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File: 1558140465388.jpg (10.5 KB, 400x269, based pink pill.jpg)

No. 411618

This topic has been unbanned, so vent about XY's here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, abusive men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-no femcel sperging
-please do not respond to scrotbait
-chill with the handmaiden accusations
Doing so will result in a 3 day ban from /ot/, no appeals.

Previous thread:

No. 411621

Why are men so much uglier than women anyway? I'm a straight woman unfortunately but even I can see that men objectively look goofy and women are like a work of art.

No. 411622

File: 1558141338610.png (704.7 KB, 487x693, lUUoKYU.png)

I dunno, I think it's mostly because men don't take any pride in their hygiene/appearance, and when they do it's about machismo; they want to look like the biggest alpha dick instead of being appealing to women

No. 411633

I wish their idea of fit wasn't just building up their torso and arms. It's crazy how so many of them hate personal hygiene, a good skincare routine or healthier diets. A friend's ex used to just peel flakes of skin off his face and scalp but hated moisturizer or anyone telling him that shit is nasty. Would always complain about his skin being burnt and but thought sunscreen was stupid. Complained about his belly and teeth yet continued drinking and smoking.

Have any of you anons had experience with vegan/animal loving guys? Most of the ones I met were actually really nice and had some empathy for the environment and animals. This one guy at the animal shelter I used to volunteer at was so considerate especially since he was in school to be a vet, kinda gave me hope that some guys aren't sociopaths towards women.

No. 411638

Friendly reminder to please ignore and report the incel and your dedicated mod team will deal with it shortly! xoxo

No. 411651

>Take the northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus), a medium-sized Australian marsupial. Male quolls experience a dramatic one-time rise in testosterone that triggers intense bouts of mating—and very high mortality due to male/male aggression and fat depletion. Females live up to three years, whereas males are lucky to make it a year. As ecologist Jaime Heiniger so eloquently states, “It could likely be that they [males] shag themselves to death.”


No. 411652

File: 1558149872340.png (239.15 KB, 613x466, 59729774_2224363384546056_4388…)

>Most of the ones I met were actually really nice and had some empathy for the environment and animals.

Vegans are very obnoxious and male feminist are always predators.

Moralfags love clout because it disguises their toxic behaviour and lowers female defenses for their harmful intentions. The proverbial nice guys™ are the only ones who always make their moralfagery their identity and social hook, actual good people don´t advertise themselves like that, they are probably too modest which is a real virtue, but modest kind peolpe are hard to come, you only know the product that is most advertised and those are the douches.

Ask yourself truly if what you are seeing is true compassion and empathy or just what he wants you to think, has he gotten pussy using the ecology/vegan social aspect before? true questions, not if he looks cute holding some puppy, even hitler loved his dog , was a vegetarian and outlawed public smoking. Big deal.

No. 411677

File: 1558157677542.png (40.41 KB, 850x173, 3495U302934U5834.png)

This is what MRA actually believe.

No. 411710

One second they believe that, the next they claim all women hate each other and only men can have genuine friendships.

No. 411712

File: 1558165787899.jpg (376.92 KB, 1536x2048, D5aDti8X4AA1Mcf.jpg large.jpg)


must be so weird and tiring to resent women so much and yet still be desperate to stick your dick in

No. 411719

I think you can't trust vegan men on a whole, but it is usually indicative of greater empathy and not believing stupid stereotypes about masculinity. I'd say they have a higher likelihood of being good, but they are still male so proceed with caution.

No. 411720

Or that women are obsessed with "race-mixing"

No. 411721

Men bred out uglies so an average woman is really rather pretty meanwhile women still are propagating with ugly men lowering the attractivness of an average man.

No. 411736

>almost all men are incompetent when it comes to skincare
>they consider it gay to style themselves and groom properly
>it's women's fault that men are ugly goblins!

No. 411738

The last guy I dated was an “animal lover” who considered his dog his child and also considered himself a “good, moral Christian”. I was drawn to him at first because he seemed like a good guy. He later turned out to harbor a lot of subtle misogynistic views and would always go off about how much he hated lesbians. Just because he worshipped the ground his dog walked on, didn’t mean he saw women as human.

No. 411755

One of my experiences was that the vegan guy was okay, seemed nice but I resent him now because we were talking for weeks and he didn't tell me he was into fucking nonmonogamy and I think you should state this asap if you're being all romantic for all that time with someone, I stated many times I was monogamous and he kept quiet. And he sort of acted like nonmonogamy is the most liberating and progressive thing for humans and I was prudish for not liking it… So beware of the package that comes with those "enlighted" guys.
The other guy I know lives alone with two dogs, is a vegetarian and is a sweetheart. He's constantly sending me pics of the dogs with funny captions. He's pretty much the only dude in this world I can't picture doing the shit other men do.

No. 411791

Literally only ever directed at white women too. They legitimately have a problem seeing outside their experiences and use it to speak on everyone as a universal standard. What is this called?

No. 411792

File: 1558193678281.jpg (78.29 KB, 960x540, south-park-s15e11c04-not-the-f…)

never waste time with a vegan. they're always more interested in sperging at you and virtue signalling than the actual welfare of animals. they're also generally psychos who would save a dog before a human in a life-threatening situation.

No. 411795

I'm having a real hard time tolerating social media right now because of the comments on abortion surrounding the recent developments in the US. While I'm glad there seems to be majority support of women, the comments made by men absolutely ruin my day.
I hate these pricks. I wish a female politician had the courage to introduce a few bills regulating a male's balls or something. Even though it would go nowhere realistically, at least it would give me some satisfaction to see these men yowl at their bodily rights suddenly getting taken away.

No more viagra. Got erectile dysfunction? Then man up and take responsibility by exercising, dieting, and getting therapy. No more easy way out via a medical professional who knows best about their bodies. Some religion says every sperm is sacred, and if a man has erectile dysfunction then it must be God's will.
Any man caught with viagra or any kind of erectile drug will face fines or jail time. Any medication a man takes must be intrusively investigated to determine if he is trying to sneak erectile stimulants. If he has a past of seeking erectile help then he shall be put on a list.
Furthermore, a man may only get an erection for the purposes of procreation. Casual sex is completely off the table and viagra is the devil's olives.

No. 411797

can we please not infect this thread with anti vegan sperging?

No. 411831

To change the topic even if females are replaced by sex robots and artificial eggs I simply cannot see any way the created child could grow up into a perfectly functional human being.

The average MRA (Mens right activist) has zero empathy for a average capable woman (Women fake suicide, how can women be sad they have a bunch of beta orbiters, menstrual pain isn't that bad) or see all social interactions as a game were they have to do the right thing pussy.

Think of that psycho being put in charge child. Kids are crazy sensitive and dismissing there emotions does all kinds of crazy to them. Children also aren't a 'do X to stop crying' game. Also the fact that MRA activist see it genetically codded in them not to care for children.

No. 411833

There actually was a female politician who was going to propose a bill banning vasectomies as a protest and it got the male politicians so triggered they refused to let her speak. The same house of representatives also banned a female politician from speaking for saying the word "vagina" when discussing abortion since that's "offensive".

No. 411835

These kinds of men hate the idea of caring for children and want to basically make women take all responsibility for them. This is directly contradictory to their fantasy of the human race continuing without women. It just showcases their lack of rationality even more.

No. 411836

I really wish I had the super power to just wish people dead whenever I see shit like this. People this horrible shouldn't be allowed to live and fuck up our society.

No. 411854

File: 1558212248905.jpg (25.66 KB, 605x363, 2500.jpg)

In not American so I'm just sort of watching this from the sidelines, but I get the impression that the whole abortion thing is mostly the result of a minority of christian extremists lobbying for years, and only now getting things through because of the gerrymandered districts allowing a bunch of bible thumpers into power. Isn't this VASTLY unpopular with the general american population, men AND women?

This lady, Janet Porter has been lobbying for the heartbeat bill for YEARS. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/25/the-anti-abortion-crusader-hopes-her-heartbeat-law-will-test-roe-v-wade
>For nine years Porter lobbied on the fringes of the abortion debate. The six-week ban was not supported by mainstream anti-abortion groups, such as Ohio Right to Life. It was vetoed twice by a Republican governor, who argued it would contradict settled law on abortion. The bill, and often Porter herself, were considered too extreme.

But with two recently appointed supreme court justices nominated by Donald Trump and a growing number of anti-abortion federal judges, Porter’s law has now been introduced in 11 states and passed by legislatures in four more, as conservatives seek to mount a frontal challenge to Roe v Wade

No. 411856

We should praise vasectomies since it's non invasive, reversible, and I think covered by insurance. No snip, no sex.

Wish the pro life crowd would attack the laws that allow rapists to sue their victims for visitation rights and share custody vs attacking women at PP centers. I've seen so many of them defend the act of forcing a pregnant rape victim not matter the age to stay pregnant without much solutions other than adding "punish the rapist too!" as if they truly believe that rapists get life in prison all the time

No. 411860

File: 1558213979605.jpg (191.54 KB, 1125x2433, 3dx8pn9i10z21.jpg)

Gotta love men

No. 411864

But if there's no abortion men are being forced to father the unwanted children, too. How can they be smug about punishing ~the evil women who don't want children~ when they're just setting themselves up to pay a shit ton of alimony ?

No. 411873

That is not even the same thing in any way, shape or form. WOW

Deadbeat dad alert. how many men abandon women in need or cheat on their during pregnancy, after they've had a kid? how many children dont have dads because men like to run?

No. 411874

I know this sounds super horrible, but i wish the pro lifers (esp the women) would get raped and see how horrible it feels to be raped , but also left with an even worse unwanted rape baby. How many do you think would abort immediately?

No. 411902

anon asked about the vegan thing. we responded. go back to the zoo if you wanna chimp out, vegan.

No. 411903

protip you're only "forced" to be a dad if you willingly don't use protection and then refuse to pay any child support after you leave the woman. lmao.

No. 411912

NTA but true. The only way to completely avoid pregnancy is to abstain from sex or get a vasectomy. Men should do both if they don't want to be fathers, but they NEVER will and nobody will ever expect them to. The onus is always on women, making the decision to have sex is enough to put 100% of the blame and consequences on her.

Too bad that once a baby is born, that baby's needs supersedes the parents right to opt out of parenthood and the guy is gonna be paying for it whether he likes it or not. If they knew what was good for them, they'd aggressively and vocally support abortion.

No. 411913

Meant to reply to >>411904

No. 411914

Why doesn't everyone look at men's psychotic obsession with war and weapons for what it is? It's seen as a legitimate, cool hobby totally not indicative of their suppressed sociopathy. It's not that they're history buffs. The history comes secondary to them.

No. 411944

hey I'm not a man hater but I have been trying to find this video video for so long now and I want to thank your for posting it

No. 411946

It's even better when they love WWII but that's another can of worms

No. 411950

what world do you live in ?
guys(and women) obsessed with history are viewed as nerds and losers
its not nor has it ever been viewed as cool hobby by people

No. 411960

I hate how men try to quiz you on their hobbies and make their judgement of your intelligence based on that.
My cousin tries to quiz me on car shit (he's a mechanic) and laughs and me when I don't know what he's talking about. He calls me boring for preferring coding to hardware stuff like building a PC, he says I will never understand how things really work. He always tries to force me into playing one of his video games I'm not interested in, when he sees me playing a game I like he calls it weird and asks me when I'll finally buy a real game. He hardly has any education and quits jobs at a drop of a hat because "he didn't like the atmosphere" to go back and live with his parents, he is incapable of doing something like a simple customer service job because of his anger issues. He speeds and drives recklessly because "it's more fun that way" and yet talks about wanting to move states because there are too many terrible drivers where he lives. Despite this he talks down to me, simply because I do not share his hobbies, and know little to nothing about them.
My friend's boyfriend is similar too, he is interested in weapons and is a doomsday prepper. When I told him I wasn't particularly interested in learning how to handle a gun or a butterfly knife he told me that I was naive and to not come crying to him when something happens. I live in an area with practically no violent crime, owning pepper spray is more than enough.
Why can't they accept people like different things? I do not force my hobbies on anyone that shows no interest, but men take personal offense if you have the nerve to not be excited about their favorite video game or whatever.

No. 411961

Maybe true for in depth, intellectual interest in history but nearly every guy has a baseline interest in guns and tanks and plays video games revolving around warfare on a regular basis.

No. 411962

I mean learning to shoot a gun is a useful skill that come handy pretty soon
>but nearly every guy has a baseline interest in guns and tanks and plays video games revolving around warfare on a regular basis.
I would love to meet these men because I have all these interests (minus the video games)I love tanks,guns and military history but the vast majority of men and women avoid it

No. 411964

File: 1558240484244.jpg (11.7 KB, 400x269, 5920c533df1dc-1.image.jpg)

just keep an eye out for guys that look like this, i'm sure they'd love to discuss WWII with you anon!

No. 411968

/pol/tards really don't care about the logistics,equipment and actual strategies of WW2 all they care out about is how the Holocaust never happened

No. 411969

Tbh, you sound annoying and retarded. There are literal assloads of weapons and war history male fetishizers everywhere. They're literally everywhere. They all have military boners and are pathetic.

No. 411970

Actually not true tbh. Lots of them are super interested in the weaponry.

No. 411976

I know some online but very very few IRL
>The Sturmgewehr would have won the war
>Soviets rippled of the StG 44 to make the AK
>Oh I have actually never fired a firearm in my life

No. 411986

I hate men as a whole but I also dislike and distrust women but overall my fear and hatred of men is much higher
I love my husband more then anything or anyone else in the world and wished we just be alone together for the rest of our lives

No. 411987

Yes, we know anon.
You’ve posted this before in a different thread.

No. 411990

Many times, actually.

No. 411993

Men on reddit talking about double standards


No. 412001

Get out of the man hate thread, cool girl

Find any random white boy and there’s a 50% chance he’s a “WW2 buff”

No. 412007


More often than not i find these "history buffs" to be nothing other than nazis that really know jack shit about world history outside of very biased version of WW2.

"I like history" is almost like a code phrase for "i like nazi stuff" or simply "i am a conservative that glamorizes the shit out of 50s america"

No. 412015

liking WW2 shooting games and liking ww2 war movies does not equal "history buff" or even that he's interested in history and I'm not a cool girl I don't like military stuff to appease men hell its pushed away potential partners I just like it

No. 412018

Most men are Germanboos or Russiaboos.

If you are really into strategy then you know germans were fucked from the start. Nothing would really make this work, economically.

No. 412020

Germany had no chance of winning against the soviets due to a number of reasons chief being lack of Oil and Iron but a lot of things that happened in the war were basically 1 in a million even If Germany could never win the world would be completely different today
both sides weren't perfect In the military sense not the ideological sense the allies fucked up in a lot of ways as well

No. 412021

and I'm more interested in WW1 then WW2 I honestly believe the world would be better place If the central power won the first world war

No. 412023

Stop talking to him anon. I haven't met people like that since I was 17. They'll never change their minds, they're just hopelessly retarded and think that what they do is best.

No. 412026

I recently discovered that it matters not how pretty you are, a man will still leave you for a 3XL working minimum wage.

My ex is unemployed and targets fat women who are too insecure to ever question his infidelity or absorption of resources, because they're so flattered that a decent looking bloke is paying them any attention.

On top of that, he doesn't even have sex with them, what an insult, and they're just retarded enough to just go with it even though he's clearly abusing them and isn't attracted to them.

On top of this, I'm 17 and he's in his late 20s.

Fuck you Josh, this earth deserves to be cleansed of you.(You must be over the age of 18 to post here.)

No. 412028

On what basis are you forced to interact with him? Can you not just cut off contact

No. 412029

Why can't men just leave you alone? I'm having a problem right now at this place I volunteer at. I work in a soup kitchen and I used to love everything about it except the guy who runs it.
First of all he constantly makes fun of my name. The first day I met him he got it wrong and I corrected him (he was gonna put a C and instead of S) and now every single time he talks to me he keeps purposely getting it wrong or calling me "anon with an S not a C". I've told him several times to stop and he won't. He thinks it's funny.
Then he added me to a WhatsApp chat without my permission. I noped out of that chat quick.
Then I got sick 2 weeks ago so I cancelled my upcoming session online. We have a system where you sign up online for the days you want to volunteer for, so noone is obligated to do every week. I've cancelled before and had no problems, no questions. It just takes you off the register.
Then I started to get calls. I didn't recognise the number so I thought it was just spam (I don't answer unknown numbers). And then I didn't even sign up for last Monday and I suddenly got endless calls and texts from this number asking why I wasn't in, this is when I realised it was him. I was still ill but at the same time it's none of your fucking business why I didn't sign up? To get him off my back I send a simple message saying I'm still ill. He then texts back saying that I needed to keep him constantly updated on my whereabouts even when I don't sign up and I need to answer all his calls. I never replied back cos I'm still in shock that some 40+ year old married dude thinks he has a right to know some random girls whereabouts when they aren't working. He doesn't do this to anyone else when they don't sign up (as far as I know), why all of a sudden am I getting it? I blocked his number and I don't want to do any more sessions because this is too much.

I feel unsafe cos the last time that I blocked a guys phone number, he turned up to my house even though I never gave out my address to him. This still traumatises me to this day. Why do men not get the fact that harassment doesn't make women want anything to do with them.

No. 412032

I think you should quit, especially if it's volunteering. It's a shame though, because if you ask for a reference you might be fucked.

I blocked my manager once because she used to harass/bully me over text

No. 412033

Jesus you are fucking annoying.
Why don't you do us a favor and fuck off now then.

No. 412044

Why is it that men are only interested in what I have to say or want to be a normal platonic friend if they have the inkling they can fuck me? I have way more female friends than I do male because my male friends are the 'nice guy' types who say I can call them if I need help with anything but literally ghost me if I am dating a man. Then if I am single, they come out of the woodwork to hang out. To be clear I do not lead them on at all, I am very clear with my boundaries.
It's disgusting.

Same as the men at my workplace. I've had some great chats about films amd tv shows or animals, all different interesting things.
I never bring up sex as I am not a sexual person anyway.
I do have sex, but it's very rare. I don't have much of a sex drive.
Anyway, the second they find out I'm not down for sex talk or if I mention my partner, they literally lose all interest. The build up of talking about great movies ect goes out the fucking door and they zone out.

Not humblebragging but I'd say I am an attractive woman. I try to work out at least 4 times a week and look after my skin. It makes me mad though that women that look after themselves or wear nice clothes and makeup are seen as 'easy'.
I often see the other attractive women at work not taken seriously in conversations and every conversation by male coworkers seems to steer towards mild flirting.
Sick of being seen as just a walking cunt they can flirt with or try to fuck because that's all I am good for. I'm damn near ready to shave my head because as much as I am proud of my grooming routine, it makes me intensely mad that dudes seem to think it's all for them.

I am sorry if my post seems conceited, I'm not meaning to come across that way.

No. 412076

File: 1558283059313.png (81.82 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20190519-112025~2.p…)

Literally just typing in the word "women" into Reddit (lol I know) to try and find something about women's health and all the recommended subreddits are NSFW. They really can't think of us in any other context huh? Gotta love how r/WomenOfColor is literally just fetishising black women.

No. 412079

I keep on seeing this screenshot but thats not at all how the reddit engine works

No. 412086

Idk what to tell you since I literally just took that screenshot…

No. 412094

I’m deaf and used to get harassed by an older guy on my school bus during high school. I always acted like I couldn’t hear him (which was mostly true, but I can hear a little bit) and he would always make fetishizing comments. He wouldn’t give up, and would pull out his notebook to write nasty things, one of the thing that stands out in my memory was “I heard deaf people are noisy in bed, want to show me if that’s true?”. It only stopped when one day, he, out of nowhere, put his face down in my crotch and I froze before pushing him into the other seat and screamed. He got kicked off the bus, but still tried to message me on Facebook before he lost interest and found another deaf girl in middle school to go after. I’ve found that men are more brave about making comments or physically touching me because they think I can’t hear or talk, and it makes me feel gross and worthless.

No. 412098

Nah I totally feel that. Being a stereotypically pretty girl is really fucking irritating because almost all your male friends fancy you/wanna fuck

No. 412099

Jesus christ, anon. Thanks for sharing, I didn't even think about the plight of deaf women until now

No. 412101

I know how often abled women are harassed, and I can’t speak for other women with disabilities, but it can get bad sometimes because men want to take advantage of the disability to exert more power over them and shame them since they could be accused of “mishearing”.

No. 412109


No. 412112

nta but why are you so hostile?

I'm interested in these things too and I'd love to find other women to talk about it. I get that it gives the cool girl vibes but I can't control which hobbies I like doing. I hate that you can't mention stereotypical male interests without being accused by either side for being an attention whore. It also doesn't do any service to our entire gender.

I'm not upset it's just frustrating.

No. 412123

It’s not having a male dominated hobby/interest that makes someone look cool girl. I have plenty of my own. It’s pretending like there’s no one else into it and saying ‘I wish I could meet these men (fawning over annoying men in a man hate thread lol), there’s no other girls like meee’ especially when it’s one that’s actually got a higher level of female interest lately and always has in certain circles, and when the war loving history bros are everywhere.

No. 412126

the number of both men and women interested in military stuff is very small alright and Listen I understand wanting to hate men and believe you should have the right to hate men but please don't lie alright the number of men interested in war stuff is rare

If you wanna say "all men are rapist animals" I won't care but If you "all men are interested in military history" then thats a clear lie and a problem

No. 412128

> I wish I could meet these men (fawning over annoying men in a man hate thread lol), there’s no other girls like meee

Oh, I see. Thanks.

No. 412131

It’s really not, there’s tons of big and popular events in the US every year for people into this shit. Have you really never heard of re-enactments and those other events? There’s an entire community full of women that call themselves historical costumers and they have events too.

It’s so common for white dudes to be into history especially world wars that it’s a fucking meme

No. 412133

So I'm not really religious that much but was raised catholic and have a few friends who kinda are still.

some of the men they talk about from religious forums have said how because women aren't submitting to husbands now or how they're evil from feminism or how they're disobedient under men by believing their roles are outside the house, it's all over. Like their biggest grief in life is not finding a woman to abuse and batter but disguise it as "love" like I've already read how mgtows who hate all women, western only until they realize they can't force east asian or slavic women to be submissive waifus, actually love them most because all women need to submit to men

It's 2019 and men still hate women so much

No. 412143

Recently I learned about the existence of Doosh V because he posted this article about women from my country and someone linked it on a popular women's forum here:

I'm appalled at the way he compares people from different countries as if we're prize cattle, but not surprised since Eastern European women usually get stereotyped as hookers and golddigging harlots and I've been told that before also. I'd noticed that sex tourists were getting more frequent in my city lately as well and it's just so gross. He's getting roasted left and right by the local men here and I'm pretty sure the comments he made in the blogpost are because he's butthurt most girls he tried to pick up told him to fuck off.

I wish fat Americans would stop thinking everyone wants to either bang them or be them, most of the women here can't stand them.

No. 412144

Are you talking about the /Christian/ board on 8chan?
Because it's one of the main reasons I was put off of Christianity, and the main reason I started reading the threads on there anyway was to try to strengthen my faith.

After reading through a couple threads I realised what most Christian men are actually like.

The sense of entitlement for men who were supposedly meant to be humble and selfless was surreal. The amount of vitriol and hatred centered around women really changed what I thought about all the Christian's around me.

Imagine trying to emulate Christ, his disciples, or even saints and thinking this way.

Reading the shit on that board really opened my eyes.

No. 412146

Croat here and I detest that image foreigners have of slavic women in general, that we're docile and know where the woman's place is.

I'm glad to see foreigners getting BTFO here and in Serbia too.

No. 412150

I hate being reminded that roosh and his followers exist but it's nice to see them get btfo from everywhere except their echo chamber.

roosh is in his 40s and panicking anyway. He wants to sleep around but marry an 18-22 year old traditional hippie girl to have a family with. he tried to be close with white supremacist men only to be surprised that they're for white people only, not him and blame him for ruining european culture and women by being a brown muslim man seducing white women. it's crazy that roosh even has fans left for the shit he demanded. Like government oriented girlfriends, rape being legalized

No. 412151

Why do people think this about Slavic women? They're tough as fucking nails. Yes, many of the Slavic countries adhere to traditional gender roles but women in general (in developed areas) are encouraged to work if they want to, and to be strong yet feminine. The men are to be the utmost masculine or they aren't worth a second glance from the women. TBH sometimes I wish those roles were more standardized. No more weak, pathetic, entitled men expecting submissive pornographic housewives.

No. 412153

I live in europe and all I ever hear men say is how mich more beautiful slav girls are…?
(And sadly I also sometimes witness eastern euro women themselves brag about that.)
But never anything about submissiveness. I guess that's an american-who-have-no-idea-about-europe thing

No. 412155

Not that I'm religious myself but the "christians" on the chans are LARPing aut-righters who have never read a bible in their life or been to church since granny's funeral as a kid. They just want another label/excuse for their reactionary and sexist beliefs. They are all like Richard Spencer being "culturally christian" since they have zero actual faith or spiritual interest but still want to epic dab on the libs and gays by calling them sinful.

No. 412166

Lmao 8chan is a bad example its like saying thecoli is all black men..but i see your point

No. 412167

Some of them would get secret hush-hush abortions, probably overseas or in more liberal states. The rest would resentfully raise their unwanted children in an unloving home where their mom actively resents their existence and their step-father hates them for not being theirs.

No. 412170

Why are men so retarded? Like rhwy go on and on about how a group of women is universally like this buy women have enough sense and sanity not to do this retarded sickening shit.

Not only is it childish but also dehumanizing because they dont even see the women as worthy as having individual character traits and if they have one bad experience it is now booooo all women are eviil for being humans like me but since women arent people to me its baaad

No. 412171

These same men often want their wives/girlfriends to be Mommy 2…but also end up jealous of their own children. They want to leave women behind because they're inferior, unless they fit into this very predefined mold of submission and servitude, want to punish them for having sex by removing the option of terminating unwanted pregnancies but also hate the resulting children for taking precious attention away from them. What the fuck is up with men?

No. 412173


They seem very well educated about the religion, and there's usually alot of discussion within certain sects. But I can see why you'd think so, obviously the people on there are affected by chan culture.

No. 412174

Traditional and hippie shouldn't be in the same sentence i swear these men are confused as hell and legitimately retarded

No. 412175

NTA but I always see men thinking Eastern Euro girls are poor, mail order brides who are desperate for any western man to take them back to his home country. I guess desperation and submission are connected, since they'll do whatever he wants to get a green card supposedly.

But whenever I see an actual slav talk about it, esp female, they always say they are nowhere near poor enough and the west is nowhere near glorified enough these days for that to be true at all.

No. 412179

Yup and those same men moved to praising Southeast Asian women once they realized they are actually poor and desperate

No. 412181

They also do this to Vietnamese (or any other 'poorer' Asian/SE Asian nationality) and African women. These men's ideas of poor, uneducated, destitute women begging for a better life in some American slob's two bedroom apartment is pretty much a myth now.

No. 412184

tbh the men who say those things are always ugly neckbeard types. This reminds me of a Documentary I saw that involved gross American men seeking wives from Europe because they believed the women from their own countries no longer want to be traditional~, have families, etc.. you know the whole spiel. Like, they think that the women are in the wrong for not wanting to marry they're slob asses kek

No. 412192

File: 1558304916539.jpg (39.35 KB, 650x407, baba-gangsta.jpg)

I'm Slavic and I met one American guy while studying abroad who was kind of shocked with how "tough" my act is. Even though it's not considered tough in my home country at all and many women act that way.

Idk where does this "slavic girls are frail" idea even come from?

No. 412267

I don't think we're more beautiful, but women in my country really like to dress up. We don't do it for men, it's just seen as respecting yourself, good grooming here = good manners. Some rich girls also do it to flex on peasants, those are the really tacky ones you see on instagram. The bad side of that though is that everyone is super conformist and folks can be really nosy and gossipy, a lot of people say that they love Western Europe because everyone there is more relaxed and doesn't care about appearances as much.
I think I've seen a Louis Theroux documentary about something like that but all the guys were creepy boomers and were practically decomposing on screen from old age.

No. 412275

>Idk where does this "slavic girls are frail" idea even come from?

I’ve literally never heard this in my life. I’ve always heard the opposite.

No. 412277

I don't think there really is a stereotype that Slavic or Eastern European women are submissive/frail. In fact there's a stereotype that Slavic women (and people in general) are strong and hardy.
I love watching documentaries about pathetic American/British men who go to Eastern Europe/Southeast Asia in search of a slave-wife and end up getting played like a fiddle by women who prey on these rejects for a living.

No. 412303

Way more people are into it than the number of people going to the events, just like anything else. and obviously 50% is an exaggeration but it’s common enough that many anons ITT know it and that it’s a meme

No. 412315

NTAYRT, but no, it's really not. I was the OP complaining about men into wars and that was like my last post. Everyone who has agreed with me hasn't been me and has seemed to be multiple people. War, weapons, and anything violent is of interest to men, and plenty of them are heavily into it, but not primarily into it for the historical factor. They're just into the idea of LARPing and glorify violence. Most men have a baseline interest in weapons, war, and war history.

No. 412317

except they don't they like ww2 shooters and movies but not would never touch a gun IRL

No. 412319

>What the fuck is up with men?
They're overgrown children who think they deserve to be catered to at all times and for the world to bend to their will. Simple as that

No. 412328

Dude, you're absolutely delusional. 80% of the guys I know irl have shot guns. Where are you that you think shooting guns isn't an incredibly popular hobby for men?

No. 412332

>80% of the guys I know irl have shot guns. Where are you that you think shooting guns isn't an incredibly popular hobby for men?
ok now I know you're bullshitting

No. 412334

I'm not bullshitting. Going to the shooting range is a rite of passage for American men and a very high percentage of them shoot for fun.

No. 412336

Listen If you wanna hate men thats fine by me but saying all men like guns and have shot guns is not true(back to reddit)

No. 412339

You can't read and that's your problem. In my initial post that you took issue with, I said:

>80% of the guys I know irl have shot guns.

Which is true, and a large percentage of men I know IRL shoot guns for sport and go to the shooting range every so often. Men all of the time in my area say "do you want to go to the shooting range?". My mom has asked me to go to the shooting range (for fun). It's very popular.

Most men will go to the shooting range given the opportunity, I would say. It's definitely seen as a normie hobby thing.

No. 412342

To help you out, 7 in 10 people have shot guns in Murrica.
Which is still the majority.

7/10 Americans do not currently own guns.
Half of those not owning a gun want to own one (bringing it up to majority being interested again).

History buff anon may be a Canuck though, and it is less common up here. Or she may be from a more lefty/anti-gun state?

No. 412347

Right, and that's "people who have shot guns" in America. Distill that 7 out of 10 of all people down to just "American men who have shot guns" and you'd be at damn near 100%. On the other hand, it's going to be impossible to get a percentage of gun hobbyists shooting on ranges and their habits, because they're private/public, some public, plenty totally private, people shoot on their own, etc.

But also, plenty of people don't own guns. They use someone else's guns. Young men use their dad's gun or their mom's gun, etc. We see it happen all of the time. Look at Adam Lanza. Most high school guys I grew up with just used their parents guns and continued to do so after they were 18 or 21.

Shooting for sport is hideously popular and I would say that given how idiotic and impulsive men are, given the chance, plenty of them from Canada or Australia or the UK would have the same mentality based on the weapons glorification in most of their media if their gov allowed for such easy access. Thankfully they don't have as much of an opportunity. I think the only thing holding plenty of men back is sane legislation. They're definitely easily propagandized into glorifying war and violence and weapons.

No. 412348

Oh would you fuck off already and get out of the man hate thread? We get it, you're dying to open your legs for a history buff. It shouldn't be hard to find someone, they are incredibly common. If you want to date a man with guns move to the fucking South. I guarantee almost every single man here owns a gun.

