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No. 367221

This topic has been unbanned, so vent about XY's here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, abusive men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-no femcel sperging
-please do not respond to scrotbait
-chill with the handmaiden accusations
Doing so will result in a 3 day ban from /ot/, no appeals.

No. 367223

what is 'femcel sperging'? that's a pretty nebulous term.

No. 367225

can women truly pump and dump men if they're so fucking mediocre most of the time and still get to nut? local bifag finds the ~very super bad~ concept of political lesbianism more alluring every day, more at 5

No. 367228

I imagine it's the
>tfw no shota bf
>wahhh fuckin Stacies

No. 367229

Probably something like "kill all men".
As a lesbian this is so annoying. Don't call it that.

No. 367230

File: 1549323862999.png (76.54 KB, 512x256, CutInCom_0_08_16.001-2_risulta…)

>letting him nut
i think denial is better. i have fun then just tell them to go home

No. 367231

everything about this post disgusts me. t. dyke.

No. 367236

File: 1549324161223.jpg (74.54 KB, 640x806, nS1lLQ5.jpg)

I just got out of a toxic friendship and it turns out I was too retarded to realize this guy was basically a pedophilia sympathizer and defender. As soon as I left and the friendship and stopped caring he proceeded to tell people I'm insane for having BPD. Is gaslighting this fucking common? I know BPD has that evil mastermind stigma but fuck dude.

Pic unrelated.

No. 367238

i wouldn't. anything beyond flirting with them isn't even fun.

No. 367239

File: 1549324453833.jpg (45.41 KB, 758x398, 546346547356766_6544.jpg)

add me to the list of being repulsed by this hetero normie sex discussion

No. 367240

There's no such thing as political lesbianism. You're either a lesbian, or you're not.

No. 367241

Issa joke. Wasn't implying anything about lesbians. Just contentiously describing the fact that I may actually want to exclusively see women purely because men are wack, much like the term suggests

No. 367242

>>367236 wtf anon, i am basically in the same boat as you except that the guy is concidered a cute status arm candy gay so everybody thinks it's no biggie he wants to fuck teenagers (he hasn't but seemed to be keen). Had a fallout and picked up where we left off, couldn't listen to his nonchalant way of sexualising fucking kids so i called him out and told people we're through fr now.

No. 367243

am virgin but i feel like having sex with a man will just disappoint me so it's not worth trying. and relationships go to shit once he starts shitting up your living space. flirting and flings only, it's the only time a guy is fun and tries to impress you lol

No. 367244

She could be bi but decide to only focus on women.

No. 367247

I am bi and I said that jokingly, even pointing out that it's a bad concept. I forgot that lesbians have a complex so… brought that on myself lmao

No. 367256

radfem tumblr use the term febfem for people like that. "female exclusive bisexual female"

No. 367264

File: 1549328041703.jpg (52.02 KB, 495x594, 16806750_796544180483916_42622…)

I have been waiting all the time to post stuff from my place:
"Poland's prime minister has shelved plans to redefine the definition of domestic violence so that it only applies to spouses who are beaten more than once, a move critics said would make it difficult to prosecute abusers."
Government withdrew from that project, for now at least..
Heard it got passed in Russia tho, any anon can confirm?

No. 367267

the op image made me think this would be a ryona thread

No. 367268

most women aren't sex goddesses either lol, you have to learn how to make the best of it. so you need to know how to make yourself cum before assuming a man can read your mind.
>inb4 scrote accusations

No. 367272

File: 1549328409673.jpg (235.74 KB, 691x625, 1533101417681.jpg)

Is that even a thing? I remember one time seeing a post where a demented anon admitted to perving on young boys and the other farmers jumped her telling her to neck herself.

No. 367277

File: 1549329340133.jpg (48.96 KB, 500x434, 1484081940609.jpg)

It's honestly incredible seeing the difference of how women react to that and how men do, specifically on these boards. Women are usually quick to shut that shit down while men just encourage it but that shouldn't surprise anyone lmao

Makes me want to never have kids and risk the chance of exposing them to these psychos.

>Heard it got passed in Russia tho, any anon can confirm?
God that sounds awful, I've heard Russia is a pretty bad place for women.

No. 367278

You guys might enjoy this

Basically someone is going around and killing Bangladeshi rapists

No. 367279

Hmm on second thought some of those yaoi-obsessed transtrender chicks and some varieties of fujo do say concerning things but from what I've seen lolcow farms has been good about telling potential pedophiles to kill themselves.

Bassed Hercules

No. 367285

File: 1549331554686.png (75.83 KB, 217x181, 743567899786.PNG)

Were there seriously women saying they wanted a shota bf? I lost track in the past couple threads and I'm pretty worried now about us stooping that low.

No. 367287

Maybe that anon was referring to whoever shit up a thread about 17 y/o boys having hard and eager cocks last week. I haven't seen it here.

No. 367288

How new are you? Lolcow's always liked shotas. It's even on our dramatica page lmao

No. 367289

there was a screaming baby at my work (grocery store) and one of my female coworkers whos in her 20's said it made her glad she's never gonna have kids.
then my other coworker (piece of shit late 40s father douchebag) laughed and told her she'll change her mind.

i raged so fucking hard. who tf are you to say that. that's such a personal thing to condensed to a woman about, you know nothing about her you sack of shit. ugh. /rant

No. 367290

i hate how many people say that shit to me too! it's usually men. like fuck off, i am not a baby incubator. it's not the fucking 18th century, i can decide to not have sex/use contraceptives/abort if i so choose to.

i understand most women develop maternal feelings at some point, but i'm sick of men reducing women who say "nah, kids aren't for me, at all. never wanted any." into emotional creatures who will suddenly and helplessly develop maternal feelings like it's some baby loving bug.

No. 367293

I'm so glad this thread is back. I can stop trying to satisfy my male-hate rage through the AGPs in the gendercrit threat.

No. 367295

cock rings, my friend

No. 367311

ive been here for like 4 yrs and never really seen this

No. 367336

Anyone have tips or resources on teaching feminist ideas to older people?

Usually my mom sticks close to her conservative catholic upbringing but we had a really great conversation about feminism over lunch and I think she would be receptive to learning more.

I've always respected her for being a single mom and not taking shit
from fuck boys. I just want to pull out some knowledge and show her that growing old with a solid career and a family that loves you is way better than being married.

No. 367346

i dont have any resources but i can relate. it's basically just me and my mom in our family and she has been growing more and more radical in general, but very recently she has been cyber cheating with a married man of all people, fml and has expressed wanting to marry him if he leaves his wife. i'm legit worried that i'm going to lose my Grey Gardens (but more radical and financially stable) dream to this douchebag who is cheating on his wife by trying to bag my mom (and who knows who else?).

she keeps insisting that if she and him get together and he recognizes what he has done is wrong and commits to never doing it again, it's fine, and that i'm being a dictator trying to ruin her marriage fantasy. men ruin everything.

No. 367385

I find that's not so true for my mom? Shes always told me that if a man acts like a shit to walk away, dont tolerate disrespect. It makes me angry when other members of my family say negative things about her not being married, or not being interested in matrimony.

I just want to show her that there is this thing called feminist ideas and she is a great role model but has been put down and lied to by a fucked up misogynist society. My mom is a spinster and its awesome because she is happy and successful and I want to smack every person who belittles her because she doesn't have a man.

No. 367398

>Shes always told me that if a man acts like a shit to walk away, dont tolerate disrespect.
no, mine too, and she has always taken pride in being a single working mother, it's just lately she has been desiring marriage because she feels like some fomo bc all of her friends are married and are pushing the marriage meme and she sees how their lives are easier, financially, because their husbands are actually a decent financial support system despite them being a shit in basically every other way, and she's just smitten with this guy now.

>but has been put down and lied to by a fucked up misogynist society. My mom is a spinster and its awesome because she is happy and successful and I want to smack every person who belittles her because she doesn't have a man.

maybe you can push her away from religion? i think that's the source of that kind of stupid bullshit because my mom is secular and i don't find that she's belittled so much as she's like, encouraged to be in a relationship for "the happiness". not in a negative way, just in a "look at all the perks!!!" type way. either way, all around, we're encouraged to get married, especially when you're older, and it's such a meme that might be smooth sailing for a while, but is ultimately such a life-ruiner for so many women.

No. 367428

I hate how men try to normalize their predatory behavior by saying it's natural.

No. 367435

Am I the only one who has gotten accustomed to sexual harassment at places where there's alcohol? I went clubbing last week and was talking with my friends at a rather calm place. Suddenly a guy forcefully grabs my face and kisses me. Before I get the chance to react, he lets go of my face and walks away. Later, he comes back, grabs my face and tells me to smile.

The worst thing is that I don't feel particularly violated, I'm so used to this happening. I just feel defeated, tired and annoyed. Alcohol truly brings out the worst in men. The sides they try to hide when they are sober come out after one sip of beer.

No. 367438

>lol at Grey Gardens

How is your mom socially? Your comment implies she might be kind of socially isolated and that screws with your social skills and can make you more easy to manipulate. If she really is just missing sex and romantic company you'd be better off helping her meet someone not married, if you Grey Gardens life must come to an end.

No. 367448

she's actually got a lot of friends and does well socially. she normally doesn't fall for shit like this. she hasn't desired much in the past bc she does lose attraction easily. it's just that there's something 'magnetic' about this guy. something something fiery latino lead singer with some famous argentinian popstar son. i can see what's appealing about the situation because he's well to do with famous family, and i know the marriage thing isnt what's drawing her to him, but she's getting increasingly pissy with me for shitting on him and the prospect of a life with him. she refuses to believe that he's probably talking to like a million other women too and it's straining our relationship. so disappointing.

i've tried to get her to speak to other men, but they all suck major ass too, so i can't, in earnest, recommend anyone else. the few that seemed decent she tells me have 'no chemistry'. i s2g if she gives up on our beautiful bouvier-beale lifestyle for a scuzzy philandering loser i will lose my shit

No. 367457

Some people are just gifted with silver tongues, who knows what he is saying that is so convincing. Just because your mom got pregnant doesn't mean she was romantically experienced enough to know how to spot red flags.

Regardless I should be prepared for this situation to implode.

No. 367516

I hate that they use it to justify their behaviour, but I find it hard to believe that it's not 'natural' or 'normal' for men. Natural or normal do not mean acceptable or okay. It's just that men are naturally inclined to certain toxic traits, no doubt socialization makes it worse but there is just something inherently wrong with them.

There's no reason to assume everyone is naturally moral and empathetic and men and women are just not on the same team, biologically speaking. The x chromosome is too weak to ever allow us control over the means of reproduction, hence the myriad of issues men have with women.

No. 367519

Y chromosome I meant

No. 367529

A lot of radfems are actually more in the 'biological determinist' camp than the 'socialization' camp. Like they literally believe men are just genetically shitty.

No. 367535

Gonna share an audiobook of one of my favorite books, it's useful in telling you to listen to your instincts to avoid creeps
I especially liked what he said in one of his interviews about how when men say "no", it's the end of the discussion but when a woman says "no", it's the beginning of a negotiation and that charm is not a trait but a tool.
Stay safe out there ladies.

No. 367548

The Gift of Fear is fucking based.

No. 367551

Anyone else annoyed about how certain 2edgy4me men are trying to glamorise ted bundy?

No. 367553

Yeah, it's ne of the many reasons radical feminism resonates with me so strongly. Libfems are far, far too optimistic/inoffensive in general imo. Some truths are hard to hear, but it makes for a very lazy, ineffective political movement if you can only make statements that are easy to digest. It challenges nothing and nobody so nothing really changes.

No. 367555

libfems have nothing positive to offer to women and young girls, their approach is entirely sex based. We already lack enough positive female role models as it is, what are girls and women who don't want to sell ass supposed to do to earn respect from men?

No. 367563

File: 1549356226845.jpg (197.96 KB, 670x772, gotem.jpg)

No. 367568

sick but not surprised. what do you guys think of those vigilante groups that nab pedos?

No. 367575

As a Russian I'm just disappointed at how normalized domestic abuse is, I know a few Russian women that have that 'stand by your man' attitude and it makes me sick. Not surprised, just sad.

No. 367577

bisexual preferring women =/= lesbian

No. 367578

That's men, they all have this fantasy where all women secretly want and will only ever be fufilled by a married with kids type life, no matter how happy you are, no matter your age, no matter what you do, they will always jump through hoops to convince themselves women actually wanted kids all along and anyone who says otherwise is a bitter feminazi, but for some reason, praise MGTOW and claim MGTOW is true happiness, by choice, etc.

Basically to them
Single man = happy mgtow bachelor who is rich
Single woman = evil undesirable woman who is going to grow old and inevitably want kids

No. 367579

Meanwhile single women live longer and single men die sooner, so if anything, it's the opposite.

No. 367581

For the Americans in this thread what do you think about guns for safety? I'm kind of shaken up because a woman went missing in my area.

No. 367584

I'm pro 2nd amendment rights and I would carry if I could in my state. If you purchase be sure to take classes and practice gun safety. If a gun is too much you can get a tactical knife or a stun gun, or mace.

No. 367588

best chance to neutralize a threat. one of the first rules in self defense is maintaining space and that's where the gun is great since close combat is risky. And from videos I've seen of armed people defending themselves, the attackers bolt the second the other side starts shooting back.

A great quote I remember was "I carry a gun because I can't carry a policeman"

No. 367594

speaking of which, learning to disarm attackers is always good to learn too
A girl in my hometown got raped because her attacker put a gun behind her like in the video, forced her into her car, drove it, raped her and then left her.
I can't stress enough the importance of having situational awareness that could have prevented this situation in the first place though.

No. 367595

I dislike such "biological" arguments because men have used mental gymnastics to put women down in every field because of physical weakness for centuries. And I often have to listen to that bullshit from insecure STEM dudes despite a higher percentage of women than men achieving a higher education and being overqualified for their job.

No. 367596

Agree, but I have heard that argument more times from other men then radfems, I think its their attemp to excuse their shitty behaviour.

No. 367601

File: 1549364167319.png (39.29 KB, 630x325, c604e066e.png)

Gonna post some articles about education:
>In the 1970s, as more women started attending college, they started graduating at higher and higher rates, while men’s enrollment and graduation rates remained relatively flat. But until recently, the women attending college were mostly from elite families. Now, women from lower-income families are increasingly attending college.

>Some of the problem is that boys from low-income families appear to struggle more in school than girls do. They lag behind as early as kindergarten even though health tests show that, at the time of birth, they are just as healthy and cognitively able to learn as their sisters, a recent paper found. This is partly because they appear to be more affected by poverty and stress than girls are.

>School quality is also more important for boys than for girls, Figlio said, and since many low-income families attend poor-quality schools, their sons, who are already lagging behind their daughters, fall even further behind.

>The notion of what it means to be a boy and a man, especially among lower working-class boys, makes it such that they see doing well in school as something that girls and women do, and they don’t want any part of it.

How retarded do you have to be to feed young boys such terrible values that harm them? But girls from poor homes have to deal with it and adapt quicker.

No. 367604

I don't measure our worth in physical strength so I can ignore them putting us down for being weak. It really bothers me when they say it about our intellectual capabilities, but we are proving them more and more wrong every day. They refuse to acknowledge intelligent women no matter how numerous they are, they want to believe we're useless outside of our vaginas (because that would give us an alternative to babymaking as a career) so that's all they see. They also refuse to acknowledge the endless herds of dumbshit men and act like the tiny minority of male geniuses represent all of them.

Anyway, I do get what you mean. It's a slippery slope trying to attribute anything to biology and evolution because it can lead to unfair stereotypes. But I just find male aggression towards women too consistent, widespread and extreme to just dismiss as social conditioning. If I say that then I have to accept that maybe there are some gendered traits that apply to us too, but we have no flaws as terrible the male predisposition towards subjugating and dehumanizing half the population.

No. 367621

I am genuinely angry that some men have managed to make me feel unsafe every time I go outside and that it's supposedly a normal thing women have to deal with.

I've had some scary experiences with male strangers while out in the city, always in public transport. I've had one follow me in the empty subway, push me against a wall and try to kiss me, I've had a man take pictures of my legs on a crowded train and seem outraged when I covered them with my coat, I've had men insult me and make sexual remarks for no reason at all. I'm glad nothing ever went further than attempted kisses and pictures, but then I realise how twisted it is to have to think "at least I didn't get raped !".

When I share my experience with male friends they always downplay it, dismiss it, or chalk it up to immigration. And when I share it with my female friends they just say that's normal, share their own stories and move on.
I just wish someone would tell me "yes, that is fucked up and it's not normal that you have to be hyper vigilant and treat men like predators in the wild".

No. 367627

>They also refuse to acknowledge the endless herds of dumbshit men and act like the tiny minority of male geniuses represent all of them.
It's the same as "men won WW1 and WW2" when men also lost it and started it.

>But I just find male aggression towards women too consistent, widespread and extreme to just dismiss as social conditioning

You are right there, gotta wonder whether it's as simple as humans with any form of power always abusing it. When it comes to the relationship between entitlement and lack of social skills + understanding for others, you can't tell which came first.

No. 367636

I wish women would stop listening to or including men as much as they have been.
Even the farmers here take the bait sometimes, but I don't get it. Their opinions don't matter when it comes to feminism or women's bodily rights, so why engage?
This is even more important to do in your personal life.

No. 367643


Anon, I feel for you because my first two years working and going to college after my grandmother died were hard. I had similar experiences to you and know that bitterness from dealing with that BS and people blowing it off with things like…

>it’s not a big deal

>it’s a compliment!
>he’s just being friendly!
>you’ll miss it when you get old
>you should smile more and be friendly, you never know who you may meet!

It isn’t ‘normal’, and I wish people were more open minded to this sort of abuse because it happens every day and never really goes away. Plus it can be scary because you never know how far someone may push your boundaries.

I wish I could give you the one size fits all solution but unfortunately I can’t. The only thing I can say anon is that changing my demeanor has seemed to stymie a lot of the harassment I used to get a few years back. Stand tall, walk with purpose, be confident. It has nothing to do with clothes because I’m girly and love dressing up and saw no difference when I dressed down or up. You have a right to your individuality and a right to say no or yes to whomever you please. Now I get more comments that I’m not friendly or approachable, which makes me roll my eyes internally, so it’s like you can never win. But be safe anon, it’s really hard. I’m sorry I can only offer you my shit advice.

No. 367644

It’s depressing that being fat is the only deterrent. When I lost weight I started getting attention from leering creepy dudes again and in a way I regretted not being fat anymore. At least then I could do my groceries in peace

No. 367661

Even worse is when you are fat and some dude thinks that means you're gonna take any attention you get as a blessing.

I was at a fast food restaurant the other day of all places eating lunch while waiting for my bus home. Some guy in his fourties or so sits down opposite of me without even asking, so I promptly take my tray and moved to another table without even looking at him or talking to him.

He didn't follow me, but at the end of my meal as I was packing my stuff, he came over just to berate me for being rude and hurtful for not staying with him. I told him that I was not in the mood to talk to a stranger, and he tells me I should be grateful that a guy would give a fatty like me any attention at all.

No. 367662

the last time I saw someone talk about "shota" they meant basically "early 20s twink". it's an extremely rare preference compared to the huge amount of men into "loli". men not only talk about it without getting shot down, but are also much more likely to act on it according to statistics.

No. 367664

Wtf, who does that. Some men are really insane.

No. 367675

It's creepy how many guys you'll see openly liking it and saying how anyone who criticizes them is an SJW and how they're just fictional characters. It's the most stupid line of defense considering the appeal is specifically an undeveloped body.

Comparatively you'd have to dig very deep nowadays in the west to find shotacon stuff that wasn't made by guys self inserting. Even a lot of more dangerous kinky art with men seems to have died in fandoms on tumblr and twitter, now there's a push to be more wholesome and to shame fujos.

No. 367679

I hate how men never take anything a woman posts seriously by somehow always construing it to “you’re just attention seeking.”

No. 367682

When I was a teen I was fat and some dude on the street told 15 year old me (I wasnt even alone, I had two girl friends with me) : "I'm gonna make your fat melt by fucking you"

No. 367684

Not gonna lie anon, the image of that made laugh with just how utterly absurd it is

No. 367685

I went to a doctor (who unfortunately happened to be male, I prefer female doctors when talking about birth control and things like that) to ask if I could get sterilized. In my country we have this list of things and you need to check at least one so you could get sterilized, and it has things like "unable to take care of offspring", "would get serious health risks if pregnant", "has 3 or more children", "is over 30". I am not 30 yet, but I checked some of the other things on the list, such as other bc not working on me (hormones make me crazy for example) and not being able to take care of the offspring. The doctor, of course, first asked if I have a partner and if he agrees with me getting sterilized (what a bullshit question), and when I started to tell him why I feel like I need the procedure, he laughed at my face and ridiculed me. I felt so fucking humiliated, like why wouldn't he just tell me that it's not possible and my reasonings are not enough for it to be legal, why laugh at me? I was okay with going to male doctors about other things, but this left such a bad taste in my mouth I feel like only going to female doctors after this. Fuck my life.

No. 367686

Report his ass. Make a formal complaint on him and outline he laughed at you when you expressed your private medical concerns. What he did can get him in big trouble, like really big trouble.

>R E P O R T H I M

No. 367689

>he came over just to berate me for being rude and hurtful for not staying with him.
Always hilarious when people who step out of line and intrude on your personal space call you rude for essentially telling them to fuck off. How about these complete nobodies learn to be considerate of other people's boundaries before accusing them of being rude? Entitled men like this who expect strange women to roll out a red carpet for them are the worst. No one is obligated to go out of their way to give you attention and flattery, you fucking weirdo. Women have our own lives, we don't stand here all day waiting around for you to approach us.

No. 367697

idk if this is the right thread, but why are men expected to be in the delivery room in western countries? its fucking weird. i watched a bunch of those shows like 1 born every minute, and i didnt see one scrote who didnt act like a spazzy weirdo during the whole thing. they either make inappropriate comments, or try to half heartedly """support""" the mother, and tbh id rather just do it alone than have someone annoying me and intruding on my privacy during a fucking medical procedure. also, i read some threads on reddit where men complained that their wives didnt want them in the delivery room, and everyone was calling the women selfish cunts and encouraging the men to shame their wives into letting them in and stuff like that.

im glad this is not the norm in my country, and its a shame to see that its becoming more and more common.

No. 367700

I didn't know that was a thing before I saw americans talk about it, at least I never saw it here in Eastern Europe. The only reason I'd like to have anyone at my side is if I was worried about being pressured into a C section or not being listened to.

No. 367701

>everyone was calling the women selfish cunts and encouraging the men to shame their wives into letting them in and stuff like that.

Typical male socialization, instead of wondering what he did wrong to have her not want him be in the delivery room, he instead insists that she is crazy for excluding him. It's always the woman's fault. How dare he have to examine his own behaviour.

No. 367703

>instead of wondering what he did wrong to have her not want him be in the delivery room

to be perfectly honest, not wanting anyone in the delivery room because its a humiliating and painful experience and you dont want anyone ogling you is a perfectly valid reason, the man doesnt even have to do anything wrong.

No. 367704

File: 1549382395080.png (302.31 KB, 471x730, robbie_williams.png)

my mom's a midwife, most of the time both parents are present at the birth (the woman giving birth and her partner).

tbf, most of the tv shows pick the "juiciest" births, some guys act supportive. robbie williams has to be the biggest spaz though, he was live tweeting his wife giving birth. he was acting like the biggest attention whore, absolutely unhinged. i wouldn't be surprised if he was on drugs.


No. 367706

File: 1549382572401.png (13.63 KB, 733x184, typical male behavior.png)

No. 367707

hes such a creep. this is typical male entitlement, he probably wouldnt be too happy if his wife tried to pull this while he was trying to pass a kidney stone. didnt he also write a song about her giving birth?

No. 367728

Welcome back MH, but can we have a less fetishy pic next time?
I have been following the Vic Mignogna stuff with fascination (thread in /w/)
He is a textbook narc abuser, but there are so many female fans defending him online with "he was nice and charming to me that one time we met". People are fucking dumb and naive about this.
I am worried about the new movie glamorizing him. I saw a reviwer write that it was too sympathetic towards him.

No. 367732

NTA But I like it more than gross photos and articles that are supposed to enrage you when seeing them, I prefer non serious OP pics. It's not even close to a fetishy artstyle, so the sperging about it seems forced.
>so many female fans
All the comments under ANNs newest article that say "since when is it guily until proven innocent?" are by neckbeards, let's not forget that.

No. 367740

File: 1549386680424.gif (566.83 KB, 500x372, G041.gif)

some humorous pics for future OPs

No. 367741

File: 1549386756127.gif (Spoiler Image, 420.27 KB, 400x304, HcGvB.gif)

No. 367743

I get you, however, I saw works by the same artist in other threads and it is fetish stuff. I don't want real reasons for manhate be confused as femdom fetish.

Yes Vic is defended by neckbeards as well! Ones that appear to think that groping teenage girls is no big deal, what is consent?

No. 367746

>same artist in other threads and it is fetish stuff
Fair enough, I saw them and they are, I'm probably just desensitized from unfortunately seeing worse stuff.

No. 367747

File: 1549387087366.jpg (108.4 KB, 480x428, men-men-are-weak.jpg)

No. 367749

File: 1549387503680.jpg (47.3 KB, 500x363, large.jpg)

No. 367751

>treat men like predators in the wild
I've heard guys say avoid us but when women do to protect themselves in public, you'll have guys complain about women for being rude or paranoid.


You can't win with them so protect yourself always.

Where do you live anon? The men in my family didn't go into the delivery rooms when their wives delivered but it's so common in the west in general. Can't imagine going through something so painful and humiliating with all those nurses and doctors only to be called a selfish cunt after..

No. 367752

File: 1549387694340.jpg (63.56 KB, 720x539, DQFYohyVoAAovMA.jpg)

No. 367755

No. 367756

Your doctor acted completely unprofessionally, file a complaint on his ass. But I can't blame a doctor for trying to reason with you about a decision you could come to regret and at least explore other options first like an IUD, a lot of women don't want kids until their later 30's or early 40's and not being able to have that happen for you can cause some serious heartache. Maybe getting your tubes tied is reversible?

No. 367761

im from eastern europe, its not normal in my country for a man to go in but ive heard its becoming more common.

ill never understand why so many men cant understand that childbirth isnt about them. like you said its painful and humiliating, especially with so many people in the room, but at least the doctors and nurses are there to make sure you and the baby are alive and healthy instead of offering half hearted support or acting like a retard. the men who genuinely think they have some innate right to be in the delivery room disgust me, it comes off as selfish and violating. they also seem like they have really bad womb envy tbh.

No. 367769

Men who criticize women for being a little cautious around them are narcissistic as fuck. Do they even have any shred of empathy? Sometimes I go out walking at night with a hoodie on looking sketchy and I've seen people get visibly anxious at my appearance. Do I throw a fit about it? No. Because they don't know me, it isn't personal, and they're just taking basic safety precautions. It's understandable that someone will be on alert in the presence of a potentially threatening stranger. THEY DON'T KNOW YOU. They have no idea what you're capable of.

No. 367798

File: 1549393800901.png (315.54 KB, 600x600, 36849_08fYHYyI.png)

No. 367799

wrong thread, sorry!

No. 367800

LOL wrong thread, anon

No. 367803

what the fuck!?!?? this is sick.

No. 367807

Thank you for the cleanser anon

>it’s a complement!
Jesus who even says shit like this
Being oogled at or harassed by some creep is NOT a compliment. God that justification gets me so steamed, there’s a huge difference between complimenting someone and treating them like an inhuman piece of meat.

No. 367815

Tbh I want my boyfriend to be there if I give birth. I'd like him to see how intensely painful and gruesome it is, just so he knows what a huge sacrifice I'm making. If he didn't join me in the delivery room, I'd assume he didn't care about me or the child.

No. 367824

honestly, if you want him in there then i dont see the big deal. but the attitudes that many men have towards this is genuinely scary. i know this thread is old, but a lot of the replies in this thread are genuinely scary:


theres someone who would consider breaking up with their wife/gf because she doesnt want them present at a fucking private, painful and humiliating medical procedure, this bullshit has gone too far.

No. 367827

File: 1549398637737.png (53.54 KB, 894x243, 98FH4098FH84H90.png)

This thread is INFURIATING. Male entitlement at it's finest.

Dude you are worth way less than a doctor in a delivery room.

No. 367831

Yes, you are worth less unless you have medical training and years of experience but I highly doubt that. God men are so entitled.

No. 367832

also, the extra stress on the mother could be dangerous for both the mother and the baby, so hes also being a selfish prick, and hed actually be making the doctors work harder.

but obviously his want to have a ~uwu special amazing life changing experience~ outweighs his wifes/gfs need to have a safe birth.

No. 367838

Interesting study confirming men have a genetic predisposition to pedophilia.

No. 367844

men confirmed shit tier once again lol

No. 367847

What is the use of having the dad in the delivery room? What is he gonna do? If the mom doesn't want him he's just going to pout his way in and then what? Just stand in a corner watch her vagina open up and push up a baby and maybe witness her shit herself? What a gorgeous life changing experience!

No. 367849

I understand why they always write this point in any reserach paper on whatever the topic might be but saying that CSA is a serious problem because of the economic strain it puts on countries due to therapist and medication to children affected is so so so grim.

No. 367853

samefag but pedophilic tendencies can be observed in up to 5% of male population apparently, we need to get rid of this planet I think

No. 367854

there is absolutely no use of them being there tbh, unless the mother wants them i guess. theres a reason for why they werent typically present for the last few million years.

a lot of men who agressively insist on being present reek of womb envy. knowing men, a lot of them probably have a fetish for this kind of shit too.

