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File: 1698850388043.jpg (19.47 KB, 540x360, 360_F_460972112_DLymoVcD7TjRiu…)

No. 1747132

Screech into the oblivion. A place to say how you really feel without other people feeling entitled to give you shit for it.

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

>Newfags please follow this rule and integrate. You will be reported if you insist on responding to other's posts. Previous threads had anons banned because of this.
>Don't forget to copy paste the OP onto the new thread.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1650373

No. 1748159

Even your insults don't make much sense. The way you try to degrade and insult people is always filtered through that weird permanent narcissistic lens you have where people aren't their own people, they are exactly what you decide you want them to be. Your perspective on people is never right, its always the same overinflated negativity born of your low-stimuli, NEETesque life. You are way too old to be viewing all people like this. The gag is that you will likely never grow up and will be doing this forever, too up your own ass to realize a majority of people don't like you for it.

No. 1748469

You should feel grateful I’m standing by your side after all you did to me. Do you know what our friends did every time you talked shit about me? They told me and even showed me proof. If you didn’t leave your social accounts open at my house, I would never have guessed how “tiring” I was, according to you, while I was having the worst time of my life. I will never forgive you for that.
Also, I think it’s pretty low how you went to your “secret” account and even posted some screenshots of our conversations. I’m supposed to be the closest one to you and that’s how you treat me?
Do you know every time I kept distance from someone was because they told me so many time I should cut ties with you? They kept repeating me how toxic you are, even when I did the unthinkable for you, even when I did the effort that I did for no one else.
And even now you know I’d do anything for you because that’s just the way it is. You’re just a spoiled brat who didn’t get their way this time but I don’t feel sorry for you. I knew this hit with reality was coming one way or another.
Maybe you should try to look yourself at the mirror and think if you’re the kind of person you’re always talking you are because honestly, I wouldn’t wish anyone to be like you, ever.

No. 1748479

Grifters really do speedrun phases so quickly, it's wild. They shrug other people's personalities and interests on and off so quickly, trash and recycle things, change their entire cadence and way of speaking on a WHIM. Miserable ass lives where they pretend to be whole and virtuous and spiritual while being the absolute opposite off their social media, they're always the most vile, self-obsessed, self-involved and shallow people who are interested in nothing except low-effort attention and praise. They always put everyone under a cruel and bizarre microscope while saying anyone who criticizes their way of thinking or their own toxic mythicized mediocrity as ableist or whatever other buzzword they can think of to avoid accountability for the horrible things they do. They stalk people while pretending to be self-reflecting überoriginals with special and innovative ideas when all they do is copy, mimic, and bastardize on a loop. They are so entitled and enraptured by their own self-serving delusions that they truly believe that what they have to offer is innovative and deserving of the highest of praise, all while being some of the worst BPD narcissists you will ever encounter. When they wear a humble facade its even more uncanny-valley. Anyone who doesn't kiss their ass is public enemy no.1. Anyone who knows their true motives or has evidence of their private monstrosity is The Worst Person Ever Who Deserves To Die. The most tiring, melodramatic emotional vampires masquerading as oracles LMAOO.

No. 1748567

This hurts so fucking bad

No. 1749135

Stop using your friends for meaningless Twitter clout. Let inside jokes stay inside jokes. People use group chats and dms for a reason, we don’t all want all our thoughts yelled out to the world because you think it could get you 10 likes. Everyone is not in on your chronically online eceleb delusions because you have followers.

No. 1749555

It's all so fucking miserable and cruel. I can't spend my time like this. I'm supposed to be a compassionate person. I cherish the memories of good times, but this will always be a skeleton in my closet. I'm closing the door now and hoping for the best.

No. 1749681

File: 1698997940068.gif (5.72 MB, 640x480, fuck.gif)

it's all so tiresome

No. 1749708

People who have strong narcissistic tendencies and other toxic people are known for their manipulation tactics. Some of them are consciously cunning and deceiving. While others are more primitive and blunt in their disturbing behaviors.

Whatever the case may be, such people tend to project heavily, not take responsibility for their actions, blame others, and use gaslighting.

Here are some of the things abusers and toxic people say to their victims, and what it means:
s for your own good. Meaning, you should be grateful, not upset.

Youre too sensitive. Meaning, your reaction to my toxicity is unreasonable.

Its your fault.Meaning, I did nothing wrong here; it’s you.

You deserve it.Meaning, you are deserving of being mistreated.

Dont be so dramatic. Meaning, you’re overreacting and instigating conflict.

You are so cold, cruel, and lack forgiveness. Meaning, you shouldn’t hold me responsible for my hurtful and manipulative behavior.

You made me do it. Meaning,I have no control over myself in this instance; you’re responsible for what I did.

No. 1749713

I wish I had never chosen teaching as a career. I’m 29 but look 15. I just got off an interview with 2 principals and they kept commenting on how young I look and that children would eat me alive blah blah blah. I spent years studying and getting a teachers certificate for what? To be treated this way!? I wish I had chosen something else. I hate this so much.

No. 1749800

>kept commenting on how young I look and that children would eat me alive blah blah blah
Are they retarded? The chillens treat EVERY teach like shit.
At least you know that this administration wouldn't give a damn about the harassment you'd face and would act like you brought it upon yourself for just being who you are. Don't walk away–run!(vain bitch)

No. 1749966

I wish female sexuality was not such a huge debate. I wish mine in particular could just be left alone. And I guess it is, but I'm always aware of people on the periphery who would love to tell me that I'm wrong, or retarded, or that my life works in a way it does not. I'm a lesbian. I've always known it, the minute I properly hit puberty I felt intense desire for other girls and some grown women. Like any other lesbian raised in (barf) heteronormative society, I thought maybe I was bi, but all through high school not one boy caught my eye. I explained it away as them just being ugly— every single one!— and assumed there were more attractive boys elsewhere. Meanwhile I was exclusively crushing on, kissing, and dating girls lmfao. The only straight marriage I could imagine for myself was sad and sexless, but I kept the bi label since I'd been forcefed tranny koolaid. Once I snapped out of it and saw the feminist truth, it became very obvious that the common denominator in every romantic and sexual relationship I have ever had was PUSSY, whether that woman called herself female or not. It's so funny too because I once had an online friend, a girl larping as cis male, who was exactly my type. But because I believed she was a guy, I had literally no interest. I'm a lesbian. Literally gold star. And somehow this still isn't enough for people?

No. 1750370

meow fuck out the wayyyy

No. 1750421

I'm stuck with fucking men trying to talk about stories I like and they always going on about how they want to rape the female characters, how they probably give good head, super slut, bet their vaginas are wet, it's all so fucking awful.
In all honesty, at this point I'd be okay with it if it were at least in character. The character they're talking about is clearly conservative about her sex and clearly the dominant in the relationship between her and the main character! Be consistent you pieces of shit! You don't even understand that what makes the relationship or characters interesting to begin with!! I hate men so fucking much, they don't care about the fucking story at all and do nothing but bitch and moan about how the story is terrible because the female character didn't take off her shirt and beg the mc to give her babies when they're not spamming their retarded erp!! I hate men so much!!!

No. 1750439

"You have a headache again? It's probably due to your diet, you should work out more" I am having a headache because I'M FUCKING CRYING MYSELF TO SLEEP EVERY NIGHT AND THE PRESSURE BUILDS UP AND TRIGGERS A MIGRAINE YOU FUCK. Everything is so fucking miserable and you're not making it any better. I'm going to push a bunch of people off a cliff and set their dead pile on fire, I swear.

No. 1750498

You are such a boymom. Poor saint brother can do no wrong ever and it's so sad that once he cried in front of you and boohoohoo his life is so tough; I lost my shit and howled in front of you because I was in so much pain mental and physical that I was ready to swallow every goddamn pill in a five-mile radius just to die, apparently that's just my usual, is it? Perhaps you haven't noticed the complete and total avalanche of my personality and my mental health since you yanked the rug out from under me two years ago. That's lucky for you, because everyone else who knows me noticed and I've lost everyone and everything I held valuable. My life is a fucking suicide waiting to happen because of YOUR fucking fiscal irresponsibility, but PLEASE do go on about how poor widdle bwother has such a HARD LIFE because now and then he has to take care of his own fucking dog. At least he lives somewhere with actual hot water. Fuck the pair of you cunts.

