just an inescapable consequence of their development or whatever. I think it ends up letting girls get away with not questioning themselves when they're considering getting involved w a sun-damaged divorcé and father of 3.

No. 428440

I fucking love this thread. Shit's so true though, I can't stand my boomer boss. He thinks he's the funniest, wisest dude and he never shuts the hell up.

No. 428441


Agreed and same to me. But I'm not a virgin and I drink but not that often.

They do this, they reel you in and fuck you off when they've got what they want. I don't like dating men in their 20s at all. I've started to date men over 30. Usually 30-32. I'm 25 anyway. I find them sexier a bit older to be honest. 20s are teenage boys with a bank account and a bigger allowance tbh.

I feel bad for some girls who marry at like 21/22 to guys who are the same age. I just think "He'll be fucking someone else in about a year or two love". They always do.

No. 428442

You're a virgin and you're dating older men? Only a manipulative creep would take a much younger woman's virginity. Love yourself, anon

No. 428445

90% sure half of the "women" in this thread saying they like older men are scrotes, the majority of young women do not like fucking oldies lol

20-22 year old men are hot, especially when you're 20-22 and they're everywhere.

No. 428446

File: 1561922143319.png (961.37 KB, 967x648, Capture.PNG)

>mfw this thread has been taken over by women with daddy issues defending their "daddies"
We really can't have nice things.

No. 428449

Older men are fucking nasty. I would say the acceptable age difference should be 10 years tops, in worst case scenario.

No. 428450


They're cute at best but they act like fucking cunts.

Men between probably 25-32 usually look the best if they take care of themselves. Anything below 25 is just twinkified and they're got peanuts for brains.

No. 428452


If you think thirties are old. Jesus anon, how old are you? 15?

No. 428454


I'll never get why some people don't ever wipe their ass. It always bugged me whenever I used a toilet in college or school and some dirty bitch didn't use paper, her shit floating at the top and she was too lazy to flush it.

How does someone just take a good shit and not wipe their own ass though? Like the butt cheeks must be like a ski slope. Skidding together at a pace and her knickers must be soiled to fuck. Jesus.

And to see and hear men doing this, my god. We really do have no hope. Fucking rancid.

No. 428455

Most older men who go after younger women want to prey on them for their naivety, or are severely immature themselves. I hear older women says this frequently. I guess age gaps get less noticeable the more you age but there's no viable reason why a guy in his 30s/40s should be going after women in their early twenties. Those are two completely different stages in life.

No. 428456



So many want the money for a night out, a house, followers cash to top up on her instagram or a gucci bag. I mean the list is endless. We girls all know what she's up to and she's probably in the will by now. Fucking her actual boyfriend on the side while this old cunt is watching daytime telly in his arm chair or at bingo.

As long as her tits are perky, pussy is shaven, pink and tight. Old men aren't bothered. Put a skirt on a pencil sharpener and they'll hammer into that too.

No. 428463

>"i like girls who do ___ because fertility and biology!!"
>becomes a father
>can't parent for shit and makes his children hate him
the fact that daddy issues are so common is deeply concerning. men who aren't going to be able to do the bare minimum to be a good parent shouldn't be allowed to have kids at all.

No. 428475

Both old men and young men are shit, some overlapping and some different reasons. Old men are more likely to be controlling treat you like a child and financially abuse you.

You should not be dating any men, they all suck. People defending dating older creeps is just as pathetic as dating porn watching men

No. 428484

New video attempting to debunk common manosphere talking points and statistics.

No. 428540

I know, right?
What a joke. I can't take most anons here seriously, what are they even doing in this thread? Why can't they just fuck off and not my nigel about their sugar daddies somewhere else?

No. 428590

The porn they draw often looks like shit too. It does the same thing straight male porn does - gives them exaggerated gross body parts. Whenever you find good drawn porn, it's usually by a woman.

No. 428723

No. 428792

Literally most of these are "my girlfriend took a shit and it smelled like shit, thinking of breaking up"

I wonder how many of the men bitching about messing around with girls who have yeast infections or UTIs at the time constantly pushed and pressured the girl into giving in despite her saying no, men talking lowly of innocent women they have sexual experiences with is one thing, but it takes an entire new level of disgusting faggotry to go out your way to convince a woman to have sex despite her saying no (or even raping her) just to later talk lowly of the body they begged to see, why are men like this?

No. 428795

lmao theyre all retarded.

the only reason for why they think that their own shit doesnt smell is because theyre probably already used to the smell. the funny thing is that the average man has abysmal hygiene, but theyre so used to living in their won filth that they think theyre clean.

No. 428797

File: 1561983983910.png (16.45 KB, 748x125, 54675434567.png)

why do males act like women are the ones into bestiality when they have been consistently shown to be over x2 as likely to rape animals as women kek

No. 428799

That last sentence is the biggest pink pill and it can apply to literally everything terrible and disgusting when it comes to their sexuality.

No. 428877

I didn't know whether this or the vent thread was the best place for this since the new /ot/ rules but I hope this is fine. Does anyone else feel like they constantly have to babysit men in the workplace? I have two male executives, actual full-on directors of separate departments at my huge multi-million dollar company and they refuse to speak to each other. I have to liaison in between them like a messenger girl and it turns into a he said/she said situation because they're both so full of testosterone and stupidly territorial. The project has been on hold for months because they refuse to speak to each other to get this one thing done. And yet somehow in every conversation ever, females are the catty ones who don't get along.

No. 428884

Just let them duke it out themselves. At the very least it'll be entertaining.

No. 428913

every time I see my brother, he asks me why I have less "freckles" than he does. every time I tell him his "freckles" are just sun damage, and my daily moisturizer has spf. therefore I have less damage.

cue light scoff and topic change.

I don't really understand why this concept is so hard for him. his own gf is the type to go on huge skincare/makeup splurges whenever they visit East Asia. I wonder if it pains her to look in his obviously sun damaged face lol

No. 428921

This. All men have shit skincare unless it’s a narcissist or a gay man.

I had to urge my boyfriend to develop a skincare routine. Previously he just splashed water in his face. I ain’t gonna marry a raisin when we hit our 30s.

No. 429055


“I ain’t gonna marry a raisin when we hit our 30s” my fuckin sides anon

No. 429061

The ultimate turn-off with older men is that they think they deserve young women. They could have a woman their own age but that’s not what they want, so why would you bother with a man who sees an expiration date on you?

No. 429069

>why would you bother with a man who sees an expiration date on you?
Exactly. And you would think women would question why the praise they lavish on old men about being superior due to maturity, confidence, money etc dont apply to them…

Giving older men the time of day indicates a total lack of dignity and self respect tbh.

No. 429082

>proud boys and antifa clash in pdx again
>"along with members of the #himtoo movement"
>no idea wtf is #himtoo
>look it up
Men don't ever give a flying fuck about sexual assault, rape and abuse and so they always reee at people speaking about their experiences with their retarded "b-but false allegations!! shes lying!" you know they think all women lie, that all women want to be abused and raped so speaking out against it is unfathomable. Unless it happens to a faction of men they don't like. Then they believe it happening.

No. 429097

I can't find it in my heart to feel sorry for men who get falsely accused, and that's the truth. How many hundreds of millions of innocent women throughout history have suffered because of men? Retribution would be more than justified. Female rape victims in parts of the modern world get killed by their own family members as punishment but the real tragedy is that some worthless scrote got his reputation mildly tarnished for five minutes.

No. 429102


I feel like if every woman who "cried rape" was believed, we'd catch way more actual rapists.

I'd rather have a man falsely accused of rape in prison than an actual rapist being free because his victim didn't have "enough proof"

No. 429103


samefag, but how many rapists actually agree that they're rapists, anyways?

No. 429107


I smell a scrot

No. 429109

Man: I got falsely accused of rape and it ruined my life :c
Everyone: oh you poor thing! I understand if you use it against women for the rest of your life you deserve to have the world catered to you!
Woman: I was raped
Everyone: stop trying to ruin innocent mens life you are evil woman you're too ugly to do rape

Why is it if a man claims to be falsely accused he's believed instantly no questions asked and no proof needed, yet there are pictures and videos of women getting raped and people still scream liar before women can even finish their sentence

Everyone cares about men who get falsely accused, no one cares about women who get falsely accused of lying

No. 429110


I mean obviously in some parallel universe, women making false accusations leads to tangible concequences and poor men are being oppressed as a result.

But that is not the world we live in. So yeah, I'll gladly come to a thread devoted to the pink pill and rant about how I wish women were believed more and fuck the consequences to men.

No. 429111

Definitely. Such a minuscule percentage of accusations are false; if men had the capacity to feel compassion then they'd be driven to despair by that fact… but instead they'll just REEEEE until the end of time about the usual dumbass shit.

No. 429112


Anything to protect the brotherhood

No. 429113

Samefag but friendly reminder for lurking male subhumans to wash their crusty asses before they blow their brains out, think of the poor EMTs.

No. 429114


I think they're convinced that if there are actual consequences to rape, they'll get falsely accused and then it'll be game over.

Being more afraid of a false accusation that having rapists walking among us is… disturbing to say the least.

No. 429116

It's so funny how they're soooo desperate to cradle each other's balls when they think of us as their common enemy, but who are the ones killing each other? We're certainly not murdering them. It's their "brothers" that they claim to prefer over us, lmao. And all these gormless chanfags thinking they have some semblance of fraternity when they will and have legitimately bullied each other into suicide, even on stream. Truly subhuman and they should be perpetually ashamed.

No. 429117


nice cherry picking. The women living without justice after being raped don't get news articles.(do not respond to salty scrots)

No. 429119


inb4 you get google-happy to prove that anonymous dumb cunt wrong, the outrage between the two issues is so not comparable

No. 429122


the vast majority of people side with women? tell that to the law lol(do not respond to salty scrots)

No. 429124


infighting with you is fucking therapeutic but I think you'd be more welcome in red pill threads, scrot(do not respond to salty scrots)

No. 429125


when you've been raped and the law tells you it's he-said-she-said.

InNoCeNt UnTiL pRoVeN gUiLtY–innocent unless you've videotaped it.

If you can make a better suggestion for how to stop the plague that is male-on-female rape while also not resulting in injustice for men being falsely accused, by all fucking means I'll listen(do not respond to salty scrots)

No. 429127

Tell that to logic and common sense as well. Literally no men side with women so that's 50% of the population gone, and then there's an infinite number of handmaids, tradthots, self hating women and women who are too nice and naive for their own good. It's literally impossible for the majority to back women.

But, of course, actual equality is seen as women getting too much. Eg if women do 50% of the speaking in a meeting, people perceive them as dominating the conversation.

No. 429133

50% is generous, it's not even close to 50 before they start crying about us dominating a space
>in crowd scenes, women tend to comprise about 17 percent of any given crowd. She's argued, based on outside data and her own interpretations, that this imbalance relates to and reinforces the way men perceive the actual number of women in any given room. “If there's 17 percent women, the men in the group think it's 50-50,” she told NPR. “And if there's 33 percent women, the men perceive that as there being more women in the room than men.”
the """more logical""" sex

No. 429134

I agree, that's why you can't scream liar unless you have proof or reason to believe said woman lied

Also, have you never been on the internet before? Men get coddled,#metoo has practicly become a meme now(do not respond to salty scrots)

No. 429136

File: 1562030429730.png (307.67 KB, 952x1344, 1562008857081.png)

Men are constantly in a state of brain damage.

No. 429138

Fucking top kek.

No. 429140

Bless you, anon-chan.

No. 429141

Nice image but lbr even without the porn 70% are unsalvageable

No. 429266

File: 1562067149159.jpeg (269.25 KB, 750x878, 466837EE-B705-4715-89C3-663972…)

This happened near me recently. The fact that sick bastards pull this shit all the time is a pink pill in and of itself. But, on top of that, almost all the men I’ve seen talking about it online are basically using it as an excuse to blame the Mayor of London and harping on about the rise rise in knife crime. I’ve not seen an ounce of sympathy for a woman who was fucking murdered or the child left behind…

No. 429471

Anyone else tired of men's hypocrisy? Especially when it comes to cheating

It's sad how many men will make women jump through hoops to prove their loyalty, start accusing them of cheating as an act of manipulation over things that don't even have anything to do with cheating, but when it comes to them they'll just flat out show huge red flags of cheating and pull the "of course I'M loyal it's the woman who needs to prove herself" card

Just got out of a relationship with a guy like so, I constantly felt like every move I was doing was wrong because he would accuse me of cheating if there was any slight changes in me at all, I can literally take a new interest in a show or something and he will accuse me of cheating, or sometimes I won't do anything at all and he will go to me and be like "anon you're acting funny, you're cheating on me, I don't care about you anymore" and if I question it he will claim about how "he can't put his finger on it he just KNOWS I'm acting funny and must be cheating on me", the worst was when I wanted to vent to him about having bad days and he just decided to attack me, accuse me of cheating, accuse me of changing, all of course without explaining how but how "he just feels that way", but him? Disappear for days on end, when questioned about it he doesn't give a clear answer, gets distant to the point where I've injured myself and he doesn't care when I tell him because "you've been acting strange lately anon" nevermind about my well being,asking for pictures of my body just to ignore them and claim he didn't see something that takes up most of his phone screen when you open up the messages, I've written out paragraphs about how I feel before and his reaction "huh, I see", and then finally when I started pulling away and realizing these manipulation tactics aren't worth it he starts lovebombing and the cycle starts all over again

I'm just sick and tired of men's mind games, anyone else have a story like this?

No. 429476

how do you find other girls you can talk shit about men with? pink pill and lolcow in general has a lot of good anons, but i'd want to be in a group chat or a casual, private discord server for women only where no one has to play handmaiden and scrotes are banned immediately

No. 429480

I've never had a problem finding women to talk to, but I mainly hang out with lesbian/bi women. Tbh some sort of gc or discord would be nice tho

No. 429481

dont bother with the lolcow discord. i was active the latter half of last year there and just ended up leaving because of all the annoying scrotes pining for attention.

No. 429483

I mean scrotes are banned on sight here, gotta give a shout-out to the mods for their rapid-fire deletion yesterday evening.

In all honesty, I just come to the pink pill looking to talk mad shit. A lot of anons start interesting discussions and post relevant info, but a lot of it could be used more effectively in the radical feminism thread. I guess I'm looking for more shitposty content.

No. 429486

I wish more women are pinkpilled, I live in a conservative area and men can make obnixious jokes out loud about women and go on for days about how all women are evil and get everything handed to them, but make a joke about men here they'll start screeching about 'reversed roles" which is ironic, and then talk about "not all men"

On women's day people in my work place started talking about how gay men make the best parents statistically and how women suck at everything, when I decided to point out that percentage of violent crimes, murders, robberies, etc are done by men everyone threw a screeching fit, it's insane these people have no self awareness

No. 429491

just get a group of women together, preferably with some wine, and just start complaining about your boyfriend. 99% of the time will devolve into pinkpill-esque bitching/discussion

No. 429492

>but lbr even without the porn 70% are unsalvageable

That's generous, really. One of the things that drives me insane about liberal feminism is the whole "we can teach men to be better people uwu" lie. No, we can't. This is their natural state.
Even if I thought it were possible to force men to live less disgusting existences, they still wouldn't be worth lifting a single finger for.

I especially fucking hate it when dumbass *~sensitive~* liberal men talk about how "toxic masculinity" is responsible for all of their terrible life choices, therefore they can't be criticized. I don't even believe in toxic masculinity as a concept. It's just called being born a male piece of shit.

No. 429503

I'm pretty open about my hate of men. Some women relate, some don't, but most do.

No. 429510

anons, what do you do when you're out and about to avoid men and male attention as much as possible, or "avoid" getting catcalled? i hear you!

- i haven't smiled at a strange man in public in years. >feelsgoodman.jpg

- when i'm walking alone in the street or in public my face goes into resting bitch mode, and deadpan stare at the ground or whatever's in front of me. if i make eye contact with a man in public, ever, it's to frown at him or i at least keep a serious, cold stare.

- this is a personal favorite: when i see older men standing in porches or tresholds outside i deliberately and almost theatrically dart away from them. i'll be walking down the street in a straight line, resting bitch face in tow, but the second i spot a man on a porch or anywhere near me i exaggeratedly circle around him, trying to put as much distance between myself and him as possible, and once i've passed them i immediately return to walking in a straight line. it's even funnier when i notice they're staring at me as i walk down the street and very much notice me darting away from them only to retake my original route once i've put them past me.

- this isn't gender-specific, i do it to everyone, but especially men: if i notice a man is staring at me in public or looking in my general direction i actively stare back, and visibly frown or look disgusted, signaling to them that yes i did notice you staring and ew i think you're gross. they almost always look away when they notice me noticing them.

- if possible, i try to never find a seat next to a man. in crowded buses or trains i'll always go for a seat next to a woman, but when i do have to sit next to a man, especially an older man, i always try to shrink into my seat and, if possible, not touch him at all.
yesterday i was looking for a seat on the back of a bus, i saw three empty seats, two next to men one next to a woman, and i almost sat down next to this old guy before noticing the woman and immediately walking back through the bus to sit next to her. the guy noticed and stared at me for a minute or two, he looked piss lol.

- public transport is where i best avoid men. sometimes if a man i find creepy or is way older (= creepy, lol) sits next to me and the vehicle isn't too crowded i just get up and find another seat. i used to be too socially anxious to do anything about it but ever since i've started doing as much as i can to avoid being uncomfortable it's boosted my self-confidence a bunch.

- it's not unheard of where i live for men to strategically rest their junk on your trunk in crowded buses or subway cars, and my way of handling this is that when i find myself in one i visibly put my hand on my buttocks if there's a man behind me, to signal that i'm alert and not an easy target, or i pull down my sweater/jacket to cover my ass.

- the last two times men have catcalled me, i turned around almost instantly and yelled "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?!". i don't even think about it, it's just a reflex reaction to the situation. yes i know this can kill me someday, i'm working on keeping my cool, but when i've done so it was mildly satisfying to see them surprised or try to clap back.

- this is more of a personal thing than advice, and it's winter here so i have to do it anyways, but i've started covering up A LOT MORE. as in, you can only see the skin on my face when i go out in public. i haven't been catcalled or recieved any male attention in over two months. i'm in HEAVEN, i love this, might get myself some trad-y dresses if i can for the summer.

- i don't shave at all, so armpits are a jungle. sadly, avoiding male attention during the summer when it's hot as balls is a lot harder, so a newfound technique of mine whenever men notice me in public during hotter weather is to raise up my arm so they can see my disgusting hairy armpit, or just act gross in general: pick my nose, burp, scratch my crotch very obviously etc.

- i generally try to make strange men in public notice that i want absolutely nothing to do with them, that they should not ever engage with me, and that if i do have to interact with them i am often not pleased.

No. 429512

Either people I know in real life, people I've known for years online, or people in group chats that I've seen bitch about men too, so I know I can go to them. Most Discords I'm in are too ~ inclusive ~ for man hate.

No. 429524

A lot of these I do as well. I don't bother making eye contact or smiling. I like to look like a bitch. Though last time I got catcalled (by a man old enough to be my grandfather), I just laughed.

Scrotes' expectation that you'll smile for them is the funniest shit. When I was in elementary school, there was this obnoxious, fat-ass janitor that used to harass me every day when I would wait in line for lunch, simply because I didn't smile enough for his liking.

