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No. 385673

i don't know what this is called in the US but theres a part of college where I live where you're supposed to work for free (obligatory) for six months. the most similar concept to this i could find was "unpaid internship" but i'm not sure if its quite the same.

anyways, i'm at this part of college """working""" and i hate my life. i'm bipolar and had some issues with my meds so ive been in a long ass depressive episode. my "boss" told me last week that i was shit at what i do, that he wish he could fire me (he can't and he's quite mad about it), that i was a "fucking idiot". he reminded me of my abusive father so i panicked and started crying and told him about the depressive episode and begged for forgiveness and started screaming that i was a failure and that i hated myself. then he said it meant nothing. and i panicked more and started shouting "I'M GONNA FUCKING KILLMYSELF!" completely out of it.

today, thanks to my bus, i was 30 minutes late. he doesn't even look at me anymore.

anyways i'm not getting a recommendation letter and i wish i was at the psych ward again since i'm clearly not ready for the real world. somebody please be my friend

No. 385674

I lent my then-boyfriend a lot of money, almost $200 and we had the agreement to pay it back in installments, verbally and written but no formal contract.

We stopped speaking because of his shitty ways, and he stopped paying me. I wanna ask him to pay me back but I know it opens a door for communication and/or getting angry and lashing out in revenge. I just really need that fucking money and I feel trapped.

I'm angry because I lent them the money and had the agreement to get it returned, and now they're just off publicly spending money on stupid shit instead of taking care of debts.

I'm also angry because I shouldn't have to be afraid of someone posting revenge porn about me because I want to get my money back.

No. 385684

File: 1552345398752.jpg (23 KB, 640x160, icons.jpg)

To continue from the last thread…
Thanks ladies. I'm the anon who wrote >>385159, and he still hasn't responded or even looked at the message that I sent over 48 hours ago. It's weird because my message shows up as "sent" rather than "delivered" on FB messenger, even though he's been online multiple times since I sent it. Not quite sure what this means because all my messages to other people show up as "delivered" right away until they are "seen". Does anyone know what the difference between "sent" and "delivered" is? I want to believe that Mercury retrograde is messing with me instead of him deliberately ignoring me (although the latter scenario is probably most likely tbh). Also I keep getting a new message notification but when I click it, nothing new is in my inbox. Maybe he read my message, responded, then for some reason deleted his response and marked the conversation as unread? I'm overthinking this, I know, but it's driving me up the wall.

No. 385685

It was incredibly unprofessional of your boss to say those things to you, especially because work study programs are supposed to be constructive and build your skill and confidence. If there's a next time, get a doctor's note and keep your employer informed about what you might be going through. I'm sorry to hear that happened though anon, it sounds very stressful. I wish you the best.

No. 385690

This is what small claims court was invented for.

No. 385700

>tired of seeing one guy at a time only for them to treat me poorly and have to start over from square one when they decide to dispose of me
>suddenly get some unexpected confidence and self worth
>probably because I'm so fucking fed up of chasing after shitty men
>time for men to pine after me
>take the bait and sign up for tinder
>lots of messages, actually attractive or cute men who want to make an effort to see me
>have a coffee date with one today
>asshole dudes who I've known and have been stringing me along for awhile coincidentally told me they're starting to date other people
>they're not even cute, what the fuck was I thinking???
Lmao. Feels good to ride the "cock carousel" in the same way guys cast a wide net. Oh noe, self centered 4/10 has moved on?! Might've crushed me a few months ago but now? Pft, I've got options. Next date.
No wonder men want women to feel like "sluts" for having guys lined up like the way they line up girls, this shit is awesome. I'm mad it took me so long.

No. 385706

File: 1552349893586.png (369.84 KB, 396x398, sdwq09865432211222.PNG)

>tfw both of my siblings have already moved out to the same city
>They get to hang out with each other
>The one who moved out very recently has already got an awesome job that pays good and does fun things with her bf
>Feels bad that I'm the only one left stuck living at home

Don't get me wrong I'm very happy for my siblings and living at home rent-free is great, but at the same time it's hard not to feel jealous of them having the ability to leave and do their own thing y'know? My parents are very controlling and judgmental, so I imagine it must be freeing to get out of this house.

Different vent:
I wish
>my mental health wasn't so shitty
>I didn't hate may art so much
>my bf didn't need to have heart transplants
>my bf didn't have shitty parents

Happy for you anon!

No. 385708


Did you have contact on FB prior to this? He probably needs to approve your contact request, it's been filtered. As far as I know, that's the definition between sent and delivered in facebook terms. Hopefully he checks that inbox soon, anon. Good luck.

No. 385717

Recently found out a couple guys I liked a little while ago have started dating, and it's beyond embarrassing, so much so that it's almost fun for me to watch now but also frustrating and annoying at the same time. The one posts constantly photos of the two of them, which screams insecurity to me. I would die if I were in a relationship like that. It's so cringy. The girl even has one of a selfie of them laying in bed.
The other doesn't even post about his, but she does, tons of photos of just him. The first one being a ~sneaked~ one of him petting her cats. The worst and most cringy part, she posted three posts in a row of their new year's kiss, first as a picture, then as a video, then in a fucking collage.
What the fuck? 1. Why was I not good enough but that shit is acceptable to them? Guys hate clingy girls (which I try my hardest not to be, and to give them as much space as they need) and get weird when you tell them you have feelings for them, but then go for shit like this?
2. I'm glad I can see the exact relationship I don't want.
It still pisses me off at the same time though. Oh well, at least it's not a hurt feeling besides the in general not being good enough part.

No. 385718

lmao I'm sorry anon but at first I read that as that they started dating each other.

No. 385719

lmao I thought the exact same thing anon, and was about to say to OP "its a shame you arent a fujoshi"

No. 385720

Today, I have felt so hideous, like a bridge troll or swamp monster.

No. 385727

You sound very insecure and jealous

No. 385729

This is going to sound so retarded, but I'm about to turn 20 and I absolutely hate it.
I feel ancient, and it's not really about the fear of growing older because of physical appearance, I just I haven't accomplished anything. I feel like I'm a child in an adult's body.

No. 385731

File: 1552355778013.gif (65.59 KB, 576x799, w3cyTmS.gif)

Welcome to the rest of your life.

No. 385732

hi anon im exactly the same im turning 21 this year and only got my learners permit not long after turning 20, everyone around me can already drive and are at uni or have jobs while i have none of those things, i feel like a kid since i still dont have any friends since early teens and havent socialised in my years alone, even though i can legally drink alcohol the thought kinda terrifies me. ive been trying to get out more and do things but i feel like i dont belong anywhere

No. 385733

We've all been there/are there now. It feels absolutely awful to have done what feels to be nothing by 20. But that's the thing, you're only 20. Plenty of successful women were nobodies in their 20s, hell even in their 30s! We all have way more time to accomplish our goals than we expect.

No. 385737

I think my cat is lonely since I moved out of my roommate's house and in with my bf. He was never snuggly or close with my roommate's cat but I think they enjoyed existing around each other and they'd occasionally wrestle or groom each other. Since I moved he's even more lazy than before and seems…lost? He's not super needy or destructive or anything but he doesn't really play as much as he used to, just sits around in various spots in the house looking bored.

I wish I could get another cat to keep him company but our lease agreement allows us only one cat. I've got a cat tower near our picture window, all sorts of toys, and I've even been playing "cat TV" youtube videos for him but he doesn't care. I guess it doesn't help that he had a resurgence of cat flu from the stress of moving that he's still recovering from. Maybe I need to give him more time, but I'm worried about him.

No. 385739

Yes, we've been friends on FB for months now and we've had conversations through messenger many times before. I'm so baffled because there's definitely been a mutual flirtation and it really seemed like he cared about me on a deeply personal level but oh well. Guess it's time to reactivate Tinder. Thanks for the luck, anon, I wish you the same in your endeavours.

No. 385747

Its annoying how everytime i look at a video pre 1950, there's all these comments talking about how its so great that everyone is white, women are more feminine etc…i wish these people could just be sent back to these eras, they would most likely die in a week and be crying about not having their iphone after a day.

No. 385752

same anon, same, I can't help but side-eye those comments because if you look at the videos that they like and comment they're all alt-right / nazi shit

No. 385761


Does your country have laws protecting people with disabilities from discrimination?

No. 385769

good luck with your gato, anon

No. 385786

Thank you. I should stop stressing over him so much but it's hard. I feel like a helicopter mom.

No. 385790

Throughout my life ive held onto almost all my artwork and sketchbooks. I kept them in dedicated boxes.
It was left at my parents house and I found out today they went through it and threw a lot of it away and kept what they thought was "important to me."

Im absolutely crushed, Ive been crying all day. Its ridiculous to me they could even judge what was important to me or not. I held onto it all for so long for a reason. Even though they are bad childhood/teen drawings, I'm so upset. I wish they just contacted me to come and get my stuff or asked if it was okay, instead of just assuming and tossing.

I feel silly for being so upset about objects, but idek man

No. 385792

Last week, I had just got a 24 oz iced latte from a drive-up coffee stand, and as I had just pulled back onto the road, a shitty pickup truck swerved in front of me and I had to slam on the breaks and turn onto the sidewalk to avoid an accident. All 24 ounces spilled all over the inside of my car and on the seats. I blotted it out somewhat with paper towels and then Googled what the correct course of action was to get it off my car. I saw it recommended a few times to pour baking soda all over the effected area and leave it for about 4 days, then vacuum it up. Delighted with such a simple solution, I pour half a box of baking soda all over my car, then let it sit.

So 4 days later I go down to my car with my handheld vacuum, ready to get it all clean, and I see that the coffee has somehow risen up to the surface of the baking powder, so you can see thick hardened lines of light brown that smell of sweet caramel, caked all over the interior and on the seat. And the baking soda itself does not vacuum up. It's just thick and matted in the carpet. I can't even scrape it off with my fingernail. And the carpets in the car don't come off, as far as I can tell. Thank fucking god it's still winter right now because I can't imagine the bugs or the stench that it would be getting in warmer weather.

I was able to vacuum the baking powder mostly off the seat, and covered the spot with a paper towel, and I've just been driving around sitting on top of that, with the entire floor coated in baking powder. Don't even know what to do at this point and I'm scared of trying another method and having that fail as catastrophically as my first attempt.

I feel like I do things like this all the time, for all of my life, like I'm just a complete dumbass with no common sense at all. I feel like a normal person would have just been able to take care of this mess in a few minutes, with knowledge they already had, whereas I spend twenty minutes on Google trying to ascertain the best course of action and then end up doing something completely fucking retarded anyway.

No. 385797

anon i'm sorry you have to deal with this. i've had to deal with my mom throw away my old sketchbooks before without warning.
i doodled dumb shit all the time, but i always liked to look back ever couple months about how much i've progressed and the memories attached to my drawings. rip all of my old tokio hotel and kingdom hearts fanart.
you'll still have memories of your best drawings, it's all that matters.

No. 385805

Aw, that sucks, anon. I sorta relate. I've had my parents tear up old drawings of mine that "weren't that good anyway" and toss them in the trash to clear up space. Shit hurts, even if I hated those drawings. It's not silly at all, lots of artists cling onto their early work. It's a part of you whether it's "important" or not.

Maybe take pics of your art in the future so you have a sort of backup? Your parents shouldn't have been snooping around and trashing something so personal in the first place, though…what a selfish, thoughtless move.

No. 385841

Have they been watching Marie Kondo

No. 385846

Small update from one of the last posters in the previous thread, I’m the anon who’s scared I might be pregnant. I posted this morning, it’s almost midnight now and still no period. I bought a box of two pregnancy tests today and am planning on taking one tomorrow morning, at which point I’ll be about 5 days late. I’ll take it first thing in the morning since apparently your first pee of the day is most accurate. I’m so nervous and scared. If it is positive that’s terrible, but on the other hand if it is negative I’m going to be wondering wtf happened to my period still.

The other test I’ll probably try to hold off taking until one (nerve-wracking) week later just to double check the result. Is this a solid plan? Some sources said I should take the first test after My period is 7 days late but I seriously don’t think I can wait that long. It’s all I can think about right now. I’m a mess. I’ve never had a scare like this before. This is the first time I’ve bought a test. My period has been off a day or two before but I could always feel it coming. I don’t feel any of my normal symptoms, it’s almost 5 days late, my last several cycles were right on 26 days long, this one is like 31 days currently it’s so late.

I’ll update tomorrow I guess…

No. 385849

I'm sorry anon that really sucks. They should of asked you, since you were clearly saving it all for a reason. My mom, both step dads, and my grandparents have all thrown out or sold my stuff with out my permission, and even years later I'm still bitter about it. I think some people just don't understand sentimental value of things, and just see everything that isn't theirs as junk. Don't feel bad for being upset by that, those drawings were important to you, and you have every right to be sad.

No. 385850

sorry forgot to sage

No. 385855

File: 1552397969493.jpg (555.32 KB, 933x1024, 1456802326913.jpg)

Ultimately it's not a big deal because it's my decision at the end of the day, but what is it with the men I've been dating who upon asking what I do for a living try to make me feel bad about it?
I'm trying to work my way up into the standard 9-5 office job, because I'm actually really good at that sort of work and I just want a cozy job where I'm not slaving away like I used to do in customer service. Decent pay, etc. Right now it's just a small admin job.
>"But is an office job your PASSION anon? You're only doing it because you're good at it?!"
No obviously it's not my dying passion. It's work, most people aren't going to work because they're passionate, they're going to support their livelihoods. If I want to get passionate about something then that's what my hobbies are for, which I can do with the support of the money I make from the job.
I feel like they're projecting their own insecurities onto me. And maybe it's because I've spent a decade in customer service, but I don't see a job as a reflection of whether or not I'm passionate about things. I can't help but think it's really pretentious of others to assume people in offices are all miserable passionless shits.
And you know what? I'm good at this kind of work I really don't mind it, I can't relate to the complaints about it. If someone else wants to believe their office job is a demonstration in drudgery and a hopeless existence, what with their humane hours and pay, then they can fuck off and go work a customer service job and see what a true hellpit is like.

No. 385861

Capitalism forces this idea that we all need to aim to be businessmen, entrepreneurs and high-ranking workaholics to feel fulfilled, when really most people can't or don't want to do that. Men specifically are really into the delusional "I'm totally an entrepreneur, grinding everyday" bullshit.
It's great that you found something you enjoy and are good at. I hope I can find the same one day.

No. 385866

NTA but I agree that capitalism really is pushing an abusive outlook on work, no one should be working as many hours as they are just to scrape by, we have such an awful workaholic outlook on what our careers should be like. Gotta be honest, I’m fine with having less and am content with not working many hours or even earning a huge amount as long as my basic needs are met, I can afford nice things for my kids and I have lots of time to spend on my hobbies and with my family. But maybe that’s just my optimistic minimalist speaking, I’m pretty sure I’m an outlier with this mindset

No. 385870

File: 1552400219191.jpg (12.54 KB, 234x300, 84a4101a3fda0dbc567fbfc4376c01…)

I'm still mad af at my parents for dismissing my symptoms when I was younger and not doing anything until my brother showed concern and convinced them to take me to a doctor.

They kept telling me it was all in my head and even after I was diagnosed they still had the nerve to tell me there was nothing wrong with me and I was just exaggerating everything.

This really fucked with my head when I was a teen tbh, since I started thinking that I was seriously fine and tried to cancel my appointments because it was "all in my head".

No. 385881

>in town
>have my daughter with me
>see a group of young women protesting
>it's cold and raining
>decide to be kind and take a leaflet
>girl tells me they're protesting police incompetence in domestic violence cases
>a worthy cause so I give her some of my time
>she chats with me for a few minutes about what's gone wrong
>tell her that I sell eggs and home grown vegetables using an honesty box, it's not much but I would be happy to donate whatever money I make to help towards the legal fund for effected women
>another member of the group comes up to us
>she tells me that I can't be a feminist because I'm married with a child

wtf is wrong with these people?

No. 385886

The second girl sounds like a dick and must be an activist to be an attention seeking wanker.

No. 385899

Second one sounds like a total try hard and holier than thou feminist, if married women couldn’t be feminists then the number of feminists would be abysmally low. Never mind the fact that almost all first wave feminists would’ve been married mothers.

No. 385936

File: 1552415206183.jpg (79.27 KB, 450x253, 1431540389255.jpg)

A few months ago I had a taxing breakup with my boyfriend, who I thought I was happy with and I really thought he was maybe The One. Turns out, he lost romantic interest few months into our relationship. He couldn't tell me about it until I pretty much forced it out of him. Apparently he was so scared of confrontation he probably hoped I would initiate the breakup. Mind you, I was pretty direct when it came to talking about my feelings but I always wanted to have a level-headed conversation and never raised my voice or even said anything upsetting. We decided to stay good friends and he swore up and down, that he truly cares about me as a friend and wants to be there for me from now on (as he was very neglectful to me towards the end). I've been trying to get over things and realize that as a bf he was an overly dependent manchild who didn't do anything to help his mental health, and just wallowed in self-pity every day. I can reason that he wasn't good enough for me but my emotions are harder to convince.

Fast-forward to few weeks ago when I saw he has started to date someone else on FB. Nothing wrong there, but he promised me he would ask me to know I was okay with him moving on when the time came. I messaged him, disappointed in him and feeling like a fool for placing so much trust in him. He begged for forgiveness, realized he had fucked up and kept telling how upset HE was about him being such an idiot. I still forgave him but made it clear that I want us to be more transparent if we want our friendship to work. He's annoying in that way that he's genuinely nice and I can't steel my heart to ignore him being upset, even if he deserved to feel bad. I just feel he got off the hook, I feel so foolish for taking this long to recover from my foolish crush and him being able to cruise on and get a new gf while being mentally way too ill-equipped to handle a relationship. Even he admits it but said he wanted to "follow his heart" or some bullshit. Why do I care so much about someone who lets me down constantly?

No. 385937

Looking back at my teenage years, I was obviously severely depressed, and I'm really mad at my parents for not doing anything for me, I was skipping school every single day not even to hang out with friends, I would just hide in my room and cry, how could they not think anything of it?

No. 385942


Dismissing symptoms is the worst. I'm glad at least your brother realized you need medical attention.

No. 385950

I'm so pissed off. Dating bf for 4 years, first 2 years lived close by and he had an apartment for a year that we basically lived in.

Last 2 years I've had to be living far away, hour and half commute between us. He was living with his dad saving a deposit and would drive up and commute from here. Then he started having car issues and it became 1 or 2 days mid week and weekends. My workload increased and I've been stressed and down a lot so had to sacrifice free time which I'm not enjoying but he is acting like such a bitch over it.

He bought a new house complete fixer upper and I've helped but I've my own place to maintain and work obligations away from him and he works full time so it's been slow going. He also has bad ocd so sometimes it's a nightmare to get him out of his house and it's worsened since he owns a property as more can go wrong.

Not only are we not seeing each other as much but he wasn't great at texting to begin with and it's even less attentive. I thought it'd be obvious that I'd text more but he gets mad when I get annoyed he ignores me.

I use to just text him things about my day or funny stuff and he would sometimes reply, but it's just dropped so bad. Its like I'm bothering him and tbh he acts like it's extra shit to do on top of his workload.

I just had a phone conversation in which I'm crying and he's telling me to catch a grip and he's busy and I'm being selfish etc.

He sounds like a dickhead I know but I'm just so frustrated that me being upset just doesn't concern him. We had a text fight yesterday (a text fight with him has to be concise so I sent 2) and he told me to give him a break. Like I'm already 100 miles away shall I hop on a plane? And he's a cunt he'll say things back to me that I've literally said during some time I'm crying my heart out to him.

I bought tickets to something that's on tomorrow night and honestly I don't know if I should travel down. I said as much on the phone and he said he didn't see us going anyway because I flaked on my birthday and graduation. I was depressed for other reasons and apparently choosing to miss your own special days is to spite my partner who would only have been a guest. He knows I'm down he knows I get sad a lot he just doesn't care does he lol

No. 385956

Feeling a little frustrated that I pay almost $400/mo. in health insurance - it was one of the ~cheapest~ options - but it's so shitty that I managed to get a bill from the gyn that costs $650. To get BV treated. All because "specialty care," anything that's not my PCP, isn't covered until I meet my deductible.

No. 385958

>recently started new job at a call center
>finished training and got highest score in history on the training exam
>started on the floor
>fucking cluster fuck
>no supervisors anywhere
>angry members yelling at me because no one documents anything
>coworkers yelling at upset old people
>really stressed overall
>get food poisioning
>have to be absent 2 days
>have doctors orders telling me i can't go to work
>get fired

fuck guys i'm really pissed but also relieved.

No. 385962

I don't know if this really fits here that well, but I just need to get this off my chest.

One of my childhood friends died yesterday from cancer. She was struggling for years but had always bounced back and we all hoped that since she was still young she could beat this thing. At Christmas time, my mom told me it wasn't looking good and I reached out to her to let her know how much she meant to me when we were kids. I felt sort of weird messaging her out of the blue all sentimental, especially since the reason of my message was pretty obvious that I knew her health was not good. We didn't really talk about the looming health concerns, but I do feel like I let her know how special and loved she is, even if we lived states away and had completely different lives.

I am so mad and sad, it's just beyond words to describe the feeling of seeing someone so young and hopeful die from such a piece of shit disease. It makes me feel my morality even more, which scares the shit out of me. I also just feel guilty that we lost touch after all these years and I really wasn't in a position to do more for her without it coming off as "pity". My empathy for her and her family made me want to do more, but really what can you do? I just felt so helpless and scared for her. I also feel bad even thinking about myself and how I feel about it in general when she has a family with a bigger loss in their life than I do. It just sucks, cancer sucks. She was too young and good to die yet, and I am just a mess over it today.

No. 385975

File: 1552418424051.jpg (111.2 KB, 802x894, f435e62f5f2a60b96c88a6b302382f…)

I can't fucking socialize with people, and that shit is the norm in this piece of shit of a country. I don't let people touch me, I'm just too afraid and anxious. Where I fucking live everyone hugs each other and kisses each other, I am always left alone since I just move out and used to flee when someone tried to do that. Now even if i just want to hug someone I am afraid they will think I'm being creepy so I just don't do shit, at all.
And there is some girl that is just the loved one in the class. You know, there is always a person like that. The loved one, cute one that everyone wants to hug, and stuff. I personally never talked to her that much, but I just can't like her. Maybe I'm just jealous? She is just too perfect, and maybe she is just what I wanted to be? So I just hate her? She is pretty similar to me, in looks, talents and even hobbies. But still, I want that bitch to get out of my vision, even if she didn't do nothing to me. I guess I am just a really jealous person. I hate this.
Fuck, I just wish I could be normal, but I fucking can't. I should have just been born in some cold ass place like Finland where people are exactly like me. Fuck this.

No. 385979

Honestly it sounds like you dogged a bullet there. I'm sure you'll find something better soon!

No. 385981

>I wish I could be born in Finland where people are like me.

I don't want to be mean but being able to socialize with people is a norm in every country including Finland. It's alright to be unconfortable with people trying to touch you, I'm not sure if I understand but are you saying that you were at first uncomfortable with being hugged but now not anymore and you actually want to hug someone?

Also being jealous at people who do better then you is normal, but you should probaly try to focus less on this girl and more on improving yourself and your life.

No. 385986

this post makes me really uncomfortable. i thought you were male because the anger directed toward this girl and the gross photo were redflags, but i guess not. i get what you're saying, but damn, you can't do anything about it. it's just how shit be. i know it sucks to be jealous (i know better than most what it's like to be supremely unlucky), but just try to ignore it and focus on yourself. maybe come up with ways to improve yourself? i bet you have so much to be thankful for that you aren't appreciating because you're fixated on this girl. plus, like, half the time the people everyone fawns all over are like… just ok? but it's usually just that they're pretty, if it's that they're female tbh

No. 385987

>muh white wonderland Finland
>anime image
>hating what you're basically referring to as Stacy
sounds like a 4chan scrote.

No. 385989

that's honestly what i was thinking and they threw in the "we're just similar, but i'm just jealous". it really does sound so male. the anger and tone somehow sounds more sexually frustrated than jealous. i dont know why.

No. 385991

thanks bb. tbh i feel the same, my department manager jumped ship during our training and our department got a warning because we were failing some government requirements for funding so…

No. 386006

I'm so sorry, anon. My mother died of cancer too a few years ago.
>I also feel bad even thinking about myself and how I feel about it in general when she has a family with a bigger loss in their life than I do. It just sucks, cancer sucks. She was too young and good to die yet, and I am just a mess over it today.
This feeling won't ever go away. We tend to be selfish because we're the ones suffering. The hardest part is having to realise that we're still here when they are gone and that's just how fucked up life is.
You did well, you reminded her of loved she was, even if you didn't talk that much, it was a nice gesture of you for her and I'm sure she appreciated it.
Some days when pain gets intolerable and I feel bad (because how many times I wished I was dead when I was younger and nothing like this ever happened? How many times did I spend afternoons going out even when my mother was sick? There's so much you can think of about it, and you won't get anything out of it) I try to remember something that my therapist told me once: life as she wished you to life. Think about her feeling seeing you crying, hurting, wanting to change something that won't ever change.
I know it hurts and I know it's just unfair but I'm also sure that they want us to be good, to keep going, because that's what we can do after all.
I wish you the best, anon.

No. 386012

I think I actually frighten people and idk why. Even the (probably autistic? Idk he seems actually healthy though) guy in one of my classes who has no qualms talking to everyone looked at me as if he wanted to start a conversation (because we both draw) but didn't. I may have posted about it here before but I've also scared the poop out of a couple of guys I've hit on before, and have had people rush to get away from me.

Of course most people don't care and I've gotten a couple of people who have actually talked to me (one told me he was scared for a month before that but we ended up in a group in class), but the people who avoid me is disproportionate compared to other people. Idk what's up. I'm not super hot or ugly.
>inb4 talk to people yourself
I would but the outcome is the same. I've tried.

Anyway just thought of it because we were separated into groups in one of my classes for some discussions but I ended up groupless. Does anyone else notice people purposely avoiding you or being scared of you?

No. 386016

I had that happen back in high school. I actually talked to a girl who thought I was scary and it turns out it was my resting bitch face and altfag style that caused it.

Might be your body language? Or since no one really knows you (maybe, idk the situation) people start assuming stuff about you?

But you should start initiating if you want things to change, or at least ask someone what's up, there has to be a reason.

No. 386017

File: 1552423160318.jpg (6.88 KB, 258x195, images.jpg)

I started working at a chain breakfast place and while I LOVE my job and the work, my depression is making it impossible to function like a normal person while I'm there. My bosses constantly ask if I'm okay and it's not like I can just tell them that I'm not. I beat myself up constantly for little mistakes when we're busy and everyone goes out of their way to tell me I'm doing a good job, which is sweet and why I genuinely like it there but it doesn't help. I cry on my way home from work even though everyone tells me I'm doing great. Depression (and anxiety) is just making me feel like I fuck up everything when I'm there. I seriously don't know what to do and I don't have time during the day to see a therapist. I even tried coming in high to see if it'd help but the rushes we get at work kill my high instantly and I'm back to crying on my breaks. I even got a job offer for an adorable cafe that I love but I didn't wanna quit because of how understaffed we are, I'm starting to regret it but at the same time I don't think it'd help my depression, just move it around.

No. 386025

I'm in a similar situation except I already lost a job thanks to depression. You'll have to eventually have to address the issue anon, the sooner the better. I hope you'll eventually find the time to see a therapist or get some meds or literally anything to help you out.

No. 386040

I’m sorry you’re going through such a rough time. I agree with >>386025, you really should seek help sooner rather than later.

I know it’s easier said than done, I spent almost a decade trying to “get over” my crippling depression and anxiety and it’s sad looking back on all the time I wasted being fucking miserable all the time.

Recently I finally cracked due to a shitty situation in my life and I spoke to my GP about wanting to be put on medication. It was so terrifying and I was crying in her office but it was such a huge weight off my chest to even admit to another person that I was going through this. That same day I went to the pharmacy to pick up my new prescription for antidepressants. I haven’t been taking them long enough to truly say that I’m ‘cured’ or anything, but I really notice a difference, albeit subtle. I’m so glad I did this and my only regret is not speaking up sooner. I could’ve been so much happier by now if I just swallowed my pride and sought help.

Sorry for blog posting, I just wanted to share my experience because I totally understand what you’re going through and I don’t want to see others suffer the way I made myself suffer for so long. Even if you can’t start therapy right now (I can’t either, I’m still only on meds although hopefully I can get a therapist soon), please talk to someone. You can do what I did and just start on medication if you want (and can, if you don’t have insurance maybe meds are too expensive) But please don’t bottle up your feelings. Find some kind of a support system.

No. 386048

People are not appreciative of their good fortune enough and I'm really tired of their baby-ass bitching when they have no idea what the fuck tough luck and a rough life actually is

No. 386056

Few months ago I posted about being a useless neet and kind anons suggested faking work experience and volunteering.
Long story short those failed too and my counsellors are all useless bitches whose suggestions all boil down to 'just try harder.' Well what the fuck do you think I've been doing the past decade? I'm so sick of nothing changing despite effort. Why does everything I do always fail? I feel like the only way I can escape all this is if I kill myself. I kept putting it off thinking maybe next year will be better but it keeps getting worse instead and after almost two decades of this bullshit I just can't take it anymore. I just wanted a normal life with a job and education and friends and and a nice family. Was that too much to ask?

I don't want to do this anymore. Nothing I do makes a difference. They keep saying they can help me with everything but then they don't. They do jack shit and then tell me I'm not trying hard enough. I've been trying, but I can't anymore. If nothing's changed in the past 10 years nothing's ever going to change. It'll only end after I die.

No. 386065

I remember of my friends I met out in town told me he thought I was scary at first. I use to be embarrassed by my glasses so squinted instead. He told me once he saw me looking at cds and was going to come over but I looked angry lol

No. 386079

File: 1552430620100.jpg (82.15 KB, 500x375, xpond-waterfalls-2_500.jpg.pag…)

Honestly I don't know if this will help you or not anon, depending on where you live but have you ever looked into doing seasonal landscaping? It's tough, physical work but you learn a lot on the job and they are willing to take anyone enthusiastic and willing to put the physical work in. You usually do not need any kind of experience in any field to do these kind of jobs.
If you go to school for horticulture you can also move up in these companies and focus more on creating entire gardens/vegetation spaces for private clients or run your own crew/business.

I apologize if this was an annoying suggestion, especially since I don't know anything about your situation but I just thought it might help, in the tiniest chance.

No. 386099

I had a rough time in high school when depression snuck up on me and I didn't know how to handle it. My friends didn't either, and it ended up with them ghosting me all the time and me falling out with them. It's almost a decade later, and I see my old friend group all being bridesmaids together. Like they all stuck together through the years, and it was just me that left. Feels weird and bad, but also it's been so long that I feel like it shouldn't matter to me. But it does. A little bit. I dunno. I want to do something to get my mind off of it.

No. 386122

Just sick of seeing men reee whenever they’re not considered during labour, whether it be that they’re whining that the woman doesn’t want visitors during labour or just after or whether they straight up don’t want them there - ITS NOT ABOUT YOU.

No. 386128

this is a stupid opinion, of course the husband is going to be concerned with his wife/child. plus the only reason husbands historically weren't allowed in during labor was so doctors could do fucked up shit to the wives like twilight sleep.

No. 386137

It’s not about him. If he was truly concerned he would respect his partners boundaries, plenty of women would rather bring in someone like their mother in for labour - most men have absolutely no idea what to say/do during and just stand there while their partner is in pain and shitting themselves

No. 386139

If you're in the US apply with the IRS. They need seasonal typists/transcribers like crazy. I didn't even have to interview when I did it. They just had me go through fingerprinting and straight to training. It was very chill job once you survive the training course, which is like a college class

No. 386141

eh, we can agree to disagree i guess.

No. 386151

tfw captain marvel was something I really needed in my life as a sad weak girl and it was amazing and I loved the girlpower of it

tfw everyone hates it because the lead is a female with masc features and a deep voice and only smiles when she is actually amused

tfw thats literally me

Yanno maybe I'm tired of the supermans and batmans of the world and want to see someone onscreen that can inspire me and inspire the future gen of little girls too but fuck me right.

No. 386156

Do you mean autistic mras?

No. 386159

There were anons recently complaining that the actress doesn’t smile enough and that her ass is flat too

No. 386161

I’m not sure what there’s to disagree with, most women do want their partners to be in there with them but the man has no actual right to be there - he’s only there because the woman in labour has allowed him to be, and that’s not at all up to him

No. 386162

I agree with this. My mom gave birth to me in Sweden, where no one is allowed in the delivery room but Medical professionals until after labor. My mom was relieved by that, in contrast my sister had a baby in the US and her abusive now ex was allowed into the room despite her screaming at him and his narc mother (who only appeared to take pictures with "her baby" and then left without saying a word to her) both created unnecessary amounts of stress.

It's a medical procedure. Do you want your husband and his parents there to witness the cathader going into your urethra before they do the first c section incision? Is he really that entitled that he has to throw a hissy fit if he has to wait to bother you until after you and the baby are ready?

No. 386164

Eh, yeah, mras and incels mainly. But ive seen women diss her too and its so damn disheartening. These are the same women who glorify ScarJo as Black Widow so it feels x2 shitty to me.

Yeah also this. Its asinine shit that male actors dont get criticized for. The movie even has a scene where some scumbag tells Carol to smile and she doesnt dignify it with a response. 4th wall poetic justice.

No. 386185

File: 1552451367101.jpg (10.05 KB, 236x283, 40599032_527181157740208_22246…)

i've lost all motivation to do anything in life and am just coasting by at the moment on autopilot. whenever i'm alone (which is most of the time) i end up working myself up into a spiral of self-loathing that ends with me just wanting to kill myself and i've isolated myself from most of my friends and feel like i can't reach out to any of them for help or advice. not to mention most of my friends have actually gone through actual shit in their lives so i feel even more horrible that i'm the one who's miserable all the time for no reason. i don't know anyone at the moment who i feel like i have a genuine connection with. most of the people i know i have to force myself to keep the conversation going because i just cannot relate to them and struggle to think of things to say to the point that conversing with people is physically exhausting. there are a few people in life i do genuinely enjoy talking to, but i guess i'm not close enough to them where i'd be able to talk to them about how i'm feeling. it doesn't really help that my roommates currently like to go out to parties and events and i go with them to be a good friend (since they want me there) but i always feel incredibly depressed and exhausted afterwards. i'm also incredibly sensitive about things now, so even the smallest remark or incident will set me off and i'll just obsess over it for weeks and use it to convince myself that that person doesn't like me and i shouldn't talk to them anymore.

i was thinking of trying to find a therapist, but it seems so daunting i don't even know where to start, and the process itself just seems incredibly frightening to me. i don't want to live the rest of my life this way, but i'm too chicken to kill myself and am too retarded and scared to find a therapist so i guess i'll just have to live the rest of my life like this or try to get myself out of this slump.

well, it felt pretty good to at least type that all out!

No. 386189


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this feature!
It's cancer. Remember when you could reply to someone when you fucking felt like it and it wasn't considered rude unless it went ignored completely? Don't people understand there's shit like afk still and even so some people are busy and or want to be left alone despite reading their mundane little messages?
Fuck! It was a 40 minute gap if anyone is curious. Not even a fucking hour had passed and this person whined like that.

No. 386193

I don’t like how social media has made people feel entitled to others every waking moment, I miss just calling someone on the phone when you wanted to chat or just waiting until you see them at school/uni/work again

No. 386196

All this has taught me is to set my status to invisible on all the sites I use and never open messages unless I intend to reply to them right this minute. Fuck all the needy, clingy people social media has bred.

No. 386206

you can mark stuff as unread on facebook after you read it. just use messenger.com instead and the little settings cog has the option.

