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File: 1539929714420.jpg (42.43 KB, 686x660, 1531730708029.jpg)

No. 312676

Last thread: >>298392

What's on your mind?

No. 312679

I'm really pissed off at my dentist.
I've never had cavities/had tooth decay and I'm good at making sure I visit twice a year.

A month ago she told me I had chipped my back molar and needed a composite filling to prevent future damage. The chip was painless and I honestly didn't notice. She told me to come back in March to get it filled, which I thought was fucking odd because I didn't want to wait for any further damage or decay to set in? I made an appointment the next day.
So she filled it, but now my tooth is extremely sensitive. I can't bite down on anything with any slight hardness on the left side, and hot/cold things hurt it as well.
I need to call back and tell the bitch what's up, but I've read online that fillings can cause chronic tooth pain called pulpitis that may even require a root canal and I'm pretty upset. It's been a month, and I'm afraid she fucked my tooth.
It's really messed up, I was just trying to do what was right for my teeth and I feel like I got a literal punch in the face for it.

No. 312689

Are you me anon? I got told I needed a filling replaced despite having no pain and now my tooth is really sensitive. I got this filing in April and my tooth is still sensitive as hell. I now have some tooth decay on my surrounding teeth because I can't brush the area properly due to sensitivity

No. 312699

I'm secretly in love with my best friend.

We're both engaged to two men, but I love her. I fantasise about her. I can't orgasm without thinking about her.

I love her so much.

No. 312700

File: 1539938311280.jpg (223.32 KB, 1080x1893, IMG_20181019_103626.jpg)

This is why I can't stand kiwifarms, despite then also being against trannies:

Dogs > women

Their reactions after a dog was raped

No. 312701

File: 1539938457659.jpg (175.54 KB, 1080x1585, IMG_20181019_103705.jpg)

Vs when a mentally impaired women (iq 52, meaning mental age of a 7-year old) "has sex" with multiple muslim men every single day + night…

Shit like this pisses me off so much.

No. 312707

File: 1539940881255.jpg (44.4 KB, 750x573, italiansudoku.jpg)

I'm at a very low point, at best, despair more honestly. I ebb between comfortable numbness and feeling crazy and right now it's crazy town. I hate my life and I hate the time I've irrevocably lost to my poor decision-making and depression. I'm 25, almost 26 which in the grand scheme of things is still young but I feel so fucking behind in making a life for myself and the weight of regret makes me ache. I have no friends, my family only sorta likes me and I've never had a good relationship or sex I really enjoyed and wanted, the closest I've come is a guy that belittles me and uses me but my self loathing keeps me put. I don't want to inflict myself on a nicer person.

No. 312717

The deep discussions forum is even worse with its extreme misogyny since a lot of people who post there are serious about holding those views.

I only stick to certain threads and boards on kiwi farms myself since I can’t stand the /pol/-tier bullshit and misogyny on most of the non-lolcow threads either.

No. 312739

yeah i tend to keep away from the off-topic board, a majority of the users there rarely ever post in the main lolcow boards. even if they do they're usually ridiculed for sounding exceptional as fuck.
beauty parlor, tumblr, internet famous, la zorra, and animal control is where i stay. i know BP and Tumblr have majority female users in those forums.

No. 312749

File: 1539954408192.jpg (122.73 KB, 1242x1211, h2tmjbjh0bp01.jpg)

>mfw mom died from ovarian cancer last week
>mfw I found out I have a benign breast tumor
>mfw I got test results for cancer risk today
>mfw cancer risk is increased
>mfw I'm 22
I'm going to see my gynecologist tomorrow and the results don't mean I 100% have cancer but fuck I'm scared
I thought after mom died I'm gonna finally turn my life around, move to a bigger city, get rid of depression, get some friends
Guess not, I'll just have to suffer more

No. 312752

I don't find the "music" and "multimedia" sections that bad, they're usually more mature there and have actual conversations, unlike the other sections in that subforum where it seems like most people posting wanna be edgy and 4chan as possible. Kiwifarms can be hit and miss for me but there's always some interesting discussions you run into here and there, even if there's stupid posts littering half a page.

No. 312754

I’m sorry for what you’re going through Anon. Losing your mother, especially if you were close, is a pain no one could ever understand without experiencing it.

I lost my mom a year ago.

It catches me in the most random moments. Here I am, at a good place in my life relatively, actually kind of “living my dream” and just a moment ago: I was reading Shay’s thread, and she lied about having a needle stuck in the middle of her fingers because the nurse couldn’t find a vein. Another Anon explains that nurses would be able to find a vein on the back of her hand.

And here I am, remembering the time my mom had to take IV from the back of her hand the last time she got hospitalized, because they couldn’t get it going from her arm, because her body wasn’t producing enough blood anymore, because chemotherapy, because breast cancer.

I wish she could see me reaching my dreams. Sometimes I feel like she’s watching. Sometimes I feel unbearably alone.

No. 312766

I'm sorry you experienced this shit too, anon. Cancer is the worst way to go.
It's not really getting to me that much, because my thoughts are occupied by the probability of having cancer myself, but it could have been prevented if she got regular check ups or went to a better clinic or a hundred other things but it was too late.
I really don't want to go through the same thing she did, it's pure horror, I'm too young for this ;_;

No. 312800

File: 1539958770985.jpg (109.88 KB, 960x640, japan-zoo-escaped-animal-drill…)

God,i hate this family gathering sm…everyone is yelling,disrespecting others,trynna pick a fight and getting on my last nerve.The urge to leave is unbearable

No. 312801


I feel that, anon. I'm another farmer who lost her mother recently. Usually I guess I'm OK but sometimes something will happen and I get this nagging feeling like there's someone I'm forgetting to tell about it. And then I remember it's my mother, and I can't tell her anything anymore.

No. 312840

>Have no money left
>Get 20$ from mum
>Spending it wisely
>Put money on table yesterday
>Tell myself put it in wallet so brother wont take it
>Says nah
>wake up
>He ask if that money was yours
>Say yes
>He took it and spent it

Earlier today too
>He ask if I bought food
>I say yes and that I need all of it because that's all I have
>He says okay
>I walk to kitchen
>Look in fridge
>Food dish have been touched
>Open it
>Missing items
>No longer want to eat from it
Holy shit can I actually like have a break?

No. 312855

Tell us more about this guy who uses you. Don't use him for your own self harm, anon. You still have a lot of time and can make things right for yourself one step at a time. I think you even acknowledge this yourself, 26 is young.

No. 312859

I feel terrible about not being able to vent or talk about my issues and what's going on in my mind. I'd get nothing but backlash everywhere, including here.

No. 312866



No. 312881

Anon, my mom got check ups every 6 months. The cancer showed itself in between them, at stage four. Sometimes life fucks you in the ass. I am the Anon you’re responding to. The doctors gave my mom 6 months. She lived 2 years after that. My aunt had the same thing, breast cancer, and she completely healed and living her life freely. Just keep your motivation up, and try to pull through. You never know with this disease and the best you can do is live your life. Motivation changes everything. It is crucial for survival in this case. I wish you the best, and hope you will heal.

I don’t want to step over my boundries, and I know (if you are American) USA healthcare sucks ass but try to find the best doctor in your area. And never stop fighting. My mom’s fight taught me so much. Best wishes and best prayers to you. You can be strong. Be strong.

No. 312884

This is so cheesy, but if you were close to your mom, try to find her in your heart. I sometimes can. Sometimes I can talk to her. If you were close, if she raised you with everything she had, she is still there.

But, in reality, I know how you hurt. Best wishes to you, too. We will make them proud.

No. 312885


Thanks, anon, that's really nice.

It's a hard situation because my mother was an alcoholic (that's what killed her) and when she drank she wasn't a nice person. When she was drunk it seemed like all she wanted to do was hurt me and my dad and brother in any way she could. She was drunk most of the time in the final years of her life, so I rarely got to talk to the calm, loving woman who raised me, instead I had to talk to this slurring bitch who would say and do the most evil shit to try and get a reaction. In some ways I feel like I mourned the death of my mother before she had even died.

No. 312904

thank you for your kind words, I literally teared up
I know I have to fight or i'll die, it's just hard when I've been depressed for so long. I'm glad your aunt is ok now and it gives me hope.
When my mom got diagnosed she wasn't supposed to die, but somehow she didn't want to bother anyone and picked the cheap treatment(which we found out later), and refused to go abroad for chemo, and after a series of mistakes made by doctors, she got worse and died in a month. Me and my dad still feel guilty about not forcing her to go abroad earlier, but when she finally got that she needs to go, it was too late.
I still don't get why she did this, was this depression or what?

We second world, but I'm grateful that if it turns out to be cancer, I can get good treatment in europe

No. 312947

Vent to me anon

No. 312973

I'm fucking sick of migrants and immigrants breaking into any country, most of them are dangerous and shifty man. But of course everything has to be inclusive nowadays so don't you dare to speak against that crap.
Mostly fucking central American people, what the fuck do they want? Like their lives will change magically in USA, fucking morons.
I'm so pissed, fucking migrants

No. 312980

are you mad you have to share those neetbux?

No. 312996

File: 1539978175584.gif (2.13 MB, 500x376, fhgihh.gif)

No. 313001

File: 1539978720467.jpg (12.12 KB, 478x361, 1467217249066.jpg)

No. 313002

I lolled

No. 313005

Lol I feel you anon. It’s retarded no one can question immigration, especially politicians, without being labeled a horrible person. None of the people who support open borders actually care about migrants anyways, they only care about virtue signaling. And that Honduras caravan shit is crazy, as if America is going to allow thousands of migrants to just enter the country.

No. 313070

If you're American or European your country has directly caused the poverty and corruption those immigrants are fleeing
Criticizing immigration is valid but you two don't even understand why it happens or why people who bitch about immigrants are considered horrible

No. 313086

File: 1539985720821.gif (168.07 KB, 142x167, tumblr_p1ygmdYX6F1ur16nuo1_250…)

I found out earlier that I can't afford my psychiatrist appointment at the end of next month, and I'm spiraling back out of control because I was using it as a fixed point to hold on to. I've already sent off the super in-depth history/symptom form I was asked to fill out, so I've been reliving my trauma and sharing it with a stranger for no fucking reason. I've been living with this shit for too long and I can't cope anymore, but I can't get help without that money I don't have. I'm so tired.

No. 313089

File: 1539986233468.jpg (147.63 KB, 500x413, shitt.jpg)

No one will ever love me because my face is fucking ugly.
I could get a nose job (which I can't afford and don't want), but aside from that my proportions are a fucked.

No. 313094

this impossibly cute person joined a group for this weird, obscure hobby that miraculously has a society at my uni and i, haven't shown them much kindness. like, i haven't been outright mean? but i've been keeping our relationship strictly professional. i've even outright turned their invitations to go out down.

i get that they can't discuss it ( this hobby ) with any of their normie friends ( ( they're always talking about how they only listen to whatever's topping the charts + country )) but fuck, i wish they weren't in the club.

like, being attractive + coming from a good family has obviously lent them more opportunities to be social i guess? he's got that sparkly happy vibe all normies seem to have, the other members are so drawn to him/get along with him quite well. and to make matters worse they've got their eyes ( obviously so ) on this girl i really wanted to befriend, maybe i have a crush on her, who knows. it just sucks because i know they'll end up becoming the best of buds with her, and everyone else in the society, and i'll just get left behind as usual. i'm ugly and awkward, past attempts to improve myself have failed so i've sort of accepted it. but i was hoping i could make friends with my fellow rejects but fuck, why is he here. i hate being envious like this

man all of this is muddled, isn't it? i'm just sad.

No. 313096

to expand on this, i already know how it's going to play out? she's got a cute, dorky personality that's endearing her to everyone ( especially me jesus christ ) and he's fucking chad thunderfuck, that so happens to be cute and dorky too and ugh. i just hate it.
i hate that he's got a higher chance with her than i do just because he's a guy. and handsome. it isn't fair

it's not fair that i have to stand around and pretend to be happy for her either.

No. 313106

File: 1539987671556.png (37.82 KB, 517x476, 1536639208706.png)

I feel you, anon. Conventionally attractive people ruin comfy social situations just by existing. They steal everything from us below-averages.
What's your hobby, if you don't mind me asking?

No. 313111

Oh well, learn self acceptance and love (lifelong process for some) and maybe you'll roll a 20 next time!

source: am ugly AF

No. 313124

I wish i was a normie

No. 313129

Incel tier bitterness right there lol. People in China could smell that insecurity.

You sound like the worst sort of lesbian nicegirl. Gross.

No. 313134

Are you denying that attractive people are treated better?
>inb4 deal with it
Yeah, of course, pretty-chan. We do on the daily. But this is the thread to be whiny in.

No. 313136

>the worst sort of lesbian nicegirl
in what way?? it's not like i'm making this displeasure known to anyone.

and this is the first time i'm letting these feelings be known to someone else

don't worry about it

No. 313139

This girl will go date the guy she’s attracted to and not meeeee, why can’t she like my quirkiness more? So unfair the universe has robbed me of love

No. 313141

You’re so upset about your own looks l that other people being not ugly ruins socialising for you lol. How is that not desperately insecure?
Nobody sits there going she’s so ugly she’s ruining this interaction

No. 313142

File: 1539989963727.jpeg (63.31 KB, 1000x559, 62E9AB46-03B1-4F80-B0AF-6AA927…)

Fuck off back to Instagram, Stacy

No. 313143

File: 1539990122754.png (142.81 KB, 463x421, Capture.PNG)

it is definitely unfair that people can live an easy and happy life + make the hearts of other people flutter just because they were born with a pretty face lol
also i never said or implied this
>why can’t she like my quirkiness more?

do you not believe in lookism

No. 313145

kek are you actually saying you don't hate ugly people? You don't look down on us whenever we step withing 5 feet of you?

Attractive people are just more socially valuable and they know it, and they hate us for existing.

No. 313148

>tfw into a technique/skill based activity
>theoretically meritocratic
>but now attractive people can use social media to increase online presence and consumer base
Their looks don't ensure anything, but it sure as hell improves their chances and opportunities.

No. 313149

Lookism is for incels, by incels.

No. 313150

I was never really ugly and still got treated like shit in school. In the end it's all about confidence. Some adults and friends told me I could model, meanwhile a girl who was so fat that she couldn't even sit with her legs crossed called me a cow face behind my back.
When I joined the japanese club all these fat greasy haired and smelling otaku guys didn't even have the courtasy to say 'hello' back. In the end I left, because sadly I wasn't able to be friends with anybody there.

Are you doing the same thing to that guy as well? Maybe he's really shy otherwise and only bubbly around people who share the same interest - you in this case. You're really not being fair here. Maybe the girl likes him because he's being nice and friendly, meanwhile she probably noticed that you treat him coldy…not a very good impression.

No. 313151

Oozing insecurity and bitterness towards other group members is far more unattractive than a big nose or whatever.

Most people don’t care about how people look as long as they aren’t being rude or weird. Anon sounds like they’re being weird af.

No. 313155

jesus, you sound like the fucking radiohead song.
>you are so fucking special uwu, i wish i was special :((( but I am a creeeep
Tell me why should she choose you over the chad? What are your good qualities? You spund so unhealthy with how low you speak about yourself and how high of some randomass girl. Gives me a second-hand embarrassment.
Go get some therapy and find a fellow quirky lesbian online instead of pining like a nice girl™. Just don't scare her off wih bitterness and insecurity. Good luck.

No. 313156

…he has a large circle of friends outside the club. did you not see the bit in my post about his normie pals? i thought that hinted towards it

starting to think you just skimmed what i said because nowhere did i mention rudeness. i did say i wasn't trying to get close to him, but like. there's nothing wrong with that

also the examples you gave aren't even actual signs of being treated badly? at least they aren't comparable to what some ugly people had to go through. the guys most likely didn't want a girl invading their space and the fat chick was more than likely jealous

No. 313157

They sound like an incel larping. Lookism was a dead giveaway, plus this comment is absolutely male crying

>>kek are you actually saying you don't hate ugly people? You don't look down on us whenever we step withing 5 feet of you

No. 313162

So what horrible abuses are you being subjected to aside from a potential couple existing nearby?
How are you victimised and oppressed? You get fired for your face? Got beaten for not being a model? Denied medical care?

Or have a couple of people been mean like everyone else in the world has experienced, and you’ve been romantically rejected a couple times? Poor you. Such suffering.

No. 313164

I'm not male, just ugly.

No. 313166

Alright, there's this girl I knew from high school who was basically known for being one of the most awkward and unlikable people in my graduating year. Fast forward to now, 5 years later, this girl is suddenly popular with the townies.
I didn't get it. Did everyone forget? She's still the same person. All she's doing now is posting photos of herself working out and doing low tier insta baddie makeup on top of her being one of those Superwholockian Tumblr girls.
Back then we all knew she wasn't ugly, a couple steps above average. But that personality and the way she interacted with everybody was an incredible turn off. Her mom was just like her times two. The only friend she had was some weeb girl, who spoke broken Japanese loudly in the halls to try to impress the anime gods.
I feel like a lot of people are guilt tripped by something, I don't know what, and they try to reach out to the people in high school we all had good reason not to like or connect with. It's just so weird. I don't want to "get close" because it'd make me feel mean like I'm pitying her, which is what obviously all the townies are doing now. They found something "acceptable" to like about her.
She's got friends now in the state she lives in. I mean, leave her alone. If you feel guilty for some odd reason don't bring her into it because we all know you're just trying to look like the better person.

No. 313170

yikes @ this post

No. 313173

Yikes@someone thinking a two friends existing is a personal attack.

No. 313174

I'm an anxious wreck and I'm terrified of other people. I don't know how to make friends now that I'm out of college, I don't want to go to bars because I don't know how to interact with people in environments like that and I don't drink. Any time I'm out in public I'm an anxious wreck because I just feel them judging me, even though I know that's pure paranoia and isn't actually happening. I just feel like something about me sticks out like a sore thumb.

I feel incredibly childish, too. I went on a date a few months ago with a guy who made me feel so insecure and immature. He's been all over the world and was working in politics and every thing I said he made me feel like I was trying to seem mature when I wasn't. He was only 5 years older than me (25, 30) and I felt like I was being spoken down to. It's felt like that a lot lately. I'm a closet weeb and I desperately try to hide my power level or laugh off anything I might like that seems immature but all I want to do is collect Sailor Moon dolls and live in a nice quiet house. I'd like to see more of the world, but I've never really had the money or opportunity.

What even are "mature" hobbies? I read the news every morning, I watch regular, western TV shows and documentaries, and try to read a variety of books, but that still doesn't feel like it's "enough". I know that I should just like what I like but I'm worried that it makes me seem irresponsible.

No. 313175

>nowhere did i mention rudeness
He was nice enough to ask you to hang out, despite you being o so hideous, but you keep it professional and turn him down. "professional", at a group in uni, you've got to be kidding me…

>the guys most likely didn't want a girl invading their space

First of, there were other girls as well, secondly it's not "their space", we started going to that class at the same time, I went there for a whole year and not once did they greet back.
But I guess you think such behavior is completely okay…

I hope that guy asks her out, she doesn't deserve a cunt like you lusting after her.

No. 313176

where did anyone say it was a personal attack
like, most people would be sad about seeing a person they like get swept away by someone else so…it isn't even that weird of a feeling
you just sound like a bitch, anon

No. 313177

And yet you sound like all incel crybabies bitching about lookism.

It sounds like this girl you’re into dodged a bullet.

No. 313179

You’re acting like people have deliberately done this to you. Your friends asked you to hang out, despite your bitterness towards them for having better self esteem than you do, and you’re sat there claiming that they ‘ruin comfy socialisation just by existing’ and ‘steal everything’ from you.

This girl wasnt stolen from you. Your creepy owner attitude towards her over your little crush makes you sound like those creepy guys who harbour grudges over people talking to his waifu.

No. 313180

it's not their duty to say hello to you? why have such entitlement. you had other friends outside of the club, why didn't you try cultivating an interest in anime within them?

and it's not like i made any mention to this guy that i wanted him to invite me places so? wtf

the person you're replying to isn't even me, but why deny lookism. lookism has been a thing long before the term incel

No. 313181

Upade on my story from the previous thread. I talked to him and he told me he doesn't like announcing relationships unless they are 3+ months. That girl is his ex but she still seems like she's attached to him and after I told her that he is my boyfriend she did drugs and my boyfriend blamed me for that and it's not my fault. Anyway, I had a mental breakdown because I'm afraid he's just playing with me and I ended up cutting myself. BPD master race
Not really
I feel like shit

No. 313185

Lookism don’t real.
People with actual deformities are out there doing fine, getting jobs, getting married. Most of us aren’t model-beautiful. It’s not some curse or oppression.
A bunch of immature crybabies blaming their slightly wonky eyes or thin wrists for their misfortunes and shortcomings is pathetic, not proof lookism is some actual problem.

No. 313187

you're either pretending not to understand the situation or you're just stupid, kys either way

No. 313188

I’ll cut myself on that edge. Cry more.

No. 313190

If there are 2-3 people sitting in a room and another person enters and says hi, you just stare at that person but don't answer? Every single week for a year? lmao Seems like your parents failed to teach you the most basic things.

Guess you never learned this either, but people don't invite others because they mentioned it beforehand, but because they want to spend time with that person. Maybe he even likes you but you don't notice because you're blinded by hatred?
However, I'm positive that you can rest assured that nobody who witnessed that will ask you out to do stuff ever again lol. Enjoy your privacy.

No. 313194

>stopped eating eggs 3 years cos its nasty to eat chicken period
>get a weird craving and hate myself deeply anyway so starting eating them again since yesterday
>crack one open this morning and theres this weird red shit in it
>reminded why I stopped in the first place


No. 313200

It’s not a chicken period. Plus they are delicious and good protein. Eat more eggs anon.

No. 313201

it's an unfertilised egg. It is a period.

No. 313206

It’s just the ova, not shed uterine lining. It’s deliberately making it sound grosser than it is.

No. 313213

why did you stay in the club for a year if you weren't wanted there? were you just expecting them to be nice to you bc you're pretty

No. 313251

File: 1540003545544.jpg (41.15 KB, 720x960, 1482052063339.jpg)

Friends are all having a blast without me

No. 313269

Ask yourself. Why are their countries in shambles. Then read a objective history book.

No. 313277

Sophomore and Junior year fucked me up bad since all my “friends” would talk smack about me, so now that I’ve moved I’m afraid to talk to anyone since I don’t want to have to worry about who hates me anymore

No. 313278

Sophomore and Junior year fucked me up bad since all my “friends” would talk smack about me, so now that I’ve moved I’m afraid to talk to anyone since I don’t want to have to worry about who hates me anymore

No. 313279

Sophomore and Junior year fucked me up bad since all my “friends” would talk smack about me, so now that I’ve moved I’m afraid to talk to anyone since I don’t want to have to worry about who hates me anymore

No. 313286

tfw don’t know how to set boundaries with friend so now you’re just awkwardly half avoiding them because somehow you’ve become more of a therapist than friend with them
posted in the last thread but I wish I could be more assertive. wish I could accept the fact that some things are out of my control and that I am not responsible for taking on everyone else’s problems when I am struggling to stay afloat in my own life. wish that my brain would stop telling me “if you don’t support her 24/7 no one else will and she’s going to commit suicide and it’s going to be your fault.” seems they still only talk to me when they feel shitty or angry and I’m just very tired. Every time I think of how I’m going to tell them I can’t handle this anymore my shitty brain tells me it’s guilty and selfish of me for wanting to look out for myself like “but look at all these Other good times you had with them you’re just making stuff up so you don’t have to deal with their suicidal tendencies.” dont I deserve to take care of myself too. I don’t really think I should lay everything down to help someone that only seems to use me as a sounding board

No. 313292

My fucking country is in shambles too kek… To te point that people are killing criminals on the streets because the police does nothing, burning criminals alive in public spaces.
Still I'm sick of migrants traveling with kids just trying to gain sympathy, why the hell they have like five kids and then complain about having no money or food.
Every country has problems and that's not a reason to intrude everywhere violently.

No. 313305

This is probably the most sane comment I've seen in awhile.

A lot of migrants use kids as some kind of bargaining chip. It's kinda sick imo.

No. 313308

Eggs are amazing. Eat them

No. 313317

>A lot of migrants use kids as some kind of bargaining chip
That is exactly what "refugees" on Nauru do to their kids. Tell them to go on hunger strikes and they'll take us to Australia, Australia does not give in however and never will kek.

>"refugees" are allowed to come and go as they please
>has to report back at some point in time in the evening
>so horrible

The refugees who are entitled and think that ^ is "literal torture" and think their owed more riot like animals and break shit and claim victim. The male "refugees" also reportedly have a problem with raping. A 12 year old detained girl had to be flown to Australia for an abortion. Now how do you think that happened? Assaults are rampant cos these male "refugees" don't know how to be humans. I say, fuck em. Stay on that fucking island. WE DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

No. 313341


Dental Assistant here, it's more likely that she didn't grind the filling down correctly to match your bite and you're experiencing pain from that. It's a quick fix. To check, just try to bite your teeth together, does that hurt worse?

If you're experiencing pulpitis the pain doesn't come from the tooth, but lower in your jaw and it's near constant.

Root canals are a bitch, go to a diff dentist and ask them to check if your filling is "too high" they'll know.

No. 313345

I don't know can you blame them? I sure don't, I'd be getting the fuck out of my shitty country as well for the sake of my family.
It's my own country's fault for being retarded enough to accept them and lodge them in hotels and shit. Canada here, I'm a liberal at heart but this is some bullshit I can't accept.
But what mostly bothers me is that people either behave like this is perfectly okay, or are foaming at the mouth racist. Whatever happened to reasonable discussion? This just enables either side to call each other names so literally nothing gets done.

No. 313346

He's not awful or downright mean I just think he thinks I'm dumb and he can be selfish. Like his sympathetic capacity is kind of low, and he gets frustrated when I don't cheer up right away because it gets in the way of what he wants to do. He tries to make me happy but his wellspring of cheer and selflessness is shallow. He's a simple person that wants me to behave simply in turn. I think about breaking it off but again no friends so I don't have anyone else to interact with.

No. 313424

File: 1540040043935.gif (5.29 MB, 337x337, adios.gif)

The slow grind of unemployment is making me miserable.
Sending out dozens of resumes a day is tiring. Worst of all, I got a goddamn good personality and people skills and I'm sure if I were to meet those recruiters they'd at least consider me a little bit more.

I hate when I get the usual polite no (We reviewed your application and decided to not move forward this time, but we will contact you for a better suited position blabla) and wish they'd just give me real pointers. Like "You studied outside of the country and we don't know about those schools" or "Your portfolio wasn't all that impressive, maybe you should add more of this or that".

One of my former classmate already got called by Amazon and another company for an interview when I know for a fact he's actually less skilled than I am, since I'd spend my time fixing his code and helping him out on his projects.
I decided to sign up for pro events in the area and try harder at networking so hopefully I'll be out of this crap in a month or two.

Also Freelancing sucks. I hate my country's laws. It's too fucking damn complicated and I'm not an accountant, I don't know how to draft different contracts depending on the type of project and taking care of all the different taxes. And I hate those websites where people just lowball like crazy. Legit saw a listing for about 100h of work for $400. I'm tired of competing with third world countries.

No. 313432

I think most people are very on the fence when it comes to immigration, but both extreme left and right sides are so overwhelming that they are drowned out.

I'm fine with immigration when it is done right (proper vetting/screening and they are doing it legally) but i also worry about higher crime rates and other things. You cant just let someone in with zero consequences.

Also, what's going to happen when everyone who hates their country flees to another one? then that country left behind never grows or gets better. There is only so much room places like North America and Europe have.

No. 313433

I don't have access to a car, and i'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to get Panera bread breakfast (which is really delicious) but pay an uber to get there.

No. 313449

I hate that my job switched to biweekly pay, I’m only working part-time with college so I barely have any money. I feel kinda dumb but I don’t get why it feels so much worse compared to being paid weekly.

No. 313451

Do it! Enjoy the fresh air!

No. 313454

If people lived in the population density of New York City we could literally fit the entire world population into Texas, plus the US produces enough food to feed the whole world three times over, plus in 2014 there were 18,600,000 vacant homes! There’s no running out of space, America is huge. I can understand fear of crime, but I think if people are under a dictatorship they don’t want to be there’s really no way that they can just improve and develop their countries.

No. 313459

sure anon, but immigrants don't move to bumfuck nowhere, they move to already over populated cities.

No. 313484

I'm a mildly autistic depressed mess trying to get better

I'm also gay, and would like to date someone again. (last time was years ago) But I barely have any friends: the ones I have are either nerdy guys or 2 "normie" chicks. I'm very socially anxious and have been isolating myself too much. I feel like I'm never going to find a gf, because I'm so unpleasant to be around and find women much more intimidating due to me feeling like a creep and not socially developed enough to get to know women. Men have been easier to befriend for me, though that's maybe because they secretly wanted to fuck.

How do I get out of this mindset of being intimidated as hell by women? I am one for christ's sake

No. 313490

I have the same issue (with befriending and meeting women), but I think it's because I just value the thoughts of women more than those of men.
Maybe try joining some clubs for non-normie activities and meet other girls there so you have something in common to talk about.

No. 313492

Well like other anon said, they move to over populated countries…
I was pro migrants before, i thought well poor people they are humans after all, what's wrong with them, let them in!, then i traveled to Europe and saw a bunch of immigrants everywhere, littering, begging for money, and just making chaos. THEN in my country, i shouldn't say where I'm from but fuck it you should guess kek, migrants use this country like a fucking bridge to get to USA and of course they don't get there or are rejected and guess what? They stay here, this country is overpopulated and in a very bad shape (crimen and lack of opportunities), there's no opportunities here for migrants, they might as well go back to Guatemala or Honduras or Salvador. And often you can read about Colombians committing crimes and what not.
Now we are being called racist because we don't want a bunch of migrants entering by force this country, people saying "what about our immigrants that get treated bad in usa, do you have a trump in your head" well you don't see a bunch of people trespassing by force the USA border (they do other dangerous shit hiding etc), i don't support them either anyways kek.
I would love to move to another country where there's low risk of being robbed or killed for a fucking cellphone in the bus, but that's no reason to go and do whatever the fuck i want and enter a country like a cave man.

No. 313531

Slowly realizing I'm a covert narcissist raised by an overt narcissist who has somehow managed to get in a relationship with a guy who's got very similar patterns to my npd parent has really fucked with my head these days. I no longer know what to do about this relationship or with myself.

No. 313563

File: 1540060128938.jpg (26.95 KB, 552x457, C18hjlEXEAI8DVU.jpg)

It's pretty soul-crushing to finally realize that someone who you've spent your whole life around is completely incapable of feeling empathy towards you and views you as little more than dirt. I really shouldn't be shocked because this family member is a textbook example of BPD with some narcissism sprinkled in, but deep down it still hurts a little, realizing that she never once has cared about me. I know this sounds really self-centered, but knowing she has never cared and never will care about my life, my interests, my passions… it does sting. All I am is a tool to her, a way to get attention and companionship. I'm a fucking lapdog. I don't know why I even bother opening my mouth around her because it's obvious she doesn't listen to a single word I say unless she can either boost her ego off of it or use it to attack me later. I'm such a fucking dumbass.

No. 313619


Anon you aren't self-centered, this familiar is. I can relate as the whole family apart from 3 people are full blown BPD/NPD and the fact the ones who should be at our side couldn't care less about us except to use as a punching bag or tool to take any sort of advantage to whatever they have in mind stinks. While you can't go away try to grey rock them: not sharing anything about your life since they don't care anyways and giving short, boring answers, be boring. It's difficult to not engage or try to be closer to them but unfortunately these people don't change, as it's a personality disorder. Be careful when they throw bait, try to stay calm and not engage with their crap, and when you are able to, move away asap

No. 313637

>tfw bulimia relapse

No. 313639

NTAYRT but I've been very rocking some folks and now when gossip comes back to me it's about how my life is empty. I don't share details anymore so I must just be staring at a wall all day. Lol.
I guess it's better than them having real information they can use against me.

No. 313652

Take what you can and run. Never go back even if they beg and cry and say someone is on their deathbed. You were owed better by your parents and they chose to fail you, not just once, but day after day after day. Leave. If you feel vindictive spill their laundry to people who like or know them. If you have proof of assault, charge the fuckers for it.
Hope you get out and the brother stays incarcerated anon.
Families like that are hell.

No. 313655

I'm sorry, anon. Your family is beyond toxic and disgusting. You need to focus on your career goals and classes so that you can get some money and leave that household as soon as possible. If you can, find someone to talk to about it and help you. Do you have better, more trustworthy members in the family you can speak to?

No. 313663

Why are some replies green and not clickable?

No. 313665

Deleted. Lurk more.

No. 313666

The original poster prob deleted

No. 313668

>being this new
embarrassing. stop posting and lurk.

No. 313670

Thank you anon. I've heard a little bit about grey rocking but I never really looked into it because I'm such an emotional person and I felt like I would always fail. It's so easy for me to fall for their bait because I get so caught up in the heat of the moment and I feel like I have to "defend" myself even though I know she'll never listen. I'm trying to work on it. Thank God I'm moving out fairly soon, to somewhere very far, and I'll be able to go low contact with her.

No. 313671

I hate how the most active threads on the site are in /ot/. I miss the days when milk flowed freely.

No. 313672

I think people are being more careful about oversharing online in general, as of late.

No. 313675

I’ve been feeling like that maybe there’s some kind of underlying issue with me mentally

I’m very into guro art and manga
I loved fucked up anime’s that are extremely violent and gorey
I’m also into gore hentai games, mostly ones that have stories intertwined with them

But none of this stuff filters in with my actual life….I’m not a violent person, I don’t even like or look at real life gore and things like that
People think I’m sweet but I know deep down….there’s gotta be something wrong with me

No. 313677

What do you enjoy about it?
Is it morbid curiosity, kind of like how some of us like crime scene photography?
Is it sexually gratifying?
Do you just enjoy that squicky cringe feeling like horror movie enthusiasts?

It’s not necessarily related to mental unwellness. Sometimes people just like fucked up stuff.

No. 313678

Im nearly 30 and I just found out the man I called dad all my life isn’t really my bio dad.
I don’t know how to process this especially since we haven’t talked in nearly a decade.

I also have suspicions that I’m a rape baby but that might just be paranoia.

No. 313680

File: 1540081312432.gif (274.03 KB, 320x180, 4t59sE.gif)

Our AC is broke and it's so humid here in Florida…I hate it. It won't be fixed till Monday which freaking sucks.

No. 313682

Omg I can definitely relate. I recently found out who my bio dad was after taking a DNA test. No one in the family knew.
You might not be a rape baby, I was a surprise since my mom was told she was infertile by her gyno.

No. 313683

Nigga you got like 35 hours left only. It'll fly by.

No. 313693

My ex from 3 years ago recently contacted me. Yesterday, we talked on skype and it was actually great. We just have personalities that mesh well together. I feel like shit though because he did emotionally scar me at the time of our breakup. I've grown and honestly don't care as much and see that the things he did weren't even that bad.
I just feel bad because I know I'm only excited about talking with him because I literally have no social life. I don't understand why it's so hard to make friends.

No. 313695

I wouldn't worry too much about it anon. You say that you aren't violent and don't look at real life gore which is honestly a whole other ball game from drawn gore. A lot of people are into the same things. Unless you start wanting to hurt people/animals in real life or you start not being able to concentrate on anything BUT horror I'd not think too much about it.
I'm the same way and love the aesthetic of horror but show me a real crime scene photo and I'm vomiting and traumatized.

