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File: 1684949098517.jpeg (42.58 KB, 500x375, Protect Us.jpeg)

No. 298361

Post any image you want here
previous thread >>>/m/186808

No. 298386

File: 1684953755889.jpg (59.34 KB, 945x694, chicago.jpg)

No. 298389

File: 1684954366464.jpg (213.63 KB, 1170x1327, sanrio doom slayer.jpg)

No. 298415

File: 1684955812761.jpg (196.01 KB, 1732x1732, FwlH_HCWYAMRSKz.jpg)

No. 298416

File: 1684955836818.jpg (68.67 KB, 578x840, Katie_Sandwina_(the_Lady_Hercu…)

No. 298464

autistic pet peeve but at least one of these is edwardian

No. 298498

File: 1684971072755.jpeg (788.51 KB, 4032x3024, BF9CE92B-2095-44D1-8AD6-95AFF6…)

No. 298509

File: 1684975640485.jpeg (172.71 KB, 1861x1240, Fw4HkKPWYAA6kA0.jpeg)

No. 298510

File: 1684975664123.jpeg (179.8 KB, 900x899, Fw4c-5qaUAEEDlD.jpeg)

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File: 1684978356413.jpg (25.18 KB, 400x400, GuxP0An4_400x400.jpg)

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File: 1684980802646.png (337.75 KB, 934x960, C6AC843D-0413-4BB9-B0F5-8584DD…)

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File: 1684980867626.png (256.34 KB, 600x900, C359A29C-0E30-4C9E-BD36-CE7ECF…)

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File: 1684980942011.png (260.93 KB, 1080x608, FC7C62A9-145C-4E32-9F73-84CB51…)

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File: 1684981074066.png (9.21 MB, 1923x3000, 434E01A1-1A0A-4273-9083-315780…)

No. 298525

File: 1684981197571.png (547.23 KB, 820x1024, 9BD09471-C60B-4374-87FC-08684B…)

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File: 1684981641357.png (422.92 KB, 875x700, 8DD17EDE-C9CD-4A85-AA9C-7554DE…)

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File: 1684986139278.jpg (67.33 KB, 1080x1080, 347419976_1198793627493567_750…)

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File: 1685027450492.jpg (132.72 KB, 1170x871, FK9wE1MMagAArGE.jpg)

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File: 1685029180501.jpeg (65.47 KB, 640x926, b8453690-aa51-11ed-b1cf-7e8158…)

No. 298662

File: 1685041699793.jpeg (204.6 KB, 828x994, IMG_3402.jpeg)

No. 298668

please spoiler troon shit

No. 298718

File: 1685072923024.jpeg (66.06 KB, 375x640, B0CECB8A-A25D-47FB-832B-B32953…)

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File: 1685072987196.png (942.45 KB, 1275x1650, EFDBF3CD-CF67-4E10-AFC7-53894A…)

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File: 1685073384833.jpeg (19.47 KB, 399x600, D375483D-B32F-4C4E-937B-F994CD…)

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File: 1685073494739.png (2.31 MB, 1024x1365, 619323E5-0FCE-4533-B9BD-5BBF8E…)

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File: 1685073605882.png (1008.98 KB, 1124x1362, E455EB0C-51BC-4688-86F8-8FD83E…)

No. 298736

File: 1685078624080.jpg (383.08 KB, 1061x2843, Weight_loss.jpg)

No. 298748

kek I wish I could have read those replies

No. 298795

File: 1685116778711.jpg (110.1 KB, 1170x1734, goofy administering the Euchar…)

No. 298817

File: 1685125744185.png (467.1 KB, 750x494, FxAZDwfWYAAIRfVS.png)

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File: 1685165673633.jpeg (131.62 KB, 736x588, IMG_9575.jpeg)

No. 298938

File: 1685176284787.jpeg (101.11 KB, 1079x1013, FYFRbaIAA6L.jpeg)

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File: 1685298889820.jpg (169.88 KB, 1440x1390, Tumblr_l_6905114471687.jpg)


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File: 1685300160647.jpg (24.06 KB, 540x441, FfvMYXFWYAAr9RU.jpg)

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File: 1685309585222.jpeg (64.5 KB, 736x830, IMG_0228.jpeg)

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File: 1685346477850.png (256.28 KB, 720x893, Screenshot_20230528-022739.png)

No. 299386

File: 1685346765774.png (77.04 KB, 619x484, Screenshot_20230523-152112.png)

No. 299387

File: 1685347259115.png (174.11 KB, 720x569, Screenshot_20220701-220633.png)

No. 299388

File: 1685347312516.png (370.32 KB, 720x895, Screenshot_20230419-211737.png)

No. 299420

reddit humor is not funny

No. 299533

Reddit is a website with millions of people and though most humor is stuff like "I cheated on my gf with her little sister and now my gf has an std lol" there is occasionally funny stuff there. If the screenshot was from Tumblr or something I guarantee you would not have cared. Stop being so uptight.

No. 299663

Nta but how can you tell? Genuinely curious

No. 299716

File: 1685551204299.jpg (72.95 KB, 900x700, AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR.jpg)

No. 299736

the outfits and the feather hat look more edwardian than victorian. i've seen one the pics circulating with a date of 1905 which is squarely out of the vitctorian era (anything post 1901 is by definition not victorian)

No. 299738

File: 1685556041743.jpeg (78.4 KB, 828x850, IMG_0351.jpeg)

No. 299767

i knew this would be a tif before i even enlarged the pic

No. 299772

File: 1685562504920.jpg (172.3 KB, 1098x1362, FdxKeXjWcAQIlyc.jpg)

No. 299857

File: 1685613047411.jpg (16.87 KB, 625x373, FusdwWwAM40b.jpg)

No. 299863

File: 1685614366413.jpg (69 KB, 750x1000, FvZVTwXsAEzMSE.jpg)

No. 299877

File: 1685617500163.jpg (767.41 KB, 2448x2448, goop.jpg)

No. 299883

File: 1685618411103.jpeg (291.05 KB, 1536x2048, 0433F-4C99771925B-033F.jpeg)

No. 299905

File: 1685626993019.jpg (86.89 KB, 540x540, tumblr_f84249116393ab50f0b89c3…)

No. 299950


No. 299994

so all the other pics of him get deleted but here it stays up? hmmm

No. 299996

File: 1685659292396.jpg (140.85 KB, 940x469, Claydescription.jpg)


No. 300003

Oh she is down HORRIBLY

No. 300004

Anyway, I feel bad for his mother
What's your theory, anon?

No. 300007

File: 1685662786549.jpeg (544.11 KB, 3264x2448, 00536130-E616-4C91-9D70-E79CA3…)

No. 300010

didn't have any theories but since it's now deleted here too i guess the mods just weren't awake here yet. still makes me ponder how every dano bf pic still stays up tho..

No. 300012

she need to be put down I'm afraid. stop lusting after ugly men unless you want our people to stay in the trenches.

No. 300018

so funny to me that she's this thirsty and yet it couldn't be "slim," "average," "dadbod" or anything euphemistically neutral to positive. she had to go with skinnyfat

No. 300019

those lashes aren't that sooty tbh.

No. 300021

File: 1685679995355.png (491.99 KB, 851x1110, DB48CA8E-A7F0-4ECF-817F-F4B34D…)

No. 300022

File: 1685680026924.png (584.23 KB, 1284x1600, 81CFE228-D59A-41CA-859E-7B274C…)

No. 300024

File: 1685680133428.png (1.17 MB, 1170x1461, 2BEEC4DD-4973-4BA3-88E3-8069B9…)

No. 300025

well its accurate.

No. 300029

File: 1685685042802.jpg (146.78 KB, 1079x1084, dorcelessness.jpg)

No. 300043

File: 1685692725417.jpg (148.47 KB, 933x933, FfU7AaUAA0BG.jpg)

No. 300056

File: 1685705179329.png (610.55 KB, 960x918, 0G1.png)

No. 300057

File: 1685705212049.png (1.19 MB, 600x1215, IMG_VG2.png)

No. 300058

File: 1685705243357.png (275.23 KB, 634x412, 3250fc5161444b0a9cf.png)

No. 300061

File: 1685705321623.jpg (135.37 KB, 1200x859, Party.jpg)


No. 300123

How times have changed

No. 300343

File: 1685855844716.jpg (35.28 KB, 441x477, FvMFCWIBsnXNV.jpg)

No. 300344

File: 1685855867336.jpg (19.18 KB, 512x384, 9af.jpg)

No. 300366

File: 1685862984466.jpg (88.44 KB, 474x654, aniki.jpg)

No. 300395

File: 1685872209722.jpg (113.11 KB, 1008x779, Fvxotiy6aIAAtkp2.jpg)

No. 300533

File: 1685933895321.jpg (103.89 KB, 720x697, 3.jpg)

No. 300668

File: 1685989517776.jpg (71.53 KB, 986x984, 5438daf5ee69bd234f5f1c229d0ec4…)

No. 300672

File: 1685990784533.png (32.56 KB, 307x350, champagne_problems.png)

I was about to comment something like "I bet it's a taylor swift fan" but I though that it was too mean and cliché so I checked out first and guess what it IS a taylor swift song KEK

No. 300681

I honestly prefer this flavour of Christianity than a more strict type

No. 300684

kek anon I was about to do the same why are they all like that

No. 300710

cope for stanning the blandest popstar ever

No. 301033

File: 1686159082682.jpeg (65.04 KB, 749x649, IMG_0537.jpeg)

No. 301034

File: 1686159106784.jpeg (50.89 KB, 749x585, IMG_0538.jpeg)

No. 301061

she is right though i genuinely cant see whats wrong with the plush. its cute

No. 301071

It looks like it’s lost it’s will to live

No. 301072

oh so just because she's made of plush she's not allowed to be crippled by depression and ennui? you disgust me

No. 301143

Kek, i love this plush, i'd buy it. It looks so disillusioned with life.

