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No. 259412

Have a question that isn’t important enough for the advice thread?
Is it something everyone seems to understand but you can’t?

This is your thread

remember to ignore bait and trolls

No. 259413

This is not a troll question.

Why does everyone on the Internet hate Jews? Especially on imageboards. I don't know a single one irl. I don't need a whole essay, but I just find it odd.

No. 259414

They seem to be a really slowed community.

When I moved to a western country the hate seemed to come because they had community places only for Jews and in Latinoamerica because they where not catholic.

That’s the only hate I’ve seen.

I think in /pol is because of edgy points combined with their love of war.

How do women in asian countries deal with having narrow beauty standards?

No. 259416

Why does lolcow hate PULL so much? Did I miss a war throughout the years or something

No. 259417

short answer: they don't really

long answer: most asian countries are really pushy to men and women about getting married and starting a family. so despite all the ideals people settle a lot more than they do in the west. this is why a lot of men cheat, they didn't actually want to get married but they did to fulfill obligation and are bitter about it. women can basically either settle and risk a shitty unhappy marriage, but happy parents, or a shitty unhappy job and disappointed ones. a lot of the beauty standard ideals kind of fall flat in reality.

No. 259418

PULL has the same issues as any userbase

Circle jerking, popularity contest and also allows white knighting because “bullying guyssss •W•”

Personally I fucking hate the stupid things they write under every comment they make because it clogs the threads and are 2edy4me

I love lolcows no bullshit standards and the anonymity it allowed me to follow drama without the need to suck up to other users like PULL

Lolcow allows honest unfultired opinions in a mostly female environment without it being forcefully nice.

No. 259419

pull is kind of like our reddit. it's similar, but implemented poorly and doesn't allow organic conversation.

No. 259421

There's a common stereotype that jews are greedy and would do anything for money. There are also a lot of very wealthy (and well known) jews, that some people think they control everything and, therefore, evil. And of course for edgy points, like the other anon said.

No. 259466

Thanks for answering!

PULL users, the stereotype at least, are simply annoying. Often underage, very snowflake tumblry whilst shitting on snowflakes themselves. On imageboards some don't integrate well and crank their bitchiness up to eleven because they think imageboards are about being mean edgy boollies.

No. 259588

PULL users are swagless and they like kpop

No. 259603

>and they like kpop
terrible reasoning. you new here or just never saw the cringefest that is the kpop general thread?

No. 259627

what year did you come from, and should I introduce you to the multiple """" anti"""" kpop generals in this boards?

Anyway, why are so many farmers old? Where do these 30+ years old, engaged, married, had kids etc farmers finding the time to shitpost heavily on an anonymous image board?

No. 259655

Probably because original /cgl/ oldfags must be around that age by now.
4chan has been around for like 15 years or so, if you were 18 by the time it was first launched you would be in your 30s now.

No. 259666


30-year-olds are millennials, they're not geriatrics. they were the first generation to come of age on the internet so obviously they made up the largest userbases of imageboards and similar forums 10-15 years ago. i know this is the stupid questions thread but…wow

No. 259683

Not being mean, but I'm genuinely curious how old you are.

First off, people get engaged/married straight out of college or even high school. Don't assume married anons or ones with kids are 30+

Also, older anons who were in high school/college during 4chan's great newfag influx no longer have homework or exams to worry about. Late 20's-early 30's is the best time to fuck around on imageboards.

No. 259730

>thinking a female-dominated image board isn't swarming with yellow fever weebs/koreebs

No. 259855

These guys get it

My little personal anecdote, started posting on 4ch in 2004 at age 19. I don't really consider myself old but to answer the question about "where do they find the time?" Well, let's just say my social life is a hell of a lot less active than it used to be. Also, no kids or marriage.

No. 259931

Similar question to >>259416, but why does lolcow seem to hate crystal.cafe so much?

Most of the anons there came from here so it seems kind of weird how the lolcow userbase hates the cc userbase so much and vice versa. I've been there since the beginning and to me it just seems like an extension of /ot/ and /g/ minus focused drama threads, so i find it weird how much the userbases despise each other.

No. 259934

It's because it's a fucking tumblr-tier hugbox. I used crystal cafe for awhile until I was banned for literally nothing, and it's probably littered with larping men anyway.

No. 259944

The premise of it was nice. It could have been a chill board for girls to discuss shit without the need for nitpicky gossip. But it quickly devolved into softie tumblr bullshit and got raided by /r9k/ every other week, and now it's just a bunch of trannycels and handmaidens circlejerking each other.

It's also boring as shit and there are no clearly defined rules about the level of cattiness allowed, so some people end up getting banned for "being too meanie uWu" while others can shit up threads all day.

No. 259953

It is a shame because I really loved the idea, but these Anons are spot on.


Handmaiden hugbox and a weird, “forced” girliness to it all that someone pointed out a few months earlier. Someone said she was banned for gently criticizing prostitution; there was another thread called “Interesting Women in History” where somebody (iirc) pretty much swept all of Catherine the Great’s accomplishments under the rug to shriek about her promiscuity. Sucks, I was hyped about it.

No. 259954

when anons are annoyed about something here, they sperg, whereas on cc they give you a short essay on why what you said was rude

No. 259957

>implying anons on c.c don't sperg

lmao there was an entire thread that devolved into them being paranoid that we were trying to "infiltrate them" despite many of their members using both sites and trying to one up us when we criticized them.

No. 259960

I remember that and I remember people like you being really annoying about it instead of letting it go. You're gonna pretend there wasn't a thread here being equally paranoid and checking everything they were saying huh.

No. 259961

>Most of the anons there came from here
In the beginning, yes. But then the creator advertised it elsewhere (it now has a userbase that consists of people from PULL, Tumblr and 4chan also) which is why it went rapidly downhill. Even when it was mostly users from here posting there, they were of the opinion that lolcow was full of "catty bitches" and they tried desperately to force a different culture or a "cosy" atmosphere which backfired horrifically because you can't "force" something like that.

I guess my reasons for hating it are:
>it's full of trans and men pretending to be women (I suppose to be expected from a site that advertises itself as "for women" and was shared all over the shittiest parts of 4chan where pretending to be a woman is a rapidly growing FETISH)
>it's subjected to a lot of raids and trolling which is unbearable
>it seems to have a lot of SJW tumblr types, whereas we tend to be a bit more radfem I guess (we seem to have different opinions on trans people, prostitution, feminism and men)
>despite trying to convince everyone (including themselves) that it's "cosy" and they're all really sweet and feminine, it's actually got an incredibly aggressive userbase and there's a constant passive-aggressive atmosphere which makes me uncomfortable and very reluctant to post (this is probably also due to the high number of men that use the site)
>expanding on that, fights break out over the strangest of things and I posted some innocent things a few times only to come back later to an absolute flood of just plain nasty messages, have never had that experience here (where people tend to be very sympathetic or helpful)
>I was banned for something incredibly minor and they ignored my appeal, I never wanted to post again because I wasn't even sure why I was banned and how to avoid it in the future?

>so some people end up getting banned for "being too meanie uWu" while others can shit up threads all day.
Yeah 100% this.

It's disappointing because I've gotten to really enjoy being in a mostly female space (here) and I'd love to be a part of another. I wish lolcow was popular enough to have other boards, I was especially excited for CC to get an /x/ board, since the one on 4chan went to shit.

No. 259962

>people like you

i don't care about your shitty tranny roleplay site. i'm also fine if users who think it sucks come here. sorry to disappoint you.

No. 259963

users defend incels

No. 259968

File: 1529082188196.jpg (80.88 KB, 640x640, blackheads.jpg)

why come sharks have blackheads?

No. 259969

File: 1529082218263.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, surejan.w529.h352.jpg)

>"I don't actually care about that website. I'm just inexplicably passionate about it b-b-baka!"

No. 259971

I have never been in love. How do you stop loving someone? Does it slowly fade when you break up?

No. 259975

nta but damn. you people from c.c are super touchy! are you guys just lurking until someone badmouths the site?

No. 259979

? I don't think it takes a miner to see you're a wee sensitive about something you claim to not care about and never check.

No. 259980

like i said i'm not the same anon. but if you read the posts, it's obvious the one defending crystal cafe is triggered.

No. 259983

It slowly fades. Over time it gets easier, the things that makes you remember them stops hurting you too.

No. 259989

Tbh I don't find cc too bad, it's just extremely slow. Just like lc there are good and shit threads.
I'm not part of their discord, but I read that now they have voice verification to prevent guys/trannies from joining.

No. 259990

When I joined the discord all you had to do was post a meme.

No. 259991

That's good. I checked out cc recently because I was curious and I saw how robots invaded their discord. I'm glad voice verification is a thing, robots are fucking sinister and they get into everything.

No. 259993

And it’s not like they can do anything with your voice that they could do with your face. It’s actually pretty clever and must preferable to a photo

No. 260001

This reminds me of that: https://nextshark.com/japanese-girl-esports-team-discovers-one-members-man/amp/
>It’s unclear how the man hid his gender, but netizens are speculating that he must have used voice alteration software when filming gameplays.

No. 260024

Historical and religious reasons is the real answer to your question. They destroyed Europe and its people.

No. 260067

File: 1529121796031.jpg (58.2 KB, 800x998, IMG_20170602_003915.jpg)

>Someone said she was banned for gently criticizing prostitution
I was the anon that posted about this in the vent thread. Just give y'all an idea of how much of an uwu hugbox cc turned out to be, I posted two articles related to prostitution. One that stated that the CEO of Backpage was facing charges for wittingly facilitating human trafficking and child prostitution on his website, and the other proving that Germany was still facing significant issues with human trafficking after legalizing the industry. I basically said that women (and sex trafficking victims in general) should be given resources and help exiting the industry as a priority.
A few hours later and there was a post saying "remember to be sex positive girls!" or some shit like that under the conversation. Left the site for a couple of weeks then went back to get some pictures I posted on /img/. Discovered I was banned and my post history was deleted. I checked the thread and that aforementioned post was gone too along with everything else.

That was the last interaction I had on cc. I'd been posting there for many months too.

No. 260068

Early 20s
What's shocking about that question, auntie? I'm asking where so people who are in what should be the busiest time of their lives, especially the ones with functioning social lives like the married ones with kids, find the time to continuously post on this board.

No. 260084

That's shitty. Most of the cc users are from pull and underage or insecure bitches from r9k (thanks admin). They're too retarded to understand the difference between destructive behavior, oppressed women in the sex industry, and sex positivity.

No. 260108

I was using crystal cafe as soon as it existed and it has been awhile since I used it but I'm surprised I wasn't banned even once when I posted about transwomen being male mentally ill and sexist perverts several times as well as other semi-controversial things. I guess it's because it was before the userbase changed but I got a bunch of replies saying I was wrong and a bigot for that. Crystal cafe is boring now, you can't say anything without offending someone except it can actually get you in trouble with the admin instead of starting a discussion.

No. 260115

I feel like there is a set opinion you are "allowed" to have online and if you defer from that (to a completely reasonable, kind and fair/neutral alternative one) you're instantly the Worst Person who's sympathizing with the enemy/secretly a nazi

Blind sex positivity is not a good thing. Sex positivity is actually connected to pedophilia and crime, which these educated 14-year-olds don't seem to understand.
Shaming an adult woman for sleeping willingly with men/anyone is a different thing to pointing out that for a lot of women prostitution is a terrible life which they didn't choose preferentially (ESP trafficked women, those who have pimps, basically anyone other than comparatively rich girls camming and escorting)

I also never see mentioned the appalling view many men have of prostitution, for example the "joke" about dead prostitutes/hookers. Of all women prostitutes are considered the most disposable and publicly worthless by men - their customers (this is separate to escorts who I think men have some reverence to)

Honestly think there's a lot of spoilt teenagers and housewives making up a lot of the online "voice" for women which is creating this naive narrative of blind acceptance to everything. Pointing out toxic things are toxic is not judgement or exclusion or intolerance.

No. 260120

File: 1529139104297.jpg (60.76 KB, 564x436, abeac517c590d24c6406883d8227f9…)

In the middle ages in Europe the vast majority was Christian. Back then Chistianity forbade you to lend money to another fellow Christian - you were only allowed to gift it.
Jews oviously noticed that and started lending money. Soon that "business" grew more and more, but the Jews also started increasing interest. Therefore Jewish families gained wealth but were also hated, because afterall they had the upperhand over especially the lower classes. Be poor - borrow money - high interest - can't pay back - lend more money and so on = hate.
So even centuries before the world wars Jews already were despised and segregated, but also owned the most (and it's still like that even nowadays), so you could say that all these stereotypes about the rich and greedy Jew are in fact the truth.
On another note, they're also said to have killed Jesus, which played a role in them being disliked historically, but nowadays that argument is obviously no longer relevant.

No. 260123

Samefag but I forgot to add: My younger brother was in Isreal just a few weeks ago and the way Isreal/Jews act certainly doesn't help in bettering their image.
Already at the airport they segregated travelers in Jews and non-Jews. Jews were simply let through but all others were questioned. My brother and his companions are European, so it was still somewhat okay, but they were really racist against people who even looked remotely Muslim.
Then in Isreal there are groups of very religious Jews, that abide by their own laws, don't need to work etc. They act horribly, spit at Christian priest and treat women just as badly as Muslim.
Him and I are really not any of those "muh religin of peace"-leftists, but in that case you really can't help but feel sorry with how Isreal is allowed to treat Palestine.

No. 260143

What did they say in your ban?
CC had a bunch of raids going on recently and maybe they banned you by accident or you were banned automatically during one of those, happened to a few posters.
I expressed my opinions there and never got banned for them, so i find it weird.

No. 260146

>and treat women just as badly as Muslim.
It's an Abrahamic religion as much as Islam is so no surprise there. I've read online that Israel was becoming a touristic place compared to a few years ago and I was a bit skeptical but I guess I was right to be.

No. 260148

That doesn't mean anything. Just recently I watched a vid about this 'branch' of Jews and they married a girl of when she was just 15, they also don't allow women to sit next to men in buses, if a woman is on her period she's seen as unpure etc. - that's what I meant with similar to Islam. Christians or normal Jews in the West don't do that shit.

No. 260153

Not all Muslims do that as well. It's usually the more extreme/radical Christians, Jews and Muslims who do that, it's just that on average in the west Christians and Jews don't practice all that much or straight don't care about religion compared to Muslims from my experience. And even then I heard about more and more people born into Islam who don't care or believe anymore but I don't have sources.

Anyway this is getting off-topic so I'm just going to add that I was skeptical precisely because of the "branch" of Jews you mentioned, I already heard about them before reading that Israel was a nice touristic spot.

No. 260155

Anon, check meta because some people were banned during a raid.

No. 260179

File: 1529151852187.jpg (63.97 KB, 847x481, Výstřižek.JPG)

aw anon, bless you for asking something non-internety.
those are not blackheads, they're ampullae of lorenzini! those are electroreceptors that help them hunt - when animals' muscles contract, they produce an electric field which, thanks to these ampullae, sharks can sense :)

No. 260180


why do so many people hate cats?

No. 260182

Imo, it's because they don't know how to handle them or just pets in general

No. 260197

I think it's a lot of people who grew up with/own dogs who are incapable of understanding cats have a completely different set of behavioral patterns. And this is coming from someone who has only ever had dogs, but at least I'm aware of their differences and traits enough to not write them off.

No. 260200

Some users probably thought you were a robot and mashed the report button.

I've been banned here for no other reason than other anons getting pissy and reporting my posts when they've participated in the same behaviors. Stupid bans happen and I don't think that's unusual for any chan type board.

No. 260208

I don't hate or even dislike cats, but I find cat lovers annoying when they spout the "cats are better than dogs! dogs love people out of stupidity while cats treat us like shit and expect us to worship them, so it makes them more intelligent" crap.
I also hate the "shy uwu introvert who's not like the other girls, cause she drinks coffee, reads books (read: john green) and loves cats".
I also met a lot of bitchy women who are can't shut up about their precious kittens.
Cats are ok, but people are annoying and I imagine this might carry over the poor animals for some people.

No. 260218

It doesn't say anything out of the ordinary. I just get a pop up when I try to post saying "You are banned," or whatever.

That's a bit of a reach tbh. I'd like to think that anyone with enough sense would realize that a hardcore robot wouldn't give a shit about what happens to those women.

No. 260221

I hate them because of their attitudes. They will eat you right away when you die because in the end you’re just a food dispenser. They kill birds for fun. I hate cat a lot of cat owners because they just let their cats roam outside to murder native species into extinction, also their shit is toxic.
Scientists have studied dogs and they literally find us adorable and are actually loyal and care about your welfare. If you die your dog is going to wait until he’s starving before he eats you.
I don’t think cats should be killed or eradicated, I can appreciate a pretty cat, but they really shouldn’t be house pets because they don’t view companionship the same way pack animals do like dogs and birds.

No. 260223

this sounds more like why you dislike cat owners rather than cats lmao. But I do agree that some cat people can be annoying nutters and that alone can turn people away from cats. I hate when people bring up the cats vs. dog debate, both have their ups and downs and it just depends on what the individual owner likes and the kind of personailty the animal has.

>"shy uwu introvert who's not like the other girls, cause she drinks coffee, reads books (read: john green) and loves cats".

is this still even a thing, are people still like this? I really hope not

No. 260224

you clearly don't know anything about cats anon. all the stuff you said is just scare shit that cat haters say. do some research and learn. dogs and cats have different hierarchy systems.

No. 260225

>They kill birds for fun
that's literally cool. I love it when my cat kills something and gives it to me, it's sweet and thoughtful.

most cats are indoors anyways.

No. 260228

but anon, cats killing animals due to instinct is wrong! especially in suburban/urban areas where humans have already disturbed their habitat and killed most of them already to make room for their buildings.

but i think cats should stay inside, not just for safety or whatever, but if you have cats outside it changes their temperament and makes them somewhat feral in a negative way. it really skews their social abilities.

No. 260229

>They will eat you right away when you die because in the end you’re just a food dispenser
>If you die your dog is going to wait until he’s starving before he eats you.

ok but in the end both will still eat you anyway because y'know animals. Interesting reasoning tho, sometimes cats do kill for fun but as another anon said most cats are indoors so they don't really come into contact with outside animals. Also birds can be pests (like wild mice), especially with pigeons shitting all over the place or groups of birds chirping loudy at 3am. Birds can be aggressive too, the other day I saw 3 birds following and swooping towards a neighbor's full grown male cat, he was 100% spooked and desperately trying to get away from them.
You sound very ill informed about cats, but whatever floats your boat

also this

No. 260230

I don't know, it was extremely popular on tumblr and facebook like two years back.
I know that it sounds mostly like disliking cat owners but I mentioned that the feeling of annoyance with those people can make one dislike cats. I used to mildly dislike them for that reason. Hype backlash, basically. I got over it because it was immature and luckily I don't run into those annoying people cause I'm no longer on tumblr etc.

No. 260231

Double posting but yikes. I hate it when my dog catches mice and (accidentaly?) kills them. I try to catch the mice and get them far away from house. They might be pests but I don't like to see them harmed. We also taught our dogs not to mess with baby jackdaws (well, to be honest one of them is not interested in hunting whatsoever, but the other is born hunter) that drop from nests every spring.

No. 260237

>>They will eat you right away when you die because in the end you’re just a food dispenser.

So will dogs. Why do you expect animals to not behave like animals? Are you stupid?

No. 260239

Actually studies have shown many cats view humans as big dumb kittens basically. That's why they'll kill animals and bring them to you. They think "you can't hunt for yourself so I'll get you something so you don't starve". It's sweet. Cats have also lowered the pitch of their meows over time just to be able to communicate with us. They like humans quite a bit.

No. 260241

This is just a general reply to the question >>260180 asked and to other cat replies ITT since idk who to reply to but as someone who works with and cares for cats daily(both feral and domestic, kittens included), people probably hate cats cause they're hard to understand or they just aren't the animal for them. Hell I know some people who prefer reptiles or rabbits over both cats and dogs so I find the cats vs dogs debates retarded.

Domesticated cats should remain indoors and if they have to go outside then perhaps they'd do well with an enclosure or harness training. Feral cats are a whole different can of worms and all that is going to depend on where you live and the funding/resources your local animal control and vets handle them. It also depends on your local environment(like >>260229 said, some birds are even considered pests). It isn't a one size fits all no matter how many articles/research you dig up in favor of or against helping gerals(can shed some more light on this if needed).

This. In the end you still end up eaten. If I died and the animal had no more access to food I wouldn't care cause it would just be surviving. I'm also dead at that point so I'm not using my body anymore lol.

No. 260255

You're way too soft, anon. Mice and rats deserve to die, they're lower than roaches.

No. 260259

Maybe wild ones yes, but pet ones? nah.

No. 260263

File: 1529175235097.png (113.11 KB, 500x556, 4-07-123-15-incredible-rat-tri…)

Pet ones should honestly only be used in science experiments or serve as tarantula or snake food imo, fuck both rats and mice.

No. 260267

Luckily I never run into rats but random mice ended up wondering into my home a few times because I live near a field.
I know that they might be dangerous (carry some viruses) but I still feel sorry for them. They are prey animals and they just want to live. Not to mention they are very cute with those huge black eyes and tiny paws.
I can't imagine deliberately harming one.

No. 260268

I felt terrible when I had to kill house mices. The poison I used takes time to act and slowly compromises the animal's nervous system. It was a bad idea and, way more cruel, and dangerous, than I expected. Considering that relocating the mice is as good as killing them apparently, next time I'll just use a good old mousetrap.
If only they didn't carry diseases I'd totally keep them as pets or roommates.

No. 260288

File: 1529186981612.jpg (813.91 KB, 3024x4032, oj48jh6anz401.jpg)

Pet rats are intelligent and affectionate, they can do tricks and actually really like playing with and cuddling their owners.

People who are afraid of them are such babies jfc they're cute and harmless, not raised in the sewers and carrying the bubonic plague.

No. 260294

I'm not scared of them, I think they're gross pests.

No. 260297

File: 1529189007490.jpeg (36.6 KB, 520x362, D65F03F1-54C5-40A4-AA44-B6B619…)

I think rats are adorable

No. 260304

File: 1529190200712.png (606.4 KB, 1220x685, rat-bashing-stick.png)

this isn't the unpopular opinion thread

No. 260324

Mice are really cute. I'm a big fan of rodents, rats are not as cute but make good pets so I've heard.

This one looks like the rat from ratatouille

No. 260331

your opinion is wrong

No. 260333

Does anyone here have a Vimeo account? I found out a movie I wanted to watch is only available on that website and I’d have to pay to rent or download it. Is there a lot of content on the site that makes it worth keeping an account for?

No. 260347

For a lot of people I've met who don't like cats, they've mentioned having bad experiences with cats when they were younger like getting attacked.

I can understand if someone doesn't like cats but I don't get the sheer hate people have and will announce to you and any person who even so mentions cats in a conversation.
I can't think of a cat-person who has said "I fucking hate dogs can't stand them". Even if they didn't like dogs they don't say it the way cat-haters talk that basically stops all conversation.
imo there's a lot of rude people who do this and think it's ok to talk in such a demeaning tone to someone who just mentioned their pet cat.

No. 260367

Definitely not true, it exists on both sides. I own both a dog and a couple cats and I also used to work in pet grooming for both, I've had both vehement cat haters and dog haters grate on my last nerve with "I hate X, y are so much better because (insert traits here)!!!" It's fucking annoying, both types of people just need to get over it.

No. 260380

Well personally I've seen cat people talk about how much they hate dogs but I've never seen the opposite so it's definitely on both sides

No. 260409

why do so many people like them?

No. 260412

>they smell
I hate the smell of cats. Their shit and piss genuinely smells terrible to me. I hate the smell of cat food and litter too. You can smell when someone's a cat owner the moment you walk into their house, it smells like decay. I hate how cat owners are always covered in hair, just get a lint roller.

>they're not cute

Most of the things cat owners find "cute" are either disgusting or really off-putting. Cats scratch. They bite. They bring dead animals home. They fight with all other animals. That thing they do when they rub their head against your leg? They're just trying to rub their smell on you. They're really demanding when it comes to being fed or let out but don't enjoy any other interactions with humans, they'll scratch and bite anyone who tries to pet them.

>they don't enjoy our company

I think it's cruel to force an animal that doesn't enjoy our company to live with us. All other pets (dogs, birds, rabbits, lizards) get used to human touch but cats never seem to, they will always attack their owners. Other pets will do cute things to show they love you like sit and fall asleep on your lap, groom you, lick you, beg for attention etc. but cats don't show any kind of affection towards humans. I've actually seen pet chickens show more affection towards humans.

>cats are for lazy people

All other pets require a lot of work but cats basically require none. You don't have to walk a cat. You don't have to play with a cat. You don't have to wash a cat. You don't have to groom a cat. You can even forget to feed a cat and it'll be fine. I think people who get cats just want something that doesn't require a lot of responsibility.

Ultimately, I don't hate cats. I owned many cats when I was younger and I still pet "friendly" ones on the street. I just think they make shitty pets. I guess cat owners either think having a cat is "edgy" and "cool" or are just too lazy to take care of a superior pet.

No. 260426

uhm… I don't really like cats but I don't know why you think they don't show affection, they do sit on people's laps and stuff

No. 260427

>do cute things to show they love you like sit and fall asleep on your lap, groom you, lick you, beg for attention etc.

And your cats have really never done this to you or your family? I've experienced both types of cats and admittedly, I do like cats with more affectionate personalities but I really wouldn't say most/all cats don't enjoy human company.

No. 260428

File: 1529236342052.jpeg (123.11 KB, 892x723, AC5FCCD8-0453-4D9F-BB3D-3B3B51…)

how do you go to a public toilet while wearing a playsuit without having it littered with bacteria?

i have so many cute ones i wanna wear out in public but i don’t want it to get dirty. when it’s a dress you can just lift it up but with a playsuit you’d have to pull it down completely. i don’t want it on the gross public restroom floor and i don’t wanna touch it to pull it back on before i’ve washed my hands of bacteria either. i really don’t feel like getting a uti for avoiding going to the bathroom altogether.

sperg-tastic first-world problem, i know.

No. 260431

If it concerns you so much you could carry some antibacterial hand gel which you could use in the stall to clean your hands before putting the suit back on.

If i'm wearing a playsuit or jumpsuit I usually go to the loo with another female friend so they can help unzip/zip me.

No. 260432

>They're really demanding when it comes to being fed or let out but don't enjoy any other interactions with humans, they'll scratch and bite anyone who tries to pet them.
>All other pets (dogs, birds, rabbits, lizards) get used to human touch but cats never seem to, they will always attack their owners. Other pets will do cute things to show they love you like sit and fall asleep on your lap, groom you, lick you, beg for attention etc. but cats don't show any kind of affection towards humans.
That's not even true, unless you have the misfortune of getting a cat with a perpetually stank attitude. They just need a little bit more time to warm up to certain people but cats can be very loving and affectionate pets. It took awhile for my uncle's cat to get used to me being around but now she loves coming up to me for pats.
You wouldn't immediately go up to a stranger, then start demanding attention and rubbing up on them, would you? Why do you expect it out of an animal?

No. 260435


cc is ok in concept but lolcow's userbase is a lot better

cc is like the friend that gives you a box of tissues and is a shoulder to cry on without actually pushing you to better yourself long term

lolcow is like the friend that will bitch slap you and tell you to get your shit together if you need to

it's also a lot less male tolerant here

No. 260442

anon I used to think the way you do because all my friends cats were antisocial and aggressive.then I adopted my first cat off Craigslist from a pet hoarder and she was the sweetest pet I've ever had. she slept on me every night, sat J. my lap whenever I was on the PC and loved to play too. never scratched me or furniture. I miss her a lot.
after she passed of old age I got a second cat who was also just as friendly, I was bedridden for several months and she never left my side except to eat and shit. she died of cancer. my third cat I got as an unsocialized kitten and while she's less cuddly, she still runs to greet me at the door and even learned to sit, spin and high five for treats.

tldr some cats suck but a lot of them are great if properly socialized, just like a dog is. they just aren't people pleasers like most dogs, but as a dog groomer, trust me when I say there's tons of shitty, unsocialized dogs.

No. 260449

low maintenance, cute and good for cuddling

No. 260527

File: 1529264200840.jpg (232.03 KB, 1013x685, feet.jpg)

Do you think this is true?

No. 260536

Considering this would make me Egyptian and I’m 100% British, I’m going to say no.

No. 260565

>they smell
Their shit smells the absolute worst but if they do their business outside you never have to deal with it. Cats themselves smell inexplicably good, they can roll around in dirt all day and smell nice.
>they're not cute
The things you listed are rarely considered cute, who the fuck likes it when they bring a dead animal home? They don't scratch and bite everyone who touches them, have you been trying to hurt any cat you've ever petted? Some cats scratch and bite when they play but it's not universal depending on personality, how they're raised.
>they don't enjoy our company
They enjoy it on their own terms. Just because they don't want to be manhandled doesn't mean they don't like being close to people, they like being petted in certain ways.
>cats are for lazy people
Yes, true. Better someone get a low maintenance cat they can take good care of than a dog they don't have the time to walk. What's the problem with that? Does everyone have to be a crazy pet parent and spend hours a day on their care? Does that make the pet better?