No. 367855

ive been playing as a male character in an mmorpg, and i just want to say how nice and relaxing it is to just be able to play without constant fucking drama caused by stupid orbiters that want to have sex with female shaped pixels. ive also been receiving legitimate criticism that has allowed me to get better at the game, rather than free handouts and lies to make me feel good about myself despite being complete shit. being an e-boy has so many benefits. why do men have to go out of their way to make everything pure shit for us? id love to be able to play a game and be a sparkly cute girl character, but its just not worth the constant friend requests and pestering. also most of the sparkling cute girl pixels in this game are grown ass adult men looking for handouts or larping as lolis. its repulsive.

No. 367863

same, i've played runescape for over a decade (only play OSRS now not that it matters but fuck rs3) and even though i prefer the look of a female avatar, i usually play as a male because i get the same results you do. it's so much more worth it, and i develop actual small friendships with men on there as a "guy". lol if only they knew

No. 367868

I wouldn't mind this but character creators for men are often just not as well designed as those for the female avatars. I guess the artists just have a harder time putting together presets that would make a good looking guy.

No. 367871

this is true, it does suck having subpar outfits to choose from which is why i lament about not having a sparkly cute avatar lol but its all about priorities i guess. i want to chill and have fun getting good at a game and you just can't do that as a woman in most games because of mens drama and bitching. i also don't experience any "attention seeker" accusations or get gaslit into giving out personal info to prove im not some lolicon neck beard larping as a female character. as a guy character nobody gives a fuck about me which is exactly what i want lol.

No. 367932

Ugh when I do use female avatar I subconsciously try to come off like a dude larping a girl tbh…fucking pathetic this is even a need

No. 367933

It’s so they can brag to their friends about how “crazy” it is to watch and how women are “ridiculous creatures”. Seriously the amount of men I’ve heard say these things as if they are some kind of war hero just for being in the way. I’d rather have another woman there for support, at least they’d have an ounce of fucking empathy or have done it themselves. I don’t think they’re allowed in if the woman doesn’t want them there, but imagine the guilt trips for the rest of your life from everyone you know if you did that…

No. 367944

>the person
>my child

this is how men see women and children. just some person carrying their child. not their wife, not their lifelong partner they share every waking moment with. and not a human life or brand new person being brought into the world. just some fucking piece of property carrying another piece of property.

No. 367949

youre right. ive seen men online treat it like its a spectator sport, they think its some unique uwu once in a life time special experience as opposed to a medical procedure and get aggressive if you inform them that theyre not welcome. imagine your husband/bf describing you giving birth to a bunch of strangers online, i havent even given birth yet and it feels extremely violating, i cant even begin to imagine how the women whose husbands reveal this shit would feel. 99% of the time theyre just in the way and being annoying. the one and only thing they did right in the 1950s was not allowing scrots into the delivery room.

again, im glad this isnt normal in my country and i hope it never becomes a normal expected part of life like in america.

ive always noticed that men always talk about "my" child, its never "our" child its always "my" child. its always "IM going to see the birth of MY child ME ME ME ME ME" as if the child itself, half its genome and its entire mitochondrial DNA just materialised out of thin air.

does anyone else remember when that woman from 90 day fiance was constantly being shat on because she referred to her baby as "my" as opposed to "our"? but no one mentions it when men do it.

No. 367952

ugh, there are generally two outcomes when you initiate socializing
1. you're accepted
2. you're rejected
And if it's a stranger approaching another stranger, I'd say the odds are even higher in being rejected.
So it boggles my mind that a guy who tries to socialize without being prepared to get rejected throws a bitch-fit. It doesn't matter if the girl is below average in looks, if the chance to be rejected is always there, they should learn to take it civilly. It just makes them look stupid when they have to lick their wounds by insulting the person.

No. 367988

Jesus, they act like not being there the very second the baby pops out is like not being allowed to see the baby at all for weeks or something. Do they not realize that they can come in as soon as the baby is out and washed? This reminds me of all the stories where the fathers faint in the delivery room, distracting the nurses and doctors from the actual MEDICAL PROCEDURE at hand. Not to mention the one where the father attacked the doctor because he thought the baby got injured or something.

Especially that one reply, "literally if anyone other than my SO asked/told me to leave I would tell them to find a cactus and fuck themselves", was incredibly idiotic, and as someone from a family of doctors that one made me seriously irritated. If a fucking DOCTOR asks you to move out of the way during, again, A MEDICAL PROCEDURE, you comply and move the fuck out of the way. Imagine trying to do your job ensuring the safety of the woman and her child, and her husband starts throwing a fit because it's all about HIM and HIS FEEEEELINGS.

No. 367991

I was watching some baby gender reveal videos from my country today, the mothers are usually happy whether the baby is a boy or a girl, but the fathers react in different ways depending on the sex of the child. When it's a boy they destroy the cake or the entire party like complete retards while having a gigantic smile on their faces and shouting "IT'S A MAN, IT'S A MAN", but when it's a girl they can barely hide their disappoitment. In one of the videos where the child was revealed to be a girl a woman clearly says in the background "what a disappointment" and then in another video a man says "he is weak, he only has daughters". Depressing, we truly live in a woman hating world.

No. 368003

Sons are most likely to murder, abuse or rape other family members, but people act as if daughters aren't worthy and are subhuman because some of them are bitchy

No. 368009

This image is a friendly reminder that men of ALL races and ethnicities are not your friend.

No. 368015

This has been evident, especially as a black woman. When 9 times out of 10 if there is another black person in a upper level college class they are a girl, unless it's an male African immigrant. Now people are shaming us because the gap is so alarmingly obvious compared to other races that I've had family tell me to remember to wait for their "come up", which means to "marry down".

It's funny because my parents before have always been telling me to worry about myself and never do anything for a man. Now my friends and I are getting conflicting messages. Unfortunately, I believe it's because they're afraid I would end up dating/ marrying someone non-black, since it's getting harder to find someone that looks like you AND is successful as you (at least has a roof over their head and a non-criminal record). And I'm not that successful in the grand scheme of things. If asking for someone that graduated from college, could keep a job (financially secure) and have a car is selfish then I'll "go my own way" becuase it's getting ridiculous. The men can't use the race argument because I'm black like them. We both get targeted and discriminated. We both statistically live in poor neighborhoods and deal with terrible teachers and shit schools, so I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

You're seeing black single mothers with 3 kids getting a college degree now and idk what the fuck is up with men.

No. 368018

Makes sense, the only people who have gender reveals are backwards idiots swayed by trends

No. 368058

Does anyone else laugh at the girls who here think having a husband/boyfriend is the ticket to a good life? They're like sheep. It's so sad.

No. 368073

File: 1549427166385.jpg (14.26 KB, 235x234, 189e93236d7c57e6b5728ba928c044…)

Their inevitable future.

No. 368077

I can only imagine that the only types of men who wouldn't mind their wife's wishes would be doctors or healthcare professionals in general right?

No. 368084

that image is depressing because you know that's happening to someone out there

No. 368095

No. 368097

>that story was first posted on lolcow
>this is the second time you've posted reddit threads about it asking for opinions

Fuck off with the autistic self posting.

No. 368100


>In June 2018, Toshihiro Nikai, the secretary general of the ruling Liberal Democratic party [LDP], described couples who decide not to have children as “selfish”, and cited the postwar baby boom as evidence that hardship needn’t be an obstacle to having bigger families.

>Two months earlier Kanji Kato, an LDP lawmaker, said women should have “at least three children” and warned those who preferred to remain single that they would become a burden on the state.

>He said he told single women that “if they don’t get married then they won’t be able to have children, and that they’ll end up in a care home paid for with the taxes of other people’s children”.

>In 2007 the then health minister, Hakuo Yanagisawa, described women as “birth-giving machines” and said it was their public duty to increase the birthrate.

I'm happy for all the women who are having more fun being single and chose it, in a country where sexism and outdated gender roles are pushing them to give up on their own careers and slave for a family.

No. 368101

honestly every black dude that has ever been into me was a pedophile obsessed with white little girls, it's fucking disgusting. is there really people out there thinking dudes of certain races can't be pedophiles?

No. 368105

This, the second article talks about the jump when it comes to race.

If you take a look at some less developed countries you'll see a higher rate of women aiming for more difficult degrees, my theory is that it's about wanting to get out of their environment so they aim higher to be able to become independent more easily. You do you anon and choose what makes you happy, your family will probably chill eventually since they had different opinions before, parents can go through phases of insecurity about the future of their children.

No. 368111

Ah, glorious Nippon, the holy land.
Why are so many people fucking obsessed with this country and all of its backwards practices, I don’t understand why so many people, weebs or not, seem to think that living in this sexually repressed, overworked, mysoginistic, high sexual assault, highly xenophobic country is the dream.

No. 368122

No. 368123

The author says she decided to call terfs that way as a parody of redpillers, in this case it's also used to make fun of "the red pill" logic. There is no common usage as far as I know.

No. 368124

to be fair I don't completely understand what the redpill ideology even is
cause I have heard they are MRA's,Incels and also basic fuck-boys all at once

No. 368125

"birth giving machines" is a new one tbh. Love the classic "let's blame women instead of our own bullshit outdated work over socializing system that fucks over everyone" coming from none other than Japan where women have their own train because molestation and predators were too much of a problem.

Are there any japananons here who can give their input?

No. 368129

redpillism tries to be more rational about human behavior and sexual selection, but it's just PUA shit by nerds.

No. 368131

As far as I know, it's "pick up artist" logic that women don't actually want nice men but alphas (lol) who treat them like trash, so they listen to other men who seem like losers, and go around trying to get in the pants of as many women by negging them and treating them like crap.

No. 368133

I'm so disgusted by how many new dad I hear complaining about not receiving enough attention from their partner, some of them are even JEALOUS of a their own childs!
It's funny because they're all guidy and excited when they get to bust their nut without protection, but once the baby is here they can't handle not being the center of the universe anymore. I think they get a rush when they start trying for a baby because it makes them feel powerful and like the woman belongs to them, but once there is another tiny person and that woman do the right thing a take proper care of the baby (which takes a lot of time and energy) they realize they've been knocked off their pedestals.

No. 368137


PUAs and the red pill aren't really the same.

The Red Pill is a Matrix reference to "taking the red pill" aka waking up and realizing the world you live in is a lie. TRP believers think that feminism isn't needed because we live in a liberal soyboy matriarchy, the mainstream media is run by women and "betas" who worship women, and all women are stupid whores who cheat and need to be subservient to "alphas". Usually crosses over with other forms of conservative ideology too.

Pick Up Artists are a community of men and so called "seduction experts" who think there is a one size fits all way to get many women to sleep with you. Their only goal is to go to clubs and get laid really. There is some crossover with TRP, but there are liberal dudes who are part of the PUA community. They're all just dudes who aren't afraid to admit that they see women as objects to be owned.

Incels are men who have never slept with a woman before, and therefore are usually scammed by PUA experts who take their coins to sell them shitty dating advice and books.

That's why the MGTOW guys hate both of them, because those communities rely so much on eventually getting into a relationship with a woman.

There is overlap between all these groups, but the main thing they have in common is that they hate women.

No. 368138

Men are usually less involved with childcare growing up so they completely underestimate what parenthood entails. I think many of them have the best intentions prior to the babies birth and may not be thinking in terms ownership but once the kid is born many of them take it badly. Less attention, less sex, less sleep, the birth of the first baby is often considered a really tough point in the marriage. You do hear about some dads stepping up to the plate but more often I hear otherwise which is pretty depressing.

No. 368140

>Wow, we're talking about bringing another life in this world and it's still all about you? He wouldn't be looking at you he's looking as his new child. Jesus.

Yes, it is all about me, because this hypothetical child is coming out of MY body that it was in for 9 months! Men act as if giving birth is like popping a zit.

No. 368143

then whats the pink-pill ?

No. 368150

Men act more hysterically when popping zits than women do during child birth tbh

No. 368151

>Shaming fujos

That always rubs me the wrong way. Men can like lesbian porn or fucking Loli shit and get defended to the nines, but a girl like boyxboy and suddenly it needs to be mocked and discouraged. It just seems like shaming women's sexuality and preferences, again.

No. 368157

And they turn around and bitch about what parenting does to women. There's no winning with males ever, everything we do is wrong to them

No. 368158

It's because it's easier to shame a tweenie girl than a herd of neckbeards on 4chan defending their fetish. One will give in, the other never will.

No. 368159

I've seen men convinced that postpartum depression is because the baby gets more attention than the woman, but turn around and act like big babies if the attention is on the child and not on them

Everything men say about women, just flip the switch and it will be true. I'm convinced the entire MGTOW movement is projection

No. 368162

Always wonder what it's like for lesbians in Japan.

No. 368163

Ot but the /gfd/ tag, especially on 4chan, is overrun with shotaxmilf hentai. It's disgusting. The general threads used to focus on relationships with assertive girls but now it's just robots that want a mommy type to fuck them, give them headpats and make them tendies whilst they make no effort themselves, men ruin everything even their own fetishes

I really hope that lc radfems don't become connected to shota, pedophiles are gross no matter which gender

No. 368166

Anytime men go on rants about how the world is oppressing men, show them these comments and compare it to videos about women

No. 368167

Perhaps ot but an issue I have with fujos is that many have strongly internalized misogyny, to the point of eww girls and female sexuality are gross only men are ok. Like the homophobic one on here some time ago who called anons who liked straight ships "lesbians" because women shouldn't look at art with women in it. This is how a lot of fakebois start out. Hating on women and glorifying men. Then they end up trooning out and hating on the fujos that they actually are, kek.

But I will defend fujos from any straight man. It is as you say.

No. 368168

Actual radical feminism can't be combined with pedophilia since a large part of it is protecting women and children from abuse.
Some anons on here (not radfem) connects radfem and femdom on lc to each other though, it is funny because radfem is critical of bdsm.
I don't blame anyone for being confused by the op pic here though.

No. 368171

Why are feminists expected to coddle and baby men in order to possibly be accepted but still get labeled as a man hating whore, but MRAs don't have to acknowledge the fact so many MRAs are toxic and sick

No. 368172

I've noticed the same but in sibling gender reveals. Girls are generally happy no matter what the gender but little boys will cry and throw tantrums if they find out it's a girl. I'll never understand it, is it because they're emulating the emotions of their fathers? Sometimes I worry about having a girl and people buying her gendered clothes and baby dolls. Makes me sick to see little girls acting like mommies to plastic babies.

No. 368174

The community just needs to police itself well. The unpopular opinions thread had multiple people expressing discomfort over some artwork being posted which was better off being expressed earlier.

No. 368175

File: 1549447039367.jpg (116.59 KB, 640x1136, 40y2gpodose21.jpg)

Calling someone kiddo and asking them if they want kids is emotional abuse according to incels

Man, imagine if a woman cried abuse from the least inoffensive situations like so, she would be all over the internet and used as proof as to why women's abuse can't be taken seriously

No. 368178

I think a girl having an older brother is ideal for both. The guy learns how to take care of children and the girl gets to play with "male" toys from her brother that improve cognitive abilities (unlike most "female" toys).

Children are gonna be exposed to enough gender segregated activities/toys anyways (in kindergarten/with friends), so making sure that they get to experience both at home seems important.

No. 368180

But when a woman dares to mention she doesn't want children those same guys go "reeeeeee!! biological clock!!!!!!!! baby machine!!!!! you'll change your mind soon enough!!!!!!!!" lol

No. 368181

If it turns out that way yes but keep in mind male nature is still at play and there's way too many cases of older brothers being predatory and molesting their little sister

No. 368182

I'd actually be interested in knowing if any studies have been done in regards to sibling sex abuse and birth order. I'd suppose it will always default towards the older siblings being more likely to be predators.

No. 368183

Someone feeling that much random hate towards others is a nurse? Scary if true.

No. 368199

The fact is if women were into shota you'd be seeing threads here or images, but I haven't seen any. Have some self respect instead of thinking radfems are as bad as men on 4chan and can easily become shotacons.

No. 368200

I'm annoyed by this vague impression some people have that radfems are automatically creepy incel tier and attracted to femdom, shotacon etc.

No. 368201

the worst ive seen on here is someone saying that guys in their early 20 are peak attractiveness, which tbh isnt that bad when you consider that you have men saying that teenage girls are at their peak, and also that a large chunk of this websites userbase is in their 20s too.

No. 368204

The pink pill is that men are actually scum and not at all victims like they portray themselves to be.
The red pill:
>waahhh women just want chads!
>women are all whores! They will cheat on you and take your money!
>wake up people women’s love is transactional!
>the media just wants you to protect women who already have more advantages than they need
The pink pill
>men harbor violent and entitled attitudes towards women
>men treat women as subhuman or property
>men will not hesitate to treat women like crap, and then call themselves the victim
>men are quick to put down women while saying they are boring, used goods, sheeple, dramatic - unaware they are all those themselves and more. Vidya and anime is somehow a better hobby than “lmao all women do is shop eat and Netflix”
That’s my understanding of it so far. I was introduced to TRP a few years ago and so brainwashed into that and chanology that I grew to hate women too, until I found this manhate thread and realized why I always felt angry when they showed hate towards women even if “the red pill” is “objectively the truth.” (Eg. All women are whores) You can’t be mad at the truth, I thought, but why did I always feel like it was somehow wrong? So I’m glad I found the pink pill and it balances out my ying-yang of hatred.

No. 368207

They get that impression from other weird anons here, or they legitimately don't know a lot about radical feminist theory and associate it with simply hating troons and men.

No. 368209

That’s actually very well put and accurate, way better than I could have worded it myself. A yaoi-fan friend of mine from HS used to say, “love between boys is more pure.”

No. 368217

A while ago I asked is there a noFap equivalent for women, since men seem convinced noFap gives them unbridled confidence and spiritual enlightenment. You can imagine the responses:
>no, women are incapable of spiritual enlightenment, they are like animals
>throughout history, spiritual enlightenment is reserved for males.
>women already have it on easy mode they don’t need to do anything to get sex
Interestingly, after being dismayed that it will be harder for me to find “spiritual enlightenment” a while later when I forgot about this I came upon an essay about “genius” and art. It says that the idea of men being somehow geniuses and virtuosos actually came from a mistranslation of a Greek word and inaccurate ancient medical theories. The word Genius was confused with Ingenuity during the Renaissance. Genius came from a Greek word that means “producing seed” and is used to describe the male of a species. Ingenuity means cleverness, (producing ideas). These two words became mixed up and used interchangeably was adopted that men are smarter than women.
Next, the idea that men receive spiritual enlightenment comes from a hilariously outdated medical theory. It started from the Ancient Greek idea that men are “hot and dry” and women are “cold”, because it takes heat to produce sperm while women must be cold and wet to receive it - their evidence? “Well, men MUST be hot because their genitals are on the outside!”
Later, the idea of the four humors came about, bile, blood, black bile etc. I don’t remember which humor it was, but the idea was that an excess of it would drive people to madness. In the woman, that madness lead to emotional “hysterica” because their womb, which is cold and wet, would hold all the bile there, where as in men, the same bile would be wafted up into the brain and through the energy of “hot and dry” convert it into spiritual enlightenment and let them see ideas.
So now whenever I hear “men are smarter than women” or “only men can be geniuses/ men are more talented” I remember that these “truths” men accept unquestioningly are actually based on Ancient Greek ideas that men are “hot and dry” and bile theories that there actually exists 4 humors of the body. Who’s the stupid one now?

No. 368234

It truly is fascinating to me that men can parrot these ideas and feelings but not once actually do the work you did to find the historical stories and truths behind them. Like, none of them actually put any effort into researching what they actually believe in and think, they just keep spouting the same tired lies.
Maybe that is why they hate radical feminism so much. Because you actually have to research, investigate and open your fucking eyes to understand what it's saying. It's not something that can be parroted, because it takes real, genuine effort to participate in it. You get absolutely no where with radical feminism if you don't do your own work and the community certainly has strict vetting processes (or fake feminists out themselves by revealing their half-baked thoughts on prostitution/bdsm/men).

No. 368235

File: 1549456392107.jpg (181.52 KB, 1171x1600, Sf Elena - romanian byzantine …)

I don't know where this idea that women can't achieve spiritual enlightenment came from. There are many female saints in Christianity, pic related which is Saint Helena is an example. Anyone who thinks that women can't achieve spiritual enlightenment is mistaken.

No. 368236

I just saw people comparing the female Democrats at the SOTU who were wearing white last night to the KKK, with jokes like "I haven't seen this many Democrats in white since the KKK". We truly live in the era of "anything I don't like is white supremacy/racism". They also whined because the women applauded Trump mentioning womens employment achievements, but didn't clap for much anything else.

Probably because there wasn't much anything else worth applauding.

No. 368239

I…did not know that people think only men can be spiritual

Pretty funny since the vast majority of people who believe in spirituality and non-proven brain power things, self help, angels and all that jazz are WOMEN

No. 368244

I love this anon, thanks for your research

No. 368248

Love my COLD AND WET womb.

Also weird how the theory of "bile" moving up into the brain of males to make them smarter is similar to nofap in a way. Keep the jizz in and your thoughts clarify and shit.

No. 368250

There's a Buddhist text that says a woman can never be a Buddha, and some other stories and texts that say similar shit, or outright say women can hinder a mans enlightenment. But then there's also texts that say women can achieve enlightenment. I'm no expert on Buddhism though, but that was one of the first examples that popped to mind.

So yeah, "women can't be spiritually enlightened" is definitely a thing in many religions and spiritualities. I think I saw something once about how women can't achieve spirituality because we "give birth and are too tied to the earth" or some shit. So, as usual, the fact that we can give birth prevents us from achieving things men can achieve, in their minds.

No. 368252

Anecdotal, but…
Idk my own older brother used to bully me, and my ex who was the older brother of two younger sisters was robot tier and bitter his little sister was more social and had a bf (and sex) before he did. Literally Elliot Roger tier of bitterness. And I've read so many stories of some older brother or his friends who take advantage of the younger sister. They go through puberty first and become "curious" and the little sister becomes an easy target.

No. 368254

In the same forum the men were laughing at women for being so gullible for believing in “woo” and yet in a different thread some idiot will try DMT and say he suddenly “sees the truth about the universe.” The hypocrisy is ridiculous.

No. 368255

It's sad that I see it done here, too.

No. 368257

Because, they love it's pop-culture. It's a soft power for a reason.

No. 368258

File: 1549460118670.jpeg (896.68 KB, 2456x2924, F759DB6C-41B2-4521-9F04-C9AE3F…)

Another example of men using their own evidence against themselves
A late bloomer thing someone posted today. A guy offering “encouraging advice,” that’s hypocritical, when it’s just putting down women.
>ignores all the women listed who were successful that are literally on the same list used as evidence of successful people
>yet says they hit a wall
>believes women can’t be successful after a certain age
>believing the only measure of success for a woman is having a husband and kids
>some dude underneath tries to backpeddle and say he means family and fertility.
It’s ridiculous seeing men think women are incapable of success and they only measure women on how beautiful they are or if they have a family. I also hate it when men use women as an example of what not to be, “you are a man! You are strong and hardworking. At least you’re not emotional and weak like women!”

No. 368260

Fair enough. It's just frustrating when people don't make the distinction between talking about how guy/guy turns you on and wanting to find like-minded women and those that reeeee about females characters being included in ships, because they find it difficult to self-insert.

No. 368264

The pink pill really opened my eyes.

No. 368265

How many times is he gonna say cunt?

No. 368266

File: 1549461662065.jpeg (136.4 KB, 427x1199, 826F2770-6E88-493C-8F55-1CED60…)

Wow I guess my turtleneck and jeans were just too tempting to my rapist

No. 368267

Not quite, rather the "/pol/ narrative" is that a global elite that controls among others the financial system, media and the political classes are promoting the feminization of white males to make them subservient, less likely to revolt and sexually inactive/non-procreating. The purported aim is to "breed out" whiteness to create a "servile society" which will do everything the elite say without questioning because of the purported servile/dumb nature of the non white races.

No. 368268

There's one episode of the documentary Gaycation about the Japanese situation.

No. 368273

An incel nurse? Please God I hope it's fake.. I hope he gets fired someday soon. Imagine him as your nurse, acting fake happy to your face but complain about how much of a whroe and cunt you are for daring to be sick or injured as a woman in his section online later. Imagine him as your coworker, trying to have a nice little convo only to be called a cunt over and over by him in his head because you're pregnant and he goes to dehumanize your child too

They act like this and can't understand why nobody likes them

But sperm deteriorates too. They shouldn't be having kids later in life either, I'd say past 40 they shouldnt try. And they never take into account women who want to adopt but I guess that's because they hate kids already born needing a parent. They just want to breed
It's all so gross that men still get get over that women can have babies so they still try to keep women tied to that single function in their lives.

>dress modestly
Women in fucking burkas get raped and assaulted. They're so fucking retarded. But also gotta laugh at how barbaric they admit they are
>if you do x, he will rape you he's a male human so it's expected

No. 368281

File: 1549465173845.png (97.86 KB, 1055x461, Makehervaginatalk.png)

How to deal with a woman telling you "you don't take me seriously" courtesy of the redpill

No. 368289

File: 1549465832888.png (89.75 KB, 550x505, Flamenco.png)

I also want to introduce you all to Janice Fiamengo, btw those tweets are NOT satire, I repeat those are not satire.

No. 368292

There wasn't much about how the low birth rate and traditional gender roles affect lesbuans, but I see they still have a problem with lack of Dyke bars.

No. 368295

Yes unlike girls, boys are 100% pure and noble creatures uwu
I wonder if Janice feels the same about x-rays and wifi.

No. 368300

On the bright side I am pretty sure this is circlejerking with creative writing, they talk as if trying to advertise their way of life and like they want to seem successful.

Bless parents who teach their daughters to take shit from no one and trust in themselves when it comes to such behaviour.

No. 368319

Reposting to write it more clearly but once I was talking to a guy and told him that I only have sisters (no brother) and he said "your dad must be embarrassed."

No. 368323

Even as a woman who would love to have children, if the men around me are basically overgrown children themselves who clearly can't step up to the plate, I would prefer to not have babies. I'm sure there are other women who agree in Japan. "Go give birth now and ruin your life forever, being tied to an unloving, uncaring manchild who will always put his vices and fantasies ahead of reality!".

MGTOW types always seem to be obsessed with what would make the perfect wife or mother. Do they ever look inwards?

No. 368324

Women are suppose to be backwards but it seems like men are the ones stuck in the medieval age where sons mattered more.

Does anyone have any experience with pro life men in general. It's often they care about the baby but hardly ever the woman. Even for rape cases, I see more men wanting women to be forced to carry for 9 months their attackers child. It's fucking disturbing.

No. 368325

"I made her vagina imitate her"- I thought it would be at least a story about queefing. Stunning how many of these porn obsessed losers don't even know what labia are. Besides, imitation is literally the most weak, childish type of negging I could think of. Even women with abyssal self esteem would not find it sexy.

Also lol at mediocre sex session… Probably as close to self critique as they could ever get

No. 368334

This is fucking hilarious

No. 368346

damn this is embarrassing (for men) whats up with men thinking vaginas can talk? i never understood that. i remember seeing this old pervert one time trying to act like he was some kinda howard stern type or some shit because he got his hands on a microphone for a single moment, he uses the opportunity to ask some girl a question and holds the mic up to her crotch while looking at us and waiting for the laughs to come, only to be met with awkward silence. what the actual fuck?

No. 368365

Half this list was invented by women lmao
Literally a quick Google search could have told you the insane amount of female contributions to technology, architecture, and medicine

The difference is their contributions are dismissed, men's contributions are used as proof as to why women are dumb and men deserve to be worshipped, similar to how men's mistakes are ignored and women's mistakes are amped up and used as proof as to why women can't do anything but make babies

No. 368372

That's actually fucking disgusting, it's like they're perpetually twelve years old.

No. 368373

would explain why they're a bunch of pedos/pedophile sympathizers, they mentally stay little children kek

No. 368378

File: 1549481123978.jpeg (140.81 KB, 750x396, C2B78743-8168-4DD1-9C71-ABEC48…)

This is in response to the “Period Emoji”.
Because periods are now equal to masturbating.

No. 368382

Why do they want everything to be about them? Holy shit. It's just an emoji. Who hurt them?

No. 368386

maybe they've realized their sperm is worthless waste that benefits no one and belongs in the trash and sewers?

No. 368388

>period emoji
So it's just a drop of blood? That could be useful in other contexts too. Why do men always make the most retarded comparisons in cases like these? The "logical" sex my ass.

No. 368392

Anything associated with women = sex in their brain.
Plenty of dudes will say shit like "If women can breastfeed in public I should have the right to wipe my dick out and get a bj in public" anything that we do is sexual, that's why you get creeper thinking that women minding their own business are really making a pass at them or humiliating them with their hotness.

No. 368394

What men do is more out of spite and revenge than equality and logic. I was shocked to hear men agreeing that “If male circumcism is legal, women should also be circumcised at birth.” I pointed out there is no medical reason for women to be circumcised, plus the procedure is more invasive and harmful.
There are other instances where they just want to punish the woman, not fight for equality.

No. 368396

>There are other instances where they just want to punish the woman, not fight for equality.

Exactly. The only time you'll ever see men bring up male rape victim or male domestic abuse victims is when someone's talking about female rape and domestic abuse victims. The rest of the time, men don't care about men getting raped or abused. They just want to shut women up.

No. 368398

Yes. I've seen men compare menstruation and breastfeeding to taking a shit or jerking off. It's so fucking degrading, especially having to breastfeed an infant to taking a shit. Shows you how much they care about motherhood - the only thing women should do according to them

Of course they'd love to own women and remove all rights to personhood. It'll put power right back into their hands. That's all this is about, power over people to do whatever they'd like without negative consequences. Alot of them get off on women being powerless and needing them

No. 368411

The mental gymnastics they do to hide their womb envy. If anything, surely you’re more likely to achieve enlightenment from being so connected to life? Women have so much more potential than men in every way.

