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No. 355708

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Let it all out, ladies

No. 355725

File: 1547842220282.jpeg (26.99 KB, 439x335, 1503321807911.jpeg)

>get accepted for an exchange year in Sendai, Japan
>dream come true
>tell everyone
>university administration tells me I can't go cause I would be missing an obligatory seminar.
>dreams crushed
>can't go to Japan because of an useless one hour lesson basically

I just want to drop out of Uni and live my weeb dreams

No. 355727

File: 1547842430429.gif (2.4 MB, 268x160, tumblr_pdxyfrpOQX1un0g7q_540.g…)

>Landlord harassing me to move out
>Have no friends to live with
>All the girls on bumble are so pretty and normie

Should I end it?

No. 355754

I love being a mum. I would die for my kid, she means everything to me. Right now she is teething and going through a growth spurt and she is wearing me out. And if I complain, I either get told "Oh it only gets worse!" or "So glad I don't have kids"

Fuckity fuck off with that shit. My baby is growing up and she doesn't understand why she's hungrier or why her mouth hurts, she's not getting worse, SHE'S GROWING. And yeah she might be a difficult teenager idgaf I'll deal with that then.

And good for you for not reproducing. I'm glad that's what you've decided for your life, truly. So don't shit over my decision to have a child. I'm allowed to complain when I'm tired and she screams for no reason all day until her daddy comes home. Because all the moments where she's happy, laughing, learning and snuggled up to me make it all worthwhile. So shut the fuck up and let me whinge.

No. 355763

Can't you pick it up when you get back? I'm not from USA so maybe I'm not familiar. I would definitely just go, it sounds like such a cool experience. Take it from someone that never did anything like that and is stuck working in an office right now. if you're young GO! Especially if you know how to speak the language. If you don't take those opportunities now it wil suck later on when you're older and they are harder to tak, like me sigh…

No. 355764

So I've vented here before about my bestfriend (it was about how condoms 'freak her out'). Well her boyfriend told me today that they're trying for a baby. I'm pissed off because 1: she boldface lied to me with a stupid ass lie but 2: they've been together for only 3-4months.
Her boyfriend already has a 4yo that he doesn't see and owes back childsupport, neither of them have a working vehicle, they both still live with their parents and have never lived alone, and they don't live together because he doesn't want to!

I asked if he wanted a baby and his response was "I don't really care, I've already got one, but she really wants one so I'm down". That doesn't sound like a guy who's gonna stick around to me but maybe I just don't know shit.
I don't understand what the fuck is going through her brain where this sounds like an ideal time to bring a fucking baby into the world. She just doesn't care. And when I try to tell her I only am concerned and don't want her to go through unnecessary shit she acts like I think she's gonna be a bad mom (which idk if she will be, she's pretty selfish rn but I've seen women turn it all around). My concern is that he's gonna run off and she's gonna be a single mom living with her parents (who her dad is an alcoholic and her mom is disabled and a narc bitch). I don't think she's thinking anything through, the only thought is that she wants a baby.
She thinks she knows so much more than me because she babysat her little cousins when they were babies and if she could handle it then of course she could handle it now. I don't even know what to say to her about it.

No. 355777

He's definitely leaving, he's already done it. Very irritating to see someone make poor choices like this

Also sucks for those kids

No. 355791

i really respect people like you, anon. i don't want children (traumatic childhood yadayada) because i know i'm not cut out for it. but people who are like "wow i'm so glad i don't have kids!" to parents who vent about their children are truly tactless idiots. and i'm pretty sure that most people who say "oh it gets worse!" are bad parents who suck at communicating with their children.

your post really warmed my heart, and i bet you'll have lots of wonderful times with your daughter! i wish more moms were like you, your daughter is really lucky.

No. 355795

Unless I'm missing something, how does saying "glad I don't have kids" prevent you from complaining or is shitting on your decision to have had a kid? Just sounds like people are happy to not be going through what you are, I don't see what the big deal is about that one in particular. The "hurr they only get worse" is patronizing.

No. 355809

Sorry about people being shitty like that, but overall this is a wholesome post.
I'm so glad moms like you exist. Not that I had a bad one myself, but I know many moms/parents aren't great.

No. 355811

she sounds like a very young, trashy idiot tbh. personally i'd distance myself from her if i were you because i wouldn't want to be associated with someone like that, especially since she doesn't even care about lying to you. if she's dead-set on going through with this and ruining her life by having a baby with a deadbeat dad she barely knows, she'll find a way no matter what you say to try to get through to her. don't waste your energy on someone who can't be helped. sorry anon.

No. 355822

Mom of a 3 year old here. It does get worse, though.

No. 355832

File: 1547850791392.jpg (98 KB, 728x843, numb.jpg)

The cat's completely out of the bag regarding what I think of my mom-that she's a narcissist-and unsurprisingly, it went nowhere.

She baited me into an argument today and I took it, and after she got done berating me I told her just what I thought about her narcissistic personality. She said to shut up with my "psychoanalyzing psychobabble bullshit of terms I don't know" and "what friends put these ideas into my head?!" (I have two degrees and am aware of what words mean on my own). That I'm just an "immature pipsqueak" (I'm 27…). And if she's so bad then why do so many people like her? (Contrary to her sheltered view, a lot of people actually don't like her, least of all those who've witnessed how she treats me and anyone who doesn't bend to her every demand).

She said all this stuff while my stepdad was at work, because when people are around, she changes tune. She'd never say that stuff or go so far if other people were around to witness her being shitty. She was even concerned about the neighbors hearing our argument and told me to lower my voice since the windows were open, not because she said shameful shit, but because her image tho.

In my mom's neurotic mind she's always right and I'm always wrong. And if she does a wrong, then I deserved it. And if I didn't deserve it, then she's not perfect. And while she's not perfect, I'm fucking worse. And aren't I just an ungrateful, entitled shit millennial if I dare say I don't like how she treats me?

I want to have the strength to type out the complete pettiness that lead up to my big reveal, but I'm so tired and numb of her and the whole situation.
She blames me for why we don't have a nice mother-daughter relationship and it fucking sucks. It's not like as a little girl, my earliest memories of her being shitty to me, that I wanted a mom that I always fought with. I'm trying to be fair and consider that because of the way she was raised that she is how she is. Or saying that I believe that she believes she's doing nothing wrong.
But, where the fuck does her responsibility as a parent kick in? Parents who blame their children for their relationships (unless that child has some literal mental illness) are weak.
She's weak, and maybe the narcissism is just to cover her own weakness. I don't want any part of it and when I move back out again I'm done trying with her. My stepdad is the closest I've ever had to a normal parent and I'm green with envy over others who have reasonable, loving moms.

Anyway, despite the shit she said earlier she's already back to normal. You'd think the exchange had never occurred, that is until the next time she picks a fight, and then she'll bring up this one and go as far back as 10+ years into when I was a teen in order to ream me. Like what she did today.
She says "I love you" but it's artificial, like a parrot mimicking what it sees other say and do because it knows it'll get a treat. Her trying to hug me and honeymoon me after the fights feel unnatural because she never gave affection unless it was to try to smooth something over or perform in front of people.
I'm never going to have a mom, just a monster that I'm forced to appease or else.

No. 355833

File: 1547851027075.jpg (41.26 KB, 391x550, flat,550x550,075,f.u3.jpg)

I don't want sex, i have a normal sex drive but when it comes to the act its just not that fun? there are so many things that are completely more enjoyable.

I don't understand how people aka men are so sex driven.
Its overrated as hell.
Fun yeah? But i have more fun at a theme park.

I've been with a great partner that didn't skew away from oral sex or preliminars, it was a good experience before anyone says i just didn't have good sex.

(why does redpill theory rely on the idea that women crave Attention and As Much Sex As Possible? Thats so fucking far from reality)

Is there something wrong with me? Should i seek out counseling or some shit? Because i feel like an alien.

No. 355837

I'm the same way anon and I agree that it does make you feel like an outsider if you're not obsessed with getting your pussy slain nightly and wishing for more. I enjoy sex with my bf but a lot of the time there's other activities I'd rather pursue, especially on week day evenings when we have to go to bed early for work anyway. Luckily both of us have the same sex drive so we fuck a few times a week when we're feeling romantic but otherwise just do something else together.

No. 355838

I feel the same way. Sex is fun, but I guess I'm a little lazy. My boyfriend's the same way though, and we just don't do it. We cuddle for hours after he's home from work, but I guess we'd rather have it de-escalate into movie watching rather than escatlate into sex. We have full sex about once a month, and oral/mutual masturbation about once a week.

Judging by the amount of people who think having sex three times a week is low, I guess I'm really weird and asexual and my relationship is on the rocks, but I feel fine.

No. 355840

Thank you so much lovely anon! I too had a traumatic childhood and I vowed to make sure that my daughter didn't go through the same. So I'm doing everything I can. I totally understand your stance though! I support childfree folks, I hate the pressure on people to have kids.

Some people are dead smug about it. Like it's my fault that I feel crappy because I chose to have a kid. Most of my friends who don't want kids are more positive about it, telling me that they think it's awesome what I'm doing and that she's a credit to me and my husband.

Yeah… but sometimes ignorance is bliss, especially when I'm already wondering if I should start throwing her snacks from behind a shield.

No. 355845

>Like it's my fault that I feel crappy because I chose to have a kid.

It is your fault. However I do agree that people shouldn't be so on the nose about it or say it to make you feel worse. Feeling crappy is a normal part of parenthood and everyone's gonna bitch eventually.

No. 355853

What film is this from? I tried a reverse image search but nothing came up but tumblrs

No. 355864

ntayrt but i think it's from 'sharp objects'

No. 355877

I can never finish during sex. I have had multiple partners (one night stands, long term boyfriends, good friends), none of which were able to get me off. I don't blame them, but it does make me feel kinda used afterwards. Like they got to truly enjoy it but I didn't. I do have fun, but I can't help but feeling that gross, used feeling after.

No. 355893

i'm not conventionally pretty, which has never bugged me before (i actually used to foolishly appreciate that i looked so different from other girls when i was younger), but lately i've been wishing i had more traditionally beautiful features.

i know that i'm attractive and not an ogre or anything, and i definitely could have been worse off than i am. there are people who look like potatoes or have severe deformities, so i'm grateful for my looks in that sense. but it gets frustrating to hear that you 'look like an alien' ("in a good way!!!" they hastily add) or that you look 'unique' or 'exotic' (i'm a white jew lol, it's REALLY not that exotic) instead of maybe being told, "you're beautiful" or even cute every now and then. it really starts to sting after a while of not hearing such simple compliments.

i guess the best way of describing my looks is that i have a very 'editorial' face, and editorial might as well be the same as ugly in everyday life; editorial just looks weird in a crowd of normal-looking people. if i were taller, maybe i'd be more confident in my looks (hell, maybe i could even make a career out of it), but a 'unique-pretty' face on an extremely short body doesn't look the same way it does on models. it doesn't even look good on instagram ffs, where uncanny valley reigns supreme.

i hope none of this sounds like humble-bragging, because it's really, really not. i'm just fed up with being the odd-looking girl whose face doesn't really fit in anywhere. is there can anyone here who relate to this?

No. 355895

is there anyone here who can relate to this* oops

No. 355896

It looks like confessions of a shopaholic. I apologise in advance if i'm wrong

No. 355901

it's from sharp objects.

No. 355903

yep, it's from 'sharp objects', which is actually a really good miniseries.

vid related.

No. 355908

really good, but honestly kind of triggering if you have a narc mom/issues with self harm/BDD. some scenes were really hard to watch for me (and I read the book so I knew what I was getting into).

No. 355910

i'm afraid of the whole pregnancy process. i don't want to be pregnant, i'd rather adopt a child. but at the same time i want a child that looks like me and my boyfriend and the only way i can do that is if i get preggy.
i've heard things about pregnancies being extremely painful and i honestly don't think i'd have the mental strength to do that. i have severe dissociation and anxiety issues and that just sounds scary to deal with for a couple months. on top of that i absolutely hate medicine, i would freak out while having the baby if i was on pain killers. on top of that, my half-sister had a traumatic pregnancy with her son who's now wheelchair bound for life with cerebral palsy.
my boyfriend and i both know we probably won't have a baby anytime soon due to finances.
you know, there's just times i want to care for another life and see them grow happy and healthy.

No. 355911

You could adopt a child that looks like you too, right?

No. 355939

I'd like to make more female friends but I feel like so many girls I meet at uni are into identity politics/intersectionality which isn't my thing. I feel like it makes it hard to be friends with them because I am walking on eggshells wheneer something political comes up.

No. 355941

There is surrogacy and egg freezing. That is painful and expensive as well though.

No. 355959

It's 4am and I seem to have pretty bad acid buildup in my stomach. If I don't move I'm fine but if I try to lay in a different position or get up I'll puke. Great.

No. 355964

Could you attend it remotely, perhaps? Just Skype it or whatever.

I don't know how college works because poor.

No. 356000

File: 1547875344104.jpeg (32.94 KB, 245x196, C017130F-68EF-4857-B89C-E8E0B1…)

There’s a live event going on at an art gala that I don’t have the money or health to afford going to, and watching pics come in on twitter is making me more depressed

I’m not able to drive and what money I do earn goes towards paying off other people’s debts. There’s nothing to do if you’re under 40, and everyone who lives here that is young is a single parent, a ghetto type, or both.

Fuck. Even being among crazy trenders and identity politics would be better so long as I were actually at a university getting education and networking opportunities. I’m /rotting/ in the Midwest and can’t get out.

No. 356058

I go to a really small art school and for the most part it’s fine but a lot of the people there are so stuck up and mean to each other and I’m really dreading going back when the semester starts up. Out of everyone though there’s this one girl who bothers me the most because of how snobby she is, basically

>super into post modernism and abstract art because it’s so ~deep and thought provoking~

>consistently berates other students for having different art styles/aesthetics then her, especially figurative work because its “easy”
>”i’m the only artist”
>fell in love with a married, straight and much older female professor after she mistook her kindness and vague texts as reciprocated affection
>confesses her love to said professor, becomes depressed that her professor is creeped out by her
>professor becomes public enemy no. 1 to her, she then dedicates her ENTIRE body of artwork to said professor and how much she was hurt by her
>wonders why professor had to distance herself from situation
>doesn’t see any wrongdoing on her end, uses any chance she gets to be salty about it on twitter while also talking about how great she (herself) is
>gatekeeps literally any artist that doesn’t fit her narrow image of what art should be
>brushes off criticism because ~we aren’t smart enough to understand~
sorry your pieces of fabric bunched up and sewed together isn’t as marketable as a landscape painting, surely your canvas of scribble-y lines is more superior than anything else the school has to offer

No. 356089

the semester just started and i already feel like i might fail all my classes. i'm not that bad academically, but somehow this semester i don't feel confident at all. i don't know what i'll do if i fail, this is out of the norm for me. maybe i'm just lazy and need to get my life together

No. 356092

File: 1547892098134.jpg (38.97 KB, 720x720, lookatthisnigga.jpg)

I got a sore throat a month ago and I've had a cold sore on the corner of my mouth ever since because every time I eat or say more than 5 words it rips open and the scab comes up. It's so fucking painful and at this point I don't think it's ever going to go away. I'm going to have a weird ass looking scar if it ever does heal. I've used up half a container of lip balm and I don't know what else to do other than stop eating and talking entirely. Why has God cursed me?

No. 356095

It might not be a cold sore, it could be a fungal infection considering it's been there for a month.
Try looking up "angular cheilitis".

No. 356104


Anon, are you vegan or vegetarian? It may be a B vitamin deficiency. I used to get that when I was vegetarian and it would heal when I’d take B complex supplements for energy. Go to a doctor if you can, it does sound like you might have angular cheilitis.

No. 356198

Okay, I like gaming as much as the next girl but holy fuck. It's all my boyfriend wants to do.
As I said, I game as well but not as excessively. I'll play overwatch for a few hours (like 3/4) on the night and then try and spend time with my boyfriend. He plays games as soon as he wakes up, he stops for food then goes straight back to it. If I 'begged' him to get off he would but I feel that's just me nagging. For once I'd like him to just…plan to do something that doesn't involve games during the day time.

No. 356205

Is…is he a NEET?

No. 356213

I'm lowkey terrified on the state of the country rn. The gov has been shut down for a while now and a lot of people are not getting paid and getting forced to still work unpaid… I feel like a lot of bad shit is underway, you can't just not pay people and expect them not to act a fool. I'm so scared for everyone I hope everyone says safe.

No. 356220

I guess, he is by definition kinda. We're both students. We both don't have much to do through the day when we're not at uni. Though, I'd still like to do stuff. I'd see it as fine if he wanted to play games on the night cause i like gaming too but cause it's all day it's kinda ridiculous. I see other couples going places and doing things and i can't say im not jealous.

No. 356222

He's not a neet wtf.

Just ask him to plan and go places with you. Communication, anon.

No. 356227

Do you know what a neet is anon? Playing games on his down time (albeit all the time but still -downtime-) does not make him a neet……

No. 356231

Coming from outside of the US it’s really interesting to see how years ago people from the US would shit on socialist concepts by saying “why would anyone work for no insensitive” yet here we have proof that people will. I hope landlords will go easy on government workers! This is a mess.

No. 356234

Oh! My idea of NEET was different.
I do ask i really do and i have told him this loads but he always doesn't want to do it or seems annoyed that we have to go somewhere.

No. 356238

One of my friends is far too salty over me being friends with a girl who got with her ex. I get that she's hurt by the fact they slept together, but I'm not gonna drop a great friendship because they fucked my other friend's ex months after they broke up. That's fucking ridiculous.

No. 356239

Then get rid of him and find someone who wants to be proactive and go outside and see the world. You don't want him to end up choosing video games over you. I'm a gigantic gamer (kek) but I would never rather play video games and sit in the house all day than do something exciting and go outside with my partner.

People grow apart all the time. You two aren't on the same wavelength anymore and he doesn't strike me as very mature.

No. 356253

They probably will for a while… but not forever. When reporters asked Trump if he thought of the people who are without pay and that they still have bills to pay he said that they're all behind him and they'll 'stick through it'. As if the bill collectors give a shit if you're having money problems. If your shit is due on the 1st its still going to be due on the 1st even if you have a family emergency etc. He's such a fucking asshole, so many people are going to lose their homes and much more if they can't youknow pay their bills. So many gov workers are turning to part time jobs to keep food in their families mouth. This is so scary it truly truly is.

No. 356276

File: 1547916674085.jpeg (116.09 KB, 745x704, BBB523B6-C682-4264-9B1C-98C472…)

A couple of my students (I teach high school) found my IG and followed it, but I never check it so I’ve only just found out. I’ve blocked them and made my profile private even though I’ve nothing compromising on there. There’s just a consensus among faculty that social media + students is a huge NO—and I’ve shared this opinion with students (bc it’s normal in this country for students and teachers to be friends, which is super weird for me as an American.) It’s NBD that my profile needs to be private but idk, I’m just annoyed that some of them still followed me even though I told them that wasn’t okay/made me uncomfortable.

No. 356278

>as an american

fucking then don't teach in another country retard. you're expecting you're whole class to go against their convention just for you, that sounds pretty american to me.

No. 356279

Did you not read the part where I said it was a consensus among faculty? I would get reprimanded by my bosses if they found out. It’s an American school but in another country where the student body is pretty mixed.

No. 356281

Calm down wtf anon. She doesn't want minor ass kids to follow her on social media I wouldn't want that either. Who knows what type of trouble that will cause nowadays.

No. 356291

e-girls are fake as shit. Or at least the girls who primarily live off of male attention. I mean, I've been screwed over by a long time friend when she started college and I thought she had better self respect than that (her ex was a NEET.)

I guess I'm going off tangent, but I can never get along with girls who vie for male attention over cultivating lasting friendships. Shit, I saw that twitter meme and laughed my ass off how people are defending that e-girl type because, you know what, it's true. They are void of personality, don't dress their age, and are just as vile toward their own sex under the guise of "uwu I'm not like other girls." And tbh, I blame those types of girls for making the rest of the gamer girls look bad because now incels think that only gamer girls look like thots that never get out of their rooms.

No. 356303

Their convention of following teachers on social media even though said teachers have made it clear that it makes them uncomfortable? Lol. Why are eurofags such bitter cunts?

No. 356320

Oh this reminds me so much of my time in art school. I dropped out due to lack of funding, but I made two "friends" there who are trust fund kids and 8 years later the milk is flowing.

One, a guy, was really into abstract sculpture. Not the pairing of geometric shapes variety, but the lumpy clay on wire kind with minimal or no refinement. So profound. I don't know how he finished and got his degree, but he did then dived headfirst into the cross fit craze, stopped making any art and became a trainer. He gained 70lbs of muscle that just looks wrong on his skinny frame and did modeling. Now he's trying to be an actor like his dad and has been putting various monologues up on his IG…they're hilariously bad. I'm sure he'll get work tho cuz he has a nice face, muscles, money and connections. His spare house in Malibu burnt down in the fires this year and he promptly set up a gofundme so his friends and internet admirers could replace $50,000 worth of camera equipment and other trinkets even though he has another house he can live in. After much shilling and speeches about "love and light" he's 1k away from goal. I find that so utterly disgusting to e-beg for stuff when your parents are A and B list celebrities that support you that if I don't laugh about it, I'll cry. In addition to that, he's made it his mission to educate the world on healthy poly relationships.

The other, a girl, was like the one you mentioned. Always the specialist of snowflakes, the most original and uwu kawaii goff rave girl before it became a big thing. She would get blasted on coke and molly and make these shit abstract messes that she talked about incessantly as the most emotionally profound thing a human could produce. She would say to me "you're better at figures than me, but you can never capture the emotions in your art that I put into mine." During school, she did do the work and became technically proficient in the foundations but dropped her last year before graduating to go to beauty school. She didn't finish that either and switched over to be an estetician because all of the hair "chemicals were too irritating" for her sensitive system. Did I mention she's also a munchie? She did actually finish that program but then came the saga of sulking that working and getting clients is tough and takes dedication…aka it's too hard. So then she became a make up artiste and went on and on about how there had never been a better MUA than her to grace the hallowed halls of the MAC pro store. This was my favourite phase of knowing her because I got all the once used makeup she didn't want or couldn't wear anymore because it wasn't part of the permanent collection. Then came the acid phase and this is where I woke up and realized that she wasn't really my friend and just used me to feel better about herself and to feel sorry for her. With copious amounts of psychedelics daily (I have no issues with responsible use) she had an existential and identity crisis and came out the other side as a fakeboi minus the HRT. She joined the circus after this (literally) and got herself into a whole bunch of drama with poly relationships and in fighting. She ended up breaking up a couple a month before the girl's baby was due and moved with the "father" (now a girldick) to a highly conservative state to milk the sympathy bucks as a spoonie trans couple persecuted by the evil bigots in the middle of a huge custody battle uwu plz donate. She somehow got herself on disability even tho her parents are from silicon valley money but I suspect they have cut her off in the past couple of years and she now does facebook trans and invisible illness activism, guilt tripped me for not donating to the above friends gofundme, and paints in her spare time. I swear she unlearned everything from school and the drugs absolutely rotted her brain. Every 3-5 months she'll post an update on this one painting shes been working on, her magnum opus, it's a self-portrait with flowers and the rendering is god awful and the proportions are all wrong and that is definitely not a stylistic choice. At this rate, she might finish it by the time she's 50 if she doesn't die of one of her mysterious illnesses first.

As for me, I may have dropped out and done stupid things myself, but I continued to study on my own and I make a nice supplemental income from commissions when paired with my normie job.

Whew, I have never really talked about them before. Felt good to get that off my chest.>>356058

No. 356342

christ anon, those people don't sound like they could even be real human beings. they literally sound like characters from a horrible coming-of-age YA novel or something. dealing with them must have been an absolute nightmare.

No. 356348

I've been rejected quite a few times by men I'm attracted to now, and I'm at the point where I'm not sure how I'd feel if my feelings were reciprocated. I've become addicted to the familiar sense of fixating on a man and getting information about him without him knowing, or staring at him and making him uncomfortable. It feels so much safer and has become a habit, I guess.
If one of them also liked me I think I'd shit my pants.

No. 356349

lol one of my friends defended that post and she's honestly fitting the description you put. "not like other girls", calls herself an enby, and basically flirts with random gamer guys who have big followings. like, i know its not absurd for a woman to have male friends, i have plenty, but you can tell which ones she's trying to befriend for attention.

No. 356355

>start watching some shitty soap opera
>get a crush on the ugly-cute character
>tall and lanky yet strong at the same time
>giant ears
>always helps and takes care of the main character when shes in trouble
>tfw everyone in online discussion calls him ugly and weird
>only about 3 people agree with me that hes cute


No. 356358

>not posting pic
PLS ANON, I love ugly-cute men.

No. 356359

Post him. POST HIM.

No. 356360

There is an extremely sweet cat that lives in my neighborhood that used to come over a lot to hang out, and I’m kind of sad because he started living inside another neighbor’s house. He’s been around for years so I hope that he’ll start coming by again once the winter is over.

My parents also want to get a dog and I’m worried they’ll get something that they won’t be able to handle. They like hound-type dogs like beagles that need a lot of attention and training to not be obnoxious.

No. 356361

what's the show? who is he?

No. 356370

i dont relly want to, id honestly die in embarrasement if anyone knew i watched that show kek. its not very good.

but think bertholdt from attack on titan if he was real, about 10 years older, had lighter hair and eyes, and had chubbier cheeks and giant ass ears.

No. 356376

I weighed myself recently and found that I'm apparently slightly overweight, which was a bit of a surprise. I need to lose about 6 - 8 pounds to be in a healthy range for my height at 5' 7". I've been running 5km every day on my fitness bike and I've completely cut out any chocolate or sweets, so I'm hoping it will help. The 5km isn't much of a struggle either, so I really hope I can drop this extra weight and maybe get even thinner.

Kinda annoyed at myself for getting overweight in the first place.

No. 356381

We're literally anonymous.

No. 356386

Are you sure it's not just muscle or water weight?

No. 356397

is it like riverdale or something? none of us know who you are anon lol…

No. 356412

>date scheduled with really cute guy Friday night
>around 7pm I ask him what the plan is
>apparently he's on his way to the gym
>2 hours later he's still at the fucking gym
>I ask if he can meet up at around 10
>he says he can do 11:30 the earliest bc he still needs to shower, eat and catch a train
>wait until 11:30 and he's still not ready
>go to sleep pissed off and unsatisfied
>wake up to a message saying he had been hanging out his laundry and it took him a while
>what the actual fuck

I hate guys so fucking much. I obviously didn't make any other plans Friday night because we were supposed to hang out and all I did was wait for him for HOURS to get ready. I wish I loved myself enough to just tell unreliable guys like that to fuck off right away instead of tolerating this shitty behavior.

No. 356425

Why would you wait until basically the time of the date to make plans?

No. 356429

I think I am a bit chub since my thighs and arms are thicker than they used to be. I like having thick thighs, but I still think I need to lose a few pounds. Some of it might water weight because I do tend to bloat (usually when my period is due), but I dunno. Either way, I lived quite a sedentary lifestyle up until recently so I'm doing this for my health primarily!

No. 356435

I knew he was kind of unreliable so making plans in advance wouldn't make much sense with him. So yeah I could have known it'd turn out like this but I just blissfully ignored that possibility

No. 356436

I'm so annoyed by NA culture of moving out young. My mum's old and fragile, and I love her dearly, and I don't plan on moving out (especially since I'm at college/uni) and working. I plan on paying all her bills once I get a job in my degree, but fr now I pay half + internet, I told people in my server about this, and all the Americans (And brainwashed non NA) told me that I'm a wo"man"child for not moving out, and being fully independent.

I'm sorry for wanting to support my sick and retired mum, jesus christ.

No. 356439

Ignore them. They’re assholes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with living “at home” at any age as long as you’re not a bum and you’re doing shit with your life. Wanting to take care of your mom is very sweet and selfless, IMO.

No. 356441

Totally agreed. All you can do is ignore them and take comfort in the fact that you are doing the best you can for both your mother and yourself - you won't be on your deathbed thinking 'man, I wish I spent less time with family'. You'll be glad you looked after her, and even if she wasn't sick it's still precious to be around someone you love. Every time I feel that stigma of still living at home, I think about my family and how glad I am to see them every day and realize that it really doesn't matter one bit.

No. 356444

File: 1547932928830.gif (21.16 KB, 256x190, 131991127962.gif)

I can't believe there's this mindset in younger people who live in America. There's just layers of fucking monetary concerns in this day and age which didn't exist decades ago, it's impossible to move out young unless you were born in a privileged family and had everything handed to you by mommy and daddy.

>>356439 has the right idea, ignore their ignorant asses. I lived at home until my late twenties because neither me nor my parents and siblings could afford to live alone or separately. It's become much, much more common which is why I'm shocked there are still people garbling out the "independent by early twenties" garbage.

No. 356450

literally my mom stayed taking care of my grandparents. i grew up with my grandparents in the house with me. i don't get the pressure to move out, i mean unless you have narc parents, but besides that… things cost so much. the parents that expect a child to move out at 18 and even 21 are not being realistic. it's a DREAM, i totally understand, but it's not possible for a majority of young adults.
my boyfriend used to beat himself up over the fact he lived with his mom until 27, he feels like a failure because he's comparing himself to his friends, but i've told him to look at the bigger picture. most of them that are out of the house, live with multiple roommates, have no sense of privacy, and have either part time jobs or they have a full time job but pay most of the bills compared to the other roommates. i'd rather continue living with my parents than roommates because you pretty much expect who they'll invite over and it's not awkward. plus they know you enough to have boundaries and leave you alone.

No. 356456

exactly. i hate the assumptions from everyone, like, as if no one has unconventional family/living situations. my mom lives with me in the house that i inherited because her house foreclosed, and we take care of each other and it's effectively "our home" though i legally own it, but everyone assumes i'm just freeloading living in her house for free, and it's honestly so rude, and i don't want to make my mom feel like shit bc she couldn't afford to keep her house, so i just have to go along with it.

my doctor makes nasty assumptions about me "moving out" because we both go to each other's doctors visits, and she knows we live together. i hate the assumptions in NA culture, and i hate that everyone is supposed to run out and blow all their cash paying someone else's mortgage. i'd way sooner try to buy some piece of shit condo than rent, ever. at least you can still live in your house if you miss the mortgage for a few mos or live there "rent free" until it forecloses. not just that, but i don't mind spending time with my mom, and we watch out for each other better than friends or a boyfriend would. i hate feeling like a loser for it.

No. 356467

I'm convinced there's not a single loyal male on this planet and it's tearing me apart and fucking my self esteem to the ground, God is give anything to be a lesbian

No. 356468

You sound retarded.

No. 356471

You should just forget about him. His gym time and laundry are more important to him than you.

No. 356478

Look at gay male "relationships" since it's male bullshit in it's purest form. Virtually all of them either end up cheating on each other or resorting to open relationships because muh novel holes/dicks.

No. 356479

iktf. life is so tough and men make it worse. is it so much to ask for a man that wants a "partner in crime" to face the shitty things in life with, and to share the nice things with, too? one that isn't a disloyal creep that resents us because they eventually just want someone younger or hotter or variety, or whatever? it's like men just fight to find flaws in the women they're with, even when they're incredible, whereas women will admire the men they're with, more often than not – even when the men are completely average or kind of shitty.

No. 356481

It's not just a mindset in younger people. I have so many friends whose parents couldn't wait to kick them out the moment they turned 18. There are a ton of parents in america who barely tolerate their children past infancy.

No. 356484

kek and not to be homophobic but look at how well that's gone. can't keep it in their pants enough to not spread literally one of the worst diseases imaginable. literally the highest stakes ever, and they still can't stop cheating and fucking around like mad all because "muh variety". there was a movie about this. "the normal heart", where the protagonist/author was so depressed/disappointed because he wanted more than just sex, wanted monogamy, and wanted the gay community in general to be less sleazy (as men are), all while the AIDS crisis was just starting to hit, and he faced a lot of pushback from the gay community for advocating not sleeping around the way they do.

