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File: 1719433363910.jpg (64.34 KB, 900x670, borzoi fire.jpg)

No. 2065764

ITT: Post random things you hate and explain why you hate them. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) so long as you don't come here to start a retarded in-fight with your personal issues.

Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbours, coworkers, etc., use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread.

Keep the borzois in mind. Thank you.

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No. 2065774

I hate that its so hard to find art teachers that actually teach you art. I need a strict schedule or otherwise i get overwhelmed and stop drawing.

No. 2065781

I hate global BC news network and their insistence on tranny propaganda like it’s beyond. Virtue signalling to the elderly about troon issues - for example labelling a story about a tif middle school teacher being doxxed as a DISTURBING STORY. Smaller news networks are less retarded about it, as far as I’ve noticed.

No. 2065796

I hate trying to make a female only server and men still try to join it.
As if they will be the exception to the rule.
Or trannies thinking that includes them. It doesn't. Fuck off scrote.

No. 2065801

i hate when my undies chafe against the sides of my crotch

No. 2065856

It's male behaviour. Maybe do a voice or face verification?

No. 2065867

When someone spams the same shit across multiple threads and I can tell they want to start an infight and are pissy nobody is giving them the (Yous) they crave. You are giving me secondhand embarrassment as a fellow shitposter you need to learn when something doesn't land to move the fuck on

No. 2065895

I hate how everything is women's fault. I'm just so sick and tired of it. Gnc men get harassed in men's spaces? It's women's fault for not opening our spaces to them rather than them opening their own spaces. Cheating? She should've been better. A moid shoots up a school? Gotta be his mom's fault.

No. 2065913

They sit in the voice verification channel and still try to enter using their moid voice. I've had a few troons try but booted them. I feel a bit bad if there's a girl who's just unlucky enough to sound masculine. We had verify if there is doubt. It's not 100% though and it's annoying that scrotes still try it.

No. 2065920

>kibbe body type
>7 style essences
>color season palette
What a fucking hassle, having to do esoteric mathematics just to find what cloth supposedly suit you best, just let me wear whatever I want.

No. 2065923

This stuff is always parroted by people with the worst fashion sense.

No. 2065944

I also hate how they always recommend boring normie fashion to "emphasize your femininity", it doesn't work if you want to look alt or androgynous.

No. 2065952

Kibbe is also a male. It's laughable that anyone takes male opinions on aesthetics seriously.

No. 2065958


No. 2065963

They're assuming that everyone else wants the same things out of fashion that they do. Thus their standards are formulated for aesthetic and fitting into as much of a box as possible. It doesn't leave much room for fashion that's intended to be eye-catching and/or functional.

No. 2065970

File: 1719440216911.jpg (460.21 KB, 1870x900, 1000015209.jpg)

He can't even dress well himself. Imagine taking advice from this.

No. 2065971

Someone is going to post them in the straight couples thread on /m/.

No. 2065972

Found Waldo.

No. 2065974

legit question but is he mentally disabled? he kinda looks like it

No. 2065978

File: 1719440490296.jpg (60.39 KB, 1200x737, whateveryousaydude.jpg)

i'll eat my hat if he isn't. it takes serious retardation to come up with picrel

No. 2065984

File: 1719440582257.jpg (24.13 KB, 720x480, TarzanandJane210.jpg)


No. 2065992

half of them look exactly the same

No. 2065995

but anon don't you understand!? the theatrical romantic is short like the romantic, but has a more cinched in waist and thus by my arbitrary and objectively correct math powers means she requires a completely different wardrobe regardless of her personal preference! god, try to keep up with basic fashion like the rest of us moid-informed folk!

No. 2065996

Finally someone that's talking some sense. You can tell the ayrt is definitely soft gamine or even barf flamboyant natural…

No. 2066005

Hey, on the bright side, at least it's an instant giveaway that if a woman takes Kibbe or males in women's fashion seriously, she's just a dipshit you can safely disregard. Any woman who lets a male have influence over her fashion or any factors in her life is a cuck.

No. 2066016

i hate being treated like im stupid, trying to prove others wrong and then failing miserably and just looking like a total retard

No. 2066018

kek ayrt and I'm a woman who sounds masculine as hell with my ethnic intonation/timbre at times
With face verification you can more easily clock them tho

No. 2066068

When you can smell that someone was just outside. And I hate when I smell like that too. Not sure if anyone will know what I'm talking about, it's an indescribable scent.

No. 2066091

It has nothing to do with aesthetics or style though, it’s about how clothes fit. If a woman is tall with long arms and legs, she’ll need clothing that suits her frame and proportions, and if she has a small waist with larger chest or hips then she’ll need clothing that fits a curvy body type on top of that. If a woman is short she’ll need clothing that fits petite proportions, but if she has long legs then she’ll need clothing that fits a short small frame but with longer proportions.
That’s literally all there is to it, it has nothing to do with someone wanting to dress alt, androgynous, or any other style.
Everyone thinks Kibbe himself dresses stupidly and he gets made fun of constantly, however he didn’t invent any of this, it’s based on how clothing used to be measured for women before mass produced clothing worth stretchy fabric existed, women had to have their clothing tailored until like the 60s

No. 2066092

I was shocked to learn he was still alive. I thought he was some old dead guy

The biggest kek I had was that most of the body types could only be up to a certain height and there were only three that could be assigned to women over 5'5. And he contradicted himself by saying Audrey Hepburn who was 5'6 was a gamine kek

No. 2066098

> most of the body types could only be up to a certain height and there were only three that could be assigned to women over 5'5
Because the taller types are just the tall version of the shorter types, that’s the entire reason they’re separated. A soft dramatic is a curvy woman who is tall with longer arms and legs, a romantic is a short curvy woman, a theatrical romantic is a curvy woman with a small frame

No. 2066102

File: 1719445025087.jpeg (648.24 KB, 1170x1139, IMG_9360.jpeg)

Speaking of palettes recommending soft autumns and anyone in general don't wear black is a crime against fashion

No. 2066105

I have a very "gamine" face and I'm 5'7", I have no idea what that makes me. Most of the celebrities that look like me facially are shorter women

No. 2066109

On jeans the waist is always too big and the butt part too small, I hate it so much. I love how jeans look but they're so uncomfortable even the wide legged ones. The one pair that fits well is ironically from shein kek.
That's so stupid, the theory is probably that it might wash you out but I've never seen anyone look bad in black clothes just because they were black.

No. 2066111

People who can't stop doing stuff for a second. They remind me of the Hare in Alice in Wonderland that's always in a hurry, running after time, like doing everything is crucial and there's no time, especially when they then complain that they're tired.

My Mom was like this back when we were kids, with an unhelpful family tbh if we'd helped she'd have scolded us to not do things the way she does em and unsupportive husband, she never took the time to just lay down to read a book, or watch some tv show.
Ever since my Mom divorced and she took jobs outside of the comfort zone, like abroad etc., plus us kids getting our own lives, she's learned to not run after time as much. It feels like too much of a waste to cram your days full of things and not getting some time to just enjoy the present moment.

No. 2066115

i only wear mens fashion and i think this stuff has merit.

No. 2066127

>I've never seen anyone look bad in black clothes just because they were black.
It supposedly has something to do with washing out my skin tone because there's a low contrast between your hair, eye and skin color when you're a soft autumn but I don't think anyone who came up with these theories ever stopped to consider that I don't mind looking a little pale and dead

No. 2066168

Face doesn’t matter, it’s just your frame and how curvy you are. Sometimes people’s facial bone structure matches their body type in a weird way (like a shorter voluptuous woman might have a round face shape with full lips and big eyes) but it has nothing to do with how clothing fits so it doesn’t matter.

If you’re 5’7 then you’re one of the taller types, meaning you need to wear clothing made for longer proportions. If you have a small/narrow frame then you’re a dramatic, if you have a larger/wide frame then you’re a flamboyant natural, if you have a smaller frame/curvy body type then you’re a soft dramatic.

Any of those three types can have a small waist or big boobs though, those things alone won’t make you a soft dramatic. Soft dramatic is more about having a smaller frame with a curvy waist-hip ratio and possibly having more visible fat because her frame is very small.

A dramatic on the other hand might have a small waist, but the ribs and hips would also be smaller or narrower so there wouldn’t be a large ratio between the waist and hips causing an hourglass shape. A flamboyant natural might have a small waist or big boobs, but the frame (besides the waist) would overall be wide or bigger. Flamboyant naturals usually carry weight well since they have a larger frame which basically hides fat. Angelina Jolie for example is a flamboyant natural and she looks skinny very easily

No. 2066184

he also typed Twiggy as a gamine, Mae West as SD, and some random 4'11 woman from the kibbe facebook group as dramatic. kek none of it is consistent, he'll let anyone break the rules as long as their "essence"/vibes match the type

No. 2066544

i hate when i go to pull crust out of my eye and i also pull out a big long string of eye mucus thats wrapped around my whole entire eyeball

No. 2066550

thats horrific but it also sounds oddly satisfying

No. 2066553

Austin Butler tries too hard to be the male Marilyn Monroe and I find the forced artifice very annoying, one day he is going to pop a couple of hemmeroids from the straining of faking his voice and smizing at the same time

No. 2066563

Ugh I hate men like this. Him and Timothee chalamet are such tryhard sex kittens

No. 2066568

Timothy is more likable to me because his gaze looks less seductive and more like he's just prenaturally empty headed and retarded, Austin Butler tries SO hard that it gives secondhand embarrassment

No. 2066589

When moids talk about femboys and traps and look at other moids' dicks and then screech "b-but it's not gay, stfu stupid femoid"

No. 2066654

there are few things i hate more than the pervasive femboy memes that are everywhere lately. can moids be fags without shitting up the entire internet?

No. 2066713

File: 1719460910613.jpeg (316.59 KB, 2048x1298, IMG_5508.jpeg)

I hate those “FemaleLs” accounts on twitter cause it’s literally picrel every single time

No. 2066737

wow that pic is accurate

No. 2066739

Now this drawing is nice

No. 2066743

Lol anon did you draw this yourself?

No. 2066810

File: 1719468111470.jpg (86.73 KB, 1170x1146, 1000003974.jpg)

When I click on his account because his pfp is him shirtless but when I start scrolling through his media it's just retarded memes and tenor gifs of those stupid cartoon cats

No. 2066821

is that medic from tf2

No. 2066827

This one made me kek

No. 2066900

File: 1719472307905.jpeg (110.62 KB, 737x1024, IMG_5051.jpeg)

I hate when old ass threads are randomly bumped up on /ot/ stop it I can smell your newfaggotry from here go outside leave this website

No. 2066908

Lurk more dumbass we're bumping threads with actual specific subjects to cut back on bullshit chat threads, see >>>/ot/1454853

No. 2066910

Bumping old threads on /ot/ isn't forbidden unless you want to make a new thread on the same subject matter 6+ months after the last thread died. Sorry all us honest & true /ot/fags are tired of chatroom threads. It's annoying seeing the same 5 threads be spammed with shitposts day in and day out. I want to have conversations with nonas not watch the gazillionth retarded infight over dumb bait in today's Unpopular Opinions thread.
Don't even spoonfeed losers like the ayrt. Let them rot in Unpopular Opinions.

No. 2066912

This is the opposite of newfaggotry. Sorry it takes away attention from the same 5 infights in the same 5 threads.

No. 2066915

why not just join in nonny?

No. 2066919

I love when anons talk about newfags and end up sounding like newfags themselves kek

No. 2066937

File: 1719474622601.gif (787.9 KB, 360x500, sweepings.gif)

Here, I fixed your image for you. Now it's a promotional image for the /ot/ revival plan.
Let them rot in their 5 threads. The reign of the chatroom will end soon. The losers hate when we use other threads because all their retarded bait becomes more obvious and easy to ignore and report. I hate the state of /ot/ for the past few months. Time to change it.

No. 2066940

> Selena ♥ Gomez

No. 2066943

I didn't think you were gonna spot that so easily or quickly… Either way it's still a good blingee!

No. 2066977

God I hate when that happens so fucking much

No. 2066986

Me too. Swear to God, noon it's an infight about X in Unpopular Opinions, then by 2PM it's an infight about X in Vent, then around 4 it's an infight about X in Bechdel, then around 6 it's an infight about X in Confessions, then around 8 the cycle repeats. It's always the exact same topics recycled over and over again I'm sick of it. I actually used to like Unpopular Opinions a few months ago because it felt a lot more light-hearted, but once it started getting retarded and a new one had to be made every 20 hours because the last filled up, I started hiding the thread.

No. 2066993

Here’s a piece of unwarranted advice: don’t say the group is for women while advertising it. Let the males think they’re welcome, so they won’t bother with voice changers. You can boot them out easier that way, and let me tell ya- most of them won’t even want to join your server anymore. They just come for the feeeemales promised to them

No. 2067078

Yeah, but I can understand nonas not wanting to dox their face to someone before getting to know if theyre trustworthy (although I guess you never know).
This is a good idea, I'll trial that and see how it goes.

No. 2067107

File: 1719490018776.jpg (164.89 KB, 1080x1062, 1000008128.jpg)

>"This story is queer because [cites examples that are unique to the adaptation, not the original]"
>goes on to try an claim the original author was queer with no evidence
I'm so glad rainbow month is almost over

No. 2067136

Yeah I was wondering why the site was so dead before realising I’d hidden all the infight heavy threads

No. 2067170

File: 1719497291126.png (1.1 MB, 750x726, 1705338507900.png)

i hate when nonnas post wordy, drawn-out, gross insults like they're attempting to imitate azealia banks. it comes across as trying way too hard to be funny when there's really nothing clever about putting an unnecessary amount of energy into calling someone an ugly fat bitch or a fag.

No. 2067172

9/10 a simple "retard" will suffice

No. 2067470

i hate tipping culture. why the fuck are liquor stores asking for tips? a tip for what? standing at the till and scanning the bottle of vodka i picked out on my own and brought over to you?

No. 2067731

There’s a dumb ass bitch at the local homeless encampment/sprawl who has the sweetest small sized wiener type dog, and I hate her so much. Such a sweet little doggie doesn’t deserve to be living In squalor around drugs and drug users with a cracked out dog-mom. I want to beat her up and steal her dog. But I’m normal and would never obviously. But hate. I do hate her.

No. 2068061

I don't get why people harp so hard on nick Fuentes being mixed race but not stonetoss, they're literally both Latinos

No. 2068112

thats pathetic as fuck. handing me a bottle of scotch is not the same as bartending

No. 2068215

I’m sick of all the sunscreen sperging.

No. 2068221

I hate when newfags are asked to stop doing something and then instead of integrating they just
>ughhhhh who caaaaaaaaaaaaaaares
If you’re not gonna follow the rules then why even try to join us?

No. 2068231

It's vaseline, then chapstick, then nail polish, then sunscreen, it all feels like the same 3 anons going in circles

No. 2068386

File: 1719554239540.jpeg (12.76 KB, 620x494, pangit.jpeg)

"AccORDinG to tEH MassLOw's HeirAChY oF NeEdS—SEX is As IMporTAnt as FooD anD WaTEr!!!!111!"

Shut up. Shut the fuck up. I'm not surprised it's scrotes who always pull this out of their ass. They genuinely believe that if they don't use a woman as their personal pocket pussy they'll die or starve—they always love using the "drowning man" argument to make their case. Fucking disgusting.

Don't get me started on the "WiTHoldinG affection (read: sex) Is ABoosIVe!!!!11"

No. 2068398

It's really telling that the worst abuse they can think of is being denied something and not, like, what women see as abuse.

No. 2068400

i think they just say this to get people to fuck and have more kids

No. 2068423

I was just thinking about this the other day I hate when people call it a need it literally isn't (and if getting off is a need, they can just jerk off, sex still wouldn't be)

No. 2068889

just buy a fucking fleshlight or penis pump, I hate scrotes

No. 2068907

What's the drowning man argument?

No. 2068917

The parable is about a devout man who prays to god for help but refuses everything that comes by because god will help him. Turns out god sent those people. I'm guessing nona is saying that moids think god send women?

No. 2068941

I hate this too! And when scrotes say that their love language is physical touch. And you know damn well they mean sex and bjs, not hand holding or giving their wife a massage or something without expecting anything back.

No. 2068944

I've seen it on Reddit. Basically, water = sex. Moids are "thirsty" (read: horny) and want to be "drowned" in the water. Something like that.

No. 2068945

File: 1719589844636.png (110.9 KB, 275x271, 1663564389001.png)

People who ask small talk questions and then interrupt before they even get a full reply. Like damn, if you give that little of a shit about how my day was or how I feel, why even ask in the first place?

No. 2069000

People who are so afraid of conflict that it creates conflict as a result. You have an argument? They'll never ever try to resolve it because they're so scawed of confwontation but then get all mad and passive-aggressive about it. Or when there's a third party. You tell them their friend did something shit to you and then they just act like they know nothing because they don't want to lose either of you as their friends. Spineless weird bpd behaviour.

No. 2069005

I just interpret it as moids seeing sex as something so essential that depriving them of it is LiTeRAlLY like drowning them. They're being dramatic attention seeking retards.

No. 2069011

The fact that everytime Thailand gets mentioned, someone gotta bring up ladyboys. That's just sad, imagine having a whole culture and all people can focus on about your country is the damn trannies. Their chasers are creepy asf too. Why are men so gay in general ugh

No. 2069028

If your main cultural export is mail order brides, child hookers, and ladyboys that will be your reputation to the world sorry, it takes decades of industry shift to change that. I blame the men in that country for allowing it and profiting

No. 2069083

File: 1719594287611.jpeg (161.96 KB, 862x1024, 52A6ECC6-08AE-46FB-AC8F-A15F64…)

i hate gacha. i really think you have to be incredibly soulless or tasteless to lose your mind over characters with two personality traits MAX, let alone whale. i’m sure there are great gacha games out there (limbus company is one) but shit like mihoyo trash and withering waves makes me sick. ugly designs, boring grandstanding plot(s), retarded fanbases. gachafags get help genuinely

No. 2069087

i like sexy men and neither animu nor mainstream games are willing to give me sexy men, its my only option

No. 2069093

anime has plenty of sexy men and is certainly better than gacha trash. at least you can pirate it

No. 2069097

>great games like ligma company
kek, the ones that fire their artists for (alleged) feminism? maybe if you saw something beyond hur dur at least it's not sexualised!!1! you could form a decent opinion. and I love 2d husbandos with no personality in short shorts thank you very much, do you know any western game that can do the same?

No. 2069105

rec me some anime with sexy men. Most anime men shilled as sexy are ugly, like geto.(derailing)

No. 2069114

watch free, the guys are all super adorable

No. 2069123

i already watched it. I even watched f/a/gs seethe about it live.

No. 2069172

Long as fuck, but Bleach. Has all kinds of males possible. Jojo is good, too if you're into more flamboyant guys.

No. 2069181

Kekkai sensen

No. 2069193

File: 1719597184511.webp (92.48 KB, 600x849, 1715365079162.webp)

Fairy Ranmaru

No. 2069204

then i recommend black butler, bungou no stray dogs, blue lock (its football autism but the guys are hot and the show is entertaining, i promise). you could also try fruits basket.

No. 2069221

anons please rec something more obscure, did you start watching anime yesterday?

No. 2069228

very much a pet peeve but whenever content creators refer to their fans by some quirky name

No. 2069234

Do you want something obscure or something old and obscure?

No. 2069235

Sorry, I don't watch anime to find characters I'd like to fuck, so I can't think of any anime that has hot characters specifically and has fanservice. I avoid that stuff anyways. But if you really want to watch something with hot dudes and fan service, just watch any yaoi anime ever or male idol anime.

No. 2069237

this autistic moid in my fucking house holy fuck please leave please leave

No. 2069252

watch the dramatical murder anime then, believe me when i say its a funny shitshow kek

No. 2069263

File: 1719599211928.webp (31.43 KB, 384x597, IMG_3480.webp)

Vampire Hunter D
It’s too much of a classic to really be called “obscure” but I like it

No. 2069271

i guess i watched everything with cute boys there is to see, its over. I actually know a lot of CBDCT shows that never get talked about, i should make a list.

No. 2069275

Idk, have you read thigh high?
Watched play it cool guys?
Have you avoided any isekai?

No. 2069279

>have you read thigh high?
fuck no, crossdressing is a fetish for the mentally ill. I watched the other anime and no, i am not watching isekai shit.

No. 2069282

Why do you guys always respond to spoon-feed requests from the schizo?

No. 2069285

Then you haven't seen everything, you just refuse to give stuff a try or find things by yourself.

No. 2069298

File: 1719600480830.jpg (95.37 KB, 351x398, 20191207_061656.jpg)

what? its not my fault all of them started watching animu a year ago. I watched all of the anime they recommended while they were airing. Here, have some actually obscure recs that are actually CBDCT instead of shonenshit.
>Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy
>Boku no Tonari ni Ankoku Hakaishin ga Imasu.
>Bishounen Tanteidan
>Uchi Tama?! Uchi no Tama Shirimasen ka?
>Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan
>senjuushi(my favourite, crazy underrated)
>kimi to boku
>Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!
>touken ranbu
>hoshiai no sora(derailing)

No. 2069299

i am not watching tranny shit, crossdressing is disgusting.

No. 2069312

most of those animes look extremely trashy, i guess now i know why i never heard of them

No. 2069316

they arent less trashy than shonenshit and they actually have cute boys

No. 2069318

>token rambu
>hoshiai no sora
>but no trans shit

No. 2069320

none of you recommended touken ranbu, and the tranny shit in hoshia no sora is easily skippable its not the whole story

No. 2069321

anon half of them look like 14 yr olds, some people want actual men not little boys

No. 2069324

File: 1719601634149.jpg (120.81 KB, 947x1046, latest (2).jpg)

Trigun (the old, good one).

No. 2069326

You flip flop

No. 2069331

There's three different series and one was airing this very season.

No. 2069335

you are comparing an anime with one single skippable scene to a whole manga whose premise is ''moids crossdressing''
only gakuen tanteidan could be considered shota, the rest all have high shcoolers.

No. 2069338

Are you the same faggot from a few weeks ago who baited by asking for anime recommendations with male characters just to dismiss them because you’re only attracted to shotas?

No. 2069340

and yet still none of you mentioned it
no, most of the recs i posted minus one dont have shotas. If anons think every male character that isnt roided is a shota thats not my problem.

No. 2069344

File: 1719601997301.webp (23.46 KB, 640x360, e5800e4d-1670-4ef3-8597-aeb9ef…)

sure, sure

No. 2069347

god forbid women like men that arent super roided

No. 2069349

not surprised the retard who can’t argue without putting words in my mouth is a gachaslopper

No. 2069351

Because it's airing this season.
When asked what's up, do you seriously answer with "the sky"?

No. 2069353

File: 1719602220357.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, 1000001921.jpg)

Please take this debate to your containment thread, I can't bear to see yet another infight about ugly anime moids.

No. 2069354

This retard does the same bait every time and you fools bite every time. Looks like she moved on from terrorizing /m/ to /ot/

No. 2069355

Just stop replying to her she does this every time

No. 2069356

anon those boys look like literal grade schoolers.

No. 2069357

hanamaru aired in 2016

No. 2069358

i also hate anime discussions on lolcow. someone was like most farmers should be watching the office instead of anime and that tracks kek these are just cartoons. stop looking at cartoons and seeing real people, i don’t even know how anyone gets to that level of delusion

No. 2069360

any anime guy that isnt a bara is a shota to you retards, its like the autist claiming kirito is a shota on /m/(infighting)

No. 2069362

I hate normalfags on lolcow who think their pathetic 3dpd-obsessed opinions are worth shit

No. 2069365

idc about kirito but c'mon those guys are obviously meant to be shotas, like the show aint even hiding the shota-bait kek

No. 2069366

so? your opinions aint worth shit either

No. 2069368

weebs? on an imageboard? say it ain't so

No. 2069374

they are not shota, put them side to side next to actual shotabait like shounen kun or shounen maid and they look nothing alike. I love how some of you are capable of getting past all the retardation that comes with the medium like gigantic breasts, cat ears and bug eyes in neon colors but the microsecond you see a cartoon anime boy with dog ears and white hair that isnt super roided because its meant to be a cute anime your reaction is ''3DPD!! IT LOOKS LIKE 3DPD!! I SAW A KID WITH WHITE HAIR AND CAT EARS LIKE YESTERDAY!". Go watch the office.