No. 412590

I remember reading testimonials from abortion doctors and how they sometimes had to treat women they saw every day protesting them, harrassing them, etc. and they always just said "but it's different because I'm ________"

No. 412677

why does getting involved with men's bullshit often make me feel like i am nosy bitch who should mind my own business even though i am 100% in the right? i went to get some late night groceries and saw some grown ass man telling a teenage boy that he should be slapped across his face, raising his arm and motioning slapping him but he saw me give him the stink face and lowered his arm. i told about him to the store employees and pointed him out at the door. i know i did the right thing but still i feel like i should just have minded my own business.

No. 412755

Literally no one did that
Stop being paranoid

No. 412775

No, they did. Anon was right.

No. 412783

Anon was wrong
At no point did they try to appear better

No. 413089

I'm sorry you had to go through that, anon. For the record, I'm able bodied, and I've also had a guy stick his face in my crotch before. It was in the seventh grade, a guy was sitting beside me in class, he grabbed my tit and stuck his face in my crotch, took a sniff, then announced that "Ew, she on her period".

Me and a girl I was friends with at the time reported his ass to the principal.

No. 413411

File: 1558568286013.png (166.18 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20190519-003346.png)

We really need to start loving ourselves and our fellow women because this is incredibly sad to think we should settle for a man like that, let alone be his teen side fuck. If only every woman was aware of how too many men view us as. /posting the rest of the screenshots after this

No. 413413

File: 1558568327347.png (162.26 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20190519-003420.png)

No. 413414

File: 1558568362053.png (122.49 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20190519-003514.png)

No. 413531

File: 1558600290401.png (480.73 KB, 1242x2208, 5C27D246-3DCD-4B8E-A8C5-839809…)


A whole thread about men crying about porns negative effects and they can only think about how it negatively effects THEM. How it robbed them of their childhoods and motivation, and how the industry prays on the poor men by poisoning their brains. Not one mention about how women are effected by porn, it’s all about them and their dicks, even when they realize porn is bad. It’s still funny to see this dude realize that his and every other mans sexuality is a pathetic joke and can be manipulated and memed into anything. That feeling of having no control over your individuality or your life isn’t something that privileged straight men feel as frequently as other groups, so he’s freaking the FUCK out. Women have to deal with harsh realities like this more often and are expected to just accept it and shut up and stop whining. Men, on the other hand, are coddled, and of course as soon as it involves dick function and decreased quality of life, it’s a disgusting, immoral, crime.

No. 413534

Eh, it's sad for women who end up in this kind of relationship, but it's also pathetic. You don't have to accept this kind of shit, learn how to be happy alone and you'll have the luxury to only let great men into your life.

No. 413539

It's completely typical that the only concern men have with porn is how it affects their dicks, but it's better than nothing so I support their porn free efforts even if they're selfish and pathetic. At least we have some chance of turning men off porn by insulting their skills because porn makes them shit in bed, gives them ED, etc and telling them they're cucks for getting off to a hotter guy with a bigger dick fucking a girl who wouldn't give them the time of day.

No. 413544

They don't give a fuck about vulnerable women being abused for their little jerk off session, but once they realize it might hurt them an their precious little dicks then it becomes serious for them. In the hierarchy of what is a big deal, their dick is probably number one and we're probably near the bottom, sad.

No. 413547

I'm just glad that some men are actually against porn. I wish all men would turn against it so we could feel safer and happier when in a relationship with them. Too bad they will never be able to control themselves.

It's like they get shown something over and over and basically get memed into wanting that thing. Like how many men actually jerk it to traps now that never would have even dreamed of jerking it to a penis before? It's so disgusting; it's like they have no minds of their own to see that they are being brainwashed. At least the person who made this post can see the truth about how being a slave to porn makes him a pathetic weakling. Most men aren't so self aware (if you can call it self awareness, which it isn't really but it's the best one can hope for).

No. 413564

Serious question. Why do woman seem to enjoy porn not as much as men? From a physilogical perspective not a moral one.

No. 413566

Visuals alone just aren't enough for many of us, we want people we have developed a real attraction to, and situations with sexual tension and build up to the main event. I'm sure girls would like filmed porn more if the stars were, say, a couple we love from a tv show or film. But porny explicit sex isn't gonna happen with real actors so we go for literotica, fanfic and fanart and doujins etc made by other women with similar preferences instead.

No. 413567

I personally can only get off to porn if its male homo or ts porn. Nothing sexy about the lack of female orgasms in porn

No. 413568

I think a lot of mainstream porn is too mechanic to arouse most women. It's also filmed in a way a dude can project himself into the situation, so with the blandest most inexpressive male actor, obviously straight women aren't going to be into it.

No. 413569

Makes sense. I think that kind of view on sex as the ultimate form of intimacy got kind of lost over the last few years with so much casual sex and porn.

No. 413570

Personally, I did enjoy mainstream porn as a horny teen but it doesn't fit my higher, more specialized interests as an adult. It just doesn't cater to my taste in men in the positions I want to see them in. The morality was the biggest turn off though.

I think for most women it's just not made with us in mind. Like >>413566 said other types of sexual material are made for us and that's what's appealing.

No. 413572

File: 1558612933351.png (99.56 KB, 845x404, hallpassbarely.png)

>40 yrs old woman give a hall pass to her "bf"
>He immediately try to fuck a 16 yrs old girl


No. 413574

This shit is why good self esteem is so important for us. Men are degenerate beyond saving but the least women can do to protect themselves is not fuck old men nor give any 'hall passes' nor stay with men who disrespect us like that. It's so depressing to see.

No. 413575

I don't get why women stay in relationships with men who cheat on them.
at the very least I would get my own side dick as well.

No. 413579

nothing makes me dry up faster than seeing a woman being abused so theres that

No. 413582

Please contact the person in charge at the organization. He may be doing this to others or scaring away potential volunteers. He should be sacked.

No. 413584

I'd contact the authorities, her school, and her parents. Age of consent be damned. Fuck this predator.
Guess I'll never be the "cool girlfriend."

No. 413599

because men are retards who think that a woman screaming and moaning in pain = pleasure. so many of the actresses in mainstream porn are explicitly in pain.

theres also the fact that 99.9% of it is designed FOR men. i cant speak for other women, but when about 40% of a video is taken up by some disgusting blowjob, as it is in most mainstream porn, its not going to interest a woman as much as a man. when i did used to watch it id just skip over that part kek because its so gross and boring. add on the fact that the woman in the video rarely ever recieves oral, and if she does then its for about 10 seconds or less.

ill just stick to the things >>413566 said, where the actresses arent being hurt and abused, and the content actually appeals to me.

No. 413600

Oh God

No. 413601

Idk for me personally I can't get off to any kind of erotic media unless I feel an emotional connection to the characters portrayed. This means that when I prefer to read my porn. I even tried to look for porn videos with a guy that looked like my BF but couldn't find anything. I just can't get off unless I care about the people involved.

No. 413607

THIS. Bloody hell, why would that woman want to enable her bf preying on teenagers?

No. 413610

Porn is simplistic, predictably scripted, and overall boring. Most women I know (including myself) get aroused by more nuanced stuff like anticipation, whereas the men seem to get more aroused by skipping that and going straight to hammering it in. Problem is that nuance doesn't really translate well to film, especially when sex is involved, so most made for women is just not arousing. My take on it, anyway.

No. 413617

Idk, I watched it a lot as an early teen and enjoyed it. I haven't watched it in years though. If I masturbate, I just do it while doing something else like reading a book or playing a game, but very rarely is it ever sexual content lol…

No. 413667

>at the very least I would get my own side dick as well
This. Ever notice how the women in these deals never seem to cheat? Why is that? Are they not allowed a side piece or are women just better at being loyal and in love?

I don't like porn because I know most of the things the woman is doing is painful and unpleasant for her. I know that as a woman I am expected to mimic these retarded things and it makes me feel depressed and sad for everyone involved. I don't like it because I read stories from ex-porn stars that talk about how they were injured doing anal or how they were pressured on set to do things they didn't sign up to do. I read about the permanent health problems of the women involved such as incontinence. It's not sexy, it's damaging and then that damaging behavior is projected onto normal women who are expected to fulfill the fantasies of pornsick men. It's a disgusting industry. Also, the men in porn are kind of ugly and the women look cartoonish. It doesn't turn me on.

That being said I do enjoy watching amateur porn between real life couples because at least then you can tell the woman is enjoying herself and it's easier to self insert.

No. 413726

This just in: men like porn because real women are scary!! Terrifying!! Like, did you know that 96-98%+ of all murders and rapes are commited by wo- oh fuck, I read it wrong, they were committed by men. As you were.

No. 413727

Front page of reddit the other day was a post saying “you claim to care about bodily autonomy [re: abortion], but what about CIRCUMCISION???”

Literally incapable of caring about anyone or anything else. Their dicks are always #1 in their minds. It’s staggering.

No. 413728

Women are such demanding bitches. Did you ever think about how hard it is for me, a man, to speak to a woman who expects to be treated like a human person? First it’s “you can’t hit me”, and then it’s “no namecalling”, and now we’re not even allowed to talk down to and belittle them. These impossible standards! /s

No. 413750

“no u >:(((“

No. 413751

It's exactly what you just did though. You're a complete hypocrite.><>

No. 413753

bro when women routinely come into conversations about circumcision to interrupt with “but what about abortion??? why is this specific conversation not about me????” then we’ll talk.

No. 413755

I don't even think most men care about circumcision. I'm against all genital mutilation but this is fallacy of relevancy.

No. 413770

Not that anon but I have some things to say.
>abortion hasn't been illegal almost anywhere in the first world until just now. Why would women complain about already having their bodily autonomy?

This seems like scrotbait but you’re genuinely retarded if you believe most women have as much bodily autonomy as you’re implying—even in the first world. A simple search on abortion laws will reveal a lot.

>You found a group of men talking about their problems and all lost your minds that they weren't talking about women's problems instead.

Again men have been playing the whole whataboutism shit when any topic regarding women’s rights gets brought up in most popular public online space. Now that the tables have turned in a single instance you’re butthurt? kek

No. 413776

Literally the reddit post being discussed, whose entire premise was "stop talking about abortion rights and talk about something that's relevant to me instead"

No. 413779

Literally just search “but what about the men” and you’ll find so many examples of make entitlement regarding womens’ issues online. It’s basically a meme. Still you probably won’t because you’re clearly a troll, scrot, or handmaiden so just kindly fuck off.

No. 413781

These men come in here and bitch and wine about us complaining about them but they know good and well that this is just going to make us talk about them more. I would be mad too

No. 413782

>1 example
>that came AFTER you did it first
>and is more justified than your complaints as well

>>whose entire premise was "stop talking about abortion rights

That's not what was said. It was a simple question of why are women mentioning bodily autonomy as a reason they deserve abortions, yet have been COMPLETELY silent about men not having such a right for decades? It's a perfectly valid question, which instead of answering, you just came here to bitch about men having the audacity to point out your hypocrisy.(maleposting)

No. 413783

>AFTER you did it first
what? ok, be honest: are you 13, or just retarded? or both?

No. 413800

Lol what bodily autonomy do you not have that's even close to on par with being forced against your will to endure pregnancy and childbirth?

Hint: none.

No. 413802

I literally only know two circumsized men against circumcision out of pretty much every male I've ever known well enough to discuss it with. And honestly, both of them are pretty obviously just looking for reasons to be pissed at their parents.

No. 413807

Before women get their abortions, there should be a little box they have to tick on their forms that says "No, I do not agree with infant circumcision." That way, the playing field will be 'even' for you anon so that you don't have to deflect the bodily autonomy argument anymore. Even though I've never heard a male around me rally cry independently of themselves about how horrible female circumcision is, you know, females are just more wrong.
Hey, you know who the perps of male circumcision are? Religious men.
And for female circumcision? Religious men.
Really makes you think.

No. 413810

Yeah, I deleted it because I mistakingly thought that was the conversation was about since I've been seeing that a lot on Reddit.

This comparisson you're giving is retarded, though. Circumcision doesn't hold a fucking candle to be forced to be pregnant against your will and give birth. Your quality of life is in no way drastically impacted by it besides in the rare occurence it's horribly botched, hence why most cut men don't even give a fuck about circumcision themselves and continue to do it to their own sons. You still feel sexual pleasure and there's proven health benefits like reduced risk of HIV. Comparing that to being forced to miserably carry a pregnancy to term and give birth, with serious health risks including the possibility of death, just highlights how disgustingly narcissistic you are.(taking scrotb8)

No. 413811

I didn't make the first post, dumbfuck

No. 413812

Circumcision isn't even an issue about male bodily autonomy. It's an issue about CHILDREN having bodily autonomy. Show me the ADULT men being forced to get circumcised. People generally have the right to do whatever the fuck they want with their children, which is an entirely different issue.

No. 413814

>comparing removal of the foreskin to having your entire clit cut off
And we're the ones who can't feel empathy for anyone besides ourselves? Maybe you can start making that comparison if society ever starts removing the entire head of your dick. But then again, like a typical male, you'd rather just conflate the little you have to actually complain about into somehow being equal to true barbarianism directed at women. Because you can't stand attention not being directed on you and your "problems" when it's a huge stretch to call it relevant.

Not to mention, circumcision, like almost all problems men ever systematically have, is the result of men. It was invented by a man and continues to mostly be decided by the father to continue the tradition. So, go away and bitch about it somewhere else.

No. 413816

This. When the fuck do babies ever have say in their medical choices? They're not even remotely comparable.

No. 413819

>Even though I've never heard a male around me rally cry independently of themselves about how horrible female circumcision is, you know, females are just more wrong.
HOLY SHIT THIS. The only man I've ever known to give a fuck about female circumcision is my husband (who also happens to be cut, is glad he was, and finds it remarkable that anyone could compare it to female genital mutilation with a straight face). The only time I've seen men talk about female genital mutilation is to sperg about male circumcision like they're the exact same.

No. 413821

At least circumcision is carried out on babies. FGM, in cultures that practice it, usually do it around the ages of 10-13. You don't even get to be fortunate enough to be a newborn that won't remember shit.

No. 413823

And it's usually done by some rando with crude instruments like scissors, not even a medical professional.

No. 413840

>More male infants die every year of circumcision complications in America than women die of birth complications.

This isn't true. Either provide a source or gtfo.

No. 413844

either cite sources or kill yourself immediately and return to the facebook mommy group hell you spawned from.

No. 413853

>119 infant boys die from circumcision-related each year in the U.S.
>about 700 women die each year in the United States as a result of pregnancy or delivery complications.

How fucking dumb are you?


No. 413855

Why is everyone engaging with the scrote?

No. 413856

They had some interesting arguments at first but now they're just being batshit retarded. Abort mission, I guess.

No. 413862

please just cut the rest of your shrimp dick off, maybe it will ground you in reality with actual humans

No. 413908

Do any of you think there's any way to actually improve how men behave from birth? Sometimes I wonder if changing the way we raise male children would have any effect, but it really does seem they're programmed to fuck and kill once they fall out of the womb.

No. 413914

Not practical, but castration comes to mind. It works with pets. Fix them before they reach maturity and they won't develop the territory marking/violent behavioral problems they would have otherwise had.

No. 413916

This is what we'd call unethical but I actually wonder if we could ever test castration before maturity on human males. We're already overpopulating enough–just call it population control. Not to mention the abortion debate, just require vasectomies for all men who have reproductive ability, which can be reversed if needed later on.

No. 413920

Men and boys over 14 caught harassing or abusing females should have all external portions of the penis removed. No exceptions. Penis is all they care about so cut it off.

No. 413934

weren't their cases where it was proven that chemical castration and actual castration didn't remove violence in male human males

No. 413946

I knew a guy who's parents circumsized him at 8 years old (Jewish reasons I guess). They sorta botched it.

I said to him that it's pretty fucked up, and asked if he would circumsize his child and he said yes lol.

Scrots need to change their own minds and stigmas and leave our autonomy out of it.

(I won't reply to men so don't bother)

No. 413947

That's my issue with the "women are evil for circumcising us" argument too. Women who are pro-circumcision legit don't know that it affects sensitivity, fucks with their self-esteem and can be terribly botched. Their circumcised husbands, friends and relatives tell them circumcision is fine, even good, so they trust and believe them.

If those angry scrotes truly care about circumcision and want to work against it, they need to complain to doctors, law-makers and other men. But they complain to us, because they don't actually give a shit. They just want to blame us for something.

No. 413974

Don’t know why they don’t realize it’s a society problem. Over here in Europe, circumcision is a Muslim and Jew thing, none of the white women or men want to snip their infant’s foreskin.

No. 413977

I wonder why it became so popular in white, Christian America. A lot of American women (that I know) don't even realize that the average English guy is uncircumcised.

I'm sure this has something to do with porn.

No. 413984

The major reason is because one doctor, Dr Lewis Sayre, was a big fan of circumcision. That doctor became the president of the American Medical Association, which put him in a very influential position. Because the president of the AMA was so in favour of circumcision, other doctors followed his lead.

For a while circumcision was popular in the UK too, because Sayre's influence was so strong it even stretched over here. But around the 1950s, other British doctors began to do research into Sayre's claims (he thought circumcision could stop just about anything, from STDs to asthma to epilepsy) and found they weren't based in fact, so the NHS stopped funding it. And the vast majority of Brits did and still do get their healthcare from the NHS, so since it wasn't funded anymore they stopped circumcising their kids.

The US, on the other hand, doesn't have an NHS equivalent, and there is considerable financial benefit for doctors to go on claiming that circumcision is a benefit, so they continued doing that to make money and here we are.

Basically it's almost entirely one man's fault.

No. 413991

>“Women also were thought to be the more carnal sex in the Middle Ages. Debilitated by sexual urges, women’s limited moral judgment and rational capabilities were easily overwhelmed by desire. The suggested derivations for another Latin word for woman, femina, underscore this point. According to the same text quoted above, “We get the word femina… from those parts of the thighs (femorum) by which this sex is distinguished from the man" Others think that femina derives by Greek etymology, from the phrase ‘fiery force,’ because a woman lusts fiercely; for females are most lustful than males, among women as animals. Given these associations between women and the sin of lust, it is hardly surprising that later the Malleus maleficarum would derive femina from a compound of fe (faith) and minus (lesser), “since she is ever weaker to hold and preserve the faith.” Although this particular etymology does not appear until the fifteenth century, the sentiment it expresses about female weakness and lack of moral sense is fully in accord with the content of the late medieval tradition.”
- Nancy Caciola, Discerning Spirits: Divine and Demonic Possession in the Middle Ages.

Men: Projecting their issues onto women since the dawn of time.

No. 414055

File: 1558717449542.jpg (79.44 KB, 367x489, Roman_Man_Mosaic.jpg)


That's an intriguing quote I'll have to read that book sometime.

Adding to your point about abstaining from sex being viewed as an admirable trait for men in the past, in ancient Rome promiscuous men were viewed as lacking self-control and incapable of governing others. Roman men who came from elite backgrounds and frequently had sex with different people risked losing their esteem in the eyes of other elite men and were thought to have low impulses. See pages 67-68 of "Roman Sexualities" by Judith Hallett and Marilyn Skinner for a source.

Roman women were expected to be chaste virgins if they weren't married, but at least the Romans were consistent enough to realize it takes two to tango and apply sexual restrictions to men too.

I have to say I prefer this to the current Western cultural standard of expecting women to stay as virginal as possible and never experience sexual desire unless married while saying the more sex men have with more women increases their status. This results in a very predatory male sexuality that tries to force or manipulate a woman taught her whole life to avoid sex into having sex with him. He then takes away, or absorbs, her status and adds it to his. It's nearly parasitic.

No. 414074

I think most guys who are addicted to porn don't interact with women enough to know they have feelings. That or they're still bitter about whatever girl rejected them in high school.
They're worried about their dicks because that's all porn is for. They stare at a screen, shoot their goo and trick their brain into thinking they got laid. It's likely the only gratification throughout the day.

No. 414077

>The major reason is because one doctor, Dr Lewis Sayre, was a big fan of circumcision. That doctor became the president of the American Medical Association, which put him in a very influential position. Because the president of the AMA was so in favour of circumcision, other doctors followed his lead.

Figures. I there has been other scandals associated with the AMA. Thanks for this interesting information.

No. 414082

>be scrot
>leave a drink right next to your computer
>drink gets accidentally spilled on computer
>start screeching at your child because its obviously all his fault
>(probably) deliberately bump into your wife as shes trying to clean up, making an even bigger mess
>when this becomes an argument, start threatening to kill yourself
>somehow scrotoids/handmaidens on the internet say this is your wife and childs fault and that your wife is abusive

and yet retards on reddit still constantly reee about how the relationship subreddits are biased in favour of women.


No. 414086

You'd have to be pretty retarded to assume another human being doesn't have feelings… Even with porn.

No. 414088

Eh, so I read this and objectively:
>Husband walks into the room and sees me cleaning up a mess and I tell him “you left a drink right next to your keyboard.”
She immediately accuses him before he even says a thing. Male to female, female to female, male to male, this would be ineffective in any circumstance. It is accusational, and because she is married to a brainlet main child of course he is going to react defensively and try to redirect blame (which he does to his own child). The rest is all just abysmally stupid and there's a lot of pent up resentment coming out from the woman and a lot of emotional immaturity coming out from the man. At least she did confront him over it but demanding ("I deserve") an apology is also not right either. I feel bad for the kid though because clearly neither of these two people are emotionally ready for co-parenting and a lot of these warning signs were probably there before they had a child.

No. 414089

This is true. I've studied the Middle Ages (particularly England and France) extensively and for a couple hundred years in particular clerical writings got really riled up with the idea of male chastity in the face of female temptation being really important. Rather than admitting their boners and lust were their own fault, they projected it onto women writing that from a Christian perspective everyone had a gender-neutral divine soul, but that the female body was innately more animalistic, carnal, and created/attracted sin. Stupid projection since pregnancy was a huge threat to women that they would not take lightly but it was a way of appeasing the male ego while telling them to stop trying to fuck every woman they met.

No. 414096

The normal response to "You left a drink next to the computer is "Oh sorry, you need help cleaning that up?"


No. 414098

Yeah, he honestly sounds like how I was when I was emotionally fucked up teenager with rage issues. Falling apart because I tripped or left my wallet at home or something.
A parent should not be that explosive.

That said I also agree with >>414088

No. 414143

i've been lurking here for a year and finally thought of something worthy to say
>freshman year - i was fresh out of a relationship and sad
>ended up meeting a 17 yr old loner, was still struggling with my sexuality and impulsively stayed with men
>never was attracted to him, he still forced himself on to me multiple times
>fucking tells me that he's kurt cobain. like the reincarnation of kurt cobain.
>ended up being molested for 2 years straight
>now i'm 18 and a lesbian. life is crazy

No. 414152

Sorry you went through that shit anon

No. 414239

Does anyone else share my hatred of femboys? I've never met a more disgustingly depraved group of losers in my entire life. The way they appropriate female sexuality in the most gross way possible so they can pretend to be ~uwu cute anime traps~ makes me fucking gag. And they're always so fucking hostile to real females, like they think of themselves as better women when the truth is they're just disgustingly gangly losers with a weird fetish and superiority complex brought on by their own insecurities.

No. 414264

I hate when I see women tripping over themselves in the WokeOlympics to befriend them.
Them, men dressed as 8 year old girls.

No. 414289

They're gross. I wouldn't mind if they were just men who liked to be feminine, but like you said, they always have creepy ideas about what femininity is and hate women.

No. 414317

What percentage of the male population would you guess hits all these marks:

>not pornsick

>never has/would sexually pressure a women (from coaxing to outright rape)
>sees/treats and believes women to be equal

Are there such men?

No. 414322

Lmao you're lucky if they think of you as human

All men are pornsick, you can only hope they're not too far gone. Like the women that marry men who get busted for CP

No. 414336

File: 1558794946170.png (86.59 KB, 650x391, Comedian-Ryan-Creamer.png)

It's just not the mindset they go into porn with. It's not "I'm going to watch 2 human beings with parents and emotional needs copulate for my amusement." All porn is to them is something that makes it easier to pull their dicks. Weather it be the typical power fantasy or amateur porn or being stepped on by a 500lb furry hermaphrodite.
Watching porn is a solitary activity for most men, so from there perspective, there's no real person's feelings to consider other than their own.

No. 414338

wrong their kill me

No. 414498

Wrong whether too, anon. Kek.

No. 414545

Good news everyone, research confirms we're better off alone (but men aren't).
>unmarried and childless women are the happiest subgroup in the population. And they are more likely to live longer than their married and child-rearing peers
>The study found that levels of happiness reported by those who were married was higher than the unmarried, but only when their spouse was in the room. Unmarried individuals reported lower levels of misery than married individuals who were asked when their spouse was not present.
>Men benefited from marriage because they “calmed down”, he said. “You take less risks, you earn more money at work, and you live a little longer. She, on the other hand, has to put up with that, and dies sooner than if she never married. The healthiest and happiest population subgroup are women who never married or had children


No. 414549

Articles like this make me certain that I'm not going to look for another man if my current relationship ever ends.

Are any of you against having children? My bf wants them but I'm not really up for sacrificing my finances and potentially my life to raise some parasite who will inevitably hate me at one point in time because, "ugh my mom is SUCH a bitch."

No. 414551

you mean like the average farmer?

No. 414552

I'm not going to have kids, I doubt I'd ever trust a man to do his share in a 50/50 partnership. They always think working their 9-5 is equivalent to 24/7 on call childcare with no pay, leave or breaks, and that's if you're lucky enough to have a breadwinner and not need to work. Even men who do some chores and childcare need the work delegated to them by their wife, because deep down everyone still considers household management women's work. Plus my personality is just really introverted and low energy, the lack of alone time and privacy is a universal complaint amongst mothers and I could never cope with it.

No. 414564

>Even men who do some chores and childcare need the work delegated to them by their wife
This might be nitpicky but this one of the things that makes me the angriest when I live with a man. They never do anything by themselves. It's like they want to get away with being as lazy as possible and we become the evil nags for asking them to clean up. The best you can hope is that you can get them to clean up after themselves and maybe follow semi-basic hygiene, but you have to keep after them nonstop. God forbid they ever think to sweep the floor or wipe the counter without it being demanded. I hate them so much.

No. 414574

I will never has kids.

1. I don't want to grow up that much. I like working just enough and having lots of free time.
2. I like my freedom.
3. They're not always cute (teenagers).
4. I have to live forever even if I'm in pain. (Can't suicide with kids, even grown ones)
5. I think the planet will be garbage for humans in the next few decades. I wouldn't want my spawn to suffer. I also don't think humans deserve this planet any more.
6. I don't want to put my body through that. I also don't trust doctors much.

Since I'm mid 30s now, I don't forsee changing my mind.

No. 414601

It's infuriating. We have to choose between doing all the work ourselves and constantly micromanaging them like they're children. If we choose the second option and actually expect them to keep up with some small responsibilities, we're "nags" for not letting them do whatever they want and make messes everywhere without cleaning them up.

No. 414608

It's horrible. One of my roommates is a male friend, and yet he leaves dishes in the sink constantly, leaves garbage out, eats the food I buy without sharing his when he buys any, etc. Sometimes I get home from work/school and he'll have the nerve to ask me if I can clean a mess he made.

If he does do any chores, he has the need to announce it to the rest of us as if it deserves praise, when we clean 99% of the time. It's scary how he doesn't know how to clean the floors (leaves pile of swept stuff in the middle of room and does nothing with it), clean dishes (they always remain sticky, doesn't soak things), etc.

It's really draining to have to keep asking gently to just clean up after himself, like I've really snapped at him. It's crazy because I know for a fact his background is anything but posh, and yet I feel like in comparison to women who grow up impoverished, men who grow up impoverished are totally coddled.

No. 414699

Some woman will be tripping over herself to marry this child some day.
Send him back to mommy.

No. 414707

Come on now, don't be cruel. His mom is probably living her life since she got rid of that pest.

No. 414730

>we become the evil nags for asking them to clean

This is the worst part. When I lived with male roommates, you'd think I'd asked for them to behead their families with the way they reacted when I asked if they could clean their shitty skidmarks off the toilet bowl or even if I asked if they could at least scrape their leftovers into the bin before leaving their dishes somewhere stupid. Yet when I was doing my laundry or cleaning my room, they'd say I should just do some of theirs while I'm at it. You can't clean rotting food out of your room but I should wash your sheets? Fuck off.

I was seeing a guy that was actually really lovely in these respects. He was the only boy out of a bunch of very feminist sisters so I think he was taught about respect quicker than he got indoctrinated into the stupid boys club that society seems to have going on. I actually don't think it's something they're born with, I just think that your average guy is coddled and taught that women are there only to enrich his life.

Women have been taught for so long that they must be married to matter and now they'll settle for men who don't respect them and this will inevitably pass onto their sons. Honestly gross men will never stop themselves because they're being babied for it. We as women should just make the decision not to settle for these losers, even if it means being alone. Tradthots and edgelords especially need to have some self respect and let the pornsick and the disrespectful die out.

No. 414732

no racebait, i'm just fucking tired of muslim men's hypocrisy.
>living in a third world muslim country
>the country's women having sex before marriage is still a taboo and honor killings are a huge issue
>men always bring down these women and think foreign, for some reason specifically slavic and scandinavian women are dying to fuck them
>one guy brings up the fact that these foreign women won't probably be virgins until they get married since it's not as much of a taboo in the west
>one guy replies with "they are more likely to cheat"
fuck scrotes

No. 414736

Men will pretend to believe in equality but evidence shows otherwise in the disproportionate distribution of domestic labor and the added constant strain of mental domestic labor on women as the ones delegated to constantly be the only one planning out each day/week's tasks, thinking of every tiny thing that needs to be done and keeping things running smoothly while assigning tasks to an unthinking and unwilling husband/boyfriend.

Future men need it drilled into their heads from childhood to look around their rooms and homes for chores to do themselves, to not rely on women to tell them everything to do, and to know from childhood that not doing their part in the family will not be forgotten and their work simply picked up by a resigned mother. I've seen so many sons who grew up knowing if they don't clean their room, their mother will clean it eventually (because it's the dynamic she was taught by her own family, her husband, and indirectly through more general values instilled by gendered socialization), and when these guys grow up and look for a relationship they look for a new mommy maid.

I've spoken with so many older women who have spent their lives working full time, doing nearly all the work raising their children, and doing nearly all the domestic work in their homes while their husbands laze about, bitch and moan "my wife is such a nag, she's been yelling at me all week to vacuum even though I said I'd do it!" Yeah, you said you'd do it 7 days ago and then never did. The amount of sorrow and anger I've seen simmering just under the surface of elderly women who realize this isn't how it has to be when I speak with them about these issues is incredible and heartbreaking.

No. 414753

File: 1558888081393.png (31.76 KB, 1319x199, 1558822358928.png)

Saw this reposted on /pol/.
The absolute irony is lost on them.

No. 414756

>Every relationship for [women] is transactional in nature
>Anyway if a woman isn't being my fantasy submissive babymachine bangmaid then she isn't providing me any useful services
Also guarantee this guy is below average intelligence compared to the average female IQ, is probably bitter and delusional about women dominating in academia, and would piss himself in fear in a debate with any of the many successful women (doctors, lawyers) I know. Incidentally those women are also all in extremely stable and mutually happy long-term relationships, unlike this guy.

No. 414757

I'm so sick of men who makes revoltingly sexist "jokes" then get butthurt when people don't find them funny and think they're actually sexist. Here's a crazy idea, if you don't want people to think you're sexist don't joke about shit like how women shouldn't have rights or that their opinions don't count. Why the fuck would you think that's funny unless you actually are sexist???

No. 414761

File: 1558889906556.jpg (73.99 KB, 467x700, 1690438e02c7020f63151795b67b75…)

Not exactly man hate but does anyone notice how every single time someone does a "seven deadly sins personified" type of deal, "Lust" is ALWAYS female? The only time I can think of when this didn't happen was The Sandman, though "Desire" switched between male and female so it wasn't fully male.