No. 368414

It's the same as those men complaining about women showing cleavage saying "Ah, well! If I went around with my dick out people would call me a creep!"
Because the comparison boobs=genitalia is very logic, us women are too inferior to understand /s

No. 368419

ewww his beliefs are so outdated. i'm not a babymaking, breastfeeding machine. i don't want to get married or have kids, cry more, pathetic men who are bothered by a woman's personal life choices. gross af.

No. 368436

>Shows you how much they care about motherhood - the only thing women should do according to them

men dont give a shit about motherhood, the only thing they care about is having control over their """property""". why do you think they start endlessly reeeing when a custody agreement favours the mother? men would be more than happy to take breastfeeding infants away from their mother as long as they can still have control over the child and mother and dont have to pay child support.

No. 368439

i have an older brother, he's my only sibling and always treated me like fucking shit. makes me confused to see the "younger sister is best friends/close to/protected by big brother" trope… because in my experience, even coming from a good family, it's not like that. at all. my older brother harassed me, hit me, hid things from me, not to mention most of my cousins are boys so i was left out of most things, feeling weird for being a girl.

we have a tape of my grandmother with my brother in the waiting room talking while my mom was giving birth to me. he was completely pissed i was being born and he wasn't getting a little brother. when i was brought home, i was a fucking infant so of course i cried. my brother kept suggesting to take me back to the hospital, lmao. it's funny to me, but also says to me that from the start, he never wanted me around. he was a little goddamned shit most of the time, angry and volatile, prone to breaking things and hitting things. in a way, i learned how to NOT be, from him. even as adults now, guess which one of us is the responsible, calm, intelligent sibling, and which one has had drinking/drug issues, still breaks shit (over a girl not liking him back… then going out to drive and getting a DUI, resulting in him not being able to drive for a year, lol), makes terrible decisions, and got kicked out of college?

men never grow the fuck up. boys need to be raised differently. boys are the ones who are coddled, girls are the ones who are reprimanded. look at how well adjusted women tend to be on average, much more then men are. it starts from parents letting "boys be boys".

No. 368444

my brother was a little prick. it made me fear men. i don't think it really always works that way, though of course that would be ideal. older brothers abuse their younger, more vulnerable sisters a lot.

No. 368448

File: 1549490200089.jpeg (44.53 KB, 815x721, DycpRYnUYAEQPKU.jpeg)

No. 368450

It's testosterone, so it's not direct, but an indirect effect of being a male.
I think I heard somewhere that lesbians are the most aggressive compared to cis and bi women (but still falling behind men). No offense to anyone.

The socialization pays more serious role, though. While the testosterone enables them to be stronger and more aggressive, it's their upbringing that often doesn't teach them to control themselves. It's the fault of the society's "boys being boys" mindset and letting them be aggressive towards each other.

No. 368451

>male logic
>completely ignores a woman unless she has her boobs hanging out
>shames women for dressing provocatively

No. 368453

No. 368464

What about male porn stars

No. 368468

Why do so many men care more about a woman having a feature they're attracted to than the woman's health?

Like all the obese fetishists who treat their gf like shit if she loses weight, the amount of men I've seen who refuse to allow their girlfriends to get medical help or take a medication if it will change a feature like, my friend has very pale skin due to an autoimmune disease and her boyfriend doesn't allow her to take medicine because he likes pale skin, how upset males get if a woman has a mastectomy after having cancer, but where are all the women getting upset over things like this? It's almost as if women actually care for men and it sucks men probably never will return the favor

No. 368469

Issa joke anon, based on men thinking multiple partners = giant vag (but one partner 1000 times has no effect)

Though men do sometimes get weirdly slanted penises due to their masturbation angles

No. 368472

The weird thing is that it's assumed you will get a breast implant after a masectomy (at least in my country). Like silicone implanted in a breast which has gone through major trauma is a necessity due to the need to look appealing to men

The one about not letting her take medicine in case she loses her sickly skin tone, jesus. The only thing that matters is their erections apparently

No. 368475

>thinking periods are a sexual thing

No. 368481

File: 1549493456350.png (712.24 KB, 912x576, 1517539132670.png)

Why do so many males go out their way to tell everyone what they think is attractive? And why do they completely strip women of their femininity if they don't meet their standards?

No. 368485

sometimes i think these men think they're being woke by saying this, like, "such small girls have no chest", like, saying he likes 'normal' girls, or something

No. 368489

Imagine feeling so self important that you genuinely believe people give a shit about what you jerk you're little pickle to.

No. 368490

If anything it pisses more people off, considering plenty of fat girls have smaller chests than Victorias secret models

But after seeing what they consider small or flat chested, I always have to question what a woman actually looks like if a man claims she's flat chested/has a flat butt

No. 368492

Or what they think is unattractive. I've never understood the mentality of treating a woman who they never had a chance with in the first place like subhumans because something about them doesn't make their dick hard.

No. 368495

This is something insecure men do. They put down conventionally attractive women specifically (your picture is a great example of that), I'm guessing as an attempt to twist the situation and pretend they're the ones rejecting the women who are way out of their league.

The same men are likely to complain about having to "settle" for women in their actual league, though.

No. 368506

So, sour grapes.

No. 368585

Seems like that is not an uncommon experience, my uncle also bullied my mother when they were young and basically traumatised her by trapping her in a wardrobe and turning the front to the wall, though they act normal around each other now. My older male cousin oscilated between being shitty or cool with me until we both got older, he is one of my best friends now.

No. 368587

men are so obsessed with getting off and forcing women into sex rings and rape, they will use any front to get their victims. this is terrifying, thinking you're going to a job interview only to be sent to some desolate area with a (poorly done) pretend office with the lights off and some random man. only men would organize something this fucking awful. sex trafficking is happening everywhere because they enjoy abusing women who think they're getting a job opportunity, only to be scammed and have their whole lives taken from them.

No. 368605

There seems to be a ~not like other guys uwu~ aspect to it, too. Like, mocking conventionally attractive women somehow makes them less shallow and excuses engaging in their other shitty male behaviors.

No. 368608

But when women say typically attractive men aren't attractive, they're bitter roasties with high standards

No. 368609

Yeah very ironic considering they have the "be gone thot" meme
I doubt very few of them have actually been hit on by a "thot" though

No. 368629

Well, they involve a reproductive organ.

No. 368639

Men like to imagine that their attraction to women is something women are “doing” to them. They see a conventionally attractive woman’s presence in a public space as an action toward them specifically, which is why they’re so often characterized as sexually aggressive.

No. 368644

The article linked earlier actually questions the existence of pedophilia in females.

No. 368648

Funny you mention, consider lolcow is literally the only place to have called out female pedophile boob nazis, where as men encouraged the behavior

No. 368673

I hate them for this. It's not fair.

No. 368698

If women committed 1/1000th of the atrocities that men on an everyday basis do, we'd have our rights taken away and be right back in the kitchen before we could say "patriarchy".

The fact that men are still in charge is baffling tbh. They have shown again and again that they can't be trusted with freedom, they just use it to cause others harm, women's uprise when

No. 368702

what are boob nazis?

off the top of my head I assume its the moms still breastfeeding their 5 year olds

No. 368748

It involves an involuntary bodily function that you can barely control, jerking off isn't.

No. 368757

There are women who sexually abuse children, but they are very rare compared to the amount of men who do it.
If only men committed crime at the same rate as women…then society would be very peaceful.

No. 368762

I know, I was being facetious.

No. 368770

Please don't recommend knives as self defense weapons unless it's literally last resort, or there's extensive martial arts training involved, you do not want to get into a knife fight with a person because there's no winning a knife fight, especially if we're talking about a dynamic where one person is physically weaker, and the knife can be taken and used against its owner by a now enraged and wounded assailant. Knife fights usually last a long time, and involve lots of rolling and grappling. Would be best to stick to either firearms or mace/tasers as previously mentioned.

No. 368778

Today I found out that there's a subreddit created by men in my country where they share the full names and nudes of women they've been talking to. They also post photos they've collected from the women's Facebook and Instagram pages, some of which are family photos. They also stalk the women and post candid photos of them at the gym or just walking around in public. They provide where the women live (sometimes small towns with very few inhabitants) and where they went to college/school. Men request photos of women from specific small towns and the pictures are provided through DMs so I'm not even sure how big the whole thing is. Not to mention that this is the first time I've seen this publicly, there are 100s of private chat groups where this goes on that we'll never know about. Many of the girls were underage. A few women only found out that they were on the subreddit because their photos were sent to male friends in chat groups. Imagine all your male friends in your small town have seen you naked and contribute to this disgusting private group of taking photos of you in public so they can all masturbate to having power over you. Apparently the police won't do anything about it either because it's technically not illegal (we don't have laws against revenge porn I guess).

I feel so fucking bad for these women and how their lives have been ruined by this. I actually feel so unsafe right now. Thankfully I've never shared nudes with anyone but to think there's a giant gang of men out there collectively stalking random women (some of which might be my friends and people I care about too) freaks me the fuck out. The fact that there are men masturbating to Christmas family photos and candids of women jogging in the park makes me so incredibly sick. It's not even good enough for them to collect nudes, they need to have the full name and location of these women and actively stalk them in public. This will haunt these women for the rest of their lives and they don't even give a shit, like their sexual pleasure is more important than the privacy and futures of these real fucking human beings. Can someone tell me what the actual fuck is wrong with men??????

No. 368784

>Can someone tell me what the actual fuck is wrong with men??????
I honestly feel like a lot of men lack something fundamental in mental development. I have no idea what it is. I wish studies would be done to find out what's wrong with them, similar to how women were subject to experiments in Europe because it was concluded that female humans were prone to "hysteria". I really have to ask, how do men not suffer worse bouts of hysteria and just pure madness (and this is assuming it's madness, not just evil)? Where is the female Ed Gein?
A normal person doesn't do this, but as it turns out, men disproportionately account for the global population of "abnormal people".

No. 368786

Unfortunately that’s not uncommon, I’ve seen it in other places. I heard that one reasoning for such evil is that men don’t see women as people, they treat them like theirs to conquer and do as they please with, all the while doing mental gymnastics like, “well she’d probably reject me anyways this is what she gets for sending out nudes like the whore she is.” Men are motivated by revenge, spite, and dominance. After reading the book, “Why Does He Do That?” On abusive relationships, it’s clear men don’t see women as people. Would you tenderly care for a weed the same way you would care for a child? No you uproot that shit and throw it away, even if the weed did nothing wrong but exist. You see them reducing women to a body part with language such as “bitch” or “cunt” or “roastie” it was in the same book “The Psychology of Evil” that mentions the horrific experiments done on POW in a certain Japanese unit in WWII, where they referred to the prisoners as “murata” or “log”. “Hey how many logs did you throw away last night?” “Let’s move all the logs to this room.” So yeah, men will never see women as people. They can just never wrap their minds around this. Talk to any man and he will reduce you to “can I fuck this?” The double standard is more obvious online, where when he assumes you’re a man he suddenly treats you with respect and can have a normal conversation, and as soon as he discovers you’re a woman, all hell breaks loose.

No. 368788

Lots of emotional stunting in society at large these days and it just makes everyone worse. There's a behavioral sink in play, and for all of the talk about progress, men are still behaving this way when they think nobody is looking. It's revolting.
I feel like there is a culture trend actively against taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, including with regard to women. While men were in the past expected to have all this maturity by their early 20's in order to have a family, now it's all about extending adolescence, which means using women and not being serious about it, making no serious life choices, not valuing composure and stability, selfishness, etc. Not like there want misogyny in the past with those men but it's taken a different, almost more childish form like this kind of stuff.

No. 368789

Men have no empathy, they can only feel sorry for themselves. And if you dare turning them on (we all know it doesn't take much) they'll want to punish and humiliate you, they take the fact that they desire us as a consequence of what we DO, even thought just walking down the street is enough to warrant harassment.
I genuinely believe men are disgusted by their own sexual desire and hate women because of how much they want us.
Btw most men have sexual impulse 24/7, they could be right at the verge of dying if a nurse with a great ass walk past them they WILL think about shagging her, that's how they're programed, they SHOULDN'T be in position of power.

No. 368795

>they SHOULDN'T be in position of power.


No. 368801

File: 1549547113847.jpg (106.59 KB, 923x633, aca7d856.jpg)

I decided to check out a male-dominated board that I used to frequently browse years ago, saw this screenshot posted there (with a bunch of replies agreeing) and hoo boy now I remember why I got fed up with the site.

No. 368807

>man acting as if talking about Star Wars and capeshit is "stimulating conversation"
having some low brow interests is completely normal, but trying to pass them off as intellectual stuff women can never understand ? Only men do this. A lot of people in both genders have that sort of interests (I'd argue it's more common in men, since so many are addicted to video games), but women don't try to pretend binge-watching Netflix shows is "stimulating". They're honest about it being unproductive consuming.

Also imagine acknowledging you care about nothing but Star Wars and vaginas, yet calling others "awful plastic disposable shitty" people. The cognitive dissonance.

No. 368818

>he starts acting funny and says he needs to go
Just let the guy go jesus christ. 1st world problems.

No. 368820

>While men were in the past expected to have all this maturity by their early 20's in order to have a family, now it's all about extending adolescence, which means using women and not being serious about it, making no serious life choices, not valuing composure and stability, selfishness, etc

100%. 30 year old men now act like highschoolers. I went on a date once with a 35-year old man who had very similar opinions to an 8 or 12 year old despite being intelligent otherwise, and having a good job. There is no social pressure to mature, act like an adult, be responsible. So they don't.

Women have to mature if we want to live; not get killed or kidnapped or any host of things happen to us. There are zero consequences for men being children all the way until their 40s

No. 368821

Agreed, a taser is a better option compared to a knife.
Speaking of which, one day I shared on facebook something about self defense with tasers (for women dealing with a possible rapist), and a male friend chimed in to say how "morally wrong" it is to use a taser, because it hurts the attacker and might even kill him if he has a heart condition. I told him to stfu and that a woman who's about to get raped most likely doesn't give a shit about the "poor rapist", and that if you don't want to be hurt you shouldn't go around hurting others… but it's baffling how men sympathize all the time with rapists and criminals. In a way it's as if they have some dark intentions too, so they're concerned that the punishment won't be too hard on them.

No. 368824

I should add I have a lot more experiences with men around that age (late twenties to mid thirties) and the vast majority were the same. It was a turning point when I realized that if I ignore the adult male body, and just focus on their words and actions, not one male I've met irl has a mental age older than 16

No. 368825

>In a way it's as if they have some dark intentions too, so they're concerned that the punishment won't be too hard on them.

That's exactly it, who the fuck hears about deterrents to rapists and immediately imagines himself as the rapist and worries about consequences to his health?

No. 368834

They sympathize more with rapists than female victims, all unless until the roles are reversed and a 21 yr old woman fucks a 17 yr old boy, then she's an evil child molester who needs the death penalty

No. 368843

File: 1549552508567.jpg (135.46 KB, 1199x899, 1549040807816.jpg)

This is unironically true, in my opinion. Males always have a sexual impetus when befriending women whether they admit it or not - it's usually just a means to get their foot through the door. I'd say female friendships are more authentic in this regard. I have friends (female) and orbitors, and I find this system works decently for me.

No. 368854

Omg I hope your friend dumps his ass. That’s horrifying.

No. 368855

A few months ago an elderly woman very close to my place of work was brutally raped and murdered during a home invasion robbery. My male coworkers' first reaction when hearing about this?
>Ugh why would you rape an old woman? That's just gross
As much as they like to cry #notallmen, most men immediately identify with the rapist in these scenarios.

No. 368880

hey fellow irish anon. I'm really freaked out by it too. I've had an inkling stuff like this has been going on for a while now, ever since the identity of the girl in the rape trial in the north was leaked all over whatsapp. I know men are shitty everywhere but there is a specific Irish flavor of misogyny that is really hard to discuss because scrotes get so fucking offended when you even suggest that they could ever possibly be up to something. r/ireland and boards.ie are bursting with this shit. The ghost of catholicism is still fucking us.


No. 368888

It's really just depressing tbh.

No. 368893

The #metoo movement really brought that up to light, unless it's about a male feminist who is a rapist then they shit on him. Otherwise it's "he said, she said, but better believe the man and let him go"

Did you really just criticise somebody that will never read your post about their bait post on a male board about guys being incapable of friendships, in this thread of all places? Lol

No. 368895

Not to sympathize with males, but I honestly feel they can't help it. They're just tunnel-visioned.

No. 368913

What do you mean by act like highschoolers? What opinions did that man have that were similar to those of 8 or 12 years old? What's your definition of maturity and acting like an adult?

No. 368914

How does having orbitors benefit you?

No. 368915

>tfw only befriend males for similar reasons
Should I feel bad? I have some leftover male acquaintances from high school (and one close friend who really 100% isn't into me), but otherwise I only want to converse with males if I find them attractive. That anon worded it harshly…but that's how I feel about men.

Is that wrong or deserved because they're already like this?

No. 368935

Ah who cares about that poster. He obviously has a drinking problem but not only that, he's an incel that thinks anyone who isn't into his barely obscure nerdy dnd shit is boring (ironic). Says everything tbh.

No. 368957


imagine if a woman tried to pull this but with netflix shows instead of star wars. also its fucking hilarious he thinks that star wars is some unique niche interest kek

>I am a drunk woman and I can help explain this with extreme levels of candour. If I stay at home and watch my niche tv dramas on Netflix all day i can have an absolutely riveting time watching tv shows that you would laugh at me and call me lazy, basic and stupid for. Thus I would prefer to do this in all circumstances, over goin to a party, except for one thing my laptop monitor cannot provide: it does not have a PNEIS. I go to parties to meet penises. Sometimes they have men attached to them so I have to woo them. To woo the guy I have to listen to him blab about shit like star wars that is was less interesting than whats happening on my netflix shows. I need to listen to your stupid fucking garbage that sucks you don't even fucking know anything about anything youre awulf, you are an awful plastic disposable shitty person, but you have a penis and I REALLY want to have sex. constantly. it never stops. So when i find out your penis is not available, I do not care about your penis anymore. your penis can go fuck off. I dont want to be your friend, because you dont know anything about Riverdale and all you talk about is Boba Fett and you are incapable of stimulating discussion. TLDR: YOU ARE FUCKING BORING!!!1!!1!11!!! IF YOUR GIRLFRIEND WERENT CURRENTLY FUCKING YOU HE WOULDNT CARE ABOUT YOUR FAT ASS EITHER

No. 368959

He also tried to pass off Star Wars as some """niche""" interest. Fucking Star Wars, one of the most successful movie franchises in existence. What is it with nerd men and pretending their dime a dozen hobbies are super obscure and erudite? People don't hate you because of your geek hobbies, they hate you because you're an autistic, condescending cunt.

No. 368960


sage for sperging. but i really hate how people have come to see birth as some sort of humiliating embarrassing medical procedure. i've been thinking about that reddit post all day. i would much rather be with a man who is invested in every aspect of the pregnancy/birth/childrearing instead of pushing it all off on me as the Woman's Responsibility. while he swoops in on the weekend to BBQ and take the kid(s) go-carting.
i'm really interested in homebirths and have done a lot of research on it and personally i think giving birth at home with a doula and your partner sounds 100% comfy than a "medical procedure" done by strangers. youre far less likely to tear or shit yourself if youre allowed to move around and give birth in the position your body is telling you to. if that makes any sense. it's not humiliating and i always get this vibe that treating birth that way is kind of anti woman. just letting my granola shit leak out
i've seen so many men online act totally indifferent and disinterested in the process of it all and i'd prefer if fathers would take a fucking interest in they're child's life and what their wife is going thru.

No. 368963

Giving birth isn't a comfy experience anon and it's not anti woman at all to see it for what it is ; a painful and risky procedure. Best of luck with your homebirth but remember a few years back and in some country still women regularly died in childbirth and modern medicine is the reason why the numbers have dropped.

No. 368967

make this the new copypasta kek
riverdale>star wars, all in agreement say aye ot but i canny believe how shite riverdale is, my god

No. 368974

Maybe not for you, but an average woman definitely doesn't want her friends family and husband to stand around and gawk at her genitals as she is pushing out a baby and shitting herself, let's be honest now, a lot people would be very humiliated at this, not to mention how gross it would look to people who aren't use to looking at it, how unflattering it can make one look, sweaty, screaming, as shit is coming from your ass and a baby is ripping your vagina, and considering most men's immaturity a lot of them won't be able to look at their wives the same

It's best in a hospital or at least with a midwife around and someone who knows what they're doing

No. 368979

I somewhat agree with the notion of not making pregnancy taboo, but like the other anon mentioned, it still is a risky and complicated procedure. I couldn't fault another woman if she wanted privacy and dignity. Especially if she didn't have the option of a homebirth surrounded by loved ones and a knowledgeable doula or midwife.

It makes me feel better when women have complete control over the surroundings of their pregnancy. Whether that's openly inviting people to watch, wanting to be in a hospital, be at home, or have nobody around.
I just think it's selfish for outsiders to feel entitled or impose their wishes onto the women.

No. 368989

File: 1549568476665.png (238.08 KB, 494x528, asshole.png)

No. 368990

"Brain drain" is going on in my country, most people that haven't moved away are nationalists, retards or those that profit on the misery of others.

A lot of news have been talking about women getting beaten up and no one cares
>that's just normal
>why did she go outside at night lol
>I have 2 neighbours in J that are beating their wives up, this is nothing new
>the lefties are just pushing this in the news so you feel pity
>that 16 year old girl deserved it for hanging out with older men
I consider everyone with a lack of empathy and social skills subhuman, a lot of men fall into this category.

No. 368996

Why is MGTOW so damn hurt anytime they get the slightest criticism? Also take note how she responded to posts directly from mgtow, just for mgtows to start screaming how she's a stupid entitled woman who doesn't know what mgtow is about. They truly believe going out their way to claim normal communication with women is emotional abuse to them, picking everything women do to be wrong, and screaming all day about how all women are evil and entitled and have some sort of mastermind plot against them, that there's nothing wrong with any of that and anyone who says otherwise just doesn't understand them

No. 368999

File: 1549569391309.gif (522.75 KB, 244x150, tenor.gif)

I've actually spoken to mgtow and its fucking incredible how hypocritical they are. Found one of em on a bdsm site, he wrote a lengthy article about him being a mgtow which basically meant he wanted a woman who would stay at home, only be happy in making him happy and was basically a dormat. Guys who are mgtow dont actually live independently-they just hate women and want women to miss the fact they passed these oxygen thieves over. Like the whole movement is hilarious.

No. 369002

Are you talking about that mgtow who wanted women to offer him their sisters and daughters and wanted said women to support him and get plastic surgery for him if he wanted, all the while he was old,poor, short and obese?

Mgtows have no self awareness

No. 369005

Oh fuck I just clicked the response video the mgtow who got triggered by this who cannot even speak properly says this girl has a turkey neck and then says in the same sentence shes lying about guys like him dehumanising her man these guys are thicker than cow shit.

No. 369007

No im not but, please share that story that sounds insane. I'm talking about a guy I spoke to on a bdsm site-said he was a mgtow but was looking for a sub. The guy looked the type too lol.

No. 369010

CBA to find it, it was posted in the past few man-hating threads

No. 369014

It's rather sad that you rarely can befriend men, without them treating you as a vagina and nothing more.
Maybe it's wrong as it doesn't help solving this issue, but they deserve it at the same time, for doing nothing themselves to change this fact.

No. 369017

Don't forget the UCD group for sharing nudes that was exposed a few years back. These are just the groups we know about too.

No. 369018

Men are so fucking weird and disturbed. This is fucked

No. 369019

>why can't you just take a compliment
>he's just trying to be nice
>I'd be flattered if a man complimented me

No. 369023

the post about the video games was lol worthy. "boo hoo womenz h8 games cause they dont benefit from it!! reee!!!" no we fucking hate your xbox because you sit on it all day, never buy any games we can play with you, and you bitch at us to waite on you hand and foot so you dont have to leave your boyfriends for a single moment to spend any time with us, you ungrateful manchildren.

No. 369025

why do you care about looking flattering while youre giving birth? do women always have to look flattering and on point especially during something so natural and human?

No. 369027

This, and they blow so much money on it, which is even worse when men are reliant off of you, not to mention the useless toys and posters they buy just to look at

Obviously there's nothing wrong with gaming, but it turns men's potato brains into cult-like mindsets, it's ruining their lives but considering most males self awareness they'll never see it. No wonder they get so pissed off at career women who can motivate themselves and not be mindlessly tied to a video game all day that most of them don't even like and get angry at while playing kek

No. 369028

So basically
>"I have nothing interesting or relatable to say to most normal people so I pass it off like I'd rather be at home with my fat male friends talking about my niche tastes yet I'm so fucking fake and desperate I hold out just in case a woman would like to give me pussy."

What a boring, sorry virgin making excuses for himself lol.

No. 369029

What is wrong with choosing not to make a spectacle of yourself giving birth? It's great if you want your husband looking at your vag while you push a baby out of it and shit yourself, not everyone want that.

No. 369033

why do you keep focusing on the shitting yourself aspect? it's not really all that common. especially if the mother is allowed to walk to the bathroom and shit in a toilet in peace. which they dont often let you do in a hospital setting. look into it and read stories about homebirth for a bit bit and get back to me.

also i get it, you think the father is going to gawk as his wifes vagina while she's giving birth. again, if you'd look into actual homebirth stories you'd know that fathers play a supportive role. they're not spectators, they're assistants. not to get triggered.

No. 369034

it just doesn't make any sense to me at all. i can have an mmorpg up on the computer literally all day doing what i need to do to get good AND have all the daily chores kept up with regularly, yet men cant even be bothered to take breaks just to get their own food/drink and need a replacement mommy to do all the housework for them while they fuck around playing some kids game and jack off. thats ~da sUpERiOr gender~ for you i guess. its such bullshit i dont even know how they stand to live with themselves.

No. 369035

Men's fried minds revolve around women's beauty, once they see how unflattering giving birth makes one look it will just be another excuse to them to use to treat you horribly, I'd rather avoid it all together, knowing how men can be, better to be safe than sorry just for the sake of having him watch me shit a baby out of me as some enlightening experience

No. 369036

why are you even letting him knock you up if this is how you feel about him though?

No. 369038

No. 369040

No. 369041

some men are just like this though especially if they're some kind of narcissist, he'll never let you forget what the birth looked like and use it to degrade you for the rest of your days. "remember when you shit yourself at the hospital giving birth?! hahaha!!" i can imagine it. whats worse is when you realize he's a narc in the middle of your pregnancy. what are you supposed to do? abort it? some cases you just have to exclude the male from being there.

No. 369042

I want kids, but sadly men are shit and morons, you have to tiptoe in order to get respected, it is what it is, men will never change so you just have to do what you have to do and if that means him not watching you birth then so be it

No. 369046


>In this intention‐to‐treat analysis, women in the planned home birth group had significantly fewer intrapartum interventions, including narcotic or epidural analgesia, augmentation or induction of labor, and assisted vaginal or caesarean birth—as well as significantly fewer adverse outcomes, including postpartum hemorrhage, and third‐ or fourth‐degree lacerations. No significant differences were found between the home birth group and either comparison group with respect to the diagnosis of asphyxia at birth, seizures, need for assisted ventilation beyond the first 24 hours of life, or low 5‐minute Apgar scores (< 7).

No. 369049

I can't with those hippie ladies who prioritize their ~uwu dream birth~ over the literal life of their baby.

You're aware that midwives only take women with extremely low risk pregnancy? The numbers are skewed and the fact that they sent to the hospital the women who have complications raise the number of death and interventions in hospitals.

No. 369050

i get that one of the man hate threads is literally the worst thread to talk about how birth isnt all that ~scary~ and ~humiliating~ but i just couldnt really see why you guys were getting upset with that reddit thread. she shouldnt have posted it in goddamn r/ASKMEN but wanting to be there and be involved is a lot better than "ew icky!! thats the hole i put my penis in!!" i'll take what i can get.

No. 369054

yes dumbass, im well aware that mid wives only take low risk pregnancies. ergo, if you have a high risk pregnancy. go to the hospital. no shame in that. but for the majority of women homebirth is no worse than hospital birth, and youre less likely to rip your coochie and shit youself. just saw how you guys were so worried about all that.

~uwu dream birth~ yes, forgive me for believing that women's ability to gestate life and bring it into this world is a wonderful thing.

No. 369056

Simple, don't settle with a man like that and have high standards.

No. 369059

So no man, got it

No. 369060

Learn2read, retard. It says right there in the bit I quoted:
>In this intention-to-treat analysis
Let's take 2 seconds to see what that means:
>An intention-to-treat analysis of the results of an experiment is based on the INITIAL TREATMENT ASSIGNMENT and not on the treatment eventually received.

>The second study, a prospective, 5‐year (2000‐2004) matched cohort study in British Columbia, compared outcomes for low‐risk women in a midwife‐attended planned home birth group (n = 2889), a physician‐attended hospital birth group (n = 5331), and a midwife‐attended planned hospital birth group (n = 4752).

The study already controlled for pre-determined pregnancy risk. You are showing a cult-like level of adherence to the "Hospital Birth Is Better!!!" narrative and willful ignorance here. Or you're just plain stupid.

No. 369061


You seem incredibly pressed. Tbh Idgaf about how and where you pop out your baby, I just think it's retarded to take the risk of home birthing when only 5 minutes can be the difference between a normal baby and an oxygen deprived retard.

No. 369063

They have oxygen tanks in your home, anon, and can intubate there just as well as in a hospital. Also usually have EMS standing by. You are at no more risk of birthing a potato at home than in a hospital. The procedure to attempt to remediate this issue is the exact same no matter if you are in a hospital or not.

