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No. 1675526

>adhere to site and board rules
>do not respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

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No. 1675540

Nonas laugh here at queers (rightfully so) but some of them act just like the Qs. Acting as if lesbians are perfect human beings, better than everyone else or inherently better than het women. Just be realistic. Orientation is orientation, not your personality. Some takes here are equally cringe and egotistical as these tumblrettes roleplaying gays and thinking homosexuality makes someone superior or gay men thinking that all gays are sophisticated and better-than-everyone-else miracles of nature.

No. 1675541

Yeah, orientation doesn't make you inherently better or worse but I think only polilezzies or voluntarily celibate straight woman think lesbians are better and have it better.

No. 1675557

I can kind of get why men cheat. If men were as eager to please, attractive and nice as a lot of women are I’d find it hard to be faithful as well. As a woman cheating is kind of pointless because you’re going from one rude ugly retard to the next so you might as well stay faithful to the orge you’ve already got.

No. 1675558

>voluntarily celibate straight women
I'm one and it's such a weird take. Never saw others believing this. Maybe there are some frustrated ones but wouldn't say they speak for majority. Tbh if they are jealous of lesbians I think they're not ready for celibacy if they would be obsessed with relationships. So I think either polilez or some narcissistic lesbians are closer to that, the first being a weird roleplay from the start and the second sabotaging their own group.

No. 1675566

You keep saying this but nowhere on this site this actually happens.

No. 1675572

Men cheat cause they're losers and they operate on a superficial wave only caring about status. They'll want the status of being with a woman but then they get insecure cause they know they're true worth and they play games and need to know they can also get their dick wet elsewhere. It's insecurity. Attractive woman don't cheat on good men, if a woman found something better she'd leave the deadweight. The man knows he's inadequate and tries to cheat the system because he knows who's got more weight in the dating game. Golddiggers are self explanatory.

No. 1675573

I feel the opposite. I don’t understand why men would ever cheat. I don’t understand why all women don’t cheat. Also I think most women could use 2-3 long term male partners (if they like men). Like a reverse harem deal, the men don’t have any business having multiple women. One man really isn’t enough.

No. 1675577

They don’t cheat on good men because they most likely won’t ever get one again so it’s not worth cheating. Women who are nice and attractive are a dime a dozen so men don’t really give a shit about losing one when they can be easily replaced.

No. 1675578

Realistically I could not cope with more than one boyfriend. Much preferable to have one manageable good guy and friends and family then a ton of fucking moids and dealing with all their different moods. Like I'm tired of women being labelled hormonal and moody. Our hormones are somewhat predictable and follow a monthly cycle. I can tell you which weeks I might be more short. Men's hormones regulate on the daily. I'm sorry but men huff far more than woman. Having multiple men would be such a fucking chore.

No. 1675580

This made me think of the time my dad cheated on my mom and told his mistress that she didn't need him any more because she made more money than he did as a way to justify his cheating.

No. 1675581

Like I said women don’t cheat because most men are ugly with horrible personalities worse than the scrote they already have. It would be a waste of time for us to cheat on the same level as men do.

No. 1675582

Men do give a shit about losing a woman that's why they cheat en masse instead of staying single and being a bachelor. They want the status of a woman but get insecure if others covert what they have. Instead of being secure they start competing with their partner and do nasty shit to inflate their ego.

No. 1675585

I feel like when women say men cheat because they are insecure are just coping. Do you think all the rich celebrities and athletes who are chronic cheaters are just cheating because they are insecure?

No. 1675587

True but women also cheat, usually when they're getting abused by the man and want to regain a sense of power while men cheat when they feel inadequate whether that be because of their lack of wealth, looks or similar aspects.

No. 1675588

In that case, I think their partners likely know what they signed up for. Cheating is normalized in those circles.

No. 1675589

Actually, yes. Look at the man that cheated on his wife with ariana. He was insecure and when someone that's famous gave him a crumb of attention, he left his wife of ten years and baby to be with that other woman who probably will dump him after several months.

No. 1675590

Cheating isn't normalized there but open relationships are, imo. I didn't see too many rich celebs who put up with their cheating husbands especially because they can get a huge chunk of money when they divorce the guy because of the cheating.

No. 1675591

I can't speak on celebrities anon but people that live excessively have completely fucked up morals.

My dad has a disability he hid from us in it's early stages. That gave him drive to make it big. He was successful in business became wealthy, cheated on my mum with fucking everyone but one of the mistresses dug her claws in deep and she's now my step mother. Their relationship is mental, I saw my dad for the first time in like 6 years last week because she was abroad. His disability has now left him housebound in a mansion. He phoned me late the other night and cried about his life and told me he regrets everything he did since he found out about his disease. Him and his wife are so insecure they both don't trust each other. She still somehow thinks a housebound man is still going to cheat on her. If that's not an insecurity issue idk what is.

Then in the more normal circumstances of just normal men in their 20s-40s, balding and feeling the growing pains of getting older dramatically since most men do not take care of themselves. I work in a male dominated industry and hear their conversations. Status. Status. Status. Did you see the new girl working here? What I wouldn't do to her I bet she'd let me do x, y, z the wife won't haha. They go fucking feral if there's a single woman that sleeps with another coworker, suddenly they're all in with a chance. Men are dogs trying to bark the loudest to impress other dogs. Losers

No. 1675592

But women in the same positions aren’t chronic cheaters because even for high status women the pool of men is trash. Men will cheat if they can because since many women are so nice to men they fuck and look at least cute the temptation for men is high. If men were cuter, really desperate to please women sexually and nice like many women are I feel like women would cheat more. I think most women don’t cheat because it’s not worth it.

No. 1675594

I used to know a lot of sexy guys that were super fun to spend time with. That’s probably why I cheated on my poor Nigel so much in my early 20s. Now all but one of those guys has brutally hit the wall in addition to turning into annoying boring assholes. The one who didn’t hit the wall and still looks sexy and has only gotten better in terms of personality, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wanna hang out with him and enjoy his fun vibes and then get railed afterwards.

No. 1675597

Exactly. Sexy fun guys are such a rarity after they hit 25-30. Unless you’re a cradle robber there’s like no incentive to cheat as a woman once you hit that age kek.

No. 1675599

That's a better term. My mom has a friend who works with rich people and she told her that many of the husbands cheat on their wives but they won't leave because the money is good and/or there are family ties involved. It's a don't ask don't tell type of agreement.

No. 1675600

Beyonce puts up with it.

No. 1675602

Most rich guys are insufferable, I’m sure their wives are happy not to have to entertain their shitty scrotes for a night let alone suck their rancid cocks.

No. 1675604

No he wasn’t insecure he just saw Ariana grande as a better option and men are opportunistic. Of course a less famous and less attractive man would pick Ariana grande over his wife because she has more connections and fame. Women seriously need to get real about how men think….men don’t do shit like that because they are insecure they just don’t have loyalty and will dip if they meet a woman who can offer them more.

No. 1675608

Ginger spongebob is a unique case study. Most men cheat with a lower status woman, in this case spongebob scored with a bpdchan and took it public for status and attempt to cement this statuship. In this case ariana most likely did not want this known.

No. 1675613

Nah. Most celeb men who cheat are footballers who grew up poor, are unattractive and probably not that bright. That's the type of man that loses his shit when he gets famous and sees women wanna fuck him now that he has something to offer. They'll cheat with hotter women but those women obviously only want their fame and money and they'll dump him once he gets washed up and not cool anymore. See Johnny depp as example of this as well, since he's not as popular or getting casted in good roles anymore, the women who would be with him even though he's old and ugly don't give a fuck about him now.

No. 1675615

You're acting as if most cheating women don't cheat with younger men. But again, most women cheat because their husbands either abuse them, cheat on them or neglect them so I can't blame those women at all

No. 1675682

the Disney movie live action shit has made me realize how retarded some people are. Seriously, Disney sucks but the amount of anger that some people have towards movies they probably aren't going to watch and literally don't care about is crazy. It's just another way for racists to be racist but whine about how they aren't racist, just a 30 year old man WHO REALLY IS MAD THAT ONE VERSION OF THE LITTLE MERMAID IS BLACK UGGGGHHHHH and suddenly they give a shit about female representation.
While others just want to shit on the looks of the casted women for not looking like cartoon characters, like I get it, the casting sucks. But now you are just online picking at some actress actual looks because she doesn't look like some noodle neck princess irl.

No. 1675686

Have you not seen the hate anons are giving Florence Pugh though? I bet they’re the same anons who were saying “skin colour doesn’t matter!!!!” And are now saying Florence is “too fat!!!” To play a princess.

No. 1675691

Do you actually think all those Hollywood men are faithful to their wives lol? I honestly have no idea why big name actresses bother marrying at all.

No. 1675693

Honestly it's more likely the person who has a hate boner for her. I don't know why you assume the people saying that are the same people ranting about Florence's neck and shit.

No. 1675696

Nta but I dunno what's with the Florence hate, I don't hate Ariana Grande for example but she's a mess and anyone can give me a laundry list of her bad traits and bad behavior, with Florence it's like "she's married to an old scrote" okay? Disclaimer tho: I was one of the anons "defending" the little mermaid casting.

No. 1675704

Nta but I feel like it's just the same usual spergs who obsess over any (non-skinny) female celeb's weight

No. 1675711

I have posted about not caring about Disney princess actress skin color a couple times and I don't care about Disney princess actress weight either. (Also not sure who Florence Pugh even is lol.) Sorry about your straw man.

No. 1675718

Nah, the people who bashed Halle Bailey for being black are probably the same ones picking at Florence Pugh's weight. They have the same bitterness and general behavior. All but one sentence from "It should've been me, not her".

No. 1675719

There are a lot of posters who hate her

No. 1675722

I think Florence got more hate because she’s not as attractive as Ariana. The people talking about Florence having an affair with Cillian Murphy was unnecessary because it was all unfounded, it was just based off of Florence flirting with him and random youtube comments. I do think her dating Zach Braff is creepy though.

No. 1675724

Florence is objectively more beautiful than Ariana

No. 1675729

She gets called ugly more often than any other female celebrity that I know of. Ariana just gets made fun of for her plastic surgery and trying to look like other races.

No. 1675730

File: 1692881844258.jpg (462.8 KB, 1920x2885, Florence-Pugh.jpg)

Are you serious

No. 1675731

>people who think a stocky actress shouldn’t be Rapunzel must be racist too

No. 1675732

This is the second time I've seen someone say, "this woman gets more hate because she's less attractive " reasoning on here, and It's really kinda sad that women are doing that more now. I know that attractive people are treated better. But it's such a moid thing to excuse or be a certain way to a woman simply because she isn't attractive to you. Or the other person is more attractive therefore they get a pass.
This isn't towards you nona just s thought.

No. 1675735

Anyone with eyes as ugly and dead as Ariana grande’s can never be pretty. Especially not compared to someone with beautiful green eyes.

No. 1675736

File: 1692882321555.jpeg (865.32 KB, 1170x1198, IMG_8461.jpeg)

She doesn’t look bad there but the camera lense made her look narrower than she actually is. She has a very wide body and face.

No. 1675737

File: 1692882368451.jpeg (235.25 KB, 634x1024, DC9E3701-7CE9-4651-B672-18E504…)

Yeah, are you? This bitch looks like a rat and that’s with insane amounts of plastic surgery.

No. 1675739

Even if Ariana is underweight and unhealthy you can see she's pretty. She has good features and bone structure. Florence looks like an ogre even at a healthy weight.

No. 1675740

Have we graduated from hair color sperging to eye color sperging now? Kek

No. 1675741

She looks like a rat because of the surgery though, she looked like a normal when she was younger. There’s no point in arguing over which one is more attractive anyway because it’s subjective and both of them are considered less attractive for celebrities by most people

No. 1675742

Fr. Florence lost weight but she still looks massive because of how she’s shaped

No. 1675746

Having an attractive eye color doesn’t change anything. Otherwise everyone would wear contacts and immediately be considered good looking. Her eyes are small and not a pretty shape, and she has dead eyes.

No. 1675789

fr the ariana/florence sperg is some delusional skeletal to think ariana looks better than florence right now… sure ariana has good features but she is wasting them being anorexic. cry all you want but florence looks healthy and good even if her body shape is not conventionally attractive, ariana looks 20 years older and she would benefit from gaining at least 5kg.

No. 1675790

samefag but where are the nasolabial fold spergs when we need them, ariana has like double folds and her skin looks stretched as hell. girl seriously need to stop with the PS and starvation.

No. 1675795

Ayrt I brought up Ariana as an example of someone who I get why people might hate her, unlike florence who I don't know why anyone feels anything but indifference.

No. 1675877

There’s more than one

No. 1675897

Florence is naturally pretty, Ariana was too but she's botched and skeletal while claiming she's the healthiest she's ever been.

No. 1675944

I don’t hate her but the reasons I’ve seen are
>she’s a nepo, her older brother was in GOT and her older sisters are both actresses
>strong pick me vibes
>her boyfriend looks like her dad
>she has awkward and clumsy mannerisms so she’s annoying to watch on screen
>she’s unattractive to most people bc her bone structure is huge and she’s wider than most men. her head is larger than the scrotes she worked with and it makes her look mannish
>she always has shitty & garish styling
>a clip circulated of her being flirtatious with a married co star and people online thought she was a homewrecker or doing it for pr

No. 1675947

Not liking her because how she looks is peak retard behavior kek. And her head is bigger then most men? Yeah it has to be a gay man or troon, that seals the deal.

No. 1675965

I was just listing things I’ve heard

No. 1676085

>her boyfriend looks like her dad
she doesn't even date that guy anymore, idg why it keeps getting bought up. i'm more surprised that anons overlook the time she supported depp (tho so did hundreds of other celebrities tbf, who still don't receive the same reaction she does)

No. 1676096

People always bring up things from celebrities pasts

No. 1676115

I don’t think she’s hated because she’s ugly, but it’s what everyone always makes fun of her for.

No. 1676123

Most movie remakes are absolutely pointless

No. 1676130

Florence gets hated on because she pretty but not pretty enough for some anons. Although most anons complain about beauty standards, they also delusionally think they look better than cute(aka not intimidatingly pretty) celebs like Florence.
Those same anons who think they look better were also probably the same ones who posted their bodies on /shay/ board to prove that they're hot while making fun of Shauna - only to get made fun of themselves unfortunately. It's best to ignore that type of anon unless we want the same thing to repeat.

No. 1676132

>big head
I’ve always found big heads and big faces attractive on both sexes but especially women. I think tiny heads and tiny faces make people look like they’re retarded.

No. 1676179

The obsession with how “big” and “wide” FP is should tell us all we need to know about the mindsets of the anons who shit on her. God forbid a woman be anything other than perfectly petite. Broad shoulders? Wide face? Thick legs? Petite but not the right kind of petite? Styles herself in a way she likes regardless of what looks “good”? Might as well kill herself, am I right, nonnies?
It’s the same thing with Lana, Doja, even Ariana, etc. All these nonnas can do is project their derangement onto others because they lack compassion, empathy and self awareness and desire control. Autism and body image issues are a hell of a ride.

Anyway my unpopular opinion is that I like Doja Cat, I think she’s funny and she reminds me of my highschool best friend. The nonnies who hate on her are exactly the kind of people she’s trying to shed. Good riddance and I hope her new album does really well.

No. 1676184

I like the shay threads and the shaynons. Some of them are off the rails but the constant activity and simplicity of shay's faults are so fun and honestly a little relaxing. No matter how bad I'm doing, I'm better than shay, and all the threads feel like a trash talk newspaper I read whenever I need a little pick me up. I don't follow any other cows, I'm not really laughing AT shay but laughing along with the nonas and their antics. I don't care how autistic or spergy shaynons get - in fact I really like it. Whenever someone writes flash fiction about shayna I appreciate their creativity and the brief insight I get into what parts make them tick or get ticked off.

No. 1676186

>Autism and body image issues are a hell of a ride.
Yeah. A lot of anons think they're petite little angels when they're very obviously not. I've seen several anons face and bodies and none of them were even average.

No. 1676190

File: 1692912038308.jpg (63.99 KB, 948x533, florence-pugh.jpg)

No idea what these retards are on about. She has pretty big eyes, great nose, cute lip shape and looks good without makeup. She's objectively attractive, even if her body is kinda broad and she can't style herself for shit. Maybe it really is just leftcows Dasha sperging kek.

This is incredibly low for Hollywood's standards.

No. 1676195

i didn't "get" the thing around florence pugh until i saw this video going around of her fixing emily blunts top on the red carpet and covering her from the cameras. she came off like a very comforting person to be around and her voice is lovely. she's pretty, not the kind of "look" we're used to seeing. anons seething that much about her are weird

No. 1676215

She has very small dead eyes, thin lips, a fat wide face, jowls, deep lines around her mouth, thin limp hair, and her body is barrel shaped.

She’s only famous because of nepotism and the casting couch.

No. 1676222

They’re annoying and uncreative

No. 1676225

First two things are simply not true, the others are nitpicks. You must be blind.

No. 1676232

She gets hated on because she’s an annoying and untalented pickme. Plain women love her because they think there’s a chance for them to be successful if someone like her can be. There must be a bunch of large square pig cows on here, for her to be defended so hard when she’s a piece of trash. I see her get torn apart all over the internet too, it’s not just anons here like you want to believe. The people who think she’s ugly would also think that you’re ugly and you know that so you bend over backwards pretending that she isn’t a plain gnome

No. 1676240

Yasmeen is stunningly beautiful, nothing you listed is true. You can’t compare a plain nepo baby to a beautiful thin supermodel.

No. 1676242

File: 1692916660237.jpg (367.57 KB, 1200x1645, yasmeen ghauri.jpg)

Nta but when you analyze and nitpick people's faces this hard, everyone looks ugly.
E.g. you could say Yasmeen is ugly cause she has a bird beak nose, eyes too close together, huge wide shoulders that aren't in proportion to her waist, narrow hips, long face, masculine jawline, has nasolabial folds in some pics, sunken cheeks, arch of her brows way too high up. That all sounds bad but then you look at her and she's actually beautiful. Before someone bes autism, I'm not saying Florence looks like Yasmeen.

Anyway, if you've been in the celebcow thread long enough you know there's like a rotating list of women anons hate (although I won't pretend some at least don't deserve it), and Florence Pugh is just the new girl. I think for Florence it's just ana-chan anons who think she's literally Hitler because she's a short, girl-next-door pretty, "fat" (she's not) woman who got famous. In reality these anons are probably closer to her than they think.

No. 1676244

Sounds like you have small deadened eyes and thin lips

No. 1676248

It's almost as if there are different people posting here. she isnt attractive at all to me. I wouldnt give her a second glance on the street. she looks so bloated

No. 1676250

not those anons but I don't understand what makes her worse than any other pickme posted there, even with her faults she's not really milky

No. 1676251

No idea who she is, but she's super pretty.

No. 1676260

Yasmeen Ghauri, one of the OG supermodels. I don’t know why anon claimed that all of her beautiful features are ugly individually.

No. 1676264

None of these. Cope!

Taylor Swift's small eyes annoy me to no end, still wouldn't argue she isn't conventionally attractive. Florence's face fits conventional beauty standards.

No. 1676265

NTA but if eyes like >>1676190 are small then what do actual big eyes look like? I'm genuinely curious cause those look about the same size as the model posted >>1676242. I thought small eyes would be like Sarah Jessica Parker.

No. 1676266

You recognize that Taylor swift has small eyes and is still attractive but you can’t see that Florence does? Her giant face makes her small eyes look even smaller.

No. 1676271

File: 1692918483096.png (630.34 KB, 684x854, naomi.png)

It's Yasmeen Ghauri. She's a retired 90s model that was on par with women like Naomi Campbell.
>claimed that all of her beautiful features are ugly individually.
Anon, that is not what I said. The point is that Yasmeen is indeed an incredibly beautiful woman, but if you nitpick someone's features you can make anyone sound like they are ugly. Did I just word it wrong or can no one read? And yeah, most pretty people have individual features that people would deem ugly by themselves. The truth is it's not about individual features, it's about how they all look together.

No. 1676273

It would have been amazing if the prohibition movement succeeded

No. 1676274

Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway, Aishwarya Rai, Emma Stone, Christina Ricci, Olivia Cooke, Heather Graham, Anya Taylor Joy, and Zooey Deschanel are all good examples of what big eyes look like

No. 1676276

She’s being shilled everywhere and landing roles that she isn’t good enough for, she made it clear she has a daddy kink and likes older men, she flirts with married men openly, nepo babies are just annoying in general. Whenever someone says she’s plain or unattractive anons immediately start frothing at the mouth to defend her (because they look like her and they’re self conscious)

No. 1676286

interesting, since Anya used to get torn apart for her eyes as well but I guess that stopped since she's not shilled anymore

No. 1676288

lmao god I wish I looked like her. you seem really invested in the fact most people find this woman attractive and you don't. just get over yourself.

No. 1676315

Most people think she’s plain, some think she’s ugly and some think she’s attractive. Usually the people who think she’s attractive are gay zoomers because she’s not intimidating and they’re just pretending to be gay anyways

No. 1676318

Can you show me the survey where most people think she's plain? Because from my impression, which is not a bias one based on some weird vendetta, she's regarded as very attractive. I am none of the anons you've replied to, this is my first post on the subject, I think Florence is beautiful and a very skilled actress and she's delightful to watch.

No. 1676325

She isn’t fat, her bone structure is huge so she’ll always look huge no matter how much she weighs. She lost weight recently and still looks huge despite her legs sliming down. Her face is way too wide so she’ll always have a chubby face unless she’s underweight, but then she would look even uglier

Anya was made fun of for having big eyes, the anon included her in a list of actresses with big eyes. What do you not understand? Having big eyes isn’t automatically attractive just like small eyes aren’t automatically unattractive

No. 1676327

People mad that regular bitches getting roles like they aren't regular bitches. Be grateful for the representation and stop seething that multiple types of women can exist and be seen. Stupid bitch.

No. 1676337

Exactly, anons complain about beauty standards being too high then when it gets lowered just slightly that becomes a problem too, like what do they want?

No. 1676338

the fact someone is still sperging over FP makes me feel like it's someone constantly trying to start infights for attention. They find something that gets the nonners nonnin' and then keep ranting about it.
My unpopular opinon is that Kanye doesn't look male, he's not like "Drake" , but i would'nt be surpised if he had some gentic issues. I heard he has a big penis and I don't believe it.

No. 1676339

I don’t want to see unappealing nepo babies on screen. Nepo babies aren’t representation.

No. 1676344

Theyre mid, you're mid, but you aren't mid with the benefits of nepotism. Get over it and move on or suck and fuck your way into a role in some dramedy because we are sick of hearing you cry like a little bitch over some girl with a squished head.

No. 1676351

There are multiple anons hating on her, I’ve only mentioned her a few times but the other posts I’ve read make the same points. The same things are said about her everywhere online. No thanks to being a nepo or famous, the fact she sucked and fucked her way into roles is the reason I make fun of her

No. 1676354

Idc stop crying like a bitch

No. 1676356

>there’s only one Florence anon and multiple Florence defenders

No there are more people on this site then you think, esp in the celeb thread which attracts twitter and tiktok users

No. 1676361

Korean "music", fashion, manwha, etc are worthless and derivative. All they do is copy the Japanese, white Americans, and black Americans. They have pretty much nothing in pop culture to call their own, everything they put out is utterly deprived of soul, and they'll never be remembered for creating anything groundbreaking.