Dumb male gazey shit. As if women are more lustful than men ever will be, or that women just exist to tempt and corrupt men.

No. 414763

Men don't actually have real friendships though. Especially not western/most european/aus men. They're too emotionally stunted to show affection and too retarded to express feelings. Male friendship is extraordinarily superficial and based entirely around bragging about their status; it always comes down to which of the two is more 'alpha' in the end. Men have no capacity for deep male/male bonding.

No. 414765

Yes, I always thought the personnification of sinful lust should be a weird creepy man.

No. 414766

This or just some pathetic middle-aged guy who cheats on his wife for a younger woman type. That's far more accurate than some sexy whore "temptress" woman that doesn't exist irl.

No. 414768

I never noticed that before, but you're totally right. Because sok mehow lust is more sinful when it comes from a woman.

No. 414774

I think you're reaching a little bit. As you said men are a lot more lustful than women, that's why Lust is 'supposed' to be represented by an attractive woman. You never see Gluttony being a female either

No. 414777

Yeah, but gluttony is always presented as fat, not as a chef or some shit tempting you with food. So, it would make more sense to present lust as a horny man instead of a sexy seductress.

No. 414782

I don't think it would be nearly as cool/interesting tho… Lust in FMA never felt overly sexualized and was actually a strong female character, it all depends on the way it's portrayed. People always associate Wrath with men even tho it's not an exclusive male thing, it's just the way ppl see it.

No. 414788

lust as a pornsick man could be interesting if written in the right kind of story. or it could be depicted as an agp troon.

No. 414789

But… why? Why is Lust "supposed" to be a sexy woman. That's not sinful Lust. A man who guns down a college because he hates women that don't fuck him is a sinful representation of lust. A man who commits adultery or rape is a sinful representation of lust. Women don't do these things anywhere near as often as men, so why is Lust associated with a woman? Also why would a woman be "tempting" straight women?

It's just a dumb concept; Lust should always be either a male or goes between male and female.

No. 414828

File: 1558901776243.png (1.23 MB, 1366x768, 1558901559970.png)

4chan sometimes has gems

No. 414833

but i need to ask: wtf is up with drag queens?
i don't get it, what's the point of a gay man dressing as a slutty woman
it feels wrong and actually insulting to women

No. 414837

not to mention it's also making fun of gay men being seen as more effeminate and the idea of a man trying to be a woman but it's somehow still accepted by gay and trans culture

No. 414840

I kekd at autism jeans

No. 414842

File: 1558904471679.jpg (320.04 KB, 1000x500, download.jpg)

good drag isn't just about how "slutty" the character is. it's an art form and a person playing a character. bad drag performers are just men in wigs making sex jokes, but good drag performers have a skill like comedy, entertainment, dance or a combo of things. they are also artists who make their own clothes and do their own makeup. they're 99% gay men who follow the trend of gay men idolizing female celebs and being inspired by them. it's pretty harmless, at least, again, at a high level. if you watch RPDR the sexual jokes are amped up for entertainment but if you see a lot of those queens live it's less of it.

No. 414843

It comes from the perception most ppl have that associates sexiness to women
It's the same reason why Wrath is portrayed as a muscular man and Gluttony as an obese man
If you draw Lust as a horny man literally no one would guess what sin it is I'm saying from the artist's pow

No. 414845

File: 1558905358949.jpg (47.78 KB, 480x721, 5bf1a42db6d4362cf18964b536c175…)

No. 414850

>good drag isn't just about how "slutty" the character is. it's an art form and a person playing a character.
You don't actually know about actual drag at all, do you.

No. 414854

i think it should be one of those men who actively take part in the sexual trafficking and explotitation of vulnerable women just to satisfy his own lust, like a man who goes to prostitutes and watches porn. since thats the one of the most harmful and sinful versions of lust because it actively harms multiple other people.

its a lot mroe ominous than just some sexy woman imo.

No. 414855

i want to marry a male widow or something, i don't actually want to birth children because i fear pregnancy and having them taken away by my husband if we ever got divorced. also he would be more needy for me and society would see me as selfless and mother like

No. 414856

File: 1558907835661.png (315.18 KB, 682x450, Untitled.png)

I always knew this. I always felt stressed when I was dating men. Men are retarded cavemen who of course are happier when they have a female around to be an emotional cumrag to soak them up, and of course, the woman is expected to do all the emotional labor. And the woman is tasked with all the cleaning and homemaking chores and continuing to make her man happy while he goes out and works and is "the man of the house" and fucking kill me.

I love being single and childless. It's so fun and freeing.

No. 414857

i've been into drag since i was a teen but you clearly haven't!

No. 414860

File: 1558908133463.png (303.46 KB, 720x1127, Screenshot_2019-05-26-18-01-06…)

Women are better MGTOW's then man.

No. 414863

No. 414869

It's not that they're lazy, and want a female maid. It's that they don't value tidyness at all. Male bachelors are famously slovenly for a reason. Even when they can easily pay for an actual maid. A room that's covered in shit to them is if anything more comfortable than a room that is not, and why do ANY work for a room that's less comfortable? The answer to that is empathy. Caring about partner. HE might not care about the mess itself, but SHE clearly does, so express you care for her by doing that vacuuming anyway.

No. 414871

drag don't break stereotypes but reinforces them instead, just so busted men can live their 'fierce wahman' fantasy. i find it disgusting. also most fem gay men act shitty towards women that aren't their mom

No. 414872

drag queens*

No. 414878

Even when I was younger, I always said I'd rather adopt or foster than have my own child. And now I'm 34 and still childless, and I can still say, I don't want my own child. Not only is the whole pregnancy process just stressful, but I can't afford a kid, and I'm probably not mentally stable enough for a kid.

I'll just stick with pets. Plus my mom is getting older, so I'll probably wind up having to look after her in the future anyway.

No. 414879


God, this. I remember encountering this for the first time in college, when I lived in an eight person house as one of two girls, and at first I (and the other girl) were incredulous at them saying "lol I don't care" when we brought up the mess, but they really don't. What really pisses me off though is when they then act like it's YOU who has the issue, and if it's such a problem it's all YOUR job to clean it up, but it's never like……some clutter, maybe the floor needs mopping, some dust bunnies, whatever. It's absolute filth. Like CPS would be called if kids were there. And they act you have the problem and they get away with it because men have absolutely no fucking initiative to take basic care of themselves, let alone get anywhere near thinking "huh this matters to my friend, I'll wipe down the counters."

No. 414880

All the posts ITT about how women are more likely to live longer by avoiding men made me think about how women are (supposedly) more likely to develop cervical cancer if they never bear children. What do you anons think? A personal tinfoil of mine is that male doctors exaggerated the no children = cervical cancer claim to increase the birth rate.

No. 414899

Your tinfoil is too much of a reach for me anon, I'm willing to bet that the cervical cancer stats are recent and peer reviewed enough that there will be truth in there.
However I agree there are probably many old-fashioned doctors pushing very outdated opinions on everything. I'm not disputing the raised risks of downs syndrome etc, but this bbc article from a few years back really stuck with me on the topic of how long outdated research can continue to influence medical opinion https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-24128176

No. 414911

I've also heard you can ward off cancer by having an orgasm, so.

I'd rather be childfree and keep masturbating to my pretend BF than ever deal with a real man and kids.

No. 414943

Actually, women who never have children do live longer on average despite the higher cervical cancer chance and typically have better overall health.

No. 414996

As a rancher I know that cows that have never have calves live longer than cows that do as well, so it's probs just a similar phenomenon in humans. Like the process itself will age us and take away essential nutrients that take time to restore. Though to me what it comes down to still is quality over quantity. My 80's, 90's, and possibly even 100's will not be fun at all if I'm locked away in a nursing home without kids or grandkids to visit.

No. 415005

>Women project by thinking men care about something other than physical appearance in relationships
They tell on themselves. Every time.

No. 415006

It's incredible that they think women are the evil ones for caring about their jobs, finances, education, etc. They are things that actually show something about someone's personality and, judging by the divorce rate due to financial stress, are a serious indication of how a long term relationship will fare. All men care about is looks and doing literally whatever they want us to (aka 'submissiveness').

I personally think women need to judge men by their income less, but mainly because it does our own gender a disservice when we assume men should make more than us. But that doesn't mean it isn't perfectly reasonable to want a financially literate man who can manage his money and demonstrate enough responsibility to keep a decent job, money problems doom marriages.

No. 415018

this really annoys me because so many asian women can be very bossy and demanding, i dont mean this in a bad way but this idea of 'muh perfect submissive waifu who will do everything I say' is so wrong. similar with the stereotypes about eastern european women where they clearly haven't met any, enough said lol

No. 415020

Why does not having children increase risks of cervical cancer?

No. 415022

Apparently it's to do with the amount of cycles you go through, women who ovulate more (ie never have children) are exposed to more hormones.

No. 415023

Pregnancy doesn't make you more exposed to hormones? Genuine question.

No. 415041

Legit I have no idea, it's to do with the body releasing the egg specifically. I also saw a website recommend getting pregnant before 24 to reduce chance of breast cancer.

No. 415042

Unless it's confirmed to be strongly correlated to the point of smoking or sun exposure or radiation, etc, idgaf and would never make massive life decisions based on a small increased risk of cancer. Everything gives us cancer according to the media and we'd never live normal lives if we avoided everything reported to cause it. Pregnancy and birth have enough risks on their own, anyway.

No. 415043

But what if we go on birth control

No. 415053

I wonder if you abort it before 3 months, do you still get those pregnancy benifits.

No. 415054

File: 1558956003420.png (117.02 KB, 859x467, 983RH938DJ398F.png)

>Feminism is a mental illness
>But muh men's right is a necessity, I don't want to be divorce raped!!!

No. 415065

>Women anxious because men literally rape and murder them at a whim
>But why are you scared? Silly feminist

No. 415069

Men literally rape and murder other men at a whim as well, and they do so far more often than they rape and murder men. As in less than 1% of them. The other 99% have never raped or murdered anyone.

No. 415076

There was a teenage boy that got rapes by a man nearly in his 50s walking home near me a few weeks ago. Just makes me so sick, glad the man got caught. Just terrifying to think this man was out there willing to overpower anyone. We honestly need more resources into getting actual convictions against rapists, it's a terrifying problem.

No. 415080

Abso-frickan-lutely. In the meantime though I just tell people to be armed. "God made men(and women), but Colt made them equal".

No. 415085

I witnessed my mother get raped by a stranger when I was 7. She hadn't done anything to 'deserve it'. A random guy just broke into our apartment and raped her.
It's not even legal to own weapons in my country. I wish I could own some sort of handgun for defense.

No. 415089

some forms of birth control (the pill) actually might increase your risk of developing beast cancer, along with increasing your risk of developing blood clots, but it decreases the risk of certain kinds of cancer due to decreasing the amount of times you ovulate bc of less exposure to hormones, like >>415023 mentioned

No. 415091

Holy shit, anon. That must have been horrifying. Ain't nobody ever deserves it.Is she doing okay now at least?

Just, I still need to stress that it can't really count as feminism issue when boys and men are often the target of it as well. Heck, it's not even really a "change rape culture" thing since they already know it's evil but choose to do it anyway.

Being old won't stop them. Being young won't stop them. Having a penis won't stop them. Teaching them not to won't stop them. Showing them what the bottom of a shallow grave looks like will.

No. 415124

>I still need to stress that it can't really count as feminism issue when boys and men are often the target of it as well

can we please stop this meme, the overwhelming majority of rape victims are women and girls. like im pretty sure its over 90%. its a feminism issue.

No. 415129

How is it not a feminist issue when there are types of violence against women that are specific to our sex ? Men don't have to deal with getting pregnant from rape. They don't have to deal with knowing that they will almost always be physically weaker than any male, and at a terrible disadvantage if attacked.

Yes, they deal with violence too, and yes, assault and rape are terrible regardless of your gender, but women are a prime target and we suffer consequences that men don't.

No. 415130

You're forgetting prison rape. Men are literally locked in cells with people that rape them every day.
You're forgetting plenty of men are weaker than most other men as well.

No. 415132

lmao criminals literally deserve it though

No. 415133

NTA, but not all criminals are violent. Prison rape is a problem if you go to prison on minor drug charges and come out worse than you went in.

No. 415135

Per the fbi and Wikipedia,

>Sex offense victims in 2012 (FBI):

>67,345 female

>12,100 male

I checked the source. Children are in a separate category. If it was just forcible rape, I'm sure there would be an even larger disparity.

No. 415144

but the feminist point is that MEN are the majority of rapists. Prison rape is committed by men themselves.

Men are the problem, that's the pink pill.

No. 415153

>Prison rape

Women go to prison too. Actually stats show that the number of women raped in prison is a larger statistic than the number of men raped in prison. And women are generally being raped by male guards, not other prisoners.

No. 415156

Following this up, here are the stats from the National Inmate Survey (U.S):

4.8% of men in prison reported rape or sexual abuse versus 6.8% of women.

Women are at higher risk of prison rape than men are.

No. 415163

>99% of men have never raped or murdered
100% would given the chance though.

No. 415176

99% is bullshit too. 99% is probably a lot closer to the number of men who have sexually harassed or assaulted women

No. 415193

And how about all the Kavanaughs out there? So many men push the limit with drunk girls and women.

I never allow myself to let loose and drink too much because there's a very real threat from men to take advantage of you. I learned that real quick in high school.

No. 415214

/r/femcels is calmer then /r/braincels.

No. 415216

it is. ive only looked it up a couple of times out of curiosity, but a lot of the posts were about bettering yourself, the bitter posts about chad and stacey were quite rare, although maybe its changed since i last saw it.

meanwhile incels cant talk about anything other than the mythical chad and ~roasties~, and there have also been posts about wanting to rape and assault women.

No. 415218

GirlIncel territory, get help.

No. 415256

File: 1558992862446.png (168.78 KB, 161x686, The Sun.png)

yay. 4 in a row

No. 415259

I know it shouldn't affect how I feel but seeing the closeup of the little girl's face in the 2nd article just really makes me feel horrible. How could you do something like that to a child?

No. 415266

File: 1558994914520.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1920x1080, 13620466.png)

the porn men get off to is fucking ridiculous lmao. warning there's giant tits under here.

No. 415269

I really don’t get it… it just looks stupid as fuck

No. 415270

I actually like busty women myself (perhaps because I'm flat?), but this is hilarious.
The tiny woman on there who ALSO has proportionally unreal tiddies…I'm losing it. Nipple fucking also always kills me.

No. 415274

>Tfw will never have a small r63 blu scout with huge titties who lives in between my own massive breasts
feelsbadman :(

No. 415277

This is such a specific kink that I can't even be mad. I just find this fucking hilarious.

No. 415281

no offense to women with big boobs but this looks terrible. why are men so weird? like almost all men have weird, aesthetically retarded fetishes, while we rarely have them.

like, i definitely dont get wet thinking of a MASSIVE dong or a guy with ABNORMALLY CHISELED jawbones. it's like they're literally retarded children. female visual taste is so much more refined

No. 415293

>most fem gay men act shitty towards women that aren't their mom

It's not just fem gay men that have that mindset. Lots of men in general hate women that didn't raise them. It's the whole whore vs. madonna complex thing.

No. 415312

this was discussed last thread with the gigachad thing >>408227
weird how women don't tend to care for exaggerated, deformed features yet men love it?

No. 415324

Do female prisoners deserve to get raped by the prison guards too? Or abused by their lesbian inmates?

No. 415325

It's called "supernormal stimulus". Same evolutionary fluke that makes certain male beetles try to mate with beer bottles because for most of their evolutionary history there was no down side to going for the female with the most pronounced sexual characteristics they can find. Then the modern world came along and this behavior went crazy to the point where it stops them reproducing successfully at all. Spending all day jerking off to stuff like that on the internet is the human male version.

No. 415350

Men get off on that godawful thing, fedlegs, other freakish, distorted fetishes. But female sexuality is soooo complicated haha because we want to have sex with someone who likes us and expect them to touch our primary sexual organ.

No. 415354

Is there anywhere else on the internet where we can talk frankly about men, or is this literally our one thread? It's funny; men have dozens of forums for woman-hate, but this is the only real man-hate threat I've been able to find. And yet we get ten times as many posts from men as they get from women on their misogyny forums.

No. 415355

Funny thing is the four things he listed as women having no value for are the go-to things you'd criticise women for over-valuing if you were doing so without being motivated by being a bitter incel. So resentful they can't even be sexist properly.

No. 415367

>If you draw Lust as a horny man literally no one would guess what sin it is I'm saying from the artist's pow
What? Just put some BDSM gear on him and a pair of cat ears. Make him drool a bit, too. Boom.

No. 415368

Aye, sis. If a woman doesn't value security in the relationship then who will? Being poor and hungry and chased by other predators because you failed to make a plan isn't anywhere near as fun when you've a bowling ball in your belly and another on your breast.

No. 415370

File: 1559021026635.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.7 KB, 900x900, leisuresuitlarry.jpg)

>If you draw Lust as a horny man literally no one would guess what sin it is

No. 415374

Thanks for sharing the link anon, it's good to know and makes me feel more determined and justified in not marrying a man.
Funny enough these threads have really helped me in bonding with my mother. She use to be the type that asked why I wasn't married or having kids yet but after sharing these facts and stories (like husbands murdering their wives and children to be with a mistress), she's finally accepted it and now we talk about how awful men can be.

No. 415377

"women are so irrational and overly emotional"

No. 415379

So bring more life into this world because you feared for your own life? Imagine explaining that to your kid as the reason for having them.

No. 415386

The comment section always fuels my man hate

As a Russian, I like looking into my roots and seeing wholesome videos like this, but as men always do, instead of appreciation, they fill the comment section with hate

Imagine watching a two minute video of women singing and making insane assumptions about their culture and using it as reasons feminism was a mistake (because Russians aren't feminists despite being known for their feminist groups???), Then some more shit about how not having tattoos or a phone within the two minutes in this video makes them better and Western women are evil roasties (And trying to be men but also always twerking with tattoos on their phone???)

Men were a mistake, can't I just enjoy one video on YouTube without men ruining it?

No. 415387

Males can't see women as humans with depth, we can be either a
>Degenerate tattooed twerking american whore (who refuses to take my peepee!!!)
>Wholesome pure virgin slav / asian (who will definitely want my peepee!)

No. 415388

How ridiculous. They are pretty but you see groups of girls who look and dress like them all the time in the west, it's just generic cute girly outfits. And it has nothing to do with what they are like as people.

Men just see what they want to see, and that's a fantasy country full of perfect wholesome waifus who have nothing better to do than be cute and young and pine after western dick.

No. 415391

Slavlands there, and I am so tired of a fucking "muh pure slavic girls that get their minds poisoned by these evil western feminazis :(" mindset.
You always get to hear that "muh real women" are the ones that should stay in their husband's shadow and choose motherhood, because it's her woman's duty.
It's even more disheartening, when you see other women following this and attacking other women because of their feminist beliefs. And their image of "fat ugly feminist, who would change their views if only she would be given a good fuck".

No. 415392


But aren't their dresses kinda short for "trad" standards? One girl even has short shorts and other has jeans (="sloppy and manly"), not a skirt, god forbid. If these girls were American or Western European, they'd find a way to be wailing in the comments how degenerate and un-trad le evil western women are. Men are pathetic.

No. 415400

I too saw that video a while ago and yeah, the comments…
In my country live a lot of russians and you really can't tell them apart from the native girls? Their faces and bodies look the same, they dress the same, they have the same interests…, yet they're muh submissive trad wives while we are roastie whores.
I'll simply assume that most of the commenters are muricans who never even visited europe.
I get your anger, but tbh I'd rather be hailed as some pure waifu than constantly having to read seemingly everywhere on the web about how much of a disgusting slut (who should just die) girls like me are.

No. 415407

Are you a Finn? If so, if it makes you feel any better most women in my country (Balkan Slav here) admire Finnish women a lot because they're strong and fight for their rights, and in the media here you're always an example of how people are supposed to behave.

Also I don't think these guys would like it if they knew their pure trad Slav waifus had to have jobs in the 50s and many worked in STEM or operated heavy machinery, and that it's perfectly normal to have women programmers nowadays who are paid more than their asses could ever provide.

I mean, a lot of people where I live do make fun of American feminism but that's because they don't understand what they are talking about since we don't experience that kind of treatment here. We're not exactly equal ourselves but our feminist movements often try to ape their American counterparts even though we don't get treated like American women.

For example, if someone told a girl here to smile, talked over her or said her skirt was too slutty he would get a slap in the face. Nobody would ever say that here. Some girl on a local forum talked about her experiences with American men and was pissed off that they always assumed authority over her and everyone else. Like, try that with girls here if you like having their moms and grandmas destroy your spine and will to live when they find out.

We have other issues, like the fact that you're judged hard if you're a mother and want to look nice/buy yourself something nice/go to a spa, because as a mom you should give everything in your life to your child and you're not doing it right if you're not an impoverished old crone by the time your kid starts school. Also we have really good laws on maternity leave and pregnant employees but companies routinely ignore that and just make up reasons to fire pregnant women instead. The system is corrupt so they can just pay their way out of anything.

No. 415410

>how much of a disgusting slut (who should just die) girls like me are
My own country is at this weird in-between where alt-right media will constantly call us degenerates and make up lies about events here to use as examples of the "fall of western civilisation", but then the same people often fetishise women of my nationality and act overly sexual towards them. It only reinforces my belief that men can't dissociate sexual desire and absolute contempt. The more they want to fuck you, the more they look down on you.

No. 415412

No, I live in Germany.

No. 415443


No. 415446


>it's so unfair that i can't harass women freely without consequences

The absolute state of scrots. Even toddlers are taught to shut up if they can't say anything nice lmao.

No. 415449

Imagine thinking you should be able to talk shit all you want without consequences.

No. 415450

YES. That was something recently on my mind. Even in FMA Lust is female, while the rest of the sins are blokes.

Great point.

No. 415453

Lust wasn't even 'lusty' imo in FMA. Did she do anything that was even remotely sexual the entire show? All these shows that portray the 7 sins always miss the mark to me. The true epitome of lust is obviously found in thirsty men but for some reason it's always a mild, kind of evil woman wearing a lowcut dress.

No. 415456


>anonymous shit talk on an obscure imageboard is the same as going up to a random woman irl and giving her condescending "advice" to humiliate her
(taking bait)

No. 415457

Ignore him. Males can't possibly empathize with unsolicited catcalling because deep down they are all desperate for female attention themselves and can't possibly see the attention garnered from catcalls as bad. They think with their penises and would do anything in the world for female attention, even post in a MH thread on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 415460

>when men have entire boards, forums and subreddits dedicated to insulting women, posting gore of women and rejoicing in their suffering, mocking the rapes, deaths, torture of women, it's "free speech"
>when women have a single thread dedicated to sharing information about male violence, our experience with abuse or harrassment and giving each other support, it's us being mean bullies
Love the double standard.

No. 415462

This. Men abuse, rape, and murder women regularly. We could never be on the same level of depravity as them by simply talking shit. You even seen it in incel communities where men wish violence on women because of the unspeakable crime of simply rejecting them.

No. 415468

this, men in my slav country are ridicioulous. they expect us to act like some dainty sumbissive ideal that was never a reality, but at the same time if we won't put out early in relationship we are seen as prude. god forbid waiting until marriage. men only care about trad values as long as they benefit them.

No. 415486

Men: I want to murder women. I want to rape women. Here's an entire forum I made all about how women are sub-human animals who don't deserve rights. Here's my story I wrote about cutting the legs and arms off of teenage girls, stringing them up in a cupboard and allowing other men to rape them for a small fee. Here's some pictures of women who were violently murdered for us to jerk off to.
Everyone: Well, boys will be boys!
Women: I don't like it when men rape me.

No. 415488

File: 1559052781005.jpeg (20.8 KB, 225x350, images (25).jpeg)

It's weird because even tho the Lust sin is presented as a sexy and seductive woman, I never thought she was meant to just lure men. Imo it's more like a woman who owns her sexuality and likes having a lot of sex, kinda like Slan in Berserk. Always having Wrath as a big strong male is far more mysoginist to me

No. 415506

Slav here as well and I hate it. They expect you to be a domestic goddess but at the same time to work 24/7 to finance the entire household. Since families are closely knit, you're also constantly on edge because of the mother in law who thinks her boy is the most perfect man in the world and who should never ever do anything in the house.

> It's even more disheartening, when you see other women following this and attacking other women because of their feminist beliefs.

It's funny because, in my experience, those women tend to be fat, stupid and ugly. I guess they have nothing going for them so they become a useless housewife who can only attract other men by being a complete doormat.

No. 415509

The most irritating part to me is seeing the usual suspects bitch about this thread's existence (or literally anything less than favorable to men) on /meta/ and demand bans for wrongthink ("pls don't be harsh on men ://"), or for suspecting anti-woman posters might be scrote (like that one self-proclaimed lesbian who wrote that gross, misogynistic rant all to whiteknight gay men).
I know the admin/mods just ignore it, but the fact that they feel self-righteous enough to even try? Repeatedly, at that? Fuck off.
You have the whole damn internet as your hugbox, but we should be the ones banned for not keeping quiet to spare the men's and handmaiden's feelings?

No. 415512

I’m going to be moving to a big city in a few months. I currently wait tables, which is okay besides a few creepy scrotes I work with, but I’m wondering if there are any jobs that y’all thoroughly enjoyed bc there weren’t many male customers / majority female coworkers / little to no interaction with males / they were safe?

No. 415514

Best bet is probably to work in a retail store that sells children's clothing. You will literally only interact with mothers and women looking to buy clothes for their sister's friend's cousin's baby. Actually, anything involving children is probably a good bet. Men avoid anything child-related like the plague because they have no sense of responsibility when it comes to child-rearing.

If you hate kids– you probably won't find many men in any store that sells bath bombs or lotions and stuff like that. The few that are there will probably be buying gifts for their SO.

No. 415533

>Those women tend to be fat, stupid and ugly. I guess they have nothing going for them so they become a useless housewife who can only attract other men by being a complete doormat.

You don't have to like what they say, but it's completely understandable that they'd look out for their own job security by arguing that being a housewife is the utmost virtuous and prudent.
Do you expect stupid, ugly, fat women to gain education and meaningful employment in a society where they're called "useless" as women for being any of those things? Pandering to men is safest for them.

No. 415535

I'd say any store that carries exclusively women's clothing. I worked at a store that sold loungewear and underwear for women and it was a nice environment without any creeps. Pretty much any man that walked in was some bored guy on his phone tagging along with his girlfriend or wife. The store I worked at was also marketed to teens and young college age girls and honestly I preferred that, teens are annoying but usually way more polite than adults. All the entitled and rude customers I've ever had working customer service are always adults or seniors. Plus a teenage boy in a store that has frilly cutesy bras everywhere is gonna be awkward and not raise a fuss lol.

Pretty much anything youthful and girly would work, like Claire's or even something like Justice, haha. Men would avoid that like the fucking plague, as long as you don't mind dealing with kids and tweens it honestly doesn't even sound that bad.

No. 415566

I was talking with friends about past teachers, friends were saying I was harsh on male teachers, so I brought up one who was nice to me, after hearing my experience with him my friends went "he's a fucking pedo!" I thought more about it, and the realiazation hit me that he probably was, and all the red flags popped into view. Incoming wall of blogpost.

He's a foreign teacher (my country doesn't have English as a first language, so schools would hire foreign teachers to teach supplementary English lessons), old af, like 50-something. The school year he came I was nine, the school then have this routine, where the foreign teacher would stand at the foot of the stairs to the classrooms, and students were encouraged to have conversations with the teacher before they go to their classrooms. The teacher was pretty popular so usually a crowd of students would talk to him, including me. He'd tell me that he'd love to talk to me more, and I'd bring my lunch to his office next to the staff room so that we could talk more, he said he'd eat with other students but I was always alone with him 3-4 days out of the 5 school days a week. He said he liked hearing me say his name and sometimes would make me say it multiple times. Sometimes I'd talk about boys being bullies, and he'd tell me that he wouldn't be that mean to me, and talk about if he was my age how nice he'd treat me, also he'd pat my head and grab my shoulder a lot.

There was a 2 day joint-school English summer camp that I was chosen to join, and he was one of the supervising teachers. All teachers and students of one school sleeps in one room regardless of gender, he said he wanted to be close to me and wanted me sleep in the bed next to his, but I wanted to be with my friend so I refused, he said fine but I have to sit with him during meals and activities. During that he commented that I didn't have a phone, and he would buy me a phone if I wanted and we can talk on the phone outside of school. I didn't say yes because my family was against me having a phone.

At the end of the year there's this teacher's appreciation event after the awards ceremony where the teachers would go on stage and receive a flower from their favourite students, and he selected me. The week before he asked me to find him during recess, he wanted to play me a song on his guitar because that song's title is my name. But I threw up right as recess starts, and a teacher took me to the school clinic. She said I needed to rest until recess is over, and I told her that I was going to find the foreign teacher because he was going to play me a special song. She said she'd tell him that I wouldn't be going. That lunch he was not at his office so I went back to my classroom.

The next day though, there was another teacher standing with the foreign teacher, and he doesn't talk to me as earnestly, and told me I should stop going to his office for lunch. Later my class teacher told me I didn't have to go to the rehearsal for the teacher appreciation event, and another student will be giving the flower. I was seeing the social worker once a week then, and that day the social worker asked me about what me and the foreign teacher would do and talk. During the teachers appreciation event it was announced that he wouldn't be back for the next school year, which came as a surprise to everyone. The morning talk routine was also cancelled the next year.

I'm so surprised that I remember so many things but I did not recognize them as red flags until in retrospect. I suppose the teacher got busted for his pedo behavior and I dodged a bullet, thank the stars. I've believed since young that most men are garbage and I'm right.

No. 415567

Which country? Also something else must have happened with another student because even though creepy what happened with you I don’t know if they had enough evidence to fire him

No. 415572


I’m from Balkan Slavlands as well and I had my Western Euro raised female relative scream at me for wearing short skirt and shorts in the summer. Mind you, it wasn’t a mini skirt or anything that shows off your butt. >>415386 more like something like this.
It’s something that I’m completely used to wearing here, along with leggings. It’s not considered distasteful here, I even asked my father and male friends if my outfits are revealing but they said no.

I never had problems, was never catcalled, touched, yelled at, or had some guy stare at me. Yet my relative was screaming I deserve to get raped for tempting men. I told her nobody gets deserved to get raped, but she called it me living in fantasyland. I told her I’m dressed like an average girl my age over here in the capital during the summer, but she mentioned how I must have shopped in the district for prositutes, lmao and how she wants to take me in the forest to see them, double lmao. It’s sad women think their own family deserves to be raped for wearing something they’d usually wear in their country.

Also, I happen to be seeing an American…and my god….our men are not saints, sure he won’t assign me gender roles….but the entitlement and me me me attitude are driving me insane. Men are men, but there is something specific about tumblr like attitude and pretending to be God’s gift on Earth and for other cultures to adapt to him. He could be the author of that troon tweet if few things changed in it.

Sage for blogpost, but I thought maybe slightly different cultural observation will be an interesting take.

No. 415638

has anyone else seen this? reddit is so blatantly biased against women.


>men: if a woman slaps a man, he has the right to beat her half to death out of "self defence"!!1!

>also men: if a man literally crashes into a woman, tackles her to the ground and lands on top of her, she has absolutely no right to relatiate REEEEEEE she should go to prison for assault!!1!!1

No. 415654

File: 1559082512992.jpg (56.96 KB, 318x444, 3259354.jpg)

Reading pic related (a book about abusive men) at an anon's recommendation, and damn. Everyone should read this, whether you've been abused or not. I'm only about 1/3 through and it already shuts down so many scrot arguments - one thing he mentions a few times is that men who claim to be physically abused are usually the abusers themselves, and how often abusers try to say that women can get away with everything and have more power in society, etc. Men online say the same shit all the time, gaslighting and manipulation comes so naturally to them.