No. 386212

This board is worst board ever even worse than 4chan’s /adv/ and /soc/ and mod 3.0 is worse than mod 2.0 and mod 1.0 who was a bad mod except in the first days of this shit board‘s existence. You are all very very very cringy and probably underaged and/or fat too. And incredibly autistic.
Yes, I‘ll get banned. But what do I expect from this retard simian mod? Can‘t even say certain words that suit "her" or else I‘ll get banned.

No. 386222

>probably underaged and/or fat

Underaged you can tell from typing, but where did fat come from

No. 386226

File: 1552469406011.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x600, 95.jpg)

i'm getting into a new religion to broaden my horizons but i'm scared i'm not going to be as "devoted" as other people are. i know it's not a competition, but i can't help but worry that others may see me as a poser, or a wannabe, or something like that.

No. 386227

My bf's stepdad is dying and I will probably have to deal with his crazy mum afterwards.
She doesn't work even though she's not on retirment age yet, her husband's son hates her guts (so do I) and will probably chase her out of their apartment and she will come live with us. She could go live with her daughter who has a huge house but she lives in the middle of nowhere and this narc bitch needs to live in the city so she can take her walks and show off her outfits. So I will have her in this cramped apartment bitching at me for not being a housewife when I outearn my boyfriend and we couldn't live on his wage only. Of course she wouldn't pay for anything.
I hope I will have enough savings to lease a small apartment by then. This fucks up my plan of leaving my shitty job and going freelance, because no bank in this shitland would give you a lease if you don't have a "normal" job or earn at least 2000 euros as a freelance. And there's no way I'm moving back with my parents.

No. 386228

Anon, joining a religion is gonna do anything but broaden your horizons. They’re all based on misogyny, why do you want to enter one as an adult?

No. 386231

Get into a therapist instead

No. 386247

File: 1552479752753.jpg (106.96 KB, 500x386, 1459208600032.jpg)

anon is right

No. 386251

File: 1552481582069.jpg (182.99 KB, 562x316, bulbapepe.jpg)

did an incredibly autistic thing in class yesterday that really made me stand out and now i'm afraid to go to that class again although going to the other one isn't much better as the student overlap is like 80%. both classes are quite small too, like 30 people or so actually go to the lectures. now there's definitely no way i'll ever make friends with any of them, not that the odds were high as it has not happened in the last 4 years anyway (obviously my fault not theirs by the 100% failure rate kek).

unrelatedly, went to the campus earlier to print out something and saw people gathering for a poke go raid battle (it was dialga btw) and instead of joining them like a normal person who wants the fucking mon (debatable how normal playing poke go in 2019 is), i just powerwalked straight past bc the thought of being acknowledged made me want to die. why am i so fucking retarded. it's like uni has made me loose all social skills when it comes to people my age, every single failure piles on and on and i become more and more scared. i have always been sorta shy but i could befriend anyone when i was in school and always had a solid friend group despite being sorta nerdy and weird. i know tha tmy biggest issues are overthinking and jumping to conclusions and general insecure bitch shit but i legit think that's just who i am as i have been like this even in kindergarten.

i know it's sort of a meme but if uni indeed is the best time of my life i'm offing myself on my graduation.

No. 386265


No. 386268

I eat way too much peanut butter. I wish I could get sick of the taste but the honey roasted kind that gets made at the local grocery store is amazing.

No. 386269

I walked away after that. I felt bad because the first girl was genuinely passionate about it and made the effort to engage me but I didn't know how to respond to the second girl. The sheer lack of logic in what she said completely floored me. It wasn't so much the being told that I'm not a feminist because I'm married, it's not the first time I've heard that, it's that I needed to be a feminist at all. Police corruption and incompetence is a universal issue and it's something that everyone should be able to speak out against.

Men should be considered during labour. Believe it or not men do care about what happens to their partner and child. I had my husband with me when I gave birth and yes he was totally useless. He stood around looking helpless and confused. He did at least hold my hand and try to encourage me a few times. That's not why I wanted him there though. It's because the child I was giving birth to was his just as much as it is mine. When I gave our daughter her first feed, he put his arm around me and cupped her head in his hand. I will never forget the way his face lit up. Denying him the opportunity to comfort me and bond with his baby would have been wrong.

The needs of the woman should come first and it should absolutely be her choice. However to say that men don't matter at all is naive.

No. 386270

I unironically think a big part of those comments are bots and shills.

No. 386272

File: 1552490104999.jpg (137.55 KB, 1440x962, 0840HF0F8H4F.jpg)

>The child I was giving birth to was his just as much as it is mine. When I gave our daughter her first feed, he put his arm around me and cupped her head in his hand. I will never forget the way his face lit up. Denying him the opportunity to comfort me and bond with his baby would have been wrong.

No. 386273

File: 1552490829163.jpeg (168.45 KB, 1200x800, 5BB8730F-033C-4FD8-8078-624583…)

I kinda get how you feel. When I was in highschool I was one of the leaders of the anime club and played Pokémon with everyone, friend or not, but in college I’m completely clammed up. I see people with shirts or buttons for series I like but I never engage with them. I’m in my mid twenties so I feel awkward about having hobbies like reading manga but there are so many other students who like the same stuff and are open about it.

It’s my last semester and I finally talked to a classmate about manga but they dropped the class we were in together, so I’m back to being quiet for now.

No. 386274

I know how you feel.. I'm in a really small program too like 50 people. I'm always alone and too shy to talk to anyone. everyone knows me as the loner girl. Luckily I graduate next year. But dont think like that, I am sure it will get better. After graduation you'll be in a new environment, hopefully with people you can better relate to!

No. 386276

I know, I almost vomited too.

No. 386277

nta but you guys are extremely cringy. this man-hate meme needs to die, especially when you're applying it to a husband and wife in a loving relationship lmfao.

No. 386279

not that it helps but I really relate to what you've written. depression/dysthymia/the pain of living in modern society, autism burnout, or plain introversion? either way make sure to keep looking forward to something and kind of force yourself to keep moving. I know it's difficult and I'm struggling with the bare minimum atm, what's keeping me going is not thinking too much about the state of affairs.

I'm a horrible peanut butter binger, man. I keep buying another jar to "teach myself" to take it easy but it's like crack to my brain

No. 386280

not that it helps but I really relate to what you've written. depression/dysthymia/the pain of living in modern society, autism burnout, or plain introversion? either way make sure to keep looking forward to something and kind of force yourself to keep moving. I know it's difficult and I'm struggling with the bare minimum atm, what's keeping me going is not thinking too much about the state of affairs.

I'm a horrible peanut butter binger, man. I keep buying another jar to "teach myself" to take it easy but it's like crack to my brain

No. 386283

i’m neither of the anons you’re replying to but gee whiz i’m pretty sure >>386272 is just gagging at the absolute cringe tier Chicken Soup for the Mommy’s Soul style description of how ~magical~ it was to have her kid hang on her teat while her husband was present

No. 386302

i mean the OP who posted that opinion was super charged so why would anyone suddenly think it's an innocent reaction.

No. 386309

I really want to move out of my house, I'm currently saving up for a car and I'm excited for that. It's just that my family is just a bunch of messy slobs and I really can't take the mess anymore. Not to get to deep, but I don't have a good relationship with my dad, my mother is losing her eyesight and she depends on me for a lot of things,my sister is depressed and anxious and my brother is an adult lazy and doesn't know how to drive. I just want to get out of here, I love them all but it stresses me out so much.

No. 386313

File: 1552502821529.jpg (88.08 KB, 900x720, pepekyu.jpg)

i'm the same age as most people in my courses but i seriously feel so behind and older at the same time, being a foreign student prolly doesn't help much too. i did chat with my lab partner last semester about poke go bc he plays it too but he's a happy-go-lucky chad so i'm bit intimated to approach him outside of the lab set-up as he is always with other people and i don't want to appear thirsty or something.

i stalked down the leader of our anime and manga society and its a PhD student so don't be ashamed about your hobbies, anon, waaay better than having no hobbies and always resorting to the weather talk! and good luck with your diss/final exams!

i have one more year to go as well, although it will mostly be doing my honours project and writing the diss so maybe i'll see new people outside of this bubble. i am not sure what other's impression of me is as everyone has their little cliques and stuff and i don't interact with them (save for one-off events during labs), mostly i just assume they don't notice me but since my autismo event i fear they do/have all along and in a negative way too. fingers crossed for that nice post-grad spot for us both!

love that so many pepemons exist btw

No. 386342

The amount of people denying that MJ was a pedo is staggering. I can't get away from them! They're fucking everywhere. Even my bf (whose family loves the Jacksons for some weird fucking reason) think it's just that he "had his childhood robbed from him and their parents set him up". Everyone is saying "IT'S A CASHGRAB!! WHY DIDN'T THEY DO IT WHEN HE WAS ALIVE??? IF HE WAS GUILTY HE'D BE IN PRISON!"

Right, because OJ went to prison? No one even liked OJ like they did MJ. There's no jury pool in the world that wouldn't have been tainted. They'd literally have to have flown tribesmen from Papua New Guinea to get an untainted jury.

And as if MJ didn't have literally like one of the biggest cult of personalities for an artist, ever. Shit, ngl, but if I was groomed by a universally acclaimed megastar that gave me the world when I wanted it, there's no fucking way I'd be able to go public with it and I, too, would probably be roped into defending him. He obviously had his childhood stolen from him, and yes, it's sad, but how can you listen to him talking to Martin Bashir and trying to normalize sleeping with little boys in their beds and saying that's "healing", and that that's how you 'heal' a child? Why would that even remotely be necessary? I was a severely abused and disadvantaged youth, and I needed M-O-N-E-Y and security, not to sleep in a 44 year old man's bed. Hugs and positive affirmations are one thing but this? There is no fucking excuse.

No. 386343

Like a lot of people I enjoy a youtube video of a cute dog. For some reason, youtube's algorithm has sorted me into some kind of category (I watch videos about dnd and goth music and cute animals, so I don't know how) where it constantly recommends me videos of abused/neglected dogs and rescues. These channels have incredibly disturbing, repulsive thumbnails of abused and mutilated dogs, up close and detailed and insanely graphic. I've been using a video blocker app to get them to stop showing up, but apparently there's dozens of these channels. I suppose the idea of the videos is that by the end the dog will be healthy and happy, but going on this website and being shown images of mutilated and abused animals is a constant kick in the stomach. Sometimes I'm reluctant to even go to it because of what I might see. It's infuriating.

Does anyone else have this problem??

No. 386350

Yes. I looked up a couple cat videos once and my recommended has since been flooded nonstop with thumbnails of rescued dogs and cats who basically look like mutilated or mummified corpses. I've been purging them by marking every single one as "not interested." Slowly starting to see less of them.

No. 386354

You can remove the video from your watched history, it might help

No. 386355

It's fucking strange. Certain gossip sites that I frequent are really steadfast in this notion that he did not molest anyone and yeah, he was never prosecuted, there's way too much smoke there. Who would leave their kid with him?

Also there's a lot of people who don't know or scoff at the fact that there is PR money that gets set aside for shit like this, to hire people to try and keep his name clear on message boards and whatnot. It's kind of like the old days when someone would write a letter to the editor that would be pro or con some issue, but it wasn't a real letter, it was someone who worked for the paper.

Even people at KF are convinced he did nothing wrong, except for one or two users, which is weird to me. I expect it from LA but not them.

No. 386358

It's not at all annoying! Thanks anon, I'll look into that.

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I'm not in the US but I'm glad it worked out for you!

No. 386361

I tried to kill myself 6 weeks ago via overdose and now I have short term memory issues.

I don't know if it's what I took, being passed out for 26 hours, what I was given in hospital, medication or what but it's bumming me out.

It can't be fully identified and I don't know if it's something I'll recover from or this is just me now. I fear the second outcome.

No. 386387

I'm feeling so torn about a friend of mine. I used to thing nothing of it but now I'm noticing so many red flags; messaging me all hours like she doesn't sleep, getting mad for not replying, always conveniently starting a conversation within a minute of me being online, getting mad at me for being "invisible" on any sites, etc. She never has anything positive or even neutral to say, just endless complaining of her life, being mad at her other friends, and occasionally reminding me that she's suicidal and has no one to talk to despite going to therapy. She's getting worse about all of this, plus I have to warn her with things like "I'm going out today and won't be on my phone, sorry." She's always so desperate for/demanding of my attention and its wearing me down.

I started thinking differently about the way she acts because she admitted to printing out a "suicide note" (it was really a years old teen angst vent post) of mine and keeping it in her binder. I told another friend about this because that sort of rubbed me the wrong way, and they asked if it was just A binder or a ME binder; that put everything in a different light and now I'm nervous. I don't know what to do because I feel like she hasn't done anything "really bad" yet, plus i still do enjoy when we can chat like normal. But I also feel bad because I know she IS in a tough spot in her life, and I'm afraid of being unsupportive/self-centered.

No. 386391

A friend who doesn't respect your boundaries is going to be a very difficult friend to keep. You're not the bad person here.

No. 386446

There is SO much evidence of Jackson being a pedophile too.
Check out these links, it's crazy how much evidence there has been for decades, still fanatics worship him like Jesus.
The most damning is how one of the boys could draw what his erected penis looked like, spots and all.

No. 386458

File: 1552525389449.png (127.01 KB, 1070x604, ddlg.png)

Reason #9853835895353895 why I hate dd/lg and its whole fucking community. Why can't these freaks just fuck off and leave people alone? Why the need to vie for acceptance for their disgusting kink?

No. 386459

File: 1552525594821.png (62.68 KB, 1042x380, ddlg2.png)

Why is it always by force with them? I'm sick of the way they invade spaces not meant for them. They're like fucking trannies.
I won't even be surprised if the next big "revolution" after transgender rights is dd/lgfags and then eventually pedophiles. I've already seen these retards insist that kink is a sexuality, in regards to BDSM. I'm just tired.

No. 386460

I hate how abusers get a free pass to continue to be shitty humans because common friends and people around them refuse to speak up and condemn their actions.
I look at my friends with my ex and realize their silence for his abuse and manipulation make them no different than him.
I hate that he can go on and live a life where I'm the big bad bitch when he was the instigator and everything that happened is what he deserved.
I hate that one side can tell their story and demonize the other and if the second party speaks up in defense, it's suddenly drama and nobody wants to be apart of it.
It's not drama you fucking assholes, it's a defense of someone who was abused and gaslit and manipulated for years into thinking everything they ever did was their fault because of horrid mental illness and how they needed to seek expensive therapy they couldn't afford in order to grovel on their knees and be the "best girlfriend" to someone who fucked people on the side.
I hate it, I hate it, I hate it so much I want to fucking scream and post everything for everyone to see and get out off my mind.
But I still can't because of repercussions and that I'd be the bad guy and end up isolated.

No. 386462

File: 1552526429366.jpg (310.07 KB, 1508x1439, spooky.jpg)

Sweet lolita looks a whole lot like ageplay. Now, don't get me wrong, I like old school/elegant/gothic. Sweet is cute, but it freaking creeps me out. What I find ironic is how anti-ageplay/sissies/daddydlg all the Sweets claim to be. Sweet lolita coords literally look CHILDISH. The goal is to look as childish as possible with pale colors, frills, stuffed animals, cutesy clips, etc. The accompanying makeup is always child-like and even the way people pose…pigeon-toed, hip bumps, etc. Not to mention a lot of them shop themselves to look even younger. Oldschool and EGL have a longer skirt, less "cutesy" colors, and I think that those components bring down the uncanny childishness. Feels like projecting/doublethink imo.

No. 386464

Has it crossed to this person that you can just block them and turn off anon asks? Lmao at 4chan threats, tell them you got their IP from tumblr logging anon ask ips in case on block.
And you’re right, they sound like trannies.

No. 386467

No idea. I saw a slew of these asks while scrolling through a blog, and part of me is annoyed they even responded instead of just blocking them all.

No. 386471

File: 1552527947996.jpg (96.56 KB, 500x667, 0f319ea422aed5d9ccb3007c909587…)

the sweet lolita people are anti-ageplay because the ddlg freaks attached themselves to the fashion. sweet lolita came first, not the other way around. the girl on the bottom left is wearing old school and her makeup was scary and not childlike at all, she looked more like a scary doll.

this is why i like over the top sweet lolita with pink wigs and shit. it looks less childish bc what child is wearing a pink wig and a cake on their head?

No. 386472

This might sound stupid but whatever… I was grocery shopping and needed some new rubber gloves for when I wash dishes and clean, and I noticed ALL of the gloves are only made to fit women. None for men, or one size fits all, just women. Because women are the only ones who clean right? It's stupid to be annoyed by this, but I am. Just another small sexist thing I've noticed in day to day life. Also extra vent: My dad refuses to wear gloves while washing the dishes, because I guess it's not manly? He also refuses to use conditioner on his beard even though he complained that the hair is all bristly and uncomfortable, and I told him to try to use conditioner. Like…? Conditioner is also unmanly?? Men are so pathetic and lame. Wanting to protect your skin, and have soft hair is not unmanly or only for women!

No. 386475

Idk about the rubber glove thing. The standard yellow gloves are unisex and come in multiple sizes. I actually always would get those until more recently the stores near me started carrying woman sizes (in pink and purple kek) which fit much better. They still carry the standard gloves and I think the colored womens ones are new, never saw them before.

No. 386476

… anon go outside. I work in a lab and everyone uses gloves

No. 386484

Ageplay is gross sexual/kink shit. Sweet Lolita is just about looking super cute and girly.
I don't like Sweet, but even I know this.

No. 386486

I don't give a fuck if the people who work at your lab wear gloves. I was complaining about what I saw at a grocery store, and about my dad. Go fuck yourself with your lab gloves.

No. 386488

Not that anon but get over yourself

No. 386493

>Go fuck yourself with your lab gloves.
This nonsense is precisely why I love anonymous boards

No. 386498

Lab gloves =/= dishwashing gloves. How are you able to even work in a lab being so fucking dim?

No. 386501

too lazy to use conditioner = conditioner is unmanly

anon I think you need to stop putting everything under the lens of men vs. women, it's not good for your mental healt

No. 386507

lmao you're overreacting anon. am i less feminine because i don't wear gloves while washing dishes? no. not everything is a man vs women thing and you're getting yourself worked up over nothing.

No. 386510

someone who i was friends with but have very quickly been fading on is really irritating me. i try to be nice to them since they're part of my friend group but they literally always have some new issue in life. suddenly they're always sick but never have any issue going out and doing things (only too sick to work), now they're disabled (with no actual disability, they just say they are), and now they're saying they have an ED even though they have never had any problem eating and has never mentioned it before (which i know EDs manifest differently but this just seems like an attention thing because they ALWAYS mention it whenever any of us talk about food). they always ask for people to lend them money and then a week later talk about all the shit they're buying for themselves. i really don't know how to handle it because it's annoying as fuck for me but i don't want to lose my other friends because of it. i want to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that all of their issues are real, but with their past behavior i'm having a hard time doing so.

No. 386512

adding to this: i understand some people have chronic disabilities that don't show physically, but they refuse to tell us what they have or any of the symptoms, instead choosing to cry wolf when they're low on rent or something (because they quit their job, mind you) and that "they're disabled and need help paying for things!". along with this, if any of us are having a discussion in the group about an issue we're having, they immediately hop in saying something that sounds along the lines of "hey, guys i need validation for _____". if they do something and we don't respond within 5 minutes, they get extremely bitchy with us for no reason, even if we're busy. i've stopped going to this group with my problems because i know that i'll have to go coddle their bullshit without being heard myself.

No. 386521

all day i've felt so anxious, like there's a lump in the back of my throat I can't swallow, and i'm worried something bad is about to happen

No. 386522

I’m not sure what your lab has to do with this anons specific store only selling gloves in women’s sizes

No. 386523

gloves are unisex, anon is overreacting by saying they're only in "women's sizes"

No. 386524

File: 1552535963025.jpg (944.59 KB, 3084x2039, csquN3I.jpg)

I love you stupid bitches. Even the ones I disagree with and think are terrible. I feel no competition towards you guys and I just wish you all the best and know you guys are capable of everything you set out for and have so much potential. I don't like seeing posts where you guys are down on yourselves for such minor shit when I know FOR A FACT that you guys have it all. Make the most of it.

No. 386525

Ugh, why do they force their fetish on everyone. Ddlg is such a weird mix of pedohpilia and hardcore misogyny.

No. 386526

I mean, we don’t know how the gloves are marketed wherever anon lives. They could very well say something like ‘women’s small’ or something to that effect

No. 386541

I agree entirely, everyone on this site is great, except for the larping dudes of course. You're all good people imo

No. 386546

I know I’m fucked when I can’t even vent without stressing the fuck out. Even while anonymous. Wrote something for like 15mins then erased. Guess that’s my new vent lol

No. 386548

I have been watching my calorie intake for the last month and I lost four pounds. I'm pretty happy about it especially since I went nuts on chocolate during my period so I was worried I was going to negatively impact myself with that.

No. 386549

File: 1552543433590.jpg (16.6 KB, 320x320, 1519849924037.jpg)

>constant brain fog for the past 3 months
>can't concentrate on anything
>can't draw
>can't play video games
>can't study
>can't read for long periods of time
>if i try to do anything that requires concentration i quickly develop a headache
>tired, sleepy and fatigued all day
>try eating more and eating better, taking several vitamin supplements
>try my best to work out and find new hobbies despite headache
>still feel the same
>change up the kind of meds i'm taking
>in fact when i stop taking them i feel nothing change either
>take breaks from social media and my computer to hang out with people
>still feel horrible

taking all these expensive ass meds, paying all these expensive as doctors that tell me to "try harder" as if i've been sitting on my ass WANTING to be depressed WANTING to stagnate and WANTING to suffer 24 fucking 7. "Have you tried not being sad?" "Have you tried just focusing more?" "Have you tried distracting yourself?" "Just keep going at it! It'll eventually go away" yes, of course i haven't those incredibly obvious solutions! how silly of me.
I should have died that day i was hospitalized. I have accomplished nothing from still being here.

No. 386551

I've been in a brain fog as well for about the same amount of time. I've recognized it as having generalized anxiety. It's been getting better, but still hard to concentrate. Grounding techniques seem to help to distract me from the disconnect, having a couple sips of water every hour and exercising regularly helps keep off the edge.
I hope things will start looking up for you anon.

No. 386552

I am so horny all of the time. In particular, I can't stop thinking of gay sex.

No. 386559

Same anon, well not just gay sex for me…just like sex in general.

Just gonna segway into my vent now…so basically I'm almost 20 years old and have never masturbated I think? The closest I've done is like hump pillows when I was younger and wasn't aware of what I was doing. I grew up with this intense guilt for thinking anything sexual, I'd like to say it was because of my religious grandparents who raised me but I feel like it was mostly just me who would beat myself up over it during middle school/high school. I'm not sure why but at this point I have not even used a tampon, or even put anything up there at all. And every time I say I'm going to just do it and get it over with I chicken out. Realistically, I have nothing to be afraid of, it's normal, but I can't bring myself to do it. Even thinking about it makes me feel dumb and like I'm sexually stunted or something. I only just in the last couple of years have allowed myself to have fantasies past second base. Maybe when I live on my own I can try it, I don't know…

No. 386568

google “learned helplessness.”

No. 386579

Why is it so hard to find a slim lesbian in the south? I'm not even looking for a slim one, just someone around my age, not ones, and looking for one-on-one rather than 3sum like most girls in the lesbian dating scene ugh

No. 386600

File: 1552562775702.jpg (89.6 KB, 540x510, 1552076496504.jpg)

My mother recently made it a habit to sing with every single 80s song that comes up on the (old music themed) radio station and I am exactly one more song away from stabbing her with an icepick

No. 386602

Okay she's singing "take on me" now including all the botched high notes, that's fucking it

No. 386604

Thats kinda cute. She is feeling herself haha

No. 386634

People who shill political lesbianism aren't helping anyone. If anything they're being homophobic in suggesting you can pick your sexuality

No. 386639

>Singing along to take on me
That seems fun tbh

No. 386643

Legit almost tried taking a whole thing of Xanax last night, but stopped myself. I'm really starting to regret not going through it.

No. 386649

Pls get help anon. I know it's hard to believe that you're loved or cared about if you have depression but I'm sure there are people in your life who care

No. 386653

File: 1552575902573.jpg (10.92 KB, 236x236, d1cf32c8cb284ec3f2039082c9a2f9…)

I hate how men feel so entitled to our attention.
I added a guy to my fb off Tinder a two days ago because he complained about Tinder being 'difficult' to communicate on and I have no other social media. He seemed alright.
He started messaging me but I've been so busy and tired between work and things to do at home that my replies were short if I could reply at all. The first time he was passive aggressive because I didn't respond back immediately within the hour after reading a message, and then he had a different passive aggressive tone a bit later on that night saying he didn't wanna "disturb" me because I didn't answer quick enough again I guess. He never asked if I was busy or anything. It really put me off.

His final straw was yesterday. Asked me how I was and I told him but also mentioned that I had just gotten a task done and was making dinner. After that fb was down so I had no reason to really check back. Shortly after dinner and preparing my lunch for today I hit my bed with my work clothes and makeup still on at 9pm and I didn't wake up until 6am for work this morning. During that evening, the dude messaged me about a trip I made several months ago. I was gonna reply later today but before I could respond he sent "Or maybe I don't wanna know…" at like 3am when I was sleeping. So passive aggressive! This giant baby thought I was ignoring him on purpose, not that I could have just been busy, sleeping, and didn't feel like writing a novel response about a trip I took several months ago.
So I responded this morning with "Hey Facebook was down yesterday man. It's cool." I meant "it's cool," as in, I wasn't ignoring him on purpose. I went into work.

Just checked my messenger app on my break and this manchild threw a tantrum at me and blocked me. In no uncertain terms he accused me of purposefully ignoring him despite Facebook not working properly, and he thought I wrote "It's cool" in response to being asked about my trip. This idiot then thanked me for the "riveting" response, how he never could have guessed my trip was cool, and blocked me. And because he blocked me, I can't even respond with an explanation and tell him what a stupid little bitch he is.

It makes me irritated. Bullet dodged, but holy shit what an unstable douchebag.

No. 386655

Lmao. Glad he did you the favour and left. I can’t stand people like that. I’ve gotten it from guys and girls though. I don’t need to be in my friends/SOs back pocket 24/7.

What a garbage person

No. 386660

I realized at long last that I'm going to end up alone romantically. I'm just too introverted and too much of a square to ever find anyone who would match up with it. I don't like going out and socializing and I will never drink, drug, or smoke.

I'm a boring loser and I'm unsure the likelihood of finding a guy of the same energy. I don't even involve myself with "nerd" socializing like tabletop games or cosplay. I just like spending time with my family and the idea of adding an equally as family-oriented, introverted husband would be nice but realistically near impossible.

But I think I'm also ready to accept it.

No. 386671

File: 1552582827015.jpg (118.37 KB, 540x500, 555 white border_1411393982_14…)

I'm trying to get closure for almost 8 years now. This is one of my most favorite quotes.

No. 386690

psychiatric meds literally cause brain fog

No. 386709

You fell for the "this app is hard to use why don't we move to Way_I_Can_Find_Out_More_Personal_Info_About_You/It's_Harder_To_Get_Rid_of_Me"

Lesson learned anon. Always keep it to the app

No. 386711

I really hate how literally everything on the internet needs phone verification nowadays and I refuse to believe there isn't some grand scheme behind it.

No. 386712

It's to prevent anyone being truly anonymous online. I have had to phone verify Twitter accounts, email. It all ties back to me in the instance anyone cared about that. Criminals have burner phones anyway so it's more of a problem for ordinary people

No. 386725

File: 1552594036346.jpg (14.68 KB, 427x368, Sad-cat.jpg)

I miss my bf so much, I wish I could be with him so he could eat me out before I fall asleep. I also want to smell him.

No. 386727

Are you employed? Work is the best place to meet thirsty asocial straight-edge family-oriented manlets who want to raise cats with you or assist in socializing your existing cat.

No. 386736

why do people on here like readytoglare? she's pretty retarded and is literally friends with shoe0nhead

No. 386745

I guess I somehow got addicted to sugar in the past few months. I don't know how it happened so fast but I've been really stressed and gorging myself with chocolate and candy and caramel every night. We're talking 4k calories in candy every day since before Christmas.

I'm so proud that I haven't eaten any processed sugar at all in the past 3 days. I'm not on a diet or anything but I just didnt have any candy which might sound pathetic "oh its just 3 days" but I'm honestly very happy.

No. 386752

weight loss is so hard. i feel like it takes forever. and i'm already losing. but i hate my body currently and i just want to get it over with. i used to be skinnier, so pretty much all my clothes don't fit me right and i don't have money to spare on new clothes. i need to get back in shape.

i've lost 2 lbs so far, and my goal is around 8 to 10 pounds away. every time i put on my old clothes and it doesn't fit me i start crying. everything is so tight and i just have to deal with it. it sucks. losertown says i'll be there by mid april. i'm stucked feeling like shit about my body till then.

No. 386755

I’m so tired of living with a narcissistic/bipolar mother. So tired.. I just want some stability, even if it means being completely alone. Does anybody else live with someone suffering from mental health problems? How do you cope with it? It’s been like this my whole life and I feel like it never gets any easier.

No. 386758

File: 1552600792516.jpg (23.63 KB, 375x550, 108.jpg)

I'm sick of having a Resting Bitch Face™, it makes me overcompensate, constantly acting way too kind and too soft so people don't assume I'm a serial killer, I'm a naturally sensitive person and I'm generally nice without effort, but even then people think I hate them, it got to the point where this nice girl who is basically everyone's friend straight up asked me if I hated her (Not in a rude way, she actually was worried about it) and I had to tell her I didn't and I was so fucking surprised like it got so serious even this girl feared me, it's just so unfair because even if I was the only harmless person in the entire room I would be seen as Public Enemy No.1 anyway

No. 386762

I need to stop being so negative, I actually got called out on it the other day because my twitter was just.. me getting upset and getting too heated about certain issues and bitching. I just can't help it most of the time. I have a lot of uh, issues, and black and white thinking. I'm trying my best to be positive but it's difficult when I see awful things all the time.

I also keep craving drugs, I'm trying to stay sober from them and it's so fucking stupid. I keep wanting to go and use cough syrup like I used to and I don't even get it? The high isn't even that great, but my mind keeps telling me to do it. It's just a voice that keeps shouting "JUST DO IT." I'd think about going back to a rehab program or something but I've finally got a job and I can't juggle both. It's really scary and upsetting, I feel like I'm falling back into all my bad habits.

No. 386767

I've absolutely loved Leon The Professional since I was like 14, but knowing that Natalie Portman ended up traumatized at a young age because of all the predators who made contact with her (and all the soft pedo themes of the movie in general) makes my skin crawl. It's a shitty feeling. Mathilda is still one of my favorite characters in media, but it's so conflicting knowing the full context of the film.

I wish I could find lots of films/series that have similar things (bittersweet, dark, and/or gritty plot about, or at least mainly featuring, a girl with unique style going through some sort of character development) without all the mess. I've only found Welcome to the Dollhouse, Natural Born Killers, I'm a Cyborg But That's OK, Ghost World (all of which I loved) and a few anime here and there.

No. 386778

Same anon, and having depression that makes me sad, therefore a bit harder to force a smile makes it even harder. I had issues at work partially because of my RBF because people always assumed I was angry lol

No. 386788

Not sure if this is helpful but I use to have the problem of ranting social media. It helped me to get rid of the accounts where I was so negative. I try to work out my issues with a friend one on one who is willing to listen.

No. 386794

I just come to lolcow to be negative anonymously. It helps a lot.

No. 386795

File: 1552607913135.png (214.95 KB, 1242x1220, IMG_0797.PNG)

I MISSED THE BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SALE FOR MY COSPLAY CONTACT LENSES im about to ree. I had a feeling I should check the website but now my prescription is out for most of the lenses I want. I wish I had checked sooner. Now I have to actively wait for good deals or look for discount codes but nothing will truly be as cheap as this yearly deal. At least I have a good job lined up for me but still I'm such a penny pincher, especially for something that's just a vanity hobby

No. 386798

I love you for loving Ghost World and Welcome to the Dollhouse. Guess I will have to check out the two other movies if they're in the same vein.

No. 386815


Some of the cows have discount codes, like Dorian in Alt Cows.

No. 386819

My anxiety is so overwhelming today. I've been having dissociation off and on all day. I know this is just a high intensity day, the sensations are so strong right now. I have my cats with me trying to calm me down.

No. 386820

Am I the only ~woman of color~ who doesn't care about identity politics bullshit? I met a girl who I thought was cool, but then she posts shit like this: "Last night I was complaining to one of my friends about how the lack of diversity at [expensive private university] classroom constrains my freedom of expression." Then she's going out about how there's too many white men in her class.

No bitch, it's your neuroticism that is "constraining" your freedom of expression. You don't want diversity in class, you just want people who will always agree with you and never challenge your behavior. And you definitely don't want to talk with working class people who might think your complaints are bullshit.

The thing is, as someone who grew up in the US, I can't understand her mindset at all because she's a Chinese international student who doesn't have to deal with people outside of the university. And then she acts like she is such a woke ally and probably believes things like people like me and my parents need to pay reparations even though we've never contributed to slavery.

I want to make more girlfriends, but I feel like they are either sheltered airheads or they are super into woke bullshit and are obsessed with race.

No. 386834

File: 1552619569067.jpg (102.48 KB, 800x531, 48826445.jpg)

Why is obesity so commonplace with lesbians? I just want a cute gf who also likes to take care of herself

No. 386836

I had a panic attack at school today. I feel so lost lately cause my mom is giving me the coldest shoulder. I feel so pathetic for freaking out like this in public.

No. 386841

I'm on the same boat as you anon. Literally idpol is just a platform for narcissists who don't actually care about the people they claim to care about. They just want attention, they love the sound of their own voice.
Someone who truly cares wouldn't brag all the time. They would just go ahead and fix an issue themselves without calling attention.

No. 386843

I'm so happy I'm not the only one who thinks this lmao

No. 386844

i've been trying to contact a psychiatrist for a year and have had no luck. on really bad days, i take it as a sign to kms lmao

No. 386847

Don't feel bad for having a panic attack, I just had one a couple minutes ago. It's something you really can't control, the only thing you can do is teach yourself to calm down and realize there's nothing dangerous. Your mom should needs to stop acting like a child. You're doing great anon.

No. 386850


hello another woc here but is it just me.. or are super "woke" ppl typically the one's that focus more on race? isn't the whole idea so people can live in diverse places without race being an issue? kek

No. 386856

>Chinese international student

I’m gonna pretty safely assume that her universities and workplaces back home aren’t particularly ‘diverse’
But of course it’s only Caucasian majority countries that need to have a disproportionate amount of ethnic diversity

No. 386857

if i'm cleaning out my closet on poshmark, would you guys, as prospective buyers, appreciate like a seller tossing in a pair of new earrings or something as a 'thank you' gift, or is this a bother/bothersome/annoying?

No. 386861

Nice idea, maybe not earrings though since not everyone has their ears pierced.

No. 386862

This got me thinking: if my friend hates being around white people so much, she should have stayed home and saved herself at least $100,000. Or she could have gone to a historically black college like Howard but it's not prestigious enough for her. kek

See, my goal is that I want to be treated like everyone else. I also try to treat people of all races fairly. Apparently now if I do that, people think I am racist now. Because I have to treat black people better than white people or something. It's so annoying.

No. 386863

All of the stuff I’ve bought on poshmark and Mercari have come with completely random and useless gifts. the only thing I really appreciate are universally useful things like cute new hair ties or stickers

No. 386865

I’m watching all the updates on the mass shootings in Christchurch and I am wondering how stuff like this goes under the radar or is allowed to escalate to such an extreme without some sort of intervention? I am not trying to upset anyone, I’m pretty sad myself and I just have so many questions.