No. 369064

I'm not talking about the baby not breathing at birth, I'm talking about the baby being "stuck", a breech baby, a baby getting his shoulder stuck, or anything that could require an emergency c section. But I know how cultish granola moms are, and I don't want to derail the thread further.

No. 369065

fine. the only reason i brought this up is because you guys were freaking out about tearing and shitting yourself. i wanted to bring up homebirth because these things are avoidable, especially when youre not lying on your back.

breech babies are not even homebirthing candidates. you can tell in advance up to a month if the baby is going to be breech. same thing if the baby doesnt drop, you can tell early on and get a nice ride to the hospital for a c section.
how is this cult like? i posted a peer reviewed study, you haven't done anything.

sage again, lets just be done with this and talk about shitty things men do without calling birth disgusting humiliating agony. thats the reason i even popped in on this thread.

No. 369069

Anons, please know that the natural birth movement has a misogynist history and inherently thinks women can and should just “deal with” birthing pain.

>I had come to believe that my body was designed to give birth, so giving birth should be easy and, if I just studied hard enough, could be painless. The natural birth movement claims that childbirth used to be safe and easy before the advent of modern medicine and roots for a return to drug-free home birth.
>Christians portrayed pain relief in childbirth as blasphemous, believing it contravened God’s punishment for Eve’s original sin (“I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children” [Genesis 3:16]). According to Steve Ainsworth at Midwives Magazine, incense and prayer (yeah, really) were an accepted analgesic, but “anything else might upset divine intent.”

No. 369073

No. 369075

The idea of women's original sin is why I dropped religion as a little kid. The length men go to cope really is something.

No. 369076

Can they get in trouble for doxxing?

No. 369078

>without calling birth disgusting humiliating agony

but thats exactly what it is? can we please stop pretending its some sort of magical uwu experience when its literally one the most painful things people can experience? i dont blame mothers for not wanting anyone unneccesary, even their husband, ogling them during the process. im honestly thankful that there are hospitals and advanced medicine and painkillers to at least make sure that birth is safer and less painful for women.

>I have 2 neighbours in J that are beating their wives up, this is nothing new

this is so gross. how is it that if a woman is a victim of domestic violence no one cares.

No. 369079

I've been battling with the thought of taking religion seriously, but seeing rhetoric about how women can't achieve spiritual enlightenment, how they're basically animals,and female nature being corrupt and evil, as well as women being stupid, and how feminism is controlling the movie industry with movies to alter male-female dynamics, from actual Christian forums and comment sections in Youtube videos put me off of it almost entirely.
I just realized that the majority of Christian men think like that, and if that were the case I'd rather have nothing to do with them or even be involved in any social circles they might be in, including church.

No. 369080

I'm a bi girl (I think? I honestly have wondered for many years since childhood if I'm lesbian) who has settled for dudes most of my life, as my generation was not as accepting of today's issues. That, and my family was wicked bigoted.

I've now been through the ringer with the worst of them.. I even adopted red pill bs at one point just to try to keep up and fit in with what I perceived the world was willing to tolerate and what was gonna keep him happy.. which was agoddamn mess.

The pink pill tho… I've never heard this phrase until today. This whole thread is an inspiration. Stay strong, fems.

No. 369081

Im betting on insurance companies that just don't want to pay for anelgesics and anesthesiologists.

No. 369087

Female only religion when?

It sucks how so many established religions have anti female bias. I just don't see how one can reconcile their religion with feminist beliefs.

No. 369088

there's the pussy church of modern witchcraft. not a "real" religion persay, but it's better than nothing for the time being.

No. 369131

Alot of them will claim they're top tier guys who can multiple languages, works in STEM, a successful entrepreneur and living the life because women are evil but its often to flex online and out-do other mgtows online. Many of them not ironically follow "trad" girls (not traditional girls who focus on family and wellness but tradthots) because that's what they want - just a woman who'll be a slave, be completely ok with no rights and be completely dependent on them. It's not a place of self improvement or talking about hobbies. One guy on reddit mgtow sub went there to ask why they talk about women so much and to talk about their hobbies more. And he was banned.

Only mgtow I knew of talked about how he fell down the rabbit hole for a while before he decided to go to therapy. Turnsled out he wasn't mad at women, but had buried feelings about his mom passing when he was young, his dad's drinking and his dads exes. It's easy to fall down that pit because it sounds nice upfront
>all about self improvement
>owning yourself
>living your life the best for you etc
But it ends up being filled with bitter people who don't address their bitterness. And that hatred has to be outdone or else you'll be accused of being a wk. All of it is so bleak and toxic. I'd pity them if they weren't the types to advocate for genocide of women. There are "mgtows" but they don't hate women and aren't and at the world. But that's not enough for many of them

Witchcraft was always seen as something more feminine in comparison to alot of male dominant religions like islam, christianity etc. I don't know much about paganism or witchcraft but I think there's a thread for it?

No. 369132

File: 1549582835734.jpg (113.3 KB, 1111x494, aahhh.jpg)

I have noticed this pattern many times before.

IMO the mother was complete shit in this situation, no defending her-but I have seen this defence play out too many times before when similar stories are published in the media-not believing her kid is fucking awful but its not worse than the men who abused her yet as always men will bend over backwards to make out the mother was solely to blame-like had she done her job properly this would have never happened (because you know, it would magically cancel out men abusing kids) and as someone whos been in a similar situation and was angry at not being believed I still say the abuser is fucking worse than the one who doesn't believe-and I bet had it been a father not a mother who did this it would not even be mentioned.

No. 369136

File: 1549583165105.png (26.41 KB, 332x317, evil.png)

anon i'm dying. bless u

No. 369137

How do you guys feel about men making 3d porn of videogame characters whose faces were modeled after real people? Nowadays it's more and more common for videogames to use a real actor/actress who borrows their face for the ingame character. Then people make porn of it, but it's so wrong to me.
For the new Resident Evil 2 game, both Leon and Claire have a real model behind. Of course there's already 3d porn of it. Claire's model is very young, she was only 15 when she did the motion capture for Capcom… so the face model those neckbeards are using for porn, is the face of an actual child.
It's like those deepfakes or whatever they were called. Isn't it illegal?

No. 369138

Forgot to add, of course it would've still been a problem if she was an adult. Imagine being a simple model and then stumbling over (or even having someone send it to you via dm, knowing neckbeards) gross zombie porn with YOUR face on, where you get humiliated in all the ways. Vile

No. 369140

as far as we know, we can't trust any men because how are we supposed to know what he'll do next. this is why men should stop bitching about us not wanting to be spoken to or approached in public. i lived in the city for a while, men would tell me weird shit and i always just walked away very quickly, the worst was the day before valentines day last year, some man in a suit saw me, followed me for a few blocks, then approached me from behind to tap me on the shoulder. he went on like some mediocre PUA about how he'd like to see me smile and how sexy i looked in my dress. i was so fucking disgusted i just turned around and kept walking, but then he yelled out, "can't i at least ask you on a date?" and i just said, "i have a boyfriend." and kept walking.

men care about their egos being satisfied more than a woman's safety and comfort. fucking disgusting. at worst, a stranger who is female will be rude to me. when it comes to a man, we don't know what the hell he will do to us. i don't care if he's complimenting me or asking for the time, i am ignoring him and walking away quickly. who cares if i offend some guy, it could be a life or death situation, because men are fucked.

No. 369143

It is absolutely disgusting, I do think deepfakes are a step above that though, since you can pass them off as real and ruin a woman's life with them.

Nothing stops men in their quest for porn, though. They just completely shut off their morality, empathy or logic when they get horny, that's why it's so common for men to feel disgusted and ashamed after masturbating. Yet even that doesn't make them question their actions.

No. 369145

same. i was raised catholic and i was put off really quickly by a lot of the teachings when i was young. by the time i was in middle school i was pretty firm in my beliefs, and they certainly weren't catholic teachings.

No. 369159

File: 1549585830344.jpg (43.36 KB, 500x500, 1494728390995.jpg)

>Nowadays it's more and more common for videogames to use a real actor/actress who borrows their face for the ingame character. Then people make porn of it, but it's so wrong to me.
I wish companies would stop doing this, like why do they need to look SUPER REALISTIC. I get they want ~*~immersion~*~ and make the player to feel like they're really there but c'mon it's still a fucking video game. I genuinely feel bad for the models if they ever come across that shit. Like how shit would it be to be excited about your face being in a game only to later be used for creepy porn for neck beards to jerk off to.

I'm still autistically salty over Leon and Claire's ugly models.Ada's was apparently made from scratch, so it's no wonder hers is the best looking one

No. 369162

I've noticed this too, any Anon who is interested in crime will noticed no matter what happens, no matter who is involved, literally every fucking comment section is focused on what the woman did wrong, it's tiring. They've even managed to blame two gay men adopting and raping a child on women. It's always women's fault, never men's

No. 369175

He didn't have to slash her fucking face, this is like those guys who throw acid. Fuck all the way off with your obvious hate of women. Try and ruin our lives by damaging our appearance, well any woman on the planet is a more valid life than that piece of shit. We are all better than people like him. The worst thing is a woman carried these people for 9 months, and likely fed and raised him. A walking promo for abortion right there

No. 369180

(and the other anon talking about this)
I was born at home and while my father is generally absent and unsupportive in my adult life, he did help out my mother and it all went fine, he considers it one of his proudest moments
I was the second child, the second birth is often easier (and I apparently was) but as long as the mother is 100% healthy I don't think a home birth is a problem. A midwife was on her way but I came out too quick, so it was just the parents.
If the mother has any health issues, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or anything I do think a hospital is best. At the moment of pushing a human out of your body I think the people looking at your vagina aspect is the least of your worries

No. 369182

He's already seen you from every unflattering angle by the point of giving birth, unless you have sex in pitch darkness, it's not gonna be anything new. There's nothing degrading about it. If you'd be that embarrassed for your partner to see you from a few unflattering angles, definitely don't have a kid with them

No. 369183

Literally please do not breed with someone that you think will act like that. Generally a guy becomes "dad". He has to become a father figure, it's part of the job. If he's gonna act like a giggling child about it he will never ever be a father figure, so don't even go there

No. 369189

This reminds me of that discussion over Duchess Kate's sudden public reappearance looking completely done-up like nothing had happened strangely soon after giving birth and the increasing prevalence of women being done up by pro MUAs for the occasion of giving birth because we're taught to be this terrified of anyone, even our own husbands, seeing us look ugly during what is most likely to be one of the most painful experiences of our lives.

No. 369190

There was a MGTOW i saw on youtube who was also living a "home-free lifestyle" aka living in his car. I don't think being woman-free is a choice for guys living in their cars. He also had a very fixed idea of what women are, obviously based on an ex girlfriend, down to where we like to shop, collectively (it was a natural health food store iirc) and what education we have (a specific course was named that his ex obviously did)

Mgtows are very troubled men

No. 369194

A man can meet millions of good women and dismiss them all
They can meet one bad women and to them all of them are evil

No. 369195

This tbh.
Bitching about those men from reddit that feel like they can demand to be in the birth room at their own whim is one thing, but why are anons arguing that some women actually want to have their partner in the birth room for emotional support whilst they do or don't shit themselves? There's a baby thread for that stuff.

No. 369199

There is already a type of witchraft called Dianic wicca which differs from traditional wiccan practices in that only godesses are worshipped.

No. 369208

This, and that's not even scratching the surface of the current "snapback" trend.

No. 369209

Lol, get a sperm donor then? As long as you have a decent salary you don't need men to have kids anymore, especially if that's how you feel.

No. 369242

i s2g men are such a fucking meme. as a girl who likes doing a full face of makeup and dressing up even if i'm just going to the store because i purely enjoy getting myself done up, it's so retarded that men think all women should always look fuckable and up to their personal standards. men look so fucking ugly most of the time, and most are ugly all the goddamned time. they expect to get laid and expect all women to treat them like kings when they can barely wash their balls every day, brush their hair, and don't even know how to dress, let alone do their own laundry. yet women must be perfect little housewives who are dressed up and ready to be fucked 24/7, even when they're giving birth, goddamn. men are so fucking hypocritical. women are expected to go above and beyond, yet many men won't even do basic hygiene.

No. 369249

I watched a doc tonight about goddess worship that you might like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRV8EiXS_q4

Wasn't original flavor wicca started by a dude basically as a reason to fuck a bunch of women?

No. 369384

>Wasn't original flavor wicca started by a dude basically as a reason to fuck a bunch of women?

You're thinking of Aleister Crowley and Thelema, I think, which yeah, was partially so he could have orgies.

To be fair, there does seem to be a sort of "free love" aspect to Wicca, and Dianic Wicca, at least in the books I've read about it.

No. 369423

>The idea of women's original sin
What is that? Most Christian denominations attribute the cause of original sin to both Adam and Eve's disobedience.
See my post here >>368235. Why are you letting other people's interpretations of Christianity put you off of the religion?
How does Christianity have an anti-female bias?

No. 369432

Nah I think she's talking about Gerald Gardner.

No. 369436

I have an older brother, and god, the envy even as a toddler is true for my brother as well. My mom tells me when I was born, and she and my dad let my brother in to see me for the first time, my brother hid behind my dads leg. And like just acted like my mom had done something "wrong" by giving birth to another child. He did the destructive shit as a child too, tearing up furniture, all sorts of shit. Now he's a born again type and has this weird resentment towards my mom and I guess me too, because we're not "good enough". Because I'm mentally ill and so is my mom, and because our mom is a recovering drug addict, I guess. He's always kinda mostly found me to be a weirdo anyway, and was always jealous of my relationship with our mom, even though she treated him well too. I didn't have a lot of friends, so I sorta hung around my mom more. Unlike my brother, who was popular and always gone, off with friends.

My mom is one of those rare examples of a woman having a great relationship with her older brother. My uncle was kinda always around us, hanging out, as a result. I kinda envy how well they got along.

No. 369442

Hm, seems you're right. I knew about Crowley, didn't know about this guy. Absolutely zero shock though, a lot of men start shit like that just so they can fuck women and have sex slaves.


No. 369463

NTA, but not all parishes are the same anon. not all priests will preach the same. roman catholicism is very traditional and i went to roman catholic schools where it was very heavily implied that women aren't capable of being priests/doing the things that men can do. it's dogma that "women and men are complementary to each other, they weren't made to do the same things". women are expected to become wives and mothers who stay at home and raise kids, men work. when we were taught about female saints or mary, it was pretty much taught that they were great women for letting god use them. if we were talking about male figures in catholicism, the tone was much different. god is always referred to as a male in roman catholicism, which is a more strict denomination of christianity.

No. 369465

What country was this in?

No. 369466

itayrt, and yeah, my brother had a huge, huge jealously issue. it was unfair as fuck because well, i didn't decide to be born, yet he treated me like shit growing up because family members were unsurprisingly fawning over a new baby. he was such an ass about it. i haven't spoken to him in years about anything regarding it, but he had told me for years how much he hated me growing up for "stealing the attention away from him", and it was obvious he still fucking hated me for something i didn't even have a say in. i was so shy and hated the attention growing up. he always seemed to resent my mother and i, even though my mom and i are pretty well adjusted, he pretty much has TRP and MGTOW-esque beliefs.

i'll never forget when he told me that "mom married dad for his money". my mom was unfairly kicked out of her home at 17 because her parents were abusive as fuck, they beat her and wouldn't even fucking let her go to college. she was dealt a shitty hand in life. my dad came from a good family and when they met, they really liked each other, and he let her stay with him. my dad was a college graduate, but hadn't even been working the job he has been for years now at the time. my dad didn't even have money because he still lived with his parents yet my brother really makes shit up to help his confirmation bias.

i will never understand the "protective and sweet older brother" trope. it's not reality for some of us, at all.

No. 369467

the US, the midwest to be more precise. the city i went for all my schooling pre-uni is heavily hispanic catholic. even though i'm a whitey, it was an area that's pretty big on being traditional.

No. 369477

You do you, my experience with the roman catholic church was negative, the views on evolution, suffering and women put me off from that backward way of thinking.

No. 369478

>the views on evolution, suffering and women
What views, specifically?

No. 369491

The whole "sex makes women loose" has ruined any sort of vaginal sex for me. Thanks males, instead of stopping those evil women from "whoring around" you've managed to make plenty of women drop any desire to have sex with you all together

No. 369493

Why do so many women think they're ugly without makeup? It's just not true, natural beauty really is the way to go because even though this is said by sexist men a lot, makeup really is a lie. Its one thing to touch up with makeup but the kind of makeup tutorials I see on youtube skeeve me out, its a whole new face just painted on. My husband sees my naked face every day and doesn't care either way, getting a tan can stave off the 'you look ill' types of comments. Sage for ot.

No. 369494

Men want women to act like sluts but also hate and abuse said sluts. It really fucks with your head when you're horny and you want to be forward with a guy but you can't because he wont respect you.

No. 369497

No. 369500

yeah this is why i don't plan on having sex with a man, and i'm straight.

in a male's mind:
>a woman isn't fuckable to him
she's an ugly piece of shit, deserves no respect
>a woman rejects his advances
she's a prude piece of shit, deserves no respect
>a woman has sex with him
she's a slutty piece of shit, deserves no respect
>a woman has sex with other men, but not him
a tragedy, what a slut, how dare she

you can't fucking win. i'm never getting into another romantic relationship with a man, getting married, or having kids. i'm not letting a man intrude my life with his bullshit.

No. 369513

I'm not here to justify my beliefs to others, I am agnostic because I don't see a reason for practicing on religion over others, especially when they have outdated beliefs.

I tried thinking that creationism is just a simple way to tell the idea of evolution as a kid, but teachers kept correcting me (religion was an optional subject, when I tried to opt out they scolded me from being different from the others), the idea that women have to suffer during birth and bleed every month because of Eve is ridiculously insulting, then there's the whole attitude of accepting suffering like that mother Theresa story with her "hospitals".

But to keep this on topic, the worst are the views on sex. Teaching abstinence only is harmful, shaming girls and valuing them by purity is disgusting. Not to mention the views on abortion, prayer won't save mothers with health complications and children that will be born dead.

No. 369522

I'm >>369079

People's interpretations of Christianity are a pretty good representation of what most Christians uphold, and reflects on what Christians/religious people are like, if I view them acting or speaking a certain way, I'll assume that's what it's really like.
Why would I want to be surrounded by people like this?
Moreover, whenever I look into the typical Christian view on women, it's very disheartening, reading what Paul wrote in his letters, or how people will cite those specific verses from Ecclesiastes as proof that women can rarely achieve righteousness have especially changed the way I view Christianity.
The fact that there were only a few female prophets mentioned in the Bible will then be used to explain why women can only rarely be permitted leadership in spirituality; or explain their lack of virtue or righteousness.

No. 369523

It's so obvious as well, I didn't even need to have much contact with guys to know this, just talk to any girl who has "guy friends" talk about them, or just listen to a guy talk abut any girl with one of his friends.

Why do they even act surprised when girls reject their advances, let alone act hurt? They have this victim mentality going on and it just makes it all the more infuriating.

No. 369564

I had a similar experience anon.
I was raised Catholic and went to a Catholic middle school myself. They treat women with evil, and we're viewed as subservient vessels and supports to men. It was always taught that men have authority over us.

I can't speak about other Christian denominations, but I can speak on Catholicism.

While the church may be changing a lot of its principles and tones these days, the reason behind doing so is to try to save the shrinking congregation (aka the money).
The latest example being the exposure of sexual slavery, forced abortion, and abuse of nuns within the church. Sure, the pope may be admitting to clerical abuse as well as the abuse of children, but he's doing so to try to build back up a rapport because the church is hemorrhaging members due to this shit:
tl;dr Nuns were forcibly made to perform sexually to priests-who made a vow of celibacy btw-and were blackmailed into sex slavery. If they became impregnated, they were forced to have an abortion (Catholicism is against abortions ever). After the nun would have the abortion, she was forced to leave the congregation while the priest's actions were covered up and at worst he was sent to a different location.
Again because it's taught that men have divine authority over women, they treat us like objects while they're put on pedestals.

Not only is it implied that women aren't capable of being leaders of the church, the church flat out says that women cannot be ordained. Because Christ took the body of man, the priest can only ever be a man.
>"The Lord Jesus chose men (viri) to form the college of the twelve apostles, and the apostles did the same when they chose collaborators to succeed them in their ministry. The college of bishops, with whom the priests are united in the priesthood, makes the college of the twelve an ever-present and ever-active reality until Christ's return. The Church recognises herself to be bound by this choice made by the Lord himself. For this reason the ordination of women is not possible."
>The Church recognises herself to be bound by this choice
>The Church recognises herself
The subordination of our gender is even in the words to formulate these twisted rules.
Any church that ordains women is not considered valid in the Catholic hierarchy and is excommunicated, like Roman Catholic Womenpriests.
But being excluded from church functions and sacraments isn't limited to only if you want to be a priest, no.
In the early Roman Empire, husbands were allowed to leave their wives. The wives were not permitted the same right until centuries later and that's not with dissolution.
For years I watched my mother cry in church because she was told she couldn't receive communion because she divorced my scumbag biological father who beat and cheated on her, then remarried. She had it in her head that she was an "adulterer" and considered unworthy, because that is what the church taught. Note: Today the church is apparently becoming more lenient on divorcees and they can receive sacrament now, but this wasn't the story 20 years ago. She still feels unworthy to go up near the altar, among other internalized misogynist beliefs she holds over her head and mine.

There's tons of scripture that proves the church will never view us as equals:
>1 Timothy 2:11-15 A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. 12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. 13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14 And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. 15 But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.
>1 Corinthians 14:33-35 Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. 35 If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church.
>Titus 2: 4-5 Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands so that no one will malign the word of God.

No. 369574

Wouldn't surprise me if your brother was mgtow/redpilled. Most of them come from ok homes but just 1 instance counts as the final straw.
>a little sister being born
>mom escaping a bad situation because how dare a woman make her own choices
They're spoiled brats. Wasn't it Paul Elm from AVFM who said his red pill moment came from having to be fed vegetables he didn't like by his mom as a baby?

Because men hate ugly women, period. They see no value in a woman if she has any flaws on her face that he may have too. If she does have very nice skin, it always requires maintenance and they hate that it does because natural beauty should absolutely be no maintenance yet with zero flaws. There's no winning with them. Nice that you're partner dgaf though

Guya are toxic with each other that they sabotage relationships to earn kudo points with each other. It's bro talk that means nothing to them but it's always hurtful to women they're dating. There's a reason why if a guy stands up for his gf or wife, he's ridiculed for being pussy whipped/a wk/a weak beta

>men came BEFORE women so women must always be slaves and second class humans
Gross and tiring that this misogyny is still here today and very popular, especially since so many women convince themselves that it's right to always stay home, and never live their own lives. It's tragic

No. 369587

I'm sorry that you and your mother suffered. I don't know why the Catholic Church is so against the ordination of women, even despite the fact that there have been ordained women in the past. I don't know why the bible verses you quoted command women to be subject to their husbands. Regarding divorce, I agree with you that the Catholic Church's stance on divorce is wrong, and not every denomination has the same stance, as the Eastern Orthodox Church allows divorce and remarriage. Do you still believe in the existence of God?

No. 369596

>Do you still believe in the existence of God?
Ot but nope, not at all. Which is ironic considering what a staunch believer I was as a child. My story isn't unique though. So many people I knew who used to believe the most are now agnostic or atheist in their adult lives. One guy I knew in high school used to pray every day before eating his lunch (he didn't have to, it was a public school) and talked about becoming a preacher. He is now no longer religious and frequently criticizes organized religion. Something happened to him, however it's not my business to ask him what.
Maybe going to a Catholic middle school planted the seed of my cynicism. It was because of the treatment I received there and the behaviors I witnessed. I realized many people who indulge religion have the mantra "Do as I say and not as I do." And it's not that I think hypocrisy is necessarily evil or that I don't do it, it's the lack of accountability and rationalizing it away that got me. Religion is convenient when people need community and a system of hierarchy. The rest of the time their beliefs are put on the backburner, and 'God' becomes weaponized to use against the others and the sinners.
Then I realized that other religions do similar things. Even if it's not about religion people find virtues and morals to put up on pedestals while looking down on anyone who doesn't follow. Just made me realize that if I question other gods, then mine is no more valid–and at that point I was happy to part with it because again, it's not like being a woman in the Catholic church did me any favors. It just caused a lot of disappointment and heartbreak.

No. 369646

Haha get it? Cause we're cat ladies!

No. 369650

Holy— I hated the fact that people are humanizing a psychopath that has no empathy thus having no ability to feel

Hollywood fucking sucks and I won't feel surprised if there is an effort to normalize socio/psychopaths

No. 369653

I agree, socialization plays a much bigger role than biology.

No. 369657

This is my biggest problem, just because they're fictional, doesn't make it any less wrong. Why? They normalize those things like how women depicted in fiction and people internalize it.

I also fucking hate the argument that they're "victimless". Yeah, the hentai you're watching is not real but does that not normalize and perpetuate your beliefs? (In this case, it's mostly wrong)

No. 369659

Same here except when I pretend to be a man in some sites, it sucks, I just wish that I could talk about girly stuff without having to deal with some creeps

No. 369664

OMG! I've noticed that too! I saw it and thought "why do the men don't act excited when it's a girl?" meanwhile the woman acts excited when it's a boy


No. 369667

Don't forget the people who defend the problematic parts of Japan (AKA anime) and their response to your criticism (usually about lolicon) is "it's their culture!"

No. 369672

Thank society's socialization

No. 369673

>balances out my ying-yang of hatred
tbh anon, that's doesn't sound healthy

No. 369678

WEaring modestly does not stop rape; it just makes you less likely to be targeted on and they focus on the ones who are skimpy/prettier unless you're the only girl out there

If you look, act, dress (even modestly) and sound like a girl, men will always stare and rape you

No. 369684

I have these set of reasons as to why women are better as rulers but it's too long but I'm just gonna say:

I wish we had matriarchy

No. 369688

This^^^ is why we need matriarchy, women are less likely to be interested in these kind of things due to socialization (unless it's internalized misogyny, which is ALWAYS the case) because if men is in power, bad stuff happens (not saying that bad stuff can never happens but ygm)

No. 369692

I saw one on the whisper app where men share nudes of women and I'm pretty sure it's nonconsensual

also saw a forum where men make cum tributes on women AND children. When I saw a child's picture modeling innocently while wearing a bikini, I noped out of there pretty fast

No. 369695

That's some incel language you got there, anon

No. 369700

No. 369702

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

No. 369714

I love the discussion of women in relation to religions itt. I'll link an article here about a woman who dropped out of earning a PhD in favor of becoming a silent wife after getting involved with a bad church. Hopefully it can be interesting to some


No. 369779

This is something I've noticed for a long time, although I'm not sure if this is the video that I was looking for, but notice how when men where asked what where the worst parts of being men, they seem… trivial. Meanwhile on the other video about women (can't find for some reason), the downsides of women were more "serious" for a lack of better word and it showcased to me, on how unfair women get treated and how male privilege exists.

No. 369867

File: 1549676915201.png (57.17 KB, 656x215, cAuaj7G.png)


bonus: reddit's MRAs reacting. surprisinly there wasnt as many but this subs moderators are fast af

No. 369869

File: 1549676979407.png (46.73 KB, 620x334, 4oUI6Im.png)

No. 369871

>exception to the rule
Way to prove her point dumbass (obv not you anon)

No. 369872

File: 1549677163314.png (21.65 KB, 613x194, g3vQiYE.png)

No. 369875

File: 1549677360703.png (18.49 KB, 613x198, S8ZiGyz.png)

No. 369876

File: 1549677527942.png (12.72 KB, 608x161, jRAWiS2.png)

No. 369879

God, this is so fucked up
MRAs are fucking retarded

No. 369919

File: 1549682267840.png (35.37 KB, 708x371, ytscreenshot.png)

No. 369933

>mind your own business
Love the implication that he thinks murdering children is men's business and totally fine.
May not be his intention, but funny.

No. 369946

Those makeup tutorials that seem like a whole new face skeeve you out because they're all made from trends taken from drag queen makeup that's MEANT to create a whole new face. And it's on the way out. Just look at popular "no makeup makeup" brands like glossier and milk. That whole ~cool girl effortless beauty~ look. Which is fucked in its own right.

I never understood why it was cool for guys to walk around with horrible skin, greasy hair, and looking unkempt as shit, while any girl that you could tell was at least TRYING to take care of herself but didn't have skin as clear as a baby's ass was somehow gross. Why are men allowed to walk around smelly as shit, but god forbid a woman have acne or else she's some kind of mongoloid bitch. I hate the idea that women have to conceal their eye bags or redness or minimal acne to be considered presentable while men can just not give a fuck about anything and still be considered Respectable Male Adults. Like why do we have to spend all this money on makeup to be taken seriously? They should have to use salmon concealer and bb cream and whatever else to mask their "flaws" too. It's so fucked that a woman's natural face needs to be covered or "enhanced" by makeup (which ultimately makes our skin worse) while men can look whichever way and it doesn't matter. I hate it so much,

No. 369948

I truly believe living as a male is living life on easy mode. You can get away with raping women, children, and animals as long as you're a "good ole' goy" and the judge likes you because you're young and have your little young adult precious male life ahead of you. Men can go around and have orgies, fuck underage girls, and just overall live a life of degeneracy, then film the entire thing and post it on the internet, and get adoring fans. Meanwhile, women get criticized for every little thing imaginable. Have a career but you're 25 and still no children??? Disgusting.

No. 369952

File: 1549687650675.png (839.56 KB, 1212x1200, WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY.png)

r/MGTOW is hilarious. Their inability to grasp satire or humor bc of their blinding autism coupled with the fact that they delude themselves into thinking not being involved with women is voluntary is the most cringeworthy thing ever

No. 369954

“I forgot lesbians have a complex so i apologize”

I fucking scream laughed

No. 369956

Dude this is so true! I wanna believe in my heart some chicks trolled dudes into thinking them “going their own way” was rhe way to be woke and “oppressed by women” and pretend they’re not incels

No. 369957

I support male makeup, everyone looks better wearing makeup and that includes men.