No. 415656

Seconding the recommendation for this book, though reading certain sections of it made me see the femcel red mist at times. Mostly from the stories of DV victims. Men are a fucking disease.

No. 415659

File: 1559083730473.jpg (47.75 KB, 580x326, 6a00d8341c558f53ef01a3fd2fd273…)

>scrots think slavic women don't twerk, have tattoos, edgy haircuts and piercings, dress alternatively, drink, hook up, go to bars, or go on their phone and are feminists

they can't be serious can they….

please don't tell me they think people who are known for vodka drinking, partying, being edgy, having a literal twerk team and feminist groups, and being IG models… are actually pure virgin waifus unlike those evil western roasties

No. 415660

File: 1559084060318.jpg (27.96 KB, 321x499, 51Oh9U-5eML._SX319_BO1,204,203…)


genuinely thank you for this anon, I'm buying this right the fuck now.

I've been abused mostly by male family members, even as an adult. my older brother has actually bent me over a couch and beat me on the back of the legs with a metal rod because I accidentally broke a window. I was 27 he was 30. he also weirdly "stalks" me, calls me a hooker when I leave the house with a bag of clothes (?) and gets weirdly into my business. the day after I slept with someone he came right up to my face and said "How is _______?" and named the dude. so fucking weird, I feel like I can't escape.
My S.O. is the opposite though, I gravitate toward the most lovely men usually romantically but cop family abuse on the daily unless I literally disappear.
there's also a book I've been perusing called Nice Girl Syndrome, been too in denial to finish reading it but it's good so far ;__;

No. 415661

i dont think they actually believe what they say about ee women being "pure". otherwise western men wouldnt be going to eastern europe in masses to take advantage of the often poor and disadvantaged prostitues and they also wouldnt feel the need to traffick women from that region so much. its just something they say to stick it to the "evil western roasties".

also, if youre a woman from eastern europe, please dont fall for the "uwu liberal and accepting western man" meme. they are just as bad, if not worse, than the local men, although probably in different ways. the men who come here to find girlfriends are all trash. every single one. they will literally never see you as an equal, they will see you as either some kind of savage from an inferior culture who needs to be saved, or as someone they can use. although i guess this goes to women from other cultures as well.

No. 415689

lately, i have not been able to stop thinking about the horrible things men do just for sick, sexual pleasure.

for example, i saw an incredibly cute puppy walking home today, and the first thought that popped into my mind was that there is probably a man somewhere out there that would and has raped a cute little puppy like the one i saw. the intrusive thought made me so sick to my stomach i almost had to stop walking.

this is probably a result of me recently investigating CP in an academic sense. i'm a victim of CSA, and so I sometimes do academic reading on the subject, and it's fucking morbid. only an actual demon could see the happiness and innocence of a child and want to ruin it so violently, disgustingly and selfishly.

it feels like i can't escape men and their sexual violence even when reading about other men. just yesterday, i was reading about russian prison tattoos, and i came across how some men would be forcibly tattooed and branded as bottoms against their will. prison rape is no secret, and yet, it's simply accepted. it's just men doing what men do, and i hate it so much.

men are a blight upon this world. the cycle of violence and suffering that has eternally spun continues to be perpetuated by men. people always refute my point by saying that there are awful women, which is true, but nearly always the actions of terrible women stem from abuse at the hands of even worse men.

No. 415693

That's so fucked up anon. Now praying you can get as far away from them as possible.

No. 415695

The common archetypal male fantasy is a woman so pure that no other man has touched her, but no so pure that he can't touch her himself - thus insuring paternal certainty, and an elevated status within his male peers.

No. 415712

Not exactly and depends on where you live/the people you socialize with

I'm sure you'll find this type amoung very religious males, but reality is a lot of men don't care and some even preferred more experienced women, the only types of men I've known who were really persistent on finding "pure" women we're low-tier neckbeards or highly religious men, I have a past of being promisicious and sex work but I've had no trouble finding a high quality man who knows about my past and is happy with me

No. 415718


Wanna join the chorus and say that this book is necessary reading for EVERY woman, Lundy Bancroft is the only man I've ever read who truly, actually holds men responsible for what they do. I'm really glad he knows that people will listen to him as a man and uses it.

A rec for after: Loving to Survive, which is sort of about taking Bancroft's theories and applying them to how all women are raised to love all men in spite of the violence they inflict on us. Super interesting.

No. 415722

I feel you anon. I do a very similar thing, but with serial killers. I read about them all the time and the ways they select victims has really impacted the way I see the world. For example, if I see a gay man of color, I think of how Jeffrey Dahmer would have gone after them or if I see a pretty college girl with long brown hair I think the same but with Ted Bundy. If I see someone hitch hiking, I get a sense of dread on their behalf. Same whenever I see a child whose mother isn't watching their every move, like if they're at the grocery store and she's too busy looking at the food to pay close attention to them, I start to worry any male within close proximity is going to snatch them. The amount of people who want to harm children has actually played a huge role in why I don't want any, especially considering attackers are usually people you know.

Once you're aware of how mamy monsters there are and how often this shit actually happens, it's hard not to think about it all the time unless you're really fucking good at denial.

No. 415723

Literally every guy I'm friends with is extremely turned off by virgins out of fear they'll be especially emotionally fucked in the event they break up. Also, I have a decently high number (exactly 10) and have never known anyone to give a shit. Like you said, I'm pretty sure it's only red pill neckbeards and hyper religious types… so not exactly a loss by any means.

No. 415726

derail but would you gals say virgins women are fucked when it comes to dating, then?
I don't want to have casual sex and also don't want to date redpillers/robots/Religiousfags. Seems like I'm best off staying femcel for life at this point.

Fuck, I just want to have a life partner but everything men do and want makes it so difficult.

No. 415729

I wouldn't say you're fucked, it's just that you'll have a more limited dating pool outside of trash and religious guys. You'll probably have more luck by going the "start out as friends" route with a guy, but that isn't a bad thing at all. It's not that quality men won't date you at all, it's just that they'll be more weary and only want to take the next step if they think you're end game because they won't want to risk seriously psychologically damaging you.

But you want guys who are weary because it shows they actually care about your feelings and how their actions affect you. Avoid guys who fetishize virgins like the plague because they will see you as skme sort of sick trophy or their preferences are the result of misogynistic puritain bullshit. It's fine for them to prefer virgins if they are also a virgin, though, as long as their motivation isn't sketchy.

No. 415730

>It's fine for them to prefer virgins if they are also a virgin
Except it's not fine, because he's a virgin.

No. 415731

I think it's sweet when two late bloomer virgins find each other. Not all virgin males subscribe to incel ideaology.

No. 415732

t. incel
(t. ban evading, scat posting incel)

No. 415733

Thank you, anon. Ideally I would actually like to date another virgin so there's no power imbalance/we can figure it out together. I figure at this age the nice young virgin men are also this way because of traits we'd share (introversion, ugly duckling past, not into casual flings) so it may work better in general anyway.

But I'll be sure to drop anyone if it seems like fetishization then. And with the perspective you mentioned, it probably is sometimes an act of kindness for men to avoid virgins, rather than "discrimination" lol. I just worried that it would be a major setback, even among fellow virgins.

No. 415759

lol @ this pathetic larp attempt from scat-kun

No. 415777

Not really. I'm 21 and still a virgin. I've dated before, but the guys who I thought were nice ended up being jerks, so in a way I'm glad I didn't do anything with them. I'm not interested in dating at all anymore, but if I decided I wanted to I wouldn't even mention the fact that I'm a virgin.

No. 415809

>be female
>don't want to get married
>"idiot whore just wants to ride the cock carousel! just wait for THE WALL, slut!"
>want to get married
>"idiot whore just wants to force a beta to provide for her FOR LIFE while she gets fat and cucks him with a chad on the side! and then she'll DIVORCE RAPE him and take half his money and the kids! disgusting bitch"
What exactly are we supposed to do?

No. 415813

Moids want any excuse to hate women regardless of whether they actually make sense or not. Best thing to do is to ignore them (if you can).

Also @ all of you moids lurking and role-playing here: fuck off. There are plenty of other forums for you to whine in, and you’re making yourselves look more pathetic by trying to “debate” so that you can feel smug about being male and entitled.

No. 415819

I was scared to date anyone in school because guys were fucking putrid to the girls. When I got out of school my male best friend and I (both traumatized, gender confused virgins) eventually found that we hated leaving eachother's houses and we realized that was love lol. We've been living together almost a decade and we're pretty normie these days.

I'm so glad we got together before he absorbed any creepy robotness that got so huge in the next few years and he agrees. It's not like I think he's gullible and he's no autist, but that stuff is really seductive to vulnerable kids. Anything that says 'your lonely, horny anger isn't your fault! It's (whatever)'s fault!' is gonna be an easy pill.

No sympathy for the devil here, neckbeards made their shit-in beds and they should lie in them, but I still think that mindset is a preventable illness.

No. 415841

In a way, he really just proved himself wrong on his entire world view.
>"No woman likes virgin men. We are cursed by an unjust society and might as well neck ourselves since these useless WHORES won't give us a chance"
>meanwhile in reality: "There's nothing wrong with a guy who's a virgin wanting to be with a girl's who a virgin. In fact, they'd have more in common and it's actually quite sweet"
>"No! Shut up! Anything other than my pathetic self-victimization can only be cope from another incel!"
I wonder how he'll twist this in his mind. I know they'll do anything to dodge the real reason they're alone. It's almost nothing to do with society, Chads, Stacies and a stigma around male virginity, but everything to do with him (and other incels) being completely shitty, disgusting people. On top of that, we all know the bar is low for men, as it always has been, so to get to this point, they really must be the trash of their gender.

No. 415850

Their absolute insistence to the point of LARPing about how doomed they are reveals that le redpill is all just an excuse to not bother improving themselves and their lives.

If only women had such meme problems that we had to astroturf male spaces pretending to be judgemental shallow men to handwave away our personal short comings lmao.

And the most amazing part is this is in the extremely rare phenomena of an actual misandry thread but that's not enough for this very specific brand of self-excusing persecution complex.

No. 415866

Hong Kong (inb4 HK belongs to mother China bs)
There probably was, and I do hope nothing else happened to other students. God being an Asian girl sucks mighty ass.

No. 415873

Why the hell do prisons still have opposite sex guards?

No. 415878

>What exactly are we supposed to do?
Put the shitty men in labor camps.

No. 415882

Accept that you'll never please everyone all the time and then do whatever the fuck YOU want to do instead.

No. 415936

My first boyfriend and I were both virgins (and I had never had a boyfriend before). We were both 19, which isn't "late" by any means but by current incel standards it is.

Would highly recommend. Discovering sex and each other's bodies together was beyond great. Still to this day the best sex I ever had, the most responsive sexual partner. He also didn't watch porn (which I thought was silly at the time), maybe that had something to do with it. We dated two years and fucked nearly every day.

Apologies for the blogpost but this is all to say 2 virgins is A++++

No. 415991

> L-look at the American rape statistics, aren't black men horrible, we white men are so kind and respectful

No. 416071

Well yeah, but so what?
If they actually feel shame in the number of people they've slept with then that's even more pathetic.

No. 416084

File: 1559184055679.png (657.6 KB, 1221x655, zGD5TcY.png)

Should men this weak be allowed to live?

This is from the documentary "Tokyo Idols", currently on Netflix. Grown men, most with more opportunities and privileges than 90% of humans on the planet, are not being able to cope with life or a single romantic rejection and become obsessed with teenage idols and jerk themselves broke.

It's pathetic but also really funny

No. 416116


Not sure where to post this aside from the vent thread, even then I think I may be redirected here.

Is it really "progressive" to fight for women's rights?
My mother seems to hate modern politics and thinks that women should always be accompanied by a man, abortion is murder etc. and my brother is following in those ways. He's a bit softer and thinks that abortions should be regulated and with the partner present.
I'm not certain but at least in 3rd world countries, wouldn't rape be far more common?
Future apologies, I'm not sure quite where this belongs.

No. 416123

Yes, you're correct in your assumption. Rape is far more common in 3rd world countries where women have less rights than a barnyard animal. That's even if you don't count the child bride phenomenon as being a form of rape, which why the fuck wouldn't you? Heck, there's certain tribes in Africa where they don't have a word for it. That's how little the men there care.

I can KINDA get the argument that fighting for women's rights in the context of most modern secular democracies is somewhat frivolous and redundant. After all, we already have the vote, and at least on paper are guaranteed equal wages for equal work, etc. Especially since it's almost half of women that are anti-aortion themselves. But even then, it's still a global struggle. I wouldn't want to be someone that would leave a sister behind just because I've gotten mine.

No. 416127

I'm tired of ~woke~ men using feminist buzzwords and hashtags. Why aren't they more concerned with fixing mens' garbage? It's good that you care about women, so be the kind of guy who tells his brother to stop stalking his ex. Tell your buddies to stop talking about women like they're meat. Tell your dad to stop treating your sister like she's dumber than you. Scream in a rapist's face that he is the scum of the fucking earth. Why aren't good men angrier about what happens to women? Where are all of them when it fucking matters?

No. 416140

We need to say this more to "the good ones".
They enjoy feeling like one of the good guys just because they raise their eyebrows at shit, like when they hear their boss being a misogynist at work, but they need to actually follow through with it and do something about it.

No. 416143


Mya deserved better, she should be alive and those rapists should be dead. Ugh, I can only hope they're held accountable for their actions.

No. 416146

People always talk about kids falling through the cracks, but almost all that I see are GIRLS falling through the cracks. Willful ignorance and neglect on the part of so many schools and administrators. Girls are just not thought of as having the potential enough to intervene and be protected. Poor girl. Rip.

No. 416168

I have been watching documentaries and reading articles about idol fans, and I agree with you. What struck me the most was how the vast majority of them completely dropped all irl relationship because of one rejection, like you said. Some of them also weren't satisfied with their current relationship bc the woman was not young enough, not beautiful enough, etc so they dropped them for idols. All those men expected to have gfs in their teens or early 20s, with perfect, childish, submissive personalities, stunning faces and many talents. Of course, they also had to be pure virgins. But the men themselves didn't even bother to shower. Expectations for Japanese men are so low already (maintain basic hygiene, have any job or income) and they can't even meet them.

No. 416169

Jeez, no wonder host clubs are so popular over there. Japanese women are so hard up that they need to outright pay guys to pretend to be interested.

No. 416171

Pretty sure most host club customers are prostitutes. Normal Japanese women are just disregarding men and acquiring currency.

No. 416173

I was reading an article about the current education system "failing boys", but all it looks like to me is that boys can't handle girls doing things better than them.

At least in my country (which the article was concerned with), the current education system is based on the same one we had in the 1800s, when girls were not allowed to go to school. The system seemed fine back then, and women were deemed too stupid to be educated. Same in the 1930s, when peasant women were only allowed to finish the first 4 grades of primary school so they could learn to read and write. In the 1950s with the introduction of socialism, education became free for everyone, and women could and did get good jobs but also had to take care of childcare and household work whereas men could faff about, having been raised not to know how to do any of this because there would always be a woman to take care of them.
Eventually girls overtook boys in school and at university and also learned how to take care of themselves and the house, having been taught that by their mums. Many women now have good jobs, live by themselves, often with pets, and still manage to have a neat house and afford holidays with their friends. Meanwhile most men are lazy, unemployed (see: lazy), can't even boil water because they were mama's golden boys taught to rely on women for household chores and cooking, except women just aren't interested in taking care of whiny manchildren who don't even treat them right in return anymore. Of course, it's the system's fault and women's fault for "failing boys". Give me a break. Nobody complained when women couldn't vote, nobody complained when women couldn't work or go to school.

No. 416174

I think I saw the same one as you. It was about two very young men, who looked so normal, but they completely gave up after being rejected a single time. The male reporter even said that he was rejected more than a dozen times already, but who cares, that's life.
They then went to a group date and he constantly nitpicked the girls. Like "she's cute and nice, but if my favourite female idol is a 10, then she's just a 1".

Either rich daughters or prostitutes, but most of the time simply hostesses as well. A normal student or worker couldn't afford that without going into debt. Maybe once, for a special party, just to try it out for fun, but not regularly.

I think it's the same about everywhere. My mother and my brother still go on about how the female teachers back when he was in primary school (he's 22 now) were so biased against boys and in university (i study teaching) we also talk about how boys have it harder … Hell she even blames the fact that boys go through puberty later for them not being as good as girls when they finish school. Most high school teachers are male and they also show no consideration when a girl complains about cramps or nausea, but boys acting out and being lazy should be pitied.

No. 416184

File: 1559217597218.gif (45.75 KB, 460x363, 54391-45191.gif)

There's a theory that the main reason why women and doing better in universities now is that they made them easier. Sounds stupid? I'll go on.
So like back in they had a reputation of being for the absolute best and brightest people you'll ever find only, and given that human IQ distributions curves are generally patterned so there's more male geniuses than female geniuses this also meant more men would be likely to qualify. But now that they're designed to maximize profits via maximizing attendance even an average IQ is passable. Therefore it's predominately very stupid men excluded, leaving mostly women instead. Plus there's an unrelated grade gap that bites into their chance;, wherein female teachers have been shown to have an unconscious bias towards marking girls slightly higher for otherwise identical work. Finally there are men that flat out don't give a shit if they live squalor or not. They used to work hard to provide for a family, but now that women can do this to themselves they're happy to scratch their nuts and jerk off while the world leaves them behind. As in rat utopia studies where populations rise to their level of consumption without any fear of predators they've just recognized their redundancy and are more or less content to roll over and slowly die. Not saying that this is true or not, but they are the excuses they go with.

No. 416188

>female teachers have been shown to have an unconscious bias towards marking girls slightly higher for otherwise identical work.
male teachers do the same thing with boys though.

also, opening schools to average iq where it used to service practical geniuses is making uni easier.

No. 416196

>male teachers do the same thing with boys though.
Good thing I never had a single male teacher in 16 years of schooling.

>also, opening schools to average iq where it used to service practical geniuses is making uni easier.

Yes, that's what I said.

No. 416201

>Using an IQ distribution from 1932

No. 416206

Yeah, this reads like thinly veiled scrot logic.
>Sounds stupid? I'll go on.
That's exactly how males on reddit and 4chan write…
>So like back in they had a reputation of being for the absolute best and brightest people you'll ever find only, and given that human IQ distributions curves are generally patterned so there's more male geniuses than female geniuses this also meant more men would be likely to qualify.
The sole reason you male geniuses qualified for uni was simply because women had close to zero rights. This was during a time arranged marriage with underage girls still existed, just shortly after women were finally allowed to vote and long before women could work etc without their husbands permission, so do you really believe that they treated girls who wanted to get into higher education fairly? All these "statistics" are very likely to be altered to fit their bullshit agenda.

No. 416209

I'm not here to argue. They're just claims I found of interest. Bottom line is that it doesn't particularly why a paradigm shift is happening. It's a reality we'll all need to adjust to regardless.

No. 416212

But by your logic it should still be a similar amount of each gender.
It would be the smartest males (of which there are more) and average males (of which there are less) with average females (of which there are more) and smartest females (of which there are less).

No. 416216

Why would we all need to adjust?
Girls already did throughout the last decades, we're doing well enough now.
It's males who cannot keep up, they need to change and get better.

No. 416221

>boohoo I only had female teachers

Cry me a river. Just checked and in my high school there was ONE more female teacher than male teacher. Damn near 50-50.

I didn't have a single female professor until my FOURTH semester in college, and yet I still outperform my male friends.

How come they're doing so much worse than me? We have 95% male professors. Why are they performing worse? Oh right, it's because they don't do any course work during the semester, it's because they ask to study with me THREE DAYS before the exam. I've had them brag about starting to study the DAY BEFORE AN EXAM. And then they're shocked at the results? What the actual fuck.

Males are performing worse because of laziness, nothing else.

No. 416222

If 40% of men have lower than than 90 IQ, but only 20% of women have a lower than 90 IQ then that's twice as many men than women below 90, and therefore unable to meet a 90 IQ requirement.

Okay, but what if they don't ever change their attitude for the better? What if the predictions in rat utopia experiments are accurate and they won't ever do anything? Then we'll still need to adjust.

Okay then, they're lazy. Good for you for not being lazy, but bad for society when so many with potential are no longer motivated to use said potential.

No. 416223

It's pretty clear that most elementary school teachers - where pay is the worst - are women. During high school it might be 50:50, but female professors are still so rare.
Is it because females are dumb? Or maybe because back when the old farts who teach me were young themselves, women had no real chance of ever getting into a higher position or better paying field?

You're no longer even trying to pass as a women, do you?
I don't give a fuck if men waste their potential.

No. 416226

>It's pretty clear that most elementary school teachers - where pay is the worst - are women.
So then the first teachers that children are exposed to are women - where they first make up their minds if schooling is for them.

>Is it because females are dumb? Or maybe because back when the old farts who teach me were young themselves, women had no real chance of ever getting into a higher position or better paying field?

Eh, the old farts today would have started their careers in the 70's-80's, and back then the ratios were already close to even so I couldn't tell you really.

>I don't give a fuck if men waste their potential.

Well yeah, not now you don't. You just might in a few decades when the lasting consequences of it begin to manifest.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 416234

>So then the first teachers that children are exposed to are women - where they first make up their minds if schooling is for them.
So it's those evil female teachers fault that boys decide that "schooling isn't for them"…? (hint: children at that age don't make such decisions, it's dumbass parents telling them that they're treated unfairly for being men)
If this is really the case, then how about males studying teaching instead? But oh wait no, they don't want that, because they're too good to be lowly paid primary school teachers, that's not prestigious enough for them lmao
Shitting on women won't help your boys, you need to start taking action yourself.

I wish all men would have to try and teach children for one hour. Then they'd quickly change their mind about male superiority…

No. 416246

File: 1559231447179.png (189.52 KB, 926x640, Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 11.4…)

Same with this "reading gap" shit

No. 416292

Damn, now that I think about it, throughout all of school, we've never read a single book written by a woman in class.
And the only one that (kind of) had a female main character was Pygmalion - and even there you could argue that Henry Higgins is the actual main character.

No. 416304

>400% more free money to receive education

Hi, hello, woman here.
Just dropping in to say I'm post-grad but wondering to whom or where I can collect this 400% free money that was meant towards my education? I am owey owey owed!

No. 416319

this whole thing is such bullshit, schools have been pretty similar for the last few centuries in that children would have to sit and learn for longer amounts of time, so the whole point about boys suddenly doing worse because they have to sit all day doesnt hold up. in fact id go as far as saying schools are a lot more relaxed nowadays than they were in the past. the only reason for why girls are doing better is because theyre actually given a more equal opportunity and they actually work hard to get the grades they want. this whole meme is men and handmaidens trying to cope with the fact that their precious little boys are mostly lazy spoilt retards.

we had to do coursework for school in my country when we were about 16 (theyve actually gotten rid of them now) and the boys did nothing, i remember the task we had to do was something to do with the heart and the boys would just fuck around all lesson, some of them even started throwing the pig hearts we were meant to dissect around the room. meanwhile most of the girls actually did their work and ended up getting good grades. guess whos parents came in to scream at the teacher for "not doing her work properly" kek

No. 416321

that sounds fun, sorry if im late but can you recommend some?

No. 416335

Yep, all these guys crying about boys being left behind usually stay in their filthy room all day playing video games or wasting time otherwise. All my male classmates who worked hard got good results just like us girls. It's not our problem boys are getting lazier and lazier. We fought hard to get a good education, we shouldn't have to dumb ourselves down so boys do better.

No. 416338

File: 1559247722222.jpg (10.62 KB, 240x160, men.jpg)

>Sounds stupid? I'll go on.
In a nutshell.

No. 416340

In my country we had plenty with female main characters but they were mostly realistic portrayals of women at the time and they were horrible to read. In one book, Koštana, the MC is a girl from a poor family who gets married off to her much younger relative (as in, a toddler while she's in her late teens iirc) for money so she can be his mother figure and teach him different skills, how to have sex amongst other things. This really used to happen in the specific region the book takes place in. Another one, Gospodjica ('Miss' in English) is about an old spinster who dies alone in an empty old house because she jealously guarded her inheritance money until she became paranoid, mean and miserable.

We read both of those in high school.

No. 416379

File: 1559256773366.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.58 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pode87Plo41x9zm3yo1_500…)

Men are disgusting, I mean where to start with this?!

No. 416390

circumcised scrotes will circumcise their children to avoid thinking about how their parents took away their bodily autonomy. all the men i know are on the 'circumcision is OK' side simply because they themselves have been circumcised.

No. 416411

You'd have to be a moron to find this humorous in the first place let alone PUT IT ON YOUR VEHICLE. Do men like this not have mothers? Can you imagine your child reading this to you? Yeah man I'm so obsessed with making women swallow my ejaculate that I want the whole world to know.

No. 416415

That's so gross, kids are going to see that. Also good luck ever getting a date with that thing on your car. How embarrassing.

Also unrelated to the tagged post; but I'd like to add my own little rant about men always assuming women have smelly vaginas and need to douche and stay perfectly waxed to avoid having an odor. Their dicks always smell bad and they project that onto women and assume we all have fishy smells. It makes me so angry. I could not shower for a week and the smell wouldn't even be close to what a man smells like at the end of the day after showering in the morning. They make me sick.

No. 416421

why do grown men think its Ok to wear ahoge face clothing to a family centered con? i should have ended him.

No. 416423

>i should have ended him
I'm picturing one of our fitness anons finishing a man in the middle of a crowded convention with one kick to the stomach

No. 416427

I always wondered this. Shit makes no sense

No. 416430

I'm so tired. Misogyny is literally almost everywhere. Why does the world have to be like this?

No. 416438

sounds like you need to spend some time with the women you trust and get the fuck away from whatever scrote nonsense you were exposed to. the world is full of misogyny but the saving grace is being able to share this shit and get it off your chest somewhere like here where no smooth brained retard is going to “but not all men!!1!!” @ you. lolcow isn’t perfect but honestly it’s the only place i know of on the internet that feels like a true womens only space. idk why i’m telling you what you already know but basically i’ve had the same exact thought as what you’ve posted, so many times i’ve lost count, and i get u.

No. 416447

I was sexually assaulted last week and now have a million medical bills and have to get screened for STDs. I want to ruin the guy who did this. Men are trash

No. 416448

Oh anon, I'm sorry that happened to your.

No. 416471

That's awful anon I'm so sorry that happened to you.
I still can't believe you guys have to pay for those things too
until Unladylike podcast did an episode with a trauma nurse. It's awful and just not right at all. Maybe you can look for survivor support organisations in your area though, in case they have any sponsored clinics. Take care of yourself

No. 416498

Ruin him.

No. 416515

>moid: well I don't think penis size matters as long as it's not too small, what do you think?
>actually I like the big ones
Fuck moids

No. 416520

>Women not swallowing semen is childish
>Getting offended to this extent over someone not swallowing your body fluids is normal though and should be encouraged

Male entitlement combined with their lack of self awareness never fails to amaze me, what's with scrots being obsessed with their body fluids?

No. 416532

We should start asking them to let us blow our noses on their face and swallow our snot.

No. 416535

lmao. make them suck out our snot through a tube like they do for small infants.

No. 416537

$5 that these guys don't like their girlfriends' discharge and refuse period sex

No. 416567

The most outrageous thing about this is that he'll probably find a woman who stands this kind of shit
I'd drop a guy any second if he expected me to do it

No. 416580

they think that a woman accidentally leaking during her period is the most disgusting thing ever, they literally compare it to shit and piss all the time, and yet we are expected to eat their nasty smelly bodily fluids which come out of the same hole as their piss lmao. males are insane.

No. 416587

JuSt TyPiCal LaD BaNtEr


And, guys honestly wonder why a girl would want to just house share with other girls.

No. 416592

Reminder that all men are like this, even your father and boyfriends.
All men want to rape.

No. 416599

Cum is literally the texture and consistency of snot so that's a fair exchange

No. 416603

YES. You may think you’ve found a man kind and woke enough to not even think a thing like that, but the moment they are around another guy the truth comes out. No matter how precious you think you are to a guy, no matter if he treats you like an actual human every moment you’re around, deep down he still just views you as a fuck toy for himself or some other man

No. 416616

>All rape is false accusations or consensual sex women lie about!
Also men:

No. 416626

Males casually chatting with friends about violently raping, mutilating and abusing women as just boys talk uwu but women reacting to it is bad! And they call women paranoid when we avoid them. You can't win

i don't women could ever reach the levels of hatred towards men as much they openly despise women.

No. 416628

No. There are plenty of men who literally think frats should be banned from universities because of this sort of behavior.

No. 416629

It's not just casual chatting, that's literally how men bond with each other. Sexual violence against women is something they enjoy doing and discussing together as friends. There's shit like that but they do it all over the internet anonymously, in real life they gang rape, it's something they can all relate to. Men are truly scary. No matter how much I hate them, which is a lot, I've never had a violent impulse towards them. When a man thinks less of a woman, which is always, he sees her as a target for aggression.

No. 416632

I know this is old but as an example, it's hilarious that men like this even think we want them around us considering they talk and think like this. Like oh, you think I'm dumb and useless? Honestly cool dude, stay the fuck away from me then?
I guess the shitty part is that they're so manipulative and shady that they hide that they are like this in real life to everyone they know (or they're incels that live in a basement that don't know any women except their mother personally)

No. 416635

I'll never forget when I overheard my former friend and his best friend make a super long "joke" about how they'd invite his crush to his birthday party, roofie her, get her in a room with him etc. The discussion lasted a few minutes and they imagined an actual plan, with details, steps, everything. It's terrifying that men have the physical strength to do this to us and it's all a joke to them.

No. 416640

its a joke to a lot them because its astronomically unlikely to ever happen to them, while theres a higher chance that a woman could actually experience it. no woman, except for maybe particularly deluded handmaidens laugh at or make rape jokes.

No. 416678

File: 1559367415536.jpg (640.55 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190601-073020.jpg)

Oh god…
Given the pressures for women to wear makeup, shave their whole body or they are disgusting, have huge tits and ass, have amazing hair, dress slutty but not too slutty and so on… What does a man have to do to look good? Basic hygiene like washing his face and brushing his teeth. Just look at actors, when a woman is out of her 'prime', she will struggle to find work but you have uncountable older male actors worshipped for looking basicly normal.
The comments are full of whinig about 80/20 rule (some stupid research from a dating app that actually proves women talk to ugly males more than men to ugly women but they are too stupid to interpret it) and about how men can't control their actractivenesa but women can (she just has to be not obese while I have to have a big dick!1!!).
Ruined my morning.

No. 416681

Their neandertal brains don't register ugly women as women, they only see the cute ones they would be willing to fuck, obviously they end up thinking, wow, I would fuck the cute librarian with glasses AND the bimbo with huge tits, I have such a huge variety of taste! But if you strip them of their look they're all beautiful women, just different flavors.

No. 416682

File: 1559369172227.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1514092309581.png)

No. 416683

Scrotes are so fucking stupid. Especially reddit scum.

No. 416685

File: 1559369695110.png (44.91 KB, 855x137, 0830F8HJ83F.png)

The delusion, they seriously think any uggo can ascend to a perfect instagram goddess if she really wants to, just stop eating so much and you'll get Megan Fox's face.

No. 416688

Samefagging but the 'look at porn' point is just trash. Of course you'll have more kinds of women (still all are generally the same anyway - unless you go into fetish stuff, the only different thing is color of their hair and few years of age difference - all mainstream porn stars have pounds of makeup, beautiful face, surgically altered bodies and are skinny as fuck), because porn is generally made for men - porn actors can look disfigured and no one gives a shit because you almost can't see them, camera is always pointed towards the woman. That doesn't have anything to do with 'female shallowness'.

Also sorry for the typos, phoneposting.

No. 416690

I've seen gorgeous women date really ugly dudes, but not once in my life have I seen a really handsome man date an ugly woman, once again scrotes are projecting their own behavior on us.