No. 356485

File: 1547937410449.jpg (134.83 KB, 637x354, StopRightThere.jpg)

No. 356486

I moved out when I was 18 and tried to juggle school and two jobs and roommates and it was an absolute disaster. Even though I kept my head down and wasn't directly involved with the house drama, everyone got evicted because one roommate called the cops too many times over dumb shit and the landlord just got rid of us all in one go. My mom happened to be going through a divorce at the time and asked me to move in with her as a roommate because she couldn't afford a place on her own. It was really chill until I had to deal with friends throwing shade that I was being supported by her, but I just took it because her financial situation is none of their business and compared to what I was paying before, I saved so much money living with her. Not having to agonize over how I was going to make rent and bills allowed me to focus on school and later my career and I'm in a much more successful and solid place now because of it. Ironically, several of those same friends who teased me have become professional NEETs after failing to make it on their own.

It's definitely annoying to deal with the judgement, but try not to let it get to you and do what you think is best.

No. 356497


Yup this. Once I was done with school my dad was like “Soooo… when you moving out?” Thankfully he didn’t pressure me all too much and let me take my time finding a job and getting my finances situated. I know a lot of people my age who were practically pushed out by their parents once they reached 18 or would only house them if they were in school. I’m sorry to see some NA people bringing others down for just doing the right thing, but people have to remember that those people don’t represent the whole of NA.

No. 356498

File: 1547938687588.jpg (105.51 KB, 680x594, egg.jpg)

the egirl outrage is hilarious because the counter "e-boy" or whatever… i can't put together a guy who fits half of this. i have not seen a guy like takashi69, ninja, and shadbase. what strawman is this?

No. 356507

if anyone posted this on twitter men would just laught it off, while the egirl one caused massive outrage. Kind of makes us look like whiny children tbh

No. 356512

it's funny because the person who made the "dudebro" one is a guy. he's making women look bad.

No. 356514

It doesn't hit hard because it's trying to describe too many people and sort of misses with all of them

No. 356516

semiceleb e-girls could stop dressing and acting all the same, then

No. 356527

File: 1547942173483.jpg (156.12 KB, 1000x769, IMG_20190119_174912.jpg)

yeah all the eboy memes are sad and halfassed

No. 356528

this, and we expect men to be edgy losers and they also expect it from themselves, so it's not really surprising for anyone

No. 356533

The ladies at work would make fun of me for this too. Then I told them how I save over 14k a year, have paid off car, no student loans, and am saving enough to have a sizeable down payment on a house when I get married. Also, implied that American woman have reverse dowrys (bc many of them aren't honest about how much debt they have before they marry and then expect hubby to pay for it). Not to mention actually caring for your parents instead of dropping then at a "home".

Always give em hell if they wanna talk shit.

No. 356534

i really hate the whole 'we're talking' thing. i literally just want to TALK to guys i find interesting about interesting things and get to know them, meanwhile their idea of """talking""" is pretty much 1 week max of conversation before trying to fuck me. then when i make it clear to them that i'm just interested in getting to know them as a person and i don't plan on sleeping with someone i'm not in a relationship with anyway, suddenly i'm a bitch who led them on. like… what? no - just no.

and these are grown-ass men who should know better, like mid-twenties to early thirties. is it too much to ask for a little respect and maturity?

No. 356539

Don't worry anon, the search for grog will be in VoD form next month. :P (stab in the dark, but I got a feeling)

No. 356571

At least your filtering is working quickly and effectively. You talk to them so you can get to know them, and they show their asses within a week.

No. 356584

God like this shit isn't even funny, it's like sjws trying to hard to be woke with no sense of humor so they gotta bring morals into it as their only resort

No. 356586

"we're talking" is guy code for "i'm too broke/lazy/stupid to date you, i just want to get my dick wet and sext five other girls at the same time"

No. 356593

It's because they don't actually like talking/talking to women/behaving themselves

I was disappointed about this for years before I accepted it. That nice friendly guy is just for show and it's a lot of effort for them to put that face on. Also guys nowadays have no manners, it used to be only the social retards who asked for sex immediately and now everyone does it (thanks Tinder, etcetera for enabling this)

No. 356605

I hate my body so much.

I was really depressed all through uni. It started when I couldn't play sports anymore due to an injury. Flash forward three years later and my body is fucking ruined from years of binge eating and inactivity.

I'm 5'2" and 158lbs. My tits are sagging and I'm covered in stretchmarks. I am so terrified of showing a second chin that I refuse to move my head certain angles. I try to hide my body the best that I can, but I still feel like a monster everywhere I go. I don't wear anything that shows any skin anymore. I do my hair and my makeup, so I don't stick out even more. The more I look at myself, the more I know I'm just a stumpier, sad looking momokun.

I feel like there is no hope for me to ever be pretty now. I have no one to blame but myself. I wasn't pretty when I was in shape, and now I'm even worse off.

I've changed my lifestyle and it's been helping (I was 178lbs in November), but it doesn't feel like it's enough. I eat 1,000 calories a day, drink tons of water, and go walking for an hour a day. I work out doing the exercises I can do. I use a Fitbit to log everything. I take fatburners twice a day.

I just feel like it will never be good enough to get back to where I used to be. I don't think I'll ever feel beautiful and it scares me, because I have a wonderful boyfriend who's been with me for almost three years. I don't baw about it to him (it's my own stupid fault).

Anyways I'm a fucking disgrace, thanks for reading.

No. 356609

Men unironically have no souls it seems.

No. 356613

You need to talk to someone with a professional perspective on how to deal with self esteem and binging issues.
Lots of women who lose weight still view themselves as unlovable fatties even after they become relatively normal, it's a fat girl mentality that has been bashed into your head no thanks to society. Fix it now, or you could relapse.

No. 356614

I feel you. Being covered in stretch marks has ruined my life.

No. 356628

i got to 143 at 5'1 thanks to duodenal ulcers (which lots of people dont know can cause your stomach to ache/feel empty and food to be the only thing that soothes the ache, unlike peptic ones) and am now down to 97 and i really dont see many actual effects of having been heavier because i slowly lost weight. it's not hopeless. plus, lots of people have tons of stretch marks. i always had stretch marks before i got so heavy. if you use retin a and dermaroll on your stretch marks, it really does help A LOT. i still struggle with feeling fat and thinking people that are bigger than me now, are thinner than me.

No. 356630

File: 1547952790427.jpg (Spoiler Image, 352.8 KB, 800x800, HTB1uDs7baagSKJjy0Fbq6y.mVXaK.…)

Thought this would be a good place to share this. So there's this friend I met on highschool that's starting to weird me out. We were always close but it was only recently we started talking about personal stuff and he seemed really eager to tell me something… so I just exaggerated my sexual fantasies cuz I was so curious about his. We've been talking for months and it's too much to share but the main things I remember him saying were: he wished he were born a woman and fantasized about getting beated and raped in his 'woman' form but 'changed' his mind later after I explained him how women have it hard in life; he absolutely loves dicks but HATES men, so he has a folder full of futanari girls fucking men and other shit on his cloud; has started wearing and buying bras and panties and even sent me pics of them on his bed; that he's a masochist and wants to be pegged and humilliated by girls and a lot of sick stuff

Yesterday he asked me why I didn't judge him or was disgusted at him.. well I WAS but first of all I don't wanna ruin our friendship and his cousin is also a dear friend. Also, it's amusing to hear him talking about his sick fetishes and see those twisted pics he sends me, just like watching a weird ass animal at the zoo. He used to like me and I even thought about dating him once but never again.

All those things are bad enough and make me uncomfortable af but there's one thing that made me feel very uneasy about him. We're both 20. He called me on wpp one day and mentioned his 15 year old friend, saying he found out he had some CP videos on his phone. I got mad and typed that he should tell his parents or send them a message or sth, anonymous or not, or try to talk some sense into him. The boy is supposedly 1,80m tall at 15 and must get very scary when he's angry. Apparently my friend told his gf and she gave him the same response as me. No matter what I said he tried to downplay all this shit and excuse his friend's actions and it made me fucking sick. I tried literally everything, asked him to give me his number, said I'd give him an anonymous call, said he might get in trouble with the cops when he's older but he protected him and not once thought about the little girl in those videos. It makes me sick till this day and I don't trust him anymore.

pic related: the boy wants to buy an 'ahegao' sweatshirt and wear it on street ffs he has to be sick in the head.

End of rant

No. 356633

You need to bail on them ASAP

No. 356637

Try to get that number first and report that shit so at least something positive can come from it

No. 356640

Did you notice your face change at all when you lost weight? I'm really really struggling with my jawline and my inner thighs. I hate these the most but they seem to be the hardest to fix.

I know you're not my counselor, so no pressure to respond, I just love hearing what changes people make that help improve their life (like Alivia D'Andrea).

Thank you for the words of encouragement, I'm going to keep at it. The thought of being 178 again makes my skin crawl.

No. 356642

File: 1547954948811.gif (124.81 KB, 1000x1000, source.gif)

I feel like I've been sort of treated way younger than I actually am for basically my whole life by my family, and others. I turn 20 this year and I finally start college in the summer (I'm late af I know). I feel like this sort of thinking has made myself feel like I'm younger too. Plus, my looks kinda don't help, I look young in that sort of awkward freshman sort of way, and it makes finding a boyfriend weird for me. My grandparents are the ones who raised me, and they are very religious people so I was very sheltered to the point where I still never curse in real life. I've never masterbaited, never used a tampon, I've only watched porn once, etc. Never drank, never smoked weed, nothing…any time I have sexual thoughts I feel dirty and wrong, like me having thoughts like those are too old for me, like I need to wait until I'm older for those thoughts to be okay (I realize this is very dumb but I can't help it) People probably think I'm so boring and juvenile. I have knowledge about these things but have never been able to bring myself to try them. On top of this, recently I've been feeling so so so touch starved. I've never kissed a boy before but I want to so bad, I just want a guy to hold me? But I'm scared of messing something up or being weird enough to freak them out. I was asked out a couple times in high school but was dealing with so much family drama that I never had the energy for one. I think that not having any experience will make me seem bad to any normal guy. I look at beautiful successful women and want to be like them so badly, but I just feel like a scared little kid. I focus on regrets way too much and I feel like that holds me back from truly living. I'm hoping….hoping in college I can get more confident and try new things.

No. 356643

Anon if this is actually real you need to cut contact with him. You really shouldn't associate with anyone who is tolerant of that shit to any degree. If he saw real CP and didn't report it he's as fucked.
Get. Away. From. Him.

No. 356644

I wish my friend would stop sending me stuff about politics because I don't care and if don't reply to her about it then she gets butt hurt. I don't wanna watch these news clips etc she sends…There's no way to even get out of talking about politics because if ya don't then everyone thinks you're an idiot

No. 356645

File: 1547955357203.jpg (283.3 KB, 595x585, 1547397969623.jpg)

i really want to kill myself, but im scared of leaving behind my family & friends. and my animals, it breaks my heart.
but im just so miserable. im on at least 5 different meds right now, nothings working. tried therapy, tried inpatient, tried outpatient, tried different meds, nothing.

No. 356655

i'm honestly so sick of pretending to care about my friends' relationships. all of their boyfriends are shitty people and i constantly have to pretend to be shocked when they do something terrible or insensitive. it's exhausting, especially when i'm already dealing with my own BDD and anxiety around men. w/e i'm sure that there are others who have it worse but sometimes it can be insufferable to be around

No. 356658

I really don't like having vitiligo. I know it's kind of trendy now but to everyone that isn't a tumblrite it just looks weird. To make matters worse I have a weird light version of a port wine birthmark right next to my big vitiligo cow splotch on my neck. It makes me look like a catahoula dog. Oh well, at least I have lower skin cancer rates.

No. 356660

i think its wild that people have turned certain conditions into a """trend"""
like i'm not necessarily looking for you to coddle me and tell me how uwu beautiful!!! this is just a part of my life and you're making me feel worse. it's like everything has to be glorified or fetishized or it's not worth acknowledging. sometimes things just suck and they make you feel ugly. not everything needs an excessive positivity movement; people just need someone that understands where they're coming from. unfortunately, tumblr is retarded and can't seem to grasp this

No. 356673

Why the fuck are people so fucking nice and caring to me? I don't deserve that shit and lovey-dovey things are just too much for me to handle. I have friends and all but when I sense some hugs and uwu friendship <3 bullshit, it just scares me off. I have no abandonment or attachement issues or whatsoever, I just can't be the only one who doesn't know how to handle these kinds of intimacy.

No. 356684

Stop being friends with handmaidens you idiot

No. 356773

Holy flaming balls my period cramps are the worst they've been in a long time. It's so bad that the pain woke me up and I don't have any advil in the house. I can barely move my legs because they're all weak for some reason lord have mercy I'm taking deep breaths trying not to die

No. 356778

I start an internship tommorow that I don't feel qualified for.
I've been utterly depressed for a month now.
A month of crying, barely showering and seriously thinking about how to kill myself. I've tried talking about it to my bf but he told me that I just need a routine. I tried calling my old psychiatrist but she only could give appointments during my work hours.
I can't bring myself to care enough to try to make any change and yet I hurt and want to cry all the time. This feels so bad.
I'm so afraid to go tomorrow and just end up crying in front of my boss on my first day, like a moron.

No. 356794

I quit my job and moved to Japan to teach English and I've been here for 4 months. I live in a tiny town and I am very alone and sad and I miss my home. I am supposed to be here for 10 more months but I want to leave. But all I would do is return to my old town with no job anyway. If I stay the year I will at least have something I committed to to add to my resume

No. 356795

I'm tired of my boring coworkers, they only talk about their husbands/boyfriends or kids, or their diet and they act like they're clever when they say the most basic and boring things. It's like they have nothing else going on for them, no friends outside of work, no hobbies, no goals in life.

I really dislike one of them in particular because she treats me like a retard for no good reasons all the time. All of my other coworkers treat me completely differently. I remember this stupid bitch bragging about getting hired with no degree just because her sister in law forced her boss to hire her. She's given the easiest job ever in our team and all our coworkers are aware of it but she acts like she's a genius all the time. She thought I was stupid as fuck for not being able to use my computer once before acknowledging that I was given a computer that didn't even work properly in the first place and I have a feeling she's stuck with that idea that I'm a dumbass ever since. She thinks she's hot shit too because she's about to get married to her ugly boyfriend who looks like his parents are siblings even though she's so obese that she had to be hospitalized and on sick leave for a whole month for issues she had because of her weight, she looked deformed because of her t-rex arms and she can't walk properly because of it and she's doesn't have any chances of going anywhere else career-wise since she was too spoiled and stupid to have a degree other than maybe her high school degree.

No. 356797

Honestly, I think I need to take a week or so break from work and go to an inpatient mental health treatment facility. I've been so numb, things look like I'm reliving memories and it's scaring me. I was fine with it for a few weeks, but now it's becoming too overwhelming for me. Maybe I just need to talk to a therapist, but I want to see one as soon as possible. I feel like continuing to wait is making me worse.

No. 356801

My ex was/is a manipulative piece of shit. I get so angry knowing he's manipulating the situation of why we broke up to anyone who will listen, glossing over the fact he assaulted me during a fight and that's why I left him.

I'm looking back at old screenshots of messages from him to a friend when we had a big fight and it just makes my blood fucking boil seeing how he had twisted the situation to anyone who would listen. Making me out to be a drama queen who drinks to blackout because I want attention, not because blacking out was the only way I could cope with wanting to gouge my wrists open.

It's over now and I know I shouldn't dwell on the past but I fucking hate seeing him/hearing about him playing innocent and going full #sadboihours everywhere, claiming his depression is worse because of me.

Part of me is happy he's suffering, like good you piece of shit, fucking hate yourself for what you've done. But the other half hates that everyone is falling for it because I can't speak out about why I left because he's already threatened to blackmail me.

I know I have to be the bigger person but it sucks.

No. 356803

Anon, I moved to Korea to do the same and trust me that the first 6 months are the WORST. Try joining an expat group, on the weekends see if you can visit them in a bigger city to hang out, have sleepovers on the weekends. The expat teaching groups on facebook for nearby cities are goldmines of nice people. I never thought I'd make friends here but I've met my best friend and it made life so much better.

No. 356808

I'm not from the US either but no, I can't take the class later unfortunately. Everything has to be in chronological order according to the university rules for my program here.
But you're right anon, this would be a missed opportunity. I'm gonna try applying again next year! Thanks for the encouragement. And it's never too late for you anon! You could always go there to teach English for a year or two!

No. 356811

I feel this is the most dumbest vent here BUT I can't stand our new toilet bc this things clogs with the smallest amount of toilet paper. We have it since four months or so and in that time it clogged up more than in the lifespan of the previous one, that needed to be exchanged because our landlord wrecked it while repairing the sink. This dude has absolute no idea what he is doing and so he fitted the new toilet in such a way that it makes it harder to flush, which causes all the plugging. What an absolute joke it is. That's why calling him on such problems is not an option because he makes everything worse and paying this on your own os fricking expensive and he doesn't want to hire professional fitters because he thinks he can do it better fuck absolute bonkers. Just spend another 30 minutes unclog this garbage jesus

No. 356820

how come nationwide outrage always has something they're not telling the full story of? it took me like 5 minutes to find out that MAGA boys vs the Native American thing is blown out of proportion. every couple hours the "real" story keeps changing. and it makes me frustrated i have friends who buy into the shit without researching what actually happened.

No. 356822

you know why

No. 356823

>>What is pushing an agenda

No. 356825

i need friends who don't buy into this shit, these people are everwhere

No. 356828

It’s less the delay and more that i’ve never been in a fandom with this strict of a spoiler blackout online before. The anime fans are used to being spoiled due to the translation barrier. The Critters will fucking shun you for breaking the blackout.

I’m going to go nuts, all because there wasn’t a livestream. Once fandoms start doing exclusive shit it’s all downhill from there.

No. 356833

I'm at my friend's place looking after her pets and got the grossest cold. I had a slight runny nose before I went but nothing alarming at all. I think she had been sick, too, since there is some cold medicine around. Either way, now I have to clean her whole house meticulously and I feel bad because I use a lot of water cleaning and I already used a lot of water here. Also, I just feel like I (re-)contaminated the place no matter how much I clean and I really don't wanna make her sick but I feel like that's gonna happen. Idk fuck me, I always panic about shit like this.

No. 356847

What about it was blown out of proportion?

No. 356864

The native american guy banging the drum happened to be a professional victim. he's been to court like 4 times in the past couple years, he mostly goes after teens to claim harassment.
also the group of black men there were israelites, spewing homophobic rhetoric.

No. 356871

Sauce? I can't find much outside of him also participating in the whole Standing Rock thing.
I agree it's definitely dramatized, there was no violence or anything, even if the trumpfags were being shitty/dumb.
Also don't think there's anything inherently wrong with an Indigenous Peoples' March.

No. 356873

Is your friend out of town? Cold viruses can hang around on hard surfaces for a while but most people don’t get sick that way. Most of us get it from other people’s sneezes and coughs. Just keep some hand sanitizer around and use it after you cough, sneeze or blow your nose and it will be fine.

No. 356876

No. 356880


No. 356884

Ignore bait, I was there and the MAGA guys were making fun of the native american saying " land gets taken, get used to it"

No. 356887

how is it bait if the guy is known to get into altercations with kids? i'm just saying not everything is as it seems

No. 356888

My life is so shit rn I can't even explain it. But if I don't change something now, especially my weight problem that makes me feel so sluggish, I'll hate myself sooo much this summer. Wish me luck!

No. 356893


Are you legitimately retarded or actively shilling?

No. 356897

>he's a professional victim
So you're going to focus on the guy banging a drum and singing a chant about his people? He literally did nothing wrong to elicit the reaction he got.

I'm surprised any woman on this website would stan for these privileged spoiled brats.

1. They were there, first of all, to attend an anti-abortion rally. A trip that their private school fully endorsed, complete with letting them wear political gear (MAGA hats), and they can't even claim the trip was for any other meaningful purpose because the government shutdown literally closed most places.
Why is it such a reach to you that little brats who already don't respect women and our choices might not have respected some dude just expressing his culture?

2. The news articles I've read never claimed the little shits caused violence, and accurately reported how they mocked the man–which they did.
What well-adjusted teens see a person from a different culture singing a song and decide to mock it, make faces, and get in the face of a person performing it?
The performance he put on is NOT provocative to a normal person, even to most conservatives and teenagers.

No. 356898

Watch the fucking video you absolute retard. Not the bits and pieces of the video that's being peddled on CNN.

>Black men (Israelites) taunt kids waiting for a bus

>Kids barely old enough to drive
>"Yall sound like a bunch of dogs, get rid of your lice" "You're a bunch of babies made out of incest." "You understand who the real caveman is now"
>Indian ADULTS walk into the crowd of kids beating a drum
>Kids were doing their high school chant
>Black men threaten White kids, "don't touch him"…while calling them all inbred
>One kid is singled out, has a drum beaten in his face
>He smiles, says nothing, does nothing.
>CNN edits film to make the kids seem like THEY did the intimidation
>Calls on social media for kids to be doxed, punished, even hurt or killed

No. 356900

>well-adjusted teens see a person from a different culture singing a song and decide to mock it, make faces, and get in the face of a person performing it
retard stop with the guilt trip, there's video evidence of the man going up to a crowd of students. the faces the kids were making look like they thought the guy was having fun participating with them, then it turned into to discomfort because he purposely banged the drum in the kid's face for a prolonged period of time.
yes, they were being little shits, but they were literally acting like average jock-y high schoolers.

No. 356901

You talk like a scrote.

>Israelites taunt kids waiting for a bus

What does this have to do with the guy banging on the drum and chanting?
>kids barely old enough to drive
They're also not old enough to legally consent to sex, but that didn't stop them from attending a rally to tell ADULT WOMEN what they shouldn't be allowed to do with their bodies.
Blow it out your ass.
>"Yall sound like a bunch of dogs, get rid of your lice"
They did a great job proving these insults wrong, didn't they?
>Indian ADULTS walk into the crowd of kids beating a drum
Not illegal and not a threat. Next.
>Kids were doing their high school chant
They were clearly mocking the guy and getting his face, do you have a selective memory?
>Black men threaten White kids, "don't touch him"…while calling them all inbred
Telling someone to not touch you isn't a threat. How much would your biased media be screeching if the brown people touched those innocent milk boys? A lot.
>One kid is singled out, has a drum beaten in his face
You mean the smug boy with a shit-eating grin who was enjoying the aggression towards that man and didn't even make an attempt to remove himself from the situation if he hated it so bad? Sureeeeee.
>CNN edits film to make the kids seem like THEY did the intimidation
So because they didn't show the entire video it means they ""doctored"" the video somehow. Lol.
>Calls on social media for kids to be doxed, punished, even hurt or killed
People say whatever they want online, this is well established and it has nothing to do with your precious boys being specifically targeted.

>he went up to a crowd of students
Not a crime. Not deserving of mockery. Not an argument.

No. 356903

you sound like a retard, are you purposely leaving out the parts where the kids did nothing besides stare at the guy?

No. 356904

'Kay, you are obviously astroturfing or you are an unhinged activist type.

Watch the entire video, moron.

No. 356905

The kids literally mocked him and said a bunch of stupid shit.
No, they were not all quiet and just staring at the guy.

This has got to be bait.

I did moron, but please continue to stan for these brainwashed retards.

No. 356906

all of your points are ignoring the fact grown ass adults who should know better are threatening these kids. go back to buzzfeed fucknugget.

No. 356907

People on this site are actually stanning MAGA high school boys from a Catholic school that’s rampant with rape and sexual assault swept under a rug? Teenage boys that were attending a pro-life rally?

Maybe we do need to bring the manhate thread back, I’ll take a million anons screeching about handmaidens than anons defending trump supporters.

No. 356908

You evidently didn't, chucklefuck.
They were being harassed from the get-go. They were being mocked and berated for close to an hour and they were just sitting there.
The native american dude that is a literal ACTIVIST that's done this twice before actively went up to the kid and started beating the drum right next to him. He was well into his personal space and eager to create a scene.

You MUST be on a payroll, no other explanation.

No. 356910

>threatening these kids
I've explained-multiple times in fact-how the indian guy who was mocked did not threaten these kids in any kind of way.

But please, continue to defend their behavior while they literally threaten your reproductive rights in a tangible way. They're soooo innocent uwu!!!!

No. 356912

I did so, fucknugget.

>they were being harassed

My reproductive rights are literally under attack from stupid fuckbois who can't vote, and you're gonna sit in your filthbox chair and tell me a few street insults were a "threat" as if the guy chanting on the drum had shit to do with what the other brownies said in the first place?

If you're not a scrote you're one of the dumbest twats I've ever seen on this website, I feel like I should pixel you a medal.

No. 356913

>defending trump supporters
i literally do not care what these children believe in, i'm looking at literal video evidence of what happened. why are you so caught up on the drum banging being "harmless"? he was banging it purposely in front of this kid's face, so close to hitting him as an intimidation tactic. a literal male intimidating another male.

No. 356914

yep, she's on a small holiday. You're right, the risk isn't all that high and the worst that could happen is that she gets a cold anyway. I'm mostly overthinking and dramatising and I care a LOT about her. I got nice tea and a really nice cleaner and some not-too aggressive sanatiser today. Usually clean on my last day at her place anyway and I feel more calm about it now. I don't really have to sanatise the whole place like my anxiety tells me. Thanks for your input.

No. 356915

>there can be no pro-life women
>we should take your word for it when you claim rape and assault in the school
>we should feel ashamed if we are religious, like being christian is derogatory or something

Okay jan

How exactly does them being there for a pro-life rally have to do with what transpired? Why are you moving the goalposts like an embarrassing moron?

No. 356916

Oh so you’re either a scrote from /pol/ or an idiot then. That makes more sense.

No. 356918

yeah okay, that is a valid rebuttal alright.
Thanks for playing.

No. 356920

File: 1548005734912.gif (808.66 KB, 400x266, topsy turvy.gif)

>why are you so caught up on the drum banging being "harmless"?

Anon's bringing it up because it is harmless! Lmao
How are you fucking blind to the fact that the kid was being the aggressive one?

>there can be no pro-life women
>we should take your word for it when you claim rape and assault in the school
>we should feel ashamed if we are religious, like being christian is derogatory or something

Wow, either a scrote or a handmaiden.
Yikity yikes scoob!

No. 356921

I’m sorry you’re so insecure that you find other cultural practices scary, but a teenage boy has the intelligence to move out of the way if he felt “threatened” like “he was about to be hit”. If these kids are so threatened by this scary native Vietnam vet, why are they alll laughing, mocking him, looking pretty damn comfortable and not at all intimidated?

No. 356922

did any of you fuckers watch the literal videos? i don't think you saw the videos.

No. 356926

the whole thing seems like a non-event to me. as you say, the kids dont look intimidated, and neither does the indian dude, he's the one who approached. so whats the big deal about? i dont get why it's a big news story

No. 356927

File: 1548005908819.jpeg (233.82 KB, 1119x1098, 12389575-D955-4DDC-8E2D-384A44…)

Look at these poor intimidated school boys :(

No. 356930

File: 1548005955127.png (68.49 KB, 645x729, wojak.png)

>nowthis news

No. 356932

Don't bother, scrotechan is just gonna scream about how you should watch the video even though we've seen it dozens of times like it changes the reality of it.

I mean, what do you expect from anons like >>356915 who thinks we're "attacking their religion" for criticizing their behavior when it's already a known fact that Catholics aren't known for tolerating others.

No. 356933

Okay, in summation

Women against abortion are handmaidens.
We should believe that the school in question is a haven of rapists because an anonymous poster claimed so.
The fact that the boys are catholics is derogatory and something to be ashamed of.
The actual video that quite literally proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what transpired is not good enough and we should instead believe not our eyes but CNN and twitter posters.

This shithole needs to be nuked, the new admin has her work cut out for her.

No. 356934

You’re the one making the claim that these boys were harassed, if it’s a conspiracy, give us the proof. The burden of proof is on you.

No. 356935

No. 356937

>Women against abortion are handmaidens.

It literally doesn’t get more handmaideny than prioritizing a fetus over a living, breathing woman.

No. 356939

What sort of fucking strawman is this?
Does the life of one take away the life of the other?

I don't even want to go into it, but at least pick better analogies.

No. 356940

File: 1548006325791.png (4.06 MB, 1125x2001, 8AECF4EF-88AD-4FD0-9B9B-F9A2F2…)

When he walks over to them, the boys immediately start dancing, howling at him, and surround him, not the other way around. So “intimidated” they are.

No. 356941

Addendum to your summation:

Women who back up men that want to ban abortions and limit reproductive access for other women are literal gender traitors.

You should believe that the school in question might not be teaching the best educational values if they endorse biased political trips with no actual educational merit that is an attack on women.

The fact that the boys are Catholic proves that they go against the values of the number one adage that their own religion teaches-what would Jesus do-and should absolutely be called out for it.

The actual video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the boys were being shits.

No. 356943


No. 356944

They literally think he is part of the rally, are you faking being retarded? I am losing my mind over here, did you watch the same video? They are cheering when he walks up to them.

No. 356945

A living woman will always be more important to me than the potential “life” of a fetus. If you want to be an incubator for men who don’t care about you, be my guest. Go start baking some bread in the kitchen, get off lolcow, find a husband. But you don’t get to decide that for other women.

No. 356946

I was mad about the whitey spoiled Trump bois vs withering Native American man for like half a day. Everyone's mad because it involves race and politics of course. Meanwhile I've been enraged about the Peluchin Entertainment horrorcow for weeks. If you like cats please ignore this entire post and DO NOT look it up. It's been in my brain for weeks. Why doesn't blatant animal abuse get this kind of coverage?

No. 356947

>They literally think he is part of the rally

So they're the retarded ones who didn't even know what other rallies would be held that day?
I can see why you defend such geniuses lmao.

No. 356949

You really think a group of white boys deep enough in MAGA politics that they go to pro-life rallies is going to “cheer” for a Native American dude? And you say I’m the idiot.

No. 356951

Anon's waist deep in denial.

No. 356952

what's with the influx of pea brain anons ITT? take off your SJW glasses, please.

No. 356955

I'm not an SJW, just not a mental midget. At least post this shit in the unpopular opinions next time.

No. 356957

File: 1548006791758.jpeg (254.16 KB, 935x1446, 86060AFC-0AD9-4A1C-BFC6-D5C00C…)

This rapist went to the same school as those poor intimidated boys.

No. 356958

okay… yes, theres rapists that go to a lot of schools. are you done being stupid?

No. 356959


You evidently are an idiot if you think the 15-year-olds would know about the other rallies in the area, much less that an activist would come up to them with the intention of creating a scene.

They already had to sit through an hour of being called subhumans, mongrels and filthy animals by black israelites, if it were me I'd not even be able to hold my cool when a random guy went up to me and started beating his drum next to my face.

No. 356961

Yuck, he looks like a knuckle dragging ape with a flat skull. I bet he thinks he's endorsed by god to rape, and if his victim got pregnant he wouldn't even afford the abortion.

No. 356962

I bet there are rapists in the school you attended as well. You are morally reprehensible for it, by proxy.
Tough luck. Great argument.

No. 356964

A-Are you really trying to make an argument that just because they went to school with a rapist then they're all somehow responsible for his actions??

No. 356966

>15-year-olds would know about the other rallies in the area
Most high schoolers who travel to DC for educational activities actually do bother to research events beforehand, or are at least made aware by their chaperones of what else could be happening.
Regardless of who you blame, the school fucked up and endorsed these attitudes. So odd that a religious school would even allow political attire, when I went to high school people were suspended for wearing political shit, as it should be.

If a guy came up to my crowd banging a drum I'd just quietly watch. If he got in my face and it bothered me, I'd walk away.
But whatever, I guess this is the thread where we'll justify aggressive male behavior both towards women and harmless indigenous playing instruments. Holy fucking /pol/tards, batman.

No. 356967

Why are you acting like they ended up at the rally by mistake? They are there with their school, representing their school. Have you never been on a field trip before, do you think there’s no rules you have to follow or information you’re given? Not to mention the guy isn’t wearing a MAGA hat like the rest of them, they have no reason to believe he’s part of their rally.

No, but I am saying that catholic schools aren’t exactky a beacon of women’s rights and safety. Especially all boys schools.

No. 356969

>violence against women
>harmless indigenous


No. 356970

Catholicism does have a strong rape culture, made worse by the fact that it tells women we can't have access to reproductive healthcare and birth control that would at least solve the problem of rape babies.

Just as the rally of what those boys attended is trying to do.

No. 356971

Poor anon, you still can't accept that the boys were attending an anti-abortion rally that attacks the reproductive rights of women.

Poor anon, you still can't accept that they mocked some dude banging on a drum in their crowd and were clearly not intimidated nor threatened by him.