You can just say that a dog suits your personality more and that says it all, it's fine to want a more affectionate, engaging pet.

No. 260574

Isn't this just an art history meme, not about actual biology?
I have beautiful Egyptian feet.

No. 260611

Does anyone here have any experience with learning Italian? I'm interested in picking it up because it's fairly useful for what I want to do with my life/career in the future, and I also just think it's a nice language with a beautiful culture.

I don't have any experience with any other Romance languages, but I've been learning German for the past six years, so I'm familiar with stuff like gendered nouns and learning new grammar structures in general.

I'm also really intimidated by the pronunciation, which sounds stupid, but I still have a really ugly American accent when speaking German, and I just know I'm going to butcher any Romance language. Is it hard to learn the general pronunciation/cadence of Italian?

No. 260612

I speak it. I grew up in an Italian household, so for me, I just sort of picked up the pronunciation that way. There's some stuff you need to just practice until it becomes second nature (like "i" is pronounced like e is in English, "h" is silent, put emphasis on letters with accents, etc) but overall, it's much softer/flow-y than the chopped way english sounds. Good luck anon!

No. 260616

It seems like it works the same way as Spanish.

I thought gringos had Spanish lessons at school? If that's the case then I don't see how could it be hard. But I'm also guessing y'all don't give a fuck about Spanish and did the bare minimum at school

No. 260620

Seems like I just have to get used to it like any other foreign language! I guess I'm just intimidated since I'll be learning it on my own, whereas I learned German through a classroom environment and had someone to coach me. Thanks for the well wishes!

I guess it differs by school system. Where I'm from, there weren't any mandatory foreign language classes, and you were able to choose between Spanish, French, German, Latin, or Mandarin (I chose German). Spanish was definitely the most popular and 90% of people didn't take it seriously. Even many of the people who stuck through Spanish classes from the earliest you could possibly take it were completely incompetent at the language. Not that I was some amazing fluent German speaker in high school, but I could understand native speakers and communicate decently, whereas the Spanish kids would just laugh and say "Yeah I barely know this language at all, I can't understand what those people are saying haha!" I think kids just blindly took it because everyone told them it would be useful, but didn't want to put any actual work in.

Sage because I really went off the rails there lol

No. 260621

File: 1529290937927.jpg (29.49 KB, 400x299, 5HM_dFHdgVQ.jpg)

> I guess cat owners either think having a cat is "edgy" and "cool"
Literally no one thinks that, lol.

No. 260628

That's straight up sad, and kinda angers me. I can't believe my Latino ass was forced to learn such a horrible language that sounds like I'm chocking on food while having a phlegm stuck on my throat.

Anyone knows good german speaking YouTube channels? I want to get used to hearing it but all the content I have stumbled upon is so bad, boring or pointless, I want something that keeps you intrigued or someone who talks about interesting stuff. I will take a good mua tho

No. 260631

How do people steal from stores like Walmart without sounding the alarms that go off when trying to leave with unpaid items? Or do the alarms always go off and the thieves just ignore it?

No. 260634

Just make sure it doesn’t have security tags (usually thick stickers, or big plastic tags) and they won’t beep. Sometimes they hide tags on the inside. It won’t go off for regular price tags though.

>is ashamed

No. 260680

No. 260683

Hey, I've been studying Italian for 10 years including college level. I love it, it's such a beautiful language and was easier to learn than the other languages I have. The only pronunciation I struggled with was rolling my r's but I was the only person in my class of 30 who had a problem, so you should be fine. Grammar-wise, I only struggled once we got to things like the subjunctive but it's not even used that often in everyday conversation. Other than that, Italian pronunciation is really straightforward and thanks to having so many vowels is really easy to read, you just read what you see!

You should definitely start watching some Italians on YouTube. I really like Lucrezia because she speaks really slowly and clearly. She does vlogs like vid related where she'll show you something from Italian culture and grammar videos that cover all the things that are tricky to grasp in the beginning. When you get a bit more confident, there's also loads of classic Italian cinema to help you get a feel for the pronunciation (La Vita è Bella, Il Postino, Cinema Paradiso, La Dolce Vita…) or if you're interested in plays people have uploaded entire plays from Dario Fo and Luigi Pirandello on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK4CCtXvcW0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjpfKafnPMk) or ofc if you're into opera, check out what's in your local cinema because my local artsy cinema is always screening things like La Traviata, La Forza Del Destino and Madama Butterfly and they're usually live which is really cool. I also listen to whatever's in the Italian music charts regularly.

Anyway, hope that helps a little. I'm happy to provide any other recommendations!

No. 260688


>>260225 just said that they think cats killing birds is cool. Kind of a weird way to think about it but it's probably not the whole reason they got the cat in the first place. Thinking people like cats to be edgy or cool is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Not even the the most obnoxious dog lover/cat hater has ever said something that dumb to me.

No. 260691

>I'm also guessing y'all don't give a fuck about Spanish and did the bare minimum at school
>I can't believe my Latino ass was forced to learn such a horrible language that sounds like I'm chocking on food while having a phlegm stuck on my throat.
I highly doubt any of us gringos are willing to help your Latino ass after that… If you hate it so much then just don't do it.

I dearly hope that one day you will have to face the consequences… You do know that you're only bringing trouble to some poor minimum wage workers?
>"is ashamed"
Fuck off, acting cute after admitting to commiting a crime is absolutely digusting.

No. 260693

Never bent personally to the US but there are a few things I have noticed about some everyday stuff that I never really understood or left me a bit confused. These are the following things:

1.) Why do so many Americans carry a water bottle around? I see this a lot that people holding a water bottle all the time? It's so random and also something I have seen doing one of my american friends while being here. Any reason for holding it all the time? Why not putting it in a bag or something like that?

2.) Why do many Americans use paper dishes instead of ceramic one? And baking stuff in aluminium pans than in normal ones? Any reasons for that?

3.) Why wearing shoes at homes?

4.) Why do Americans smile so much and brightly?

5.) And for the last one, why do so many tend to scream "I'm an American!" while being in an argument with somebody??

No. 260697


>Why do so many Americans carry a water bottle around? I see this a lot that people holding a water bottle all the time? It's so random and also something I have seen doing one of my american friends while being here. Any reason for holding it all the time? Why not putting it in a bag or something like that?

idk if there's any real reason for it but i notice that a lot too, maybe we're just all universally dehydrated

>Why do many Americans use paper dishes instead of ceramic one? And baking stuff in aluminium pans than in normal ones? Any reasons for that?

those are usually just used as placeholders until people get real dishware, but some people continue to buy them just bc they're too lazy to do dishes

>Why wearing shoes at homes?

no clue, unless they're slippers it's uncomfortable and brings unnecessary mess into the house

>Why do Americans smile so much and brightly?

to seem more friendly and make people feel welcomed in their presence, same reason small talk is such a common thing here

>And for the last one, why do so many tend to scream "I'm an American!" while being in an argument with somebody??

kek, this one is so specific, is this really something that happens often?

No. 260708


Thanks for the kind answers, anon.

Idk for the last question: It's just something I've seen in many videos that have been recorded in the US and there was always at least one person that made a comment about being "american" idk I found it a bit strange but seems not to happen that often.

No. 260713

Oh, this is super helpful! I'll be sure to check out that YouTube channel. Thank you so much!

No. 260717

Is “unconventionally attractive” just code for ugly?

No. 260719

Yes, but somehow the characteristically ugly traits end up meshing well enough to not make them completely repelling.

No. 260720

File: 1529333270393.jpeg (246.86 KB, 1280x1343, C8A67669-B104-42B0-9132-D39FA6…)

No. It means exactly what it says. Attractive but not conventionally (whatever that means in the culture) so.

No. 260740

File: 1529340572886.jpg (8.26 KB, 270x187, darter.jpg)

Might not be a stupid question but I didn't know where to ask, so I'm not a native english speaker and today I heard from a native: "You need to get a little bit more darter on that"
What does that mean?
I searched the interned and the only meaning I found is related to a cute birb.

No. 260742

Could you give a little more context?
I want to say in refernece to "darter" probably means to be more swift?

No. 260746

Sure, it was about doing a research in psychology and conducting tests, but with some people you need to get darter on that.

No. 260748

I'm guessing it's entitlement. I usually hear it when people are told that they can't have something stupid or act like an asshole without someone calling them an asshole.

Am native English speaker, have never heard this. Maybe it's a regional thing?

No. 260758

i assume your colleague was saying data and you misheard it as darter?

No. 260766

Actually, that would have made perfect sense in the context. I could have swore there was a clear 'r' and that the word ended with a muffled 'e' but maybe I just misheared it.

No. 260767

> Am native English speaker, have never heard this. Maybe it's a regional thing?

Thanks, I might have misheard. I didn't find anything about darter so it must have been data after all like this anon said >>260758

No. 260775

Americans carry water bottles because they don't typically bring water with them when they go out, so they end up having to buy bottled water. The reusable water bottle trend is catching on, but very slowly.

as for #5, I think we do that as an honest admission of ignorance, like "I'm American, you can't expect me to know about X world event or the minute political nuances of X country."

No. 261013

How is findom even domination? If anything, relying on someone for dosh is pretty submissive.

I understand it's basically a sexy version of a bully stealing your lunch money…but it still seems essentially subby to me.

No. 261014

being a dom has to do with pleasing your sub in a sadistic way. domming has nothing to do with what the dom wants and everything to do with what the sub wants. this is why most people looking for findom stuff fail

No. 261076


Not sure if this is what you mean, but sometimes people who were born in the United States get asked by other (white) americans "where are you from?" and if they say something like "Los Angeles" the person will ask "No, I mean where are you from?"

Sometimes it's relatively innocent, sometimes it is used by racists to hassle other people. Race and nationality are, uh, touchy subjects in the united states these days

No. 261081

Which is so frustrating to me because if you ask people their ethnicity instead, they’re generally really happy to talk to you about it. I even had someone tell me the town in China their family was from. It’s just the wording of the question which implies they can’t be American if they’re not white and they don’t belong in America. If people could just learn to have a little more tact and know how to ask people the questions they’re curious about, things would be less hostile. Wanting to know isn’t the bad thing, it’s the implications behind the common question that is.

No. 261083

They said "data" with an accent. maybe?

Some people append 'r' sounds on vowels. Like washer => warsher

No. 261086

1. Designer water bottles are a kind of fetish, like "look at the brand I bought."

2. It's easier to dispose of after eating and Americans are not too concerned with waste so it works. Used mostly by poor people and college students

4. It's a cultural thing. In the 50's you had to pretend everything was perfect and smiling and pretending to be happy was part of that. We retained a lot of habits from that era and that's one of them, big cheesy smiles.

No. 261087

>4.) Why do Americans smile so much and brightly?

To show off their $1000+ dental and orthodontic work.

lol, but seriously, it's just cultural. American culture values bright, happy, and friendly people. To the point where you can't be seen as bright, happy, or friendly unless you're beaming down the street and smile and give a compliment to every rando person you see, and you can never have a bad day or else the people around you freak out like something has gone horribly wrong.

I knew a few people who were naturally very smiley and friendly and get ghosted or dropped the minute they weren't, at least until they felt better and went back to "normal".

It's like, once you start smiling, you can never stop.
>American gothic

No. 261105

Do any of you have hyperthyroidism?
How did you discovered, like your symptoms?
Also, did the meds made you gain weight or feel unwell (nauseus)?

No. 261113

What is the wrist version of cankles?

No. 261120

i hope it's wankles

No. 261180


why would it be wankles? wrist-ankles?
i've heard wrarms but it doesn't flow well it all

No. 261191

I always wondered what Nicky meant by "what's good"
I never heard that phrase before, what does it mean exactly

No. 261192

It just means "what's up?", but it can be used in a "what's your problem?" way.

No. 261199

Basically what >>261192 said. Can also mean "Here I am". Like for an example, if someone has been talking about you and you hear about it and you come up to them and say 'whats good' that would mean youknow Say it again cause I'm here now. lol Its fighting words basically.

No. 262000

Ok so hear me out because I’m confusing myself

So do fat people feel more like physically (cause there’s more of them) or less because they’re all stretched out?
Like if you rubbed the back of a fat person, does it feel exactly the same for them as if they were skinny or is it less intense or better because there’s more?
Is this making sense? I don’t know.
Fat people’s bodies confuse me

No. 262005

I think unless they have nerve damage from diabetes or something, getting a rub on the back feels no different than if a skinny person were to get the same rub. It doesn't feel any more intense or worse.

Although I imagine if you're talking about a massage it could feel different, because their muscles are underneath a layer of fat and probably can't get worked as well as a thinner person's. Doesn't mean they're not feeling the same pressure, their skin has nerves even if the fat cells don't.

No. 262015

not true. fat people are actually less sensitive because the nerves are more spread out over the body.

No. 262019

It all feels the same.

No. 262021

Nah, what a weird belief lol.

No. 262023

it's science, fat people have the same amount of sensory receptors as skinnier people and the fatter they get, the less concentrated they are. it does change over time and fix itself but it takes years. similarly, someone losing a lot of weight will be more sensitive than before.

No. 262025

I've googled what you're talking about and have found nothing. You're really odd, just because skin stretches out doesn't mean people's nerves dilute. That's not how skin works. Do you think pregnant women feel less sensation around their stretched out bellies too? You're silly.

No. 262028

File: 1529729889821.jpg (88.89 KB, 707x263, 1517269609360.jpg)

Not trying to race-bait but is there something about Indian culture that makes them so god damn rude and inconsiderate when they immigrate into western countries?

All of my apartment neighbors are Indian and they're so self-centered.
Every day the women let their kids ride bikes and scooters in the breezeway in front of my door which is incredibly obnoxious and loud, especially when they scream and shout. The neighbor above me used to let their kid run and jump all over the span of their apartment from morning until 11pm. It didn't quit even after I corresponded with management several times; they pretended not to speak English when I politely asked them to stop. I had to clap back by banging on the ceiling before they got the message.
Every one of them is unfriendly, I smile and say hello just to get no response and have them stare blankly.
One neighbor's kid almost threw trash on my head as I was on the ground floor heading back to my apartment, and as I went back outside to photograph all the litter the father wisely picked it up before I returned. Still littered well after that.
Today I had a kid knock on my door and then ENTERED MY APARTMENT because he didn't wait for me to answer to tell him it was the wrong one.

No. 262029

sorry you're obese or something but that's literally how it works.

No. 262032

This is what I thought! But I have no idea where I heard it from.

No. 262033

Just because you're wrong doesn't make me fat you weirdo lol.

No. 262034

Probably from an ana website, because it's not even true.

No. 262038

No. 262039

>lower pain thresholds
So they feel more pain, not less.

No. 262040

Kek yes I know but I thought it was relevant and an answer (because question was whether they felt more or less)

No. 262041

pressure, not pain. read the article, they feel more pain via pressure, not pain from skin growth.

it's because it's common knowledge that larger breasts have less sensitivity because they have less nerve density.

No. 262043

>pressure not pain
The original post was about the sensation of touch aka rubbing >>262000, are you going to attempt to explain how rubbing isn't pressure?
Just admit you're wrong, jeez.

>common knowledge that larger breasts have less sensitivity

Wow, what a random and wrong tangent. You a chestlet too?

No. 262046

>Several studies have reported reduced pain sensitivity in obese people. Studies tested the sensitivity to thermal stimuli in the forehead and abdomen in obese and non-obese people. Obese people showed decreased sensitivity in the abdomen area but not in the forehead area. Furthermore, the groups did not differ in the central pain modulation, assessed by a temporal summation test to the forehead.


rubbing isn't pressure wtf?

also you're wrong, again,

Researchers at the University of Vienna claim that having small breasts may equal more pleasure in the bedroom. The larger your boobs are, the more glandular tissue there is than fat tissue, and the latter is what accounts for the breast sensitivity that comes in handy during foreplay. Alan Matarasso, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York, explained to Men's Health that "the nerve that transmits the sensation of the nipple is more stretched" in small breasts, meaning it's simply easier for small boobs to get stimulated in sexual situations.

In the University of Vienna study, women with big breasts experienced 24 percent less stimulation than those with smaller boobs.

No. 262047

anon, the article states that the only difference was pressure from water, there was no difference in physical pain from the temperature. skin sensory nerves are different from those that sense pressure anyways.

why are you so caught up on this? you're wrong, people have provided evidence and yet you keep just ignoring it.

No. 262048

There's several studies that contradict that study.

>rubbing isn't pressure wtf?

It is though.

verb [ I or T ] UK ​ /rʌb/ US ​ /rʌb/ -bb-
to press or be pressed against something with a circular or up-and-down repeated movement.

At least put this in the unpopular opinion thread, as it's just your opinion. Not science.

No. 262049

provide some proof. and learn neurology before you start claiming shit.

No. 262050

You want me to believe you know anything about neurology when you don't even know what rubbing is? Kekarooney.

No. 262051

>anon links articles etc
>but that's not science it's just your opinion

Can you give it a rest? Seriously, it's obvious she's right, you look like an ass.

No. 262052

Nta but it's really obvious you're samefagging.

No. 262053

sorry fam, that wasn't me.

No. 262054

K stop derailing now.

No. 262055

the nerve groups that respond to light touch aren't the same ones that respond to water pressure. where are your articles that "disprove" mine? you said earlier you couldn't even find anything saying it was true or not.

No. 262056

No. 262057

i'm just trying to answer anon's question. it's not my fault that insecure fatties have to shit up the thread by whinging about scientific facts.

No. 262058

No, you're infighting and tried to rant about big tits not having sensitivity earlier, because deep down you want to cry about fat girls and their fat tits. Go away.

No. 262059

bro, calm down.

No. 262060

Anon give it a rest. She's clearly provided studies for both things.

>an anon asked a question

>anon answered
>another anon said lul no, you're wrong
>anon explained why she was wrong
>other anon asked for proof
>anon provided proof
>b-but that's not enooooough
>b-but all you want to do is baww about fatties

Stop arguing with her just because you want to be right, she showed that she's right now get over it.

No. 262062

Even if what you're saying is true, that doesn't explain her conspiracy that anyone who disagrees with her is an insecure fatty, or bringing big tits into this mix.
She's cray and wants to ramble about fatties. Who cares.

No. 262063

i literally cited studies that say how it works. why the hell are you so hung up on it being about fat people? sorry if you got triggered or something. it works that way for dicks too, and literally every part of the body that has a massive jump in growth. nerves spread out and sensitivity diminishes, then over time it catches up.

No. 262064

You sound salty as fuck, and you're obviously the same anon who was arguing with her. It sounds like you got really pissed off when she accused you of being fat (once) but you got so butthurt you're accusing people of being ana-chans when they're just quoting scientific studies. I think you should go take a nap because you sound cranky as fuck.

No. 262065

Gosh you're unhinged, anachan.(infighting)

No. 262067

>a-anon insulted me when i was responding to everything she said with lolnah


i don't give a fuck if you're fat or not but you got way too pissy and dismissive even though it had nothing to do with you.(infighting)

No. 262068

"calm down bro"

No. 262069

Shut the fuck up and stop derailing. This obviously isn't good for you since you're so tilted you're screeching ana-chan at anyone who tells you to shut up.(infighting)

No. 262071

Being this angry isn't good for your blood pressure, anon. That's a science fact.(infighting)

No. 262072

Why the fuck did you even need to know that in the first place?

No. 262073

>stupid questions general


No. 262074

It was just a question I had. And I couldn’t figure out how to word it to search online for an answer. I didn’t expect it to cause infighting.
My curiosity is satiated.

No. 262075

>Bring the subject of fatties
>Expect them to not lose their shit


No. 262076

Sad part is, you still don't really have an answer.
Just a couple of anons quoting reddit and accusing each other of being the body types they don't like.

No. 262077

just ignore her, anon she's nuts. i feel like you could have asked anything. bitch just wants to argue.

No. 262078

…that never happened

No. 262079

>if i ignore what i don't wanna hear i'm right!

No. 262080

One of you literally quoted a reddit thread and accused each other of being fat or ana.
Put on your glasses.

No. 262081

You're losing your collective shit. I've never seen someone meltdown so quickly.

No. 262101

it's weird how you accuse everyone of being crazy or angry. it really doesn't make you seem better

No. 262103

Why do anons complain about other anon's behaviors when they've done the same exact things?

No. 262154

A little late to the party but pet ones are adorable and no different from hamsters or other pet rodents.

The only pets that deserve a violent death are tarantulas and other disgusting arachnid abominations. Snakes just shouldn’t be kept as pets period. It’s cruel to them and even crueler to be a human psychopath who feeds them living defenseless animals.

Come to think of it it’s the humans who feed their monster pets living defenseless animals that deserve a painful death. Go get eaten by spiders and snakes and turn into tarantula and snake shit you repulsive scum.

sage for pet sperging

No. 262167

real dumb question but

something i read a lot here, is that you can't be anorexic if you're not underweight. logical. but, can you be underweight without being anorexic? legit curious. where do you draw the line?

underweight is like a number under 18.5 bmi and i think i read once that it's not considered anorexia till you're at least 17 bmi? i don't know if thats legit. you can't be anorexic if you're for example 18.3 (Barely underweight)? is everyone who is a 17 bmi anorexic? is it not so much about numbers and more about messed up body image and eating habits? this is gonna get messy, isn't it?

No. 262172

why do so many farmers go ‘is it because it’s summer’ whenever some anon goes racebaiting or w/e lately? (may be other stuff too but specifically recall racebaiting)

is it because people have summer holidays or what? i don’t get it.

No. 262173

Imageboard tend to have an increase of newfags during summer (summerfags) often teenager on their summer hollidays, they're usually bored and bait to pass the time or they don't know anything about chan culture.

No. 262174

You can be a low weight without being an anachan. A low weight is a symptom of a lot of different (mental) illnesses.
For example because of my depression I have no appetite and dropped to a bmi lower than 15, still not an anorexic but underweight.

No. 262176

>is it because people have summer holidays or what?

thats exactly it. possible underage kiddies off school for 2 months that have nothing to do other than make low-quality baity posts. being underage they either think its funny, edgy, or actually believe it, while its just painful for the rest of us.

No. 262178

One of the main things which separates just being underweight from anorexia is fear of gaining weight.

Otherwise people with cancer and shit who are severely underweight would meet an anorexia diagnosis which obviously makes no sense.

No. 262233

Do native English speakers who don't usually listen to rap understand rap lyrics?

No. 262235

For the most part. Although some rappers mumble and aren't good at anunciating, so the lyrics are misheard or not understood at times. It really depends on the individual and how clear they are as a speaker.

No. 262388

File: 1529813261424.jpeg (34.71 KB, 407x407, B6BD67B5-BF78-40AB-83E1-636D75…)

is dick size/appearance/girth really related to a guy’s fingers in your experience? i’ve also noted that older men (late 30’s+) have bigger fingers than the average man… does that mean their dicks get bigger??

No. 262392

No. There's nothing else on a man's anatomy that would suggest his dick size. Fingers, feet, height, it doesn't matter.

Genitals are fully developed after puberty ends. Balls get saggier with age though.

No. 262426

Sometimes. I can’t understand more than half of the slang and if there’s any mumbling or slurring words together I’m totally lost. (Whiter than milk, raised by Germans)

No. 262473

Not sure where to post it, so I might aswell do it here lol

Can regular doctors prescribe acne treatment stuff?

I'd go to a derm but there's none in my town. If I'd try to make an appointment idk if I'd be able to go because of work, so it'd be easier to just go to a regular doctor.

Also, can the treatment really cause liver damage?

No. 262683

Yeah I got some tablets from my pediatrician when I was a teen. They worked alright.

No. 262694

>Also, can the treatment really cause liver damage?

There's different kinds. Topical, antibiotics, and then medications (isotretinoin/accutane).

Topical medication like creams will do nothing to your body, doc will just advise you to avoid sunlight because you could burn easier with it on.

Antibiotics have the same side effects as above, but if you're on them for a prolonged period you could get weird changes in your gut like diarrhea. Antibiotics destroy the good gut fauna in your system.

A medication like isotretinoin/accutane? Yes, it has the potential to seriously damage your organs and give you a load of mental problems. Strong evidence linking it to causing IBS. They will make you sign consent forms in order to take it, and if you're a woman you will be made to go on birth control.
I can't be your judge, but there's plenty of horror stories on the internet.
For the record, these are used sometimes in chemotherapies.

No. 262695

Reading about accutane and antiobiotics prescribed for acne and their side effects is scary. I'm only using topicals right now, but I'm terrified that one day it won't be enough and I'll have to deal with the side effects of more severe acne treatments. I fucking hate having shitty skin.

No. 262718

Me too anon.
Right now I've been on the antibiotic doxycycline since April. I think I have to quit it on my next visit because I can't be on it forever. Tbh I've had very minimal problems with it. Maybe some diarrhea and upset stomach if I don't take it with food.
The last time I did a round of doxy was about 5 or 6 years ago. As long as one's not on it continually, it doesn't mess anything up.

I've been enjoying the relatively clear skin. Some nights I even have forgot to wash my face before bed, and sometimes before work, and I didn't break out. Feels good having normie skin, too bad the ride's gotta end and I have to go back to topicals…

No. 263224

I'm 26 and my bf is 25. We have been together 2 years. Is it really unacceptable is I want to start going towards marriage and moving in?he says he thinks he's too young

No. 263227

Sounds like he's just a little apprehensive about making such a huge commitment and tbh you should be too. You're also quite young and a 2 year old relationship is still fairly new. Give it another year before you start pressuring him for a ring. Living together before marrying is generally a sound idea though. If he resists cohabitating you'll know that he's definitely not ready to propose.

No. 263288

Same I have been on antibiotics on and off for like 10 years. I am currently back on Oxytetracycline and my doctor said it was the gold standard antibiotic to acne so if this doesn't work no antibiotics will.

No. 263335

not unacceptable, because some people naturally want/think about marriage more quickly than others which is normal. but that also means you should respect him wanting to wait on it for a little while.

i would be concerned, however, if he doesn't seem interested in it as a future prospect. not wanting to move in together is a little weird if he is indeed considering marriage in the future.

No. 263336

I mean your boyfriend is 25 and he feels like he's too young to move in with you? That's weird and sounds like just an excuse to me.

Personally I think it's a bad idea to base serious decisions purely on age. 25 is not too young to make that kind of decision if you have the self awareness to process how the relationship works and the benefits it provides you. You don't get wiser purely because of aging, you actually have to work on wisdom.

If you move in with this guy make it clear that cohabitation is the next step before marriage. Don't just do it because it's convenient or easy. It'll save you a lot of heartbreak in the future.

No. 263354

she never said anything about that.

No. 263378

Has anyone here experienced iron deficiency? Not sure if it’s my period because it only lasts around three days but I have symptoms of anemia. Whooshing in my ears, pale pink under the lower eyelid, bad foot circulation, shortness of breath etc.

I was just wondering if it goes away quickly with supplements or it it’s a long term problem

No. 263383

what the fuck is wrong with you? they're intelligent animals. they're a disease vector, but they still are incredibly intelligent and deserve respect.

No. 263385

I've been iron deficient for years. You do need to up your intake of iron for it to improve, but there's always a chance of your levels slipping again. I'm just shit at taking the prescribed pills and/or eating iron-rich foods.

No. 263727

Can a single woman be stronger than a single man? Not on average, but as individuals at a certain point in time. I realize all able-bodied men have more overall potential than women.
Example, would a woman who lifts multiple times a week and be stronger than a man who doesn't work out at all and weighs ~50 lbs less than her? Does height factor into this? Is a 120 lbs 6' man as weak as a 120 lbs 5'2" man? Would a woman who weighs 170 lbs with a bf% of 23% be stronger than both, since her lean mass weighs more than either of them?

Asked this on CC months ago, but it's too dead and hugbox-y to get a straight answer.

No. 263737

>t. disgusting rats

No. 263806

a woman who lifts multiple times a week will be stronger than an inactive average (skinnyfat) guy her height.

No. 263829

Rats are cute, lovable creatures. Definitely better than guinea pigs and hamsters, at least.

No. 263837

They aren't, they're just nasty and you're not going to change my mind. At least guinea pigs and hamsters are actually cute, the only worth rats and mice have in my eyes is food for snakes, cats, and spiders.

No. 263838

File: 1530300483334.jpg (17.56 KB, 425x250, sleeping-rats-120694080-57ffde…)

>At least guinea pigs and hamsters are actually cute
You've never seen a pet rat up close then. They're adorable.

No. 263839

No, I have. They're ugly motherfuckers.

No. 263863

You can't talk about rats being nasty and then act like pet spiders/snakes are fine, weirdo. At least they don't eat live animals.

No. 263865

They eat pests. They're doing God's work.

No. 263871

I get that you want to sperg about how icky rats are because you're phobic but the indisputable fact is that pet rats are highly domesticated, trainable animals and not 'pests'. They are extremely good pets for those who DO find them cute. You don't have to so move on.