No. 1750509

Move on already. That was never them, all of it was just a projection of your own problems. You haven’t changed as much as a person as you think you have, and you won’t until you realize that nothing in life is static, you can make a new life just like they have.

No. 1750512

Shut theeeeeee fuck up oh my god

No. 1750538

Honestly this is gonna seem pretty narcissistic and all but I was apparently at least 3 people's gay awakening, which is a very ironic thing cause I'm actually against all that.

I'm sure they were just confused at the time, like I doubt they actually wanted to date me but the attraction was there so…

Why I'm sure it's just a fluke is because it was an all-girls school, and I guess I was the person who fit the "typical" male criteria the best, so they hopped onto me.

The reason why I'm thinking about this now, well into college, is because two of the girls I had ghosted after school ended (they're still friends with each other) apparently "had to get it out of their system", so that's cool. And the third one was an ex-friend/enemy of theirs that the just decided to out cause… spilling others' secrets is fun? Tbf though, I had my suspicions with the last one cause she was openly gay and I was basically her wingman (I was* an open-minded kid), but yknow when you have some doubt about something and instead of delving into it deeper you just look the other way and ignore it? That's what I did.

Anyways, I know it's just the direct result of being the stoic therapist friend to a bunch of confused teenage girls at the time, but man does it evoke some unpleasant and unwanted emotions. I feel ultimately… guilty.

Guess I had to get it out of my system too.

No. 1750557

You spit at my face you fucking bitch. If it wasn't elder abuse I'd fucking deck you. You're to sit in that fucking chair for the next 30 minutes until dinnertime and you're not getting snacks before then.
"I'll beat you if you don't let me sit over there" bitch it takes you three minutes to stand.

No. 1750607

Kind of harsh, but even though you get under my skin and annoy me, I'll never be able to look as ugly and fat as you so I win.

No. 1750675

I'm really afraid that after all this time and internal work, I'm only ever really fully attracted to gay men. I don't like flamboyant gays, but there's a certain subtype of artist I always go for who's gentle and emotionally intelligent. It's like every straight man I've been with was somehow unfinished and these other men have whatever they were missing. It's probably just a combo of knowing what it's like to suffer and emotional intelligence but it's like..devastating me right now. What the fuck is wrong with me. I hate this, and I'd prefer to just not thank you.

No. 1750756

File: 1699066267371.jpg (64.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Oh no.
U referenced a character i dont like by the mere name.
What's next?

Are you going to reference the BLACK character now as though you ACTUALLY cared about, if not him and his honest to fuck backstory, them even though they can pass off as ANYONE today depending on whatever the size of the pedestal they're put on?

I think I'm gonna do a Poopsie in my pantyhoes!

Not the black character!

Pleaaaase! Anything but the black character!!!

OH NOEZ, the black character!!

No. 1750761

File: 1699066415309.jpg (5.22 KB, 347x145, descarga.jpg)

No. 1751296

SHADY ASFFFFF COMEBACKS!! You are painfully retarded

No. 1751309

File: 1699081303664.jpg (51.28 KB, 422x350, 1687827438251328.jpg)

Sorry but it will never not be clockwork when a man is literally abusing you and obsessed with you in an unfathomably mentally ill way and their comeback to you listing off all the horrible things they do is "oh yeah well you're hurrrrr hurrrr UGLY!" So are you, miserable faggot. You're ugly, you're abusive, and you spend painstaking hours trying to craft your public persona and appearance to counteract exactly that. You're a butterface at best and that only accounts for the baseline because there is nothing at all remarkable about you. Seethe and stalk forever until it ends in your ruin you glorified incel.

No. 1751353

Yeah your glamorous and enviable life of being a creepy faggot and deleting your tweets in 13 seconds because you want people to see them in notifications but don't want the deserved heat you'd get for being a raging cunt and a liar hehe

No. 1751360

I get why lesbians are wary about bi women and I know my case is not the norm, but it's pretty wild how the three lesbians I've dated who have berated or at least shown disdain over me IDing as bi (plus a LOT of insecurity about being left for a man) have eventually started dating men, meanwhile I have successfully made it to 30 without having dated or even crushed into any males. At least I've been honest about my very tiny, minuscule posibility I might find a man hot every once in a blue moon lol enjoy your moids

No. 1751361

Nothing I say matters

No. 1751385

Btw no amount of your lying or posturing changes it. Never will.

No. 1751401

It's fucking impossible to use 4chan's /co/ board because of all the pedoshit posted on there. It drives me mad.

No. 1751552

LMAO "I was sent to a former residential school because I am trans" Bro you're white and went to a Catholic high school where a residential school used to be before it was torn down in the 50s. Holy fucking victim points.

No. 1752800

File: 1699146273118.jpg (45.63 KB, 641x337, droogs.jpg)

They remind me of you (plural). In fact the parallels are uncanny.

No. 1752829

I wonder if your workplace would be interested in knowing you like to bully people online, you passive-aggressive cunt. Hmm. I wonder.

No. 1752971

It's hilarious that you think you're such a subtle manipulative genius and that you're giving yourself an alibi with every obvious, intentional post, especially when what was said had nothing to do with your retarded narc ass. We counted and the amount of times you've done that is getting close to the number 100 than it is to 50 KEK. We could say "abuse is bad" and you'd make an entire dissertation of mental gymnastics championing it just to demonize your opposition. You aren't being opposed because people are evil haters, it's because you're a haggot defending abusers and infantilizing their actions and playing victim in the situation where you're a foul evil piece of shit. The most hilarious response was about the scat thing that had nothing to do with you and you were essentially crawling out of your skin to respond about it. You do that shit on MAIN bitch you are dumber than a box of rocks.

No. 1752973

Nobody gives a fuck.(vain bitch)

No. 1753392

File: 1699170702591.png (543.67 KB, 750x716, thumbs up.png)

you 100% deserved it you cock-sucking faggot, i do not regret a single thing i said to you back then. seethe harder.

No. 1753402

Oh my god it’s the get it off your chest thread you literal psycho

No. 1753461

lord grant me the strength…………….

No. 1753721

Nothing I ever did or said to you when we were both children would justify the way you've betrayed me. If you never want to forgive me for how I used to be that's entirely within your right, that doesn't change the fact that you've done something terrible to me. I wouldn't do that to you even if I hated your guts. But I don't. I love you unconditionally. And I always will. Maybe one day you will understand why I had to cut you off but for now you are too childish and focused on your own survival to see reality. I genuinely hope you get out of your situation okay. I don't want him to hurt you but nothing anyone is saying is getting through to you. I just hope you know that if you ever need my help and are willing to apologize I'll welcome you back with open arms sobbing my eyes out. I miss you more than I can bear.

No. 1754086

I can't fucking stand my husband's parents!!!!!!!

No. 1754090

> (vain bitch)

No. 1754939

You lack anything beyond basic intelligence and I don't like being related to you. You argue like a typical moid, always missing the point and making false equivalencies. You also lack true empathy and yet you're naive and always giving benefit of the doubt to those whom are undeserving. If you didn't see/hear someone do something blatantly evil with your own ears/eyes, you're ready to forgive them when they lie and pretend that what they were saying/doing was your misunderstanding. You'd have no problems being friends with a rapist and probably justify it as "well he's funny and he never did anything bad to ME", you absolute retard.

No. 1755048

You spent the whole trip bar-hopping, which you could do at anytime anywhere, you stupid shit. There was so much else you could have been doing or seeing. Instead, you did the one thing anyone with half a brain knows not to do- You willingly went off with pushy strangers to one of those skeezy scam bars while sober, knowing what was likely to happen, "for the experience", you dumb motherfucker. You wasted my efforts and blatantly ignored my warning about a completely avoidable incident. You deserved consequences more severe than getting drugged and only nearly having your pockets ran. Because of that, you missed the concert of your favorite band the next day that I pulled strings to get you tickets to, that you claimed would really make your first trip there special, since you were hung over. Honestly, I hope you don't get to come back. It was all wasted on you.

No. 1755127


No. 1755129

samefag, I'll specify : This man persisting me for art commissions, this dude asking to hang out with me, my dad, etc. I just want to hang out with my female friends, but I've been so busy with classes.

