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File: 1444163556297.jpeg (47.4 KB, 480x800, image.jpeg)

No. 41998

Come here to discuss who is better etc

No. 41999


No. 42000

>fitness vs. curvy

You know you can be fit and curvy and skinny and fit right? This is not a binary.

Dumb thread is dumb, and unnecessary.

No. 42001


And you can can be curvy and skinny, and fat when when you're thin.

No. 42002

I made this thread so the people arguing in the little thread can have some where to battle

No. 42003


No. 42004

Anywhere as long as it's not Lottes thread

No. 42018

File: 1444167754773.jpg (48.72 KB, 314x400, a355466d27660b39905d130add567e…)

This. I've always interpreted a 'curvy' figure to be synonymous with having a very defined waist, regardless of how much body fat you have.

Chubby =/= curvy if the natural structure of your body isn't curvy to begin with.

No. 42019


Thank you! I lost weight because chubby or thin I don't have much shape. My torso is short so no matter what I had a more rectangle shape.
Lots of girls are rectangle or triangle shaped not gifted with a nice hourglass.

No. 42020

I looked horrible chubby with no shape
*forgot to add

No. 42024


Hate when I use the word "curvy" to describe myself or another and all the Ana-chans rush in screaming "FAT, FAT, FAT".

No. 42031

Are you the 5'7 150 lbs girl who was shitting up the lotte thread? Because you are fat.

No. 42033

Where's the pics of your sexy curvy bod?

No. 42043

curvy chubsters are the best at making m dick stnad up

No. 42049

Her thighs are a bit meaty and porky

No. 42081

More like thick and juicy

No. 42088

Fit > curvy (NOT IN A FAT WAY) > your average ana > spoopy skeleton-tier ana > fat

Becoming fat is one of my worst fears. I will never let that happen.

No. 42090

Skinny fit is the best, you can look strong and delicate at the same time, skinny is second, then there is the buff fit girl who look like shit but at least they work on their body, then there is "curvy" girls then fatties who should just burn basically.

No. 42092


>I will never let that happen

I used to say that to myself all the time.

It creeps up really quietly on you :(

No. 42107

Same. I will never get fat. I don't care how much working out and cutting out junk I have to do. All these fattie and tess threads are motivating to me.

No. 42116

I have depression, I tend to loose weight tho, my pills take away my appetite.
It's hard to be motivated while depressed but it's something you have to do. Get up and active!
Walks and jogs are two of the best ways to clear your head, feel good and forget how messed up your brain feels for awhile

No. 42123


Yh, I tend to find that people who have depression tend to either go one of two ways; overeating or underrating. Unfortunately I was the latter.
Forcing myself to be active, working out almost every day and paying proper attention to my dietary intake and nutrition has gone such a long way in helping my mental state and my weight now.

No. 42127

I will never get fat. I was so close to it (113 5'2") then forced myself down to 100. So grateful that I "woke" up.

No. 42128

My teen years sucked, I let all my anxiety and depression eat away at junk food so I gain so fast.

I was 19 when I finally really gave a hard look at myself and started to loose the weight. Even now I might freak out over gaining 5lbs, but 5 leads to 10, which leads to 20, ect.

Not going to happen again.

No. 42133

Wish you guys could have come over to my place and slapped some sense into me before I let it get as bad it did.
Took me to getting all the way up to 225lbs to realise I had a problem and get serious about fixing it.

I remember when I was like 108lbs and I would think shit like "eurgh, how could anybody let themselves get that disgusting", but depression is a funny thing and surprisingly, to me at least, it really doesn't take as much extra food as you'd think it would to get to that high a weight.

No. 42156

That's not close, sweetie, that is fat. And 100 lbs at 5'2 is, er, not terribly small either.

No. 42161

Good call on the retard containment thread OP.