No. 263876

How am I the one sperging? You're the one who got triggered over a week old post and started ree-ing at my personal opinion. I find them to be disgusting crearures, you don't have to agree with that and you don't have to argue with me about so move on, hypocrite.

No. 263890

That wasn't me, I just joined in the conversation because it's fucking stupid to call domesticated rats pests when they're not. Call them disgusting all you want.

No. 263892

All mice and rats are pests in my opinion, I don't care if you think it's stupid. Again, take your own advice and move on.

No. 263895

your opinion is wrong though lmao

No. 263901

I agree with you anon.
This person doesn't seem to understand there's a difference between the rats they sell in the pet shop and rats found outside. Rats from the wild are not 'domesticated' at all and are horrible pests.
Next thing anon is going to tell me that because potbelly pigs make cute pets, that makes wild pigs fine and not pests either.

No. 263902

this entire time the topic was PET RATS

No. 263903

My mistake, sperg. Carry on.

No. 263909

God no one wants to hear about your hateboner over rodents

No. 263911

is there a way to avoid bloating before eating super salty food? like let's say drinking a lot of water before a salty dinner, does that help avoiding the bloat? or is bloat just a curse that we just have to deal with everytime we eat something delicious till we die?

i bloat so easily it drives me crazy having to wait two days to be skinny again idk what to do.

No. 263921

lmao, they're no more of a pest than you are, edgelord.

i find that this does actually work. i drink a ton of water and follow it up with a bit of caffeine, then water again, and i'm mostly back to normal shortly thereafter.

No. 264388

what the FUCK does truscum even mean it sounds stupid as fuck

No. 264400

File: 1530494421333.jpg (79.4 KB, 392x588, _DOL0151_20170924183147.jpg)

Do people really wear this shit? Like, regular people, with jobs.

No. 264410

"Truscums" are essentially trannies who act like any tranny who does something extra problematic isn't truly trans or dysphoric. They're usually more batshit than trenders.

No. 264422

Runway stuff is often very ott, sometimes fully avant garde. The ideas are taken and toned down into something more practical and palatable for retailers so, for example, from pic related you’d likely find pop-art inspired prints, similar palette and garment shapes, and maybe a mix of floral and pop art prints at the store.

No. 264424


>>264422 this

The point of those runway shows isn't to debut new clothes, it's more to present new concepts to the fashion world to set new trends.

No. 264456

File: 1530505944764.jpg (17.72 KB, 564x398, 3d87c353c23890ae2f1230ac92e746…)

is it frowned upon to wear handmade lolita? what resources could i use to make handmade lolita? would it be worse if i used handmade stuff or if i used knock off stuff? is bodyline as bad as /cgl/ told me all those years ago?

i'm not part of the community but i always liked the fashion. sadly i was too fat and poor to wear it. but now i'm just poor! and my mother was a seamstress so i thought we could bond making some cute clothes together. but i want to make a lolita dress and wear it to cons but i'm afraid i'll look a mess because most people buy their stuff.

No. 264457

File: 1530506147135.jpeg (53.6 KB, 600x306, 15756C44-BBDB-4041-B71F-3D689C…)

Adding to what other anons said here is a visual

No. 264460

Spotted the angry transtrender

Truscum are transgender people who believe you need gender dysphoria (i.e. actually want the body of the gender you feel like) to be truly transgender which is valid. But all transgenders are insane so who really cares

No. 264467

>Spotted the angry transtrender
Have you ever interacted with a truscum? Trenders are annoying, but at least they'll probably drop it. Most trucums are anti-sjw edgelords who are completely detached from reality.

No. 264470

As long as you don't make an ita lace monstrosity, theres nothing wrong with handmade clothes. If anyone says shit to you about wearing a dress you made yourself, they're just jealous. Especially if your mom is a seamstress, you two could make some seriously gorgeous vintage/victorian inspired lolita dresses. If you do end up doing this, please post the finished results somewhere!

No. 264489

Nah as long as the handmade is decently done you'll be fine. If your mom is a seamstress it sounds like you'll have plenty of help getting that's decently constructed. I know a few handmade lolitas and they look fine.

I don't know your budget but you could save up and buy it secondhand if that helps. I've seen some stuff go for like 50 bucks but that all depends on the brand and state of the dress. You could also try saving for indie brands or taobao if you absolutely want brand new. I hope your handmade stuff turns out well though! It's refreshing to see well done handmade stuff.

No. 264496

File: 1530519818325.gif (1.37 MB, 448x252, 6EE33324-2558-4213-BC1F-1E6291…)


A girl in my gym is like 5’2” and outlifts everyone

She’s tiny but still kind of muscular

Form/diet/ and consistent training will make you stronger

After 6 months I can lift 1.5 my body weight and I’m aiming to lift 3x my body weight this time next year.

No. 264497


> live in a society entirely about money with no feminism whatsoever.

> be entitled because you have to fight for everyone to respect you.

The more educated they grew up the nicer they are just like every other country in their situation.

No. 264499

Only Chinese Novo rich

No. 264508

Thanks for that personal experience example, anon.
I think I just became convinced by the insecure men spouting "even tiny weak men are stronger than all women because muh testosterone!!1" I haven't joined a gym yet (just doing high reps with low weights thrice weekly to get my form down and put on basic muscle), so I have nothing to compare myself with or to.
Good luck with your goals!

I'd opt to agree with this, most South Asian immigrants where I live are pretty nice since they're young and here to attend university.

No. 264511

Not gonna lie, the discussion in the short coomic thread inspired me…

How do you define your personality? How do you decide what makes you unique from others?
I have terrible issue with describing myself. What am I? The things I like, the personality disorder that clipped my wings? How can I tell?

No. 264513

Handmade >>> knockoffs

People in my comm will trip all over themselves complimenting well done handmade clothes, even moreso than the latest AP print because let’s be honest, there’s no skill involved in clicking “buy”.

However it does have to be well made. Shitty handmade will likely be made fun of just like Milanoo lacemonsters and obvious replicas are made fun of. This has nothing to do with jealousy, people just like laughing at ugly shit.

Start with something simple, like a rectangle skirt with a half-elastic waistband. Make sure your hem is at least 2,5x your waist, preferably more like 3x or 3,5x. Lolita requires a lot of fabric. Stick to solids at first and stay away from novelty quilting cotton for the love of god because that shit never translates well to clothing, no matter how kawaii you think the print is. Add visual interest through ruffles and pintucks and lace. Laces.taobao.com is a good source of lace though they do sell some knockoff lace.
Maybe invest in a volume or two of Otome no Sewing so you can see how lolita patterns are usually done. I started with “lolifying” normie patterns for blouses and JSKs and honestly that was a waste of time and money because too many alterations were needed to get the proper details, proportions and silhouette. Even if you don’t fit the books’ standard measurements (many don’t), it helps to see how lolita patterns look in 2D and maybe your mom can help you re-draft them to your size.

No. 264525

So me and my bf are both 26. He's Indian and I'm black. I have never met his family because his mom doesn't like black people. We have been together for two years and we live an hour a part. He has no plans of moving out because he apparently can't afford to, we got a marriage license but decided to not go through with it because he was scared his mom was going to find out. He said he didn't plan to move out until he's 27-28. He had exams and he failed them because he never studied for anything. should I just end it?

No. 264534

Anon, never trust a guy in his late 20s that is still scared of his mom. I don't know your relationship though but to me it looks like he 1) doesn't take you that seriously 2) is immature and at least for now incapable of taking this important step. He needs to grow up and grow some balls too. If you know he won't change dump his ass. Mommy will take care of him don't worry, he'll be fine.

No. 264554

Nobody can really describe their own personality completely without filling in the gaps with their imagination. Some people do it pathologically without realizing it. I think the fact that you ask yourself those questions means you are an honest person who isn't afraid to square up with the reality of your situation. Could be wrong but that's my interpretation.

No. 264559

File: 1530542779792.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2154, y.png)

Why is my IG explore page so busted? I've never liked a disney related picture in my life, but now 50% of what I see is bad disney makeup, cosplay, and fanart. The other 50% is bts/random kpop girl groups (which I also don't want to see, but I like a boy group so at least it sort of makes sense), unfunny memes, bad anime fanart/cosplay, BL, baddies, and slime videos.

I never liked any of this (except slime videos and bl), how did it get here? It used to be fine

No. 264560

Break up with him, he's in his 20s and is still obedient to his mother… Something tells me he will be like that for the rest of his life.

No. 264646

Thank you for answering!

No. 264693

Why does anyone ever say 'GLBT' when it's so widles established as LGBT?

My inner paranoid radfem says "wow, they're so chauvinistic they need to order men before women no matter what" but i also doubt many people are that cartoonishly chauvinistic.

I know it's a non-issue but I find myself subconsciously judging or mistrusting people who say it and I'd like to know why they do.

No. 264699

Although personally, if you haven't had a serious talk to him about it, I would and give him one more chance to break away from her. I had a codependent mother and it took someone pointing out how fucked up my relationship is with her to wake up and stop being so affected by her. Granted I was 22, not 26, but I can't say I wouldn't have remained scared of her if another person didnt help me come to my senses. I totally understand if you don't want to do that though. It's not your responsibility. My younger brother had the same codependent fear and guilt based relationship with our mom and he started getting frustrated with her around 20, but it took me really spelling it all out for him to realize how abnormal it is.

No. 264728

What part of penetrative sex feels good?
Like, what is the sensation that you get?
For me it just feels like there is a thing going in and out of me. Not good or bad. I don't understand what's meant to feel good about it.

No. 264733

Hmm, I'm not sure how to describe it. It could feel pretty intense and good if done right, though I still think it's inferior to clitoral stimulation in every way.

No. 264735

i used to find it either painful or sensationless but then the mental part of my attraction to men developed a lot more, and i treated my vaginismus, and now i'm shocked to say penetrative sex is one of my favorite things. The way I think of it
Clit stimulation is so obviously physically pleasurable that I don't even need to be thinking about anything for it to feel somewhat good, and it can take me from unaroused to aroused.
Weird fetish shit isn't physically pleasurable in its own right, it only feels good if you find the concept hot.
Penetrative sex is kind of in between. It can feel really good, but only if you're already horny and find some aspect of it conceptually hot.

I guess the main thing I like is the extreme physical intimacy? Having a hot guy I really like all up in my guts. The person I used to crush out on being so close to me they're actually inside me and bouncing me around from the inside. The person I was shy to admit I find beautiful looking me right in the eyes as he slowly but deeply pumps my pussy. Feeling the pressure of his cock and squeezing it every time he thrusts. Etc etc etc. It only works if I'm really wet, maybe even with additional lube, and if I'm really really sexually attracted to the guy. It also pairs really well, as pretentious as that sounds, with clit stimulation. They kind of compliment and intensify each other, so once in a while I'll penetrate myself with a dildo while I use my vibrator.

No. 264754

It means someone you follow/interact with likes that stuff, even if you don't like it. You can block the pages that show up often or try and deduce who is causing the suggestions and unfollow them

No. 264755

I've seen gay men justify it as their word, gay, came first. As in it existed in the english dictionary or something before lesbianism did.

It's really awesome this board has so many radfems. iloveyouall.jpg

No. 264758

If you ask me it's just another reason for men to cry about not being put first.

No. 264759

Where can you find normal porn without any fetishes or weird nicest/bdsm/etc shit? Even the “romantic” section on pornhub is just filled with weird mom/son shit.

No. 264761

Ur imagination.

No. 264765


No. 264770

File: 1530599148226.jpg (48.75 KB, 390x478, 1521519998827.jpg)


i like this post cause this is exactly something i would have written on yahoo answers at 13 lol.

>he always starts the conversations

>he always has time for you
>eye contact and always smiling at you and excited to see you or always in a good mood when you're around.
>if you fish with something like "ohhh… i soooo wanna see X movie!/eat at X place!" and they're not socially retarded, they'll probably invite you to go together instead of being like "ahaha that's cool :)"
>his relationship with you is different than the ones he has with other girls. like let's say he's friends with some girl but constantly playfight her and call her nasty names because they're buddies, but wouldn't call you something like that ever (this is just an example, maybe you both call each other names for fun what i mean is that he's different with you)
>whatever stupid favor you need, he'll do it
>nervous laughter and just dumb smiling in general

this might not be always applicable but sometimes you're with a friend and the guy is around and talks to you and goes their way, and your friend will say "that guy is SO into you" because sometimes its easier for them to tell.

No. 264777

You are right on the money, he is so nice to everyone so it's hard to tell. I feel just like a 13 year old!!! To clarify, he is an online friend. I think my friend also may like him as well; which really sucks. Do you think I should talk to my friend about it?

No. 264832

I have no idea either, anon. To me it feels awkward at best no matter how much lube we use. The emotional connection >>264735 described is really nice, but I still wish we could have that without all the mess and soreness afterwards.
Though I also don’t experience any kind of pleasure from clitoral stimulation either, so maybe I’m just broken. Usually there’s no sensation at all, at worst it hurts, at best it feels like I need to pee, and wetting the bed isn’t my idea of a good time so I’ve never seen any reason to continue past that point.

No. 264856

Sometimes the dick hit a perfect spot inside my vagina and it feel like a wave of pleasure starting from this point and going through my whole body, other time it just feels like having a meaty stick go in and out of my pussy. It depend a lot on how relaxed and aroused I am. I find getting eaten out or masturbating with a vibrator more pleasurable, but there is something so extremely intoxicating about having a hot guy get hot and bothered by you and taking so much pleasure in fucking you that I end up loving it more.

No. 264897

File: 1530635534294.png (Spoiler Image, 150.91 KB, 1438x792, 900U490TU40JG.png)

Why does 4chan look like shit to me? Pic related.

No. 264908

It does it to me too and I have no clue. Sometimes it goes away when I refresh, sometimes not. I've noticed it completely goes away when I change my user session of Chrome but it's so annoying, I couldn't find any way to actually fix it though.

No. 264913

Because it is shit.

No. 264935

Your internet is struggling to load it so it's just showing you the very basic HTML.

No. 264972

Is there a way to see who's online/was last online on Instagram without messaging them or using the feature where you see what the people you follow have liked?

No. 264976

It was the same for me when I let adblock plus work on 4chan. As soon as I deactivated it for 4chan the problem stopped. If you have adblock plus try doing the same.

No. 264992

does anyone even still use 4chan other than like, 17 yo boys on pol and horny troons on lgbt? didn't everyone leave in like 2012? it's weird to see people still using it. me and all my friends left when it was obviously dying in like, 2012. it feels like they're trying to milk a dead cow or that kids are trying to get in on a site that used to be like, kind of a piece of sorta influential internet history

No. 265015

Sounds like you're just talking about /b/. It's a dead part of internet history, but the boards for specific interests are still worth using a lot of the time.

No. 265109

I would like to input my opinion towards dogs

>they smell

Their natural stench reeks. No matter how many times you bathe them, they have a natural odor that smells like shit. Cats have no smell unless the owner is lazy to keep up with the litterbox and vacuuming. I know immediately when someone has a dog just by the stench of their odor and breath. They never groom themselves either.

>they're not cute

Dogs are territorial. They bark constantly, they drool, they bite people too. They will see another dog on the street and lunge at it. They will chase strangers given the opportunity to be escaped from their leash. They hump people, and its disgusting. They rub their asses all over the floor and then the floor needs cleaned.

>they don't enjoy our company

Dogs only care about food. There have been studies that most dogs would go to the source of food before their owner calls them when given the choice. Even when the dog has been fed already and not hungry. There are also people I know who had dogs bolt out the door and never return, despite trying really hard to be careful.

>Dogs are for lazy people

I see tons of dog owners leaving them outside on a leash 24/7. No need to clean anything, just let them live outdoors to poop everywhere and never pick it up. A lot of dog owners who do fortunately keep their dog indoors, do not bother to clean up the dog shit in the yard or mop the stench of dog on the floor. Their hair gets everywhere too and yet they don't clean it. The furniture smells like them.

I don't hate dogs either. I personally just don't find them as sincere of a pet compared to a cat. I've had good experiences with cats. Dogs I have not.

No. 265119

>No matter how many times you bathe them, they have a natural odor that smells like shit.

No. 265137

Different anon but it's true. Dogs do have a certain smell to them. I was told that it has something to do with their glands. I remember watching my friend give her dog long baths, but by the end of it I still thought that they smelled weird.

No. 265145

What's the point of being this petty? Disliking cats doesn't automatically mean you're disliking them BECAUSE you prefer dogs. The original anon wasn't talking about dogs at all, just why people don't like cats. Why do cat owners get so ridiculously defensive?

No. 265205

Because they're braineashed by their codependent asshole cats. Id rather have a smelly, food motivated dog than an asshole cat who shits in my house and tears up my blinds.

>cats don't have a smell

Bullllllllllshit. You just don't notice it anymore once you have cats. Plus I've never met a cst owner who actuslly cleaned the litter every day so there's ususlly the lingering piss/shit smell that they eventually stop noticing as well.

No. 265284

American anons: Do you actually waste a lot of food?

In my country it's unheard of for someone to not have a compost bin and if they do, to throw out perfectly fine food. For example a half eaten sandwich or leftovers. If we have any scraps we put them in the fridge to eat later and if we don't it's treated as a huge waste.
I got recommended a video by Buzzfeed "Tasty team tries to not waste food for a week" where they basically show themselves putting all food they make in the bin after photographing and they act like it's so mighty to get a compost bin. The part that really got me was when a girl was so proud of herself for packing a freshly salad to go instead of throwing it out right away. I know it's technically a food business but it made me think. How does it work from the perspective of a person living in the USA?

No. 265289

I'm American with a hispanic/poor background and I absolutely hate wasting food, especially if it belonged to an animal. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my white-washed siblings. It depends from person to person, but I do believe in America we are generally very wasteful.

No. 265293

>I can't say the same for my white-washed siblings
My family is white and we never throw stuff away (even if slightly expired), and so do all my friends. What are you talking about…?

No. 265296

Great anecdote, I could share mine where I know some wasteful white family dumping food, but I did say it "depends from person to person". America is not a purely white culture.

No. 265297

Anon, you literally said that your wasteful siblings are 'whitewashed'- that very much sounds like you're implying that whiteness is the cause of wastefulness.

No. 265387

Poorfag American here.
A lot of American food corps waste food because of the fear of lawsuits/people getting “sick”. Many places won’t even feed they’re employees— when I worked at Starbucks, we tossed tons of fine looking food into the trash. I could always see the discomfort on my coworkers faces, and when the boss was t around we’d often shove expired food into our bags to take home. I would say that most people I knew growing up saved food. My mom would make a giant pot of soup or spaghetti, and we would eat it for dinner for a week.

Sage for mild blogposting

No. 265388

The buzzfeed crew is generally stunted adult babies, not a flattering representation of anyone . I'm a white american and I don't think I waste a lot of food. I compost, save for later, or just eat it for the most part. Sometimes my bf will shake his head if I miss a few scraps and throw them out, so I'm not the best, but filling an entire trashbag of food scraps in a short time and let that go to waste stings. I work in the food industry and even besides that…if you've ever had any kind of budget and you accidentally waste a significant amount of food some time, you kick yourself so hard for it later that you form a food saving habit.

I swear every buzzfeed video is just "The buzzfeed team tries basic thing millions of people do every day" and the buzzfeed crew ewing and fanning themselves saying they can't do it, and then either remaining bratty or judgmental about it, or reluctantly realizing that it's not thaaaat bad

No. 265391

As a european, I too think americans waste way too much food. I hate watching american television because there's almost always a "food fight" scene or some kind of gag that involves wasting food and that shit is impossible to watch. Also, I see a lot of YouTubers leave their taps/showers on when they're not using them which is a huge no-no here. Like turning on the tap and just walking away to do something else.

When I was in school, there were non-stop campaigns telling us that we're destroying the earth and we have to change our lifestyles (use towels instead of tissue paper when you wash your hands, recycle bottles/paper/plastic/old clothes, turn the taps off, keep your showers to a max of 15 minutes, don't travel by plane often if you don't need to, take the bus and transport each other to school). It made me think about everything I do and the impact it has.

But americans in general don't seem to give a shit even though they're probably contributing to way more environmental damage than any of the countries being lectured to. They love their trucks and taking flights across the country. There seems to be no part of american education that shows them how to recycle or lectures them on how to behave at home. In fact, most americans I see online think that global warming is a conspiracy theory. That country is fucked.

No. 265394

anon pls. food fights are just an outdated tv trope that no one actually does except maybe the occasional kindergardeners trying to imitate what they saw on tv. We have campaigns about not wasting food, recycling, not wasting paper, etc etc too, especially on the coasts. I'm not a big america stan but believing that what goes on in shitty movies meant to entertain children is a reflection of actual day to day life is just silly

No. 265413

File: 1530734265911.jpg (3.1 MB, 3326x1970, Global_Recycling_Rates_2.jpg)

>We have campaigns about not wasting food, recycling, not wasting paper, etc etc too, especially on the coasts.
Doesn't change the fact that you're producing 25% of the world's waste (obviously making you the 'champ' in that category) while recycling less than poorer countries like e.g. Slovenia…

No. 265428

some breeds dont smell. finnish lapphund for example.

No. 265429

cats smell good, at least mine have. i dont let my cat pee/poop inside though.

No. 265447

my cat legit smells like air dried laundry (he doesn't poop inside either)

No. 265453

Mine poops inside and he smells like clean bedsheets (he sleeps on my bed all day so), just keep the fucking litter box clean.

No. 265458

>Dogs do have a certain smell to them
Sure, and so do cats, but they don’t all smell like shit. I didn’t have dogs growing up but some of my friends did and I could never smell them on them. Now I have dogs but I can still smell my friend’s dog when I go to her house because they don’t wash him or their house much. I’m pretty sure the diet you feed them matters a lot, as well.
One of my dogs has a nice chocolate smell and the other has to take tablets for his poor joints so he smells bad imo. Kinda fishy kek

No. 265498

I have nothing to base this on but my own experience in retail, but I believe a good chunk of American waste is attributed to corporations and large chain stores like Wal-Mart, Costco, etc.

One single store can throw so much shit away. Each store is sent seasonal (or even weekly!) graphics to put up for sales, spotlight items, etc. only to be taken down a short time later and tossed away. Plastic stuff to hold in pricing in shelves or on pegs are constantly replaced as they get old. Equipment gets broken or used up and eventually tossed to make room for new stuff. It's insane.

Call me a fucking weirdo, but I like the smell of my dog, and not just after giving her baths. I think a lot of factors go into any animals smell, like environment, food, and obviously hygiene maintenance.

No. 265499

You need to stop basing what you know off of tv anon.

No. 265505

Not who you're replying to, but anon is actually right. The US is using up much more resources than other countries around the world. You guys need to get your shit together.

No. 265509

>there's almost always a "food fight" scene or some kind of gag that involves wasting food and that shit is impossible to watch.
I’m British but have been in the US for a good chunk of my education. No school I’ve ever attended has ever had a food fight. Ever. The idea wouldn’t even come up. It’s a bizarre movie trope, not reality. Bitch, when lunch came around, we were fucking hungry. No one was gonna waste their food and ruin their clothes for seemingly no reason

No. 265518

You're right and I see the statistics but the US still has a huge liberal population, and liberals here are plenty concerned about recycling and minimizing waste, and they treat anyone who doens't believe in global warming as a pariah because of the "all scientists agree" meme. It's a huge country with many subcultures, and many of those subcultures are very liberal and/or environmentally focused.

I really don't want to defend my stupid country too much but basing your idea of the average american on fake hollywood movies and clickbait videos is really ignorant. If you're going to bash us, bash us for something you can confirm we actually do, which some of anons have now.

Happy 4th!

No. 265572

Noscript and Adblock can break pages ever since hiroshima changed the ad provider a few months ago

No. 265581

I'm an American and my family is somewhat wasteful but it's usually from saving food we think we're going to eat later, forgetting about it, and then having to throw it out when it spoils. throwing perfectly good food directly in the trash feels terrible.

I had to sit through quite a few "reduse, reuse, recycle!" assemblies as a kid and every school I've ever been to had recycling bins in every classroom which we were encouraged to use. A lot of Americans are wasteful as hell of course but like some other anons have said the brunt of it comes down more to corporations having wasteful policies than most families being wasteful.

Also I actually have been in food fights (not a participant, but caught in the crossfire) and it was usually some of the shitty delinquent kids getting genuinely angry at one another and throwing stuff during lunch, not people just starting a food fight because it's a fun activity or something. Sometimes I'd still eat the food lol.

No. 265625

>a good chunk of American waste is attributed to corporations and large chain stores like Wal-Mart, Costco, etc.
>One single store can throw so much shit away. Each store is sent seasonal (or even weekly!) graphics to put up for sales, spotlight items, etc. only to be taken down a short time later and tossed away. Plastic stuff to hold in pricing in shelves or on pegs are constantly replaced as they get old. Equipment gets broken or used up and eventually tossed to make room for new stuff. It's insane.
Anon, that doesn't mean jackshit, Europe is full of huge, cheap chains too.

>liberals here are plenty concerned about recycling and minimizing waste, and they treat anyone who doens't believe in global warming as a pariah because of the "all scientists agree" meme. It's a huge country with many subcultures, and many of those subcultures are very liberal and/or environmentally focused.
>I had to sit through quite a few "reduse, reuse, recycle!" assemblies as a kid and every school I've ever been to had recycling bins in every classroom which we were encouraged to use.
Poor you for being asked to do the same stuff the rest of the world does too.
Again, no matter how many Americans are out there virtue signaling (it's sad that people even need to do that, anybody with half a brain should already know what's right themselves), it obviously didn't change anything, you're still fucking up this planet.

No. 265673

>Anon, that doesn't mean jackshit, Europe is full of huge, cheap chains too.
it’s not the same at all.
>Poor you for being asked to do the same stuff the rest of the world does too.
They were chiming in with their experiences because OP mentioned the education they’d had. They weren’t doing it to brag or whine, it was just to add clarity.
God damn you’re so unnecessarily hostile. You’d think they killed polar bears in their free time or some shit

No. 265678

>it’s not the same at all.
Sorry, but how?

And living like this actually does kill polar bears…

No. 265697

If you have a therapist, can and do they report any bad thoughts you have as intentions towards committing crimes? Could it possibly ruin a career?
I have an overwhelming amount of fantasies involving violence (edgy, I know) as well anger issues, and I need someone to talk to about it. I'm just afraid they will be required to report me, and I don't want my future ruined because I told someone that I think of hurting people a lot. I just want help.

No. 265704

If you throughly explain it’s all just fantasy and hypothetical with no genuine intent to fulfill it you should be fine. Tell them you don’t like being like this and want help so you can get better. It’s the same as telling a therapist you have suicidal ideations vs telling them you’re actively suicidal. They only need to report it if there’s a real concern you’ll do it. Good luck, anon.

No. 265764

>iron deficiency

This is over a week old but I wanted to let you know I had iron deficiency for a long time, I kept getting restless leg syndrome every night really bad. It took like a week of taking iron supplements to make the symptoms go away! Just fyi!

No. 265769

Camille Crimson does lovely intimate blowjob videos!

No. 265770

I have a really stupid question, how many guys use lolcow? I've only been on here about a month and I just lurk /pt/ for the most part.

No. 265774

Hopefully not many of them.

No. 265778

If there were more guys on lolcow what would change for the worse? Not trying to argue, just curious as to why you said hopefully.

No. 265779

I hope none. But there's probably a few creeps and some gay dudes.

No. 265780

Imagine way more guys roleplaying as girls on /g/, giving out their imageboard/internet built opinions. It would be horrible.

No. 265784

That's a good point I didn't even consider. I'm a straight guy and I don't even think about /g/, really. I'm just a little lonely and I enjoy drama. Don't worry though I almost exclusively lurk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 265794

Have you tried going at the Discord? Maybe you can find some people to chat with.

No. 265795

File: 1530818282195.jpg (51.46 KB, 639x558, Clitoris Anatomy Labelled.jpg)


Penetrative (vaginal) sex feels like my clit is being rubbed but from deep inside, also my vaginal walls feel …good? Hard to describe. Like a kind of heat that feels amazing? Idk

In case anyone here isn't aware, the whole dark pink thing in pic related is the entire clitoris.

From http://www.abc.net.au/health/features/stories/2014/10/28/4116350.htm

>“Both the internal and external parts of the clitoris are made of erectile tissue which swells with blood when a woman is aroused.”

>“…penetration of the vagina alone does not mean there is no involvement of the clitoris”

Also, I feel this sensation when being penetrated in missionary or riding my man: "there are short ligaments that join the clitoral hood to the vulva, so when the vulva's being incidentally moved during penetration, that is actually stimulating the glans of the clitoris.”

Here's a helpful animation to understand how the clitoris is stimulated from within (it's CG):

And of course, I absolutely must be aroused for any of this to feel good. That means comfortable, confident, and safe for me personally. It’s very important.

OP of >>264728 I don’t want it to come off like you didn’t already know any of this! Just helping out those who may not know already.

