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No. 315484

Can we have an anti porn thread?

Tfw porn and "kinksters" have basically convinced all men below the age of 35 that women like violence during sex and "rape fantasies"

No. 315486

yes, plz. Porn is the devil's lettuce.

No. 315487

If anything I would say its the over 50's men-at least in the bdsm scene. Reason I left (so glad I did too, what a bunch of entitled cunts)

No. 315506

I like violence and have rape fantasies but that's probably due to my molestation and early exposure to sex as a child moreso than a voluntary desire. I don't condone it for other women though and don't see why someone unblemished in those ways should perform or disrespect herself for a man's sake. Broken brains, man.

Hate porn though, surprisingly. I don't like the sex industry in general.

No. 315510

Have you not considered it's fucked up and will just get you involved with predatory men

No. 315512

Kinda too late for that anon. Not that I'm telling guys I encounter what I want in bed right off the bat. Imo most all men are predatory in some fashion whether that's about taking advantage of your body, labor, money, or possessions.
In my view it's a fact all lonely, hetero women have to accept or accept that they will have to be alone.

No. 315516

nta but i could have made literally the same post about me. i have been with my partner for 10 years and they are actually pretty stable and have been integral in helping me through my past abuse.

No. 315526

I have to admit I'd be perfectly fine with porn if there was a plethora of high quality and varied porn for women. But lol why bother when men have shit tier standards and fetishists will give hundreds even for the shittiest quality?

And that results in heaps of trash with misconceptions about men and especially women, causes complexes but is still accepted.

No. 315528

you saying that just freaks me out that the small minority of women in porn that claim to enjoy it are just so because they are victims of child abuse.

not surprising since it's hollywood, this world is so fucked

No. 315533

I think any woman doing porn, regardless if it's violent, was probably subject to some kind of sexual abuse.

No. 315535

if the pornography business was conducted better, i wouldn't have as much of a problem with it. but as it is now, unless you're in the 1% of top actresses, you're doing countless quick, cheap videos that usually feature violent and degrading kinks.

if all porn was conducted like these porn videos made in japan and directed towards women, it would be better. checkout this vice documentary on the subject. its really eyeopening. the woman who works for the company said these videos are to satisfy a fantasy of being cared for by a man who loves you, and the reporter is amazed at being in a room full of women who she knows for sure enjoy erotica and masturbate.

the company is called Silk Labo and a few videos are floating around online.

This is the difference in porn made by women and porn made by men. The men aren't dehumanized, treated like meat, or degraded. Women in porn are treated like pieces of meat, because that is how men see us.

No. 315537

I would rather watch porn than have sex with a random guy i don't know. I mostly watch gay porn too soooo

No. 315544

I legit dont get how women can get off to porn because women are always violently degraded in every porn.

If there was a lovely romantic and vanilla porn, i'd be happy, but i dunno if that exists. I just feel really sad for women involved in porn, because it always feels like they are drugged or coerced.

No. 315550

Its telling that romantic "pretty" vanilla porn is always catagorized as 'for women'

Like men cant get off unless women are degraded, hurt or humiliated

No. 315551

>women are always violently degraded in every porn.
EVERY porn?
Even amateur shit?
Even 'soft' shit?
Even femdom shit?
Even in lesbian shit?

No. 315552

erotic content for men exists in abundance, so its no surprise that men are entitled when it comes to what they beat off to. when you have a billion dollar industry that caters to you and only to you, you can afford to be greedy and picky. a mens taste in porn tells a lot about who he is and what he thinks about women. if hes getting off to crying blowjob, deep throat, violent rape porn, hes scum.

No. 315553


>Even amateur shit?

Most amateur porn was filmed or uploaded without the womans permission. There is also a ton of amateur shit that is hardcore/violent. A lot of "amateur" porn is just fake, still mass produced by a studio with actors but made to look real.

>Even 'soft' shit?

Most "soft" porn still has the man grabbing onto her neck, or rubbing her clit like hes trying to clean grease off a pan.

>Even femdom shit?

Most femdom porn is targeted at men, and the female domme is wearing some ridiculous bondage uniform and uncomfortable high heels and filmed at angles where the camera is practically going up her ass.

>Even in lesbian shit?

Lesbian porn is the most fake porn that exists.

No. 315554

>tfw literally all (straight) men get off to only that
>all men are scum

No. 315557

Being a lesbian, I rarely watch porn because even lesbian porn is plain awful, tacky and obviously made for the male gaze. Makes me drier than the desert, so I only watch amateur stuff the rare times I do.

Production porn in general is so offputting I don't understand how anybody would be even turned on by it. The actresses' exaggerated expressions, their usually plastic surgery faces, the fake moans, the obsession with spitting… it's so comedic and grotesque, it's gross rather than sexy

No. 315560

What I find interesting is that really "weird" fetish videos seem to be more positive. I was watching a lesbian BBW clip of a short skinny woman paired with a tall fat woman. They were comparing each other's bodies and laughing while complimenting each other. The comments were full of men and some women that were enthusiastic about how happy they seemed but non- niche porn is full of ugly, degrading comments. In a strange way, the most bizarre deviants I have met writing erotica have been less repulsive than standard porn consumers, with some disturbing exceptions, of course. I guess when you go really niche and embarrassing people are just glad there is someone else on the planet that likes the same thing.
On another note, the injuries that pornstars get are horrific and if it was any other "entertainment" industry it wouldn't be legal at all, but everyone just turns a blind eye.

No. 315562

>Even in lesbian shit?

Lesbian porn is legit made BY men and FOR men. As a lesbian myself, that shit pisses me off more than guy x woman porn because you can tell the two women in lesbian porn are just straight girls pretending.

No. 315575

File: 1540338247249.png (802.19 KB, 622x464, frefrefre.PNG)

>you can tell the two women in lesbian porn are just straight girls pretending.

That shit is the absolute worst when you can tell the women are obviously straight, I remember watching one where it was clear both women were not into it,Like when they would try to kiss they would flinch at first or turn their heads kek @ anyone who thinks porn is real

No. 315577

Not to mention they always have stupidly long nails. That shit is a turn off

No. 315579

File: 1540339324994.png (Spoiler Image, 95.76 KB, 263x174, OHWOW.PNG)

Decided to check it out and oof my interest has peaked

No. 315582

Porn is disgusting. I watch it on occasion because I don't have the ability to imagine things and I wish I didn't have to in order to masturbate because it's so depressing. It's so degrading towards women and I can't stand libfems who call it "liberating" or "empowering" or men who consider it to be an "art". It's depressing to see women being overworked and pushed to their limits. All accounts I've seen from porn stars about what goes on on set (like pushing women to do things they didn't originally agree to or shitty pay or ridiculously long work hours) is disgusting. If you watch the live searches on pornmd, the popular things are always "painal", "barely legal", "unwanted cum/anal", "incest" or "gangbangs". I don't even know how people can watch half of this stuff and find it sexy, it's fucking so upsetting. It's also warping men's views on reality and putting increasing pressure on women to look like porn stars. I remember once wishing that people made porn for women where it focused more on the female gaze and where women had more control but porn is a reflection of our society, even films you watch in the cinema are littered with scenes for the male gaze and are insulting to women's intelligence.

No. 315584

try reading some erotica or fanfiction, anon. i know its hard, it does take me longer to get off with fanfic erotica than porn, but they usually result in more satisfying orgasms without the guilt after.

No. 315585

I think my biggest issue with porn, though there are many, is its effect on male consumers. It has completely skewed their perception on sex, and females in general. Most men will argue with a female over ANYTHING related to sex or the female body despite the fact that we know more about ourselves and how things are for us than any man can. My boyfriend cant even tell when a woman has fake tits or not anymore and its made me super self conscious because i have naturally large ones that are by no means perfect and "shapely" the way women in porns' are. Especially after losing weight, which made them flatter but not lifted. The women in porn that claim to be "naturally busty" yet have absolutely no body fat usually fucking arent. Its all a fake plastic world and they dont seem to understand this.

No. 315587

I'm not sure if porn is the cause of male sexual interest in violence or just a symptom. Since rape and murder of us has always been a common interest for them I tend to question it.

Regardless it's super depressing just being able to see their hatred of us portrayed through countless videos produced by hundreds of companies. I wish men didn't have to kill us to get off.

No. 315590

why are there so many farmers that not only allow their bf to watch porn but seem to discuss it openly? like wtf

No. 315591

women are pressured to be accepting of that behavior, because controlling your boyfriend watching porn is being a "nag" or being "abusive". some anons have low self confidence and date any guy they can get, just look at any relationship thread on /g/.

No. 315594

I only watch gay porn

No. 315597

I remember finding this article a few years back lmao


They want their all porn and sexdolls but its hell if we want a sex toy or some erotica because they feel inferior :(

No. 315598

This is hot

I really like erotica (drawing but more realistic than hentai) where it isn't explicit but you can tell the woman is enjoying herself. It sets a mood and draws me in
some gifs of jav cunnilingus are pretty great too
Sorry if this is the wrong thread, thought I would share some alternatives to all the really gross porn talked about upthread

No. 315602

>Most amateur porn was filmed or uploaded without the womans permission
>Most "soft" porn still has the man grabbing onto her neck, or rubbing her clit like hes trying to clean grease off a pan.
Fair enough
>Most femdom porn is targeted at men, and the female domme is wearing some ridiculous bondage uniform
She's objectified,but I don't think that's "abuse" or "violenty degraded"
>Lesbian porn is the most fake porn that exists.
True,but again,not violent or degrading

No. 315604

Ewww, imagine being this pathetic.

No. 315607

Maybe I'm a fujoshit but i can only get off to doujinshi (fan drawn comics) and fan fiction. Like you mentioned, it can take longer to get off to, but it's much more satisfying. I just cant watch real porn. It does nothing for me.

No. 315608

>They want their all porn and sexdolls but its hell if we want a sex toy or some erotica because they feel inferior
You can notice this in a lot of things
Whenever men mass crave over a literal child/something that looks like a child/'barelylegal' if you point out how it's creepy you're a "funkiller" and a "whiny feminist" but the second a woman expresses that they think anything is attractive/sexy it's "cringe" especially if it's a 'prettyboy' type then it's 'gay' and somehow worse than wanting to fuck kids

No. 315614

it bothers me how normalized it is for guys in relationships to watch it. Oh its ~normal~. But why not just initiate sex instead with your gf? It just makes me feel like guys are never satisfied and your significant other isn't enough. It feels so shitty. I can't put myself in their shoes because I don't really feel the need to fantasize about fucking other guys when I'm in a committed relationship. They argue its just biology but I think its bullshit. You can have self control. Plus porn just raises their standards so high, it makes sex seem like it has to be more and more insane rather than intimate.

No. 315619

>Tfw porn and "kinksters" have basically convinced all men below the age of 35 that women like violence during sex and "rape fantasies"
Actually it was the massive popularity of 50 Shades of Grey.

No. 315626

why do you think it's normal? Only here (cows like shoe and farmers) and on cringey "sex positive" websites like reddit (because they are all underclass nerds who like to make up for being unattractive by being poly etc.) do i read this bullshit "my bf likes such and such pornstar". Nobody i know in real life would be anything but disgusted to hear someone talking like that

No. 315630

That reminds me of the popular YouTuber Matt Mcmuscles who is married but constantly talks about how much he likes the Japanese AV star Hitomi Tanaka. It's so creepy

No. 315632

I remember venting in the relationship thread on /g/ several months ago when I found out that my now ex bf of four years had been browsing camgirls and jacking it to porn, sometimes when I was in the other room. He'd been neglecting me sexually and was secretive.
I remember being yelled at by anons who called me controlling for being upset that he was watching porn instead of putting that energy towards our relationship. They were acting like I was some sort of controlling cunt because he was lying to me and making me feel awful about myself.

It's unfuckingbelievable what people will defend for a man's convenience.

No. 315636

i think the conflation with porn and masturbation is the problem. people inherently link porn use with masturbation, so telling your significant other not to watch porn is like telling them not to masturbate in their eyes. which is ridiculous. masturbation is normal and healthy even, but its not normal and healthy if you're addicted to watching degrading and damaging porn while masturbating.

if it became more normalized for guys to get off without porn, and if other means of erotic content were available to them, like maybe audio erotica or fanfiction/books, porn use would be as widespread and normalized. but like other anons in this thread have said, its hard to switch once you're accustomed to orgasming to video pornography.

No. 315637

sorry but 50 shades of grey, even at its actual worst, isn't anywhere near as horrible as some shit on realitykings or brazzers. the relationship in 50 shades is fucked up when you think too deeply about it. yes, ana is naive sexually and christian grey is an emotionally scarred dominant, but thats because women have a fantasy of "saving" a damaged man. but at no point does christian make ana choke on a blowjob, or force her to have painful anal sex while she cries. the consent in 50 shades can be dubious, but its the typical romance novel "oohhh la la oh no, i couldn't possibly say yes to sex!" kind of no. whereas in male created porn, the woman is crying, beaten, and begging for it to end. and at the end of the trilogy, ana has everything she wanted, everything christian said he hated. hes married to her, he has kids with her, she's living a fantasy life of a wife to a billionaire.

i can't believe this thread has made me defend 50 shades, but no, its not the same as violent male created, male targeted pornography.

No. 315639

Anothet key difference is that 50 Shades is pretty much the only mainstream, accessible porn around for women these days. Smutty bodice rippers are out of fashion, regular porn is aimed at men and has a stigma for women, so they only have 50 shades to latch onto. Most women dont have broad horizons when it comes to porn, especially older women. Younger girls are into gay fanfic but the more normie ones are gonna gravitate to something socially acceptable like 50 shades. I think most women would develop different taste if they had more female oriented porn (written and drawn since I cant support filmed porn), and wouldn't just fall into the assumed submissive preferences.

On the other hand, men have excessive exposure to porn, they have cultivated tastes and develop extreme preferences thanks to being addicted and pornsick. When they watch rape fetish porn, it's because they're bored of vanilla porn and need something more hardcore to excite them. It's not because there's a limited amount of porn available for them.

No. 315640

you missed the point completely that anons were talking about why men think WOMEN LIKE that stuff. which is not what brazzers does

No. 315641

That happened to me too anon. I legit thought he had a low sex drive kek.

Is this the norm for millennial men? They're the first generation to grow up with online porn access, and it makes me wonder how common this type of thing is, and how badly it fucked up their sexuality. It seems like no one wants to publicly talk about this issue.

No. 315645

The average Joe doesn't actually read 50 Shades of Grey. He just hears it's a story about a young girl entering a relationship with a dominant older powerful man who ties her up and fucks her.
He sees women everywhere he goes reading the book and thinks that's what women want.

No. 315646

I think no one wants to talk about it publicly because of the huge backlash. Like the OP image reminds me of how defensive people are of things they REALLY like , when people tell people they should stop eating junk food /Mcdonalds or want to limit the consumption of it there’s a huge backlash (here in Amerifat Land anyway ) where the public pulls the whole “I do what I want”, or the “the government can’t tell me what to do!!11” even if it is hurting them. It’s the same with porn, people just like the pleasure it gives them too much and the industry is just too big to Fight against. That’s just my guess anyway.

No. 315647

>Anti porn thread
>Comes in to shill Japanese porn

Dense weeb.

No. 315648

Not that anon but it it’s relevant to the topic. And interesting to see the parallels.

No. 315649

>whereas in male created porn, the woman is crying, beaten, and begging for it to end.
But men cry foul having hurt feelings over women owning vibrators or women having low esteem over their favourite porn stars

No. 315650

>whereas in male created porn, the woman is crying, beaten, and begging for it to end.
But men cry foul having hurt feelings over women owning vibrators or women having low esteem over their favourite porn stars

No. 315651

I'd rather you didn't. Please make a thread for porn you like instead weeb.