Poor anon, sperging so hard you can't even use your words anymore and all you can retort with is BUT DA BIDEO REEEEEEEE

I hope this is bait, like really hoping no one who browses lolcow is actually cow-tier deluded like this…

No. 356972

so what did the teenage boys actually do that was deserving of all the outrage

No. 356973

>christianity is rape culture
>islam is a religion of peace
>burqas are empowering
>SAHM are handmaidens and pickmes

It's all so tiresome.

No. 356976

No, no, no.

Islam can fucking die in a fire too, it's horrible for women.
But Islamists aren't usually the figureheads of anti-abortion and defunding reproductive clinics in the United States, it's Catholics and Christians.

Nice try at deflection, but you aren't getting out of this.

No. 356978

watch the video, retard.
You can't go into revisionism of objective reality with an event this recent. You are crigeworthy.

No. 356979

Nathan Phillips, admits he even put himself between the other activists and the boys, who were the ones being belligerent.

>Near the end of rally, he said he tried to keep the peace between a group of mostly white students attending a March for Life event and a gathering of about four black members of a religious group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites.

>Phillips, a former Marine, said the incident started as a group of Catholic students from Kentucky were observing the Black Israelites talk, and started to get upset at their speeches. The Catholic group then got bigger and bigger, with more than 100 assembled at one point, he said.

>Phillips said some of the members of the Black Hebrew group were also acting up, "saying some harsh things" and that one member spit in the direction of the Catholic students. "So I put myself in between that, between a rock and hard place," he said.

> "If their own instructors, their own teachers, their own chaperones, would have handled the situation right from the beginning, it would never have happened," Phillips said. "I would have never been bothered with it."

So you got a whopping four black Israelites spouting nonsense (seriously, no one likes them, no one agrees with then, any real activist worth their salt hates those misogynist homophobic nutters), provoking an already riled up group of white trump supporters.

No. 356980

How were they threatened? "Don't touch him"? That's what you say when you or the person you are protecting is being threatened.
I'm sick of /pol/ scrotes shitting up this place with their alternative reality, kek.

No. 356983

Lmao, you remind me of sh0eonhead.

Well at least the goalposts are changing so it's no longer about blaming the drumming guy who did literally nothing wrong, now the conversation can be about the darkies. Hahaha.

No. 356984

getting out of what? You are clinically insame.

Somehow the dudes that kept berating and harassing the people in the rally are not newsworthy, but a bunch of kids uncomfortably smirking when an activist bangs his drum on their face is news-worthy.

You are peddling a narrative, you are transparent. At least try to be more subtle.

No. 356985

the man puts himself in these situations because he's a narc
he was being backed by these Israelites spewing homophobic rhetoric, multiple times these men were approached by women who criticized their preaching.

No. 356986

>getting out of what?
That catholic religion has everything to do with this situation, instead screaming whataboutisms over islam when they're irrelevant to this event.

>a bunch of kids uncomfortably smirking when an activist bangs his drum on their face is news-worthy

Because the activist didn't do anything wrong. If the brown boogeymen did it, why didn't they go after them with their mockery.

Are you a scrote?

No. 356988

can you seriously stop screaming "scrote" any time an anon disagrees with YOU?
>brown boogeymen
also stop fucking racebaiting

No. 356990

>uncomfortably smirking

were they also uncomfortably smiling? and uncomfortably laughing? and uncomfortably making jokes? and uncomfortably dancing? and uncomfortably mocking his song against their will?

No. 356991

I see you have nothing to say in response to the actual logic presented to you.
>stop fucking racebaiting
Considering how many times "black Israelites" have been brought up, it's a little too late for that.

No. 356993

Christianity is the scapegoat for all of the worlds ills, but whenever islam does anything (like every other week at this point) then it has nothing to do with religion and we shouldn't even comment on it.

The activist literally wanted to create a scene. He walked up to them and aggressively started banging on the drum right up to their faces.

>are you a scrote?

No, why are you keep saying that? Do you really need a justification to report me? This isn't my 1st day on the IB, I know how you function.

No. 356995


No. 356997

>whenever islam does anything then it has nothing to do with religion
>then it has nothing to do with religion
>nothing to do with religion
>with religion

Are you…are you hallucinating? People aren't saying "Islam has nothing to do with religion" they're saying Islam is irrelevant to this situation because CATHOLIC BOYS did this.
If ISLAMISTS did this, I'd say the same shit, but no, they weren't at an anti-abortion rally attack women and some native guy drumming.

Is that fucking clear enough for your empty bullshit head? Sweet christ, pray to your Jesus that he fixes your brain!!

No. 356999

>poor intimidated babies uwu he banged the drum too hard in one's face lil angel :(( scawy bwack men!!!1
The "black Israelites" are shit people, but in this case, they were the lesser evil, and honestly did nothing wrong. They don't detract from the facts: The man was harmless, the teenage boys approached him and took a break from their day of being sexist shitheads to be racist shitheads to an elderly person. These other guys are known pricks, but they "threatened" no one and were defending an old man. It's clear who the aggressors are.

No. 357000

It sucks that alt-right trolls have infested this place and when you give them evidence they cry fake news

No. 357001

>Considering how many times "black Israelites" have been brought up
Holy shit how daft are you? That's what they call themselves and want to be known as.
>actual logic
I see none but political buzzwords thrown into your arguments

No. 357002

File: 1548008409185.jpg (124.16 KB, 962x601, 1545503929527.jpg)

Yeah, your kind of activists are always really eager to shit on christianity even if it's tangentially related, but interestingly enough never say anything about islam.

Allow me to be hesitant to believe your motives.

No. 357003

File: 1548008500530.png (326.19 KB, 540x594, heres_your_l-1.png)

so spewing homophobic rhetoric is "doing nothing wrong"? calling a crowd of children in a school related field trip, "future school shooters" not wrong?

No. 357005

>the blacks calling people inbreds, mongrels, filthy animals and full of lice did nothing wrong
>the white kids that smirked at an activist that's done this exact thing at least twice already in the past are actually sexist and racists!

>blacks: call whites animals and inbreds = not racists

>whites: smirk at a native american = racists and sexists

No. 357006

I'm sure as shit going to comment on Catholicism better than I can on Islam because I am an ex-Catholic and therefore know all the ins and outs of this shameful fucking behavior and the culture that fuels it.

I have never been Islamic, but I do know thanks to feminism of how horrible it is towards women. I can't comment on it as deeply as Catholicism, for fucking obvious reasons. (Btw I wouldn't be so keen to call Catholicism "Christianity" because some Christians take huge offense to that).

Your whataboutism doesn't excuse what occurred here. End of story. Buh bye. Your argument has failed.

No. 357008

Isn't your group always going on about muh freeze peach? Why is the story changing now? Mean words are not violence or threats, stop being oversensitive, kek.

No. 357009

amateurish deflection.
Take the L and call it a day.

No. 357010

Watch the video instead of posting about your victim mentality delusions.

No. 357011

what group do i belong to, anon? i swear to god you have no idea what you're saying anymore.

No. 357012

File: 1548008787832.jpg (37.71 KB, 600x600, CModbV0VEAA3e6U.jpg)

>how I picture the faces of the dippy women itt typing out about islam to defend women haters

No. 357013

woo boy did this thread go to shit

No. 357014

They did nothing wrong. Don't verbally disrespect and try to intimidate a random old person if your life will be ruined when someone does it back to you.
>Take the L and call it a day.
Go back to Twitter. Cringe.

No. 357016

What whataboutism?
Catholicism is only tangentially related but you eagerly made it a big point of the whole incident. You are eager to shit on christianity like an obsessed basket case.

I only posited that your type of "people" are never this eager to criticize islam and only ever comment on it in a positive light to astroturf public opinion.

No. 357017

>W-What group?!?! I-I don't know what you're talking about!
You're not fooling anyone, Shuwu-clone.

No. 357018

So white boys got their feefees hurt and blame blacks


No. 357019

I was the person that linked the full video.
Call it quits already.

No. 357020

that article is pretty biased. watch the video

No. 357021

And you obviously didn't watch it.

No. 357023

Who is anon's "type of people"? I swear to god you have no idea what you're saying anymore.

No. 357024

Here we go again.
Whiteys are always the bad guys.
They got their feefees hurt and are racist and sexist. The based indian did nothing to escalate!
Blacks are based. Calling whitey an inbred animal. Calling 15-year-olds school shooters. Based!

If you disagree you are racist.

No. 357025

s2g I'm being baited but I'm already in too deep at this point aren't I? Lmao.

>What whataboutism

The whataboutism that occurred when you became angered that we kept calling the boys Catholic, which they are, (to quote you: "an observable tangible fact") and how they were there to impede on the rights of women.

You brought up how Islamists do bad shit to women too.

Yes, it was explained to you, that Islam is bad towards women. However, the event that occurred here was between a native and Catholic boys. Not Islamists.
Therefore you're trying to bring up Islam to excuse and devalue the harm that these Catholic boys did.

I have repeatedly said that I do not endorse Islam, and frankly no religion that shits on women.
I cannot say the same for you. What a pity.

No. 357027

indoctrinated radical left activists. I thought it was clear.

No. 357030

They chose to listen to them

Just like thise shitheads had freedom if dpeech to go to their rally (when they lose nothing because they are male) and wear MAGA hats, blacks Isrealites are free to preach.

Free speech

No. 357031

>Whiteys are always the bad guys.

White men who tell women, including white women, what they are and aren't allowed to do with their uterus are inherently bad people.
Prove me wrong.

No. 357033

Why did those boys yell "build a wall" at a native american

No. 357034

The fact that they are catholic is only tangentially relevant.
The catholic boys did no harm. They are being tried by the public for smiling when an activist went up to them and tried to escalate.
During that same rally there were several black men that kept harassing people and no one expressed discontent about it.
Yet smiling is worse.

No. 357035

Stop samefagging and dragging this out. You lost. No one here's going to defend a bunch of aggressive young men crowding around a peaceful elderly man and screaming at him all because some random black guys said some mean words and his drum was too loud. Go back to /pol/.

No. 357037

you literally did not watch the video, they never said that

No. 357038

probably to escape the drums of war

No. 357040


That's what you've been doing though.
Again, stop with the revisionism. The video is still up, people are able to watch it and see for themselves what transpired. Are you this daft?

No. 357044

>is only tangentially relevant
Am I not allowed to be offended by TWO bad things they did and use the FIRST bad thing they did to make inferences as to why they committed the SECOND bad thing they did? And you get to determine the relevance, why and what makes you qualified? See I can say Islam is irrelevant because literally no Islamic people did anything, that's the difference.

It's not a stretch to observe that Catholics who disrespect women by trying to limit our reproductive rights also don't have a problem with disrespecting an indigenous person, which they didn't.

Right? And this person never replies directly. The second you call out their bullshit they switch to something else. Can't tell if it's truly a deluded sh0eonhead woman or a /pol/scrote.

No. 357045

>aggressive young men
>crowding around a peaceful elderly man

>random black guys

>some mean words

HAHAHAH that phraseology. That choice of words. My god. You are a caricature of SJWs.

No. 357047

This. If the things they were saying were so horrible, why didn't those "kids" just walk away? They honestly were acting like filthy animals, lousy cavemen and inbreds. I literally thought "They all look like their mothers drank in the womb" while watching the video. And with the wild, mannerless way they were acting, I'd believe it's true for 50% of them. Their parents need to do better. They're not in a fucking trailer park, lmao.

No. 357048

The black israelites were at that rally to protest again abortion as well, by the way.
They did way more than smirk and smile.

I don't see you criticizing judaism(?) over it.

No. 357049

You are quite literally a black racist, I hope you realize that.

No. 357051

File: 1548009953526.jpg (4.3 KB, 275x246, 1547409431606.jpg)

>replying with something else
See, there it is.
>but-but-but the black israelites were protesting abortion as well
Then fuck them too! What, you think you had a "gotcha"? Lmao, except they didn't make fools out of themselves to an indigenous person just playing a drum, your snot nosed good ol catholic boys did. They're shitheads. Get over it.

No. 357054

They did nothing to make fools out of themselves though. An activist tried to escalate and they all kept their cool. They handled it well.

No. 357055

>They did nothing to make fools out of themselves though.
The majority of the planet thinks differently, hence why you've spent over an hour of your life trying to rationalize their actions and not even doing it in the unpopular opinions thread because you wanted the attention.

No. 357056

>so mad he forgot how to quote
Show me where the group of abortion rally attendees were attacked, beaten or even threatened by the old man or the 4 guys who said they were acting like animals and not to touch him. They were peaceful.
Give timestamps. Facts don't care about your feelings.

No. 357057

>indigenous person just playing a drum
He was there to cause a scene, anon. Everyone in this situation is a shithead. The children are now being doxed by checkmarks on Twitter because they happen to fall under a group where it's #woke to be a hypocrite

No. 357058

twitter nobodies and SJW snowflakes are not representative of the majority of the planet.

No. 357059

>Does the life of one take away the life of the other?
In many cases, yes. Ailments coming from pregnancy can be mortal at high rates even in the US.

No. 357060


1:06:45 threatening an innocent bystander with violence
1:07:40 calls the kids "incest babies"
1:15:20 calls the kids "future school shooters"
1:24:53 is booed when he lets loose with homophobic slurs
1:27:00 "there will be no peace until there is bloodshed"

No. 357061

>pulling the race card
Wanting people to behave decently makes me both black and a racist? Alright, then. I always thought of America as not a shithole country (despite what people say), but it's almost like some of you actually want it to be.

No. 357063

No one is arguing against those abortions. Not even radical religious nuts.

No. 357064

How did I pull the race card? Your entire post was a racist tirade? Yikes.

No. 357065

Fine, then you're a fucking scrote and not worth my time. Leave.

No. 357066

>1:06:45 threatening an innocent bystander with violence
The rest of your "proof" is just unkind words. Don't get rowdy if you can't handle that same heat.

No. 357067


No. 357069

Considering you've been calling us snowflakes, SJWs, Islam sympathizers, and Twitter nobodies…I don't feel sorry for the label you've earned.

Have fun defending men. Bye.

No. 357070

>1:25:00 "The back of the dollar bill says 'In God We Trust' but you give faggots rights…"
You guys really wanna die on this hill?

No. 357071

By randomly calling me a "black racist" when I never mentioned my or their race in my post. Class doesn't have a race, those "boys" just evidently had none. People should raise their kids to not be trash, sorry if you think that's attacking your culture or something.
Um ok sweety

No. 357073

I asserted that only twitter nobodies and woke SJWs are trying to spin the story. Blue checkmarks en masse.

I am defending common sense.

No. 357075

I'd say they wanna die on it with acid in their eyes while going down screaming about Islamists, Jews, and SJWs.

No. 357076

This is an imageboard. We call everyone faggots, dykes, cunts, etc. Go back to your safe hub.

No. 357077

1:12:00 onwards.

Are you for real?

No. 357078

>I'm defending men who were to literally limit my rights as a woman and who feel threatened by someone playing a musical instrument while singing.

Quite the scrote sucker.

No. 357079

They're spewing homophobic shit to literally school children, they weren't having it. Are you fucking serious? You're defending homophobia? They said this in public in a serious manner, not an imageboard.

No. 357080

Explain what happens.

No. 357081

ntayrt and i think you're a /pol/ troll acting like an SJW extremist to make us hate their type even more, but… are we just ignoring the fact that the group of grown ass israelite men were harassing the kids on a field trip for over an hour, spitting on them and throwing things at them? at that point i think we can pretty much set aside the conversation about the religions of any parties involved and focus on the physical assault that happened. grown men were harassing a group of teenage boys - how can anyone make excuses for that?

not to mention the only reason the native man is a part of this is because he inserted himself trying to be a mediator between the two groups BECAUSE he saw how violent the israelites were being. he even admits this himself.

No. 357082

They're Catholic, they're already homophobic, kek. Words aren't violence, and no blood was drawn.

No. 357083

Watch the video.

No. 357085

And neither is smirking while an elderly man bangs a drum in your face. But here we are.

No. 357089

File: 1548010932934.jpg (17.7 KB, 480x360, a literal you.jpg)

>i think you're a /pol/ troll acting like an SJW extremist


Did Sh0e smoke meth and decided to shitpost on lolcow today? Serious question.

No. 357090

NTA, but I really don't care about the black Israelites. There's hundreds of videos of them being douchebags to people.
I just see no reason to attack the old man or claim he was somehow "threatening" a bunch of younger, stronger males.

No. 357092

No one said it was, you're just crying about non-existent violence against these poor young white boys who had no choice but to step away from their rally to harass an old man.

No. 357093

File: 1548011102150.gif (504.82 KB, 300x205, giphy (3).gif)

>teenage boys trying to take away the reproductive rights of adult women
>n-n-nothing is happening regarding religious institutions hating wymen you troll social justice warrior buh-buh-bakas!! why don't you just focus on the men being aggressive towards each other oh and that one guy playing the drum who didn't act agressive at all?!?!

What is this shit? What is lolcow right now?

No. 357095

>stronger than an alleged vietnam vet
>the latter being the one that walked up to them
>the latter being the one that kept trying to escalate

>30-year-old black men
>berating, spitting on and throwing cups on 15-year-old males
>perfectly fine
>it's just words, no blood was spilled.

I must be taking crazy pills.

No. 357096

Not wasting my time for someone who wants us to clutch our pearls over the word "faggot".

No. 357097

Stop whining. Not a hair on their heads was touched. I don't care about these random black guys being harsh, they should've walked away and stopped shouting and crowding an elderly man if it was so bad.

No. 357098

>the boys weren't being violent, but the boys were being violent
holy nutcrackers please just leave and continue watching your chopped up CNN and Now This videos

No. 357099

>they should've walked away and stopped shouting and crowding an elderly man if it was so bad

Enjoy Alex Jones and Faux News.

No. 357100

>1:13:21 An ADULT Black male threatens White kids, barely old enough to drive, by saying "Yeah yall better not touch him"…when the Indian walks right into the crowd, beating a drum in the kid's FACES. So you send in adults with sticks beating a drum into a group of kids waiting for a bus, then claim the WHITE KIDS are the 'racists"?

We are reaching levels of astroturfing that I didn't think were possible.

No. 357101

Read up on Savita Halappanavar and come back to me

No. 357103

What do you mean, "those"? Every pregnancy will have permanent effects on the body, and any pregnancy could end up being your death.

No. 357104

>I can't read
>muh CNN edited footage!!1
I didn't even know this story until your sperg-out, and I wasn't any of the people who linked to CNN or NowThis. Multiple people are disagreeing with your delusional shitposts. Just get off our board, faggot.

No. 357105

>kids on a field trip for over an hour,

they're teenagers, not kids.
they aren't just "on a field trip". they're at a political rally. this wasn't some innocent trip to the museum ruined by the mean darkies and the violent native american man. this is a political demonstration, tensions are high.

No. 357106

>"Yeah yall better not touch him"
See >>356980
A drum being hit near you while you smile is a threat? Just move.

No. 357107

>barely old enough to drive

Disregarding your other broke arguments stop mentioning how they can't drive as if their age paints a caricature that they're meek little lambs. Those boys were the height and weight of the native guy in the video.
They're old enough to attend an anti-abortion rally whereby they tell adult women what they think is best for them. They're old enough to wear political attire regardless if they understand the implications of the slogans they wear.

They're not babies. They're teenagers who should know how to behave in public or else face admonishment. This is the fourth time I've seen you mention this and it doesn't get any less pathetic each time.

No. 357109

The catholic church of ireland has commented on the incident. You are free to believe what you'd like.
Every pregnancy carries inherent risk, yeah. What's your point? We stop having kids altogether? Call it quits?
I believe the fetus is a living human being. You don't. We will never agree.

No. 357110

Does anyone else find it kind of sad how these /pol/ refugees are trying to blend in?

Like using "sure jan" and "yikes" or "stop racebaiting", and the worst offender, they try to make us think they are women. Good christian, MAGA women against abortion who also happen to need to bring up islam to deflect arguments, and who are only capable of arguing against their SJW boogeyman.

Fuck me. It's sad. Is there any place where I can talk to other women about politics, or anything, without these fuckwits coming in every single time?

No. 357112

i find you sad
>wahhh where is my female hivemind

No. 357113

It's okay girls, both sides are acting retarded.

No. 357114

I'm happy I wasn't the only one thinking this.

But I'm trying to think on it positively. Like our community here knows each other so well that we can literally sniff out when someone is being a liar and obfuscating information.

No. 357115

So do these teens deserved to get mass doxed by a bunch of adults on the internet? That's all this outrage is about.
They have the right to not move when somebody they don't know walks through their school group. Why do people bring up the fact the man was elderly? He went to the march knowing exactly what he was going to do.

No. 357116

fuck off you obvious troll. the elderly man pushed his way INTO the crowd for fuck's sake, no one crowded around him. the kids were already being threatened and physically assaulted by the black israelites when the guy pushed his way in with the drum. i don't think the native guy was being aggressive by drumming, but he definitely wanted attention. the kids did nothing to the native dude but smile at him and sing, which they'd been doing well before the native guy pushed into the crowd. they were literally singing as a way of ignoring the black israelites lol. the majority of the situation had absolutely nothing to do with the elderly native guy, but when it came time to report the situation, everything became about him because it made for a good news byte.

No. 357117

>everyone who disagrees with me is a /pol/tard

No. 357118

How nice to them to comment on the incident even though the laws put in place by catholic ideology are what killed her in the first place.

Unless you are doing everything in your power to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies (supporting free and easily accessible abortion, supporting comprehensive sex education) and to help make parenthood easy for mothers (universal healthcare, better maternal care in hospitals, more research into pregnancy and childbirth, supporting things like welfare and WIC to ensure that mothers can feed their children, mandatory paid maternity leave for all jobs) then your belief that a fetus is a life means absolutely nothing to me.

No. 357119

You've called me male and/or from /pol/ 3 times already.

No. 357120

To add to this, because I forgot. He literally misquotes and tries to paint the women here as hysteric, like 5 or so times already. It's fucking amazing to witness.

No. 357122

Where are the mass dox?
The only dox I've seen is of the school's email and phone numbers being posted. That isn't illegal and happens whenever teenagers are involved in a nationwide scandal.
IF their personal dox are being posted, I don't condone it, but that doesn't excuse what they did in the first place.

>they have the right to not move

But you don't get to claim on their behalf that there was a threat when clearly they're comfortable with not having moved.

>Why do people bring up the fact that the man was elderly?

Because you brought up the fact that the boys were "threatened" by his drum beating when it's generally understood that elderly men playing instruments tend to pose no real threat.
In fact, it's ironic that you brought up how the man is an activist and apparently beats drums at rallies to "make a scene," but last I checked "making a scene" isn't a threat.
Yet you bring up the boy's ages as if teenagers can never be threatening or do bad shit on their own.

No. 357123

>lying when we can all see the video
>still screeching about "physical assault" that never happened

No. 357124

Actually a few of those times were me and that's a different anon. So apparently multiple people think you're a scrotey.

No. 357125

>still screeching about "physical assault" that never happened

the native guy himself said that a black man spit at the teenagers

No. 357127

Q: Why did the boys choose to mock and insult the native and not go after these black assholes who are the ones who got them stark raving mad to begin with?

No. 357128

25% of all pregnancies result in abortion each year.
Even without all those institutions/faculties to help women, there were hardly any issues just 60 years ago. These issues appeared simultaneously with the oral contraceptive pill and the sexual liberation movement of the late 60s.

We axiomatically disagree, it's a waste of time to argue.

No. 357129

They were insulting the assholes being homophobic. They didn't say anything offensive to the native american.

No. 357130


Timestamps please.

No. 357131

but anon, didn't you know?! smiling is offensive!!!1

No. 357132

>there were hardly any issues just 60 years ago
Sad how it doesn't ever cross your brain that maybe the numbers were off 60 years ago because no studies were done about it 60 years ago.
Just like how people think autism is some kind of new endemic when the reality is we just never knew shit about autism up until 1908. And even up until then autism didn't become mainstream buzzword knowledge until about 20 years ago. You don't know shit.

No. 357134

But they did do offensive things to the native american.

No. 357135

>there were hardly any issues just 60 years ago.

Do you also think there are hardly any issues nowadays? If the answer is yes, you need to realize that is because you are a man, so it will never, now or 60 years ago, seem like an issue to you.

No. 357137

how is it crowding if he's the one putting himself in the midst of the crowd?

No. 357140

what did they do that was offensive? they smiled, i saw that. i also saw the singing which was happening before the native guy even showed up. the teenagers started singing in response to the black israelites who began threatening and assaulting them. so what exactly did they do to the native man that was offensive?

No. 357142

This is a woman-only board, fucktard.

No. 357143

Deaths by spontaneous abortions, miscarriages and labor complications were in fact tallied and used in quantitative assays well before that, by the early 19th century.

The vast majority of abortions today are not because of complications or congenital defects. Don't use the exception to validate the rule.

I believe the fetus is a living being with a soul and the grace of God. I see abortion as murder. That's why we will never see eye to eye. You see abortion like cutting your nails, or cutting your hair. You view the fetus as a lifeless part of yourself, a lump of cells.

I digress, I don't want to make this about abortion.

No. 357144

this is true, and not all women have the same opinions or thoughts. do you need to work on your reading comprehension?

No. 357145

You think women dying in childbirth is a 60s invention? Have you ever opened any kind of history book ever in your life?

No. 357146

If abortion is murder, what should its sentence be? Prison time, surely? It would be very strange to believe it's murder and not think the women choosing to abort should go to prison.

No. 357148

>threatening and assaulting
Never happened, no evidence.

No. 357149

a) I am not a man
b) I think there are hardly any issues for people that exercise contraception, take responsibility for their actions, practice abstinence, have strong family units et cetera.

No. 357150

You're obviously not a woman, that's the problem.

No. 357151

If you don't want an abortion then you don't have to get one. Go have as many little christlings as you want. No one is stopping you.

No. 357152

anon, what did the teenagers do to the native man that was offensive? answer the question if you know.

No. 357155

When did I even imply that? Death during childbirth was considerably more common in earlier times obviously. We only learned about germs in the last 200 years or so.

The church (at least orthodox I am sure of) condones abortion due to complications or defects. You are relieved of the sin by God's grace.

No. 357156

They are referring to the post saying that the black Israelites were assaulting the poor little white bois. Where is the evidence in the video of that?

No. 357157

from the guy himself…
>Phillips said some of the members of the Black Hebrew group were also acting up, "saying some harsh things" and that one member spit in the direction of the Catholic students. "So I put myself in between that, between a rock and hard place," he said.

now that that's been covered, please feel free to answer: what did the teenagers do that was offensive to the native man?

No. 357159

I already did. The equivalent would be for me to tell you "don't go have children, no one is forcing you", yet that's what you are doing. You want to actually have children and then proceed to kill them in the womb.

No. 357160

i was making the point that they think a female space should be a hivemind. not all women have the same opinions, you know, on account of the fact that we're also people with our own thoughts. ironically, many /pol/tards who actually believe the rhetoric also think that the female sex is a hivemind

No. 357161

You seem to be confused, which really isn't surprising considering that you don't belong here but:

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Every women has her opinions and thoughts, but when all the alt-right, /pol/ browsing loser stereotypes manifest themselves, I'm going yo assume you're just that, and that demographic is more than 95% male.

No. 357163

I don't want to have children right now. Therefore I am not having any children, since I will have an abortion before that fetus becomes a child. I do want children one day, I want them very badly. That is why I will have children when I want them. Not by chance, not by mistake, not by "gods grace". It is my body, on my terms.

No. 357164

We can't all be leftist winners like you.

No. 357166

Yes. It's so annoying. They think they're smart, but their shitty, aggro typing styles, memespeak and reaction images always give them away.
Waiting for one of these tards to say this thread "glows in the dark" because none of us are buying their shitty Catholic pro-life trad alt-right waifu MAGA LARP.

No. 357167

Typing in all lowercases does not make you sound more like a girl. What's next? ":3"? Ellipses?
Embarrassing wastes of air.

No. 357168

Are you the /r9k/ freak that roleplays as a christian wombyn that has sex everyday for hours for the purpose of conception on crystal cafe? You're starting to sound like him more and more.

No. 357169

The fetus magically transforms into a living child at exactly 16 weeks though, right? Up until that point, it's a lump of cells and then it transforms into a human being. Gotcha.

No. 357170

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ANSWER: What did the teenagers do that was offensive to the native man?

No. 357172

Seriously though anon, do you believe women who abort should go to prison?

If you can't commit to a yes, then you don't truly believe it's murder.

No. 357173

did we devolve to schizoposting now? That was quick.

No. 357174

No one cares about the poor intimidated teen boys and the mean men but you.

No. 357175

You fucked up on your lowercase posting. E for effort.

No. 357176

Who said anything about 16 weeks? It's a fetus until its viable outside the womb. As far I know, no one has been successfully born at 16 weeks.

No. 357177

There is nuance and I am not educated enough to assert what the legal recourse should be.
They are already committing a sin. What our society decides should be the penalty is up to the rule of the people.

No. 357178

Different anon. Take your meds.

No. 357179

Of course, pro-lifetards never have the courage to commit to their own beliefs and say women who abort need to go to prison.

You don't really believe it's murder. If you did, then it'd be a no-brainer that a murderer should be convicted and face prison.

No. 357180

i always type in all lowercase, and i really dont see what that has to do with being a girl or a guy

No. 357181

it's really sad if people here actually believe that the anons wanting to be rational about a political/racial situation rather than jump to conclusions based on biased reporting are automatically alt-right men now.

No. 357182

Take yours, go to sleep and maybe this thread will finally have peace.

No. 357183

That's not me. Upped the "hysteric/take your meds" count by two, keep gong my fellow woman.

No. 357184

premeditated 1st degree murder carries a different sentence to involuntary manslaughter or negligent manslaughter.


No. 357185

Sure, Jan.

No. 357186

there is nuance to the senseless murder of an innocent baby (according to you)??? sure, jan.

No. 357187

You think the anon on lolcow, an offensive gossip website thats a 4chan offshoot, talking about the "grace of god" is on here arguing in good faith?

No. 357188

Abortion, by your own logic, is premeditated 1st degree murder. So you believe any woman who aborts should face that charge. If you can't commit to this, you're lying about believing it's murder. It really is that simple.


No. 357189

Nah, you're not an alt-right men if you have a different view, but the moment you bring up islam to a discussion where it doesn't belong at all it becomes pretty obvious. It speaks about what's on your mind to such a large degree that you can't help but bring it up.

No. 357190

Oh, you are a judge. Sorry I hadn't noticed.
Can't wait to have you on the supreme court.

No. 357191

nta, but who said anything about discussing the teenagers being intimidated? that's not where this conversation is right now; we want to know what they did to offend the native man. please, you had so much insight to offer before - answer us this now: what did the teenagers do that was offensive to the native man?

No. 357193

Why can't you commit to your beliefs?

No. 357194

>just learned "sure, Jan"
Watch everyone here stop using it while you keep on and out yourself again.

No. 357195

oh look it's a sea lion. being all sea lioney.

No. 357196

It's really simple, anon. Why can't you answer?

Should pre-meditated 1st degree murder be punishable with prison time? Yes or no?

Most people can answer this question very easily.

No. 357198

I believe abortion is murder and a sin. But there is nuance depending on the circumstances, like with everything.

Our priests are mandated to join the draft in the case of war. They are mandated to kill. They commit murder. They are absolved. The same can be with the case of abortion.

You are trying so hard to reach a "gotcha".

No. 357199

did you just unironically use this expression? Like really?

No. 357201

>did you just […]
>Like really?
No one here talks like that. Fuck off, scrote.

No. 357203

you have big issues pal

No. 357204

So what's the nuance? Nobody is mandated to get an abortion, it's a choice they make. Nobody gets drafted into an abortion clinic.

You can't answer the question because you can't take your own beliefs to their logical conclusion, because you know that if you do you'll look like a monster. But let me help you: to us, you already look like one.

No. 357205

Really, those meds, take them.

No. 357208

No, we're not the ones poorly catfishing as the opposite sex for the sake of an argument on an imageboard.

No. 357209

im starting to tinfoil the one calling everyone a scrote is a scrote themselves

No. 357210

I am a monster for thinking the fetus is a human being and killing them is murder.


No. 357212

Jehovahs Witnesses are crazy but atleast they are consistent in their beliefs. They don't join the military because killing is wrong. They don't salute the flag because they acknowledge nothing higher than god. Catholics have no backbone.

There has also been tons draft dodgers for religious reasons, I'm sorry your priests are spineless hypocrites. If murder is wrong then it is always wrong, no exceptions.