No. 429526

god, i wish we could socialize or re-educate all women to stop smiling at men in public. i want to start telling all my female friends never to smile at a strange man again.

No. 429532

I always did the deliberate resting bitch face but your other tips are fantastic, anon. I wish we were bitchy-looking bffs who destroy male egos with our combined attitudes.

No. 429534

hearing how men in border control treat women in containment centers is truly depressing. Speaking against the poor treatment of those women and children and you're promoting sharia law to be in the us. Least that's what some of my male conservative family members have said regarding that topic. It's fucking ridiculous. Most of them are military too. And military culture should deter women away from being anywhere near them.

No. 429545

There's at least one porn series featuring 'border control officers' raping Mexican women so I don't even believe the few cumbrains who actually do pretend to give a fuck about immigrant women's well-being.

No. 429631

I've posted about this case before, but the more and more information comes out, the more Mackenzie Lueck is being blamed and shamed for being a sugar baby, with an unfortunately sizable chunk of people saying she deserved it. She was obviously unwell and yes, it was a terrible decision, but the lack of sympathy people have for this girl is so gross. I don't think a lot of women who go into sugaring are capable of caring for themselves. Most are men saying that she deserved it, but it's not just men. It's also A LOT of apparently brainwashed middle-aged Texarkanian handmaidens.

It's reminding me a lot of the Shannan Watts case. I'm still incensed over that one and the way so many fucking people try to justify and sympathize w family annihilators (men) because she was a "domineering bitch" (she wasn't even!), as if that even makes any fucking sense or rationalizes the murder of his two innocent children. Really breaks my heart. I'm so tired of the "women are treated with kid gloves" meme when men literally have their balls cupped and coddled through every stage of their lives.

No. 429635

>because she was a "domineering bitch"
Jesus, I had no idea people said that about her. The dude killed his pregnant wife and own two daughters in cold blood, even as one of them begged him not to do it. He discarded their bodies in concrete and he basked in the media attention, playing the part of the grieving husband and father. There's nothing to justify here. He killed them because he wanted to be with his mistress and she didn't want to deal with his children.

I don't understand how men can simultaneously play up their ~uwu strong man protect weak woman~ fantasies and try to defend the men who use this strength against us. If men are the loyal, honourable sex, they should fucking hold each other accountable for this.

No. 429640

people I work with have also said "well she shouldnt have been around all these shady men…"
its disgusting.

No. 429648

it reminds me of when i wathced a video about a scrote who murdered his wife, who was a mail order bride, and people in the comments were screeching about how she deserved it because she was "scamming poor lonely innocent men out of their money uwu"

as if buying a person, essentially to be your sex slave, and then murdering her is in any way comparable to being a mail order bride.

No. 429653

>and she didn't want to deal with his children
No, HE didn't want to deal with his children because he knew he'd be unlikely to have fun side dishes with the financial and emotional responsibility of still having kids.
It's so sad how we can't even hold nasty men 100% accountable in the way we word things.

No. 429675

Not to sound like I'm accusing anyone of being a "swerf" but there was an anon on lolcow making fun of Lueck and insinuating she deserved her fate. I'm against prostitution 100% but the blame is entirely on the murderer and not some stupid young girl whose too sheltered to know there are predators everywhere. This is the unfortunate reality of prostitution, you as a woman will always be physically weaker and vulnerable around strange men, we cannot make prostitution safe by placing weak regulations on it.

No. 429679

The comment section is an absolute Pink Pill.

"My girlfriend left me because her friends told her to. She didn't know she had it bad until she started talking to them."
Uh, yeah, because narcissists often prevent their partners from going out and gaslight them into denying there's a problem? I didn't know I was abused, even though I was raped as a child, until I was laughing about something really fucked up that happened to me (that I just assumed was normal) and the whole room went silent.

"Never let a woman have a "girls night out. Leave he immediately."
Yep, Narcissists.

No. 429712

lmaoo what kind of alternate universe are these dumb ass scrots living in where its not acceptable for men to hang out with their friends

i bet every single scrote that commented about how their married friends wont hang out with them are all insufferable cunts, and their friends are just saying their wives wont let them so that they have an excuse kek

No. 429748

File: 1562181037329.jpg (94.2 KB, 900x880, 531948487.jpg)

This is the hero we all need.

No. 429775

Its a manipulation tactics to make women feel guilty for doing things that are completely normal and healthy, given it could work if it wasn't obvious these dudes were batshit crazy and hated women

No. 429795

Exactly! Reminds me of Diana the Hunter of bus drivers

No. 429796


>Teen accused of rape deserves leniency because of his 'good family', judge says

>Boy, 16, allegedly raped girl while recording incident on phone

>New Jersey judge praised suspect’s ‘very high’ academic scores

>A judge suggested that a teenage boy accused of raping a drunk girl at a party should be treated leniently because he came from “a good family”, and cast doubt on whether such an attack amounted to rape at all.

>Judge James Troiano in New Jersey made the remarks while ruling that the boy, who was identified only as “GMC”, should not face trial as an adult for allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl while recording the incident on his mobile phone.
>“This young man comes from a good family who put him into an excellent school where he was doing extremely well,” Troiano said. “He is clearly a candidate for not just college but probably for a good college. His scores for college entry were very high.” Troiano, 69, also noted that the boy was an Eagle Scout.
>Investigators said GMC sent a clip of the alleged rape to seven of his friends, and later sent a text adding: “When your first time having sex is rape.” Yet Troiano suggested that, in his view, the alleged incident was a sexual assault rather than a rape.
>Troiano’s remarks, which he delivered at a family court hearing in July 2018, were highlighted this week in a sharply worded overturning of his decision by an appeals court. Prosecutors told NJ1015.com they would now seek an indictment from a grand jury so they may prosecute GMC as an adult.
>Prosecutors had alleged that GMC’s attack had been “sophisticated and predatory” and that he showed “calculated and cruel” behaviour by filming the incident, sharing the footage and then lying about it.
>Adult cases are heard by a jury and typically involve harsher punishments for those convicted. Records of juvenile cases are largely kept secret from the public.
>But Troiano refused, pointing to GMC’s background and saying that, in his view, a “traditional case of rape” involved more than one attacker using a weapon to take advantage of a victim in a remote location.
>The judge also cast doubt on allegations GMC’s victim was too drunk to understand what was happening, asserting that she “walked hand-in-hand” with GMC to a basement area where the alleged rape took place.
>And he dismissed the significance of GMC’s boastful text messages, describing this as “just a 16-year-old kid saying stupid crap to his friends”.
>The appeals court panel said Troiano had exceeded his role and “decided the case for himself” rather than properly reviewing the application by prosecutors to try GMC as an adult.
>In one drily scathing passage, the appeals court judges said they hoped juveniles would not be made to stand trial as adults if they “do not come from good families and do not have good test scores”.

No. 429808

File: 1562184253487.jpeg (116.26 KB, 994x1024, 1559709926117.jpeg)

>Mfw I'll never find a wholesome orange demigod that'd risk dying by diving into a literal deadly swamp of souls just to save me after I save him from being crushed by a column

No. 429846

The judge, the boy, and the seven of his subhuman friends all deserve to die. Where’s Bangladeshi Hercules when you need him?

No. 429851

>Avoiding men
I'll share mine from the other day.

>At DSW clearance section (shoe store)

>Standing up and trying shoes on with that little disposable sock
>Man walks into aisle and stands near me
>Almost immediately realize why TF is he even in the women's aisle (unless he's a crossdresser with small feet)
>Make a show of grabbing my stuff and moving to another size/aisle
>He leaves the whole store shortly after

I suppose he could've been buy shoes for his girl but who does that? Shoes are something I personally think you want to try on. He was a pervert. I wonder how offer footfags creep at shoe stores.
I have decided to stop that bullshit of being nice and worrying about feelings. I still catch myself sometimes being too nice, but I refuse to be your fucking fetish material.

No. 429860

>But Troiano refused, pointing to GMC’s background and saying that, in his view, a “traditional case of rape” involved more than one attacker using a weapon to take advantage of a victim in a remote location.
Rape to men is only when a shadowy stranger in a trenchcoat grabs a girl in a alleyway apparently.we know men don't care about rape or sexual assault unless it's done by a group of men they don't like then it's "legit" (white vs Muslim men, rich men vs poor men) but I hate that yet again a girl has to witness her rapist being praised. It reminds me of that steubenville case.

>And he dismissed the significance of GMC’s boastful text messages, describing this as “just a 16-year-old kid saying stupid crap to his friends”.

No. 429863

File: 1562187603079.jpg (405.9 KB, 1080x1523, 1562183626246.jpg)

These are comments on a child's ice cream ad. The absolute state of korean men.

No. 429875

I thought she wasn't actually a child, just styled to look like one (not that it makes the sentiment any better). I wanted to reply to this in the Kpop critical thread but didn't want to derail. Anons complain that the man-hate gets brought into other threads but it happens on its own, kek.

Anyway, I feel sorry for all the young Koreaboos who want to move to Korea to find an Oppa to marry. They have no idea.

No. 429878

This is the ad by the way. Korean men are truly disgusting, how can they feel any sexual attraction towards that child?

No. 429885

So this is what korean incels claim women/feminists are jealous about…?
They talk about her "beautiful face and body", I expected some jailbait, but she looks and acts 10.

No. 429886

Samefag, but…

…holy fuck. I was confusing something else for the ad in question. Yep, that's an actual child. I feel grateful that feminism is growing in SK, maybe it'll rub off on Japan.

No. 429894

Foreigners shitting on korean feminists… Absolutely mind-baffling. I bet they're kpop fans too.
>people who blame this ad are all Korean feminists. They just envy pretty young girl.
>please stop korean feminists.They are doing another many crazy things.
>Korean feminist jealous about kids wearing dress with makeup what a shame
>Korean fat-minists are jealous of 11-year-old girl :p How pathetic
>Most of Korean young women still believe there's a problem with this video. In their closed society, they have a wrong way of thinking. Young Korean women's closed society is influenced by extreme feminism
>I think they are jealous of her beauty and slender figure
>feminazi always ruining society since forever lol
>A korean youtuber said that the one having negative comments are the FEMINISTS in korea.
>Right. K-feminists have disgusting mind.
>It's the radical feminist women that are pissed. The men just enjoy the cuteness

No. 429899

Samefag, but just see how it sounds, if you flip these comments around…
>people who blame this ad are all Korean men. They just envy pretty young boy.
>Korean men jealous about kids wearing suit and hair wax what a shame
>Korean fat men are jealous of 11-year-old boy :p How pathetic
>I think they are jealous of his beauty and slender figure
>It's the radical maninist men that are pissed. The women just enjoy the cuteness
Undeniable pedo vibes.
So why do men constantly get away with making these "harmless" statemeant about young girls?

No. 429901

It makes me so angry that these men can feel comfortable sexualising a child and rationalising negative responses as evil women being jealous. They must make everything about sex, dating and treating sex as a currency, meanwhile, women just want to protect children from pedophiles. It's like those men can't even imagine someone thinking of anything but obtaining sex.

No. 429919

males really are the same everywhere, huh.

No. 429949

Men always talk about it being ok for them to like little girls and teens but they never ask what the girls want or think about it. They're pretty much forcing themselves on them with no consideration for what they prefer.

No. 429952

>men preying on younger, vulnerable girls without consent
no surprise, anon.

No. 429961

As if they care. They know most teen girls think their dusty asses are creepy.

No. 429963

Scrotes assume that all animals, vegetables, and minerals want their laughable micro-chodes so it can't be surprising that they never use what little brainpower they've got to ponder whether or not young girls are interested.

No. 429973

But try to claim that a 24 yr old woman sleeping with a 17 yr old is "literally child molestation"

No. 429984

File: 1562211100131.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, photoplayjanuary1925.png)

courtesy of the female gaze thread, Photoplay Magazine January 1925. Ain't nothin' new, young women have long preferred men closer in age to them.

No. 430027

This was back when "finding a rich well off guy to marry and pop out babies" was pretty much shoved down young girls throats though, and they weren't taught they could do anything better,nowadays since girls can earn for themselves they can look for things like looks and personality hence why so many are straying from older men and only going to them for money if they have expensive taste

That's why men hate feminism and think "Western women should be beat and have their rights taken away" and taunt career women, because when more and more women become career women and look for more than life than just a man men will have no choice but to actually put effort into their looks, personality, being interesting, treating women right, etc or else it's them who's lonely and we all know how so-called lonely women react vs lonely men

One plays with animals, reads, bakes, and does arts and crafts, one plots murders against women and rapes them

No. 430029

From what I remember of the context of that post, it's actually a male writer shilling old men as main leads, even though the anecdote shows that the female audience wants younger men in roles. It's not meant to be evidence that women really believed that about old men. Not that your post is wrong in general.

When women are honest with themselves and don't let insecurity or inferiority complexes or men's opinions warp their perspective, they want young and attractive guys. It's natural, but when women are constantly accused of being shallow whores for having the slightest preference in appearance, expected to be super hot pornified 10/10s, and bombarded with the idea that you lose all appeal past 30, it's unsurprising that they would lie to themselves like that. If you ever read the 'loser ex bf' sort of threads, it's full of girls who had low self esteem or were afraid to be seen as shallow dating fat ugly nerds they met online.

No. 430035

Any military anons here? I'm in the army and army males are some of the biggest pieces of shit out there, all of them cheat and bash their wives, try to marry when 5 seconds after they meet them but once they're married they act so unsatisfied the entire time and hate their wives like ??? Don't get married if you're just going to pretend to be unhappy all the time, so much shit about how military wives are the ultimate evil but no one cares that most army dudes are abusive cheating pedophiles

No. 430042

its so funny though that even when society was forcing the old are better meme full force, young women still thought they were disgusting kek

No. 430087

It’s pretty much the same as any other male thing, like mechanics and truckers act the exact same way. Military might be worse bc of the encouraged aggression

No. 430150

this EXACT thing happened to me at DSW! tbh if im in a regular store like target or something i dont really think anything of it bc maybe crossdresser or just curious guy idk or care but in dsw it was specifically this gross huge dude in the size 6 aisle. there's no way he was buying shoes for himself and he kept lingering and "looking" at shoes low on the rack right by wherever I would try ones on. and he left as soon as I left. I hate men. They probably do it bc they can easily get away with it, if I tried to complain to the staff I'd just look paranoid and bitchy.

No. 430158

Amerifag here and the worship of military men in this country is fucking disgusting. Men who join the military, like men who become cops, are attracted to the promise of being able to commit acts of violence with impunity. These pigs rape and murder innocents and everyone worships the ground they walk on anyway.

No. 430160

>mfw the only ptsd victims acknowledged are veterans
>every other survivor is nonexistent
fuck them gay niggas.

No. 430246

Out of morbid curiousity I looked up the guy who raped me in middle school… not good for my mental health but we all do it.

Of FUCKING COURSE he is a super liberal male feminist now. Its always male feminists! What a fucking snake in the grass. Like I was over my past, as much as I could be considering the trauma he inflicted on me. But this just pisses me right off. Not only did he abuse me, but he made me the laughing stock of the school, because he was popular and he had the power.

And now he gets to crusade for women's rights like he is not a bag of literal garbage. Because you know they never change… they just adopt the label to prey on more women, trying to make them feel safe because "I'm a feminist, I could neeeever hurt a woman!". Fuck him fuck men. I'd take a Trump type any day because you know exactly how he feels about women. Fuck these two faced cock suckers.

And he has a child now… God have mercy.

No. 430250

File: 1562273970006.jpg (178.6 KB, 720x970, IMG_20190704_225517.jpg)

How exactly is it a bad thing tha unattractivet men are becoming incels? As long as they don't shoot anybody. If anything men believing they can't get laid due to cosmic/evolutionary circumstances will make them expect sex less and thus, bother women less.

No. 430254

As we’ve previously discussed in this thread, most incels are fakes who chase women out of their league.

No. 430256

This just tells me that it never gets better, and only sociopaths have a fulfilling life. Thank God I have this thread to show me reality.

No. 430258

File: 1562275949873.jpg (222.94 KB, 1030x1280, tumblr_o7hawcRond1vu274po1_128…)

These males don't go outside and just look at attractive women on the internet all day, so their definition of an average girl is skewed


Pic related, this is what they think an "average, 5/10 woman" looks like

They think attractiveness is the default in women, it's unfair to naturally attractive women because eventually we'll get to a point in time where literally no woman is attractive, the standards keep going up and up especially with how much photoshop and plastic surgery is out there

To an average person these dudes can get someone in their standards or someone even more attractive than them it's that their definition of average is so damn skewed they'll just go up to literal Stacie's, beg for them to put out, and claim how they tried going in their league

No. 430261

I was browsing /ic/ and somebody recommended using swimsuit magazines to practice figure drawing and someone commented 'why can't I get a 6/10 GF like them!'
The fucking delusion.

No. 430267

In fairness to men (I know, I know) the other guys in that thread were calling op the fuck out.

No. 430269

I'm sorry, anon. I fucking despise male 'feminists'. Seems like every man who brags about being such a feminist eventually gets outed as a rapist/pedophile. At best they're narcissists with savior complexes, at worst they're predators attempting to hide in plain sight. They are just the same in the end, with the added insult of trying to ingratiate themselves with women like the lowly maggots they are.

No. 430286

File: 1562278214919.jpg (44.55 KB, 600x900, BLop6PTCYAA8RnP.jpg)

Drawing and art dudes are the most cringe because they look at objectively attractive women all day and draw insane proportioned bodies that women would have to get several surgeries and waist train for years in order to obtain

Look at the body type they consider average or how many male artists in cartoons will draw every woman who's supposed to be average, attractive or even below average to be slim with insane curves but draw men with more variety and average proportions

No. 430292

lol how can scrotes get away with claiming that's a normal woman? imagine if a woman made a reference image where the "average" dude had a six pack.

No. 430308

It's not shocking that a vigilante would rise up in situations like this. The fact that there were multiple gang rapes in one month is horrendous but it's probably a reality for almost everywhere in the world. When so many go unpunished, it's not surprising that somebody would take justice into their own hands.

>New Jersey judge praised suspect’s ‘very high’ academic scores
They always drag this one out. The rapist wasn't clever, he literally recorded his own vile, disgusting crime. He recorded himself admitting that it was rape and he didnt even come close to believing there was consent there. As well as being cruel and awful, he was thick as pig shit.

I don't care if somebody comes from a good family and gets a few As if they're a fucking terrible human being. Maybe his family and grades are good but he is not.

Lol and they always say it's normal to want them young but never consider that maybe young people would want other young people and not some weird old men. A biological attraction to youth and vitality is the lie the creepy old men cling to, but they expect young girls to want their dusty dried up dicks. It doesn't make sense. They have a "biological clock" too and children born to older men face more possible issues but that doesn't matter because really they don't care about biology, they just want power and control.

No. 430327

I hate that I know this but the artist is actually a woman. I rabidly followed them when I was younger.