Standards for male grooming seem to ebb and flow, there were certainly periods where men were expected to groom themselves to extents comparable to women. And of course this has varied across cultures. I think this is something that is starting to shift back but overall the minimum level of grooming is still higher for women. Generalizing but it seems to me like younger men are more likely to groom themselves more than the age cohort just above them. Unfortunately a lot of millennial men came of age in a really low point in male fashion. I'd even put 14 y/o hypebeasts as sartorially above many of my male same aged peers, at least the little hypebeasts are keeping their clothes clean and are using face lotion (though the fashions look stupid).

No. 369966

File: 1549688565257.png (179.96 KB, 1458x748, I WAS A FORMER PORN STAR.png)

It's 50% deluded incels, 50% divorced 47 year old men, 100% fake stories

No. 369968

Lmao, so he WAS a former porn star, but also a former accountant? It sounds like he wrote the story halfway and changed it up and forgot to go back and delete his porn star line

No. 369971

It's not about supporting or not supporting male makeup. It's that it's EXPECTED and almost obligatory for women to wear makeup to be considered presentable while men can look and smell like shit without any consequences.

Yeah, men can be expected to shave and wash for work. But so are women. And women are also supposed to take a million other steps to look presentable and be taken seriously.

No. 369973

File: 1549689825762.jpeg (862.16 KB, 1242x1229, CF3F1E22-11AB-4E31-AA05-48C791…)

>there are men out there who honestly think this
I feel second hand embarrassment for them

No. 369975

File: 1549690013262.jpg (25.24 KB, 540x374, gsg0JUhE1sfc0qe_540.jpg)

>She was cheating on me with chad

Ok this HAS to be a troll post

No. 369986

Oh, but I thought all women were ambitious feminist career women these days? And we're ruining the nuclear family by having jobs instead of kids?

We really can't win. We have kids, and we're parasites. We don't, and we're failures. Men just want us completely dependent on a husband's benevolence, completely powerless to leave and support ourselves regardless of how badly he treats us, so that they never have to be inconvenienced in their lives.

No. 370008

>sees photo of woman before and after makeup
>sees a woman without makeup
ignores her, treats her with disrespect
>woman puts on makeup
How dare she trick me!
So which is it, men?! Do you want women to be attractive, but when they’re ugly this is unacceptable?

No. 370039

ever notice how incredibly gay men are when they play their stupid video games lol. they're always taking the opportunity to draw and build dicks out of things. you'd think they'd make boobs but nope, its always dicks. draw a huge penis on the wall and have all their friends come in to admire their work. and they sit on there talking about raping each other and fucking each others dads all day too. what the fuck? there's this one all the gaymer boys have been taking way too serious lately called "rust" and i swear they just sit there looking at naked dudes with their dicks out all day. they run around naked with no gear on just guns half the time. seems like a homoerotic interest to me kek

No. 370042

Nothing quite so gay as a gaggle of straight guys together. Yes, its odd. Uncommon? No it seems not. The guys I knew were like this too.

No. 370046

I hate how unhygienic men can be. One of my co-workers has a wafting feces scent wherever he goes. Another just smells like sweaty balls. And I've also seen men with flaky ear crust buildup as if they never wash there.

Any scrots reading this thread: it's not gay to wash your ass. In fact, go ahead and get a removable showerhead and give that sucker a good powerwash. I'm sure you need it.

No. 370048

I think it’s a mix of two things
>worshipping their own dicks
>anything with a man (bro) is obviously better than hanging out with a woman
So it ends up they’d rather look homoerotic than have anything to deal with a woman

No. 370051

the straight guys in my high school used to fondle each other's asses and shit, it's weird. i was close friends with a gay guy in my class and he was uncomfortable to change clothes around them in the boys' locker room because they obnoxiously talked about and groped each other's dicks and asses to play around, and they said something like "why don't you change clothes with us here, are you a faggot" to him. this entire thing is ridiculous

No. 370052

Oh god lol I remember a couple jocks walking past me and one of them grabbed the other guys ass. I think some men considering this bonding?

No. 370057

>"Are you a faggot"

From how I've had this explained to me is that that this sort of horsing around only works when everyone is obviously, unquestionably straight. You have to be confident in the group's heterosexuality to do it. Getting flustered isn't necessarily a tell but it does mark you as someone that's easier to bully and tease down the pecking order. So its like a bonding thing but also a hierarchy thing. I've heard the complaint that public acknowledgement of homosexuality has made heterosexual men more reticent to be platonically affectionate with their friends but in all fairness, from an outside perspective it looks pretty gay.

No. 370090

But, if we lived in a matriarchy wouldn't women just be socialised the exact way men are. You would just be swapping the genders.

No. 370102

No, because seeing how we're socialized and conditioned to think and act, the fact we were oppressed and knowing the feeling of being treated unfairly based on sex under patriarchy would make women act wiser, kinder and not do the same mistakes as men. What you're saying may apply to an alternate universe where women are stronger than men.

When something goes wrong in the matriarchy, expect the bad people (mostly men) to have infiltrated it.

No. 370105

Reminder to read the OP and what's bannable.

Seriously, the standards for men are so low, I refuse to sit next to someone who reeks that much.

No. 370112

I have an ex friend who was overweight, dressed horribly and smelled like wet cabbage all the time. He somehow had the right to nitpick my appearance constantly and act offended when something about me wasn't attractive to him. When he did find me attractive, however, he'd outright say I'd obviously done my hair/makeup this way for him (as fucking if).

I don't understand how even the most disgusting, unwashed men can act so entitled to our attractiveness.

No. 370226

women at least try to see the person for who they are rather than how they look, while men are just shallow and superficial and only care about what's on the outside. though usually we're just deluding ourselves that there's a person on the inside, but it's really just a fat sweaty unkempt male that lied to us.

No. 370406

File: 1549744244718.jpg (223.98 KB, 1242x2423, av0ddfhdj1f21.jpg)

Incel memes

No. 370407

File: 1549744286176.jpg (133.98 KB, 828x1562, 4ebf0906qme21.jpg)

No. 370410

File: 1549744352220.jpg (634.73 KB, 1440x5908, rsfz4ck84re21.jpg)


"Girls are at they prime at 12"

No. 370411

File: 1549744395831.png (92.81 KB, 2083x470, acm2h7wmsue21.png)

No. 370416

File: 1549744487567.jpg (86.71 KB, 640x1136, ohnz9pca6ze21.jpg)

No. 370420

She looks cool

No. 370432

men are fucking insane i s2g

No. 370442

Not surprised that incels welcome pedophiles and protect them as their own. Surprised that site is still up. Is it being monitored by watch groups?

Not surprised that men think like this. They want rape and sexual assault to be legal and encouraged

Like with >>370410 how long until reddit shuts down braincels?

No. 370469

File: 1549748111499.jpg (48.04 KB, 1199x240, Screenshot_20190209-223349_Fir…)

I am laughing my ass off at the reactions to the small dick emoji, incels don't understand satiric clickbait articles and it shows their fragility.

No. 370480

No. 370483

>Men die in wars! Women never sacrifice anything!

>Women join military

>LOLOLOLO hope she dies and even then I won't respect her as a veteran she probably deserved it

No. 370486

i don't get the whole "men are visual creatures" schtick as a way of rationalizing why they want women to be so attractive. obviously my experience as a woman isn't the same as every other woman's, but i got really sick of being lenient about men's appearances. like fuck, i'm visual too. i think for a while i tried to convince myself that i wasn't since physically good looking men are pretty uncommon so it would be easier to find a guy, but nah, most men are so ugly. anyone else think women are visual too but we try to suppress those preferences to get a good guy?

No. 370488

Also the classic
>men: "women never sacrifice! They're coddled and spoiled!"
>women join the military
>men: "uh sorry but women don't belong in the military they're weak they shouldn't serve they need to stay at home"

It's like men want to shelter women then blame women and whine and complain about women being sheltered.

No. 370490

File: 1549750903433.jpg (38.61 KB, 480x270, 2jjaccpimc0aiTUZ1qk1k0m_540.jp…)

>that comment section

In all my years of browsing websites like these, I've never seen so much autism in one place.

No. 370498

Oh, definitely. I'd argue women are as visual as men but are talked into being sexual objects rather than subjects and crave being desirable over desiring our (male) partners. On a level separate than that, women also generally value partners as individuals and humans so we weigh other aspects along with attractiveness while men generally only weigh attractiveness as important.
The whole thing leads to a society where men don't wipe their asses and leave their wives if they need a mastectomy and women just "have to" accept it.

Personally I have specific but realistic visual interest in men and won't deviate because I think that would be unfair in a relationship to not be attracted to my partner. The problem I have with the standards men have for women now is that it's so unattainable for MOST women without getting surgery/wearing a bunch of makeup…which they also ridicule. Also dating women they don't find attractive and secretly hating them for that. Even women who compromise on looks still look past it and love their partners, but men are emotional retards.

No. 370501

Stop posting this shit everywhere. This woman is an "alt right troll xDDD" racist streamer who hates other women and collects betabux from basically being the antagonistic Shrek to Shoe0nHead's Donkey.
She's a farmer, too, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's shilling on /ot/ ever since the Anisa thread got locked.

No. 370514

>anyone else think women are visual too but we try to suppress those preferences to get a good guy?
I mean a good guy can be good looking, average, or ugly, it isn't mutually exclusive. I would argue that getting a "good guy" is a large priority when looking for men to have a relationship with though. It isn't a wise choice to ignore red flags and choose someone you're incompatible with simply because he's hot.

Most men are ugly, and it's because they don't care about making themselves look in ways that are more attractive. They don't put in a quarter of the maintenance that women generally do to look good. Think of all the stuff that goes into that. Women spend time thinking of how to dress to flatter their body type, choosing haircuts that flatter their face shape, fashion, skin care regimes, make up, hair styling routines, plastic surgery etc. With some men you'd be lucky if they even remember to put on deodorant.

No. 370519

By the way, in my country, it was reported today that women do overall better than men at military tests. The men were only better when it came to pure muscle.
Whatever you think of the military, it was pretty funny because men like to go on about how superior they are when it comes to things like this.

No. 370556

I guess this is assuming it when from women being oppressed to living in a Matriarchy, rather than being a matriarchy from the get go.

No. 370599

File: 1549764183049.jpg (73.28 KB, 666x499, CDqD1KV.jpg)

No. 370600

Sounds made up to me

No. 370668

>Shy quiet girl has normal dating life
>Omg ruined
Is he retarded? How entitled does he have to be to get mad over the fact a random girl he knows dates men who aren't him?

No. 370671

Or maybe we think the woman’s opinions are the ones that matter. If she doesn’t want the man in the room, fine. If she wants him in the room, then he better be there. A mans opinion on childbirth and pregnancy is worth absolutely nothing.

No. 370676

Enough of this "well you would PROBABLY be doing ___", unless you have proof of us or anyone saying that then drop it

Child birth can be very disturbing to an untrained eye, many males are prone to acting out and reacting negatively during child birth, IMO it's best if men stay out of the delivery room but if she truly wants him there then so be it


That being said many men can be mature about it if you're lucky enough to have a man that is, but many men lost their minds and disrespect their partner and the baby after watching it

No. 370681

Damn, ot but that article really reactivated my tokophobia. How could I forget how horrifying pregnancy/birth can be to go through? Jeepers.
Respect to women that go through with it and give birth. If I was a man I think I'd love my partner even more after the ordeal, but they're too fucking dumb and emotionally useless to do that.

No. 370683

Go to Asia and men aren't like this.

No. 370697

Which countries do you have in mind, anon?

No. 370704

yeah because they are even worse

No. 370715

>get pissed at women
>want to get revenge
>lol women are so emotional! They have such an ego!
I tried pointing out that men always chase the “innocent” look, instead of haggard ugly women they always assume are sluts, and said, “if all you guys ever chase are innocent looking women, who do you think winds up having more boyfriends?” They always imagine the cuter and sweeter she looks, she must be a virgin. They act like they’re tricked by them, yet fail to see the irony.

No. 370722

Chinese men overwhelmingly outnumber women since they killed baby girls for so long. So they resort to human trafficking so they can have a house slave "wife". Japan is almost dead, their birth rates are so low due to an outdated work lifestyle demanded by old outdated men to the younger gen. I don't have many friends in Korea to tell me what's it like. Same goes for Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines etc. There's shitty men everywhere..

Also, why do they have to ruin so much. Can't even watch something unrelated like an aircrash investigation during the 50s vid on YouTube without some guy whining that they can't sexually assault women anymore like they did in the glorious 50s. Took a peak at his subscriptions and it's exactly what you'd expect. Lauren Southern, other "trad" girls (the ones that shit on women as whole but they're different) , fox News and proclaimed conservative channels. It's tiring seeing the same type of guys like this. Saying and wishing for the same thing

No. 370723

As a bit of a bright spot it seems China's sex imbalance isn't as bad as previously thought, a lot of baby girls were simply unregistered at birth. There is still however an issue with an overabundance of men in many rural areas.

No. 370737

Currently in Korea:
There's pressure to get married and have kids by the time you're 23-25, so traditional way of thinking. However, a lot of women are now at the point where they're starting to say "fuck that" and not get married before they're 30 because they hate the pressure.
Both of my Korean girl friends are 27 and only have boyfriends and don't want to get married ASAP, but the Korean men I know still follow the "right out of high school" mentality.

No. 370756

I know Korea had that massive scandal recently with men putting spy cams in womens bathrooms and shit. The women had a major protest over there. But I don't know much about Korea outside of that.

No. 370774

Intentionlly stringing guys along is a normal dating life to you?

No. 370781

The post was made by an incel, so I’d imagine (if the story is even real to begin with) that the girl said she’s dated guys before and he twisted her words to make himself feel better.

No. 370782

incels aren’t trustworthy narrators they exaggerate and lie about things to fit their narrative very likely the girl didn’t say that but he interpreted what she said to be that

No. 370792

The average age of first marriage in korea is 33 for women and 36 for men. Not that Korean culture doesn't have a lot of misogyny embedded in it, but that's one of the highest ages in the world.

No. 370809

Change the word "women" to "men" and that would be more true than what they're saying.

No. 370810

>She has a high school boyfriend
>Went on a date with a guy
These are two things he listed to prove she was "ruined" considering he thinks completely normal behavior like so was enough to list as reasons as to why some stranger is ruined, you have to really think about what he would consider to be "stringing guys along"

And let's be honest, after seeing what their definition of emotional and physical abuse is, their definition of rape, their definition of a whore, etc, she most likely just wasn't a pure nun who rejected every guy in her path and that was enough to claim she was a whore who stringed guys along, given if women did do that incels would be crying too. Anon you should know by now not to trust what incels say when they claim stuff like so

No. 370860

This sounds good to me. What are fertility rates like for married couples? I start to get the fear that a first time mum in her 30s is old.

No. 370902

If you ignore incel biology lessons, plenty of women become mom's in their 30s and do just fine

No. 370934

For the most part only men who have been sexually abused themselves can truly feel empathetic. I've noticed men who feel sympathy for rape victims etc have been sexually abused as children.

No. 370939


Incels would believe women's place is a baby making factory but say 30 is too old to have kids. The quiverful and other baby crazy families sure don't have any trouble though.

No. 370984

Are you that poster from CC who made the thread that all men should be molested as children in order to make good partners?

No. 371202

Surprised there's not more Fundy talk on lolcow.

No. 371207

I think its due to there already being sites dedicated to it like FreeJinger.

No. 371296

File: 1549851209108.jpg (178.41 KB, 999x646, oh ffs.jpg)

Where to even start with this one: no matter how shitty a man and how much of a success a woman is-the man does no wrong and the woman is told she should be thankful to be abused because it made her "the woman she is today" so sick of this narrative.

No. 371298

I was going to start a thread on a while ago, inspired by hilsong shit but they were already being discussed in the cult and celebcow threads. I didn't think there was really cause for a third one.

No. 371407

Is he retarded? They think being turned down a date or refusing to sleep with them is abuse but manipulation, physical harm and all other toxic behaviors is a-ok so long as you're not chained in the basement or other extremes. Someone replied telling their own story of an abusive ex saying if they had left them, that ex would have kill them. And his response
>jeez bro shut the hell up

There's other people calling him out though.

No. 371550

I got into fitness when I was younger I started lifting religiously,and after three years I felt was invincible and honestly believed I could beat 2-3 guys on my own,my delusions of strength were shattered when my elderly father,a man with a beer-gut who had become a couch potato decided to get back in shape and I helped him on his journey of getting fit however with in a 2 months he surpassed my three years of hard-work
this honestly made me deeply terrified of men,I seriously I avoid men at all costs now in my life and people in my life say that I have an irrational fear of men

No. 371554

And they wonder how women were so oppressed for most of humanity's existence. It's almost like half of all humans are overpowered violent monsters who lack empathy.

Also one of the many reasons I'll only date <120 lbs short men lmao. At least I know from experience I can beat the shit out of them.

No. 371564

I just don't get why they're giving him credit for her writing when he told her to stop writing. What kind of mental gymnastics are they pulling? It's almost impressive. Should we start telling kids they can never accomplish anything now lol?

No. 371604

The issue with dating short frail men is that he will be incapable of protecting you or himself against other predatory men.

No. 371610

>thinking you can trust a strong man to protect you and not use it against you
I'll only be as worse off as I'd be without him.
As for him, I assume weak men just have to take the same precautions women do (not going out at night, not talking to strange men, etc.).

No. 371611

Do you guys think women should carry guns for protection? I was watching Life is Strange cutscenes, saw this scene, and wanted to ask people's thoughts on it.
>"I thought you believed in gun control."
>"Yes, I believe I should control the gun. It's the men who need to be checked."

No. 371671

I think women should and men shouldn't, until there becomes an overgrowing problem of women shooting people that is

No. 371674

File: 1549905659201.jpg (56.47 KB, 539x960, hcq5c9q2kwf21.jpg)

No. 371675

File: 1549905792758.jpg (157.57 KB, 1080x2220, 1c4rb9pnaxf21.jpg)

No. 371679

I have yet to meet a woman who expects this from a man, meanwhile there's millions of men who expect beautiful women to appear at their doorstep and beg for them, or even better the males who will go ahead and fuck a girl they find unattractive, but completely destroy her self esteem the entire time and run around screaming about how she's so hideous

No. 371684

What a bunch of retards. There's nothing stopping them from filtering out women with children, if that's what they don't want.

No. 371692

At first sight I thought this guy was a TIF kek.

No. 371700

Pft. Most men in the dating scene are fucking losers in my age group, 25-30.
>either no cars or shit cars
>little education, and if they do heady debt
>some have criminal records
>often have shit jobs that definitely don't have 401ks or health insurance
>rent their places
>definitely no fucking six packs anywhere, mostly dad bods or twinks
>expect their dates to always pay for themselves or everything
>often have some kind of vice like gaming addiction or alcoholism
It's women who are constantly working our asses off to "prove" to these lazy bastards we're worthy humans, and then they still have the nerve to whine because we're not always sweet after working a full day and coming home to a messy house with the expectation that we cook dinner too. Fuck these entitled dependas, and I'm sure any man referencing women as "bitches" has few if none of the characteristics listed, it's just shit they can point to and make themselves feel better like "See? Even if I had all that these bitches would still be ungrateful uwuw!" Fuck themmm.

No. 371704

File: 1549909274647.png (92.07 KB, 636x805, oh fuck off.png)

BUT WAIT! It gets worse, heres even more mental gynmastics (and guess how surprised I was to see this guy is a MRA)

No. 371707

Did she write a Harry Potter spinoff?
It would explain why this fat bald Voldemort character has such a vendetta.

No. 371708

I think everyone should carry a gun. Unfortunately I don't live in the US.

No. 371710

File: 1549909904754.gif (297.15 KB, 220x148, tenor.gif)

Thank you anon you made my day, can I steal that and tweet it to them lol.

No. 371714

Hah, by all means.

No. 371715

Women definitely should but there's places in the US like NY where you can hardly carry a knife with you for protection. I've seen a few guys speak out against this because there afraid women will just go crazy and shoot men, like what they do to women and children. It's fear projection

No. 371760

(Muffled Big Iron playing in the background)

No. 371772

File: 1549914025285.jpg (796.45 KB, 1199x1722, Screenshot_20190211-203837_Twi…)

The first responses are male bitching as expected.
>how ironic that women assume there's nothing in front of the men
Way to miss the point.

No. 371777

Men can stand women doing anything right or being above them
Anytime someone dare acknowledge women's accomplishments, everyone makes it about men

Until you're acknowledging men being the vast majority of child molesters, murderers, violent criminals, robberies, rapists, abusers, animal abusers, etc then "not all men!! Women do it to reee!!"

No. 371828

File: 1549919428774.png (409.81 KB, 500x504, sakura.png)

preach. i'm not committing to any man, no way in hell am i letting some dude live with me and invade my life, aspirations, and living space so he gets a mommy and a free maid. men ain't shit.

No. 371843

File: 1549921504431.jpeg (72.75 KB, 960x540, 1549277310965.jpeg)

>mfw they have the audacity to say shit like that being from a shitty Japanese society that is notorious for shitting on women

How subhuman can they get

No. 372031

And how many of those things do you offer?(ban evading scrot)

No. 372039

Car, decent paying job, education, no criminal record, I pay my bills, I work out and eat healthy and take care of myself

But hey, God forbid I ask a man to be useful or else I'm an evil Western roastie with high expectations

No. 372040

there are tons of guys out there that live that life you live. just like there are girls out there for guys like that.

No. 372076

I've always been pro-gun, it's probably the only topic I lean genuinely right wing on, so yes. Just look into the laws of your state/country. And take classes, learn to shoot, learn proper safety. Concealed carry is allowed where I live. I don't carry, but I don't blame a woman who does.

At the very least, mace or a taser is a good idea.

No. 372084

>2012 sedan
>two college degrees
>had a job with a 401k and health benefits for five years, took my ex on an international trip with it, quit cause it was stressful tho
>no vices
>never been in trouble and never even got a speeding ticket
>clean and cook, people say my food is restaurant quality
>been described as a 6/10
>too fucking kind for my own damn good and actually got taken advantage of during my last relationship
My only neg is that I don't own a home. I don't know where I wanna settle due to my job situation and the housing prices in my area are ridiculous. So it's not that I have no motivation, unlike the men I've dated, there's physical circumstances. Tell ya what if I get my own place everything's gonna be in my name, I ain't losing shit to men anymore.

No. 372113

Chloe would be a huuuuge bad example on how to handle a gun
>points gun at Max (doesn't matter if it wasn't loaded)
>bullet ricochets and hits her
>"beer and guns, nice combo"

But otherwise if you're responsible with it, yeah people (including men and women) should carry guns to protect themselves.
I don't agree with >>371671, because it was my father who introduced me and taught me firearms and he's responsible with them. I'd hate to imagine if he was ever attacked without one especially since he's getting old so even good honest men need to defend themselves against thugs.

No. 372119

Not really, less men finish higher education.

No. 372140

You believe every single man between 25 and 30 didn't graduate college?(ban evading scrot)

No. 372145

Obviously not, her contention is that she isn't meeting the men that have completed education. There are definitely geographic/demographic issues at play where these types of people aren't able to meet each other.

For my part I'm not sure if its reasonable to expect a guy to have a job anymore since so many of them don't.

No. 372160

When I say that less men are interested in higher education it's a documented fact, it's not saying "no man is educated". I should have written more but the general implication is that the expectations of men and women are different and even though you can find a good guy, it's disappointing that you have to look harder because men don't feel as pressured to please people around them.

I am not that same anon that complained, I have a boyfriend but the guys I met at my university were generally disappointing, the main differences between the male and female students were personal hygiene and maturity and that difference definitely impacted my opinion of men.

No. 372194

Why is higher education important?

No. 372198

Link? I really got the urge to talk about the Andersons, considering the keep on popping up in my feed..

No. 372200

Maybe true, but we have the whole of Twitter, YouTube and forums to shittalk celebrities, but we still have a thread here.

No. 372231

Anyone notice how guys orbit the exact opposite of the kind of girl they claim to like?the women they fall in love with are always out going, confident, not virgins and pretty but they treat women they claim to like like shit. Nerdy guys are the same way except their type has unnaturally colored hair and they claim to hate women with unnaturally colored hair. I'm starting to think their hate for these women stems from the fact they don't have a chance.

No. 372240

"Women don't know what they want! They say one thing and want another!" the man says as he pays $50 to a girl's patreon for nudes after tweeting about how all women are now hoes and he'll never respect women who sexualize themselves publicly.

No. 372244

It's ironic that the same men preaching about traditionalism and wanting a shy Christian gal are the ones blowing their whole pay check on some erotic cosplayer with blue hair or some twitch titty streamer lol

No. 372280

not to ?white knight pol? but why does everyone think her patreons are pol people? i've seen her come up like twice on 4chan and everyone was hating her and more or less wishing her death. those are the people that did 'thot audit' they don't want sex worker women to get money

No. 372286

>Men are less likely to finish education

Holy strawman

No. 372287


As always males can't handle women having any standards. We're supposed to be mother Teresa and date a smelly obese NEET even thought we've worked hard to get a higher education and a decent salary.

No. 372290

Not that anon but I think it's really just those guys in general from pol or incels. They demand free porn but hate that sex workers are paid at all. They demand women to be sex workers for free for them and yet still have money somewhere to never rely on men to become a gold digger or they want women to 100% rely on them for power over those women.

No. 372304

File: 1549988040210.gif (256 KB, 500x378, 1541235912806.gif)

Tfw pink pilling my best friend

Feels good man. She's in a relationship but I can see the gears turning in her head.

Women need to invest more time and energy into the women in their lives and spend less in their romantic relationships.

No. 372307

fuck yeah girl!!!!

subtly pinkpilling women is probably the greatest thing to do to other women, especially to those in relationships or who are young

lord knows if i had been pinkpilled earlier i wouldn't have spent years hating other women because i saw them as competitors

No. 372314

>lord knows if i had been pinkpilled earlier i wouldn't have spent years hating other women because i saw them as competitors

Jesus, ain't that the truth. Imagine, if from a young age girls had a community of women and other girls that supported them. How much stronger we would be as a group, how many more opportunities we could take because we had our sisters and other women to support us AND we could support them!

Men deeply fear women getting together in any form or size.
They divide us by using the threat that OTHER men will hurt us if we don't enter into relationships with THEM.
They try to divide us racially, pitting women from different cultures against each other.
They try to divide us financially, by discouraging us from working and undervaluing the work that billions of women do every day.

It's so blatant and in your face that it becomes hypernormalized and just "accepted". As if the way society is being run is the ONLY way it could ever run. As if women would hate other women until the end of time, when it's clearly MEN hate other men, in any fucking society you look at, in ANY era.

You are right that the best way forward to reaching other women is through subtly and gentleness. Some of the more extreme ideas are too much for someone who is so entrenched into "normal society", and would just end up pushing them away. Being supportive as much as you can (while taking care of yourself) AND telling truths is the best way forward.

No. 372322

it's so hypocritical that a guy can masturbate to porn and other women all he wants because ~~that's just how men are~~ but he would lose his shit if his gf was getting off on thinking about fucking other guys. like what's the fucking difference

No. 372336

i dont get why men treat us like we cant matter any less to them and like we're just some easily replaceable thot who they make no effort to keep around and they pretend like they wouldn't even be jealous if we slept with some random dude off the street so when we take the hint that they aren't interested in us and just fuck off somewhere else, suddenly they're mad and trying to manipulate in any way they can to make us choose them over whatever is making our life slightly better than it was with them. fuck y'all penis havers.

No. 372339

Men are the biggest projectors on Earth

When men watch porn, they start comparing women's bodies to porn stars, expecting sex to be like that of porn, getting disappointed when it isn't, getting disappointed when normal women don't have porn star bodies, turning sex into a game of nitpicking women's bodies, becoming porn sick to the point where they can't enjoy sex

They know how they react to porn and they're terrified women will do the same. They're scared of women treating them how they treat women. Nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine.

No. 372345

They have no right to get butthurt over their female partner comparing them to attractive guys or imagining about other men to get off when they do the exact same thing.

No. 372358

File: 1549997261266.png (12.58 KB, 480x323, 1532148050964.png)

I don't like the term pinkpill because it is associated with the pathetic femcel sub on reddit where they reeee over not being pretty enough for relationships.

How about RADPILL ??? kek

No. 372364

Isn't it weird how the term incel, coined by a woman, is now being used to refer to men? And the women that identify with it (like the creator) have resorted to FEMcel? I know it's not a very good example of this, I also think most of the "femcels" online are male trolls, but still, is there a name or something for this phenomenon?

No. 372379

>like what's the fucking difference
There are two fundamental differences:
>men can impregnate multiple women at the same time, whereas a woman must carry the babies herself. therefore, male sexuality is inherently polygamous- the male reproductive instinct is to impregnate every pretty girl he sees- whereas female sexuality is inherently hypergamous- reproduction is a massive investment for women, so they want the best quality offspring possible to maximize the return on investment
>the average woman has greater access to the most attractive men than the average man has to the most attractive women. any 6/10 girl could have sex with a 9/10 guy if she wanted, on a whim. her male counterpart cannot do the same. therefore, it is much more threatening for a man's girlfriend to lust after more attractive men than it is for a woman's boyfriend to do the same for very attractive women. even if he was willing to cheat on her, he probably couldn't because those women would probably not want to have sex with him
moreover, there is the issue of penis size, to which there is no female equivalent. a man with a larger penis is automatically much better at sex and therefore immediately more desireable and superior. meanwhile, a 6/10 woman is not necessarily any better or worse at sex than a 9/10 woman- the latter just looks better. all a woman has to feel threatened about women that are prettier than her is physical aesthetics, that's all they have over her. for men, it's much worse- the more attractive men are not simply 'prettier', they provide an exponentially superior experience overall, they have much, much higher existential worth and reproductive allure. an average-looking girl can win a man's heart by being sweet and loving, but there is literally nothing that a man with a small penis can do to ever be attractive to any woman at all.