No. 313708

I think it'd be a good thing if internet culture in general stopped putting such an emphasis on sharing literally every aspect of your life but it's less entertaining for sure.

No. 313736

File: 1540095677347.png (107.9 KB, 600x550, 1vdA5nL.png)

I'm feeling particularly lonely. I realized I really have no one else besides my boyfriend, who I see maybe once or twice a week at max. No friends at university. This means I don't have conversations with people for the majority of the time and I have no online friends too or am in any discord servers. I don't know why but half of me really wants to be alone and the other half wants someone to talk to. I somewhat wished that my boyfriend could just fill up all the friendship that I need but thats asking way too much.

No. 313744

i hate that i’m usually right about things but people disregard what i say because my delivery is so shit. it’s satisfying to hear that i was right but i wish people would just listen in the first place. i try so hard to control my emotions, but clearly i’m not trying hard enough

No. 313753

Everytime I feel happy or content with being alone, it all comes crashing down, like right now. I think of all the things I do when I'm alone and think this isn't so bad, but then I realize how pathetic I sound trying to convince myself that this is fine. The only times I see my friends nowadays is through social media. No one invites me to hang out, in fact one friend was having a party and didn't invite me wnd got annoyed when I found out. No one messages me, no "hey what's up" text, nothing. Certain friends know I'm depressed and in a bad place, so it would be nice to be checked up on. That's what I do for someone I care about, but maybe I'm just selfish for thinking that. Maybe I'm asking for too much. Even if I do get in contact with someone, it's always because I initiated it. It would be nice to be reached out for once and be thought about. I can't even remember the last time I someone spoke to me first. College is coming up for me soon, but if my current friends don't want anything to do with me, I sure as hell I won't be able to make new ones. I never thought of myself as a bad friend, I'm decent I think, I don't know what I did wrong to be alone. I hate seeing everyone on my snapchat with their bfs/gfs, or going out to parties, or even just a cute group picture. It reminds me of how alone I am and how alone I'll always be. I just want somebody to love me, somone who enjoys my company, somone who misses me. Won't ever happen though.

No. 313783

I think I might have had a ‘silent heart attack’ or even a regular one, but am so scared to find out. Seems extra unfair that even though I’m plump as a partridge now, anorexia might still get to kill me.

No. 313784

oh no I'm really sorry to hear that anon. fuck I'm scared as shit too

No. 313793

It’s shitty but I can see how it’s kind of my own fault if I did have one. I chose to screw around and put off intervention until there was no choice.
At least if it is, it’s my preferred way to exit the planet. Not many people get that bonus so hey, bright side.

No. 313797

I finally completed my degree in a field I enjoyed, but getting a consistently paying job is incredibly competitive and I dont feel like I have the chops. I also can't see myself doing anything besides maybe 2 positions which severely hurts my opportunities.. I graduated in May and already I feel like I should give up on this because it just makes me sick to think about and is just a major point of stress. Now I have to figure out what to do with myself and explain to my parents why I wasted 5 years. But at least I don't have any debt.

No. 313829

cosplay anon here. ive been a cosplayer for like five years and i feel like im going totally nowhere with it. im trying to be more active on social media, but i cant seem to gain followers… im stuck at around 600 and cant gain hardly any. there are costhots in my community who’s cosplays are so fucking lazy and they have 5x more followers than me and it makes me really really sad. this community has really gone to shit and it really depresses me because i love the hobby and i try to put a lot of work into my costumes and props and makeup and all that… its always been a dream of mine to guest at cons and to make a living out of cosplay if i can and it makes me sad that there are girls out there who barely have to do anything but show skin and have lazy cosplays to do that.

i dont know what to do, anons. i love cosplay, but i hate what it’s becoming and costhots are ruining it for me since they’re so rampant in it lately. it’s just depressing at this point. any advice would be great :(

No. 313859

Cosplayer of over 10 years giving you an easy answer: Stop giving a shit about social media numbers. I used to be hooked on following my follower count, always calculated when to get the best exposure and algorithm feed optimization, what to write about to make people like me, stressed over not getting enough likes etc. It became a cage and it was extremely hard to get out of that mindset. What made me snap out of it was when other cosplayers started re-posting themselves and telling people to like their posts simply because they wanted a bigger reach. It made me re-consider my goals and if I really wanted to be a desperate, attention-hungry, sniveling asshole like these people.

After I got over this, my attitude with cosplay improved heaps. Now I make costumes just for the fun of it and enjoy wearing them with my friends with no pressure. I used to be sort of "cosfamous" in my country (a big fish in a small pond sort of thing) and it's not that awesome. People making up shit about you out of jealousy or being judged even before you enter the room is not glamorous at all.

It's also better to just give up the dreams about actually making a living with cosplay. It's never going to happen. I used to know a person who had like 500k followers on FB and a massive, dedicated fan base but even with those metrics they made peanuts with their work. Jessica Nigri, Danielle and the other top-5 of the "adult cosplay list" are literally the only people who get money out of this and even with them it's the good connections bringing in the bucks. There are plenty of girls showing skin and doing trashy "boudoir" sets yet making next to nothing on Patreon.

The community has absolutely gone to shit though, I completely agree. But that's why it's just healthier to gather a good group of friends and stay within their company.

No. 313863

Maybe it’s morbid curiosity
I love when people talk about how fucked up a manga or game is, it makes me want to check it out
But I guess I don’t find it as fucked up as they do???
Euphoria wasn’t that bad….
I also find violent anime more entertaining and interesting

I’ve never gotten sexual gratification from it and I never will, I guess I don’t find it sexually appealing?

Maybe I do just like fucked up stuff, even though I don’t react like some people

No. 313865

Me believing that all men that are being nice to me have an ulterior is killing me!

I am pretty ugly and I am somewhat accepting of it! But then when a male tells me how much he loves me and wants to spend time with me, I don't believe them at all and I always assume they want something out of it, or is trying to ridicule me in front of their friends.
My low self esteem and not fully accepting my looks is killing me..

No. 313869

Yeah, you don’t sound sick at all. It doesn’t sound like an unhealthy interest, and you’re clearly not some raging psycho who will start killing animals or whatever.

No. 313870

My cousin and her husband just had a child together. Her husband has an 8 year old from an earlier relationship that didn't work out, a huge brat who is prone to being very rude, and now when there's a baby in the picture he's acting out even more due to lack of attention.

What annoys me is how they're parenting him. Our families are close, so we're visiting each other often. I get that parents can be tired of their kids, but the way they're yelling at him, calling him names like idiot and asshole, and are unwilling to listen to anything he says makes me upset at them both as parents.

His dad "jokingly" hits him and can do it very roughly. The kid will often start hitting both his parents when he gets upset, and when they tell him to stop, the kid will say stuff like "but you always hit me!" to defend himself.

Today I had to listen to the kid beg his father to apologize to him for calling him an idiot. An 8 year old clearly stating that he was hurt by what his father said, only for his father to go "but you ARE an idiot, aren't you?". Kid starts crying and yelling and slamming doors, and all my cousin and her husband do is sigh and wonder "how did he become like this?"

I'm not gonna lie and say that the kid is an angel, because he is clearly selfish and will often be annoying on purpose, but I also believe that it's the parents fault for him having become like this.

I tried to voice these concerns to them, but received no other response than "this is the way we do it. We're the grown-ups, he's the child and must learn to respect us".

I hate such parenting so much, and it's painful to watch it happening within my own family.

No. 313873

Be honest, are you good-looking and thin? If you’re ugly, don’t anticipate to get the attention that a cute girl will.

No. 313887

File: 1540121270836.png (945.36 KB, 914x922, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 7.13…)

here's a vent for ya, I'm starting my training for the company at my new job tomorrow, I've been ignoring it, pretending thats it not happening now that it actually is I don't know how the fuck I'm going to do it. My heart is fucking pounding right now as I type in this bed, I feel like I could actually faint laying down which is I heard impossible but Jesus Christ how the hell am I going to do this? I haven't left the house in nearly 2 years suddenly I got this job and I'm at my highest weight ever. I haven't even been able to walk into the store cos of embarrassment over that, I legitimately think I might collapse tomorrow and I'm so scared I'm going to be late cos I've never been there by bus and I have to find the city bus which takes you closer to it, I have to be there by 8:30am but I'm gonna wake leave at 4:00am, I don't care I'm too paranoid over being late.

No. 313889

File: 1540121490480.png (32.34 KB, 625x626, You try too hard _518760f5c838…)

scrote detected

No. 313918

My family is a slow-burning mess. No loud fights but absent emotionally cold (possibly sociopath) father, autism alcoholism and bipolar runs in the family on my moms side, my mom herself is a passive aggressive spineless pushover who tried to make up for absent daddy by being nice i.e. NEVER telling any of us off or even slightly disciplining us. My brothers both have autism and are failing miserably at life but nobody does anything. IT'S ALL GOOD! NOTHING'S WRONG! Until it is for a moment, and you unload all your "discipline" in one cruel stream and wonder why it doesn't fucking work.

I've never had a job at 21 and am a mess myself, which of course is my responsibility. I'm trying to study so that I some time in the future can get out of my home and, honestly, separate myself from my brothers. They not only got all attention when growing up but make me feel powerless and sad while watching them turn out losers. I am one myself on a lower level, but I want to be a little better than I am now. Anyway, all of this has resulted in me isolating myself during my entire childhood, and I see no way out of the isolation now.

No. 313919

wow anon this advice was just what i needed thank you so much! i totally feel that "being stuck in a cage" mentality and it definitely can't be healthy… im just a competitive asshole and i gotta change that somehow.

No. 313921


Shitty parenting is a lot more common than we think and I have the impression that it became worse over the years. It is definitely their fault for the kid being like this but I don't think there is much you can do besides maybe treating him right without spoiling too much when you visit them and stopping the bad behavior without punishing him like his crappy parents does. From what you said it's unlikely that they will listen to you to treat him better, tbh crap parents nevee listen to anyone

No. 313924

its kind of been bothering me these past couple of hours because i've been realizing one of my mutuals is close to a lot of fakebois, camgirls, and cosplayers who somehow end up getting mentioned every now and then on this site. i honestly feel like ending the mutual friendship because he's probably hiding something and i don't want to wait to see.

No. 313926

File: 1540128774644.png (243.21 KB, 421x427, 76e585d12dacb16529330e1b4e505e…)

My best friend doesn't want to go with me to a trip to Japan. There was a flash deal going for $545 (round trip from the east coast) and we both have the means to pay it immediately and save up until April 2019 for the whole trip (six months worth of savings plus what we already have in our bank). When I brought up the deal up to her, she was excited and wanted to do it but now she got cold feet and kept making excuses like she has all these other conventions (that she hasn't invested money in yet) and what if she doesn't enjoy her trip like she thought she would when she was younger. I told her that's why she has to help plan for things she's interested in and conventions happen every year, this flash deal is pretty rare in our area. I'm very adamant in going to Japan next year because I'm going to attend graduate school for the next three years without having a "summer break". We got a mutual friend (MF) involved who is interested in doing the trip and MF and I tried to convince her but in the end, she said no and both of us and us fearing of losing the deal, MF and I booked our ticket. I always told myself if I end up not going to Japan with my best friend, I would feel like shit and it's hitting me now. I fell asleep crying, I woke up crying, and these kind of events aren't really like me I never feel so sad or anxious but here I am typing this up. I just feel so guilty and I don't really consider MF my best friend so it feels awkward to some extent. Now MF is inviting his two roommates to the picture to help cut down costs and whatnot but I don't even really know them either. I said yes to them coming because I wanted the trip to become cheap with four people rather than two. I really don't know what to do, I don't want to stop my own plans because my best friend doesn't want to go but I can't help but feel anything but sad if I do actually go on this trip but it's such a rare opportunity to just pass up. I really don't know if it's worth talking to her about it again. She's a fickle person so I'm afraid she'll just say yes again for my sake and then change her mind but maybe not so much if I can convince her about purchasing the ticket already.

No. 313928

hiding what?

No. 313929

Being an adult is great because I can buy whatever I want, but also sucks for the very same reason.

No. 313931

don't know. maybe he's a cow himself

No. 313947

Go without her, or you'll regret not taking this chance. I had a similar problem last summer because my friend, as stupid as she is, thought that the prices for the plane tickets were low but it was going to be lower if we waited. The price tickets were twice as expensive a few days later and we had to settle to going to another city in our country instead of Japan. I still regret it and I plan on travelling by myself if I have friends who waste my time by hesitating, I never had the opportunity to go abroad so this made things even more frustrating. Do you plan on going back to Japan later if you enjoy the trip?

No. 313988

A guy at my work is a super hottie punk sad boy who is 100% my type. I don't wanna date anyone right now, so he's just office
eyecandy. We don't even speak.

A month ago his gf got a job here too and she looks like a slightly thinner Christine Sydelko. It's obviously none of my business, but my ex-anachan ass is fuckin baffled.

I'm not mad or jealous, truly just confused. I feel terrible that even something I think about. idk

No. 313992

He might be a chubby chaser tbh.

No. 314013

He probably has self esteem issues so goes for someone that he knows won't leave or cheat on him, plenty of ex shy guys do this apparently

No. 314019

orrrrrrr he might just actually like her.

No. 314063

Right, because there's absolutely no reason a person could date someone less attractive that them other than self-esteem issues. It's not like people are attracted to other for their personality or anything.

No. 314066

>I want to keep this hot guy on a long leash because I don't want to be tied down
>But he has an ugly ass fat girlfriend like wtfff why can't he be mine alone!!!
The absolute state of ana-chans on this board

No. 314076

Is this bait?

No. 314079

I'm tired of working hard on my art when someone who has less followers then me and bad anatomy can get more notes then me with their awful pin up picture

No. 314086

… It's sarcasm, anon.

No. 314095

Are you two retarded or just painfully vapid?

No. 314101

Spent the day sleeping thanks to an ambien and a very alcoholic beer.
I'm slipping back into depression.

No. 314105

sadly that's a common believe on this site that's why >>36918 exists

No. 314113

I don't have any friends. I just want a friend. I'm sick of wasting my time at home all alone. I'm a waste of space here.

No. 314159

Looks are important I don't understand how that's a difficult concept for you to grasp, vs models and the such didn't get to where they are today with their personality

No. 314164

what's up with your reading comprehension
Not that anon but the way you interpreted her posts baffled me

No. 314176

It irritates me how much some fujoshi hate women. Do I like some sweet man on man porn? Sure, but I also like girly stories. I keep running into types that actively hate material targeted at girls and call it "otomeshit cancer" and "hetshit". You are female, if you are attracted to men it's a heterosexual type of attraction.

I can ignore those people but I've seen several fanartists that have hetero ships make their accounts private because they get backlash from the fujo side of the fandom. I am fine with anyone shipping stuff for fun until they start forcing it on other people and saying stuff like "people who don't support all fujo ships should be banned from enjoying any kind of fujo related content!"

No. 314192

I have also encountered this type of fangirl who think that liking male ship is somehow superior to being yumejoshi/het ship/self-insert type of fan. Like how the fuck is being a voyeur with gay dudes better than pretending to be with your fave character yourself?

No. 314196

I'll never understand why the fujoshi I see online are exactly the way you described it or they're really into both BL and shojo manga/otome games and male seiyuu and nothing else, while the ones I know irl are moderate and just happen to like BL.

No. 314197

my favorite category of fujoshis are fujoshis in denial who try to go after girls who happen to like BL sometimes. bonus points if the fujo is a fakeboi

No. 314200

often these fujoshis call themselves he/they, too, that's how much they loathe women and themselves.

No. 314207

I hate these ones so much. They made me avoid fandoms so much lately. I saw so many of them in a really small con about BL and they were so obnoxious.

No. 314210

File: 1540149162054.jpg (53.99 KB, 339x341, 1508976479437.jpg)

I was dating this guy for 2 weeks. One night we did some sexual things, mostly him eating me out and fingering me (sorry for TMI). I'm a virgin and he asked to try putting it in, I said ok and he did (WITH a condom of course.) It hurt like fucking hell and he tried a few times then I asked him to stop. After that he ghosted me, don't really care that much, yes I know he's an asshole, I'm over it.

But now I'm freaking out thinking I'm pregnant when it's pretty much impossible. This happens every time I do something sexual. I didn't have sex with my bf of a year back in highschool because I was so afraid of being pregnant. I have been diagnosed with OCD so this is not a surprise. But I just hate myself so much. I'm supposed to get my period in the next 4 days or so but it can't come soon enough. This all happened maybe 3 weeks ago now.

Why do I keep thinking I'm pregnant when there's no way? He didn't even cum inside of me. He literally just tried putting it in a few times and it hurt too bad so we stopped. But my brain keeps telling me crazy things like he had precum on his fingers and it got inside of me so now I'm pregnant, or there was precum on the condom and when he put it in it made me pregnant, just crazy fucking shit like that. I feel so infantile and I'm almost 20 years old. This is killing me. I know I'm not ready for sex and I will not be for a while. Someone tell me how stupid I am so I can feel better.

No. 314212

Just buy a pee test and have a good giggle over some tea.
Stressing might delay your period further.

No. 314214

My theory is that since a lot of anime forums have more guys, shoujo is barely discussed and that's why a lot of people only know the cliches. Also the bad mistakes some female artists bring into BL, incorrect male anatomy and behaviour, that fuels the disdain. There might also a wish to be different and more sexually open than other girls.

But anyway, it's annoying when every series with cute guys has to be fujo and they can't just say "it panders to women in general."

I was on birth control and after our first attempt I researched possibilities of getting pregnant from pre-cum, hah. It's normal to feel that way because it's the way society scares us.

No. 314216

Relatable, I once was overcome with anxiety about being pregnant because of backsplash in the unisex toilet at work.
Go test yourself if you're so worried, though. It might ease the stress.

No. 314252

File: 1540152852295.jpeg (35.79 KB, 625x625, ugh.jpeg)

I think my mom is (becoming) an alcoholic. Actually, both of my parents could be considered alcoholics as they drink larger amounts of wine every evening. However, as it has always been like that and they don't get drunk, I never questioned it.

The problem with my mom is that she started drinking secretly. I visit my parents often (moved out 6 years ago) and realized that she keeps going to the fridge during the day to drink from her white wine bottle. The kitchen is next to the living room where I usually hang out and I can hear when she opens the bottle, even though she always coughs slightly to cover the sound I think. I heard this the first time when there was a big family event she was nervous about, and I thought that drinking in the afternoon is a bit weird, but her being nervous kind of explained it. That was one year ago. When she calls me, her speech sometimes is slurred and she is super affectionate, which is untypical for her (she was never really able to tell me that she loves me, and when she does now, I can tell that alcohol is the reason). I also witnessed a very weird meeting with some of my parents' friends where she was obviously drunk, but that is the exception. She usually never seems drunk.

I am visiting my parents right now and she has been doing that "secretly drinking during the day" thing every day so far. I cringe whenever I hear the sound, but I somehow managed to ignore it. But when I was taking a bath earlier and searched for bath additive, I found an empty wine bottle that was hidden in her bathroom cabinet. At that point, I couldn't ignore it anymore and just started crying.

I really don't know what to do. My mother and I have a very hierarchical, rather distant relationship. If this was my father, whom I am very close to, I would probably sit down with him and try to talk about it. But with her, I just don't know how to do that. I like her because she always supported me, but I also have lots of issues with her as she did many wrong things to me when I was younger. At the same time, I feel sorry for her. And I don't want my parents to break up because she is an alcoholic – I'm not sure whether my dad knows, though. She always tries to seem controlled, too, and I know that voicing my concerns would embarrass her and probably result in a very awkward situation. But it is becoming more and more obvious to me. She keeps forgetting things that were told to her, keeps repeating the same stories over and over (yesterday she told us that the dessert glasses I brought could be used for drinks like, 10 times, even though I asked her to stop repeating the same sentence) and when I went shopping for my family yesterday, she actually wrote 4 bottles of white wine on the grocery list. No shame?!

I didn't even tell my boyfriend about it because I feel so conflicted. I didn't want to post it here, either, also because I know that some other anons have parents who are severe alcoholics/addicts and what's happening in my family seems pretty harmless, especially because my mom functions so well. But I had to tell this to someone.

No. 314368

Because they're self-loathing women, that's why. I also see fujos online getting into shipwars, and ones pulling out the "gay men like this ship, fujos like the other one" thing as some sort of "trump card" that they're ship is better.
I've actually seen people on /co/ trying to meme "hetshit" as an insult lately, and it just boggles my mind.
>Also the bad mistakes some female artists bring into BL, incorrect male anatomy and behaviour, that fuels the disdain.

That's pretty funny considering, at least within the massive world of fan art, women draw better porn than men. Porn of men drawn by women is usually better than porn done by gay men. And straight porn done by straight dudes is just a whole different level of terrible.

No. 314382

Not even posting this in unpopular opinion because I'm sure no woman likes them:
Beards on men are fucking disgusting. They're ugly and unhygenic.
Also fuck no-shave November. Beards make men look so fucking haggard and unapproachable.
>tfw cute guy I'm seeing is going to fuck his face up for an entire month over some dumb facial pube meme

No. 314386

Anon, not every woman has the same preferences as you. Some of us like beards. This doesn't belong in the vent thread.

No. 314389

Beards are great, stop hanging out with dirty people if you find them so filthy.
A man who bathed and doesn’t eat like an actual hog doesn’t have some swamp of disease growing on his beard.

No. 314391

it's been like two months since my boyfriend broke up with me. I've been sort of seeing this guy I guess it's more like a casual hangout but he'll take forever to respond to my messages and it's driving me insane. because social media is so in our faces these days I see that he's online in some other place when he's not writing back. It's so bizarre because our conversations are fun. I just don't know why tf he'll take ages to respond a simple message, it makes me feel like an idiot

No. 314394

I like beards and facial hair in general.

No. 314397

You're overreacting. People don't need to converse 24/7 in order to have a connection, he's allowed to have his own life aside from you.

No. 314402

I agree. I just think 12 hours in between messages is a bit much, I forget whatever it was we were talking about by the time he responds. I have my own life too, I just don't get how we're supposed to make a connection exchanging 5 messages a day

No. 314404

Maybe you aren't connecting? He isn't your boyfriend, anon, he isn't obligated to talk to you. I'm sorry about that.

No. 314410

I really thought we were, it used to be better a few weeks ago I really don't know what went wrong along the way. All our dates are amazing, he always asks to hang out again, and we haven't even had sex yet so I know that's not what he's after (at least mainly). These few days after the last date have been rough though

No. 314411

Maybe the conversations are only fun for you. I mean you’re not owed a response or his attention.

No. 314412


Either he's not a big texter or he's just not that into you. Your first mistake is messaging this fool. Don't send him a text first, ever!! If a guy is into you then he will make the effort to reach out to you. If not then he's not interested and you've got to move on from his ass and find somebody else. Also please don't have sex with this guy until you're official.

No. 314413

A vent about beards doesn't belong in the vent thread lmao

No. 314415

Because it's not a vent, it's an opinion.

No. 314416

Yeah I learned that the hard way a while ago, so I don't send the first text because it's true he'll text if he's into it. The thing is he does send me the first text all the time. The conversation will die and he'll start something up again. The only thing is that this is so confusing, because he seems into it, but takes forever

No. 314417

>nobody posts opinions in their vents in the vent thread

No. 314419

Please, explain to me why not liking beards is a vent.

No. 314421

Because the guy I'm seeing is growing a beard and I find them gross.

Any other questions, mini mod?

No. 314422

if he only looks good without a beard, is he really that cute?

No. 314426

You're right anon, how could I be so stupid. Beards are the worse thing a guy can have, that's for sure. You were so right to post in a vent thread about it.

Btw, No-Shave November and Movember started as movements to support prostate cancer patients, but yeah, it's definitely just a dumb 'facial pube' meme.

No. 314431

Hey I appreciate your follow-up to let us know your opinion about what I posted. It was a great contribution and we're all better off for it.

Most guys don't know that no-shave is about prostate cancer awareness and do it for a fad, but yeah. Growing facial pubes for a month is a real great way to really make an impact for those who struggle with cancer.

No. 314432

So is wearing pink ribbons, but people still do it. Just because your guy is doing it just for ~funsies~ doesn't mean all guys are.

No. 314435

I can't wait to lose weight again and get back to me being this weight so damn uncomfortable.

No. 314436

Except pink ribbons are usually bought in support and association for the Susan G. Komen research organization. At least when someone wears a ribbon they know what it's for.

Men who grow beards don't even know it's supposed to be for prostate cancer awareness.

No. 314438

Probably because people grow beards for reasons other than cancer awareness.

No. 314439

That's what you're assuming. There's plenty of people who donate at the end of the month when they shave, you just don't pay attention to it obviously. Instead of belittling an organization who is trying to come up with a fun way to support cancer patients, why don't you go help your boyfriend shave?

No. 314445

Right. But don't ask me why anon's honing in on that other than trying to guilt trip me for hating beards.
>Do you hate cancer awareness anon?

I don't have to assume that because that's literally what dudes have told me. They literally think it's a fad and have no clue where the original idea came from.
People could donate money with or without tugging each other's dicks over who can grow the longest beard. It's dumb.

No. 314446

People could donate without wearing ribbons too, anon. None of us are saying you hate cancer awareness, we're saying that you're being obtuse by thinking everyone who does No-Shave November is doing it just because it's a fad.

No. 314449

So why are you dismissing my pov when I'm here telling you that most dudes I've interacted with don't think it's about cancer awareness?
Still don't like beards either way.

No. 314451

Because you're assuming most guys don't know about it when that's how No-Shave November literally started. Go shave your guy's beard, anon.

No. 314452

Because it’s such a non issue to get worked up over. Don’t date a dude with a beard, problem solved forever.

No. 314471

i agree with everything you said. why does anyone even find gross pubes covering someones face attractive?

its basically catfishing if you think about it. men reee all day about women covering their true face with makeup, but literally covering half your face with hair is completely fine apparently. i would not date a guy if he had a full on beard, i want to actually see his face.

No. 314476

Because they seem to not.

How's it a non issue?
How many men would whine if the women they initially were seeing suddenly did something bizarre with their hair and then shaved it off for cancer? Absolute bedlam.

No. 314486

Lol you’re fried. Stop dating the dude if you’re somoffended by what he does with his own hair. Nobody should cater to your bitching and moaning. Dude is probably dodging a bullet by keeping the beard and getting rid of you.

No. 314491

I’m in a weird place with gender critical discussion and I feel like the only person I feel comfortable talking to about it is my boyfriend. I appreciate the gender critical threads here for giving me incite into a discussion I was ignoring before but at the same time I do genuinely believe that some trans women truly are mentally women and should be treated as such. I understand that physically they are men but (especially the ones that have been expressing deep gender hatred since childhood) but some can feel cured by medical transition and should just be respected as the gender they truly see themselves as. As long as they don’t start acting like their assigned birth gender. I am not a rad fem and honestly think a lot of the stuff on the lolcow threads is fearmongering. I have one friend who I believe whole heartedly is a trans woman. She doesn’t give a shit about presenting herself as aggressively feminine but has fully transitioned in all the ways medical science currently has to offer. She didn’t do all the bullshit with speach training or learning how to walk female, doesn’t agressivley approach or try to make other women uncomfortable. I do genuinely believe she and other trans people like her have female brains. Trans people in general are not my problem…But I could not present the concerns I have publicly without being labelled a terf and excommunicated from my social circles. I’m moreso upset and concerned with my friends who have picked up dysphoria to add to their long lists of mental disorders in late adolescence. I 100% do not believe that my male friend who is currently parading himself as a “woman” is a woman and he shouldn’t be allowed in the spaces he thinks he has the right to. Seriously he has a full blown beard, talks about his dick regularly and wears winged eyeliner but gets upset that people on tinder ask him why tf he’s showing up on their female only stacks. He forces everyone to call him she and literally just thinks people socially accepting him as a girl will cure him of his eating disorder, and mental anguish. I also have another friend who has pathological attention seeking issues who came out as ftm. This makes no sense to me as she used to rant and rave about how she harnessed divine female energy and still to this day puts pictures of her vagina and boobs all over her twitter. It seems so strange to me that both of these people came out as trans in the final year of high school and have made no attempt to physically transition. On one hand I’m glad, this is so obviously a phase they are going through and I would be really sad if they ruined their lives by irreversibly mutilating their bodies. But on the other hand I seriously hate how entitled they are! It’s like I’ve got two people who are upper middle class, white, conventionally attractive and good at school trying to tell me that they’re actually very oppressed and anyone who dares ask them to maybe consider their issues aren’t dysphoria is clearly a bigot. Isn’t being obviously mentally ill enough oppression for them? I’m just frustrated that I can’t really say the obvious truth out loud.

No. 314494

>some trans women truly are mentally women and should be treated as such.
Girl, HOW. You should have stopped right after formulating this thought and then asked yourself what the hell that even means. There's no such thing as being 'mentally' any gender. You can mentally convince yourself you're another gender, that's dysphoria, but the brain itself isn't gendered. If it was, it still wouldn't manifest in the 'wrong body'.

You are clearly right on the verge of peak trans, don't fall for their sexist bullshit.

No. 314496

this. i also hate when men assume that every woman is into beards, ew

No. 314498

You're the one who sounds unhinged. What do you care if I don't like beards? Go slam your face into one if you love them so much lol. I'm gonna say and think whatever the hell I want about a male's appearance and you're aloof as hell if you think they're not doing the same to us.

No. 314503

nta but it's not even an us vs them issue. it's 100% reasonable to want a partner to be attractive still. and compromising is much better than just breaking up, it's not insane to want to do that.

No. 314504

Unhinged because I don’t think a guy you’ve casually dated owes you daily shaving any more than you’d owe him shaved legs?

Nobody cares that you dislike beards, you’re obnoxious sperging out and acting like anyone should care. You sound like a basket case.

No. 314505

Idc if a bloke wants to wear a dress and snip his dick off but he still doesn’t belong in the ladies room.
I used to be way more accepting until seeing just how many trans expect a lot more than a place to pee and at the mall or gym.

No. 314509

nta but i think if you start dating a guy and you shave your legs, if they tell you they don't like unshaven legs, you make the call to keep dating them or not. and they'd be okay to tell you they want you to. same with beards or whatever.

i think it's stupid to assume your partner is just going to go with the flow on whatever you decide to do with your body. if this was something like tattoos or piercings i bet you wouldn't think op is "a basket case". beards are uncomfortable to kiss. just get over yourself.

No. 314514

Speak for yourself, I'm happy to hear anons vent about beards (in the fucking vent thread where it's 100% appropriate) because I also find them hideously repulsive. 99% of men seem to have them now and I feel perfectly entitled to bitch about this one small thing when men do, in fact, expect us to shave everything and would dump us otherwise. If I can shave most of my body I can complain about men not doing the same, particularly because it's just fashion for them.

No. 314515

Are you anons just dating shitty dudes? My guy doesn't care if I shave or not because it doesn't fucking matter.

>if this was something like tattoos or piercings
Your significant other shouldn't get to decide what piercings or tattoos you get lmao.

No. 314520

I think anon is a basket case, and now you, because there is zero reason to be this worked up over beards. You literally never have to touch one, you can date people who dont have them, it’s just not a problem.

If they were somehow forced on you it would be worth complaining about but man, you guys are mad over nothing.

No. 314521

>nobody cares that you don't like beards

I didn't ask you to care you obnoxious dipshit. Stop replying. But oh wait, you can't, because you're one of those anons who's gotta make an argument out of everything. Even an opinion on a male's appearance because god forbid. And you call me spergy, hah.

No. 314523

File: 1540179763693.gif (568.8 KB, 220x224, 42623F77-8804-490A-AE95-52AAFB…)

No. 314524


Meanwhile men constantly remark their preferences on women they date.

No. 314531

Why don't you dump him?

No. 314533

Oh god don’t start the handmaiden stuff. Project any harder and you could play a film on the moon.

No. 314538

A handmaiden is someone who goes out their way to support men blindly, not sure why a handmaiden would make a post mocking women who do that
You're right, the fact the man hating thread is a controversial thread on an all female site proves the fact that men can't last one day as women, no wonder their suicide rates are so high, they've been babied all their life and now that reality is coming for them they don't wanna stay, sad!

And also. Reminder that some of worst posts here that pop up once a month are average posts that pop on reddit, 4chan, YouTube and social media comment sections daily if you switch "men" with "women". Too bad everyone is focused on the girl who hates men on lolcow and not the actual shit spreading through the internet everywhere we go and see

No. 314544

They’re saying don’t start with the whole handmaidens defending the turrable men thing when there’s a whole thread just for that. Not sure how you’d gotten the idea that this thread is about defending men from shit, but it’s not boding well.

No. 314546

My boyfriends dad died a couple weeks ago and i've been trying my best to support him but it's exhausting me. I had to fly to and from our home to his families home (5-6) hour flight twice that week because he needed clothing and his work computer (we visited his family together one weekend to see his dad but he ended up passing away while we were there) he stayed while I travelled home and back, I had no issue doing this because I understood. He asked me to stay that week and attend the funeral. I had never really spoken to his dad due to a language barrier and felt very awkward and out of place this whole week. I know I was there to support him but I still felt in the way.

We're back home now. He's on leave from work and i'm doing everything I can to help. I'm doing all of the cleaning/cooking, trying my best to be emotionally supportive and giving him his space when he needs it. He plays video games from the second he wakes up to the second he goes to bed. He only acknowledges me when I give him food or he wants to fuck. I know he's dealing with alot right now as we just moved a long away from our families several months ago, but I'm so exhausted. I have depression and am totally ignoring my own needs right now because I think he needs my help. I can't bring this up to him because he doesn't need anymore to worry about. I'm just frustrated because to be quite honest I don't know if he's do this same for me if the roles were reversed.

No. 314576

>not sure how you’d gotten the idea that this thread is about defending men from shit

Because you faggots can't let anon have her opinion about beards without shitting yourselves. Knock it off already.

No. 314579

I'm starting to hate my job to an extent. I generally like it and the people I work with but I am so sick and tired of being o the spot for fucking up shit that is designed poorly and difficult to understand.There's so much inefficiency because my boss wants to outsource EVERYTHING to staff. Like it would take five seconds to write down the name of client and the amount of minutes he talked to them in a doc so I can bill the client correctly. No, I have go on our phone carriers website to try to hunt down the correct call and length of time using a list spreadsheet of contacts. Don't even know sometimes if the fucking call took place cause I'm not always on the office when they come thru, or it's someone who's number isn't in the contact log. A task that should take like 15 min takes hours of pointless detective work.

I also have to start working at his office starting next week taking over for a PA who's phasing out. Not the worst thing ever, but the location is an hour away from me. The reg staff office is 20 min commute. I like to sleep. When I get out , the day is usually over (I finish at 6) so I don't have anything to do but go out, so I barely have any me time. I asked for a one week vacation recently and I was told of course but they want to wait until next week, I'm literally counting down the days. All I'm doing in sleeping in eating chocolate and drawing all day and having my boyfriend come over. Like fuck young kids on summer vacation have no idea how lucky they are. Unscheduled free time is so precious when you have to be an adult. I can't believe how I used to waste it watching tv and hanging out at shitty parties like a fucking vegetable.

No. 314580

Sorry ur hysterical.

