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No. 365379

Last thread >>355708
scream shout let it all out

No. 365394

I made a big meal to take to work so I wouldn't have to buy lunch st work for the next three days and my family ate it. This sounds selfish but I'm spending my money to feed myself not them, they can all cook if they want to. And they get upset at me being upset with them.

No. 365396

I feel you on that one. Mine do the same except when I DO cook for all of us none of them want it

No. 365403

File: 1549048653064.png (186.15 KB, 325x452, umu.PNG)

i was in here like. 3 months ago ( i know bc i checked the thread ) bitching about that chad thunderfuck bastard making eyes at my crush . . . well he finally decided to make a move on her at this party; was summarily rejected, according to accounts i've heard from other people, kek

i feel somewhat guilty for taking such pleasure in his displeasure ( which is partially why i'm posting here ) but whatever, he's just another normalfag

me & her haven't gotten any closer but tbh after speaking with her more she turned out to be kind of annoying. like, absolutely bluepilled with the way she goes on about "queer" being a valid umbrella term for lgb stuffs & her
"complications with gender" . . . fucking yikes, you never know with some people

No. 365415

I had a dream I returned to my old job but before I did that I was in a fist fight with my really abusive ex boyfriend. I was doing well until he got on top of my and almost choked me to death, again. Low key hoping I have that dream again but this time I redeem myself.

No. 365430

Found out my grandpa has alzheimers. I'm genuinely contemplating suicide now. Him and grandma raised me and taught me so many beautiful things about life. I can't see my intelligent and lively grandpa lose all his memories and speech. I rather die than see him like that.

I've never met anyone kinder and pure-hearted than my grandma and grandpa. I hate how this world has treated them so badly. I don't want to live in an unfair world like this. It's just too cruel.

No. 365458

do you still wanna fug her tho, lescel-chan?

No. 365468

Same here anon, but with my grandma. I keep having flashbacks of certain moments of us together and it hurts like a stabbing knife, knowing things will never be the same again. I hope she never forgets how much I love her…

I hope someday you'll make beautiful memories with your grandkids, anon!

No. 365470

File: 1549058147650.png (202.08 KB, 400x333, Thanksmum.png)

I broke up with my abusive bf.
Made a post on fb about it, since it's not like fb doesn't announce my relationship status anyway.

I didn't name drop him, made sure to block him specifically, and it's not like I had to worry about spy drama since he had no friends from being an asshat to people.
He had publicly humiliated me in front of friends I had introduced him to. They already knew the score so it's not like I dropped a surprising bomb. Most friends were really hoping I'd get out asap.
So when I posted the status-I wrote two sentences, no need to spill details-I got a lot of support and feedback. Writing about my relationship problems isn't really something I do (I didn't mention a peep online while I was being abused). Yet numerous friends reached out to me and offered their availability if I needed to talk, some of them even messaged me personally. I got invited out to go do something. Others shared their experiences and related in the comments.
They did the right thing and helped me see positive out of a negative experience, I really appreciated that and it made me feel validated when for the past few months my emotions were being invalidated by an asshole who wanted me to believe I was crazy and awful.
I didn't get the impression that anyone was making fun of me or judging me, because abusive relationships fucking suck period. I wasn't dramatic or superfluous, I was being matter of fact.

Then in comes my mother.
"Anon I saw your status. Don't you think airing your dirty laundry to the world is inappropriate? I mean this would be like me taking out an ad in the paper to lambast my husband."
I explained to her that, no, making a private post consisting of two sentences to my close knit circle of friends that cannot publicly be looked at or shared is not like taking an ad out in the paper.
Also no, posting a two sentence vent referencing a manipulative, unreasonable, mentally ill abuser who treated me horribly is not equivalent to her destroying her husband publicly while they've been married for years and can be trusted to work out a problem privately without fear of abuse.
She completely exaggerated, and exaggerated what I posted to begin with.

Meanwhile her friends and other family members post personal opinions and flame each other on their social media over shit like politics all the time. Won't see her giving them a lecture about what they post on the internet. I almost feel like my mom is envious that I got so much support, because in her generation, women were told it was their fault if they were with abusers. My biological father was an abuser and she hid that fact from me for years, probably because her own mother told her the same shit so now she's hardened. Like she deserved the abuse because she was deceived and didn't know the abuser he was until it was too late to take back her marriage to him and me.
It's so fucked up. I feel sad for her.

No. 365472

File: 1549058223623.jpg (52.05 KB, 600x471, ophelia.jpg)

Tried offing myself today, i took benadryl to get drowsy and make the whole hanging myself thing easier but i ended up drinking too much and passed out. I was going on and off consciousnesss every hour or so.

People say they regret trying to kill themselves after they fail but i dont, i still want to die, i don't know what to do anymore i feel like its the only way out.

I didn't get into a good university, had to settle with a pretty shitty one. I don't fit in with people my age, going out actually makes me feel worse, like an outsider, my depression and eating disorder are eating me alive.
Why should i be in pain just so people won't be sad for two months at the max? Its very unfair.

Repost from the other thread because i hope someone has something to say

No. 365474

My bf and I both collect figures but for whatever idiot reason I find his collection cringey but mine is more subdued/tolerable or something. I thought at first that I was being sexist but I also think it's that I just find his stuff to be cringey in itself (amiibos, dbz statues, pops) and his whole bedroom comes off as really childish because its full of video games too. I wish I could drop this feeling but the man expects me to want to have sex surrounded by that shit when its just a big messy turn-off. I want to let him enjoy his shit, man. But my stuff is probably cringe to other people too: Marvel figs and character keychains, altho everything has a nice space and I have a fraction of the amount he has because I cant stand my nice things falling unappreciated in the back of a shelf or drawer.

And 60% of his collectables are random impulse buys which annoys me since I try to "curate" my collection so everything kinda goes together and I make sure I really really want and love the stuff I buy to display. But he just sees something related to his interests and immediately drops money on it even when he has no room to put it any more. It's scary.

This is such a weird nonproblem but also not really since it hurts our sex life and tells me that he cant save money. He knows it bothers me but he's a person and allowed to fill his shelves with whatever he wants and I tell him that. But I also can't stand thinking about living with him in the future and him thinking that Nintendo and anime crap looks great in the bedroom. I'm mad at myself for even making this an issue. Fuck's sake, brain, it's not that horrible…

No. 365480

It's not a nonissue if it bothers you, anon.
The fact is that you're maturing and don't want to be surrounded by cartoon figures when you're trying to be intimate. It is weird. It is unusual.
I've spoken with some guys I've dated in the past about home decor and they got offended when I said how I wouldn't want the house to look like an unorganized, incoherent nerd den if I lived with them. How dare I not want Pop figures in the living room. How dare I think game posters and nerd scrolls are tacky.
I wouldn't mind devoting a games room where I and my SO could stash all our shit, but otherwise it's not unreasonable for shared living spaces to be decorated naturally. Fuck manbabies.

No. 365484

My husband is so boring when we get drunk. All he wants to talk about is fucking and his cock when he's high/drunk and I just wanna get up and dance and have fun.

No. 365487

Shit anon, that must've felt shitty, but I'm glad you got so much support from other people. Also, congrats on leaving that relationship.

No. 365498

anon i'm sorry you feel like this, can you look up for professional help some how? the only thing i can tell you rn is that life can get better i'm sorry you feel like you need to die, hope you can be happy soon anon i'm sorry i can't really help you

No. 365501


I didn't get into any good unis, I was even on the waiting lists for the shittest ones. I go into hysterically depressed about it. Then I ended up going to the best postgrad uni in the world for my subject and even though I finally got what I wanted I had a complete mental breakdown from the pressure I put myself under and the whole things was just as much a bullshit fest as everywhere else on earth. The point is stop letting external forces define your self worth. You don't fit in with people your age or going out SO WHAT, SAME. Just hang around with people older people and do things you genuinely find fun rather than worrying about what you're supposed to be doing, or what society tells you fun or cool looks like.

>just so people won't be sad for two months at the max
knowing someone that kills themselves ruins lives people are not just sad for two months it's not some romantic uwu ophelia shit it's the most horrific things you can do to yourself and anyone that cares about you

No. 365503

>I didn't get into a good university, had to settle with a pretty shitty one
does it really matter? like, are you pursuing a major that will require top tier connections?
like realistically speaking uni is only 4~5 years of your life. once you graduate (assuming you're not a late goer, not that there's anything wrong with that of course) you'll be like. what.
don't sweat it

No. 365505

File: 1549060725763.gif (1018.85 KB, 500x242, live.gif)

your angsty post-adolescent depression is temporary, death is permanent

No. 365506

My girlfriend says she doesn’t feel like answering my texts, she feels a ”little bit bad about that” (her words) and that I’m a good girlfriend because I’m always for her when she’s not there for me. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck anymore, I’m taking anxiety pills and that makes me so detached from the problem. We are in a long distance relationship by the way.

No. 365531

nta but this poorly looped gif doesn't make me want to live.

No. 365536

File: 1549063069833.jpeg (26.84 KB, 550x309, 66F957D1-3BA0-47F7-BCDD-04EC3C…)

Corporatism and the ever worsening trend of console exclusivity has left me in despair! How the fuck is it the accepted norm to have to own several versions of 5-and-counting different platforms just to play some motherfucking games! Especially when most are portable/have mechanics non-integral to gameplay. Ugh.

No. 365543

File: 1549063549548.gif (445.32 KB, 595x594, blep.gif)

nta but here you go

No. 365544

Unless you’re trying to be a politician or a lawyer for politicians, where your degree comes from literally doesn’t matter. Seeking out a career in an environment that values classist bullshit like where you went to school is horrible for your vulnerable mental health anyway. Please drink some water, perhaps try a snack then call a friend/family member and get help.

No. 365569

Bad anxiety and panicked feelings, I know I'll be okay. Things just feel unreal.
going through this slump is rough. I want to go back the support groups I joined, but those only made my thoughts race more. I need motivational groups to join but I know none will be like that, like look at me know I'm only typing about this at my worst moments. Maybe something to distract myself? It's kind of dark outside already so I can't go anywhere, also it's so cold and there's snow on the ground. My house is small. I wish I lived somewhere nicer.
Any anons ever moved to a nicer climate and their quality of life greatly improved? I think this is what I ultimately need, to get out of this part of the country, where it's always gloomy and the only cheap place to live is near a cornfield.

No. 365579

Ehh I don't really think of myself as maturing because I also collect that sort of nerdy stuff, just on a smaller scale. But I woudln't want my toys on display while trying to entertain guests or something, even if they're also nerds. Time and place. But I'm glad someone agrees and doesn't think I'm being totally ridiculous, cause I've never met anyone else who has this issue.

And yeah when I walk into his space I think "manbaby" but he works, cleans, has a standard for himself. It helps me feel more lenient cause he isn't actually a disaster, he just kinda needs to understand that being surrounded by figs isn't exactly hot. And even if our friends like that stuff too, they probably dont wanna stare at it while we chill and have dinner altogether or whatever. I think by the time we live together, he'll start to "get it."

No. 365612

my bf is a picky af eater and it makes eating difficult and awkward sometimes

like i know it sucks more for him because there are things that are actually bothering him, but if i get back from a day of classes i just want to sit down and eat my food… not feel guilty watching him pick at his because the restaurant made his food touch or w/e

No. 365615

File: 1549068422260.png (366.55 KB, 573x514, 1542443744358.png)

I found out today that my sibling who molested me looks at incest porn, and when I told my partner about it they made it out like I was standing up for my sibling when I didn't want anyone getting the shit kicked out of them.

No. 365617

File: 1549068594516.jpg (104.7 KB, 960x544, az2ue4C.jpg)

I'm really frustrated with myself

I have some important exams next week I need to pass and I've already wasted five days doing jack shit.

I just can't seem to make myself study or focus or do anything I used enjoy for that matter, I just stare off wasting my fucking time ughh

Idk what's wrong with me but I want it to stop so I can get my shit together and become the person I've been promising myself to become for years already

No. 365620

seems like the perfect time to learn how to cook for himself. picky eaters who refuse to cook for themselves are awful. (this is under the impression he wont cook)

No. 365621

It's always annoying when people try to claim things that don't have anything to do with being feminine or masculine at all, are feminine or masculine, and of course it's almost always done to bring women down "this skin and hair color is feminine" "this race is feminine/masculine" "this eye color is masculine" "playing these instruments are feminine/masculine"

No. 365622

well what do you consider feminine and masculine? considering it's fucking all made up cultural shit anyway.

No. 365630

Usually it's defined by features women mostly have or what women mostly do as being feminine and features men mostly have or men mostly do as being masculine, and of course sexual dimorphism

Like, plump breasts are feminine, a small chin or jaw is feminine, wide shoulders and chest are masculine, etc. People nowadays are trying to claim entire races are feminine or masculine or that skin color is some how related to masculinity or femininity which is retarded

No. 365633

well i think those things go hand in hand with other arbitrary garbage like masculinity means being an aggressive testosterone ball and having no emotions, while women are supposed to be weak, nurturing emotional flowers. but that stuff ebbs and flows through society.

No. 365643

>aggressive testosterone ball and having no emotions
Sadly this seems to be true considering how universally the worst cruelties that happen are instigated by men.

No. 365650

NTA but that's probably a mixture of cultural shit (toxic masculinity) with some semblance of truth to it. Many men are shit because they're allowed to be and told to be, but some are just shit and they want the status quo to be shit like them. But I don't honestly believe all men are shitbags, but more that shitbag men hold the reigns and history agrees with me. In China during the Tang dynasty, women had more rights than women there do now pretty much. But you know, one bad apple spoils the barrel and all that, we just keep wanting to throw bad apples in, instead of throwing them in the fucking trash.

No. 365753

My dad dates women my age and it bothers me so much for some reason. It feels creepy and embarrassing. But everyone thinks I should just be happy for him. I really want to, but it all just grosses me out so much. All I can think about is all of the creepy dudes my dad’s age who’ve hit on me, and how he’s just one of them…

No. 365756

Nah that's disgusting and you shouldnt be happy for him. You should feel disgusted. Everyone saying you should just be happy for him is retarded.

No. 365758

I was supposed to go on a weekend trip to richmond, but the person driving didnt clear out their car and there was no room for my one suit case, so i opted out of going and now i'm home alone, pissed off.

No. 365759

My dad is 54 and dated a woman 2 years younger than me. I felt sick to my stomach. your dad is disgusting and so is every man and woman trying to normalized men who date women younger than their own daughters. it's fucking sick.

I dont speak to my dad anymore

No. 365779

My binging episodes are getting worse and I fucking hate myself. I wish I could get on the right path and stay there. I wish I knew what tools I needed to get through this. Go to a nutritionist? I'm tired of living like this but it's like my control over the situation has gotten worse and worse. I wish I could end this and reverse the damage I've already done. I just feel defeated.

No. 365781

If my dad were to try pull that shit I'd disown him.

No. 365790

I don't have BPD but the splitting thing is something I struggle with, I hate it. I swing between very intense feelings of love and hate for my bf and this shit sucks, I'm really mad at him rn for stupid reasons and I want to throw stuff and hurt him and make him suffer and soon I'll worship the ground he stands on.

Fortunately I don't really act on thid but it sure feels like hell.

No. 365800

I've become a textbook psycho bpd drug addict and it hurts, it's exhausting, I try my best but I always fail.

No. 365812

>make a post on 4chan about not being able to draw men
>fuck off attention seeking gaping roastie cunt
Now I just want to get really good at drawing the sexiest men ever and turn everyone he ever loved gay.

No. 365816

I'm really sad over silly stuff. Like my internet is messing up (lots of packet loss I can't figure out) and I am upset over it, not because of an internet addiction but because it means I can't voice call my online bf and we can't watch TV shows together. I feel dumb being upset about it but I can't help it. I only get to spend a limited amount of time with him and it's become routine and I've been looking forward to unwinding and enjoying his company while we watch BSG but now that's ruined. I want to cry but I feel foolish. I know why I'm upset and it's because I won't get to see him anytime soon and IDK its nice that I get that time with him.

No. 365824

this girl at work keeps telling me abt her sex life and im gonna lose it. im gay and hearing straight girls talk abt getting fucked & whatever makes me borderline nauseous, and for some reason she's decided i'm her bff and is telling me abt having anal with her bf & about how all girls can cum from penetration (which is literally not true).
i really feel like i cant be friends with straight girls at all because i don't wanna hear their t r i g g e r i n g sex shit.

No. 365837

Same anon you're not the only gay in the village who gets affronted with very open talk of hetero sex out of weird companionship with literal no build up/consent to it.
I have gotten used to (some sex talk) with three of my closest friends who have been around for years as something in me wants to ensure they dont live the average hetero sex life as the statistics arent in the womans favour literally ever (she being a perf example mrs 'any woman can cum from penetration!!!'), however alot of het women tend to suddenly just share sexually explicit shit out of some weird womens fellowship as if its expected im straight and will giggle & play along (which tbh it is cause most people do just make the assumption that im straight no matter how much people wanna talk about being open minded kek)
I always act very uncomfortable and sort of make it a point that I find the general conversation strange and off putting without even bringing sexuality into it half the time as I genuinely am uncomfortable having people throw their sex life at me, while I tend to not like anybody talking about their sex life with me out of the blue, theres definently an extra kick in my gut when its heterosexual. (Which no beef with straights Ive just seen nothing but str8 sex on television, movies and even ppl irl dry humping each other drunk af publically erry weekend and the sharing of gnarly sex stories that honestly dont sound appealing what so ever. You end up w a pretty explicit image of it and in turn ive become p disgusted on a deep visceral level lmao, im gay but the culture is what made it revolting)

No. 365840

this is important and i hope you can do it.

No. 365841

>alot of het women tend to suddenly just share sexually explicit shit out of some weird womens fellowship as if its expected im straight

I mean, you’re a tiny percentage of the population, heterosexuality is a pretty safe assumption most people can make

No. 365848

>being triggered by 99% of the population
Just tell her that you're a gay, who wants nothing to do with disgusting straighties and then leave her alone.

I swear to god, no matter how we behave around you, it's never good enough. If we ignore you/are not friendly enough then it quickly turns into "is it because I'm gay???" and if we don't, then you're disgusted by our mere existence.
That's tumblr-tier obnoxiousness.

No. 365860

why am I so fucking sad after doing fun things with my friends? like I had a great night of d&d but now Im home I just want to cry. is this an introvert thing or a depression thing?

No. 365868

I had a stupid drunk argument with my husband. He showed me this video and he told me "it's ironic that she's wearing so much makeup and is telling someone else not to wear it…", Then I said to him "how is an adult woman wearing makeup and saying a kid shouldn't dress like an Instagram thot ironic? She can wear as much makeup as she wants because she's grown.". This triggered him and he's starts shouting, he can't seen to understand how an adult woman being a cake face isn't comparable to a child doing it. Of course after this argument I'm the bitch and I'm unreasonable.

No. 365870

What a retard. Also sounds creepy because this is a slippery slope to claiming kids can consent to sex and stuff tbh. He sounds like he's trying his best to not let the mask slip but actually thinks children should be able to objectifying themselves and sees nothing wrong with it

No. 365871

I'm reading that rape culture book "Not that Bad" and it's really bumming me out.

No. 365872

Your husband is a brainlet. That little girl is 11 and should not be dressed up in this manner, nor should this shit be posted on the net for predators to salivate over. If he can't see why this is fucked up, I don't know what to say.

No. 365874

Yeah that's why it seemed suspect to me. Then afterwards he says this
"i didnt mean ironic per se, i meant I AGREE WITH HER but i just find it funny that shes talking about wearing makeup while wearing a full face of makeup.i just noticed she had a lot of makeup, and it was funny to me.i just dislike fake cunts, that wear too much makeup but you having your fucking pussy pride see me as somne horrible man for saying this ". He tried to change the goal post and imply he only thought it was funny she's wearing so much makeup and then i asked "why is it funny to you?" He proceeds to get even more triggered and just gaslight and ignore my questions. It's also interesting how he apparently had issue with her wearing makeup when I wear just as much.

No. 365875

I dislike your husband already. He sounds very creepy and seems like he gets aggro to defend his creepiness. This is the caliber of dude that may be a predator tbh (like so many men). How long have you been married to this asshole? He sucks.

No. 365878

We have been married for two years and at this point I don't even bother mentioning anything woman related unless he brings it up first because I know he's gonna say something that pisses me off. I remember one time I showed him this article about a 12 year old being gang raped in India…his first response was to show sympathy towards the rapists because "Indian women prefer white men and in India they are too repressed by religion". And he knows I use lolcow so any time the conversations come up he claims I'm brain washed by this site and disregards everything I say kek

No. 365879

Anon, you can come live with me. He sounds like an absolute an incel tier misogynist and all around creep. I don't think being attached to him is a good idea. He sounds like someone that resents women, even the ones in their life, what with how he gets angry and blames you. These type of men are especially dangerous to be attached to.

No. 365880

>being this asshurt someone doesnt wanna hear about anothers sexploits but is triggered anon happens to be gay lmao

Ouf anon

No. 365881

Is he a /pol/tard or something? Regardless of ideology, pretty much everyone I know first talks about how female infanticide in India in response to their sex assault crisis.

No. 365882

Well he's an idiot as well as a sexist pig, as the reason women are in danger in india is a disproportionate number of men. Also they often target white women to rape so he can fuck off with that too. I don't know how you stand him Anon, you must be a saint

No. 365884

He is a incel tier sexist and I don't get why because he has a normal fag life.it seems like he hates pretty much any woman who isn't me and isnt ugly/plain or outgoing(he seems to hate outgoing/pretty women). Anytime we disagree about anything he just claims it's because I'm a woman 95% of the time.
No he's not a poltard but I'm sure he would be one if he were white

No. 365885

File: 1549115777494.jpg (51.28 KB, 760x760, 1548877439158.jpg)

Anon please
Reconsider your life

No. 365886

Anon, it's likely that he hates you too based on how he treats you and blames all women for everything. Is he indian? Rarely do these men care for women in their personal lives and he already is not very nice to you over things normal people would not get angry and aggressive over.

No. 365889

He's Indian and so am i and I do ask him if he hates me because he nit picks over the dumbest shit like a coat im wearing. We went out for dinner and I wore this plaid lumberjack coat and he was pissed off about it the whole day. I get if he thinks it's ugly but why be that angry about something so small? When I call him out on this shit he just says "you don't understand why small details are a big deal because of the way you were raised". Everytime we disagree about anything he will point to me being raised poor or me being biased because im a woman kek I don't even bother arguing with him.

No. 365890

my mom brought MORE vintage shit home. its all over the counter and dining table. fucking hell. when her and my dad leave i'm putting it all into boxes and putting it in the basement. i'm so sick of this shit, i want to live in a house where you arent putting your shit everywhere. i like your hobby, you are great at decorating the house, but fucking hell, your store is not more important than the other people who live here. this is a house with rooms in it for people to LIVE in, not shove shit into to forget about. it's so fucking rude i swear to god.

No. 365896

are you guys both living in india, or australia or something? is he literally from india?

No. 365902

Eight, anon, have some self-respect and drop him. Why would you be with someone who hates you purely because of your sex

No. 365903

I hate my job.
I'm a law graduate, I speak 3 languages and I'm currently working in a small law firm.
Thing is, they pay me less than a fucking Walmart employee (bordering on "passion pay") and they treat me as their fucking secretary. I'm given the things other people don't want to do, I'm forced to make calls my boss doesn't want to do or even answer, I'm forced to FUCKING SCAN things for them as if using a scanner was fucking difficult or god forbid a proper """lawyer""" using a scanner like can't they do it themselves? Honestly I'm so fucking tired and I'm sorry if I don't make any sense but this shitty job is giving me anxiety and I'm angry all the time. I can't even sleep well anymore. Honestly if I knew all my hard work during my degree would go down the drain like that I wouldn't even have gone to college. I feel like a slave.
I'm too afraid to quit because my city is small and everyone knows each other, especially lawyers.

No. 365906

Ah well it makes more sense that he is making excuses for literal random rapists from his own country, it's the standard male opinion which he must echo. He does seem like a massive woman hater. I don't think I'd be very comfortable being the "only" woman he didn't hate. The irrational annoyance over the coat you were wearing reminds me of an anon in the bad parents thread who's dad would tell her she "ruined" his day because she wasn't smiling. Way to direct all your hatred towards an obviously innocent party

You should leave and get a white man if you really want to send him over the edge (make sure he can't track you down if you ever do that though)

No. 365907

Damn, anon. That’s fucking rough. I guess there’s little possibility of being able to save up a small cushion and then apply for jobs out of the city (or state or province or whatever, depending on where you live)? It just sounds really draining and you sound like you’re capable of (and craving) a much, much more fulfilling career.

No. 365912

uhh was this an arranged marriage, like why did you even marry him. Is the sex good at least

No. 365960

I don’t know how people can deal with living in really cold climates. I used to enjoy winter but the temperature being less than 10f/-12c for the last couple weeks is driving me insane.

No. 365965

anon, i want to get out of my area so bad. the windchill was a constant -55F a few days ago. it was hell. i hope to live in an area with minimal to no snow, or at least average winters.

No. 366006


dude, I don't want to go all radfem on you but a man who hates women "except you" is gonna end up hating you as well. He might just be shitting on other women right now and not on you but he's gonna turn on you eventually. I know it's easy for me to say "divorce him" but you should seriously consider it.

No. 366162

i’m just so fucking tired of giving attention to people and trying to make them happy when they clearly aren’t good friends and don’t know how the fuck to reciprocate kindness. i do my fucking best to try and help people as much as i can and i always end up chasing some semblance of reciprocated caring and i never get it. the people who want to give me attention want to do it in all the wrong ways. men want to use me as a sex toy and leave me, and my female friends either ignore me completely and act like i don’t exist unless i appear stable or just want to talk shit with me.

idk. i feel so jaded. like i can’t think of a single person i’d actually want to interact with in any meaningful way right now. i don’t trust anyone’s judgments or opinions lately and everything seems so fucking stupid and shallow. i want to go to sleep for three weeks so i don’t have to deal with human interaction.

No. 366226

I've been sleeping 12 hours and still needing to nap in the afternoon, and wishing it was bed time every day starting around 4pm, forcing myself to stay awake all evening. Thinking there's really got to be something wrong with me but I can't afford to go to a doctor. Even if I went to a free clinic, I sure as fuck can't afford any treatments. Thank god those insurance CEOs get their year end bonuses though.

No. 366228

File: 1549158078507.jpeg (115.92 KB, 750x724, 210E47CC-4509-4494-A7D8-B9DEA4…)

my boyfriend told me about how he played strip blackjack with his friend and a girl I’ve been suspicious of. It’s kind of irrational and I know she likes someone else but it makes me uncomfortable because it seems like she’s able to get more intimate with him than me, just because I can’t see him that often and my anxiety around intimacy. I want to talk to him about it, what do I say?

No. 366229

Just let him know you're not comfortable with that and he should respect your feelings. I've been through something similar and just ignoring it was impossible and made me overthink and feel worse.

No. 366238

it's not irrational. this is bullshit and you shouldnt tolerate it.

No. 366250

i'm about to buy a house and am afraid someone else will snipe it before i can get an offer in because i have to sell mine first fgsfghdfgshf

No. 366257

Could be low iron?

No. 366314

File: 1549169108307.jpg (113.98 KB, 750x669, M9FnXBL.jpg)

update: talked to bf. apparently she likes him as well as some other guy, and her and my bf actually went on one date when we were having a break about a year ago but decided he didn't like her and he's been clear that he has no interest in her romantically, but they're still friends. also they were all drunk when they played strip blackjack. even though he's reassured me that he doesn't like her, i still feel anxious, uncomfortable and jealous that she's able to spend more time with my boyfriend than me and there's nothing i can do about it. doesn't help her likability that she's an open fujoshi too. she's a friendly enough person but fuck, i wish she would just disappear.

No. 366316

If I ever found out my partner played "strip" anything with a girl he used to date, I'd be so pissed because that's inappropriate as fuck. He done fucked up, and now he's trying to play it off like it wasn't any big deal but look how it's made you feel.
Don't you wanna have a bf who you can spend lots of time with and who you don't have to worry about hanging around 'friendly' exes?

No. 366317

have you tried to talk to him about your fears around their friendship? lol part of the bitch in me would rather confront her and tell her to back the fuck off

No. 366322

your bf shouldn't be playing strip-anything with other women, period. woman up.

No. 366326

It's not irrational. Stop self hating. this is what men tell women all the time. It would be stupid as hell even if it was all men, but once a woman gets involved, it gets bad. Dont let him play strip anything with another woman. wtf

No. 366327

I hate that shit!! Good luck, anon. it's never easy to buy/sell, but you can do it!

No. 366329

File: 1549170219614.jpg (47.58 KB, 540x403, tumblr_oh53coTnMJ1r0ykpto1_540…)

god… should i talk to her about it? i really, really don't want to stir drama or get my boyfriend involved but it would be really fucking nice if she backed off. if i do i just want to be polite and stir up as little as possible.

No. 366331

also this is dumb and i'm in mood swing mode but should i start sending him nudes or something since i can't see him in person? assert my dominance or some shit?

No. 366332

fuck that. strip poker isnt casual. fight for your pride. assert your dominance by putting that dumb thot in her place

No. 366335

I think sending nudes actually puts women in vulnerable positions, not dominant ones. Men with empathy understand that and wouldn't ask that of you nor expect it.

Secondly, why go after the girl? Your boyfriend is the one who needs to understand boundaries and respect your relationship. If he'll play strip poker with an ex, who knows what else he's capable of unless you have a firm talk.

No. 366338

i mean i wouldnt confront her, because your boyfriend is apparently a huge dumbass that doesn't care about your boundaries or maybe is too autistic to understand boundaries, but i doubt it's the latter. unless youre a gross poly weirdo, your boyfriend had to have known this wouldn't have gone over well. she's a problem but your boyfriend is the bigger problem tbh. HE should have known this is retarded and not right and a no-no in a relationship. don't send nudes also.

yep. watch him pull an onision "but i do this with all my friends!" kek. in no way is playing strip poker with a female 'friend' that you previously went out on dates with, ok. would not be surprised if he was manipulative af.

No. 366345

File: 1549172979617.jpeg (453.19 KB, 750x746, 5E7BEEBE-01D1-4F33-804C-E7D1F8…)

Ditched him. Was not expecting to feel so much better all of a sudden. I feel a little bad because before we dated we were long time friends, but whatever, that shit happens all the time. I had an ephipany and I feel free, like I can finally move on with life. Sure he was an easy fucktoy in disguise as a soft boy and friend but years of my mum telling me he’s manipulative finally makes sense. He wasn’t even exceptionally attractive anyway, there’s better guys in my new area (why i couldn’t see him very often) thanks so much to all you bitches for saving me from a potentially abusive relationship. Love yall, and remember, men ain’t shit

No. 366348

File: 1549173330124.jpg (357.09 KB, 1500x1200, 56y7h.jpg)

hell yea anon! live it up bb!

No. 366350

Good for you anon! I ditched a manipulative abuser fuccboi recently too and at first I was sad about being alone again, but then I reminded myself that I had only put myself through hell for a few months which is better than an eternity. We'll find men worthy of ourselves, I'm sure.

No. 366359

I've written and rewritten my story about 5 times now and reading through it makes me feel like such a naive idiot. Red flags galore and I've been ignoring them all for lurve but here goes.

I've been in an LDR for the past 5 months with an older guy…15 years older, and I did not expect to fall in love with him but here I am.
>he lives in a big expensive city, does van life because he has a felony within the last 7 years for fighting and cannot get an apartment without a cosigner but has a great well paying job
>I live in the middle of no where, but I'm not from this area. Quit my high stress retail manager job and was living on savings until last month when I finally got a new, low stress/high pay contracting job that I need to put time into because responsibility
>would have just packed up my car and done van life (I'm into it) with him in the big city were it not the dead of winter, I am not prepared for that
>he just visited me last week, it was wonderful
>up to this point our relationship has been nothing but supportive and loving
>I drop him off at the airport and suddenly he becomes distant. tells me that he had a bad flight and doesn't want to unload his negativity on me, i give him space cuz everyone has those days
>he is distant all week, my gut feels funny but I ignore it as being insecure and justify the distance knowing he's been dealing with frustrating politics at work
>tells me goodnight last night as he always does
>doesn't respond or look at any of my messages all day today, almost 24 hours of silence, I'm getting worried because he always says good morning and fear something bad happened to him
>then he appears and confesses that he met a woman at the airport on his way home and they hung out today, he likes her and wants to see her again. will not give me a straight answer about romantic interest which means yes
>talks about soul crushing loneliness and getting old
>I am direct and honest with my feelings and desires about him and the situation, I do not wish to be manipulative though his vague responses set off all my alarm bells
>directly ask him what he wants with me, he says for me "to be content and secure as always", says he can only focus on the present moment and needs to make sure he's doing the right thing
>then says he needs to go to sleep because this is "mentally taxing"
>he, like all men, isn't getting enough sex. i know that aspect of the ldr bothers him as it does me. I'm horny AF but I think he's worth the wait, he's dynamite in bed, best sex I've ever had
>won't give me a straight answer about what he wants, me or not me, never attempts to reassure me
I'm so upset. I feel so stupid and naive. I feel like he just broke up with me without actually saying it for some rando he met at the airport because fucking is more important than love…or maybe I'm just delusional and there never was love.

I know he's a loser on paper but his humor, thoughtfulness, passions, looks, his whole personality hits all my buttons in the right way so I was willing to overlook the flaws because everyone has made stupid decisions and whether or not you learned something and grew from the failure is the important part (he seems to have)

And I feel absolutely powerless in this because of the outside circumstances. I won't be in an open relationship and he's not the type that can fuck without feelings either so if he wants to pursue her or anyone else, I'm out. But he won't give me an answer on that. I think I'm being set up to be the bad guy or the decider and I'm really sad and heartbroken about it.

Oh. And it's my birthday this week.