No. 301299

File: 1686289731327.png (367.85 KB, 1290x1253, FwwrcbCX0AYyHjr.png)

No. 301300

File: 1686289976686.jpg (253.4 KB, 1200x1148, Fx6UvZlakAAwuWB.jpg)

No. 301319

File: 1686294453374.jpg (35.79 KB, 556x530, modern-tools-reveal-th-1.jpg)

No. 301320

File: 1686294475831.jpg (76.86 KB, 700x659, mythnorsenorns2-326913779.jpg)

No. 301321

File: 1686294498024.jpg (398.65 KB, 1032x1024, wc0v59k5g7g41.jpg)

No. 301374

File: 1686320107267.jpg (28.69 KB, 524x720, george-orwell1.jpg)

No. 301564

File: 1686408236046.jpg (118.52 KB, 1280x885, Fv8G5LAqagAjJq.jpg)

No. 301567

File: 1686408735676.jpg (84.67 KB, 720x713, 03ce977cf59611be3e50be6cf2256e…)

No. 301569

nonnie do you know where this is from?

No. 301576


No. 301604

File: 1686419332404.jpg (64.05 KB, 467x627, Average Balkan couple.jpg)

No. 301633

File: 1686425345054.jpeg (131.17 KB, 1177x1280, 2215677.jpeg)

No. 301796

File: 1686509515854.jpg (89.84 KB, 900x900, puykQYcGyNQ.jpg)

this one really speaks to me

No. 301807

No. 301809

File: 1686518971846.jpeg (108.22 KB, 750x1114, IMG_0751.jpeg)

No. 301813

based and still relevant, thank you past Suffragette Nonnie for your guidance

No. 301816

Is that killing stalking?

No. 301832

File: 1686543929635.jpg (27.32 KB, 557x611, lazyass.jpg)

No. 301841

could someone post that 1930's page of an actress complaining that she's constantly set up with older-men and just wants to be paired up with a leading man her own age.

No. 301888

File: 1686580635110.jpeg (101.86 KB, 1170x640, anna my queen.jpeg)

No. 301889

File: 1686580658602.jpg (30.25 KB, 563x564, 093247814.jpg)

No. 301899

File: 1686581944252.jpg (69.37 KB, 500x745, 109bd2f53876cf7c5a18ed5bab5d47…)

No. 301956

File: 1686619067273.jpeg (49.84 KB, 749x523, IMG_0815.jpeg)

No. 301976

File: 1686634712613.jpg (110.94 KB, 1125x1119, FV2htqakAEVmw6.jpg)

No. 301991

File: 1686640541782.jpg (135.39 KB, 1125x1098, original_656aac2d1af9235b7e5af…)

No. 302019

can confirm

No. 302023

File: 1686667170459.jpg (601.29 KB, 1536x2048, Fycf_4HWYAgC5pz.jpg)

No. 302051

File: 1686676624742.jpeg (34.6 KB, 535x500, IMG_0812.jpeg)

No. 302182

File: 1686721980835.png (94.81 KB, 512x488, hanzel full power.png)

No. 302183

File: 1686722085090.jpg (42.38 KB, 1093x579, phantasm ii.jpg)

No. 302184

File: 1686722161244.png (1.04 MB, 846x618, Space-Amoeba-1-poster.png)

No. 302185

File: 1686722207284.jpg (71.91 KB, 863x624, three brothers.jpg)

No. 302186

File: 1686722232021.png (1.56 KB, 308x31, goku date.png)

No. 302187

File: 1686722306516.jpg (77.75 KB, 564x558, image000000.jpg)

No. 302188

File: 1686722348660.png (22.34 KB, 805x1524, martian calendar.png)

No. 302189

File: 1686722394885.jpg (82.08 KB, 828x1095, mary yonic.jpg)

No. 302190

File: 1686722542323.jpg (1.37 MB, 2805x2805, Zhdun.jpg)

No. 302192

File: 1686722664820.jpg (153.43 KB, 1000x699, uncontacted tribe in Acre, Bra…)

No. 302195

File: 1686722890898.png (5.94 KB, 869x92, dios no chile no por favor.png)

No. 302196

File: 1686723048672.png (158.13 KB, 1500x1125, narutards rise up.png)

No. 302198

File: 1686725040636.jpg (11.72 KB, 217x300, Yuri Knorozov.jpg)

No. 302199

File: 1686725068275.png (4.78 KB, 643x83, roflcopter.png)

No. 302200

File: 1686725145689.jpg (142.58 KB, 880x728, youtube.jpg)

No. 302201

File: 1686725169333.jpg (55.33 KB, 354x640, honey is looong.jpg)

No. 302202

File: 1686725204367.jpg (46.4 KB, 749x639, homo.jpg)

No. 302204

File: 1686725972325.jpg (331.27 KB, 1024x714, twine ball.jpg)

No. 302240

File: 1686749925627.jpg (50.26 KB, 526x519, tufl96c1d5166f0a03d2bca929crb0…)

No. 302241

File: 1686749958772.jpg (111.09 KB, 960x960, lrobz63rTdij1u53c30o1_1280.jpg)

No. 302268

File: 1686759465798.png (539.83 KB, 1920x1080, FvUenaQqlM.png)

No. 302282

File: 1686765831299.jpg (64.78 KB, 674x1000, F5d7899a8e63.jpg)

No. 302368

File: 1686805268622.jpg (37.63 KB, 640x455, FvbEc8WX1AM14TI.jpg)

No. 302369

File: 1686805325622.jpg (242.28 KB, 1920x1080, FxvyvgAXwAES0Jc.jpg)

No. 302387

File: 1686822159346.jpg (1.27 MB, 2728x1618, Trump Mao.jpg)

No. 302388

File: 1686822193656.jpg (47.05 KB, 450x450, FxoNzLtWwAAThKc.jpg)

No. 302391

File: 1686822729101.jpg (40.66 KB, 500x427, figure5.jpg)

No. 302392

File: 1686822762479.jpg (164.04 KB, 1042x884, farmers.jpg)

No. 302470

File: 1686857491044.jpeg (95.6 KB, 632x842, IMG_0897.jpeg)

No. 302471

So this is why TIFs worship serial killers

No. 302477

File: 1686859254184.jpg (290.29 KB, 754x960, Tumblr_l_621294063822031.jpg)

No. 302589

File: 1686900521246.jpg (185.03 KB, 1280x908, tumblr_p34z3yD5KE1sg57e2o1_128…)

No. 302636

File: 1686932849260.jpeg (290.04 KB, 1024x1820, FxNbu5TaAAAs4GA.jpeg)

No. 302638

File: 1686933955650.jpeg (154.58 KB, 900x589, IMG_3060.jpeg)

No. 302647

File: 1686937979873.jpeg (64.19 KB, 828x584, IMG_0957.jpeg)

No. 302706

File: 1686975658821.jpg (165.75 KB, 1148x1714, Untitled.jpg)

No. 302710

File: 1686976029570.jpg (34.85 KB, 329x482, FxjvSTZXVAExvM.jpg)

No. 302742

File: 1686994976526.jpeg (39.26 KB, 620x655, 63ABAECB-EDA7-440A-BE60-2F053C…)

No. 302768

File: 1687008640049.png (36.22 KB, 1322x731, 7FEC78E3-D953-4F1E-9FB7-EFF34D…)

No. 302814

File: 1687025387297.png (1.64 MB, 1440x1766, Screenshot_20230612-130732.png)

No. 302893

File: 1687064080347.jpeg (111.4 KB, 640x597, cmsjuirhgima1.jpeg)

No. 303141

File: 1687191306409.jpg (204.63 KB, 1077x1247, Fya4vkwWAAE2t1b.jpg)

No. 303160

File: 1687194217562.jpg (72.04 KB, 960x661, Fx6qvaxaYAELoE.jpg)

No. 303161

File: 1687194252062.jpg (38.77 KB, 686x386, FxDri9caUAEeLjs.jpg)

No. 303195

File: 1687195839521.jpg (198.93 KB, 1023x1005, F1t521e7d20.jpg)

No. 303297

File: 1687204503961.png (134.53 KB, 1024x765, 5ed7899a8e63.png)

No. 303379

File: 1687226530216.jpg (108.52 KB, 700x908, look.jpg)

No. 303398

File: 1687238425965.jpg (46.21 KB, 900x1125, FyZZnc7WYAMfAye.jpg)

No. 303399

File: 1687238447623.jpg (40.73 KB, 684x670, FyzJU8dagAE9SgI.jpg)

No. 303400

File: 1687238469985.jpg (78.38 KB, 1428x753, FMfAy8da_gAE9SgI.jpg)

No. 303405

File: 1687238905841.jpg (86.89 KB, 615x942, FyirfqlWYAEs2s3.jpg)

No. 303473

File: 1687264413852.jpg (80.26 KB, 1070x796, FxIOqKaWwAAzNZw.jpg)

No. 303536

File: 1687281150580.jpg (93.15 KB, 720x720, Fw-QzdWX0AABl7E.jpg)

No. 303537

File: 1687281183177.jpg (200.44 KB, 1200x926, FsHWjVrWwAATDoJ.jpg)

No. 303538

File: 1687281219708.jpg (382.45 KB, 1061x2843, Weight_loss.jpg)

No. 303554

File: 1687283476237.jpg (55.29 KB, 640x819, FxJ_Fo-XoAAHq3X.jpg)

No. 303664

File: 1687315941207.jpeg (34.94 KB, 460x471, IMG_1066.jpeg)

No. 303687

So punchable

No. 303727

File: 1687355462678.jpg (68.85 KB, 720x1279, 52defd5d5d441410a630d1a2946a9c…)

No. 304211

File: 1687501518924.jpeg (197.37 KB, 1439x1948, 8C6D0864-3507-4973-B16A-F8A70C…)

No. 304299

File: 1687542563206.jpeg (21.95 KB, 451x320, Wisdom.jpeg)