I'm 5'6" 135 "normal american weight fat" or "built fat" (I run a lot, used to lift a lot) and my secret confession is wanting to beat up anorexic girls because I could so easily

I will never understand wanting to be even weaker than you already are. It's like you mad cunts want to get rape murdered by Elliot Rodgers

No. 42162

Not that anon, but I think it really depends on your body's composition. Muscle weighs more than fat and some people are just naturally have a lot of muscle mass. (Not even referring to people who are super ripped/toned, just people who are naturally muscular.)

This may or may not be the case with the anon you replied to, but it's something to consider. tbh I don't put a lot of stock into BMI for this reason. An extremely fit person with virtually no excess body fat would probably still weigh more than a skinnyfat person of the same height.

No. 42168

Fit (slightly to moderately toned) ≥ Curvy > Fatty > Ana
Also, taller is better.

Google "calf reduction surgery" and you will rage

No. 42173

100 pounds at 5'2 is fine. 113 at 5'2 is fine.

jesus christ you ana-chans here sound like fucking idiots, just as bad as the HAES people.

no one body type is better than the other. as long as you aren't severely morbidly obese or spooky skeleton i dont care. you guys are in for a rough awakening when you hit 30 or 40 and no longer have your kawaii loli teen bodytypes anymore.

No. 42174

Your thick layers of blubber might protect you from bullets, but that's only if the diabeetus doesn't get you first.

No. 42237

>5'2" and 100lbs is fat
holy shit ana-chan

No. 42239

I find "skinny fat" women very attractive personally. According to you guys its' the worst possible body type though??? Like why it's slim but soft… ya'll are crazy

No. 42250

A lot of people like skinny fat, but that's all a personal preference. It's better to be fit anyway… You can still be slim and soft. Being fit doesn't mean being conan the barbarian. It means not being too flabby and actually walking up stairs without losing breath.

No. 42255

Not fat, really, just kind of average and dumpy

No. 42279

File: 1444341699233.png (245.86 KB, 329x499, Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 6.01…)

i wanna know what you look like if you think this is dumpy. lol.

No. 42281

….did you think this would prove her wrong
holy shit why do people self post on here

No. 42282

File: 1444341942971.jpg (52.51 KB, 540x811, shutterstock_74421586.jpg)

>Pushing hips back to achieve fake thigh gap

No. 42283


its not a picture of me… it's something from google or that website with all the pictures of girls. but the fact that retarded anachan thinks that is fat is retarded.

No. 42284

Lol ok, if you aren't self posting link to where you found it, filename says you saved it just a few minutes ago so it should be easy to find right?

No. 42285

File: 1444342144842.png (417.54 KB, 488x549, Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 6.08…)

another dumpy fatty according to the MPA users itt :)

No. 42286


you look like a stupid idiot now. i guess eating nothing but miracle noodles makes you lose brain cells eventually.

No. 42287

Yeah except 5'2" and 100 pounds is borderline underweight, fucktard.

No. 42288

File: 1444342667731.png (193.76 KB, 302x494, Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 6.16…)

obesity according to the retards in this thread

if you work out instead of starving yourself, you should look like this at 5'2"/100lb because this is what normal, healthy people look like. if you starve yourself, you're nothing but fat and bone and you're BF% is probably 25 and that's why you look so gross at the weight that normal ppl look hot at.

stay salty anachans. so sad that you dont have the energy to move around :,'(

No. 42289

Ok, you weren't selfposting. Grats.

The first girl does look dumpy. Her stomach sticks out, she has a wide waist and thick thighs, and she's posing to make it look like she has a thigh gap. I certainly wouldn't say she's fat, but I wouldn't call her skinny. She's just average and unremarkable.

2nd is a deceptive pose. Hips way back, torso stretched out. You can't actually tell anything from this picture.

No. 42297

File: 1444350381786.jpg (61.25 KB, 500x500, musclefat.jpg)

No. 42301

You live to criticize hotter, superior women on the internet because you're insecure and jelly as fuck. I feel so sorry for you.