Good fuckin’ everyone!

No. 265801

What should I personally do, anon?

No. 265802

File: 1530818980499.jpg (28.34 KB, 1024x768, 13923808_f1024.jpg)

Samefag but the clitoris looks like the Fresno Nightcrawlers lol

No. 265810

We don't want you, even if you're just lurking.

No. 265812

OT but I scrolled over this quickly and thought it was some pink mahou shoujo kek.

No. 266033

did we have an animal crossing pocket camp thread or am i imagining things? i looked through the catalogues. i finally got a phone that can handle it and want to add some farmers

No. 266036

>Poor you for being asked to do the same stuff the rest of the world does too.
The anon I replied to said
>There seems to be no part of american education that shows them how to recycle
and I was just saying that I experienced otherwise by sharing my anecdotal experience, I wasn't complaining.

you mean this >>253761 ?

No. 266045

File: 1530860076112.jpeg (33.24 KB, 348x422, 6F11D318-C822-41B4-88A6-F072CC…)

The vagina discussion thread but just men roleplaying.

No. 266053

Just go back to the 99% of the internet that is male-dominated and allow girls to have their 1%. I've noticed how guys always try to insert themselves everywhere especially on the internet. Makeup Reddit websites, facebook fashion groups etc just to announce 'I'm a male but…'. It's just uncomfortable. Let us have some space.

No. 266211

I saw that but I could have sworn there was a thread just for mobile. I probably remembered it wrong. Thanks!

No. 266322

>>Food fight
I've been in one, my freshmen year in hs and that shit was wild. Everything went in slow motion and milk was every where. I didn't participate though, because I wasn't going to get my clothes dirty fuck that.
Therapist are required to report anything that suggest that you have intent on harming yourself or others. If you make it clear that you don't ///actually// want to do these things it should be okay. But that would most likely take note of that and keep a close eye on you. As they should 'cause wtf anon.

No. 266323

Probably a decent amount. I don't see why it matters what gender is here really. Everyone is catty so it's obviously mostly girls.

No. 266332

Sounds like a case of individual experience conflated with the behavior an entire race. I have had mostly pleasant interactions with Indian people in my life while living in the US. One person in particular was a cashier at a local grocery store who was this older woman, a mother, who painted pictures animals during her downtime at work. Very nice person. Just as an example of how experiences differ.

No. 266337

I was never implying that they actually happen. I'm saying that the huge amount of waste that goes into creating a scene that adds nothing to the plot and probably had to be shot multiple times is disgusting. That is real food waste. I don't believe that actually goes on in schools.

No. 266341

>family hates you because of your race
>doesn't intend to move out of his parents' home because he's broke and a mama's boy
>still concerned about his useless, racist mother's opinions at 26 and won't stand up for you
>doesn't even try in school, fails his exams
>won't marry you
I think I remember you from CC. Didn't he break his own phone and sperg out at you about it? And didn't his mom literally say black people are "disgusting" even though she herself is dark-skinned?
As another black girl in an interracial relationship (white bf), this is fucking embarrassing, anon. I hope you dumped this trash. I've noticed some of the worst incels who facepost turn out to be Indian men, too. They're nasty.

No. 266385

European here, lived with an American for about a year and the amount of food she wasted was unbelievable. She never saved leftovers, even if there was another dinner's worth left, just straight into the bin. It got to the point where I started asking if I could have her leftovers since they were just being thrown out anyway. She was a pretty great cook, too, I don't understand why you'd waste food like that.
She also didn't understand how to use a recycling bin but idk if that's related or not.

No. 266386

What is a promise ring? I've seen loads of people getting promise rings as gifts from their significant others. I know it's not engagement, but what does it mean, exactly? Is there any social connotation that I'm not aware of other than it being a nice gift for a girlfriend? Is it just a marketing tactic by Pandora to sell those tiara rings?

Also is it bad that I wish my bf would buy me something like that? I don't want to be greedy and I don't know if it's tacky or cute but I wish.

No. 266388

What it sounds like anon. The ring is promise to be faithful to your SO. It's a step below an engagement ring. I wanted my bf to buy me one too and he eventually did(it's really cute!). He's not the romantic type but he's becoming it, so maybe there's hope for you too!

No. 266389

Aww anon that's so cute I'm so happy for you, and thanks for the reply! I'm glad I haven't been too confused about it after all.

We've only been together for two years so I don't want to seem crazy by hinting at something like this if he's not ready for it, but I can't help but dream of him doing something like this. Doesn't need to be flashy or expensive, it's more about the gesture and idea behind it I guess.

No. 266398

File: 1530995006967.jpg (12.81 KB, 395x395, 61Uvpr1m53L._UY395_.jpg)

That's around the time I got one. We've been together for 5 years. It's something really simply. It's pic related. He's talking about upgrading it but I think it's cute. I watched way too many romance movies before I got into a relationship so I had a lot of expectations on what it would be like. It's alright anon I'm a hopeless dreamer too lol

No. 266399

Ok this is a really stupid question, but I've noticed that in fandom there's a really intense hatred for people who ship incest. Obviously here I'm referring exclusively to fiction, but my question is what's the big deal? I can totally understand why you'd be against like, parent/child incest, as there's an implicit power imbalance there, or between like… older/younger sibling, even. But in the case of twins, like Cersei and Jaime from Game of Thrones, or even the Osomatsu brothers, I don't necessarily understand the taboo? They're adults, and in the case of same-sex incestuous couples where offspring aren't a possiblity, what is the harm? I mean personally yeah it's gross and weird, I couldn't imagine being attracted to my brother, but I legitimately don't get the like… pearl-clutching moral uproar.

No. 266418

It's ~problematic~, therefore the more you clutch your pearls the more SJW brownie points you get and the more of a superiority complex you can develop.

No. 266445

File: 1531007755908.jpg (18.76 KB, 400x294, 1515034198743.jpg)


i reaaaaally liked fandom and fanfiction shit in my teenage years. shipping incest has always been controversial. regardless if its a band, or a book, or a movie, etc, it turns a lot of people off. at some point i did try reading it, and the whole "don't tell mom and dad about this" etc shit they throw there made me gag.

i think some anons need to remember that theres many people that get raped by people in their own families. i've had it happen to me and most of the other victims of molestation i've met online have gone through that too. so incest is a very tricky thing morally because a lot of rape victims were again raped by siblings or family members. so it does bother a loooooooooooot of people.

if that's your fetish, fine go ahead. but to "normies" and to actual victims its a disgusting thing. its like people who have a fetish for underage ships and shit like that, its controversial as fuck for the same reason. in real life its not sexy, its traumatizing. so it feels like you're writing a cute romance story that's built upon abuse and gross shit. you can read it and love it if you want, but most people will call you a weirdo for shipping things like that. even if the incest ship is of age, it's still socially gross to most people because its not normal whatsoever to be attracted to your silbing, so people are still gonna find it creepy.

it's just socially frowned upon. i don't see why people are blaming it on PC culture/pearl clutching or whatever when its always been like this. incest is creepy, get off to it if you want, but people are allowed to call it creepy so grow a pair.


>"fucking SJWS taking away my delicious incest HOW DARE THEY"

man, i always knew incest shippers were gross but seeing you guys defend that weird shit like this is just… a lot. whatever makes you happy but damn.

No. 266468

No, I definitely see where you're coming from, and I understand that people are allowed to be disgusted. It just comes across as strange to me that like, if there's no CSA, no children involved at all, just brothers fuckin' or twins or cousins or whatever the fuck… I don't know. It's not something I'm into, it's just weird to me that a consensual relationship between adults is perceived as "disgusting" and gets such a visceral, intense rejection from a lot of people (but maybe that's just fandom space in general). I guess it's taboo because, like you said, it's not even close to normal to be attracted to your sibling. I'm sorry for what happened to you and I definitely get being completely disinterested for those reasons also. Thanks for your input.

No. 266486

No idea but i fuck with incest fanfiction shoot me

No. 266487

It's quite obvious why people are disgusted by all forms of incest. It's very naive of you to assume that because they were the same gender or age that that means there was no abuse. You're drawing an arbitrary line in the sand of what is "good" or bad incest. Like, if it's your fetish whatever, but it should be easy for you to comprehend why most people think it's disgusting.

No. 266489

I'm not trying to imply that there's no abuse between people of the same sex or age. I realize abuse can come from anyone. What I'm trying to say is I think consent is what would make the difference? In a fic or whatever where it's obvious that both parties are enthusiastic and consenting, it would seem to me that there's no reason to get up in arms besides just preference. People in fandom put incest on the same level as rape or pedophilia, and while if it's an abusive incestuous situation I can understand why, as a standalone thing I don't exactly agree.

What do you like about it? Is it situational or something you find yourself seeking out?

No. 266490

I don't see how writing a consensual, non abusive, incest ship with no power imbalance has anything to do with victims of irl incest. People are raped by family members, true, but also by friends, partners, strangers… if we can't read or write dynamics that have been taken advantage of by rapists in real life we won't have anything left.

If people find it gross or socially unacceptable, that's understandable Taking a moral stand against the idea itself doesn't make sense, unless it's specifically about certain abusive situations.

No. 266517

In real life probably 99% of any incest that occurs is rape

Why are you so dim

No. 266525

Even if that was true, which is pretty fucking hard to determine considering it's not the sort of thing people report when it's consensual, what does it have to do with non abusive fictional incest?

No. 266531

>Even if that was true

Stop defending rape you literal retard

No. 266536

Are you illiterate? You're making wild assumptions about statistics we don't actually have. I would never defend rape, I just don't think we have the information to assume it makes up 99% of all incest.

No. 266545


>Girls are the victims of incest and/or intrafamily sexual abuse much more frequently than boys. Between 33-50% of perpetrators who sexually abuse girls are family members, while only 10-20% of those who sexually abuse boys are intrafamily perpetrators. Intrafamily abuse continues over a longer period of time than sexual abuse outside the family, and some forms – such as parent-child abuse – have more serious and lasting consequences.(Finkelhor, 1994.)

Keep calling me illiterate, you are no better than Moo or people defending her, hope you don't go at her thread because that would be pretty ironic and sad.

No. 266553

No idea tbh. I guess I find the whole 'I put my sister over everything else sorry ladies!' type of thing LOL. You know like Oreimo. Not that many people liked that anime or their relationship but I thought it was kinda cute. I'd never do it in RL that's for sure but it's fiction so I see it as totally different because.. well it is.

No. 266556

>>People lose their minds because incest fanfiction because of irl rape
>> also watches horror movies that depict murder but everyone is okay with that without saying murder is bad.
It's fiction who cares either way.

No. 266557

Ah yes let's pretend a lot of people who aren't into incest don't read fanfiction and consume material that despicts it. Even if they are not offending they might someday.

No. 266559

I guess some people who watch slasher movies might murder someone one day.

No. 266560

Why do you compare porn to movies that show people being killed? Most people who watch movies that show people being killed don't want to kill a person. However if you masturbate to incest you are more than ok with it happening in real life.

No. 266561

I wasn't aware we were strictly talking about lemon incest fanfics. There are some that aren't all lemons. Your comparison doesn't make a lick of sense. If you like something in fiction that does not mean you'll like it in real life. If I like stories that are about people getting kidnapped that doesn't mean I want to actually go out and kidnap someone.

No. 266562

>If you like something in fiction that does not mean you'll like it in real life

Citation needed.

No. 266563

common sense

No. 266564

Common sense is not always correct, you claimed I did wild assumptions when saying most victims of child abuse were also victims of incest, if you are gonna claim people who consume various fetish things are not ok with the idea of doing in real life, you have to back up your claim somehow.

No. 266566

>> You claimed
When did I say that? You do know I'm >>266556 and not the original anon you were talking to lol?
What I said, was you can enjoy fiction and not want it in real life. This is the same argument people make when they were trying to band GTA because they claimed it made kids want to go out and commit the crimes they did on the game irl, and that was proven to not be true. Every couple of years this argument springs up.

No. 266568

What part of porn related things being related to sexuality therefore works differently you can't understand?

No. 266569

What part of not all incest fanfics are lemons can't you understand.

No. 266570

What part of romanticizing incest doesn't include only hardcore displays of it you don't understand?

I suggest you to do therapy to get over your mommy/daddy issues and stop masturbating to incest, but you do you.

No. 266582

Bad example, nobody is jacking it to Die Hard.

If you think something is sexy you fantasize about it happening in real life.

If you watch an action movie or a horror movie you are not fantasizing about it happening in real life, it's fiction which you passively absorb, maybe get scared or tense watching. Not turned on. As soon as we go into sexy territory it's natural to assume that person wants it to happen in real life on some level.

Which is why >>266570 is correct.

Anyway, enough of this topic because it's making me feel sick, thanks anons

No. 266584

>without saying murder is bad

Everyone thinks murder is bad, wtf? That's kinda the whole point of scary movies? It's not supposed to be relaxing and pleasant. Or romantic. Like stop with the false equivalency.

No. 266739

File: 1531130035422.jpeg (122.93 KB, 750x776, 77F04EDA-DFA2-46EB-B731-6BB9F6…)

Why do people on Twitter have such a massive boner for calling Ariana Grande black? Is it because they can’t handle an artist they like being white? Literally just search ‘ariana grande black’ and prepare for the autism

Are they just trolling or do they genuinely believe this???

No. 266740

File: 1531130055758.jpeg (116.77 KB, 750x767, BD47C105-0B73-4C09-AA5A-812849…)

No. 266741

File: 1531130077349.jpeg (166.14 KB, 750x1050, CF226640-3AAE-40C3-B331-03D855…)

No. 266742

File: 1531130107569.jpeg (138.53 KB, 750x835, BED448EF-494F-412C-8BD6-366854…)

No. 266743

File: 1531130181161.jpg (55.19 KB, 600x393, main-qimg-b261e91dc8822c1d9614…)

I'm pretty sure it's just a joke at her expensive for tanning so much. No one literally thinks she's black

It's no different from calling a tan addict a cheeto. So yeah, trolling.

No. 266748

I almost figured but I’m just surprised they don’t screech about blackface and cultural approprieyshun

No. 266758

Are you autistic or something? They're obviously joking. She just bites so much from black music/fashion/pop culture and deep tans that it's like she's trying to be black. That's the gag.

No. 266781

Why so many people dislike bisexual women?

No. 266786

By "dislike" do you mean "not want to date" and by "people" do you mean "lesbians"?

No. 266787

>they're obviously joking
by stan twitter's standards, this kind of retardation and worse gets gurgled around left right and center and claimed as facts on the daily with tards threatening to kill themselves if you disagree. twitter is becoming tumblr 2.0 so no it's not obvious. i wish it was.

No. 266790

>talking about stan twitter being PC when they ran off Millie Bobby Brown by taking the "she punched me in the face when I told her I was gay" and "she ripped my hijab off" joke tweets outside of stan twitter
There's a bunch of stan twitter accounts that will retweet shit and say "haters say it's photoshop" when it's a picture of Mariah Carey whittled down to a needle.

No. 266791

Not really, I was thinking more about men calling bi women sluts. If you want you can go ahead and tell me why (some) lesbians don't want to date bi women.

No. 266800

Really? I've never seen a man do that, I've only seen men who get off to it. Where are you from?

>If you want you can go ahead and tell me why (some) lesbians don't want to date bi women

I think bisexuality is just a turn off for a lot of people, especially women (generally speaking). I personally would rather date someone with the same sexual orientation as me.

No. 266809

a lot of people see bisexual women as slutty by default, because they associate it with porn or with threesomes. a lot of people either think we're straight but get off with other women just because it's fun, or think because you're attracted to two genders that you need to be with both at the same time and are more likely to cheat. it a lot of men will think you're a sex object who'll be down for threesomes or anything he finds kinky but also think you can't be trusted because you'll cheat on them with a woman. a lot of women think you're just playing around and are going to actually settle with a man (the 'evidence' for this one really just comes down to there being more men than women who date women so the chance is higher)

outside of dating, the hatred mostly comes down to the same thing. there's people who hate the idea of a woman who's attracted to other women at all but also another part that's assuming those women are degenerate whores.

No. 266824

…because it's a meme. No one with more than 2 brain cells would think that's how she's actually built.

No. 266835

What made the whole incel thing become popular? What are the causes and what can we expect for the future?

No. 266842

The podcast Reply All from Gimlet Media actually had a great episode about the origins of the incel community like a month ago. You should look it up anon.
It seems it started as a forum, it was created by a woman funnily enough, more than 10 years ago, I have no idea were it will go from now on though.

No. 266844

Incel culture has been around for a while but Elliot Rodger and his online presence were likely the reason it blew up. IIRC the media attention his manifesto and videos received during that time also resulted in some websites doing articles about Wizchan, which was/is(?) a chan for bitter incel men.

No. 266851

Might be different now but when I lurked there in the past a couple years ago, Wizchan was actually full of open disdain for incels and they preferred to pride themselves on being voluntarily celibate or volcels. Most of them seemed to prefer to just be left alone and generally shunned the violent and self-righteous ideas of incels when it comes to "deserving" women. Opinions did vary and there was as much hate for "succubi" as neutrality/apathy, but I saw a lot of more reasonable outlooks there than there are within the incel community: zero entitlement to posses women, and a higher frequency of men accepting or acknowledging their differences and limitations such as shyness instead of only blaming others for their lack of belonging.

No. 266875

do people really browse /snow/ with the "hide saged posts" feature on?

No. 266879

I can see why in certain threads that it's a good idea, but I personally like to read saged posts because some can be really entertaining.

No. 266886

Personally I've never done it, but I imagine if you're trying to catch up with weeks or months worth of drama it'd be much easier to catch up when saged posts are hidden

No. 266914

What is the actual function of sage? I use it when I don't think I have something meaningful/milky to contribute to a conversation in a thread, but still want to say something. Like just commenting on a cow or something, I'll use sage. Is that correct?

No. 266919

It’s like the second thing listed. C’mon fam.

No. 266929

this has been on my mind for a while now: how many cows do you suspect are farmers? not talking about lurking, but the ones you think actively post in the other cow's threads. i know a lot of people discussed on here come to post in their own threads, but that's not what i'm asking about

No. 266935

I think there are a lot that have at least posted on here in the past, if not currently.

No. 266938

Based on what I’ve seen and the fact that most of the cows here are attention whores, I’d estimate around 80% bump their own threads or post on others, including on /g and /ot.

No. 266950

Well I can tell you that despite not being a cow, I have cow traits which I have heavily suppressed. I even resemble some of the cows. So there is probably some fascination from borderline/reformed cows and definitely from the cows themselves too, if you could extend that thought outward.

No. 266959

I have a theory that cows are always trying to depose other cows.
Cosplayers, pet youtubers, soundcloud thots, anas, you name it. There's milky bitches trying to cancel the big fish in the pond so they can be the next queen. Moo thread is a goldmine for thotty cosplayers btw, some of them have outed themselves after forgetting to censor or crop out their profile pics while screencapping Moo's antics.

No. 266963


i believe that most cows from /snow/. particularly dolly/shayna, jill pixiee, and taylor nicole dean always respond to things on their threads. they take advice from there, do shit inspired by them, or full on respond to the criticism there etc thinking they're sneaky. they clearly lurk their threads, and probably check the site so often that they know farmer culture enough to not out themselves. particularly if they have multiple threads.

while someone like tana, graveyardgirl and lori usagi strike me ass too normie and retarded to ever come across this place.

No. 266993

that’s no theory, that’s fact. look at all the gaslighting and vendettas in >>>/cream/ and the emzotic and dasha reveals

No. 267562

anyone know about heart rate and shit? i had chest pains a few weeks ago, doc didn't find anything wrong. but ever since i'm checking my heart rate if theres any changes. its been a month and nothing weird has happened until today. so, i had a chest pain again but it felt like sharper? the other pains were in my chest area near my heart, but this one seemed to be this tiny specific place in my chest that hurt? so i check my heart rate and its 55 instead of the usual 70 something. then it quickly went back to 60 and its kinda chilling at 65 ten mins later. but i stopped feeling pain once it got to 60 all together. the 55 only lasted like a minute.

is this weird or am i being paranoid?

No. 267701

What to people mean when they say “aight bet”? Is condescending like “lmao sure whatever” or??? Weirdest expression I’ve heard.

No. 267706

pretty much

No. 267709

i figured. leave it to armys to act like rude toddlers the second you disagree with them.

No. 267720

Armys? I've only ever heard black people from the ghetto say that. Kek

No. 267781

lmao yeah i was arguing with an army and if it's ghetto speech then you're most likely right. since the bts fandom is over-saturated with sjws and #woke fans they probably wouldn't dare if they weren't """permitted""" to use the term by sjw standards

No. 268051

Where can I get cosmetic contact lenses online? Or maybe /g/ would know…

No. 268053

what kind are you talking and where do you live? do you want like circle lenses, and do you have glasses/prescription contacts already?

No. 268055

USA; looked it up, requires prescription. Won't work in this instance, never mind, thanks!

No. 268082

i mean, there are tons of places that don't require a physical prescription, but whatever.

No. 268142

What makes someone a lolcow (besides bad behaviour)? For example, if someone does bad art (dead fandoms, imperfect anatomy etc.) but doesn't engage in conflicts what are the chances to be on this site?

No. 268149

does anyone else struggle to understand the existence of certain threads, like the ones dedicated to random american(?) escorts living in japan? idk. all the posts are written in really weird broken english and accidentally opening one feels like a whole different site altogether. i don’t see a lot of red text bans either but that also just might be me not looking hard enough. do mods avoid those threads because they’re hopeless?

No. 268161

after reading a few, it started to become clear that a lot of the farmers have some kind of personal proximity to those cows. They're either also escorts in japan, weebs living in japan fucking with japanese men for fun, japenese women in a party scene, or japanese sex workers. Mostly the first 2 i think

No. 268171

you’re probably right, anon. i kinda want to try and get into them now by reading through that lens, but idk if i can keep up with the shitposts

No. 268184

attitude and unwillingness to take criticism is the biggest common attribute. someone might post your shitty art in the shitty art thread if they come across it but I doubt someone who just made shitty art and nothing else would get their own thread. Also making art for dead fandoms is not a bad thing, IMO there's nothing wrong with trying to keep a fandom alive.

No. 268283

What the fuck is mineral oil?
The last time I heard only plants and animals produced oil.

No. 268297

Oh no.

I didn't realize that it was influenced by people you follow/interact with.

That explains why some of my friends, who have no interest in drag queens and gay shit have that stuff on their explore page… because I follow/like things like that. I am the reason for their fucked up explore pages. God I feel guilty now.

No. 268304

No. 268325

how do you think petroleum is produced?

No. 268331

File: 1531679162491.png (145.52 KB, 446x306, tumblr_p6p9xuutNH1qzm7s5o1_500…)

Question about "bought" twitter and insta followers. I used the twitter audit but is it accurate?

Because I've used it to see people who have 70k-80k followers and its told me about 70% are real-but then these peoples tweets only get 7-8 likes or 2-3 retweets. Can you really have that many legit followers but so few likes etc? Also theres one girl, she has 70k insta followers but only 600 twitter followers. Again can this actually be legit as I dont know much about social media I dont use it.

No. 268332

I've seen it on okcupid, I guess they were just salty bi women don't return their messages.

No. 268334

But would you call sedimentary rocks minerals?

No. 268760

How do you… ok, how do you create a thread on here

No. 268864

Did that one draw anon ever reappear in the Momo threa? You know, the really good one?

No. 268866

go to desired board
fill out thread at the top of the page
that's it

No. 268867

fill out *form at the top of the page

No. 268878

i wish. i want any draw anons who do oc and not just "trace with overly dark lines in places to make them look worse"

No. 268986

Why does Amina dujean have so many white knights in snow and why is she a banned topic?

No. 268999

Can I bring perfumes to the airport? I'm traveling next month and I legit don't know if I can bring them.

Also, can I also bring my hair conditioner? I don't want my hair to be messier than it actually is…

No. 269002

Not in your carry-on, unless the conditioner is in a tiny bottle. Have you checked the airline’s website? They usually have detailed information on what you can and can’t bring on board.

No. 269006

you can put basically anything in your luggage that you give to the airline. the rules are about carry on bags. so unless you're not bringing any luggage you are fine.

No. 269028

They're fine in your checked luggage, but bottles/tubes etc have to be under a certain size for carry on. I don't risk it outside small makeup items, you can buy mini bottles to fill with perfume if you want it with you (I like having those anyway, so I've always got it in my handbag).

No. 269033

wondering if anyone can enlighten me on >>268331

No. 269041

from what I understand, the bigger an account the less accurate Twitter Audits are.

No. 269055

Ah thank you! So is looking at a persons likes/retweets a more real indication of a persons real follower account?

No. 269093

I'd say so, yeah. it'll tell you how much their audience actually participates.

No. 269111

Adding on to what other anons said, all of your carry on liquids must fit into a small clearplastic bag. You need to be able to close it.
So put perfumes and things not 100 % essential in checked baggage and makeup in carry on.

No. 269198

I hope this is allowed here, sorry if it's not:

Does anyone know a weed guy in Berlin? I've been buying at hasenheide since I got here but the quality is not great.

Preferably someone I can talk to via whatsapp or telegram? Anyway pls email me at farmer.wants.weed@protonmail.com

(ironically it is too long for the e-mail field)

Vielen dank

No. 269200

you can't do weed here, i'm calling the police

No. 269354

File: 1531947031108.jpg (35.92 KB, 504x504, 982394823.jpg)

i'm calling the german government RIGHT NOW

No. 269754

i've heard laxatives fuck you up and that if you use them regularly you'll ruin your metabolism etc. but, let's say i like drinking metamucil, or sometimes i eat ton of berries, or black coffee, or things with a lot of fiber, sometimes i'll eat a box of fiber one bars and get my lax fix… does that count? like its not meds and i'm not throwing up my food, so i'm not doing anything that could fuck up my body, right?

No. 269760

it doesn't have the same side-effects of laxatives, but you still need to be careful. when doing this i suggest drinking a lot more water than you usually do.

No. 269774

Are you often constipated or are you just ana-chan?

No. 269841

Do police actually try and track down graffiti artists? Like if your finger prints are around the "crime" does that matter at all? Or do they just get the city to clean it up and call it a day..

No. 269844

No, they don't care. Where do you live? I spent a lot of my youth doing street art and being around graffiti artists, wheatpasters, etc. I'm in southern California. Just don't get caught in the act. Hide if the cops roll up. They have bigger things to deal with.
That being said, depending on where you do it, you could get in deep shit with property owners. And sometimes John Q. Public has no problem with telling you off and trying to escalate the situation.
All in all, you're good. Just be mindful of your surroundings.

No. 269849

Police don’t give much of a fuck as long as you aren’t caught. If you live in a seedier area and tag something that’s already tagged you could get fucked up by the og artist, though. Happens a lot in the metropolitan area I’m in. Some people’s tags mean a lot to them for some reason so if you’re gonna tag, respect whoever was there first. Or you might get your ass beat.

No. 270352

File: 1532199291496.gif (3.32 MB, 732x477, momjeans.gif)

I feel like it's a very dumb question so I thought I will post it here: I'm currently looking for some new pants, specially some high waist ones. The thing is that it's been a while since I bought some pants (I rather wear my clothes until they are used aka stretched) so I buy a few new once like once a year and that's about it.

So my question is now: It looks like there not so much high waist pants around because this trend died down I guess and all I see are "Mom Jeans" and I wonder if they are similar? They look pretty high waist but kind of baggy around the tights and ass area? So is it more likely to look super chubby in it when you have a bit more around that area anyways I guess? Any anons who know how to deal with mum jeans?

No. 270417

Be skinny and hot, otherwise just don't

No. 270438

It’s best to try on a few different pairs because mum jeans are notorious for creating a massive camel toe cause of how they’re cut.

No. 270866

File: 1532321667564.jpg (8.98 KB, 300x222, 1531520679807.jpg)

am i crazy or encyclopedia dramatica pics don't work? i'll click on any pic to see the full res and it always says: sorry the file cannot be displayed, there seems to be a technical issue. and its not recent, its been like this for months and i don't know how you fix it or if its just me or if they're just slacking again.

with a lot of pics it doesn't matter but gallery sections usually get rekt because they have screenshots of texts and i can't read them since there not working full res ever on any pic. link to best article so you check a pic and tell me if when you try to see the full res pic they're broken too https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Pixyteri

please, i love reading old milk from cows that disappeared. i need the screenshots.

No. 271669

Would it be weird to move to a town where you last ex (from 2 years ago) lives?
I really love that town since it has such a great mix of nightlife, events, stores but also lots of nature and it's really close to the capital, like 20min car ride.

Except I'm a bit worried that if I'd ever move that his family, friends or mine would somehow think it's all because of him, which it really isn't and in a new town I really wouldn't like to somehow gain the reputation of an "crazy ex" or some shit like that, since the only people I knew there were his friends and family.

No. 271670

Just tried and the same thing happens to me. If you right click and open the image in a new tab or drag and drop the pic into a new tab then it works fine.