No. 416691

Because there aren't increasing numbers of incels, they just gather in the same Internet forums now. And you picture doesn't reflect reality, as I explained in my first post already.

No. 416693

Not a proper study.(taking scrot b8)

No. 416695

kek, I was just reading this and it ruined my morning too.
One comment on how porn only show chad beefy dudes and it's proof that it's what women like had me seething.
I like my dudes with long hair and lean muscles at most. I would be fucking over the moon to get (hetero - not interested in watching men taking it up in the ass) porn with that kind of men but to get even close to that I have to sift through hours of 'goth couples' and cross my finger that I don't end up AGAIN with the ONE video I already watched. That's why I don't look at porn.

No. 416698

I actually believe women should have higher standards, I see to many good ladies dating ugly and abusive neckbeards.
Kinda feel bad for incels, but they're reaaally far behind the rest of us and I don't think they genuinely wants to get better so fuck them.

No. 416700

I used to feel bad for them until I learned about how they really thought about women (spoken to a few in real life too) and now all sympathy I had for them has been beaten to death ten times over.

No. 416704

>I watch porn sometimes (6-7 times per week)

I know this wasn’t the point of that post but how pornsick does this guy have to be to consider basically every day “sometimes”?

No. 416706

File: 1559373665921.jpg (612.29 KB, 1416x1872, 1517881548302.jpg)

Yep, my sympathy for men is down to zero. When they talk about how virginal and unwanted they are, how no woman has ever paid attention to them or complimented or touched them, etc I almost feel bad for them, because I do understand that the majority of pressure is on men to pursue us and that we can, at least, get used for sex if we're that desperate for validation.

But then I remember that they consider us worthless outside of sex and after age 30 (we peak as minors and they peak as elderly men, of course), they take the best they can get at the time, even if that means fucking/dating someone they don't even like or find attractive while waiting for an upgrade, they complain about the friendzone, but all that means is that they cannot tolerate the presence of a woman they wouldn't fuck, and all the shit in pic related.

No. 416708

Brutal pinkpill.

The only thing missing is the studies about life expectancy for married men vs married women, married men live longer healthier life, whereas married women live shorter more stressful life, and we're more likely to be divorced if we fall ill.

No. 416710

This image is so stupid and full of misinformation. That section in the top right is particularly bad.
It says the sentence "men are more likely to end up with someone who's above their looksmatch", and even puts it in bold letters. The phrase "end up with" implies going on a date or having sex.
However if you read the very next sentence, all it actually means is that they "exchanged 5 or more messages".
This conveniently ignores the fact that the overwhelming majority of messages sent by men never get responded to and tries to paint it like men are somehow coming out on top in the messaging game when it's the exact opposite. Also, if 5 or more messages got exchanged it means the woman CHOSE to talk to that guy, so why are you bitching about talking to "ugly" guys after you chose to talk to them?(mad at chad)

No. 416712

>When they talk about how virginal and unwanted they are, how no woman has ever paid attention to them or complimented or touched them
there are often good reasons for that.
>because I do understand that the majority of pressure is on men to pursue us
by who exactly? other men? from what ive heard most women just want to be left alone.

No. 416714

File: 1559376478065.png (56.5 KB, 550x864, jqqgh0hou7j1.png)

Actually reading this more closely, I'm not sure where the femcel who compiled it got the idea that women shoot for chads in online dating.

As per the complete OkC data, the opposite is true. Men always cut out that bit of the blog when they want to cry about women giving men low ratings kek.

No. 416717

Blogpost, but I had a plumber out earlier this week to fix a clog in the toilet. Me and my bf were both home, and the plumber proceeded to belittle me for being a dumb woman then entire time. He insisted it was my fault it was clogged and that I must have flushed a shampoo cap down the toilet because we women are so dumb we don't know not to flush bottle caps. He was super smug about it and said it to my boyfriend while smirking and not even looking at me. We told him that didn't happen. Then he starts launching into a tirade against women and feminine products and insisted I was flushing tampons and maxi pads down the toilet. I did not. I told him this and he smirked at my boyfriend and continued to ignore me like I wasn't in the room. This happens to me every time I've had a plumber out, like men just think women are dumb as shit and like we are children who don't know how to use a toilet. I was so angry. Of course my boyfriend didn't say anything because why would a man ever stick up for a woman. It's like they are all sick in the head and completely lack empathy for anyone without a dick.

Later the plumber said he'd come back to fix our sink which was also clogged and he wouldn't tell us when he was coming. He said sometime late at night because he works until 1 a.m. or sometime in the morning. Then he tells us that don't worry, he won't bother knocking to wake us up, he'll let himself in because he has a key to the apartment (we rent). My boyfriend works the night shift and I would be home alone sleeping if he showed up. My boyfriend showed no cause for concern because it doesn't even cross men's minds that a woman could be raped, because they never have to face that kind of violence. They don't know how privileged and easy they have it. Makes me sick to my stomach.

No. 416718

File: 1559377736744.png (35.22 KB, 1124x152, reddit1.PNG)

>Later the plumber said he'd come back to fix our sink which was also clogged and he wouldn't tell us when he was coming. He said sometime late at night because he works until 1 a.m. or sometime in the morning. Then he tells us that don't worry, he won't bother knocking to wake us up, he'll let himself in because he has a key to the apartment (we rent). My boyfriend works the night shift and I would be home alone sleeping if he showed up.

Reminds me of this thread I read yesterday where multiple women shared that they've had male maintenance staff go into their apartments unannounced using their master key.

Nightmare fuel.

No. 416720

File: 1559377786457.png (63.2 KB, 1122x317, reddit2.PNG)

No. 416721

File: 1559377920479.png (97.95 KB, 1089x520, reddit3.PNG)

No. 416722

File: 1559378047854.png (38.35 KB, 1082x189, reddit4.PNG)

No. 416723

That's terrifying, Anon. Thanks so much for posting these. It makes me feel like less of a crazy person for being worried about that man entering my apartment unannounced.

No. 416734

>me reading all these posts and internally screaming

No. 416735

>simmering anger reading about your boyfriend not shooting that idiot down with his insulting accusations followed by inviting himself to your house at 1am

What is the point of a boyfriend who makes 0 effort to stand up for you and protect you? Sexism aside, it's fucking dumb not to react to the concept of some strange dude inviting himself to your home at midnight. He could rob the place, shit on the bed, and any number of awful things. Are you sure your boyfriend is not just a mannequin or a blow-up doll or something? like how can a living human not react to that stuff?

No. 416736

Also a comment on the topic of maintenance men/keys owned by random strange men. Isn't it interesting this policy is in men's favor and allows them to easily prey on women? Seems like a not-coincidence? Why does anyone need permanent, anytime access to what is supposed to be someone's private abode?

No. 416737

Wtf these apartments don’t have deadbolts that are only accessible indoors? Mine does

Also bf sounds like an idiot, and fuck that shit with the plumber, I’d have made him leave and launched a complaint

No. 416739

File: 1559384026929.jpg (6.24 MB, 320x276, O2OlITF.jpg)

Men just don't understand how dangerous that could be because they never face that stuff. My bf wouldn't understand why I would push myself againt the wall, waiting for the elevator at our residence so I wans't visible from the street.
Had to explain to him that it was a habit for safety because people seeing I was alone inside from the street could be dangerous and dragging me to the stairs noone takes or following me to the appartement was really a thing that could happen.
Just clueless.

No. 416740

Jesus christ, that gif is so scary I got chills.

No. 416741

Yeah, swallowed the pinkpill hard when I saw it. Hard to read about incels whinning the worst happening in their life is feeling lonely when you're thinking about women being followed and raped in the safety of their own homes on the regular.
Muh life on easy mode, for sure.

No. 416742

Where is the gif from? the girl's face is blacked out and she moves stiffly, arms limp, and then he moves stiffly too but his face is shown.

But men absolutely do that shit, even if the clip is fake. It's easy to feel crazy/paranoid but I get followed and watched by men everywhere I go. Taking precautions is normal.

No. 416743

Saw it on reddit with this incredible title : "Drunk girl dodges a bullet by a hair" : https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/bu8jmj/drunk_girl_dodges_a_bullet_by_a_hair/
Seems like this is the source with some other gif with the guy still lurking around, visibly frustrated he missed his attempt : http://tcafe2a.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=free&wr_id=4074853

No. 416745

File: 1559387721968.jpg (69 KB, 850x389, Image1.jpg)

Of COURSE some guy has to jump in with a retarded comment about women being 'just as bad'. They were talking about Brock Turner and somehow that means they don't care about 12 year old boys being raped? And somehow the tiny number of incidents of female teachers sleeping with students, who are older teens judging by every news article I've seen, is equivalent to a man literally trying to break into a woman's house to rape her. How often do women do that to men? Probably never?

It's not surprising that men are so paranoid about women raping and falsely making rape accusations when redditors upvote every isolated incident of a woman doing the wrong thing and ignore the nonstop stream of news stories and data and studies proving men really are just responsible for almost all violence, sexual and otherwise, and it happens on such a massive scale that false accusations are a tiny percentage.

No. 416747

theres so much delusion in that thread. they always drag up that stupid 80/20 "rule" even though the only thing that proves is that women have no problem messaging ugly men, while men will only go for the most attractive women.

i mean i kind of agree with it, because 80% of males do look like shit tbh at least compared to the average woman. the average man looks bland boring, and often straight up ugly.

scrotes will start screeching if a female teachers sleeps with a 16-17 year old boy, even though its always a rare isolated incident, but claim that a grown man who raped a 12 year old girl was being tricked by the said girl, and ignore the fact that men commit roughly 99% of rape against women.

No. 416773

You guys should stop arguing about these dating website statistics. They're all manipulated and they'd never show how things actually are. They're a business, they want to make money. They'd never show their user base that their service is pointless and that you're a sucker for using it.

No. 416774

That part gives me the chills because I have read several stories about women being stalked by maitenence workers before. It is amabolutely uneccesarry for them to have keys.

No. 416780

Why are men so obsessed with making every fucking thing about them??? It's so sickening.

Also, female teachers are faaaaaar overrepresented in conversations about teachers sexually abusing students. They're disproportionately reported in the media compared to males because it happens far more rarely. People always sperg about the female teachers as if they're some kind of smoking gun that women are just as bad as men, but they are a small fraction of teacher sexual abuse cases. Like with every other fucking kind of sexual assault, the majority of teacher/student abuse cases are male.

No. 416781

Oh god that is terrifying. My husband thinks I'm paranoid for always locking the door even when it's the middle of the day, but it's because SHIT LIKE THIS HAPPENS.

Are there anymore gifs like this?

No. 416784

Not letting your son go to school with female teachers to avoid being sexually abused is one of the most retarded things I have ever heard. People this stupid shouldn't be allowed to raise children. I really wish someone in this thread inforned this idiot that his sons are literally like ten thousand times more likely to be abused by a male.

No. 416816

>scrotes will start screeching if a female teachers sleeps with a 16-17 year old boy, even though its always a rare isolated incident, but claim that a grown man who raped a 12 year old girl was being tricked by the said girl, and ignore the fact that men commit roughly 99% of rape against women.

This reminds me, once a female teacher forced a young boy to sleep with her (I think he was 14-15?) and the boy didn't know how to get out of the situation until his parents commented something and he started crying and told them.

You know how supportive other men were? They called him a faggot, pussy, idiot who ruins everything because that teacher was "hot" and he was "living the dream." Those who were actually supporting were women.

So they should all shut the fuck up pretending they care about male rape victims, they belittle them even if the victim is a child.

No. 416839

>They called him a faggot, pussy, idiot who ruins everything
Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 416889

To keep me afloat, good with my money, and goal oriented, I like to imagine creating a small commune in the future with all the wonderful, smart women in my life to live the rest of our days out

No. 416895

>scrotes will start screeching if a female teachers sleeps with a 16-17 year old boy
I remember I think it was last year that a story came out about an adult teacher fucking some boy and all the threads on /pol/ were like "fuck why didnt we have teachers like that when i was a kid?!" and they were all cheering the kid on and saying hes a pussy if hes reporting her yet they bitch about feminists caring about when kids get molested. They are a bunch of hypocrites.

No. 416910

Men can get PS, makeup, and shapewear too. That's what women end up doing, we change ourselves with surgery, fillers, and lasers, increasingly, or accentuate or mask our features with makeup and shapewear. Losing weight doesn't magically give you a huge ass and tits or a beautiful face if you weren't born with them, the same way men can't magically get hot faces and big dicks. Men who think this are legitimately stupid and can't see outside of their lane and victimhood.

No. 416912

That is so infuriating anon, I'm sorry you have to deal with that shit. I am in a technical field and try doing some of the blue collar "male shit" like welding, electrical, etc because I want to be self-sufficient. If I don't know something I'm perfectly capable of figuring it out or understanding if it's explained to me because I'm not fucking mechanically retarded just because I have boobs, I'm probably better educated than them on some of the stuff they assume is men's work. I'm tired of men talking down to women about that shit.

No. 416929

File: 1559428639402.jpg (Spoiler Image, 250.73 KB, 1250x660, 1515953392540.jpg)

>Losing weight doesn't magically give you a huge ass and tits
Men have a very warped perception of what 'thin' looks like naked thanks to porn. They'll screech over and over about how women just need to be not fat and they are automatically attractive, but they've never seen a real woman naked. They think being 'not fat' is being very slim and toned with no excess body fat and perky everything.

See pic related, I used to see it posted on 4chan all the time. They're just average girls, none of them are overweight and in clothes every single one of them would look fairly slim. Every time the pic is posted men are DISGUSTED at the audacity of them to have cellulite or flat butts. That's how I realized men are 100% lying when they say 'not fat' is their standard. 'Thin and fit' is their standard.

No. 416931

Honestly I lift weights pretty frequently but still have cellulite like some of those girls because I have similar bf% to them and just have the genes for it. Also hips dips.
Their standards are airbrushed instagram girl with plastic surgery.

It's upsetting that women on this site perpetuate this, too. The Shay thread is sad.

No. 416934

Even tons of girls who are healthy and work out look like this so they would have to specifically be doing lifting that targets their glutes or have big butt genetics to look different. But women can be perfectly healthy doing exercises that don’t build a huge round butt so it’s an even narrower standard than just “thin and fit.” That pic is what most women I know look like naked or at the beach and they work out.

No. 416937

>Every time the pic is posted men are DISGUSTED
You must visit different boards to me. That picture get sniff posted on /fit/ and /tv/

No. 416938

Nearly every woman has cellulite, it’s a secondary sex characteristic

No. 416940

/int/ mostly, it's meme tier there and always used to shit on Irish women.

No. 416961

This board honestly makes me go between less hard on myself and too hard. Girls ITT and on threads more like this one are a godsend for giving me a reality check so I can lay off myself with the bullshit body standards. Cellulite is always being blasted as ugly and women with it as ugly, then I realized that it's literally how we fucking store fat and we're being expected to store fat the way men do to be attractive. Wtf.
I'm in good if not very fit shape and I started noticing cellulite /after/ I started to work out more, too. I have stretchmarks all over my ass /because/ I have decent hips/ass, they showed up as I gained weight and muscle there. Some of the Irish girls in pic have fairly round butts too, they're just not overly fit/huge-assed and have cellulite and stretchmarks, besides that the lighting isn't flattering to all of their complexions and they aren't airbrushed.
These men complaining about girls like them are probably uggos or have shitty bodies compared to the girls so I'm not sure what they think they have to complain about. Time to get an ego check, maybe. I'm sure there are scrots like that reading and criticising this thread and I hope they can look in the mirror and see how rotten they are, inside and out.

No. 416966

the thing is though, cellulite was considered normal for most of human history. the concept of cellulite we know today didnt even really exist until after ww1 iirc, when women started entering the work force in higher numbers. companies started thinking up ways to get more money out of us, so they made something completely natural and normal into something disgusting and pathological.

tbh i think the same thing happened with female body hair too. take a look at all the people calling women unhygienic for not shaving

No. 416967

There's a guy who lives in my neighborhood who isn't physically dangerous, but he's a crazy dude who lives in a nearby group home who is notorious for following women around and just yelling horrible shit at them. I hate how I, and all the women of the area, just have to take it. I was walking home from work tonight and saw him harassing a group of young women clearly out to have a nice time, with that "oh god please leave us alone" look you get when there's a man you're just desperately hoping won't pull a knife. I can't believe it, but I stopped and yelled "<guy's name>, leave them ALONE!" and glared at him until he did. I don't post this as a "look how great I am," and I wouldn't have done it if I didn't have years of reason to know he wouldn't deck me, but to say that being able to talk honestly about how shitty and unfair these things are gave me the confidence to finally stand up to a guy who makes me feel like shit on the regular for being a woman. Thanks, farmers.

No. 416981

The only men I've seen who obsess over weight so much in the opposite sex are either manlets, uggos, or fatties themselves who think they deserve a fucking goddess, Peter Griffin style.
Whenever I see some sweaty obeselord drool over his smol gurl fantasy while shitting on women more his size, it makes me want to spike his Mountain Dew with my piss.

Whatever macro was posted earlier about women being conditioned to date down while men think they deserve to date up is absolutely fucking true.

No. 416983

it literally is true. the ugliest men are the most shallow. it's pretty ironic that the 'better looking' guys tend to be less shallow than the uggos. pretty insane.

No. 416989

I’m not sure if this belongs in this thread but I am beyond disturbed at the moment.
I have a cousin who has been texting me and wanting to hang out, which seemed weird. I had an odd gut feeling. He is moving out of state soon and we all used to get along as kids before drifting apart, so I told him I was free today but that I’d be taking my brother.
So he’s quiet for a while then hits me with a dreaded “I want to tell you something but it’s kind of weird” text. I’m like ooooh god here it goes….i just say ok? And he says “i think you are really beautiful”
My stomach churned and I didn't text back.
He sends a couple texts trying to laugh it off and then a “?” Since I was not responding. Finally I just say “yeah that’s really weird and I don’t know what else to say” and he hits me with “haha I didn’t mean it the wrong way”
Wtf? What is the right way?!?! I’m glad I trusted my instincts and never hung out with him, it feels so sickening not to be able to trust family that you once knew well.
I’ve had my fair share of waaaay tool old men and others who have tried over stepping their boundaries with me but this just takes the cake. Why are they like this?

No. 417021

Why does he have to hit on his cousin of all people? Has he run through everyone else in town?

I'm sorry he made you uncomfortable and I'm glad you listened to your instincts about meeting him, anon. Idk what goes through men's heads…how did he think this was gonna play out?!

No. 417024

Like his pornsick incest fantasy, of course. kek

No. 417041

Do either of you live in Alabama?

No. 417063

File: 1559474807599.jpg (429.36 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190602-132146.jpg)

Another reddit jewel.

'Boys don't have to wear makeup while girls do, are physically stronger, aren't stereotyped as whining drama bitches like girls are, hmm, how do I spin it so boys are the victim.'
And oh gee, the most extreme hardship one can experience, boner-hiding.

No. 417068

I'm unironically proud of you Anon.

No. 417069

>Boys are expected to be good looking without makeup
Its even worse for women? We have to put up with mens 'I like women without makeup' when they realy just mean 'I don't like women with heavy makeup'

Also did this girl, or incel role play, compare woman's oppression over hundreds of decades to having to foot the bill?

No. 417091

>take a look at all the people calling women unhygienic for not shaving
This is one of those things that outs someone as incapable of logical thinking. How the fuck do people think women not shaving is unhygenic, but men not shaving is somehow not??? How are people this retarded?

No. 417092

If any of these women were one of the snowflakes, weebs, or cows, there would be hoards of women ripping their bodies apart over how they looked. This website is evidence that shitting on women with perfectly fine bodies is not a "male" thing.

However it is more enraging when they do it aince the implication is they think they deserve a 10 and most men are ugly.

No. 417109

File: 1559484158646.jpeg (16.39 KB, 225x225, 40393535-CAC8-42A1-9977-C5F81B…)

Anyone got anecdotes on old dudes hitting on you?

I was waiting at the gym waiting for my friend to pick me up and this old guy — at least 55 (I’m 18 when this shit occurred) — pulls his car over, rolls down his window and leers at me beneath his sunglasses. He asks if I wanted a “ride” in a very sexual manner. And I just responded no, I’m waiting for someone. He scoffs and blasts off in his vintage car, squealing his wheels to get his man mojo back after rejection (I don’t get why males like car shit).

Another time I was waiting at a bus stop and this short man with grey hair and wrinkles starts talking to me about Trump (this was 2016 so again, I’m like 18 here). I had my headphones in and was fiddling with my phone so I obviously didn’t want to be bothered but this bitch just keeps tapping away ughhhh. So I make small talk to be polite and just think how I should’ve just ignored this weirdo as he proceeds on how his proTrump while I just smile and nod and pretend I’m listening. Then he suddenly asks for my number saying that I’m a cute girl and not like other women because I like politics. I am fucking speechless. This 60 year old man is asking me out. Of course I say fucking no! You’re older than my own father! Is what I thought.

“You got a boyfriend I’m guessing?” He asks and I lie and say yeah to be polite instead of voicing my thoughts that he’s a creep.

Thank fucking god the bus pulls up. But this creep sits near me even though I picked a single seater to indicate I don’t want to sit next to him. He then proceeds to talk about how he ALWAYS dates 18 year old college freshmen because a younger mind is a refreshing mind and that age gap doesn’t matter in a loving relationship. He starts talking about his ex who was 18 and from somewhere in Africa and how she loved him so much they were planning to get married and for her to permanently live in canada. I’m just glad that whoever she was she’s no longer with him because this guy was really a creep preying on younger girls.

Mind you, I’m a bit of an easy target then for this old men because they can smelllll vulnerability. I was 18 at the time and visibly skittish in public coz of social anxiety. I also had freaking low self esteem coz of zits and being overweight.

I just had to vent sorry if this was the wrong thread but this is why I hate males. Especially older predatory males who like vulnerable younger women that are easy targets to pick up.

No. 417116

Anon I feel you so hard right now. On the plus side you’d be a good autobiographer because that was an interesting story!

My cure/advice is to act overly hostile. I tried so many different way and this was the only one that seemed to work the best. If some guy starts hitting on you look him in the eye and say “what the fuck do you want” or “if you don’t fuck off, I’ll cut you/your dick off” or “don’t fucking talk to me bitch”. Added words of “fucking” and “bitch” for bonus points. Or you can say “keep walking bitch keep walking no one cares” and just interrupt him saying that until he walks away. When you say any of this, spit on the ground like a construction worker. I’ve found men become very intimidated when females talk like that or are overly hostile/masculine sounding/acting. They get caught off guard and either call you a bitch and walk away or runaway because they’re scared pussies. They expect the woman to be “polite” and use it to pressure them and wiggle their way in. When you act the opposite of that they get really nervous and usually walk away anxiously. We don’t have to be polite or nice, they’re a stranger, you owe them nothing but a “go fuck yourself”. You know if some big dude came up to them saying “hey you so beautiful where you goin baby” the men would act overly aggressive, so why not act the same way twords them.

After multiple years of testing techniques (saying I’m a lesbian, I’m married, pretending you can’t hear them bc of earphones, pretending your in a rush, pretending your ride is about to be here, etc) I’ve found this works the most effectively. Hope this helps.

No. 417127

How to get orbiters in 90 words or less.

No. 417129

I'm genuinely, 100% considering learning sign language just so that if a man tries to talk to me in public I can pretend to be deaf.

No. 417160

She just sounds like a dumb teen/preteen I wouldn't be so hard on this post.

No. 417169

I hate old men more than any other. The mix of boomer entitlement and nasty perspectives on women. Yikes.

I've said this some other thread but I had a college professor who was 60 and would berate female students to make them mad and nitpick arguments that he knew he'd win, while also checking them out and telling stories about the hot young students he's had (plus it was a general ed class so he had literal 17 and 18 year olds often). He also had a child daughter and commented on how her tits will be as great as her mother's. I'm just waiting to hear about him making the wrong move in the local news someday.

No. 417214

I go to bars quite often by myself to see live shows, and almost every time there's gonna be at least one 40-60-year-old dude, completely shitfaced, wobbling over to me trying to "innocently" chat me up, asking me if I want to go out for a smoke or slow dance with him, or whatever shit like that. Honestly I don't mind a truly innocent, friendly conversation with a stranger, but it's never just that with those old creeps. What the fuck makes them think a young woman would be interested in banging an old, fat, balding man who's dressed in dirty sweatpants, has a couple of missing teeth, bad breath, and eyes looking at different directions because he's so goddamn drunk. I almost envy them since their self-esteem seems be through the fucking roof.

I've started to become a bit more harsh with them though, at first I would just awkwardly smile and nod at whatever they were slurring, but now I've learned to act a bit more rude (not looking at them/looking at my phone, one word answers, not smiling) if someone's making me uncomfortable and I want him to leave me alone. Still not confident enough to be straight up hostile like >>417116 said, but maybe I'll get there someday.

No. 417219

I’d much rather respond more aggresively as you said, but I’m afraid of being assaulted / stalked / raped. Gonna take some self defense classes before trying more hostile responses to unwanted interactions.

No. 417226

Guys who ask "where's your ring?" when you say you're married or engaged are fucking revolting. I had a guy I never met until then interrogate me about it when I mentioned being married (he hadn't hit on me yet, but I got the vibe he was going to eventually, so I mentioned my husband to our mutual friend in front of him in a pretty subtle normal way). The reason is because I'm a dishwasher and just got off of work. When I explained this to him, he acted like I was making excuses then got all pissy and walked away. What the actual fuck is wrong with men?

Sadly lying and saying you're already taken is the safest way to turn a guy down. Though I've heard stories of women being killed even when they say they have boyfriends, just seems to happen far more rarely.

It sure is great living in a world where strangers might kill you for refusing to cheat on your SO with them.

No. 417233

File: 1559502977895.jpeg (25.35 KB, 500x500, B90163EC-7AEE-4E22-96D4-56953A…)

Honestly anon, a tazer goes a long way. They have ones that attach to the back of your cell like a phone case. Also this object (pic related) aka safesound personal alarm releases a sound that is as loud as a jet engine when it’s taking off. Not only does it scare/kill their eardrums but it alerts others to your area. Continues until you re-cork it, like a grenadine. Self defense is extremely helpful since men don’t expect young girls to be able to fight. The “hostile/aggressive attitude” works well with older men, regular dudes, creeps, non mentally ill homeless, fuccbois. The only exceptions might be the mental ill, gang bangers, buff dudes, and anyone looking like they’re violent. The majority of regular, annoying, creeps and pervs will fuck off. You can also just take it halfway and pretend your deaf, not smile, no eye contact, and respond solely in rude grunts ?

Link to some items: https://www.sabrered.com

No. 417265

Based. Should have a word with his group home (unless it means something different where you're from) so maybe they can get him under control.

No. 417289

Sounds like the typical irrational anger they get whenever they hit on a girl only for her to say "oh I have a husband/bf" as a clue to back off
You'd think they'd accept it with grace but most just become pissy because they're incapable of taking rejection. Anyways sounds like he projected, thinking you were interested in dating and then tried to accuse you that you wanted to cheat to defend his own hurt ego.
Regardless, saying you have a husband should've been enough as like showing a ring lol

No. 417293

It's amazing the difference in how highschool teachers can't talk about their students that way but professors can. I would say students should record that shit secretly on their phones to report but considering colleges will let rapists go with only a slap on the wrist, that wouldn't work.

No. 417317

I'm certain that some men are just incapable of empathy. Even if they can't understand how a woman feels, they should at least be able to imagine what it would be like for them if another man was trying to flirt with their wife.

I don't even visit bars without my husband and I still have men approach me. Eight times out of ten, they will politely back off if I raise my left hand to my chest so they can see my engagement and wedding rings. Some of them will not fuck off until I point out that my husband is literally stood a few feet away from me.

No. 417411

That's the part that I don't get. Even if they do suspect a woman is only fibbing to provide them a soft landing, the heck are they gonna get from it by pressing the issue further?

"Oh damn, you're right, I'm just not attracted to you, and your attitude is repulsive. Or at least I wasn't until I found out how incredibly sharp you are, you Miss Marple, you. Now I can't wait for you to rip my clothes off."

That's never gonna happen, but mace to the eyes might.

No. 417416

>“The campaign against body hair on women originates in Darwin’s 1871 book Descent of Man, explains Herzig. Men of science obsessed over racial differences in hair type and growth (among other aspects of physical appearance), and as the press popularized these findings, the broader American public latched on. Darwin’s evolutionary theory transformed body hair into a question of competitive selection—so much so that hairiness was deeply pathologized. “Rooted in traditions of comparative racial anatomy, evolutionary thought solidified hair’s associations with ‘primitive’ ancestry and an atavistic return to earlier, ‘less developed’ forms,” Herzig writes. Post-Descent, hairiness became an issue of fitness.

>An important distinction in this evolutionary framework was that men were supposed to be hairy, and women were not. Scientists surmised that a clear distinction between the masculine and the feminine indicated “higher anthropological development” in a race. So, hairiness in women became indicative of deviance, and researchers set out to prove it. Herzig tells the story of an 1893 study of 271 cases of insanity in white women, which found that insane women had excessive facial hair more frequently than the sane. Their hairs were also “thicker and stiffer,” more closely resembling those of the “inferior races.” Havelock Ellis, the scholar of human sexuality, claimed that this type of hair growth in women was “linked to criminal violence, strong sexual instincts … [and] exceptional ‘animal vigor.’”

>By the early 1900s, unwanted hair was a significant source of discomfort for American women. They desired smooth, sanitized, white skin. They wanted to be feminine. “In a remarkably short time, body hair became disgusting to middle-class American women, its removal a way to separate oneself from cruder people, lower class and immigrant,” writes Herzig.”

Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/02/the-casualties-of-womens-war-on-body-hair/514983/

So, men are allowed to be hairy, but women aren't, because it makes us dirty, insane primitives and lesser as human beings. I didn't even know there was a fucked up racial aspect to all this, and I would've rolled my eyes and called someone crazy if they stated there was.

No. 417428

this was very insightful, thank you, anon! i thought it was all Gilette scamming people, love to learn it is even more insidious than that

No. 417440

Should men, overall, be more feminine of more masculine?

No. 417444

occasionally vogue will share some article like "an ode to not shaving" and i have to go into the comment section to troll idiots who think women aren't "supposed" to be hairy with the "you dont like the body god created?" gotta fight retards on their level, u know

No. 417447

this is insane. its a lot more sinister than i thought it was tbh.

but at the same time its so funny that men think that the relatively fine body hair most women grow makes us unhygienic, disgusting and lazy, but they can walk around looking like wild boars and be completely hygienic. cognitive dissonance at its finest.

No. 417448

Oh my FUCKING GOD. That poor woman.


>Couldn't find the original article that included her X-Ray, but perhaps that's for the best.

No. 417452

Anyone else get overly triggered by men who make their waifus in video games? It's really telling that every nerd dudes' perfect girl is some pink-haired cat girl in a maid outfit or some bikini shit. I try to ignore it but everytime I see an overly feminine avatar with zero clothing on and a name like "Strawberry Pantsu", I instantly just know it's a man.

No. 417533

File: 1559579671108.gif (942.21 KB, 340x255, hemuli.gif)

That is so messed up. Yesterday I read an article where the 2012 Delhi gang rape was mentioned and there were certain disgusting details like how one of the rapists pulled something out of her, some part of intestine maybe or something else. That was so vile and I just thought HOW can men be like this? What is wrong with their heads?

No. 417570

This is terrible. I looked it up to see the x-rays and they are disgusting. How on earth could he get the bike handle so far up it went to her uterus? That's insane; the pain she must have felt is unimaginable. She lived with it up there for two years because she was ashamed, and if I'm reading correctly, he did it because she confronted him about cheating with other women. She can't have children anymore, I wonder what her pig husband thinks about that.

