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No. 374294

Last thread >>365379

Tell us where it hurts, good anon

No. 374296

my vent: thread was an annoyance to make because of bad internet

No. 374304

I left my lunch at home so I'm eating little tea cookies and coffee at work >:(


No. 374313

File: 1550274200305.jpg (44.15 KB, 645x729, 1509822849319.jpg)

Tried to make a nice meal for myself and of course I fucked it up like a retard. I nuked it with cheese and pepper to make it borderline tolerable cause I'm not wasting food but damn I wish I wasn't so utterly hopeless when it comes to basic tasks.

No. 374316

Got ghosted by recruiter again,

No. 374318

what did you make? food is so hard to make, i hate when the ingredients i try to buy are never in stock or are too ripe or when i have the right ingredients, at least one of them starts going bad and'll just ruin the entire dish.

No. 374320

I was making scrambled eggs the other day and they exploded for no good reason. I had the biggest sulk/tantrum because I felt so retarded, I don't know if I actually fucked it up but goddamn. I just wanted to eat my eggs.

No. 374322

I was supposed to have a job last year already.
It's been almost 6 months since I was making money last time, it's getting tough.

No. 374324

Spaghetti carbonara, which is embarrassing because it's not even that complicated of a dish. I fucked up by using too much egg, it was way too runny and saturated the pasta too much.

That sucks. I'd be pissed about it too, at least my dinner was salvageable even if it wasn't great but that's just a waste of food and time.

No. 374326

I am pretty hopeless about cooking too, I mess up a lot even if I use exact ingredients and measurements from recipes. I have a few relatively simple recipes in my repertoire now, like stir fry, that are impossible to fuck up, and are delicious with few ingredients. Anything that's a lot of flour or egg I steer away from because I ALWAYS fuck it up.

No. 374345

I agree with other anons about trying simple recipes that are hard to mess up like salads, soups, paninis, stir fry, pasta dishes (like lasagna) a lot of it can be made using pre bought things (like pre bought pasta sauces, using rotisserie chicken for soups, pastas, sandwiches, salads, etc) or things that can be baked like salmon (just marinating it, and shoving it into the oven.)
Sorry if it's obvious things that you already know, but I've noticed people tend to have an easier time if more of the laborious parts are already done or made, or if there aren't too many things that need to be done all at once.

No. 374347

I made my boyfriend a cute doodle/homemade card for Valentine's Day yesterday and put it where he'd find it when he got home from his closing shift (in the
fridge with his favorite beer and a chilled glass), and I found it in the trash when I got home from work today.. It's not like it took me hours to make or anything, and I guess I didn't really have any expectations as to what he should do with it, but I certainly didn't expect to find it in the garbage, lol. Just had to get that off my chest.

No. 374348

My robot vacuum ran off with the router cord while I was in the middle of a game with friends. Little shit.

No. 374349

You should confront him about it anon, that's an awful thing to do if it wasnt a misunderstanding.

No. 374350

that's genuinely messed up, whenever me and my boyfriend draw stuff for each other we at least save it digitally and let the other know. I keep his stuff and he keeps mine. I'd definitely be mad if I were you.

No. 374351

That isn't right. The least he could do is keep it in a drawer if he doesn't want to keep it or display it. I swear, you gals' boyfriends are really shitty.

No. 374353

File: 1550280760761.jpg (39.92 KB, 443x550, pp,550x550.jpg)

My sister has been ultra pissed over a fucking game all day. I normally understand when somebody gets a little frustrated while playing a game or smthn, but this is ridiculous, this bitch has been sperging for like 20 hours already and when i tell her to calm the fuck down she screams at me "Mind your business!!" and that's what i have been trying to do all along, i tried to hear some music and everything was going fine, but the second i put off the headphones all i can hear is her screeching. I don't understand why she plays a game that she hates so much and makes her pissed like that, it has been two weeks of this bs already. I just want some peace damn, i didn't ask for an "Alchemia Story gameplay gone WRONG".

No. 374354

Good: An asshole I know got exposed as a abusive creep on lolcow and I sleep better at night knowing he hates it and his reputation is tarnished forever.

Bad: we share mutual friends who don’t know what a piece of shit he actually is but I don’t want to show them the thread mentioning him. I just really want him to lose all the good people in his life for being so awful.

No. 374359

Is your sister an actual ape

No. 374372

File: 1550281868296.png (496.12 KB, 726x642, dscn1935.png)

LMAO anon

No. 374373

Are you the discord anon from g? Show them.

No. 374383

File: 1550283544050.jpg (43.15 KB, 540x415, A5M61uo8lff_540.jpg)

fucking canpar has it saying my package is in transit to be delivered all day and now its 9pm and no fucking delivery!!! FUCKING REEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 374392

is it pedro kek

No. 374406

I don’t know if this counts but I hate how the vast, vast majority of the LGBT community are all just middle-class straight girls that just want to seem cool. Whether it be the “gay” fakebois, the “bisexual/Pansexual women” who are 0.0000001% attracted to women, or the “gray-asexuals” who love having sex with men but aren’t 100% horny all the time so I guess they’re kweer now.

The worst part is when the media says “the LGBT community wants ‘insert ship here’ for representation” when we ALL know it’s because the straight girls want their precious ship canon.

No. 374411

File: 1550291288304.jpeg (28.61 KB, 281x500, 8230E700-62A9-4F31-9193-A183DA…)

I hate being deaf more than anything. I sound retarded when I talk, even after years of speech therapy. My voice doesn’t affect me as much now as it did in school, but I still feel embarrassed being an adult and not being able to fully express myself verbally the way I want because I know I can’t pronounce certain letters or words correctly. I despise being associated with the rabid ideologies of the deaf community, people have admitted they are afraid to talk to me in fear of saying something offensive simply because their only previous exposure to other deaf people are from news stories of them crying in protest over babies getting cochlear implants or other inane shit.

No. 374412

this is a really dumb rant, but i hate how online hair extension companies absolutely suck at showing color differences and you're basically expected to order blind unless you order their stupid color ring in advance (if they even have one). i just want a set of normal medium brown extensions so i don't have to dye my blonde ones, but it's so goddamn hard when all the dark colors look exactly the same.

No. 374414

I love the new thread pic anon. Doctor doggo is in

Jesus wept, who does that?!

No. 374416

I think a 6 is a caucasian dark brown. Generally everything is darker than pictured.

No. 374423

>tfw looking through old tumblr account before I delete it

All the people I used to folllow deleted their blogs or dropped their hobbies completely. It’s a weird solemn feeling to see abandoned or deleted fandom accounts. Tumblr is becoming a ghost town but I miss when it was super active and also had all the snowflakey drama people on it.
especially all the homestuck and dangan ronpa nutters that plagued the community

Forgot how active the cosplay community was on tumblr too, sucks to patreon/cos thots become the main focus now. Makes me wonder how things are going to look in a couple years for cosplay.

No. 374425

File: 1550294990783.png (148.12 KB, 600x383, winnie-the-pooh-clipart-flower…)

i have a more pathetic, unsalvageable life (kind of ugly and a failure with a lot of health problems, but im ok with it) than a lot of you guys but i swear sometimes i want to just remove you guys from your shitty environments and all the assholes in your lives and adopt you guys and watch you guys thrive like snarky little smarty plants in need of a safe space to grow. no homo

No. 374428

same. you gals deserve better.

No. 374429

got thos feels. all the love i dont give myself i want to wrap up other anons with it sometimes.

No. 374434

I want to die today. I feel so sad.
I know it's just in the moment and it will pass but I just feel so goddamn lonely.

No. 374437

Hey were all at the bottom of the barrel together n i fuxking love each n everyone of u

No. 374447

File: 1550305618539.png (347.52 KB, 625x351, thunderboltfantasy-625x351.png)

It makes me sad, when I look back to the "friends" I made on /r9k/ as a young girl, just how many of them were trying to groom me.

No. 374452

I'm m also lonely, sending you a big hug anon, let's be strong just one more day

No. 374453

File: 1550306972675.gif (604.05 KB, 450x450, mood.gif)

Why can't the world just end tomorrow? Am I the only one here hoping for a plague or a giga meteorite to just kill us all?

No. 374456

I think about that quite often. We can all stop caring about whatever bullshit we think is important and all suffer the same fate.

No. 374457

It's a hard to approach topic for many people. Most have never interacted with a deaf person, so we can get a bit flustered. To ignore it would be rude, and to bring attention to it may be rude as well. After the initial meeting, it's alot easier to understand how to best be friends. And don't be embarrassed about your voice. Even if it sounds weird, keeping it shut away is losing one of the few ways we can get our thoughts and soul out into the world. The message is more important than the quality of the handwriting. Same principle with voice.

No. 374458

It makes me sad that no matter how many radfem posts I read, how much I realize that gender is a bullshit meme, how much I accept that performing femininity like a trained pet gilding its cage is just holding us all back, I will always want to be pretty. Not to compete with other women or for guys to like me or whatever, but because it feels fucking good. Makeup, fashion and other "girly" aesthetic pursuits are enjoyable. Being complimented on my hair and eyes and face is just nice. Knowing something looks good on me is a great feeling. Being treated better by people because they think I'm "cute" feels safer.

My politics aren't matching up with my actions, and I'm worried I'll be stuck in that paradox forever. My only solace is that in the same way I don't want to look like a man, I don't like it when men are overly masculine-presenting, either. I think their stereotypical aesthetic ideals are grotesque, unappealing, unattractive and/or completely boring. IMO, feminine men look better than "masculine" men, and "tomboyish" women look better than men as a whole. So, maybe it is actually possible to enjoy performing femininity in a way that doesn't inherently make us out to be inferior to men? I don't know anymore.

No. 374467

I'm ready, fuck it

No. 374478


No. 374482

File: 1550320628199.jpg (18.62 KB, 495x277, superbowl-ad-quiz-screaming-ss…)

I have to scream

No. 374489

we never asked to be born in the first place. fuck humanity.

No. 374491

i'm with you on this 100% anon. i'll never be radfem enough because of my genuine love for stereotypical girly shit but i still agree with the fact that yeah, that stuff is used to oppress women. but… i still really like doing my makeup and wearing heels. i feel like i wouldn't be seen as "one of them" if i went to a radfem group irl.

No. 374492

I don’t think partaking in feminine rituals is an issue in itself, especially if it makes your life easier by confirming (not sure what it’s like in other countries, where I’m from masculinity in women is seen as a good thing), it’s more so women that partake in said rituals and pretend that it is somehow empowering/liberating and is a feminist choice purely because a woman chose to do it

I have two children and want to get married, both things are used to historically and globally oppress women, but that doesn’t make me any less of a feminist. Not every aspect of a woman’s life has to be a political statement

No. 374497

Anon… wanting to be pretty and fashionable is not a sin, it was and still is a bit of a rich people's thing, because it needs time and money, so you're "privileged" for even affording to look nice. BUT, men have turned this notion into such monstrosity in the past century (in an attempt at fully turning women, human beings, into decoration+womb if I may add), where only women have to try to look presentable FOR men, while men don't give a shit about what women are attracted to and don't care about their looks because they'll still be awarded a wife (now that this isn't the case anymore you can see the anger rising from them).

Btw is the majority of women that like more "feminine" boys. You can see every generation of girls adoring celebrities like that rather than the rugged masculine ones (glam rock, biebs, one direction, kpop now…). It's okay to take care of yourself and want to look pretty anon, just place yourself in the current context when you do and realize that at the moment if you do it signifies, for men, that you want to be an object (but to be honest they'll do anyway) and you're not helping fight against the notion that women MUST doll up or either! But at least I'm glad you don't over-inflate the ego of ugly masculine men. Maybe we should just get men to appreciate and work on the beauty of their own bodies instead of aboloshing it altogether.

No. 374499


>Being treated better by people because they think I'm "cute" feels safer.

This is why the system of gender is so insidious. This is what oppression feels like.


Wear whatever you choose. Just don't refer to those choices as feminist.

>not radfem enough

This is exactly the type of discussion welcome in the rad fem thread >>>/ot/373459

No. 374570

god i hate my brother so much, i just want him to go back to iowa asap. he shows up whenever and leaves whenever, if i'm lucky he'll leave today but i bet it'll be tomorrow. the house feels so dirty when he's here.

No. 374617

File: 1550338632574.jpg (69.1 KB, 750x750, 53753637f24ec4065bd583672b75a9…)

I recently started a really great job. Decent money and benefits or so I thought until HR gave me the insurance enrolment forms yesterday and even with the most basic/cheapest plan, I will have to pay close to 1/3rd of my pay check toward it (with the other 2/3rds going to rent/bills/food). I have no medical issues and go to the doc once a year for a check up/pap and I'm furious that I have to pay so much for something I don't really even use. It would be cheaper for me to just pay out of pocket but I'll still get fucked over on taxes for not having insurance. What I really need is dental, which my new job does not offer, just a meagre HSA than I can't use until June. All that money I had expected to save…gone.

No. 374620

yea paying for insurance can fucking wreck a paycheck. it feels so insulting. im so sorry anon

No. 374624

this reminds me i just set up my retirement savings and even though it's only taking 3% of my paycheck… 3% ends up being around $40 a month. like that's basically half a month's worth of gas for me.

No. 374625

>For plan years through 2018, if you can afford health insurance but choose not to buy it, you may pay a fee called the individual Shared Responsibility Payment. (The fee is sometimes called the "penalty," "fine," or "individual mandate.")

Starting with the 2019 plan year (for which you’ll file taxes in April 2020), the Shared Responsibility Payment no longer applies.

No. 374632

File: 1550341282567.jpg (16.43 KB, 470x251, Blobfish-ugly-470.jpg)

I really hate going out in public. I feel like I'm subjecting people to look at my ugly face and body. I know this isn't a healthy way to think about myself, but I always hated how I looked since I was a kid. I'm not really ugly or deformed or anything, I'm I guess average or slightly below average, but I just really hate how I look. I wish I could be pretty for once in my life. Really shallow wish, but it's true.

No. 374640

Just discovered the gums are receding o my bottom two front teeth. Scared the shit out of me. I have a dentist appointment in March, but I haven't been in a couple years because my sisters kept taking my appointments when they would come to town for a little while and it was "more important" for them to see the dentist while they were here since I could go "any time" (dentists don't just schedule you whenever, it's always ~6 months away.) Now I'm like AH my teeth are gonna fall out by age 30 I floss semi-regularly and brush every day but I didn't realize until last night! It's not super bad yet, I can't see the roots, but I was surprised at how low the gums went when they were still normal for my other teeth. Any tips about how to stop the receding?

No. 374641

It can happen for a number of reasons. There are soo many treatments for gum recession now anyways. They won't fall out.

No. 374642

File: 1550342484700.png (1014.38 KB, 685x974, 3c9267d0832d9cec98e71f86373b9e…)

I hate men who watch porn so much reeeee
I hate how they treat me, I hate being friends with them
I hate how my worth is chalked down to being fucking pretty or not that day when I make more money and am more talented than them,
God forbid I go makeup free a day or two, god forbid I'm bloated from eating bread
Fuck you Im not going to fuck you so fuck off with your fucking opinions

No. 374644

Get a softer toothbrush and a gum stimulator. I’ve had receded gums for years on my lower teeth because of braces and brushing too hard

No. 374651

Can it be caused by overcrowding? I'm already missing 8 adult teeth (wisdom + one set of molars) but my teeth especially on the bottom front are all jammed up together and overlapping on one side. I had braces for 3 years but lately I've been noticing them all shifting and fighting for room. I'd be fine with getting one/two teeth removed to save the rest of them from more problems down the line. But not the front ones!

No. 374652

Either way you won't lose your teeth from the gums receding. Bone is what keeps them in your mouth. Lose gum and bone and that's what causes it. And yes crowding can make it worse. Still, there are so many treatments for it. Chao pinhole, rejuvagum, alloderm, Free gum graft, etc etc

No. 374653

It annoys me that girls who made fun of black girls for wearing weaves/extensions are going to be singing "You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it" because of Ariana Grande.

No. 374654

Probably not if those girls really didn't care for extensions, they still don't. Extensions have been popular with every race since the 90s so I guess everyone else is good

No. 374655

Extensions are worn by everyone, but only one type of woman/girl is attacked and consistently called "ghetto" for wearing them. I wonder why.

No. 374658

By other people in the black community (and it's always the men). No one outside of it talks about this shit because no one really cares.

No. 374659

Lmao, you are painfully, woefully wrong.

No. 374662

I know that feeling. I promise it passes, especially if those people aren't in your life anymore.

No. 374664

File: 1550345638601.jpeg (60.64 KB, 750x620, 56C3EDFD-37A0-45A2-8D5F-9423AA…)

I fucking hate being short. I’m already eating below my BMR but I’m still chubby! i hate this. unless I go through my entire life eating 1000 calories or less im fucked. i wish i was 5 inches taller. people who want to be short have no idea how good they have it.

No. 374665

No I'm not because I've dealt with this shit my whole life and it's just black men who rag on us for it. You just sound like you have a victim complex and hate other women.

I feel like you bitch about this every week but it has nothing to do with your height. Sounds like your metabolism is slow.

No. 374666

>My experience is the only real experience!
>If you ever talk about other women being shitty to you, you just HATE women and have a VICTIM COMPLEX!
You sound kind of batshit insane and obsessed with some vague notion of sisterhood. The world is bigger than you.

No. 374667

>I feel like you bitch about this every week

This site contains multiple anons with weight issues, I doubt I’m the only one here.

No. 374668

Nice projecting. Now stop shitting up the thread if you're just going to reply to me with ad hominems. Keep thinking it's just women out there calling you ghetto.

No. 374669

Don't eat under your bmr

Try to look at what exactly you're eating, how much and if it could be because of pms/hormones etc

If you can't lose weight for quote a while (and aren't trying to be underweight) you might want to see a doctor

No. 374670

Do you even know what projecting means? This is a rhetorical question, I'm convinced you don't.
You're the only one shitting up the thread with your weird denial of what other people have gone through. Piss off.

No. 374671

>hating yourself this much
>being this insecure
>wanting the last word this badly

No. 374673

Now that's what I call textbook projection, kek. I hope your life gets better soon and you stop bitching out people for posting vents you can't relate to.

Getting back on topic: I'm sick of people shitting on cats for not being affectionate right off the bat.

No. 374676

>my initial post was bitching you out
If you can't handle discussion or take criticism, maybe you shouldn't post here. You're the one sperging out with ad hominems. Lol @ your "getting back on topic" as if you already didn't shit up the thread with your woman-hating insecurity.

No. 374678

I’m tryjng to get down to under 110 which isn’t low at all for me at 5’2, I’m currently at 124. my bmr is in the 1300s and I’m doing one meal a day IF. sometimes i eat trash on weekends, on a good day mostly i eat soup, tuna, those vegetarian patties or nuggs, cooking is hard and I hate it so I like easy to reach for food. I’m joining a gym soon so I’ll have exercise to add to my routine, I’m hoping that helps.

No. 374679

Stop infighting and derailing the thread.

No. 374680

someone i know sees me as a security blanket and constantly tries to use emotional manipulation to get me to allow her to copy me and include her in on my friendships and things i try to go do for myself. im trying my damn hardest to get toxic people out of my life and be a less toxic person myself, but these kinds of people from my past make it so incredibly hard to move on from high school bullshit. i just ignore her now instead of getting swept up in it like i might have only a few years ago. but im in my 30s now, i shouldn't have to deal with this crap. people should become self aware by this age but it's like certain types of people just stay in the past and never change.

No. 374681

What kind of "trash" do you eat, anon? I was maintaining at 110 eating a lot of junk food until I started drinking this particular brand of hot chocolate. After cutting it out, I went back down. It was fucking weird.

No. 374682

You too.

No. 374684

No1curr… seriously why are black americans like this ?

No. 374686

i like pizza and wings, occasionally a soda. i eat once a day probably about 85% of the time. I love panera and Taco Bell too. im jealous of my friends who eat garbage 24/7, never work out, and stay slim. you’re all really lucky.

i used to be a teen who ate junk all day and never gained, then by the end of highschool and start if college I shot up past 140. then i got down to the 120s somehow, but i can’t get into the 110s. i hust want these last 15 pounds gone. i had such a qt slender body, i miss it

No. 374687

Sometimes, I wonder if it's one specific anon who enters /ot/ threads (specifically vent and unpopular opinion ones), looks for arguments wherever possible and does their best to farm for replies and mess up the entire thread. I almost want to say it's a scrote, but they're actually not bad at impersonating a woman.
I'm probably just being paranoid, but I often notice the same terminology and insults used repeatedly, usually something about getting the last word while trying to get it themselves.

No. 374688

>in my 30s
oh god anon i'm so sorry, just drop her. she's not worth the stress. my mom and dad got into a big fight, like almost divorced because high school drama followed them into their late 30s. even after that whole fiasco, they still hang out with people from their high school days. they'll never grow up. you currently have the mindset wanting to get out, just do it.

No. 374691

Stop eating pizza, taco bell, panera, and drinking soda. It's all cheese, bread, and fast food which will make you blow up. Replace all your beverages with lots of water or tea and eat smaller portions. Most of all STAY BUSY and distracted. If you're bored and lounging around, you'll have the urge to eat more.

Don't starve yourself by eating only 1 meal a day, for a lot of people, that doesn't work. Buy little snacks for yourself like yogurt or apple sauce to hold you over if you really need to eat something.

No. 374692

ugh, I feel this post. I have mad facial dysmorphia that essentially leaves me a shut in. I wish I could just get over it, because I'm not an abomination persay, but I have all the strong facial features in my family that are just unattractive together. When I look in the mirror, I just feel disgusted.

No. 374693

OP here, if you retards don't stop derailing the vent thread and infighting on every thread, I will tell on you on /meta/

No. 374695

Then, all you can do is regulate how much of those things you eat. Go for half of all the stuff you like. From personal experience, it sucks at first, but you get used to it and do lose weight.
It really is all about calories, not really content of meals (though of course junk isn't healthy).

No. 374696

Like what you're doing? Didn't it already end

No. 374697

>implying "op here" has any bearing in a thread like this
kek get the fuck over yourself

No. 374698

God right? This isn't HER thread, it's lolcow.

No. 374699

There's no point in acknowledging it, just report when it gets OTT.
It really does look like one person is sperging (as they probably do regularly), and desperate for "the last word!!!!", as I said earlier. The weird, immediate catty replies to your post are suspicious, too.

No. 374701

Yeah it seems like it's that black girl still mad and sperging about women talking about her weave even though she was told to stfu about it by people.

No. 374703

nta or ta you've been arguing with but it's against the rules to report someone for something you yourself are guilty of lmao

No. 374705

>as I said earlier
Why are you pretending to be me? OP doesn't own the thread.

No. 374706

I broke out in a few spots during my period, no biggie. But like 3 were bothersome, so I tried that spot treatment clean and clear thing? Reduced the spot but it's given me small chemical burns. Really hope they heal.

No. 374707

I'm the anon who mentioned weaves, and I stopped talking about it long ago. Either way, I hope the autism stops. This is a vent thread, make an "angry bitches looking to fight" thread or something.

No. 374709

I eat one meal a day because I’m at work. And I’m not going to go to any of those places anymore after today, I’m done.

No. 374710

>hope the autism stops
>still going on about weaves
Can you knock it off already? No one was even mentioning you anymore but you keep dragging it on and making it about yourself. We were talking about op. Are you embarrassed or something? You should be.

No. 374711

leave already

No. 374712

>Long ago
But you were still infighting and subposting about the infighting less than half an hour ago. Practice what you preach: curb your autism.

No. 374713

>No one was even mentioning you anymore
Read >>374701. You've already made multiple posts about this, and it's clear you're unwell. This is your last (You).

No. 374714

That was my first time responding to you. Nice tinfoil, keep thinking it's one anon calling out your autism.

No. 374716

You trying to screech "samefag" in each post shows you are unwell and delusional. Stop.

No. 374717

File: 1550349179429.gif (86.18 KB, 300x299, 1550326271189.gif)

This guy in my friend group recently introduced his girlfriend to us. Everything was fine, until I found out he is/was cheating on her with another girl in this exact same friend group. I don't know whether to tell the girlfriend or not, and it's hard acting normal around her.

It's making hanging out with them all really, really awkward. I don't know whether it's even my place to tell her, and part of me is worried she'll just lash out at me for trying to "sabotage their relationship" if she refuses to believe it. I wish the inevitable implosion when it gets out would just happen already. I just want my comfy movie nights back, for fuck's sake.

No. 374718

i really should lol im just being held back by the feeling of being considered a bad person by just dropping people. would much rather "drift apart" like most friendships but some people just cling on and refuse to let you move on in your life. she's the type of person who wants me to get a life and friends for her so she doesn't have to do it herself. she'll follow me to every single thing i try to do for myself, copy my look, embarrass me with her childish behavior and constant bragging, and not just from the sidelines either she'll straight up brag about knowing me and how many years she's known me like it's some kind of achievement. its absolutely terrible lol. today she's pissed off and not speaking to me because i set a boundary and told her not to come to the same group as me. its absolutely pathetic.

No. 374720

Tell her. She's going to find out eventually and will see you're right anyway. I think it's shittier if you don't say anything.

No. 374721

She sounds like such a parasite. Her not talking to you now might actually be a good thing. Can you use that situation to drift away from her somehow? Like, don't talk to her either and don't respond if/when she tries to get back in touch.

No. 374728

im definitely going to try it lol and you're right she's 100% a parasite and a blight on everyone who knows her. even when ive ignored her in the past she'll "coincidentally" show up somewhere she finds out im gonna be. its one of those people who gets stuck on someone and obsesses with them and starts trying to skinwalk as them. im hoping that my refusal to give in to her emotional manipulation will make her just give up this time and leave me alone lol.

No. 374737

That anon just sounds salty. Lots of anons complain that it can be hard to lose weight when you're short? Wow! It's almost like it's a common problem.

No. 374747

thiiiis. i'm 5'1 and being short sucks ass, your caloric allowance is painfully low unless you exercise a lot. i'm sick of hearing people talk about how it's "not even that hard" to lose weight when they're like 5'6+. it's not the same for you, go away. i never believed the metabolism meme until i saw it in action, and i'm not even fat.
honestly, that specific anon sounded salty and aggro all thread lol.

No. 374748

It's been a year since I cut off my BPD ex who replaced me. When I think I've moved on, I realize I'm still filled with sadness and hurt. I'll never do it but sometimes I imagine talking to her again. Why? I know it's not worth it and I'm better off this way, so why do I still miss it all? I fell into a slump mood again, could some anons give some tough love or words to snap me out of it?

No. 374751

There's been an influx of tall anons nitpicking posts where anons say anything about being short. Just ignore it.

No. 374753

being short just kind of makes me want to fucking die because my crush has a history of being into taller girls and i feel so insecure that even if everything goes okay and we date he's going to find me unattractive and incompetent in this aspect. i'm trying hard to keep myself in shape both for my appearance and my health but i wish there was a way to be taller, you can only get a few centimeters taller by exercising. i don't want to be cute or look young, i want to be hot. i know this is pathetic and makes me sound like the incel manlets but yeah

No. 374758

That's unfortunate, very few men prefer taller women so you really bad-lucked out there.
Sorry to hear about that.

No. 374761

If you're tall you get hungry much quicker/feel exhausted even if you haven't even eaten that little. We really do need the extra calories, so the level of hunger and discomfort while dieting is the same as for you short women. I might lose weight while eating 1500 calories at the same pace as you do when eating 1000 - but I will feel just as shitty.

Plus there are many other reasons that justify whishing to be shorter, dieting is not everything in life.

No. 374767

this is why i don't befriend men until i've vetted them. even then, they still disappoint me.
it's especially bad when you're better than them financially, they'll do anything to try and cut you down.

nta but no one even mentioned samefag, the rage posts were just quite obvious since they came out minutes between eachother on a slow-ass board

No. 374768

File: 1550354100433.gif (689.15 KB, 512x680, triggered.gif)

the anons who eat food for dogs and cats disgust me, sorry. i've tried pet food too out of curiosity and i spat it out asap because it was fucking gross. i cant imagine actually voluntarily eating that shit

No. 374769

Find someone who likes you for you and stop pining over someone who's shallow then. If someone really enjoyed being with you, they wouldn't care about something like that.

No. 374771

>there are many other reasons that justify whishing to be shorter
nta but i can't think of any reason to wish to be shorter, besides wanting guys to sometimes find you more attractive or for skirts to look longer. it's 100% not worth it.

No. 374772

Just because your crush usually goes for tall girls doesn't mean he can't make an exception, though. My boyfriend was surprised by my height when we started dating and normally prefers shorter girls, but he finds me attractive anyway. If your crush likes other parts of your appearance and personality he won't mind your height.

Related to this, I'm insecure about the exact opposite. I'm somewhat tall and I've got a "mature" face. I just can't feel cute, even though that's what I admire in other girls. It's super unhealthy but I can't help but watch videos of Anzu and feel terrible about my ugly, angular face.

No. 374775

What that doesnt mean it's the same person. The only one dragging it on was the initial anon ranting about weaves and she tried implying any anon responding to her was the same person. She's a nutcase

No. 374778

didn't she stop responding in >>374673 until it was suddenly brought up again after the op said to stop? it just looks like it was the other person salty about being told to quit to me.

No. 374780

See >>374699 and >>374705 99 is the weave anon still going on about it (pretending to be the other anon she was fighting with for some reason wtf bizarre). She was the only one who couldn't let it go. She seems deranged.

No. 374790

??? that really doesn't make sense. the weave thing didn't come up again until >>374701 who was mad about that previous anon said it was them, and there's nothing linking the anon who made >>374707 to the other posts you referred to.
meanwhile, the op who said to stop derailing somehow got three buttblasted replies about "not owning the thread".

>It's super unhealthy but I can't help but watch videos of Anzu and feel terrible about my ugly, angular face.
not her but anon, have you tried looking at videos of supermodels with features like yours? there's more than one way to be beautiful/cute, i promise. not everyone has to look like anzu. considering the bulimia, even she's probably not happy with her appearance. everyone has their "thing"

No. 374791

Reminds me of the mulatto anon who was sperging out about her boyfriend or something in that one thread saying she could blackmail him and threaten him out of money. Seems like wee have a personal lolcow among us.

No. 374794

i made him sound like an extremely superficial guy but he's great and i love him by all means, things have been going well so far. he never commented about anything related to my height to make me feel bad or anything, it's just that i've heard about him saying that taller girls are his type through mutual friends and i'm 9 inches shorter than him but his exes were closer to his height and it makes me insecure. i agree with your point though

i'm happy that your relationship worked out anon! taller and mature looking women rock and i wish i had these features, please don't think of yourself like that.

No. 374797

>i can't think of any reason to wish to be shorter, besides wanting guys to sometimes find you more attractive
The vast majority of guys don't find tall women attractive at all, so most tall girls would wish to be shorter, simply because they're afraid of ending up alone.
Also, kids and adults of both genders are incredibly cruel if you're tall (and female).
So yes, there are plenty of reasons.

The only positive thing about being tall is that sometimes old ladies ask you to get them stuff from the top shelf and then will praise you for being nice. That's literally it.

No. 374798

Nta but what do the three anons talking to op have to do with the weave thing? That was something totally unrelated and >>374701 doesn't sound like the anon she was arguing with considering both anons originally fighting were black, i don't think they would refer to anyone as "black girl". She was told to stop many times..it could have been anyone.

No. 374800

Yeah, you're right. I'm just worried, because the guy has a habit of accusing people of "causing drama" if they say/do anything that disturbs the peace of the group. He'll probably try to turn everyone against me, but whatever. I don't need friends who co-sign this kind of shit.

No. 374801

no, it seems like her last replies were >>374679 >>374687 >>374699 >>374707 and >>374713 considering the time frame, content, and writing style.

>the op who said to stop derailing somehow got three buttblasted replies about "not owning the thread"

op was an autist for that and deserved the replies acknowledging it. this is a simple reoccurring thread, who the op is is completely irrelevant. it doesn't give that person any authority.

No. 374803

What do you mean that doesn't make sense? Weave anon is fucking creepy trying to pretend to be someone she's arguing with (maybe to try and frame it like she was still going on about it?) That shit is real petty and says a lot about weave anon still being assmad over it.

No. 374805

>dieting is not everything in life.

it is when you’re short and that extra slice of pizza on a weekend or just one sugary Starbucks drink is the difference between you fitting into your clothes and your bf bring attracted to you.

No. 374807

i dunno, it just looked clear that it was related because the thread was doing fine up til that point. you're right that it really could've been anyone, but the typing style and the fact that they randomly brought it up after it already ended looked off to me
if >>374801 is right that they said to stop infighting and derailing, they'd probably be more likely to agree with the op than suddenly go on attack mode all over again.

if the anon in >>374687 and >>374699 are the same, that means they most likely weren't pretending to be the other anon(?) in >>374705 but referring to their own former post.
it's more likely that the other anon assumed they were being vagued or something, and posted >>374696 and the rest of the angry posts at op for trying to regulate it, but i have no way of knowing.
>op was an autist for that and deserved the replies acknowledging it. this is a simple reoccurring thread, who the op is is completely irrelevant. it doesn't give that person any authority.
saying "op here" isn't that uncommon in chan threads, and i don't think they were wrong to tell people to stop messing up the thread. it's a common problem

No. 374808

> your bf bring attracted to you.
He isn't worth it in the first place then. Go get yourself a decent man if you can find one.

No. 374809

like I said, this is a reoccurring thread. mustering up the courage to post a shitty picture, one line of text, and a link to the last thread just like the last 23 ops did gives you absolutely no more authority than any other anon.

No. 374811

>tfw we're infighting about infighting now
bless this mess of a site

No. 374813

Ik this is stupid, I won't be talking about it anymore but I do want to know why >>374807 keeps mentioning it still.

No. 374814

i don't think mentioning being op means you think you have authority. regardless, the content of the post itself wasn't wrong. i've said to stop derailing tons of times.


i really don't see how they were pretending to be the other person in >>374699, as
>as i said earlier
is likely referring to >>374687 because they both mention "the last word". i'm not defending anything, i'm just calling it like i see it. i don't get why op got yelled at, since derailing is actually a real issue

i don't mean to infight, sorry, i'll stop talking about it

No. 374815

Dumb, but I wish I had a partner to buy cute clothes for or match looks with.
It's probably just an extension of my own love of clothes-buying, but it would be so fun and cute I think.

No. 374820

How would you know anon is >>374687 and why would you suspect that has anything to do with their discussion? Even if that is her, that still means she wasn't over it
which is pathetic because it stopped before then. The initial anon she was arguing with made fun of her for needing the last word which is much more relevant. She also seemed salty about it hence the !!! at the end of the quote.

No. 374826

i don't know, i was just going off what >>374801 said about time frame and writing style.
i'm not saying it wasn't pathetic, just that all the posts coming down on op were off and uncalled for. mentioning the weave thing again after nobody actually brought it up just makes it look like the anon was salty. it's like they were lashing out at op because they felt targeted even after it was over. from the looks of things, it seemed like they both weren't over it and were acting immature, ngl

No. 374830

why else would you mention being op? op got yelled at it was a weird, borderline attention whorey thing to bring up considering the nature of the thread. idk if you're a newfag to boards or what but "op here" is rarely relevant and this thread is a great example of when it isn't.

No. 374832

>*op got yelled at because it was[…]

No. 374833

anxiety is so difficult to deal with today. i feel like i'm going to lose my mind, like i know it's my anxiety making me believe this but it's so overwhelming. my senses and body sensations are on overload it's hard to process things. i've been like this before and it took me 4 years to get it to a manageable level. now i'm dealing with it again and i'm going on my 4th month in a few days. i know i've posted about this before, consider this my daily vent in recovery.

No. 374836

>mentioning the weave thing again after nobody actually brought it up just makes it look like the anon was salty. it's like they were lashing out at op because they felt targeted even after it was over.
Yeah and it turned out to be weave anon still talking about it, whether she was pretending to be the other anon or referencing her own post. I can't tell if you're for weave anon or against her with this train of thought.

No. 374840

it wasn't, though, it was pretty clearly the other person involved because they didn't want to be told to stop derailing after the fact. that's why they randomly started talking about the weave thing again when it had already ended.
i'm not for or against anyone. like i said, they're both immature. i just think it was really dumb of the other anon to start yelling at op simply for not wanting a bad thread and saying "op here".