I don’t understand people who commit mass murders and terrorist plots anyway. Why do innocent people get shot for things that they have no control over? You aren’t evil by association. It’s painful because there’s nothing you can really do to stop these things from happening, or at least legally at this point.

It’s like a never ending spiral of evil. I asked my mom how can there be a ‘god’ in a world where men pick up guns, walk into mosques/clubs/streets/synagogues etc etc and kill innocent people mercilessly without feeling a shred of guilt or horror at what they’ve done? Did those people call out to god to say them? How can anyone believe? It just hurts too much.

What’s the purpose of owning guns anymore? How can you justify anything when people like that exist? Is there any way to make it better? Again, I wonder why people are so evil. So mean, selfish, bigoted, cruel. Why can’t we love each other? Why do we hate each other, kill one another? I don’t understand anymore. Is it even worth it to try to be a good person, when it felts like 70% of everyone else isn’t?

No. 386867

as long as it's something decent or universally useful. Aliexpress sellers sometimes include free items and I always end up throwing them out because it's only ever some random useless key chain or whatever that I don't want or need. They're so cheap and poor quality that they aren't even worth donating. Makes me feel wasteful.

fuck, hadn't heard about this.

No. 386868

Thought I’d update this. My period was 7 days late but today it finally started, complete with cramping and backache. Glad I’m not pregnant but still wondering why it was so late. This is the first time in my life that’s ever happened.

No. 386869

File: 1552628154419.jpg (92.55 KB, 580x580, m_5bbcd8ff409c15653ea89c3e.jpg)

i'm selling my high end career suits that no longer fit me, though, and they tend to be older women purchasing them, so while i'd prefer to add in things like that, i don't think it's really appropriate considering the items.

like pic related. granted, this is way less cute than what i typically send, but it's brand name and my thinking is that at the least, even if it's not their style, they can regift them, but they never seem to be appreciative.

No. 386870

older women are kind of illiterate about social niceties on the internet. Maybe it's a demographic thing.

No. 386871

Wait, why are you sending random stuff along with your secondhand items? Is this is a thing now? Do people expect free things when they make a purchase?? Seems completely useless to me to add free gifts.

No. 386872

The Chinese international students at my university tend to complain about all the white people too, and I can’t help but feel like they’re a bit retarded if they come to a white country and expect there to be hardly any white people. They’re honestly just bad at integrating

No. 386874

well, i like receiving little gifts and i figured that they'd be less likely to be bitchy and start shit if they got some kind of little nice 'surprise' in with their order that matches nicely with their purchase? they're brand new pieces of jewelry and don't cost me much. i just think it's a nice gesture to be surprised with a matching piece of jewelry or item that complements your purchase. it makes me happy when i receive free gifts and little surprises at least.

yes, maybe this is it. older women do seem very entitled tbh. i worry about them being mean to me so on top of just saying 'thank you', i thought maybe they'd be less likely to be very rude and to kick up a fuss should something go wrong or something, since i felt it'd be fairly obvious that i care about making the 'customer' happy, but i guess not. they've not been more rude, i just expected more people to be appreciative. i am certainly appreciative when i receive a little surprise from sellers. surprisingly, i've received waaay more appreciation about these surprises from husbands buying for their wives, than the women themselves. go figure.

No. 386878

while it's a nice thought, there's not really any reason to go above and beyond for middle aged career women. i doubt they want or expect anything but the clothes. the stuff you send might not be to the taste of an older woman, or they don't wear jewelery, or they dont want more knick knacks cluttering the house.

No. 386880

I find out in a few days if I have liver disease and I'm freaking out.

No. 386886

I would say you're going to get mixed reviews. There was a Reddit post I saw recently where someone sent out free gifts on Poshmark and a buyer gave a negative review because they didn't want that item and had no use for it. That's pretty rude but apparently seems to happen idk I would appreciate the gesture tho

No. 386888

I dont know what to say other than I hope you get good news. God bless you.

No. 386897

File: 1552635555714.jpg (31.75 KB, 400x386, 2cy907.jpg)

Why i am attracted to nerdy, annoying types?, why i have to be like this?, literally every one of them end up being manchildren uncapable of adulting on their own, they also end up being the type who are avid fans of Rick & Morty, have a philosophy degree and understood the "underlying nihilistic message" of Pop Team Epic and make up 95% of the Filthy Frank fandom, and you know fucking what?, I STILL like them, WHAT in the everloving fuck?, I hate them but my ass keeps on thinking they're somewhat worthy of my attention, it's just something little but I had to vent about it.

No. 386898

I don’t know, just seems like useless clutter anon. If I order clothes online that’s all I want, clothes. Most likely the extra you send out will go into landfill. And if it’s cheap then that’s even more likely. Just send out what people buy, there’s no need for the little knick knack gifts

No. 386907

i find myself liking shitty men with shitty personalities, u are not alone anon

No. 386915

I can't wait until humans hunt each other to extinction or we become enslaved by machines.

What other options do we have at the point

No. 386923

I'm sick and tired of being a lazy piece of shit with constant suicidal thoughts, why can't I be normal?

No. 386924

Me too anon, me too.

No. 386928

The media is sensationalising what happened in New Zealand, they’ve even shown his face, and they’re just giving the shooter exactly what he wants for profit. I feel like his white supremacist viewpoint is also one that a lot of people can easily fall into because the left has pushed the whites vs all narrative so hard that these people feel angry and ostracised which just makes them band together in a toxic way - kind of like cornered animals. Feels bad man. (By ‘these’ people I don’t mean all whites as much as these angry white men that are already outcasts)

No. 386932

There are a few things you can do to stop youtube from doing this.
Don't log in to your google account
Delete your cookies for google services and youtube. You can either do this manually or by installing a browser addon that will do it automatically.
If you can't be bothered to do this Brave offers a this functionality built in and it's easy to do with a drop down panel.

No. 386955

I accidentally saw a video of the shooting in New Zealand on Twitter (of all places, jfc) and holy shit it disturbed me so much. Usually nothing disturbs me at all, I’m extremely desensitized, but it was so horrifying to see this dude just shoot literally everyone he saw indiscriminately as they tried to run away. I can’t get it out of my head.

It also pisses me off how mainstream media organizations are using pictures of dead bodies as headers on their stories, it’s so disrespectful. It doesn’t show their faces but still… plus I don’t want to see pictures of dead bodies everywhere.

No. 386959

I agree so much.

It makes me so upset that people can look at another person including children and think they deserve death due to this excessive hate created by these people. I believe in free speech but all these people with big platforms/audiences for their hate-speech is clearly making sense to those who feel ostracized, want to belong or be outraged. There is a large part of the left as well as the right that make it us VS them. And this shooter having killed at least 49 people (including little kids) that we know of so far and is just going to be one event till the next horrible hate attack. And to most they'll just be another statistic.
And I actually think this guy's plan to make people more racist and to cause fear for certain demographics is going to work.

Why is called a shooting and not a terrorist attack? He's trying to cause fear in the name of his political ideology? It's pretty certain given that it was at a mosque, but I don't see the media calling it that.

No. 386961

It absolutely is his goal, he said it in his manifesto, the dude thinks exactly like ISIS terrorist, he wants to create fear and divide the people.

No. 386971

File: 1552659499555.jpeg (889.59 KB, 2419x1814, 7F2D5865-29D2-40D2-9FE3-10A61F…)

Know what’s really fucking me off? That kids have globally protested the inaction against climate change today, and some utter psychopath is all anyone can talk about. I’m so disgusted by this piece of shit on so many levels, and this is just making me angrier. These kids lives are at stake, their futures and their children’s futures, and when they finally gather up the courage and numbers to make a stand and enlist the help of adults, some trigger happy white supremacist goes and shoots up a mosque. My heart goes out to the victims of the shooting but also all the people that tried to make a stand today and are being overshadowed by terrorism that the media is feeding into.

Pic related is the turnout at my home city which usually gets abysmal amounts of protestors. All day I saw kids and their caregivers walking around with signs and they’re getting little to no coverage

No. 386973

hear hear

No. 386979

Hard mode: And who isn't vegan

No. 387010

My videography professor is killing me. I've purged today for the first time in a year because of stress thats directly related to his class.

The worst thing is, I know I can make good videos. Last year I was the best art student in my promotion mostly thanks to that one video I showed, that specific video got praised by literally EVERYONE yet I'm sure my current prof would hate it because it's "confusing".

No. 387023

f u c k people who put spoilers of new games in the fucking title or thumbnail

No. 387025

File: 1552675040181.gif (222.76 KB, 300x240, 8CEF45D0-A095-402F-ABED-1AD4AA…)

Ok, apparently there’s a video around from that mosque shooting in Australia. Has anyone seen it? If so, could you describe what exactly happens in the vid? I’m a chicken shit and my degenerate curiosity is at a high.

No. 387027


Yeah if you go to 8chan you'll find a thread, tons of videos. Basically he goes into a mosque, shoots, goes around to piles of bodies and shoots them.

There also was a video taken from one of the victims during the aftermath. It was absolutely horrific, dead bodies everywhere, people screaming, in shock. One person picked up someone slouched against the wall only to reveal a massive bloody wound from his head, he fell to the floor leaving a trail of blood and a bunch of people screamed.

I had to stop watching after that. Absolutely horrific. The internet is radicalizing young white men. It's no different than ISIS

No. 387028

According to the news I have read, the terrorist had a camera on his head filming as he killed the people at the mosque.
He treated it like a v-log, he wanted it to be shared. So don't share it, don't watch it. Fuck that scum.

No. 387031


There's a good minute by minute summary in the KF thread.

No. 387032

File: 1552676427652.png (157.73 KB, 500x359, 1465536393895.png)

My internship is about to end and I'm so pissed off about everything about it. I had high hopes when I started this internship but now I'm disgusted that I was taken for granted even though I asked to get more training to gain more skills and make my job easier and so I can market myself as much as I can when I'll look for a job in my field. But my team always treated me like a drooling retard by repeating things over and over again no matter how many times I said and proved that I understood their instructions. I always proved myself to be competent and take my job seriously, with or without anyone's help. An incompetent intern is going to be trained for the things I wanted to be trained for and she didn't even have to ask for it. I'm pissed because there's going to be a new intern next week I'll have to train before leaving in the middle of the week and she'll be treated much better than I was as well because I had the worst manager out of the two we have so far. Fuck me, I can't believe I had to redo my last year of college just for that trash, since nobody else wanted to hire me for that shitty mandatory internship despite me being competent and having the degrees for the internships I wanted. I feel like everything about this was a huge waste of my time.

I'm also seeing many of the people who were in college with me and got their mandatory internship right on time, and who graduated, on linkedin and I see them having really nice jobs that pay well, even though when I sent job applications to these companies last year for my internships, they said I didn't have the correct degree or gave other vague reasons like me not having enough job experience, even though these other people have no job experience in these fields AFTER graduating. Some of them never graduated and still get really interesting jobs.

I guess that'll teach me not being white, being a woman and looking younger than I actually am, and being too poor to leave my city to get new job opportunities, no wonder nobody takes me seriously next to incompetent people who look the part enough for nice jobs in nice companies.

No. 387035


Nightmare mode: And who doesn't support trannies

No. 387036

KF has a thread about it with the video embedded if you don't want to go to a chan board. There was a ton of information at first but the thread has degenerated into shitposting from hour old users who are just baiting.

No. 387037

He drove to a mosque playing the remove kebab song. He said to subscribe to pewdipie. He walked in, shot everyone he saw, then shot them all again in the head to make sure there weren't faking, left, went back to his car for more ammo, came back, shot some stragglers he missed and the bodies from before again, left again, shot a lady in the street from a distance, got closer and shot her in the head while she screamed for people to help her, then drove off directly over her corpse while playing the gas gas gas song from initial d.

I always thought /pol/ were just joking, but I guess at least one of them meant it.

No. 387039

O really wouldn’t recommend watching it. First person he shoots was just greeting him, people start running, he shoots at a pile of bodies, and once he leaves he shoots a young woman who starts crawling away crying for help before he shoots her twice in the back/head. It’s fucked up, literally came here to vent because people keep reposting the video on twitter and it’s impossible to get away from. I wish they would torture this guy, he deserves to suffer.

No. 387044

This is what's so disturbing about the whole thing. That's a guy who grew up bathed in /pol/ memes and couldn't separate irony out of the equation any longer. The video is troubling because of a lot of things, but also because he's memeing as he's killing. Like shooting those people was so abstracted from reality in his head that it was no trouble at all. Like the act of killing was an irl shitpost. That scares the fuck out of me.

Twitter is being really reactionary and stupid rn, like are you crazy focusing on pewdiepie? We have to get a handle on why people are doing what they do because everyone is at a breaking point.

His manifesto is so creepy, almost all memes. He even stuck the navy seal copypasta in there. A lot of people think he was just a fucked up accelerationist.

I so wish the guy who jumped him had been successful in that fucking tackle, he was one brave dude.

There's some discussion that the mosque was of a liberal sect; the Ahmadi, does anyone here know if that's actually the case? They don't even ask the women to cover their heads. If you're so set on saving your nation from the invaders why the hell are you going after moderate people? Nothing he wrote makes sense in terms of what he did at all.

What a fucking nightmare.

No. 387045

Thanks for the info guys, fuck this gay planet.

No. 387046

>then drove off directly over her corpse

Holy shit you're right, admittedly she was directly in his path.

He shot at some people from his car too, blew out his left windshield.

Near the end he comments a bit to himself; about dropping a magazine in the mosque, 'there wasn't even time to aim, so many targets', 'shit happens', etc.

This is what happens when you mistake memes for reality. The Muslim fertility rate (which he thought spelled doom for whites) isn't even all that high outside of sub-saharan Africa, just the European one is so low (and that will not continue indefinately). He wrote about the battles of the liberation of Bulgaria extensively on one of his magazines, why didn't he just move there?

No. 387047

There needs to be a terf dating app.

No. 387049

Yes. It's scary how he acted like it was just one giant meme. But I'm not surprised that it has happened. The weaponization of memes and internet culture, "ironic" hatred towards others.
I think it was a calculated move, made to inspire other hateful internet-addicted young men to take it to real life.

No. 387050

the funny thing is, people would revert to saying "but harharhar muslims do the same things with whites in isis!!" yeah… no shit both are equally fucking gross. you shouldn't dismiss the fact that a white supremacist shooter is just as terrible as an isis member.

people are out here blaming pewdiepie is just infuriating on so much levels.

No. 387051

the scariest thing is how out of touch with humanity he was, nonetheless /pol/ is

No. 387053

and the worst part it's that these types of men tend to be "Devil Advocates" who cry about "mUH OPINION!!1!" and like to trigger other people with their bullshit "politically incorrect" input because they're just so thirsty for validation of alt-fags or literally anyone on the internet due to their childish behavior, they're only useful to trigger dumb fourth-wave feminist SJW's

No. 387055

please god let me meet a lesbian near me who is comfortably GNC, dislikes trannies/isn't libfem, is relatively sober and is chill about food (not vegan or eating disordered)

tfw sweden

No. 387056

I don't if you've ever read it but if you know Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation, this event takes on a never ending hellish hall of mirrors aspect. Mass shootings or acts of terror are always disgusting, frightening, whatever word you want to choose, but this one is weird in a way that's extremely creepy to me but also becomes hard to define. The things he said, the music he played, the fact that he was able to go back and make sure everyone was dead is horrifying and actually evil. I don't know if what I'm saying even makes sense. It's very scary. There are a lot of people out there who have this same relation to reality. What are they going to do?

The way everyone jumped on the pewdiepie thing immediately is fucked up too. Like, how about the people who got killed? How about a thought for them or their families? No, let's feed right back into this massive shitshow by calling out an e-celeb, thereby boosting your own e-celebrity in the process? What even are these people thinking, because that's not where my head goes to first. This whole thing has me fucked up and I think I need a drink.

No. 387057

Hi landsmaninna. I am bi though

No. 387058

Your country still has lesbians? Didn't they all transition?

No. 387061

>There are a lot of people out there who have this same relation to reality. What are they going to do?

Exactly. He was inciting further violence. https://www.bellingcat.com/news/rest-of-world/2019/03/15/shitposting-inspirational-terrorism-and-the-christchurch-mosque-massacre/

No. 387071

people tend to blame the first thing that's accused, isn't that evident with mob mentality? hm.. shouldn't they be researching it beforehand and getting the full details, instead of mindlessly agreeing to the first thing people accuse? pewdiepie doesn't strike me as being in the alt-right as he literally follows ben shapiro, a zionist jew kek.

i agree with you, there shouldn't be blame put on an e-celeb… how about focusing on the lives lost instead, or a way to prevent it.. but oh well, let's blame him!!

No. 387072

It's bizarre disconnected he was from what he was doing - like it was upbeat and happy.

I didn't watch but read about it around, when he first came in he was greeted with shout of "hello brother" by a man coming to welcome him and immediately shoots him.

I wonder if any of those famous (or general) muslim-hating right wing youtubers / twitter users feel any remorse or blood on their hands. They're certainly a massive part in the spreading of this kind of ideology.

No. 387074

samefag but I mean like Tommy Robinson et al.

Not really like pewdiepie

No. 387079

the new zealand shooting fucked me up. i hate everything. i hate being born in this world. i am afraid for muslim children all around the world. the middle east isn't safe and the other parts of the world isn't safe. that fucker talked about my country too and what he was saying would be just ridiculous unless i didn't know that he had the mindset to go and actually kill 49 people with no hesitation. his behavior makes it even more disturbing as if the whole thing was just a dark humorous meme or some shooting game. i hate this world so fucking much

No. 387084

I feel the same way, anon. It breaks my heart to imagine the family and friends of the victims having to know that their loved ones died for memes and are being mocked by edgy internet idiots. I don't understand how all these retarded 8channers can laugh at this and have no empathy at all.

No. 387088

Not the internet, but 4chan (and 8chan's) /pol/, Reddit, Stormfront, a certain pocket of YouTube and Gab specifically. The sooner imageboard (and Reddit) owners and site hosts do away with boards, spaces and subreddits dedicated to hate speech, genocide defense and propaganda-pushing under the guise of political discussion and memes, the sooner this can be curtailed.

I think LC (and most of CC) are the only places I haven't seen this scum proliferate. Not to step on the "freeze peach" crowd's toes, but once you're at the point where you're mowing down innocent children and other people who did nothing bad in religious buildings and saying "Subscribe to PewDiePie" beforehand, I think you've long since revoked your right to "free speech". These kinds of people need to be driven back to the weird, obscure fringe end of the internet, just like in the early 2000s, so they can't recruit any more young, impressionable, mentally ill people looking for an identity.

They all whine about censorship now, but the only way to stop more of this from happening is to take a truly draconian approach to censoring and de-platforming these people IMO. No more getting vortex'd into a world of "alt-right! fascism is good!" videos in your YT recommendations after watching just one single Lauren Southern video. Since that would take actual work and it might result in these corporations losing their money, it might not happen, but it really is the only way at this point.

No. 387089

From what I've heard of his manifesto, that's exactly how he wants people to react.
He believes the harder people come down on the right, the more likely they are to react with violence like him, and I'm scared at the thought that he might not be wrong.

No. 387093

I think what he wants is actually more than that. He wants actual violence enacted by Muslim people "striking back", so that more white people will be outraged, militarized and encouraged to do what he did. Ebba Akerlund's death is what spurred him on. If more of that happens, and it happens at the same time as the censorship, it really will be part of his plan.
If everything is just censored, they'll reee, but they'll flounder and give up like water circling a drain. He was bold in advertising exactly who/what influenced him so freely, but it was a grave mistake in the sense that no one but the brainwashed will fight for his camp's free speech at this point. They've shown what they are capable of.

I'm kind of worried there really will be some terrorist blowback in "retaliation", and I don't know if that can even be prevented. Either nothing is done and more young boys and men are militarized to kill by this hateful agenda, regardless of whether or not there are any terror attacks from what these people view as "the other side", or something is done, and then the same attacks that their side uses as ideological ammo happen again, and young boys and men are militarized to kill by this hateful agenda anyway. It's a rock and a hard place, and the only good turnout is if there are no terrorist attacks for them to go "See?!" at, but I'm not sure how that can be ensured at this point.

No. 387095

My gut reaction is that this is a modern columbine, with the livestreaming it, the memes, the manifesto, it feels like it was all purposefully designed to inspire copycats, and I think it will, censorship and retaliation attacks or not.
I hope I'm wrong though

No. 387097

I'm just surprised that this high media coverage mass shooting didn't take place in the US for once.

No. 387098

I saw that Lauren Southern deleted her popular video "The Great Replacement" because that's what the guy titled his manifesto, maybe she's feeling guilty. On the other hand you have Candace Owens, who was mentioned in it, taking the opportunity to accuse liberals of being the real racists and Stefan Molymeme taking it's quotes out of context to say he was actually a liberal.

No. 387105


this so much. i don't like dating bi girls. i want to find more lesbians but so many of them are fat and it's disgusting. we should all join together and instead of complaining about banal shit we should fight afainst obesity.

No. 387107

So one group of violent men are going to attack another group of violent men.

How is this news? Because we believe that we live in civilized places?
It's really hard to act surprised when this happens as if men would choose any other alternative.

No. 387108

Thanks for this description anon. There's no way I'm watching it. This just proves how dangerous these awful fucks are. They spread hatred online and it's just "opinion" until they do this. The order/way you described the killing sounds like he was reenacting a shooting game. These are real people with families he killed. Proof of how disgusting these "internet-converted" brainwashed guys really are. We need to take it seriously.

No. 387113

>I think LC (and most of CC) are the only places I haven't seen this scum proliferate. Not to step on the "freeze peach" crowd's toes, but once you're at the point where you're mowing down innocent children and other people who did nothing bad in religious buildings and saying "Subscribe to PewDiePie" beforehand, I think you've long since revoked your right to "free speech". These kinds of people need to be driven back to the weird, obscure fringe end of the internet, just like in the early 2000s, so they can't recruit any more young, impressionable, mentally ill people looking for an identity.

Agreed. And people in the mainstream need to stop humoring or tolerating their "opinions", meaning their desire to kill and maim innocent people, because of muh free speech or because they are afraid of losing sponsorships, patrons and viewers. It's clearly gone a lot further than that now.
Every time we give these people a platform we are enabling them.

My concern is this will lead to there being no anonymous spaces online, harmless ones like these and other places I use - because for public safety we need to tie every word we type back to our irl ID. I see that as a consequence to this. In that case the authorities can act sooner, for example as soon as his plan was laid out on the forum. I guess there will always be a place to hide onine for these people, but my concern is it will lead to a reduction in free speech for the majority of non-criminals.
I hope from this point on their "opinion" and hateful ideology is no longer tolerated or humored.

No. 387124

The problem is that it's always women and children that are the worst victims and casualties of this, worldwide. They won't just fuck off and kill each other, they have to involve the innocent every time. Rape and mass murder of the defenseless is these sociopaths' bread and butter.
I wouldn't care if they did it to themselves, but why must we be looped in? I'm from a very violent, torn place, and I agree it's hard to be surprised, since I'm always hearing of death and destruction anyway. That doesn't mean we're ever wrong to be disgusted, though.

No. 387125

>booked a table for 2 in one of the top restaurants in Madrid to invite my best friend for birthday
>bought my best friend the gift she'd die for to get on her birthday
>made the birthday card myself
>ask her if we can meet up and then go there as a surprise
>my friend tells me she's going to meet a guy she wants to hook up with
>asked her if she's free at 8 pm
>she says she's going to spend the whole day with him and then go party afterwards
>asked her then why did she proposed to meet up that day a week ago
>replies she didn't have tinder a week ago and says she's off last week of march and she will tell me when to meet up
>ended up mad and told her she ruined the surprise and that I was paying for everything because it's her day
>she says that she will tell me when to meet up


Like b!tch wtf my invitation has an expire date I'm inviting you out for dinner because it's your birthday not gonna do the same stuff again in 3 weeks. Say bye to it.

No. 387131

They all are cut from the same cloth of conspiracy ~whites are the victims of the world the evil liberals are destryoing civilization~ mindset. And alot of the listeners and supporters of violence to solve everything. Then you got the guys who are just in for the memes and are probably really lacking basic empathy. I don't see anyone "retailiating" them like they assume but more right wing/ultra white nationalists/supremacist acting more and more violent until their spaces are snuffed out. And they all hide in the deep web or something

No. 387132

lol anon are you from Madrid? I'd go with you and be your friend (also I'd pay for half the bill ofc). Sage for offtopic.

No. 387136

The New Zealand authorities had so much time to act before any killing actually happened, he was live-streaming the whole thing for ffs. With the amount of times shorting and other terrorist attacks have been outlined and advertised on spaces like 4chan it’s negligent of the intelligence forces to not be keeping an eye on such platforms to prevent these tragedies.

No. 387139

Yes I am :D are you on the lolcow discord?

No. 387141

Some happy venting for once.

My now ex was so fucking shitty to me and made me feel awful all the time. I was always trying to improve myself so I could be a better girlfriend, becuase he made me think everything bad in our relationship was my fault and I haven't improved at all etc..

FF today the most competent person I know told me my personality has developed(in a posititve way) without knowing the situation I went through. I'm feeling so happy and relieved. It was such a small comment but it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Just talking to a normal person helped me realise I wasn't the bad guy

No. 387144

we have to move out of our apartment ASAP but rent everywhere else is so high, we got lucky with our apartment. i absolutely cannot live with strangers. i tried it, i'm done with that nonsense. i want a stable place with my boyfriend that won't make my quality of life worse. should we buy a house? live in a trailer park?
we have no savings besides whatever's in our checking, which is about $4k total. we both also have zero credit. we didn't expect our landlord to put the property up so quickly. it's stressful.

No. 387145

Nope and I can't use discord for shit. Just tried entering and I'm lost. I don't want either of us to give personal info here so any ideas?

No. 387147

How do you both have no credit after renting?

No. 387150

Sorry for the doublepost but I finally managed to get in. What's next? Man I feel so dumb.

No. 387151

I'd be your best friend instead, that's so sweet you wanted to do that for your friend…and she's ditching you so she can get pumped and dumped by some tinder dude instead.

No. 387152

Yes I agree, if we are gonna let them plan attacks on the public web, the authorities should use the same information to stop them. It's all right there

No. 387153

Your "friend" is a retarded ingrate.

My friend is very successful at her career so she used to buy me fancy dinners and even bought me an expensive dress once for my birthday.
You bet your ass I worship that woman and I'd ditch any man for her friendship in a heartbeat. I can't believe someone would be so rude over some cock they don't even know off Tinder. Jfc.

No. 387157

the house we rent under is still under his dad's information. my boyfriend lived there before i did and his dad just moved out by himself after a few years. we basically just give his dad the rent money to give to our landlord. its a difficult situation we should've thought about making it formally ours.

No. 387159

so jacksepticeye is dating girlgamergab which is a fucking weird match in itself because she's an ass sucking cow with zero personality and is climbing every social ladder she can find but it's also infuriating when you see people move up in the world like that especially when they aren't even charming or witty in the first place

like "don't be jealous" and I'm not jealous of her or jealous of her dating jacksepticeye TM but yeah I lowkey get salty because I was about to become a youtuber too and I felt too insecure and even though I have an SO and friends that I care for and I don't want to become :famous: I just wanted to feel like I have a spot in the community and now I see her go from working 3 jobs in a shitty japanese apartment with her ex husband to rubbing elbows with suzy and arin and having the top of the crop of the gaming youtube community follow her and then she goes and divorces her longterm 5+ year marriage immediately talks about going on dates and is now dating the angry green irishman

like it's not jealousy more like a feeling of "fuck some people really do get what they want, huh". I wouldn't trade my SO or my friends for a quatre of what she's got. I wouldn't trade them for anything that she has. I don't want HER life or achievements. I just want my own. fuck.

No. 387161

Don't watch it, it will make you very angry for a long time.

No. 387163

The fact that censoring the internet and taking video games away from white men is enough for them to go on a killing rampage validates the fact that white people have fucking privilege up the wazoo.

No. 387164

>I guess that'll teach me not being white, being a woman and looking younger than I actually am

Anon are you me? This same exact shit is what my sister and I have been dealing with.

No. 387166

>Lauren Southern deleted her popular video "The Great Replacement"

Stupid ethots should suffer the consequences. This is your audience.

Sam Crowder was crying like a piece of shit while people following him in the comments kept meme-posting and being edgy autistic fucks.

To anybody with an alt-right/ loobertarian platform this is who your audience is. This is what they want and you embolden them.

No. 387167

File: 1552699868626.gif (1.97 MB, 468x301, mern.gif)

>tfw buying myself expensive jewelry, clothes, and good food because no one else will
At least I don't let myself down even when other people will.

No. 387168

Did you not notice in the video he focused on gunning down every woman he saw?

White supremacists believe in taking down women and children 1st because they are the future. It's why they go crazy when white women date out

No. 387171

No? He seemed to kill every person he saw equally.(ban evading robot)

No. 387172

Can you fuck off? Is this not the vent thread? Stop defending the fuck

No. 387176

He went back inside the mosque to make sure none of the women and children were playing dead

No. 387182

Don't even reply to him, just ignore him anons

No. 387185

Yeah, you're right. You'd think that, by the alt right's fucked up standards, traditional muslim women are perfect. They just do whatever their fathers and husbands say and pop out kids, they aren't doing anything 'degenerate' excepting not being white/christian. But they're women, so who are they to defy their fathers and husbands and choose a different religion? How can they be held responsible for being muslim when the alt right don't think women should have a say in their lives to begin with?

Senseless violence from arrogant, delusional men who are so easily manipulated they ruin their lives over 4chan memes. Fucking pathetic. Men love to say we're the sheep but buying shit we see advertised is nothing compared to how extreme influence on men can be.

No. 387188

Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

No. 387192

oh shit fellow melbourne local here. i'm mad too.

on the climate strike, the kids of my mum's friends were there and were even interviewed on the news but the thing is, the mum drives everywhere because she's too much of a snob for public transport and they have 2 air conditioners in a small house on full blast all summer. she's a bit of an unstable soccer mum and it makes me really fucking mad that she and her kids only showed up for "clout" and don't actually do anything to help. i'm sure most of the protesters there were genuine though.

No. 387194

File: 1552703085678.jpg (47.11 KB, 600x450, tumblr_pnrt1hCmuC1tr83lqo2_640…)

god, same

No. 387196

Ew please leave my country and exile to America or something

No. 387198

The fuck? Nothing anon said was bad or unreasonable. If you're mad about the evil terfs you're in the wrong place.

No. 387199

I want to vomit thinking about my ex.
Part of me wants to be at peace with him, but the other part wants to take revenge and make him hurt.
I don't know how to make this feeling go away.

No. 387200

I really want to talk to other Swedish terves. Not even as potentional partners, just as some sane sister to discuss things with.
If previous Swe terve anon want to talk, hit me up

No. 387201

Ladies, my bf and his co-workers are sitting around right now, agreeing with everything this crazy shooter dude in NZ is saying in his manifesto. Help. I am honestly kind of in disbelief.

No. 387204

its time to break up anon, you cant save this
its good you found out now and not after getting married or something

No. 387205

Run, don't walk.

No. 387206

Jump ship anon, they’re violent retards

No. 387207

Well, i'm reading it right now too and it's basically classic /pol bs, of course they agree with it as most white males tend to do. Pro tip: dump that mf.

No. 387209

If any of my friends or my bf (what the fuck) agreed with any of that I wouldn't stick around another minute.

No. 387210

you need to leave him anon. its been proven time and time again that this alt right /pol/ shit is genuinely dangerous. its not just a fun le ironic racism meme anymore. if he believes in white supremacy be probably doesn't have good views on women either. think about your safety and future.

No. 387216

Fuck off, scatscrote.

No. 387220

When I was with my ex girlfriend, I spent the night over at her place once. We were in bed trying to sleep and we gave each other a peck on the lips here and there, and at some point we were very gently making out and holy fuck it's the moment I felt like I confirmed I was just a gay piece of shit lol. But aside from that, I can't stop thinking about it. We broke up shortly afterwards (for other reasons) but I can't stop thinking about that night because I could clearly feel that something was off (I attributed it to her maybe just being tired from work since it was busy season at her job- it wasn't that lol. she had been mulling over our compatibility and our relationship for a while). I stopped because she asked me to, and the following morning when we woke up I rolled on her and gave her kisses again until she asked me to stop again (and I did).

I just have this dumb sinking feeling in my stomach that I crossed way too many lines. Just before our break up, we talked a little bit about the whole day and sort of how she was feeling off, and I apologized for making out with her because I was so afraid that it made her uncomfortable (she's had a lot of emotional and sexual traumas from past relationships) and she assured me it was nice and fine but post-breakup I can't stop fixating on it that I did something wrong, that I sexually assaulted her. It's definitely my brain going to an extreme, but it feels like this heavy weight at the pit of my stomach and I feel so fucking god awful about it. I removed her from all my social media to really force myself to not peek at her stuff (I'm nosy) and to really give myself the time and space to heal from the break up (she was my dream girl- I was following her for years and knew of her from mutual friends but she didn't know I existed until a few months before we dated), so I can't even talk to her about it again. At the same time, I feel like I have no right to talk to her about it- our relationship is over. All of that is over. It's not my place to bring it up, or to force her to talk to me about it to satisfy my own selfish needs to be told that I wasn't in the wrong. I guess this is just some shit I'm gonna have to live with lol. I know it's not as extreme as like… other acts of sexual assault, but thinking of how I made someone that I cared so deeply for even a little bit uncomfortable with an act that's supposed to be comforting and physically show my affection makes me sick.

sage for gay rambling

No. 387224

not saying u have to get tf out of there, but i mean get tf out of there

No. 387234

Fuck off dumb cunt, stop dismissing the traumas of true sexual assault by calling someone making out with their girlfriend and stopping when asked to a rapist.

No. 387236

It was probably the scatfag baiting again

No. 387240

Report them, if you don't you are complacent.

Now you wonder why minorities don't trust us.

No. 387244

Report them for what? ‘Hello Police? Yes, my ex-bf agreed white supremacy? Has he committed any crimes or plans to? Oh, well I’m, no… yes, sorry for wasting your time’ he’s being a piece of shit but there’s nothing to report.

No. 387247

People agreeing with these idealologies need to be being put on watch lists. If you're in New Zealand, the police may actually want to take their details so they may be monitored. They seem pretty serious about monitoring alt right thinking people after the attack. If you're in the US or somewhere else then yeah, good luck.

No. 387248

File: 1552715016648.jpg (21.03 KB, 504x338, d_thumb_D1movGPVYAE1rZ8.jpg)

This guy I talk to online is annoying me for a lot of reasons, big time. Especially because he fits one of the types of guys I hate most: the clueless neet guy with an anime waifu who acts like the lead male character in a harem anime (he even admitted he knows he acts like that and explained to me about what that NHK anime was about). His personality just screams that he wants some girl to come "rescue him" and romance him and it's just a totally disgusting, selfish dream that is unrealistic. I cringe so hard when I get those vibes from him because all I can think about is how he's just another dumb guy who feels entitled and wants some woman to come along and mommy him.
He apparently has some irrational fear and every time he gets it, he crawls to me to calm him down and tell him it's all in his head, that everything's going to be okay and it makes my skin crawl because of the motive behind it. I can't imagine him acting like this with his guy friends. He also is super moralfag and anytime something bad happens on the news, he repeatedly flexes how mad he is and how he wants to kill the perpetrator. I thought it was cute at first but now I think it's to show me what a 'good guy' he is and how he isn't like other men in that aspect (not that I talk about hating men to him). I thought it was just how he was at first and maybe it is but at one point he told me how his friend sent him a video of some guy abusing a girl and slapping her in the face with his dick and he got so mad that he unfriended that person. Like why would you tell me that? It just really seems like he wants brownie points from me, you know? And the way he repeatedly goes on about how upset he is…

Another thing that upsets me is that I noticed he talks about himself a lot. I almost NEVER mind this because I love listening to other people and learning about them, but it seems that whenever I end up talking about myself to him, I get some less than half-assed reply like "nice" or "epic" (even when he asks me a question about something and I answer?). Am I overreacting on that one? I tell myself maybe he's just bad at responding but it just seems really rude and lazy and discourages me from talking or keeping up conversations. Maybe I'm super sensitive to shitty little replies like that but it just seems so fucking insufferable. Makes it seem like he doesn't care at all. I pretend to care whenever he talks about shit I don't care about because I know that conversations are a two way street and it isn't all about me or what I want to talk about all the time.
He also told me he wishes he was still in contact with a guy back from high school because the guy could "tell when I didn't care about what he was talking about". That's such a selfish thing to say, not every conversation is about what you specifically want to hear.