No. 1755231

Mental illness severe mental illness

No. 1755640


No. 1755811

You’ll find what you’ve wanted once you let yourself finally move on.

No. 1756086

File: 1699308531239.gif (31.15 KB, 99x128, 1652971023885.gif)

Let's get retarded in here
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No. 1756092


No. 1756229

i sometimes wonder if i'm cute under all this fat or if i'm just fat and ugly. i can change the fat thing, but i don't know how i actually look. i've been called cute by some people but i think they're saying that cus as a fatass i'm percieved to be insecure or some shit- it's like "you look like you give good hugs" or maybe my face does have potential. idk… i've been told with brutal honesty that my voice is the only good thing about me. it's one of those rare superficial thoughts but sometimes i wonder. i've been cutting down on my food alot lately though… or trying. still eating like shit but so long as it doesn't exceed 1800 calories i'm alright i think.

No. 1756480

I wish the worst possible I mean thee WORST possible redacted redacted for you imaginable. Fucking idiot.

No. 1756790

I'm so grateful to have you. You're my dearest best friend. Not many people have a best friend, especially one who calls them a best friend back, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have you as mine. You brighten up my life. Thank you.

No. 1757330

Everyone wants to stick together but I need to go my own way and find .my own tribe. I'm not a child anymore, stuck in a strict religious way. Things end for a reason.

No. 1757609

I miss when we were both stupid losers together and things weren't so serious.

No. 1757985

today's the day i finally jump. it's cheaper to just die.

No. 1758263

Why are you so damn complicated??? I just want to go on road trips and have dogs with you, you stupid idiot.

No. 1758406

I almost felt bad about you getting “cancelled” but I don’t anymore. I genuinely hadn’t thought of either of you in a long time until you popped up in that other thread offering your dumb bitch take on a situation you know nothing about (hint: it’s not about you). I’m glad what happened to you happened to you. You’re both grifters, attention whores, and legitimately terrible people.

No. 1759280

The ugly fat bitch energy that radiates from some anons is so palpable I swear I can smell them in their sweaty, dingy bedrooms surrounded by rotten microwave dinners and crusty underwear. Scrolling on 4chan half the day being infected with moid toxins and then bringing it back here, genuinely believing they are based because the only emotion they know how to express is rage, pompous attitudes that permeate every corner of the website making it almost impossible to have fun here. No one wants you here, your opinion means less than nothing. Lay down, curl up, pass away. You're worthless.

No. 1759402

You immediately liking every single of my Instagram stories is both creepy and pathetic as fuck. You keep clearly seeing and reacting to my content but you can't answer to one fucking message I sent you months ago? First you ignored me for months and now you are trying to shower me with attention but you still can't answer to that one "how are you?" message. You liking stupid shit I post on Instagram doesn't make up for ignoring me for ages and making me feel like a fool for thinking we were pretty good friends. I feel so stupid for ever having any feelings for you when you ignored me so easily for literal months. I spent an embarrassing amount of time pining for you but it's over motherfucker, I don't give a shit any more. Keep liking my pictures and fucking seethe for never receiving any back. Fuck you.

No. 1759431

Stop using cursive randomly I'm begging you

No. 1759627

I'm always going to keep a good distance, I hope you aren't disgusted by me yet, it's just that I can't help it, I want to enjoy the few moments we meet. Yes, I am that lonely, it's so obvious it makes me feel even worse. I wish you understood that deep down this is all admiration, I simply think you're great.

No. 1759699

I shoplifted again
I just wanted to eat something other than rice, beans and cheap shit
I stole a piece of cheese and blueberries
I feel guilty but more than anything I feel like a failure

No. 1759702

Funerals are crazy expensive tho(Vain bitch)

No. 1759803

Archive goes back much farther than that baby

No. 1759807

You are SO angry that we don't want retarded fujoshi using this as their discord server while contributing literally nothing else kek. Unironically, (You) are the ones with fat bitch energy. We aren't moidlike or 4chanesque for telling you that you suck. Get over it.
>inb4 I'm not a fujoshi
Stop lying you're the only ones crying and feeling oppressed right now(vain bitch)

No. 1759962

I miss you so much, even though you don’t care about me

No. 1759970

??? That post was about misogynistic NLOGs. What in the self-report?(vain bitch)

No. 1760003

Why would you rather spend time with people you don’t even like? Why don’t you want me in your life?

No. 1760195

to the nonny who stole cheese and blueberries *I SUPPORT YOU!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T FEEL BAD!!!!!!!!!

No. 1760252

What you do may be technically legal for now but you will burn in hell for eternity for it!

No. 1760320

Leave me alone you freak!!! You think you're some sort of expert manipulator but you are so retarded your attempts are absolutely transparent. Every time I give you an opportunity to be honest you dig yourself deeper. I'm done giving you chances. Don't talk to me ever again.

No. 1760337

Omg mood

No. 1760424

Your attempts to victimize yourself when you are genuinely an evil person are crazy.

No. 1760442

The truth is we're not actually close and I'm pathetically clinging to our friendship because without you, I'll be completely alone.

No. 1760563

stop having fucking kids. this world is beyond fucked I can barely afford to feed myself your future school shooter can go without their 80th fidget shein garbage toy for Christmas. I would say get fucked but clearly you did 5 times idiot.

No. 1760654

File: 1699508652981.jpeg (51.89 KB, 529x787, IMG_0256.jpeg)

No. 1761119

I know I should probably get out and not look back but I can't help but hesitate. I guess I'm reluctant because if I quit, I'd be diving into the unknown, and this thing had a ton of potential… Until he ruined it. So if it's all messed up now, shouldn't I cut my losses? But then again, maybe things aren't so screwed after all, and maybe I'm just throwing away my best chance at a good life.
My friends are no use. Just "do what you think would be best, it's up to you." I know it is, and that's the problem. I feel like such a kid, I don't know what to do and need someone to tell me. I'm scared of picking wrong. I wish that God could speak the answer out loud to me because I'm too dumb and scrambled in the mind to see the right path. And I miss my cat.

No. 1761708

'Haunted' doesn't even begin to cover it. You are going to be so comfortable before it happens. You are going to be confidently wrong, bold, stupid, and swimming in your own ego when you realize.

No. 1761881

File: 1699528882583.jpeg (195.72 KB, 828x461, IMG_0617.jpeg)

my boyfriend was scammed out of £1000 after me and the postal workers it turns out - TOLD him it was a scam. Why do men never listen? I'm fucking raging.

No. 1762304

To the nonny who said they're coming straight from 4fagz/kw with the moid toxins you were %100 correct, I'm sorry I doubted you

No. 1763006

I don’t even look at it leave me alone!

No. 1763865

File: 1699601220616.gif (1.21 MB, 220x381, IMG_2249.gif)

please persevere with me.

No. 1763891

Lifeless fucking faggot. Need I remind you.

People who have strong narcissistic tendencies and other toxic people are known for their manipulation tactics. Some of them are consciously cunning and deceiving. While others are more primitive and blunt in their disturbing behaviors.

Whatever the case may be, such people tend to project heavily, not take responsibility for their actions, blame others, and use gaslighting.

Here are some of the things abusers and toxic people say to their victims, and what it means:s for your own good. Meaning, you should be grateful, not upset.

Youre too sensitive. Meaning, your reaction to my toxicity is unreasonable.

Its your fault.Meaning, I did nothing wrong here; it’s you.

You deserve it.Meaning, you are deserving of being mistreated.

Dont be so dramatic. Meaning, you’re overreacting and instigating conflict.

You are so cold, cruel, and lack forgiveness. Meaning, you shouldn’t hold me responsible for my hurtful and manipulative behavior.

You made me do it. Meaning,I have no control over myself in this instance; you’re responsible for what I did.(reddit spacing)

No. 1763902

Why why why are you doing this to me

No. 1763913

Once an abuser, always an abuser. I hope they cut it off of you and everything KEK

No. 1764069

I think you’re projecting onto me, but that may be me projecting onto you my projecting. Okay maybe it’s both, can’t even measure who’s was more spiteful but does it even matter.

No. 1764169

Just gonna sit here and wait until you come crawling back because all of a sudden I'm shiny and interesting again, and holy shit am I going to just relish being able to tell you to go fuck yourself, fair-weather 'friend'. And to take your new bff with you when you do. KEK.