When pro life women put "exceptions" on their beliefs, they're really saying "abortion is wrong, unless something happens and I have to get one".

No. 357213

Should women that abort go to prison?

No. 357214

Totally, my fellow wombyn.

No. 357215

You're a monster because you either believe rape victims should go to prison or you throw around the word "murder" without truly believing it. There's no other option here now that you were stupid enough to drop the "abortion is murder" chestnut.

No. 357217

"The only moral abortion is my abortion"

No. 357221

i've been saying this since they popped up. it's very clearly a troll pretending to be an extreme SJW in attempt to… what, push us over to the other side? they're very obvious and it's incredibly annoying.

No. 357226

yeah what ever happened to the "I was there" anon?

No. 357230

File: 1548016116167.jpg (36.16 KB, 530x297, me rn.jpg)

Actual vent: I signed up to teach english online using my fb account on a website, and it turns out I missed my video interview because they sent the correspondence about all the shit I needed to know including the interview time to my fb email, which is dirt old and I don't check.
I thought in my application I put in my current email, which evidently didn't fucking matter because they still reverted to the fb account information.
But you know what? Fuck me, I wasn't prepared anyway according to call the material I'm looking at on my desktop. I need to have made my recording space look child-friendly, recorded a demo, and made sure I was aware of all their silly little quirks oh sorry 'tools' to have taught these esl kids correctly–and none of that was going to reasonably get done today because people in my house are watching FOOTBAAAAAALL and all I can fucking hear is shit about FOOTBAAAAAAALL!!! Fuck sports.

I'm fucking pissed at myself and I want to bash my head into a pool of red mush. I wrote an email back explaining the situation, but considering how their mantra on this website is 'be on time' for this thing I'm positive I've been blacklisted and my excuse won't matter.
I needed an income ever since I quit my job in November, my savings are up and if I don't have income by next month I'm screwed on my bills.

Nevermind that the government shutdown robbed me of my interview process of another job I had been working on since the summer. I just found out I passed the exam for it in December when Trump farted about how he was shutting shit down right as I might have gotten the invitation to begin training. I found through the vine that I was to expect delays, but now there's gossip about only hiring veterans and only the highest exam scorers, no one else now because of the cuts.
So fuck everything.

No. 357235

There's multiple people disagreeing with you.
You have the actual /pol/ tier arguments and use their language.
You are tinfoiling hardcare and are wrong about it to boot.

No. 357236

again, not the same anon.


No. 357238

Not the same anon, either.


No. 357248

Why is it that American alt-righters hate minorities and whatnot but follow and praise chrisianity and catholicism? Are they too stupid to know the origin of this religion? Why don't they (at least try) to follow white religion instead and revive european paganism? I know some alt-righters do already but most of the American normies don't.

It's hypocrisy based off ignorance. You can't go around preaching hate if you can't even follow your own ideology or have knowledge about what you spout.

No. 357255

They're extremely stupid and willfully ignorant, that's literally it.
>inb4 "real women" who totally just coincidentally obsessively WK alt-right shit but aren't scrotes (and we all need to take our meds if we think so) swarm your post

No. 357256

The black israelites were the only ones being racists in the incident.

Strawman harder.

No. 357258

>Not blindly kissing the ass of MAGA white trolls

How fucking insecure can you be

No. 357262

i can't fucking wait to get out of work. i'm going to go swimming in an indoor pool and use their fucking sauna and just relax!

No. 357264

Who? What does this have to do with my post lmao

No. 357265

freedom of speech faggot
deal with it

No. 357266

CNN verbatim :
>"four young African-Americans, who'd been preaching about the Bible nearby"

No. 357267

what the fuck is 4chan and the rest of the internet?

No. 357270


They attacked a feminist attending the rally in favor of pro-choice, as well.
Interestingly enough, CNN didn't cover this story.

No. 357271

>Black men physically assaulted those poor white keeds!!!

You are a fucking liar

No. 357274

>european paganism

Because there's no clear cut hierarchy in pagan belief whereby people could take a passage and use it to look down upon a whole subset of people.
And I mean that for more religions than just Christianity and Catholicism inb4 the self-hating women itt get a buttblast again.

No. 357275

>wawww black people are calling me faggot!!
>MAGA tard goes on 4chan and talks with his alt-right buddies using "nigger" and "kike" any second he can get in his circlejerk space and actively joins discords about staging genocide attacks on non-whites

No. 357277

The actual native american activist that faked being a vietnam veteran actually went on record saying the black israelites spat on the kids and threw caps at them.

You will be unpleasantly surprised when the court hearing invites him as a witness.

No. 357280

>the 14-year-olds were actually racist poltards!

>source:dude trust me

No. 357281

>faked being a vet

No. 357282

I think those MAGA kids seemed annoying af, but Black Israelites are notoriously awful. Anyone who's ever had experience with them will have no trouble believing they were shouting and spitting.

No. 357283

He was born in 1955. Do the math.

No. 357285

Not that anon but it amazes me how you think the majority of 4chan isn't underage users, esp when we have users here who confess going on /b/ when they were like 15 in the nostalgia thread. So, why are you in denial?

No. 357286

Hit me up when conjecture and imponderables become an argument.

No. 357287

so? Treat them like the Westbro babtist church


No. 357289

Heh…my sweet summer child, the Vietnam War lasted until 1975…..

No. 357290

How exactly did they not ignore them, psycho-chan?

No. 357291

Conscription ended on december 72.

No. 357294

Underage high schooler confirmed lmao.

No. 357296

How so? Genuinely interested to know, since it's somewhat flattering.

No. 357297

those brats kept trying to debate with the isrealities, which would have gotten them nowhere because that is what happens when you try to debate people on religion in a public rally/ protest.

The school and teachers are fucking retarded and can't use a brain to tell their kids how to protest


The Chaperones were with the kids NOT DOING THEIR JOB and the school failed BY LETTING THEM WEAR POLITICAL ATTIRE.

No. 357298

He would've been 17, dingus.

No. 357300

Because they're too retarded to do math

No. 357303

that's exactly what they did though. they ignored them and chanted their school song to drown out the nasty, racist & homophobic shit the black israelites were spewing. that's when the native drum man stepped in, then the media took that clip and spun the story. those kids were going to be villainized no matter what they did.

No. 357304

exactly. He wouldn't have been able to go to war at 17.

No. 357306

Because you don't know conscription starts at 17, the age he would have been in 72.
Because you ask people to do math instead of providing the source that says he lied about being a veteran, a serious charge.

How's US History treating you on the sophomore level, little one?

No. 357308

>he wouldn't have been able to go

Sigh…poor lamb. You don't even know what you're saying. Just spouting pol memes…and you took the bait hook, line, and sinker. Sucker.

No. 357309

He couldn't have been conscripted though.
>n March 1973, 1974, and 1975, the Selective Service assigned draft priority numbers for all men born in 1954, 1955, and 1956, in case the draft was extended, but it never was.[74]

No. 357313

The onus is on you to prove that he's a liar. Nice Wiki quote though.

No. 357314

they weren't calling the kids faggots, they were talking about gay people.
i'm only going off of the actual video evidence. none of these students said those things, on video.
swear to god, make up more situations that didn't exist to try to protect these homophobes who said, on camera, they disprove of the LGBT community.

No. 357316

There is nothing to prove. Men born in 54,55 and 56 were not drafted. Are you even all there? Are you having an aneurysm?

No. 357317

I stumbled across my ex’s new gf in an expat group on FB. We broke up like 2 years ago, and it was a pretty smooth breakup considering how much of an ass he was. He always commented on my looks and mentioned my weight and how fat I was at the time (5’7 and 120ish lbs for reference). His new gf is fat and the total opposite he would lose his shit over me doing when we were dating(dont leave the house with your hair down, i like it up. Dye your hair blonde, i like blondes, wear specifically only toght fitting exercise clothes despite how casually fashionable everyone else is)

I haven’t thought about this shit for probably a good year and a half and then BAM right there. It just puts me in a bad mood that I cant shake, seeing his stupid punchable face. He looks like absolute shit these days anyways. I cant believe i let this fucker wreck my self esteem and gaslight me everyday for two years.

No. 357319

Yeah because I'm sure you care a lot about gay people as you stan for Catholics.

No. 357322

He still went, clearly. Done with your tantrum yet?
Can't imagine being so wrong in an argument you try to assassinate an innocent man's character.

No. 357323

>can't have been drafted

what the fuck?

No. 357325

/ot/ is nothing but shitty arguments over literally nothing in every thread these days. why are farmers so angry now

No. 357326

go back to kpop twitter
i don't "stan" any fucking religion, this is an anonymous board. you can't see my post history. jesus christ.

No. 357328

I'm saying you're misinterpreting Wikipedia and until you provide some concrete proof he didn't go, he did. Sorry poopsie.

No. 357329

No. 357330

Lmao. The term "stan" didn't originate in kpop nor twitter.

What a retard!

No. 357332

I'm extremely fed up with my racist parents. My mom straight up told me should would kill herself if I married outside of my culture. I have this huge crush on a half Chinese boy but they shit on asian people constantly and get mad at me when i call them out. He's a nice guy and is super nice to me but I am so scared to go for it because I know if my parents ever find out it's gonna be an entire shit show. Any farmers go through a similar situation? Advice on how to get my parents more open to the idea of me ending up with a person who's not from my country?

No. 357334

Google "Did 17 year olds fight in the Vietnam War?" and then come back for your headpat and describe what you learned.

No. 357335

I cant believe Eminem is really Korean.

No. 357337

>poor lamb
>little one
>lmao, multiplie ellipses, exclamation marks galore

This is a 18+ board.

No. 357340

I provided a wikipedia article that clearly aligns with my assertion.
Kindly do the same.

No. 357341

i agree, it's kinda sad to see arguments over nothing in a lot of threads. pls chill down guys

No. 357345

You can tell when someone's underage if they don't know how words came to be and only know them in context of current issues. Or how they rely zealously on strict interpretation of Wikipedia quotes. My college professors used to discourage that actually, for the very reason that it formulates conjecture.

No. 357348

Well I guess you gotta take the heat off yourself after embarrassing yourself with that stan thing lol.

No. 357350

for the last time you absolute retard, we are not all one person.

Your solipsism is negatively affecting your ability to observe reality.

No. 357351

Did you need a thesaurus to type that one out?

No. 357355

>Sorry poopsie.
ew, you sound EXACTLY like a troon. fuck off.

No. 357356

You are just boring now. Practice humility. You are so incredibly stupid that that will at least make you somewhat likable.

No. 357359

it really is. anons here are so hateful towards everything and lash out and shit up the thread thinking everyone is out to get them

No. 357360

>you're a tranny

Kek, it's come full circle! Weren't you the one whinging about being called a scrote earlier?
Just because I call you a pet name, like the stupid immature shit that you are, doesn't make me a troon.

No. 357362

that's not even underage speak, that's nasty ass tranny, 'old-ass man pretending to be a young girl uwu' speak. yuck.

No. 357363

Says the person defending a bunch of retarded teenagers in red hats making international fools out of themselves.

On the other hand I'm well liked in my social circles and can't relate to making so many enemies over being a dick to drummers. Piss off, I'm not out to impress you. You're nobody.

No. 357364

kindly refer to

No. 357366

>my social circles
I can only imagine.

No. 357367

>I'm well liked in my social circles
no one cares. yawn

No. 357369

Yawn. I don't care what you have to say either. Why don't you move on?

No. 357370

this has got to be a troll

No. 357371

Hanlon's razor, anon.

No. 357372

No, you're the troll.

But enough about me. Let's get back to calling the native american a liar, or abortion being murder, or the attack on Catholicism, or literally anything else you've derailed about today.

No. 357373

i blame the men and trannies pretending to be obnoxious, annoying women just to piss us off. tinfoil, but they've realized they can't get to us with their redpill robot shit anymore because we ignore it, so they go for the exact opposite and pretend to be the worst SJWs to make everyone upset.

No. 357374

he happens to be native american, anon it's not that deep. fuck. go to bed. leave your computer chair. put your phone down.

No. 357376

Ily anon.

No. 357378

Except being pro-life, talking about "Israelites," and bringing up Islam when anyone criticizes christianity is literally the /pol/ pill and what you've been spouting for several hours.

How fucking weird and delusional.

No. 357382

I've been posting from my phone this whole time and have multi-tasked several things.
I'm sure you've given your computer a thorough dusting with the way you've frantically clacked on your keyboard though.

No. 357384

1. the pro-life argument was contained between you and the other anon, the rest of us ignored you while you went at it. 2. they're literally Black Israelites, it's their name you dumb fuck, but you already knew that, didn't you? 3. islam was brought up in ONE post here >>356973 before you >>356976 escalated it. you've been at this for over six hours, just fuck off already.

No. 357385

I have with my black boyfriend that I have married and stayed together for 10 years

I just want to say that it isn't easy, but when they see your kids they start to soften up a lot lol

No. 357388

File: 1548021361272.jpg (65.05 KB, 1080x809, 49906777_754315041619364_67245…)

It must suck to see that history books will see you as the poster child as racists

No. 357390

1. Spoiler: I was taking a shower during the abortion argument and therefore you were arguing with someone else–as explained to you multiple times.

2. Jews. You can just call them Jews. Israelites is an old fashioned and antisemitic term used by, you guessed it, /pol/.

3. Multiple people thought your Islam analogy was a retarded deflection.

No. 357391

oh my god you're on par with twitter SJWs, leave this poor woman out of your argument

No. 357392


Also it was found that they (MAGAs) were harassing a group of blacks and the native american came up to defend them not what the alt-right trolls are saying

No. 357394

No. 357397

I just assumed they’re angry about their micropenis and there’s nothing to comment on /pol/

No. 357399


Counter protests against Covington High School are prepping up

No. 357402

To the troll crying about the Covington scum not being jerks:

No. 357403

abortion should be supported because the majority of them are performed on a certain demographic of people

No. 357404

NTA, but Black Hebrews/Black Israelites aren’t black Jews—they’re a whole other ball game sort of like Mormons where they separate themselves from Jewish and Christian communities while also not being recognized by them.

No. 357405

They will either get retracted and CNN will offer an apology for the propaganda or this will end in a bloodbath.

Leftist antifa scumbags are getting nowhere near highschool kids. Tell your handlers to prepare accordingly.

No. 357406

>Leftist antifa scumbags
People still cry about antifa?
/pol/tard detected

No. 357407

There it is!
and people say /r9k/ faggots aren't present

No. 357409

Whatever, I am tired of arguing with your schizo allegations.

No. 357410

are you going to be like other anon who said every student who went to the school is responsible for one of them being a terrible rapist? the person who made the tweet thread went to the same school. there's a lot of jerks from other schools as well.
that group was also very anti-gay. read the rest of the thread. i'm sure you haven't seen the almost 2 hour video either, or at least skimmed through it.

No. 357411

File: 1548022663307.jpg (165.71 KB, 960x942, DxV2ky5VsAAl1k3.jpg)

No. 357412

File: 1548022751041.png (585.49 KB, 783x825, 1548022300561.png)

No. 357414

what's interesting is that this has sparked a debate and people are coming out with stories about their abuse at catholic schools so yea, continue to cope

No. 357417

A fake story sparked a debate? We should thank the media, maybe even award them a Pulitzer.

Your "kind" proves daily that you don't care about facts, you care about narrative. As long as you can capitalize on deception, slander, and duplicity, all is well and called for.

Kudos, keep lying and demonizing innocents.

No. 357418

File: 1548023194284.jpg (87.36 KB, 895x672, fail.JPG)

No. 357419

Oh please like you alt-right scrotes don't do that daily

fuck off back to pol

No. 357420

I don't care what the alt-right does.
I am a liberal and I am disgusted that your "kind" has completely taken over and infected the entirety of social liberalism.

No. 357421

File: 1548023344211.jpg (79.38 KB, 937x767, lkajfakej.JPG)

No. 357429

In the United States there's a yearly practice in some schools between Freshman and Seniors called Slave Day. This isn't exclusive to this school.

No. 357430

File: 1548023842899.jpg (88.28 KB, 1021x711, adfeaklem,.JPG)

sure buddy

No. 357432

>I don't care what the alt-right does


>I am disgusted that your "kind"

What do you mean by this?

No. 357433

So you admit this is a problem then?

No. 357434

It's literally in the bible.
Abraham's 1st son, that he made with his servant since Sarah couldn't conceive.

No. 357435

And this guy is speaking about it because he went to the same school. Is he guilty for what the school teaches as well?
Yes, religious schools have taught ridiculous things, does that mean every student soaks this in like a sponge and is therefore a future threat? No. Look at the people speaking up about it.
I'm just saying, this is a practice in some schools. Not everybody participates. Also, not sure when those yearbooks were published. They usually don't have that anymore.

No. 357437

how can you double down and just say "It's in the bible" to justify >>357430 with discrimination, slavery and jim crow?

fucking christ psychopaths

No. 357438

actually, I am done.
The schizo SJW has us talking in circles ad infinitum. It's hopeless.
2020 will be the 1st time in 12 years I wont be voting, because I don't want to be grouped with people like this.

No sanity in the left, no sanity in the right. We are doomed.

No. 357440

It's the fact that religous schools teach disturbing and devious ideas to children under the guise of protecting them is disgusting.

And before you try and do more wataboutisms, I said RELIGIOUS (MEANING ALL RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS)

No. 357441

>omg schizo SJW is crazy I'm not voting

your loss loser

Sucks you can't back up your claims.

No. 357457

i hate that all the guys that are socially conscious are ones have been like, the person they now are complaining about (which is a step in the right direction, but)

like, just as an example, guys who agree with radical feminism and are anti-bdsm and anti-porn are almost always men that have been addicted to porn and were 'dominant', and saw how their way of seeing and treating women was so disgusting. there are like no men that have just never been this way, but see how fucked up it is and condemn it. like why are there no passive, sweet men that have never been like this but agree

like, i've never been a huge racist but i see how fucked up horrible racists are. i feel like wrt these kind of issues, men literally have to have been the perpetrators of violence or nasty shit to agree that it's gross. idk its just disheartening. i feel like i have faith for a moment and then it's a letdown

No. 357465

I don't know where you're meeting or talking to people, but to me it just sounds like the former type of guys are going to be the more vocal ones, no matter what side of the fence they're on.

No. 357466

You guys might as well max out the thread with the derailing btw, at this point we need a new thread to actually yunno, vent.

No. 357476

this thread is still nearly a thousand posts from being at max. just post your vents and move on.

No. 357480

It's not gonna be possible. Not everyone browsed lolcow at the same time, new people are going to be quoting that clusterfuck and or someone's gonna say something to stir it again. I can feel it.

No. 357492

File: 1548029371252.jpg (60.27 KB, 749x710, Cs0zJWtXYAEqzWs.jpg)

me scrolling through this thread

No. 357496

File: 1548029766807.jpg (1.02 MB, 1242x1626, 1548027250079.jpg)

>smirk while harassed
>get death threats
>bomb threats
>get shot
>blue checkmarks rejoice worldwide

No. 357497

I'm not a fan of news, I'm pretty non political unless I feel like it. I feel like so many stories get fabricated or there's selective outrage for everything via Twitter or Reddit.

Reddits a cesspool of toxic politics, good forbid you want a dialogue with the other side. I'm interested in knowing more about TERFs and we'll I'm more center right myself.

You're entitled to free speech but sending death threats and doxxing isn't right, in my book. I'm curious to most political philosophies and reasoning, however with this news - I feel like everyone is will to run with one side of the story and not question. (Not trying to start again, I'm just curious and want to broaden my scope).

No. 357499

Haven't read any of the fighting above or followed this story at all but I'm just laughing at how of all of the sources you could've cited you used "BNL NEWS" kek seems reputable

Also who got shot

No. 357504

This is the 1st time that BNL news appeared ITT. It's a news aggregate, not a news outlet.

>Also who got shot

I tried to do the meme (be american, get shot), but I butchered it.

No. 357506


This guy is a liberal, but he is pretty bipartisan and impartial. He explains what transpired as of earlier today (new info is available).

No. 357508

Hey, thank you so much for referring me to him anon! Bless you.

And once again, thank you for being so kind to do so!

No. 357510

>You're entitled to free speech but sending death threats and doxxing isn't right, in my book.

Good. Nobody itt ever supported the dox and death threats either. I'm glad to see farmers have common ground after all.

No. 357511

Whenever someone says a YouTube commenter is impartial and has no bias I have a good chuckle.

No. 357512

If anything the guy is such a fence-sitter that both the radical left and the far right hate his guts.

Being a centrist is apparently not okay in current year.

No. 357515

Being a neutral individual isn't in itself annoying at all.

A Youtuber doing it is annoying and phoney because they go whichever way in order to say the right things on hot button issues in order to get clicks and subs for revenue. They contradict themselves and you can compare the different ways they've flip flopped and talked issues back over the course of their channels. They've got a motive and it's not completely innocent. Being labeled "impartial" and "neutral" in the current political climate is juicy for someone looking to pull the most people from the largest audience even if what they say is objectively not so.

No. 357516

That's what being a journalist is supposed to be.
You report on the news, you don't create news and you don't fabricate news. And most importantly you don't manipulate public opinion.

This is how low we've fallen. We give a carte blanche to CNN that's been caught red-handed fabricating news incessantly, and in the same breath, we assert that a journalist that doesn't pick sides is phony.

No. 357517

Anyway, if anyone wants to read up on this "impartial journalist" with no agenda, here ya go:

Btw I just googled his name, I don't tend to browse KF willingly.

No. 357518

Samefag, yeah. Everyone has a right to privacy, I think it's scummy if you want to be malevolent and want to menecingly ruin someone's livelihood (if they aren't scum themselves - molesters, killers, rapists)

>>357512 agreed, I like his style of reporting. NGL. I think it sheds light on reporting.

Thanks guys whom are commenting, I like dialogue between farmers who can share critiques and a common ground.

No. 357519

Well I'm part of the group of anons who were being called "The SJW schizo sekrit man" from earlier, turns out you can have civil discussions and agree on certain things if one isn't being aggressive out the gate.

No. 357521

Anon, I don't know how to tell you this…

No. 357522

Don't keep me in suspense!

No. 357523

Yeah… Several anons saw that derail.. Rest be assured, there are anons whom are like us (those whom replied to me, without agression). I wish Reddit (in the political sphere) could learn from this. I'd get down voted if this story had a hole or seemed sketchy personally, get cussed out and banned although.

I'm grateful for the opportunity of civility and helpful dialogue between my fellow farmers, if that helps. I'm not confrontational or agressive unless I need too.

No. 357524

I think you should do it and post results, as an experiment.

No. 357525

I am the anon that called you/her a SJW schizo for incessantly calling everyone a scrote/poltard.

This is awkward..

No. 357527

File: 1548033432063.jpg (184.63 KB, 1192x880, 1548033044473.jpg)

Would you look at that!
Gofundme for the poor native american that had to endure white males smirking at him, already up and running.
13,000$ already, anons do your part!

No. 357528

Fine but you did say that to posters who weren't me to. I understand you just got a little upset. No worries.

No. 357529

Again samefag.
I could, id have to do it on my acct. The unpopular opinions thread got sperged but people on r/politics, r/history and etc. Over this. There's more infighting than in Lolcow.

This site gets a bad rep from other communities but I like lolcow. Happy to be a farmer here.
Who votes on this idea?
/Sage for irrelevancy.

No. 357530

I was being facetious, I meant what I said and I stand by it. You are not well.

No. 357531

It's a scholarship fund, tbh I'm just happy to see students getting more opportunities for money before college tuition and loans come to rape them.

No. 357532

I'm fine. Like I said, you quoted more posters saying the same thing to them than just me, you're free to think what you will. Everyone else went to do something else or abandoned all hope for this thread.

No. 357541

File: 1548035833314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.91 KB, 720x734, 1548035623234.jpg)

No. 357542

this whole exchange has me legit cackling.

No. 357543

This thread is officially ruined.

No. 357544

do you REALLY think he's going to use it for education? lol, please don't be naive. gofundme's are nothing more than scams that most """victims""" use for pitybux while they're getting their fifteen minutes on CNN and twitter.

No. 357546

what in the fuck is that on the left? a naked ass drag queen/troon with a child tranny? how is that not considered CP? everyone involved in taking and distributing that photo needs to be jailed, and that kid needs to be taken from its parents and put into therapy asap. god, this is why i hate liberals.

No. 357547

Yeah it's the child "drag queen" that's been hanging out with trannies and involved in a series of absurd incidents.
While the liberals clap and repeat how courageous and progressive he is being.

No. 357548

the scholarship is just named after him

No. 357549

sorry for samefag
The tranny in pic related is legitimately naked, by the way.

No. 357551

oh, i misunderstood and thought it was going to his college fund for being a "victim", which would have been ridiculous. i should have read about the actual gofundme, sorry - my mistake! i agree that that's actually a good thing. if using his name while it's relevant gets more money to students who need it, then that's probably the best use i've seen of those 'fifteen minutes' in this type of situation.

No. 357553

god, that actually makes me sick. i try to filter out tranny news as best i can, so i've never even heard of that kid before, but that's beyond messed up. how can anyone look at that picture and think that that's normal and healthy? i'm pretty sure that's illegal, for one, but also, that's just morally wrong - it's not progressive or cute or brave, it's exploitative and wrong. how on earth can liberals be so delusional? i just don't understand. i mainly just feel bad for that poor kid - that's child abuse, plain and simple.

No. 357558

>This site gets a bad rep from other communities but I like lolcow. Happy to be a farmer here.

Are you new here? Where did you come from? We don't really give a shit about reddit and ALL of your replies should be saged since they're irrelevant to the OP.

I get the impression you just react to things and scream about libruls without putting any much thought into it.

Of course, because our site is known for supporting drag queens and trannies. We get it, you don't like the royal them of liberals, you ever think that people here who identify as left really don't endorse either side of that picture?

Anons from earlier were right, this is Wig0nhead style posting.

No. 357559

Any further political derailing will be met with a ban.

No. 357561

>bf lives an hour away
>going to drive to see him tonight
>"Anon you should drive early so you can get here right at 10 when i get out of work."
>thinking how this is a bad idea and how there's nothing usually wrong with me getting there a half hour past or at 11
>surprise, his boss won't let him leave and put bf picking up work slack because of a fucking sports game his boss wanted to watch
>sitting here in my car with no way to get into bf's place because I'm early


No. 357562

thank goodness

No. 357573

They are saged, even said so plenty of times. Understood. No more derailing yay! Kek.

No. 357579

Yep, including you. Kekaroo indeed.

No. 357602

File: 1548050643672.jpg (138.12 KB, 1080x534, gh.jpg)

I want to die
Yesterday my sis threw a party, everyone was drunk and i was talking to this dude i like who i just met like 3 times before (he's a friend of someone close to me).anyway whe were talking random stuff and he invited a girl friend (a long time friend of him) she was shitfaced, we were so damn drunk and i don't even know when we all started to kiss fml, the three of us, then we went to the bathroom and started kissing.. Then fml i sucked this dudes dick wtf just getting flash backs and I'm so embarrassed i just want to fucking forget all that. When we were saying goodbye i kissed him again and he said I'll write you (on social media). I don't even know what to do, I'm so fucking embarrassed and ashamed.. And i think having something with this dude is just impossible now, I really liked him lmao
Someone kill me

No. 357603

File: 1548050659174.jpeg (8.12 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg)

I enjoy being top and find it sexually fulfilling all on its own but jeez I wanna be rammed so hard that it frees me from my mortal prison.

Im literally aching for it but i was just mad at her for letting the dog on our bed earlier (he was rolling around in some dead thing or something) all the way until we were ready to go to bed again so i turned away from her and now shes asleep.

Like im still upset about it too because i just made the bed with freshly cleaned sheets and it was a long day after a shitty week, but now its coupled with intense frustration and i would really appreciate it if shed just fuck me until i forgot about it.

But like… lol Im also just really insecure about being exposed so even if she did wannatop id probably be too nervous anyway so fuck me i guess. or not.

Also my kittens in heat for the first time and i didnt really understand her struggle until now. Sorry for making fun of your funny looking but wiggles, i was dumb fool

My legs also hurt from moving our furniture and im sad we left our table behind

I could keep venting but i think ive cooled off quite a lot now

No. 357606

basically ive been dealing with depression/anxiety and ptsd for the past 10+years

ive been on such a good streak lately. I was trying to make myself productive, losing weight, etc. I'm going back to school starting next week for a bachelor's.

but just in the past couple of days my mental health has tanked, sunken so fucking low. I'm taking 3 hour naps again. started eating shitty again. and im alone, and I'm 26, I haven't learned how to drive yet, and it genuinely feels like it's never going to get better it's so futile after I've tried so hard for so long.

I really just want to throw myself in front of the train by my house and to be real, there's nothing stopping me but fear at this point.

No. 357607

Some stupid entitled man stopped me in the street to tell me that I "need to" gain weight and get tan.
Can you fucking imagine thinking that literally every woman HAS to be attractive to you? Do you think this dickhead has ever stopped a man to tell him how he needs to look? No, because they see men as human beings who get to come in all shapes and sizes, but women are just fucking objects that are defective if they're not "fuckable"
Absolutely seething

No. 357616

I am never being nice to a man again. Seriously, from now on it's just the bare minimum and even that is more than they deserve.

I miss man-hate thread

No. 357623

I feel just like you anon. I have no idea why but I've been suicidal for weeks for abdolutely no reason.
I'm at home alone today. I just feel like hanging myself. I've already made a contact info post it note to make it easier for my bf if I do it.
Probably shouldn't stay alone but can't tell anybody.

No. 357624

Desex your goddamn kitten

No. 357633

If a stranger, especially a man, came up to me on the street and thought they were entitled to tell me what I had to make myself do to become more attractive in their literal nobody eyes, I would unapologetically pick apart every observable flaw they had until they'd become so awkward that they'd leave my space. Fuckers.

I got mad reading that lol.

No. 357637

>inb4 handmaiden/man/wtfever

but do you realize how fucking stupid you sound? i understand you're upset but fuck, are you dumb enough to think that someone like that would give one fuck what you had to say? that reaction is almost as cringy as what that guy did.

No. 357642

NTA, but there's nothing wrong with that response.
>are you dumb enough to think that someone like that would give one fuck what you had to say?
People who do shit like that usually have personal issues of their own that they're trying to push through in stupid ways (like picking apart strangers and offering "advice"). Such people need to be taught that those methods don't work, won't take away from their own flaws and are actually rather rude. Sadly, many of them simply don't learn until it happens to them. If you just say "That was rude", they'll just think everyone else is oversensitive or "can't handle advice". If you just ignore them, it means they will do it again.
The more a person's socially unacceptable behavior backfires, the more they will gradually fall into line. Even if they get mad or pretend not to care about the words of whoever fired back, they will learn from the experience every time, and eventually stop. When it comes to social interactions, you usually only get as much shit flung at you as you decide to tolerate.

No. 357646

It's a man's reponse. As a woman if you answer to these provocation, either they'll come back with anger (dangerous) or they'll take it as a sign of interest and take it a a right to say even fouler things to you.
You're naive to think a man who feel the right to comment on the appearance of strangers will be corrected by you cutting him down. You'll learn soon enough that your personnal security is more important than trying to teach lessons to random men.

No. 357647

Men are honestly the most fragile, insecure beings on the planet. Literally just ask if criticizing you made them any taller and they'll be on suicide watch. Any anger directed at you is just anger at himself for getting himself into that situation.
If he starts to gets physical, that's when you call for help about this strange, threatening man who won't leave you alone. If possible, get someone else to film for extra evidence, or film him yourself and get him to inadvertently admit to attacking you. No one will defend him if he accosted you and made the first attack.
>You'll learn soon enough that your personnal security is more important than trying to teach lessons to random men.
This sounds way too much like a threat from some incel whose only joy in life is cutting down women and knowing many are too scared to respond, kek. Just try it, we'll see who ends up in jail because you think someone needs to gain weight or get fake tits.

No. 357648

I've tried it, anon. Got threatened and berated for an entire train ride with people around and nobody to help me. Sure nothing physical happened but yeah, I'm not risking it again.
You sound like an idiot 12 yo who has never taken a punch and think they're invincible.

No. 357650

this. the best way to deal with this stuff is by either ignoring them or shaming them so others support you. i wouldn't support you being a twat.