No. 314581


No. 314582

I'm sorry; I know being a support person can be really draining and exhausting.
I know you just moved, do you have any friends yet in the area? Maybe you could spend a day with a good friend to get out of the house/work/chore cycle and out of caretaking mode. If not, maybe you could do something out of the house for yourself for a day. If you have money for a massage, maybe get one? The most important thing is to give yourself time and space to do things for you.

No. 314585

I'm sorry. AT least it's only a month. Beards are great, but only if they are clean and don't look like pubes.

No. 314586

My brother refuses to pay me for watching his kid. At first it was a “we’re cutting it close with our bank account we’ll pay you next week” and now its just full fledged laughing in my face saying “lol no im paying you in ~experience and quality time with your nieces~”. His gf (they live together) even had the audacity to tell me “yay for not freeloading anymore!” After i got my new job when she knows I had a difficult time with my old job letting people go and was depressed making pennies trying to find something else. They always throw it in my face that I’m still living with our parents (temporarily while I’m applying for a visa) yet they somehow think they are better for having a shitty roach infested apartment, a kid (technically 2 for 6 months of the year, gf’s first kid) and a car.

Their life is so fucking sad. Living paycheck to paycheck. They couldn’t afford to get my niece another can of formula because my brithers paycheck got delayed by a few days. My niece gets 90% of her baby gear, clothes, and toys from either hand me downs from other family, or brand new from our parents. And apparently free fucking child care. Idefk what they plan on doing when I’m gone. They already underpay me $4 an hour, but at this point they owe me around $750. And if i ask them apparently im the asshole because they are so damn broke all the time.

His gf is slowly grinding my gears. She works part time at a cafe, and then is off doing basically free work at some tattoo shop as a “model” and basically just promotes them and helps around without getting paid. They need money yet shes out doing this? Oh but its okay because “she might get some free tattoos out of it!”

They are also so damn filthy. Roaches everywhere, and they leave their daughters dirty diapers in a big ass pile in their room. Clothes everywhere. Food sits out all night. They even leave their gross fetish stuff laying around their room and i have to see that shit every time i go in there to put the baby down for a nap. His gf loves to play the role of domestic goddess and gets pissed when other people cook or clean in her house because she ~just loves doing it~ yet her cooking is subpar and the house is a permanent mess.

I was helping a family member pet sit and asked if one of them could please pick me up and take me home (i dont have a car since im only here temporarily) and they both just read the message and didnt bother to reply. No excuses, just ignored. I dont fucking ask for much but at least do one thing for me?

No. 314587

I'd be raging if I was you but can't you just refuse to baby sit? If you just flat out refuse there's not much they can do but either find someone else or pay you. If they're treating you like free daycare then you shouldn't worry about offending them or being rude or being considered an asshole. You're not, they are and they need to get their shit together.

No. 314590

literally how can men complain about how women age when they straight up lose their hair? it's so unattractive. men's hair is like 96% of male attractiveness.

No. 314612


Men put on weight in the grossest way too. I don't think fat women are attractive either, but anything's better than that fucking repulsive big Santa belly men get.

No. 314613

>tfw lesbian and small boobs
>love having my boobs played with
>lesbians here are hard to find and the ones I do don't like small boobs

No. 314617

I'm currently in contact with my ex's ex-girlfriend and she sent me some things he used to tell her about me.
God, I wish I didn't read. I wish I didn't know how to read. He was an abusive psychopath, but still with how he described me he makes me feel like I'm the worst person to ever live. That I was abusive and heartless and lazy and just terrible all around.
I've been crying the whole day and I haven't cried in months before. My ego just took a nosedive because of some shitheads at a bar I frequent and now it's even worse.
I hate myself for being so insecure and worthless. I don't want to live, because he was right in a lot of things. I am a piece of shit and I don't deserve anything good. I know he said that just because he was mad at me, but he was right.

No. 314635

No he wasn't. I don't even know you, but I know that we are never just the bad things people say about us.

No. 314636

I'm a turbo feminist, love my gender and I'm proud to be a woman. However, I'm also a massive fujo and you know why?
>It's romance stories/porn made for women by women
>No pressure from heteronormative gender roles assigned to women i.e. no "perfect female companion" trope
>For some people the het otome stuff it can be intimidating/awkward to be forced to self-insert to the story, this doesn't exist in BL
>The male characters are often very feminine-coded, not by appearance but by behavior and thought patterns
>Sharing the fandom in a female-only/mostly female space with other women without men

It's not just about "huff huff hot men making out fuck girls I hate them ^w^". The "fujos hate women" is a stupid trope and only applies to those retarded fakeboi MLM types who want to be better than other girls, OR teenaged cringefest fujos who aren't really a realistic take on the whole issue. I actually see more otomefags shitting on fujos than fujos calling otome "hetshit" unless it's in an ironic sense.

No. 314639

No one is saying all fujoshi are like that.
However I'm in some fandoms with tons of male characters and damn they attract a lot of the misogynist fakeboi girls. Like another anon wrote they value men/male characters/male opinions over anyone/thing female despite being fangirls themselves. It's so sad, I need to vent about it.

No. 314641

Many of the more "normal" fujoshi are like that. I am as well and I feel like it has to do with age and maturity but also what kind of BL you grew up with. I also noticed that while I love shojo manga I only like them when the protagonist isn't just a self insert but has her own personality, otherwise I find them boring or annoying, and that's also the case with my fujo friends.

No. 314642

Thank you. Really. But I don't think I can believe you. My brain is so fucked in that I'm still more willing to believe him than other people that have proof of me not being at least that bad.

No. 314643

Ironically the misogynist MLM fakebois love to shit on fujos and screech about them "fetishizing them" while larping as ~true irl gay boys~. In reality they're just misogynist, self-hating girls living a pipe dream before testosterone shots take all their hair away. I guess that's what original anon meant by "why fujos hate women so much" but in all honesty I can't see them as fujos in the true sense of the word, they're their own niche community of lunatic fetishists just like the AGP transbians lusting after small animu girls.

No. 314644

The pain is never going to go away and throwing fistful of codeine at it is not going to resolve it.
I'm just so discouraged anon. I just want it to be over.

No. 314651

I wonder, why don't MtF trans people ever yell at males for fetishizing lesbians (or policing and fetishizing women's bodies in general)? If they put 1% of the energy they place on bashing TERFs into telling misogynistic, objectifying men to leave us all alone, maybe they'd pass a little better. But they don't, probably because many of them literally are those men.

Back on the fujo/~*MLM*~ thing, it's almost like a lot of women are raised to feel that they have to prove themselves morally justified and pure in all they do (even if it means lying to others/themselves and attacking their own nature), while a lot of men are raised to not care, and just expect the world to readily see their actions as justified, no matter what they do.

No. 314653

Actually I have seen more than one male trans "girl" do the same thing. "Ugh don't fetishize lesbians! Fuck off men I'm a dyke!!"

No. 314670

If you read my post again you'll see that I said "some" fujoshi and pointed out how I have nothing against fun shipping until some people get aggressive about it. My post wasn't aboit fujos hating women, it was about the subset of fujos that do.

And I do encounter them on 4chan and tumblr, especially because there are also regular fangirls who think they're above fujos (see: that YoI interview translator who was nohomoing them for months) so I can see where the tension comes from. I can't stand either of these types, but since I ran into the first of those types yesterday I vented about them here.

No. 314679

Is there any way for people to know who is stalking their social media that I just never found out about? Sometimes I get kind of obsessive and start checking certain people's social medias a few times a day, taking extra caution not to accidentally like/follow/comment/add, then shortly after I start they go private or change their user. It's happened to me so many times on so many sites that I'm starting to get really paranoid and might just stop completely to avoid future embarrassement.

No. 314689

Why do you do this anon? I can be obsessed about my net use but looking up the same people more than once a day…why?

No. 314707

I love how some people I know claims we are famiiiiilyyyy or say I love you all so much but don't even bother to know more about certain of us because we're not stereotypically funny or cool to be around.

No. 314723

just consider taking some time off social media. if its affecting you like that, doesnt seem good to continue making yourself suffer

No. 314814

Why the fuck are coats (worth buying) so expensive? The fuck I'm just out here trying to survive.

No. 314818

same fam, 3rd year i have resorted to a shitty primark puffer jacket that at least looks cute bc all he cute not shit jackets are like upwards of 150 quid, it doesn't even get that cold here

No. 314825

seconding this. I don't use my finstas anymore and have blocked everyone I use to "stalk." Feel a lot better even after a few months

No. 314834

I've been doing well on my diet this summer but plateaued the last few weeks and COMPLETELY wrecked it this weekend. I'm scared to get on the scale.

No. 314846

Lol this happened to me, (as in I'm the person getting watched)
I got paranoid about it but also the paranoia was just related to general man-fear.

It could be their spideysense or it could be viewcounts or whatever each site provides in terms of analytics informing them of unusual activity. Instagram and Twitter both have detailed analytics.
Also they may be being stalked by several people at once and the others made contact.

In my case I have posted inviting people to like/comment/follow if they're checking my stuff, which seems to be helping. I don't care who reads/watches me as long as they say hi. It's not knowing who it is that's creepy. I'm sure they wouldn't mind knowing it was you.

No. 314849

One weekend of bad eating won't undo months of progress. Plateaus suck and can be super demotivating but don't let it get to you. Don't worry about it anon, I'm sure you're fine and you can get right back on track. You've already made it this far.

No. 314853

My libido is down to nothing anymore. I used to love sex and I've been with the same boyfriend that I lost my virginity to for years so I'm comfortable with him. But recently in this last year I've been disgusted by sex. I hate being touched sexually and I hate when he tries to even slip his tongue into a kiss. It started to make me so uncomfortable and I don't know why. I've had sex since to make him happy because I know it has to be bothering him and I always hope I'll get into it but I don't and I'm just sat there wishing it was over. it's not him, I'm attracted to him and he's good to me in bed. My depression and anxiety have been extremely bad this last year and I've gained weight as well so I'm betting that's it. I just want to be comfortable having sex again but at the moment I can't even look at my naked body in the mirror without wanting to cry.

No. 314859

I hate 4chan so much, every time I go there it's like the most ignorant people of the world on the thread's subject are grouped there to aggressively pretend they know anything

No. 314866

I know this sounds pretty insecure. I got out of a ltr not too long ago and lots of friends and strangers thought my ex was pretty uggo and that I was out of his league or whatever. I'm a pretty blind person when it comes to loving and caring about someone so I admit I often overlook physical appearances. I've probably dated people who weren't conventionally attractive just because I thought they were good people at the time. Looks aren't hugely important to me but I admit I've felt judged pretty hardcore in my last relationship by outsiders because they assume there's something greatly flawed in myself for "dating down." Maybe it's my shitty self esteem. I never used to give those opinions a thought until people made it very obvious my last serious relationship was a rotten egg in more ways than one. They weren't wrong. I think love made me very blind and I definitely wasn't attracted to my ex for the last year of that relationship.

Although, people saying those things made me want to date an actually cute guy this time around. I've been seeing a couple of different guys and there's one that I really vibe with. He wants to go steady.
I think he's cute.
I've been telling my friends about him and showing them his pictures, hoping they'd be as honest as they were with me about my ex who I'd been with for years.
"He's not unattractive."
"I like his jawline."
"Get it girl~"
One of my friends said he was cute, thank god.
I know those aren't necessarily negative reactions, but my paranoia sees it as they're not exactly sharing my sentiments in the same way. Like I could possibly be attracted to another weird, albeit not full blown ugly, male again.
I wish I could post his picture someplace so I could see what people think, but I know that's incel-tier shitty and it reminds me of something a robot would do to validate his choice in women like we're slabs of meat.

It's so hard not to have these shitty thoughts because I want to feel not judged badly for once, and worst of all it's causing me to be judgemental in turn. I don't want to be this way and yet the thoughts constantly nag me.

No. 314868

Most are underage and bored.

No. 314904

Semi-serious, but ask your mom if he's cute! My mom was always honest about my ex's appearances haha!
I'm sure he's cute, anon!

No. 314930

Good quality coats will be made from quality wool or leather or felt, and may be (partly) hand sewn. Lots of work goes into constructing a coat, especially if it’s a quilted one. Sucks but it makes sense

No. 314957

You sound like a good person and shouldn't be made to feel insecure. Sounds like a lot of people in your life are petty and shallow. That's a way bigger issue than who you love. I wish you the best anon, no one's opinion should matter but yours

No. 315112

I'm thinking of cutting it off with my "best friend" from school. I came back from a long break and it was good to finally have a good friend at uni, but then I found out she

>Doesn't respect my time (for example, last week I was sitting in the dining hall studying for a quiz i had to take soon, but she insisted on sitting down and trying to talk with me)

>Is really obsessed with money and status (not that I don't enjoy those things but she literally doesn't care about anything else)
>Makes fun of my clothes
>Is mean-spirited and constantly badmouths people to strangers (there was a clique at uni that we both disliked but she would constantly complain about them to strangers and calling them losers, which I found distasteful)
>Acts like hot shit and as if I have terrible social skills but is constantly embarrassing me (for example, she asked two girls we didn't know at all if she could go out with them for Halloween the next day)
>Not considerate (for example, she returned an old-fashioned she ordered because it, gasp, tasted like bourbon)
>Wants to date a tech bro for some reason

At the very least I feel like we're pretty incompatible. I'm just figuring out how to let her know. At least two of our mutual friends mentioned she misses me.

No. 315127

She’s insulting you and has no respect for your time or feelings.
Get rid of em anon. You deserve better than this from a friend.

No. 315128

I stalk people all the time and I've never had this happen.
I believe the only way to know if someone is stalking your profile on fb is if you participated in one of those "find out who's checking your profile!" sort of things on fb, because you'll be consenting to having that data shared with your friends. But if you haven't, then no one should know even if they signed up for that.

No. 315137

It sucks because I really wanted to have a good friend at school. I don't think she is malicious to me, just incredibly inconsiderate and un self-aware to everyone. For example, returning a drink because she didn't bother to read the menu.

I've been ghosted several times before and it sucks. I do think it's the decent thing to do to let her know. I don't think anyone in my life has gone this far with me.

I feel like my friend's attitude would make more sense if she was more popular and was more used to being treated in a special way. And if she was i would probably be more willing to put up with her behavior. But seeing her constantly trying to act like a rich hot sorority girl is just sad.

No. 315158

File: 1540270632759.jpg (52.09 KB, 720x663, 876567898765678.jpg)

how do you access instagram analytics? Do you have to have a large following?

Unrelated vent: I don't know if I'll ever be able to get over my relationship history. My first ever relationship was an abusive one, followed by one failed relationship after another. The last one being the most devastating, even more devastating than the one I was physically abused in. I found out I was being lied to about basically everything in our relationship and he got another woman pregnant behind my back, and then dumped me like a load of trash. Except he never formally dumped me, he told me he "needed a break" but still wanted to talk to me and be my friend, then completely stopped interacting with me and blocked me on all social media. I had no clue what was going on then weeks later a third party clued me in on the pregnancy and it was like everything fell into place. I told some people IRL about it and laughed it off but inside it still hurts knowing I was treated like that. I don't have any feelings for the guy anymore and I know things ended for good reason but I feel so unable to trust anyone especially in a romantic sense. And I know I have my own issues if I just keep attracting these kind of men but I don't know how to change that. I just feel like I'm unable to be truly loved but for some reason that's a major thing I want in life. Shit hurts man.

No. 315179

Just jumping from one guys bed to the next isn't going to do you any help.

No. 315182

connect it to a facebook business account page or just turn your account to a business

No. 315189

I bought a really fucking nice American Eagle parka from TJ Max at half price that was so incredibly warm, good quality and amazing in freezing temps but i had to move countries suddenly and had to leave my jacket behind because it was so bulky and its too warm in my homecountry to bither taking it.

I’m moving back there soon and really fucking regret getting rid of it.

No. 315193

Why is TK Maxx called TJ Maxx in some countries? I know that's a stupid question but it really makes me confused

No. 315195

From the wiki article:
>It uses a slightly different name from that of the TJ Maxx stores in the United States, to avoid confusion with the British retailer T. J. Hughes.

No. 315197

What if my autism is a lie and I'm actually just a huge jerk…

No. 315215

Thanks, anon. Yeah I was looking at wool coats and all the pretty ones were 250-500+. A real shame but I guess everyone would be wearing them if they were cheap!

No. 315352

I feel like I'm going to be forever alone. Sadly I'm hetero but the dating scene seems fucked up and I don't have any trust that men will be decent. Everyone I met is either abusive, emotionally unavailable, immature or not ready to settle and will play with my feelings. After many unsuccessful tries and two abusive relationships I'm officially done trying. Maybe I just wasn't meant to ever be with someone

No. 315356

Here's another thing to complain about. My friend had a facebook conversation with a guy I'm fwb. After that she decides it might be a good idea to sleep with him. So she asks me if I would give her my permission. Uhhh…

Then to make things worse, she decided after a month to ask me the question again.

Don't get me wrong I understand my fwb and I don't have a commitment and he can sleep with anyone he likes. But why the fuck would someone think it's a good idea to sleep with someone your friend is already seeing? Wtf.

Can't believe I forgot to mention this in my first post.

No. 315367

Relatable. I agree that the dating scene is hot garbage anymore. I had been in a relationship for years so I hadn't noticed how drastically things had changed until I broke up a month or so ago.

Online dating used to be my refuge because I always felt I could express who I was and build a rapport with someone as opposed to meeting someone blindly irl. But…everything online is basically like Tinder now unless you pay money. It feels shallow.

I look at people in my age group in committed relationships and they don't seem all that much more prettier, smarter, or accomplished than me. It's like finding the "right" person is an arbitrary matter more to do with luck and chance than anything. I find myself on guard even with the guys I've been successful in going on dates with recently, because I just expect them to screw me over eventually.

No. 315369

why the fuck not? you are not exclusive with him, she can do whatever if she finds him hot. It was nice enough of her to ask you. If you don't want such fuckery don't be fwb with anyone.
You are not tthe only one allowed to find him hot and fuck around, you know?

No. 315372

Don't get mad but fwiw, at least she was upfront with you about her intentions so you had the opportunity to say how you feel. Most backstabbers would never be truthful and would just sneak behind your back hoping you don't find out, no less over a fuckbuddy.

Honestly I don't think your friend is malicious, just an airhead and incompatible with you like you said. You don't have to be mean to end things with her, but just hang out less and over time the relationship will fade like most school friendships tend to.

No. 315373

This is what I feel like too. No one wants me, the ones who do just see me as a placeholder until they find the girl they’re actually interested in. This has happened to me so many times, I’m exhausted. Sometimes I think if I lose that final 20 pounds maybe guys will like me again, but I doubt it. I’m just an unlovable person and I should just accept that.

No. 315381

Do you think there is anyone in the world ok with sharing fwbs? In either case nobody needs to ask twice about it.

I don't think she's a backstabber. I do think she's obtuse and pretty self-centered.

No. 315384

I really hate to say this but I'm on a trip to Tokyo with my bf and I probably would have had now fun alone. All he does is whine about being sick, looking ugly in photos and how cheap all the products are. Just non stop whining and bitching from start to end. I'd like to go to night clubs but that would be a waste of time because all he will do is whine about not fitting in or how white men get more attention than him.

No. 315386

Also I'd like to add I've been just going tinned early at like 8pm because he's been getting on my nerves so bad I don't even want to explore the city

No. 315388

Going bed early*

No. 315389

Is he Asian or Japanese himself? What race are you, anon (if you don’t mind me asking)?

No. 315392

I am black and he's half black. I just wanna buy cute clothes and makeup but every time we go into a store he just cries about how all the clothes are cheap quality and he's bored. Help me!

No. 315396

If he’s dating you, why does he care that white men get more attention at nightclubs? Hope he stops being such a killjoy, anon.

No. 315401

Low self esteem really. The Japanese lady on the train gave her seat to me because she saw we were together and he took offense to it because he felt she didn't wanna sit with him because she black…even if that were true who gives a fuck?

No. 315405

Huh, that sounds eerily similar to my experience except my bf constantly bitched when we'd do anything involving spending the money we saved, yet would have no problem blowing money on the high end Tokyo bars and alchy for himself. I planned the entirety of the itinerary by myself and did all the research, and he never once contributed except to bitch about the prices of things. He wasn't even grateful I had got first class tickets for the plane ride from my job since that was merely a "fringe benefit" so I had done nothing to earn them, he whined. He always tried to act macho and in charge when he fucking wasn't.

The kicker is a week after I took him to Japan I dumped his ungrateful ass.
Not saying throw the hat in on your relationship, just that major international trips can bring out aspects about someone's character that may not bode well for future tribulations if you continue the relationship.

No. 315407

I planned many things that we didn't do because his self esteem issues. Like I wanted to go to this anime theme night club in Akiba but he didn't want to go because it will be all Japanese guys and he feels they will be awkward with him. He's too busy with these delusions that everyone will be racist and not kiss his ass that he can't even have any fun. The only thing he doesn't cry about doing it upscale/expensive restaurants. And not to mention we just walk around aimlessly all day and I'm in pain because he doesn't wanna do anything I planned!

No. 315409

I feel exactly the same. I wanted to try online dating again after my bf broke up with me but it's just garbage. it used to be the only place where I could find somewhat what I wanted. Now it's like the guys will go on dates to just get what they want and until they find someone better or prettier on the app. I'm like a placeholder as well. And I completely agree. No one around me who's in a committed healthy relationship is better off than I am. So it seems to have a lot to do with luck which I don't have. I don't want to turn into a female incel and blame guys for not choosing me but I feel so so unlucky and I've been screwed over way more times than I can imagine. So I'm pretty much giving up at this point

No. 315410

I fucking hate living in California sometimes.
If I have to hear one more person whine about “cultural appropriation”, I’m gonna scream. I mean, sure. A lot what consitutes as “cultural appropriation” to these people is tacky and usually disrespectful, even if that’s not the intention. But if you’re so ~*triggered over someone wearing a Day of the Dead costume for Halloween, you must have a pretty easy life. People, especially less advantaged people, have actual shit to worry about. For instance. An undocumented immigrant from Mexico probably has more important shit to worry about that what some asshole chooses for a Halloween costume.

Overall, I feel like liberals here, even if they’re well meaning, are so tone deaf. Not like the other political spectrum in America is any better though.

No. 315426

Doesn't matter as you set yourself up for failure by being fwb with that guy. If he wants to fuck her, he fucks her and you have nothing to say.
Kind reminder that you are not exclusive and you are not supposed to have feelings for each other. Why are you jealous about the dick? He is not your bf lmfao
FWB and polyamory are always such trainwrecks.

No. 315430

I'm just realizing now that my mom is probably a narcissist. Whenever I would try to tell her about something that's bothering me she would always change the subject to herself or just tell me to toughen up and that what I'm going through isn't even an issue. I'm tired of her blabbering on and on about how she's a super genius who's going unnoticed and how she's amazing when I came to her with actual problems in my life. I've had two relationships with narcissists and this was probably because I was raised by one. Am I doomed to always be around them? My life energy is being sucked catering to them

No. 315433

If they want to fuck then they don't have to ask me about it. Even if you're dating someone and they decided to fuck someone else and leave you, you can't do jack shit about it.

But I think the idea she thought I would say yes to such a request is bizarre. In any case why ask twice about any request when you were already told no?

I'm not poly at all. Not sure what that has to do with my situation. It's pretty normal for people to have fwb as opposed to being poly lol.

No. 315438

I assume she did not want to create an awkward situation where you are the only person in a room unaware that they fucked and wanted to be honest. About asking the second time… I don't know, she really wants to slobber all over the dick that you feel entitled to for no reason and asked hoping you changed your mind?
The difference between a normal relationship and fwb is that you are supposed to be exclusive. If your bf cheats, you drop his ass. With fwb you are not allowed to get emotional over someone else fucking your fwb. You just have to accept it and continue fucking your friend as usual.
You are not being honest with yourself. You sound jealous cause you put your hands over the guy first lol
Also remembered knowing someone who thought that fwb is a best type of relationship and he was very okay with fucking each of his female friends. So while fwb is certainely 'normal' for some, getting salty over sharing your partner (which you are not emotionally invested in, remember?) is not the point and a reason why those trainwrecks rarely work out as they should.

No. 315448

File: 1540325611125.jpg (282.55 KB, 1024x683, 4757913318_a9dd65ace3_b.jpg)

Having no friends in university is so hard.

I think I know now what gives me the most anxiety when going there: I have to hold a presentation in nearly every single class. I absolutely dread having to do that because I'm a nervous wreck when speaking in front of people, but there's nothing worse than having to do a group project and not having anybody to be in a group with.

I'm usually in class super early, I always sit so that there's a seat free next to me and I never look at my phone, just sit there for half an hour until class starts, to appear more aproachable (I'm not, because I'm super tall with a resting bitch face).

Sometimes somebody sits next to me, but even if we talk it' s just always so awkward. Last week a girl sat next to me but mainly talked with the girl on her right. I was super nervous today, but surprise the girl came to sit next to me again, we even talked quite a lot (for my standards). But after talking about the project we have to do, she suddenly gets up goes to two other girls, seemingly her friends, and starts to talk with them about it.
I know I should just ask her to do it together, since she probably couldn't refuse, but I'm so shy and scared of being rejected or appearing needy or annoying.
When I just walk down the street and hear somebody laughing I'm scared that it's about me. I'm already in my 4th year, so I already gave up on ever finding friends, but I wished I was at least confident enough to be comfortable when alone and not sweating and nervous and feeling stared at. I admire others who are able to simply be on their own so much; like when they can freely smile at strangers, sit relaxed, unashamed of being in class without knowing somebody and just texting their bf. I don't even have somebody to text.

I also gained a lot of weight which further decreased my confidence, but when I put on makeup and compare myself to others, I sometimes feel like I might not even be that ugly. What if I still feel like shit after losing weight? I fear that I'm never going to be content with the way I look. It's embarrassing how vain I am, it's the only thing I can think about all day long (while not doing anything to loook better besides putting on mascara once in a while, the rest of my hygenie is shit).

No. 315450

>I assume she did not want to create an awkward situation where you are the only person in a room unaware that they fucked and wanted to be honest.
She's never met the guy, only talked to him on facebook once, and I don't think they are going to meet in person anytime soon because they live several hundred miles away. So it's not about avoiding a potential awkward situation.

> About asking the second time… I don't know, she really wants to slobber all over the dick that you feel entitled to for no reason and asked hoping you changed your mind?

I've already said it's not morally wrong for them to hook up. In any case she would be better off being friends with someone who thinks that's ok (which I still feel like isn't the majority of people) instead of an entitled person like me.

>The difference between a normal relationship and fwb is that you are supposed to be exclusive. If your bf cheats, you drop his ass. With fwb you are not allowed to get emotional over someone else fucking your fwb. You just have to accept it and continue fucking your friend as usual.

Why do I "have to" continue fucking my friend? You sound delusional.

>You are not being honest with yourself. You sound jealous cause you put your hands over the guy first lol

Uh yeah I am jealous when someone personal is involved. It's pretty normal. I never claimed to be not emotionally invested and you are putting words in my mouth.

Have you been burned by a fwb before? You sound a little bitter. Or really bitter.

In any case, we have a lot of different values. I wish she would recognize that and not try to see me anymore.

No. 315452

Samefag, wanted to add this:
I'm sure that not having friends also affects my grades; for one, I feel uncomfortable and therefore either skip classes or can't concentrate, and secondly, I don't have anybody to study together with or to just ask if I don't understand something. I'm worried I won't be able to graduate.

No. 315453

That really sucks anon. I know that feeling. I think you sound pretty depressed. Not really sure what is the best thing to do. I can't tell you that it will all work out. I never found the friend group I wanted in college but I did meet some friends in other ways.

I flunked my classes several times, partially due to being depressed from having no friends. But now my grades are much better. You never know anon. Just don't try to hole yourself up in your room and make sure you do some homework everyday. (I suck at this but it's the best way to succeed)

No. 315455

By the way if you have discord and want to message me you can add me. i'm kittyflip #6117. Or anyone else who is depressed and wants to talk.

No. 315489

File: 1540328066850.jpg (37.99 KB, 482x427, tumblr_pfw20e1QBT1r4v9a3_500.j…)

i'm just really tired with how slowly the week has been going. it feels like it should be at least wednesday or thursday but it's only tuesday afternoon

No. 315497

I'm sick and tired of people bring up race in other threads for no reason, there needs to be some global rule preventing racebaiting because everyday I come to lolcow I want to laugh at drama online, not worry about racebaiting, white or non-white hate

No. 315501

I agree, if i wanted uneducated race discussion i'd be on 4chan instead

No. 315507

That is EXACTLY why I left 4chan, because I wanted the imageboard experience without the racebait, but it seems like there are more less and less places that are polarized w/ race. It's like I can't even use the god damn internet anymore.

No. 315511

It is a rule. Just not enforced, it seems. Which is weird because it's right above the rule written about male posting, which is enforced thankfully.

3.5c Don't engage in race-related arguments outside of dedicated threads. (racebaiting)

No. 315514

>3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way. Don't post simply to point out if you're attracted to the subject or not. Nobody cares about your preferences.

I only just realized that's what the actual rule says. The way it's enforced is banning anybody who's male or male and pretending not to be, right? Why not just change the rule? Although I guess if the point you're making is nobody listens to the rules anyways then there's no point.

No. 315515

>just not enforced
I see, mods need to get on this shit because it's starting to ruin other boards as well.

No. 315517

Maybe I am wrong, but I have always thought that being fwb is about having a stable sexual partner but ~omfg no catching feefees like ever!!! we are free and dtf anyone we like :3~. If your type of relationship is different, than I was obviously wrong with making assumptions.

Of course you can break up the fwb thing, I just meant that (again, my assumption) you are not entitled to have any say on their sexual life and make drama because they fucked someone you dislike (by which I mean you can, but your partner might see you as a clingy psycho or worry that you want an actual relationship with them).

Thank god I have not dabbled in fwb. If I sound bitter, that's cause my personal opinion is that is a fucking stupid arrangment but people can do whatever they want. Your post confirmed my bias, but again, maybe I am wrong about how your relationship works and so on.
Maybe your fwb is okay with you saying you feel jealous/hurt over a mere thought of him bedding a girl you know etc. It seems to me like a very unhealthy situation to be in cause you feel jealous but hey, he's not exclusive with you, so you kind of 'have no right' to expressing those feelings (beyond quitting).

With your explanation I see that it's really weird for your almost exfriend to be into this guy. I think that letting her know you have nothing in common and ending the relationship would be best for both of you. It sucks when someone tolerates you just to cut you off and you are ledt wondering for how long they were sick of you.

No. 315522

i'm in 4th year of 5 yr degree but in the same boat, anon. my degree doesn't have presentations but rather labs, however you have to work in couples or groups of 3 and i always just get seated w randoms since i have no friends. bit sad to think that i've gone through 24 courses, each having 2-4 lab partners on average, so like somewhere between 50 and 90 people, and have not managed to befriend a single one. i think i am pleasant enough, like i try to make small talk and ask about them and talk about safe normie topics and even if it feels like it is going somewhere, as the lab ends it's back to being strangers. at this stage people telling me that it is just random and surely i'll make friends at any moment now is a lie and this is obviously a me issue.

i've thought about joining societies but honestly it is way too intimidating at this point when i'm not a fresher anymore and i can't find anything that i could possibly be interested in anyway. and, even if i went, i think it would be fruitless bc most socialising is done through pub crawls and i have strong alcohol aversion due to family alcoholism history.

No. 315524

Don't join a sorority
Waste of my fucking time and money holy shit

No. 315538

You never have to do anything you're uncomfortable with. But I personally would rather do this than hook up with strangers. Everyone's different.

>It sucks when someone tolerates you just to cut you off and you are ledt wondering for how long they were sick of you.

Yah it sucks

No. 315547

do fwbs ever work? every time they're brought up here either anon or whoever they're fucking caught feelings. the only person I know irl who did it also caught feelings. like just fucking date someone and cut out all the grey area bullshit that gives you so much angst, fuck.

No. 315548

It’s well worth checking thrift shops for coats. They’re often as new and sometimes a really stunning vintage piece. Top quality pieces can go stupidly cheap.

No. 315563

At my new job the other young people (only a few) completely ignore me.

No. 315566

How young are they? I used to work at H&M and there were a few 18/19 year olds who never tried to get along with me. Made me feel kinda isolated since i was only 29 at the time.

No. 315567

From my personal experience? it's always a big bust because one person will catch feelings for the other. I did it a few times when i was an older teen. All my partners were older than me and i always ended up liking them, and had to end it. We remained friends until they got into a serious relationship or married, but it always ends up hurting.

No. 315573

Like 18-24 probably and I'm 20…

No. 315600

File: 1540342525075.jpg (4.24 KB, 185x173, 1533732895517.jpg)

when i was around 14 i was a onion fangirl & i had a active tumblr acc where id occasionally post onion content. one day he started to reblog my posts & i was happy i had caught his attention. months passed by, he would sometimes reblog my posts. i sent him a message one day asking if i could be in his videos since we lived in the same state. he replied asking for my age & a picture of myself. i sent him a normal selfie & he asked if i have any full body pictures. from there i stopped messaging him. feels strange venting this off my chest, but it's something i think about sometimes..just thinking about what could've happened & ending up like sarah or something.

No. 315610

(i know it's not the point but how does it work, fangirling a man so ugly? like "diseased" looking ugly?)

No. 315613

Um, please tell me you still that tumblr so you can send it as milk to the onion thread STAT

No. 315618

Aw dem feels. You sound like a good person, anon.

No. 315625

meh, he wasn't that ugly years ago.

No. 315643

Younger people try too hard to have a clique and fit in while preventing certain people from joining especially if you're new. Did you try talking to them? They'll have to get along with you at some point but it doesn't really matter as long as the older people like you because they have better authority and usually stay at jobs longer while the kids get lazy and stop showing up to work. Don't worry about it.

No. 315652

it's almost biologically impossible to carry on a long term FWB relationship and not have one or both people catching feelings. we simply aren't wired to be able to fuck the same person repeatedly over time and not bond with them emotionally.

No. 315653

it's almost biologically impossible to carry on a long term FWB relationship and not have one or both people catching feelings. we simply aren't wired to be able to fuck the same person repeatedly over time and not bond with them emotionally.

No. 315706

How do people think this won't happen? It completely blows my mind, it always happens yet when you point it out people call you a boring vanilla prude who's too 'jealous' and possessive.

On that note, I don't get people who vilify jealousy (within reason) as if it's the worst thing to be in a relationship. I'd get it if someone were violently jealous and controlling, but jealousy on its own is a normal human emotion when it comes to interpersonal relationships and everyone experiences it to some degree, I see so many people who try to prove a point by talking about threesomes and being bi and shit but would only ever do it to prove how much of a cool girl they are to their boyfriends and would feel uncomfortable the whole time.

As long as you communicate well with your SO, I don't see what the problem is if someone is a jealous partner. Of course I would mind if my bf gave some other girl more attention and time than me, why would I be with someone who is more emotionally invested in his female friends than his own gf?

No. 315709

I had falling out with a friend of 10 years and I need some validation because I'm not used to being mad at someone to the point I think this was it.

So last spring this performer announced a gig in our country and me and my friend are fans so we decided to go. And because we are not rich, and for me because I travel so little it's sad, and it takes 7 hours in train and that's a lot here, we decided to stay 4 days. Or rather 3 days because of train schedules we could be there half a Sunday and until Wednesday afternoon.