No. 430334

not really, most of the girls I know who get upset about men liking breasts are as I said, early bloomers and asexual women , look at all the #freethenipple women, boobnazis, most if not all of them either have average or large breasts, I have yet to see a flat chested woman get upset about breasts being sexualized unless they don't like getting insulted, which is understandable and just

also flat chested women still have breast tissue, there is no such thing as no breasts unless there is literally no breast tissue

what exactly are trying to get out of claiming random anonymous women you haven't seen are flat chested because they don't like breasts being sexualized so much? you just sound exactly like the types of males anon was talking about, her (assumed) breast size doesn't make her invalid, the fact you and other people think like this is exactly why we need this thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 430346

Who is it

No. 430352

File: 1562292678540.jpg (470.07 KB, 1200x800, gulabijpg.jpg)


Reminds me a little of the Gulabi Gang, a group of Indian women who wear hot pink saris and beat the shit out of men who abuse women. They're really fucking cool, I wish it were easier for international women to send them money and stuff to keep up the good fight

No. 430372

This is what real courage looks like. I would absolutely donate as much as possible to them.

No. 430408

Someone riddle me this, how can scrotes at the same time claim the head of the penis evolved to look like that to remove sperm from competitors (the theory sounds bullshit) and claim that women were always the ones selecting mates?

And what hoops of logic do they jump through to say slightly bigger genetical variance in males comes from women being more picky?

No. 430418

why are men so creepily obsessed with sexual evolution? they're literally trying to claim hair colors = fertility now like another anon predicted

No. 430423

lol I am morbidly curious, which hair colour?

No. 430424

Men like acting as if sapient, civilized, modern beings are purely sexual creatures led by nothing but survival instincts. You can justify every gross, violent sexual behaviour if you pretend it's "natural" and you have no free-will.
They can also simultaneously justify their sexuality and blame women, who supposedly select all traits to be passed on (but in reality evolution is more complicated, some traits they discuss are neutral, consequences of other selected traits, genetic disorders or not genetic at all). It's truly a win-win for them, they can be innocent slaves to their biology and women the scheming slavers.

No. 430446

muh "sex before dawn"

No. 430465

This. It's to avoid responsibility for their shitty bahavior and urges. They claim it's "natural" to justify it as being okay. Just look at all the damn pedos claiming 14 yo as peak fertility hence why it's completely okay to rape and manipulate children and teenagers. It's natural, it can't be helped.

No. 430480

I haven't seen what other anon is talking about but I'm willing to bet money it's blonde.

No. 430482

Also probably redheads, because muh crazy nympho redhead amirite????

No. 430506

You could at least bother saging, obvious scrote.

Spoilers, everyone likes attractive and wealthy people, yet you only see men on incel forums keep making mental gymnastics how they're helpless against their urges and how it's only natural to like 14 year olds and how liking insert fetish here is just evolutionary.(taking bait)

No. 430528

the majority of incels are pedophiles or extreme sociopaths and they recruit endlessly. any amount of time spent in their servers will show you their real face

No. 430557

The Kpop Critical thread is having a discussion about Womad, a South Korean radfem/man-hate group. If you pink-pillers aren't familiar with them, definitely check it out. Korean feminists are fucking savage, I love it.
>tfw no Korean feminazi gf to hate scrotes with

No. 430576

That dumb shit about the penis head removing sperm is from a book called The Myth of Monogamy by a psychologist (not an anthropologist or biologist) giving his uninformed pet theory to justify open relationships.

In reality the human foreskin acts as a one-way valve to keep fluids inside the vagina to lubricate the proceedings, but the author is an American male so probably didn't want to face that his circumcised penis scraping his wife's pussy dry during sex is not natural, which about sums up how stupid evo-psych can be.

No. 430584

File: 1562346497631.jpg (324.3 KB, 1440x1920, yqrvl3zqcg831.jpg)

>Umm how dare you not let me into your house? I won't rape you, you feminazi WHORE. I bet you'd love to be raped anyway
I want to believe this is fake, but I don't expect any level of decency from scrotes.

No. 430587

File: 1562346639054.jpg (270.82 KB, 540x2160, 7ylknubjai831.jpg)

Apparently, this is the same guy doing this shit to another woman.

No. 430618

I wish we could be as no nonsense as Korean feminists. They're inspirational. I wish there was a female based forum where there was no males and NAMALTs and I could freely hate men.

No. 430623

File: 1562351043734.jpg (73.24 KB, 540x536, coo1_540.jpg)

A lot of us have long experience with the Internet, creepy men, and have read what they REALLY think when they can be anonymous. I don't see how you can come to any other conclusion than that most men are pedos. If there were no laws and no one found out, most men would have sex with that little girl.

No. 430652

What a fucking psycho. How are men this fucking insane?

No. 430653

Shit like this is why I don't want kids. Anytime you go out in public woth them, there's statistically going to be sick predatorial men sexualizing them like this.

No. 430657

It's common fucking knowledge if you're selling things in person that you meet the buyer in a public place like Starbucks to avoid being robbed. I bet this scrote purposefully looks for women selling so he can talk about how "nice" he is.

No. 430663

Most of the commenters agreed OP is retarded if he thinks that chick is a 5, but there were a few who agreed with OP and even said her face is fat. The guys calling her average are almost certainly 4's or less.

No. 430664

File: 1562356377320.png (62.33 KB, 496x232, x50489vf9g831.png)

How can someone be this evil? Reading this fucked me up. I wanna cry for this mother.

No. 430669

File: 1562356899966.jpg (117.2 KB, 361x988, enhanced-7924-1443620965-1.jpg)

I've seen a lot of text conversations online where guys try to hit on girls they bought from or sold shit to. It's so weird.

No. 430673

What a sack of shit. I bet he's the type who would get super butthurt if someone told him they hope he dies in reaponse to him writing that. These types can never take what they dish.

No. 430675

Check out their english forum, it's pretty epic.

No. 430681

>girl shows how fucking insane this man is at a woman for wanting to be safe and watching out for herself
>men go in on her looks and ignores everything else
When women want to be safe, they hate it. When women aren't watching out for themselves, they blame everything bad that happens on them and says women should be smart.
They actually truly believe that the only bad men in thr world are cartoon trench oat wearing men hiding in a alleyway.

and also
>"you want to be raped"
why do they insist on this all the time. Bet he straight out of r/trp

They say this shit and have surprisepikachuface.jpg when women avoid them.

No. 430685

women want to fuck men they're sexually attracted to, oh my god, who knew.

No. 430693

File: 1562361043413.jpg (40.73 KB, 480x480, CjOohABW0AAEgPB.jpg)

>You're not seeing anyone because any man would not have let you out of the house looking the way you did.

No. 430700

>I wish there was a female based forum where there was no males and NAMALTs and I could freely hate men.
You’re on it, bb. Hate away.
This is what cracks me up. Scrotes constantly try to use biology to explain/justify the stupidest shit and yet are mystified when women are attracted to successful, good-looking men. Like, yeah, why the hell would a woman want to pass on a 10/10 Chad’s genes when we could just pollute the gene pool with ugly incels? Holy kek

No. 430703

WOMAD is great. There's currently an anon in the kpop thread screeching about how WOMAD typing anti-men posts is "violent" kek.

No. 430705

some of those anons hold a grudge against anything and everything korean. autistic af.

No. 430706

I bet it's because they're ashamed of all the time and money they wasted as koreaboos

No. 430721

mods are insanely quick on the ball getting rid of the scrots today. thank you mods!

No. 430722

>why are men so creepily obsessed with sexual evolution?
Men love evopsych as long as it serves their own purposes. They'll cry and bitch about the '80/20 rule' where women only want to fuck the top 20% of men, because it means the rest of them are disposable and won't pass on their shitty genes. Meanwhile they'll use evopsych to justify keeping women locked in the kitchen, having our rights taken away, being pedophiles, the slut/stud dichotomy etc, because hurting women is okay when biology justifies it, but """hurting""" shit tier men (by not fucking them) when biology justifies it is EVIL and means we deserve to be oppressed.

No. 430745

File: 1562371333489.png (65.08 KB, 832x458, womadrules1.png)

Them's the rules.

No. 430748

File: 1562371778976.png (121.84 KB, 827x633, womadrules2.png)

>no "intersectional" infighting
Based Korean feminazis. Sign me the fuck up. I wish I could read more of their content besides the little that has been posted in English. Fun fact- Womad was created by former members of the radfem group Megalia after infighting over trannies split them up. Nowhere is safe from gendershit.

No. 430751

Lol they're actually indirectly agreeing with the lovely ladies of womad

>"I agree, Korea is the most savage and disgusting island in the world. If you have any foreigners who are watching this article, you should not come to Korea anyway. Korea is a cursed wicked country".

No. 430752

Samefag, I'm totally loving womad and I wish there was a english/international site like that but I feel like it would get a lot of attention and whiny crybaby males and drama (because more people would see the content)

No. 430754

File: 1562374085264.png (400.26 KB, 1000x1000, gracie-hotpants-pink-01.png)

I saw a girl aged 7-9 wearing neon pink hotpants like pic related. The fabric was even thinner. She was wearing a backpack and looked like she was going home from school. It was in a big, crowded city and when I saw her I felt panic. Parents have to be completely delusional to let their child out like that. She walks by a crowd of people, and I saw 3-4 men CHECKING OUT HER ASS. I felt sick to my stomach and can only imagine how many more stared at her that day.

No. 430757

You really have to pity the pathetic scrots who lurk here to trigger themselves of all the ~misandry~ when they could go save themselves the time and go to literally any other website where it's a guaranteed male-dominated echo chamber. Men are so truly obsessed with us.

I kind of love seeing them rage how their lives are ruined because women don't like them. The more that these retards kill themselves off, the better off our planet is.

No. 430758

Lurking subhuman manlets are doomed genetic dead-ends without purpose, and taking up resources that rightfully belong to women and the top 20% of male specimens.

Anyway, after K-beauty and K-pop, let's make K-manhate the new trend in the west.

No. 430759

Am I the only one who gets future mass shooter vibes from this?

No. 430767

File: 1562377310072.jpg (20.51 KB, 300x200, byebyenow.jpg)

My favorite thing Womad has introduced me to: the hilarious tale of Sung Jae-Gi
>men's rights retard
>anti-feminist fuckass
>pro-porn, wahhhh censorship of porn is oppressive to men
>stages fake-ass suicide attempt to get money for his bullshit pro-scrote cause
>accidentally succeeds, drowns
and my favorite bit
>Korean radfems turn "Jae-Gi" into slang for male suicide
RIP pornsick-oppa, forever in our hearts

No. 430770

A-any video of his suicide? He was a retard (and by the looks of it a turbo manlet) but he wasn't so ugly. I'd like to see him die desu.

No. 430772

File: 1562379361813.png (168.83 KB, 500x566, girls-night-out-vs-guys-night-…)

it's sad how many men unironically believe this

No. 430775

File: 1562379745023.jpg (274.46 KB, 600x342, riveroppa.jpg)

Kek, I can't stop laughing. Not that I know of, his body wasn't pulled out of the river for three days so I don't think anyone filmed it. Apparently a bunch of his scrotoid followers also drowned themselves in the following month, truly the superior sex.

No. 430780

Honestly, when you look at countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, how can any man possibly think their sex is worse off?

No. 430781

>You really have to pity the pathetic scrots who lurk here to trigger themselves
Lmao yes

No. 430783

Because in their minds, because they took away women's rights to work, get an education, etc it means the hard working men's are so oppressed because they won't allow women to provide out of fear women will do what they do to women when men have the financial control

No. 430787

File: 1562380895265.png (2.53 MB, 809x6010, download.png)

Kek if you think thats bad india, which has been declared the number one most dangerous country for women and young girls has a huge MRA movement. The article documents that now Indian women have realised they should be treated like human beings and asking for rights they are being oppressed-seriously men across the world are whiny pissbabies.

No. 430789

Where is all this free stuff men like to claim we have?

Never underestimate the male victim complex, this is a reminder that reality doesn't matter, men will always find a way to victimize themselves so you take any time some incel starts screeching about easy mode and gynocentric society, with a grain of salt

No. 430794

I am in awe. It's truly amazing. You know, I don't mind male activists as long as they're talking about real issues (male violence, for example,) but it seems rare that that's ever the case. It's always bullshit grievances against us.

No. 430797

Yeah, MRAs rarely talk about actual male issues such as circumcision or the toxicity of machismo culture. It amazes me how the solution to their problems is right there at their hands: to reform their ideas of manhood

but instead, they try to justify their deranged thinking and blame shit on women. I swear, men are so fucking stupid.

No. 430798

Its because they dont care about male issues, they dont care about men, they are just mad about women achieving basic human rights and so they cannot act like entitled cunts anymore. Thats what it boils down to.

No. 430806

Indian MRAs will Jae-Gi themselves when?

Men are single-handedly responsible for all of their 'problems'. Never mind a solution, I'm just grateful for the laughs.

No. 430811

ngl totally down to watch that vid. what a fuckin idiot.

anyone who uses suicide as bait deserves to be laughed at if their death actually happens.

No. 430812

File: 1562383754033.png (216.17 KB, 874x699, 029.png)


MRAs in a nutshell pic related

No. 430817

You forgot to talk how brain dead MRAs talk
It would go
>if there was international men's day the world would go mad!!!!

The irony is Twitter and most people on women's day spend the day screaming and crying about how all women are horrible awful people no exceptions, on men's day? uwu those poor oppressed men are so hard working(stop taking bait)

No. 430828

feminism is slightly catching up in east asia, south asia and the middle east and men from these places are already butthurt. look at the korean incels sperging about feminism ffs. you're a man in south korea, how bad can evil feminists effect your oh so oppressed life?
even in the west it's really hilarious to see men whining about feminism and claiming to be oppressed because they can't get laid uwu. mras always talking about these dumb things shows that men actually face zero oppression other than no one wanting their incel ass.

No. 430829

File: 1562386495269.jpg (121.67 KB, 400x442, if-i-didnt-laugh-id-cry-luv.jp…)

No. 430831

Odd question but are German men as horrible as they seem? I swear to God every German man I've ever seen/heard about seems like a mega-autist and malignant sex-creep. People (rightfully) shit on Frenchmen/Italians for being harassers but I get much worse vibes from German men.

All this talk about male bullshit around the globe has me wondering…
International anons, do you think the men in your country are better/worse than elsewhere?

No. 430834

men are not oppressed literally anywhere in the world unless they are a male hyena hybrid or something. maybe if they are gay but even then gay men are privileged within their own community.

No. 430839

y'all ever think about how embarrassing it must be to have been born a man? no wonder pornsick dumbasses are trooning themselves.

i honestly love being a woman despite all the bullshit. my career field is male dominated and i make a game out of shitting on men with my technical prowess whenever i can, loudly calling their ideas stupid to their faces and publicly dismissing them mid sentence with the wave of my hand. so many fragile male egos to bruise, so little time. the best is when some random dude tries to boast how many stars he has on github (this happens on first dates A LOT), only to find out i have even more. however i will say, some male colleagues have been receptive to my misandry and publicly back me up, so maybe some are worth keeping around, like as slaves or something kek

No. 430847

Regardless of how you feel about it, there are logical explainations for that. As you no doubt know, men aren't exactly attractive, in fact most of them are pretty ugly. So to be attractive to a larger subset of women rather than the unicorn that tolerates their particular brand of goblin face, they have to be masculine in one way or another: Make more money, have a deep voice, be smarter, be stronger, be more stoic and emotional, be on top of things all the time, have more interests. It's especially important to be those things in regards to women when one lacks conventional attractiveness. They shit themselves in insecuri around you because as IT guys the masculinity script they're following is being smart/capable, so they need to try hard to be more smart/capable than you otherwise there's no way you would find them attractive. This is also the reason men are so aggressive in general, why they get insecure and aggressive so quickly when they are rejected for example, why they're arrogant and full of themselves or why "weak men" become introverted and withdrawn so quickly, because they don't want to compete anymore.

No. 430850

I see your point about Germans but I dont have much experience with them in general, even tho online I saw what you are speaking of

No. 430851

Sasuga lolcow desu.
He has a glorifying Wikipedia article.
>He also argued for free love and sexual and male liberation.
Liberation from WHAT
It says nothing in his Legacy section that now k-fems use "jaggy" for dumb male suicide, which is his real legacy

No. 430853

No, many of them really are the very shy and silent type. I've been catcalled/harassed more on vacation in southern euro countries or elsewhere than all my life living in Germany.

No. 430856

>i make a game out of shitting on men with my technical prowess whenever i can, loudly calling their ideas stupid to their faces and publicly dismissing them mid sentence with the wave of my hand.

Ah I love this.

No. 430857

Yeah most men are ugly as sin and need make up for it with other qualities but I wouldn't generalize women as only being attracted to men who are better than them. There's more to relationships than that.

No. 430859

>but I wouldn't generalize women as only being attracted to men who are better than them
No, but it makes it much more likely a girl finds you attractive to have higher status in one way or another. Obviously it's more complicated than that:

>So to be attractive to a larger subset of women rather than the unicorn that tolerates their particular brand of goblin face

There can always be connections that go beyond such things, nonetheless, when you go to a party or make a profile picture on tinder, you try to appeal visually to the largest amount of people, even if there is more to love than visual cues. Think of "trying to be better" and showing off what one has achieved/done as men's make-up, as what they use to compensate their original buttugly state of being.

No. 430860

this is the site with unusually high amounts of femdommes and manlet fetishists, remember this when posting kek

No. 430862

Yeah, but I am talking about what goes on in the average male's head when dealing with average woman that don't post on a website based on chinese cartoons. It's just not mysterious that they act this way, they are like animals. You can study and explain behavior.

No. 430863

File: 1562403571144.jpg (119.34 KB, 1080x912, e7e5039.jpg)

No. 430864

I moved to Germany and honestly I found the men here to be more pleasant and well-mannered, although more aloof and kind of awkward. It's no perfect utopia but I feel relatively safe here and the only men who have catcalled me are foreigners (I bet you can guess what region of the world they're from…). At least from my non-European perspective I'd say that southern European men are way worse than northerners. I'd rather much deal with an awkward autismo nerd who can barely look me in the eyes than a brazenly open misogynist who thinks it's socially acceptable to touch random women on the street.

No. 430865

File: 1562404016513.png (283.67 KB, 720x693, 1fadec49-785a-4c79-9d8d-c65b8f…)

I just got pinkpilled again

No. 430866

File: 1562404261661.png (Spoiler Image, 724.09 KB, 812x803, womadpoem.png)

This Womad "poem" post made me kek a lot

No. 430867

I was clarifying because the way you word it sounds like an incel talking about hypergamy. Men have that mindset but it doesn't mean it's always the correct way to impress women. There are things like compatibility and good character traits that are arguably more important to a stable relationship than >does my partner make more money than me

No. 430868

thanks anon, they seem interesting

>shakes his balls shamefully, reveals his sluttish attitude

OK that had me howling

No. 430869

Please tell me this isn’t real
Jesus fucking Christ on a platter

No. 430870

found another https://womad.life/272013?c=Art&cache=public&page=1

absolutely amazing, k-fems are some next level shit

No. 430876

Ugh yes South Europeans are misogynistic and shameless as hell. Imagine living in an area full of North African guys and South Euro guys, its pure hell lol. I didnt get harassed bad by Black and Hispanic/Mexican American guys and I lived in one of the biggest cities of the US then

No. 430892

German men are terrible. The culture all over Europe, Germany included is much more sexist by default than in the US for example. The Germans may not catcall, but they think very little of women and have no problem talking at women on every and any subject. They also seem overall to be emotionally stunted to higher degree, which sucks enough with older German men but means now the younger ones are almost guarenteed to all be pornsick permavictims. I'm not European but I've been here well over a decade and everytime an expat moves here and starts a relationship with a German, it always ends the same, with them running far away.