No. 1676367

I hate kpop for this very reason and really obsessive kpop worshippers share a single collective brain cell. Those ladies do not even know what they're saying, you can tell in the pacing, in the way they enunciate, the way they move. They just copy black hip hop and repackage it into an extremely harmful and militant beauty standard. Blindly depending it at all turn is a sign of supreme stupidity, I will never support an entire race of people being pressured to lop half their jaws off and starve and work 16 hours a day just to throw up some finger hearts and lip synch.

No. 1676368

kek this has to be the angriest thread on lolcow

No. 1676370

Idk if it is because I rarely read the whinging in here unless I'm abysmally bored, but im sick of seeing people cry about FP we don't give a fuck

No. 1676382

I can tell you’re schizophrenic by how you phrase things

No. 1676389

Really poor attempt at insult

No. 1676390

Schizophrenics are literally prophetic.

No. 1676396

>'stop crying'
>'zOmG yOuR ScHiZo!!!1'
It's like talking to teenagers

No. 1676418

and no one gives a fuck you don't give a fuck, it do be like that

>obsessive kpop worshippers share a single collective brain cell
kek perfectly put. i think ironically the total lack of artistic value is the little artistic value there is to korean pop culture, like they gather all the most mainstream trends and beauty standards and roll them into a shiny smooth amalgam, wrap it up in crisp crinkly wrapping paper and give it back to us. kinda andy warhol-esque on a society scale and fully unintentional

No. 1676420

Both posts you're replying to are mine. I also think women who seethe at other women for not looking how they want while still garnering success share a collective brain cell.

No. 1676422

Yasmeen my beloved

No. 1676428

Double post but I remember a vindicta ass bitch telling me that Yasmeen looks like a man. It really makes me question how many of you follow that mentality based on how you react to normal looking celebrities. Not so long ago, there was an anon obsessed with calling Olivia Rodrigo plain.

No. 1676433

This wouldn't be the unpopular opinion thread without at least ten concurrent infights

No. 1676442

that was my first post in this thread, i agree and also couldn't care less about florence. i'm just saying it do be like that

No. 1676443

File: 1692930241872.gif (64.79 KB, 588x279, NetzSnorlaxS1_1.gif)

Yeah I dont have the resolve or care to fight about it

No. 1676476

Funny thing is if she was a Tif you would be talking how super feminine she is and how she would never look like a man or manly.

No. 1676483

Based, I agree. And kpop trash looks AI generated
Exquisitely based and manifestochan-pilled

My unpopular opinion is that anime is 99 percent retarded and cringe, and the aesthetic is horribly ugly and same-y. The difference in quality between the background art, food/clothing/everything else, and the characters' appearance, especially their facial features, is appalling. I know that's to cheap out on animation but it still clashes to the point I can't look at it. The music also sucks.
Anime becoming mainstream is the worst thing that's happened to youth/pop culture in the past century, even worse than the Disco era. There's a good reason weebs were once bullied so heavily. Yeah, there are a scant few great animes, but they're even more rare than men who aren't complete trash.

No. 1676533

I don't want to see normal people in Hollywood. It's supposed to be glamorous.

No. 1676591

Hollywood is dead

No. 1676644

Women really need to cut it out referring to men younger than as babies if they’re legal adults. He could literally beat your face in without even trying and it’s annoying because women get sexualized our entire lives but you want to act like a 18-24 year old boy is just a baby. If we have to get sexualized for our youth then they should too. Seriously fuck off.

No. 1676654

Hard agree. I've also noticed the tendency of young men getting called "19 year old boy" in news, but a young woman would get called "19 year old woman". It's weird.

No. 1676660

Girls who say that are always pickmes who think older men are a natural choice for women. It's also almost like they're trying to flex how not thirsty they are. Like "oh nooo that 10/10 ripped male model is in his early 20s, what a tiny nonsexual baby, I couldn't possibly…"

No. 1676668

The whole "Ladies, keep your last name when you get married" thing is performative. Keep my last name. You mean my father's last name? Even if I pick my mother's last name, that's just her father's last name too, innit?

No. 1676669

I get it tbh for practical reasons. If you get your husband's last name you have to do a lot of paperwork for that, if you have your own business and you're known as ms.lastname or dr.lastname it can get tricky, etc.

No. 1676670

True, but changing your legal name for the sake of some antiquated tradition is still a pointless bother and it says a lot that so many men are still extremely offended if you refuse to do it.

No. 1676678

You're not wrong but that's something that can change too. In my country it's possible for a kid to receive their mother's last name or both parent's name. It's a recent change so it's not common yet, but theoretically in a few generations time it's possible for a kid to get their mother's name which was her mother's name etc.

No. 1676681

I think they're the female versions of men who call hot women "mid", they know someone is hot but they deny it because they know the person in question wouldn't be into them.

No. 1676684

American men of certain demographics are pathetic, all they do is attack their own women online and offline. They don't seem to realize how bad it looks to literally everyone else when all they do is bash their female counterparts.

No. 1676704

"Eurocentric features" don't exist in anyone who's not of European ancestry.

No. 1676705

I've never seen non-ugly non-broke American men shit on their women. It's always the ugly broke men who are mad no woman in their liberal country wants them, they assume they're unwanted because women are independent and they think they'd have a gf/wife if they lived in a country where women are treated worse.
Shit bait.

No. 1676711

File: 1692957664696.jpg (36.14 KB, 581x720, F2tTLWdXAA0dkkk.jpg)

It's not bait. People were saying this woman has Eurocentric features. It has to stop. I'm tired of racists and insecure pickmes of color negging other WOC by saying they have "eurocentric features" for the most random reasons. How are Europeans centred in the looks of someone who is completely and totally non-European? It's just a "woke" way of saying "You're pretty? You must be part white", something I only ever saw white racists say up until around 2019 when some liberals fully lost their minds.

No. 1676721

They tell on themselves by the way they associate beatiful black women with whiteness.

No. 1676723

Jannies pls no ban, this isn't racebait I'm just making an observation: when POC neg another POC for having "eurocentric features" it means that they're conventionally attractive. Tall, waifish women with sharp or delicate facial features have been the supermodel standary for how many years now? In western society it doesn't matter which race you are- if you have model standards looks then conventionally you're very attractive. The issue that these retards have is that having blemish free skin, clean white teeth, good health, generally putting effort into your appearance, is "rooted in white supremacy". Ever since the myth that being a healthy weight comes from white women not wanting to look like black women got spread around in the mid 2010s it has been a shit show for any beautiful WOC

No. 1676728

No it's the opposite. You have to go out of your way to change it (in my country anyway) which is actually performative just so your last names match. Just keeping the name you were born with is easier.
Hyphenating last names is the ultimate performative name change when you get married. Bunch of paperwork for nothing and now your name is too long.

No. 1676732

Please don't tell me people are saying the woman in that pic is called "eurocentric" for her looks, she looks 100% subsaharian African. Is it just because she's pretty and has a small nose? I've never seen Europeans with a nose with that shape regardless of size. I'm so confused.

No. 1676734

I know exactly what you mean, being thin(non-obese) and taking care of yourself are enough to get you labelled as being "euro-centric" by braindead americans and insecure pickme's

No. 1676808

Would it blow your mind to know that there are a lot of countries where women are not expected by anyone to take their husband's name?

No. 1676817

I get what you mean. People pretty much claim anyone black they find attractive has European features. They correlate being pretty with looking white.

No. 1676831

it's also your husband's father and paternal grandfather's last name. all of it is whatever

No. 1676832

How dare someone post from their perspective without posting the disclaimer "in my country/culture". nta.

No. 1676833

love&agree with all of these

No. 1676834

I have a unique last name and I am never changing it. It’s stupid to change the name that you have had your whole life just to soothe the ego of a man.

No. 1676842

Not every post is about your country, kek

No. 1676849

If you have a decent relationship with your father, why wouldn't you rather keep that than taking on your father-in-law's name?

No. 1676850

File: 1692971851869.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2778x1284, F2C7D7DE-88F9-4306-A05C-D75CEE…)

K-pop and jpop fans are kind of stupid getting upset over most fans being pedos. They are underaged girls, wearing mini skirts, making porn faces and acting cute then they are shocked when they see the fan meets and 90% of the fans are men in their 30s. This music genre is for teenage girls and grown man. You can’t sexualize kids and then get mad when it works.

No. 1676862

If you keep your father's last name, you continue your lineage and you'll share the same lastname as most people in your family who you've known forever, if you take a mans surname AND pass it onto your kid, you'll change a piece of your identity you've known for years and if the man leaves and you retake your last name, you have a different last name than your own literal child which makes no sense.

No. 1676868

Fans get angry at companies sexualizing underage idols for 2 hours on twitter and then go back to streaming and buying merch.

No. 1676871

File: 1692973121314.png (108.23 KB, 663x845, rzeerzrez.png)

A name is always "just a name" but then somehow people still get butthurt when you want control over it

No. 1676872

No need to be bitter, love

No. 1676875

Calm down

No. 1676893

I'm definitely going to at most hyphenate my name because one: I picked it when I immigrated/naturalized and my last name is hella bomb and stylish and two: it's pretty bad to totally get rid of the previous last name in academia because then people do not recognize your work (unless you have a super individual first name). But hyphenated names also suck when they're really long. I met one young girl (clearly unmarried) whose last name was hyphenated and 16 letters in total. That's too much! What was she writing in first grade?? That's the problem, do children inherit the hyphen or do they choose which name to drop?

No. 1676896

I always wondered what happens when Smith-Jones and Schulz-Wienerbraun get married and want to carry on this new tradition. Will we just have kids named Joe SJSW because no one ever wants to disrespect anyone?

No. 1676909

That's basically why i'm not going to change my name if I get married, I love my father's family and my name (incredibly common as it is) is the surname of so many people I love and I'd never give it up. But I don't actually want kids and I'm not going to marry a man but I'd have this opinion regardless.

No. 1676930

Same, I'll probably never marry or have kids but if I did they'd inherit my name because it's a rare one (approx. 30 people have it and they're all my relatives) and it's connected to the most important event in our family history basically. I'm not giving it up to be some basic Mrs. Smith kek

No. 1676931

I think there should be a mainstream fast food restaurant where the staff wear animal ears as part of the uniform. They can wear tails too, but it's optional and only really recommended for waitstaff (if they have those). I feel like that sort of thing would only really help sales and general atmosphere.

No. 1676936

Befriending women who are prettier than you isn’t really a good idea unless you are very secure and also not really self aware at all. Not because you will be jealous of your friend but the way people are going to treat you when you’re together in public is going to be very dehumanizing.

No. 1676941

File: 1692979110296.gif (1.14 MB, 500x279, wp-content.gif)

most anime looks so odd to me. The faces are flat with the simple stylization(pic unrel) so it's boring to look at. 99% of anime relies on stock expressions instead of pulling the facial features to make the characters emote. You never see anime characters wrinkle their noses, move their cheek or jaws when they emote, etc.
And the stock expressions isn't because of the stylization. Many of the girls from the disney Renaissance is stylized the same way (big eyes, small nose, narrow face) with the purpose of looking cute/attractive and even they emote in a manner that is interesting to look at. modern American cartoons suffers the same problem with stock expressions.

I also hate the way anime characters moves. It always looks like it physically hurts them because there is a weird "jittery" feeling to their movements. This is also a thing in high budget stuff like ghibli(picrel) which has the talent and budget and is considered to be the crème de la crème in the animation industry.
Many anime looks jittery due to janky animation but in ghibli's case its a stylization thing so it's not bad I just don't think its pleasant to look at.

I rarely look at anime and get blown away because it looks good. Even when the animation is objectively good there is just too many stylzation things I can't get in to and to much empathise to make the characters uguuuuu cute.
I will admit though, that anime is good at combat scenes. But I think it fails at animating mundane tasks which is ironic since it often gets praised for it's portrayal of mundane life.

No. 1676950

Twink appreciation is the thinking woman's way, and liking older men is a meme foisted upon us by said old men. Sorry but I like a full head of hair, especially since most actual rich old guys are stingy as fuck and don't share. If you want this ass, give me one of your properties, boomer Bob. Or at least a new car.
Everywhere I go I hear women saying they're into older guys, always these super normie lululemon women saying this shit too. I prefer cute ones a decade my junior, since I can't get past the old man smell.

No. 1676975

The old person smell is too real. And old men smell significantly more vile than old women.

No. 1676979

Tired of bitches defending objectively shitty male characters just because they "hot". Motherfucker could kill the whole cast and kick puppies, but he's "hot" and nice to the mc (and the mc only) so who cares

No. 1676982

I agree but only if they also put poison in the food to kill off furries and degenerates who come to dine there.

No. 1676983

Men don’t stop liking hot women just because their bitches so why can’t women do the same?

No. 1677023

I wonder where did I say men doing that ain't cringe tho. I'd say if you're going to like an evil character in general at least accept them for who they are (evil), don't go around justifying their acts, male or female

No. 1677027

they are always the most generic run of the mill ''baddies'' anyways. I can get it for zukko, i guess, which has a more layered personality, but animu villians are almost always just mwahaha evil, so boring.

No. 1677076

People with nice skin go to clinics and get skin treatments, use expensive prescriptions or have good genetics. Wasting money on skin care is a waste of time. It doesn’t work.

No. 1677145

Learning grammar is way more fun than learning vocabulary. Learning vocabulary sucks, actually.

No. 1677150

Tretinoin cream is not expensive. Differin is now available over the counter. You can’t just slap that shit on without some good otc skincare to accompany it or you’ll be dry and crispy.

No. 1677151

They should bring back homekeeping classes in school but for both sexes

No. 1677154

They never took them away where I’m from and they’ve always been for both sexes. It’s just called family and life sciences. Cooking is sometimes a separate class that just focuses on cooking. We had both in my high school.

No. 1677157

My hs didn't have any of that we only had music and art classes. And they actually took away the financial planning class for seniors so my class didn't get to take it. They also stopped offering german the year before I started so my three years of german from middle school went to waste. But hey the football team and band were always lush. At least in the USA that's all most midwestern schools care about everything else falls by the wayside it's a joke

No. 1677159

Where I am some secondary schools teach it to classes with kids who'll be pursuing education for blue collar jobs after graduating lol but not the kids who'll be going to uni idk what to think of that

No. 1677162

Your German lessons were a waste anyway since no one speaks the German you learn in school outside of Germany.

No. 1677164

Don't they still have home economics classes just under various names? But anyway parents should be teaching this anyway. Too many people expect teachers to basically raise their kids.

No. 1677241

So? Germany is still the most populous German speaking country. It makes up like 80% of all German speakers in Europe. That’s like saying ‘your English lessons were worthless, no one speaks the English you learn in a classroom outside of America.’

No. 1677341

Barron trump is cute

No. 1677346

File: 1693011403620.png (548.55 KB, 1080x933, dtj-a_custom-7e852c13e15bf80e4…)

Blue jeans
White shirt
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
It was like James Dean
For sure
You're so fresh to death and sick as cccancer
You're so punk rock
I grew up on hip hop
You fit me better than my favorite sweater but I know
That love is mean
And love hurts
But I still remember that day we met in December oh baby
I will love you til the end of time
I will wait a million years
Promise to remember that you're mine
Baby can we speak through the tears
Love you more
Than those bitches before
Say you remember oh baby
Say you remember oh baby oh
I will love you til the end of time

No. 1677355

Psychosis doesnt have to be negative. I had a psychosis once where I believed I was going to be the next mother mary and to do that I had to become sober, eat healthy, exercise and seek knowledge. Most productive time of my life.

No. 1677364

File: 1693012073310.jpeg (110.47 KB, 545x574, F564B5A1-D8E0-4011-8E69-BCDA13…)

He looks like a twilight vampire.

No. 1677388

Leg lengthening surgery

No. 1677394

I like anime, but you’re right that peak western animation and peak eastern animation are very different styles. Stuff like old Disney movies have more frames and use different timing than anime, so it makes sense you don’t like the stylization.

As for the flat face thing that’s actually why some weebs (including myself) prefer to read manga instead of watching the anime adaption. The anime usually has to heavily simplify the style and it looks far worse. A good example is the My Hero Academia manga, even if you don’t like the style he clearly knows where the cheekbones, nose, etc are on the faces he draws. And then the anime just looks… bad, but it’s still so popular.

No. 1677403

File: 1693013739939.jpg (3.11 MB, 4009x5697, 1976.jpg)

He really is. imo Donald looked quite cute too when he was younger.
KEK you're right. He looks like a huge nephilim walking amongst the mortals also.

No. 1677430

You people literally think anything that breathes and has two legs is cute

No. 1677453

you know what, it really does look that way, his proportions are the same type of unbalanced as people who get that surgery. But could he really have gotten that done while in the spotlight? It's a super long recovery time of no walking and huge devices strapped to your legs.

No. 1677456

i doubt it, he was already taller than his dad at age 10

No. 1677457

then I legit think he has some sort of condition. His proportions are very uncanny

No. 1677460

File: 1693016813828.jpg (21.6 KB, 369x359, unnamed (1).jpg)

That's just what tall people look like sometimes. Tall people can look stretched and lanky, so their proportions can look a little to very unbalanced. I feel like they usually just get very long arms (Like Naomi Campbell, for example) but he has long legs so he kinda looks like picrel.
Sidenote, I remember when an anon said that Barron got so big from eating Mexicans and that's why Trump wanted to keep them out. Kek.

No. 1677461

Experimental hormone therapy including hanging him upside down like a bat and stretching him like taffy

No. 1677478

Looks like klinefelters

No. 1677799

My ex who I hate was obsessed with Chris Farely and I never knew much about him. Just found out Farelys last words were begging a hooker not to leave him while he was ODing on cocaine. I think that sounds utterly pathetic lol. My ex liked prostitutes. Hope he goes out the same way

No. 1677802

File: 1693047631794.jpg (85.44 KB, 828x1238, FZFCvpzWwAAn.jpg)

This strike to going completely destroy Hollywood and I'm fine with it.

No. 1677805

looks like my little brother (195cm) when he was younger. once he matures and gets wider shoulders/more manlier features in general he will looks more balanced again. rn he's just a super lanky kid with a skinnyfat mid section.

No. 1677806

Same. I'm looking forward to how it's going to end.

No. 1677817

I wish. Fuck Hollywood. Not a single original ideas, and billions wasted on braindead generic politically correct films that look like the copy of each other.

No. 1677824

Is the strike still going on? How does the strike work anyway, if they strike long enough won't Hollywood just hire eager newcomers?

No. 1677831

Already caused a couple of shows I was interested in to be canceled. But It will probably bounce back, the previous writers strike didn't ruin anything, though I don't know if this one is lasting longer.

They'd probaly be blacklisted and lose opportunities in the future.

No. 1677832

Its been going on for 100 days, the hope is that studios will be put in financial strain and give in to their demands.

No. 1677839

Strikes in the past worked better but this strike isn't like the others. People have always been desperate but the desperation is even more dire now. Add in the use of AI and you got circumstances like never before. A lot of people are being very naive as well; the use of AI is way more prevalent and advanced than the average striker is aware of.

No. 1677843

Heartless, anon, but lol yeah. AI replacing creative jobs is dystopian and all but all this hollywood crap already looks AI generated anyway, tho I understand that's not exclusively the writers' fault.

No. 1677870

based hooker

No. 1677914

It already looks AI generated because in most creative fields artists don't have a lot of freedom and shareholders who don't know shit about anything will have the last word more often than not. It's all about profit too and making movies and tv shows costs an arm and a leg so it makes shareholders want to take even less risks than usual, which is why we have reboots and remakes and sequels all the time now instead of original stories and adaptations of comics and novels that haven't been adapted yet. I'd say it's more accurate to say that today's Hollywood shit looks like it's written by marketing teams than AI but that's rapidly changing.

No. 1677929

I don't really understand the rampant misandry on this site and it really reaks of terminally online immature behavior. I swear half of you sound like /pol/ teenagers screeching about 13/50 like at some point you have to grow up and go outside, maybe interact with some real ppl to get rid of your prejudices(begone kiwifag)

No. 1677932

Ditto. I think most users here are American female teens. They speak as if they are.

No. 1677934

They're actually angry because the AI-generated stuff is better than the crap Hollywood does these days. Fuck'em.

No. 1677946

What does 13/50 have to do with misogyny? Its ok to hate black men for being violent criminals. I'm tired of pretending only white scrotes are bad when the black and brown ones are much worse.(racebait)

No. 1677947

radfems aligning themselves with the alt right is really really retarded. siding with people who want to make you second class citizens just so you can own the 0.7% of the population that is mtf is just so nonsensical and counter productive.

No. 1677948

My experience with irl men caused my misandrist views.

No. 1677950

The whole reason I became this way is from interacting with real people kek.

No. 1677953


you would have to be very very sheltered if you think that 50% (in the case of men) or 13% (in the case of african americans in USA) are genetically inferior and or ontologically evil. A majority of the men I interact with are just normal people so I don't really see any benefit in automatically assuming that they're going to be an asshole just because of a few bad experiences i've had(racebaiting)

No. 1677960

Okay but how many of those males watch porn(replying to racebaiting)

No. 1677963

>you would have to be very very sheltered
It's the exact opposite. Either way, luckily you have the entire rest of the world and internet to excuse men's bullshit.(replying to racebaiting)

No. 1677964

It's not just a few bad experiences for everyone, even the ones I thought were normal revealed some misogynistic shit.
And this too, even the nicest men get off to porn so they're still shit. Doesn't matter if they save an orphanage or whatever.

No. 1677969

>entire rest of the world and internet to excuse men's bullshit.
I'm not trying to excuse mens bullshit i'm just saying that the R9K tier hatred for the opposite sex is unproductive and unhealthy. In my opinion it's easier to deal with these issues if you see the other party as an actual human that can be reasoned with and held accountable as apposed to a violent ape that fantasizes about raping and beating everything around it

No. 1677973

I hate pakichan and indiachan and believe they're as bad as the men they complain about. Pakichan said abortion shouldn't be a right and said she wanted to marry a neonazi and be his slave, called black women subhumans, indiachan said women deserve to be raped. These two retards are as bad their men.

No. 1677974

Hey cool story, why don’t you go moralfag 4chan about being too misogynistic next, since fairness is so important to you?(taking the bait)

No. 1677975

ntayrt but trying to reason with men rarely works

No. 1677978

Stop replying to the anti-misandry baiter, retards.

No. 1677980

"normal", what is normal? I'll tell you what's normal, misogyny. I've met one man in my life who genuinely doesn't hold misogynistic views and I married him, not gonna get that lucky again. "Normal" men keep their degeneracy to themselves (at least they used to) until you've let your guard down. That's when they ask you if they can choke you, that's when they accuse you of being a prude for not spending the night, that's when they tell you that women are "emotional creatures". "Normal" men are creeps.