No. 304319

File: 1687551466666.jpg (48.32 KB, 496x680, F9VcAgWwAsSib.jpg)

No. 304322

File: 1687551547743.jpg (4.11 MB, 2592x3888, july 1 2011 taken with Canon E…)

No. 304323

File: 1687551572014.jpg (206.48 KB, 1024x768, FytFAldWIAAximn.jpg)

No. 304324

File: 1687551599985.jpg (102.23 KB, 559x569, Korean Anti-Smoking Ad.jpg)

No. 304325

File: 1687551658124.jpg (54.05 KB, 510x680, Lightning scars.jpg)

No. 304327

File: 1687553416020.jpeg (66.35 KB, 408x583, NZSN4X.jpeg)

No. 304628

File: 1687691763443.jpg (184.39 KB, 1080x1134, 50b2399cea7ccdbc1c9545a3649b7f…)

No. 304784

File: 1687764166212.jpg (11.59 KB, 190x281, klansman at computer.jpg)

No. 304785

File: 1687764188437.jpg (45.69 KB, 843x627, FX9ozjXwAAVFC.JPG)

No. 304786

File: 1687764230421.jpg (170.31 KB, 1920x1080, AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR.jpg)

No. 305009

File: 1687844964803.jpg (909.58 KB, 3000x2000, bosozoku in '99.jpg)

No. 305010

File: 1687844987233.jpg (35.61 KB, 600x320, Japanese delinquents.jpg)

No. 305082

File: 1687882202585.jpg (198.27 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_20230627_191121_038.jpg)

Literally me

No. 305083

The fucking file name kek made me laugh out loud have a good day nonnie

No. 305096

File: 1687891453606.jpg (78.31 KB, 1080x1106, 71f65da49c02bc0e8d6d54010.jpg)

No. 305118

I mean I wouldn't divorce him over that.

No. 305144

File: 1687911615454.jpeg (92.53 KB, 828x1043, IMG_1141.jpeg)

No. 305145

File: 1687911665422.jpeg (140.23 KB, 689x900, 11683567645_4e08b25dd5_o.jpeg)

No. 305148

File: 1687912490435.jpeg (585.35 KB, 1280x1707, 649A38B7-CAE3-481B-9887-D9AC39…)

No. 305149

File: 1687912544924.png (20.93 KB, 600x650, 98EA0A85-A501-45C3-B156-79BE22…)

No. 305150

File: 1687912597082.jpeg (70.06 KB, 960x540, 827E9756-815F-41FB-8F43-8222E6…)

No. 305151

File: 1687912638140.jpeg (71.09 KB, 750x750, 332F8215-FFDD-400C-9AD6-4B9662…)

No. 305152

File: 1687912680765.jpeg (70.51 KB, 828x632, 0E039F98-B24F-421E-AFF1-FDB236…)

No. 305153

File: 1687912726971.jpeg (90.86 KB, 811x607, 2BFDE62B-6417-4580-91EB-101309…)

No. 305154

File: 1687912817523.png (725.92 KB, 1200x1668, 54EC77F0-7B0F-41F8-BBDA-AC8D86…)

No. 305155

File: 1687912900793.jpeg (125.27 KB, 750x753, 6D38C930-2DB8-46B3-A299-010458…)

No. 305212

File: 1687931868441.jpg (35.22 KB, 640x620, Fzf_d9iWYAQR_S8.jpg)

No. 305357

File: 1687992339167.jpeg (579.44 KB, 1936x2048, Fj9JyCtVsAAM3C9.jpeg)

No. 305428

File: 1688032089659.jpg (95.91 KB, 800x644, boomermeme.jpg)

No. 305436

File: 1688035755137.jpeg (21.69 KB, 640x480, images (19).jpeg)

No. 305663

File: 1688146540700.png (26.96 KB, 225x225, pool shark.png)

No. 305775

File: 1688176008181.jpg (674.81 KB, 2700x3450, Fx9jLFhaAAAVVSO.jpg)

No. 305783

File: 1688176674817.jpg (106.43 KB, 717x960, FV0K95AXakAIFvAv.jpg)

No. 305784

he looks so short here

No. 305870

File: 1688201474074.jpg (27.25 KB, 640x640, FzajSrZXwAEgH4e.jpg)

No. 305871

File: 1688201513018.jpg (6.74 KB, 206x244, FzedB6FXwAQti5_.jpg)

No. 305873

File: 1688201539142.jpg (123.76 KB, 1024x1005, FzedB6GXgAA1Xal.jpg)

No. 306010

File: 1688231791746.jpg (253.19 KB, 800x537, MV5BOTA5YWU1NjEtY.jpg)

No. 306016

File: 1688233057537.jpg (181.18 KB, 771x949, FzXynAp_WIAAl39.jpg)

No. 306019

File: 1688233130924.jpg (265.33 KB, 928x852, FzXyXYZQDead.jpg)

No. 306041

File: 1688235925818.jpg (713.28 KB, 1512x1447, IMG_71.jpg)

No. 306042

File: 1688235964353.jpg (237.13 KB, 992x588, oluja.jpg)

No. 306043

File: 1688235989853.jpg (48.1 KB, 500x500, MadStan.jpg)

No. 306050

File: 1688237578874.jpg (894.26 KB, 1389x1800, 5447V012sx01.jpg)

No. 306051

File: 1688237613266.jpg (138.8 KB, 1080x797, apcgll9ds4aa1.jpg)

No. 306144

File: 1688275377684.jpg (353.49 KB, 2048x2048, CHAD Kimi ni Todoke vs VIRGIN …)

No. 306274

File: 1688335911484.jpg (276.4 KB, 1532x1576, __astolfo_and_astolfo_fate_and…)

No. 306731

File: 1688562560870.jpg (71.63 KB, 592x592, 11153953-2A19-43D6-AF83-62E782…)

No. 306833

File: 1688607915895.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1500x1500, Fw1g3_0aYAAhF3r.jpeg)

No. 306854

File: 1688622784524.jpg (36.15 KB, 700x557, funny-travel-airport-memes-1-5…)

No. 306855

File: 1688622831046.jpeg (52.28 KB, 640x746, Resized_FB_IMG_1685839318628.j…)

No. 306863

File: 1688629399257.jpg (234.01 KB, 1024x682, 9271_BAT230008_IMG_27_0000.jpg)

CP in General Book Thread. Reported.

No. 307102

File: 1688738053298.jpeg (861.14 KB, 2500x1667, MadMaxFuryRoad-247-ft.jpeg)

No. 307106

File: 1688738492876.jpg (1.14 MB, 1536x2048, 60330703_984347.jpg)

No. 307122

File: 1688741739843.jpg (30.72 KB, 225x350, FvC8kkfXsAUmVB.jpg)

No. 308465

File: 1689358314831.png (2.07 MB, 1079x1068, 5421207.png)

No. 308532

File: 1689383532984.jpg (838.35 KB, 2222x1684, 1593909132.874.6878_source.jpg)

No. 308770

File: 1689542998028.png (213.24 KB, 480x643, 1689542598684432.png)

No. 308778

File: 1689549199509.png (380.79 KB, 500x407, tumblr_1a71c6715bca817bf627ecb…)

ot but i have a hard time imagining fujos wearing a coord like this honestly. otomefags maybe. but fujos, in 2023??

No. 308780

File: 1689549969949.png (463.66 KB, 599x732, 1477424674066.png)

This is a really old pic from way before 2023 (It was in a lot of those 'Otasa-no-Hime' threads)
What do you think fujos would wear?

No. 308781

Final boss of nlogs

No. 308782

File: 1689550905388.png (255.48 KB, 480x640, 1477489299268.png)

Too girly to be full on nlogs

No. 308784

File: 1689551008415.jpg (513.31 KB, 3600x2000, 5de8ecdb40db895da310d75c54e3e3…)

no worries anon i figured it was quite an old pic based on the style of the coord and the art alone.
when i picture fujo i picture your typical neet, something like picrel bc thats what applies to me personally, but i also think there are more girly fujos out there for sure who i imagine dress slightly otome-kei, maybe have an ita bag they bring to cons. and obviously there's always been significant overlap with fujos and the lolita/other j fashion communities.
i imagine fujo fashion is a pretty wide spectrum honestly

No. 308785

File: 1689551323382.png (885.3 KB, 1000x1582, 1444231724587.png)

>i imagine fujo fashion is a pretty wide spectrum honestly
I think so too, I personally wear lolita.
Female nerds in general is a pretty wide spectrum though.

No. 308789

this is based, whos the artist?

No. 308791

Dunno, they're from /cgl/ anons.