No. 271677

It's the same for me too, anon. only the thumbnails of the pictures are visible

No. 271733

I think it's fine. He's just one person in a city and a lot of time has already passed.

No. 272065

I keep hearing the phrase "she/he looks like a foot". Can someone give me an example of a person who fits this description because I'm trying to imagine what that would look like but can't. Are they just ugly or is it a specific look?

No. 272066

i assumed it was someone with a long, narrow, and asymmetrical face.

No. 272067

File: 1532593509053.jpg (17.01 KB, 340x340, SrahJessicaParkerFoot.jpg)

No. 272130

File: 1532607060337.png (68.19 KB, 238x134, 1489613243888.png)

No. 272282

File: 1532637071110.jpg (72.28 KB, 463x644, h5LFRWA.jpg)

How do you guys feel about a porn thread?

No. 272288

no. go to cc's porn board.

No. 272290

it'll just be another "uwu cute girls" thread in no time and uptight anons responding "ewww" to everything

No. 272299

no. gross. i like that lolcow is fairly removed from all of that stuff. take that shit to tranny/covert male central at cc.

No. 272301

Any French anons here? I want to ask something

No. 272558

File: 1532697077053.jpg (14.14 KB, 385x385, 41ft0SPVCjL._SX385_.jpg)

question for UK fags, newfag in the UK here, are yall supposed to drink this straight up as it is? i found it too sweet and needed like 1/3 cup of that drink and the rest i diluted with water but i'm just curious if people just drink it straight up.

No. 272559

What do you want to know?

No. 272567

Yeah you dilute it with water. You're only supposed to use a little of that and a lot of water. Definitely nobody drinks it straight. Use like one-two tablespoons and the rest water

No. 272575

Kek, it's to make squash. The stuff in the bottle is literally concentrated syrup. You have to dillute it with quite a bit of water to your own preferences.

No. 272583

lmao thanks, i bought it for the first time yesterday while high and only read 'soft drink' on the top line and didn't see the instructions

No. 272937

Can someone explain to me the whole pretty princess points thing?

No. 272938

it's the girl version of good boy points

No. 272951

Hope it's not too late for an answer but do French men or boys usually have long or medium lenght hair there? That's the impression I got after consuming French media. Also, can men act in a more feminine like way without getting so much shit like most countries?

No. 273003

Like in asian countries masculinity in Europe also includes being smart not just acting like a douchebag, the aesthetic of too deep 4 me* is prevalent in French couture.

No. 273005

Most of my male friends have regular short hair, most boys have short hair too (although there is still some upper class families who let their young boy's hair grow).
The long / medium hair trend is more for artsy type and it was the standard haircut for young hippie guys in the 60s / 70s.
I do believe men can get away with being softer / more feminine in France thought, especially in more upper class or artsy parisians circles. I'm from the south and sadly the standard male behavior here is more macho-man and douchebagy (closer to Italia and Spain).

No. 273006

When I'm online I only ever see weeaboos and koreaboos, are there boos for other countries as well? Kids pretending to be French and eating croissants five times a week? Seriously courious, because I've never come into contact with anything like it aside from what I mentioned.

No. 273008

Yeah, i knew ones who were boos for Russia, some for italy or Scandinavian countries

Weebs tend to be more overblasted about it though, where as other country boos tend to keep to themselves

No. 273009

File: 1532758648891.png (132.76 KB, 926x372, c07.png)

Lauren Southern is a… nordoboo? So is half of /pol/. A bunch of mutts with 1% german heritage jacking off about how aryan they are.

Russiaboos exist too, see yungelita and 90% of aesthetic gopnik junkie tumblr

Believe it or not, ameriboos used to (sort of) be a thing in nipland. Yoshiki is basically one still. And trying to look white is a thing in a lot of non-white countries.

Wiggers exist, as do chiggers. Elvis was one.

…Britaboos? Englandaboos? W/e, they were (are?) a thing too for a while

Lots of sjws larp as jews for oppression points… I guess that makes them jewaboos? kek

That's all I can think of atm, but I'm sure there's more.

No. 273012

Most young men here have short hair and common haircuts. The few ones I know how have or had long hair had a specific fashion styles or trends they follow like >>273005 said, had manbuns or had dreadlocks.

>Also, can men act in a more feminine like way without getting so much shit like most countries?

It's more or less like most western countries when it comes to what's masculine and feminine with small differences, but it also depends on who you know and what kind of circles you hang out with. In my case I found the guys from college weren't particularly effeminate but didn't really care about gender roles that much, but I didn't have that impression with male coworkers who are more or less my age. But at the same time I remember one of them being pissed off that a coworker asked if he were gay because he liked wearing pink and because some people thinks he's effeminate for being tall and skinny and having a weird voice even though his voice was deep. He sees himself as masculine and he's one of the straightest guys I've seen (and he's homophobic too so that's one of the reasons why he didn't like the question).

>I'm from the south and sadly the standard male behavior here is more macho-man and douchebagy (closer to Italia and Spain).
I can't really say I'm from the south but I noticed there was a difference between the north and the south as well. From what I've seen the people from the north don't care as much as people from the south.

No. 273031

One of my French teachers in high school was a francophile (ouiaboo), dressing how she thought Parisiennes dressed with lots of stripes, shawls and berets, speaking with a French accent in our native language (despite being a native speaker of that language), using gratuitous French while speaking even outside of class and constantly bringing up “but in France…” in every conversation. Even other teachers made fun of her for it.
I also know several anglophiles (teaboos?) who are obsessed with Dr Who and/or BBC Sherlock, use gratuitous English in conversation, put on fake thick English accents when doing so, refuse to listen to any non-English bands, go on trips to London several times a year and collect stuff with the Union Jack on it.

I guess these things are a lot more socially acceptable than being a weeaboo because these countries are our neighbours and there’s been a lot of cultural exchange over the centuries, whereas Japan is more “alien” to us.

No. 273063

Does enjoying making out with another woman makes you sexually attracted to them? I got really turned on when I made out with a cute lesbian last week and I wonder if it means I'm into women or if it's just that it feels good to make out with anyone good looking?

I know it's a really retarded question, sorry

No. 273064

Why does it matter? Just do what you want to do. Labels are stupid.

No. 273068

I have a retarded question too, how do you put that black spoiler in the comments

No. 273070

Because I see a lot of lesbian complaining about hetero girls using them for sexual exploration and how much it hurt them.


You put two Hashtag on each side of the sentence without space between them.
# # SPOILERED TEXT # # without space = SPOILERED TEXT

No. 273084

Then just don't claim you're a lesbian.

No. 273126

Is it possible for your traits to become asymmetrical as you age? I noticed just in the past year that one of my eyebrows is slightly higher than the other, and am not sure if it was a case of overlooking it or if it was a genuine shift. I'm 21 now if that contributes.

Am I stuck with a slight dreamworks face forever now?

No. 273154

sexy spoiler

No. 273245

you can also do [ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ] without the spaces

like this

No. 273304

does anyone else ever wonder about the day in your life that you looked the best you'll ever or have ever looked? like what was the most flattering hairstyle i've ever had, what was the best makeup style i've ever worn, what is the most flattering outfit i've ever worn? i'd like to know all of those things so i can put them together and be at my own personal max levels of beauty.

No. 273310

How do you know that you're hitting up people in your league? How do you quantify looks and accurately rate yourself and others?

No. 273311

That sounds extremely vain

No. 273318

Why? It has nothing to do with being vain but with confidence and knowing what suits you.

No. 273322


i think looking at who surrounds you. like

>are your friends attractive?

>do you have a significant other?
>is your significant other conventionally attractive?
>do you attract people even in ways that aren't romantic? let's say people want to be friends with you, strangers want to talk to you, etc
>do you attract people in romantic ways? how often?

as far as hitting up people in your league. i think you can base it on what i already said. are their friends attractive? do they get a lot of attention from people of the opposite sex etc

No. 273347

You reminded me that I had a haircut that suited me a lot a long time ago, and couldn't manage to have the same haircut later because hairdressers always fucked up and cut my hair too short so I had a grandma haircut instead. So if you get a hairstyle you really like and want to have later, don't make the same mistake and take a selfie so you can show it to hairdressers later. I don't know what to say about clothes or makeup though.

No. 273624

Eurofag here, is it considered less socially acceptable for american men to routinely touch/hug each other? I'm seeing a lot of discussions on "touch starvation" lately and it's hard to imagine someone not even getting a shoulder pat for months

No. 273627

Not American, Australian, but where I’ve lived it’s pretty uncommon for dudes to be physically affectionate or touch beyond a handshake.

One of my friends is a single dude in his thirties and his only source of physical contact with anyone is his cat or me cutting his hair.

No. 273630

>are your friends attractive?
I have some that are ridiculously conventionally attractive, and some that aren't
>do you have a significant other?
>is your significant other conventionally attractive?
According to which standards? I find him nice looking, but many people here think he looks average to weird
>do you attract people even in ways that aren't romantic? let's say people want to be friends with you, strangers want to talk to you, etc
I'm a shut-in, but people like talking to me when I manage to be in a good mood and am friendly myself
>do you attract people in romantic ways? how often?
No idea, I have severe chronic autism when it comes to this

So basically, still don't know

No. 273632

I think so, also Northern Europeans. My Southern European friends do some straight up gay shit without being embarrassed about it so I'd say it's less of a problem there.

No. 273634

here in Italy is very common for men to hug, kiss on the cheek, be very affectionate even in public you see it everywhere. I think it's just the culture.

No. 273636

it's usually seen as "gay" to hug your friends, especially between men, in the USA. I have guy friends who often say "no homo" when saying nice things to their male friends. they often won't even say another male looks good without mentioning how they aren't gay. this really depends on the people though. the more "normie" pop-music-Nike-wearing-average/below-average-IQ type guys are usually the ones who act this way for some weird reason.

we just in general don't hug much. it seems to make people very uncomfortable. I feel lucky to be from a family where we hug often, and I hug my friends a lot too. so like I said it really depends on the individual.

No. 273650

Idk im northern euro as well and the men here are decently physical with eachother.

No. 273666

It doesn’t really matter tbh. If you have a fine time socializing and people don’t seem uncomfortable speaking to you, you’re probably good. idk why you’re wondering this if you have an s/o

No. 273811

Original asker here.
>are your friends attractive?
Friends growing up were neckbeards and fujoshits lmao. My one friend now is a conventionally cute guy (but not my type and I'm not his, miracles do happen).
>do you have a significant other?
>do you attract people even in ways that aren't romantic? let's say people want to be friends with you, strangers want to talk to you, etc
Yeah, people don't look at me with resentment and some at work approach me first to talk.
>do you attract people in romantic ways? how often?
I've been flirted with once by a guy who actually fit into my tastes. That's not the best sample group though.

I've really tried to measure my "ugly" features against my better ones, but due to suspected dysmorphia I can't see myself objectively at all. As far as I know, I'm not awful looking but not Stacey-tier either. I'm just not sure where I fit between 4-6.
Should I just ask people? I suspect they'd be dishonest, is the problem.

No. 274689

I don't know if this is a stupid question or not really but is it rude to ask someone to shower before having sex with you?

No. 274692

I think it's a fair thing to ask but it could make the other person feel self conscious, you could ask them to jump in the shower with you instead of just telling them to go wash themselves bluntly.

No. 274746

uhh my stupid question, why isn't there a sport sperg/post your favourite athletes thread on lolcow? Should I make one?

No. 274751

Tbh I don't think anons are that much into sports, even the fitness thread has been dead for months unless someone bumps it with weight loss questions

No. 274787

I'm down for it anon! I'd have made one myself but I was wondering the same thing. There's a lot of anons posting footballers on /g/,it depends if you're looking forward real discussion or just 'post cute guys'.

No. 274795

Yay a fellow sportfag. Real discussion please but I wouldn't really care if anons posted attractive footballers either. I don't know if I should title it specifically on AFL or?

No. 274804

how can i edit a picture taken of a laptop screen to see what’s in the reflection? i don’t have photoshop, just iPhoto.

No. 274813

okay I made one, anon.


No. 276742

Can certain foods cause allergic reactions in one eye?

I have no allergies that I'm aware of (and never got tested) but I've been having issues with one eye only and after eating certain foods (corn, bell pepper, pears) that gave me cramps and made me nauseous the eye seems to have gotten worse?

No. 276746

You need to toggle brightness and contrast, make the light parts lighter and the dark parts darker

…Are you doing some freelance detective work?

No. 277108

I saw some anons mention this before and I'm not sure if it's true but why are SEAsians a big audience in Kpop fanbase?

No. 277155

I've looked and looked everywhere. Diagrams, youtube videos, hell even had my bf take a look as well. Not even a nub or hood, just a straight slit, pee-hole and the vaginal opening. Nothing.

I'm fucking mad. Everywhere I hear about sexual advice there's always something to do with the clit and I CAN'T EXPERIENCE NONE OF IT.

Anyone else know this issue and how to make the best of it?

No. 277157

Why not? They dont have big/high quality pop industries of their own, kpop just happens to be trendy and suitable for their taste, beauty standards etc to be popular.

No. 277159

See a doctor if that's not expensive or too embarrassing. It could be clitoral phimosis or something.

No. 277178

As the poster above said, see a doctor. Also try a vibrator on the whole area to help it engorge and be easier to find.

No. 277351

how do you diet?
I mean how many cal. do you lose in a day? what should or should you not eat?
I have tried not eating several days in a row and it works of course lol but what do people do that works for the best? I am my wits end here

No. 277358

Eat something you tard. Then google a nice BALANCED nutrition plan that suits you. Don't starve yourself, this is one of stupidest questions I've ever seen.

No. 277361

Eat 800-950 calories a day to lose and then eat 1400 calories a day to maintain your weight once you have gotten to your desire weight.

No. 277390

File: 1533674818354.gif (982.06 KB, 390x259, giphy.gif)

>Eat 800-950 calories
Why can't anas just fuck off, every single day the same shit over and over again

No. 277403

Is it that bad?

I follow a 800-900 cal diet for years now with intermittent fasting because of my sedentary lifestyle. I used to be chubby before that and nothing really helped. I don't consider myself ana.

No. 277421

People get paranoid about eating anything under 2000 calories a day because there's a meme that if you eat less than that you'll die from starvation mode

No. 277425

I eat between 900 - 1200 each day, 5'6" at 118 lbs. Never feel hungry, and I live a moderately active lifestyle. I couldn't imagine eating 1500 + everyday, that sounds way too much.

No. 277427

Oh please, nta but stop strawmanning about how anyone said to eat 2000 calories when most girls on this website would gain from that.

My maintenance to lose weight is about 1100-1200, and some days I do feel quite hungry even after meeting that.
People roll their eyes at 800-900 calories a day because for most people who aren't used to eating so little, it will be unmanageable and they will fail. It's not necessary unless you're super short. Just have the extra snack/meal and you'll be less likely to rebound and feel hungry all the time.

No. 277432

So eatinf 150 calories less a day makes one Ana?

No. 277436

I agree that people are too generous with their calory budget. There's no way I'd lose weight without having a more caloric restrictive diet. I tried. I usually have one meal per day and consider it done. My diet is also low carb and high protein because for some reason I have fewer headaches and migraines that way.

Nice! Good for you. I don't feel hunger either but my biggest problem was to stop snacking (even though those were healthy organic snacks) out of boredom and procrastination. But as soon as you manage to control yourself and learn to ask questions like "Am I really that hungry?" it becomes a habit.

I also cut out industrial sugar, my skin has never been this clean and glowing before. And most importantly, I'm even less hungry. Sugar makes you crave food even more and will never satiate you completely. I'd totally recommend this to anyone to try with small steps.

> I couldn't imagine eating 1500 + everyday, that sounds way too much.

I can't imagine it now either.

No. 277437

Not my circus, not my monkeys.
I'm not the anon who called you ana, I'm the anon who's saying that 800-900 calories is unrealistic and not maintainable for the average person.

No. 277442

For some people eating 1500 calories a day is hard. 1500 calories actually isn't a lot of food. You'd be lucky to get two meals out of that.

The best way to lose weight is 800-900 calories a day paired with intermittent fasting.

No. 277446

>For some people eating 1500 calories a day is hard.

Who's saying to eat 1500 calories? I even told you I only eat 1100-1200.

>intermittent fasting

Now that's a meme.
There's nothing wrong with consistent calorie budgeting unless you're impatient and dig crash dieting because you want to drop the weight quick. That's what it sounds like to me.

No. 277449

800 or less will invoke starvation mode, I disagree with fasting but I agree with anons above who recommend around 1200 a day. Ana-Chans are all about 200,400,800 kinda shitty "diets" which destroy your metabolism hence the starvation mode "meme". Doing that will lead to a cycle of dietary doom. 800-1300 a day is safe but I wouldn't drop under.

/what thread is this

No. 277450

I think eating breakfast is a waste of time. It just makes me hungrier. I'd rather just wait until 6-9 pm to eat.

No. 277451

The best way to lose weight is being put into a medically induced coma and subsisting on IV fluids.

No. 277452

Starvation mode isn't real

No. 277454

Missing breakfast isn't fasting, I suspected that's what you might mean but discounted it because it's so silly. Not eating a meal for 8-12 hours isn't fasting. Fasting is a whole different thing. People with EDs don't eat for days on end and call it "fasting".

No. 277457

It is intermittent fasting anon. Eating all your calories in an 8 hour window each day, i.e, skipping breakfast and eating lunch/dinner only. Why are you defining it based on what people with eating disorders say? That's ludicrous…

No. 277459

>tfw anachans giving dietary advice

Starving yourself will slow down your metabolism which will result in weight gain when you return to normal calorie intake/gain what you do eat as fat, which leads to a vicious cycle of starving and gaining, see: EDs

Just eat a normal amount every day and don't hurt your body. Thin=attractive is a meme

No. 277460

Well what you are calling intermittent fasting a good proportion of the world population call "eating". Fasting is the wrong word to use in this context and is suggestive of not eating

No. 277462

That is because the more weight you lose the less calories you need to maintain. For example let's say Someone lost weight and went down to 100 lbs and after their diet they go back to eating the same amount of calories as they did at 120 to maintain…they're going to gain weight, it doesn't mean their metabolism was attacked by the starvation mode meme. Starvation mode isn't real lol

No. 277463

I didn't say anything about eating or not eating breakfast either?
Man, this thread is so weird and full of people making assumptions about the other person's argument.

I don't eat breakfast either. I still eat 1100-1200 calories a day so I lose weight consistently and don't starve.
I want a bigger meal for dinner? No prob, I didn't eat breakfast.
I want a midnight snack? No prob, I didn't have a big lunch or dinner and walked in the afternoon.

Again, all I'm saying is that it's very unlikely for someone to maintain a 800-900 calorie diet, it's effort enough to do 1100-1200 consistently for most people.
And if original anon (the one who asked how to lose weight to begin with) is a fattychan, then they will definitely burn out trying to eat 800-900 calories with intermittent fasting.

No. 277465

All of you act as if people who eat over 1000cal a day just lack discipline lol
Maybe many people are actually able to maintain their goal weight while eating a lot more than you? Your average person simply enjoys eating (and so do I) and nobody can tell me that eating 1500cal is such a gigantic amount that everybody should consider it abnormal…

Maybe your metabolisms already aren't working that well anymore? Even eating 1200cal a day brought me too a dangerously low weight, and it should be the same for any other healthy young person as well.

No. 277470

Oh really? Because fasting isn't a diet, it's an eating pattern. The most popular is the 16/8 method, i.e, skipping breakfast. A quick google of IF shows pages of results saying the same thing anon:

>see popular fasting methods


>see TRF

So why does your misunderstanding and self asserted assumptions about the term = the rest of the world? lol

No. 277471

File: 1533678367063.png (296.38 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180807-234535.png)

No. 277477

Hey, I've maintained my weight / BMI for 3 years now, so, I think I'll stick with what I'm doing. I exercise lightly 2 times a week, and walk a lot. Maybe moderate activity is an exaggeration? I don't know what classes as what.

No. 277480

Starvation mode is very much a thing. It depends what "diet" someone went on to invoke it. Generally if someone loses weight they should do it from a healthy base like 1200 daily and not RAISE the base when they have achieved the weight loss they intended. Some people have faster metabolisms than others. I would gain on 1500-2000 a day. Finding out the ideal rate for you is an important part of dietary health.

Generally starvation mode is used to refer to anachans eating 200kcal a day and not losing a lot of weight because the body is conserving fat and energy. Generally the topic is raised to explain why going 200-400-600 or some shit will have much worse results than going 1200 a day, so I don't consider it a meme. It's description of real things the body does in tight circumstances.

No. 277483

Would I be right in assuming that the anons who suggest 800-900 calories a day as normal, with a binge day here and there, don't weigh over 125 pounds at any given time?

Tbh you can handle these "diets" because say if you think you're fat at 125, all you'd have to do to get down in the 110 range is be on this track with that budget for about a month and a half. Then you can have a few weeks of eating shitty and then restarting the cycle as needed.

Someone who's overweight won't benefit from these types of diets because they need to have consistent weight loss, sometimes for a year or more. Nobody, and I mean nobody besides ana-chans, seriously will stick with sub-1000 calories a day for a year. Especially if they're used to having normal meals (re: 400 calorie meals minimum 3 times a day), or suffer from metabolic syndromes like obesity where they have physiological factors that make them hungrier.

It's just not typical. It's not good dieting advice. Why would you suggest this to OP when you don't even know anything about them? It's just…so bad all around.

No. 277485

Because half the people in the world miss breakfast every day and don't call it "fasting"

I don't call myself a cis-identifying biological woman with intact womb, because that is an assumed status. Missing one meal a day is so ordinary as to require no terminology

No. 277486

Anonymous now No. 277484
"Starvation mode" applies to extreme cases like People who are like 70 lbs eating very little. You aren't going to go into "starvation mode" Eating 800-900 calories a day.

No. 277488

I'm 5'10, 130lbs (which is right on the border between underweight and healthy) and eat 1800-2000 calories a day, depending on if I workout or not.
So I can't imagine that anybody, even a very short woman, has to go as low as 800 (unless you aspire to look like a walking skeleton)

No. 277491

I don't know why I'm arguing with y'all when you basically eat the same way I do. I guess we have different ideas on how correct each thing is. Just look after yourselves anons

No. 277492

I’m 5 8 but I feel the same way. I used to eat 800 calories or less daily back when I was too fucking lazy to cook for myself. My hair fell out my skin was horrible and I was fainting multiple times a week.

I dont think many anons here have ever experienced weight loss that was slow and steady, but more “oh I should just restrict more so I get to my goal weight faster”. Thats when it starts getting ana-chany. They probably freaked and disregarded that theycould loose weight at 1200 calories when the scale showed them weighing half a lb more the next morning because they didnt poop yet or they are just retaining water due to their periods or ovulation lol

No. 277495

It's not ordinary, most people eat throughout the day rather than a set time frame at 8 hours. Even a banana or latte would count if it's outside the window. You're argument seems to be "this is what I assumed based on my knowledge and I don't care if you provide evident otherwise", which isn't a strong one. And hey, if you routinely skip breakfast and restrict your eating to a set window congrats! You practice intermittent fasting!

No. 277501

Why are there more SEA fans than Korean (or any other country) fans though? Arent fanbases from the home country usually the biggest compared to international? For example when jrock and jpop were big the majority of fanbases were still predominately Japanese fans.

No. 277509

There aren't more SEA fans, otherwise the groups would be doing big tours there. Maybe it just seems that way because they post on eng speaking websites?

No. 277533

Out of all the NBC sitcoms people recommend, why do they only say Parks and Rec or The Office? Or, I guess Friends if I want to include a 90s contribution?

Honestly, I think 30 Rock or Community are better, but anytime I ask the aforementioned people if they have seen them, I'm always met with a no. Hell, I'd even hazard a toss at Will and Grace and would strike out. I don't understand. These are solid comedy shows as well, and I don't know why people don't give them a chance.

(this is half question/half vent and i apoligze. I was just wondering if anyone knew why no one watched 30 Rock/Community.)

No. 277546

I feel like 90% of The Office love is because people like to spout quotes and scenes from it and that makes people watch it and like it so they can also join in with repeating the same quotes and scenes. Honestly wish I knew, though.

But 30 Rock is pretty popular, I thought? Maybe the third most popular NBC sitcom after The Office and P&R. Community was also pretty beloved (especially in the The AV Club-like side of the internet and Reddit), but I thought production drama (NBC randomly pulling it out, Harmon getting kicked out then brought back, tension between cast members) dragged its momentum down.

Personally, I never got into 30 Rock because what little I’ve seen was similar to the meaner humor that The Office had, but I loved Parks & Rec and Community. The Good Place is also a (campy as fuck) good, but low key NBC sitcom.

No. 277554

>So I can't imagine that anybody, even a very short woman, has to go as low as 800
I'm somewhere between 4'11" and 5', I guessed 117 lbs for my weight for reference.

I only saw your post on the front page, so idk what the rest of the argument upthread is about, for another reference.

According to the first TDEE calculator on Google:
>Basal Metabolic Rate
1,202 calories per day
1,443 calories per day
>Light Exercise
1,653 calories per day
>Moderate Exercise
1,863 calories per day
>Heavy Exercise
2,074 calories per day
2,284 calories per day

imo, the Sedentary calculation seems a bit high, when I was basically sendentary (just walking to class and stuff in Uni) 1400 kcal would have been a bit more than maintenance for me. I think if anyone my height is saying they "need" like 800 kcal to lose weight, they're not doing much exercise to compensate. I definitely had times I ate ~700-900 calories a day, but it's not starvation mode by any means (for me, I ate more low cal vegetables and such).

I think a lot of very short women, like myself, feel that we should also be extremely skinny/waifish. There is that kind of pressure out there, especially since a 10lb difference is a lot more dramatic on us than on anyone even a few inches taller.

No. 277564

30 Rock and Community are both really popular, they got good runs. It's no big deal if the Office and P&R are more well known.

imo 30 Rock > first two seasons of Community > Parks and Rec > the Office >>>>> the rest of Community.

No. 277598

I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 years, but I still get extremely uncomfortable when he touches me sometimes. Particularly when he moves his face in the general direction between my knees to my stomach area. It makes me panic and I feel this uncontrollable desire to just knee him in the face and run away. It's like nails running over a chalkboard to me.

Is this in any way normal? I was never sexually abused in any way that I know of, it just makes me want to cry being touched more often than not. I used to react very violently to being touched at all but I have grown comfortable with him for the most part, the only person I have ever actually wanted to touch me, but only in ways I can control, like me touching his arm or something. It's just that vulnerable area within like a two foot radius of my vagina by anything other than a penis.

Just tonight he was sitting on the floor and kissed my knee and I felt this extreme sense of violation and had to ask him to stop because I felt immediately in fight or flight mode. Just his face being anywhere on my body is absolutely unbearable to me.

I am definitely attracted to him and I try to curb these reactions but I know it hurts him to see me get so immediately afraid and turned off by him doing things that are just normal things people do in relationships, or just normal physical affection. I don't know what's wrong with me.

No. 277600

I'm the same with everyone and I've always been like that. I have no idea if that's normal or not, and like you I don't think I've got any reason for this to happen. All the people who have told that wasn't normal were the weirdest people I've ever known, with no boundaries.
>once one of my sisters hugged me from behind for some reason
>panicked so much out of nowhere I yelled and elbowed her hard in the stomach before knowing what was going on
How do I stop that?

No. 277601

Your bmi is in the upper range of the healthy weight category, that's not "waifish" lol

No. 277713

Is there anyone good at MBTI? If so, are there any (strong) similarities between INTP and INFJ?
Why I'm asking: I had both results on tests, 3 times INTP and one time INFJ. I've read somewhere that each type acts like another type when "unhealthy", so I wonder if that may be it. Then again I don't remember well what type was the shadow of each type, and I don't know how reliable was the source. Lol

No. 277716

I'm aware. I just meant in general. Lots of very short women feel pressure to also be very skinny since extra weight on a short body can look odd. I'm personally fine with my weight now and the fact I could never achieve a waifish body in a healthy way.

No. 277717

Obviously MBTI isn't science, so take this sperg with a grain of salt.

Function wise, INTP and INFJ share both Fe (extroverted feeling) and Ti (introverted thinking). Based solely on that, you could be a very developed INTP who relates to others' feelings very easily or an INFJ who is great at processing information. Alternatively, if these functions are strong but unhealthy you could be an overemotional INTP or an INFJ with underdeveloped empathy/people skills.

The best method would be to see which primary function best fits you. INTP's primary function is Ti, if you find yourself picking apart ideas and information and categorizing them often then that may be the case. INFJ's is Ni, if you spend a lot of time focused on the future and possible outcomes subconsciously (especially in regards to people), this could be the case.

These are just simplifications, here are more in depth descriptions of how healthy INTPs and INFJs functions work together:

No. 277720

Should add to this, it would make sense for both INFJs and INTPs to be unsure of their type. Both can lack a strong sense of self (no Fi) and INTPs question everything to death.
So, if you were asking between INTJ and INTP I'd definitely say the latter.