No. 1677981

What does 4chan have to do with this? I posted an opinion I had that I knew was unpopular on LOLCOW because this is an unpopular opinion thread. You're free to disagree with me and call me a retard , and i'm sure most people here will agree with you, but crying about moral fagging and 4chan is a bit pathetic

No. 1677992

like all of human history and a good chunk of the world today does kind of back your point but I feel like at least in the west this isn't really the case anymore, or at least it's not rampant enough to warrant disregarding an entire gender. Like psychological data does suggest that if you interact with 10 dudes in a day and one is a creep you're only really going to remember the one creep in the long run. So in my opinion it's not worth writing the other nine guys off as assholes just because only the bad interactions stuck with me

No. 1677996

>I feel like at least in the west this isn't really the case anymore, or at least it's not rampant enough to warrant disregarding an entire gender
nta but it is, objectification and sexualization has gotton worse, it's become normalized now. plus the abortion rights thing in the US

No. 1677997

Nta but why do you care about some anons being wary of men? 1/3 men said they'd rape a woman if they would face no consequences during an interview in a college, it's always good to be wary or strangers, men even moreso because they're stronger

No. 1678002

Wait so I have had enough bad experiences with men to have developed misandrist views and at the same time I'm sheltered? lmaooo the logic isn't there

No. 1678008

moids only have two responses to misandry - either you're a slut because you've met too many bad men (that's also your fault because you chose them) or you're a prude because you met one or zero bad men and don't give enough other ones a chance LOL

No. 1678010

I'm not even the "KAM" type but:
> Misandry
The ones who think this is a thing are /pol/ teenagers scrotes themselves or hypocritical/doublethinker liberals who reeee at people implying that "heterophobia" or "anti-white racism" exists because of "they don’t suffer muh structural oppression", it’s like these genderspecials Tumblr trannies using GC ("you can't identify as an oppressed class”) and transmed (“there is no race dysphoria”) talking points whenever the transracials+transableds discourse come up.
That said, I am annoyed by the “blackpilled/rudefem/etc” types being misogynistic at "male-identified womyn" (sic) like TIFs, boymoms, OSA, religious women, etc. Also, adding "male" doesn't give you the right to be bigoted, it's the same thing as these liberal scrotes who add "cis hetero white" as a free pass for being misogynistic. Not that I care about the scrotes themselves, but don't act like hate speech directed at poc, homo/bisexual, autistic, jewish, etc, moids will not harm women who are part of those minorities.

Agree and that shouldn't be unpopular, but common sense.

No. 1678011

>those four men I interacted with were dicks -> those for men are dicks
>those four men I interacted with were dicks -> ALL men are dicks
idk what to tell you there are so many hundreds and hundreds of studies that show how the latter viewpoint is flawed and hundreds more that prove that more exposure to groups does reduce xenophobia. Like MOST men are not rapists and MOST black people aren't going to mug you, it's unfortunate if you've met a disproportionate amount of assholes and I can empathize with developing hatred for a group that's wronged you since it's basic human nature but empirically it just doesn't make sense to hold your viewpoint

No. 1678013

Y'all mysandrists are the female equivalent of those hateful, incel moids you hate so much. You just spew your stupidity, seething hate and evy in the way women do.(infighting)

No. 1678014

No one who unironically uses the word "misandry" and compares man hate to racism is arguing in good faith.

No. 1678015

Misandry is real and losers like you are proof. Very good, showing you're better than men by mimicking the worst behaviours of men.(infighting)

No. 1678019

The point is that any man whining about misogyny is rightly called a white knight simp but you’re here defending creatures who, in another time, would happily own you and suffer no moral compunction.

No. 1678020

>mimicking the worst behaviours of men
is anyone here raping or abusing others?

No. 1678021

You're not wrong. But there are some of these derivative products that aren't that bad, at least to me. But I agree nothing they make ever feels 'korean', it's only the language that makes it so.

No. 1678022

sorry, reading back it does kind of look like that's what I was going for but in reality it is apples and oranges since misogynists actually do go on mass killing sprees and have enacted legislation thats kept women down for millennia while misandrists mostly shitpost on imageboards

No. 1678023

Samefagging to add they don't seem to even have anything traditional, all their traditional things like music or clothing sound or look Chinese, it's so strange.

No. 1678024

where did all these scrotes come from? did a moid post about us on 4chan again?

No. 1678025

Be the change you want to see in the world.

No. 1678027

Ntayrt but most men still jerk off to porn, still sexualize women, etc. Not being a rapist doesn't make them good, that should be the bare minimum.

No. 1678028

I think it's good that %40 of men will never pass their genes. Most of those men are probably low income(low iq) or socially incapable and have bad personalities. No woman would want to pass on those bad genes to their kid and have an emotionally/socially/economically stunted father for their children.

No. 1678029

Pretty sure that the rabid misandrists here would do that, if they were men.

No. 1678030

I'm a woman. Most women don't hate men, you know, Get off this website and see the real world.

No. 1678033

Probably from /snow/. There are so many baiting males there and they probably figured it's easier to bait here.

No. 1678034

Women can’t rape men.

No. 1678035

bait but like why taint a good argument "assholes don't deserve to breed" with a terrible argument "we need more eugenics eugenics is good for the world"

No. 1678038

And that's why I said the losers here would do that if they were men. The misandrists here are simply the female version of mysoginist incels. Biologically, women aren't usually rapists. But the people here acts the very same as those incel moids they claim to hate. Do you really hate them? Because you so seem like you want to emulate them. Mysoginists hate all women and say all women are sluts. Misandrists hate all men and say all men are rapists. Same difference.(lost soul)

No. 1678039

There's nothing wrong with what she said nonny… You're just trying to argue for sake of arguing.

No. 1678040

I don't understand how having such a normie viewpoint makes me a scrote

No. 1678043

The reasons for hating them are entirely different though.

No. 1678048

Are they? In both cases, when I read such comments, I think they must've been written by an unfuckable weirdo who's hating what they can't have.(kek okay "woman")

No. 1678050

misandry is way more justifiable than misogyny but it's still retarded

No. 1678064

are we really pretending "misandry" is an actual thing lmfao get real. what is happening to this website

No. 1678066

>women saying they hate men because men literally try to forve them into sex
>hurrdurr men haters are unfuckable
It's the opposite. Most of the femcels/celibate not by choice women on crystal cafe love men and romanticize dating them. A lot of femcels will love and praise men but attack other women.

No. 1678068

Continuing in this misandry infighting crap and falling for the bait will net you a nice ban.

No. 1678082

Why can't we have a volcel thread where we all share happiness

No. 1678084

It's because good looking features come from good genes, healthy lifestyle, good skincare, and growing up in a healthy manner diet wise and habits wise. So every attractive person from any race ends up having some features in common that are associated with these things mentioned above. But people are used to seeing these features in white people or something since most people who say "eurocenteric features" are American and people parroting their points, so they assume it's a white people only thing.

No. 1678087

There's one in /g/

No. 1678089

If public education before high school was similar to college way more students would thrive. I've seen so many people who struggle in high school who end up thriving in college due to the fact you can coordinate your studying and work around your own needs as well as your schedule

In high school kids are forced to wake up at unreasonable hours for growing kids, head to school for 6-8 hours daily or even longer if they do extracurriculars then go home and do homework, spare test studying is basically unheard of until college

No. 1678093

What I love about this website is how biased and dumb the moderators are - they will ban you just for having an opinion they don't personally like.
But what I REALLY love is that they CAN'T ban me for shit. Go on, ban me again. I'll be back in 1 minute and you won't even know it's me. You have no power, dipshit. :)(ok have at it)

No. 1678094

I have pointed this out before but what's with all these anons requesting threads that already exist but on /g/ or /m/. It's one thing not to care about cow boards but do they just not look at any boards other than /ot/? Strange.

No. 1678099

The redtexts are becoming cringe but the farmhands think they're real clever. This place is a mess.(blame it on misandry)

No. 1678101

Shut the fuck up, no one gives a shit.(infighting)

No. 1678110

They might just be new.

No. 1678115

I like anime and disco music, maybe that counts as an unpopular opinion, lmao. But I also hate some of the most popular ones (ex: Naruto, Bleach, etc), so I agree with you in parts.

No. 1678124

Based farmhands

No. 1678129

I agree with you on (most) anime but disco is based idc

No. 1678135

Is it that hard to lurk a little bit more and not make it so painfully obvious?

No. 1678142

farmhand-chan do you need a hand with this farm bro?

No. 1678145

Farmhand should be banned for responding to bait

No. 1678146

I agree but it's whatever.
Based farmhand

No. 1678149

Quit huffing farts, it's embarrassing.

No. 1678157

I saw a fat girl complain about getting rejected from a beach because of her bodyweight and all the negative comments praising the owner and saying her body was a disgrace upon their eyes only came from ugly and fatter men and women. My unpopular opinion is, unattractive people are more likely to tear others down (esp online) about their attractiveness level.
Btw im underweight so it's not like im biased but I've seen a ton of fat and even obese women in beaches and never thought it was a bad view.

No. 1678167

It’s always so awkward being friends with people like that and have to listen to them seethe about fatty-chans while they’re on suicide watch for their own weight. Even worse when they had surgery for weight loss and still can’t stop seething about someone online not putting down the fork or lying about the total cals they eat a day. It’s truly a fat eat fat world

No. 1678184

Omg right I hate that type so much! I felt so fucking bad for the girl because her comments were filled with ugly retards and coomer men who tried to bring her down while normal people emphatized with her.

No. 1678191

South koreans try to defranchise themselves from traditional korean culture to separate themselves ethnically from North koreans which do celebrate and keep traditional korean culture as alive as they possibly can in a dictatorship. Obviously it doesn't work but whatever makes them sleep better at night.

No. 1678192

Wtf people can get rejected from beaches? Aren’t those public places? Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever given a fuck about how people looked at the beach because I’m there to swim and bbq and enjoy the sun. I truly do not understand why anyone cares about fat people.

No. 1678199

Spicy food sucks. Like a tiny bit of spice for depth and interest is cool, but the second that the spiciness gets in the way of discerning other flavors you’ve ruined the dish. And I’m starting to think that people saying you get used to it means that you become more able to physically tolerate the spice, not that you are also able to process the flavors where the spiciness isn’t eclipsing them

No. 1678206

File: 1693082987019.jpg (50.07 KB, 564x847, 4221fa1047ab5d5eaf21dea5b51ff2…)

Unpopular opinion: female fashion and most typical female clothes are actually misogynistic, and pushes women to objectify yourself

A man showing their legs that high would be called a faggot and looked down to by other men, a woman doing it is cheered for, because the norm is for women to objectify themselves

No. 1678211

No woman would be cheered for showing that much skin, unless you consider sexual harassment cheering.

No. 1678213

File: 1693083382143.jpg (208.38 KB, 735x978, d2984e6f4d6ef4a232c43997d8f7e5…)

I don't know how women can feel comfortable in short skirts, especially on windy days. If it's like a tennis skirt where there are shorts with it it's better I guess but idk I feel like someone is always staring at my ass. Maxi skirts are so comfortable, cuter imo, and I feel like more protected. But on the other hand, covering yourself is also rooted in misogyny like in cultures like Islam. Anything women do is considered wrong nonnie, so why even think about it outside of what makes you personally feel comfortable

No. 1678215

not cheered but picrel would still be considered perfectly normal for a woman in most places

No. 1678216

File: 1693083555022.jpeg (817.17 KB, 2048x2048, 642c7d1ab5bf723ec75eb311_4ZwnW…)


No. 1678217

I agree, maxi skirt are really beautiful
Scrotes hate them though

No. 1678220

for me, i hate the feeling of fabric hugging my legs, especially in the wind. not only is it embarrassing but i'm autistic and i can't fucking stand it slapping around especially my knee area. i don't bare my legs either btw but tights are easy(er) to ignore with the right material. also i'm short so long garments dwarf me, and i'm lucky enough not to have equally as short stumpy legs. i'm a particular case though and i'm sure the majority of other (normal) short skirt wearers don't have the same reasons as i do

No. 1678224

I know several of my friends just wear biker shorts underneath short skirts/dresses.

All the more reason to wear them in my book

Women can't win. If we show our bodies it's for men and if we cover up our bodies it's also for men. Our existence and actions are always related back to something something about men, funny how the reverse isn't a thing.

No. 1678240

>that much skin,
She's really barely showing anything.

No. 1678241

This is my mindset and as I grew older it feels impossible to wear clothes that I like without feeling like I'm attention seeking. I almost feel like one of onisions slaves since all I feel like is acceptable to wear now is baggy shirts and workout or lounge pants. I also feel like intense rules of female fashion perpetuated a lot of this anxiety since even when something looks good and flattering you can still be "wrong" because it was one shade off of the color palette or it makes your boobs look too small or "only wear this shape top with this shape pants"

No. 1678251

> I almost feel like one of onisions slaves
Nta but this made me laugh

No. 1678319

Yeah it's normal but unfortunately you're likely to get harassed by men because they're retards looking for ways to harass women. My point was that although women are encouraged to wear those skirts, same men will harass us when we do.
She's not but a lot of men and women would either slutshame or harass a woman who wears a miniskirt that small. Maybe it's less common in safer cities, idk.

No. 1678354

Insomnia is caused by screens and more people need to be called out on complaining about insomnia, and yet remaining on screens every night. Without screens you go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 5am pretty much like clockwork, with maybe a few outliers creeping closer to 10pm or 11pm.

The fact that the medical establishment doesn't really call out this obvious cause to the problem, and instead glosses over it by prescribing people anti-psychotic medication to fall asleep, is also pretty gross. I've yet to see anybody who suffers from insomnia go without screens, or even try it. They just say it's not that and continue browsing the internet into the late hours of the night.

Basic employment law is something that should be taught over basically any other subject, as pretty much everyone is going to get a job. Basic employment law keeps people from being exploited, suffering from white collar crime and allows them to go into jobs with less stress. Understanding how meetings work, what your rights are, what you do and don't have to tell an employer, etc would go a long way.

Which leads into another unpopular opinion. Mental health awareness culture is a capitalist conspiracy by the bourgoise to get around employment laws, a classic case of the base economy influencing the cultural superstructure. They want to bait gullible workers into opening up about their problems so they can increase labour liquidity, as mentally ill people can be dismissed at will for being well, mentally ill. They can go into any litigation weaponizing everything the employee has told them, because once you open up about it, it's fair game in court.

No. 1678356

>I've yet to see anybody who suffers from insomnia go without screens, or even try it
Must be wild being God

No. 1678363

men calling each other faggots over everything is stupid and because of their hatred of themselves and acknowledging they believe having sex with men is inherently degrading. but otherwise yes fashion and fashion industry is tied to misogyny, from abuse of workers to standards it sets for women.

No. 1678365

> a lot of men and women would either slutshame
Like you just did? I mean not really, you’re probably being literal and specific in an autistic way which I can relate to but it’s funny you called it skimpy

No. 1678390

>covering yourself is also rooted in misogyny like in cultures like Islam
Face it, everything is rooted in misogyny. A lot of short skirts are intentionally meant to look like schoolgirl skirts and appeal to pedo scrotes too. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

No. 1678393

>A man showing their legs that high would be called a faggot and looked down to by other men
Because there is nothing men hate more than feminine men. They hate feminine men even more than women because they think that a man choosing to degrade himself to the level of a woman is even more humiliating than simply being a woman.

No. 1678394

>My unpopular opinion is, unattractive people are more likely to tear others down (esp online) about their attractiveness level

Hard disagree. I feel like people want to believe that all bullies are secretly insecure about themselves when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality attractive, well-off people go around treating everyone else like shit because they don’t live in fear of being humbled the way that ugly people to.

No. 1678409

This and the amount of Internet fights most people get into cause stress, anxiety and distractions. People underestimate how much of a toll it takes on mental health

No. 1678412

it's dumb to hate people for coming from wealthy homes unless they're actually bad people

No. 1678413

Most of them are rude and out of touch though, so that kinda makes them bad people

No. 1678415

that's not because they're rich, but because they're shitheads lol

No. 1678417

A lot of that is because they're rich. They know nothing about reality for most people.

No. 1678418

File: 1693101066561.jpeg (129.42 KB, 499x835, 1FD108EE-EBB7-460D-8FFC-A97C56…)

Onlyfans thots deserve to be slut shamed. They have the audacity to refer to themselves as “sex workers”, act like they’re an oppressed class because they show their ass for money on the internet, and pretend that they’re above criticism because they’re “sex workers”, acting as if they’re in the same category as prostitutes are forced into that industry through sex trafficking and poverty who actually get raped on a daily basis and murdered. Almost all of them wear sexualized children’s clothing in their Onlyfans photoshoots and cater to pedos. Plus if you’re retarded enough to actually post nudes of yourself on the internet thinking you’re safe because it’s behind a paywall and you don’t realize that anyone can just screenshot those photos and leak your nudes you need to be culled from the gene pool for the good of society.

No. 1678419

I'm convinced Indiachan is another one of Pakichans larps. She has been caught larping as a biracial and as Romania.

No. 1678425

the same excuse applies to poor people who are rude or bigoted (especially because poverty tends to come with an insular life and small world out of touch with everyone not like yourself), but no one chalks it up to their upbringing and upbringing alone, because they didn't choose it. plus, being a dick is ultimately a choice.

No. 1678426

File: 1693101457911.jpg (58.81 KB, 680x680, 1692990545614404.jpg)

I will never defend a rich person when they are detached from reality and you cannot build real wealth without exploitation. Not reading anything else in their favor.

No. 1678430

>you: "ummm ppl can't help being asshols if they're rich" is a valid excuse
>me: no it's not, being an asshole is a choice
kek take your meds nonny

No. 1678432

Supernatural sucks, and any current fans of it are 30 year old women who make twitter threads on why male incest is actually empowering for women

No. 1678434

You really are defending them. Another anon even pointed out that being rich is the source of their entitlement and horrible behavior and you defended them again. Whatever dickrider.

No. 1678436

i'm saying it's a choice to be a piece of shit, and there's no excuse. keep seething and strawmanning, retard

No. 1678437

>keep strawmanning
>being an asshole is a choice
And a majority of rich people choose to do exactly that. I don't think you even know what point you're trying to make. I can't think of one genuinely UHNW person that isn't a cunt in some way or has done things that are so severely out of touch that it's a completely different human experience.

No. 1678438

Grimes is posting itt I'm shaking

No. 1678440

there's no study on how polite or rude a "majority of rich people" are, regardless of twitter larps from first world rich kids/trannies pretending to be poor, and even if there were, economic wellbeing isn't a defense or explanation any more than poverty would be. anecdotal evidence is pointless, anyone can just say "all the rich people i've met were great". i'm saying it doesn't matter.

No. 1678441

Sure sure coexist peace and love. Just kidding! Guillotines would fix a lot of modern class issues.

No. 1678444

you'll say this online and then cry about any actual violent revolution because it gets in the way of your starbucks and tv shows lol. keep larping
t. third worlder

No. 1678445

Holy shit Paki was Romanianon?

No. 1678448

Nta, but I remember one time when Pakichan made a shitty post and people called her out, and Pakichan said she didn't make that post, but Romanianon.

No. 1678452

I dont want TV and I don't drink Starbucks. Do you have a dropshipping company that recently took off or something?

No. 1678453

they hate when men do it because it is either unattractive and revolting to them (they hate when women or faggots are unattractive to them) or because it's a reminder they're at least bisexual and would fuck a man wearing a dress and makeup because men are apes and a hole is a hole.

No. 1678457

tell me more about yourself, i'm trying to get a green card

No. 1678459

it's sad when thirdies cap for colonizers just because they want imported fancy products or some other 1st world privilege anyone can live without. maybe focus on moving to another country to improve your quality of life instead of thinking about tv shows and starbucks drinks? I personally moved out because I was tired of being robbed once a month in my neighbourhood, which I recognise it's nobody but the government's incompetence and also USA's fault for interfering with our governments.
t. also a thirdie but living in a 1st world country now

No. 1678462

i'm not reading all that shit. open bob and vagene and wallet

No. 1678477

in all seriousness, you took a very simple take ("you can choose to be a horrible person or not, economic prosperity is not a determinant") and started mouth-foaming about unrelated things. the same logic on privilege used here applies to white people, but i'm sure if i posted that the majority of white people are assholes because of their racial privilege, posters here would cry. it's stupid. most first worlders crying about richfags are rich themselves, especially by my country's standards, and yet i'm not posting here daily seething and insisting 90% of farmers are evil rich bitches because that'd be a dumb generalization.

No. 1678479

Romanianon is very active tonight

No. 1678481

UHNW results only from greed and exploitation.

No. 1678487

all prosperity of the first world stems only from greed and exploitation, and we thirdies still don't bash you just for being born in it kek

No. 1678488

Shut the fuck up Romanianon

No. 1678493

Maybe you have schizophrenia and the boogey man appears. It's like an obsession.

1st world countries have poor people too


Shut the fuck up stupid fucking cunt get the scapegoat out of your head

No. 1678497

yes, but even a high school dropout meth addict with american citizenship has a better chance at life than an educated woman from a south american hellhole

No. 1678500

I wouldnt say so, because south american countries have free education and healthcare kek

No. 1678501

Hehe it's you

No. 1678502

Not every 3rd worlder is Roamanianon though, anon is not her. If Romanianon posted she would post a whole manifesto.

No. 1678507

She's literally posting right now in a completely different thread about how people abuse her. It's totally her.

No. 1678511

She's not. Have you seen romanianon's posts? Foaming at the mouth angry manifestos.
Meanwhile the anon ITT seems like a normal person.

No. 1678520

But like 90% of farmers are evil rich bitches. like do you know where you are lol.
you should dummy cuz they bash you for being born in your country hell even our own government leaders make fun of you and call your countries "shitholes" but keep caping lol.

my unpopular opinion is its really embarrassing when the oppressed put on their capes for their oppressors. like does it not start to chip away at you slowly when you turn around and realize that these same people you steady run to defend wouldnt even SPIT on you if you were on fire? Like it has to start eating away at the soul. But they swear ONE DAY their oppressors will see them as human beings LMAO KEEP CAPING.

I think takes like these are also really stupid and dumb and not nuanced at all.Like what race is this meth addict? what is their socieeconmic background. What is this educated south american educated in? Also i dont believe that that is true because if you are educated in a 3rd world country you probably have access to travel outside of the country or at the very least access to better paying jobs. I'm tired of people trying to downplay the poverty in America. A lot of americans are living very similarly if not worse than "3rd worlders". The comparison is so stupid especially since globalization is here and we have instant access to the poverty stricken in all parts of America. Yall just actively ignore them because they are largely nonwhite and even if they are white they are "rednecks" who deserve it. America only shows the world the richest people from every demographic but the reality is almost everyone is broke and living on credit. And if they arent they just didnt graduate HS yet

No. 1678521

You are so hated

No. 1678523

no way you even read what i wrote psycho

No. 1678525

90% of us are poor, mentally unstable and socially retarded. C'mon now. I mean I love you girls but we know it's true. Big ups to the 10% Stacies

No. 1678527

Absolutely not your posts are so nauseating and unreadable

No. 1678529

multiple people use this site this is my first post of the day. are you okay?

No. 1678531

you're mentally disturbed if you're replying to posts you don't even read, like what is the point? if you're that bored go clean your room or try some gardening.

No. 1678533

Wtf lol go touch some grass

No. 1678534

literally touch grass. please.

No. 1678538

File: 1693106924165.jpeg (129.2 KB, 364x1280, 1692478307860.jpeg)

lolcow is not a subversive secret sight a lot of you guys like to think it is. I bet a lot of the people being posted on here to be made fun of use this site/know about it. Think about it everyone wants to be different online and find an outlet that makes them "unique". imageboards are that thing and have been for about i'd say 5 years now and will only get more popular. Obviously imageboards have existed since the internet has but i'd say GEN Z is resurging it and going to make it go mainstream. Normies are literally using words like "looksmaxxing" unironically. Meaning they've already started adopting imageboard speak. Especially since people are becoming increasingly over traditional social media platforms. its so obvious how many people in real life are lolcow users. So it just makes me laugh when nonnies act all high and mighty about a cringe tik toker or youtuber like…ma'am that's your twin!