He also talked about swapping selfies with me to see what each other looked like but ended up randomly sending a picture of him from 6 years ago (because he said he hates the way he looks on the phone) with some shitty filter on it and half his face hidden behind it without even wanting to see a photo of me lmao. I thought that was really weird, usually you're curious to see the other person not just show yourself, or half of yourself. I was getting some self absorbed vibes there too. I thought what was the point of sending me one with half his face hidden? Maybe he wanted me to compliment what little was shown? I don't know it was kind of bizarre and I still don't know what to make of it.
After this, he said he has warped beauty standards because of anime which at that point made me not want to show myself at all after I was totally excited to because now I know he probably expects me to look like some retarded cartoon character waifu instead of a real human being as if women don't already have enough pressure on the way they look. Now not only do I have to live up to photoshop magazine expectations but I have to be compared to some flat drawing? Fuck outta here.

I feel conflicted. I've never felt so bummed and depressed when talking to someone. I guess I'm just disappointed. He seemed like a cool guy but today showed me a douchier, colder side to him and I don't like it.
I also feel sick that gender is in the way of everything and he's definitely looking at me differently because of it.
I can talk for hours with him but by the end of our conversation this time, I felt so drained all of a sudden piecing things together in my head about him.

Excuse me if this reads like shit too, it's late and I am very tired.
You all can tell me if I'm acting like a dipshit and overthinking things because that's what I love most about you beautiful anons.

No. 387249

This. I hope you left anon and don't fucking look back. They can't say they agree ironically anymore for laughs. 49 people forever gone because of it. Lauren southern's The Great Replacement video was taken down quietly while she defended her alt right pov to people critiquing her. She and others know the people they pander and financial exploit want violence and want civil wars to occur. They're radicalized

The best thing for you is to keep yourself safe and stay the fuck away from these guys.

No. 387254

Just block him lmao

No. 387255

>You all can tell me if I'm acting like a dipshit and overthinking things

Overthinking? no way, you're fucking right this shit doesn't sound good at all, but being honest, you should know better especially with him being a "clueless neet guy with an anime waifu". What it's very worrying is that, despite being obvious he's a trash bag, you still have some doubts and think it's your fault or something which isn't true, you are not forced to talk to him or worry about him.

He doesn't see you as a person, he sees you as some npc or minor character in his anime. You're very empathic and careful but it's obvious he can't be the same towards you, you don't deserve this, love yourself and dump his ass. (my english is shit sorry)

No. 387260

>Now you wonder why minorities don't trust us
Fuck off with the virtue signaling

No. 387261

I'm not a white supremacist and I don't think you should be one to realise how disgusting mudslimes are. Are you really going to demand everyone to think like you? Dealing with those people was enough for me to wish all of them dead. And I wouldn't do anything to see them gone but I sure as Hell will cheer.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 387264

I am working on a paper for uni rn and yesterday I met up with one of my fellow students so we could get some work done together - which was a big mistake. This bitch CONSTANTLY has to talk about herself, always interrupted me when I wanted to say something so she could talk about how superb her grades are and said really mean things about other commilitones in our course, which made me wonder if she also says those things about me. Also the grade thing really annoyed me. I am in no means a bad student, my grades are ok but it really made me angry that I have to study a lot and put a TON of work into my shit to get an acceptable grade while she manages to get the best grades without making a big fuss. I was so appalled by her that I left early while making up some shitty excuse.
I think I'm better off alone.

No. 387266

File: 1552722302489.jpeg (5.6 KB, 200x200, ED161284-573D-4CF0-B082-1981D0…)

I love my boyfriend

I’m not attracted to him physically anymore because his work demands him to work way too fucking much so he let go of his looks

I feel like an asshole

No. 387269

gross terven sweanon here

No. 387271

>but it seems that whenever I end up talking about myself to him, I get some less than half-assed reply like "nice" or "epic"

Holy shit you are not overreacting, that's insufferable.

No. 387281

he doesn't seem to have bad intentions, just zero self awareness. not to be an armchair psychologist but from personal experiences it seems like he probably doesn't talk to many people irl and just dumps it all on whoever's willing to listen, i used to do a similar thing to my best friend sometimes (she's the only friend i can still see regularly) but eventually i realised i was being a dumbass when she never told me much about her life. don't feel obligated to talk to him if it's bumming you out though.

No. 387283

When you're agreeing and defending with a literal child-killer, you are the disgusting one. Sorry.

No. 387301

I'm worried my bf isn't attracted to me anymore. I know there's plenty of reasons why a guy can't get hard/stay hard but I can't help being afraid. I think it's because he admitted to me that when he first met me he didn't find me physically attractive but over time he did and he assures me he still does. But I was really hurt when he told me that (why tell me???) so whenever stuff like this happens I get paranoid.

No. 387307

That's shitty, I wouldn't want to be with someone who makes it so obvious they aren't attracted to me. What even, does he have no other options? Your gut feeling isn't wrong anon, guys who suddenly have problems got something going on in their heads.
Just be straightforward and ask for the truth. And tbh, if he admits it's an attraction issue again then start looking for another person who can physically appreciate you.

No. 387317

Since this Wednesday I haven't been feeling like myself anymore. I feel sick, sleepy, dizzy, I can't sleep well and I feel like shit in the morning, I've been vomiting and getting diarrhoea twice, too. I feel like nothing brings me happiness, I feel doomed and too tired to do anything. Thing is, in the next weeks I should begin a paid course, and those money will help me a lot. I've been trying to move out of my town and country for a while, I almost did it last April but two months later I had to come back because I was living at a host family and I didn't have enough money to rent my own place. Yesterday I realized that a year has almost passed, and it passed SO quickly it made me feel worse.
But before this week I was fine. Not happy, but fine. I felt alright and was looking forward to work. Now I feel constantly hopeless. I've never felt like this before and it's really scary. Later I will try to take my sister's anxiety meds, but I'm really scared. Anyone ever had this happening to them, so suddenly and in such a bad timing? How did you manage to go back to your normal life?

No. 387320

send something to #chat room on the discord so I can recognize you and add u :D

No. 387321

File: 1552747248097.jpg (53.58 KB, 640x617, 1531432411896.jpg)

My stepfather is complete trash and I feel like he might have sexually abused me?

I was probably around 5 or 7 when he came into my life after my parents divorce, and things were fine for a while, but things started to get weird around when I started going through puberty (I was an early bloomer so around 9). I had much bigger breasts than most of the girls in my year (I hated myself for having them, as well as my weight), and he would do things like grab, squeeze and fondle them, as well as my ass, at random times, such as when I was getting ready for bed, alone in my room, or just in the hallway. This probably stopped at around age 13/14, but then he would talk about sexual things to me instead.
He's always been weirdly open to bring up sex and masturbation to me, asking what type of porn my friends and I like to watch, and offering to buy me sex toys for my 16th birthday. I think this gave him a sense of pride, as I could never talk about such sensitive topics to my father (I liked being daddys little girl kek). He would only do this at times we were alone, and would try to join me on my daily walks so we could have these conversations then.
In the middle of the street and on these walks, he would forcibly hold my hand and people would give us strange looks, but when I tried to let go, he would hold it tighter and laugh
At night, when my mother was at work and brother's upstairs, he would ask me to sit on his lap (sometimes I would face him, sometimes I would watch the tv), and it honestly scared me what he was going to do (I was unfortunately conscious of how close I was/sitting on his dick) (I was 12-now during all of these).
This is also excluding the times he would yell at me, degrade me and my family (my brothers + my dads side of fam) by calling those with our name stupid or idiots, hit me for messing up, bully me for my interests and all the other things he did to my siblings (as well as just being a massive cunt in general)

No one knows of these things, not even my mum or friends, but I don't really think I can call myself a victim, it's not as if he ever raped me or anything. Maybe he's just a trashy person? I don't quite know what to make of it, growing up I thought all of it was normal. Regardless, I now fear and hate men, and I can't stand being alone with one

No. 387324

Samefag, but he would also try to get us (me and him) to tongue kiss, getting me to lick his tongue whilst I was probably 8-12. I would be weirded out if my dad tried to do these things to me, or if I saw my friends parents doing them, which is why I became deeply uncomfortable with most of these things

No. 387329

Anon, none of this is normal and just "trashy" behavior. Even if there were no actual sex acts, the things you describe are sexual in nature. Even as a clueless kid you had a weird feeling about it, so of course your adult step-father would know just how sexual and unacceptable all of this is. He took advantage of his authority over you and of your childish innocence, which is disgusting.

I'm really sorry this happened to you and that it affected how you feel about men. Seeing a therapist and discussing things with your family might help you process all of this.

No. 387330

File: 1552749347630.jpg (27.74 KB, 411x405, 1551288709864.jpg)

One of my friends messaged me in the morning asking if "I follow news about NZ shooting? :D"
When I said that I only did read what happens in the vid she started telling me that she can send me the vid and "there's no much blood there anyway" ???
"There were so many attacks related to muslims in Europe, now the tables have turned"
"Maybe now they will know to not mess with whites"
I'm fucking mad at people and I see similar comments in my country's social media..

No. 387333

All this is is validating nonwhites fears about "white supremacy" and "white people are evil" and these retards aren't helping

No. 387334

If you're still "friends" with her after that you are being complacent. People need to start drawing the line in the sand

No. 387336

I'd just respond with "He killed innocent children." and leave her on read after that point.
This is no friend.

No. 387337

Your friend isn't wrong and those comments are spot on. Whenever there is a muslim attack, I see muslims being gleeful and saying things like the victiims deserved it. If you're going to be a useful liberal idiot then go ahead.

It won't make a difference, idiot. Also, since when does religion have anything to do with race?

And those kids would grow up to be just like their vermin parents. Good riddance.

I agree. Anon doesn't deserve her friend. Bitching about her for virtue signalling on anon board. lol

No. 387343

How many times have you been banned already? Fuck off.

No. 387344

I have literally never seen Muslims praising the attacks of terrorists, anon. You seem like either a scrot or a robot.

No. 387345

Actually go fuck yourself, anon. I'm from a town that has had several terrorist attacks, I lived with the fear of terrorism every day and I know people who survived attacks. It's because I know what it's like to live in fear that I have empathy for the victims and their loved ones. Just like my countrymen who died at the hand of terrorists, they were innocent people caught in an ideological/political conflict they're not even a part of.

You must be some sheltered scrot if you think this has anything to do with liberalism or virtue signalling.

No. 387346

File: 1552752904295.jpg (15.73 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

I can't stop thinking about my former friend and how much I hate her. She keeps invading my thoughts and ruining my mood, this has been going on for months and I know it's not going to stop anytime soon because this isn't the first time a former friend has haunted me for years. Even worse, you bet she isn't thinking about me because who cares. I'm just a fucking dumbass who can't stop thinking about this shit. Fuck.

No. 387353

You mean in the general room? I'm the one with the Fate Frankenstein avatar.

No. 387356

All day today and yesterday I’ve been so anxious and I don’t even know why. All day today I’ve been sobbing on and off for no reason. I can’t even bring myself to get out of bed and eat. I don’t know what’s wrong with me and it’s scaring me

No. 387359

I just checked up on an old friend today, it's been like 4 years since the last time we talked. But the good thing is that eventually you'll stop caring completely and forget about them

No. 387362

File: 1552757033025.png (207.54 KB, 499x544, 312032d7-ab41-403e-aacb-d6c5dd…)

I just realized the only reason I don't have any social media is because I haven't made any new friends since leaving high school 5 years ago. I'm also scared of adding/following people I used to know since they probably don't remember me anymore and I was never close with anyone.

I feel like I'm missing out on meeting new people because of it but also don't really miss social media in general and I kind of try to value my privacy.

I guess I'm just feeling lonely and am going through a rough patch atm or something.

No. 387364

>duh religion have to do with race
>person themselves says WHITE PEOPLE

you do it to yourselves and dont even realize it smh

No. 387382

I’ve been with my bf for 7 years now. Never once have we had sex that made me cum. I find him very attractive, but I hate how he talks and acts during sex. I also have a secret fetish that is one of the only things that gets me hard now a days. I don’t ever want to tell him about these things (we’ve brought it up nonchalantly in the past and he said he hates it). I just have sex with him because I love him romantically

No. 387383

Should clarify that I meant I brought up said fetish to my bf, but he said he hates it. I’ve never told him that he’s never satisfied me in bed

No. 387404

File: 1552765529968.jpeg (114.28 KB, 790x855, F3975067-7FAB-4DAF-A0C2-BE5A6E…)

I’m pretty sure that my partner is going to end things between us because I had a really bad depressive meltdown that was most likely from using birth control. I wish I could explain my actions to him better than the night where I was having anxiety attacks but it’s probably too late now. I also confessed to him that night that I wanted something more than a casual relationship which probably put him off even more. It was “casual” for him but he has was texting me almost every day, arranging weekly dates, and sought emotional support from me when his dog was dying so I don’t know. We haven’t talked in a week since my meltdown happened.

My love life has been utterly shit considering my only relationship before this one was emotionally and physically abusive. Boohoo, weh self-pity. Whatever.

No. 387406

My older sister is also complaining about these things with me from time to time, it feels good not being the only one in this shitty situation. My younger sister, who looks like she's white because of some of her features including plastic surgery and even her ambiguous name and who looks older than I do, doesn't suffer from these problems and it's frustrating having to explain how everyone around you treats you like an idiot before you even open your mouth and after you proved yourself to be more than competent for your job. I even have complete SJWs who don't believe me when I say I'm not respected as much as my peers by my coworkers, my professors or my managers, and they try to cheer me up by saying that maybe it's my imagination.

Cheer up, let's hope that our situations will improve.

No. 387412

Hej anon! I was thinking of posting my email but that would probably not be smart. There are threads for other countries so maybe a Swe/Scandi thread could be started if others are interested? For general talk and retarded gender related things happening here.

No. 387414

File: 1552767144086.jpg (204.25 KB, 550x700, 71564951_p0_master1200.jpg)

I fucking hate my life.
My boyfriend had an operation recently and the recovery has been extremely rough. I try to be there for him, but I don't think it's good enough, he just feels worse. This has caused my PTSD to flare up due to intense trauma related to medical operations in the past. I feel like fucking ass. I hate that I have this past. I don't want to be alive anymore because I'm so miserable. The thing that fills my head is "what if what happened to me happens to him?" and "what if he never gets better?"
I just don't know what to do. He's miserable as fuck, and I'm miserable as fuck. It just feels so hopeless. I want him to recover so badly, but if his body isn't healing properly, there's nothing that can be done. It breaks my heart that he's in pain and I can do nothing to take it away. It breaks my heart that this reminds me of the past. I've been having multiple anxiety attacks a day due to this, which isn't normal for me, usually they're once a day or every other day.
I just want to sleep forever. I just don't want to exist anymore. I don't want to die, I just want to forget about the past. I want to forget about his suffering. But I can't do that. Yet, I'm far too weak to do anything else. I'm too weak to be there properly for him. I'm too weak to face him strongly.
Not only that, but dealing with my fucking narcissistic insane mother lately has put me over the fucking edge.
I just want to give up. I hate myself, and I hate my life.
I have absolutely no friends to talk to, either. I don't know what to do. I feel so empty. Yet I'm in so much pain.

No. 387417

File: 1552767446990.png (94.84 KB, 400x525, tumblr_o9ymncLNhH1s52wc1o1_400…)

One of my closest friend had recently moved to america, im gonna miss her a whole lot from now on <3 sometimes i walk on the street and visit the places that we used to hang out, everytime without a doubt bring so much fond memories of us…i want to cry but i need to be strong, because i know things are gonna be difficult for her to move to another place and to start everything from scratch again ~~ i cherish her so much ^^ and im never gonna find another friend like her again.
( pic related, its her favorite pokemon )

No. 387425

Just woke up and I’m already feeling like shit, feeling really fucking insecure for god knows what reason. Nothing in particular comes to mind that’s making me insecure I’m just fucking stressed out over nothing which makes me more stressed and I just wanted to have a good day today.

No. 387449

How bad is it for your partner to say "I don't know what to say" when you are being emotionally vulnerable, and then they side step emotionally charged questions or messages to bring up current events because "they don't know what to say"?

Is that normal from a partner? Is it acceptable? Expected? Disrespectful?

No. 387450

Think it depends on how often it happens. People sometimes genuinely don’t know what to say in the moment and do better as listeners and physically comforting you

No. 387458

He gets less physically affectionate and his physical willingness to comfort me goes down when I bring up how I feel uncared for. It's like basically any time I ask them for consistent, reliable affection (he tells me he tries but it's never enough for me) and any time I try to tell him I feel like my physical safety has never been cared for and that in emergency situations I feel I cannot trust him as he has a history of essentially being a Fairweather friend, but then caring for me in other ways. It's not congruent. The care isn't evenly distributed and it makes me feel like he doesn't care. Instead of seeing that I'm hurt, he changes the subject every time. I feel like this is a serious problem and he just acts like I'm being needlessly dramatic. I worry a lot about his health and safety and I've never once felt that care mirrored for me and he's able to fuck off so easily and go days without me and damn, it just hurts. I don't really want to talk about current events immediately after you reappear after you've not really cared to speak to me or make me a priority for multiple days. Is this so unreasonable? He says this is normal "if you don't know what to say", but it feels inexplicably cruel for me to sit here baring my feelings and the only response I get is about what's going on in Mogadishu

No. 387459

If he thinks it’s normal to be that emotionally negligent in a relationship then he has serious issues. If he has a history of not prioritising you and comforting you when you need him it’s time to jump ship anon, he doesn’t have your best interests at heart, and I feel like I can really safely assume that he expects you drop everything and ‘know what to say’ whenever he’s having issues. A once in a blue moon occurrence of a partner not knowing what to say is different to them doing it consistently, especially if he doesn’t even want to listen to you or physically comfort you. Time to leave, your partner should first and foremost be your best friend - otherwise you’re just fuck buddies

No. 387467

Just found out my dad has cancer.

No. 387475

File: 1552774668682.png (69.69 KB, 600x334, 6407559.png)

went to get my computer fixed at a store, i use linux and the dude who was trying to figure it out gave me a weird look while he saw all of my saved anime reaction images and shit. suddenly self conscious of the fact that i'm disheveled and just wearing a mismatched hat and wrinkly clothes. in this moment i knew that im basically a female neckbeard

No. 387476

I'm sorry anon.

No. 387477


hey anon, have dealt with emotionally closed off men almost all of my life. if you step back enough from the trees to look at the overall forest, he either cares and has absolutely terrible ways of handling and expressing his inner thoughts and feelings, or he doesn't want to/can't give you the amount of care and attention you want from him.

A lot of people shut down when faced with vulnerability, either in themselves or in other people. It's like seeing that flash of lightning and you know that soon enough there will be a crack of thunder. A lot of men grow up stoic and not encouraged to vent or open up emotionally. They just suck it up, or if they are asked for help, it's in the form of problem solving. So they haven't learned to be supportive. There's a reason the stereotype exists of girls listening to girls talk and guys are really bad at this because their idea of helping is offering a solution, when you don't NEED one, you just need to vent. They haven't grown up receiving emotional intimacy and that's why so often guys find that their girlfriend gives them that emotional intimacy and they dump all their needs on her, whereas women often have several channels in friends and family to seek that out from.

Have you read the love languages? The book itself has some funky Christianity vibes in it but the gist is that there are 5 ways of showing that you care for someone, and some people tend to unconsciously favor one language over the other. They are quality time (as in you and them without distractions, one on one), gift giving (either big or small), physical affection (not just sex but even hand holding or hugs or head rubbing), acts of service (like doing the dishes for you, taking out the trash, making your coffee before they go to work, gestures), and words of affirmation (compliments, verbal affection, verbal reassurance etc). A lot of people are a balance of those languages, but some people speak one language much more than the other, and the other person craves another one, and so they think that the other person doesn't show enough that they care, but they show it in different ways. I remember reading that a girlfriend felt like her bf wasn't very verbally affectionate especially with "I love yous" and they came up with a system where he'd squeeze her hand three times to signal he loves her. And she noticed that wow, he was squeezing her hand a whole lot throughout the day.

Because I don't know your relationship, how long it's been or how he acts on average and on his good days, I'd maybe take some online tests about which love language you are, and maybe ask him too if he is willing, and see if there is maybe a way for you two to compromise and work together, assuming he really does want to be with you and put in effort. If he seems lukewarm to actually try to make things work with you or step up to the task of being a good partner, then you have some stuff to think about.

No. 387478

File: 1552775339889.jpg (222.91 KB, 1113x970, DsUj7kCUcAEvgFr.jpg:large.jpg)

Same poster adding on to this, I'm autistic and I inadvertently ice people out all the time. I'm only close with my boyfriend irl really. I'm good at what i do because i get so absorbed in it, but people think I'm really weird because of how i talk and move around. Ihave been called "intense" and "intimidating," not in the sense of "lol im soooo cool and BEAUTIFUL theyre SCARED of me" no but because I am so blunt and can be overwhelming with infodumping and seeking to know more about someone else's interests. I'm trying to accept the fact that i will never be able to adequately perform femininity like society expects me to, but it's hard when your only other option is being a nerdy freak. Anyways I'm trying to make more friends but my social blindness makes it like navigating a minefield with a flashlight

No. 387481

Trying to make friends is getting so annoying. I try really hard and show interest in people but get nothing in return.
Nobody ever asks what have I been up to or what's going on for me? Every time I try its entirely one-sided. It feels like nobody wants to try the same as I do with them.

No. 387485

>finally comfortable in my body (with weight and everything)
>get chest and back acne breakout as if I'm 15 again
I hope I can clear it up for summer or I'll be sticking to long sleeve crops with shorts ig.

No. 387495

File: 1552780692350.jpg (4.89 KB, 212x249, e98.jpg)

>not a great artist but have a small dedicated following
>open D&D token commissions by request, get way more orders than expected but not complaining
>other art friend starts negging me hardcore
>"anon you're taking their money when they could get better art for it, don't you feel bad about taking money from hardworking artists?"

I know I'm not that good but my followers asked….

No. 387499

What the fuck? Your friend should be fucking supporting you and happy that you're making a living off your own art and skills.
Fuck her and keep collecting dat money baby.
Do even more commissions to spite her lol

No. 387500


This person… is not your friend.

No. 387501

You're not somehow taking money away from other artists though. Your followers commissioned YOU, they want your work, your style. If they wanted to give money to """hardworking artists""", they would, but they chose you.

Is your friend not getting commissions ? Sounds like she's jealous.

No. 387506

lol your "friend" should raise their prices if they think they're so hot

No. 387507

If your followers like it then it's good art to them, and that's that. Art is subjective, I bet your art is really good and you sound sweet. You're friend is seriously insecure. You deserve your success, don't let a bitter person overshadow what a super cool achievement that is! Keep doing your thing!

Ps. next time you might want to have a limit on commissions like including "I can take up to 5 commissions this month" or something in your post etc. so you don't get overwhelmed. Good luck!

No. 387509

I'm also a weirdo so i know that feeling but don't let it bother you. You seems like a really nice, cute person. Also, fuck that guy. If he thinks that is weird, he doesn't know life, he seriously doesn't know what fucked things people can have on their computers. But i wonder, why he even looked at your pics?

No. 387511

I had the same problem, now i use scrub glove and it helped me a lot. But i don't recommend it if you have a lot of pimples, like a lot, be careful with that.

No. 387517

Thanks, I'll definitely look into that when I get it more under control and there are less pustules to tear open haha.
Exfoliating speeds scar recover, doesn't it?

No. 387525


Thanks guys, I appreciate the support! I do think she is salty because she doesn't really get orders. She graduated from art school while I just do it for hobby and she thinks she should be making money not me because she's technically better. She said I was "humble bragging" on twitter about getting so many (when I was just thanking my followers for their support and interest, and I did have to close commissions while I caught up) and unfollowed me because of it. I know I should ignore her but it was just a blow to my fragile ego I guess.

No. 387527

If it’s any consolation, it was a bigger blow to her fragile ego obviously

No. 387529

File: 1552788905058.png (30.46 KB, 509x171, seriously.png)

High school bully is having her third child, and can't take the hint that she's an unfit parent. One of the main reasons why I was tormented by her in high school, aside from the fact that other people egged her on, was that I was one of the only people to openly disapprove of her teen pregnancy. All the pro-life people in school jumped down my throat to "support" her (they just wanted an excuse to knock me down in actuality). This girl was stupid enough to believe anything they said and started fights with me over nothing. Nowadays, since she doesn't benefit their images and is no longer a tool they can use to harass me with, everyone's abandoned her–because oh shit, I was right! She should have never had children. If it weren't for the fact that her own mother was raising them for her, the state would have taken them away. Rightfully so.

I'm angry that people like her with their histories of drug abuse, unemployment, and neglect are allowed to continue breeding. She is a literal retard with no regard for anyone beyond her own selfish wants and desires. She acts like she's too good for birth control and couldn't have possibly prevented another oopsie for a third time. It's disgusting.
Her oldest is already so stunted and setback, I feel bad for the other unfortunates.

No. 387537

dude i totally agree but then you get bitched out for conforming to men's beauty standards or w/e

and i live in a majority nonwhite area so i'd get called a racist if i suggested a black or hispanic chick would look better thinner

it's cool tho, i'll just die alone :^)

No. 387538

>wahhh I didnt plan it

after 2 oops babies you'd think these trashy hoes would learn maybe they should get on the fucking pill

No. 387541

File: 1552793488392.jpg (23.53 KB, 479x353, CUiW_HsWcAA0ekQ.jpg)

I want to make friends but I'm afraid I'm too negative and a burden to be around. Just when I was starting to believe the opposite, I get hints from my family that I'm annoying to be around whenever we go out to do something fun like movies. Maybe I should give up after all. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what emotions/reactions they were showing. All I know is that I feel defeated

No. 387543

A college class I’m in has a group chat with fb messenger and I’m getting tired of it blowing up my phone every day. I keep getting notifications while I’m at work, when I’m trying to sleep, I’ll look at my phone any time and there’s twenty unread messages from an argument

No. 387551

Don't you know how to mute group conversations?

No. 387555

File: 1552797089432.png (328.01 KB, 433x444, lim.png)

well then stop being negative
just bottle up your negative feelings
nobody wants to hear about your problems, no matter how much they like you

No. 387558

A lot of them just feign ignorance. They pretend they had no reasonable access or money to get birth control. Many are content to be baby incubators, and convince themselves that it's a virtuous calling because they don't want to strive for better, because that takes work and is difficult unlike getting fucked unprotected.

No. 387562

I guess I should have clarified that I have been trying to be more positive/not so negative.
I just don't notice when I'm being that way before it's too late sometimes. No one has told me that I'm being annoying/too negative lately but I'm paying attention to their behavior and how it changes.
Thank you though, I needed that mental reminder that no one likes negative talk. I need to save all that shit for my counselor.

No. 387571

idk even how to say this lol. okay so i am not all that cute. it's whatever. i take care of myself, i like my body, have a loving partner i find attractive, not the end of the world. i have some nerdy friends with even nerdier husbands so i hang out with a lot of greasy neckbeards on occasion just by circumstance. god forbid i be friendly to some of these men. it's like i am so desperate that asking how they are and showing interest in anything they say means i, the unnattractive friend, might be into them. it's always guys lower than my "league" too. i'm so drunk and grumpy. not hurt really, just frustrated that because i'm not hot, i get automatically ignored. though tbh it's only ugly dudes who treat me like that. in this circle (it's pretty large) the more attractive men are friendly and normal. again pretty drunk and venting ughhhh.

No. 387576

Ugly men seem to really despise average and below women for whatever reason. Maybe because they can’t get ultra hot pussy and that ruins their day every time they look in the mirror

No. 387581

She said they misinterpret her friendliness as her hitting on them and aren't happy about it because they're shallow dickheads

No. 387588

I'm fed up with my bf because it's our one year anniversary soon and he's made no effort to come see me. We used to see each other regularly for months when I lived close by, but after I returned to my home country it's been impossible for me to save up money as a student who no one wants to fucking hire (I've tried everywhere and online jobs). Meanwhile, he carelessly spends about $1000 on a gun that he could've used on a ticket, jokingly saying "lol it's the same price as going to see u anon." It's like he wants me to dump him but I'm too sentimental to drop him just yet. Tbh if I dump him, I'm not eager to date again anytime soon, so I've sadly resigned myself to this shit. Also my roommate's bf came to see her for a week and spent nearly a thousand dollars on the ticket, so it just makes me feel worse that no one loves me that much.

No. 387607

You won anon that's all that matters! Unless you want to mess with her further, go for it!

No. 387609

Fuck people who don’t tip.
Yes I am a waitress.
And also yes. I am a burger,

No. 387612

bf and i are long distance and ever since we met up in person for two months ive been a wreck. im moving there in june but ever since i got back last summer my depression has gotten so much worse. i didn't realize how lonely i actually was before. and trying to make it through the next three months feels impossible, especially when life keeps hitting me w bad curveballs. im doing my best to keep it together but today i had to excuse myself from lunch with my aunt to go cry in the bathroom. i didn't feel like this once when i was there but i miss him, and it hurts badly. i know it's not that much longer in reality, but the time now is so hard. i shouldn't complain really and i feel stupid for even feeling this way.

No. 387613

File: 1552812588186.jpg (19.84 KB, 407x286, 1546981171136.jpg)

I… I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I’ve always been called naïve ever since I was a kid, but I believed that we’re better than this. I genuinely thought only men can get this toxic, this obsessive, this… fucking spiteful. It’s making my consider abandon this site since, well, my frustration with it has been consuming me for a while, and I don’t want to become like the users here.

No. 387616

Why be a waitress then?

t. not a burger

No. 387624

If people won't listen to scientists what the hell makes you think anyone's gonna listen to a bunch of kids? And let's be honest, those kids are just doing what they're being told to do / what their peers are doing. Hardly the sort of protest effective enough to change minds.

Fuck anti-vegans tbh

No. 387636

File: 1552816062943.jpg (83.87 KB, 861x1300, 11250660-businessman-with-thou…)

>Me trying to return to follow the Momokun threads but sped anons can't fucking control their "mariah is a pedo" sperging and throw a hysterical shitfit when people tell them to sit down

No. 387637

Your friend is jealous as shit and lashing out at you because of it. Fuck her unsupportive, rude ass and keep doing commissions.

No. 387654

I feel like the anons on the male hate thread just want an excuse to act like assholes to half the population
see I have zero problem with women expressing frustration with men. I do it all the time. I don’t criticize that behaviour at all and never have in this site.
What I am criticize is the dismissal of women’s positive experiences with men. Telling us that our experiences with men aren’t actually how we perceive them, that they know the men we know better than we do is condescending and dismissive and worthy of calling out.

No. 387657

> What I am criticize is the dismissal of women’s positive experiences with men. Telling us that our experiences with men aren’t actually how we perceive them, that they know the men we know better than we do is condescending and dismissive and worthy of calling out.

Am I crazy or was that a verbatim comment from Reddit in that GC thread?

No. 387667

Stop calling famous lesbians "queer"!! I'm so tired

No. 387670

I saw a video on Facebook about college students in California having to resort to sleeping in their cars because they can’t afford dorms or apartments. I looked at the comments and of course there were boomers saying “well maybe they should have gone to community college” or “I don’t feel bad for them they decided to go to a 4 year college; maybe they should get 2 jobs”, like what the hell? Boomers are so annoying, most of them didn’t have to attend college to get a decent job, or if they did attend college it was way cheaper than it is now. Also community colleges are a great way to save money but it limits your options. It’s like boomers expect us to waste our 20s working multiple jobs and attending class only, while they spent their 20s binge drinking and being degenerate.

No. 387674

File: 1552832821992.jpg (852.45 KB, 3024x4032, 79pg12byjyl21.jpg)

>any hot guys I find attractive only ever talk to me for hookups and aren't looking for anything serious
Not like I even give out thot vibes. They must think I'm so ugly that I'm insecure ergo I'm desperate thirsty enough to let myself be used in that way. They're right about the insecure part, but who doesn't get sick of being taken advantage?
I remember when guys used to lie about wanting relationships in order to get into a woman's pants, yet astoundingly some are so brazen about their slutdom that it removes all shadow of doubt. I feel sorry for the women they eventually settle down with, no doubt they'll be ridden with stds and emotional baggage.

No. 387675

File: 1552833281863.png (500.61 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nxgimaH0141t4kifqo1_128…)

anime openings and lofi music have been the only thing to bring me happiness this week. i wish i wasn't such an isolated weeb

No. 387677

don't be ashamed as anime for better or worse is becoming mainstream

No. 387679

iktf anon, except that the men I like aren't even conventionally attractive.
Incels like to cry about "modern women" being sloots, but honestly? It's modern men.

No. 387688

This is gonna sound really “WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY”, but I really do hate what the Internet does to people. I hate how it churns out all these sad people who have somewhere they’d rather be, but don’t know where that is.
There’s this one part in The Inferno that talks about this one place where everyone is all sad and lie face down in this large lake, or some other body of water. And they just stay there, face down, alive, but not living. I always thought that was pretty poignant, because it’s an apt description of what’s happening.
Maybe it’s because times are changing, or maybe people just kind of fall behind in life and never quite catch up. But for whatever reason, people are just sort of being left behind. They look at this world, and all they can see is how much, despite their best efforts, they don’t understand it. They can’t wring what they want out of it. They can’t live the way they want to or find somewhere they can fit. So instead of working harder, they just decide to lie down and take it. They don’t want to try and understand anymore, they just want to try and pretend like they never wanted anything, because that hurts less than knowing you can’t get it.
I wish I knew how to stop it. I wish I could save everyone, even the people that don’t deserve it.
If that makes sense, anyway. You know what I mean? I just can’t bring myself to believe anyone deserves to ridicule and hate.

No. 387690

I understand/agree with you completely.

No. 387694

The concept of working for tips as completely retarded. It shouldn't be the responsibility of customers to make sure you get a paycheck.

No. 387704

My computers disk has been acting up lately. First it was some how at 100% capacity when not a single software was open. I had to go deep into my computers setting to shut off some random as background software. Now Mcafee is acting up cause it demands that is scans an app every time I open it and this also maxes out my disk. Fuuuck

No. 387706

You've described my predicament. How do I get my shit together? I'm almost 22.

No. 387707

If i'm tipping it's for the chef. Not the waiter/waitress

No. 387710

I think it's hilarious most countries besides America see tipping as an insult, we need to implement that narrative here. Too many people asking for money.

No. 387711

It's ok, 5-20 years later when these boomers are thrown into shitty retirement home / homeless because their kids don't want them or dead, they'll wake up (or not, they're boomers)

No. 387712

This, I already paid for the service, why the fuck should I give you a free handout?

No. 387716

Not a boomer, but I literally dropped out of college because I was a poorfag. Get a full time job and go back to school when you have the funds to later on. It's not hard to find a position without a degree.
I know plenty of people who went to college and it was just money wasted for them. Now they're out and getting paid the same amount I am. I have no degree, they we're in college for 4 years and now are also paying off college debt along with their bills.
Don't complain about being poor when you could've waited and saved up. I think people are too eager to go to college right out of high school. If you can't afford college, don't sign up for classes.