My friend was going to see her long distance boyfriend after, which is also why I too had to leave early on Wed, because my friends I could have met were busy since it wasn't a holiday or anything. Well I've been on the train happily looking forward to our trip for 4 hours or so and she texts me telling she will leave on Tuesday morning because she wants to spend more time with her boyfriend.
Well I am furious. Not only does it mean most of our plans will get cancelled because half of the trip is gone I feel like she either did not think about my feelings at all or decided to ignore them. And like I said we have been friends for ten years, half of our lifetime, she knew I'd have to go home, she knows I don't have friends all over the country. I cannot imagine she could have possibly thought I was okay with this.

Part of the reason I'm So Angry and offended is that we have been friends for 10 years. She has Known her bf for what, five or six months?And I feel like I deserve more honestly. I feel like she doesn't care about me as much as I wanted her to and thought she did. And yes, no one is obligated to care about me at all, but I also don't have to swallow ignoring my feelings. And it isn't the first time my plans get changed last minute because of her but never to this scale. This is kind of irrelevant but I keep recalling so many things that make me wonder why we were friends for so long, she is pretty draining person.

Still I can't shake off the feeling that I'm overreacting and not allowed to be angry and offended.

No. 315740

I don't like this show my boyfriend and I are watching on Netflix, so that makes me a pleb and the show is just 3deep5me, apparently. LOL It's just boring, lacking in real substance or making me give a fuck about the characters, and Jonah Hill sucks. Could've been condensed to a movie instead of a 10 hour long "miniseries."

No. 315748

Dunno how to say it without making it sound like women have no agency, but I feel like we are getting duped with the fwb thing. Not saying women can't enjoy sex but usually it's men who benefit the most from such relationship. They basically get a prostitute they do not have to pay for and can drop at any time when they find a women worthy of the girlfriend status in their eyes.
Women have so much more to lose when it comes to casual sex and making it fwb is even worse, in a way, as there is such huge chance of falling in love with the other person and feeling used and discarded once it suddenly ends.

No. 315749

>They basically get a prostitute they do not have to pay for

Well hopefully they pay back with pleasure, otherwise it would be pointless. But I kinda get what you mean re:feelings.

No. 315765

Oh shit, I know what you're talking about and it's sitting in my bf's queue right now. That's a show? I thought it was going to be a movie. Just by looking at the trailer I can see that it would be fine for a movie, but too drawn out for a show.

No. 315767

You're not overreacting. Someone needs to tell her chicks before dicks. Why can't she wait to see her boyfriend another time?

No. 315771

I have to walk 30-40min to my university campus 5 days a week which doesn't bother me, i choose to walk over bus or anything because I like the exercise and it wakes me up more in the morning.

Anyway I just can't stand, mostly people of the ages 40+, who think they're boss of everything because they're ""older""
I'm 21, final year of university, I refuse to be late to my classes and consider myself late if i'm not at least 10 mins early. I'm paying for this education after all.

Here's a list of stuff that pisses me off on my daily walk:

>If you're walking slower than me, thats fine. Just don't block my path If i say "excuse me" I expect you to move out of my way, if you don't after the second "excuse me" I will push my way through you

>If you have a pushchair with a child, don't park it in the middle of a path or aisle and have a chat with someone else, you're in the way, move to the side and chat, it's common courtesy
>If you smoke while walking in busy/crowded areas in the city you're a fucking cunt. People like to breathe real air. Again, move to the side and some, it's common courtesy.
>Bonus: Smoking single mums with pushchairs blocking paths who refuse to move out of the way for anything and anyone. They then scoff at you for trying to get past them in a timely manner

I'm sorry for the petty vent but this shit pisses me off.

No. 315785


What I can't stand is retarded men (99% of the time it is men) who expect me to do all the moving out of the way if we're on a collision course heading towards each other on the sidewalk. Even if I'm already walking right next to the wall and I can't move to the side any more. They still just keep walking in a straight line like they think I can just phase through the brick wall to get out of their way.

No. 315788

What if you want to fuck a guy regularly but arent attracted to a guy romantically at all?

I hooked up with a guy a couple of times last year before leaving for winter break. The sex was pretty good but i didnt like his personality. He was kind of boring and we didnt have much in common. I was going to offer him being fwb but i havent had a chance to see him in person since then. I;m in a similar situation with a guy who is pretty nice but again not my type personality wise because he is kind of boring.

No. 315797

Couples are the worst.
I don't give a fuck about how lovey-dovey you feel, can't you just quit walking next to each other and therefore blocking the whole path for one second to let me pass?! Old people too, but at least being slow is not their fault.

No. 315821

Mostly Men for me too, I'm a very quick walker if you're not going to move out of my way politely I will shove past you. I got places to be.
Elderly get a pass in my books, it isn't their fault after all but I agree with the couples thing. When i'm with my bf I make sure i'm not blocking the whole path to people can get past.

I've found the worst age is early 20's mum with no baby daddy and anyone from the ages of 35-50. The worst are the ones who can't text and walk so they stop suddenly on the street, walk off to the side or something so people dont walk into you?

idk it wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't in a crowded city but damn it pisses me off more than it should

No. 315828

i relate to you so much anon. i'm a smoker myself, but fuck people who smoke while walking (fuck me if i'm doing it sometimes when i'm particularly pissed) and FUCK smoker moms. once i was at an airport smoking room and this woman walked in with her child that couldn't be older than 4 years old. if you've never seen a smoking room, it's a small, very crowded space filled with dirt, smoke, basically designed to make you hate yourself. some people gave her a dirty look, and she just shrugged her shoulders and went "well, what can i do?" not have children dumbass. i felt so bad i got out of the room without finishing my own smoke.

No. 315829

double-posting, but also fuck slow walking friends too. i have places to be people, and i don't have all day. unless we are officially "taking a walk", there's literally no reason to walk slow.

No. 315910

i have to put one of my dogs down today because he started attacking my other dog who is the sweetest thing in the world and also has terminal cancer. so i know that soon i will have to put her down as well. earlier this year my cat of 14 years died and it devastated me. I can't go five minutes without crying and i feel like my life is just going to be nothing but pet grief for the foreseeable future.

No. 315912

>putting a completely healthy dog to sleep because of behavioral issues

Just do the poor animals a favor and not get anymore pets

No. 315914

because he also attacked my boyfriend's mom and he was already on probation for that. there's literally nothing I can do. believe me, i tried.

No. 315915

i'm protecting my dog who has cancer…i love them both more than anything. you're a huge asshole

No. 315916

I'm really starting to hate how Asian Americans see themselves as perpetual victims. By any normal standard the second generation ones are way more privileged than any other ethnic group. But all they seem to do, at least from looking at the ones I know on twitter, is bitch about white people constantly and act like they're an oppressed minority because of muh railroads.

No. 315918

Then why not just give the dog away if you don't have the energy to deal with it?oh right because that would take actual effort. whats going to happen if you get another pet with behavior issues?just kill it if it gets too hard for you?dont get pets then kek

No. 315921

Asian Americans are so hypocritical, they suck up to whites and then cry about oppression. It’s why other minorities and whites don’t trust them

No. 315922

you put down a healthy dog to "protect" your other dog who is dying anyway? are you fucking retarded?

No. 315927

This is why most people shouldn't have pets. Once they stop being cute or become hard to deal with their first response is to kill them.

No. 315928

you don't know ANY details of the situation, but you jump to calling me a bad pet owner? first of all, he's a senior dog who DOES have health problems, and a history of aggression. i have NO CHOICE. have you ever owned a dog?

i have tried everything in my power and he still attacked, which means according to the fucking law, not my personal choice, he has to be put down. do you understand that? he's on record as being aggressive. has to be put down. so i should never own another pet because of a heartbreaking situation I had with ONE pet? do you not think this is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do? are you retarded? you can't just give an aggressive dog away. please stop.

No. 315929

are you fucking kidding me? you have no idea how long we've struggled and tried to find a solution. i don't want to fcking kill my dog.

No. 315931

They don't suck up to us. They hate us.

No. 315933

Don't forget Breakfast at Tiffany's. Truly the worst civil rights violation in history. Racial stereotyping in movies? Certainly Asians have never done anything like that themselves. Ever.

No. 315937

Not to mention how Asian American girls can't stop crying about white men fetishizing them but refuse to date anything other than whites

No. 315938

the other anon was rude and made assumptions and i believe you that you're devastated, but tbf in your op you didn't mention all the other measures you've exhausted. it kinda reads like your first idea after the behavioral issues was to put him to sleep.

No. 315940

I actually think they do it as a subtle humblebrag.

>Ugh. Can't believe like every white guy on earth wants to date me. So disgusting, just leave me alone Chris Hemsworth, stop fetishizing me #asianamerican #crazyrichasians #aznpride #insertboringasianparentjokehere

No. 315942

And they do this subtle humblebrag with all sorts of things. They love trying to insinuate their parents love them more than white parents love their kids. Yah. How many baby girls have you killed in the past twenty years zhang?

No. 315946

eh. tbf the way some nerds talk about asian women is particularly gross and dehumanizing and i would never find it flattering. the history of asian americans reminds me of the history of like….italians or irish people or polish people, but not other people of color. many immigrant groups to the US have been very poor, discriminated against, mocked, and even attacked, but not all have been institutionally oppressed or massacred or enslaved. you don't get to claim that you're in the latter camp just because you're not white.

No. 315948

A lot of Indian and Asian people seem to confuse their parents making them useless adult babies who can't even microwave a meal as loving them more

No. 315950

Asian women really don't help with that by only dating white guys. It feeds into white nerds delusions that Asian girls will be easy for them and the sad thing is they usually are.

No. 315951

I didn’t realize I had to lay the whole situation, I thought anons might not immediately jump to assuming the worst and being mean as fuck, guess that’s my mistake

No. 315952

Don't white farmers in the Anti-Korea thread do that, too?

No. 315962

That's all they do kek

No. 315972

Those farmers are the ones you're responding to right now

No. 315987

It's not just you anon, don't worry. I find that if I don't overexplain in my posts that I risk anons jumping down my throat because they'd rather take the opportunity to be patronizing and rude than ask questions.

No. 315993

I seriously think I'm going to kill myself. It's my third semester of college and I'm still only taking a half course load and still having the same problems as I did before. I even got all caught up over break last week and then the second I came back I fell back into my old habits (even worse, since I haven't gone to class since monday morning). I don't want to take a semester off either because a) I would feel terrible about myself b) I would have to live at home and c) I would just do the same shit once I came back. My parents mean well but they just make me feel worse about myself when I disappoint them. I've also been on meds and taken therapy since freshman year of high school, and feel no less shitty than I did then.

No. 316001

So there's this youtuber I watch for few years now, he's around one million subs. I went through an intense phase of infatuation, then genuine sympathy and now I can see he's just another mildly funny white guy with veneers lol, and he's pretty stuck in the "old youtube" and his channel isn't really going anywhere
So not thinking too much I commented on his vid with a tiny bit of constructive criticism (like "you could have done X" literally two sentences max) and he got so triggered he responded (throwing a little hissy fit), which he does very rarely, he's not the interacting type. This is so weird and funny lol, I was crushing on this guy ages ago and he really answered my random ass comment under his week old vid and probably hates me now
Oh boy how insecure he must be kek, I don't know if it's more eerie, pathetic, or funny

No. 316003

Those pharma meds are bs money grabbers which is why they're not helping you and in fact could be making you feel shittier and killing your motivation. Get off them asap.

It sounds like you need to take care of yourself before you continue schoolwork. People are pressured to go to college right out of high school and some aren't ready for it.

No. 316012

So many people are delusional about what real bodies/real people look like here and it just infuriates me. I want to reply to people who are clearly just stupid or blind but I'd hijack every thread with my sperging.
You'd think that people who spend their time posting here would know that faces and bodies and tits can come in a huge range of sizes and stop saying shit like "For an abc, she's got a fat/ugly/small/gross xyz."
Borderline reminds me of browsing any 4chan board where men are picking apart women for the smallest thing like "nipples not pink enough" or "disgusting roastie."

No. 316016

My bf and I hang out twice a week, but never Friday’s because that’s when he hangs out with his friends. I honestly wish we’d see each other more. I told him this today and he said ‘what you want to hang out more?!’ And now I just feel weird and clingy. I usually never say anything because he’s the one who decides what days we hang out anyway. And I know he likes alone time so he can work on his music and I don’t want to get in the way of that. I just feel so unhappy and I don’t know what to do. I think if I had friends and other people to talk to or hang out with I wouldn’t be this needy.

No. 316017

(( novel incoming, sorry girls ))

my bf and i are trying to save money for a big move next year, which means going out less. i’ve mostly stopped going out so much but my bf has not. i try to encourage him during the day, but when he gets off work, i’m going in to work, and he goes out.

we usually do the same thing every night we go out, but my bf suggested we try to switch it up and go to a town about an hour away some time. a few friends live out there and the fair was happening around my birthday, so i asked if we could go as a little treat. he agreed (more like a “yeah”) and i told him we’d try for the next weekend.

the night before our mini-trip, he goes out. i ask him to please not get too drunk. he gets too drunk of course and is extremely hungover the next day. all of the sudden, the drive is so long and he’s acting like he really doesn’t want to go. even though he’s been advocating going out there for weeks now, acting like it’s not that far (which it really isn’t). pretty much the whole ride over is silent and it takes him a while to warm up to friends once we arrive. he just sat on his phone the majority of the time and wouldn’t really let me get close to him.

it was frustrating! i thought maybe i had pushed him too hard, but i had an awfully disappointing birthday for years and i’ve let people walk all over me, and yet i still did a little for him by thinking he would enjoy going out too. it feels like once anything becomes my idea, he suddenly hates it or seems less enthusiastic.

a few weeks ago, my bf got really excited over a halloween themed show a few hours away. he threw out an idea for a couple costume (the first time we’ve ever done this!! i was secretly excited, i’ve been craving to do corny stuff with him) and seemed set on it. for weeks, i said we should start looking for our bits and pieces. i encouraged him to go out while i picked up my pieces, so we wouldn’t be rushing last minute. i’ve bought my pieces and have even offered to buy his costume, as his paycheck doesn’t come until right before the show.

now, all of a sudden, he’s saying he’s not sure if he really wants to go because he doesn’t wanna blow his paycheck…. but it’s his fault. i’ve stopped going out so much, been frugal with my paychecks, and put tons away in savings now that i’ve stopped going out as much. he keeps going out and drinking with our friends almost every other night (which scares me, but he has issues that he’s (barely) coping with and won’t let me help so i feel like he’ll go crazy if he doesn’t drink….) and has been for weeks and complains about being broke. i have no problem helping him out with gas or food or drinks, he knows that. plus, i already asked for the weekend off and bought my costume online. i feel like maybe he is depressed or overwhelmed, but he’ll never admit that and even if he did, he wouldn’t accept the help.

(he really does have a drinking problem…. he doesn’t get violent or belligerent but it does scare me how drunk he gets. and when he gets too drunk, i can’t stop him. he’ll find some way to keep drinking.)

No. 316020

I took five semesters off of college before I could do it well. Don't feel pressured to graduate on time.

No. 316027

i just want to say thank you anon. some people might say youre sperging but its nice to know that not everyone on this site is twisted with extreme BDD. the kpop anti thread is getting really bad with the nitpicks

No. 316031

>once anything becomes my idea he doesn't wanna do it

Really that's just how men are. They subconsciously enjoy making you do things you don't wanna do and once you submit to it they don't want to do it anymore.

No. 316052

It sounds like you two should put the breaks on this 'big move' and get yourselves on the same page. You're clearly more committed to this move than he is, as evidenced by his inability/want to save money. You acknowledged that he has a drinking problem and that certainly won't stop when you two move in with each other.

>once anything becomes my idea he doesn't wanna do it

He clearly doesn't respect you or your efforts. My ex used to do this with me and over time it made me lose confidence in my decisions because they were "never good enough" because I made them. Honestly anon, your bf is a hardcore dud and I would heavily encourage you to leave him. You have a long life ahead of you and you don't need to be held back by some shitty alcoholic manchild who is going to be financially, emotionally, and mentally draining you for as long as he can milk it. Leave him, cut off contact, and keep saving money for yourself and what you want to do.

No. 316053


You need to have a serious talk with him about drinking and finances, if you're not united in these two things. i.e. you want to buy a house but he doesn't, you want him to stop drinking, but he doesn't see a problem, then it's not going to work anon. Relationships take two people to work and it seems like this is mostly you pushing forward with your goals while he is along for the ride.

He's a human being and has motivations the same way you do, and you need to find out if those motivations and reasons are going to be a dealbreaker.

No. 316060

there are so many red flags in this post, so many that it's scary. I really hope you wise up and leave him because things are only going to get worse when you move.

source: dated an alcoholic manchild and didn't listen when people told me not to move in with him, all my savings gone.

No. 316121

There is a massive dumbass in our acquaintance circle because I don't consider them my friends who not only does a lot of mega stupid general decisions but is also an addict and proud of it, no one says a thing about it and some kinda encourages by telling how cool it is, laughing at the pics where they're high or drunk or their hoeing and so on. I think it's a little disturbing how none of the Friends Forever™ seems to notice their self-destructive behavior and the dumb decisions or never say a word about. Maybe it's because this person seems to can't stand criticism and is immature as hell, but still……..

No. 316160

Anon, you're not needy nor clingy. If twice a week is already a lot for your bf, then it's him who has a problem. This is like a bare minimum for a couple that doesn't live far away from each other. It's natural you want to spend more time with someone you love. Why is it him who decides when you hang out? Why are you trying "not get in the way of" something he does? If he cares about you, he should compromise in a way! Don't be a pushover, anon. What you want and need is valid. If he knows you're unhappy and still doesn't give a fuck coz muh alone time, then he's a shitty boyfriend, period.

No. 316174

I think you're better off not doing a big move with him. If he can't/won't stop drinking, it's not going away unless he works on it, which he's not going to do. You're being a responsible adult. If he can't do the same, that's a huge problem.

No. 316184

your boyfriend would be perfect for that autist in red flags thread who thinks being in contact w your partner more than twice a week is a red flag kek

but seriously, talk this out with him, it is perfectly normal to want to hang out with your bf more frequently than people normally see their coworkers kek, you are not being clingy, rather he sounds cold and distant. also is there a specific reason why it is only him who decides when you hang out? are there any ways you could make other friends?

No. 316189

lmao anon was just gonna mention that.

No. 316208

I tried bumble thinking oh, how nice, what a cool idea that guys can't just randomly start a chain of sexually harassing messages with me. Sure, there's still gonna be fuckboys, but it can't just be a fucking sea of them far as the distance settings you set will go, can it?

Oh. It can. Every single fucking message i sent that was 100% neutral, like just "hi," was 3 messages in met with implicit or explicit invitations to hook up. And not even fucking classy ones!

"Hurr will you sit on my face" (after i sent a message basically welcoming him to our state and saying he should stay because its pretty great here because his profile invited people to say why he should)
"I'm looking for someone to please me" (after i said hi, gave him a polite compliment, and asked him what he was looking for in a date, then escalated to him throwing a little shit fit when i said i was looking for a relationship)
"I'm looking for a relationship. Not necessarily serious but I'm not looking for hookups" "oh. Well hit me up when you feel like having fun" (implying I'm a frigid unfun bitch for not consenting to immediately jumping on his dick)

I could go on.

I give up and will invest a decent amount of money into mechanical companionship.

No. 316211

I just got my period a couple days ago, and it’s A WEEK EARLY. this never happens, although last month I had to take emergency contraceptives after a sexual assault so I don’t know if it’s possible that fucked up my body. I was also feeling a little under the weather this week, and today I’m full blown sick, my throat is on fire, I had like 2 naps today, my nose is a faucet. Period and sick. Execute me.

No. 316213

I feel like I'm not even considered a person by my friends. It sounds cuntish but I feel like to them I'm a mere comedy relief. They barely share things with me. Sometimes it's really shitty, but I don't have any other friends but them. I'm sure there's something wrong with me… I wish I could understand what.

No. 316296

Why don't you try to put more effort into meeting people offline

No. 316301

File: 1540493524211.gif (980.67 KB, 244x250, 1537468168466.gif)

I've been working for a month now in an internship and I don't understand my coworkers who are also interns who stay at work a little more than planned. Why the fuck would you stay at work for 7h and a half instead of 7 hours a day like described on your contract when you're paid less than half of the legal minimum wage? Especially when most workers are paid a lot more than the minimum wage and get bonuses all the time? Fuck that shit, I'm doing the bare minimum and saving my time and energy for other, more important things.

No. 316310

musicians will always be greedy with their time. their priority will never be you lol. i been dating a musician for 3 years either run now or learn to deal. its not you pal its them

No. 316311

File: 1540494560376.gif (684.62 KB, 500x255, 9292662.gif)

This anon again.
The AC ended up not getting fixed till this morning instead of Monday like they said…Anyways I'm just glad it's over with.

No. 316315

Pretty rural area with most immediate local options being the opposite of what I'm into. I probably would do this in another context, as is, it does at least offer a quick guide as to whether the local or close enough guy has enough in common to be worth a shot.

I'm not against dating people outside "my type" per se, but an ultra conservative hardcore evangelical Christian kinda dude whose only interests are sportsb guns, and the outdoors and i will simply not get along.

No. 316317

Maybe they care about getting a job offer

No. 316333

eeh, brown-nosing doesn't get you job offers, anon.

No. 316338

I almost got into a car accident on the highway when two vehicles collided and hit the person driving in front of me. Luckily the people in that car didn’t get hurt too badly, and I called emergency services while a couple samaritans checked on everyone. There was a lane closure warning and the two cars kept speeding on the right instead of pulling into the left lane with the rest of the traffic. I’m pretty annoyed about it because if it wasn’t for them acting like assholes the whole incident could have been avoided.

No. 316357

Doing extra work and staying longer makes you look like a go getter which is very appealing to any type of boss.

No. 316360

File: 1540501732792.jpg (70.8 KB, 640x480, 822876_1315084570549_full.jpg)

Happy 4 u, nigga. Stay cool……..

No. 316364

In their specific cases it doesn't even matter because the coworkers I'm talking about have to go back to school soon or already have internships planned somewhere else. And working more hours doesn't matter as much as getting results. Managers actually hate that shit because the workers could claim they worked overtime and should be paid accordingly, and the company does everything it can to avoid doing that. My manager told us she was only allowed to hire interns for our positions because it costs less and it's less risky for the higher ups and she hates it because our team isn't stable. They're not going to hire me once the internship is over because they'd have to pay me well and pay taxes more taxes so why bother? I'd rather get the fuck out as soon as I can in the evening so I can catch the bus and work on my thesis during my free time.

No. 316369

Im a short hafu with a flat chest and my bf just told me he used to fap to lolicon

No. 316375

you know what to do

No. 316382

File: 1540506118783.gif (1.51 MB, 400x287, 18A8BD63-44B2-4EC1-A3ED-8DFCD9…)

No. 316386

It's normal for Plan B pills to bring your period early. Feel better soon, anon.

No. 316387


No. 316388

Guess you gotta peg some sense into him

No. 316394

My boyfriend's flatmate/friend really doesn't know how to take a hint and it's exhausting. He's very dear to me and a great friend but I haven't spent a single proper moment alone with my bf since we met.
>bf and I planning to make dinner
>flatmate asks "so, what are we having?"
>bf wants to move out
>flatmate insists the 4 of us (the 2 guys + me + his gf) get a flat together to share
>bf says no
>he keeps showing him appartements and marvelling how cheap it would be per person ("wow let's get this one only 300€ per person!"… I pay 260€ for my room right now and I get more privacy than I ever would in this scenario)
>bf rents van for us for a whole day to move our furniture to our new flat
>hey can you please help my gf move her stuff to my place it's not a lot there'll be a lot of room
>we can move my gf's stuff first and Anon can stay at her place to clean up and we'll come pick her up when we're done
>we say we're planning to go to IKEA afterwards so that's why we booked the van for the whole day
>oh yeah me and my gf also need stuff from IKEA here I made a list and then we can also have dinner there
>oh but one of us will have to stay back at home or come there alone because there's only 3 seats in the van
>or Anon, you're the smallest, why don't you go in the back?
It was supposed to be a happy day of just me and my bf moving and finally having time for themselves and now I'm being asked to stay back and clean or ride in the back of the van while he and his gf ride with my bf even though he isn't paying for shit and we're the ones doing him a favour that we weren't supposed to do in the first place.
I feel horrible because if I say anything I'm a mean antisocial bitch and they've been friends for a long time before I came along and bros over hoes yadda yadda.
I never get to watch a movie alone with my bf or do anything alone with him at home, we always have to take walks or eat outside in order to have a proper private conversation. My bf invited me to his workplace halloween party and I thought it was special but then he invited his flatmate too. Everytime I think it's some special gesture or something just for me it turns out that I have to share the occasion with his flatmate.
The trouble is he's actually a great person, he's just very outgoing and friendly. Whenever he and his gf do something they invite me too and they always offer food and invite me for coffee. So whenever I complain I feel horrible.

No. 316401


I feel your pain anon. I'm in a similar situation and don't trust them, they are never interested in me or I got cut off, ignored or talked over whenever I said anything that wasn't of their interest. Some of them are extremely dumb and immature, gossipers and generally shallow so I lowered contact.

What about having a talk with them about how you feel? But if you think they won't listen to you perhaps it's time to find new friends, slowly drifting away from them or lowering contact. Also, it could be that your personalities are too different and these friends aren't necessarily bad ones but not suited for you.

No. 316402

I've been talking to this guy I met online (on a friends forum) for a few weeks and I'm falling for him. He's exactly my type and so charming. And his messages are really sweet and flirty (especially lately). But I just found his instragram and there's a relatively new pic with a girl holding hands. Is it an ex? does he still have a gf? why is he being flirty? doesn't seem like the type that would cheat and his gf/ex is gorgeous anyways. Should I cut the hope? This is the first time I fell for a guy that is/might be/was taken

No. 316403

File: 1540514152140.gif (457.53 KB, 455x262, HeftyMeatyBufeo-size_restricte…)

I wish my mom and stepdad would break up, they argue so much and he's never going to change, I keep telling her this. She's the one who pays all the bills anyway, I don't get why she stays with him if he's not going to even listen to how she feels. I just walked into the kitchen where they were at and all of a sudden they started yelling at each other. I was sort of surprised and stood there watching (I wasn't thinking) and my stepdad looks over at me and yells at me to go to my room and starts ranting about privacy or whatever. I'm 18 but when stuff like this happens I feel like a helpless little girl. I wish I could do more to help my mom.

No. 316404


Just because he doesn't seem to be the cheater type doesn't means it's true. Be careful with this, and online literally anyone can pretend to be something they aren't

No. 316407

I'm lonely but I don't want to deal with the hassle of being in a relationship. It's like guys are either too controlling and suffocating or they don't give a fuck ar all. I'd either have to deal with some asshole who won't let me breathe or tries to control every aspect of my life or deal with someone who doesn't care what I do as long as he gets pussy a few times a week. I'd be fine with being single as childless if I had friends but I'm 27, Its hard to make friends at this age. I hate being in relationships but I hate being alone too. Idk what to do.

No. 316416

I relate to this a lot anon, every bf I ever had either suffocated me or did not give a fuck. It's exhausting but there isn't seem to be someone who's able to give just a normal amount of attention, it makes me lose hope too

No. 316430

I'm so sorry to hear this, anon!! I went through a similar situation. My parents divorced when i was 6 and my mom basically got remarried when i was a teenager.

Unfortunately, your mom wont listen to you and probably never will. I had to leave home asap. It makes me said cuz moms should always put their kids first and i hear awful stories about stepdads being abusive or worse.

I hope she'll leave him soon, but i wouldnt hold my breath

No. 316433

a stepdad to me is the ultimate horror scenario. i think about all these dipshit moms who brought strange men into their kids lives who make it hell if not outright murdering them (step parents highly likely to) and half the time its not even because of the mom's selfishness need ma fuk, it's the pure stupidity of "i wanted you to have a dad". that's not a dad that's a fuckin stranger you stupid cunt

No. 316437

single moms are the fucking worst. something about their baby daddies leaving them makes them completely stupid and desperate.

No. 316440

There are plenty of things worse than single moms, like
>the predatory stepdads themselves who abuse their partners children
>the deadbeat dads who left their kids behind in the first place
>societal pressure for women to never be a pathetic spinster while men can be cool bachelors
>the way women are statistically likely to be impoverished by divorce
>job industries that don't favour women or mothers in general

No. 316452

We are all going to different universities so there's no danger of us not drifting apart lmao. I don't know if I can't trust myself to make friends at uni but I absolutely need to try.
Fact is it's enjoyable to spend time with these people but it's impossible to talk about more serious things. Everytime I tried tp be consoled I ended up feeling somehow worse

No. 316453

please go back to your man hate containment thread. women can be just as shitty as men.

No. 316454

Run away and never look back.

No. 316458

Go back to 4chan handmaiden, I'm sure they'll welcome you on /pol/

No. 316470

I hope your bitterness keeps you warm at night, sis.

No. 316474

The fuck? Of course having your child's dad walk out on you and leave you in financial/social despair is fucking traumatizing.

This. jfc the robots here are retarded

No. 316477

I'm living at home because it's so expensive in this city. But my family is so nosy and treats me like a kid (they are pretty traditional), it makes dating impossible. Anyone else in a similar position?

I know staying here is more financially prudent but it fucking sucks.

No. 316480

Thanks anon, They've been together for 10 years but I didn't start living with them until 7th grade bc my mom was addicted to drugs, obviously she relapsed while I was living with them. I moved back into my grandparents about 3 years later and finished high school living there. But my grandfather and grandmother eventually started abusing alcohol (my grandfather was sober for years idk what caused them to start drinking again) so bad that it was holding me back so now I'm living with my mom again. She moved away when we left and got sober so I'm really proud of her of course.

She's got a good paying job and is supporting us. (My step dad is on disability but only pays the phone bill) he doesn't do anything around that house, like at all. The only thing he does is drive her to work. And my mom only gets one day off a week so I try and do as much as I can for her, like asking her what needs to be cleaned so she doesn't have to worry about it. My stepdad can just be very mean spirited and gets offended very easily, meaning we can't have a normal conversation without him yelling at us and getting pissed. He's 6'5 (not exaggerating) and probably over 300lbs so he scares me very badly. He's never gotten physical with me but he throws things and kicks things. I don't know if he's ever hit my mom for sure but I have suspicions.

I just feel like I'm walking on eggshells lately waiting for the next fight to happen. He won't ever see my mom's point of view so I think they're just doomed to always disagree. I just want better for my mom, she works so hard to provide for me and to see her like this breaks my heart and there's only so much I can do. In the morning they'll just pretend the fight didn't happen, he won't change and she'll get tired of dealing with it again and the cycle will repeat. (This is super long so sorry about that, I just needed to put down my thoughts)

No. 316482

I got invited to a party where I’ll only vaguely know people because I’ve been following them on Instagram for a year. I barely know the host. I really want to go because I don’t really have many friends in this country, but I’m worried I won’t end up really making any friends like I’ll just be awkward as fuck all night. The hosts friends are like incredibly artisticly talented and lead wild lives based on instagram.

No. 316484

I agree tbh, if you're dumb enough to have a child without a financial safety net incase your partner leaves it's their own fault

No. 316495

I'm disappointed that amitytville is a hoax

No. 316513

No. 316517

>women are always the victims of men uwu!!!! ur all handmaidens if u think otherwise!!!

Or sometimes they're just shitty people who make shitty decisions and are shitty parents to the kids who never asked to be born. Both women and men are capable of this behavior. Get a grip. If you want to shriek about men being the villains in every scenario go back to the man hating echo chamber thread.

No. 316525

i'm always so fucking embarrassing and say the wrong thing and i'm in trouble at work because of it. i'm in love with my mentor but he thinks i'm a stupid ungrateful blabbermouth child.
i'm really tired and i want to cry. i wish i were dead so i could finally stop embarrassing myself and fucking everything up.
why can't i be cool and collected like everyone else? why can't i be good, why am i stuck being me lol
ugly and badly dressed and awkward and uninteresting and selfish

No. 316538

Too bad that in many countries abortion is illegal so if something goes wrong, you can either keep the baby or put it up for adoption, which are both terrible decisions to make for a child that was never meant to exist (as well as for the woman, who has either to live with the shame and judgment of giving up her baby and knowing that it will likely waste away in an orphanage or with an unwanted child).

No. 316539

been there, done that, moved out, never looked back though I miss having my parents near sometimes.

No. 316541

I feel so sick I consumed under a 1200 calories for the ENTIRE week all up not each day and I just ate fish and chips with my family cos happy times but now I'm laying in bed I feel so ill and fucked. My heart is beating so quick. Inb4 I'm anachan I'm no where near a skelly actually binged myself into a very uncomfortable unhealthy weight for my height. I never fucking learn. When will this stop lol? I wonder the damage it does to your body to go from one extreme to another so abruptly and continuously

No. 316542

oh anon please stop!! this isn't helping you and you know it. binging happens with extreme restriction and this cycle is only fucking up your body more. it's gonna grab onto anything it can if you keep doing this.

but i'm really sorry this is happening to you right now. it's fucking miserable to be where you are. please eat moderately and forget about your size and weight for a little bit while your body gets back to grips with your hunger and natural eating habits. then maybe you can do something about it in the future.

peppermint tea might help your digestion a little bit if you have any around. rest up anon :(

No. 316550

Eat around 1200 every day and you WILL lose weight. If you have an extra 300-600 a couple days a week don't sweat it. You don't need to punish yourself. Just eat the same, medium amount every day and you will be fine. You need to treat your body like you'd treat someone else. You wouldn't give a friend only 1200 calories for a week. You'd make nice meals for her within a healthy calorie limit and encourage her.

No. 316561

Actually I thought it was encouraged to sporadically have higher calorie days to reset your metabolism, but like most things related to diet and weight, the science is inconclusive. Everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to calorie restriction.
You say you aren’t an ana-chan but this is ana mentality. Food is one of the few joys life has to offer, and depriving yourself of good times makes like bleak. You fed yourself fish and chips while having a fun time with family. You deserved that food and the good memories you made while eating it.

No. 316569


Anon, I used to be a literal anachan and let me tell you, it's not what you want. Yeah, it might make you thin, but it'll also make you hairy (google lanugo), spotty, and greasy.

You will do better if you don't hold yourself back from eating things you enjoy, but enjoy them in moderation. Have fish and chips, but have a smaller portion. Exercise for half an hour each day. Have something healthy for breakfast, like some fruit. Cut out soda and have water instead. That's the way to sustainable weight loss without turning yourself into a cross between a yeti and a skelly.

No. 316581

From another anon I think this is pretty solid and simple advice.

My other tips are try to eat a lot of protein (like 2 eggs for breakfast) because it will fill you up. If you have soda, you don't have to cut it out ASAP. You can wean off on diet soda. And it's fine to have a cheat day a week with your family.

Also be sure to take things slowly and sustainably.

I'm a little sad that people can't seem to understand that you can be thin and not have to hate food. Food and eating out are some of the biggest joys in my life. I just have to do it responsibly.

No. 316585

>diet soda

ffs anon, most diet soda is worse for you than regular soda and is possibly carcinogenic.

No. 316591

The new netflix's sabrina is ruined by how extremely sjw it is - (and I'm a feminist) it's actually pissing me off to watch at points. Might stop idk

No. 316592


Give details, anon.