No. 308818

File: 1689567325164.jpg (65.27 KB, 828x605, F1AuvCCXsBAY6Vt.jpg)

No. 308819

File: 1689567377542.jpg (66.14 KB, 736x1150, F1DBzI6X0AABHIx.jpg)

No. 308847

File: 1689586836115.png (452.24 KB, 750x678, IMG_15.png)

No. 308904

File: 1689613517862.jpg (155.51 KB, 509x640, FvPPbSqX0AMASvn.jpg)

No. 308905

File: 1689613538206.jpeg (98.87 KB, 900x907, 19vs31yrold-1-1652747131.jpeg)

No. 308909

File: 1689614668805.png (802.96 KB, 700x700, FYw6qqmaUAAmO0s.png)

No. 309063

File: 1689682753566.jpg (134.53 KB, 459x669, set_a2.jpg)

No. 309088

File: 1689690943495.png (411.3 KB, 680x680, i2a3jdmumjt41.png)

No. 309089

File: 1689690975662.jpg (74.25 KB, 526x615, 1n64qvw0xfpa1.jpg)

No. 309091

File: 1689691084864.jpg (346.1 KB, 1920x1920, fci6pg9w1xj81.jpg)

No. 309092

File: 1689691119787.jpg (500.42 KB, 1079x1076, x5yhes3zp2n81.jpg)

No. 309446

File: 1689812096290.jpg (93.46 KB, 654x603, a strange harvest laser.jpg)

No. 309447

File: 1689812155533.jpg (120.59 KB, 1174x628, mutiny on the buses.jpg)

No. 309448

File: 1689812205579.jpg (97 KB, 831x611, dorats.jpg)

No. 309449

File: 1689812236691.jpg (150.48 KB, 836x621, trio.jpg)

No. 309450

File: 1689812282103.jpg (43.47 KB, 628x392, weh.jpg)

No. 309451

File: 1689812303819.jpeg (29.81 KB, 363x349, IMG_7324.jpeg)

No. 309452

File: 1689812445809.jpg (835.94 KB, 1079x1772, sander why.jpg)

No. 309453

File: 1689812481124.jpg (118.93 KB, 739x620, hong kil dong.jpg)

No. 309454

File: 1689812553447.jpg (108.09 KB, 476x559, egypt.jpg)

No. 309455

File: 1689812583595.jpg (312.23 KB, 1483x1101, a comparative view of the huma…)

No. 309457

File: 1689812623815.jpg (259.23 KB, 800x551, Rousseau theRepastOfTheLion.jp…)

No. 309458

File: 1689812652294.jpg (540.07 KB, 1024x683, Fale_on_Manono_Island.jpg)

No. 309459

File: 1689812735188.png (24.26 KB, 430x511, he's happy.png)

No. 309460

File: 1689812800541.png (367.78 KB, 520x484, kino.png)

No. 309461

File: 1689812831746.jpg (89.33 KB, 1562x966, moon-sky-desert-night-cacti-la…)

No. 309462

File: 1689812872994.jpg (1.27 MB, 1170x1130, nia the train engine.jpg)

No. 309463

File: 1689812952430.png (15.41 KB, 238x311, howdy do ma'am.png)

No. 309465

File: 1689813127098.png (960.99 KB, 2500x2500, chiggun.png)

No. 309466

File: 1689813202289.png (333.48 KB, 610x540, 148.png)

No. 309467

fuck i miss cc..

No. 309468

No. 309485

File: 1689818242798.png (1.05 MB, 600x840, lord invidius.png)

No. 309493

File: 1689820080505.jpg (102.74 KB, 1122x1200, paul allen.jpg)

No. 309507

File: 1689823555332.png (478.29 KB, 720x785, img_155.png)

No. 309524

File: 1689830952083.jpg (28.84 KB, 463x403, 1625723065699.jpg)

No. 309525

File: 1689830986720.jpg (112.49 KB, 736x736, f413480eb0216118d779d9e7824d42…)

No. 309529

File: 1689832128877.jpeg (130.52 KB, 1079x1200, IMG_8144.jpeg)

No. 309530

File: 1689832166204.jpeg (156.11 KB, 750x750, IMG_7613.jpeg)

No. 309532

File: 1689832212668.jpeg (289.7 KB, 750x750, IMG_6262.jpeg)

No. 309533

File: 1689832259166.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 141.82 KB, 750x1014, IMG_5575.jpeg)

No. 309535

File: 1689832299856.jpeg (78.96 KB, 749x778, IMG_4265.jpeg)

No. 309606

File: 1689868786137.jpeg (925.58 KB, 1170x1318, IMG_0907.jpeg)

No. 309734

File: 1689915774867.jpg (95.23 KB, 800x616, ab-group-shot.1.jpg)

No. 309735

File: 1689915796828.jpg (81.54 KB, 736x414, ABprisonGangGANGSTERSINC.jpg)

No. 309737

File: 1689915938087.jpg (189.3 KB, 1125x847, FtEYJQvAAADP1.jpg)

No. 309762

File: 1689929311109.jpg (188.91 KB, 828x1030, al58yvc35ch71.jpg)

No. 309763

File: 1689929335476.jpg (54.65 KB, 960x952, 245026068_6552994511384974_189…)

No. 309764

File: 1689929361458.jpg (157.17 KB, 680x944, 1682207174851140.jpg)

No. 309819

File: 1689953564054.png (315.11 KB, 706x528, F1DAxYuX0AAU6Hh.png)

No. 309863

File: 1689969775175.jpg (32.23 KB, 500x375, 001.jpg)

No. 309865

File: 1689969885917.jpg (125.64 KB, 749x1024, a7e66fd04b165e4eb6e20655737395…)

No. 309866

File: 1689969934482.jpg (59.01 KB, 510x680, FKR_lu9XoAQbri6.jpg)

No. 309869

File: 1689970019060.jpg (87.16 KB, 680x674, FKSxQJLagAAlYps.jpg)

No. 309992

File: 1690031911701.jpg (97.61 KB, 640x856, jafar.jpg)

No. 309996

File: 1690032128566.jpg (92.15 KB, 1202x727, F1Vrds1WAAYxREd.jpg)

No. 310016

File: 1690045234569.jpeg (111.67 KB, 750x727, image3.jpeg)

No. 310039

File: 1690053169283.jpg (61.02 KB, 640x901, d988d984d8a7-d981d98a-d8a7d984…)

No. 310050

File: 1690053827414.jpg (248.79 KB, 1284x914, revolutionaries.jpg)

No. 310051

File: 1690053873033.jpg (142.6 KB, 600x800, FVApYQXvAIsF17.jpg)

No. 310054

File: 1690054447139.jpg (427.36 KB, 1000x1501, kolho Soviet poster.jpg)

No. 310055

File: 1690054474188.jpg (241.67 KB, 717x1001, kolho Soviet poster_2.jpg)

No. 310058

brown girl is standing so meekly behind the obese tranny. notice how she holds the progress flag like she was forced to against her will.

No. 310109

File: 1690089135022.jpg (253.4 KB, 1163x1200, FVr8dRcX0M1AvH.jpg)

No. 310142

File: 1690111650707.jpg (563.84 KB, 2139x1622, Fvxj1avohfdf01.jpg)

No. 310144

File: 1690111858393.jpg (192.1 KB, 1028x1039, FGUsSbXvaAFvj1v.jpg)

No. 310271

File: 1690155921729.jpg (318.59 KB, 1024x768, 35628818024626.jpg)

No. 310361

File: 1690190688255.jpg (264.99 KB, 703x899, Jan Steen, The Drinker.jpg)

No. 310376

File: 1690197127976.jpg (43.16 KB, 622x386, Eo2-Fx2VEAE_0uk.jpg)

No. 310426

File: 1690220089666.jpg (137.84 KB, 1080x1136, F1jvcmfXoAVTXvh.jpg)

No. 310431

File: 1690220502309.jpg (188.77 KB, 1440x1348, Household Fellow.jpg)

No. 310433

File: 1690220535825.jpg (493.36 KB, 1600x2048, img-4.jpg)

No. 310435

File: 1690220680532.jpg (44.4 KB, 637x551, aba367shxu4a1.jpg)

No. 310444

File: 1690221156404.jpg (1.31 MB, 4992x3328, 03afea28-c7cc-4579-9ddb-19af8a…)

No. 310471

File: 1690230222055.png (103.55 KB, 674x426, Screenshot_20210423-015110.png)

I love Rodrick so much kek, he is so stupid istg

No. 310478

File: 1690233551985.jpeg (123.61 KB, 750x742, IMG_6354.jpeg)

No. 310493

File: 1690241736129.png (128.86 KB, 271x297, 184376015323_0.png)

No. 310500

File: 1690245505742.jpeg (77.34 KB, 1000x1000, EajD5FxXQAATlCr.jpeg)

No. 310532

File: 1690261720983.jpg (505.66 KB, 1800x1201, bears.jpg)

No. 310534

File: 1690261750812.jpg (58.55 KB, 720x725, 4D371VC-7539-4VFC-8A1V5.jpg)

No. 310538

File: 1690262144135.jpg (196.41 KB, 1080x1212, F_167.jpg)

No. 310540

File: 1690262234009.png (932.29 KB, 1199x735, FwPv_53v1t.png)

No. 310550

File: 1690264864761.jpeg (54.88 KB, 500x430, IMG_2196.jpeg)

No. 310552

File: 1690264912901.jpeg (229.06 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_0752.jpeg)

No. 310572

File: 1690268697471.jpg (124.16 KB, 750x1132, F1XpVdIXwAEcQ7J.jpg)

No. 310577

File: 1690269149564.jpg (23.34 KB, 500x278, FzpYuDjaYAA-6Fb.jpg)

No. 310580

File: 1690269377741.jpg (158.9 KB, 500x742, park-chung-hee.jpg)

No. 310581

File: 1690269398194.jpg (80.97 KB, 612x613, tumblr_570fd269cecee05d85abf3b…)

No. 310582

File: 1690269432225.jpg (72.68 KB, 480x713, puck.jpg)

No. 310601

File: 1690271933017.jpg (175.19 KB, 945x630, Hipster Amish.jpg)

No. 310602

File: 1690272015627.jpg (89.31 KB, 570x760, 17734d788c94c70dbadc30fb2e0e06…)

No. 310603

File: 1690272038385.png (11.8 KB, 1377x1432, longqt.png)

No. 310606

File: 1690272098323.png (255.29 KB, 332x335, sour-grapes.png)

No. 310607

File: 1690272123956.jpeg (52.17 KB, 800x626, IMG_9139.jpeg)

No. 310610

File: 1690272533988.jpeg (154.96 KB, 1188x1170, IMG_0989.jpeg)

No. 310612

File: 1690272607373.png (22.21 KB, 434x411, 1664760096644.png)

No. 310614

File: 1690273161185.jpeg (328.59 KB, 2048x1991, FyBWszhaAAUl0GP.jpeg)

No. 310617

File: 1690273310203.jpg (159.48 KB, 1707x1280, Damascus-Goat.jpg)

No. 310619

File: 1690273559471.png (8.25 KB, 681x538, boomer the hamster.png)

No. 310621

File: 1690273779657.jpeg (58.68 KB, 500x507, img80.jpeg)