No. 374843

but is saying "op here" really such a big deal that it warrants multiple angry replies and calling them an autist? it's a very common thing to say, and no one actually expects reverence for it. i've seen it said lots of times in other threads without a hitch

No. 374845

It probably is her. Notice how the other anon hasn't been present forever now but there's still someone here mildly trying to stick up for the original weave one.

Except it was weave anon? We already eatablished >>374699 is her. Why are you pretending that's the other anon? You really so sound like her. Let it go already.

No. 374852

>but is saying "op here" really such a big deal that it warrants multiple angry replies and calling them an autist?

No. 374854

i'm saying >>374701 and the others blasting op are the other anon because they randomly brought up the weave thing all over again, not >>374699. but we still will never actually know in the end unless you're a janitor. it really could be anyone.
i'm not her, which is why i said they're both immature. to be honest, the way you keep implying only that anon was the problem, plus the fact that we also haven't seen the other anon all thread makes me wonder if you aren't them, but it's not like i have any way of knowing

No. 374858

What makes you anxious? Have you been to therapy?

No. 374860

But >>374699 brought it up first. The two posts after it sound like they're poking fun at her for bringing it up again. For the record, multiple anons have been responding to your posts right now and no I'm not the anon she was arguing with. The weave anon sounds like she doesn't have a life though with the way she kept talking about it (and implying everyone responding to her is the same person) so I wouldn't doubt you were her repeating the same thing

No. 374861

i'm so fucking tired of having to bleach my roots to avoid looking like shit.
i regret dying my hair, i really do. i should've just gotten a fucking wig.

No. 374869

>i'm saying >>374701 and the others blasting op are the other anon
Hahaha! Holy shit what a reach. You really must be the black anon.

No. 374873

I have some trauma from a bad drug experience from years ago. I'm currently going to therapy for this, it's just been tough recovering. I have really good days, then there's days where they feel unbearable like today. I've been able to put my anxiety in control for a few years, but it just happened to relapse.

No. 374877

the weave wasn't mentioned in >>374699, just the last word bit. it only came up after the op said to stop infighting and the person said to just report it. they were aggressive toward op and then to anyone who agreed that derailing was bad. it was just extremely odd. you can doubt or not doubt anything, i'm just commenting on what i read. saying "nta" at this point is kind of useless since we can't prove anything, i just think jumping on op and dogpiling them was too much

yeah….i'm really starting to think the black anon who was mad about the weave argument is still in here lol. if i'm right and you're reading this, you're both autists jfc.
it's not a reach for the reasons i stated before. screeching and being aggressive at op for saying "stop derailing" and then pretending "op here" is a cardinal sin of chan boards is something only a derailer covering their ass would do.
it doesn't matter in the end, so i'll stop like i said i would before

No. 374878

What drug was it anon? Were you addicted or was it just a bad trip experience?

No. 374882

It was just a bad trip experience. Only did it once.

No. 374887

The only autist is you trying to defend your little spergout from hours ago. Your thought process is so fucked up you can't even defend yourself properly >>374869 is talking about you.
Get over yourself and stop passive aggressively defending yourself.

No. 374889

my boyfriend suffered from the same thing after a bad lsd trip. he also had mild hallucinations about shadow people. it helped him a lot to write and draw about the things he felt. if you don't already do that, maybe it can help you.

>this much anger and ad hominem to defend one's own tinfoil
>this lack of basic reading comprehension
jesus man

No. 374891

Funny because those are the exact terms the anon you were fighting with earlier laughed at you for. You arent subtle at all. Why havent you got banned yet?

No. 374893

>not knowing what ad hominem means
You're the only person here who's upset. Don't you have a weave to cry into?

No. 374895

you're so pathetic, holy hell. i agree with the anon who asked why black americans are like this.

No. 374902

God damn you have no self awareness. Stop embarrassing yourself already

No. 374911

t. american
glad what i said stuck with you. maybe you should reflect on it

No. 374914

I was just trying to do some quick shopping today by running to a drugstore, and some weird young man starts talking to me. Starts spouting about his religion. I think it was a Jehovah Witness, or something. I tried to be polite and tell him I was in a hurry but he still shoved a card at me with a picture of Jesus on it and a phone number for their church or something. I left it at the register by the gum lol. I wish I had more of a back bone and told that creep to leave me alone. I wonder if it's actually illegal for them to spout their religious junk to strangers in a store like that. They used to come to my house a lot even with my no solicitors sign. One time I actually told the guy to get lost, can't you read my sign? He still threw his pamphlets at me lol. Sorry for the long rant but I'm just sick of these people bugging me at my home, and now at a fucking drugstore of all places jfc.

No. 374937

Are men retarded? My boyfriend said he wants to take me to a strip club because me getting jealous could make our sex better. This makes no fucking sense.

No. 374939

That always use an ugly crying cat image along with the exact same vent?

It’s really not that hard being short. A few slices of bread less isn’t hurting anyone. Millions of short thin women manage it everyday. If you’re bothered enough to complain about it regularly, why not just fix it?

Can’t say for all of them but you’re for sure dating a retard.

No. 374940


lmao, unrelated mostly, but this is my vent, I fucking hate that crying cat meme. it's a disservice to cats and it is so fucking ugly I can't even find it funny.

No. 374946

nta but whatever u giraffe, let short women have safe spaces too

No. 374948

Love yourself anon, for fucks sake. Be single.

No. 374959

Report & ignore. Multiple anons have been banned for infighting and derailment.

No. 374967

thank you, we appreciate you <3

No. 374994

last week i got an offer to go back to the company i used to work for. i'm considering it because i'm a broke writer and i really liked my old job, but i've never returned to a former workplace and the thought of it feels weird. i quit a little over a year ago because i had what seemed like a really amazing job lined up in a different state, except the amazing job wound up being a nightmare of a position that mentally & emotionally broke me and i fled back home as soon as i could. since then i've occasionally regretted leaving the first job, but now that i've been given a chance to return to it i can't help but wonder if my former coworkers and bosses, a lot of whom still work at the company, would see my return as some sort of failure on my part. before i left they always expressed that they thought my old job was beneath me, so what does it say about me if i go back to the same position now older and with more experience? i guess i care too much about what people think of me, but i can only imagine how awkward some of the reintroductions could be. i also don't know if i should revisit the past since i know that that can be disastrous for some people. i just don't know what to do.

No. 375000

Crap what happened while I was gone lmfao. Someone couldn't get over it

No. 375106

>when I make more money and am more talented than them
Says you.

No. 375111

I'm in love with someone else. I mean, really absolutely crazy about him. But I'm married and we have a young child.

Way before I met this guy, my marriage was in trouble. We've been a great parenting team and I still love him, but it's not been the same. We're not the same people we were. I've been honest about my feelings about our marriage to him and it's finally kicked in that we're in trouble, so now he's going OTT to fix things. He's a great man and an amazing dad.

The problem is, the other guy feels the same way about me. And I could see us being together as a couple.

I won't cheat on my husband nor split up my family, but I'm desperately unhappy. Our baby isn't even a year old yet, I never thought it would be like this.

No. 375113

File: 1550409635633.jpg (59.74 KB, 600x800, MIM4hKA.jpg)

please end me

No. 375125

Oh anon, that’s a tough place to be. I wish you the best in this situation. I think your heart will lead you in the right direction, whenever you are ready to follow.

No. 375127


Thank you lovely anon. I expected to be torn apart for admitting all this - but I'd never do anything to hurt my family, or the other man I'm crazy about.

It's such a mess.

No. 375132

no offense, but do you really think this other guy would want to help raise another man's child? guys barely want to saddle themselves down with their own kids let alone one that's not even theirs. it doesn't matter how much you love each other, he might never love your baby, may even resent your kid for existing, and shouldn't you put your child first in all of this?

it could also go the totally opposite way. if you did split up your family and the guy, for whatever reason, embraced helping raise another man's kid, don't you think the lines could get blurred about who the father is if you have this guy around since your child is just a baby? let's say you divorce your husband for this guy and get shared custody of your baby. assuming the other guy sticks around, now your child has two father figures. will this guy know his place and know that he isn't meant to be a replacement dad? will the child even understand who its real father is? if your husband is such a great dad, it would be incredibly unfair to both him and your child to cause that kind of confusion or to take away from him the right to fully be a parent.

this whole situation sounds like it has the potential to be very messy. have you considered therapy? do you think you might have PPD? if you do, it could very well be exacerbating your unhappiness with your husband.

No. 375137

I agree with >>375132 . Stepdads only really work if the man himself is loving of children (not in a weird way) and biodad is a piece of shit so he's cut out completely.

I can't even tell why anon dislikes her partner now. Sounds like it's just boredom, and if you're that kind of person (who gets easily bored with others) why commit to one person and tie yourself down? That seems extremely short-sighted. You must have know this about yourself.

No. 375140

my cat is sick and it's breaking my heart. when i was dealing with the worst of my agoraphobia she was always there keeping me sane tbh. she is my BF's cat from before i moved in with him 6 years ago and it took ages for her to warm up to me. she climbed on to my lap last night (which she has done less than 10 times) and went to sleep. usually she just sits beside me or close by. ugh i'm just a mess at the thought of losing my sweet companion.

No. 375145

aw, it's always sad when cats get sick. her going to you for comfort says a lot anon! do you know why she's sick or can you get her to a vet? is it something treatable?

No. 375210

Why the fuck did you have a child? Do you seriously think it's appropriate to just drag your child along with whatever bullshit you put it through because you want another dick?

What makes you so sure you won't just tire of this new man?

Jesus christ, this is why pregnancy needs to be an opt-in procedure.
I wish ever person at birth was temporarily sterilised.

No. 375224

go get some therapy for your postpartum you moron.

No. 375228

Anon, you need therapy, not a new dick. Your husband obviously loves and cares for you deeply, show him even a slither of empathy by trying to work out your issues. This is so disgustingly selfish, to both your husband and your child.

No. 375253

nta but why are you so hostile?
The relationship with her husband went through some issues and she said she doesn't intend to do anything aka hop on a new dick. Holy shit, chill people.

No. 375255

This is really dumb and you shouldn't receive love or support for this and should be torn apart instead and by that I mean the other anons are right with what they replied. What in the world are you thinking? A child is the greatest responsability a person can have and you want to potentially ruin your child's childhood only because you don't feel the same way you felt at the beginning of your marriage.When you're in a marriage it's not like you're with a high school boyfriend that you break up with once you don't feel butterflies fluttering in your stomach anymore.

No. 375267

File: 1550426985379.jpg (36.31 KB, 500x276, 1542910185835.jpg)

Last night I was at a party with girls I've known for a few years and we were all talking about how we first met and impressions.
Friend A said she thought I looked like a major bitch, friend B who I didn't know until a year and a half ago said I looked mean and I guess friend A had went to her and complained about things I've said. I guess she took some things I said the wrong way (because I've never been mean or rude on purpose and I even put her up in my apartment temporarily). I don't really begrudge that because my friends have said fucked shit to me unintentionally before but it's usually too petty or brief to make big deals out of it. Humans make mistakes.

Anyway I know what they're talking about. I have resting bitchface and intense eyes. I look like a bully, and even when I'm thinking of nothing it looks like I'm thinking about something. My narc mom nitpicks me and baits arguments because she insists I'm bothered by her and how dare I get annoyed when I answer for the umpteenth time that nothing's wrong–which ironically bothers the shit out of me at that point.
I have to make an active effort to lift my eyebrows, smile more, and initiate lighthearted conversations because otherwise people think I'm hard and intimidating. It's my presence, and if I'm not mindful people pass these crazy judgements.
Once when I was in a theatrical production in college, organizers made joke superlatives and the one I got was, to paraphrase, "Quietly plotting the deaths of those around her." Just because rehearsals were always early so I didn't talk much, and some days I probably did look grouchy because I had no purpose some days to be forced to be there.

I wish I was a "good" looking pretty person so I could benefit from that sweet halo effect. I look "evil" so people create narratives and treat me so, and if I do anything to confirm their bias or retaliate, in those moments I do become evil. What can one do?

No. 375271

File: 1550427568186.jpg (27.05 KB, 500x379, 740full-vivien-leigh.jpg)

I'm in the same boat anon. All of my friends told me they were intimidated by me at first and though I was a bitch. Can't count the number of times men have said "smile honey" or people have asked me if I'm mad at them or someone has told me to lighten up. I think people also perceive me as being a bitch because I'm very honest and blunt.

Honestly I've just stopped caring because I feel like trying to look happy and excited all the time is being inauthentic and it's frankly exhausting. I feel like it's actually beneficial sometimes, like people won't try to fuck with you and they take you seriously, but yeah it makes it hard to make friends/meet people sometimes. Especially paired with the fact that I'm naturally introverted, slightly socially awkward, and tall lmao.

No. 375290

I feel like a similar aura that intimidated people, physically I take up little space but my personality is quite large and outspoken and I very naturally take charge of situations without meaning to.

I don’t have a problem with smiling or anything, I’d say I have a pretty friendly face neutrally, but without coming off as a narc I do believe I have an almost animalistic aura of leadership and charisma that makes people seem intimidated but also will follow what I say without any sort of pushback (again, I seem to take charge of situations without at all intending to, I just naturally fall into a leader role)

At least this is just what I’ve observed, I think people expect me to be meek from my size and baby face and come to be shocked when I open my mouth so they tend to fuck off

Realising now this is coming across as an ‘imverysmart’ post but it’s like 6am and I haven’t slept all night so these are word vomit rambles.

No. 375293

No one seems to like me once I’ve started talking to them comfortably, and I have no idea what causes this. I think it might be how I speak but like I said, I have no idea, so I can’t actually fix it. I’m so lonely and just want to make friends but something about my personality turns people away.. the only person who has stuck around is my partner and when I ask him he says there’s nothing wrong, I just want to know what’s so abrasive about me so I can work on that aspect of my personality to better myself socially..

Plot twist, maybe I’m just a fucking autist and have gone on for 22 years without realising

No. 375298

wow are you me?
I've been staring into space for about 10 minutes wondering these exact same thoughts.
I am so hyper aware and honestly try my hardest to please people but try hard not to come off as too fake but no friends stay around for long.

No. 375300

File: 1550432119865.png (183.52 KB, 737x758, 1546020785963.png)

I'm under so much stress and, while not all of it, part of it is because of a friend of mine, B.

B is going through a rough mental health period these past months. I have been extremly supportive, to the point where her mom keeps inviting me over and B is constantly expressing gratitude. Being supportive and a good listener is my forte, it comes naturally to me, it's not something I feel like I should be thanked for. I'm not always a good friend but loyalty and being supportive and helping in rough times is like… one of the only things that make me a not completely horrible person.

But I just can't do it anymore. B barely sees her therapist anymore and uses me as her shrink. It's tottally normal for me to listen to her problems BUT this is becoming too much. Every single day I have to compfort her + find ways to give her a new positive perspective on her struggles. She has BDD and, while we hang out during about 3h, she will ask me 10 times "does me skin look horrible? is it disgusting?" And when I reassure her she will insist "are you sure?" Every single day she texts me screenshots of the same guy subtly rejecting her and her never abondoning it and complaining to me about it. Every single day. I rarely talk about my own problems but if I ever mention my dad and the problems he's giving to me she'll then start a tirade about her own father.

I love her, I love hanging out with her, I enjoy her as a friend and truly don't want to loose her BUT I have my own share of problems with my own my mental health, my own college stress, my alcoholic sick father and codependant lowkey abusive mother.

And I don't see any way of communicating that with her without hurting her. Best case scenario, we stay friends but she's hurt and looses trust in me, worst case scenario she's not my friend anymore. She's a great and genuinly kind person but recently a girl she used to be friends with cut her off in a very cruel and cold way because B was too much to handle.

On top of that, I have a little bitterness over some art college grades. She's doing this whole project about her mental health struggles which is kind of… banal and that's already been done a 100 times and she got 17/20 while I got 15/20 (while my project is objectively better). I know the profs gave her that grade purely because of pitty and "omg she's so courageous to speak up". Because, last year, when a set of jury (made of famous artists and gallerists) were grading us, I got 17/20 and she got 12/20 and her work hasnt improved since.
I also struggle with mental health but my struggle is ugly. She's introverted, pretty when she softly cries, deppressed, BDD. I havd c-PTSD, ugly cry, and after years of drug abuse and sexual self harm, (ive been clean for 2 years), I just became a sort of hermit shut in.

No. 375301

I'm >>375111.

People are free to be angry with me.

I'm not going to cheat on my husband. Couldn't have made that more clear. As for OMG WHY DID U HAVE A BABY, funnily enough we weren't having problems when I got pregnant, or for the first four months of our child being here. Things change, can you believe that?

And I already said I'm not going to do anything that would hurt my daughter. I had treatment for postpartum depression, I went and got help the second I felt something was wrong.

My husband is far from perfect. We weren't having problems until he made his friends a priority over me and my wellbeing, and it spiralled from there. I've singlehandedly kept this marriage going while he gave me the cold shoulder. I could have walked. Falling for this guy is nothing more than bad timing.

I grew up with parents who hated each other but stayed together regardless. They split up when I was a baby but got back together and honestly, I wish they'd stayed apart. Maybe let me live with my nan.

I'm not looking for support on this, I'm also not looking to anything except what's right by my family.

No. 375302

if your cat is sick then take her to the vet for fuck's sake instead of already giving it a burial. Maybe instead of sympathy hunting and crying false tears over the poor animal that you don't deserve, at least tell your bf so he can take her to the vet. If neither of you do so, then you're terrible animal abusers and I hope you both die in horrible pain because your post doesn't sound sincere at all.

No. 375305

Where did she imply she hasn't seen a vet, anon? Please highlight it.
She may have something terminal or incurable.

No. 375327

If you are determined to try and make it work with your husband and keep your family together, you should try couples therapy if you haven't already. Might as well make the effort to not be completely miserable for the next 18 years.

No. 375332

stop trying to sound like a martyr. Your husband was an asshole, why should you suffer for it?
You could make an agreement to officially be together for the child but discreetly see other people. As long as there's a semblance of a happy family™, the child won't notice until it's old enough.
You live only once, do you really want to be miserable? Do you really want to have this regret that you might have been happy and truly loved?

No. 375361


I actually laughed at myself for thinking this earlier. In an ideal world, that would be perfect. Husband and I get to remain as parents, still get to be there for each other and he could see someone else as well as me. I don't even hate the idea of him seeing another woman if it made him happy. Then I could be with the guy I'm nuts about, and he wouldn't have the pressure of stepping into a family role.

But. My husband wouldn't want that at all. And I don't think the other guy would either. It would probably get really messy. And how do you even start that conversation? "So hun, instead of me leaving you and ripping our family apart, why don't we stay together for our daughter and fuck around on the side?"

No. 375364

You know that's exactly what most people used to do instead of divorcing?

I would try it if you don't live in a really tiny town where your secret would be out in a few weeks

Then get divorced when it's time for kiddo to go to school, so you are less reliant on having a father figure and have more free time to sort your life out. Your husband is obviously trying, so you can keep a semblance afloat for a little while. Getting divorced with a toddler is a lot less stressful than with a baby…I assume

No. 375380

You should tell your husband how you feel. Explain that in his absence someone else has captured your attention. If you want to make things work you should give him the opportunity to fix things.

All the best though. In my experience situations like these are messy as hell, but in the end they are never as big a deal as we make them to be. Your child will be fine.

No. 375390

>Your child will be fine.
lol except for the part where her daughter lacks a stable home life and she's ripped from her bio father because her mother couldn't control her hormones. then she develops """daddy issues""" because mom's inevitably going to get bored of the new guy as is apparently her pattern with men and probably bounce from boyfriend to boyfriend.

our experience is the same insofar as we agree that these situations are messy - you just ignored the part where the child almost always experiences some kind of childhood trauma because their mom is a selfish skank.

No. 375392

Oh my god, get some therapy before you decide to try fucking other people. If you think that's a healthy alternative to amicable divorce you're wrong. Do you really want your kid to find out mommy and daddy just pretended to love each other for her sake and were getting dicked down by strangers their entire childhood?

Seriously, have you even tried couples counseling? If you're so deadset on making it work then you should actually take steps to making it work. I don't know why you want to be miserable while entertaining thoughts of fucking other men when you could just actually make some healthy choices in the relationship you're committed to.

No. 375393

Hey anon, you are going to get through this just fine.

I understand that you fell for another man, but it seems like you're trying to patch up the feelings your husband ignored. However there is no point in you staying with him, forcing yourself to bear through it - because I can almost guarantee you that he will either walk away himself or it'll fuck your child over. There's plenty of kids that grow up just fine with loving separated partners and you seem to be level-headed and dedicated to your baby to be able to provide this.
What you shouldn't do is split up with your husband for another man, but rather do it for yourself.

Fuck off scrote

No. 375396

I can't believe someone would let a child dress up like Kanna, and take her to an anime convention.(Do not post pictures of minors)

No. 375397

yeah, what a scrote i must be for not unconditionally supporting a woman's right to fuck up her literal baby daughter's life because of fleeting hormones.

but it's fine, i'm not even going to bother arguing with anyone capable of empathizing with this horrible, selfish person.

No. 375398

that is so disturbing, wtf? if you loved and wanted to protect your child you wouldn't make them even more appealing to pedos by dressing them up like a loli

No. 375399


lol jesus christ. we found out she has tumors on her lungs during a routine vet check up we take her to twice a year. she's 16 years old and very well taken care of. we don't think surgery that may only increase her lifespan for a short time is worth the stress for her and though she isn't experiencing much pain or symptoms at the moment who knows when that could change.

No. 375400

why is everyone itt acting like the mother not remaining with the bio dad/separated families are a surefire way to childhood trauma? surely child having obviously unhappy parents that have stayed together for it's same is much worse? especially when they are old enough to come to realise that they are essentially the reason the parents have fucked up 10+ years of their lives for their (the child's) sake?

No. 375403

>yeah, what a scrote i must be for not unconditionally supporting a woman's right to fuck up her literal baby daughter's life because of fleeting hormones.
if you're not a man, no, it's because you automatically blame the mother for the reason why a child could be messed up and assume a mother needs to go on some wild goose chase for men bc "hormones" when a mother can simply be single, as they often are?

children become hostages in those situations most of the time and in plenty of cases being outlets for resentment. it's a terrible idea. parents should separate but help each other to raise the child correctly. there's no reason why people need to be with each other romantically if it doesnt work.

No. 375406

I've been full of rage these last couple of days. It gets to really painful and stressfull peaks, too. It's consuming me. I'm just tired of my current problems. I work so hard on solving them and I accept that life is really uncomfortable for now. I have accepted it for seven months. Most of the time, I'm pretty constructive and I can picture a future where I'm peaceful and grounded and at peace with any circumstances and just mature. But now I wanna rip my hair out June- or Dasha-style and snap my shitty phone in half (bad idea but tempting) or throw it against the wall or throw rocks onto the cars of rude assholes. Idk I can't really cope anymore

No. 375416

the problem in this situation is the mom. when parents divorce for organic reasons like drifting apart, not wanting the same things from life, not being able to make things work after trying, etc. it's okay because these things happen and the parents are usually able to have an amicable co-parenting relationship afterward anyway. but in this case, anon claims her husband is a great dad who wants to make things work, but she doesn't want to because she'd rather wallow in her "misery" and pine for new dick. her primary points in her posts have all been centered around being sooo in love with this new guy and wanting him so badly. that's the kind of thing that causes trauma - mom divorcing dad just because she wanted to sleep with a new guy and then bringing that new guy into her infant daughter's life. what happens to the bio dad's relationship with his daughter? according to anon he's a great dad who cares a lot about their baby, so it's not like he's just going to let go of his child. with mom introducing new guy(s) to her baby's life when she's not even a year old, that poor kid is going to be so confused about who her dad is. divorce doesn't always equal trauma, but with a mom like this who wants to divorce for the reasons she wants to divorce, you can be pretty sure it's going to result in trauma for her daughter.

no, i'm not a guy, sorry to disappoint. i didn't say anon was going to go on a wild goose chase for men… she said it herself, anon. her whole posts have been about her wanting this new man sooo badly. i wouldn't have said shit if she'd posted about wanting to divorce her husband just because she wants to be single (hell, that's exactly how i was raised myself and i adore my mom), but she didn't post that - she made a post about wishing she could divorce her husband and uproot her infant's life simply because there's a new dude she wants to bang. sorry, but she's very much being ruled by her hormones in this case. factor in that her kid isn't even a year old yet and she was treated for PPD, and it's safe to assume that her hormones are literally all over the place and play a pretty significant role in the decisions she's making right now. i'm not going to apologize for thinking it's wrong to risk your kid's development on a hormonal whim.

No. 375423

oh, ok. Sorry, I posted that angry post it's just that I encountered a few pet related posts on social media where people instead of taking the pet to the vet went sympathy hunting and saying goodbyes.

I'm really sorry about your cat and the fact that you need to go through that. I can't imagine the pain.

No. 375449

No one on this site will give you decent advice.

Talk to a therapist, or talk to your husband and then talk to a marriage counselor.

No. 375476

I'm so sorry you're going through this anon. I'm going through a similar thing with my cat. She has lesions on her liver that are bleeding into her abdomen. We don't know how long she has. She's 15 and has helped me through a lot, including a a bunch of mental health shit. There have been days I wouldn't have gotten out of bed except to feed her or pet her. I don't know how I'm going to cope when her time comes.

No. 375492

File: 1550456006339.png (964.84 KB, 1089x698, 232.PNG)

this was in my recommended feed today.
i don't understand how any woman can defend dic mcnognog, sad.

No. 375495

i'm tired of my skin being fucking great for one day and then suddenly i get one giant zit out of nowhere and have to spend a month getting rid of it

and then my skin is beautifully clear for a day or so

and then another giant fucking zit comes along

i'm just so tired

No. 375502

My bf always gets pretty incredulous when he asks who my celebrity crush is or which celebrity males I would hypothetically sleep with and I have no answer for him. The questions don't bother me, but is it really so unbelievable? Like I find some of them attractive, but I have never sat down and actually thought about it to have an actual answer. Am I just over thinking it?

I also feel vaguely uncomfortable with imagining random real people naked and having sex with them. Celebrity or random dudes on the street. Whenever I do it's either whoever I'm dating at the moment or I'll make someone up. Idk why, it feels vaguely rapey to me, but I guess it's a normal thing to do. It's just not really something that occurs to me.

No. 375514

it's definitely not normal to think that imagining having sex with celebs is "rapey" unless you're actually imagining raping them

but it's not something i would worry very much about either

No. 375519

File: 1550460850345.jpg (37.45 KB, 540x543, aa.jpg)

are crushes supposed to be fun? is it because I'm gay? how am I supposed to make friends if I develop a crush on every girl with similar interests? it doesn't help that I'm still in the closet and she's gay too.
banish me.

No. 375520


Okay. Apply the breaks. Take a deep breath.

You guys were fine. You got pregnant and had a child. Husband started to prioritize his friends over you. You sought therapy for PPD while trying to maintain the marriage single-handedly. Husband at some point realized he was Douche McFuck and the marriage was at risk, so he turned on overdrive to attempt to try to fix it, but by this point you had already developed feelings for someone else. Now you don't know what to do.

Do you love your husband? Is it possible that you harbor some resentment for him due to his emotional (and possibly physical?) neglect of the marriage and the relationship between the two of you?

People fall out of love. It's a thing that happens. It sucks, but can be a natural change due to the progression of relationships. You can't force yourself to fall in love with someone.

Resentment is not easy to fix. It digs a hole where love is and it plants itself, rooting deep. You can try to weed it out, but it doesn't always work. Resentment that results from the neglect of a relationship is IMHO nearly impossible to get over.

You need to have a long, hard discussion with yourself about how you feel about your husband and marriage. Don't think about the new guy, don't think about him in any context. He is irrelevant. What matters is you, your husband, and your child.

I would suggest attending couple's counseling. The issue with that is that both people need to be committed to repairing the relationship, so if neither of you are fully committed, it won't work. It is absolutely possible to rekindle the fire, especially if both of you want it and the drive is there.

On the flip….

There is 100% nothing wrong with leaving the marriage amicably. This leaves the door open for outstanding co-parenting that results in a happy child who has happy parents. This requires a realization from both parents that the relationship can no longer be maintained for any number of reasons.

The opposite is holding on to the marriage for the sake of the child, when you and/or your partner are no longer invested in each other or in maintaining the relationship. This builds resentment and anger, and leads to an angry household. This also usually leads to angry divorces and difficult co-parenting.

Under no circumstances should you factor in this new guy when it comes to what is best for your family. I'm going to say it again: The new guy is irrelevant. When you are sitting down and thinking about what you want out of your marriage, what road you think is best to take, etc., you do not once think about him. He is irrelevant. Pretend he does not exist. You need to be able to combat this problem objectively, and you can't if you drag him into it. So don't.

No. 375524

i have the worst ear infection i think ive ever had and the emergency care doctor was so rude and weird to me about not having insurance :/ i cant afford it
i guess i'll look into medicare it just fucking sucks because i NEVER get sick like this and i already get so many taxes taken out of my part time 7.50 an hour paycheck that i cant have even more taken out every two weeks "just in case" something like this happens

im just frustrated UGH

No. 375526

>tfw you realize that there are, statistically, several people at your university who are pedos
This never occurred to me before and now it's haunting me.

No. 375540

>are crushes supposed to be fun?
if it helps, no. it's as fun as being really hungry

No. 375545

Medicaid is amazing compared to the alternative tbh
You won't regret being on that

No. 375568

File: 1550469311889.jpeg (47.83 KB, 622x461, F9055AF9-B1F3-4922-8A9B-9084B5…)

Is it possible to lose weight while still drinking? I’ve been working out daily and calorie counting but I still love to have a nightly vodka soda or two. I’m 160 and 5’1” anons bully me or something I want to lose 40 lbs

No. 375569

yes ive done it. not a problem at all. it's just not advisable because it's obviously shit for you

No. 375571

As long as it fits into your calorie budget it shouldn't be a problem. For your height you probably don't need more than 1200 a day if you're wanting to lose 40 lbs. You can do it anon!!

No. 375585

I gained like 15 pounds over the past few months but I feel absolutely no need to lose them.
I have plenty motivation, i just don't see the reason.

No. 375591

Maybe tell them that they are wonderful, but simply not compatible with what you are looking for in your life and that there are literally countless women out there that value and desire what they have to offer. That is, they're not not good or a disappointment, just, that you simply need something different. It's not a value judgement, but just a mismatch. This may not work for you, but it makes logical sense to me. I've tried to explain this to men, but they believe I'm lying or pull some sadsack bullshit, so idk if it's good advice.

No. 375596

was on tinder for casual dating (sex) and ended up meeting a cute guy who’s face i want to sit on for the rest of my life and says he’s looking for someone to be with. fuck.

No. 375608

My best friend is super depressed. She’s a high school drop out, doesn’t have any friends, goes to work and then sleeps, and repeat. She doesn’t even have any hobbies, and recently it’s been getting worse. Ever since she moved a few states, it’s harder for me to keep her happy. I don’t really know what to do or how to support her. We’ve been through so much together, and she means the world to me. I just wish I could give her some motivation to at least get a hobby or do something to waste time with.

No. 375617

Damn that sucks. You know what you have to do…change his mind

No. 375632

She sounds a lot like me. I'm sorry you're feeling this guilt. I think the best thing your can do is just to be there for her. Keep doing what you're doing. Go and visit her or invite her to visit you if that's possible. Are either of you into gaming? That's something you can do together and could be an outlet for her. It isn't a perfect hobby but it's better than nothing. TF2 is free and it's old, so it runs on most computers.
Do you think she could have avoidant personality disorder? That's my issue and over time all my relationships outside my immediate family have withered away. If it sounds like her, don't let her ghost you. That's what I did and I don't know how to undo it. I think all my old friends just think I stopped liking them.

No. 375681

Ugh, I have to cover a big event in one week at my internship without any fucking help.
I have voiced my concerns but nobody is helping me. I'll have to take pics and do interviews. I'll probably be unable to hide that I'm a total social spaz. I'm so fucking anxious about it. I'd just bail rn if I could.

No. 375693

(Sorry posted this in wrong thread earlier. Didn't see this one.)
Storytime anons.

This happened long ago and it bothers me to this day. Especially the invasion of privacy.

So when I was 11 I went to my first birthday slumber party! It was a big step for an introvert like me. There was a pool, trampoline and BBQ going on. Everything was fine up until the birthday girl's mom came to the backyard yelling "Someone stole the all birthday money!" everyone just stopped doing what they were doing and were confused.

Let me tell you, the mom had the money last. She was no where to be seen for like an hour.

So as she is making a scene she goes through ALL the bags and backpacks immediately, she even does pat downs and got the girls to reach into their bikinis in front of her (and this weird fat dude who sat in the corner watching all the girls who was apparently a family friend).

Alas! No money to be found. So the mom begins to call all the parents asking for more money. (from what I remember it was about $160 in total of birthday money "stolen"). She did end up getting more money from parents but not as much. Doesn't matter though because it was still profit.

Fast forward to when I was about 15.

I found out that the mom did this on alot of her daughters birthdays. I also found out that the mom and her boyfriend were drug dealers and the mom was a "recovering" drug addict.

My theory is that the rummaging around in bags was that if a girl had money to go to the store for candy or something she would claim it is her daughters birthday money and take it.

TL;DR Drug addicted mom scams her daughters birthday parties for money.

This bothered me for years and I know it's probably petty.

No. 375703

I don’t think it’s AVPD. She may be on the spectrum though. Thank you for your advice, too. She doesn’t really play video games because she thinks they’re for incels haha, but I might try! TF2 seems fun. I’m trying to communicate as much as I can, because she tells me that I’m the only one she has. Thank you again, and I hope you feel better too, and try to communicate as well.

No. 375708

You seem like a great friend, she's lucky to have you. I think trying to connect over games is a great idea, but if she's not receptive to trying it out, maybe you could try encouraging her to do something artistic? Drawing, painting, maybe even something like knitting or crocheting? It's relaxing and could be a good outlet for any pent up emotions she may have. Plus the outcome is satisfying and wholesome, she could use the art she makes to decorate her space and make it feel more like a home than a prison of depression (at least that's how I can feel about my living space sometimes, speaking as a depressed shut-in myself). And with knitting/sewing/crocheting the end result is something actually functional and practical, so it could help her to feel more productive.

It's also something you could kind of do together, even if you're not physically with each other, you can skype/facetime with her and you can both paint or knit or whatever together. I know with my depression, it's hard to find the motivation to even do something as simple as just doodling, so her having you alongside her (even on a computer screen) doing the same thing could be a motivator, and you guys can goof around and have fun with it, like each of you trying to follow the same Bob Ross video or something like that.

No. 375756

I really want to go to the (free!!) gym at my school but now I know several people who go there regularly and I'm afraid of running into them and have them judge and hate me. This wouldn't be an issue if I'd just fucking gone at the beginning of the school year, but of course at that point I was afraid of strangers judging me so didn't go.

I'll probably end up paying to go to a gym elsewhere just to avoid this. It's so pathetic, I wish I wasn't like this. Best end is just sucking it up and grinning and bearing it if I see someone. But I am a coward.

No. 375803

No one will care if you are at the same gym as them

No. 375818

Hello social anxiety my old friend…

My rational brain tells me you should just grin and bear it, but I get you anon. I also do retarded overthinking like this.

No. 375859

My brain goes purely into flight mode when anyone talks to me, parents, acquaintances, anyone. I'll say whatever will end the conversation quickly even if it isnt true, or it'll be like a super watered-down, nonsense version of a real answer. Sometimes it's just a shrug and then I leave to literally anywhere else. My brain (even my eyesight) goes into this big foggy haze of panic and nobody has the time to give to let me even process what they said or come up with an answer before they move onto the next thing. It's mostly my anxiety but I also know that people dont actually care what I say next, so even if I can think straight, there's no point to giving them a real response or say anything well thought-out. This is especially true with my parents because in their eyes im kinda just a shell of a human. My dad literally waves me away and my mom prefers to hear herself talk and only likes people who enable her shitty pov.

Now I'm just sad.

No. 375861

My flight got severly delayed and I spent hours in the airport trying to get a different flight. In total, i spent 8 hours of my day waiting around in an airport. The cherry on top is that the airlines lost my luggage that had my notes for university, all my skincare and hair products and two big ol' boxes of cinnamon toast crunch.