No. 366360

>tfw my literal autist fiance knows boundaries better than anon's now ex

No. 366362

File: 1549177169224.jpeg (3.51 KB, 244x206, images.jpeg)

watched 2 youtube vids without realising I had the wifi off and was using data

No. 366368

>gave a boy my number
>wants to meet for lunch
>feel absolutely nervous
This isn't your romantic "butterflies in my stomach" nerves but more "wanting to vomit my guts out and run" anxiety. I'm somewhat interested in him as he seems nice, calm, and non-judgemental, but whenever the possibility of romance or being one-on-one with someone presents itself it makes me absolutely scared and terrified. It's not really a date, atleast I think, because we're only going to meet up and talk about investing, but it still intimidates me a lot. I don't want to make a fool out of myself, and now I don't know how to handle this without being awkward…

No. 366371

File: 1549178541082.jpg (42.87 KB, 960x811, 1510792369020.jpg)

I'm grateful for my parents letting me live at their place while I'm unemployed but the living situation is so stifling at times. Doesn't help that I'd been independent for so long and now I'm forced to function under someone else's rituals.

>house isn't my childhood home, so the guest room isn't mine and it doesn't feel like home

>no tv in my room, realized mine got put in storage behind my furniture and I can't get to it now
>no computer desk bc room isn't big enough, have to either sit on bed with laptop or use tv tray in living room
>speaking of living room, stepdad sleeps out on couch every night bc he snores too loudly for he and my mom to occupy their bed together
>hence I never get living room or tv unless he goes to work or falls asleep
>can't cook a meal at night bc living room/kitchen/dining room are all one combined space and dad wakes up if there's any disturbance
>stepdad can have tv playing blaring loud while he's asleep, but if I turn on the kitchen light or open fridge to get snack he wakes up and bitches
>awkward to cook bc they always want to know what I'm eating and I look selfish to cook meals meant for myself, then mom lectures about messes even though I clean up after myself always
>mom is a narc so I walk on eggshells never knowing if our interactions will mean a 'good' day or a 'bad' day
>parents still kept up their old habit of never knocking and just barging into my room
>bathing water is always lukewarm then cold, never hot, even though house was built in 2016 because they don't want to turn up their water heater
I'm trying to cope.

No. 366374

Tbh I would just go nuclear and end it. Point out how shallow he is and tell him you gave him a chance and he blew it. You deserve better, girl. It will hurt but it isn't going to get better from here.

No. 366377

I can barely speak a sentence without stumbling over myself, I barely know how to talk back with someone and struggle to keep conversations going without making it very brief, I get so intimidated sometimes I can barely focus on what's being said and break out into cold sweats and can become visibly pale. This is just a bad idea, right? The only saving grace is that this guy is studying psychology and likes to help people with mental disorders in his free time, so maybe he'll spare me some sympathy and understanding.

No. 366379

Time to scream again
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! …aaaaa!

No. 366380


No. 366384

>in bed after a great day and then the PTSD hits
>cry a lot
>can't go back to sleep
>mfw awake for another day

was raped and nearly murdered 2 years ago and i still get intrusive thoughts. i know that things get better with time but i'm really pissed that some fucker bestowed this upon me for the rest of my life. i'm medicated, gone through therapy, and am generally very capable and stable, but shit like this at 2 AM when nobody's looking is what breaks me. i do my best not to use what happened as an excuse for my own qualms, but i can't shake the feeling i'm really messed up for life.

No. 366388

welcome to the screaming club

this is me at all times everyday of my life

No. 366389

No. 366390

No. 366393

/w/ has really made me appreciate weeb cows. they're so much funnier than /snow/ cows to me.

No. 366399

I fucking hate how much virtue signaling there is in the comic art circles. So many middle-class white girls who create black characters and tranny characters and act like they're basically jesus for including such revolutionary traits, but they never, ever end up using them. The main cast will still be white/white passing, cis and mainly straight. At this point it's almost a meme for comic authors to announce that one of their female characters is a lesbian and has a black girlfriend who they will never introduce in the actual story outside of a few shitty concept sketches to get retweets on Twitter. Or the author being ~body positive~ and drawing one of their characters in a bikini with slightly chubby thighs.

Just make them all white, cis, straight, thin and beautiful if that comes more naturally, you really don't owe anyone anything. You don't HAVE to have all these minorities added to your cast if you don't want to, if anything this sort of stuff makes you look ignorant for fetishizing and burying them. Throwback to all the male authors who made a big noise about being progressive for having a lesbian couple in their comic when it was obviously just made for them to fap at. Looking at Dresden Codak here

No. 366403

I hate how lesbian couples have become the norm in the comic scene, at first I really enjoyed it because it’s not often you get to see wlw, but it’s oversaturated now, and they’re all obviously just there for sake of being there - they act like heterosexual couples, one obviously being the man, and they’re always really fetishised as well.

No. 366408

just remembered i told my ex my ssn to show him how much i trusted him. it's not like i think he'll do anything with it (or that there's anything he really could do since i don't even have any credit lol), but i feel like an absolute idiot for doing that.

No. 366422

I don't really have any guy friends. Maybe one or two, but no one I constantly hang out or talk to frequently. I don't usually give a fuck about these kinds of things but whenever guys hang out with our group at parties, outside, whatever, I'm often ignored. I feel like I might be ugly, uninteresting or intimidating. Is there something wrong with me or them??

No. 366440

Why would you want to hang out with men

No. 366452

Probably not anything wrong with you. I'm ugly and have mostly guy friends (as cursed as it is).
Maybe it has something to do with how you interact in larger group settings? Men are often louder so perhaps they steal all the attention you would have had in an all woman group?

No. 366480

..so youre gonna divorce him right?

No. 366481

File: 1549207603535.jpg (109.96 KB, 588x328, fuck.jpg)

I've come to the point where I'm insecure about things that I don't actually hate on myself.
I'm self-conscious about my small chest but don't actually want big breasts. I'm self-conscious about my nose and overall face shape, but have come to identify with it and wouldn't want to lose it. I know I should hate my sad down-turned eyes, but I like how they look on me and others.

It's unclear where I should go from here, it's not like I can change other people's standards. I'm just afraid people will be uncomfortable being my friend because of my appearance (being seen with me, having to look at me, etc.), let alone date me. Yet on my own I'm perfectly fine. I hate it.

This is mostly a vent, but has anyone else dealt with similar feelings? How to get over it, and how to find people who aren't super strict with their standards (especially in dating)?

No. 366487

I feel you on this anon, I would say that often times I would feel the same way about myself even though I know that there isn't wrong with my appearance, I dont think that I'm unattractive but I others might find me so. I sometimes flip-flop between being fine and loving the way I look to the next day hating and not being comfortable, but never going as far as to wanting to have plastic surgery. These feelings might be just small bursts of insecurities (at least that's how I perceive them) so you aren't alone anon. There isn't really a way I deal with it, I just let the day pass and kinda see what I feel like tomorrow, but I guess the best thing to do which I kinda find myself doing whenever I feel like that is just look at the positives of myself (as cliche as that sounds), trying to find something that I may like about myself or try to make myself look attractive with clothing or makeup, at least if it doesn't fool myself I can fool someone else lmao

No. 366552

I'm in my early 20's and I'm with an older man and he is just the perfect match for me. In the beginning I saw it as going into the relationship despite his age but now I realize I actually prefer that he is older, and so many things are better because of that. It pisses me of that most people here have this holier than thou attitude like it's so immoral and disgusting to be with someone older as if you are oppressing women because they think he could only be using you or seeing you as a sex object or whatever. I don't understand why people see everything so black and white and can't understand that each person and each situation is different and depends on so many variables. At the end of the day if it's so disgusting for you don't do it, you don't have to shame other women for it, and in the name of "feminism" or whatever

No. 366554

I keep having the worst regrets about a guy I had a thing with recently and it's killing me (he is a cringelord)

No. 366556

you sound brainwashed sis

No. 366557

I dont know about that one. How much older is he, anon

No. 366559

i am one of the feminists who would say dating an older man is a bad idea but secretly i kinda think it would be fun to have a thing with one. i wouldn't fuck an old man though, definitely wouldn't date one. at the end of the day you make your own decisions.

No. 366563

it's not that you're oppressing women because he only thinks of you as a sex object. it's that you're pacifying men and their disgusting entitlement and preference for women that are basically children, in the grand scheme of things. no respectable man would want to be in a relationship with a woman much younger than them.

and you sound super deluded and like the typical bait for these creepyass old men who say that you're "mature for your age", kek. like, a lot of irresponsible young guys don't want to settle down or whatever, but there are definitely tons of people your age that are out there that aren't dudebros that just want to fuck anything and party that are also responsible and calm. you don't need to settle for saggy balls just because you want a different lifestyle than what your small circle of male peers can offer you.

No. 366567

I'm the 15 years difference anon. >>366359 30 and 45. I see the appeal but with the way I've been treated over the past 48 hours (still no response), I am beginning to rethink my stance. Keep your eyes open anon so he doesn't use you and dump you for someone easier to manipulate. Older men are still people and just because the body is mature doesn't mean the mind has caught up, don't put him on a pedestal because of his age.

No. 366572

I don’t get my life sometimes.

As an example…

I just started classes again last week, had completely put it out of mind while on break and didn’t even look up my professors too much for the two classes I’m taking. In fact I was so over it I didn’t even give a damn who I was taking, I just wanted to get my credits and GO.

Of course my classes are starting out nice, I’m actually learning something, the professors are intelligent, and the students aren’t the angsty asshole average joe types that have made so much of my education a rollercoaster ride. I feel relaxed in class and have started opening up more to my professors which I had stopped doing for a while.

I feel like every time I just allow things to ‘happen’ naturally, I always end up being much happier with the end result than all the times I go into a situation with a specific goal in mind. I know it’s probably a personality issue I need to learn to work with, and I feel a lot better now that I’m aware of it.

I am not saying this kind of mentality applies to everyone, but I’m starting to become more open to just letting my life follow its own path and taking everything one day, one moment at a time. I used to have such an intense inferiority complex, I was so hard on myself for making mistakes and I would get so obsessed with a specific idea of how things should be when I was younger. I never gave myself any room to be happy and I never even asked myself what I wanted out of life or even considered what gave me joy.

I know it’s not too late to change as I’m still in my 20’s, but I wish I could go back in time somehow and tell myself when I was 17-21 to be happy, do what interests you as opposed to what sounds good on paper, be open minded and honest about how you really feel…

No. 366576

did you post in another thread like a week ago saying how your relationship with him was great despite the difference and that you're glad he didn't just jump into the relationship and that it worked out because of it? or was that a different anon that's into geriatric men?

No. 366577

yeah that was me. I thought every was great because we'd known each other for so long and WHAM mid-life crisis.

No. 366578

File: 1549220820866.jpg (159.88 KB, 720x625, why live.jpg)

>freshly single
>all the beta orbiters crawling out of the woodwork
>unattractive, neckbeard, gamers, autists
Wish normal, balanced guys would be this thirsty for me but nah. I guess respectable men with options aren't opportunistic creepers.

No. 366589

File: 1549222097629.gif (2.17 MB, 700x700, water-saving-campaigns.gif)

It irks me seeing people not closing the damn tab and wasting water like it's no big deal…

No. 366595

I'm 26 y/o getting involved in a currently ldr with a 36 y/o dude. We had been talking for a couple months and hit it off pretty well and I recently went to visit him for a week and it was a really great experience. I feel like we are both genuinely into each other and want to make things work. I feel I'm old enough that the age gap doesn't matter but I feel my family won't be happy about it down the road (they still don't know)

No. 366596

My ex always had the tap running when he was taking a shit (which always took like 15-30 minutes, like jesus man it's not that hard to eat more fiber and drink water) because he couldn't do his business if it's "too quiet". It drove me crazy.

No. 366597

The guy I like lives across the ocean from me. He has feelings for me too, but I know a lot of LDR's don't work so I'm reticent about pursuing anything.

No. 366600

never worn a thong before, but I felt like it was time to give it a try so I bought a few and… do you just get used to it or am I always going to feel like I have a constant wedgie while wearing one?
On the plus side though, my ass looks great

No. 366602

Oh my god, I can't believe how whiny and victimized younger women are acting about their old boyfriends. You can't even handle a tiny bit of harsh truth or criticism from meme, even though the rest of the world glorifies your age gap and men everywhere will happily support and encourage you you. You have at least 50% of the world's approval, congrats!

Just deal with the tiny bit of shame from the very few people who question why it's always, ALWAYS older men/younger women for whom age is just a number, or for whom the situation isn't black and white with 'so many variables'. It's so interesting how those variables never line up to push older women/younger men couples. Nobody here thinks YOU'RE immoral, we think men are and you're just a victim of society constantly telling us we're worthless past 30. If you choose to stay blissfully ignorant and perpetuate that, fine, but don't expect lolcow to think highly of lack of self esteem like like the rest of the world does.

No. 366603

I'm in the doghouse for being a messy drunk bitch.
Last night I had too much to drink and upset my bf by saying stuff about wanting to sleep with girls, we've been over this in the past and he's just not interested in a poly or open relationship and I'd rather be with him then mess up what we have, but I guess in my wasted state I decided to stir shit up again. I remember shouting at him because he was acting sad after it too, or something. Things were magically normal by the end of the night and he already suggested we have dinner and watch a film tonight so at least he doesn't hate me, but I know that at some point I'm going to have to bring it up to apologize properly.
I hate this, I wish I could just pretend it never happened but that's not fair on him. I hate always being the bad one in the relationship.

No. 366604

wtf anon you shouldn’t be feeling bad for yourself. i feel bad for your bf, you’re an asshole for doing that. if you can’t handle your alcohol then don’t drink. if your bf kept wanting to fuck other people and you wanted to be exclusive and he was a dick about it, i doubt you’d be feeling sorry for him

No. 366612

The rent will be tougher to pay but I dont care. I cannot live with this fucking beta. He follows us around and stares at me. Fuck this guy. I went into our room yesterday (sharing an airbnb) and dude was sleeping naked. I only saw his ass thankfully but what the hell man. Then he comes to me after and apologizes "Sorry anon, we're gonna be roommates it bound to happen!" Uh no fuck no. I've never seen any of my roommates naked. This dude is irritating.

No. 366619

I want to write a (fantasy) story that parallels the experience of growing up biracial in a primarily monoracial, non-progressive place, but I myself am not biracial. I try to pay attention to others' experiences and be empathic, but I'd feel presumptuous and shitty taking liberties purely from an outsider's perspective.
Something tells me it could also come off as weird and kind of exploitative just going "Ok biracial ppl, tell me your life experiences for the sake of my art!! :^)", so I'm kind of stuck. Am I just overthinking it? I just want to write something that someone who grew up with a background that isn't really spoken of at length in media (outside of maybe "tragic mulatto" BS) can read and feel understood by.

No. 366657


>>things were magically normal again

>>my bf has been so kowtowed by my shitty behaviour that it wasn’t worth speaking up for himself.

Maybe don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself when you’ve been horrible to your bf. It sounds like the apology isn’t gonna be genuine, since you’re framing yourself as a victim, so why bother?

Let him off the hook if you’re gonna get angry at him over monogamy.

No. 366659

I'm not perpetuating shit, I'm just living my life sorry that I don't base my decisions on what would be better for women in society because guess what, it's not going to make a difference. You calling me a victim and saying I have low self esteem without knowing anything about me is a perfect example of what I said. And sometimes age really is just a number, my mom is 10 years older than my dad and they've been happily married for 28 years, I wonder how you feel about that since the roles are reversed. maybe that's why I feel this way about big age gaps but I think some people are way too stuck up about it. chill

No. 366664

why are you with someone that you aren't compatible with? obviously you're not happy, and if he values monogamy, he'd be better off with someone else that shares his values, and it seems like it'd be the same for you.

lool, stop trying to get offended because like four people in the world think you're being dumb for wanting to date a predatory cryptkeeper and frantically caping for him on LC, meanwhile he's leering at 'barely legal!!!' girls while you guys are at chilis. older men that have a penchant for younger women 'trade up' more than guys with no preference, because as you age you remind them of their own mortality.

No. 366688

Oh my god, be less obtuse. This is not about you specifically, or about your parents. It's about patterns, and how consistently those patterns conveniently benefit men and hurt women overall. If you just quietly had a relationship without bitching nobody would have the chance to shit on you, but of course you have to take personal offense and women picking up on ubiquitous, dangerous and harmful socialization and discussing it here.

No. 366690

Honestly the premise sounds boring and it'll probably turn out to be some tragic mulatto type story anyway. I say this as a biracial person, there are tons of stories and accounts of biracial people who grew up in a majority monoracial area and they all sound like tragic mulatto stories, whether that was the intention or not. I used to seek out these stories to find something to identify with, but once you've read two (perspective from a visible minority & perspective from a biracial who passes for the majority) you've pretty much read them all.

And, the whole half human half orc (or whatever) as a metaphor for biracialism is such a tired trope.

No. 366694

I'm getting really tired of the "woman always like older men" meme. The reasoning behind it is always, "Men mature slower and women want to date a mature man". Men never mature. There's plenty of disgusting old creeps that have the maturity of a 15 year old boy that would just love for people to buy into that meme so they have an excuse to seek out young underage girls. It's just gross. Men don't age well. I don't want to date the average old man: balding, ugly, fat, and wrinkled. Men don't really "mature" so why would I want an ugly older version instead of a fresh-faced man with a tighter body? I just want the meme to die so men can't use it as an excuse for their ephebophilia.

No. 366700

On a similar note I wish the "all women have a rape fetish" meme would die too, men just use it as an excuse to be assholes and get rough without permission.

No. 366702

god i hate that. "but muh evolutionary psychology!!! animals rape each other all the time, so you love it!!". literally i can honestly say that i've never once fantasized about being raped or being mistreated sexually. what i hate almost more than the presumptuous retards that claim this about women bc wish fulfillment bullshit, are the women that will rabidly scream about how much they LOOOOOVE the idea of being raped and love play rape or whatever and feel soooo oppressed by you saying it's fucking stupid, embarrassing, psychologically dangerous (to all women for that matter), and really not hot.

roleplay is also really lame and cringy, just saying, but i can honestly say that there's nothing about being raped, or play-raped, that is a turn on. i truly think like 95% of women that are "into it" wouldn't be into it at all without society shoehorning them into it.

No. 366705

when women talk about being into "rape play" 9 times out of 10 its romance novel, bodice ripper style "coyly says no but really means yes" type "rape". when men are into rape play its violent and degrading.

No. 366719

>meanwhile he's leering at 'barely legal!!!' girls while you guys are at chilis.

Some of you farmers have some of the most savage yet hilarious comebacks, I love it. You and all these anons above me that have excellent responses, deserve everything good in life.

As for my vent:
I posted in this thread a couple of months back when it was having problems and it some how ended up on a completely different thread on another board. I ended up getting banned for it lmao I wish this site wouldn't brake like this every now and then

No. 366725

Adding on to the current discussion. I’m so fucking sick of the sugar daddy trend. So many of my dumb fuck friends keep saying it’s empowering for them and they’ll get sexually assaulted and keep doing it because they are the “ones in control” of the wallet. It’s so delusional. I don’t understand why it’s victim shamey to tell someone not to do the thing that got them assaulted again if they hated being assaulted and are walking into situations with no actual power!

No. 366728

i think this is somewhat relevant to the discussion, but can you guys roast/tell me how fucked up my rape kink is?
i just like the idea of someone saying no at first but gradually falling into pleasure. but they originally wanted to avoid it, y'know.
or having someone enjoy something they usually don't…

does that make me gross?
i did grow up watching a lot of porn but i don't know if i'm "pornsick" or whatever
it actually makes me somewhat guilty sometimes

No. 366737

I secretly have some of the impulses that get talked down on here, and I understand why they are wrong (and agree), so I never feel offended when people call them cringy or mentally damaging.

Since my sex drive is basically dead, I don't intend to try and train myself to change or anything. I've accepted that I have a damaged sexuality from self-hatred and past abuse, the same way a raging alcoholic knows they are killing their already damaged liver whenever they binge. I've experienced the effects of pornography addiction, grooming, misogynistic sexual tropes and normalization of all sorts of fucked up shit from a young age, and I don't wish it on anyone. I don't get why everyone with such proclivities can't be the same way.

No matter how you spin it, it isn't healthy or good to crave emotional/physical violence, lmao. It should be shamed, and it should be seen as a problem. The whole "consent" thing is an idiotic buzzword, and would be considered as such in any sane, civilized society.

No. 366739

File: 1549244709777.jpg (67.73 KB, 540x535, dogOZ1qzcsfp_540.jpg)

>No matter how you spin it, it isn't healthy or good to crave emotional/physical violence, lmao. It should be shamed, and it should be seen as a problem.

I also hate people thinking it's cute or unique to be into that shit

No. 366740

I really can't wrap my head around women who want to throw away their best years with guys in their sexual prime to fuck old men….
I'm 27 and I wish younger guys loved older women like younger girls seem to.

No. 366750

I'm tired of being ill all the time. I'm tired of carrying all around a pill case and having to take painkillers every other day. I'm tired of the people telling me how lucky I am to have an office job, even though my knees and ankles are fucked up because I lived in poverty when I was a child and didn't get enough nutrients and was cold all the time. I'm tired of people giving me the eye when I sit while commuting and not letting that pregnant shit who decided to go shopping on rush hours sit. I'm tired of fainting if I stand for more than 10 minutes. I'm tired of anaemia and arthritis not being disabilities so I don't have to deal with all those judgemental fucks. I'm tired of people thinking I'm just playing the uwu weak girl. I'm tired of having the joints of a grandma and not being even in my thirties. I want to play sports, I want to go jogging, I want to be able to get out in the cold without my knees hurting or to get out in the heat without having to stop every 2 minutes to rest and get hydrated. I want a normal life, I'm tired of faking a normal life.

No. 366751

I'm your age and when I had a tinder most of the guys hitting on me were under 22 though. Maybe it's my babyface, or maybe they were into the "horny older sister" meme, I don't know. They also were willing to settle which kinda creeped me out. I was on tinder because I was horny and wanted a quick fuck. Who the hell uses tinder to look for a serious relationship?

No. 366759

Males who don't know what they want
One second "I want a real relationship unlike these thots why won't anyone settle with me :-("
Next minute "can you believe how clingy Stacy is? She messages me every morning and always wants to hang,I had to cut her off and ghost her"

It's sad that when I'm cold and distant to males that's the only way to keep them around, when you're sweet and caring they want nothing to do with you. What men say they want and what men actually want are two completely different things.

No. 366765

Most of the younger guys were sweet. I got more "oh poor me I just wanna get married" from guys my age or older. Except for one annoying little shit, they all took rejection well.
Sage for derailing, we need a dating web/app horror thread.

No. 366766

The problem I have with women who have a rape fetish is that they talk about it online and further affirm the "all women have a rape fetish" belief. If you have one, it's best to keep it to yourself imo.

No. 366770

File: 1549254743936.png (167.55 KB, 263x236, 1549234481962.png)

I'm secretly kind of pissed off at my real life friends for stupid reasons so I haven't been talking to them at all. They ended up finding and following my twitter that I vent on a lot because I (stupidly) didn't set it to private as I didn't expect them to find me. I just wanted a place to rant about it in peace and I lost it. Would make a new one but I'd lose all the followers/twitter mutuals I have now. I know I'm being extremely pathetic and making this a bigger deal than it is, but it's bothering me a lot.

No. 366782

File: 1549258137956.jpg (14.52 KB, 326x326, 7b9.jpg)


No. 366783

>spend hours at night organizing the thousands of pictures on my hard drive?
sure thats fine

>spend hours at night fucking studying and catching up on work to maintain my 3.6 gpa?

no i guess the fuck not

No. 366784

ive been super depressed for months now and im falling behind on everything.

No. 366793

File: 1549260818543.png (50.24 KB, 941x525, scream.png)

i hate absolutely ebay/poshmark sellers who give no fucks about anything and take forever to ship things out. i bought a sweater two weeks ago from a girl i vaguely know (i'm part of a pretty small clothing community) and she STILL hasn't shipped it out, nor has she responded to my messages. i'm so pissed because i don't WANT to cancel the order since i've been looking for this sweater for over a year and i'm probably not going to find another one for at least another year or longer, but i can't just let it go and hope she ships it someday. i know she's been active on poshmark (i bought the sweater on ebay) which just pisses me off even more. like, at least respond to my messages and let me know if you have ANY plans to ship it at all! the piece is rare and i won it at a cheap price, so i get it if she doesn't want to part with it now and would rather relist for more later on, but at least fucking let me know.

No. 366795

I'm so fucking tired, a dude unironically told me that the pain and fear of a teenage girl getting pregnant is the same as a dude's pain if his girlfriend aborts "without consent".

Holy fucking shit, you can't compare the damage to her health, social life and general progress with school/work to that.

No. 366797

File: 1549262653519.png (294.32 KB, 372x527, tumblr_inline_p64p068gFi1rkp72…)

>"horny older sister" meme
the what now

No. 366799

Men who don't want their gfs to abort should be content with raising the child alone then.

No. 366801

I’ve never understood this, if it’s such a deal breaker to them why don’t they go date and impregnate a woman who actually wants a child instead of guilting and shaming a woman/girl who clearly doesn’t

No. 366802

God that reminds me of a post on reddit about some guy who practically forced his girlfriend to carry his child when she didn’t want to, and she had been transparent from the get go that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with the child and wouldn’t pursue custody. Baby comes around, she pays child support +more, and the dude has the fucking audacity to whine about how hard it is to be a single parent and asks if there’s a way to force custody on her

No. 366806

Women never win
If she wants children she's crazy or "wants to take his money and the kids"
If she doesn't she's an evil Western roastie falling for career woman meme
If she gets pregnant anyway she's dumb for not closing her legs
If she doesn't open her legs she's dumb
If she takes birth control she's an evil roastie taking the birth control Kool aid
If she wants him to use condoms she's selfish for not wanting him to feel pleasure
If she ends up getting pregnant she's stupid
If she aborts with his permission she's evil Western roastie killing a baby
If she aborts without his permission because he wanted to keep it she's an evil woman who stripped a man of his right to a child
If he leaves her with the kids shes a stupid entitled single mom who wants virgins to pay for her kids or whatever insane incel theory is on right now

Everything women do is wrong, unless we get lucky enough to hop on Mr Right prince charming who can fly us into the sunset, support us as we pop out and raise his kids that he wants to have and will act like a sane person, we're always in the wrong, hell even then if women do exactly that the mgtows will come in screaming how she's probably an evil woman gold digger who's abusing and raping her husband and using him for his money and secretly banging Tyrone and making her husband raise his kids

No. 366813

File: 1549265291202.png (197.8 KB, 496x269, tumblr_pi5xfhKCwZ1w91ohl_540.p…)

did you seriously sit down and type all this or do you have this saved on a word document

No. 366814


>>Three or four paragraphs

Jfc what a novel.

No. 366817


No. 366818

Oh no long post how terrifying, do you not read things that are long often?

No. 366819

File: 1549266322330.gif (2.52 MB, 480x266, giphy (5).gif)

>If she doesn't open her legs she's dumb
omgggg!!! male genocide NOW

No. 366820

Looks like a scrote got triggered.

No. 366825

I remember that post too anon, that man was certifiable. I wish someone would have called CPS, clearly he was a fucking abuser on top of being entitled to boot.

>the pain and fear of a teenage girl getting pregnant is the same as a dude's pain if his girlfriend aborts "without consent"

Yeah nah, it's not.
I had an abortion as a teenager and I went through what was basically overnight labor and then the next day felt like I was getting my insides painfully sucked out of my crotch even with an anesthetic IV in me.
The shitbag boyfriend who got me knocked up got to stay at home and play Runescape while his equally shitbag parents poo pooed me as the slut because their sweet little boy must have been tricked by me into getting knocked up. Then he bitched around school about me "murdering" his child and managed to get the entire school to ostracize and bully me.

Guess what happened the next year? He knocked up a different girl and she was dumb enough to have his child.
He left her, and when he graduated he moved to the other side of the country to become a deadbeat.

Don't trust a man who says he would raise a child alone, 9 times out of 10 they won't step up. Abortion was the best choice of my life.

No. 366850

Have you seen how men reacted to that creepy ass chart where the husband marked off all the days his wife wouldn't fuck him? Men were straight up calling women pieces of shit and saying they deserved to be cheated on if they didn't fuck their partner, or that video where the husband screamed at his wife for 6 minutes straight in front of his child because she "had her legs shut" and over 90% of comments supported it, or the fact men nowadays are trying to label witholding sex to be emotional abuse

No. 366852

File: 1549269645033.jpg (5.87 KB, 186x232, 1402791432042.jpg)

who cares? i don't sit around thinking about how much "they" hate me all day because i'm not a fucking autist

No. 366854

You don't have to "sit and think about it like an autist" when it's placed in front of your damn face
I honestly don't know why it bothers you so much when women vent and speak up about how they're treated

No. 366855

Nta but you seriously need to expand your reaction image folder

No. 366857

>I don't think about something so why should you?

Not her but you're being very obnoxious. Nobody owes it to you to stop posting. You're clogging up the thread worse while ironically keeping the discussion you hate going because you insist on this argument.

No. 366859

>Men crying abuse if women don't fuck them
>Men murdering women for not fucking them
>Men devaluing women for not fucking them
>Men manipulating and blackmailing women for not fucking them
>Men throwing shit-slinging fests if women don't fuck them
>"OMG! Who cares!"
Anyone who doesn't want young women to be pressured into sex? Anyone who doesn't want women to be put in danger for not putting out? Anyone who actually gives a shit about other human beings?

No. 366862

The older guys just want to bang too, they just learned to pretend they are looking for a relationship because obviously if old guy is fuckboy and young guy is fuckboy, young guy wins

No. 366863

See also: Plain/non hunky guys. The motive is the same but the execution differs

No. 366864

>be scrote
>know all these things are right, but have no response
>resort to shitposting

No. 366865

Real life people finding my Twitter creeps me out. Your reaction is understandable. Also pretty passive aggressive of them to follow you when you're ignoring them. I'd soft-block them (block and then immediately unblock which removes their follow) and feign ignorance if they mention it. Keep doing that until they give up

No. 366867

This has happened to me too, i don't get why someone would list an item - at BIN or a certain start price, and then hold on to it after the sale. I did get my items by literally waiting 20 days and then opening a case, being extremely polite in the case text. Just "ordered _date but still waiting on _date for these items. Items have not arrived/been dispatched. Estimated delivery date was _"

One of them marked as dispatched but they still didn't actually post it until I opened the case.

No. 366868

>If she doesn't open her legs she's a jesus freak frigid weirdo cat lady

Fixed it for you

No. 366869

100% correct, I'm proud of you Anon

No. 366877

My boyfriend is slightly choleric and keeps having random outbursts when he drops something (happens very often), hits his head (happens very often, too) or when something does not work as he wants it to. Just now, he was trying to fit a package in his bag and it resulted in aggressive mutter and him screaming "Fuck my mom you stupid peace of shit" at the package. He has slight ADHD and I know that he would never harm me, but it always scares me. The thing is, he goes back to 100% cheerful and normal after having a short outburst, but I always feel very intimidated and uneasy. I have told him many times and he always feels bad about it, but now that he has some stress, it got so much worse again. Also, we have been together for almost a decade and plan on having kids, but I really don’t want my child to have to witness this or hear all those obscenities he uses towards random household objects.

No. 366880

Mindfulness/meditation, walks in nature, max 50g sugar/day. He needs to slow down and be calm idk

No. 366888

File: 1549275653236.jpg (13.8 KB, 236x191, 3b71df460b1dab5784d9e0b6841b14…)

time for my daily scream I guess

No. 366889

File: 1549275797199.png (72.24 KB, 594x626, 1521946251479.png)

Males can't handle not getting a few seconds of dry emotionless sex. It's sad that in 2019, so many males think that a woman who doesn't have sex with him is worse than Hitler himself, not even overexaggerating sadly, considering how fast their annoying "Hitler did nothing wrong" jokes in 2010 turned into literal Nazism, joining Nazi groups, making Nazi videos, praising, supporting and voting for actual kkk members, etc.

No. 366890

>Back then

There has never been any point in history where men have been able to easily divorce women for not putting out on demand.

Except, in some places… today. This era.

Not "back then" though. Lol.

No. 366894

The Azealia Banks thread title gives me a second hand embarassment

No. 366897

You're not alone, anon.

No. 366903

Hope he knows there are running water sounds videos on youtube for the sake of our planet

No. 366912

If that post isn’t a joke that guy is more petty than a cgl thread. Like go back to school and learn how to spell lmao

No. 366920

>in b4 "hi azelia! XDDD"

At least now that she got her own thread it's easy to ignore the Azealia spergs.

No. 366921

The fact that an anonymous can necro a 2 year old thread with less than 10 posts is testament to how shitty this site is.

No. 366923

I see that anon got banned for it. Which, imo, is kinda ridiculous. Why don't shitty, old threads ever get deleted?

No. 366925

Why shouldn't anon get b& for bumping a shit thread that's been dead for years?

No. 366926

I wonder if farmers are really serious about "calling" out Azealia, or if it's just a tongue in cheek thing.
Imagining the milk if it were true is just a funny thought.
I mean, Angelina was already outed sockputting and shitposting like crazy on multiple gossip sites and she's kept her social media presence to a bare minimum. Someone like Azealia who has repeated social media spergouts/is more connected to the internet seems even more likely to do the same.

No. 366927

Someone with low IQ necroing to blog post definitely deserves a ban.

No. 366928

>Angelina was already outed sockputting and shitposting like crazy on multiple gossip sites
I keep hearing this but where's the milk? I'm curious.

No. 366930

Google "TheLookOfLove1365"

No. 366932

Did the gender critical thread get removed or did some troll necro-ing threads get it bumped to page 5 or something?

No. 366936

Cuz the thread shouldn't even still exist in the first place. Why get mad some newfag necros crap threads when they're still around for that to happen?

No. 366953

It always cracks me up when ED sufferers say they don't have the twisted view of their own bodies about other people's bodies. It's so fake-nice.
t. person with ED

No. 366964

I'm sure the university you got into isn't terrible anon. Not to mention, I'm sure it's cheaper and you'll be thankful for that once you graduate, trust me.