No. 310622

File: 1690273960922.jpg (116.75 KB, 1080x1228, funny-unicorn-3d-illustration_…)

No. 310623

File: 1690273988560.jpg (109.33 KB, 1080x1050, fun-unicorn-3d-illustration_18…)

No. 310625

File: 1690274292857.jpg (13.83 KB, 237x118, 1690274431.465334.jpg)

No. 310626

File: 1690274454538.jpg (105.77 KB, 998x1021, 8am.jpg)

No. 310627

File: 1690274897913.jpg (278.7 KB, 1536x2048, teammagma.jpg)

No. 310635

File: 1690278150993.jpg (199.28 KB, 1024x783, The-German-Butcher-Restaurant-…)

No. 310692

File: 1690295158078.jpg (243.14 KB, 840x1120, nonna.jpg)

No. 310700

File: 1690295875322.jpeg (90.38 KB, 750x552, IMG_7130.jpeg)

No. 310701

File: 1690296079790.jpeg (132.75 KB, 750x750, IMG_7496.jpeg)

No. 310702

File: 1690296131335.jpeg (57.98 KB, 720x401, IMG_8047.jpeg)

No. 310743

File: 1690306468859.jpg (142.62 KB, 1432x716, N0cADlYjASvJ.jpg)

No. 310744

File: 1690306504437.jpg (370.36 KB, 769x1024, FzVt9zWWAEoKvF.jpg)

No. 310748

File: 1690307174520.jpg (196.53 KB, 735x1054, FzU6kJTXsAA92LM.jpg)

No. 310786

File: 1690319792364.jpeg (79.5 KB, 1080x1352, um.jpeg)

This season's too sad to rewatch but I miss it

No. 310929

File: 1690397696134.jpeg (927.2 KB, 1170x692, IMG_8584.jpeg)

No. 310930

File: 1690397817629.jpeg (641.71 KB, 2000x1060, IMG_2175.jpeg)

No. 310931

File: 1690397856920.jpeg (320.83 KB, 750x943, IMG_1258.jpeg)

No. 310985

File: 1690409004890.jpg (13.77 KB, 225x225, 1000005781.jpg)

No. 311045

File: 1690443205436.jpg (71.05 KB, 750x631, F1ugvdAWYAEXm9q.jpg)

No. 311046

File: 1690443252828.jpg (102.8 KB, 416x600, img-681.jpg)

No. 311048

what sharing a husbando is like

No. 311074

File: 1690456136812.jpg (179.77 KB, 828x1792, FSV2RoWIAvAKbV.jpg)

No. 311081

File: 1690456570182.jpg (47.36 KB, 500x282, F80VU4XwAEaAHv.jpg)

No. 311168

File: 1690490223430.jpeg (144.89 KB, 960x791, FwaoG_LaYAMjTux.jpeg)

No. 311216

File: 1690505881933.jpg (59.46 KB, 700x827, 5d9ee095a3802-beds-bedrooms-wi…)

No. 311217

File: 1690505991009.jpg (52.71 KB, 700x525, 5d9ee096103fb-beds-bedrooms-wi…)

No. 311245

File: 1690517992870.jpg (1.9 MB, 2814x1758, IMG_1896.JPG)

No. 311330

File: 1690571774744.jpg (51.54 KB, 400x400, golum.jpg)

No. 311331

File: 1690571835147.jpeg (32.99 KB, 500x334, IMG_5412.jpeg)

No. 311332

File: 1690571909556.jpeg (108.92 KB, 622x640, IMG_8711.jpeg)

No. 311413

File: 1690605812438.jpeg (102.25 KB, 1267x1639, Ft-xP2oaUAArxR9.jpeg)

No. 311928

File: 1690799027926.jpg (75.96 KB, 828x816, WAVUTV.jpg)

No. 311929

File: 1690799123713.jpg (80.4 KB, 828x804, WAVUTU.jpg)

No. 312067

File: 1690887132907.jpg (36.39 KB, 742x581, 009_L.jpg)

No. 312068

File: 1690887155710.jpg (134.7 KB, 612x812, shounen bullshit.jpg)

No. 312148

File: 1690923380409.jpg (19.25 KB, 474x248, th-3384718863.jpg)

No. 312169

File: 1690928444109.jpg (64.5 KB, 873x656, FkEEaewVsAA8LEu.jpg)

this is incorect but aight
also nobara shouldnt be on this list considering most fujos would probably call her based

No. 312177

File: 1690940071984.jpg (229.57 KB, 1122x900, d4c3ubd-95d25f7e-48c9-4adb-a75…)

Her too

No. 312183

True. Nezuko shouldn't be there either. I don't really recall fujo hate directed at her.

No. 312184

That's what I was gonna say, Nobara explicitly doesn't get in the way of any yaoi and is popular among fujos. In fact, the whole "fujos hating female characters" thing hasn't been a major part of the culture since the mid 2000s (with maybe the exception of Uraraka.) Hinata, Sakura, and Misa have all experienced a resurgence in popularity/"sorry we hated you queen" phase amongst fujos from what I've seen. And Nezuko is too boring to be controversial. Fujos are usually just indifferent about female characters.

No. 312223

>Hinata, Sakura, and Misa have all experienced a resurgence in popularity/"sorry we hated you queen" phase amongst fujos from what I've seen.
You're right but I also remember back in the days when my fujoshi friends and I liked these characters a lot and would have debates over them irl. They were popular with many girls so I wonder if they were actually hated or if it's more like half of the fanbase hating them and the other half liking them a lot. And online I think the people who hated them the most were guys, at least from what I've seen.

No. 312236

Nah it was always fujos who hated them the most. As someone who knew nothing about online fandoms when I first started looking up my favorite anime in the '00s I was shocked by the reception of the female characters

No. 312244

Did you go to English websites? Because I used to talk to other teenage girls on websites that weren't in English so we could be talking about different fujoshi entirely. I forgot to say that in my first post.

No. 312248

Sakura was always a shit character and literally nobody liked her, not fujos nor anyone else, not even Kishimoto himself. The same goes for a LOT of the worst female love interests, people are just gaslighting by attributing it to fujos only when the fact was that an entire fandom thought characters like Mikasa or Misa were retarded and worth the hate. That said, it's always Sakura people bring up when it comes to NaruSasu because it was probably their first introduction to fujoships, I literally don't remember fujos hating other female characters. I was big into a lot of shounen series and none of the stock female characters got as much hate as Sakura but people still bring that up as a huge generalization.

I have never seen any fujos hate Hermione either so that image just makes me think if it's your run of the mill "everyone who likes attractive male characters is a fujo" scrotethought or something.

No. 312258

File: 1690982020765.png (154.24 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20230721-213802.png)

No. 312277

File: 1690987718235.jpg (56.28 KB, 375x500, Persona Protagonists.jpg)

No. 312327

it's sad when anons use moid and tif made memes to shit on fujos with zero irony like anyone outside nipland knows or cares that yumes are a thing separate from fujos besides yumes themselves. it's not any better to hate the characters you see having the most gay sex with your husbando when you namesearch him.

No. 312329

File: 1690993049168.jpg (134.16 KB, 640x780, 20230721_201522.jpg)

No. 312330

File: 1690993093360.jpg (53.08 KB, 700x530, Tumblr_l_23654213708213.jpg)

No. 312334

File: 1690994118819.png (393.51 KB, 524x441, IMG_2494.PNG)

No. 312339

File: 1690998378898.jpg (246.9 KB, 1440x1800, Fkqeuw8n5va1.jpg)

No. 312350

I almost choked laughing because of this stupid image thank you nonnie funniest shit in this thread

No. 312369

File: 1691006411961.jpg (53.46 KB, 411x552, csm_rimsoe-credit-roberto-fort…)

No. 312371

File: 1691006472655.jpg (10.27 KB, 160x160, etww5WMMIQztlqmexMQ1wddW1gR-7S…)

No. 312476

File: 1691060726090.jpg (101.48 KB, 941x1164, F2ixyQQaoAEjhOt.jpg)

No. 312487

File: 1691066298466.jpg (112.3 KB, 900x1200, 251.jpg)

No. 312493

File: 1691069393833.jpg (69.16 KB, 338x450, 203611415.jpg)

hold me closer
giant lizard

No. 312609

File: 1691095226678.png (970.04 KB, 722x1200, 16793424076210298.png)

No. 312610

File: 1691095249581.png (142.3 KB, 540x450, sb6ncwum7c691.png)

No. 312711

File: 1691139866372.jpg (48.67 KB, 540x539, 3461c-blessure_full.jpg)

No. 312724

File: 1691146651834.jpg (121.82 KB, 500x710, FVHU_oaAAWb1M.jpg)

No. 312875

File: 1691186207139.jpg (159.26 KB, 811x1000, slide_374356_4366156_free.jpg)

No. 312877

File: 1691187018460.jpg (277.41 KB, 1946x2595, F2cL0hKa0AAO7AZ.jpg)

No. 312878

File: 1691187087912.jpg (98.71 KB, 1292x1722, F2cG8uWbQAEFN57.jpg)

No. 312918

File: 1691217427399.jpg (81.85 KB, 1118x613, movie7.jpg)

No. 312919

File: 1691217461517.jpg (120.85 KB, 812x619, dot1.jpg)

No. 312920

File: 1691217501198.png (250.96 KB, 513x536, rodeaux.png)

No. 312921

File: 1691217776227.png (2.76 KB, 68x59, ecce sleepy.png)

No. 312922

File: 1691217812561.jpg (263.57 KB, 958x1046, sweden horse.JPG)

No. 312923

File: 1691217909310.jpg (18.04 MB, 5649x4000, Pieter_Brueghel_the_Elder_-_Th…)

No. 312924

File: 1691217934033.jpg (112.69 KB, 831x609, tentacled.jpg)

No. 312925

File: 1691217960998.jpg (133.01 KB, 1200x529, jucika.jpg)

No. 312979

File: 1691258314125.jpg (16.17 KB, 474x266, th-2256188548.jpg)

No. 313003

File: 1691262614115.jpg (30.74 KB, 563x684, 402735921048.jpg)

No. 313004

File: 1691262638066.jpg (274.36 KB, 1917x1240, Bhutan Baseball.jpg)

No. 313005

File: 1691262758755.jpg (80.34 KB, 624x781, xdtztwd7i0s51.jpg)

No. 313023

File: 1691266404505.jpg (289.37 KB, 2048x2048, 1691057397927580.jpg)

No. 313089

File: 1691302528755.jpg (102.29 KB, 900x900, flopps.jpg)

No. 313090

File: 1691302754526.png (1.02 MB, 1004x759, traitors.png)

No. 313167

File: 1691343748162.jpg (58.4 KB, 750x727, F2O9LqDWYAA_LJB.jpg)

No. 313195

File: 1691349261793.png (618.92 KB, 580x691, img-191.png)

No. 313196

File: 1691349284398.jpg (51.8 KB, 410x558, Faiz7vfVUAAUpc4.jpg)

No. 313198

/w/ Elsie and /2X/

No. 313205

I'd feel envy, if i weren't all powerful and majestic like.