No. 277860

how do i stop being an INFP fag? i've never gotten anything else and even though i've self improved and gotten a lot more emotionally stable this year i still got it! i was really hoping i could change this bullshit lmao

No. 278064

File: 1533794218749.gif (482.25 KB, 498x280, tenor[1].gif)

why do incels think makeup is cheating if they idolize 50s relationships so much? women during the 50s wore makeup 24/7

No. 278068

Sorry fellow INFP fag. You're here for life.

No. 278072

I’ve observed that incels attack women’s appearances as a form of retaliation or as a way to release bitterness. For example, an incel might feel incentivized to make roastie jokes if they see women making fun of guys’ dick sizes. They don’t really seem to care that it further demonizes them to outsiders.

No. 278177

MBTI isn't a 100% reliable thing of course and I'm not a pro (also saged for blogposting)
I'm an INTP with a developped Fe function and my bff is an INFJ with a strong Ti, so i feel like we complete each others in that way ? dunno if it makes any sense but like, she's feeling based so my developped Fe gets along well with her without being too much ? And her strong Ti goes well with mine, so we understand each other's feelings easily without being delusional and call out each other when each gets too much. (That's how i see it but if any anons wanna correct me on functions it'd be appreciated). I feel like INTPs help INFJs staying grounded and INFJs help INTPs with emotional detachment. But I'd like to know other anons POVs and stories with this !

my dumb question is : what's the origin behind the "now with professional glitter glue + My Melody lolcow banner ? can't find it kek

No. 279230

Does anyone have non flakey female streamers on twitch they like? everytime i come across a female streamer she ends up being a lolcow or cringey

No. 279235

My boyfriend tried to book an apartment for us yesterday and the owner sent him a polite email telling him that she only uses Airbnb to rent that property out to people who want to stay 30 days or more. Now she's asking for him to pay through paypal. Is this a scam? She has over 300 positive reviews but why advertise on airbnb in the first place if she doesn't want the payment to go through it?

No. 279237

Dalek Cookie, but recently she started hoeing it up as well.

No. 279241

Sounds dodgy, no idea what they're up to. At best avoiding the commission fee but I assume there is buyer protection on the site which you may lose via doing it on PayPal. Normally PayPal requires proof of an item being delivered, not sure how it would work here

No. 279317

She's saying that the laws changed so only monthly rentals are legal in the country now, which seems to check out. I'm only being cautious because we had to deal with a scammer before on Amazon who claimed to be from California and told a story about how his card was being rejected on Amazon so could we do it over Paypal instead. They send a fake "confirmation" email from Paypal and then ask that you send them to Nigeria. Hahaha it was at that point we caught on.

I'd book a hotel instead but I really wanted a small kitchen and all the hotels look like they were decorated in the 70s and never updated.

No. 279763

File: 1534161447711.jpeg (149.43 KB, 650x650, nyanko.jpeg)

Is there any way to buy merch from Sanrio/San-X directly? Their site's in moonspeak but from I can decipher it's more of a catalog/showcase of their products rather than an outright store. Am I going to have to buy from second party vendors? Does anyone know any good ones? Most of the ones I'm finding don't have much of a selection and seem wayy too overpriced.

No. 279771

Couldn’t you use a Japanese shopping service?

No. 279783

I believe there are some stationary shops on Rakuten that carry a lot of their products. You could also try mercari or yahoo auctions for lots and use a shopping service like japonica to order from them

No. 279811

i've been considering buying off of shopkawaii. the pricing really isn't too different from the cute stationary stuff and mugs that you find in store, at least not in my country. the shipping's insane to my country but i haven't found a similar site that has the stuff i want.

No. 279813

Can anybody fill me in on the Kat von D drama? I know that she said she's against vaccinating, but I thought she was already hated before that, why?

No. 279861

File: 1534186912825.jpeg (148.25 KB, 1024x1247, 1922C14F-B5C4-432E-830E-70561A…)

She's an anti-Semite. I had a long explanation typed up but my damn tablet chrashed. The biggest red flags are her affair with Jesse James, quitting Miami Ink by calling her manager a jew bag, and her current husband's swasticka tattoos. More info here:


Personally I never liked her because she's tacky yet completely devoid of any personality whatsoever. She looks like she's been 40 with botched plastic surgery ever since she's got famous, and I was astounded to find out she's only in her mid-30's. Her tattoos are boring and her makeup line looks inspired by 2003 Hot Topic. Attatched photo is a man in a gimp suit holding her veil at her wedding; she takes herself so seriously that instead of being whimsical or artistic, it makes her look like a pretentious creep with too much money.

No. 280269

>and her makeup line looks inspired by 2003 Hot Topic

Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, can be worse than hot topics Blackheart makeup brand.
Ive even copped shit from the dollar tree that wasnt as bad as Blackheart lol. So its sad that you are 100% correct. Her makeup looks just like that shit.

No. 281133

A few years ago a friend told me that she uses a special body wash for her vag because normal body wash would interfere with her pill. I just switched to a mini-pill (cerazette) but my doctor didn't mention anything about body wash and I can't seem to find anything online about it.

Is this a real issue?

No. 281134

Not a real issue lmao

No. 281152

okay phew!!

No. 281197

have you tried looking around your area for weird/niche/nerdy stores? lots of places order it.

No. 281738

why are female dominated websites so uppity?

No. 281768

Why do some people on here spell baby as "babby" and whining as "whinging"? Are these words spelled differently in different countries? Is it an inside joke here? Is it just misspelling?

No. 281773

File: 1534532301579.jpg (56.43 KB, 494x363, 765.jpg)

'Babby' is an old Internet joke sourced from Yahoo Answers question. Attached picture.

'Whinging' is just the British way of saying 'whining.'

No. 281806

What's wrong about Trump?

No. 281808

cause they feel like they got something to prove.

No. 281828

Whinging is a totally different word to whining.
Win-Jing. Moaning and complaining and being a little bitch.
We use it a lot in Australia. Here, whining is more likely to refer to a high pitched sound your engine makes.

No. 281839

It's a defense mechanism

No. 283577

In America, whinging isn't a word at all, and whining is used to fit both definitions. Since that anon didn't even know the word whining I assumed the was also American.

No. 283580

Americans getting mad about people not speaking americanised English is this weird mix of funny and vicariously embarrassing.
They’re some of the worst native English speakers out there, and will call someone stupid for spelling colour with a u.

No. 283584

I haven't been this surprised about a word not being used outside Australia since Maccas. Whinging or having a whinge is daily lexicon for me.

No. 283585

Nothing like getting warnings or bans on forums for aggression when you’ve agreed with someone by saying ‘fuck oath!’

Although western Australian slams goes too far. The fuck is dardy? Why do they still say durry?

No. 283587

Does every thread on lolcow have to turn into shitting on Americans? I have literally never met a American who actually gave a shit how other English speakers spell their words. Stop projecting.

No. 283592

The site is mostly Americans, if they’re getting shit on, they’re mostly shitting on themselves.
It’s not like it’s personally addressed to you, just the dumbasses who don’t know their native language well enough to speak it fluently but will have a whinge(ha) about their incorrect assumptions anyway.

One or two people picking on the seppos isn’t hurting them. A couple of comments sure as shit isn’t threads of shitting on them.

No. 283612

>The site is mostly Americans, if they’re getting shit on, they’re mostly shitting on themselves.

I wonder if there has been a survey of if Americans anonymously talk shit about themselves and other Americans online while implying they aren't Americans…

No. 283614

would it matter? I doubt it’s any sort of trend to talk shit about Americans. Anon is more likely upset because they were the one complaining about people misspelling whining. Where are the threads they mention? Nowhere.

Besides, look at the political climate and media in the western world. Every day we get to hear about dickheads saying gun control doesn’t work, saying universal healthcare is evil, anti-science nutjobs all over the globe because of one stupid American lady, and Donald fuckin trump. It’s not surprising that people would criticise the fuck out of America because it’s a shit hole of a country and has been for a while now.

No. 283709

Who was complaining about misspelling, though? >>281768 ? That was literally a stupid question, as this is a stupid question thread.

No. 285653

Anyone knows of a language exchange app/site that isn't full of creepy men trying to use it as a dating site?

No. 285655

Unfortunately no. But if it helps, I notice a lot of other women put something along the lines of "Not looking for a boyfriend" or "No men" on their profiles. I tried it and it didn't keep the creeps away but it gives me an excuse to message them aggressively about not reading my profile and only adding me because I'm female, not because they care about learning languages with me. I record the messages and send them to my friends lol. I have also gotten a lot of messages from women so it's not 100% creepy men.

No. 285656

how do you embed a youtube video or whatever on here without it coming up as just a link

No. 285667

File: 1535311605870.png (26.4 KB, 702x162, Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 3.26…)

paste the link in the bar that says Youtube

No. 285673

I get that America’s a shitty country with a lot of dumbasses in it but this thread was simply talking about language differences between English speaking countries and then anon had to sperg about how annoying she found Americans even though no had really brought it up before. It just felt shoehorned.

No. 285852

Are the farmers who track camgirls and post pics of their livestreams, lesbians? Fellow camgirls?

It's so weird to me.
Number one, most of the lolcows are so greasy I don't know why someone gay or otherwise would want to see their hooha. Secondly, when there is a spoilered hooha in a thread the picture is so disgusting and gross. I'm to believe some farmer sat through a two hour stream with idle hands?

No. 285856

I always wonder the same thing. I'm going to guess fellow camwhores sizing up the competition and being unable to risk gossiping about them, lesbians surely have better taste.

No. 285858

Oops, I meant to say camgirls. Wasn't trying to be a bitch, I'm just way more used to discussing camwhores on 4chan than actual camgirls.

No. 285918

Fellow camwhores, no doubt about it. Most of the non-straight girls who watch them are bisexual anyways. Lesbians aren't as into things intended for men.

No. 285925

Can I buy the same clothing item that friend already has and wears? The thing is my friends has those really nice slip-on shoes and I found them in an online shop. I just don't know if I should buy them I don't want to seem weird.

No. 285934

You can just be honest and say that you really like them so you wanted a pair of your own. If you're that worried about it, maybe you can buy them in a different color/pattern? I buy stuff that I see friends wear all the time because it's cute or seems really comfy. Unless your friend is just the type of person who has to be ~*unique*~ I don't see why she would make a big deal out of it.

No. 285937

Yeah go on, it's just a pair of shoes. Unless you're a general copycat it isn't weird at all.

No. 285940

Yeah, I think that will be the best. I've never done something like that and wasn't sure if there wasn't some social rule of not buying things that your friend owns, thanks.

No. 285941

Girl what is this, high school? No one (at least rational people) aren't gonna be freaked if you get the same pairs of shoes as them, if you were skinwalking on another hand thats different

No. 285943

It’s generally flattering to inspire someone to buy a certain piece of clothing, so unless they’re one of those “I’m so unique” people that >>285934’s describing, they’ll probably take well to it. If you’re still nervous, you can casually drop “hey, that ___ you wore looked comfy/cute/hot as fuck, so I picked it up myself” or something.

No. 286165

Watched the last Safiya Nygaard video and she talks about a kind of plug in named honey to save money by scanning your cart's content. I'm very curious, as a struggling student, if it works ? Has any of you tried it or anything similar before ?

No. 286463

I like using Honey! Users submit coupon/discount codes for different websites and clicking the prompt that comes up can automatically compare which submitted discount code(s) work and will give you the best deals.

No. 286621

I use Honey and have saved a few dollars so far. There is typically a discount code I can apply to every order I make. The best feature is the price tracking on Amazon. It lets you see what price an item is currently versus what it was at other points in time; if you have an account, it notifies ou when the price drops.

No. 286649

Sorry for the late reply anon but that's from ana-chan ashley when she used to 'create' shitty stuff and sell it to get delusional fans.

No. 287160

Is there a specific name for that meme where an insecure person bumps into a friendly stranger, then posts a vastly exaggerated version of the encounter online? Or a page with a large collection of them? My google-fu is failing me

No. 287188

I don't know but I'd like to read that

No. 287189

File: 1535549556949.png (438.76 KB, 680x798, 1297199080171.png)

It's called niggerwalks.

No. 287202

I always thought these memes were just memes, turns out a lot of /pol/tards do this, and mgtows do this with women as well

No. 287285

You might like r/thathappened

No. 287456

incels love doing that shit. my friend actually outted one of her brother's friends for that cause she knew the girl he was talking about because of how she dresses.

No. 287695

I think you're thinking of tumblr.com

No. 287704

File: 1535599513167.jpg (77.95 KB, 960x800, d227798a1017b1aa04c3a8e7811bd6…)

Have any of you become friends with someone off of 4chan (or any imageboard, including this one)? Not irl necessarily, but maybe exchanged discords/talked to them outside of whatever board you're on? If you have, does it ever work out? I feel like more likely than not, you'll end up meeting someone crazy or weird or something. I always see those discord threads on /soc/ and some people look like they have the same interests as me, but I never reach out to them because I'm afraid it won't work out or they'll actually be a terrible person.

No. 287705

I've tried making friends on image boards and they usually fizzle out quickly. The only time it didn't was when I met my boyfriend on /cgl/.

No. 287707


yes, long story short it's usually a bad idea. i've made friends with a few cool farmers but imageboards are possibly the worst place to meet decent people

No. 287709

File: 1535601183685.jpg (350.16 KB, 950x1277, 1524977360179.jpg)

Maybe I'm just a crazy person, but I've been adding people from the chans since I was underageb&. I don't do it much anymore, but I will say It's definitely been a mixed bag. I've met some completely batshit people, worst being a suicidal alcoholic who was convinced he was in love with me (despite barely knowing me), best being a guy I met years ago who used to stream weird indie films for us to watch together. We even met up irl once since we lived near each other and he turned out to be a pretty chill guy. Ultimately though, I'll say you're much better off looking for friends on tumblr or other sites that aren't seen as a safe haven for complete social outcasts and crazy people.

No. 287710

I have, but it seems like most of them feel the same way you do because they tend to go away after we get kind of close. I don't blame anyone for it either. Let's face it, we tend to doxx or post about people we know. It's hard to actually foster a trustworthy relationship here.

No. 287714

I've met an autstic /g/tard, an unfunny /b/tard, and a /tg/ wizard, all irl. The first two were insufferable, autistic retards that I gladly cut out of my life. The /tg/ wizard turned out to be awesome though. Now we're roommates and it's like I've finally gotten the big bro I've always wanted. There are cool people out there, but there's also a lot of psychos to protect yourself from, too.

No. 287723

I've made a few over the years but like this anon >>287705 they fizzle out eventually. Farmers I've talked to on here were nice but we never really clicked on a deeper level. Anons I've talked to from r9k and soc were surprisingly nice and decent but things never worked out for one reason or another.

No. 287725

Thanks a bunch for sharing those sites. I was kind of hesitant to try out a shopping service but I'm currently waiting on my order from Japonica.
I do have a few questions though, if anyone can bare with me. If I were to buy multiple items off a website like Mercari, would Japonica hold on to each item when they come in and ship the items for me all together? Or would they ship separately? And does anyone know if paypal charges foreign transaction fees (like if I were to pay through funds already on my paypal account)?
I've bought off of shopkawaii before and some of the items I wanted turned out to be unavailable, and I'd be notified of this after I've already made my purchase. Not really that big of a deal but something you may want to be aware of.

No. 287729

How do you get friends on tumblr tho? I feel like it's super hard to break through when you are not a popular blogger with thousands of followers… It feels so cliquey but I'm a retard with no social skills so yeah

No. 287769

nta, but start by following people who post things you're interested in by browsing the tags. If you start reblogging their content regularly and they aren't super popular they'll probably notice you and follow back. At this point it should be acceptable to start messaging them.
Alternatively just start talking to whoever without bothering with that whole reblogging nonsense. I've only done that because I'm shy lmao. Plus some people also only have messaging on for mutuals.

t. had a group of art friends on tumbleweed and a pal who I talked with every day before abandoning it

No. 287772

I used to go to meet-ups of a local imageboard when I was a teen.
Most of those people (males) were tolerable as long as we spoke about books or music. When we got deeper, well… there was a lot of misogyny and hatred concealed there. Outright creepy fetishes and absurd political beliefs too. Also I could count on one hand the amount of them who wouldn't eventualy try to get into my very underaged pants. Which is creepy, since the average age for them was 25. Just them acting like disgusting pathetic creeps with zero consideration for others was what got me out of that clique.

I would say don't bother with males and go for females, I've met a couple of sane ones in years of being a b-tard.

No. 287815

Yeah, when I was younger I hung out on /r9k/ and was groomed by guys I thought were my ""friends"".
IMO, male 4channers are mostly shitty people with very few exceptions.
I don't really have any close female friends from imageboards, just people I occasionally talk to in Discord groups.
IMO, they can be batshit insane, but it's often in a way you can relate to, they're less likely to take advantage of you (unlike males), and the ones who actually bother building friendships with other girls are usually chill.

No. 288286

File: 1535721715362.jpeg (41.84 KB, 450x324, B871A355-3557-437A-BD0B-B1C64D…)

i’m romantically attracted to both women and men but i’m not attracted to female genitals.

what does that make me? biromantic heterosexual? a snowflake? an attention whore (even though i’ve never been open about it and only the people closest to me know i like girls)?

i’ve always thought of myself as bi but having come to this realization i’m worried i’m just the walking epitome of why so many people write bisexual women off as straight women who play pretend for male validation since a lot of guys find girl-on-girl hot.

i’ve only ever had genuine crushes on/been in love with girls but they’ve also been rather androgynous in different ways (facial features/body structure/choice of dress etc.) so i wonder if i’ve just had girl crushes but how does that make me straight when i was genuinely in love with them?

>inb4 someone plays me a song on their tiny violin

No. 288321

TBH you sound like a straight girl who gets girl crushes and can't tell apart romantic attraction and idolization.

No. 288341

Heterosexuality is about being attracted to the opposite sex, not specifically their genitals. So homosexuality is about being attracted to the same sex, not specifically the genitals. Have you fallen in love with girls and found you don't want to sleep with them? If that's the case I don't think you're bisexual. Personally I know girls who enjoy sex with other girls while still identifying as straight because they're not interested in girls in a romantic way at all, they just like sex. You could say they have bi tendencies, idk. You'll figure it out, anon.

No. 288343

I'm bisexual but I don't like either sex's genitals, I actually think both are gross. I don't think it's about genitals, it's about pleasing someone you love/are attracted to.

No. 288344

It isn't just about genitals… There's tons of hetero men who hate female genitalia but enjoy the way it feels to fuck a woman. And vice versa. But to be in a homosexual relationship you have to enjoy the genitalia at least somewhat, especially in a lesbian relationship.

No. 288375

lmao who let these troons into the thread.

wtf do you guys think opposite sex means?

No. 288380

Do you want to kiss girls while feeling them up and all that? Suck on some titties? You're most likely bi if that's the case.
It may be a case of desensitizing yourself. I used to be disgusted by all genitals (even my own) in my teens, but then went through a porn addiction (wouldn't recommend) and I like everything now as long as it's not diseased. I was always attracted to both the male and female forms, though. I remember going through the initial stages of puberty and getting mad turned on by breasts hehe. And asses, regardless of sex.

I guess the big question here is, are you sexually attracted to girls otherwise? If so, the genital thing is nbd and can probably be overcome with some masturbation.

No. 288381

Yeah this

No. 288390

Is soy bad for you?
Not even memeing. I want to become vegan at some point but dislike almond milk. Then I tried soy milk today and loved it.
So will I get breast cancer and have my thyroid explode after one week or what?

No. 288392

I hate almond milk too, but I recently tried roasted almond milk and it doesn't have that nasty ass almong aftertaste.

Soy is pretty low in oestrogens, I think it's somewhat of a meme tbh. Sure it has some but not enough to make breasts grow significantly or anything (at least that's what I had read last time I checked)

No. 288397

My situation is sort of the same but opposite. I'm 100% for sure attracted sexually and romantically to women but I'm not romantically attracted to men and I'm not sure if I find them sexually attractive. So I were to use a snowflake label it would currently be homoromantic bisexual

Most men I don't even notice and if I do, then it's more of in an aesthetic way. Like I just like the way their features look together.
I haven't had a crush on men in years and when ever I do, it's always after they express interest in me, but I quickly lose interest (like in a few day or weeks) so I think that is me just like the attention and being flattered.

I also don't find sex with men repulsive but I just can't ever get into it, or anything.

I've been questioning if I'm just bi or Lesbian for the past several years now

No. 288403

I've drink soy milk daily for years and still ain't got no tiddies

No. 288412

in reality soy actually makes you produce less estrogen, not more, because the phytoestrogen takes the place of your normal estroge even though your body can't even process phytoestrogens the same way. but they do infact protect against certain cancers and diseases.

No. 288414

I'll have to give that a try, along with rice milk.
Dairy is the hardest thing for me to give up so I want to find the best fit.

Bless you, my flat chested sister.

Does that mean my test will increase? Will I build muscle more easily? That would be ideal, to save animals and get BUILT.

No. 288416

never tried rice milk, a guy told me it had no weird taste and was the one resembling dairy the most. Don't try oat milk tho, it's super weird.
You should try multiple brands too. I hate the Bjorg soy milk because it tastes like stale water, but the alpro one is delicious imo(both with sugar and sugar free, but I don't know if we have the same brand options depending on where we live)

No. 288424

I'm >>288341 , I think you misunderstood me. I don't think being homoromantic is a thing because being homosexual means being attracted to the same sex, not the genitals specifically. It's about the whole person, including the genitals (and yes, being disgusted by genitals can still happen, it's kind of irrelevant). Meaning if you're not asexual, and if you don't want to sleep with the same sex, I don't think you're gay (or bi, in this case). BUT some people insist on believing homoromanticism is a thing so I'm not gonna tell anon how to live her life. I just wanted to share my opinion with her.

No. 288462

i don't think test increases, atleast not by that much. soy products are fucking great for energy though. less calories than milk and the same amount of protein.

No. 288470

People in Asia have been drinking soy for centuries. If it was bad they'd probably have disproportionately high rates of breast cancer or men with titties, like some people claim. Dairy does more damage than soy because the majority of us still haven't even evolved to digest it. It's probably something the dairy industry came up with to try and destroy veganism like how they tried to force vegan cheese companies to remove the word "cheese" from their products or how Helmanns sued Just Mayo for not being "real mayo" and then had the cheek to sell their own vegan mayo when they lost or how the meat industry sued Oprah for promoting "Meatless Mondays".

If you don't like almond you should check out cashew (haven't tried it myself but apparently it's really creamy) or rice. There are loads of options.

No. 288512

I don't want you to think I was attacking you or anything. If you've been in love with girls, are you sure you're not sex repulsed?

No. 289869

Context: I'm terrified of most medical things. I have never had a pap smear. I wanna go on birth control soon and I have to get one first.

Here's the stupid question: Do they really ask if you're sexually active? How can I answer that? Last time I had sex was a few months ago and it'll be a while before next time. I'm not necessarily active, but I was before.

Do I say "not really?"

I feel like a dumbass lmao

No. 289875

you can say no, also you don't need a pap smear, just get your birth control online if you're in the USA. nurx or prjkt ruby.

No. 289877

Amerifag here, I never got a pap smear while being prescribed birth control, but I was asked if I was sexually active. Just tell them exactly what you’ve typed here, that you had sex a couple months ago and may again in the far future. Nothing wrong with being specific.

No. 289881

yes they ask you, but they're only asking because they want to know if it's possible that you have any STIs or could be pregnant. If it's been months, it's pretty likely that you're in the clear, but it's best to clarify with specifics just like you did here.
I would just say "No, I don't have any current sexual partners, but last time I had sex was a few months ago and it'll be a while before next time."

you are kind of in a gray area so it's not a dumb question. https://www.newhealthadvisor.com/Sexually-Active-Definition.html

No. 289893


You're all great. Thanks. My mom told me I was required to get the pap smear first lmfao thanks mom

No. 289982

Not to be preachy or pushy, but it's good for you to get a pap smear at some point. I also have a problem with doctors and medical stuff (still have my wisdom teeth, panic attacks when I need to draw blood, etc), but avoiding it can have serious consequences in the future. Also, it will only get better if you expose yourself to it.

No. 290107

Totally agree. You really should get it done, at least once. Then when you're older you should get it more often. I understand it's scary but it's really not that bad. I remember in high school girls were all crying about how horrible it was but…it really isn't? I would rather get a pap smear/pelvic exam than get blood drawn. I know I don't speak for everyone, not trying to say my opinion is #1 but, pap smears are very important to a woman's health and early detection can save your life.

No. 290159

same i was so scared i was shaking but i literally couldn't feel it when she swabbed my cervix…not even pinching or pressure. the only painful part was the speculum but they use a speculum for everything so i'm not sure why pap smears have such a bad rep

No. 290176

is it possible to get addicted to being sleep deprived? i've been having an insomniac episode for about 2 weeks, 0-3 hours of sleep at max and i have a weird high feeling from being tired. it feels really good.

No. 290178

Do they wax your ass when you do full Brazilian? and if so, how? does it hurt? Is there a thing just to get rid of ass hairs? lol.

No. 290180

That's a really good question, I've been having trouble sleeping lately and I too get a really nice high feeling from tiredness.

I've only gotten a Brazillian once and the lady did wax my ass, she had me on my back with my legs pulled against my chest, she basically got a perfect view of my vagene and butthole, it's kinda embarrassing but not worst that a gyno visit. One of my friend had to get on all four to get her buttcrack waxed, idk but I feel like the position I was in is the best because your butt naturally "opens" whereas when you're on all four if you got a bit of ass it's going to get in the way and the lady will have to pull your cheeks appart or you'll have to arch your back which is… A bit much imo.

No. 290187

jesus.. okay thanks for the low down. Thats really embarrassing. Um. I don't know if I can do it but um ass hair is gross.

Do you think if I asked ONLY for ass to be waxed they'd do it? Is that a thing? lol I don't really like bare puthy look.

No. 290190

File: 1536008000599.jpg (142.93 KB, 1200x829, DGQerwYUIAAxF8u.jpg)

Why is Eugenia Cooney's face "normal'' looking despite her being severely underweight?

No. 290193

Her mouth area is certainly not normal looking.

No. 290194

It's not about her being pretty or not, you would expect her face to be as skinny as the rest of her body

No. 290197

File: 1536008641485.png (Spoiler Image, 267.85 KB, 312x583, 830BF9B8F38H.png)

I didn't knew she'd gotten so bad. It's true her face looks nice for someone so disgustingly skeletal.

No. 290199

That is disgusting. Sick bitch.

No. 290207

Her arms has legit no fat or muscle. that is TERRIFYING.. thanks for spoiling, anon.

No. 290210

Since Eugenia coonie or whatever her name is was brought into this discussion I need to ask you anons what you think about Yuka Kinoshita, she eats enormous amounts of calories everyday! There's a video trying to explain how she does it but that video doesn't really give a good explanation. I suspect she might be purging? And if she doesn't then she has a superhuman body

No. 290222

The video is subtly edited to appear seamless, she probably scrapes the bulk of the food somewhere else off camera. "skinny girl eating mountains of food" is her gimmick to get views, doesn't make it real.

No. 290269

File: 1536018180466.jpg (654.72 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20180903-194143_You…)

>It's not about her being pretty or not
But I didn't say that? I said that her mouth area isn't normal looking. Actually, when she isn't controlling the angle, you can see the actual outline of her skull.

No. 290296

i don't get the 'big titty goth gf' meme and i feel stupid.

No. 290297

Purging for sure
Didnt she also try to prove she was healthy then blocked out a bunch of other info like her weight? She's shady

No. 290301

I don't get most memes nowadays tbh
I actually like the goth gf meme since men are dumb and and fall for memes despite claiming memes are only memes or whatever (like how many men who joked about nazis later become actual hardcore nazis)

No. 290359

I think she probably just eats huge amounts once a week and eats under 800 calories any other time. Even with purging no way she could eat like that everyday and not get fat….That's why most bulimics are on the upper end of average or fatty chans.

No. 290403

She uploads pretty much everyday tho

No. 290415

most mukbang videos are fake…

they cut and splice the video together most often. ones who stream are bulimic tho.

No. 290440

What does it mean if a thread is put on auto-sage?

No. 290441

Most mukbang/eating-show based channel owners have some sort of eating disorder. They most likely starve themselves for most of the time and/or purge after eating huge amounts of food. Whatever they do, it's not healthy or normal.

No. 290442

She's a really pretty girl. It's a shame she refuses to get help/doesn't acknowledge her problems.

I think the reason why her face doesn't look super scary is because she has a naturally wide and round face. They don't tend to look as sunken in as long/oval/narrow faces even at a very low weight.

No. 290443

nah it's fake, they just do tricky edits and cuts. just look at the video you're replying to. she only ever takes one sip of soup on camera and the rest of it is tricky food positioning.

No. 290446


Agreeing with >>290443 it is fake. Pay attention to the cat between 3:23 and 3:40, it moves over after the cut and zoom at 3:28. She's doing this over a course of a few hours/days and likely not eating it most of it other than a standard serving. She positioned the bowl over the cat face in a way that made it easier for her reposition it the same way next time. Plus most of these cuts clearly show the camera angled differently.