The university might also have services to help you with your mental health. Don't seek a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

No. 366965

Fat people need to be fucking stopped. Every day on my bus commute there's at least 3 landwhales that take up 2 seats each. If they take up as much room as 2 people, isn't it only fair that they pay the price of 2 tickets? I also really really wish there was a "fat tax" in America, kind of like the metabo law in Japan. But I know there would be MASSIVE amounts of public outrage if that happened. It would never work here. Americans, especially fatties, are entitled as shit. Just look at the cities who imposed soda taxes and the public outcry that ensued.
As much as I desperately wish that people above, say, 300 lbs got fined for being a drain on society, I know Americans would never allow it. But something needs to be done about obesity in America. More taxes on soda (including diet soda) and fast food, more restaurants with smaller food portions, etc. Another thing I thought of is at my company, if you are a tobacco user you have to either pay an additional cost for medical coverage, or sign up for a free tobacco cessation program. I don't see why there can't be a similar program for extremely overweight people. Either pay a yearly fee or agree to participate in a program to help you lose weight. I don't get why it's socially acceptable to encourage people to stop smoking, but you wouldn't dare to even point out that someone is overweight because youd be demonized as a body shamer. Even just the word "fat" has so much taboo around it. Every fat person I know refers to themselves as "bigger" or "curvy". Please, just say it as it is and stop sugar coating it. And lose some fucking weight.

No. 366967

Anon, there are parts in Murica where over 80% are overweight, this is never going to work if literally the majority would be the one "punished" by this law lol

No. 366968

My family would rather give me armchair advice for treating strep throat instead of agreeing that I need to see the doctor to get tested because I have no insurance. And I just woke up and my class at college started 45 minutes ago.

No. 366980

I am sick and had to even miss school, I still went to pick up bday presents for a friend who said we're going out for coffee later. That was around 11 or something and it's now around 6 pm. I'm dumb for not just saying I'm too tired and just wanna sleep but I've been ghosted on my bday and it's awful, but they haven't replied to any of my messages. I bet they're sleeping themselves and I'm being a fucking retard who is getting either ghosted or is getting a "lmao soz fell asleep" message at 12am.

No. 366984

I absolutely agree more needs to be done to tackle obesity, in the UK it's clogging the arteries of our national Healthcare, but just taxing the obese will only exacerbate it. First world obesity is linked to the rise of sedentary lifestyles, poor diet from poverty, and contributory poor health/addiction/stress which are also linked to poverty. Low regulations on food manufacturing allows for "food deserts" where the cheapest food is full of corn syrup, growth hormones and sugar, and poor education impacts people's ability to make informed decisions about what they're consuming.
It's a complicated situation that body positivity trends are just putting a bandaid on.

No. 366988

I'm pretty sure I accidentally threw away my emerald earrings. They were in a shitty drawstring pouch that I got rid of a couple months ago, I think. My boyfriend got those for me years ago. I'm having a hard time letting this go.

>in the UK it's clogging the arteries of our national Healthcare,

No. 367005

some creep standing at the pharmacy counter saw me buying laxatives at target i assume, because for a few minutes he was fucking following me. i hate men so much, creepy fucking old ass crusty druggie men are the worst. fuck off, i will not be your victim, i am not your prey. you disgust me and i am smarter than you will ever be. i may look like a young vulnerable woman but if i ever see you again, it better be a fucking mugshot or i'll kick you in your shivelled nutsack. i'm so fucking angry. every time i look at a guy and something is 'off' but i think nothing of it, he locks eyes with me and starts to fucking follow me. i immediately get panicked and throw him off my trail and glare at him if i ever see him again. he was such an obvious meth addict it was disgusting. he was so fucking obviously trying to approach me too. disgusting, filthy scum. i hope he dies of a heroin withdrawal.

now regretting i didn't tell any target employees about it. now i'm afraid for any other young women that go into the store.

No. 367006

I overate and now I'm nauseous, if I get up I'll 100% throw up. I forgot how shitty this feels.

No. 367010

i fucking know right? it's such a goddamned lie. every one who isn't skin and bones looks fat to me. fuck the ones who are dishonest because they just want pity.

No. 367013

>guy sees you buying laxatives
>wants to bang you
Men are such a meme lmao

No. 367016

I don't think they lie to be fake nice, they lie because saying what they actually think would probably cast them as sick social pariahs who nobody would want to be around.

No. 367018

You're only 26, you're not old enough for an age gap at all. You're both at completely different stages in life. Dude's gonna be 40.

No. 367033

And this is why whenever an argument about weight comes up on lc and there are anons sperging about how disgiusting women at a normal weight look (udders etc), it makes me immediately think that they're all anas who're projecting their fucked up views on others.
When I had an ed I was so critical of others (and even mean to their faces), but now that I'm somewhat normal again, I started to see that being slightly chubby/curvy is not ugly and that sometimes overweight people are one of the funniest and nicest to be around. Just a couple years ago I wouldn't even give them a chance, because I looked down at them so much.

And it's absolutely sad that there are women who're so sick that they still think like that as adults…

Just recently a friend of mine who's studying teaching told me about this one girl who took away a piece of candy from a first grader and threw it away, just because she's ana and therefore somehow doesn't believe that others should be allowed to eat either.

No. 367044

>i don't get why it's socially acceptable to encourage people to stop smoking, but you wouldn't dare to even point out that someone is overweight

Why do you exaggerate so badly?
Jsyk, a smoker would probably become irritated or give you the same kind of excuses to continue their habit if you randomly pointed it out all the time. I know my parents do. I know you're not friends with any fat women, but they're constantly told how their weight is unappealing by men and the mainstream.
Secondly, weight loss and exercise advertisement is everywhere. I've yet to see outside of Tumblr any media that encourages people to become obese. Most fat people I've seen know they have a problem and have made attempts to reduce their weight. Everyday there's ads for the newest fad diets, exercise machines, and gym memberships.

If you're talking about clothes, who cares? I'd rather a fat person have the avenue to dress nicely than stuff themselves into bad clothing. That's what body positivity was supposed to be about for them-that is being treated with the minimum respect-before people used it as an enabler tool.

No. 367068

okay i don't know if this really belong to this thread but i just wanted to let out a few things, i never talked about this to anyone cause i dont like to talk about my life to people i know irl

i have a crush on that one guy at my uni, he's not like extraordinary handsome or anything, but he's really really cute (he kinda look like joseph gordon levitt) and has a really cool, funny and chill personality

we have common friends so we are in the same group and i often see him, but we only have small talks because i'm so fucking shy around him, i never know what to say and spill spaghettis. In my country when you say hello you kiss on the cheeks (very common and you don't have to be close to the person), and everytime we do that i panic and turn completely red, lmao i'm so pathetic. A few weeks ago he added me on snapchat, messaged me first, we talked a bit and then he asked me if i was single because… one of his friends was interested

I dont even know what he thinks about me, he's a very talkative guy, he have fun and talks easily with everyone, but me… but he also added me on snapchat and facebook (even if it's as a friend, i would like him to like me..)

im a kissless virgin and i never really had a crush that hard on a guy, so this is all new for me, i feel like im 15

No. 367069

File: 1549304686961.png (1.88 MB, 1280x912, shopkeeper.png)

Long story short my friend is a pedophile, gaslit my ex, tried to get with her while dating someone else, and told lies to said ex behind my back

This isn't even the first time he's done this
I'm so mad

No. 367073

Why do people get upset when I say I want to date someone with a college degree?

No. 367074

I did a tiny bump of coke, i was tired all sunday, and now i still feel tired. I am never doing coke again. I am not cut out for doing drugs doing the school year.

No. 367082

>>366980 yyyeaaaa i'm just gonna fucking shower and just pretend today never existed

No. 367103

Is it your birthday, anon? Happy birthday! I hope your next bday is 1000x better than this one.

No. 367107

I took a different brand of vitamins, the one my doctor recommended, and I started getting everyday a new stretch mark until I realized the vitamin E content in the new vitamins was half the daily recommendation, unlike the ones before that were around 100%.
I'm so pissed off, I have no way to undo this mess.

No. 367112

It's hypocritical if you don't have one yourself. If you do, it might be seen as discriminatory since poorfags can't get degrees, and unfocused people can't either.

No. 367126

i was super fast because i get the same kind all the time. i guess he saw how fast i was and assumed i'm a druggie too or something. jokes on him, i hate my body and abuse laxatives, i'm not a disgusting methhead lmfao.

No. 367144

I wouldn't be surprised if he likes you. When he said one of his "friends" was interested in you, did he tell you a specific name? Or did he just say "a friend"? Because it sounds like that friend is him.

No. 367172

wait vitamins are related to stretch marks?

No. 367224

I have this overwhelming want to do coke, never tried it but i keep thinking about it.

No. 367232

he specified that he was not asking for him, and when I asked him who it was, he told me he would tell me later, but I think I know which friend it is

No. 367234

File: 1549324012982.png (253.38 KB, 585x329, 08ofpqg4kok4cssosww48_640.png)

Fame is overrated as fuck

No. 367271

Is this coming from a personal experience, anon?

No. 367280

there's a guy in my class w really nice, wide shoulders that I'm trying to telephatically will into eating me out. so far no results.

No. 367286

I'm in a constant state of stress because it's been nearly seven months while waiting to get disability. I've been denied once and put in an appeal; the department had the audacity to tell me that what I have isn't "worthy" of disability. I have RP (I'm slowly going blind) and mecular degeneration along with daily migraines (can get up to three per day), endometriosis, and a handful of fun mental illnesses.

Lol, I'm losing vision and I'm in a constant state of pain – how would that not qualify? ugh, just fingers crossed I guess that they accept after the appeal.

No. 367294

Nah, but judging by a lot of the threads on here it's safe to assume that it's really not worth it.
Having complete strangers questioning or making fun of your every move must be the worst.
I can see why so many celebrities go insane or develop issues.
On a smaller scale, (like being an artist/creator/etc) having the pressure to constantly put out great stuff and trying to stay relevant must be so exhausting.

No. 367314

lmao RP not a disability? I swear sometimes I wonder if there's people undercover in those agencies who are super anti-gov sabotaging it from the inside.

No. 367354

How do you feel that people have already started scheduling 3rd-trimester abortions on the premise of depression in the state of new york? Are you on board?

No. 367357

source please? i've not heard of this? and i'd be fine with that. do you want an andrea yates situation for these children or what? it's better that they're aborted than drowned or neglected and consequently suffering all for having the misfortune of being birthed by unwell mothers

No. 367358

Depression? I thought the 3rd trimester abortions were only for women who are in medical danger or the baby is severely ill and won’t live once born…

No. 367360

The bill passed a couple of days ago and the appointments opened yesterday.

You do realize that there are several people that are born early, right? As in 8 months in or even 7 months in.
The state of new york has made it legal to abort even later than that.

No. 367362

That was my understanding as well. But after searching online I was greeted with several incidents of people being able to book an appointment for depression/social anxiety/PTSD and other mental disorders.

I called PP and they basically confirmed that it's an eligible reason to have it approved.

No. 367365

again, sources? and once again, not being born is a better fate than suffering at the hands of parents who cannot care for you, or don't want to, and resent and abuse you as a result. i have experienced this firsthand and would have much rather been aborted than suffer through the abuse and neglect that people who could not care for a child have inflicted upon me. your moral grandstanding does nothing for the children that are the victims of these situations.

No. 367369


I take it you are on board with killing the elderly that become destitute or have no family to look after them as well?

No. 367373


the bill itself if you are interested in reading it.

No. 367386

I’m worried I’ve made a mistake having children. The planet is dying, and those that are responsible for it refuse to do anything. I’m worried that my kids will have the responsibility of fixing all the fuckery of their grandparents and great grandparents, while those who fucked everything will be long gone before it drastically impacts their quality of life.

I wish all the baby boomers who care about nothing other than lining their own pockets weren’t allowed in any positions of power so that younger generations can have even a slither of hope of fixing things. And by power I mean CEO’s as well, we NEED more sustainable practices.

It feels like no matter what I do on an individual level it doesn’t mean shit because of all of the politicians and companies raping the earth out of greed and refusal to acknowledge their own shortcomings

No. 367396

no offense but you have made a huge mistake. i dont know that it's even fixable at this point and it's very likely your children will have a very tough road ahead of them. every time environmental scientists come out with reports they admit they have to downplay their actual predictions and they estimate that the majority of released reports are majorly understating in their predictions because they don't want to be accused of moral panic. we're very removed (purposefully) from the actual state of the planet, so it's very easy to deny how dire it is, and many, many people have a vested interest in keeping us so far removed from it until the point where we're caught off guard and are faced fully and irreversibly, with the consequences

No. 367397

Go look at alobar holoprosencephaly and then come back saying that it’s murdering someone who’s have a full life.

Old person/vegetative states are a straw man argument.

No. 367401

File: 1549344154584.png (262.85 KB, 508x527, mwQwF9w.png)

I have no time for bitter people who need to bring others down constantly and project their issues onto others. Like, I'm sorry you're a kissless, friendless virgin with shitty parents who can't handle someone being slightly vulnerable for two seconds because you have your head so far up your own ass, you can't ever admit you might have your own issues. Sympathy gone

No. 367405

I second this.

No. 367406

i cut off an old friend recently who constantly projected their issues and frankly was bitter as shit when even something remotely good would happen to me or my partner and hang it over our heads when they would get on their mansies. shits fucking old. my partner is still a little hung up but bye felicia. they are backhanded af.

No. 367410

Not compelling enough of a reason to cut off access to women in much more dire situations, imo.
Mentally ill people who might compromise themselves or their babies after birth should opt for abortion. We just call it "postpartum" when the mothers go postal yet society is too guilty to fault em.

No. 367411

>I’m worried that my kids will have the responsibility of fixing all the fuckery of their grandparents and great grandparents

We're already pretty much at the point of no return. There's going to be nothing left to fix by the time your kids are old enough to.

To be honest, global warming is the biggest reason I'm not having kids. Already our quality of life is starting to suffer thanks to climate change, I cannot imagine how bad it will be in 20 years.

No. 367414

i'm from new york and i'm absolutely disgusted. celebrating this as a victory for women and ordering buildings like the goddamn WTC to set their lights to pink in honor of the "victory" has left the worst taste in my mouth. this has nothing to do with women or reproductive rights and everything to do with the governor's ego and image. cuomo has done a lot of shitty things in the name of being recognized as a ~true progressive~ to boost his 2020 bid, but this takes the goddamn cake. one of the first things he said when he announced this law was how happy he was to set another precedent for new york… how self-obsessed do you have to be to make the legalization of infanticide about yourself? i-

No. 367415

A lot of postpartum depression actually stems from mothers constant worries over their children dying and overwhelming feelings of guilt, one of the earliest signs of a new mother struggling is that she’ll obsessively watch her baby sleep, which will result in her becoming increasingly sleep deprived. It all goes downhill from there.

No. 367416

agreed. we're already adults and we're most definitely going to still have to suffer the effects of irreversible climate catastrophe within our lifetime. kids born now are going to have even less of the domestic comforts we've been able to have access to and we will be lucky to live out a bit more of our lives with, though I worry for what it'll be like for us being elderly trying to live life comfortably on a dying planet

No. 367417

Can't imagine the outcome is much better when one is already depressed well before the baby arrives.

No. 367418

I'm ayrt. Yes, Vitamin E improves skin's elasticity, so it doesn't break (creates stretch marks) when it expands.

No. 367421

No, for most it gets worse because of the huge hormonal imbalances after giving birth and then breastfeeding. I had severe antenatal depression but somehow was lucky in that it seemingly just disappeared once I gave birth

I’ll be honest, one of the worst parts about having kids is the lack of support, it takes
more than just one person to raise a kid and it’s very easy to fall into depression like no other when you’re sleep deprived, juggling feelings of motherly guilt, always hungry and have to do the vast majority of child rearing on your own. It also doesn’t help that that infants only ever want their mothers

No. 367422

maybe im the exception but i went through heavy postpartum with my kids and i was less concerned about them dying in their sleep and more focused on if they had died then all my problems financially, socially mentally would just poof away. but that was years ago and have been treated since they are the loves of my life and its a heavy guilt because i felt so crass and had such scary thoughts for months. thats such a small box to put a serious issue

No. 367424

Oh, I meant more so that that’s how it starts for a lot - they worry their newborns will die and then it just spirals from there, it ends up with intrusive thoughts for most

No. 367432

ahh yea thats fair. it surely doesnt help when there is so little support around some moms who deal with that and the idea that there is the afterglow honeymoon period of just having a baby that people expect. the hormone adjustment can be horrific especially combined with someone who may have existing mental health issues beforehand. its really sad

No. 367437

When does it become murder in your opinion? The law gives the ability to terminate pregnancies that are even mere days from the due date.

I have heard the "just a clump of cells" argument countless times, but I don't see how that applies to 8-month babies. So, where's the line? When is it considered murder?

No. 367441

Here’s the thing, just become women have the option to abort late term doesn’t mean that the majority will. It’s something the vast majority would do with a heavy heart and it would weigh on them for the rest of their lives, almost every single late term abortion was a wanted baby - sometimes the kindest thing to do is abort, like when the baby is almost certainly guaranteed to only suffer

Women aren’t suddenly going to line up to abort because lol I changed my mind

No. 367442

Just admit you hate women bro. That’s the only actual issue with this law. People hate women are are shitty that now women don’t have to die delivering a brainless, stomach-less baby because she deserves it for having sex.

No. 367443

nta but at least sage your schizoposting.

No. 367445

serious fetal anomalies that are incompatible with life. like literally life and death for mom and/or baby. especially if baby has a disorder or something that is guaranteed to make them die within the first few weeks of life.

doctors arent handing out late term abortions as easily as fear mongers are wanting people to believe. they are relatively rare. 91% of abortions happened in the first trimester in 2015 and there is no reason that the medical community would flip the switch and and just let someone terminate a pregnancy 33 weeks in because momma is having second thoughts.

No. 367446

These disorders are all evident by 14 weeks into the pregnancy, by the way.

Congenital defects, ASD, mental deficiencies and autoimmune disorders are all ruled out, thusly.

Doctors (PP) are literally booking late-term abortions on the premise of MDD of the to-be-mother.

That's beside the point, I explicitly asked - when does it become murder? How can you reconcile it not being murder, do the means justify the cause? That is my question.

No. 367451

lol no doctor would consider giving an abortion over autism dummy.

now dont get me wrong, i fucking hate the people who give birth to goblins like the hartely hooligans. thats no a life. they should have terminated well within the pregnancy. but you are also disregarding that there can be an outside influence during the pregnancy that can affect the child like a vehicle accident or being in a fire or something else traumatic and nearly fatal.

i dont support termination over stupid shit but there are also factors from conception up to birth that can hurt mom and baby. the uterus isnt some adamantium shell that will save the kid from harm despite mom being hurt or other environmental influences

No. 367452

you realize late term abortions are also dangerous for the mother, right? do you really think so many mothers are going to majorly risk their lives for trivial things?

No. 367453

Kindly read the law and tell me how terminating the pregnancy because of the woman's "burdened mental health" is justifiable.

Then try to explain how late-term or even post-term abortions are not murder by very definition alone.

I did not ask you to justify it - I asked a rational question. When observed objectively is lethally injecting an 8-month baby murder in your opinion?

No. 367454

You keensaying 8 month old baby, but they’re not. You don’t start measuring their age until after birth, by saying this you’re being disingenuous to further your cause.

Also, what the fuck is a post-term abortion

No. 367455

>When does it become murder in your opinion?

>That's beside the point, I explicitly asked - when does it become murder? How can you reconcile it not being murder, do the means justify the cause? That is my question

stop being glib, thats what you asked retard.

No. 367456

kindly stop evading the question.

The bill proposes post-term terminations as well - the qualifications are unclear(to me) so your guess is as good as mine.

No. 367458

Well since I'm the anon you're responding to,
>What is murder to you?
I go by the textbook. Murder is the unlawful killing of another human with no valid reason or justification, with malice and or premeditation.

Because I don't believe anyone would get a third trimester abortion for fun, or get knocked up and specifically hold off abortion on purpose, I would take into consideration their circumstances (mental illness, fetal death, health risk) and not call it murder. Because it's not.

No. 367459

File: 1549349558875.png (738.14 KB, 1440x1557, 1543459535624.png)

shit you may actually be retarded. do you really think youre only speaking with one, maybe two different anons?

No. 367460

Go look up the women who drown their kids because of PPD anon.
Go have a look at kids who have been beaten, starved, and pimped out for a hit of meth, then tell us how awesome it is that these kids got blessed enough to live that life.

No. 367461

Thank you for answering.
Your argument is a reductio ad absurdum since that's not how it is defined in the court of law - but at least I got to peer into your point of view.

No. 367462

File: 1549349651321.png (229.79 KB, 465x724, world-us-canada-47066307.png)

kek, some shit donald trump jr and other psychos are claiming late term abortions are, lmao

No. 367463

None of us have evaded the question. We’ve all explained to you, over and over, how it is NOT murder, and just how unlikely late term abortion even is.
Just because you clamp your hands over your ears so you can’t hear us doesn’t mean we haven’t answered.

No. 367465

Again, I am not talking about why they'd opt to abort. I am not going to argue imponderables. I am specifically asking whether or not you concede it's murder by definition or not.

No. 367466

how is that post using reductio ad absurdum? ngl, not saying you are, but you sound very much like a braindead conservascrot

No. 367467

You’re talking to multiple anons.
But no I don’t consider it murder in the same way I don’t think doctor
Kevorkian was a murderer.

Mercy is not murder and only an idiot who’s never seen the depths of human suffering would confuse the two.

No. 367468

The governor specifically stated that in the picture you posted. Are you mentally insolvent?

How would you describe a baby that's delivered, put on the warmer and then the doctor and the mother discuss whether or not the baby is pulled off support?

No. 367470

i am a woman, bro. and a pro-choice one at that. i just think, as do most rational people, that there needs to be some sort of line drawn on abortion laws to avoid a slippery slope scenario. i personally consider abortion after 20 weeks infanticide - that's where my line is drawn, and the law was in agreement with me until recently.

my original post wasn't even about the issues with the law anyway as i have no desire to debate that on lolcow; i was simply stating my disgust at my governor for using this law to bolster support from extremists for his 2020 presidential bid and hastily pushing through something so controversial just so he could have the 'new york did it first' talking point when it comes time to campaign.

No. 367472

Okay, so when does it become murder?
The moment the baby leaves the womb? When they are 1 day old? What's the cut-off?

No. 367473

Isn’t that exactly how families can decide on whether or not to pull any vegetable family member off of life support

No. 367474

Thank fuck we don’t base laws on the morals of randoms them.

You ~feeling~ that something is murder is irrelevant. No matter how you phrase it, “pro-lifers” are really just anti-women’s rights.

You think women get abortions for fun?
As their main method of birth control?
If so you’re too retarded for help.

No. 367475

why do you ALWAYS do this?
Why are you unable to even go 10 posts in an argument without calling your dissenters a male or fucking start with ad hominem?
Are you incapable of arguing on the topic without flinging accusations?

It happens all the fucking time, cut it out already.

No. 367476

You're trying too hard to be intellectual lmao.
>that's not how it is defined in the court of law
Abortion is already legal in the court of law, just like how this bill was passed through a court process. How's that for your appeal to authority? Picking our brains about how murder is defined is just a red herring to distract from the issue as to why a third trimester abortion is actually medically necessary.

Here's your other logical fallacies:
>the slippery slope
Because you think third trimester exceptions will inevitably lead down a slippery slope where any woman can get a late abortion just because, so we shouldn't have it at all.
>appeal to ignorance
Because you don't know why or can't imagine why a woman would seek a third trimester abortion, you can't fathom a scenario where it would be necessary. You even question medically trained professionals in their judgement because you would just find a reason to say no.

No. 367477

I live somewhere that allows abortions up to 24 weeks. And you know what? There isn’t some sort of abortion epidemic here, the only women that get these abortions do so because they need to. And as someone who’s been pregnant twice, a lot can happen up until 24 weeks that ruin the quality of your unborn child’s life - yeah, you can be told whether or not you’re at higher risk of neurological issues at 14 weeks, but extra tests to find out for sure push you further into the pregnancy, and morphology scans - the scan where they can catch many more life ruining issues - isn’t don’t until after 18 weeks.

No. 367481

not really. he was speaking about a failed abortion (so likely a child that is going to be disabled) and in the case of an infant that's not really viable without intervention. as another anon said, it is pretty similar to whether or not someone wants to continue keeping someone alive that is unable to survive without life support and/or extreme intervention.

No. 367482

Well it’s on life support so…
You think a life spent on a bed strapped to machines that breathe, piss, and pump blood around a corpse is better than unplugging the baby’s life support? Good god.

No. 367483

i like how you're speaking to like ten different anons and you're saying that i, specifically, "ALWAYS do this!!", lmao. not "you guys", not "farmers", etc…

No. 367484

Probably can’t imagine the possibility of everyone not agreeing with them. The sheltered is showing badly.

No. 367485

Read the law, you pompous twat.
Terminating a pregnancy due to complications or potential harm to the mother has been legal for ages. This is not what the bill that was passed is about.

>slippery slope

Wrong - women are covered legally to terminate for a plethora of reasons. The phraseology and legalese is precisely formulated to accommodate it
>appeal to ignorance
see above rebuttal - medical professionals were perfectly within their rights to go ahead with abortions due to potential health risks to the mother. This is not was the bill entails.

No. 367487

All infants that are born prematurely are put on warmers you retard.
Approx 20% of all births are premature.

No. 367488

File: 1549350679042.jpeg (281.79 KB, 800x533, 66C70CD6-D9BA-4822-9F8F-9C4670…)


>>fucking women can get abortions for reasons I don’t personally agree with therefore all abortions ever are wrong and my feelings are the law.

No. 367489

I quoted you because you accused me of being a male.
I have encountered this phenomenon countless times on this IB and it's grating.

No. 367490

Warmer is not life support.
Make a coherent point or stop crying about women having too many basic human rights.

No. 367492

And now we have devolved to meme reaction pictures and infantile mockery.
As if on cue.

No. 367493

>you pompous twat
You're just emotionally constipated because you used "reductio ad absurdum" incorrectly haha.
>Terminating a pregnancy due to complications or potential harm to the mother has been legal for ages.
It actually hasn't. But what do you care? You strike me as a person who hasn't and refuses to read any accounts of women who've been urged to carry risky pregnancies to term and die, or birth stillborns because their fetuses died inside them and couldn't find a medical provider for a late term.

>Wrong - women are covered legally to terminate for a plethora of reasons

Yet you're arguing that this bill will allow women to whimsically request a late term abortion for no other reason but funsies. You are literally arguing for a slippery slope.
>This is not was the bill entails.
In your opinion, which is incorrect.

Anon if this is the hill you're gonna die on I understand, I don't think this is much productive.

No. 367494

I never once mentioned life support.
I explicitly used the term "warmer".
You need to work on your reading comprehension.

No. 367495

he was SPECIFICALLY talking about infants that have suffered a botched abortion and are harmed by it, dumbfuck.

No. 367496

Maybe don’t act and think like a typical dude from reddit’s politics sub then?

No. 367497

Your behavior and views can't possibly be the reason why you're catching that shit? I'm sad for you.

No. 367498

File: 1549350979323.jpeg (67.02 KB, 750x409, AB3B93B7-513D-44E7-9691-266362…)

K pal.
Keep on spergin though.

No. 367499

>I have encountered this phenomenon countless times on this IB and it's grating.
kek, "this IB". can you at least do a better job at integrating?

No. 367500

As if there’s any point trying to reason with forced-birth proponents.
At least it’s not pictures of the horrifically deformed infants you’re demanding suffer for your feelings.

No. 367502

Yep, that's what happens when people stay up too late arguing. They wind up tripping over their own words and try to blame their opponents for their mistakes lol.

No. 367503

They’re anti-choice so nobody should have expected anything else. Retarded people say retarded things.

No. 367506

File: 1549351551058.jpg (32.05 KB, 549x489, hmmm.jpg)

>8 weeks
Imagine not even doing a quick google search before posting such incredibly dishonest smear…

No. 367507

Practically identical to a toddler you guys


Holy shit you’re so committed to dying on this hill. You’ve got nothing here but semantics and crying and misinformation. Go throw some dolls and red paint at women trying to go to planned parenthood or whatever you crazy people do.

No. 367508

What exactly is your point here?

Are you so unhinged and sociopathic that you argue whether the infant is actually 8 or 12 weeks?

No. 367509

File: 1549351739652.gif (1.77 MB, 540x359, 7852a59f7377b5a1138f369bcaa5b4…)

holy shit abortion-chan just needs a jolly rancher and bedtime. i would think they were a troll but man they are way too adamant and havent let it go

No. 367510

Yeah, the people that are against abortion are crazy and people that opt to have their children cut to pieces and vacuumed out of their vagina are sane.

No. 367511

File: 1549351849849.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 39.48 KB, 587x522, B1866869-DF01-4BC2-8EB6-27662F…)

Multiple this by hundreds and brag some more about how you’re better than someone who chooses not to birth a dying abomination with zero chance of survival.

No. 367512

Because at 8 weeks it's tinier than a grape and looks like a bean. And at 12 weeks, a fetus isn't much bigger than a chapstick which still makes your image incorrect.
The issue is that you're obviously biased and have no qualms about posting propaganda here from sources that aren't interested in the suffering of women.

You're wasting everyone's time here.

No. 367513

Why do you people not understand that these women don’t do it because they want to!

No. 367514

“Mercy for dying babies is evil and microcephalic is a gift from Jesus “

No. 367515

Meanwhile, out of the 6,000,000 yearly abortions (25% of all pregnancies) approx 2% suffer from congenital defects.

No. 367518

Oh god I’m talking late term you screeching autist.
Early abortions aren’t killing anything except an embryo. You think something the size of a kidney bean with flippers and no brain activity is a baby? Sorry the bible didn’t teach you biology.

No. 367520


It isn't an infant. No one would consider that an infant.

No. 367521

File: 1549352256927.png (52.93 KB, 951x340, ww.PNG)

> The majority of abortions in 2015 took place early in gestation: 91.1% of abortions were performed at ≤13 weeks’ gestation; a smaller number of abortions (7.6%) were performed at 14–20 weeks’ gestation, and even fewer (1.3%) were performed at ≥21 weeks’ gestation.

No. 367522

Because the person has 0 empathy for women and believes they're all evil bitches aborting for fun.


>I can't think of a good response so I'll say everyone else obviously can't formulate an argument

No. 367524

The sympathetic and parasympathetic system are both functional by 6 weeks. As well as parts of the parietal lobe - striatum - the hypothalamus- the amygdala - vagus nerve and dorsal parts. The only regions that are not at all developed are the cerebral cortex, prefrontal and orbitofrontal cortexes as well as the olfactory bulb and auditory system.

In summation - they are perfectly capable of feeling pain, fear, and trigger their flight or flight response.

I am incidentally in neuroscience.

No. 367525

File: 1549352456343.gif (484.13 KB, 275x210, popcorn.gif)

How quickly the facade of anti-abortion anon cracked; from arguing definitions and calling out supposed fallacies to posting straight up gore and "THINK ABOUT THE INFANT YOU UNHINGED SOCIOPATHS!"

And then, anon cries about being called a male after completely alienating women and telling us our reasons aren't valid.
You think anon will catch on?

No. 367526

>I am incidentally in neuroscience.

University of Google with a concentration in bullshit?

No. 367527

God help your patients cause if you’re a forced-birth advocate you’re gonna make a shitty medical professional no matter the field.

You have no business is medicine if you think women should die for your emotional comfort.

No. 367528

Meanwhile, no arguments were posited and the majority of the replies have been accusatory or personal attacks.

Staying true to board culture.

No. 367530

I'm in a private company, computational neuroscience. You sociopathic would-be murderers are safe.

No. 367531

Don’t come and present a retarded idea like “women dying is better than giving them the level of bodily autonomy we’d give a murderers corpse” and expect a discussion like you’re a reasonable person.

No. 367532

fight or flight response for what, it hasn't existed yet, it has no frame of reference for pain, fear, existence.

forcing women to give birth sounds far more sociopathic to me than anything us pro-choicers have said, but keep living in your fantasyland anon

No. 367533

anomaly scans in utero arent done until around 18-20 weeks when you know, shit actually speeds up in development and from going by current trends clinics want you to look at the baby and hear its hearbeat and make sure you understand through their literature that god gave you a gift and youre throwing it away so by the time a mom gets an abortion they are within the 3.3% following that data. wow such murder.

No. 367536

File: 1549352873537.jpeg (134.83 KB, 750x1334, A3D729B0-AFAF-477C-A8F4-F38907…)

Anon unironically posts shit like this

Very neuroscience, much intelligence.

No. 367537

I asserted that the bill allows women to terminate on the premise of depression. You glossed over it because it doesn't fit your narrative.

Glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids don't need a frame of reference to give rise to a flight or fight response to the body. The amygdala dictates it and it goes off tactile cues.

No. 367538

holy shit that's hilariously bad

No. 367539

You're being too generous to even believe anon has ever picked up a book on neuroscience, no less studied it at a higher university or works at a private company. Anon obviously just copied and pasted something from whattoexpect.com and takes it as a gospel truth to prove a fetus can feel pain when it's obviously way more complicated than that.
Notice how anon's only trying to throw out this alleged expertise at us after she(he?) has been backed into a corner and looks like a fool.

No. 367540

Are you 12?

No. 367541

the facts are these: any women seeking an abortion as late as 8 months is essentially going to have to go through induced labor. no woman is going to go through 8 months of difficult pregnancy and now a risky painful birth just to "get rid of" their fetus at the last possible minute. that isn't how it works. no one is doing that. even the women who hypothetically would be seeking one out for mental health reasons would need to be a serious danger to herself for that to be considered.

because surprise, a lot of premature births survive at the 8 month mark. so no one is pressing an eject early button on a healthy pregnancy. these are pregnancies that are already no longer viable, who were discovered tragically at a late stage to have serious defects. you, a sick fuck, would rather a woman be forced to look visibly pregnant while hosting a festering dying decaying fetus in her stomach while having to endure all the comments and questions a pregnant woman gets. that sounds like torture to me.

No. 367542

Are you even cognizant of how unsightly you seem when you resort to personal attacks and mockery? You are anonymous - I am anonymous. It's pathetic.
Use arguments.

No. 367543

plenty of anons are faggot you just choose to ignore the bulk of responses because there are fact you dont like. boo hoo.