No. 417604

And wait for the racist men to blame it on culture

And when India strives forward to protect women from rape and violence, men cry and try to be mras because m-my rape accusations :( despite gangrapes, violent assaults and torture like what happened to this woman happening already too frequently

I watched a vid on someone asking former prisoners of reddit what's the worst thing they witnessed in prison. One guy mentioned a man who stabbed his daughter in the back then raped her. And in that particular prison, the rule was whatever you did out there you get it in prison 50x. So the man was stabbed 50x and raped 50x. And some of the comments were just "uwu that's too much"

No. 417671

I was lurking on r/redpillwomen and came across a thread about whether men or women should pay on the first date, and many of the male users said they wanted a woman to pay and wouldn't even stay with a woman who had them pay on the first date. How can these idiots LARP being so traditional while also being cheap bastards who can't contribute their money to making a woman feeling appreciated?

No. 417688

Because being a backwards trad 50s character should only be applied to women anon. Go to any tradfem/pro trad tumblr. It's always
>how to be a good submissive quiet housewife
And never will you see a trad male post or how trad men should behave. They don't want to be brought back to an era where they have to work. It's should only be women who shouldn't work… But somehow support them both with a magical trust fund from somewhere. If anything, the only male voices that support this are those who run porn blogs that want women to be a house and sex slaves for them

Kidna funny too since most of these red pill trad women are larping men and the occasional tradthot trying to build an audience for camming or patreon

No. 417689

>we want equality!
>no, not that kind of equality, we mean the kind where we still get all the free money!
Maybe you aren't worth being appreciated that much to begin with. Especially when you make it so obvious you're just a gold digger from the first date.(*tips fedora*)

No. 417698

How can anyone be so mind numbingly retarded and miss the point entirely.
Why are scrots so fucking bad at reading comprehension to the point where it's actually laughable?

No. 417701

Cheapskate homeless guys get so offended at the suggestion they are not gonna be granted a rich supermodel who pays for everything while they are offering nothing in return.

No. 417704

Makes sense to me. Psychopaths can't sympathize/empathize with their victims and only care about themselves so might as well use the same monstrous acts they did back at them. I'm sure they'll think twice if they had to be executed in exactly the same manner they killed their victims.

No. 417713

Wait, so I'm confused. What part of this was disheartening? Psychopaths don't have empathy, and care about what's right or wrong, but they can be scared into proper behavior if there's punishment severe enough.

No. 417723

They can't actually. A big part of psychopathy is having a limited fear response, not caring about consequences and a failure in learning from experience. It's why they're so impulsive, aggressive, overconfident and always blame others in the first place. Main reason why the death penalty doesn't work as a deterrent since the worst criminals have something wrong with their brain.

No. 417725

Men are really too stupid to realise how much they keep proving our words over and over.

No. 417726

File: 1559626979873.jpg (214.04 KB, 1124x1646, IMG_20190604_074033.jpg)

So a guy in Japan got divorced after playing a video game (Granblue Fantasy) too much, 5 hours later he posts about his weapon/character grid.

Good for his wife to dump a dead weight, the amount of manchildren ruining their relationships with friends and family because of vidya is fucking embarrassing. Especially in cases when it's a game for children like fortnite.

No. 417729

Ah, okay then. Thanks for the correction. I'd also like the test what's supposedly an old eskimo solution for the unreformable, which is putting them on ice floats and sending them off to sea.

No. 417732

Men are too mentally crippled to understand subtext and the things going on around them, and society encourages it instead of shaming them. Then they ruin their friendships and relationships and complain how lonely male socialization makes them and how women have better support networks.

No. 417734

They also think "le spamming force" is not anything but a barely detectable nuisance and the push back just makes our fervor and vitriol stronger lol dumbasses

No. 417736

File: 1559628382514.jpg (60.74 KB, 481x662, flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg)

They're just assmad that fewer and fewer women are cowtowing to their crap kek

Oh man, you mildly inconvenienced our mods. You sure showed us!

No. 417737

File: 1559628438599.jpg (53.74 KB, 627x414, af000c8c-b1e8-4715-b7ba-1c5ebb…)

thank you to everyone for being so well behaved and not feeding the scrot!

No. 417740

Adding to the topic of mobile video games, it's so fucking pathetic how many scrotes waste hours grinding for the sake of e-peen. Most of them don't care about the lore or characters of the game they're playing (unless it's about fucking them) and think doing the same stage over and over again is proof of skill. Go to any forums and you'll find stories of them ruining their lives or spending thousands on a jpg.

No. 417742

>Get more junk
>to get more bitches
>get endorphin highs in the process
That's just how their brains are wired. Even if they know deep down that virtual junk is useless they're still slaves to their impulses, and too stupid to stop.

No. 417744

Men constantly bash women who write fanfiction or ship characters because they don't understand what it's like to care that deeply about characters.

So many men I've talked to think fanfiction and shipping is just fap-fodder. If that's the case, then how come the majority of fics on AO3 are G-rated? Most men are literally incapable of appreciating characters beyond self-insertion or fetishization. It's fucking sad tbh. Honestly? Shippers are autistic, but I'd take them over the droves of neckbeards who draw/fap to giant titty versions of 12-year-old characters.

No. 417746

The sad thing is that this can be objectively proven, pixiv has that function where you can separate artworks by creator gender and the difference is stunning.

No. 417749

Ooh, how do you do that? All the people I follow on Pixiv are female or have their gender unlisted.

No. 417751

I've been using twitter for the past year so I can't tell from memory but threads pop up about it on /ic/ from time to time. I know there used to be categories similar to that on the right sidebar on the main page, but they were "popular with women/men".

No. 417754

It will never not be funny that a neet incel with a scat fetish thinks anyone gives a fuck about what he has to say in his (literal) shitposts that get deleted within an hour. He's poured hours to xd trollin a board 12 people go on and 11 of those 12 people don't even see his ebin trolling.

No. 417763

> more from the sun
You realise that's the section where the site offers more articles with the same theme as the one you're reading now? That's always going to be 4 in a row of whatever you're reading.

No. 417805

File: 1559648493817.jpg (786.36 KB, 1014x1356, pinkpilled.jpg)

Turkish woman discovers 1 weird trick to stop re-offending - rapists hate her!

No. 417812

I've been reading some /r/theredpill shit and it amazes me how men can claim women are shallow, stupid and evil. When they openly admit they only value women for being young and beautiful, they literally say women are worthless for aging. Something nobody can control, yet women are seen as disgusting and evil for wanting a man who's not neet - something that can be controlled. I also don't understand how they can even pretend they want le trad marriage, part of traditional marriage is growing old together you stupid selfish fucks.

No. 417818

File: 1559650784716.jpg (423.23 KB, 666x822, screenshot.jpg)

it's really disgusting that rape victims have to do this for their own safety because the authorities are shit at protecting them.

>health minister
>"killing the baby in the mother's womb is a greater crime than the deeds of the rapist."
>"the wrong path of western countries""

No. 417847

Overkill, Hope there weren't any kids in the village square that day to get traumatized for life.

No. 417858

File: 1559658479013.jpg (121.4 KB, 828x1087, poc7s7TPAO1wz4d4d_1280.jpg)

No. 417859

I wish every AKP supporter dropped dead. Turkey would be left with the better half of her population.

No. 417860

No. 417870

>killing the man who raped and impregnated you is overkill
No, it is absolutely not.

No. 417872

I wish all antichoice people period dropped dead. The whole world would be a far better place.

No. 417886

Killing him whatever, but shooting the guy 10 times and cutting off his head to traumatize innocents definitely is.

No. 417896

In her eyes they're not innocent. They did not help her when she got raped and needed an abortion. They sided with the authorities.
Imagine how traumatized her child will be when it eventually finds out (and it will!) that it's the product of rape?

I wish the world would finally do something about Erdogan and his followers.

No. 417932

im so tired. i just saw several posts made by scrots defending brock turner.

No. 417959

on the bright side, when these kids grow up they will think twice before trying to touch a woman without her consent.

No. 417971

Males are extremely harsh on women's appearance (that's how the "she has a weird thumb, 2/20 wouldn't fuck her" meme was born), and they're convinced we're exactly like them, in reality if women had half the physical standards males have, only 1% of men would get laid, because they're far from being the fairer sex and they don't do anything to help themselves in that regard.

No. 417974

They don't realize even stress hormones can affect the fetus. Trauma can be passed down due to transgenerational epigenetics. Obviously the woman is going to be very upset due the fact that she's carrying a child she didn't want and that's going to effect the fetus which in my opinion is even more cruel because now there will be two victims suffering.

No. 418025

this was 2012. What's happening now if any turkey anons can fill us in.

Wait until more and more women just straight up brutally kill their rapists. There would be protesters fighting for rapists to be protected because their victims are too violent and shouldn't protect themselves uwu. I'd see that debate between scrots and gun supporters in the US. Alot of them always push for women to carry something for defense.

Hope every one of them stays the hell away from women for the rest of their lives.

No. 418109

File: 1559702506997.jpg (137.27 KB, 640x1327, 5z6wk1bxvc231.jpg)

No. 418112

File: 1559702701931.jpg (91.06 KB, 640x1010, jeun33mtse231.jpg)

No. 418113

File: 1559702833303.jpg (83.12 KB, 640x985, w5o9v0klx7231.jpg)

No. 418115

Yes, I always found that confusing and hilarious.
>omg these women are so stupid for making stories about these characters and seeing them for anything deeper than mindless entertainment. they're so silly and funny for writing heart touching stories for them and developing creativity and emotional connection for them haha

>but it's totally cool for me to masturbate to this character and make it my waifu xD and find it totally hawt and obsess over this fictional character's sexuality like a hedonistic slave to my impulses and desires! XD but yeah women are stupid!!!!

I noticed this in the RP community as well. Scrots will say RPing to develop characters and make your own world, or even just for silliness and fun, is stupid but ERPing with as much as your shitty, cringy fetishes as possible is acceptable. Tell me where is the sense in that?

No. 418126

I find women are harsher on fanfic than men, because they think it's uncool or evil or too fujo to tolerate. But I think it's a great example of how women rarely see people as objects and have respect for those they are attracted to. Men respect women less the hotter they are and just want to see them as sex objects, meanwhile characters in fanfic get thousands of words developing their characters and relationships beyond their canon. The love and care put into it is obvious, even when they're a bad writer. Men would never give that many fucks about their waifu's inner life.

No. 418228

Are y'all really defending fujos

No. 418229


No. 418230

NTA, but y'all is the perfect word, and you're dumb if you disagree.

No. 418232

She's clearly not using it normally (because she's from the south), but because she's a tumblrina.

And btw, both of you need to learn when to sage.

No. 418233

This is true. Y'all is such a great word that it even makes the 'are' in front of her sentence redundant.

No. 418236

>Oh no! Female creative writing and erotica that doesn't objectify women or otherwise pander primarily (or at least substantially) to men in some way! That's not allowed >:(
Fujoshi as individuals can be annoying and cringy as fuck, but in concept, there's literally nothing wrong with yaoi or women who enjoy it.

No. 418237

i don't really like fujos but this makes me think of retarded mras who bring up "why are women so obsessed with gay anime porn" as a counter argument to "why are men so obsessed with lesbians". it's sooo hypocritical lmao. they never, ever care about gay men like feminists care about lesbians, most of the time mras fucking despise gays but they defend them when it benefits their agenda.

No. 418241

It's insane because this extends to every female-associated media/interest. Boys' cartoons, toys, comics etc are seen as fun, formative parts of their childhood and remembered fondly, but any cartoon, comic, book that specifically targets girls is seen as silly and shallow. Men are allowed to enjoy bad action movies "ironically", but if a woman enjoys hate-watching dumb romance movies/shows, she's obviously a stupid roastie. Men can indulge in wish-fulfilment isekai where they self-insert as the neckbeard-turned-hero MC and get a harem of waifus, but women are laughable if they read romance novels or fanfics.

I don't know what men expect of us if we're trash for enjoying stereotypically female things, but also are trash when we like their ~secret boys' club~ stuff. Are we supposed not to enjoy anything ?

No. 418242

They hate us cause they ain't us.

No. 418265

Also when men appropriate a female interest en-masse, it becomes more "legit", resulting in women being pushed out of the community. MLP would be a modern example, but something chillingly similar happened to computer science in the 1970s.

No. 418312

> but something chillingly similar happened to computer science in the 1970s.

When I was a kid in the 90s, one of my earliest games were the text input type of games like King's Quest and lots of those were surprisingly well-made and developed by women so I never thought of IT or game development as a male dominated field until I reached my teens.

I find my experience similar to that with chess where you don't see an issue with it until somehow everyone's calling it a guy thing.

Though, I'll also be honest that I see a lot of women perpetuating those stereotypes. I come from a first world country and it wasn't rare to see mothers trying to raise their daughters liking the "right" stuff like barbie dolls, toy kitchenettes, teaching them house chores from the early age which their sons (if they had any) didn't have to practice.

No. 418322

I'm so fucking tired of this world and of this society. You can't even say you're a feminist or try to defend women publicly because you'll get called a feminist and you immediately become a crazy woman in the eyes of everyone and your arguments aren't even taken seriously.

So many women that activate for feminism online get harassed, stalked and are in danger of being phisically attacked or killed by men. A few days ago a feminism activist from my country got stabbed in public by a man and I've seen some disgusting posts made by men saying she deserved it for being a privileged female.

I wish women would be as aggressive, egoistic and psychopathic as men are to end up killing men that are against their world view. That would be the true radicalism. Sometimes I'm thinking of how when I get old and have nothing to live for I'll just organize a mass shooting targeted only towards men. Yes, I know there's good men out there too but those that are truly good are extremely rare. I would say 90 percent of the male population is made of mysoginistic psychopaths that would rape or kill you at any chance they would get. This is the sad reality.
Fire can only be fought with fire.

No. 418325

You had me until about >I wish women would be as aggressive, egoistic and psychopathic as men are to end up killing men that are against their world view.

That's a yikes from me, dawg. Attack them and you're no different from them.

No. 418346

>A few days ago a feminism activist from my country got stabbed in public by a man

Wow, he sure showed her! Truly proving feminism is not needed and we truly have an equal society which respects women highly.

No. 418349

Also your last paragraph is completely nuts. They "punish" us enough for the crime of, uh, being sexy, nevermind if the literal weaker sex took up arms we would all be reduced to slavery. It hasn't been that long since slavery was abolished in the US. That would absolutely be the result of any "uprising"

What women really need, all over the world, is money and freedom to live, work, eat, care for family etc without the fear of being hurt or killed by a dominant partner or just a stranger. That's why real feminists (not counting the ones obsessed with nipples and underarm hair) focus on freedom.

No. 418380

This kinda reads as if women were considered just nuisance by men all along, and that the only reason why they havent really fucked us over is because we dont make too much noise, if we actually made a revolt we couldnt even fight them. This really is a horrible fate, it seems like a curse. If we didn't bring kids they would have surely wiped us all.

No. 418401

Please, scrots shame even non-fujo women for this shit, or try to force the label "fujo" on them and act like its the worst thing ever yet their testerical induced rages and sexual obsessions over fictional characters is 100x more autistic and embarrassing.

No. 418406

Yes, exactly. In the 70s, CS was seen as being 'for women' because it utilized their "natural secretarial abilities". Literally they said this.

Now CS is "too logical for women", lmfao.

No. 418423

Lmao, people really enjoy making subjective shit up and then pretending like it's facts and them shamelessly going the opposite way and still acting like it's facts.
These people constantly re-write history and no one cares despite it being easier to research information more than ever. And when you wanna tell them about it they wanna act coy or outright ignore it because it doesn't fit their narrative, like ironically like a bunch of NPCs.

No. 418434

File: 1559761820972.jpg (373.27 KB, 1620x739, autism.jpg)

This is related to the conversation. Just a drawing of a barely recognizable female human is enough to send scrots into a frenzy, but yet fujos and women who love fanfiction and fictional characters are the creeps meanwhile they are so obsessed and fetishistic of womanhood they go insane even for fake examples of them lol.

No. 418435

I really don't get why men are so obsessed with Sonia, she looks like a basic pokemon character to me.

No. 418436

Why must they lewd every conceivably female character? Even personified objects like ships and planes, cars, animals. I don't understand why they are like this.

No. 418437

oh i totally agree, ppl get super pissy when girls make art of male characters and call them fetishists and fujos but if a guy makes art of a female character it's just normal internet stuff apparently

No. 418438

this probably sounds like a nitpick, but i always avoid the male sides of a fandom, they always assume everyone else is also a male and they get really pissy if they find out youre a girl. i think this is one reason for why a lot of people went to tumblr for fandom shit, because from what i remmeber most fandoms on tumblr were mostly female oriented

i remember one of my (female) friends was into mlp, and she always told us how men would get pissed of if she called herself a brony, because she wasnt ~opwessed~ like they were for liking mlp lmao

No. 418440

Because they have psychosis and extreme mental illness that they pretend is normal when it's the exact opposite of. They go into these extreme escapism and it's not as harmless as they like to believe, since it unfortunately bleeds over to, and affects, the real world and women.
Basically, everything men do in comparison to women is intensely malefic and always troublesome no matter what, they can't just do things like sane, socially and emotionally functioning individuals. No. They always have to do things completely shamelessly like a pack of hyenas without any form of reasonable thought or cognizance. They're literally insane. More destructive than a pack of rodents.
Pokemon's doing this on purpose with this waifu shit tbh, they aren't shit for putting this in video games meant for children. Nintendo in general has been purposely pandering to manchildren after Iwata died. Even shit like Mario has it now. It's honestly disgusting how everything has to center to and cater to men's genitalia and sexual desires and it's virtually inescapable no matter where you go. They try to force this as normal and sane when it's anything but.


I'd argue women on average, are more worthy of being in a fandom than men. Men either mindlessly promote violence and obsess solely on the pure entertainment factor of fiction or they intensely sexualize and fixate on the objects in a form of mind-numbing, stupid escapism. I suppose it was more true before they got full retard in the nerd communities that they had more substance, but waifu pandering has gotten off the charts in everything, god, it's gotten so awful. Women are the ones who make fandoms interesting and with the ingenuity and creativity it had in the 90s and 2000s these days.

No. 418442

*fixate on the characters

No. 418445

>ppl get super pissy when girls make art of male characters
Forgive me if this is ignorant since I haven't run in fandom circles for years really, but I never experienced this? Shitting on fujos sure (usually by SJW types or getting dunked on for being female neckbeards or whatever), but never disproportionately more than men for lusting after male characters. I was pretty much nemu-tier with my husbandos (and was also a fujo) growing up but none of my male friends ever made a fuss over it. Also I think waifufags and anime-obsessed men get laughed at as much as fujos when normies are the ones making fun. Otaku, neckbeard, living in mom's basement, etc. are frequently used insults. Not that they're oppressed or anything ffs, but they do get made fun of and called creeps also.

Although I guess shows like Osomatsu did sort of make a dig at their female fanbase in the show itself, so maybe I'm just missing this. Online, I also ran mainly in female fandom spaces like >>418438 mentioned.

No. 418447

Men definitely complain about it. For example, anything with even remotely good-looking male characters is called 'fujo-bait' on /a/

No. 418450

But… it's just a cute woman character… are we not allowed to have those since scrotes will lewd them? I don't see how Nintendo is in the wrong here. If we were talking about Fire Emblem bullshit, I would agree, but not in this case…

No. 418467

It depends on the men but I've noticed my weeb/nerdy male friends getting condescending/mocking when I expressed I really liked specific male characters. A former friend got weirdly aggressive when I said I found a character in Sun & Moon really cute, and proceeded to show me yaoi of him to "ruin" him for me because he's "gay" and I shouldn't like him. The same guy thinks having titty mousepads is great, though.

No. 418483

Straight and bi-men-leaning women are a mistake.
Sorry but your man will never truly love you unlike a woman.

They don't understand the concept of love or have any feelings at all outside of basic insticts.

For a man you are just a mean to an end.
They want you for status and slavery only.
Wake up.

No. 418485

How can you not see Nintendo is purposely creating female characters to be waifubait for men, though? They're also doing it with Pokemon, since Gen 3 really, but it's become more apparent now.

I know it's controversial to criticize Disney and Nintendo on the internet but they have many parts of being problematic. It's not as simple as it looks like. They're Japanese businessmen they know what they're doing..

No. 418489

With THE pokemon. One of the fully evolved Pokemon (a starter, forgot its name) had a curvier and more humanoid shape than what would be present for most Pokemon during Gen 1 or Gen 2 (Jynx was a joke Pokemon inb4 someone brings her up) and more toward the more sexualized sensibilities of 2010's anime style.
inb4 prude reeeee, you can be in the light about shit and notice things for what they are without panicking and having moral outrage

No. 418490

They get autistically jealous, yup. Men even do this with RL celebrities, singers..

No. 418497

Yeah, I guess I just always saw women in fandom spaces also acknowledging the opposite (waifu bait). Although it's more of a known fact that no one really talks about, so if men are actively angry about women having husbandos then that's rarted.

Thinking back, maybe they never complained because my husbandos were ugly (like I said, nemu-tier) lol.

No. 418512

I have also had a similar experience. Men seem to love the type of woman who is interested in pastel anime girls or ecchi but they get condescending and dislike it when women talk about how much they love pretty anime boy characters. "Fujo" seems to be the go-to insult regardless if it's accurate or not (like calling otome games fujo games). A lot of men dislike a game series I like because the cast is half pretty boys and half pretty girls, and because women participate the most with fan-art and buying merchandise.

No. 418515

Joined some discord server and saw a bunch of underage boys talking about incels and blackpills.

wtf why are 13 year olds talking about this crap? is this the future?

No. 418517

What is blackpill? I know what redpill is.

No. 418519

Shipping and ooc fiction is obnoxious though.

No. 418520

Blackpill is incel ideology.

No. 418535

It's scary how quickly people and especially kids and teens online can get suckered into this stuff. You sometimes will see posts on reddit where people come to their senses and regret being a part of those movements, or where old people say they "could have easily became an incel/redpiller/misogynist if they were a young adult on the internet today". To be honest these days I think I've run out of sympathy, because I just have to wonder why in the first place it seems like so many of these people (the older ones especially) are ready to quickly latch on and convert to these types of hateful ideologies with apparently no thinking about it.

No. 418536

I couldn't believe I was seeing a bunch of 14 year olds calling each other incels.

No. 418540

Agreed they're exactly as bad as hetero or lesbian fanfictions. It all should stop existing.(responding to b8)

No. 418554

What's wrong with fanfiction…?

No. 418555

That's not really what I meant. I think people can draw or write whatever they want, I just think the way those 3 were talking about themselves and their writing was obnoxiously self-important.
>meanwhile characters in fanfic get thousands of words developing their characters and relationships beyond their canon. The love and care put into it is obvious,
Fucking BARF.(ban evading scatfag)

No. 418565

How do you counter this? I'm afraid of raising a child, especially a male, in the modern political climate. I've seen men with lovely sisters, mothers, daughters, wives even turn into hateful misogynists.

No. 418567

Men shame emotion and empathy and wonder why they all grow up to escapist, suicidal psychos who end up killing themselves or others lmao retard

No. 418568

This is a huge issue but MRAs only want to circlejerk about muh evil wominz apparently. It seriously pains me to see how emotionally stunted men are, to their own detriment.

No. 418765

You guys are going to think this is hilarious. I had my abusive boyfriend read Why Does He Do That? hoping it might make a lightbulb pop on before I had to leave and he kept saying that everything in the book is "so general, could apply to anyone, not just MEN" lol. All he would do is defend his gender over and over. "Women do that too! He should be writing 'people's instead of just 'men.'" I wonder what Lundy himself would have to say about that. Maybe its in there and I haven't got to it yet.

No. 418766

File: 1559821840757.png (1.47 MB, 938x1244, laugh.png)

>the person who was REEEEing about women creating content that isn't catered to men turned out to be the scatfag scrote, not just a farmer with differing opinions
Like pottery.

No. 418767

So, he couldn't even argue that he didn't do those things, just "N-No it's not just us men, some women also…!"? Truly pathetic.

No. 418922

me and my friend playing an online game together and we have our voice chat with our friends in game that we use daily to just talk about whatever. theres a few halfway decent dudes who at least arent perverts towards us. but then the last week we get this complete weirdo that just join and starts shitting up the voice chat with his heaving and giggling. he was like getting absolutely obsessed with my friend and trying to flatter her constantly which was making me super uncomfortable since our group isnt really like that and he sticks out like a sore thumb. gave me an onision vibe tbh. like he wont stop talking about how "famous" she is in game and tried to give her money after knowing her for only 1 day… it was a red flag for me and disturbed me greatly. (she didnt accept it right away and said she want to make art in exchange for it) he also talks down to me as if he's trying to push me out of the picture and isolate her. yesterday i dm'd him to tell him how uncomfortable his behavior is to be around and he tried to gaslight me by saying he was just trying to do a meme? it certainly didnt come off that way it sounds like blatant love bombing and like the dude has an agenda. why cant men just play a video game without getting weirdly obsessed with a woman as soon as he hears her voice on mic? thankfully he hasnt come around since i made it awkward af by bringing up the issue. i hope he realizes i know what he's doing and he'll just fuck off but i feel like he just gonna come back. i also feel bad like im just making problems and im the one in the wrong for being unable to put up with someone creeping on my friend like that.

No. 418923

Men get so obsessed with women for no reason other than being a woman and it's hilarious. They don't need to know how she looks or who she is, just hear a voice and they become obsessed. I literally have never heard a woman being so desperate for dick she has done this for a man, but yet desperate women always get more parodied in media than desperate men do, despite the latter being 10000x common and I know any woman who's been a woman for all her life can attest to that.

No. 418926

its so disturbing how predatory they are. it pisses me off that he gets to be there for hours just listening to this womans voice he's obsessed with while i have to feel disgusted and like im about to puke the whole time i hear his. its like, am i expected to just put up with this guy now and feel terrible about a place i felt so positive in before? or just leave everything behind because im unwelcome as someone thats not willing to put up with creepy behavior. it also sucks ass that im the only one calling him out on it while everyone else just stays awkwardly silent when he says creepy shit. i cant be the only one uncomfortable with it right? im worried about my friend too. i have no idea what this guys endgame goal is but im scared af by the way hes acting towards her.

No. 418929

It's so fucking ridiculous that a woman can go on VC in a game, say one thing that is completely innocent, and at least three dudes will instantly lose their shit. I've seen guys get into literal arguments from some girl saying "hi" in VC. One tells her to shut up and the other starts WKing hard, and then they have the adacity to claim the 'le girl gamer' attention meme when they are the reason for the obsessive shilling and derailing.

No. 418943

>One tells her to shut up and the other starts WKing hard, and then they have the adacity to claim the 'le girl gamer' attention meme when they are the reason for the obsessive shilling and derailing.
Lol, exactly. They're the retards giving them excessive attention for the sole purpose of being female and playing a game. Never once do they ever stop to think that they should singling out women in games if they don't want the attention-seeking ones to profit off of that.

No. 418949

they always shame the women too instead of the men giving them the attention they dont want them to have. mens massive ego and narcissism cant handle not being the center of attention and seen as a godlike being at all times so they're automatically jealous of any woman in the vicinity since us just existing instantly takes all the attention away from men.

No. 418955

File: 1559849407923.jpeg (297.97 KB, 1728x1304, BA9EB390-9493-4E7A-AE4E-9EEE10…)

I’m sorry to clog up the discussion here because there are some great points being made (doubly sorry if this isn’t the right thread), but does anyone else watch the Handmaid’s Tale on hulu?

I watched it with my sister who is a radfem as well and we both went insane with anger just from watching it. I’ve read the book as well and love the works of Margaret Atwood, but to see it all played out on screen is so biting and raw. It’s hard to watch but it just fills me with misandry and rage because it seems like something that could actually happen in real life. The book was published over thirty years ago, and yet it still seems like something that could feasibly be real in modern time. It’s so sad to see that women who warned us such a long time ago about things that would just get worse because of men (like Atwood and also Andrea Dworkin) were completely ignored.

I myself would like to publish a book one day about the modern woes of misogyny affecting women globally, and I’d probably title it “Andrea Dworkin Was Right”.

No. 418964

I just started it yesterday. Binged the first 7 episodes and basically cried continuously through all of them. It's fucking awful

No. 419007

File: 1559856345117.jpg (156.45 KB, 983x1104, 1559832957102.jpg)

These always send chills down my spine.

No. 419034

>literally pulling the centerist "b-but both sides are bad!!!" argument
fuck off. i hope scrotes suffer

No. 419037

No. 419044

Men are so disgusting

No. 419049

I dont understand how men supposedly like high feminine sexual dimorphic traits, but also like teens, but also many the women they publicly lust over are 25 -35 age range, but also women spoil after 25, ect ect there's so much contradicting information that doesn't make sense

No. 419065

And they get so offended if I say men are the worst. Sorry but the data doesn't lie.
They are predators. They would all rape if they could.

No. 419066

>It’s hard to watch but it just fills me with misandry and rage because it seems like something that could actually happen in real life
You do realize it's something that actually is happening in real life? It was written about real life. Just with Muslims instead of Christians.

No. 419073

I do see the real life parallels and yeah that also makes me incredibly incredibly angry as well that women are literally treated like that on a global scale especially within religious communities

It really is a travesty and fills me with rage that women are treated like garbage but men are the real garbage

No. 419112

as someone rad-leaning i can't stand the handmaids tale but not for the reasons you state. i think the show, which is mostly written and directed by men, doesn't do a damn thing with any message it's trying to tell. a true radfem show wouldn't show june madly falling in love with nick and fucking him doggy style, or her caring about the pregnancy shes forced to bring to term. the show also spends too much time on the men, nick is the worst.

i know the show is toothless when the subreddit is full of tradfem men and women who enjoy the show and think it's just an exaggerated fantasy that shows how "both sides are bad" and not a harrowing tale about the oppresion of women.

i also don't trust atwood after in the book its explicit that gilead came to power because radfems and conservatives teamed up.

No. 419137

Most of them are pedophiles. Others I bet still believe that kids are fully developed at 13 because for alot fo shows and movies, young kids were played by adults. I kinda have a tinfoil that Hollywood has slowly pushed this imagery to normalize pedophilia as being ok because "they look old enough"

Sometimes I read exredpill stories and it's always the same thing. Sad lonely boy or man is upset and the red pill or black pill helps them by giving them someone or something to blame for their problems rather than self reflecting. Men preying on other boys and men because misery loves company and women get the blame.

The amish got it right. No internet for kids if you want them and want to raise them to be normal

No. 419141

Huh, I thought that June was just blatantly using Nick. Different interpretations, I guess.
Man, I can't believe I was even kinda sympathetic to his character before he started treating his child bride like shit.

No. 419143

>Men preying on other boys and men because misery loves company
There's also men that prey on sad boys because they're literally preying on them.
"All women are shanks and whores, you can't trust them at all, you can only trust me, so come hang out on my couch.."

No. 419146

no, going by other audience interpretation and cast interviews, they are definitely setting up june and nick as a serious romance, and i wouldn't be surprised if they even tried to introduce them having a love triangle with luke if they all ever escape.

nick is a shitty character, atleast in the books he was part of the revolution, in the show we're supposed to feel bad for him because he couldn't find a job and had no choice but to join gilead.

No. 419164

Oh boy, a riveting love story between an already married woman just doing her best to survive and a predatory asshat that's taking advantage of her!

No. 419176

I think its ironic that the media hypersexualises lesbian relationships for men (lets be honest most lesbian porn is made for men) and people dont bat an eye but girls who like gay drawing are somehow the worst in society.
Even though I dislike yaoi i'm also not going to give fans shit for it given the glaring double standard.

No. 419274

I also think that all these shows set around high schoolers are fucking weird and encouraging pedo.

No. 419281

File: 1559914589107.jpeg (900.51 KB, 828x1662, 4B9C12D6-B701-4115-B8FD-F8003C…)

>media hypersexualizes lesbian relationships for men

Speaking of which..