No. 313378

File: 1691444949309.jpeg (150.01 KB, 1169x1044, IMG_0774.jpeg)

No. 313379

File: 1691444975333.jpeg (268.76 KB, 828x766, IMG_1725.jpeg)

No. 313386

saw that on tik tok this morning lmao

No. 313391

Redditors got real mad at this pic when it was posted there, muh 'omg why imply men are rapists!!!' because they are???

No. 313491

i'd rather kill myself if that happened kek

No. 313573

File: 1691517923007.jpg (1.18 MB, 4096x2731, UK Subway.jpg)

No. 313592

File: 1691519981841.jpg (21.78 KB, 415x351, Algerian 12 year pfps.jpg)

No. 313665

File: 1691564147733.jpg (109.65 KB, 640x857, FvAWcAMC_Pz.jpg)

No. 313667

File: 1691564178334.jpg (17.13 KB, 281x286, F2sdElPWsAIJENz.jpg)

No. 313932

File: 1691691515568.jpg (1.02 MB, 1280x1968, 70s Braniac.jpg)

No. 313936

File: 1691692355916.jpg (187.99 KB, 1280x960, F3CX7MWXAAxFzx.jpg)

No. 313951

File: 1691695022658.jpeg (71.92 KB, 750x686, IMG_1826.jpeg)

No. 313954

File: 1691695413586.jpg (41.15 KB, 563x562, 8823bfa1a341f3abb32613e2707c26…)

No. 313955

File: 1691695437471.jpeg (99.61 KB, 640x459, 1663566499152.jpeg)

No. 313957

File: 1691695524141.jpg (472.57 KB, 1170x1399, F2_dSQDXwAAh4s_.jpg)

No. 313959

File: 1691695655048.png (371.46 KB, 1767x1272, 3464258.png)

No. 314018

File: 1691726699145.jpeg (915.55 KB, 4096x2982, F27GUXEbUAA90u9.jpeg)

No. 314038


No. 314110

File: 1691765317123.jpg (369.89 KB, 2048x1337, FxeYq5iWIAEF-LO.jpg)

No. 314111

File: 1691765662732.jpg (113.76 KB, 1071x765, F3Br7lyXgAAqSeX.jpg)

No. 314112

File: 1691765783859.jpg (78.2 KB, 1002x764, F3HqUF9XsAAoCuW.jpg)

No. 314257

File: 1691834636364.jpg (62.56 KB, 550x411, FwWT3yLXoAEUbWF.jpg)

No. 314258

File: 1691834728394.jpg (66.8 KB, 490x426, F3MT7wPXkAAxdDa.jpg)


No. 314274

File: 1691841545979.jpg (401.33 KB, 1920x1080, FElzQyWUzYoKE8.jpg)

No. 314276

File: 1691841702196.jpg (948.11 KB, 1536x2048, Fxfv6hkWIAAF9gd.jpg)

No. 314351

File: 1691869214382.jpg (200.35 KB, 1079x1542, F3kTMQibzAArt_f.jpg)

No. 314355

File: 1691869848911.jpeg (58.81 KB, 550x550, IMG_9270.jpeg)

No. 314356

File: 1691869896483.jpeg (91.49 KB, 600x600, vKLRA0OShOE0SR9CRBll_FlZwhz7Gz…)

No. 314361

nice drawing, anyone know the artist?

No. 315034

File: 1692120116618.jpg (247.22 KB, 1200x1200, Queen of England.jpg)

No. 315054

File: 1692124475440.jpg (500.48 KB, 960x640, 0001.jpg)

No. 315062

File: 1692125973616.jpg (25.13 KB, 236x379, 137080c101dcf43e0f6cbf777b627d…)

No. 315064

File: 1692126467474.jpg (947.8 KB, 945x1417, 95047409901.jpg)

No. 315065

File: 1692126728049.png (741.93 KB, 773x871, tumblr_2e06f0baa9629684d6e087b…)

No. 315109

File: 1692141938818.jpg (49.92 KB, 500x408, ed9b12fda308d54999b0ef7cce2f2d…)

No. 315155

File: 1692164307924.jpg (82.72 KB, 735x736, d544dd2365bcd.jpg)

No. 315156

File: 1692164371843.jpg (58.2 KB, 500x500, 6a7bc6e9340c346e.jpg)

No. 315157

File: 1692164392843.jpg (141.11 KB, 735x728, 6219fe67f075z77c.jpg)

No. 315158

File: 1692164516086.jpg (43.06 KB, 500x394, 68ca303f749468.jpg)

No. 315162

(I am having bad anxiety tonight and this soothed my soul a little, not what I expected when I opened lolcow. Ty this is really pretty.)

No. 315163

File: 1692165632562.jpeg (32.38 KB, 500x285, D3C7E06C-15EA-4796-A397-003F6A…)

No. 315203

File: 1692185789064.png (38.61 KB, 478x359, 940d51d071e7.png)

No. 315230

File: 1692188348587.jpg (152.16 KB, 750x840, 6bae0ca2b01.jpg)

No. 315231

File: 1692188405390.jpg (119.54 KB, 768x721, a4c047bbdac4.jpg)

No. 315232

File: 1692188449390.jpg (77.79 KB, 350x537, a0ccc1a2fd27737.jpg)

No. 315315

File: 1692205266961.jpeg (156.9 KB, 500x750, Facing Myself.jpeg)

No. 315316

File: 1692205290249.jpg (179.17 KB, 1170x1692, F3TTSq8bIAEBtAI.jpg)

No. 315387

File: 1692217907827.png (496.91 KB, 480x659, ded7105d088443.png)

No. 315506

File: 1692258058136.jpg (218.62 KB, 2156x1226, WfBFwbImgy.jpg)

No. 315507

File: 1692258081083.jpg (128.08 KB, 1200x799, F3feqdMWYAElSbF.jpg)

No. 315508

File: 1692258106938.jpg (161.02 KB, 1200x800, F3feqdQXIAAo4z4.jpg)

No. 315509

File: 1692258130128.jpg (86.88 KB, 980x655, F3fg6SiaIAAndoi.jpg)

No. 315510

File: 1692258151629.jpg (368.61 KB, 1200x1501, F3fn-PfaUAAhvC4.jpg)

No. 315511

File: 1692258176612.jpg (171.67 KB, 690x1226, F3fg6SmaYAExPUB.jpg)

No. 315512

File: 1692258209686.jpg (101.24 KB, 687x1221, F3fg6SnbkAA8Sn4.jpg)

No. 315526

File: 1692260340157.jpg (175.02 KB, 736x1308, 38889fae8ead7cf54e97cd16f6f7b8…)

No. 315615

File: 1692296635600.jpg (35.97 KB, 680x420, IMG_0556.jpg)

No. 315628

File: 1692300109314.jpeg (67.32 KB, 560x420, IMG_0379.jpeg)

No. 315632

These! Thank you for the memories. I bought one for my brother when I was a kid on a field trip, but instead of "I ♥ You" there was written something like "You smell like "You smell like navel fluff ♥"

No. 315635

Oh no, I misremembered. I bought one of these love bugs for my mom. Navel fluff was written on a rock that I gave to my brother. He hated it since it was "just a stupid rock". I should've hitten him with it. "AAaaaaa, it hUrTs!!" "No, it doesn't. It's jUsT a rock."

No. 315802

File: 1692374803037.jpg (83.17 KB, 1080x825, 6c8af8d5a999a7.jpg)

No. 315804

File: 1692374890361.jpg (203.97 KB, 1080x1020, 6c8af8d5a999a79042fc.jpg)

No. 315805

File: 1692374933283.jpg (271.62 KB, 736x1066, 8626b0596d9.jpg)

No. 315853

File: 1692385625973.jpg (162.2 KB, 992x986, a25d9dbf3865e67dc5.jpg)

No. 315854

File: 1692385649795.jpg (262.78 KB, 696x1000, dc45428f09f4988.jpg)

No. 315856

File: 1692385770017.jpg (435.85 KB, 1125x1679, b9bbf8e63beef47.jpg)

No. 315857

No. 315886

File: 1692389371399.jpg (35.27 KB, 540x304, FwmzGm0XooA.jpg)

No. 315913

File: 1692394020533.jpg (84 KB, 540x672, 09dc8e84c2ec313477.jpg)

No. 315914

File: 1692394044733.jpg (89.82 KB, 500x460, aacc8aaa18.jpg)

No. 315915

File: 1692394186114.jpg (64.82 KB, 500x475, b72953b60233c2.jpg)

No. 315916

File: 1692394257164.jpg (110.22 KB, 736x942, 4e2745b6417.jpg)

No. 315973

File: 1692425296633.jpg (189.46 KB, 1170x1067, b920c3273.jpg)

No. 315982

File: 1692426883974.png (1.53 MB, 1194x846, 1565529332390.png)

No. 315984

File: 1692426923424.jpg (59.37 KB, 500x500, 1566731903225.jpg)

No. 315987

File: 1692430946802.jpg (101.19 KB, 750x757, b9bbf8e63beef47.jpg)

No. 316000

File: 1692438734870.jpg (Spoiler Image, 112.8 KB, 640x478, 1691971973726215.jpg)

Why was my photo deleted?