No. 316595

I didn't even know they were rebooting it and holy shit this sentence alone made me cringe:
>But watching Netflix's reboot, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you realise that the much-loved teen sitcom has been replaced with something a lot darker and scarier.
They're literally taking the fucking riverdale route lmao, it's getting so goddamn old.
>That's not the only difference - the modern Sabrina is as Kelly-Leigh puts it, "woke". She's a feminist icon for a new generation of teens and is not afraid to question the archaic rules of the satanic cult she's a part of.
Oh great, it's the Emma Watson Sabrina. This is also getting ridiculously old and an obvious virtue-signaling, cheap cash-in for the WOKE audience that's never going to watch the series past the first episode anyway.

And they removed Salem, literally the best thing about the original show. Fuck this reboot.

No. 316596

never was into Sabrina but reember an anon in the reboot thread mentioning that the new sanrina is based on the comics which were always dark and edgy and not uwu friendly witch sabrina, so yeah

No. 316597

File: 1540573030378.jpg (132.59 KB, 600x900, 802549.jpg)

THIS is edgy?

No. 316598


You and anon are half right. The new series is based on the comics, but on a specific reboot that was dark and edgy. Sabrina comics haven't always been like that or even mostly been like that though.

No. 316602

sure thing anon, some actual quotes from the show:
"you mean like a club to topple the white patriarchy?"
"he wouldn't let me start a daughters of the black panthers club last year"
WICCA club: women's intersectional cultural and creative association

And other less cringey stuff but more regularly, and I have only seen the first episode so far so idk if it goes away. Definitely written by twitter feminists

No. 316606

oh my god I hate when feminism is THAT obvious and shoved into the viewer's face… I hated the one Bojack episode from season 5 for that reason (on second watch it turned out to not be so bad, but still…)

No. 316608


Surprised it wasn't the TWICCA club or MICCA club or whatever, seeing as "women" is a dirty word now.

No. 316611

that's cause they are 3 years behind current tumblr fuckery, anon

No. 316630

File: 1540578968386.png (282.07 KB, 332x494, 1515611975137.png)

Ulllllg I'm so horrible and my life is a mess and I'm always paranoid everyone is judging me. I'm struggling so much to get over this and invest my mental energy into bettering myself. I'm also constantly worried something horrible will happen. I want to move away and have nothing to do with my home town and start over.

I have almost no filter when I talk about shit. I can't keep secrets, even my own. It doesn't even occur to me I'm sharing things about myself that are especially prone to judgement until after the fact then I obsessively worry about it.

I'm a NEET living off my husband. I'm going back to school in the spring and I'm so worried about fucking that up and wasting his money.

I'm fat. I only need to lose like 30 lbs, but I don't even have the discipline and willpower to do that and I dress eat junk food like crazy.

I don't do anything useful hardly at all and I'm not remotely interesting.

No. 316633

If you're a housewife then you're all set. Why do you care what's up? Just enjoy your life.

No. 316637

File: 1540579789184.jpg (24.4 KB, 590x408, sad.jpg)

I had a date with a cute guy yesterday. I had a really good time and thought we had a nice conversation, but when we said goodbye he just hugged me very quickly was like "Maybe see you again sometime. Keep in touch" which seemed like a huge blowoff :(. He hasn't texted me since (it's been exactly a day) and I don't think he will.
I've been single for 3 years now and this same thing keeps happening to me. At this point I'm pretty sure I myself am the reason why guys are never really interested in me. Also I am wondering why my judgement is always so off. I always think the date went great but then the guys don't seem to think that way at all.
I just want someone to be as excited about me as I am about them for once..

No. 316641

being an unmotivated NEET is self fulfilling because the brain wants what it's become accustomed to, especially if your life is objectively comfy. as a human designed to survive hardship, your brain is like "you're telling me we found the perfect shelter with all our basic needs met? why the FUCK would i get up and use up my energy for no reason? we're staying right here bitch"

you need to trick your brain into hard work again lol. like, when i have a job, i end up doing way more productive shit in my free time than when i was a NEET, even though i have less time. if you get used to having one consistent activity, it's much easier to add others as well.

No. 316643

File: 1540581174205.jpg (517.32 KB, 750x933, 26mbfan7ad111.jpg)

OH ANON, I had this exact problem recently and I'm still upset over it. It's like you're cute enough to score a date but something about your personality ruins it. But they act nice so you can never identify the issue! wtf men! I spent so long being ugly and having that be an issue, only to overcome it and realize my personality is apparently fucked.
I wish they'd just be honest, I'm tempted to ask the next one what's wrong with me lmao.

It's not exactly "good" to hear someone has the same issue, but it is comforting in a way to know I'm not the only one. I wish you luck in finding a bf who gets you.

No. 316647

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having this problem!

I've thought about straight up asking them too, but I guess the chances that they will actually give an honest answer are close to zero..

I keep wondering if he thought I was ugly or obnoxious or whatever :(.

No. 316650

Eh I'm getting near my 30s and for both of your sakes I'm gonna say that i think from all my experience it kinda just boils down to meeting the wrong men and you simply weren't compatible or when it was obvious you aren't vulnerable enough to agree to putting out in a one sided arrangement they bailed.

Self improvement is great and definitely worth your time, but men being…Like that makes it kinda difficult to say whether you'd ever get an honest answer from asking. Whether because most people in general would rather avoid hurting peoples feelings like that or because they were hiding ill intentions anyway.

But whatever it is you just can't let yourself focus on it for your own mental health. Harder said than done and i still struggle. But you just have to keep in mind that well, if all that was true that they're not compatible or you both have different end goals then they just weren't for you and you're better off.

Have some indulgent date-less nights and fall in love with yourself again, corny as that sounds, and i guarantee you'll feel a lot better.

No. 316667

Because being financially dependent on someone is a shitty feeling for me. Especially when my husband only makes enough for us to get by and if I was working a decent job we would be very comfortable.

Yeah, I'm hoping going to college will help me reprogram my brain to work that way.

No. 316669

I moved overseas recently and my grandfather just died. I couldn't go home for the funeral so I'm up a 5am shakily drinking coffee while my mom facebook lives me the funeral. I feel like I'm in a fever dream haze choking back my drink between sobs. I just want to be there

No. 316677

File: 1540587337928.jpg (40.22 KB, 475x475, tumblr_o40ybw0CbP1uorx89o1_500…)

I'm kinda in the same situation where I'm financially dependent on my bf who I've lived with for 3 years, and I feel like I'm not doing enough to better our situation because I'm stuck in a cycle of depression and smoking pot every day just so I don't break down over how dull life seems since to me it just boils down to constantly paying bills and being miserable over how expensive it is just to fucking survive.

We both moved to another country recently, thanks to a connection I had, and things aren't working out as great here as I thought (the country we left still sucks ass though and I wouldn't go back). He has a good degree and great experience working in a serious company which he left to move here, and now I'm regretting it because he can't find work here yet and neither can I and we keep living off his savings.

I wasn't as lucky and didn't manage to get any impressive education or work experience and I'm 25 so I'm limited to bullshit retail jobs, and even there I get rejected. The economy is fucking bullshit and I'm sick of thinking of how much we have left to pay rent and bills for until the scary probability of moving back just because he could probably go back to working at the same company. And even if that happens, it basically means he wasted all his savings to dick around doing nothing in an expensive rental apartment in another country while supporting a hopeless mental piece of shit aka me.

I just feel trapped cause it's too late and not financially possible for me to get any better credentials to then find better work, but even if I did it's discouraging as fuck when even someone with a much more impressive CV than mine keeps getting rejected anyway. Not to mention my mental health got to the point where nothing in life seems worthwhile and I have no career ambition in the first place.

pic related i guess

No. 316700

File: 1540592762970.png (835.54 KB, 1242x2208, 0FB0B01B-9083-4F49-A1B1-ED0C75…)

The fact that this happened in an area SO close to where my family lives is so fucking terrifying, and just confirms to me that white supremacists are a serious danger, no matter what anyone else tells me. That could have been my family target and it angers me.

No. 316706

File: 1540593917427.jpg (24.02 KB, 590x444, ugh.jpg)

>tfw I think I got love bombed

I met this attractive guy a couple of weeks ago. We hit off real nice, the sex was great, and he seemed real eager to want to hang out/send me pics/talk about future plans/fb call me a lot. He even dropped the 'love you' a few times, and I was honestly so giddy that I couldn't help but fall into habit of saying it back.
I never expected anything too too serious from this, and while he's attractive I don't think we have a super lot in common. But I resolved to just enjoy the attention and not get attached right away.

Something changed within the past week where now he doesn't do any of that at all. I try to initiate but it's just not the same. Maybe it's coincidence of him having stress and working a lot. Yet the sex has been kinda bad because he'll lose boner about 20 minutes in and not come, just as a tmi example.
He seems distant now in general.

He hasn't really done or said anything mean like a typical bomber suspect, but there's a noticeable drop in communications and expression. It feels like the carpet got pulled from beneath me. While I'm not insanely hurt by it…I'm disappointed I guess. I didn't want the feeling to be over so soon.
Has my novelty as a new love interest just ran its course? Is it over already? It came and went like a matchstick.

No. 316709

>no Salem

literally no point.

No. 316717

Wait another day, then text him and ask if he had fun & that you're open to going out again. If he tries to bail, ask why. If he ghosts then IDK.

No. 316720

Sorry but this is a waste of time for everyone involved. If he says nothing, he did not like anon enough. He might push himself to go out of pity or cause he's bored but there is a small chance he will change his mind and see anon as a dating option.

Speaking from experience here.

No. 316724

yeah no don't do this.

No. 316729

>a couple of weeks
>mentioning love
>already has trouble in bed

You got yourself a love-bomber with probable mental issues. That ia not how to have a casual fwb. And that is not how to have a normal relationship either. It seems like a couple of weeks is all anyone can last at that level of intensity.

Wish guys wouldn't shoot themselves in the foot like this. If he just calmed down and took it easy you could have fun for longer.

No. 316730

File: 1540603174064.gif (1.46 MB, 480x270, yk.gif)

I was supposed to escape years of psychical and mental abuse to move to my ldr-boyfriend, yet now I realize that I don't and I am not going to have any currency for the tickets… All thanks to my parents who kept drinking out all the money that I got from work, and now all I need is to buy myself packages and pay for a fucking dentist, including many other medical stuff so I would actually get rid off everything. And no matter how hard and how many working hours I would get, I wouldn't be able to pay for the tickets because they are too damn expensive. I don't know what to do, I am completely lost. He doesn't have money for my ticket because he bought new apt. I mean—he does has currency from the time when he visited my country, but that might be a problem because they are not exchangable to EU in his country, plus idk if he'll be able to throw em on my credcard. But the main problem is that i am too afraid to tell that I fucked up and it all got ruined by 0 help from people around me, because all i think about that it's only my own fault and i dont want him to force himself to spend money on me once again. I am so scared and lost. So sorry for this messy message, but i am too full of emotions and idk what to do.

No. 316773

its my day off finally after a very very hard shock to the system week, readjusting back into society and all, I'm trying now to relax and get up to date on some threads here and other internet stuff I haven't had chance to look at but I can't relax. My whole body is tensed and I have that weird uncomfortable sickly tense feeling in my chest/heart where I have to keep readjusting myself to "relieve it" for a few seconds. Does anyone else get that or know what I'm talking about?

No. 316779

I think this sort of vent has been in these threads before but I'm a lesbian-leaning bi girl, always have been, and I'm surrounded by girls who claim to be "pan" yet never, ever show any sort of sign of attraction towards other women. They might proclaim "omg I'm so gay!" over and over yet only lust after men, only go out with men and only find men romantically/sexually attractive. It's annoying as fuck. Pansexuality is a full on meme to begin with and a lot of straight girls use that label to seem more inclusive and #woke. Just because you find sexualized, from head to toe perfected female models attractive doesn't fucking make you gay.

I know I'm being a gatekeeper and shit with this but it's just honestly annoying, there's nothing wrong with being heterosexual but there's something wrong with being a "panromantic asexual" who only finds men attractive and experiences sexual attraction towards men.

also fuck having a crush on a very very cute and a very very straight girl that would freak out if you told her

No. 316781

Not a weird panromantic asexual whatever the fuck but i have some insight here.

I'm a dreaded bi that has tended toward men and lately I've been noticing, if i go into dating apps for example, and find a potential bi woman, i just…immediately write it off. Its never an attraction thing, I'm attracted to so many women, i love women, and I've definitely loved loved loved the rare times I've dated another woman or had sex with one. I finally got around to figuring out that its that heteronormativity bullshit.

Basically, I'm getting all hung up with internalized homophobia and my self esteem issues, and if it's not the scary trying to be more out about being bi and actually seriously dating women and then dreading the judgement + issues, its being utterly convinced by years of misogynistic subculture osmosis and formativev experiences of being forcibly outed and bullied by straight women for being bi in high school that they won't like me anyway or will horribly reject me. Lots of straight girls playing a really horrible game with me in the past where they would confront me on the subject of whether i was attracted to them. As you can guess, either answer was a losing situation, and it was a shit show. Running to an internet culture that had room for some queerness helped to cope for sure but also created that osmosis of misogynistic bullshit.

So its like, dang, as an older adult women now i feel is the time to really try dating other women. But THE STRUGGLE.

Also don't want to be that gross bi by adding this, but i do truly like dick too much. I consider it a real problem lmao. Sigh.

So i mean. If it wasn't tumblr weirdness it could just be all that too. Being bi is weird and complicated.

No. 316809

Oh I get where you're coming from and your story is almost identical to mine, the internalized homophobia&misogyny and even impostor syndrome ("not gay enough") is real in a lot of bisexuals and a lot of us restrict ourselves to straight relationships only because of the social stigma and judging affiliated with being gay, even in 2018. I've had both straight girls and lesbians give me shit for being bi. Even this board has some militant lesbians screeching about how bisexuals are basically predators and fetishists and whatnot and then again straight people claiming that bis are all faking it for attention.

But that's pretty much credited to the straight girls who "have" to be non-straight in certain communities to be accepted or simply because they legitimately think they're gay for having platonic girl crushes. It's a bunch of bullshit and it benefits nobody, you can be a straight ally just fine without having to describe yourself without this retarded "panromantic asexual demigirl" word salad because you thought a victoria's angel lingerie model was hot.

No. 316820

File: 1540639310449.png (1.03 MB, 1078x746, Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 7.21…)

it's Saturday night and I want a drink so fucking bad I'm afraid I'm gonna do it, I can't stop thinking about it but I'm trying to stop, its only been a week.

No. 316855

wishing you luck nonnie! i hope youre okay.

No. 316862

File: 1540655475098.jpg (26.75 KB, 300x300, 1520763804174.jpg)

I'm in a relationship with a man, but I don't feel sexual attraction to him anymore.
I've been with him for 3 years, and at the start of our relationship, I was 15 and he was 22 and I was hypersexual due to years of grooming. We did a lot of things we shouldn't have for a while but for the last year I just lost all sexual attraction to him.
I like girls. I don't feel attracted to men at all anymore. Like, not at all. Dicks are gross. Men as people are gross. He's been abusive to me multiple times and threatened me and done awful things to me. Yet other times, he's wonderful and caring and the best person to me that I could've ever asked for.. he's just not a female.
He constantly tries to do sexual things with me and makes sexual remarks and I tell him to stop, and he gets bitchy when I tell him I'm serious and uncomfortable. I think it hurts his feelings and I hate that.
I care about him like a close friend. He's been shit to me sometimes, but I still care about him. And I still love him, just not sexually. I'm not happy. He keeps me just because he buys me things.. if he didn't do that I'd be far away from him. I don't have a job right now so he's my only financial support.
I feel so trapped. I just want a cute girlfriend. I don't want to be with him but I don't want to hurt his feelings.
Just kill me now. I really don't know what to do.

No. 316872

girl i am so sorry. the man is predatory trash and you know it.
you are extremely young, are you living with your parents or with him? if with your parents, drop his ass and look for a job. If you are not living with parents, can you go back to them or live with a friend or non-abusive family member? Any women's shelters near you?
You have to drop him, but also stay safe

No. 316880

I know he is.. borderline pedophile since he knew how young I was. And he's obsessed with calling me child-like and small and things like that. It really creeps me out and I did ask him to stop and he did, but I can't brush the thought of his pedophilic tendencies. I actually told him that so many people told me that I should avoid him because of how he treats me like a child, and he was basically like "well who cares what other people think??"
I live with my parents thankfully, not him, he tried to move me in with him but I told him I just wasn't ready for that.
I really, really want a job but I don't have time for one and no where will hire me. I'm a full-time student so I only have so many free hours and the hours I have are practically worthless when I can only work 3 hours a day or less. I also can't even drive to a job. I do art commissions on the side but that's not sustainable at all and isn't something I can rely on.
I might see if anywhere would be willing to hire me, but I have no experience and little time, so it just doesn't seem possible. I feel like until I get a job I'm trapped with him for finances. Unless I want to give up all my sources of happiness (clothes, vintage stuff, and merch) just to get away from him.. I sound like a gold-digger but I enjoy collecting things, and without money, I can't buy anything for myself. That's the #1 reason I'm with his nasty ass.. and also that I'm delusional enough to care about his feelings.

No. 316882

Can you get a job at school, TA, research assistant, administrative help?

No. 316885

First time I've seen someone call anons "nonnie", how cute.

No. 316887

I'm attending a private highschool and I'm graduating in June. Our school is so small there are no job openings besides cleaning (which already has multiple people). The pay is awful for cleaning, like, less than 5$ an hour shitty pay because it's not an "official" job, just helping out. And working say, 2 hours a week is less than 10$ a week so.. really not much to even be worth it. It's something, sure, but I don't even think they're accepting anyone new to clean right now.
I guess if I applied at enough places they'd accept me, but I just don't really have time between classes and studying and homework. Doubt anywhere wants to hire someone for so little hours.

No. 316889

my mom can be such a child sometimes and i don’t want to end up like her. today a food place messed up her order so she threw a tantrum and threw the food away and refused my offers to repurchase it to fix it. sometimes when faced with mild inconveniences like that i see myself start to act the same way and i have to stop myself. it disgusts me to think i could act that way, and seeing that kind of behavior makes me so angry i cry. she never apologizes or shows any remorse, she just pretends it never happened.

No. 316901

You must be new, then.

No. 316904

Not her but I very rarely see "nonnie" here. I saw that word very often on livejournal and on some older fangirls' blogs on tumblr but not here or other imageboards.

No. 316928

Assuming you're healthy enough and willing, maybe you could donate plasma for $ once a week or something while applying for work? I have a similar issue with school hours in college at the moment and that's how I've been working around it recently. It's not an amazing amount of money, but it's more than $10 per donation typically. Trust me when I say that an unhealthy relationship will drain far, far more happiness from you than getting less merch/clothing, etc. Maybe you could look into trying cheaper sources to get these things too?

No. 317001

>attracted to guy in one of my classes
>find out accidentally that uni website has class list
>find his name
>able to find information on him through social media
We're the same major, same age, and he cares about the environment.
I'm going to try and sit next to him next class.

I just wanted to vent my excitement hahaha. I know this is borderline creep levels btw.

No. 317018

>I live with my parents thankfully, not him, he tried to move me in with him but I told him I just wasn't ready for that.
Wtf? You are literally not financially dependent on him at all. I'm utterly confused as to how you came to that conclusion. Wanting luxuries like
>clothes, vintage stuff, and merch
is NOT financial dependence, it's being a spoiled child. DUMP HIM. You have absolutely no excuse, you are a teenager and you do not need that shit, you should be working at fucking McDonalds if you're still in highschool.

I seriously can't believe what I'm reading. I felt really sorry for you because he sounds awful and I'm disgusted by pedos, but you really need to get some perspective and grow up.

No. 317023

ganbatte, anon! tell us if anything happens?

No. 317029

>my life
>is complete shit lol

No. 317030

>my life
>is complete shit lol

No. 317033


>my life

>is shit

No. 317036

I just got laid off and I strangely I feel okay with it. I didn't hate my job or anything, but I like the idea of living the NEET life for a bit. I have a good amount of savings and a part of me wants to live off them for 2-4 weeks and have a nice staycation. On the other hand I worry that having a gap in my resume will make it harder to find a job down the line. First world problems, I know.

No. 317038

>2-4 weeks
>a gap in my resume
Girl what, that's not a gap in your resume. That's a holiday, or a reasonable time to even find a new job. No interviewer will notice or care.

No. 317043

Well my fear is that once I start applying after 4 weeks of relaxation, it'll actually take a while longer to find a job and the gap will get bigger. I may just be paranoid tho.

No. 317044

>I know he is.. borderline pedophile
he sounds like a complete pedophile. Please get away from this creep.

No. 317046

It's a tumblr thing and doesn't fit here. It sounds more retarded than cute.

No. 317049

A noticeable gap in your resume is like 5 years of doing absolutely nothing. I've had friends get a job after 6-12 months of looking for one. I take part in the recruiting process at my job at times and I barely even look at the job dates of the applicant, I'm more interested in what they did when working.

However don't get too accustomed to NEETdom, it's a lot harder to adjust back to working life if you don't keep yourself busy. But don't stress too much, if you gotta make the best of the situation just enjoy the free time you'll have to improve your skills and concentrate on hobbies while looking for work etc.

No. 317073

The memes that dark skin black women are big/manly is the main thing that has fueled my ed. I just want to be petite and dainty and not look like a burly man. I know I probably don't look like a big man because I'm 5'6 and I weigh 103 lbs but I want to be under 98 lbs. all my life I have had to hear how we look like dudes, aren't cute and are too muscular. All I want is to be a tiny girl who weighs less than 98 lbs and is shorter than 5'4. I can't change that I'm tall as fuck but I can change my weight but I'll never look the way I feel I'm supposed to please everyone else. No one can relate to these feels because there aren't really many black Ana chans.

No. 317078

And I'd like to add I think I look huge regardless of my weight because I'd bone structure. I was cursed with no good genes.

No. 317101

You're whiny and conceited. Get a grip

No. 317102

I don't think you know the definition of the word conceited

No. 317104

Being obsessed with your image is being conceited. Plus do you realize you will age and look like shit regardless of what you do? Stop wasting your youth on ''uwu i'm so sad i'm not a tiny asian girl''

No. 317105

I think the word you're looking for is vain, being vain doesn't necessarily mean one is conceited. im not disagreeing with what you're saying but calling me conceited would be incorrect.

No. 317106

I'm kind of sick of the expectation that people's insecurity about their looks deserves a tonne of coddling. If you're fucking 103lbs at 5'6, you know damn well you are thin af and nobody thinks you're big and manly. Anon has an ED, she needs to find proper ED support, but in general people want to be the skinniest, prettiest, most perfect girl and throw themselves a pity party when they aren't. Being mediocre is okay for other girls but not them, they have to be the best just to be good enough. We all get sad about not being a 10/10 instagram model sometimes but dwelling on it is not genuine insecurity, it's vanity and greed.

No. 317108

>you know you're thin

That's the thing with body dysmorphia. I don't actually know what I look like and see a totally different thing than what is in reality. I remember when I was around 95 lbs and I wasn't allowed to have a scale, I was shocked to find out I was that underweight because In my head I looked average/healthy. One day I will think I look totally normal then the next day I will see a deformed monster.

No. 317109

Body dysmorphia doesn't force you to go online and publicly complain about what a fatass you are at 100lbs. I lose sympathy real quick when people broadcast their absurd standards to a bunch of other girls who may have EDs themselves now or in the past, or may be over 100lbs, or may actually be considered fat by most people. Take it to a therapist, a support group, a website for ana chans, if you know you aren't perceiving yourself normally then you have the self awareness to know how your comments can affect others.

No. 317110

File: 1540698517914.png (567.08 KB, 540x617, tumblr_oyx8ckaG6U1ujql0co1_540…)

You're not alone, anon. I know that feeling well. I'm not really considered "dark-skinned" by black standards (just by every other race's, lmao), but I think any black girl who's not super light-skinned is subject to that sort of thing. I've never been mistaken for a man once in my life, but I have body dysmorphic disorder, and all the racist memes and insults eventually get to you and make you paranoid, you know? It hasn't been easy, but I'm slowly learning you don't actually have to look like a small loli to be feminine. It's one way, but you don't spontaneously become a man without it. It definitely helps to surround yourself with images of pretty/cute/beautiful black women (not just the hyper-sexualized ones we see all over the media. The "tan/dark skinned beauty" thread in /g/ is a good start IMO), be around people who do see you as cute and feminine (like my boyfriend), and dress in ways you find cute/feminine.

I actually think black women are more naturally womanly, with pear-shaped/hourglass figures (I've noticed from looking at black thinspo that whether thin, "thicc" or even fat, black women are almost always shapely in some respect. It's all bone structure), a slower aging process (and nice skin in general), and naturally lush lips. Women from other walks of life funnel insane amounts of money into artificially getting all these features we are born with, but we're supposed to be "manly"? Okay. I remember one study that claimed we have more estrogen and testosterone on average, and racists would deliberately omit the part about estrogen so they could go "See!! Most testosterone! Black women are basically men!" just to boost their point. It's dumb.

It's also important to remember none of the "Black women are manly" shit is true. There is no scientific basis, it's just racism and dehumanization used to justify treating us like we deserve harsher, more callous treatment than women of other races. It goes hand in hand with the "angry/sassy black woman" and "independent black woman who don't need no man" stereotypes. Somehow, though, """manly""" black women were historically made to be nannies who took care of white women's children, to the point of breastfeeding them, and the "motherly, soulful black woman who can cook" stereotype is also still a thing. It's just not sensible, so don't lend it any more of your energy.

I guess all I'm really saying is: It's not just you going through this. It sucks, but don't fall for the bullshit. Especially don't lend the words of any triggered racist-chans and trolls who might attack you any serious consideration.

No. 317111

I never said I was fat though, if you go back and read what I said I actually did say I know I'm not fat kek calm down.

No. 317112

Yelling at people who have eating disorders and dismissing their issues as "whiny" and "conceited" does not help cure them.
This is the vent thread. If you're sick of seeing vents, hide it.

No. 317113

I'm just tired of being so tired all the time, no matter how much sleep I get my tiredness doesn't go away

No. 317116

It seems like everyday I read some new study that proves how manly and undesirable we are and it really started to fuck with my brain. I feel like things other races of girls can get away with that I can't because I'm black(being taller, not being thin etc). Other races of girls don't really have to be smol or that pretty to be considered attractive but I feel like I have to be a 10/10 model just so people can see me as average/human looking.

No. 317121

>tall as fuck

[Laughs in Dutch]

No. 317122

I don't want to come off asv fetishy but.. I'm a white chick b admittedly kind of a weird white chick I'll give you that, but I've never understood this racist as fuck perception and have generally thought black people look all right. Even seen a lot of black women, heavy, small, tall, short, that i thought had things going for them that were quite attractive.

I know society is racist af and maybe it doesn't help a whole lot…but I'm pretty sure there's more that feel the same. I am willing to bet you're actually all right irl,me and a lot of others would not have that racist perception of you in a physical sense. Can't speak for otherwise…i personally am aware i live and grew up in a shitty racist society and have to actively try to be better and probably fail a lot.

But all that makes me really hope you get better? A malnourished, unhealthy you will be very sad for sure.

I'm a woman with a more uh… "Wide" body, and that's not even the fat, to put it generously. I definitely feel with you, the whole "ugh so mannish" dysmorphia. But something clicked tbh and i don't know what, but I've gotten very into wanting to own being strong and declaring my own femininity even though its kinda butch? Idk if that makes any sense, but I'm getting into weight training, getting fitspo about getting kinda buff…and idk, when I'm thinking about doing it for me, and owning it just to own my own "natural" ways, it really helps and gives me a goal that is not "lol become ana-chan" however is more centered on owning my natural prediliction for strength and more "mannish" traits and refusing to let the thought that i am not allowed therefore to be feminine and sexy in my own way keep persisting.

Idk if that's for you but it's just some thoughts.

No. 317124

I'm a JQ and white genocide pondering /pol/tard shitlord and I can 100% guarantee that almost all the shit you're hearing and taking to heart is just people blowing smoke.

No. 317125

This. Actually disgusted at some of the replies in this thread, you bitches are truly vile

No. 317126

Indulging in one's disillusion is not helping them

No. 317127

>Other races of girls don't really have to be smol or that pretty to be considered attractive but I feel like I have to be a 10/10 model just so people can see me as average/human looking.
This cuts deep, I feel the same way and I see it everywhere. The only real solution I've found is to divest from such people. Soak up the compliments if randoms tell you you're "pretty [for a black girl]", but keep them at arm's length and make sure they have to work to get close to you.

Learn to love solitude, and only try to keep around those who are either already very close to you, or understand what you're feeling. In the latter case, I personally figured out that spending more time around other black girls and women online is crucial. I'm a 4channer and a farmer through and through, but it gets alienating at times. I don't like or agree with all the things I read there, but LSA is about the only forum I've found where being a black girl doesn't make you an "other", or some sort of easy target for shitty jokes and poor treatment. The less you're surrounded by people who think your race or height make you inherently less feminine, the better.

No. 317128

People come here to vent, not be shot down for being whiny or whatever. Those replies were thoughtless and unnecessary.

No. 317131

File: 1540704326519.png (1.37 MB, 1125x1475, 1540703401028.png)

This isn't a true vent so much as exasperation. It baffles me how anons on /r9k/ don't realize how shopped/angled pictures such as these are. Men are truly retarded.

No. 317132

Why are you even on that cespool of a board. Those porportions are horrendous tho she looks like a mealworm

No. 317134

this is not as comforting of a comment as you think it is, /pol/-chan

No. 317138

i kekd at mealworm

No. 317142

Oh god i got kinda drunk and i think my crush now knows i not only have a huge fuckin crush but we are equally kinky and i wanna fuck him real bad

I don't wanna say the conversation went bad per se but….whole thing is a complicated situation I'm not sure will be consummated.


No. 317145

>Body dysmorphia doesn't force you to go online and publicly complain about whatever the fuck
This is a VENT thread, what are you even talking about?

No. 317146

drunk me says GO FOR IT WHATEVER IS

No. 317148

f u c k h i m

No. 317154

People get really cunty whenever ed’s are talked about on this site for some reason

No. 317160

mostly because the anachans that flooded from mpa a few years ago ruined the site

No. 317164

Before I dated my bf (but while I knew him) he fucked with a mutual friend and used to brag about it early on in our relationship, which really hurt and I had to ask him to cut it out before finally he realized how autistic it was to talk about people he fucked in the past to the person he's currently dating. It used to really bother me but it's been almost 2 years so I'm over it…til I reconnected with that friend today, who decided to launch into how they and my boyfriend used to do that shit (and more I didn't know) and it upset me all over again. I'm probably being a huge baby about it but I can't help it, I literally feel sick over it. It's not even jealousy, I just feel so nauseous and anxious hearing about it and idk why. I don't care about the rest of his sexual history but I guess it was because it was someone I knew.

No. 317169

I think that's extremely inappropriate of your friend anon, especially if she went into detail. So she sees you again after however long and just has to tell you about how she used to fuck your now bf? I'd say stop contacting her, return to her being out of your life. You bf is with you now so the past is entirely irrelevant, but why keep contact with someone that makes you feel so uncomfortable?

No. 317170

They used to be a good friend to me and the fact that they fucked wasn't even why we stopped talking, I moved overseas and we lost contact. She never used to even talk about them fucking in the past, I found out from my bf. I don't know why she brought it up 2 hours into our conversation COMPLETRLY out of the blue but I stopped replying. And will be definitely blocking (not sure if I should tell them why I'm doing it or just cut them off completely). But the damage is done.

I'll get over it again eventually but right now I feel like throwing up, my bf is upset and wanting to cuddle but I feel so repulsed atm. It makes me want to be vindictive. I hate myself.

No. 317178

Anon this is in no way shape or form your fault. You're not to blame here. They're both dicks but at least your boyfriend stopped. You're completely right to be feeling this way, it'd be worrying if you didn't. Explain to your boyfriend that you're feeling like shit because of it so he doesn't think you're being cold for no reason. Feeling this way is the normal reaction to hearing explicit details about your now partner's sexual history with your close friend. Maybe tell him you know you shouldn't be bothered rationally but the normal biological response is to be grossed out like this.

No. 317219

I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. I'm too mentally ill and I felt like he could never truly understand me even though he was fine otherwise. Now I'm thinking about tracking down some other guy I was friends with a couple years ago. He was crazy like me and knew all the right things to say.

No. 317224


No. 317228

Yeah, it's hard to feel sorry for somebody who's complaining about being "big and manly" at a completely average height.
Put yourself in the shoes of women who are 6ft. How are they supposed to feel when they read shit like that? No longer just "manly", already a freak of nature??

No. 317229

>im a racist who believes in white genocide who visits a site that’s a hotbed of racism but it’s okay black anon, you aren’t ugly :-)

No. 317232

>im a racist
I'm not, but go ahead and fling your tired, abused buzzword.

>who believes in white genocide

What's wrong with believing that the actions of upper class Jews constitute an effort to reduce and control the anglo-saxon population? I'm punching up.

>but it’s okay black anon, you aren’t ugly :-)

Well, when you've come to believe someone else's asspained bullshit, who better to hear it from?

No. 317235

>I'm a JQ and white genocide pondering /pol/tard
>but i'm totes not racist, how dare u! >:O

No. 317236

Seriously. Reading that was like reading those 'I'm 120lbs and I'm SO DISGUSTINGLY FAT!' anorexia posts.

No. 317237

You realise 'white privilege' is basically just 'the jewish question' reworded to include anglo-saxons and make it kosher, right?

No. 317242

if you don’t want people to think that way, then you should do better to pushback against anachan nitpicking on here. Being on this site long enough anyone will think 120 lbs is fat.

No. 317244

Lost in touch with a guy dearly close to me. I'm too shy to ask why he hasn't been around lately but he still keeps me in check from time to time. Shit, I want an older brother.

No. 317245

if you don’t want people to think that way, then you should do better to pushback against anachan nitpicking on here. Being on this site long enough anyone will think 120 lbs is fat.

No. 317248

Not even involved in this conversation, but seek help. Seriously.
inb4 "therapy is a ploy by the jews"

No. 317250

Lost in touch with a guy dearly close to me. I'm too shy to ask why he hasn'tA been around lately but he still keeps me in check from time to time. Shit, I want an older brother.

No. 317252

Im sorry, anon. I know the feel and being too shy to bother them.

No. 317254

>inb4 "therapy is a ploy by the jews

Well, have you looked at all the names of those therapists? lol

Seriously though, if it's so crazy, go ahead and tell me why it's 'white privilege' when the average white income is higher than the average black income but if anyone points out the fact that the average jewish income ins the highest in the country, it's 'anti-semitism'.

Jews make up 1.73% of the US population, but 35% of the Forbes 400 richest Americans.

If 'white privilege' is a problem, then a problem orders of magnitude larger is Jewish privilege.

As soon as you look at the numbers, it is undeniable, the media is silent on it, academia is silent on it, and if you say anything about it publicly, you will be made an outcast.

No. 317255

No one even mentioned "white privilege" ITT except you. This is how deep your mental illness runs.

No. 317258

Nice dodge.

Why bother addressing the fact that what you call racism is called academic thought when applied to anglo-saxons when you can just spew ad-hominem?

No. 317260

I'm sick of the mouth-foaming, brainwashed /pol/tard invasion in /ot/ lately. They're as bad as SJWs, and will literally argue with thin air for hours.
I hope this place doesn't turn out like KF.

No. 317261

I (/pol/tard) am not the one who started calling people names.