No. 1678540

The samefagging is out of this world

No. 1678543

It isnt obvious, you're just trying to have a constant confirmation bias and seeing whatever you want to see.

No. 1678544

Preachin to the choir dude we know we know

No. 1678545

File: 1693107057970.jpg (11.23 KB, 250x206, 1691496000864.jpg)

me on my 2 phones samefagging at the same second to go under nonna's radar and still get caught anyway

No. 1678546

She thinks anyone that talks about a certain subject is romanianon because she's obsessed with her and hates her

No. 1678549

Yeah the “rich ppl aren’t bad just cause they’re rich” seems like her kinda doesn’t it?

No. 1678550

i dont even know who tf romanianon is because i dont keep up with namefags or uninteresting board personalities

No. 1678551

Weapons grade cope. The other anon is right, this shit is nauseating to read. Stop condescending to 3rd worlders and playing victim in the same breath.

No. 1678552

True. We even had cows with threads whose post histories were outed by the staff. Who knows how many others post too but haven't been outed. Lol

No. 1678553

"other anon" sure jan kek

No. 1678556

Jannies can see who's posting, schizo.

No. 1678558

You know if you ever have to be in Alabama you have a decently high chance of getting mauled by a pack of feral dogs right?

No. 1678559

the fact that you even call them "third worlders" says enough in itself. but thats another conversation for another day.

No. 1678561

the fact you couldnt bother to use another adjective to describe the post tells me of how much of a lazy samefag you are. either that or you're just really dumb and couldn't think of it.

No. 1678563

Nonnie don't you know it's Schizo Saturday

No. 1678564

File: 1693107684162.gif (51.34 KB, 820x64, text1.gif)

what the fuck is going on today!

No. 1678565

most of these "free" amenities are…nvm, just know it's not good lol

i don't have the energy to take this apart, just know you are a sanctimonious, self-victimizing burger who ironically needs to experience reality. i think the thread's getting derailed by a troll or trolls now, so no chance of a fruitful discussion. bye bye for now nonnas

No. 1678566

You're doing it again. This ain't tumblr, sis.

No. 1678568

idk nonna would you rather pay 300k for university or just you know.. do it for free? unless you actually can't pass the exam then it's entirely skill issue kek

No. 1678569

File: 1693107899631.gif (45.35 KB, 116x128, 1662506639280.gif)

We're imploding nona

No. 1678570

my unpopular opinion is japalenos implode my intestines, i will not eat them no ma'am. chillis are superior.

No. 1678571

they implode my intestines and make me shit lava but jalapeno poppers are so good

No. 1678572

NO you are wrong, japaleno poppers are the perfect snack for an everyday woman

No. 1678575

i will buy some at the store next time and try them and report back, if they're bad you guys have to reimburse me ok. what's the best brand

No. 1678576

my unpopular opinion is that jalapeno poppers are not too spicy but they do, in fact, taste like shit and i hate them

No. 1678577

File: 1693108301497.jpg (25.3 KB, 735x706, 804a35c04a3e9b63d2109055b09c4c…)

Japaleno™ brand.

No. 1678579

You're entitled to that opinion and you literally can't be wrong because your taste buds and mine are different nonny and I accept that reality.

No. 1678580

File: 1693108415666.jpeg (127.49 KB, 1080x1620, 67C6873E-5EEB-4912-9380-3B9D18…)

Everyone should have cake/ice cream for breakfast at least once a year.

No. 1678581

trying to not alog you for your shit opinion

No. 1678582

I actually don't really like cake. I mean I like ice cream cake, but most cakes are just not good to me. It's just bland cake and too sweet icing, it's hard to find cake that's actually made well. I always like carrot cake with cream cheese frosting though, alwayssss.

No. 1678584

Gotta be respectful nonnie she didn't choose to be born that way

No. 1678586

File: 1693108704427.jpg (26.37 KB, 405x1000, 0142ao5.jpg)

tee hee

what do you think about this type of cake nonnie >>>/ot/1641375

No. 1678593

Oh my lord baby jesus mary and joesph fuck gelatin cakes, that's unfair I've never eaten one. They is very pretty though.

No. 1678595

sugar rims are so fucking stupid and childish. the drink is already sweet enough why put sugar on the rim. WHy do i want to be eating sugar crystals with my drink? Same shit with salt rims its all stupid and dumb and a waste of my time! And now i have fucking sugar crystal bits on my lipgloss. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1678601

I like the crunch

No. 1678605

can you give them to me instead

No. 1678611

File: 1693110470391.jpg (80.57 KB, 800x450, arthur.jpg)

i'm sure you'll like the crunch of you chewing on your two front teeth when im through with you!!

No. 1678627

File: 1693111047936.png (328.44 KB, 1439x1782, image000000(6).png)

Pls no i just want to eat crystals

No. 1678628

File: 1693111070918.jpeg (32.87 KB, 274x267, IMG_4926.jpeg)

No. 1678631

Woah woah woah nonnie let's not fly off the handle!

No. 1678633

God Elon musk would be worried about me

No. 1678636

File: 1693111181385.jpg (16.92 KB, 300x310, 300px-Professional_Retard.jpg)

No. 1678646

File: 1693111429505.jpg (62.7 KB, 540x405, tumblr_ebe8d6d9590e4102541245b…)

no because you nonnies have clearly never had to wash off sugar/salt rim after a long night. SHIT STICKS TO IT LIKE GLUE. sure you can use hot water to melt it off BUT WHY SHOULD I? why should i risk ashy hands because people want to make their childish sugary mixed drink schlop CRUNCHY AND CHEWY. DISHONOR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

No. 1678652

Naw fuck that, fuck rich people, and fuck you for sympathizing with them.

No. 1678653

File: 1693111571642.gif (3.79 MB, 576x1024, 1689182508341055.gif)

Tell her

No. 1678654

it's not dumb to hate billionaires all equally but people who own a big house and 2 cars are not the enemy. landlords can go rot in hell though.

No. 1678659

That isn't really a rich person though, a comfortable one yes

No. 1678667

anyone who owns a big house (I don't mean a mcmansion, I mean an actual big house with more than 2 suites, pool, etc), has 2 or more cars and earns 3 figures can be considered wealthy. that's easily a million in property plus yearly earnings. I still don't think those people are the class enemies though. they're not the ones lobbying to get unions squashed, workers' rights revoked and whatever else fits their personal agenda.

No. 1678669

Get off this site, faggot

No. 1678673

You can't really be this fragile

No. 1678674

unfortunately, a lot of farmers are retarded and stuck with black and white thinking, which is how the infighting started.

No. 1678677

>not liking gay scrote gifs
It's a woman's board.

No. 1678679

I don't care if he's gay or not, it's a good ass and I will stare at it.

No. 1678684

No, you're fragile.

No. 1678686

File: 1693112619589.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1286, 1648409738843.jpeg)

No. 1678690

Spoiler that shit ugh I hate it

No. 1678692

No. 1678698

I'm not the anon you're pissy at I'm just a passer by, why are you the way you are?

No. 1678701

You're not the boss of me now

No. 1678703

The crazy thing is that you seriously think this hits and that you don't look like a miserable schizo over a gif

No. 1678704

We could have really hit it off but this is what you do, you push people away.

No. 1678706

Why are you so angry over a picture?

No. 1678707

Life is a test, and I confess I like this mess I've made so far

No. 1678708

Your disposition makes you look like the fag tbh

No. 1678712

File: 1693113241321.jpg (10.37 KB, 192x192, 577229.jpg)

Sure jan. Sorry I didn't like your faggot moid ass gif

No. 1678714

>sure jan
Take your meds you corny bitch

No. 1678715

You're such a schizo, kek

No. 1678716

Is this some gay song?

No. 1678718

Can you repeat the question?

No. 1678722

File: 1693113403156.jpg (77.11 KB, 718x960, 1689309204372.jpg)

you could just have ignored it. now the thread is about that fucking gif. get over yourself

No. 1678723

Yeah no biggie, is this some gay song?

No. 1678724

Your weird aggressive 'no u' isnt as cute as you think it is

No. 1678726

Why couldn't you have ignored it? You're part of the problem, take a pill.

No. 1678728

You seriously need to calm down.

No. 1678733

File: 1693113683132.png (113 KB, 736x553, Untitled.png)

dont fucking "no, u" me bitch you know you got angry over a gif you could have fucking hidden and moved on with your shitty ass day. here is a tutorial so your dumbass can use this button next time you see something you dislike.

No. 1678734

It's a man. Ignore it.
Nobody is mad but you are really trying

No. 1678735

Relax, just ignore posts you dislike. Keep scrolling post other shit. Now you're making edits when you could've ignored it.

No. 1678736

No. 1678737

I'm not the one posting ugly scrotes shaking their asses, so no, I'm not a man. If you're this delicate, stay on datalounge or whatever gay male site you like.

No. 1678738

dont tell me to relax kek now you stirred up the shit cope with the result of it.

No. 1678739

File: 1693113857450.jpg (98.87 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)


No. 1678741

Nice 180 calling other anons delicate after you were called fragile, that's really cute, how clever

No. 1678742

Just ignore that poster. They type like a man, empty and disconnected and not really making contextual sense. 'Calm down relax chill fag sure jan'

No. 1678743

the fact you know what sites gay males would go to tells me you're projecting something. are you ok nonny?

No. 1678747

Your sentences don't really make sense. You're not talking to us, just at us. Either you're severely autistic or definitely a male. You really tried it throwing in a sure Jan. A woman wouldn't be this offended over seeing that.

No. 1678748

Is this some "original comment donut steel" thing with you?

This is actual "no u". See how I'm not whining about it? Again, go to your gay moid site.

No. 1678749

File: 1693114012648.gif (373.05 KB, 155x275, 1693111571642.gif)

why the fuck do most makeup brands only make black af mascara? Why can't mascara come in different shades of brown and why cant those shades of brown be more accessible! It shouldnt cost more either! No one asked to have blonde/brown eyelashes!! And the color 1b lash is too harsh on my skintone so i cant even have a lash moment.
you tell her nonnie

No. 1678751

Love you

No. 1678753

Are you trying to gaslight me into thinking I have a y chromosome because I didn't want to see moid ass? Kek

No. 1678754

File: 1693114063721.gif (4.65 MB, 573x1024, ezgif-2-7a3535bfac.gif)

Life is a test, and I confess I like this mess I've made so far

No. 1678755

Once again, faggot gif

No. 1678756

Sure Jan relax calm down chill fag moid datalounge no you schizo relax calm down if not you are if depends

No. 1678757

>original comment donut steel
holy shit we have an actual boomer here. yall stop talking or talk louder otherwise grandma wont hear.

No. 1678759

Now who's making the thread about the gif? Yawn

No. 1678761

its literally Chris Pratt chill! Chris Pratt is the #1 homophobe in hollywood so that gif isnt even gay fr

No. 1678762

No. 1678763

you started it, now I have to watch this man shaking his ass. oh what a tragedy that is kekk

No. 1678764

I had blue and brown mascara once and I loved them. The brown really complimented my eye color and likewise with the blue with blue or green eyes, it should really be more common.

No. 1678765

Calling a woman old isn't an insult unless you're a misogynist kek

No. 1678766

Lmao I posted that one and I'm nta

No. 1678767

I didn't post a scrote's ass, so I didn't start it

He's obviously closeted

No. 1678768

okay granny, want something before bed?

No. 1678769

Gay scrotes are not human

No. 1678770


No. 1678771

The difference is we weren't triggered about it. Vidrel, you.

No. 1678772

can't believe lolcor has its own homophobic grandma… dont tell me you're racist too

No. 1678775

You're so triggered that you derailed the thread over one anon (me) saying it was faggot shit. That says more about who's lurking here than anything.(infighting)

No. 1678776

We are a melting pot

No. 1678777

>reeeeeee not homophobia against men on lolcow
Are you new here?

No. 1678778

you sound like you're 11… b.C. lol get dunked on granny

No. 1678779

Bet you $10 'she' likes to post racial slurs until she gets banned

No. 1678780

I bet you're taking screenshots and talking about what a le epic troll you are and pretending we are worked up kek

No. 1678782

granny, I know you hate fags but you're munching on carpet so you're not too different…(infighting)

No. 1678783

Unlike the average gay misogynist who shits up women's sites and has meltdowns over any pushback, I'm not racist.

No. 1678784

File: 1693114570329.jpg (40.69 KB, 736x603, e556b28d31194bdce90a54f9e4fb99…)

Boo hoo hoo hoo

No. 1678785

So you think its only one anon who recognizes that you're retarded

No. 1678786

what is even happening anymore. i always get so lost trying to read arguments on lc

No. 1678788

That cat's too cute to be used for your tism

No. 1678789

you're so worked on you fumbled a post somehow and deleted it kek I'm just having a good time nonny, not gonna change your mind if you dont like men's asses

No. 1678792

>lesbians are just like ME, those carpet-munchers
100 levels of gay male cope

No. 1678793

File: 1693114680217.gif (112.29 KB, 499x356, superheroes-spider-man-marvel-…)

does this offend you nonnie?

unpopular opinion i love man ass as long as its clean, shaven, and perky!

it was me im a different nonny i used the wrong gif

No. 1678794

File: 1693114694840.jpeg (49.94 KB, 768x563, 66YkBtfrzWMUCy5n.jpeg)

another saturday night on lolcow dot farm

No. 1678795

have you considered heterosexual women like looking at men for a second?

No. 1678796

Why are you replying to the same posts more than once and accusing random people of shit?

No. 1678797

File: 1693114732152.gif (9.43 MB, 540x700, tumblr_0d3b1c849a523f4108b02e1…)

It's gay night ladies.

No. 1678798

File: 1693114763424.jpg (35.28 KB, 736x722, 2e927d1f8ef9e30c3e9037083d5273…)

Wah wah ass bad

No. 1678799

lmao stop accusing people of samefaggotry when they disagree with you, it's embarrassing.

No. 1678801

Oh hohohohoooo juicy

No. 1678802

File: 1693114816825.jpg (28.73 KB, 500x375, e635a69f1db1dd4650252b18c8f66e…)

Hey. Didn't you read the sign

No. 1678803

You did it like twice and called someone 11 kek, get help

No. 1678805

You really believe you're talking to one person, a Freudian slip from all the samefagging you enjoy doing

No. 1678806

Nonnie we see you making 5 posts a minute you can't fool us

No. 1678808

Saturgay Night

No. 1678809

File: 1693114957622.jpg (226.5 KB, 1023x742, EZbsbEtXQAEeIyg.jpg)

we're all anonnymous legion

No. 1678811

as far as I'm concerned, there are only 2 people in this board. me and the person I disagree with. everyone else is a samefag.

No. 1678812

File: 1693115107526.gif (9.89 MB, 540x700, tumblr_4735d3dad05a4cc09808237…)

If this makes me gay I don't wanna be straight

No. 1678813

does that mean i'm you? that's scary.

No. 1678814

File: 1693115120942.jpg (88.78 KB, 736x1106, 31e4dc06bf05926ce054b98fb54a93…)

No. 1678815

File: 1693115121325.jpg (33.7 KB, 500x375, 30675c06d2e856f74fcde25673fb77…)

We are anonymeows, we have hacked the zip link in the mainframe fire wall and have deleted all instances of gay male asses in the metaverse. Check mate, liberal media.

No. 1678816

this one's a bit cringe

No. 1678817

File: 1693115222530.gif (9.86 MB, 540x400, tumblr_a20960df4f9567af1f0c49a…)

Is that a challenge

No. 1678818

Like I care what you think

No. 1678819

Yes, and that's why catty gay men are easy to spot when they try to blend in.

No. 1678821

thanks for ruining the joke you nimrod

No. 1678822

You're right. They overcompensate and get mad when we post "their" media and dryly, boringly call anons granny samefags that need to sure Jan calm down relax

No. 1678823

File: 1693115383448.png (635.87 KB, 640x788, TORY.PNG)

you clearly do

No. 1678824

File: 1693115424469.png (796.25 KB, 750x634, 321F88EB-575D-42AC-B854-37DE53…)

yes you do

No. 1678825

File: 1693115437919.jpg (50.77 KB, 1024x1007, 1692973633590616.jpg)

No. 1678827

File: 1693115490844.jpg (26.87 KB, 500x373, Fg_ukhxUUAA0gre.jpg)

I don't think you're saying what you think you're saying

No. 1678828

that unironically wouldnt wake me up

No. 1678829

No. 1678830

>post gif of ugly moid showing his ass
>when anons don't like accuse them of being hags/granmas as if being old as a woman is the worst thing ever
>seethe and rage, accuse everyone of being homophobes who are out to get you
>randomly bring up race, accuse non-ass-likers of being racist
This smells like Twitter faggot.

No. 1678831

Unpopular opinion: Moids are ugly.

No. 1678836

Why tf you replying to me?

No. 1678837

then stfu go to sleep hoover your apartment idk find something to do

No. 1678838

Sure Jan sure Jan sure Jan sure Jan sure Jan sure Jan sure Jan sure Jan sure Jan

No. 1678839

File: 1693115639039.jpeg (19.78 KB, 400x399, DO8kPQbk8PWibDJpKb.jpeg)

its saturgay ladies purrrrrr yass remember yall are hags xoxo

No. 1678840

No. 1678841

Don't lie. I posted the gif and have several times before with no issue. I never called anyone granny, it was the weird anon that's really mad about the gif. Wtf.

No. 1678842

Spaz lmao

No. 1678843

I read that as that gang gang asmr meme

No. 1678844

most of them are, yeah. this is why 2d is better

No. 1678845

(Literally none of those posts you are describing here are mine except the OG gif btw.)

No. 1678846

Exactly. The tantrum at women not liking the gif makes it so obvious. But they're just going to sperg out and spam that you must be a miserable old hag and the "true" scrote for…not liking a man's ass.

No. 1678847

not involved in this fight but agreed.

No. 1678848

Soooo are you gonna post some??

No. 1678849

any time they gyrate their stiff rectangular bodies i want to vomit they try to ape the grace of women but end up looking foolish. male physiques have no sensuality nor grace.

No. 1678850

A real anon wouldnt have said anything because its just a gif of a man dancing. Stop trying to turn it into a chess game, join mumsnet or something.

No. 1678851

>the tantrum
it's just retarded shit flinging and you're an uptight retard for thinking otherwise.

No. 1678852

File: 1693115889903.jpg (158.92 KB, 915x1300, 1671054497362.jpg)

No. 1678853

I was the first to say the gif is gross, I never called anyone a "granny". I got called a granny, why lie?

No. 1678854

He's cute but do you have any with more muscle?

No. 1678855

Based, no more ugly scrote gifs

No. 1678856

Mumsnet is neat.

No. 1678857


No. 1678858

You're neat. Nifty even.

No. 1678861

File: 1693116105273.gif (4.47 MB, 498x273, sushichaeng-jake-enhypen-dog.g…)

No. 1678863

Does flinging this acronym even when it doesn't apply give you a dopamine rush

No. 1678864

This one is for you baby

No. 1678865

this gif turned me lesbian… gross

No. 1678866

How many times have you had that said to you? Are you okay?

No. 1678868

I havent but its funny watching you try

No. 1678869

File: 1693116314680.jpg (48.06 KB, 519x850, ea5cb8ad6339e1d538b2677bea525b…)

terrible taste this is better

No. 1678870


No. 1678871

Fair, it's what inspired me to post it. You're free to post that one gif of Salma Hayek no one is stopping you from liking what you like

No. 1678872

sure jan

No. 1678875

i dont think you get to tell other people they have terrible taste. he looks like a baboon

No. 1678876

I find the image of several women calling each other men pretty funny. I know deep inside we're mostly women here save for the very obvious scrote post. we managed to make calling someone a man an offensive thing and I'm here for it kek even though it's annoying having to see nonnas call each other scrotes every other infight.

No. 1678877

File: 1693116443486.jpg (195.65 KB, 693x1309, b53cdbea0dc9a6e3c468e476875606…)

i need my nonnies to have GOOD fap material not that nonsense>>1678852

No. 1678878

Can you point out the obvious scrote post I'm very curious what is so obvious about it

No. 1678879

stop posting this creature he looks like an scp

No. 1678880

File: 1693116493460.jpg (162.75 KB, 1098x1098, FwnNo7sWwAcXWo4.jpg)

Wrong this is peak male physique whether you like it or not

No. 1678881

Nta but when will you get tired of calling women lesbians for not liking gross men failing to be "sexy"?

No. 1678883

This is definitely better

No. 1678884

File: 1693116515392.jpg (334.2 KB, 2477x3093, 1692801780312667.jpg)

No. 1678886

Hes a cookin da crack eh?

No. 1678887

File: 1693116559143.jpg (347.46 KB, 900x1271, 1665708257898.jpg)

im just gonna post more reigen

No. 1678888

Pause, I never called you a lesbian and again as said you are free to like what you like. I was saying she is graceful and beautiful.

No. 1678890

Stop shit-stirring just because you feel attacked.

No. 1678891

Nah I meant it the other way around, I was directing the salty anon to your gif, I'm not her

No. 1678892

You don't even know which anon I am, you literally can't know that, stop making weird ass assumptions in a clearly active thread and just answer my question if it's so damn obvious like ffs what is your issue?

No. 1678893

stop trying to infight, I'm just doing a neutral observation, if you feel attacked that's not my fucking problem.

No. 1678894

File: 1693116732160.jpg (154.67 KB, 1121x1200, a0ae5667d301e2c06438e75a89c1e1…)

and he looks like cheap AI bullshit!
what about him?

No. 1678895

Wow that's fascinating. Thanks for informing me. I never thought about that even though I came across north korean songs that do sound "traditionally" korean or just "korean"

No. 1678896

I'm not even that anon. You're so aggressive and literally trying to start things up again, just quit.

No. 1678897

I'm not any of the anons you assume I am lmao I am just asking a genuine question. I thought schizo saturday was over

No. 1678898

>and he looks like cheap AI bullshit!
are you really that bad at recognizing ai art? he is also ugly btw

No. 1678899

Theyre being so reactionary it just makes me want to spam Wonho showing feet

No. 1678900

Then why did you reply to me assuming I was some other anon? Kekkk

No. 1678901

when I said "the very obvious scrote post" I meant in general when you see one, you know it, not specifically in this thread.

No. 1678903

Okay thank you for answering my question that's literally all I wanted kek

No. 1678904

ok scrote, now fuck off(infighting)

No. 1678905

Oh, please. I'm reporting your stupid ass.

No. 1678907

I like 2D men lol, based

No. 1678908

The abs are way too freakish on this one

No. 1678910

File: 1693117247518.png (26.17 KB, 1280x720, 567893454.png)

No. 1678912

File: 1693117292280.gif (2.17 MB, 373x280, tumblr_c1b00fb2739b825ca09a410…)

Vintage scrotes are more charming and better at appealing to women than modern scrotes. Modern scrotes try too hard.

No. 1678914

Whats your favorite vintage nonnie kek

No. 1678915

based i hate modern male fashion and their fugly haircuts

No. 1678918

File: 1693117396107.jpg (58.17 KB, 703x868, 4bb6158ff97b8e8d44cd8812f3997e…)

all you bitches have shit bottom tier taste. how is your taste trash in the 2d and the 3d pick a struggle!(infighting)

No. 1678919

Don't make me post the bull

No. 1678922

pot calling the kettle black…

No. 1678923

Why would you post a kpop looking monstrosity? Even rancefag's pictures are better

No. 1678924

File: 1693117530731.jpeg (16.46 KB, 235x327, E85EEC30-D2FF-403F-8FC5-2A68A9…)

A pretty face is truthfully the only thing I want though, man I wanna cutie bf…

No. 1678925

Why won't someone post some more muscles damn it this website is full of twink lovers

No. 1678926

Nooo nonny don't post the sweating bull with ice-cream dripping down his chest!