No. 2069377

it’s not that i hate anime i just hate people who claim to be anime fans but cry and shit their pants over shota or whatever or a problematic element. the types up above me who are like “reeee we want hot MEN not little BOYS” are casual normies, not weebs

No. 2069379

It's all the posers that are the problem trying to change anime to suit their normalfag sensitivities. Next time anyone here asked for an anime rec I'm sending them a link to all seasons of the office, plenty of content for normaloids there.

No. 2069381

We’ve had this ‘discussion' like 30 times holy shit get a job, go outside or at at least take a break and think of new bait to post but please just shut the fuck up I can’t take this anymore

No. 2069384

File: 1719602690568.png (Spoiler Image,653.21 KB, 1115x1600, b4813ef5-e94c-4d76-94fb-ce9f1f…)

Everytime kek, she bitches about Kirito.
Pic spoilered for totally not a shota

No. 2069391

i dont "shit my pants" over shota, i think its simply disgusting and so are the consumers, but that doesnt meant i cant like animes. plenty of them have no shota or loli content at all.

No. 2069392

what is shota about this? It literally has pecs. I love how all of you watch shonenshit, which always has lolis and fanservice for men, but cannot stomach a non roided man to save your life.

No. 2069393

Say what you will but 4chan has the right idea just spamming boku no Pico whoever some retard asks for recs.

No. 2069395

Guess you like them younger then. Maybe 5-9 years old, when they're maliable?

No. 2069397

what anime do you watch?

No. 2069399

i never ever said that but since you love to infight. Btw since you think >>2069384 is shota you saved cp, i called the fbi on you.

No. 2069401

She'd like Boku no Pico though, they're nonroided.

No. 2069402

sorry if I fucked you

No. 2069405

all of this because i called out normies for recommending mainstream stuff kek some of you clearly dont watch anything that isnt popular and shonenslop

No. 2069406

Don't be sad nonnie we finally got around to recommending something you'd like >>2069401

No. 2069408

kek nona i thought the same thing. she's probably a confused toddlercon

No. 2069409

Nonnies, nonnies, please!

No. 2069411

why are you so upset? take your own advice and go for a walk

No. 2069412

why are you so pissed off at me? i never even said your recs are shit i just said i literally watched them while they were airing because they were extremely popular and mainstream back when they were in season. You are only offended because i called your taste normalfag.

No. 2069413

Why do you seem upset? Go watch the rec, you'll love it.

No. 2069414


No. 2069416

>ask recs
>anon gives extremely mainstream recs
>sorry i have already seem them
i genuinely dont get your logic are you illiterate or something?

No. 2069417

They’re cute as hell

No. 2069418

NTA but you are retarded for asking recs at all when this place is crawling with fake weebs, just use some anime catalogue site like the rest of us

No. 2069419

i gotta agree with the other anon, people on lc basically don’t watch what isn’t spoonfed to them. either spring the rec question when you see interesting 3x3s being posted or play around on anilist for a bit

No. 2069421

> fake weebs
is that a bad thing kek

No. 2069423

its honestly kinda sad that free is the pinacle of hot men in anime when it aired like 10 years ago. My mistake was expecting an extremely male otaku centric genre to give us another crumb of good stuff in less than 20 years.

No. 2069425

File: 1719603664882.png (481.15 KB, 960x720, 1718508755307922.png)

Get out

No. 2069426

i only asked because anon claimed there were thousands of hot men in anime, its not my fault i have already seen them all because they are super popular mainstream anime.

No. 2069427

Have you considered that this isn't an anime site, and that "anime with sexy men but not geto" is vague as fuck considering you're not even into adult men?
People will throw out vague recs, only to get "ugh normalfags, I've watched everything ever, am asking for nonroid nonuggos (shota), no I won't bother with most anime"

No. 2069431

>is vague as fuck considering you're not even into adult men?
ppsst psst anon, the free guys are only high schoolers. You are going straight to prison.

No. 2069432

File: 1719603973600.jpg (149.71 KB, 3840x2160, hugs .JPG)

i hate when i go to the same coffee place and they get my order wrong every time but it still tastes good and makes me want to go back and give those retards more of my money

No. 2069435

File: 1719604028647.jpeg (48 KB, 750x517, 1712801848874.jpeg)

I hate normies

No. 2069436

File: 1719604055666.png (921.92 KB, 1000x1688, 101678913_p0.png)

so do you like boku no pico or is he too old for you? picrel was tagged shota btw

No. 2069440

Hey anon, it effects what people would recommend you if you just said it to begin with.
You see how that works? If you just ask for male shows, people will give you a basic rundown if you don't specify?

No. 2069442

i like the free guys but since they are in high shcool i guess i am a pedophile

No. 2069444

Ah, the roids! They're burning my eyes!

No. 2069447

Trying way too hard normiechan

No. 2069448

>umm anon ackshually the anime boy you posted is a literal child and you are a pedo
>proceeds to go search and post stuff tagged shota or stuff they think are children to try to prove their point
every single time kek

No. 2069453

Cute pic

No. 2069459

Excuse me, but thats a roidpig.
The bar is in hell, people liking moid grandpas like that.

No. 2069463

i never referred to any anime boy as a literal child and i didn't need to search for stuff tagged shota because i'm a shotafag myself. nice try though. enjoy your toddler porn

No. 2069465

stop posting old busted grandpas please

No. 2069466

File: 1719604984184.png (339.04 KB, 1425x1352, 87b358f3424eb80988afce01d163cd…)

All these hag lovers smh(derailing)

No. 2069478

thank you for finally posting an attractive young man. would you mind telling me the source for this niche and obscure piece of art? the drool is really turning me on

No. 2069481

What the actual fuck is this infight

No. 2069482

I hate fruit. Most of them are overly sweet and super sugary. Bananas and Gooseberries are all right I don't care for the rest of them. Vegetables are far superior. Name me one fruit with a satisfying crunch

No. 2069487

Apples, pears.

No. 2069489

Grapes, cherries. I’m more into mushy fruits like peaches kek

No. 2069490

No. 2069491

Meanwhile I wish the fruit available here was sweeter kek most of it just tastes like lightly flavored water nowadays. Apples are crunchy. Unripe peaches are even crunchier.

No. 2069512

There's a sweet spot but they have about a day before they get mushy
Never eaten one the wasn't mush
Don't care for them, too sweet
I like them mixed into things but I'm talking about raw fruit
Never eaten it raw but I'll try anything

I'll admit I have an atypical pallet. I like crunch and bitterness. I would eat ten bell peppers over a strawberry. Fruit just doesn't do that for me.

No. 2069514

My glasses got scratched just by soft microfibre cloth.

No. 2069517

Bell peppers are fruits…

That all said I do think you should give pears a second chance if you find a good one. Most are bruised to shit though. What do you think of less sweet melons?

No. 2069519

File: 1719607346607.png (1.57 MB, 835x1068, grapples.png)

I love big sour green globey grapes, and rainier cherries are unbelievable

No. 2069522

Nta but for some reason I thought they were vegetables kek

No. 2069530

I've had both kinds of melon and it's the same kind of issue I have with tomatoes or lettuce. It's like 90% water. I do not care for it. If I want water I'll drink it, not eat it.
For reference my favorite plant food is chilled broccoli or cauliflower with some seasoning or pre-ripe super sour gooseberries.
Love the video. I actually have no idea what's the difference between fruit and vegetables. I thought fruit was sweet but I'm not sure right now.

No. 2069565

Bell peppers are fruits in the botanical sense, but they're considered vegetables in culinary sense.

No. 2069582

I love how this thread and Bechtel are sperging about fruit at the same time. I love this site.

No. 2069590

I hear so many things about this. What is the actually scientific concessus? Afaik vegetables grow underground, fruit grows above ground, berries contain seeds?

No. 2069592

File: 1719610200462.png (146 KB, 778x482, veg v fruit.png)

TLDR basically "fruit" is the botanical term for a seed bearing structure formed from the ovary of the plant after it flowers.

No. 2069612

File: 1719610711152.webp (90 KB, 533x319, download.webp)

Fuck me food science is way to complicated. No wonder everyone (including me) is fat.
Nut's should definitely be their own thing. I don't like them being fruit. They are all protein, right?

No. 2069630

Pomegranates. I love black apples because they're not too sweet. I love berries and cherries as well.

No. 2069635

>vegetables grow underground
Leafy greens? Beans? Peas? Cucumbers?

No. 2069670

vegetable is a culinary term only, not a scientific one

No. 2070054

File: 1719628508862.jpg (276.83 KB, 1280x720, GAYRETARDPIZZA.jpg)


No. 2070060

these taste so much better than normal pizza

No. 2070146

Chappel Roan's music. Most of her songs sound like copium for grown women who wanted to be cheerleaders in high school but weren't.

No. 2070149

I miss when female musicians were actually cool and had personality, now they just want to pickmemaxx or larp as smug gay men.

No. 2070347

For real. I'm not Thai but I am interested in their culture—but anytime I search anything about it sexpat shit keeps coming up—it's like the country is nothing but a giant brothel to them, it's so disheartening.

No. 2070624

File: 1719666219858.jpg (46.47 KB, 600x598, 8c128a3f0a08f8b9536edae1e41ff7…)

kinda stunned that you hate school pizza. i thought most adults looked back on pizza day with fondness.

No. 2070653

Can you anons explain more? I listened to a couple of her songs and got a weird vibe from her. The song title "Karma is my Kink" makes me cringe. I don't know much about her, though, and since I didn't like the few songs I heard, I haven't listened to more. It seems like everyone is obsessed with her rn. These are the first comments I've seen expressing dislike.

No. 2070658

When I'm too hungry to get up and make food but also too hungry to stay in bed and sleep

No. 2070666

File: 1719669581279.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.49 KB, 736x734, 396b81b1db786d3898cdd2bdba6075…)

I think an anon complained about depictions of cat's assholes on otherwise cute or simple merch or drawings and since then I've been noticing it more and more. This one isn't even just a printed or stitched on asterisk, it's an actual hole. And the balls are there too. Is this supposed to be funny?

No. 2070674

I was going to shit on you, but I agree this one is really weird. If it's just an asterisk drawn in I think it's fine, unnecessary, but fine. The one you posted is off putting.

No. 2070684

These gacha designs are the funniest things to me. The bottom part of the front braid isn't attached to her hair. Technically she had 2 cut pieces of hair, braided them and attached them to that golden loop kek, why are these games so extra when it comes to design? It's so cluttered and impossible. I can't take them seriously.

No. 2070844

File: 1719678540774.png (380.75 KB, 1082x341, drew-02.png)

I don't know what happened but travel Youtubers have taken a nose dive in quality. I was watching pic rel interview a homeless addict and it's the most disgusting shit I've seen.
>Do you talk to your family back home?
>Have you ever seen someone been killed down here?
>Have you been in prison?
This is vile.

No. 2070851

Reminds me of the MLP plushies bronies would sew fleshlights into.

No. 2070882

you can tell there's no male in the house lel

No. 2071032

I feel like this is backwater Chinese humor, like the kind you find in the really remote villages/towns

No. 2071041

File: 1719691941815.jpg (87.71 KB, 735x740, tumblr_aa18b97fca4f4a94c28146c…)

when people start hysterically crying in front of me. how the hell am i supposed to react, im too socially retarded for this shit

No. 2071163

File: 1719698958636.png (3.86 MB, 2058x1370, 912451031.png)

I hate the smell of summer in my city. It's like the greasy air behind a burger restaurant on a humid day with a pervasive note of week old garbage waiting to be collected. It's heavy and clinging and unavoidable when you go outside. I need to be in the mountains with some fresh air. I can't do two more months of this

No. 2071167

Femboys, their orbiters and how zoomers have made them into a meme

No. 2071172

I feel like it's some sort of gap moe thing that's hard to understand.
Like "cute cat but turn it around and lmao butthole"

No. 2071292

Mushy grapes. That's why I eat all my grapes frozen, which, by the way, are like drugs with how addictive and crunchy they are.

No. 2071294

I keep forgetting to try that, I'll have to buy some grapes

No. 2071432

File: 1719715589820.png (118.58 KB, 1170x725, chipotle.png)

i hate how stupid men are. normal people don’t have to afford shit like that because we cook our own fucking food at home kek,

No. 2071445

the amount of child toucher moids on social media

No. 2071472

Eating fast food sometimes is normal however I can only assume he got gigantic sizes of all those things and that's why it's so expensive. I, for one, couldn't eat a fucking burrito bowl with double chicken with chips because I'm not a 6ft moid burning thousands of calories effortlessly. He should just be grateful he can eat that much.

No. 2071585

What? Are you trying to say normal people don't eat out or at chipotle?

No. 2071672

>two burrito bowls with chips
Unless he is taking his faggot boyfriend here for a date and denying him his fountain cola that is way too much food even for a male what a glutty fatass!

No. 2071703

just don't buy the chips and it's cheaper ez

No. 2071716

just one is more than enough you fatso

No. 2071843

>why are these games so extra when it comes to design? It's so cluttered and impossible.

Most people have the attention span of a goldfish nowadays (like me) due to YouTube Shorts and TickyTocky. So to grab the attention of players the designs have to be as outlandish as possible.

No. 2071859

I think that was me kek I hate pom pom purin because he has an asshole

No. 2071881

File: 1719740494420.png (187.9 KB, 750x375, summerfags.png)

Speds who drag infights all across the board and derail unrelated threads. No1currs you fought with peepoo-chan over some terminally online nonsense that doesn't matter, some of us aren't here to read about your online tantrums nor validate your opinions.

No. 2071891

At least Mihoyo didn't fire their female designer after Korean incels went after her like the creators of limbus company did nor have they ever given in to gachacel demands either kek

No. 2071896

Agreed, keep it in the thread you started in, no one wants to see you whinge in /meta/ or unpopular opinions after the fact it's so embarrassing

No. 2072026

File: 1719750750640.jpg (51.99 KB, 500x500, artworks-6p55UeRIGP9dPYtY-nC4k…)

Race-centered threads. Whatever insecurities you have with your race or the next ethnicity should not be that serious, plus they always attract the biggest retards in general. The type of shit that attracts spergs getting triggered over a white woman wearing a bonnet or using chopsticks. Those anons remind me of the creepy weirdos who would and still try to ask what my parents are, what I'm mixed with, or where I'm from, or why I have such long hair. why does race matter so much to you?

No. 2072027

They were all created during a heavy scrote raid. Come to your own conclusions with that information

No. 2072030

Wow, you don’t experience serious race-related issues, good for you.

No. 2072035

Kek if you actually went on these threads you’d see that in both the active ones anons have expressed not caring about things like that since cultural appropriation spiel is a twittard thing. You’re either making assumptions or making up things. The whole reason they were created is because race-related discussions that aren’t contained always end up sparking infights.

No. 2072036

I'm sorry that you're so miserable and spergy with how black, asian, white, or mixed a person is that you have to make or contribute to a thread in /g/ specifically for that.

No. 2072038

>I'm sorry that you're so miserable
It’s almost like that’s why people go there to have discussions about things in the first place. What is your issue? Har har racism makes you miserable?

No. 2072045

File: 1719752257320.jpg (331.38 KB, 640x798, 1000017315.jpg)

Except they are retarded. That black girls thread has a melt down every other day or week about how black they, this person, or that person is, how offended they are at white people doing literally anything, or rewriting history to fit their narrative. The fact that they never get tired of it only tells me that those threads attract the biggest retards. At least Dumbass Shit was designed for being dumb.(racesperging)

No. 2072049


No. 2072060

>Hours since racebaiting in /ot/: 0

No. 2072395

When I put food in the fridge, cover it shut with wrap, take it out later and it still somehow tastes like the fridge

No. 2072409

File: 1719768228950.png (540.15 KB, 1728x1204, Screen Shot 2024-06-30 at 6.22…)

I really fucking hate how billy looks like a sinking dwarf midget on her album cover. how fucking tall is she? looks retarded.

No. 2072415

Crazy how racebait is a bannable offense but race threads are still on the table as acceptable.

This would be like making being a pickme a bannable offense but keeping the attractive scrote/unconventional male threads alive in /g/. It doesn't make sense that we have them, and all they do is attract trouble.

No. 2072417

time to clean the fridge nona

No. 2072429

Or how about you mind your fucking business, why are you so enthusiastic on getting rid of threads for women of a similar culture coming together to speak on their problems?? Go fuck yourself, respectively

No. 2072437

File: 1719769015729.jpeg (336.94 KB, 741x841, IMG_1525.jpeg)

>why do you care so much about race?
Because of this kek. Shut the fuck up, good god nobody ever starts these convos about the asian thread or the MENA anons venting about their shitty countries and shitty fathers which they are all valid for discussing. I know who this is directed to, just leave them alone kek

No. 2072459

How old is this picture?

No. 2072477

It could be recent judging by the way nonnas like to defend the /pol spammers on here kek

No. 2072507

>spergs getting triggered over a white woman wearing a bonnet
I'm curious as to how reactive online twitter people even find out about white women donning bonnets in the first place or how it could become enough of an issue for anyone to throw a stink about. Like aren't bonnets usually worn in bed and around the house unless it's one of those dressy patterned ones? I always thought bonnets were normal bedtime attire for anyone, not race-gated.

No. 2072520

Nobody in the race threads even talks about shit like that.

No. 2072522

Please read my post again, specifically the part where I say "reactive online twitter people".

No. 2072553

The amount of anons who think the word lolcow originated from here annoy me

No. 2072575

Nobody on any of the race threads have even mentioned culture appropriation

No. 2072674


No. 2072698

newfags are the new oldfags now. it's sad to watch but they spam their confident shit all over the site and sperg out like crazy when corrected

No. 2072855

Not even racebait, but I hate that so many companies are outsourcing their customer support to India. If you try to contact them through chat, they can't speak great English and they give you copy and pasted responses, so you just go in circles with them about your issue until they eventually end the chat suddenly with no resolution, so you're forced to call customer support to get any kind of resolution.

No. 2072923

File: 1719789271718.png (659 KB, 901x2800, IMG_2128.png)

gay moids and faghags

No. 2072937

Twitter is not a real place

No. 2072959

When mosquitoes bite you and it itches so freaking bad sometimes

No. 2072968

Cordless vacuum charging bases. A lump of plastic with 2 charging contacts and enough room underneath for a cockroach's playground.

No. 2072975

I wish outsourcing labor was heavily restricted

No. 2072977

>obviously made up ragebait story and literal porn bots in the replies with the rest joking about the headline
Some anons really need to be screened for autism

No. 2073008

File: 1719795372267.jpg (37.4 KB, 736x541, 1000017367.jpg)

I hate that Americans talk so fucking much. In general. They can be complete strangers and will try to make random small talk or worse, make a random BIG talk as they dump their life's drama on you. Or when they loudly comment on every-fucking-thing they see in public. They can never just shut the fuck up and let the environment go with its flow, they always try to interrupt people and the scene with whatever stupid opinions are on their minds. You know the common phrase, "don't speak unless spoken to"? Yeah, Americans say that quote a lot and yet never take their own advice. Then when they're not melting your ear with their weather speak or what drama is happening in their family, they use their silence specifically to be RUDE. Why can't Americans be like northern Europeans and just be quiet while valuing manners? Goddamn.

No. 2073012

>banned for "racesperging" for specifically calling out threads that enable racesperging
janny IQ can really be in the negatives.(ban evasion)

No. 2073013

Same. It takes away a lot of employment opportunities from Americans, which really sucks in a time like right now.

No. 2073015

It’s what a bunch of normies think makes them likeable and “personable” when it’s just annoying info dumping and an invasion of privacy.

No. 2073016

File: 1719796031105.gif (2.48 MB, 498x498, IMG_7418.gif)

Sounds like somebody hurts your feelings kek(infighting)

No. 2073020

we don’t appeal to the urban crowd here, LSA is that way(racebait)

No. 2073025

>hurr looks liek sumbody hurt your feefeez sweetie!
Twitter and LSA are that way, newfag.

No. 2073029

ay caramba

No. 2073066

File: 1719798883004.jpg (16.36 KB, 240x237, allen-moya-image2.jpg)

>twitter-tier response with an ugly bitch sipping wine as a gif
>"your feelings are hurt!"
>"ay caramba!"
I don't think enough people ever told you that you're just not funny. and go back.

No. 2073070

NTA but whenever I go into the city I can always hear when Americans are around. Use your inside voice to comment on the architecture, please.

No. 2073080

Less hate and more confusion but when I message moderators of a subreddit asking about a rule or something and they call me by my username as if it's a personal name. My username is just a bunch of random letters but they somehow grab the first four letters and turn that into a name. It feels so funnily personal in a "wtf, that's not me at all, who is that" way.

No. 2073083

ay caramba

No. 2073088

nta, ay caramba

No. 2073089

>another quote from a show that stopped being funny over a decade ago
wow, you're living up to the stereotype of women not being funny at all. go you!

No. 2073091

Use rub alcohol on it. Instant relief.

No. 2073092

ay caramba

No. 2073110

Ay caramba..

No. 2073116

when people ask me my age
>wait anon you're (age)?
>you seem younger than (age)
>inside I'm internally shrieking because I don't act or look my age and it's not a humblebrag it's the bane of my existence because nobody takes me seriously as a fucking adult woman

No. 2073139

this is going to sound weird but i get relief from bug bites by rubbing banana peels on them

No. 2073140

Ay caramba…

No. 2073179

File: 1719804307277.gif (8.05 MB, 498x379, 0f75544f1cde2fd578944bbb40dca6…)

Not weird, bananas are known for their healing properties.

No. 2073242

this is true, i am a banana and can confirm

No. 2073313

File: 1719814228912.jpg (21.18 KB, 540x360, 360_F_271555683_KFGKECe6THmwOw…)


No. 2073314

Getting the sneaking suspicion you’re speaking to someone you knew IRL on an imageboard

No. 2073318

File: 1719814661219.png (9.09 KB, 1504x960, turquoise.png)

I agree, it's so hard to make it work on anything, clothes and decor obviously included. It's both such a normie color but also the nlog of the pink family, specially because it's more similar to oranges than other pinks. Can't make it work if you already own pinks because it will stick out like a sore thumb, so you will have to pair it with picrel or a yellow. It also smells like cheap coconut sunscreen, bad drugstore body spray, speaks with a nasal voice, and reminds me of people who have an addiction to tanning. It's like she wants to be popular but she's just a Becky.

No. 2073320

anon can you please anthropomorphise more colours I find this so funny

No. 2073432

This bitch was trying to be pink so bad, you will never be as iconic and timeless as her you fucking second class color

No. 2073441

I'm kekking so hard at your pic

No. 2073450

I hate the “cool, strong, pants-wearing but at the same time effortlessly gorgeous” female characters that men insist on putting in anything fantasy or historical (and the associated vitriol against the more conforming female characters, who are always written as vapid and dumb) I’d much rather a book have an entirely male cast than to deal with this “cool girl” bullshit

No. 2073465

There has been an insane increase in catroon porn on facebook. Vaginas in tight cothes, tits, huge clits, usually anime/sonic/Ai characters.. and sometimes it's even recomended by facebook because the profile is somehow popular?? I report everything i see but it's all allowed. DISGUSTANG

No. 2073482

I hate women who call themselves a “girls girl” and are the bitchiest, most jealous people you’ve ever met, especially when the woman is over 25 and STILL acting like this.

No. 2073487

I see this shit in non fantasy too. men cannot write who aren’t cliches or porn fantasies

No. 2073489

It's true. Jannies ban anons for obvious sarcasm, then cherrypick when to ban someone for racebait without even reading any context. Jannies act like the biggest newfags on the board.

No. 2073572

i've known little old ladies who act like this. when you carry on certain attitudes and behaviors well into adulthood there is pretty much no hope of you ever changing.

No. 2073664

When I leave a pot on the stove for just a second too long and boom burning. It's always either milk or flour.