No. 419295

idk where else to put this, but I have a kind of shit memory of boys when I was around 10-13 which probably gave me a hangup about my body/sexuality.
Back around when high rise jeans were almost impossible to come by even for tweens, your lower back was guaranteed to show if you sat down without a huge sweater on. Boys in my classes would pick out nerdy/shy girls and yell at us constantly "pull up your pants! Gross! No one wants to see that!" and laugh. The same boys would call out bra straps on other girls of course. I recall one of them snapping the bra strap on one particularly kind and soft girl in eighth grade.

Obviously this isn't traumatizing or anything, but into highschool along with generally being shy and insecure it led to me wearing many layers and hating my secondary sex characteristics.

No. 419300

Peterson is such a fucking huge piece of shit and has his head so deep up his ass. I watched him "destroy" a feminist's arguments with the most retarded and non-factual arguments that are ever to exist and with the most arrogant attitude in existence and men are praising him when his arguments could literally be refuted in two seconds.

Although, men praise themselves with how logic and rational they are I have observed that they naturally have a very bad grasp over argumentation and logic and even truth seeking, because for them truth or logic are not truly important what is truly important is their ego. So, they do not seek the real objective truth, they only attribute the aesthetic of "truth-seeking" to themselves so they can seem like they are right in any sort of argument.

No. 419302

>young kids were played by adults. I kinda have a tinfoil that Hollywood has slowly pushed this imagery to normalize pedophilia as being ok because "they look old enough"

this makes no sense, fully grown adults an teenagers don’t look like, one step into your average highschool and the students there don’t look anything like the cast of riverdale. Porn is grooming men way more than shitty tv dramas, straight men don’t even watch those.

No. 419309

was just about to post this. also wanted to remark how the headline says gay and not lesbian or bi or something. as I was reading the push notification I was under the impression it's a male couple. lesbian really is a dirty word huh

No. 419314

NTA, but I think the narrative is this: If men start to believe high schoolers can be hot, it'll be less of a taboo to them to imagine an adult dating a kid. Seeing it is one thing, but hearing or reading about it will translate differently in their minds.

No. 419316

men get that enough from porn and fake history and bullshit evo-psych, not because of bad tv shows they aren’t watching

No. 419340

JBP is the king of what you described in the second paragraph. His whole platform is based around the two opposing tenants of despising "post-modern subjective relativism" but also employing death of the author style roping everything he likes into a hodgepodge monomyth to defend being Christian without actually believing in the supernatural. He doesn't mind the contradiction since holding both lets him le destroy a wider variety of people in ebin debates and prop up his ego.

No. 419355

Buses in England have multiple CCTV cameras in them. If their attackers were English the pictures and footage would be all over the papers and news channels. This was clearly an act of cultural enrichment. Its pretty racist of them to go to the police about it. Pretty brave as well. I'm surprised they weren't arrested for it.

No. 419450

The original article said one of the attackers spoke in Spanish. Are you absolutely sure?

No. 419454

File: 1559941777888.png (445.75 KB, 578x522, myguy.PNG)

>They're Japanese businessmen they know what they're doing..

NTA but for real.
I can't blame them tho since nerds are horny and are willing to shell out the money for it. It's death.

No. 419487

Pink pill of the day. This shit is disgusting.

No. 419499

Oh I just clicked that and didnt realise it would be that bad, I feel sick now. No doubt some fucking male weeb will try to defend this.

No. 419521

I've heard horrifying stories about these kinds of incidents for years, but seeing clips of these perverts in action makes it a whole other level of vomit-inducing.

Remember reading an article specifically of a woman who stopped being targeting to train molestors after she stopped wearing a school uniform.


>After I graduated from high school, I was no longer a schoolgirl, and so I no longer wore a school uniform. As soon as that happened, the frequency with which I encountered chikan immediately dropped by a huge amount, and when I realized that, I was filled with despair.

>Chikan realize that wearing a school uniform means that the girl is a minor, and it’s insane how in this country a uniform becomes an icon that makes the wearer a target for this kind of behavior.

It's already been established that many men are perverted pedos but it seems so much worse in Japan.

No. 419526

File: 1559956402142.jpg (526.8 KB, 1080x1636, IMG_20190608_031308.jpg)

Men are fucking retarded with their pedo mental gymnastics

No. 419527

File: 1559957135376.jpg (84.51 KB, 300x300, 1a117d9221207b391d5436a1d2c652…)

>"w-we just like loli because we like flat/small breasts!"
Why can't they just make or enjoy petite adult female characters instead of making them fucking ten then? It's that easy.
I love tiny men but just like small male characters because I'm not a goddamn pedo even in ~fiction~.

No. 419530

Somebody in that thread talked how a 13 year old girl in a game has boobs, flirts with you and acts older than she is, then the question pops up
>ok but if she doesn't look 13, act 13 or sound 13- what's the point of her being 13?
And they can't fucking answer aside circular arguments. They don't have the brainpower to realise they're attracted to a low number because of the characters' vulnerability and undeveloped body and mind

No. 419531

I kinda resent how males are only sexualized in homosexual / homoerotic contexts. Men are never sexualized for straight female gaze and it sucks

No. 419534

I'm not sure who I hate more; lolifags like that or the ones who argue "men are PROGRAMMED to fuck children even if it traumatizes them for life and you're just a jealous roastie"
Fuck pedos.

No. 419545

oh man I thought I was the only one noticing this with nintendo and pokemon. Especially some chars from Sun and Moon.

No. 419551

If you've ever seen a small-breast porn thread on 4chan (or anywhere on the internet) the replies are all "reeeeeee pedos"

so, no, men cant like small breasts on a woman or else they're a pedo anyways. I say this as a very tired, very-small-breasted woman who has to wonder if any guy who likes me is a closet pedo.

No. 419552

so fucking bleak

No. 419557

ayrt and I agree acting like that is stupid as hell. I've gotten it myself given my tastes.
On the one hand it's great people are on edge about anything pedo, but on the other hand they're legitimizing dumb logic like >>419526

Anyway, I'm sure if a man just likes you being petite and doesn't push DDLG onto you/doesn't fap to loli he's most likely not a pedo.
I (luckily?) have broad hips to even out my flatness, but I do have sympathy for my itty bitty titty sisters who happen to have a smaller stature.

No. 419565

File: 1559965127901.jpg (31.54 KB, 600x377, DxtaMQhXcAAlRl7.jpg)

Apparently the attackers were teenagers and arrested?
But whatever the case that kind of shit is fucking disgusting, and it's shitty that lesbians always seem to get it the worst.
I've had a couple of friends that dress masculine/boyish? on purpose to deter predatory people. Butch women tend to scare them off.

Yeah, same. I do think it may be coming around though.

No. 419571

I love mocking men for having small dicks. They associate their sexuality with their self-worth to such a degree that their penis size directly effects their happiness. Hopefully some of them will kill themselves. Thinking that sex defines your worth is like thinking that the shits you take define your worth: gross and pathetic. Lurking males: remember that if your penis is small you're like a child to women. You're ugly and pathetic.

No. 419576

I've heard about girls all over the world who don't want to wear their uniform when walking to school because they get catcalled. It is a bigger thing in Japanese culture but pornsickness is everywhere.

No. 419606

They seem to get woman-gazy sexualised more in recent dramas like Sabrina or Riverdale. Along with women though. But it surprised me.

No. 419608

Where are all the "decent" Japanese men kicking the shit out of them?

No. 419610

And, those are the sort of programmes mocked by men, just because it has young females as it's audience. Can't win.

No. 419611

Mobile Twitter is saving me from seeing this, but can I have some context?

No. 419612

File: 1559981356522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.69 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20190608-030858__01…)

Try requesting the desktop site

No. 419613

No. 419614

>spoke in Spanish
Not even a britfag but based on the evidence going to throw it out there that they were Moroccan immigrants.

As a disgusting fujo I would've liked the "Link in harem clothes" concept but men absolutely ruined it by making it into a trap porn thing meant for their penis. Waifupandering wouldn't bother me so much if women genuinely received attractive male characters meant for their gaze too, but naturally that would upset the poor men and their fragile heterosexuality so it would hurt the sales. Men can't deal with it as they get irrationally jealous or feel threatened over finding another male, albeit fictional, attractive. Just think back to that Final Fantasy mobile game that actually fucking had the male protagonist cover up because men were reeing over his scanty clothing. These fucking babies couldn't survive a day as a woman.

Yeah I never thought about it until now, I had definitely felt something "off" about modern Pokemon games but couldn't put my finger to it.

No. 419622

Holy Shit, I was not expecting something so BLATANT. Someone help her for God's sake! And, I love how the onus is put on women for Pete's sake. Like we alone can stop male sexualisation. Men need to take fucking responsibility.

No. 419623

Imagine being so pathetic you lose your mind at the mere sight of this thread and start crying that the whole world is against poor, oppressed lil men.
And then double to the patheticness you chimp the fuck out and spam gore, cp, and other gross out porn and pretend like women somehow have no right to be angry about any of the fucked up stuff men do that gets posted ITTs.
Men truly do live life on easy mode if this is enough to make them break down. They wouldn't last a day as a woman having to deal with real problems.

No. 419642

Lmfao, yet most men in public transport reek and no one tells them to shave

No. 419643

Nitpick, but people often misuse fujo as "perverted girl" when it's specifically about girls and women that enjoy homoerotic art of men. Just annoys me in general when I post a fanservice pic of a guy somewhere people automatically call it fujoshit when he's solo.

No. 419644

Disgusting pervert manlet. I hate men. I hate Japanese men. That poor girl. He was probably jamming his erection into her for the entire ride. It's so sad.

Yes, the old divorce your wife because she won't shave her legs bit. Proving once again that men are shallow and completely incapable of love and commitment. Why am I not surprised.

No. 419652

I like the comment that was basically "yeah she should use deodorant, but in regards to the shaving part: do YOU shave? has she ever had to endure YOUR unshaven body?"

No. 419654

I always found it weird that self-inserting into action films/games and fanatasizing about violence is seen as better than self-inserting into romcoms and fantasizing about a functional human relationship.

I get that one is a bit more thrilling, but it's weird to look down on people wanting love if your own desire is to shoot people.

I hate when you're talking to someone, agree on almost everything, have similar political and social views and then they get ratty when you call yourself a feminist. We have the same views but suddenly now I'm an extremist because I've used the word "feminist"? Okay.

No. 419657

The comments that are like "deodrant doesn't work if it can't reach the skin through the hair!" and "nobody wants a mouth full of hair when they go down!" are cracking me up. Do they not realise that these issues would pop up for a hairy man too?

No. 419658

I don't actually shame them but now I state my preference for bigger ones when asked. No more lying to protect their little egos.

No. 419662

Most men arent successful in getting sex because they lack common sense. You dont ask a girl you've just met on a dating site for sex after an hour then act shocked when she doesnt respond…

No. 419664

I feel like I was so naive and stupid before realising what men are really like.

They really are animals with no conscience or self awareness, and I feel like a fool for believing otherwise after being met with so much mistreatment and disrespect for years.

I truly hate them and wish the worst for them. They no longer have any sympathy from me, and it's just laughable when they think "man hater" is a great pithy response to any logical argument.

They can so easily delude themselves into believing they're better than anyone despite the stark reality.

I will never trust in them or believe anything they say, doing so would be against my better judgment. They are walking jokes of "people".

No. 419674

This is straight out of japanese traincar porn. It's what happens in these sorts of videos and 100% these men are pornsick and acting out what they've seen in porn. How did we ever get the idea that men are superior?

No. 419675

What 35 year old uses his friend's reddit account instead of making his own and capitalizes "Vagina"? Poor guy is a premature boomer. I'm betting his wife met this woman, fell in love, and is more than happy that her husband no longer wants to have shitty sex with her.

No. 419691

I honestly believe men mock that because they're jealous and competitive over women objectifying men off of looks for once and showing that they too, have a preference for youth and beauty.
I also think it's actually cause men think they owe every woman and women exist for their pleasure and entertainment tbh

No. 419699

File: 1560010226912.png (647.53 KB, 760x855, Screenshot_20190608-175152.png)

've been following this tumblr account that focusses on posting wholesome memes. However, it must have switched admins because this type of shit is appearing on my dash…

Why. This is not wholesome at all.

No. 419702

That post could only come from a sex worker scrambling for some extra coins, a tranny, or someone who's both.

No. 419708

File: 1560012909114.png (51.27 KB, 1304x892, 7F7EBA39-C127-444E-A9D3-56413D…)

this is the same type of girl to loudly proclaim "actually I like the taste of cum" to get more male validation , aka a pickme

also ignore the moid

No. 419729

I had a hard time watching an episode of PEN15 because the idea of two grown women larping as middle schoolers with middle school crushes on actual children was too weird.

No. 419820

Leave it to males and handmaidens to ruin yet another video because they couldn't handle a comment section not being about gender wars

To them, somehow, a narrator bringing humor while reading a most likely pre-written script that was done by someone else, must mean she is a bitter cunt who hates men and is oppressing them because she made fun of male spiders

We have reached this peak ladies, is there any comment section men haven't ruined? Why can't men exist amoung women and be mentally stable about it?

No. 419824

"male spider literally sacrifices his life to give the female and their offspring a better chance of survival. Still gets chastized by some chick who thinks she deserves more."

Dude the male spider destroys both the black widows web and reproductive system so other spiders don't mate with her. How is this survival?

Also you don't see this much rage at men making "give me back my kids Sharell".

No. 419829

Speaking of animals we got the lower end of the stick when it came to evolution.

In a lot of animals the females are usually the bigger sex, to support a pregnancy, and males the smaller, making cum isn't that hard.

Other animals make it so that the males also have to be the prettier/colorful/well groomed sex to attract a mate, yes all those colorful birds you assumed where gals are probably dudes.

But evolution has left us with females being the smaller sex and females having to do all the grooming .

No. 419836

iirc it has something to do with leaning towards being a "tournament species" where physical strength was used in competitions. No one wants to say it, but I also suspect it's because males would just straight up rape women in the early days. So of course they had to be physically stronger AND aggressive to do that.

I wish human males were smaller and prettier. That would be so cute. Sad!

No. 419839

Women of old used to be a lot stronger than women now, maybe it was due to working on farms/harsher environment.
Also smaller and weaker women were positively selected for genetically because easier to rape. Pretty fucked up.
In addition, women who are larger than average have an easier time giving birth.

No. 419842

We can see this still now where peak femininity is apparently a teenager at whatever month she becomes "legal". Men only prefer thin/small/young because they are easier to manipulate and overpower. Everything synonymous with weakness is also "sexy". We have a hard time even finding flat shoes because we must wear heels to be "feminine" read: can't run away, literally

No. 419843

I am weak and small-limbed so fit into the critera somewhat, where before I used to wish to be shorter, now guys have got worse and aggressively harass me even at my height (5'7") I'm grateful I'm not smaller. We are just seen as victims by the vast majority of men. Anything you can do to negate it, do it. I bet they only pretend to hate fat women because fat women are usually really strong, due to carrying around so much weight every day. No good to overpower. People should really question why men's tastes are what they are. Big breasts causes backpain for all women who have them and reduces mobility slightly - is that weakness what is really preferred? How come men don't think strong women are "sexy" even though objectively they totally are?

No. 419849

>I wish human males were smaller and prettier.

Yeahhhhh. A world where all men were like kpop/jpop stars seems like nightmare fuel to me. Not to mention I actually find physically stronger men to be far less emotionally manipulative than pretty boys. Anecdotally of course.

No. 419850

I feel like we've cracked something here. Huh. And men call women dumb for liking strong attributes in men for protection. Meanwhile mainstream beauty standards for women are to make us as weak and vulnerable as possible. But how sick of women to just want to be kept safe by a rare special man they trust!

Also have never been more grateful to be a naturally sturdy and abnormally strong woman. I struggle in dating (also because my preference is smaller men than myself) but holy fuck. At least I know if a guy likes me it won't be because he can victimize me. He'll be a real keeper.

I respect your taste anon. Tbf I don't really dig that exact look either.
I guess I'm imagining in this alternate world that pretty males would evolve to not retain a needlessly aggressive nature (manifesting as emotional abuse in some weaker men). So we'd be emotional equals. Insert mandatory "yes ik women can be emotionally abusive garbage too" here.

No. 419857

>females having to do the grooming
Nah, that's from society. In the past men would wear make up too, now we're just having some bottom tier male fashion phase where it's encouraged for them to look like slobs.

No. 419903

Why do men always bitch about women having sex when they themselves don't care about their own purity?

No. 419907

literally just because they wish she was fucking them instead

No. 419913

religion, female purity, n-count, sex only after marriage are literally all memes by men so they have one (1) guaranteed fuck hole.

No. 419915

unpopular opinion here but some religion put placement on male purity too

No. 419918

Which is never enforced and men face no consequences for fucking before marriage.

No. 419931

very true, even if it's a part of the original religious text, it is never enforced.

No. 419951

Because they believe women prefer experienced men.

No. 419966

I got catcalled for the first time in years yesterday. I was walking down the street with my sister whom I hadn't seen in over a year, and some fuckhead drove by and asked if the carpet matches the drapes (I recently dyed my hair ginger) and I'm just like… you were probably some stupid 17-year-old child? How fucking dare you remind me all men see all women as sexual objects for their consumption ONLY and I have to be reminded of that when I'm trying to have a nice visit with a loved one… just fuck right off. also, I'm gay and celibate.

why are men

No. 419969

File: 1560097494035.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.21 KB, 600x600, 1E454742-6F0F-4BFB-9335-689865…)

Virginal men who don’t care about sex and prefer celibacy are ideal to me. They’re not horny horn dogs who stick it in any warm hole or fuck anything that moves, nor do they have sex constantly on their minds. For example, whenever I talk on the mic while gaming I always get sexist jokes. Like this one time I complimented someone’s wolf avatar and jokingly asked if they were a furry and then they responded with, “I bet anon wears one of those furry-tail butt plugs” for no fucking reason other than the fact that I’m female. I doubt he’d say that to another male because then that makes him gay. And my male relatives were joking over this coat rack, saying that it looked like dildos for anal and vaginal stimulation. Like wtf, it’s just a mundane everyday item. You must be really dirty minded to think that about a coat rack. Seems like to me only men make these pornographic sexual innuendo jokes all the time and find it funny but it’s just so gross and shows how porn sick they are.

No. 419975

>implying male virgins are virgins because they don't care about sex and not because no woman will fuck them

No. 419976

samefag but how/ do you respond to catcallers? I was so caught off guard I just jumped when he started yelling and they sped off quickly because they're cowards lol. My sister said she doesn't engage because then it's basically just granting them a conversation. Now I'm like, I could threaten to burn his house down or fuck his dad and become his new mom (a la Shayna's fantasy), then ground him for being a little pissant (obviously not, but it feels good to imagine saying the thing that will shock and humiliate him the most in exchange)

No. 419986

So, I'm reading "Pornland" by Gail Dines, and it turns out that men were even bitching about women and playing the victim in the manosphere-coveted "good old days", the 1950s (and even earlier):
>While pop psychologists criticized the corporate world for reducing American males to “little men,” it was women in their roles of wives and mothers who were essentially singled out as the cripplers of American masculinity. As Ehrenreich has argued, because “the corporate captains were out of the bounds of legitimate criticism in Cold War America,” women were the more acceptable and accessible villains. Described as greedy, manipulative, and lazy, American women were accused of emasculating men by overdomesticating them.
>Probably one of the most woman-hating books of the time was Philip Wylie’s Generation of Vipers, first published in 1942 and reprinted after World War II. For Wylie, wives were the cause of men’s problems because they controlled the home with an iron fist and worked their spouses to death in order to enjoy a life of leisure. As Wylie so eloquently put it, “It is her man who worries about where to acquire the money while she worries about how to spend it, so he has the ulcers and she has the guts of a bear.
>Dangerous women were also the focus of Wylie’s article “The Womanization of America,” published in Playboy in September 1958. Starting from now-familiar themes, Wylie accused American women of taking over the business world, the arts, and, of course, the home. It was the home, according to Wylie, where men especially ceased to be men: the “American home, in short, is becoming a boudoir-kitchen-nursery, dreamed up for women by women, and as if males did not exist as males.” According to Playboy, the position of American men continued to deteriorate; by 1963, an article in the magazine claimed that the American man was being worked so hard by his wife that he was “day after day, week after week . . . invited to attend his own funeral.” This state of affairs could not continue, according to the writer, William Iversen, because “neither double eyelashes nor the blindness of night or day can obscure the glaring fact that American marriage can no longer be accepted as an estate in which the sexes shall live half-slave and half-free.
Sounds exactly like MGTOWs.
Even when we stay in the kitchen, we're apparently enslaving men and doing them so much harm. I guess being a femoid means being all-powerful, after all. If this doesn't prove they'll never be satisfied and just hate us for existing, I don't know what will.

No. 419998

Not a lot you can do if they do it while driving away from you. If you respond then you're risking looking like a weirdo to anyone who didn't see, or hear them provoke you. Giving them the middle finger seems to work pretty well though. Better if you do it without even looking at them.

No. 419999

>Dangerous women were also the focus of Wylie’s article “The Womanization of America,” published in Playboy in September 1958.

Writting on the bathroom stall gives you more credibility than getting published in the Playboy magazine.

No. 420003

>Virginal men who don’t care about sex and prefer celibacy are ideal to me.

No. 420004

Sounds like you really don't know who Phillip Wylie was, or Playboy's image to the general public in the 50s. The latter was considered very credible because it had sexual imagery, while still touting itself as a classy lifestyle magazine (which is how it got so famous in the first place, as opposed to all the trashy porn mags getting printed - bourgeoisie men didn't want to buy low-class real porn because it was shameful, so they flocked to Playboy because it told them what the best ice bucket to buy was, discussed Picasso and told them how to live a high-society bachelor's life. Even if they weren't that rich IRL, it allowed them to LARP and look at porn while still carrying some sort of legitimacy in the conservative era), while the former was a prolific writer who literally inspired Superman.

No. 420008

TLDR; men are insecure little babies. They chain us to the sink and then get angry we haven't paid for the sink ourselves.

No. 420032

KYS, scrote.

No. 420033

File: 1560108404288.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, F41F1495-D9B1-4BD6-8888-2FB185…)

>btw I’m a guy

No. 420034

I was browsing reddits menslib sub, back in my liberal feminist days, and a dude pointed something out. Men barge into womens subs with 'as a man', but women don't do that

No. 420054

File: 1560115012374.png (85.56 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2019-06-09-17-13-17…)

Mens ability to blame everyone besides themselves amazes me.

Like video games are aimed at a male adiance. Men are whats ruining games not fucking women.

No. 420068

Too bad men are too focused on the shape of her tits and ass and whether or not she was a pure sheltered virgin to find a woman who's standards they meet

They all chase Stacy but run around whining about women's standards and can't even be bothered to even give anyone but Stacy a compliment

No. 420077

File: 1560120162507.jpg (98.37 KB, 1080x390, Screenshot_20190609-173127__01…)

Why won't these fuckers ever truly go their own way?

They seriously act like they're forced into marriage… Oh no my wife turned our home into a domestic paradise and makes me take off my shoes before I enter the house… WAH men rise up

I wonder how many of these men throughout the ages who whine how women are too powerful would actually be willing to trade places with a random woman in the world. Pic realted, probably zero

No. 420087

File: 1560121263231.jpg (74.62 KB, 736x484, 119dcef3cb32870c16f3165a.jpg)

tbh im seriously considering dressing like an amish woman to be as unnapealing to men as possible, just more or less shapeless boring long dresses, horse girl hair, no make up.

Tomboyish "butch" young-looking girls is actually trendy amongst the male youth where i live so thats out of the question if i truly want to be unnapealing

it doesn't really matter in my job area because im going to be an english teacher no one cares if Ms. Hampshire isn't hot.

does anyone else outward their non-conformity?

No. 420090

tbh I dress in a similar vein (although slightly more form fitting). I've still had a couple men show interest, but they were very respectful. Might be my area though and not my modesty, since even when dressed in "normie" getup I've never been outright perved on.
Personally I find being so modest fun and powerful in a way. idk I feel more like a matriarch than a young woman.

No. 420095

I'm not sure it has anything to do with porn, but I do agree that, for some reason, in our culture this is considered ''''normal'' behavior for men. Hopefully one day it will be labelled as being rude, because it really is.

No. 420110

You’d probably attract guys who has a fetish for a submissive wife and trad lifestyle with like 9 kids tbh

Amish porn exists… no matter what you wear there’s going to be creepy guys

No. 420119

File: 1560127243957.jpg (42.99 KB, 636x244, woke.jpg)

>The same magazine which posted literal child porn is "art".
This is why men should learn to stfu they are fucking idiots kek.

No. 420127

No. 420134

>shouting that her attacker had ''toyed with her honour''

What a goddess

No. 420182

I get the impression that this is because women know they'll probably get a negative response from entering a male space (le tits or gtfo, attention whore reee) but men are fine getting any sort of attention from women even if it's to tell them to fuck off lmao.

No. 420235

If your goal is repelling men that will backfire on you hard. Really the only styles with any sort of success rate are feral homeless hippy, and fully covered ISIS bride.

No. 420281

Eh, handmaids do. But it's less self important and not done to (wo)mansplain, they just want asspats. In askmen you get shit like
>omg you poor thing, unlike your awful frigid wife I LOVE the taste of cum and anal sex!
in response to male whinging.

>Oh no my wife turned our home into a domestic paradise and makes me take off my shoes before I enter the house
Going on a tangent here but I recommend all women who are on the fence about marriage visit the breakingmom subreddit. We know domestic labour is split unfairly but it's so much worse than I realized, since I've never cohabited. Today I read a thread of tonnes of women who share the experience of husbands taking 30 minute shits, but actually just sitting on their phone in the bathroom to avoid responsibility while their wife gets the kids sorted, cleans etc. Saw another thread about a woman going through chemo and finally getting her husband to admit cheating on her, but his response was that he stopped so what's the problem? The whole thing is eye opening and scary.

No. 420296

My Christmas ritual is reading breaking mom and mommy forums like babycenter. It’s the worst at that time of year… it’s a wild ride. Wish I could save them, but the ones who make excuses for it are annoying/pathetic, especially when they try to encourage other women to put up with it. But usually they seem pretty supportive — if beat down.

No. 420344

>but men are fine getting any sort of attention from women even if it's to tell them to fuck off lmao
Why is that? Thats pathetic.

No. 420405

with the wave of me too having hit men with the reality of sexual harassment yet still blaming women, I kinda hope women just start building companies and businesses for only women and hiring primarily women. And I hope it's a quiet thing that happens slowly and under the radar.

see, I don't get how so many guys will say they want a family when so many of them cheat during pregnancy since to them being pregnant ruins women and avoid their families after the baby is born like the plague.

If only we followed elephants. Fuck for a season then go back to living with your female relatives and friends to raise the baby with.

No. 420419

In that scenario men would just get the sex and be free from any responsibility, even financial.

No. 420436

I unironically support the sex strike

No. 420461

File: 1560204438306.png (58.24 KB, 1154x671, freaks.png)

No. 420483

Yeah unfortunately this doesnt shock me, I lived in a mainly indian hindu part of london when I was growing up.

No. 420539


I work in a creative industry and have made a private vow to, as much as I have control over, only collaborate with women. It's because it matters to me, but tbh it's also become because women get what I'm going for a lot more of the time and don't try to get me to do their work for them.

No. 420595

Men are so frustrating. There's a video on Reddit right now of a guy holding a woman down in the middle of the street and trying to drag her off. A few seconds later a couple men and women rub up and beat the shit out of the man. The woman starts screaming in Russian for the police to be called. Reddit are full on defending this guy??

Literally comment after comment of "I dated a girl like this that used to go crazy when she was drunk" THEN WALK THE FUCK AWAY. You don't get granted the rights to put your hands on someone because you judge their behaviour bad.

There's one guy who tells this story of walking up to a guy holding a girl down, he told him to get off her and the guy said she had gone crazy and he was trying to control her. As soon as the guy lets go of the girl she runs off full speed. OP concludes from this that the speed the girl runs off means she is actually crazy because the redditor had offered to keep her safe. Not you know, in fear for her life and didn't want to trust some random scrote.

I know, it's Reddit. Someone linked me and now I need to vent. Men are so fucking entitled they really think they get to physically control us if we don't act in a way they find acceptable.

No. 420599

Lol, imagine some random man is trying to kidnap/rape/whatever you, and someone witnesses him during the act so he makes up some bullshit excuse about you being crazy to avoid being caught. Now the big doofus is on reddit retelling the story siding with the guy who assaulted you. Yeah, no wonder she didn't trust this retard to "keep her safe."

No. 420631

File: 1560243051184.jpeg (80.05 KB, 1242x1132, 4A2E92A8-D4EB-4D52-8308-444DEB…)

World’s smallest violin intensifies

No. 420657

Their whole ego is based around getting women to notice them since they know other men are as desperate as them. When men call women attention they are projecting as always.

No. 420665

Just goes to show men are the most afflicted by mental instability and this we need to be extremely cautious.

No. 420666

How come men only ever care about their issues when they're tying to stop women from talking about ours?
The world has belonged to them for so long, so the only reason they could possibly be dealing with this much is self-neglect, and that's not feminist's problem.
The funny thing is, they still won't do anything about this. They actually want other men to keep suffering so they can argue with feminsts some more and use it as a "gotcha". Truly the worst gender.

No. 420671

Women are less likely to get accurate mental health diagnoses for anything that affects their mood (because moody women are obviously just PMSing) or is seen as a "male" disorder. Specifically for autism, many women (particularly older women with children) are unlikely to get a diagnosis and ever gain access to any support, while autistic males are diagnosed extremely early and get support all throughout their education, and then some more as adults. Undiagnosed autistic women are very likely to developp anxiety and depression, which is not nearly as co-morbid in male autists. Men are far from being "less likely to get help".

No. 420672

And keep in mind that it's other men who tell them not to talk about their feelings and le man up while women wish they weren't so emotionally constipated.

No. 420722

IIRC I remember reading somewhere that women very often get misdiagnosed with borderline personality disorder just for having the symptom of self-harming.

No. 420727

Is this because they think the only reason women would self harm is for manipulation?

No. 420761

Yes this is true
Apparently everything women do is for attention, no matter what
Which is hilarious, considering the fact that they think women do things for attention reflects moreso their entitled and self-centeredness, rather than some innate nature in the female sex.

No. 420772

Wonder why they never mention how many of those suicides are murder suicides, or "I just got caught molesting a child" suicide, or "my girlfriend cheated on me once" suicide

And isn't it funny how when women have mental issues it's because they're evil western roasties who get what they deserve for not shutting up and staying in the kitchen, when men have mental issues they're poor oppressed babies who need help… Laugh at women's issues we'll laugh right back at yours

No. 420773

File: 1560285793828.jpg (212.89 KB, 500x737, 1461860197495.jpg)

Submitting my vote early for the next thread OP

No. 420775

For those who want to know it's by Namio Harukawa. He just draws big indifferent women sitting on mens faces. Like his entire gallery is just that picture in different scenes.

No. 420779

I'm a straight (or bi-curious) woman but FUCK, I went to the r/lesbians subreddit to see if I could find even ONE woman there and I didn't see any.

335k subs, all of the moderators are MALE, and 10 minutes doesn't even yield a single actual lesbian. I'm actually enraged.

I feel disgusted knowing that men think lesbians exist as "eye candy" for their pleasure. And this is normalized whereas women watching gay porn is seen as a joke to most men.

Any actual lesbians want to share their perspective on this?

No. 420782

…you want a man's fetish art as a thread pic?

No. 420810

this isn't a fetish thread

No. 420819

no1curr hon

No. 420832

Do y'all ever get the feeling that men with these pathetic humiliation fetishes post here sometimes? Or is it just me..

No. 420840

Some have appeared and basically confirmed it in past threads.
I don't exactly hate it tbh, it's better than having a fetish for harming women.