No. 316006

maybe someone reported it as unspoilered gore or something.

No. 316064

File: 1692464166611.jpg (144.96 KB, 1080x718, b6af3f4546a.jpg)

No. 316073

File: 1692465443635.jpg (176.29 KB, 881x1214, 73869ecba161a343ae96a3200ea6be…)

No. 316227

File: 1692498612285.jpeg (102.15 KB, 507x720, IMG_0328.jpeg)

this poster speaks to my soul even though I haven't watched the movie yet

No. 316238

It's incredible, please watch it nonny.

No. 316303

File: 1692540184648.jpg (398.72 KB, 1024x1464, 9480141a5b57f3b73.jpg)

No. 316306

File: 1692540283468.jpg (56.86 KB, 560x402, me every day from now on.jpg)

No. 316481

File: 1692610994754.jpg (40.86 KB, 500x376, 86bf4d6AA6bS.jpg)

No. 316611

File: 1692664722675.jpg (223.93 KB, 893x1447, lolcow NOW.jpg)

No. 316613

File: 1692664964623.jpg (122.46 KB, 517x667, mahakaal poster.jpg)

No. 316614

File: 1692664990512.jpeg (38.99 KB, 480x575, germany surv.jpeg)

No. 316615

File: 1692665033680.png (12.49 KB, 650x306, roflcopter stats.png)

No. 316616

File: 1692665087761.png (594.98 KB, 1080x1000, yotsdog.png)

No. 316633

this pic makes me so happy

No. 316651

File: 1692690736158.jpg (172.69 KB, 1200x773, 64cc9eb5843b9ff.jpg)

No. 316653

File: 1692690808625.jpg (559.89 KB, 2048x2048, 508e24c9eb5843b9ff.jpg)

No. 316658

File: 1692691209116.jpg (38.34 KB, 480x360, 25e7630ee1064ffae4.jpg)

No. 316667

File: 1692692229721.png (544.85 KB, 690x535, A005-3291.png)

No. 316674

File: 1692700710825.jpg (251.7 KB, 1080x1079, 26022b80136ff3e13f971cce87d37f…)

No. 316693

File: 1692709351749.jpg (131.44 KB, 730x638, tim-tebow-foundation-mission.j…)

No. 316697

File: 1692710077884.png (76.47 KB, 1098x578, 6cfdb6c59a9597.png)


No. 316698

File: 1692710135196.jpg (360.92 KB, 988x1448, 60ca2b2c53a7563a9716cfd.jpg)

No. 316857

File: 1692758280838.jpg (55.24 KB, 500x742, EQlM9rhXkAEMFAk.jpg)

No. 316946

File: 1692786158206.jpg (69.97 KB, 393x528, magic kalevala.jpg)

Found a Magic card in one of my books once.

No. 316948

File: 1692786357597.png (229.11 KB, 759x1200, Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou V…)

No. 316952

File: 1692788153814.jpg (115.75 KB, 1280x720, ryuji wants bontan.jpg)

Ryuji Goda in Yakuza 0 be like

No. 317093

File: 1692824869551.jpeg (116.82 KB, 884x490, IMG_1989.jpeg)

No. 317094

File: 1692825027615.jpeg (280.01 KB, 1039x1594, IMG_1129.jpeg)

No. 317165

tbh even back in his heyday i never found dicaprio attractive… he has a smug porcine face i find intolerable

No. 317172

File: 1692865467509.png (9.52 MB, 1112x9862, garri_pottera-v-stile_studii_g…)

No. 317173

File: 1692865583607.jpg (133.24 KB, 1080x1063, 1645315701913.jpg)

No. 317212

>all of them turned out to be freaks

No. 317522

File: 1692953737440.jpg (179.91 KB, 1080x1068, 28e6f4af43f38a.jpg)

No. 317523

File: 1692953768133.jpg (32.95 KB, 541x480, 8f18a042c718de6.jpg)

No. 317524

File: 1692953803817.jpg (81.59 KB, 692x1280, IMG-20230223-WA0010.jpg)

No. 317527

I want this so bad….

No. 317661

File: 1692985749819.jpg (137.6 KB, 964x503, F3h9cUXkAEde2.jpg)

No. 317663

File: 1692986154603.jpg (24.17 KB, 400x294, hitler-with-bunny-ears.jpg)

No. 317693

File: 1692991342086.jpg (47.66 KB, 611x815, 6a8d3c5e2afb434b6.jpg)

No. 317694

File: 1692991432691.jpg (136.15 KB, 721x960, DlUfN1-UcAAgAxx.jpg)

No. 317777

File: 1693023414998.jpeg (103.49 KB, 1241x849, IMG_2460.jpeg)

No. 317778

File: 1693023489929.gif (528.77 KB, 583x395, IMG_1656.gif)

No. 317790

File: 1693025884940.jpg (95.28 KB, 660x398, Cold War victors.jpg)

No. 317838

Adam Friedland???

No. 317853

File: 1693044659786.jpeg (48.09 KB, 540x448, 1690252349900.jpeg)

No. 317854

File: 1693044688975.png (80 KB, 500x514, unknown-11.png)

No. 317856

File: 1693044884948.jpg (65.3 KB, 389x739, IMG_20221128_123333_622.jpg)

I've seen this in person and I regret I never bought it…now I'll never smell like whatsapp

No. 317862

File: 1693047065469.jpg (8.92 KB, 320x244, 15220021_1234072840018644_7864…)

No. 317863

File: 1693047346975.png (90.57 KB, 670x542, tumblr_eeb725d894841cfef97665e…)

No. 317869

File: 1693048891999.jpg (35.42 KB, 500x375, tumblr_9289fe828bc80d38125eb19…)

No. 317937

File: 1693078242706.png (1.99 MB, 1824x1068, a25d9dbf3865e67dc5.png)

No. 317938

File: 1693078356914.png (1.04 MB, 1024x759, image-204.png)

No. 317947

Sasunaru son

No. 317956

File: 1693084190004.jpeg (438.62 KB, 1600x900, Evan-Dando-hp-GQ-15Dec15_Robbi…)

No. 317967

File: 1693085331380.jpg (122.07 KB, 708x1010, 2896_1.jpg)

No. 317970

File: 1693085848767.jpg (22.62 KB, 300x300, Tumblr_l_631395845051170.jpg)

No. 318011

File: 1693119832753.png (412.02 KB, 1648x1300, IMG_4256.png)

No. 318012

File: 1693119930851.png (451.9 KB, 1550x511, IMG_0363.png)

No. 318022

File: 1693127692202.png (474.48 KB, 1547x510, lolcowver.png)

removed the moidness and did a edit

No. 318043

File: 1693145914669.png (53.52 KB, 504x609, ah.PNG)

No. 318049

>still using 4chan

No. 318050

File: 1693146737592.png (528.75 KB, 1795x1052, 371911418_1481891772644602_159…)

No. 318051

yeah its extra cancer nowadays, porn is literally in every board

No. 318059

File: 1693149232822.jpg (111.81 KB, 515x285, lets-learn-japanese-128153.jpg)

No. 318060

File: 1693149534123.jpg (71.74 KB, 944x397, SHIT!!.jpg)

No. 318189

File: 1693212203703.jpeg (99.33 KB, 800x776, d96bd0a354031653.jpeg)

No. 318192

File: 1693212283211.jpg (136.21 KB, 1080x701, 88aeafde88bcf5fd.jpg)

No. 318193

File: 1693212311657.jpeg (93.18 KB, 800x799, 1ef5984ae2ee097.jpeg)

No. 318194

File: 1693212346529.jpg (140.89 KB, 863x1019, 60949f7a61ad707f.jpg)

No. 318415

File: 1693335449070.jpeg (206.39 KB, 1079x1091, IMG_1040.jpeg)

No. 318417

File: 1693336149437.jpeg (80.8 KB, 720x720, IMG_9092.jpeg)

No. 318663

File: 1693465332510.jpg (432.01 KB, 1957x2048, 8113456.jpg)

No. 318665

he would not fucking say that

No. 318668

File: 1693468525383.jpg (45.94 KB, 1018x488, 2542a0935132ff34.jpg)

No. 318675


No. 318694

File: 1693473694735.jpg (185.43 KB, 828x1238, FZFCvpzWwAAn.jpg)

No. 318698

deserved because that show was so awful

No. 318715

yes he would, they're already yaoi together

No. 318720

File: 1693481989412.jpg (103.42 KB, 563x492, 81ec28d910a3cb588340f0eba71398…)

No. 318748

Poor little pornsick scrote. A bloo bloo bloo.

No. 318749

one time i read a shipfic for them… it was cute.