No. 357651

>nothing physical happened
So because you fear for your life after some guy threatened to do shit but knew his limits (for the reasons I stated before), everyone else must bow their heads and be meek, too? What kind of pathetic life is that? Don't encourage it here.e
And tbh, failing all this
>what is pepper spray
>You sound like an idiot 12 yo who has never taken a punch and think they're invincible.
I wish all 12 year olds would call the police when grown-ass men attack them, lmao. I just don't put fervor in helplessness and try to dissuade others from not taking bullshit. I don't "think I'm invincible", I just recognize that I do have options.

No. 357652

nta but don't be a fucking aggressive cunt. you'll probably baww about it but it's stupid to assert the same behavior that you're trying to stop others from doing. it just makes you sound irrational and angry. he doesn't deserve to randomly shit on you but that doesn't mean you can shit on him back. shame his bad behavior don't mimic it.

No. 357656

Pepper spray is forbidden in my country, and also, I thought ridiculing men was enough to deter them. Which is it?

And also, sure, calling the police will magically summon them in that instant and avoid you to get beaten up or worse.
Must be nice to live in that fantasy of yours, anon.

Maybe it's my turn to call you a tranny. Real women know that facing agressive men is never worth it. You'd need testosterone to be that reckless.

No. 357657

maybe anon is fine risking bodily harm to prove her point. oh wait, it won't prove anything because it's recklessness.

No. 357658

I'm not asserting anything, that anon called another dumb for not doing as she does to begin with. If you dislike it, cool, but don't reee at people for not having your same personality.

No. 357661

…are you stupid? by asserting the same behavior i meant as the asshole in the scenario. don't be aggressive to aggressive men if you're whole point is that people shouldn't do it.

No. 357662

>Pepper spray is forbidden in my country,
Not everyone lives in your country. I get that that's hard to understand when you unironically threaten people for not subscribing to your world view, but please.
>and also, I thought ridiculing men was enough to deter them. Which is it?
You started bringing up hypothetical violence for some reason, and I provided a solution for that as well. Keep up.
>And also, sure, calling the police will magically summon them in that instant and avoid you to get beaten up or worse.
I don't live in a shithole country, so I probably won't die if I say "Lol manlet" if someone says I "need to tan".
>Must be nice to live in that fantasy of yours, anon.
Better than living in a paranoiac nightmare where I can never say or do anything.
>Maybe it's my turn to call you a tranny. Real women know that facing agressive men is never worth it. You'd need testosterone to be that reckless.
You're "more of a woman" for allowing society to scare you? That's real tranny logic, good luck with that.

No. 357663

Well, if she is, good for her. I'm not ending in the hospital for virtually no reason, that's all I'm saying.
Anon can go around and talk back to random men if she thinks she can take it but I think she's in for a rude awakening when she realizes that those situation turn sour really fast and that you don't get help as easily as she seems to think.

No. 357664

Someone who shits on people will never learn until it happens to them. If you think it's bad, that's your issue, since no one told you to do it.

No. 357665

nta but you sound super naive and really aggressive for no reason. anon was pointing out dangers of you being aggressive towards someone who is already aggressive enough to come up to a stranger and berate them physically. and if you think you'll be aware enough to know when to pepper spray some asshole while you're mouthing off then i have some bad news.

No. 357667

lmfao that's literally not how anything works. people are assholes because they're fucking assholes they aren't going to change once they've gotten "a taste of their own medicine".

No. 357668

>no one told you to do it
>is calling other anons stupid and weak and asserting that said anons are from shit countries


No. 357672

NTA but I agree in a way, men feel like they can come up to women and harrass them because the majority of us are meek and just hope they go away. Sure, they’re physically stronger than us, but what’s stopping us from giving them a piece of our mind and making them uncomfortable. What are they going to do, murder us in broad daylight in a public space? I was under the impression that majority of the anons here live in first world countries - we have the privilege to assert ourselves unlike many women globally.

No. 357673

i live in the USA and i have a personal story about someone i know who did that. 9 of 10 people will not help you even after you're injured. my main thing is why do that to someone who is obviously unsound enough to do that in the first place.

No. 357708

Well obviously you're thinking about me too. Sending a random snap of an inside joke we have after not speaking to me for almost 2 weeks. Will you decide what you fucking want or what. Dont play shit games.

No. 357713

He was probably trying to hit on you and was "negging" you like the dumbass PUA teach them to do.

No. 357717

Why are you unable to start something with him now?
You really liked him so you sucked his dick, seriously nothing wrong with that.
If I was in your shoes I would be happy that things went well. (He was attracted to me, and we both pursued it.)

No guy would even be like, "im not dating this girl because she sucked my dick to early on" If thats the point your trying to make.

No. 357718

nta but
>implying men don't pull shit tests to see if a girl is a "slut" and will sleep with him right away where he wins no matter what she does

No. 357720

They are not thinking about that when they are drunk at a party.

No. 357723

I have no experience with this whatsoever, but wouldn't a guy just take advantage of a girl offering sex just because he can, and then "dump her" and judge her while using her because he can?

No. 357726

I messaged my ex to tell him the dream I had about him and instantly regretted it. At Christmas we ran into each other and he said lots of nice things to me but has been ghosting me since. His life is already perfect, he was just flirting with me for fun and I guess I'm so desperate for validation that I took it seriously. I just liked the idea of someone caring about me, I'm so pathetic.

No. 357727

Most men these days don't lol

No. 357750

I know this happened several hours ag9 and other anons have fought you over this since, but
>don't you care about how stupid your scenario sounds on lolcow?
Hard no.

No. 357755

short update for yesterday's story.

CNN has retracted. Other news outlets have consequently featured the kid's statement on CNN.
The MAGAkids are suing.
The native american did indeed lie about being a veteran.
All incriminating tweets by journalists and influencers are being reviewed and will be used in the court case.
A prominent lawyer has accepted to represent the kids pro bono.
The two gofundme fundraisers (one for Nathan Phillips and one for american indian college fund) are being reviewed.


No. 357756

this probably sounds funny and pathetic as hell but going on r/trufemcels or whatever it’s called really fucked me up lel. i know being ugly isn’t the end of the world and everyone has to deal with a society that prioritizes looks over everything else in women but god it makes me want to give up and never go outside again. i was bullied in school growing up for a whole variety of reasons but i really have to say what hurt the worst was being invisible for being a complete uggo who was too scared to wear anything nice or try to look decent because of what i knew people would say.

No. 357757

It's so lame when dress up games have nice art, but only like 4 outfits and no way to change skin color.

No. 357758

We are ourselves worst critics and it's been proven time and time again in surveys and studies that we rate ourselves consistently worse than others rate us.

Even if you are conventionally unattractive it's almost unfalsifiable that you view yourself worse than others view you.

Femcels and incels are a phenomenon that has its roots in psychology, not physiology.

No. 357760

The struggle right now when I play those pictme games. I wish all the options had at least a color slider

No. 357762

File: 1548087387438.jpg (47.69 KB, 500x500, Marvel-Spider-Woman-Bishoujo-S…)

get in contact with your advisor and talk with the administration. see if you can take the seminar when you get back. universities have rules but at the end of the day institutions are made out of people,and people make exceptions and they want your money. they also want other people's money, and the more students who travel abroad and participate in events like exchange programs the better the university looks for prospective attendees

find out who you need to talk to and see if they can make an exception for you.
what university?

No. 357767

i've only had one relationship that was sexual, but it was long distance and i never orgasmed either. i don't feel necessarily used bc he only did things he knew i was comfortable with and i wanted it too, but now i look back and i'm like… i'm so gross for doing anything remotely sexual with another person. it feels wrong i guess? like i'm not supposed to be doing it, or i'm not cut out for it. idk.

No. 357768

File: 1548088715819.jpg (157.98 KB, 478x463, l.jpg)

>parents make racist comments about my asian bf
>joke that he couldn't open a jar
>dog eating jokes
>telling me i need to date a tall white guy

>brothers date asian girls

>no comments
>get furious when I bring it up

What did they mean by this? My family is white.

No. 357773

They’re just racist and believe heavily in stereotypes so they probably also believe the “all Asian women are perfect wives” thing

No. 357774

Something something Asian men are supposedly less masculine which is bad but Asian women are supposedly more feminine which is good something something.

No. 357789

Just the same ol interracial double standards. My female cousin got a lot of shit for marrying a white guy (we're black) yet my male cousins married/engaged to white and white Latina women with zero backlash.

No. 357812

Why have men rejected me? I'd rather this to the reverse (harassment and abuse), but I really have no idea what I've done wrong.
Is it the glasses? My nose being too far down on my face? What the fuck.

No. 357819

Every time i come to my homecountry, it's always such a mess. I really just come to please my family who says they miss me and that we never see each other but as soon as I'm here, everyone starts to fight, my father won't even be sober for one day, and I can't even go anywhere because if I leave on my own for more than a few hours, everyone MUST know what I'm doing, where I am, who I'm with, etc…

I'm 23 for fuck sake.

No. 357874

Agree, can't say anything without a bitch giving a mean reply. So toxic…

No. 357894

I have been very sad for a long time. I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years after he confessed he was cheating on me since day 1. None of my friends seem to actually like me or care about me, I don't blame them but it is hard to be so alone. Today the only social media I use got hacked and deleted. I know it is dumb but man, that was all I had left. I just feel so defeated.

No. 357899

But also I feel like everyone's tolerance for shitposting has just lowered. Maybe I'm just glossing over stuff but I feel like people used to ignore salty troll type posts more, whereas now everyone is constantly calling each other out and trying to tell each other off.
Maybe it's the rise of call out culture? Maybe it's that less people have spent enough time on 4chan to be brainwashed into being suspicious that everyone is a samefag?

On that note I feel like /snow/ has gotten the most toxic and nitpicky, it's insane there. I don't see how people can be so bored that they need to obsess over the tiniest details of nobodies, but not bored enough to contribute to any good discussion

No. 357905

I'm fucking sick and tired of this cold weather. For some reason, it makes my skin flare up very badly and get extremely dry and almost scaly/flaky? I hate it because it's on my eyelids now and makes the area look darker, I can't even cover it with makeup because it stings so badly.

Definitely going to go to the dermatologist because it really knocks my self-esteem.

No. 357930

Shit anon, I can't imagine going through that. Just wasting your time like that without even an ounce of respect for you and betraying you. What an absolute fuck nugget. Do you think it could've been him behind the hacking?

No. 357938

My boyfriend just cut his hair and beard and I just noticed how fugly he is he looks like a naked mole rat baby and I know this is super futile but the attraction I've felt for him died. He looks like a teenaged lesbian.

No. 357947

It's just hair. It'll grow back, and just encourage him not to do it again.

No. 357966


could. be your personality, anon. don't underestimate demeanour.

No. 357967

I can relate anon. My last boyfriend, a ginger, did what his mommy taught him and cleaned up real nice for one of our dates showed up clean shaved and with a buzz cut. He looked like a naked albino baby gorilla. Yes the hair grew back but I couldn't ever get that image out of my mind again especially whenever he touched me. I broke up due to that and his intense mommy's most speshul boy issues.

No. 357972

"I don't understand why/how" and the soapboxing that comes after it bothers me to no end. Yes, you do understand, not only that, you're not looking for explanations. Use another goddamn phrase, passive-aggressive turd.

>I don't understand how you can play videogames all day~

>I don't understand women who like wearing makeup~
>I don't understand why BlahBleeBlah is so popular~

It's even used in this thread more than once.

uuuuugh and it's not like it matters. it's just such a pet peeve.

No. 357975

i agree with this. hard.

No. 357977

Clearly the OP gave a shit :^)

No. 357993

i know that being social is hard for autists, but not every phrase is meant to be taken literally. 'i don't understand' can convey any level of confusion and that's absolutely fine, anon.

No. 358006

I know that reading what people wrote is hard for retards, but
>it's not like it matters. it's just such a pet peeve
This is a vent thread, where venting about "fine" things is fine.

No. 358009

idk he said do you want me to writte to you? i said okay, and i have him added since last year on fb kek, we never interact in fb or ig.. so i guess he's not that into me kek.

No. 358014

My only reply was the one you quoted though?

Seems anons here have a habit of picking up arguments and starting shit on behalf of people.

No. 358051

File: 1548130628236.png (22.23 KB, 204x186, tumblr_o5v485YM1b1sx4oc5o2_250…)

Will probably be mocked for being a fattychan but here goes.

After watching Emilia Fart's latest video I realized that I don't really see a lot of people in media my size. I'm like a US size 14, so fat, but not planet sized fat I guess? There's the gamut of average/straight sized people out there of course, and there's also the really obese people like Tess Holliday or whatever, but "smallfats" like me don't seem to exist in pop culture or media anywhere. Emilia probably comes the closest, and that's just one girl on youtube. I wish there were more role models on the lower end of the plus spectrum, I guess. Because while I can empathize with very obese people, I still can't really relate to them or the problems they might face.

I know the simple solution is "lose weight." I have a lot of health issues and was even fatter for awhile, but managed to lose 40lbs and get back down to 12-14 which is what I've been for most of my teenage and adult life. Maybe it's not a big deal to most people to have role models their size but it'd mean something to me.

No. 358052

File: 1548130736101.jpg (64.73 KB, 1300x957, Why do i try.jpg)

I have 24 pieces due for the college board, and I hate them all. I pour in all my time and effort and every single one of them sucks. I'm getting little support from those around me let alone my 'art teacher.' I have these huge expectations to do good for this, because my school historically does poorly in the art department. (mostly because kids dropout because they can't stand the miscreant of a teacher.) I know I can do better, I've done better but I'm losing time and no matter what I try it just sucks. I don't know what to do, I'm losing hope and bracing myself for the harsh scoring and to be reprimand on work I know I can do better…

No. 358057

i love emilia and think she's hilarious, but she's much bigger than a US 14 i think? she looks like a 20-22 to me, but maybe she just looks that way because of the layers she wears idk. but i always considered her one of the bigger obese girls, like melissa mccarthy or the girl from this is us.

i used to be a fattychan myself (US 10 at my highest) and, with youtubers anyway, i always related to trisha paytas, hot mess that she is. she's had tons of surgery of course, but she's never shied away from showing her body, which i consider to be the lower end of obese. plus i admired the shit out of her hustle. i agree tho that it seems like there's representation for every body type in media except the "average chubby" girl (with the exception of maybe amy schumer or something). it's like there's very thin, slender, thicc, and extremely overweight. the jump between kardashian-type bodies and gabourey sidibe or rebel wilson and the like is laughable.

No. 358060

File: 1548133423271.jpeg (171.17 KB, 1183x493, C70DC5CF-2069-494B-A124-F5FADF…)

I was going to say Emilia looks much larger than a 14, but looking into it I guess US sizes are significantly larger than the ones I’m used to

No. 358070

omg yeah, now that you point that out i have noticed there's rarely any in between looking women in media who happen to be the most average sized. apparently beyonce wears like a size 4, and just reading that i'm like… wtf she looked bigger. but yeah most women in media wear like 2/6 then it jumps to 14/18. i'm currently a size 12 so seeing other women close to my body is so odd. i think america ferrera is the closest.

No. 358075

going to be living alone for the first time. i've lived with roommates in the past but now i'm having to find a place on short notice due to circumstances beyond my control and nowadays i just don't want a roommate. i'm kind of scared of a lot of things

No. 358084

File: 1548137769782.jpg (301.86 KB, 900x1245, o-ADELE-900.jpg)

I'm trying really hard to think of "small fat" famous people and I'm really coming up empty lol. It's pretty weird that at least America doesn't have more chubby actresses or singers since the average size there is a 14?

I guess I would consider Adele chubby; she is bigger but still has a shape and definitely isn't a hamplanet. She is the only person I can think of. And maybe Lena Dunham but she's a monstrous piece of shit and definitely not someone ANYONE would look up to.

Maybe the reason only 400lb+ women get famous is because they're treated like spectacles. Like, "look at this enormous person we're treating like a human even though we think they're grotesque, isn't that neat?"

No. 358090

i'm so exhausted today. i'm so exhausted this week. it's so hard for me to relax with my anxiety disorder. everything feels weird. i wanna feel calm…

No. 358095

Role models for slightly overweight women would negate all that money and effort put into making slightly overweight women feel repulsive. How would they sell diet food, certain clothes, and a host of other products if women felt good about themselves?

The truth is we'd buy OTHER things and be happier for it, we're still consumers whatever happens. These companies are too terrified of their bottom line to boost average sized women into the spotlight.

No. 358098

File: 1548138717911.jpg (58.55 KB, 506x1000, 1C4162570-tdy-121005-Christina…)

No. 358106

Does it count when 50% of her bodyweight is boob? She is a little bigger than average overall, true, but I can't imagine many people feel represented by her body.

No. 358108

What is with this obsession of everyone being represented down to every last last detail? Are people really unable to relate/empathise to others without them looking just like them

No. 358109

I do agree with this, I think pop culture definitely shames chubby/overweight women while glorifying massively obese women. If you're a bit fat, it's "why don't you just lose some weight?" vs. if you're big to be considered a small moon you're just a phat kween who slays all day and there's nothing wrong with you.

No. 358110

Some people just want to feel like there are others out there like them and pop culture media is the most visible. There's nothing wrong with that. It only becomes a problem when it's forced.

No. 358112

File: 1548139869558.jpg (144.52 KB, 600x750, rachelbloom.jpg)

What extremely obese women are glorified? just because chrissy metz is on one tv show doesn't mean obese women are being "glorified". shes not on the cover of cosmopolitan in lingerie, she's not selling special tea that makes you gain weight.

im all for "average" sized bodies getting represented in all kinds of ways. christina hendricks is one, theres also rachel bloom from crazy ex girlfriend, theres mindy kailing who has yoyoed throughout her career, there are women out there who are in the middle of extreme overweight and extreme thinness, but its very clear what direction the scale is tipped in.

No. 358114

File: 1548140061224.jpg (1.89 MB, 1402x1800, mindykailing.jpg)

there are average sized actresses out there, but you just have to really look for them. i think emilia clarke has a very average/normal body too, not average as in bad looking, but i don't thin her shape is unattainable or the result of extreme diet and exercise, her arms have weight on them, and shes still nice and even a sex symbol in some ways, guys love her.

No. 358116

File: 1548140207902.jpg (82.52 KB, 666x1000, bryce2.jpg)

oh i just remembered another: bryce dallas howard, i remember once her saying shes a size 10 and no designers would dress her.

No. 358117

i got suspended from twitter a year ago and couldn't get my account back without giving them my phone number and any new account i made was automatically locked. a couple of days ago i realised i could just tell them i don't have a phone and they gave back access to my account again. But ever since regaining the ability to communicate with people on twitter once more, i've felt nothing but frothing rage and i wish i'd never returned. I should probably just delete my account

No. 358124

she's not skinny though. she's "smallfat" like that anon said. her waist and midsection are definitely full, not thin.

No. 358128

File: 1548141645203.jpg (156.37 KB, 550x825, Christina-Hendricks-2018-Peopl…)

and no it's not "50% is her boobs"

No. 358129

File: 1548141681583.jpg (302.57 KB, 922x1200, DlxfirBUUAAbROO.jpg)

No. 358130

No. 358132

outside of this magazine cover and a few buzfeed videos, I've never seen her be embraced by anyone, even the fat acceptance people. They think she's a racist scammer and they don't like that she lies about her dress size.

No. 358135

why is this bitch even a model? what is she doing on runways and shit? like practically no one is this fat, and she lies about her size so she's literally useless to everyone. yet average models hardly exist except in target catalogues.

No. 358137

I’m genuinely curious, what is even the point of lying about your size once you get that big? Everyone knows you’re morbidly obese, bumping yourself down a few sizes isn’t going to fool anyone

No. 358138

when you're a delusional narcissistic cow like tess apparently it matters whether you're massively obese or slightly less massively obese.

No. 358144


I did. And I texted him today and asked him but he claimed to have nothing to do with it. Not that he is a very reliable source of information, but I don't know what to think.

I definitely feel like I wasted my time. I was 18 when we started dating and I really feel like I have wasted the best years of my life. Now I just run around having one night stands to fill the loneliness but it only makes me feel 10x lonelier.

No. 358149

File: 1548148435240.jpg (57.08 KB, 749x694, kitty.jpg)

My adult brothers are friends with each other but not with me. They spend time together, trade social media information….but whenever I try to join, I'm shut out. It's very lonely. I feel even worse when I see close sibling bonds in movies.

I know why it's happening, too. I've had depressive episodes ever since I was a teenager, and it's hurt my school performance. My parents would mock me in front of everyone for having less than straight A's. Now my brothers do the same thing. I've tried many times to reconnect with them over hobbies, but at best they tolerate me, just to be nasty to me later.

Can anyone relate? I'm sure some of you have had to discard your family bonds. It hurts.

No. 358153

File: 1548149378642.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, Episode_4.png)

I know I will probably sound like an SJW but I really wish ebephilia wasn't so ingrained in japanese media. I am playing through Steins;Gate and it's really great so far, until I reached the maid cafe and then there is Feris who is supposed to be the most popular and attractive maid there. She is described as being younger looking than Mayuri who is already a youthful 16 year old girl. And outside of Steins;Gate there is That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, there's an episode where the protagonist Rimuru and his new dwarf friends go to this bar thats supposed to be full of beautiful/sexy elves and of the elves there are literally two child elves.

And these examples I am listing are very light for both mediums. It all just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 358154

Sorry I know the latter example is just normal pedophilia, not ebephilia I just went off on a rant.

No. 358162

They’re a hugely sexually repressed culture, honestly all the weebs that way that shit up just help normalise that degenerate behaviour here too and encourage the grotty pedo culture in anime

No. 358167

I think it's sad that you have been fooled into thinking that not being okay with pedo shit makes you an SJW. No, it means you are mentally healthy.

No. 358172

Just ignore them, they're assholes. I'm American and 34 years old, and my mom lives with me. I've never had a problem with it.

No. 358215

One of my friends got engaged and I think it set off my other friend in a weird way. She's always been weird about marriage, but she's few months into a relationship and already pestering her bf about it. He's not ready obviously and she's really manic. And she doesn't even know this engaged girl.
Now she's boring me to death with this stuff, I regret I'd told her anything. I'm really disinterested in anything romance, but she just doesn't care. She's writing me essays about her boyfriend, her exes, should she leave him, should she wait, how are other couples she knows, their weddings, their plans etc like I DON'T CAREEEEEEEEE jesus, this topic not only tires me but it started to seriously piss me off. Write this shit in a diary or go scream in the forest.
And I can't straight up tell her I'm not interested in this topic, because she'll be hurt and bring it up as a proof of me being ~mean~ in arguments later, I know I would regret being honest here. Ugh

No. 358226

If I was at the doctors office and saw this cover in the magazine pile, I would NOT read it.

No. 358255

Lol what a loser. Let them be gross together.

Onwards and upwards

No. 358261

NTAYRT but i wouldnt say let them be gross together… she's probably being abused by him if she's fat and stuff. kind of sad. sucks that anon had to deal with that loser, but the girl is probably being similarly manipulated and abused, especially if she's actually fat

No. 358310

i cant cum either but i dont feel used. i really enjoy the sex, really no need for an orgasm imo. the only thing that sucks is that my bf gets a bit self concious about it but what can ya do.

No. 358315

It's just typical white racist mentality of "my white women not loyal/ brainwashed by subhuman male" ignore them

No. 358324

Today’s my birthday. Last night my sinks pipe exploded while I was on the potty with my pants down and started gushing projectile boiling hot water. So I had to run around with my pants around my ankles trying to stop it, the water valve to turn off the water wouldn’t work so I just ran around knocking on doors for someone to help. By the time they turned the water off in the building my entire bathroom and front hallway was flooded in about 10 inches of boiling hot water. It ended up going down to the apartment below me and destroyed his new ceiling, witch they had to remove half of it and it’s completely destroyed along with half of my apartment and even went further down to the basement. It wasn’t my fault (it’s a very very old building with old pipes) but I felt so horrible and guilty and was freaking out trying to do everything I could to fix it.

So much so, that I hardly realized, while trying to desperately pump water out of my apartment, that my left side of my face was swelling up. My downstairs neighbor (as we’re watching his ceiling fall in) goes “what’s wrong with your face?” And I was so confused till he told me to look in the mirror. My face was half swollen and huge, my eyes, cheeks mouth. I was like whatdafuck.jpg?!?! So in the midst of all of this they had to call paramedics to see if I was having an allergic reaction or something.

Lucky me, I have cellulitis from an infection in my fucking face and had to go to the hospital.

After all this fuckery, my parents tried to give me a small birthday this morning.

So while I was there I asked for this piece of fur that my mother had been holding for me. It’s a piece of fur from my cat who died on New Years. My cat and I were suppose to celebrate my birthday together and I just wanted that piece of him to hold so he could be with me still. It’s the only piece of him I have left. The only thing I can touch. The only physical thing I can feel of him. It’s really important and special to me.

So I asked my mom as I were opening presents for it. She turns to me and says “oh my god” and covers her hand on her mouth “I think i accidentally threw it out”. It was like a piece of me broke right there, I just ran out and found a dark room and just cried and cried and cried. I was freaking out and I still am. I started ripping apart everything looking for it but it was gone. I just kept saying that “I need it” “this can’t be happening” “this isn’t real” “it’s important I need it now”. And she said she threw it in the trash by accident at work so we ran to her job but they had cleaned out the trash can and I just broke down and lost it. It was so important to me. I miss him so much and it kills me to know it’s gone forever and it’s in the trash all alone, thrown out like garage. I can’t handle it and I’m so fucking upset. My mom was so sorry and felt horrible, I don’t want her to feel bad. It’s just so important to me and I just can’t believe it’s gone.

I could take the flooding, then tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage, having an infection, and everything else. But not that. It’s the only thing left I have of Karl. I just can’t believe my last piece of him is gone forever. I want it back more than anything. I’d do anything to have it back.

This is the worst birthday in my entire life. I wish I hadn’t celebrated it. I wish I had that piece of him back. I know this is long and stuff but I’m just so upset I just can’t believe it.

I just want him back, when i blew out the candles on my birthday cake it’s what I wished for. I hate everything.

Sorry just needed to vent

No. 358330

i'm so, so, sorry, anon. you sound so sweet and i completely understand just needing and desperately missing your kitty and not having that piece of him, especially after having a rough day. did you guys cremate him? if not, i supposed you still could, and maybe you can and do one of those necklace things so you can always have him near you when life gets tough. i'm so sorry. that does sound like a terrible birthday and if i could i'd try to help cheer you up. i'm sorry.

the silver lining is that at least you're not on the hook for the apartment stuff, financially. that's one upside.

No. 358332

I'm so sorry, anon.

I'd like to tell you something that helps me when I think about people and pets I've lost. It may not mean anything to you, but maybe it will help you a bit like it helps me.

So I have a friend who studies neurology and he was telling me about how when we're having a moment with someone where we're very in tune with them, maybe because we're both laughing at the same thing or we're feeling love for each other or anything else where our feelings are just very similar, at that precise moment our brain chemistry matches. We're reacting the same way to the same stimuli, so just for a second or two, our brains are firing off the same neurons and making the same pathways. And brains are what makes us, us. Even in science fiction about brain swaps and body swaps and other crazy things, we understand that a character whose brain is in a different body is still the same person, because the brain is what defines us as who we are.

That's a lot of words to say that when you remember your cat and you feel that love that you had for him and he had for you, for a moment your brain chemistry is identical to the chemistry he'd be feeling for you too. In that way, he is still there, just for a second, in your mind.

It may be just a fancier more scientific way to say "he lives in you" but it gives me comfort when I'm sad.

No. 358334

No. 358337

Males showing once again that their bullshittery transcends race and culture.

No. 358338

I thought you guys weren't supposed to be derailing about politics anymore >>357559?

No. 358358

File: 1548184927107.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1242x1668, A0A0DCF5-AAB3-4DF9-B096-CC6868…)

Thank you guys so much, I don’t have anyone to talk to and I didn’t think anyone would ever read my post. I’m so thankful for your words, it really is comforting knowing I’m not just throwing my vent out into the ether, can’t explain it, but it does. So sorry for the long post again. I attached pic related (Spoilered it Incase it upsets anyone, as he’s very sick in the photo) it’s the last pic I took of him right before he passed so you can see how special he was and still is. I’ll stop after this, sorry for shitting up the thread, just wanted to thank you guys so very much.

Thanks anon, I honestly didn’t expect anyone to respond. He was cremated a few days after his death and I regret it so so so much. I kept frantically calling taxidermists when it happened but they said they didn’t do pets. I know it sounds weird but I just wanted to still see him and pet him. I handle death really badly especially after my best friend died last year. I just try to shut it out but it’s like this dark cloud that constantly overhead that sucks the happiness out of everything. I keep waiting to see my cat when I walk in my door and when I go to sleep and wake up and he’s not there.

I finally got his ashes on Thursday, along with a clay mold of his paw prints and nose print. I’ve been too nervous to even open it. It’s just sitting here in front of me and I want to open it so badly to touch it, but I know it’ll open the flood gates and it makes me nervous, especially with his fur gone now. I just want to touch him and hold him just one last time, I’d do anything for it. I looked up what you’re talking about and I think I will get it. It’s a little necklace locket that I can carry a piece of his ashes in. So at least they’ll be a piece of him in every single day, and he’ll be there for everything I do. Thank you for that suggestion I wouldn’t have thought of it myself. It feels good to vent and feel heard, so thank you very much.

And unfortunately I own my apartment and it’s a co-op, I hadn’t gotten my insurance yet on my apartment (I applied last month before my cat got sick and I just got distracted) so I have to pay for the damages in full. It sucks, but thankfully I have a high paying job so I can kind of-sort of handle swallowing it. I know there’s people who would go homeless and in debt in these situations so I’m very grateful and just feel very bad that my neighbor had to deal with it.

I spent more than I’m willing to admit trying to do all these treatments to keep my cat alive (it only gave him 7 days) and I would’ve given every penny I own and more just to have another day. But I’m so grateful I was able to have those days with him, so many people can’t afford house damages and vet bills to have more time with their pets, and I feel so badly and guilty for them, I’m grateful no one got hurt in the flooding and that I got to have those days with him. So so so so grateful.

I thought about maybe setting up some sort of fund in his name, to either help people pay for their pets medication and vet bills (so they can have more time) or donate it to a rescue (that’s how I got him, he had been rescued from a horribly abusive home). I don’t know if it sounds stupid or something and I know this whole post is a big rambling mess, I’m sorry. I apologize if I sound whiny or annoying or first world problems kindof thing, I just needed to get it off my chest and I’m all over the place, sorry. Thanks so much anon for listening and suggesting that, really.

That was really nice and lovely of you, anon. I never thought of it that way. I read what you wrote over and over. Honestly made me cry. I saved it on my phone so I can go back and read it and not forget it. I hope that doesn’t sound weird but it’s comforting to know that I can still share moments with him like that even now that he’s gone, if only for a second. Its a very beautiful thing to think of that you can feel connected in that way, so thanks to you friend as well. I appreciate your words more than you will ever ever know. Thank you for that so much. I hope it helps you with all your loss as much as it will help me. Thank you really.

Fingers crossed for the day that some matrix-like technology is created so we can both re-live and archive our most precious moments.

No. 358390

I briefly dated a guy that was into loli pretty much exclusively. As much as they try to deny being pedophiles, I could never overlook the time he nonchalantly responded to a news report of a kid getting raped with "nice threesome".
Also, despite getting attacked on Twitter whenever I call the lolishit posters out as pedos, someone messaged me and confirmed that alot of those artists actually trace real pornography before making their lolishit. So they can all go to hell.

No. 358391

i am SO tired of hearing about this, my god. that's clearly not blackface. their school colors are dark blue and gold, which a quick google searched proved, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they're painted navy blue ffs. my high school had the same colors and kids painted themselves head to toe in navy at pep rallies and big sports events.

now this is a serious vent on its own because i can't escape this stupid discussion about these kids. it's STILL all over my socials, my family is still talking about it to me, my friends are still outraged, and it's even on lolcow. why is there so much focus on this one story when there are so many more important issues to talk about? good god.

No. 358396

Oddly enough, I saw the black Israelites (the same group from the video who were harassing the maga kids) at the Chinatown metro station in dc on Sunday pushing some poor dude in the face and won’t let him get to the train. They were still there yelling and screaming and shoving people. They do it every week there for the past decade or so. Pushing people, who never respond, being racist, transphobic, homophobic, perverted, everything phobic to every single passerbyer. Everyone hates them and they go to extremes to instigate shit and film it.