No. 1678928

>facial hair

No. 1678931

File: 1693117715339.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.51 KB, 850x672, __wakan_tanka_tokyo_afterschoo…)

You hate him, you insult him, you degrade him but he respects women

No. 1678943

File: 1693117892280.gif (770.02 KB, 250x255, tumblr_c167e21473f3335983acde6…)

Gene Kelly, Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Robert Redford, Toshiro Mifune and Robert Taylor just to name a few.

No. 1678947

(yes i wanted to post my favs dont judge me kek)

No. 1678951

File: 1693118078719.jpg (137.47 KB, 623x695, tumblr_8fff4df09ad2e2b2f731eca…)

sowoneul malhaebwa

No. 1678953

File: 1693118123995.jpeg (Spoiler Image,37.92 KB, 160x230, 71DEB691-9647-4CFC-87D4-90E72C…)

Therapist: Comically large penis isn’t real and hurt can’t you
Comically large penis:
(This actually isn’t real)

No. 1678954

File: 1693118133654.jpg (103.83 KB, 744x277, tumblr_3d77a9d5430e63147ac8caf…)

Guts is the hottest anime character no man will ever reach this peak male form

No. 1678957

What they do to my man's arm

No. 1678958

Thank you goddamn thank you

No. 1678959

His balls so long and equidistant

No. 1678966

File: 1693118317626.jpg (52.62 KB, 640x360, dy7HCEAZHfUn_640x360.jpg)

trying to save his girlfriend from the eclipse long story short

No. 1678970

whatsapp towel guy flashbacks

No. 1678976

File: 1693118501103.jpg (123.22 KB, 706x585, 352ni59cpf201.jpg)

on more for the road. burn guts for the girlies who are into that shit

No. 1679022

I get what you mean but it's not just anime that's mainstream now. A bunch of normies are now getting into subcultures in superficial manners. If you were goth or a weeb back then you would be scrutinized but now it's all en vogue.

Gatekeeping is based. I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion though.

No. 1679023

File: 1693119447308.png (374.08 KB, 1000x862, 2885837200318794be0df098013596…)

unpopular opinion since everyone is asleep. casca is black (TO ME) and thats why fantasia griffith has that amazing curly hair. i dont care if you think she is whatever race this is MY unpopular opinion. you can make your own if you think she is latina, indian, middle eastern etc. Either way in my headcanon that's a black queen right there!

No. 1679026

I've literally always thought of her as black it just fits

No. 1679029

its turned me off from anime so much. the takes are even worse now! and anime has an even shorter life cycle than it once did. I blame netflix and hulu for making anime too fucking accessible

No. 1679030

You're right.. Netflix doesn't just produce garbage shows they produce garbage animations like seven deadly sins or whatever. I don't know if the Evangalion re-dub was even necessary. Who asked for it?

Back then the community would spend hours translating and bootlegging content. It's not like you own anything you stream. Consumerism ruins everything.

No. 1679038

File: 1693120900844.jpeg (165.33 KB, 311x552, A21B9B65-567D-41C6-B206-CF9B90…)

Zoe Kravitz would make a good casca

No. 1679040

Yes you get me! Not only did they spend weeks painstakingly subbing for free they would even go above and beyond and change the font and colors for different characters speaking. It was so fucking nice!I swear nowadays most “translations” we see on like Netflix especially I noticed are literally just the English dub script word for word. You can tell if you are a seasoned weeb like me who picked up on a lot of Japanese. It’s so lazy and annoying once you notice it you can’t unnotice it! It’s like they are getting the translations from the manga lol

No. 1679041

Indian accents are attractive on women especially, they are soothing

No. 1679044

File: 1693121595717.jpeg (279.17 KB, 1200x1200, 21C89F94-349B-4651-8A30-A88096…)

No Zoe is way too light Casca is dark TIRED OF THE MONORACIAL BLACK GIRL ERASURE REEEEEEEEE. Give it to young Lady Danbury from Queen Charlotte. Or another brown skinned/dark skinned girl. Just let the brown skinned/dark skinned black girls back in Hollywood lol

No. 1679051

Zoe is very watered down and not representative of Black women I had to laugh

No. 1679054

File: 1693122854081.png (9.08 MB, 1125x2436, BDE7B356-EFB4-42C4-AAC2-4FF2D0…)

I agree and to sorta add to this I think Trinidadians have the one of the prettiest accents (I’m partial cuz I’m trini lol) and I honestly think it has to do with the Indian influence! I also really like Nigerian and Haitian accents too
One thing I will always commend zoey for is the way she styles her braids. She really inspired a generation with her messy boho braids. Sad that she’s the way she is though

No. 1679058

What do you mean the way she is? Just interested

No. 1679087

male socialization isn't real.

No. 1679089

it's just misogyny repackaged

No. 1679091

File: 1693131909650.jpeg (57.09 KB, 532x810, E2052F55-ABCA-47B6-AE8B-383F9F…)

Hmm ok fair, I picked Zoe cause she was sorta buff looking in Batman your actress is cute and has similar eyes and eyebrows to casca. Who could be Guts then? If it were the 80s I’d say Jean Claude Van Damme.

No. 1679098

That IS male socialization though. Male socialization is real, it's just very cut and dry compared to female socialization. Men are quite brutal and violent to men who don't fit the mold but ultimately they would still side with the one man they hate more than anything in the world before siding with a woman. I wish women were as tribal as men are. In a lot of ways women are their own worst enemy. The rules for winning as a man in society are quite simple (be handsome, masculine, and tall) whereas with women it's impossible to win. If you don't have enough sex you're a prude. If you have too much sex you're a slut. If you're too feminine you're a bimbo. If you're too masculine you're a dyke. You can't be stupid, but if you're too smart that intimidates men. You have to be kinky and down for anything or else you're boring but you have to somehow know all of these things without having any prior sexual experience or you're a whore. Anything above a size two is fat, but men like girls with some meat on their bones. So on and so forth.

No. 1679099

I always say that the reason women are oppressed is not men. It's other women. Men do group up and make a team when it comes to gender issues. Women, on the other hand, keep tearing each other down. For every woman who says maybe the burqa is sexist, there is a second woman saying the burqa is awesome.

No. 1679102

But those women believe that because of men forcing them to? Your point doesn’t work when most female socialization boils down to, what does father and brother moid feel about a certain issue or action and how do I react in order to not cause a commotion. Women are taught to be pinned against each other because of moids

No. 1679104

Bullshit. Women fight against each other because of pure natural instinct. They compete for moid attention. Let's not deny the actual reality of things, eh?

No. 1679115

Korean skincare is not as good as people hype it up to be. They have cute packaging and smell nice but the products themselves are mediocre.

No. 1679135

It literally doesn't make sense biologically/evolutionarily etc etc speaking for females, who bear the whole brunt of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding to be the ones fighting over sperm donors while males get to pick and choose from females catering to them. It's literally an inversion of nature. That's why patriarchy exists, for moids to ensure their defective genes are passed at the expense of women, children and the well-being of the species as a whole even. It's unnatural.

No. 1679144

ignore her, she's out of her containment thread. she will never be a man btw

No. 1679150


No. 1679196

Big agree in certain areas, especially when it comes to chemical exfoliation because the concentrations for BHA are limited by the government there, but I like their sunscreens. A lot of products are gimmicky though. Even makeup artist pony stopped doing a 2 step routine and sticks to something basic.

No. 1679216

No offense but I always imagined Guts to be Asian lol. I’d want a buff tall Asian dude playing him. Idk who though cuz I don’t watch movies nonnies help!

No. 1679223

Most women who are into fashion, keeping their hair and makeup nice judge other women for not doing the same. Like bitch it’s not on purpose I’m just poor and I don’t know how to apply makeup.

No. 1679225

File: 1693145024762.jpeg (44.53 KB, 412x232, C521900F-E8EB-48CE-94F8-EE98ED…)

I hate that there is a stigma placed on a woman that she’s desperate if she asks a guy out or to be his gf. It annoys me to no end because ever since I was a child and before I even knew what a gender role was I just naturally always told guys I liked them first. It got shit out of the way for me so much because men will literally waste your time if you let them. Also I was just impatient af and the butterflies in the stomach and pining thing irked me lol. It’s annoying because I tried to play the game of letting the dude take the reigns and wasted years of my life. When if I just trusted my instinct and been like “hey dude you know what I like you and can see a future with you. I want you to be my bf let’s do this” I could’ve saved so much time! But I notice if you watch couple videos where the girl pursued the guy comments always are like “never chase a man ladies” “a guy should love the girl more etc etc” but like why does it automatically mean that when a girl pursued the guy first she auto loves him more? Am I delulu? Personally I just see it as a woman knowing what’s up and not wasting time with the games. Honestly it’s men’s fault for being useless and ugly and not worthy of a pursuit. I get why nonnas would be against girls asking guys out from a feminist standpoint but like anecdotally speaking I just feel like some women are pursuers and that’s okay and shouldn’t be perceived as desperate. Unless she is vying for a man that clearly don’t want her! But if he agrees to it and they are happy who CARES who pursued who!?

No. 1679231

I’m against asking guys out unless you are extremely hot because any other time they will clown you

No. 1679237

The problem (well, "problem") with asking out men is exactly what you mentioned: men wasting your time if you let them. A guy can obviously lie about his intentions when he asks you out anyway, but at least he is forced to talk about his intentions in some way or at least he has some assumed responsibility to put something forward. When women approach, they'll take it just because you're available, even if they don't like you too much, and probably won't match your energy going forward either, so it's a waste of time. While I don't think many women will take just anyone, because dick is abundant and low value.

No. 1679238

Fair point! I feel like they’ll clown you attractive or not though one might just be to your face lol. The homos don’t have this stupid ass problem I’m glad I’m half homosexual.

No. 1679242

Toshiro Mifune if someone traveled back in time and snatched him would be perfect imo

No. 1679246

File: 1693146958334.jpeg (77.47 KB, 1000x704, 4880847A-DFD1-4255-82C3-186906…)

That’s true too! You know what I’m glad I posted this cuz it’s making me see better perspectives! Tbh I still want to confess my feelings to the guy I like just because im a weirdo and I like pain and humiliation apparently. I’ve always wanted to tell someone I was in love with them like I’m a shoujo manga protagonist kek. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Just googled woah he’s type fine! Post more guts suggestions guys! It’s headcanon Sunday

No. 1679256

File: 1693148102027.gif (446.04 KB, 533x300, 1692046523679.gif)

It doesn't make me a pedo to refer to boys in their 20's as just that- boys. The word 'boy' and 'man' are overall arbitrary. Just like 'girl' and 'woman.' Hate making a post with a specific moid in mind and using the word boy only for an anon to shit herself and jump to the pedo conclusion. Same with when anons express interest for skinny moids over muscle pigs. I'm going to fucking take what I can get in this awful age of moids hitting the wall earlier and earlier. If a boy has hair on his head and a cute face it doesn't matter if he's 21, he's a boy. He isn't a man. Especially when I have specific irl boys in mind, I just cannot see them as men especially when they are my age or younger by a year or two. They are my height too, or even smaller. Those are boys. Those aren't men. I am not referring to these puppyboys as men because it makes terminally online anons uncomfortable because they jump the gun. Even if they have some facial hair, those are boys. I'm sure they wouldn't refer to me as 'woman' in their head. They probably don't refer to any girl their age as 'women'. Girl is such a neutral term but on this website boy isn't, for some reason. Leave us boyfans alone! I don't want your post-wall balding man! I want a boy my age! A girlfriend free boy!@
>just say guy
No. That's impersonal. If I am hornyposting, if any of we based anons are hornyposting, we want to say boy. Or if you're going to refer to a man, go for it! But don't come for me and my based nonnies for talking about boys, especially on /g/. What does /g/ stand for? Oh it stands for girl. But this website is for 18+ that means it's for women wahwahwahwahwahwhahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwahwah- shut the fuck up. If you see 'this boy is so cute' and think oh my god, nonny is talking about an 8 year old- go outside. Go somewhere with boys your own age. You will not see them as men, I can assure you.

No. 1679257

I don’t like that white people with mixed grand parents can still claim to be black because I’m very dark skin and my grandma is half white and people would laugh in my face if I claimed to be mixed kek

No. 1679264

I'm the whitest of the white from a long line of whities and I agree

No. 1679266

I agree and think you should refer to them however you like. OTOH, it feels counterproductive to mark "manhood" with ugliness IMO. "Woman" doesn't come with unattractive connotations like baldness, after all.

No. 1679269

personally while i don't think it's pedo, i feel like the term kind of infantalizes them a bit. like when a guy around that age does something fucked up or commits a crime and the news refers to him as a boy and stuff like that. so to me their behavior is the same as grown balding men. i guess it depends on the context of when it's used though.

No. 1679278

>infantilizes them
Duh. Males are scary. I don't know what crimes have to do with it. If we lived in a perfect world, males who commit crimes would be referred to as scrotes and then be killed instantly.

No. 1679284

It was a horny post about wanting to fuck a hot guy, not about any crimes that a fictional moid did. I don’t see what’s the big deal, you can call a pretty boy a pretty boy and be thinking of a cute guy in his 20’s (before they hit the wall at 25).

No. 1679296

File: 1693150397714.jpeg (675.29 KB, 1284x733, B09C3307-505B-4608-A2D5-BB835B…)

I feel like a lot of women who have a tiny % of black in them from their great great grandpa or some shit want to claim their black side because of the benefits it gets them. They can get praised and worshipped in the black community for their hair and skin color unlike if they were just some regular everyday white bitch kek (example is pic related)(racebait)

No. 1679297

File: 1693150413213.jpeg (63.52 KB, 851x820, 28A062B7-F5D5-4FC2-91FD-8F5EE5…)

Me either! It’s stupid if you are less than 50% black you aren’t black sorry. I hate that it’s controversial when black people say this but every other race is allowed to only accept monoracials as them. But because of the one drop rule black people are forced to accept everyone with a whisper of black dna as black! And if we try to be like I don’t consider someone like Zendaya as representation suddenly we are black supremacists lmao. Meanwhile Suzy’s nonblack family ostracizes them constantly but for some reason Suzy only has smoke with her black side. Even though her non black side was calling her slurs as an infant lol.

Leads me to my next unpopular opinion biracials complaining about not fitting in are racist dog whistles because they always seem to have have the most smoke for their black side who actually 9/10 accepts them and has 0 smoke for their nonblack side who 9/10 DONT! I’m not talking just mixed with white. I mean the blasians etc too I hate it! I’ll take my ban but it needs to be said! I’m tired of the biracial pity party when biracials are often EXALTED in the black community especially if they are women lol

No. 1679298

Absolutely agree. Back when I was keeping up with some realities on twitter, I'd see this kind of infantilization so much, 30yo insufferable scrotes being referred to as boys, while behaving in ways any women would be dragged for, like shut up, you're not their mother.

No. 1679299

But nobody on lolcow is referring to 30 year old rapists as boys so who cares

No. 1679300

She's not actually black, her stepfather is just black.

No. 1679303

You reminded me of this song, caution to nonnies who have no heard it, it is a little shocking. The songs itself is tongue in cheek and is like a warning of where the artist thought the world was heading, and what do you know he was right.

No. 1679305

She had an interview recently and said that’s not true

No. 1679306

So what? Sorry if I think infantilizing men is lame.

No. 1679312

Biracials are not exalted in any other community besides the black one and it’s all by design! The convos always go “I’m not black enough uwu I was bullied for my soft curly hair and light skin by those mean nappy headed darkies” is how the convo always goes. And then it ends with “those darkies were just jealous of your beauty it’s okay they are bitter” blah blah blah. It’s literally just a dog whistle to shit on mono racial black women and I’m tired of pretending like that’s not what this all boils down to! Black women we need to stay vigilant and notice the gaslighting and humble bragging disguised as trauma dumping and call it out every time!

No. 1679313

This is something only black people think. To most of us, if you are even 25% black for example, you are a nigger. As it should be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1679314

I think you misinterpreted every post leading up to this one.

No. 1679315

Boring bait(responding to bait, report and move on)

No. 1679316

It's probably a seething kpop stan, kek.

No. 1679317

But I’m glad you said the quiet part out loud thank you for proving my theory true

No. 1679318

Exactly. Racists always think they're shaking the table and shocking the world when they start dangling their little ballsacks for attention, but they're just confirming everyone's suspicions.

No. 1679320

Most forms of at-home workouts, especially youtube videos of like women doing bicycle crunches and claiming that it made them the way they are are insanely misleading. A lot of these women are either extremely active, probably were doing athletics and training for years, maybe even weight training. They might not be selling all kinds of useless weighloss supplements (although I'm sure plenty of them do), but they're still basically deceiving gullible women. I wish people would stop clicking on these "20 min workout for toned abs" videos and falling for videos that are at the intensity level a 60 year-old grandma can keep up with and claiming "visible changes". If you're eating properly you'd lose the same weight just by going out for regular walks. You're not 60, you can challenge yourself, your joints are strong enough.
>Why do you care, let people do what they enjoy, at least they move
It feels like complete wasted effort and wasted time in the end, especially if people do expect a particular result. It's the same shit as with any other type of "beauty product", people with wonderful smiles and beautiful hair selling toothpaste and shampoos, basically false marketing

No. 1679325

anyone got a sound vid of this i'm curious lol

No. 1679332

you're not prepared for the sound version

No. 1679335

I can kind of understand how women become bitchy hating assholes when they get older. All my life people have treated me like shit because of how I look, my race, my lack of money etc etc and then suddenly when I hit my 30s I became a Karen who likes no one. I don’t like other women. I don’t like men. If you’re prettier and make more money than me? Bitch fuck you. It’s like I regressed so now I’m understanding the Karen rage as I get older.

No. 1679337

underwhelming tbh

No. 1679341

This is such a retard reason to decide to be bitter. You're definitely regressing.

No. 1679348

Naw it’s a great reason for me. I literally had women tell me to my face that I look diseased and like a crack head as a teen and young adult. I don’t like men but women can fuck right off too.

No. 1679355

nonas nitpicking that heather girls looks kill me, she's completely cute average or average. I only vaguely know of her life, she's some clingy weirdo I guess.
But it's weird. It's like LSA posters screaming about how Megan Robbie looks like a man and isn't that attractive or "Overhyped" for all standards she's a pretty woman. Very attractive. Just like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Tyra are very attractive. It's weird to see average to above average women be nitpicked at scrote levels. I'd get it if they styled themselves like Shayna and their whole job was their body/looks, but most of them in their prime and now are pretty women. It feels like randoms trying to circle jerk to "humble" pretty women, like Scrotes do to ALL woman.
Pretty or ugly, they'll have a issue with it and make sure you know it. I hate that it feels like there's more women like this, not even on gossip sites but real life or on social media randomly.

No. 1679357

Margot Robbie does look a little like a man though

No. 1679359

No she doesn't.

No. 1679362

What?? Kek no she does not

No. 1679363

Everytime anons say this or that (completely conventionally feminine) woman looks like a man, I have to wonder where the fuck do they live that has such an abundance of pretty men.

No. 1679364

File: 1693153860762.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x1257, AC55BC3B-C171-4F9C-965E-320766…)

I didn’t notice it before but now that you mentioned it…

No. 1679365

no she doesnt. do you also think she looks "mid" too

No. 1679366

I just think it's someone who wants to infight, it's the same retarded moid thinking. Any woman without certain looks, looks like a man. Sqaure jaw? Man! she doesn't look 15 forever! Man/Old hag! She's clearly a woman and a very pretty one. A man wishes he could look half as pretty

No. 1679367

Clearly if women on lipstick alley are saying she looks like a man it’s not only men who would have this opinion

No. 1679368

Tbh when men were calling her mid I could kind of understand it because while she is very pretty she does have mannish feature and her hair line is weird. I can see how men wouldn’t be attracted to her.

No. 1679369

clearly baiting bye

No. 1679370

Lipstick Alley is a bunch of gay scrotes, stop this

No. 1679372

File: 1693154352048.jpeg (72.76 KB, 1024x685, AE972E0F-3B55-4D4B-AFE6-9121E4…)

Well I’m not a scrote and I’m saying she looks like a man. Not everyone has to be attracted to people you like.

No. 1679373

File: 1693154477180.jpg (53.23 KB, 550x748, 68b551200b0a20713e2ecc63401c8a…)

I noticed that some people like to downgrade the beauty of women with angular features by calling them manly.

No. 1679375

File: 1693154633432.jpeg (513.28 KB, 1284x715, 47CCC81F-0FFE-474B-8B45-C14C32…)

That girl you posted does not look like a man but Margot Robbie’s hair line is literally receding

No. 1679378

I feel like it’s some kind of troon bait like 'these crazy terfs think that this very attractive feminine woman is secretly a man, just like qanon crazies!'

No. 1679381

do you think it’s impossible for a woman to have receding hairline or…?

No. 1679384

>everyone who says something I don’t like is a scrote or a troon

When ya gonna come up with a new gaslighting technique?this one isn’t working anymore(infighting)

No. 1679385

I'm at the mini mart

No. 1679387

File: 1693154899493.gif (4.55 MB, 640x358, 833303FC-C01A-4B80-9C5B-8BA1EA…)

This is so ironic I was just watching Margot Robbie clips because I was on LSA. They were talking about white celebs shilled as attractive. And a lot of comments were defending Margot! she is one of the rare blue eyed blondes in the industry that I ACTUALLY believe is attractive. I think she looks the best in motion! I don’t think still photos do her justice!

No. 1679389

it's bait, I forgot you can't even talk about celebrities looks in a good way without someone coming in trying to create florence Pugh like hilarous melt downs. It's not funny, entertaining or cute. Get a life, and NO I don't think it's impossible for women to truly think that any woman without stereotypcial feminine features, looks like a man.
Like I said, I've seen it online in places like LSA or or twitter. Some women suffer from the same retardation as men. Women are supposed to look effortlessly pretty, while having "Soft faces" never age, look exactly their age or dramatically younger, etc. etc. etc.
No woman with far apart eyes, or a big chin etc. is pretty. We get it.

No. 1679390

I never said she wasn’t a woman I said she looks like a man. I know she’s a biological woman.

No. 1679391

If they are face blind, yeah.

No. 1679393

I also saw that thread kek. Ngl I agree with some of the celebrities mentioned like Jennifer Aniston.

No. 1679394

I was in that thread and i just think they are so harsh on women, especially since a lot of them thrist after mutated looking rappers/athletes or white men with the same features they hate on white women. Lil Baby has some fans on their who consider him "ugly cute" but they'd call his female match ugly.

No. 1679395

Post your own hairline then bitch

No. 1679397

Her smile freaks me out. It’s too wide.

No. 1679398

File: 1693155113313.gif (964.5 KB, 244x320, F4831A87-F200-43FE-85E7-356E23…)

Stop Margot is one white woman I will defend to the death she is a certified baddie!

No. 1679400

Dang that’s my fave part about her and her jaw lol

No. 1679401

I don't consider her attractive either, but they posted sarah jessica parker, who was NEVER considered pretty. So I was baffled, she was endlessly mocked for her looks.