No. 372390

His dick ain't worth shit if his hands and mouth aren't good.

No. 372392

You're right, you're worthless to us and we can fuck all the Chad's we want when we want,you can leave now

Surprised you haven't sperged about the suicide rate yet either, you should join them since you're being oppressed by us evil hypergamous women

No. 372396

i've heard radpill used by radfems refering to radical feminism as a whole, but not everyone who posts in this thread is a radfem.

No. 372400

I feel bad for "femcels" unlike incels, I don't think I've read any violence from them. They don't call for genocide unlike incels or hate men as much as they hate women

No. 372402

File: 1550001709148.png (28.27 KB, 827x74, Brainonporn.png)

I hate males and I hate porn.

No. 372404

Isn't that a satire subreddit?

No. 372408

If you are going to jerk off to other women while you are in a relationship, at least be honest and have no problem with your girlfriend thinking about better looking guys. "I-it's not like I have a chance with them anyway!!" is not an excuse and she can literally say the same thing. Either both of you are not going to think about other people or both of you are going to be okay with it, otherwise you are just being a hypocrite.

No. 372411

yes it's called "the patriarchy" lmao what will men NOT steal from women?

No. 372412

Had issues with a past bf wanting to watch porn with me. He stopped asking once I started expression opinions about the men's looks. Don't know what he was expecting.

No. 372455


subtleness and gentleness will get you so far with other women. also another thing that i think doesn't get brought up enough when it comes to talking to other women about these issues is treating them in a way that is not condescending.

what i mean by that is that is it is best to not talk down to women or treat them like bad people if they don't know what we do. because that is exactly how men talk down to us as women - they treat us as dimunutive because they think they know better. it shows in any interaction with men, since they have to dominate the conversation and always assume that your intelligence is not up to par.

when i was a baby manhater, i tried very aggressively to pinkpill my sister and it did not go very well. but i left her on her own for a while and just tried to be more casual - like joking and showing her radfem memes. it made a world of difference and honestly she became more radical than i am lmao

gynes, please be nice to your normie libfem girlfriends. it can be frustrating dealing with handmaiden bullshit, but if we want to unite together, we have to be kind to our sisters.

No. 372548

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like interacting with a man from way before porn was normalized. My grandmother recalls her great grandmother's stories and says that men used to not even speak to a woman unless she addressed them first, cat calling would be unthinkable. I've also read about how men were prone to fainting on their wedding night from seeing their bride naked, usually their first sexual experience. I'm sure they weren't nit-picking nipple sizes, pubic hair and such. Or walking around thinking about fucking every human with XX chromosomes they see.

No. 372552

It’s called being sick, my guy
Porn really is a cancer, sucks how difficult it is to go against a multi trillion dollar industry like that.

No. 372558

The issue is also in the way men treat each other, a lot of scrotes want to live up to the fake expectation of being "macho" and are told by pop culture and others that porn is good, on trashier sites the more wicked your fetish the more "taste" you have.

That sounds unrealistic, teens always had their sexual adventures. But the part about nitpicking nipple sizes is definitely spot on, the image of women is getting more and more twisted.

No. 372560

>but there is literally nothing that a man with a small penis can do to ever be attractive to any woman at all

Idk. I can think of about 25 more attractive qualities that come to mind before the size of a man's schlong. Being obsessed with penis size, however, is not one of them.

No. 372561

Good point anon
What I also notice is how much men shit on eachother, but don’t really have the nerve to call eachother out, so they take it out on women. It’s bizarre

No. 372566

I agree.

However if the guy has a lot of shit qualities and traits, a small dick makes his ass even more worthless. Probably why the small penises who come on here complain, because they know they're terrible people and can't be considered good human dildos to boot. Even then the dick ain't hardly worth it if the man's a shit.

No. 372570

This. Romanticizing a time where you as a woman were just property meant to have kids with a man who didn't care about you and only saw you as a lesser bring and then die isn't the way to go. I mean, men still dont like that women have jobs, can own homes and have rights as a person but at least we call them out on it.

Porn has existed then too, but it was very modest comapred to today. Modern porn today was made by men who hated women. I wish I can find that old article where various old porn producers talked about how porn was never made for women, only to hurt women and have men jerk off to hurting women. Speaking of this, what happened to the anti-porn thread?

No. 372578

ugh, this shit makes me never want to go out. this is why i don't like when a man is even in my presence, who tf knows what he's thinking about. disgusting.

No. 372583

I realize this is gross from men…but do other women not also do this? I picture most people naked immediately and imagine fucking men I find attractive in the ass pretty quick.
Am I just pornsick? I've been noporn for a year but I'm still like this…

No. 372588

i mean, i can't speak for all women, but i have never watched porn or got off to it, and i most definitely don't do that. it's just not the way my mind is. anytime i've seen pornographic images they more or less disgust me so my mind isn't wired to think of anything erotic in that hypersexualized, exaggerated way.

No. 372589

I was checking France 24 news and saw this video about a group of male journalists who were caught cyber bullying women, amongst other things.


I feel like there’s more of this out there but people don’t say anything for whatever reason.

No. 372592

It might be because I'm not attracted to most people but I've honestly never done this. Even just picturing kissing someone I like makes me feel guilty if I'm not dating them, like I'm disrespecting them.

I also used to watch porn and read hentai frequently (nowadays I read fiction/use my imagination) so I'm not sure it's related.

No. 372595

Damn, now I kind of feel bad. I've always done it and have never really been able to fully block it (the picturing people nude part at least, it's automatic).
Although I do think porn does exacerbate it and believe everyone (men especially) has the responsibility to quite it.

Also reminder to everyone not to respond to penis sperg (who, of course, returned with these threads) or any men lest you be banned for three days.

No. 372599

Mods don't do shit around here.

No. 372603

File: 1550016031622.jpg (6.9 KB, 250x242, 1537905764868.jpg)

so i dont only have to worry about the fact that most men do this, even some women do this too? i dont want to hurt your feelings anon but it's really sick that you do that. i would feel violated if someone told me they did that. it's just… not okay in my book

No. 372605

I like it especially when the dicklet poster mentions "Intact" because it tells me he's one of the spergs who chalks up his circumcision to his penile inadequacy. Women don't even give a fuck. If a male's dick is small and gross it's gonna be small and gross with or without the foreskin.

No. 372607

Nah anon, I do it too, at least sometimes. Never happens with women, but sometimes with men it’s just like a thought that drops into my head and that I try to get rid of ASAP. I don’t even want to fuck them or anything, it’s very rarely sexual, just a stupid thought.

No. 372608

You can’t really police your thoughts all the time. Lots of people have intrusive thoughts (“What if I just jumped out of this window?”) that they don’t mean and would never act on.

No. 372612

i'm aware of that, i still think it's uncomfortable to remember how voyeuristic some people are. wish i could live my life without people trying to picture me naked and shit.

No. 372618

I never noticed if a guy is uncircumcised or not unless it's one of those really deep circumcisions, even then idrc as long as he keeps his junk clean, I've met more men who insist on dicks being cut than women

The sad part is despite how little women ask of men it's too much for the poor oppressed men. Just have good hygiene, a decent haircut and not be fat, is way too much to ask of them

No. 372626


i've imagined kissing boys since before i ever saw porn, i don't think that is a result of being pornsick or a degenerate, unless you think i was a lost cause at 5 years old for wanting to kiss tuxedo mask or one of the backstreet boys. its normal. women shouldn't feel bad for indulging in mental fantasies.

the problem is when men imagine that shit about women, they enact on their fantasies because they have no inhibitions.

No. 372650

i definitely dont do this… that's weird. i don't even do that to people i've been attracted to emotionally and romantically and stuff

No. 372656

I dunno, but if anyone finds the anti-porn thread, please link it, I'd like to read it. Also, that article sounds really interesting, in a completely unsurprising yet still disturbing way.

No. 372668

File: 1550022733932.png (15.69 KB, 656x138, Untitled.png)

Oh I hope this is a troll post but does anyone have any stories like this here?

No. 372677

Men are generally sloppy and lazy, I just wish men were shamed more for it but people are too worried about a woman not shaving every week

No. 372687

I've always done this, too. I can't even fantasize about characters. If I ever fantasize, the object of desire is completely made up.

I can't even fantasize (sexually) about my bf of 3 years… makes me feel very uncomfortable. I fantasize about things he's done or could do but never getting off to them. More like a pang in my stomach of excitement, like going on a roller coaster.

No. 372690

just browse the relationship advice thread in /g/, practically everyone is dating a variation of this guy.

No. 372735

kek is this satire of /r/relationships? i wish it'd have the inevitable cacophony of dumbfuck men and male-identified women commenting to her that "It's his AUTONOMOUS RIGHT to shit in the sink. You've slept with multiple men before getting with him and you don't expect him to be resentful and take a dookie in your dishwasher? I hope he breaks up with you. You don't deserve him."

No. 372788

why? anyone with a story like that is a dumbass. I'm sick of these people: "I'm knowingly dating a complete piece of shit for multiple years, last night he did this insane thing, please feel sorry for me and tell me I'm right."

No. 372799

Can men be pink pilled?

No. 372809

I've heard of it, just rare. These men have had very lopsided interactions with the sexes, those with men being disproportionately bad and those with women by contrast being good. Not all men fit in well with other men or get to experience camaraderie and good treatment from them, so perhaps someone that was badly bullied by other boys might end up that way. I can see forms of 'benevolent sexism' being expressed in so called pinkpilled/radpilled ways (men are brutes, women are kind and angelic uwu). There's also a type of man who is just too competitive with other men that he just ends up disliking them as a whole (which I've met).

No. 372816

why do I even come here anymore
I just we could all be friends

No. 372817

I pray to god this is satire(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 372821

Why would men want to be pink pilled? Life is inherently easier for a man so it would be counter intuitive for one to seek pink pills.

No. 372832

Male "feminists" are a big thing nowadays but I find that men who call themselves that will be just as misogynistic as the majority, if not more. They'll tweet about how great women are, sure, but they'll also treat them like idiotic children who need strong male feminists to tell them what they want, and any woman who disagrees with them will have her appearance torn to shreds.

If they're a creator they'll also hide behind their "feminism" to justify constantly sexualising women in their work.

No. 372862

Agreed. Male "feminists' are usually pro-sex work too, an they hide their misogyny behind racism that appeases the Tumblr./Twitter crowd. Want to call a woman a nasty bitch? Just slap "white" in front of the woman and you're good to go!

No. 372893

Male "feminists" are all about that ~inclusive feminism.
Think hbomberguy being all about trans rights, but the second a female confides to him that she has been sexually assaulted he tells her he doesn't believe her and that they can't stay friends.

Very feminist, very supportive of women uwu

No. 372985

File: 1550078644396.png (273.26 KB, 1048x755, pinkpilled.png)

You might not be happy with what they mean by it.

No. 373043

You do realize he used it to parody 'based and redpilled' too?

No. 373059

The “respect women” and “may I have some coochie” (such a disgusting comment/phrase imo) memes ran coinciding on twitter so while men made jokes about actually respecting women for once they also flipped around and unironically begged for sex this is what “male feminism” boils down to tbh

No. 373115

File: 1550090649803.png (150.51 KB, 837x540, JeffreyBundy.png)

This girl is dating what sounds like a closeted necrophiliac and 99% of the comments are telling her his kink is normal and nothing to worry about.

No. 373123

File: 1550091792744.jpg (42.56 KB, 500x281, b805040f-3509-46dc-a644-0c17b7…)

Jesus Christ I just want men to die. He should never be able to have a relationship or intimacy with another human again.
I wish that woman had someone to reach out and help her, what a fucked situation. It's even worse that she's so mindfucked that she has to seriously ask if there is something wrong about what's happening.

No. 373129

This guy is gonna end up killing someone someday holy shit.

No. 373139

File: 1550094554324.jpg (283.96 KB, 810x1713, 13-44-35-DwZ8lSaX4AAHahk.jpg)

My eyes roll so far back into my skull every time I hear about some woman enabling her boyfriend's gross fetishes. Reminds me of this post of this chick who gave herself painful bloating just so her loser bf can have a lousy orgasm. Some women would honestly light themselves on fire if it meant their boyfriend would get off to it. It makes me sick. I hate men.

No. 373142

men never ever go out of their way to get women off the way average women do, it's so miserable to think about. like yeah, these two are extreme cases, but think about deepthorating and anal and boob jobs and vaxing etc etc (obligatory disclaimer of some women earnestly enjoy these things), those are much more trivial/widespread things women do for men's sake and yet men rarely do even 1/10th of that.

No. 373145

i had an ex who wanted me to pretend i was asleep during sex sometimes (i got tf out of there soon after he said this obviously). silent, eyes shut, laying still. i could never feel comfortable sleeping around him after that, he said a couple of other fucked up things like that in a very short period of time it all just clicked that he wasn't right and i had to leave. i'm really glad i didn't hang around long enough to see and hear more weird shit from him to get a whole new worry that his perversions went even deeper than getting off on doing stuff to a sleeping woman.

i don't have any interest in dating a man again anytime soon but if i do again i'm not even going to consider it before i hear and believe that he isn't porn obsessed, and my bar for 'obsessed' is so low given how much of it is gross enough imo to give you weird interests before you even get into what's actually considered 'weird'/kinky porn now

No. 373146


have to disagree with you on “some women genuinely enjoy those things” because women aren’t born wanting huge surgically enchanted racks or to have all of their orifices violently desecrated by some scrote

while some women “enjoy” those things, it’s always a cover for them trying to cope with being born a woman and trying to live up to the expectations placed upon us. it’s a hollow notion, and it’s all due to socialization and the increasing standards of sexual performance thrust on women due to porn and shit

No. 373148

She really needs to learn to love herself. Honestly the guy even offered going noporn but she somehow just accepts this stupid fetish as part of him as if he’d ever developed it without porn. Men really should be kept far away from all porn, it makes them and their partners happier. Like you can have fetishes, but porn obviously both plants new shit in men’s heads and because is not made for women that often means it’ll be uncomfortable/painful/degrading for the woman. Plus anyone would feel ugly if their partner couldn’t cum until they did something not in their nature.

No. 373149

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a mistake.

No. 373152

What's weirdest about men regarding this is that they meme themselves into only being able to get off to one fetish. Like necro boy up there and inflation man, they can't even get off to vanilla anymore for some fucking reason. I'm a woman with some odd fetishes, but I've never been in a situation where I can only get off to that. And I definitely wouldn't put a partner through shit that makes him uncomfortable.

Men really are all legit slightly autistic, huh?

No. 373153

>i don't have any interest in dating a man again anytime soon but if i do again i'm not even going to consider it before i hear and believe that he isn't porn obsessed, and my bar for 'obsessed' is so low given how much of it is gross enough imo to give you weird interests before you even get into what's actually considered 'weird'/kinky porn now
this, seriously, but sometimes you get weirdly lucky. i met my now longtime bf originally on 4chan when we were kids and he was never super duper into porn and we both are not okay with the use of it, and amazingly, he cums without being touched at all. like literally still just seeing my boobies or kissing my lips or being close to kissing my lips, and it has only ever gotten easier the closer he is to me, emotionally and intimately. i can't and will not accept the degeneracy of anything less and no one ever should tbh.

No. 373154

Sounds like some Jeffrey Dahmer shit, that guy literally started out fantasizing about unconscious men and spiralled from there.
Girl, run.

No. 373155

they're too prone to paraphilias. that's why they shouldn't have porn, period. men meme themselves into predators or absolute fucking weirdos. if men just accepted this and lived their lives accordingly, they'd be happier.

No. 373160


This is so disgusting. You shouldn’t have to nearly mutilate yourself to get someone ~excited~. Her BF needs to develop a healthier relationship to sex before she blows a hole in her intestines or something horrible trying to keep him happy.

Not every fetish or kink is safe and needs to be celebrated.

No. 373163

i was more saying that as to not entice "but i love deepthroating my bf!!" comments that are always bound to arise. i genuinely feel bad for the women that think like that but also, from my experience, they just double down on those stances if someone points out how they aren't organic and it's society brainwashing them. i don't know how to help them realise it, or if i even should, as i think you're right and it's a massive cope. sometimes i think my life would be easier if i was still a naive self-hating eastern euro sorry for the barely sensible word salad

No. 373166

>She really needs to learn to love herself. Honestly the guy even offered going noporn but she somehow just accepts this stupid fetish as part of him as if he’d ever developed it without porn.
Not to mention they've only been together for TWO MONTHS and she's already doing the most for him. Like girl chill out, you barely even know this man. He could turn on you and be a completely different person tomorrow. Female socialization is a hell of a drug, huh?

No. 373167

Only 1 comment told her the kink is fine. Everyone else was like
>uhh slowing down your heart someone to get off? Nope out of there
I hope she isn't on of those "but I care about him getting off uwu even if it directly conflicts with my health" and listens. Some kinks should remain being 100% shamed like this one and inflation guy.

Wouldn't surprise me if some study conducted concluded that all men had some type of autism. Being so prone to twisted shit and then being 100% with it or not

No. 373174

File: 1550098316795.png (102.19 KB, 277x358, what_the_big_bro.png)

>find out bf gets off to "animated blueberry porn" (seriously, wtf is that? what is wrong with men? how is that even sexy at all?)
>NOT leaving him immediately

the woman who posted that needs to love herself and gtfo

No. 373175

My best friend cut me off for a scumbag guy after I told her what an asshole he is. She also spread rumors about me. I feel like she will get beaten soon, but she deserves it.

No. 373178

Spergie, if you’d read this thread a bit more you’d see that most women couldn’t care less about foreskin. I don’t think I’ve ever slept with a guy who was cut, simply because it’s not a common procedure where I live. Would never do this to a son either, it’s just cruel, but I think it’s really more men who see it as some rite of passage.(taking scrot b8)

No. 373182

don't engage the scrots, ladies.

No. 373183

NTA but I looked at the thread and a lot of people told her it was weird and a few people said it was okay but not if their desires are incompatible.
>calling anon male for any tiny differing opinion

No. 373200

I said shut up. 99% of the comments are saying it's fine.(ban evading scrot)

No. 373205

File: 1550101287284.jpg (198.47 KB, 720x815, 20190213_154025.jpg)

But that is empirically untrue.

No. 373206

Maybe when you first looked at it. Seemed like the tides have changed. OP still seems oblivious though.

No. 373213

>He kept putting his hand on my neck to feel my pulse and asked me if there’s anything I can take to lower my heart rate.
>He kept putting his hand on my neck to feel my pulse and asked me if there’s anything I can take to lower my heart rate.
>to lower my heart rate.

Hated reading that. Please, op, love yourself

No. 373218

Men watch porn and see women as sexual instruments but everytime they find a woman works or has worked in the sex industry or even if she shows sex appeal online they will shame her and hack her computer just so they can doxx her. Will men ever be satisfied?

No. 373224

>tfw now we know some of the posters itt are LARPing men
Wild. And of course it's the irrational person.

No. 373241

Porn should be banned. All porn made illegal, possession and distribution being a mandatory prison sentence for sexual violence.

No. 373250

seconding this so fucking hard.

the effects of pornography are entirely negative (sex trafficking, prostitution, rape & sexual assault, self esteem issues for women, botch jobs bc of surgery for women, health problems bc of violent sex for women) and it’s been proven for YEARS

but they stopped researching the negative impacts of pornography because the data basically came back the exact same every time, proving that porn is evil

No. 373269

There has nothing been and never will be anything positive about porn. it's all made by men and for men and women are OBJECTS. Literal things to be used for sex. I hate sex positivity when they try to talk about how porn is okay, when it's caused impossible standards for women for centuries, not to mention the abuse.

No. 373270

I honestly wish you were president, because we need to get rid of porn. Look at all the porn obsessed men with unrealistic views of women. it's vile

No. 373291

Let's meme men into developing a fetish for pleasuring women and doing what we tell them

No. 373315

>stop dealing with incels and robots and start being around normal men
>they're just as bad as incels
At least incels don't have girlfriends to treat them like shit.

No. 373324

Out of interest, in what sense are normal men as bad as incels and what would you say the difference between the two are in terms of dating? I ended up breaking up with my long-term boyfriend from teenagehood (moving away), so I'm curious to know what men are like now before I try dating again.

No. 373330

File: 1550112356551.png (61.84 KB, 1074x178, 1518570242506.png)

Well for starters it's pretty normalized for a man to bash his girlfriends breast size, butt size, weight, skin, etc and no one bats and eye (or if they do they're evil crazy insecure feminazis) but a girl even daring to point out a single flaw in her boyfriend will get bashed repeatedly, marked as ungrateful, emotionally abusive, etc

Media proves this to, hell just go anywhere and make a joke about how your girlfriends tits are too small and people will laugh, go anywhere joke about how your boyfriend's dick is too small, everything gets serious, you'll get called emotionally abusive, the whole "if the roles were reversed" thing, etc.

It's sad the effect stuff like these can have on women's mental health long term but no one cares because issa joke, until it comes to men getting bashed.

Or even better males who complain about how women aren't flirting,but when women do flirt they bash the woman repeatedly if she wasn't a 10/10 model

Another thing normie males do is never shut up about how hot other women while being in a relationship, I've never seen a woman do this but considering how mad men get when women compliment men who aren't them God knows what will happen

No. 373331

The hatred for women. All types of men have it.
Normal men just know how to hide it better than incels. Fuckbois get away with it because of their looks. When you spend enough time with them you see that they're all the same.
>obsession with "teens"
>extreme rape fantasies, including torture
>seeing women as non-humans
I've seen it all from completely average men.

No. 373333

NTA but I used to be on a bdsm site and okcupid, and was shocked in recent times how the guys are pretty much the same, and like incels they think any woman who has boundaries like, you know, not wanting to have degrading stuff done to her was somehow a stuck up bitch. Also ditto for what >>373330 and >>373331 say.

No. 373347

Not disagreeing with you but I don't think posting a screenshot from 4chan of all places helps your argument about normal men.

No. 373349

Depressing. Are there any normal guys who don't hate women/see women as inferior sex objects..? maybe submissive quiet guys?

No. 373351

It's all pretty hopeless tbh. If you really want a man in your life, my advice is to avoid guys with rape/bdsm fantasies. I've known some guys with horrifying fetishes about beating women and even underage girls.

No. 373355

File: 1550115366871.jpg (105.15 KB, 625x605, malefeminists.jpg)

No. 373357

File: 1550116202700.png (50.72 KB, 746x190, 1516747282397.png)

I'd hate to say it but many average men browse 4chan or exhibit behaviors of an average 4channer. It's scary to think about, I use to think an average 4channer was just some autistic basement dweller who mooches off his mom, it actually surprised me when I found out how many males I've met irl browsed 4chan or some other imageboard filled with psychos sprouting the same shit such as the pic related

Pink pill is the way to go

No. 373358

Some submissive guys are shitty in different ways. Very demanding-one was expecting me to be the kind of perfect sex doll/6 inch heels dominatrix and begged me to take him yet when I asked does he shave his body hair he got really insulted for some reason and stopped talking.
Its funny in my experience the better looking the sub is the more polite he is, The opposite from what pop culture and men in general try to tell women.

No. 373361

File: 1550116800139.jpg (33.35 KB, 601x594, Jar.jpg)

Some humor

No. 373374

File: 1550119681853.png (105.28 KB, 2644x226, Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 4.46.…)

I like going to boards like /lgbt/ specifically to remind myself why I think the way I do.
This is what they think of us.

No. 373377

I'm confused. How can he bitch that girls carry pepper spray, then bitch that women 'bequeath' responsibility not to get themselves raped and killed onto others. Ignoring how fucking retarded and evil that phrasing is, isn't carrying pepper spray taking responsibility for yourself?

No. 373378

He's mad that we have the gall to complain that men are so fucked up that we have to carry around pepper spray and avoid going out at night. He wants us to shrug our shoulders and be okay with it.

No. 373379

We carry pepper spray because of assholes like that. And because of, you know, the insane amount of statistics showing men commit the vast majority if violent crimes. I thought the "logical" sex liked statistics?

No. 373398

This. He and other guys just want women to be ok with rape and abuse. It's all from anger that women are human and sentient like they are

No. 373418

I'm the anon who posted the screenshot and at that time most of the comment were saying "it's okay to have that kink just stay safe" and only one was saying "hm he sounds like a psycho you need to leave".

No. 373421

On the topic of men in the delivery room here's a compilation of men being useless in the delivery room, fainting and taking time away from their wife and some dad being overjoyed over having a boy! Because girls sucks!!

No. 373435

Can you show me some of that data? I want to read about it, thanks in advance btw.

No. 373479

No, they won't for as long as they keep seeing women as less than human. That's why you shouldn't even try, just live for yourself.

No. 373545

File: 1550158685868.jpg (218.51 KB, 1302x1264, C9RaOrFU0AAlvC-.jpg)

East Asian countries obviously.

This animation explains why:


Both asian men and women are more attached to their partners and try harder to make them happy (obviously on average inb4 anecdotes). We call it submissiveness but they call it cooperativeness.


It's because in the west we operate on lower levels of trust, where our tools are legal and societal as opposed to personal. That's why redpill and pinkpill are a thing here. Selfish douchery is celebrated as alphaness whereas in Asia those behaviors are seen as extremely awful and discriminated against socially – though this may be less true these days with the rise of hip pop culture and other gross shit.

Men everywhere are shitty but some of the most complained about things in this thread are lessened in other cultures and other things this post are not true or misreported myths. Image related is China's actual gender ratio, which at 105 is lower than the natural human gender ratio.

Japanese birth rate is similar to birth rates to european countries and is not particularly low this is just what rich populations do, they prefer to take vacations and have big houses instead of slaving away for new person. Japan's birth rate just hit a new low of 1.43 per woman while having been higher for most of the decade, but guess who had been at 1.43 for most of the time? White germans. https://www.thelocal.de/20180328/german-birth-rate-surges-to-highest-level-in-over-four-decades

Unless you're also into discussing white german work lifestyles you have to see that it's just a bad stereotype to talk about low birth rates in Japan. The only reason why western countries aren't ranked like Japan is because of immigrants from third world countries. That's it.

Misogyny and patriarchy is of course still inescapable in Asia but it's lessened in key areas.

For example:
- https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2017/11/women-china-tech/545588/
- 50% of tech startups are founded by women: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2018-11-29/women-are-breaking-through-the-vc-glass-ceiling-in-china-video
- 77% (114/147) of the world's self-made female billionaires are Chinese while only 11% of male billionaires are chinese. Put another way China has a 1-2 ratio of female to male billionaires while the US has a 1-12.
- Women do much better in business in Asia: Thailand has the highest proportion of female CEOs in the world, with 30 percent of companies employing female CEOs, followed by the People's Republic of China, with 19 percent.[1] In the European Union the figure is 9 percent and in the United States it's 5 percent.[1] Only 14.2% of the top five leadership positions at the companies in the S&P 500 are held by women, according to a recent CNNMoney analysis,[2] out of those 500 companies, there are only 24 female CEOs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_female_top_executives
- 54% of the mobile moba game is women: https://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2018/01/02/574471694/chinas-most-popular-mobile-game-charges-into-american-market as opposed to like 10% for actual league of legends

When I started learning about Asia I was really surprised that the facts about it are totally different from what I originally thought through stereotypes. It really led to a big change in my thinking and helped me realized how deeply misogyny is embedded into our society. I really thought that some of the stuff we were used to like women not playing video games and 5% CEOs were just normal. It's not, it's emblematic of deep misogyny.

No. 373552

What do you mean German work lifestyles? I live here and the work is good. No over working like some other countries.

No. 373553

I think that's what she meant, that the birth rates are similar but no one says it's a result of Germans working to death.

No. 373555

Yes exactly, there's a lot of editing errors in my post that I see, it was written while on the train. Oh well.

No. 373566

More of a touchy-feely vent, but I'm guessing those are still fine here.
Why do men have to be so incapable of attachment and bonding with their partners? I've always been a romantic person but growing into an adult and realizing men are…like that has been a crushing disappointment. I'd love to be a man's life partner by supporting, respecting, and being interested in his daily life but men are unable to reciprocate. I'd never even be able to be naked around a man because I know he'd see me instantly as (even) lesser because they have around weird complex about that. It also hurts to know that they don't equate sex and romance at all, when, although I'm not ""demi"" or whatever by any stretch, I do see sex as an act of affection.

I feel very tired of it today. Normally I can accept it and say "that's fine, having a bf is just like having a human shaped pet dog!" but not right now. Might be some daily stress getting to me lol.

No. 373580


There are men out there in the world who do love their partners, but they’re usually either funny looking, poor, or shy. A lot of them are just as complex as women and get fucked over by people as often as we do. You’re not going to find a man like that in a bar on a Tuesday night or on aTinder browsing binge. And you have to (obviously) give that love back equally.

I know a lot of farmers vent about shit tier men and I am just as guilty of generalizing them as much as the next person, but men are not all monsters and some of our insecurities are not the cause of the males who surround us nor the media we consume.

I’m sorry if I upset or trigger someone unnecessarily for not being radical but there are men out there who are beautiful, loving, wonderful human beings and women who hurt them just as much as they hurt us. It goes both ways.

No. 373581

Either they can and don't want to because they somehow think being romantic with a woman is gay, or they are unable to

No. 373582

Yep, you got us anon, it's because us evil women have high standards, nothing to do with how common it is for men to purposely avoid romance

Do you have any idea how little of the female population uses tinder or goes to bars? Normie women express these same complaints about men too anon, nothing to do with the anon having high standards

No. 373583

Can you please keep this dribble out of the man-hate thread?