Now i have to go to university tomorrow with frizzy ass hair, oily nasty skin and i may have to do all my notes AGAIN.

No. 375863

My ex’s current girlfriend is weirdly obsessed with me. She is constantly requesting me/adding me on Instagram/fb, cut her hair like me and dyed it to be the same color, got the same glasses as me, changed her profile picture to be similar to mine, and started dressing like me (in her old pics, she dresses completely differently and only started dressing like she does now after starting to date him). I finally managed to block her everywhere I think but it’s fucking creepy and weird.

No. 375901

File: 1550527886116.jpg (51.14 KB, 850x400, quote-it-is-always-consoling-t…)

Everything in this world is so fucked up and I try to focus on the good parts but man life is so fucking depressing for some of us I try to delude myself into thinking there's an escape, into thinking I will be fulfilled at some point but I know the only escape is death. I don't wanna fight anymore and I don't wanna see other people fight either. I just wanna crawl into a ball and see this stupid life pass before my eyes so I can just finally be free. No matter how much I want to believe that one day I will be happy and I will find my way in life, I can't because this feeling of frustration is eating me from inside out.

No. 375912

I know my mother won’t love me completely when I’m not straight and in a relationship with a trans dude. I’m an adult and know not to care about these things but it hurts that she treats this part of me as if it were a curse upon the family (my younger cousin is bi and my uncle is gay.) But in all honesty, she’s just looking for something to blame when everything is fine. God…

No. 375913

Jesus, why does this happen so often? There's a thread on here about a cow Emmalee, who skinwalks her boyfriend's ex. Now they're getting married.

No. 376084

File: 1550546590926.jpg (34.72 KB, 456x810, 458U2N1w91ohl540.jpg)

ontd is the most annoying sjw website on the planet lol. they believe that jussie shit and they think white celebrities posing with weed is white privilege.

No. 376089

File: 1550546975806.jpg (238.14 KB, 580x387, 3498583489864.jpg)

tl;dr my mom narc raged at me and argued in a circle with me for two hours because I just asked her to copy and paste a job listing to send to me

Background: I've been living at home for a couple of months since I left my ex of four years, and quit my call center job that was making me sick and was too far of a commute away from here to keep. I've been pining for an actual career because I have two degrees. I was hoping that when my parents were being supportive when they offered me to move here, that they knew I wasn't going to be picking up Mcdonalds just for a job. Because if so, then, why'd I bother leaving my shitbag ex and quitting a miserable job just to lose my independence anyway and hop right into another shitty job with even less pay?
They live out in the middle of nowhere so it's difficult. I apply to several jobs a week but what I want to hunt for comes very limitedly, and I've straight up received email rejections and have been ghosted by recruiters.
The main federal job I'd been after since June was halted because the president shut down the government, there's no HR to call to check on my status. I've been in a miserable limbo and all my savings are gone because I still have bills to pay.

My mom resents me, she's a narcissist so she sees my being back here as a failure of my character. How dare I be unemployed because don't I know that reflects poorly on her as a parent? She's constantly on my ass, but I knew this would happen by moving back home–I just really didn't have a choice. My stepdad wasn't going to let me be homeless so he insisted I come here to stay.

My mom hates other women (my dad agrees), because my grandmother raised her with the same spite towards her yet leniency towards her brothers. Misogynists. My mom married abusive men and took on shitty jobs because my grandma resented her whenever she needed to live at home. So mom did whatever it took to avoid going back. It's because of that dynamic that she married my bio dad (who cheated, beat her, and threatened her life); after I was born, she divorced him and moved back home temporarily. My grandmother was an unreasonable bitch to my mom while she was vulnerable, single, and had me as a baby. Everyday grandma harassed her about finding work, or complained about having to watch me, until she found employment and moved out. Meanwhile my mom's brother, a state prison employee who had all the means to live on his own, lived with my grandparents until he was 50. They were completely okay with it! My male cousin was a miscreant who got into trouble with the law and crashed many cars, but each time my grandparents would front lawyers, new cars, and grease his palms whenever he asked for money. Men got preferential treatment in my mom's family, while women were servants and scapegoats to men.
This is how my mom treats me. My stepdad agrees that this is what is happening.


So today I was sitting on the couch watching the Ted Bundy series on Netflix while browsing my phone. It was about 11am.
My first sin was telling my mom that I didn't feel like going for a walk with her today. I just wanted to relax, and yes, be a bum.
She was going to crucify me because I wasn't making myself look busy. Because if I'm not making it my job to hunt for jobs for 8 hours straight, I need to be doing chores, or cooking, or cleaning. I'm female, it's only right to prove my gratitude.

I know when my mom's looking for an argument. Her body language gets stalky; like a predator circling its prey trying to find a weakness in its defenses. She has all day to pick a fight, she's a retired pensioner who lives in this ivory subdevelopment tower; and I have all day to be the target because I'm unemployed and don't leave because I can't afford the gas in my car. My stepdad leaves for work at 5am, so she has all day until 4pm to start shit when no one's around to witness what she'll do and say to me.

First, the bait. Because all this is really about is how I'm a useless fuck of a woman, but she can't say that outright so she's gotta begin with seemingly good intentions so she can lead into her tirade. I know her score and I've been victim to her shit as a teenager when I couldn't flee then.
>"Anon have you applied for jobs recently?"
>"Are you sure? You must be doing something wrong, I don't see how you could be hearing nothing back."
Explanation about the recruiters, how many companies don't have HR to contact, how I've been rejected, etc.
>"I still don't understand. Have you been reaching out?"
Yes, when I can do so and there's a number and email listed.
>"Then tell me what you've applied for recently. You're doing something wrong."
With more annoyance in my tone (because I know she's building up), I explained. She was putting me on the spot too.
So she came back into the room with her clunky laptop with some kind of state assistant listing.
>"Apply to this anon, right now."
I didn't decline, but I told her how if she would send me the link I would apply to it later because I wanted to watch my show.
Tbh it's neither here nor there about applying right then or at 6pm, a state application isn't gonna get feedback sameday. Again, it wasn't about jobs, it was about her need to make me dance like a puppet. I wanted to watch my show, and that irritated the piss out of her because it wasn't busywork.
>"NO, you apply RIGHT NOW on my laptop. I want to see you do it."
My resume and docs aren't even on her laptop, and no, I was watching my show. If she would copy and paste the link and send it to me I would gladly do it later when I'm finished.

She laid into me and went into rage. She said that I'm making excuses, and said that I love being lazy and unemployed. She Pixyteri'd me and even went into a rant about how I never bathe and groom (lol, untrue, just the other day she told me I was 'overdressed' for dinner), among other horrible lies and criticisms. I wish I could say I remember everything she says, but when someone starts to yell at me and stress me out, I mentally retreat to spare my mind from verbal abuse. She says the most ridiculous and irrational shit to me until I give her a response, and from there she's like a shark that's tasted blood and the frenzy doesn't stop.

She argued in so many circles and berated me so badly, that I reminded her that this all started because I had asked her to just copy and paste the job link to send to me, not that I said I wouldn't apply for it.
I tried to say through tears coming down my face, that even if I hadn't shown her countless times before on how to copy and paste, her behavior to me was still unacceptable. I was only getting defensive because she was attacking me. She DARVO'd.
I didn't, but it happens whenever anyone tries to bring the argument back to the original points. She thinks people pointing at her behaviors is psychoanalytical tripe.
At this point she's completely unhinged. I'm crying and trying to ignore her, but she just went too far. I was texting my stepdad about what she was saying. But she's notorious for her famous several-hour-long arguments. She'll run an argument straight into hell, 10x worse than any infight I've ever seen on lolcow.
When I try to avoid saying anything back, she starts to bait me again. She said mockingly,
>"And don't you make this about how you're so sad, wahhhhh, wahhhh, WAHHHH. And bring up your anxiety. Because you know what? Everyone has anxiety. not just YOU."
She's referring to the anxiety attacks I used to get when I worked at the call center, or when my ex wouldn't help me around the apartment. I've never used my anxiety as an excuse to justify my unemployment, and even my stepdad said I've never done that. She was being hateful.

She wouldn't leave me alone. I yelled back at her about how it was a mistake to have moved back here, I just didn't have a choice. I wanted her to stop being so mean and to leave me alone.
I asked her to "Please stop."
>"Leave you alone? Oh, well if you want to be alone and leave here so badly your car is right outside. YOU leave. It's my house and I'll do whatever the fuck I want and say whatever I want."
My stepdad wanted me to call him as all this is happening, but I told him I couldn't because she'd bite my head off even worse. (The last time I did this was when I was a teenager; I went to the bathroom to call him and she busted down the door because she knew I was contacting someone). He told me to get away and go to the local park until he got out of work so he could meet me there and talk. And so I wouldn't have to be alone with her.
She wasn't done with me yet, there was no break for me to leave.
It would be two minutes of silence, and then her coming back to yell or bait me some more.
>"I'm sorry for what I said to you, BUT someone had to tell you the truth and I just have no sympathy for you."
She can't even fucking sincerely apologize, she's that much of a narc. I turned my head away and ignored her again.
>"Um hellooooo? Are you listening to me???"
I tried not to say anything back.
>"You know what it is anon, I think you're depressed. You know I'm just trying to help you! If I don't light a fire under your ass then you won't!"
I told her she was a bitch, to fuck herself-and congratulations-because she'd won and got my ass to move off the couch. I started to walk out the door.
>"WELL I GUESS I CAN'T SAY SHIT TO YOU ANON, I'M A PRISONER IN MY OWN HOUSE! You know what you are? Immature! Someday you'll regret what you've said to me, and then you'll wish you had me around!!"

I left and waited at the park for my stepdad for four hours. I cried uncontrollably in my car. I wanted to binge eat at a fast food place so badly, but I resisted.
My stepdad met up with me and he talked with and agreed that my mom can't be reasoned with. It's who she is, but that I won't be leaving because it's his house too so he gets a say. So we decided to come up with a plan to 'call back' some of the employers to make it look like I was busy tomorrow, even though it's not gonna do shit and will probably get me blacklisted. It's all a dog and pony show to appease my mom. I give my stepdad kudos because at least he talks to me like a human and offers tangible things to work on, whereas my mom thinks yelling and screaming and stamping her foot gets results. What grates me after all this: Is when I have success, she congratulates herself and acts like my accomplishments are all thanks to her 'support.'

On our way home, I entered the door before my dad.
My mom looked pleased with herself, you'd think nothing had happened. She saw my dad next.
She doesn't know that I let my stepdad know what she did and said to me.
So she's pretending that nothing had happened, didn't mention the big blowout she had. Usually I don't tell anyone the abuses either, so she gets away with a lot all the time. Like a proper calculating narcissist, she compartmentalizes the argument and pretends that our relationship is normal when other people are around. And my stepdad won't bring up how he knows, because it's too much of a hassle and she'll just go off on him too. She gets to have her cake and eat it too.

I can't wait until I move out again. I hate this place. And if not for the unconditional love of my stepdad I probably would have necked myself long ago.
She wonders why, and blames me, as to why we don't have a mother daughter relationship as seen on TLC. I'm so disgusted with her, and I don't think I can ever forgive her. She's too far gone, and now that she's in her 60s she gets more neurotic by the year. It won't ever get better, and the only time I can have a semblance of a civil relationship with her is when I live on my own. When I can see her on my own terms, which is usually once a month, tops, and when my stepdad is present. I wish I could have been born a man, or not at all.

No. 376095

They were so entertaining back in the day and even called out Tumblr (when it didn't even seem to realise they had more than a crossover of opinions, too.) What happened to them? :(

No. 376096


No. 376115

File: 1550549809709.png (759.67 KB, 760x839, E2A50DBF-A4B8-41A0-BCC7-A3089B…)

>Friends with ex's friend
>She tells me how she hated me before because I took time away from him from his pal of friends (which isn't true)
>First time she saw me I was sleeping with him and her and her then bf came to surprise him
>Bf was grumpy and pissy due to no sleep and unannounced surprise and kicks them out
>They are pissed about it and my presence ofc
>Have a name shared with cheese
>She tells me they wanted to buy said Cheese, put a knife in it and leave it at his bedroom door
I really love her and her presence, we talk often and is super supportive and I adore her, she apologised countless of times for it and stuff, yet I still kind of get paranoid that she's just my friend to spite me or something

No. 376126

>quit my call center job that was making me sick and was too far of a commute away from here to keep

So was it worth it?

No. 376132

She sounds fucking nuts. Even if she genuinely likes you now, why would you be friends with someone who overreacts like that, and hates someone she barely knows to the point of implicit violence? What happens if you piss her off one day?

No. 376134

Red flags tbh, I wouldn't trust this weird bitch. She sounds like she has major issues so cut her off already.

Also is the cheese colby? Lel

No. 376135

I think so. Call centers are barbaric and primitive places. It's obvious in how most companies outsource them to unstable countries where they can abuse and underpay their employees because it's slightly better than slave tier factory labor.
I had to be medicated as did many others.
I'd never go back.

No. 376140

Maybe she’s friends with you now because she gets to fuck your ex

No. 376145

jesus, anon. she sounds like an incredibly scary and unstable person. be careful for as long as you're friends with her.

No. 376163

What the fuck Gouda

No. 376171

I'm with a guy who's a really bad kisser, he claimed to be experienced but when he kisses me he straight opens his mouth all the way, tries to bite my lip, and sticks his tongue down my throat without any gentle kissing at all, same with foreplay, he will do only 3 minutes of foreplay and go straight into fucking

No. 376179

"Experience" isn't that valuable. Its possible the women he was past with actually liked this. Every person you're with is different enough you need to take time learning how they like it. I wouldn't give up on him if you otherwise like him, you guys might just need some practice and guidance.

Was in a similar position with current guy and it has gotten a lot better.

No. 376182

My teeth are crowded and some of them are a little farther back and so sometimes in pictures it makes it look like I have dead teeth or something. My teeth are healthy! Aside from being crowded.

No. 376265

The cheess is Brie
He kind of warned me about her before, but tbh I really was shitty before, was depressed, lost all my friends, etc etc.
I think I'll just keep a distance.
Also, no one wants to fuck my ex, trust me when I say he's gross in more ways than one.

No. 376300

File: 1550587415932.jpg (31.46 KB, 216x324, 1418185044740.jpg)

I've always loved putting together fantasy outfits (with both bought and self-made parts) but I suck at it. I absolutely suck!
I spend so much time thinking of the "perfect" combination but when I look at the pictures afterwards, it always looks frumpy to me. In fact, for all the time I've spend on this, I've never once looked good.
Even after losing lots of weight and taking better care of myself, I still look shitty. It's not even that I'm extremely ugly (after losing the weight), it's time to face that I just suck at outfits and give up…

Even at regular clothes, I always try to look nice like those girls on instagram but I've been trying for years and I still just look like a boring nerd.

I guess my mom is right, I'm not creative at all.

Pic related, example of what I'll never look like

No. 376334

File: 1550590392094.jpg (38.64 KB, 800x419, 1h9v7o.jpg)

Can't be bothered to type out why I'm stressed but fuck I'm stressed

No. 376370

File: 1550596405063.jpg (367.68 KB, 1280x1361, 0bea06bc-eb41-46a0-b76e-879adb…)

I feel like I'm years and years behind all my peers in development. I'm almost 22 yet I feel like an ugly overgrown child. ftr I'm not a neet, I study and I have a job, just haven't had a social life past the age of 13/4. My only friend my age is my roommate and 8 times out of 10 I think she hates me (fair enough, I have a heavy personality and the loneliness isn't helping it), she's moving out this summer anyway. I have some friends from home I text with still but it isn't same when you only meet in person once every few years if that. Have never dated anyone, haven't had a crush on anyone in last 7-8 years either. I think I could have social anxiety based on the fact that being around people makes me extremely nervous and I have developed numerous ridiculous rules and coping strategies to cope but it also could be just the weight of numerous failures to make friends and self hatred. Not that pondering on that is remotely useful as I wouldn't go to doctors to get diagnosed or anything, can't really go anywhere but the established grocery stores, work and campus buildings.
it's real sad sack hours rn, got triggered watching some shitty video of people my age looking handsome and having fun.

No. 376376

File: 1550597609879.jpg (172.58 KB, 870x435, 2017-01-Folk-music-performers.…)

Maybe you could try looking at some folk costumes from around the world to get some baseline and improvise from that?
Pic related is from Lithuania.

Anyway I'd like to see some of your costumes if you're ok with sharing pictures!

No. 376382

my brother gets pissy every time something doesn’t work out and I wish I wasn’t so terrified of it. we had some seating trouble at a theater this weekend and all I could think of during the movie and after was how mad he was going to be on the ride home even though it wasn’t my fault (I offered to go alone the day before and the day of anyway…)

No. 376391

I wish it was easier to like myself. I'm so tired of just being unhappy with being in my body, im disgusting and ugly. I just want to feel a little comfortable at least to try clothes on or look in the mirror and not want to spiral down into hating myself more.

No. 376473

I’m so fucking done. My body got used to only shitting when I’m home and now it’s the third day I haven’t taken a shit because I’m with my bf visiting his parents and my bowels just won’t cooperate no matter how much time I spend on the toilet. Realistically it won’t happen until Thursday, because we’re only gonna be back by tomorrow’s night. I’m already bloated and losing my appetite cause there’s no room for more food not to mention physical discomfort. Can’t wait till the pain starts kicking in. I just want to take a shit jfc

No. 376475

I work in a lab where I plan my own hours and can show up whenever to do my work. I took a few days off because we were missing a reagent I needed and didn’t want to waste funding money by clocking time and not being productive during it. I’m 99% sure we have the reagent in now but I haven’t been in yet because my depression/grief is so overwhelming that I’ve been sleeping 13-14 hours a day and laying in bed the other 10. What makes it even worse is everyone in my lab is a terrible catty bitch and I know they’ve been talking shit in my absence and it makes me even more anxious about trying to go back now. I know I need to go back in but even thinking about it makes me want to cry.

No. 376518

File: 1550614269012.gif (2.13 MB, 466x260, 1541460618584.gif)

I'm tired of my coworkers. They just won't stop having the same conversations during lunch break, they just talk about their ids and how much of a nuisance they are, but oh no, it's not like THAT, they love their kids sooo much! Or they talk about their husbands/boyfriends nonstop and make the same tired jokes about "lol I'm a wine mom, I watch porn too I'm so funny!" Since one of the managers is pregnant and is on maternity leave now, the subject of pregnancy is often brought up, and to the point of having lunch in a restaurant together and one of my coworkers was bragging about how a friend of hers sharted all over nurses and midwives while delivering her baby and how bad it smelled in the room, or how eating your own placenta is good for your health. And everyone was laughing and found it hilarious. While we were eating. It's like they were all raised in a barn, but for example when I talk about things I've seen while working retail, things that are way less inappropriate my coworkers act like I always say shocking and inappropriate things and they look at me like I have two heads. One of them is very annoying and she seems to think I'm stupid as fuck for things like my computer glitching out of nowhere for reasons out of my control, or some dude working with me half-assing his job and her expecting me to do his job instead, which I'm not even allowed.

There's only that and nothing else, too. It's like they don't do anything interesting or fun outside of work, and they're close-minded. I don't know if they act like this because I'm "just" an intern, because I'm the youngest, and not by far at all, because I'm the only one who isn't white, etc. No idea but they're weird and often inappropriate and I feel like an outsider. I was wondering if I was being paranoid but some previous interns said the similar things to me before leaving the company. I'm leaving i a month anyway but still, it's bothering me.

No. 376554

I have a flight in 12 hours and my anxiety is going through the roof! I'm actually excited to go, I've flown twice in the past 3 years and probably felt like this before then, but in the moment it's overwhelming. I'm getting intrusive "what if" thoughts and dissociation because my excitement is being mistaken for anxiety. I've been doing good managing my anxiety so I bet it'll fade away a few hours after our flight takes off.
I remember my flight 3 years ago I expected myself to have a panic attack on the flight and it just ended up with me having to use the bathroom like 3 times.

No. 376558

did you ask your doctor for a small benzo scrip, anon? most doctors are fine with giving you a few klonopin or ativan for flights as long as they know you. either way, you got this! i'm scared to fly also, but i believe in you!

No. 376562

Same, anon. I can't even look into a mirror anymore. I avoid all reflection of myself, whether it's windows or anything else. Seeing how I look always shocks me.
I wish I could have fun going shopping like any normal young women, but I can't even try any stuff on anymore.

No. 376564

Hey think of it this way, if you die from the plane going down, itll be quick.

No. 376570

you ever get so lonely you nuzzle your face into your own tiddie

i don't even know why i'm so ashamed of myself right now

No. 376573

File: 1550623979725.jpg (10.13 KB, 320x312, 30594222_1023667257784057_6588…)

I like to be working again, but I don't know how I feel about my new job. They don't have a set working hours for the employees (although I do have a right time to be there - just not to leave), and I always feel pressured to work at least 8 hours, although I am only an intern (in my country, interns work for 6 hours). Not only that, I barely have time to have my lunch, usually I eat in like 10~20 minutes and get back to work (again, the law around here states that employees should have an hour of lunch time), which sucks.

Also, I live kinda far from my job, and I am always tired when I get back home, I am just so tired. I am only awake right now cause I gotta do an unrelated work for the japanese province association that I am part of.

My coworkers are pretty nice and chill (although the ceo is a bit grumpy and it gets really umcorfotable at times), but I am already thinking of leaving. The cons outweighs the pros, and the pay is not really good.

I really wish this had worked better, honestly. (But tbh, I think I won't be able to find another job for at least 8 months, so alas)

No. 376574

I actually get more anxious if I take anti anxiety meds, who would've thought lol. I don't have a fear of flying surprisingly, it's just I've been having a couple months controlling my anxiety for everything else.

No. 376575

>tfw flat so I can't do that
I hope you find someone aside from your tiddy to cuddle, anon.

No. 376576

SSRIs do that for the first few weeks. The meds that anon is talking about are aren't like that.

No. 376579


NTA but valium makes me anxious as fuck and my heart rate goes through the roof. It is a thing.

No. 376593

I have no friends and no family I can talk to and I'm really struggling in my relationship. I feel like I'm trying so, so hard to make it work and I'm not getting the same effort in return. I love my gf, but I think I excuse her shitty behaviour to the fact she's mentally ill,a bit autismo and the fact I'd be alone without her, god, I feel like I'm wasting my youth…I just want some friends, to be happy and to have someone that will fight for our relationship ;_;

No. 376625

Nah I have had xans before, the anxiety did not go away

No. 376630

I’m pretty sure I have some sort of chronic fatigue and it’s really bumming me out lately. I’ve always suffered from the symptoms since I was young kid but people just thought I was lazy (like okay I am lazy too.) As an adult I’ve come to terms with it’s something I can’t really help. I’ve tried bringing it up to my doctor and he’s rather dismissive because I’m relatively young. I work normal full time hours and after work/ on my days off I’m so tired I just sleep or lay in bed and browse the Internet. I just want to have energy sometimes to do things I enjoy.

No. 376641

The radical feminism thread is absolutely useless for anything other than infighting.

No. 376643

I live with my sister and honestly it sucks, she makes me do everything! cook, clean and take care of her diabetic son(i don't mean this in a bad way but i hate giving him his insulin shots he says they hurt and i feel bad) even the annoying small stuff she could easily do herself but the moment i need anything done for me… she throws a huge fit! i asked her if she could take me to the hospital because i've been having stomach issues, it hurt to move and stand up straight and what does she do when i ask? she rolls her eyes and ask "well when do you wanna go?" then complained about wasting gas so i told her "it's fine i don't want you take me if you're going to act like this i'll just ask my boyfriend if he can take me" he ended up calling her just to ask why she couldn't take me. I'll be honest he did make things worse because she hung up on him and threw this huge fucking fit yelling at me and telling me to get ready and i keep telling her it's fine she doesn't have to take me anyway fast forward to us in the car, she's talking to our mom on the phone and complaining about everything then she ends up getting the car stuck in the snow and that's my fault, because i was the one that needed to go to the hospital. I'm just so annoyed, every year we have a fight like this and i want to move out but everyone insist i stay to help take care of my nephew. I feel like a prisoner, she's so lazy….

No. 376644

This. It's full of spergs. why do we even need it when we already have an anti porn thread, a man hate thread, a gc thread, multiple threads about the sexualization of women and girls, a female only society thread, a female gaze thread, etc.? Like the old one got locked for a reason. I never thought I'd end up agreeing with the anons who were sick of their shit since I'm a misandrist myself but it's starting to get old. Sometimes I wish they would just make a radfem /pol/ on 8chan or something and leave. The gc thread and general anti-male tone can stay though.

No. 376645

same fag but i also have some scrot on twitter that won't leave me alone and keeps trying to push this diet on to me
it's such a small thing but it's the cherry on top of this shit week, i just feel a little overwhelmed right now

No. 376646

I thought the radfem thread would be a chance for us to actually do something, but all any of them want to do is slap each others tits.

No. 376652


what can even be done though? of course it's just fighting because it's so opinion based.

No. 376683

I think that people focus too much on things like appearance and clothing when it comes to this issue. That's not the only way women are pressured to perform femininity. Feminism should focus more on encouraging women to develop strong character traits like assertiveness, self-confidence, bravery, and so on. In most cases, high self-esteem will eliminate the urge that women have to shave off all their body hair, plaster their face with makeup everyday purely out of insecurity, wear high heels that fuck up their knees and spine, develop eating disorders, mutilate their bodies etc.
Like yeah it's fucked up but not all things categorized as "feminine" are equally injurious to women's health and self-image.
I dress pretty butch myself most of the time but I can appreciate fashion and cute clothes. Women are human, we have the capacity to enjoy nice looking things. Honestly it's pretty silly to only consider the superficial aspects of femininity when it goes much deeper than that. It's like feeling "unfeminist" for thinking a sunset is beautiful.

No. 376689

is it normal to not do hookups/casual sex because… i don't usually get any pleasure from it? i honestly wish it were as easy for women to orgasm as men but i just don't have the desire to coach every random dude i'll never see again on what feels good and how to get me off. i'm insanely jealous of women who just go out and hook up like it's nothing. i cannot get into it at all.

No. 376697

I think most normfags sleep around, yeah. If you've done it a few times you can probably rest easy now, though. Trying it is what keeps you from being a prude-loser.

No. 376700

sure wish i was normie
or maybe just born a man

No. 376702

Me too, somewhat. I think I have anatomy that would work well with hookups (can orgasm easily) but emotionally I'd want to kys myself because I get attached to people. But in current year, nobody under 25 wants monogamy so I'm doomed to be alone until I reach that age and have to date some guy who has had 50 ONS's or something.

Nothing is ever good, anon.

No. 376704

I have the feeling that the majority of women who sleep around aren't orgasming most of the time.

Also, yes. It is normal to not be into hooking up because you don't get anything out of it.

No. 376705

i'm an autist and don't think i can really form romantic connections with anyone but i sure wish i could relieve my pent-up sexual frustration as easy as thrusting in and out for 3 minutes and not giving a shit about if my hookup partner orgasms because it's not expected of me

why sleep around if you get no pleasure from it?

No. 376718

>why sleep around if you get no pleasure from it?

Validation, FOMO, etc.

No. 376723

exposing yourself to potential STIs and rape or murder just to validate that you're "cool"? lol

No. 376729

I don't agree with it either, but some people really are dumb enough to sleep around because god forbid their shallow drunk friends think they are a "prude".

No. 376736

I've just grown to accept that lolcow is in general an awful place to rationally discuss feminism. You're better off going to Twitter or something.

No. 376846

currently visiting a lab I could volunteer at during the summer and I'm so nervous I could vomit. why can't I be one of those happy go lucky easy going people, it's not even bad here or anything, it's just that everyone is a stranger and I'm afraid of doing something stupid

No. 376851

>got to college late because of a traffic jam
>door to class was open when I passed it to put my stuff in my locker
>door was closed and locked when I walked back over to go into the classroom

I hate how lowkey petty the professor is. I'll be fine with dropping this class but I have another one with her tomorrow.

No. 376859

Is this tertiary education? Because I would create a living hell for any professor that gets power trips from keeping me out of a classroom I’m paying out my ass for. Honestly, just make them wish they were never born, what kind of self-important asshole penalises students by refusing them an education

No. 376866

I'M DONE and it wasn't so bad but boyyyy was i shitting my pants

No. 376867

It's an extra class I signed up for because I had leftover financial aid. I didn't lose anything for taking it aside from 6+ hours I can spend each week on my other classes.

No. 376874

I hadn't thought about my ex for 4 years but suddenly I keep finding myself talking about him and fantasizing about it and I give it about a week until I get accidentally call my SO by his name

Well done anon!

No. 376875

File: 1550680445621.png (1.9 MB, 1202x1186, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.1…)

I am so fed up with people glamorizing and/or trivializing depression and mental health issues. The girl in the pic posted this on insta (without her face obscured, obviously) and she captioned it "a good and warm cry". When I cry, I would describe it as sad and cold rather than good and warm. When I cry, it doesn't occur to me to post a highly staged photo on social media for the ~aesthetic~. When I cry, I'm not looking for attention from other people online; I'm fucking struggling for my life and it hurts even more to see people taking this shit lightly. When I cry, I do it alone without my bestie hovering over me with a camera phone. Why? Because my best friend died in her early 20s after a long struggle with addiction and mental health issues. And this bitch is over here making depression seem like something relatable and cute and quirky. For fuck's sake. I'm so tempted to actually comment on it and interrupt the stream of comments droning on about what an adorable baby bunny she is.

No. 376884

You may be paranoid, you may not be. Honestly, it sounds like you do hold some contempt for these people and they likely can pick up on that and respond accordingly. Since it's just a temp job, like you said, then you really don't need to worry but I'm assuming that until you shed this issue (where you are probably giving off subliminal signals that you think other people are stupid) it will come back again so just be prepared for that.

No. 376887

The thing I recommend is unfollowing this person.

No. 376907

>staged, unrealistic pictures for attention

I honestly don't know how you people expect anything else. Instagram isn't for people who truly care or are conscientious about anyone else. Sorry you got bamboozled up until this point.

No. 376920

> Instagram isn't for people who truly care or are conscientious about anyone else
that definitely isn't the case. there are countless accounts dedicated to nature photography, artwork, comics, poetry, animals, positivity, etc. so instagram isn't all bad and it's not a platform exclusively for careless people (although I will admit that they make up a majority of the demographic)

No. 376987

partner says he wants to take me on a romantic vacation to fucking twitch con. we dont get to do big romantic things much anymore but thats what he had in mind? nothing more romantic than being around thousands of people and watching e sports. im trying to not be such a bitch about it but i guess it would have stung less if he said he wanted to take me to twitch con and not wrap it up in the idea of it being a grand romantic gesture.

whatever. i told him if he wanted to go then he can go by himself and hes just like cool anon thanks!

No. 376988

ew. he sounds like the kind of guy that will end up resenting you for not be a thotty twitch girl that plays hearthstone in lingerie or whatever. he sounds selfish

No. 376995

he can get pretty selfish for sure, im not sure i want to stick through the relationship anymore honestly if he really is this tone deaf. i love him but goddamn he is dense

No. 377000

how long have you been with him? i think it's less tone deaf and more manipulation, honestly, but fairly mild manipulation. like, he had to have known it's not at all romantic to go to twitch con with thousands of mouthbreathing dumbfucks dancing around you at all times.

No. 377011

a few years. things have been up and down for awhile now so this was just sort of another thing on top. but youre right though, he does have a habit of skewing situations to be in his favor but under the guise of being for the both of us. im really kind of fed up with having to be his stand in mom or moral compass or whatever. i just want to sit on a beach somewhere sippin a drink and he knows thats all i really want to do.

No. 377015

I got paid to walk someone's dog and lost the money in less than an hour. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I pulled my keys out to go home. It could be anywhere or someone could easily have picked it up. I was already having a shit day feeling suicidal and barely holding it together, thought it would be good to get out and do some work and help someone out. Now I feel even worse. I don't deserve anything. I'm fucking cursed. I'm the fucking worst.

No. 377050

File: 1550705915033.jpg (77.39 KB, 391x600, tumblr_pf4zy4mdcw1xbb7v5o5_400…)

What is it about happy people/boomers that makes there humor so un-bearable? i'm sorry jess but minions movie quotes in impact font isn't top tier

No. 377054

Boomers were able to be happy because college costed almost nothing for them (and you could get a good job without it), minimum wage was liveable for them, and they could be as racist and shitty as they wanted. Their lives were fucking cakewalks, and they thanked society for it by fucking up the economy and putting morons in power.

We actually have to work for things now, so yeah, maybe we're not as focused on making jokes.

Also, most the people who post minions memes are baby-boomer-age moms.

No. 377059

because normies are average in every single way

No. 377093

>bitches about boomers
>posts the biggest boomer with a huge stick up his ass
Ot but I don't know why people praise him. He's an awful person.

No. 377100

I want a boyfriend REALLY badly, but I'm not sure if I actually have the energy for one. I can only handle having one friend so idk why I assume it would be different to include a person who needs even MORE attention than a regular friend.

And it's dumb, but I also draw a lot of (sometimes risque) pics of cute boys in my free time and I'm not sure I could give that up for a relationship.

No. 377102

I just want long feminine fingers with feminine nailbeds that I can admire. My bf has such beautiful feminine fingers and nailbeds that I've always wanted and it makes me so sad. I have tiny but dumpy Burger King hands and they look fat and masc in comparison. I feel like im the only woman in the world with such stumpy hands

No. 377115

>Burger King hands
lmao anon.

No. 377124

I was supposed to meet with my professor last Tuesday but something came up. Then he moved it to tomorrow but forgot. Then he offered to meet today but had a vet appointment come up. So now we are doing next Monday? This sucks.

No. 377141

My mom's boyfriend jacks off in the shower almost every night and it's the literal worst. My room is right below the bathroom and you can hear every single stroke because the water falls off and hits the shower floor in an OBVIOUS rhythm, getting stronger towards the end, then he immediately turns off the water and gets out. Like. C'mon. I also hate him and am working on moving out, I avoid any interaction with him, but listening to him jerk it every night in such an un-ignorable way is just. ugh. and also ew.

No. 377167

I don't get why infighting is so problematic outside of snow and pt, just let people have their circular arguments if they want to jfc. I can't even imagine 4chan or any other anonymous board trying to enforce a "no disagreements" rule

No. 377168

I'm the same bitch who lost my money today and I've been dealing with a 3-month-long headache (the vertebrae in my neck are fucked and the chiropractor seems to only be making it worse) so I took some extra strength naproxen and ended up projectile vomiting all over myself and my bed. Was too weak to make it to the bathroom in time. Now I'll have to sleep upstairs and get woken up 4 hours early by my mother's boyfriend (yes the one who jerks off in the shower) because he's too inconsiderate to try to be quiet when he gets ready for work at 5 am. FML today is one for the books

No. 377169

it's pointless to anyone who's not paying attention and we don't need to spend 100 replies going back and forth. it's just a waste of space

No. 377174

I pray tomorrow is a better day. You auld tall to your mom about her bf jacking off thiugh

No. 377181

I just inherited a decent hunk of money. I'm saving most of it/helping out a few people (without telling them about the inheritance bc i am not trying to get murdered), but I want to spend some of it on plastic surgery and another close family member keeps telling me not to and guilting me about it.

They've had multiple plastic surgeries and always complain about looking old/ugly

No. 377194

maybe they regret their experience. if they're still complaining about being ugly that might be the case.

No. 377206

have to live with my mom for a bit and i don't understand why she thinks i am retarded

"you know that downy isn't a laundry detergent right?" "… yes? why do you think i used downy in the laundry?" "because i don't see any soap bubbles" "….. i used the oxi clean detergent. i know what laundry detergent is" "okay just checking!"

god what the fuck. so glad i'm getting out again soon

No. 377207

I think the onision thread is currently one of the worst things on this site and it's because of how obsessed the anons there are. They've unironically become fangirls obsessed with looking at his crotch and documenting his every breath and move. Any actual happenings are overlooked over petty nitpicks.
It's a trainwreck.

No. 377227

Wtf, how was Freddie Mercury an awful person aside from any of the standard "sex, drugs and rock n' roll" stuff?