No. 315655

>whereas in male created porn, the woman is crying, beaten, and begging for it to end.
But men cry foul having hurt feelings over women owning vibrators or women having low esteem over their favourite porn stars

No. 315658

Makes me sick seeing women ITT talk about the porn they love. The entire fucking industry trafficks in raped and abused women and abuses them even more.

If you have fantasies about being degraded then no, acting them out again and again with pornsick men isn't going to make you "better"

No. 315659

[Not the same anon, just passing by]
Lesbian porn being fake is degrading to actual lesbians, in the sense that, the women who act out these scenes do not enjoy the contact of another woman/aren't as passionate as lesbians would be in the same scene.

And most amateur porn has the mans face blurred out. That in itself says enough.

No. 315661

A lot of amateur porn is also shot by a boyfriend making his girlfriend fuck other men. Cuckold porn in general is hateful.

A lot of men genuinely believe women love ten inch dicks these days and that anything less won't "satisfy" us. They believe we want gangbangs and rape. And kinksick women are right behind them cheering them on, agreeing that these things do indeed apply to every female.

Why are redditors such subhumans.

No. 315664

talking about the differences in porn made by men and erotica for women is relevant because the problem with pornography is that it’s a commodity made and sold by and for men. But you’re obviously just here to racebait another thread.

No. 315665

The average joe just sees that 50 shades of grey is erotica for women and makes fun of it and deems it as irrelevant. It doesn’t matter what men think we want, because men genuinely don’t give a fuck what women want sexually. For every 50 shades of grey there’s thousands of erotica stories made for women that have no BDSM elements in it at all that are just loving vanilla relationships. Men don’t give a fuck. 50 shades isn’t to blame for pornsick men.

No. 315666

i'm really disturbed by how much amateur porn looks like it was filmed with a hidden camera, or without the other person knowing

No. 315667

I'm the OP. Make a thread for your deviant Japanese shit, weeb. Japanese porn is no better or less violent to women. Finally this is an anti porn thread, not a place for you to post porn you like.

No. 315668

And no, commodification is just part of it

No. 315669

Do you or any other anons believe that there are guys out here who genuinely enjoy vanilla softer/gentler sex? No crying, no violence or degrading dirty talk – nothing like that. Just sweet moments, you know?

No. 315670

I didn’t post porn that I like, I posted a documentary that talked about female focused erotica that discussed the difference from male focused erotica. I don’t even like that porn, I’m anti-porn too but I’m not naive enough to to think we will ever live in a society without it, erotica has existed for as long as human history, porn is just an unfortunate consequence of the invention of video recording material, just like now we’re about to get VR porn and other crazy shit. Discussing how, if porn has to exist, how it can be produced and regulated in a way of reduced harm will get the movement rather than just talking about it being evil but proposing no solutions or alternatives.

No. 315671

im anti porn period, no matter how much it is "directed to the female gaze" as it sends a message that someone needs to see someone else having sex in order to get off which is voyeuristic at best and a serious issue in itself

No. 315672

The commercial porn industry could be broken up very easily if there was a will to do so. Obviously porn would still exist, but it would be a start

No. 315673

sorry anon, but that’s not likely. a fifteen billion dollar industry is going to be near impossible to take down. we can’t een get people to stop smoking and that’s a public health crisis.

No. 315674

Less and less people are smoking. But that's besides the point. There are countries where porn is banned and a commercial industry of any significance doesn't exist. Like I said, breaking up these companies is not an impossible task.

No. 315676

You mean countries like Korea where prostitution is commonplace and they produce borderline porn “dramas” to air on HBO at night? Where television producers call shows like Produce 101 with casts of underage idols as “healthy porn”? It’s also pretty hard to ban stuff in the era of the internet, unfortunately. Korea without porn would be no better than Korea with porn. Porn is a symptom of a much bigger problem.

No. 315677

No one is saying it’s impossible, but it’s incredibly unlikely that it’ll ever happen. You have to bare in mind that even feminism - literally a woman’s liberal movement - is mostly in favour of pornography these today under the guise of sexworkers getting their coin. Anti-pornography as a mainstream feminist position is basically non-existent compared to what it was in the 1980s.

No. 315678


No. 315679

Forgot to add that the momentum of pornography has only grown since then with increasingly violent porn and new technology such as VR and deep fakes entering the scene only within the past couples of years.

Where are the protests? Where is the funding? Where is the urgency? It doesn’t exist. No one is really doing anything.

No. 315682

In that case I agree. I just think that's reflective of a lack of will though. Libfems loving porn and what have you. I was talking in practical terms, law enforcement and the courts.

People who want to keep stuff around, like drugs and porn, usually say there's no point in fighting it. It's deceitful.

No. 315683

They most definitely exist. I've dated a few men like this in my lifetime. (I'm 33) They were more laid back or hippyish kind of guys, just my experience.

No. 315684

Most of you probably heard of this motherfucker but Ted Bundy was a necrophile serial killer and he talked about pornography in his last interview.

JCD: How long did you stay at that point before you actually assaulted someone?
Ted: A couple of years. I was dealing with very strong inhibitions against criminal and violent behavior. That had been conditioned and bred into me from my neighborhood, environment, church, and schools. I knew it was wrong to think about it, and certainly, to do it was wrong. I was on the edge, and the last vestiges of restraint were being tested constantly, and assailed through the kind of fantasy life that was fueled, largely, by pornography.
JCD: Do you remember what pushed you over that edge? Do you remember the decision to “go for it”? Do you remember where you decided to throw caution to the wind?
Ted: It’s a very difficult thing to describe - the sensation of reaching that point where I knew I couldn’t control it anymore. The barriers I had learned as a child were not enough to hold me back from seeking out and harming somebody.
JCD: Would it be accurate to call that a sexual frenzy?
Ted: That’s one way to describe it - a compulsion, a building up of this destructive energy. Another fact I haven’t mentioned is the use of alcohol. In conjunction with my exposure to pornography, alcohol reduced my inhibitions and pornography eroded them further.
Ted: There is no way to describe the brutal urge to do that, and once it has been satisfied, or spent, and that energy level recedes, I became myself again. Basically, I was a normal person. I wasn’t some guy hanging out in bars, or a bum. I wasn’t a pervert in the sense that people look at somebody and say, “I know there’s something wrong with him.” I was a normal person. I had good friends. I led a normal life, except for this one, small but very potent and destructive segment that I kept very secret and close to myself. Those of us who have been so influenced by violence in the media, particularly pornographic violence, are not some kind of inherent monsters. I’m no social scientist, and I don’t pretend to believe what John Q. Citizen thinks about this, but I’ve lived in prison for a long time now, and I’ve met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence. Without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography - deeply consumed by the addiction. The F.B.I.’s own study on serial homicide shows that the most common interest among serial killers is pornographers. It’s true.

Now, the things he said don't fucking excuse anything and this interview was hours before his execution so you can also interpret it as Bundy's final cry for a stay of execution but it's true that a shit ton of serial killers were porn addicts.

No. 315685

Which will still be hard to enforce, because restricting media is a slippery slope that both sides of the political spectrum don’t like. You could censor it, but it’s not like that has stopped japan. There’s also free speech organizations that lobby on behalf of porn businesses. The Free Speech Coalition exists purely to lobby the government to prevent obscenity laws and porn censorship.

The left will point fingers that an anti pornography movement is anti-sexworker, and costing women their jobs, which is half true. Without porn there will be a lot of women unable to get jobs because despite this country loving porn, once you go into the adult business, you are ruined for any potential future employment. It’s what keeps women in the business in the first place.

The right will cry about free speech. Either way leftist and conservative men will come out in full force to fight back against anything that limits their pornograohy consumption, because both sides hate women.

No. 315686

smoking has pretty much gone from everyone in my first world country doing it to nobody, pretty much because of a government led change in perception of it - although it did start to become seen as for losers a bit before that as just a generational thing. The problem with porn is you can't tax it or ban it effectively because it's friggin pixels on the internet. since it's made in every country you couldn't attack production you'd have to criminalise consumption and that just means everyone gets vpns. But i think some kind of open shaming - smash down these terrible tropes that it's cool and fun and everyone watches it that come from popular culture. Counter that by making movies about dispicable faggotised men that watched too much porn. Show real men laughing at them. The problem is the former kind of men are the ones that write and direct movies

No. 315687

I think as long as you acknowledge yaoi to be unrealistic and not act like a sycophantic sped about "mah ghey babies1!!1!", I think it's okay, Anon.

The main problem with fujoshi is that they project yaoi stereotypes onto gay people and romanticize rape.

No. 315688

I loved the end of wedding crashers for this reason. They hear all about this legendary dude who has slept with tons of girls and it turns out he's a loser in his 40s who lives with his mom and hits up funerals.

That film had a surprisingly undegenerate message for modern Hollywood. Also completely agreed. With need more kinkshaming and slutshaming and manwhoreshaming. If a man gets a woman pregnant he needs to be rinsed of everything and publicly humiliated.

No. 315689

This comment could be a /pol/ comment. Horseshoe theory is real.

There’s got to be a way to be anti-porn without buying into bullshit conservatism “sex is sacred and women’s sexuality belongs to men” nonsense. Porn is bad because the actresses involved are coerced, drugged, and raped, that should be the focus here. Dudes who are anti-porn because deathgrip broke their dicks still hate women

No. 315690

Good thread.

I'm trying to stop watching porn, overall I'm doing well because I have a great boyfriend who gets me off whenever I ask + a hitachi when he's not around. But: I've been watching fucked up stuff ever since I was like, 12. I stumbled upon shota hentai around that age, then hentai sites filled with gang rape and loli doujins, and soon after that I started going on /b/ and also watching "regular" porn, that is to say violent shit that treats women like fleshlights. At first I'd tell myself it's okay, they're actors, but even when I realized the girls were often not fully consenting I wasn't taken aback until after I came.

I feel like I've seen so much of it during my teens that I've conditioned myself to enjoy it in spite of how terrible it is. Nowadays I still sometimes get the urge to go on /gif/ and look at some disgusting webms (although it's filled with tranny shit now which is a great turnoff!) I know I just need to focus on healthy fantasies and hobbies but it's so easy to access this shit.

Also I can't help but blame my parents for not monitoring my internet access at all, especially since it wouldn't have been hard to just check the house computer, there were no smartphones at the time. If I have kids I swear I'll have all the possible security to prevent them from looking at that shit.

Anyways, sage for blogpost

No. 315692

literally no one does that
go back to tumblr

No. 315693

Porn isn't just bad for its direct effects on the women being harmed, but because of its wider effects on society. Together with raunch culture it has made women's lives a misery.

No. 315694

Men get so ridiculously defensive when you start criticizing porn, because they can't masturbate without it anymore, so they feel you're trying to take their (sometimes only) source of sexual relief, and prepare to be laughed at if you tell them it would be healthy for them to learn to masturbate without violent pornographic content. literally their dick > abused women.

No. 315695

Not denying it. But among younger people I've met more men prepared to criticize it than women. Seems like every young woman holds libfem views by default these days. No wonder feminism can't achieve anything other than odious shit like "celebrating sex work"

No. 315702

not really? porn is just one of the many tools keeping women down. the problem with antiporn activism is that it seems to be rooted in the belief that porn makes men evil and without porn men wouldn’t be evil. like how the temperance movement thought men would stop being abusers and visiting prostitutes if they just stopped drinking. porn isn’t to blame for men’s evil, it’s just another tool evil men use.

No. 315704

Just watch some of Gail Dines stuff. She discusses how porn plays into wider sexualized culture to make men worse.

No. 315710

I'm so tired of sex work and niche sexuality being shilled as liberating and good for women. It's a load of fucking garbage. The porn and sex industry will never change and even if it did it would still benefit men over women because they will always be the primary consumers.
I feel like porn has just become more and more extreme. It terrifies me when I see ads or porn sites and there's all these key words like "brutal", "forced", "abuse" etc. It makes me sick that men see us as objects to just be brutalized and that they excuse getting off to it just because it's legal and "consented to".
Even if you look at pro-porn stuff the truth behind the facade always trickles through, and yet we as a society just pretend like it's okay because "they're adults" and "it's empowering".

No. 315715

Does anyone else hate it how libfems constantly try to speak for all women? Some examples:

>"Women love sex too! We like having different partners and fooling around like men do!"

>"Women love porn too!"
>"Women have lots of fucked up fetishes too!"

Reminds me of the "cool girl" speech from Gone Girl.

Now I can't speak for all women, but I do believe we're different from men in certain regards. For myself and most of my friends, we don't actually want to be promiscuous. We don't want lots of partners. I'd be happy just sticking with one nice, non pornsick guy my entire life.

Why do libfems like emulating the worse aspects of men's nature?

No. 315720

>Reminds me of the "cool girl" speech from Gone Girl.
That monologue is iconic, I had to rewatch as soon as you reminded me of it.

And yes, I also tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to sex. Partly because that's just my nature, partly because feminism has made me come full circle in regards to promiscuity tbh. At first I was just mad about slut shaming and thought women should feel free to fuck as many people as they want as long as it's ethical. We do have that right of course, and slut shaming is still one of the things I hate most about men, but I still think restraint is the best strategy for our mental and physical health. There are obvious risks like STDs, pregnancy, catching feelings etc. But my biggest problem is the possibility that the men you have sex with actually hate you for fucking them. Men look down on women who sleep around, they think it makes us subhuman and that we lose value with each sexual partner even though they desperately pursue and pressure us for it. The idea of rewarding them with access to my vagina just for them to belittle and condemn me for it is fucking ABHORRENT. It's annoying that refraining from sex also plays into their purity obsession, it's not like I want to reward them with that either, but in the end I'll just refuse to fuck any guy with red flags about stuff like that (hence my ongoing celibacy). I'd much rather miss out on dick than deal with the negative consequences of it.

No. 315722

Thanks for the suggestions, anons.

No. 315723

Men seem to have this contradiction where they want women to be these lustful sluts who are into porn while hating women for being sexual. I think that explains a lot of the violence in porn. The idea is that women are being punished for being such trashy whores.

No. 315724

tried watching some of this shit earlier, it felt more like the dudes were more attracted to each other and just relieving it onto the girl.

are you retarded? the porn posted was specifically Japanese KEK

Libfems are insane, I still can't get over their sex work shilling. They went hard on that about two years ago. They're also fucking hypocrites and sexualize innocent women who just show some skin above their knees or have naturally bigger than average breasts. Something is always wrong for them.

I'm definitely anti-porn though. I remember I used to watch porn in my late teens to early 20s. I think a lot of the reason why I watched porn back then was because my ex wanted to have an open relationship and do absurd kinky stuff because he wanted to be unique enough for his small circle of internet friends to show off to. I sometimes still have a desire to watch porn, but I'm trying to stop completely.
I've always been very selective on what gets me off. I tried reading erotic fanfiction, but all of the shit I've read focuses on how muscular the character appears and I just personally hate muscular guys. I mainly end up imagining a scenario in my head and masturbate.

No. 315729

I relate to you anon, I feel like the majority of men cast women as either a 'madonna' or a 'whore' and tend to have more respect for 'madonnas'. I've seen a lot of men complain when a woman who they thought was pure breaks that illusion and she becomes sullied in their eyes. And on top of that many men get off on the idea of deflowering a 'madonna' and turning her into a 'whore'. This has impacted how I operate in my own life, I try to avoid drawing male attention by dressing conservatively, not having many photos of myself on social media and I have never engaged in casual sex or dating. I realise this might sound dysfunctional to others but I was sexually abused at a young age (interestingly enough while my rapist had porn playing on the VHS) so I take so-called preventative measures to make myself feel safe, in control and out of the male gaze.