No. 2073688

When a game says it's 90% off but I download it and it says I need to pay at least $80 for relevant content anyway

No. 2073948

File: 1719863945263.png (639.53 KB, 1170x1995, AI is dumb.png)

AI is so embarrassingly retarded

No. 2073950

smoking 10 cigarettes a day helps pregnancy and depression is cured by jumping off the golden gate bridge

No. 2073954

File: 1719864470330.png (333 KB, 667x673, google-ai.png)

Idk it's bringing up a lot of good points

No. 2073955

File: 1719864498098.jpeg (200.96 KB, 1080x1687, a-rock-a-day-keeps-the-doctor-…)

Reminds me of this

No. 2073957

File: 1719864660455.jpg (115.34 KB, 929x857, GOM_Jb4WwAA8GiA.jpg)

I remember they linked this back to one joke Reddit comment. It doesn't take much to take down Skynet

No. 2073959

No. 2073964

they stand out so much in euro countries. so loud and obnoxious

No. 2073965

>lamotrigine decreases cortisol in response to stress
>lamotrigine significantly inhibited [multiple things +] cortisol increases during psychosocial stress
These say the same thing with different phrasing. I don't get it. It's saying it inhibits cortisol spikes.

No. 2073966

I take lamotrigine for temporal lobe epilepsy

No. 2073967

the first one says lamotrigine decreases cortisol and the other highlights text that makes it look like lamotrigine increases cortisol though, that’s the problem with how AI is sharing facts

No. 2073968

No. 2073969

i have to take lamotrigine because im a sperg

No. 2073972

i’m OP, the problem is that people do not read the whole sentences, that’s the whole purpose of the google highlighting. also the text highlights itself for both of the answers when you have google on light mode, i didn’t add the highlight myself

No. 2073976

Yeah I realized I was wrong when I googled and saw it myself. sorry, deleted. that's weird that it highlights it but you could still just read the whole sentence. I don't know. do people really just read the highlighted bits? that seems like a them problem.

No. 2073978

File: 1719865764025.webp (23.36 KB, 640x573, w1ew4ji1xcz41.webp)

I could honestly fill an entire thread with horrible nonsense I've read.

No. 2073979

it’s ok nonners and yes there definitely are retards who just read the highlighted part and then move on, i was one of them for years kek, and i think faulty incompetent technology stuff like this really does make people dumber and prevents them even more from ever doing thorough research about important topics relating to them directly

No. 2073993

my friend who moved to the US became like this after just two years of living there and she's so draining to be around now when she comes back to visit. We're still friends but I can't be around her for more than two days before I want to tell her to shut up and speak in a tone of normal volume instead of constantly chattering about everything she sees and speaking so loud I can hear her across a packed room

No. 2074005

I don't mind Americans. The ones I work with are friendly and decent enough. Maybe they're smart enough to not bring up politics. We have more annoying people here. They do speak very loudly and slowly though and seem to struggle with accents unless you're speaking like you're a Hollywood caricature or super flat. I can speak more naturally around ESLs.

No. 2074063

Kek, her last name means stepfather

No. 2074076

vaginas are called heated soft folding silk, dicks are called velvet wrapped steel

No. 2074115

men, males, xy defects all of them, young or old. Even infants, sometimes i see a male baby and immediately think of how it's already in inhuman monster who will most likely bring pain upon his female peers. God didn't make men in her image, Satan did.

No. 2074216

>Things you hate
When otherwise funny cool people act like completely a different person around their nigels. It's so farcical. I ended a friendship because of it before and now I don't tolerate it at all.

No. 2074224

Never put this into words before but yeah, it really grates me. I tried to figure out why it pissed me off whenever friends got boyfriends (or back together with them… again) and I think this is a large part. Why is it so fake? I know the real you.

No. 2074236

>I know the real you.
It creeps me out in a way knowing the whole relationship seems to be built on fake personas. The person I'm talking about even used to change her voice register around her nigel, like Ariana Grande, it was bizarre to be around. I didn't think she even realized how uncomfortable it made others around her that actually knew her. In relationships, I think of it like the person you're dating should be able to be your friend besides the romantic element: so I always try to keep it real with people I date and I appreciate when they do likewise, it saves so much time in the end.

No. 2074254

similar to this where you make a cool female friend and then she gets a nigel and then all she talks about is him. then they break up 4 days later and she cries for months over him. then she finds a new nigel

No. 2074265

i'm afraid to be my real self around other people and i only let loose around my husband. i can understand why someone may see that as weird or phony though

No. 2074269

I think "being yourself" is different from putting up a phony act, e.g., raising the pitch of your voice 2 levels to sound "cuter." Like I have known women for 10+ years that act like completely different people around their nigels. It's not "being yourself" at a certain point, it's "being who you think someone else desires." That's the weird and phony part.

No. 2074272

Same I'm cringe and silly around my bf but I would never do the same shit in public

No. 2074274

oh yeah that is really fucking weird, pretending to be a different person around someone whos supposed to love you for who you are is metally ill asf

No. 2074277

Yeah that's what I'm talking about not "Oh hehe I can be cringe around my nigel!" Like I get it, everyone is cringe with their partners that's fine, I'm talking like when people actually become different people around their nigels compared to anyone else.

No. 2074284

File: 1719878737834.png (214.1 KB, 401x483, Self-Carl-Jung.png)

Same. Mask stays up unless I'm with my BF or my sister.

No. 2074457

File: 1719893240305.jpg (124.63 KB, 1000x1000, MV5BMzE3Njg4NzYtYmE5OC00MDQ5LT…)

This is South Park but for retarded Tik Tok zoomers,the animation isn't even that good,ugly character designs,unoriginal and bland.hate that the fat ugly serial killer cannibal is a Tumblr Sexyman.

No. 2074460

I want to watch it now

No. 2074471

File: 1719894249564.png (1.01 MB, 1186x1416, IMG_6472.png)

The way men make assumptions about women they disagree with so they can have their gotcha moment. How the fuck does this retarded a Scrote know this random women on twitter is part of the “body positive” crowd? He literally had to make up something to use as a “gotcha” moment because he had nothing against her. Her post isn’t much different from the stuff you see on lolcow, which is one of the least body positive places ever kek.

No. 2074530

This is how every internet argument goes now
>I don't like waffles
>Yeah but I'm sure you're okay with pancakes huh
Assumptions before anything else is said

No. 2074555

shes a kpoopie if anything shes probably an anacha

No. 2074557

Kek retard is coping. I’m glad more women are saying this so moids can off themselves already.

No. 2074559

I HATE women who bring their boyfriends literally everywhere. Completely unable to exit the house without their moid in tow. You want to have a girls' coffee date? Guess whose boyfriend is coming too and makes everything extremely awkward. And she always brings it up at the last minute so you can't even back out anymore.
>Hey nonnies I'm bringing Nigel along, hope that's fine with everyone? He promised he won't mind tee hee!
Sent an hour before you're supposed to meet up, IF she even bothers to let you know beforehand and doesn't just appear with the scrotoid next to her. Like what do you say to that? It's really not worth it to start a fight over it right then and there so you just carry through, even when he's quiet the entire time that's actually even worse because you never know what his ape brain is thinking. You can't really talk about anything personal or vulnerable with this ogre looming over you. And when you try to bring it up to her afterwards, of course she gets her feelings hurt. Like how the fuck do you not realize how torturous this is to literally everyone around you? Get a weighted blanket to drag around instead if you need emotional support just to have dinner with friends or if he's a baby who can't manage alone at home then dump his ass.

No. 2074562

and the nigel often hates her friends. even if he doesn't show it, the passive aggression is there.

No. 2074568

Yes, forgot to add that part. Nigel always hates her friends and finds all this "girly talk" stupid and makes it very clear with passive aggressive behavior and body language. Great trying to catch up and talk about personal issues when a man-sized baby is sitting there rolling his eyes and sighing and yawning loudly while snapping at his girlfriend whenever she asks him something or tries to bring him into he conversation.

also fuck the broken ass "30-second" post timer that doesn't let me repost my reply I hate that too

No. 2074575

It's lose-lose because if by some miracle the scrote isn't terrible company, she will be pissed that you got along with him and will start drama. So they basically bring their scrote hoping for what exactly?? Idk

No. 2074576

everything you said gave me personal flashbacks kek except the moid wasn't even my friend's bf, he just assumed they were dating and would trail around and she was too scared to outright tell him to fuck off. he would give me dirty glares when i never said a single word to him, literally ever. i wasn't even close to that friend either and he still had beef with me.
like it's always clear a moid like that doesn't want his gf to be hanging out with her friends, he's just there to keep a jealous eye on her and that's why he's so snappy as you said. pathetic codependency.

No. 2074581

I hate what therapy is about.
I hate how therapy can't be sometimes just about emotional support and chatting and it has to be about making you into a slave for society as fast as post. I was in therapies since 14 and none of them even bothered to help me deal with my mother abuse or bothered to make me aware of the fact that my mother is brutalizing me, the center of attention was me, seen as the main problem, even when I had anorexia their solution was to force feed myself junk as fast as possible and viola you're fixed in weeks. Once I just wanted to talk about the kitty I found outside cause I love cats and she saw me as childish and was like omg you're 17/18 yo find a job useless bitch the adult life, it's coming soon stop talking about kitties and child things mind you I was incapable of withstanding more than two hours at school and she was talking about job while we finish school at at least 19/20 in my country, I didn't even have a driver's license, I lived in a village with no access to city unless u take a train from another village or have a car, it's 15 min drive at least to a small city and ofc I hid it but I never wanted to have a job at all of course bitch I am depressed I don't wanna work eight hours a day neither was capable of it but I couldn't tell it out of fear of punishment. I was at least 6 years into severe depression, severe crippling abuse, severe isolation and all I got was "you're the problem!!!" Anytime I did something that sticked out of social norms I was seen as a freak she didn't understand none of my feelings, she accused me of researching "smart words only specialists use" before therapy while I just knew these fucking words. None of them helped me with abuse, they assume all parents are good nice and always want good for you and just want to help you. And when I was a long time after curing the most extreme depression ever and making it into something much less severe I was met with misunderstanding still, anytime I expressed my feelings they were like "are you scared of being judged?" "Do you hate yourself" "do you have a low self esteem/self worth" while those feelings were long gone in me.
Let me talk about the kitty I found outside (which I always have to give away cause no animals in the house allowed) cause I had no one to talk to in my house and after years of isolation this was one of my only close interactions with other being irl in years and no I dgaf about participating in society actually And no I am no here willingly I was fotced by my mother who made me this crippled thanks! Yes I'm fucking childish so what idgaf about what life expects of me I won't fullfit those expectations I can't and couldn't but to fucking not realize my mother fucking destroyed me is not helping me stay safe from here Jesus Christ all they gaf about is next and next and next goal to make you a slave, no other talks and they say your parents will help lmaooo sure they do. All of those therapists also always commented on my looks like ohh you don't wear make up ohh you lost weight ohh you had a haircut ohh you had it again (the difference was so minimal how tf she noticed both hair and weight and hair my mother forced me to cut cause supposedly I look unhinged and ugly with long)

No. 2074582

A friend of mine tried that shit as soon as she got a bf after nearly a year of ignoring us, so the second time she did that shit I stopped talking to her or meeting her. I just vaguely reply to her messages in the group chat, and she barely posts there anyway. She even considered this for a dinner we all planned to see a friend irl one last time before she permanently moved to another country far away.

No. 2074583

Tf when a woman brings her Nigel into a vegan animal rights march while he only went vegan to acces her pussy

No. 2074584

Or when a bisexual woman brings her he/they Nigel to a pride event kek

No. 2074585

Sometimes it's because either one of them is extremely possessive and doesn't let the other one from their sights but I honestly feel like this is some sort of a stupid female conditioning where you need to be there for your Nigel at all times. I understand when teenagers do this because they do retarded antisocial shit all the time and want to show off their boyfriend but in your late 20's the latest you need to be able to wean him off.

I have actual war flashbacks to every time this happened.
>You: So I went to this place and..
>Her: Oh Nigel knows that place! You've been there, right? How was it, Nigel? Nonny's been talking about it all the time!
>Him: Nigel rolls his eyes and sighs dramatically
In worst cases they end up having a fight right in front of you and you just sit there staring at both and wondering if you should just pick up your bag and leave. Fuck, I'm so glad most women at my age are GLAD to get some time away with other girls away from the moid they have to stare at all the time at home.

I genuinely want to peer into the psyche of these women. How do they not cringe at the thought of dragging Nigel along everywhere and making everyone uncomfortable?

No. 2074589

>female conditioning
fuck, you're right. women are really expected to baby them everywhere kek

No. 2074592

>How do they not cringe at the thought of dragging Nigel along everywhere and making everyone uncomfortable?
If that can answer your question at least a little, that friend of mine thinks she's the main character so she makes everything about herself. She also brought friends with her to things we planned without telling us, never presented us to them or them to us yet acted as if we all knew each other as if we were one big friend group, and outed another friend as bi and one as lesbian or bi because they used to date, broke up, weren't on speaking terms anymore and that dumbass friend of ours took it personally because that meant they couldn't do cosplay photoshoots anymore.

No. 2074600

>She also brought friends with her to things we planned without telling us, never presented us to them or them to us yet acted as if we all knew each other as if we were one big friend group
Another trait that I can't fucking stand.
>Hey nonnies can I bring X and Y with me? They're great people I'm sure you'll get along with them!
>Cue awkward small talk and silence with these two people you know NOTHING about and are clearly as uncomfortable as you are while Friend enjoys being the center of attention since she's the only person everyone knows at the table
One time a friend brought a surprise guest who didn't speak our language (I'm ESL) and only knew basics in English and I felt as if I was holding my breath the entire time while those two conversed in their shared language my friend was fluent in and one that I don't speak at all.

No. 2074611

Genuinely weird. I have never done that nor my friends. I wonder how common it is. This has made me appreciate my friends even more now. The only thing I've seen happen is when someone starts dating and will only talk about their bfs non stop. A few made their entire personalities their nigels and I usually loose interest in talking to them.

No. 2074777

I hate trying to look up styling tips for my low browbone and all the search results being for, about and by Tims and facial feminization surgery shit.

No. 2074853

>browse /ot/ forgetting I’m using incognito mode
>see dog hate thread
>day ruined
I wish they would autosage it. At least the anons calling for the death of all brown people will get banned sometimes and don’t have an entire thread encouraging their mental derangement. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the same users.

No. 2074879

Just rehide the thread, it takes one single click.

No. 2074943

Ive decided that I hate zippers on dresses. Zippers on the back of a dress are stupid because then you need another person to help you get dressed and zippers on the side are stupid because they hurt my arms. Half the time the zipper itself is one of those shitty skinny ones that slip out of my fingers. I hate zippers.

No. 2074947

>Zippers on the back of a dress are stupid because then you need another person to help you get dressed
skill issue

No. 2074953

That's not even the content of the thread, don't get this upset about people that don't exist.

Old dresses have zipper or button placcards on the side and it's so much easier! I hate back zippers too, it's inhumane

No. 2074978

Fat moids. I feel even fat women can be cute or beautiful or even just easier to look at than fat men

No. 2074980

fat women are soft and warm
fat men are stinky and disgusting

No. 2074981

File: 1719938908032.jpeg (123.28 KB, 1256x706, IMG_4631.jpeg)

No. 2074989


No. 2074992

Don't piss on her leg and tell her it's raining, we all know what the content of the dog thread is.

No. 2074997

The last time I saw that thread I just saw racebait

No. 2075001

Except she didn’t excuse racism she was happy the race-baiters gets banned. Reading comprehension is in the shitter god damn

No. 2075006

Site-wide reading comprehension test fucking when?

No. 2075207

I hate males in the reborn doll community. I know it’s a creepy hobby, but a lot of the women there are genuinely sweet, and often going through an intense loss/trauma. The men though, I do not trust. This entire hobby is based off of realistic baby dolls, and whenever a man responds to one of my posts, I feel nauseous. I just don’t trust whatever men are doing with those baby dolls. This should be a woman exclusive hobby.

No. 2075217

idk much about the reborn doll community but the thought of a moid with one of those sent shivers up my spine. instincts say hard no.

No. 2075239

It’s actually not as terrible as you’d think. 90% of the women there are either infertile, grieving, or otherwise unable to start a family, and they really find comfort in the dolls, since they don’t have kids irl. They’re really sweet women, and while some of them can be a little extreme in how seriously they care for these dolls, they’re ultimately just women who find comfort in babies. The men, however, I do not trust for many reasons. It makes me squeamish to imagine these baby dolls with realistic silicon bodies and anatomical accuracy being in the hands of a man.

No. 2075275

I hate that thread so much it attracts all the worst posters. There is some psycho bitch there that hates both dogs and cats and is always writing about how it's ok to abuse them and how they all should get slaughtered, i'm pretty sure shes the one bumping it most of the time.

No. 2075277

why are the people obsessed with pitbulls always racists anyways

No. 2075285

why pitnutters always compare brutal animals bred for fighting with human being that have been enslaved? the racism is coming from inside the house, nonna.

No. 2075293

Nobody can convince me that outright hating a domesticated animal to the point you a-log them is normal or reasonable. I get being afraid of pitbulls because of how easy they are to make into dangerous weapons but hating any animal enough to write vitriolic violent fantasies about them is psycho behavior and reminds me of those baby monkey torturers.

No. 2075298

I hate the way zoomers type
>U r so ugly bro (skull emoji)fr (crying emoji) im going to kill u cuz ur so ugly fir real gurl!!!

No. 2075305

Yes. While I agree that pitbulls are dangerous, I can acknowledge that we can’t punish animals for not sharing our morals. It’s silly to hate an entirely different species for not sharing human sentiments. If they are a threat to society they should be put down as painlessly as possible. Finding joy in an animal’s in pain is deranged, no matter what the animal did. How do these people expect a low IQ pitbull to have decent human morals when they don’t seem to have any themselves?

No. 2075310

It’s pathetic how men act like ball kicking videos are a crime against humanity. Who cries in the comments of an injured MMA fighter like a 14 year old boy after his first break up? They’re straight up a hivemind, when one of them is hurt everyone else starts crying in unison without a hint of irony. Dog brained creatures

No. 2075313

Idk, I've seen both pitbull haters and lovers compare that dog to black people. Hell I saw a video on YT where a black woman said the hatred of Pitbulls is comparable to hating black people

No. 2075314

they are severely autistic and their parents likely never taught them how to interact with animals

No. 2075315

File: 1719957120985.jpeg (336.91 KB, 833x594, 9ABF2E1E-2872-4E9B-9A01-C7B74D…)


No. 2075316

I feel you nonna, you word is lit

No. 2075327

The last name Peoples. Where did that even originate from?

No. 2075360

File: 1719959459082.jpg (100.86 KB, 550x550, 550x550.jpg)

i hate this ugly ass bjork wannabe rapist bitch and her vomit inducing lyrics. the fuck is this

>Merging cells and flesh, I'm baby building all my insides

>Right to see the future right before my eyes
>I know what's coming, what's coming

>In the womb, get me out now, safe, and I'm sound

>Cut the cord, I'm comin'
>Out the blue, belly water too hot and cold
>Through with it, oh now she's birthing
>Feeling alive, the closer that I get to my life
>I'm pushing out the center, the core
>I'm swimming through the flower no more, no more

yeah we fucking get it birth birth vagina vagina period blood menstrual cycle vulva vagina clit clit. you are so in touch with your feminine sexuality or whatever, can you be more subtle about it? can you make it more interesting instead of just flat out describing biological processes? if i wanted to hear a lecture on human body i'd go to biology class. YOU WILL NEVER BE BJORK. she did it in a way that was actually creative, thought-out and sincere. you do it because it's trendy and your music is shit. GO BACK TO TUMBLR

No. 2075367

go back to your designated thread please

No. 2075369

File: 1719959683999.mp4 (106.99 KB, 450x360, VID_20240701_125719_803.mp4)

Why you always act so serious?
I said, "Baby boy, you know I'm on my period, " yeah
He bit the cherry down, he's delirious
Seeing red figures in his mirrors and
Acting like a real tough, furious
Blood swimming turned him amphibious
He says he doesn't care, that he's into this
It happens every time the new season hits
Skin ready for my heavy daily crème
I keep it handy
Womb shedding any lessons
Making room for blessings
Juice melting like raspberry pomegranate
It's so scary
How my aura got him howling at my moon cycle, baby
Now he kissing on the ground that I walk on
Tryna get another taste, but I'm all cramped up
Pain like a blade on the front lawn
But I don't give a fuck 'cause I'm so strong
I don't gotta act, I'm ethereous
I could win a fight on my period
Matter fact, right now I could build a pyramid
You're messin' with my cycle, that is dangerous

No. 2075376

The biggest Melanie Martinez fan I knew was a troon who told me women who never gave birth are “incomplete”.

No. 2075392

It’s funny because any woman could get pregnant at any second she wants and it’s not an achievement at all. Males on the other hand live for a chance to reproduce as their ultimate goal and project that onto us. He’s probably very aware of his infertility and male worthlessness

No. 2075403

File: 1719961359564.jpg (276.78 KB, 822x1539, IMG_3098141.jpg)


No. 2075404

who cares how about we do something about the marilyn manson type moids in the industry instead

No. 2075409

I agree, Drake and Diddy too

No. 2075410

i don't care about moid celebrites enough to know what you're talking about

No. 2075412

I'll always pray for moids downfalls before even the problematic women's downfalls because they're moids, amen

No. 2075413

These songs may be cringe but I rather have an insane and weird cringe woman being creative and singing about her period and wombs than yet another fucking hyperpop troon singing about being a sexy bimbo, cock sucking and anal licking.

No. 2075414

tortured artist type moids who fetishise their mental problems one way or another and have handmaiden teens swooning all over them. johnny depp but music style. they're an example of what happens when you have untreated bpd moids running around and abusing positions of power.
men who sing about how bad or ugly they are for "satire" often are actually the characters they portray irl.
had one of my comfort music artists outed as a pedophile who wanted a little underage girlfriend for his fetish recently and jacked off to her fucking diaper toddler photos. no more hope

No. 2075415

Wow this was a beautiful condemnation of that disgusting fraud. I applaud you for this. This is my favourite post out of all the posts I've seen in the last few weeks.

No. 2075418

They're not even that bad kek you're overreacting. At least she's not rapping singing "blood coming out of mah verjina, verjina" or something like that
>hyperpop troon
God, about 10 names came to mind just now wtf.

No. 2075422

Imagine not wanting to bully your moid into submission and making him lick your period clean. I though this website was for stacies

No. 2075425

Melanie's music is unbearable to me because it's a shallow person who thinks they're deep trying to sing about "deep" shit. her ddlg aesthetic and majority coquette fanbase doesn't help either

No. 2075426

Seriously, like even WAP has more raunchy lyrics and anon is literally mad at normal female biological processes lmao, what about making a post about songs with misogyny on them instead

No. 2075428

for real. moon cycle is a really badly produced song, idc about her herself, but the lyrics are anti-moid to me so stacy

No. 2075431

jared leto except he never seems to actually be punished for anything

No. 2075437

It's not that deep kek, they have decent flow. As another anons said would you rather it be moidpandering or a troon instead?
Wilbur Soot and all his handmaiden underage fans who are mad he didn't abuse them instead. he's not particularly famous though

No. 2075439

i hate every tranny at gdq. i increasingly have to mute my favorite biannual charity event b/c of their screeching. sat thru an entire speedrun last night where they named the character "trans rights", literally unenjoyable.

No. 2075441

kek that faggot tried replatforming himself on a story around a month ago and it was probably the front camera but looked like he lost a lot of weight and became a skinny vaping kid from high school.

No. 2075446

Agreed, I used to watch gdq in the background but it has become so unbearable with all the tranny voices and gender pandering. Only stream I will retroactively watch will be the Dan Salvato one, just cause I'm curious

No. 2075448

Nta but I've been laughing at this for the past min irl thank you
Kek so many songs about raping and drugging women and girls and you're mad at one about a woman's period? Start forcing your Nigel to lick your period >>2075422 based

No. 2075453

Tbh I don't like dogs much and especially not pitbulls, but some of those anons in that thread have really encouraged me to get the fuck over it and try to be normaller. So, hey, there's some good deed? Right?