No. 42302

settle down 5'3 115lbs-chan

No. 42308

File: 1444363485342.jpg (76.04 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_njgm7ydgxF1tns9b…)

No. 42309

File: 1444363505313.jpg (78.12 KB, 1200x997, rFKEF9X.jpg)

No. 42310

File: 1444363520237.jpg (79.62 KB, 604x604, rAsbp2UfKWg.jpg)

No. 42311

File: 1444363578162.jpg (153.64 KB, 1280x540, 8RnQ7XT.jpg)

No. 42312

only one where the after is better.

No. 42313

File: 1444363699372.jpg (245.85 KB, 749x741, tumblr_nhjukpNPRL1u76gyao2_128…)

No. 42314

File: 1444363769407.jpg (167.79 KB, 800x800, KqSSkzZ.jpg)

No. 42315

File: 1444363812766.jpg (47.15 KB, 500x500, 1960ecba929e0f8032b5b8ba447beb…)

No. 42316

File: 1444364042687.png (361.53 KB, 500x482, GFNvD7R.png)

No. 42317

File: 1444364073247.jpg (82.93 KB, 483x640, kpRKxHz.jpg)

No. 42318

File: 1444364133777.jpg (262.73 KB, 500x539, ivuzie.jpg)

No. 42319

File: 1444364186939.jpg (73.06 KB, 807x315, 45OhI7L3SL4.jpg)

No. 42320

File: 1444364236526.jpg (57.15 KB, 604x591, DTzWPdqWitM.jpg)

No. 42321

File: 1444364273670.jpg (73.61 KB, 604x604, AjR7Heqvp7A.jpg)

No. 42329

I had sweet and sour chicken and rice for break fast and right before going to sleep I ate a mc chicken sandwich and I loved every moment of it

No. 42334


I love you

No. 42337

wait did she grow in height too or what the hell are those numbers??

No. 42339

Probably in her teens in the before pic

No. 42342

>>42313 Before is way better.
>>42308 before looks like average teen, latter looks like pre-teen.
>>42309 Not a fan of either, somewhere in the middle would of been a better weight.
>>42310 The latter only looks much better cause she was super overweight in the picture before.
>>42311 Second last would've been better to stay at.
the lasts are way better.
Too far.
lol that white bg. Looks fake af.

No. 42343

>im jealous of people who are skinnier than me

No. 42344

you'll never be beautiful like us.

No. 42345

I had anorexia during early teens actually. (Relapsed later in life due to stress, but I'm fine now.)
Idk the suffering it takes to achieve that level of skinniness just put me off it's 'appeal'. All I see when people are so underweight is misery that is in their lives and most likely the lives of people around them.

No. 42349

are you the fat chick who was shitting all over the lotte thread

working out a few times a week and not eating garbage isnt suffering

No. 42350

Anorexia isn't 'not eating garbage and working out a few times a week'

I'm sorry, there isn't a healthy way to become this weight:

I genuinely think everyone that obsesses over these bodies, are slightly chubby and up >.
Because, once you are at that weight, you would not conciser the girls above thin, you would want to be even slimmer.
So I know everyone praising anas, have never been at a similar weight themselves.

No. 42351

I'd say regular skinny is alright.
If you don't have curves (if you don't gain weight in the breasts/butt area) I'd suggest you keep yourself thin.
I have no potential to be curvy so I settle for thin.

No. 42352

anorexia isn't just "being skinny" either
you're not a psychiatrist so you're not qualified to tell if any of those girls are anorexic

No. 42353

stop same fagging you ugly used up whores

No. 42354

File: 1444412333409.gif (486.63 KB, 380x254, tumblr_lrvsd4ODSb1qht38w.gif)

No. 42355

They are either anorexic or doing drugs.
I'm sorry but no sane person can get that weight.

No. 42356

you might lack the willpower but other people don't.

No. 42358

Like I said, former anorexic.
It's not willpower, it's a disease.
You probably think you have willpower, and I know for a fact you are nowhere near that weight, and trust me, you never will be (Unless you go over the deep end).
But yeah keep projecting how

No. 42360

>super overweight in the picture before


No. 42361

yeah you're definitely the girl who couldnt stop selfposting in the lotte thread.
you're incredibly salty that you're not skinny anymore and you should stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 42363

I have the lotte thread hidden because it is boring af, I wasn't around for her dramu. Sorry, so no.