No. 367544

You keep whining about how no one has presented any arguments yet that is all we have been doing. You don’t care about anything we have to say, you’re too stubborn to show even a slither of empathy towards any woman who has to go through the trauma of abortion. At the end of the day the only reason you care so much about these unborn defuses is because there’s a chance they’re male, fuck all the women who have to suffer through the pregnancies you want to force them through.

No. 367545

Yes neuroscientist-chan. I’m twelve and that’s why I’m arguing with some retard who thinks I don’t deserve to own my own body for the crime of having a vagina.

Just accept that nobody is buying your backpedals, and nobody is going to change their minds and decide “you know what I SHOULD risk bleeding out to give birth to a child I don’t want, can’t care for, and am not financially able to support because some neckbeard got his knickers in a twist over the idea of not being asked permission to pretty please live.

No. 367546

>Are you even cognizant of how unsightly you seem when you resort to personal attacks and mockery?

You called me a "pompous twat" and then screeched at other anons by calling them sociopaths.
I feed off your desperate clawing to say anything to stave your embarrassment.
I wish I could bottle your tears and wear it as perfume~

Also, here's an article for you, our little "neuroscientist":
"The subjective experience of pain cannot be inferred from anatomical developments because these developments do not account for subjectivity and the conscious contents of pain."

No. 367549

Added layer of bonus smarts, banning all abortions will surely prevent botched ones!

No. 367550

kek, meanwhile, you're over here literally calling 8 week old fetuses infants and using terms like "post term abortion" about fetuses that have been harmed, and will likely be disabled, by the few failed abortions that do unfortunately happen, and will need serious intervention to survive

No. 367559


If it's still the same shit-hole and not up to your intellectual tier, then leave. We won't miss you xoxo

No. 367574

A bathtub filled with Down’s syndrome kids is above their intellectual tier.

No. 367585

I just caught up with the Moo thread, she just posted her cosplans from February to July, I'm just at awe at her thinking she'll fulfil whatever promises she made in this manic sperge.

I work full time and still was able to shoot three cosplays in January. Granted I commissioned two of them, but I did work on the wigs on all of them, two of them being complicated and had to splice tufts and wigs together, all that jazz. And there she is, with cosplaying as her job and have all the time she wants to do so, barely did two cosplays and only did lewd selfies to throw at the neckbeards.

Ngl I'm pissed, I want to have that much money and time to throw around for cosplaying. She has so much opportunities and still fucked it up by being such a lazy slob. I do have thank her for making me more confident as a cosplayer though.

No. 367713

Trying retinol for the first time because I'm 29 and don't want to end up all wrinkled and shit, my good relatively even zitless skin is getting all dry and red. I think it's supposed to be normal but it's driving me mad.

No. 367719

if u don't want to get all wrinkled and shit, u have to be consistent with ur skincare. retinol alone isn't gonna save ur ass. 10 step korean skincare routine or nothing.

No. 367720

Don't forget the 11th step: sunscreen.

No. 367721

It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I think retinoid products are only best used for a couple days in a row to jumpstart skin cell turnover.
I tried using it at night for a few weeks, and I broke out like crazy and my skin was perpetually dry. A lot of people say that's "purging" and it goes away after a month or a few lol. The second I stopped though my skin calmed down.
They're harsh products.

No. 367724

Fuck, that's too much. I have OK skin while only cleaning it + randomly moisturizing. I'm never going to make it.

No. 367726

C'mon anon, we all go through it. At least throw in some snail slime essence and a toner or something. Definitely don't skip that sunscreen tho

No. 367727

at least use sunscreen!

No. 367739

tbh just be more consistent with your moisturising and use sunscreen when you need it, and you will be fine, all these 10 step sknicare routines and over priced moisturisers are memes

No. 367763

Yeah, that’s what retinol does. Your skin will be burny and broken out for a while, but if you can get through it, your skin will be beautiful afterwards. Most people give up on it too early because of those side effects.

No. 367770

I'm dogsitting for someone for the first time this weekend. She asked me how much I charge and I stupidly said $25 a night (which is HALF of the lower end of the industry standard. Usually it's $50-75 a night. I just have problems with knowing what I'm worth lul)

She adds that her neighbor will be going out of town and will need a dog sitter for the weekend too. I say of course I can watch that dog too, and now I'm like, SO anxious and wrapped up in how little I'll be paid. I'm going to ask the neighbor for $20 a day, which is still extremely cheap, but I can't be charging her more/the same amount if I'm not going to be physically sleeping in her house.

I want to come clean and be like "so I fucked up and misspoke, of course I'll be happy to do it for $25 this time since that's what we agreed upon, but in the future I'm going to ask for probably $40 a night" (still don't think I deserve more than that.) I'm just incredibly bad at talking about how much someone should owe me. Idk. Any advice on how to navigate this situation I created completely by myself would be appreciated, and how to let hem know it's kinda a one-time deal.

No. 367774

File: 1549389872744.jpg (64.92 KB, 634x476, 38B62A9400000578-3803995-image…)

I've been using retin-a for a couple years now. I refill my prescription whenever it becomes available so I have a ton of extra tubes kek. My doctor made me come in for a checkup yesterday in order to refill it again. Mind you, he's only my primary care doctor bc I had to choose someone a few months back and he was the first available appointment (unrelated to this. I ended up cancelling anyway).
>so you use it for acne? bc I don't really see any
>that's bc of the retin-a.
>I'm concerned bc I tell my patients if they will be pregnant or trying soon– (I think he aid this bc I'm in my late 20's aka baby incubator time)
>never ever gonna happen.
>because your partners are all female or?
>no lol bc I don't want any children, also I have the Nexplanon implant
>ok anon let's get you out of here quickly I just requested a checkup to clear out some of these prescriptions I see listed

He also asked what I "do" when I told him I don't have a job. I understand he was probably moving towards mental health care when he learned I don't work, but it was kinda off-putting. Switching to female doctor today. Not the worst experience by any means but I kekked at him thinking I'm a lesbian. I was wearing "stompy" boots and a hoodie that looked like the name of a sports team. I think that had something to do with it. And the fact that I was annoyed to be there so I was quickly and effectively answering all his stupid questions.

No. 367776

Oh man this sucks. I feel your pain. Just swallow your pride/fear and tell them an appropriate price. Don't short sell yourself. No one charges that low in my experience. Good luck!!

No. 367777

Seconding this especially because anon said she has a zitless, dry skin type. A bunch of the steps in complex skincare routines are for combating acne and removing oil/grease and are actually counterproductive for women whose skin is already clear and too dry. If anything just add in a face mask once in a while or other extra moisturizing products when actually needed.

No. 367780

I'm meeting with her neighbor later today to introduce myself/meet her dog and get the rundown on feeding etc. Should I contact the first lady and ask for more now, letting her know I misspoke, so that I can give an appropriate price to her neighbor? Should I just do it for cheaper this time and let them both know I messed up and will ask for more in the future? I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this with stepping on as few toes as possible

No. 367784

double post yup I think that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna call her on my way down to see her neighbor and be like "I think I told you the wrong price is $40 okay so sorry so sorry xoxo" y/n

No. 367785

Look, they need a service, you are providing that service. If they don't want to compensate you properly for your time, that's them stepping on your toes. You're important too anon!
Just explain that you made a mistake. Try not to over-explain. Just that you were uninformed of standard prices and when you did the math, it didn't add up to an hourly wage you're comfortable with. Leave it at that. If they get pissy so be it. You're not a corporation, you're a single person who makes mistakes. Maybe explain to them all the steps/details required to do the job properly so they feel confident in your ability to perform well!
You should contact the first lady today before you speak to the second one. Just remember it's business, not personal!

No. 367786

Yeah that sounds okay to me anon

No. 367793

Today I realized how tragic my diet is. I don't feel like going to the doctor to confirm it but I think I might have a vitamin B 12 deficiency. Should I be worried or is it okay to keep ignoring it? I've been having bad memory loss and fatigue for about a year now but I'm only 20.

No. 367795

Buy some supplements, stat. See if it improves things after a month of daily dosage.

No. 367797

But at what point do you decide it's too harsh for your skin and it's what's causing more breakouts.

I've seen posts of women who still look terrible months out. Sometimes it's just not compatible like that, the same reason why Accutane also doesn't work for everyone.

No. 367802

File: 1549394162999.jpg (122.04 KB, 600x800, 9PKQ7Rt.jpg)

at risk of sounding like a faggot, i think most of you are really great and even though you'd all probably hate me if i knew you guys personally, idc, i just truly love this community so much and this community of women has given me hope and helped my mental health so much. i have a hard time keeping hope and you girls, your stories, and your advice, help a lot. it's also made so much better that we're anon. lc has become such a great place.

No. 367810

Personally, I just followed my dermatologists advice and stuck it out. It took like 5 months before my skin was soft and clear. It’s always going to be harsh for an uncomfortable amount of time. Like I said before, some people can’t handle the side effects and pull out early. It’s not a bad thing, just different people can tolerate different things.
This isn’t my first rodeo with retinol, so I knew it would work after a period of time, even though it felt like it was making my skin worse for so long. Trust your dermatologist.

No. 367836

Same tbh. Honestly I never knew how much I needed a female-only board until I found this place.

No. 367846

I hate being a slave to my hormones. I just want to feel the same every day, preferably good.

No. 367860

My anxiety is so bad right now. I feel like I'm going to disappear. I was doing pretty okay yesterday, then today I just woke up and it was full blown. Everything looks fake, my mind is racing. I just want to feel real. I know I'm only dissociating, but I wish it didn't come with these terrifying symptoms and thoughts that mess with me every couple minutes. I feel numb. I want to feel okay.

No. 367870

Ugh. In an anime discord I'm in dudes are sperging about mignogna and say how the accusations against him are sjw outrage, even though I linked pics and claims from his male coworkers.

One of those guys complained how a girl in his class has a seizure and that she was annoying. This pushes me to violence. Fuck western anime communities, fuck weaboos,fuck incels.

No. 367873

I wish I could do interior design for a living, but I'm too old and uneducated now, I literally failed at life, all on my own, because I did have all the opportunity to not be a POS and succeed, SAD.

No. 367875

I literally said in my post I was the bad drunk bitch at fault, you're allowed to judge me but I'm also allowed to stand up for my right to vent about my guilt, it's human to feel bad for fucking something up or else half this thread wouldn't exist. Update nobody asked for: I apologized properly and he said he didn't even think I remembered because of how drunk I was, he told me I was very hurtful to him that night but he's also just glad I didn't get alcohol poisoning.

Yes I do worry that he would be happier without me and if I'm just seeing it with rose tinted glasses but also would genuinely rather with him than chase the casual sex meme and I trust him when he says the same. He's capable of making his own decisions even if I think he's crazy for it. Maybe some people find partners that agree with everything they say, but if this is the only compromise in our whole relationship then I think we're still doing ok.

No. 367878

why cant you do it? there's no age limit for interior design. anon, i literally have seen high school dropouts become lawyers at 43 that are great at what they do

No. 367882

Seconded. Oldest dude at our dental school is fucking 45. And that shit takes 7 years to complete. If he can do it, so can you.

No. 367887

You sound like a nightmare to be with. Stop being so defensive. It really takes away any credibility you have towards being sane. Even the way you describe the incident is flippant and dismissive. Yikes

No. 367890

>but if this is the only compromise in our whole relationship then I think we're still doing ok.

What compromise? You not being able to handle your liqour and your bf taking your abuse? I mean you literally said you yelled at him bc he was sad after what you said, "or something". Yeah definitely the only alternative is a couple who literally agree on everything. For real though, what's the compromise you're referring to? If you hate always being "the bad one", stop? It's not that hard. If you love him let him go bc you suck. Sorry

No. 367902

It's no use, girls. Poly people are insane. I feel bad for her man and I hope he leaves her. Makes you wonder what other horrible, lulzy shit anon does in her relationship.

No. 367904

My RP and mecular degeneration is to the point where my eye doctor said I shouldn't be driving anymore. I know if the disability department denies me again, I'll get myself a lawyer – but I swear I don't want to be waiting another 7 months just to hear back.

No. 367905

poly people are such a meme. adults can do what they want and all, but i've never seen a poly relationship work out. there's always loads of drama and a huge fallout.

No. 367907

update: bit the bullet and called her, it was kinda awkward because she was somewhere noisy so i kinda spat it all out and then sat there like "did she even hear this" but she said that she had assumed i misspoke and that we would clear it up, so i guess she knew i was underchargin her hella. and that she was fine with 40 a night. then i went to meet with her and it was totally fine, her dog loves me, it was all great. met the neighbor too and she had the CUTEST little chihuahua named Tallulah and three cats and I'm so excited to spend the weekend there now. and I'll be making what i think i deserve! insert "everything turned out better than expected" meme here

I dont have much to offer in terms of comfort because I get really anxious about disappearing/being invisible too, but I just wanted to respond to tell you I read your post, you're real, and I can see the words you share. that's something that really messes with me, when I open up about feeling invisible/unreal and then no one even acknowledges that I spoke and I just feel even less real like no one can even see what I said. So you're real and I can read what you are writing and today will be over soon!

No. 367908

>i've never seen a poly relationship work out. there's always loads of drama and a huge fallout.

Same honestly, and a lot of the time if it's two women and a dude, I witness
the women usually ditch the dude and become a couple lmao

No. 367910

>get mentally stable
>go back to uni (i was at the hospital)
>get job that takes all of my afternoon
>finally have friends and hobbies again
>can't see friends or do hobbies because uni and work take all of my time
>not relapsing but kinda feel like i'm wasting away friends and hobbies when those are thing i've been wanting to have for years

No. 367913

Why did you come back just to defend you being a drunk pushy bitch?
You’re clearly not just venting if you’ve come back days later to get mad and defend yourself to strangers.

It’s not a random disagreement, he’s monogamous and you want to sleep with other people while keeping a boyfriend for security. You poly people are all the same. It’s not a real thing it’s just a fancy name for wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Emotional immaturity and insecurity aren’t a sexuality.

No. 367914

You should designate time for your friends/hobbies at least once a week that you don’t let yourself do something else, it’s important for your wellbeing to have a good balance of work/study and fun (this goes for all, not just those that might relapse)
Maybe set aside an evening every weekend so at the bare minimum you have at least that to unwind?

No. 367915

I live with my first boyfriend but I'm not attracted to him anymore and I'm still in love with my most recent ex. I don't have anywhere else to go and I also rely on him to do social stuff for me because I'm a complete retard. I'm scared to move away because I'm afraid of being alone and going crazy. I don't have any friends and I'm a NEET. On the other hand, I can't stand having sex with him anymore, I literally feel like throwing up and I dissociate the whole day after.

No. 367916

So realistically, you're leading this person on and using them because you're too much of a shut-in to live on your own? Move out, anon, that's pathetic.

No. 367918


>> I’m using my boyfriend for shelter, and socialisation whilst harbouring an infatuation with some other guy. I feel bad but feeling bad makes me think I should act like an adult and I don’t like that. Please guys, tell me that using people to avoid personal growth is good and cute.

No. 367919

What the fuck just move out. Tell him plainly that you're breaking up and stop using this person.
Have you even considered for a second how your partner might feel?

No. 367925


>uwu i'm a narc who only cares about me and takes advantage of the only person in the world willing to put up with my shit. but omg my loving bf makes me so anxious im gonna dissociate uwu (btw it doesn't mean spacing out you dumbass)

No. 367935

seek help, dump the fantasy, and work on your relationship with your boyfriend or get out of his house. it's wrong to take advantage of people like this.

No. 367953

Oh my god anons. I'm not this horrible manipulative liar taking advantage of some poor guy and living in his house. I recently dropped out of college and had to move out of the dorm and I couldn't find a place fast enough and I was still talking with him and he told me his flatmate moved out and told me it's okay to move in if I want.
I told him I had no romantic interest in him anymore and he seemed fine with that in the beginning. A few days ago he came home drunk and tried having sex with me and initially I refused but he threw a fit and I ended up having sex with him. Today he came in my room and literally shoved his dick inside of me while I was still asleep. I don't know what I will do as I haven't been able to go outside for the past 1 month due to anxiety and depression. I also pay for my own part of the rent.

No. 367954

I've been off Klonopin for two years now and I'm still dealing with withdrawal symptoms. I took a very low dose for about 5 years and getting that shit out of my system completely is taking so long. I'm not going through the horrible too sick to leave my house or even my bed withdrawal symptoms i went through during the first three months, but my body is still changed from that shit. My eyes are super dry, i have tinnitus, and i feel dizzy and weird sometimes when i'm out too. I wish i could sue my psychiatrist for putting me on such a strong dangerous drug that was supposed to help with my anxiety but once i stopped taking it my anxiety became so bad I didn't leave my house for about a year. I no longer take any medication for my mental illnesses. I no longer trust doctors or drugs.

No. 367957

Oh lord anon, tbat is very different from how the other anons read it. He's literally treating you like a convenient fuckhole which you didn't even agree to. Please get out of there

No. 367958

This is worse since he raped you. Definitely move out, anon wtf. No excuses seriously you can figure out how to do "social stuff" on your own and being alone wont make you go "crazy". Tons of people live on their own and being on your own is better than living the way you are now. It can only do you good to focus on yourself

No. 367965

Since he technically raped her by sticking his dick in while she was asleep, and the sex seems generally like he is taking advantage of someone with mental health or anxiety problems who has not consented, I don't think anon is the bad guy here

No. 367967

lol some guy tried to post on facebook on how there wasn't a difference between sexual assault and rape. That is ridiculous. I was sexually assaulted and I'm so glad the guy didn't rape me. It's not really the same thing.

Also, I think that even though I was sexually assaulted I don't think victims are always correct and never lie. But I feel like some people think if I was raped instead of sexually assaulted, I would be singing a different tune. Yeah maybe I would, because being raped is definitely worse than other forms of assault.

Also I feel like this guy is a virgin kind of guy who has little or no experience with women. I feel like the fact that he posts this kind of shit is funny and bs. lmao

No. 367968

How hard is it to find your own place to live? What a dumbass idea.

No. 367969

Thank you Anon, it's so unbearable right now. Dissociation is no joke, I never wish anybody to go through this. It actually gets worse when I'm around other people I care for like my boyfriend and family. Maybe it's overstimulation. Anyways, thank you. I really appreciate it.

No. 367970

He raped you.

That’s totally different to what you originally posted but whatever. He raped you. Run as far as you can.

No. 367983

I'm very unhappy with a lot of my life. My work feels dead-end and meaningless. I'm in school to get a Masters (a STEM major), but I don't honestly think it will help me all that much. Can't get a better job without experience, can't get experience without a job. Can't move, just bought a house, but also don't want to move and leave friends and family behind.

I genuinely think I might have ADD as I can't concentrate on anything. Studying? Mind is all over the place on anything but the book. Playing computer games? Also playing a phone game. Watching TV? Also playing a game. Work? Mind wanders, can't focus. I'm considering seeing a doctor about it, but I worry about taking any medications because of addiction issues in my family. I also have a very, very difficult time expressing my feelings to people - I just can't do it (anonymous strangers on the internet aside). Even if there's a serious issue, I have to psych myself up for hours to get even a piece of it out.

Getting fed up with some of my best friends attitudes. These people are supposed to be my best friends, but at the same time also think the worst of me, and I think it's coming from the one I've been friends with the longest. Always assumes I must be trying to outdo her in every aspect, constantly trying to compete with me when I do literally nothing but exist. she has to try to make me feel bad about everything - my weight (we're the same clothing size (though I'm a bit taller)), my house (similar sizes), vacations I go on. Complains about literally everything. Nothing is ever good enough. Everything she doesn't like is stupid and she doesn't get why anyone would like it. She doesn't like it, so you shouldn't care about it, it's dumb. Then, after being critical of everything and arguing about everything (including little things like exact times and which way is better to go when driving even though it's literally a .5 km difference), gets upset that a lot of people think she's a bitch or that she complains to much. Wants to be told that she's not being a bitch or that she doesn't complain too much, but does literally nothing to change people's perception. If everyone thinks you're too bitchy and you don't like that…maybe stop being bitchy? It's not everyone else reading you wrong that's the problem, it's you being constantly combative and constantly complaining. Complains everyone likes me better. Maybe because I'm nicer? it's really not a hard concept. I tried telling her once years ago that she complains too much, and she harps on it too this day like I tore down her entire character. It was one comment because she was complaining, again, about something I like about how it's stupid and she doesn't get why people like it. I consider her to be my best friend, but I'm just getting so sick of the constant complaining and constant competitions and constant comments about my appearance. I'm average looking and I'm not skinny by any means. Not fat, but certainly not skinny. My other best friend is constantly "woe is me", constantly seeking attention, constantly jumping into relationships ASAP because she can't stand being alone. Gets hit on by tons of guys on apps, but then complains "I'm fat and ugly and no one wants to date me". Constantly fishing for compliments. Always asking for advice on what to do, but does exactly what everyone says not to do. Suicide baits whenever a relationship ends.

I can at least say I'm very happy in my long-term relationship. My partner is caring, thoughtful and supportive. Our personalities mesh perfectly, we have similar interests but are also fine with spending time with other people. I can at least say I have no complaints there.

No. 367990

I'm not saying anon is an innocent angel in regards to forming this kind of situation for herself but
>I'm using my boyfriend as shelter
This is a completely valid concern, and you greentext it so flippantly. Not everyone has a social safety net, ie. friends or family, who they can fall back on if they want to move away from an abuser or someone who they don't love anymore.
Did you know economic hardship is one of the primary reasons why people don't leave toxic relationships?
It's actually extremely difficult for many women to save up enough money to afford a move, whether that's for a new deposit + however many month's rent most places will ask for, to the cost of moving itself.

He raped you.
Whatever you gotta do financially to afford a place of your own or with a new roommate, do it. You need to get out asap. Being raped is going to do worse for you mentally and socially if you continue to stay with this man than it would if you went your own way and wound up alone.
He knows he has power over you which is why he did it. Keep a healthy distance while trying to figure a way out of this, for your own sake.

No. 367996

File: 1549416053706.jpg (32.77 KB, 412x464, 1480227411792.jpg)

Recently, I accidentally ended up befriending someone in one of my courses who turned out to be a shitty anime fan. For the record, I tend to stay quiet about liking anime because it's just plain embarrassing and I don't want to attract unpleasant people. This kid turned out to be one of the bad ones, he had the works; Did not know how to shut-up or control the volume of his loud ass voice, knew everything about everything, would stare at me or my chest, had literal hentai as a wallpaper on his phone (I didn't notice until he put his phone down next to me), would always convince me to watch/subscribe to pewdiepie so he could be #1 on YouTube, and make shitty sexual jokes. In his defense, he was only 18 but the guy drove me nuts and I genuinely hope he grows out of it. (I know some weebs unfortunately don't)

I know this post is very weeaboostories-esque but it made me realize normies are honestly a refreshing break from insufferable anime fans like this.
I know anime is a magnet for psychos and autists but the more time I spend in this community, the more I want more normal friends.
It's also incredibly hard to find weebs to befriend who aren't completely batshit and can function like proper adults.

Another vent:
I'm so fucking happy I've finally managed to muster up the nerve to cut off my psycho "best friend" after years of friendship. You bet she was an insane weeb too.
She bullied me a lot in Jr.High and in Highschool and would talk shit about me to her boyfriends. The only reason I would take the constant insults was so I wouldn't be alone.
Your social life is the only thing that matters during that time and I didn't want to be seen as an outcast weirdo with no friends. Now that I'm outta that mess and in college, it feels really good to be furthering my education and not have to worry about her crazy judgmental ass. I'm grateful to have a great family and a boyfriend that loves me very much to support me.
While she was my only real close friend, I don't feel any regret letting her go. She dropped out of college last year, still doesn't know how to drive, her art hasn't improved at all, and can't live without male attention. I wonder if that'll change in a few years but I'm so glad I won't be apart of it.

No. 367997

File: 1549416143377.gif (1001.44 KB, 200x200, 2r139uyt44.gif)

Been debating deleting my fb account since I've come to the realization that most of my old friends are either inactive or have become facebook moms and are pushing pyramid schemes.

No. 368006

Again, I know I'm a walking dumpster fire but I'm not the first person in the world to continue dating someone that doesn't share their kink, or to have drunk too much at a party, that doesn't make me abusive. I don't keep secrets or trick him, staying together is as much his choice as it is mine but I appreciate your concern for him

One last time, I'm not defending my actions just my validity to have feelings about them

No. 368012


No. 368021

do it, anon. deleted my Facebook over a year ago and never looked back, it's so freeing. if you need it for work/other reasons you can always make an anonymous account and only log in on a browser when you really need to.

so what compromise did you make with him? you said it's a compromise, which means you both meet in the middle. is it that you promised not to fuck other people, as long as he is willing to listen to you drunkenly complain about not being allowed to fuck other people?

just because you make a compromise doesn't mean it's healthy for either of you. sounds like you're incompatible but you're staying with him out of convenience. just because you love him doesn't mean he's right for you and it's unfair to him as well as yourself to force a relationship neither of you will be totally satisfied with. you can always find love with other people who share your kink

No. 368025

>I know anime is a magnet for psychos and autists
And immature people in general. I know I was an extremely, extremely immature 19 year old and I know now that I annoyed many people. I didn't really mellow out until 23 and that's only bc I swapped out for a more withdrawn edgelord personality until I figured it's better to be a balanced normie with some weeb interests.
What made progress slower is that nobody really said anything constructive or even mentioned that I was a shit, they all just talked behind my back so if I did get wind of something they criticized, I wrote it off as them being the shitty ones when really I could've looked at it as a half-truth. Oh well, I guess most of us learn eventually.

No. 368044

Self-hating weebs who act like they're higher and mightier are so annoying

No. 368047

Do you ever realise how bad of a cope some things are? And then you're faced with the original hurt? That's me right now and it really hurts. I wish my life wasn't so complicated currently and I could see my friends more. I'm really lonely. So fucking lonely. But it's kay. I'm working on these things. I promise to do everything I can to see my friends more. I will see them more and let them get close to me. So I don't go seeking friendships in the wrong places. Internet addiction is a real joy but I'm working on it and getting better with baby steps.

No. 368062

Self aware =\= self hating

No. 368075

File: 1549427618626.png (35.37 KB, 400x279, tumblr_ox0h20qTRW1rcreq5o1_400…)

anon here, reporting for daily screaming

No. 368085

i got the house!

No. 368112

My hair is thinning and I'm devastated. I'm already ugly and my hair was possibly my only redeeming quality. I always always got compliments on my hair (yeah inknow because I'm ugly) but it genuinely was beautiful. I don't need know what's caused this and I don't know what to do. It's over. There is now absoutely nothing worthy about me. I have nothing. I'm so angry at the world.

No. 368115

File: 1549435211729.jpeg (576.5 KB, 990x1200, 006F0CF2-2240-481B-AF8E-AEBDA6…)

My panties smelled like cum.
I slept with this guy, as in we just slept in the same bed. I was asleep for 6 hours and the time before that he expressed that he was very horny. I turned everything down of course and just wanted to sleep. The next morning when I went home something wrong was felt in my underwear and I smelled it ( gross sorry ) and it smelled like cum 100%. I might be overthinking but my discharge has never smelt that way before. I feel conflicted and I don’t know what to think. He’s a very wholesome guy too.

No. 368116


No. 368118

No. 368119

if you got raped it'd be more obvious than "i smelt cum" fuck are you retarded?

No. 368130

Why not go to a doctor and figure out the cause? Some types of hair loss are fixable.

No. 368132

That's rape, anon

No. 368134

Do you feel anything else? Some women have more obvious signs of having had sex and others don't. If you're no a really heavy sleeper and doubt he gave you anything to eat or drink that could induce sleepiness its doubtful her had sex with you. He might have masturbated with your underwear though.

Regardless you have no obligation to keep seeing him. Even if absolutely nothing happened and your body is just being weird your associations with him are negatively tainted and will bother you henceforth.

No. 368135

Wish I hadn't ripped out half my eyebrows because of trichotillomania as a child.

They're a lot better now, but there's still sparse patches which look terrible. The rest of my face is honestly not bad but the eyebrows ruin everything. And the hairs that grew back are really fine too, so from some angles it looks like I have barely any. I see my friends and family members with nice thick natural eyebrows and feel really jealous.

No. 368136

It's not really about interior design, I've been a NEET for years now and I don't think I'm capable of going back into education. Bf graduated last year from the only design school around and I know how much work he had to put in, I don't think I can, I would also need a lot of money to pay tuition.

No. 368146

File: 1549441983830.jpg (42.53 KB, 782x585, 1533678377118.jpg)

I live in a mental hospital of sorts. Been here almost 2 years now. Have struggled to keep a job and deal with my mental illness at the same time, so this is where I ended up. Most of the people here are men in their late 30s and beyond. Of course this means I get sexually harassed on a daily basis. I can't leave my room to get a cup of ice without having some creep trying to grab me, stare at me, or make some nasty ass comment. I've stopped eating in the cafeteria entirely because I just can't deal with it anymore. I've told the people that work here about it multiple times but they don't give a fuck. Maybe talk to the guy if it gets real bad, but they always go right back to bothering me eventually. So goddamn sick of this hellhole. Have to spend pretty much every spare bit of cash I can get on food to eat in my room so I can avoid the worst of the harassment. My clothes are falling apart. I have 0 privacy because my roommate is in here sleeping/laying down 23 hours a day. Don't know how much longer I can deal with this.

No. 368147

How the fuck can I be in a loving, healthy, long relationship with great sex but I can't make irl friends.
I feel sorry for my boyfriend, he always spends time with me and has to deal with my ups and downs. I wish I had someone else to talk to and hang out with so I could live my life like a normal person.
I'm so concerned with not bothering people I consider friends, so I don't reach out and I know it's my own fault. But what the fuck would I say to them if I did reach out? I'm so socially retarded from never having friends that treated me well, so what should I do? The only people reaching out to me are one or two sweaty eboys who want to fuck me. How do I be better at making friends?

No. 368148

Instagram is truly thot center. Just went on https://isdb.pw/ and it always shows top stories of week/month that are ass or tits smh

No. 368156

are you unable to leave anon?

No. 368161

I have to secure a stable income before I can leave. Been trying to get disability since I moved here, but I've been denied twice. They actually fucked up my disability claim so badly that they have essentially wasted around a year of my time. I've been having another facility help me with it instead. But that's a whole other thing.. Once I do have an income, there's a program in my state that will help me move out and pay for an apartment. Already been approved for the program multiple times, but I can't do anything yet. I need to have that income to pay for a portion of the rent, bills, and all that. So I'm definitely trying.

No. 368173

Maybe online work would suit you. Some ideas:

>appen butler hill

>apple online tech support
>English tutoring (if you have a degree)

No. 368218

>go to per
>catch a whiff of cake batter?
>sniff underwear
>it smells like cake batter
>Google "cake batter discharge"
>all results are from pregnancy forum
>havent had period or any bleeding since I got birth control implant 3 months ago but didn't think much of it because dr said it was normal
>now paranoid about pregnant

I've never had a yeast infection either so I can't say definitively the smell is that instead ugh

No. 368242

I've been losing mine slowly over the past several years, so I feel you. I was always a little bit vain about my hair too, and kept it really long. It's pretty depressing. What makes it even worse is I'd love to get it looked at to see what the problem is, but I'm so broke, I don't know if I can even afford the appointment.

No. 368259


Not if she is applying for SSI.

No. 368261

I was raised with some toxic beliefs about art. I had a seriously bright future at 17. I was getting great job offers, exploding followings, and being recognized by my inspirations. Then I turned 18. And my family said that’s when I close the doors to art. So for the next 4 years all I studied was engineering. In fact, I felt so guilty whenever I had the urge to draw, I would cut and punch myself to punish myself for thinking about drawing, and take lots of Xanax to try to forget the fact that “this isn’t who I am anymore” I ended up in the psych ward 4 times, and each time I would draw in my journals (the one I had gave everyone a journal) and I would have it filled up with drawings at the end of the week. “Well, it’s impossible to study in here so I may as well draw!” Is it any wonder I left in a cheery mood each time? Whenever there was studying to be done - and there always was because you can always study more - I was absolutely forbidden to draw. By the time I dropped out, I was drawing a fuckton and spent the summer hating myself for not being able to contain the urge to draw. Of course by then I had given up my online profiles because it was too painful to look back. To this day I wonder “what could’ve been” I went through a lot of therapy trying to get rid of the guilt and regret.
Anyway I recently picked it up again because the only way I quell my guilt about dropping out just to draw more is: “I’ll die! I’ll literally die!” I had a bout with severe heart problems that lead to multiple ambulance calls, and finally when I drew it suddenly disappeared. Thanks for reading my blog. Whenever I see people my age being explosively successful, I can’t help but feel pain imagining where I had been if I had just given in to the urge to draw instead of hitting my head against the wall trying to be the perfect engineer.

No. 368279

I smoked weed yesterday after a long period of sobriety and absolutely gorged myself with food. It was honestly worth it but wew never again.

No. 368282

File: 1549465296351.jpg (111.04 KB, 736x925, 009d76799bf3fb7093094f3ac8d458…)

Someone from group therapy confessed their love/crush for me today in group. It was awkward as hell. I mean we talked about it and it was good and really friendly and open. I responded that I don't reciprocrate the feelings. I'm still red as a tomato and my head is hot. I never had a session like this before.

No. 368290

I miss the days when most people had a couple close friends in real life and just lost touch with everyone after highschool.

No. 368309

Anon, leave what's in the past be in the past and stop thinking "what if", just accept the past for what it is. If drawing makes you happy keep doing it.

No. 368314

I am in a city that I never felt "mine", if not for a year or so until I got a bad burn out and started losing friends, because here they care only about their close groups of friends,
I recently started feeling more and more worn out of studying to the point I can't physically do it anymore and all I want to do is draw. I just want to leave here and learn to draw well enought to pay my bills off drawing alone, but I know I won't make it anywhere soon and keep working on my MsC and get a job soon….

No. 368366

I have always had issues with disturbed sleep but lately it's really ratcheted up to a new level of suck. I will go to bed and fall asleep pretty quick, get 2-3 hours of sleep, then wake up and lie awake until my husband gets up for work at 8am, then go back to sleep for another 2-3 hours and get up around noon. I don't know why I am waking up, but I know part of the reason I stay awake is because my throat feels all gross and mucus-y and I'm constantly swallowing to get rid of it until I feel nauseous. Sometimes I take an anti-histamine and it helps a little, but usually it doesn't have an effect.