Also at one point there was an anon literally always talking abt bestiality. Now it seems like one is always posting those anti-semite borzoi ones. So yeah maybe… autosage…

No. 2075456

When I get IP spoofed by some moid or baiter and then it says I'm banned for a following post which I didn't even write.
And toilet paper prices. I use water now and I've felt substantially better. If you're not using water you're inferior to me

No. 2075457

>I thought this site was for stacies
Real stacies understand time and place. I don't want to be in Walmart and hearing that from the speakers while I look at lettuce because it's on the store's Alt Indie playlist. Porn has rotted peoples' heads so now they think music should be about the sex organs. It's different for songs like "If U Seek Amy" by Britney because that song was well-written and actually subversive and a critique of of the mainstream 24/h news cycle, it caused a moral panic, because it fucked with peoples' ideas. This new music like WAP or WOMB isn't subversive in that way. It's just produced to shock people, the lyrics don't actually stop to make people think.

Inb4 "oh it's an erotic song you just hate talk about sex!!" No. I don't think erotic songs are necessarily bad, some are beautiful. But the thing is, talking about your sex organs in that way (like in WAP) is not erotic at all, it's pornographic. Pornography is weird because most people think that pornography is erotic, but pornography is the opposite of the erotic. The erotic is focused on the beauty of human sexuality, the Other invites you to to desire it, but always discreetly so. Eroticism is not blatant, it's personal and quiet. It's the expression of sexuality that predicates and powers the act of sex. Pornography is the opposite: it's a graphic presentation of sex that is removed from the contexts that it happens in. Pornography demeans the act of sex. Pornography doesn't invite the Self to desire it; it presents itself the Self to be desired. If you wanna know what I mean, read a passage from a highly rated erotica novel and compare it to a passage found in a pulp porno magazine, and you will see the difference very quickly. Pornography is basically "sex for sale," and true sexuality or eroticism can never be bought or sold. Artists know that porn sells, so they make their porn songs that diminish something that should be so sacred.

No. 2075458

Yeah the dog hate thread strikes me as people who don't actually like animals and the fact that anons on there actively seek out animal adoption listings online just to shit on the dogs and call them ugly and gross makes me uncomfortable

No. 2075459

File: 1719964322213.jpg (14.96 KB, 640x360, 3beb4d97d23d542e90cfb800d329a1…)


No. 2075460

I love animals, pitbulls just scare me a lot. I don't like the obsessive anons though

No. 2075461

of women piss me off sometimes like there is nothing boast-worthy about selling pussy pics for 5, 10, fuck, even 40 usd a month. you aren't some siren temptress luring money from the pockets of stupid men, you are not a high class escort men are clamoring to see, you are an inexpensive commodity. you ARE lowering the standing of women everywhere. maybe if they were all charging 100 usd and that was where money tiers started i'd get it but every time i see a woman peddling her of + bragging about it i just get irritated

No. 2075462

nta but it's not that deep, no need for the circle sperging kek

No. 2075463

Unironically I would love for you to do an eroticism vs. pornographic comparing the aforementioned songs with something like Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing which played on the radio a lot when I was growing up. Maybe more appropriate for a different thread, but I need that spergery.

No. 2075464

I want to hear songs about periods and wombs in my wallmart indie playlist actually, better than the same top 100 rap songs about sex, drugs and prostitution

No. 2075467

You just sound blinded by nostalgia tbh. If wap or womb or a song named lick my pussy blood came out in the early 2010s you'd say the same praise about it.
Music sperging is so funny to me tbh. It's just a bunch of notes and composition
And manipulating men

No. 2075468

I find it funny whenever there's a meme video of a man being kicked in the balls and all the comments are "we all felt that" "us brothers felt that" "like if you understand"
Neanderthals fr.

No. 2075471

>a song named lick my pussy blood
Let's fund it

No. 2075473

Anytime somewhere in public, whether it's an influencer online or a big fish on tv or in the newspaper says "Europe" for shit that aren't a "Yurop" thing. I don't wanna go too off topic here (cuz that's more something for the tinfoil thread) but the "X thing in Europe", like
>"speaking a European language"
in the travel thread, or
>"We are Europeans"
are nonsensical statements for a glob of identity that we're supposed to be when we're about 50 countries (which is about 1/4th of all official countries of the planet), just like you can't call people from North Korea, Vietnam or Sri Lanka just "Asian", or say you speak "an Asian language".
My perspective on what Europe is is definitely not the one the nonnas here in Slovenia or Sweden have, and vice versa. I'm not saying gatekeep shit, I just don't want our unique perspectives, ways of life and cultures to have to fuse like two or three different colors of play doh clay turning into a giant mess. And I'm tired of people trying to make it so.

No. 2075478

eastern europe vs western europe meme incoming.

No. 2075486

File: 1719965579552.png (27.23 KB, 500x500, baito.png)

Anons replying to bait after it's been redtexted. Don't care so much before it's redtexted and ambiguous but when there's giant bold red text telling you it's bait, what more could you retards possibly need?

No. 2075488

I agree. It's frustrating, I remember once there was this huge sperg out about shit and then the farmhands kept banning them for shit derail but they just kept posting it it was so freaking annoying. Like nobody cares about your gut health sorry. Read the room.

No. 2075523

File: 1719966587914.png (16.04 KB, 461x414, reply.png)

No. 2075530

Samefag the site has had that maintenance warning up for months. Either put a reminder up there or in reply box to not respond.

No. 2075566

>teacher said not to!!! It’s even in red and everything!!!!!!!
women are such rule-followers it’s unreal(baiting)

No. 2075567

just reported you for baiting

No. 2075571

File: 1719968446069.png (1.36 MB, 1003x1015, image.png)


No. 2075574

I bet you stuck forks into the electrical socket when you were a kid.(responding to bait)

No. 2075580

Its so annoying, you're not sticking it to the person who posted it, you're just giving them attention and likely sparking an infight or derail. Its like they don't comprehend the meaning of the word "bait". I feel like anons understood this better before, post pandemic anons are annoying and make this site less enjoyable. And then anons wonder why everyday bait is being posted - CAUSE YOU KEEP REPLYING TO IT!

No. 2075587

i wrote a verse but i dont wanna get banned for derailing

No. 2075603

I bet you ate rocks as a kid

No. 2075608

I bet you reminded the teacher when she forgot to assign homework as a kid.

No. 2075611

Is this real? it should be

No. 2075615

No. 2075617

File: 1719970131313.jpg (133.62 KB, 750x1000, flat_2C750x_2C075_2Cf-pad_2C75…)


No. 2075621


>i hate this one woman doing stupid shit

>uuuhhh but what about MOIDS?? did you forget about MOIDS??? are you aware there are MEN who are RAPISTS and PEDOPHILES???? have you not heard about male celebrity #3927483 diddling kids??? would you rather listen to MEN rap about FUCKING BITCHES??? why not write a post about MEN instead?!
FUCK YOU you are all retarded and i hate you. next time a woman does something annoying remember that you are NOT ALLOWED to feel any negative emotions towards her or GOD FORBID rant about it online because horrible men exist. if i knew you're going to be like this i would've taken it to the bechdel test thread ffs. do you realize it's possible to dislike several things at once? should've i added a disclaimer listing every other thing i hate about music industry including groomer-rapist-pedo scrotes, hyperpop trannies and bitches-on-my-dick rap etc???? where the fuck in my post did i say i'm fine with any of these? learn how to read and let me sperg in peace
as i already said in >>2075410 i am completely unaware of what's going on with male celebrities and i'd like it to stay that way
the only thing i know about drake is that he's a fag and a lesbian. diddy shmiddy literally who. don't tell me because i don't care
just say you hate niggers nona i know you want to. rap or not this is shit
make your own post then. i'm sure it'll be different from the 93827298379 other posts about misogynistic songs on this website
wap was ages ago i forgot it even existed. i am not mad about female biological processes i am mad about lack of taste. you are probably the kind of person who likes these ugly ass mass-produced female body-shaped vases as if they're some profound le feminist le bodypositive pieces of art
you can bully moids in more sanitary ways. do you peg them too? gross
i'd rather kill myself than listen to either
>melanie martinez
>anti-moid stacy
kek nona she built her career on DDLG but it's okay to not know that. i wish i didn't
exactly, thank you. it's bad not because it talks about sex and biological processes, it's bad because it does it in a way that's boring, tacky, distasteful and completely uncreative. you could make a song that would just go "VAGINA" on repeat for 5 minutes and as long as it's not rap some anons here will praise it just because it's about a female body part. and even that would be more interesting than anything melanie has ever made. you have to be blind and deaf to not see through her tryhard forest nymph pinterest goblincore fairycore dollar store bjork imitation. she wants to make music as sensual as hers but lacks personality and talent required and ends up with tiktok-tier word/sound salad instead.
thank you

i also want to add that it's funny how hard you cape for her because she's a woman singing about her vagina when she's a she/they tranny pandering retard. i know bjork collaborated with a tranny leave my nana alone i'll take my infighting ban now, i said what i said

repost because mixed up some post tags(infighting)

No. 2075623

did you seriously have to post this twice? you make me ashamed of liking bjork.

No. 2075624

why did you have to reply to all of them

No. 2075625


No. 2075626

is this in response to my deleted melanie rant post? i actually forgot, thanks for reminding me
because it's fun. why did you have to reply to me

No. 2075629

i think you should take a break from this site for a bit

No. 2075630

>drake is a fag and a lesbian
drake transvestisgation anon this u??

No. 2075631

don't reply to bait, she clearly wants attention

No. 2075634

You're kinda based, I love you.

No. 2075638

i'm depressed not schizo. this is the hate thread why are you surprised i'm hating here
fuck this website why did the video get attached again. watch it twice i guess
i want to hate on shit without anons telling me to hate on moids instead. in fact i am the one who got baited into getting mad at your stupid responses

sorry for ban evading i needed to post this last one. my apologies for being mean, i actually love you all, even the ones with horrible taste in music. i'll go catch some z's now, goodnight nonnies.(ban evasion)

No. 2075641

get well soon and I hope you feel better tomorrow

No. 2075655

girl I like pagan poetry too but bjork literally sucks dick in that video

No. 2075669

I can’t get into husbando culture on this imageboard. It’s either bland animu boys or geriatric faggots.

No. 2075677

Anons were giving you shit for no reason, Smellanie was literally just writing about birth, no real poetry to it. It's "WAOOOOWWWWW GIVING BIRTH BC IT'S KIND OF WEIRD TO BE SINGING ABOUT IT INNIT?". I want more allegories relating women to godhood tbh. She was just like yeah the baby comes out a pussy!

No. 2075678

what are you into?

No. 2075684

Did the moid she sucked off in that video leave her later on or turn out to be a shitty guy? I'm curious.

No. 2075688

I've heard that at least one of her partners did that, yes

No. 2075689

Tbf, husbando culture started because of animu boys. But I kinda agree. I want to post and be part of the discussions but it feels everyone is trying to out weird each other in the husbando thread with their choice of husbando. I want to chalk it up to them being genuinely weird and autistic and not it being a fleeting trend, but sometimes it feels like the latter more than the former. Also some of the discussions there are starting to sound like the yaoi thread with all the abuse and gore stuff. This is a neutral statement, just an observation.

No. 2075690

The song is about her being reborn, it has shitty lyrics but it wasn't just because

No. 2075692

Lowkey had the feeling with how unhinged she was in that song and music video, especially the wedding dress being sewed into her skin. Why would anyone do that for anyone? No one is ever worth this shit wtf. Was she mentally ill, too?

No. 2075694

The wedding dress is more of a performance piece thing going on to be frank

No. 2075695

Continue please, I actually need more husbando thread analysis, because I think it doesn't feel the same as it used to be at the start

No. 2075719

Oh, I haven't used it before, I only started posting recently when my obsession with my husbando peaked, but now I'm back to square 1 of feeling weird about posting about him. That aside, I think another issue is how whenever there's a husbandofag with a character from a popular show, someone makes a thread on /m/ for that show, which kinda divides and dilutes the husbando thread because that husbandofag basically immigrated to the show thread to sperg out about him instead, so the husbando thread gets used less. There was also the picrew issue where some anons thought it was spam and belongs on the dress up games thread on /m/, while others think it's ok to post in the husbando thread. There's also the slight infight between husbandofags and the ugly man psyop thread anons which I think is kinda unnecessary even if I agree that some of the husbandos are ugly, I just give anons the benefit of the doubt and hope they're genuine and sincere about their attraction. Kinda like the spongebob autistic woman who draws him as a demon possessed roidpig. I think she's very adorable and I love her dedication. Won't mention specific names, but some husbandos of choice are all there because their shows are trendy, once the trend dies out the anons posting about them disappear. Kinda sad that they can't truly stay dedicated, but it's up to them at the end of the day.
Another thing is how some of those husbandos are shallower than a puddle writing wise, so it always confuses me how could anyone fall in love with such nobodies like that, and I guess part of it is their designs being attractive, but I feel like that isn't enough to call him a husbando, you know? The funniest thing to me though is Nigel-haver husbandofags, it kinda feels like an oxymoron. No hate to them though, I just think it's weird how they can juggle being in love with a real man vs. a fictional character. I don't want to start autistically analyze that and start an infight though. But I'll just say that one should replace the other and I feel like the two can't coexist, but this is just me being retarded because I refuse to fall in love with a real person, they're all insufferable to me and I find relationships irl icky, so I substitute it with my husbando fantasies that go my way and I have total control over 24/7, so I can't fathom someone wanting both things at the same time.

No. 2075723

No. 2075725

Not her but there's way more avatarfags and underage sounding posters for one. And I think them not using the picrew thread for their pic dumps is probably because they don't even bother exploring the rest of the site. Idk they just don't come across as regular farmers anymore, it feels like a discord in there now.

No. 2075726

Anime-styled guys but like… not genshit or shounen? Idk how to describe it. I like some characters from final fantasy.

No. 2075728

>it feels like a discord in there now.
It has the highest amount of personalityfags per capita on the entire site and the way they slowly start to refer to eachother as [x]-chan or [x]-anon really makes it feel like discord. It just feels like a bunch of attention seekers trying to become the next komaedachan or something.

No. 2075729

File: 1719976038931.jpeg (13.47 KB, 560x452, images (2) (15).jpeg)

btw nobody said you were fine with them
ban me for infighting, goodnight too

No. 2075733

Damn, what did I come back to. Ah, I see.
Anyway, I hate "fat free mayonnaise". So mayonnaise without the egg and oil, basically

No. 2075736

you have to post it

No. 2075737

File: 1719976304320.jpg (55.76 KB, 735x550, fffeae878b7cfff7e01d9150864d21…)

My husbandos are ugly and gay and I don't feel like justifying my attractions anymore so I stopped posting. I also used to gorepost quite a lot but I took my meds and now I'm chilling with my bae, no more violence, love and peace

No. 2075741

>That aside, I think another issue is how whenever there's a husbandofag with a character from a popular show, someone makes a thread on /m/ for that show, which kinda divides and dilutes the husbando thread because that husbandofag basically immigrated to the show thread to sperg out about him instead, so the husbando thread gets used less
I disagree, those threads get used by people who aren't husbandofags and want to have more normal conversations as well. And I see the husbandofag thread constantly getting bumped so I don't think it being used less is an issue kek
>There was also the picrew issue where some anons thought it was spam and belongs on the dress up games thread on /m/, while others think it's ok to post in the husbando thread.
I wish there was a rule to keep it over there tbh
> I just think it's weird how they can juggle being in love with a real man vs. a fictional character. I don't want to start autistically analyze that and start an infight though. But I'll just say that one should replace the other and I feel like the two can't coexist, but this is just me being retarded because I refuse to fall in love with a real person
I get where you're coming from but the thread is for all husbandofags, not just the very dedicated ones. That's how the thread started, everyone was welcomed to participate. I think a lot of people with husbandos just see them as normies would see any male celeb, it's just fun to fantasize about.

No. 2075746

>My husbandos are ugly and gay and I don't feel like justifying my attractions anymore so I stopped posting.
My husbando(s) always get called names on lc (not that thread, just in general) so I don't really care about sharing my thoughts about him anymore, I like keeping it private.

No. 2075748

How the gay community enables pedophilia. The pedo problem there is rampant and rarely gets called out. Austin Wolf is only the tip of the iceberg. I know straight men are terrible too, but they get called out more than faggots do.

No. 2075750

Music sperging tbh because the topic came up in here kek. As another anon said it's just notes and composition. If I don't like the lyrics sometimes I make a piano cover taking all the notes and chords and listen to that because notes good.
Nobody knows who tf my husbando is so I keep quiet about him anyway kek

No. 2075757

>Idk they just don't come across as regular farmers anymore, it feels like a discord in there now.
Yeah that's what I was afraid of, the first threads had a more shitposty vibe for funsies, I'm too lazy to explain but there was a specific reason why the retarded husbandoposting thread was made in the first place and it wasn't a containment thread, it really was just for fun, I don't hate nor dislike the newer husbandofags, it's just very discord-esque in there I must admit
Nothing wrong with that, you're welcome to join if you want

No. 2075763

A bunch of my husbandos back when I was an anime fan were considered controversial, usually villains, older, ugly or both so I was used to the bullying but I think I only posted one of them here once and after that I was too embarrassed to ever post him again

No. 2075765

I once offered to start up a discord for husbandofags albeit it was for the irl husbandofags which I used to be, but it never got off the ground because I was going through the wringer and didn't finish setting up the server

I think the fictional husbandofags could benefit from a server for themselves

No. 2075772

Sometimes I want to vent in a specific place without dragging it out to non-related threads. Also is ant to be able to ask non-pc questions

No. 2075773

hes so ugly

No. 2075776

This was like the purple/turquoise of the 90s. Also turquoise/brown was popular int he 2000s. Maybe sage green/turquoise will be the color combo of the decade

No. 2075777

How do you like your fantasy characters to be written?

No. 2075778

They have a very "it isnt harmful" approach to gay pedophilia an alarming majority of the time, due mostly to many gay men being autopedophiles themselves. This is why men with sexual abuse allegations align themselves with the gay community to use as a smokescreen. Through no actual fault of gay men on their own (other than their silence really) pedophiles will pose as gay men together in order to adopt children and abuse them etc. It isnt a conspiracy, its just opportunism. Predators go where they can have an untouchable backstory and leverage. One that comes to mind that's kind of obscure is Peter Sotos, a shitty noise musician who releases obsessive sex abuse content he claims to be avant garde and uncomfortable to be "thought provoking". He has a whole album of women and young girls recounting being raped, made tons of collages of teens with implications of torture and murder etc, and every time people meet him in person he claims to be a gay man so he doesnt get the shit beat out of him for being a nonce. The singer for deathspell omega comes to mind too, he had a project called Nicole12 that Sotos was a huge fan of and was adjacent to. All you have to do is google Nicole12 and it speaks for itself, the images that come up arent even the worst ones. I do believe all communities have a responsibility to be outspoken toward predators but unfortunately pretending to be gay or trans when you like children has become quite the safe haven. A lot of people have made jokes about Austin Wolf being a pedo and having a weird telegram account or whatever and only now is it convenient to condemn him for what was already known. In the end, if theyre hot or have a huge cock they don't care at all in the slightest for the most part unless there is proof of particularly heinous violations.

No. 2075782

Social media short vertical reels. Yes we all know they cause brain damage but every platform adopting them even Reddit makes me want to a-log on the anti social media thread.
Also where did Instagram reel pedos and religious moids migrate from? They didn't spawn in like a new game, they have to have come from somewhere. Don't say Twitter, it's gotta be somewhere else.

No. 2075784

They literally think we have a spiritual connection with them, the “pain of persecution”. I never even heard of this nonsense until 2020. The year America broke her brain

No. 2075786

Turquoise + bubblegum pink is very popular at the moment, specially in gamer girl setups and troon related content

No. 2075790

>I think the fictional husbandofags could benefit from a server for themselves
that would make it more cliquey and some drama will come from that eventually, don't enable their discord user shenanigans please. Also a yume discord server existed already but who knows what happened to it

No. 2075791

My inner 8yo child who loved these colors cries in agony at this fact every day. Troons I've seen like a more sky blue though compared to turquoise since it's their flag so I can luck out most of the time

No. 2075796

Internet access id more available than ever before. All the Muslim guys from before an now comment and harass western women. The internet should be a rich country exclusive thing

No. 2075811

>The internet should be a rich country exclusive thing
I wouldn't be able to shitpost with my nonnies then kek

No. 2075820

The fucking hawk ptuah meme or whatever you spell it as. Not the girl herself but how did it get so popular? How the fuck is this shit funny other than to fugly moids with their dicks in their hands.

No. 2075825

Because men are retarded

No. 2075826

Yeah I don't get it either

No. 2075829

I thought it was funny but men ruin everything as usual.

No. 2075831

Blowjob reference

No. 2075837

moid humour: so you see here, the joke is seggz. that's the joke. the punchline is porn (and a woman who can pick me enough for it).

No. 2075843

I hate finding nice art and going on the profile to see if they have any other good art and the bio is a girl as young as 13 drawing vile porn while openly sharing their age and face. It's not just two characters having sex, it's degenerate moid tier kinks and it just fills me with a disproportionate amount of disgust how exposed they are to hardcore porn. At this point I hate anyone under the age of 16 on the internet, raise it to 18 even

No. 2075846

men don't deserve blowjobs. not once will they ever go down on a clit so fuck that shit.

No. 2075847

File: 1719982510945.jpg (749.21 KB, 1440x1920, IMG_20240703_145408.jpg)

No. 2075873

I hate sleeping with somebody in the same bed. There is million reasons why that i can excuse but this one reason is pretty specific. Someimes early in the morning i get allergies and i just can't cough or blow my nose because i would wake the person up. So i have to get up, go far away to finally cough and i'm woken up too much already i can't go back to sleep REEEEE

No. 2076011

tbh I don’t understand the husbando thing in general

No. 2076019

I hate both the dog and cat hate threads. I don't care about any justifications, they just sicken me.

No. 2076149

>a thread on /m/ for that show
That's not the same as the husbando thread, and it shouldn't be. Sometimes people want to talk about the show and not the character, the husbando thread has enough traffic, so that's really a nonissue.
>Kinda sad that they can't truly stay dedicated
>Nigel-haver husbandofags
You are convoluting the dedicated husbandofags with the rest. That thread isn't the dedicated husbando thread, and that wasn't even the husbando threads, it was a general hornyposting thread that turned into husbandosperg due to most posters talking about their husbandos. We have a specific thread for devoted yume thread and you should use that instead.
All boards feel like that, I can't say if it's the summerfags, but it has been like that for a while now. I rarely post about my husbando, maybe once per thread. It just doesn't feel the same.
>it wasn't a containment thread
I'm pretty sure it was a containment thread for horny shitposting, but it was like you said, it used to have a silly fun vibe.

No. 2076155

>hawk ptuah
Just reading this shit grosses me out to the core, it's just so vulgar and the moid pandering context ain't helping

No. 2076156

Women who watch you get abused in public, take a look at you and don’t help. Just watched a video where somebody commented that and it reminds me how much most women are not your friend.

No. 2076158

On occasion I log back into my old facebook account to chat to my family, some dropkick from highschool got hawk ptuah tattoo'd on him and changed his license plate to it.

No. 2076159

Someones husbando is Orochimaru.. I dont get it

No. 2076176

Abused by who? A scrote? Why should you expect a random woman to put herself in danger because of your poor romantic choices?

No. 2076179

i've always wanted to slice my husbando open, i just kept it hidden until i saw other anons who mentioned it. anyway i agree the threads have changed and aren't as comfy anymore, but i'm not sure what exactly changed. anons are always trying to other themselves from the community as a whole instead of having unity and that seems to be part of the problem.

No. 2076182

KEK. Is he gay? If he's not gay, do you think he realizes tattooing that on himself is incredibly gay? That's like getting the words "sucking dick" tattooed on yourself.

No. 2076188

Nta but who said anything about romantic partners? You’re already trying to put the blame on a woman for being abused because she "made poor choices" in a fictional scenario you made up in your head kek exactly proving OPs point

No. 2076218

I don't think I could blame a lone woman for not stepping into a situation that might be dangerous for her, but it's no good if there's a group of women watching something bad go down and don't help or at least make some noise.

No. 2076228

Misogyny is acceptable for few women and it’s those kinds of women

No. 2076250

Got into watching video essays about movies again I hate that YouTube comment section is just copypasted quotes from the film, truisms, overused jokes and surface level critique. Dead internet theory and bots fr.

No. 2076253

Yeah that's me (although he's not my main guy anymore), and honestly I get you, he is an acquired taste.