(I'm still very low on the weight charts because I still can't enjoy food the way I used to. Fuck you girls idolizing this shit. is disgusting.)

No. 42367

Different anon, but yeah, it's really not at all about "willpower" (at least, past a certain point). When you get to the point where it's life or death and you're still unable to make yourself eat to save your life, is that ~super strong~ and full of willpower?

No. 42368

i find all anorexic girls have ugly faces. why do you guys think that is? are they ugly because they're anorexic, or are they anorexic because they need a coping mechanism for being ugly?

No. 42370

ana > curvy > fit > fat

No. 42377


lol no just scrolled past and idk who you're talking to but it isn't me. If I wanted to be anorexic again I'd just stop eating again; it's not like losing weight is hard or anything.

Also Admin banned the faggot who started that shit anyway so obviously I wasn't in the wrong :^)

No. 42379

Ugly because they're anorexic. Dem old ladee faces

No. 42383

Hahaha what? He banned you. Maybe some others too but I don't see any other posts marked in the thread

No. 42392

HAHAHA ya salty fat bitch I wasn't banned???
I mean sorry for the ot and all from the thread, I was just saying that Lotte was looking pretty big for a previously skinny-fat girl. (but decided to self post like a dweeb)

You flew off the fucking handle like a fat bat outta cake.

No. 42417


Nigger I didn't get no ban.

No. 42418

That's what the red text under your post means, you fucking retard.

No. 42462

Except I don't eat sweets, and also own guns myself.
Stay pathetic.

No. 42485

How does owning. Guns keep you from dying from bullets? Just because you shoot back don't mean you won't be shot

No. 42488

Haha Anas you can't eat tastey pizza

No. 42501

You were banned, it was just for a short period of time.

No. 42507

I'm dead, you fatties really think that you have to absolutely cut pizza to be skinny?

No. 42508

>skinny = ana
Oh ok

No. 42535


u fookin' wat admin u wee cunt i will mash u

No. 42544

I said Anas not skinny people.

No. 42547

The fatties on this board seem to think that any skinny or normal sized person is ana.

No. 42548

File: 1444577040616.jpg (36.53 KB, 736x546, rag.jpg)


So what's funny about a mentally hill person being unable to do what normal people can do?

>AhAh Fatties can't wash their own ass

No. 42550

ill *

No. 42551

I'm 5,5 and I weigh 107. I can enjoy tastey pizza without eating the whole box and puking it up and I can have Chinese food.

Hhahaha you suck Anas

No. 42552

Why post your height and weight? Do you need validation from the ana chan?
There is nothing to be proud of about being painfully average.

No. 42553

I'm "average" but I can enjoy tastey food without binge eating and cutting myself.
I'm not mentally ill. It feels good man.

No. 42554

So if your life is so cool why are you such a hating troll ?

No. 42555

Also, It's really awesome that I can buy a box of doughnuts and eat one or two then save the rest for later but an Ana has to eat all 12 of them at once and then have a mental break down

No. 42556

You seem to know a lot about ana's life for somebody with no mental illness. Kek.

No. 42557


Wanarexic who couldn't make it are the worst people on earth.

No. 42558

I went to a Chinese buffet and didn't count any calories nor did I care and ate whatever I want. Anas seem to think it's impossible to do these things every once in a while, they think people who eat junk food must be obese and eating it all the time. They can't understand that one can enjoy junk food without crying, binge eating and puking like a disgusting beast.

No. 42559

Gosh, you sound so insecure about your eating habits.

No. 42560

Anas are truly disgusting, spitting and bottles and napkins then letting it rot in their room from months. Have some self respect at least.

No. 42561

Binge eating is more onbe line of Bulimia, Anorexics still binge eat but not as often, they tend to eat something over their cal limit, cry, give up for the day, eat normal amounts of food and cry over that.
I know, I am anorexic. My binge eating has only ever happened when I was under weight and my body was in need of nourishment, so I'd binge eat without noticing most times.
We don't look at pizza and go "OH MAN WISH I COULD EAT IT"
We look at pizza and go "It's good and all, buuuuuuttt…"

No. 42563

Fatty right here doesn't know the difference between binge eating disorder, anorexia and bulimia. Get your shit together, please.