If you're basing your opinion of him off of the movie- don't. It's a good movie but it's rife with historical inaccuracies.

He had the vocal range of an opera singer (nearly four octaves). Even when ye was deathly ill, he would record songs for the band. When he recorded Show Must Go On, he couldn't even walk. In life, he anonymously donated to AIDS charities, and the Mercury Phoenix Trust founded in his honor has raised millions for AIDS research.

The only truly shitty thing he dud was hide his AIDS from the public. But can you honestly blame him? He wanted to be an artist, not a social activist.

Saged for Queen sperging.

No. 377229

>Getting rid of one of our prized cows

lol nope.

No. 377231

I feel you, anon. My parents are the same way. My father in particular talks down to me like a child (although he doesn't necessarily intend to). He lost custody of me when I was seven, so I think I'm perpetually seven in his subconscious.

He'll tell me not to drop things, or tell me to do something I'm literally already doing.

No. 377236

you should start doing really hot loads of laundry or washing the dishes with super hot water so it goes cold on him and makes his gross little pecker retract like a turtle into its putrid shell

No. 377239

>and makes his gross little pecker retract like a turtle into its putrid shell
i cackled

No. 377260

Possibly, but they also mention wanting MORE work done a lot, which is mostly giving me wtf.

Also I wouldn't even be getting the same stuff they did done. They had a face transplant, injections, botox, etc

I'd just be getting a teeny bit of lipo and a breast… lift? Augmentation? not making them bigger but just lifting them/possibly reducing them a bit more bc theyre kinda fuckin w/ my back.

No. 377262

a face transplant???

No. 377267

oh lord, i mixed up terminology.

face LIFT, not transplant.

No. 377269

The "Meet The Farmers" just reminds me how so many farmers are barely 18, have a bad case of dunning-krugers and would probably have a thread here if they were namefagging. Why the fuck are you so anxious to share a whole fact sheet about you on an anonymous imageboard? Can't decide if this is hilarious or annoying.

No. 377271

tbh i think its cute? its not like they have their names on it. It's just a dumb ot thread for people to dick around in.

No. 377280

A woman told me off for taking too long to get on the train because I took two seconds checking that everyone got off before I went on.

I ride this train every day to work, it is almost always full, and the amount of people trying to edge as close to the door as possible blatantly blocking the way for people trying to get off the train drives me crazy sometimes. I wasn't even blocking this woman's way, she could have just walked past me if she was in such a hurry.

I've experienced not getting off the train before because I was stupid and struggled to get my bag off the shelf and was trampled by a herd of of perfectly grown adults squeezing through the doors. Couldn't get past them and had to get off at the next station.

Normally I can't be bothered to get upset with this, but having someone be snarky at me for practising some common human decency got on my nerves today. Sage for 1st world problems.

No. 377325

I thought that too. I remember how easily recogniseable people are from the charts from when I used to visit those threads in cgl, it paints a target on your back to admit you use this site.

No. 377369

Really? I think it's a gross display of vanity, especially on an anonymous image board.
We're on here for other farmer's minds and opinions, not for their appearance or hobbies.
I just want to see text sperging, not the actual sperg behind them.

No. 377387

I was kind of surprised to see it, too. Also made me feel oldfag af (I'm over 30) lol.

>tbh i think its cute?
Still don't understand how this is supposed to be a question.

No. 377392

File: 1550770915586.png (149.27 KB, 450x433, 765.png)

>had a doctor appointment on monday for some check ups

>everything is fine
>one day later things start to feel not so good
>plans to go to the doctor on the next day to check if something is wrong
>calls the doctor office on the mentioned next day
>secretary tells me that my doctor in charge is only at his office this week until 12 pm
>I work until 3 pm so I can't go after work
>At the same time there isn't enough time to go there before work because my work starts shortly after the doctor office opens
>Things still feel bad, gets worse because I can't stop worrying about it.
>Still debates if I should go there tomorrow of leave it for this week and just wait for my next appointment, which is on next tuesday

idk man I'm so conflicted lmao

I also hate that my nailpolish pops up in one piece like??? this isn't a peel off glitter nail polish?

No. 377412

Don't wanna be too extreme, but I had a couple of deaths in the family where people felt 'not quite right' the day or two before. I don't know what your condition is, but I'd say go if you truly feel that bad. Things can go south really, really fast.
But again, I don't know your situation, so it's up to you. Better safe than sorry tho

No. 377420


It's about some dental issues which I guess cause some other issues. I feel that something is off but it isn't dramatic or painful and I feel like I rather know that the doctor has the time to sit down with me than rush it quickly in the morning but then again I don't know if it's ok to wait with it. This is what pisses me off that this shit had to happen in this week where it's rather not possible for me to go to the doctor right away, otherwise I would've done it two days ago ugghh…

No. 377421

waiting for blood test results back and i'm so anxious. I always convince myself that I've contracted some life threatening blood-borne disease or aids or something even though I feel fine and dont have symptoms of anything. I just wish they would call

No. 377440

File: 1550778076830.png (115.22 KB, 500x216, 1550766760851.png)

>been unemployed
>parents either say awful or misinformed things about me and the situation
>try to explain how it's different and takes time now
>how it doesn't mean I'm not trying
>mom gets especially horrible with me and makes me feel like a piece of shit
>says I don't try hard enough and should be pursuing more
>literally a day later
>callback and successful final interview
>"See anon? All you needed to do was have a bit of patience and not give up hope!"

You're the ones who made me feel like shit and implied I should have been employed within a month though you fucking mentally ill doughnuts?

No. 377478

its not that deep fam

No. 377481

>where you are probably giving off subliminal signals that you think other people are stupid
I don't know about that, whether that's the case or not I'm not noticing it. I really didn't have this impression of my coworkers at all until the second half of the internship and they were already acting this way. I've also noticed they're treating me more like an idiot or an annoyance when they're on edge for one reason or another, like having problems with clients and other things that have nothing to do with me and my performances. And once their problems are solved they calm down.

Maybe I'm too easy to read, maybe it's the case for everyone in the office, idk. We just got a new manager this week since the other one is on maternity leave and she's way more relaxed and less petty, and I feel like there's a positive impact on the whole team thanks to that, so it helps a bit. They're still not people I enjoy having lunch with though.

No. 377484

It's more the subway for me but when there are a bunch of people blocking you near the doors and you see through the windows that you can definitely have space to get in, just let everyone get off the train and say loudly "excuse me, excuse me" while subtly pushing others. I stopped giving a fuck, I do that all the time and people are annoyed but they've never complained.

No. 377501

This. I ain't posting mine since I'm a bit paranoid about being found out (not an English speaking country and specific shit taste in shows), but I find them kinda cute.

No. 377513

File: 1550788626593.png (536.67 KB, 566x420, 2019-02-22 09_13_30-anxiety ca…)

I am hopefully buying a used car this week and I'm dead anxious about it. I have bought a new car from a dealer in the past and it wasn't a big deal, but since I'm buying used this time I guess I'm scared I'll wind up a lemon. I'll be using the money I got selling my car privately plus some savings to get this 3 year old car with 30k miles on it and I'm tempted to go older and crappier because I felt safe having that money in the bank, but I need a car so I can get a job closer to me instead of taking the train for an hour, and I want the features it has. I'm also worried I won't be able to talk the dealer down; I need him to come down like 900 dollars, and I'll be paying up front, not financing, so I hope that gives me some control…but I know I have to be willing to walk away.

I hate that I get this crippling anxiety before making like any decisions ever, it completely clouds my reasonable judgment and makes me unable to act. When I signed the lease for my new house I had a panic attack and threw up all night because I was so scared I picked the wrong house (even though it's wound up being my favorite place I've ever lived and I want to stay here basically forever). All I can do is catastrophize and assume the worst outcome of every little thing. The older I get, the worse my anxiety is.

No. 377522

i have to move in with my family in a week because i was duped by my shitty new landlord into voiding my old lease and now i'm in a whole ass mess. he wants to move into my apartment asap so he didn't even give me a month's notice (which is illegal, but w/e i guess lol), meaning i had no time to find a new place. he told me a week ago that i had to be out - who can find a new apartment in literally two weeks? it just isn't possible.

i really really don't think i can handle living with my family though and i just don't know what to do. my autistic manchild uncle moved into my old room, so i'll probably be shoved into the basement or something. at this point i'd rather sell all my stuff and backpack across the country or some shit. or off myself idk. the only thing stopping me from leaving this town/earth/existence/whatever is my elderly grandparents. i can't just abandon my whole entire family even if i don't want to live with them. i hate this. i hate not knowing what to do and not having control of the situation. i've never felt so lost and frustrated and it really really sucks.

No. 377529

the anons themselves seem ok, pretty standard/what i'd expect from the type of person that would post in those threads, but it's still really lame and tbh the concept shouldve died in 2012. those threads are always so /soc/ tier. it feels slightly less pathetic when just girls are doing it though for some reason. i guess because they're not going to inevitably turn into dating threads.

No. 377560


Part of what's on other anons minds are their hobbies and tastes and seeing someone that shares the same interests and experiences might spark an interesting conversation. Also, what appearance? A stick figure with a turtleneck and colored lips?

>I just want to see text sperging, not the actual sperg behind them.

then don't go to that thread and hide it, it clearly states it's purpose on the title. You're only looking for things to get mad at and complain about later.

No. 377567

These people are probably also lonely and just want to tell someone about themselves, most have written off social life as pretty and if they spend their time on lolcow I not surprised.

Anons can have a drink water thread where nothing happens except someone screaming into the void HAVE YOU DRANK WATER TODAY!!!? but other anons aren’t allowed to share stuff like their hobbies with one another? It’s such a stupid thing to find annoying or vent about, like you said, just hide the thread.

No. 377655

I'm medicated and in therapy and I became much more productive and changed my mentality but no matter how much progress I make I still feel fucking hopeless and I know one day I'll do it, I fantasize everyday about throwing myself out the window everyday, I want to die in pain, I want to feel my bones crushing on the cement but at the same time I want to be feeling normal again, I don't even want to be happy, I just don't want to feel these overwhelming emotions anymore. I fucked my life and I continue fucking it because my brain makes me think I'll never be good enough to be alive.

No. 377659

It seems trannyish as opposed to young woman-ish to me, but maybe that's "tranny under every rock" syndrome or something.

No. 377661

i get that feeling too but obviously it isnt all trannies. just seems like a tranny thing to do for sure

No. 377690

File: 1550819068599.gif (5.8 MB, 400x225, 547447.gif)

My mom's cooking is shit. And I'm so tired of being polite and patient when I've tried to help her in many ways to make it better but she won't fucking listen. Or she resists when I suggest things like gasp !seasoning! and all she replies with is how she 'likes her food bland.' Well, then that's why it's shit. Maybe being a chainsmoker has finally taken its toll on her tastebuds. She can't even bother to look up and follow a recipe despite not working and having all the time of day. She wings it and then she wonders why others think the food is hot garbage. It makes me mad because it's a waste of food since leftovers don't get eaten because she doesn't bother portioning ingredients either.
I can't ever cook anything nice for her because she always has a complaint, usually about the food being too ~exotic~ or some such stupidity, and she'll either pick at it like a bird or eat it begrudgingly.
She gets huffy if I cook too many meals in a row because then she acts like I'm intruding upon her space in the kitchen.

She made fish tonight and the filets were soggy and waterlogged because she just slapped them straight into an oven dish frozen with hunks of cut lemon, spring onion, garlic, and regular onion.
>"It's super buttery anon, you'll have to fish yours out."
No, the entire dish is water from the frozen filets and the film of margarine at the top does not buttery make.
I had to put that shit in my mouth and dare not complain lest she get pissy for not receiving the help that she explicitly loathes me for giving.

No. 377691

I think it's cute too. I can't do it because my art style is recognizable, but I can see how it appeals to people who like art and or surveys. It reminds me of old web profiles and sites from the 00s where we'd list stuff we liked and put our bad art up, so for that I like it.

No. 377696

Eh, I made one in 3 minutes and posted it, but the ones that are super detailed are pretty cringey.

No. 377699

File: 1550820427375.jpg (86.9 KB, 719x608, r8mx7s5eu3b21.jpg)

I'm trying to learn how to fill in my eyebrows after being told by multiple people I'd look much better if I did so. It's pretty hard. I think each one looks good on its own, but totally different from each other. Definitely cousins, not even sisters.

No. 377705

>Why the fuck are you so anxious to share a whole fact sheet about you on an anonymous imageboard?
You act like people are posting their social security numbers. It's a just a dumb list of superficial hobbies and interests.

No. 377706

This. Lolcow has been used as a honeypot and the first admin shared user IPs to other chan owners to identify them. Revealing your appearance, age, gender, interests, nationality etc. combined with your post history seems like a really bad idea to me. I guess that's why so many posters in that thread are so young.

And even without all that being considered it's still cringy and reeks of self-obsession.

No. 377707

What's the actual consequence regarding admins on chan sites knowing a certain set of characteristics that are associated to a particular IP, and why would they care unless that IP was causing issues?
Are they gonna have a laugh at your expense over your post history? Well, I suppose.

I'd be more embarrassed posting pictures and charts to chan sites in case my irl friends recognized me. You know, people who are actually real to me whose opinions I actually value.

No. 377727

I apologize if my vent is rubbish, I haven't slept in a hot minute.

Anyway since I have some sexual trauma from when I was young it is a topic that is brought up somewhat frequently in therapy. This past session my therapist wanted to talk more about previous romantic relationships. She ended up asking about my sex lives with them, so now I come to the topic of this vent post:

My therapist believes I was raped in my previous relationship. But is it rape if I don't really have any bad feelings about it? She said that if I was forced into sex at any point, if I said I wasn't in the mood or didn't want to but he still went for it, it is considered rape. Even with her saying that and me knowing full well what rape is, I feel like it would be overreacting to suddenly think that was the case with him. Sure I had times where I told him I wasn't into it and let him do stuff anyway, but I feel that's just normal and 100% on me no matter how you slice it. Its been 4 years and I do have a lot of regrets from that relationship, but none of them have ever really been about the sex. Is my therapist overreacting? I almost feel like she's overstepping some boundary by insisting I was raped and saying I may be internalizing feelings about it without knowing. I don't really know how to feel but it's starting to stress me out. It somehow feels like I've failed myself? I don't know if that's true or if I'm just letting what my therapist said get to me because I'm having a bad week. i just really needed to get this out somewhere.

No. 377729

I think it is unprofessional og her to push this and try to foist trauma on you. Maybe in the future you can revisit the topic but you seem annoyed and like this isn't yielding any insights and its actively blocking things you do want to talk about

No. 377741

Not wanting sex and him doing shit to you anyway is not "normal" and is extremely unhealthy, but it's up to you to determine how you feel about it. If you're not traumatized then that's that. Tell her you want to move onto other subjects.

No. 377748

Anyone else unable to make eye contact with beautiful people? I can't be the only one like this right? Someone earlier in the thread talked about facial dysphoria and that so accurately describes what I'm feeling.

I can't look at anyone beautiful (esp men!) irl, and lately not even manga too. I just think I'm so ugly and undeserving to look at them. I also feel so intimidated whenever I draw someone in a "pretty" style, or have an ideal body type, when such an unfortunate, dumpy artist is doing it. I can't look at my creations in the face. I'd post an example of how I intentionally "uglify" my creations but i don't want it to be seen. I wonder if this is why some fat dumpy tumblrinas draw them the way they do? Sometimes I think I want to become a furry so I don't feel so humiliated drawing people. I also wonder if I will end up with a short, balding, manlet beta boyfriend because I don't think I deserve any better, especially to "look up" at a tall beautiful man.

No. 377760

You haven't failed yourself anon, please don't ever think that. I second >>377741
That kind of behavior in relationships is unfortunately such a normalised thing that many people don't even recognise it as wrong (including the guys that are doing it) but it's your body and your choice how to feel about it. It's understandable that she is concerned and I would would suggest taking awareness of this into future relationships but if you feel that in the confines of that particular relationship where you felt trust and care that you're fine, then that's your decision and nobody can tell you what's wrong or right to feel about your own body.
You could write down your feelings about how you want to move on to different areas of discussion so that you can express yourself firmly next time you go in, you can always return to the topic another time if you want to

No. 377765

Thank you for your responses anons.
I am most certainly annoyed with this whole situation but I think what's getting to me is that in my mind I'm starting to question if I was manipulated into feeling ok with everything whether by him or by my idiot self. does that make sense?
I've been told I have a tendency to downplay situations and feelings because of an "I don't have it as bad as others" mindset (one of the few reasons I'm in therapy in the first place).

Obviously i do not expect answers from you kind anons but i must say it does feel good to vent and know people are listening. my next session is in two weeks so I will indeed write these thoughts down and discuss it further later on.

No. 377768

>She said that if I was forced into sex at any point, if I said I wasn't in the mood or didn't want to but he still went for it, it is considered rape.
Well, that is factually what rape is, whether you feel indifferent about it or not.

No. 377772

You're not an idiot, you're just overly empathetic and put others before yourself. If everyone was like that then nobody would ever get hurt, it's not your fault that we live in a world where unfortunately such people are going to be taken advantage of and so you just have to learn to protect yourself.
Your feelings are valid, it's important to value and be kind to yourself as much as you would another person. It seems like you've suddenly been given a lot think about, so writing through it all sounds like a good idea, good luck

No. 377811

I've eaten lunch with an old college friend who've been away for a long time and is going back.
She's just so chill and ready to laugh. I wish I wasn't so damaged and afraid female friends that would betray me like the one I had as a kid/teen.

No. 377860

the amount of ESL anons/posts on the site are getting on my nerves. i feel like every thread has some bitch posting inane, unsaged posts in broken english.

No. 377861

wow, rude :/
Sorry for posting, I guess. I didn't know you had to be a native English speaker to post here.

No. 377865

Fuck off, snooty bitch. ESL posters are a fixture on lolcow.

No. 377867

I got a nasty second degree steam burn on my thumb while cooking at the beginning of the month.

The blister was really fucking big and eventually popped in my sleep. No big deal, I was treating it with a triple antibiotic ointment and using antibacterial soap to keep it clean. I also was keeping it wrapped up in gauze and secured with a bandage.

I decided to forego the bandage for one night after the dead blister skin came off. The next morning it's itching like a motherfucker, bumps starting to appear where the hair follicles on my thumb are.

I figured it's a mild case of folliculitis and would clear up on it's own. I was wrong as fuck. It began to spread. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and was put on Bactrim and given some Diflucan to keep yeast infections at bay while I take this stuff. Apparently it's cellulitis, not folliculitis. I was put on the strong stuff to knock it out of me.

This sucks mostly because I'm flying home next week to see my family and I am hoping it clears up by then and that the antibiotic doesn't give me bad side effects. Reading about sulfa allergies has made me nervous, I'm already allergic to penicillin and don't want to have to go to the ER. Been there, done that.

Pray for me anons. I just wanna have a nice visit home with my family and not to have to deal with any nasty side effects or itching cellulitis anymore.

No. 377874

Does your depression ever effect your ability to become attracted to someone, anons?

I'm so fucking lonely and trying to fix it. But I've been through all of the people on bumble, tinder, and hinge in my area or 2 hours away.
The rare times I do say yes to someone, I don't feel like talking to them and I feel nothing towards them.
I would almost think I'm asexual but I know that's not true. I've completely fallen for a couple guys in the past.
I just don't know what's wrong with me. There are rare times I do like guys a lot. But those guys have treated me badly. And maybe that is part of it. But I don't know. I have liked guys purely from a picture before, or starting that way (seeing them on social media first). I'm the kind of person who gets super uncomfortable if I were to go out with someone I don't really like and have to worry if they will try to kiss me or something.
I just want someone I like to be here for me and like me back.

No. 377875

I'm on my period and feel p emotionally vulnerable rn. I want my bf to hug me but he's currently not really speaking to me for reasons idek…

No. 377879

File: 1550859295993.jpeg (389.54 KB, 2448x3264, D136F6E3-C94C-4E4C-A3B9-10660A…)

I just made my own dentist appointment, my mouth is still dry and I’m still sweating but I did it kek the anxiety will be worth having beautiful clean teeth

No. 377893

File: 1550863756821.gif (1.07 MB, 306x172, 1536686166982.gif)

Ok nevermind, I'm definitely not imagining it. My coworkers were actually being rude or ignoring me because they thought I was way younger than them even though we're all the same age (mid-twenties). The topic of technologies came up for some reasons and we were talking about when we first had access to the internet, stuff like that, and when I said something about it one of them cut me off and almost yelled that I'm not their age so I should not give my opinion. This bitch is only a few months older than me. This specific coworker was raised in a barn, I'm 100% sure of it because it's not even like she was being curious and contributing to the discussion, she just wanted me to shut up so she could talk more than everyone else. I'm sure they thought I'm way younger than the team because I'm an intern but half of us are interns so that's not an excuse. Even if I were just 18yo if I'm working my ass of for less than minimum wage and no recognition then I can contribute to whatever discussions we're having anyway. Fuck this, only 3 weeks to go and I'm free.

No. 377895

Well done, anon! Dentist appointments can be rough, but it's better to go and make sure everything gets taken care of than never go and end up with tooth damage. Treat yourself to something nice after.

No. 377902

wow anon that was incredibly sweet and wholesome thank you

No. 377905

I’m a fucking train wreck and I need advice, I went on abender and had a mental breakdown, embarrassed myself in front of everybody, burned a few bridges and seriously considered killing myself.. I became everhtnknngthat I hate, I’m trying hard to move forward but one of the bridges I burned with the guy I was falling for (he was a dickhole to begin with though) he keeps messaging me randomly but I don’t know why, I’m pretty sure he hates me and I don’t know if I just ask him why he keeps messaging me or if I just continue to ignore it

No. 377911

absolutely sick with anxiety for the past 12 hours, I would literally suck dick for a xanax right now

No. 377958

One of my colleagues blew up at me today for something I didn’t even do (it was something my students did when they visited her class, with her permission) and as much as I tried to not take it personally, it kinda ruined the rest of my day. She was super melodramatic and rude and even tried to pull the “Well you probably don’t know any better because you’ve only been doing this for two years and I’ve been doing it for 15” card, and I wanted soo badly to ask her how she never learned to talk to colleagues with a little more tact in her fifteen years of teaching but like. Alright.

I feel a lot better now after grabbing dinner with some other coworkers, but I feel like being a little petty and letting it out one more time.

No. 377981

My dad passed early this morning and its been the longest day of my life. There were so many places we wanted to go and so many projects we wanted to do together. I'm desperately trying to find a video game to replay or a tv series or hobby to throw myself into but all I can think about is my dad and growing up and his habits and his life is prevalent everywhere in this house, I can't go to any other room without thinking of him. He had so much to do and enjoy but his health screwed him over. I feel like I'm going to wake up at any moment and hear him come home and invite me to hang out and watch a movie together. It hurts so bad and I don't know how to cope. I'm afraid of waking up tomorrow thinking that this never happened. I hate it so much.

No. 377984

my heartfelt condolences, anon.

No. 377999

I'm so sorry anon

No. 378018

Dog people (and I am a dog person) piss me the fuck off. I'm about to get a puppy and everyone has their own opinions to offer and if I disagree they freak the fuck out.

>Why are you getting a puppy, anon, you should get an old dog

>Why are you going through a breeder, you should get a shelter dog
>Your breeder is letting you pick your own puppy?! A good breeder picks FOR you. Red flag red flag!
>Why do you care what colour dog you get? Wahhh you don't really want a dog bad enough
>You don't even have a yard!

Fuck off.
1) I want a puppy. My dog is being trained for several things and I need to start early for them and good recall is essential. He won't just be a pet
2) I want a purebred and I want a young puppy and I don't want shelter dog problems, thanks. I'll fuck up my dog by myself thanks.
3) Fuck you - I'm not paying 2K for a puppy to be picked for me
4) I'm allowed to want what I want. Why does it matter to you?
5) My dog will be getting way more exercise than some lazy fuck who just lets their dog run around in the same yard every day.

God, I hate other dog people so much.

No. 378030

im not even really a dog person albeit working with animals, and i agree that you should definitely adopt a shelter dog. i don't like contributing to breeders.
its ultimately up to you and i understand your frustrations w the rest of it, but that was just one thing that stuck out to me

No. 378031

Why are some anons convinced that the userbase of this site is older than it actually is? I doubt even 1/4 of the anons here are over 24.

No. 378034

comes down to how often you use the site or have been here to have seen all the posts about things like divorces and children and whatnot that point to older users.

No. 378036

Old anons are insecure that they might be having serious conversation with literal 13 year olds

No. 378037

But those aren't common, and most of the posts about having children are about having young children, which still lines up with <25.

No. 378041

I guess I don't know anyone that young with children, I know a fair number of people in person who use the site and they're all older than 24 so I'd be biased.

No. 378044

>I'm allowed to want what I want. Why does it matter to you?
bc people who actually like dogs care about the wellbeing of dogs u ugly dumpass

No. 378047

My bf thought I was ignoring him when I wasn't. I showed him that my texts and calls just must not have gone through and he still is treating me coldly as if I actually did ignore him because "What do you want me to do? It doesn't change how I've felt. My feelings don't just immediately disappear."

Is this not major retardation? When I realize someone HASN'T been ignoring me and actually misses me, I immediately am relieved and comforted. Is it me or does this not sound like he WANTS to feel hurt and like I'm a huge asshole? He is pretty autismal when it comes to emotions and generally takes a long time to calm down from being angry or hurt or anything negative, but is this ridiculous or what? I feel manipulated by it tbh. Like when I haven't even done anything wrong it's like I get treated like it's my fault

No. 378050

Because lots of users migrated from Stamina Rose and cgl/4chin yrs and yrs ago so unless everyone was 12 when they came over, they'd be like 22+ now. I doubt that the original userbase has fucked off completely when LC is kind of the only imageboard of its kind, and what's the alternative? Reddit? Everyone over 22 doesn't just stop going on the interent.

No. 378052

Its also not a site with many obvious pathways to finding it, if there were more younger users coming in the board wouldn't be as slow as it is (you need a userbase to replenish itself with younger users to maintain itself, generally speaking and that doesn't seem to be happening).

No. 378053

This, lolcow was based on stamrose which was based on /cgl/'s favorite cow, PT, in the early 2010's. I'm sure while a lot of older users moved on that plenty are still around (self included lol).

No. 378057

Yes, and it's also fair to say that OG farmers may not even use OT all that much, or at all. I've been here for ages and OT has been pretty dead until recently, so it's very possible that those anons might just stick around to see what's up on pt and shit. But it really is very likely that older anons just aren't over here enthusiastically cracking out their tablets just to fill out templates and let everyone know their sexuality and how much they love swedish pop. Imo, those threads were already an annoying eye-roller that only attract a certain type of person, before migration.

No. 378066

I bought a can of my favorite soup/broth and because it has a few whole chilies and lemongrass in it I always strain it first. Instead of straining it into the pot I accidentally strained it directly into the sink!! I feel so dumb lol

No. 378071

Oof that sucks big time! Hope you saved some of it at least

No. 378072

Eh I just think that goes against the appeal of anonymity

No. 378096

Been there. Probably not what you wanna hear but time heals all wounds. In a few weeks, months, years, this mess will just a faint memory. Learn from your mistake and don't binge drink like that anymore. Apologize to the people you hurt, including that guy if it's really so important to you. But the best thing you can do is forgive yourself and vow to do better in the future.

No. 378121

Reminder that the majority of the world does not speak English as a 1st language. Cope western fag.

No. 378123

sorry for you loss anon

No. 378127

I'm very sad for you, anon. Death is a hard thing to cope with, especially when it's so close to you like that. I wish I could give you some advice that would make the bad feelings go away, but the best thing to do is just feel the grief. Cry it out as much as you can. I'm not sure if anyone has ever told you that before, but I found out it helps when my grandmother (who was like my second mom) passed. It's like you get used to the pain and the thought of that person not being there anymore? Idk how to explain it, but it works, as much as it fucking sucks. I wish you and your family well in such a sad time.

No. 378155

Why are amerifags so triggered by other nationalities and languages?

No. 378162

File: 1550914783005.png (765.25 KB, 627x635, 21313347982.png)

I finally split with my boyfriend after having enough of him just yesterday.

I really do love and care for him, but the final straw was when I refused to have sex and he started going at me about how I can't hold promises or compromises and how that really hurts him. Eventually, I just had enough and told him that it's time to split, especially since he was always constantly arguing and whining about how I wouldn't do X and how he began to demand my time a lot; even when I was busy.

Now he's apparently on the verge of suicide and posting cryptic things on the internet. My friends tell me he isn't a stable man and that I should not come back to him, and I'm getting my phone blown up. I'm terrified and I don't know what to do. I haven't had anyone be this obsessive over me, and I feel like I'm responsible if this man hurts himself.

No. 378165

you're not responsible for anything and he's not a nice person. this is just pure manipulation and bratty bullshit. i can actually (as terrible as it is) understand and empathize with the feeling of being suicidal partially because you lost someone you put all your hope into and were already battling with depression and suicidal ideation, but this is just a case of "i'm not getting what i want and i'm going to emotionally blackmail my way back into a relationship".

No. 378167

These mean a lot, even on this hellsite.

I'm so tired of crying but its all I can really do. I'm really sorry for your grandma, she was probably amazing. I lost mine recently too and it still hurts even when you know someone's getting old and you should be "expecting" it, but you never really do or accept that kind of expectation.

at least I can smile at how annoyed my cats are from being picked up and cried on at random intervals.

No. 378168

nah youre not responsible, you did what you needed for you. that wasnt healthy in the slightest. and how low to have sex be the thing that made him blow the fuck up about promises and shit

losing someone that close to you is some of the hardest shit we can go through. i lost my mom about 5 years back from health complications and i still struggle with it. feel that pain for sure but i hope you dont let it consume you. my mom was huge into gardening, so seeing even a garden in passing by a random house would make me burst into tears. definitely find a healthy way to process the pain and for sure find something that will help celebrate the things that you loved about him the most.

No. 378175

always trust your gut femanons

that's all

fucking hell

No. 378180

can't communicate or talk better with a friend… she and I aren't close even tho we were in the same friend group for years but now I had to make an effort to blossom our friendship since she shifted from her previous college course/program to mine but it's hard since she and I don't have a lot of similar likes and dislikes… and both of us get along with other people, I just want to be close friends with her but I get the impression that she doesn't like me anymore, like she's getting bored of me or just wants to be with anyone or anywhere else besides me… I can't help that I'm also quiet and reserved and prefer being alone most of the hours of the day… I don't want to lose her like I did with the friend group I made since first semester because I barely had a chemistry with said group even tho one of them was my friend and classmate for years now… I have problem in socializing beyond small and shallow talks… help…

No. 378191

File: 1550929713575.jpg (6.34 KB, 250x233, 1503190030111.jpg)

This sounds emo and cringey as shit but I'm not completely sure that I'm capable of genuinely loving another human being. I still badly want to be loved tho.

No. 378195

thats a blessing. run with it

No. 378196


Edgy but I’ll bite

Has anyone ever loved you? Even your parents or anyone?

I used to be the same until I found someone that actually cared

No. 378201

I don't really have a good childhood sob story if you were looking for one. My childhood wasn't spectacular but it wasn't horrific and abusive either. I get along with my mother fine but I don't think I'd give my life to save hers or anything like that.

No. 378204

This is such a stupid vent, sorry, but I share a Discord with some mods/admins that I can barely stand. They're the types who act like you've committed a hate crime if you dare to utter "not my kink, but people are allowed to like what they like", while at the same time, when me and some other people mentioned something that was kinda squicky to us that goes on all over the channel, they basically brushed us off. Someone called them out on it, and the mod backpeddled and pulled the "uwu you're all valid!" card, while simultaneously liking salty Tweets by the admin bitching about us "policing" the channel. I kinda want to confront them, but I dunno how to do that without coming across aggressive sounding. Sometimes I feel like it's only a matter of time before I get banned.

I would have left the channel already if it wasn't for the fact that there's some okay people in there and some good artists.

No. 378209

Do you really think anyone is capable of doing so?
Do you actually see any genuinely loving relationships around you? If you do, how many mediocre, shitty or downright abusive relationships do you see in comparison? I'm guessing the shitty ones far outweigh the truly loving ones.

Romantic relationships and the idea of such are compulsively pushed in male dominated societies as a means of producing more male children and now recently, they're being used to create the next line of (male) consumers.

I wouldn't worry too much about it honestly. You have the entirety of your spirit to go forth and chase after whatever hobby, dream, goal or fulfillment you desire.

No. 378224

>Do you actually see any genuinely loving relationships around you?
I'm not in their relationship, how would I know if they're genuinely in love lol

>Romantic relationships and the idea of such are compulsively pushed in male dominated societies as a means of producing more male children and now recently, they're being used to create the next line of (male) consumers.

In a few years you'll realize how cringey you sound right now, hopefully

No. 378254

3 months ago I hooked up with a really cute guy who at the time was visiting my city for a couple of days. I kinda developed a crush on him but since we don't even live in the same country there was no future for us anyways. We did befriend each other on Facebook though, just in case.
A couple of days ago I saw that he'd followed me on Instagram and got really excited since I hadn't heard from him in a while. I followed him back immediately, but today I realized that he has unfollowed me since. I get that following/ unfollowing people is a way to gain followers but I'm kinda upset he'd do it with people he has actually met in real life.. I feel so dumb now because I got reallly excited when I saw the notification.
I'm visiting his city with a friend in a couple of weeks and now I'm unsure whether I should even text him or not

No. 378256

You know that…lesbians fall in love and get married and stuff, right? It's not all males FORCING ROMANCE ON WOMEN or whatever.
Sorry we aren't all the aroace master race like you lmao.

No. 378261

Lesbians by their very nature cannot reproduce together and face completely different societal/relationship expectations and recieve different media messages than heterosexuals.
If lesbians truly are buying into the whole "celebrate romance by buying more shit and pumping out more kids" then they're not any better, but I highly doubt as a group that's true.

I'm heterosexual myself and I obviously still have sexual and romantic desires. Are people not allowed to critique societal norms or something?
Why do you feel the need to defend men and bring up lesbians when you know you're wrong? Nearly all of the business/societal messages surrounding romance and heterosexuality is done by males and male CEOs.

No. 378268

Nahh I wouldn’t text him, anon.

No. 378272

Sorry, in your op it didn't seem like you were simply critiquing it, you implied that no one was capable of romantic attachment. That was your first (rhetorical) question. I don't like the narrative we're all supposed to follow with fixed masculine and feminine roles where you must pump out 2 kids by 30, either. It does force people to stay in relationships they hate and have kids they resent and ultimately abuse.

Clearly that wasn't your intention though (to deny the existence of genuine attachment occurring ever), so again, sorry for misunderstanding there. I agree that if that specific anon can't "love" anyone then she should just forget about it and do her thing. It wouldn't be fair to whoever she would get together with.

No. 378279

He seems like a twatmobile. (Don't text him)

No. 378515

File: 1550974292497.jpg (104.86 KB, 640x580, nurse-memes-3.jpg)

I can't stand the amount of hypochondriacs that come to the clinic, who the fuck comes to the ER for a fever? Or the amount of patients who bitch and whine over every little inconveniences or how many will lie and lie on their reports and fuck everything up. There's real ass people dying right now and some fuck heads thought it would be genius to come to the ER because their throat hurts

My love life is a complete mess too, a combination of men being childish and getting randomly cold out of literally nowhere and my low self worth making me feel like it's my fault when I know literally every woman I know has this issue with men

No. 378520

Everyone should use common sense and not to to the doctor unless they have an infection for over a week or two, a general checkup, vaccines, or a specialist referral.

ER is for severe illness or physical trauma. Chest pains, head injuries, broken limbs etc. I’ll never get over fainting in the ER from appendicitis while some fat bitch screamed and moaned about the ankle she sprained two days ago and pushed other people away from the triage desk.

It’s like people drop their dignity at the door of hospitals. The amount of whining and abuse triage nurses get is unfathomable, I’m enuonely surprised the turnover and suicide rates arent higher.

No. 378527

>Everyone should use common sense and not to to the doctor unless they have an infection for over a week or two

The GP is literally there for non-emergency/non-specialist medical issues, you have to wait two weeks before you go see a doctor - this is terrible advice. It’s literally their fucking job to take in low-risk patients so that they can give them help before it escalates. Plenty of infections will turn into something life threatening if you’re a dumbfuck that refuses to see their gp because ‘I don’t want to waste their time’

No. 378528

Going to write this as a sort of TL;DR, don't want to go into too much detail.