No. 430893

>talking at women on every and any subject
Why do you consider that to be negative?

Also, being emotionally stunted and a permavictim is still better than being a raging macho sexist. At least they leave you alone.

No. 430897

nta but talking at someone is very different from talking to someone.

No. 430899

They talk at them, not to them. Mansplaining essentially, except it's how they operate all the time/how they begin simple conversation.

Ehh, I'm not preferring either. They all hate women. German men really think that because they aren't outwardly raging assholes that that alone makes them good men, and somehow I find that more sinister.

No. 430910

>Apologize to veggie. Korean men are not as tasty.
kek cute

No. 430931

File: 1562417933720.jpg (123.98 KB, 1079x718, 1558637638122.jpg)

There is lolcow

No. 430967

I work with a lot of ex-military males and that's all accurate. Something that also sticks out is that they basically have no agency and need to be told to do everything. I've had calls on my personal number asking me obvious things like if they should turn on the alarm when they're the last ones out the office and what to do about a fucking moth that got inside. They also all have extreme anger issues and regularly get into screaming matches with each other over meaningless shit like movie trivia and I had one react like an actual chimpanzee and put his foot through a table because he forgot to charge his phone.

No. 430991

>German men are terrible.
>pornsick permavictims
Part of the reason I asked if they are as bad as they seem is because I've read lots of articles about the (legal!) sex trade in Germany and that was a pink-pill in and of itself. I was studying the German language but dropped it partially because of that. How can women who live in Germany live with seeing advertisements for brothels everywhere? It's like a (legal and widely accepted!) slave trade is going on right before their eyes.
Catcalling isn't the only thing that can wear you down.

No. 431003


I wish there were more discussion of what it means to be a woman living in a world of omnipresently commodified women via porn/prostitution tbh. It's something I think maybe our generation of feminists will have to tackle, because it's so new – definitely we should have lots of discussion of women in the sex trade, but also, even the average woman lives in a world where she constantly bombarded with this. It's like we're always saying, representation is important. What does living in a world where SEXY CHICKS GIANT TITS TEEN SLUT DRILLED IN THE ASS BY DADDY is the air you breathe, from girlhood on? Even if you're not at all in the sex trade?

No. 431004

File: 1562429993150.jpg (69.47 KB, 860x484, IMG_1338.JPG)

There's also a lot of prostitution going on that include mostly poor Eastern European women.
Germany also has various red light districts, the most notorious one being the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, where women aren't allowed to enter and the windows display barely-clothed women posing, as if they were mannequins. And no man in Germany really sees an issue with that. In fact, it's a popular male tourist attraction.
German men are as pornsick and as any other men and most of them cannot fathom why feminism is "a thing" and even if they're respectful and not overt assholes, you best believe that they still think women are inferior to them.
I won't even start with the foreign men living in Germany…

No. 431018


What the fuck, women are banned? I never knew this. I'm looking it up now, and jesus. What's the justification for that? Poor delicate johns need a safe space where they only have to think of women as sexy fuckdolls instead of people?

No. 431037

Yeah on top of the blatantly lesbophobic overtone, not that I would expect women to be buying other women

No. 431047

This is also a problem in the Netherlands. If you're not a submissive giant titted woman your presence is an offense. Even outside of the MRA communities, on mainstream news you have men complaining about Dutch women.

In this article a Dutch guy talks about how Dutch women are too independent and feminist and are only good to take care of children and make money. But you need a Russian woman on the side, ie. he encourages people to cheat on Dutch women with women from the East. Guess what most prostitutes here are? (NRC is kinda our wallstreet journal)

No. 431067

File: 1562439772698.png (197.97 KB, 465x868, 1561725026472.png)

What you described might be my main issue with r/gendercritical. They quite often talk about prostitution being legal in Germany and that sexism is huge in general too. Then some German women butt in and try to tell them that it's not that bad (which I completely agree with), but other non-German users (Americans) always talk over them, basically telling them they're sheeple who just don't get real feminism, who are stupid obedient little slaves to their men etc. (Same with always dismissing it when German women try to tell them that harassment by refugees really is a lot more rampant than it ever was with native men.)
You don't live here, so don't tell us how it ackshually! is.

Many years ago my male friends told me they went to a strip joint, which absolutely shocked me. I asked whether they don't feel bad for the women, what if they're forced to do that, are in a bad situation financially, but they said that a good portion of them were actually German, not only eastern euro girls, and that some of them were old and doing that because they want to. Not all strippers and prostitutes are 18-year-old trafficked slaves.
A lot of people post statistics about human trafficking being worse in Germany than in most 3rd world countries - do you really believe that?? By legalizing prostitution, the government is at least able to have some control over it. Brothels get checked quite frequently, to make sure non of the girls are illegal, underage, etc.

>dutch men complaining about dutch women
It's the same in Germany. See pic for example

No. 431072

File: 1562440712367.png (597.76 KB, 524x1809, download.png)

The fact men openly say this shit just shows how scummy they are. Fuck them, and fuck anyone who complains about any woman saying she hates men openly.

No. 431073

What a crock of shit, I think I lost a couple IQ points reading that. I'd bet my life savings that this is guy is a skinnyfat autistic manlet with no fashion sense and yet you don't hear German women complaining about how German men aren't masculine or strong enough or whatever bullshit.

>This shows that women are not very open minded about meeting someone.

God forbid a woman date a man who she already knows from a safe environment, they should be more open minded like the greasy man who complains about how ugly, mannish, and uptight women in his country are!

No. 431074

Fucking men and their shit seriously. We’re not dressed up 24/7 for your pleasure. Also where are your current clothes and trendy ass hair styles? Fucking hell it’s crazy how they think.

No. 431088

who the hell approved this and why

No. 431089

French guys are entitled, lazy manbabies with a superiority complex but at least they're equal opportunity sleazebags and (usually) very upfront about what they want. Maybe it's a cultural thing but every German I've met has been super autistic bordering on rude and seemed to be almost repulsed by normal conversation and human contact.
Scandinavians and some Slavs are alright, Italian guys are fucking goofy and I can't take them seriously at all. American/Canadian men I've met were all disgustingly enamored by the smell of their own farts and liked to be the "leader" wherever they went, which was beyond annoying. MENA guys have the same problem on top of being overly aggressive about it and always get butthurt when nobody gives a fuck about their opinions. Jews are alright but there aren't many, and half of those I see are Orthodox which is a hard pass. Asian guys I've met were mostly cool.

No. 431091

Iirc it was meant to be a satirical song about pedophiles, not an ode to little girls

No. 431094

>the women in the strip Club my friends went to weren’t brown so it’s ok
>my personal opinion trumps actual statistical data


No. 431096


It’s all very personal. Imo Asian men who grew up in China/japan/Korea etc. are the worst. They’re very domineering and most want a perfect traditional submissive wife. I have a friend who is engaged to a mainland Chinese man. He emotionally abuses her and is very manipulative. She never wanted to be in a relationship with him yet he forced himself on her, breaking down her barriers by consistently stalking and harassing her until she went on ONE date, just ONE kiss, and it eventually snowballed into sex that she never wanted in the first place — she basically got raped. He begged her to move to California away from all her friends and family to be with him and she complied cuz she thinks he’s special just cuz he was her “first”. Since she can’t find a job and isn’t assisting him in paying rent, she’s reduced to his personal chef, maid and sex object.

I feel so fucking hateful of men rn. I want to help her but all I can do is FaceTime her every now and then when he’s out of the house and convince her to come back to the east coast.

No. 431098

Nobody ever said anything about brown girls…?

And I'm not denying that those statistics are true, I'm just pointing out that you've got to be very naive to think that it's somehow better in other, much poorer countries just because it's illegal (that's what radfems on reddit claim). It still happens, just in the dark.

No. 431102

this reminds me of a vid an anon posted in an older kpop critical thread. It's someone going through a red light district in sk

No. 431103

What the hell…You're not supposed to engage in any activity with a stalker.

No. 431105

Ok that was me going off a bit about you and them assuming that plenty of them “chose”/“want” to be there just bc they weren’t visibly trafficked

But aside from the fact that basically no on chooses it for various reasons, are you really dumb enough to think that these inspections are actually done right and anyone gives a fuck about these women? And even if they are all it does is increase the trafficking of brown women from 3rd world countries

No. 431108

A lot of what was written by him could have been written by a bitter Swede as well. Only many of those would argue how all their problems would be solved if only there were legal brothels like in Germany and the Netherlands.

No. 431113

Oh, aren't you cute.
>Prostitutes do it 'cause they want to!
>Legalization means no coercion/children/trafficking are involved!
>It's worse elsewhere!
>My male friends say…

I guess all those cases of trafficking in legal German brothels were flukes and all those German women talking about how bad it is were lying.

A libfem Deutsche brainlet who can't accept that some inferior Americans are ackshually right about something.

No. 431120

Maybe I'm just tired of you trying to make out my country as some shithole, when it's actually very nice?
OP asked whether german men are bad, which is not the case imo, but now you won't stop about prostitutes. Yes, I feel for them, but it has zero affect on how good or bad the life of your average german woman, me included, is. Should I be sorry and feel like shit 24/7 because of it? If you lived here, I bet you'd like it too - despite prostitution being legal…

No. 431122

Does criminalizing it actually prevent it?
From what I understand, there's still plenty of trafficking happening in places where it's illegal, even in the US

No. 431123

Easy to get a new one once she gets "old" as well!

No. 431125

The Swedish man would say that the women here are so unfeminine because we aren't desperate to please a man to get out of poverty, unlike those Thai women he is chatting with on wife import websites. Yes I have had the displeasure to hear opinions like that. Scandi women earn money and have safety nets, bad news for scummy men who want a dependant house slave.

No. 431128

No one's making your country out to be a shithole, libfem-chan. Stop making it about yourself, you're just broadcasting your insecurity by getting defensive.
Lots of countries have been shat on these threads for their shitty conditions for women, you aren't exempt.
>Does criminalizing it actually prevent it?
No, but legalizing it increases trafficking.

No. 431130

I think you replied to me before I deleted and fixed a typo.
Yes. There are Swedish men who import Thai wives, keep them as house slaves for under 2 years then throws them out and get a new one before the women can get permanent residence. These women are extremely vulnerable as they don't speak the language and don't know anyone else.
And then they whine about Swedish women (doing bad things like ageing and not being happy all the time) when they are utter psychopathic trash themselves.

No. 431132

>Lots of countries have been shat on these threads for their shitty conditions for women, you aren't exempt.
Once again, the conditions for women in Germany are not bad. The conditions for prostitutes are bad (as they are everywhere) bit not for normal girls. There's hardly a less sexist country in this world, everybody who's born here is glad and thankful.

No. 431133

What about some sort of system where prostitution isn't legal, but being a prostitute is decriminalized?
That way more people will be able to speak out if something is wrong?

No. 431136

Thank you. The legal brothel situation in Germany is awful. Tons of trafficking.

No. 431137

That's the Nordic Model, you should read about it if you are interested. In countries with this policy, buying sex is a crime but selling it is not.

No. 431138

Imagine taking criticisms of your countries prostitution so personally, get over yourself. And maybe find a new thread to hang out in because this is for man hating, not man defending because ~they're not so bad and their purchasing of sex doesn't affect you personally~ and you're more concerned with making your country look good than the problems with prostitution. You also sound like a psychopath if you think the expectation of basic empathy is people wanting you to 'feel like shit 24/7'.

No. 431143

>My country is littered with legal facilities where our brothers, fathers, boyfriends pay to rape and torture vulnerable women, many of whom are destitute foreigners being held against their will, but I feel okay therefore Deutschland is a utopia uwu.

Well as long as you are doing fine, that's all that matters. The absolute state of liberal feminism.

No. 431144

File: 1562451977889.jpg (121.4 KB, 640x686, 7ixeedzamq731.jpg)

No. 431146

I repeatedly said that I feel sorry for them, so no, I'm not psychopath lacking any empathy.
If the situation is as grave as you say, then what could one single woman do to stop that? What do you expect from me? I happen to be born in a country with prostitution, period. That's not my fault. And hating on everybody and everything won't change anything.

No. 431147

Men: Violent, entitled and obsessed with cocks.

No. 431149

Holy fuck, what is wrong with you? Are you autistic or just brand new to the concept of manhate? Every single thread has been full of women criticizing men from their own country. It's not a fucking call to arms or expectation that you need to solve the it on your own.
>And hating on everybody and everything won't change anything.
We're hating on MEN, it's not our fault you take it as a personal attack on your precious Germany.

No. 431150

File: 1562453042454.jpg (99.41 KB, 1280x720, consider the following.jpg)

>Germ man

No. 431151

Are you 5?

No. 431152

No. 431153

Naughty anon, you made the germ man upset.

No. 431154

File: 1562454092514.jpg (52.66 KB, 933x596, DTOscuSWkAAZvIN.jpg)

I've heard that dating in Scandinavia is really bad. Is it true that men except to sleep with you on the first date and will never consider dating you UNLESS you sleep with them first? And that they basically throw fits if you don't want to sleep with them right away?
And this is considered a modern, feminist group of countries?

No. 431157

Is there any country whose men you consider dateable?

No. 431158

People aren't shitting on your country anymore than they would others, they are criticizing you because you have the mentality of
>it's not happening to me, so my country doesn't have an underlying problem with sexism uwu
And defend the men while they pay to rape Eastern European women. This is obviously not the thread for it.

No. 431161

Depends on the man anon, aren't there fuckboy scrots like that trying shit everywhere in the West? There is a variety of different levels of shitty to less shitty man here.
Here is the thing, Swedish women have worked hard for equality but there is still a problem: MALES.
For example, we passed a great law that other anon mentioned that criminalizes men who buy sex but any man and little boy can now watch hateful porn online so their brains are destroyed by misogyny anyway.

No. 431163

File: 1562456046787.jpg (86.22 KB, 1080x1080, 498086123232894150595107810381…)

All men around the world are lining up for Scandinavian (type) women so your men better put their shit together cause with whining and games they can only lose.

No. 431165

Fuck, this remind me of this American autist who wrote a book titled ''don't bang Denmark''. Danish women were too masculine for him because ''They don’t know how to treat you well, cook for you, or make you laugh. They don’t know how to look sexy''.


Pretty sure he has been shitting on Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Icelandic women as well. You know, independent women in general.

No. 431167

I remember reading this man's review of different European women. He is utter sociopathic scum and bragged abour raping women he met. He wrote that he raped an Icelandic woman so drunk she couldn't stand. He has confessed crimes, he should be in jail. I can only hope the shit isn't true.

No. 431170

File: 1562458033894.png (30.63 KB, 150x150, 1466038780381.png)

the way he fetishizes eastern european women is disgusting. he thinks they're all submissive and that they worship western men completely. i have to laugh

No. 431171

No. 431172

But sadly many eastern european women also take pride in constantly being called the best, the most beautiful etc by males, and in return shit on other european (or american) women like obedient little handmaidens…

No. 431177

it's the exact opposite, in my experience. all of the older eastern european women i know are obsessed with telling younger women how important it is to study and be independent, and how dangerous it can be to rely on a man your entire life. but this really isn't the thread for you to complain about slavs

No. 431181

File: 1562459340159.jpg (108.1 KB, 533x800, 2690_rooshvlonghairbeard_13617…)

Lmao no need to get so defensive
I only said that I've met my fair share of slav women who unironically let lose statements like 'us russian girls are the hottest''why don't … take more care about their appearance?' Which is rather hurtful of course.

Anyway, is this him? How can he judge anybody's appearance?!

No. 431183


Man, that sucks to hear. That feels like so much of the modern problem: women work harder and harder, earn more degrees, take on so many jobs at home and in the workplace, and men do……nothing. They're so lazy, so passive, so totally entitled. I'm old enough now that I feel like my female friends are all growing up, interested in putting together a nice home, knowing how to cook, advancing in their careers, having a solid wardrobe, and the men………left alone, live in shitholes and wear the same five t-shirts. I hate that this is an international problem. We've done absolutely everything we can, we just need them to try EVEN A LITTLE harder to be better people, and we just….can't.

No. 431186

women are interested in improving their lives, while men will go to the gym two times in their entire life and then act like shitposting on /fit/ is self-improvement

No. 431199

Asian men, not asian-American/European, are fucking the worst. Asian cultures literally haven’t changed the past 1000 years with all their chauvinistic bullshit. Asian men are sooo emotionally stunted and babied. They have such huge inferiority complex with men of other races that all their violence is redirected to their women.
It makes my blood boil every time I heard some first world dumb ass is trying to score a visa husband in Korea or Japan. Like it’s literally a huge trope in every SEA country that Japanese/Korean/Chinese men routinely mail order SEA bumpkin 15 year olds to be bangmaids. Even when I was a hardcore weeb I still never stopped hearing about someone’s daughter is being beat the fuck up by her husband in a foreign country. Not even talking about rampant human trafficking… I hate the fact that the internet and western world thinks being rice-chan is so fucking dandy bc ~anime~ and ~idol~. They make me want to go be third world Aileen Wuornos, god knows it’s incredibly easy to get away with murder around these parts.

No. 431200

This is what made me truly hate men. Society-wide pornsickness and the commodification of women singlehandedly pink-pilled me. I went from non-feminist, to liberal, Jezebel-reading nicefem, to raging radfem in a matter of years because of this.
On some level, I understand why so many young women are taking testosterone and cutting their tits off. We grow up being exposed to psychotic pornography and just the run-of-the-mill objectification that permeates all aspects of life and so some of us think:
>women are subhuman
>I'm not subhuman
>therefore I'm not a woman
rather than just rejecting misogyny outright. I'm so grateful for these man-hate threads, I'd be worse-off without a place to vent about these things.

No. 431211

fuck reading what you guys from other countries write is about to make me completely never interact with a male person of any race ever again. they're all pieces of shit no matter where you are.
i'm living in the middle east and there are also many misogynistic stereotypes of foreign women because of prostitution, mostly about eastern european and southeast asian women. i feel really bad for all sex trafficking victims from these countries and the way men treat normal women of these nationalities is so retarded. they also hate on our women for the dumbest reasons (not feminine and submissive enough uwu)

No. 431215

I’m not condoning violence, anon, I’m just saying that’d be badass, kek. Sex tourists and traffickers deserve fear.
This reminds me, I once read a post online by a woman saying she’d been drinking in a bar and overheard a man bragging about going to Thailand to fuck pre-pubescent girls. She should have killed him in the parking lot.

No. 431252

>i feel really bad for all sex trafficking victims from these countries and the way men treat normal women of these nationalities is so retarded.
Have you heard of the Page Act of 1875? It was basically a ban on immigration of East Asian (especially Chinese) women into the US because so many of them were forced into prostitution and were therefore considered inherently immoral and a threat to white family structure. Imagine being so misogynistic and racist that you blame sex trafficking victims for corrupting the men who choose to rape them.

No. 431256

File: 1562487925280.png (134.37 KB, 1048x664, fp.png)

I read this post and wanted to agree, but then I remembered how many men think that even basic niceness can be considered "leading them on".