No. 42564

It's good and all butttt…id rather starve myself so my daddy can finally look up from his news paper and notice me

No. 42565

lol yes all anas are loli wannabes
Some weeaboos are I guess? I don't know, mine was always stemmed from being a fucking fatass most of my life and hating it so much I stopped eating.
But you know, body dismorphia only occurs in Transgenders to you people.

No. 42566

No you're attention starved and your parents ignore you.
You know Anas there are more productive and less life threatening ways to get attention.

No. 42567

Don't feed that huge greasy troll.

No. 42568

How about you go stuff some more pizza in that greasy fat hole while you try and tell yourself you are "Beautiful and curvy!" fatty.

No. 42569

And since we can be politically incorrect here I don't believe that anorexia is a real disease at all. I think if Anas were put in situations where they didn't have the choice to eat, they'd want to stop feeling bad for themselves and their survival instinct would kick in.

No. 42570

No, you don't understand anon, she is a natural little pixie, she eat whatever she wan't a stay super small, eat it up stupid anas xDD

No. 42571

Well this illustrate how smart fatties are, but I'm not surprised since obesity is related with low IQ.

No. 42572

I'm kinda half on that. It's a mental illness and I do think it is. But one that is very manageable and easy to take care of if you can get yourself into that right mental state.
A lot of "anorexics" ive meet tend to be way over weight and can't go a day or two without actually eating something fatty, so no I don't think it counts for a lot of girls who say they are.

But I know people are effected by it. It hung hard with me, even to this day and I'm considered 'recovered' but still struggle to eat normally, hold weight and keep it.
I can look at a scale and see "115" and it translate as "Fucking fat ass needs to eat less" literally.

It's a mental battle, little depression. You can fight a lot of those feelings yourself but you should have a doctor and meds to get you fixed.

No. 42573

I think anorexia stems from boredom and having no goals, thats why most Anas are middle/upper middle class women.

No. 42574


That's not "politically incorrect" that's just retarded. It's a mental illness not something that gets turned on my a whim.

maybe a little. It's usually a control thing (kids who's parents divorced, abused children, children who are ignored etc)

No. 42575


I'm an ex-anorexic and I actually thoroughly believe in this.

If I was placed on an secluded island at the height of my eating disorder with no chance of escape any time soon of course I would resume eating a normal amount in an attempt to survive.

No. 42576

I think if Anas were put in improvised 3rd would countries most of them would stop their behavior because they wouldn't have the choice to eat and death would actually be a legitimate concern and there would be no one to baby them because people would be say "well, if you don't want to eat give it to me!"

No. 42577

Hm, yeah let's just act like mental illness is not the product of a whole life, in a particular society and a way of living in general.
Let's just be dumb, really.

No. 42578



>just stop their behavior

>mental illness
>just stop


No. 42579

So mental illness doesn't exsist on your home planet I take it?
No, anorexia is a mental illness.

You are not "Ex-Ana"
You are "Recovering ana' because eating disorders don't STOP, they minimize.

If I was on an island where I had to eat to survive I wouldn't? Anorexics will DIE to be bone thin do you realize that?

No. 42580

I think it's more a result of boredom and no goals than an actual mental illness. There's a reason why most Anas are upper middle class white chicks. Have you ever heard of some poor girl in the Philippines or Africa being Ana?

No. 42581

I'm not, I was a poor native girl my whole life.
Same with other ana's I knew, color and class don't mean shit when you are "MENTALLY ILL"

No. 42582

Well you obviously didn't read my post or maybe you just didn't understood.

No. 42583

So, you lived in a poor improvised part of a country where you didn't have the option of eating whenever you felt like it?

No. 42584

I don't believe it. It's kind of like how most people who are suicidal will still fight for their lives if put in a situation where someone is trying to kill them.