I'm unemployed due to visa restrictions currently, but I'm hoping to fix this sooner rather than later so I can get a job as soon as the restrictions are lifted. But if my sleep is this shitty there's no way I can work.

No. 368390

File: 1549483299359.jpg (24.07 KB, 567x562, Dyrcz31UcAEcOYQ.jpg)

I hate all the steps for applying to college but only because I have extreme anxiety and am nervous about being in public. Can't believe I'm starting school I'm fucking terrified!!!!!

No. 368425

i turned 20 last year and i guess that is the age my parents are gonna sloooowly start to neg me to find a boyfriend or something because my mom randomly will just bring up guys i barely even know. my annoying ass aunt whispered to me once "marry rich" and i was appalled. because excuse me bitch, if you're so unhappy with your life i certainly don't want any damn advice for you. i want to be independant, no way in hell am i relying on a man for money, fuck that noise.

i just got out of an LDR a while ago and i have zero interest in being in a relationship with a man lol. i realized that the idea of being "serious" with a guy, moving in, getting married, etc. just are… totally not for me, at least not now. at most i'd go on dates for fun and flirt, but men bore me after a while, and there's no fucking way i'm letting a man move in with me to shit up the place lol.

No. 368438

autistic people annoy me so much. their awkwardness, their mouthbreathing, the idiotic way they carry themselves - it all makes me wanna immediately leave the room.
i try to be a good person, i try to be open-minded and ~not use slurs uwu~ but when some autist dude at work saunters by me, all i think is "fuckin retard."

No. 368455

Same here, I have a high-functioning autistic brother and have difficulty seeing him as fully human. It's embarrassing to be seen with him. They have no empathy.

No. 368474

I can't keep up with the world.
I don't know what to do.
I have my suicide date planned but lately I'm thinking of trying earlier because I'm hopeless in today's society. No matter what I do or how hard I try, I will never matter in the grand scheme of things. Its only become more apparent over the years that I am a weak, lazy piece of trash and I don't even deserve to be here.

No. 368476

God I feel like an awful person, but it really is one of the absolute worst kinds of disabilities to socialise with. So many of the ‘quirks’ are infuriating and just make talking to them unpleasant, it makes all of it so much more work than it should be. And I know they have it hard on their end as well, but that doesn’t make me any less uncomfortable.

I ESPECIALLY hate the kinds who go on about neurotypicals and how we’re apparently the cancer of the earth, sorry I’m not a social retard and am able to actually take care of myself?

No. 368478

working with some autists is hard and exhausting. my boyfriend used to work at a grocery store as a janitor and they let the two autists bother customers all the time, like have extended conversations about whatever, and always got on his ass for "not cleaning" even though he's been cleaning the entire time.

i'm kind of glad PC emulation is getting better. but yeah, especially some games from the same series being on different consoles from different developers as well. like i have only Sony consoles, but this game i want has an exclusive game for a Nintendo console. i understand there's differences in specs, especially back then, but it's so much extra money down the drain to get another console for ONE game i want to play lol.
i bought an Xbox so i could play Jet Set Radio Future, but I found there was a couple really good Xbox exclusives so I'm not… that mad. backwards compatibility on PS2 is a life saver.

No. 368482

Even if you are weak and lazy, so are most people on this planet, you fit in perfectly

Who is making you feel like you don't deserve a good life? If you are comparing yourself to others, know most people lie, most of their achievements are temporary, fake or borrowed. Nobody is superman, we all have limits. What you are seeing that you are comparing yourself to isn't real. People spend their lives perfecting a facade in order to manipulate others. Being genuine is a good thing

No. 368502

File: 1549494303814.jpg (110.09 KB, 1200x1070, Di_ue8kXsAAv52C.jpg)

I know it's 2019 but I want to play Metal Gear Solid 1 and I literally can't even get through the VERY BEGINNING because I can't figure out how to snap the guards' necks while you're sneaking around. Snake keeps throwing one guard on the ground while the other guard is shooting him, and then the other guard gets up and kills him. I've died like ten times this way. I can't even find any information on the internet on how to beat them because I guess every ten year old in 1998 was able to figure it out by themselves.
I cannot fucking believe I haven't been able to progress past the first five minutes of a twenty year old game that was literally marketed towards children.

No. 368512

I’m only 21, and now that I’m starting uni back up I’m going to technically be a marriage student. But I’ll be stuck in limbo, because I too young to hang out with the marriage age students, and too old to not roll my eyes at everything the school leaving teenagers say. Studying is going to be hell, and my baby face that makes teens approach me and discuss their ATAR is going to be a nightmare
Why can’t these gangly limbed, pizza faces realise that uni isn’t high school??

No. 368517

And when you figure it out, you will feel like Kiryu when he wins at pocket circuit.

No. 368519

I saw a man dying yesterday and it's been haunting me since.

It was my first day at my new job, everything was going already pretty bad when we hear a lady calling for help, shrieking, basically.

We run to see that her husband (they were an old couple) had fallen and wasn't breathing properly. A lot of people that also heard her screams went to help her but none of us knew how to first aid someone.

We called the police and an ambulance, of course, but they took more than 15 minutes or so to arrive, and it was too late. I rushed to look up for first aid instructions on the internet as well but it was also too late.

I will never forget how his tongue and ears (and whole face, honestly) were a vivid purple, how it was to touch a body that wasn't breathing anymore, and the wife's screaming "please wake up, love". Writing this already makes me cry and I didn't even know them, but it's just so sad and awful to see other human losing their life in front of you.

Today, as I was going to work, it was raining. The streets are shit where I live. An old women leaned to hold on to me to cross the street for a bit, them let me go, but I tried to keep an eye on her to make sure if she would make it. I couldn't forget about the old man and how he died because he fell.

I don't know, I am rambling, everything sucks.

No. 368529

I've been really struggling with my sexuality lately.
I've only loved a man before but I'm not attracted to men usually and I prefer women (I also had past trauma with men but I remember liking girls even before that)

No. 368537

oh gosh anon, that sounds terrifying. my boyfriend's brother witnessed a guy get murdered outside of his apartment and he was the one who had to call police and everything. it took him a few days to overcome the scary thing, but he's fine now.
hopefully you'll be okay. be sure to reach out and talk about it with other people like family and close friends.

No. 368542


I am so sorry you had to go through that anon, you are a good person, and I really hope everyday gets easier for you.

No. 368588

anon, you did everything you could and like the other anons above me said, you are a good human being. but please make sure you take care of yourself, ok? what you went through was undoubtedly traumatic so don’t go through it alone, keep your loved ones close by and let them comfort you.

No. 368590

anxiety is so bad today. i thought yesterday was bad, but i just feel really on edge and like i'm dreaming. i'm just trying to feel comfortable with the feeling and not fight it away, but it's so difficult. i can't wait to go to therapy tomorrow.
dissociation is tough. i'm self-talking my way through it, reminding myself i've been doing really good and to get better i'm gonna have to go through over some hills. but there's just moments that feel like i'm suffocating. i just wanna feel grounded. i've been going to therapy for 3 weeks now, so i know i'm doing really well, i need to remind myself not to push myself too hard. but idk what else to do when i'm so uncomfortable.

No. 368652

the best thing i've ever felt was korma curry on weed and 0.5 mg xanax. Every bite brought me so much physical pleasure that I was honestly afraid I would become addicted to xanax and food and become a fat druggie. haven't done xanax since tho lol

No. 368678

I just ended an 8 month long affair with a married man
>inb4 stupid anon why would you do that
I never expected it to happen but it just did, I fell in love and hard. I’ve never cheated on any of my partners before and only like two of my friends know about it but I’m really mourning the loss. I can’t see my therapist anymore because I got laid off 2 months ago so I don’t have insurance and is so hard because I’ve blocked him on everything but I haven’t blocked his number yet so I keep seeing all of his texts and calls. I ended it a few days ago because it wasn’t going anywhere and I need to move on with my life and I know I’m an idiot it’s just hard because of how much I hate myself for falling trap to it and believing that he would leave for me after all the shit I’ve ever thought about women who believe this.

No. 368692

well at least you're doing good now in leaving him anon. don't feel stupid, you should feel like you learned something now and let it help you become stronger/wiser.

No. 368695

File: 1549524821845.jpg (66.14 KB, 590x900, close-view-of-a-screaming-ostr…)

anon reporting for daily scream

No. 368726

This is the type of shit that terrifies me, the idea of getting so old and frail and becoming dependent on a younger generation that could care less about me. I witnessed an old woman lose her dying husband in a hospital once and it scarred me. I didn't watch him die but I just felt so bad for the little old lady who was begging the doctors to save him.

No. 368734

This really hot dude picked up on a conversation with me from when I was looking to date and he's so yummy, dark long hair, great features, good beard, very well-built, easy-going and friendly personally, lots of shared interests. We got along so well messaging but he's also too pushy and intense for me right now. The timing is off, my life is a nightmare currently and we're looking for slightly different things and I feel a compromise would be a bad idea. He reminded me how bad I would like to have sex and fall in love again but I have to put my well-being first and accept that it's not in it for me any time soon. I just wanna go through his hair and watch The Big Lebowski with him after getting ravaged and fall in love. He's a scorpio btw and I'm a sag

No. 368744

I recently got diagnosed with autism and I agree about the "autists are superior to neurotypicals" people, they're absolutely insane. When I started suspecting I had autism and researching it I encountered several documentaries and articles trying to pass off autism as "the next step in evolution" and something that makes you more creative, smart and interesting, which is laughably stupid.

I might be wrong but I think this view is more common in male autists. Autistic women still don't get diagnosed nearly as much because they learn how to "mask" and socialise like non-autistic people. Autistic men, on the other hand, usually get diagnosed very early in life and often get the "my autistic boy is a perfect genius and shouldn't try to socialise normally~" treatment from their mother.

No. 368745

Hang in there pal.

No. 368765


do you mind sharing what your symptoms are? i think i might be autistic as well and i'm curious to know if our experiences might be similar. if not that's alright!

No. 368775

I don't mind at all ! I responded to you here >>368774 so I don't derail this thread.

No. 368796

I actually miss that dumbass. Weird. This feeling isn't as strong as it has been before. I don't really know what I wanted from that. We had a really close friendship and you claim there was tension. I mean maybe a little but I was definitely interested in knowing you more which is different for me. I feel like his feelings for me are strong as well,but why couldnt you admit it? Things would be so different.

No. 368873

Thinking of traveling to Japan with the last part of my savings and then offing myself.

No. 368936

Sounds like a good plan. Maybe I'll steal your idea in the future.

No. 368988

In general I am against suicide but if someone is gonna do it, do it right. Go on a trip, do some fun things, do some drugs, and then kill yourself. Maybe something along the way will change your mind.

No. 368995

You'll probably end up pussying out lmao

Well Japan definitely isn't the best place to bring drugs or find drugs

No. 369000

The old physical copies of the MGS franchise had thick booklet guides in the game case on everything you can make Snake do and how to sneak and knock out and whatever. Thats how kids figured it out. The controls are kinda based on being touchy and meant to be lightly tapped or held down or both, depending on the action, if I remember right. Idk.

I hope that makes you feel a little better.

No. 369001

Are you ok

No. 369141

I really hate when the "anti sjw" crowd comes out of the woodworks to defend people they previously knew nothing about. I remember when John K was finally called out by Katie Rice and people were calling her a liar when it's been known for years John K is a huge degenerate and perverted pedo. Now it's happening all over again with Vic.

No. 369149

japan is like the least comfy place imo to kill yourself… i get the forest meme but it's just not a comfortable culture. i'd be so uncomfortable there and it's the last place i'd want to be when about to die tbh

No. 369151

File: 1549585117771.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x1286, tokyo landscape.jpg)

It actually depressed me when I traveled there and I wasn't really feeling any specific way.
In every direction I turned in Tokyo there were endless buildings and people. Yet I felt so isolated, like my foreigner status made me untouchable except in touristy areas where people would just exploit gaijin for wacky interviews or money for services. I'll just say that cities in Japan really highlight how small an individual is, and not in a good way.

No. 369171

My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex in over a month. He has tried to initiate one time in this time period and it was when he was incredibly drunk and we were at his mom’s house! I’m so fucking frustrated and I’m scared to bring it up because we had the same issue last year and according to him my bringing it up was making him feel guilty so he wasn’t interested. We were incredibly sexually active for the first year and a half of our relationship and I’ve been clear since the get go that I have a high sex drive. He was also on the same page until Last January when he just decided he wasn’t interested in it for 4 months and then everything went back to normal. Now it’s happening all over again and I can’t say shit because I don’t want to make the problem worse. It’s not like he watches porn either literally he just plays WoW all fucking night, gets into bed at 12 and makes me watch shitty asmr.

No. 369174

he's gay

No. 369176

Ngl I would dump him just for the asmr since it makes my skin crawl.

Hope the situation resolves itself again, but if takes too much time you should (kindly) speak your mind anon.

No. 369177


Jumping on this for my related vent: Autistic women are fine, I've had lots of them as friends, it comes up but whatever, people are weird. Autistic men are another story. It's not even just that they're more annoying, it's that it + male socialization makes them at best the worst fucking men alive and at worst actively dangerous.

No. 369181

Kek! I’ve asked him about this for years!!! His brother who is in a very long term relationship with a man got him into asmr so that’s probably the vibe.
I love that the ASMR is the real issue girls on the board are having. You guys are so funny! I definitely am going to end up saying something at some point tho thanks.

No. 369188

I get what you mean. Vic drama in cgl was one of the things that endeared me to to the board. I was really surprised people were debating him recently.

Idk if it'll make you feel better, but it's not your gaijin status. People are just standoffish in general towards strangers. Imo I felt similarly in Toronto as I did in Tokyo.

No. 369193

You're a beard sis

No. 369205

I work for a fabric store; all of my coworkers are women but the store manager is a man. Up until about a month ago I thought he was the most non-confrontational and approachable manager I've ever had. He's never breathed down my neck or micromanaged me, not to mention, he's respected my knowledge for our products/sewing in general, and my experience with the business of retail.

I was comfortable until about a couple of months ago. Now he regularly comments on my appearance. I was hired last May, when I was overweight, the store's air conditioning didn't work, so I didn't bother with makeup and just wore my boyfriend's baggy shirts. Now I fit back into my skinny jeans and feel comfortable wearing makeup without it sweating down my face.

He's made comments like how I need a sun lamp because I'm so pale and would better with a tan. He points out when I wear different shoes or a new shirt. He always asks about my hair color. Most of this probably sounds innocuous, until a coworker told me how when he was initially hired, several women quit because he hit on them or made them uncomfortable. Recently, when I went to the bathroom, he was in there replacing the paper towel rolls, and I thought he would promptly leave, but I stood in a stall for a couple of minutes before he left. Last week he asked if my boyfriend and I go to car shows, and I don't remember ever talking to him about my boyfriend, so it seemed like a weird way to gauge if I was single or not. He told me I looked like a "rockabilly pin-up girl."

I thought I was just being paranoid until I just now looked him up on Facebook a few hours ago. His Pinterest is publicly linked to his account (we are not Friends), and his Pinterest account has a folder named "hot girls." They have the same hair color as me, tattoos like me, and dress like me.

I love my job. None of this is enough to claim sexual assault. Someone tell me I'm just being paranoid and to get over it.

No. 369225

If it makes you uncomfortable but you're worried you will be treated differently or worse if you bring it up to him, go to HR and say you want your complaint to stay anonymous.

No. 369232

contact a higher up. that is way inappropriate. fuck that dude. that is in no way okay. explain to them what he has done and how it made you feel and how other female employees have had similar issues.

i regret quitting a job i loved because some 50 year old asshole decided to say high to me in passing then grab me and shove his tongue down my throat. i went to the hr reps in the building and they obviously knew this guy was trouble when i told them about him doing that and they never addressed him and his actions continued for weeks until i was so broken up about it i just quit. so fucked up and absolutely punishable on multiple peoples end but not mine.

the only satisfaction i got from that was when i stopped in a drug store years later and saw one of the hr reps working as their cashier. honestly i wanted to spit in her face.

tl dr, make that dumb fuck feel the repercussions of his sexual harassment. youre worth way more than that.

No. 369233

File: 1549596333838.jpg (37.63 KB, 640x448, disappoint.jpg)

>catch up with my best friend from hs, we have been close for 5 years, been in college for 2 and only get to see each other every other month now
>she's still a sweet person and i care about her but she's slowly having the opposite of my views and it nags me inside a lot, don't wanna ditch her tho
>"anon i'm an anarchist now, punching cops is an act of justice, sorry its just all my friends in colorado are socialists lol"
>"that guy i had a thing with, who has girls call him sensei and daddy when he fucks them, and gagged a girl the first time he ever had sex? lol we're in an LDR now" this bitch calls herself asexual, smh, this is her first actual relationship and she's a virgin, i bet you all 100 bucks she's going to lose her virginity to him
>also she is still obsessed with pretending to have autism and calls herself nonbinary because her mom is a fucking asshole who made her feel bad for not being ~uwu feminine enuf~ growing up so she's now convinced that not following gender roles = something is wrong with her

wtf. i was considering ditching her a while ago, decided not to because we barely talk about shit like that anyway, but jesus fucking christ, her friends in CO sound like unbearable entitled little shits.

No. 369234


Be vigilant around him. Thankfully it sounds mild enough, you just have to be aware and dont let yourselve be dragged into personal conversations out of politeness's sake.

No. 369236

You lost weight and now he thinks he can groom you further. That's why he does things like suggest you tan, everything he says is an attempt to coax you into the image of a woman he wants. And once he thinks you get into habit to his taste, he'll chase after you too.

He just didn't before because you were overweight and didn't give the impression that you cared what other people thought. Now he's all over you like flies on shit, just like the women before.
He sounds gross and predatory, be firm with your boundaries and keep a distance.

No. 369265

I feel really lonely and disconnected from my peers. I've always tried to make friends with like-minded people but I just don't know how to initiate or maintain friendships and I always feel empty and like I have no personality when I meet new people, but I know it's not true because I feel normal around familiar people. I don't know how to stop this but I'm getting really tired and frustrated seeing how easily people bond and interact with each other while for me it's an absolute struggle.

No. 369266

I feel really lonely and disconnected from my peers. I've always tried to make friends with like-minded people but I just don't know how to initiate or maintain friendships and I always feel empty and like I have no personality when I meet new people, but I know it's not true because I feel normal around familiar people. I don't know how to stop this but I'm getting really tired and frustrated seeing how easily people bond and interact with each other while for me it's an absolute struggle.

No. 369281


same, I hate it. it's just easier to be on my own at this point.

No. 369291

File: 1549605358415.jpg (10.29 KB, 480x360, img_8470_jason-genova-sickenin…)

My boyfriend won't have sex with me because he is watching the Delray Misfits for almost an hour.

No. 369314

are you a s fla farmer, anon?

No. 369317

File: 1549611374475.jpg (71.54 KB, 1024x576, 1515603131_maxresdefault-1024x…)

Thank you, kind anon. You aswell
I have to keep up the tradition now and scream everyday

No. 369326

Tried shrooms yesterday. Pupils got dilated and I was nauseous. Also got some itching (just like when I take some codeine). Not much else. It was pretty anticlimactic, knowing it was my first time and it was supposed to be a medium dose.
Kek, I thought it would solve my anxiety but I just got kinda itchy. Kill me now.

No. 369328

Take an antihistamine to combat the itching and youre good.

No. 369337

I usually have the opposite problem, I'm super sensitive to psychedelics and it doesn't take much to make me trip out. How much did you eat?

No. 369340

10mg. I had been fasting all day but I ended up eating after taking them because I was so nauseous. Maybe that's why it didn't do much ?

No. 369341

I got so keen first time I did shrooms. All I got was diarrhoea. Everyone else got tracers and shit, but nah. Just cramps and liquid ass. Lucky they’re free.

No. 369342

An ex-friend that I hate a whole lot thought it was okay to just show up at my door today. She's the biggest reason I no longer invite anyone to my house or let anyone know remotely where I live, because she always would do this. Fucking show up as if I will always be here and always want company, like I have nothing better to fucking do. I didn't answer this time and she left but at least she now knows that not even my family is gonna welcome her in bc all of our cars were out front. Fuck off.

God it's past midnight now and I'm still fuming. I cant imagine expecting someone to drop everything just because you come to their house with no warning unless theres some big emergency. I have issues with my own "space" being intruded on like that and feeling used.

No. 369352

No, I'm from Alabama. Florida is the Chernobyl of the USA.

No. 369375

I can't remember the last time I was really present. I'm so disconnected from life that I just live in my memories all day, even if they're bad. I constantly wonder if life is real and if I'm really here. Is this what a psychotic break is like?

No. 369408

Nah. You probably wouldn't be asking if it was a psychotic break, it goes beyond what you describe. It does sound like derealization, though. Get yourself to a mental health professionnal.

No. 369517

>order textbooks from Amazon to save $$$, has always worked in the past so don’t worry too much
>one book safely arrives via Amazon Rentals, other book is MIA
>got delayed due to the weather at first, ok can handle that, not unusual
>wait a little cause you know, shit happens and the PO isn’t run by fairy people
>and yet start getting a sinking suspicion it may have been lost/mixed up in sorting somehow due to how it was shipped (cheapest class)
>praying and hopeful it comes at least sometime next week, but am starting to doubt it
>will buy an eBook just in case, thank god the professor doesn’t mind us using them or else I would be more mad than bemused
>never ordering anymore text books from Purdue University again lmao

No. 369519

File: 1549642373225.gif (1.3 MB, 275x154, tumblr_nk99fhuymq1qhnoouo1_400…)

>be me, looking for a new place to move in

>comes across an advert about a nice and affordable two room apartment
>Has a kitchen, bathroom with bathtub aaand a basement
>super low utilities
>gets excited and wants to contact the owner
>checks before where the apartment is
>it's in the middle of nowhere that makes grocery shopping impossible when you don't have a car, because not even a single public transport goes there
>cries in anger

I KNEW there was something off about the price, it's too good to be true lmao cries more

No. 369526

File: 1549644452737.jpg (9.01 KB, 235x195, 1535273651514.jpg)

Duck yeah I got a fucking job. After searching around for 2 weeks in a new country I've been offered that job I wanted months before I came here. I go in Monday for more processing. Fuck I'm so fucking happy.

No. 369533

This is a long shot, but have you checked libgen.io? They have textbooks (and novels, etc.) you can download for free!

No. 369535

That’s great anon! Hope it’s everything you ever wanted.

No. 369540

Hell yeah anon! I've been trying to move out of my state, it's tough making that first initial move. Glad it's all working out!

No. 369547

File: 1549646636691.jpg (380.8 KB, 1001x1600, stock-photo-fat-woman-eating-a…)

Trying to lose weight as a womanlet is so fucking shitty.

I just want to eat reeee

No. 369550

No it isnt.

No. 369551

File: 1549646859815.jpg (30.49 KB, 372x336, mri.jpg)

I'm supposed to get a MRI scan soon and I dread the fuck out of it. I don't want to be stuck in this narrow ass thing for 30+ minutes.

No. 369558

File: 1549647882729.png (23.31 KB, 489x423, sadman.png)

I live with my mother (inb4 leech : I help her out financially when I can and it is considered normal in my culture to live with your parents untill you have an actual reason to move out).
Recently I havent being going out as much (unless its for college or obligations) and my mother is bugging me to go out party and see friends and find a boyfriend etc… and it's easy for her to say that because when she was my age she was really rich (like she could pay a room in a 5 star hotel if she wanted to sleep with a guy, etc) while I'm completely broke. When she's abroad on business trips, I actually go out quite a lot because I put myself in a particular "mood" that hypes me up to be social. I listen to specific music, etc… But while she's here, thats much harder to do. She kind of acts like I'm a teenager in certain aspects, ie: if she happens to find out I'm into a guy she will ask me deets as if she was my friend, asks me to show pics (not in a controling way… just in a "trying to be your bestie" way), she will try to cuddle all the time, etc.

I know this is such a 1st world problem, it's a non-issue and I know I'm lucky in a lot of aspects but idk… It's kinda annoying.


>mom and I have a lowkey codependant relationship

>she kinda makes me regress
>it kills my will to do age-appropriate stuff I usually like to do like party, date guys etc…
>mom complains about me not doing age-appropriate fun stuff and being a nerd

No. 369559

Have you tried to tell her to back off a little and let you have some space? Maybe she's just not aware she's smothering you.

No. 369561

Oh God I also have an ex friend who would do this. It was even worse because we were still in school so I lived at my parents house, not even my own house, so they were understandably upset she would encroach on their property without asking. One time she came in with muddy shoes and tracked mud all over our new and expensive carpet. When I pointed it out she was like lol whoops, like it was no big deal. That's just one of many similar instances but I don't have the energy right now to go into it.
I need to ask though, how did you react to it? I moved since then but I found out she got my address from a mutual acquaintance who didn't realize Im not talking to her anymore and it really creeps me the fuck out that she knows where I live. I'm so afraid she's going to show up announced one day exactly as you described.

No. 369565

File: 1549649127755.png (346.87 KB, 400x400, 6c7be3005272f3e0db61a0e8e139e3…)

I always feel extremly uncomfortable whenever I go to the city centre and see the groups of loud /cool/ teens, even if I am 21 myself at the moment.
Noticed it's most likely because I used to be bullied in the past by the same type of people, and my mind rewinds these memories , somewhat still keeps telling me that these people are mocking me whenever they gaze at me or/and start laughing soon after.
I feel so helpless about it and just avoid passing or sitting nearby them at all cost.

No. 369567

I know both of you have some pretty unique circumstances that are inappropriate in their own ways (an ex friend thinking it's ok to turn up unannounced; a friend inviting themselves in and making a mess) but…I hope you realize there's really nothing whack about a friend knocking on your doors to hang out sometimes?
I'd kill to have friends that social and considerate again. These days no one makes the effort, it's easier to send a text or hit a poke button on social media I suppose.
I miss it, a lot.

No. 369576

same, just want to hang out with my friends but it takes us weeks to arrange meeting up despite living minutes from each other :-/

No. 369591

Every fucking day its becoming harder and harder to keep my job. These goddamn nurses are getting on my last nerve and I truly had to call on all the gods today to not cuss one of them out today. Jesus take that goddamn wheel because I swear to go I want to mow them all down.

No. 369600

I can commiserate. Except I live out +40 minutes from any friends and it's difficult as hell to get them to do anything even with planning. They'd never come out my way. I'm expected to constantly drive to them. Frankly nobody wants to be in their cars for over an hour, but I just wish they'd realize it feels like a burden when one person is forced to do it all the time. I'd be absolutely delighted if one of them thought of me and came out here for a surprise visit I'm currently unemployed and have no money for gas-they know this, but it won't happen and I can't force them. Shit sucks.

No. 369602

I didn't react, I did the petty thing and didnt open the door and waited til she left. I havent texted her either, so I dont have any advice on it.

and christ yeah I've had those friends too who just disrespected my parents' house by showing up or dirtying it up and obviously as their child we had to get scolded for it. That kinda thing usually stops happening when people grow up but i still cant get male friends to use a coaster or napkin lmfao.

The thing is that some people insist that they're your close bff and pass your boundaries based on how they see the friendship. Its like a stranger hugging you.

This same friend would also lie in my bed and make it smell bad (shes fat) while I have a chair in the room, leave her trash on my desk when she'd leave, and leave the toilet lid up after I told her to stop several times. Her habits built up on my sperg about the showing up incident.

No. 369604

>and make it smell bad (shes fat)
You mean unhygienic? Never had a fat friend who would stink that badly, oh wow!
I can see why she'd annoy you, but like I said, it seems like the circumstance you're describing is inappropriate due to a lack of respect for boundaries, not necessarily the act of a friend coming to chill out with you.

No. 369636

Broke up recently and my flight is tomorrow. I can't stop imagining what it's going to feel like once I go past the gates and can't go back and how awful I'm going to feel.
I don't want to look backwards.

No. 369699

What was the reason

No. 369816

My narcissistic ex is stalking me everywhere holy shit

the fact that they hacked my computer before and can spy on me pisses me off

pair that up with a family that doesn't care just makes me feel urghhhhhh

No. 369822

I fucking hate it when people go cowtipping. I've lost some of my favourite personal lolcows because some assholes went and harassed them or leaked stuff too widely thus causing them to delete everything and make it private. Momokun threads went to shit the moment some dumb shit reported her on Twitter and got her banned 4ever, her instastories limit her engagement with other cows and the milk went dry. Why do you spergs do this? I just want to observe the cow and laugh at them, unlike they're doing really horrible and unlawful shit then leave them alone and don't intervene. Just sit back and watch where it goes, and keep the trolling subtle and non-threatening.

The worst people are the ones who link the cow's thread to them to "get some milk". How inept can you get?

No. 369834

I'm 28 and I still feel this way about groups of teens in general, not even just the ~cool kids.

No. 369837

God, I feel the same way, but I wasn’t bullied. I’m pretty sure it’s just because teenagers are unstable, it’s intimidating how they can just suddenly chimp out and they’re always in a large group

No. 369847

Doctors tell you that if you have thoughts of harming yourself, you should go to the hospital.
The hospital 9 times out of 10 tells people who do this that they're wrong or just wanting attention.

what am i supposed to do?
I don't want to die but when every other thought about every little thing is "I need to kill myself", I feel like there's not much hope for me. that maybe killing myself is the only solace i'll ever get.
what can life give me that's better than just not existing at this point? is happiness or comfort even worth it? i just don't know anymore.

No. 369854

same, i wasn't necessarily bullied but i was always wary of those people and still am. they annoy me but i'm still envious of kids having a fun group of friends to hang out with. i don't really have that.

No. 369856

You need to see a therapist or a counselor who specializes in CBT. They can help you change your thinking patterns so you don't go to the absolute worst right away. I know a lot of people usually only go when they have unbearable anxiety or depression, but they help for situations like yours.

No. 369858

NTA but it's a vent thread, come on anon. Trying to lose weight sucks and it's a bit harder when your TDEE is lower due to height.

No. 369860

seriously. when I was very suicidal years ago my therapist told me to go to the ER so I did. I felt like a total idiot. they admitted me then kept sending people in asking "are you sure youre REALLY suicidal anon or just depressed?" basically since I didn't have an active plan to kill myself they didn't want me there. eventually told them I would be fine and they discharged me.

No. 369861

Why would you think the hospital was appropriate? Hospitals only want to deal with people who pose an immediate threat to themselves and to others like having a psychotic break, or if they're injured from an attempt already. Emergencies, not suicidal ideations from someone who actually wants to live.
If you were so obviously ill you would've met criteria to be involuntarily sectioned, and being sectioned in a hospital actually isn't the best thing for someone's mental health. It's where they strip you of your rights including the ability to leave because they believe you're too ill to understand or seek proper treatment for yourself. So they hold you and surveil you until they're satisfied that you're mentally competent enough or in someone else's care to be set loose. Oh, and then the lovely ER bill later.

I get that hospital workers can be power tripping pricks, but that's not where you need to be. Try a behavioral therapist who can teach you tools and methods to cope with obstacles in your life

No. 369868

I wish I was a normal girl who didn't come from a broken and abusive family. I at least wish I had one parent that was there for me. I wonder what it's like to have a normal adolesence and do stuff with friends and have a boyfriend. Man I'm screwed.

No. 369870

NTA but my CBT therapist told me to go to the hospital when I told her how I thought about jumping off the overpass by my house constantly. So I did and they just sent me home after trying to convince me I wasn't actually suicidal. I was literally just doing what my therapist said to.

No. 369877

Yeah that's shitty, yet the point still stands that the hospital is the worst place to attempt treatment.

No. 369878

All therapists/psychiatrists tell their patients that if they fee suicidal to go to the ER, it’s standard procedure

No. 369880

So they won't be liable of course. It doesn't mean it's the right course of action.

No. 369895

Yes but suicidal people aren’t exactly the most rational, are they? In the spur of the moment they’ll do what their therapist has suggested, after all, said therapist is supposed to have their best interest at heart. The fault here lies with therapists giving out shitty advice and hospitals seemingly never having enough resources to deal with anything despite the number of graduates being higher than ever and continuously rising

No. 369932

It's a systematic failure for sure. I know of very few first world countries with great mental health services, it's a shame.

No. 369950


No. 369959

Calm down jfc, if you're not interested in the job then why are you panicking so much? Employers are used to unreliable new hires, it's not going to kill them to wait until opening hours when you can call them.

No. 369961

File: 1549688348341.jpg (37.04 KB, 700x400, DyMhWZ3W0AAyCe_.jpg)

Im so fucking stressed. I got an invitation to fill out a background check packet for a job I never thought would respond to me and its basically a dream job for me, but they needed a lot of information I couldn't answer. Phone numbers for past places I've lived, etc etc. I probably looked like a trashy bumbling buffoon to the HR woman interviewing me as I told her 'That place was sold off, that place was a rats nest I lived in for a month'. Then it came to my neighbors…oh man. They didn't want to be involved at all in the background check, but the packet demanded I at least try and convince them to do it. I googled for advice on this but a lot of the responses were simply 'Why would they be like that' boomer-tier advice, like they've never lived in the ghetto where if you even mention 'cop' people run. I'm so mad at myself for ever leaving my small town and trying to live in the city, I could've done this job much easier back home. Moving around big cities makes you look like a freak in the eyes of hiring managers.

No. 369979


Thank you beautiful anons. It is really scary and tough not having anything at all. Still searching for my own place too but I'm way more hopeful now. Make the move!

No. 370022

so sick of nerds in my fandom communities committing geek social fallacies well into their fucking 30s. when one person presents a problem and it becomes a mob mentality of jumping to the most hysterical whiny baby reaction, and i'm the person being rational about it because it's common fucking sense.

why am i the only one who has life experience and professionalism in this mess? i shouldn't be the only one. it feels weird. i hate other nerds.

No. 370028

>geek social fallacies
>mob mentality of jumping to the most hysterical whiny baby reaction
Details, please.