No. 387717

I've been living in a nightmare for the last few days. Anxiety, depression and panic attacks all together. Took 5 drops of tranquilizer, they didn't fucking work. I can't stop crying, my head spins, nothing brings me happiness, all I feel is dread and I want to die. Why did this happen? Just a week ago I was fine. I really didn't need this shit. I can't even eat. Is suicide the only option now?

No. 387718

I’m the person who you responded to. I agree the system of tipping is retarded but it isn’t going anywhere in the U.S anytime soon. If you can’t afford to at least send $5 to your server, then you have no business dining out. Go to McDonalds or get to go or something.

No. 387719

Cause I’m still getting my degree and there aren’t lot of job opportunities at the moment. Worked in retail for several years before this and it sucked.

Sorry for double posting. I’m on mobile and can’t see all the replies.

No. 387720

People who don't tip you do so because you give off shitty vibes, have a bad attitude, have bad body language, or seem like you don't know what you're doing, whether you know you give those vibes or not. You have to be enthusiastic and really good at your job for people to want to pay you and you need to kiss ass hard, more so than any other retail worker.
Can't stand when I go somewhere and the bitch who's serving us has a bad attitude for no reason. This is all too common. If you don't like your job, please quit.

If you genuinely don't think this applies to you, then please ignore my personal cross-vent.

No. 387722

I wish I could change my personality. I know it’s possible, it’s just incredibly difficult.

No. 387724

I love Lolita and I really want to put together a coord and attend a local meetup. It just looks like fun and I’d love to be all frilly and girly with other ladies for a day. My husband absolutely hates it. We were at a zoo not too long ago and a meet-up happened to be taking place there with girls in super crazy sweet coords. My husband talked about how retarded it was to dress up like that and it made me feel bad. Ive shown him more casual pieces without telling him what it was and he reacted positively, but man I wish I could go full out and get a big frilly coord together. I respect him though so I won’t spend money on it.

No. 387726

>Just a week ago I was fine. I really didn't need this shit. I can't even eat. Is suicide the only option now?

If you're like me it will pass in a few days. I know it sucks but it's not worth killing yourself for a temporary state.

No. 387728

Don't even stop yourself because of your husband, he's not gonna attend anyways. My boyfriend talks about how retarded Kingdom Hearts is but I still play series in front of him no matter what he says. He even gets into it in the moment because he sees I'm enjoying it.
Your husband will see how much positive energy you radiate under all the frills and he'll put aside his comments and be happy for you because you're already happy.

No. 387729

>I respect him though so I won’t spend money on it.
Um, unless you're a stepford wife or something, it's none of his business how you spend your money, anon.

No. 387732

I really hope you're right… I've never felt this bad before, it's unbearable.
My sister had this same thing some months ago, but in her case she wasn't lethargic/sleepy, constantly cold and food deprived, and she had panic attacks only when she left the house. I have them all the time, one after another, with approximately one hour of peace in a day.

No. 387733

Well, I understand that, but it is our money. We share finances so both of us consult before making a purchase that is outside of the allotted budget. The main issue is I wouldn’t want to be inconsiderate by using our money for something he totally hates, I would be annoyed if he spent $400 on something I didn’t like or considered frivolous
You are right, and I did not even consider that it’s not like he would have to be around me. He is supportive, albeit a little judgmental.

No. 387764

I was working out in the garage and I tell my boyfriend to not come in because it makes me uncomfortable when people watch. Well, he's bored so he comes in and I'm just like whatever, I only have 2 sets of deadlifts left and finish them. I don't claim I know a whole lot about weightlifting but I'm just trying my best here. He then critiques me saying I'm supposed to squat when I do deadlifts, and this is another reason I don't want him there when I workout. I essentially said no and that I didn't want to talk about it. He continued to say how the strongest people in the world like the Mountain squat when they deadlift. And I said if he loved watching people work out so much on YouTube why doesn't he go and do it. And he tells me he was a competitive weightlifter in high school, and he's 28 now. Like ok?
We've been fighting a lot and I need to leave this relationship. I'm waiting till the lease is up but it gets harder every day.

No. 387766

I like japanese music, culture and language since I was a kid but never actually tried to learn kanji or anything deeper. Now I'm at university and I met a guy who is learning chinese there. He asked me if I liked asian languages and if I had any desire to learn them and I said yes, I would like to learn japanese one day and I explained to him that my interest came from music.

Then he started acting weird and said to me that it's not possible to learn japanese just because I liked the music and tried to discourage me. My answer was that I couldn't get into learning a new language if I don't like the entertainment industry of the country where the language is spoken.

Like.. boy, mind your own business. I don't understand why he reacted like this.
It doesn't exist a right or wrong reason for someone to decide to learn something. If I enjoy listening to asian music and want to learn the language, it's my fucking problem. This is a stupid rant I know but I needed to vent somewhere.

No. 387769

He sounds like one of those snooty
>How dare you be inspired to immerse yourself with a foreign by their pop culture, you uncultured swine!!!
people. I've had tons of friends first become interested in anime, then they learned the Japanese language, went there as an exchange student and now live there, constantly learning more about the culture.

No. 387770

You come off weeby, but immersion is still the best way to learn a language. No idea what his problem with that was.

No. 387771

Sorry if I post this wrong I haven't posted before, only lurked.

I feel so humiliated knowing now that this guy I had a thing with doesn't like me any more than a friend. But I'm so confused because why then would you have sex with me, kiss me, cuddle with me, hold my hand, etc if you only like me as a friend? He's the one who made the first move towards something more! He said he wasn't looking for anything and has no sexual attraction towards anyone and was just doing it because he thought I'd enjoy it, which I did but only because I thought he also was enjoying it and wanted to do it. And I'd have been fine with that if he had told me that at the beginning, you know when I even straight up asked him if he wanted to do it and if he really liked me or was just fucking around with me.

And it sucks because I really had a great connection and friendship with him before all this but now I feel like it's ruined and we can't just hang out and talk like we did before. I just wish he hadn't made any moves towards me if he felt like that and he just keeps telling me I shouldn't ruin these past memories, but I feel like they're all ruined because now I just wonder how much of what he said and did was just him lying and telling me what he thought I wanted to hear/do.

No. 387775

He just wanted to fuck but doesn’t want to commit to you. He’s giving you a lot of different excuses, but that is really all it comes down to.

Try not to be humiliated, I know it is hard now but he is the one who mislead you and makes excuses for his behavior. He should be embarrassed.

No. 387783

Saged for no contribution but I just got started learning Japanese today after getting into weeb shit a couple years ago. And I know no1curr but this is coincidental timing to see this. Language learning is in general a good hobby and keeps the mind engaged well, nobody should care if the interest is just because of a pop culture trend.

No. 387785

I currently don't have any close friends and it's okay. I enjoy spending my time alone doing things I want but I am also so torn. I'd love to be able to talk with someone (non-romantically) for hours and just have fun as well and go places. I know I'm not capable because I'm just not that type of person I'm too introverted and anxious.
A past friendship (with the only person that would talk to me) that turned abusive has just made it so hard for me to let people into my life like that anymore. Not that anyone ever tries that hard with me to get close though.

No. 387786

Last night as I was walking back to my apartment I bumped my hip into the wall, and I got turned on.

I need a boyfriend I'm so lonely

No. 387795

File: 1552862792960.jpeg (54.77 KB, 1024x608, 9CDEC827-9784-4AB5-9644-0F3478…)

Finally hung out irl with a friend for the first time and months. She was playing this gacha game based on an anime we both like and they were doing a limited gacha thing. She spent the in-game currency she had on it and didn't get what she wanted. Instead of just closing the game and moving on she takes out her credit card and buys more in-game currency right there in public. It wasn't even a little bit either, it was over $80.
I'm starting to get worried that she's gonna become a whale.

No. 387803

This was genuinely sad to read. Sounds like an addiction

No. 387806

Gacha games are terrible for people with little self-control. Personally I got into one once and spent about 500 USD on it before it shut down, never again. If she sees nothing wrong with spending that much, she is probably too far gone.

No. 387807

Which one was it? If it’s fate grand order then… she’s gonna go broke if she’s like that.
I’ve watched streams of someone who would throw down like $800 on it, his roommate was in the back room being passive aggressive asking him to pay rent before he rolled.

No. 387808

File: 1552867652885.jpeg (136.34 KB, 800x451, F35D9541-7556-4486-ACF3-62EB45…)

It was Revue Starlight Re Live. I've heard from so many people about how bad the rates in this are that I'm sure that she's gonna end up broke eventually..

No. 387810


I'm worried about my mom, she spends $40 on facebook apps and buys lotto tickets like crazy. Unfortunately she had winning numbers one day, she filled out the card, but never took it up front to pay for it and get the orange receipt (she'd been playing the lotto for years). Now she buys, I kid you not, hundreds of them in a single month and cries herself to sleep. She lashes out and screams constantly about it, but refuses to see a professional. I know it seems absurd, but I really do believe she has PTSD, we share a lot of symptoms in common and I am diagnosed.

No. 387813

she's got gambling issues then.

No. 387826

My advice is to stop going online so often especially weird places like imageboards and especially when you're bored. Instead use that time to gain a skill, or learn about something new, or do something to stimulate your mind a little bit. You'll feel like a lot less boring person and get motivated to keep getting better. (At least that works for me, I get that everyone's different and this may not work for them)

No. 387833

I've been a NEET for 5 years while I went through a lot of health issues with my husband supporting me. Now that I'm finally healthier I'm trying to work again. Unfortunately I've been out of it for so long that I have so much anxiety working again. Every time I put in an application I nearly have a panic attack and I even deliberately bombed an interview a few months ago because I was scared.

I have an interview next week that I was initially excited about but now I am dreading. Former NEETs, does this feeling ever go away? I'm told that it does and I just have to suck it up but I'm still scared.

No. 387834

It's not the internet's fault that this happens to people. People are using the internet to cope with a loss of connection to society.

Nobody has their shit together at 22

Just continue living off of your husband

No. 387839

>I think people are too eager to go to college right out of high school.

Yeah true, but that’s because teachers, parents, and other adults (usually boomers) make it seem like college is the only viable option when leaving high school. Of course most kids are going to go to college after high school because they don’t know what else to do. Even if there are other options like trade school, community college, or working right out of high school to save up money for college, there’s a stigma attached to those who decide to pursue those. At least that’s how it was when I was in high school, 4 year college was shilled as the best thing ever and if you decided to do anything else people would lowkey look down on you. I just think it’s hypocritical for boomers to blame kids for going to college and not having the money to support themselves, but they’re the ones who told said kids that college was the only good option.

No. 387841

Former NEET here, after some job interviews the feeling starts fading.
Try to get prepared for the interview in advance, and by that I mean getting into a confident mindset, minding your body posture and tone.
Power posing just before the interview and, at least for me, listening to songs that fire you up really helps too.
Another trick that you can already try if you know who will interview you or at least has some of the company info, be it on linkedin or visiting it if it's retail, is to pretend you know the people there, that they are your long time friends and that you are happy and excited to meet them at the interview.

Another interesting thing is that biologically I read the feeling of anxiety can be quite close to excitement, so maybe you can try re-framing into getting that you are excited about the interview after overcoming NEEThood, which is amazing btw anon.

I'm sure you'll be able to this anon, if not with that interview in a next one. Just keep going forward despite the fear.

No. 387842

>It's not the internet's fault that this happens to people. People are using the internet to cope with a loss of connection to society.
But its defiantly making it worse then it should be

No. 387848

i disagree. it's making some things worse, but not the things you described.

No. 387850

i'm so stressed lately it's making my mental health terrible this whole week. my anxiety is making me feel so detached from everything. it's scary. things feel scary. i know this will pass, but it's just so uncomfortable right now.

No. 387852

Thanks for such a nice reply!

Yeah I figured as much :/ It's so annoying because I told him months ago before all this even started about my trust issues regarding relationships and intimacy. like how I feel like men only want sex from me and just say what they want to get it (because of two past experiences with it) and then the fact that he proceeded to just do completely that has really done a number on me and reaffirmed my fears. The whole thing just feels really cruel to me and has made me reexamine the "friendship" we had.

No. 387900

kind of random peeve, but i absolutely hate the webcomic meg mogg and owl and it's been driving me nuts. it's written by a troon that seems to have nothing going on but smoking weed and drawing this comic. there's no real narrative or story, just him pretending to be a homely witch girl that fucks her cat and doing disgusting things and being a generally terrible person (like terrorizing a rape victim, iirc). the style is okay at best, half baked and lazy at worst. i could forgive it if the subject matter wasn't just absolute trash. I'm mad i wasted time reading that.

No. 387907

>like terrorizing a rape victim
I may regret knowing but what does the witch "girl" do to her ?

No. 387908

File: 1552896503474.png (92.61 KB, 737x592, 1552784254221.png)

Anybody else feel completely miserable and useless because they haven't been able to move past their depression their entire life? I've had depression onset ever since i was a very, very young child, and now i'm a young adult expected to be thrusted into the workplace when i don't even know how to not feel terrible. I've done everything. I've tried to get my shit together for a long, find new hobbies, work out regularly, eat and sleep better, take breaks from social media, socialize, medication
,switching medications, therapy, suicide hotlines, etc. Nothing works, it's been years and years with what feels like a curse that refuses to let go of me. Why am i not improving? Why can't i be happy? Why can't i just be content with what i have? I've been taking all these expensive ass medications and going to therapy for a decade but i'm not improving. It never feels like i am. In the end i just give up on everything. What's the point of going to the gym and doing all this shit that everyone tells me will make me happy but doesn't? I don't know. I just want a normal brain that can think correctly. I've been hard working and trying hard to overcome these feelings but they always persist. Is there a point in trying so hard when i'm not improving? I'm trying all this shit, man but it never works but people tell me i'll be even more miserable if i stop even though i feel no fucking change. It hurts i'm so tired i just want it to stop i feel like if 10 year old me knew she was still going to be miserable 10 years from then she would have definitely not bothered to live all those years wasting her time. but that little girl at least had a smile and a dream, i wish i could have saved her.

No. 387914

File: 1552900439506.jpg (69.04 KB, 340x372, 1473919060962.jpg)

I only recognize characters from reaction pics, then I see

No. 387935

I feel super lonely and isolated at night, even though I live with my boyfriend. I think in some part it's my timezone so there's not a lot of people online to chat with in the evenings.

Yes. I've given up on the idea that I can be a happy normie tbh. I just try to get through the day and make my life as comfortable as possible.

No. 387936

>when I just saw your post on g with the same info

Sexy wall, I guess. Your LDR needs to get over there, stat

No. 387944

File: 1552906666531.jpeg (35.92 KB, 640x640, 0cf98dcb8fcb4915b1ea8c83d2ae02…)

I'm so fucking done, can't even keep my shit together to do a fucking hormone test. All I have to do is not be nervous or at least not more nervous that I usually am, get a good nights sleep before and smoke less. But nooo I woke up in the middle of the night and had a panic attack about the fact that I can't fall back asleep and if I get hungry right now I wouldn't be able to eat because it would mess with the results. So after a crying fit I had to eat because stress makes me extra hungry. So I fucked it up and didn't go today and now I'm super stressed about it, so I'm fucking it up even further.
God why can't I chill
This isn't even the first time this happened, had the same thing happen this winter and on the third day I was like fuck I ain't got a week to wait till I calm the fuck down.
Doesn't help that my hormone imbalance is stress induced. I'll see what this gyno says after the tests, but I doubt I can fix it without fixing my depression/anxiety. So I'm fucking up my body by not getting better and this year I just gave up. I tried last year and the year before that but I just get worse. Sometimes I wish I wasn't as much of a pussy so I could off myself.

No. 387948

… nothing could have prepared me for that.

No. 387954

File: 1552908760001.jpg (29.41 KB, 550x393, peepd.jpg)

I hear you, anon. I try to accept that reality but when someone reminds me of how young i am it makes me depressed. I enjoy nostalgia and things that remind me of my childhood and the simpler times, but whenever i specifically look at pictures of me as a young girl i start crying. When i remember how i suffered and still am, it makes me feel like i'm looking at a picture of a child that died a horrible death. Like looking at a newspaper with a horrible story about how a child was brutally murdered in some way, and her body left in a horrible, mangled, unrecognizable and unsightly state.
So many missed opportunities, so much innocence stolen at the hands of others. It makes me even more depressed. I wish i could get another chance at a normal childhood.

No. 387960

what the fuck is his problem?

No. 387963

File: 1552910725793.jpg (595.99 KB, 1200x1800, e66a7026607277.56357c68833de.j…)

I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Hugging you through the screen


No. 387975

Thank you for your support, anon

No. 387979

This is such a non-problem, but I feel like I am just sooo busy with people and I don't have time to meet with everyone I would like. There's so many people I would like to get to know better, I just don't have the time.

No. 387988

I have a job interview tomorrow morning and the place of work isn't really ideal (no place is) but what I hate the most is that I'll have to travel by bus half an hour then from the bus station by foot another half an hour. I just know I'm going to be all sweaty by the time I get there and ugh, it just makes me feel worse.

No. 388005

As a fellow European I feel terrible for what's happening in Utrecht and I hope the murderer gets caught before he kills more people.

And while both the NZ shooting and Utrecht is despicable, I am irked that no one had problems pointing out that the NZ shooter was white and with the Utrecht shooting, the first thing people comment is that race and religion don't matter all of the sudden and I absolutely hate the hypocrisy behind it. There are people wanting to deny the description of the guy who did it who is still on loose just so people wouldn't get the wrong idea about Islam. I hate the both left and right side. Instead of worrying and trying to consolidate victims and scared people of Utrecht, people are more concerned with PR of Islam. Fuck all of this.

Also, a tranny profiting from this terrible shooting by posting a shitty picture. Vultures, all of them.

No. 388007

I feel bad for the victims and I don't think they deserved at all
but I'm not gonna lie and pretend that Islam ins't one of the misogynistic and problematic religions currently existing
And while I'm not fond of Christianity either I will say thats it less dangerous globally then Islam

No. 388010

> And while I'm not fond of Christianity either I will say thats it less dangerous globally then Islam

I agree. Statistically it's true. But I'm also angry how hypocritical the media is. The same people spouting how race and religion doesn't matter when a muslim commits an attack are condemning all white people when a white individual does it.

I have to say that I do hope the shooting today gives people more anti-immigration sentiment and that it affects the voting to stop more of this madness. And I hope that Erdogan is held responsible as he incited for this violence, but I have very little hope the media will condemn him.

No. 388013

I don't get what's so hard for people to acknowledge that some white people are bad AND some Muslims are bad. It's not either/or.

No. 388034

File: 1552924108719.gif (667.87 KB, 370x300, Good luck.gif)

I hear that using antiperspirant before going to bed helps with sweating

I hope it works for you anon and good luck with your job interview!

No. 388035

People have been programed into believing there is only duality in things. Left/right, good/evil, hell/heaven, the examples are infinite.
Primitive environments forced the human brain to make incredibly quick, snap judgments when the amygdala is triggered by a threat/violence/fear, which is why you see the behavior you do today.
It is almost impossible to have nuance when your amgydala is in control.

No. 388043

What >>388034 said plus get some wet wipes to refresh yourself once you reach the destination. Good luck, hope it goes well!

No. 388044

What >>388034 said plus get some wet wipes to refresh yourself once you reach the destination. Good luck, hope it goes well!

No. 388049

Whenever I have something important to do in the morning I can't sleep no matter what. It's the biggest reason I cannot get or keep a job, because I quickly become a sleep deprived husk and intensely suicidal. I use all the sleep aids at my disposal (melatonin, valerian, oil diffuser with a relaxing blend, beta blockers, no screens before bed, cold dark bedroom). I got into bed 5 hours ago and I'm still wide awake because I have a job interview in 4 hours. The whole reason I applied for this job was because my sleep has been great the last few months but clearly I'm still fucked.

And of course my doctor won't prescribe me a sleeping pill, not even a limited number so she can be assured I would take them when absolutely necessary. I'm just so fucking mad.

No. 388064

File: 1552929817696.png (433.92 KB, 518x746, 9832489234.PNG)

when i was 9 i was molested by my friend's older brother at a sleepover. i kept it a secret and didn't let anyone touch me until i was 13. when i came out with it, my mom said i was lying and my dad said if it did happen it was no excuse for me being so reserved.

when i was 14 i began a "relationship" with somebody 11 years my senior. he groomed me for nearly 5 years. he convinced me he was my only friend and nobody else would understand me. i believed him after having my feelings invalidated by my family. he raped me multiple times. i went to online school and hardly left my room. i had no other friends.

when i turned 18 my next door neighbor broke into my house, beat me until i almost died, and raped me on my living room floor. shortly after i left the nearly 30 year old man who had been grooming me. i had no friends still.

a few months after my neighbor raped me i started college. my second semester i met a guy who seemed really nice and we hit it off. in retrospect i was very lonely and latched onto the first person who made me feel safe. turns out he was an abusive drug addict and dealer. i admit that i let drugs into my life to self-medicate after hurting so long.

he tried to murder me twice but i looked the other way. one time i had to jump out of a speeding car to get away from him. it took me about 8 months to fully realize i was being abused again. i left and quit cold turkey.

it feels like i haven't caught a break in a long time. i'm only 19 now, and it feels like this decade has been extremely damaging. aside from my family (who still doesn't know much about most of what happened) i shoulder all of this myself. i'm stubborn and don't want to let PTSD control me, or use it as an excuse. i'm just really tired, that's all.

No. 388073

You've been through so much, anon. Most people would've checked out of life a long time ago after all that shit. I'm assuming you're quite a strong person to have handled it all on your own, but you don't have to. Your campus probably offers therapy/counseling and that would be so beneficial for your mental health. Please seek treatment one day, you'll be so glad when you finally have someone to talk to that'll validate your feelings. I'm so sorry life has been cruel to you, but I can tell you're a better person than most even despite that.

No. 388074

a drink for every time you see:
>bleeding heart animal spergs
>"i can't wait for her to cosplay X!! the X fandom will tear her apart"
>namecalling spergout (e.g. whiny fat cunt bitch)
>all of the above with blogposting and virtue signalling

No. 388117

>>388049 here, I have gotten no sleep and my interview is soon. It's a 30 minute drive and I'm a shaky, nauseous mess from all the beta blockers I took to try and sleep. How fucked will I be if I call and ask to reschedule the interview? I'd normally suck it up but the interview has a technical portion and I don't trust myself to perform it safely.

No. 388119

Yeah you should definitely reschedule and not drive. I'm sure they will be understanding.

No. 388120

I would post this in unpopular opinions but the topic is here… Momokun has outlived her milk and all her recent threads are bad nitpicking. But she's close to 100 threads so I hope it gets there just for the legacy factor tbh.

No. 388124

You're going to lose the job if you no show on the interview.

No. 388142

I attempted suicide 6 years ago, I think even was around this day. I feel like i did die. I don’t feel like myself since then, I can’t feel happy, I lost interest in every hobby I had, I even stopped talking to any friend I had and have no urge to talk still. I’ve had some good times, but it’s never been common. Maybe like twice a year? Idk every other day is melded together and I don’t notice time passing.

Idk maybe I’m just a little bitch.

No. 388144

No showing =/= rescheduling.

No. 388150

I've been having mega anxiety about having to go back on campus next week to make up a lab I missed last semester so I can complete the grade for the course. It was supposed to be next Wednesday but I just got an email asking everyone to submit some work that we have to do before the lab, and the TA said that the lab is this Wednesday instead of next Wednesday. So they changed the schedule and no one thought to let me know. Now my anxiety is in hyperdrive because I wasn't anticipating having to be around the super-competitive people in my major for another 9 days, but now it's 2 days away. I'm out of town and would have brought different clothes/stuff to cut my hair with had I known I would be driving down to campus from here on Wednesday morning. now I'm gonna look like a creep since I'll be showing up for the first time to a class that's been in session for 2 months already and I can't even look my best for it.

No. 388162

My pap test came back abnormal for the second time in six months so I have to get an ultrasound, a colposcopy, and possibly a biopsy. Worrying about having cancer is making it difficult to concentrate on my schoolwork. I have to write five research papers and four exams within the next six weeks but I can't stop crying long enough to be productive. I told my mom but she doesn't seem to care. Feeling very alone and sad and scared.

No. 388164

Wishing you luck anon!! Remember, if it's something it's better for it to be caught early. Where I'm from, only 2 % of the women with uterine cancer die - most of those cases because they didn't get a pap in a decade and it's simply too late. You did everything right that could have been done.

No. 388169

Employers consider rescheduling a waste of their time. It's considered a no show and your resume and application go straight to the circular file. US, of course, don't know about other countries.

No. 388195

Why can't I stop being a misanthrope. It's literally impossible for me to stop and i don't know what to do.

No. 388199

I hate how I mention I'm going to the gym and some guy feels it his duty to mansplain to me how to lose weight.
I need a calorie deficit and consistency to lose weight? Omg, no way~!
I'm such a clumsy slut and retarded bitch for never having guessed! Could've sworn that's how I lost the weight before I met my toxic ex, forced myself to work a shitty job for years, and then binged myself out of all my progress to cope with the formers.
Almost like…I know what I'm fucking doing but this guy doesn't fucking know me.
Maybe I'm just riled up and feeling aggressive, but I feel like men talk down to women like this and try to groom them into their ideal of fuckability. I didn't ask for his advice and I don't need this patronizing shit.

No. 388206

I used to like this site until it became pull 2.0 with its userbase. People can't say anything remotely controversial anymore. No, not even controversial, just can't be blunt anymore. People are so worried about hurting the feelings of the people they talk about despite those people making stupid decisions.

Also, I fucking hate famous artists who can't stop preaching. "Don't do free work and make sure not to undersell yourself! Contests are the devil!" Ok but that's easy to say when you have 20 more customers lined up after you turn down an underpaying job. Those of us with no reach can't afford to do that. Artists like that just feel so out of touch yet fall back on the "i was just like you" excuse.

No. 388212

Or maybe he was just giving you advice. A lot of people both male and female don't understand how to lose weight. You sound paranoid.

No. 388214

Or maybe people don't want unsolicited advice over common sense things. Nothing about saying you're going to the gym indicates you don't know what counting calories is.
I hope you don't do this, it's annoying behavior.

No. 388215

Men do this shit all the time. I jokingly sent a funny kirby meme about soda to a guy I'm seeing, and he used the opportunity to tell me how soda is the devil and causes you to gain weight. Thanks dude, I was just trying to share a joke but you ruined it by having to show off your common knowledge intelligence.

No. 388217

I know this is a vent thread but I need advice, I meet this really awesome girl who I really click with and I want to make friends with her! I'm a girl and not used to making female friends irl though, is there anything I should do differently…in the first place I'm really nervous when making friends. How do I friend???

No. 388218

You need to chill

Are you fat?

No. 388220

You sound hangry.

No. 388225

Have to agree, it's incredibly pc and petty around here lately. I don't really mind it because I don't hold extreme views either way but I definitely miss the old userbase a lot more because there was more variety in the userbase and the girls were funnier. Too bad they jumped ship 3 years ago.

No. 388228

Where they really funnier? I've been here awhile and I've read back on old threads, anon just said slurs a lot more

No. 388229

The skinny boy thread makes me gag seeing those pics on front page. What is wrong with some of y’all?

No. 388230

ive been here since the beginning and there was truly no noticeable difference except that there was a fuckton more nitpicking and shitposting because we had 0 moderation like most chans (not that i mind the moderation now).

i think you guys just want to idealize the past.

No. 388231

>>387944 anon reporting in
Just had a crying fit again, after sleeping for four hours, gave in and smoked weed and ate because I fucking can’t
This time is definitely worse than the last time and even worse than yesterday
Guess that sets me back again and now I feel like not going in for tests this month. I feel bad already about telling my gyno I was too much of a wreck to do it.
Thank god I have therapy today

No. 388242

I wish I felt less "isolated" from other people. I have a bunch of friends, for example, but they are a lot more close to each other than I am to them or they are to me. Some of them seem to not like me even, and it's obvious. I just can't fully open up to them and prefer to stay silent about my interests, which is sad, because we share a lot of it. And because I chose not to speak up, they think I'm boring (it's not just my imagination, I know some of them said so). Only a handful of them know me well enough so that I am invited to spend time in a group.
I feel like it has always been this way. I never participated in anything that had something to do with amount of people higher than 2. But it's not like my head it empty and I have nothing to say - it's quite the opposite, and again, I usually share a lot of interests with my friends. It's just, I kind of let them speak and never interrupt with my own thoughts on the topic. I'm an active listener, and it helps when any relationship begins, but I suffer emotionally from being unable to talk, and later start to distance myself even more. No idea how it started or why. Psychologist didn't help, although we worked on most of my other, harder problems with quite a success.
Sorry for mistakes, I'm not from an english-speaking country.

No. 388244

I got in a bad break up and started fucking everyone I meet

Basically my issue is that I'm scared I'm pregnant, on top of getting sick after kissing someone, I want to cut them off but I don't have the balls too, how do I clean my life up lolcow

No. 388249

Delete your social media/dating apps/messaging apps and guy's numbers off your phone, don't party or socialize with men (feel free to ghost them because they're probably shit anyway). Only leave the house for work/class, errands and wholesome hobbies, ideally female dominated.

I really can't relate because I've been celibate for years and the above works for me 100%. Not having sex is reaaaaally easy when guys have no way to hit you up.

No. 388262

I woman I was casually seeing tried to guilt me into sex before I was ready. I kept trying to explain that I wanted to take it slowly and get to know her better but she kept bringing it up and treating it like I was lying? (We had only been dating for two weeks) I have trouble with intimacy and I feel like I must truly trust someone before getting in bed with them. I was also still getting to know her and I didn't know if I was having feelings for her.

After basically saying no and not having sex with her she wanted to end things. At first I felt like it was my fault for not trying… But the more I think about the more I realize she was trying to coerce me into something I wasn't ready for and get mad… She left me feeling like I was the bad guy and it was my fault. I still get mad about it sometimes

No. 388263

You want to turn other people into a shut-in like yourself?

No. 388264

Women can't guilt people into sex anon

No. 388267

Are you being serious?

No. 388284

I am running into the same problem with my partner over and over. I love him but holy shit.

I'm a pretty spontaneous person, though do plan and research rigorously as well when it's a big thing. When the task is annoying or tedious I have to do it on the spot as I've thought of it, or I lose my inspiration and just don't do it later. My partner is the opposite, has to plan things days in advance most of the time. He is also very impatient and will get visibly agitated by things like waiting in line.

So I have to push to schedule something, I have to insist on doing the thing the day it is scheduled to happen, and even then he complains about how his weekend is precious which is probably a jab at me being a freelancer, picking when I get to work. He doesn't get that weekends will always be precious for him and they will also be the only days to do adult tasks that take a while due to his busy weekday schedule. I've spent an entire year waiting for him to clean out the closets that he had actual recyclable trash in before I moved in. We lived with two chairs and a desk as our only pieces of furniture for nearly a year. Not even a bedframe. He freaked out when I ended up getting one piece more than he thought I would at Ikea, even though the cost didn't go over the budget by any means. It's just literally "you said you'd get 2 things and we have 3 things now". Didn't have an actual argument as to why that is bad. I built the furniture mostly on my own anyway, I love building shit. All I asked of him was to help me carry the boxes upstairs, and then throw away the boxes which I took the time to flatten and prepare for recycling the day before… Would help carry the boxes down but he refused my help over and over. Just huffed and puffed and carried the boxes to the bin in like 6 installments. Lol.

Still hasn't gotten around to cleaning up his own piles of paper trash and other small bits of weird useless shit that he brought over when he moved apartments. Instead of sorting through things he had, he just indiscriminately crammed all his shit into boxes and then shoved the boxes into the walk-in closets. Two years later I move in and I find that his clothes are being used out of the dryer because the closets are full of trash so they can't contain anything else, such as clothes.

This nigga can't do anything on the spot, unless it's to preorder the deluxe edition of a game that won't be out for 6 months. I love gaming too but he easily throws the idea of budgets entirely out the window, although he's anal about budgeting when I want to buy fresh fruits or basic furniture. Also utter trash at cleaning and can't be assed to organize anything. No cupboard in the kitchen has a theme as to what it might contain. Everything is random. Worn clothes go into piles on the floor instead of the hamper I set up. He doesn't sort his mail, they just turn into piles on the floor once he brings it in. He'll use a razor and then leave it on the counter instead of throwing it away. I just threw away 9 razors in a pile. Fridge is full of empty milk cartons (that I keep thinking are full and realize shit has been out the entire time when I go to use them for cereal) and half expired/never gonna get used sauce jars take up an entire shelf that he throws a shitfit if I attempt to clean out bc muh waste of money. I HATE THIS.

I do arrange and clean things but he won't make any effort to stick to it. This includes simple things like "let's do dishes every day so they don't pile up" or "let's finish the TP roll we're using before opening a new one so we don't have many almost-finished baby rolls in a pile". I can't believe I've become the neat one in my relationship bc I'm honestly a pretty lazy person who is prone to bad habits. His complete incompetency in domestic shit has made me look like an expert. Why does he act like an autistic hoarder????

I know his mother basically thought men shouldn't learn any domestic skills and purposely banned him from attempting them as a kid. His sister was forced to do all the work alongside his mom instead. I guess this is the result: an intelligent and mature man who is an utter retarded baby in domestic matters. His positive sides shine every day, in so many ways but THIS SHIT IS KILLING ME.

Feels good to vent. Thank you based OP.

No. 388286

That sucks anon. But be glad you turned her down, it wouldn't have been a good relationship if it started with such pressure.
Stop acting so retarded.

No. 388288

>This nigga can't do anything on the spot, unless it's to preorder the deluxe edition of a game that won't be out for 6 months.

Bless you anon, this made me laugh.
But I seriously, it may be ultimatum time otherwise he’ll never get it through his head to not be a useless slob - I’m not saying a huge ultimatum like dumping him, but just refuse to help out with anything of his until he at least starts making an effort to be a functioning human being

No. 388291

>this is your brain on the pink pill

No. 388293

Pink pill? Where?

No. 388302

Different anon, but men are extremely hyper sexual and i can't imagine a man ever saying no unless they are gay or the woman in question is remarkably gross.

No. 388305

I'm confused are people assuming I'm a man cause I post about dating a woman?
Yeah I was getting some red flags

No. 388306

It's weird to automatically assume an anon dating women is a man and not les/bi on LC unless they say something that makes them seem male.

No. 388308

Yeah lol there seems to be a pretty large number of bi women here too

No. 388337

I'm really, really sorry that my mom got a daughter that is not interested in girly, feminine things but it's not fair that she ever so often yells at me for not being interested in things she has to say. I listen to her, and out of all my siblings I am the one that spends most time listening to her. I do my best to be genuinely interested in her stories and opinions, but I can't feign that much.

She was telling me about some eceleb and some failed boob job this morning in which I wasn't interested (I wasn't rude just asked her to not go into details) only to get a really angry phone call from her hours later that she was hurt and then she continued to be extremely rude. I have work to do and I'm under stress and I can't deal with her lashing out on me like that. It's not fair. I don't talk to her about technology and other things that interest me because I know she'd find it boring.

I'm sorry I hate shopping and makeup and don't want to marry and have kids. I know that she wishes she had someone else as a daughter but I can't change myself. I'd hate myself if I were any different. I can't care about things she cares about, how difficult is that to understand?

No. 388339


here's my ex-related vent of the day ;)
ex bf and i were in LDR for not even that long, broke up late last year because he said he confused romantic and platonic feelings. yada yada. cry for a month straight. we decide that we still love each other a lot and start considering each other best friends instead. everythings pretty good, i'm mostly okay with us not dating now (even though it kind of hurts to think he will probably be dating someone else eventually, he's way out of my league anyway).

problem is just, i'm still incredibly attracted to him and i don't think that's going to stop. he's a very playful and sexual person, and that hasn't changed since we broke up. he's very affectionate in real life too, and while its cute and i enjoy being close to him like that it's also frustrating because there's obviously some kind of boundary we're not allowed to cross since were exes. at least probably. i really don't know. he's always been someone who sends a lot of mixed signals, and he keeps being that way even now. we're going to be meeting up again soon, and a big part of me is just hoping something's going to happen. i don't even want to get back together, he's just hot and i'm confused if he'd be okay with that kind of thing or if he's just playing around.
i dont even know if this qualifies as a vent, but it's just a little (very) frustrating.