No. 42585

How dumb are you?
Do you not understand how mental illness work? Do you think every single country in the world have the same kind and the same amount of mentally ill person?
I can't stand people who don't know how to use their brain.

No. 42586

I lived in a city with a mother who worked two jobs and only had money to put necessities on the table. We couldn't eat a whole lot if we wanted too, we were poor. Money had to go to school, clothes ect.

No. 42588

I was suicidal and I never fought for my life? In fact I begged for it everyday?

No. 42589

If a man came at you will a knife, tried to drag you into his car etc I doubt you wouldn't try to fight back.
I think if a suicidal person was diagnosed with a terminal illness most of the time they wouldn't be happy about it.

No. 42590

That still sounds like a situation where you could eat if you wanted to.
Were you in a improvised country side in Africa, where donation trucks bring in grains once a day and still denying food?it sounds ridiculous thinking about it.

No. 42591

>Person don't want to be kidnapped / raped / robed / tortured and react instinctively
>"Well you obvioulsy aren't suicidal"

You are one smart cun't arent' you?

No. 42592

I doubt if you wee diagnosed with a terminal illness and were told you had 2 months to live you'd be happy and glad it's almost over. You'd most likely feel sad about how much time you wasted and wish you had another chance.

No. 42593

What is so surprising about mental illness being prevalent in country where you don't have to fight for surviving?
I'm pretty sure the weirdos from wizard chan wouldn't have existed without internet, how crazy is that?

No. 42594

???? having the option to eat or not has nothing to do with it?
Holy shit you are dumb aren't you? Mental illness doesn't hit rich people you know.

And guess what. I know a girl from Zimbabwe who has Anorexia??? Is she a dumbass for not accepting her oh so cherished donation food? What a horrible girl she is, using a fake mental illness like that.

No. 42595

I'm not suicidal, but suicidal person / depressed person can let themselves go pretty far. And I've seen mentally ill people not giving a fuck about having very serious deadly disease in my life. (social worker)

No. 42596

No, they'd probably not care/think this is what I was waiting for/this is what I deserve.
I was suicidal, that's how I thought.

You are mentally sick you don't think the way others do because you CAN'T
Why is that so hard for you to understand?

No. 42597

I really need proof of this girl you're talking about lol sounds like a lie. Anas are known for being liars. I don't think it's a fake mental illness but I think it's something that stems from boredom and having no goals.
That's why if I ever have children I'll teach them not to value looks, put them in tons of hobbies, teach them how to be in control over their own money because Anas are really just people with no goals and having nothing else going for them so they think starving is their only way to be special.

No. 42598

Your thinking is wrong.

Most anas don't want to be conventionaly attractive, so teaching them that look doesn't matter won't change jack shit.
It's more of a control thing and never a "I want to be a ugu kawaii princess dainty doll" those are the PRO anas, or wanarexic. Learn the difference.

No. 42599

>it's something that stems from boredom and having no goals

Oh, so that's why a lot of anorexic have sucessfull carrer and are great student? A lot of them have control issue and always reach for perfection.

No. 42600

This is how I think Anas think and I've seen it before
"That girl is really outgoing, she does really well in school and guys like her etc….well, she's 120 and I weigh 96 pounds which means I'm better than that fatty. She may be good at those things but I'm thinner which means I'm better"
They used weight as their value when comparing themselves to other girls because they have nothing else.

No. 42601

Nah, it's bullshit, most of them think that "bigger" (aka average) girls are good looking and know that what they want to be or find beautiful is fucked up.
Not every anorexic girl is Ash material. Only pro ana and wanarexic judge others, they are dumbasses and not mentally ill persons.

No. 42602

Those are exceptions to the rule. Most Anas are young women with nothing going on and live mundane lives.

No. 42603

It's false but since you seem to be pulling every single one of your info out of your ass I'm not gonna argue no more.

No. 42604

>Nah, it's bullshit, most of them think that "bigger
But it's actually very true though. Just look at how the Anas started calling me fat, average, jealous when I said I am 107. In their minds no matter how much of a failure they are, they feel they are better than a lot of girls because they have ~*self control*~ .