No. 370030

Agreed, especially for Momokun. While it's satisfying to have her kicked out of the cosplay scene, we have been left with nothing. Cancel culture is going to fizzle out and then all of these idiots are going to regret "cancelling" their fave cows and flakes because there will be no milk. Literally Momo's thread right now are people speculating on when she does and/or does not use a tripod. It's that fucking boring and I wish mods had the foresight to ban more people who are encouraging others to report cows' social media. It has to fall under cowtipping.

No. 370040

File: 1549701518823.png (496.1 KB, 426x533, 4e9151e6e1b0148641a56951c42d0b…)

scream time

No. 370053

File: 1549703181352.jpg (110.21 KB, 1200x1200, catscreem.jpg)

screeming with u bb

No. 370071

Sorry for reddit but try r/1200isplenty

Meal planning for 900-1200 calories per day. Mostly tho, it’s simple shit like eating a lot of basically no calorie filler (lettuces, cucumbers, summer squash, etcetcetc) and high protein. Take a multi vitamin once a week if you’re really worried about micronutrients but if you eat mostly lean protein and veg you’re not gonna get unhealthy.

Tbh it’s harder to get in over 1000cals a day than to limit them.

Personal rant, I hate eating in general and I got Chinese for dinner because didn’t eat yesterday and it was too shit to eat so now I’m hungry and nauseated.

No. 370079


No. 370085

I'm so fucking stupid, why don't I think things through first? why? took a test and did shit because I like to take my sweet ass time. fuck, then I see I have only two minutes left and three giant questions left fuckidity fuck fuck
then I just wrote something like gobble gobble gobble

No. 370104

File: 1549714918813.jpg (50.07 KB, 599x563, 1470134169113.jpg)


samefag, but I contacted the owner anyways. Got an message back that i could visit the flat tomorrow and got the exact location, turns out it isn't that far away. Let's hope everything works out.


I will join the screaming

No. 370125

I’m by no means thin, but my midwife was very fixated on my weight during my appointment, primarily on where I carry it and how easy it will be to lose once I give birth. Which wasn’t too much of an issue as I’m aware it negatively impacts my health, but it became apparent that she was coming from a purely visual standpoint as she ignored the majority of my pregnancy weight gain being water+baby and said ‘you carry a lot for your weight in your midsection, huh’ in a condescending way - I’m fucking pregnant, literally every single woman in the waiting room looked liked a bowling ball?? Where else am I supposed to be gaining my pregnancy weight!

No. 370161

Learning to love myself has made me resent my parents. I've realised that most of the things I hate about myself is due to them treating me like shit. That I might not be a horrible person, just been told and treated like one my entire life. I don't know if it was better to be unhappy and have a nice relationship with my parents, than to be happier with myself tbh

No. 370177

I had therapy yesterday and it was really difficult. I felt really detached from myself, my mind feels jumbled and distorted. My therapist told me I'm doing a great job handling all of my stress and retraining my brain not to assume the worst and create fear out of thoughts. This week has been really tough dealing with such high anxiety and uncertainty, trying to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. I wish for no one to go through what I'm going through, but I understand this isn't a unique experience.

A good quote to remember: "It's only the thought of a tiger, not a real tiger."

I went through the same realization a few years ago. It's freedom, anon. You went through about 18+ years of being treated like shit, now you can spoil yourself and take control and appreciate the new life you have. Maybe not now, but in the future. You have plenty of time.

No. 370210

>then I just wrote something like gobble gobble gobble
I'm sorry this happened to you but I laughed at the wording of your post anon

Do you struggle with time management in other areas?

No. 370222

tl;dr, someone was offended by the way their professor worded an assignment. it WAS awkward wording, but it wasn't like, slur usage and it was kind of vague as to whether or not it was implying something.

people instantly were like "REPORT HIM AND GET HIM FIRED HOLY SHIT KILL HIM." my response was "why don't you email him and figure out what he meant? then depending on his response you can decide if you want to go to HR or if he just worded it poorly."

it's like these people have never been outside tumblr.

No. 370232

I legitimately feel proud of you anon. That shows a lot of growth. It even helps me understand anas better that much of the judgement comes from their illness. Some of my encounters online of them make them seem cold and hateful of others. So it helps to be reminded to have empathy for them even when they act cruel because of their disordered thinking

No. 370339

I hate public transportation so much (I experienced sexual harassment several times and also it's always jam packed). But I think a car is high maintenance and don't want to risk some accident. A few years ago I used to walk everywhere, but it made me hungry af, shoes got worn out quicker etc. Never learned to drive a bike, and it's not a bike friendly city where I live.

No. 370342

Not saying a car is without its unique set of problems, but at least you'd never run the risk of getting sexually harassed or physically assaulted like I've seen on public transport. Bonus is that you could actually operate on your own time without following a schedule.

No. 370354

>not browse 4chan for months
>post screencap to 4chan today
>forgot to censor names
>banned for singling
Whoops, I browse here so often I forgot lmao. Silly how it's only cgl that specifically reenforces that, meanwhile I go to any other board and they're posting caps with full names and singling out with not a bother in the world. It's too bad it's sunken so much into the board culture there for it to change back, it's Moot's curse!

No. 370387

I feel you so much. I live almost 10 miles from my work and a car would be a hassle too since the traffic is so bad and there's barely anywhere to park. My city also has this electric car sharing service but they don't work in my shady immigrant neighborhood.

No. 370433

i feel like the snowflake types everyone hates

i dont enjoy being this way at all. i feel too idealistic and reading the news, anons posts online, etc just makes me feel kinda hopeless.

No. 370438

What kind of snowflake are you?

No. 370447

File: 1549746478575.gif (2.26 MB, 275x275, 1549301677647.gif)

I feel like you might be my ex lmao, but in the case you aren't, we broke up mainly because of his parents. My ex's mother (who divorced my ex's dad over 10 years ago) basically "moved back in" with her ex-husband and my ex because she is a psychotic borderline personality disordered freak.

The first day I arrived she was planted on the couch (she slept in the living room/kitchen area) and for nine months she was LITERALLY home 24/7 even though her original home where she stayed with her mother was a 5 minute walk away.

Any time my ex and I would go out, she'd ask to come and throw a tantrum if she couldn't. We couldn't cook without her being there, we couldn't talk without her being there, we couldn't go outside without her phoning him, couldn't even be alone in my ex's room because she would constantly call for him from downstairs about the stupidest shit.
No matter what my ex said to her, she just refused to leave and I couldn't handle it anymore. Ex and I had a huge blowout fight where his parents came up into our room to shout and scream at me and called me crazy in broken English. After that I knew I just had to leave.
When you break up due to things out of your control it's extremely hard to get over it or understand it.
Plus I sold all of my shit to go there and had to leave early so I'm temporarily homeless until I find an apartment.
I am pretty sure I'm done with relationships in my life. When I think of all the energy I invested into these men and their fucked up families and how I could have spent that energy solely on myself, it's so shameful and depressing. Why did I wait this long to realize it?

No. 370525

File: 1549754001581.jpg (105.72 KB, 602x452, statue.jpg)

Why do women pretend to be stupid to attract men and what is wrong with the men that like it? Do they think it's cute or something?
My brother-in-law's girlfriend does this and it always winds me up. She acts so vapid that it's difficult to maintain a conversation with her.

I'm not going to defend the midwife what she did was unprofessional. Criticizing a woman's appearance when she's pregnant is a nasty thing to do because they're already feeling insecure about how their body is changing. Maybe what she was trying to say is that carrying more weight around your middle can be a risk factor for gestational diabetes. Unless she does actually mention this I wouldn't worry about it. I put on so much weight when I was pregnant my husband used to call me "chubs" and tell me that I looked like a buddha statue.

No. 370534

I think a lot of girls and guys think the “ditzy girl” act is cute. It’s pretty disturbing. Maybe it’s a power thing, if they’re dumb they’re easier to take advantage of maybe? Who knows, it certainly is creepy and annoying as fuck tho .

Also not that anon but my heart goes out to all the women who choose to get pregnant and have to deal with all that bullshit. Makes me even more protective of pregnant women.

No. 370535

>Maybe what she was trying to say is that carrying more weight around your middle can be a risk factor for gestational diabetes.

That’s the thing, I wouldn’t have taken it to heart if it was from a place of concern, but the majority of my weight is by no means in my midsection and very obviously so. It’s mostly in my hips which even this late in my pregnancy are significantly larger than my bowling ball of a stomach, so I think it stung a little since stomach wise I wasn’t really larger than the other pregnant women

No. 370558

Was she trying to hint that you need to lose weight for health reasons? Although, even if that's what she was doing, she should have been direct with you.

No. 370562

I live in the western US and it's so dry 99% of the time. I actually cry sometimes when I see gorgeous, green neighborhoods in movies and vlogs, etc. I can't live another year without gloomy weather, seasons, and rain.

No. 370569

southwestern US? must be bc the northwest is a rainy haven

No. 370571

Yeah, my bad!

No. 370587

File: 1549762285798.jpg (184.89 KB, 1280x960, Mon_Valley2_lg.jpg)

Southwest like Utah/Arizona/NM? That area is so beautiful in its own way though. I could never live there but I really want to travel (pic related is one of my dream vacations). But I'm from the northeast so maybe the grass is just always greener on the other side lol

No. 370613

File: 1549765643915.jpeg (8.5 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)

More like CA near Mexico. Idk what you call that besides "west" lol
Pic related
It's definitely its own kind of beautiful out here, and I'm sure "the grass is greener" applies (literally!) but yeah. I'm dying out here. I did long-haul trucking for a few months and the beautiful places we travelled to, and how cheap land and homes are, made me die a little inside.

No. 370616

It's strange to hear your call your arid, dry weather "gloomy" because in the uk that means dark and dreary weather.
The grass certainly is greener on the other side, and whilst I appreciate how literally green the grass and trees are in my own city, I could really do without the seasonal affective disorder and wish I could live somewhere dry. 200+ days of rain a year is too much.

No. 370617

Go to Zion National Park in Utah if you get the chance! Absolutely incredible. It had an energy about it that was so calming. Except when we were cornered by a Big-Horned Sheep and her lambs. We were waving at passing cyclists for help but they thought we were just waving to be friendly lmao. Never scrambled up a hill so fast in my life.

No. 370620

I think you misread, I said I cannot go without gloomy weather any longer!
But I totally understand how it could get depressing, even for someone like me to be in the wet and cold for so long.

No. 370708

I’m starting to see suicide in a new light. It started around 5 years ago when i confronted an online friend about his suicidal thoughts. He said all he wanted was a not selfish reason to keep living. A genuine reason that didnt involve other people. His school life, work life, personal life was awful and it just didnt look like it was getting better for him and he often spoke about suicide,I knew telling him “things get better” or whatever would just go through one ear and out the other. He would often say death was inevitable and how he just wanted to have the choice to choose how to die - and this just left younger me flabbergasted. I was sure there had to be a reason but at that moment i didnt know how to asnwer him.

I haven’t spoken to him since, so i don’t know where he could be, but i still think about the reasons why someone shouldn’t commit suicide. A reason that wasn’t cheesy or selfish. One that didn’t involve other people (“oh anon your mom would be so sad.”) a genuine reason for someone to continue to live. But not gonna lie, i don’t think i’ve found one reason that wasnt selfish or revolved other people than the depressed.

>things get better

Will they? Or is it just the hope that it gets better?

>you’re such a (positive adjective) you deserve more than this

They could be a saint but the world is still cruel

>X would miss u

>don’t do this to your friends and family
>it’s so selfish

It’s also selfish to make someone live miserably just so someone else could be happy.

the older i get the more i start to think that there really isn’t a reason to why someone shouldnt commit suicide. I know it sounds dumb because death is awful, but think about it. Do you think someone that’s given up on life honestly gives a fuck anymore? Should someone have the right to choose how and when they want to die? Please help me understand because i just keep thinking about this friend and what he said especially as of late and i’m starting to think he may have had a point and it’s really been fucking with me recently

No. 370709

I remember there was this woman a while back that had interviewed suicide attempt survivors that jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, it was a pretty decent sample size too. There was one thing consistent with almost all of their stories - about two thirds of the way down they regretted their decision. They realised that all those problems that seemed to be never ending and impossible, could actually be solved. I’d say that’s a reason that doesn’t involve other people, but then again not everyone regretted jumping

No. 370712

Its not true regret its just the survival instinct kicking in.

I cant tell if youre really young or really optimistic. And death isnt "awful". Theres more to life than what the human eye can see.

No. 370713

>Do you think someone that’s given up on life honestly gives a fuck anymore?

That's the thing though, it really depends if one values ANYTHING in the world at all–including themselves–in order to carry on.
I don't want to die because I know it's finite. I'd never get to eat another delicious meal, hear a song that makes me happy, create something that gives me a sense of pride, or see how the world progresses (or not) I'm forever salty that I won't be around during space age for the common person and other technology.
None of those reasons have anything to do with living for someone else, they're things and feelings that I as an individual values and can get satisfaction from and give me a sense of purpose.

For some people it's compelling, for others it's not. If someone really wants to go then they'll find a way. However, it seems obvious to me that people who openly discuss their suicidal thoughts often want someone to say or do something that pulls themselves from it.

I've read it too, it's horrifying.

No. 370716

This is regret that stuck with them for years after, pretty sure it’s more than just survival instincts at that point - especially if they specifically spoke about how they realised their problems could be resolved

No. 370735

People are free to kill themselves but suicide IS a selfish deed and I don't get why people have the strange need to argue otherwise. No matter how shitty your life is you're ruining other peoples' lives by killing yourself over some petty reason that could've been worked out. Your parents will be forever destroyed, they will never get over it, your friends and everyone around you will be traumatized for life. The ~ why should I live my tormented life for someone else ~ viewpoint is embarrassing and stinks of underage edgelordness. Unless you're in terminal stages of some life-threatening illness, there isn't an non-selfish reason to off yourself.

No. 370742

God I hate my job so much. Thinking about going in makes me want to vomit. I've run out of sick days and I can't even take them unless I go to the doctor to get a note saying I'm sick. So i can't take a day off when I feel like absolute trash inside. I hate the feeling like I'm wasting away. Every year I don't get a job in the field I want I just feel the chances slipping away.

Honestly the whole "think of everyone else" mindset is selfish as well. It's implying our lives aren't our own and we have to keep living them just because someone else will be sad. What do you say to people who have incurable diseases that want to die? They have to suffer physically just because someone else will have a moment of grief that they can eventually move on from? Not everyone kills themselves for a petty reason and people don't exist just to make everyone around them happy.

No. 370749

Good job diminishing the suffering mental health issues can bring to people.
I'm guessing people living with life long treatment resistant depression or schizophrenia should just tough it out. How horrible for their families to have to grieve. Just live with your intense misery, ffs !

No. 370755

>Not everyone kills themselves for a petty reason and people don't exist just to make everyone around them happy.
Who ever argued that? I'm sick and tired of people romanticizing suicide to be some noble deed and encouraged as a legitimate way to escape ~your miserable life~ because you've been living as a hikki for 4 years or your boyfriend left you. The people who want you to stay alive for their sanity's sake are selfish, but so is killing yourself. However staying alive can help you fix your problems, killing yourself transmits your problems to other people. If that's not selfish, I don't know what is.

Having met parents of young people who committed suicide, they are fucked up for life. It's one thing to outlive your children when they die in an accident or because of a terminal illness, but by suicide? That absolutely destroys the people who care about you. You spend the remainder of your life thinking what you did wrong, what could've you done to save them, should you kill yourself to "be together again".

>What do you say to people who have incurable diseases that want to die?

Reading comprehension, anon.
>Unless you're in terminal stages of some life-threatening illness, there isn't an non-selfish reason to off yourself.

No. 370760

As someone who’s dealt with a family member committing suicide, people don’t understand how much it affects a family. To be honest, my family was completely destroyed by it and there’s no way it’ll ever be the same. Suicide isn’t like other deaths, you can’t grieve properly or just “get over it eventually” because no one, not friends or family members, want to talk about suicide, it’s isolating. I understand that people who commit suicide feel it’s their only way out of their suffering, but when they kill themselves their suffering becomes the suffering of their family and friends. I wonder if the anons here arguing it’s selfish to want suicidal people to think about other people before they kill themselves have ever personally experienced someone close to them committing suicide. In the end it’s stupid to argue who’s the selfish one when it comes to suicide because everyone is selfish.

No. 370768

File: 1549799856875.jpg (16.58 KB, 480x269, d46fbe6e1a9b1061bf7b9d01e83992…)

looks like it's time for me to scream again…

No. 370769

good luck with your apartment search, anon

No. 370770

I don't think having a terminal illness is a petty reason.

No. 370771

I absolutely hate when people come here to announce that they're going to kill themselves.
In a way by writing this they kind of expect people to tell them not to do it. But seeing as this is an anonymous board, we can never know whether they actually pulled through with it or not. And it does make you feel guilty, because it means that we might have failed in our attempts to stop that person.

It might be selfish to tell people to stay alive for the sake of their loved ones, but it's also extremely selfish to not give a fuck about what happens with them after your death and it also is attention-whorish to burden strangers with the situation I explained above.
It kind of reminds me of a friend I had who always told us that she's going to selfharm, but in the end more or less only wanted people to beg her to please not to do it.

Unless you're extremely ill, or let's say a childwife trapped in some 3rd world country, I think there's always a way up. If you're so down, that you even think about suicide, then everything that's still about to come in your life at least can't be any worse.

No. 370772

I love the last sentence! Simple yet powerful.

No. 370773

Samefag, but I wanted to add this:

It happens so often that people either just jump in front of a train, traumatizing the poor sod who essentially killed them by not being able to stop the train or by hanging themselves in the house/cellar or even somewhere public (knew one firefighter who hung himself in the firehouse, so when the doors opened he managed to destroy the live of tens of his friends and collegues all at once…) - and then being found by their partner or parent or even child.

If you really feel like you must do it, at least travel as far as possible, so that they will never have to see or know and instead believe you just run away.

No. 370775

a lot of suicidal people think they are doing the world a favor by offing themselves so of course they don't think about how it affects their families. they think they are relieving the burden they put on loved ones. they have no idea that they're doing more damage by killing themselves.

No. 370777

I feel like just randomly disappearing would be worse than knowing my loved one killed themselves. At least if I know they're dead it's better than thinking they might be locked up in someone's basement somewhere.

No. 370785

This is what all of these other anons are missing.
Suicidal people see their very existence as causing suffering to others so they want to relieve that suffering.
I've been suicidal before and I genuinely thought if I died my family would be at rest. They wouldn't have to deal with me anymore, they wouldn't have to deal with such a pathetic lowlife.

Living for others when you hate yourself is almost impossible and seems so shallow. What usually ends up happening is people say "I'll just wait for my family to naturally pass so I can die". Is that really any fucking better? Enduring who knows how many more years of suffering so your family doesn't have to know how much you were suffering?

No. 370796

my headache is killing me. Rest In Piss

No. 370797

This, when I attempted suicide most of the relief I felt was that my family could finally be free of me and wouldn't have to be ashamed of me anymore. After recovering I know that's not true and never was (though I still struggle with guilt and feeling like a burden), but at my lowest point you could never have convinced me that they would've been sad if I died.

I'm sure there are suicidal people who feel spite or apathy towards their family but the majority truly believe their loved ones were going to be happier without them. (at least that's what I encountered in rehab/group).

No. 370805

>we might have failed in our attempts to stop that person.
You are not morally obliged to keep other people you don't even know alive and if people can't vent about wanting to end their pain online in an anonymous forum where the fuck can they do it?
Like for fuck sake anon, life can be very hard and people may not even have loved ones at all, you can't just go comparing everything to child brides, there will always be people having it worse.

No. 370811

>if people can't vent about wanting to end their pain online in an anonymous forum where the fuck can they do it?
I never said people shouldn't be allowed to vent about feeling suicidal - I have done so myself.
I was talking about the people who simply announce "This evening I'm going to jump."
I guess I'm just too sensitive but I can't help it. Reading this and not knowing keeps me up at night.

The reason I mentioned child brides is because they pretty much have zero chances of ever leading a better life. Contrary to people with depression in better countries, they at least have the possibily of getting better again. So, I'm not talking about who has it worse, I'm taking about the chances of there being any improvement.

No. 370812

>if people can't vent about wanting to end their pain online in an anonymous forum where the fuck can they do it?
A therapist or someone professionally equipped to help.

>I absolutely hate when people come here to announce that they're going to kill themselves.
Same. It's inherently manipulative because they know most of us here are thoughtful and will care enough to respond. Notice how they'll vent here and not some other anonymous source like 4chan where assholes who negatively commiserate would actually tell them to do it. And not nicely either.
Also lately, these suicide anons have been nasty to farmers who dare tell them it's a bad idea for any reason.
We're like those "friends" that suicide anons text at 2am saying how they want to kill themselves, for the umpteenth time, and so we stay up freaking out and being concerned while trying to talk them down from it when all we're doing is giving an attention supply. We're not "friends," we're being used like tools.

No. 370815

Do you by chance have the studies or statistics on people "recovering" from major depression?
I'm curious myself because it feels like the anecdotal stuff I've read and heard is that they either live with major depression for the rest of their life, it gets "mildly" better but they still have chronic depression or they kill themselves.
I haven't really seen or heard of a depressed person that truly recovers. It just seems like the depression ebbs and flows during their life but it's always there.

No. 370817

>Notice how they'll vent here and not some other anonymous source like 4chan where assholes who negatively commiserate would actually tell them to do it
You can't know someone's browsing history just because they post here. They might also post in a bunch of other places and also be seeing a therapist, which in it self is a luxury as it can be expensive as fuck to find a good one.
As much as it makes you or some other anons uncomfortable you can't really understand how unbearable the suicidal anon might be feeling, maybe just in that moment or maybe for a long time.
Don't assume things about internet strangers or places. I've personally seem a lot of people responding in good faith to suicidal anons on 4chan, and know of people that only ever mention suicide online as a way to avoid hurting people they care about irl.

No. 370819

Same, I also want to know as it can be very discouraging being myself someone suffering with depression and a bunch of other unpleasant comorbidities for way over half of my life.
But hey better shut up about it because it might make other anons feel uncomfortable.

No. 370820

>As much as it makes you or some other anons uncomfortable
Which is just as valid as feeling suicidal. Do you know any of our histories? Do you know our traumas with dealing with suicide?
Evidently it doesn't matter to anons like you, because you think feelings override absolutely everything else like boundaries.
I don't mind anons who preface their posts with venting, and are open to persuasion because they're just looking for someone to talk to. I do mind anons who have been abusive to us, and said mean and nasty things because they didn't want to hear a particular something.

No. 370822

>But hey better shut up about it because it might make other anons feel uncomfortable.

You're being dishonest because you know talking about depression and personal illnesses isn't what's being referenced in this discussion.
We're talking about anons that are all
>I'm gonna jump in front of a train
>Tonight I'm gonna do it
As if there's anything else to take away, or as if we're supposed to feel anything else but discomfort that someone might be taking their fucking life. You're not stupid and you know there's a difference.

No. 370829

>It's manipulative for anons who are struggling to vent their feelings
You're the worst kind of person who clearly doesn't care about anyone suicidal. Your thinly veiled guise is really obnoxious so if you don't care then why don't you just ignore such posts instead of twisting the situation and painting suianons as ~horrible manipulators~. Someone merely aying they have a plan to do such a thing doesnt effect you and you should expect to see these posts often at a place like this so stop acting so deluded about it.

No. 370832

i felt pretty good yesterday and the day before, now i'm back to feeling like i'm dreaming again. it's unsettling and i know it'll go away soon. maybe not today, but maybe in a few days or weeks. i just have to remember, i've been in this mental state for about half a year so it's not gonna go away just like that. it's tough, but i've progressed so much so i should be proud of myself for it. it's just easier said than done.

No. 370834

I know righr, people complaining about this shit sound like they came from PULL. This stuff isn't new here and if you're that sensitive that you can't bear to look at someone typing up they might kill themselves, then maybe Tumblr is more their speed.

No. 370841

I can't imagine being this bullheaded and stubborn, but it just goes to show how you can't handle your behavior being critiqued in any sort of way.
>"P-PULL newfags!"

No. 370848

>You're the worst kind of person who clearly doesn't care about anyone suicidal.
Actually it's a recognized manipulative tactic of how people will threaten others to suicide when they don't actually mean it for attention, but go off.
>so if you don't care
We do care, that's the point. That's why we get horrified when anons drop "I'm gonna kill myself tonight" and when we try to talk them down they get obstinate. It's disturbing.
>Someone merely aying they have a plan to do such a thing
Except rarely have anons recently just said this and dropped it, they stick around to defend what they've said and actually get pissed at anons who give them suggestions and reasons to not kill themselves.
Either you don't lurk a lot, or you're misrepresenting to suit your argument.
>you should expect to see these posts often at a place like this
There's no logical basis for this assumption.

No. 370852

File: 1549813944123.jpg (91.7 KB, 700x700, 06-men-crying.w700.h700.jpg)

I brought up this crush the other day here. Our timing is off and we have some personal differences. I feel like we could make a really great team still. We had another talk with the same outcome. It was clearer now and we could express our sympathy better and it's not ruled out forever. I feel more closure now but at the same time, I'm sad. There will be no sexy times and romance for me anytime soon.

No. 370894

Venting anonymously to anonymous people that you feel like shit and want to kill yourself is manipulation? Kek, are you dense? At most you're going to get one reply here if even. Are you really that new that you think this isn't the home of miserable people who come to vent and go on? That people telling about how they feel hope to get an intense reaction?
Kek, how disappointed they must be.

No. 370900

>Don't talk about suicide because I'm sensitive and it hurts my feewings!!!
>It's all about me!!
>Simultaneously claims people are looking for attention on an ANONYMOUS imageboard
Just stop. You're insufferable.

No. 370901

Still at it huh? Fucking kill yourself then, instead of coming here and getting pissed off at anons with good intentions telling you not to do it because ~they couldn't possibly understand you~
You're a giant asshole and it's no wonder you come here to "vent" to say you're gonna kill yourself because I'm sure you've exhausted everyone you know irl with that threat. Get help and take ownership of your suicidal feelings instead of expecting anons to be okay with seeing your bullshit all the time.

No. 370906

>uwu, I'm such a fragile flower, no suicidal thoughts on vent threads, it's should only about me and what I think people should be saying!
Go to Tumblr or reddit, anon. Looks like you're not ready for imageboards.

No. 370907

Misrepresenting my argument will get you nowhere.
Also bravo for projecting and writing off other people as fragile when you're the one REEEing because other people don't like your suicide threats. You sound like a deluded cluster B personality, and a total cow.

No. 370908

>I'm not saying dumb shit, you're projecting!!!!

No. 370909

It's true, you know deep down what you're doing is fucked hence why you're so defensive. Even if you're gonna resist now I hope you do seek actual help instead of expecting an echo chamber online.

No. 370915

Nta, but who is this you?
We are at an anonymous imageboard, even if it seems to be a two sided discussion it's probably more than 5 people posting.
Don't personalize anons.

No. 370918

I'm not the OP who originally wrote how they dislike the suicide threats either. Take it as the royal "you" or however you'd like, the argument isn't defensible for anyone trying to whiteknight it.

No. 370930

Welp, too bad you don't get a say. I hope anons come and safely vent about suicide and wanting to do it if it help them get it out of their system. In fact, I don't have to hope since it's established practice.
You can go kick rocks, now.

No. 370943

>too bad you don't get a say
I'm saying my opinion right now.
>wanting to do it if it help them get it out of their system
Except there's no proof this actually helps them and it seems like it most certainly doesn't if they keep coming back.

Jesus you're unhinged.

No. 370945

>"Safely talk about hanging themselves, jumping in front of trains, cutting themselves, etc."

How ill are you to have this much cognitive dissonance, or are you admitting anons aren't serious and are just attention whoring? Wow.

No. 370952

>talking about suicidal thought is 100% attention whoring !! if you talk about it and don't do it, it's attention whoring !! Suicide should never be talked about, EVER.
You sound fucking insane.

No. 370957

I've seen anon make her distinction multiple times. There's is indeed a difference between someone wanting to talk about their depression and suicide ideations from anons saying that they have a plan and will be killing themselves.
I've seen it here myself. Those anons aren't right and they're not "safe" by letting us know they'll be jumping tonight *unless we say the right thing just so. They need real help.

No. 370958

I have seen anons come with plans and vent about it.
I've never anons asking to be told not to do it. I don't know where anon see these people ALL THE TIME because all I see is sometimes an anon saying they have a plan and either noone responding or the anon not responding to responses.

No. 370961

Why would it matter of they asked us to tell them not to? We have as much a purpose to respond to their posts as they have to post their vent, it's a two way street. Of course we'd never encourage them because we're not immoral a-loggers who wanna contribute to someone dying.
If you haven't personally seen it that is fine but you're strangely invested in a specific type of person that's being referenced here. Maybe it's time to stop posting?

No. 370963

I'm as invested as you are, don't project.

No. 370967

Lol alright, so are you done or?

No. 370972

"lol", no.

No. 370976

File: 1549826609171.jpg (298.98 KB, 928x1302, IMG_20190210_201907.jpg)

Just as an example, this is what I (>>370771) was talking about.

No. 370979

Yep, and I remember getting chewed out because I told anon it sounded like a terrible way to die and they'll traumatize the operator. But how dare I say anything that's not indulgent of the thought.

No. 370985

Well at least we know the anon sperging about wanting to post about their suicide plans was probably one of the anons who have done it before. She's alive! So there's that at least lol, I know some of us were curious of suicide anons who've made posts like that ever went through with them.

No. 370986

File: 1549827390596.jpg (85.08 KB, 840x431, IMG_20190210_203125.jpg)

Another one: No mention of "I'm so sad because… I feel like dying…", only "I'm going to do it, period".

No. 371017

I mean, who am I to judge her?
If she's/was that bad that suicide by train sounded like her best option there's nothing that a stranger in the internet can do.
Also, I read somewhere that being able to talk openly about suicide actually reduce true suicides so.
Sucks for the conductor though, I would try to do it by gas+poison and somehow at an desert area and pretend it was an accident.

No. 371021

>No mention of "I'm so sad because…
How dare the anon not disclose to you why she's "sad". Try to get some fucking empathy anon, Jesus Christ.

No. 371022

Because anon from earlier's argument was that these posts don't happen. They do.
Anon from earlier also said people just want to discuss their depression and suicidal thoughts, well that post doesn't.
It's messed up, stop shifting goalposts.

No. 371023

Gosh you delete and repost a lot.
>>371022 meant for >>371021

No. 371029

>It's messed up
That's the thing, I and some other anons don't agree with that.
I guess we just have different views on imageboard posting etiquette. No one will change their mind because of this, so let's stop the convo, I get your point but disagree.

No. 371034


No. 371054

But how is this post manipulating? This anon is asking how to put her affairs in order?
It's stating they want to go, that's it.
I'm not seeing how this is "look at me and stop me!".

No. 371055

My dads dying and it’s the most unfair thing to ever happen.
He sold everything he owned to send off my cheating whore mother with money for my sister and I, and she kept being a whore and kept abusing us and threatening to call dad a child molester if he tried to see us.

It’s supposed to be her with emphysema and heart disease and crushed vertebrae and she just keeps living, the cunt.

No. 371065

Because you sounded like an asshole the way you wrote it and also had NO idea what you were talking about.

No. 371069

I actually wasn't but I get it, it's whatever YOU say. Welcome back btw, glad you decided against it.

No. 371071

Because normal people don't give advice on how others should kill themselves.

No. 371079

I'm so sorry anon :(
If you can, cut her off. It sounds like there's nothing left for you from her except pain and frustration. Sending strength into the ~universe~ for you <3

No. 371086

Posting on a vent thread on lolcow is not putting responsibility on anyone. If someone wants to post that they feel suicidal, post (and don't do it). I am here and other anons are here and we are reading and replying. But nobody has to reply. It's not a job. We do it because we feel like it.

What a stupid thing to sperg about (see upthread)
>wah someone expressed their feelings in threads dedicated to that purpose wah

No. 371087

Why are you implying I was the suicidal poster in that thread? You're nuts lmao

No. 371089

Ikr. How sad to see that someone is so offended that another is venting out their real life problems.
>I'm too sensitive to think about someone dying uwu

And >>371069 is just venting their anger out at any suicidal poster because they got told they were being a dipshit in another thread. Pathetic.

No. 371090

In my culture there's a saying about how low quality vases never break.
I'm sorry for your dad, stay strong.

No. 371111


I cannot believe the doublethink, then again, suicidal people were never a reasonable lot.

No. 371121

You can't compare those two at all. Would you stop sperging already just because everyone called you out on your bullshit?

No. 371122

File: 1549836154718.png (155.64 KB, 300x250, oh-please.png)

>you can't express feelings in a thread meant for expressing feelings!

You're the one who got called out and now you're back for another spank. Go away.

No. 371140

Go away sperglord, nobody is going to agree with your stupidity.

No. 371153

Literally different anons have agreed on my side. Sorry some people are put off by your mental instability, but don't worry, you'll live.

No. 371189

Every time I see a furry who has a dog it makes me sick and I hope their dog runs away and never comes back. Who knows what they are doing to them. Honestly all furries are repulsive degenerates and shouldn't be allowed to own pets or reproduce.

No. 371194

i agree.. i recently found on someone i looked up to in a hobby of mine was a closet furry who was super active in a particularly degenerate grouping of furries and now i shudder every time i see them irl. they just recently got a dog and are freaking out about it and i cant help but think their peener has been inside of it. kms

No. 371200

after the whole zoosadist shit, i've been weary of people who have photos of their pets as their facebook photos more than themselves. i know it probably isn't true, but man you never know

No. 371209

lol yeah, I feel like there's a thin line. I mean I love my dog, and some of my fb profile pics are with her in them, but obviously im not abusing her! I do use a few dating apps like bumble and guys whose profiles have pictures of just their dogs, and that seems like a biiiig red flag to me. also people who are vocally against spaying and neutering, it's just weird and there are so many guys I encounter at the dog park that are creepy white dudes in cargo shorts who won't shut up about why you shouldn't sterilize your dog…

No. 371219

I got court on valentines day n im really nervous. Only because im not good at public speaking

No. 371223

where is everypony? I don't want to do this on my own anymore, everyone is so mean and demanding. this day has been awful!