No. 318819

File: 1693515556229.jpg (145.28 KB, 904x1200, a04b772dc1bbe.jpg)

No. 318995

File: 1693599349515.jpg (175.43 KB, 978x730, themanforyou.JPG)

No. 318996

File: 1693599386119.jpg (90.08 KB, 649x800, meadowood_cottage-837-47241536…)

No. 319000

File: 1693600700114.png (181.24 KB, 605x344, 8626b0596d91.png)

No. 319083

File: 1693647273229.jpg (113.61 KB, 474x574, FB_IMG_29174426718.jpg)

No. 319099

File: 1693652616827.jpg (104.58 KB, 843x843, 959009687.jpg)

No. 319226

File: 1693698668616.jpg (609.46 KB, 1748x2480, __astolfo_and_don_quixote_fate…)

i miss limbus company…

No. 319228

File: 1693699550588.jpg (44.06 KB, 680x665, 20230901_174221.jpg)

No. 319232

File: 1693701864569.jpg (158.63 KB, 640x717, 187e97a679w65.jpg)

was that pic made by a tumblrfag

No. 319235

File: 1693702242388.png (72.64 KB, 750x267, IMG_3486.png)

No. 319301

i hate this picture because half of those words actually can be properly used in that context, like depressed can just mean really bad mood and doesn't only refer to a disorder, insomnia can be acute (so you literally can have insomnia for only one night), bipolar can mean fluctuating between two extremes and also doesn't have to mean the disorder…

No. 319307

File: 1693752106113.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, IMG_0233.png)


No. 319318

File: 1693758974098.jpg (184.79 KB, 1170x1159, 20230901_174057.jpg)

No. 319319

File: 1693759058607.jpg (115.79 KB, 736x736, tumblr_59ebaffbe690dbbb71703d3…)

No. 319472

File: 1693808908518.jpg (22.55 KB, 262x397, d6eab63a1b573a9dc1.jpg)

No. 319473

File: 1693808931093.jpg (134.96 KB, 682x1024, ba3b923a4e10337.jpg)

No. 319552

File: 1693844725056.png (135.25 KB, 904x1056, 4-9-23.png)

No. 319553

File: 1693844807396.png (132.57 KB, 896x1200, Untitled.png)

No. 319759

File: 1693899065639.jpg (392.18 KB, 828x1458, 8645c7dd23990bafa.jpg)

No. 319777

File: 1693908060652.jpeg (83.69 KB, 936x674, IMG_7682.jpeg)

No. 319782

File: 1693909116849.jpg (1.58 MB, 2880x2880, 24cfe513df9afddda.jpg)

No. 319784

File: 1693909262687.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.05 KB, 768x960, 52902815_2241418415910899_8707…)

No. 319786

File: 1693909341982.jpg (28.86 KB, 960x640, 53060051_2241418505910890_3369…)

No. 319788

File: 1693909457993.jpg (346.11 KB, 1750x1226, 433790433132544_n.jpg)

No. 319789

File: 1693909546936.jpg (106.87 KB, 678x679, 8335910907_2197025636197859328…)

No. 319790

File: 1693909571269.jpg (242.02 KB, 1080x1080, f86174088f340ce.jpg)

No. 319842

File: 1693931745362.jpg (46.59 KB, 640x640, abe895248950df9cea0c2d5363bc73…)

No. 319938

File: 1693993850300.jpeg (158.41 KB, 570x798, E9038AE1-B962-41C5-9195-9D7040…)

No. 320256

File: 1694175987696.png (351.21 KB, 715x739, 168201407075613167 (.png)

No. 320280

File: 1694190488580.png (510.53 KB, 720x960, IMG_0075.png)

No. 320402

File: 1694258554721.jpg (412.5 KB, 1536x2048, F5NIUAybgAA44gx.jpg)

No. 320421

File: 1694264579864.jpg (61.37 KB, 638x619, 0285a8fc7a9bb0a.jpg)

No. 320433

File: 1694272118948.jpg (315.59 KB, 2058x1566, poster-at-a-demonstration-in-w…)

No. 320717

File: 1694414769520.jpeg (570.2 KB, 768x1024, vagina costume.jpeg)

No. 320718

File: 1694415169834.jpg (340.09 KB, 497x844, four fat sluts.jpg)

No. 320732

Who's the Hitler anime twink??

No. 320745

File: 1694435115845.jpg (68.64 KB, 474x550, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-J1231-10…)

It's comparing Hitler with the Soviet-appointed East German president Walter Ulbricht(the one who had that wall built). This isn't an unfounded comparison either. He tried to merge with the Nazi party on multiple occasions, and even when the Nazis outlawed all communists and they had to flee to Paris, his party was the only German communist group that still supported the Soviet Union after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Because of that, his minor party was put in charge of East Germany but yeah its also kinda funny that Hitler is drawn as an anime edgelord by this random eastern german guy.

No. 320893

File: 1694525184482.jpg (165.45 KB, 900x657, b9bbf8e63beef479480141a5b57f3b…)

No. 320894

File: 1694525254632.jpg (43 KB, 339x479, Rickson Gracie.jpg)

No. 320949

File: 1694544965681.jpg (138.68 KB, 749x704, F5XdGiyWYAAf8oK.jpg)

No. 321088

File: 1694607104878.jpg (2.42 MB, 5885x2552, 1662212421007.jpg)

No. 321440

File: 1694740613858.jpg (385.13 KB, 1280x2276, 1280px-It's_OK_to_be_white.jpg)


No. 321456

File: 1694755768392.jpeg (73.77 KB, 604x403, EsnRSfyVoAYo0eR.jpeg)


No. 321553

File: 1694794647580.jpg (129.1 KB, 736x899, FuRfLqQXwAgbqWc.jpg)

No. 321669

File: 1694822803239.jpg (144.13 KB, 1080x1340, lesbian PTSD.jpg)

No. 321670

File: 1694822880310.jpg (43.49 KB, 640x512, true art.jpg)

No. 321969

File: 1694967709445.jpeg (158.86 KB, 688x885, IMG_3838.jpeg)

No. 321985

Can't believe the 20th century had its own version of the coomer soyjak meme.

No. 322021

File: 1694985084387.jpg (38.43 KB, 347x400, 21265164428.jpg)

No. 322066

File: 1695011831613.jpeg (66.9 KB, 640x640, photo_2023-09-16 13.51.08.jpeg)

Bump, don't scroll (gore)

No. 322668

File: 1695340496911.jpeg (771.44 KB, 828x1331, IMG_6351.jpeg)

No. 322670

File: 1695340524831.jpeg (301.8 KB, 828x742, IMG_3477.jpeg)

No. 322685

I kind of get it but I don’t get it. What’s the idea of this new thing that those phones have? Why does it seem retarded and honestly quite dangerous even?

No. 322718

File: 1695356500002.png (1.41 MB, 901x684, GeorgeWashingtonDefeatingBriti…)

No. 322856

File: 1695407111675.png (490.49 KB, 587x493, egg.png)

No. 322981

File: 1695483714185.jpg (61.62 KB, 794x538, 321903393_855327739103389_5089…)

No. 323124

like airdrop but with contacts I guess?

No. 323127

File: 1695551870064.jpg (119.64 KB, 960x952, 1665970379082.jpg)

No. 323327

File: 1695615512495.jpeg (63.36 KB, 750x561, 76A31AC6-6902-4402-8D0E-2E3BF8…)

No. 323329

File: 1695615692952.jpeg (37.43 KB, 689x406, Dp5WrmSXQAAEQjG.jpeg)

No. 323363

File: 1695625369035.jpg (128.97 KB, 1079x1052, ROBERT DE NIRO aged 7 years ol…)

No. 323368

File: 1695626234750.jpg (57.03 KB, 555x949, Ep8eDxOWwAgCOmF.jpg)

No. 323369

File: 1695626257785.jpg (168.44 KB, 1500x1000, CAPTURE.jpg)

No. 323374

File: 1695627683871.jpg (94.71 KB, 1007x975, FutUN_DXsAAPG_P.jpg)

No. 323378

File: 1695628465548.jpg (68.64 KB, 450x532, FAxLSHSbsAE6pe.jpg)

No. 323380

File: 1695628518550.jpg (39.16 KB, 500x625, f225cb0ecace1a170d.jpg)

No. 323382

File: 1695628551041.jpg (33.51 KB, 564x564, 097c395b1d1814d9fc60f114b8f9a5…)

No. 323384

File: 1695628612914.jpg (38.4 KB, 512x512, 6df13bc971497e86d2c0c0f535c8fc…)

No. 323386

File: 1695628692164.jpg (1.07 MB, 4488x2250, Nate and Luke.jpg)

No. 323388

File: 1695628721865.jpg (32.26 KB, 563x692, 3e71261e23367407b87675e17018d0…)

No. 323389

File: 1695628743650.jpeg (55.4 KB, 640x800, 86862CEC-2A98-4C09-A5E9-11FEB4…)

No. 323395

should've posted these roided pigs in unconventional attractions thread

No. 323396

speak for yourself. KEEP THEM COMING!!

No. 323414

go back to /g/ this isn't the thread for this

No. 323445

File: 1695656780394.jpg (75.33 KB, 533x615, a4c047bbdac417.jpg)

No. 323446

File: 1695656816383.jpg (29.28 KB, 564x564, 09e0116b97a150c9090db2071af44a…)

No. 323472

File: 1695671231344.png (1.71 MB, 868x960, FB_IMG_1612029262780.png)

No. 323491

File: 1695685216396.jpeg (81.29 KB, 750x725, IMG_2644.jpeg)

No. 323492

File: 1695685362983.jpeg (286.4 KB, 828x616, IMG_0075.jpeg)

No. 323789

File: 1695824168510.jpg (49.93 KB, 563x676, sonico.jpg)

its such a shame theres so little of non coomerish sonico since i really like her lore and music too a marine biologist whos a rockstar so cool

No. 323963

File: 1695886781053.jpg (70.51 KB, 810x720, 8df390211661b0e5.jpg)

No. 323968

File: 1695886967270.jpg (16.29 KB, 256x256, FLpFEDbIAA0VHB.jpg)

No. 323978

File: 1695887678100.jpg (118.02 KB, 635x746, 1c19ce7d14a47eec41739ee58d8748…)

No. 323979

File: 1695887808921.jpg (40.8 KB, 564x564, 7d14ab0988e240dca71e3a22176d61…)

No. 323987

File: 1695888628655.jpg (49.56 KB, 612x408, me when no internet.jpg)

No. 323994

File: 1695889873095.jpg (28.76 KB, 683x694, 7b5df4bca64f7f8.jpg)

No. 324061

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