My fiance is an alcoholic. He used to drink to excess literally every day and would get really aggressive and abusive (physically and verbally, also sexually I guess). Got to the point of leaving him a few times, but always ended up going back because I had no idea what to do with my life alone.

About a month ago, I finally got fed up with it and was about to leave for good (again). He started literally sobbing and got on the floor begging me not to leave. Said he'd never drink again and go to AA and whatnot. He has never been like this, ever, he's always that annoyingly macho type of person that's all "hurr guys can't ever show their emotions," like RedPill shit. I was like "I literally don't believe you at all and don't think you're ever going to change but I can't bear to see you hurting like this so I'll stay I guess." And that was more or less that.

Fast forward a week, he asks if I want to get wine, I embarrassingly start crying because I had foolishly started imagining a life with him where he was actually sober. He sort of reneges on the 'not drinking ever' thing to make it a 'not drinking while around you' thing. I am avoidant and depressed and just let it go because I don't want to argue. He also said that it was my fault for him getting aggressive when drunk and that he was always fine with having a few drinks before he met me (spoiler, he wasn't).

After that, he starts drinking in his car and hiding it from me. I have known he's been doing this for about three weeks now, every day after work and when he "goes to the gym," which he does more than ever now (hmmm). I pretend not to know and sort of convinced myself I was wrong despite all the obvious signs, until yesterday when I went down to the communal trash area to take pictures of the beer cans I knew would be there after he came back from work. He also just casually ordered a beer when we were out a few days ago and I was too pussy to say anything then because I didn't want to ruin the night.

Still haven't confronted him about it. IDK, I know I should have just left him ages ago, but I am just so depressed I can't imagine starting my life over. I have literally no friends or acquaintances or family so I'd just be totally on my own. I also don't have a job or practically any experience or education.

I would just leave him while he's at work but I did that one time and it really devastated him, I would feel too cruel doing it again. But he's so manipulative and I'm such a doormat that I feel like he would be able to talk me out of leaving like he did last time. We're both just wasting each others' time at this rate, though; need to just get it over with. But I am so content to just sit around and do nothing. So hard to force myself into action. Yet the longer I wait, the less strength I will have.

Most of the time I just fantasize about getting hit by a train so I get the decision taken out of my hands and don't actually have to do anything lmao.

I know the obvious answer is obviously to dump his ass. Just wanted to type out my frustration here. I hope I can not be a complete idiot and work up the nerve to move out later this week.

No. 378530

And I have planned countless classes of training and hired a person to do puppy visits when I'm at work. Hundreds of dollars. Pet insurance for $80 a month.

Me wanting a particular dog does not make me a poor owner, fuckface

No. 378531

Walk in clinics are everywhere where I live, just please don't waste ER workers time

No. 378532

A GP doesn’t work in the ER, they’re a general practitioner, I thought it went without saying. I was responding to how dumb it is not see a doctor, which again, a GP is and they’re there for small scale medical issues.

No. 378535

It’s different here. Nobody waits two weeks to see a gp. Three days is average. People with a minor sinus infection getting antibiotics on the second day are wasting time and antibiotics, and just spreading their germs to more people.
It’s retarded to go to the doctor for the sniffles unless it doesn’t go away in a reasonable amount of time. Overmedicated sooks filling up the waiting room because little Johnny has a scrape do not need to be there. Competent people can handle a cold or a heat rash without wasting a doctors time.

No. 378536

That's what I'm saying, obviously if you're concerned you should see someone but if you're going to the doc for every cough and sneeze you need to see a therapist along with it

No. 378537

Anon the best thing for you is to slowly leave him. By that I mean get a manageable part-time or full-time job, enough to live off of and make friends until you have enough money to pack up ur shit. You have to spring into action somehow anon and actually plan on leaving or else you'll just find yourself years later with a kid and abusive alcoholic husband unable to leave and that's going to fuck them (the kid) over. don't do it.

No. 378539

File: 1550976754934.gif (995.89 KB, 349x220, giphy.gif)

I have two midterms this coming Friday but I can't study. I fucked up my reading week staying in bed due to some fucked up circumstances and I just feel like shit. I can't focus, and if I do, I only focus for about 10 to 15 minutes. At this point, failure seems inevitable. I would ask my friend to study with me on campus, but I don't want to make her come here just because of my inability to study. I hate this. I don't understand much of what is going on for the midterms and I have an overwhelming desire to cry but also of apathy.

Lastly, my crush, while drunk (I don't know how drunk he was), told me that he loved me and that he was excited that I was flying down to see my friends, which includes him. Obviously, drunk words don't mean much and I had a feeling that he just kind of says this to other girls. That feeling was confirmed by my friend when he said "There are a lot of girls in his life".

Yeah wew I was a fool for thinking I actually mattered.

No. 378540

I understand how you feel but
>but I don't want to make her come here just because of my inability to study.
makes me think about how men get ahead. I can't help but wonder if I take the male approach, how much better off I would be. Worrying about other people is a huge burden that is rarely talked about.

No. 378543

>I want a puppy
>I want a purebred
>I don't want shelter dog problems

I have a purebred dog that I rescued when she was 3 months old. Her owner died unexpectedly and no one in the family could take care of her. She doesn't have any issues. Purebred dogs actually tend to have more issues, health wise, than mutts though. Nothing wrong with wanting a puppy, specific breed, or even a specific color imo, but there's zero excuse to buy a dog.

There are plenty of rescue organizations for purebred dogs. Look up "x dog breed" + "rescue" (there are often local, regional, national levels of these), fill out an adoption application, and ask them to contact you when they have puppies.

No. 378544

I’m sorry anon, I know your pain, my mother passed away some time ago. Every morning, I expect her to enter my room like she used to. Our place is filled with her things. In fact, right now, im facing a custom made heart with message “mama i love you”, which I got her from Italy.

No. 378545

>The people who will give you shit about not adopting a dog are typically either trashy people who think their ill-behaved mutts are perfect little treasures, people that are poor and can't afford to get a dog through a breeder, or high-and-mighty people that would criticise you for having a biological child rather than adopting one.
or they're actually people who have owned purebred dogs and realized they had a fuckton of issues (myself included)? the majority of breeders are not 'responsible', anyhow, despite their declarations and self serving promotion about how their operation is somehow 'ethical'. breeding is never ethical when there are animals desperately in need of a home. sorry but people who demand purebreds don't love dogs at all and are shit people. there is no shortage of dogs that are similarly as docile as purebreds and puppies at shelters. anyone defending adopting from breeders is just trying desperately to rationalize their selfishness.

No. 378551

semi-drunken vent, sorry.

i decided to save sex for marriage/true love when i was really young, like 9 or 10, and i'm now in my twenties and still an unmarried virgin. it's fine with me, it really is. i'm not a very sexual person, and if i have an urge i can take care of it myself. plus i see most guys as being scum anyway. i even made it through a somewhat serious, two year-long relationship without giving in and having any kind of sex with my ex. but lately i've had the urge to throw my morals out the window and hook up with a random guy. it's kind of like the feeling i get when i hold a knife or something and think to myself, "holy shit, i could stab myself with this"; like, i'm not actually going to stab myself but i still have that intrusive thought telling me that i could if i wanted to. the same goes for guys now - i see a really attractive guy or one flirts with me and i think to myself how easy it would be to just give in and sleep with one of them. i guess the worst part is that after breaking up with my ex, i don't even know if i believe in love at all anymore, so there's a part of me that genuinely wonders why i still care so much about saving my virginity. if i'm not going to find that true love i thought i would as a kid because it doesn't even exist, why bother 'preserving' myself for it? i don't know.

No. 378552

I honestly wouldn't recommend it. Not necessarily because your virginity is so special, but because I think 'if in doubt, don't' is a good guideline for sex related decisions.

You don't need to cling to preserving your virginity, but if you really WANT it (rather than just thinking it would be easy) you should go for it. It might take being in another relationship, or it might just take a guy who is crazy hot. But if you're on the fence, it's probably not gonna be worth your while.

No. 378559

I hate how rude and obnoxious my little brother is. He's autistic, so he's allowed to get away with everything and is treated like a little king. He's very rude, and can be very violent at times. He's a teenager, and getting bigger and bigger, and it makes me uncomfortable to be around him. I just know that if he were a girl he would not be allowed to get away with so much. I feel bad for my siblings who still live at home and have to deal with him way more than I do. I know it's my dad and step mom's fault for raising him so poorly, but I still really dislike him and wonder how much nicer it would be if he was never born.

No. 378561

idgi what are you waiting for?

No. 378567

File: 1550981099830.jpg (86.47 KB, 1024x1024, 1536179934331.jpg)

I'm so worried right now. I've been visiting a therapist since last year, everything was going just right, until i noticed something weird: she didn't diagnose anything yet, i didn't really care about it as i thought she was taking her time to see what the fuck is wrong with me, so i didn't say anything…until yesterday. I casually asked if i had something she should tell me about, and she said: "I don't think i should tell you because i have hopes on you, maybe you can grow of it or not" i understand what she said, but i really want to know what it is, i've been living almost a decade on a fucking hell just for some "unnindentified", temporary mental illness? then when she saw i was a little worried about it (even when i was always chill and never reacted like this until now) she literally rushed me outside and told me the session was "over" even when we talked like for 15 minutes. What the fuck is going on? I just want answers.

No. 378568

Personally I regret waiting so long (20s as well). The whole thing about waiting for marriage works for people who fall in love easily, find attraction coming to them easily and have romantic personalities. I wasn't one of those people and it doesn't seem like you are either. And the whole thing about waiting for 'someone special' is parroted by secular people who might otherwise think there is something sweet or cutesy about a virginal woman, they're horrified by the prospect of a virgin deciding against waiting. The perspective I never saw shared was one of sating curiosity and the simple desire to experience sexual relations and interact with the opposite sex. And that's fine, but I rarely saw those sentiments oriented at virgins, as if was an outlook that was only ok after you'd had your special deflowering and weren't a delicate virgin anymore. I highly doubt you will regret not preserving your virginity. If you ever had it in mind to wait for marriage in the first place I think you've been affected by religious views and the judgement of other people and it still affects you.

No. 378569

sometimes therapists will not tell you your diagnosis bc they think it will affect your state of mind in some way. like, if your therapist said that you have bpd for example (bpd is quite common for this I think), they may not tell you bc there's a negative stigma attached and from what I know, no targeted medication to treat it; continuing to meet with a therapist is usually the best course of treatment. maybe she thinks if you are formally diagnosed with something, it will reverse some of your progress? like it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy or something if that makes sense.

No. 378570

my little sisters the same minus the autism, the little terrrorist has always cried and screamed for everything and if she doesnt get it she starts damaging things, shes 16 and literally behaves like an overgrown toddler. im so over her shit and my family saying she'll "grow out of it" while catering to her tantrums, shes been "growing out of it" since she was fucking born. our whole lives are shit coz of her, i just wanna move far away already

No. 378573

File: 1550982471154.jpg (19.07 KB, 620x576, 39a10.jpg)

That makes a lot of sense actually, thanks for your answer, none of my family knows how to handle this type of things and i don't have many friends since i moved recently. I did have a friend with BPD and autism and therapists (she went to 6 different doctors) would evade her questions a lot. Maybe it's better for me like this.

No. 378577

no problem, if you feel like therapy is helping you just trust your therapist and don't feel like you need to label yourself/your symptoms! the whole point of therapy is to progress mentally and it sounds like she thinks you're getting to a good place, so congrats!

No. 378578

no it just makes u a poor human being
and doing the bare minimum for ur dog doesn't make u a good owner either kek

No. 378580

I just want to sad vent. I'm in a bad place emotionally today. I should've never left my ex. He was a good man, always respected me, did everything for me. Basically, I just got bored and thought that meant our relationship was bad. Now, I'm in another relationship with likely the biggest asshole I've ever met that doesn't really act like he gives a fuck about me, just keeps me around to be a mommy he can fuck whenever and abuse when he's had a bad day. But I stay because I feel like this is the hell I deserve for treating my ex the way I did. I know he still cares for me, probably loves me, but I can't fucking let myself admit to him or anyone else that I was wrong.

No. 378587

Dump your current bf, work on self improvement. If things don't work out with your ex at least make sure they work out for you as an individual, it's not like your options are either one guy or another.

No. 378594

nta but god you sound insufferable

No. 378599

I realize that self improvement is 100% where I need to go from here for sure. Just wallowing in some self pity for a night before I get my shit together. Thanks for the encouragement though, anon.

No. 378610

You could have saved a lot of money by going to a shelter and finding a puppy of your liking, but you needed a designer dog that's probably going to get parvo or kennel cough. You spending all of this money on training classes and hiring someone else to do the work for you doesn't magically make you a good pet owner, especially since you're making it out as if the dog is going to be an accessory and you already sound like it's a nuisance to you. Save yourself the troubles and get a fish, that way you barely have to do any work since that seems to be your goal.

No. 378611

I was diagnosed with BPD but I can't relate with other people that have this diagnosis and I'm starting to feel like I was misdiagnosed.

I used to self-harm and I have bad dissociation symptoms and I'm insecure and get angry, but I don't feel like I've ever been toxic to the people around me I never lash out on anyone and I never seek attention and I never ever thought of manipulating someone and I also don't have abandonment issues. I'm afraid of social isolation, but I'm not afraid of certain people leaving me.

I had friends that had BPD and they became very toxic in a short period of time because they would try to blame me and guilt-trip me over everything. I always try to be reasonable, I wouldn't blame someone for my mistakes.

No. 378612

if you don't have a GP, GO TO URGENT CARE!! i recently had a scare that i had appendicitis and i was freaking myself out so much i almost fainted from anxiety. i went to a walk-in clinic and they did some tests and told me i was fine, probably just pulled a muscle or something and yeah, eventually the pain went away. it was quick and easy and made me calm tf down, which was honestly making my symptoms worse. if you have something serious going on they find at urgent care you'll go to the ER, but don't go to the ER for random paranoia like me unless it's EXTREMELY painful.

No. 378615

smoke more cigs

No. 378616

You adopt don't shop people are so tiring. Not all breeders are puppy mills, breeder as a word suggests a small family selling pups. If you are getting a dog from a puppy mill you're an idiot, but breeder does not = puppy mill

No. 378623

you sound like an loser who is completely unwilling to accept personal responsibility for being a general failure and waste of space

No. 378628

I wouldn't say that. I would say that people who think they are too good for a McDonalds job when they are unemployed are always wrong and idgaf what they got their multiple degrees in. Unless you're financially independent or your parents are well off and welcoming, there's no excuse for not taking a shitty job while job hunting.

No. 378630

maybe if you're a crazed sjw

No. 378631

especially since that anon pointed out they spent all their savings in the meantime - why WOULDN'T you pad that out as much as you can? i get that mcdonalds and retail and other easy to obtain jobs fucking suck but if it's between that or wasting all my savings with nothing to show for it, i'm going to pick the former.

No. 378634

I'm having second thoughts about moving, the place where I'm at is pretty expensive and miserable. My flatmates freak me out and there's too many bad memories attached to this place, but at the same time it's close to my friends and the room I'm currently at is a lot bigger than my new one, not to mention moving is costly and expensive :(

No. 378642

That’s really shitty anon. Sucks you were stuck with that and sucks more for your siblings. Learning manners is hard when you’re autistic, but if you’re verbally functional you can learn to use some basic manners. He shouldn’t be allowed to get away with things because he’s autistic, it will hurt him and you/your other siblings in the long run.
So the other siblings know how to protect their boundaries and be assertive?

Acknowledging marital rape is crazed sjw? Fuck off incel.

No. 378645

i'm not that anon and don't mean to hijack but i love my friends and certain family members a lot, but i've never been able to connect with someone on a romantic level. having sex with my past s/os was hardly a magical experience that brought us closer and i didn't really enjoy it any of the times we did it. i've been so jaded that i've completely cut myself off from finding a partner and have never had a serious, long-term committed relationship. i feel like i'm going to die before i experience romantic love.

No. 378660

ntayrt but if by “crazed sjws” you mean “normal people who think it’s morally reprehensible to pressure your partner into having sex when they don’t want to” then 90% of the anons on this board are crazed sjws. you should leave

No. 378689

my ex emotionally abused me whilst trying to proselytise me to think that i was the abuser anytime i didnt behave like a passive lil concubine

then he left me for his ex. his ex who he wept over as he described how she raped, stalked him and ruined his life. they deserve each other

No. 378707

If forcing yourself on someone after they said they weren't interested isn't rape then what is? That is literally the definition of rape.

No. 378723

it's sexual assault if not strictly "rape". it's not "as bad" as someone forcing themselves on you; someone being fed up with their partner whining/being emotionally manipulative and giving in to having sex is definitely not consensual sex though.

No. 378751

His parents letting him get away with everything really is hurting him. He actually used to be a lot worse. Way more violent and constantly threatening to kill himself and others anytime he didn't get his way. But he's finally started going to school, and I think that's teaching him some manners, and better ways to express himself. Even though he's still pretty violent, throwing glass bottles and playing with fire. And he's also discovered touching himself, and spends hours in the bathroom…eugh. The two siblings who still live at home, both have jobs, and try to stay away from home as much as possible, and one is going to be moving out once they are done with high school. I have a feeling neither of them are allowed to say anything negative about our little brother or they are made to feel ashamed for being so awful to a poor kid with autism. I was made to feel like shit for not wanting to hang around him. I hope they can both move away soon. I know their mom expects one of them to watch and take care of him forever once she and our dad get too old, which is a completely unfair.

No. 378763

File: 1551039390872.jpg (25.95 KB, 800x450, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

>decide to meet up with guy 4 years older than me off 4chan
>figure nothing would come of it but I was thirsty for the thicc cock and he was relative close proximity
>a bit of a nerd engineer type but dressed nice, clean, groomed, had good teeth
>meet at bar
>he actually listens to me and converses
>don't use my phone at all bc he's that engaging
>asks if I want to go back to his place
>follow him and roll up to a $400k home with 5 bedrooms, kinda emptily furnished
>tells me how he's wanted me all night but we hold off
>we make a seafood dinner together and he cracks open some wine
>has some nerd hobbies but isn't obsessed with vidya or anime
>talk more
>we mess around, he's pretty vanilla and sweet, no signs of degeneracy
>wind up fucking all night
>he's super passionate and seems very into me, faces me and kisses me a lot, cuddles me after
>made me breakfast before I left the next morning
>say we should do this again and he agrees

I can't help but feel I'm just a rebound though, the reason why his home was so bare bones was because his wife divorced and left in November. I'd be surprised if he took me seriously because I feel so out of league financially. In fact I feel like he's on 4chan specifically to meet women which I don't begrudge him for (and he treated me nicely), I just wish I could get someone real like this and be confident that I'm up to snuff to keep. I don't think I've ever gotten with someone with such nice prospects before and I'd hate to get my hopes up.

No. 378765

As I'm getting older, my metabolism is getting shittier. My eating habits haven't changed for a long time and I even follow a healthy diet but today I stepped on the scale and saw in numbers a massive difference from two years ago. I hate myself for reaching this point but at the same time I'm baffled since I don't eat sugary stuff or junk food. I don't have a choice, I need to hit the gym and cut calories but I'm already eating little as is so I'm despairing. Most of the weight is around the hips, thighs, and I have a pot belly. I don't want to go out. I feel shame and disgust with myself. My whole post sounds so vain but I can't stand to look at myself. I knew I've gained weight but I had no idea it was this bad. I've cancelled a trip I had with friends because I feel so ugly and gross.

No. 378781

I just cannot understand how or why people would use 4chan as a website to meet people through, please elaborate anon

No. 378784

Trust me when I say I've met more scumbags through actual dating platforms than I ever have from 4chan. And the last long term relationship that I gained through "organic" means flopped because after years of waiting, I realized I was with a manchild.
I've been through hell so maybe 4chan feels like the purgatory; it could go good or bad but at least I've known it and the men that browse there for so long that it feels less like a complete wildcard. I think I just got lucky this time and it feels really good to have been so.

No. 378787

>sleeping with a guy from 4chan on the first date
No offense but aren't you worried he's going to go back there and gloat about fucking a slutty roastie riding the cock carousel. I don't know how you couldn't make these assumptions about men from there because that makes up 90% of their conversation. The other 10% is about how they want to fuck children.

No. 378788

Dunno if this belongs in a full on vent thread, but god I hate it when people take pictures “during” and post a panic attack. Maybe I’m just a dick, but when I have panic attacks, my vision blacks out and the last thing I would think about is taking a god damn selfie.

Some chick on my newsfeed just shared her before/during/after panic attack pictures and I just don’t understand what would motivate someone to do it. I understand wanting to get rid of the stigma associated with mental illness, but this just feels a little attention seeking to me.

No. 378791

He didn't seem like the type, I just haven't known men that sweet and who put in that kind of effort that suddenly turned. Even if he bragged, who am I to anyone he brags to? Just a few pictures, a name. At his age and after being married that's kind of, more embarrassing on his end, to still be acting like a 20 year old. Would say more about him than me, and I've had men done to me worse than that.

No. 378800

Honestly I think most people I've seen who broadcast their "panic attacks" are lying/exaggerating for attention. Seems like the term has turned into a synonym for "feeling sad and anxious and crying uwu" which is… certainly not what an actual panic attack is. I feel bad for the people who genuinely experience panic attacks and have to put up with bullshit snowflakes.

No. 378818

Turns out he was freezing out bc he was planning on dumping me. I finally got my hug though, too bad it was to say 'sorry for breaking up with you'. We didn't have any issues and up until today I thought everything was going fine and well. I hate that nothing bad/big happened that I can blame it on. I'm inconsolable

No. 378821

>I've cancelled a trip I had with friends because I feel so ugly and gross.
Uncancel it. If you're self conscious you can wear something long and draped but if you don't go you're just going to be depressed, at home having FOMO and not actually improving the situation anyway. You won't be the first person in your friend group to put on a few extra pounds as age catches up, it's better to share your problems than hide away like some Victorian monster.

No. 378870

Idiots who scream about ana-chans at every given oppotunity are far more annoying than actual ana-chans.

I have been accused of being an ana-chan several times here on LC even though I haven't been underweight or suspected of having an eating disorder by medical professionals nor regular people ever in my life and never said anything remotely pro-ana on LC.

No. 378872

Whenever I have panic attacks I'm too busy trying to fight the god awful intrusive thoughts looping in my head and the sweating and shaking. Not to mention the thoughts of "I really wanna end this right now" I have.

I had a panic attack a couple of weeks ago and it was the worst one I've ever had. I still haven't felt right since, and often feel jittery most days. Just got upped on my meds, so I'm hoping that'll help.

No. 378931

You could just be coming off as obnoxious and weight obsessed like an ana chan. It's not like everyone who gets called a fatty chan is actually fat either.

No. 378943

Isn't that pretty presumptuous of you? You have no idea what I even wrote.

No. 378945

Seriously, if I have a panic attack that's the last thing on my mind is taking a video to "show everyone". I'm more likely to do some fucking grounding techniques and then take care of myself for the next half hour to calm myself down.

No. 378975

Off to find out how much ten years of severe bulimia has damaged my heart. Fuck this.

No. 379003

File: 1551073915260.png (869.2 KB, 620x563, snotgirl.png)

Okay so i had this friend who was very close to me many years ago, and we had a falling out because i was mentally unstable and she was always trying to control the situation and being all "you need to go back to the church", which drove me over the edge.
Basically, more than 5 years have passed since this falling out and i recently tried to reconnect with her because hey, i was 14-15 and dumb and making mistakes and i missed her friendship which was very good when we didn't fight because of the stupid shit i did very frequently thanks to my emotional instability. I came clear, apologized for all the shitty stuff that happened on my part and told her i wanted to reconnect. She didn't accept it, which is like, fine, some people just don't want to go back to the past, but the reasons she gave me were so stupid i'm just annoyed.
She said she didn't want to be with me because i'm wiccan (i'm not wiccan, i just have an interest in occultism) and this is bringing evil spirits onto me and she "can't stand my darkness" and "gets headaches near me" amongst citing stuff from 5-6 years ago (like my difficult relationship with my mother, which i solved because i'm not a stupid teen anymore) as reasons of why my life is failing.
I won't try to get close to her anymore, and this sounds like a bunch of bullshit excuses, but i guess what killed me the most is that i grew up and changed, and i was expecting her to have changed now that we're both adults, but she is the same as she was when we fell out. I'm just frustrated, i guess.

No. 379026

he sounds too old to be using 4chan. meeting a teenager when you're a teen on 4chan like, 6 years ago is one thing… meeting an adult in 2019 that doesn't only consider 4chan to be a part of his past and still actively uses it in 2019 is… worrisome. but it's possible that you got lucky? don't put too much hope into this shit though

No. 379072

I'm too chickenshit so I made my mom correspond with Derrick Jensen for me and it's the coolest thing ever. I love him (not romantically or sexually)!!

No. 379101


Report back? curious.

No. 379154

>meeting a teenager when you're a teen on 4chan like, 6 years ago is one thing…
It’d be a lot weirder to meet teenagers on 4chan considering the site is 18+.

No. 379161

When 4chan was actually a thing I was underage and most of the people I knew were underage or freshly 18/19. Even still, you can be a teen and not be underage. It's just really weird to still be using 4chan in 2019, especially if you're no longer like, 18. I understand anons in their 20s who used it in like 2010 because it was very relevant and active, but it's way weird to use it now to relive your glory days. Using it now is like clinging to a carcass.

No. 379221

how do i get over my crush probably being gay

No. 379224

I know depressed people are a dime a dozen but I am so lost with life. I turn 29 in 3 months and I am bored with my career, have a dysfunctional relationship with a guy who ranges from paternalistic to outright mocking me for my mental health problems yet expects me to be interested in sex, my family is/was emotionally/physically abusive and I avoid them and moved away but I also don't have that (albeit shitty) social safety net.

I set all of this up on my own (I picked the boyfriend, I decided to move away from family, I picked my career knowing it was kind of easy for me mentally) but i don't see how my life will improve. I'm at "the wall" (sorry for redpill memes) and Ive heard the pool of decent guys plummens fast as you approach 30s and beyond. All the beautiful things I hoped for my life when I was younger like marry into a loving family, have a partner who is a friend and is supportive and likes doing more than playing Vidya and smoking weed, having mentally rewarding life, etc. Is all out of reach for me. On top of this, I'm shy and awkward and weird and cannot make friends. I have no motivation to even do basic things like read or go for walks anymore. I don't enjoy anything. My looks are TANKING fast. I was never beautiful to begin with but now I'm aging on top of it.

Idk how to be brave enough to rage quit life. I want to fall asleep calmly and not wake up. I don't mind losing everything about life, I just want the lead up to it to be not scary.

No. 379236

There is more to life than men, don't you have any other goals?

No. 379245

I am possibly too stupid and definitely too poor to go back to school to enter the field I wanted to do originally. My current field is really boring and requires social skills to really stay in it as you get older even if I did enjoy it.

I am incapable of making or maintaining friendships. My personality is weird and people say I'm aloof/frigid/cold. When I am forward and talk alot, I say stuff that people laugh at or make fun of me (possible aspie, I am in engineering so maybe) so it's better in the long run to not try. Most people seem to have their family be their social safety net and I can't really rely on mine, therefore I believe I'd need to marry to have that. I guess it does look like I am making life all about finding a man but it's a bunch of things together. If I had 2/3 I'd be content but I have 0/3.

No. 379247

I've found a bunch of ants on my desk over the last few days and I don't know why. I don't eat or drink anything but water at my desk so there's never any food. I also recently just deep cleaned my apartment because I had an inspection and didn't find any ant nests or food sources lying around besides some crumbs and shit by my stove. What gives? I'm ONLY finding them crawling around my desk.

No. 379252

it's likely that either their nest is nearby or there are pipes that are making the ants think the room has a water source. i had a similar issue with ants in my bathroom and bought some terro ant killer and it worked a charm.

No. 379256

I hate being a really nervous, antisocial person while having to solicit ads for school. Doing it by email seems to be going OK so far but if they saw me irl I'd probably have a hard time selling. I don't know how those MLM girls can do it

No. 379301

I'll give it a shot, thanks.

No. 379305

I have so much free time right now and I'm angry at myself for not knowing how to use it. I've been trying to do stuff like making healthy meals and learning new language and reading more, but I just feel shitty and I don't want to do anything, but when I do nothing I get angry at myself and start selfhating. I feel miserable doing things and while not doing anything. I'm at uni but I don't have many classes this semester and I start an internship in may so I'm not gonna look for a serious job right now. I just want to enjoy my daily life but I don't know how.

No. 379313

I'm in kind of an annoying situation, where I would like to move into an apartment, but my friend is being a flake and I can already tell I can't rely on her to make a decision to move in with me.

I don't make a whole lot of money though, so finding a place for me to live by myself is kinda overwhelming. The major apartment websites offer me like, three places to live between my house and work (a 40 minute drive), which I can and probably will check, but I decided to look into income-based stuff too and that didn't make anything better. I'm just feeling overwhelmed in general and there's not really anyone I know who can help.
The county my work is in just charges more for everything in general, whereas mine can be dumpy in places, and me looking at cheap places is definitely going to lead somewhere dumpy I'm afraid

just aaaaa I just want someone to point at a place and go "this is nice" and it would fit perfectly

I almost had that, but I called them and asked about utilities on top of the rent and after sitting down doing all the math it would be like paycheck and a half per month for me, and I'm trying to actually have a savings, despite it being pretty darn nice

No. 379316

I… love my boyfriend so much but the one thing we argue on is, like, I have a tendency to really hate people, especially over things like them telling jokes about rape and/or pedophilia and the likes, I’m a CSA survivor, so… yeah. He is right that it’s also my bpd creating black and white thinking but like, I don’t get what’s wrong with hating shitty people, he tells me to look at both sides, that if I hated everyone who did bad things like that, I’d hate everyone… that I’m just hurting myself hating them… it’s not like I spend all my life hating these people, it’s just like, when I see/hear about say, Donald Glover, I recoil and get uncomfortable remembering what he’s done that personally greatly bothers me. Is it really that wrong of me? Am I scummy and spreading wrongful hate? Like I said, I only really, really hate people who use the trauma that’s ruined my life as jokes or other offensive material…

No. 379320

There's nothing wrong with you. He should understand that it's clearly hurtful and should stop.

No. 379326

I lost my newly bought metrocard after using it once
I'm so fucking retarded and feel like I can't hold onto shit without somehow losing it

No. 379331

rip. Did you at least register it online or something so you can get a new physical one (if your city offers that service)?

No. 379334

>rapists and pedos
>you should see their side anon!!

Is he playing devils advocate just to fuck with you? I don’t see why anyone would consider their side, they ruin people’s lives in a hugely personal and traumatic way.

No. 379340

Did you put it in the same pocket as your phone? That's how I lost mine twice in a row, I accidentally dropped the card when taking my phone out of the pocket to check it.

No. 379341

I'm so fucking tired ya'll. Bipolar and crashing from a 3 month manic episode and now I have to finish all the things I started whoops.

No. 379358

File: 1551138243267.jpeg (57.6 KB, 450x443, 9474C2F4-7819-48F9-A929-96CAA4…)

There’s discourse dropping in my section of the fandom internet about how being “parasocial” is toxic

>Parasocial interaction (PSI), as originally hypothesized by Horton and Wohl (1956), offers an explanation of the ways in which audience members develop their one-sided relationships with the media being consumed

Of course, this is literally ever woman who is in a fandom, ever, but now it feels like the more “respectable adult” fans are using buzzwords to shame the autists out of their spaces.

This is the same sort of girl bullying that led to me hanging with weird fandom kids at lunch when I was in school, and now that nerd shit is cool again you’re kicking us back out. Fuck you.

No. 379361

I've been hearing about this a lot lately as well but I really hadn't understood it as shaming women who are in fandoms. Isn't this more related to stalkers of Youtubers/celebrities ? Because that's when thinking you have a bond with the people you watch becomes potentially dangerous and harmful. Having a 2D husbando doesn't harm anyone.

No. 379362

File: 1551138802586.jpg (22.89 KB, 356x355, 0dc.jpg)

What? What's the angle on that one?
How is growing emotionally attached to media and characters, which you're meant to grow emotionally attached to, problematic?
I get that in extreme cases where the relationship is formed with real people (like actors or youtubers) and expectations are placed on them to behave a certain way or it evolves into stalking it's shitty. But always? Are waifus and husbandos now also forbidden?

No. 379364

Unfortunately I think this word is being used outside of the actual context, because the internet is great at that. I’m seeing mentioning a person you’re a fan of too many times on twitter counting as parasocial, like, really? Cringey and immature, but not stalking levels of bad.

No. 379365

File: 1551139112675.jpg (37.41 KB, 617x411, 5wO9fvO.jpg)

>being involved in fandoms

No. 379368

There is such a service but I'm so forgetful that I didn't because there was a 24 hour wait before registering it and I never got around to it after

Sorry to hear that anon but yes, this is exactly what happened to me lol

I was new to the area and was constantly taking out my phone for direction without knowing I subconsciously put my metrocard in the same pocket

No. 379371

Put it on a lanyard.

No. 379384

>being “parasocial” is toxic
>literally every woman who is in a fandom

Amazing, yet another thing women are shamed for - having the empathy to be able to really connect with and care about characters.

No. 379387

File: 1551140632419.jpg (36.66 KB, 443x550, 1549976310963.jpg)

My parents got into a car crash and we actually had grounds to force the guy to give us between 1,332 and 1599 USD, but my mom fucking didn't. She KNEW we could have used that money for our own good to repair our house. She fucking KNEW THAT, and she also KNEW that HER name is on the case so nobody but HER can get the money. She fucking didn't!! She skimped me and my dad out over a thousand dollars because she's a raging fucking whore that wants to sit on her bed all day, be a lazy boomer and look at facebook and instagram. I'm so fucking mad, and there's NOTHING i can do about it. I've yelled at her, talked to her countless times, I've done everything short of beating the shit out of her. There's this MASSIVE opportunity to earn us a better living and she's sitting on her ass. We've got therapy to pay, medication to buy every month, a house that needs repairs, and she's IGNORING it. I'm honestly soooo fucking livid and she conveniently waits for me to forget about the topic. There's nothing i can fucking do, i don't want to resort to violence agaisnt my own mother but god damn i'm so angry.

No. 379388

it's getting hard to tell if anons are lowkey avatarfagging or they just have an incessant desire to post reaction pics involving their autistic special intrests

cough >>379365 cough

No. 379393

File: 1551141203940.jpg (21.93 KB, 300x225, download.jpg)

Everything is honestly so painful. So many missed opportunities, so many people telling me to 'take control of my life' when shit was completely out of my control. It was people either sticking their slimy fingers into my life and me being too young and immature to know how to intervene, or me seeing opportunities and acting on them and somehow getting cucked out of it completely by chance. How the fuck are you just supposed to "take control of your life" when you're a toddler completely at the mercy of everyone that walks beside you, including other children? How was i supposed to know that people abusing me and berating me wasn't normal? Now i'm in mid twenties, completely filled with childhood trauma that everyone tells me to just "Move on.". How? Genuinely How? How do i unwrite years of traumatic wiring that has been fermenting ever since i barely was a toddler? People repeat that over and over to me like i haven't t tried to overcome and move on from my childhood, but adults regularly went out of their way to keep me in the system.

No. 379394

rlm reaction pics are popular among chan boards, detective

No. 379401

not this one. plus you make it really obvious that you're always the one using them, at least on /ot/. it does feel like avatarfagging.

No. 379405

Who the fuck calls their mother a raging fucking whore over a thousand dollars. What is wrong with you.

No. 379407

do you have any idea how little that amount of money is? you're clearly not an adult if you're going to beat the fuck out of your mom over less than 2k.

No. 379409

it's not just me, detective. i swear.

No. 379416

>There's this MASSIVE opportunity to earn us a better living
kek are you special needs by any chance? less than $2000 gets you nowhere.

No. 379419

Maybe it's just cause it's a Monday night, but everyone seems so quiet and I feel so down and lonely. I wish someone would chat me up but I'm so tired of pursuing and begging for it. I just want it to be.