They even try to shill these scam oils and perfumes to the same passerby’s they yell and hit (aggressive panhandling).

No. 358400

You'll open it and look when you're ready. Don't force yourself to do it if you're in a bad place. It will hurt but you want it to be a positive experience. Allow yourself to feel the sadness but use that time for reflection too. When my dog passed away I carried his ashes around with me from room to room and still do sometimes. I polish the name plaque and place a kiss on it when I feel like it. You'll get there. Sorry for your loss and please try and take comfort in the little things.

No. 358402

File: 1548190446994.png (105.57 KB, 848x431, dg.png)

I've just started going through them and bookmarking the ones where you can at least pick out skintones ranging from pale to dark.
There's definitely way more, but yeah. I love dress up games so much, kek.

No. 358443

Omg be sure to post the list in the character thread, you're a hero.

No. 358445

So I fractured my ankle about almost two weeks ago and I’ve been in crutches and my leg has been in a splint since Friday. I’ve been staying at my mom’s place because they’re more stuff to do and to keep my entertained (plus my place has stairs). I haven’t been out of the house since Saturday and I’m worried that’s gonna make me super depressed. But at the same time, I don’t really want to leave the house and go out in public because getting around in crutches is a pain in the ass. I guess I’m content with sitting on the couch and watching Netflix for the time being but I wonder if I’m gonna get tired of that quickly.

No. 358456

Feeling very dysmorphic regarding my face and idk what to do about it, lmao. I'm hoping that when I lose some more weight (lost like 3 pounds already), it'll come off my cheeks as well.

I haaaaaaaate my resting face so much and I can't take a good picture to save my life. I can see why people use filters and stuff now.

No. 358459

As if you were ever nice to begin with.

No. 358460

It sucks seeing your significant other struggling because you're struggling as well. My boyfriend is getting impatient with my anxiety disorder. It hasn't been this bad in the years I've known him.
I've been sleeping in a different room than him for the past week because I start feeling out of body and unreal whenever someone is around and focusing on me. I was like this years ago, but he thinks something worse is wrong with me and I have to remind him I've already been through this.
The only way I can cope is to isolate myself and wait for the feeling to pass, which might take a week or more. I know he misses me sleeping next to him and I do too, but right now I need to take care of myself and make sure I'm comfortable for the time being. I see a therapist in a few weeks finally, but I want to see them now.

No. 358472

I wish my brother would die.

No. 358474

my bf used to be in a frat and it makes me feel insecure for some reason. i guess because he used to hang around with sorority chicks and i'm the complete opposite of the stereotype–like, i can say i'm objectively pretty (at least not ugly), but i'm a reserved bookworm with massive 'tism.

to make matters worse i have alternative hobbies (mostly wearing lolita fashion) and i'm worried that he'd be embarrassed to be dating a girl as strange as me.

i don't even hate myself or anything, i think i have a lot of great points. and all he really does is complain about those girls being basic every time they come up in conversation… but the notion that he's still (somewhat) associated with those thots makes me want to tear my hair out. i know i'm being unreasonable, and that's the worst part.

No. 358476

I was there last week anon (and probably will be again eventually)…hopefully the feelings pass + your weight loss efforts fall through. Wish you only good things.

No. 358480

i wish i was gay sometimes because girls can still be so cute without makeup but with men i am so picky with how they do their hair. like it's ten times easier for me to find a guy unnattractive than a girl. but i'm just not romantically or sexually interested in women, sigh.

No. 358508

That's exactly how I feel as well. I find my bf attractive but there are very few men I've found attractive in my entire life, and they have to fit a VERY specific niche style/personality. It sounds super weird but I've only been into alternative weeby scruffy Latino dudes skinny but with thick legs, absolutely nothing else will do it for me and I have no idea why. Luckily I've been in relationships with the only 2 dudes I ever liked. On the other hand, all types girls are fucking cute to me. Any style, skinny, curvy, tall, short, girly, androgynous, and all races but I have no desire for them sexually. I don't understand it at all but that's just life.

No. 358529

>be me
>live on own from age 19 because abusive narc parents, working a bunch of shitty jobs to get by
>move in with shitty bf several years ago who is depressed and trash, also become depressed and trash, stop working or caring about life
>we break up but he still lets me live with him
>start trying to get my life on track with lots of therapy, finally start doing better and getting my shit together
>meet foreign guy online, we pursue 2 year LDR, i finally get a visa and move with him
>been here a year and a half and still can't find a job
>have 3 year employment gap now

how tf do i get a job? ive applied to literally everything i'm possibly qualified for, retail, housekeeping, jobs that say they need 0 experience, etc, no one wants me and i think it's because im 30 with no schooling and such a big gap in employment, no one even gives me a chance. idk what to do but being a stay at home gf is driving me nuts. i've even applied to volunteer just to have something on my resume and never get a call. i just want to cry, i fucking ruined my life with my stupid ex and even though i'm trying so hard now it doesn't matter. is there something i can put in my cover letter or resume to address this gap without being like "sorry i was depressed for awhile and had to fix myself" or what? should i try to show up to these places in person?

No. 358534


I empathise anon, I also have a massive gap. As for why you aren't getting hired, it could be because of the fact you're foreign country. It's not commentary on your skills.I don't know specifically how it works, but my mother took me across the world when I was younger on a visa and it was very, very difficult for her to find any steady work. In the end we moved back to where I was born. On the other hand, I have had friends move to foreign countries on a visa and the only work they have been successful in getting is bar work, I'd suggest trying that if you feel up to it.

No. 358535


sorry ESL

No. 358576

>cute top on sale in my size
>hard to come by tops like this
>marked down 70%
>it's literally 8 bucks
>hm, i'll wishlist this for later
>check on it 5 hours later
>item is currently unavailable (which i think is supposed to mean sold out)

No. 358600

Christ you are such a psycho. Are you seriously so lacking in self-awareness you can't see how ridiculous you're acting? You decided that the kids were bad people and you hated them first, and have now been desperately scrambling for reasons to justify the hatred afterwards. It's just sad. Even after example after example you try to post gets proven wrong you still insist on hating them. Why?

No. 358601

NTA but cut the dramatics and stop derailing.

No. 358609

I’m feeling very defeated. Part of me wishes I never decided to look into radical feminism/gender critical spaces, that I remained willfully ignorant and played along with what my political party was selling. No harm done when you haven’t realized any harm is being done, right? But I can’t take all of the knowledge I’ve gained back. I see what’s happening to women clear as day, and I’m scared. I’m so fucking scared. Our spaces being invaded is one thing, but the fact that our lives and experiences are no longer ours? It makes me sick to my stomach.

I am a GNC woman. I’ve struggled with coming to terms with my sex for years. I hated being treated as lesser and foolishly thought that distancing myself from womanhood would distance me from the bullshit associated with it. I was wrong. Radical feminism taught me how to love myself as a woman but now I’m mourning all of those years I’ve wasted hating myself because of course once I’ve accepted my womanhood, womanhood itself is being threatened. When is enough enough?

I’m probably not making any sense because I’m just so upset right now but fuck. I have no one to turn to because my circle is dominated by genderists and misogynists. I’m so fucking tired of walking on eggshells and being made to feel I’m overreacting or that I’m crazy or not that my thoughts and opinions aren’t “valid” by people who are supposed to be in my circle. I’m so tired of being expected to blindly support and cater to other people’s feelings and not being given the same courtesy.

It feels like there’s no winning.

No. 358612

I feel a similar way, anon. Walking on eggshells and being surrounded by misogynists/genderists. We've dedicated a large part of our lives being surrounded by these people. I feel like I'm being suffocated because I can't speak up, I feel like if I say one thing slightly gender critical, it's going to be never ending harassment from genderists you once thought were your friends.

No. 358617

It’s so hard pretending now. It’s easy as an outsider to say “make new friends” but making friends is hard, and finding people who align with your views even harder now that transgenderism has invaded liberal spaces to the extent it has. You say one “wrong” thing and you’re suddenly this awful person and fuck, I don’t WANT to be an awful person.

I’m sorry you’re going through it too. It’s tough.

No. 358618

“Many women, I think, resist feminism because it is an agony to be fully conscious of the brutal misogyny which permeates culture, society, and all personal relationships"

No. 358624

What happened to you exactly?

No. 358633

I'm so so so tired. I just want to sleep. All I want to do is sleep but these fucking cramps are so so painful! I'm too nauseous to swallow the 40 Advils I wanna take. The only thing that relieves enough pain so I can keep my thoughts straight is sitting upright. I might just try to sleep while free bleeding into the toilet. I feel so fucking sad and pathetic. Ugh

No. 358636

Before christmas my bf and I tried to contact our landlord about owning a cat, but they never got back to us. We sent another email and CC'd it to the real estate agent as well. The cat I want is still at the shelter and I want her so bad, it sucks not knowing if we'll ever get an answer or not…scared to get my hopes up. Ahhhhhh

No. 358655

You should get a hot water bottle or heat pad. The only thing that would help me when I was too sick to take painkillers or eat was putting a hot water bottle on my back, masturbating and then both of them would help me to sleep off the pain. When I woke up, I'd be ready to eat something and take painkillers. Feel better anon x

No. 358658

I second this, drink warm liquids if you can.

No. 358660

Apparently when you casually fuck and write with someone you can catch feelings.
I shouldn't haven written with him after that but oh well.
I can't read this guy at all which is confusing af to me.

No. 358662

Can you call them instead?

No. 358665

yes, if we don't hear from them by next week we're going to call them.

No. 358670

When are man-hate threads coming back? It feels so hypocritical that the threads ended because men kept raiding it, so it's like women are being silenced by men, once again. Men get to have their safe spaces full of women hate all over the internet, and we can't even have one little thread where we can be ourselves because janitors think it's too much to handle (sorry this sounds so bitchy Janitors do have it rough with how hard men make it) But that's just the thing, how men raid it so hard that we can't even have this anymore so we're left to stew on our own feeling like we're all alone in this world while men everywhere gang up and hate on women. I feel like my observations about their women-hate are just me against the world and no one else shares this view. I don't know what to do. I'd volunteer to be a janitor but it seems hypocritical because the only threads I browsed were the man-hate and GC, so I don't really feel a part of lolcow. I was so excited when I finally saw the man-hate thread for the first time, I felt like I was in wonderland that it existed and I wasn't alone. I felt like someone was on my side and saw what I was seeing. And now it's like, men hate women so much they can't even let us have this, and the janitors have given in, but in their views, they say that it's because men raid it too much. But to me, it seems that it's another instance of men "winning" again. I hope you guys get where I'm coming from. I hope to see them again. I feel very lonely when I see men verbally treat women like shit.

The other day, there was an article about a girl "have a life changing damage after copying porn" such as double and triple anal. She was in a gang bang and only a highschooler. There were hundreds of comments, and most of them were, "And somehow the article blames the woman." The only comment I saw on the girl's side was, "The only way for her to have such a damaged rectum that she has to have a colostomy for life is if she was bleeding really hard and the men kept going anyway." Yet, it was the comment about how, "this is blaming toxic masculinity again for saying it's the men and porn's fault." "I would laugh at the girl if I knew her for being such a slut when I see her colostomy bag." It made me really angry but I didn't comment… Please re-instate man hate threads.

No. 358671

blames the men*, not blames the woman (Although that's what the men wanted the article to blame, because she was "such a slut" she participated in a gang bang. I can't even imagine the pain. Although anonymous, guys were saying "What I would give to rip apart and ruin a girl's anus." I was watching my 600lbs life and more than once the women mention that they were raped as young girls, less than 10 years old. It made me so angry that men would take advantage of a girl for no other reason than just because they could (eg. she was at home and they were in the same room, even when her mother was there) They weren't like, kidnapping them or being an honest-to-god pedophile hunting for children, they just saw her around the house and did what they wanted. I'll probably get banned for talking about man-hate when I shouldn't… I… That's my vent. Please reinstate man-hate threads!

No. 358677

this is not a manhate safespace. stop with your shit victim complex. if you morons wouldn't take bait this wouldn't have happened.

No. 358681

i've heard multiple anons have offered to be janitors JUST for that thread but no one got back to them

No. 358682

This. Plus you guys act really entitled despite constantly breaking rules. You baww about the mods not cleaning up the bait/maleposts like you guys want, you whine about getting warnings/tempbans for responding to bait, you want mods just for your threads, whine about them being autosaged despite other threads getting autosaged for similar reasons, the list goes on. No one is owed any threads they want, regardless of what the gender demographic of the site is, it's ridiculous! Not to mention this thread is on /ot/, which isn't even an important or necessary board. So no, mods aren't "giving in to men", they're simply not giving into entitled women children.

No. 358684

people have offered to maintain those threads though, without anons asking, soooo…

No. 358688

people asked before that, that's why people offered, and if your fucking thread is so bad you need a mod just for your thread that's a bad sign. hmmm…

No. 358690

In one of the first MH threads that were locked, literally no one responded to bait, and things were going well besides the male(s) begging for (You)s. Even though it was actually working out, a mod locked the thread anyway instead of just banning/deleting maleposts.
Aside from that, plenty of anons from the threads asked if they themselves could moderate it, but it seems they were ignored. I don't think it's fair, but we can still talk about hating men in these threads. Just ignore the totally-real-women screaming "femcel" at every turn.
Men suck.

No. 358754

File: 1548258974684.jpg (226.67 KB, 1077x1047, Screenshot_20190123-154718_Chr…)

There is not much out yet but the headline alone made me feel so sick. Doctors and medical staff really have so much power over patients, bad apples are bound to occur yet you don't want to think about that. Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere on the site, it just got pushed to me via samsung news ,also sorry for posting it in the unpopular opinions thread, I confused the two

No. 358759

Wait, why did no one question why the vegetable woman was pregnant throughout her entire pregnancy though?? Jfc. How can you not tell your patient is pregnant, not only do many of their vitals change but they literally inflate.

No. 358764

>The other day, there was an article about a girl "have a life changing damage after copying porn" such as double and triple anal. She was in a gang bang and only a highschooler.
Why do you stand up for people like this? I knew when I was a teenager that copying porn wouldn't be a good idea. And it's not like she will become a political lesbian after what happened to her. These kinds of people will run back to men over picking you guys any day of the week lmao.

No. 358765

apparently no one noticed and the nurses were surprised when she went into labour, no idea how as it is reported she weighted 116 pounds?

No. 358769

I'm kind of obsessed with this issue. I think it's scary how an out of context video can open the doors to judgment by random strangers. I have tons of people I know saying these boys should be ostracized for life or that they are nazis. I'm a PoC but I'm sick of the idea that white people are always in the wrong.

People don't like to admit that they are wrong

If you feel like you're walking on eggshells with people just distance yourself from them. It's better than whining all of the time.

No. 358771


Thank fuck they caught him!! This shit scared me so stiff, went out and wrote a living will. Unplug me and let me go, no ifs ands or butts.

No. 358776

That’s when the dude in the morgue defiles your body instead

I’m being sarcastic, but I’m sure there are plenty who have..

No. 358779


The whole thing was social experiment and everyone failed. The left shot off too quick and the PR team fired back, causing massive circlejerks to collide.

A real good demonstration of what true trolling is. I would be impressed if the whole thing didn't terrify me.

No. 358780

Although I didn't post a lot in the MH threads, I also want them back. But I get why the general consensus is against it. Maybe it's time to create a new community or move to another website where such topics are allowed. LC isn't the only existent imageboard , after all.

No. 358786

My phone is fucking up and it's so annoying. It keeps randomly rebooting. I hope I don't need a new one.

Well yeah, looking at the headlines alone and not watching the original clip, I thought it was pretty certain that an upper middle class white guy would do the thing that people claimed that he did. Plus the Native American guy basically lied about being swarmed by the students when he chose to approach them but I didn't see any reason to not believe him. But I think the real problem was people asking for their addresses. And I saw one crazy white guy on twitter saying he wanted to burn their school to the ground. Not that I think the kids are in danger or their lives will be ruined, but it's scary to think this sort of talk is ok in the US today.

No. 358811


>Maybe it's time to create a new community or move to another website where such topics are allowed.

What happened to the anons who wanted to create a website where they can join to have threads like this? It looks like there is a huge demand apparently, so why not just make an Imageboard dedicated to such topics? I don't want the MH thread back BUT I support that everybody should have a place to discuss whatever they want but judging by my observation, it just doesn't work on LC. It needs it own controlled space where such topics are being discussed, which isn't this site.

No. 358863

I honestly feel like now that men have managed to shit up man hate threads so much that mods are now blocking them, the GC thread will be next.
I've already seen one snotty post in response to someone shitting on incels. If this happens, don't say there were no warnings.
Setting a precedent of banning threads over male shitpost invasions is dangerous, because it means any /ot/ general threads can be disallowed if men screech enough.

No. 358865

Because running an imageboard takes skills and work

No. 358868

wow, what a surprise, men gaining total control over women and women kowtowing to their demands? unprecedented

No. 358869

I'm scared the vent or the GC thread will be next. The mods already banned all talk of politics from the vent thread because maleposters kept racesperging.

No. 358876

I need a new job ASAP. I don’t have any real skills (2lazy) and no college experience (2poor) and I’ve been looking for MONTHS. My current employer is a hardcore narcissist and I’ve stayed there for years because I genuinely love my job. I work with kids and they brighten every day for me, and I hope I brighten theirs too. But recently my classroom was moved to a much smaller room - that was previously, and is still to this day somewhat - used as storage. It’s a little larger than a big closet, with a sink in the corner that doesn’t work and surrounded by shelves that aren’t bolted to the walls and there are boxes everywhere. I looked it up and it’s intensely illegal. I neeeeed to quit my job, but how do I do that without outing myself as a narc to the state about classroom regulations? And how do I even find a job before this literally drives me fucking insane??

No. 358879

I'm convinced the vast majority of men are incapable of actually falling in love, they only feel lust and mistake it for love.

No. 358886

This is gonna be long and probably indecipherable, I'm sorry.

I've been struggling with depression/anxiety for so long that I don't even know what it feels like to be "normal". I've tried so hard to deny it and tell myself to get over it and cope but I feel like I'm starting to unravel. My parents are pretty close-minded when it comes to mental health, they think therapy is a joke and that medication is basically big pharma shilling kek so I've always had it drilled in my head that I just need to "deal with it" on my own. But I'm so fucking miserable all the time and I can't ignore it anymore, I need to do something about it. I want to try medication but I'm also really hesitant. I hear so many horror stories about antidepressants and how it fucks up your life and how the side effects are horrible. I don't even know if it'll be worth trying.

The thing is, I have my yearly physical coming up this week and I'm thinking about bringing this up with my doctor. My last appointment I vaguely brought up my anxiety and she was very understanding and supportive and told me about therapists available but I never did anything about it. Honestly it was humiliating and I was choking back tears the whole time because I hate opening up and I've never actually spoken to anyone about my mental health struggles. I'm also afraid that if I bring up medication, she'll think I'm just trying to get a prescription so I can abuse the drugs and sell them or something. It scares me a little but I am not completely opposed to therapy, it's just that I'm moving countries for university in two months and I don't want to have to go through the process of finding a therapist right as I'm about to leave the country, so I'd rather be prescribed a pill I can take anywhere.

But I'm also afraid that I'm building up meds in my head as some kind of miracle that will cure me and solve everything, when that's definitely not the case. I fear that if I do go through all this effort to get a prescription, in the end the medication won't even do jack shit and I'll be back at square one again. Ugh. I don't know what the fuck to do with myself.

No. 358892

I feel you, anon, and you aren't alone. A lot of people go through that same thought process and have similar struggles. It can be very difficult to ask for help. The "deal with it" mindset isn't necessarily a bad one to have, you just have to direct it in a functional way. Doing nothing and sucking it up isn't dealing with it, it's ignoring it. The real way to deal with it is to pursue and exhaust all avenues to fix the problem. Inaction, or ignoring possible solutions is the opposite of dealing with it.

I hope that helps. I feel your struggle, it's never easy. gl

No. 358893

men are active in the lc discord and i'm more than sure a few of them are staff as well, so…

No. 358895

Long-term care facilities are notoriously miserable places to work, nursing staff is underpaid, overworked, switched out constantly and turnover is high. It's possible that the patient never had consistent staff for more than a few weeks at a time. Her pregnancy likely went unnoticed at first because vegetative patients often swell/retain fluid, but I find it unbelievable that nobody knew until she went into labor. I think they knew about it by at least 6-8 months in, but hushed it up and played dumb to avoid scrutiny and protect the abuser

No. 358897

true. 90% of the time you hear someone bitching about how their partner has "let themselves go" its a man. most men only care about looks, they couldnt care less about their girlfriends and wives as people. men think its fine to leave their wives if they get fat or dare to age. meanwhile women will be shamed and called shallow if they dont want to date short or fat men, and are constantly told to look past their looks and consider personality.

No. 358913

I fucking hate my boyfriend's mother. She's so covertly incestuous and codependent it's disgusting.
It's gotten to the point where I've decided to break up because I can't handle it anymore.

No. 358914

Are you dating my brother

No. 358921

Haha, my boyfriend is a single child.
It's disheartening that your mother is like this too though.
I feel like there is something inherently wrong with women who raise sons. The amount of coddling and effort they put into their son (versus their girl children) is disturbing to me. Then these mothers go on to blame other women for their son's behavior because THEIR little boy couldn't possibly act in such an awful way.

It all feels grossly incestual and toxic.

No. 358922

Just bought a house with my boyfriend (yay) but I am fucking sick to death of everyone sticking their nose in and telling us what to do/what not to do with it with regards to decoration and shit like that. You would think that once you're out, you can escape the clutches of your overbearing families who think their opinion is the best one, but no, apparently not. I can't wait until their nosiness dies down and they all go back to bothering each other instead of us. We want to be left alone.

No. 358926

Seriously, if you ever tell them that you can be in a relationship without needing to fuck they end up asking "What's the point? Then you're just friends"
There's literally no other kind of non-familial relationships to them other than fuck buddy or friend.

No. 358932

The kids, their families, their relatives, and even the school admin have received death threats, bomb threats and misc. hate mail.
The school is still closed due to various bomb threats.

Conversely, the stolen valor native-american activist has received support and there are 2 gofundme campaigns to his name, totaling 16,000 dollars as of today.

We are living in a clown-world.

No. 358938

there is zero maleposting in the gc thread and there are hardly any arguments/spergouts that derail and require mod/farmhand supervision.

You are grasping at straws.

No. 358940

Why so aggressive? Are you the poster that was mentioned?

No. 358944

>creating a new community so we can have MH threads
I feel like that's just a one-stop route to making the "femcels" meme an actual thing. We always address how echochamber behavior fucks you up, be it something small like excessive nitpicking in threads lowering your own self esteem, to extreme things like the bullshit mindset that develops in /r9k/.

We're stronger when we're able to argue amongst ourselves and share our different viewpoints. I hope that when farmhand team changes over properly they can open up these decisions to the users, I think most of us don't see how having a MH thread is even comparable to the shit that pol etc threads bring.

No. 358945

Stop bringing this shit up!

No. 358946

I also see these "inspirational" stories on fb all the time where a man gets into an accident or falls ill and his girlfriend/wife sticks with him through it all. Never see the same with the roles reversed.

No. 358951

This is what I'm afraid of! We should've never removed the man hate thread, males and trannies are itching for us to stay silent

No. 358956

There has to be male staff, or someone is lying… especially since several of the people who actively applied to be janitors/ mods for that thread of been ignored.

what makes you think males and trannies won't keep spamming with bait and gore?

No. 358963

because it's a slippery slope to fearmonger that males are everywhere and nowhere is safe.
They were in the man-hate threads every day and they'd completely derail and it would spill over to the rest of /ot/. Not to mention the raids.

Don't you find it counter-intuitive to assert that maleposting is pervasive on other threads as an argument to reinstall the man-hate thread? The whole point is to disincentivize them from posting and preserve board culture. The mods have access to stats about how many unique IPs post in each thread, I am willing to bet there were never that many anons posting in the man-hate threads or else the mod team would have caved already.

That's just my feeling, I have nothing to back it up.

No. 358980

I'm constantly ignored by everyone around me, I have no one to talk to and it's really killing me how lonely I am. I don't have ANY friends irl, just online ones, and the only person irl I talk to regularly is my mom (who's only here for a couple hours a day before sleeping, as she has work). But, I'm convinced people online have me muted, they don't interact with me anymore or say hi or anything. They sometimes entertain me when I'm being about them (showing them things that they like, or remind me of them, or talking about their day/hobbies/etc). I wonder a lot if I'm being selfish, whenever I want to talk about something I'm interested in or about me/my day/etc. they brush me off or ignore me and it makes me feel like I'm maybe talking to much about my interests or something. My birthday is coming up very soon and I honestly think everyone will just forget it again. Even my dad forgot mine last year, and my mom made it clear that she doesn't want to celebrate it this year. I just truly have no one, no care for me. I always try my absolute best to be there for other people and shower them with things that they like/will make them happy, but I guess that's not good enough. Even my cat hates me and doesn't want to be around me. There's really 0 hope for me to get a boyfriend either, I've stopped dreaming of that for like a year now.

No. 358988

Every time the man hate thread went off topic, it's poster demonstrated themselves to be just as crazy, paranoid and toxic about every other subject in life as they are about men. They probably contribute to lots of shitposting all over the site and I welcome them leaving.

No. 358990

there are still raids and incels posting gore without it, just as there are raids at CC despite them worshipping dick

No. 358997

agree here.

they are more frequent if your shit thread is getting posted on other chans enticing them to come.

No. 359002

You have opportunity to blackmail, use it. Take record. Tape middle of class to prove you must hold class in there. Send texts that would confirm from your bosses own words that she knows it's illegal. Then report her for lols anyway. Then report back here so I can enjoy

No. 359017

Antisocial cats are a shame. Imagine if you went to the shelter and asked for their friendliest cat. You could score big.

No. 359018

I’ve already reported to one state agency (I actually had a friend do it for me because it’s hard for me to lie, and if she asks me point blank if I narc’d I can truthfully say no. I don’t want to be the brunt of her rage when she has to pay fines and shit. However, I didn’t even think of recording the fact that she KNOWS it’s illegal. That is gold, thank u

No. 359024

That's a good idea, I might try that. I love my cat even if she's not very social, so I'd love more cats.

No. 359025

That's a good idea, I might try that. I love my cat even if she's not very social, so I'd love more cats.

No. 359031

It's not you that's the problem, it's your friends. Find some new online friends if you care to. I'm very much in the same boat as you and I just gave up on everyone including online friends (it's hard to find good ones now because everyone acts so cringey with internet culture leaking everywhere) and honestly, it feels so much nicer. I don't have intense crying spells about being so lonely like I used to because I accepted that I have much more fun by myself anyway doing what I enjoy instead of worrying about making friends or getting a boyfriend all the time. You can't force people to fall in love with you or be anyone's favorite, it should come naturally and let's face it, some of us aren't going to be that person. And usually adults can't make proper friends because everyone already has their set group of friends they made while they were young and in school.

Maybe this sounds narcissistic, but at least it's a step in the right direction towards focusing on yourself. If no one else cares about you, might as well stop caring about others. Still be friendly towards people you meet but don't expect a full storybook adventure to happen.

No. 359033

How can I get rid of my resting bitch face?
I've been in one of those church groups for young adults/teenagers (doesn't matter tbh) for like, 4 years or so, and many there never talked to me, I know it is because my expression is kinda intimidating, I am insecure with my teeth and I almost never smile because my smile is ugly, etc.
And then when some person does talk to me, it's like "oh I thought you were cocky", because I am dorky and nice when I talk to people, I'm just shy…

No. 359035

I don't know about changing your expression but if you've been in a group for so long then you need to make the initiative to talk to people. I don't have resting bitch face and I still need to initiate

It might not be stolen valor because he did serve, but he served after Vietnam and someone called him a Vietnam-era vet so misinformation spread.

No. 359039

just wanted to wish you a happy early birthday anon

No. 359056

I find it hard not to care about other people, I don't really link them to things or spend time talking about things they like just to have it be reciprocated, I do like doing those things, I just wish I wasn't ignored for weeks on end about things that I like/my life. But yeah, I know it's hard to make friends as an adult. It actually makes me even more depressed. I like being on my own, but I'm naturally pretty extroverted so it's hard to completely reframe my mind to ONLY like being alone and spending time with myself, especially since that's been my entire life.

Thank you, anon. Hopefully I can at least go see a movie on my own for it.

No. 359113

Electroconvulsive therapy anon back to say I think about killing myself everyday now and I think it’s time to blast me brain again. Like soon. Probably within a week or so, I am thinking about going inpatient just mainly to get it done. I’m not that much of a anger to myself as of today (self harm temptations but no suicide plan) but I had a massive panic attack at my last work shift and cried for an hour in front of two of my managers and then called in the next day. I’m terrified of going back to work and am struggling to shower and change my underwear like I just don’t care despite how disgusting it is. I fucked up and missed a medication appointment and won’t be able to change my prescription for a couple weeks and the prescriber already wanted me to get more ect anyway. They might ask me what loans of frequency I want to pursue and I’m really scared because I’ve always heard the recommendations are to be monthly. I guess it’s better to be rebooted monthly and have that rush of chemicals rather than hate everything and be too depressed to even watch tv.

No. 359114

File: 1548297546224.png (26.69 KB, 300x250, jfye7Kw39F-12.png)

This isn't a negative vent.

It's honestly so cathartic and refreshing to see a side of 4chan that isn't retarded and someone from /pol/ getting absolutely destroyed.

No. 359128

I know the feeling anon

No. 359169

File: 1548301339823.gif (416.72 KB, 250x158, wha.gif)

>accidentally took a 2 hour nap and now I'm gonna be up all night

No. 359178


might be time to end this one, anon. No-contact… painful but necessary?

No. 359191

I'm fucking bored and overthinking my interactions with people at D&D. I don't think the two girls in the group like me much, which is sad because I was hoping to make some friends. They don't even say hi back when I tell them hello. :(

No. 359198

why are you posting this shit here? there's no more talking about politics in the vent thread, or did you forget in a matter of two days?

but if we're really going to talk about it, pelosi is a disgusting human being and not at all representative of moderate leftists. she panders to the extreme left and that's all. in that sense she's no different from shitty alt-right leaders, she just serves the other side. i hate nearly everyone in power right now and i'm not at all proud of our president or the shutdown, but i think this news is childish and petty. it's just a sign that both sides are being led by fucking children in elderly bodies.

No. 359207

I wasn't even commenting on the particular political story, just that I really enjoy seeing /pol/ btfo. Chill out, clown.

No. 359221

People who bring 4chan shitpost culture here need to be permabanned.

No. 359224

File: 1548314346677.jpg (125.17 KB, 612x612, 1430133670739.jpg)

>in grocery store with bf
>trying to check out refrigerated section with sandwiches, wraps, other fresh made foods
>a mom and her 3 year old are blocking the entire section
>bf and I wait patiently thinking they'll be done looking in a minute
>bitch isn't putting shit into her cart
>child is screeching and keeps touching all the wraps and sandwiches at the lower level
>mom passively asking child to stop
>child isn't listening
>at this point we've been waiting five minutes and mombie is still oblivious to anyone else in the world
>after several unheeded commands she finally coaxes toddler away from food and they move on
>poor unsuspecting shoppers won't be aware that their food has been touched repeatedly by germy toddler hands
It's so god damn gross. Just because moms are okay with their child's snot and drool encrusting everything doesn't mean other people are.

No. 359254

Look at what just happened to the unpopular opinion thread. They don't even care about hiding their obsessions anymore.
I'm praying mods don't just neuter /ot/ altogether because banning /pol9k/ is too much trouble.

No. 359261

I am sure thought policing will not royally backfire whatsoever!

No. 359266

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't want anons to be disallowed from posting their opinions or otherwise expressing themselves because some posters that aren't even supposed to be here won't leave us the fuck alone and stop baiting/reposting the same shit for days on end.
I can already see the "Well just don't reply", but that somehow didn't save man hate threads from being banned on their last legs, and I think it's clear that these posters won't give up on starting shit until people inevitably tell them to shut the fuck up, which gives them the female attention they're so starved for, causing a chain reaction.
I just want the janitors to not use the whole "Sorry too much shitposting, we can't have these threads anymore" tactic too often. It gives incels, robots and other undesirables way too much power, and can potentially fuck up all of /ot/ if they decide to concentrate their autism hard enough.

No. 359299

tired of my bf flipping the fuck out at me when i suggest we go to bed at a reasonable time (11pm) because he has work in the morning, then crying all day about how tired he is and acting like he's dying.