No. 317263

>there are some really rich Jewish people, probably not super involved religiously and really atheist/agnostic, in the world
>most actively participating American Jewish people are normal people with normal or even low incomes when you actually look at real statistics on this and not ones that were literally made up by neo-nazis

Its seriously time to stop posting and go hang out with normal people instead of alt right whackjobs.

No. 317266

But she wasn't saying she was actually big and manly, she was saying that even though she is very slim and not super tall she feels that way, and like she has to be held to a hire standard cause she's black and society sees black women as mannish for stupid reasons. You are sounding like the person who won't let anyone make a complaint in peace and just go on how it's much worse for someone else.

No. 317272

>I just want to be petite and dainty and not look like a burly man.
>I want to be under 98 lbs.
>All I want is to be a tiny girl who weighs less than 98 lbs and is shorter than 5'4.
>I can't change that I'm tall as fuck but I can change my weight
You are sounding like a person who didn't read her post properly. She literally wrote "I'm 5'6", "I'm tall as fuck". What more do you need?

No. 317278

I understand and I'm completely sorry you have to go through that shit, people will never understand the stuff we go through and always dismiss us

No. 317279

Thank you for the comforting words

No. 317280

Any opportunity to shit on non-white girls I presume

No. 317281

Dutch anon, you aren't seen as a subhuman no matter what, please understand

No. 317283

I think it's insulting that the average person cries about white genocide when they have had a long lasting history of actually doing it to

>Native Americans

>countless South American Tribes
>Tribes in across Africa
>Aboriginals in Australia

And they assume that ONLY white farmers in africa are being killed when it's ALL farmers, but they want to play up the racist Idea that farmers are only white because black people are too stupid to farm when it's obviously not the case. It's just that more white people own farmland due to generational wealth. Did you forget apartheid ended in 1994? Those racists aren't gone!

No. 317285

What she perceives and what society perceives her has an effect. She can be tall compared to other girls she hangs out with. Just don't be an asshole.

No. 317286

Yeah, she didn't say she was, don't put words in her mouth. She was laughing at the tall as fuck part. Dutch women are among the tallest women in the world.

No. 317287

Calling you a racist isn’t “calling you names” it’s an objective fact, /pol/-chan

No. 317288

File: 1540747316248.jpg (31.42 KB, 460x488, 35d7147905a952121397304e32f34d…)

My vent: my short (former) friends "comparing" their bodies to mine has made me feel insecure as hell, especially when I was younger.
>wow, look anon how small my hands/feet are next to yours!
>my legs are so tiny, why do I have such bony knees?
>god, I wish I also had big hips like you
>60 kg is quite fat for girls, isn't it?
>who the hell wears a size medium, that looks so huge…

Fuck you, humblebragging bitches. Most of them had bmis higher than mine, but somehow didn't get that me being over a head taller also means I can weigh a lot more. If we sit next to each other and my thigh looks fatter, maybe you should also note that it's a good portion longer than yours as well?
I even knew one girl who loved to "complain" about how "sm0l" and young looking she was, she even started to change the way she sneezed to make it sound higher and cuter… And of course everybody else who didn't know her that well fell for it.
The worst was my former best friend (who already knew how much I starved myself and encouraged it) saying I had "birthing hips". I wish that if I were to meet her again one day, I'll be brave enought to tell her off.

Just take memes like pic related for example. Most short girls know exactly (or at least hope) that they're considered "cute" yet love to half-heartedly act as if they hate it.
>huh, do I really look cute when I'm mad? You're so mean! ("pouts")

Ironically nearly all of my friends nowadays are short as well (just a lot better than the old ones), but I'd really like to have one tall one. I hope that the whole situaion gets better once I reach an age there simply no women no longer looks cute.

No. 317289

I’m not a child free nutjob (actually do wanna have kids one day) but I kinda hate that a woman is more “valuable” because she’s pregnant. I have a flakey coworker who would always show up an hours late to her shifts or not even at all. She then got knocked up (at 19, good going pal) and hasn’t even shown up for a month and it annoys the shit out of me. When I complain about it to other coworkers, they’re all like “But she’s pregnant!” and I remind them that she was flakey BEFORE she got pregnant. I was also venting about it to my mom and she mentioned that if our job fires her, they could have a potential lawsuit on their hands because she is pregnant. It’s just eugh. I already had to work two 11 hour shifts because she decided not to show up for work. I work my ass off and get nothing but she doesn’t do shit and gets special treatment because she got pregnant.

I’ve also have known plenty of women who still went to work while pregnant (even more pregnant than her, my coworker is only around 3 months). My cousin being one of them. So honestly, the pregnancy card isn’t a good excuse.

No. 317299

Are you in Europe? You can convert money to euros anywhere, it's very sus that he can't help you with tickets at all. You sound like you're about to be human trafficked or something please b careful.

No. 317301

File: 1540749134302.jpg (87.62 KB, 981x680, cab.jpg)

I really dislike my new job but I feel like such a dumbass for complaining because I quit my job of a few years to take this one. Luckily I only have to deal with it for another five or six months before I leave for school, but damn, even though my old job sucked ass and treated me so unfairly, I still have a nagging feeling in the back of my head thinking that I did the wrong thing by quitting. Thank God this is all temporary.

No. 317303

>I think it's insulting that the average person cries about white genocide when they have had a long lasting history of actually doing it

That's not a denial that it isn't happening though, is it?

Your argument is basically 'lol you guys did it so suck it up!', which strikes me as a tacit agreement.

As for whites in Africa, imo they should all leave and return to Europe.

No. 317305

>I even knew one girl who loved to "complain" about how "sm0l" and young looking she was, she even started to change the way she sneezed to make it sound higher and cuter

I fucking hate fake humblebraggers.

No. 317307

its ok anon, dont let their comments get to you. ive had short family members and friends make comments like that as well. more often than not people saying shit like this are also obese kek

>teehee im so smol and cute

>oh youre 60 kgs? well i was only 53 at your age (she was about 30cm shorter than me and that was overweight for her height)
>your shoes are size 38? well im only a size 36
>i look so cute and feminine next to you two (said to me and another tall friend)

No. 317324

Don't bother, anon. She thinks violently and systemically trying to wipe out a race is the same as some people choosing to have mixed children. There is no hope.

No. 317326

My father once got pissed because I didn't acknowledge how "skinny" my grandmother was for wearing a size 6 at a height of maybe 5ft
>uhm, you think you'd fit into her dress?!
No? And you know exactly why.

In my experience short guys are just as mean to tall girls (just in a different way) and therefore I can't really bring myself to feel sorry for them. So many people told me that I should also go for guys shorter than me, since we're in the same boat, only wanting a bf taller than you is shallow blah blah; as if they would like that.

The bf of a friend of mine once said that it's weird that some girls wear size […] shoes in front of me, yet he wore even bigger ones even though he's a lot shorter than me. Okay…?

No. 317329

If I were tall, I'd make it a point to only date men my height or taller, and shoot all sorts of microaggressions at short men.
>Most guys already look kind of short to me, so when I see you, anon, it's like looking at a munchkin, haha
>You're getting way too uppity, little man, go to your room
>Do you ever just avoid getting into conflicts because people think you're just a kid?
>How tall are you again? No way! I thought you were like 5'3, I'm so sorryyyy

No. 317330

Short girls and their smol bean humble bragging is so annoying and they are truly insufferable.

No. 317331


I think the things your "friend" said to you are fucked up and 100% her insecurity. If it helps, imo this ~cute stuff originates from men and a lot of short girls just try to own it because they can't stop it, same way lots of bottom heavy girls go for #thicc, and tall ones might work long legs.

Obv it's fine for everyone to work what they've got on a night out or a date, the issue is when you get a girl who tries to squash a real, 3 dimensional identity so she can present herself whichever way men find her most acceptable 100% of the time.

Imo the result is inevitably competitive obsession with other women's bodies. Also as a weird undercurrent of sexual competition in random non sexual situations because they've tried to replace their whole, entire personality with a something designed to attract guys.

No. 317334

I'm only 5'6 but I'm taller than most of the women in my community who are like 5'4 and shorter and I live in America. When I was in Tokyo I was tall as fuck compared to the average woman and was closer to the height of most dudes.

No. 317336

>If it helps, imo this ~cute stuff originates from men and a lot of short girls just try to own it because they can't stop it, same way lots of bottom heavy girls go for #thicc, and tall ones might work long legs.

I'm 5'1" and get the "wow you're so smol and cute uwu" shit from men a lot and I guess when I was younger I did go with it and try to own it, but now I'm older I'm over it. I'm a grown woman who is a bit shorter than average, not a fucking chihuahua, so men can either treat me like a human or they can catch these hands.

No. 317337

6'2" here. It doesn't work that way and you have NO idea what you'd be inviting. There'd be boners all around you.

Submissive guys with tall girl domination fetishes will come out of the woodwork if you talk like that. Half of what you just typed could literally be verbatim quote from amazon domme porn.

You can't go around saying that shit.

No. 317344

>>gap in my resume
Oh girl.. a GAP that matters is a span of YEARS not MONTHS

No. 317345

NTA but how long have y'all been lurking? It's not rare at all lol

No. 317350

I wish I had the emotional skill set to be more of a ho.

No. 317352

I quite like nonnie as a term of endearment. It's a lot older than tumblr, I've been in fandom spaces for about 12 years and I've been seeing it for all of that time. It originated with nerdy women and it isn't used on male dominated imageboards, which I like.

No. 317391

I turned down a scholarship offer to a private university to go to community college in order to save my parents money, but now that money is being siphoned into my mom's compulsive shopping of junk at thrift and outlet stores.

No. 317419

I'm fucking angry and sad, I have said that before in the previous thread and today is the decisive day and probably one of the darkest ones of the history of my country.

The braindead minions are already celebrating throwing fireworks as if it was new years' eve's 0:00, my parents are fucking ignorant morons excited for their own downfall. If I could run away to another country I would do it TODAY and never look at these fucking idiots again.

Now me, women, black people and specially the LGBT will not go out without being afraid of being violented by these insane zombies. My brother today had someone glaring evilly at him because he was dressed in red, imagine when these bastards are finally allowed to legally carry guns!

A nightmare is coming true and I really wish I could disappear…

No. 317425

fuuuuuuuck, i'm so sorry, anon. this is such bullshit. legit, you could probably apply for asylum with this far right government being ushered in. i'm so sad about the situation with lula and the complete reversal in progress you guys are facing. i'm so sorry.

No. 317429

Anon vents about their personal feelings in a venting thread, other anons dogpile to say how selfish anorexia is because taller, larger girls might also feel bad.

You guys are expecting rationality from anorexia and it’s hilarious. Getting angry at someone’s admittedly irrational emotions. You’re like the people who say ‘well think of the starving African children’ when someone says there’s no food in their house.

No. 317430


Thank you very much anon. I can't go to an asylum because of my pets that are my children, I also can't leave the country but was comsidering going with them to a near one has been a while.

The squid did some bad things but took away a lot of people from extreme poverty, now I'm really fearful for our future because the minions are even more violent and literally insane than their god.

Tbh I already expected my parents to vote in him because they've always been fucking toxic, narcissistic and neglectful trash. Many people are pissed and something might very probably happen, let's see….

No. 317445

She could just vent without listing her stats. It's pretty fucking tactless.

No. 317446

Who cares?
Is your day worse because anon weighs what they do? Are you personally suffering now because of their bmi?
Did their stats cause you to break out in bulimia?
Peoples stats are meaningless.

No. 317449

how do you guys deal with someone who claims to love and care for you but prioritizes their feelings and emotions over you and your reality/your suffering, that acts like you're insane for not believing them?

it's really unbelievable to me that he's acting like i'm being unreasonable for not believing he cares when he shuts off emotion from me, treats me like a stranger, doesn't care about me when i'm ill or going through things or am in danger, etc. his fears always come first.

he's not a fuckboy, before anyone suggests it. i think he's just really emotionally immature but thinks he's more mature than he is. it really fucks with my head being showered with affection and love and then knowing he'll go days basically reconsidering me as a partner, probably thinking negative things or questionable things about me, and then treats me mostly like a colleague when he comes back, no 'i love you's, no affection.

No. 317451

I swear some girls feel so proud about their shoe size… I always get snarky comments when I say my size is 41.

No. 317453

By leaving. You don’t deserve to be his when he feels like it and shittalked when he feels like that.

No. 317454

Are you seriously that obtuse? Yes, it can actually make someone's day worse and exacerbate their eating disorder when given concrete numbers to compare themselves to. This shit is EDs 101.

No. 317455

I thought about posting in the anime thread but I think it fits better here, so….. I don't get what's with the anime hate. I'm an artist and used to draw anime until I got tired of it and realized I could do better but lately I started watching anime again and it's enjoyable like… pretty much anything else.

I'm not obsessed by it and only like a few old ones but I don't get why some people feel like in the right to attack people by THE SIMPLE MENTION that they enjoy anime.

I should admit that I nearly fell on this trap because some weeb people can be pretty obnoxious and some titles and genres are gross but it feels wrong.

Well, some asshole attacked me a few minutes ago by the simple mention that I wasn't in the mood of watching anime today and I thought: was that even necessary? Is it just to impress, look edgy or get reactions? Not that I'm upset or even care for these idiots lol but it feels like they just follow the sheep with this anime (or simply anything that is mainstream tbh) hatred to look ~cool or edgy.

Before that, I noticed someone in a discord server I was in being mocked because they mentioned liking anime, it was cringeworthy to watch

No. 317457

he doesn't shittalk me, i just think he reconsiders me, like, he ignores me for a while because he feels he can't trust me (i gave him reason to question, but he keeps choosing to believe i'm a shitty person), and i guess just thinks other questionable stuff about me. he never shittalks me, just ignores me and instead of missing me like i miss him, thinking positive things about me the way i think of him, i guess he just dreams up all of this stuff about why i'm not trustworthy and why it can't really work.

No. 317458

If anyone with an ED is in a place where they are so vulnerable and sensitive to triggers that seeing that someone in the world weighs however many pounds then they shouldn’t be online unmonitored.

I’m saying this as a former anachan. If you’re so unwell you can’t not get triggered by other people existing then you are too unwell too browse the Internet by yourself.

Either quarantine yourself, or accept that some strangers ED is not actually what is causing your own and deal with your shit instead of blaming other people for existing and having feelings.

No. 317459

Yeah, leave. Don’t justify his actions. Don’t accept his flighty feelings. Allow yourself the same leeway you’re giving him right now.

No. 317461

I hate to say this but my bf is boring the fuck out of me. So strict, so offended by everything, so bland, so scared of everything. I remember he got into a 3 hour argument with me because I said "I like unnatural colored hair and I wouldn't mind getting it", then he goes on to bitch about how he doesn't want To be with someone who doesn't care about standing out with an unnatural hair color. I always have to walk on egg shells because he's always offended by something I've said or Done. I just came back from a 7 day trip with him and it made me realize just how much I hate being around him for more than a few hours.

No. 317462

Well anon I'm sure you know what to do next. Dont waste your time with things like that.

No. 317466

Idk if leaving would make a difference. Where do you even find guys that aren't so anal and stuck up?ive met all my serious bfs online. I know people say when women get older they want to settle down with someone bland but the older I get the more I want some out going Chad asshole.

No. 317468

Another day at the pain factory embarrassing myself. My eyes are so puffy and huge like a bee stung them from crying myself to sleep last night which is great. Just fucking fantastic.

No. 317469

Give him an ultimatum. Communicate to him clearly that if he's not willing to fix his shitty behavior, you won't be sticking around, and actually mean it anon. If he does the same shit next time around, don't even waste your time or reason with him. You deserve better

No. 317471

File: 1540771656491.jpg (46.5 KB, 548x690, 1484340401018.jpg)

WHOA, I can relate so hard anon.
This reminded me of my own best friend back in Jr. High, she had daddy issues and would seek attention all the time.
She's the primary reason I had low self esteem during that time, she was shorter than me, stick thin, had a high voice, and really played it up with an added shy persona - Being into anime did not help this autism let me tell you.
>look at this belly! it's so tiny!
>I'm so short and lightweight, I bet none of you guys can pick me up/lift me!
>Would fake an even higher voice and act "hyper" after she ate candy
>Wow anon your boobs are huge, mine are so small and perky!! :3
>oh anon your ass isn't big it's just fat - Yeah I was chubby, but I did have an actual big butt
>would pick on me about my eating in front of others - "OH WOW ANON IS THAT ALLLLL YOU'RE EATING?? ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO GET FULL WITH JUST THAT??"
>"It's not over until the fat lady sings, anon sing". This one was the most painful memory, since she said it in front of her bf and all his friends

On top of all this she would talk shit about me to her bfs or ditch me to be with them, it's really incredible how I was still friends with her after that fiasco, but typing all this out I now realize what a fucking doormat I was/am.
It's fucked up looking back at pics of myself because I was only slightly chubby in the face and thighs, but at the time I thought I was an ugly fucking whale.
Feels bad. I became so self conscious about my body, obsessed with weight, and to this day I can't eat in front of her or anyone really. As of recently I've finally gotten my weight under control, and I'm losing all the weight I've gained from emotional eating these last 2 years and have accepted myself more. I only tried calling her out once, but she ended up making a half ass apology and making herself the victim; "What! I didn't know I did that?? I'm sorry such a horrible person, I don't feel ok :(". then logged off. It was really bizarre … and I'm still struggling to cut her off. The only bright side I guess is that she's gained a lot of weight and is still gaining.

No. 317473

File: 1540771909751.png (783.63 KB, 586x1238, unknown-2.png)

like…anywhere? I'm in my late 20s and my boyfriend doesn't give a shit about anything I say. in fact I've never dated a guy who was a fussy little cunt, and I met almost all of them online. Why would you be with someone you can't be yourself with or can't stand being around for more than 2 hours? Does that sound like marriage material to you? If you stay with him because you're under the misguided motion and easygoing, laid back men don't exist you're hopeless.

No. 317474

Ugh. What a little bitch. That sounds so shorty to have lived through, cannot even imagine it.

No. 317476

Found my husband at a friends house. Where do you guys find these terrible men?

No. 317479

Your bf doesn't sound "bland" and boring, he sounds like an insecure and controlling jerk.
There's a difference between someone introverted and home-oriented and someone who wants to control everything their partner does so they're as quiet as possible.

No. 317480

Christ is finding decent female friends such a rare case?? I never saw such vanity or suffered slow bullying from mine. In what dimension do you live, anons

No. 317481

i think he'll just be relieved if i do this and would not miss me. i truly think if i passed away, he wouldn't even try to reach out beyond not getting any response, like, i don't even think he would try for a second to get in contact with my family to see if i'm ok. like, no concern toward whether or not i'm actually alive. but then he'll be affectionate and loving and tell me all of these wonderful things. it feels like he tries really hard to talk himself out of caring about me or being with me.

i'm scared of walking away and losing him because beyond all of this, we are very similar to each other and understand each others fears and anxieties. i know i shouldn't care if he doesn't care about me, but i care so much about him and i can't just shut it off the way he does. he used to be incredibly loving before i hurt him (our relationship was his first), and he said recently that my behavior from the past has changed him permanently (that is, he can't trust me and is scared i'll betray him [i've never cheated or anything like that, so imo, it's kind of dumb]).

No. 317482

A lot of short and tiny girls think it's cute when they act like bitches because "uwu smol cutie who is sassy but no one takes her seriously because she's so smol" and they think because they're smol beans no one will punch them in the face

No. 317483

Why are you so willing to justify staying miserable and in a relationship that is unsatisfying and detrimental to both of you?

You both sound unhappy, and it sounds like there’s no progress happening. This relationship sounds dead, despite you two rattling around in it’s carcass.

Let yourselves be happy.

No. 317484

>all these excuses

holy shit, DUMP HIM

No. 317490

well, we aren't in a relationship anymore. he broke up with me because he doesn't think he will stop being scared. he'll reach out to me and hang out with me (we aren't having sex as we're broken up, but i know he isn't seeing or talking to anyone else) and he will want to make amends/signal that, but then he'll freak himself out a few days later.

i guess i should just ignore him. he takes like, anything as a cue that i'm going to be distant or talk to my ex guy friends again because he's being affectionate. like, if i'm sad and depressed, he'll interpret that as me not wanting to be around him, or he'll think of something that makes him jealous and then he'll push me away again.

the crux of all our problems is that i would continue to talk to my guy friends behind his back (platonically), because i didn't want to be emotionally reliant on him when we first got together, and now he keeps assuming i'm going to always go behind his back to talk to my former male friends (some i had kind of romantic history with, but not really, because i never liked them like that, really). i get it if i cheated, but i really feel like this is a dumb hangup. i have nothing to break up with though anyways. i guess i'll just try my best to ignore him when he rarely contacts me with 'i love yous' and all that

No. 317493

He's using you for attention until he finds a new boo. He ain't scared of shit, he just doesn't want to see you with anyone else until he's not single.

No. 317494

So this terrible thing you did, was talk to your friends who are male?

Jesus how did he get you so browbeaten? Anon please forget this guy and I hope you find your self respect again. He sounds like a possessive, jealous, emotionally abusive creep.

No. 317507

that's a totally fair assumption to make about almost all men, but i think he'll get into another relationship for a while, if ever. he's happy alone. he has turned down multiple women to remain a virgin before we got together. he's not that social/sexually or romantically inclined and is very into being alone like those lego autists and shit.

well, tbf, the worst is that i once tried to make him jealous by hanging out with a male friend that i once slept with (3 years before) as a self-harm proxy, when i perceived (tbh accurately) that he didn't give a shit about me and i tried to rub it in his face that i slept with him years ago (this was the worst offense but was a dumb retaliation to feeling unloved when i was doing really unwell and was suicidal), and yes, i would talk to my guy friends when he was at work after promising i wouldn't talk to them for like, 4 months, many years ago, at the start of our relationship.

he told me recently that the straw that broke the camels back was the time when i felt he was avoiding me and that i had no future with him, so i told my one guy friend that maybe he could rent a room from me (platonically) so he could avoid being evicted because he's bipolar and his financial situation wasn't that stable, and him renting from me would help to pay off my mortgage faster. i think he keeps choosing to interpret this as "living with him" and that i would be willing to live with any guy, possibly in a romantic context.

the issue is that i was impulsive when i felt unloved and uncared for and went behind his back to talk to my friends who were interested in me when i felt hated by him. i think he feels that i'll try to hurt him by sleeping with them or something if i feel hated by him. i guess i am browbeaten. i dont mind jealousy or possessiveness, because i can be the same way, but what i do mind is the fact that he has no sympathy or understanding for WHY i did those things and that it's avoidable and that i'm not impulsive anymore. he says he doesn't blame me, but he just can't get over it. he has read and listened in on my conversations with my guy friends and i didn't speak to them in a romantic way ever and i really have no interest in them, but i guess that i would sometimes try to make him jealous because i felt hated or unloved was just too much.

No. 317513

Yeah, it was rough. But I’m glad I’m not the only one who catches onto this kind of weird behavior. The final nail in the coffin is me chewing her out properly and cutting her out of my life completely.

True facts.
Alot of the reason I was too scared of saying something back, other than risk being socially isolated was that our mutual friends would take her side, and defend the shit out of her because she’s a smol shy bean that needs protecting and wouldn’t hurt a fly uwu~
It’s really baffling how people fall for that kind of act.

No. 317526

lmfao ur his source of attention until he finds a new girl anon. i dont see why you’re making these excuses for a “relationship” that isn’t there. once he finds a new girl he’ll ditch you just move on and be happy jesus

No. 317535

It’s like anon has been trying to justify his emotional bullshit and put herself down as hard as she can.
Why do you put up with men like that when you could be single or with someone who isn’t a manipulative twat? Stop throwing around the ‘love’ excuse because this ain’t it.

No. 317550

This week has been fucking crazy, minorities are getting shot and killed and far right people are taking power, the evil in this world is terrible

No. 317552

Basically he doesn't really want you but doesn't want anyone else to have you either

No. 317554

I hate body positive/haes people more than hitler and I wish they’d all disappear forever.
People keep saying oh nobody believes them it’s only like four people! But I’ve not seen a ten year old boy who doesn’t have a bigger rack than I’ve got in at least a year.
Dani Adriana can choke on her own own back hump because she’s not empowering women, she’s dragging them down to her level of food addiction and apathy.

No. 317556

I wish I could quit drinking now! Drugs too!! I get so disgusted, and care about what people think, and I feel like they don't love me anymore. I don't know what I'm saying I'm not in the right mind. Sorry.

No. 317557

Ah you must be from the American south or something? That's too bad.

No. 317559

Sadly not. Low income rural Australian town. Obesity second only to meth addiction.
The families start young, usually aren’t educated, you’re seen as mean if you don’t buy your kids maccas a few times a week and homecoming means putting frozen chicken nuggets into the deep fryer. It’s honestly part and parcel with the regular neglect. In twenty years the local hospital is gonna be reduced to ruins by junkies and the price of bariatric equipment for the patients.

No. 317599


I don't even want to read the news anymore. It didn't even barely started yet and we already got 1 dead child (got shot), threats at a lgbt party, people being threatened at dating apps, some women were beaten, and probably more that we don't even know. They're fucking insane and the purest evil. I'm genuinely really afraid of what can happen if they can roam free with guns and if this happens (I sincerely hope not, the thought makes my sick to my stomach) I'm afraid that mass shootings can become common. This all because of people's extreme ignorance and laziness…

No. 317619

I'm low key jealous of my ex-friend for getting free shit to promote on her account. She also only has like 3k followers so it seems low effort.

This is so damn childish. I deleted all of my social media at the start of the year and am doing great, but the fake happy posts and free shit people get makes me want to get back into it, but I don't feel like posting my ass daily or making up interesting stories. Time to focus on real life again

No. 317625

Little boy tiddies and fat Stacy having confidence in her lumps is literally worse than torture and murder for sure!

No. 317630

I. Am. So. Sweaty.
How do I stop fucking sweating?
I seat on my ass at home, I get wet smelly pits out of nowhere. I go out - no matter how freezing it is - I'm hot and sweating, and when I enter a building my body is like oh man the temperature is different, gotta make the whole body wet. I can't wear shirt and blouses, anything that touches my pits basically, only more loose clothing or really sheer fabric. I don't even wear sweater in the winter anymore. And I have to make sure to always have my hair covering my back for at least 15 mins after for example entering the school, because there's probably a big puddle on the back of my shirt that needs to dry off.
I'm generally an anxious person and this shit only gives me more anxiety and stress, because I have to constantly think about it and worry I look like a river rat.
(My blood tests are fine)
Any tips how to deal with it?

No. 317637

Sometimes I see "cosplay thots" with like 100k-1m IG followers and hundreds of Patreon subscribers, and I feel dumb as shit for not cashing in on that. Generations of women before ours who were "glamour models" and had to let men photograph and touch them to get featured in magazines and maybe make a decent cut are probably bewildered by how easy it is now. Any young woman with a credit card, some makeup skills, Photoshop, a good camera and a tripod can make it these days. They'll get a steady flow of money from a dedicated audience as long as they are cute/sexy. I bet if someone like Belle Delphine plays her cards right, she'll be set for life all because of the ahegao faces, cosplay and "lewd" image sets taken in her youth. It's crazy.

I just wish there was a way to do that sort of thing whilst preserving my dignity. Men have a way of putting women on pedestals just to knock them down and call them vile, unlovable sluts and whores. I don't want to bring shame to myself or my family like that. Plus, pandering to autistic neckbeards and pretending to genuinely like the entitled, insane ones who pay you the most money can't be an easy task.

No. 317641

I sit next to this lady probably 40 years my senior at my job now and she's really dopey and silly person with 0 self awareness and I everyday now I'm distracted. Like today I was writing something down and she asked where I was writing it from and I said off the whiteboard and I pointed to it, it's the only whiteboard in the room, she was staring at it and she said "what whiteboard". I was trying so hard to keep it together but failed she didn't notice though. I don't know why this is so funny to me or her but Its embarrassing. I barely know these people so far and I'm worried they're watching me fucking cover my mouth smiling at my own desk trynna not to lose it over shit thats not even funny.. like no one is cracking a joke. Just laughing to myself like an idiot.

No. 317644

i swear pretty people get everything

No. 317645

it really do be like that

No. 317647

Baby powder your body, cut down on dairy, red meat,and sodium. If you’re on any medications talk to your doctor and get off of them (my old anti depressants had me covered in sweat basically all day.They completely dehydrated me) Drink more water!

No. 317648

not that anon but obviously over time more people will die earlier with increased fat acceptance

No. 317650

Not that anon and yet you're just as fucking stupid. The same could be said for people who willingly choose to smoke, drink, and starve themselves.
Except that's a choice they're making for themselves.

It's absolutely not the same as being genocided. Don't say stupid ridiculous shit and maybe it won't get called out.

No. 317651

If you ever find a solution please share. I am always hot and sweating no matter how hot or cold it is. It's so fucking shit, I know it's anxiety/stress sweat but it amplifies my anxiety 100x which makes me sweat even more…. when I complained to my dr that it was ruining the quality of my life (which it is, I've become a shut in over the past couple years because of it and avoid going out at all costs) she didn't give me any solutions.

No. 317653

Same but my face gets sweaty the most… I cannot apply any cream or concealer cause it starts sweating like mad in 5 minutes. I dunno.what to do. I am laying off meds so maybe it will help.
I know I have to lose weight to but it's crazy how my face becomes because of a little bit of make up.

No. 317656

Ever tried beta-blockers? My GP presribes them to me to block the anxiety symptoms (heart beating too fast, red face and trembling hands for me), I think it could work for anxiety sweats too.

No. 317662

> If you're American or European your country has directly caused the poverty and corruption those immigrants are fleeing

No it didn't you stupid brainwashed generalizing fuck. There's plenty of countries in Europe that weren't colonial at any point in their history, which you would know if you knew history at all. And claiming colonialism is directly responsible for poverty is ridiculous. People in africa were happily killing each other and rolling around in disease and poverty before they've seen even a single white person.

No. 317666

>complains about others not knowing history
>"And claiming colonialism is directly responsible for poverty is ridiculous. People in africa were happily killing each other and rolling around in disease and poverty before they've seen even a single white person."
Colonialism was, and still is, one of the leading cancers of the continent. Everything would be better if former colonial powers would just pack up their shit and go entirely. No "charities", no foreign intervention, no aid, no military agreements, no shitty "trade deals", no colonial taxes, nothing. Just a clean separation.
I wish /pol/tards who reee about not wanting immigrants or multiculturalism in the world would also tell their cousins to follow the same advice by going home, and their governments to focus on themselves, lmao.

No. 317672

>Europe was doing great before WW1, look at the roman empire!
You're a loon.

No. 317674

You got angry at someone suggesting that colonialism was bad, but I'm the loon. Okay, anon, kek.
Hope you get some therapy.

No. 317677

And alot of countries were poor and fucked during the Soviet times, all of the adult men didn't jump ship and leave, and when they did they didn't rape and murder and spread their religion to their host countries. No country or people is entitled to help from any other country.

No. 317679

>If you're American or European your country has directly caused the poverty and corruption those immigrants are fleeing
>being this retarded
my country was literally colonized for centuries before the early 1900's and I'm in Europe, you do know Europe isn't just the UK, France and Spain right

No. 317680

Saying you're a loon is not strawmanning. I'm saying you're spouting stupid shit, though.
Sure, colonialism wasn't all pink and dandy but let's face it, those countries were fucked way before that.

No. 317682

>Everything would be better if former colonial powers would just pack up their shit and go entirely. No "charities", no foreign intervention, no aid, no military agreements, no shitty "trade deals", no colonial taxes, nothing. Just a clean separation.
Okay, that sounds fantastic.

No. 317690

Thank you. Tell your friends who insist South Africa is their land that too.

No. 317697

I was referring to the line of greentext as strawmanning.
>Sure, colonialism wasn't all pink and dandy
Understatement of the century. Look up "the effects of colonialism" anytime.
>but let's face it, those countries were fucked way before that.
Please give me an in-depth, detailed explanation on each country, the history of its ethnic groups and why everyone was doomed before colonialism.
Keep in mind that I don't believe any country should have to take in refugees or immigrants, but I do believe the countries that caused the problems need to own up to it, fix it, give back whatever was stolen and then fuck off.

No. 317699

Sorry, but I'm not friends with any Africans.

No. 317701

I'm not saying you are, that's my point.

No. 317703

Oh come on anon! These geniuses don't only consider those places when they say Europe. Don't be mean to them! They've also heard about Germany. That's 4 whole countries. There's no actual problem in erasing half of Europe when talking about it. Even better if you talk about the whole continent like it's one country. You reach further enlightenment if you do all this without ever stepping foot anywhere near it. Just don't talk about any other place in the world like that.

No. 317704

Yeah, remember when back then the Germans brought FGM and child marriage to Wakanda? They've literally destroyed everything…

No. 317706

Don't westerners marry children and mutilate their son's genitals, too?

No. 317708

No. 317709

No idea about the West, but here in the North certainly not.

No. 317710

The Church of the Latter Day Saints would like a word with you, and so would the entire practice of circumcision.

No. 317716

Do not ever again compare circumcision to female genital mutilation. How fucking disrespectful.

No. 317717

>comparing male circumcision to FGM
This is some truly disgusting false equivalency. Male circumcision IN NO WAY KEEPS THEM FROM ENJOYING SEX and has health benefits such as greatly reducing their risk of HIV. FGM's sole purpose is to rid women of their sexuality, ability to feel pleasure, and reduce them to breeding stock. No matter how one feels about male circumcision, you can't deny that one is far far far worse than the other. How can you seriously compare the two?

No. 317718

I'm a woman, and I'm not being "disrespectful". Circumcision is mutilation. Any unnecessary removal of a child's body parts, especially when that part contains hundreds of nerve endings, is mutilation. It's fucked up, no matter what your culture tells you. Deal with it.

No. 317719

Countries around the world have been pouring aid money to Africa for over 60 years and literally nothing has happened and even local scholars there are telling people that it's only causing corruption and setting things back, what DO the ex-colonialist countries have to do in your opinion? Just "fixing it" isn't really an option. "Fixing it" would probably be like the west did with Korea and Japan that were both financially devastated after WW2. Take over the African countries and make them work at factories until their economy is able to stand on its own two feet? I don't think that would fly these days.

No. 317721

One being worse does not make the other less shitty. It is mutilation. It's disgusting to try and downplay one.

No. 317722

Comparing it to FGM IS disrespectful. Circumcized males still feels sexual pleasure and still get off, plus there are actual health benefits. The same cannot be said for FGM.

No. 317723

Find me a circumcised male who would rather have a 60% higher likelihood of getting HIV.

Also, why is it you almost never see cut men sperging about male circumcision? It's always women and uncut guys. I literally don't know a single cut man IRL who would rather not have been circumcised and online they seem to make up the vast minority of people who complain.

No. 317725

Because being cut doesn't actually have any kind of negative effect on their lives

No. 317726

>greatly reducing their risk of HIV

NAYRT, but so do condoms. Also idk how cutting off some skin and nerves is suppoaed to prevent you from xontractinf a sexually transmitted disease, but ok. The foreskin is meant to be there, removing it only serves to decrease sexual pleasure, especially wbc the foreskin protects the glans from becoming desensitized from overstimulation (which contributes to the "men cant cum from regular sex anymore" thing for sure).