No. 388350

my laptop just suddenly stopped working, it’s screen went black and now it won’t turn on and I have an 8 page midterm due tonight!! i don’t know what to do other than cry

No. 388360

RIP anon. Do you have access to school computers or something? Or could you contact your prof to tell them? I wish you the best.

No. 388362

Shit anon I'm sorry
can you borrow a friends or family relatives laptop till yours starts working

No. 388365

I'm so sorry! Try to get to a friend's or a library. i hope it works out

No. 388369

File: 1553011416311.gif (518.95 KB, 500x283, wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Had…)

I absolute hate my sister-in-law
She is a Mooch and a woman child
She stays with her parents but sometimes comes to live with her younger brother i.e my husband
so all she does is stay in the guest room with her laptop watching anime and cartoons
She bathes about once every 2 weeks and refuses to change her clothes and sometimes takes my shirts
she makes comments about my height and becasue I'm GNC she "jokes" that my husband and I are a gay couple
though she is 26 she sometimes asks my Husband to carry her up the stairs
she also self describes as a hikikomori

No. 388377


thank you lovely anons!! I've been trying to fix it for the past hour, apologized to whatever gods I may have pissed off to cause this, and it's finally back up and running (at least for now). I'll probably still stop by my school's library and rent out an extra laptop just to be extra careful but for now….. it's time to break out the wine and write.

No. 388387

my uber driver this morning pissed me off by cracking the window after i got out and asking for tips. fucking retard i tip EVERYONE but the second you say some shit like that the bet's off. i used to work as a waitress, if i ever tracked my customers down after leaving their seat to beg for tips i would have definitely been fired. fucking asshole.

No. 388396

what do you guys think of a general cow/flake 'art', maybe in the /m/ board (that is, parody art) thread? i see a lot of people complaining that the art isn't suitable for the threads on specific cows or flakes that are made specifically for milk/info but i am curious to see their art and sometimes it is very funny, but having a million artfags clog up threads indiscriminately can be annoying, so this makes sense to me

No. 388407

I only assumed because the pink pill was brought up. And also i have bad reading comprehension, whoops.

No. 388432

Luna's relationship with Matthew makes me so sad for her. She's such a bag of shit and I don't know why, but it really breaks my heart. I guess because even guys that literally cannot get hard to save their lives on account of severe dope addiction are still duplicitous and disgusting for the sake of it? It literally hurts me on a personal level. That he doesn't seem necessarily as outwardly creepy but is factually as creepy as every other Indian perv on the internet disturbs me so much. Like, it can't even be motivated by his libido at that point, can it? What the fuck

No. 388434

Nah man she's awful. They deserve each other

No. 388437

She's definitely awful and she deserves it but it's the larger social commentary that hurts me the most, I think. I think we can all agree that as terrible and irredeemable as she is, she's a better catch than him by far, and even he - a man with no libido - is still not satisfied by her when he has absolutely nothing better to give. Far less, in fact. If she wanted to, she'd have potential. He just… doesn't.

No. 388461

I hope my fucking boiled eggs come out nicely

No. 388469

I had the worst luck with timing eggs due to conflicting information (such as my mom telling me to boil 10 min for a soft egg, wtf??) until I found https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-boil-egg-perfectly
hope yours worked out perfect!

No. 388475

Mine came out good. Yay! I probably do mine weird, but I put the eggs in cold water and turn my stove up all the way, once the water starts boiling I take it off the heat and let it sit for 17 minutes. I've tried to do it for 10 minutes before and my eggs came out runny. They were hard to peel.

No. 388479

If the alternative is getting fucked by anyone who looks your way, why not

No. 388500

Unpopular opinion thread maxed out, but still need to vent…

Even though I find the recent NZ terror attack horrific on a personal level and the video disturbed me, in the grand-scheme of things, it was necessary. Islam is a cancer on this earth and nearly 100,000 lives get taken away each year in the name of such drivel. The media, and most westerners, don't take it seriously and autistically defend it. "Thoughts and prayers" needs to fucking end. I'm sick of it. People are going to keep dying all across the board if you defend a set of dogmatic beliefs. On average, middle-eastern people have lower IQs and are inbred, the invasions fucked them over and replaced their culture with what you associate with them today. They were raised to believe since birth, their only worth is serving an almighty creator, who will give them riches in death, and save them from the treacherous, poor, and hungry sand lives most suffer. They're willing to die for it, and that means killing you too. They have no problem throwing acid on their wives or sending their children on the line of battle with guns. It goes against every basic human value, there was bound to be an asshole who gets frustrated and seeks revenge.

I expect more terror attacks to rise, because normies boohoo for them and accuse YOU of being the piece of shit for calling it out. I don't feel bad for "moderates" getting treated like shit either; their books very clearly state to kill non-believers, torture, and the like. It has no place in the west, and that goes for all Abrahamic religion. If you believe it, you're a piece of shit in my eyes, even if you choose to ignore the bad parts. The Torah, Quran, and Bible state they are ABSOLUTE TRUTHS. It means everything said in those books is the divine word of God, none of it is wrong, ALL of it must be believed and followed. Yes, the verses about murdering homosexuals and taking your wife as property. They don't magically disappear from the scriptures because modern values change, they're still applicable as the day they were written, as the books clearly state.

No. 388502

Oh wow I have never heard of anyone doing their eggs like that! Do they like peel easier or something? If so, I'm willing to try haha
And congrats!

No. 388503

How was the murder of innocents NECESSARY, you fucking nutcase? How will that slow islam's influence in the west? Even if your rambling was accurate, muslims being murdered by a meme spewing psycho only INCREASES sympathy and support for them.

I don't want misogynistic, patriarchal religions in my country either but mass murder does nothing to fix it and only an uttet sociopath would consider it 'necessary'.

No. 388504

Fuck off Brenton

No. 388505

go post on kiwifarms ffs

No. 388512

>The Torah, Quran, and Bible state they are ABSOLUTE TRUTHS
Isn't this only the case with the Torah and Quran? The Bible has been edited much more than the former two. I'm not religious so feel free to correct.

No. 388513

>man gets brutally murdered while welcoming an outsider
>he deserved it because his religion encourages the killing of outsiders!

A+ logic there.

No. 388523

File: 1553037992097.png (43.15 KB, 500x367, tumblr_inline_ohf3yhnO4n1t71bw…)

My face broke out overnight in angry, red spots on my cheeks and concentrated clusters of tiny pus heads on my chin and unibrow area. I don't know why! I'm trying to follow a skincare routine. I'm trying to cut down on processed sugars and breads, but my skin fucking hates me and I'm approaching 30. It's depressing as fuck to walk outside with this face and have everyone give you unsolicited advice about what to do. I tried the oily skin routine, never worked. I switched to nourishing, moisturising products instead and while in general my skin has taken to that better, it still doesn't solve the acne and the simultaneous dry patches.

inb4 anyone says Accutane we don't get it here. My skin is already fucked from teenage acne, my lips have acne scars that ruined my lipline, I have closed comedones all over my lipline even though I barely wear makeup and when I do it's not cheap shit, my nose bridge is full of skin tone bumps like keratosis pilaris. And I have the open pores under the eye area.

I'm so fucking jealous of people with nice skin who don't even care for it. "I just splash my skin with some water!" fuck you, it's not fair that I spend so much money and still look like a fungal goblin and you get to have smooth flawless skin

No. 388524

File: 1553038240692.png (64.31 KB, 500x523, text-message-today-10-03-am-he…)

I wish I could tell men that I have a bf first thing, but without giving them the opportunity to save their asses and turn it around like pic related. like dude what am I supposed to do when 99% of the time their only intention is to fuck? Of course its what im expecting from you and all I wanna do is save both of us the time and effort.

and im aware that the pic isnt the best example bc the person is a classmate who didnt have the intention, i know those cases too, ive been in college. the reading comp here is horrible so i have to mention it anyways so its not nitpicked.

No. 388525

I'm 23 now and still don't know how to wear makeup.

No. 388527

File: 1553038801194.jpg (7.72 KB, 256x196, ef.jpg)

>msg me back when you can
Why couldn't he have asked about the powerpoint then and there?

No. 388531

File: 1553039363468.jpeg (121.08 KB, 1280x800, 45518C85-BD18-4D50-8ECA-5925B4…)

Today I rear ended a car. I was preparing to enter a road, lady in front of me went forward but suddenly stopped, I was looking left to see if there was any incoming cars, and bumped into her.

So I got out of my car and before she even looked at her car, she immediately said “You crashed my car and now I can’t drive!”. Mind you, my car didn’t even had a SCRATCH. So I asked if she had insurance, and she denied. Then, she said that “I was lucky that it was a woman, if it was a men he’d beat my ass” (wtf).

She was taking her two kids to school, and they weren’t crying or whatever. There was only a little bit of black paint on her bumper (my car is black). We exchanged numbers, I asked if she wanted to take any photos, she didn’t. Gave her my first name only, not my license plate and other information. No photos were taken.

She was pissed saying that her car was totaled (???) so I asked her if she could please drive a little bit to see if there was any noise. Her car was kinda old and she was visibly lower-class. She just drove off.

My friend was with me and said that it was strange that she claimed that I broke her car when it was fine. I was visibly shaking, arrived at our campus, went back to my car and cried a lot. Also called my mom, she said that I shouldn’t get worked up over a car, that she would pay for it if the woman came after me. I felt incredibly spoiled…

But here’s the thing: when I was crying and shaking, I blocked her number. Yeah, I was a coward. Then I called my uncle who’s a mechanic after sending photos, and he said that there’s a chance she could claim insurance fraud. And also, if there isn’t a mark/scratch in my car, then the chance of damage is very, very low.

Been thinking about it non-stop all day. But then, she was driving a car without any kind of insurance with her children (!) and was rude to me while we were talking. I live in a big city so the chance of her finding me is really small.

If it was a really bad crash, with a lot of damage, of course I’d act differently. But everyone said to me that this happens and since there wasn’t a scratch there’s no problem. It’s the kind of bump that would happen if you were parallel parking and accidentaly hit another car in front of you.

In any case, I’ll be taking the bus for a while. I hate driving and I think I’m a shitty driver. This only confirmed it.

No. 388537

Yes, tell us more about how children deserve to die for political reasons. You don't sound like a psycho at all.

No. 388541

wear a t-shirt that says: "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND" in big bold letters.

Jokes aside, having a photo of you and your boyfriend as a profile picture on social media/texting apps may help.

>the reading comp here is horrible


No. 388556

Ugh, this is a terrible way to learn this experience but ALWAYS take photos. Also call the police and get a report immediately. It’s illegal to drive without insurance for a reason and now you are liable. Even if the people cry/whine about you getting the cops involved having a written report makes it harder for the people to sue/their insurance agency to fuck you.

people can literally claim all sorts of crazy shit, that there was a hit and run and injuries… protect yourself and always, always take photos (even if they don’t) and calll the police for a written report.

Sorry this happened to you. I know much it sucks.

No. 388560

And to follow up, sounds like she’s a hot mess… she likely won’t do anything because of the fact that she has no insurance and by leaving the scene she is kinda forfitting her case. Your insurance agency would fight it because there’s no way to prove the damage was you since no report/photos were taken and she fled. Don’t beat yourself up over it, it happens to everyone at some point. Doesn’t mean you are a bad driver. In the future though… pictures and report.

No. 388562

Oh anon, thank you so much for your reply. It really means a lot, I didn’t think anyone would read what I wrote lol
And yeah, I’ll do what you said if it happens again. I’ve only been driving for 8 months, and this was my first accident involving another person. Again, thank you.

No. 388574

Well, he didn't welcome the shooter. They straight up lied in that regard. He just goes in and shoots. Telling the truth is important, because it doesn't make the crime somehow worse even if someone had said hello to him. He murdered people in cold blood. Period.

No. 388588

Only thing I can think of is if your phone number is registered in your name she could google and find your full name. Or if it's linked to your facebook if you have one. Im guessing you dont live in a place where car insurance is mandatory? If you do, I doubt she would pursue it if she doesn't have insurance, she could get fined / license suspended in the US at least

No. 388595

Does anyone actually enjoy the bend and snap scene from legally blonde? It has always been the worst and made no sense and felt forced. I hate terrible, pointless, obviously forced scenes that ruin otherwise great movies. I think it's literally one of the cringiest scenes in a classic film. I hate it.

No. 388608

What a piece of shit. Tell her to gat a damn job (I bet she doesn't have one)!

No. 388612

I always got the impression that scene was satirical/making fun of itself. Especially where that random effeminate guy walks out and is like "omg r u ladiez doin the bend and snap??? works everytiem!!" combined with the weird twisty camerawork, the loud music, and that one chick randomly busting out dancing. seemed like it was making a joke of itself, so while I definitely didn't enjoy it, I didn't mind it because it wasn't tryin to be serious at all.

also appreciate the diversity of the people in the salon and women supporting women and encouraging them to go for the guy they like (even though the bend-and-snap is a dumb AF and ineffective way to do it lol)

No. 388618

Long time lurker on lolcow, but my first ever post is me admitting to strangers on the internet that I just took a pretty substantial overdose rather than going to anyone for help. I really am pathetic

No. 388623

what did you take? have you gotten medical help?

No. 388628

Starting to see messages like “Out of the country for a week, unplugging!” and “Going on hiatus for the first week of April”

While my broke ass can’t afford to take time off work and travel, much less engage in any hobby that requires human interaction in the middle of nowhere.

No. 388636

She doesn't
I don't know how to deal with her

No. 388657

I hope you've gotten medical attention anon

No. 388675

A little easier. I think the best way to peel eggs is just make sure they're as cold as you can get them.

No. 388678

I keep wanting to make a mega post about my disgusting stupid roommate but I always get so lazy. This morning before work I went into the kitchen to see ants crawling all over a plate next to the sink with some leftover food. I dont mind ants and considering what country I'm in they're literally all over everything, but I shit you not there was literally a whole fucking colony on that plate. I got rid of them and cleaned up because if I didn't he would have just left it. I try my best to not clean up after him but this guy is so fucking disgusting. It makes me wonder how long that may have sat in his room. I also hate cockroaches and this guy has already attracted some into our apartment. I can't wait to kick him out.

Also, unrelated to above, I found out buddy guy has a girlfriend. That makes me feel much better now. Probably getting the block.

No. 388697

I wanna talk to my boyfriend about a crush I have on someone we both know. It's not serious and I definitely don't want anything to come of it, but I'm scared he'll get upset with the guy because I have a tiny crush on him. My boyfriend is like my best friend and I just wanna get this off my chest to someone who actually knows the guy I'm crushing on. I'm stupid.

No. 388698

I feel so depressed. I feel like absolute shit. My girlfriend broke up with me a few months ago, we talked everything out, and I understand why she wanted to break up. Now, I’m just left being a sad sack of shit and I feel like I constantly have to argue with myself to stop letting these thoughts consume me. I feel like theres two people in me, screaming back and forth. I feel so fucking trapped in my body.

I don’t want to be mad or bitter that she seems totally unaffected by the breakup. She’s wonderful, and I wish her all the happiness in life. She’s got so much on her plate to deal with and spent years of her life before we got together dealing with abusive, manipulative relationships. But I hate that I seem to be the only one so broken up about it. It’s been months and I can’t stop thinking about her. I don’t want to think about how maybe years down the line we might get back together again, I don’t want to have stupid hopeless thoughts that are going to make me feel worse. I took her off all my social media just recently, and it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders, but there are still so many days that I can’t stop thinking about her.

When I was in college, I let myself revel in my depression, I felt like one of the cool kids in my friend group because- hey! I have a mental illness too guys!! Everyone was a special snowflake with a tumblr. Now that I’ve graduated, I’ve separated from most of those friends, I recognize the beauty in living the most normal, productive, not depressed version of my life. Now I’m depressed again over stupid shit like this break up and it feels fucking awful and I can’t even take some shitty enjoyment about being a special snowflake anymore lol. It’s a fucking prison and I want to constantly kill myself because I hate existing in my own head. Any time I do things to occupy time, like going out shopping or talking a walk, my brain is idle and immediately starts thinking about my ex. I’m afraid to go to sleep because I know my mind will wander to her, or worse, I’ll dream about her.

I wish someone would push me in front of a train. I’m so tired of feeling miserable. My job is shit and I know it’s not helping me at all and I’ve been trying to leave. I wonder if I should just put in my two weeks. I’m scared of my parents giving me shit about leaving without having a job lines up, but I’m hoping taking this drastic step might be the first step towards feeling better. I know a new job won’t be the key to my happiness, but… not having to return to a shitty retail job that made me want to die before my breakup even happened might be a good place to start.

No. 388701

File: 1553092137571.jpg (19.49 KB, 400x400, -cAdN-Le_400x400.jpg)

>Tfw I went from being an ana chan to obsessing about being thicc

Why won't my brain leave me alone.

No. 388705

I've read that older eggs are easiest to peel. That funny membrane between the shell and the egg breaks down over time, it's always been a crapshoot for me with regard to peeling a perfect egg.

No. 388709

the best luck with hardboiled eggs that ive had were ones that were older and done with the method of starting with cold water brought to a boil and sit for about 15 min on the stove before taking them off. but if im concerned i still peel them with a colander in the sink and under a little running water to help get the shells off.

No. 388713

thats a reaaaaally bad idea imo, don't do that !
if you have noone to talk about it with you should post it here instead or in the confession thread if it helps you get it out of your chest.

No. 388715

It was horrific, barbaric, and disgusting, but I'm not at all surprised that it happened. Islam has been proven to have no place in the west and I anticipate many more attacks from Muslims and White Nationalists alike in the coming years.

No. 388716

the trick where you shake them in water actually works.

No. 388717

your pain is not stupid, breakups cause suffering. even if we live in a world where you are expected to get over somebody in the blink of an eye and keep up appearances, breakups do damage you very much. I can relate to you, it's been 7 yrs and I still hurt from this fucking breakup whereas my ex never missed me, and I'm just now beginning to see the end of it, and all of those lost years because I didn't take care of myself and let myself rot away in self loathing, so take this as a cautionary tale, try new things and attempt to derive self worth out of a productive hobby (ie not media consumption). time is precious and you shouldn't let it go to waste.
just because a particular person (who seems hurt herself) doesn't give you attention doesn't mean you are worthless, I recognise my story in yours and i would hate that you hurt yourself anon, I hope you can keep your head above water level and eventually flourish someday.

No. 388718

something is wrong with you if you're opening conversations like this.

No. 388719

Why is shipping merch from Bandcamp so damn expensive? I'm a europoor and the shipping costs almost the same as the shirts I've added (per each).
I guess I'll just stick to digital downloads but I really wanted to get a shirt from my favourite metal band but I just can't justify the costs. 2nd world problems

No. 388721

My estranged mom added my business Instagram account. I dont like it. Idk how to explain it better but it feels wrong.

No. 388724

While I agree with most of this post, condoning the death of women and children is still very wrong. It's not the women doing the killing and raping, it's the men. The women are subjugated and abused by men and have very little power. They are taught that it's normal and moral because it's written in a book. They're just another victim of the barbaric cult of rape and death.

I can only see more terrorist attacks from both sides. For decades muslims have been treated as a protected class by politicians and the media. They've allowed to rape and murder other religious and racial groups without punishment and condemnation. Anyone that dares to speak out about what is happening is hounded by the police and silenced by the press. One of our politicians even suggested that muslim rape victims "keep their mouths shut for the sake of diversity". It's getting to the point where the resentment and anger is boiling over and more people are going to snap.

No. 388731

nta but I had quite a few interactions with muslims and muslim women and in a lot cases they were pure scumbags. They may not be on the same level of aggressiveness like their men, but I've seen them shouting slurs and encouraging violence like stoning against other women. Personally, I was harassed (with sexual implications) by young teenage-aged muslims and their mother just didn't pretend to hear or see that despite being close. I had plenty of other negative experiences that I rather not talk about and I'm sure I'm far from being alone.

I can't feel empathy for women that seriously don't deserve it. And I'm not talking about the NZ attack, just muslims and muslim women in general.

There comes a point when you can't excuse their actions by claiming it's patriarchy and they should be held accountable for their actions.

Maybe it's just that my experience is tied to France. I've met maybe one nice muslim family and they were rather secular and from Tunisia.

I can't say I cheered for the deaths in NZ but I'm definitely not sad. Best way to put it is a feeling of relief.

No. 388742

File: 1553103627832.png (229.95 KB, 500x380, billdepressed.png)

My partner wanted a weeks-long break and it's kind of put me in a depressive state. I understand and respect his need for space but if he wants to break up or just stay "friends" as he suggested earlier, I wish he could just end things between us immediately instead of putting me through this period of uncertainty.

No. 388743

If you really believe in the killing of muslims, why don't you grab a gun and do it yourself? Otherwise you're just LARPing

No. 388756

im pretty sure these gloves come in S/M/L sizes, at least where i shop

No. 388764


>One of our politicians even suggested that muslim rape victims "keep their mouths shut for the sake of diversity".


>It's getting to the point where the resentment and anger is boiling over and more people are going to snap.

Agreed on this and it's def something I have noticed around me. Everybody seems really tired of the "Muslims can't do any wrong" thing because it doesn't really fit their personal everyday experiences. That's why when somebody mentions Muslims (aka refugees) people get very, very angry and in all honestly, the NZ attack was no surprise because it wasn't allowed for people to criticizes critical things about Islam without being called a nazi or whatever, so they go ape shit about it now because a normal conversation was never there. Also one of the reasons why the far-right got so many supporters in such a short time. if people can't openly talk about it, they go and vote for them, that's one of the bib reasons why we are in such a dumbfuck political situation now. It's not rocket science.

No. 388766

Yeah they do

No. 388769

It's my fault but lately I've been looking where… some not so great images of me have been posted.
It's really scary.
Not just nudes, but lots of different things, there's whole threads for me on /b/ and /r9k/ and shit. I regret everything so deeply, I was in a dark place and let my disorders take over me.

No. 388771

I have extreme health anxiety about cancer. Meds haven't helped much with treating it. It's the stupidest condition, because I know I'm wasting my life by worrying and not being able to appreciate how lucky I actually am. My doctors probably hate my guts, because every time I feel something weird in my body, I'm in the office or in an ER. I've started telling docs upfront that I have this problem, mainly because I am trying so hard to keep it under control. I recently told an ER doctor that I had it and he was actually so nice to me about it, talking with me and just being kind that I broke down. I kept telling him how sorry I was for wasting their time. He told me I probably needed sugar and gave me a jolly rancher. It makes my family so upset every time I go through another crisis. I hate that I do this to them. I hate that I do it to my husband. I mostly hate myself and can't forgive myself for this because it's so destructive.

My mother had cancer twice before she was forty, so it's not outside the realm of possibility, but I found a great site that can help you see what your chances are of actually dying from something, just out of the blue. I'm not lucky and don't usually win lotteries, so seeing numbers helps me put things into perspective. I'm going to tell my doctors and my shrink about it too. Instead of me being useless, maybe someone else will get even small comfort from this. Anyhow.


No. 388772

I'm sorry anon. That's so shitty and I'm sorry for you. Just don't do it again and as long as it doesn't come back to haunt you more than this, it isn't that bad. Don't worry. Just forget it and move on.

No. 388773

I'm so trying this tomorrow, personally, this has been the most enlightening convo on lolcow to date, thank you anons!

No. 388774

My friend always agrees to plans but cancels them at the last minute due to some bullshit reason. You can tell they never wanted to go in the first place, but they still act like they're really sad they "couldn't make it". Just say you don't want to go at the start so I don't have to get my hopes up damnit.

No. 388777

I totally relate to this. I have a lot of health-related anxiety, too. It's costly (emotionally and financially) for the people around us. I am sure your mom's experience with cancer was very scary for you.

You are not useless and for me what has helped are being able to see numbers from an at-home heart monitor, occasionally getting blood tests(my insurance covers this), and also having a very particular vitamin routine ritual. It is frustrating and totally irrational to a lot of other people, but you are not alone.

No. 388782

Huh I have a lot of muslim women as friends for years who are/ were conservative and they're nice to me

then again, I'm not white

No. 388784

I'm sorry

Hear's my advice:
Don't respond to any bait that comes your way and privatize your social media while narrowing down your friend list.

Also decrease overall internet usage and get a hobby that isn't internet based. It'll help take the stress off and help you focus on real life.

No. 388790

Did you talk about it with your doctors at all, explaining that you had it?

What's hard is that I honestly don't know what's worth seeing a doctor over and what isn't, or how to separate the fear from a real concern, even after years in therapy. I don't want to take time away from the people who really need their help so when I am sick, I ignore things. I had bronchitis that got pretty bad, because I waited so long. I feel like I have no right to waste their time. I don't know what is important enough to be seen for.

I have my yearly physical coming up, maybe I can just ask her what she thinks. "If you had a health anxious patient, when do you think they should come to see you? What would you go to a doctor for?"

Do you think that's a stupid idea? I can't do this much longer.

No. 388791

Hey, yeah I don’t have my phone linked to any account. I’m not a social media person - just googled my number and no results. And no, where I live insurance is not mandatory but strongly recommended since the roads are horrible and there’s a lot of people who drive drunk. I don’t have any kids like her but if I did, I’d pay the most basic insurance plan because safety is important.

No. 388796

I don't think that is a stupid idea. I see the same primary care physician and she offers e-consults, so if there is something I am fixated on/worrying about I can email her and she usually responds very quickly. If there's cause for concern I come in. Usually just talking to her can help to lessen some of the anxiety. If it's very pressing, I call and talk to her.

There's certain things like, "my vision blurred today, my heart has been racing, I feel very faint and weak" that I just email her about. Those are what I'd call less "rational" health concerns, and I label them as irrational as they are all based on feelings. If I am coughing and running a fever, that is cause for concern, as was your case with bronchitis. My health-anxiety comes from having bronchitis frequently as a child which would very quickly turn into pneumonia (I was hospitalized very often for this) so I am super cautious about any kind of cough or cold-like symptoms.

If you could find a way to consult your doctor prior to making an appointment, that might help you to feel less burdensome. Ignoring symptoms, real or not, does not help the anxiety.

No. 388803

My stalker keeps calling me. I told him to leave me alone numerous times, years ago. I finally blocked his number this morning and I'm honestly really terrified I'm going to pss him off and he will find me. I know I should have blocked the second i put my foot down. What if he snaps and keeps calling and I don't see it?

No. 388805

I just moved back in with my rents after a failed relationship out of state. I have an associates degree now which is cool but i have no car or job and live in the middle of nowhere it feels like pretty isolated. I've been applying to jobs nonstop and am wondering what kind of direction i should be pushing myself in at this point.
I'm thinking about going back to school once i have a car and have saved up enough money to move out again. I feel thoroughly defeated to an extent with having such a tumultuous life so far and also being 24 and broke. Hopefully i can get it together

No. 388807

I went to the doctor today because I felt like shit. She gave me painkillers and sent me off telling me I can go to work and I'm completely fine. I have a fever. I have to leave for work in half an hour and I've been shivering for the last two hours. Fuck "free health" and fuck that bitch. I hope I don't get yelled at work for being dizzy and unproductive.

No. 388820

Thanks for talking to me. It's been an awful day and I keep crying about nothing. I wish there was a medication that worked for me to ease this thinking.

I'm going to ask my doctor about what would send her to a doctor, and also ask her if sending a brief message is okay, like you said. I never even thought about that, even though we have a patient portal online with a message center.

I hope that we get better, or that one day no one will have this problem anymore. It takes a lot of happiness out of living.

I was in a bad way today but you really helped.

No. 388824

I hope your talk with your dr goes well. Know that when you feel this way you are not alone, and even if it may feel it’s too much in the moment, there is a tomorrow, and that tomorrow may be better than today. I hope in time things will get better for you— I really have found a lot of peace in being able to message/call my dr when things come up… and that’s what it really comes down to, feeling peace. These feelings are so tiring and draining, and it is so hard not to get caught up in them, but hopefully having a method of contact with your doctor will permit you some peace.

No. 388828

Do you still have any records of him contacting you? It might be worth it to seek a restraining order if it's worrying you that much.

My experience with someone like that ended when I contacted the cops over it. Having police involvement in any form scares the shit out of someone like that.

No. 388829

Just really bothered by the fact that having a bald vulva and anal are so normalised these days you’re seen as some sort of man hater of you don’t do either

No. 388838

Tell guys that demand anal that if you're going to take it, they'll have to take it, too. Unless they're complete and total freaks, they'll change their minds real quick.

No. 388839

It’s not just the guys themselves, plenty of women are now spouting bullshit about how you just have to relax and use plenty of lube and work through the pain. If a hole is making it that obvious that things shouldn’t be pushed into it and your vag is wet and ready to go then I don’t understand why even women are perpetuating this idea that anal is a completely normal part of hetero sex.

I was in high school when this all really started to take off, got pressured into it, have only had a single partner and my asshole is still damaged because it was something I felt like I had to do and I feel so much anger towards everyone who pushes the idea that this is normal

No. 388845

>plenty of women are now spouting bullshit about how you just have to relax and use plenty of lube and work through the pain.
They'll change their minds when they have to start wearing colostomy bags. We want to ENJOY sex not have to work through any pain. Fucking morons.

No. 388847

Having a very wide but diamond head sucks. My forehead is so narrow, I look like a pinhead.

No. 388855

i got turned on by slightly having his hand around my neck softly and with no real grip and i hate myself for it

No. 388862

Since everyone else is talking about NZ I figured I would too: I can't bring myself to care about it, even though I know I should feel bad for the victims I don't.

No. 388865

this is a weird thing to hate yourself for. the neck is a sensitive place and an erogenous zone for a lot of people.

No. 388868

I posted about this on dumbass shit thread >>388681 >>388727 because this is some dumbass shit but I just gotta vent since this keeps bothering me even though this probably is a really stupid thing. Basically, my sister seems to think she has suffered from child-on-child sexual abuse because I made her smell my ass when I was a kid.

I mean, I was actually abused when I was a child (by different people, touched and masturbated to) so maybe that's why this bothers me. But like in my understanding seeking sexual stimulation is a pretty relevant point when it comes to child on child abuse, and… Does my sister honestly think I got some sexual gratification from making her smell my butt when I was a kid?????? If that happened since I have no memory of this kind of shit. I mean I try to rationalize this, she suffers from psychotic symptoms so maybe it's related to that, but I just find this so disturbing. On other hand I think maybe it is me who is actually insane because I was actually abused so maybe I don't know what is appropriate and what's not fucking hell

No. 388869

Why do you feel bad? It's normal. There's a huge difference between light griping and getting choked until you pass out.

No. 388872

I’m kind of the same way even though I watched the video. I felt awful for the victims when I was watching the video but I’ve become so desensitized to fucked up stuff online, that I didn’t really care shortly after. It sucks and I think it shouldn’t have happened but too much fucked up shit has happened for similarly senseless reasons that it’s hard for me to care. I find myself caring more about the free speech issues that resulted from this than anything.

No. 388874

I can't really speak to your sister's motivations (either she's seeking attention or really does think that was abuse for some reason) but if farting on your sibling constitutes as such then my older brother is the biggest rapist because he used to fart on me all the fucking time when we were kids. I've never ever thought of it as anything but shitty things siblings do to each other.

I don't know if it's worth bringing up to her, but it's an option, I guess. How are people responding to her posts? Do they agree it was abuse? I think that's probably the most dangerous part, if people are enabling her then it might escalate.

No. 388875

Kek it is kind of funny but I don't think that is sexual abuse. It's invasive and gross but not sexual in nature

No. 388876

A lot of times memories that we think we have from childhood are warped and misconstrued or never even happened at all. I would say she is misremembering or saw something similar when she was little and it was somehow engrained in her memory that you did that to her

No. 388877

No one has responded to her posts about it, but yeah I am afraid that someone might enable her.

I really don't want to bring this up with her unless she escalates it, because I don't want to take away "her space" either, like I have never told her that I recognized her posts because I want her to be able to have a place where she can went about things without me invading it. Because she has actual legit reasons for seeking social support from people.

Yeah it's kind of funny but I'm worried if her mental health has gotten worse or something because what the fuck. Like yeah I agree if I did make her smell my ass it obviously was gross but I just can't understand how it counts as sexual abuse especially since I didn't have any kind of idea of sexuality back then (my abuse happened later so I didn't have any of that, err, experience either)

No. 388878

Same, also since she suffers from psychotic symptoms I am afraid if I tell her I know about her account that might trigger paranoia in her, and I don't want that.

No. 388880

This is such a long story and I don't feel like writing it down entirely.
I've been talking with this person I met through 4chan for months, he's 6 years older than me. He's truly nice with me and I'm too socially isolated, of course I'm overly attached to him now. Some weeks ago I discovered something I shouldn't have, when I confronted him about it, he acknowledged his faults and he told me all over again how regretful he was for it, while begging me to give him another chance. He also told me out of nowhere about his last girlfriend and how he fucked up everything with her, yet he said that he wanted to change for my sake. Everything is more or less the same now.
I don't expect anything from him anymore, but I still like him, he's still very kind with me despite everything. But I can't stop thinking about it and it's making me uncomfortable.
I'm so fucking stupid. I should have cut all contact with him in that moment but I felt bad because he told me about how lonely he is. I'm lonely too, I enjoy his company but I just feel like I can't do this anymore. Now I don't know how to handle this situation, especially not after I told him that it was okay but it's not okay.
I don't think there's anything I can do about it now, I'm too sensitive for this. Maybe I'll get over it someday.

No. 388882

I would probably just keep an eye on it. It's possible nothing will come of it and she'll abandon this train of thought. But if it escalates to the point where it might have real consequences for you, you should step in.

No. 388888

Well, guess this means all my older cousins sexually abused me whenever they farted in my face and made me sniff their ass, and here I just thought it was shitty bullying relatives out each other through

No. 388893

As someone who went through a lot this post (including dating 4chan guy with fucked up past relationship) don't. It's not worth it.

No. 388898

when is this nonbinary trend shit going to die? no, i'm not calling you "THEY", you can choose to be male or female like the rest of us. you're not special. i'm not respecting the pronouns of someone who just wants to be a special snowflake and believes way too hard in gender stereotypes.

No. 388903


My anthropological linguistics professor was talking about how the university is encouraging professors to say "they" in class when describing scenarios or in their literature so to avoid only saying "he." Which is good to include "she" as well but gives leverage to "nonbinary" people I feel like. He also said they're now pushing a new curriculum which emphasizes "gendered language," and I don't even wanna know what that means. Unfortunately I don't think it will be dying off as a trend anytime soon…

No. 388906

Anon, I know this is probably going to be difficult to take in but you're wasting time with this guy and you need to reprioritize your life. You really need to deal with the social isolation issue you have head-on instead of relying on an online friendship with a fucked up older man that's taking an emotional toll on you. I've had friendships with and even had a relationship with severely broken men from 4chan and those ordeals just proved to be nothing more than a complete emotional drain. You can do better than this man.

No. 388917

My bf tends to really dislike when I generalize and it ends up often starting an argument but I really want to express that like 99% percent of furries are into bestiality and are risks to their pets, and I think they should be set adrift on an ice floe.

How not controversial is this? Like, does everyone not agree with this statement? Like if I say all male trannies have NPD he thinks I'm being irrational (though we all know it to be true), but I think society capes for trannies more than furries, so do you guys think this is not controversial enough to start an argument?

No. 388918

I can kind of understand where your bf is coming from but who the hell cares that much about furries to see that they're worth defending? They really are only a few steps away from being zoophiles since animal genitalia is so normalized in furry porn. I hate how the media often portrays them as this quirky group for socially awkward people to express themselves when at its heart, it's just a shitty fetishistic subculture. There should be nothing controversial about seeing furries as a gross group of people.