Many of these girls just do this for money because they are cute and will get views. I'm sure some real bulimics do but 90% are fake.

No. 290459

it won't be bumped to the top anymore even if you don't sage

No. 290461

File: 1536062978589.png (166.07 KB, 540x304, b8aa2c6e-0345-47d7-822f-389896…)

I ordered a package from the UK. They sent it via UPS, got a tracking number.

The package is in my country currently, but at the opposite end of it. And now I see that it says "the receiver was not available for delivery. We'll make a second attempt the next business day". What does that mean since the package is nowhere near it's destination??

No. 290500

Verify the address on the tracking information is correct. Then call the UPS customer service line to clear up any address issues if necessary, or to tell them about the failed delivery attempt so it gets back on track.

No. 290506

do you have any good japan shopping services that don't have crazy fees for shipping to Europe ? I'm looking up on zenmarket.fr rn but I'd like to know other names that are good for eurofags

No. 290553

Thanks anon. I came home from work today and found the note. The package did arrive in my town but I guess it didn't update on the website or it's a new driver.

No. 290577

This is embarrassingly late but thank you anons!! The fact that I don’t have my own orientation sorted out feels a little dumb but I’m in my early twenties so I guess I still have time.

>Do you want to kiss girls while feeling them up and all that? Suck on some titties?

I don’t know? Aesthetically I love the appearance of female bodies but I feel like it’s mostly appreciation and not so much about wanting to have sex, if that makes sense. Cringy as it is, the times I’ve really gotten off to fantasies about being with another woman have been futa fics / fantasies featuring female characters/people I’ve been attracted to so idk where that leaves me. Thank fuck for anon.

No. 291160

is PCOS really that common? it seems like every third farmer has it vs i have never met anyone irl who has it, honestly hadn't even heard of it until i started lurking here

No. 291166

It's most common in overweight women if that tells you anything.

No. 291178

I don't see it coming up in casual conversation or being aired in social media posts.

PCOS isn't in the group of """romantic""" diseases. Like anon wrote >>291166, it's for fatties dontchakno?
Also causes other horrible, unfeminine things nobody likes admitting without anonymous. Like facial hair, acne, and thin hair.
Makes complete sense why nobody is chomping at the bit to admit their medical histories.

No. 291179

what are other “unfeminine” things pcos causes? like the previous anon i hadn’t heard of it before i started lurking here.

you hear ppl talk more about herpes than they do pcos and i feel like having an std should be way more stigmatized… then again men can also get them so maybe that’s why :^)

No. 291180

original anon here, i understand how you wouldn't casually mention it in a conversation as you would a cold or asthma or something less "shameful" but i have also never seen anyone that matches the profile? save from one mom's friend but she does have children and is post-menopausal so i think it is more likely related to that. does it vary in intensity or something?

No. 291365

how the fuck do i get over my gag reflex? i swear, from the bottom of my heart, this isn't blowjob related. i despise the taste of mint anything. whenever i brush my teeth, i gag like a huge bitch. i obviously don't give up because i don't want to smell like shit, but can anyone give me tips on how to reduce it? is it even possible?

No. 291380


This is going to sound really stupid but I have the same issue and for some reason rubbing my free hand's thumb and index together while brushing helps.

No. 291397

What is the point of wearing full coverage foundation + concealer if your skin is perfectly clear? Heavy foundation emphasizes texture even on nice clear skin so if you can get away with it, why not wear a lighter coverage foundation?

No. 291410

PCOS anon here, it does vary in intensity and also most girls who have it have some kind of hormone treatment ongoing which drastically reduces visible effects.
Asides from that, women with PCOS also shave, have acne treatments and skincare/haircare routines, so it's unlikely that you'll discover their illness unless you're their bff, their doctor or they're ESPECIALLY unkempt.
Of course, some girls might have it with more intensity, so even if they clean up fine they still may have moustaches, bad acne etc. but those are much fewer than those that have it mildly.

No. 291419

No gag advice reflex but there are some decent non-mint toothpastes out there. Most places have cinnamon, and then there are bougie-ass flavored toothpastes in all sorts of flavors

No. 291541

PCOS causes a propensity to be overweight so that'd be why. it's a symptom, not a cause.

No. 291610

People with "perfectly clear" skin can still have uneven skintone, redness, hormonal acne, enlarged pores, blackheads, and other things that they want to cover up. Having clear skin makes minor imperfections 100x more obvious

No. 291692

what do dudes who buy used panties actually want to see on the panties? fuckin crusty dried up discharge?
because that's what would happen if i wore panties for more than a few hours and then didn't wash them. doesn't matter if it's healthy discharge, regular self-cleaning discharge, discharge from being aroused, from masturbating, whatever, it still ends up looking crusty and gross if it's left on underwear. they're into that shit? or is it supposed to look completely clean? are you supposed to put it in a package with dried ice so it doesn't dry out? lmao

No. 292131

men will fetishize everything like it's their fucking job, you can literally shit yourself and some men will find it hot

it's dumb but everytime they try to act superior, it's fun to remember they get off from having shit on their dick and buying used panties

No. 292281

does anyone else on lolcow get given bans for stuff they didn't even post? I seem to get them a lot but I say it wasn't me/was posted when I didn't even know about this site etc and they lift it but why does this happen?

No. 292282

Are you sharing your IP with anyone?

No. 292293

No. 292482

Yeah because about 1 in 6 people have herpes. And it is definitely stigmatized. I seriously don't get how anyone could think that PCOS is more stigmatized. Most people in real life don't even know it exists. Get out more.

No. 292520

nayrt, but this is weird, idk , maybe ask a Farmhand in >>>/meta/4790 if they know the reason ?

No. 292811

is it wrong for me to use /pt/ and /snow/ as motivation to better myself and keep myself in check? does anyone else lurk there for the same reason? i mostly go for a good laugh when there's milk but sometimes i fear that had i not found this website two years ago i would have allowed myself to keep mentally deteriorating, still have no self awareness, and possibly ended up being a cow/flake one day myself.


if you have a dynamic ip that could be part of the issue

No. 292814

You have a dynamic IP.
Someone that uses your ISP and lives in your general area posts on lolcow and gets banned.

No. 292821

i haven't had sex in… years. i have never previously enjoyed sex because it hurt. i am pretty sure it came down to lack of lube/being aroused.

i'm with a new bf and i really like him but i'm terrified of when we first fuck because i'm afraid i'll clench up due to bad experiences in the past. how can i like, calm down and not be a nervous wreck about it? should i be honest about my past experiences and how i've never had good sex or is that kind of unnecessary and a turn off? should i use lube? how do i have a not terrible first time with a new guy.

No. 292831

The symptoms of PCOS ie. acne, facial hair, and obesity on women is way more stigmatized than oral herpes, which most ignorant people readily admit to "cold sores" because they don't know it's the same thing.

No. 292832

Has anyone gotten their wisdom teeth removed in their early 20s when they've nearly fully developed? Any precautions or issues?

Going to my first dental checkup in years and I have a feeling they're gonna want to remove my wisdom teeth, but I'd like to know if it might fuck up my face or something.

No. 292834

i had 6 teeth removed at once during the wisdom procedure due to overcrowding, it did nothing to my face shape.

No. 292835

I'm mad its a dirty incel.

No. 292842

Not that anon, but I will have to get my wisdom teeth out soon and have been wondering. If I’m in my mid-20s, will my teeth at all shift after my wisdom teeth are gone?

No. 292844

I'm 25 and I only had 2 wisdom teeth taken out, in my early 20s. One was growing sideways and the other I thought was pushing my teeth out of place but idk now. I don't want to take out the other two (they are both on the right side)

No. 292862

I got all of mine removed after having braces and I didn't find I had any shifting.

No. 293013

Why do gay men obsess over female singers like Judy Garland, Madonna, Cher, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and so on?
I cannot wrap my head around it.
Not saying they can't enjoy female singers, but I am surprised there are no male pop 'divas'.
As a heterosexual female, I find lesbians more relatable than gay men even though they go after guys too. I've read that they relate to the heartbreak and passion that those singers express in their songs, but to me the experience of straight women is so different to that of gay men it's not exactly understandable to me why are they so obsessed with those divas.

I can understand that in the past there were barely any gay artists, but why don't they stan some actual gay guy singers?

I do not intend to gatekeep, I just want to understand.

No. 293027

That freaks me out, how does one stop this?

No. 293035

I am not sure what you are seeking to stop, I will give you some solutions for all cases though.
First, I need to say that as far as I know, dynamic IPs get changed when you turn off your router, wait a little, and turn it on again.

-Don't do restart router and you won't risk getting a banned IP

-Find the farmer in your area that gets banned and beat the fuck out of them

-Ignore the issue and simply restart your router when you happen to get a banned IP

No. 293062

IIRC most people are carrying the herpes virus from birth, but when they come into contact with a live sample it activates in them.

I could be bullshitting because I learned this in HS health class and we all know how trustworthy that is.

No. 293067

How do I know if a torrent of a PDF version of a textbook is legit? I'm looking at something on Library Genesis because I can't make heads or tails what version of a textbook they're selling. I feel dumb for asking this, tbh.

No. 293069

this is only true if the mother has it because it can pass through the placenta.

No. 293084

Are men in any other countries than America nicer, sweeter, more respectful and better at dating?
Everyone I have had anything with as an American has treated me like absolute shit. Not only me, but how other girls I know are treated. I'm wondering if it's at least a little different in other places and its just our shitty "dating" culture.

No. 293087

I've never had problems with libgen, select the direct download instead of torrent.
I see no reason to use peer to peer download when there is a direct link available.
Anyway open the file with your browser instead of Acrobat or similar, browsers are usually the most updated against security exploits and keep your adblock on

No. 293088

File: 1536459702357.jpg (98.87 KB, 1080x1080, 4c22e1eb99de90d95c72ca8a696c88…)

>haven't spoken to a coworker from old job in a year
>decide to text and ask what's up as i'm cleaning up my contact list
>have a pleasant little chat with him
>wonder if he's single

he asked me out once but i never took him up on it due to us being coworkers; he left the job not long after to get a job elsewhere. i really want to know if he's seeing anyone. is there a way to ask that without being weird or super blunt? i know most men need bluntness but i was trying to think of something more tactful than "hey so are you single"

No. 293103

probably because there's not a lot of big-name male celebs who write songs about lusting after men while also being 'divas' as you said

not all gay men act effeminate but many wish they could openly do so without judgment and i think they're just sort of projecting on icons like this. the only remotely similar one i can think of is adam lambert and he's really not all that popular anymore

No. 293199

File: 1536482751543.jpg (108.31 KB, 740x740, Sprudge-CoffeeOnInstagramReaga…)


I don't see anything wrong with being up front with him. Just tell him you felt uncomfortable dating him before only because you were coworkers and ask him, since you no longer work together, if he'd like to do something casual like go for a coffee or to a dog park or something if one of you has a dog maybe?

No. 293315

Where can safely I download an old version of Photoshop for free? I don’t need that fancy new shit, just something I can make Polyvore-style collages on.

No. 293319

ive been downloading photoshop 7.0 for over a decade now, any trustworthy looking site its on should be fine

No. 293328

Eh kind of the same as >>293315
do you have any good and reliable websites to download all kinds of softwares (FLstudio, After Effects… ?) The never ending patches I get for After Effects never work despite disabling internet and everything.

No. 293373

Do you have any tips on where I can find it for MacBook? I’ve been prodding around but I’ve never downloaded something like this before so I’m paranoid as hell. Not sure what qualifies as “trustworthy”, especially when the sites I’ve seen either have mixed-to-negative reviews or none at all.

No. 293433

How hard is it to get a retail job when you're older than 18 and have little experience other than a summer job and the occasional one-off tasks? I feel like they're gonna laugh at my resume and pass me over for all those 16 year olds with a hundred hours of volunteer work and babysitting.

No. 293439

Anyone can get a retail job, anon

No. 293440

Just… put down that you've volunteered a ton of places, dude. You can literally lie on your resume and it never matters. I've gotten a great job at a Fortune 50 by lying on my resume. My friend was trying to get a job at the same company and I told her to lie, and she immediately got an interview and then got the job once she "fixed" her resume with lies.

It's so silly that people are actually honest on their resumes.

No. 293448

Untrue. The only jobs I've ever had were research assistanceships. one summer I had nothing to do so i applied at a bunch of retail places and they all turned me down. If you're overqualified it's nearly impossible to get a low-level job.

No. 293449

So don't be truthful? I would think that's obvious, anon. Omit your qualifications and you're hired.

No. 293452

it depends on where you live and how many other applicants they have. if your resume is less attractive than a ton of other applicants', it'll be less likely that you'll get picked. if you pick a place or type of job where not a lot of other people have applied, you'll have a better chance. apply to a ton of places so that numbers are in your favor. sites like indeed make it a lot less tedious.

because you have such little experience, be a little vague and put the duration as something like "spring 2015-fall 2015" and call it a seasonal position. the suggestion to list volunteer positions is great, it's what i did when i was just starting out. just list it as if it was a regular job. whoever the supervisor type person was will be your contact and just don't list pay. if they ask, which they won't, THEN you can say it was unpaid if you don't want to lie.

No. 293482

i had the same thing and now i honestly love sex. try natural muscle relaxers and get a dildo or dilator to get used to it.

No. 293511

this is promising, what kind of muscle relaxers tho?

No. 293549

File: 1536553754687.jpg (161.81 KB, 346x520, 12976374493271.jpg)

hey buddy. the one that i bought is by wild harvest and it's just called "muscle relax." I bought it on amazon.
I'll give you the full deets:
>be me
>always found sex painful and not fun, figured maybe i just don't like sex
>go to local doctor, diagnosed with bartholin's gland cyst
>treatments for aforementioned cyst don't change anything
>get stoned and masturbate with powerful vibrator
>get less afraid of the idea of sex but the reality is still physically painful
>go to proper gyno and tell her all of this
>she gives me internal exam and concludes that the cyst is actually a misdiagnosis and finds that some of the muscles beyond my vaginal walls are just really fucking stiff
>she says its a vicious cycle where my muscles are so tight that they make my vulva chafe and make sex painful, and then the memory of painful sex makes me tense up even more, etc, self fulfilling prophecy
>tells me to use a dilator (just a small silicone dildo basically) and to take natural muscle relaxers and use lube
>this combined with just knowing wtf is up with my vag slowly but surely starts to make penetration nbd
>have sex with bf and it's completely painless unless we go really hard for a long time, which is normal anyway
>it actually feels really fucking good instead of just bearable, start craving penetration specifically, not just the idea of sex
>wtf i love sex now
>my vag finally got her redemption story

No. 293554

I hope my vag can get her redemption story one day too. I'm really going to try and see if this really works! Ty anon

No. 293555

Sage for samefagging but I'm one of the anons of the virginity thread. Thank again for the advice!!

No. 293559

File: 1536554948366.jpg (57.13 KB, 589x436, img172-e1440684438365.jpg)

no problem my dears! i typed that out in hopes that maybe it can help someone. it's not about making sex the end goal, but making sure your vag is as healthy as possible and that you're not missing out on anything. some people really just don't like sex, but some people would if it weren't for obstacles that can be treated, and it's important to find out which one you really are! good luck!

No. 293569

that's now what 'samefagging' means

thanks a bunch dude. i have always wanted to enjoy penetration, i'll have to try this.

No. 293570

No. 293863

File: 1536594787699.jpg (16.26 KB, 250x203, IMG_5533.JPG)

Guys I'm dating a fucking normie and freaking out a little. I think he thinks I'm normal bc I am in shape and attractive but… well I browse lolcow among other things, I'm a loser

How do I stop being autistic and worrying about him judging me

No. 293865

realize that lolcow/image boards arent that big of a deal and doesnt make you a special snowflake. he probably got something hes worried about you finding out too. people are varied and different. its all good

No. 293867

I feel like this is really dumb but I've been a depressed slob all of my life and I don't know how people 'normally' dress around the house. I'm always wearing pyjamas 24/7 when I'm not going outside (which could be weeks on end).
When you're not going outside or doing anything, do people really get dressed into comfy clothes that aren't pyjamas every day? Like, with underwear and a bra and everything, even when they're not leaving the house? Do people put makeup on just to lounge around?

No. 293893

be honest but distance yourself. don't make it seem like lolcow is part of your identity or something lol. just tell him you spend a bit too much time on the internet because you like finding funny memes or interesting stories.

No. 293896

i'd say most people wear what you wear. no makeup, pyjama pants, no bra. some people have a slightly dressier version, like leggings and a soft sports bra,but still

No. 294421

File: 1536692780228.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.59 KB, 691x969, 18018203.jpg)

Did Egon Schiele molest his sister or what? I can't find anything conclusive aside from the nudes he drew of her.
Has the art community agreed on this in some way? It would be a shame if true, since I love his portrayals of the human body. Specifically the male form.
Adding on to this, does anyone have suggestions for artists who portray the male form in a similar fashion? All bony and gangly, I mean.

No. 294425

What you do in your free time is none of anyones business, and if hes so concerned about you browsing a website, then he's not for you.

No. 294429

Yes, and she was very young on top of that. He was even in prison for pedophilia.

No. 294436

I suspected as much.
Do you know of any artists, from the past or contemporary, who portray men like I mentioned? I don't know of any who feature that certain appeal along with a somewhat sizeable volume of work filled with them as a subject.

>inb4 make your own

that's fair

No. 294962

File: 1536787681029.jpeg (6.89 KB, 224x225, images-2.jpeg)

All I see here is my science class diagram of fallopian tubes and uterus, is that intentional or just coincidental? I don't know the artist but was just wondering if this particular artist is known for using imagery that's so obviously female within a male subjective?
Or just fucked in the head and consciously unaware of the comparison?
Pic related

No. 294990

Does anyone else feel like most of the posts in the Micky thread made by the same two or three anons?

No. 295432

Any anons have tips on how to unscrew a really tight piercing? I want to change the jewellery but can't unscrew it (had it for 2 years now)

I already tried using gloves and pliers but it didn't work.

I know I can just go back to the piercer, but they charge for that + I'll have to pay for a bus ticket or gas so I want to try to avoid it if I can.

No. 295433

I'm sort of new to instagram and unfamiliar to a lot of its features. Is it a normal occurrence to have a bunch of accounts with thousands of followers liking your untagged posts that aren't in English and following you? I'm not even talking about bots like that's usually the case on twitter and tumblr these days, because they seem like accounts owned by mostly normal people. I find this so weird, I expect bots everytime I have a notification but I always see that they're actually people who post their own stuff. I'm going to guess they're only expecting me to follow them back. But how do they even find me in the first place? How does that work?

No. 295443

Yeah, that’s normal. Usually those types of accounts try to gain followers by following, then unfollowing you to try to get you to follow them back. Not sure how they find you other than tags that you’ve used though.

No. 295451

> Not sure how they find you other than tags that you’ve used though.
I've never used tags, so I really no idea how they could have found me.

No. 295454

That happens to me when I follow pages with many followers. They go through the list of followers from popular pages and follow them. Could be that

No. 295460

Rubber surface. Rubber gloves, band, etc. It's like unscrewing a jar lid.

No. 295675

I tried that, that's why I was asking

No. 297033

Why do so many imageboard dwellers and the like believe that ((jews)) have this masterplan with lowering the white population?
Wouldn't it make sense that it's in the jews/capitalists' interest to have as many people as possible to grow their consumer base regardless of color?

No. 297035

There's a wiki article about that:
>The phrase first appeared sporadically in the neo-Nazi publications White Power[13] and WAR[14] in the 1970s and 1980s, where it primarily referred to contraception and abortion. The conspiracy theory was developed by the neo-Nazi David Lane in his White Genocide Manifesto (c. 1995, origin of the later use of the term),[15][16][17][13] where he made the claim that the government policies of many Western countries had the intent of destroying white European culture and making white people an "extinct species".[18] Lane—a founding member of the organization The Order—criticized miscegenation, abortion, homosexuality, the legal repercussions against those who "resist genocide", and the "Zionist Occupation Government" that he said controls the United States and the other majority-white countries and which encourages "white genocide".[18]
>While individual iterations of the conspiracy theory vary on who is assigned blame, Jewish influence, people who hate whites,[19] and liberal political forces are commonly cited by white supremacists as being the main factors leading to a white genocide.[20][21][22][23] This view is held by prominent figures such as David Duke, who cites Jews and "liberal political ideals" as the main causes.[24][25] White nationalist Robert Whitaker, who coined the phrase "anti-racist is a code word for anti-white" in a widely circulated 2006 piece seeking to popularize the white genocide concept online, used "anti-White" to describe those he believed are responsible for the genocide of white people, and continued to view it as a Jewish conspiracy while emphasizing that others also supported the "anti-White" cause.[26][27][28][29][30][31][32]

I think it gained popularity because the richest people in the world really are all Jews and of course lately because of the refugee crisis. There really are European politicians who say things like "Its good that [insert coutry] will be less white because of migrants" etc, but since they are white as well, people say that they must be puppets of the US/Jews.

No. 297042

File: 1537266820239.png (3.54 MB, 768x7283, expulsions.png)

>Wouldn't it make sense that it's in the jews/capitalists' interest to have as many people as possible to grow their consumer base regardless of color?
If a nation or state is more homogeneous in ethnicity and then it is more obvious and concerning to the residents that almost all capital is owned by a small ethnic enclave, and typically throughout history they eventually get sick of that and put a foot down - which if you don't know wasn't limited to Nazi Germany (pic related). Basically if the country is a conglomeration of minorities with no particular majority it's harder to say "Get out of our country" because some other group will say "oh YOUR country??" and with the groups fighting or at least all pulling in different directions, there will be less chance of any rallying against them.

No. 297050

Lol at Poland expelling Jews in 1968, yet still demanding reparations from Germany nowadays

No. 297055

Why do people who haven't got beyond middle school knowledge of something feel compelled to comment? Do you think that WW2 was a war between Germany and Jews? They were interested in, and got a start on, killing all the slavs too. Not that that really matters because all they needed to decimate a country's population was them being literally "in the way", like Belarus.

No. 297056

sorry doublepost - i realised you might mean because you think asking Jews to leave peacefully is sort of morally comparable with invasion and murder, and is thus ironic. Which is not as dumb but is still dumb.
>Pretty rich to be upset that I came in here and choked your mum, when I head that last week you asked an uninvited house guest to leave- just because they were sniffing your undies

No. 297058

It's because of how sloppy the creation of the state of Israel was after the war. Any criticism and you're an antisemite and forgot about the atrocities of the "Jewish" Holocaust

No. 297061

Anon, it was a joke, calm down.

>asking Jews to leave peacefully

But this is certainly a cute way of describing forcing people out of their country.

>you asked an uninvited house guest to leave- just because they were sniffing your undies

>“Purge the Party of Zionists!” “Zionists to Zion!” and “We’ll Cut Off the Head of the Anti-Polish Hydra!” The unbearable consequences of the purge included Jews being prosecuted for defaming the Polish state and being subjected to systematic harassment and physical brutality at universities and workplaces. They were ultimately expelled from their jobs and campuses, had their citizenship revoked and were forced to emigrate.

No. 297064

I'm also going to doublepost:
>Why do people who haven't got beyond middle school knowledge of something feel compelled to comment?
Funnily enough I major in history.
I just think it's pretty ironic to demand somebody to compensate you for what they did to you a long time ago, when in fact you also aren't completely innocent - as shown by events who happened more recently. Just because somebody wronged you, doesn't give you the right to wrong a third party.
Also, as a german person who's grandparents weren't even born until after the war, reading shit like "Germany owes us 1 trillion" in the year 2018 simply pisses you off.

No. 297070

13 000 Jews choosing to move over to Israel because of a bad atmosphere vs. 3 million poles killed literally shut the fuck up

>The unbearable consequences included

sounds like a very objective academic source. But whatever, you don't owe Poland and they know that - but it's really not for you to joke that your victims are "just as bad as us".

No. 297140

>you don't owe Poland
>your victims are "just as bad as us"
I never said any of that. Learn to read.

>bad atmosphere

>sounds like a very objective academic source
It's also not for you to downplay what happened to them. Were you alive during the 60s? No.

No. 297161

I was asserting that you don't owe Poland. YOU learn to read. Please shut up now, your unfunny robotic German "joke" derailed the thread enough

No. 297849

Lolcow broke for me

I have a bunch of threads hidden, like the constant Mariah Mallad and Lainey threads but suddenly today, all the threads I hid show as only the OP image, and I have to expand and collapse them all again to hide them. Also, instead of expanding in the thread all the pics I click they open in new tabs, which is hella annoying. I didn't change anything that I'm aware of. How do I fix it, fam?

No. 297854

Same thing happening to me actually

No. 297985

If I only get hit on by average looking guys does that mean I’m average looking?
other women compliment my looks all the time, though. Women have approached me out of the blue with “you’re so pretty!” on multiple occasions. Not trying to brag but idgi bc I don’t get the same attention from guys

No. 297987

Nah, it just means that the average looking guys hitting on you have a lot of confidence.

No. 298005

File: 1537458390769.jpg (581.33 KB, 1024x768, Hydrangeas.jpg)

Is it weird if notice very little things about other people? Like if a coworker of mine got a loose button and a day or two later ill ask her about it or i notice the perfume brand they are wearing,their birthday,eating habits…Is it weird?creepy? Should i stop? I swear im not a stalker but fairly observant

No. 298007

Tbh it would be creepy if you were a guy, but you are fine anon.

No. 298016

this isn't a troll question i swear
it's gross though so i'm spoilering it.
are stains on your panties at the end of a day normal? like, light brown stains. i know they aren't skid marks or anything like that.

No. 298021

hmm… are you bleeding internally?

No. 298055

Sound like you may be spotting. It's nbd, just get some panty liners for the days you notice it happening.

No. 298057

Sounds like spotting to me.

No. 298060

If it get's any heavier or you feel cramps with the spotting go to the doctor.

No. 298079

Why are people so into incest nowadays?
Men all watch weird incest porn videos and women want to call their bfs daddy. What the fuck is going on? Did I miss something?

No. 298084

Yeah, wtf. I hate this trend. Talking about fathers and mothers during sex isn't hot.

No. 298086

> A report by adult content provider GameLink.com uncovered an average increase in the consumption of “family role-play porn” of 178 percent between October 2014 and January 2015, with the highest increases observed in Utah with 765 percent, Michigan with 698 percent, New York with 669 percent, Alaska with 524 percent, and Arkansas with 452 percent.
Well, I guess you are right about that anon.
There's some exploration of the theme over: https://www.maxim.com/maxim-man/why-is-incest-porn-so-popular-2018-3

No. 298096

>Furthermore, a 2013 analysis called Deep Inside: A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars and Their Careers found that out of 20 of the most common female roles in porn, the sixth most common is “daughter,” and the tenth is “sister.”

Imagine your father or brother wanking to this shit. Porn makes me trust no man, not even family.

No. 298100

what if i'm always spotting? is that cause for concern?


No. 298132

Yes. See a gyn.

No. 298931

Why do some people express pride over being dumb, no intellectual curiosity, or being very unhealthy?

No. 299118

Is/was anything about czech hunter legit?

No. 299639

Somehow everybody on lc is an autist, has a bpd ex and a narc mother.
How common are these mental illnesses really?
I've never in my whole life met a single person with any of those. I know people who had anorexia and even know of some that killed themselves, but all these personality disorders? Are they all self-diagnosed or so easy to spot that you can tell just from talking to somebody?

No. 299644

I had a narc mom and it was easy to spot from living with and being abused by her for 17 years

No. 299676

You only come across x amount of people in a day, they’re xyz amount of people on the Internet. People tend to congregate and like to be able to relate with others. That’s why communities/clubs/“fandoms” exist. If something like a mental illness is talked about first hand other people with it will notice and give their own input. Lolcow has happened to be a place where people with mental illness have come to feel comfortable to talk about their mental illness because they know other anons here will understand. Birds of a feather.

No. 299696

people with narc parents tend to not advertise their experiences growing up irl.

No. 299720

BPDfag here with a narc mother.
I guess it depends on the severity and if they're undergoing treatment. I'm passable for not having BPD unless you date me or we're close friends thanks to medication and therapy. Some people are out there doing the whole nine yards of stereotypical BPD behaviour. The chance of you meeting a stereotypical BPD person is incredibly low unless you're out there doing things they would (reckless behaviour etc). However, passable BPDs like me are probably pretty rampant and either are undiagnosed or keep it a secret.
If you're aware of narc behaviour you'd be able to spot my mom being a narc after talking to her for five minutes.

There's just a ton of BPDfags on the internet thanks to it being a bit of a romanticised, glorified tumblr mental illness, LC has a lot of BPDs because we tend to be bitchy, gossip loving obsessive stalkers.

No. 299874

ok so everyone makes fun of shoe for being a fake bisexual, but what exactly would you consider a woman who is sexually attracted to other women but mostly or exclusively dates men?

do most people make fun of her about it because they think she's lying about the whole thing, or because they don't think she'd be bi even if she really is turned on by women?