No. 1679403

My own smile is very wide, and I’ve always had compliments about it. However, I am ugly with yellow and wonky teeth, so if it looks good on me it sure as shit looks good on her.

No. 1679404

Margot Robbie is literally drop dead gorgeous and I won't listen to anyone who says otherwise! Also, I loved her ever since she did that Australian Psycho bit lol

No. 1679405

She doesn't look like a man but her jaw is too sharp/prominent, I guess it makes her fit western beauty standards but I dislike that sort of face shape.

No. 1679407

I think that’s why I find her mannish looking because I watch mostly Korean and Japanese media so her jaw looks huge to me

No. 1679408

Isn't the thread "shilled as pretty"? She was never shilled, she's just a good actress with a good aura and a nice body which makes her attractive although she doesn't fit beauty standards.

No. 1679409

Kek funny you mention that cause the entire time I was thinking "I guess she looks like a man if your idea of female face is something filtered as fuck to mimic a severe case of v line Korean plastic butchering"

No. 1679410

Depends on the beauty standards you have/were grown up seeing. Her wide jaw is unattractive to me and I really dislike her bleach blonde hair as I prefer women with either their natural hair color or a darker blonde. Anyway, we all have our preferences, she was born with a wide jaw and striking looks in a country where thats the beauty standard so she's popular there.

No. 1679412

Nta but her jaw looks as extreme as the v-line Korean jaw, just the opposite end of the spectrum, that's why people either love or hate her look - shes polarizing.

No. 1679413

Kpop was a mistake

No. 1679415

File: 1693156204471.jpeg (128.65 KB, 720x1080, F671B85D-4C09-4F26-BE21-DCE8FA…)

I think rounder features are prettier. Margot’s face looks to blocky.(kpop spam)

No. 1679416

File: 1693156274071.gif (1.37 MB, 177x250, 6D2916E2-8B4C-4890-95D9-7CB69D…)

Kpop ruined a generation of women! Square jaws are ducking beautiful on women Idgaf! Imagine Angelina Jolie hacking off half her face cuz it’s not a ducking V. Meanwhile most Koreans are born with square jaws! They don’t even fit their own standards 9/10. Literally someone like her was considered ugly in Kpop standards cuz her jawline!(kpop spam)

No. 1679417

Being a weeb should be shamed again.

No. 1679418

Angelina is ugly as hell now though.

No. 1679420

She looks like half her face is missing lmao. A small baby head on a big neck.

No. 1679421

You will be ugly too when you're old.

No. 1679422

Okay? There's a lot of things I don't like in life and I don't assign them as masculine just because of that.

No. 1679432

File: 1693157357379.jpeg (228.29 KB, 1024x1283, 8EA64ACD-5C43-4FE8-B858-9ADFEE…)

Anyone into K-pop knows her but yoona gets praised for being the Korean beauty standard but she honestly looks how old ladies look when they take their teeth out(say no to kpop kids)

No. 1679434

>I find her mannish looking because I watch mostly Korean and Japanese media so her jaw looks huge to me
Jesus Christ…

No. 1679436

She is beautiful.

No. 1679442

File: 1693158034951.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2678x4016, DBCEADF4-460B-493E-94AB-E3003C…)

Angelina is not ugly at all now she is just skinny. Also didn’t she have a double mastectomy a couple of years ago? I feel like that health scare impacts someone’s looks. If she put on normal weight she would look the same just slightly older! That’s why I hate that skinny is always shilled! Being skinny makes you loook old in the face after awhile! Everyone needs a little fat on on their face to look more healthy overall.

No. 1679444

File: 1693158182349.png (178.6 KB, 353x450, Jung_Ho_Yeon.png)

Kpop standards are so garbage lol they want people to look like eggs. Some of the most beautiful korean women have square jaws.

No. 1679445

this feels like a reach tbh

No. 1679449

I think most people, knowingly or unknowingly, are poisoned by looking at filtered images. Margot Robbie doesn't look like a man at all. Go outside and look at real people sometime.

No. 1679453

But Koreans don’t like that! They think high cheekbones, square jawlines, and monolids are the ugliest thing to have which is insane because that’s most of their defining characteristics lol. The self hate in South Korea goes DEEP! Imagine making a beauty standard that the average korean has to go under invasive surgery at like 14 to meet. BLEAK. But let the world tell you and kidols are the standard of beauty . their beauty standard is to be European don’t let them try to gaslight you with the whole “Asians always valued white skin” nonsense that explains the skin bleaching but wanting a high nose bridge and double eyelids Is not steeped in ancient Korean lore. It’s literally a result of white supremacy after the Korean war lol. And it’s sad how pervasive it is and how no one sees the obvious truth.

No. 1679454

My unpopular opinion is that the more you criticise other women’s looks, the worse you will feel when your own looks come under scrutiny, or if you’re passed over for a “better looking” woman. If you’re calling archetypal beauties widely thought of as beautiful “blocky and mannish” then what must you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror?

No. 1679458

I feel this is related to the vindicta/looksmaxxing/quoves cult that is poisoning the minds of many young people. Take a look at a subreddit like VindictaRateCelebs and you'll see beautiful women getting nitpicked to no end. I really hate that trend.

No. 1679460

>kpop spam
Is that not a Japanese woman? She looks Japanese to me.

No. 1679463

File: 1693159358469.jpeg (221.03 KB, 640x960, 312B13DC-7B16-4CCF-AB39-75F41A…)

It’s a Japanese actress. It’s just the mod being their usual retarded self.

No. 1679466

That's Hashimoto Kanna, a Japanese actress, the one right under it though is Nana, a former kpop singer.

No. 1679467

So what, only asians look feminine to you people?

No. 1679469

File: 1693159697000.jpg (597.08 KB, 1080x1610, IMG_20230827_210854.jpg)

Her fame is well deserved. I love her youthful round features, she reminds me of Sarah schauer so I imagine she's funny too! Probably the best actor of the 20's so far. I reckon she'll get far. She has a very homey beauty and it's easy on the eyes.

No. 1679470

Race has nothing to do with my opinion. Margot just has a face built like a Roblox.

No. 1679473

I love her and no amount of schzoid nonacitas can change that

No. 1679476

Imagine supporting hacking your jawline to look like the chinlet soyjak. Beta and retarded. I bet you'd kill your own mother if it meant being able to skin her and wear her as a coat, you bitter little gremlin.(infighting/autism)

No. 1679477

Yeah, the real miracle products are actually the BB creams/foundations and most importantly the setting powders with the blurring filter effect. otherwise I agree with >>1679196, lots of gimmicky products and the multiple steps routine is a meme that will give you the same results as just using CeraVe. Although there are also tried and true staples that are efficient and not subjected to trends and the sunscreens are indeed better. To be entirely fair, western products are becoming similar with the trendy overrated ingredients and such.

And jaw implants and buccal fat removal are a thing in the west. There's not one better than the other. I'm not a kpopfag so I don't know who your picrel is but she is the most attractive idol I've seen so far. I love this sort of, idk, old-school type of sharpness ? on both sexes, too bad now all we see is either animeface or skeletal.

No. 1679478

File: 1693160109803.jpg (40.26 KB, 700x394, Margot-before-after.jpg)

not even her real jaw

No. 1679480

I look at anime all day and I still don't think she looks mannish in even the slightest. The fuck is wrong with people?

No. 1679482

can people not tell the difference between a receeding hairline and big forehead?

No. 1679483

Jaw implants make you Chad. Hacking half of your face off makes you beta incel soyjak.

No. 1679484

>deluding yourself to the point where anyone who hasn't have 70% of their jaw shaved off looks weird to you
Gen Z everyone

No. 1679485

honestly looks the same to me

No. 1679486

File: 1693160358223.jpeg (86.34 KB, 736x929, 9CE22892-ADF8-4D60-B5E0-57107E…)

It’s possible to have defined jaw without looking like a Lego block head(pic related)

No. 1679488

Fucking weeaboos

No. 1679490

I honestly can’t tell a difference.

No. 1679491

The craziest thing is if nonna stepped foot in SK and Japan she’d see more people with Margot’s jawline than the standard v line.


No. 1679492

It's fucking insane because their line of thought isn't abolishing beauty standards or even everyone is beautiful in their own way, but rather "this person who comfortably fits beauty standards is actually hideous because huh… um… [insert the exact features that make them conventionally attractive] instead they should be [insert somehow crazier and more restrictive standards that are simultaneously oddly specific and very abstract]"

No. 1679494

I agree she isn't super duper pretty, but the reason to me is the opposite, she looks like a child and it creeps me out. This woman is 31 or something why does she look 16. I think Sooyoung or Sunny or Yuri or Seohyun or even Taeyeon are way prettier than her.

No. 1679495

No, dumbass, only asians who have gone through intensive plastic surgery.

No. 1679496

I don't find her jaw square, it looks more angular? But I'm not good with the terminology

No. 1679498


My unpopular opinion is it’s 4chan AND LOLCOWS fault! The nitpicking on this site is beyond insane. It’s why I stay on OT or like M or G anything outside of that is just nitpicking garbage of women’s looks. It’s disgusting. There is not nearly enough effort going into nitpicking scrotes on this board. In fact I think ugly scrotes often get protected from the nitpick if enough nonnas are fans. Even when a woman is protected from the nitpick she ends up being nitpicked the moment she becomes more popular. It’s insidious. And it’s lolcows fault. A lot of you guys are to blame for why Reddit is the way it is. Because a lot of you have active accounts since at least 2011

No. 1679499

File: 1693161206612.jpeg (43.42 KB, 831x1000, 778369F7-9059-48E2-A627-668AEB…)

Literally Margot Robbie’s twin

No. 1679504

That's a korean girl before surgery(racebait)

No. 1679506

How about this : both of them look equally retarded and fuck up the proportions of otherwise decent looking individuals. I think you're mistaking me for someone else here.

nta but to me she looks like a woman in her early 20s.

No. 1679508

File: 1693161584110.jpg (106.62 KB, 631x810, margot-robbie-goes-makeup-free…)

My unpopular opinion is she looks normal without all the weird makeup and thick eyebrows. Her hair color could also be a factor but I'm not sure how exactly. Picrel is her bare faced and she looks normal and pretty even though she's frowning. The red lipstick especially makes her look strange imo.

No. 1679509

No. 1679510

Second anon, yeah I see it. She looked that exact way in 2010 when she was 20. But it's probably plastic surgery making her age slower.

No. 1679519

The red lip stick is definitely a no no for her. She needs to stick to lip gloss or light pinks

No. 1679523

>I don't want your post-wall balding man!
Based, once again twink appreciation is the pinkpilled choice

No. 1679527

Abs are made in the kitchen, flopping around on the floor is just a way for people to sell "workout plans" to gullible normies and desperate fatties

No. 1679528

What a femjaw looks like a woman!!1

No. 1679546


So cringeworthy when people make lists like that. It just reeks of insecurity. There are plenty of celebs I don't personally find attractive that most others do, but I don't cry over it and claim it's some Hollywood conspiracy. Like why do these greasy basement dwellers think anyone cares that they find Marilyn Monroe mid just shut up

No. 1679563

Chinlets big mad

No. 1679566

Exactly, a boy is a fuckable young thing with hair on it's head. When said hair migrates to his ears and pooper he becomes a man. No woman gossiping about celebrities online is planning on raping kids, I promise. Also I need sloppy toppy from skwis

No. 1679573


No. 1679594

Kek, literally all the rich people I know that are like this are pieces of shit. You rarely get to a place like that without exploiting others in some fashion.

No. 1679600

File: 1693168674718.jpeg (38.07 KB, 480x360, 45838E09-9594-45A0-9574-E4DBAE…)

Adding to this, it should be 100% encouraged among women to shame men for having facial hair and mature features. They shame us for saggy boobs and body hair and stretch marks. I don’t understand why some women on a women only site have to pearl clutch over beautiful young men who are like early 20s when men jerk off to literal 9 year old actresses on /tv/ and spam CP as a “joke” we will never be comparable to moids, we’re not pesos for having eyes and pointing out that men like Leonardo DiCaprio and Edward Furlong were beautiful but now they’re fat and old and ugly and hairy and we should remind men that they will turn into ugly beasts just like how they’re always like “lol ur gonna be 30 and then you won’t be so picky!”

No. 1679605

Irl trannies aren't nearly as bad as the online ones

No. 1679606

File: 1693169058767.png (357.23 KB, 461x454, kek.PNG)

>nitpicking looks


No. 1679613

>if you’re not at least 50% black you don’t count as black
Idk I think this is pretty silly especially if you’re a burger. And I say this with the fact that all my black friends who have done dna tests have found out they’re way more European than they ever thought. Black people who have black parents and black grandparents. So many black Americans are about 25-33% European or more, even if they have all black grandparents and even great grandparents. It’s a sad testament to the legacy of slavery and slave owners raping slaves. But by your definition if these black Americans had a kid with a non black person, the kid wouldn’t count as black? It seems weirdly gatekeepy especially considering biracial black Americans won’t be accepted as white or Asian or whatever they’re mixed with just because their black parent ended up being 1/3 European.

No. 1679616

File: 1693169447011.jpeg (95.21 KB, 851x759, 587AB835-AB37-4092-84FB-715896…)

Its insidious when thinking about it too hard cuz why is it that girl is interchangeable and can mean woman or little girl but boy usually only means an adolescent boy and isnt as interchangeable. I think it's by design because men are pedos and don’t want to be caught slipping when they tell their buddies about the girl they banged the other day. lol thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

No. 1679624

Ma’am you are preaching to the choir I know this! I’m literally black American. And I have about 16% other ancestry 6% being Chinese. It’s obviously an American take Because the 1 drop rule is an American concept. Which is why it needs to be rid of! Why is it okay for the nonblack side to not accept them as them but it’s not okay when blaxk people put their foot down to it? It’s stupid! Is my point. Black people don’t even gatekeep our race like every other race does! If we did people like Halsey or Kehlani wouldn’t claim they are black women because they ducking aren’t and that’s okay!

Like shut up you britbong your racist ancestors started this eugenics race science bs take it up with them!

Why is it okay for Japanese people to not see Naomi Osaka as Japanese but it’s not okay for blaxk people to not see Zendaya as a black woman? This is why biracials need their own identity so they can leave black people alone with this racist Eugenist bs lol

No. 1679626

They’re worse than weebs. Korean culture is the lowest tier corporatized misogynistic bullshit and nobody should be engaging with it. Not that Japanese culture isn’t also corporate and misogynist but it’s many many steps above trash ass Korean media and culture.

No. 1679632

on the other hand i've also seen black people call biracials "self hating" if they actually call themselves such and not just black. but also i've seen it disproportionately often among black men towards biracial women, particularly the ones they find attractive… hmmmmm…

No. 1679657

She doesnt have a square law, but she has very prominent features that kpop would erase with filler and botox. I literally only watched Squid games for her. She's so damn cute.

No. 1679661

its not receeding she just has a big forehead, im so tired of every woman with a moderate to large forehead being described like they have traction alopecia. let us big forehead bitches live.

No. 1679666

My take on the whole "can biracial people identify as xyz" is, it just depends on how they look. Race is a somewhat manmade concept based off of phenotype. When we see people, we don't see a 23andme test showing the exact percentage of each race in their body, we just see their physical traits. If you overwhelming look like one race more than the other then to me it just makes the most sense to say you are that.

No. 1679669

I'm not Black but anons need to open their eyes and realize the blatant racism in entertainment and careers when it comes to picking biracial or mixed women over monoracial Black women

No. 1679673

I can't believe grown women actually dedicate their time towards this garbage and retarded moids under corporate slavery debasing themselves

No. 1679688

I don’t think people who receive benefits are the scum of the earth like everyone else seems to. I don’t care if they work or not, I don’t care what they spend their meagre allowance on, I don’t care if they have 5 kids, I don’t care if they’re drug addicts. Poor and disabled people receiving money from the government are not the problem. It’s not them buying up apartment buildings and raising the rent 200%, it’s not them storing their money offshore so they don’t have to pay taxes, it’s not them funnelling money into drug cartels or arms dealers, it’s not them using the judicial system to harass and manipulate people, it’s not them buying entire islands so they can rape and kill with impunity. Every time you buy the myth of these entitled welfare queens, you’re eating slop right out of the hands of these murderous war mongering rapists like the brainless pigs you are. And you need to be culled.

No. 1679702

This seems to be an unpopular opinion but I agree with you. I view it similarly to placing the burden of environmental responsibility on the masses when a small percentage of the population and corporations are responsible for more environmental destruction than any individual. Hydroflasks and paper straws won't do anything in comparison to what can be done if countries are held accountable for their roles.

No. 1679715

Waxing/shaving for pubes is so depressing unless you have legitimately perfect skin. I'm in beauty school and its so cringey to see women rip apart their skin and turn a cute little patch into a patch of razor bumps and burns and irritated pores. Like what planet does looking like you have an STD is better than looking like a 70s nude mag model?

No. 1679722

Medicaid fraud is based imo. Medical bills are too fucking expensive for like 99% of the population and youd have to live in poverty to "technically" qualify for it even though even if you're upper middle class a minor emergency is enough to shovel people in debt even with private insurance

I personally under report my income to receive Medicaid for this reason. You get the broke bitch treatment by doctors but at least I don't have to go on a 5 yr payment plan because my tummy hurt

No. 1679729

File: 1693176040561.jpg (39.02 KB, 600x337, 06.jpg)

It's weird how 70s had blacker black women than today

No. 1679743

I wish I could get Medicaid. I can't get it in my state unless I get pregnant and I never want kids. I at least found some low cost Healthcare in my area but unfortunately I might have to start seeing a specialist and they're outside of the program I'm on.

No. 1679765

The media exposure for black women went down hill after 1991

No. 1679767

she's so cute. I miss this type of femme fatale archetype, it's a shame that it hasnt been revisited and it's stuck in shitty 70s movies, i find it so fucking cool.

No. 1679776

File: 1693179973220.png (276.73 KB, 326x434, 4141E267-9EA3-438E-8684-63A00E…)

See now you nonnas are gonna get me on my black girl soapbox. The only reason why government assistance is frowned upon is literally because of racism! American Society literally does NOT want black people to ever get ahead in this world so they shame them into not accepting govt assistance since it’s a “handout” ameanwhile it’s black Americans that are largely considered the poster children for government assistance even though it’s MAINLY white folks keeping it afloat! But black women get the label welfare queens when most times it’s for daring to take care of the kids when white women game the system even when they don’t need to!

This whole country literally fell under all this bullshit reagonomics etc that we are still suffering from because America hates black people so much we as a society are willing to collectively shoot ourselves in the foot time and time again just to ensure that black people remain at the bottom of the class and race hierarchy. Because America is a hierarchical society where not only money but race gives you social capital . It doesn’t matter how much money you make in this country as a black person or how upstanding neverr broke a rule etc. society needs us to be at the bottom so everyone can be like “don’t be like them those useless niggers” it’s all bullshit psyop! Look up why we have credit in this country…. RACISM. Everything messed up in this country the root cause is almost always racism. But black people are the problem for seeing the forest through the trees and calling it out so we can finally get help dismantling this shitty system. But no we just 13/50 aka the new version of 3/5ths compromise lol(get off your black girl soapbox)

No. 1679781

Leads me to my real unpopular opinion interracial solidarity is not a myth and it’s always existed in America ! It’s just that every other race went on code and the code was “keep those black americans at the bottom they are the worst” and every race signed lol. Idc because it’s the way every race has a designated slur specifically for black people. Referring to us as things, monkeys, etc etc. Every race in America just has to go through racist phase in their youth (why? To start the black dehumanization early that’s why) . Everyone has a story time of when their immigrant/white parent sat them down for the talk and the talk was that they didn’t want them hanging around the evil gang riddled black kids. Meanwhile most black kids are just taught that your skin color doesn’t make you any less or more of a person. But w black kids get baby white supremacizts on Roblox lol okay. And little black kids just have to grow up and learn that while they were learning how to be more accepting of other races their future friends and employers were all sending each other gore of black children being maimed during their edgy youth days lol. BLEAK(global rule 7)

No. 1679782

Not really, it's faux progressivism just like they do with feminism. Things are worse than ever for marginalized women.

No. 1679795

Black women were a major part of media in the 90s going into the 2000s especially in music and TV sitcoms and the like.
The 2010s were about 'disappearing' black women.

No. 1679799

And the 2020s are about disappearing women all together

No. 1679801

Wtf!? This happens in America!? Maimed black kids in the edgy phase? Is this a zoomer phenomenon? What state are you in that this is normal and the thing everyone is taught? Holy shit, that’s awful anonna. I’m sorry you live in a country where sending images of maimed children is just considered “edgy”. Are you able to leave? What about Canada? Or the UK? I guess that’s super fucking expensive but if people around me were sharing maimed images of kids to their children to normalize harming them I’d fucking leave asap.

No. 1679803

File: 1693184360925.jpg (135.52 KB, 640x960, ebe591db99957ea48c81f3a464afa5…)

There are a bunch of trannies in my social circle and I've always been pretty blunt about my beliefs. One of them was talking to me about how he got put in the men's ward of the mental hospital and he felt unsafe because he had been abused by men in the past but when I tried to explain that most of the women in there are sexually traumatized too he seemed incapable of processing it. I also had a conversation with him about my hatred for porn addicts and sex positivity and he agreed with some of what I was saying but he continues to parrot "sex work is work" bullshit. I've noticed that women who are sexually traumatized try to desexualize themselves as much as possible whereas men who are sexually traumatized (who just so happen to usually be trannies or gay men) become total manwhores.
Their pornsickness bothers me but they were some of the only people willing to take me under their wing when I was being relentlessly tormented by "basic" girls, jocks, and wannabe thug types. I guess my problem is that I don't really like anyone. I was always told that I would eventually find my people so I spent years friend-hopping before realizing that there is no group of people that I universally like, just some groups of people I hate less than others. I despised normies from the start, they made it very known that I was not one of them and never would be, the extent of ostracization and bullying I experienced for existing made it impossible for me to ever trust people ever again. Began hanging out with D&D/LARP nerds. They were more accepting but they were musty and all of the men in that group inevitably started hitting on me. Started hanging out with theater gays, their wokeness was unbearable and I felt like I had to walk on eggshells around them. The enby ones in particular had an obsession with "reclaiming" slurs that they had never been called yet they acted visibly uncomfortable when I brought up actual discrimination that I've experienced mistakenly thinking that they would relate. Started hanging out with punks and goths until I realized that all of these people were bored rich kids playing dress-up and we had nothing in common outside of surface level aesthetic similarities and shared tastes in media. They also virtue signalled on social media 24/7 about how they don't tolerate abusers in the scene while making an exception for their buddy Raven Darklord Von Doofenschmirtz who currently has 17 underage girls locked in his BDSM dungeon. At this point I'm 18 years old and I'm starting to think that I'm the problem.
Men who hate trannies with a passion tend to be more fucked up than trannies are in my experiences. I know two men who hate trannies. The first one really hates the aforementioned tranny and the way he talks about him leads me to believe that maybe he got rejected by him. He always talks about how he's ugly and has a man voice but also calls him a lot of insults that are typically directed towards women (whore, slut, etc). Men get more upset when they get rejected by a "whore" than by a normal woman because it's a blow to the ego on a whole new level when even the town bike doesn't want to sleep with you. As for the second one, he's showing signs of trooning out himself and his behavior has just gotten more bizarre and erratic as time goes on.
Sorry for blogpost just had to get that out there.