No. 1764176

I hope to god it's not true

No. 1764838

Great, another punch in the gut…thanks for not giving a shit. I don't understand you.

No. 1764936

I should've known better than to ever trust a man. Now, I've been through plenty of shit in my life but never ever has something made me seriously consider off'ing myself and hurt me as bad as you. You sold me something that was never real and was never going to be, yet you're the one saying that you want a genuine connection, to find "the one", even fucking marriage, like I wasn't going to give all of that and myself to you on a silver platter. Like all men, you probably think that the grass is greener somewhere else, that you could "do better" and that you've got plenty of time to find someone else. I hope you'll soon enough realise that this is not the case and that you're past your prime and all that will be left of you is a shitty personality that no woman would want in a partner. I'm an idiot for turning plenty of other people down because of you. I could've just fucked around with anyone but I didn't because I was loyal to someone who never saw any worth in or future with me. No one chases after you, don't be delusional. I feel stupid for crying over you so many times and breaking down in public even when even strangers told me that I'm too good and too pretty for you. I've never lost control over myself like this before I met you. I was the kind of "devoted" woman you're looking for and you'll never find another one like me again because I'll admit that other women have way more self respect than me and would leave you right as they start smelling your bullshit. Men deserve nothing in general but you deserve even less than that. What was all of this for? You/we've turned into everything that you told me you/we'd never be. I should've believed my own father when he told me that men will always tell you more lies than truths and not to trust them. Straight from the horse's mouth but I was too delusional, deaf and blind to see reality. I let you in, just for you to turn me inside out and toss me aside after you were done using me without any remorse. Now I just feel like only a suit of skin is left because there's nothing inside of me anymore. No spine because I lost it while trying to bend myself over backwards for you and no soul because you destroyed all the warmth that I had left. No one recognises me anymore. Not my friends, not my coworkers, not my family and I don't even know who the fuck I am after all of this either. I can't believe my judgement was this clouded and I can't believe there was a time where I used to trust you so much. That you'd never hurt me, that you were mature, that you'd offer me stability. What a fucking fool I was. I never would've thought you'd do me like this. No one did but for some fucking reason you chose to hurt me.

No. 1765080

I did nothing all day today and it makes me feel bad about myself

No. 1765173

Everything you revolve around is negative as fuck do you ever get tired of yourself and your egomania the way everyone else does

No. 1765176

It has reddit spacing because it's a copy and pasting article about abuse you fucking retard

No. 1765648

Omg the aunties from Bedevilled (2010) are so much like you

No. 1765853

Nonnies, I’m despairing. All my friends are transitioning. They all talk about phalloplasties and mastectomies and I’m going insane. They won’t listen to me. They won’t listen to me that it’s a bad idea, they still love and care for me but it doesn’t seem to click that they’re mutilating themselves. I want them to be happy and I don’t want them to doom themselves to a life of being permanent patients.

No. 1766180

i fucking hate living you with you and i hope you rot in hell for eternity. it gives me satisfaction knowing that you will never be able to get a real job and will marry some moid who will cheat on you while you take care of his kids all day. you are a waste of space.

No. 1766221

If you really can't understand or accept why I didn't visit you guys during the one weekend I've visited home in ten years, while my father is extremely sick and I'm trying to avoid running into people who have literally threatened to kill me, that's all on you. Your lives are so intertwined with theirs that I would have been actively unsafe with you. Refusing to discuss this with me or even let me apologize for making you feel excluded indicates that I made the right decision to avoid you. I love you all so much and will probably give you a large length of time to respond because it hurts to know that I hurt your feelings. If you never do, if this ends with me as the villain in your narrative…that's fine. I don't mind if all my connections to the people connected to my abusers disappear. I had hoped to cling to some of them but at this point it doesn't feel worth it. If I want to break these cycles I have to stop seeking approval from people who think fucked up shit is normal, like you.

No. 1766434

Is it possible for you to talk about anything or anyone but yourself?

No. 1766436

Call me back fuck

No. 1767931

I'm sorry for everything.

No. 1768440


No. 1768816

You left for a week and couldn't be bothered to text me at least once a day or talk to me for a few minutes to tell me what's going on? It doesn't take much time. You left me in the dust.

No. 1769313

Calling me a Karen for venting about my job when you never leave your apartment except to chain smoke on your balcony is not the own you think it is. My instinct is to be offended, but when I remember I have my whole life ahead of me and you're already such a hefty old beast it's like instant catharsis.

No. 1769316

i got the flu nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1769416

File: 1699872021527.gif (1.7 MB, 540x220, b77effbfc9770d96f98b055a383459…)

All smiles. Smiley face emoticon. What a life you have!

No. 1771817

Lame attempt at whatever that was. I do not care anymore and you shouldn’t either.

No. 1771897

File: 1700013998623.jpg (21.15 KB, 480x360, 95d04a94028f669f4a9e446528760f…)

Stupid women be like "leave him alone!!! He's just some little guy!!!" And this is the 'some guy'in question

No. 1772505

miss those nights driving across the state to see family, hills, distant city lights, just us siblings, gas station stops, listening to NOW cd's of current songs. all you guys fucked up our lives and became estranged. i miss the siblings we used to be, the family i used to have. this holiday season is so dead to me.

No. 1772525

I did it again! I have become obsessed with yet another older man! I am a waste of space.

No. 1772749

You are the fakest person I have ever had the misfortune to run into. I hope you choke, you worthless piece of shit.

No. 1773168

Is this your husbando nonnie, be honest(vain bitch)

No. 1773301

Probably because you pretend that's fair game when it isnt, it's just abuse. It never has been and never will be something other people you haven't manipulated will glorify or condone. You'll be lying in circles for the rest of your life which is soo ironic.

No. 1774000

my favorite part is you being like "and you'll never know" when we already knew and had for a long time. Hubris is amazing

No. 1774068

i miss you dad i wish you didnt pass so early and that birthday wasnt your last.

No. 1774212

People who feel like their uwu trauma makes them interesting are so pathetic.

No. 1774334

I hope my neighbor gets an anal prolapse while she's loudly fucking her boyfriend.

No. 1774340

File: 1700148264878.gif (83.13 KB, 498x362, DB946A56-EA58-4C26-B3BC-43BECC…)

Bruh what are you being such a bitter hateful shit for, there was no reason for that. Shitting on other women’s taste just because you’re miserable and want to drag them down with you? I hope you never get what you want.

No. 1774346

I fuck my boyfriend as loudly as possible when he comes over, just to fuck with my annoying neighbor.

No. 1774404


I play the Aztec Death Whistle when my neighbor loudly fucks her boyfriend so he can never get it up again.(vain bitch)

No. 1774453

You're a bald bitch. You're malding so hard at me because you've got no friends no gf and you look like Darth Vader without his mask. What's with the fucking tape on your head too? I hope you have cancer and you're going to die soon. Or just off yourself you fugly walking egg. Making 5 COMPLAINTS ABOUT ME IN A MONTH and calling the police on me? Even management thinks you're nuts. She and the secretary told me they are on my side and they both think you're ott. You have a fucking fixation on me because I'm pretty and young the complete opposite of you, you look like danny devito when he was shaved bald and slithered out of the couch but without the charm. I hate you so much I want to do lilo and stitch style voodoo and make you death note yourself. I hate you so bad I hate you fat faggot I hate you

No. 1774520

File: 1700156830356.gif (608.07 KB, 500x259, 5FBDD318-3E6C-4B7B-83CB-FEFF37…)

Do itttt nonna(Vain bitch)

No. 1774536

me being crushed with the reality each day that he won't reciprocate romantically or sexually because he only finds that attraction in men. i'm not forcing myself on him i just feel silly for falling head over heels for a gay man after a bad relationship streak. lovely moid honestly. he has said time and time again that he questions if he is bisexual or perhaps is just biromantic and likes the bond and did tell me that he would consider "doing" me but he's not entirely sure (we were on the topic of prostitution and it turned into a conversation about intimacy lol wth) and i know that he would not enjoy it but a part of me believes there's hope I HATE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.
he has even said a female friend has made moves on him in the past and he could not find it in him to get erect. fucking hell why am i giving myself false hope… GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
aside from the bothersome attraction, i love him dearly. he's an amazing friend.