No. 373591

Have you ever met any men like that, though? Really? Even if they do exist they're so extremely rare that it doesn't seem worth investing in emotionally.
I've known men that I thought were good and nice but they always reveal themselves at some point to be incapable of true interpersonal connection.
And this isn't even stemming out of a lack of contact with men; most of my friends are male and I used to work a job with mostly men (just by chance, not a male dom field).

I will agree a lot of women are also awful and cold, but for men it's most if not all of them that lack empathy and the ability to bond.

Thank you for your kind reply though, I just think at this point I can never believe anything else. Maybe it isn't reality, but I have nothing proving otherwise.
And of course I won't give up on men or anything, I just can't trust them at all or see them as emotionally equal. The level of care will be there, just at a different level than I have for women. A separate perspective.

Yeah, my standards are actually "low" (legitimately into short men with interesting faces and want to be the provider) and I've never been to a bar (or even a party) or used a dating website/service. That did seem oddly accusatory, but I imagine the concentration of blatantly shit men is higher there so it makes sense for her to come to that conclusion.

No. 373593

>There are men out there in the world who do love their partners
Source? Men leave their partners when they're sick more than women do, and they get mroe satisfaction out of being in a marriage than women do.
>but they’re usually either funny looking, poor, or shy.
Again, where are you getting this from? If anything being ugly only makes men more bitter it seems. Idk how being poor could affect this, same with shyness.
>A lot of them are just as complex as women and get fucked over by people as often as we do
Yeah no. Both men and women can find themselves in unfavourable situations unrelated to gender, BUT the woman has/is/will still get aditionally screwed for being a woman, the man doesn't.
>And you have to (obviously) give that love back equally.
Where are you getting the idea that women do less for their partners? Women are the ones that accomodate a men's career usually, also, the marriage thing.
>some of our insecurities are not the cause of the males who surround us nor the media we consume
Which insecurities? What causes them?
>women who hurt them just as much as they hurt us.
Nah, statistics really aren't on your side at all with this one, bugger off.

Now, I won't deny that there are some men out there who are capable of getting on women's level of decency, but the thing is that it's not natural for them. In order for a man to be a good partner he has to educate himself on the history of women, and really just think "logically".

Men in general don't give a fuck about the suffering they inflict on women in the present, let alone what happened in the past, and how it'll play out in the future. It's also necessary to realize that men benefit from their treatment of women, in this feedback loop, as long as there are mistreated women out there desperate for men's status, men will be able to keep mistreating their partners, because there are other women who would take them…

No. 373625

File: 1550171113307.gif (1.08 MB, 160x192, 1511973206626.gif)

You're so brave and outstanding for defending men, anon. You deserve an award.

No. 373721

What do you guys think of this load of absolute shit? Lmao. Girls are used goods, whores and sluts if they get raped as kids, no one would bat an eyelid if a guy left his girlfriend for something like this, especially when rape is seen as being the girl's fault.

Plus all she fucking did was leave the guy's apartment and "feel weird about him", she didn't demean or mock the guy, she even expressed guilt in the title itself.
Moreover, it sounds more like a LARPing male, with their obsession with penetration,as well as thee basic description for the "Chad" archetype and the fact that that's the only post the OP made. Although, that didn't stop people from screeching at their screens as confirmed by these quotes from the thread lmao.
>"If I could platinum this comment I would. You said it so well, all I can do is make angry velociraptor noises of pure rage at my screen ATM."
>"Thank you. Join the Raptor Club. I felt like I was going to punch a hole through my computer."
>"other people make raptor noises? gonna have to tell my bf he is wrong I am not alone!"

No. 373728

why does this even need to be said? i have some men in my life that i think are wonderful, but i dont need to go on a diatribe about literally one man in an endless sea of sociopaths as if he's not completely exceptional. it doesn't go both ways. the oppressor class that benefits from being the oppressor class isn't similarly disadvantaged on a class level and they don't understand.

No. 373730

>Hes tall, muscular, blonde with blue eyes. Hes also really dominant and works at a start up doing marketing.

Lol this must be an incel attempting to conduct a ~social experiment~ or some shit

No. 373734

are incels closeted gays/bis or something? They always write about other men like this.

No. 373737

>are incels closeted gays/bis or something
i seriously think 80% are bi

No. 373746

Transexuals are mentally ill and sexually depraved men masquerading as women. The issue specific to transsexuals is that while they carry the usual male delusions of superiority, simultaneously they know that they are inferior to woman, incapable of giving birth or engaging in genuine femininity and sisterhood. Their hatred for actual women is as deep seated as any other immoral man.

No. 373760

it's so obvious that it's an incel larping from their wording, why are men terrible at telling the difference?

No. 373770

>It's different because a woman is not rendered worthless because of a few phenotypical variations, or even flaws.
Good joke coming from a group who renders women worthless for aging, having a lot of partners, having a certain body type etc(taking scrot b8)

No. 373797

>for aging, having a lot of partners, having a certain body type
one thing is not like the others.

No. 373858

old people are unnattractive, this goes for both sexes
>having a lot of partners
see >>373797
>having a certain body type
fat people are unnattractive, this goes for both sexes

The fact remains that there is an unlimited supply of desperate men, meaning that any woman can have a partner if she wants. Whereas men's lives are completely ruined from the start if they're in the bottom 60% of penis size because that's the only thing that women care about.

No. 373873

File: 1550201176770.jpg (Spoiler Image, 566.95 KB, 1500x1500, 20190214_222009.jpg)

Reminder that men will masturbate to women getting raped, killed, and tortured. I think it takes a lack of empathy and a subhuman mind to do this.

No. 373918


No. 373952

Nothing makes men happy
If we choose career they cry
If we choose married and kids they call us dumb
The only way to please men is if we kill ourselves, even then there's situations like Amanda todd who still gets made fun of despite being dead

Proof male oppression does not exist in this society is how people react to the Conrad case, compared to the Amanda todd case

No. 373983

File: 1550217492604.jpg (88.61 KB, 789x855, cringe.jpg)

No. 374040

I remember I was on a gore website and there was a section labeled “female suicides” others being murder torture etc but the only suicide section was female suicide. I got pissed and of course took it to 4chan and they said “well yeah women have life on easy mode of course we want to get off on watching them die”
Fucking hate men. I think the whole thing about “women don’t love us the way we love them. They don’t understand love. Only males understand love,” is pure projection. Men are heartless.

No. 374062

the whole thing was just retarded.

No. 374070

Yup. There's porn sites right now featuring women "acting" as they get killed, shot, stabbed, sexually tortured and abused, mutilated and burned for their enjoyment. We can't hate them as much as they hate us.

And every time you want to vent or just hate men, you're bombarded with
>get therapy sweetie uwu
>wow as a guy I'm not bad :(
>don't generalize half of the species

But men hating women is welcomed with movements dedicated to it.

Do you think there will ever be a breaking point and just split into gender segregated societies

No. 374071

File: 1550238588817.png (798.64 KB, 940x3272, bd20116a-51f0-4108-a3c3-e4012b…)

It's truly sad that there are women with this mindset

No. 374073

I do think it's dumb when women/girls expect their male SOs not to watch porn. It's become too normalized and ingrained into our society at this point. They don't care that much about us, they only care about their ego. All you can do is point out their lack of sexual performance and make jabs at their masculinity until they choose to go on NoPorn of their own volition.

Any guy who says he doesn't watch porn in 2019 is lying to you, and if you ask/tell him not to because of how it makes you feel, he probably thinks the shit those two girls in the last two panels are saying about you (and other) women, end of.

No. 374075

What's the source of that comic? Reverse image search isn't helping.

No. 374081

File: 1550239620013.jpg (71.03 KB, 1439x316, Screenshot_20190216-003631_Bra…)

Dl: https://tapas.io/episode/871560
It's not recent and the artist was quite young when she made the comic

No. 374119

>Do you think there will ever be a breaking point and just split into gender segregated societies
Not for as long as men hold physical leverage, no. They'll always use it to rape and kill.

No. 374136

NTA but also because groups ofwomen have been trying to break off and live freely apart from shitty men since the beginning of time. Every time women go off and create a colony/society/island governed by or just for women, men take it over because male "superiority" only exists if women are forced to be inferior to men through systematic religious, educational and social opression and conditioning from birth.

No. 374148

Yeah that's what I mean. Men are mental and need to dominate everything they see. They don't let women get away without a fight, and they win/kill the woman because of their greater physical strength or social standing (which they only got by abusing the former anyway).

No. 374212

What was the Quora question about?

No. 374352

File: 1550280759358.jpg (133.2 KB, 1061x512, Screenshot_20190215-192912__01…)

Good evening I hate men

No. 374355

File: 1550280871456.png (51.2 KB, 1274x325, misogynistgetswrecked.png)

Good for the girl who ruined this guys life

No. 374363

Sage, and I genuinely mean it, I posted this for some man hating positivity and not to be some scrot troll

No. 374371

What the fuck is wrong with India? The men there are a special breed of evil with no humanity, jesus.
What the fuck is it about that country that just keeps producing such godawful men?
>Does awful shit
>Whines about consequences
What a damn shame he didn't die. But of course he fucks even that up and will probably pathetically cling on to life for the rest of his existence.

No. 374375

That's males for you
In their mind men will always be the victims no matter what, it's sad people are more empathetic toward male murderers than they are with female rape victims

No. 374376

I don't get sick very easily but I was eating and cringed imagining this shit.

No. 374377

File: 1550282431390.jpg (43.17 KB, 631x129, dogg.jpg)

Seriously we need to post more about stupid men being BTFO'd, you know some sprinkles of happiness in between the stories of awful shit men do to us. Would keep the lurking scrots's blood pressure high too.

No. 374378

>This topic has been unbanned
can y'all explain this to me? i was given a two day ban for calling men disgusting in another thread and when i asked for clarification i got silence. i never knew that complaining about men was banned.

No. 374380

uh.. i'm a woman with a boyfriend and i still watch porn. i still masturbate and i sometimes think of fictional characters when we fuck. is that really a bad thing? i've never felt the need to question my partner's porn watching either

No. 374387


Read this thread.

No. 374391

>Man hate is 2edgy4me
Can't relate to this feeling right after reading some man skinning a little child and raping her

No. 374395

fr though, can you even imagine a woman doing this? can you imagine a woman torturing and then forcing herself on a little boy? i'm sure its happened at SOME point in history but not that anyone is aware of and not with regularity that men do it. why are men so fucking shit? why do they do these things constantly and then try to act like victims?

No. 374396

reading that thread. i get off to pretty violent gay sex; i like porn where i get to see men being abused and treated like meat. am i no better than these men who get off on violent misogynist porn?

No. 374397

Petty jealousy is not the problem with porn, it's the fact that you're watching rape on tape that has gotten more and more violent and degrading over time to meet the increasingly extreme tastes of pornsick men.

Do you seriously watch porn and somehow NOT think about the fact that those girls are poor, abused, exploited and likely drugged most of the time? I cant relate.

No. 374399

i don't watch straight porn. i mostly just look at yaoi hentai cuz i'm a nerd

No. 374405

Wow congratulations you're so special and unique for allowing your boyfriend to watch porn and consuming it yourself.
You deserve a trophy for not being like those other girls anon.

No. 374407

>am i no better than these men who get off on violent misogynist porn?

No. 374415

Are there any men who aren't garbage humans?I was talking to a friend about some little girl who was kidnapped and murdered in our area and his fIrst response was "OMG relationships are Scary! If a man divorces a woman he can easily be blamed for things". At this point I'm starting to think the most you can hope from a man is that he isn't a rapist or a murderer and thats pretty sad.

No. 374418

I think their brains are broken, how is that a connected thought?!

No. 374419

Depend where you live maybe ? I was from a city where all men where asshool. Then I moved and most guy where ok

No. 374422

Men when playing victim: 80% of homeless are men because of this evil man hating society that hands everything to women!!
Men any other time: lol homeless are such scum, they're under that bridge because they wanna be under that bridge, get a job and stop doing meth you scum

Men playing victim: 80% of suicides are men because you evil women pushed us to
Men any other time: people who commit suicide are such weak little bitches

No. 374426

so true. couldnt give a fuck less about the homeless except to use them as a point to victimize themselves. they routinely belittle homeless people, vote against helping to get them out of homelessness, etc. same thing as their "but the brown men are raping OUR WOMEN!!" while denying that women are raped by anyone so long as they aren't a darkie

No. 374438

There's also
>Women can rape and be pedos too! No one cares about abused boys!
>Damn I wish I had a hot teacher that fucked me when I was in school. That kid's so lucky.

No. 374465

Do you really expect a reasonable answer in this thread? The people here hate male sexuality unless it's 100% controlled by them.

No. 374474

He deserved it, it feels so good seeing a guy get what he deserved for once.

No. 374512

Men always identify with the rapist before the victim. Unless the victim is a man and the rapist is female, then suddenly they find some empathy.

No. 374513

exactly. all women want is to be left alone, but men are obsessed. their entire lives revolve around women.

No. 374519

Literally no one cares

No. 374531

My male S/O doesn't watch porn because he had a porn addiction when we met and it meant he couldn't enjoy sex, because he couldn't stay hard and/or couldn't come. Supported him in quitting and now he's fine. It's totally possible for men to grow and change with the right support, although I know that's a controversial thing to say ITT, they just have to see the benefit of doing so.

No. 374535

Why were his penis and testicles in front of the bulldog? What was he wearing (if anything at all)? Remember Kero? He could've been asking for it.
Also, why doesn't anybody talk about the fact that false dog attack accusations exist? There are two sides to every story.

No. 374537

Almost all complains/"wisdom" males have about women's sexuality is projection.

"Vaginas get ruined if women use them too much" > it's actually males who develop erection dysfunction from masturbating too much
"Women like to be raped" > it's men who always say that they wish they were molested as kids or were sexually harassed on the streets
"Women who have sex before marriage/too many partners are incapable of love" > it's men who are incapable of seeing women as humans and thus incapable of feeling love

Men don't have the theory of mind so they can't comprehend that others have different thoughts or opinions or feel in different way than them.

No. 374539

>and if you ask/tell him not to because of how it makes you feel, he probably thinks the shit those two girls in the last two panels are saying about you (and other) women, end of.
that's not always true. and it's not dumb for us to not expect them to not in a relationship. it's optimistic, but you just dump his ass if he's the type that would use porn in a relationship. the only acceptable men are submissive and gentle enough to only want to have their sexuality/sex life controlled by their female partner, imo. no women should touch or talk to any men that don't want a subversive relationship

No. 374603

Why are males so prone to taking women for granted? Seriously, they'll cry for weeks about how they want to feel loved and cared about, but when they get it they will dismiss and ignore it and not show any sort of appreciation at all

Males are some of the most ungrateful beings on Earth, I'm so glad I'm done putting in effort for them

No. 374738

i got into an arguement with a makeup company in Dubai about women's rights in india and they tried to play it off like they were fine. reading this makes me sick to my stomach. It mainly seems indian men in general are able to do such horrible things– unspeakable things to a little girl. i have a niece this age.


No. 374740

None. This is why i got a lucky lottery draw and was born a lesbian. i don't understand how so many violent and horrible men can exist, but there's way too much evidence against them.

All they can think about is themselves. Always

No. 374744

yeah, but stupid ass women wanna preach ~~sex empowerment and positivity~~ while that shit exists. it's disgusting. Men will only get off on more and more violent shit and that isn't even enough, seeing as murder rates and rapes against women havent gone down in the slightest.

No. 374752

I wish I was a lesbian honestly because fuck men.

No. 374755

Because most men would rape if they were never found out and there were no consequences. There was a thread on Reddit: "what would you do if you could commit a crime and not get caught?" A large section of comments were "rape"

No. 374787

Please link to thread, I want to be sad.

No. 374839

2013 was the spiciest:
>1 necrophiliac
>1 wack off in public
>1 rape joke. bad taste and still awful but not genuine?
>raping obama (another rape joke)
>1 genuine rape wish, but someone called him out as immoral
out of over 100 replies
Lying won't help us get the point across, anon. Let's stick to facts and actual crimes. Most normfag men just want to rob.
inb4 I get banned like other anon calling you out.

No. 374851

I SAID A LARGE SECTION(ban evading scrot)

No. 374855

That's a small section, though.

No. 374857

It's a large section. Go away man.

No. 374868

when is this robot going to stop embarrassing himself? lmao I almost hope he doesn't because it's so funny when he gets outed.

No. 374879

Maybe he and dick-sperg guy both have a humiliation fetish.

No. 374949

Am the original anon from >>374755
None of the threads you linked are the one I saw and mentioned. Sorry I can't provide you the exact source because I don't bookmark micro-manage incel shit I see on Reddit because I want some semblance of sanity and don't have unlimited time.

No. 375023

File: 1550382149581.jpg (58.65 KB, 481x367, kill em.jpg)

No. 375024

File: 1550382232140.jpeg (23.28 KB, 225x225, 2ED81977-DC2F-44D9-AF51-45999A…)

>Also, why doesn't anybody talk about the fact that false dog attack accusations exist?
Underrated comment

No. 375082

I once searched "offensive jokes" to see if any were even 1% funny. Of course the top result was reddit and most of the jokes were about rape and murder.

I don't doubt there was a thread where men revealed their rape wishes on reddit. Lest we forget the AMA with a convicted rapist, also posted on reddit, and the fact he obviously wasn't caught for one of his rapes since he edited the post to say 2 instead of three. He admitted he considered it (violent, degrading, planned stranger-rape) the biggest thrill of his life and he wanted to do it again.

But we're gonna pretend reddit is full of angels. rueful laughter

No. 375086

>I once searched offensive things and I got offended! What an injustice the world owes me an apology!
>and then one time a saw a rapist on Reddit admit that he was a rapist! Logically, this proves every man on Reddit is a rapist!
Duhhhhhhhh.(ban evading scrot)

No. 375275

I've started calling scrots abortion dodgers.

No. 375296

anytime some retarded shit appears on men's precious pol board, they wave it away as some kind of "shill" so they can ignore the subject and keep pretending they're innocent little flowers, despite having hundreds of men jacking off to beheading videos. yet anytime a woman does anything at all its taken with utmost extremity and men start saying we need to end rights for all women. its only led me to believe men are not capable of controlling their emotions and are not suitable for leader positions as they are not able to control their spite, vendettas, or outrage while making decisions. they only live to see others suffer and its what drives and motivates them. rarely ever do you see a man motivated to do anything that doesnt have the "reward" of sexual pleasure or watching someone they hate suffer in the end. even money isnt enough to get most of these men off their lazy asses these days. they need to be motivated by searing hatred and free range abuse that they view as justified in some way and its fucking terrifying.

No. 375401

File: 1550443794190.jpg (102.74 KB, 644x792, 1550443557483.jpg)


No. 375408

Is this handmaidens?

No. 375409

Anyone notice how "Lust" in media is literally always depicted as a female being, or it's a dual male/female who can switch between both? Never a male presence? Even though men are the ones completely fucking consumed by caveman need to have sex while women aren't?

No. 375410

I don't really understand it. If they're trying to insult women with this then… I don't get it.

No. 375411

No, it's a scrot meme that's supposed to represent all women or "female NPCs", depending on their level of generalisation. The point is that all women are shallow emotional beings with no self-awareness or conscious thought, as if the male equivalent of this doesn't exist.

Just replace all the buzzwords in this with shit like "Jordan Peterson", "trap hentai", "Minecraft" and "MGTOW" and you get the kind of men who made this meme.

No. 375412

>wasting thoughts on scrot nonsense
What exactly are we supposed to think about this except how pathetic it is that men demonize women watching netflix and liking dogs while we spend most of our time criticizing violent criminals? They really have to reach at straws.

No. 375415

It's not "demonizing" those things retard it's just pointing out how all women are the same.(Begone scrot)

No. 375417

Except the majority of men are very obviously not interested in any of those things you listed.

But I'd bet that besides things as specific as green party's not a single woman in this thread can deny all of those things about themselves.

No. 375419

Its not the NPC meme, its the soy-girl meme. The female equivalent of a soy-boi. A soy boi would have things like >video games, >marvel, >cats! Its a satire on perceived weakness and adult obsessions with childish consumerism.

No. 375424

>Begone scrot

I love you, new mods.

No. 375425

i would love to date a soi boi tbh

so long as he actually took care of his awful beard

No. 375427

helloo? Can we not reply to scrotes? The reason this thread had such a bad rep was because of taking the bait.
please stop or else we truly don't deserve to have it back

No. 375434

ew. what happens when he inevitably troons out 4 weeks into your relationship?

No. 375435

>Birth control
What's incels obsession with generalizing women who take birth control? Many women get put on it for medical reasons

No. 375436

Because they do not know the first thing about menstruation and assume the only reason women would go on it is to ride the "cock carousel" (a bit if projection methinks)

No. 375440

Ty anon

No. 375443

I think soy-boys lack beards 'cause y'know the extra estrogen (hence the name) so they look less manly.
In the case of male frogs exposed to atrazine (a common herbicide that affects the frogs androgens like testosterone), they're found to be A LOT less aggressive and less lustful or willing to breed even without competition against other male frogs. So yeah, wouldn't mind a soy-boy too if that was the case but sadly though I think most use their lack of development as fuel to feed their anger. A boy who feels inadequate about his appearance can be annoying like the angry incels.

No. 375462

File: 1550451616559.jpg (365.82 KB, 1385x1468, q0jmv8bhwje01.jpg)

but the typical soy has that awful patchy "gamer beard"

soys aren't typically incels either. the stereotype of a soy boy is just a man who's more "feminine" than a chad (feminine = bad remember.) incels hate soys because they consider them betas. soys are generally happy males who don't mind being open about their less "manly" pursuits in life which angers the virgins who don't understand why these men can appeal to women and get girlfriends yet they cannot.

incels berate soys for being "submissive" to women, yet they mistake mutual respect and equality in a relationship as such

No. 375463

File: 1550451831425.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.99 KB, 320x320, Dragon-age_2edited.jpg)

The desire demons in dragon age are a really irritating example of this. They don't even just represent sexual desire, just things that people want: revenge, forgiveness, power, material possessions. One kid you see interacting with one just wants a relationship with his absent father. But it's a titty monster obviously.

No. 375465

Good luck with your feminine man next time you're in danger(ban evading scrot)

No. 375472

i've never forgiven bioware for the asari which are the lamest fucking alien race ever made. a bunch of ~beautiful~ blue obviously human female aliens who are all lesbian but don't mind having sex with human men? lol

No. 375473

whoever made that probably has only seen women in things like buzzfeed videos and never actually spoken to one irl before. most men who use ~4chon pol~ dont really go outside very often and use media to get their ideas about the world, because they're so greasy and stink of spoiled milk that it literally repels valid members of society in the opposite direction.

No. 375477

>waiving hands

assuming that's supposed to be waving but…. what?

No. 375478

Fucking women and their waving.
Men NEVER wave as a greeting.

No. 375482

it's so dumb it honestly looks like a parody

No. 375484

even if women did all the things incels wanted they'd still be like
>god, women and their breathing…

because just the presence of a woman is enough to trigger these retarded incels. they can't contain their primitive male rage+horniness so they blame the very things they take out said rage+horniness on. it's never their fault, it's always a woman's fault.

No. 375489

Hmm, true after looking at some google images a lot do have those types of beards.

I guess I should've said "patchy to no beard" lol

No. 375503

you'd still be bi queen

No. 375541

Not only that, but they hate it when women aren't on it, get pregnant and trap men/become single moms (as those guys wouldn't want to ever be fathers just to pump and dump, but women should be forced to give birth and struggle for the rest of their lives)

I think they hate bc because deep down they they believe women should be punished with painful childbirth for being born women in the first place

No. 375550

File: 1550464575021.png (110.26 KB, 191x352, Untitled.png)

i was re-reading JTHM (don't judge me i'm in a nostalgic mood) and had a laugh at this. mood

No. 375552

Edgy man still respects women.
Godspeed, Jhonen.

No. 375559

honestly for as much of a meme as jhonen vasquez is, his work was surprisingly feminist and he was writing a lot of women well in this male-dominated eDgY subset of media back when he was popular

he's a cool guy in my book

No. 375621

Someone make one of these for men.
>video games!

No. 375623

>beard culture!
>"The Art of War" by Sun Tzu!
>monster energy drink!

No. 375626

You guys are giving men way too much credit. Spend a night going through tinder and generally, at most they like sport and having a laugh.

No. 375641

Yes, men never like porn or beer. Come on, anon.

No. 375654

>no smoking
I’m really trying to figure out how this is a bad thing

No. 375686

Realizing how much teenage girls are sexualized and how pedophilia is much more frequent than I thought depresses me. I wish girls would be able to grow up without having to worry about creeps and being judged for their appearance when they've barely hit puberty. Remember that magazine that listed Millie Bobby Brown (a 13 year old) on the "Why TV is sexier than ever" just recently? Why do people do this? How different would the lives of women be if we didn't have to go through this?

No. 375706

>smoking raises testosterone and is cool looking
>Women caring about their health is lame because caring is for stupid emotional reeeeeemales
>most people don't smoke so it's clearly the female hivemind taking effect and all women are dumb NPCs
Those are the reasons I came up with idk what the person who made this was thinking

No. 375746

To be fair MBB doesn’t look 13… her stylists have been styling her REALLY maturely. Sometimes she looks like she’s in her 20s.

That said, I always have a paranoia that a man I meet is a pedo. That his ultimate fantasy is to fuck a child/teenager. It’s frightening how common and excused it is as “just biology”.

No. 375749

>To be fair MBB doesn’t look 13… her stylists have been styling her REALLY maturely.
That only makes it worse.

No. 375750

Remember when pedo men were “counting the days” til Emma Watson was 18 and celebrated when she was? Fucking disgusting. Imagine women doing this to an underage male celeb. You literally can’t. It doesn’t happen.

No. 375760

>Those are the reasons I came up with idk what the person who made this was thinking
I don't think the person who made this was actually thinking. They might be the real NPC here.

No. 375807

Why do you all hate men so much? Who hurt you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 375811

First we're all ana-chans, next we're Stacy's, now we're fat, make up your mind about us bots

No. 375812

Because they give us so many reasons to.

No. 375814

File: 1550516956748.png (155.86 KB, 709x906, 9pkhciz8zjg21.png)

What does lolcow think about this? Who was in the wrong here?

No. 375820

Typical incel masturbatory bait written because they want Reddit to froth at the mouth and hate on women as usual. Next.

No. 375824

straight men's masculinity is so fragile it's threatened by everything

No. 375825

People on tinder, male and female, are dishonest.

No. 375826

>Men do this all the time
>No one cares, or if they do they're marked as an evil feminist
>Incel baits as roles reversed
Nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine

No. 375827

I have never found an apparent normie dude on tinder to have hidden depth. Some men just have no real hobbies and nothing to say, the phrase 'beard culture' is not something that would register with them and they sure as fuck wouldn't know who Sun Tzu is, or what anime and libertarianism are.

Anon was listing traits of nerdy reddit types, but the real normies are even more bland than that. True they do like beer and porn though.

No. 375853

Why do women have to stand by men regardless of their circumstances or how they act?

No one bats an eye when a man leaves his cancer stricken wife, when a man leaves his pregnant wife, when a man leaves his girlfriend because she develops depression or gains weight.
Men can literally leave women at any time for any reason and we all just accept it, but god forbid a woman not want to deal with emotional baggage.

No. 375873

File: 1550523668549.png (151.43 KB, 750x1334, F4729BEC-24C9-42B7-9FC3-F5FF8F…)

I made the mistake of searching "women" in r/programming. For every article posted pointing out, "hey, women are severely underrepresented in tech and maybe men should help do something about it ", there are 100s of comments like pic related.
Here's the full thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/a22biq/becoming_a_better_supporter_of_women_in_tech/?st=JSATE2ZQ&sh=b150f142

The under-representation of women in tech is SO much more complicated than women "just not being interested" and it baffles me how absolutely dense and ignorant men can be about this issue, and it saddens me how they will do anything to explain away the problem as WOMEN'S fault, just because they can't bear to acknowledge that sexism is rampant in the industry and it's their responsibility to fix it.
Any other anons in CS/other heavily dominated fields here? How do you deal with this bullshit?

No. 375879

"why tv is sexier than ever" with a photo of a middle school girl on the front topkek they badly want people to start watching that shit again and the only way they know how to do it is by attracting degenerate pedophile men. sometimes i really wonder how nice life could have been if we were all allowed to just be teenage girls enjoying our childhood instead of having pornsick boys and old men trying to constantly groom, manipulate, rape, or molest us on a daily basis.

No. 375890

I don't know why but the formatting for this thread is completely off for me, and some replies are missing. Anyone else experiencing this?

No. 375898

so the reason men can be shit is because of genetics, the reason women can be shit is because of men or just their personality.

lol you guys are a riot.(male)

No. 375910

Just avoid any guy who says he's in IT. Most of the time they're terrible. In general, stem guys are a red flag.

No. 375939

> just because they can't bear to acknowledge that sexism is rampant in the industry

as opposed to which industry? acting? marketing? sales?

No. 375940


Always women's fault, never the man's

No. 375980

File: 1550535815331.png (31.89 KB, 700x895, Hide saged posts for this thre…)

You might have the "Hide saged posts for this thread" on.
If so, just click "Show saged posts for this thread".

No. 376007

kek nta but you probably shouldn't have saged this if that is anon's problem

No. 376012

ah shit, you're right
i guess i did it by habit tbh

No. 376013


Sorry, i saged my post…see >>375980

No. 376047

File: 1550542275068.png (184.66 KB, 489x618, Untitled.png)

i made one for boring generic men too

No. 376052

some suggestions
>Muh degenerancy
>The holocaust was fake!!1!
>Neckbeard politics

No. 376056

some of those are a bit too incel/deep internet for normies, i tried to make it mostly my own experience on tinder and what beta men consider alpha male things

No. 376057

The average man has never even heard most of those terms.(you have though, haven't you, robot?)