Circumcision is only a thing because some mega-rich asshole named John Harvey Kellogg, the CEREAL guy, was a puritanical religious nutbjob and thought masturbation was evil and cutting off the foreskin would curb their desires. To your credit thpugh he did suggest FGM- the female equivalent of circumcision im his mind was to burn off the clitoris with carbolic acid.

No. 317729

The reason "aid" goes nowhere is because it's a scam made to trick citizens of the colonialist countries into donating or paying higher taxes in exchange for peace of mind. Less than 1% of the money will ever go to Africa. You will never meet an African person who is surviving on foreign aid, because it does not exist. It's a sham. The fact that in 60 years you never figured that out for yourselves is embarrassing.
>What DO the ex-colonialist countries have to do in your opinion?
Stop strong-arming countries into unfair trade deals to get resources, stop setting up military strongholds where they won't even allow those countries to see what they're doing, stop setting up "charities", "schools" and "orphanages" that are just fronts for child trafficking and pedophile holiday spots, return stolen cultural relics, reverse any deliberate tension created between ethnic groups to secure colonial power, dispute all the arbitrary countries declared (many, many ethnic groups have been split apart or smashed together with no regard to culture) so that sensible lines can be drawn, etc.
>Take over the African countries and make them work at factories until their economy is able to stand on its own two feet?
Nope. Just do what's said above and leave. The notion that Africa doesn't "work" unless others come and take over is tired and inaccurate.

No. 317730

Circumcision is becoming less practiced these days, thankfully. I chose to not mutilate my kid and did not receive any of the pressure I've heard horror stories about.

No. 317733

You're really saying some child mutilation is A-OK and defending it because one has even more nasty side effects. You're the only dumb, disrespectful piece of shit I see here.
Please don't have kids.

No. 317734

All mutilation is bad but you really can't compare FGM with male circumcision, ever. FGM results in a lot of pain and is usually done when the girl is 8-12 years old, causing further mental trauma, longer healing times and a ton of complications. Even the most minor form of it removes the head of the clitoris, and the most extreme form removes the clitoris in whole including the inner and outer labia, finishing it by sewing the vulva shut. All often done without anesthesia. Sex will be painful to woman after this and the mutilated vulva will be prone to life-threatening infections.

It's disrespectful to compare these two because often when someone is talking about FGM some asshole pops up to whine about "m-muh male circumcision why isn't anyone talking about that" despite it being nowhere near as severe as FGM as it only nicks the foreskin off, not the whole glans tip of the penis.

No. 317735

Yeah, great. You'll get a crumbling continent rampant with AIDS, child rape and mutilation and war. Even more so than now.

No. 317736

My country was literally enslaved by Muslims for centuries, who treated us like animals. Don't see how we are to blame for the world's poverty and refugees. But I guess you probably also think Europe is one country.

No. 317737

There are literal focus groups of cut men upset that they were mutilated at birth. I don't know where you've been looking, but you must be very lost.
The implication that having foreskin = HIV is pathetic, too. It's not cute to take sharp objects to a baby's genitals, ever. Sorry.

No. 317738

Anon, a lot of those problems could be resolved by occupation and doing what the west did in South Korea. Without doing that, it's not really possible. You can wave your finger at the naughty child-traffickers but if you have no real authority over them, there's not much that you can do.

No. 317739

They are both mutilation that happens without the child's informed consent. It happens for different reasons, but no one should be circumsizing male children before they can make an informed choice, either. So yeah fuck off with that.

No. 317740

What exactly have colonialist countries done to help at all? And even if that were to be the case, you obviously don't care about things being bad now, so why are you so concerned about it possibly happening after your government fucks off? What is your obsession over the continent? How does it concern you?

No. 317742

Yeah. They are midly upset that they lost some sensitivity.
Poor babies, it's absolutely like being barred from any pleasure and being in deep pain every time you have sex (with a chance to go septic if you're not lucky and end up dying septic because of your own period macerating up there).
Come on. No one should mutilated but it is absolutely like comparing pulling out a nail vs amputating the whole hand.

No. 317745

YMMV. Circumcision is fully and completely unneccessary. As for HIV prevention, doctors still don't fully know how the virus enters the penis, but saying circumcision needs to be normalized to prevent the spread of HIV is stupid because that would take decades to work. Just… wash yoir foreskin and leave baby penoses alone. The only one making that choice should be the owner of the penis in question, and since kids don't usually jump to have sex before puberty odds are they will have plenty of time to make their own decision. Tbqh if you ask me the only reason it went on for so long is because men want their sons to be clones of them, or maybe they were just jealous of the thought of their sons feeling more during masturbation/sex than them.

Also I have yet to see an actual source for any "cut dick prevents HIV better than condoms!" claims. All I can ever find are inconclusive studies that are done in second and third world countries wherr the infected barely give a fuck to begin with.

No. 317746

It's actually closer to cutting off the labia but nice try.

No. 317747

>Without doing that, it's not really possible.
Do you have a single source to back that up, or are you just surmising that out of convenience?
>naughty child-traffickers
Nice. If your child, sister, brother, cousin, niece, nephew, etc ever get kidnapped and raped, I hope you take this very same dismissive, uncaring approach and minimize how disgusting it is.
>if you have no real authority over them, there's not much that you can do.
I'm saying they should leave, because a fuckload of them are from "charity groups" created by colonialist countries. No need for authority if they're not even there to begin with, and they're useless, anyway.

No. 317748

What is? Yes, closing up the vulva leaving only a tiny hole is very much practised, you robot.

No. 317750

>Also idk how cutting off some skin and nerves is suppoaed to prevent you from xontractinf a sexually transmitted disease, but ok.
The fact you're ignorant of this fact and even suggesting it's not true shows you're not well researched enough on this subject for your opinion to be taken seriously. Google is right there.

Also, I am well aware of Kellogg and how horrible he is, but you can't be ignorant enough to think he was in inventor of it. It started as a Jewish practice that he coopted. And regardless of it's origin, it was found to-like I already said- have really great sexual health benefits and not actually harm the male's sex life in any way.

If this is so barbaric and anyone who isn't foaming at the mouth over it is a piece of shit condoning child mutilation, then where are the hoards of circumcised men coming forward to end this practice? Most men in the US are circumcised, so why isn't this a major issue males are taking on as a rights violation? Why do the same men who are circumcised usually do it to their sons?

It's almost like they don't mind being circumcised and this movement is composed mostly of women and uncircumcised men for a reason.

No. 317755

So, your argument is that a child is too young to make informed decisions about their health? So, we shouldn't be making any health decisions for our children then?

No. 317756

>If this is so barbaric and anyone who isn't foaming at the mouth over it is a piece of shit condoning child mutilation, then where are the hoards of circumcised men coming forward to end this practice? Most men in the US are circumcised, so why isn't this a major issue males are taking on as a rights violation? Why do the same men who are circumcised usually do it to their sons?
You do realize a similar argument can be used in favor of FGM, right? A lot of the same women who get mutilated pass on the tradition to their own daughters. I've seen images of grown women from Southeast Asian countries SMILING maniacally as they mutilate crying little girls because it's just "the way things are". That doesn't make it anywhere near okay.
Culture and tradition are often backward and disgusting. "But they do it anyway and haven't all stopped, so there's no way it's that bad" is a piss-poor argument.

No. 317757

Omfg can we stop it with the circumcision sperging? Is it possible to go more than two posts in a thread without it getting derailed by something dumb?

No. 317759

Right… except that women in these cultures are subjected to extreme oppression and taught/forced to believe their sex/breeding objects who shouldn't be feeling pleasure. Men in the Western world obviously do not have that problem, so please don't try to insinuate most of them don't care simply because they're gaslit like FGM victims. Again, false equivalency at its finest.

No. 317761

This entire site is one giant derail. Do the mods even exist anymore?

No. 317762

I've seen the most pertinent research this user is referencing, probably behind a paywall now which is why its hard to get to, and I'm not an expert but i did kind of understand it.

Yes, it is true that there appears to be a phenomenon where it is more likely to get HIV with an uncut penis. It seems to be that the fold of skin, like how a woman is more likely to contract HIV, is basically a really friendly and inviting environment for the virus to get under and then more easily enter the urethra. For women, its that their whole vagina is just prone to being susceptible to infection, any STD just gets into the bloodstream so much easier for them.

So…the whole study itself did have a discussion section, iirc, and the debate was whether the risk vs. Reward of the procedure justified circumcision without informed consent. There were definitely ones pushing it hard as a preventative thing, but it was rebutted that, some data strongly suggests the risk of transmission goes down significantly (not as much but a noticeable amount) for uncut men when they simply practice basic hygiene before and after sex. Making sure your dick is clean before, taking a piss after sex, and cleaning up after basically. If a man, upon reaching legal adulthood, is a high risk for HIV and decides it would be worth circumcision, that can be a thing, no need to violate the consent of little babies. Plus, condoms exist. So many people saw the ones pushing for it without informed consent as basically just having a bias for "tradition" or whatever.

I believe later i asked at the hospital when i had to make my choicec what the protocol was about all this stuff, and i was told that yeah, because of that there was a push to not pressure mothers into circumcision and there are even pediatricians that don't want to do it anymore and see it as both unethical and a huge liability.

Anyway in sum:FGM is utterly tragic and yes arguably more tragic than circumcision, doesn't make it ok to mutilate babies to "prevent HIV" lol.

No. 317768

male circumcision was normalized because it lessens male pleasure and decreases his urge to masturbate

No. 317775

My boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me and one of the reasons was my gender critical views….

No. 317782

i wish you idiots wouldn't sperg so much when someone "defends" men.

No. 317785

anyone who isn't against circumcision simply doesn't understand what it actually is, or is knee-jerking because it has to do with men. also, FGM is a huge blanket term and includes things that are less invasive and not even permanent. it's in no way comparable to level 5 FGM, but level 1 and 2 are less or similarly sexually debilitating.

No. 317787

You could have answered my question and provided sources but instead you resorted to being a cunt with the typical "google it" and "I shpuldn't have to eksplain it to u" arguments. Your bias is showing. Nobody should circumcise babies or children before they are old enough to consent to sex.

>where are the hoards of circumcised men coming forward to end this practice? Most men in the US are circumcised, so why isn't this a major issue males are taking on as a rights violation?

A little over half, actually- 55%. And because men don't organize that way for things that don't benefit them directly. Men who are already cut benefit from hysteria like yours because they're seen as "normal" instead of incomplete. Notice you don't hear about men who are uncut growing up to get adult circumcisions en masse.

As for the HIV argument, I have yet to find a study done on that claim that wasn't done in a second or third world country, and they all say it doesn't prevent men from getting HIV. The benefit doesn't even carry much merit in America because guess what? More peole in the US are afraid of getting pregnant than getting HIV because it's not as big an issue here. The relevance of that statistic only matters in places where the disease is spreading rapidly because men refuse to use condoms.

Jewish people didn't "invent" circumcision either, and it wasn't born from any religion. Men have been dping it for a laundry list of reasons, but as far as I can see the only time babies/toddlers are involved is when it is religious.



Just let them decide when they're old enough to have sex. If that in itself is such a radical and offensive idea to you then you must be the type who thinks men and boys are too stupid to be taught to wash a foreskin properly. Circumcision is a waste of perfectly good nerve endings all for the sake of either tradition or control.

No. 317788

Too bad it didn't work and now half the country has fapped their sensitivity away. I wonder if porn sickness might have any tie in here, hmm? Men who struggle to get off because their glans is desensitized, seeking more violent and degrading porn… But hey, at least they can have unprotected sex with an HIV+ and only worry half as much! Worth it.

No. 317789

nta but can we stop talking about it, the girls on this board are never going to care about relating to "evil men" because they don't have any empathy for them.

>inb4 hur dur """men""" have no empathy for ""women""

i don't care if many men don't have empathy for me, the important ones do, and important men in my life have been ruined by this shit.

No. 317790

Lol right? Its almost as if just children in general shouldn't be mutilated without their consent when the risk and ethical issues outweigh the preventative benefits. This is why they're starting to only "correct" intersex genitals if they have to for a legitimate medical reason and have started treatment plans around informing them of their options at ages where they can make the decision of how they would like to present and/or function sexually.

The vent here is that people who generally don't understand that shouldn't be having kids or spouting their shitty opinions everywhere lol.

No. 317796

worse than that, many doctors use it to "correct" physiological conditions for $$.
imagine how up in arms people ITT would be if a dr. told them that their daughter needed her labia cut off cause she sprinkled pee. it's an absolutely disgusting opinion to alter a child's anatomy like that when all the reasons aren't even compelling. any of the reasons are "it will cause issues later", then they should decide later what they want.

i have one elongated inner labia that causes me issues because it sometimes gets pinched against my underwear, yet i would have been furious if someone cut it off when i was a kid, no matter what the reason.

it's fucked up that we teach children that genitals are a private thing yet some children get them altered to suit their parents' desires.

No. 317798

>except that women in these cultures are subjected to extreme oppression and taught/forced to believe their sex/breeding objects who shouldn't be feeling pleasure.

God I need to vent about this, ex-muslim who grew up in a conservative Muslim-majority country here. I'm so, so sick of Islam being romanticized by people who don't have any idea about Islam. Of course people have the right to believe in whatever they want and not all Muslims are bad people. I have nothing against Muslims who have no malicious intent but Islam by itself is not a religion of peace and can be criticized. Most of the shitty aspects of our society is caused by religion.

FGM isn't practiced in my country but my country has a huge problem with misogyny. Child marriages are illegal but it still happens in the rural areas. Women having sex before marriage or not being submissive to the older male figures in the family is still a taboo, domestic violence and honor killings happen often and the government doesn't give a fuck, people's mindset is "if she dared to fuck someone before marriage, she deserved to get beaten up to death". If you have sex and just one of these people hear about it, they'll ruin your social life, they'll think you owe them something. You have to basically be your husband's mother and do everything for him or you are a shitty woman. Having a son is more important than having a daughter, women will raise their sons like princes and treat their daughters like shit because they are taught that giving birth to a boy is the best accomplishment they can achieve. Girls are ashamed of their female parts, ashamed of having periods. Men complain about our women as if everything they complain about isn't caused by them. They'll complain about women being deadfish in bed but they'll also treat a sexually-active woman as a slut who deserves to die. They see foreign women as easy sluts who are ready to hop on their dicks and will judge them if they don't live up to their expectations.

There are so many things to talk about. I hate this society, I hate it for fucking up my life, for fucking up everyone's lives. I really hope that things are going to change but I lose my hope and just think we are in too deep and nothing is ever going to be better sometimes.

No. 317800

My bf and I have decided to circumcise any male children we have. He's cut and he's proud of it because it's cleaner and looks better.

No. 317801

Just teach your kids how to fucking wash. Is your bf coping lmao

No. 317803

don't respond to bait, anon. all circ'd men are coping

No. 317804

Disgusting. I hope both of you are infertile.

No. 317805

Can we all just agree that it is never acceptable to mess around with a kid's genitals except in an emergency, life or death situation? How can this even be an argument?
I may sympathize heavily with misandrists, but I draw the line at child mutilation and torture because I'm not a fucking monster. I'm glad that some anons seem to be sensible, but it's fucked up that there's clearly a subset of people on this board can't say the same. Fucking hell.

No. 317807

thank you. for a board that hates toxic masculinity so damn much, they sure have no problem supporting it simply to stick the "man" tag onto infant children. even bait-chan is confirming just how steeped in toxic masculinity circumcision is so the idea that anyone on this board supports it is beyond me.

No. 317808

Oh dear anon you have my deepest sympathies with this one :(

Had very close family friends, were Christian convert Iranians whom narrowly escaped actual religious persecution by, you guessed it, the muslims.

The whole "all brown middle eastern people are islam trash that are basically isis and should be killed" thing in the u.s. really affected them on a deep level.

On the other hand, the allies whom rose up, who have no real idea wtf went on were like "muslims never do any wrong, evar uwu" and became their uncomfortable reality.

I cannot stand either now and we just don't have easy answers for any of this. Yeah ok let's not terrorize the world trying to catch terrorists anymore but…c'mon now.

And yes, they can squawk at me all day long about how all these issues in islam are really westerners fault or we caused the terrorists. In many ways true but its so dumb that's supposed to just be "oh all right then don't hold them accountable for fucked shit."

No. 317809

Ack directed at

No. 317811

>male circumcision is to blame for violent sexuality in men
>you deserve to be infertile for choosing to circumcise your son
>male circumcision is torture

My vent: I'm mostly against circumcision and I hate how many who share my view point just spew a bunch of ridiculous drivel like this that makes it hard for most to take this position seriously. I can't blame people who dismiss us all as crazy when these are the sorts of things you commonly see in these discussions. Honestly, the anti-circumcision side sounds fucking batshit in the majority of discussions I see. Also, I cannot find anything supporting the idea that 55% of men are against it and the argument of "wait until they're old enough to decide" is absolutely retarded since it's so much more painful and more prone to complications. Again, you're not doing our side any favors.

Anyway, everyone participating in this discussion for or against it is stupid and here's an article explaining why you're all dumb: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/circumcision-what-does-science-say/

Can we all move on now?

No. 317813

just drop it.

No. 317814

I hate how social media has become extremely necessary for keeping in contact with people. If I text people, it's 50/50 whether they'll get back to me, but if I FaceBook or Instagram message someone, they always do. Why is this???

No. 317816

>this 10 year old article will prove i'm right!

No. 317818

don't fb and instagram have that pop up function? that's probably why. if i was watching a video and text messages appeared in front of it i'd reply to them faster too.

No. 317819

That's a bit rude, I would never wish the same on you for choosing to make your son's partners more at risk of STIs anon. It's a choice my bf made, he's cut and it doesn't negatively affect his life (in fact, quite the opposite). Also you'll be happy to know that neither of us are infertile!

No. 317820

You sound like a femcel telling porky pies.

No. 317821

Eh, I disagree with you. Like other preventative surgeries, it's being phased out. They used to do preventative tonsillectomy and no longer do it for moral/consent reasons, only if it's medically necessary, same with this.

Besides, your article, like someone else said is outdated, and doesn't really reflect most physician's positions on it anyway. I have a son and the only people who have ever recommended it to me are urologists who preform the surgery, urologists who don't have told me that everything you said is bull, namely the "more painful" aspect, since in recent years we've discovered babies actually feel more pain, couple that with the fact that babies get less anesthetic and medicine for pain and it's obviously wrong. I also had an ex bf who got it done at age 20 and he said it was less painful than getting wisdom teeth pulled.

For someone who thinks the argument is stupid, you were sure quick to find proof of how "dumb" everyone else is.

No. 317822

Stop responding to bait.

No. 317827

good god lmao

No. 317830

I'm so tired of people infighting all the fucking time because they think the site is a specific way or that we all share the same opinions. Stop putting other anon's down for their opinions or go to reddit.

No. 317870

File: 1540848587220.jpeg (88.79 KB, 819x665, 711163EC-FA5B-45BB-A9C5-5BBF88…)

I’m so fucking sick and tired of my ptsd ruining my life. I was in club today and a guy was joking about how good a rape scene was. even the word makes me tear up hearing it, and it’s so fucking embarrassing. Any time there’s a scene that remotely has anything to do with it makes me just… ugh. I’m so happy at least my bf is understanding and always warns me of scenes,’making sure to use “sexual assault” rather than the word. My ex was shit about it and legit asked why it still bothers me when it was ages ago. I have to take 800mg of seroquel or I’ll have trauma dreams and sleep paralysis where I’m being touched. I have to be constantly doing something or else my mind wanders, I’m recovering but I deal with a bad eating disorder from wanting to ruin my body and be unattractive. i’m just so tired

No. 317874

>joking about how good a rape scene was
Wtf is wrong with men?

No. 317885

I'm sick of anons here putting other women down that don't look exactly the way they do. These posts REEK of plain narcissism and insecurity and even if you're in a minority or "less appealing" looking group, you don't look good getting back at other groups just because someone that looked a certain way made fun of you before. All the stupid shit I constantly see that's bickered about like this is SO general too like race, height, eye colour. Since when did any of those solely make you attractive or look better (it doesn't)? Some of you dumb bitches need to get a grip with your shitty personalities.

No. 317893

Seriously! Much of the annoying infighting I was talking about comes from shit like that. Especially when anyone mentions Asian women, it's either "Asian women are the prettiest, I'm a self-hating white girl." or "Asian women are extremely ugly, and it's their faults that neckbeards fetishize them!". Or it's stupid shit like everyone who hates big boobs is ana, and everyone who has big boobs has nasty udders. Like, get a fucking grip.

No. 317897

Edge points. Edgy youtubers and shit do it and they wanna be like them.

No. 317905

I am so exhausted with existing, I wish I could die in my sleep. There is no end to this nightmare in sight. I just want to go

No. 317910

How do I become more cultured and able to discuss world issues like those anons arguing about aid or whatever? Hate feeling ignorant

No. 317917

Just because they argue in circles all the time doesn't make them cultured, anon. A lot of the opinions and arguments I read from here sound very myopic and at times plain ignorant. Just because someone states something aggressively and with confidence doesn't mean they actually know what they're talking about.

No. 317957

Anyone who allows their pet to get obese is abusing the animal and deserves to feel like shit. It’s not fucking cute and chubby it’s dying and it’s literally the owners fault. Deliberately getting an animal to harm because they think it’s adorable. It’s exactly as shitty and cruel as hitting them or locking them up all day.

No. 317959

People lose their minds over it. I once asked for input because I didn’t know enough to have an opinion but my husband is pro-curcumcision because he has issues with his own.

Literally got called abusive to any potential child, unfit to be a mother, am a handmaiden so under the thumb of very abusive husband I was willing to abuse my baby, a man pretending to be a woman just to upset them, clearly supportive of any and all genital mutilation, retarded, and a sicko who obsesses over baby penises.

All for saying ‘I don’t have a dick so I don’t know’.

Farmers come to lolcow here to find a fight, not to discuss.

No. 317960

Because you can only give a shit about one or the other. You know anon, not everyone lives in a false dichotomy.

No. 317966

File: 1540868941308.jpg (57.88 KB, 1024x576, killme.jpg)

>Meet girl at con a year ago, we really hit it off
>Start going to all the local cons together, make tons of cosplay plans
>Going to cosplay two characters who are practically a couple together
>Really quickly realize I have a crush on her, try to push it down and forget about it
>Doesn't work
>mfw she's straight and probably doesn't even like me that much as a friend

It hurts bros, I just want to hold her in my arms.

No. 317982

tbh sometimes it's not that easy. my one cat is getting a little chubby and it's very difficult to keep him on a diet because he abuses the other cats when he's put on a diet/gets a lot more irritable/unbearable and refuses to eat diet food. it'd be a million times easier if i had more room in my house or only one cat.

No. 317983

I got so absurdly fuckin triggered over my crush admitted he "didn't miss" the toddler days and I realize that like, thats probably a huge reason for all the sort of flirting and seeming kinda into me but being aloof like he's trying to spare my feelings.

like fuck I get it, and im desperate to say like, im not asking for a potential companion to be a father figure, can I just have a real relationship, not a fuck buddy, that can be in my life? I don't even need marriage. I don't need them to pretend to parent my kid. I just don't want to be so damn lonely and sad. And I don't resent my kid, I feel like I resent everyone for not even really giving me a chance.

wouldnt even mind giving a single dad a chance but i have talked to quite a few don't even have custody like i do dont have to deal with it like I do and seem to prefer women that have never had kids or don't have custody hmmm.

not to mention a lot of pedos out there and i am just insta fucking suspish of anyone that might be a little too into me knowing that…but i just wanna get laid, feel loved lmao.

No. 317984

yeah but it's a lot of baggage. like, you having a kid really limits your ability to hang out with guys alone, be close, etc. there's probably also the whole 'feeling cucked' sentiment among retard men, too, but tbh, i wouldnt date a single dad for this reason. it's like dating a guy with 4 dogs. i don't want to date someone that's saddled with the responsibility of a million pets, either, even if i'm not going to take care of them.

No. 317989

I don't understand why people keep coming in here to be like "express opinions to make you feel shitty and guilty about feeling that way" at people's vents… not saying we have to pat each other's asses but this is getting to be a little much tbh.

like im not sure what you expected me to think, that you're not an asshole just because I hear that my kid is "baggage" 24/7? thanks I guess.

No. 317990

if ur cat is that ravenous I'd look into any medical issues that could be causing it, esp if he is older.
my cat started eating the dog food and trying to get into any food he could get even though he had his normal amount of cat food everyday. turned out he had beetus.

No. 317991

How chubby is a little chubby?

It’s not that hard. Train your animals, seperate them if one is being nasty, don’t provide constant food, feed them separately.

There is no excuse and fat pets are products of abuse. Anyone who says they can’t find time to invest five minutes daily into keeping their pets healthy is full of shit and they do not deserve pets.

No. 317993

Here's my vent, you're being a dick. So having a chubby cat isn't exactly the best thing but it's better than that cat dying abandoned in the streets or euthanized in a shelter.
I love my pets, and none of them are overweight but if they were, well I'd try to fix things as best as I could of course, but sometimes you have financial and time limits and it's just not that easy if you have more than one cat for example.

No. 317999

what. you're being really sensitive about a pretty lukewarm opinion.

No. 318005

I'm not sure how to explain to you that going up to a parent, especially one saying "dang i hate that i get treated like shit, deal with assumptions all the time, and no one even gives me a chance just for having a child when i try to date," and going, "Yeah it is baggage and sucks and i wouldn't date you either" is super dickish.

No. 318006

Eh have you tried lowering your standards? Idk I see lots of single moms getting into relationships in my extended peer group. Tho I live in a big city. Are you in a small town anon?

No. 318008

I'm really getting tired of my dorm mate, we're sharing a bedroom and she basically makes up the rules but I can't.

She NEEDS to sleep and take naps about every day, and when she does I can't use my laptop mouse or talk on the phone, or read because she'll block out any light. I'm not a huge nerd but I like playing online games with my friends and basically can't or have to immediately stop if she barge into the room to sleep. It can be noon, 6 pm or any time inbetween.

She's a foreigner and works part time scrubbing floors so I'm trying not to be mad but she argues that she pays for the bedroom too and can use it anytime she wants, but doesn't understand the concept of sharing it fairly.
I tried to reach a compromise and be the bigger person but she got mad when I suggested to text me when she's done working so I can have a 20-30min heads up and wrap up what I'm doing. She basically thinks it's annoying that she'd have rules.

Funny thing is she routinely gets drunk and will do unpredictable stuff like wake me up by turning on the light at 3am, or booty dialing me. When I try to talk to her about it she pretends she can't understand me and evades me.

I only have a few months left dealing with her but i'm so ready to strangle her.

> Also it's not a dorm room attached to a school but rather a privately owned building, and the manager is the same nationality as her.

No. 318009

It’s easy if you’re not lazy. Justifying animal abuse by ‘well if I wasn’t abusing it it would be starving in the streets’ as if normal people don’t adopt mistreated animals everyday, is so weak that Christopher reeves could beat it in an arm wrestle.

If your cats are overweight, you don’t deserve pets. Being offended about it doesn’t mean I’m nasty, that’s just projected guilt.

Anyone who doesn’t have five or ten minutes to feed their pets seperately is too time poor to have an animal at all. Anyone who thinks it’s expensive to feed an animal less food is too stupid for a pet.

No. 318016

File: 1540880453508.jpg (36.54 KB, 640x480, 1518553890976.jpg)

>joking about how good a rape scene was.
What the fuck is wrong with that person
Sexual violence is such a scary thing, I literally cannot understand how people can treat it as some joke and then when called out brush it off as hurr durr you're triggered!!11.
I'm happy that your bf is at least understanding anon, I wish you the best of luck to getting recovered.

To add to this I hate how common it is in anime and the community just accepts it/fetishizes it.
Watched a certain popular animated movie with a scene revolving around it, and it was so disturbing I burst into tears and turned it off. The movie itself was great but I'm forever traumatized by that scene

No. 318021

Why don't you just say what the movie is…?

No. 318022

I am in a small town and all my matches on dating apps were fuckboys, conservative men with nothing in common with me, or generally adamantly refused to respond. Ran out pretty quick and deleted it all.

Crush is the only one I've even really wanted in a long time anyway. Even have family and friends pretty baffled at all the seemingly mixed signals when i tried to ask advice. Guess I'll get over it and be forever alone lol.

No. 318024

You could, y’know, leave the small town instead of resigning yourself to being alone forever after a few bad dates.
There’s about 3billion men out there, the handful in your small town aren’t it.

No. 318036

I agree, anon. The main issue is that sexual violence is massively normalized in today's media. Look at how horrible series like Game of thrones is with their violence/sexual violence against women, but people still want to praise it. Even shows like American horror story has horrible assaults and straight up rape 'for the story.' I'm so damn sick of it. As a sexual assault survivor myself, you cant escape it.

No. 318037

Literally everything. Since men aren't the target demographic for rape and sexual assault, they joke about it like it doesnt pretty much happen to every women out there. They need to be taught how not to be a peice of shit.

No. 318047

NTA but I'm going to guess and say Perfect Blue.
The scene is traumatizing but necessary to the plot and works on many levels. I still hated watching it but it's done right. as in clearly meant to be horrifying and not fap material

No. 318056

Well, it's not even a rape scene, it's the characer acting a rape scene in a tv show.
But yep, it's a chilling one. Anybody thinking it's sexy is throwing a big bright red flag, for sure.

No. 318065

technically you are right but does the distinction matter when reality gets so blurred in the movie and the heroine seems as affected as if it was not just acting? It's also presented to us in way that makes it seem real even if it's a scene in a movie doubling as a showcase of Mima being figuratively raped (robbed of her innocence and dignity, used and abused) by the movie industry.
Don't mean to come off as a neckbeard asshole, I just goddamn love the movie and talking about it.
Can you imagine I've seen gifs of the scene circling on tumblr with thousands of reblogs looped so the guy keeps thrusting forever.
I wanted to fucking vomit

No. 318066

Lol as if i got any actual dates and not just gross sexual harassment within 5 minutes of any interaction i did have. That's honestly more the reason i gave up. I'm a busy lady, don't have time or energy to deal with that.

I'll work on pulling out all that money and resources i don't have out of my ass. No offense but if you live in a big city you end up sounding really out of touch when you tell people living in rural areas they can just move as if it's that easy. That's even pretty out of touch in general tbh, given housing prices and wage stagnation.

No. 318078

File: 1540901814761.jpg (55.98 KB, 800x857, 1nhqil.jpg)

Note: I'm aware that a lot of what happened is my fault for not establishing stronger boundaries and being a general mentally ill retard with no social skills or limitations.

>meet a friend on stan twitter about a year ago

>we both like the same artist and have similar music tastes
>he's in between stan twitter and normalfag twitter, actually he is just mostly a normalfag
>talk to him over time
>find out he lives in the same city as me
>i think he's gay or mostly bisexual for some reason, though at the time it's just me reading him wrong
>we meet up and this is like, in march 2018 or something
>the meeting is awkward since i end up getting drunk since he brings alcohol (yes this is EXTREMELY retarded and dangerously brainlet-tier behavior, i know) and we go to a sleezy hookah joint before he safely drops me off at home
>after the night he tells me he thought i was interested in him because i was giving him a hug and accidentally touching him and i told him it wasn't like that and we cleared it up
>we talk off and on online for months
>3 days ago we decide to meet up again
>we go over to his house and he convinces me that staying in his bed is alright since he's not interested in sleeping with me, he makes that clear for like.. months
>we take pictures together, mostly because i havent had a picture in a year since i have a strange anxiety and low self esteem about how i look in pictures
>i act affectionate with him (im like that with all my friends, male or female & i tell him that), awkward shit ensues, like me accidentally feeling his boner and him asking me if i want to see it, and him asking if he could suck my breasts three times before he finally took no for an answer
>i did nothing with him and didn't kiss him or anything like that, but obviously i must have lead him on with my sex and masturbation jokes i was making before and during, even though i reminded him i have a boyfriend and i wasn't interested in crossing that line (lol)
>once he gets ready to drop me off he acts more irritated, i ask him if everything is alright and he says yeah but the night was weird
>i try to message him for 3 days just to see how he's doing and he won't answer me, he even cancels out my calls
>i just really want my pictures man

I feel like screaming at myself for being a complete retarded fuck AND being so close to another male while in a relationship i want to fucking die. I just ruined my friendship too.

No. 318081

I don't agree with you. I've always seen it as Mima being this good of an actress (she's professionnal and reassure the guy playing the rapist that it's ok when he's feeling awkward during cut). She wants to act and she loves doing a hard scene, it's just everybody else (Rumi, her CHAM ex-fans) making it disguting and making her split and feeling unhinged.
But maybe I got it wrong all this time.

No. 318082

Men are far less empathetic than women. I do think that majority of men hate rape and sexual harassment, and would stop it occurring if they ever saw it, just that they joke among themselves to be the most 'heartless', because the less sensitive they are, the stronger they appear (I'm going off stereotypes here but to an extent this is what I believe). It's disgusting, but honestly I don't see it a lot, and I don't really think that stopping the "good" men from behaving like this is going to do anything to change the fact that some men are born assholes. I do really want to believe stopping rape and sexual harassment is that simple, but I'm afraid it's probably just something you can never stop people from doing, like robbery or other cowardly crimes.

>sleeping in the same bed as another man
>while in a relationship
>thinking it won't be sexual

What the fuck did I just read.

No. 318083

to be fair he told me he wasn't into me like that and that he had no interest in doing that, and we didn't sleep we laid down separate from each other with a good space between us. i remember he was trying to pursue other girls too and even was dating a girl while we were friends at a point. yeah yeah dumb on my part i know

No. 318087

It's okay, sorry for being judgemental, I kind of just intrinsically know that I'd never trust a man in that type of situation.

No. 318092

I think you're a bit naive, anon. Any man, even clamoring they're not interested, is going to try this kind of shit if you end up close to them in a bed. They can't help themselves.

No. 318093

I admit I don't have much RL friends right now and I'm really in a rough part of my life right now mentally and in everything else and they know this, so it did influence a lot my decisions.
Yes and I regret being naive because I just ruined a good friendship

No. 318109

It's not your fault, you gotta make those mistakes to learn. It's a valuable lesson, now you can move on. Don't beat yourself about it, it's hard to find guys that won't try to take advantage (misleading or not tbh). You know his true color now.

No. 318121

It doesn't read like he was ever your friend. It sounds like he was just playing the long con to try to get into your pants and was pissed off that night didn't go as he thought it would've. It really doesn't matter what signals you have off that night because he had made plans well before that. I assure you.

I don't view it as you having ruined anything. It's a man who's angry that he didn't get laid and is now ghosting you for it. Him having a boner and insisting he touch you are all aggressive signs he wanted you. A "friend" would've been embarrassed if not horrified that maybe he was the one ruining your friendship in that moment. I'm just glad he didn't assault you, or worse yet, rape you.

I'm sorry that you didn't get your pictures though. I think that's the real tragedy in this.

No. 318221

Thanks anons
>I'm sorry that you didn't get your pictures though. I think that's the real tragedy in this.
Heh, true.

No. 318231

Thank you for your perspective! I would love to watch the movie again and try to see it from your side. Maybe I will do it soon. I don't think you are wrong, just that our interpretations are different(I've always thought that it's cruel and exploitative how Mima goes from recreating the virginal uwu jpop idol to being pushed to erotic photography and sexual scenes as an actress, I never thought that this is what she wanted to do but rather what had to be done so she could act).
I think that PB supports different interpretations.

No. 318249

Me too, anon. I'll see you there.

No. 318344

While I'm just sitting here I'm thinking about my friend and the "red flags" they could have. I know it's done and gone but am I reading too much into things?