No. 379421

File: 1551144590177.jpg (50.66 KB, 1000x750, 161.jpg)

I think the signs of rheumatoid arthritis are setting in and I'm just sad about it. I knew it would happen since my mother has been riddled with it since she was 14 (and her father had it), but I was hoping to have at least graduated uni and started my job first. I don't want to get checked yet in fear of them prescribing a drug that makes your hair fall out and makes you fat.

I was just getting into exercise, too. Of course my health would fail me as I try to help it out.

No. 379457

I have no idea. he just says he’s too old to be caught up in hating people… he likes the creator of family guy and donald glover and stuff and it’s really upsetting. I know he cares and he says he understands but, yeah, it’s upsetting. These people mock what made my life hell… I have a right to hate them and even wish death. He says wishing death is bad too and bad karma, even wishing death on pedos and shit.. he says it’s scummy and their bad deeds will come back for them but.. :/ it sucks just cause he’s so caring and amazing and wonderful, and takes time to care for me with my multiple disorders and trauma..

No. 379462

I stayed a virgin until I met my husband. I didn't plan for it to happen like that, it just sort of did through a series of circumstances that relate back to my childhood.
Like you I had a negative view of men and sex in general. This came from what happened when I was growing up. It left me with a hatred of men and a belief that relationships were pointless because it would only ever end badly. As I got older this culminated in serious issues with trust and social anxiety that had their own consequences. I won't go into any of this because tl;dr. My lack of desire for sex or a relationship started to make me feel ashamed and like there was something wrong with me. The people around me were doing these things and they had none of the issues that I had. I used to wish that I could get it over with. I even started to wonder if I was gay.

Now I'm still not sure how I feel about. I don't regret it and I'm glad that my first time was with someone that I trusted and had an emotional connection with. It's something special between us because he was my first and I was his second, but I'm not convinced that it's been of any real consequence either. It doesn't matter to me that he had a girlfriend before me and I doubt he would care if it was the same for me.

No. 379464

File: 1551152802665.png (241.17 KB, 600x600, frug.png)

Just once it would be nice to have someone reassure me. I'm the cheerleader for everyone in my life, I play the positive, supporting friend, but that means if I ever start to slip it's met with contempt from all sides. I'm emotionally exhausted and I don't know how to take time for myself anymore.

No. 379465

Rapists and pedos more often than not get away with, their victims are so often left without justice.
Your boyfriend feels empathy towards the wrong kinds of people.

No. 379467

File: 1551153327837.jpg (20.78 KB, 475x475, e3e4075967665403a3a26080b5c704…)

it may not mean much but this internet stranger is rooting for you. don't feel bad for taking well-deserved time for yourself, and don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm, especially for ungrateful leeches who turn on you for rightfully needing support. i hope you can find real friends who support you just as much as you support them

No. 379469

calm down, anon. it's really not that much money and even so, it's not your decision to make anyway. it was your parents' car accident, not yours - your mom is free to act however she sees fit. i'm sure she has her reasons for not going for the money beyond being 'a lazy boomer'. you can disagree with her decisions, but calling her names and sperging about physically harming her is insane. who says and thinks those kinds of things about their own mother?

No. 379474

I'm too ugly to date. I'm unfortunately shaped, my eyes are too small and my nose is witchy. I used to get asked out as a joke in highschool and middle school, and the dudes I dated were all the lowest tier neckbeard-esque people or entirely emotionally underdeveloped and needed me for my extreme amount of empathy, while giving nothing back.

I'm just meant to be used by shit people I guess. It just sucks, because I don't expect a 10/10 adonis level sexy guy to want my pale, doughy form, I just… I wish I was pretty enough that dudes who I actually like, like me back.

being ugly fucking sucks.

No. 379475

;_; Thanks anon, it does mean something.

No. 379482

Yeah but anon used the word force.
>She said that if I was forced into sex at any point
It doesn't sound like he coerced or cajoled her, it sounds like rape.

No. 379493

Coercion is still rape.

No. 379530

actually anon, wanting people dead because of tasteless jokes is an overreaction. maybe if donald glover was an actual rapist and not just some idiot making a garbage joke, i’d agree, but probably the one and only thing your bf is right about is that you’re literally wasting your energy on this. if it’s that much of a problem, leave him, clearly he’s not going to change his mind on consuming certain media. that or continue to try and reason in vain and come here to try and justify sticking around someone who makes you uncomfortable.

No. 379531

god damnit, i meant to quote >>379457

No. 379555


I know how this feels and this may not mean tons but I fully support you and you deserve all the time and self care you need!! It's hard to think of yourself more than others sometime…I am still learning

No. 379592

It's just lunchtime yet my day is already ruined.
Because my misophonia is so bad I always try to eat alone. Yet today my mother decided to join me during breakfast, ate yogurt with oats and of course made the most disgusting noises. And I couldn't even leave. I'm fine with nearly everybodys eating noises, but hers are just so gross.
Both her and my brother constantly run around the house, doing whatever and always, really always slam tge doors really hard.
I don't know what to do, I feel like crying, screaming and killing them all.

No. 379612

You need to get an mp3 player and some tunes. Or just copy your favorite songs onto your phone. I don't have misophonia but I used to get so irritated by various noises when I was younger. I still get extremely annoyed just hearing other people's conversations on public transport, but I'm ok with home-noises, I just tune out. You need some music. You can have one earphone in and the other out if you need to talk at the same time, it will still dull the annoyance.

No. 379635

I use to be bad with noises like that when I was younger and acting out in anger only makes people resent you. I had to basically learn to reason if others are so loud and obnoxious then the noise level of things I do must not bother others and made the tuning out shit easier. I think it's like you're always being alert, maybe an anxiety thing.

No. 379637

Does anyone else have "loud" dreams? Like basically a super noisy jumpscare in a dream? I was just dreaming about playing pool with a friend and suddenly there was this loud screeching sound in the dream that woke me up and now I'm lying here spooked. It happens all the damn time to me.

No. 379641

>crying, screaming, and killing because you can't handle noise
Not normal. Get therapy.

No. 379646

Sometimes when i start drifting off to sleep, I'll hear loud banging. I think it's called exploding head syndrome, but not as severe as some other people describe it.

No. 379648

I feel you anon. I thought I was average (even cute!) for the longest time but after being rejected by a slew of average manlets I realized I must be an ogre of some sort. I've only been hit on once and it was by some guy practising pua techniques on every woman he could get attention from at University lmao. Even men who also have the same wide nose and dopey sad eyes hate women with the same features.

I hope you can find someone anyway, anon. If it helps at all I'd probably find you cute. Most people are adorable in one way or another as long as they shower and stuff, that's how I've always seen it. Most people just have a narrow view for some reason, het men especially.

No. 379666

I’m ruining my damn life by not being able to stop getting annoyed about my coworkers just because someone said something negative or didn’t do their job well. As if any of it is my business or relates to my work. Someone complained about me working on the same project with them and I was butthurt all day lmao, like go do something else man. I’m sorry I’ve been assigned to help you? It’s not like we’re running out of work to do. I’ve had issues with people at all my jobs due to their attitudes, is this what it’s always gonna be like? I get really bitchy in defense and just make it worse for everyone. Time to get a stay-at-home job for my unsocial petty ass I guess.

No. 379676

I'm like this too. Very overly sensitive to any slight form of negativity. Then, I ruminate on it for hours, which affects my work and puts me in a sour mood.

It is irrational though. Everyone has to deal with criticism and naggy coworkers, because those same people nagging you are being nagged by someone else. As long as you are conscious of the discomfort you feel, you can make a solid effort to fight against it. The only way it's gotten better for me is that I remind myself it's just work, nothing personal, these people/projects/etc should not occupy my mind for longer than necessary.

No. 379677

File: 1551201949607.png (77.24 KB, 397x318, 1494872898239.png)

YouTubers like ImAlexx and Kuntstar just sound like annoying man children. They complain about YouTube fucking up the comments and taking away ad revenue on videos with questionable content because Matt Watson decided to contact YouTube to crack down on videos with child porn themes. Alex cries about how it threatens his ability to pay his rent as if getting a job outside of YouTube is a foreign concept. It's just disgusting and whiny how manchildren than play videogames or make repetitive, unoriginal commentary videos complain about their YouTube bucks. Their "job" is not hard or challenging, no matter how they make it out to be. Here they are crying about their YouTube revenue being taken away with no regard to weird pedophilic content on YouTube.

No. 379679

I usually don't mind IamAlex but yeah he did seem really entitled in that last video. Extra whiney and kind of hypocritical considering he is a commentary channel that rips apart others.

Vent- some lady at my work is a fucking gossip and the type to make you feel like she's concerned when she only does it to get information

No. 379680

Thank you for this.
Fuck people with jobs that rely on advertising and shilling people useless fucking things.
Get a new form of donations/backing for fucks sake, stop feeding into this gross consumerism culture. If you're so scared that you'll fall into poverty because you can't utilize ads anymore, good fucking riddance, your content clearly isn't good enough to be supported outside of it.

No. 379685

Agreed. Or actually deliver good material with the money you make by ebegging.

No. 379690

>laid off yesterday
>meeting in-laws this weekend

Hello compounded stress/depression. Fuck, being dead would be better than existing through this week. I should be planning my next move now but jesus what's the point.

No. 379693

That sounds quite cute and wholesome. You should mail him too though, I'm sure he doesn't bite.

No. 379697

Why do so many people in hetero relationships try so hard to seem gay? I'm a bisexual person in a hetero relationship and I honestly don't fucking care about flaunting my sexuality, like okay, if someone happens to asks me what my sexuality is I'll tell them, but I won't cry bisexual erasure if someone thinks I'm straight…

Idk I just saw that article with Miley Cyrus trying to show how kweer she is with her boyfriend. I have a friend who tried doing the same thing recently and tried saying because her boyfriend is not some juice head jock, it makes her feel like a boy… Like, excuse me. What? Recently she's been doing this more often and I have no doubt other friends are trying to one up each other.

No. 379701

I'm starting to get tired of one of my friends and I feel like an asshole but when she takes on me all her bad temper just because she can't change her problems, I just want to get up and leave.

No. 379702

they are snowflakes who want to feel uwu special

No. 379713

My mother has sabotaged me my whole life and I'm just so fucking angry about it. She intentionally posts unflattering pictures of me on her Facebook, next to nice ones of herself, to feel better. She shittalks about what a terrible daughter I am, for really petty things that even her friends in the comment sections say, "Come on, it's not that bad." My mother always refused to let me wear skirts, shorts, and anything that fit well or made me happy. It was always tattered or tacky patterns from the thrift store; I wasn't allowed to have new clothes (she owns channel btw, money is not an issue). Now she yelled at me this morning "WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES!? I BOUGHT A TON!" Because I threw them away. I'm sick of wearing itchy, furry neon pink striped sweaters from the 80's, while she tries to dress like a teen. This isn't even including the times she sneered or tried to get in the way when a cute guy was talking to me, or how she said I wasn't skinny enough to wear the clothes I liked when I was younger/no guy would ever want me that I developed an eating disorder. She puts me down for any good thing I do, telling me it will end badly later because I'm not skilled or competent enough.

No. 379722

Sounds like she's jealous of you and is insecure about getting a older

No. 379724

Sounds like some narc shit, anon

No. 379729

yeah, it kind of sucks. im bi but my area is kind of just full of straight girls on drugs looking to 'party' with a third so that's out of the question.

i thought maybe i was cute for a bit of time too, weirdly enough, but I feel like I look monsterous, especially compared to my friends, who are all REALLY cute. I feel like I'm kept around because it makes them seem cuter or something.

No. 379734

Seconding the anon who said this is classic narcissist behavior.

Not to piggyback, but my mom's a narc in very similar ways insofar as always wanting to have control about everything I wore, and made sure that it was unflattering trash that aged me. She always got particularly aghast if I wore anything with """""cleavage""""" and I can't help but grit my teeth typing that because I never wore anything that revealing to begin with.
Don't even get me started on cute guys, she'd sooner chase them away and assert I needed to ~learn to love~ gross old geezers with some money because that's what would really make me happy (projecting).

Your mom projects like mine does and has a competitive, childlike mentality. I've gotten better at tolerating her bullshit by slashing my emotional dependency on her and coping by reasoning that whatever shit she's been through has left her with an unstable teenage brain in a 63 year old body. Just because she has a matured body doesn't make her mature. And trust me, the sabotage is all a part of the narc's manipulative plan to keep you crawling back.

No. 379740

major vent~

found out i'm pregnant, boyfriend and i are on a break it's his no doubt and he has no doubt about this…we are living apart at the moment and we had gotten into a huge argument about this possibility before we found out I was FOR SURE pregnant.

He says we're both not ready and we shouldn't be going forward with this. This majorly hurts my feelings because I went through something similar with a previous boyfriend a few years ago. If we don't go forward with it I know he can't be here for the intense grieving process I'm going to have. I know it's early on…but it's still a loss and you really do feel empty inside physically and emotionally.

I just wish he would hear me out. But he won't…I guess you really have to pick and choose your battles.

I'm not the type of person who would make me him stop his career just to cater to my needs and wants, his career is very important and he's worked very hard to get where he's at. I just started school. I just wonder if it's bad timing but I'm not getting any younger (27) and previous serious health problems I have had made me think I couldn't even have kids, so I just feel like this is my last chance…which sounds silly because I know women well into their 30's can have children.

I'm happy but more scared than anything, just wish my boyfriend would be present. Anyone else gone through this before?

No. 379755

Do you want the kid, anon? I would 100% abort if I got pregnant but that's me, I know I definitely don't ever want kids. But it sounds like you do want to have this child, and the main reason you're hesitating is because your boyfriend is unsupportive.

No. 379758

What? What kind of health condition could you possibly have that makes it so you feel like it's your "last chance" to be pregnant at 27?
I thought when you said you wish he'd hear you out I thought maybe you had a good counter to claim how an unplanned pregnancy could be manageable for you both, but instead it sounds like you're shoehorning a baby into your life because you feel you won't get another chance. That's not a very good nor healthy reason.
What would you even do if he doesn't stay? This should be scaring the everloving shit out of you.

No. 379765

I would like to have children one day, but I'm afraid of having a boy. Its not that I want a girl for reasons like cute outfitsuwu I'm just afraid of how violent male teenagers can be. I was just reading about that Gregory Logan Ramos boy strangling his own mom to death. How horrible it is to be killed by your own child that you loved.

No. 379795

Mom wonders why I don’t share anything with her and here’s a great example:

Me: I’m worried about this cyst I have, it’s been painful for a month and I have to wait a few weeks to go back to the doctor to check it. I hope it’s not cancerous

Mom: Worrying about it won’t change anything and anyway your sister is going through this and this and this and this and it’s worse than what you’re going through so at least you don’t have that!

Me: k

Other people having bigger problems than me does not make me feel better about my own problems and I wonder why I even fucking bother especially since I can feel myself picking up on her responses and turning them around to others. Thinking nobody can complain about things unless they’re REALLY BAD. Feeling guilty and stupid about all of my own issues. I need to learn not to think that way

No. 379803

Not that males aren't more violent in general but girls can be just as much, see:
- Jasmine Richardson
- Crystal Howell
- Heather Mack
- Isabella Guzman
- Whitehead Twins
- Jennifer Pan
To name a few, most of them from normal or loving homes.

No. 379844

I'm not going to ask you if you want the baby. Does a baby want you for a mother at this point in your life? And your boyfriend for a father? You should think about that before making your decision.

No. 379845

No lol.

>Females constitute 7 percent of juveniles who commit sex offenses.


>In 1999, females accounted for only 27 percent of juvenile arrests. In 2000, they accounted for 28 percent of juvenile arrests. Females were most involved in: Prostitution/commercialized vice arrests, Embezzlement arrests, Theft arrests, Runaway arrests

>Juvenile females were least involved in: Rape arrests, Sex offense (excluding rape and prostitution) arrests, Gambling arrests, Robbery arrests


No. 379849

Huh, I never heard of this before but definitely sounds like what I have. Interesting. Thanks anon.

No. 379852

I'm having trouble sleeping and it's driving me insane.

You know when you're drifting off and it feels like you're falling suddenly so you jolt awake? I used to get that just occasionally, maybe once or twice every few months. But lately I get it multiple times every single night.

I'll be drifting off at least three or four times every night and get that falling sensation and jolt awake and then have to try and get back to falling asleep. And I don't fall asleep easily anyway, it takes me an hour or two normally. With this new development it's taking me five, six, sometimes seven hours. I'm exhausted every day.

I don't know what's causing this. I haven't changed my diet or anything like that, I have the same mattress and pillows as normal. I thought maybe I needed to adjust my pillows, so I tried having them higher and when that didn't work I tried having them lower, but it's no use. Every night, I feel like I'm falling 3 or 4 times. It's so fucking annoying. I'm probably going to go to my doctor but I've tried asking him before about things I can do to make it easier to sleep and he was pretty useless, just suggested cutting out coffee (which I don't even drink and never have).

No. 379855

I'm bewildered that anyone would expect the stats to say something different. Why are people so desperate to ignore the obvious evidence right in front of their eyes? Is it a cope so they don't have to acknowledge the uncomfortably disproportionate violence of one gender?

No. 379865

Jesus, I literally wrote males are more violent? I know this.
I was just pointing out that there are cases where girls kill their parents too.

No. 379876

>girls can be just as much
>just as much
They aren't 'just as much violent' in literally any context ever, saying men are more violent in general doesn't change the fact that you're wrong about girls being just as violent when it comes to killing their parents.

No. 379880

Murder by a girl isn't just as violent as murder by a guy?
Probably my wording is wrong, but that's not what I meant - I meant girls can be just a violent to their parents.

No. 379893

would listening to music/podcasts/audiobooks help you? I have trouble falling asleep a lot of the time, end up lying in bed for hours thinking about every shitty thing I've ever done/said and just ugh. So I started distracting my brain with lighthearted let's plays or audiobooks, so I can focus on that rather than thinking my own shitty thoughts, and it really helps me trick my brain into relaxing and falling asleep. Idk if that would help you at all though.

but yeah if it's messing with you badly, I think it's wise to see a doctor, or even like a sleep psychologist about it.

No. 379904

I usually get annoyed if there's any noise at all. I tried one of those white noise apps for a while but while I like using it for relaxation, when it's time to sleep I have to turn it off because it keeps me awake.

No. 379922

OP of the fearing male children post here. I understand girls have equal potential to be as violent but it's much less likely to be a violent girl, granted it's unlikely to have a violent child anyway. I'm not saying my fear is super rational, just a fear.

No. 379923

I fucking hate my TA for one of my courses. During an exam review session this dude literally fucking said, "Read through the problems…and put down the answers, it's really that simple." He gave us no insight into what the professor was looking for, and we went over one practice problem. Fuck him. I know being a grad student isn't easy, and being a TA is mandatory and stressful and sucks but come on dude, don't completely phone it in, at least half-ass your fucking job.

No. 379933

Yeah I agree, it'd be super unlikely for you to have a violent child either way.
I guess I'm just uncomfortable by people thinking girls are harmless because I went to school with a girl who killed her best friend and it stuck with me (not the same as parents I know).

No. 379953

Anxiety anon here to vent again, I've had deja vu basically all day because of how anxious I am. I honestly thought I'd be used to it by now, but every time it's just so unsettling. I honestly am trying my best not to see it as scary.

No. 379962

My estranged sister messaged me again after not talking to me for a few years and all the text contains is a list of items she left at home and wants me to give to her. Most of the items are things she didn't like any more and gave to me, presented as "gifts" and that she would invoke when she wanted me to do something for her.

This is the third time in the 6 years since she cut contact with our parents that she's contacted me, and all three times were only to ask me to give things to her (most of which are actually mine). Everytime I get so anxious and angry. It took me so long to realise she's a textbook narcissist ; she bullied my mother into attempting suicide, bullied me into bulimia, falsely accused my dad of molesting her so she could hurt my mom, reconciled with my mom's abusive dad who killed her mom so she could spite her, and that's only a fraction of what she's done. And she's never going to get punished for any of this. She got away with all of this and way more, and I know she's still abusing people and that they are completely fooled by her, like I was. When I think that one day she might have kids, maybe even a daughter that she might emotionally torture like she did to me, I want to throw up.

I can't believe that after 6 years she'd still fucking ask me for the Gameboy Colour she stopped playing almost 15 years ago and Linkin Park CDs, which she'd given to me years before she left. Why would she never apologise to me for all that she's done and only fucking contact me for Linkin Park CDs ?

No. 379979

I want female friends who have the same interests as me so badly, especially in their mid/late twenties who are into anime and true crime? or just memes? pop culture and internet culture?

recently, I’ve downloded dating apps looking for friends (really just bumble who has a friend section and senpaime) but as soon as I saw someone I actually knew…I closed my account. I have friends, friends in a discord server where I comfortably hang out, and a boyfriend who at least listens when I talk but I feel so lonely without people to show/share things with who actually get it.

No. 379994


I have struggled with an eating disorder for over 14 years my body is shot

No. 379996


Also to add idk what I’d do if he left for good…probably spiral back into old ways

Who fucking knows I guess it doesn’t matter anyway

Have a great day :-)

No. 380044

I’m in a really bad and lonely position in life and I got really lonely so i decided to create a kik. ive never had a boyfriend or been in a relationship or even had sex but for some reason I sent a nude to some random guy and I’m starting to just regret it. under any circumstance i would have never done it so I don’t know why i did it.

I just feel really disgusted with myself and feel like i just disappointed everyone i know. I am a grown ass adult i shouldn’t feel bad but i do

I feel so gross…

No. 380049

don't feel gross anon. it was just one time, there are so many nudes out there that yours is nothing! at least it was a random guy so you can just forget it ever happened

No. 380055

aw, you're okay babe. please don't beat yourself up about it, you were just trying something new.
i know i've sent nudes i that i regretted, but life goes on

No. 380064

I understand this feeling anon; it's okay. I sent nudes for the first time last year, and I don't see myself as the type to do it either. I was feeling lonely, and after the severalth guy asking for nudes, I finally caved in hopes the person would stick around longer and listen to me. We often try new things when something isn't working for us. There's no shame in that. You're an adult, no one is going to be disappointed in you for doing what you want with your own body, or who and what you communicate with, nor figuring out what you do and don't like. We learn and grow. If anyone makes you feel bad for that, they're likely abusive and you should out them out of your life.

No. 380066

The Onision thread is so ridiculously off topic. There is zero relevant milk and instead of just not posting until there is anons can’t resist trying to keep the thread going with chat room bullshit. It’s pathetic and makes it more difficult to read if something actually interesting happens.

No. 380083

I very much hate having curly hair. It looks like complete shit 24/7. I understand it doesn't have to be that way but all of the advice I've seen amounts to "spend an hour a day on your hair, buy several expensive products, and never enjoy a shower again". I wish I was born with straight hair, all my friends have to do is run a brush through it once or twice a day and it looks great for the entire day. This probably sounds petty and is a first-world problem but I just hate this part of my appearance.
Looking into one of those at-home permanently straightening things, because salon treatments are too expensive as well.

No. 380089

I have thin, curly hair that's subject to split ends and frizz so I get where you're coming from.

My hair has grown out a bit so people comment how they allegedly like my curly hair, but clearly they think it more kempt and professional when I straighten it. Even when I want it curly I need to add a buttload of product, but not too much lest it becomes greasy, but even then it has a mind of its own most days.

No. 380098

I like all that shit my dude, sucks you cant find anyone else who likes it :/

No. 380114

I like all of those things anon wanna drop some contacts?? Or is that too forward

No. 380117

same. and honestly, i just treat it like straight hair and blow it dry straight with a nozzle after every wash (which is like 2x a week) after waiting for it to mostly air dry. my hair looks nice and straight and shiny when i do this and most people don't even know i have curly hair. idk if this would work for everyone though, my hair is very thick and long.

i don't even think curly hair looks good, even when it's well cared for. it's too much maintenance for something i think is inferior to straight hair no matter what.

No. 380159

Today I had

Large Wendys chicken nugget meal
Gas station size bag of cheez its
Two small Nathans hot dog from the walmart deli
And two slices of stuffed crust frozen pizza

I want to die

No. 380161

i fucking hate my curly hair too. everyone says they "wishes they had it" but they don't. not what i have. it turns into these ugly poodle-style ringlets. i'm extra embarrassed about it because i was a socially awkward kid up to junior high and let my mom style it, she thought the curls were sooo cute and would put tons of product in them everyday and basically make me wear it like that to school

i rebelled so fucking hard i ended up shaving a mohawk onto myself when i got to highschool and she lost her mind. i will never forget how fucking stupid i looked with my curls like that and i hate them extra out of spite. i think theyre hideous

No. 380191

I've gotten a belly now since I started making my own desserts (I fell in love with making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.) and I hate it. I'm 137lbs and while I've always been 135-140lbs I really just hate my belly now. I'm starting to eat less in the day now and do yoga so I hope that kind of helps with the belly fat I've gained otherwise I'm gonna be really sad because I already have other issues making me hate myself and I don't wanna add my weight onto it.

No. 380193


Eh I get what you mean. I've sent nudes to questionable people in my past and it was because I was looking for compliments/acceptance. I shudder now whenever I think about it but eh, it's in the past, you're allowed to try new things and sending nudes doesn't really hurt anyone (unless you're in a relationship and the other person isn't okay with you sending it to other people yanno?)

No. 380198

Just drink some water and eat lighter anon. It’s ok to indulge but just limit yourself.

No. 380203

my family came from a foreign country while I was born in an English speaking country and every time I ask my mom about something I’m curious about with our culture, she gets so impatient and mad. I grew up learning English since it’s the dominant language here and have a hard time understanding all the nuances of my family’s culture and native language and I want to learn more but my mom’s reaction always makes me want to just give up on asking any of my family for help. it feels like she won’t even listen to me, she just jumps to the reaction that I’m stupid and that it’s not worth teaching me. at this point I’ll just learn on my own without her support. it just sucks that she’ll probably never understand or be proud of me for even trying to reconnect with our culture

No. 380214

File: 1551258445075.jpeg (69 KB, 640x358, DD2CD8B5-9E6D-4602-8BCE-B7F313…)

I have to wait at least 48 hours before I find out if I’ve had a heart attack and the chances are of having had one are abnormally high.

No. 380215

Yeah I know. I think I just stopped paying attention to the amount I was eating due to me having been happy I'm good at something, plus I was feeling really safe in my relationship because my boyfriend is really lovely to me and I kinda just have been eating whenever I felt like it instead of barely eating due to anxiety unless I was talking to my guy.

I do need to do some exercise though and yoga can be pretty calming. And I'm eating less calorie-rich food and trying to drink more water. My boyfriend is really supportive and is positive I can lose it, and he's even taken to not snacking as much, in solidarity with me so it's really not too bad.

No. 380220

It appears that my girlfriend of 5 years left me due to my worsening mental health and many fuck-ups she had to deal with when dating me.
We are soulmates, but now she won't even say she loves me. I feel so needy and pathetic.
She was and will probably be the only person I loved in my entire life. I don't have a reason to live anymore, but she would still be upset if I kill myself. So I'm just stuck here, alone and crying every day for two months already, waiting for the final blow of "I'm breaking up with you" instead of uncertainty of "I'm taking a break from everything, including you"

No. 380221

Aw anon, I'm so sorry. What fuck ups did you even commit? If you guys were meant to be, I think she will see that. Perhaps some time away will give her the clarity to see and remember that she is your soulmate.

No. 380223

Mostly binge-drinking myself into psychosis and psychosis in general. I started experiencing it more and more the older I got (to the point my doctor is willing to bump me to the "shizophrenic" category). After I tried to kill myself in a fit of psychosis she distanced herself. I can understand why, but without her I'm worse. Way worse. I depended on her too much.

She still sends me pictures of cute knives so maybe she's not lost, just really needs a breather. I feel like I've been smothering her all these years.

No. 380226

That's really not 'huge fuckups', it's just that you're mentally ill. I wouldn't blame yourself so harshly. Also, no offense, but she sounds seriously retarded if she's sending you 'pictures of cute knives' when you're severely mentally ill with a history of suicide attempts and are diagnosed as schizophrenic. Like, I don't even care how much you might like kawaii knives, as the less mentally afflicted party, you don't send things like that to someone who struggles with suicidal thoughts/actions, so I doubt the breakdown of your relationship was solely your fault when she's this retarded.

No. 380228

File: 1551265638877.gif (863.45 KB, 400x450, tumblr_oxv3ol2Km41t0lt8go1_400…)

Nah, I like knives. They are aesthetic. She also is a knife enthusiast. We bonded over that too. Both a little bit edgy and into weapons.
They don't trigger me at all, they never triggered me even when I used to cut myself.
Knives are just… our thing, I guess?
I've never been violent and never tried to slit my wrists in earnest, so I don't mind knives sent to me at all.

Which reminded me of another story about me, knives and psychosis. One time my shithead ex made me do 2c-b and I got fixated on a particular knife. It was engraved and ornate and the very tip of it was broken off. So I couldn't take my eyes or hands off it. He got me sitting in a corner, obsessively stroking a knife. After that night he said to me that he was afraid I'd stab him or myself/someone and that's why he isolated me from everyone else. But it was just a very pretty fucking knife. I fixate on things a lot and he should have known. Just… Came here to cry about the love of my life mostly leaving me, ended up coming out as a knife fetishist. What am I doing with my life…

No. 380235

Not exactly the point, anon. I understand that you two are edgy, but the principle is that as the accountable, sane party, you don't send your loved ones that are severely mentally ill anything that can be remotely triggering because of the association with violence/self harm/suicidal thoughts. Whether or not you, personally, are literally triggered by it is irrelevant. When you're dealing with mentally ill and unstable people that you love, you err on the side of caution, you know, because they're unstable and unpredictable, and you care for their wellbeing? Anything that can remotely spur a potentially harmful train of thought shouldn't be sent to a mentally ill loved one, even if it's aesthetic and a bonding thing.

No. 380275

All the new Pokemon starters are shit.

No. 380281

File: 1551281047073.jpeg (35.99 KB, 678x452, 65E326F5-0C7B-432B-8BF5-405CBA…)


No. 380282

I can only imagine how bad the rest of the gen is going to look. Saying this as someone who's thoroughly loved and enjoyed the most recent iterations. Alola was amazing.

No. 380285

I live with my boyfriend and I'm super happy with him but I have a lil crush on one of our friends and all I want to do is smooch his face. I tease him a lot and I want him to like me but I'd never do anything with him and I know it's cruel to play people like this but he's so cute. I just wish he'd find a girlfriend so I could be happy his adorable smile isn't wasted but everyone seems blind to his charms.
Thankfully my boyfriend isn't jealous and finds it funny. He's too good for me. I wish I could just adopt our friend and make him breakfast every morning.

No. 380288

why the fuck is there a monkey if it's based in England?? all of them are fugg though

No. 380297

File: 1551282648818.jpg (13.46 KB, 739x415, 93d43cfd-92bb-438f-9de7-59045c…)

No. 380299

They look like Deviantart fakemon but tbf I like the new monkey more than I liked Chimchar.

No. 380305

My first instinct was that they were fakemon. I hate the monkey least, but it's probably going to evolve into something super fugly.

No. 380307

calling it now, the bunny is going to become (YET ANOTHER) fire/fighting and be the biggest furfag bait since delphox. the water one looks like a mudkip reject and the monkey…it's cute but i'm sure it's going to have some hideous evos. thanks gamefreak, i hate them

No. 380311

File: 1551285956966.jpeg (133.56 KB, 600x413, C02E44E2-F502-4446-B149-B9A750…)

I liked these “leaked” ones from last night before the direct, rip waterbear germ dreams. I also hate how grass and water have cuter shorter names and Fire is basically just FIRERABBIT

No. 380314

File: 1551286600101.jpg (274.74 KB, 1169x851, pokemon_gen_8_leak_potential_w…)

i wanted perry the platypus to be true but tardigrade would be so cute too!

No. 380320

see, there are like so many options to pick for starter inspirations but instead we get YET ANOTHER monkey, a boring rabbit, and whatever the fuck sobble is supposed to be, im guessing some sort of salamander thing which we already had in mudkip.

every game the starters just disappoint me more and more. i feel like the grass pokemon are the only ones that are sort of ok (rowlet is still one of my top favs) but they blew it with ANOTHER grass monkey in..england, of all places.

No. 380325

File: 1551287796581.png (366.28 KB, 751x530, 4F458BD9-3915-4058-BE34-A6D3B4…)

also sorry but I feel like these two are too similar? I know there’s only so much you can do when there’s this many pokemon but you can’t tell me that their back sprites aren’t going to be close

No. 380341

uh….why did you reply to that anon as if you were me…

No. 380344

I moved to the UK for 4 years and now I’m back on the American dating scene and am absolutely miserable. People keep talking about the office. Girls are fatter and have lame style. Men also don’t know how to dress themselves and yet somehow I feel like I’m the one who is unlikable. I had no problems finding partners in the uk and I didn’t have any issues dating in America as a teenager. I guess my political views scare everyone off? I can’t figure it out. Everyone says to work on your personality but I really worked hard to become a likeable person when I moved and I can’t figure out how to adapt back to Americans

No. 380352

Shit, I was doing fine with the official ones before i saw the fire one in here. It's so CUTE FUCK.

No. 380359

Are you in a city? If not, think about moving to one. Especially ones near the coast (NYC, LA, SF, DC, Seattle etc). People in these cities are very fit and ambitious.

No. 380368

ok but chespin's mouth is the exact same as the new rabbit

No. 380395

im a -very- pretty 18y/o model & stripper doing a degree and my bf left me for his ex, a pizza delivery girl who allegedly raped him. her head is shaped like a coke can &has a massive dolphin schnoz

she constantly posts r/iamverysmart-tier spergs AnAlYsInG 4chan culture facebook which are completely meritless and devoid of anything other than her drive to invite male attention &confirmation of her 'profound intellect' which is her lifeblood. total 'not like other girls' cringetard

he was also texting her constantly in front of me towards the end of our relationship

they share a lot of personality traits but honestly he's NEET and on benefits it's not like he can live off her $8 an hour when his Nan dies and he can't mooch anymore. i dont understand it. if she wasnt a nobody and posted more selfies she would make an incredible thread subject. i cant believe she's actually a real person it's so embarrassing

No. 380396

I feel like someone is probably about to shred you for this post.

No. 380397

maybe it sounds like im arrogant. at this point, i dont care, im just trying to delineate reality

No. 380400

in general people prefer people who are like themselves. Maybe you were too good for him and made him insecure.

No. 380402


thank you anon, im almost certain this is the case, but even so, what an utterly bizarre choice. i wanted better for him, i encouraged him to get a job and got him outside. i dont know what happened

No. 380403

>18 yo
I love the way you added all that as if it relegates your inferiority complex. Choose to love yourself instead of joining their rank of cringetards anon.

No. 380404

the way you talk about yourself might actually be a clue as to why someone would leave you tbh

No. 380406

but….what could i possibly feel inferior about? im doing real well for my age

his ex has an inferiority complex and used to feverishly comment on all his posts on facebook so that i would see them

No. 380408

I can really see why he chose her over you

No. 380410

how is being an 18 year old stripper "doing really well for your age"? just because you're in school for a degree as if most 18 yos aren't? retards like you choosing to enter sex work instead of being pizza delivery girls and shitting on normal jobs is terrible and is not "doing well" at all.

No. 380411

well, do tell?

No. 380412

File: 1551301487010.gif (2.73 MB, 255x234, 1547096173563.gif)

No. 380414

are these posts yours too?
>I am not bitter at all

No. 380415

i dont have a problem with min wage workers whatsoever and im not gonna argue with u about this but…

which landlords accept dignity as rent payment?

No. 380416

What do you mean by model, are you making decent money from it? I’m assuming not since you’re a stripper. Anyways there’s nothing wrong with his ex being a pizza delivery girl. You sound conceited.

No. 380417


>>378689 is mine yes i reposted it but i couldnt find it when i looked to see if it had any replied. thanks for locating it for me

No. 380418

kek did she literally post a photo of herself? holy shit

No. 380419

Are you though? Everyone your age is getting a degree, and stripping is a step down from working at Mcdonalds. A dealbreaker for a lot of men, in fact.

Being pretty isn't everything and maybe you had one of the few men who prioritize other things over looks. You should have known better than to come here bragging about your looks and expecting sympathy.