No. 315733

I relate to you anon, I feel like the majority of men cast women as either a 'madonna' or a 'whore' and tend to have more respect for 'madonnas'. I've seen a lot of men complain when a woman who they thought was pure breaks that illusion and she becomes sullied in their eyes. And on top of that many men get off on the idea of deflowering a 'madonna' and turning her into a 'whore'. This has impacted how I operate in my own life, I try to avoid drawing male attention by dressing conservatively, not having many photos of myself on social media and I have never engaged in casual sex or dating. I realise this might sound dysfunctional to others but I was sexually abused at a young age (interestingly enough while my rapist had porn playing on the VHS) so I take so-called preventative measures to make myself feel safe, in control and out of the male gaze.

No. 315736

I relate to you anon, I feel like the majority of men cast women as either a 'madonna' or a 'whore' and tend to have more respect for 'madonnas'. I've seen a lot of men complain when a woman who they thought was pure breaks that illusion and she becomes sullied in their eyes. And on top of that many men get off on the idea of deflowering a 'madonna' and turning her into a 'whore'. This has impacted how I operate in my own life, I try to avoid drawing male attention by dressing conservatively, not having many photos of myself on social media and I have never engaged in casual sex or dating. I realise this might sound dysfunctional to others but I was sexually abused at a young age (interestingly enough while my rapist had porn playing on the VHS) so I take so-called preventative measures to make myself feel safe, in control and out of the male gaze.

No. 315737

Oh God sorry for posting this three times, lolcow errored out on me.

No. 315738

Can't you delete the extras?

No. 315742

Thank you for starting the thread OP. I hate how untouchable and holy porn is treated and how hard men (and some women) will freak out to defend it despite the obvious and open abuse going on in the industry.

No. 315746

It's because they don't want to see their mom, sister and maybe female population at large in a negative light after they blow a load, but this doesn't last for too long and they go back to being a horny slut that wants to degrade women and cum soon enough.

No. 315747

I know this sounds weird and fucked up by my brother is one of the few men I really respect. I sometimes wish he wasn't my brother haha

No. 315752

>key words like "brutal", "forced", "abuse

Last time I went to a popular pornsite I saw such words in a title combined with "small teen" and "East European".
Very obviously a young victim of trafficking. And men are happy to film themselves raping her and others like her, porn sites are ok with hosting it, and the men who visit have no empathy for her either.
It is actually quite traumatizing.

No. 315770

Wow anon, basically the same story for me, down to shota hentai being one of the first things I got into. I've been off of porn videos/gifs for a year now and I can no longer get off to women in pain. It was such a relief to sit down, watch some mainstream porn and feel more disgust than arousal.
Admittedly I do have a tool some people don't. Since I have some artistic skills I've been able to just draw my own hehe. But like you said, you have a bf which should also work well.
God luck to any anons trying to beat the habit!

No. 315830

My father is a porn addict. I found out about it at the age of 6 bc he had accidentally left a porno running on my portable DVD player. Naturally, I was curious so I watched the entire thing, mortified.

Then I had later found out about porn sites bc my father didn't know how to close internet tabs, and to add more fuel to that fire, one of my male cousins forced me to watch porn with him as well. Even if porn made me uncomfortable, I became hooked on it, until about a year ago when I saw a porn of a girl who was clearly trafficked, getting raped.

I feel way better ever since I stopped watching porn. Bonus: I no longer feel ashamed after masturbating since I don't use porn to get off.

No. 315838

>porn of a girl who was clearly trafficked, getting raped.
The thought of this scares me. And bringing it up with men is almost always met with "that doesnt happen often" Happening once is too many times. How do you prevent this??

No. 315840

I'm glad this thread has been created, porn is an real abomination. But nothing against women-friendly porn like the ones from the video >>315535 posted, these are pretty good tbh

No. 315934

Unfortunately, I had never seen porn of women actually being raped or tricked genuinely until seeing it in threads on 4chan, mainly /gif/ like that other anon said.
The japanese porn is the absolute fucking worst thing and i hate that i watched those all the way through
Telling a woman shes going to do softcore or even hardcore but with only one male, then she enters a room and theres a hundred japanese men and she tries to escape but cant.
Theres some worse ones too but i will spare the details.
Its just so fucked and if people dont think it happens in western porn they can fuck off and google cody lane blue room. You have young girls like Shay running around to these bondage porn shoots thinking its all fun and games because everything being done to her so far she has consented to because she ~loves abuse kink~, but one of these days theyre not going to ask her permission to do something extremely fucked up top her but she will have already signed a waiver and it will be too late. These women arent thinking and its so upsetting. Its not their fault in the basic sense but goddamn i just want to shke them and make them see its so unsafe please stay away.

No. 315936

Excuse the spelling mistakes please its been a long day.

No. 316051

My boyfriend used to have a sex/porn addiction up until about 8 months after we met. The only reason he overcame it was because of me.
I'm not sure how long he was addicted, but it had to have been years. I've seen emails of him spending money on camsites from over 8 years ago. When we met he was still meeting up with prostitutes and tipping girls on Chaturbate. He even considered buying a penis pump at one point, he had it bookmarked on his computer.
The only way I found out he had a sex addiction was because out of nowhere we hadn't had sex for almost half a year. Before that, we would have sex once a week, if not more. Something felt wrong and I decided to check his phone while he was taking a shower. I saw texts and phone calls to prostitutes looking to meet up. He probably saw three or four of them during that half year.

I remember not knowing what to do after I found out. I put the webpage to the prositute he was most recently looking at as his computer wallpaper, left him a text saying goodbye, went and grabbed my bag, and said goodbye to his cat. I was certain I wasn't going to go back, but I decided to park my car a few blocks away from his house to cry.
A few minutes later he calls me asking where I went and I told him to look at his computer. He immediately started crying and confessed he had a problem and needed help. I asked him millions of questions trying to figure out why he'd do such a thing while he's still seeing me. It's still traumatic for me to think about. It's been over 3 years since it all happened. He used to do a lot of hardcore shit like heroin and hung out with some shady people. Sometimes the way he got the drugs was through prostitutes. Even his sister was a prositute at some point. I sometimes think about what happened and I feel like he lied, but our sex life went back to normal after that all went down. I'm surprised he actually overcame the addiction. I promised myself to immediately pack up and leave and I even told him I wouldn't hesitate to, either.
Sorry to blogpost, it was tough to go through.

No. 316347

I'm sorry you went through that anon. If you don't mind me asking, what did you guys do to build up trust again?

No. 316358

Anons, we've had a thread kind of like this before with a lot more info posted.

No. 316392

I can relate. I can't watch real porn, but i remember in jr high, i was friends with a lot of guys and this one in particular had a huge hard drive filled with porn. It was my first time getting into it and i never really liked it, but society tells you that you have to like it, you know?

it really sucks. I feel it repulsive now and really just want women to do better than porn. I'm worried about the sex positive movement in general because it encourages a lot of it .

No. 316467

I don't have much to add to this thread but I just want to say that reading this thread made me cry because for all my life I thought I was weird or the odd girl out for being anti-porn and not liking it or getting off to it, or thinking it was bad for society. So, thanks.

No. 316536

Ugh there is a thread in /g/ about male pornstars who do rape and deepthroat porn apparantly and the posters are fine with that, it makes me sick. Thank god for this thread.

No. 316537


It's OK, anon. You're not crazy and it's not just you. You're smart enough to be able to look through to the truth of the situation and ignore all the pressure from men.

No. 316540

That's why I hide almost every thread on /g/ that has a topic related to sex. I'm sick of all the anons with daddy issues and cringey ass hybristopholiacs.

No. 316548

Ugh, /g/ is such a shithole

No. 316549

im single rn, but i would instantly dump a boyfriend for watching this gross shit. youre watching people having sex, and a lot of the time the people in the video are exploited for others pleasure. its fucking disgusting. i 100% consider it cheating.

No. 316553

Same, anon. and doubly so for any bf I might catch using prostitutes. Not even because it's "cheating" but because I find it unacceptable to commodify humans like that

No. 316566

okay i get how it’s common to encounter a boyfriend who uses porn, but where the fuck are you finding (and dating) these men who visit prostitutes?

No. 316624

somehow, I don't think you'll ever have to worry, anon.

No. 316668


mind your own bussiness and go back to masturbating over some sex trafficked teenager getting raped on camera.

No. 316680

I had a gut feeling he wasn't using the addiction as an excuse to cheat. It was all uncontrollable impulse. I remember seeing his texts and one he arranged with a prositute to meet up after work. He ended up not going and coming straight home. I confirmed that by looking at his Google location history on that exact day.
On top of that, I remembered he had other addictions and got over them without falling back. Heroin, cigarettes, and cocaine. He only smokes weed now, I helped him stop smoking cigarettes, the other two he stopped way before he met me because he knew friends who ended up almost dying doing them.

No. 316833


>In a report by The Daily Mail, convictions of rape by those aged under 17 years old have almost doubled in just four years in the UK. A representative from the country’s Ministry of Justice has warned that extreme pornography is fueling this alarming rise in the number of child rapists.

>Experts say violent pornography is influencing children to act out the aggressive, hardcore scenes they see online. For example, a couple weeks ago, an 11-year-old boy admitted seven counts of rape and sexual assault on boys under 13 after he watched similar explicit images online. Legal officials involved in the case said it was clear that internet porn had sparked the sex attacks.

And if you want to see some fuckery, here is a discussion on radfem tumblr about this article, with some random sexposi suggesting showing loving porn to children instead. you can't make this shit up


No. 316837

>hypnotizing fetish
yep, she's delusional all right. i think it's hilarious and scary they think porn is the only way to teach sex ed. it's all or nothing for them.
i personally don't like fight the new drug, mostly for their opinion/story articles, but accurate sources are the best.

No. 316856

i mean, i can understand wanting to masturbate or still being attracted to other people while in a relationship. Personally, it's the porn that I'm against. Not the bf wanting to jerk it while thinking of another chick.

No. 316861

That's like… A big part of the total content of the board. It's depressing that so many girls are just obsessed with talking about sex or things tangentially related to sex.

Although I think lolcow attracts BPD personality types who have to bring sex into everything. Does anyone else just find it weird and unrelatable that so many farmers are always talking about their random hookups, or friends with benefits or casual sex in those threads? I'd like to think those girls are the minority here.

No. 316865

You don't need bpd to have a high sex drive lmao. It happens to the best of us, it's biological.
Although I do agree that promiscuity is as emotionally unhealthy as porn, I don't think there's anything wrong with masturbation or fantasies. Maybe talking about it is a bit weird, but not morally reprehensible.

No. 316890

>sex ed can be taught through nice porn for kids uwu dont punish porn uwu everyone learns about sex in movies
..what. why are they THAT lazy? Whats wrong with sitting kids down explaining sex, consent and consequences like.. normal..adults…

No. 316891

i am anti porn not anti sex
theres a difference and one is normal to be into, while the other is not

No. 316896

Do you think we should go back to the puritan era of never talking about sex? This is the problem with some anti-porn discourse, it buys into “sex is sacred” conservative beliefs which is hard to build a movement on that’s going to gain any traction. The focus needs to be on the exploitation of violence against women and the rape that happens in the industry.

Discussing sex, masturbation and even written and drawn erotica are fine. It’s filmed porn that’s the problem.

No. 316902

Idk. When farmers talk about their "most recent FWB" or whatever it makes me feel like I share this board with white trash tbh.

No. 316903

Abuse and misogyny is the problem. Not sex.

No. 316909

Facetious, the world is "liberated" now and you know it.

No. 316911

While I agree that the concept of sleeping with a ton of partners over a short period of time isnt ideal or safe per se, thats not the point of this thread. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the stuff posted in the "bad sex" thread and a few others, are women posting about bad experiences they had usually when they were younger and doing things for the first time. I rarely see anyone in there gloating about those things. They were kids and making mistakes experimenting like most humans do. And for a lot of them, the issues they've had have actually stemmed from porn and its influence on male and female sexuality the last 20 or so years. They should be able to freely talk about that.

No. 316919

It's not the topic of sex that is the problem for me, it's the territories the threads wander into. Talking about sex is fine, but when people bring up their weird ass paraphilias is when I mentally check out of the conversation. I don't like this association that people who are anti-porn and skeptical of kinks are inherently anti-sex. I watched porn and leaned towards sex-positvity for years until I learned more about the industry and realized how it negatively affected the way I saw sex. I'm not throwing the baby out with the bath water by acknowledging that some sexual habits are genuinely unhealthy.

As for casual sex, it's eh. Fucking some random d-bag is not my cup of tea either and I sort of roll my eyes when the topic comes up, but it's also not my place to dictate what other people do with their lives so long as they practice safe sex.

No. 316920

oh no what a horror, someone has sex outside of a committed relationship scenario.
Also how many of those anons are only “FWB” with those guys because the guy won’t commit? Because usually in my experience that’s the case. Either way, having a couple FWB situations throughout your lifetime is no big deal.

Anyway this is the anti-porn thread, not the anti-sex thread.

No. 316921

All porn is degrading to women because men do not suffer the social ramifications of appearing in it. Even if the woman "chose" to appear in it, she will still be vilified for doing so, forever. (For proof you can check out Jenna Jameson's IG, who is now married, a mother, out of it all, and converted to Judaism…and she still gets harassed by pervs. Also there are op-eds by other ex-porn stars, Google it.) They are typecast by and judged for their decision to appear in porn for the rest of their lives, regardless of why they appeared in it or what they did after they stopped.
Women are heavily over-represented in sex media, despite men making up half the population, because it's overwhelmingly men making porn for the consumption of men (regardless of category, even lesbian porn). Even the soft romantic made for women stuff isn't actually representative of women, because female sexuality often isn't performed in a "sexy" manner. TMI but I often masturbate under the covers in the dark, and it takes me 1min. I enjoy that far more than I imagine most porn stars enjoy acting most of their scenes, but it wouldn't be sexy to watch or even hear about.
Aside from all that, being convinced to profit from your own objectification and degradation is the biggest scam society has ever pulled on women, and probably the most successful one because women have convinced themselves it's an empowering choice. I say all of this as an ex-sex worker too, so I'm not just "some prude" scared of expression of sexuality; I just think porn is poisonous, and this is just my take on how it affects women directly. When you factor in how it affects men, and how that indirectly affects women… Wew.

No. 316922

Samefag, didn't realise how long that comment was going to be, else I would have paragraphed it. Sorry!

No. 316925

>I enjoy that far more than I imagine most porn stars enjoy acting most of their scenes

All ex porn stars more or less confirm this. Women may enjoy the first couple of films they make but they usually dont enjoy the filming or sexual process and are often even in pain. Drugged up. Having to shoot at retarded angles for hours. Told to pretend they're enjoying it. Which makes men think sex for women is constant pleasure all the time even if they're just having their thigh licked or their asshole pounded until its a gaping hole they must be ~cumming~ because they sound like they are. A woman who is experiencing real pleasure usually wont even be able to look into the camera because women tend to need to focus more on the actual act and the person they're with to feel pleasure and experience orgasm. All of these scenes with women looking into the camera and moaning and pretending to orgasm, making ridiculous noises and faces. A woman can look at that and know its bullshit. Men cant. Its unfortunate because they expect it to be like that irl.

No. 316926


With a lot of men and particularly troons you can tell they've got all their education on how women feel during sex from porn. When they sperg out about how female orgasms are this full body ten minute experience that makes you scream and have a fucking seizure, that's when you know they've only seen "orgasms" in porn.

No. 316929

File: 1540665046830.jpg (388.39 KB, 650x897, Image.jpg)

Yeah that's what's crazy about porn. If a woman is coerced into porn once or makes a living out of it, it does not matter. You are ruined, an outcast and not worthy of anything in your life. It is the only job where if you do it you can never have a normal job ever again, a normal life, hence why most porn stars stay in the industry. You are untouchable and societies outcast. Yet it's a JOB?

So what do you think of the J. Q and pornography? I was a radical feminist for a while, and I never realized how dominated pornography was by Jewish men. I guess I should have connected the dots earlier since I was aware how Hollywood is majority Jewish. I guess I'm kinda pissed because I spoke to a lot of Jewish radical feminists and they always jumped at the chance to criticize white men, which i mean, that's fine but how could they never bring this up?