No. 431259

>I'm living in the middle east

stay strong sis

No. 431260

File: 1562490433244.jpg (44.07 KB, 830x507, bab-zajecar-1.jpg)

>mostly about eastern european and southeast asian women
Don't worry sis, we're used to it. Sadly it's not just middle eastern guys.

No. 431269

It was pretty much like that to all non white women in the US tbh. And I dont mean to start shit but I noticed people even on here when they bring up non white women being targeted for racial fetishization and sexually assaults its only eastern Asian women they choose to highlight…

No. 431270

File: 1562494616579.png (132.13 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20190706-181721~2.p…)

Why do so many modern men hate women of their own nationality?

I wish I can find the MGTOW video where Western tourists are pointing out the issue with sex trafficking in Thailand and hoping the sex trafficked girls get help, mgtows reaction? "Evil western roasties are furious that western men are having sex with Thai women"

Incase you can't grasp men's true evilness
They'll sex traffick women, blame them for getting sex trafficked (seriously, most men I've talked to claim that sex trafficked girls get into because they're "dumb girls who would do anything for a free drink), use and abuse the sex traffickers and claim any woman who has an issue with this is just jealous and scared of becoming disposable

No. 431280

anons from eastern EU and SEA countries, what do men from your countries say about these sexist stereotypes people have? dumb foreign incels think that the moment they step into russia submissive flawless virgin girls will jump all over them but i've heard that perverted foreign men who try to harass women get beat up there.

No. 431282

>Why do so many modern men hate women of their own nationality?
They always talk shit about women of their own nationality, it's insane. They see themselves above these women but they also dehumanize foreign women, they are never satisfied with anything. It seems like all men started to blame feminism, they can't say "women want independence and freedom and it's hurting my feefees :(" so they say women in their country aren't as ~~feminine~~ anymore instead.

No. 431290

>they are never satisfied with anything
Correct. This is why Japanese men want loli anime sexbots instead, why Korean men think Korean women are the worst (golddiggers all of them, well could it be because they earn like half a man's wage) and why Indian men think they are being discriminated against.

No. 431297

Constantly giving men their way will only make them try even harder to find something to be unhappy over, even men in the past few centuries have been extremely unhappy, bitter and abusive, you'd think all this talk about how modern women are ruining everything, back then would've been perfect? Nope, not one bit, people only knew how to fake it better which says everything

I find that men are unironically most happy when they're in a more liberal city and stay at home husband
This is likely due to
>Women are a lot less abusive even when they're head of household than vice versa, thus leaving a happy and fufilling relationship where the woman is more secure and less emotionally and financially black-mailed while men could be used for man-things like physical labor
>When women are happier the relationship is more fufilling as well as setting a good example for the children
>Men are happy to use as much resources as needed where as women are afraid to be marked as gold diggers if they want the 3 dollar vegetables and not the 2 dollar vegatables or whatever men are crying gold digger about now
>Men overall are less likely to be accused of gold diggers regardless of their behavior, this they're not as emotionally strained or made to feel ashamed if they aren't a "perfect" househusband
>Men are better at dirty jobs like cleaning, yard work, etc
>Women are great at certain fields such as the medical field, architecture and IT field, having more stay at home husband's would encourage women to take these up where as the modern man isn't nearly as ambitious as the modern woman, therefore it works
>Men in 2019, if they are ambitious a lot of it is stuff like running a business which can easily be done on the side at home, therefore better for men to be at home while women are out saving lives
>More liberal area means "man good" isn't forced down men's throats which is essentially to treat women horribly, men can do what they like without being judged as long as if it hurts no one
>Liberal ideology promotes attempting to fix relationships and make them fufilling for both parties, conservative ideology promotes just staying and for the woman to be submissive and man to be dominant even if it doesn't work but muh tradition
>Liberal areas are more open minded when it comes to arts and music, conservative areas push science and math down people's throats even if one size doesn't fit all and not everyone is fit to do just that

Males only get mad because of how true it is and how much liberal mockery is shoved in their brains, but at the end of the day those evil modern men and women go to sleep with smiles on their faces, money in their pockets, and a child that is well learned, conservatives go to sleep on their phones bitching and crying about "where have all the good women gone? Why aren't Stacie's appearing at my doorstep begging to serve me while money comes from their ass to support both of us?"

No. 431308

File: 1562509700354.png (345.79 KB, 1057x982, Screenshot_20190707-092402~2.p…)

Why are men like this? This is an interview with Chris issak about his wicked game video, imagine being this obsessed with women you claim to not want to have anything to do with, to the point of constantly looking for any excuse to talk about women's looks and how women aren't worth it because they age just like everyone else, god forbid women be human therefore somehow they're evil and all men should MGTOW, logic

No. 431309

Are you really going your own way when you're taking time out of your day to cry about how some lady that you supposedly don't care about is offending your eyes because she's in a video you yourself chose to watch

No. 431314

How do you shut down the "Men are more visual!" argument used to defend porn addiction?
I've seen it used multiple times, and it's irritating.

No. 431316

>Not even 50 yet
So all 45 year old women are supposed to look 18? Has he not noticed that the vast majority of normal 45 year old American men are beer-bellied, saggy-skinned, winkled, sun-damaged, and muscle-atrophied? You really have to be an oblivious NEET not to notice that.

No. 431317

Men are absolutely obsessed with women and MGTOWs are the most obsessed of all. “Women don’t reject me, I reject them” yet:
>constantly talk/think about us
>spend most of their waking hours jerking their micro-dicks to us
>seek us out online constantly
They’ve been completely beholden to women since they were inside their mothers, they just can’t admit it to themselves kek

No. 431318

if men are soooo visual why don't they project some of it on themselves? it's not being visual, it's being greedy. men knew how to deal with their dicks before porn was a thing.

No. 431320

>Men are better at dirty jobs like cleaning, yard work, etc
Obviously, mother nature gave men big hands and broad shoulders so they could do heavy tasks like big loads of heavy laundry and clean effectively. They should leave the intellectual work and leadership to women.

Pornaddicts saying that probably don't even know the difference between purple and lilac, say that they don't see dirt at home when their wife complains, and probably think they are hot stuff while wearing socks with sandals.
Anyway, it's a bad excuse.

No. 431322

File: 1562512155762.jpg (56.75 KB, 672x1024, Helena-Christensen.jpg)

This is the "ugly post-wall hag who is the reason all men should MGTOW"…

I mean, she's seen better days as all people do when they get older, but with how this dude talked about her and how he went out his way to mention her not being attractive on a video that literally only mentioned her name once, I was expecting some Lindsey Lohan and Olsen twin level premature aging, she's gorgeous!

No. 431324


wtf she’s actually quite beautiful?? is this dude blind or delusional or both?

No. 431327

>Cumbrains cuck themselves into impotence, can no longer ejaculate without viewing extreme porn
True aesthetic visionaries desu

Men aren't more visual, they're just retards who can't grasp abstract concepts and need everything spoon-fed to them.

No. 431329

Does anyone here come from a country where men will treat their wives and daughters like shit but go crazy if any other man ever causes any harm? So fucking hypocritical, they only care about their "pride as a man" and their "honor for protecting my women"

No. 431332

my dad was kinda like that. he was always against me having a boyfriend. when i was 12 and met up with a 13 year old boy in my neighbourhood he lost his shit and yelled at both of us. i've always kept my interactions with guys on the down low since then.
the same man cheated on my mother with a prostitute and threatened to beat her up if she tried to leave.

No. 431333

Did you mean every country?
Compare how people react to women dying vs men dying
With women they'll dig any excuse possible as to why she deserves it, why no one should show empathy for her, etc and if they're out of excuses no one will simply care

With men, men could literally be hauling ass in traffic on a dirtbike, be scum of the earth rapist, and people will still pull the "poor baby didn't deserve it :( rip"

No. 431350

I find it weird how men talk about women like they're cars or some shit. They spend all day talking about women too which is weird. At work yesterday there was this group of black guys talking about Latina and black women, one of the guys said "yeah I thought Latina women were nicer but they're more violent than black women" then some Mexican guy joined in and said "ive never had a black woman. But I wouldn't mind having a 3sum with a beautiful black woman"…they just went on and on talking about women like cars and like they're not human just objects. I never see women talking about men like this, it feels like they see women as exotic cheeses to try.

No. 431359

why are mexican men always saying cringe and stupid shit about black women, i cant be the only one who noticed it

No. 431365

objectification anon

No. 431379

I remember reading one american mgtow witnessed a prostitute in the Philippines, blamed her for being a haggard sex worker because she's living on easy mode having sex for money so he gave a man on the street who wasn't doing anything some money as a way to "punish" her. Men demand sex workers, trafficked victims to serve them then blame them for not being happy about being abused. Mgtows especially see the world as unfair to men but they see face to face how women all over are forced into vile horrible shit as a privilege.

They want the power to reject women and desperately want women to want them back more than anything. Only so they can reject them and humiliate them. Anytime I notice a YouTube comment like that, they're always subscribed to a mgtow channel and tradthots that pander to their fantasies of being a quiet waifu who hates having rights uwu. They're transparent as fuck about it

No. 431380

Holy fuck at the anons in the Unpopular Opinion thread feeling sorry for scrotes in China/India who are single because of the gender imbalance. I hear shit like that all the time. When an unwanted baby girl is killed, the real crime is that she couldn't grow up to service men sexually, boohoo.
There are tons of single women in China who are considered "leftover" at the unfuckably-old age of 25.
These single men are not victims. Like incels, they think they deserve a 10/10 16-year-old and would rather disappear from the gene pool than settle for anything less. Suits me.

No. 431381

I don't know how it is for other countries but in the Balkans as soon as someone saw anyone harassing anyone, be it woman or child or elderly grandpa, they'd get their ass handed to them, especially if the offender is foreign. If the girl complains to the waiter in a café for example, he's done for.

No. 431398

there was an interview with danny elfman that the song is apparently supposed to be mocking old rich men who date young attractive women

No. 431402

The "leftover" women are women who are educated, have good jobs and ambitions and don't want to be burdened by a man. Men are just so incredibly bitter about it that they try to pretend it's the women who are undesirable or guilty of letting down society.

Not only that, but the men still have non-sensical standards. They'll go to matchmaking and speed-dating events being unemployed and 35 and ask for a 20 year old, cute, educated girl who will want to marry within a year or two and drop everything to have their kids. I don't know if India is the same, but Chinese men are entitled and delusional.

No. 431444

I'm sure lots of men here would start incel sperging about how our women are nothing like that, and are actually disgusting sluts ready to jump on any foreigner so they can possibly escape their shithole cities. Many women who enter relationships with foreigners are being degraded to thot-golddiggers. At the same time, seeing a woman being harassed by a foreigner would definitely cause a fight. The same is not always true when it comes to women being harassed by locals. The thing is, we have the same stereotype of submissive flawless virgin girls in our country, but it's treated as the ideal women should strive to fit.

No. 431489

As a straight woman, I would rather bang her than 99% of the male population. This dude making those remarks better be model-tier flawless.

No. 431518

Indian men would rather spend all day online harrassing Instagram models and underage girls than even look at their own women. They want white women or nothing.

No. 431524

It's so strange to me because Indian women are beautiful. Even objectively average or slightly below average Indian women tend to look better than the men.

No. 431526

I gotta give it to MGTOW
They taught me a very valuable lesson, NEVER chase a man, no man is worth my time, by chasing them and giving them the time of day you're letting them win only because it's not that they like your attention it's that they get off on the idea of being the one to reject women unlike reality which is women rejecting them

I'm actually happy and attract a lot more men now that I'm more avoidant of them and rejecting them more, thanks MGTOW!

No. 431529

A lot of Indian men are thirsty for white women for sure but theres a lot of Indian men who are thirsty for Indian women or mixed Indian women too

Not every race of men is abandoning their women and lusting over white women jfc

No. 431546

Imagine the shitstorm if someone had posted "White men would rather spend all day online harrassing Instagram models, K-pop idols and underage girls than even look at their own women. They want Asian women or nothing." lol

No. 431557

The reason why so many non-white (especially from very misogynistic cultures) men chase after white women is because white women have a reputation of being "easy whores" in their culture. It's not because they find them especially attractive per se, they've just been marinated in the porn-inspired idea that white women are sex machines who will spread their legs to everyone asking whereas their own women are prudish and chaste, nevertheless fit for wife material unlike the "whitey sluts". It's especially apparent when you meet men from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan who can't keep their dicks in their pants when they see a woman without a veil and when Asian men lust after white women for sex but only marry within their own. It's both white women and the women of other colors who have to suffer for men being animals worldwide.

No. 431566

yeah this is pretty much true. since western cultures have less taboos of female sexuality and premarital sex, men from more traditional ethnicities tend to think of white women as easy and objectify them. yet they harass women of their country if they are sexually active.

men are just shit regardless of race.

No. 431578

this is generally true but sometimes you get men who have memed themselves into only wanting blonde white women specifically, like elliot rodger. men are stupid, so their tiny brains tend to fixate on meaningless stuff and turn it into a fetish, and for some men that fetish ends up being blonde hair.

No. 431579

>The "leftover" women are women who are educated, have good jobs and ambitions and don't want to be burdened by a man.

Exactly. It's like how men claim lesbians just can't get a man. They can't cope with the fact that even one woman doesn't want to worship dick, so they get sour grapes and start claiming that it's actually men that don't want that woman and that's why she's not with a man.

No. 431581

I find it funny/sad/stupid how some men try to shame women for not being married and then talk shit about women aging. Why would a woman want to be with someone who'd only find her attractive for a few years?

No. 431583

Its not only white women other ethnicities of men choose to objectify too, and also at least white and asian women get the waifu status by some men, black women are completely treated like cattle and dont even get a good light by men who decide to fetishize them. The high non black admixture from non black male Y gene all throughout the african disporia in the world is evidence of that. I dont want to make it competition but people only focus on as if this only happens to white and asian women and it irks me a little because its like the experiences dont exist and you literally only see this discussed on Lipstickalley and nowhere else. At least white and asians arent throughly mongrelized with non white or non asian dna and these products of multigenerational often forced admixture are considered normal and representative of the race yet at the same time with the women being told they are ugly, worthless, and pretty much bottom of the barrel. And this combination of factors which makes other ethnicities of men behave in extremely shameless and perverse ways to bw because of the very low status and negative stereotyping and parodoxically hypersexualization given to them

No. 431586

Agreed. I also like how they pretend it's women that don't want children because of feminism or a career or whatever, but nearly every thing like this I know of irl, it's the men putting having kids off. Then they pull out the "well no one wants to be saddled with child support payments REEEE". The /pol/cel ones pulling this shit are the funniest because they demand or 'need' white children for ideological reasons so technically it shouldn't matter if they're forced to pay for them

No. 431587

Yeah, many men seem to consider themselves too young for children until they're well into their thirties and only waste their girlfriend's time. Bonus points if he leaves her for a younger woman once he decides he's ready. Then they berate women for being childless and single in their thirties. It's a "problem" they themselves often create.

No. 431592

File: 1562587844920.jpg (10.57 KB, 460x259, 190701150925-makayla-winston-m…)

Man charged with 2 counts of murder, kidnapping in death of pregnant woman

>A man being described as the boyfriend of a missing pregnant woman whose body was discovered in Holmes County Monday was charged Tuesday with two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping

>The body of Makayla Winston, 21, was found Monday, days after her family had reported her missing.

>Bobbie Wade, a neighbor of Winston for many years, described Winston as a “quiet,” “very loving and kind person” who “wouldn’t harm no one.”

They found her body because someone saw scavenger birds circling the body.


No. 431593

File: 1562587999704.jpg (122.72 KB, 634x951, Mel_Gibson_with_3rd_Girlfriend…)


I watch several far right websites to monitor how they plan and influence others. I have to wonder if they ever think about how their rhetoric looks from the perspective of a woman because I see this shit all the time.

>Ewwwww women over 25 are all used and dried up old hags, and you're a loser if you're with one.

>Women better hurry up and marry young or else they won't be able to get a good man and will be all alone.

>Did you see that 20 year old hottie that (insert rich man's name here) married after his divorce? Wife upgrade!

>Women don't need careers because their husbands will always love and support them forever. Feminism tries to sow discord between men and women.

Is it any wonder that women want to work, even if their current job is a pain? I'd rather be poor and in control of my life than have my personal finances controlled by someone else and worry about the rug being pulled out from me at any moment.

No. 431595

They bemoan the death of the family unit yet their heroes are philanderers, divorcees and serial cheaters. How could any woman ever resist the "trad" lifestyle?

No. 431598

Men are the ones who killed the family unit by cheating, constantly leaving women once they get old all while not being self aware of their own aging, so you'd think with how much these dudes shove muh tradition down womens throats, they'd find a good way into meme women into getting married, right?

Nope, they just taunt women, insult their appearance, go out their way to make women feel like they have an expiration date if they get married, blame women for getting cheated on if they're old, and don't even get me started on males who taunt women into getting married just to act disinterested or like they're too good for their wives the entire time

I'm honestly sick and tired of men's manipulative bullshit, so glad I'm gay

No. 431601

It's all "muh biology" to them. They excuse any shitty behavior with that but accuse women of being animals. So much projection.

No. 431602

Well its obvious how much it appeals to women. Someone did some demographic thing and the alt-right is about 97 percent male. It's a total cockfest. So them overlapping with incels and troons shouldn't shock anyone.

Of the ones that do exist, voat /r/tradwives is the funniest dumpster fire of a sub. The funniest thing about it is that the administrator (Empress) is literally a fucking troon or crap crossdresser who does 1950s LARPing. Somehow the handmaidens don't notice this.

Sometimes its legitimately disgusting like this one thread I saw. Some tradman (a divorcé, kek) went on there ranting and raving about how his 13 year old daughter has been in his words 'a piece of shit whore since the age of 2 years old' who refuses to 'bend to his authority' and 'break like a female should' and how he had been beating her up since that age. Some of the handmaidens opposed his rhetoric and got told to shut the fuck up by tradcels constantly monitoring the sub. Another thread I saw by some tradman was admonishing shieldmaidens on there and telling them to be humble because 'they'll never be as attractive as a 12 year old'

One of the big trad honchos (Matthew Heimbach) behavior should speak volumes:
>He is married to a stepdaughter of Parrott but had been having an affair with Parrott’s wife, according to an account given to Paoli police. On Tuesday night, Parrott had confronted Heimbach over the affair and poked him in the chest, whereupon Heimbach “grabbed and injured my hand … then choked me out with his arm,” Parrott said in a statement to police. Heimbach then reportedly chased Parrott and again choked him until he passed out.
>The police went to Heimbach’s home where an officer witnessed him having a verbal confrontation and scuffle with his wife while she was putting their young children to bed, during which he “grabbed her face”, causing bleeding, and threw her on the bed.

No. 431603

Disgusting. Its so vile that even pregnancy can't shield us

No. 431608

File: 1562592155156.jpg (23.33 KB, 539x290, D-jHTdIUIAEXUFM.jpg)

Can't we enslave men already? we're just keeping alive for their cocks, we're better off without them in everything else.