No. 42605

Stop being so insecure, it's actually rather sad.

No. 42606

And I'd like to add that Anas feel they can say what ever they want about average or fat girls but when something is said about them we are all suppose to feel bad because they're ~*sick*~ and ~*mentally ill*~

No. 42607

Not insecure but since I can talk shit about Anas here I will because in real life no matter how shitty Anas are we are all have to be nice to them because they're "sick" and "can't help" treating people like shit

No. 42608

Who are you to cry about means means ana mocking fat girls when you are the one who started btching about them here? Dumbass.

No. 42609

You sound insecure AND jealous now. You must have a shitty life to rage so hard about the attention that dying skeleton get.

No. 42610

Hey can talk shit about fat girls but it's funny when people say anything about Anas, they start crying about their mental illness and how they didn't choose to be that way. Nah, you choose to be anorexic just as much as a 400 pound person chose to be obese.

No. 42612

Nah people are just calling you out on your stupidity.

No. 42613

Nothing you said was calling me out though. You just lie and try to guilt trip people about how "sad and depressed you are" and how you didn't choose to be that way

No. 42614

In your warped mind you think I'm jealous because you think being Ana is a good thing. If I said the same things about fat people would you assume I'm jealous of them?

No. 42616

Just curious, what do you consider ana?
Would you say that >>42319 is probably anorexic? What about >>42318 or >>42314

No. 42617

I never said being ana is a good think I just think you are incredibly mad and sound jealous of the attention they are getting and I think it's pathetic since they are dying.

No. 42618

I consider anyone who starves on purpose to lose weight to be Ana. Anas come in many shapes and sizes but one thing they have in common is they're all bitches.

No. 42619

Morbidly obese people are dying too but I bet you wouldn't have a problem with me trash talking them. A lot of Anas have nasty attitudes and they were worse before this sjw stuff started happening. Now they post Thinspo while screaming "THIS IS NOT GLAMORIZE AND I AM NOT THINSPO" so they can give off the illusion of caring about others.

No. 42620

Your jealousy is showing.

No. 42621

Ok, so what do you consider starving? How many calories must you eat per day and not be "ana"? That middle aged woman at your office who went on a juice fast because she heard about it on Dr. Oz… is she ana?

No. 42622

* to not be ana

No. 42623

Please don't act stupid. You know very well what an Ana is and there is no point in asking me these question.

No. 42624

Because in your deluded mind you think being Ana is something to be envious of

No. 42625

Many people on this website seem to have their own definition of ana. It usually seems to mean "anyone who is thinner than me".

No. 42626

Over eating and becoming obese Is caused by mental illness too. Why am I supposed to feel sympathy for Anas but not them?

No. 42627

Anas can be average, fat and underweight. One thing they have in common is their shitty personalities.

No. 42628

Oh ok, you're just mad that someone here called you fat. You should stay off the internet if you're that sensitive.

No. 42629

Even before someone said that I was mocking Anas. I just don't like Anas, it's nothing personal.
Why do do I have to like them?theyre terrible people usually.

No. 42630

You should love yourself more, honey, even if you are short and stubby.

No. 42631

You being Ana you think anyone who doesn't like you is jealous or a bully. Don't you know there are plenty of girls who are tall and thin but not Ana?

No. 42632

I'm not ana, but nice projection dumbass.

No. 42633

btw I'm tall and skinny and not ana, this is not gonna make me spitt on sick girl, but stupid bully like you annoy me so much.

No. 42635

My little sister is 5,8, 15 and under 108. She's funny, everyone likes being around her, selfish, into sports and has a lot of friends. She's the exact opposite of an Ana.

No. 42636

I mean to say selfless

No. 42637

Who care about your sister really?
It's cool that there is someone in your family to counterbalance your stupidity and boringness.

No. 42638

My point is you're saying I'm jealous but the thing is people who are thin and tall can be nice and not ana.
Explain to me why I should be kind and sweet to Anas but not morbidly obese people?