No. 1774586

Life is a struggle because the only man I’ll ever love is 75 and married to someone else with two kids. (Its Kevin Kline. Ive been in love with Kevin Kline since I was 7 and im so fucking bitter at Phoebe Cates but i still went and spent $100 in her overpriced store in new york because im an idiot lmfao)

No. 1774716

When you talk to me that way, it makes me not want to see you. I told you I can't make it to celebrate Christmas. I'm still traveling across the country to see you. This trip is expensive, long, and tiring. Why can't you be grateful? Why do you always make things more difficult than they need to be? I'm still going to see you! It just won't be on the exact day of the holiday. So what? At least we will be able to celebrate together. Stop being passive-aggressive and manipulating me with your tedious guilt trips. It makes me want to skip seeing you all together. You are so selfish and you can't even think of anyone else. Because our family is split, I have to attend THREE holiday celebrations. Do you know how difficult the pressure and stress of that is? It isn't my fault that you all don't get along. I know you're disappointed that we won't spend it together, but I can't believe you are making a big deal about this. What could be a happy time now has this stupid drama attached to it. You are 80 years old and this is pathetic behavior from a grandmother.

No. 1774727

I was just sharing some data that made me happy and literally said "this is nice to know" and you had to be a contrarian little "akshually" shit, right? Sometimes talking to you is so frustrating. You don't pay attention and when you do, you dismiss it. When will I learn.

No. 1774729

I have a school bully. (This is graduate-school level, so we're 20+, and it's ridiculous.) She gossips and whispers about me to classmates when I walk out of the room.
My crime is… being really good friends with her fiancé's ex girlfriend.
I have ideas for revenge, but I don't think I will.

No. 1775020

He is never gonna fuck you

No. 1775090

let me dream

No. 1775164

File: 1700191223357.jpg (17.18 KB, 413x413, F77vcyzWUAAAAiT.jpg)

Tbh saying I must be a fatty and raging because I won't show certain parts of myself isn't going to make me more likely to post a thing. I'm not stupid, I won't let any gross internet moid jack off to me, possibly identify me or put me in his cooooooomllection. Nitpicking my skin and accusing me of being another ethnicity to cover up the fact that you chimped out at me for saying men are evil changes nothing. You will never be a real woman, no matter how many times you insist you are and everyone else isn't, try to reverse uno and police what we discuss. The most high yellow 300lb woman still has everything you lack and pretend to have online. I wish you a terrible life.

No. 1775280

Of course it could only be the Genshinfag who had to kill the party.

No. 1775334

Stop touching me. Everytime I try to push you away, you keep putting your disgusting body parts on me. Get off of me.

No. 1775343

We love and care about our family and it’s difficult to understand why you don’t feel the same way. Is it worth burning your last remaining bridge?

No. 1775512

Then don't look, lying sociopathic cunt.

No. 1775517

Brainless retard anytime they dont like something : it insists upon itself
Brainless retard anytime they do like something: it's cohesive

No. 1776114

you spent all my money and maxed all my credit and still have the audacity to be a whiny needy little bitch on the daily, if I didn’t depend on you for money I’d fucking kill you

No. 1776277

He is lightyearsss out of your league dude oh my god

No. 1776385

I mean it when I apologize. Thanks. I also mean it when I say that I’m sorry that I ever tried to defend you, or stick up for you, or look out for you. But I also wish you the best. Go away now, please, go have fun with all your new and improved stds, but leave me be. please?

No. 1776402

You are such an insecure bitch. My spouse is nothing but nice to you, but all you do is take advantage of her. I hope she wakes up to realize you are a worthless bitch who is always trying to compare your wealth to ours.
STOP BEING INSECURE. That's your issue, not mine!

No. 1776432

You really believe you did nothing wrong? Go fuck yourself. I hope writing a book about this shit and about abusing your ex makes your ego get what it wants. 'Muh traumatized I cannot talk about video games now with a girl!!!' Fuck you for starting this whole drama all over again, my ex and I were just on good terms, we let each other go in good love, we are going to heal. Let my ex go to rehab in peace without bringing up this stupid drama again. Leave me the fuck alone. You're a futureless manchild. I don’t desire any contact with you, you don’t deserve shit. Ah yes, does assaulting me while I blacked out on my medication traumatise you? Oh little baby. Imagine how you’d feel in my shoes. Disgusting piece of filth.

No. 1776596

File: 1700296322594.jpg (35.65 KB, 735x705, 0c0d4ccaf3db01f6ec276d47a603c7…)

We were inseperable. The connection we had was undeniable and then you took it all away? I'm destroyed and I'm done. I'm gonna just fly into the sun.

No. 1776605

Lowkey bars(vain bitch)

No. 1776845

Hey can anyone please manifest my nigel's cat eating his face while he's asleep this morning? Love you all and thanks.

No. 1776857

God will tally up every time you yelled at that poor woman while she's sundowning and I hope His judgment is swift and brutal.

No. 1777182

There’s still time to stop you can be normal. What would she think of it? What would I think of it? You were on the right track.

No. 1777408

File: 1700356109386.png (53.76 KB, 607x428, 1699681334488.png)

You are deescosstinqqqq oh my god

No. 1778126

Such a fucking loser you're incapable of picking your own topics and have to revolve everything around your unhealthy obsession. You aren't pissing anyone off, your ad libs just confirm that you're mentally disabled and will let anyone manipulate you as long as they're men. Lol.

No. 1778271

File: 1700402824419.jpeg (20.81 KB, 360x360, 4RGfve1i_400x400.jpeg)

Jesus why do you have to correct me every time you get the chance? it's fucking annoying. also what the fuck is it with you defending trannies? this is disgusting I feel like puking

No. 1778519

want to lie about work experience on my resume but i also don't want to get arrested. i have someone who'll front for me and he owns his own business but i am still sweating. please let this fucking work for once

No. 1779262

Im kinda frustrated that there's no time for us to hang out cuz you're too busy, but you come in and interrupt me as I am doing my own thing to tell me what you just read about on reddit or something- every 10 to 15 minutes. It's hard for me to break focus this often and not be frustrated. I am glad youre enjoying your phone scrolling and want to share it with me, but maybe Id like to read in peace, or journal, or draw without being interrupted like this. And if you want to be near me for a moment, because you're lonely and miss me, why not accept the invite of an hour or two activity we could do together and you finish your work before/after that (while not stopping your tasks every 10 minutes to come see what I am doing so maybe the work actually gets done)?

No. 1779306

When I read in the chat that you no longer love me, it was okay for me. I thought you would stay for the physical aspect. I believed that if I gave you what you wanted, you would want to keep me in your life. When I realized you changed your mind because you suddenly felt ashamed of your fetish, I felt blindsided. I had become so good at satisfying your needs. I accepted you as you are. I never lost respect for you. Why were you disgusted with yourself? I gave you my openness and tolerance because I chose you. You were the person for whom I crossed boundaries. Sincerely. Without resistance. Even though it bothered me that you prioritized your desires over my peace, I suppressed my dissatisfaction, dealt with it within myself, and ignored what would be best for me. It didn't bother me that you fooled around with other women because I thought I owned your sexual loyalty, and that was enough for me. I just wanted to feel close to you. I wanted us to remain "us." I didn't want to accept that I couldn't hold onto you in any way. I exploited you financially because I thought you wanted to be exploited. I asked if any of your friends were interested in me because I thought it might turn you on. In the end, I apologized and asked if you hated me because I couldn't give you what you wanted. I felt ashamed because I didn't behave in a way that would make you want me. All I wanted was for you not to leave me. I wanted to be enough for you. I wanted to stay in your life.

Deep down, I think I knew that you despised me for it, and it made me depressed. My instinct, my gut feeling, or whatever you want to call it, knew you would leave when you found out the extent of my loyalty to you. But my head never listens to my gut. I ignored it to maintain my idealized vision.

You told me that alarm bells were ringing in your head. That you had a bad feeling about our agreement. You were probably starting to become afraid of me. But even then, I didn't want to believe it. Even then, I thought I still had a chance.

Even after all these years, I forget that most people don't want the love I can give. Probably because it's the same kind of love I crave in return, and I don't know how socially acceptable love works. Still, I never expected to receive it. I wanted to focus on giving and thought there would surely be someone who would appreciate or at least tolerate my willingness to sacrifice. It was my fault for thinking that someone who's mentally stable would be my match.