No. 431614

File: 1562592623839.png (106.83 KB, 846x298, Rape.png)

>Another thread I saw by some tradman was admonishing shieldmaidens on there and telling them to be humble because 'they'll never be as attractive as a 12 year old'

What the actual fuck

No. 431617

>"people who blame this ad are all Korean feminists. They just envy pretty young girl."
>"some tradman was admonishing shieldmaidens on there and telling them to be humble because 'they'll never be as attractive as a 12 year old'"

are all men retarded? whenever women call out pedophilic bullshit some disgusting incel goes "ugh you're just jealous of this 12 year old!!". what the fuck is wrong with them?

No. 431635

PussyPassDenied on Reddit is a goldmine for whining incels.

No. 431654

File: 1562598181658.jpg (455.67 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_20190708_105450.jpg)

Is anyone else disturbed by how common it is for men to abandon their own children as soon as they get remarried and acquire "a new family"? I hear stories like this all the time. In pic related he only stayed in contact with his daughter because the stepmom begged him to. And terpers will say we're the sociopaths??

No. 431659


They really do talk about us like we're luxury items. I'm latina and I used to work in a place where dudes were constantly talking about likie, oooh spicy mamis big asses etc (sometimes with a side order of "but there's also crazy bitches sometimes haha crazy spic girls") and it kind of astonished me that it just…..never seemed to occur to them that I was right there. But it's simple really, they never thought of me as a person. I think that's so hard for women to wrap their heads around–so many men really do not see us the way we see them. We're like fancy cars or sunglasses to them that they can fuck.

No. 431661

abandon their children

also men:
>rEeEEEeeeEeee why do women get primary custody????

No. 431674

>indian men also love indian women!
>they don't abandon their women like other races!
Unironically defending indian men…

No. 431695

Not racebait, I'm black, but has anyone else noticed more and more black women are becoming more "pink-pilled"? I lurk lipstickalley and hear them all the time about their dating pool being fucked by default of having like 10 black women with a college degree and good paying job to 1 average black man who the community sees as "good" because "at least he's not in jail".

Black guys online are starting to act like white incels now.

No. 431697

Good, tbh. Black women are constantly weighed down by the clownery of black men and have been too compassionate in sticking up for them when they're not responsible for their misbehavior. Black women deserve so much better.

No. 431709

I remember reading a study that said that black women have equal opportunity to leave poverty like poor white women, but what stops thousands from doing so is literally marrying a black man. How fucked up is that?!

Here it is: https://www.brookings.edu/research/the-inheritance-of-black-poverty-its-all-about-the-men/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=es

No. 431711

African-American statistics between the sexes are part of what pinkpilled me, to be honest. I had a chip on my shoulder about the whole 13% meme until I realized it was all black males inflating crime rates, not a magical 50/50 split. Despite the way racists like to lump us together, violence and general crime has always been a scrote hobby.
And tbh black women are just doing so much better academically and financially than black men on average. If racism was the only thing to blame for black men being like this, black women would be much, much worse off since we live in a male-centric society.

No. 431712

they make fun of men like hugh jackman, who seems to genuinely care for his wife, because she’s “old”

No. 431717

Literally almost all the negative stereotypes about us come from our male side, so it's not fair when we are lumped with them and at the same time the men we try to protect, protest and advocate for shit on us andd gaslight us
to say "no one wants you", when there are more and more black woman dating and marrying out. When black men marry out they date down and non-black men laugh at them for "taking out the trash". When black women marry out they know to not look for trouble and marry a man that would guarantee them a two parent household and stable wages.

No. 431725

Yes, I read that couples with black women and white men are the least likely to divorce of interracial couples.

No. 431728

But don't men call women that do this "golddiggers"? Interesting that that term came from from black men. It seems like they don't want their women to have options and want to keep them on the backburner.

When you go to black-male centric boards like the coli they call it a "bedwench and white supremacy conspiracy" when you throw facts at them.

No. 431731

They want us to suffer with them and thank them for gifting us with poverty, abuse and single motherhood or else we're "gold diggers", "white man's whore", "bedwenches" and "sell-outs" lol

No. 431737

Also noticed that black men compare themselves to black women A LOT. Why would you compare yourself to a woman? Is it because, gasp you can't even compete with men of other races?

No. 431740

those statistic were comparing Interracial marriages with white partners to standard white marriages in the US
So WFBM marriage were 70% more likely to end up in divorce then WFWM Marriage
while BFWM marriage were 40% less likely to end in divorce then WFWM marriage

No. 431743

The point still stands, the problem with with black dysfunction that black women are sick and tired of is due to black men. They call black women who blindly support such disgusting behavior as "pickmeshas" and it's catching on.

It's similar to women all over the world waking up. I have a Nigerian friend and she says men in Nigeria hate "feminism" and call it a "white / western virus" that tempts their own women from leaving the country to go to school in the developed world.

No. 431744

>raving about how his 13 year old daughter has been in his words 'a piece of shit whore since the age of 2 years old' who refuses to 'bend to his authority' and 'break like a female should' and how he had been beating her up since that age.
I hope he dies.

I hate when the man says things about your looks as if talking to someone "damn look at that ass etc…" What am I supposed to do? I give mean looks or say fuck off sometimes but they think you are engaging them then. I dress modestly to repel them.

This. Black men treat black women horrible it seems. I grew up in a very mixed races neighborhood and seen the black women go to college and the black men to jail. Not that the other men weren't going too but the incarceration rate for AA men was higher. (I'm sure that's it's own thing, sex aside)

No. 431745

File: 1562607094844.jpg (210.65 KB, 801x1064, AjukW1f.jpg)

Went looking for the old infograph, and it seems they redid the study.

No. 431747

>2008 and then 2009

Jesus they need to do this yearly.

No. 431751

Weebs and kboos rejoice, amwf are the 2nd-best!

No. 431754

Jesus how can a same race relationship BWBM be so HIGH in divorce rate?!

No. 431756

I think I read somewhere that the avg black family had like ~10k worth of assets compared to 100k+ for white families. Financial stress is a huge contributor to divorce

No. 431758

> I dress modestly to repel them.
big Same, anon, big same. i know that the way you dress is absolutely NO excuse for anyone, man or woman, to slur obscenities at you, but tbhq the only solution i've got left to repel scrotes' obscenities and unwanted attention is to dress like an orthodox woman at this point. stockings, long skirts, long pants, long-sleeved shirts and t-shirts…since all we are to scrotes is meat fuckholes we'll be invisible to them if we don't show any skin, which is both amazing and shitty.

No. 431759

Must be why so many educated black women started to give no fucks and are starting to date people who aren't hobos i guess.

No. 431760

File: 1562608899233.png (899.62 KB, 1440x564, Black-men-fat-white-woman-Head…)

>white women + black men divorce rate is the highest
Colour me shocked…

No. 431763

The link on the bottom doesn't exist.It was most likely made by some /pol/tard who wanted to discourage interracial relationship between white men and black women

No. 431766

so another fake infograph from /pol/ typical >>431763
makes sense, I remember seeing this on /pol/ and they would say that it was "disinfo and (((shills))) where trying to push racemixing"

especially if it implied what this anon was saying
>while BFWM marriage were 40% less likely to end in divorce then WFWM marriage

No. 431768

No, I believe it. I've not met one bmwf couple who didn't get together because she's mentally ill/very unattracive and/or he in need for a visa.

No. 431769

No, anon was saying the BOTTOM infographic picture was fake. The one on TOP was legit.

No. 431770

There are a lot of race discussions and obvious male posters on LC today. Take note.

No. 431772

Seems to work for me. You forgot a "0" before "582"

No. 431774

Not a male, how am I derailing when I'm saying black MEN not WOMEN are the problem. It's solidarity of black women being pink-pilled with other women. Stop shutting us down.

You're probably another pickmesha, don't worry, you'll get your wakeup soon, hopefully soon rather then later.

No. 431775

lots of white male posters in here(learn 2 integrate)

No. 431776

I don't know what that word means or which poster you are. I noticed that all over the boards today.

No. 431777

youre racist but ok …

No. 431778

Now because you don't believe a black woman would say something like this, it must be a white man. Predictable.

No. 431779

Huh, I guess everyone can be pinked-pilled except black women. We aren't "supposed to be".

We just have to deal with shitty men. Everyone else gets to be pink-pilled and embrace feminism. We got to continue struggling and fighting for our men while they make things worse for us.


No. 431780

lol what are you on? do you think anon is being racist to white girls or something lmao

No. 431781

If Indian, German and Chinese women can criticize their men, why can't black American women without being accused of being a white racist?

No. 431782

Guys, let's not fight. Focus on the common enemy. For example
>Man annoyed by fireworks shoots teen, 12-year-old, neighbor and then gets shot by bystander

>A teen, 12-year-old and a bystander were shot by a man who was annoyed by kids setting off fireworks in Washington Park Tuesday night, according to Washington Park police.

>The incident occurred in the 4700 block of Caseyville. The man in his 40s approached the kids with a gun.

>The children – a 6-year-old, 7-year-old and 12-year-old – flagged down a car with a 16-year-old and 24-year-old in it for help. The 16-year-old rolled down the window and asked the suspect why he pointed a gun at the children – that’s when the suspect started shooting at the car.

>The 16-year-old was shot in the stomach and leg, the 24-year-old was not injured and during the shooting a 12-year-old was shot in the leg multiple times.

>The suspect dragged the 12-year-old into his home and then went back outside and started to shoot at the 6-year-old and 7-year-old as they ran to a neighbor’s home. The neighbor was shot in the leg by the suspect. A bystander pulled out his gun and started firing at the suspect and shot him several times.

>All four people who were shot were transported to a hospital. The neighbor who was shot in the leg has been released from the hospital. The 16-year-old and 12-year-old are in the intensive care unit and the suspect remains hospitalized.

>Police said charges are pending.

But it's women that are the "irrational gender", I guess.

No. 431784

lol at the white guys here larping as black women

No. 431785

Because they know they are losing and black women are on twitter not taking shit from dusty people, regardless of race. This unfortunately means less access for black men as a side effect.

It's so mind-boggling that men are so inept and incapable of just admitting: "I was wrong." and when they do, they expect everyone to fucking clap for them. I can't stand it.

No. 431788

It's so odd that the next logical thought from black woman is white dude, but that's 2019 I guess

No. 431797

It's in german and I couldn't find a translation, but two 12-year-olds and a 14-year-old raped a young woman in Germany. 12 years old!!! They can't even be punished by law, since they're literally just children. How much porn and shit have they seen already to violently gang rape somebody before they themselves even reached puberty?
Of course no adult women would be scared or careful about such little boys, they could have easily lured her in by asking for help etc. On the one hand you're supposed to and want to help children, but if you can't even trust 12-year-old "men"…

No. 431798

Correction: it wasn't one, but three 14-year-olds + the younger ones.

No. 431799

Here's a pro-black man talking about the evils of white supremacy but focuses his hatred on black immigrants and biracial women (at the 1:15:57) only because she didn't "step in line" and he even calls the choker necklace the woman wears is as "dog collar". MGTOW and incel vibes.

Notice the hipocrisy in the comments of the live chat. See that one of the guys in the comments that donates Korean won has an avatar with him and is married Korean wife. I think the hypocrisy is proof.

Notice how hoteps and pro-black men talk out of one mouth and then say something different.

It's no differrent from hipocritical muslim men saying chasity is a virtue while they rape their underage virgin daughters for having the audacity to go to school.

It's no different from white men who same white women for trying to protect themselves first by promoting the #metoo movement, which by the way, came from a black woman when black women were not being heard about the sexual abuse they experienced (from, black men).

No. 431800

i think more anons need to realize that the sooner black women stop giving black men permission to use them as shields and be shitbags because of racism, misogyny as a whole will take a huge hit.  
it's all connected. "non-white" and "PoC" low-key still put men at the forefront, while "woman" alone still has white at the forefront by default. that's why misogyny is still one of the strongholds in society. it's why it's okay to bash women as long as you make sure to put "white" in front of "woman".

if we cancel that by not caping for men just because of their race, and co-opt the struggle of racism to be a woman's issue instead of a men's one masquerading as an all-humans one, more people will have to wake up to men as a whole being a problem. letting men be the face of experienced racism for so long has only caused non-white women to be victim-blamed, since men love being rapists, murderers and thieves.

tl;dr: as long as men are a plague on women all over the world, any notion of racial unity is detrimental to our wellbeing. it just separates women and stops us from talking about our issues. we need to unite on our shared struggle through gender, and use our combined strength to improve society.

No. 431805

Ding Ding. You got it.

This is why men of all races, not only white men afraid. This is why they call feminism a "white problem". It's a way to say, it's not part of their culture so they can continue to get away with what they have been doing for a millennia.

No. 431806

There's a gang of boys (8-10 years old) in a small town in Sweden that's been beating up other children and threatening to rape girls to the point where parents are afraid to let their children outside.

No. 431807

How does this even happen? Are those immigrant children without parents?

No. 431808

File: 1562612451031.jpg (122.85 KB, 1200x928, 1561765784482.jpg)

Black guys are getting into incel mentality.

No. 431809

I agree with what you are saying but how does one get to promote this more? Because with media and politics, people are drifting away from feminist ideals and are more "race conscious". Some women are afraid to make that leap. That if we forgo race, other women from other races don't, then we're "trapped" and men won't be there to "save us". Being a pick me is out of illusion and fear. That's why you hear some say "I am X race before I am a woman".

No. 431813

They have parents, but yes.

No. 431815

This is realistic, seeing as how the guy in the drawing is short as fuck yet only has eyes for ''perfect'' women.

No. 431820

our best bet is to probably spread this mindset as far as possible, and make the full push when it's clear most women are on the same page.
it's actually kind of a favorable situation for race and feminism to be considered different things right now, because we can start out with a quiet "racism is a woman's issue too" as a new, revolutionary idea until it gets strong enough and it can just be "racism is a woman's issue".

non-white men won't be able to fight against it because they'd inevitably end up trying to discredit the idea of racism altogether, aka shooting themselves in the foot. women of all races will be able to talk about interracial male-on-female crime without any uncomfortable racist baggage since the focus will be on their maleness, not their race. also, non-white women will be able to discuss what the men in their communities do to them without being shamed for "making [x] men look bad".
white men's incessant cries of "you don't have it that bad, women of [x] race in [y] country have it so much worse you privileged white bitch" will also be silenced because the women of [x] race are standing in solidarity with white women as well. on top of that, racist white men's screams of "race-mixing", "rapefugees" and "le 13% but 50%" will be silenced because non-white women aren't responsible for literally any of the downsides of a multiracial society. they'll have no weapon and be forced to differentiate between genders, weakening their own arguments and inevitably attacking their own gender.

they can try to dodge it forever, but when they keep having to say "non-white men are responsible for this and that" instead of just "non-white people", people will notice the "men" part and start asking questions. the only reason it's not happening now is because "non-white" puts men as the default unconsciously, and we need to destroy that.

i honestly think it's possible. women of all races are waking up to male bullshit. we just need to usher things in the right direction little by little

No. 431829

I dont give a fuck about Indian men im just tired of the narrative everyone is pushing aside their own race to get white pussy

No. 431830

This, is the solution. Amazing.

No. 431836

It won't work (outside the US), because European women don't care enough about racism. Same for (East) Asian feminists.

No. 431837

>racist white men's screams of "race-mixing", "rapefugees" and "le 13% but 50%" will be silenced because non-white women aren't responsible for literally any of the downsides of a multiracial society, weakening their own arguments and inevitably attacking their own gender.
I agree with some of what you say, but I don't think that's going to work because white men's ultimate target of hatred (at least in colonial regions) has always been black women, no matter how much they agitate towards Muslim men (half of them are schizophrenic and want to 'convert to kill degenerates' anyway) or black men. /pol/ hates the 'loud black woman' and 'black single mother' more than anything. The extreme burden placed on black women specifically during slavery was not a mistake.

The same is more or less true of Arab men and the Muslim world as a whole. Black women bear the brunt of hatred and sadism and again it was expressed through the degradations of black women in slavery. This is not even a conversation the woke set wants to have. They don't talk about black women being put in fucking cages in Libya, or harassed off the streets in France.

Furthermore I honestly feel like everything has taken a gigantic step backwards with the troon shit. Now entire movements are centered around their fee fees, their bullshit and nearly all of the loudest ones are wealthy white men who can't be criticized on any level because 'muhhh troon epidemic of violence'. It's a gigantic wedge. I would bet most retards on twitter unironically put white wealthy troons 'below' black 'cis' women on the oppression scale. I've seen them bark at 'transphobic' women of all races to shut the fuck up and 'know their place' countless times. You can't discuss male violence when these people think troons were unironically far more disprivileged than 'cis' women PRE-TRANSITION. Or think women need to shut the fuck up and listen when troons demand to dominate discussions about periods and abortion. Even someone as DISGUSTING as Jonathan Yaniv gets a total pass and glorification from the media. It's only us, the TERFosphere, PULL, kiwifarms and 4chan that are even criticising his filthy behavior.

Then there are the libfems who reduce everything to 'toxic masculinity' (I actually loathe this term, 'toxic malehood' would be better) and think their soybeard nigel boyfriend wearing eyeshadow is the exception to the statistics and facts about males. As if wearing a dress or not being masculine makes any difference. There are retards caping for hyper-misogynistic and extremely racist kpop stars too since 'they're not white men/OMG THEY'RE WEARING A FLOWER CROWN'

I think one of the best strategies to use is pointing out the degeneracy and depravity of male-centered misogynistic civilizations, especially to the tradwife set. Most of which (from Rome to imperial China to Afghanistan, all regardless of race or ethnicity) seem to revolve around fucking and raping 10 year old boys endlessly while keeping women of status in a shack (and poor women as workhorses or slaves). Men being able to spread their seed with breeding machines plunges civilization into total shit. Femicide results in dozens of useless incels due to gender imbalance.

No. 431838

File: 1562617047319.gif (3.92 MB, 600x450, D5EE02E4-E409-4DDD-920A-1438B1…)

No. 431846

i get what you're saying, but can't that actually be even more of a point for racism being a women's issue? the shit black women go through completely dwarfs what black men go through, but it seems we only ever hear about black men's struggles. if we start those conversations, who can argue? as for /pol/, they'll still grumble but they'll be rendered kind of toothless when the "single black mother" argument dies after they remember it's black men who impregnate black women and walk away, meaning they'll only have "the loud black women" left. you'd have to make even more delusional twists and turns than most /pol/tards are capable of to blame non-white women being loud sometimes for the fall of society tbh

the arab/libya mess is one can of worms i think we'll need a whole new solution to tackle. the way arab societies have men running wild with racism, misogyny and pedophilia is sickening. i hate that even the "woke" people will want to shut that conversation down because "PoC solidarity!!!", and it's one more consequence of allowing non-white men to be the poster children of racism IMO.

i agree with you on the troon/nigel/pop star stuff, but i don't know how we can go about dismantling it now that people are convinced that a man trying to superficially divorce himself from masculinity makes him a special exception. we'll unfortunately probably need to wait for more proof that even "soft bois" in flower crowns are fucked up to come out, and spread it around like wildfire until that narrative dies. i know one k-pop star was outed for running a night club where a bunch of women were drugged and raped, and also participating in it himself.
as for MtFs, it's sadly gotten to the point where we can't say anythng without being called TERFs and being screamed at, but i think they're doing a pretty good job at making all women hit peak trans with the way they act out on their own. it's a silent but slow change i'm noticing

>I think one of the best strategies to use is pointing out the degeneracy and depravity of male-centered misogynistic civilizations, especially to the tradwife set. Most of which (from Rome to imperial China to Afghanistan, all regardless of race or ethnicity) seem to revolve around fucking and raping 10 year old boys endlessly while keeping women of status in a shack (and poor women as workhorses or slaves). Men being able to spread their seed with breeding machines plunges civilization into total shit. Femicide results in dozens of useless incels due to gender imbalance.

this is a really great suggestion. killing the tradwife narrative by pointing out that "tradition" spearheaded by males is often barbaric and even more "degenerate" than many societies today

No. 431867

File: 1562624388372.jpg (48.45 KB, 564x607, ocxzgp3eg3931.jpg)

Kek, are normie women swallowing the pink pill as well?