No. 42639


>Iif I was on an island where I had to eat to survive I wouldn't? Anorexics will DIE to be bone thin do you realize that?

What an absurd blanket statement.
I was very much severely in the grips of anorexia, but it was never about dying, that was just something that was always potentially on the table.

You don't get to say "Oh all anorexics would do this, it's a mental illness, they would continue to starve to on an island!". You don't get to say that. You are not every person that has ever experienced anorexia; only one woman.

And yes you silly mare you do become an ex-anorexic immediately upon exiting the minimum criteria for anorexia.
I am an-anorexic, but I am recovering from my eating disorder, which yes in all likelihood will probably never leave me.

No. 42640

What about a tall and skiny AND nice ana? It's just so ignorant to act like every anorexic person is automaticaly a cunt.

No. 42641

Not every Ana is a cunt but most are.

No. 42642

You clearly aren't ana but you are also clearly a cunt, most people are cunt, but you have an extra hate for anorexic girls, the only explanation is jealousy.

And please don't go on the "I hate everyone" wagon, I will judge you extra hard.

No. 42643

I don't hate Anas I just don't care for their behavior and the way they treat people. Even if an Ana is nice she still wouldn't be pleasant to be around.

I guess when I talk shit about fat people it must be because I'm jealous lol

No. 42644

If you didn't care you wouldn't be on this thread for almost 4 hour, kek.
>Even if an Ana is nice she still wouldn't be pleasant to be around

It just highlight how boring and ignorant you must be IRL, I'm pretty sure most people around you hate you, including you beautiful skinny sister.

No. 42645

I didn't say I didn't care I said I don't hate Anas. Learn to read.
I don't like Anas for the most part and I'd prefer not having them around me, but I don't hate them.

No. 42646

Yeah I'm pretty sure nobody talked to you about their illness since you seem so smart and open. I would bet you never met any anorexic person, or they never told you since you are so judgmental.

No. 42647

I've met Anas. Not fun being around a person who makes comments on what you eat, is always having temper tantrums and just being annoying in general.

No. 42648

Oh so one person speak for all of them? You sure are a gem.

No. 42649

There are a lot of Anas who ruin their families lives. And honestly I really don't understand why Anas think they should be able to say rude things about others looks and act demanding but no one can be rude to them back.

No. 42650

so you met one ana who was a cunt and said you were fat and ate a lot and now you hate on every anorexic girl, such a smart reaction of yours.

Everything that you say is an incoherent mess with info pulled out of your ass and your one experience with a cuntish anorexic person. You sound bitter and stupid.

No. 42651

ItS not even about bitterness. Based off experience I've noticed most Anas are bitches and anytime someone calls them out on it they scream mental illness, abuse or claim everyone is a jealous bully.

No. 42652

your experience on instagram with wanarexic that's what you are talking about?

No. 42654

You're saying ash, Erika Etc are wannrexics?erika is terrible but she gets a free pass because she's "sick and "trying". Anas usually aren't good people, they're just like the obese when it comes to personality.

No. 42661

No, most people with ED's tend to have a variety of other illnesses and/or are to the ash and erica point and really truly ARE sick. Like you don't drop to 83lbs and be mentally stable? You loose most control of your emotions and how you react to shit.
It's a mental illness. Not an excuse but a reason to see it more from their side.

No. 42664

Just because Anas are mentally ill doesn't mean they're nice or pleasant to be around. Most of them are very nasty people.

No. 42675

They should be lined up and shot, but so should the obese.

No. 42690

Anas hate the morbidly obese but they're a lot a like
>expect to be able to say whatever they want about people but saying something about them is completely out of the question
>treat their friends and family like trash and when they're called out on it they claim it's abuse
>waste food

The only difference is the obese know they're disgusting Anas think they're attractive which makes them believe everyone is jelly

No. 42692

Op picture is sooo cute! I dont like chubsters but this girl hnnng

No. 43766

I can't wait for both ana-chans and fatties to die off so /fit/-girls can inherit the earth.

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