No. 2076274

I hate when you’re low on food and to satisfy your hunger you have to eat two things that don’t go together at all. I just had to combine a mexican frozen burrito with whitefish on rye bread.

No. 2076371

No, just embarrassing

No. 2076529

Oh my fucking god. I fucking hate the retards that are taxi drivers (Uber whatever) and don't know where the fuck you are even when you explain where the fuck you are and send (usually) him the fucking GPS location thing and then fucking calls you to ask where the fuck you are, why? Whe the fuck do you need me to tell you? You already fucking know, stop wasting time and keep driving Jesus.
I get it when the driver is a woman because I would like to make sure I will drive for another woman and that this isn't some moid tricking meto assault me, but why would a moid need to call me to know where the fuck I am if my whole ass fucking address is plastered all over the fucking app??

No. 2076781

Shouldn't have googled that

No. 2076784

>peter sotos
not that i think it's fine that he wrote about dead little girls and all that, but i have read some of his work and he also writes fiction about raping men and giving them AIDS and etc. so at least he's an equal opportunity psychopath i suppose.

No. 2076940

File: 1720051591491.jpg (147.01 KB, 736x1308, 1000038716.jpg)


No. 2076941

A company leaving money on the table once again because they chose coomer moids over husbandofags.

No. 2076944

Is it supposed to be Lois Griffin from Family Guy??

No. 2076950

File: 1720052438008.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.26 KB, 666x554, 1717725425417.jpg)

NTA but you reminded me of something I hate

No. 2076952

Me when I get caught ban evading

No. 2076953

They faces killing me why nobody gaf

No. 2076978

No. 2077164

i hate those headphones with the cat ears on them that literally every ethot owns. they look tacky and infantalizing, and they're impractical asf because they're always fucking top heavy and slip off the moment you lean over or look down too far

No. 2077167

they make me stop laughing

No. 2077171

I want to like them cause it's everything I like (cats, headphones) but I just can't get with them.

No. 2077217

Fat girls with big tits. They make it their whole personality (when it’s because they’re fat) and make sure everyone gets to see. This girl I know just posted a picture and I swear her cleavage takes up half the photo, it’s genuinely kind of revolting (i could see titty acne too). Why? They’re always insecure pick-mes overcompensating.

No. 2077234

When I'm in the shower scrubbing my pits and my tits are just shaking to and fro. Its fucking irritating. And yes, I am writing this right after a shower.

No. 2077245

Can't relate usually my pits shake fro and to whilst I scrub my tits

No. 2077394

This reminds me of when women try to bait men for attention only you're putting it here of all places. Are you sure you aren't in a sissy hypno trance and got lost

No. 2077408

File: 1720082691479.jpg (94.04 KB, 720x526, 1000004017.jpg)

Indeed… they do.

No. 2077413

the irony of posting a vid like this wearing a peak 2015 caked on look and those brows…

No. 2077415

There are some extremely talented gay men who have pioneered makeup (Kevin Aucoin) and I miss when the makeup influencers were like Wayne Goss and not annoying men with beards in a constant full lash cut crease look.

No. 2077421

Sorry, I forgot women are not allowed to talk about our own breasts. Having two bags of fat on your chest is annoying and inconvenient sometimes, anon. Not my fault
Assuming that's a scar on his eyebrow, why doesn't he just cover it with makeup? It looks like his eyebrow is separating.

No. 2077429

It's a scar and covering it with makeup would most likely look very weird or unnatural because of how big his eyebrows are.

No. 2077431

Actually it would be extremely easy to cover up because it's such a small and thin scar he would just have to fill it lightly and then brush the hairs over with gel. I don't think the scar is an issue he just looks dumb

No. 2077440

It would look dumb irl, saying this because I have similar eyebrows. But on screen maybe it wouldn't be too bad actually.

No. 2077442

Lol no it wouldn't. The scar is so thin and his eyebrows are so thick and groomed with gel anyways. All he would have to do is brush some of the dense hairs over and set them and it wouldn't be noticeable. I think you're just incapable of using or comprehending makeup or something.

No. 2077444

Tampons. I have always hated tampons and worn pads, and for some reason my choice of period product got me bullied in school because pads are gross and for fundie Christian horse girls apparently. Tampons just made my periods worse so I refused to use them. A recent study I read found that tampons contained lead and other heavy metals which are absorbed through the vaginal mucosa. Organic tampons used in the study contained less lead but more arsenic. This was observed globally. I am once again proven right and will continue shilling cloth pads until the day I die, Big Tampon will not get me.

Not sure if I can post links but the article is
>Tampons as a source of exposure to metal(loid)s

No. 2077453

Women who are genuinely jealous of other women being sexually harassed and assaulted have a special place in hell. Shut up with your passive aggressive remarks about how "you must be so ugly because no man ever catcalled or groped you", just shut up. I'm a butch lesbian and even I've gotten sexually harassed by men for multiple times and it's degrading, embarrassing, a traumatizing experience. Making it into a popularity/beauty contest is sick and an actual proof of how genuinely fucked female socialization is when instead of sympathizing you envy her and weaponize your feelings into accusing her of deserving it, and even "not appreciating" the great privilege of "being desirable".

No. 2077455

Men will fuck literally anything

No. 2077464

I am very fucking ugly and even I got harassed by moids. If you have a vagina and a pair of tits moids will come after you. Even if I'd love to be pretty I would never want to be desirable to men, these women are just huge pickmes who drool at the slightest male attention and they will regret it.

No. 2077466

Pickmes who excessively laugh at an unfunny moid's jokes

No. 2077467

Men who think that all women desire sexual harassment or aren't pretty enough to be constantly sexually harassed are worse

No. 2077474

If anything being ugly makes the scrotes feel more entitled to your attention.

No. 2077475

I get it and mostly agree with you but I've noticed that a lot of online discourse about sexual harassment implies that every woman is sexually harassed all the time walking down the street. So the shut-in NEET-chans who never leave the house or live in a country where catcalling doesn't happen as often as in NYC read that as "I am ugly and invisible". Is it still tone-deaf? Yes absolutely but it's not rocket science, just autism.

No. 2077496

Thank you for this. I love cats as animals, but I hate the whole cat boy/girl thing and people acting and trying to look like cats. It's so creepy and comes off furry/zoophilic to me.

No. 2077499

Shut-in NEET-chans get harassed online. It happens literally everywhere, even more so in the internet.

No. 2077501

This is a non-problem that you've made up

No. 2077502

I've read this a few times and I realize you're coming to defense of these women and you're right, a lot of these "jealous" women aren't jealous at all. I gave anon the benefit of the doubt and assumed she's talking about pickme Natalie Nunn and old lady types who are desperate for a crumb of male attention, not made up neets.

No. 2077503

Most of them don’t participate in online communities enough to be harassed by men. I’ve actually never been harassed, online or offline. Neither have most of my friends which yes, I do have. Insisting all women will get harassed at all times guaranteed is just going to have more women thinking there’s something wrong with them. Which is something you claim you hate and don’t want, so maybe stop inviting it.

No. 2077504

It’s a problem to me because it happens to me. So I will continue to talk about it, die mad.

No. 2077506

That's a hell of a spin, jesus christ. Thanks for offering a window into the mind of a woman who thinks it's a personal attack that other women get sexually harassed while she's "missing out".

No. 2077507

I don’t think I’m missing out, I just think not all women get harassed as everyone online claims including you. I don’t have or want male attention but if you say something aggressive you should expect people to respond in kind.

No. 2077516

Thinking you're ugly because you don't leave the house to get sexually harassed? Girl grow up

No. 2077518

You have to be old or genuinely beat like a dead dog to talk like this kek. Yes honey, just because it doesn't happen to you means it doesn't happen. Men are sooo pious and discerning.

No. 2077530

She already said she's a NEET who doesn't go out or meet people so she feels hurt by the assumption that "all women experience sexual harassment" which makes her feel "less like a woman", which is honestly just a very sick mindset to have. She thinks that because so many women publicly talk about the sexual harassment they experience it's a personal attack against her. Basically an inferiority complex caused by FOMO. From sexual harassment. I hope she realizes how stupid it sounds when laid out like it is, actual detachment from the real world kind of beat.

No. 2077536

And then goes on to say akshually it doesn't really happen women are exaggerating and men don't constantly sexually harass women its all hyperbole. Doubt it's a woman.

No. 2077537

File: 1720098328671.jpg (30.06 KB, 637x637, 1000004018.jpg)

Colored contacts are so fucking ugly and whenever they use these ugly as fuck ridiculous looking circle lenses in big budget Hollywood productions it's way worse. Who approved these? It looks insanely stupid. Just edit them post production or get better ones and not ones that have these insane ginormous limbal rings. Contacts with large limbal rings always look stupid (a rule, no exceptions at all) but on men it's so much worse. Fucksake

No. 2077538

File: 1720098477581.png (486.19 KB, 892x502, 1000004019.png)

How did they manage to make them look way worse than Brad pitts 30 fucking years ago. Incompetence

No. 2077615

File: 1720104127710.jpeg (30.05 KB, 550x409, Nippon_stock_photos.jpeg)

These Japanese stock photos piss me off but I don't know why. They're everywhere and I can't escape them.

No. 2077619

I've noticed blue contacts over brown eyes are the worst offenders. The pupil holes not always being centered makes them look lazy-eyed, particularly Pitt in IWTV.

The only way they look okay is with a smooth gradient on the outer iris that doesn't color-change towards the pupil of the contact. They need to blend with the natural eye color or it's bust. Solid-colored ones just look too fake and uncanny.

No. 2077624

Idk why but I get it. They look very punchable.

No. 2077631

Yeah it makes them look like goats. Even IWTV isn't this bad and it was released in 1994. It's such a distasteful thing to do and embarassing especially because they have the budget and means to do better. There's no reason for a mature man to have limbal rings like a 16 year old gyaru in Japan. Its lazy and it looks like shit.

No. 2077638

File: 1720106115197.gif (1.97 MB, 500x224, leggylegs.gif)

There was a scene in LOTR Two Towers where the contacts for Orlando Bloom were shockingly bad. as a kid seeing this in the theater I knew immediately these were contacts and I was pretty easy to fool with wigs and such back then.

No. 2077643

File: 1720106651009.png (2.11 MB, 1151x1439, zoomer parents are LAZY.png)

i fucking hate when people take their baby out in public just to keep them in a cage. it’s a child, not a pet.

No. 2077644

I really hate being labeled as neurodivergent

No. 2077646

Isn't this just to protect from sun?

No. 2077652

At least they have excuses for it, it was decades ago. I'd consider it inexcusable in 2024

No. 2077661

File: 1720107874203.jpeg (457.86 KB, 1125x1946, IMG_5127.jpeg)

If you need to know the source of your hatred it’s a website called irasutoya. The illusts of animals are so adorable I think.

No. 2077664

File: 1720107899809.png (74.93 KB, 293x400, IMG_5129.png)

No. 2077681

You sound like those annoying fat girls >>2077217 was talking about.

No. 2077686

Nvm I don't hate them anymore.

No. 2077689

first post is about showering and the second one is about showing big boobs on your pictures, it's completely different situations kek

No. 2077693

It's all they have. It's like when you know a girl who has droopers constantly makes posts about how perky her tits are, it makes them feel better about themselves and theyre trying to reaffirm their desirability. I don't understand women who talk like that in general because it's obvious they're fishing for compliments or attention to literally everyone but i guess its just a product of being weak in a misogynistic society.

No. 2077731

Im convinced this meme is being held alive by boomer men, I can't explain why but I just get that feeling. Especially after the trump question.

No. 2077752

File: 1720112602095.png (37.68 KB, 1080x382, Screenshot_20240704-100219~2.p…)

Called it

No. 2077786

I am so sick of seeing mens retarded pity parties that they publicly throw for themselves online without the publics consent and the lack of self accountability/awareness. I am so sick of men writing TL;DR paragraphs online about how they are lonely and society boolies them because they are ugly losers but then you see the rest of their account and its obvious that normies are justified in avoiding them. Like yeah retard that tends to happen when you have extreme political beliefs, believe in conspiracy theories,
are racist, hate women, live off mommy, coom to cartoons all day, and get your opinions from whatever porn you watch(notice how many men online unironically believe the average white woman fucks dogs? Where do you think it comes from?). I wanted to draw this but im not at home. Maybe later.

No. 2077790

NTA but you dont need a whole cage to protect your baby from the sun

No. 2077795

what the fuck does it even mean? is it a joke about spitting on a dick or what

No. 2077803

No. 2077810

i think she means the "making everything about your boobs" part nonners

No. 2077812

I fucking hate when men talk about women’s body counts, saying that they’re for the streets or a train ran them through. After a lifetime of conditioning I no longer see a female large body count as negative, but it’s like moids are retarded and just can’t bear the thought of a woman enjoying sex and having multiple partners in her lifetime

No. 2077826

File: 1720115031985.png (36.57 KB, 609x312, superspreader.png)

This was in the news yesterday and all day online at first and then irl I saw n heard nothing but men bitching about.. how long it'd take a straight man to screw 75 different women? How easy the gays have it. Some of them being the exact same men that I've overheard bitching about women being too sexual 'nowadays' They can't pick a struggle and stick to it. You fuck too much, then you fuck too little. Someone please think of the poor men who can't get women to be the exact right amount of sexually active for their liking

No. 2077914

I own a pair of hello kitty ones and would probably kill myself if anyone saw me wearing them.

No. 2077953

Do you think only fat girls can have big boobs?

No. 2077957

I hate when men have opinions on women in general, but this one pisses me off the most. Most women dont sleep around like men because they have a lot more to lose (pregnancy or worse)

No. 2077962

Omg, these contacts had the thick black ring around them too. They're so awful

No. 2077987

It's just one post anon

No. 2078001

File: 1720125200261.jpg (48.68 KB, 736x474, kanye.jpg)

This dug something out of my memory

No. 2078068

When handmaidens and troons call terfs "farts = feminism appropriating radical transphobes" and think it's peak humor. What are you, 5?

No. 2078078

Who calls terfs that? Never seen it before

No. 2078080

i'm so tired of hearing about it on every social media app. it's just straight up not funny enough to have gone so viral. it's definitely only so popular because she's young and blonde and cute, not because it's actually funny.

No. 2078085

On women, it tends to look artificial but pretty IMO. Like Final Fantasy characters.

No. 2078087

I got shamed for that too. Tampons make my cramps worse, but I do use them if I'm working or out all day now. I still hate them though. I know a woman who got toxic shock from one and she didn't leave it in too long, either. Her story really shocked me. These things aren't really safe. She convinced me to get organic ones. Ofc they cost more but after hearing how she almost died, well. I was sold.

No. 2078089

I thought it went stream cause of the porn crowd, spitting on a cock is a porn thing

No. 2078091

When men with ugly features get shilled as attractive just for not being fat, or for brushing their hair, basically for doing bare minimum shit. It's always the rodent looking ones too.

No. 2078101

When completely random strangers DM me supposedly trying to be friends with nothing else other than "oiii" or "hiii". I'm so weirded out for some reason but it's probably me

No. 2078154

That stage in the tattoo healing process where you constantly feel the need to scratch your skin because it's so dry.

No. 2078195

but don’t you see this in both directions? When people fight over pretty privilege, someone always mentions catcalling etc as a directly correlated disadvantage of being pretty. In fact, if it weren’t blatantly hypocritical in context, I’m sure >>2077507 would have otherwise been dismissed as ugly for not relating, despite not disagreeing. Also both men and women “will fuck anything” so that doesn’t discredit whatever alternative perspective.
She was explaining the autism and how it doesn’t happen to everyone, not that it “doesn’t really happen”, calm down.

No. 2078199

Men literally continue to spread disease like animals.

No. 2078204

>I literally hate women for having a type of body!
>breasts are all there is to such women
>they are affronting and displaying themselves to me if I see them!
>it matters to me very much how “big tits” are acquired. I decide what size boobs women should have! Fat girls are wrong and vain for having them!!
>t. insecure pick-mes overcompensating.

No. 2078221

No. 2078236


No. 2078237

You're weird.

No. 2078241

I hate those videos where parents just record their kids getting hurt without trying to stop them at all. There’s a big fuckin difference between a kid accidentally bumping his head while playing and a toddler plummeting into the floor when you can easily prevent her from falling. It’s so trashy, and gross.

No. 2078249

Most women with big boobs don't even notice them, or when they're too big they really do become a hindrance in their lives. Same with small boobs, all women just live their lives naturally if they aren't mentally ill. Only insecure pickmes would care that much about boobs, their own and other's, big or small who cares. To focus on the size of another woman's chest is retarded unless you want attention yourself.

No. 2078251

I saw a vid on Twitter a few months ago where a toddler was on a toy bike on a table, and the dad recording was telling him to get down. Then when he inevitably fell the dad was like "ha! I told you! Bet you won't do that again" like the toddler was supposed to understand him.

No. 2078264

Not at all, just honest. By the way most of my posts on here are misandry and coming to the defense of women and the constant misogyny. But I can acknowledge that there absolutely is this subset of people that do this for attention online, they've existed since forever. It's like that girl or guy you know who captions everything "I'm so hot" and they aren't hot at all, I guess they're trying to speak it into the universe or force other people to acknowledge it. There absolutely are lonely pickme types who constantly bring up their bodies because they feel they have nothing else to offer.

No. 2078267

But im not talking about women for their breast sizes girl, I'm talking about a very specific niche of person that another anon was also talking about. There is no need to whataboutism it. If you've never done that online, you aren't that kind of person and neither of us are referring to you or insulting you for your chest or any other part of your body.

No. 2078296

File: 1720143297598.gif (3.51 MB, 600x334, CCDudewhatthefuckwhyareyoufuck…)

I hate old motherfuckers standing around stores/gas stations etc, I hate people in general who do this. Fucking go somewhere, it's so annoying. I was going to get some toliet paper from family dollars and like 5 moids of all different ages and races were standing on the side of it.

No. 2078309

Men are barely a grade above monkeys and harassing people is their favorite hobby. No wife or kids? Gay online? Junkie? Jobless? The possibilities are endless but they all come together with one singular goal: harassing people and inserting themselves in front of you

No. 2078418

File: 1720150102437.jpeg (63.19 KB, 660x440, B8B63A19-4ABE-4A92-9D6C-295B88…)

This disgusting cockroach. He is not a genuine miku fan and just uses her to help him feel better about his pathetic life and to coom. He is a disgusting, virginal vermin who deserves nothing but to get those Japan suicide rates up. Miku would never even spare him a passing glance, and he is subhuman for thinking he is anywhere near her caliber. I hope he goes to sleep every night knowing his waifu would never love him and is repulsed by him. Ive loved miku for half of my life and I feel disgusted

No. 2078438

i hate that lolcow is just an imageboard for women to post at thats still controlled and wardened by men

No. 2078532

File: 1720156508594.jpg (617.83 KB, 1536x2048, 1000004036.jpg)

Corny in the worst way possible and painfully elder millennial tumblr.

No. 2078547

File: 1720157634497.jpg (183.62 KB, 1000x1000, Carlos_Muscadine_7_FGT.jpg)

I like muscadines, but I hate how they make my mouth itch. I also hate the thick skin.
I don't really understand why jokes about violence against children have become so popular. It's fine to not want kids, but this shit is bizarre.

No. 2078548

i know that it’s fucking retarded of me as a grown woman to still get heated over internet ‘kween discourse’ but it fucking infuriates me seeing a new generation of teenager spouting the same nonsensical talking points of asexual people being oppressed and claiming it’s common for them to experience corrective rape. Every example they claim is literally just misogyny but most of them are genderspecial tifs so they won’t admit they are affected by it. nobody gives a fuck you get no bitches! lesbians pre-1970s were literally given prescriptions by asylum doctors to be r*ped to ‘fix them’ but god forbid your parents dare to ask if you ‘have a boyfriend yet’ boo fucking hoo

No. 2078565

TIF chasers in this site are so annoying. At least the women dating TIMs are either naive handmaidens who don't know any better or straight women who choose to stay with their moids after they trooned out for whatever reason (marriage, kids, sunken cost, etc). If you're peaked and a TIF chaser there must seriously be something wrong with you that the mental illness in fakebois doesn't turn you off.

No. 2078570

I swear some of you are so concerningly obsessed with this site because this is such a non issue and like maybe one or two anons in the lesbian thread. You need help.

No. 2078621

they just want a butch girlfriend and that's the closest that exists these days so

No. 2078784

For real, I've only seen one

No. 2078881

Stop lying. I see them all the time in the TIF thread.

No. 2078975

yeah for sure, but if she wasn't a pretty young girl it wouldn't have blown up to this extent even among the porn addict crowd

No. 2079040

it's so annoying when people whose first language was english mix up quiet/quite, their/there, you're/your, lose/loose etc. they should be ashamed

No. 2079062

I hate when people try to start a conversation with small talk about the weather. Like yeah, I can see it’s raining. I hate small talk in general.

No. 2079070

It's funny that improper grammar annoys you, but then you didn't use proper capitalization.

No. 2079113

What separates a real radfem from a fake one?

No. 2079122

No. 2079257

File: 1720216286185.jpg (1.11 MB, 953x4193, 1000018151.jpg)

Bronies. They should be thrown into outer space.
Picrel is the instructions on 4chan on how to commission fuckable plushes. Most memorable part "plush with a realistic vagina that can be used for sexual purposes. Horse anatomy, if possible"

No. 2079268

I start talking about the weather when I've fun out of other random shit to talk about and someone is still expecting me to say more words to entertain them with. what I have it what these people start with.

No. 2079274

I hate "kek", it's so scrotey sounding and it originates from fat world of warcraft players

No. 2079296

lol lmao true

No. 2079302

I love kek and I don't associate it moids because we use it better. It's ours

No. 2079308

Same. We have claimed Kek. kek

No. 2079346

Sounds like you got kek’d

No. 2079349

it's retarded not to use a word just because of "muh scrotes"

No. 2079363

if it makes you feel better it's pre-WoW roots are from koreans typing kekeke in StarCraft

No. 2079364

Blacks and Asians. I’ll be banned obviously but I really can’t stand them(then why did you post it?)

No. 2079366

File: 1720227776359.png (93.92 KB, 658x599, stickies.png)

Keking on your grave rn nonna

No. 2079369

File: 1720229017329.jpg (78.1 KB, 634x777, 86993085-13605451-image-a-23_1…)

I hate thin lipped people. In an ideal world everyone would have at least pic related lips

No. 2079411

I really hate how social media and collective thought has made everyone act. I know weird, crazy, mentally ill people all existed before social networking apps and websites did but I really hate that it’s become the norm and socially acceptable to be completely maladjusted and emotionally unstable.

No. 2079435

>in an ideal world everyone will be EXACTLY THE SAME thus taking the trait I see as beautiful and making it the average look of the masses so then thin lips would be exoticized which is a crime
K Yung Hitler

No. 2079489

thats even worse, kek users are retarded.

No. 2079491

I hate 4chan i their tranny jannies, I hate whenever they disagree with your point they ban you instead of takin git on the chin fucking faggots should kill themselves NOW

No. 2079506

I openly troll 4chan and have never gotten banned, I don't know how

No. 2079507

It really isn't that big of a deal

No. 2079528

When I try to befriend someone and they're super excited at first and then suddenly disappear off the face of the earth with communication. Lovebomb/devaluation but it's friendship kek. I think they're mostly just depressed and turn to the closest thing and then lose interest, but it's tiring.

No. 2079546

Running and jumping with no bra. It hurts, it's inconvenient and it feels obscene.

No. 2079576

File: 1720260052551.jpg (87.2 KB, 689x851, penis.jpg)

This fugly haircut. Looks like a penis with a really large glans

No. 2079595

File: 1720262049226.jpeg (70.26 KB, 600x600, IMG_2730.jpeg)

This shirt that came up in an unrelated search and the kind of people who would buy and wear it.

No. 2079608

When I say the slightest disagreement with a troon/cluster b online and they then tag a group…

No. 2079611


No. 2079612

Lmao I'm so intrigued

No. 2079636

not much, they all just tell you to kill yourself, some variant of racism or misogyny, or start coming up with random fuckass allegations to cancel you, so typical day on the internet

No. 2079716

what the fuck kek

No. 2079719

It's shaped like a nuclear explosion kek, I feel like if I squint I could see it moving

No. 2079784

When people claim to be "aroace" but then either lay claim to another SEXuality or have a boyfriend/girlfriend THAT THEY HAVE SEX WITH. That's like saying you're vegan while horking down an entire philly cheesesteak. Which is it, asshole??