No. 1779379

File: 1700449921204.gif (1.73 MB, 200x149, w.gif)

Fuck this gay earth. Why couldn't it have been my plane that went down?

No. 1779381

Don't pretend you're ignoring me for a deadline you stupid fucking workaholic you are ALWAYS like this. You spend 10 hours a day working on your stupid fucking project that isn't even going to sell, you take out your frustrations on me and otherwise ignore me unless you want sex. God I wonder why our sex life is so bad when I'm building up resentment over how used you make me feel, you apologize but do nothing to fix it because you obviously prioritise your autistic special interest over my happiness. Why is trying to get you to go on a date or just talk to me about something other than IT like pulling fucking teeth?? You asked me why the relationship is dying but do YOU even like me anymore, or do you just let me stick around to cook you meals and be a punching bag?? I'm going to stop being a doormat and leave for good and your dumb ass won't even know why. I'm sick of trying. If you want to devote your life to your interest I won't stop you but I'm not going to compete with it to get the bare minimum of attention a gf should expect. you'll soon realize why none of your peers have girlfriends

No. 1779409

Well, I just got broken up with, completely fucking out of nowhere. There goes my life plans and my living plans, I cannot believe I ever fucking trusted this guy and shared so many intimate, personal, vulnerable details only for him to say that he doesn't like me romantically anymore and hasn't for a few months, but just didn't tell me because he didn't want to ruin that period for me. I'm so fucking done. I feel like a stupid fucking idiot piece of shit. It sucks so much to bring someone into your life so wholeheartedly and have them betray you like this.

No. 1779469

I don't even know how to feel. For years, I've thought you were dead. I thought if it turned out you were okay after all, I wouldn't be angry or ask any questions. I thought I'd be so relieved you were okay that it wouldn't matter. But I don't think I feel relieved. I think I feel angry, hurt, betrayed. I can't even tell anymore. I feel numb. I mourned you. I cried for you. I had nightmares about your tombstone. I checked the obituaries every day for 6 months. I got on a plane and wandered around your old haunts looking for you. That bingsu shop you told me about is gone now. I still have that necklace I meant to give you. I was looking at it just a few months ago, and decided I'd start wearing it to remember you by. Guess I don't need to anymore. But I guess you don't want it anyways.

Why didn't you tell me? Why vanish into thin air like that when you knew how it looked? When you knew what I thought happened? Didn't I mean anything to you? How could you do this? To me, to her? Were we the only ones who cared? I wish I could just be relieved, but I feel like an idiot. I know you saw my messages, I know you knew what I thought, I know you've been watching me all this time. All that grief, all those late nights crying, all those years of processing you were gone, and you've been here…for how long, exactly? How long have you been back? What were you doing and why? What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?How am I supposed to accept this? How am I supposed to go on like everything is normal? Who am I supposed to tell? Who would understand? I don't even understand!

And after all this time, you still don't even have the courage to tell me yourself. You won't even give her an explanation, and she was your best friend. You didn't even have the decency to tell us goodbye. She only found you on accident–were you really planning to just disappear like that for good? Don't you think we're owed an explanation? An apology? Anything? And the worst part is, part of me wants to just pretend I'm not angry, go back to how things were. But I can't even do that because you won't even face me. You've always been like this, but I forgave it because I loved you and because I thought you just didn't understand how much we cared about you. But this? I never thought you'd go this far. Why? I just want to know why.

No. 1779502

constant chest pain since 2017. i don't know why i haven't gotten it checked out either. but i'll be so pissed off if, as soon as i get a life worth living and start to want it gone, it'll turn out to have been a big deal. i don't have health insurance enough to see the GOOD doctors anyway just yet. life is cruel

No. 1779504

This has been rotting in my notes, but I kinda like it.

I don’t fucking get it honestly. Firstly, your dumbass assumes that I relate to Scott because I’m autistic or whatever, ignoring the fact that maybe it’s because he’s has a giant crush like I do. Ever consider that, idk, maybe not everything has to be connected to labels like that? This leads into my next complaint. You’re telling me you want to be a woman? You’re not a woman. You’re not. I don’t care how you dress, but if you’re going to go around claiming you’re a girl, then that’s retarded. The whole trans logic is complete bullshit once you unravel it, I don’t even know where to start it’s so bad. It’s like, you have to dress based on your pronouns, but you also don’t. Gender is a social construct, but people are also getting hormones pumped into them to change it. It messes bathrooms the fuck up. It messes up feminism and is based on patriarchy. The whole damn thing is so complex that most people can’t understand it unless they’re chronically online all the time. People are so quick to preach social justice nowadays that they don’t stop to think what the implications are of it. It gets even worse once you realize most trans people are socially awkward and greasy, like you are. I’m guessing that’s why you got left in a dorm with a retard like Edward. I hope your parents are extremely disappointed and that you look upon this era of your life with deep regret one day. You will, and I know it. All you trannies will 10 years from now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You will never, ever be a woman, I will never use she/her pronouns on you. Nothing can change my mind.

I guess I was right about one thing though. You let people walk all over you, you believe whatever people say. You’re letting the internet’s propaganda get the upper hand here and it’s only going to isolate you.

As for being friends, I’m gonna let you go. I was only using you to get my anger out on and vent to, anyway. People like you are disposable, I can find someone new and if they troon out, well, onto the next, because that just makes it all the more sad.

No. 1779519

Oh my fucking god I wish we could break this fucking awkward silence and just talk normally but I know we cant and I know it will never be like that. I want to be your girlfriend so bad and your voice is oddly soothing but i know that will never happen because youre taken. She already has your last name in her instagram username right now and youre not even married. We’d make awesome friends if i havent lost all passion for everything else in life. Youre one of the only subjects I can talk about at length. I shouldnt be angry but i am angry sometimes and i just wish that things turned out a little bit better for us. I want to hold you by the shoulders and scream intensely about how cute you are. Please tell me that this isnt completely unfixable.
Im not okay.

No. 1779702

Ok, so I'm yee olde good income earning, feminist woman, take no shit from no fuckin' scrotes.. but for like 2 hours I want to be ravaged by a hot psychopathic obsessive dude. He can fuck right off into eternity after (because I know the relationship would be toxic and fictional) But for two hours.. holy shit. I must be starting my period.

No. 1780216

Your uwu soft quirky online persona is so fucking fake when irl you're weirdly airheaded, cold, rude, gossipy and preachy about things you have no clue about. Did you know being hostile and rude towards someone who is severely depressed and was never rude to you is quite toxic? I was never there to visit your ass anyways so maybe know when to keep your mouth shut. Maybe you felt left out? I heard you still lash out at people when you feel left out even though you misunderstood the situation. They wanted to include everyone so maybe ask before jumping into conclusions. Oh yeah, it must have hurt when your pets loved to hang out with me. Lately I was on the verge of forgiving you but a little bird told me you hate my guts (I had a hunch). The feeling is mutual xoxo

No. 1780294

You keep telling people that but repeating it doesn't make it any less of a lie. You are mentally 12 years old.

No. 1780826

For once i'd like you to keep your fucking word and stop flaking out on me at the slightest inconvenience. You always have some excuse at my expense. Quit taking on other people's problems. Go to fucking bed on time. All that other shit, you could do literally ANY other time, but you and I only have a limited amount of time during the day when we can make plans. You don't respect my time after all, and I have to pretend to be okay with it, and that's definitely part of the problem. Just fucking spit out another excuse already so I can get on with my evening. Don't call, text. I don't want to waste any more time on hearing your lame shit.

No. 1780890

File: 1700541281078.jpeg (55.14 KB, 474x631, 1653788034702.jpeg)

Okay you freak just because you do that doesnt mean everyone else does

No. 1782155

I feel like it's impossible to talk about my interests without someone thinking I'm avatarfagging. I don't want to draw attention but there's no one else I can talk to about it.

No. 1782297

File: 1700612049416.jpg (290.62 KB, 1280x1774, Jodie Arias Feminine Urge.jpg)

I have an insatiable need to bomb a moid shelter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1782323

File: 1700613036702.jpeg (532.73 KB, 723x1000, E6006069-2AB3-4440-889E-3D3D92…)

You’re a midget with a trumpet player ego and Karla Homolka stare and can only get moids to stick around by suicidebaiting.