No. 380421

yeah i guess. but although stripping is degrading, its crazy money

No. 380422

oh my god hahahaha

No. 380427


forgot this was swerf central, i guess i kinda walked into this huh

No. 380429

> i cant believe she's actually a real person it's so embarrassing


No. 380430

Lmao she doesn't even look good imho
>that hair
>that skin
>that make up

No. 380431

If you hadn't acted like being a stripper makes you better than other people and represents success in life and just said you needed the money, anons might not be so harsh.

No. 380432

To switch things up from anons attacking only you: you all sound like awful people.

No. 380438

File: 1551302979291.jpg (19.04 KB, 530x298, eb68e35b-4955-4ea9-85f5-0b83b7…)

>using the term swerf unironically

No. 380440

>they share a lot of personality traits but honestly he's NEET and on benefits it's not like he can live off her $8 an hour when his Nan dies and he can't mooch anymore. i dont understand it.
What I don't understand is why you dated a NEET who left you for his edgy cool girl ex, and bitch about it as if it was a real loss. If you're so pretty and a great catch shouldn't you have higher standards?

No. 380441

File: 1551303180400.jpg (34.55 KB, 226x218, link.jpg)

man that stripper moron sure made a fucking joke out of herself lol, why would u post a pic of yourself and brag on an imageboard like are u retarded? she easily looks like she could be a cow herself

No. 380442

i'm seeing someone much better looking now but im just upset that i was a kid and didnt entirely understand what was going on and i was groomed by a predator i guess i feel that i lost a piece of my soul

the intent of my original post was to explain how i was groomed and abused by an older man i understand it coulda been worded more tactfully

ive now noted for the future that strippers get no sympathy here, i'll excuse myself

No. 380443

Nothing wrong with being a stripper, the abuse part didn't come across over all that bragging.

No. 380447

I don't understand how you were groomed by him if you just dated and he left you for someone else. If you did get groomed you're really not explaining your story well.

Also, as someone else has said, the issue isn't that you're a stripper, it's your whole "uwu beautiful model so much better than lowly burger-flippers" shtick.

No. 380448

please do, you embarrassing whore lmao is this what pnp has a thread for?

No. 380451

You didn't mention anything about being groomed and abused in the original post in this thread. If that's the case, then that's sad, but you didn't mention that. You went on a rant about how you can't believe he left you for his ugly ex gf with a minimum wage job.

No. 380452

pack your bags, future cow-chan. i look forward to your thread on /snow/ in the future, lmfao

No. 380455


Thank you for bearing with me, anons. I included this in another post that was referenced earlier so I apologise for omitting this info
>i was 17 he was 24
>we met online when i was 13
>shoved me in the first week of dating and then broke down in tears saying it was his exes fault for abusing him and making him this way
>compared me to his exes all the time
>'she does this better than you etc'
>'u cant make me feel less suicidal like she can' (as if its my job to fix him)
>told me we werent dating so he could text his exes in front of me
>spent tons of money on this NEET loser, ps4, red dead 2, all our dates
>kept threatening to get together with his friend and invite her over to share his bed
>flirted with friend in front of me
>lost his shit when i told him that would really upset me
>"why are you making me CHOOSE between you god you're SUCH an manipulator"
>"i dont OWE you anything i dont owe you monogamy"
>bitched about how awful this ex was all the time, broke down in tears saying she raped and destroyed him, told me she's terrible, a loser, pizza girl, etc etc
>and then in the grand finale, leaves me for her
>hacked into my fb and read my messages and STILL hacks into my fb even though we broke up 6 weeks ago

I just want to say im sorry the original post was worded tactlessly I see why it's made some folks upset. I just wanted to vent.

No. 380456

Does he still "hack" into your FB because you, a smart, degree-getting girl, can't work out how to change security settings? What a laugh

No. 380463

When you put it like that I can see how young you were at 13, and he being 20 - that's disgusting and good that it has ended. He sounds real shit (side note: that's weird that his ex is mid 30s considering).

The issue with your post was the bragging about how successful you are and how you're "-very- pretty" (that's just not relevant and subjective - makes you should insufferable).

Even worse was bringing down the other girl, unless she knew he was in a relationship?

Glad you're in a nice relationship now. There is more to you as a person than looks and money. I'm sure you are lovely in other ways though.

Think of the super complex password and write it down.

No. 380479

File: 1551307219560.png (Spoiler Image, 174.48 KB, 495x372, lynchfurries.png)

>biggest furfag bait since delphox

it's already happening, I'm sorry…

No. 380481

You're not out of his league, because you have a terrible personality. You're average looking, but thirsty idiots on the net have inflated your ego. Why are you so bitter about him if you think he's such a loser?

No. 380496

keep us updated, anon!! Sending positive vibes

No. 380497

they really need to stop making new pokemon games.

No. 380500

holyshit these are A MILLION TIMES BETTER!! wtf nintendo

No. 380509

They better fucking price drop the switch for the new pokemon game. I've had every console since the n64 (god bless youth and gifts and santa claus) and only got the wii u for skyword sword and that it was able to play Wii games anyway, but I could never justify paying for the switch. Especially after the Wii and Wii U fiasco, and I had a ps2 then switch to the 360 and both those consoles completely lost value. I just fucking hate the gaming industry. I know these machines are not expensive. And idk Wtf Nintendo is at having such a ridiculous price when they're brand is touch n go at best. And the fucking price of games is ridiculous.

I have had every pokemon game except the switch titles and it kills me a little bit but I just can't justify a switch. I'm not as young anymore, I can't invest hours of gameplay at a time anymore, but I don't want a party game console. I wish they hadn't given up on the 3ds handheld gaming is just so zen.

Are there decent titles on the switch i gave up halfway through skyward sword I just couldn't be assed with the controllers anymore. That is one thing I like about the switch that there is a normal looking controller although does it come as standard? I honestly miss the days of the Gamecube controller.

No. 380540

I'm so sick of everyone in the classroom coming over to my easel during breaks. They glanced a little before and I didn't mind it but not that I get a little praise from my teacher they just swarm more and that includes really shitty people. I don't know how to discourage them because its expected to look at others work but I just want to take my break in peace and not have certain classmates only coming to look to basically make sure they are doing better than I am rather than to see or help.

No. 380541

File: 1551313744847.jpeg (69.23 KB, 720x960, 174509A2-9396-4859-A0AF-56A6E5…)

I cannot scratching scabs off of my head. It’s been this way for 15 years. Sucks.

No. 380542

Did you not know the switch can be handheld or..?

No. 380544

Also I have big digital project to do and I'm afraid this shitty classmate of mine who couldn't come up with her own idea will see mine again and because theres a vast difference in skills between us she'll do something similar or the same and it'll be way better than mine and I'll have to sit through people giving her praise for such an original idea and my work being told to constantly be fixed.

No. 380568

This Pokémon is super cute I wish it was real

No. 380570

My head/neck hurts all the time. It started 2-3 years ago and has only gotten worse in the past 6 months to the point where I can barely move without feeling sick to my stomach. It's not migraines, (I suffer from those too) it's the bones in my neck that are all out of alignment. Usually it's tolerable/not the worst, but today it's felt like someone drilling under the right back side of my skull, or hammering nails into my skull. No way to relieve the pain. I've been going to the chiropractor since November and it hasn't helped AT ALL, if anything it's made everything more unstable and I can feel the bones sliding/grinding around all the time whenever I tilt my head. I have an appointment with a physiatrist on April fifth, but today has been so awful. I just want to jam something into my neck to make the pain stop. I've slowly been learning how to tilt my head to pop the bones back into place (not the right place, but a less painful position to relieve some pressure.) Usually I can go to sleep and everything will straighten out a bit/self correct before I wake up. But I took a nap earlier and woke up in even more pain. It's so bad I want to cry, it's been so long since I've been pain-free, but at this point it would just make my head hurt even more so I have to stop myself from crying. I'm starting to feel so hopeless that I'll ever feel better.

No. 380578

>I won't go into any of this because tl;dr.
Please do anon, this is a vent thread. I'm curious as to what makes women not want sex outside of rape and CSA.

>I doubt he would care if it was the same for me

I sort of doubt this. Men have a way of thinking about virgins. It's why they rape 12 year olds.

No. 380592

>most fertile day according to period tracker app
>Get fucked a few times
>He started titty fucking me the third time then puts his dick in me but pulls out and cums on my chest
How fucked am I /ot/

No. 380611

The problem is in how you worded it dude….like when someone comes on here and says something like "im so pretty im a stripper and i have a degree im superior to people based on these things" of course youre gonna get shit on.

Next time you want advice, try being a little bit more humble! its not that novel of a concept and doesnt make anyone here a ~swerf~ or whatever. This isnt tumblr.

No. 380627

I've never had any form of social media and the thought of it makes me very anxious. I don't know if I have no friends because I never used social media or if I never used social media because I dont have any friends. Probably both.

At this point I don't see the point, I don't have anything to show off.

No. 380631

>buying that her original post had anything to do with abuse
20 yos shouldn't be preying on 13 yos and he sounds like shit, but the girl obviously came in here to brag about herself and obviously sees the ex as the larger problem. Her entire post was just her berating the ex gf for having a big nose and being a pizza girl. Same reason why she posted a photo of herself in the other thread. I don't doubt this asshole affected her, but there's 0 chance that wasn't posted solely to brag because she's simply so offended/ego wounded that anyone would leave her for "a loser" that isn't "-very- pretty"

No. 380633

Also super unnerving the way she brags about being young/barely legal. She complains about the ex needing male attention but obviously places an incredible amount of value on being barely legal and being valued enough by men, physically, to get paid for it

No. 380688

mkay all these posts are me, I talked to my sister the day after I lost my money and vented to her about how shit my day was. (dropping money, headache all day, vomiting all over my bed from naproxen, etc)

I've been up all night tonight because my head hurts too much to fall asleep and when my mom came downstairs to get ready for bed, she handed me a letter. It was from my sister across the country (I'm on the east coast, she's on the west coast) and she mailed me the money I had lost plus 10 more dollars just to cheer me up and tell me I only deserve wonderful things to happen to me. I'm legit crying on the bathroom floor rn because I love her so much and this is exactly what I needed to hear right now, I've been contemplating ending it just to make the pain stop (and bc I'm generally fucked up) and I just ugh it's like idk she just made everything bearable again. Just feeling super grateful to have someone so thoughtful and supportive in my life.

No. 381134

File: 1551339021409.png (179.81 KB, 814x625, wew.PNG)

Spergs like this are why many threads are nearly unreadable.

No. 381372

>racist company that sold black face clothing


No. 381374

Bless your heart for even attempting to read that thread.

No. 381376

No. 381391

Fuck I hate my anxiety so fucking much.

Last year I (a Britbong) managed to get some NEETbucks coming in from the DWP. I had to go to the job center biweekly and they’re supposed to slowly push you into work. Everything I’ve heard about the way they do things has been negative and I’m totally unsurprised they have little time, knowledge or compassion to deal with people like me (I always get fucked over trying to seek help because I’m not diagnosed with everything and I pass for normal because 99% of my strength goes into holding in meltdowns until I get home). By some luck, they forgot to book my appointments after a few months in and I’ve been avoiding them since July last year.

I fucking hate being NEET and have been trying to help myself despite bouts of depression by seeking charity services so I don’t think I’m one of the people who are proud of sitting at home being a leech to their parents.

But today I checked my email and found they’ve messaged me with an appointment date. That was 10 minutes ago and I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the stomach. Fuck me in the ass, this feels just like my school phobia when I was really, really little - my mum let me skip school when I was 5 or 6 and the phone calls from school were what gave me the fear of phone calls until my late teens (and I still had a problem answering them at work). It was always fucking horrible like awaiting an execution by the time they started sending people to our home to ask her questions (I don’t remember it well anymore).

Fuck me. I have to see them next month, WTF am I going to say? I feel like I’ve been caught doing something bad, I’m 21 and such a loser that I’m still afraid to be ‘told off’. Fuck’s sake, this month I’ve been trying to muster the courage to apply to this transcript job but my shitty emotional state makes focusing on things like sailing a canoe in an ocean storm and now I’ve got the job centre looming over my head again. They’re not compassionate about shit, they have quotas to meet. They’re going to make me do things like look up an arbitrary amount of jobs each time and tell me how to write a CV and cover letters when I’m not … I’m just not like -that-, my problems are all fucking mental behaviour personality BULLSHIT. I’ve been coasting by on free counselling from those charities I mentioned but I’m begging for some god damn therapy I can’t afford. The pressure from the job centre isn’t going to do anything except make me feel sad.

No. 381392

Job centres are hit and miss, OP, you're certainly not alone in hating them. It's been a while since I've had to go to one luckily but the one where I live is generally OK, the people are relatively easygoing and understanding. My friend got a bad one though, full of overworked, rushed pen-pushers who didn't listen to a word she said. It's luck of the draw, unfortunately.

A word of advice though: Consider asking them if there are any volunteer positions. They will eventually try to push you into one of these anyway, but if you ask early you'll get more opportunity to pick and choose one that's not totally shit. If you wait then they'll just force you into one, and you won't have any choice unless you want them to suspend your benefits. I chose to ask for one and got a pretty good gig doing social media for a local dentist. Didn't pay shit so it was annoying to do it, but at least it was something relevant to my field I could put down on my CV. My brother waited and ended up having to do retail in the grimiest shop in the city, because it was the bottom of the barrel and nobody had picked it.

No. 381408

File: 1551364248529.jpg (642.71 KB, 1022x731, 8V2Pe15.jpg)

Trying to find roommates in a new city fucking sucks so much.

The last one I went to was a fucking surprise "group viewing" of their tiny ass house, and I had to view the room with SIX other people (because of course the other retards brought their fucking friends along? Why the fuck do you need your friend to come if they're not renting the room?).
I could barely talk to the actual people that lived there because there was so many people and awkwardness happening at the same time.
I said two fucking times I want to move in for March 1st (like they said was possible) but surprise, they still haven't gotten back to me, so I'll have to rent ANOTHER month at this airbnb (which is over an hour away from these places) sucking away even more of my savings (because I can't get a job yet until I know what area I'm kind of living in).
Fuck I just feel like I'm going crazy. It's awkward as fuck staying in this airbnb and it's so far out that without a car, I just end up staying inside all day because I'm afraid to tap into my savings.
I'm so tired of just endlessly consuming media and staying in my bed, but I'm so dependent on waiting for these people to fucking respond to me, so I can actually go outside and start planning.

No. 381409

i lost my only friend. probably it was my fault, i tried to talk with him but he won't respond.

No. 381420

The positive trait about guys (over girls I personally find) is that they tend to be more forgiving. I lost my only best friend for a while after being an asshole but we're back to normal now. Just give it a while and try again.

No. 381427

that's right, i try to wait for a few days and contact with him again. thanks anon.

No. 381430

Go and tell your doctor that you're having suicidal thoughts even if you aren't and then use that as medical evidence against the DWP. I'm guessing that you're getting ESA. There are two types of ESA. Work group ESA, which sounds like what you're getting now, and there's support group ESA. If you get into the support group you won't me made to attend JC appointments and you get more money, about £130 a week. You can then also apply for PIP, which is another £250 a month for the standard living component (A bonus of this is that once you get both ESA and PIP you get classed as disabled and you will find it easier to get a job when your ready to return to work because companies get paid to take on disbled workers and you will still get some support from the DWP). I don't usually condone cheating the DWP but so many people do it and the system is so fucked anyway, it's not like it matters. It also sounds like you need a break. I'd use the opportunity to try some talking therapy like CBT and get better at your own pace.

No. 381441

I agree with this anon's advice.

Also go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau if you can, and ask them to help you with your applications. PIP in particular often rejects people at first, and you end up needing to appeal. My uncle got rejected for PIP because they said there was nothing stopping him working a normal job. My uncle has had both arms amputated at the elbow.

So you might need to appeal, and CAB can help with that.

No. 381444

File: 1551370111022.jpg (15.58 KB, 286x289, gucci.JPG)

Only a retarded American can look at this and start reeing about blackface it's an unfortunate design that could be interpreted as such but screaming racist crackas is the equivalent of people getting mad at buddhist swastikas at Asian temples

No. 381449

i mean. it does look like blackface lmfao
the company probably did it on purpose to generate discussion
especially if they're based in america

No. 381451

don't worry too much about it in the mean time though, update us if you cba. Have a good day anon!

No. 381453

they're based in Italy anon.

No. 381463

It's only February and there are already mosquitoes and ticks crawling outside. We usually don't really get them until May. Gross lil shits

No. 381468

File: 1551374495493.jpg (144.33 KB, 1958x979, IkeaD.jpg)

Do you have a good pillow? I recommend an orthopedic pillow, I have this one from Ikea. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, so this might be useful.

No. 381470

I wish he hadn't been scared off by me. I don't even know what I did wrong, I wasn't creepy at all. But now he doesn't even come to that class anymore.
I thought I was over this since I don't even know the man, but I guess not. I know I should be grateful that I have frightening energy (somehow?) since it turns off creeps, but I'm lonely. I've even considered it to be my looks but…I know it's not since I am objectively average no matter what my dysmorphia says. I'm just scary.

No. 381471

I’m getting Universal Credit, I know there are some differences (especially in qualifying, which fucked me over when I tried to claim while still employed). I hope that doesn’t make me even more screwed because people have nothing but bad things to say about UC. This advice is sound but I’ll need to check if UC lets me claim anything from those other two things but I suspect they’re mutually exclusive. They actually sent me a letter about being randomly chosen for an interview on how the service has helped me to see how they could improve the department (fucking lol) and I wonder if that had anything to do with remembering to give me an appointment.

The thing about CBT is that I’ve gone through two batches of it in different places and whenever I leave, I just fuck up and go back to the way I was before learning the things to manage my depression+anxiety symptoms. Maybe it’s my own damn fault for only asking that specifically because I always think there’s not enough time to cover the deeper shit I never got to talk about to anyone. Without sounding like I’m doctor shopping I want to push for some kind of diagnosis to reaffirm and help me target this BS because, even now, I’ve never gotten anything on paper. I don’t know how to ask for an assessment (and from who?), it’s fucking confusing when my GP will write me prescriptions and refer me for CBT but at some point I remember being declined to be referred to a specialist and I don’t know why.

No. 381476

Days late but damn, anon, same. I live in a diff country than where I’m from so I’m far from all my old friends (but tbh they’re too SJW for me these days) and my new friends are OKAY but we don’t have a ton in common. It’s rough.

No. 381477

These pillows are the shit, I bought one for the hell of it when I was at Ikea one day and I haven't regretted it since. I can't even try to sleep on a normal pillow anymore, it feels wrong and uncomfortable.

No. 381480

I always found these not to be so comfy, but I absolutely love the memory foam cluster pillows. Firm and cool. If you're in the USA, they cost only $8 at Walmart.
I also like the bamboo pillows, I think they're the same thing actually.

No. 381517

I am so ashamed of how much junk food i have been eating lately. I can't stop using food as a source of comfort to ease all my frustrations, even though it doesn't make me feel good at all. I attempted to change my diet multiple times but my family (especially my fat fuck sister) keeps eating all of my food or accuse me of being selfish for buying food for only myself. It just makes me feel like there is no point in trying. I hate how my body looks so much, i hate my nonsensical impulsiveness and i want to be thin again.

No. 381521

This >>381430 anon here.
PIP is independent of UC. It isn't even means tested and you can get it even if you work. You will probably need to appeal because the DWP does this to everyone, even people that are dying of cancer or are severely disabled. Don't give up because the appeal tribunal will probably find in your favour. This does take a year but you get back paid from the original claim date.

The difference in the assessment between UC and ESA is minimal, it's still the work capability assessment. The thing to remember with this is that the assessors are grossly incompetent (look into atos and unum healthcare if you want more on this). The DWP uses the opinion of the assessor to build a case as to why you aren't accepted for benefit. Never accept the first decision of the DWP unless it's in your favour. What you need to do is build your own case as to why you deserve the benefit by using your own medical records as evidence. You can request these from your GPs surgery usually for free.

There is a list of descriptors for the work capability assessment, each of these descriptors has a certain number of points associated with it. To get the benefit you need enough points.
An example
>Activity 16 - Coping with social engagement due to cognitive impairment or mental disorder.
>Part 16(b)
>Engagement in social contact with someone unfamiliar to the claimant is always precluded due to difficulty relating to others or significant distress experienced by the claimant
If this does apply to you, the assessor is likely to deny it for some bullshit reasons like you made eye contact during the assessment and were dressed normally. The DWP will side with the assessor, so what you need to do is prove that this does apply to you by using medical evidence from your medical records and present this to the DWP. Do this for all the descriptors that apply to you. Even if the DWP still refuses, you can take this evidence to the appeals tribunal.

>Without sounding like I’m doctor shopping I want to push for some kind of diagnosis to reaffirm and help me target this BS because, even now, I’ve never gotten anything on paper

If I were you I'd ask to see a psychiatrist. Also don't worry about the paper work, all the correspondence between your GP and the people they've referred you to will be in your medical records. Check what the procedure is in your area because some health authorities allow you to self refer for mental health services.

No. 381522

Situation was quite weird, he tends to make weird sexist jokes and that often get on my nerves. But other than that, we had a lot in common. Our talks were nice and he was first person in years that i felt so much connection with. I don't want to give up on him because of that situation.
I will try contact with him in a few days, it's better if both of us gonna calm for now. Then i hope we gonna talk a little at least, i don't want to end frienship in that way.
Also, after years of living alone i'm quite bad at making any realtions with people.
Still, thanks anon, it still worries me but i hope it gonna turn out good. You also, have a nice day!

No. 381524

Ntayrt, but I can't sleep on these because I have trouble falling asleep anyway except on my stomach. Sure, I move during the night to a side or back, but the pressure is so nice on my stomach and my body tries to roll over if I try to fall asleep on my back.

No. 381554

>see the only guy I ever got a single date with on a date with someone else
>she's short, fully white, and blonde
I don't know why I even try. I know this sounds bitter and dumb (it is) and I'm not even interested in him anymore since he's getting buff, but it's just an example put right in front of me of why I keep failing.
I was considering approaching another guy tomorrow, but I know it will just be the same so I may not even bother.

It's not even as if I hate short aryan girls, in fact I feel bad that you all get so fetishized and objectified as some sort of prize by non-white men. Just sad about it all tbh.

No. 381564

It's midterm season, and my life has been fucking me against my will. Got nails in my new tires. Slammed by so many D's in my classes it's like I'm in a gangbang. It's junior year at university, and it feels like the end of the world. I hate myself for being stupid. I hate that American society places so much value on an expensive piece of paper.

No. 381568

short white girl here and i feel you, anon.

for what it's worth, my ex boyfriend is now dating a much taller, dark-skinned girl and they seem very happy together. we keep in touch and it kind of burned me when i saw them together because he looked at her in a way he never looked at me.

not gonna deny that society privileges whiteness and shortness because i know it does and plenty of men buy into that shit, but men with a functioning brain and eyes can see past it, and know a woman worth their time when they see one, even when she's not the blond bombshell magazines tell them they should be with. i'm rooting for you.

No. 381572

When have short girls ever been fetishized? I'm just curious because I am short and I have always felt completely inadequate compared to taller women.

No. 381573

i work in a basically all-male field and for whatever reason i’ve overheard a few guys talking about how small girls are fun to “throw around.” i’m pretty sure the weirdos who are fetishizing short girls are mostly just into it because it makes them feel bigger/manlier by comparison. i’m extremely tall and i’ve had a few guys admit to me that i and other tall girls are intimidating. basically, comes down to men are weird and fragile.

No. 381575

Kick the weirdo men down with your long tall girl legs

No. 381576

Am short, can confirm. I had a man say he liked how "cute and little" I was once, and then he compared me to a little girl. It's fucking nasty. I'm pretty sure it's mostly closet pedos who have a short girl fetish. That and men with insecurity about their own masculinity.

No. 381579

Today we've got new neighbours: She's only 24, but already has two children, 1 and 5 years old.
After seeing her, the first thing my mother said to me was "Omg, she's so skinny and young-looking, you look sooo old next to her! haha".
Why does she do that? It's not the first time, she also said I look just as old as her cousin, who's also a mother and already over 30. Does she not get that this hurts me? Or is it even on purpose?
Meanwhile she herself always cries on her birthdays and is very sensitive to comments about her age.

The worst thing is, I also saw her and she's probably lolcows dream, lookwise: 5ft, 90lbs, dollface, looks 14.

TL;DR my mom keeps calling me old and I'm pathetic enough to be jealous of a former teen mom.

No. 381581

But lots of men also talk about liking tall girls and how they are better to have kids with. I will never understand the victim complex either short or tall women have, and I see that complex for both reasons - not wanting to be fetishized or not feeling fetishized enough. Men are shallow assholes but you will never run out of guys who specifically prefer your height or lack thereof. Maybe absolute midgets or amazons will have more trouble but being above or below average is not a big deal.

No. 381583

moms who do this are jealous/bitter about ageing

No. 381585

This. It's not a big deal.

But this reminds me, I remember at college hanging with my friend at his male uni house and overhearing some of the guys there - talking about short girls being for fucking, tall girls for breeding so they can pass on their genetics.

Made me feel sick.

No. 381587

My mother is a lot skinnier than me though, she's definitely not jealous.

No. 381591

What do you know how to cook? When was the last time you cooked anything?

What's your daily activities like on a day to day basis and when do you work?

No. 381603

Your mum’s a bitch. Point out how much older she must look compared to neighbour girl if you’re so ancient compared to her.

You probably don’t even look old.

No. 381604

Thank you anon, this reply was very nice of you. You actually made me feel a bit better.
I hope you find a person that looks at you the way your ex looks at her now! If you already haven't.
I was thinking more along the lines of men almost always preferring to date women shorter than they are, moreso than very short women in general being preferred.
Perhaps the issue is also that I love turbomanlets (aforementioned man is 5'2") and they can be even weirder about such things. I recall on our date he seemed upset when I kept walking faster than him because my legs are longer lol.

Also in the end I know I shouldn't be upset that people have preferences, since I have my own and maybe I'm being hypocritical here (which makes me feel worse). Like the reasons >>381573 stated are similar to why I like short men, so what gives me permission to be bitter about men preferring short(er than them) women? Right?
It just seemed that most men are in that boat, but perhaps that's not actually true. I'll keep going and hope to find another weird reverse-height-difference fetishist lol.

No. 381656

The last time i cooked was around 5 days ago. I wouldn't say i was a good chef, but i always try to keep things simple as possible. I always cook at around 7-8pm because I have to wait for my family to be done in the kitchen before i can do anything. I have tried doing meal prep in the past, but there isn't enough fridge space for me to do this. I go to uni every day usually between 9-3pm (not including 1 hour travel time it takes for me to get there) and on the weekend i work full time.

No. 381659

I know you think she looks ideal for a mom anon, but I promise you that the looks do nothing for the ugly insecurities she has about aging.
She's likely saying these things without consciously hearing how they sound, because in her mind she's relentlessly reeling over age. She thinks about it all the time so it slips out in her dialogue.
Is she actually comparing you to others? Yes. And that's not okay. Tell her how awful that makes you feel and that you'd prefer to not hear such things.

No. 381688

Don’t worry, those guys will never have a fullfiling relationships, if they had a relationship at all. Imagine dating some creep who drops comments about your height and genes - and trust me, just like foot fetishists, they won’t be able to hide it for long.

As for me, I had pretty nightmare work experience.
Cousin recommended me, the people there kept promising me contract but there wasn’t one in sight, then when I saw the template of it, it was made so it would use me max, some laws that weren’t to be applied for my position were added in, the paid vacation time was less than one fucking euro, the minimum wage was that of an old law, the lady wanted to put down that I’m working 3rd of my work time to avoid taxes, she demanded I work overtime for less than minimum wage + promised bonus if she sees “im putting in effort”, the old lady from her in-laws working/helping there was terrorizing me, saying she raises her voice at me because that’s how humans react the best, like a child or a dog when you yell at them, she was judging my dress choices, thinking my layers of clothes in the middle of winter make me look fat, asking if my parents taught me anything….
The employer lady ran to the store when I sent her message in which I stated the minimum wage has changed and asked her where in the contract it was written about my rights and duties - and she started hurling at me, asking who do I think I am, demanding so much as a beginner, how she doesn’t have the money, etc.
I was their seller, floor mopper, toilet cleaner, coffee maker, errand girl and courier.
I started snapping when granny was forcing me to clean cable powerbox with wet rag, and finally snapped when she the next day accused me of being a liar for saying I cleaned the rag I was using (she didn’t find it clean enough) and being a liar is worst I can do. I had nervous breakdown, told her they have inhumane circumstances, I don’t want to work somewhere when they don’t allow me to go out for break during 9 hours of work, how they need inspection called on them etc and I stormed out.
I call today during work time - no answer. I call after work time to ask to be paid and the lady’s husband answers saying how she’s sick and to deal with him. I state why I’m calling and he say he doesn’t think I deserve to be paid. I say ok bye.

Lmao @ the whole thing

No. 381720

Why is nobody making small phones anymore for fucks sakes? Was hoping that this bezeless trend meant smaller footprints but instead everyone just made the screens even bigger fml

No. 381739

>buy expensive online textbook and homework thing
>drop course because professor was terrible
>try to get refund
>textbook company says they'll do it
>they don't
>open Paypal case and give them email they sent that they said they'll refund me
>wait like 2 weeks
>paypal denies case (usually they side with customer pretty easily but I guess not when it is a big corporation)
>send them all the emails
>waiting for reply again
It's been like a month talking to the textbook company and talking to paypal. I am so tired of this I don't really care about the refund that much. I'll probably have to buy it again next semester too. This sucks.

No. 381758

I'm wanting to sacrifice the shit out of my roommate because I fucking hate him. I'm almost certain hes a virgin so it should be fine.

No. 381760

I hate how people feel entitled to animals. I think that honestly only dogs that are ethically bred for companionship and 30lbs or less on average should be kept by regular people. I also believe obedience classes should be mandatory. My mom has a giant Pyrenees in her New Mexico back yard that they never walk and hardly even interact with except to feed. It's makes me so mad that they would get an animal like that on whim, despite not being able to give it a good life. She also has a cat that her husband impulsively got with my kid siblings, that she keeps in a small laundry closet all day with the washer and dryer. She barely gives it any water because the cat "spills it too much" and even took away it's scratching post for no reason. She's honestly a very sweet and social cat, but they never play with her or let her leave that little room.

No. 381761

the conspiracy thread is the cringiest thing i've ever seen on this board, aside from the husbando tulpa thread.

No. 381764

Can’t you talk to your mom about it? Try to explain to her that this is basically animal abuse. You can also tell her that the cat will display behavioural problems sooner or later because she has no-one to interact with. If "spilling water" (wtf) is problematic for her already, wait until the cat starts scratching the walls, meowing all the time, perhaps even hurting herself (e.g., cats with hospitalism often lick their fur so much that they don’t have any fur left at some point). If nothing works, try kidnapping the poor cat. My parents used to have turtles and their home was a bit too small. I carefully explained it to them and showed them how the turtles would suffer in the long run. They eventually gave them to someone with a huge garden and they are way better now. Please do something about it, anon!

No. 381769

Where has all the milk gone??? Why does it feel like all my cows are running out of milk? Even Onision isn't producing like he used to

No. 381779

Same anon, made a post like this a few days ago in a different thread. This sucks. This board needs new cows but IDK how to find them, especially since I only find interesting a few of them (Onion, Luna, Shayna, Nicole, Ginger Bronson and the nightmare that is Soren).

No. 381785

How is this happening all at the same time though? It feels like they've all gotten together and decided to stop producing entirely. I understand that not all cows can produce forever, but it feels like all of them have become completely creamless over the past few months. I don't go on KF but truly, maybe we need to start mining their threads or /cow/ for milkier people because all of ours seem to be dying out.

No. 381787

You need to get some hobbies if laughing at strangers on the internet is the only thing you find entertaining. Yes, that's the whole point of this website, but that's not an excuse to waste so much of your time here, time that you will never get back. And lest I start sounding hypocritical, I'll take my own advice and leave.

No. 381788

Have a look at the rules, threads are dying because farmers posts are not up to high standards for whatever fucking reason.

Even tho we're all anon and this is an image board culture we're only allowed to discuss cows in Proper English and only if there is 'milk'. And what you think is milk might not be up to the high standards of others. Apparently admin doesn't want to censor topics but heavily discourage most discussion. She can't be running a mean board that nitpicks others, that's bullying uwu

No. 381792

Wtf, no one said that was "all" that we find entertaining? Your presumptuous and sanctimonious post was so pointless, honestly.

No. 381794

nta but how else would you keep up with these nobodies? And you guys are too good at finding and digging up stuff for it to seem like you were only following these randoms casually.

No. 381795

what are you even talking about

No. 381796

I think it's pretty obvious.

No. 381801

You were supposed to leave, so why are you still here, blubbering shit.

No. 381803

I said

Ask for an IP check if you have to lol. And chill the fuck out.

No. 381804

I find the strict content rules a big improvement. I'd rather have a thread die and sink to the bottom of the catalog than have it ruined by nitpicking spergs who post 5 full threads worth of psychotic a-logging and fanficcing. People who want to do that can fuck right off to PULL where it's permitted and even encouraged. Someone buying a semi-ugly bag or getting an ugly hair dye is not "milk".

No. 381806

I might look into PIP again, just in case they ever take UC away from me. It’s just that all of it is so exhausting and daunting, I’m sorry to push away your advice, I’m afraid to go through it again. I did try for PIP a year before UC and gave up very easily after they denied my shit.

There seems to be only one service in my area that’s under psychiatric therapy when I looked it up in an NHS directory, I’ve already been there, maybe I’m mistaken but they only really offered mainly group therapy and individual CBT. It’s been a while but what was explained to me came across like a small warning that ‘yeah we’re not qualified in the way you’re thinking but rest assured we take uni courses so we don’t fuck you up’.

I’m honesty this close to packing everything up, throwing it away or selling it and then killing myself out of tactical decision because this is a slow-ass death as it is. This isn’t the confession thread but in times like this I wish someone else could ‘save’ me without enabling me.

No. 381826

My brother is a rampant sexist and I can't take it anymore.

My little sister wanted to participate in Girls Day - a career information day created to encourage girls to pursue jobs in e.g. science.
Cue my brother: "But what about the boys?!" Boys Day exists as well and you know that. Then I said that even nowadays the wealthiest, most influential people are all men and that only recently young women have also started pursuing these careers, meanwhile nothing would have stopped men from pursuing traditionally female jobs, they just didn't want to, because they're considered low class and ar badly paid. "So, you're saying that these women have it worse than all the men who are construction workers?!" …?
My brother wants to be a priest and whenever I point out that this is a job that I as a woman wouldn't even be allowed to do simply because of my gender and that there's no job a man isn't allowed to do, he just yells that I wouldn't even want to be a priest anyways, completely dismissing that even if i wanted, I wouldn't have the chance to.

For the first time ever my mother also defended my sister and I, but accidentally said he's much more " racist" than we are, instead of saying he's "sexist". Then he immediately starts again, saying so many priests were killed by the nazis, because they shielded normal people during the holocaust blah, blah.

And whenever we watch the news and there are reports about priests abusing children him (and my mother) are making excuses, that people are using it to hate on the church, that teachers and people with other jobs are also pedophiles and so on.
There's nothing I could ever say to win any argument with him. He's extremely tall, has a very loud and deep voice and loves to use that to his advantage.
Maybe I'd be willing to say that in my country women are no longer oppressed in 2019 - but not until you quit insisting that somehow men have it sooo much worse.

No. 381832

i think i remember your posts about your shitty family. your brother still sounds like an absolute weirdo. sorry you have to deal with these freaks.

No. 381864


Anon, I’m so sorry you have to deal with this idiot.

Of course he wants to be a fucking priest, out of all the engaging and probably more useful work out there for a man. Have you told him it’s not a very interesting job and it’s not as rewarding as the church likes to portray it as? Or is he just in it for the power tripping and status symbol?

No. 381898

Can you just decide if you want to actually speak to me or just cut me off. It would be easier for both of us if it stopped entirely you know.