No. 1679807

While you're right that it's disturbing how people of all different races bond over their shared hatred of black people and anti-black racism is brushed off as a quirky phase that everyone goes through because of the internet and certain "anti-SJW" youtubers I've also noticed that black men in particular fucking HATE Jews. Slightly off topic but whenever I see a comment on social media denying the holocaust or saying that Jews control the media, I click on their profile and every time without fail it's a black man, not a 4chan groyper. Maybe this is just a result of Kanye and hotep shit being popularized because of the internet but even in the 70s the Nation of Islam was buddying up with neo Nazis.(global rule 7)

No. 1679849

Oh those are hoteps I think there’s a thread on them somewhere. Black men literally are just late to the Jews will not divide us radicalization train! Black boys and men are being radicalized by podcasts as we speak! They hate white men and Jews (the male ones of course) but not as much as they hate black women! That’s where most of their bigotry and vitriol goes to. Sure they think the Jews are running things but they REALLY think the true downfall of the black race was black women. They’ve been blaming us for their problems since before we were free.

No. 1679857

Mayonnaise is an abomination and needs to stopped being slapped on every meal. For fucks sake you can’t even get a shawarma with that curdled whipped egg being just thrown it the fuck on? Also fuck sour cream.

No. 1679864

Wait mayonnaise is a curdled whipped egg!?

No. 1679870

Mayonnaise is made from whisking egg whites with oil and vinegar.

No. 1679871

all I know is they whip them god damn eggs, let it fester in room temperature for a bit and something about that does NOT sit right with me. I know olive oil and lemon juice is added but come the fuck on. Mayonnaise is straight fucked

No. 1679904

I like Japanese mayo, they only use the yolks.

No. 1679993

Yeah, with the combination of thick greenish eyebrows like one of the picrels posted itt she looks like a a female joker. She looks way better without makeup and drawn eyebrows. Guess my unpopular opinion is makeup makes people look weird kek

No. 1680014

You dont even know that. That photo means nothing when it includes bad eyebrows, bad makeup, a completely different age and focal point, etc

No. 1680018

She looks really pretty here. I think she's just got proportions that look better at a managed weight.

Asian beauty standards are so insane and self-hating. I have seen so many before or afters of genuinely beautiful and strong jawline before just hacked away for the cut and paste v-line. There is nothing normal about doing that to yourself.

No. 1680020

Okay but you still sound creepy.

No. 1680025

agree, this site is weirdly filled by 'women' who call you a pedo if you are into scrotes like timothy champagne or whatever, even thoguh he's about to hit 30 lmao. Imagine if men gave that much of a fuck.

No. 1680029

100% Agreed. P.O.C solidarity as they call it nowadays is only about ganging up on black people and has nothing to do with fighting racism. You see people from all races and ethnicities cosign white supremacist points about black people and cozy up to them.(inciting race infighting)

No. 1680127

People who like open plan offices need to kill themselves, they barely count as human beings. People who automatically reply with "just work from home lol" to this should meet the same fate because wfh isn't allowed by all companies and it's not always allowed full time by the ones who allow it, and sometimes you just can't work from home for temporary reasons like having a shitty internet connection or you live with noisy roommates or family members so they are basically trying to just deflect and change the topic.

No. 1680137

File: 1693209133516.png (Spoiler Image,890.8 KB, 640x640, 0815d2_bdcf4a178a294250a02b86d…)

Bush will always win

No. 1680163

Bushes are literally so cute on women

No. 1680189

I’ve been wanting to bring this up on LC for a while but I haven’t known how. I have the most awful razor-bump shaving rash on my bikini line ever since I tried this retarded at-home hot wax kit. At its worst I honestly looked like Shayna down there. Now I’m trying exfoliator, tea tree oil and roll on deodorant and that helps a bit but it’s still there. I regret it so much, it looked fine when I was just shaving but I got sick of how often I had to shave my bikini line before swimming and thought waxing it off would be easier.

Also, I tried it on my legs and it gave me this weird acne all over my thighs, that was like, whiteheads but really small and painful. Thankfully that went away very quickly with exfoliator and witch hazel. I followed the instructions religiously, but it still happened. I wouldn’t recommend these kits. I got a good quality expensive one and it still did this to me.

No. 1680192

File: 1693214570622.jpeg (51.04 KB, 500x522, IMG_5398.jpeg)

i will forever associate this image with trumpchan

No. 1680194

Body hair on women is cute. It makes them look more womanly and fertile and real. Body hair on men is gross it makes them look like apes and not the sleek sex objects they are meant to be.

No. 1680203

I hate how uppity voice actors are and see themselves as artists and will gladly destroy the career of a young animator for using AI voices. Meanwhile their only contribution to animation is whining like a cringe discord daddy for 50+ different mainstream anime roles and shutting down any new talent because they aren’t part of their stupid guilds.

I also prefer short men. Like legit manlet men. 4’9 men. I am however the opposite of a pickme, as I am a misandrist I think all men regardless of their size would be better off in prison camps. Aesthetically however, I like men to be small and insignificant.

No. 1680207

I agree. I think it's super cute when a woman has a bush and underarm hair. It's a sign of sexual maturity and it should be considered womanly. I'm not even attracted to woman, but why can I appreciate women more than men do? Why are men so fucking gay?

No. 1680209

>Like legit manlet men. 4’9 men
Don't ever reproduce with one if you marry one. My mother did and as a result I had to take a medical treatment everyday for 8 years as a child to avoid becoming a 1m20 tall adult with ostheoporosis and no puberty. Love manlets all you want but don't let them pollute the gene pool any further than they already have.

No. 1680214

why would you admit to this

No. 1680267

Because this site is anonymous and you really need to ask yourself why you’re afraid to be judged even on a site where no one can find out who you are

No. 1680269

micro moids are really nice aesthetically but sadly society pollutes their brains and they overcompensate with the most retarded shit ever like machismo, gymmaxxing, etc

No. 1680287

random but I grew up on shows like Family Matters, Fresh Prince, Jamie Foxx, Wayne's brothers, My wife and kids, etc. I honestly miss that kind of black media on tv.

No. 1680290

fair enough, but to me it's less about fearing being judged by others and more about whether or not i would brazenly admit that my media-warped brain is making me see normal looking women as mannish without any sense of "perhaps there is something wrong there"

No. 1680295

It’s so sad because micro moids with some muscle definition are the cutest type of moids imo, but holy shit, a manlet who lifts weights is like a walking inferiority complex.

No. 1680300

not any of the previous anons but we all have media-warped brains that make us see normal looking women as something other than normal looking. i think if you can consciously recognize and admit that then you're already acknowledging something wrong with your perception, even if you're matter-of-fact about it. at the very least it beats insisting your media-warped standards are natural or something

No. 1680303

Nonas I don't get you. Micro moids are not only mental and full of rage, they're literally the ugliest compared to short women. Their torsos are so damn long and they have tiny short stumpy legs. Every moid under 175 cm looks messed up. I routinely bully Indian moids on Instagram for their short legs.
Gymbro manlets are the most rancid type of men, they are always vile and sexist as fuck so beware.

No. 1680313

Almost all men are ugly if not hideously ugly. Tall moids aren’t any more attractive on average. I think tall men look lanky and dehydrated so I’d prefer the possibility of stumpy legs.
I want an impossibly cute, 4’9, shy bf who I can throw around like a toy.
I’m thinking like Elijah Wood in LOTR but a little more thick. Man I’d love a hobbit bf.

No. 1680314

idk personally i like them very short and very thin (ana levels of thin) but they're extremely self-conscious about both of these things so they become bitter and misogynistic
tall moids look freakishly scary, especially if they're muscular and/or obese

No. 1680315

>"I-it's the polilezzies"
NTA, but trubians/goldstars are always reeeing about OSA women just existing and NLOGing about how they are sooo much better than the "filthy bimbo hetties and bishits cocksuckers who can't be trusted bc they're biologically destined to crave dick" or some shit. Polilezzies at least see other OSA as potential "converts" and aren't hypocrites who condemn Nigel-havers but at same time always pandering gay scrotes.

No. 1680319

> tall
> muscular and/or obese

The only kind of man I like. What's the point of dating a moid if he is not irl Jonathan Joestar?

No. 1680344

File: 1693229146176.jpg (22.47 KB, 240x360, ishygddt.jpg)

>and/or obese

No. 1680349

your masochism is showing

No. 1680357

No micro moids are cute when I worked for a male dominated company there was this one tech who had to be 4’11 he was so tiny but he was really handsome and had a nice build. He had a gf too and even proposed to her in Hawaii. But he ended up dumping her shortly after literally because she was black. Like I’m not joking. My coworkers used to make fun of him because he was dating a dark skinned chubby black girl. I used to always defend her cuz she was really cute just a lil chubby. They would then afterwards whisper to me and be mine “I hope you don’t think it’s cuz she’s black we are making fun of her”. Cuz I’m black and would always defend her and call her pretty.It pissed me off so much when I found out they broke up! It also solidified why I would never dare a white moid! They are so weak they’ll dump the love of their lives because their bullies are too racist to accept their coworker is in love. He then voted for trump. Ugh. Even tiny moids are trash

No. 1680364

>But he ended up dumping her shortly after literally because she was black.
Did he not notice that earlier? That poor girl. All of this for a tiny little piece of shit.

No. 1680366

File: 1693230031963.jpg (140 KB, 960x960, jq25upr5lq331.jpg)

Chubby males are repulsive and should all die.

No. 1680368

Not actual obeses obviously, but if some nonnies can like manlets, I can like chubbies.

I'm tall mysell. Masochism would be dating some dwarf who treats me like shit because he feels his "mAsCuLiNiTy" is threatened just by staying by my side. Also, you're retarded if you think minimoids are "uwu soft twinks" just because they're micro.

No. 1680371

i didn't say they're soft and sweet, i actually said they have retarded complexes due to societal brainwashing, so a tiny anorexic moid who's proud of being soft and nice is only found in dreams sadly.

No. 1680401

Sometimes I freak out at how the people in this site have my same tastes in men. Irl is all "oh I like cute softboys" but here it's all "I like them tall, muscular and/or obese". Yesss.

No. 1680402

Your insecurity is showing.

No. 1680424

>but here it's all "I like them tall, muscular and/or obese". Yesss.
No, it's not, most of us are sane. Also I don't trust the definition of muscular from someone who puts it in the same sentence as obese.

No. 1680430

whenever i see anons in /snow/ go on about how some cow has "poop colored eyes" and try to make seething about brown eyes a "thing", i just think "this is a racist, a self-hating brown person, or just extremely mentally ill. maybe all three" and disregard them.

No. 1680435

word. sometimes you really have to remind yourself just how insane some anons are, particularly in terms of appearance and body image.

No. 1680442

Do older koreans experience any problems due to shaving their jaws when they age?

No. 1680443

>a self-hating brown person
white people (a huge percentage of us, in fact) do have brown eyes though. please don't make this a race thing.

No. 1680444

Charli XCX is overrated. I tried listening to her songs and they're just fine. Some tracks are fun but she's not groundbreaking as many have called her.

No. 1680455

i like to think it's option 4: moid. but racist covers that too.

No. 1680459

I would be happy if I were pretty or a better looking version of myself. Being attractive definitely could make a person happier and not even for scrote attention but I feel like seeing an ugly person in the mirror everyday is bad for a persons morale. It’s like living in a gross and disgusting house except you can’t move because it is your body.

No. 1680467

Whatever girl you’re looking at as prettier and should be happier is thinking the exact thing you just typed.

No. 1680508

If this is about the Shayna thread, anons do it because she reads her own threads. I don't think it's that deep or I least I hope it isn't.

No. 1680514

I actually like this cover a lot. Also a silver lining of the normalization of K-pop is color-coded lyric videos expanding to western groups

No. 1680536

Did something happen in 1991?

No. 1680558

And she has horrible soulless eyes like Dua Lipa and Caroline Palachek.

No. 1680562

Kimberly shouldn't have had the main part with Nadine. Sarah had a good rocky high voice.
I can't stand Kimberly in fact.

No. 1680580

And you lol

No. 1680651

The homeless should be sent to prison or put in institutions if they look too unsightly. It makes neighborhoods and cities look really bad when there are ugly, dirty and weird looking people stumbling around. If a homeless person can’t at least dress decent, wear clean clothes and act normal in public they should be sent to prison. Every time I see a homeless person in my town I always make sure to call the cops on them and report them for loitering.

No. 1680656

I mean, it would be kind of hard to "look decent" when you're homeless. Personally I think all male homeless people should be hunted down and killed if they've been roaming the same blocks for over 6 months, but I might be a little extreme.

No. 1680663

Nta, you’re right, homeless males over the age of 18 should be killed on sight tbh. Imagine how much help you could get for homeless women and kids, that would even let them go back into society, homeless children could study with less threats of violence of any kind, homeless women could also be less threatened by moids too, and they would be able to rest, there would be less homeless people too, which means there could be more shelters to keep them safe from the weather and shitty people too.

No. 1680668

Ah… I agree. It makes me feel really guilty, but I do. Homeless men in my city are abundant and they're fucking violent. So many needles everywhere because of them, too.

No. 1680669

Thought they used pasteurized eggs for mayonnaise? Hence why you shouldn't make it at home.

No. 1680671

Ok kiddo

No. 1680672

I had a different idea of what a bush is. This is like my arm hair or something. Even my leg has more hair than this. My bush is as thick as the hair on my head. This doesn't make me feel better about it because what's considered a bush is too light.

No. 1680676

Same nona, if that's a bush then what I have going on is the entire fucking Amazon jungle

No. 1680679

Yeah I totally agree. It doesn't help that I'm the type of ugly that makes me look like a drug addicted malnourished moid, it's so depressing.

No. 1680683

File: 1693256456594.png (1.36 MB, 2142x1583, sjkadasdk.png)

Pinterest fucking sucks.

No. 1680689

skill issue

No. 1680787

That looks like a 13 year old girl. People are pathetic.

No. 1680794

I tend to like the "gentle giants" types, manly man outside, nice guy inside.

For me is "don't trust the definition of 'obese' on a site that have a considerable amount of anachans and alt-right trolls". Also, the first person to put the two together was the smurfsexual nonna talking about the type of men she DOESN'T like, i just greentexted what she writed and responded with my opinion.

No. 1680908

Where i live it's the total opposite irl, the only men shilled as attractive are overly muscular or legitimately fat. Maybe it's because I live in burgerland. This site is the only place where I found other women into skellies and cuter less masculine men.

No. 1681202

taking at least some degree of care is insecurity now? i just don't want to get beaten by my partner kek but if you're into bdsm you do you.

No. 1681271

Aileen wuornos didn't deserve her punishment. Her murders were out of self defense

No. 1681279

The same people (autistic female Disney adults who overestimate their beauty) who hated little mermaid actress for being black are now shitting on Florence for not being anorexic. They'll tear down any female actress that's not anorexic, fried blonde haired and plastic, you know why? Because that's how those autistic Disney adults look(or want to look) irl. They have very strict and obsessive standards for female actors but they literally never judge a male actor for his race, weight, age or looks like they do to female ones. It's obvious that they're mentally ill.

No. 1681280

Based, though not unpopular on lolcow dot farm

No. 1681301

Are there bots on this site? I’ve seen this opinion like in 8 unpopular opinions threads

No. 1681305

could be bots, could be newfags from radblr/tcc (if it's still alive idk)

No. 1681312

No I just remembered of her after watching a Korean series where the protagonist is a woman who does sexwork and kills 2 men who attempted to rape her and 1 man who beat up her friend. The character reminded me of her.

No. 1681328

I'm not sure if this is unpopular but Gypsy Rose doesn't deserve her sentence either, she's getting out soon though.

No. 1681334

I agree. Her life was absolute hell and I don't see how she could've gotten out of her mother's grasp if she didn't do what she did.

No. 1681413

I like US's accent, it sounds sexy

No. 1681417

Wtf she looks adorable and has beautiful hair density! Meanies

No. 1681418

US accent? United States? American? Which one do you like there are like hundreds of accents in this hell hole we call a melting pot

No. 1681424

she looks sweet idk why ppl r so rude for

No. 1681449

Yes, but I hope the scrote who dis it stays in jail though. He was a gross pervert.

No. 1681471

File: 1693311087754.png (517.81 KB, 480x480, B0DF2175-1C2D-49D6-987F-FA7C52…)

I stand with Leonardo DiCaprio having earphones in when he’s having sex. That has always been my dream to like listen to my favorite song or something while getting waves of pleasure. I’m sure that would lead me to PIV orgasm lol. But men are fragile and will be like “why you got on AirPods” ruining the mood. Even better if a Blcd is playing but that would be harder to explain kek

No. 1681479

I fucking hate him. He would date a ten year old if it was legal. Sick freak.

No. 1681481

He’s trashy but he’s not wrong for listening to podcasts while having sex it’s what we should all be doing

No. 1681485

I don’t think pretty privilege exists for women, in the same way I don’t agree with the libfem interpretation of sexual empowerment. It’s just the idea of leveraging your looks to access male power and recourses, it doesn’t actually do much to elevate yourself as an individual. It’s entirely contingent on your appearance (and usually pandering to the male gaze) and can be taken away from you at any point. In fact it’s destined that you’ll lose all privilege and empowerment as you age out of male preference.

I don’t know if I’ll get any sympathy from here, but I am attractive. I grew up extremely impoverished and the only thing that “privilege” afforded me was being a target of male abuse. I have countless experiences with men who try to take advantage of me, have me for themselves, because I am pretty and because I was vulnerable. I just felt like easy prey, and really that’s all men ever saw me as. Of course I’ve grown up and improved my circumstances significantly, but I’m still pretty and I still suffer that same kind of targeting.

I dress in frumpy clothes, don’t wear makeup, don’t brush my hair. I’d love to be invisible. I’d love to have what men are always crying about, being ignored, irrelevant, “lonely”. I’d rather blend in with the background than a beacon for predators and just unwanted attention in general. This shit has made me neurotic. I wish I could be carefree land unafraid.
I know all women experience this, and I don’t know if the severity to my mistreatment is abnormal. It definitely feels that way. The amount of stalkers, harassers, and abusers I’ve amassed over my life by simply by existing is something I don’t hear very often. I feel like if I were more invisible these things would have either never happened or happened far less. I don’t want to say I wish I were ugly or I wish I were a man. I like who I am, I just want other people to see me as a human being and not an object, even if the object is of high value.

No. 1681486

Lmao anon it's autistic af.
Tons of people fuck to music, it's just that they put it on a tv or a stereo so that they're not literally soundblocking their partner.

No. 1681496

Pretty privilege exists for smart women who are aware they are pretty but unfortunately this is not most women. To get the benefits of pretty privilege you have to be some what intelligent and manipulative paired with it.

No. 1681502

You really are autistic. I can't think of anything less sexy to listen to than a podcast. Let me guess, your favorite ones are about women getting tortured and murdered?

No. 1681504

Imagine being this autistic.

No. 1681506

File: 1693313767728.jpeg (553.59 KB, 1284x2199, 6E36FA4B-F826-492A-8DB6-C8EDEA…)

Women have got to stop fucking men they don’t like for money. Even a job at McDonald’s is better than that life.

No. 1681509

Stop it would be a BLCD of other men moaning cuz guys don’t moan enough for me. I need the asmr mouth noises lol

No. 1681511

File: 1693314403593.jpeg (38.09 KB, 567x519, IMG_3636.jpeg)

Yeah listening to bunch of fat neckbeard scrotes doing dumb improv about current events and laughing at their own jokes sounds like a great time during sex.
This sounds like the most zoomer take ever. Do you need subway surfers and family guy funniest moments playing in the background too lmao

No. 1681512

How tf is this autistic? He can put on earphones too we could both listen to music/ my BLCD together!!! You guys never did airplay and shared music? Live in the 21st century REEEEEE

No. 1681513

Ime it was other women who treated me better after a glowup rather than men.

No. 1681517

Kek this just sounds like you have bad sex nona

No. 1681520

I have amazing sex! But good tunes and voice actors moaning get me OFF

No. 1681525

File: 1693315425182.jpg (213.07 KB, 967x966, 1660768058160747.jpg)

I'm sorry nonita, just know you aren't alone in your experience.

No. 1681526

> i just don't want to get beaten by my partner
Implying that skeletal gnomes are incapable of this or that tall/muscular/chubby moids are more abusive than the kind you like. If you are that paranoid to the point where you can't even trust your partner to not beat you, date a quadriplegic or look for the nearest womyn's land.

No. 1681535

Average Russian couple

For real though, I hate this shit tbh it gives scrotes even more audacity, they seem to believe that if one woman is for sale, we all are, and that they can be as ugly and gross as they want since they can just get rich and buy a pickme bimbo.

No. 1681539

Isn't this basically like working in customer service but 24/7 without break? Sounds like something that would be impossible to stomach in the long term without the need for therapy.

No. 1681541

I would kick someone out of the bed if they tried this.

No. 1681545

NTA, but your claim is that muscular guys are no stronger than scrawny guys? That's retarded.

No. 1681551

true and honest anorexic moids often are definitely incapable of this, especially at the cachexic stage. no muscles, no fat either
>tall/muscular/chubby moids are more abusive
if they do decide to beat you up (they're moids after all), you are completely defenseless against them (if we aren't talking about having guns on you), which is not the case for tiny ana moids who could wither up and die at any second.

No. 1681552

I'm pretty sure she's talking about their temperament, not strength

No. 1681561

this is like the 4th time these threads had a skelly vs muscular moids debate

No. 1681564

Are actual anorexic men common where you are?

No. 1681565

very sadly no but a nonnie can dream. maybe i'll become a husbandofag if i find a good one from media.

No. 1681569

well if everybody's "bush" looked like that i think nobody would try to get rid of it.

No. 1681584

It most certainly does exist and ugly women aren't exempt from abuse and harassment just because they're ugly.
>I don't know if I'll get any sympathy from here, but I am attractive
My condolences for your difficult condition others pay good money to achieve. I'd much rather be pretty and be treated like a human being by others (especially other women) than be an ogress, though.

No. 1681590

I don’t mean to come off as conceited because I know being unattractive also comes with many many downsides. The way I see women’s attractiveness in relation to men, is that men objectify and abuse all women, but they assign value to objects based on their attractiveness. Being a less valuable object, being a more valuable object, you’re still an object at the end of the day.

No. 1681596

yeah imo 'pretty privilege' is a nitpicky description of the halo effect and many women and girls who talk about it tend to ignore/talk abt other things than how moids will use any excuse to try to attack and prey on women

No. 1681603

File: 1693320258536.png (218.52 KB, 321x301, 1655015282242.png)

I hate Irish-Americans. They are so fucking annoying and so nationalistic about being Irish except nobody in their family lives in Ireland because they are like 6th generation Irish.
>knows 0 british people
>im so irish
>i cant be in the sun, my skin burns too quickly because im so irish
>"GO NOTRE DAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
>has like 200 cousins
>irish catholic pride
>sends kids to irish catholic private schools to get molested
>"IM IRISH!!!!!!!"
>speaks in broken gaelic
>watches shows about irish people
>"did i ever tell you im irish"
>wears green and paints a clover on their face for any irish holiday
>"i have the luck of the irish!"
>names their kids the most hideous names like rolan and dalen and kaylen and nolan
>"imagine not like being proud of your heritage or connected to your heritage"
>their irish heritage is just having a bunch of beer at their house and maybe their 'family crest'
>calls their family the clan
>"I LOVE DRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!"
>takes trips to ireland to see where their family might have lived 300 years ago
>"i kissed the blarney stone!!!! i got the gift of the gab!!!"
>gabs your fucking ear off about being irish
>"yeah my family members are super homophobic and hate gay people"
>"you dont know what its like being irish, my grandfather was called a mc"
>last name starts with mc
>everyone knows they are irish because they are visibly irish-american (inbred looking)
>"imagine not knowing the ancient irish gods"
>is likely actually scottish or even english
>is named dugan mcnemicamencainm
>"um actually my name in gaelic is spelled dgvnvnvnvnhh" and it's pronounced jessica
>deathly loyal to their 'clan'
>'um can you not joke about the potato famine'
>"im irish" smiles revealing their irish-american brand rodent teeth
>"look at my freckles! im irish!" has the ugliest palest 'freckles' or has 1 million dark spots all over their flesh
>"I LOVE DRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!"