No. 1782361

i feel called out(vain bitch)

No. 1782464

No. 1782727

Are you trying to leave me clues on that thing or has schizophrenia activated, just tell me. I know you may like to creep, stop that I still care for you and want you to have a good life.

No. 1782827

We are both horrifically autistic and it makes things so, so fucking hard sometimes, but god I love you to a pitiful amount. I am begging you to understand all of the love I have for you and just let it be enough.

No. 1782868

I like you a lot but I hope we never talk again. What's the point of getting closer only to pull away again. I know you're not like this with others. I can't stand the thought that there are others, I hate that you're so kind to everyone. I just want to have you even though I have no idea what to do with you. That's why I don't buy anything just because I want it. I know I don't need it, I know it'll just collect dust no matter how much I want it. You are the same to me. I don't need you and you don't need me so let's end it once and for all. I'm too insane for casual friendships after all

No. 1782915

I know you think you have a banks level insult ability but you don't and whenever you try to drag people all you do is project. Autism really gives you crazy amount of confidence.

No. 1782923

I am officially done drinking. I can't have just a couple tallboys to relax, I will end up doing it every day or buying more the next time. I don't even savor the beers even my favorites anymore I just chug them to get drunk. I'm an alcoholic and I can't drink I simply can't have it. I was doing so well with my weight loss after I quit drinking and relapsing for just 2 weeks made me gain 6lbs my face is bloated and I feel miserable. I'm going back on track it was just a hiccup. I'm not letting it control me anymore

No. 1782929

I am SO fucking tired of having a skin picking disorder. It is hell

No. 1782947


No. 1783178

File: 1700674390182.jpeg (395.67 KB, 750x742, IMG_1815.jpeg)


No. 1783538

You keep trying that over and over and it never works. Fuck off and find a less vile hobby you worthless deluded misogynist.

No. 1784757

File: 1700724005469.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, 1700500134723.jpg)

Omg remember when you photoshopped it blue? What a weird and random thing for you to do, huh? You weren't abusing that woman at all right? You're completely innocent, everything is just a false narrative and anyone who distances themselves from your pathological bullshitting is practicing toxic positivity, remember?

No. 1784824

Can you just live your life don’t give me these scares anymore

No. 1785275

File: 1700755102725.jpg (14.3 KB, 548x540, i oughta.jpg)

Oh my god. I can't be the only one that sees what a creepy freak you are, I refuse to believe it. For my own sanity, everyone is just humoring you and acting nice, but sees through the bullshit. I have to believe. "Clever girl"?! Breathe, breathe…

No. 1786755

You like to complain that I'm "distant" and that we don't do anything together anymore. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe I don't want to be around a 30-year-old baby? Every time I have to stop what I'm doing to help you do simple things, I see you more and more like a child. You stop being my husband and become a child that I need to take care of because you can't do anything right. You are no longer my husband, you are a roommate with whom I share rent. You get offended when I say I have to be your mother, but you don't change any of the attitudes that make me call you that. I won't do anything to you anymore. It's not my problem that you don't have clean clothes to wear, it's not my problem that dinner has to be ready at X. I want to eat at Y and that's when I'm going to prepare my food.

No. 1788435

Oh wowwwwwwww why don't you just go ahead and have a threesome with them then?? "Best friend", my ass. I know you'd try to get with her if her and her boyfriend ever broke up. I fucking hate you. Fuck you. You deserve nothing.

No. 1788509

File: 1700951646989.jpeg (170.9 KB, 1536x1067, R (5).jpeg)

I will touch grass and forget that moid.

No. 1789571

Maybe you shouldn't be spending so much time fostering all these delusions that you're somehow inspiring jealousy or admiration in people who could not give a fuck if you lived or died then.

No. 1789586

You screech and demand respect? How about practicing respecting others and yourself first, you wretched cunt. You claim you say things out of respect, but it's apparent you don't. You and another old twat had the audacity to talk shit about people in front of that same person, yet you feel disrespected? Funny how much of an insufferable wanker you are. I hope you're happy eating like shit while having diabetes and being pessimistic, you bitch.

No. 1789620

You guys pretend to care about my health, but it's apparent you don't. Whenever I have a genuine concern, you dismiss and belittle me. I can say the medication has never worked yet you guys don't listen. I can state I have legitimate gastrointestinal issues and it's disregarded. It's obvious you don't believe me, and if I state anything to anyone else related to me, they'll be the same way. I don't know how many times do I have to clarify that I'm not lying for you to finally fucking listen to me. I know it won't happen. I've been planning on tapering some medications that have caused me more harm than good secretly. I'm tired of you pretending that you care when you don't. A lot of my issues were swept under the rug and I wasn't aware of them until years later. If you wonder why I don't talk to you guys, that's the reason why. I'm slowly planning on moving out of this shit hole house and I regret a lot of things that I've done the past 5 years. I should've moved out 2 years ago.

No. 1789640

It's funny that you pretend to be a victim when both of us were in the wrong when it happened. You're one of the biggest narcissist cunts I've ever met, yet you projected I was like your narcissistic relative onto me. You don't listen, and obviously you never learn. You reel others in by future faking them, tell them sob stories, and slowly afterwards start emotionally abusing them like what your relative did to you. You also verbally berate them as well, and you fucking wonder why others end up leaving you? Well that's why, you entitled bitch. I regret ever reacting to your smear campaign. If I didn't react to it, things would've probably been better for me. I also wish I never met you.

No. 1789657

Here's to two lardass cunts I used to know. To fatfuck #1, I cannot believe you're claiming to care about mental health when you bullied numerous people throughout your school years. You're one of the most if not the most narcissistic bitch I've ever met. You lost weight, sure, but you look doughy and lack muscle tone. You literally did it the wrong way and now you have a different type of obesity, congratulations. You're also one of the biggest poseurs I've ever met after a bunch of countless individuals, including my ex-gf. It's obvious you virtue signal one thing but are very malicious in reality. To fat fuck #2, my intuition about you was right all along. When I found out you're in your late 20's attracted to somebody barely out of high school, that set off my alarm bells. After finding out you have BPD, it all makes sense now. You constantly interrupt conversations and you never ever listen. Everything has to be about you. It's extremely laughable you and it's obvious you're lying, claimed you were anorexic at severe obesity, because you don't really know what anorexia is actually like, from somebody that was anorexic a decade ago. Your word salad text was full of assumptions about me, but since you never listen, you would've not known I have a decent memory and I never stated such things. You projection of you never listening onto me and assuming I thought horrible thoughts about myself says more about yourself than me. You should've never replied to my text and I'm very happy that I never gave you my new number and blocked you.

No. 1789880

I wish I could tell you that I love you…

No. 1789898

I’m sorry if that hurt you in some sense of lost control or if it’s about your memories of me or whatever. You seem attached to a static image of who you think I was, even if those weren’t negative I just don’t like it. I can move on while still keeping good memories, please don’t get stuck on me, you’ll find someone you click with again.

No. 1789993

this is just embarrassing lol are you a teenager or something

No. 1790017

You're so hypocritical and naive. Those nasolabial folds ain't looking very fresh in your cosplays

No. 1790020


No. 1790023

Maybe I can't live a life without art and creative expression.

No. 1790026

I hate cars

No. 1790051

Weird little obsessive man in his weird little shoes. So insecure and sad and small lol

No. 1790059

High grade flour doesn't mean high quality it means high gluten, idiot.

No. 1790079

Kinda flattering how those are seemingly the only interesting things you can pick out

No. 1790163

Oh my god would you faggots shut up

No. 1790172

i'm so horny i could be used as a biological case study.

No. 1790259

I'm tired of this stagnation. You know we're at a stalemate here. Nothing will happen, this is going nowhere.

No. 1790321

what do you think you're doing?

No. 1790536

oh well, at least its finally over.

No. 1790610

File: 1701065075842.png (894.88 KB, 984x1580, Dolly_Dearheart_(MSP).png)

You really thought that made you hardass

No. 1790823

Admire her from afar don’t get moidy

No. 1790903

File: 1701086999282.jpg (54.69 KB, 1024x895, 1639140144778.jpg)

God you're so loud, how can you not shut the hell up for one single second? It's a constant steam of inane babbling and then you wonder why no one listens to you. There's no way anyone can pay attention to anything important you might say if you talk with literally no filter. Get a grip and stfu

No. 1790913

All lies. I bet you're just telling me what I want to hear to give me some hope so that the news don't sound so shitty. How are you not ashamed???