No. 2079812

Ugh, I knew a woman like this. Told me she was a lesbian, then said she was aroace, then said she was an aroace lesbian, then starting getting horny over random men and complaining about how bad she wanted a boyfriend. Exclusively dated men in the past and had casual hookups with men. Gives me a headache just remembering all her mental gymnastics.

No. 2079821

File: 1720287107431.png (1.53 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_6525.png)

Male sexuality kekkkk

No. 2079837

I think it looks like a jellyfish

No. 2079852

File: 1720290278531.png (647.02 KB, 920x861, sgsff.PNG)

Any reference to Corona in any kind of media. Took Miss Kim Knows and Other Stories from like 5* down to 4 just for the very last story.

No. 2079853

I can't fully hate this just because it's so retarded kek

No. 2079883

The current celebricow thread. I use the catalog so I can't hide the image. It's so disgusting, I feel like puking when I see it

No. 2079901

It just hit 1100 posts so you'll be safe soon lol

No. 2080096

There was literally a TIF chaser that derailed the lesbian thread because she still insists that it's still lesbian to like TIFs that have been on T with distinct male characteristics.

No. 2080113

A Youtuber I watch recently moved and just got a bunch of stuff as handouts from her fans, including some things I've really needed like a removable showerhead and a topper. I moved into my place three months ago and I still don't have those. Sure wish I could get my place furnished from handouts… totallynotjealous Oh well, I will work for them myself so at least I can be sure I'll be appreciative of them that way.

No. 2080241

Not something I had presently, but when I was a child, nothing pissed me off greater than my family teasing me and saying I had a crush on someone i absolutely did not kekkkk. It genuinely used to (as the British say) wind me up so bad.

No. 2080245

I hate when unserious people get addicted to twitter, porn and tiktok and such, then start saying "Internet bad", when what they really mean is "Stupid distractions on the internet bad and I don't believe in/don't want to have to practice self-discipline".

No. 2080250

File: 1720329462729.png (73.32 KB, 2216x216, please learn to read.png)

I hate when people attempt to change what the original post is expressing because they're too retarded to lurk moar. Nobody said "internet bad" dumbass.

No. 2080255

Do you know what a website means? Or what Wikipedia is? Read before reeeing, retard.

No. 2080265

No I read your post, and I think you may be either severely confused or you have literacy skills. Your post mentions being "addicted to twitter, porn, tiktok" and having self discipline issues, whereas the actual post (the one you're referencing) very clearly makes the neutral statement "I think we'd be happier if we lost unnecessary technological luxuries". And I know a lot of you here are autistic so I'll explain this for you, but the words "if Wikipedia closing down would give you a crisis thats a you problem" is an exaggeratory joke. It seems to me like you must be an individual who suffers from addiction to illegal content/goyslop, hence why thats what your mind envisioned first when you only saw the words "streaming services, video games, social media, websites".

No. 2080269

I agree. There are so many ways the internet can be useful or fun, people who say this need to get their shit together because they can't help but use twitter just to follow celebrity gossip and retweet "isn't it funny that [normie statement]?" type of shit and nothing else.

No. 2080270

ok woah NTA but you see the word website and immediately think porn kek?

No. 2080271

She didn't say "luxuries". She included websites in general, including informative/useful ones like Wikipedia. You've invented a brand new meaning because you either can't read, or you agreed at first, and now feel embarrassed about co-signing something dumb, so you're trying to turn the part that made it sound ridiculous into an "exaggeratory joke". Including Wikipedia with video games is a dumbfuck move, no matter how you look at it. Anons were trying to argue that books were better than Wikipedia too.
>It seems to me like you must be an individual who suffers from addiction to illegal content/goyslop, hence why thats what your mind envisioned first when you only saw the words "streaming services, video games, social media, websites".
Because I said distractions are stupid and implied we should practice self-discipline? I'm sorry my post struck a nerve, but please get help. Projection won't make your problems go away. The illegal part of your post is concerning in this context, too.

No. 2080272

Or perhaps anon isn't referencing that post? They don't look related at all kek

No. 2080274

uh yeah and i bet the faggots at liveleak think that what they do is “fun” and “useful”

No. 2080276

No? I used porn as an example of a stupid distraction that the kind of person who insists the internet should be gone would be into, because they personally don't use the internet for useful or helpful things. My whole point is that "websites" includes things that aren't worthless shit like tiktok or social media. Are you confused?

No. 2080277

nta but that post was posted in the thread that that post is in (unpopular opinions) , then was deleted, and reposted here a few minutes later so yeah it was definitely referencing that post kek

No. 2080278

NTA, but just because you're on liveleak doesn't mean we all are. Maybe you can try learning to knit or cook a food you've never heard of before or something? The internet is good for that.

No. 2080282

Well I’m happy you weren’t exposed to gratuitous gore and violent media on the internet as a child, anon. Round of applause for you.

No. 2080283

NTARYT. I meant to post it here first, and mistakenly posted in the unpopular opinions thread, but that's not the only time I've seen the take I'm describing. Do you really think people who fit the criteria of what I say here >>2080245 even without the "n-no she meant xyz" argument don't exist?

No. 2080284

So, because you got exposed to gore, we should get rid of the entire internet?

No. 2080288

What are you even talking about at this point? That post was not talking about "distractions" or things like that, it was discussing how people would be happier if we did not have the influence of social media,
I don't know if you're just ignorant as fuck or don't know the meaning of the words you're using, but the internet is a luxury. Also, I don't know if you just have raging autism that makes you think everything is the opposite of what it actually is, but ok anon! And I don't see how wikipedia, a collection of pixels on a screen, is any different from video games. a collection of pixels on a screen. Also, I said that you yourelf sound like someone who must suffer from attachment to the aforementioned content because those were the first things you thought of and verbalized.

No. 2080289

I can think of a Bible full of reasons off the top of my head but this isn’t the “retiring the internet era” thread so I’ll save those for another day

No. 2080292

>What are you even talking about at this point?
I really can't help you further than what I've explained. You must be illiterate or have something more debilitating than autism.
People need the internet for work, college, information, seeking care, finding places to buy products (including necessitieis) that might be harder to find in their specific location, etc. If you are sheltered, supported by your parents, and never had to use the internet for anything useful, that was already obvious, but you could've just said that instead of sperging all over the screen.
>Wikipedia is no different from video games, it's a collection of pixels on a screen!
Kek, this has to be bait. Anyway, I hope you can recover from your addictions and that you're not doing anything illegal. If going off the internet cold turkey is what you need, that's perfect (and thankfully, that's already protocol for sex offenders). Normal people will continue using the internet for worthwhile practices, research and to improve their lives.

No. 2080294

Alter the job so that it no longer requires staring at a screen, get a different job as a whole, etc
Do i even need to explain?
Again, obvious.
>seeking care
Like finding a babysitter? Childcare services have existed since the dawn of time
>finding places to buy products
do you only go to places that you've screened before on google maps? what is life like, sheltering yourself like that? Also you're right, i never have had to use the internet for anything of importance, because theres nothing of importance on the internet. I also think you might just be purposefully misunderstanding what I'm saying at this point because you just feel like disagreeing with someone

No. 2080296

Thanks for proving my point. Did anyone force you to go to that website with a gun pointed at your head?

No. 2080299

AYRT, yeah, no. nobody forced my 8 year old self way back then to go on liveleak. But content just like that on that website, and thousands of others, wouldn’t have been accessible to myself and millions of other children; had they not existed in the first place ♥ I’m simply using them as another example of a website that has easily been manipulated into being another “fun” source of media

No. 2080303

Have you heard of banning websites? Liveleak is literally banned now, kek.

No. 2080304

Nonny, you sound so mentally ill demanding we convert to a slower, less convenient system because you can't hop off brain melting content.

No. 2080307

>U-uh, one website was banned!
Exactly, one website out of the, like I said, THOUSANDS. Dumbass. You walked right into that one didn't you nonners..

No. 2080309

I feel like the system we live in is actually much slower and less convenient now

No. 2080315

So don't go on them? Install parental controls so your kids don't see that? Lobby for more stringent censorship of fucked up shit now that a lot of it can be tracked using AI and automatically banned/removed? Like, are you trying to tell us you have a gore fixation now, and cannot separate the internet from that because you'll go looking for it? That's a fucked up problem, but shutting down the internet won't help because you'll probably end up talking to freak moids with print-outs, "zines" or DVDs.
Some of us were able to get help from abusive childhood situations because of the internet, learned things we couldn't be taught IRL and enjoyed things that just wouldn't have been available otherwise. If you want to focus on the gore, even killers and abusers have been caught and jailed because they posted their shit online and the authorities got to it.

No. 2080317

yes yessss, let the hate flow through you. i can't stand this guy either.

No. 2080318

I hate when there's two infights going on at the same time about the same topic in two different threads

No. 2080321

Sorry for reddit spacing I know its really annoying and ugly but I need to knock through this because apparently you aren't capable of critical thought
>Don't go on them?
My personal decision making skills does not protect every other human being on the planet from being effected by graphic content being shared online.
>Install parental controls so your kids dont see that?
I don't have kids personally, but the vast majority of parents do not install protection/censor anything on their childrens devices simply because they don't care.
>Are you trying to tell us you have a gore fixation now?
I don't really know what is wrong with you but let me go back over the conversation so far with you, since it seems like you've lost track of what we're talking about. The original statement was a very neutral opinion, "i feel like we'd be happier if we didn't have unnecessary technology". Someone retorted saying that so much of the internet is "fun", and another anon responded saying that any website can technically fall under the definition of "fun", including nefarious content.
>My life is better because of the internet reeeee!!
But if you'd never lived a life with the internet as part of it, would you even know the difference? Do you think your life would be all that worse?

No. 2080327

>I don't really know what is wrong with you but let me go back over the conversation so far with you, since it seems like you've lost track of what we're talking about. The original statement was a very neutral opinion, "i feel like we'd be happier if we didn't have unnecessary technology". Someone retorted saying that so much of the internet is "fun", and another anon responded saying that any website can technically fall under the definition of "fun", including nefarious content.
Are you replying to the wrong person, or just schizophrenic? I'm talking to >>2080299, who is talking about there being "thousands of gore sites" and seeing one at 8 as a reason why the internet should be banned. Why are you replying and getting mad on someone else's behalf, just to expand a previous infight after getting ignored? Or did you forget your own posts? Deranged shit.

No. 2080329

When I see a kid or preteen good at something that I'm not good at, like math or art. I feel old and useless and dumb.

No. 2080335

Am i not allowed to respond to posts too? In what world is conversing on an imageboard deranged. Summerfags are so weird

No. 2080338

Okay, so you are just trying to drag out an infight you were ignored in and getting triggered over nothing. This is such shitty bait, go to bed and learn to lurk luddite-chan.

No. 2080342

>drag out an infight
You mean discuss a topic? How do any of you even function in real life

No. 2080346

File: 1720335912165.png (103.73 KB, 860x955, 130-1309154_praying-girl-chris…)

Praying 4 u

No. 2080356

I love this drawing are there more of it nayrt

No. 2080484

The mermaid man and barnacle boy episodes of SpongeBob. I’m rewatching classic SpongeBob right now and they’re the only bad parts of it, so dogshit

No. 2080535

File: 1720358690105.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 1000003997.jpg)

That era of hipster folk covers of rap songs. They always looked so pleased with themselves too, it was vile

No. 2080551

women will never be able to have “distinct male characteristics” also by this logic it’s not straight or it’s lesbian for a woman to be attracted to a troon whose “”feminine”” enough

No. 2080561

By distinct male characteristics I mean secondary male characteristics like having full on beards, muscles like a male body, and going through male pattern baldness which TIFs obviously can have (eg Buck Angel). If you're attracted to that then well… I have some news for you.

>by this logic it’s not straight or it’s lesbian for a woman to be attracted to a troon whose “”feminine”” enough

Not really "lesbians" who are attracted to roided out TIFs who have been on T for years and look fully male and get off to the fact that they look "masc" but actually have a pussy underneath but still insist they're lesbian is equivalent to straight males who get off to traps because it has a dick underneath but still insist on being straight. Being a chaser (TIF/TIM) is peak bisexuality, because you're specifically attracted to a person who has both secondary male and female characteristics.

No. 2080564

this picture is staring into my soul

No. 2080570

Kekkk I know what exactly what era you mean, the comments were always so covertly racist.

No. 2080572

1.) they’re never talking about buck angel tier tifs. even if they were, i doubt buck angel passes once you see her irl. tinier hands, tinier rib cage, tinier head, just something about the eyes in general, etc. also women can never have muscles like a guy as our musculature system is different. they can only have muscles like a roided up, t-addled woman
2.) sexuality is based on sex. this is why you often see “t4t” couples composed of a tif and a tim. or why trans lesbian t4ts often joke about being unable to have sex probably. they’re straight, they are amab/afab, whatever e/t has given them on top of that doesn’t erase that fact
3.) guys into 2d traps are straight, it’s a cartoon and there’s no real difference between your average trap and your average anime girl. and if they’d fuck an irl cross dresser, honestly imo they still might be straight. being sexually stimulated by something =/= being sexually attracted to it. pretty sure plenty of women use vibes but they don’t come out of it plasticsexual + men stick their dicks into anything. it isn’t like they enjoy men they just want to fulfill what they see as a depraved fetish

No. 2080574

I think it's kinda ridiculous when people insist that no TIFs can ever pass. To be honest if I'm out in public I'm not obsessively staring at men to see if they have small hands or narrow shoulders. I encountered a TIF before in school that I assumed was just an effeminate gay man for a long time until he mentioned top surgery. Buck angel also comes across as a very gay man. I also don't think there's a single man who identifies as straight that would be attracted to someone who looks male even if they have a vagina so I don't know why it would be acceptable for a lesbian.

No. 2080578

> doubt buck angel passes once you see her irl. tinier hands, tinier rib cage, tinier head, just something about the eyes in general, etc. also women can never have muscles like a guy as our musculature system is different. they can only have muscles like a roided up, t-addled woman
Please, maybe if you're terminally online you could easily clock trannies from a picture. But the average normie doesn't have the same tranvestigation skills as a LC user, espcially when encountering them irl. To the average normie, someone like Buck Angel would look like a manlet who lifts.

>sexuality is based on sex.

I'm not denying that. But if you're attracted to someone who specifically has both primary and secondary sex characteristics then that's bisexual as fuck.

>guys into 2d traps are straight, it’s a cartoon and there’s no real difference between your average trap and your average anime girl. and if they’d fuck an irl cross dresser, honestly imo they still might be straight. being sexually stimulated by something =/= being sexually attracted to it.

This is where I disagree. I think it's gay for a man to be attracted to traps and crossdressers. They are specifically turned on by the fact that the person has a dick while looking like a woman, doesn't sound straight to me.

No. 2080599

>To the average normie, someone like Buck Angel would look like a manlet who lifts.
well sure, but we aren’t talking about the average normie. however i’m certain even they can tell on a subconscious level, especially if female. prey must recognize predator
>They are specifically turned on by the fact that the person has a dick while looking like a woman, doesn't sound straight to me
it depends on the person but for men i think the major appeal is the degenerate factor of a man looking like a woman (as they see femininity as something inherently degrading) or they like the fantasy of dominating a lesser man. it isn’t that they love men they just have a fetish. i also think if liking traps were a sign of actual homosexuality, you’d be seeing more of it in bara or other gay-oriented works…but the femininity expressed in homosexual spaces is very different from what you see in trap content…at best dudes into it are heterocurious
>I also don't think there's a single man who identifies as straight that would be attracted to someone who looks male even if they have a vagina
once again, t4t couples exist. also they never look male irl, 99% of tifs are pooners and the 1% that “passes” only needs to speak or walk in front of you for your animal brain to kick in and go “wait, something isn’t right here”

No. 2080613

I hate peabrained libfems who are like "if you don't want your toddlers to play with toys wearing lingerie or using swimsuits with boob window cutouts you're the pedophile sexualising kids!!!1!".

No. 2080678

>or they like the fantasy of dominating a lesser man
NTA but how is this not gay as fuck kek
>it isn’t that they love men they just have a fetish
a homosexual isn't any less homo for not having romantic feelings kek, lots of gay men are solely focused on just sex without love. if trapfags were just attracted to the femininity part they'd get off to regular feminine women

No. 2080821

Anons that don't use paragraphs when writing long posts and anons that accuse other anons of reddit spacing when using paragraphs.

No. 2080829

Reddit spacing has always seemed like such a stupid thing to get upset about.

No. 2081100

I really hate it when people hear a vocalist and are like “unfh she’s just trying to sound like ____!” as if that’s a bad thing

No. 2081126

I get this strange feeling that anons boyfriend or crush is into traps or femboys and this is how she copes.

Trapfags are into pederasty.

>anon who says traps arent gay uses the word pooner
Why am i not surprised.

>be seeing more of it in bara or other gay-oriented works

There is alot of trap or femboy content in gay-oriented works too though so you are wrong about that too.

Just go ask you your gay pedo boyfriend about it.

No. 2081135

File: 1720398097820.jpg (92.35 KB, 736x837, 372eb52b8eb3c277b2a53e5cf95eb4…)

When men try to flex their car to me. Idk anything about vehicles so you look dumb.

No. 2081432

I'm late to this but after I posted >>2070146 I got vidrel in which confirms what I said KEK she thought she was too ugly to be a cheerleader in high school so she made whatever song at 26 to make herself feel better. I get weird mean girl vibes from her. I watched a few interviews and she's really boring and kind of rude. She used to be a plain Jane singing acoustic songs but leaning into the "qUiRkY qUeEr" persona has given her the most attention. Her fans are… something. Go to her subreddit for some serious laughs. Don't see her gaining much more appeal from the general public and idk, I have absolutely nothing backing this, but I feel like her fans are going to try to cancel her for something pretty quickly. They seem like the type and I don't think she's as authentically presenting herself as she's claiming to be.

No. 2081435

File: 1720413244371.jpg (336.45 KB, 1320x882, yikes.jpg)

Samefag… yeah these people are dropping her the minute she does something they don't like kek

No. 2081446

Mind you, she's fake gay too. She only gives a fuck about gay male culture, she has had multiple songs about moids + dated one for years. I've always thought she wasn't authentic too, she only started acting like this after getting signed to a big label. You'll only ever catch her at pride events. I don't like her music either, the fact her most popular song is about "muh comphet". Her fans too are so annoying, anything "queer" is annoying.

No. 2081455

Everyone is getting weird vibes for a reason. Her reputation in the industry isn’t a good one. Personally witnessed her attempt to talk down to someone (while higher than a kite) at Coachella who had the power to end her career right then and there. Given that a big label already dropped her years ago for being a twat, she’s lucky that person didn’t do anything on the spot. Can’t say they won’t in the future, though. Very much an arrogant mean girl but she has nothing to back it up. She is using “Chappell Roan is a drag persona!” as a cop out if/when she gets called out. She won’t last long.

No. 2081469

Wow, if you're able to share, any more gossip about the previous stuff she did to get dropped by her label (or anything else that isn't too personally identifying for you)?

No. 2081484

she's under olivia rodrigo's producer, that's why shes getting shilled so much.

No. 2081487

Wish I had juicier Atlantic gossip but what's been told to me comes down to she was extremely stubborn and hard to work with because "she didn't want to change her vision" despite people genuinely trying to help her. Funny though that she changed her vision when her and Dan Nigro started fucking around kek >>2081484

No. 2081579

Lib moids who pretend to care for victims and women's problems. I'd rather they call me misogynistic slurs and a rape object than whatever the fuck they have going on

No. 2081837

Women who fantasize about being raped, sa victims are understandable but they’re on thin ice. It makes me so mad seeing subreddits dedicated to women being dehumanized and these women give right into these moids demands, for free. They’re so fucking unbelievably spineless it makes me angry, how much of a braindead pickme do you have to be to get off to men calling you misogynistic slurs and treating you like a subhuman object. I used to have these types of fantasies as well and I see myself in these women and I just wanna let them know that you can fantasize about better things, like raping moids

No. 2081857

I really do believe there are certain sexual fantasies people should keep to themselves because the mere act of voicing them in public spaces is just that harmful. Rape and other misogynistic fantasies are high on that list.

No. 2082121

Rape fantasies are an oxymoron to me. How can you want something you don't want? I wished another word could be used for these fantasies, but I guess the taboo is part of the allure for them.

No. 2082173

i hate it so much when i’m talking to someone who has a really heavy accent and i can’t understand them at all and i have to keep asking what they’re saying) it makes me feel like i’m such an asshole

No. 2082260

Me too. Something about them is so sinister and slimey. At least the other moids are honest about their true intents

No. 2082261

Feign deafness in one ear and ask them to speak slower. Make sure on the second time you turn your "good" ear closer to them. I find sometimes looking away from the lips helps me hear better anyway, it's like I'm more focused on the speech that way.

No. 2082271

File: 1720476829982.gif (491.14 KB, 460x345, e84f537c5fc333fc9a01fddc67a5af…)

I can't find a single honest review on the internet anymore. All I want is some experiences from people who bought kidney food for cats and all I get is pages upon pages upon pages of brands trying to be slick and shilling themselves.

No. 2082351

File: 1720484245992.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20240708-201112~2.p…)

The perfect fullness, enhanced shape, and authentic augmentation of the Ultimate Bra, now with a built-in raised nipple detail for a perky, braless look that makes a bold statement.

this is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen

No. 2082357

I get it, but I hate it so much

No. 2082365

What if you adjusted the straps wrong so that theyre lopsided

No. 2082406

when people leave discord servers, especially small circle ones because they "need a break" or whatever. mf just mute that shit or don't check discord. don't act like no one is going to ask about you because everyone always notices right away when you leave. a cry for attention or what? if you truly wanted to lay low, you'd just stay put and ghost or delete your account entirely

No. 2082407

when digital artists render the face of a person well but then everything else whether it would the be the clothes or something, is barely rendered at all as if their audience wouldn't notice

No. 2082409

File: 1720488066490.jpeg (53.46 KB, 705x529, C1DA0D9A-5857-4160-9466-169BBE…)

Bellybutton piercings are always ugly.

No. 2082428

File: 1720490503828.gif (3.66 MB, 600x338, IMG_2884.gif)

why the fuck are ants so fucking fast like wtf are these speedy usain bolt motherfuckers running from i hate them with every fiber of my being and wish they'd run the fuck outta my house .

No. 2082429

What is the point of this

No. 2082430

I need

No. 2082433

Please explain why

No. 2082448

I would give anything to be in the room during the pitch for this, or just read the meeting notes. Skims is a big company so you KNOW there were multiple product meetings about this.

No. 2082458

Looks cool

No. 2082467

There is no real point. Most of us aren't influencers where wear mesh shirts with no bras. I already see a ton of skims stuff at nordstrom rack on clearance, it'll be hilarious for this to also end up there and see how older women react to this lmao.

No. 2082468

They are to be squished under the might of my shoe.

No. 2082471

extra roundness and size from the padding + the sexiness/exposed look of bare nipples that you can't get when you're covering them with a thick layer of foam. not endorsing it, just explaining it

No. 2082474

listen honestly if women want to be retarded and pay extra money to normalize something they could do for free, I say go for it, i don't care how they do it even if it's retarded. Because maybe if enough retards start going out wearing Nipple Bras(TM) I can start going out braless for real.

No. 2082476


No. 2082480

File: 1720495006087.jpeg (174.73 KB, 768x768, IMG_5709.jpeg)

This was already done decades ago

No. 2082507

2000+150 dollars?!?!?

No. 2082611

She is so obnoxious lol

No. 2082661

I'm so confused, you're telling me this is a beauty ideal in the US? I'm always embarrassed when I wear a sports bra/light clothing and nipples show through. I don't want moids to get ideas.

No. 2082671

God I hate it. It's not normalizing female nipples, it's clear it's presented as a sexual detail but of course no one would be as direct about it as in the past >>2082480
BOLD STATEMENT my ass… it's just nipples, alright? I don't want people to think I put them on display to elicit a reaction.