No. 316932

I think you're gonna get a lot of shit for even posting this tbh because it is /pol/ tier, but it is interesting especially when you have companies that really do seem to be predominantly Jewish males promoting race mixing so hard now. If a black man was behind Blacked.com it would be one thing. But its literally a Jewish guy which is super weird to me.

No. 316940

It's a part of secular Jewish culture to be a reflexively against the grain. I'm putting that lightly because I don't want to seem like a nutjob, but secular Jews do seem overrepresented in all sorts of unusual lifestyles.

I wonder what the orthodox Jews make of them.

No. 316943

That picture is strange to me because it even shits on women who may or may not be Jewish for…being porn stars. Not exploiting people, but also being victims of this industry. Almost like being a Jew is already a sin.

No. 316950

File: 1540665988824.jpg (91.35 KB, 790x1024, 1509958032075.jpg)

Yeah I was about to post about Greg Lansky who runs Blacked dot com. It's strange isn't it? There doesn't really seem like much of a demand for this type of porn, black and white couples make up a minority of the population in the U.S but it's the most well funded, high production porn out there

No. 316951


Most of the people into black men/white woman porn are white men, that's why.

No. 316952

Yes, white racist men who see black men as "animals." Thus they can get off to cuckoldry without worrying about the woman actually leaving her for an "animal."
They admit it, too. It's gross.

No. 316953

Eh yeah sorry about the pic I just pulled it off Google when I searched Jewish pornographers. Not a polfag

No. 316954

The men who went to Japan and set up companies specifically to produce black on japanese JAV are also Jewish. I just dont understand the point. So its not a case of >Jewish people trying to black out the white population, like white supremacists believe. They literally just encourage the concept of an almost predatory "black male takes a tiny woman of a another race and destroys her" narrative. Its racist in itself.

Well the media certainly makes it look as if cuckholdry is exclusive to white males so it makes sense they'd profit off of it i guess. Its smart in a way. Cant fault them for that. But its still shitty.

No. 316956

I was always under the impression that the cuckholding fetish was a result of men watching so much porn, they wanted to watch it live in person with their SO as the actress. I could be very wrong.

What are anons opinions of audio porn? Some of the sweet ones are nice but alot of recordings Ive noticed that men have made for women involve rape or violence of some kind and it creeps me out.

No. 316957

This. I didn't even know that shit existed or was widespread until I started using 4chan and seeing angry white guys dump entire folders of it everywhere daily for years. There's a reason we associate it primarily with white males. This sort of thing is obviously a "kink" for mentally ill racists, but they hate themselves for it, so they try to "cleanse" by speaking against it, all while sharing and distributing it amongst each other so that the cycle continues. It makes about as much sense as claiming to be anti-pedophilia/CP, but saving and reposting a shitton of CP or child model pictures every day.
I bet /pol/'s userbase makes up 30% of blacked.com's page views and profit. Sickness.

No. 316958

As a non white woman, are white women actually that into black men? Seems like a lot of white women get really angry at white men, to the point they use the words white male as something inherently negative

No. 316959


It's a peculiar thing that only seems to happen to men, when something makes them so angry that it starts turning them on. I've never seen a woman react to something that pissed her off this way, but I see it with men all the time. They get so mad about something that they start jerking off to it.

No. 316960


Some women are. I wouldn't say it's a widespread thing, but yeah, I've met some other white women who genuinely had a thing for black men. I think most white women either don't find black men attractive or will date black men if they like them but don't have any special preference for them though.

No. 316962

Not gonna lie I used to go to /soc/ just for the male audio threads. I just liked the ones where the male pleasured himself. The cum countdowns and stuff. Luckily i never came across any of the rape stuff. Havent been there in years though so i can imagine its even more prominent now than it was, because almost all males associate sex with force and violence now it seems.

No. 316963

Well I never implied that. I more meant it was weird how Jewish radical feminists and radical feminists in general find flaw in men of every race but not Jewish men for this, especially when pornography is such a huge issue in radical feminism. It almost made me feel like the whole movement was a big dog and pony show. And i don't know much about jav porn but I can agree with what you're saying

No. 316965

They also enjoy shopping random people like celebrities and politicians into blacked meme images. It really says a lot. I remember seeing one on a fucking Overwatch fan page. The one where the one white girl is on the couch and about 10 black men are standing behind her. They shopped overwatch characters into it. They're obsessed its pathetic.

No. 316966

It's probably a mix of the two, blacked is just for super insecure racists.
Like >>316957 said. Good analysis.

Smells like you aren't a woman and this is bait.
I'm wary of white men since I'm not fully white and they're often bigoted.

No. 316967

Some white women genuinely are attracted to black males. I do think theres truth to the idea that white women sometimes will date black males to ~piss off~ their daddies and shit. But I dont believe its that widespread and its more of a fantasy that white neckbeards like to project.

No. 316970

You can’t expect /pol/ propaganda to make logical sense. nonnies, lets not do this. There’s plenty to criticize porn for without having to go all white nationalist.

No. 316971

Idk. Just seems like white women hate white men

No. 316972

On this board we hate most men in general though, tbh.

No. 316973

You're projecting. Dont worry, there's still thousands of white women to go around for you guys lol. Also this is very off topic. Make a thread on it if you want. This is specifically about anti porn.

No. 316974


We do hate white men. We also hate men of every other race. Men are a disease.

No. 316975

>What are anons opinions of audio porn?
I tried some of it before but it makes me cringe no matter the topic. I don't know why, it just makes me uncomfortable.
>alot of recordings Ive noticed that men have made for women involve rape or violence of some kind and it creeps me out.
Yeah, I noticed that too and that put me off of it as well. There was one recording that literally rp'd the salem witch trials. Gross.

No. 316976


we don't. you femcels are the disease.

No. 316977

No they aren't.

No. 316979

i don't understand how anal videos where the anus gets penetrated roughly with no preparation and you see the girl/guy in obvious discomfort and pain than pleasure can appeal to anyone, it just looks like torture, the anus can get some serious damage.

No. 316980

I'm not into black men. I don't see it too often either.

Again, like I said here >>316953
I just pulled the image off of Google when I searched Jewish pornographers. No doubt the biggest maker of pornography is Jewish men. And we should understand why and how they can keep doing this in order to stop it. If possible without being hateful.

No. 316981

Only audio porn I know of is the otome/BL type drama CDs were no one is actually having sex in real life, is that what you mean?
That's different than filmed porn. If there is misogyny that's still a problem but it's different than porn where people are actually having sex and being hurt in real life.

No. 316982

Not white, but I doubt it's a huge thing. In the US, at least, BM/WW relationships make up like 2% of the population and have the highest divorce rates, IIRC.
Most people are primarily attracted to their own race because of the familiarity (obviously), in spite of /pol/'s lies.

No. 316983

It appeals to sadists and they really shouldn't be pandered to.

No. 316984

Anal sex is one of the biggest and most dangerous lies porn has sold. If you find a man who DOESNT want to do it or even worse, EXPECT you to do it and enjoy it and have orgasms from it, let me know. The fact that magazines are promoting it as being as normal and enjoyable as vaginal sex now makes me sick. And dont any of you gals who have done it and think of it as some normal thing to do reply to me. I dont want to hear your internally misogynistic bullshit.

No. 316986

I feel like white men are pretty shit but when I compare them to the other options available they're the best of a bad bunch tbh.

No. 316987

Anal is only universally enjoyable for men, whether they're on top or bottom (because of the prostate).
For some women it might work, but porn makes it look like every woman wants and gets off to it. Aside from actual people being hurt in porn, that's my main problem with it. Most women don't have the anatomy to cum from it…or even from vaginal tbh.

No. 316988

Not to mention that even if a woman enjoys stimulation in the area jamming an entire dick in is pretty overkill. But porn isn't about what women want, it's about dicks.

No. 316989

this makes sense. the only women i've heard about who do anal are the ones who are public about their sex lives to the point of them uploading her and her boyfriend having sex on pornhub. that's literally the only time i've heard of a woman saying they do anal at all.

No. 316990

The guy I'm with at the moment was with a pornsick girl before he met me. It happens. Those girls make their boyfriends think they aren't real men if they aren't into violent sex and anal and stuff.

No. 316991

I think its common for women to try it at least once only because its expected of them. They end up agreeing that its not pleasant and that they dont want to do it again. I even told my boyfriend Id try it with him because I thought he'd expect it and want it. Fortunately we discussed it a lot and neither of us really thought it was something that we needed to do. As far as i know he doesnt watch anal penetration porn and he has never expressed a need for it. Most men do though and I still have a nagging feeling that he does want to try it and just agreed with me because he doesnt want to overstep boundaries in regards to consent and what im comfortable with. But at the beginning he definitely would have done it if not for me bringing up my discomfort, Im sure.

No. 316992


So any idea how someone can help in anti-porn activism? All i do is persuade friends to stop watching it but I like to do more

No. 316996


begone, cosplaying scrot.

No. 316998

I'm a woman that genuinely enjoys anal with some of my kink and i really, really hate porn for making men think its ok to just RAM IT IN or do stupid things like fuck that general area as rough and carelessly as you can with a vagina.

The amount of times i have had to have it try to be forced, have had mild injuries that I'm lucky weren't worse, or have generally experienced some kind of violation regarding it is fucking ABSURD and makes me want to keep it to my fucking self and i dread it coming up.

Any time I've heard of a lady into anal with other ladies (more uncommon but some kinky bi woman and lesbians out there if you know where to look) they are usually not like this and so very careful. I've heard a couple of horror stories, but never as many as I've heard about men.

Anyway porn ruins everything including men's opportunities with kinky women that want respect and consensual practices and not rapey bullshit. Its messed up they don't even realize that.

No. 316999

i've had a pretty opposite experience, i find more latino men are less porn obsessed. i now there's that group who post sex scenes on their facebook but everyone knows they're insane right away.

No. 317000

NTA but
>I just pulled the image off of Google
>No doubt the biggest maker of pornography is Jewish men
Then show some evidence you didn't just pull off of Google? That is also a small amount of producers for how large the industry is.

No. 317004

I'm actually a radfem of Jewish descent and i was completely unaware of this, as I never looked deeply into porn production. So thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will research further and educate myself. If this is the case then it's definitely something the community should be aware of. That being said, there's always a certain race/nationality of men that is over-represented in specific abhorrent activity, which is weird. (For example, in the UK Eastern European men commit the majority of thefts.)

No. 317005

>I spoke to a lot of Jewish radical feminists and they always jumped at the chance to criticize white men, which i mean, that's fine but how could they never bring this up?

Secular Jews are the most clannish group you will find outside of the observantly religious. They will almost never criticize Jewish behavior, and those that do find themselves shunned family and friends.

The most unsettling realizations I've ever had are the ones where I realize /pol/ is right.

No. 317007

>I bet /pol/'s userbase makes up 30% of blacked.com's page views and profit. Sickness.
Honestly don't believe that's even the case. Sure it gets posted there but mostly to troll the /pol/ users if anything. It's really stupid to assume that "well a person is racist so he's obviously into what he would consider bestiality". You're making an argument identical like "well this guy is a homophobe so he's obviously gay", it's like saying that terfs are actually transmen themselves or something asinine. If anything the demographic for blacked is mostly unironic cuckolds and black men themselves. I recall watching Kimmell or someone with Kanye West, who himself said that his favorite porn genre is blacked because he's married to a white woman.
I never understood where this thing comes from, the assumption that if a person says he hates something it means that he actually likes the opposite.

No. 317010

I want to know if anything larger scale is happening, it needs to.
Talking to your friends is always good though.

No. 317015

When I was in hs I heard of a girl bragging about having had anal sex with her bf and how "she couldn't sit for a week straight". A couple of years later, when the bf became an ex, she said that he was abusive and a pig. Explains itself

No. 317035


>BLACKED, TUSHY, and VIXEN - Greg Lansky

>Screw - Al Goldstein

>AVN Media Network, Inc. - Founder, Chairman of the Board, and President — Paul Fishbein

>Former Editor-In-Chief of AVN Novelty Business Magazine — Anthony Lovett

>Vivid Entertainment -Founder/Co-Chairman — Steven Hirsch (aka “The Porn King”), Co-Owner/Co-Chairman — Bill Asher, VP of Production — Marci Hirsch

>Lucas Entertainment - Founder/CEO — Michael Lucas

>WICKED Pictures, Founder — Steve Orenstein

>World’s largest Porn Distributer - Reuben Sturman, Porn distributer and Reuben Sturman Associate - Herbert Feinberg (Mickey Fine)

>Al Goldstein - Porn pioneer

>Seymore, Inc. - Adam Glasser (aka Seymore Butts), founder/owner

>Cable Rosenberg Founder of DOGFART, Blacks on Blondes and Cuckold Porn


That's just a few I can dig up. Unfortunately so much of this is hard to find because of how secretive porn is (its privately traded). Come on though you have to admit this is a large, disproportionate amount. Yes there are American non Jewish pornographers though.

No. 317055

Homophobes who save, post and talk about gay porn at length on a regular basis are pretty suspicious to me, yeah. Most actual homophobes avoid looking at that shit and call anyone who forces it on their eyes a gross faggot. Somehow, the same is not true of /pol/aks. They consume and share IR cuckold porn like it's candy, and even force it on other boards. They love it, they love typing delusional, factually inaccurate fantasies maske as rants about black men "taking their women", they love editing white celebrities and fictional characters into cuckold porn and claiming it's a "political message".
Also, if you go to a website populated mostly by black men, like The Coli, even they don't talk about cuck porn like /pol/tards do because they know it's racist/dehumanizing, and like all races, prefer their own kind. Kanye West is considered a mentally ill joke by most black people, so I wouldn't use him as an example of anything.
I'm sorry, but your #based #redpilled bros you handmaiden for are cuckolds in denial.

No. 317058

Forgot to add, if gender crit anons posted and obsessed over tranny porn exclusively, made disgusting NSFW threads with bizarre OP posts talking about how all lesbian/bi women are slowly turning into transmen or something and kept assaulting our eyes with "girl cock" pictures even though trannies are like 0.5% of the population in reality - I'd start to suspect something too, yeah.

No. 317064

Oh how naive you are.

No. 317066

if you visit /d/ or /h/ or even /gif/ you will see "X anime character blacked", "IR blacked" "bleached" threads. They are crazy

No. 317083

I know that this is a pol thing to say, but jews make up a third of the richest people in the world (source: Forbes) So go figure they also dominate the porn industry…creepy.

No. 317119

If you are talking about the JAV studio I think you are talking about, those videos are real rape. There are some fake ones by some more well known studios where they pretend to gang rape but there was a studio in the early 2000s that did multiple real rape videos and nearly killed some girls by drowning them and forcing them to drink an insane amount of alcohol.

No. 317133


What are some good erotica websites? I like lushstories, but the mobile version is horrible

No. 317171

File: 1540725204031.jpg (26.5 KB, 800x774, flat,800x800,075,f.u7.jpg)

yet alot of it is free

No. 317295

I know what you're talking about and those were the ones i was referring to when i said i wasnt going to share the details because it was extremely fucked up and may upset some anons. But the main series I was referring to was, as far as I know, just a woman who thinks shes going to do a softcore shoot or a shoot with one guy and she goes into the room and then they bring in hundreds of guys and lock her in and shes forced to do things with all of them. That one could be fake idk but the look on the girls faces often feel as if its absolutely not fake. And I was reading about how a lot of females in JAV are actually forced to do the porn in the first place by Yakuza members in their own families or schools. So yes, some of the girls in JAV that look underaged and only appear in one or two movies and use a fake name, ARE actually underaged. In Japan they dont give a fuck. Especially if its orchestrated by the underground gangs.

No. 317300

Any time a site is "free" the money is probably coming from ads and using your personal data.