No. 371228

Nope, she was just weirdly hyper fixated on where I store fat and how easy it will be to lose AFTER birth. No birth/pregnancy health related risks were brought up whatsoever, it was bizarre

No. 371231

I've been getting 1-3 small tonsil stones out a day naturally, but had a bigger one stuck and had to dig it out and almost threw up.

I just want to get them taken out ASAP now, fuck this shit.

Any advice on adult tonsillectomy patients would be appreciated because I'm gonna end up ripping them out myself before the month is over.

No. 371238

It’s pathetic how cam girls always brag about getting so much money and yet they never seem to be able to afford necessities let alone luxury items. They’re always begging for food or money for basic things that shouldn’t be a problem if they really are raking in the dough. This girl I know from my hometown is a cam girl and always brags about being number whatever on myfreecams and getting big donations and how luxurious the cam girl lifestyle is, yet the photos she posts on her account are all her in cheap aliexpress lingerie with dirty backgrounds and she’s always complaining about living “paycheck to paycheck” and how paying a couple hundred dollars for her car made her broke. (So much for her “$600 in 2 hours of work” and camgirling being so great) like just get a normal fucking job, and stop glorifying camgirling to young girls when clearly you’re living in poverty.

No. 371242

I had a dream I got murdered horribly last night. I woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep because of it. Super tired… I want to sleep through dinner but I don't want to eat cold food later.

No. 371249

im late but i hope you had a good scream anon

No. 371262

because camming is a scam

No. 371286

I had a really nice dream and when I woke up from it, I was sad it had ended. That was okay though, but I'm feeling off due to "brain zaps" which happen due to ssri's which is odd since I haven't taken any in three years or so. But I get them rarely and it just tilts me since it feels like someone is shaking my brain like it's a snow globe.

No. 371288

i gave myself tinnitus, partial hearing loss, and this awful feeling of "fullness" in my ear which all feels like torture because i can't stop putting qtips in my itchy right ear.
my boyfriend is addicted to video games, he plays from when he wakes up to when he goes to sleep. he has no job and doesn't go to school. he ignores me because he wears noise cancelling headphones the entire time. when we finally get to do something together he acts like it's a chore and he's suffering and his feet hurt and he just can't wait to get home to play video games.
i have a hideous mouth breather face and my nostrils are tiny. even if i manage to breathe through my nose it's like i can feel the air going past the bottom of my eyes and it feels uncomfortable.
i guess the third thing doesn't bother me as much as the other two, since i can't change it. i just hate a lot of my life right now. i think i need to just leave my ear alone, maybe get ear wax removal drops and use them every few days. i don't know what to do about my boyfriend though. i guess it's his problem, not mine. but we share a room that his pc is in so i hear him talking to his online friends all day long, and his loud keyboard and mouse clicking. so it's hard to not think about it all the time. i worry about him. he recently started DMing for a group, which i thought was a good thing, and while i am glad he's doing something that isn't exactly video games… he considers DMing and preparing campaigns "working"…
goddamn it i just want my ear to feel normal again so i can think straight.

No. 371308

Anon your bf is a lazy manchild who emotionally neglects you, it is a problem. But take baby steps, get your ears cleaned so you're not going crazy.

No. 371340

my boyfriend is addicted to video games, he plays from when he wakes up to when he goes to sleep. he has no job and doesn't go to school. he ignores me because he wears noise cancelling headphones the entire time. when we finally get to do something together he acts like it's a chore and he's suffering and his feet hurt and he just can't wait to get home to play video games.

Why are you with him? I see no potential redeeming qualities for someone like this.

No. 371344

Camgirls seem to be notoriously bad at saving/budgeting money. It's insane how so many can make like 1,000 or close to a grand a day and still complain about being broke. Shut up and get a real job then.

No. 371346

Why Are You With Him?

Seriously, i don't understand pathetic manchildren boyfriends.

No. 371349

Seems like it's a mixture of things.
1. Playing up how much money they actually make so they can keep up an appearance that they're 'successful' at least superficially.
2. Having mental illnesses and compulsions that cause them to retail therapy on luxuries and then having no money for bills when they're due.
3. Drugs.
4. Possibly exaggerating their financial troubles when they come so people will pity them and want to help so they won't have to work it out by themselves.

No. 371370

he had a job until recently, and when i moved in with him he was in school as well. used to always make time for me and be supportive. the video game addiction is kind of a recent development. it used to just be a hobby, and we would play together a lot of the time.

No. 371379

I don't know how you manage to not completely freak the fuck out at him tbh. Men and their stupid ass video games, holy shit.

No. 371382

It's a tactic to get donations. They aren't actually struggling to buy food or pay rent.

No. 371390

It's seriously time to have an intervention though. I used to do that for a short period of time when i was extremely depressed and just got laid off, so i was on unemployment. I ended up feeling useless, so i got a job after a few weeks. If he isn't motivated to work or pay attention to you, then he has no redeeming qualities.

No. 371394

Wtf. Time to break up with your shitter, goal-less bf. I can imagine acting like this in your teens but when you're an adult, it's time to man the fuck up and realize there's priorities in life and that you need to do SOMETHING. How can anyone just sit on their ass all day everyday doing nothing and think their life is going to be like that forever unless you're a teenager? I can't stand to see pathetic manchildren crybabies. I say this as someone who loves video games, anon, you need to dump him asap and give it to him straight before you do. I can't believe he ignores you too, don't even get me started on him neglecting you. Yeah, I'm pissed for you.

>used to
Well, what the fuck happened? Doesn't matter. He should have at least found another job or resumed school or do something by now. Men have even more options too like trade school. There's no excuse for him to sit on his ass looking like a cretin hunched over his computer desk every day.

No. 371398

Seems like the opposite to me. Their claims of making big money/living in luxury is an extreme cope and a way to convince people that their heavily stigmatized job is actually totes awesome, not soul crushing at all.

No. 371412

File: 1549863103019.jpg (11.02 KB, 256x256, 1549590701762.jpg)

>realizing I've been on this site for almost 3 years

but at least it's improved a lot

No. 371416

My doctor recommended me Ssris, but honestly, I’m terrified of brain and spine zaps, not to mention feeling nothing and gaining lots of weight like my friend and many others do. I even told her I’m too scared to take them because of side effects (two weeks to month on sedatives because of raised anxiety? Heightens the chance of getting suicide thoughts while I had them often in that period? No way!) and she lied to me there are no side effects, which made me lose trust in her. I live alone and there’s not a chance I’d go through anxiety and hell of more suicide thoughts, let alone brain zaps, muscle spasms, etc.

No. 371439

If that's your gp, get a new doctor. I'd suggest trying to find therapy instead.

No. 371464

I had this really really childish convo with my ex… I know it's immature and I regret it. He started insulting me and his other ex, using names and all, saying how ugly and shitty we are in front of his quite a lot of instagram followers so I messaged him (I shouldn't have) and asked him to shut it because with that face he's no model either and sending his followers after us is bullying. He also promised to send me this one personal thing he borrowed from me when we dated and he already took half a year to give it back, lying and saying he has cancer and can't walk, lying about sending it and then admitting he lied and so on. He previously messaged me out of blue very heavily insulting my looks and personality. And now he did it publicly and even dragged the other ex into it, it just pissed me off. After I sent the message, he started insulting me about stuff like 'your cunt stinks so much it's like you never take a shower, the way your face looks when you laugh is totally disgusting, you look like a fucking Micheal Jackson with all the makeup you plaster on, here, have a six pictures of my current gf, she's much prettier than you, much better in bed too' and so on and when he went on for a bit I insulted him back with similarly stupid insults. At that point I just wanted to hurt him back. I wanted him to hurt a lot. I know it sounds like we're five years old. I just know I should have kept my mouth shut and ignore it and I regret this stupid shit so much. Really not proud of myself,feeling really shitty about it all. I have to be a bit more able to control myself.

No. 371472

File: 1549874868205.jpg (23.12 KB, 612x367, istockphoto-1092327288-612x612…)

time for anon's daily scream…

No. 371482

File: 1549876326773.gif (797.38 KB, 300x221, adafb7e2-3353-44a9-853b-746163…)

anon it's okay. anger gets the better of all of us sometimes. your ex sounds crazy and straight up malicious and crosses a bunch of lines that just push you into rage.

He sounds like a very poor and disturbed individual. No doubt he will never lead a happy relationship with that personality and since he has a track-record of shitting on exes, his current gf has a big storm coming.

Just take care of yourself and dissociate yourself from that individual. And pick more sensible partners in the future / look out for red flags (been there done that)

No. 371492

That actually makes me feel a lot better, thank you anon.

Yes, I ignored a lot of red flags with him because I was not very used to romantic relationships. But at least I think I learnt a something from that experience.

No. 371552

Feeling incredibly dysmorphic today.

No. 371557

My friend started antidepressant .. for a few months now and suddenly becoming much colder, easily irritable and doesn't seem to be nice to be around anymore. It like her emotions are all eaten up and sounds very robotic.

She might actually want to distance herself from me.. but for some reason now she keeps getting offended and misinterpret things I say and it wasn't like that before.

Anyone's got insight into this?

No. 371558

I have a very niche (and in demand) skillset professionally and I often get pulled in many directions by people asking for help or attention and volunteering. I feel like it's important for women to be represented in my field so I never say no, but then I get stressed and anxious because I'm overworked.

My friends always tell me to be meanier and to tell people off, but I can't, it just sucks.

No. 371560

She's possibly feeling like shit. Anti depressants come with a host of fucked up side effects. It's hard to be all smiles when you're nauseous, can't sleep or start feeling dizzy every time you stand up.

No. 371563

I wish lolcow was globally gendercrit because most of m-muh transphobia presented as "milk" is ridiculous.
>This cow is transphobic, she called a girl with tits a girl DESPITE her having he/him pronouns on his twitter profile!!! REEEE

No. 371565

currently pulling an all-nighter for academic procrastination related reasons, had 2 monsters and now have really bad diarrhoea. first time caffeine has done this to me, i feel so betrayed! probably divine punishment for being fucking stupid

No. 371586

I was very withdrawn and tired when I took antidepressants a while back.
Shit was so back I hardly remember 6 months of my life, so yeah, she's probably feeling like shit and having her brain chemistry messed with, I hope it gets better for you guys.

No. 371618

Is it really? Our friendship is falling apart and I feel like I can't really talk without blowing her up anymore. And she doesn't seem too interested either..

We haven't seen each other for a long time but apparently she's just got a new boyfriend now in the circumstance that feels very unlikely to me. So partly I thought her life 'got better'.. in the way that worries me.

But her vibe seemed very strange and out of character really just after antidepressant.. so It's just my guess.

No. 371631

if its not working out dont try to force it. people come and go and that includes friends and family members. it took 12 years to find the right combo of medication and even still, it makes me tired and quiet and a little disinterested overall. being bitter because your friend hasnt reacted well to mental illness and medication is kind of selfish

No. 371633

NTA but it’s not unreasonable to react in a less than stellar way when your friends circumstances cause them to push you away

No. 371634

according to that anon they havent been in contact for awhile, know little of each others current business and the old friend has supposedly moved on with other stuff they cant even verify. at this point the sting of rejection should realistically subside into a realization of their friendship being less involved. anon is just ruminating and hopefully they can move on

No. 371638

god i hate when people who smell like cigarette smoke or weed sit down next to me. you smell gross af.

No. 371644

If you tell them that they reek they'll prob gladly change where they sit. I've been asked to do this several times and I don't mind, I assume most smokers realize they smell and would do the same.

No. 371664

>go to bed at 10pm
>can't sleep cuz neck pain
>lie in bed with ice for a couple hours, finally drift off
>neck pain wakes me up again bc the ice pack has melted
>it's only 3am

kill me. usually i go to yoga like 3-4x a week and that keeps my chronic pain at bay but i've had to skip a bunch due to a bad flu.

No. 371668

My aunt is a stupid bitch. My mom's 50th birthday is this weekend, and all of her siblings (three aunts, four uncles) want to throw her a surprise birthday party/dinner. My uncle's wife's birthday is a few days earlier. She threw a fit because she wanted to celebrate her birthday on the day we planned the surprise party, even though me and my other aunt discussed doing this months ago, and I even told bitch aunt that we wanted to do something somewhat special, since my mom is turning 50. So now my mom's surprise birthday party is going to be shared. I wish bitch aunt would just suck it up and let my mom celebrate her 50th, idgaf if it's rude. I don't get why she can't celebrate all day and reserve dinner for my mom. God, I hate that bitch

No. 371670

File: 1549904672629.jpg (55.21 KB, 310x268, PenroseTriangle.jpg)

A few hours ago I had a group conversation about nothing in particular between me and three people I've fucked. One was my ex, second one was my current bf and third one was the fling in-between. One of the fucking weirdest feelings ever

No. 371677

Ugh, this pisses me off and I have nothing to do with it. Condolences anon. Try to let it go before it eats all your energy up.

No. 371681

i dislocated my hip walking to my first collage class of the day. it hurts so bad i’m sitting inside crying waiting to be taken to the hospital.

No. 371688

The boomers in my family are pissing me off with the way they refuse to learn about any technology.
When my grandpa was alive he'd constantly pester me and my dad to come over and clean out his email inbox (he signed up for spam whenever anything would ask for his email), tell us to fix the printer (no ink), and why the computer was acting funny (malware or adware from clicking on everything). We dealt with it because he was old. My mom and the rest of my family have no excuses.

My mom was a high school teacher up until five years ago when she retired and knew how to get on a computer, and even took a Photoshop class.
The other day she couldn't even understand how to COPY AND PASTE. She couldn't repeat it after I showed her how step by step. What the fuck? I think she's either getting senile, or she's lazy and just wants everything that calls for a little work done for her. Because she has no problem getting around on youtube, or googling things whenever she wants to one up me about something. Now she's bugging me because she has some credit document that needs to be signed, scanned, and sent via email. She repeats what she needs to do, but doesn't want to take time to figure it out and get a wee frustrated in learning, so she bugs me. Now it's my problem.

My uncle is the same way. When I was out a few weeks ago they called me wanting me to drive all the way to their house so my uncle could apply to Wal Mart. It wasn't life or death, my uncle is retired and bored and wanted spending money. The problem? He kept entering his own gmail username and password on the website's login! I tried to explain over the phone how he needed to set up an account on their website but all I got was "Nope, can't do it. I don't understand this fucking computer shit." Tapdancing christ.

No. 371695

File: 1549908434869.gif (1.74 MB, 500x281, b329a43d-3009-4ead-bb1a-96b2e4…)

My neighbors have been screaming all day and don't stop despite me knocking on the wall with a chair and I'm about to commit two homicides over there

No. 371698

File: 1549908865998.jpg (150.87 KB, 1000x1000, 25cm-Kawaii-Cute-Molang-Rabbit…)

My bf just broke up with me. As in, 20mn ago.
We got together in September, it was instant, and since then we spent a lot of time together and genuinely had fun. Then, in January, out of nowhere, he stops replying to my texts.
It feels so unfair. We honestly had a good thing going on and I'm so so heartbroken. He seems pretty tired and I guess he has a lot on his plate, that's why he called it off, and I can't be mad at him. But damn.

On top on that I was slightly relapsing with my ED, and so tonight just broke me. I know the next weeks are gonna be hard.

Good side of it : I ordered a Molang plush and a 3DS a few days ago to play Animal Crossing, I guess I knew I'd need some recomfort.

No. 371699

does she do therapy? meds without therapy can do more harm than good sometimes. I've also met a lot of people who had been medicated in the wrong way by psychiatrists who just didn't care. They can be a great help though. It all depends. At this stage maybe it's also just her mental illness becoming more apparent which is completely normal. Mental illness takes a long time to recover from.
Best of luck to the both of you and take care

No. 371702

Aww that's a cute plush anon, I hope you enjoy it! Sorry about your ex, I hope you indulge in some self care and give your new friend a big hug when it arrives.

No. 371713

File: 1549910437421.jpg (89.21 KB, 640x480, 1466021059446.jpg)

loneliness is poison. I'm not going to sperg out and blame everyone else for my short comings, ik im ugly and unlikable and my personality is shit who's fault is that but my own? i'm the reason im alone.

I've done things to change time and time again but then im suddenly back to square one, fair weather friends and all. It's getting hopeless at this point and i dont want to continue living so hollowly

No. 371722

Get a dog or cat

No. 371723

ill be a lonely fuck with you anon. i have no friends and all my interactions are lolcow and kiwifarms. the last two people i tried to begin a friendship with died soon after. wtf

No. 371728


No. 371731

no wonder why no one likes you if that's how you answer when people give you advice.

No. 371734

Lmao! I'm not even that anon. Your answer was short, shitty, and irrelevant to what OP was looking for in life. Nice try though love

No. 371736

A close friend's pet was just put down, and it's bringing all kinds of memories of my old dog that had the same fate in 2015. Why can't pets just be immortal? It's not fair…

No. 371737

"nice try though love'' are you a gay male trying to emulate a sassy black woman? Pathetic.

No. 371739

>anyone who doesn't appreciate my shitpost is OP!
Lol retard.

No. 371740

I just had a panic attack for the first time in months and now I’m worried that my depression which I’ve managed to numb is coming back full force and it’s going to take over my life again

No. 371742

you're all a bunch of whiny bitches who love to wallow in self pity. you know what? odds are that if you're on lolcow you probably deserve to be lonely

No. 371744

>odds are that if you're on lolcow you probably deserve to be lonely
Not her but just curious as to what makes you say it?

No. 371745

File: 1549912545154.jpg (50.27 KB, 540x556, fuck me.jpg)

So, I've been having this problem. I don't know if it's the autism, artblock or what, all i know is that it drives me insane. For the past month or so I've been getting irrationally anxious and/or irritated, like i'm going to burst at the seams at any second. For no reason. It's an activity i genuinely enjoy doing and that my mind agrees to do, but my body says no. It's like everything becomes too bright and too loud as soon as i start drawing.

I just want to draw as i always have, why the fuck am i acting up now? I don't understand. I want to draw so badly but my head will start to hurt like crazy… It's not even to update art blogs or stuff like that, i just want to draw. Fuck, man.

No. 371746

that wasnt me. i have two dogs one is old (had him since i was a kid) and gets sick very often i'm just trying to make his last months/year/however long he has left good. Losing him will hurt a lot.

My other dog is an amazing rescue dog who means the absolute world to me. they are probably the only thing keeping me from ending it

you're right, i already said i deserved it. I don't pity myself i'm just sick of living the way i am.

No. 371747

>love is only exclusive and used by gay men or black women
Why are Americans so abysmally ignorant?

No. 371748

most of this imageboard is aimed at making fun of women for being ugly and fat you realize that? when people praise lolcow for being an enjoyable and safe female space, i have to laugh. the same anons you reply to and have banter with would probably find a reason to laugh at you if they saw your instagram

No. 371749

imagine being this mad because no one likes your posts. hope you end up lonely and miserable too if you aren't already (sounds like you are)

No. 371751

Nice self awareness.

No. 371758

Of course i'm lonely and miserable, we all are here. I'd rather be upfront about it than be like the girls who pretend to be stacies and lolita queens

No. 371759

>most of this imageboard is aimed at making fun of women for being ugly and fat you realize that?
Yeah but some of us aren't really about that. I know I'm not much into browsing pt and snow as much anymore. I'm more into the outrageous and idiotic things some people do. I can't speak for anon, but I think it's a reach to say all of us here hate uggos and fatties when truthfully we're indifferent if not sick of those nitpicks altogether.
>when people praise lolcow for being an enjoyable and safe female space
For me it is, lolcow's ot and g are the only imageboard places I've ever consistently lurked and posted on. Compared to any other imageboard I've tried to integrate to and came from, I don't have to deal with hardly any hijinks except infighting which is usually over within a few hours. When I was a poster on 4chan I'd always have to deal with some bullshit and heaven forbid if anything ever indicated I was a female poster.
>reply to and have banter with would probably find a reason to laugh at you if they saw your instagram
Thankfully I don't have one, heh. But that's besides the point. I'm sure I've tussled with anons in one thread and empathized with the same anons in another. It doesn't really bother me. In fact I like it because people are less likely to hold grudges and form circles like what happens with traditional forum websites with usernames. I like it, but it sounds like you don't really enjoy it here.

I have loneliness, but not because I'm insufferable. I'm just quiet and I have a hard time reaching out to friends irl, there's secrets that I want to spout into the void that I wouldn't want to burden anyone with. I post thoughts here that I'd never tell anyone otherwise.

No. 371762

I feel like the biggest fucking idiot when I see the word oomfs on Twitter. I can't stand this word.
It means 'one of my followers' so why am I seeing all the autistic posters saying "ALL OF MY OOMFS R SO CUTE!!!!" "Me and the OOMFS are all playing this game"
Idk maybe it's just me but I can't stand the new slang like this. I don't mind typical slang at all, I use it myself! But I feel like internet culture has made it to where everyone is trying to seem cool and what's cooler than making dumbass slang terms !!!

No. 371764

> I'm sure I've tussled with anons in one thread and empathized with the same anons in another.

holy shit if the rest of the site could have the same awareness the site wouldnt be such a mess. but some posters are too personally involved to click the x or alt f4 when things dont go their way and they dont have the self control to contain themselves from sperg posting.

No. 371768

I've gained a shitton of self-awareness from lolcow, honestly. I wish I would've known about anonymous forums in the mid aughts when I was suffering socially in high school and some of my early college years. It really is great to be able to test ideas, argue, and gain an understanding about other people without the stigma attached to my name.

No. 371770

agreed. ive had a few spanking from image boards but overall ive become more aware and conscious of my internet usage in general.

No. 371775

I think most people here know that already especially regulars. Knowing that still doesn't change anything for multiple reasons.

No. 371778

then why be so uppity and act high and mighty about it out of thin air? i have not seen anyone acting like "stacies" or pretending to be loved..its the vent thread

No. 371779

that fair. i guess i was thinking about the anons in particular who refuse to integrate and willingly infight because they will not let something go. ive gotten bans over infighting but that was because i was shitposting and not well, ive never contested that but its so bizarre to see anons bitch about one particular poster when they have no idea they could potentially be speaking to 5

hmm i think you have me confused with someone else who unironically uses stacy as an argument or tries to stop people from doing something a thread basically tells you to do. keep doing you.

No. 371783

File: 1549915228049.jpg (121.02 KB, 800x617, woman having a terrible time.j…)

I just want to vent about something that's giving me really low self-esteem. It's been a few weeks since I broke off with my ex, and ever since a few orbiters have been suddenly appearing out of nowhere. I mean I guess that's just what they do.
They make me feel objectified. Like I really only am an object to them and not a human to know. I don't give off any 'thot' vibes and I'm not really sexual, it just makes me mad how some guys from my past are looking to get a piece and it seems like they don't really care about me as anything else.
>one guy I've known since high school got drunk and asked me for nudes, which is something I do for no one, later apologized and says he regrets not being ready back then for a relationship
>an ex contacted me last night and said how he had a sex dream about me, he's in a long term relationship with an older woman and it made me feel really dirty, it felt like he was testing me as if he thinks I'm low enough to indulge in that talk
>guy I slept with once like several years ago is now trying to court me but hasn't outright said what his intentions are, makes me uncomfortable because he doesn't really make an effort to chat with me much and it just seems like he's really out for his own feelings and amusement and not for me
It's really, really hard for me not to feel like something to be used. I know I'm not respected. I want someone nice who genuinely has an interest, but it's not gonna happen anytime soon so I'm stuck in dealing with these assholes who only care about themselves. I want to be sincerely valued, and apparently for me that's asking a lot.

No. 371789

My anxiety is making feel crazy today ugh. Yesterday I had a pretty stable day towards the end, I felt nearly healed from feeling detached. Now it's like yesterday didn't happen and my mind is trying to trick me into thinking something is wrong with me still. I know it's all anxiety, but it makes everything feel unsettling.

No. 371797

File: 1549916422100.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

Been looking for a job for almost two months now and from 20 applications I only got 1 response back that I might get an interview. The last time it took me 5 months to find something and only had 5 interviews total. It's depressing how little opportunities there are to even apply, and if there is one it's usually a setup to get someone's family member into the company so you end up wasting time anyway.

I'm starting to think I'll start looking for work overseas or some shit. Right now the most sought out professions are nurses and various handymen (plumbers, electricians etc). Also thought about retraining for some of these jobs but somehow I doubt it would get better since I'm a woman. Legit never saw or met a woman doing this stuff in my country now that I think about it.

I'm just so tired of this shit and the high turnover rate most companies have. I'm 23 and I have only 2 years of experience, literally spent 3 years looking for fucking jobs. And of course there are always the smartasses who will say "if you REALLY want to work, you'll find something", yea, I do want to work, but I also want to be able to live off of it. I wish I could afford college or be smart enough to attend so I'd get a degree and fuck off into another country.

No. 371799

My partner's ex tried to convince him to not block her number because she was ~suicidal and the only one who could help was him by being able to talk her out of it. I had to break it down for him what she was doing or else he was naive enough to be manipulated by this. It's super shitty to try to keep someone in your life in this way when they are trying to rid themselves of your toxic ass.

In this case, she could rely on her family and friends and professionals. Of course she wasn't going to because this was meant to be emotional blackmail and she wasn't suicidal at all. She later tried to call him to say she slit her wrists and so I looked on her social media and she had full body pics up of her looking fine. She just wanted my partner to visit her out of guilt but luckily her plan failed there too.

This has taught me to call the cops on people who threaten this so they are taught this shit isn't a game. Kind of like what happened with Social Repose suicide baiting on Twitter.

I'm so glad that crazy bitch is out of our lives for about 4 years now.

No. 371803

I'm in the same boat anon. What really gets my goat about one company is that the recruiter actually called me back and then set up a video interview for me that I was to self record. Except after I submitted the interview they ghosted me completely. It's been three weeks and nothing, I even emailed asking twice and still nothing. It was just for a part time contract on a construction site in a medical triage. These petty fucks don't even have the decency to tell applicants "Oh sorry we got someone else" or "Rejected, sorry" anymore. It makes me enraged, and I've been unemployed since late November. I apply to several places a week and it's the same shenanigans.

No. 371804

Boo hoo, way to complain about getting attention. You would probably be complaining if it was the opposite and you weren't getting attention.

No. 371807

Not all attention is good attention.

No. 371808

File: 1549917098773.png (736.06 KB, 1280x719, 1549416863816.png)

Can you not read? Anon said she wanted to be respected and treated like a human, not recieve endless amount of "attention" from degenerate apes looking for a quick fuck.
Don't bother posting next time you neanderthal.

No. 371810

where do you live?

No. 371811

guys are definitely gross when it comes to "shooting their shot" with newly single women. it's really not reflective of how they view you as a person. men project their own post-breakup behaviors onto ALL women and assume, "hey, she'll be looking for a rebound right about now, it'll be an easy hookup" and they make their move regardless of how they feel about the girl. they're shitty that way, and it's why there are so many memes about sliding into a girl's DMs the instant she's single - they really live that reality.

but tbh it sounds like you already had self-esteem issues before all of this. it always feels shitty to be in a position where you feel objectified, but if a person has a healthy view of themselves, they don't take a significant hit to their self-esteem because a few men made them feel bad. healthy people know what they're worth, they're confident in that, and they don't doubt themselves the instant someone else makes them feel a little bit low, nor do they define their worth by how other people view them. sounds like you need to work on yourself a bit. if you value yourself, that should be all that matters.

No. 371819

Croatia, in case it sounded familiar to you lol

Ugh yes, had similar shit happen. Except there were retarded psychology tests involved and "rounds" so if you got into the final round and didn't get picked you basically wasted like 3 weeks for nothing.

I hope you find something soon anon <3

No. 371823

No. 371826

I live in Croatia too and just fund a job finally in my field(tech). Took me 3 months and 30+ applications and endless pointless testing and ghosting. But I think I have been lucky heard it usually takes 6+ months.And forget government jobs my dad works there and without a connection and being affiliated with the current political party its pointless. In what field are you looking?

No. 371829

Economy, haha I know I'm pretty much fucked. My last job was logistics so I'm sort of trying to "branch out" but it's still difficult as fuck

Also congrats on the job! Hope they'll pay you well

No. 371830

I feel you anon. I've been looking since November. I went to a recruitment agency recently and they told me that sometimes it takes their clients 6 months to find a job. The thing that annoys me the most is that my family all got jobs in this industry 30 years ago with no degree, no relevant experience and no relevant skills so they're under the impression that it's really easy to get a job but the reality is that all the job listings I see require ridiculous things like 10+ years experience or master's degrees or a big long list of skills that I can only say I have the half of. My family keep pushing me to lie on my CV or apply for things that are way over my head and I just don't have it in me to deceive someone like that. All of my friends from college managed to get jobs basically straight out of college which depresses tf out of me.

I think about moving country a lot too but then I remember that I'd probably just end up having other problems anyway (like rent or the cost of living or bad work environments). Just wanted to say ik it's hard and it's really rough to keep getting rejections (or silence), especially when people around you are finding employment just fine.

No. 371831

who invited CC?

No. 371835

my guess is bitter scrote

No. 371851

Good luck anon, I've been looking for a new job too. My current one makes me feel trapped and probably is making my mental health recovery go slower than it should, on top of some other factors like the weather, but that's out of my control unless I move out my area of the country.
I've been at a point before where i applied to like 40 different places within two weeks. Thankfully I was able to get hired, but 40 places and only 1 place wanted an interview with me and I was lucky enough to get hired.

I really want to move out of state, though. I already talked to my narc mom about it and she surprisingly didn't hesitate to stop me so maybe in a few weeks I'm gonna talk to HR at my job to see how they can help me, they have branches out where I've been looking. This town is just for old people and kids, it's time to leave. All of my old friends from high school have skipped town. My boyfriend is getting more depressed because of the area we live in, and our cars are clearly not made for this weather.

No. 371857

I have a few months left to live thanks to cancer, I'm scared, honestly.

No. 371859

Fuck are you at the last stage..?

No. 371861

>don't even let you know you don't have it
This is the worst part. When I don't get a generic unsuccessful application email I chase them up, but if I ask why I didn't get a job it's always the vague "it was a difficult decision because the numbers of applicants was so high", I can't ever get any concrete advice for why I failed to get the job or what I could improve in.
People always tell me that I just need to build up more experience but I've been working constantly short term jobs in my field for the past 4 years, but haven't been able to find a permanent position after over a year of looking, so I know that's just a bullshit go-to platitude. If I have shit on my face I want to know!

Wow anon I'm sorry, do your friends and family know? I hope they are there for you during this time
This is probably not helpful but I recently read how there's a lot of research being done on using LSD to help terminally ill patients come to grips with their situation, so that they can live best without anxiety and dread.

No. 371890

I hate how pregnancy symptoms are the same as BC side effects or even stuff I experience on a daily basis.


implant side effect
>sore boobs
implant side effect
>pissing constantly
this is just something I've done my whole life, I think it's an anxiety thing. I definitely don't have diabetes or anything.
>crusty nips
I have high prolactin thanks to PCOS.

I know I should just take a pregnancy test if I'm that nervous about it but meh.

No. 371891

I might have PCOS, do you take any medication for it?

No. 371894

isn't it sad going through all this pain just for a male to be able to orgasm into you?

No. 371903

If you think you have PCOS you should get your doctor to do some bloodwork. I take metformin and spironolactone for it.

I have to be on BC for my PCOS though so like. It's inevitable whether my husband cums in me or not lmao.

No. 371912


No. 371915

it's probably just pms, chill anon

if you're that worried then take a pregnancy test

No. 371922

File: 1549930313024.png (54.36 KB, 500x406, を-paper-due-midnight-pepe-2680…)

ugh I submitted the fruit of procrastination I mentioned >>371565 at 11:59 sharp, glad I made it but I'm not thoroughly happy with the result and I know I could've done better if I had bullied myself harder. The intro and structure are good but then my last point and conclusion is quite weak. luckily it's only 10% of my grade for the course so it will mostly be only my self esteem that suffers.

idk what's wrong with me, why do I love making my own life stressful and miserable when it doesn't have to be. hopefully I'll finally learn from this! can finally go to sleep though, ya-ayy, have been awake for 32 hours so I feel thoroughly dead.

No. 371929

File: 1549931028737.jpg (11.11 KB, 184x184, c7e8bbad4e64f0cf3b073cdd548587…)

no, studying in uk rn, does my esl english look particulary frenchy?

No. 371937

I have done bloodwork. It came back normal but my tosterone was really high she said thats usually an indicator that I do have it. She gave me pills so that it can religate my period but for now we still don’t really know if I do or not. I have another appointment in a few months

No. 371963

lmao aw anon. this was me last week.

No. 371992

I feel you, I’m from Serbia and I’ve been on job hunt as well. All the companies I’ve applied to never contacted me. All but one of my friends got their jobs through connections, and even for them, things aren’t all sunshine and roses. One of my friends worked for half criminal and never got paid out, other friend works illegally…
I recently worked for (ex?) criminal’s wife, they wanted me to work 200+ hours per month for less than minimum wage, but wanted to report that I’m working around around 80 hours so they’d save the money. Couldn’t stand the abuse there either, so i left.

No. 371995

File: 1549940498064.jpg (62 KB, 570x549, 16-gross-pda-sessions.jpg)

i feel autistic but i hate "romantic" things. i feel a little nauseated whenever someone talks about how cute their s/o is and others comment on how cuuute it is and everything is so cuuuuute and sweet and cute!! eugh

i've wanted a relationship for awhile but i feel really undesirable, in part because i dislike affectionate words, i hate pet names, i don't like cuddling or holding hands or kissing, i don't like… any of that. i hate talking about "butterflies" and all that shit. it just makes me feel childish and stupid if i relate it to myself and grossed out when others mention it.

idk how to stop being so bitter or whatever i am about romance.

No. 371997

I always feel so sad after I spend time at my grandparents. What's the point of living into your 80s and 90s if you're just going to be in constant pain, and losing your mind? My grandma has Alzheimer's and she's getting really bad and gets upset when she can't remember who her family members are. And my grandpa has Parkinson's and has bad knees and heart. They live alone in their house, and do almost nothing all day. They sleep and watch the news 24/7. What type of life is that? Family visits them almost everyday, and they get help, but they can't do anything or go anywhere. And when they do it's just doctor appointments. Life sucks, then you get old and spend the last 20-30 years being sick and in pain and having constant doctor appointments. Fuck, I hope I get a brain aneurysm in my late 50's and just die while I'm still able to know who I am enjoying life.