No. 420843

I'm not exactly thrilled about men yet again using a space for women as fuel for their fap material but do you.

No. 420851

what is it about the fantasy genre that attracts some of the worst males. especially when some involve women in power in those stories, looking at got in particular.

No. 420852

File: 1560302749293.png (71.22 KB, 282x521, KonhfIS.png)

Today a pedojared-style scandal broke wherein a youtuber was accused of raping a girl in addition to other heinous things:


She even posted a video with solid proof after scrots doubted the veracity of the screenshots: https://twitter.com/FiZZIP0P/status/1138159909458104320

of course, after scrots got the proof they demanded, they showed their true colors and are defending the shit out of him, e.g.


There are numerous examples of this across social media. They care more about the man getting 'cancelled' (i.e. deleting his twitter account) than they do about a victim of rape and abuse.

And you know that they would never let a woman 'give their side of the story!!'. They don't even ask for proof when a woman (or male feminist, who turn into honorary women in terms of the respect that is afforded to them) is accused of doing something wrong.

Scrots like to position themselves as cool and logical compared to 'hysterical' women, but their logical consistency is shit and the ones online are driven purely by emotion for the most part. Their brains are so clouded by fear and tribalism that they're willing to write off a violent crime because the fear of getting 'cancelled' on social media is something that is more likely to happen to them. Fucking idiots.

No. 420853

Samefag but it's interesting to compare what's happening here to the Zoepost. Scrotes launched the biggest and longest collective sperg-out in internet history over an ex-bf's unverified claim that a nobody female ''''game dev'''''' engaged in relatively low-level emotional abuse and manipulation. Here a woman does everything correctly to demonstrate that she was raped and abused by a more well-known internet figure and of course now scrotes want to hear 'both sides of the story' because they're worried that the abuser will have to leave his social media accounts.

No. 420854

File: 1560303478079.png (33.42 KB, 1162x298, image.png)

>we shouldn't condemn a rapist for the rapes he committed a few years ago! nevermind that the victim said she came out because of his recent concerning behavior it's all in the past let's move on!
>we shouldn't be too hard on him what if he's depressed and tries to kill himself uwu

No. 420855

One of fantasy biggest elements is the power fantasy. Someone who has the need to become a fan or immerse themselves in hours of power fantasy simply isn't in the best places of their lives. Those people are also tend to gravitate to incel/MGTOW groups along with power fantasies.

No. 420858

Slazo's a pretty shit youtuber, his videos are a ripoff of Sorrow Tv's videos but instead of adding anything or making jokes it's just "haha this is so cringe!!!!"

No. 420930

That's wonderful. Women supporting women. I do as much as I can in my industry; it's still not breaking even.

No. 420959

I watched "The Room" the other day about a woman escaping the man who held her captive for like 10 years. She had a son by the rapist too. A great movie too as it shows how dense the men can be (the cop, the father).

But it got me thinking of Elizabeth Smart and the women that Ariel Castro held captive in Ohio. How many more women are locked away right now? How many girls (and boys) born in captivity and abused. There must be so many.
It truly breaks my heart into pieces.

No. 421045

Why are men so pissy about the way pregnant women are given the tiniest bit of comfort?

We wouldn't have declining birth rates if pregnancy was celebrated more, no one wants to risk her life and then be sent back to work or seen as less worth because she's a mother now and not young.

No. 421047

They hate it, at best, because they cannot empathise with all the effort it takes to be pregnant, so when they see society changing for pregnant women they think its underserved. At worst men hate pregnancy because it's the ultimate form of womb envy

No. 421048

Wow wasn't expecting Slazo, but then again it could be anyone,, like theres no limits ever.
I only stumble into his videos and his content aint anything new and typical, but people like him and ususually fine with him.

No. 421049

I remember watching an interview with one of the women Castro abducted and she said he'd get the other two women to be compliant by beating them. But she wasn't afraid of him because she'd grown up in an abusive home so every single day he'd order her to do something and every single day she'd tell him to fuck off. Which is inspiring in a messed up way that she didn't give in even after a decade of daily abuse. Then of course when the tables were turned he couldn't take 4 months in captivity and hung himself like a coward.

No. 421082

They whine and hate pregnant women for being pregnant and "ruined" and the same breath hate it when women aren't. There was a law that passed allowing rapists rights to sue their victims if they had an abortion. And males response?
>yeah that's wrong BUT!…
They don't give a flying fuck about women in any regard besides being brood mares.

No. 421140

It makes me so mad that he hung himself. Although, what he deserves we can't legally do. A lot of these sick fucks get put into ad seg or molester jails. I think it's a misconception that they are raped daily in jail. It is truly frustrating.

That really is inspiring that that woman stayed so strong at such a young age and traumatic time. Women really can endure more than men. My heart will probably never be not broken thinking of all the women who been through it and will go through it.

No. 421214

On the topic of pregnancy
More like 10 reasons to avoid marrying men and baring their children

Even when women bare human being we can't get cut slack and get the shit end of the stick

Men can scream bitch and cry about how their wife doesn't put out on demand anymore while trying to care for his children, act like vacuuming and missing a football game to take a class makes them saints and fathers of the year, women change their diapers, teach them everything they know, feed them, clothe them, bathe them, and what do they get? Barely any thanks at hell, if men bitch about things like not being able to touch their wives tits while she breast feeding or missing football games he's a poor brave man and also a comical genius, a woman complains about standing on the subway ? "Reee stupid bitch should've closed your legs next time fuck someone with car"

Everytime I find myself fantasizing about having children of my own I just look at stuff like so, men don't deserve women.

No. 421271

The article itself was written by a woman on what her hubby had to say. I think it's more telling that reading the comments there's a lot of "HEY X MONTHS PREGGY HERE, OMG SOOOOO HILARIOUS AND TRUE XDDD"
…Really? Going to doctors, attending classes on how to parent, and thinking up baby names is so fucking "sucky" when it's just an ordinary part of pregnancy?

Half of the problem here is women enabling men to belittle them in this way in order to be the "cool" and "funny" wives/girlfriends.
Just a bunch of evolved pick mes. I wonder if Sh0e wouldn't be this way too if Pregory actually knocked her up.

No. 421295

hey anon I'm looking for this movie and every time I try to find it the fucking Tommy Wiseau one comes up. can you drop any info on it? interested. thank u cutie <3

I really want to read The Yellow Wallpaper, incidentally. anyone have any more Gaslight-themed movies/media?

No. 421298

On the topic of pregnancy, why is motherhood 'so easy because all you have to do is bake cookies and do fun crafts at home xD' if women say it's too hard, but simultaneously 'the hardest, most important job in the world EVER way more important than being a doctor/researcher' if they want a career?

No. 421299

the movie is "room" and brie larson is the lead.

No. 421300

this one?
cheers cutie <3 love u

No. 421308

File: 1560414686959.png (308.41 KB, 597x855, Screenshot_8.png)


just what we need, rapist politicians hanging around incel communities making incest and pedophilia legal

No. 421321

This may sound obvious but the movie Gaslight with Angela Lansbury is wonderful. Try Snake Pit too.

No. 421374

I don't why but the idea of 'male postpartum depression' makes no sense to me. PPD is caused by the rapid change of hormones after pregnacy along with a baby. Men have the second part down, but without the hormones its just normal stress after a baby is born. MPPD feels like some weird troonery mixed with MRA.

No. 421402

Male PPD = regret

No. 421405

I do not think men have PPD in the same way women do, nor should it really be labeled as PPD in the first place. Obviously, a major aspect of PPD is due to hormones adjusting, but there are a lot of emotions leading up to the birth of a child that can fry anyone's brain for a little while. Male """PPD""" is likely rooted completely in the emotional aspect for men. Yes, when men are completely onboard, they too look forward to the arrival of the child. Once that euphoric moment comes, it's a burst of emotion, and then it's over. Just like climax. And to that point, some men feel sad after climax, it's probably for the same reasons…

No. 421413

Just another example of men can't standing attention not being on them, women carry their children, risk their lives through pregnancy, do one of the most stressful and painful things one can put your body through, all of course while being women aren't allowed to get praise or thanks or even vent about pregnancy because "YOU SHOULD HAVE CLOSED YOUR LEGS WHORE!!!", And then when the baby is born you have to feed, teach them, clean them, change their diapers, get no sleep in order to feed them all while going through post partum depression and still not being able to vent because "should've closed your legs whore if you cant handle this women can't do anything"

Meanwhile, for men "wah my wife doesn't pay attention to me as much when she's taking care of the baby I think I'm experiencing post partum male depression!" And everyone reacts by "you poor helpless man! Get a better wife"

Being a male is truly life on easy mode, if men went through pregnancy you'd never hear the end of it not to mention they're actually able to vent and talk about the difficulties of pregnancy without the world back firing and screeching about how they should've closed their legs or suck it up

No. 421430

This just makes my piss boil. Men are such fucking entitled babies. The reasons they get depwessed after a child is born are truly selfish, for once in their life they have to take responsibility of something and most of them aren't up to it. It makes the suffering of women with actual post partum depression and/or psychosis into a joke. A lot of women have extremely traumatic pregnancies and births, their bodies and minds are pushed to the limit. Even if a woman doesn't end up with PPD, what they go through during pregnancy would make men crawl up and die because there's no way these whiny pissbabies could handle it.

No. 421447

If you're a very high functioning woman that chooses as a doctor you're providing society exactly one great doctor.
If on the other hand you're a very high functioning woman that focuses on raising three very high functioning kids there's a decent chance they could all end up doctors. Three times the doctors is three times the importance.

No. 421455

Be a doctor, have your husband raise the three kids.

Four doctors, four times the importance. Why are more men not staying home and raising future doctors?

No. 421465

Ew wtf. I dont mind fetish shit but obv this isnt the thread for it. His art depicts all the men as concentration camp-esque skellys and has scat porn. So um… no thanks?

No. 421501

File: 1560459863990.png (89.44 KB, 718x625, Screenshot_2019-06-13-16-51-52…)

Let Mr. Erotic code explain the microaggresions men face
>Men only think with their dicks.
>A man wouldn’t understand.
>Men just want a hole to put it in.
>Men can’t hear the word no. (when rejected sexually)
>Men are obsessed with lesbian porn.
>Really? You don’t like sports?
>He’s, you know, ‘artistic.’
>Be a man.
>Men are womanizers, man-whores, man-sluts”

These are in equal value to these comments
>Are you the first in your family to go to college? (To a black person)
>I’m not being homophobic; you're being too sensitive
>If you dress like a slut, you’re asking for it. (On rape)
>Why do you sound white? (To a minority)

The worst part is that all the latter comments are stereotypes forced upon marginalized groups, these people can't make the comments go away by changing their culture. If the men change though those comments will disapear.

He also made an article on finding the right sex therapist because of course he did.

No. 421502

Alot of them were military wives too

Holy shit I remember him. Luckily he has no right s or custody of his daughter and barred from seeing her, I believe. He remarried after his ex wife passed away (suicide I think too) but I think they divorced? Hardly anyone noticed him politically and those who did passed him off as some sick fuck with a humiliation fetish.

If it's any consolation, read up on some reddit posts about 1 guy who tried to force the courts to make his ex gf be a mother to his son that he forced her to have. She bailed after he was born and started a new life elsewhere but pays around 175% in child support. She even calls herself an egg donor than a mother while the man who forced her through pregnancy and to give birth is miserable as a single dad even resenting his son, asking r/legaladvice what to do. And he was dragged through the fucking mud all over the internet for being an asshole. Then there was another guy who asked if it was OK to put his two year old child up for adoption because he couldn't take being a young single dad anymore. He claimed to be a Christian pro life man, so pro life that he's ready to throw away his 2 year old for some 'me time'

Men will shit and whine all over pregnancy because they simply cannot empathize. But when they have to work as a single parent, the same type of single parent they love to hate, it becomes too much and they have to bail.

No. 421536

There was a time when my options were few, and I resorted to stripping (no bully). I wasn't radfem then but I knew it was fucked up and clear exploitation. None of the libfem bs those women push. That job only confirmed everything I suspected of men. I got out eventually but not soon enough to save my soul I feel like.

Anyways, there was a man at the stage one night, not a regular, very drunk. He told me his wife wouldn't have kids with him because she was worried if it were a girl, he may molest her. He said she thinks this because she is younger by age but especially looks.

I have many stories worthy of being pink pills. Men are the absolute worst, most disgusting creatures on Earth.

No. 421539

Glad you saw through it and got out when you could. And your stories would be great fodder for the thread anon, please tell.

No. 421557

I made a general list for now. I'll try to actually write down my stories. My autobiographical memory is embarrassing.

First of all, the girls either have drug problems, man problems (controlling bf/pimp), or mental problems. Luckily mine were just mental (light bpd, typical of that line of work). Anyone who says they didn't have any of that shit going on is a goddamn liar. It's not her fault though as all of those problems usually boil down to abuse from men and abandonment from fathers. So many girls had to get bombed to work. And they would say they couldn't do the job sober. I smoked weed to cope and pounded energy drinks to give me life.

>Overdoses. Lethal and non; in and out of the club. Staff, mgmt, and dancers. It wasn't that many years ago when I quit, so heroin was widespread.

>Multiple murders. These women met the wrong men outside the club. Two of which were burned afterward to hide the bodies (unrelated incidents).

>Verbal abuse. I heard men call these women every word in the book, in probably 5 languages. They speak about womens' labia so disgustingly and derogatorily I would absolutely lose my shit. I won't repeat any of that garbage here (we all know the usual bs). But they would also speak about a "young" looking labia. My stomach would absolutely turn. To me this was worse than them trying to actually touch you. (Pedos are legit everywhere)

>Penises. The men WILL take out their abused penises if you don't pay good enough attention or you're not looking.

>Prostitution. Maybe some states or clubs don't allow it, but this club and most others in the area and neighboring states do. You could be fired for soley working at the club to get prostitution customers. They would rather you fuck them in the VIP. Local police were assumed to have been paid off. There's a lot of clubs in this general area. Some get shut down for a little bit only to reopen a few months later. The worst bit of the prostitution was how little most of the women made (imo). Some men would shop around. They don't care about anything but their penis.

>Fees. This isn't really a pink pill, but it can shut a pro sex work shouter down a bit. Where I worked the fees were typical for the area. A dancer paid the club 20% of every lapdance. Huge fees for VIP plus tip to bartender to clean up all the jizz tissues even if you don't do that. Also, a fee to work that shift, $20. If you're late, that's $5-10/half hour late. Leave the stage early, suspended one weekend. DJ, at the least $20. We didn't get free drinks but most clubs will give you one. Soda, $5.50+tip. And if you make 0 you leave with negative. The house may waive the fee to work but the DJ won't.

There are so many slow days. And with this heroin epidemic there are so many girls. It really is dangerous. The men are preying on the weakness brought about by drugs. It really is supply and demand. Women are in dark times right now.

No. 421560

Also a Tim came in once. That was actually pretty funny.

No. 421562

browsing 4chan always makes me peak.
>/ic/ ask a question aimed at women?
>it devolves into 'NO UR A TROON' and 'fuc ME!!!' posts

>someone on /tv/ says they would rather die alone than date an average girl?

>Doesn't get it when someone compares him to Stacy

>/adv/ is full of 'explain why women suck and no I'm not taking advice'

>/v/, /co/, etc board blame women and the SJWs! for their medium failing and not the fact they spent years encouraging bad business practices.

No. 421569

Just… wow. Men are fucking babies who are too blind to see they're doing all of this to themselves.

No. 421597

File: 1560476262916.png (42.67 KB, 200x155, tumblr_inline_nasj16NRIO1r4exz…)

i made a mistake of visiting /tv/ ust now and its full of men sexualizing underage millie bobby brown.

men were a mistake and 4chan should be nuked

No. 421606

tbh imagine being moot or an OG 4chan admin in 2019. i would probably kms from knowing im responsible for the cancer that is 4chan right now.

No. 421615

Dunno, it should be possible.
Maybe a lot of women just figure that staying at home is more fun.

No. 421621

Last time I visited that board was a few years ago and actual child porn was posted. Never seen it before, fucking broke me, especially how dead eyed the kids were. Some people were screaming MODS! Others were laughing.
I reported it to the online cyber crime site but it was deleted before then.
I totally agree with you.

No. 421623

moot is so fucking culpable for creating a demon he couldn't tame. I don't know how he can live with himself

No. 421628

People who think women are living life on "easy mode" need to be fucking pistol whipped. Our lives are objectively harder then scrotes.

No. 421629

I'm just gonna come out and say it. Every controversial take sounds 100x worse coming out of a man's mouth than a woman's, because we know they love to take things too far, and they're always using something as an "in" for whatever fucked up mindset or agenda they have.
I don't trust a man who has any weird, fringe opinions on shit, because half of them will turn out to be some sort of freak who believes what they do not for "good", logical reasons, but on the basis of misogyny, nihilism to its extreme, entitlement, pornsickness or some bizarre sexual kink that they want the world to accept by force. It feels like it's always the beginning of some stupid hidden mental maze or a form of large-scale gaslighting when they try to introduce "wild ideas". They can't be honest, because they know they'd get shut down, so they have to weave it in by other means.
Listening to men being weird and giving them the benefit of the doubt is how we ended up validating AGP bullshit, and I'm convinced it's how some naive idiots will end up supporting pedophilia, bestiality or some other deleterious philia.

No. 421630

I've never seen any explicit CP on /tv/, but there always seems to be a "cunnyposter" spaz that posts benign pictures of underage girls along with hypothetical questions of them pushing for sexual favors. Every day he's reported, and every day he's banned, but nobody has stepped to ever put him down for good.

No. 421738

I have heard so many rumors of that poster. Sick though, I wonder about the poor girls. Who are they and who made them take these pictures? They walk such a fine legal line. Mods never delete or are extremely slow.

No. 421766

When I say benign I mean stock photo quality. Like they're sourced from clothing catalogues or something. It seems unlikely that he's posing as a legitimate photographer to ass backwards retarded mother's and taking them herself.

No. 421779

While I agree that he is likely not the photographer, these pictures aren't benign. They are of girls in short shorts doing the splits or other such poses. It really does walk a fine line and he knows it. Just like all the chomos on youtube posting young girls doing gymnastics. They sexualize it (or else it wouldnt even be on 4chan).

No. 421780

I've seen Reddit AMA threads by women who were used for CP and hawked as "child models", and I've used 4chan since I was like 14 where the posters who brigaded boards would openly discuss this shit.
From what I've gathered, a lot of those weird photos are from dodgy studios. The really well-lit, professional-looking ones are typically from some Japanese company called "candydoll" or subsidiaries of it (unfortunate name, considering there's a Japanese makeup company that's also called "candydoll"). It makes a ton of content that's clearly suggestive, but not outright illegal. The models are usually young Eastern European girls. The photographers seem to mostly be professionals, Japan has a fucked up culture that doesn't seem to mind exploiting young people as much as other places.

The ones that are a little bit more low-budget looking with those weird stock backgrounds are usually from actual CP rings. From the Reddit threads I read, the rings would consist of seemingly normal fronts for amateur "child modelling", which would consist of sites filled with SFW photos of the girls in weird costumes or outfits. Every girl would have her own "site" with images of her. Pedos would use the sites as a catalogue, and email the owners for actual CP. The photographers in cases like this are typically the children's parents or guardians. Some of these "studios" have been closed down and the adult participants jailed, but I'm pretty sure they still exist.

I don't really want to look for it, but there was one bizarre "interview" video of adult women who were former child models for one of the rings that were busted talking about their experiences. They all insisted that the main photographer who was jailed did nothing wrong, and that they "had fun". One of them said she remembers "running and screaming laughing" during photoshoots. The video was clearly coached or scripted, there was this weird music at the end, and the whole thing focused a little too hard on making them look as "happy" as possible, complete with them swaying their shoulders to the music and giggling at things. You could sort of tell that even that video was trying its hardest to pander to pedophiles, despite the fact that they're all grown women now. They even used old photos from their "child modelling" days at the end. It's like they never really escaped that shit, and it kind of sickens me even now to think about. I still wonder if they were paid or blackmailed to film that video for whatever reason, or if being groomed since childhood had just completely brainwashed them, but I hope they don't have kids.

No. 421792

Hmm. Girls like doing gymnastics. They're gonna do gymnastics. They like eating icecream. They're gonna eat icecream. There's nothing inherently sexual about either activity. Though with that said there's nothing inherently photogenic about those activities either. So I guess, you're right, good point. Unless there's not many reasons for those photos to exist except to wet the appetites of pedos that will view about anything kids do through a sexual lens. Even if he's not arrested for anything explicit he should still have the police knocking on his door.

Well that's just horrifying. Stockholm syndrome is one helluva drug.

Have you ladies heard of this child drag queen Desmond? That's another situation where there's clear cut abuse and nothing being done about it.

No. 421794

I seen that ama linked in another thread. Terrifying.

I feel like people don't want to talk about the widespread issue of men being disgusting perverts in the same way women's anatomy makes people uncomfortable. We need to talk about how common it is for children to be abused in one way or another. It's like people have their heads in the sand.
I was never physically abused as a child, but I have had enough odd experiences with men or heard them say disgusting things when I was younger to make me uncomfortable and leave a lasting impression. You don't have to be outright molested to be damaged by men as a child.

I remember finding my dad's porn stash as a young girl. That alone a child shouldn't have to see or become aware of. I'm sure it did mature me more than if I hadn't seen that stuff. Also it opened the door to losing trust in my father in a sense. To see him not only as my father anymore but as someone who keeps these images I don't understand but know are wrong. Never found a degenerate porn stash snooping through my mom's stuff though…

No. 421795

Birth dad or step dad? The one hope I'm holding out for the male gender is that birth dads are mostly better.

No. 421801

And in cgl you get banned for telling a sissy/tranny that he looks fug.

No. 421804

That was my birth father's porn. My step dad was worse though. He never laid a hand on me I can say. But, if I had a half day at school or something, he would always be home walking around the house with his robe wide open and nothing on or just butt ass naked walking around. He always seemed extra surprised to find me walking through the door. And would bound out of the room or co er up. It seemed genuine at the time. I was still terrified to go home early ever, or even near his bedroom. I would get absolutely shaking scared going into the house on a half day. I would be super loud so he would know and cover up. For a long time I was very uncomfortable with nudity.

When you're a kid, you're so naive. Looking back, he should've talked to my mom the first time it ever happened if it were an accident. Also he should've started to cover up after just once exposing himself to a 10 year old girl. I never told anyone myself because it felt too embarrassing. One time I came home from school and he was just laying on my bed. On top of the covers, fully clothed. I was like wtf are you doing in here you fucking weirdo. He's dead now so there's that lol. Natural causes unfortunately.

No. 421811

I'm sorry to hear that anon, and I'm sorry that your mum ever let him into your home. It wasn't your job to talk to her, it was hers to be more vigilant. When my own folks split up and my much younger sister was living with our birth dad she was terrified he was going to try something. He never did to his credit, and not with me either, but stories are so common that her fears were understandable. It wasn't until she could hear him snoring that she figured he was safe.

No. 421820

>/ic/ ask a question aimed at women?
It’s kind of dumb to do that on a board that’s 2/3rds single men drawing pictures of women from porn and hentai references. Like I get that 4chan is fun to use sometimes but there are boards like /ic/ and /r9k/ where you should just know better that no one is worth interacting with.

No. 421828

>Girls like doing gymnastics. They're gonna do gymnastics
There is something really creepy about girls and teenagers doing gymnastics. I know it's a legitimate sport but there's something that I found very unsettling about it. When I was 12 I was invited to join my school's gymnastics team. I enjoyed doing it in class so I tried it out. What made me change my mind was that I wouldn't be allowed to wear my school's usual PE uniform, wearing a leotard was compulsory. This didn't just include competitions, it was necessary during practise. It felt weird because letting men see me in my underwear at that age would be wrong, yet now I was being told that it was ok for me to mount equipment wearing nothing except a tight leotard while the school's male staff watched. I did go on to represent my school in other sports and there was no such requirement beyond correct footwear.

No. 421844

File: 1560519924864.png (59.24 KB, 936x560, 1487037347919.png)

It's no surprise, men are pedophiles.

No. 421845

File: 1560519967369.jpg (45.42 KB, 983x549, 149058283957103.jpg)

No. 421849

>He's dead now so there's that lol.

Three cheers!

No. 421861

>I remember finding my dad's porn stash as a young girl

My dad didn't have a porn stash but he did have 100s of condoms in the drawer under his bed (for use with his girlfriend, divorced at this point from my mother). He also had internet access quite early compared to other people, but isn't a nerd and doesn't have niche hobbies, so probably for porn - as I only recently realized. One of the reasons my parents got divorced is he was trying to force her to do anal sex, among general financial control and emotional abuse. He would talk about ass all the time and even tried to do anal sex unnannounced, while she was asleep and pregnant. She got up out of the bed, shaking, and vomited in shock.

Anyway dads can be perverts even if not directed at their children. Once he told her he had a "dream" where me and my sister were lying naked on the sofa and he could see our vaginas. She never left us alone with him after that.

No. 421874

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 421881

I should add the other main reason they got divorced is he announced he wanted "female company" and wanted to start dating other women while still married. He would completely ignore us all, neglect (empty house, no food, threw a tantrum when one of us wanted to go outside) go on work trips and holidays for weeks alone. Then when the divorce was happening he got a court order to prevent us renewing our passports (aka leaving) and accused my still celibate mother of having an affair. So - the thing he wanted to do.

No. 421892

Just recently i got to know that a little girl in my vacation's apartment got raped in the same building, there is not a lot of people living there because most of the people just go there for vacation during summer, and the worst part is that he was a militar and so is her father, that got extremely burned during a fire that happened, that made him lose members so he is at the hospital at the moment but comes home from time to time to visit the family. The girl couldnt stop him from getting in, and she got raped in the terrace…She is 12 years old. Thankfully, they caught him because he tried to do the same thing to other girl and she ran away aswell telling her parents what happened, so then he got arrested for the things he did. It just breaks my heart that that little girl's family is going through so much because of the father, and now the girl got raped and it's probably traumatized with all of this and genuinly isn't common to happen those type of things here. I feel so sorry for her, and i'm hoping this year to go in vacation there and try to help the family in someway possible.

No. 421895

I forgot to mention that for the same reason that the rapist was military like her father, she thought he was trying to visit him. But when he tried to forcefully push her into the building and grab her, that's when she tried to fight back but she couldn't.

No. 421911

I walked in on my dad watching porn several times as a kid. It was always hardcore BDSM stuff too. He was separated from my mom and never treated me poorly but I always find myself thinking back to the memories of him desperately trying to hide his weird porn shit.

No. 421913

Please, start censoring this shit

No. 421917

He won't, because he's an attention whoring, unloved neckbeard here to spam. Don't give him any reaction, it's what he thrives off of.

No. 421920

It's just an assblasted scrot move along

No. 421921

scrots really do have nothing better to do than come here and post porn huh

No. 421928

>Let me prove those femoids how wrong they are for hating us by posting some pedo shit

No. 421933

can we talk about how the 9y/o bar is still higher than the woman in her 50s. Men are fucking trash.

No. 421934

where are the mods to delete this shit?

No. 421942

They're definitely going to have their work cut out for them for a little while, especially on weekends.
Hope they can remain diligent.

No. 421944

pmuch men are so fucking stupid.
Dunno but just report and hide it for now.

No. 421945

>The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) (sometimes also referred to as Matscience) is a research centre located in Chennai, India.[1][2] IMSc is a national institute for fundamental research in frontier disciplines of the mathematical and physical sciences: theoretical computer science, mathematics, theoretical physics, and computational biology. It is funded mainly by the Department of Atomic Energy.[3] The institute operates the Kabru supercomputer.[4]

I feel like an idiot for laughing, but our raider is clearly running out of sexist wikipedia quotes and is resorting to his math homework for text. You don't have to have text dude you can just post your surprisingly high amount of loli porn

No. 421947

Why does this guy have so much child porn? Yikes.

If you live in the UK, clear you cache and don't visit this thread. Drawn porn is considered illegal child porn there.

No. 421948

I didn't hate men when I started browsing lolcow but now I think I might.

No. 421951

unfortunately "loli porn" is considered somewhat legal

No. 421954

any "man" who can get off to 2d drawing children is still a pedo

No. 421956

yeah i totally agree, it's disgusting either way, they are pedos

No. 421960

File: 1560525231502.gif (1.53 MB, 358x200, giphy.gif)

Sure feels like summer in this thread.

No. 421962

Trying to picture the kind of dude who would jerk off to this shit is hilarious.

No. 421965

Thank you mods

No. 421969

File: 1560525470669.jpg (49.56 KB, 580x387, fat-guy-playing-on-computer.jp…)

No. 421980

File: 1560525825768.jpg (61.76 KB, 828x816, l85wmnlkpki21.jpg)

No. 421982

File: 1560525879317.png (128.65 KB, 468x310, 1559189353503.png)

Any one know the orginal comic?

No. 422002

Imagine being so personally affronted that some girls on the internet think lolicons are degenerates that you waste your time trying to show them you're the big man, but your only impotent weapon is your stash lolicon hentai and boring history texts.
If I saw this as an anecdote I would think it was made up, pornsick men are something else.

No. 422004

+1; I wonder if he changed IP to keep posting these

No. 422005

This is so petty, but you could at least post the porn comic in order

No. 422006

I'm pretty sure he doesn't even read the dialogue to even care about that

No. 422007


I agree with this. Every man I've known to take extreme stances like you're describing came from a place of bizarre fetish/extreme misogyny/total inability to think abstractly. They all think this inability and their lack of empathy makes them """"better"""" and the world validates them. Women who do it…..not that women can't be fucked up, but so many are doing it to impress men. I used to be one of those, and it was so, so much harder to admit that it was fucked up than to jump on the "tee hee i'm a sexy objectivist porn loving cool girl" train. I was fucking terrified of feminism making sense to me, but I couldn't ignore it forever.

And honestly, it's the same with lefty guys. The guy who never shuts up about being a chapo commie fuck bootlickers guy w/ endless jokes about weird fetishes (who may or may not consider himself a lesbian nowadays) is the same guy as the "race realist" proud boy. It's all about their ego.

No. 422008

He was literally just c&ping random shit from wikipedia pages. The guy probably has an IQ of 70, cut him some slack

No. 422009

Don't forget that he's also a scat fetishist who constantly talks of how we're dumb, he's ~logical and smart~ and it's his responsibility to prove us wrong ; yet the extent of his discussion is limited to posting porn and calling us dumb whores. Truly the superior, logical sex.

No. 422013

File: 1560528469820.jpg (44.98 KB, 494x742, D7YKV0LVsAAJlFq.jpg)

No. 422015

This. Forever grateful to our farmhands for cleaning up scrote e-tantrums.

No. 422016

The fact that there are men out there that get this triggered over anime shit and have THIS much loliporn saved really just makes me depressed for humanity. Tfw the separatist anons were right.

No. 422017

File: 1560528922564.jpg (43.77 KB, 464x697, D7cMv_-U0AA22Q0.jpg)

No. 422028

why do you own this?(don't talk to scrots)

No. 422032

Imagine your power move being spamming futanari scat pedo porn…

No. 422035

thank you for reminding us how defective men are. also why is the text in chinese? is it some scrote's bot or something

No. 422036

stop giving him the attention that he wants, just report and move on

No. 422042

White dudes who have an obsession with east asia act out like this.

No. 422071

Women apparently peak from 9 years old (and I'm sure there were lower answers they edited out of the results) absolute best at 14, and rapid decline until 30 where 40 is basically invisible. I love a chart which demonstrates the pedophilic, retarded male mind so successfully. The truth is the "peak" is when women are most vulnerable to men, and the "decline" is when women have woken up to how sick, dangerous and deranged they are, and are also usually financially independent and capable of avoiding unwanted males.

I wish handmaiden types were all mailed a copy of this chart so they could take some responsibility in protecting young women from sexual assault.

No. 422078