No. 317304

That explains how the tube sites gets money but how does the content that's pirated on the tube sites get money? Seems like an advertisement for prostitution

No. 317310

Not all of it needs to generate revenue, as ling as it pulls in more viewers for the other vids. As long as they makr it to the site and click around, the sits makes money. If any site is ever free for you to use, you are the prodct. Tinder is mostly free for women because the women are the product, the app sells premium subs to lonely men who are willing to lay for more matches (which is why Tinder is shit).

No. 317313

Sorry for the typos, I turned off my autofail because it qas even worse and the tiny ass text box on lolcow mobile is a bitch to scroll up and down to proofread. But yeah, they're basically ads for prostitution bc men love rape as long as they hide their false morals behind some flimsy fantasy of it being "staged" with an "adult actress".

No. 317314

Iirc the companies hire people to go through and remove as many of their "full length" videos that get uploaded as they can. They dont bother with small clips and sometimes they'll even upload their own small clips onto the sites in the hopes that it will bring traffic to their pay sites. And I know it seems to not be the case, but there are still LOTS of men who go to paysites and pay for memberships. Its a certain kind of male. The kind that will also pay hundreds and thousands of dollars on patreon just to see tits that they can see for free elsewhere. Its a feeling of loyalty they have to the company and more or less to their favorite porn girls. Its fucked up in itself. They feel they are closer or more special than the guys who dont pay. Those are the men these companies are relying on right now along with sales of their full length features at "adult cons" and the like. Again, the same guys going to those and meeting the girls are the weirdos that are actually paying for the stuff online. Its a large amount.

No. 317447

Japan sounds safe on the outside but horrid if you live there.. why are obsessed with pedophilia and screaming from woman like theyre in pain

No. 317558

So if we are thinking of the same one, it's definitely 100% rape. If the video quality was bad and looked low budget it was probably what I'm talking about. The only videos that brand made that weren't real rape was some public sex videos. I rather not name what it is for nosy people but its way more intense than any Western porn. I've seen bits of all of them out of curiosity when I was younger and the gang rape isn't the worst part. There was forced vomit, guys literally forcing a girl to eat their shit, dangling a naked girl off the edge of a building, drowning a girl in a pool giving to the point of passing out and when she woke up they did even more, I'm pretty sure the girl has permanent brain damage now. A lot of people went to jail for this shit but it's still sold on some JAV websites. That shit made horrible shit like facial abuse look incredibly tame.

Also, with the underage looking girls in JAV being underage I don't know how common that is is in modern days (it was common in the 80s until early 2000s) but there's this shit called junior idol and it's fucking sickening. I read once about it and they were comparing the amount earned on videos of older girls (16-17) to younger girls (5-7) and they said a single video featuring a younger girl easily make 10+ million yen while some older girls struggle to make 20 thousand yen. I've never looked at it but from my understanding it's the about the same as adult gravure. I have no fucking idea how that shit isn't considered CP. I love Japan but their pedophilia obsession is worse than anywhere in the world and I fucking hate it.

No. 318011

Yes its the same one Im thinking of. I believe its the pool one they basically drown her then stick a water hose down her throat and turn it on? Its been posted on 4chan plenty of times tbh, so its not hard to find if someone is actually curious enough to look for it. I regret watching them and do NOT go to /gif/ anymore because of the fucked up stuff that gets posted there. Thats how I found out about Cody Lane and Anastasia Blue. It makes me sick I dont even want to think about it.

No. 318493

Riiiight, because there's absolutely no valid reason for any woman, including those who have worked in porn, to ever speak out against it. It sounds like such a lovely industry for women to work in, amirite? :^)

No. 318497

I actually think porn is quite harmful to men as well.

No. 318499

It absolutely is
Everyone pretty much suffers the consequences of this industry, except the people making money off it of course

No. 318509

I have a question about the girls involved in these. Do you think possibly they were trafficked Chinese or other foreign Asian girls? Or were they really Japanese if you remember, like they spoke Japanese?

I'm just curious about how much of a trafficking problem Japan really has with it's own girls. You'd think at worst these Yakuza or rings would just want to do prostitution, but that's some fucking snuff you mentioned there.

Most snuff from my understanding that lurks on the deep web is in countries like the Phillipines and generally very third world where they lack the means to find the men easily. What is wrong with Japan if that's happening in a first world country to normal, native born Japanese girls? Why would you kill your own perfectly happy and healthy women in your neighborhood? To sell some shitty low quality JAV to a niche audience?

No. 318517

Jesus Christ I wish I never read those descriptions. That's vile beyond my comprehension. People that enjoy this shit should be locked up.
I want to die

No. 318534

Yeah I'm interested as well! Although have no idea how to start.

No. 318680

Ive heard some of the girls chosen for that are related to members of rival gangs and such. But I dont think its ever been proven. There was some article on it and some ex porn stars agreed with it. If I come across it again I'll definitely post it. People dont need a reason sometimes btw. Junko was murdered and tortured by young boys and a whole group of people just for "funsies". Fucked up people are attracted to porn its no secret. This is why the guys from facial abuses and people like maxx hardcore do what they do. And theres an audience for it and they get paid for it so why wouldnt someone like that go for it? Hell, Maxx was charged for it and still didnt give a fuck it was worth the risk to him because the reward is being paid to hurt females.

No. 319610

I know this sounds bad but I can only get off to man on shemale porn

No. 319623


I'm kind of intrigued, anon. Why that type of porn, what's the appeal?

No. 319676

Why that and not normal gay porn?

No. 319743

so many of my peers are deeply pornsick. i can barely trust men at all because i know they all watch porn. (a lot of girls i know are pornsick too but its different because i know porn makes men lose respect for women, but it only makes women lose respect for themselves)

i'm bi but having sex with men in general is awful, because
1. they are shit at it. they are so aggressive for no reason, often even trying to choke me. its so obviously from seeing that shit in porn. (i get so pissed off when they do that. i legit just wanna get up and punch them.)
& 2. a ton of them have porn-induced erectile dysfunction. my long term ex-bf had this. he would lose his boners really quick for no reason, and i tried SO hard to get better at pleasing him because i thought i just wasnt good enough. but no, i learned later that he was just pornsick and wouldn't give up porn even though it fucked up our sex life. (& this was a 19 yr old boy!!! not some 50 yr old man!)

;_; how to find non-pornsick friends/lovers??? ;_;

No. 319747

I hate porn but I still can't stop myself from enjoying looking at photosets from sites like met-art. It's not really porn, just nudes. I still feel bad, but damn some of them are just so beautiful.

No. 319749

I wouldn't be surprised if they were foreign, it wouldn't be the first Japan did that shit (comfort women).

No. 319788

Same, anon, same.
It's too horrific.
But I the want men who abuse women to die instead.

At the very least they should be arrested for their crimes.

No. 319835

I am worried that it never happens or does not happen enough.
I find it just as disturbing that people are sharing those gifs on places like 4chan either for 'shock value' or cause they hate woman that much. It makes me want to cry. How can you treat another human being like this? ##Any living thing to be honest, but you get my point - I hate that violence against women by men is just part of how the world is built. Shouldn't we love and help each other?

No. 319841

The inhumanity made me want to cry today.
But I would rather try to do something.
There must be some feminist anti-porn/anti-trafficking campaigns one could support and donate to.

No. 319940

File: 1541265911157.png (Spoiler Image, 2.99 MB, 2602x1492, >related searches - lolitas.pn…)

Thanks for making a thread, anon. Was going to post this in the man-hating thread until I saw this exists.

I fucking hate porn so much. I sometimes can't believe what kind of world we live in. How the hell is this allowed? Why do these videos have MILLIONS of views? This is the best proof that we still live male supremacist society imo.

And (according to Alexa) xvideos is the 47th most visited site of the world - the most popular porn site after Pornhub. It's run by a Czech company named "WGCZ Holding" who also owns 'Bangbros' and the Penthouse magazine. It's not some shady small company, it's a very big business, presumably mostly run by men who make money off the misery of women. Why is no one talking about this? This is an company located in the fucking EU hosting videos of women getting raped and killed that sometimes look scarily real.

It's so scary that young boys now grow up with unlimited access to such sites and how many men watch these videos regularly. And how we're just supposed to think "it's just a fetish you prude!" as if millions of men enjoying watching women get raped and beaten hasn't any real life consequences. I want to get back to the days were only weirdos watched fetish pornography that they had to purchase in seedy sex shops.

Also, the popularity and amount of porn depicting women who look underage and are often fucked by older men is really disturbing too.

[spoilered image: a search for 'snuff' on xvideos.com, depictions of rape NSFW]

No. 319941

File: 1541266043250.png (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 2246x1698, -.png)

Another one. A search for "necro". Imagine 12.5 million people clicking on a video with a thumbnail of a dead woman and the title "Still warm, but warming her more".

No. 319944

Never forget that all men are pedophiles and necrophiles.
Remember this when speaking to any of them in real life; look them in the eyes and know they want to murder and rape you. Every. Last. One.

No. 319946

No way am I even clicking on those spoilers, but can't those videos be reported somewhere?

Troll alert.

No. 319948

t. fear mongering male

No. 319950

I'm neither of those things, but it's the truth and evidence is overwhelmingly in my favour.
I fucking hate it, it makes me feel suicidal sometimes since I'm very romantic and always dreamed of marrying and loving a guy someday. But seeing things like this, the porn men like to watch when women aren't looking and the things they say anonymously when there are no repercussions, just makes their true intentions undeniable.

No. 319951


Got your ass called out in the man hating thread so you came back here to sperg about how men are perfect angels who never do anything wrong, huh?

No. 319954

That's literally the opposite of what I said, so no I'm not her.
I guess I came across as sarcastic/like I was mocking the other anon, sorry. This is what I truly believe given the evidence I have to work with.

No. 319959

>but can't those videos be reported somewhere?

These videos have millions of views and I'm sure someone reported them at some point. But they're legal. It's just a fantasy, bro.

I think commercial pornography should be completely banned but since this isn't realistic I wish they'd at least ban porn depicting rape, necrophilia and actresses that look fucking 12. I just can't fucking believe you're able to easily access snuff films on mainstream porn sites.

I agree, tbh. While I doubt most men are explicitly pedo- or necrophiles, the majority of them will stick their dick in anything without caring about morals.

No. 320001

File: 1541275084535.png (171.91 KB, 1736x520, -.png)

>these snuff videos don't contain actual dead people.. right?
No, I checked, in some of these video there are people complaining in the comments that you can see the "dead" woman blink or breathe and that it's fake. Like they want those women to be actually dead to be able to jerk off better.

Which reminds me of another point. When it comes to rape videos, men often will complain that it doesn't look real enough or that she seems to enjoy it too much.

One of the rules of the popular rape fetish subreddit /r/StruggleFucking (100k+ subs) is literally "No BDSM or happy consenting victims.".

>HEY BONDAGE FAGITS! If she's smiling and calling him 'Sir' fuck off with that bullshit. We want rape fantasies only. Rape!

>Dear Rapists, please click report as soon as you see women enjoying anything. Let's fix this problem together and send the boy scouts somewhere else for knot tying tutorials.

No. 320003

File: 1541275392766.png (300.33 KB, 1446x1656, -.png)

No. 320004

Reading this made my soul leave my body.
Holy shit, Reddit doesn't control anything, does it?

No. 320005

That sub should be banned.

No. 320006

I wish I could say that I don't like porn or sex without people seeing it as juvenile.

No. 320014

My big issue with porn is sites like (now shutdown) anonIB, where private nudes of women are shared without their consent, along with (usually) a large amount of personal info- city/school/workplace etc.
nudity does not equate to pornography, and having your own body sexualized against your will for the rest of your life (because the internet is forever) is a horrible thing to do to someone, yet these guys do it constantly- on the “pics you shouldn’t share” threads on b, and the multiple anonIB copycats that have popped up. It’s
Also, about a quarter of those “amateur” pics are cp, because teens are more likely to send nudes to people they don’t fully trust.

Regarding other forms of porn- I always preferred the camgirls over anything else. If a woman wants to get naked on cam and get paid for it- good for her. She’s not putting herself into a situation where she might be uncomfortable, and most legit cam companies are more than happy to help you keep the videos and images off of unauthorized sites forever, so you’re less likely to have it come back to haunt you

No. 320016


Men who get off on rape are pathetic. They know deep down that they're worthless slugs who no woman would ever willingly touch or even think about and it kills them inside.

No. 320024

Sage because it's not about porn but trafficking and sorry if it's old news maybe but I saw this thanks to anon linking the blog in a different thread and it made my day


No. 320025

I fucking hate my partner a lot. We were watching some stuff on the computer. My baby was crying and I went to go comfort her as she was sleeping. I come back and I see through the reflection of the window him looking at porn. He immediately closes out of it as I come near. I call him out on and it, and he says sorry I was bored. Like who the fuck does that. I was comforting our child.

I seriously hate men and idk what do I hate porn so much sorry rant I wish I was making this up.

No. 320028

Unless camgirls are forced to get on cameras because of poverty. I've read a memoir of a North Korean refugee that was forced to work as a camgirl and if she refused she would get deported and murdered along with her family. Another one (I think, sorry, I've read quite a few of those books so people's stories mix in my mind) were literally sold to Chinese farmers as their live-in sex slaves and maids (that they could beat up and abuse however they liked). They had no idea that this was what would happen to them after making their way to the other side of the border.
I was so fucking angry when I read about this, I already donated to Free North Korea once but I should start doing it monthly

No. 320031

>127k subscribers

>women being disgusted by me and not consenting to sex is hot

Guess you gotta lean in when you're that much of a failed human that you can never have consensual sex. Meanwhile on /g women here think their boyfriend having a literal heartbeat is sexy. These guys are so shitty they can't even meet the pretty low standards most women have. Makes u think

No. 320092

does anyone here who's anti porn support erotica though? that being written/drawn sexual content? i think theres a lot to be said with visual or literary depictions being able to cut away from the harm of using an actual woman's body as a commodity. thoughts?

No. 320097

I understand your point, and I think in a world without porn erotica would be okay. Human bodies can be beautiful, and sex is a powerful thing. As it stands, erotica is just another media format obsessed with female sexuality as viewed, rather than as experienced. The sex industry and it's far-reaching influence has ruined a lot.

No. 320098

I'm sorry you experienced this. It can take a long time to open men's eyes to how horrible porn is. Usually I would say fuck him off and let him work it out for himself, but you have a kid with him. Maybe show him some radfem discourse on the subject and see if you can start a conversation? Good luck anon!

No. 320102

Erotica can be fine, its going to vary on why a given person is anti porn. The people who are anti porn in principle probably dislike erotica. If the dislike for porn is centered on the scummy business practices and abuse of the workers they might be OK with erotica (as well as drawn porn). It can still have its issues though.

No. 320115

I had a Jewish professor for a first year law unit I took say during a lecture that porn (even categories like 'barely legal' and 'teen' that give the impression of underage girls) is 'freedom of speech' and therefore should be allowed to remain legal and accessible.

I've seen this argument repeated by others on the internet since. It just sounds like such a cop out to me and like all they're really saying is 'it's muh right to cummies'.

No. 320120

I 100% support it. Women write and draw things for other women, it's the healthiest form of porn available to us and there's fucking tonnes of it. Plus girls prefer m/m ships in general, so I never have to read about women in situations I'm not comfortable with.

No. 320132

I have officially lost all faith in men.

No. 320171

I hate porn so much but when I do encounter it I immediately get turned on. I don't end up masturbating or anything but I feel ashamed for hating the porn industry so much and yet getting aroused if I see it.

I like rougher sex but mostly because of the "I want to feel like he wants me so bad" type of feeling. Not into choking, slapping, or degrading words.