No. 359311

Had a similar experience recently. My family booked this restaurant that has a chocolate fountain for desert with fresh strawberries and marshmallows. We're sitting there eating and there's this family of like 10. One of their kids picks up a marshmallow with his bare hands and plunges it into the fountain, takes it out and starts licking his fingers. There's no excuse for this because the kid is around 8/9. My family are watching this unfold in horror lol and my mom is like "Surely the parents will say something" but no, the parents come over with the other kids and they're watching as some of their kids are dipping their fingers into the fountain, not encouraging them to use the utensils provided and lifting the younger kids up so they can do the same. I've never been so grossed out in my life.

So yeah never use chocolate/cheese fountains, never get salad from salad bars, never go to buffets…if it isn't coated in three layers of plastic just assume that a child picked their nose and then touched it.

No. 359315

My bf does the same except he gets really depressed/paranoid when he's low on sleep. He'll tell me that he's depressed and I can literally point to how he only got 4 hours sleep the night before but he can't see that himself. He maintains that because he comes home late from work he doesn't have enough time in the day to do "fun stuff".

No. 359335

>Get sexually molested by close friends best friend multiple times at house partys (He raped me while I was drunk and tried to push me to have sex with him in his car once while driving me home)
>Tell my close friend
>She tells me that I'm a whore anyway (basically) and that I should know he doesn't mean to hurt me & not make a big deal out of it.
I feel like they talked about it previously and he played it down to her or smth
>I play it off because I really like this friend and she helped me through some tough times. Don't get invited to partys anymore but it's okay.
>Get seated next to rape dude at my graduation, his parents keep telling me how beautiful I look and he keeps telling me anime jokes, keeps trying to make me laugh and get my attention
>Shows me how he sent like fifty messages to me on WhatsApp (I blocked him previously because he would randomly send me memes and shit for some reason and it made me uncomfortable)
>Photographer snaps a picture of him staring at my boobs which is now featured on my former schools website (Which is kinda funny to be honest)
>I get very drunk at my graduation party and try to beat him up but my friends stop me kek

Few months later:
>Close friend and rape dude move in together for college
>I have a mental breakdown because I feel like she chose his friendship over my security
>Decide I can't do this anymore, block both of them everywhere and haven't talked to them ever since

Problem is both of them go to the same college as me and I see them on campus sometimes. I get very scared and mostly just try to hide. I really wanna tell my other friends who are still friends with those people what happened but I just… don't wanna make a big deal out of it?
I still feel bitter about losing my close friend like that, I really liked her until she became an asscunt…
Also rape dudes mom works at the same hospital as my mom and every time they see each other his mom just unprovoked tells my mom how great everything's going for him while my mom's just kind nodding and trying to leave bc she doesn't like her, which is pretty funny to me

No. 359336

Wtf is he 10 years old? 11pm is late af too especially if youre working in the morning. When I was working, I couldnt make it through the next day unless I went to bed at 6pm every evening. Keeping a schedule is really easy and nighttime is depressing as hell anyway, I wouldnt want to be up all night bc of that.

No. 359342

Some people just have more energy in the evening/at night. Not sure why, but that's how it is for some of us.
That said anons' bfs are being foolish. By 18 I'd identified one of the main contributors to my suicidal thoughts to be not physically caring for myself (sleep and exercise).

No. 359371

Holy shit, anon. I don’t know how you’re coping with all of this because it sounds so awful and I’m just so sorry you’ve had to go through that. It’s horrifying. I can understand why you’re apprehensive about telling other friends, because that one friend was so fucking awful and dismissive when you told her.

Have you talked to anyone about this, like a professional? Maybe you can see a therapist or a counselor of some sort on your college campus? I don’t even know you but my heart is breaking for your situation and I just want you to have someone in your life you can trust, fuck.

No. 359375

File: 1548343930501.jpg (153.67 KB, 1242x717, 1548042326934.jpg)

this image makes me want to kill myself

No. 359378

Has anyone here had an abortion? My period is one week late and i havent had unprotected sex but my bf did cum inside me with a condom on. Im flipping the fuck out and i might just be late naturally since my cycle is kinda whacky but im so fucking anxious. Im gonna buy a pregnancy test tomorrow.

No. 359380

Just go to any plan parenthood center and they'll hook you up!

No. 359383

Just try to relax. Before I started taking the pill, I used to have this panic every single month lol. Once my period came almost three weeks late. Try to warm yourself up by taking a bath, drinking tea or using a heat pad. I also heard that exercising and having orgasms help to stimulate your muscles. Take the test asap and don't worry about it, you have plenty of options available to you because it's still very early. We'll help you.

No. 359385

you can get rid of it easily and guilt-free since it won't be a conscious human life in the stages when you can actually abort it. don't worry about it. get the test, it's likely negative.

No. 359387

I am soooo horny. But I don't like having casual sex unless I am drunk. Helppppp. I also have a really cute professor this semester and I constantly think about wanting to kiss her in class.

Also I feel like I am too old to be a fujo. I am 24 and if anything dating and having sex with guys has made these feelings stronger.

No. 359389

Going to be honest with you, I'm not coping that well.
I have days where I non-stop think about these people and if I made the right decision by breaking off contact like today
I stalk their social media sites and just feel bad because it seems like they have so much fun…
I reported the dudes Instagram for spam earlier bc he uses like a million "alternative model" hashtags and reported his Twitter for hate-speech just to be a dick, that's how I cope kek

Some days I just get anxious about possibly seeing one of them in the city or on campus and can't leave the house, which also fucks with my first semester of college.

I have a bf who's basically babysitting me lately because I feel pretty empty and horrible all the time and he's scared of leaving me alone over night.
I recently told him what happened with them and since then he's been trying to get me to talk to a professional but I'm scared my parents would find out because they still get my mail and stuff.
I really don't know what to do anymore

No. 359399

I also have a really cute and pretty professor at this one class right now and I too want to kiss her and be her gf and it distracts me a lot. She has the most comfy looking fashion style and is generally really adorable. And she talks to me and smiles at me a lot, which always kinda gets me flustered.

No. 359400

>post in the confessions thread a while ago that i love to snoop through people's things
>brag about not being ashamed and not being phased by anything i find (diaries, sex toys, etc.)
>snoop through my friend's journals
>find out something…important.
>it involves my sibling
>i don't know if i should tell anyone because there's no way i'd know this without snooping
>i don't even know enough details to make an informed judgment
>can't get more details without admitting i snooped

feels bad man

No. 359408

Anon, you seriously need to go to a professional. These people aren't your friends and they never were so you just need to remind yourself that you've made the right decision. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can go back to enjoying college and having a healthy relationship with your bf. I've been to multiple therapists and they never asked for my home address, just my phone number to send me texts which you can easily delete. You have no reason to hide or be scared when you see them on campus, you did nothing wrong. What do you think would help you bring closure to all of this and stop you from checking their social media?

No. 359422

Seconding everything >>359408 said. Please don’t second guess yourself for cutting shitty people out of your life, and please seek professional help as soon as you can.

No. 359423

File: 1548353992151.jpg (73.04 KB, 1200x800, Really.jpg)

Bf is being really bullheaded about anime, of all the stupid things.

I really don't like shonen anime, especially newer ones. It's what bf loves to watch though. Relentless fighting and long, drawn out episodic series really bore me. It doesn't help that I was growing out of anime in general and really only had feels for older anime due to nostalgia, but my bf started forcing me to watch a lot of newer shonen types. I played along at first because what was important to me was spending the time with him and absorbing some of the things he liked. I even bought him some merch for Christmas because I remembered his favorite series. Why crush his enthusiasm?

Yet over time I got so bored while he marathoned stupid anime that I would nod off and he would get mad at me for falling asleep. Although it just kind of leaked out of me after being made to binge watch several different series. He'd take offense if I wasn't in the mood so I went with it to keep the peace. Things got so dull that I started to make derisive comments out of boredom, I mean it's not like he was letting me go to sleep or do something else without whining. Shonen anime is notoriously cheesy. Say if there were massive plot holes or such contrived circumstances even for anime, I'd make a comment poking fun at it. He took my comments really personally, as if he were projecting that my dislike over certain details was me speaking ill of his tastes in general even though that's not what I said. He complained that I was "shitting all over" what he wanted to watch, he was being such a baby and it's not like I made comments all the time. It's almost like he knew some of it was legit childish so he hated me for pointing it out.

So I recently asked him to watch an anime I liked, since he never asked me what I was interested in watching. I forced him to watch a shojo anime that's famous for a gorey plot twist and being a deconstruction of the genre, I picked it with bf's tastes in mind. Up until the gore scene, all bf did was whine about how I was making him watch a girly pedo(?) magic anime. It pissed me off because he had zero patience and couldn't even pretend to reciprocate the time I gave towards his shit for a whole episode without complaining.
Next, I showed him an older anime to which he bitched about the animation style sucking when he was being objectively false. He then went on to say he hated older anime in general like Trigun and Cowboy Bebop because "the animation sucks." Right about then I laid down the law.

I told him I had no desire to watch shonen anime anymore and that I was done. He got defensive.
>"What is shonen supposed to mean anon? Is that like Shonen Jump?"
So I told him what the genre is and why it doesn't really appeal to me. I mentioned things like demographic.
I explained again how shonen is a genre stylised by creators, it had nothing to do with SJWs labeling things and the internet having opinions. It would be like getting mad over a movie being labeled romcom or sci-fi.
He calmed down but clearly was still pissy because he knew deep down he was in the wrong for exploding on me like that and trying to make it into something political because of his ignorance.

I feel a little bad that watching anime together has been ruined. Yet on the other hand, I'm happy to leave it behind for the fact that he got so immature about it and clearly can't handle the difference in opinion even if it's given to him gently. Good riddance.

No. 359434

> I forced him to watch a shojo anime that's famous for a gorey plot twist and being a deconstruction of the genre
Is it Utena or something else? Hope it's not Madoka or Maho Shoujo Site as it sounds interesting and I've seen those already and MSS is really bad…. Need to watch it if I haven't already!

Also not sure if you have already posted about this or if your problem is shared by some other anons…

No. 359435

I can't believe he thinks you would care about his shonen shit. Also he has GARBAGE taste if he thinks older anime isn't good just because of the art style. I didn't even know people being picky about art in anime (none of it looks that great) was a thing until my ex pointed it out so I guess it's only a thing with newer anime geeks.

Anyway, my favorite anime is a shonen show but your bf sounds so boring and like he's watching all the dumb shit. The only thing worse than watching something shitty by yourself is watching something shitty with someone else when they don't want to turn it off.

No. 359436

I'd imagine other boyfriends are whiny assholes about anime too but I might've vented about the whole him not letting me sleep because of anime thing a month and a half or so ago. I put a stop to that too, it was so ridiculous. Other anons at the time replied about how they had experiences with people who got upset over others not liking their tastes too. It's wild.

It was Madoka btw. I'm not saying it's a perfect anime and it does have problems, but I really enjoyed it and the first time watching it made me cry. Not other anime post 2010 has made me feel in a similar fashion since.

No. 359439

Thanks for the reply, nothing wrong with the anime though I hate how dudebros think all other maho shoujo anime are sweet and happy all the time and that Madoka was THE first to have darkness in it. I wish there was more series like it that are genuinely good.

No. 359443

The only anime I like is really old stuff (like 60s) and 90s anime. The modern stuff just seems like bland filler with cookie-cutter characters. making you watch anime is really bizarre.

Reading lolcow has definitely not made me sad about being single. Every boyfriend seems to have some actively weird thing that they impose on you and refuse to change, this anime problem being the most mild one I've read but still so annoying

No. 359445

Why do so many female-oriented "snarky" websites have to be so focused on being intersectional and woke? Like GOMI, ONTD, etc. I want to read about stupid drama, not how someone is soooo racist and evil.

No. 359447

long live lolcow

No. 359480

guys are only worth flirting with for fun (not sexually, just innocent flirting). they're not good enough in like any respect, to consider for dating or being intimate with or anything else.

i really hate that this makes retarded men think i'm a slut or something. i dont actually like them at all but they dont listen when i try to tell them that i dont like these other guys. really irritating.

No. 359481

Recently, a lot of my childhood memories of extreme bullying in school and physical/verbal abuse by my dad have started resurfacing and I’m shocked at how intense they are. I didn’t realize I had surpressed a lot of my childhood and it’s only been after dealing with the pain that I understand why I used to draw blanks about my life up until I was about 14-15 years old. I’ll be 24 this spring and it’s kind of embarrassing talking about it because I wasn’t molested and people don’t take bullying seriously or think it isn’t as bad as they hear that it can be.

Usually they come up at night when I’m winding down from a long day and they’re so intense I feel sick thinking about it. I don’t even know what triggers them to come up. I’ll be listening to music or reading and suddenly I’m hit with a vivid memory of how lonely and isolated I was as a kid. I’ll remember how my teachers used to treat me like I was a monster, and how they used to call me names like ‘liar’ or destroy my artwork other petty things I have no control over.

Also, I started remembering how much I hated my father. It was a mutual thing too and no one was around to see it so everyone in my family other than my mom thinks I’m just being an ungrateful bitch and that my dad was this wonderful, intelligent man. My dad and I used to get into these ridiculous battle of wills where we would throw insults at each other for hours until one of us got bored and walked off. We were incredibly vicious and cruel to each other.

What makes me sad is that no one really takes the time to understand why I’m often a little closer off from people or aggressive. No one takes the time to consider how much pain I’ve had to endure and misinterprets my solitary lifestyle as me being haughty. I’m not, I just choose to be alone because I don’t understand people and get hurt too easily. I sometimes wonder if there’s something wrong with me, because I was never a bad person. I have made mistakes and I’m not perfect but I still don’t understand why I’ve had to go through all that I’ve experienced. It’s all left me jaded, cynical, and melancholic.

No. 359514

I broke up with my ex 5 years ago after a 5 year relationship + engagement, and I was really awful to him in the end. For some reason, I guess because I'm an emotionally stunted piece of shit who is just now reflecting on it now that I'm in therapy for my recently diagnosed PD, I didn't realize what an immense asshole I was until recently.

I'm in another long term relationship now, it's not like I want to get back with him or something; I guess I want to apologize, even though it probably won't mean much to him. But I think he's married now and I don't want to disturb his life with me mewling for forgiveness. I guess it's just something I'll have to get over. I'd ask my therapist how to cope with guilt but since I'm the one in the wrong I don't think I really deserve to NOT feel it. Still sucks, though.

No. 359532

I'm this anon again, I went off on my friends this morning since I've been holding it in for a month. I wasn't mean, I just stated my feelings and calmly explained that I was feeling ignored and not cared for, but I still felt awful and now I feel like everything's much more awkward and terrible between us. I think I just have to let the hope of having friends go at this point. I may just rope soon anyway, so it's not like it matters much.

No. 359540

My gross ex, who sexually and emotionally abused me, tried adding me as a friend on Facebook.

I’m declining that shit obviously but I wonder how he thought that was a good idea after I told him that I wanted nothing to do with him and I hope he has a nice life (granted it was years ago but would he still think I would miraculously change my mind?). He was a creep back then and I highly doubt he’s changed, considering he still gave off the same entitled and self absorbed vibes when we briefly talked a
few years back.

I consider myself over what happened but having him reappear in my life reminds me of how stupid I was to trust him.

No. 359551

File: 1548369516760.jpg (51.88 KB, 750x538, hhehehe.jpg)

last year i was extremely mentally ill and ended up isolating myself for two months during summer break and only talked with people online. a year ago i started to talk with a guy i met on twitter (only through text). he was a couple of years younger than me, and really seemed like a loser, which sounds harsh, but idk how else to describe it. he was going to join the us military, and when i asked why he was like "idk". turns out the only reason he wanted to go there was so he could get stationed in japan and fulfill his weeb dreams. he just seemed to have 0 ambitions? and he knew nothing about history or culture or politics… or pop culture for that sake. all he did was game and watch anime. at the time i was like "i guess everyone's different, some people just aren't into history and politics" and our friendship continued.

after a while, his behaviour became unnerving. he got jealous when i talked about other guys and would have meltdowns triggered by his insecurity issues. i wish i could go back in time and tell myself to stop texting him, as his behaviour was making me uncomfortable. he literally didn't seem to have any other friends though, so i continued texting him out of pity.

after a while he got more and more clingy and way too attached to me. in december last year he literally said that he was obsessed with me, thought about me all the time, stalked my social media and even had dreams about me (wtf??). i cut off contact with him immediately, but i feel so gross. this is a guy i only TEXTED. we never had a real conversation. i'm just annoyed at myself for spending such a long time supporting such a fucking dumb ass idiot. i feel very bad for writing this down, but i hope something bad happens to him in the military.

i lied. i don't feel bad for wishing that. i am so fucking tired of guys acting like huge creeps when a girl is nice to them. this is why i have 0 male friends. disgusting.

No. 359555

>forecast to reach 45 C today
>"i'll work from home so I don't have to go outside!"
>power goes out
>my house is already 30c inside

gonna kms

No. 359579

so long as you're looking to genuinely apologize and not immediately absolve your guilt, i don't think there's anything wrong with contacting him. maybe send a letter? something simple like "how i treated you in our relationship was wrong. you didn't deserve that, and i'm sorry. i hope you're doing well and i wish the best for you" just don't expect a reply. you could even write out a more detailed, heartfelt letter and not send it, for your own closure.

No. 359584

I feel you anon, it reached 48 C where I live yesterday.
I have no idea how I’m gonna comfortably afford the electricity bill that’s coming after all these fucking heatwaves.

No. 359633

I hate curly hair gatekeeping. I understand why the term natural hair is specifically for black people, and others shouldn't try to use that term. But, I'm tired of whenever someone with moderately curly hair says anything about their curly hair it seems like tons of people come at them and are like "umm no sweetie, your hair is wavy" even if they have literal ringlets of hair.

No. 359659

I got cold-emailed from a company because I used their product since starting undergrad and we had a 30 minute talk. It seemed to go well, to the point the recruiter wanted to hook me up with a person working the role I would potentially have.
It all looks good and promising and shiny and new but I'm kind of feeling apathetic inside because I know it won't work out. Nothing in the end works out for me.

No. 359668

I hear you. I see it in the youtube comments for any hair tutorial that features a white or latina girl with curly hair. It's always only black people with extremely tight afro coils who say "wahhh thats just wavy! how dare u claim to have curls" to girls of other races even if the girl clearly has perfect, springy ringlets big or small.

No. 359676

My roommates are fucking shit. When they were going through tough times when we first moved I let them eat my groceries, gave them rides to work, use my laundry detergent, bought shit like toilet paper and trash bags and even helped one with rent when he wanted to buy his fucking computer and spent his money on that shit instead. I screwed up at my job and my hours got cut and now I have a bunch of car shit I need to pay off as well. Now that I’m applying for other jobs I told them I may need help with rent this month, the only time I have ever in my LIFE asked for financial help, only to get called a dumbass for screwing up at work and that the whole situation is my fault. Fuck both of them. I’m so tired of men being selfish as hell.

No. 359678

No, they need to continue gatekeeping because if they don't the lose representation

Don't believe me? See the #MeeToo movement that was originally made for black girls and now it's a mess

No. 359684

File: 1548390117359.png (382.53 KB, 601x394, 0j.png)

Things like this (obvious WASP chicks with an obsession with being "hood"/"thug" or even just the words "thug life") are really corny and cheesy.
It's not even like they grew up with that sort of culture and are acknowledging it with a cute, ironic, in-jokey flair. They'd understandably be terrified and completely out of their element if anyone dropped them in a real "thug life" sort of ghetto.
It's like seeing a non-Asian person in a "Crazy Poor Asians" shirt. Just…cringy.

No. 359687

Homeless people in my area are really pissing me off.
I don't begrudge anyone for not having a home or falling on hard times. It's just their attitude when they solicit me for money. It bothers me how if I reply that I don't have anything on me, they mutter under their breaths and curse me because I guess I'm obligated to give even when I cannot? It happens every single time I go out to do something now.

I know why they do it to me specifically-because I look approachable-but I also look college-aged so I can't believe they'd even bother asking when most younger people don't carry cash anyway anymore.

The last time bf and I were out on our way to lunch, a woman who looked clean in a coat with a cup of coffee approached us. She said that because of the government shutdown, she couldn't afford insulin so don't we have some money for her? We told her no, sorry, and walked away. But I could hear her mumbling angrily.
Fun fact: It's because of the government shutdown that I'm unemployed right now. I have student loans and credit debts to pay. Nobody gives a fuck that my savings are gone and I've been setback. If I didn't have parents to take me in, I'd be living out my car. I've been desperately searching for employment for over a month. I only go out because my bf offers to pay for me.
Yet this entitled thinks I have money to burn, because she doesn't give a fuck. Maybe if she needed insulin so badly she should go to the ER where they can't refuse people medical attention, and go into debt like I had to. Better yet, since she's presumably homeless or low-income she likely won't have to pay anything. That's if she wasn't lying to be manipulative just to score a couple of bucks from some suckers to begin with.

No. 359689

Omg I thought I was the only one who felt this

No. 359694

Fact: 100% of the time, it's your own fault for being homeless for more than a few weeks

No. 359700

i've had this happen a few times but you know what? they're homeless. no shit they're in a bad mood. the entitlement to the point of being a little nasty kind of sucks, but also, no one should be homeless, and it's fucking scary, and i get it if they're nasty, tbh. i can't really complain that a homeless person is being a little mean when they're in a very vulnerable position and have nothing and are in danger constantly.

what a dumb post

No. 359703

I have always been very sympathetic to homeless people until one berated me in public because I said I didn't have any cash on me to give him (which was true) and he proceeded to call me ugly, disgusting, cunt, POS, yelled at my boyfriend that I was a worthless whore… like yes it sucks that you're homeless but that's not an excuse to be an asshole to me. I wasn't even rude to the guy I just politely told him I didn't have any cash. And no being homeless isn't an automatic excuse to be an asshole.

No. 359705

What do they have to lose by being cordial instead of nasty while they beg on the street? If anything someone might recognize them for polite behavior and come back to give them something. Nobody wants to help out nasty people who hate others who can't help on-demand.

No. 359706

File: 1548394877894.jpg (25.73 KB, 540x381, tumblr_pf63d5W8pf1r0bxj8_540.j…)

My sister is an anti-vaxxer and one of those pro-life freaks who want to rob women of their bodily autonomy. She believes in the "big pharma" scare and is one of those militantly protestant Christians. She's killing my niece, barely 1, by not getting her vaccinated. She has the flu - something that could very well KILL an infant - and refuses to give her medicine for it, even when the doctors prescribe it to her.

I'm calling CPS to open a case on her for child endangerment, but she currently lives with my mother and her husband – rent free, mind – and part of me is terrified of becoming the evil child again. I only recently became the golden child after my sister because a dependent on my mother.

If she's responsible for the death of my niece, I'm booking a ticket home and beating the teeth out of her smarmy little head.

Fuck anti-vaxxers.

No. 359707

good luck. anti vaxxers are fucking scum.

No. 359709

Aren't they the worst?

My cousin is an anti-vaxx Trumptart and he had a kid outside of marriage with some bimbo who equally doesn't give a fuck.
I believe the child's four or five now, old enough to be starting school. But he isn't. Because my cousin won't vaccinate under "religious" reasons that he cannot prove because he's not actually religious. So he cannot enroll his child into any kind of preschool programs or public school where they live.
He has extreme cognitive delays and I could barely understand his speech when they visited at Christmas. He received books as gifts but couldn't sit still for more than a minute, and he wasn't interested anyway. The only thing he enjoyed was a nerf gun and shooting the family dog and other people with it. Because he sees my cousin with his illegal firearms that he brandishes while stocking up on doomsday supplies Alex Jones style.

He's gonna grow up to be stunted and violent, but at least my cousin feels he's collectively 'winning' something.

No. 359710

I truly hope they all catch whooping cough and die. I'm sick of them thinking they can just let both their and immunocompromised children suffer because they decided to chug the retard juice.

My niece is barely one, so I have no idea how this is going to unfold down the road. If I had to wager a guess, my sister is probably going to do some kind of Christian homeschooling, since she won't be allowed in school with my niece unvaccinated.

I've been breaking my low-contact rule with my narcissistic mother to practically /beg/ her to do something about the state of my niece, but all she does is sigh in despair like she has no hand in the game. My mother lives with my sister under /her roof/, where she could easily document the medical neglect my sister puts her through.

This entire situation is infuriating.

No. 359713

Huh, that's weird behavior for a narc mom. Does she consider your sister the golden child and that's why she's being so unusually helpful to her and dismissive of her negative parenting?
Most narc moms, including mine, abhor it when their adult children stay home and no less add kids to the picture that they would have to grandma.

I hope it works out regardless.

No. 359718

She was the golden child ever since I can remember, but it's only been recent that my mother's been acting as though I'm "better" than her, or that I'm more "productive" than her.

My mother wants grandchildren and a good relationship with said grandchildren so she can gloat about it to Facebook, and her church group. As far as I can tell, she has been otherwise passive to my sister and her husband's staying there, as long as she gets to use her granddaughter for those sweet brownie points.

When I lived with her, I was either berated daily, or treated as though I did not exist. I was the scapegoat. Now, it's some weird dysfunctional mess that's hard to pinpoint.

My family's always been dysfunctional, I suppose, so I guess it's just par for the course.

Even so, I appreciate your saying so. I'll figure this out eventually.

No. 359724

File: 1548398384722.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1920x2402, Ihatemen.jpg)

I hate that these exist and that people jack off to them

No. 359726

/gif/ has always been a cesspit

No. 359739

But that's where the natural hair movement comes in. Curly hair is more general and should be able to be used by anyone.

No. 359760

I'd bring up the fact that the state of your niece is making both your sister and your mom look bad and that people are starting to talk about it.
The fear of losing face can be a good motivator to narcs.

No. 359762

File: 1548405961000.jpg (562.49 KB, 800x514, vanlifephoto.jpg)

After suffering slight cabin fever, I've been REALLY wanting to travel so much that I've been watching a lot of VanLife videos but fuck would it be hard like dealing with periods and no shower and toilet (not to mention terrifying as a solo woman). I just want to get the hell out of where I am especially since I could be stuck here forever if I don't get out now. I don't want to have that regret feeling like I missed out on traveling and wasting my precious youth stuck in my awful home-town doing a stupid mundane job.

No. 359781

File: 1548409896769.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

I started 2019 with an UTI and now, almost a week or two later I got thrush. Fucking why.

No. 359794

Thanks anon. They haven't passed.

Felt low today. When I wake up, my face is puffy and my eyelids are uneven because I have extra skin there. The swelling goes down a bit with some cold water, but it still kinda bothers me. I have slightly uneven eyebrows, one is higher than the other.

I took one picture of myself that I liked a few days ago, and I've kept it and keep looking at it to remind myself that I can look pretty without any makeup on, etc. But it's slightly angled like I am a bit under the camera, so it feels misleading. I take some from the front and they're okay but not as nice.

My mum noticed that I was a bit down, and I honestly shouldn't have said anything because when it pertains to how I look she can't deal with it because she finds it hurtful to hear as I'm her child. So between her telling me that I need to get a psychological referral (I agree) I don't think this BDD is debilitating but it comes in waves. But it's gotten worse because she's very upset and she's basically having a panic attack and I overheard her telling my dad that I'm going to kill her from the stress because "every day there's a problem with me". It's sad the only people I can confide in about this are strangers here. My crush cares about my MH but I don't want to talk to him about this because I'm still too shy to show him how I look.

No. 359804

I spent one holiday on a boat and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I wasn't alone though, I went with family. If you can get a friend to go with you, go for it anon.

No. 359819

I realized something I thought I was over actually still bothers me.

So I wanted to be an artist, even went to school for it. It wasn't really a serious art school, more like a vocational school. I changed my mind and now I'm planning to pursue another career. And I'm very fine with that. But.
Not only did I lose interest in art as a career, I also can't enjoy it as a hobby anymore.

I want to like doing art but I'm not good enough to enjoy it and not motivated enough to get over the frustration and improve. I love psychoanalyzing myself and I wonder if I can't just give up art because it's part of my identity. I was the artsy kid. I was the one who was really "talented" and I did seriously plan going into the field, I had grand dreams of working in the Japanese gaming industry.

TL;DR I'm fine with not pursuing art as a career anymore but not with the fact that I'm not so into art anymore.

No. 359820

My memory has been so shitty lately, everything has been feeling like I already experienced it. My mental health is freaking me out and like I was seeing myself from a different angle in the room. I see my therapist later today so I can talk about what's been going on, but these past two nights have been so scary to go through. Haven't had this happen in years.

No. 359823

i've been living in a foreign country for 6 years with now now ex (we've been broken up for two years now though) and i'm finally going back to the US.

I'm scared, I don't really want to go, but my mental health is bad. Two days ago I hung myself from the doorknob while my ex was in the house supervising me. It only took 5 minutes, I had just lost consciousness I guess. I'm lucky I don't have brain damage, but at the same time I still wish I had died.

I've had depression since I was a kid and I just can't see it getting any better. It's been 15 years of this shit.

Mental illness is a bitch

No. 359824

I'm this anon >>359823, please make sure you talk about it with your therapist. My memory slipping is one of the first signs that I'm going under again.

No. 359826

Definitely will. I don't think I'll ever harm myself, I just want to feel grounded. My anxiety disorder can get so bad at times, I feel really detached. Mental illness really is a bitch, I hope you feel better soon.

No. 359831

I was going for a walk with my 10 YEAR OLD BROTHER and we walk past this guy who says hello to me. I just grunt back. Then he and some other un-evolved primates drive past me and scream shit and screamed "SUCK MY DICK" I know I should be used to it by now but it still upsets me and my fucking 10 year old brother was there. Men fucking disgust me. How they get off on scaring you.

No. 359841

That's disgusting and uncalled for but do you really just grunt when people say hello to you, assholes or not? At least say hi back.

No. 359842

This was at night. I knew he was deliberately but trying to scare me so I didn't know how to reply.

No. 359844

Ah, I see. I'm sorry that happened to you. I've said it before and I'll say it again, men see women and children as objects so I'm not surprised he did it in front of your brother as if he wasn't there.

No. 359854

My boyfriend spends way too much money on cigarettes. And I hate that I have to suffer the cold or heat for like 10 whole minutes when we're in the car so he can smoke his precious cigarette. Never matters if I don't have a jacket on a cold night, or if it's literally 105 degrees F outside. It's like the thought never even enters his head that he's making me suffer for something as frivolous as a smoke.

I also hate that men don't just sit down to pee on the fucking toilet. It splashes up and out and I can see it shining and dried on the floor. It somehow also makes a line of piss that looks like it drips beneath the toilet bowl. Idk how that even happens. But noooo it's girly to actually sit down and contain your bodily waste or something. Fucking fragile males just cannot be assed to sit on the fucking toilet. I pointed this out to him once and he was like "Huh… that's so true!" then just moved on and of course nothing changed.

I love him a lot and he's great in so many other ways but I hate how he's fine with inconveniencing me. Probably doesn't even give it a second thought. I know he doesn't. Of course if I make a fuss it's nagging so fuck me I guess!

Also when I met him he was really physically fit and now he's doughy while I stay conscious of my figure (not that I'm perfect but once I gain ~5 or more pounds I buckle down and eat right and exercise again). Idk how to tell him feeling his ab muscles was hot to me and I don't get turned on as much now that he's not as fit.

I already feel bad for writing this out. Oh well. The cigarette in the car thing is what really fries me.

No. 359859

noo when random men greet you, you shouldn't say hello back… it always encourages them. Honestly I just ignore any guys coming up to me in public, either saying hello or shouting shit. Best to do is treat them no better than air so they don't get any satisfaction.
As an edgy teen I used to fantasize that when catcalled, I'd stop - say 'what the fuck you just said???' - while pulling out my pocketknife. And they'd back off in fear and never catcall a girl every again. Lol

No. 359896

I just want to vent because I realised some shit after a very sad dark period.

I had an ex fiancé and I left him because he was an abusive piece of shit with no drive in life and I stopped having sex with him for about 3 years prior. He was such a loser this never phased him, I literally got vagina lockjaw when we would try even tho we had a decent sex life for two people that deflowered each other. (we were together for like ~8 years with a 3-4 month break halfway thru)

Anyway asides from the his straight up physically abusive behaviour of constantly choking me backing me into corners and berating me im only realising what a mentally abusive cunt he was too.