No. 371999

if it helps at all most elderly people welcome death. they've lived their life and they may have some regrets but almost universally, most old people are ready to die. the brain just kind of goes into acceptance mode and you're like "whatever" at that point. most of the time.

No. 372004

That may be true, but I still feel real bad for my grandma. She's constantly confused and upset, and like I said doesn't do anything all day. I think she's ready, or about as ready as she can be for death. But then she will also say things like she hopes she can get better and be cured of her forgetfulness. She looks in the mirror and is shocked at how she looks. It's just real sad. It would be nice if people in their golden years could actually enjoy those years.

No. 372046

File: 1549945895680.png (1.32 MB, 1110x480, 610CFF23-15CC-4D33-B7E8-0D4720…)

I know it’s dumb but my inlaws have a magnet on their fridge that says this. Pisses me off every time I think about it lol.

No. 372051

this is perfect for dog owners. the majority are annoying narcissists who care only about themselves and nothing else.

sucks because i like dogs but god damn do i hate dog owners

No. 372052

so disrespectful to the dogs wtf

No. 372065

I miss him. He's still in his home state taking care of his dad, so I've been letting him focus on that since he already has a lot on his plate with family drama, work/research, etc. and we're not even really dating so I feel like I don't have the right to be clingy or needy.

I just want to cuddle up with him again. He's the first person that I've felt this much of a connection with in a long time.

No. 372066

I miss him. He's still in his home state taking care of his dad, so I've been letting him focus on that since he already has a lot on his plate with family drama, work/research, etc. and we're not even really dating so I feel like I don't have the right to be clingy or needy.

I just want to cuddle up with him again. He's the first person that I've felt this much of a connection with in a long time.

No. 372071

I know it's more than dog owners, but imo the reason why pet owners put their animals on pedestals so much is because they're fucking jerks to people, ergo they can't form as meaningful bonds with another human being. Instead they have to have captive audiences like dogs who have no literal voice, have to do as they're told, vie to give attention, and aren't as much an 'inconvenience' because the animal's wants and needs can go ignored with no repercussion.

No. 372077

That is exactly it, anon. He treats his dogs like shit too, they just can’t stand up for themselves.

No. 372092

Never-before-seen levels of projection lmao.

No. 372095

It's when it gets out hand imo. I met this girl and her boyfriend at a concert a few months back and wanted to get to know her as a friend more so than her boyfriend (cuz i really dont like guys in general.)
All she did was go on and on about her boyfriend every conversation online we had, so i just unfollowed her. it was so creepy , like she had no personality of her own.

No. 372151

I'm going to unleash my autism in this post so bear with me but as a long time imageboard user, I cannot stand when anons doubleposting incorrectly call it samefagging. The ones that start off their second post with "Lol samefagging but…" Like c'mon, samefag has a really negative connotation and is used for calling out anons who do this during infighting. You doubleposting is not samefagging.
A lot of anons are super new because this shit is rampant now.

There I said it.

No. 372153

i can tell my body wants to get over this mental health slump. it's ready to not be dissociated anymore, however it's like it's confused. it's been months since i've felt not dissociated, but ever since half a week ago i've noticed the dissociation weakening ever so slightly and i'm able to feel more present.
progress is being made, yay!
i can do this, i just gotta take my time. remind myself not to put too much pressure on myself. it's tough, dealing with this is a giant mental exercise since it makes me feel dissociated all day, distraction is only a distraction, the rest of my time is me trying to correct my thinking patterns. it's exhausting, anons, but i got this.

No. 372164

Back home from the dentist. Got my last wisdom theet removed. While the other ones were actually super ok to deal with and were easy to remove, this one took about 30 minutes to get out and while I'm actually not a crybaby when it comes to pain, I burst out in crying when I was done because this shit was physically and mentally exhausting (it was done with a local anaesthesia). I took me another 10 minutes to come down after all this. Tomorrow I have to go tomorrow back to check up if it's fine because they had to end up cutting it out and sew it. Fuck that, thankfully it was the last one because fuck everything. Fuck this shit.


Thank you so much! The apartment was a bit smaller than I imagined but still super nice. I expect today or tomorrow a call about if it works out or nah.

No. 372166


Pedantic farmers unite!

Related: persistent and pervasive grammatical mistakes make my forehead feel tight.

Using her and him in compound subjects
had went, had ran, etc.
ect. for etc.
then for than
drug for dragged
lay for lie
consistently for constantly

No. 372169

"would of" instead of would have makes me insane

No. 372170

She has therapy, and she used to have therapy-only before. Before antidepressant she's got a bit of breakdown sometimes but when she wasn't like that she seems quite empathetic to begin with.

I'm ready to let her be now, but generally speaking. If she said the drug works at least from her side why are there side effect like this?

No. 372171

I have finally broken up with my boyfriend two months ago, but nothing got better. He threatens suicide at least once everyday, writes hundreds of angry messages because I forgot to type "good night", and constantly guilts me into things. I feel like dying whenever he tells me he will kill himself, he often sends pictures with a gun in his mouth. I know he is serious because he took too many sleeping pills once (and now tells me I have stolen money from him because he had to pay his hospital bills).

No. 372172

Because that's how anti depressant work.
They make some people better but it's rare they don't come with a mixed bag of side effects. You either stop taking your treatment/switch because they are too much to handle or you bear with whatever night sweat/weight gain/cotton mouth you're stuck with along with the lift in mood.

No. 372173

Also, as anon said, it's normal to have a shitty period where suddenly you have more energy to do things (whereas you were lethargic before) but you still feel like shit. It's also a dangerous moment (suicide attempts happen during this time).
Maybe she's feeling somewhat better and more energetic but yeah, that's still not great so she's snappy af.

No. 372175

Listen. I have been exactly where you are. My ex on my birthday slashed himself up and took a bag of pills because I didn't want him. I had to call the police. He kept threatening.

Guess what. That fucker is well and truly alive. I was too scared to leave because he kept threatening to kill himself etc etc etc and it took new friends I made to give me the push to leave, knowing he's bullshitting.

It'll be difficult and he won't leave you alone, but change numbers and phones, make sure he doesn't have your family's numbers and take out a restraining order if needed.

You got this! I promise. Don't let this fucktard steal any more of your life.

No. 372177

We live in a different countries, so I can't even call the police. I am also his only friend, and he doesn't have a job, so I don't know what would stop him. But thank you for your kind, encouraging words.

No. 372181

I was his only friend too and he was jobless.

Change your contact and block from all social media, I promise you won't regret cutting ties.

No. 372185

Just get away, change numbers, ignore him
My ex did the same when I broke up with him, he would call me and say "I'm killing myself if you don't go out with me today" and stuff like that, sometimes he got angry and threatened me "I'm going to kill you I know where you live"
It's horrid but usually they're just desperate cowards that deserve no attention

No. 372191

I have a lot to cry about but I can’t cry because whenever I wipe my face this big ass colony of cysts on my face hurts and oozes pus and the top layer of skin sloughs off and then I feel even more sorry for myself.

No. 372193

Holy shit, that sounds God fucking awful. No matter what happens: you are not responsible.
No human being is responsible for keeping a suicidal, manipulative, obsessive jackass alive.
Please, please, please get away and seek help for yourself. I can't imagine the strain on your soul because of this.
If he dies, it's on him and only him, not you! Never. You are your own person. He doesn't own you

No. 372196

File: 1549972983445.jpg (38.2 KB, 600x400, 7YwXV1Y.jpg)

I have been screaming for so long, I have forgotten what there is to scream about

No. 372206

Sorry for doubleposting, but it also irritates me how he seems to pick the most busy time in my day to threaten me. In the middle of classes, when I visit my dad, when I am going out with my friends. Maybe I am just paranoid and it's not intentional, but it makes me bitter.

No. 372208

Don't be naive, anon. Of course it's intentional. He wants you to be at his beck and call. Knowing he's spoiling moments for you is probably enhoyable to him.
Just block. He can't threaten you if he can't get a hold of you.

No. 372223

My boyfriend's feet have become extremely cold and I mean ICE cold. He has to wear two sets of socks and even when we're under the covers they won't get warm. He's been complaining about them falling asleep and now he tells me that his toes have been swelling. I am freaking out that there may be something wrong but he won't go to the hospital. His hands have also been having similar problems and his nails are like fucking paper. I don't understand why he won't go see a doctor. We live in a country where health care isn't even that expensive and it's easy to get seen right away. I don't know what to do but I may just drag him there myself.

No. 372233

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, I have a cold, but only have flu medicine, can I take it? I JUST GOT BETTER AND IM SICK AGAIN

No. 372238


Read the bottle. Will the med treat the symptoms you have?

No. 372241

That sounds like it could be diabetes, anon. Tell him that and drag his ass to a hospital, diabetic people sometimes lose limbs to poor circulation and ensuing gangrene, it can get real dangerous real quick.

No. 372245

I'm a camgirl and I had to do it for the money in order to pay for my college and escape poverty.
I don't feel bad about it anymore just dead inside overall. I just wish I had a marketing strategy good enough to milk as much money out of the depravates that watch naked women masturbate in their rooms. They're so fucking hopeless some of them even end up thinking they might have chances with a camgirl when it's clear as day most girls do it for the cash. Men are so obsessed with female attention and sexual organs that they would go bankrupt.

No. 372254

Your boyfriend probably has chilblains, I get that on my toes during the winter. He has to be more careful with exposing his hands/feet to cold weather and gradually warm them instead of putting them in really hot water (like a shower)

No. 372288

>>Doesn't live in the same country as you
>> Doesn't have a job so the likely hood of him hoping on a plane to do anything is very unlikely
…So just change your number and be done with it. How haven't you done this already. If you change your number he will no longer be an issue, change your social media as well.

No. 372291

its incredible that money could solve 100% of my problems
like, really.

No. 372319

The whole situation with Brandon Calvillo is really upsetting. I'm glad he was outed for dating an underage girl (and shown to have a pattern of doing it), but most of the comments on videos are attacking his gf Lacey. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. She was underage at the time they were dating and Brandon was 23 or 24. People say they feel "sorry he's in this situation", but at the same time attack her appearance and her actions (lying about being 18 instead of 17 when they got together). Yeah, it was bad she lied and that could get him in jail, but he knew she was 17 and kept dating her. Why does she get the criticism? Men are protected by society even when they're predators and women are always put down even if they're the victims (what he did was technically statutory rape).

No. 372326

>a literal whore calling anyone else a depravate
kek why do they all lack self awareness?

No. 372329

File: 1549993394309.jpg (419.73 KB, 1000x1000, a good boy.jpg)

I had to put down my childhood dog today. It hurts but his health was getting worse and my family didn't want him to be in pain anymore. We all knew this was going to happen eventually, but, god, I still can't even process it. I miss him so much.

No. 372343

My hmm…friend…has this problem as well,she started out normal, but then switched to talking about guys 80% of the time. She gets upset if I don't want to talk about them, lmao.

No. 372389

Yea anon I'm still going to see men that encourage and pay for sex work as depravate even if I'm a hypocrite. A lot of women aren't forced into sex work but are influenced by their financial circumstances. I'll soon be free from this kind of work as I will be able to pay for my college.
There's a lot of studios for camgirls in the country that I live in and all are owned by men and some women are even held as hostages in there. I even had a friend that unfortunately committed suicide 3 months ago. She ended up working at a so called studio after her father died and her house burnt down but they didn't protect her identity and they used her real name to promote her on pornhub without her knowledge and her friends found out and she entered a very strong depressive episode. I mean sure, the women doing it are whores and depravates and whatever you want to name them but I think men that use or work in the industry are 10 time worse.

No. 372393

I don't. I honestly don't think you're any better than your, eh, "consumers".

No. 372406

I realized I've used a ton of money in the past two weeks, some necessary things some debatable but I feel anxious now. I usually only use my money to pay bills and food and literally nothing else but now I have bought stuff. I feel like logically I shouldn't feel bad because of how I usually use money. Maybe I'm just not used to using money on things that are not objectively useful/necessary and I feel bad because of that…

One of the things was a hair dryer and I was kinda disappointed because the heat setting are basically cold - really hot - I didn't even dare the hottest because the 'medium' was so hot. It had a separate cold air button as well so the normal heat being cold doesn't impress me. Maybe I should try to return it? The store site says it should be unused but I did try it so I worry.

No. 372448

She's right, and you're sounding like a scrot right now. Hating prostitution =/= hating the poor unfortunates who get sucked into it. Men are the problem, as always.

No. 372461

File: 1550006205038.jpg (56.37 KB, 825x464, funny-tweets-about-smith-genie…)

I've just seen the Aladdin trailer and it looks terrible. The Beauty and the Beast was awful and the trailer didn't even look that bad. With this I have no idea what they were thinking.
No offence to indian anons here, but it looks like a Bollywood movie and lacks the arabian setting the animated movie had. Everything about it looks trash.

I just wish Disney started creating original stuff instead of rehashing my childhood.

> Maybe I'm just not used to using money on things that are not objectively useful/necessary and I feel bad because of that…

Same thing with me. I always overthink after purchasing and have buyer's regret even though I barely use the money for anything but bills and food. I should renew my wardrobe but I keep postponing it.

But this mindset is not healthy. Some things are not necessary but they do make life a lot easier or more convenient. I'm trying to convince myself that I should indulge myself a little bit here and then.
As for the hairdryer I doubt you will have problems. It's not an item where you see signs of usage immediately.

No. 372464

Hey anon, you gave that dog a whole entire life of love and safety and affection. Losing a pet hurts so much, but at least you know he’s not hurting or scared and will never have to lose you. That dog had you there to love him and easing their pain when they’re sick or old is the kindest thing to do.

Hope the grief doesn’t weigh you down too much anon. You gave your dog a good life, and a better death than lots of people get.

No. 372474

This. You were that dog's whole world and if he could thank you and say I love you a million times over, he would have. Honestly, he's appreciating you and thinking about you right now in the billions of dimensions and worlds we can't see.

No. 372479

File: 1550007020955.png (207.54 KB, 499x544, 312032d7-ab41-403e-aacb-d6c5dd…)

I know a watch can't 100% accurately tell your VO2Max but mine dropped from 41 to 36 in 5 months and it's bumming me out. The only way to get it back up would be to do more cardio, which I don't want to do since I'm basically bulking and I mostly do strength training anyway. I know I shouldn't care but some days this stupid shit gives me anxiety.

No. 372519

i actually did not know that. thank you anon.

No. 372574

File: 1550012720679.gif (497.49 KB, 211x169, fuck yourself.gif)

Today was supposed to be the day my ex texted me so we could meet up and give me the rest of the money he promised to owe me back for buying him groceries and other shit when we were together, as well as a book and some other things I had left over there. Unsurprisingly, he ignored my outgoing text after I waited all day, and ignored my phone call. I texted him thanks for the lesson in abuse and to keep the money because it wasn't worth it to keep his terrible ass in the back of my mind anymore.
I blocked him on my phone and deleted him from all social media. He blocked me on fb after I unfriended him. A part of me knew he wouldn't keep his word because he's a desperate liar.

The real tragedy is that he will repeat this with another woman probably very soon. I don't even trust how many exs he had now or the way he broke up with them because of how he twisted the narrative when he abused me and then promptly erased my existence from his social media when we were over. He's a liar, dangerous, and will hurt someone else and there's nothing I can do except pick up the pieces he broke off me and move on. It's one of the shortest relationships I've ever had yet one of the men I've ever hated so much before.

No. 372597

File: 1550014831893.png (25.19 KB, 128x128, pathetic.png)

my mom and i usually get along but this shit is annoying as fuck.

>mom runs etsy store, she buys and sells vintage stuff, most of it is pretty cool

>house is flooded with her vintage shit
>buys way too much shit even though we can afford it
>drives me fucking crazy
>when no one is home, i take any new stuff she gets and put it downstairs. we actually have a big house and the basement is nice, a lot of surfaces.
>she is actually fine with this
>mfw realize my mom is a lazy shit at home and pretty much doesn't move her new shit ever until i put it downstairs
>running out of space to put things
>dad installs shelves downstairs for her
>still running out of space
>mom keeps buying more and more shit
>cant help but be pretty mad at her for this, its not the only way she makes messes
>mom keeps projecting even though i am incredibly organized, i never lose things or forget things, same with my dad, we are pretty minimalistic and like to keep things in order
>mom bitches about how things barely fit in the house in general, mostly if it's dishware i bought that i actually fucking use, not my fault you have a problem buying too much fucking shit that we don't even use and you can't be fucked to ever clean anything out or throw out shit, which is something i do often in the house
>she keeps bitching anyway every day about how she's lost something once again in the sea of Her Shit
>"anon where did you put this i need to ship it"
>"if its not up here, its downstairs."
>mom pouting angrily over how she can never find anything
>i go downstairs, find it within a minute, bring it to her
>i try to hint at her for the 45934085th time to fucking get her shit together by saying "just so you know i am running out of space to put everything."
>she is quiet and mad at me once again, like a petulent child
>mfw i really need to move out

No. 372598

File: 1550014940166.jpeg (83.79 KB, 500x500, FFDE0536-C5D9-421B-B7AD-367D7F…)

I’m currently trying to find change in my car/house so i can afford some type of dinner. Probably will have to be something cheap from the gas station. I work a full time job but it just isn’t fucking enough when my bills and rent take my entire paycheck. What really fucking kills me though, is my family. My brothers are neets who’ve never held a job nor moved out of the house. I’m the only one who’s made an effort, worked shitty jobs, moved out, pay my own way, meanwhile my siblings get to sit on their asses in a nice comfy house, eat whatever they want, play vidya all day and night, and my family hands them cash and gift cards and groceries. I just don’t fucking get it. If I didn’t hate my family so much for enabling this bullshit maybe I’d move back in for the cushy life, but instead I’m here counting crusty coins, knowing it’ll never be enough to live a comfortable life that my brothers get for just existing.

No. 372602

Is your only reason not to move back home that you dont like your parents enabling your NEET brothers? Don't cut off your nose to spite your face, if they are happy to have you there and you can tolerate living at home you should do it. Working full time while living at home is the absolute best way to save money (aka a deposit on a house). It might not be fun or ideal, but neither is searching for coinage to by dinner. It's just that one option gives you a massive boost in life and the other doesn't.

No. 372606

File: 1550016317220.png (264.58 KB, 800x630, 20190212_160236.png)

There is a terminology thread if anyone is interested: >>>/meta/1706
I could've sworn there was a better and more accurate one here on lolcow, though. It's where I learned the proper difference between doubleposting and samefagging. This one seems a little off.

No. 372609

did you post about this before?

No. 372611

yeah, a few weeks ago. the following weekend i moved all her shit in the basement and she's still being annoying about it and saying she'll organize it but she never does

No. 372621

File: 1550018266775.png (244.13 KB, 600x300, hiuhfwljlkejfwl.png)

This is so sweet, I keep reading both your replies over again and crying. I can't tell you how badly I needed to hear this. Thank you. He loved my family and me unconditionally so the least we could do was ease his pain. The next few weeks will be hard, but he will no longer suffer and that's what matters the most.

No. 372630

I've been student teaching for about a month now and had my first evaluation and I feel like everything went wrong. I cant get these kids to listen to me plus when I do my lessons.. they're all confused and I have to start over. I've tried to change how I do things and no matter what I try doesnt work. Plus, my supervisor mentioned i don't have a "teaching voice"..I love teaching and it's what i want to do but I feel like maybe it's just not cut out for me. Everyone keeps saying "it will get better" and "these things take time" but god damn, i feel so unmotivated to go back there tomorrow. not only do i feel like i failed myself but im failing these kids out of a good education. just tired of feeling like all i do is fail tbh

No. 372679

Ffs I hate myself and my lack of patience now.
When I was a teenager I lived in a different state and met two guys who were cousins. I had a crush on one of them, but he was never interested. His cousin though confessed he liked me and I started to like him too after a while. We dated for a few months, but then I had to move and we agreed to have a LDR. His family actually lived in the city I moved to (he lived with his cousin back there) and dumb me pressed him a lot to live with his parents, even though I knew they didn't get along. After half an year or arguing and never seeing each other I decided to break up. We saw each other 2 years later when I was visiting, hooked up, but agreed to go no contact even though I still loved him.
10 years later I stumble upon his facebook. Add him on a whim, we talk, and I realize I still fucking love him. He actually moved to my city 2 years ago, but he's married now.
I know 8 years is way too long to wait for someone but goddamit. When I saw his pics I realized he's the handsome version of my boyfriend. I never got over him. I hate myself for not being able to wait. Maybe he would have moved here before for me. I'm not going to interfere in his marriage but it hurts like hell.

No. 372697

I'm in such a foul mood.

>tits are giant painful boulders for the last month so either I'm pregnant or it's a birth control side effect

>can't fit into any of my bras as a result except for bralettes and I can't find my only clean one
>husband is harassing me to dirty talk him at work, told him to fuck off because it's inappropriate and the thought of him jerking off in some office bathroom is disgusting and not sexy at all
>just got out of the shower and I'm already stress-sweating because I hate my body and I hate whatever the fuck is wrong with my tits that they're so huge and painful lately
>the thought of taking a pregnancy test literally makes me sick with anxiety but I know I need to do it because if I am then I'm like 3 months along and need to abort ASAP
>this whole situation makes me even madder because I had a serious talk with him a few months ago about getting a vasectomy (we are in our 30's and don't want kids) and he just laughed it off and said I'm already on birth control for the next 3 years so it's fine

No. 372744


I hope you meet your dog again, Anon, somewhere, someday, somehow.

No. 372755

Talk to your gyno and take the prevention option that's healthier for you, also check if you might have endo or something similar.

No. 372765

So, i’m in africa and have been for about 6 months. My plan was to be here for a month but things happened,

However, i really fucking miss my cats. Out of everything, i miss cats and fear that i probably wont see them. Chances are my dad gave them away to some syrians he works with. It just sucks because in late june my cat lost her kitten, then in july we all just left and never came back and i keep thinking i just walked out of their lives. I know its a cat but i feel so bad and miss her so fucking much and i miss my other cat and i cant possibly understand how confused they must have been that we all just left and stopped showing up.

My dad used to tell me how our first week gone they would just meow and look for us - and when we were facetiming my cat heard my voice and ran to the room and it was really cute and fuck man i miss them

I miss my cats…

No. 372769

I want to call myself a radfem but the amount of spergery even the people on this site have is so over the top I sometimes wonder if it's a robot falseflagging.
>How DARE you have sexual fantasies and kinks!!! you need a brain enema to get rid of that porn addiction you fucking degenerate
>Bisexual women are just slutty straight girls getting off to sexualized lesbian porn, they should all fuck off from m-muh gay spaces!!!!!
>Stop being sympathetic towards TiFs, they're still gender traitors!!! don't give me this bullshit about them being the victim of a misogynist society!!!
Are you all fucking 16 I swear to god

No. 372773

>Stop being sympathetic towards TiFs, they're still gender traitors!!! don't give me this bullshit about them being the victim of a misogynist society!!!
I pretty much never see this though… there's occasional comments that are like
>why aren't you guys as harsh on mtfs???
And everyone responds saying that they have internalized misogyny, want to escape being seen sexually, etc. The worst of it is hating on fakebois for their blatant gay fetishizing and hypocritically shaming other fujos for it, but mostly people have sympathy for them even if they think it's bullshit.

In regards to the rest, I do see a fair bit of that. But anons are angry and venting a lot of the time because there aren't that many other places you can do so. I certainly can't blame lesbians for being sick to death of fake bisexuals, or any women for being sick of pornified fetishes that almost always conveniently involve degrading women, if those are the hills people choose to die on then they've probably just had excessive exposure to it compared to other issues.

No. 372776

You are a degenerate if you get off on any kind of pain or humiliation, thought.

No. 372780

I understand the psychology and reasoning behind it because I'm not a fucking retard but the sperging is embarrassing. I'm all for venting about males but at times it seems like these cunts are more about attacking other women over petty shit than keeping the sisterhood mentality up. The "women can't enjoy porn because it's always about degrading them" narrative is stupid, not all porn is live action and not all of it is made for men. There are novels, comics and artwork a lot of women get off to instead of the tripe men watch and they should be allowed to have sexual fantasies without some asshole shaming them for "porn addiction". As for the bisexuality thing, I get the hate for women using it as an aesthetic as much as any other person, but in return most political lesbians (that the loudest activists usually are) end up marrying a guy in 10 years anyway.

No. 372781

After two years of being mistreated, taken advantage of and stepped on I finally quit my job. I don’t know why I did it I just did it in the moment. I feel so stupid but also like I probably made one of the best decisions. I’m gonna miss some people so much but honestly I was so unhappy. No idea if I can get another job or when so i’m preparing for the worst, but at least I can feel happy again.

No. 372782

driving home from work today was a bitch. the roads were complete ice and i felt like i was driving for 5 hours even though it only took an hour and 30 minutes. the wind was really strong and i felt like i was in a tornado at one point. i hate the snow.

No. 372783

>There are novels, comics and artwork
When anons say 'porn' they mean actual filmed/photographed porn of real people, not art or literature. Or at least, I've never seen any posts to contradict that assumption while I've seen many posts defending BL comics and so on.

As far as I can tell, the thing that bothers most radfem anons is women shouting their love for submission from the rooftops. Nobody gives a shit if women have fantasies unless they are tarring us all with the same brush, men see one woman claim she wants to be raped and suddenly we all do.

No. 372798

i can't stand people like this that refuse to call yourself something you claim to believe in because four people you dislike act 'spergy' about it. how spineless are you? pornsickness is bad for both men and women though and retarded and/or harmful fetishes should be thoroughly shamed. if you can't stand catching heat for your retarded fetishes that are unhealthy, keep them off lolcow? i respect the anons that acknowledge how stupid their fetishes are and don't piss their pants like this. and a lot of 'bisexual' women make bad names for real bisexual women and plenty of bi women acknowledge that it harms them and their community, wyd?

like, i hate so called 'leftists' now but i'm not going to back down from calling myself one because leftism has been hijacked by fat failsons in striped sockings w baby carrot cocks, bad hair, and no work ethic

>The "women can't enjoy porn because it's always about degrading them" narrative is stupid, not all porn is live action and not all of it is made for men.
you sound kind of retarded tbh. they're talking about actual live porn being harmful to women. and drawn porn, or real porn, can be created by women and allegedly "for" women but not actually be women focused, you know. there's plenty of shit that's claimed to be "for women" but obviously isn't. and tbh porn in general is bad for relationships but w/e

No. 372803

This is the exact kind of spergy autism that makes the pinkpill thread look retarded to everyone else. At least keep your reeing directed at men and not other women.

No. 372804

File: 1550049767581.png (230.71 KB, 540x405, 1upe1ufo1_540.png)

>tfw just purged a giant amount of friends since many were inactive for years/posted nothing but shitty memes/turned into facebook moms.
It feels relieving to get rid of all these people, especially ones I've known since high school. But looking back on previous posts when we all used to talk,I can't help but feel kinda sad about it.

No. 372806

it's not reeing, you just have a painfully low threshold for being mildly criticized. there are plenty of anons that admit they do this or that or like this or that but they acknowledge it's not great for them or others and don't advocate it instead of getting irrationally offended because someone points out how it's probably not the best for them

and again, like four girls on an imageboard is not all of radical feminism or even remotely representative of radical feminism, like, at all, so

No. 372807

>Nobody gives a shit if women have fantasies unless they are tarring us all with the same brush, men see one woman claim she wants to be raped and suddenly we all do.

Stop blaming women for mysoginistic mens retardation. It’s not any woman’s fault these mysoginists only have two brain cells aren’t able to comprehend that we’re individuals and not a hive mind

No. 372810

>Stop blaming women for mysoginistic mens retardation. It’s not any woman’s fault these mysoginists only have two brain cells aren’t able to comprehend that we’re individuals and not a hive mind
yes, obviously the men are the larger problem, but the women shouting about how they love submission should be informed about how it's harmful and how their vocalization of this particular fetish is harmful to other women, because it's already so, so heavily pushed at every corner, to the point where literal tweens and pre-tweens are wearing 'daddys girl' crop tops, ffs. the submission female fetish is a meme anyways and the more women are made cognizant of it, the more they can see how damaging it is and how vulnerable it makes them. why does it seem like you guys are under the impression that women can't be informed about how or why something is harmful and, ideally, should not be bragged about, if they know it's harmful? ideally, women should try to condition themselves out of these fetishes, if possible. if not for the interest of all women, but more importantly, for their own safety. it literally makes them vulnerable and prey to predatory men. women's behavior can be critiqued too. you assume and act like men aren't being shit on at the same time, but they are?

No. 372812

File: 1550051313002.jpg (54.8 KB, 1200x630, goat-1.jpg)

screaming for the voiceless

No. 372813

I don’t post about any of my kinks, but it’s utterly stupid to blame the women in this scenario. You could extend this to anything men do and instead blame women for it - men rape? It’s because of those women that dress scantily. Men demand nudes? It’s because of the minority of the population that are camgirls. Men abuse wives? It’s because women nag.

Abusive and mysoginitic men will be this way regardless of whether or not you shame women for behaviour that ultimately only affects them on a paersonal level. A small population of women enjoying masochism or taking it up the ass is not the reason why women as a whole are seen as men’s sex toys to be abused. And in the grand scheme of things, some woman wanting her sexual partner to pull her hair or call her a slut while getting fucked is none of your concern unless it involves unconsenting parties, these women are capable of making their own informed decisions and don’t need to you speaking on their behalf

No. 372814

Samefag, but why are people always more comfortable to criticise the choices and behaviours of women, even in feminist spaces where men should be the ones more scrutinised.

No. 372820

This choice feminism nonsense… as if women complicit in promoting abuse are above criticism. I really don't care about hurt feelings if there's a chance that vocal opposition to such 'kinks' has even the slightest chance of it resonating with a girl who might use it to protect herself in future. If someone feels attacked by mild criticism and a less than warm welcome, well, it's worth it.

No. 372823

It’s not about hurt feelings it’s about unfair vilification. Masochism is in no way deserving of more criticism than sadism, stop absolving men of their responsibility because of a small minority of women.

No. 372827

>but it’s utterly stupid to blame the women in this scenario.
no one is BLAMING women. what we're doing is saying that this shit that is harmful for women and girls doesn't need to be signal boosted BY WOMEN in a community of outcasted girls and women when they have literally the rest of the internet to seek out asspats for, and when men are blaring this shit in our ears 24/7. as an example, tumblr is a community made up largely of females but them hyping shit men want as being aesthetic and desirable, like this uwu loli baby daddy bullshit DOES NOT HELP, and it has culminated in a generation of outcasted internet girls romanticizing predatory men and predatory situations. women being even unknowing footsoliders of the patriarchy should be alerted to the harms of their behavior. it's not a crime, and you're not being victimized for it, and women aren't the ones being primarily blamed, but their being complicit needs to be recognized, or else everything men want flies under the radar of "BUT SOME WOMEN WANT IT!!", no matter how harmful it is.

>And in the grand scheme of things, some woman wanting her sexual partner to pull her hair or call her a slut while getting fucked is none of your concern unless it involves unconsenting parties, these women are capable of making their own informed decisions and don’t need to you speaking on their behalf

kek, that's just golden, anon. it's none of our concern… when they insist on making it public?

>Masochism is in no way deserving of more criticism than sadism, stop absolving men of their responsibility because of a small minority of women.

we have a whole thread of dedicated to shitting on men for this shit, retard. sorry that women who insist on being complicit in bragging about their regressive fetishes on the literal one space of the internet that might disagree with the ethics and safety of it, aren't getting asspats and approval and are instead told to analyze their actions for their own safety. and again, we have a literal whole thread dedicated to rightfully blaming men for pushing this bullshit on women, so it truly sounds like you're just irrationally assmad that you can't shout from the rooftops about how much you love whatever regressive bullshit you're into

and it's also not a small minority of women. a decent amount of women are memed into this and that's why they should be reminded to analyze their desires/fetishes, especially before signal boosting shit that men already want us to believe and desire, for their benefit.

No. 372828

You guys keep wrongfully assuming I’m a masochist, I’m just sick of women being frequently berated over masochism while judgement of sadistic men is kept to a single thread and sadistic women are celebrated.

And just because some retards have no social filter and don’t understand that their sex life shouldn’t be displayed doesn’t mean that they’re somehow not a minority. A vast majority of women aren’t masochistic.

No. 372842

>You guys keep wrongfully assuming I’m a masochist, I’m just sick of women being frequently berated over masochism while judgement of sadistic men is kept to a single thread and sadistic women are celebrated.
>I’m just sick of women being frequently berated over masochism while judgement of sadistic men is kept to a single thread
>kept to a single thread
are you serious? is this your first day here???? we literally cannot speak about it in other threads without getting banned or reported, and when manhate threads are active, we are told to keep it to the containment thread. when it was spoken about in other threads anons were getting reported for being femcels and people were crying in /meta/ to completely ban complaints about men and suggesting permabanning 'manhaters' or radfems, ffs.

>A vast majority of women aren’t masochistic.

the majority of women into masochism are memed into it, but polling suggests that too many women are 'into' it. the issue is that they're not actually conscious of the harms of it and how it is shoehorned into women for male's pleasure.

No. 372847

>we literally cannot speak about it in other threads without getting banned or reported

This is literally part of the fucking problem, the berating of women’s sexuality is allowed everywhere but men are somehow above criticism

>majority of women into masochism are memed into it

Again, women aren’t a hive mind and are capable of making their own decisions and plenty will form kinks you don’t agree with without outside influences.
Treating women like inept retards that need to be guided through life by you turns them away from your ideology.

Also, you completely ignored how female sadism is celebrated, I’d really like to see your reasoning behind this. Being as abusive as our oppressors is neither empowering nor progressive

No. 372867

There might be a femdom thread on lolcow which is tolerated but in no way is female dominance and sadism celebrated in general society. Sadism shouldn't be celebrated anyway. I'd say a reason to be more critical of the promotion of female masochism is that it may actually lead to girls and women being hurt irl while it's not common for men to be victims of female violence.