No. 299878

She said before that she couldn't ever see herself dating a woman because ~girls are too catty~ and she could only have sex with someone she is in a relationship with. So logically based off what she's saying is she can't picture herself having sex with a woman either.
She's just a straight girls who thinks other girls are pretty and wants to cash in on beta orbiters getting off to it

No. 299883

It's partly because these are the kinds of people the imageboard dynamic attracts (it has all the upsides and downsides that favor these people - anonymity, chronologic "timeline", people willing to pay attention to you because that's how it works here. The downsides are ones that such people don't mind.

Aaand it's also in part due to overrepresentation bias - those with these conditions are bound to mention it because it comes up in the discussions we have here. But normal people don't exactly go around mentioning the fact that they're normal, it's not usually relevant, so you end up with a lot of positive evidence of the presence of bpd autism narc mom and little to no evidence of their absence. Because we're anonymous you can't really observe people and safely guess they're normal like in other social networks.

No. 299888

>what exactly would you consider a woman who is sexually attracted to other women but mostly or exclusively dates men?
A straight girl who got memed into pseudobisexuality through porn culture and a deep-seated desire for male attention.

No. 299891

That's a very good question. I think it's because people like to be contrarian in general, it shows uniqueness/individuality. So because most people value education and good healthy habits, bashing them and priding themselves on it is a way to show they're independent people.
It is, of course, a retarded thing to do, but hey people are retarded

No. 299945

I ordered some clothes online because the store delivers via DHL which is fairly popular here so I thought it would make the delivery seamless.
Now, I got a notification that DHL only sends the package to my country and that it will hand over the package to the local carrier.
What does local carrier mean here?
Does that also mean more delivery fees (the delivery fee has already been paid)?
Sorry for the stupid question, even though it's the /sqg/.
I bought clothes online before but I never had the local carrier mentioned. I'm also worried that it will involve my local post office that has a habit of not delivering the package to my door but requiring me to go there with their most inconvenient working hours, and slow-mo clerks.

No. 299955

Local national carrier such as La Poste usually, though in my case I got my packages through PostNL which is ???

No. 299965

Fuck. This means I'll have to go straight to my local post office and miss out hours of work.

Had I known, I wouldn't have ordered. Usually, I get clothes right at my door, and there's always someone to answer the door.

I'm from Croatia btw, and our national post sucks.

No. 299974

Why do so many women wear plain dark bras under (semi-)transparent white blouses? Especially if they have a skin color similar to the “nude” color used by most underwear manufacturers. Wearing a nude colored bra under semi-transparent fabrics was one of the first things I learned when I started wearing bras as a teen. Even a white bra would probably look better under a white blouse than a black one. They’re not even fancy bras that you might want to show off. I really don’t get it.

My condolences anon.

No. 299993

It's a specific fashion "look" that used to be popular; seems it's making a comeback. A different colored bra under a light, sheer, or semi-sheer top is supposed to be a bold statement. It'll pass eventually.

No. 300179

What's the body type called for "too much ass"? I always thought I was pear shaped based on straight measurements, but tips for pear shapes always look a bit off on me. looking at me straight on I'm more rectangular shaped until I turn around and it's just ass.

Is there ass reduction surgery? I feel like it's a bit wasted if I don't have nice round hips to match.

No. 300180

>tfw have the opposite problem, prominent hips but no round ass
We need to donate a bit to each other and even it out.

No. 300202

Why do normie weight and fatty chans think you need to starve yourself to get to weights under 110?i got to my lowest weight eating 1200 caloroes a day and not I was 1400 calories a day to mainstain my weight. Everytime I tell a normie weight I weigh 94 lbs at 5'6 they accuse me of not eating or being bulimic.

No. 300203

because that's an underweight bmi. Most people assume if you're not naturally underweight like if you have some crazy fast metabolism, then you're not eating enough to be healthy if you are underweight. Just like if someone has an overweight bmi and it's not muscle than most people are going to assume they eat too much.

No. 300206

and samefag but I'm not accusing you of not eating enough even. It's just that Normies think underweight=not eating enough and overweight=overeating regardless of if its true

No. 300209


seems less like a stupid question and more like a humblebrag anachan

No. 300210

they probably assume this because you look horrible. 94 lbs at 5'6 is entirely too thin.

No. 300224

>you look horrible

Probably but I noticed I get more compliments about my body at this weight then I did when I was 120 so I guess I don't look that bad to people.

No. 300226

people simply calling you skinny isn't a compliment.

No. 300229

My dentists assistant said she wished she was as thin as me and asked me "how do you do you do it?" and I was walking past a coworker and she mumbled something about how she wishes she was that small. I've gotten more positive responses from people being this skinny than negatives if you want me to be honest.

No. 300231

post a picture of a comparable body. i find that hard to believe.

No. 300233

Nah I don't self post lol but really the only reason I stay this small is because people seem nicer, give me more compliments/attention. When I was 120 no one really said anything or they'd just call me fat(I live in a country where being skelly is considered attractive)

No. 300234

a comparable body is not your own, anon. what country is that?

No. 300236

wow that post is sad and reeks of no self esteem. i hope you love yourself one day anon

No. 300238

Sunmi is the same height and weight as me so I'd say she is the closest to my body type.

No. 300242

should be telling then that lots of people who know her are concerned about her weight

No. 300243

not wwatching but i googled her and she looks terrible, anon.

No. 300276

…and everyone who isn’t a batshit kpop fan talks about how Sunmi is clearly in the throes of an eating disorder.

No. 300342

Idk if this is stupid or not, but how can I tell if I have appendicitis or a kidney infection? I can't afford an ER visit right now, so I'm really hoping it's my kidney on the right side and I can just see my usual cheap doctor tomorrow.

No. 300343

Last time I got a bad UTI my doctor gave a little tap with his fist were my kidney are located (back of your ribcage, a little lower than the lungs) to see if it has reached my kidney, if it hurts kinda bad it's probably that you're kidney are infected, but obviously it's better to have a doctor's opinion.

No. 300637

is it unreasonable to get really really annoyed when people bring food into lectures? like yeah yeah i know, everyone has to eat and snacks aren’t really disruptive, but.. i’ve had people walk into class with to-go boxes full of fettuccine alfredo or a full breakfast, or like pull out a greasy bag and eat a burger and fries while the professor is talking. do other people get distracted by this too or am i just bad at paying attention when people are eating

No. 300641

it's not just you. i get really disgusted when people bring strong smelling food on lectures or the bus, although at least on the bus maybe that's their only time to eat. i get irrationally angry if it smells though. if it's just a snack food idc

No. 300722

This isn't a question but I feel like an idiot regardless. I didn't know until yesterday that a quarter pass meant 15mins and not 25mins. I'm 23 lol I just always assumed it was 25 because a quarter is 25 cents..

No. 301769

Did it never occur to you that a quarter is 1/4 of a dollar?

No. 301994

im in my early 20s too but kek to you thinking being in your 30s means being married with kids

No. 302005


It baffles me too but I think it's more of a self-deppreciating humor thing than pride. "Laugh with them so they don't laugh at you" thing.

No. 303977

I was at a shitty local park and a tiny drop of mud from an area famous for having rats dropped into my mouth while I was jogging.
Am I going to die? I just drank half a cut of vinegar in order to kill whatever got inside my stomach, is that enough?
I read that it takes up to 30 days for leptospirosis to manifest itself, I'm scared anons.

No. 303984

also, it's a quarter past

No. 304551

RIP anon.

No. 306424

File: 1538995628172.png (668 B, 80x80, DP_054_front.png)

Can someone please explain to me the difference between confidence and being egotistical?

No. 306425

Confidence:I can do this, I have the knowledge or experience necessary.
Egotism:I can do this better than you because I’m so much better than you

No. 307503

File: 1539183307373.jpg (21.74 KB, 374x358, 1538425287297.jpg)

Are PO boxes a secure way to receive letters and gifts without compromising your personal info (full name and home address)? Can people reverse search the address? How safe they?

No. 307506

>How safe *are they?

No. 307511

Even with PO boxes, people have been doxxed pretty easily.

If you get one, try not to get one that's too close to where you actually live. If you're in a bigger city you should have your pick and pick the one that's furthest away. But if you're in a smaller town you may want to choose one that's the next town over. Personally, I would rather do an hour or two drive to check a PO box then the convenience of it being close by to protect myself. Also, be aware that they're not 100% safe since some stalker could easily locate where the PO box is and stake the place out until you go there to check your mail.

No. 307566

No because I'm an idiot Anon

No. 307712

I'm not really concerned so much about stalkers since I don't plan on sending or receiving anything from my state but setting up a PO Box in a further location is a good idea. I'll try to do that. So should I be good then?

No. 307718

How do I find a good hairdresser, without asking another female? I don't know any women who have the same type of hair as me, that also have nice style.

No. 307733

Ask those women with bad styles who their hairdressers are and avoid those hairdressers.
Unless it's a social anxiety issue, then I don't know what to say. Take some risks. Look at reviews maybe.

No. 307737

Seconding looking at reviews but be wary since not many people go out of their way to leave good reviews vs negative ones. Some reviews could be faked, and some are hyperbolic. It's best you find a salon that has convincing before and afters (looks authentic and not staged or like something found off of google). You can also try to find a professional salon that has their own website that talks in depth about their hairdressers and their background and experience so ou can be more confident about going in.

No. 307744

look up hairdressers in your area on fb, most salons post pictures of finished results quite often so you will probably be able to find how they'd do someone with your hair texture

No. 307984

How do i get over the fear of traffic? Im learning how to drive and the thought of driving a venicle on the street terrifies me

No. 308032

Probably not what you wanted to hear but the best advice is to keep practicing driving in traffic. Practice with an experienced driver or a driving instructor. As time goes on, your confidence will improve, your reflexes will get sharper, and you'll start operating the car as a natural extension of your body. It's scary at first but it will get easier, don't worry.

No. 308045

I’m in the same boat! Practicing often has helped me get over my anxiety for the most part. Taking my drivers test today, and feeling really nervous. Wish me luck!

No. 308090

OP here,thanks yall for your encouragement! Good luck on your drivers test,i hope you pass with flying colors <3

No. 308143

What is with lolcow's obession with shortness in women? I've using this site for awhile and I've noticed this. Tbh the whole short uwu waifu thing makes you guys look like you wanna be a robot's dream girl.

No. 308148

Weebs and koreaboos, anon.

No. 308156

Where I live the norm is that short women = cute, attractive. I'm assuming you either live in northern Europe or you spend so much time online/on imageboards you automatically link wanting to be short and petite with robot ideals. Weird.

No. 308161

From what I can tell half of the robots want a 5'8"+ mommy gf so I'm not sure what you mean.

It usually seems to come up because cows lie about their heights a lot. And if it comes up on here or /g/, like >>308148 said, many of us were/are weebs.

No. 308162

Where are you from?

No. 308164

I know that, it's just the way lolcow talks about it is immature. Like calling a cow manly for being tall. It seems like something men would care about.

No. 308165

I've never heard a robot wanting a tall gf; they constantly go on about wanting some sm0l asian loli kek

No. 308170

Anon was pointing out that short women obsess over it, not that it couldnt possibly be seen as attractive in any country. Your response kinda proves her point, it's always the uwu shorties who have to post about how cute they are considered. I don't see girls from Russia posting about how elegant and modelesque they are all the time, it's always the weebs bragging.

No. 308378

Does anyone know what breed this cat is? It's really cool

No. 308392

File: 1539319194904.png (453.27 KB, 540x541, screen_shot_2017-11-10_at_11.5…)

i think it's an oriental shorthair (like pic related). not positive though. the long teeth aren't specific to the breed, though. that's just a thing these cats have, if that one is also an oriental shorthair.

No. 308431

Is visiting manga scanlations site legal in Japan? I know streaming anime is fine as long as its not downloaded, but is that the same for viewing manga? I really miss viewing yaoi w/o feeling paranoid.

No. 308437

Did the zoosadists thread get deleted? It was fucked up and I hated it, but I was watching to see if any of those sickfucks were gonna get caught.

No. 308519

It didn't get deleted, it's just here >>>/snow/696779

No. 308552

Thanks, I scrolled through the catalog but somehow I didn't see it.

No. 308627

Nowhere in that post does it say I'm short, because I am not. It sounds more to me like you're projecting out of bitterness/jealousy. Let people enjoy whatever features make them feel pretty and shut the fuck up.

No. 309905

I do have a dumb question… to farmers who are experienced with sex.. would it be weird to just lay down next to him and have him rub your clit with his finger until you come whilst you kiss and stuff? Or is that awkward?

No. 309922

mutual masturbation is normal but good luck finding a guy that can get you off with his fingers clitorally. most of them rub it like a 90s dj rubs his records

No. 309927

Nah that's cute but like >>309922 said, it probably won't feel as good as you imagine it will. Kissing while masturbating feels great though. No harm in trying it once!

No. 309949

My husband and I do this anytime we want to get off but don't have the energy to fuck.

No. 309969

Why would getting a handjob be weird and awkward, except if he has terrible skill?

No. 309971

umm…idk…. I'm kinda sexually retarded, experienced for my age(21) and paranoid about everything. I'm not really sure. Thanks anons for answering. It would be cool if someone made a thread on like sex tips or whatever or sex support thread for the inexperienced.

No. 309972

My bf makes me cum this way most of the time, it was a little awkward at first but once I understood that he legitimately enjoy getting me off while I just relax and cuddle/kiss him it became very enjoyable.

No. 309973

sounds nice. yeah I just wanna do that… feels like a good starting point to become more confident and comfortable I guess.

No. 309993

Me and my bf do that more than actual penetration sometimes, and I honestly prefer it. It's not weird at all and I come really quickly from it.

No. 310008

why do you think it makes you come so quickly doing it like that?

No. 310020

A lot from the fact that I'm just more prone to come from having my clit and the areas around it stimulated than from mere penetration alone. Also it's just feels very comfy and intimate. A snuggle with benefits!

No. 310068

I don't know if this is a dumb question or not but is it really possible to learn Japanese through NHK's website?

No. 310101

Not really. You can't learn japanese from just one source. Think about all the kanji, grammar, and vocab you have to study.

No. 310700

Is CC really just trannies and larpers now?

No. 310701

Yes it has been for a very long time. About a year now

No. 310707

What makes you think it's full of larpers? (I barely visit, too inactive.)

No. 310724

Is it my landlord's responsibility to take down the AC window unit in winter? It came with the apartment

No. 310725

No. Japanese is extremely contextual even spoken, so you need a lot of immersion learning to learn it. That's why things like Rosetta stone are so terrible for it.

No. 310727

Possibly, did you ask them? Just make sure you get it down one way or another.

No. 310737

From what I've seen, yes. Would love to go and get you some examples but that place honestly just depresses me. It's filled with so much aggression and misogyny.

No. 310746

b-but I'm not either of those and I go there..

No. 310747

Do you have any suggestions what I should use?

No. 310751

Really? It's worse than this board?

No. 310752

It is?
I've gone there daily for months and aside from the odd /pol/tard or obvious LARPer it's fine (imo). Some of the less tactful users just read as fembots fresh off of /r9k/ rather than males.

No. 310753


Anon, imagine instead of this thread saying REEE evil wimmens or REE ugly asian wimmens, the whole imageboard was saying REE KILL ALL LESBOS WITH GIRLDICK DOES ANYONE ELSE JUST WANT A BIG STRONG WHITE MAN TO RAPE THEM?? JUST GIRLY THINGS!

That's C.C.

No. 310755

NTAYRT but I thought it was a positive place. Maybe it's because I'm on in certain threads but I like it a lot.

No. 310759

Only in certain threads*

No. 310760

Seeing people ITT who are ok with c.c just makes it obvious why the board has gone downhill.

No. 310763

Post some juicy examples pls

No. 310781

People who are fine with CC probably have never posted anything that even slightly deviates from their opinions on men or transwomen. Maybe I'm totally wrong and it's changed since the last time I've been there but posts like
>"I'm not a feminist, I love men :)"
>"Oh no I can't imagine a world without men because I love them so much and they're so important to my life also it'd be meanie weenie! :)"
>"I'm a redpilled woman and proud alt-right! :)"
make it really obvious that it's full of LARPers. Anything critical of men or transwomen was shot down when I was there. I definitely did not get the impression that it was "positive" but a very hostile place that they were trying to sell as "cosy" or "welcoming" (you can't force a culture on an imageboard, though!) I also saw bans for really stupid things, including when mods didn't share opinions with anons. I really don't want to frequent a place that is full of alt-right memes or support for scumbags like Peterson/Trump and if regular lolcow users who are genuinely women frequent CC then I'm incredibly shocked because the environment/opinions are drastically different.

It's a pity though, I supported it a lot in its infancy by starting lots of new threads and posting regularly even though it was quiet. I really wanted a female imageboard but anything branded as "for women" is naturally going to attract angry men.

No. 310783

>>I can't imagine a world without men I love them
I know what you mean that's what I stopped going on there for a few months but it feels a little different now.

No. 310784

If it's different, I'm totally willing to give it another chance! Maybe if a few of us agreed to post more regularly, we could drive the LARPers out lol.

No. 310788

>we could drive the LARPers out

Let's do it. They don't deserve to be on female only image boards.

No. 310793

I'm the anon who posted that I visit daily. I'd appreciate knowing for sure there are less LARPers and /pol/tards. I also welcome more man-hate tbh.
Pls visit it more.

No. 310800

Handmaidens, larpers, and/or /pol/tards are the majority on cc, even most (if not all) of the mods fit in to at least one of those boxes. Sorry to be a pessimist, but I doubt you guys could actually make a difference.

No. 310803

Meh I'm hopeful, it's a really slow board so I'll make the effort to post over the next week and see what happens. Especially at off-peak times since I'm not in America's timezone.

No. 310807

Wouldn't hurt to try.

No. 310967

I don't get why asian guys from k-pop groups are now regarded as sooo hot by many American teen girls, ones that aren't even nerdy weebs. From what research I've seen asian men are consistently rated as least desirable, in my area growing up asian guys were seen as gross (short, small dick stereotype). I get that asian girls are fetishized bc small/submissive stereotype but can any anons explain why korean/japanese men are suddenly considered heartthrobs in america?

No. 310978

>also saw bans for really stupid things, including when mods didn't share opinions with anons.
Lol this. I got banned for no discernible reason other than a mod hated that I wasn't posting "sex-positive" opinions. I don't really care to go back after that because it just fucking proved to me that cc is filled with larpers and pick mes. It's a shame though because it had a lot of potential.

No. 310979

>wtf?? Why are women liking men who aren't me? Only im allowed to fetishize asians or else it ruins my revenge fantasy

No. 310986

I'm not a man I'm a 22 year old white girl but ok

No. 310992

>how do u do my fellow womyn

No. 311003

Normies dont even know about kpop in america. Also the times have changed, everyone is woke now and fetishizes poc and nonwhite features.

No. 311088

lmao, shut the fuck up. answer my question or fuck off. if I were a man I would be whining on /pol/
from what i've seen from my little sister and her friends it is, her and her friends talk about bts all the time. and I think its pretty popular amongst white teens in the uk right? I saw a post today about some groups tour there. idk, it's good I guess

No. 311172

File: 1539759429177.png (184.3 KB, 822x306, 3-Figure2-1.png)

Would you guys say that $434 USD for a syringe of Juvederm is a good deal? Do you think that would be enough to fill in minor nasolabial folds like pic related? I don't have any noticeable wrinkles, just some small indents along the sides of my nose. Also, what should I expect during my consultation and procedure? Anything I should know?

No. 311175

>minor nasolabial folds like pic related
I mean like stage 1, mild but with a shorter crease

No. 311184

seems like a waste of money to me but if you have the dispensable income go for it.

No. 311249

Should I bother with Tinder if I want to find someone to date? I hate how it’s seen as a hook-up app since I am not into that but it seems to have the biggest user base out of all similar apps. I tried OkCupid a while back but I absolutely hate how it’s trying to imitate Tinder and also got rid of its old messaging system. Doesn’t seem like there are any decent alternatives..

No. 311256

a lot of what we find attractive is formulated by the media we consume. asian men weren't normally considered attractive because we never saw them as love interests in movies, it was the exact opposite, they're emasculated and portrayed as nerdy and weird. kpop to westerners shows asian men in a light theyve probably never seen them in, and also offers something "different". the style for dudes in america right now is roided out bodybuilder or hipster beard tattooed band guy. theres a lack of young, non-threatening but still attractive boys for teen girls to lust over. in the 90s we had nsync and the backstreet boys, leonardo dicaprio and river phoenix. after that it was aaron carter and justin bieber. right now theres really no one i can think of, one direction is gone, do teen girls care about timothee chalamet?

tl;dr teen girls have always liked pretty boys, kpop provides lots of pretty boys

keep in mind this is still pretty niche and your average white teen in america doesnt gaf about asian dudes or kpop at all.

No. 311261

I admit I do have a bit of buyers remorse now since this was an impulsive Groupon buy. Looking over before and afters and seeing how much older the patients are and comparing their "afters" to my current face, I think I got ahead of myself. I can't return it but I do have a decent amount of savings so it's not a totally horrible financial loss.

No. 311292

I have those (stage 1 like op) on only one side of my face.
What would be the best course of action, then?

No. 311293

I have those (stage 1 like op) on only one side of my face.
What would be the best course of action, then?

No. 311326

I wouldn’t use Tinder to find a date.

No. 311475

There are a lot of anachans here so not sure if this is a good place to ask, but what does a normal mostly "flat" stomach look like after eating, bending over, etc?

I'm in pretty good shape and look mostly flat from the front and side most of the time, but can have a small pooch, especially while sitting, bending, after eating, on period etc.

There was a tumblr meme about all women having a pooch, so I was wondering how much that was true. I assumed that it's partially true in that if you're really toned you have less of one and the "bump" if anything is muscle, and if not, the muscle isn't going to corset your waist in.

Question seems too stupid for anywhere else but maybe people have opinions or were wondering too. There is so much posing and PS online that I don't know what it actually looks like normally.

No. 311496

File: 1539793429793.jpeg (49.77 KB, 526x526, A4AC665E-CC68-4FB3-A789-1CCB31…)

As women we are biologically built to carry more weight in that area. Some people may have the genetics to have a flat stomach, but even after eating or when bloated, it will protrude, I have a friend like this. Some people no matter how thin it fit will have rolls when they bend over. It’s natural and don’t let anyone, ana or fit tell you otherwise.

No. 311497

File: 1539793456886.jpeg (244.9 KB, 972x972, 9B4FD42C-3517-49E2-B2F5-08C662…)

No. 311500

File: 1539793487286.jpeg (261.7 KB, 1009x1009, A16B0882-4068-49AA-AE16-77B0A5…)

No. 311520

Anon here is right >>311496 , unless you're seriously into ana-chan territory most women will always have some sort of a pouch/rolls when they're sitting down or having bloat from eating/periods. My friend is super thin, has a hard flat stomach when she's standing up, but when she sits down she gets a pouch. Some people lucked out with genetics and have a tiny waist with 0% fat even when sitting down but they are rare. Women naturally tend to have fat around their stomach to protect the womb.

No. 311606

I'm not sure if this does here or in the fetishes general but my question is: is it possible to just have a fetish for men? A friend told me it sounds like I'm not really into men and just use them as a fetish, it sounds ridiculous and I told the friend it's unlikely but the more I think about it the more it seems less insane? Idk, what do you anons think?

Some context for why my friend said that: I'm apparently incapable of forming an emotional romantic connection with a man. I'm good at faking one, but it's never genuine feelings from me. After anything physically intimate with men(right after I cum or it ends) I become disgusted with them and no longer find the guy attractive. When I'm watching straight porn or fantasizing, I'm always either seeing it from male POV or I'm 3rd person/voyeur. Growing up, before I even knew what sexuality was, I got turned on by sexy women on TV but I don't remember ever feeling the same about sexy men on TV. But it might be because women in general are more sexualized publicly.
On the other hand, it's completely different with women. I can have a romantic connection with them just fine, I don't feel emotionally detached from them, I'm very much turned on by them in every way not just in specific fantasies and kinks.
Is it possible my friend is right about me just fetishizing men because I grew up in an extremely homophobic environment where marrying one is inevitable?

No. 311609

I'm a bit similar, except I don't find men disgusting. They just have an exotic appeal to me, but I don't really see them as fully fledged personalities that I could bond with on all levels, while I do see women that way. I also think I was memed into heterosexuality by a strict conservative upbringing.

No. 311611


To me it sounds like you're a lesbian dealing with intense compulsory heterosexual, anon.

No. 311614

I don't really find them disgusting all the time, just after I've done something physical with them and finished. I always blamed it on the individuals not being "The One" I'm supposed to click with.
I agree with not seeing them as fully fledged personalities. Sometimes it feels like women are the only "real" people while men are just there as a mean to an end.
Did your conservative upbringing focus on warning you about men too, by any chance? Or grew up around too many men? I'm trying to figure out if I was memed into acting het or if I was made too paranoid to see men as human
What the hell is that and how do I get rid of it

No. 311624

I'm bisexual and have the same type of feelings. Men aren't interesting as romantic partners but still sexy. And if you think they are sincerely sexy, then you are probably bi too not lesbian.

No. 311629

I didn't grow up with many men but was certainly warned about them. As in I was not allowed to date or be alone with a guy until 18. Maybe that's why I never learned to appreciate them as full humans…

No. 311645

tbh growing up with a lot of shit men made me not respect them.

No. 311654

Are you a bot trying to foster insecurity or something? Yes, unless you're literally living off your looks or someone for whom that kind of money is pocket change, yes, that's a stupid thing to do.

No. 311658

Same for me, the very few men I was "close" to while growing up where fucked up sexist assholes, and all of them were relatives so there was no way to avoid them. And they were the ones telling about how I should not even communicate with boys my age as soon as I entered elementary school or they would beat me up and call me a whore or a slut. I was also bullied by boys at school and once I entered middle school and until now I barely had or have male classmates or coworkers. I can relate to the OP somehow, I barely see men as equal to me somehow, for better or worse. For the most part they disgust me, some of them I get along with are ok but I wouldn't call them friends except for maybe one. And even though I'm 24 now I only ever had a little crush on one guy because he's hot and I don't know him well enough to be disappointed by his opinions or his personality.

I feel conflicted because I wish I had a cute boyfriend because I feel lonely and I want to be in love but at the same time, I know very well that it seems more like in my specific case having a boyfriend is only good in theory and it's boring and uninteresting in practice, or it's just like having a friend that you occasionally fuck.

No. 311686

bumble is better

No. 311721

I call myself bisexual too but the comment my friend made is making me question the type of attraction I have for them
Does your attraction to men feel the same as your attraction to women?

This also just reminded me that during high school I was completely unattracted to males, not even in porn. I blamed it on hormones and boys around me being unappealing. But girls were still attractive to me? I eventually "snapped" out of it after getting bullied for it >>311629
Looks like we all have an unhealthy childhood relationship with men in common. However, I'm still able to have normal friendships with men. I just don't feel pure, warm platonic love towards them like I do towards my close female friends.

My question is still is it possible to have a fetish for a gender without having sincere attraction to that gender?

No. 311732

>don't really see them as fully fledged personalities
Fuck, I'm glad other girls feel this way. I do get romantic feelings for men unlike OP, but it's more from a place of…care? As in I see them as glorified sort of pets (for the minority of non-monstrous males, this is). For this reason I also find them socially less threatening since I only value the opinions of other women, thus most of my friends are men. But when I do have a friendship with another woman it's definitely a lot deeper than any I have with men since women often are more emotionally involved and understanding. Men are almost (sometimes endearingly) robotic.

No. 311765

That is so true for me also. All of the male friends I have are because they move some kind of maternal instinct in me, also so does my boyfriend bc I want to protect him and care for him lol. Idk how I felt about it but now that I came to terms that thats how it is for me I don't really feel bad about it. I don't want to change that part of myself, I really do love caring for others.

No. 311822

I love you guys, thank you. I have a "sturdy" waist, sort of the body type of the girls you posted but not quite as toned abs or muscular in the arms as them. I get the exact same pooch as the third girl lol

They look _amazing_ too, so it's great to see some ladies in great shape showing they have pooches.
I actually really hope other women see these pics. Same with that website with the many, many normal boobs.

No. 312111

super dumb question:

why is everyone on this site obsessed with bpd? i very, very rarely see it mentioned on other sites but it's impossible to read a thread here without seeing it mentioned.

No. 312120

>why is everyone on this site obsessed with bpd
you might be confusing obsession with venting. BPD is whiteknighted and protected on every other site thus you don't hear people talk about it.

No. 312390

The majority of lolcows discussed on the website have bpd to different degrees so anons recognize the behavior and realize they don't have to coddle people with bpd unlike everyone else

No. 314659

What's the safest way to dispose nail polish?

No. 314736

Is it super weird to go to a concert alone? Especially if it's a sorta underground band in a very small venue?