From this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/TrollXChromosomes/comments/cam5c3/anyone_else_feeling_this/

>Single childfree women are statistically the happiest and live the longest. [+954]

>"They don't even want dick" Shit they gotta bring so much more to the table than just dick. Vibrators have a lower failure rate than random penis.[+570] They’re also not likely to kill you. [+153] Or rape you. [+43]

>My oldest daughter is asexual, and I think she is the happiest and least stressed of all my kids. [+217]

>I feel a little bad for all the non-asswipe males out there. I know a lot of them/you do speak out and hate that shit, and you're probably not used to getting drowned out by super vocal super terrible people. We don't blame you guys, just the other ones. We know that feel. [+69] I don’t feel bad for them at all. What the fuck are they doing about the terrible ones? Clearly, they’re not doing enough. That kind of inaction indicates their complicity. Fuck the so-called “good ones,” they’re shitty allies. [+104] I've never met a man with the spine to confront other men about their shitty behavior. They were perfectly capable of yelling and screaming at me when I had the sheer nerve to stand up for myself, though. [+127]

>I have noticed that all my straight/bi/pan female friends keep taking steps to the right on the Kinsey Scale, especially after a breakup with a man. Myself and other lesbians who are already at a 6 are also cutting a lot of male friends out of our lives because most of them are jerks and only trying to get into our pants despite us being out lesbians in monogamous relationships.

Myself and a lot of my friends never really spent time with other women. We had a lot of internalized misogyny and believed the stereotypes about other women and why would we even want to be friends with and date people like that. Once we started hanging out with each other without men or the media around we realized we have a ton in common and we're just incredibly cool, smart, and supportive. Completely different from male friends. We're here for the other person, not just in case we can get into their pants. Friendships are suddenly 2-sided.Imagine you're hanging out with your female friend and you say you aren't feeling well. She will probably make you some tea, give you a blanket, put on a show, and ask if you want to cuddle. Your male friend will probably make it about himself and try to have sex with you. [+30]

No. 431873

>I don’t feel bad for them at all. What the fuck are they doing about the terrible ones? Clearly, they’re not doing enough. That kind of inaction indicates their complicity. Fuck the so-called “good ones,” they’re shitty allies. [+104] I've never met a man with the spine to confront other men about their shitty behavior. They were perfectly capable of yelling and screaming at me when I had the sheer nerve to stand up for myself, though. [+127]

My thoughts exactly. The "good ones" piss me off just as much the rest. I love seeing pink-pilled women outside of LC/Gender Critical reddit, raises the fuck out of my spirits kek

No. 431875

No runescape

No. 431876

Because not everyone is religious and nuns serve men anyway? They are subservient to priests.
Organized religions are patriarchal as fuck.
What the fuck are you on

No. 431877

File: 1562626254267.jpg (55.5 KB, 342x342, 1552170308018.jpg)

>Vibrators have a lower failure rate than random penis

Holy shit, my fucking sides

No. 431878

>a non-Catholic scrote who thinks he knows what he's talking about
Hahahahaha, I'd say "consider yourself lucky" for not having been brought up in a Catholic environment but actually men have it pretty good because of how patriarchal it is and how subservient women are forced to be.

No. 431882

Anyone else becoming more nervous about hidden cameras placed by pervs in bathrooms and hotels? I hear more and more stories (see the GC thread).

They make apps to scan for cameras I guess but haven't used any of them yet.

No. 431885

I can't stop laughing

Yeah, creeps me out. Women in Korea are getting pink-pilled left and right by this alone. Male degeneracy knows no bounds.

No. 431886

Yeah great plan, except for the fact that priests and monks raping nuns is a huge issue

No. 431891

leave it to a scrote to be completely out of touch about women's spaces that are not actually controlled by women

No. 431897

>what is lolcow dot com
and yet your saggy bollocks are still here

No. 431898

a little vent but really hate scrotes who think explicit violence towards women in film is art uwu some friends of friends recommended The House That Jack Built as a movie to watch and really learn some "deep meaningful things"

I'm just tired of seeing naked women get sexually tortured to death and call it a fantastic movie or just art in general.

That's horrific jfc. Can they do anything to those boys?

No. 431901

Lars von Trier's entire filmography is a pink-pill on its own. He's been one of my personal cows for a while and the fact that people (scrotes really) think his misogyny is super deep desu pains me. Dude hates women and his entire career is proof, but cinema bros will fight you on it. Saged for von Trier sperging.

No. 431912

God I fucking hate that guy. If anyone genuinely likes one of his films they're bound to be absolute cunts.

No. 431915

the only Lars von Trier movie i've sort of managed to complete is Dancer in the Dark, which doesn't have any explicit sex scenes that i know of, bc I love Bjork and musicals. but even then it was heart-wrenching and so uncomfortable i don't think i've ever really finished it, only got to the trial scene.

a movie i literally cannot physically watch is Gaspar Noe's "Irreversible" bc of the infamous 8-minute-uncut-rape scene where a woman is raped in all of her holes by a homeless man in an underpass. i literally cannot watch it bc i know if i ever did and somehow made it past that horrific scene i'd have anxiety and panic attacks for hours or days on end and i'd never be able to walk alone at night ever again. both Von Triet and Noe's movies make me feel sort of uneasy, I do want to watch some of Gaspar Noe's movies like "Climax" and "Enter the Void" but i get terribly, crippingly anxious from seeing women get tortured in movies.

No. 431916


It drives me crazy how every time I go to "WoC spaces/groups," we don't talk about this. I'm a non-black latina but god knows we have so many of the same problems. I grew up in an area full of black and latin families and god, I knew (and know!) SO MANY women from these communities that are amazing and hardworking and brilliant and then these fucking NOTHING men. God knows white boys can be like too, but I think there's incredible power and potential in women from the "ghetto" groups getting together and realizing how high we soar on our own. I wish we could get lefty groups together to talk about that instead instead of getting redirected towards hating white women or whatever.

No. 431919

I honestly recommend "Nymphomania" as a look into the vacuous mind of a man. Like, it really drives home the fact that to a turbo-manlet like von Trier, all women look and act like aliens. It's morbidly fascinating.

No. 431920

I heard that bjork vowed to never work with him again after that film because of what a complete and utter asshole he was to her. If I ever become a film director I vow to do a parody of these stupid men who think they are meaningful and deep.

No. 431923

Not only an asshole but sexually harassed her persistently and tried to ruin her reputation 'cause she turned him down.

No. 431957

Fucking hell what a cunt. I was about to ask about jennifer lawrence but thats darren aranofski or however its spelt. They are all the same hipster fucks and deserve to be exposed for the hacks they are. Reminds me of this (its a parody account) https://twitter.com/guyinyourmfa?lang=en

No. 432028

Idk if this belongs here
But a while back in my town, two high school boys fought, which resulted in the death of one of them

Everyone's reaction? Claiming it's the girls involved faults and that those girls should get prison time and that somehow the girls planned the fight despite neither of them communicating with the guys about each other

Never underestimate the hoops people will jump through to blame anything they possibly can on women, men kill each other and women are blamed

No. 432029

This shit happens all the time. A guy commits suicide - what a cuck, probably killed himself because of a girl, all the problems come from women. Something happens to a child - where was the MOTHER looking? Women don't have to be present at all.

No. 432042

It doesn't work for me either. Show us a screenshot oh miraculous anon for whom the nonexistent study shows up! It's literally the same link without the "full" from the original link lol.

On the topic of fake studies, I hate that shit so much. Pol is full of it. As if men weren't shitty enough without getting radicalized… It really shows that they have to make shit up to get men to be angry and want to oppress women or other ethnicities though. I wish they'd die.

No. 432047


These sound horrific, I had no idea that movie art bros existed or that they recommended violent rape movies to women as uwu deep art to watch. Goddamn

No. 432050

The 12-year-olds were immediately sent home to their parents, the 14-year-olds had to go to the police station and then their parents got them. One of them already commited sexual assault (or even rape) multiple times before that. The police advised them to not got to school until summer vacations.

It's really a joke.
The only possibility they have to punish the younger ones is to take them away from their parents, but doing so is extremely difficult in Germany.

No. 432064

File: 1562680620711.png (296.24 KB, 899x1321, sdgsdgfdsf.png)

No. 432068

Anyone else notice how people, usually men, love calling women manipulative but never call other men manipulative even if they use blantant manipulation tactics?

Seriously, I've seen people claim a woman is being manipulative if she barely says anything at all, but it's fine for men to use obvious manipulation

Is this lack of self awareness, projection, or just ignorance of the meaning of the work?"hur my mgtow buddies said all women are manipulative therefore anytime a woman bothers me she's manipulative"

No. 432075

You shouldn't let race dictate your relationships, why not just love who you love and if it works out, it works out, if it doesn't, it doesn't

If you let studies like this dictate your relationships you don't deserve to be happy anyway

No. 432091

You say this after actually being shown the study?

No. 432093

Yeah…very weird, suspicious response.

No. 432094

I mean, if you fall for someone and back out the relationship because you saw something on the internet about their race you don't deserve a relationship, plain and simple

Ah yes it's the Jews plotting against you by telling you that avoiding getting in potentially successful relationships because of someone race is dumb, so suspicious uwu

No. 432095

It’s scrotoid projection at its finest.

No. 432101

Religion made by scrotes is brimming with misogyny.


Corinthians 11:8-9: “For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.“

Ecclesiastes 25:22: “Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die.“


Sahih Bukhari 6:301: ”[Muhammad] said, ‘Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?’ They replied in the affirmative. He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her intelligence.’“

Sahih Bukhari 2:28: The Prophet said: “I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful.”


Torah Shabbat 152a: “A woman is a sack full of excrement, brimming with niddah (menstrual blood) at its opening, yet everyone pursues her!”


Asheela kamvrto 5/157: “Men may be lacking virtue, be sexual perverts, immoral and devoid of any good qualities, and yet women must constantly worship and serve their husbands.”

And quotes from Buddha:
“Women, with their two-fingered wisdom, have a difficult time understanding what I teach”
“If it were not for women being admitted to our order, my teachings would have lasted 1,000 years; now they will not last 500.“

Like…they've hated us since the dawn of time. Even their most celebrated figures in literally every field loved to attack and dehumanize us. What have we all collectively done to them to deserve this treatment all throughout history? It doesn't make sense.

No. 432104

I think it's because men are so focused on sex, and constantly wanting it from women. They are so attracted to women, it drives them crazy, and they hate us for it.

No. 432108

File: 1562689555852.png (47.79 KB, 500x590, edis-aggin-wiseguy-wes27-nigga…)

Why do men beg for sex and act like they're literally dying without it, but when they get it they complain and act disinterested they entire time

I just wish women would stop wasting time with men who act disinterested, I never understood that, just comes to show how manipulative men are

Also why do men hate foreplay and act bored from it? Is this another case of men acting like they're doing us a favor by fucking us as if they didn't funnel their life savings into porn and camgirls and pathetically beg for sex from any woman who shows even the slightest interest in them?

No. 432110

I wish other religions would be as exposed for their misogyny as Islam-and that only happened because of the anti-Muslim sentiment in many parts of the world.
A lot of conservatives use the misogyny thing as a tool to attack Muslims and don't really mention the misogyny in their own religion, or care for it.
Especially "peaceful" religions such as Buddhism need to lose their positive image.

No. 432121

Actually women as manipulative is a stereotype that comes men desiring women and thus feeling manipulated by them. It's retarded because you can be a woman and not do a single sexual/attractive thing towards men, and they'll still want to have sex with you due to their high sex drives. Really most women were never manipulative in that regard, but it's how men feel, and we all know men operate with their feelings. The accurate stereotype is men as literal dickheads lol.

No. 432123

I can't find an english source, but in the exact same town today again a girl was assaulted by a group of boys - and this time some of them were just 11 years old.
What kind of 11-year-old has the desire for sex, so strong that he'll resort to rape?

No. 432129

You ever been to public school anon?

I don't think it's too much a strong desire of sex, it's that other males instill in their head that this is what they need to do, males like to tell other males how they need to have insanely high sex drives and want to overpower women in order to be an alpha males so instead of letting their desires fall naturally they just instill bullshit in their head like this

No. 432131

The reason for this would be these men being unable to adopt any perspective other than their own. They can't imagine not being with a woman and being okay with that. If they're single this will infuriate them and drive them to desperation in no time.
For this reason it baffles them that women do not in fact live for the sole purpose of getting dick.

No. 432132

Don't act as if preteen rapists is something completely normal that happens all the time!
It's a very new phenomen, thanks to exposure to violent porn at younger and younger ages…

No. 432137

nah man i went to public school all of my life and that was not normal. nothing like that happened in any of the public schools i went to, and i switched schools a lot. no such predation was normal. ironically the only incident that ever happened was when i went to private school for like 2 yrs. the boys were teabagging each other (on the foreheads). it was a huge, hilarious fiasco and i prefer they take their retardation out on each other. i miss 2008.

No. 432141

women all over the spectrum of experience are getting pinkpilled. I'm women-centric and actively seek out female spaces and it more or less ALWAYS diverges into "men are trash" discourse at some point. It always has too, it's not a recent thing. But like, before, women got together to complain then go "well what can you do?", but now they want to DO something about it. Like wgtow, for example, or becoming more women-centric.

In a way I think part of it is a natural backlash. Somehow the 2000s and 2010s have bred some aggressive cool girls/not like the other girls. So as we all grow up and realize how much bullshit we were programmed to believe, the deprogramming is hard and radical.

actually, the straight women in my life have always talked about men this way. i don't know any handmaidens irl.

No. 432151

Nothing as sinister happened at schools I went to, but unwanted physical contact was pretty common? “Slap ass Friday” was a accepted thing, teachers did nothing about it and I literally feared it because of how hard these boys would hit. Pulling bra straps, unbuttoning/zipping dresses, attempting to get crotch shots. Plus a weird game called “are you nervous” which was just sliding your hand up someone’s thigh? Public school is a shit show and I have no doubt rape happens more frequently than we’re aware.

No. 432169

I don't know if this is the right place, but as a lesbian woc, it fuckin kills me to basically see incel straight white men on both sides (troons and alt-right mras) act like the most fuckin vicitimized population on the planet.

i had a white, cishet borderline mra chew me out for being salty about white, techie transbians acting like they know what marginalization means. accused me of being JEALOUS that white, techie transbians have somehow become an even more oppressed class than me.

I'm just tired. I'm so fuckin tired of everyone falling over themselves when straight white men go on suicide watch for shit me, and people who are even just 1 thing off from 'straight white male' go through. It's like……… fucking suck it up dudes.

No. 432175

Boys always been piece of shits at a young age especially in teen years where they get away with a lot of things cause no adult ever speaks up or teaches them.
It is a very wierd thhing that young kids do sexual crimes. Its not such a new phenonom i think cause I seen reports like this before. Like kids doing sexual things, drugs, etc. I think its just about exposure.

No. 432189

>Plus a weird game called “are you nervous” which was just sliding your hand up someone’s thigh?

Nta but holy shit kids would do that at my public school too! Especially the weeb kids, because we all know how touchy they can be.
I actually witnessed a friend get touched in the crotch by some fuck boy kid that she talked to, but it was part of a game apparently? Something along the lines of "tapping" or something. Before that I only really saw dudes to it to each other. Never underestimate how gross kids can be.

No. 432198

I was in middle school in 2009/2010? (I'm 21 now) but when I was in 6th grade I had one boy threaten to rape me after school in front of other students + try to grab my vagina in the middle of two different classes MULTIPLE TIMES FOR YEARS while other male students laughed at how uncomfortable I was. they also followed me to my grandmas house and would yell my name in front of her which scared the absolute shit out of me. also had one weeb faggot who still attempts to message me on my social media used to whisper to me when I would walk down the hallway to "suck his cum" and other nasty shit that my preteen ass couldn't understand???

besides those two incidents, "slap ass Friday" was a thing in my school too and I used to be terrified to wear any kind of skinny jeans or leggings to school ever…shit like this is the reason why im scared to have a daughter and have her go through this bullshit

No. 432211

mfw i (sexually) harassed boys in middle school.

No. 432232

Wtf Germany?! Why are kids free from punishment?
Can you provide a link in German?

No. 432242

Can someone give me rates on domestic violence? It's extremely rampant yet men still don't believe it's existent.

No. 432254

>Plus a weird game called “are you nervous” which was just sliding your hand up someone’s thigh?

Christ anon you gave me chills. I was molested as a child by someone I was close to and that's how he started with me. "See how long you can go without flinching." This was an adult man. I hate the idea of teenagers playing this "game" only to try it later with small girls.

No. 432259


Boys would do this at my school too. Ass slapping, pulling bra straps, unhooking bras, feeling your thigh under the table… we put up with it because "boys will be boys" but it's so gross to think about now.

I got felt up a lot in school as a "joke" and didn't think anything of it at the time but as an adult I feel so disgusted that boys felt entitled to do that. It's sick.

No. 432262

I've watched a true crime report/documentary about a woman who was molested by her teacher for years (and eventually murdered by him when she finally was about to testify at his trial) and he used that game to begin molesting her, too. Her allegations to the police detail how he'd play the game in public places so that she'd feel too awkward to say anything, which allowed him to touch her crotch and pressure her into more sex acts.

It's terrible to read that this has happened to anons here too. It makes me really fearful of what might happen to my future daughter. How can we protect our daughters when boys and men can so easily get away with "playful" sexual harrassment ?

No. 432324

Was he German or was he Kebab?

No. 432325

I want to say sorry, the person who posted those stats are wrong. Black women are leaving black men but they are staying single and are happy. I applaud it.
The inital infograph study is flawed because of the terribly small sample size and categories.

The second one infograph with the link here:
Is real, accurate and more up-to-date.

No. 432349

Even the second one is slightly dodgy. 93% of the couples used were same-race (21,547 same-race vs 1592 interracial), and the interracial pairings were "1% White-Black, 3.5% White-Hispanic, and 1.4% White-Asian pairings, as well as 0.6% of all types of minority-minority marriages combined".
Also, for some reason, both visual charts leave out Hispanic couplings entirely, even though the actual study makes it a point to include them. Interracial relationships between non-white people are also only billed as "minority-minority" with no other data.
I find the topic somewhat interesting, so I hope they conduct this study again, but try to be a bit more balanced with numbers and classification. Also, that whoever's behind those charts (doubt the actual researchers put them together, with all that missing data) doesn't try to use it to push an agenda again.