No. 1681604

This topic comes up over and over and over again and my opinion on "pretty privilege" is that it's a concept made to make women hate each other and reinforce stereotypes that we are catty and only care about how we look.

No. 1681614

if i were irish, i would take this as a compliment because nobody is wishing they were born that kek

No. 1681615

>i cant be in the sun, my skin burns too quickly because im so irish
god i hate that.
>i have red hair, i must have some irish in me teehee!
fuck offffff

No. 1681616

Pretty privilege isn't a thing so much as if you're ugly you get treated like absolute shit. I was an ugly duckling and once I got more attractive the difference in the way people treated me was stark. When I was unattractive people would think my quirks were weird or dismiss anything I said, and any opinion or thing I liked was seen as some negative quality. Completely flipped when I became attractive. I was the same person but now all my weird qualities were cool. I think only unattractive people are acutely aware of it though, otherwise you dismiss it as just how people are

No. 1681619

>leave LC for some days because it suck ass nowadays
>come back
>"Muh pretty privilege" debate again
>close tab

No. 1681622

The skin burn thing is real though that shit sucks, I once got burned from being 20 min in the shade on a sunny day. tanning isn't a thing either, your skin just gets redder and frecklier. I don't think they're being nationalistic on that one so much as just complaining

No. 1681629

We get it, you have that 'cheap irish skin', just stay inside where you belong, mc

No. 1681637

"Cheap skin" lol keep doing henna freckles babe

No. 1681638

You're the ones that call your own skin cheap

No. 1681694

File: 1693325863768.png (1.44 MB, 885x874, nosejob.png)

So many nose jobs are completely unnecessary. I've seen so many where the before pic looks better.

No. 1681704

I agree. The before in your picrel looks better. I heard it's sometimes the jaw or chin being receded causing the nose to seem big, and fixing the jaw can make the nose look normal and proportionate and harmonious to the other features of the face. But most people jump to nose jobs before checking if that's the case.

No. 1681705

i like bird noses i think they are cute and i also like bellpepper noses too. i hate that everyone wants the same nose. I saw this African girl get a nose job and she looked like a fucking Pixar character come to life. Its fucked that they all give everyone no matter the race the same L shaped nose. its freaky.

No. 1681711

Most people are so fake tbh, they spit fake positivity towards women with these type of noses to make a point then go and insult them irl, I understand why they get surgeries

No. 1681734

I love Roman noses… I wish they were more popular, such an elegant look but I see them swapped out for the cuter ski slopes lot. What a waste

No. 1681741

I love well done steak. If it's pink or red, I want it much more dead. I thought that I had to train myself but after two years of trying, I can guarantee that well done is the best form of steak. Plus, greatly reduces risk of parasites.

No. 1681742

Is this a poem? It all rhymes. Anyway, I agree and I love well done too although I've been thinking of trying medium well. I also can't stand runny eggs, I need them cooked hard every time.

No. 1681794

Di Caprio was ugly when he was young too.

No. 1681799

I have that nose, please love me

No. 1681811

Your nose is ugly and only people who also have that nose compliment it.(infighting)

No. 1681812

I really don't see the appeal of having pets, dogs especially but tbh keeping any animal in the house seems odd to me. I don't want any animal slobbering all over me, leaving fur all over my house, having to pick up their shit etc. Reptiles seem marginally more appealing but still seems like so much work for what you get out of it.

No. 1681815

Firm agree. Unless someone has a ski slope naturally it rarely looks good surgically because it ends up looking disproportionate with their features

No. 1681816

Same. Dogs are by far the worst IMO but I have a cat and I wouldn’t have him if it wasn’t that I found him as a baby skelly on the street. I adore him and love playing with him but it’s so much extra work and stress I would never choose to go out and adopt a pet. Just everything from cleaning after them, to feeling guilty on days when you don’t have time to play much, to worrying about how you will handle moving or going on trips.

No. 1681819

The reason why women get shit on for being selfish if they decide to have kids at 35+ but men don’t is because men aren’t really expected to take care of their kids anyway. It’s alright if the dad is too old or dead because he probably won’t be doing shit anyway.

No. 1681821

Is that really a thing? The only people I see criticizing older parents are people who are child free and shame both parents full stop. Everyone else thinks it’s a sweet miracle and amazing and empowering when late 40s couples have babies and it makes me feel like I’m living in a retarded clown world.

No. 1681826

I see people discouraging 35+ year olds from having kids due to the narrative of those being "geriatric" pregnancies and people who act like every kid is going to be born with down syndrome or that the mother won't be able to keep up.

I think it's quite the opposite.
In reality we should discourage those who are below 25 years of age from having kids–they are not established in their careers meaning they are either relying on men, family, or welfare to provide for their offspring which doesn't tend to turn out well; and they are immature and more impulsive as their own brains are still developing.
I trust older women more with children. Society just doesn't profit much from educated and mature mothers who won't be forced into situations where they or their kids will be taken advantage of.

No. 1681828

Okay. I'm killing myself tomorrow. I'm going to hang myself around my big fucking nose if it makes you any happier, noselet.

No. 1681839

File: 1693334973753.jpeg (58.53 KB, 720x1015, 6665E9A1-C5FA-45FF-878F-EE67A5…)

It’s nasty anyone who has a pet in their house is automatically dirty af! You sleeping in the same bed with your dogs shitty booty every night and wondering why your acne won’t go away. Stank(integrate)

No. 1681840

you may as well start signing your posts at this point

No. 1681841

This is hilarious after reading the anon above you's post. Because I sort of wanted to reply to her with "no you don't like it, you're being patronizing." and rant about my nose shape (which is also crooked) kek

No. 1681843

ewwww, smells like KFC in here(racebait)

No. 1681846

Eat my ass

No. 1681847

File: 1693335243758.png (321.6 KB, 563x418, D5EDB6B8-9F7C-4431-8327-893031…)

Eat my ass hoe

No. 1681850

File: 1693335366673.gif (8.94 MB, 799x599, 6C3C15AA-840E-4858-ACB9-F147D7…)

I’ll sign it eat my ass hoe(retard)

No. 1681851

The "irish" weren't supposed to make it to the 21st century. I wish Margaret Thatcher could've saved us

No. 1681853

Who gives a fuck if someone posts all day and you recognize their patterns says more about you stank booty hoe

No. 1681855

personally i barely even have a nose bridge and i think taller ones are sexy. i don't see them often, therefore they are more attractive. it looks "strong" (esl, not the right word but close) can be both elegant and cute with small lips meanwhile my type of nose looks stupid as shit and weak kek, i feel metaphorically castrated. and i honestly don't find other small noses attractive at all either but it's a personal belief i've held since i was a child that didn't stem from insecurity because i initially thought my nose was huge (it's just a little wide). tbh in middle school at the peak of my haterdom i really fought with people in real at school and with family over nose sizes and shapes because i just didn't see how smaller ones especially upturned ones could ever be attractive, now idc anymore but i still hold onto the preference.

No. 1681856

Your mother jannie(it's true)

No. 1681864

Seems like you have a strong fixation with noses kek. It's fine that you like the kinds of noses you like, just don't put other nose shapes down in the process. I personally don't have a specific nose shape preference because it really depends on the individual and their features, but there are noses out there that are too big and too ugly and ruin the looks of a person.

No. 1681869

NTA but Jannies are the true retards on this board. Imagine getting paid 0 dollars to see CP and gore all day.(TA)

No. 1681877

The days when people used to really kiss the Jannies ass were so cringe. Like when they would red text someone, anons would reply being all cutesy and just really brown nosing hard core. Maybe because lolcow is being taken over by Gen z now the jannie ass kissing bas calmed down a bit.

No. 1681881

yeah i don't care anymore i was just really vitriolic as a teenager kek i've grown since then and i know there's no reason to put down any feature in general in favor of the ones i prefer.
for me it's the other way around, some noses seem just too small and take away from the rest of the facial features to me. i'm against plastic surgery but tbh a lot of people would probably benefit from having a taller nose instead of the other way around, not that i think that should be enforced at all as it already is in a specific way within my group of people/area and tbh who am i to decide for others i shouldn't anyway kek. natural ones gives unique character and information on your ancestral origins and background etc etc

No. 1681894

Yeah gen z the generation that gurns about being left out of anything are at the forefront of revolutionary change.

No. 1681900

I see what you mean. I haven't personally come across an example of a nose too small but I did stumble upon too big noses a lot, especially in men. Also the nose shape and size can look off if the jaw is misaligned like in overbites or the chin is receded. Fixing that sometimes can make the nose look normal. But regarding the ancestry and ethnicity thing, I hate mine because they're terrible people and I'd prefer to be as racially ambiguous as possible through palstic surgery and any other means so I can integrate in a normal society somewhere normal one day.

No. 1681902

Kek I was thinking the same thing. So ghetto

No. 1681907

shutup redneck

No. 1681912

Can we all unite our hatred against the Irish please

No. 1681921

no i love them plus there's a fantastic animated trilogy related to irish folk tales that i love in which one of the films happens to be my favorite animation of all time, so one more reason not to unite with you. i couldn't ever hate them, why hate those and not the english instead? didn't even have any opinion on the english until i took a course on uk history and culture and i came back with a few vaguely hateful feelings i never had before

No. 1681924

I have to roll my eyes sometimes when I see conservatives and rightoids throw out that whole “libs can’t meme” and “lib textwall” thing. Not that I think that liberals have good memes or anything (they dont), but because of the absolute arrogance they hold that their memes are any better somehow. As if they don’t also rely on long-winded essays and buzzwords themselves and editing old millennial meme formats straight out of ifunny and calling it a day. Both sides suck at humor.

No. 1681938

I hate irish tourists so much they are a plague

No. 1681952

Do you have any idea what the state of Ireland is like currently? I bet you are a burger who think Ireland is just one giant st Patrick’s day.

No. 1681955

i live nowhere even close to america it would probably take me more than a day to get there by plane and i'm offended you'd assume that about me. i don't care btw but i know some irish people and they're lovely that's enough information for me not to side against them forget the other reasons i gave

No. 1681956

NTA but what are those movies? I like folk stuff of any culture so I'm interested

No. 1681957

No. Not even if they hate me for being English. Like I totally get it.

No. 1681959

It’s usually the tr*vellers that create problems.

No. 1681968

here you go anon, my favorite one is "song of the sea" btw and it's the first one i had seen i wish they gave it more screentime because i think it's the most beautiful visually definitely check them out ( or the trailers individually ) i highly recommend

No. 1681982

90 percent of nose jobs take away someone's unique look and personality. they all end up with that nasty white ski slope nose. I cant imagine hating myself this much. Her nose was absolutely fine before.

No. 1681983

File: 1693343157472.jpg (205.05 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1654014291.jpg)

The minimalist white aesthetic is boring, sterile, and overdone. Why would you want your home to have a hospital-like appearance?

No. 1681988

I feel like you're projecting… I got a nose with the bump in the center and I've always like the straight noses better than ski slopes. I'm not particularly insecure but if I did mine I'd go straight

No. 1681989

Sorry for calling you a burger. But regardless, Ireland isn’t some cute fairytale place. Their current terror threat level is severe because of those recent data leaks exposing the identities of police officers. Long story. Too long to write out. But yeah.

No. 1681990

you don’t need to censor it. and you can call them gypsies anon kek
gypsies are the worst

No. 1682005

You people are dumb, it's Irish-Americans that suck hence >>1681603

No. 1682016

kek. God, i love american-on-american hate.

No. 1682017

Now you're speaking my language. I wish I could sperg about how many northern ireland terminally online twitter users I could sperg about. They are entirely to relaxed to constantly equate living in Ireland today to racism in America. It happens and people should out victimise them and tell them to stfu

No. 1682019

Ireland is rural af with a few urbanised parts. I have members affected by that data breach, shit happens all the times with ira fringe groups constantly targeting the police. There's been a few summers family members have to check their cars for devices you won't hear about. The threat is no more severe than normal just more public. Irish people love to romanticise a struggle only loser families care about.

No. 1682060

Do you ask the same thing when people say they like British accent?

No. 1682075

File: 1693353192125.jpg (61.24 KB, 800x500, notre-dame-fighting-irish-logo…)

I have more to add about Irish Americans
>only drinks irish brand beer
>"FUCK MARGARET THATCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
>has never met a brit
>has a collection of shot glasses
>irish flag hanging outside their house
>irish flag on their car
>"GO NOTRE DAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
>shirts with an irish midget on it that says FIGHTIN' IRISH
>'umm leprechauns are offensive'
>"I LOVE DRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
How is picrel not offensive to them but leprechauns are, it's literally a balding midget man but these weirdos have this thing on t-shirts and shit

No. 1682080

im english so im self aware enough to stfu and keep opinions to myself but i really did not enjoy my time spent visiting ireland, outside of dublin which is nice but touristy asf. americans like the ones described in >>1682075 make me rage though, like i have no problems w irish people but 'irish americans' are really insufferable. imagine living your whole life in america, but bc your great grandparents were irish immigrants you think that you can just shift your whole identity and sense of self around painfully cringe stereotypes of a country you've never even been to??

No. 1682081

it’s true honestly.

You have a very spastic way of writing nona, why are you so angry kek

No. 1682087

Next you're going to tell me there's Irish people who are taller than 4ft and don't have a pot of gold

No. 1682091

>St patty's day

No. 1682100

t. margaret thatcher stan

No. 1682107

It's paddy
They are annoying and act better than others because of muh clan
I dunno where they keep the gold in their houses, just beer collections

No. 1682108

I can see the appeal as someone who grew up in a nasty hoarder house you grow up wanting your home to be a sterile as possible

No. 1682114

NTA but yes actually
Irish immigrants and their descendants have been beating each subsequent generation over the head with the “your grandpop didn’t come over here in a prison ship for you to fuck about” type shit. It’s because of the stories families pass along also. Storytelling is powerful stuff. And the stories Irish families tell often revolve around being Irish and being immigrants. Because that matters to them and that’s what they find valuable. I swear to god even proper Irish people still wax on and on about being Irish and what it means to be Irish and blah blah blah. Most of America and Canada is still a relatively recent diaspora. We don’t have 1000s of years of history on this land. So many of the stories we’ve been told are from other places and come from people who are from other places. Many of us aren’t too many generations removed from these people either. My great-grandmother was still alive when I was younger, for example. And my grandparents were immigrants, although English. So some of us would have known these people, or our parents would. Idk man I just don’t think you guys are ever going to quite get it because you’ve never left.

No. 1682120

no. i sort of get it. i just think its a bad way to be – there is nothing wrong with having pride in your ancestors and acknowledging the struggles they went through so that you could even be here today, but so many irish americans take it to the next level and act as a voice of authority about a country they've never set foot in. i understand that america is different from much of the world bc the diaspora is still relatively new and people feel like they don't have as much of a sense of identity to claim as their own, so they want to celebrate the culture they feel they've come from. but i can still disagree with it kek. the ireland people emigrated from 100 years ago is not the same ireland of today. theres no winning this debate bc its another one of those cultural things that americans vs the whole rest of world are just going to disagree about

No. 1682198

Thank you!

No. 1682312

Attack on Titan turned to shit the moment Eren became a titan, it should have remained a horror fantasy manga and not some generic battle shit.

No. 1682319

It’s a shonen anime, what did you expect?
They’re all like this

No. 1682321

Yes it's overdone now. Even Ikea feature more dark and decorated interiors now in their ads. I've posted about it before but I tried hard to be a minimalist. I grew up with clutter like >>1682108 so wanted to avoid at all costs. However, I know realize there is a middle way. Cozy yet organized.

No. 1682324

Girls who act like victims because they dated a 30 year old who screwed them over at 21-24 and then after the relationship goes bad they claim the scrote is a pedophile or a groomer are crazy. He’s not pedophile and you aren’t a child.

No. 1682327

Uniqueness I can understand, but personality? Aren't big ugly noses associated with evil and witches anyways? While small pretty ones with princesses and good people in general.

No. 1682333

I agree the battles were unnecessary mostly minus some that were important for the plot. But the story doesn't focus on battles only though, there was lots of lore exploring and theme exploring, at least in the manga. the moment he opened the basement and started reading his dad's notebooks is when the battles stopped and the plot thickened, then the battles came back at the end when they had to stop Hitler Eren

No. 1682348

Nta but evil witchy characters are much more interesting imo since they're written with personality/character flaws. Though with real people's looks there's no way to determine personality regardless of nose size.

No. 1682350

It's not pedo but it still says a lot about a man if women his own age don't even want him kek.

No. 1682355

Just because a man is open to dating a woman that young doesn’t mean that’s all he dates.

No. 1682357

>a man isn't an asshole if he preys on younger women
>it's your fault for picking an abusive man
Lmao. I'm not that anon but ever since I was 14, I've had 25+ year old men hit on me and try to take advantage of me. They're not innocent and a younger woman being too inexperienced to see redflags isn't at fault. I don't know why some anons keep defending old man, like keep your daddy issues to yourself.

No. 1682359

This anon changed her post, she was saying how it's the woman's fault if she dates an abusive man. My original reply >>1682357 had both of her questionable views that she removed

No. 1682360

The anons that defend mistresses and try to act like they're innocent are probably side-hoes themselves. Every few days, a few anons post about wanting to get with their taken male friends or discord-dating married men. Lastly I remember an anon who posted about discord-dating a married man here and after anons advised her to alerts the wife, she spammed several threads complaining about anons and said anons were bitter because anons are the kind of lame women that got cheated on.

No. 1682362

It’s not about age because most women are blind to red flags regardless of age and are getting abused at 30 too meanwhile there are women a decade younger who will tell a abusive scrote to fuck off. I only think the “im just a naive baby” excuse works for women under the age of 21. If you can’t spot an piece of shit scrote at 21 you probably never will be able to and you’ll have issues with scrotes your entire life.

No. 1682365

Ironic of you to blame women for not being able to see redflags when you yourself can't see that an old man preying on young women is a redflag, miss fatherless.

No. 1682367

kek anon a 30 year old retard still has almost a decade of life experience over a 21 year old.

No. 1682368

Like I said most 24 year olds look 30. It’s not preying he’s just abusive already and would abuse a woman his age too. You act like the majority of women over the age of 30 aren’t getting abused and cheated on when they are.

No. 1682370

At 21 I knew what a piece of shit was. If you can’t see a piece of shot at 21, you never will.

No. 1682374

>You act like the majority of women over the age of 30 aren’t getting abused and cheated on when they are.
How is that relevant? Anyway, stop defending old creeps. At 21 most women are college students without any financial independence while 30 year old men are usually looking for serious relationships - aside from the ones who knowingly date younger women hoping they'll require less commitment and economic burden.

Be honest with me, have you ever recently seen a 20 to 30 year old couple with 10 years age difference that was healthy and neither of the partners seemed desperate?

No. 1682375

>most 24 yesr olds look 30
sounds like something a manosphere scrote would say

No. 1682379

Nevermind at 21, you still can't see who is a piece of shit if you think a 30 year old choosing to peruse college students has no ill motive. It's always the stupid women like you who think they can see through everything and will never be like the abused women that ends up getting abused. You're far too dumb but you've bought lies of men about how if he was abusive, it'd be obvious at the start and huge age differences don't mean anything.

Haven't you noticed that most victim blamers in amber heard case were abuse victim women themselves? Women who blame other women for not being able to notice abusive patterns are the same ones that get abused themselves because you'll never blame the men, even when you're the one getting abused.

No. 1682380

Must be nice to have everything figured out by 21 and also be able to read every living woman's mind.

No. 1682381

My dad was 30 when he met my mom at 23 at work and they have a normal relationship. If you meet a 30 year old scrote and he abused you it’s not because of your age and you’re a little girl, he’s just abusive and you picked poorly.

No. 1682384

Did a young woman get with an older man you like? Women get abused by men of all ages. So it's womens fault for not vetting men better? It's our fault if we get abused? Got it.

No. 1682387

I'm saying nowadays, you won't see that age difference nowadays because women are much more independent - that age difference nowadays only exists in reddit tier loser to loser relationships where both partners care about having someone to be with rather than someone their age to relate to, they probably can't find someone their age either and settle out of desperation.

And I've never gotten abused but you probably will as you go for old men and blame abuse on women. As I said, most women who blamed Amber were abusive victims that once blamed themselves when their husbands or bfs abused them. Women like you who victimblame are the ones who go and get abused, women who blame women in abusive situations, women who go for older desperate men, women who believe it's ok to date men who are much more powerful financially, women who were raised in families like yours.
You're the one who will get abused although you're going to accuse everyone of getting cheated on or beaten because they disagree with you here.

No. 1682388

>women get abused by men at all ages

Exactly. You didn’t get abused because you’re a child, you got abused because the scrote is just abusive. 21-24 is old enough to know a garbage scrote unless you’re from some kind of religious cult or home schooled.

No. 1682389

>admitting your own mother was as desperate for old men just like you
Ok what does this add to the argument?
You're saying a woman should know what an abusive man is at 21 yet you still can't tell the redflags yourself. How old are you? You sound like an aging woman who's scared she won't be able to play the 21 year old that goes for older men role anymore. That's why you're bitter.

No. 1682390

Johnnys deep is a drug addict, alcoholic, rotting teeth, let his 14 year old daughter date a 25 year old man etc…how could a person see a man like that and not know the relationship will go down hill?oh right he’s rich.

No. 1682391

>let his 14 year old daughter date a 25 year old man etc…

No. 1682393

>you must be older and jealous of young women

This mentality is how many of you end up in shitty relationships with older scrotes in the first place. When you are warned you to claim jealousy and when it goes bad the scrote is now a pedo and a groomer.

No. 1682396

File: 1693390782591.jpeg (93.38 KB, 634x668, 3556A617-7746-4819-BA49-F32085…)

Ash stymest was 25 and she was 14

No. 1682397

How you can see that abuser scrotes explicitly target the young and/or naive and yet still blame those women for being abused is baffling.

No. 1682400

>target younger women to abuse
This is true for women under the age of 21. I think the abusive scrotes are genuinely attracted to 21-24 year old he picks and the abusive behavior has nothing to do with age. He would be abusive to any woman because that’s his personality.

No. 1682401

I'm arguing against age gap relationships, retard. The anon who's defending 30+ year old men who go for 21 year old girls and blaming 21 year olds sounds like one of those women in age gap relationships who's growing old and because of that, losing her shit.

No. 1682403

Because as I said, she's a woman who wanted to date those old men but when she started getting older and realized the men who only wanted her for her age now want other 21-24 year olds, she starts attacking them and blaming them.

No. 1682405

I think it does have to do with age, males that age know that younger women are more naive. That's why based anons on this website need to keep blaming moids (it is a moids' fault he's