So I can't really explain why it is. Am I the only one who feels awful about getting turned on by porn? I find myself fantasizing about terrible shit like gang bangs and being taken advantage of by someone older…but the feeling of shame from thinking of degrading myself like that is awful. My dilemma is, can I even shame the porn industry if stuff like that turns me on? Especially porn of women my age (20ish) with older men. Maybe it's the kinky aspect but ugh it makes me so ashamed to like that and be a feminist. Yikes, does anyone relate?

No. 320172

Completely relate Anon.
We have to keep in mind that porn exposure, which we didn't get to avoid, influenced our kinks. Also, having fantasies of things happening to you is VERY different to making a real person acting out that fantasy in a dubiously professional setting, don't feel bad for having fantasies. I've seen a lot of anti-porn messages talking about how you get more vanilla taste after you stop watching porn, and to some extent it is true, but just because you haven't watched anything sexual in months it doesn't mean you'll be disgusted by anything more kinky than missionary sex with the lights out.

Don't be too hard on yourself.

No. 320173

I feel like i wrote this myself, down to the feminist part. Omg

No. 320178

Ive done that before. I just think he doesn’t care. Well sucks for me. Thanks for the reply though!

No. 320182

Yeah I can totally relate. I used to be into some downright degrading shit. Then I met a partner who was completely pornsick and in the process of helping him get over it (which he did) it turned my head. It's taken years, but if I ever come across porn now it doesn't really affect me, and my fantasies now are really minor. Sometimes I think reframing your ideas helps; like a man who "really wants you" would take the time to pleasure you and make you orgasm. Your POV is that when men are rushing and eager to fuck you, it must mean they want you, when in reality they just want to use you to cum… Like porn has really got women thinking that's somehow flattering. It's wild.

No. 320197

Don't feel bad for being aroused by certain porn. It's not something you can control.

And yeah, I can relate. I get turned by groping/rape porn despite when it happened to me in real life it was something I didn't enjoy at all. I feel really stupid and ashamed because of that.

There was a good discussion on the gender-critical subreddit about that topic:
>We’re taught from a young age that female sexual pleasure is wrong or irrelevant and that a man’s orgasm is the main purpose of sex. Certainly I’ve internalised so much misogyny now that I need to imagine extremely abusive scenarios happening to myself in order to enjoy sex.

No. 320199

Although I was never turned on by being the girl in such scenarios, for years my fantasies about women included them getting roughly fucked by men. Porn literally made me a cuck lmao. While some of it still turns me on if I think about it, for now I only get off if I imagine the girl enjoying herself. And for the most part I just enjoy the thought of a girl masturbating, which is a throwback to my earliest fantasies. I'm getting there.

I also have similar fantasies about men, usually involving severe violence and non-con but don't care to change it.

No. 320221

File: 1541344859193.jpg (3.74 KB, 275x115, 1535329959498.jpg)

Why… isn't this sub banned? They even banned the incel sub, that I thought was awful enough but compared to this looks almost tame. What the fuck

No. 320226

It's human nature to be aroused at sexuality anon, don't beat yourself up too hard over it. Porn really does Pavlov-cuck women into getting off to their own degradation in a lot of instances. When I was still young before I got really into it, I mostly just fantasized about pussy eating and my crush liking me back lol. I think you need to remind yourself that it's not really your fault, it's the inevitable result of living in a sick society that normalizes abuse in intimacy.

No. 320314

I had never even heard of the term pornsick before, but reading this thread made me realize that some of my friends (both male and female) are really pornsick. Like they will literally talk about how much time they spend on pornhub in a week or how they were almost late for school because they were masturbating etc. They'll post nudes or semi-nudes on their friends-only social media. They'll completely overshare anything sexual and talk about their kinks and shit all the time.
I would always just kinda nod and awkwardly listen because figured that it's normal and that I'm just a prude for not being like that but yeah. They're just pornsick. It's almost sad to be honest.

No. 321500

File: 1541579501561.png (774.98 KB, 670x658, pink.PNG)


A step in the right direction hopefully

No. 321518

>don't beat yourself up too hard over it.
We still need to take responsibility for ourselves though. I'm not talking about that anon or lolcow really because I guess this is a mostly female space excluding the incel invaders, but I'd hope anyone with the self awareness to realize how damaging it is would actively try to deprogram themselves and not indulge in it.

And I really, really wish women would refrain from admitting their awful submissive fetishes where men can read them and assume we're all like that. It's straight up dangerous for men to believe women want to be raped and degraded and then see it backed up by female posts. Even if they're saying "I wish I didn't feel this way, I don't actually want it IRL", men will not understand or sympathize with this nuance, they will see what they want to hear and run with it.

No. 321536

I want to anally rape, degrade, and dismember men.
Hope this makes up for those girls' posts.

No. 321705

Amber Tamblyn wrote a book about a woman who does exactly this.
It's called 'Any Man' and it was an extremely interesting read.

No. 321709


What I can't bear is when women who are into submissive shit say all women like it. I never EVER see dominant women saying "All women love choking and stepping on men!" so why do I constantly see submissive women saying "All women want to be dominated and degraded!"? It's fucking annoying.

No. 321719

This thread kills me.. and only makes me appreciate the rare unicorn-tier low sex drive/vanilla men out there. How do you find nice non pornsick men (who arent amish)

I hated that necro screencap too jfc. Is it a power thing? Theyre too weak personally so they want to fuck corpses? I dont really carw anymore. I just hate how much they hate us, living or dead.

If it gets enough negative press, it will be. Subs promoting rape and sexual violence like incels got banned because of it.

No. 321732

THANKS ANON, oh jeez. I've wanted media like this for so long.
Although I realize it's a social statement…cool that it caters to my fetish.

No. 321737

>We still need to take responsibility for ourselves though.
I know that. I didn't write that to be an admission that women should continue feeding into that sort of programming. It's possible to realize that something is injurious and correct that behavior without feeling shame for it. Guilt tripping and feeling immense shame over a physiological response that one cannot control is psychologically damaging, and doesn't do anything productive to help the issue either.

No. 321747

File: 1541631244386.jpg (595.49 KB, 1080x1548, 20181107_142040.jpg)

No. 321752

"We're totally fine if you don't watch porn, it's not like porn was our business model or something" As if.

I think NoFap is a bit cringey, but if it leads a few guys to overthink their porn habits I'm fine with it.

No. 321754

"We're totally fine if you don't watch porn, it's not like porn was our business model or something" As if.

I think NoFap is a bit cringey, but if it leads a few guys to overthink their porn habits I'm fine with it.

No. 321770

File: 1541633535523.jpg (413.14 KB, 1080x1440, 20181107_142105.jpg)

No. 321773

It's pretty disgusting seeing a porn company most likely owned by garden variety misogynistic, sexist, racist old white men attempting to label anyone who doesn't poison themselves as those very things.
Like, imagine a porn site waggling its fingers at someone for being "anti-women". This is 2018.

No. 321777

>old white men

STOP. IT'S JEWISH MEN FFS. There is plenty of creepy weird violent shit to rag on white men for but read here. It's JEWISH MEN!!

No. 321779

Yeah, the jews are at it again. What's with them and the film industry?

No. 321780

I honestly can't take this all anymore. Even if you manage to disconnect from it, the people you interact with outside watch this. The men enjoy it and the women destroy their psyches. It feels like I'm going mad and sometimes I wish I could go back to being a handmaiden.

No. 321781

That's…kind of a small list for such a big industry, anon. Plus, most of these guys seem like European Jews, anyway.

No. 321787

File: 1541635552332.jpg (219.49 KB, 1080x911, DogPonyShow.jpg)

>That's just a few I can dig up. Unfortunately so much of this is hard to find because of how secretive porn is (its privately traded). Come on though you have to admit this is a large, disproportionate amount.

>European Jews

Come again?

I feel like dirt because every other race admits the fault of their own however the likes of Dines and Dworkin will never admit the porn problem is a Jewish problem. They say it's a man problem lol. But they have no issue calling out white men

NoFap and the alt right are going to get anti-pornography efforts done, not feminists imo.

No. 321788

>the alt right
>getting anything done

No. 321789

File: 1541635697510.jpg (618.87 KB, 1080x1396, Kek.jpg)

People are starting to catch on anyway.

No. 321790

Laugh at them all you want but they have more collective power than radfems and aren't scared to name the Jewish problem in pornography and Hollywood. the anti-degeneracy right wing alt-right

No. 321793

File: 1541635983417.jpg (627.95 KB, 1080x1342, nofapad.jpg)

No. 321794

File: 1541636034642.jpg (695.06 KB, 1080x1367, Nofapad2.jpg)

No. 321798

Now, this is a meme, and you know it. They're the most degenerate fucks alive. The lot still think amateur porn is okay, they're constantly editing everything into cuckold porn and they jack it to hentai.
I hate porn, and the porn industry, but it's dumb to trust sick, mentally ill men to "take it down".

No. 321799

Same thing.

No. 321801

No it's not. Jewish people are not white.

I don't doubt a lot of them are degenerates in their private life but there are a large group of them who are angry and want porn gone, and blame porn for their shortcomings. They think porn has cucked them since they were children because it forced them watch a man fuck "their" woman on film. And since you don't put up any credible sources and just wanna argue me all day (instead of doing actual anti-porn activism ffs) here watch this video where thousands of alt-right men audience viewers make JF ask pornographer Paige J (Jewish) these questions.

No. 321805

Anyone disagreeing with you is "arguing with you all day (instead of doing actual porn activism)", even when you're the one who started the entire argument to sperg out about Jews?
Yeah, no. All those men hate women and anyone who's not white. Stop trying to strong-arm us all into allying ourselves with them.
Last (You) for you.

No. 321806

Who is us? Allying with nofap is a good idea. If you don't want to ally with the alt right so be it


Lol such a sensitive wittle baby

No. 321807

Right? Kek

No. 321810

European Jews might as well be another subset of white, like Germans or the French. You think anyone outside of /pol/ and the alt-right actually gives a shit? It's all white to me, I can't even tell tell a Jew from a normal white person apart.

No. 321822

Ah yes, the big conspiracy to keep … what? Men fapping? There's no conspiracy, just good old greed.

Please stop derailing with this conspiracy shit.

No. 321825

Seriously, I have this conversation with other people all the time. In this society, they have white skin. They're white. Most white Jews, you don't know they're Jewish unless you know their name and even then a lot of people can't distinguish Jewish last names.

No. 321920

NoFap doesn't care about the women getting abused, it's about their seminal fluids going to waste.

>They think porn has cucked them since they were children because it forced them watch a man fuck "their" woman

Clearly the problem is jews, not men who view women as fucktoys that should all be "theirs" to fuck. Yikes.

No. 322805

File: 1541820386945.jpg (11.53 KB, 1079x138, tumblr_p5ayll28TH1qai9oro1_128…)

porn sucks and i hate how much masturbating to a bunch of bizarro depictions of brutalization is normalized as a legitimate and assumed past-time of all men, not to mention talking about it openly being seen as sex-posi and noble. has anyone ever went to a male acquaintance's twitter profile and saw them replying to porn stars? people who like porn should at least do women the favor of being ashamed of it.

No. 322833

Yes but they produce it.

No. 322835

Wtf is that actually one of their banners?

No. 322838

>we're feminists so long as we get to see your pussy get abused, tortured and fucked anyway we want
Just ew

Reminds me of the whole "save the boobies" campaign. It was only about tits.. and not the women. They'll rally for tits and never will give any fucks for the women as people.

No. 322883

yeah, the save the boobies campaign was humiliating and horrible. Breast cancer and women were put on two different platforms…

No. 322885

>that banner

men are trash

If only porn was actually taken seriously, and the harm it causes women.

No. 323332

I really enjoy the way this was worded. So eloquent.

No. 335899

pregnancy porn is disgusting and should be illegal

No. 335910

Is there nothing about women that men will not sexualize and aim to completely degrade?
The aspects of humiliation and domination, not to mention this lowkey weird feeling of pedophilia disgusts me. They get off to the fact there is a child in this woman, and the fact that this woman, whom most likely is a struggling mother, has to use her natural pregnancy for the twisted pleasure of men. Why should she "choose" to participate in such an act? Why is this the only option for many struggling sex workers?
Motherhood and pregnancy should be something that is respected and full of love and support, not something for men to dominate, eye rape and control for their sexual urges.
I think many more men have this kind of sick fetish than is belived.

No. 335916

i don't think that's why… it's usually just a shitty helplessness and fertility fetish that has nothing to do with the baby.

not disagreeing that it's gross but i think the reasoning is important.

No. 335950

I'm sorry but how do most women get pregnant, please remind me again because I forgot?
I don't think a pregnancy fetish is weird or gross, I think it's natural. I'm anti-porn but that's the not the hill I'm gonna die on other than the usual poverty argument.

No. 336000

(some) Men get off from pregnant women simply because they're pregnant, visually. I doubt there ever was a man watching porn who even bothered to contemplate about a woman's situation, they look at porn, get aroused, jack off and never think of the woman in porn again. Also considering that pregnancy is the end result of sex there is really nothing that weird about it. Logically it's a more natural "fetish" then say men sucking toes and what have you.

No. 336077

Ah yes, because its natural. Well rape is quite natural to men isn't it? Why not let men just indulge in their ~natural kinks~ like rape, torture and murder.
How many women have a pregnancy fetish compared to men, even though it's natural? It couldn't possibly be that men enjoy forcing their seed into unwilling women and chaining them down with the idea of unwanted pregnancies and servitude.
Because they can visually see their domination over a woman. They visually get off to the idea that they have impregnated this woman with their seed, so both her and child are his.
Fertility comes to almost every woman with a working period though. I sincerely believe the child is a part of the fetish since these men definitely think that it is his, or he had a part in making it and controling it.

No. 336387

I said this exact thing in another thread and got REEEEEEd at by anons. Porn that is literally focused on a woman having a baby inside her, especially near full-term, is fucking creepy.

No. 336981

>I said this exact thing in another thread and got REEEEEEd at by anons
That's because Shay's thread is full of camgirls, ignore them.

No. 337225

tbh honest i can't wait for the 17th to come and see all tumblr porn blogs die, like it's probably the closest to porn being banned we'll ever see

No. 337227

I don't really go in camgirl threads, but I've always wondered why they even exist and how anyone could stand sitting around watching porn just to come here and complain about it. It seems really gross and boring, no matter how much milk there is. But if it's other camgirls keeping an eye on the competition that makes a lot of sense.

No. 337231

That's exactly what it is, mixed in with a few brainlet men who waste their money on those whores and aren't entirely pleased with their purchases.

No. 337232

*full of girls that are obese and dont have any confidence so they sit and watch pornographic material of females just to nitpick things like what their vaginas and ass look like


No. 337241

It baffles me how men with daughters can watch violent porn.

A couple of years ago my mother confessed to me that my dad used to watch porn in the living room while my brother was a baby.
I mean, I never saw him as the greatest guy, but for fuck's sake now I can't look him in the eye.

No. 337242

men legitimately are so pornsick that they have no problem watching it or even talking and joking about it in front of their children

No. 337259

Porn blogs that continued to conflate their fetishes and reality will be gone and thank God for it. Posts that had discussions about womens
situations all over the world always had misogyny/rape kink blogs commenting about how shitty women were in general.

you try and bring it up with the owner and it's always like they couldn't turn their damn fetish off. Their reality is so warped its disturbing

No. 341107

the people in that thread who post about how "REAL" ddlg bdsm shit should be and how she's doing it Wrong are so grating. they're more deluded than she is.

No. 395740

The problem I have with porn is that as along its an "industry" or has anything to with money, its inherently degrading and misogynist. It is men manipulating women into exploitation for their own gain.

You've got to look at the context. Sex is enjoyable, natural and healthy for everyone, no doubt. But the problem is that patriarchy is corrupting influence. These people who accuse anti-porn feminists of being "sex negative" aren't looking at the context. Sex isn't bad in a vacuum, but the way its used to exploit and degrade women is and honestly, until there is a massive change in society, men aren't going to change and porn will be used to make women sex slaves.