>they lied about random things, like me wanting to sleep with them and literally making up stories about this, i told them it wasn't true but they tried to convince me it was, they would drop it but later on would still be convinced of like i said nothing

>tried to convince me some pictures i showed of some girl was me, they also acted like they believed it but were also behaving in this same trollish way so i wasn't sure
>them exaggerating what i do and making stories about what i do
>we banter but last time we met they did slightly mean spirited jabs about me being a neet faggot and make\ubg strange comments about the way i look sometimes that felt liked negging
>being a university student about to graduate with a good social circle trying to date me a pathetic bipolar neet faggot with no friends and i made this very clear to him but he kept trying to pursue (while also pretending he didn't care about me at all at times)
>randomly one time they brought up something i said like, "you don't like X (some celebrity)" and I thought it was random and weird, and asked if he read my status, and he said no I swear I didn't, but I'm sure he did since this celebrity is irrelevant and it had nothing to do with our conversation at all
>would lie about nonsense and make up stories for no reason and i had to pull it out of him to tell me the truth

Idk how weird this is or if it's normal but they were generally light-hearted and trustworthy but this shit feels weird now I'm actually thinking about it. What the fuck does this mean?

No. 318346

*he was generally light-hearted and trustworthy

Again sorry for this but I can't stop obsessing over this right now…

No. 318348

Think they have a crush on you. The way they're thinking about you does suggest crush, but they are embarrassed about it or trying to convince themselves otherwise.

No. 318351

File: 1540930566551.gif (3.47 MB, 138x137, jSR7rGY.gif)

Idk what's wrong with me but I can't finish any of my art, I feel like I'm not good enough and will ruin all of my paper sheets and paints. I know nothing is perfect but this is so frustrating because I've been hoarding a ton of sketches and barely did anything this year…

I managed to do 6 inktober paintings this month and of all results, only one was below I expected, three were above I was thinking they were going to be and now idk why I'm feeling like this. I have sketches from one year ago waiting to become full paintings…

No. 318372

It was really sickening. Like, it’s so normal. I almost started crying bc a semifriend told a rape joke, people throw the word around to basically mean “this annoying thing happened to me” it’s such a cheap form of horror, so much stuff has it for shock value. Even if I didn’t suffer from ptsd it’d be so uncomfortable and awful, but this only makes it worse.
Thank you though

No. 318389

File: 1540936744808.gif (1.79 MB, 400x248, gif-5.gif)

My shrink told me to get off meds in preparation for new ones. It's been a week or two and I literally ponder smashing my head into a mirror or cutting myself because I feel that bad.
How is this fucking responsible to have your patient be without meds and without any kind of supervision or care for so fucking long. I bet if I told him that he would say BUT YOU TURNED OUT OKAY AND DIDN'T HURT YOURSELF AFTER ALL, RIGHT? :)) Now I want to do something to myself even more

No. 318422

File: 1540945403067.jpeg (88.01 KB, 546x802, 216BB9EB-D8FE-4C9A-9C7A-3B8A63…)

>bf’s roommate just now, after being good about not saying dumb shit, used the word to describe a shit price
I’m done friendos

No. 318426

Remind them that you're off your meds and awaiting a new prescription. Schedule an appointment or whatever is necessary. It's possible they've forgotten and your old meds have obviously sufficiently worn off by now.

No. 318457

thank you for replying and sorry for being unclear: I am only seeing my shrink. Two months ago he told me that I should take my medicine every second day so I did. When I saw him around 20th of October he was like 'oh cool, no prescription for you, stop taking your meds btw and come see me in a month'. So I have a visit scheduled on the 2nd of December and I am not sure how will I make it till then. I am very scared of having a breakdown at wotk (right now I am at home thanks to flu), but I am feeling horrible in an non-stress environment, so just imagine what happens once shit hits the fan at work…
He might have wrongly assumed that I will be fine as I did not feel THAT bad on one pill per two days.I have been on medication for 5 years now without stopping, why did he think it would be ok? I literally would love to go to mental hospital for the time cause it's so bad. I am also scared his genius solution to meds killing my libido is taking me off them. I do not think I can function without medication for depression.

No. 318458

It really hurts when people make fun of women who only have their partners as friends. Saying "he's only with you because of your vagina". I've never had a friend who wasn't a boyfriend or a guy who wanted to date me.

No. 318474

You really need to call and tell him you are struggling too much without meds so he can either put you back on them or help you get into a hospital. There is literally no reason to try and tough it out for an entire month when you are suffering this much.

No. 318476

I really hate when someone traps me in a conversation about their dream/s. What's that, you saw some crazy, unnatural, weird, unbelievable shit? That… Is the norm, and since it all happened in your mind, learn to just keep it there. Nobody outside of you cares all that much (if at all).

No. 318482

I just want to get this off my chest because I wanna scream both at myself and in general
>be me, fairly socially anxious and have a tough time making friends/keeping it because of it
>boyfriend is long distance so I'm lonely most of the time
>go to see school career service counselor one day to get help with an internship
>classmate I've never met before sits in on meeting and is generally friendly and easy to talk to
>me, slightly starved of human interaction feels ballsy, exchanges instagrams with classmate thinking nothing of it
>dude immediately starts messaging me as soon as he leaves
>conversation is generally polite/not weird but he starts double texting and sending/unsending messages and liking pictures I've posted if I don't respond within 15 minutes
>continues to message me every single day, messages start getting weirder with time
>visits me during my shift at the school library pretending to study /while/ he has lectures going on
>finds me on facebook, adds me
>monitors when I'm online and strategically sends messages when he sees I'm active
>dude continues to message me daily, even after not getting any responses from his last ten or so messages sent over the course of a week
>only known this kid for a month tops
I want to block him or tell him to fuck off but I'm really scared to, the school I go to is very small and I don't want any trouble but it's exhausting to feel like I have to avoid being on social media or around certain parts of campus just so I don't have to deal with him. He knows I have a boyfriend too so it's just an all around uncomfortable situation that I wish never happened to begin with.

No. 318488

I mostly agree anon, it's not that hard or expensive to feed your pets well. I was mostly ranting about unrelated issues, I've seen too many people calling people who can't afford cancer treatment or whatever for their pets being called abusers and such and I got touchy.

No. 318505

I mean, nobody should have pets they can’t afford, and that includes an emergency fund but I understand that those funds get eaten up quickly and diseases are unpredictable.
It’s not abuse to not have $6000 for dog chemo, it’s nothing but abuse to let, say, a Labrador get to 45kg.

People like the scum that post on r/delightfullychubby, they’re animal abusers. Gathering together online to compare just how damaged their furry victims get before they die, sighing with joy over the immobility and helplessness.

No. 318514

Remove him from everything you can. Right now. I can't believe you've lasted a month like this. Men are like stupid dogs and need to be punished immediately. It's kind of like because you set no boundaries, this moron thinks it's okay to push you.

Immediately stand up to him and tell him to not treat you like a wall and message you like a creep 10 times in a row. You're not his girlfriend and say it like that. Then remove him and block him immediately from your Facebook and Instagram. Temporarily private or even "delete" your Facebook for a week (if it's no hindrance to you) so when he figures out you've blocked him, he'll think he chased you off the internet.

I've had to deal with stalkery, pushy men and you have to put your foot down. As for school, make him uncomfortable to be with you, not vis versa. You have more power than you think. Tell a teacher and some fellow girls if you can, so they're aware. It's not that they'll "protect" you necessarily, but they might confront him and give him social pressure so you don't have to. When men are aware they've set off creep alarms with everyone, they back down. Because he thinks he can push you alone with no societal backlash and you won't make a fuss, he continues to.

No. 318524

>be me, fairly socially anxious and have a tough time making friends/keeping it because of it
>boyfriend is long distance so I'm lonely most of the time

Oh lord I know that feeling so well. I completely empathize with your situation. You have to tell him you're uncomfortable with him or just make up a lie and ghost his ass

No. 318525

> Because he thinks he can push you alone with no societal backlash and you won't make a fuss, he continues to.

This. It's sad but true

No. 318621

File: 1540997059954.jpg (203.64 KB, 1140x990, 32268138151_c0cd45fade_k-e1485…)

i don't like penetrative sex and am pretty sure i never will

i feel that this has ruined my chances of ever finding a longterm partner

i cannot handle the feel of penis in vagina (it's uncomfortable at best even if we get past the 'it hurts' stage), nor can i get off with the idea that someone is fucking me, someone is taking control of my body like that

therapy hasn't helped change my mind

no man in the world will stay long-term with a woman who doesn't like PIV sex because every single straight man ties his self-worth and how much he 'loves' his partner to if he is able to put his dick into a vagina and fuck it

feels bad

No. 318623

…me and my fiance don't have PiV sex, cause he has a super low sex drive.

i was feeling for you till your shitty bait sounding bs at the end of your post, but now i see you've just decided to give up before even trying, so it's good you'll end up alone tbh.

No. 318624

same, i find it boring and kind of embarrassing honestly. the only time i tell someone about my dream is if that person specifically was in it, or it was really frightening for me and i want to vent just to get it out. telling someone about your dreams in general seems like you lack social awareness

No. 318625

i'm glad you hit the one in a million chance of a man who has a low sex drive but thanks for completely invalidating my feelings by "lol bait xd"

go fuck yourself

No. 318627

are you a retard?

>no man in the world will stay long-term with a woman who doesn't like PIV sex because every single straight man ties his self-worth and how much he 'loves' his partner to if he is able to put his dick into a vagina and fuck it

if this isn't bait then you don't deserve to be with anyone.

No. 318628

Nta, but I kind of agree with them. Your post comes off as shitty cause you're discounting an entire gender based on stupid stereotypes. It just makes you sound like a femcel.

No. 318632


You're not wrong, anon. The vast majority of men DO expect PIV sex and some of them will claim to be OK without it but only because they think you'll change your mind. Then when you don't they get all angry about it.

There's a couple of men out there who really won't mind never having PIV. A lot of them might be submissive guys who get off on being in chastity though, so that might not be your thing.

No. 318637

Judging by their post they've had sex before lol. Idk why people are getting triggered when it's obvious that most men will expect PIV sex at some point.

No. 318641

Imagine being an aggy cunt while having a low testosterone partner who is probably dressing up as a trap on the side. Sad!

No. 318646

File: 1541003216917.jpg (35.89 KB, 630x630, 810222_1.jpg)

>last night
>hanging out with new bf
>getting drunk and high
>mention how I gotta work on Halloween and it's gonna suck
>bf tells me I should call out
>explain how I can't really and the only way to get out is to have someone pick up
>plus the coworkers usually want $70 to take an entire shift
>says he'll give me money to do it
>politely say no
>stuffs $100 bill into my tits and won't take it back
>"I'll at least give you back the extra $30"

I don't like taking the money. I think I'm gonna slip the excess back into his wallet when he's not looking.

No. 318657

nta, but you're not any better.

No. 318676

File: 1541006330899.jpeg (67.04 KB, 488x488, BB0A8E64-D1BB-4B2B-A5D1-483FDE…)

Anon, you know what you have to do.

No. 318682

File: 1541007853761.png (216.19 KB, 820x436, geralt-witcher-netflix.png)

They released the first shots of the Netflix Witcher series and it looks like a dumpster fire, just as expected.

What is this fucking partycity wig lmao

No. 318683


Looks like an elderly Legolas, not Geralt.

No. 318685

File: 1541008486619.jpg (41.12 KB, 960x539, z20949051V,Kadr-z-filmu--Wiedz…)

The only good result would be growing out his hair for the role but it's Netflix, they need quick results. Geralt from the Polish movie/series wasn't the best but natural hair looks so much better, even fried this badly with bleach
This wig is just so fucking tacky

No. 318687

File: 1541008686596.jpg (95.7 KB, 700x859, appPX15_700b.jpg)

Mads Mikkelsen would have been perfect.
That dude's chin is just weird and his forehead looks like he's balding already despite being only in his 30s…

No. 318693

Didn't they cast a black as fringila and an Indian as ciri? For fuck sake.

No. 318695

lel, what a joke.

No. 318700

I feel sick and i have the worst period cramps today :(

No. 318701

you too? i'm like dying in bed and starving but i won't eat cause i feel like i'm going to throw up if i go near food. also i feel like if i cut off my lower body it would hurt less than right now.

No. 318721

is that fucking Henry Cavill? Holy shit they couldn't have casted worst if they tried. He is an awful actor and a cunt irl to boot.

No. 318739

>more than Hitler
says a lot about white america

No. 318740

sometimes I wish i could be an anachan and never eat again, but I’m too weak and can’t stop eating. I’m just average in weight but i still think im huge and disgusting. If I lose weight maybe I’ll finally find a bf….

No. 318744

you are absolutely insane

No. 318747

>He is an awful actor and a cunt irl to boot.
Please tell us more

No. 318750

anon I love you

No. 318752


No, Ciri's actress is white. The girl they cast for Yennefer looks like she might be Indian but I've only seen one black and white photo of her so it's not easy to tell.

No. 318754

File: 1541015054072.jpg (27.71 KB, 585x300, The-Witcher-Fringilla-585x300.…)

Ciri is white, but Yennefer is indian and Fringilla is black.

No. 318756

This was only a test, it's not the full makeup/styled so no need to worry yet.

No. 318758


Yennefer uses glamors to change her appearance so I don't think it's a big issue if she's played by an Indian actress, but it'd make more sense of Fringilla was played by an Indian actress too then, since her having a resemblance to Yennefer is a plot point.

No. 318762

This is my first post to the reply, "nta" faggot.

No. 318764

>"a black"
>an Indian
Calm down and contain your racial complex, anon. Christ.

No. 318768

No. 318770

People who are not the same racial background as you are still people, not objects of their race. Not that hard.

No. 318771

Im not the anon who originally wrote that I just don't get what's so racist about it?
Wouldn't you also say e.g. "an American"?

No. 318772

"An Indian" might be comparable to "An American", but "a black" is just weird and sounds gross for the same reasons using "a female" is weird and gross.
If English isn't your first language, it might be hard to grasp. It's just dehumanizing.

No. 318775


just him bitching that the #metoo movement makes it too hard to date because he will be called a rapist so he has to pester his exes instead. choice quote:

>"Now? Now you really can't pursue someone further than, 'No'. It's like, 'OK, cool'. But then there's the, 'Oh why'd you give up?' And it's like, 'Well, because I didn't want to go to jail?'"

No. 318792

Please, please leave this person. He sounds like a narcissist/cluster b. They will say they love you but do everything that suggests otherwise and abuse you. Withholding support during tough times is a form of emotional abuse. His needs come first. Definitely sounds like a narcissist to me. You need to leave this person and heal. Acting like you're inane for not believing is a form of gaslighting and invalidating your perfectly normal emotions so that he can keep abusing you and you'll be quiet. Please leave this person immediately. I've been abused by a narcissist, believe me I know what it's like. The hot/cold cycle of showering with affection and treating you like a stranger/seeming like he actually hates you is a major red flag. You need to leave NOW

No. 318794

I still think about my emotionally abusive ex a month later after he dumped me. He got me hooked on him and now I feel like I'm physically in withdrawal. Sometimes I'm okay but he's on my mind so much I hate it. I just want to forget about him and move on. Why can't I just live my life? I know I need to heal after years of abuse and it takes time but I'm so tired and sad all the time. It really feels like it's never going to end and I'll never stop thinking about him

No. 318800

He sounds like Onision lmao. Like if he was single he would say this shit exactly

No. 318807

Cavill also dated a student when he was already in his 30s. More similarities? lol

No. 318847

Whenever a tall girl complains about her height, everybody replies with "Tall women are sexy and strong amazons!"
It annoys me so much; did it ever cross your mind that this is not a compliment, that tall women would also like too feel girly and feminine, not like some giant warrior? Same as being reduced to only being sexy, not cute or pretty which would be much more flattering.

No. 318849

You get the same if you’re skinny. Not allowed to complain about anything since you’re the ideal body weight!!!!

No. 318850

Are you? Do you really think that even a man with low test will put up with no PIV sex ever? Pretending like straight men don’t inherently tie their self worth to having a vagina to put their dick into is just plain naive. Even if your BF has a low sex drive I really doubt he doesn’t somewhat resent not having PIV sex unless you begrudgingly give it to him when you DO fuck.

It is biological and straight men cannot escape the biological nor societal need to fuck pussy.

No. 318851

Tall girls are cute and long legs are super feminine. One of the cutest girls I know is about 5'11"
Cuteness isn't inherently tied to shorties.
t. medium girl
You can change weight though (not height), unless you have a health issue or a rare metabolism. In which case I'm sorry it makes you feel bad, anon.

No. 318852

I can't help with the physical, it seems a lot of women just don't get off from penetration. Does clitoral stimulation work for you? Why not do that while riding him?
Psychologically, why not try only being on top? Tie him down if it makes you feel better about the situation. If you're the one choosing the actions you're the the one fucking him.

No. 318853

Just had a weird spiral breakdown over something pretty fucking stupid (SO coming home late so I decided I didn’t want to go out anymore, but he did, and I got weirdly mad that he didn’t consider how important Halloween is to me) and i feel like a childish idiot. He left and I sent him some stupid texts about being upset. He’s probably ignoring me, which is smart. He shouldn’t have to engage with my full blown crazy. And I don’t know if I can talk about this with any of my friends because I live in a different country now and my friends back in the states are gearing up for their own Halloween plans. They don’t need to hear about my dumb ass mood swings or how lonely I feel.

No. 318854

That's true. There's nothing I could do against my height. If I was short I could at least wear heels, but sadly there's no way to make me shorter.
Weight however is changeable, even if it might be difficult for some.

No. 318862

I mean…. the same thing happens to short women. Not all of us like being treated as cute and smol uwu.

People get shit for everything.

Also, when did feeling girly and feminine get so tied up with height? I never feel particularly girly just because I'm short. Do really you need other people telling you stuff just to feel feminine?

No. 318865

Not related to the other posts but that reminds me when a lot of anons thought I was humblebragging because I was complaining about my lack of options when it came to clothes because I'm short and skinny, even though I've never seen anyone who's normal irl find my body type attractive or even just ok and I look the way I do due to a genetic disorder I've always had. Anons here are insecure and want to complain about anything and everything. They think anons posting about themselves are directly attacking them or making fun of them even though none of us can see each others in the first place.

Funny enough, every time I see fat people saying they're fat because of their health, they tend to underestimate how much they eat or they had an eating disorder. I always expected them to say they had to take some heavy treatments for actual physical diseases or disorders that make you fat like cortisone but they actually just eat too much and are in denial.

No. 318866

>Also, when did feeling girly and feminine get so tied up with height?
Literally the only reason short girls are considered more feminine is because being tall is something guys are gigantically obsessed with. Standing next to a girl that's taller than them makes them self-conscious, so guys translate that as the girl being too masculine.
If guys could get over their height obsession, it wouldn't be a problem.

No. 318867

>I mean…. the same thing happens to short women. Not all of us like being treated as cute and smol uwu.
>People get shit for everything.
This is the vent thread and I decided to vent about getting shit, isn't that the purpose of this thread…?

>Also, when did feeling girly and feminine get so tied up with height?

Since guys and shorter girls decided it's funny to bully tall girls by saying they're manly?
Man=tall, woman=short and it's been like this since centuries.
You might not feel particularly girly, but you at least don't need to worry about somebody calling you a man or freak.

>Do really you need other people telling you stuff just to feel feminine?

No. But if people don't feel sorry for me when I talk about having a problem with my height I would at least like them to stay quiet and not make it worse by calling me big, strong, warriorylike etc. Like I said, many tall women don't feel of that getting labeled an amazon is complimentary, so I wish people would stop with that. I'd simply like to be a average, not having to be strong or outstanding.

No. 318872

This is true and I hate it. Men complain about girls only liking tall guys but then won't date a girl who is as tall as them in heels.
Also I wish 5'4" and under boys would hurry up and let me date them. That's my vent since I've been feeling that very strongly today, I want a shorter bf so bad.

No. 318876

guys will be obsessed with it as long as women keep making fun of manlets.

inb4 I get called a handmaiden

No. 318878

Men make fun of manlets too. Look no further than 4chan.

No. 318881

>isn't that the purpose of this thread…?
You're absolutely right. I didn't notice which thread I was in at first, sorry.

>but you at least don't need to worry about somebody calling you a man or freak.

There are many ways to make a short girl feel like a freak for being short.

Seems like your body type (aside from height) contributes to your experience, though. I could never look at a skelly tall girl and think "yes…Strong, Amazonian". Just like I'd never look at a 5' 300lb minimoon and think "smol uwu…". Not trying to throw shade, but it might not be because you're tall, but bc you're tall and xyz…

Anyway, sorry for stepping on your toes. Thanks for your reply though! I'll keep you in mind next time a tall girl complains about her height to me.

I don't even understand that. Only absolute twinks look more feminine next to some tall girls, and there aren't much of them around anyway. Even manlets look masculine next to tall women, maybe a bit childlike but still a male child. Men with height complexes are such losers.

No. 318882

>inb4 I get called a handmaiden
why would you be called a handmaiden when you're definitely a guy?

No. 318906

>basing your opinion of normies off of 4chan users

No. 318913


No. 318934

the rabid man-haters on this site are literally reaching the point where they are becoming caricatures of themselves lmao

No. 318935

I dated this guy when I was 14 and he won’t leave me alone. The breakup ended pretty badly but I don’t care about that anymore since its been like fucking 5 YEARS since we broke up!!

He used to send his friends to message me about how sorry he was like a thousand times a day, but that has stopped now.
But now he keeps trying to contact me on my really obscure accounts…?
I used to send him long paragraphs about why he should leave me alone when he did that, but now I just block him without responding. The thing is, this won’t get him to leave me alone. No matter how many times I block him he either makes a new account or finds another way to get to me.
Like recently he texted my phone number…? I’ve had the same number for many years but isn’t it normal to delete your ex gf’s phone number? Especially after you’ve been broken up for so long?
And he’s started trying to send my best friends follow requests too (he has no reason to talk to them, he knows they all hate him)
I feel like he does this to remind me that he exists. He also does this when I don’t post a lot, like I have an art blog and if I go a month without posting he tends to pop up a lot more.
It’s not the end of the world but it’s annoying as FUuuuck, I hate waking up and seeing a new notification from his greasy weeb face aaaaagh

No. 318941

There’s literally zero reason not to hate men tho

No. 318943

The men in my life are great.

No. 318944

It’s not about that one guy you like tho it’s about the majority

This is like saying nazis were ok because a lot of them didn’t want to commit the crimes and it’s also the boring old notallmen argument

No. 318951

My life is pretty shitty and tiresome so from time to time I get obsessed with things and now it's football so every time my team loses I start to feel pretty bad or angry or sad.. I really want to go back to not giving a damn about it anymore

No. 318978

To your face and until you displease them

No. 318981

Men are only nice to women they want to fuck and are blood related to them.

No. 318982

nice bait sis

No. 318983

Oh god a personal Lolcow of mine is literally trying to be the Renaissance Woman this week in her decade long journey of trying to be a social media influencer. Fucking milky as shit.
She uploaded a picture of herself in a too tight swimsuit as her Halloween costume, she's not the type of person to post bikini pictures either. Not even a 12 hours later, she's posting videos of herself singing off tune.
Waiting for the day the milk thickens and she starts lashing out, she's always had those psycho eyes kek.

No. 318990


I love my dad, doesn’t mean I don’t realize men are vile on the majority and him being a good person doesn’t mean men aren’t fucking garbage

No. 319008

File: 1541059667527.jpg (159.12 KB, 1222x1691, IMG_0078.JPG)

My bf is a dumb fuck sometimes. His friend showed a picture of me bf and I To his new gf and she called us both ugly and he's still going to be friends with him. He showed a picture of me to another friend and he said "she's not pretty but she's not ugly either". Why the fuck does he keep showing/telling me this shit? when he knows I'm anorexic and hate my face.

No. 319009

Is 'kek' a thing outside of image boards…?

No. 319010

Lmao what kinda bait are you anon, if this is your Bf he's literally fucking asking people if you're attractive or not and if its reversed its not better ("really young one"??.) Either break up or resign to the fact that you like getting cucked by chadlet tier men who talk about women like they're picking meat at the supermarket.
Ngl i borderline think this is bait (kek? Either your bf is a /pol fag or ur talking to your other women friends who browse lc)
because what kind of wet sock acts like this is just a vent and not outing themselves dating every negative trait in a man: the bf prototype.

No. 319011

He asked him this because he felt bad about what his other friend said and tried to get a better response from another friend to make me feel better. He thought that him saying "she's not ugly but she's not pretty" would make me feel happier lol fucking autist

No. 319020

how old are you and why are you doing this to yourself? you can do better. this is just sad.

No. 319037

No, it isn't. Anon and her bf are just extremely cringy.


No. 319041

Bruh……drop this douchebag

No. 319049

File: 1541070938853.jpeg (79.19 KB, 720x720, 1ACD29AC-D636-4FF7-9BD2-4EAD15…)

Some web comic artist I follow posted this and it makes me so fucking mad. If you know even the SLIGHTEST thing about rabbit care you would know that if a rabbit isn’t eating they need to be taken to an emergency vet asap, as they can die from digestive issues so quickly. She says they had this rabbit for TWO days of it not eating. A quick google search would let you know that is an emergency situation that needs immediate treatment, as bunnies needs to almost constantly be eating hay to keep they’re digestion running well. They said after this “I think she was injured internally and probably wouldn’t have made it even if we took her to a vet”. fuck off. To me it sounds like you found a bunny, “rescue it” and let it slowly die from a likely treatable digestive relatived issue. If you don’t know anything about the type of animal you think you’re rescuing you’re better of taking it to shelter.

No. 319051

File: 1541071347601.jpg (53.23 KB, 500x499, 1528216879638.jpg)

So me and my friend made up after that awkward night and we cleared some things. He mentioned he was half asleep and under a lot of stress & basically pointed out my miscommunication to him. It's all good

No. 319054

what a fucking stupid cunt. How hard it is to google 'is it normal for a bunny to not want to eat' or just take the rescued animal straight to vet to check if they are ok, since you don't know anything about them and not all illnesses might be visible.

Seems to me like the idiot wanted asspats from her followers for being an ~animal angel~ as well to get an ~uwu kawaii pet bunni~ for free. Disgusting

No. 319081

No. 319085

Isn't this that study that says only hsts have the differences, differences that are also present in normal gay men? lol. That doesn't validate the girl brain meme.

No. 319125

lately I'm waking up during the night cos my inner thigh leg creases are really fucking itchy.

No. 319150

a week ago a listing for a short term industrial placement was posted which sounded almost perfect for me so i submitted my covering letter to uni services for a look over (i have never applied for a job where they ask for those so i wanted it to be ok) and they still haven't gotten back to me but I just checked the listing and it is already closed ;-;
i hope i manage to find something, there aren't that many opportunities in my area and i don't have the financial means to do anything more extravagant, i'm so stressed about this.

No. 319182

Just ended a 10+ year friendship. It's been a long time coming and I'm a bit relieved too considering she has been a personal cow for years;
>borderline obese, hair fried from constant bleaching, bad tattoos, acts like a bad bitch but cries once someone raises their voice at her
>always had to walk on eggshells because she gets triggered over the smallest things
>24 and doesn't have her license so I was usually the one shuttling everyone around
> owes me a couple hundred dollars in gas money
>all she ever wanted to talk about was her DnD character and her online friends’ shitty podcast
>self-proclaimed mom friend but acts like literal child half the time
>has taken money from other friends to pay rent because she used her whole paycheck to buy a fucking replica sword from LOTR
>believes she is the reincarnated spirit of Edgar Allan Poe’s wife
>Wiccan, loves to discuss the interactions she’s had with “elder gods” through her tarot deck
>emotionally manipulated myself and others into ignoring certain people because they're "toxic"
>her and other friends defend this shitty behavior because she's an Aries uwu
>has only dated or shown interest towards men and fakebois
>truly believes she's an intellectual and will make big money off some fantasy novel that she hasn't even written yet
>used to say it was a good thing I'm pretty because it made up for my lack of brains
>only stuck around because of low self-esteem and believing no one else would be my friend
I could go one but don’t want this post to be too long. We had a falling out last night too and after reading her passive texts and tweet this morning about discovering who her “real friends” are I just plan on ghosting/blocking her kek

No. 319191

Sounds like the right thing to do anon. It’s hard cutting off long-term friends, but if they’re toxic and don’t have any intentions on improving themselves it’s better to just let them go. I hope you find better friends to surround yourself with.

No. 319192

Sounds shitty. You should block her and not look back.

No. 319209

My mom's bullshit of being really socially unaware and having really weird and secretly bigoted ideas about life and people despite being a "compassionate hippy liberal" has been a little over the top and more frustrating than usual.

Then i did some reading on this Jordan Peterson guy she keeps bringing up…ooooohhhhh nooooooooo. How did i not even realize this meme of a dude being the core of all her justification of these world views? I guess I've been out of the loop…

Anyway my vent is i hate this fucking dude and his contemptible enabling of obnoxious baby boomers in particular.

No. 319211

It gets worse, anon.
He also has an army of millennial and gen-z men.

No. 319212

Oh lord…I'm recalling seeing the exact rhetoric he uses on my recent attempt into the dating world and I'm realizing you're right and wanna die x-x

No. 319214

My mom is similar, but she blindly follows these anti-vaxxers who always share articles about preventing diabetes and muh chemicals in our food.

I'm glad to be out of the house, but seeing the shit she shares in Facebook that can be easily debunked with a quick Google search is like looking at a trainwreck that keeps happening 3 times a day. I've even tried showing her most of these "doctors" are fake, but the trainwrecks don't stop.

I honestly hope I don't become this dumb when I grow up. She had me fairly young so I guess it was already a given, I just didn't put two and two together until I moved out lmao.

No. 319215

I thank fucking god my own is either intelligent or worried about judgement enough she hasn't gone full retard with the anti vaxx things and what not…that really sucks I'm sorry. I get very a-loggy about those kinda people since they frequently commit heinous medical neglect.

I promise you won't. You may hold some irrational opinions or whatever like everyone does, but the fact you're even worried about the potential says you will never be that bad.

Just keep nurturing your healthy skepticism and all that, you seem like you got a good head on your shoulders.

No. 319223

I'm a woman who is studying two subjects that are male leaning. But I feel like my professors in my subjects both male and female have been supportive and I feel pretty good about picking these majors.

But the one class I've been stressed the most over is my Spanish class. It's 75% sorority girls and they all seem a little hostile or at the least really unfriendly towards me. It's even worse because it's a conversation based class and people seem unhappy to talk to me. I like my teacher but I haven't been really happy about taking the class. I really hope the rest of the classes aren't like this because I was hoping to be a Spanish minor.

No. 319281

anons im like four seconds from taking the plunge and going on accutane

i've tried every fucking thing and i can't do it anymore

what negative side effects have you experienced and has accutane kept you guys clear even long after finishing your round?

No. 319289

As long as you don’t get preggo, you’ll be fine.

No. 319290

if it doesn't just straight up make you infertile lol

No. 319311

The parent I live with is so damn cringy and toxic. Usually acts like a 3 year old throwing a fit but I already found a way to not get very stressed over this specifically. However I noticed that they tend to end friendships over the smallest things such as being from a different religion for example.

One friend who did a lot for us and used to see through their BS and be at my side suddenly disappeared and I found out it was my moron parent who cut her off solely because she's not christian. Fucking stupid.

Then today the idiot decided to cut off forever another friend who has been basically always there for us no matter the circumstances and always left their stuff behind just to help this insufferable moron whenever they demanded and manipulated to, then my parent just because the friend's daughter charged them to do an pretty difficult article or something like this, got really angry feeling entitled to have it for absolutely free! Instead of having a talk with the friend and her daughter to reach an agreement, that moron simply starts badmouthing them just because of this, they're way too much of a dumbass and follows the easier route despite all what the friend have done for us all these years. I'm disgusted.

I feel so bad for all these people because they would never harm us, but at the same time I'm extremely thankful for not becoming such an toxic piece of trash that my both parents are.

No. 319313

I went for a walk around my neighborhood this morning. I live on a very steep hill and made the mistake of not drinking enough water or bringing any with me. I became dehydrated and ended up with pretty bad chest pain until I got home. I’ve been feeling like shit all day since then.

No. 319315

File: 1541118936161.jpg (41.62 KB, 562x268, 37c7d966b5064b18b32da4fa5ebda0…)

I work as a cashier in a clothing store and have a middle eastern coworker is generally nice, but I have noticed her saying really racist remarks concerning asian people (spefically Chinese.)

My spouse is from China and it makes me really uncomfortable. I want to say something to her, but not sure how to approach the situation. I told her a few times her remarks were racially ignorant, but she has done it more than a few times.

No. 319357

File: 1541123344134.jpg (18.94 KB, 239x207, 1446323734250.jpg)

>Try to harass a person enough for them to leave because they are a tedious pain in the ass.
>Lose my job because of it, despite the fact that most of my coworkers hated that person and confided in me for being an asshole to them.
I hate how telling the truth became so unpopular recently.

No. 319360

Regardless of how much of a dick someone is you can't harass people at work

No. 319364

"Harass" is kind of a strong word. What I mostly did was walk up to the person in question when they had a conversation, and just told them how much they sucked in front of everyone. I ranted and looked like an asshole to be sure, but that person really needed to hear about how much they sucked.
I did it twice after getting a warning not to do it, but they were just so obnoxious and shit so maybe that's why I got fired. However every time I bring it up to people in order to brag about how much of a bad bitch I am, they think of me as being a bad bitch in the bad way.

No. 319366

Even though me and my exbf shouldn't have been together I can't stop missing all the comfy and fun times I had with him and our friend group. I feel so lonely and bored now.

No. 319368

>Told not to do something
>Does it anyway twice
>"Can't believe I lost my job!!1!"

I understand dealing with shitty people is super difficult/annoying but this is just so dumb. You set yourself up tbh.
Especially when you're bragging about it and seem to not get that you are - maybe, just maybe, being an actual dumb bitch.

No. 319370

I heard that acting tough and authoritative will get you a promotion then. So I acted that way in order to get more cash. I wanted to buy some shit, and now I can't, it sucks ass. It's a venting thread, I know I did dumb shit but I just can't help but throw some swagger when someone thinks I'm a wallflower due to being kind of introverted.

No. 319371

i wouldn't have believed this was real except the other night i saw a show with a girl in hospital because she'd broken her back and they were telling her if you try to get up your bones will cut your spine and you'll be in a wheelchair for life and she was like "i know but i've been in here for a fucking hour". and she kept getting up. It made me accept that some people's brains just don't have the connection between actions and consequences.

No. 319383

Did you bitch to a customer or a co-worker? Either way that's not the way to act authoritative at work. It's incredibly unprofessional. You clearly have no social skills.

No. 319384

Freaking out about the possibility iltu of being pregnant. I usually keep my Nuvaring in for 4 weeks and skip my periods. I had sex on Sat then took my ring out Sunday while in the shower because it was due out. I needed to let myself have a period because I'm getting the implant this week anyway. It's Friday and still no period. I jammed a tampon in myself yesterday and today to check if there was any blood. There was like…a miniscule pint of dark discharge both times. I scheduled my implant for this afternoon and told the dr I was on my period yesterday because I figured it would get heavier and start for real but it's still very minor. I only have one day before I officially miss my period. I know it's possible to be pregnant since semen can live up there a few days. Fuuuuuck.