No. 432358

God, I hate being a woman

No. 432378

File: 1562730263587.jpg (219.69 KB, 968x520, 748296.jpg)

I really hope Nikki from 90 day fiance isn't tied up in his basement. people say they are still married. he really just put his sex tourism out for the world see huh

No. 432390

Was this the pig that asked his 18-year-old daughter if he could give some of her clothing to Nikki? He was SO SHOCKED when she was disgusted.

Fucking animal. He’s a pervert sex tourist for sure.

No. 432405

And he tricked her into signing a prenup. So if she ever decided not to gargle his old balls anymore she would be out homeless in a foreign country with zero assets or familial support.

He gets a hot young exotic wife to use up and she gets absolutely nothing out of the deal but residence in a cheap condo.

No. 432406

Hah, these stupid religions love to throw us shit for being supposedly "full of excrement", prey of our impulses and being subhuman when their beloved scrots have done and promoted more unnecessary war, pain and misery than we could only dream of. Dictators, rapists, abusers, almost all of humanity's crimes are over-represented by men, they have proved to be destructive and trash even against other men, are grossly obsessed with sex at such an autistic level that they are capable of the most pathetic and vile acts to have it, no matter if it's a woman, a literal baby or a sheep, and are so, SO fucking obsessed with women that, among other shitty things, they literally created entire religions in an attempt to convince themselves that their animalistic lack of control and psychopathic thoughts were our fault, only to prove us again and again exactly the opposite, because in the end, inevitably, they always ruin everything. At this point, society's obsession with men just seems like a cope for all the fucked up shit they have done, because nobody wants to assume men are inherently this fucked and regressed. They can talk shit all they want, but men are indisputably more subhuman than women, and their eternal projection proves it, pathetic. Testosterone is one hell of a hormone (safe for rant)

No. 432428

File: 1562743286224.jpeg (91.41 KB, 750x390, 31BC73B6-417E-45EE-BB54-1CF225…)

As if drag queens don’t already……
I know this is tumblr bullshit but I have to laugh

No. 432435

because up until you're 14 years old the law deems you as too young to understand crime properly or some shit
which makes sense when an 11 year old steals some candy or whatever, but fucking rape??

No. 432439

They already protect adult rapist's asses so this is not surprising

No. 432442

Ursula is literally based of a drag queen?

No. 432453

I went to an all girls grammar school and some of what you're describing still happened. I don't think it was sexual, it was a passive aggressive way of threatening or humiliating another girl. It was ironic because dyke was the default playground insult and the girls using it were usually the ones going around pinging other girls's underwear and poking their tits.

>The five suspects, which German media reported were Bulgarian, were suspended from school.

This also happened in Spain
>Spanish prosecutors claim sex attack was not rape as victim 'did not fight back

No. 432470

even worse! His daughter is older than her.
The daughter on the show cut him off, I've heard all his other kids had stopped talking with him before that. I really feel bad for her, she really did not want to go back to the Philippines so she did whatever he wanted.

No. 432473

When you look at comments on clips of this couple, most people blame Nikki for being a "gold-digger" (even though her family is well-off by their country's standards) and being the one at fault for kicking the daughter out. As if Mark had no responsibility in this.

In general, the show is an excuse for a lot of viewers to show their hatred towards young foreign women and old white women. The foreign men who want nothing but a visa rarely get blamed for it, because they're amazing for "putting up with gross old white women". The old white men basically buying a foreign bride are poked fun at but not villified like the women, because they're "taken advantage of by foreign gold-diggers".
Men can never lose.

No. 432474

Kinda it but why do we have to cover our breasts anyway? Is there any (good) reason why we have to? They always say it's because breasts cause "desire" and therefore are "sexual parts" but the last time i asked breasts weren't gonads and were only there to breastfeed, also there are several indigenous tribes where men are ok with women having their breasts exposed so?

No. 432475

i was thinking about this the other day after watching a documentary about indigenous tribes. it's all about culture, if most cultures in today's world didn't sexualize breasts so much it wouldn't be so taboo for a woman to not cover herself up or breastfeed in public. it's completely retarded straight men's fault and perviness if they get all bothered over seeing a mother breastfeeding.

No. 432476

>Spanish prosecutors claim sex attack was not rape as victim 'did not fight back
This is incredibly vile, she probably didnt fight back because it could have made the situation worse, they could have killed her ffs, they only look for pathetic excuses to blame the victim. Poor girl, i hope she can overcome this.

No. 432477

>they get all bothered over seeing a mother breastfeeding
Imagine being such a perv you sexualize a mother doing something so natural as breastfeeding and get bothered by women doing it just because you can't control your immensely fucked sexual urges, can't relate.

No. 432488

File: 1562761738315.png (300.94 KB, 1047x2247, Untitled.png)

No. 432517

she's so close

No. 432532

>Am I wrong?

No girl, you're right! Get outta there!

No. 432546

File: 1562773129860.png (126.99 KB, 540x581, 408274.png)

Evelyn Cunningham in The Pittsburgh Courier, Pennsylvania, December 29, 1956.

No. 432563


God, I work in a male-dominated industry and one of the things me and other women discuss most when we get together is how grindingly horrible it is to be turned into these random men's fantasy gfs, when they know NOTHING about us except our interest in our industry and frankly, their complaints about their SOs just make me want to take the SOs out for a drink. I hope Evelyn Cunningham went on to have a long and awesome life.

No. 432566

she lived to be 94 iirc

No. 432569


Some men are so pathetic and childish that if you have 01 (one) thing in common with them, they immediately start projecting their delusions onto you. All of a sudden you are the perfect waifu and their life would only be complete with you. They think it's so sweet of them but honestly, it is kind of dehumanizing, bc
not only they do not know anything about the girl but also are not interested in any part of them that does not appeal to their fantasies.

The other half of men act maybe even more childish when they take upon themselves to test (so do you like football? name 7 players of this club or else you're such a poser) since how dare a woman like the same stuff as me, a guy (maybe it makes them feel less masculine, and they are already that insecure incel type).

No. 432576

I'm this close, too. more of this plz anons, you're a light at the end of a really dark tunnel atm

No. 432592

Why are men so oblivious to how frequent sexual assault/rape happens?
I’ve had more ‘partners’ than anyone I know and I accumulated the bulk of them when I was a teenager. I’m in my 20s now and much more reserved, but people who have known me since then still think I have a high sex drive or that I’m a ‘proud slut’ and shit? I literally don’t know how to explain that I was literally a minor, unfortunately drunk all the time, and ALL of these sexual encounters were while I was drunk…. and 99% of the men were adults. Just because I didn’t scream no doesnt mean these encounters were at all okay, but people (men especially) don’t get it and are quick to remind me that regret =/= rape. Just what the FUCK. I hate men.

No. 432598

File: 1562782618640.png (170.23 KB, 1060x850, cbz.png)

this post kind of fucked up my day. i was always vaguely aware of this, but seeing it stated out in the open is actually kind of horrifying on an existential level.
being a woman means living life being perceived and treated as a means of reproduction. A machine. cattle.
it makes me almost want to never have children as a huge "fuck you". the "biological clock" is probably just one more projection created by men who are triggered by the fact that some of us aren't fulfilling our "duty" as breeding factories. they are jealous we have the ability to create life, and their aim is to not only control us, but punish us for making them feel inadequate. some of us just end up internalizing their madness and self-flagellating.
i hate being a woman so fucking much sometimes

No. 432601

>Why are men so oblivious to how frequent sexual assault/rape happens?
Because they picture a woman being dragged into a back alley when they think of rape.

No. 432604

The convinced themselves it's only rape if they use excess force or go out their way to rape these women, so "lazy rape" isn't even considered rape to most people and wanting men to not go for clearly drunk and underage girls somehow means we're trying to make them jump through hoops to get laid simply by saying that people should just sleep with someone of age who isn't drunk or on drugs

No. 432623

men hate challange of any kind, the second something is even slightly challanging they lose their shit, go ballistic and tear the house apart. that's why they're obsessed with trying to rape and assault us if we dare try to have a little fun with alcohol or drugs like they do. because we wont put up a fight and challange them if we're knocked out and can use our body as they please. if there was a plague of men spreading other mens assholes and raping them while they were passed out drunk would they finally care?

No. 432637

this makes me so sad, this woman seems so intelligent and so close to getting it but shes still trapped in "redpill" hell

No. 432648

I've decided not to have children and all of my female friends have said, what boils down to, "same", but male friends? "You'll change your mind".

No. 432660

It hurts how many men have tried to take advantage of me or get super touchy when I'm obviously drunk on a night out. You can really weed out tons of guys based on what they try to do when they know you're inebriated, and only one or two men I've known have ever kept their respect regardless. The rest either do as little as try to hold the small of my back (and dont stop no matter how many times I literally peel them off) or at most initiate sex. I seriously cant imagine seeing a drunk guy and thinking, "hey I can get away with touching them now!" how do they have such ooga booga monkey brains? Literally just looking for opportunities for their dicks.

No. 432665

>You'll change your mind
Sure Jan, the more they say it, the less i want them, die mad about it.

No. 432666

>Why are men so oblivious to how frequent sexual assault/rape happens?
It's because men don't care about things that don't personally affect them. I was raped earlier this year and my long distance boyfriend said that things like that don't happen where he's from.. he's from Alabama. You're telling me people don't get raped in Alabama? I told him that's bullshit, women from all different walks of life get raped everywhere in the world and it happens frequently. He admitted he never really thought about it before because it's not something that has ever directly happened to him. All men are like this. It's why they hate anyone who is different. It's a complete lack of empathy for others.

No. 432668

Oh man I remember this couple. I remember when he was explaining what a prenup was but was explaining it to her like she was a 10 year old. So creepy.

No. 432680


It is TOTALLY dehumanizing, that's a great word for it. To the recipient of his "affections" but also to the gf. They never realize that a lot of us have BEEN that woman some man got tired of when she became a human being instead of a waifu. I was recently dumped for that reason and all these dudes who only know me through work are like "WHATTT HE'S SO CRAZY!!" and I want to shout at most of them that they're doing the same fucking thing to their SOs. I feel lucky to have dumped at this point, tbh, it's so much nicer to live according to my own esteem than some dude's withering interest because he's seen me cook badly or burp or whatever.

No. 432702


I've only recently realized how much of a victim I am to men, like, breaking out of believing strongly I had any fault in my trauma.

When I was around .. 5 or 6, I was assaulted by my father's friend who had been watching over me.
By 10 I was cybering constantly, and then by 14 through 16 I was an actual 'sexworker' (I say this in quotes, because someone had brought up to me how children cannot consent therefore it's murky waters in what to.. call it.)

They knew I was underage, probably some didn't, but I didn't look a second over 15, I did play up the 'cute young dumb girl' but fuck. So many men fucked me and pumped me up with drugs instead of the promised payments. I was also groomed online by lolicons and shit during all of that, who'd get off to the idea of not only a girl liking degen things but an underage girl..

I'm such a mess now and I can't trust like any man aside from my boyfriend, I'll trust a guy and then he makes rape jokes, pedo jokes, actually DOES like pedo anime.. so much shit. I'm tired of shit men and I'm tired of shit men reminding me of my childhood that was stolen away by awful men. Yet most don't believe me when I talk about my trauma, because obviously 'i should've known better' 'you could've backed out' I was a mentally ill child, ffs.

No. 432713

lol @ retarded pornsick scrot acting like he "gave up" casual sex with young hotties like any of them were offering

this pickme ass wife needs to start banging dudes from tinder and he will quickly realize that she's the one with options here

this is like every time when a scrot offers an open relationship bc xhamster told him that at least 125 sLuTty tEeNs In hIs ArEa CanT wAiT To SeE HiS CoCk & it ends with wife getting all the side action lmfao

No. 432714

Have any of you been to r/nametheproblem?
It's a subreddit for articles about male violence. Pages upon endless pages of male scum raping, torturing, and murdering women, children, and animals. How the fuck any woman on Earth still has respect for these subhumans boggles the mind. And of course, scrotes still post there about how it isn't fair to hate all men uwu! And trannies post about how terves are the real problem!
I'll never feel sorry for any man ever again, no matter what happens. Compassion would be wasted on them.

No. 432720

Their's also /r/PinkpillFeminism on reddit, but they're an offshoot of /r/femcel so take that as you will.

No. 432722

This sounds a bit like a straight version of "terven rudefem" radfems

No. 432733

Just reminding the unloved little boys spending a productive evening cranking their chafed-to-hell microdicks to this thread that they're a burden to their families, disgusting maggots in the eyes of women, and are statistically destined for suicide.
I also like Gender Critical for actual discussion, but I wish they were a little more free with their language. >>432722
The terven rudefems of Tumblr were the best.

No. 432738

File: 1562806285568.jpg (95.18 KB, 622x879, pronounrespecter.jpg)

Challenge to male subhumans: gobble each others' minuscule crotch-nubs then kill yourselves.

But yes, they are cowards.

No. 432741

I remember seeing a reddit thread title a few days ago that was like "I think the 'women and children first' idea shouldn't be a thing!" and it was massively upvoted. Didn't click on it, but I can only imagine what all the redditfags had to say in the comments lol

No. 432742

Oof that was depressing to read. And no you're not wrong.
Hate how it's perfectly acceptable for men to act like this and even encouraged and if women are bothered by it we're just being too sensitive and possessive but if we (god forbid!!!!) wear something too revealing we get called slurs, whores, thots etc

No. 432743

Pure, unmitigated textual cancer, indubitably. I never fuckin kek as hard as when moids talk about how they 'protect' women. They're the number one source of women's mental and physical anguish and can't go two hours without touching their peepees to the sight of women and girls being raped and choked but sure, our protectors, why not.

No. 432744

Anyone else see this? All the men in the replies are caping for him saying he’s ‘obviously hurting’ and has mental illness lmao they can’t even call out obvious assholes

No. 432748

the woman laughing at him in the second video lmao

No. 432750

File: 1562809991449.png (34.96 KB, 679x141, smashleywisdom.png)

I have this quote from cocksmasher69 that I think applies to this manlet quite nicely.

No. 432762

I'm cringing so bad.. my sort of friend sent a birthday card to my super close friend and ended it with "love, your future boyfriend."

No. 432768

How did this start?

No. 432770

It started when he was born an ugly little incel with a comically undersized, unsatisfying micropenis and just sort of went downhill from there.
But us women get some good laughs out of it, all is right with the world desu.

No. 432771

According to the girls who were in the video/took the video he was in front of them in line grumbling to himself and a female worker had to audacity to glance at him and that’s what set him off the video begins after one of the girls says something to him

No. 432774

Actually pretty scary; I wouldn't be surprised if he went back and shot the place up. Also really embarrassing, he's a walking Napoleon complex stereotype. I don't know whether to laugh or be concerned.

No. 432776

File: 1562815152757.jpg (84.45 KB, 828x1792, b49odbdbgj931.jpg)

I'm laughing.

No. 432777

File: 1562815201696.jpg (9.27 KB, 225x300, AvqKnRKCMAEFu5X-225x300.jpg)

Hot take: masculinity is a form of narcissistic false self. Men are not equipped to perform it, but they really want to see themselves as strong and capable. Obviously they're after perception only, so women are expected to participate in their narcissistic wish fulfillment fantasy through self belittlement (femininity).

No. 432779

File: 1562815446986.png (36.76 KB, 658x662, bagelmanlet.png)

>tfw you're not God, you're not my dad, and you're nawt my bwoss!

Men are toddlers.

No. 432781

when anons in g say they want a manlet lmfao

No. 432785

We mean cute manlets

That don't throw away perfectly good bagels and pick fights

No. 432788

Hey. As a big manlet chaser, this guy is too far gone even for me (also old).
And honestly chances are he's on dating apps looking for women who are much younger, perhaps one of those who sets his age young to avoid being filtered out.

No. 432790

Sisters, you are women of taste.

if my manlet threw food like this dumb idiot baby though, I’d take his car keys and put them on top of the fridge.

No. 432793

File: 1562818025192.jpg (59.29 KB, 750x563, 5c40948a524147205720ccf3-750-5…)

we like attractive Manlets that are playful about their height(t. pedochan)

No. 432795

Those (allegedly) kawaii desu manlets you (allegedly) pink-pilled women are sperging over are probably jerking off to rape porn in the next room, just so you know.
>inb4 not my Nigel
also if you're gonna fuck male scum at least aim for one who isn't polluting the gene pool with his very existence jfc

No. 432797

Bold of you to assume we all have nigels to not my over. Also bold of you to assume we don't want to rape and physically harm manlets as part of the fetish.

No. 432799

>likes grown men
>Anon is a pedo!
mods wtf

No. 432803

Okay but isn't it better to choose Chads instead? Defeating them is more of a victory. There's no fun in humiliating manlets, Mother Nature has already dommed them.

Of course the best choice is refusing to gratify moids at all but if you must…

No. 432807

Different taste I guess. I think with very small men I know from experience that I'm actually stronger so it would feel more intense.
Also topkek at mother nature domming them.

No. 432810

Ravioli Ravioli do not bully handsome manletmoli

but seriously Its fairly impossible for a woman to rape or significantly physically harm a man without his consent or unless he has some physical or mental disability even If he is a small manlet(necessaryspeed4)

No. 432811

>Mother Nature has already dommed them

I just prefer a man I can physically dominate/intimidate easily; in my (admittedly small) experience, they tend to submit easier.

No. 432812

File: 1562821368507.jpg (170.94 KB, 1080x1077, IMG_20190711_005854.jpg)

lmao absolutely based

Also, any of y'all ever lurk those cheesy monetized dating advice accounts that are vaguely pinkpilled? Like @not_ur_typical_woman etc. They're mostly dumb, but there are some valuable tips on scrot psychology (don't help a man, he can't waste your time if he pays for everything, always have other options, etc)

No. 432820

File: 1562823530593.jpg (65.99 KB, 822x901, 47583483_363655061088175_55507…)

Having a scroll through and it's mostly sad red pill woman tradthot shit. It's good they aren't total pickmes and acknowledge scrot faults but instead of eschewing men forever as they deserve, it seems like those girls are just trying even harder to ensure they are the most valued by men.

No. 432825

Can you anons stay in the femdom thread? No1curr about your psychotic fetishes.

No. 432829

'pedochan' is in reference to a highly specific autist that keeps ban evading

as a femlet I feel attacked.

No. 432831

These idiot tradthots thinking they understand male sexuality is hilarious. It isn't about big or small, fat or skinny, pretty or ugly etc. It's about old and new.
Men just want variety and as soon as they fuck one woman they want a new one. No woman is ever good enough for a man because they will always get bored of her. It's why Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated on his wife with his middle aged overweight nanny. Male sexuality is all about novelty, taboo and domination. They need to keep pushing the boundaries of what's considered acceptable to keep it exciting for them. Thats why all the porn nowadays is aboit "teens" and incest.

No. 432833

it's the same mentality behind porn addiction, they need to keep pushing the boundaries until it takes headless horsedick futa lolis for them to cum.

No. 432868

>headless horsedick futa lolis
This is the funniest shit I've seen all day. topkek from me, anon. Also sad to think about how degenerate males are that they probably would get off to this stupid shit.

No. 432879

Sometimes I pop over to /d/ to see how demented their fetishes have gotten and refresh my disgust for men.

No. 432891

Surprise surprise, he has a history of being a piece of shit.
More videos of him: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDBTzbfMnCRvwBv-ZaVsIg