No. 376079

kek saved

No. 376094

doing god's work, anon

No. 376101

So good anon

They genuinely get angry at women for just existing, and thus tempting them with our vaginas, so I think there's no winning

No. 376105

>6 porn sites
Lmfao holy shit this is so accurate. Most men have no personality.

No. 376118


It will never cease to amaze me how subhuman men are but specifically white men.

No. 376122

WTF. Also, funny how men claim women lack humour but this guy reacts like that to something which was just a joke.

No. 376125

No. 376129

This is an imageboard, post caps.

No. 376180

honestly this has probably been discussed here before but the reaction to the gillete commercial really pisses me off. i thought people didnt like it because it was sappy, i hadn't watched it yet or looked at the comments so i did. the message was very nice: support each other, advocate for each other, and call out other men when u see them doing bullshit. every man in the comments has some hissy fit about feminists and says OMG NOT ALL MEN as if thats what the advert was trying to fucking say in the first place. i dont support gillette for a couple of reasons but i agree that toxic masculinity is harmful for other men and especially women. im just not sure what idiot would be against that, however im remembering now that men are too proud to admit shit happens and they dont call each other out.

No. 376190

It's funny because most of the negative reactions came from white men and they said it was proof (somehow) of non-white (specifically black men) being better because of the 1 or 2 black guys telling white boys to not catcall a girl.

Men are so insecure period.

No. 376193

File: 1550562740712.png (74.05 KB, 785x466, 4yItnHr.png)

No. 376205

>move to canberra
that's the real dealbreaker

No. 376271

File: 1550582440676.png (13.49 KB, 410x211, how_it_works.png)

I work in tech.

IT is incredibly competitive if you're a female and there's a notion of 'if you make one mistake you are shit at everything'. Pic rel represents it very well. You're either the best or the worst.

Everything you say is undermined, the times I said something on a meeting, a male challenged it and said the exact the same thing but paraphrased and got praises for it.

Men's work ethic is not flexible at all. They hate change, even if it would generate profit and will stand by their old ways wondering why it doesn't work anymore.

When they hired another girl in our department it changed how I worked entirely as there was someone I could relate to, talk to and discuss ideas without constantly being challenged and undermined.
While the diversity recruitment programs may seem unfair to some, they are truly life changing for women in the industry.

I am sorry for my awkward English. It is not my first language.

No. 376279

Have people, or more specifically men changed their perspective of you once your potential started to show when collaborating with a female coworker, have there been any instances where they resorted to "eating their words" after you challenged them or proved them wrong in something?

No. 376287

my ex was in IT. he ghosted me after 7 months, and then hit me up a year later hoping there was "no hard feelings"

No. 376303

Fellow female IT worker here and I have another thing to mention about it. You have either two roles as a female in this industry:
>The pretty girl everyone is trying to flatter and court
>The average/ugly chick who everyone ignores
For the pretty girl it's always having to look over your shoulder because smiling at someone might result in them taking it the wrong way and start approaching you outside of work with inappropriate messages. For the other girl it's about being ignored and having eyes rolled at. My friend is the latter one and I'm the second one and it's miserable for both of us, and neither one of us gets taken seriously.

>While the diversity recruitment programs may seem unfair to some, they are truly life changing for women in the industry.

This. I wish so hard we had more women in the industry because whenever I meet a new female colleague I have to be on my toes until I find out if she's been socialized in the industry to be "one of the guys" and hateful towards other women (because they're "competition") as a coping mechanism. If there were more women, this problem wouldn't exist because men wouldn't be there dominating our headspace.

No. 376328

I'd highly recommend anyone interested in inspiring young girls to get into STEM, volunteer once a week teaching kids to code. Most of the volunteers are men and girls need role models.

No. 376336

men are unintelligent and think "toxic masculinity is bad" = "masculinity is bad and females are trying to destroy what makes us men". they can't understand that "toxic masculinity" is a specific set of damaging behaviors that brutally enforces stereotypes of "manliness" lest the male who doesn't exhibit them be ridiculed, beaten up, ostracized etc

No. 376339

ot but "latter" means last. you're the "former".

No. 376340

This. I'm the token attractive female and dudes get super intimidated I am better than them. First they orbit me and then they get very defensive when they realize I am better than them. For example, some dude was shit talking my coding abilities, although he had never seen any of my code (I wasn't even working a coding position). I have to constantly be the MVP in every project and position to be taken seriously.

Everyone is impressed and likes me right now, but I am aware if I didn't play the MVP position and do everything to be the MVP I would be immediately regarded as below average in my talent - although I would still be way more skilled than any of my male peers. I have noticed that as a woman in STEM you have to be way above average to be even qualify as average in many mens eyes. I hear so often dudes shit talking women who are way more skilled than them as "below average in skill".

If you are a woman and want to be counted as good, you have to dedicate everything you have to your job. Though, I admit I do get mad at women in STEM who don't do everything to perform great, because they are enforcing the belief that women aren't that good at this stuff.

No. 376362

Agree with this 100 percent. this is actually a field where more women professors and mentors are a huge help

No. 376363

this is what happens in the video game industry all too much. Guys can be bad at speifics in certain games, but if a woman isn't 100 percent awesome, she sucks at gaming cuz she's a woman. It's all trash

No. 376364

I teach programming to kids part time and I don't think me being there changes anything if parents just keep bringing their sons in and not their daughters. I've had loads of female programming teachers, yet it's clear that having a female teacher means nothing to male students.

That sucks. I like programming, and am pretty good at it I guess, and have been thinking about trying to get into the industry but tbqh I don't think I have it in me to consistently be MVP like that. Should I just try something else?

No. 376402

No. 376438

This was so upsetting to watch how the hell did this guy pass the screening to go on this show. He is genuinely a psychopath and I’m suspicious that Netflix saw this and wanted him on to create buzz.

No. 376460

This is beautiful and I'm stealing it.

No. 376468

Didn't know this existed but holy shit my boyfriend is like the definition of a soy boy. Always cooking, baking, feels free to watch kdramas and other 'girly' shit that other men wouldn't watch & enjoys it, and actually respects my radical feminism (not like TERF but rather like Mary Daly radical feminism). He also is fine with doing skin care with me and takes joy in feminine stuff. It's not like he had very many feminine interests before but he's receptive to my interests instead of putting down 'girly' stuff like other men. He's definitely considered a beta but I'd rather have someone who cares for me and respects me than a douchebag.

These types are honestly superior imo. Not because I have a huge ego but because I love how our interests cross over and how I'm treated as an actual human being. He never belittles my intelligence or talks down to me which is so so common with the average man.

Not trying to sperg about males but this is honestly the only type of guy that I'll date.

No. 376470

What are everyone's thoughts on a potential female president for the US? Kamala Harris is a candidate now and all people will talk about is who she's slept with apparently to get to where she is. Stacey Abrams gets shit for being overweight and having a gap in her teeth, yet white male politicians aren't exactly the pinnacle of sex appeal either.

I almost don't want a female president just because I don't want to see how badly people will treat her and then blame their sexism on "her policies" or the fact that, "she's a shitty president."

No. 376474

>parents just keep bringing their sons in
Yeah I've noticed that too but when the girls make a cool website or app, they show it off to their friends and that advertises it to other girls. It changes things because if you weren't there, the girls would feel like they don't belong and would stop going. I've had friends drop out of classes because they were the only woman and it made them uncomfortable. You're really lucky that you've had female teachers.

No. 376477

This sucks, however it has not been my experience. I guess it depends on where you work? I work as a web dev on a team comprised of 72% male, 22% female, 6% trans and honestly we all respect each other and our work. On the rare occasion I've heard others criticizing someone it's usually valid and knows no gender. Everyone legit supports each other. Maybe it's because we're in the midwest and it's rather smallish. Though, we also have regular outings, potlucks, events, and just general fun stuff. It's a pretty great environment, so I just wanted to throw that out there that not all women have these terrible discriminatory experiences working in tech.

No. 376480

unfortunately I don't think we will have a female president for many many years. people are just so overcritical of women

No. 376486

I hate how any show of affection or mutual respect towards women/girls by men is squashed and shot down by other men. It really infuriates me how jealous men can be and try to sink other men down to their level. Why is it a bad thing to express how you feel to a woman if she reciprocates it equally? How does that make you less of a man? Why does a man have to berate a woman of authority and how does she suddenly become the bane of evil? Men are a terrible influence on each other.

No. 376488

My country has only had 9 presidents and two of them have been women. If the US hasn't elected a female president after 287 years and 45 opportunities, they never will.

No. 376489

My husband's super sweet, but his home board is /k/ so he's bombarded with this shit daily. He admitted that he secretly started to resent the "soy archetype" because of the meme, I just have to sit back and hope it doesn't change him as a person.

It's such bullshit. We can't even have nice men because other men will try to ruin it through propaganda.

No. 376492

america is too retarded. it's not going to happen for a while.

No. 376496

A lot of men who fall "victim" to that redpill alpha bullshit propaganda don't even realize how badly they're being sabotaged. So many marriages have ended in divorce because of it, and these men encourage the behavior like crabs in a bucket. Men have also used the same tactics to swoop in and try to hit on their ex-girlfriends and ex-wives and yet these men trust total strangers like they're some sort of parental authority when they don't give a fuck about them. Your wife or girlfriend is suddenly your enemy because she asks you to help out around the house but this total stranger on the internet has your back for life dudebro.

No. 376498

Why do men prioritize porn over real sex? It's completely baffling. My first bf could only finish from jerking himself off. He also tried to pressure me into anal because "he could definitely cum from that". My second bf couldn't sustain a boner longer than 30 seconds. Both of them refused to stop looking at porn for even a day. I'm so sick of this, I'm starting to think that women who do hookups on Tinder have the right idea. I just want some regular monogamous sex but that's a high demand nowadays.

No. 376503

Laugh at them and dump them, there's not much else you can do but masturbate in the mean time. Put that as a demand in your tinder profile, you don't want porn addicts or men that can't last for more than 3 seconds.

No. 376509

>Kamala Harris
Dishonest. Would hurt women more to have her as the anointed representative than it could help.
>Stacey Abrams
Never heard of her.

I think Tulsi Gabbard would be the best option.

No. 376514


No. 376521

I remember my mom and I talking back in the Bush years that we'd see a black president before a woman, even with all our racial issues. And we were right. People, not just in America, but in many other countries we're heavily involved with, are just too fucking sexist for a woman president.

I'm personally not a fan of Kamala Harris and don't know much about Stacey Abrams. Honestly, any woman who ran and won (if it were to happen) would be in a totally unenviable position. Obama got a lot of shit just for his race and his fathers birthplace. Hell, even Jimmy Carter, a white man, caught a lot of crap for being a peanut farmer from the South, who never hid that. Every criticism with a female president would be laser-focused many times over.

No. 376523

>misery loves company
These guys hate seeing success and hate it more that it's not happening to them due to entitlement. They sabotage and ruin opportunities because of this stupid fear that if they can't impress autistic retards on the internet, there's no point. And impressing those guys is the only way to success.

If you read exredpill stories, there's a general cult like manner to recruiting.
>find sad/mad guy
>promise him all the things he wants if only he follows their ways
>fuck them over with shitty relationships and divorce after applying rp bullshit
>blame said guy that he isn't trying hard enough
>guy either quits or stays and remains bitter

Also something interesting I found out was how many of these rp guys would just lie about their "awesome" life for kudo points and to out-redpill each other.
>"gf was upset so I fucked her despite her not wanting it"
>"yeah well I fucked my gf while she SLEPT"
It just gets worse and worse and the lies just build up.

I want to feel bad for red pill women because they're so desperate but they also hate other women yet wants sympathy from them..

No. 376534

I think I read somewhere that a good portion of redpill women are larpers, even trad women can't stand redpill its that toxic. I would rather die than be married to a man I have to cook, clean, and birth children for that condones marital rape and cheating and for whom showing appreciation for doing these things is unmanly.

No. 376540

Can you rewrite this so it doesn't sound like you're looking down on him or is this intentional.

No. 376543

I'm starting to think "beta" is just a male aesthetic. My bf is very respectful of women and listen to my (and his sister, mom, female friends) opinions a lot. He just has a pretty masculine body shape so no one calls him a beta or soyboy.

I don't know what kids/parents do with the projects outside of the lessons tbh. Honestly, a lot of the parents seem detached and like this is just another activity to bus their kids to.

There are girls at the place I teach at, and they all are very engaged and seem like they actually love being there. I wish they'd give a permanent girl student because the boys are 80% ADHD as fuck and only want to talk about fortnite/minecraft and seem like they don't care about anything.

I'm sorry to hear about your friends. I should remember how fortunate I've been. One particular female professor was so impactful to me and is why I decided to take this job instead of retail or something. I have the feeling though, that women in teaching roles is so ingrained in society, it doesn't mean anything or make a difference if she's teaching programming or art to many people.

No. 376545

That's how it is with a guy I'm seeing, he can't seem to cum but has a completely different phone for porn, porn sick males are the worse and impossible to please, I just drop them all together

No. 376546

It might be the work. Web dev is a lot more diverse and attracts more normie type people than other sections of tech, that I've seen.

so are you seeing him or did you drop him?

No. 376553

File: 1550620992188.jpg (104.42 KB, 1272x342, Untitled.jpg)

Made the mistake of clicking on a video about "what is beautiful" and clocked this comment. There is so much wrong with this and check that reply-totally sounds like its been written by incels.

No. 376556

I love how he can't even compare fashion models to the average woman but has to compare them to porn, instead. Does he think that just because porn is "low budget", the actresses won't be faking their pleasure and altering their appearance to please men ? That their reactions and bodies, tailored to arouse the viewer, will be "realistic" ?

Women can at least tell 50 Shades of Grey from reality, but men think their porn is real and judge women by its standards.

No. 376588

>He also tried to pressure me into anal
That's incredibly selfish and disgusting. Are men brain-dead? Why would they think that's pleasurable for a woman

No. 376602

Genuine trad women, like one anon mentioned a few threads back were alot of the times just organic hippie vegan moms or just basic instagram aesthetic moms, definitely aren't on redpillwomen looking up tips to be trad. Alot of them are larpers, some are just frumpy homely women needing to feel wanted which that turns into hating other women to be a cool girl.

Web dev can be ok and web design too.

>men in covers with abs wland chiseled jaws
They always cling to cliche outdated romance novel covers with fabio as the model that nobody reads anymore

No. 376605

It's the equivalent of slut shaming. Showing too much affection makes men look too easy. It's better for men in general to rarely show affection so that when he shows affection women would be starved for it.

No. 376659

>Why would they think that's pleasurable for a woman
they don't, that's the point. they get off on being allowed to cause women to be uncomfortable and be in pain and being allowed past a boundary, and recreating what they've seen in porn. normal men admit it doesn't even feel good. there's no sensation beyond the spincter. like, based on what i've read from men, the spincter constricting around the penis feels good but the rest is like, 'empty', unlike a vagina, which hugs the entire penis. men who aren't invested in anal sex as a fetish they've developed from porn readily admit it doesn't feel good in comparison to vaginal sex.

No. 376681

It's to the point where I've seem men say they won't marry a woman who refuses to do anal. In 30 years men won't marry anyone who won't let them stick it in the urethra.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack be really fucking pornsick

No. 376682

this guy knows what's up

No. 376684

see, men do this, and then they cry about how men aren't allowed to express feelings and they get all pent up and have to act tough all the time and and and


fuck i wish i could just drill this into every man's head since so many of them don't fucking get it.

No. 376685

I just finished reading Ordeal the other day (autobiography by Linda Lovelace who was in an abusive relationship and the sex industry) one of the things that pissed me off was how much men wanted to hurt women while hearing they enjoyed it at the same time.
>eg. I would have to pretend it was painful for me but also beg for more
>I knew how much to fake the pain so that he would come quickly and get it over with
I think men want their cake and eat it too, they want to hurt women but not feel bad about it by hearing how she wanted it anyways.

No. 376695

Men just want all women to be masochists. But rather than seek out maso women, they force all of their partners into it.

No. 376703

laughing at how that was gilded when it would've been ignored if a woman wrote it

No. 376711

then i rescind what i said. it's a great comment

No. 376737

And ofc they get disgusted if there's an accident or hate the smell, they want to put their dicks where shit comes out of but want to pretend like shit doesn't come out of there

Or men who are into surprise anal but act like porn stars don't change their diet, enema, etc days before it even happens

No. 376852

File: 1550676669410.png (73.6 KB, 361x327, 1541063097917.png)

Anon, you could have a society full of men expressing emotion to other men, wearing dresses, painting their nails, doing "feminine" things and they would still hate women and commit acts of violence.
Soyboys, softbois, feminist men, they're all the same.

No. 376880

No. 376951

Why do men think the answer to everything is “she just needs to have sex”?
>girl is frustrated
She needs to get laid
>girl is anxious
She needs to get laid
>girl is sad
She needs to get laid

No. 376954

I find it very sick and disgusting that a lot of men's first reactions when they find out a woman with a small butt or small boobs has been sexually harassed, is to question "where her butt/boobs" are

They're literally more concerned about a woman's ass or boob size than they are about sexual harassment

No. 376980

It’s them projecting
Sex is the only thing they know and their only coping mechanism so they project that onto women as if we are all sex addicts

No. 376997

This is very true, but they still only have themselves to blame when standards of masculinity come back to bite them in the ass. They pretend women are forcing those standards on them but they are projecting, as always.

No. 377001

they dont think women are worth harassing if they dont have a big ass or tits because its not worth the consequences to them if there's "nothing to grab onto"
probably why some men/predators go after what they generally consider 'unattractive' women so no one will believe them.

No. 377008

I think the issue here is not their shallowness, but the fact that they automatically put themselves in a rapist/harassers shoes. They always identify with a man rather than feel empathy for a woman, so their responses to us being harmed by men are always from the perspective of being the one doing harm, whether it's blaming the woman, saying it's a witch hunt and ~innocent until proven guilty~, complaining about their choice of women, etc.

No. 377013

Oh of course, completely agree.
That's one of the most puzzling things I've yet to find a reasonable answer to, especially from a man himself.

Why do they complain about being drafted into wars, when men are the ones creating and profiting from wars? (Yet they say women shouldn't be in the army)
Why do they complain about the justice system (either with incarceration or custody) when it's other men making the laws? (Yet they argue that women shouldn't be able to get alimony or child support)
Why do they complain about homelessness when it's other men in business and law that run the corporations and government? (Yet they complain that women have made their own support groups and networks)

I cannot truly think of a single issue that men talk about that is directly caused by women.
I don't think men will ever be able to answer these questions because of the immense self-loathing that would occur upon the realization that your sex really is the problem, therefore YOU are the problem. Or, even if they do bitch and complain about these problems, they're not really that big of a problem, because if men genuinely desired another society, they would make it. They literally have the power to do so.
It's not sheer luck or coincidence that men continue to build the same societies, era after era. They like how things are because things have always been this way.

No. 377048

This reminds me of when I first moved to the US as a kid and started school. Boys would regularly touch me and try to pull down my underwear at recess. they would run at me and dry hump me and run away.
Because I couldn't speak English, I would just end up crying all the time and the teacher would yell at me.
When my mom found out and tried to confront the school, everyone said that "boys that young can't even have those thoughts", and "they have no reason to touch her". So they kept doing it. I held back crying from it because it would piss of the teachers and other students would laugh at me, so I basically shut in and became a mute at school for a couple years while telling my mom everything was okay now.
I've told this to two men, and one said it's too far in the past to matter and the other said I should have tried to hit them if I was really bothered by it.

No. 377103

File: 1550713445694.jpg (65.02 KB, 541x471, 1530750998275.jpg)

I'm a senior biology major in a college in the south US and the sheer amount of lazy males taking advantage of women boils my blood. If you ever run across an incompetent man in a scientific field and wonder "how did he ever get out of school?", I guarantee the answer is that he made women do all the work for him.

They mooch off of women's work and kindness whenever they can. Women here are socialized to be so nice and docile and accommodating that when a man is lazy, they're more than willing to cover for his ass and pamper his ego while they do it. Whenever there's a group of one man and 2 or more women, the man ALWAYS sits on his ass and does the absolute bare minimum while the women laugh at his jokes and go out of their way to make it look to the professor like he's done an equal amount of work. I've seen this too many times to count over 4 years, and sadly I kinda participated in it during my freshman year. It's the same when the gender ratio is reversed, too– I've had to work in multiple groups of mostly men, and they just sit on their lazy asses and joke around until I take the initiative to start getting any work done. They act like I'm being unreasonable and bossy about it, of course.

They leech off my work and then have the audacity to be rude to me for it. In freshman biology, the guy who sat in front of me would blatantly copy answers off my tests and then make digs at me during group discussion. In Botany the next year, a guy came up to me during the first lab and aggressively demanded that I re-explain some things that the teacher had taught us. When I told him I didn't know an answer, he told me "don't be so rude" and was an asshole to me at every possible opportunity for the whole semester. I was in a developmental biology class recently and ended up having to do an entire lab for 3 men, and they thanked me for it by being passive-aggressive, constantly talking over me, and jumping around singing and dancing while I worked. One of them literally cornered me in the cafeteria a few days later to bug me about the next lab.
I've seen other women having similar experiences but they're too nice to openly talk about it. Women in college, don't put up with males' parasitic shit. You don't owe them your time, help or energy. Giving it to them will only hurt you.
(sorry for blog)

No. 377105

File: 1550713708616.jpg (310.12 KB, 1080x2257, hinekff6gfh21.jpg)

I hate men

No. 377108

File: 1550713843725.jpg (138.28 KB, 1059x1609, qf9x4mvy03h21.jpg)

On the topic of korean men

"My wife was disrespecting me so i beat her up. Time for beer and relaxing some"

No. 377111

Do you think it's possible to pick these sorts of men out from others? Will it become obvious what creeps they are at some point? Even little signs?
Or do all men fantasize about this? I wonder that, too.

No. 377117

???I wrote this from scratch

No. 377120

>men want to abuse women who are with them
>men want to abuse women who aren't with them
>men them blame women for the abuse
>men get off to said abuse
>men still want to claim they're oppressed and poor victims of evil women

Can't win. We need different countries seperated by a wall or an ocean and a wall. Or just different planets. Fuck this

No. 377159

put some nasty microbes from the lab in their food

No. 377160

yet if a woman makes fun of them for being a virgin incel loser they go "wow all you care about is sex, typical whore!"

No. 377284

I'd love to see their reactions to something like that :)

No. 377291

do you guys think there's any hope for good men out there? like men that aren't like the violent and narcissistic shitheads on display in this thread? or is mass castration the only solution?
personally i can count on one hand the men i know irl that i know for sure are wholesome people.

No. 377292

anon the thing is - a lot of anons itt aren’t just posting abt singular douchebags. if anything, the vast majority of them are speaking from experiences with more than one man. I can say from personal experience, as a woman in a male dominated business field, that many experiences are universal, from not being listened to to being expected to pull more than your share in group projects. that’s not to say that “good men” can’t be found, but they’re still awful in their own ways. You should stop fixating on finding “good men” and refocus your efforts on other women - because it’s a hell of a lot easier to find nice and not fucked up women who’ll treat you like human beings.

No. 377303

Everytime I've been around them, they've made me want to kill myself, I have never seen a single one who didn't enjoy watching girls/women suffer, it's pretty much a hobby for them, with hard core porn being so rampant.
All hope for a decent guy is lost, there is no such thing, never had been never will be, it's like they're just there to suck the life out of me and push me to harm myself.
I'm so repulsed with them I don't even want to call them men.

No. 377305

I don't know if this is legit but men will go crazy over stuff like this since it strokes their ego because one female doing shitty stuff from time to time proves WOMENN ARE EVULLL just like men are but sometimes even worse than men, meanwhile there are girls being raped and tortured by men every second somewhere in this shit hole of an earth but a female showing up doing some shitty stuff once in a full moon is the ultimate proof women are as shitty and abusive as men, if not, even worse than men.

Yesterday a guy I talk to frequently linked me an article about some men revolting against the porn ban in South Korea and I replied by saying pornography is bad and it destroyes lives, and should be banned if we want to develop as a society. He then said some shit like
>ughh anon but pornography is good for society and it helps women and men with their sexual desires
And I showed some statistics proving otherwise, proving porn is not good and the statistics showed that mostly men consume porn, even if I didn't directly imply men consume porn the most after he read the statistics he immediately got defensive and said something along the lines
>anon but I always thought it was women that consume more porn than men but they are probably ashamed to admit it. Girls can have like a crazy sex-drive. My ex girlfriend once got pissed at me because she was horny and I refused to screw her and she started crying.
The level of projecting their insecurities and their desires onto women is crazy.

Sometimes I feel like the only thing I can do is militate for feminism and women's rights discretely because men will attack and bash any woman that's even close to admitting she wants equality for both genders in all aspects. I also feel like finding and encouraging good traits in men that are ridiculed by masculinity is also a good thing. Masculinity is truly toxic and we should get rid of it.

No. 377306

File: 1550752173635.jpg (135.34 KB, 649x836, FB_IMG_1550749890629.jpg)

Sorry for same fagging. This is the picture i wanted to attach to my post.

No. 377308

The only reason this made news is because it's so rare. Men doing this is just another Thursday.

No. 377315

Remember that Austalian MGTOW who would video tape himself throwing a fit at his Chinese mail order bride for "keeping her legs closed"?
That kind of thing is so normal for men to do, they screech about it so frequently and let the whole world watch it happen.

No. 377323

>expect us to consent to every approach
>does not extend the favor and refuses sex when she approaches
>Women are sex mad lunatics!!!

So much projection

No. 377340

good thing that for every one case of a woman being violent toward her partner you can find 1000 cases of a man being violent toward their partners

No. 377341

congrats, you found the 1%

No. 377342

Exactly. That's why domestic abuse is so normalized by men.

No. 377367

They do exist anon but they're hard to find, because obviously any guy who makes it publicly known how great he is will usually be an asshole. They tend to be guys that have strong sisters and mothers, and don't think too much about the big questions, they just focus on getting on with their own lives.
Of course guys get way too much praise for doing the bare minimum, so they don't need to be better. I've seen girls think their boyfriend is the second coming off christ just because he eats her out or does the dishes occasionally.

No. 377439

I once had a group of about 7 dudes try and physically attack me and my friend group all because I called one of them short after he called me ugly. Mind you this all started after I told a guy who was hanging on to my sister and saying extremely sexual stuff in her ear to basically fuck off and leave her alone. He responded normally by laughing it off and apologizing. But his short dusty friend who i didnt even realize was there came out of nowhere and said "you're just made because you are the ugliest one" So I said i may be ugly but at least Im not short and even my ugly ass wouldnt fuck you. He then proceeded to repeat "i should slap the shit out of you bitch" and when one of my friends came to my defense, a whole gang of dudes started screaming at us and trying to physically harm us. Thats when I realized that men have really fragile egos. He and his friends really wanted to fight me and a group of 4 other girls because I made a comment about his height (or lack thereof) AFTER he made a comment about my appearance. What made it worse was when I was discussing it with family they all blamed me for responding that way and that basically I should've just let him disrespect me so that I don't get physically assaulted. Mind you it was majority women (in their 30s and 40s) telling me this. Ive never felt so angry and unheard in my life.

No. 377483

Im sorry anon. God that story pisses me off. Men expect women to just sit there and take it but they can't handle anything thrown back. Look at how they handle themselves knowing women have rights and can reject their fucked up selves

No. 377487

That was her point anon.

No. 377512

File: 1550788532889.gif (384.07 KB, 320x180, got em.gif)

>So I said i may be ugly but at least Im not short and even my ugly ass wouldnt fuck you.

Gets em everytiem. Used to say something similar whenever men would pick on my weight. They'd get frothing mad at the rejection lmao.

No. 377531

They complain to women and act as if they deserve more rights or sympathy than women for something they do to themselves

No. 377537

Men were the ones who wanted to turn it into gender vs gender and not individual vs individual therefore that's what they got and that's what they have to deal with

No. 377545

That was your answer, I fight fire with fire, if you can't fix it burn it

No. 377550

Men talk shit about women and generalize then all day and get nothing for it, therefore I will talk shit and generalize them back, yin and yang, deal with it or maybe go bitch at the men who are doing even worse than me

No. 377558

>What action could he have possibly taken to prevent people somewhere else in the world that he's never interacted with in any way from starting the war?
kek, implying men don't overwhelmingly vote in favor of pro-war policy and for pro-war candidates. men support war, invasion, manufactured wars, waaay more in general.

No. 377598

How am I looking down on him? I simply listed his interests that are perceived as 'feminine' and how he'd be considered a 'beta,' which is a term coined by stupid ideologies that I and most people make fun of here. He's not a beta to me but rather a caring and loving guy that appreciates me and others around him.

I stated at the bottom of my post that I'd rather date someone who respects me and shares my interests despite them potentially being seen as an emasculated male by other guys who have serious issues with their own masculinity.

No. 377619

I see what you mean. I guess the term soyboy was created to mock men who are pretty decent dudes.

No. 377702

They do exist… in fantasy. Men should really take a look at otome games and find out that girls like men who aren’t complete assholes. Fantasy exists because it gratifies something reality lacks HMM I wonder why!!

No. 377740

I've played a lot of otome and I wouldn't use them as examples for healthy heterosexual relationships, anon. The protagonist in a majority of games is a blank, passive, pretty girl to project yourself onto, and love interests making unwanted sexual advances on the protag or otherwise taking her agency away are super common.
If anything, I've seen men use otome games/literature targeted towards women as proof of the "women only want abusive Chads" incel meme.