No. 381913

I'm so confused. I told my male housemate that "I'm taking [boyfriend] on a date." (which I am, I've planned it and I will pay for it) because I want to treat him.
He found out and told me he hates when I talk like that and it's emasculating?? I don't get it. Its just how I speak and he said I do it all the time but he's just never told me. I don't feel like going now because I just feel like I'm a bad girlfriend for doing it so often.

No. 381922

Your housemate sounds like an insecure retard, at least from this incident. Idk him so won't make a full judgement.
It's just accurate to say that you're the one taking your bf out rather than him taking you out if you're paying. He probably thinks women saying "I'm fucking him" to be sexism too. Surprise, women are human and therefore are active participants in a relationship and not passive objects. Fucking piece of shit, making his roommate feel bad for being nice to her partner

God for some reason this really angered me lol. I'm pissed off in your place, anon.

No. 381924

Are you handling the transportation and paying for the night's entertainment? Then yes, you are taking him out. That's traditionally the man's job and that's probably got him feeling all pissy and insecure.

Now, if your boyfriend thought about the situation for five friggin seconds he could just play it off to other guys as if he is so smooth that women have to pursue him.

Imagine whining about someone you care about and occasionally fuck paying money to spend time with you because you don't like the way it sounds. Also, fuck your housemate for blabbing and starting this drama.

No. 381930

fuck I'm >>381922 and didn't realize it was her boyfriend who was saying that it made him feel bad. No reading comprehension because I was seeing red I guess whoops.
It's still fucking stupid. If he wants to be a tradfag then he should have said so sooner.

No. 381932

Anon you also have the power to decide. Just do it.

No. 381942

can you say more about your situation anon?

No. 381943

File: 1551464119849.jpg (14.21 KB, 250x242, 1531559862361.jpg)

Soon it will be a year since I've talked with my formerly close friend. They always kinda come and go into my life/out of my life. I know it's like, I can talk to them too, I don't have to wait to be contacted. But I think that if someone can go this long without me, then they don't want nor need me as a friend. And same goes for me.
You could say it's a dying friendship, a sad thing to happen but nothing shocking. People grow up and change.
What pisses me off is - we have a common friend, I'll call him Max. And the ghost-friend, they wouldn't contact Max either and Max claimed that he doesn't care, he had enough of Ghost's bullshit. And now I learnt that Ghost contacted Max and they're talking, and Max just randomly inserts Ghost into out own conversations… like to flex on me that he talks with them? I don't know, it's weird.
I'm, uh, jealous. Surprisingly, not for Ghost, but for Max. For years I'm here for his ass, good or bad, but Ghost reemerges out of nowhere and Max is already under their spell.
It pisses me off. Sometimes I feel like no one appreciates me so I guess that's why it bothers me this much. Like, if you're a good person, a caring friends that can be counted on, it's nice but you're boring. If you're unstable, treat others bad, humiliate them to seem funny and quirky, you're a shit person but you're interesting. And people will always choose you over the boring goodie-goodie.

I know I sound whiney, my apologies, just had to get it off my chest.

No. 381956

have you told max that you feel like your friendship is failing? or that you wish you spent more time with them like they do ghost? this communication needs to go both ways. maybe max doesnt know how the space between you two is really getting to you.

but imo youre reading way too much into it. i talk to literally no one from highschool even though a few of us had spent the last 10 years together and even through my 20s some people that i had gotten close went off and did their own things. we are lucky if we can speak a few times a year because of being busy with work and family. social dynamics definitely change when people get older and have more going on.

i have found the best connections i have with people are when we both mutually understand that we are all busy and will get together when we can. it makes it easier to appreciate and enjoy the time together since we arent being bitter about things that cant be helped.

No. 382000

>have you told max that you feel like your friendship is failing?
I don't feel like this. It's just… I'm a bit angry he let Ghost back into his life. Ghost wasn't a good friend to him and he said he's done with them, and yet here we are. He kind of shoves it in my face also, I think because he used to be jealous about me and Ghost being closer. It's all childish, I know.

I'm the same with my old high school friends. Same goes for uni and work friends. But those two are a different group, we go waaay back. Like, there are friends and Friends. If, for example, Max (or any other of my Friends) would not talk to me for two days, I would be scared something happened to them. You get it? Those kind of people that are the closest to you, know stuff others don't, those that you uptade about your daily life etc. So Ghost was like this, but they drifted apart and it was probably for the best. I just hate how they feel they can show up whenever and expect everyone to welcome them with open arms. And that Max always does exactly this.

I know it sounds like I am reading too much into it, but I'm just venting and it sounds like a big deal. It's not. Ghost will be probably gone in like a week anyway

No. 382014

>Ghost wasn't a good friend to him and he said he's done with them, and yet here we are. He kind of shoves it in my face

i dont blame you for being angry.. thats really shitty. especially since you have been more loyal. you obviously care about him.

i had a friend like that too. i get where youre coming from. told my buddy to leave their old friend in the past because they knew his wife was cheating on him for over a year and got engaged to the guy while still married and the wife was spreading rumors about him being the cheater. hes friends with them again and thats bullshit because i was there settling the fights between him and his wife and shit got nasty..

No. 382017

File: 1551474234174.jpg (307.7 KB, 1100x900, tumblr_og9rwhQpdr1rbt30ro1_128…)

Someone please tell me if I'm in the wrong here.
>run into person i knew from high-school at their job
>they call my name & say 'HEY' in a really peppy voice
>i sort of say 'hello' over my shoulder & walk off with my stuff
Was this terribly wrong of me? We weren't friends at all, and I'm pretty sure I left a bad impression on them?
All of my memories of this person are relatively positive though, like they weren't a bully or overly rude or anything.

No. 382022

Eh not really wrong it sounds like you were just really busy and didn't have a moment to chat so I'm sure they didn't take it badly.

No. 382026

Fredulant slip? She might be secretly thinking your brother is racist lol

No. 382027

Look on the bright side. He won't reproduce and beat his would be wife

No. 382028

I didn’t realize how much I still miss my grandmother until today. I bought a sample of one of her favorite perfumes, Fracas, and I can’t believe how much it smells like her…it’s like she’s right here in the room with me now. I thought I had forgotten how it smelled, but all the memories just came flooding back to me.

She was my best friend in a way I’ve never had. Her birthday is December 5th, and she died in late spring, around my birthday. May/June are difficult months for me, because I think about the last moments I spent with her up until she died. I’ve never been able to love anyone as much as I loved her. I’ve never had a friend the way she was my friend. We were very alike in many ways, even though she was so much older than me. She was one of the few people who never judged me, and who listened to me, and I did the same for her.

It hasn’t been that long since she passed either. It feels like it was 10 years ago, when it was actually more around 4 1/2, going on 5 this June. I never really let myself grieve over her death. I never talked about her dying, I avoided any memory of her up until recently. But I started having dreams about her at the end of 2018. Then for some reason, when Lagerfeld died it was like I lost something of her again. She loved fashion, and I remember her telling me about designers like Dior, Saint Laurent, Lagerfeld, Lacroix, Miyake. We did so much together, and now she’s gone.

I realize that maybe I made a mistake not grieving for her. I wonder if I had admitted how much she meant to me, would I have struggled so much in college? Is that why I was so angry with god (I was raised Christian), why I’ve had so many failed friendships, so many nights where I just lay in bed wondering what my life means? I realize there’s this huge gaping whole of emptiness that my friendship with my grandmother left in me. I want to love someone the way I loved her. I miss her so much. I’m probably going to buy a bigger bottle of Fracas since it makes me feel like she’s right there beside me.

No. 382050

File: 1551478563660.gif (879.46 KB, 245x244, mU0ipyR.gif)

I have a huge crush on a guy who was my professor last semester. He's a PhD student in his late 20s and I'm 25, so there isn't a significant age gap. I won't go into too much detail but he did me a huge favour and broke some rules for me that could've gotten him in serious trouble if anyone found out. Also we've hung out socially, confided in each other about personal stuff, and there has been some mutual flirtation between us. A friend of mine had him as a TA several years ago and told me that he casually dated a girl who was a student of his (once the class had ended). All of these things give me some hope that our friendship could possibly develop into something more, but there are still obstacles that make me think twice.

He lives a few hours away and has no reason to come back to my city anytime soon. He's incredibly smart and articulate and knowledgeable and I feel like a bit of a simpleton in comparison, even though I've excelled academically and achieved a lot. We're both struggling with our mental health, having experienced great loss recently (the death of a friend for me and the end of a relationship for him), and I know from experience that two very depressed people in a relationship tend to bring each other down rather than lift each other up.

I kind of want to make a move and ask him out for drinks or something but I've never asked a guy out before. Usually I assume that if a guy is interested in me, he'll do something about it. Maybe I'm a bit traditional in that sense. But it's been years since I've felt such a strong attraction to someone and I think about him all the time. I guess the problem is that I'm scared to let someone in and get hurt again. All relationships end in sorrow, either with death or rejection or cheating or whatever. Part of me wonders if it's even worth it. Part of me wants to see if it is. Mostly I'm unsure of how to proceed.

No. 382219

File: 1551499262254.jpg (52.22 KB, 718x546, C8mFiDPXgAE93H9.jpg)

I'm so sick of people talking about games like they're super duper important.
Sports, vidya, card games, etc. Idgaf, unless their living is somehow affected by these games then it's pathetic how people get so emotionally invested in unimportant shit that were only ever meant to be fun hobbies.
The next time someone starts whining to me about how their hobby isn't fun anymore I'm going to tell them to either pump the brakes or find something else. No adult wants to perpetually hear about this nonsense.
>mfw spergy neckbeard friend starts talking about changes to MtG as if it's life or death
And allow me to take this moment to say: I don't give a fuck. A game could disappear tomorrow and people would find something else to do.

No. 382225

Really dumb but I've seen multiple posts stereotyping girls with bangs as being artsy, fake deep, try-hard, spiritual, SJW types and I feel bad about it.
Man, I don't want to be judged because of this of all things. I just want to hide my huge ass forehead. Leaf me alone.

No. 382227

I've never noticed that, except specifically terf bangs because people see them more often on SJWs than terfs.

I have a normal sized forehead but I still look ugly af without bangs, people can dislike them all they want but at least they won't confuse me for a man when I have them

No. 382228

I've had a friend send me a post before saying "ask a girl with bangs about your astrological sign if you don't know wtf it means" and there's that entire art hoe haircut meme.
And I mean, definitely don't change it if it's preferable. I'm not either out of fear of looking like an egg. It's just a dumb thing to assign meaning to and it annoyed me for a hot second lol.

No. 382256

>It’s just that all of it is so exhausting and daunting, I’m sorry to push away your advice
Don't worry about it. I went through a lot of what you're going through when I first had to claim benefit. I was depressed from being in constant pain for years and I couldn't take being at college any more. Being young I had this dumb idea that if I asked nicely and followed the rules my own government would help me get better. They of course didn't. Atos and the DWP put me through a year of hell. I did honestly feel like killing myself during this time, I was in severe pain, I lost any chance of doing what I wanted as a career, I had no way to support myself and I was totally dependent on my grandmother who took me in. I did eventually win the case at the appeals tribunal and was given incapacity benefit. When I was reassessed a few years later for ESA and the DWP did exactly the same as before, rather than getting depressed about it, I got really angry. This is when I learnt how it all worked and how to build a case against the assessors to present to the DWP. The DWP has given me ESA without question ever since. DLA and PIP have unfortunately been another matter.

>what was explained to me came across like a small warning that ‘yeah we’re not qualified in the way you’re thinking but rest assured we take uni courses so we don’t fuck you up’

I remember these types of people. They're not medically trained and read off of a script. I wasted two months of my life trying to explain to one of them that I'm not depressed for the reason she thinks I am, I'm depressed because five days a week I spend six hours laying in a pool of my own vomit because I'm in too much pain to do anything else. I wanted to scream when my GP said that she'd suggested that I had anger management issues. This is the reason I recommended seeing a psychiatrist. They're not counsellors, they're doctors who treat both the neurological and emotional problems behind mental illness.

>I’m honesty this close to packing everything up, throwing it away or selling it and then killing myself out of tactical decision because this is a slow-ass death as it is

If you are feeling like this and your GP still won't listen to you, go to A&E. They will have a mental health team on site that includes a psychiatrist. I discovered just how seriously A&E take any potential mention of suicide when I used the expression "I'm in so much pain I want to kill myself" to describe why I was there. Within an hour I was being given a full mental health assessment.

Sorry for the long post but knowing what ill people have to go through in this country to get help just pisses me of.

No. 382263

>fredulant slip

No. 382267

my mom wanted me to go to the hospital for my neck. she's about to be flying to Hawaii for a week with her boyfriend and I'll be watching her dog for her. If something happened and my neck got worse when she's gone it would suck bc no one will be around to cover dog duty for me. They told me my chiropractor was basically scamming me (he's a great guy but like yeah he hasn't fixed shit in six ⁦
months/only made it worse yet continued to see me once a week with a $40 copay.) I got prescribed steroids and muscle relaxers. Basically your neck vertebrae are supposed to curve one way kinda towards your chin, but my muscles have spasmed and tightened so badly that my vertebrae curve in the other direction toward my back at this point. So it'll be lots of stretching and physical therapy for me (I hate physical therapy lol) but I'm happy to have an answer to why everything has stayed the same despite adjustments, and some pain relief, and a new treatment that will hopefully fix the issue eventually.

No. 382272

I need to go see a psychiatrist if I want to try and apply for disability because I have such bad anxiety, and also if I want to regain my status as medically frail with my health insurance so they will cover certain things and I'm literally terrified of going to see a medical professional due to previous experiences with my doctor and with a psychologist I was seeing (who did diagnose me with GAD) but they weren't really helpful with my anxiety (I was job searching at the time and they kept telling me whenever I was anxious I should just think of being somewhere that made me happy. Oh also to just not think the way I was, even after I explained I knew it was just my anxiety but I couldn't stop it.) I stopped seeing them after they said I was at fault fault for not trying hard enough and how I just wanted to be coddled. Which was dumb because I seeked them out for help in the first place and was trying their techniques with no success.

So I'm scared it'll be another shitshow like that even though I do need to get on disability because I have panic attacks daily and it's so damn draining and I can't even go shopping without having an anxiety attack. Just ugh

No. 382362

Yes, I did write about him before.
After that fight yesterday at lunch he went to his room and hasn't left it, doesn't even come down to eat or drink.
My mother went to him and explained that there's that day for boys as well, that there's nothing to be angry about and that we should just avoid that topic from now on. Then he cried and said that I'm always saying things agaisnt men. She said that he also does the same against women and that this hurts her too.
But then she said to me that it's true, that I'm really too hateful against men. I'm not a lesbian, not in any feminist organisations, I dont frequent the radfem thread here, I even vote conservative, I'm just a normal young woman who sometimes points out unfair or sexist things.
I really don't know what to do anymore. As much as I love my family, lately I often can't wait to move out.

No. 382398

idk why you vote conservative, but ok. where are you from? the uk? how old is your brother and why is he such a manipulative little baby? jesus christ i wish your parents would throw him a cold glass of "grow the fuck up", but it's obvious that your parents coddle him like crazy. he obviously started crying to be a manipulative dickhead, otherwise, he's like legit autistic or something. you're not too hateful against men. if i remember correctly your dad is a douchebag too. your family is just straight up retarded. my condolences. hope you can get out soon. they honestly seem lifetime movie tier.

No. 382466

My thoughts exactly. He did a little protest in his room and cried because he knew his mommy would come to comfort him.
I hate to say this but sometimes mothers are just as guilty for fostering and enabling sexist attitudes.

No. 382528

Sadly, i honestly think a ton of mothers are directly responsible for men's sexist views of other women. i used to have an uncle who was in his late 30s and never cooked , cleaned or did his own laundry because his mom did everything for him. She even gave him money weekly to buy whatever he wanted (porn.)

It was disgusting. After she died, he was basically stuck

No. 382532

File: 1551552826276.jpg (21.33 KB, 630x630, 1099899_1.jpg)

I just found out my coworker is a huge Shane dawson fan and it was so random. But later on that day she also told me she was a conspiracy theorist and a flat earther. I just want to avoid her entirely now. Anyone who unironically is a flat earther is just an approachable moron. I don't understand it

The worst part is, she's good friends with the only coworker i like and is trying to make her a conspiracy theorist too.

No. 382656

i also have a panic disorder and i am currently in a waiting list for a therapist. I haven't had a panic attack quite a while for some reason, it makes me paranoid thinking that i have not gotten one recently. if you want you can give me your contact and we can talk about it.

No. 382678

NTA, but it's very helpful for me to try to replace my uncertain thoughts with positive ones that mirror the negative ones I already have.
Like for instance, you possibly think something must be wrong with you because you've been having a good time for a while, so instead of saying "What if I get a panic attack soon?" I would repeat to myself "What if everything's gonna be okay?" Or "What if nothing is wrong and I'm fine?" Or "So what, if I have a panic attack?"
If you demand your panic to get stronger, it usually doesn't because it wants to get you when you least expect it. Welcome your anxiety to hang out with you. It'll most likely do the opposite.

No. 382688

Guy wants to fuck me. Tells me that given any chance to fuck me, he will fuck me. I want to fuck him. We have a chance to fuck. All of a sudden, he doesn't want to fuck me. Is it because of feelings? Is it fear of rejection? I don't know because he keeps being all evasive and not as clear on things as he swears he is. Will give me bullshit idioms all day long, but when I say, "Here is the deal, also here is my vagina - now fuck me until neither of us can feel anything any more" he's all like 'noooo I can't do that and you should know why'

I don't need your feelings. We can't be having feelings right now, but we could be fucking. Except you're all mouth and no penis.

Ladies, tell me to stop chasing this lad. Make me stop chasing this lad. I'm crazy about him but I'm starting to feel like he wants his cake but only when it absolutely suits him and not me.

No. 382693

from what you've said it seems like he's insecure. maybe try taking the lead? i've had guys who do this stuff and they're just super scared to actually do anything when the time comes.

No. 382701

stocky manlets are my physical preference. it's too bad most of them have some kind of annoying complex

No. 382714

He might like the chase. But also the “you know why” almost makes it seem like he has a girlfriend or something. I’d look for some other peen in the meanwhile, he could come around.

No. 382723


Nah, no girlfriend. I think it's because he's got real feelings for me and it's got him scared.

No. 382724

File: 1551573913041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.31 KB, 1140x1668, il_1140xN.1077772317_dqp4.jpg)

I want a gf

or am I supplementing the unreciprocated feelings in my heterosexual relationship for desire elsewhere

No. 382739

from a girl in a long term relationship that has gone stale: both

No. 382748

Anon I think you are giving him too much credit. Even if he “caught feelings” he’d still fuck you when so clearly offered.

No. 382750

I think spending so much time on imageboards and focusing on incel-tier shit and man-hate has given me a warped view on other people.
We were discussing gender and inequality and shit in an anthropology elective class I'm taking and most people were just…very lefty. Most males agreed that women face danger and an extra challenge in the workplace and other things. Yet I find myself always subconsciously expecting everyone to be racist and pro-rape and subjugation of women due to surrounding myself with people spouting that belief.

Maybe this is because I live in a very liberal country (Canada) and I'm sure other places are still awful in this regard, but it made me realize that most people around me at least aren't fucking incels or /pol/tards. Which I believed somehow lmao.

No. 382756

Yeah, if you start believing everyone you meet is going to be an incel you might have to accept that you're a little bit impressionable and need to take a break from lolcow. Incels are special basketcases, the majority of people are socially adjusted enough to at least have sex or get into a relationship. I'm fortunate enough to never have come across an obvious incel in the wild, but a lot of the normie men I know tend to be faintly (if not overtly) sexist and douchebaggy in their own right. They don't actively plot the downfall of women on a manic incel-tier level, they're subconsciously biased because that's what they learned from society.
Besides it's college, of course people are going to skew lefty or not speak up if they have any controversial opinions. /pol/tards think liberal colleges are all communist re-education camps and stay away from them or whatever the fuck.

No. 382758

Yeah, you called that one, I literally just found out that I'm pregnant today.

Would probably be the best for all parties involved just to pack my shit and GTFO and get an abortion without telling him, since 'leaving slowly' isn't really an option anymore. Already have a good bit of money saved, just idk how to make the transition between living here → managing to get a job and apartment somewhere else in a more affordable part of the country.

It's probably weird that I feel absolutely nothing about any of this. Coming to realize that I'm a pretty shitty person.

No. 382760

You're not a shitty person. You've been worn down by a shitty partner who was not willing to put in effort to give up an addiction for the sake of your relationship.

No. 382761

I know I'm just stupid and cant follow good advice.

Long story short I had a fling with a coworker of mine last summer then I started seeing someone else seriously. Moved states with new partner around the new year and coworker and I still stayed 'friends' once I started seeing my current boyfriend. Everything was normal up until a month ago and hes been really choosy in when he wants to talk to me. I dont go out of my way to message him anymore but I'd like for him to not be weird about it. But I guess its understandable in this circumstance. I don't think I have any interest in him anymore but I would also like my old bad habits to not come back where I go into something unhealthy just because "its fun". I feel like he might have some feelings for me still since he can't go about a week without saying something to me and my old coworkers mention to me he talks about me.

No. 382762

My mom has gone away with her sister for the next 10 days and now everything is my responsibility. My dad and brother are useless around the house, but I feel awful acknowledging it to them. My dad isn't actually incompetent, he used to cook and clean all the time, but he has severe arthritis now so most household tasks are very painful. Fair enough. My brother though… he's autistic and I don't want to be mean, but at what point does his inability count as male entitlement? I have to take over the other half of the tasks my mom and I already share, and I'm just really not looking forward to it.

No. 382785

File: 1551598810069.gif (1.83 MB, 307x173, tumblr_inline_pa0xcipJqO1vcbdx…)

my mom's only being nice and supportive of me now after 20+ years of narcissistic abuse and neglect because she's realizing the state of her own mortality (she's old + has a birthday soon.)

it's insincere and honestly feels self-serving but if she's finally going to act like she loves me, i'll take it. i never received maternal affection from her and it made me very fucked-up in the head.

sure do wish things weren't so fucking dysfunctional. my kingdom for a normal cookie-cutter hallmark movie family where a mom is present and loving and invested because she's a normal mom, and not because she's trying to "get right with god" before she dies.

oh well.

No. 382794

My mom was like that too but we're finally on good terms now and it feels real to me regardless of the motive behind her change. It's like I have two moms, the evil one and the good one.
I recall when I had a surgery as a kid and my mom made me walk to the doctor when I was just released from the hospital despite her having the time to drive me to there (she was watching a shitty tv show). Now, if I tell her I have a slight headache she will drive to my place and shower me with affection. It's almost surreal the extent she's changed.

No. 382801

I hate it because i kept comparing myself with other people and feel bad, im so pathetic lol…i just wish i didnt do that anymore andd focus on myself.

No. 382802

There's this guy that I talked with more than 5 years ago. We went out once (as friends, just for a walk) but he must have thought it was some magical date because he completely changed his tune, started to be cringily romantic for no reason etc. So even though we were okay friends and I liked him, I was weirded out and distanced myself. Everything kind of died.
BUT he still reemerges from time to time to send me some autistic uwu message or wish me happy birthday and lately he started to tell me about his dreams (he would do that from time to time but it intensified now). They are all very retarded about us hugging, kissing.
I'm on the fence if I should keep on ignoring him - I feel like I shouldn't feed him any attention, even negative. On the other hand I'm starting to get fed up and I'm thinking about telling him off, because still "crushing" on someone you have last seen when they were, idk, 17? is fucking weird, and why on Earth does he think I want to hear about his wet dreams?
So, my fears are
telling him off -> he gets encouraged by attention
ignoring him -> he keeps doing that forever
blocking him etc -> he goes full stalker mode.

No. 382804

>guy mentions he wants to fuck anon like a piece of meat
>guy suddenly loses interest
>”he’s just scared of how much he actually likes me”
Genuinely curious, why is this the exact conclusion some women come to when men suddenly play hard to get with them? It’s so presumptuous like?? I’m almost sure it’s an excuse to swerve a bitch while also negging her and keeping her on the hook. He’s obviously not into you enough to work past whatever hang up he has about “scary fweewings”, not even for free enthused pussy.

No. 382813

I’m a stay at home mum with another on the way, so I’m not going to be able to study or work for another 2 years unless it’s from home - I’ve decided to open up commissions since a lot of people have expressed interest in my artwork, and boy oh boy is it hard to market myself and actually get buyers.

Hopefully it’ll actually pick up so I have something to do that entirely revolves around me for once..

No. 382834

I missed a day taking my pill this month because its been a horrible stressful depressing month, but took 2 the next day. My bf came in me on the day I forgot the pill and I've had my 7 day break and never got my period. I have had pains in my chest all week and thought I was bloated as normal and got pms etc but just never bled. I've missed periods before cuz if stress but I'm terrified what if I got pregnant? I've been taking the pill for years so I know chances are low. I really have let stress get the better of me this month and I lost some weight for irregular eating. I'm hoping that's why it never came. I'm scared though what if. I told my bf it never came and he didn't seem worried and rather blamed my chest pains on smoking 2 joints a day. But I'm pissed at him cause he hasn't been there for me during any of this stress (not relating to my period, I've had some shit family stuff happen), I live alone currentky finishing up my last 2 terms of graduate school, I've been feeling burnt out for months prior but was supporting my bf thru some stuff he was going to (which he's acting completely ungrateful about and has been taking frustrations out on which I've been letting slide because I feel like I'm taking on too much and-) honestly I just feel like screaming at my vagina to fucking bleed. I do not want to even fathom I could be pregnant with my bf rn, I've been working towards getting into a new industry, my bf is an emotional vaccum and I'm already not coping with some family stuff imagine if I had a fucking baby. Maybe I should get a pregnacy test.

No. 382835

Go buy a test Anon, and then you'll know for sure.
Don't drink too much just so you'll pee though, because if it's negative after you've pissed one liter of mostly water you'll get paranoid and tell yourself the test is wrong. Been there, lol.

No. 382838

You can do it, anon. Getting a following is hard, but it mostly needs time.

No. 382852

get a test immediately. and plan B if you have to. Shit happens, but even if you're on bc, your bf should be using condoms. Hope everything works out, anon!

No. 383019

File: 1551645790984.jpg (18.3 KB, 252x378, 345435978353.jpg)

no i agree with you 100%! and i do this too, whenever i feel anxious i just tell myself in my head ''çome on, come out, i can take you on'', ''this is just anxiety and nothing ever happend with me''. i also do exposure therapy while i wait for my therapist, i met someone from 4chan nothing too special he was just a normie. but small things such as stepping on a train and going to another city and meeting a stranger is a victory for me how about you? how do you challenge your anxiety in a sense?

No. 383025

You should be totally fine if you're on the kind of pill that has the same hormonal dose in each one. It's the kind where the doses are different where you have to worry.

I would take plan b or a test for the ease of mind, but you are probably gonna be totally fine.

No. 383026

I got into online relationship that lasted few years because no boys were interested in me/I had a low self-esteem. He was in his 30 (which he disclosed when I turned 18), threatened suicide everyday, wanted to control me, doxxed me, just destroyed me emotionally.
Even though I broke up with him, I still can't get over that. Now that boys actually invite me on dates I just can't bring myself to say "yes". It feels so fucking frustrating, I wish I could just forgot about that man and move on with my life. It was never "real", I have never met him, so I feel stupid for being so scared of men now. Urgh.

No. 383027

you have low self-esteem and this dude also manipulated you for years and i can imagine it can leave emotional trauma on you especially when it comes to dating new men. Maybe just keep in touch with the guys you like online and get to know them better, once you're comfortable enough ask them out for a tea/coffee, obviously at your own pace!

No. 383028

File: 1551648444339.jpeg (31.66 KB, 255x300, A8B51145-C70E-4A87-8479-A2F5D8…)

>My bf came in me on the day I forgot the pill

You should definitely take a test, but you are probably okay. The pill stops you from ovulating, in addition to just making your uterus an unfriendly place for semen (when you’re fertile your cervical mucus is runny and clear, this doesn’t happen on the pill). Missing one pill usually isn’t enough to cause you to ovulate, but it depends on what kind of pill you’re on and what pill you missed.

No. 383031

Thank you for your kindness. The problem is, I just can't talk to men at all. Even online, I have tried to keep up the conversation with a guy that seemed truly kind and patient, we went to the same school. It lasted for a day. I don't know why, typing and talking to guys makes me nauseous, I have to leave or block them to stop myself from vomiting or crying.

No. 383032

i'm skinny and fairly active (i don't have a set routine but i get my non-specific exercise in) and yet i have cellulite. so much cellulite. idk what to do about it beyond surgery which is not an option. i wish i didn't care about it. i just can't believe how so few other skinny people seem to have it.

No. 383033

I'm pretty sure that's completely normal. I've always been slightly underweight and I have cellulite and stretch marks all over my hips if that can make you feel better about it.

No. 383034

it does help. i have stretch marks too, on my hips and my boobs, even though my BMI is on the lowest end for my height. i know people photoshop online but it's disheartening to see other skinny girls in public having zero cellulite like at the beach and stuff

No. 383039

For me it's the opposite; I barely know/see anyone without cellulite, had some underweight friends with it. Even my brother has cellulite kek
Anon please don't worry too much, I know how it is and dislike it but most people don't seem to care as much as oneself does.

No. 383043

The people without cellulite are photoshopping it out. Most women have it, thin, average, fat, whatever. It’s normal and natural.

No. 383047

Thanks anons I'm going to get a test tomorrow, I'll let you know if I'm not freaking out

No. 383053

>it's disheartening to see other skinny girls in public having zero cellulite like at the beach and stuff
I'm sure they have cellulite too, but since you typically don't look at random people too closely, especially when they're half naked on the beach, it's just hard to notice at first. You really shouldn't pay too much attention to it, they're the exceptions if anything.

No. 383070

I cannot stop thinking about my ex, we were both each other’s first real relationship and we both thought that we were in love. His family absolutely loved me and he treated me like a princess. Even his cat loved me lol
He stopped smoking for me but he’d still drink every single day and he said he didn’t care that I did any of that stuff, but some time later he started saying things like “why can’t you get high/drunk with me once in a while, do drugs w me to once in a while” he also revealed that he didn’t believe in feminism and that he was “sort of homophobic”
He’d also deny being an alcoholic, and I didn’t tell my parents about him because I knew they wouldn’t like him….
3 months later he broke up with me and started crying and saying he needed a break. He told me he’d always love me and that he needed time for himself. Less than a week later he started dating chick from his work and now they get drunk and high together. I gave all his shit back but he kept everything of mine.
Even though I know parts of him are douchey I can’t help still feeling something for him. I don’t know how to stop thinking about him. Please help farmers. What do I do?

No. 383082

Maybe there's nothing we can type that will make you feel better in the moment. When you start dating again you will realize that the neglect you went through isn't the norm and isn't something to feel like you had missed out on. Stick up for yourself a bit and push out people from your mind who take advantage of you and disregard your needs for their own selfish desires.
I'm sorry your first didn't work out, but statistically speaking, it doesn't for many. I know mine didn't. Don't worry, there's others out there. You'll scoff over how you ever tolerated the first one's shit, and now you'll have some experience for who to avoid in the future. Time heals wounds.

No. 383093

File: 1551667227835.png (366.81 KB, 757x564, dbgrp.png)

>mocked by family about weight when I was young
>this leads to being very self-conscious about body and hesitating to leave house
>"But why anon? You look fine!"

My family really doesn't understand they're the reason why I'm like this. Apparently, they have amnesia and don't remember ever criticizing me about my weight or picking on me about it ever.

No. 383097

File: 1551669901045.gif (155.96 KB, 500x512, 956ec45f-9dd5-4c02-a23f-50a75e…)

My ex did the same shit to me. After I completely gave up my life in another country and sold all of my shit for him, it turns out, people just say things to say things and their natures never change. Cried, told me how much he loved me, that he would never forget me, I was his best friend, needed to know how I was doing once I got back to my home country etc.
Then when I told him I've been royaly fucked over here and am probably looking at homelessness soon, he got mad at me for upsetting him lol

You need to realize that the man that you have in your thoughts and head isn't real and that's not who he was in reality. Who he was in reality was how he acted in reality . The same man that cried and said he loved you was also the same man that got together with someone a week later. It's a painful truth to fully comprehend and understand, but it's still the truth.
If he wanted to be with you, he would still be with you.
If he wanted to love you and try, he would love you and try.
Don't let your mind run wild with replays of the greatest hits™ from your relationship, because those are unreliable and distorted. You feel for the man in your head, not for the man who he really is. Once you can consolidate that who he is is how he's acting, the feelings will become less intense and more manageable.

Sorry for the long post, I just really feel for you anon and I wish you didn't have to go through men's bullshit lies and charades either. Stay strong.

No. 383098

File: 1551670116601.jpg (158.12 KB, 660x880, mow.jpg)

I've driven out twice, two hours one way, to see a guy I met online through an ideal partner chat. I'm not complaining; he has a very nice house and he's made it good for me by cooking dinner together and allowing me to sleep over. He's not an asshole or anything, and he seems compassionate whenever we have sex. And I have no bedroom complaints.
Last time I was over he played a Beatles song for me on his acoustic.

Guess I'm just wondering what I am, but it feels too soon to ask. It would be so embarrassing to admit I'm catching feels only for it to turn out that I'm just a high effort booty call. Or worse, "It's not you, it's me, and I'm not ready for a relationship right now." The latter could be an actual thing due to the fact that he divorced several months ago. He texts, but it's rather infrequent. He's a little nerdy quirk and seems quiet so I chalk it up to that.

Another part of me feels majorly inadequate next to him. Truth be told, I haven't been with anyone decent who had their shit together….never ever. This guy has an expensive house, a tech job, comes from a decent-sounding family, top university, etc.
I'm insecure about being mediocre, but apparently he sees something in me. Enough to fuck me I guess, but unless he has a thing for flabsters who are good at makeup it's not like I rock the physique department either.

I'm hoping if maybe things progress I can invite him to drive out here to meet my parents, since I'm living with them as I haven't worked up to living on my own since my last long term relationship ended.
Maybe he's just desperate, idk. I have zero confidence deep down, and since nobody nice has ever taken interest in me my mind is screaming about how it must be too good to be true. I'm bracing for the betrayal to happen any day now.

No. 383108

So, Friend A became friends with benefits with Friend B's ex a while after they broke up. Friend B has been extremely volatile towards her and it's caused some pretty unnecessary drama. It's also a point of contention for Friend B that I'm still friends with her and I'm sensing a big blow up coming over it. Possibly even her dropping me as a friend.

I just think it's so fucking ridiculous that a grown ass woman is acting this way. I get you're upset your ex moved on, but you two were broken up for a chunk of time and she's not friends with you. Acting like I'm breaking some kind of made up girl code for being friends with her is so goddamn stupid.

No. 383126

File: 1551676646266.jpg (5.17 KB, 243x207, Ed4LdEW.jpg)

>male friend online gets upset when i don't talk to him for months
>when i do talk to him, he doesn't respond or bother to keep the conversation going even though he's online
>i've deleted him multiple times for this (and other little reasons) and each time, he comes crawling back asking why i deleted him and begs me not to do it again
What does this mean? I mean, does he want me to talk to him or not lmao

No. 383128

He's just a classic lazy, boring male. They have been starting conversations they struggle to continue since the internet gave them an easy way to open lines of communication with girls.

No. 383131

Is that what it is? We've had good conversations here and there and he can be funny. It's like 50/50 with this dude. I have no problem starting convos with him (like he desperately wants me to) and it ends up with me basically spamming him with no response which is ridiculous. I think he just ignores me in favor of his dude friends but why bother bitching to me about how I don't talk to him for months if he's going to ignore me anyway

I really don't get it

No. 383132

A friend has been increasingly vocal about her dedication to being a tradwife and it's making me really uncomfortable, and I can't figure out why. She isn't posting anything that judges women for not being feminine or for not being feminist, though she follows a lot of accounts that do. She's nice and a very positive person, I think I'm just worried for her. The tradlife isn't good for women and I don't want to see her hurt when it inevitably backfries.

No. 383136

Eh actually that sounds like a different situation. Maybe he's just one of those people who are shitty at replying. I don't think you should worry too much about it, just take the path of least resistance… reply to him when he talks to you and if he bitches that you don't talk to him enough repeat what you've told us.

No. 383138