No. 2082672

I have the strongest nipples ever and they do this without needing an expensive bra, it’s so annoying kek

No. 2082677

That the Amazon review search now shows an AI generated result first before even loading the actual review results. They're literally never helpful, and even if they are im still going to read the actual reviews.

No. 2082679

I get it if you want the "no-bra" look, but have saggy, differently-sized or oddly-shaped breasts that would be too "controversial" for this day and age or fuck up your aesthetic/silhouette.

No. 2082683

what’s the point then

No. 2082688

For if you want the "no-bra" look

No. 2082692

File: 1720519862873.png (181.12 KB, 646x528, 646469742.png)

>All that remains is pure semblance, an artificial promise of a substance which never materialized.

No. 2082695

There's still nipples under the bra anon. Like, your own nipples.

No. 2082696

You don't get it do you

No. 2082698

And the beauty standards for women get pushed further, again.

No. 2082706

I do, I just think it's funny kekk.

No. 2082708

> fuck up your aesthetic/silhouette
Newsflash: You’re nothing. No one cares about your ~silhouette for the day~ because you’re not a famous model. The paparazzi are not after you. You’re just a severely mentally ill woman who sees herself as both too ugly to simply exist but also important enough to be the centre of attention. Delusions of grandeur and self hate is a demonic combo. You’re living in a self made prison

No. 2082709

Nta but wow what an overreaction

No. 2082710

Also my nipples are perkier than yours

No. 2082713

why not just go no bra

No. 2082715

Nipples don't stay hard for that long, and I guess some women also want the look/support of having on a bra. I know I have floppy boobs that prohibit me from doing too much action (e.g running/jumping) in public so even if wanted the nipple look, I wouldn't be willing to go braless.

No. 2082716

File: 1720521631466.png (229.83 KB, 392x397, xxs.png)

>wah wahh people wanna look nice
Lol I'm not buying the nipple bra, I just understand why people would buy different products. Take your 'tism meds nonny, you're gonna burst a vein.

No. 2082717

The type of woman who wears a nipple bra would also put a fleshlight up her pussy.

No. 2082718

Ok, so what do you want me to do? Get surgery? Buy the bra?

No. 2082720

Be happy with your saggy boobs and don’t terrorise other women into female beauty standards

No. 2082721

Who terrorized you? You're terrorizing me right now, telling me about your nipples unprompted. It sounds like you want to fit them, but hate yourself for it and hate other women for reminding you even tangentially. Just pick a lane and be free, no one really gives a fuck

No. 2082722

No, my point is that it's actually irrelevant whether your real personal nipples are there underneath the nipple bra or not, because in order for the nipple bra to fulfill its function, you cannot remove it, or your shirt for that matter, in order to not break the illusion of perfect round perkiness and sexiness. The function of the nipple bra is to create an illusion, nothing else. The real breast with its real nipple, which lies underneath, is always going to be a disappointment ("not the same thing") compared to the illusion. If you just wanted to show your nipple through your shirt, you could do that with your actual nipple, but clearly that isn't the thing here, that isn't doing it.

No. 2082723

File: 1720521873040.jpg (33.53 KB, 431x244, jjj.jpg)

No. 2082724

This has to be bait, no one could be this obtuse

No. 2082728

so edgy

No. 2082732

File: 1720522805276.jpg (156.34 KB, 900x1200, af16317f-75be-4d6d-b504-6d682a…)

The more I look at them the faker they look and I think there's a couple of troons in the reviews section

No. 2082736

File: 1720522980383.jpg (1.18 MB, 1179x1258, 1000004079.jpg)

Watching the men you were obsessed with as a kid age into senior citizens in real time

No. 2082737

Whats the point of pretending to go no bra

No. 2082739

"Look at ME. LOOK AT MY SEXY NIPPLES. Look at my symmetrical nipples. Look directly at them please." This kind of artifice is so lame and I can't help but feel like the only women who really like it are the ones who aren't used to male attention in the first place and think faking really uniform, bra-rounded, push up bra tits with weirdly symmetrical sphere molds sticking directly out the top of them will make them desirable and sexy. Most women are already aware of how constant male attention is a ball and chain and don't enjoy being creepshotted by mouth breathing ugly 47 year old men everywhere they go.

No. 2082741

I hate it so much. I understand why women are buying into the idea, but I despise it with every fiber of my being. As another nonna said, it's not about normalizing seeing nipples; it's about faking a braless look while still having perfectly shaped breasts. Even the most beautiful breasts don't look like they do in a bra, and that's perfectly normal. But sure, let's shame women even more into seeing their natural breasts as deformed. For just $64, you too can hate the shape of your perfectly fine breasts.

No. 2082746

Yeah, this my real issue with it. It'd be better to just normalize women's actual breasts, but we're living in a retarded backward era where people want the concept of women showing off their bodies and "sexual liberation" (a fucking meme) but still want bodies that don't fit the porn-induced norm to be taboo, covered up, mocked, etc. Even self-proclaimed feminists engage in this behavior.
Not surprised because the Kardashian's entire brand is women's insecurities, but "teehee girlboss" I guess.

No. 2082747

If this was supposed to be replying to >>2082706 I wasn't opposing you, i just thought it was funny.

No. 2082748

I dont even think it appeals to most men either because it looks faker than the camel toe cups they sell on aliexpress. It looks so weirdly sterile and fake, like you taped mentos into a tank top. Old men might be blind enough to fall for it but men now are such dedicated coomers that do nothing but watch porn four hours a night so they can tell pretty easily its fake too and you're probably being made fun of for wearing it by the people around you if you are really going out in it around people for long periods of time. Idgi.

No. 2082752

I guess some people like the braless look, it's not for me though. Anons can say to just go braless, but tbh the truth is no one accepts that unless you have small boobs. I guess that's the next best thing for women who aren't flat chested, or who do have small boobs but ones that aren't perfectly shaped or perky.

No. 2082755

But thats so stupid kek it doesn't even look braless

No. 2082762

>It looks so weirdly sterile and fake
>watch porn four hours a night
Men meme themselves to be attracted to bras, a piece of clothing, and breast implants, silicone under the skin. Your expectations for men are too high.

I go braless all the time and have a large chest. I'm sacrificing myself so other women can feel confident doing the same. I also hate bras that much. It's working for some of my friends and relatives, and I'm pretty happy with that.

No. 2082763

"Braless look" as in nipples poking through the shirt, anon.

No. 2082781

No I think I understand, you may have "nipples poking through" (they don't look very convincing) but you can still see the bra

No. 2082786

Exactly. It looks weird.

Most men that arent decrepit have seen the commercial for it go viral several times. They aren't going to see some random woman in an obvious beige bra with their tank tops and some candy corn sticking parallel to eachother and think "omg sexyyyy" they're going to think "lol fake. Slut"

No. 2082793

>"omg sexyyyy" they're going to think "lol fake. Slut"
Kek this

No. 2082795

Why would you even want your nipples poking out in the first place? I go braless most of the time but I make sure that whatever I'm wearing wouldn't reveal them. I am small chested though so it's not a huge problem for me.

No. 2082802

I have the same effect with bralettes, goddamn annoying. I thought I could cover my nipples and feel comfortable and not super hot in the summer but fuck me. Probably should try pasties but I would probably be paranoid they'll fall off heh

No. 2082803

why would you want to achieve the look of it without having the benefits of not wearing a bra are you retarded

No. 2082814

File: 1720528170657.jpg (126.08 KB, 750x690, 1000040412.jpg)

This is so fucking stupid.
>we made a bra!
>so you can pretend to nor have a bra!
>we're soooo progressive letting dumb women wear bras with ugly ass nipples so they can feel like they're doing something cool and edgy when in reality we're turning going braless into a look and a fetish!
>just 64 dollars so you can "go braless"!!
Like I get some women don't dare go braless because of loopsided nipples or whatever other insecurities made by moids and other women with internalized misogyny. But the fact that this fucking bra exists even as a concept or a joke it's probably one of the bleakest shit ever.
First off, the point of not wearing a bra it's the fact that sometimes you just don't want to fucking wear a bra, because they're uncomfortable and unpractical, they show under the clothes that require you to fucking go braless because they were made so you're forced to not wear it on the first place.
At first you're supposed to cover your shameful breasts because they tempt men and makes men want to commit rape, now you must expose your nipples in order to make men want to feel aroused, or maybe this is just made so trannies can feel comfortable walking around with fake nipples poking out.
In the end it's just so annoying that anyone is even talking about this obvious controversy maker by some retarded executives that thought
>haha this will make the retarded women infight and feel insecure, everyone will buy this shit.
What's next? Unironic camel toe panties? Made by Skims uwu now you can be sexy for every men! Sold in men's sizes as well! Or maybe now we can have butt plugs and special pants to show that women wear butt plugs too! And it will be sooo fashionable because who doesn't want ass jewelry?

No. 2082823

yeah I was wondering the same thing. wtf kek

No. 2082833

I think the decimal is just really small and didn't scan in well.

No. 2082839

Honestly I don't understand how WESTERN women are so scared of something as miniscule as visible nipples. I'm from a muslim country and mine are out 100% of the time, no one even cares. I've accidentally flashed cops and they simply didn't acknowledge it. This is pure mental illness and self hate.

No. 2082851

are these fetish panties for TiMs or something? why do they exist

No. 2082875

I'm not from a muslim country but I also go braless most of the time and idc, I see nipples and bulges on men so everyone should be able to handle the faint outline (visible sometimes from only a few angles) of my nipples. Why the fuck are people even looking at women's nipples in the first place? And it's not like not showing nipples will make men not want to rape you.

No. 2082893

personally don’t want moids taking photos of me

No. 2082899

No, we think it's crazy as well. At that point, go braless

No. 2082907

It's not a beauty ideal in the US, no. Skims is a shapewear brand and shapewear is all about illusions, this is just another level of body illusion. There are probably some people that want this but not a lot.

No. 2082970

Men are retarded and desperate and some of them delude themselves into thinking you're horny or want to fuck just because of it. A week ago I overheard a bunch of moids attributing levels of horniness into the way a woman sits.

No. 2082977

>or fuck up your aesthetic/silhouette.
There's an "aesthetic" for this? now I'm even more baffled what's it even called? also >>2082708 is right why is everyone booing her

No. 2082997

I feel like if you used your brain for 2 seconds you could figure it out anon. The people who buy that bra are doing it because having your nipples showing is considered edgy these days and probably also sexy. It's obviously not supposed to mimic the actual feeling or benefits of going braless.

No. 2083000

But why do it then? You get no benefit.

No. 2083010

I hate high waisted pants, they emphasize my flat ass and I'm pretty sure I get bloated when I wear one.

No. 2083106

No. 2083108

When they start singing randomly during a YouTube tarot reading. Nobody gives a fuck about your shitty singing and music taste, we just want to know who’s getting elected. I also hate the pick a card videos, it’s a waste just get a personal reading

No. 2083142

Love-bug christians who turn the other cheek to all male degeneracy and complain about "racism" 24/7 but are forced birthers. Discrimination bad, until it only hurts women! I like to remind them that I would give my hypothetical baby down syndrome by smoking crack throughout my pregnancy then abandon it so their taxes have to pay for its care. Shuts them up real fast

No. 2083155

Men will take photos of you even if you cover up properly like a good girl.

No. 2083201

The thing is, men will think you want to fuck even if you're fully clothed and accidentally look their way. I've had a man approach me while going out without make-up and with two layers of clothing. Covering your nipples won't change men's reactions towards you when they'll rape even women in burqas.

No. 2083209

They won’t, actually.

No. 2083216

>even if you cover up properly like a good girl.
What the fuck anon, that's disgusting, I hope you never type shit like that ever again.

No. 2083220

ntayrt but men are creepy and have taken pictures of me even when i’ve been dressed modestly

No. 2083226

I think I’m safe. However, I don’t want to draw more attention to myself.

No. 2083232

more of lcs autism and poor reading comprehension at play. love to see it (she was obviously being sarcastic)

No. 2083245

It's just gross even used as sarcasm or a haha funny joke, nasty.

No. 2083251

nta but I think the point is that if you have your photo taken without your consent while you're on the bus and you're wearing a regular t shirt, that's horrible and gross but if your nipples are visible in the photo and people are specifically circulating it because of that, then it would feel extra violating. this makes sense to me even though I don't personally think visible nipples are a big deal at all.

No. 2083254

They will, moids will think even animals want to fuck them. You have a false sense of security and it will bite you in the ass.

No. 2083256

awww it’s gross? it’s icky wicky? awwwwww nonnie i’m so sorry you had to see that :( plays a little violin for nonnie and her sweet sensibilities(:()

No. 2083267

I've literally had a man take a photo of me while I was on the train wearing a winter coat and jeans. Creeps just get off on freaking women out.

No. 2083272

Original anon here. Yeah, this is what I meant.

No. 2083289

People who have loud opinions but dont allow other people to have loud opinions are so fucking annoying.

No. 2083292

I think men's nipples and bulges should be covered up. It's like opening spoiled milk sitting in the sun for a few days when I see a man with weird pointy pepperoni nipples showing through his shirt. Only some body types are fit for that, like maybe the Rock, but most men are fat or built like a pinky so ot just looks weird and wrong. They should wear pasties but they'd probably think it's gay like washing your face once in a while.

No. 2083296

Men who dont wear undershirts and have their nasty pointy nipples showing should be shamed.

No. 2083297

I don't know why it's acceptable for obese men to just have their boobs out and not wear a bra. I have a flatter chest than a lot of fat men.

No. 2083300

my prof would do lectures showing off his disgusting muffintop and manboob nipples. barf.

No. 2083310

agreed. armpits too. men should always wear an undeeshirt and sleeves.

No. 2083358

File: 1720562259671.jpeg (28.5 KB, 235x214, IMG_5914.jpeg)

>people posting attention seeking mEnTaL heALth shit on social media
>fishing for compliments
>grown adults throwing tantrums

No. 2083419

You're absolutely right nona. I have no idea why people are mad. Placing so much worth in your appearance and "aesthetic" to the point you buy a bra with nipples for social media because your real nipples are not cool enough… And everyone telling you you're crazy for telling them its not healthy to act as if you're a model or influencer and no one cares. It's almost scary that this is controversial.
It's just like that video of the woman saying (paraphrasing) "We place too much emphasis on appearance for building confidence. Your looks are not everything and you're not all that. Your only hobby is media consumption and its ugly. Read a book." She had to delete it because everyone jumped on her throat. Like I understand you're mad cause you're being called out, but don't try to blame OP about it and act like they're insane. It's a short concise and correct advice.

No. 2083463

The message wasn't the issue with that tiktok, she was annoying and performative and her fake vocal affectation was annoying. She was the exact sort of vain woman she was talking about

No. 2083680

They will and they do. Sit on a bus/train/metro long enough and you’ll see how prolific it is. I’ve seen it happen even at Disneyland.

No. 2083706

Men's hands and feet. Why they so ugly and dirty and just ew, no shame in showing them everywhere

No. 2083800

File: 1720602580648.png (167.52 KB, 299x293, he wants it in the ass.PNG)

The bulges are the worst. Why do they want to flash everyone with the visible shape of their dicks? Gross motherfuckers. They should be made to wear some kind of underwear that flattens them and makes look acceptable in public. Also the moids who walk with low pants (you know, that trend where moids show their underwear and look like they shat their pants) are looking for rape, why the fuck are you keeping your ass out like that?

No. 2083910

The unpopular opinions thread. Its literally always just infighting that lasts for days or people posting the same opinions every other day as if it's the most groundbreaking shit ever.

No. 2083921

The smell of homes with babies or toddlers in them. There's always diapers somewhere in a trashcan or god forbid just left somewhere on a shelf stinking up the place. The bathroom always reeks of baby poo. I have three friends with kids and recently also a sibling and all of their homes reek the same. The kids are cute, but the smells are disgusting.

No. 2083924

I feel the same. Some people say babies smell good, but the smell around is always so bitter, I don't get it. Not just babies though, kids smell weird too! When I visited my old school the smell of kids hit me in the face with all the bad memories lol. I'm thinking maybe only certain people can smell the smell of kids because i've never heard anybody speak about it. I'm hoping my kid will smell like me and not like "kids"

No. 2083925

Normal people don't just leave diapers out on a shelf that's fucking disgusting

No. 2083928

My useless brothers living here. I also hate their poor hygiene so it always fucking stinks like a motherfucker and ruins everything, the only refuge I get is when my failmale brother stays at somebody else’s place for a few days. I almost want to cry with how unlucky me and my mom’s life is

No. 2083929

I agree. Very very disrespectful.

No. 2083931

NTA but I don't get the "babies smell good" meme either. To me babies smell like spilt milk that has dried up on the counter and become all sticky.

No. 2083932

Your friends are just dirty kek. I've never had this problem with anyone I know who has kids

No. 2083935

That may well be, kek.

No. 2083942

This one is a small pet peeve but what is with tiktokers renaming preexisting dishes with brainrot buzzword signaling crap, for instance: marry me chicken. They do this any foreign dish, it further proves my point that social media seeks cultural erasure on all fronts and we are going to be forced to adopt a digital culture.

No. 2083949

90% of male shower gels/aftershaves/deodorants. They all smell like shit and give me headaches without exceptions.

No. 2083956

the only time i've ever seen a used diaper sitting on a shelf is when trashy people leave them on store shelves for some poor worker to clean up. if your friends aren't properly disposing of their child's diapers then they're just nasty.

No. 2083957

To me kids always smell like a disgusting mix of saliva and sweat.

No. 2083973

YES I am so with you, it's always like generic irish spring musky smell, your dick won't fall off if you smell like a mango or a flower I promise.

No. 2083988

>They do this any foreign dish

No. 2083995

This isn’t a dish but they do this with actual food but this one is a good example with a Latin-American drink agua fresca. I know it’s terminally online shit but these influencers know how to “influence” regular people to change your speech otherwise there wouldn’t be masses of young girls going around talking about “girl dinner” or “just a girl” and “not thinking when my man is around”, there’s intentional damage being done here. Maybe I should’ve posted this in the tinfoil thread kek. Vidrel, ignore the botched body and cringe

No. 2084010

I hate the weird insecurity men have about getting cucked by other races. Absolutely narcs. Here is a video from Poland where an American(probably an ugly nazi who moved their because he thinks the women are "pure and trad") malds and harasses a random white women for being in the same vicinity of an Indian guy(unknown if they are even together). I don't like India and their culture but the women didn't deserve this. Women never do this to men in interracial relationships. All races of men do it too. its so creepy and weird. White supremacist hate women more than they hate jews kek.

No. 2084040

>american male goes to poland
>thinks he’s going to find an innocent and naive eastern european tradwife to marry
>eastern european women are known for having high standards and intense vetting of moids, same thing american women are made fun of for doing
>has to deal not only with immigrant moids but the bald headed aggressive wigger polefags with the stature of a shitbull
I hope he gets beaten up by one of those pole wiggers

No. 2084050

I hate how they both think this is so ~quirky~ and cute. Like, I get languages are actually really fluid and that you can convince people to change the meaning of words by repeating the new meaning as many times as you want, this happens all of the time. But I hate how even terms are so manufactured, that they don't even fucking stick for more than a month or two months at best.
I also hate how with social media there aren't inside jokes within groups of people, now the inside jokes are being shared the moment they exist and hundreds or thousands of people even share the same joke, it's lame, it's boring and it makes me cringe when someone like the weirdos in that video explain the joke. Like shut the fuck up, it's just a dumb inside joke you two retards made because she thought aguas frescas were "spa water" and he enables her ignorance and humiliates her by not telling her that the name is agua fresca.
>inb4 but she knows and it's just a joke
I don't care, it's still shitty, this is why inside jokes are fucking staying inside, not spread all over the world, anyone watching that video will just think that she's an absolute idiot or will imitate her either out of pity or because they think it's ~so quirky and cute~.
It's obnoxious, it's dumb, it's watching some humiliation ritual or fetish on display but in a very subtle way to those that just don't see it.

No. 2084062

Why does he speak like those posters in the news stories thread kekk

No. 2084063

Am I the autist or is this video an obvious joke

No. 2084070

>American living in Poland out of all places
>feminine voice
>Obviously short
>speaks english in Poland.
>Uses image board dialect irl. Normies probably thing he's mentally ill.
>Elliot Rodger like seething at seeing a white women with a minority but not him
>obvious insecurity

Why do men have no self awareness kek. If I knew what this guys socials are he'd be a great cow.

No. 2084083

File: 1720628367113.jpeg (33.88 KB, 360x360, IMG_2709.jpeg)

Speaking of "image board dialect" i hate when people use internet slang irl. I remember hearing some guy at my high school 2 years ago saying "based" and i recoiled in cringe like picrel. It felt so unnatural. Like the fourth wall was broken.

No. 2084090

>marry me chicken
oh my god this is still a thing? I thought this was just something from like 2010 cosmo magazine, eugh. I need this to not be a thing.

No. 2084094

he also has that muffled nasally fat people voice
i get you nonnie, that is how i felt hearing the word "Pajeet" spoken out loud in >>2084010, if you sperg about a race irl, at least you're a mere racist, using words like "Pajeet", "Tyrones", irl you look like a genuine freak

No. 2084105

It’s a joke based off something real, nonna. There was an influencer trying to rename and rebrand this cultural drink for money and views kekk

No. 2084106

Kek having a soy rant in public is embarrassing. He also has the stereotypical nerd voice when they have braces on and spit accumulates too much in their mouths, jesus christ is this the future of moids? Count me out

No. 2084115

I still don't know what the hell is a girl dinner

No. 2084122

Anorexia and poor eating habits normalized by retarded pickmes, “men eat steaks, women eat salads” kind of bullshit

No. 2084130

This guy does this a lot, just yelling at random immigrants.

No. 2084312

Its just supposed to be a random assortment of foods or multiple different snacks put together as a meal. Think of a charcuterie board.

No. 2084331

This, absolutely. In my younger/dumber days I used to follow a woman on Twitter who was a good few years older than me. She was talented, funny and intelligent but her obsession with attracting men - any men - made her so fucking insufferable. She would constantly post shit like this and whine about how 'ugly' she was. The final straw was when she made some quip about how 'women who get raped are lucky', implying they should be thankful to receive traumatising violence??? i was in shock.

No. 2084336

How is it "cucked" if they're not in a relationship with these women?

Ive seen some passport bro types in comment sections say "you wouldnt like it if refugees will be mostly short latinas" and "we're replacing you with asiam women" as if thats supposed to make western women jealous or something? I dont think the average american woman thinks gee i wish i were a thai woman waiting in the third world for a 50 yr old white boomer to come marry me

No. 2084357

The answer is, as always, entitlement and projection.

No. 2084389

I hate how prevalent/normalized stepshit is becoming in all porn mediums including fiction and how especially younger generations are getting psyoped into legit paraphilias. Living with a non-blood related moid is already bad enough without this shit.

No. 2084584

It's actually really horrible, as someone who has known people who tried to do the "blended family" thing, it's pretty likely either the stepfather or stepbrother will turn out to be a predator. We should normalize being a single mom by choice.

No. 2084594

It's so weird to see how porn developed. In the 80s, watching step-family porn was considered a weird paraphillia kink and you had to go out of your way to find porn of it. Now, thanks to porn sites, it's inescapable. I would love to read a really in-depth article or journal about how internet pornography changed the landscape and how it impacted society. I think when porn was still "taboo" and you had to either buy a magazine or a tape, it was less of a societal problem.

No. 2084673

I fucking HATE the term "It's serving cunt" and all of the other drag phrases, but especially that one. I don't even find the term 'cunt' offensive in and of itself but that phrase pisses me off

No. 2084676

oh my god, on this note I fucking hate that 'What are you doing step bro!' "joke" whenever a person, or a fictional character is depicted as bending over or stuck somewhere

No. 2084677

Men who neg their pets. It's soooo weird

No. 2084679

you never called your cat fatty fatty boobalatty?

No. 2084682

>You've never verbally assaulted and bullied your beloved kitty?
No, some of us are normal. I love my cat I would never try to bully her or bring down her self-esteem or anything like that. I love my cat and she loves me and we are best friends and I don't treat my friends like they're charity-cases or ever try to hurt them emotionally or ever be mean and nasty and cruel to them. You sound like a monster or a psychopath. I can't believe this.