No. 388922


Your boyfriend sounds exhausting

No. 388931

Thank you!!!! That's like, really dumb and autistic, right? It is exhausting! I can't casually make a comment about anything without him acting like I'm completely insane because I'm maybe a little hyperbolic wrt exact percentages (though objectively correct for the most part). It feels annoyingly formal and pedantic. Like, why can't I just jokingly vent to the person I'm dating? He acts like I'm contributing to the persecution of like, trannies or gamers or something for literally only speaking to him and my mother like this, and am being like annoyingly childish for not being moderate and reasonable enough or whatever with him. I can understand if I spoke to everyone like this, but it's just him and my mom. I'm not out here saying this shit to everyone, like, damn.

I agree, it's obvious the bulk of them are legit zoophiles. I'm going to say it but tbh I feel like he's going to defend them. Anything where I generalize and sound 'irrational' ends up making him upset. I feel like he's going to trot out that media shit and that he buys the bit about them "just being a bit quirky and more at home around animals!".

No. 388933

Yeah, that does sound extremely exhausting to deal with now that you elaborated more on it and I can relate. I have a family member who is similar and can't stand if I ever generalize any group in a negative manner either. She couldn't stand it when I said that I don't hate trans individuals but think that there is a lot wrong with the whole trans movement and just pegged me as a "negative" person for saying that.

No. 388936

File: 1553150342759.png (3.6 KB, 349x117, D42C7ED1-51E1-4E69-BB57-4535CD…)

>persecution of gamers

This reminds me of the time my bf got really upset with me when I said all magicians are weirdos. Little did he know that making me watch Pen and Teller: Fool Us would just prove my point.

No. 388938

Why is the fucking banner ALWAYS Shay. I don’t need to see her weird ass shit eating grin and attempts to be sexy every damn time I want to gossip about dumbass shit like YouTube artists.

No. 388982

This is gonna sound really similar to anon upthread whose friend ditched her for tinder guy, but I'm so disappointed. My best friend who doesn't live in my city anymore has been staying with her fwb for a few weeks (neither of them work) and she was meant to come see me this weekend since it's on her way back to where she lives from there. I requested a day off from work a month in advance, just baked way too many edibles for one person, bought her favorite foods to cook and cleaned my apartment in expectation of her coming tomorrow. But now she says she's staying with fwb guy for another week and can't we just do next weekend, when I also told her a month in advance next weekend is the only one I can't do cause I'll be working the whole time. Beyond just being disappointed I won't get to see her now when we meet up so rarely, I'm kinda pissed that she thinks I can just change my work and all my plans on a whim and I feel like she doesn't get it cause she does't have a work schedule to follow and can just do whatever she wants. I love her and all, but I'm really frustrated about this cause it makes me feel like she isn't respecting my time.

No. 389004

I don't understand why muslims are a protected class and if you criticize the religion you get called racist when it is not a race. I saw a dumb post about a guy criticizing an 8 year old for having been raped, and while the post was fake, a lot of comments were about Islam because of the religions ties to pedophilia. Every mention of Islam gets downvoted into oblivion and the comments were locked due to "racism".
Why is Islam off the table. I can shit talk Catholicism for having rampant pedophilia but if you say one negative thing about Islam oh my god nooo
I don't give a shit about muslims any more than I do about catholics, if your religion is shitty its shitty and it doesn't matter if you're white or brown. Also hijabs are ugly.

No. 389006

It reeks of white saviour complex whenever I hear people acting like all muslims are holy and pure and cannot be criticised in any way

No. 389009

Just yesterday, a Senegal muslim in Italy tried to set a school bus with 50 kids on fire. Luckily, the police stopped him but most news just titled him as a 40 something guy in Italy, no mention of him being muslim anywhere. Only a select few news decided to state what he was.

No outrage either. It's really sickening. It's hard to like muslims when you constantly see them committing crime while everyone keeps telling you that they're an endangered minority. Never mind that they multiply like cockroaches.

No. 389029

I live near Anza-Borrego where we're having a superbloom from all the rain this year. Basically we get lots of flowers in the desert. It's gorgeous. The bloom just started but it already looks like shit.

In the past people would come and look at the flowers but my fucking generation has to trample and destroy them for selfie Insta shit. I hate people so much sometimes.

No. 389031

100% agree. Furries are degenerates who are active dangers to dogs, especially. Vets and shelter workers know this, however. Animal sexual abuse is very clear to vets. Shelter workers can see certain signs during the adoption process and some know not to adopt out. Be afraid, furries.

No. 389033

>Have a crush on friend and act a bit awkward because of it
>Message him a bit after hanging out to try to tell him that I think he's really cool and I hope we have a long a good friendship
>Wrote something that sounded like autistic ramblings instead
>He just said 'okay, arent we friends already though'
>tfw I just made the situation weird for no reason
Damn it. I tell friends that they're important to me and I like them all the time, but with the added layer of having the smallest physical attraction to the person, I feel like a huge creep.

No. 389039

I'm from a conservative muslim family and I don't do any of that shit, y'all wilding. Who tf openly encourages stoning? Can't believe you're fine with innocent people dying because some wackos killed a random european girl, are people like you out of their fucking mind? I don't deserve to die because someone who shares my faith killed someone. Why are muslims constantly forced to deal with the consequences of one of their owns actions. IT'S A RELIGION! Damn you people are fucking sick and need help.
If anyone advocates for violence they need serious help, you obviously haven't met a lot of muslims if the ones you met say that shit. I've been muslim my entire life and grew up in one of the largest muslim communities in the states and never in my life met anyone who fits the description you're describing. I bet you made this up to peddle your bigoted nonsense.

No. 389044

I think I've begun to cope with all my anxiety by converting it into anger at men. Not even memeing.

Every time stress peaks in my life I start focusing more on all the shit men do (which are actual issues, I'm not saying that), start making generalizations, and get violently angry. Reverse ER-tier rage tbh.

I just don't know how to stop now. It's made worse by the fact that the problems I have with them are fucking real so it validates me. I probably need therapy kek.

No. 389046

I am fairly certain I am pregnant but I am horrified to take the test to confirm.

I had to drag out my last pack of BC so I was skipping days… I went probably 5 days without taking it. My fiance and I had sex a few times within this period– I had informed him of this, he was aware I was not on BC. We are both starting out in our careers and it would truly be a horrible time for me to have a child. We have savings and live comfortably but having a child would really stretch us thin. Plus, it would look bad in our field, especially because my partner wants to run for office and we live in a super rural folksy area. Personally, we are not against abortion for others, but I don't think I could ever abort my own child. My mother was pregnant with me as a teenager and she faced a lot of pressure to abort. I would feel so guilty knowing that I did such a thing when my own mother fought to keep me. Additionally, an aunt of mine had an abortion and it rendered her infertile. I definitely want to have children one day so the possibility of that happening to me is frightening.

The only real way to know for sure is to take the test, but it's really scary. I feel sick.

No. 389050

I hate myself for getting angry over stuff that doesn't directly affect me and doesn't interfere with my life that much, it's like I want to make myself miserable no matter what. I get angry over all sort of social stuff that I find wrong or I think about social issues obsessively until it makes me think I want to kill myself because I don't want to live in such a shitty world. Hell, even the furry and tranny vent up thread made me angry because I started thinking about how normalized trannies and furries are and how they are protected and they circle jerk in their communities, like I'm literally afraid to say anything negative about trannies because I'm afraid I'll get hurt by them or something since most of them, especially those highly involved with the community are fucking crazy but not the sort of crazy where they hurt themselves, the sort of crazy where they could end up hurting other people. I just want to stop obsessing over negative shit I have no control over and I can't change.

No. 389058

Anon, you really have no one to blame but yourself. You can’t stretch BC to make it last. You must take it daily to make it work. You knew you couldn’t handle a child financially, you knew you were personally against abortion, you had sex anyway and didn’t make your fiancé wear a condom.

It’s time to face the music and take a test. It’s scary but you have to wise up and take responsibility, the sooner you have a definite answer, the sooner you can start making plans and decide what you’re going to do.

No. 389061

File: 1553184715950.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, tumblr_inline_nnsjv8aolB1qis9e…)

So I got a letter from my dentist about my upcoming procedures and how much they will cost because I need to get some things fixed and oh boy I'm still sweating from reading the letter. I knew it will be a lot but wew lads I had a hard time reading the sum because I needed a moment to comprehends what everything about. I will still talk with my health insurance about it (maybe they will pay like 10€ of it lol) but yeah JESUS CHRIST

I do have savings for investments like that but yeah 1.328€ is still a fucking lot. At least I can finally open my mouth and wont be ashamed of my theet anymore. So I guess it will be worth it, right??

No. 389062

My vent is that it disgusts me that we allow bigots like you to live instead of publicly hanging you.

I say this as someone who thinks organized religion is a plague and entertains the idea it should be banned.

No. 389063

>dragging out BC

why on earth would you ever think this is viable? for your sake I hope you're not pregnant but holy FUCK that was incredibly stupid of you. if you're going to be that irresponsible about BC then get an IUD or implant or something.

No. 389064

>Plus, it would look bad in our field, especially because my partner wants to run for office and we live in a super rural folksy area
The answer to that one is simple, just get married right away if you find out you are pregnant. If the idea of marriage sounds too soon, then wake the fuck up because having a baby with someone is a fuck of a lot more of a commitment than getting married.

No. 389071

Oh my God just get an abortion if so. It's not a big deal, especially if done ASAP. You thought birth control would work if stretched out - I honestly fear for the grave mistakes you'd make as a parent considering this already retarded mistake. It's very very very unlikely that it'd render you infertile and you two cannot be parents at this time.

No. 389074

Don't know why other anons are telling you to keep a child and/or marry when you've honestly said nothing to make abortion not a viable option for yourself.
I could blame you completely like them, but I also think it's scummy of your boyfriend to have fucked you while knowing you weren't protected. Considering your career, your financial situation, and your bf's skeeviness-absolutely-neither a pregnancy nor a child is what you need right now.
If you detect a pregnancy early, a pill abortion is no different than a period.

>I would feel so guilty knowing that I did such a thing when my own mother fought to keep me.

This is really hokey. If anything her struggles and what she was held back from doing, including what she may not have been able to do and provide for you, shouldn't negatively influence your consideration for abortion. You could have a child when you are more prepared so it benefits everyone, "fighting" isn't always the virtuous path and you have options.

>an aunt of mine had an abortion and it rendered her infertile

Rarely happens. If you take the pill and antibiotics as instructed, it was a different time in your aunt's day. Pregnancy is way riskier.

Repost for spelling.

No. 389075

I'm not going to say anon should have an abortion if she really doesn't want one, but I agree with the general gist of this post. The fact that anon tried to stretch her birth control to the point of missing five days and is too afraid to even take the fucking test are both really bad signs as far as her level of responsibility goes. The fact the boyfriend went along with this also shows we're not really dealing with a pair that makes good enough judgement calls to raise a kid.

This anon speaks truth.

Also, abortion and keeping aren't the only options, OP. Adoption is also a thing to consider if you really can't stand the thought of aborting.

No. 389076

>Don't know why other anons are telling you to keep a child and/or marry when you've honestly said nothing to make abortion not a viable option for yourself.

I'm the anon who suggested she get married. The point I was making was that if she's not ready to marry/spend the rest of her life with this guy, then she sure as fuck isn't ready to have a child with him.

No. 389077

Not a single anon here is seriously advocating for her to marry him or keep the kid. >>389064 is being sarcastic.

No. 389080

Yeah, I get it, very stupid for me to drag it out. I've been on BC for 2 years (this same pill) and I figured it would be ok. This was not 5 days consecutively, but a total of 5 days spread out over a 1.5 week period while I was waiting to get my script filled.
I am going to take the test. Catching it early, as you said, would make a very big difference in my options.

I am fine with marrying him. We are engaged already, a lot of our assets are already combined. Still not responsible enough for parenting, clearly.

No. 389082

I think I'm going through an identity crisis rn.

I've been basically browsing 4chan for 8 years (casually), 2 of which I've been present on the site 18/7. At first it was a fun little habit. I enjoyed the edgy humor and got delved deeper into my board's sub culture. Of course I knew it was anti feminist, anti SJW, anti women period. I didn't care.

Browsing became addictive this year. If I don't get my daily fix of dopamine hit shitposting then I neigh go mental. Ridiculous I know, but true. Of course being hyper present on the site meant that I was also indoctrinated by /pol/'s ideologies (even though I stopped going on /pol/ in 2018, that damn board leaks on the entirety of 4chinz).

This is the most retarded non problem ever, I know, but I gradually started to identify more with the persona I LARP with on the chan than my real self. Eventually this turned into searing uncontrollable loathing aimed at my own fucking self (because I'm everything I've been indoctrinated to hate, a roastie, a brown person, a third world shitholer, non christian) Idk, this is dumb. I know it doesn't warrant this blogpost but still.

>inb4 I'm blowing things out of proportion

Everyone has their existential crisis at one point or another right? The first time I started questioning the things I learned on 4chan was after the recent terrorist attack. That's the moment where I went "oh? This isn't just shitposting. These aren't just harmless memes. This shit has real life consequences on the actual world." It's funny, because I went from rabid SJW in 2013 to apolitical to completely openly hating my own gender (as they call roasties) and my own people. Oh well.

Tl,dr: I swallowed the redpill and now the ZOG programming is starting to wear of. How do I start to appreciate myself as a girl again?

No. 389084

stop visiting 4chan. it does go away.

>gradually started to identify more with the persona I LARP with

who is the persona you LARP as?

No. 389085

anxiety to anger conversion is common as a maladaptive coping mechanism. initially it feels great because you aren't fearful, you feel proactive, but you're going to find yourself getting angry more and more for the dopamine hit, which then begins to fade and requires more anger for the same rush. it's also bad for your health. strokes, heart attacks and high blood pressure are all related to anger. be as pissed off at men as you like, but be careful and try to find a positive way to release it.

No. 389087

Theres a reason your pill package comes with extensive instructions on what to do if you miss pills, and it’s not just for you to ignore them. There is a chance you’re okay, since the first week is the most important and you might not have been off the hormones long enough to cause ovulation. Either way, there is nothing you can do but nut up and take a test.

No. 389089

It's not "a couple of wackos killing a rando girl" anon this shit has been plaguing my country for years (French) and I like many other Euros am sick of it. Maybe things are different in the US but here that way of thinking the other anon described is very commonplace.

No. 389090

a white man in his mid twenties, kek. A literal antithesis to my real self. I basically kept parroting the shit I learned there after /r9k/ leaked on /lit/ and /tv/. I start conversations somewhat rationally, admitting that girls are physically more vulnerable than males bla bla bla and when the conversation is derailed into the typical shitfling and they start calling women broads or holes or something I quietly slink away, not registering that I was invalidating their views in order to fit in. It's almost masochistic. I didn't think it bothered me much. I thought I was being "Kewl" and above other girls when I vocalized sarcastically "hehe stronk wamen amirite guise". It's so stupid. I let my whole identity slip away because I wanted to fit in with a bunch of anons I'll never fucking meet. Ugh.

No. 389091

nowhere near the same scale of gorgeousness but a park close to me was covered in the densest lawn of crocuses I've ever seen, it looked beautiful for a day until all the poeple and dogs trampled them, why can't they dogwalk in the allocated spots jfc.
I hope you got to see the flowers just once before it got ruined! it looks absolutely breathtaking on google images

No. 389109

I read from another anon that 2nd/3rd gen immigrants are basically settled in a ghetto like community where they form a home away from home. That's why most diasporas fail to integrate. You have to realize that given the nature of your government, your leaders would rather hire a cheaper and easier to control workforce comprised of brownies from its former colonies, rather than employ white French people from the provinces. This shit is old news as France has been the largest recipient of cheap low skilled laborers along with high skilled expats from the Maghreb (what you lot call nafris) and Africa since the 60s. The current refugee crisis is an amalgamation of decades of destabilization in the regions (ME and central Asia and NA) and proxy wars waged by much more influential powers trying to take the upper hand in their own conflict.
>inb4 pointing fingers and placing blame on the west
No. I'm not insinuating that the West was behind this domino effect that swept across the whole Islamic world. Surely the people have their share of blame. But to claim that 90% of Muslims are radical, woman beating, gonna rip you from limb to limb inbred goat fuckers is a gross overstatement. Because they've suffered their share under extremism. To declare that all Muslims are inbred towel heads who are incapable of rational thought or that all of them call for those heinous crimes (lynching and stoning) is to imply that the initial 1000 years of prosperity and wealth that their ideology inspired was just a fucking stint and that their current pathetic state is the norm. In truth, that shit is only state mandated in Saudi Arabia, a country that, need I remind you, assassinates a diplomat in cold blood without bothering to disguise it. a country that is rightfully mocked and shittalked by most other Arab speaking countries. You know damn well that Nafri countries have had a Western style of governance implemented since even before the independence.
Why not just nuke the whole region? I as a Nafri girl give you permission. Just end our fucking existence and be done with it.

No. 389118

Good post

No. 389120

So, you don't do any of that shit, therefore, things those anons, including myself, have experienced are not valid?

This is what people are sick of in Europe. You can't even complain because heavens forbid that you criticize muslims.

I wish we could agree that we disagree and have all the muslims in Europe shipped back to wherever they came from. Either way, I'm looking to migrate somewhere in eastern europe where's less of them.

No. 389121

>I'm looking to migrate somewhere in eastern europe
as an eastern european, why tf would you do that lmao, the intra-europe imigration paths flow the other way round and for a reason.

No. 389136

I'm fond of eastern europe. I like peace. I like feeling safe.

No. 389146

uhh hope you also have a trust fund to see you through or are content living in a crumbling blockhouse last renovated when it was built in the 70s and having centralised heating when the state decides it's time and earning like 400 eur a month. i mean the countryside is very beautiful but the only career choices there are alcoholism or tending to your husband's alcoholism. also wrt peace, choose your fighter carefully for russia exists and has sticky fingers. and even furthermore, depending on your nationality and ethnicity and local language proficiency, high odds of you being xenophobe'd out your ass. sorry for the derail sperg, I'm just so taken aback that someone from 1st world would willingly want to emigrate to eastern euros kek

No. 389148

Not her but I think she fell for the East is so Based and white meme. Which is funny since the biggest percentage of Muslims resides in Russia, and those fuckers aren't even refugees.

No. 389151

As a fellow easter europe fag, fucking thank you. It's not that bad for everyone, but I dislike how >>389136 clearly has no idea what she's talking about

No. 389155

I was actually thinking of going to either Poland or Hungary. Besides, I'm working on my online stream of income.

And I'd rather have less money and be safe than more money and more stress.

Besides I find the quality of life in eastern european countries to be on par or even better to Western europe. It's only the economical situation and the corrupt politicians that are the problem imo.

No. 389156

>peace and safety
>eastern europe

No. 389158


That is really fucking sad anon. Block 4chan and get a life

No. 389159

>be safe
>eastern Europe

Pick one anon. No cities are safe and the countryside does not even have mobile connection, let alone internet.

No. 389160


Not to be a dick but if you live comfortably why the fuck didn’t you get more BC or morning after pills

No. 389162

Again, just seems to me like you swallowed the "huur Eastern Europe so based and redpilled lol Western Europe so cucked haha whiter than you Mohammed" pill. And like the Eastern Euro anons said, it's nether safe nor based and redpilled. You'll be running away from Muslim thugs, you'll find gypsies or others to greet you there.

No. 389164

Took 2 weeks to get into a new gyno. Recently moved to the area and old doc would not refill the prescription without me coming in for an annual. So I had to wait to see the new one and split up the remaining BC. I skipped every third day up until the end of the pack.

Anyway, I took the test and I'm not pregnant. Lesson learned, never skipping days again.

No. 389165

For me Poland is a quite nice and safe place to live. I guess grass is always greener on the other side.

No. 389167

Feel free not to answer this, but what first world country do YOU hail from?

No. 389168

Hope you enjoy no morning after pill and no abortion.

No. 389169

Doesn't pland have big issues with sex trafficking… Like the rest of eastern europe

No. 389170

Yet another fellow Eastern Europen here, immigrated to the west when I was a teenager.
Not only gypsies, but a lot of locals are pretty dangerous people. Alcoholism is rampant and it's very common to see people crawling on the streets because they're so drunk they can't even walk. Catcalling and slurs are very common. If someone finds out you come from a rich country you'll probably get robbed or even raped if their inferiority complex is high enough. Police is corrupted as fuck and they expect you to pay them to do their work. Same with any paperwork or healthcare.
If you want to move there you'd better be crazy rich or have important connections in that country, or you'll be screwed.

No. 389173

I'm from Poland, i was born and raised here. As i said, i feel people here shit on Poland but don't realise that rest countries aren't better, every country is fucked in some way, and Poland it's not perfect either. But for me, is comfy. It's nice here and i don't plan to move from here.

No. 389174

firstly, firmly disagree on the quality of life angle as a person from eastern europe currently studying in uk. posh, upper middle class people of back home would be working to lower middle class in UK (and I'm not even in a rich area). economics obviously tie into it and you can't just disregard that because you have to work waaay more to earn salary with similar buying power which obviously takes away from your quality time off from work. secondly, of all the "brown immigrant free" countries you choose Hungary, lmao! also gl with those language skills, i have few Hungarian friends and Hungarian is an absolute hell of a language, also gypsies are a big problem (so I've been told).
Poland being a safe, white paradise on earth is also a huge meme (i think something like 2mil poles work/reside in UK, do you think they do that just for fun?) but i don't have that much 1st hand info, hope you like no reproductive rights tho!

No. 389183

Ah shit. Didn't mean to antagonize you anon, sorry. I meant to ask the original poster who wants to run away from Western Europe because of muzzies.
Also, I know every country has its own problems. Hell, I'm from the literal third world (haha) so it kinda irks me when anon there thinks she can seek safety and peace elsewhere when her country is probably THE standard for civilized living conditions.

No. 389193

Oh, no problem anon! THIS. Even Poles think badly about Poland like it's some tragic country but in reality our life quality is really nice here. Poles tend to think that rest countries are some utopias. It's not like Poland it's perfect either, there are a lot of things that get on my nerves, but every country have some problems. Also personally and for people that i knew, Poland is quite safe country, it's rarely anything happening here in my area.

No. 389217

im so sexually frustrated, farmers. i keep locking eyes with guys i wanna fool around with in class and i cant focus because i suddenly became super horny this week. there is this super qt in the class i have on thursdays and he and i stared at each other a bit and when class was over i ended up being directly behind him for a while but he was with his chad friends so i didn’t say anything. god if he was alone though i would have said something to fluster the hell out of him. i feel like college is just gonna pass me by and i won’t get to mess around with any cute submissive boys. i am sad.

No. 389228

UK. It was when the muslim rape gangs in Rotherham were in the media.
If you want to know how bad it really was
I don't recommend reading this if you want to sleep tonight.

Can I ask if you're Sunni or Shia?

No. 389236

>tfw no gf with disabilities (but can still have sex)

We could live off her disability checks and she would love me and there'd be a significantly lower chance of her cheating or leaving me than a non-disabled gf.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 389242

File: 1553203267642.jpg (58.22 KB, 540x538, 1551929081627.jpg)

This might sound really bitchy but I hate when people are so dependent on me. Two people have told me this year I'm their "only reason why they haven't committed suicide yet".

One person is a family member and the other is an ex-friend. Like, what am I supposed to do? What do I do when I move on with my life and don't spend as much time with this relative? What's my ex-friend gonna do now that I cut ties with her? I'm not some ~inspirational~ celebrity or superhero, the fuck. Idk maybe this is selfish or something and I should be grateful, but it feels like a huge burden to bear. I dunno how I'm even supposed to word this man.

No. 389245

File: 1553203582228.jpg (30.08 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I think you mixed that up with this.

No. 389251

Damn, I'm sorry anon, that's a whole lot of strain they've put on you and so unfairly. I can see, maybe, how in their minds a comment like that might be flattering but that's some hardcore misplaced responsibility and I hope if anything happens in their lives you don't take blame upon yourself.

No. 389253

Don't bother anon. This week's punching bag is muslims, next week will be mexicans and the special of the month will be blacks. They can "never" be at fault can they?

No. 389254

Please abort. You will feel better in the long run I promise, I went through the same thing and I'm so glad I did.

No. 389257

Muh safe white ethnostate

Fuck of idiot, you don't know what your getting yourself into.

No. 389258

My shitty ex friend recently fell into the alt-right and I'm happy I cut him off before this but I'm so fucking angry I was friends with him for so long and knew he had some dumb opinions but never saw this coming. He's so easily manipulated and gullible I'm honestly happy this is guaranteeing him zero tolerable friends in the future. Wish I could've had the luxury of knowing he was a shitheel. At least he's not pretending to be bisexual for snowflake points anymore.

No. 389263

File: 1553204927999.jpg (62.51 KB, 640x640, 51738283_165345787789234_71887…)

I'm a 50/50 bi who wants to go febfem and, logically, should. But I've just always got this fomo in regards to men, like "what if I found the exception and we'd be happy and fit the hetero mold I always thought I'd end up in?!" even though almost every man I've ever known has been disappointing.
I think the social expectations of adulthood have forced me into this since I remember constantly having guilt-free fantasies about women since age…fuck, 10 was my first crush. I was also gnc in high school when fantasies got sexy (extremely doe now) so maybe I felt less pressure in that regard too, of fitting a mold.

I just know a relationship with a woman would be far superior since I'd view her as an equal and women, even nasty ones, have better emotional intelligence than men. On top of being attractive.

Also this was totally set off by a girl I've been eyeing (she's qt and gives off bi vibes herself) talked to me out of the blue, although I've been considering it for a while. Lesbians pls no bully, I'm unpolluted, I've never even touched a man and wouldn't force myself on any lesbians if they didn't want me.

Any other bi-anons have this issue? How to cope with being attracted to men?

No. 389265

>muslims, mexicans, blacks
Why would anybody outside of the US blame mexicans for anything?
Get this into that tiny brain of yours: not everybody is murican!
No wonder Trump was elected, when the gigantic amount of poc "minorites" there love to constantly play victim - while being just as ignorant as the whities they hate so much.
Also, I thought it's racists to say "blacks", no?

No. 389266

i'm straight but pretty radfem/critical of men overall and after leaving my ex (who is genuinely a very nice guy, extremely rare but he and I are still friends even though I know he's still in love with me) I became pretty certain I will not be serious with another guy. my ex is the type of guy any parent would love their child to bring home, lol. something about him still… really nagged me. men just bother me so much lol, so all I do now is flirt and tease and that's enough for me. if your fomo is making you want to land long relationships with men though, I don't know what i'd do then.

No. 389286

My partner is driving me kinda up the wall. I want to ask them to move out. They have insomnia so never sleep, we live in a tiny room together and i cant do this anymore, i have school. I dont wanna break up i just need space

No. 389293

I want this trend of documentaries or real life footages of things having heavy emotional music over "dramatic" moments to stop.
It distorts the reality of the situation and causes you have a different emotional response compared to if you had seen it in its most plainest, non-biased state.
Even the way news is reported is really fucking weird. Intense music, big flashing images, eye catching, crafted personalities to present the news to you.

No. 389295

I fucking hate online dating.

I hate app culture.

I miss consistently fucking my ex. It was an abusive, awful relationship but there are times where I feel so physically and psychologically alone and I miss knowing at least I’d have a warm body next to me most nights.

I don’t get how any of this works. I don’t get how to reach out and show interest and most of all I am so scared to broach the “are you my boyfriend?” Conversation. When do you even have that?

I am socially retarded.

No. 389297

NTA, but they were obviously using hyperbole, you complete autist. Who is playing victim? Why did you randomly bring up Trump?
Maybe if you do move to eastern Europe, reality might knock some sense into your /pol/-roach ridden brain.

No. 389298

I hate this dating app culture too. Too many men want something “casual” and are flaky as fuck. Was dating like this before shitty swiping app culture? I was dating a guy I met through Bumble for half a year who wasn’t seeing anyone else and he still considered my relationship with him a “casual” relationship. I only put up with dating apps still because I don’t go to clubs or bars and I hate the idea of dating anyone within or associated with my social circle.

I can kind of relate because my first and longest relationship was with an abusive man too and I miss the intimacy and security. However, no way in hell I would ever go back to him.

No. 389300

>American genderqueer person licks airplane toilet for Snapchat, claims there's no problem because they're a sex worker
Is this really how things are now? Are these the fruits of sex positive feminism? How did it get to this point in American society, or any society?

No. 389301

This is just pure mental illness. This woman (or thing or it or whatever is more politically correct) needs help.

No. 389317

File: 1553214623403.jpg (47.05 KB, 640x586, hlo20y4q89n21.jpg)

Do die hard bernie stans not realize they sound exactly like Trump supporters half the time?

No. 389320

but they're right… a cult of personality surrounds bernie that captures centrists and right leaning centrists. they're especially susceptible to populism and his brand has already been established. bernie is the safest bet.

No. 389327


I voted Bernie but as soon as he lost to Hillary it was over. People need to accept it. Don’t think I’d vote him again either. Bernie stans are so annoying

No. 389329

They treat him the way I see kpop fans treating their fav .. it's so weird

No. 389332

>cult of personality
Like Trump? This tweet is literally denying reality…. all because they think Twitter followers = votes. Next will be "Bernie would have beat Ted Cruz" kek

The fact that they still are clinging to the #birdiesanders stuff makes me cringe immensely, and so does the mental gymnastics they go through to explain why ~Bernie would have won~

No. 389355

kind of like trump, but far less malignant and stupid. they are right though. i know multiple, multiple middle aged to older people that have been captured by the bernie brand that ended up voting trump when faced with the option of "evil hillary", so. i think splitting the democratic vote now with so many retarded opportunists is a waste of time. bernie should be, and will likely end up being the dem nom. plenty of people are psyched for him. i'm not his biggest supporter but i'm not going to argue that he has captured a pretty decent sized base, though lots of them are for sure retarded.

No. 389366

Your personal anecdotes =/= facts. I know multiple, multiple middle aged to older people who think Bernie Sanders is a socialist and they won't vote at all if he's the nominee. And I honestly don't think that even if he wins the nomination he would be able to beat Trump, for a variety of reasons that I won't bore everyone with.

No. 389377

eat healthily for like 3 days -> eat exceptionally shittily for 3 days bc of uni stress caused by myself -> feel absolutely disgusted with myself -> eat healthily for like 3 days -> repeat

thank god there's only a week more of lectures and one proper deadline (besides exams after spring break). if i do manage to stay on top of uni, it gives me a really nice structure in life, however if i feel like i'm behind i tend to self sabotage myself to be actually behind which is where the cycle above comes from. when i'm off uni, i tend to work overtime (basically 40hr a week instead of 15 during the term) which doesn't stress me out at all but does get depressing after a while because the night shifts fuck with my sleeping schedule and cause isolation of sorts bc i only ever see like the same 5 colleagues for a month straight. fingers crossed for me pulling myself together next semester and/or finding a normal postgrad job after i graduate.

No. 389400

I'm not really sure if I'll articulate this well, but here goes. Lately I've been dating some different guys, and while the dates are fine for what they are, the personal responsibilities and outlooks of many of them disappoint me.
They're immature.
I'm 27 so it's not like I'm dating younger, these are guys within the 28-35 range. I get along fine but when it comes to discussing any long term goals or if they want families, they seem content in living redundantly and not having kids because they'd rather smoke, play call of duty, or watch animu.
I'm not trying to knock childfree, but I generally feel like women have more vested reasons while men have more self-centered ones.
When I hear that a woman wants to be childfree because she feels it best for the environment, that pregnancy is scary, couldn't afford to give the child a nice life, or would become depressed/less productive–I respect those reasons.
When a guy tells me he wants to remain childfree because he likes to do whatever the fuck he wants and needs to play video games it's…such a god damn manchildish turnoff.

I don't have any children and would never have any except under the most ideal circumstances ie. planned, financially able, stable relationship, older, etc. It saddens me that I can't even entertain the idea because these guys are so "me, me, me." There are exceptions to every generalization of course, but the last childfree guy I lived with for years was a lazy slug who only ever concerned himself with booze and video games. I became a fuck mommy and a fuck maid.
I'm not saying wanting children proves unselfishness but I think I'm noticing a pattern; these men only get behind childfree to disguise their bad intentions while making it seem like it's an ethical choice. And no, it's not that I want these types breeding but it would be nice to call them out on their bullshit more often.

No. 389409

> if you criticize the religion you get called racist when it is not a race
It becomes obvious it's tied more to race when you hear Indians and sheikhs getting killed because we thought they where Muslims.

No. 389444

Getting sick of the legit sperg I befriended several years ago. Tired of being his social rag, and dealing with his thinly veiled lack of empathy for anyone but himself. Every single conversation has to be about him and his banalities, he doesn't care about anything I say and literally gives one word/sentence replies just so he can get back to his own bullshit yet expect a full dialogue from me in return.
He ought to start a journal and buy a houseplant, instead of treating me like I'm either of those things.
The worst is when he asks
>Care for a call while I drive home?
Uh, no. I'd rather not spend my time straining to hear your mundane nothings about yourself and your self-made problems for over an hour. I just ignore now. What an asshole.

No. 389446

Tell that to the jews

No. 389447

I'm so annoyed by my friend who doesn't reply to me for days on and end and then only replies because she has something to complain to me about. For example, I'll text her something, she won't reply for like 2 days, and then she'll reply and be like "omg sorry idk how I missed this text!!" or "sorry i've been sooo busy" and then complain about how her neighbor took her parking spot in the garage or her boyfriend didn't like the dinner she cooked or something else dumb.The only reason she ever talks to me anymore is to complain or talk about her life, as soon as I bring something about myself up she doesn't reply… and even funnier is when she doesn't reply, accidentally views my instagram story, and then texts me back knowing she blew her cover that she was soooo busy or some shit…

Is it stupid to straight up end our friendship over this? We were super close a few years ago, but now live in different places. If this is what our friendship is going to consist of now I don't see the point in maintaining it.

No. 389449

I don't think its stupid to end it. She sounds selfish.

No. 389450

>see bf chatting with someone I don't recognise while I walk by his desk
>jokingly ask "who are you cheating on me with" (a joke we make frequently)
>he flips the fuck out at me: "it's just an old friend!! don't fucking worry about it! why are you making a joke like that it's not FUNNY"
>k well now I'm sketched out
>go to my room to read since he's being such a dick
>he comes in and tells me it hurts him when I act suspicious of him
>"but I was clearly joking and you literally made the same joke to me like 2 days ago"
>he gets mad again and leaves in a huff

ok then.

No. 389451

Not sure where to put this but has the gender critical thread been taken down again?

No. 389452

File: 1553229607722.png (1.55 MB, 2970x1627, shogipt2.png)

I'm so tired of these annoying straight & bi girls I went to art school with calling themselves bottoms on instagram bitch ur not a bottom you're a SUB you're not a fucking gay man

I'm also salty cause these chicks were really weird to me when they found out I'm bisexual but now that it's cool they're super kweer uwu! I drink iced coffee and watch drag race I'm such a fucking bottom!

No. 389453

Maybe it’s their way of telling the world but their assholes see more dick than shit

No. 389463

Not to make you freak out but…. maybe he is cheating?

No. 389464


Are you looking at the catalog or the index?

No. 389465

I feel like such a slut. I send nudes to over multiple guys (over 6, I don’t really remember right now) and I do it almost daily. I know they’re only using me for validation, they want me to make them feel good. And they want nudes, of course. It’s nice to get compliments, but it’s so shallow. I know, I’m doing it to myself. But I can’t have friendships. I always end up trying to mold myself into something they want. I cant vent to anyone either, everyone thinks they’re exclusive. I don’t have any girl friends, even if I wanted, because they all thing I’m slutty. I really don’t know what to do with myself, and I continuously have breakdowns over it. I don’t necessarily want to stop it either, even if it hurts. I really need the attention.