He was a complete loser shut in when I met him. I introduced him to most of his friends. I paid for trips to go abroad I financed so many life experiences for him. He did shit at highschool and ended working in a call centre until my dad gave him a job in his company. I end up dropping out of uni and getting a job and getting an apartment so we can make a life together and start achieving things or so I thought. About 6 months later he quits the data processing minimal phone interaction job he was given to be an artist. After failing to get into a uni for art because he didn't feel like he should have to prove his artistic ability at an interview just to get in the damn course. Also he's a shit artist but anyway

I'm continuing working a soul sucking job because someone fucking has to. My Dad ends up commissioning a painting of a photo my ex took and it no joke takes him 9 months to be arsed to do it. My Dad then pays an extortionate amount for it so he can display it on his loser website. This generates about 3 clients before loser gives up because its too time consuming and he can't mong out on the xbox all day.

Meanwhile my dreams are on hold because he needs support because he's so creative and sensitive. Even tho I pay for everything we have to live near his ma.

He also was always friends with people that were downright cruel to me. We met each other in highschool right. So there's weird group dynamics since everyone aged and puberty etc there's history before my ex showed up. His in was to belittle me, I unfortunately had repelled countless advances by this one kid in the group. This kid had a party house and basically as a teen he was the guy you wanted to know to get to the parties fucking whatever. So when I start being swrious with my ex to keep everyone happy I become the new target of the group. The joke. Every group has one.

Essentially over the years I'm completely phased out yet tolerated. I'm only realising how shitty my ex was to me in every way. I always revered him on some pedestal for being the guy I confided every little thing in. I have trust issues for reasons not getting into but this was a huge deal for me. To be able to confide in someone.

For numerous reasons a few years after that separation and therapy and medication I've only realised how fucked he abuse my self worth. I literally have 0 friends from highschool or speak to literally anyone I knew whilst dating my ex. A lot of details about me got gossiped about a few months after I had moved on with my current boyfriend. My ex has maintained friendships with people that bullied me in highschool. I was with my bf for my last 2 years of hs, he was graduated at this point working in a call centre. I would confide in him so much shit that was happening to me. My last 2 years were the worst years of my life. I got him to pick me up early on my last day because of the shit happening. I've been viewing this piece of shit through Rose coloured glasses just thinking it couldn't work because we both had growing up to do, but this man is now in his 30s still talking shit about me.

I honestly thought it was true love and the real deal and the realisation that someone hated you and just used you for the free ride is so fucking traumatising. I bared my soul to that asshole and he is berating me because I wrecked him. He literally acts like we got married and he's entitled to spousal support for the neet lifestyle he had off me.

I had these feelings before but I was so deluded I stuck around in that relationship for years. I'm so mad at myself and I'll love to string the cunt up for the tens of thousands supplied to him.

Like I can't open up to my actual boyfriend because I've got this fucking complex. I barely socialise anymore.

I have no idea how but I'd just love for all the cunts that gossip about me with him knew what a lazy self absorbed cheap cunt he was. Altho I paid for him and 2 friends to go to Amsterdam about a month before I finally ended it and it was the worst fucking trip I've ever been on and the only thing I am thankful for is that his 2 mates saw some of his bad behaviour. One of the dudes took pity on him and was trying to help train him for a company he had. Last I heard they don't talk anymore either. The faggot does not know how to do an honest days work in his life

No. 359906

I’ve been looking at my ex’s old 4chan posts (he was a tripfag). I ran across a post of his claiming he would never be a cheater like his dad was. Dumb faggot cheated on me multiple times throughout our relationship and blamed it on me when I was feeling upset and criticizing his abusive behavior. Wish I could kick him in the nuts and strangle him Homer Simpson-style right now.

Yeah, yeah I know this is what I got for dating a faggot tripfag like that and looking at his old online shit out of boredom. What the fuck ever.

No. 359907

what tripfag? what was his trip?

No. 359914

My retard sister in law won't let my nephew eat any meat except chicken but she smokes pot heavily, eats edibles, drinks Kambucha (Kambucha has a minimal amount of alcohol and in fact she said she drinks it for "the bite" literally less then 6months before finding out she was preg my brother had to pick her out of an actual street gutter bc she was so drunk and she was day drinking and trying to lie about it), and takes xanax while breastfeeding him. Idk how often she takes xans but she was high as a kite on her wedding day, came out 2 hours late to the aisle having my brother stand there like a fool, and literally didn't write vows bc she's an idiot.
I hate this bitch

No. 359917

I wish I could divulge more but he was physically abusive, knows where I live, and was incredibly mentally unstable. As much as he pisses me off, I don’t want to deal with the possibility of facing his threats in case he looks up his trip or whatever. I still worry from time to time he may do something like attack me as I walk back to my apartment at night from work. He sometimes fantasized about killing people who “wronged’ him and I’m sure I’m on his shit list.

Anyways, if there’s a lesson here, it’s to avoid 4chan and its faggoty userbase.

No. 359926

was he from /k/?

No. 359972

I'm lonely. I want a small boyfriend. I want some nerdy female friends, I've never had a healthy female friendship. I want friends at my uni who also draw casually. I want someone to joke with irl.

It seems like it should be so attainable but I think I give off bad vibes and by now my social skills are dead. They haven't really developed since I was 13 anyway lol, but at this point I've lost my sense of what is socially unacceptable behaviour and don't care. I'm barely human.

I hate this existence.

No. 359976

can i just-

- i have hormonal acne for the first time in my life and it's making me feel really bad. also have to wait for a month for my obgyn checkup for pcos and possiblr treatment because the line is that long. already had to pay for the dermathologist to skip the 8 month waiting line. i feel insanely embarassed to go to work like this and ive been suffering like this for a month already

- i got off nuvaring half a year ago to help my sex drive and it helped, but now i fear i will have to go back on it

- i slack off at work way too much instead of bettering myself, just because i can

- i started drinking too much. i drink several bottles of wine a month

… and all of this started whenbi bought a gym membership to get in shape. i may have even fucked up my hormones with going from couch potatoe to intense cardio. now i dont even have the guts to go in fear of breaking out even harder

No. 359982

I referred myself to get some psychological help about my body dysmorphic disorder.

I'm hoping that it helps me because I can't live like this. I ate dinner and I feel like I want to vomit it up. I don't even know why, my issue is with my face, not my body.

No. 359988

>He sometimes fantasized about killing people who “wronged’ him and I’m sure I’m on his shit list.
ntayrt, but my ex did this exact thing, which is actually a little scary because mine was also a tripfag on 4chan. i don't talk about him online either for fear of what revenge he might take if i did and he saw it since he already loathes me. i'm even scared to post this much, i just really hope we don't have the same ex lol.

No. 360011

Maybe you're toxic and that's why you don't have any female friends?

Making friends takes time. A few years ago I was in your shoes and things have improved a lot. But you have to put the effort into things.

No. 360014

Can you tell us what board he was from just to get a sense of how pathetic he is?

No. 360015

I'm literally shaking as I'm typing this. I honestly would be crying if it wasn't for the fact that I'm at work right now. I guess my boyfriend's insurance got cancelled and because of that the surgery that he had booked for the 27th(of feb) is going to get cancelled. We already paid for it (1500) of money we did not have. And we've been counting the days for this to happen for them to fuck it up this closely. I already filled out so much paperwork for FMLA for my job so I could take care of him (for about a month, since we live together). So now I have to go to them and be like " lol sorry guys jk it's not going to be done this day!". I'm sure we're going to get refunded but that's not the point. I just wanted it done already. We've been so stressed out getting together prepared for this (doing a shitload of OT at our jobs) for them to just up and cancel. We call the insurance and they said they cancelled it because they sent over mail about him verifying his job or some shit but we never got anything like that! Shouldn't they call or something for this?? Before canceling someones fucking insurance when they have a surgery next month. Oh and they said all we have to do is youknow verify it but they don't know when it'll go in effect. Well fucking thanks for that. HOPEFULLY it goes into effect before the fucking surgery.

No. 360055

anti-depressants dont fucking work for me and I'm tired of my shrink trying to prescribe more when I have a proven history of having no improvement on them. I've been on Effexor, Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin and others for years at a time. I've been on countless antipsychotics in between. I've even been on lithium. nothing works to alleviate either my severe anxiety or depression or insomnia. just give me a fucking sedative, please, before I off myself.

No. 360073

Find a dealer or just go on the dark web and order some stuff yourself.

No. 360082

Yeah so don't do this >>360073

No. 360093

psych meds aren't magic healing potions

No. 360094

Buy research chemicals anon… Its technically not illegal


No. 360106

If the person wants to buy drugs and their doctors won't prescribe them, they can either whine about it here or take the initiative themselves.

No. 360109

I never found antidepressants worked for me or therapy. Have yoy ever smoked weed? It's literally the only thing I can use as a crutch to not off myself. I can still have extremely depressing thoughts on weed but when that happens I just smoke enough to go to sleep. I just focus on making sure I eat enough to keep my energy levels up. Sometimes if I get too depressed I don't drink enough or eat and then I get the physically ailments of feeling like absolute shit and I feel like I need a whole day to get my shit together again. As well as getting all your daily tasks done. I find a smoke really takes the edge off but I'm still so depressed. I don't know if this is just because modern life feels tedious idk

No. 360139

I used to be in my teens, I was pretty moody and flipped out a lot. Consequently my one female friend was a compulsive liar and was a skinwalker…of me, of all people. We were both frumplets, idk why she didn't target someone else lol.
But I miss the better parts of that friendship, like enjoying the same media, drawing together, lusting over guys…can't do that last one with my one (1) het male best friend. He lives miles away too and isn't in uni, maybe I'd feel differently if he was.

I guess it is mostly lack of effort now that I'm less of an asshole. A girl complimented my outfit in one of my classes and sat next to me a couple of times reading comics on her laptop, I probably could have made a move but I fucked it up and now she sits far away. I'm a fool. Not that I have the social skills to keep a friend anyway since I come of as awkward and off-tune no matter how hard I try, like an alien or something.

Maybe I should have posted this in the advice thread on /g/. I might.

No. 360150

But they are supposed to take the edge off your depression symptoms.

I've been on them for 14 years and never felt even the tiniest bit better or more functional. I'm convinced they're a meme at this point. Now I just cope on a mix of beta blockers and sheer willpower. It still sucks but at least it does more than nothing.

No. 360152

try smoking weed

No. 360157

So develop your social skills above those of a 13 year old?

All the info in the world is at your fingertips so you can’t say ‘idk how’. Be better or don’t, but don’t sit around wishing people will come to you.

How long did you take the meds? At least six months each drug? With therapy and mindfulness? Cause otherwise no drug will do anything. They’re supposed to make things tolerable enough for you to implement CBT, not to solve the low mood.
It’s such a shitty process to find something that works and a lot of doctors never bother to explain that it takes forever and is mostly work.

Poor kid. People like her dont deserve to be near kids, let alone make their own. What a scumbag.

No. 360189

File: 1548465627346.jpg (52.8 KB, 800x450, distorteddd.jpg)

I have a phone interview with unemployment in a week and usually I hate public speaking and interviews and such but I'm actually fucking excited about presenting my case about me getting unfairly let go. I want to possibly get my job back and show the judge how fucked up the company can be. Despite being utterly shy, I'm really good at being brutally honest, stating my case, and persuading others when defending myself. Not that I was in the wrong to begin with. Let's go baby!

No. 360192

Wishing you the best of luck, anon! It's very heartening that you're feeling pumped up for this.

No. 360199

Hey, thank you! Even if I don't get my job back, or get my stupid 200 a week not working, I'll still be okay. I've got nothing to lose. As long as the judge isn't a shitter, then I most likely will be getting something out of this however.

No. 360200

samefag, i got to meet with my therapist and i feel like i lifted a lot off my shoulders this session. she told me i have a very good understanding of why i feel so shitty, so she plants to help me get my thoughts and fears under control.

No. 360208

Glad to hear you'll be okay regardless of the outcome. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things go well for you, though. <3

That's fantastic. Sounds like you made good progress. I saw your post earlier today and was hoping you'd be okay, so it's great that you're getting the support you need.

No. 360246

File: 1548480558474.png (268.33 KB, 468x468, 8.png)

Was lolcow so shitty this time last year? I don't remember it being so awful… now every other post seems to be

>anon slightly disagrees, cue "hi [cow]!"

there's now a whole goddamn azalea banks thread literally about this because anons think anyone who doesn't care about her or doesn't think she's the most interesting and milky celebrity in the universe is her. the celebricow thread in general is overrun by it. if you don't blindly hate a famous person who you don't know you are that person. there's a difference between white knighting and having an opinion

>anon disagrees with another anon, op replies with a pathetic insult or cop out because they don't know how to have civil conversation or take criticism

usually it's "ok autist!" or "seek therapy/help" or "take a xanax" or "sorry you're too stupid to understand me" or "it's pathetic that you even think x" and eventually devolves into two anons replying back and forth calling each other stupid and saying "um you're the only one who cares! stop replying no one gives a fuck! take a xanax!" "no u stop replying! I don't care only you care! clearly YOU are the one who needs xanax!" and goes on and on….

this goes on for 10+ posts. if you post anything on topic it will get lost and no one will even see it

>constant mini modding and mini modding of mini modding

usually occurs in the form of someone not saging, another anon says "sage ur shit faggot" and op replies "fuck u stop mini modding" and the other anon replies "im not mini modding you're mini modding" see the prior bullet for more info!

>constant bait-taking

it's always the most fucking obvious bait. Yes it's hard to not want to defend your own opinion but there's no point in arguing with someone who just wants to get a rise out of you!

so many threads are basically unbrowsable because of this bullshit. maybe it's the same few anons that pull this, maybe it's a lot… either way it's annoying and I wish mods would actually mod.

No. 360251

>it's always the most fucking obvious bait
Agree that really satirical sounding posts should just be laughed at, but I also don't think it's a stretch to assume people wanna be able to spam their volatile opinions, like the black jew sperg who's apparently come back to the unpopular opinions thread for round two.

If someone 'ironically' posts a shit opinion for hours, defends it for hours, and gets offended at people who disagree with it for hours, then at that point what's the difference between them and someone who has a shit opinion unironically?
They can't really claim it's all for pretend when they've wound up wasting their time all the same, and if they're okay with that, then it doesn't speak much better for them.

No. 360266

I liked Tangled, it was a cute movie and now it feels like it has been soiled now knowing that Flynn is a disgusting 26 year old boomer. Why not make him 20 or something?

No. 360268

ew what? rapunzel's a teenager, that's disgusting

No. 360273

File: 1548487233881.jpeg (15.9 KB, 275x275, 1529440942962.jpeg)

I think I'm ovulating right about now because I'm so horny jfc, being a turbovirgin sucks

No. 360274

Haha she's a virgin! You can't sit at our table. NERD!

No. 360275

File: 1548487543696.jpg (151.25 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg)

pls anon let me sit at your table, I'm already struggling enough as it is!

No. 360276

Are you me anon? I'm on the the whole propranolol and willpower rn.
Last week, my GP prescribed a week of Effexor 37 to get back up on those (it never did much but it was the only one that at least never fucked my stomach).
Now that I'm not actively suicidal and desperate, I don't even see the point in starting to take them.
They'll propably just get me a mixed bag of side effect, bad insomnia and virtually no relief.
The thing is, I feel like there's nothing else to do. Fuck, I wish I was one of those person saying AD make them detached and shit. I've tried so many whithout effect that I'm starting to think it's all placebo.

No. 360277

File: 1548489154994.png (352.59 KB, 638x469, russian winne the pooh.png)

I have this new philosophy about people being that I don't think when someone does something bad to me that they always do it out of maliciousness. I believe when someone does something bad, they either don't know or don't realize the impact they're having on me, and are too caught up in their own world to really stop and ponder the effects.
I know the nature of people, but it still hurts my feelings.Nobody's responsible for how I feel, but consideration is still appreciated sometimes.
To make a long story short-me and my friends were supposed to meet up today at one of their houses, spend the night together, and then go out to do something tomorrow for a friend's birthday. They know I've been struggling due to quitting my job/being financially strained/depressed/getting out of a toxic relationship. Anyway I had a job interview and some errands to run before I met up at friend's house, so I told the group I was gonna be two hours late. They said fine, and asked instead if I could meet them at a location an hour's drive away. It was obv a plan they made last minute. Told them I couldn't, because it's not something I could realistically do with my budget, so I just asked for them to text me on their way back later.
I spent the evening shopping for gifts for my friend's bday, occupied some of my time by window shopping, grabbed something to eat, sat in my car browsing the internet, downed an energy drink to stay awake. I just didn't want to drive back home because I was already out and I didn't think they'd be longer than a few hours.
But after almost five hours and it getting really late, they hadn't texted me back. I reached out and asked them what was going on, and they said they were just finding a place for dinner, they were eating unusually late at night.
It frustrated me, because what was the point of me having waited when I could have just gone home?
Anyway I didn't beat around the bush, just told them it would've been nice to have known they'd be out so late and that I was going to go home and meet up with them tomorrow I guess. It's pretty obvious I was an afterthought and they completely forgot, they spent the whole day shopping, having fun, and getting food.
One friend realized it was kind of messed up on their part and apologized, but it still hurts my feelings. I still feel left out and like a piece of shit.
I'm not really mad, just emotionally worn out. I really needed friends to take my mind off things and didn't really get that.
It sucks, nobody did it to me on purpose, but it still sucks.

Asked my boyfriend to call me after he got out of work so I could vent, but he has this thing where he talks over me to tell me what I ought to do and how he thinks all my friends are garbage. Then as he was driving someone cut him off, and he interrupted me to sperg out for several minutes about this driver, yelling and honking the horn. I had to put the phone down. I stayed silent until he realized I was still trying to talk about my feelings before he asked me to continue. Not long after that he was too tired to talk and said he wanted to go, which I can't really grudge because it was a busy night at work for him. The call was twenty minutes. Still, it hurt my feelings because I just wanted someone to tell me it was gonna be okay, not make me feel like a moron who was exhausting someone else with my feelings.
Yet a couple weeks ago when my bf had a meltdown about losing his housekeys, I was there to take his vent-y phone call and drove an hour to him late at night to help him search-keys wound up being in his bedroom, lel.

I don't think it's a full moon.

No. 360278

I have a bone to pick with the gyno at the hospital
Every single one of his patients either has had a hysterectomy or is on birth control, he puts absolutely no effort into helping these women at all outside of thinking making them infertile will fix all their problems, he's even have hysterectomies over minor endometriosis and PCOS, which is completely unnecessary and are easily treatable depending on the person

And ofc, typical male gyno fashion, he accuses women of overexaggerating the effects of birth control and a hysterectomy, there's absolutely no reason why this many women in my city are infertile, even fucking general physicans are more motivated to help women instead of being so quick to go "okay time to remove your ability to reproduce and completely fuck up your hormones and/or internal reproductive organs"

No. 360283

The guy I’ve been dating for a few months had a woman’s dating app profile on his phone’s screen when I saw him the other day. I understand that he doesn’t want to be committed or whatever too quickly but the fact he’s still looking around on dating apps makes all his compliments toward me feel like a huge lie. “You’re awesome!”, “I’ve never been able to have such long, interesting conversations with anybody else!”, etc. What a load of bullshit. All that will mean nothing when someone hotter and better looking than me takes interest in him. I don’t think I want to talk to him much anymore and feel hopeless about dating. My relationship prior to this was with an abusive man who belittled my looks with his loser friends online and cucked me multiple times behind my back so I don’t know if I can tolerate this in my life. I get that some people will date multiple potential partners and don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket but I can’t help but find it almost scummy after a certain point.

No. 360288

I've never been to a gynecologist because I never needed it, but I would never go to a male one. I never got to male doctors in general, and I remember as a kid I would always request female nurses if possible for my many hospital stays. From what I've been told I feel like regardless of gender gynecologists tend to dismiss their patients easily, but men are worse than women when doing this. So reading your post doesn't surprise me, unfortunately.

No. 360293

I hate that PMS symptoms can sometimes heavily mimic pregnancy symptoms. Hormones suck. Spent a week feeling weak and having sore breasts and nausea and was getting paranoid…and then started my period today. I feel like I’m in for a hellish one because my PMS symptoms are never that bad.

I didn’t think I needed to see a gyno either and was referred to one when I went to the hospital. She was shocked when I told her I’d never seen one before (at 26) because typically you’d go for Pap smears and stuff. Honestly, she was great. I wish she had a practice outside of the hospital so she could be my go-to. Anyway, it might not be a bad idea to see a gyno sometime.

No. 360306


Anon, if you’re over the age of 16, you need to go to the gyno. Getting a pap smear every few years is very important.

No. 360308

I know I should do it now that I'm 24 but I never really had the opportunity of going before since I'm a virgin and I don't have problems that weren't solved thanks to my endocrinologist, so I never thought about booking an appointment before. I should plan ahead because in my area there are too many patients so it can take months to finally have your appointment, and it's not just for gynecologists.

No. 360313

UK sucks for pap smears. My mums cousin died of ovarian cancer so as soon as I became sexually active she phoned up and had to plead to get them to take me before 21. I'm 28 and I've only had 2.my first one was awful, the nurse opened me up then left the room with those tongs up me for ages. Very sore she was such a bitch during the whole thing. I would never ask for a dude tho, I wasn't thrilled about some bitch being down there either lol

No. 360317


Pap smears do not detect ovarian cancer; it is referred to as a silent killer for lack of symptoms and clinical test. Smears are performed to detect cellular changes (dysplasia) on the cervix indicative of cervical cancer. An HPV test may also be performed on the tissue sample. The "tongs" are the speculum.


Nearly all cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV, but HPV can be spread by digital and oral sexual contact. You don't have to have had male-female intercourse.

Also, like with other bodily systems, having a baseline to compare to in case of problems in the future is good practice.

No. 360318

File: 1548507160134.jpeg (24.95 KB, 450x428, BB8B75A2-C168-4576-8FF4-F5BD9E…)

i’ve been trying to work out in order to improve my body image for about two years (i’m a recovering ana chan) and recently found out i have EDS and severe joint issues that have been made worse by my exercises. i’ve been recommended low impact, high intensity workouts like swimming and machine exercises (treadmill, bicycle etc)

>tfw can’t go swimming because body issues mean i feel like shit even wearing a tight shirt let alone a swimsuit

>tfw can’t go to a gym because of crippling anxiety
>tfw can’t afford expensive ass gym equipment and couldn’t fit them into my home even if i could

for the record i’m a size 8 on top and a size 10 on the bottom. i know i’m not fat by any means but i’m lumpy and i just wanna pull my stomach area, thighs and arms in a bit.

No. 360328

it's worse than ever because the old admin/mod team stopped caring months ago. New admin said there would be a hellweek asap so hopefully it gets rid of the dumbfucks who sperg out for 12 hours straight and samefag in a desperate bid to prove their point.

No. 360331

No…this cant be. Wasnt rapunzel only 18 in that movie? I shipped them.. i loved them! I have pictures of this movie that i bought at disney on my walls! who thought it was good canon to make him 26

No. 360334

I hate that usual "take your meds/take a xanax" response, it makes the person who said it sound 16 and trashy. Another good one is when someone makes a post disagreeing with another anon and the response to this is "Calm down" even though nothing indicated that they were mad in their post. It just reeks of projection and the problem is the way they read it because they automatically assume theyre being attacked.

No. 360339

You know when you're sad about something and you try to make yourself happy and cheer yourself up? I don't think I deserve that. I don't think i really deserve to be happy tbh, and to be loved. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't feel anything else but self loathing because if i didn't or tried to avoid that i'd be denying how pathetic and worthless I am as a human being. I went to bed hating myself last night, woke up super early, feeling even worse and almost had a breakdown because all of a sudden I just hated myself and wanted to disappear into nothingness, to just not exist as myself. I'm sorry i'm saying all this, none of this makes any sense.

No. 360342

i have a friend who is so insufferably dumb that being around her almost turns me into a different person because her severe lack of intelligent thought is so irritating.
here's some things she autistically drones on about for rage inducing amounts of time:
>the weather and climate in her state
>being right about any little thing at all
>races of people she doesn't like
>out of state drivers
>family drama and lawsuits and people i dont even know as if im supposed to be keeping up with all of it
she also tells me extremely irrelevant details of her life that tick me off because i wasted my time to read a message about literally fuck all when i was in the middle of something. she'll say something like "im going to make dinner but first im going to take a shower and take out the trash and then maybe have a nap later" as if im supposed to be deeply interested in her mundane everyday activities. she also complains constantly about problems in her life and whenever you suggest anything at all she's already been there done that and has some excuse for why it wont work. and there's just so much more i dont even want to get into lol.
i feel like it turns me into someone else because im constantly scoffing and rolling my eyes and giving single word replies to her and im never like this with anyone else. it makes me feel like im a bad person because i dont want to be like this to her but its hard. also feel like im bothering other people because im always in a bad mood after dealing with her.
i suppose the solution is to just stop associating with her entirely but then i also don't want to just abandon her for my own selfish reasons. anyone feel me?

No. 360347

Nice job falling for medical conspiracies, as someone who works in the medical field

If you have no other health issues pertaining to something that affects your genitals, you don't need to "get one every year as soon as you turn 16", you barely even need to get cervical or breast exams or a mammogram every year unless you legitimately think you have cancer or it runs in your family, but why are breast exams and cervical exams always shoved down women's throats to get them as much as possible, despite it being proven that a lot of the time they don't necessarily detect anything? I don't see anyone urging people to get their blood tested every year unless they have medical issues where it is necessary, I don't see people urging everyone to get a general physical check up every year, despite it being more necessary, beneficial, and more likely to detect illnesses, but somehow when it comes to gynecology, "ALL women should have their tittes felt up, be cracked open and have some stranger dig around inside you every year!!!it's really important!!"

And before you get defensive and start gaslighting, I'm just pointing this out, if you want to prove something explain in a civil way outside of going "oh wow crazy anon thinks it's weird people urge women to get their vaginas dug in and breasts felt out of every other actually beneficial health screening, must be projecting psycho!"

No. 360353

Haha, I always had a feeling this was generally the case. My doctor who I trust generally said I didn't have to go to a gyno unless necessary too.

No. 360355

I feel you. But you really should just stop hanging out with her. How is it selfish to stop hanging out with someone that you're (mentally) shitting on constantly, someone you are short with, and someone who affects the way you interact with others? Sounds like it would be to both of your benefits to just call it off.
My bf is kinda like this and it drives me up the wall tbh. Except he's not dumb; he just goes on and on and on about mundane shit that isn't important in the overall point he's trying to make. It is truly tedious to be around people like that. Good luck!

No. 360356

You make perfect sense anon. Most of my days are spent like this. To me I just tell myself I have to get over shit and go with the flow. Life is easy going when I do so.

No. 360360

I'm pretty conscientious about my health, and even I agree that getting a pap every single year on the dot is excessive. I remember getting a pap done every year when I was younger because I was told I was "sexually active" and it was heavily implied I'd catch something so something would turn up, even though I was with a single partner consistently and usually for a year or more.
People just love money, and love the type of money where they've convinced people they're doing good on themselves for having forked it over.

No. 360362

not the anon, but that's what i've assumed. i've heard weird as stories about people going to they gyno. one of my friends said her gyno compliments her "perfect labia". if there's gynos like that in the field, i'd be more than glad to only see them in cases where i feel i would really need to.

No. 360368

facepalm this just rehashed a memory of my gyno telling me I have a "cute cervix" like FUCKIN LOL

No. 360376


The AYRT said, "every few years" not "every year".

>unless it runs in your family

Cervical cancer is not heritable. The vast majority of cases are caused by HPV. One's risk factors for exposure and for developing HPV (eg. concomitant conditions) should be given the most weight in deciding how frequently to be tested for HPV and receive Pap smears.

No. 360382

It might sound stupid but what about going for walks? Or even hikes if you live in an area with good trails, but I'm not sure if that would be a lot of stress on your joints. Obviously just walking won't really make you a fit goddess but it can help to slim down a little, especially if you cut out junk food/snacks too.
If you live in an unsafe area to walk around in you could try mall walking. It's a safe, climate controlled environment and you can pass the time by window shopping. Idk about every mall, but the one in my area opens its doors super early specifically for mall walkers. So if you feel uncomfortable going during normal hours when everyone is shopping you can go in the early morning, the only people there will be a couple of janitors and some elderly people who won't give a shit about you.

Good luck, anon. I know how much it sucks to deal with body image issues and I hope you succeed in your goals!

No. 360386

That's what I said … But you ignored most of my post anyway so no point of trying
Still need an explaination as to why procedures that involves looking up women's vaginas, digging around in them, and feeling their breasts are constantly being shoved down everyone's throat despite them being unnecessary for the most part (key word, for the most part, so you don't try to claim I said they're unnecessary all together) but actual helpful procedures aren't

Hell most of these bitches will live completely sedentary and eat fast food for breakfast lunch and dinner but hey, at least you know you don't have any sort of cancers in your breast or cervix, just comes to show what the sudden weird obsession with reproductive health is about

No. 360387

>had to call the police on my neighbors last night
>have a trashy son who thinks he’s a thug
>party started about 5
>bunch of rich teenage boys in A&F hoodies and skinny jeans, all under 21
>stood on our side of the house chanting shoot niggas, other racist shit
>playing trap music so loud the house is vibrating
>wait a while, trying not to instigate but it’s getting late
>they start fighting over dumb shit, think it’s over some girl I see getting thrown out
>some of them go outside to do whatever
>a few of them are driving recklessly in our tiny cul de sac and just being out of control morons
>they’re getting louder the closer it gets to 12
>call the police, they come pretty quickly
>break up the party because of the fight, which continues after they leave anyway
>another hour of these assholes in the street arguing, blowing horns and trying to run each other off the road
>waiting for someone to pull a gun and start shooting
>parents act like it isn’t a big deal, get mad when someone else tells them off
>can hear them complaining that no one likes them
>can’t see why, they’re such lovely people

No. 360389


Were you not accusing >>360306 of "falling for medical conspiracies" to get checked every year?

No. 360390

God that sounds like a wreck, I can't imagine being a neighbor of theirs who has to work weekends.
Did the police do anything at all? Or did they get their asses covered bc someone in the house is an ex-cop?

No. 360391

My point still stands whether they meant every year or not

No. 360393


She literally said "every few years".

I don't know where you live, but in the US none of the recommendations put forth by all the medical organizations I can think of specify annual pelvic exams, Pap tests, or breast exams for healthy women. But they all recommend annual physicals.

No. 360394

Ugh, this reminds me of when I got a physical from a male doctor. He did a full breast and vaginal exam. He said my shoulders looked good………. In fact those two things were the most thorough parts of the physical. Everything else was just "we took some blood, we'll call if anything goes wrong". It makes me sick to think about. He also would talk down on my family situation every time I saw him after an initial appointment where I opened up about my depression. My father had left the country and I swear to god this doctor was trying to take advantage of what he thought was a weak and lost young woman.
I never went back to him again. Disgusting.

No. 360399

dude what the fuck
i saw a gyno for the first time last year and she was a woman and very professional and didn't say a word about any opinion of my body parts… she made me feel very comfortable and not judged at all. my mom had to get her left breast biopsied late last year and all the female nurses were very nice, but the male doctor walked in when my mom was pretty much ready for the biopsy with her tit out and first thing he said was "do i know you?"

sorry but i would advise to never see a male doctor for anything related to female health. i may sound wacky but i only ever see female health professionals. men make me way too nervous because in my past experience, they almost always say something weird or they're douchey. when i saw a male dermotologist i hated him so much, he bragged about the things he was able to afford all the time and was weird towards me. never saw a male doctor again.

No. 360403

US anon on Medicaid here, my female gyno told me one pap smear a year. Might be a money thing for them, though.

No. 360404

my ex did that kind of thing a lot, the fucking play-by-play of his day as if i gave a shit or was supposed to congratulate him for doing his fucking laundry. we are still friends who text and whenever he sends me a message telling me about what homework or chores he did i get so pissed and stop responding. it's so pathetic. i'm not your mommy and i'm not gonna praise you for taking care of your dumbass responsibilities.

No. 360407


I’m not sure what exactly they did, though I do know more than one person called just from talking with our neighbors.

We’re in Orange County, so I have no idea if they have ‘connections’ in our network as well. I don’t doubt it, but there’s always that possibly. Our police department is pretty nice, and we don’t really have many issues since we’re in a sleepy suburb…

I’m waiting for my grandfather to give them a mouthful since the dad is a two faced manlet.

No. 360416