No. 2084683

I think it's cute when it's from women, I regularly call my cat a spasmoid dishing, but from men it sounds ominous and ragey.

No. 2084684

I hate autocorrect

No. 2084699

Zoomer girls and their coquette shit. The autistic screeching they go on when you say they're anachan childhood fetishists who pander to pedos kek

No. 2084701

File: 1720656859479.jpeg (45.22 KB, 640x360, IMG_5934.jpeg)

No. 2084744

That's completely different from the weird and evil way certain types of men address their pets

No. 2084755

You never even asked your cat "Meow if you're retarded"? while she's yelling for food?

No. 2084757

I call one of my cats tubba chubba and wobble his belly fat.

No. 2084836

File: 1720666419162.png (62.82 KB, 682x587, Screenshot_414.png)

troons have completely invaded tumblr and it depresses me. depresses and angers me. i'm completely unable to browse the site or even check a blog of someone i don't follow without running into a "girlcock" post. i just don't see why everyone falls for this farce, i mean it's a dick joke. a dick joke any regular ""cis"" guy could've made except it's got a fetish sprinkled on top of it and now it's just okay. christ. i also hate that my blog of like ten years got term'd because someone reported me for being a terf, fucking terrible website but the humor is still there so i can't give it up quite yet

No. 2084842

Coquette aesthetic shit is gross and I especially hate when they try to include the book Lolita in their personality. Making it so fucking obvious they either didn’t read it at all, or read it and severely misunderstood the whole thing kek.

No. 2084849

File: 1720668251994.png (18.2 KB, 671x180, Screenshot_415.png)

this post has almost 15k notes…how is it funny or interesting? "durr hurr girl with a cock!!" KYS

No. 2084857

Maybe you are just shit at curating your dashboard. None of my mutuals talk about girlcock on there and i have about 800.i do have some troons, they/thems and those kind of people following me and i just ignore them

No. 2084863

>internet is süper accesible now
>boys get addicted to watching corn
>soon enough "vanilla" sex gets boring to look at
>constantly want to see something new
>p0rn industry meets the demand and is busier than ever

No need to write an essay on it.(do not self censor)

No. 2084865

why are you censoring the word porn

No. 2084899

The fact that it's about a fucking 12 year old and that doesn't somehow strike off red flags in their minds. The AOC must be 5 to them or something

No. 2085028

AI art bros or whatever they call themselves. Just another flavour of unmitigated Redditor autism

No. 2085078

I hate the AIfags here, they sound low IQ.

No. 2086122

These Korean react to (race) woman are so weird lol

No. 2086197

It's targeted towards Koreaboos who want to get validation from their oppas and unnies—whom they are convinced are just like from their K-pop or dramas they watch… when in reality most either don't give a shit or would most likely be super racist to them (especially if you're brown).

No. 2086201

And hilarious bc they always pick someone who looks korean-washed and not even really a good example of what most people of said race would actually look like

No. 2086202

So I'm not the only one who noticed that? I thought I was reaching, but I do think they pick women who fit their standards

No. 2086212

File: 1720773287452.jpeg (94.8 KB, 602x903, main-qimg-db2ba40be9f0850305c3…)

Yes. They only choose light-skinned, pretty, and skinny people to feature in their videos. Like in the video you linked, I doubt they would have featured a woman that looks like this in their videos.

No. 2086226

I hate how unicorns have gone from a wild beast that protects women and kills men and elephants into a faggy little horse with a horn. Not even a cool horse like a brumby, it's just a horse that can do tricks for a sugar cube and it just happens to have a horn. I blame you lame 70s fantasy and Lisa Frank, fuck you.

No. 2086230

I hate how women will excuse the most vile shit men do but if another woman is rude she’s somehow worse than hitler.
When Chris Chan rapes his mother:
>Oh I feel so bad for hi- i mean her! She’s just mentally ill and was manipulated into it and respect her pronouns she’s a reeeaaaal woman
When a woman calls another woman ugly:
>Why are you hating like a MAN you’re not a girls girl you’re a fake feminist you have internalized misogyny you’re such a pick me

No. 2086241

File: 1720775876146.jpeg (966.23 KB, 1282x1259, IMG_5791.jpeg)

I didn’t know unicorns were this based nonny but I’ve always preferred antique unicorn art compared to these pastel pink kawaii illustrations they make of them nowadays

No. 2086267

File: 1720780244088.jpg (89.79 KB, 1492x661, EpwHjI4WwAANx6r.jpg)

i don't even consider the latter to be real unicorns, merely caricatures of them.

No. 2086320

Anything that has to do with throat sounds, from throat singing to languages who have throat sounds. It all sounds gross, don't care if it's culture or some shit like that, it sounds like people are struggling to spit out the phlegm after a big cold.

No. 2086321

File: 1720786835675.jpeg (756.7 KB, 2093x1151, FEEA4364-E25E-4AC5-BA86-8C02CD…)

I love how this mentions the cloven hooves like that, kek. When I was a kid my favorite stuffed animal was a pink unicorn almost identical to picrel (mine was a different color), but my older sister being a certified horse girl had to constantly tell me it was actually a deformed cow because horses don’t have cloven hooves.
wish I could justify the price of replacing my long lost unicorn

No. 2086323

French, Arabic, Portuguese… hard agree.

No. 2086367

originally they were more resembling goats than horses

No. 2086370

This is neat, thank you

No. 2086403

When a moid is stopped at the light and he's staring at me at my bus stop, sometimes I just want to yell the fuck you looking at

No. 2086427

I’m slightly annoyed when people used “ification” like for example using girlbossification because they are allergic to strong female characters. Internet video essayists and lame brains love doing that and I wonder the reason for that

No. 2086576

Killing elephants is not based though.

No. 2086587

> kills men and elephants
Kek that's so random

No. 2086716

I hate how Japan is basically the only country you aren't allowed to criticize without some people losing their shit, I don't even see south Korea get this level of dick riding

No. 2086731

it's funny how POCs get stockholm syndromed when japanese are racist towards them.
"T-they have good reasons to be racist!!!111"

No. 2086760

this, French women are fine, but when i hear their men speak i feel compelled to scratch my ear off.

No. 2086848

File: 1720816717913.jpg (89.14 KB, 680x649, 842b76530395897c0dafd009ddb5be…)

this image

No. 2086857

cold pizza

No. 2086858

It's constantly mentioned as the pedophile rape capital of the world with ultra rape gangs and brainwashed women children and rape pedophile cartoons that brainwash poor male Americans into being trannies.

No. 2086866

File: 1720817900636.png (63.05 KB, 498x374, drinking-coffee-pim.png)

I hate the chronically online has to claim Smiling Friends as some wholesome and "totally different and better than Rick and Morty guyss" type of show because of Pim and the amount of shirtless fat characters they see as "plus size representation!". Like go like something else please, not every show is Steven Universe, and that's okay.

No. 2086870

Kek, isn’t the “plus size” representation just taking the piss? Funny character = fat is an elder trope at this point.

No. 2086875

Damn she’s beautiful.

No. 2086888

I see Japan shit on all the time for their xenophobia and pedophilia, and misogyny though, and rightfully so. I've never seen weebs deny Japan doesn't have its problems.

No. 2086901

Chronically online rightoids have the same relationship with Japan as BPDchans have with their Nigels.
> B-based Japan senpai, the bastion of anti-woke values, please shit more on the West uguu
> How could Japan do this to us? We bought their merchandise. Honestly just feel so used and empty right now it's like our relationship meant nothing
> Haha based Japan owns the libs once again!!
Scrolling through a "trad" weeb's YouTube account/twitter posts is honestly like reading the relationship thread.

No. 2086963

I hate the decline in quality I see in off-the-rack clothes over the past 10 years. Brands that I liked in the past and that had good quality have all been caught up in a landslide of mediocrity. I spent $100 on Levi's jeans and they're paper thin, poorly hemmed, and don't fit right. I have an IDENTICAL pair of Levi's that I bought in 2018: same style, same name, same measurements, etc., but the quality and make is completely different. If you're gonna make cheap clothes, at least make them CHEAP to buy. I just spent $100 on something that should have been worth $15. Now I have to go out of my way to return them and waste more time and money. I don't think basic-quality clothes should be more than $200+ to buy, but here we are.

No. 2086966

I've been thinking about this and I can't help but wonder where clothes will be in 10 years time. Can qualiry degrade even further? The thought makes me want to hoard clothes.

No. 2086978

It really is insane. I have pairs of jeans that cost me maybe 50 bucks from 10 years ago that are still perfect and like brand-new. Now, whenever I buy jeans they all have that gross paper-thin texture and they're never the size that they're labelled. It's like they're built to rip after 2 washes. I've worn the same size of clothes for over 15 years now, 2 weeks ago I got a pair of jeans that were labelled as being my size, but they didn't fit. When I measured them, they were 4 inches longer than labelled, and they were 6 inches more wide than labelled. How does that make it past quality control? Why label it if you're labeling it so wrong? In my mind, $100 dollars (5 hours labour for me) should at least get me a nice durable pair of denim pants. I don't think it's right to ask for more than 200 or 300 dollars just to get something made of DENIM.

No. 2087004

I unironically hoard my favorite shirt that came out like 7+ years ago whenever I find them listed online

No. 2087010

It's so real and frustrating. I have to really hunt, and i mean hunt, for good quality clothing. Even thrift stores are filled to the brim with shein and cheap forever 21/h&m. I hate the fast fashion so much. I think uniqlo still has decent basic cotton outfits, but so many other brands are made cheap now to save costs.

No. 2087032

I've done this for a really good pair of jeans that got released in 2017, I have 4 pairs of them because I knew I wanted to wear them for as long as I could.
I'm in the same boat. I try to check out thrift stores, but mostly all I find in there is junk. I think after 2020, thrift stores are no longer what they used to be, thanks to the proliferation of fast fashion + the Depop "thrift to sell" mindset. I try to check out stores in my local shopping malls, but they always have very limited selection. Weirdly enough, the one store I can still shop at and actually enjoy is Abercrombie & Finch. They stepped up their game since the mid 00s and now I'm able to find reasonable price and reasonable quality stuff at their stores which I appreciate. I shop at department stores occasionally as well, and even there I notice a lot of the clothes are very overpriced for what they are. If something is 49% cotton and 51% synthetic fibre, it's not really a "cotton shirt" right? I hate that cotton content can be as low as 40% and brands will STILL label it as a cotton shirt. I guess really I just hate the big clothing companies and wish it was easier to just buy fabric and get it made personally for me at a tailor or something. Maybe when I turn 30 I'll make the switch and just have everything made for me, by then I doubt off-the-rack shit will have improved.

No. 2087142

I’m so tired of what cons have delved into, I recently went to AX and the amount of cooch and ass I’ve seen just during the normal hours compared to after hours was insane with kids around at the eating areas. There will always be thots but idk being at AX this year felt so bleak, I guess that’s the territory with bigger cons but damn

No. 2087154

People who use lolicon/shotacon to describe actual pedophiles. I remember on Reddit seeing someone say "I think I might be a shotacon", and they were referring to the fact that they were attracted to real little boys. Like nigga you're a pedophile not a "shotacon"

No. 2087373

File: 1720860165792.jpg (140.2 KB, 736x414, stop.JPG)

Group images (especially promotional)where each character has their personality shown off with the youtube thumbnail soyface or an exaggerated frown etc. I don’t care how quirky you think you are. You look retarded.

No. 2087378

I started thrifting years ago for this very reason, but now you can see the decline even in thrifted clothing because resellers and depop girlies are flooding the marketplaces with cheap shein that they wore once before realizing everyone can see their panty lines and cellulite through the unlined gauze-thin polyester fabric. Except they still price it at over half price and will argue in comments how shein is actually great until they're blue in the face.

No. 2087379

playing pretend with pronouns what a joke like we get it you are a narcissist here let me navigate that

No. 2087382

I miss grammar nazis. Reading some posts and comments nowadays is borderline self-harm from the horrible grammar people use. If you correct them they now give you shit for being "ableist" and they'll pull excuses out of their ass as to how they managed to fumble a whole sentence. I don't care if you're ESL because so am I and I still manage to get my point across well enough without a sentence becoming meaningless misused word soup. It's not even ESLs that are the worst offenders, it's the trashy native speakers who can barely read but mommy still bought them an iPhone.

No. 2087383

>going to AX

lol did you enjoy the crowds nonnie? Idgaf about half naked cosplays I just hate how many damn people there are and wtf are people doing bringing kids to a crowded hot con anyway?

No. 2087385

I hate when women take your “comfort” in situations that wouldn’t even be problematic in the most chill corporate environment as a reason to completely let loose. I mean test the boundaries of psychics itself and fill other people’s trash bins with their filth.

No. 2087396

I'm so confused anon, what do you mean?

No. 2087415

My neighbors' construction. On one side they were busy for over a year, it's been done for a while and now my neighbors on the other side felt like doing construction starting at 7:30 on a fucking saturday. They've been slamming some nails or idfk since yesterday and I can hear it in the whole house, I hope they're just building a piece of furniture and nailing it to the wall or something because holy shit fuck off already. One day if I win the lottery I'll move to the middle of the woods or the top of a mountain where there's not a person around, what a dream.

No. 2087852

That the Things We Like thread is "we" instead of "you". I always forget this when I wanna post in that thread, and then I end up having to Google it because I can't find it in the catalog.

No. 2087861

I hate this shit. agree with you so hard.

No. 2087863

Why does every fucking show have to have representation is my question.

No. 2087881

Nta but my hypothesis is narcissism and an inability to relate to anyone who isn't 100% similar to the person consuming the media. Thanks to social media, everyone has their super specific niche personally tailored corner of the internet that they base their identity on, so they want to see exactly that reflected in media to feel seen. If a character isn't 100% similar to them, than it can't possibly be a personification of someone who exists out there other than the consumer, and isn't relatable either, so it's worthless. "Why aren't you making a show about ME?" basically. Hence all this new wave of new writers and animators making shows based on tumblr tier OCs who are super queer or whatever, because it's the trend and represents the specific corner they come from, and what their target audience would relate to.
Blogpost but I grew up with cartoons with characters that are vastly different from me but that's exactly why I enjoyed them, they were like a window to another world I didn't know existed, so I grew accustomed to all kinds of characters and never searched for representation, and frankly, shows that represented people like me ethnicity wise were usually made locally and were so lame and boring because I'm seeing what I see in my everyday life or they don't even try to stay accurate to that either because it's too boring, and these shows always flopped anyways.
Funnily enough, people who screech about representation can't take it when those represented aren't exactly them, so they refrain from consuming the media they demand anyways.

No. 2087901

A certain type of people have been poisoned by a contemptus mundi attitude from choosing to live their lives in echo-chambers. I hate when people see all things only through their own ego. "If it's important to me then it must be just as important to everyone else too!!" So they inject their own neurosis into anything they come into contact with. In your example, you'll usually only hear about representation from freaks that are neurotically obsessed with representation, so they'll drone on and on about it in anything they see regardless of whether or not that thing has anything to do with representation.

No. 2087929

this but make it a moid

No. 2087950

File: 1720907844145.jpg (2.71 MB, 2816x2112, blackjack.JPG)

I hate when I stand on 20 but the dealer had a 7 a 10 and pulled a 4…

No. 2089144

File: 1720938628804.jpeg (48.67 KB, 690x444, IMG_7842.jpeg)

I hate SUVs. Specifically how ubiquitous they are and the people who buy them. What makes you think your life is important enough you need to take up so much space? I don’t care if you have kids or dogs, no reason you can’t fit them in a normal hatch or sedan. Extra hatred if the SUV is in rental white color.

No. 2089186

I see the opposite to be honest. People, especially media, overstating or inventing problems, pretending like something is normal or that Japanese hold some view when they don't. Basically people are ignorant of Japan (like any country) yet Japan is so established in pop culture that they feel the need to comment on it, or make use of it. Japanese, kind of like Celts or Vikings, is a people where everyone likes to make up shit for their own purposes and have completely delusional fantastical ideas about them. This can be positive or negative, but more often today it's negative. The problem is Japan is a real place and people living today, not limited to fantasy-history.

Some people are also coping because parts of Japanese society are blatantly better than their own, or that Japan is inwardly-focused and does things its own way, and there is a culture today of tearing down others and trying to level everything to shit.

No. 2089440

File: 1720964464218.png (1.79 MB, 1198x672, SUVfrontblindspot.PNG)

I hate the level of tone deafness in the costuming community.

Fun fact, SUV drivers have higher accident rates (not just whether accidents are more fatal, an increased number of accidents) when compared with regular car drivers. The accidents they do get in are also more likely to be fatal because of the raised front grill and sheer weight of the car. Picrel is how many children can sit in front of an SUV without the driver being able to see them due to the raised front grill. Anyone who claims that they need an SUV because of their children does not understand how dangerous these vehicles are to children.

No. 2089447

I think it's partially due to the "if they're not pandering to me then they OBVIOUSLY hate me and want me to die" mentality which plagues modern fandom. I think good representation in media is important for kids, especially girls, but once you're an adult you should be able to stfu and Google media that appeals to you.

No. 2089457

Jesus christ that's a terrifying image.

No. 2089468

>tfw you own a white SUV

No. 2089476

File: 1720966026947.png (24.07 KB, 696x351, SUVgrillheight.PNG)

There's more. This is a six foot tall moid in the diagram, most of us are more likely to be a height where those grills would hit us in the upper chest or head. This in particular is why SUVs (and new/lifted trucks) are more fatal to pedestrians, especially women and children, than regular cars.

No. 2089477

These two being basically one after another is irony.

No. 2089482

> hit us in the head
Hahahaha midget ass nonna

No. 2089496

File: 1720967173472.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x3024, ztg44401nio41.jpg)

every SUV needs one of those potlid mirrors that USPS LLV trucks have so they can see the front of their vehicle. the blind spot is too much. it's the best part about LLVs

No. 2089780

The stupid quasi-snarl face Emma d’arcy makes in every photo of her ever, as if she doesn’t look ridiculous enough without it. Her work in HOTD as rhaenrya is amazing but the NB nonsense adds such a level of insufferability to the fandom and show discussion (and I mean these GOT nerds were already rabid and annoying af without the constant gender sperging)

No. 2089870

I think her facial expression is just a British thing, nbd

No. 2090206

i hate when i fart on my period and it makes a gross squelchy noise

No. 2090256

File: 1720999757832.webp (5.5 KB, 291x237, IMG_5725.webp)

I hate this fat retarded mutt and his shit-crusted asshole

No. 2090261

Go back to the dog hating thread jk

No. 2090262

His name should be NippleHead. Ugly dumb dog.

No. 2090265

No. 2090269

You just don't appreciate the pudding dog, you're evil, go whence you came from.

No. 2090293

File: 1721001448385.png (34.79 KB, 526x249, descarga.png)

You're a miserable hoe. Pompompurin is one happy, chunky puppy and he's very cute and funny. Picrel is the one that should get an slow death, ugly ass frog hate him deeply

No. 2090307

What the heck is your problem

No. 2090309

File: 1721002009664.png (9.38 KB, 225x225, download (3).png)

Everyone always fucking hates Keroppi but never Kirimichan the literal fucking slab of meat, no its always the frog. Everybody always hates the frog.

No. 2090310

Both Nipplehead and Frog with Graves Syndrome are ugly and dumb and annoying. They're both shit.

No. 2090313

I can't believe this thing won over gudetama

No. 2090331

This show is kinda funny but got completely ruined by their omnipresent gendie fandom and their obsession with fatties and bellies, gross af. I'd take R&M any day just because of that association alone and that's saying a lot because I hate that show too
This thing is UGLY and it gives me a bad feeling

No. 2090343

File: 1721003193677.jpg (49.48 KB, 800x450, cinnamon-2522866391.jpg)

you're giving hate to the wrong dog. soap looking motherfucker

No. 2090347

When you think you’re hanging out with your friend and she brings her boyfriend then asks without asking first.

No. 2090351

File: 1721003757788.jpeg (70.56 KB, 750x1000, IMG_8885.jpeg)

It’s extra retarded because the entire joke is drawing unnecessary details on a simple cartoon character.

No. 2090389

What's your second least favorite Sanrio character pompurin hater nona

No. 2090412

This is the type of show that would make fun of gendies if anything

No. 2090433

File: 1721007370124.webp (14.03 KB, 278x360, IMG_5727.webp)

This other retard mutt but at least he’s not obese and keeps his ass clean

No. 2090435

kek thank you

if those are your least favorites, do you have any favorites?

No. 2090445

File: 1721007841171.jpeg (24.48 KB, 400x200, IMG_5729.jpeg)

Also kuromi and tuxedo sam

No. 2090518

That YouTube cooking faggot who goes by "Uncle Roger". His entire humour is "my ex wife was a fat slut" alongside his terrible fake Asian accent and weird catchphrases. Why is he popular jfc

No. 2090581

The unpopular opinions thread, black girl thread, dog hate thread, trump thread and cat hate thread. They're all so bad.

No. 2090629

what do you have against the black girl thread

No. 2090661

Amazing nona thank you for your insight

No. 2090673

I used to use it a lot when it was a slow thread that barely got bumped, and now that it's more popular it's just infight central filled with the most negative anons ever. Its just always "I hate myself" or "I hate other black women". It should be a thread to discuss with other black anons but they just use it to fight with everyone if they ever so slightly disagree with them and call them a scrote or whatever other insult they have I remember there was an anon who kept obsessively posting about some white moid on 4chan and accusing people in the thread of being him, i don't think anyone knew what she was even talking about. I actually think the thread got more negative AFTER "problems" was removed from the title, crazily enough. I think what happened is a lot of twitter and tiktokfags migrated here and eventually found that thread which is why it's more active and more terrible in there. Of course this isn't specific to that thread only and I have the same gripes with /ot/ as a whole, but i just hate it now because I do not remember it being sooo bad in there. I still read it sometimes but I mostly avoid posting there anymore cause I'm sure no matter what I post, I'll attract some grumpy anon

No. 2090719

I've tried to watch his videos, but they're so hard to get into. I just don't think the "purposeful ethnic/obnoxious voice" humor really works anymore

No. 2090729

File: 1721022202383.png (196.35 KB, 500x340, tumblr_355900a3666255e1315d42d…)

I hate how much Palestine is mentioned for literally everything. I don't hate Palestine I just hate the performative activism around what's going on. A disaster hit a town where my extended family live, leaving them without basic resources, only for insensitive people to bring up the kids in Palestine in the comments. Too many troons who are all about "Die Cis Scum" and "Kill all transphobes" all of a sudden care about Palestine. But do nothing but harass people. I've also seen someone who's family was in the 2006 attacks, get told by a Free Palestine account, that they were performative activists. The bold assumption they made about someone who had family there that was truly suffering, get harassed by the people screeching about it most. Internet activism is extremely exhausting.

No. 2090743

exactly and what are we supposed to do if we're halfway across the world and not in Palestine? maybe donate to some aid funds but I can't stand the constant moralfaggotry every time someone orders a Starbucks drink or eats at McDonald's

No. 2090926

Palestine suddenly receiving divine intervention/Israel forces leaving Palestine after some 13 year old tif reposts fanart of their Tumblr sexymen drawn as fat, furry and trans eating watermelons with "free palestine" text in the background

No. 2091084

File: 1721047156877.jpg (35.6 KB, 640x480, 1000008798.jpg)

I hate this ad. It always comes up on YouTube. I've honestly never saw Zendaya act. I'm 33. I was too old for her when she got on Disney, I feel too old for euphoria and haven't watched an episode also I'm not American. I'm not of a fan of the spiderman films unless Toby Maguire. I haven't saw the tennis film and I hated dune when I read it I won't be watching. My only knowledge of zendaya is from clipped interviews on social media. Her face seems like a dreamworks face and I can't understand the appeal. This ad especially does my head in because of her serious face she makes and it just reminds me of when I furrow my brow to make drawing on my eyebrows easier. I keep hearing gen z talk about face cards and idk what the fuck age zendaya is but she seems to be memed into thinking doing a dreamworks serious face is cutting edge

No. 2091085

>I've also seen someone who's family was in the 2006 attacks, get told by a Free Palestine account, that they were performative activists
That's infuriating

No. 2091092

I hate people who swear all the time. Just kill the whole mood why don't you lol, you sound like an angry teenager.