No. 389467


You have got to stop! I know how it feels when you think you need male validation, but you can escape. Do you have any hobbies ?? It’s a lame question but doing something that gives you worth outside of men is the way out

No. 389469

>Do you have any hobbies ??
This. My first thought whenever I read about some girl wasting her time seeking attention from men is always get a fucking hobby. You can't rely on men for your self esteem. Even if sending nudes/sleeping around/etc WASN'T potentially soul sucking and life destroying, you're gonna get old eventually and then what will you do?

The answer is wholesome, legitimate hobbies that involve learning, creating, developing skills etc to give you goals to work towards and an enjoyable way to spend your time. I'm not exaggerating when I say getting into sport was a game changer for me. Suddenly my value isn't solely determined by how pretty I am, I'm more concerned with improving and achieving things. Suddenly I don't really have time for men because I've got fun things to do. And even though I don't expect to do the same hobbies the rest of my life, I can now easily envision a happy future that doesn't involve men at all because I know how satisfied and fulfilled I can be just focusing on myself.

No. 389471

Lupita nyongo is gorgeous and I wish I looked like her

No. 389473

holy fuck, are you me? I just got out of a relationship with a girl but holy fuck she made me question everything. I strictly identified as bisexual for years now, but only (officially) dated one girl in highschool, and had 3 male fwb. I found myself crushing on men more than women, but in hindsight maybe it was just strictly sexual attraction lol. I’m the shitty type of person who definitely catches feelings if we fuck.

After dating my now ex, I was like, woah wait. She was fucking beautiful, a fucking goddess to me (I had been creeping on her over the internet for almost a decade lol we have mutual friends). Her personality? Fucking amazing. She was always so kind and reassuring whenever I got too nervous about anything that would scare her away, and enjoyed me without the pretext of strictly fucking. It felt surreal that someone would want to hold my hand or give me a small kiss, and not expect to fuck. It felt surreal that someone actually liked my personality. When we made out? Holy fuck, angels were singing. It was so soft and so gentle, I didn’t even know you could kiss someone so quietly and hear them breathe. All the men I’ve been with tried to eat my fucking face off. While I’m sad we broke up (I’m >>388698 lol), I’m also left questioning if I really like men after this. I can’t see myself with a man anymore, absolutely fucking not. But at the same time… I’ve been attracted to them for so long!! I genuinely crushed on some of the men I fucked around with, is it okay to decide that now I don’t like men? Were my feelings actually fake this whole time? Was I just playing into the heteronormative expectation that society forces on me? It’s so confusing. I’m afraid that maybe one day I will like a man again, maybe even date one. If I do while identifying as a lesbian, wouldn’t I just have been lying? I feel like I can’t strictly identify as a lesbian “just in case” a man rolls around who doesn’t fucking disappoint me. I don’t feel comfortable switching from a sexual identity that I’ve held onto for so long. Yet right now… I don’t feel things for men. I just don’t. I fucking love girls. I see lesbians on twitter talk about how they “liked” men because it was a societal expectation and a choice they made with lack of actual attraction, but I didn’t have those experiences. I think my crushes on men were my actual feelings.

I know no one outside of my head really gives a shit. All of my friends know I like girls, and maybe sometimes a man. It doesn’t really matter what I identify as, as long as whatever cute girl I meet knows that I like girls and will flirt with the intention to date. No lesbian/bi authority will come and strip me of my bi/lesbian card and jail me for incorrectly identifying myself lol. In the end, I’m trying to move myself away from trying to care. I’m not some special snowflake on tumblr (anymore), whichever label I pick isn’t gonna give me more oppression points over the other.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey of self discovery! I find comfort in the thought that sexuality changes, just as we do as people. I think it’s valid to go from bi to gay to bi again. And as cheesy as it sounds, what matters is that you find someone you like!

No. 389479

I'm a shotacon. I feel like it's super taboo now. Not even 4 years ago it was pretty normal in the porn community. Now there is an active witchhunt on tumblr/twitter for shota artists, and a lot of sites are banning the content outright.

No. 389482

i don't think you'll find support for your pedo habit here

No. 389483

Be prepared for a ton of hate here.

No. 389484

Oh no, not the kiddie porn!! Pls don’t ban my imagery of child abuse!

No. 389487

I'm not a pedo. I like real adult men. I only like shota if they are somewhat masculine and appear to be at least in their teens.

No. 389488

What are your thoughts on Boku no Pico?

No. 389489

Same. It feels like straight shota is harder to find than ever.

No. 389490

I thought Pico was way too girly and too much of a stereotypical unbelievable "uguu" hentai protag. I would say the ending scene where he cut his hair and wore boy clothes was probably the best part of the OVA. Still, it wasn't my preference.
Pico+Chico was much better, especially since it had straight shota elements and Chico is much more boyish.
Pico+Chico+Coco was unwatchable trash.
Straight shota is my favorite besides just two shotas together. I'll say this, I really dislike older men with shotas. It seems too predatory to me.

No. 389492

>too much of a stereotypical unbelievable "uguu" hentai protag.
I guess that’s what makes the whole thing hilarious. Coco was definitely lame though and his existence ruined that entire episode. God was he a lame as shit gay ass character.

No. 389493

I don't know if this makes me sound better or worse but I like when porn characters act like real people, even shotas.
I just can't get into something that seems so fake an unnatural.

No. 389495

>It seems too predatory to me.
The mental gymnastics you must go through, anon.

No. 389496

All of you should, please, feel free to leave. No to all of this. No. You're all gross and no one likes you (and rightfully so), and there's nothing even remotely acceptable about this.

No. 389497

Lmao why was I included in that list for pointing out that it must take some solid mental gymnastics for her to consider gay shota to be predatory but not straight shota

No. 389499

I still can't get over something that happened to me as a kid. I was 11 or so and this guy was also my age. The thing is: he would always harass me with stupid stuff.
He would ask me things like "have you ever shaken your pussy?" when we were in public. He wrote songs about me undressing. He tried to catfish me online so we would go on a date. He would out of the blue start laughing and say "wow, I just imagined you doing anal". Years passed. He confessed to me and later he came out as a gay guy and fucked off.
The thing that pisses me off the most is this guy is going around acting woke and posting feminist stuff on instagram, telling people to drink water and have safe sex while not once apologizing to me about this stuff.
Sometimes I wonder if being sexualized this early was the reason why I'm so uncomfortable with my body and trooned out. Yikes.

No. 389500

File: 1553240322368.png (283.36 KB, 411x310, b0c.png)

No. 389501

Related to the discussion above I just find pearl-clutching anons reeing about predatory pedos i.e. people who like cartoon images hilarious.
>ugghh momokun is making a lewd set of a 16-year old character again??? told u she's a pedo!!!! i'm gonna have a panic attack over this!!!

Hard agree though, I don't see the reasoning behind this. Why is straight shota good but gay shota is predatory? I get it's probably because straight shota is aimed at mommyfags and has a "loving mom" smothering the boy with her tits but I'm just interested in hearing why.

No. 389502

Uh yeah, I think that might have a large part to do with it. Get therapy anon that sounds awful.

No. 389504

Sometimes I wonder about the moralfaggotry here especially when I posted before that a classmate of mine exposed me to porn when I was 7 years old and y’all just responded with “lol kids just being kids and just being sexually curious, I watched porn as a kid too nbd.”

No. 389505

Well, I just really don't like seeing older/muscular/faceless men raping shotas. Don't like these kinds of guys with girls in hentai either.
Two shotas together seems more innocent. The inexperience and explorative nature of it is what I find attractive.

This doesn't reflect on real life at all, but I think straight shota is better because I feel the act of a shota penetrating an adult makes them a bit more equal in a way. Hard to explain. I like it best when the shotas aren't just scared crying whores.

No. 389506

Thank god it's taboo now. I remember following this artist online who started to draw more and more shota, and finally shota guro. She was obsessed. Then she posted about working in daycare. No one batted an eyelash about that back then.

No. 389507

I feel like porn ruined me as a kid, I watched it when i was about 12 or so and it definitely fucked with my image of sex and women. Taken a good while for me to grow out of it and actually assert my sexual boundaries. I think the average for boys to start viewing it now is as low as 11 which is just fucking wild

And then we wonder why young men are becoming increasingly sexually abusive.

No. 389508

I think a few cows on here have been involved in "underage controversies" and anons on here desperate for new drama hype it up and morally panic just to cultivate milk.
Someone already posted the example of momokun cosplaying 16 year old characters.

No. 389509

Drawings aren't real life, and people can separate reality from fantasy. I mean how many weird, obscure, questionable fetishes exist that aren't ever acted out irl? Drawing is just a sandbox for that.

No. 389510

Well, I tried to talk to people about it, but not on therapy. People that I trust. Mostly they just respond with "eh, that's not harrassment, he was also a kid"

No. 389511

Wanting to abuse children doesn’t fall under fetish, and pedos will always take a mile if you give them an inch

No. 389512

Getting unwillingly exposed to porn that early in life messed me up too and gave me an unhealthy view of sex for the longest time. For some anons to see that as just normal childhood mischief when I posted about a year or so back was a bit upsetting.

No. 389513

File: 1553241934570.png (96.87 KB, 689x473, 1542081571963.png)

ugh anon, i had a similar experience but we were 8-9 (i was the 1st to start puberty in my class and his remarks didn't help me deal with the whole "i'm becoming a woman while being a child" panic i had already internalised by then). i guess i can't fully blame him bc his family situation was beyond shit (his sister also ended up being 14 and pregnant) but i wonder if he even remembers me or will ever understand what that did to me. at least he hasn't gone woke from what i know. my condolences and i hope it won't affect you one day!

No. 389514

Oh please. I'm into shota and I've never once wanted to touch a real child.
I'm into shota and yet I support chemical castration for all legitimate pedophiles/child molesters.
Shota is a fantasy, and not real in any way. Actual children look and act nothing like cartoon porn characters.

No. 389515

Yeah anon we shouldn't care when pedos who love eroguro of little boys sign up for jobs where they can be around little boys all day long. What a great idea uwu

No. 389516

You’re still attracted to the imagery of child abuse, kids shouldn’t be sexualised. Fuck off with your pedo shit

No. 389517

Real pedos are big fans of loli and shota and also general cartoon representations of children. It's usually legal for them to consume and cartoon/manga pictures can be used to groom children. I can't help but think of Michael Jackson who was a big fan of Bart Simpson, and got himself self-inserted into the show and visits Bart.https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-simpsons-boss-al-jean-michael-jackson-used-the-show-to-groom-boys?
He even features Bart watching him on TV after that censored part when he smashes cars and fondles himself in Black and White.

No. 389520

I remember when I first skimmed through the kpop general threads and loads of (supposedly) adult farmers were gushing about underage idols. When told that this is very weird they immediately got defensive, saying that there's nothing wrong with adults who find teens cute and enjoy watching and supporting them.

Then, some months ago those female doms suddenly started to pop up all over the board. It seems like there was a massive influx of users who are into <5'5, skinny 18-year-olds, who are completely dependent on their partner. Then they constantly posted that "art" of a school girl beating a school Boy - yet again, then told that they're creepy, they lash out against whose who criticise them.

And now people admit to being shota-cons… Imagine my surprise…

You're making the whole board look bad. These are exactly the posts that users from other sites screenshot to make all of us seem like crazy female incels. Just because many men are predators doesn't justify you being one as well. It really feels like lolcow is made up of half radfem lesbians, half fetishists who want a "cute boy"-slave and a handful of normal people who have or want an equal relationship with a normal guy.

No. 389521

what about normal lesbians who have normal relations with the men in their lives

No. 389522

What underage idols? The youngest idol I ever saw gushed about in that thread was 17.

No. 389523

lolcow has always been degen look at our encyclopedia dramatica page and be disappointed

No. 389524

If there happen to be any on lolcow, then they're a very, very silent minority…

No. 389526

I’ve never run into an imageboard that is free of degeneracy. It’s an inherent part of the culture. Who do you think we are trying to impress here anyways?

No. 389527

Exactly, consider what this site is and it's origin.
I'm just glad there are as many anti-pedos as there are on LC. This is truly the best imageboard.

No. 389528

>You're making the whole board look bad.
What about it, moralfag? Sorry I don't feel the need to put on my best behavior for literal incels so they don't call our board degen.

No. 389531

But 17 is underage!

I didn't know hating pedos is being a moralfag now…
>as many anti-pedos as there are on LC
But are there? Judging by the responses above there are just as many being pro or at least defending those who are.
Pedos are the bottom of the barrel of all degenerates. Also, the "b-but others do it too/are worse" is exactly the shit defense I talked about.
So sorry that I spoke out against your "fetish" of being into children. I will stop now, seeing as this triggered too many of you.

No. 389532

>lolcow is made up of half radfem lesbians
Make that 100%, boss

No. 389536

We're never going to get a full picture so long as we are all anonymous, I'm not gonna be upset about 18 or 19 year olds lusting after a 17 year old k-idol. Realistically people in their mid-late teens don't look that different from people who are legal and when someone professes attraction to someone they are unaware is a minor its embarrassing and disappointing but I'm not gonna care so long as they don't actually try fucking them. I'm likewise not concerned with adult men accidentally finding a 17 y/o girl attractive they didn't realize is a minor so long as they don't try banging her.

In cases where anons here professed attraction to boys and teens in their life who they actually had access to people here have been pretty good about jumping down their throats.

they already think our board is degen

No. 389537

they're right in thinking that honestly. just look at /g/.

No. 389538

/g/ had some of the examples I was thinking of. There was one woman there who was like 25 and sexually obsessed with her 16 year old nephew and she was rightfully bullied into silence about it after she wouldn't shut up about it. There was some pervert babysitter in another thread who got tons of replies telling her to neck herself. I've never seen lolcow be cavalier about anything involving children or teen boys who were in real risk.

No. 389539

new vent:

my dog keeps stealing the cat's fucking food and I'm getting really pissed off. We give the dog good food but she still sneaks, steals and intimidates the cat to eat her food. I pretty much need to hover over my cat she eats and hide her food in cabinets and shit.

No. 389541

he's 17 alright and like I said in that thread he does in not any way look like a child or even a teenager
he looks like a fit adult male in his 20's

No. 389543

I can't believe you're still arguing this. I'm willing to concede that maybe he really does look older and may be very handsome but can't you concede that you started bugging people by talking so much about it? Sometimes you just need to take your ball and go home.

No. 389545

I am ashamed of this crush and I hate pedo's but I want to assure everyone I am not a pedophile in anyway

No. 389552

>finding small men attractive is the same as being a pedo
I agree that anons posting underage guys are awful and gross, but liking manlets is immoral? For real? Should no one ever date them if doing so makes you a pedo?
For the record men who are skinny and even 5'1" look like adults in regards to body hair, build, facial proportions etc. most of the time. They're just smaller adults.

No. 389553

My family had that problem so they put the cat's food on top of a cabinet that the cat can access through its cat tree.

No. 389557

Honestly this, not even regarding the pedo stuff but the people who insist on everyone to behave so that the ~men don't get ammunition~ are laughable, especially when they're screeching about anons who get a kick out of bullying men. If men can't handle women being degenerate anonymously and other women are trying to police other anons to be more ~ladylike~ then they can go to leddit to have teatime conversations for all I care. Moralfags can call whatever they want sick and disgusting but acting like it's a FBI related matter when some anon posts a drawing of a schoolgirl slapping a boy is peak autism.

reposting for correct post number reply

No. 389561

>other women are trying to police other anons to be more ~ladylike~ then they can go to leddit to have teatime conversations for all I care.

I agree it's annoying when anons want to defend poor adult men from farmer's "bullying" and omg manhating - I draw the line with actual underage pedo stuff though.
And I gotta say Reddit is a shit place for women.

No. 389569

Yeah this bothered me. Height isn't something you can control. I think we're aware that manlets can be disadvantaged dating wise because of that, and now they've got to deal with the additional burden of rendering the women who are attracted to them into pedos? Damn, manlets can't ever win huh?

Weird to think of it lolcow is maybe one of the only places online where you have enough women liking manlets that it ends up bothering other anons.

No. 389570

This week has been really weird with my anxiety. I'm anxious about every fucking little thing and it's annoying the shit out of me. My headset also chose to finally break today and I don't have the $20 to replace it.

No. 389572

Speaking of, what is with the American obsession of 6’2? Is it really tall there or something, because where I live it’s a decently standard height and my partner happens to be it but I would by no means consider him to be particularly tall. It’s also just weird to fixate on the specific height rather than just the general ‘he should be taller than me’

No. 389574

Can't say I understand, 6'2" is too tall personally (t. womanlet).

No. 389575

I mean If I see a woman with a bf whose a couple Inches shorter then her then I wouldn't really even care
but If I see a woman with a bf who is slammer then 5'3 and he has a youthful appearance then I'm gonna assume she's a pedo

No. 389576

As someone who was sexually abused as a child I fucking despise shota- and lolicons.

No. 389577

Wow, there sure are a lot of tall men who are closet pedos by your logic.

No. 389578

why are femsubs so insecure about femdoms anyway? they can never just accept not every woman wants some scrawny dude in a fedora to choke them, they've always got to start implying women who prefer to be dominant are pedos or bullies or abusive or some other stupid nonsense.

No. 389579


Are you that anon who accused people of being pedos for liking NCT and then slunk off after being reminded that all the NCT members that thread talk about are 20+ years old

No. 389580

I'd say the vast majority of both men and women are vanilla and I can say that I am vanilla and get disgusted by subs and domms of both genders
so your both equally "disgusting" to me at least

No. 389581

no no, men are allowed to go for women half their size, half their age and half their income level. but if a woman dares date a man who's shorter or younger than her, or who makes so much as a dollar less than her? she's clearly a controlling pedophile abuser.

No. 389582

File: 1553255770354.gif (225.99 KB, 500x375, 4309-095-095.gif)

>tfw the only popular discussions anymore have been about fetishes
>tfw you can't even relate to any of this weird weeb shit

No. 389585

File: 1553256326074.jpg (24.23 KB, 632x444, 0c8f77a4-b8b1-45b7-90f6-86f3af…)

Just keep trying anon. Sometimes my posts go nowhere, but sometimes they drive up discussion.

It depends on the time of day too, eurofags and burgers like talking about different things.

No. 389586

Honestly I'm kind of unsurprised though since I've had the argument used against my preference for them before. By my own mother, no less.

Are these men allowed to date ever then..? Or should they only be able to date equally youthful petite women? What if he's also into taller women?

If he's a fully functioning adult, even if he looks a bit young (and yes I know what types of men you're referring to), it's just not pedophilia. He's a consenting adult and it would be safe to assume 99% of the time she's into that aspect. Unless they're doing some mdlb stuff, which I believe is always questionable (same with ddlg).

>inb4 defensive because guilty

I have been on a date before with the sort of guy you're speaking of, but guaranteed if I found out he was underage it would have turned me off.
So I guess I must be a pedo! Preferring a guy that makes me feel protective and wanting to grow old together with him? Absolute pedophilia.

No. 389587

God I fucking hate fujos and shota/lolicons. You guys really ruin any female community with your autism.

No. 389588

>You guys really ruin any female community with your autism.
Really? And here I thought it was all the BPD sociopaths obsessed with manipulating people.

No. 389589

There's been some rampant anti-fujo anon here obsessed with bringing up her irate hatred for fujos in every vent/unpopular opinions thread. Similar to the anti-dog anon who can't stick to her containment thread.

No. 389591

the site needs an influx of new people, preferably non weeb

the idea of a containment thread for a lone, raving anon makes me kek

No. 389592

Nope, I’m NTA I’m just sick of weebs with degenerate fetishes infesting every female space. I don’t need to hear about shota and yaoi shit in every female dominated community

And before you guys say ‘fujos weren’t even brought up!!’ the shota anon before was sperging over how shota on shota is pure

No. 389594

She was sperging mostly about straight shota which is heterosexual lmao get back to the containment thread

No. 389595

It feels like everyone I see are in happy, wonderful relationships while I'm stuck in this shitty abusive one.

No. 389596

This is a vent thread. I've literally never brought up shota on this website before today.
There's so much more toxic content on this website, and anime porn is what really bothers you?

No. 389598

Weeb’s whining about how they’re rightfully ostracised for watching cartoon kiddie abuse? Yeah, it gets on my nerves how it can’t be escaped

No. 389599

I am so fucking pissed off at my close friend from uni.

>bf recently dumped him

>I stay by his side and help him finish work while being super sad
>Do this because I treasure our friendship and him as an individual
>i recently get into deep depression
>I try to get into contact w him for some support because we cry together and shit
>he doesnt reply until two days later
>first thing he brings up is some random bullshit about his day
>try to be respectful and show i would like his support as my friend
>reads message but doesnt bother replying
>still hasn't replied its been almost a week now

I understand he went through his break up but its been a few weeks and all I wanted was someone to listen to me. At the beginning I felt so sad but now when I look back at our friendship I have always been there to support him when his parents were going through their divorce and when he was in a deep depression and almost dropped out of the degree we're doing.

Now looking back I am getting angrier and sadder about how one-sided everything is

>remember how he always relied on me to complete assignments and exam notes

>remember how he wasn't supportive and happy for me when I got recognised for academic excellence
>remember how i told him about my academic excellence award and he had a pissed off face but said 'I'm really proud of you'

I thought it was just because he was going through a hard time - I thought that's why he replied like that and I thought thats why he isn't replying now but its been enough time. WTF am I supposed to do now? Fuck.

No. 389600

Shota = adults fucking kids
Yaoi = men fucking men
Therefore, yaoi =/= just as bad as shota.
Also, the hundreds of posts in the dog hate thread are all the same anon…?
Fucking brainlets.

Whenever I'm about to get mad that lolcow is infestered by retards who refuse to stop, I force myself to remember that thankfully nearly all of your opinions are unpopular - or in case of liking shota/liking 17-year-olds/exclusively going after vulerable, barely legal, physically inferior neet subs - considered illegal or at least socially absolutely inacceptable. If you'd be too scared to say the things you admit on here irl, then maybe it's not so a-okay afterall.
There are okay-secrets and things you keep a secret because you know very well that they're degenerate and could you get in real trouble. Liking people under the age of 18 - no matter if drawings, kpop kdols or a Person in your day to day life - is one of them.

No. 389602

I like it when the shotas fuck each other.
But actually I mostly like heavy petting/lewd non-penatrative "sex".

No. 389603

If this isn't bait, kill yourself.

No. 389604

Had a friend exactly like this who only ever wanted to talk about herself and hated when anything went well for me. I rightfully ghosted her and haven't spoken to her in two years.

No. 389605

I'll continue to enjoy my shota content and continue to not hate dogs, thanks anon.

No. 389606

>physically inferior subs
Why must you continue to lump us in with pedos?

No. 389608

Children. They’re children. Stop trying to create a disconnect by calling them shotas

No. 389611

Because I've come across multiple posts of anons who want a sub who's extremely young, very short and skinny, a neet, shy, socially stunted, cries, etc. - in short, somebody who will be completely dependent on them, somebody who's as close as possible to being like a child. You want to take advantage of a person who might be legal, but is actually still mentally and phsyically sort of helpless. And that's just wrong and disgusting.
This, combined with pictures of bloodied anime boys in school uniforms is not much better than farmers who are downright into shota.

No. 389613



You think women should want a man who never cries?

No. 389616

File: 1553261188219.png (9.18 MB, 1242x2208, FE6A546B-B514-4A85-A488-8E07DE…)

Is it really necessary to ask every remotely popular/well known woman this question? Why are people so obsessed with women having babies, it has literally zero effect on them.

No. 389618

There is nothing wrong with women liking manlets and sensitive guys. OK if anons here are seriously planning to abuse their bf that's bad but there is nothing wrong with liking men with traits you listed.

No. 389620

Pretty sure anon was saying it’s an issue when women purposely seek out men with all of those traits, which I agree, that’s a pretty big red flag. That’s a recipe for social isolation and dependence which does not go hand in hand with a healthy relationship

No. 389621

You know exactly that I mean "always cries", "cries very often", "cries while I do naughty stuff to him". Which in itself would still be okay. But if you specifically go for solely that type of person… No.
But yeah, keep twisting words to try and make yourself feel better.

No. 389622

You didn't say "cries very often" or "always cries" though. You just said cries. Other people aren't mindreaders.

No. 389625

Okay then, but now you know.

No. 389626

You think that makes it better huh?
Pedos like to pretend that their pedo materials or actual abuse isn't bad because they weren't being physically invasive/didn't physically hurt the kid.

No. 389631

File: 1553265840285.png (111.14 KB, 309x361, 188.png)

I really don't give a fuck about your moralfaggotry. I like looking at pictures of little anime boys in my room alone.
Get over yourself. Sorry your mom's boyfriend touched you when you were a kid but has nothing to do with me.

No. 389633

jesus, that was autistic anon.. get help, seriously

No. 389634

My partner wanted a “break” two weeks ago with some implication that he didn’t want a relationship anymore. We both agreed to no contact since he needs space away from me but I have no clue if he wants me back or what. I’ve already gotten another guy’s number in the mean time because fuck going through this uncertainty. If he wants to end things, stop being “nice” and fucking end things instead of dragging it out.

No. 389635

>I really don't give a fuck about your moralfaggotry. I like looking at pictures of little anime boys in my room alone.
Why do you think that you like this ?

No. 389636

>Why do you think that you like this ?
What does that even mean? You tryna say I am actually just repressing my desire to rape children? LOL.

No. 389637

I think that anon feels that your desires are pretty unnatural.

No. 389638

He sounds like a coward. No person goes through two weeks of saying nothing to you if they really love you and want to be with you.
Take that number and go have fun anon, he doesn't care. And if he tries to slunk back and accuse you of not waiting (so he can look like the good guy betrayed) then play his game and ghost him.

No. 389641

We actually agreed to not talking for three weeks but the more I sit on it, the more I feel he actually has no desire to continue things with me. I can understand a week and even two weeks but three weeks of not being able to talk things out in any manner seems like too much for me.

No. 389644

File: 1553267663658.png (73.16 KB, 730x549, gfr.png)

i feel so fucking guilty whenever i draw

pretty sure it's because my parents used to barge into my room and get mad at me for using my spare time to draw rather than study when i was a teen

funny thing is, they wouldn't say a damn thing about my brother's borderline gaming addiction

No. 389645

Not even a shotafag but I'm laughing my sides off watching the moralfags tear their hair out and screech over cartoons. Keep doing you anon

No. 389646

what do you think the reason is that you like "looking at pictures of little anime boys " ?

No. 389647

You shouldn’t feel guilty. What the hell is wrong with your parents? Drawing is a much more productive and rewarding activity than gaming. Parents who only care about their children’s academic success are the worst.

No. 389649

Seems like you were the one who got kiddyfiddled

No. 389650

we don't want this place to become a degenerate shithole
theirs nothing wrong with that

No. 389651

This. Take your pedophile ass somewhere else, to jail or mental hospital for example.

No. 389652

>your desires are pretty unnatural.
Hardly. There's people who get off to much more unusual stuff. Stuff that's not even conductive to breeding, primary/secondary sex organs, or even human anatomy. Liking teen anime boys seems completely natural to me.
Gee I duno I saw a hot anime boy picture when I was a teenager and I never stopped finding them hot.
>ur actually a pedophile, actually you're autistic, no wait you must have been raped as a child!! stop triggering my csa memories! it's your fault!
It's too late for that. This place already has a terrible reputation. Masturbating to shota is fucking tame compared to the sociopathic shit some of you girls do. If you girls are allowed to brag about being cheaters/sugarbabies/irl sadists/unhygenic pigs I should be allowed to talk about my tame af fetish.

No. 389653

>Sorry your mom's boyfriend touched you when you were a kid

Leave it to a shotacon to have amazing empathy towards victims of child abuse!

No. 389654

Can you really just snap your fingers and fall out of love with someone? Because he keeps telling me that he's not in love with me anymore (or that he's 'had to forget' his feelings for me, which is totally fucking different imo) and that there's no romantic connection between us any more - but how is that even fucking possible when before this he told me he was certainly in love with me. That he would do anything to be with me. Now? He says he loves me and wants to be my friend and that's it.

Either he's lying, or there is actually a way to fall out of love with someone instantly - and if there is, can someone tell me what it is so I can fall out of love with him? Because this fucking hurts. Really fucking hurts.

No. 389655

>Leave it to a shotacon to have amazing empathy towards victims of child abuse!
>wah I said I was raped so that means you have to grovel and agree when I tell you that you're a sick pedo that deserves to be locked up.
Maybe if you didn't project your own rape onto my private and personal fantasies I wouldn't be such a bitch to you.

No. 389656

Draw, draw, draw anon. You parents sucked. A creative hobby is way better than just gaming.

No. 389658

No one has done that. You are just embarrassing yourself.

No. 389659

Is this the hill you wanna die on ?
defending your stupid fetish for cute anime boys
let me guess you self insert as a anime boy don't gay boy don't you

No. 389660

>pls pls pls let my moral highroading work this time
Got any more tactics you wanna try?

No. 389661

You want to get reported to your local law enforcement and put on a watchlist?
Because this is how you get reported to your local law enforcement and put on a watchlist.

>"you girls"
>shota bullshittery
>complete lack of empathy toward CSA victims that can only arise from testosterone mixed with porn addiction and emotional/mental instability
>no sage
I smell a scrote (or gay troon).

No. 389663

Man, you american women are really crazy, either that or half the post here are by male trolls.

No. 389664

>ur a pedo
>ur autistic
>ur triggering my csa ptsd
>i bet ur a man
>im calling the cops

Calm down. It's just a drawing. A completely legal drawing, mind you.

No. 389666

Not for long, faggot.

I will enjoy your tears when they crack down the banhammer on shota and loli.

No. 389668

If the law is your source for morality, why don't you just visit a country where the aoc is 12 or 13? Then you touch those boys for real.

No. 389669

>doesn't deny anything
Confirmed. Everyone, let's stop giving him/it (You)s. Negative attention is what this individual craves most of all.
Hopefully, he/it gets the help and attention from their local authorities that he/it is so clumsily reaching out for.

No. 389674

File: 1553271496215.png (621.62 KB, 3000x2000, 1532967694836.png)

Is this you ?

No. 389681

What board is that from? I'd like to read the full thread.

No. 389684

File: 1553274087395.jpg (291.98 KB, 1200x801, 1515636243019.jpg)

Its from /co/ and this is the OC she made btw

No. 389687

File: 1553274613423.jpg (79.04 KB, 716x428, nicetry.jpg)

I mean, whatever makes you feel better for being turned on by little boys, anon.

No. 389689

File: 1553274741344.jpg (1.6 MB, 2448x3264, 1515643068733.jpg)

>the south park plushies

No. 389691

Nta but this "everyone who is degen must be a man or a troon" shit is retarded. Anon doesn't seem like either, just a little spergy.

No. 389696


Same, there’s not ONE place online that weebs can shut the fuck up about anime for 2 seconds

No. 389707

File: 1553278336577.gif (804.18 KB, 300x240, popcorn.gif)

>mfw the kinks you're ashamed of thread in /g/ is full of absolute heinous degeneracy from murder fantasies to forceful insemination yet the moralfags are here screeching at someone liking shota, try to silence anon by m-muh csa survivor status and when it doesn't work starts calling her a troon/scrote
This thread is fucking golden, my Friday evening is saved

No. 389713

I am a fucking idiot and just had to break into my own house. I was taking out the trash without my phone or keys on me and I locked the door behind me out of habit. I had to simultaneously bend the screen off my bedroom window, hold the glass up so it didn't slam down on me, and squeeze my 5'9" sack of potato body through the sliver of space above my dresser.

I was so gung-ho about getting some hardcore spring cleaning done today but now I'm pissed. My arms and legs are banged up, my landlord is going to be pissed parts of the window frame are bent, and my neighbors probably just called the cops thinking I was breaking in.

5 more minutes of stewing then I'll get back to cleaning. I'm not taking out any more trash bags until my boyfriend gets home though.

No. 389715


Hahaa I actually love doing that it makes me feel like a kid again

No. 389717

File: 1553280452428.jpeg (7.32 KB, 225x225, Download.jpeg)

I am selling a service that I advertise in Facebook groups. A guy who does the same recently copied my ad and concept AND deleted my ad from a huge group he is admin of. My ad (a post made by me three years ago) was really important to me as there were many positive and sweet comments about me and my job. I told him today that I was really disappointed about that and that I don’t like my posts being copied one-to-one. He blocked me and I just can’t get over it. I never get angry, but if someone does something unfair, I just go into rage mode. I stalked his profile and joined all groups he is in to post my ad. I actually lowered my price significantly to hurt his business… I don’t even need commissions, I am just so pissed and want to hurt him. I have really childish thoughts like commenting mean things on all of his ads, but I won’t do that. It just makes me happy to think about it. I also did screenshots of the things he said before blocking me (like admitting to copying my things) and called them "my nemesis" lol

No. 389721

you sound like a scrot. all of you "it's just a drawing" fags are completely delusional and/or are men attempting to justify their own pedophilic tendencies. it's not "just a drawing", just as when people find that people have been getting off to drawings of chopping off body parts, necrophilia, and other heinous shit, it's never written off as "just a drawing" except, maybe, by the most supremely retarded and/or in desperate need to cape for their sick fetishes. the majority of anons that even express gross taste in those threads get shit on.(stop)

No. 389722

This, I can almost guarantee one of the moralfag posters is a hypocrite who has a rape fetish.
90% of the time anime shotas look and act nothing like real children anyways, I don't think most shotafags are actual pedophiles, and for the ones that are, the access to 2D didn't make them become one.

No. 389723

>obsession with women having purported rape fetishes
either you guys are the retarded female counterparts to r9k caricatures, or you're actually men. you have no understanding of the rape thing and it sounds just as contextually tone deaf as when men say it.

No. 389725


>You sound like a scrot

>No, YOU sound like a scrot
>That's exactly what a scrot would say, I bet you're a scrot

God this thread is great.

No. 389727

This guy sounds like a fucking asshole holy shit. I hope you make your nemesis cry anon.

No. 389728

Shoe is that you?

No. 389729

Just because I don't agree with you doesn't make me /r9k/ or a man. You yourself have no understanding of the shota thing, I only used rape fetish because it's the most common "socially unacceptable" fetish to have.
>>389721 put shota on the same level as necrophilia which I think is very extreme.

No. 389732

Anon sounds like one of those concerned moms who thinks playing violent video games means you're gonna shoot up your school.

No. 389734

I'm now confused I thought shotas were like, 10. But some of the replies seem like they refer to teens. I think drawn porn of 10 year olds is worse than of 16 year olds. Im not sure I would equivocate the latter to pedophelia personally even if it's distasteful.

No. 389737

It's young boys, that are or looks 13 and under. Guys who look like they have actually gone through puberty aren't shota. Anon is talking about teens to prove that she isn't a pedo or something.

No. 389738

Shotas usually are somewhere around 10-12, they can be older depending on how the artists draws the character. I don't think most have a problem with 16 year old drawn porn seeing as the majority of anime characters are at that age, there is little difference between a 16 year old and 22 year old anime character anyways in terms of body and how they act. If someone does have a problem they probably dislike anime porn in general.

No. 389747

Shota lovers are bottom feeders, what's new?
Can you guys stop derailing and move on, the discussion is tired.

No. 389763

Did you just ban an anon >>389721 who said something against them, but left the actual shota-lovers be? If sexists and racists get banned on lc, then please ban pedos as well!

No. 389797

I also got a tempban for "excessive infighting" after replying to it once, then explicitly saying we should just stop feeding the troll. Not really sure how that makes sense. I wasn't redtexted, though, so perhaps the shota-poster(s) actually did get banned, too, just without redtext (for whatever reason).

No. 389801

File: 1553294705045.gif (125.87 KB, 500x382, meeee.gif)

I have two siblings who got ma