No. 396297

I'm scared for my future children. Thanks to the internet, I first came into contact with porn when I was only 8-9 and it affected me greatly, in numerous awful ways, during my whole adolescence.

Does anyone else worry about this?

I just hope my future children won't have the same experiences as I did, no matter if they're male or female. I realize that worrying about this now is a bit crazy and that trying to control their development in the future might be impossible and only make matters worse but I can't help myself being scared.

Does anyone here have any experience with this yet or just wanna share their thoughts?

No. 396313

Someone linked to a "funny" clip on twitter and it turned out to be some shitty 90's porn with adults. Immediately I get a bunch of really graphic popups with an underage girl theme. Fucking hell it looked like cp, it looked like men raping underage girls. I reported it to cybertipline and got an error message wtf.
I feel so sad and helpless seeing how girls can be abused and posted online as ads on some "normal" pornsite and I wasn't even able to report it.

No. 396319

Sadly I've realized I cannot ever have kids or get married in the first place. Too many men are pornsick pedos and I could never trust one enough to risk it.

No. 396323


I managed to find a man like that, though I'm slightly more worried about it since his mindset is "I was subjected to this stuff as well and turned out fine/not interested in porn". (He thinks it's off-putting and that it also would be unfair to his partner to watch it.)

No. 396325


A man like that = a guy that doesn't watch porn or had violent fantasies, that is

No. 397732

Im childfree, but I worry about the impact it has on children a lot. I've read so many horror stories about kids who are porn addicts by the time they're in middle school and the parents are basically powerless to stop it because kids ALWAYS find a way to get online some way or another.

No. 397952

I feel you anon. along with that, it feels like reporting to cybertipline does nothing. there were a few cp sharing boards on 8chan that we reported a while back and nothing was done to them. its disgusting

No. 399134

Knowing that all men watch porn has empowered me to see all men as subhuman garbage. I'm actually somewhat grateful for it because every time I find myself warming up to a dude and wanting to be nice to him I remember that he wants to torture and degrade people like me. Kills any and all fuzzy feelings immediately.

No. 399142

please get off the internet.

No. 399143

You might want to spend less time online because that sounds like a shitty way to go around life.

No. 399144

Thoughts on rule34? Last I heard Overwatch was the most popular thing on pornhub.

No. 399150

I see no problems with porn that doesn't involve actual people. Although I'd still prefer not to interact with people who get off to loli/shota/torture/rape shit. They may not be doing anything wrong, but it makes me uncomfortable. I'd be fine with someone disowning me because of my freaky shit too, so don't call me a meanie hypocrite.

Other anons may have differing opinions.

No. 399167

I don't have the exact words to articulate it but exposure to porn at a very young age directly triggered body dysmorphic disorder.
Does anyone else feel the same?

No. 399184

It didn’t cause body dysmoprhia but it very much skewed my sexuality and what I viewed to be a normal part of sex for a very long time. I’m only just coming to terms with the fact that the way I’ve been viewing sex is unhealthy and I very much believe that it’s mostly because I viewed porn while I was developing sexually and so did my boyfriend so neither of us knew what we were doing and got all of our information from abusive and unrealistic sources

No. 399188

Any man obsessed with loli is super gross.

No. 399245

Now adays you need to give your children "the talk" as soon as they're in school or socializing without you since kids get given smartphones when they're literally like 5 and inevitably find porn and show their friends.

If you have a trusting relationship they'll understand ideas like certain things being for adults, how to tell their peers they're not comfortable with something and to tell you anything weird other kids do.

Still, makes me think the days of sleep overs are done since there might be one kid there who had their brain fried by watching pornhub since they were 7 and wants to mess around.

No. 399379

Yes to this, so much. I started viewing porn online aged 11 and it has permanently fucked me up. Eventually I ended up in prostitution. My sexuality is so messed up that I have to suppress it in order to function like a normal person.

No. 399394

File: 1555444411815.jpg (23.99 KB, 453x439, fba.jpg)


>unironically loving and respecting creatures that want her choked, ass-gangbanged and spat on

No. 399400

This isn't the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread.

No. 399402

Something like body dysmorphia and something like fucked up ideas about sex.

For the longest time I hated my female body because I saw it as inherently sexual, and still today I can't foresee myself being comfortable as a sexual being. I'm still a virgin (for social reasons, not sexual ones kek), but although my sex drive is ridiculous I don't want to be touched sexually. I'm very attracted to people but feel disgusted by the idea of being sexualized myself, even in a healthy way. It's like I'd be giving up my personhood by having someone touch my tit lmao, even if I still see those I'm attracted to as human.

Part of growing up with porn also trained me to be more aroused by watching someone rather than getting involved, so this combined with my hangups makes it so I just want to touch someone and not get touched. People complain about starfish and pillow princesses/princes but jfc that's ideal at this point.

I may just be a weird control freak with mild haphephobia anyway though, since I also dislike being on the receiving end of physical affection (rather hug than be hugged). Regardless porn definitely made me hate being female for a time. I'd like to change the rest a bit so I can be more involved and live the gfd dream but for now I'll just put off dating/hope for a compatible person.

Anyone else struggle with this? Any advice? Or is that too much of a derail?

No. 399837

Man same age with me. Like 10-11 cause those were my earliest account on websites. But its so fucked up at that age I ran into such wierd shit and it had to my discovery of sexuality. No 10 year old should be looking at those kind of things.
Like the first thing I see and know is the most perverted unusual thing out there so it's almost normal to me but I know its wroung (now).
Thing is that i hate, I still get off to those things and feel shame for it. Like, yeah, it's okay to be into kinky shit. But for me its a whole nuther level, literally a sickness, that I still feed even tho I shouldn't and it'll get worse.

No. 400337

File: 1555708775544.jpg (13.25 KB, 285x177, he has a wife.jpg)

Not sure if this is more anti-porn or more anti-men, but does anyone else find it weird how Kim Jung Gi is married with kids, but still draws a lot of porn? Like how muts it feel to be the wife, with kids, of a man who draws sexy women 24/7. Also in the same interview this picture is from he admits to showing his kids his pornographic drawings.

No. 400358

>he admits to showing his kids his pornographic drawings.
For what purpose? Jesus Christ.

No. 400391

I saw that picture some time ago and the comment paired with the dynamics in the picture is the perfect example of how gross he is. I keep seeing people fellate his technique, especially on /ic/, but the contents of his drawings are shallow wanking to his own skill more than anything else.

No. 400417

Fucker even drew bestiality and published it in his artbooks. Never liked his artwork at all since like anon said, it’s incredibly shallow. Also, retards on /ic/love porn so of course they love his work.

No. 406115

Am I the only one that thinks pornhub wanting to but tumblr is a weird thing? Like tumblr isn't just a porn site, why does it need to be run by a porn company?


No. 406120

I think it’s weird considering all the minors..

No. 406132


Yeah, tumblr is probably most well known for being full of underage girls. I'm seeing people joke about Pornhub buying it and it's fucking gross.

No. 406133

im just hoping they will get rid of the maps

No. 406134

It feels like another one of those "look how enlightened and woke we are" stunts they pull from time to time.

Tumblr is annoying, but even more annoying are the NSFW artists acting all smug about people being prudes and "taking their art to more embracing spaces where people actually like to have fun".

An online friend of mine draws NSFW stuff and acts like tumblr personally insulted her for banning porn. The entitlement of these people is unreal.

No. 406138

i think its extremely creepy, considering that one of the big reasons for the ban was all the porn of underage people, and also the fact that every second video on porn hub has the word "teen" in it

No. 406160

The large underage population is one of the main reasons Tumblr stopped being NSFW in the first place. Not only was it filled to the brim with easy-access CP–which could often be completely indistinguishable from other porn because any teenage girl could just go and post images and videos of themselves anonymously on there and get thousands upon thousands of notes–but also countless minors were being regularly and unwillingly exposed to pornography. Random users, hentai artists and self-absorbed camgirls complaining over the ban and cheering on Pornhub (a company that profits off harming women) while actual children were being harmed in huge numbers just shows how devoid of empathy pornsick people are.

No. 406196

File: 1556903380214.png (947.37 KB, 906x686, porn.png)

Based Sylvester

No. 406202

If they do it, that's when I'm definitely deleting my tumblr account.

No. 406222

I think it's just an agenda to normalize porn from early on, then when these tumblr kids and teens are older, they can't find sexual pleasure from anything but the abuse/hardcore/faux snuff stuff. Then you have a rise in younger men with ED that the pharma companies will profit off of with a rise in drugs to combat it.

I see it being a giant push to make money, fuck up the youth and ruin relationships. This is a giant tinfoil.. But weve seen guys who've been exposed to porn talk about needing to escalate their porn choices because regular "vanilla" stuff doesn't cut it.

It fucking sucks that there can't be a platform for kids without porn or sexually explicit material without people reeeee about it being normal to show abused women

No. 406505

Fuck I'm glad I'm old enough to have just missed out on all this shit. I feel so sorry for women who will date and have sex with these pornsick addicts who have never lived without access to unlimited 24/7 hardcore porn.

No. 406512

out of curiosity, anon, what do you think about tumblr banning porn? i personally didn't mind since it did the much-needed job of killing off the platform and the userbase plummeted underground afterwards (most migrated to twitter, though).

tumblr isn't explicitly "for kids" but we all know that a whole bunch of tweens and teenagers used it en masse and very regularly a few years ago. that's how they ended up with a bajillion 14 year old girls making BDSM/NSFW blogs and getting into DDLG communities.

No. 406575

Thought it was great tbh too. Alot of those fucked up kink blogs went away and their self pity party was funny. They thought that running and larping as misogyny/male supremacy blogs was truly worth saving. But I noticed some set up underground discords for anyone who ants to join their "lifestyle" which only proved how serious they were when they talked abouy degradation and abuse towards women but hid it behind sex positivity. Alot of the men running those blogs were either in their mid 20s, 30s or early 40s. Yeah tumblr isn't nickelodeon.com but something is just fucked up when you're a grown ass man promoting twisted porn shit on a platform where alot of users are still just teens wanting to reblog gif sets from their favourite show.

I wonder if instagram and Twitter will do the same and just allow pornhub and other porn sites build their own social network. Snapchat is cracking hard on cam girls who sell private accounts and break their tos

No. 406675

Porn has completely ruined heterosexual sex, and I really mean this.

To begin with, it's now difficult to find a male partner of any age who doesn't struggle with chronic sexual dysfunction. If you've had more than one male partner, you've probably been with a man who couldn't get hard, or couldn't stay hard, or couldn't come during normal sexual activity. Not just once in a while (which is normal), but frequently. Every woman thinks this is her fault, or that her partner is just unusually nervous. Nope! Most of the time, the issue is porn. The recent epidemic of men in their 20s who can't get hard for a real woman is due to porn.

If your partner can perform, there are a lot of other issues. Firstly, he acts like he doesn't even care whether you're there or not, much less whether you're enjoying yourself. He moves your body around without your feedback like he's setting out a lawn chair - you are essentially a prop.

He wants stupid porn positions that are only used because of how they look on camera. He wants to do things with you specifically because they're degrading or painful. He has weird consent issues and will try to come on your face or ram it in your ass without asking first. He gets angry when forty-five seconds of dry fingering doesn't give you an explosive orgasm.

Lastly, if you happen to notice these issues, if you happen to criticize the fact that he watches so much extreme porn that his dick is essentially numb to human contact, he'll flip out and accuse you of being a crazy bitch who wants to control male sexuality.

Here's the thing: this is not normal. It is NORMAL to expect a man to be able to perform sexually when he wants to MOST of the time. We do not have superhuman expectations. We literally just expect men to be able to have normal sex. But god fucking forbid anyone criticize what they jerk it to.

No. 406688

Maybe you've just been fucking crazy people.

Though I'm curious for all you anti-porn people. How do you actually get off?
Are you all asexual? All normies with boyfriends? Just use your imagination?

Do you hate drawings and audio porn too?

No. 406691

Don't you think the fact that you can barely fathom getting off without porn, something that has only become so widely accessible in recent decades, is proof enough that it's messing with people's sexuality rather than a few isolated 'crazy people'? Questioning aversion to something as gross as rape on tape makes you sound pornsick as hell.

I'm nta but I have zero issue with art, writing and audio porn since women aren't being trafficked and abused for the sake of fiction. They all fuel my imagination enough that I don't need it in front of me to get off. If I really wanted to enhance my sex drive and lower my expectations for irl sex I'd probably refrain from consuming any porn at all, but it's not a concern atm.

No. 406694

Not what I meant at all. Just saying a guy like explained in that post sounds super controlling and would probably act like that regardless of watching porn.

I don't even watch porn because the guys aren't my type and the girls are too trashy to self insert. But I do occasionally want to look at pictures of real dicks.
It's just so much of this thread is just ranting about pornsick guys/manhate. When you know, girls like getting off too.

No. 406695

The majority of porn consumption is done by men, women who watch it are very much outliers

Women’s main consumption is still by far erotica, both written and drawn

No. 406696

I get off normally, masturbation that isn’t dependent on seeing people abused - you know, the same way people have been able to masturbate for god knows how long now?

No. 406698

i haven't had sex with almost any males at all tbh however the 2 guys i got intimate with when i was a teenager (still in high school at the time) were very turned on, had zero violent or pornish expectations and were basically the opposite of what you described although they were a little bit pushy but they weren't exactly the most mentally stable people either, but not rapey about it just annoying. i cannot speak for guys in their 20s or older as i have no experience with that age of males though. but i'm just saying it's definitely not like, 99% of guys being like this in all age categories at least.

No. 406699

So really this thread is more anti-live action porn.
Because written and drawn 'erotica' is still porn.
Personally I usually get off to Japanese R18 situation CD's.

No. 406700

Well yeah, but if you say the word porn people will automatically think of live action whereas the word erotica has different connotations, I’m not sure what your point here is

No. 406702

That not everybody automatically thinks that way, that you are saying you're anti-porn but you still consume 'porn' just named differently.
This thread is more anti abuse on women/sex trafficking and anti-crazy obsessed men. Than anti something that has such a wide definition as porn.

No. 406704

it makes men really selfish and think that all women are into the same male gaze-y thing. like all these pornsick straight men constantly watch people fucking yet don't know anything about how it works for women.

No. 406714

I hate how porn has:
made me confused on my sexual orientation
made me brainless
i am not saying we should ban porn because i believe in freedom but jesus how much i wish porn would be less popular

No. 406720

>i believe in freedom
It's not like porn is political expression… that logic makes it sound like nothing can be illegal for the sake of freedom. Professional porn is produced in a work environment that would NEVER meet the legal, ethical or health & safety standards in a regular business, I don't know how it's legal.

No. 406723

You can believe in freedom but still realise that keeping something legal overall damages society. That's why murder and theft are illegal, despite sometimes being justified.

No. 406730

Wrong, this is why we legalized the for profit organ trade and this is why a legalized organ trade is best, because we know some people will inevitably participate in the selling of their organs for cash and it's better that we make sure their kidneys are removed by trained physicians and not in bathtubs by KFC linecooks. #safeporn #safesexwork

No. 406736

Not everywhere is America, anon. Plenty of countries will only allow organs that are donated rather than sold and don’t have an organ harvesting epidemic, you can easily argue that the ability to sell organs causes those in financial hardships to do so when they would not under any other circumstances and it negatively impacts their lives (much like prostitution preys on the financially disadvantaged)

No. 406741

Erotica is literary whereas porn is pornographic with visuals.

It is clearly the over consumption of pornographic visuals fucking up simple minds. I hate porn sick culture so fucking much and the weird intersection of daft attention seeking whores wanting to liberate selling their bodies as a celebration of hard work and graft rather than appealing to the lowest form of entertainment for wankers.

Imo I wish sex work was decriminalised because its ignorant to ignore the impact of sex trafficking and welfare of women should be the aim of ending such a horrible devastating industry. I do not think other women should be encouraged to sell themselves short and conmidfy their body that still isn't equal under law and status.

Porn is shite. And I hate having sex with men that use it as an instruction manual for how to perform. We now have societies were women don't even know what the fuck they like because their opinions largely do not seem to matter

No. 406744

So wrong. We know that some people are going to be the ultimate victims of capitalism, so it's best to legalize and legitimize the route that hardest victimizes the victims and causes irreversible, physical pain, as well as emotional so as to make their irreversible pain slightly less traumatizing but ultimately opening up a wider marketplace to cater to demand, but also to create a new stream of revenue for those victims, so they can maybe possibly avoid homelessness and so the government can participate in the collection of that revenue, too, and you know, help fund schools on the backs of these victims. It's good for everyone.

No. 406754

If porn was able to make you question your sexuality you were always a little bi/lez to begin with and it would have come out some other way eventually.

No. 406757

Or you could, you know, not be an absolute failure of a government and actually provide your people with the means to survive if they are financially struggling so they don’t have to turn to harmful industries.

No. 406790

File: 1557065972762.gif (1.71 MB, 400x261, giphy4.gif)

>implying disliking/not being able to get off by watching strangers having sex on a screen means you dislike sex/masturbation altogether

No. 406801


i usually look at pictures or watch videos of the guy i like and imagine being close to him/kissing/doing things, or just my imagination involving the guy i like/love/want. like, i don't know why so many people need explicit media to get off. like, if i don't have sexual pictures or video of, say, the guy i'm dating and i have yet to have sex with him, it's not like it's hard at all to get off to just thinking about being sexual with him and imagining doing so seeing normal pictures of him.

No. 406806

Used to be a porn addict so I have a decent "spank bank" and also have a good visual imagination. I look at drawn porn sometimes or people's nudes (uploaded by the person featured in the pic), but often just draw my own. Basically I just avoid studio porn and try to rely mostly on myself so as not to get addicted.

I'd say you're correct in your assumptions about most posters itt in your later posts.

No. 406995

im a woman who is pornsick, normal sex feels boring to me now. idk how to fix this. i dont even look at porn or masturbate that much anymore but its like it just has lingered with me forever.

No. 407005

Do you have sex with women or men? Or both? Maybe your partner just isn't stimulating you the right way. Even in my phases of being addicted to the most weird pornography I could still get aroused during sex.

No. 407063

Pornhub is such a disgusting site. and everyone's licking their ass bc they do shit for charity; They're trying to buy Tumblr for gods sake. Do people not realize this site profits from everything bad, has categories for abuse, racism, homophobia, pedophilia .. etc etc, steal sexworkers content. They make me sick. My boyfriend thinks I'm overreactive about this and have a "personal vendetta" against them.

No. 407065

Who cares about stealing sex workers content? Fuck them, fuck everyone else who profits off porn, and fuck everyone who pays for porn.

No. 407071

There's literally nothing wrong with sexworking, it's that porn often has abuse, rape, etc behind the scenes. Sexworkers who have disgusting shit like ageplay and abuse and whatever in their works are bad however.

No. 407074

I don’t think women who need money so they turn to pornography should even for a second be considered to be nearly as bad as studios or the men that consume porn and create a demand for it in the first place

No. 407125

A response to the anon who asked, “why don’t you just ask your so for sex instead of watching porn?”

I don’t like this attitude. Sex with my partner is not a means to getting off. That’s absolutely dehumanizing to him. Masturbation isn’t just about “getting off” either. For me it’s simple, like anything else in life, just a tool to explore my own thoughts and feelings, with or without collaboration from other people and or other people’s artwork.

No. 407127

This is such a tryhard way of talking about sex and masturbation. Also, having sex with someone to get off doesn’t dehumanise them, that is the entire point of the activity people fuck because it feels good. Believe it or not one of the big reasons people date is so they get to fuck each other - otherwise you’re just friends.

‘Tool to explore my thoughts and feelings’ gtf outta here with this trying to be deep shit lmao

No. 407154

it’s not trying to be deep shit to point out that sex and intimacy and masturbation aren’t the same. equating the two is how we get men who suck in bed and just use our bodies as living fleshlights instead of enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

No. 407175

What feelings are you exploring from watching porn? You can just masturbate without rotting your brain.
What mental gymnastics are you doing to think that getting off to strangers on your screen is better than getting off from your partner?

No. 407246

I understand what your saying. Sex, intimacy and masturbation are different but, its where someones intentions lie that differentiate them all.
its very much possible for someone to have sex with another person and still think of them as a human being and not some object. Just because a person has thoughts on getting off to another person, doesnt dehumanize them.
Its only when someone jacks off, or has sex with someone and just treats them like nothing. Like, "You're ONLY here for my pleasure nothing else." type of mentality. Its a lack of connection, empathy towards women that creates all these problems.
In my opinion sex should be an add on/plus to a relationship. Two people who love each other, but want to be intimate too. Not the, "I guess i kinda like her…im really just here for the sex." type shit is where it all goes downhill.

No. 407249

That’s a legitimate question, and I think it’s the same feelings that I get when I look at any art. I wonder things and I get curious. Who made this and what did they intend the viewer to feel? Is it effective at making me feel this way? Why is that? How can I take what I’ve learned about myself and apply it to being a stronger person?

Ex. face-fucking. I feel fulfilled with the idea of being totally and completely of service. I feel impressed by the professionals who deepthroat. Some of them do so very eagerly, and that dynamic of having a hard task to do but doing so with gusto, that’s a fucking inspiring work ethic.

Maybe the D is her “boss” or whatever other power dynamic. Does that mean I’m gonna turn around and let my boss at work fuck me? No I’m gonna look at whatever bosses me around in life, bills, job, school, and fuck it right back with gusto. And I think that’s why you see so many porn actresses smiling pretty through all these degrading scenarios. Because that’s how life works and art mirrors life. We must learn the mental coping skills to take a bad situation and make the best of it. Not because surrendering to love and acceptance is forced upon us by Daddy, but because it is the best way to live life.

No. 407251

Same fag, but I wanted to add more about acceptance. I will not deny the agenda to push us towards TOTAL acceptance of shit like bestiality and cp. this is where consent is so so so fucking important. And it’s why we need the porn industry to stay legal and regulated.

No. 407515

I can attest to this. My partner is an amazing partner. He cooks, cleans, takes care of our kids equally, and truly listens to me.. but his dick is broken due to porn use. He has so much trouble getting it up because he has been sexually dependent on porn since he was 8 years old. We only have children because he was using viagra to hide his dysfunction. The only time he didn't need pills to get up was when he abstained from masturbating for two weeks. I have had 3 other exs with similar problems because of porn and I have had men choke me and be rough with me without asking me beforehand. I can really say that I have never had satisfying sex with a man because I either spend the whole time keeping them hard or being abused by the ones who can keep a boner. At least I am into women too.

No. 407520

My bf used to sell porn, ever since then he cannot watch it. Interacting with those businesses and finding out how unethical it is put him off for good.
He is always weirded out when his friends say they need drugs and 10 different toys and anal to make sex fun. Meanwhile he thinks toys are annoying, anal is demeaning and he focuses more on pleasing me than himself. He finds me being relaxed the most arousing thing ever.
At first I was a bit hesitant dating him, with having sold porn being on his resume. But he really surprised me by complaining about the industry and how his thoughts changed due to his experience, without any prompting two weeks into dating.

No. 407522

Anal is one of the biggest turn offs to me about the normalisation of porn, I’m not a man why don’t you want to stick your dick into my literal fuckhole which will actually accommodate you and not reek of shit.

No. 407525

My bf explained that the only reason porn actresses can even do anal like that is because they sniff something beforehand which acts like a muscle relaxant. It is not completely safe or legal. It is absolutely insane that men would expect their partners to do something not even porn actresses can do without some dangerous help. Gay guys buy it under the name ''room odourizer'' because it isn't completely legal or safe.

No. 407537

>There's literally nothing wrong with sexworking
Yeah, starting an online "career" that contributes to the demand for abuse and human trafficking is totes empowering and fine uwu
Tacking the "as long as it isn't ageplay" on the end really means nothing because people who support online sex workers are out there supporting that shit too. It's all making more demand for the same shit, so who cares if pornhub steals it? It's where it all belongs anyway.

No. 407548

This! I fucking hate the idea of anal, my bf has asked several times and the literal only thing to stop him asking is making some shite up like I'm saving that virginity for my husband uwu. Am I fuck. I can orgasm just fine PIV thankfully and my bf has no issue cumming inside of me normally so why should I have his dick painfully inserted in me where I have no means of getting off.

Not to mention doing anal can damage you and I couldn't think of anything worse than a loose ass lol

>>407525 yeah they sniff poppers. Nothing says a fun and good feeling act like having to take chemicals to facilitate.

No. 407552

>the literal only thing to stop him asking is making some shite up like I'm saving that virginity for my husband uwu

Tbh this sounds fucked up. "No" should be enough for him, why should you have to lie?

Same. If I'm honest anything where the guy wants to cause me pain is a no-no for me. Sex is meant to be pleasurable and equal and fun. SO many guys nowadays think choking, anal and slapping is vanilla and will try and do it without even asking. FUCK NO. Your hands go round my neck and we're done, buddy.

No. 407555

If there's nothing wrong with it why don't you just call it prostitution, which it is

No. 407556

What I find upseting about the normalisation of anal is it's the most painful thing you can do to an anus that is popular (penetration), I think a lot of people could enjoy having their anus gently played with, like having it touched, or licked, or wearing a SMALL butt plug, but men don't care about our pleasure, they want to put their dick in there because they know it hurt and they know it's not supposed to go there. For a lot of them it's mainly a power trip and a fetish, it doesn't even feel better for the since the anus is very tight at the entrance but very wide right after, they get very little stimulation compared to a vagina.

No. 407563

I shouldn't have to lie and tbh calling it a virginity has had him purr about taking that v card later. He's had anal before and knows I haven't so he's interested. He's lamented before about not 'taking someone's virginity'. I think it's extremely cringe and discovered early on he was a lot more experienced than me and enjoyed porn. After being together for years and getting to know him I can vouch that he is a nice normal guy that had the usual misconceptions about sex. Even though he had more partners than me a lot of them were one night stands or 1 or 2 times, so I think all that performative bullshit is why he thought porn was realistic. He has admitted anal doesn't feel as good as PIV it is about the power (not his words but basically what he waffled on about). Men are memes

No. 407565

You realise that now if you ever decide to get married he’s going to expect it from you as his god given right

No. 407566

Well he can fuck off. I'll divorce him and take his house

No. 407597

File: 1557239112968.gif (1019.58 KB, 500x267, giphy.gif)

What do you all think of people like Sasha Grey, who seem to genuinely enjoy what they do (or she did in the past) and advocate for porn?

No. 407599

Look into what she said after leaving the industry after only like 2 years. Her claims that she was genuinely enjoying herself were fake. She later said she faked almost every orgasm and also that in her personal life she refuses to have sex in anything like the ways she was made to perform in the porn industry. If she truly loved the job it wouldn’t have crushed her in such a short timespan but the porn industry has a habit of doing that to women. The only industry I can think of with a worse or comparable turnover rate is slaughterhouse work.

No. 407623

She claimed her ex-boyfriend basically threatened her into doing porn from a young age. It seems like the porn industry broke her based off her meltdowns after she quit.

No. 407661

I feel like it's just a coping mechanism when porn actresses say how much they enjoy their job.
They're already looked down upon pretty much everywhere by everyone so I feel like there's some sense of vulnerability or shame in admitting that you actually don't enjoy doing all of that and would rather have a decent, regular job.
All they can do is to pretend to embrace it since they're already involved. They might reveal how inhumane the industry is way later after leaving the business.
That's at least what I think cause I really cannot fathom how any woman can enjoy doing this.

No. 407666

What do people think of hentai? I read a lot of yaoi…

No. 407716

dw satan, yaoi is halal. don't spark up the fujo debate again.

No. 407750

Well, frankly, I think if you seriously think that PornHub "profits from everything bad" and that it has a category for pedophilia I think you just might be over-reacting a little bit.

No. 407755


No. 407978

Yaoi seems pretty harmless, and I think hentai has some problems but it is much less directly harmful that actual porn. The biggest problem with hentai is the sexualization of children imo.

No. 408281

a pretty good video explaining why porn makes guys having misconceptions about sex which makes them end up being abusive to their gfs and why girls are more "porn-ready"/be willing to take up such abusive behaviour

No. 408282

Even though the actresses are legal, there is tons and tons of porn on there that caters to pervs who want to fuck underage girls. For example, countless videos of school girls with pigtails in bedrooms meant to look like they belong to young girls (stuffed animals, Disney shit, etc) played by actresses who could easily pass for 12-15.

Sorry, but anyone who gets off on that shit wants to fuck underage girls and no one can convince me otherwise.

No. 408284

I just recently became extremely antiporn after learning more about the horrible psychological effects it has on consumers and the terrible exploitation of actors in the industry. My husband has never been into it even when I was totally fine with him watching it, so I didn't realize how horribly it effects men sexually until my friends told me about their sex life issues. Their boyfriends can't finish without jerking off to porn, some of them can't even get hard without intense effort, and they all have to do really extreme shit to get off. They consider anal and choking vanilla and don't understand why their girlfriends are freaked out by certain things like slapping. The crazy thing is that they still refuse to see their boyfriend's daily porn use as the issue because they've been gaslit so hard into accepting it.

No. 409590

File: 1557763166023.png (895.75 KB, 1298x599, 1557761916560.png)

God why do people do this

No. 409623

I was talking about this fetish with a friend a few weeks ago (that sounds wrong but you get it). I seriously think men with pregnancy fetishes are just as sociopathic(?) as men with rape or slave fetishes. The psychology behind it comes from the idea that to impregnate a woman is to "claim" her. I've even seen someone use the phrase "mark her with my seed" on 4chan. In some cases they also look forward to the idea of creating offspring for the sole purpose of having more "property" to perform sexual acts on. It's disgusting.

No. 409648

>God why do people do this
I think you meant
>God why do MEN do this

No. 409668

Why would a woman agree to appear in disgustingly racist porn where she's dehumnized

No. 409677

Women are dehumanised in all porn and still appear in it. Money, desperation, and now women and girls are being told it’s totes the best thing ever

No. 409679

Anyway I hate the way blacked porn gives this idea to young black men that their sex gods and that all white women are crazy about them

No. 409766

some part of me likes blacked shit just because i know it pisses off insecure incel /pol/tard types who feel inadequate to "superior black dick". i never watch it but i'm all for making them hate themselves even more

No. 409801

I just wished it stayed on /pol/ but morons keep on posting this shit on every other board aseptically /his/ which used to be my favorite board

No. 409803

That's probably the least scary part of it tbh, the appeal for most is seeing pure white waifu type women 'ruined' by black men because white men see them on par with animals. White men like to see it for the taboo fetish, black men like to 'get back at' white men by fucking their women. Lots of non white men feel like that about white woman actually, irl as well as in porn. It's crazy misogynistic and racist to everyone involved.

No. 409806

I'm watching way less porn over the course of a year and feel a lot better. At some point, I often went back to it and some kink videos but it never sat right with me because of the violent nature. I did feel the sick need to expose myself to that. But now it's gone entirely and everytime I notice, I feel happy about my progress. A burden has been lifted

No. 409809

Its mostly Hispanics and Asian dudes who spam that porn to be honest

No. 410085

girls…. i have a porn addiction…

No. 410905

File: 1558008330629.jpg (121.1 KB, 658x960, ibu1fwk4o5f21.jpg)


>By destroying capitalism, the proletariat will destroy prostitution

>Prostitution is the great misfortune of humanity

>Male worker, take care of your fellow female worker!

No. 410938

Anti porn posting can go on the Radfem thread.


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