No. 1791009

I really hope it's not what I think it is..

No. 1791044

File: 1701100878299.jpg (103.09 KB, 852x547, tumblr_13b80568159b6a51b224020…)

this isnt gonna go anywhere because you have completely dehumanized me in your mind. to you, im just a bad dog lashing out for no reason, and you are the poor perpetual victim in this situation. lol. acting like you havent treated me like garbage this entire time

No. 1791052

It's funny you assumed I was angry when in fact I wasn't. I've always had that neutral expression and your assumptions made you a bigger ass out of yourself. My intuition was right about you all along. I wish I never met you, and never had a conversation with you.

No. 1791140

You’re not talking to who you think you’re talking to.

No. 1791181

i can't stop myself from caring. i can't change how i feel. i cant make you care or change how you feels. i just have to somehow go so long without thinking about you that i forget. that's the only way. how am i so easily just forgotten? you're someone i talk to every day, the only person who actually sees that i exist, yet you do not give two fucks if i disappear forever. i'm nothing.

No. 1791206

I am in so much pain and I am so close to relapsing. I just want this pain to stop because I literally can't function anymore. My life is going down the drain because I can't get you out of my head while you couldn't care less about me..

No. 1791365

You’re a fucking bitch and i hope you have a miscarriage. Everyone knows you got where you are in this place because you fucked the manager.

No. 1791385


No. 1791616

File: 1701136223288.gif (266.9 KB, 498x370, panty-and-stocking-panty.gif)

LMAO we all know this is gonna go horribly wrong

No. 1791745


No. 1792185

File: 1701190730226.png (171.87 KB, 512x512, 773.png)

man shocked to find out mentally ill woman isnt a flawless uwu anime girl whos just kinda quirky, more at 11

No. 1792218

File: 1701193123054.jpeg (379.53 KB, 750x689, 86D33BF3-D6D1-486B-9B22-C5774B…)

FUCK worthless ass people with BPD. Which is most of them. Total borderline death. Nasty bitch if you think a guy you like has a dating history that you won’t like don’t fucking get involved with that guy and make the innocent ex girlfriend’s life hell you evil fucking fat grimy witch. wicked wicked evil witch I hope you and your 5’2 moidshitfaggot get what you both deserve for doing what you did. 0 accountability whatsoever for your objectively evil lowly actions and ITS SO FUNNY seeing your fat porky dirty meth addicted trashy flat ass moralsoy over a girl not stopping her girlfriend-having male friend flirting with her when you did so much worse and you know it you weirdo lol
why are all bpdcunts so keen on pretending they are faultless principled Angel saint totems of morality and correctness? I will never understand it and it’s sooooooooo fucking cringe watching them act so self righteous and scold people for doing things they also do, big ugly hypocritical cows the lot of ya! GO TO HELL FAT BPDSLUT and leave innocent women who are hotter smarter and better and skinnier and have more humanity than you, alone. And how the fuck are you gonna make fun of a woman SLIGHTLY older than you for prioritising her education, what the hell???? Is it because you missed out 2.5 years of school doing meth and sending your underage nudes to pedo racist moids and 40 year old nazis online you dirty, DIRTY whore cunt? Is it because your life revolves around whatever ugly pedo porn addicted scroterapist you’re infatuated with in the moment and cannot fathom other women having actual.. HOBBIES and interests and PASSIONS? isitbecause you were a super senior and had to eventually drop out because 4 years still couldn’t cut it? LMK and come back to me and your ugly boyfriends first love (yes first love. Something you’ll never be to him! I hope that triggers what’s left of your cokeweedmethfriedbpdbrain so much that it sends you into a fit) when you actually develop a soul you dirty bitch. I’m gonna be sick. Cunt. Cunt

No. 1792234

>I think you’d die from embarrassment
Then she isn't a cow, they don't feel things like shame as you or I would.(vain bitch)

No. 1792248

“I HATE bpdcunts!”
>proceeds to post the most seething infantile bpd-tier rants conceivable (vain bitch)

No. 1792263

File: 1701195410887.jpeg (179.21 KB, 718x585, FCB9FF33-4F7B-4082-BA20-D0F0D4…)

..This is the get off your chest thread retard get off my ass. As if no one else is making incredibly personal visceral rants

No. 1792265

Yeah and I meant it about this thread in general.

No. 1792283

BPD jannies are fucking annoying and then cry about reduced website traffic as if anyone wants to post here to be autistically redtexted at for dumb shit.
Enjoy your lonely playground faggots.

No. 1792285

I need to get another degree so I can move out of this country. I am surrounded by too many retarded faggots.

No. 1792290

i feel this so hard most of the people in my lousy town barely graduated highschool. only making it by because they grew up in an era where homes sold for like 15k.(vain bitch)

No. 1792295

Ayrt. I was in a different area for almost a few years, and the people there were even more miserable and idiotic. I moved back where I came from because I had no choice. I am planning my escape as I am typing this.

No. 1792299

when did they complain about reduced traffic? sincerely asking(vain bitch)

No. 1792326

BPD: The Thread

No. 1792340

Sometimes I miss you but then I remember your actual personality and I'm glad I'm never forced to comfort you during a chimpout anymore.
Pretty much kek, who cares it's a containment thread(vain bitch)

No. 1792433

We’ve had a big influx of preganonnies and it’s kind of concerning. I don’t want to see their long ass posts about custody battles 2 years from now. Here’s hoping that they’re all sperm donor babies and these ma’s will never have to deal with some scrote breathing over their shoulder as they’re trying to exercise off the birth-flap.

No. 1792911

Dumb nasty old cunt really thought giving mav's discord info and name would be the end of it LOL you're all a brand of stupid and violent that is reserved for primates only

No. 1793107

Mind you, you're the one that decided to save and keep all of that. Low intelligence lackey does not begin to describe what you are.

No. 1793158

you're a beautiful flower, and i love to watch you grow

No. 1793165

File: 1701244636921.jpg (15.02 KB, 416x401, 427.jpg)


No. 1793170

Girl are you a mind reader or in my walls because what the hell are the odds

No. 1793240

Ah go fuck yourself. Rude ass asshole

No. 1793282

When will this pain stooooooooooooooooooooooop and why did things turn out like this? You mean so much to me you fucking retard

No. 1793420

Take care of yourself, kid

No. 1793652

Why would you text me a screenshot of your Spotify top list unprompted? Did you expect me to be impressed with you listening to these literal who J-R&B artists that no one else knows or cares about either? I find it so hard to feign interest in mundane shit like that anymore. Text me when you have a conversational topic of actual substance.

No. 1794519

Anotha day of you posturing and pretending you have interests you don't and for what? Give it the fuck up, my god

No. 1794672

No, its not surprising that a beady eyed little freak like you does this to overcompensate. Stalking girls is the only way you get any attention at all!!!

No. 1794726

You think that's going to stop us from ensuring that you endure the most deserved public humiliation possible? HahhahahahahhahsahahahHAHAHHAHAHA

No. 1794795

you've been under a microscope since the day you made that 4chan thread that said "AND NOW WE ARE ONE IN EVERLASTING PEACE". I bet you don't even remember it to know we are talking about you, which is funny. You seem to forget a lot of the fucked up things you have done in lieu of having any excuse to be a lying, pathetic loser.

No. 1795347

I still find it hilarious that you texted me the word salad that I needed to listen when your hamplanet borderline ass never ever listens. I specified one day that I have the medical term anorexia as in loss of appetite not anorexia nervosa numerous times, and you didn't listen to that at all; all you heard was anorexia and you accused me of having anorexia nervosa despite the fact I was 30-31% body fat att. I told you that a post-hardcore band wasn't emotive hardcore, and you kept on saying it was. You only think Christians are anti-porn, and I gave you a video of a libertarian socialist that's against porn, and it went in one ear and out the other. You dismiss others who have bad experiences on pharmaceuticals and claim they saved your life when you're one of the most retarded "people" I've ever met.

No. 1795514

I wish it didn’t have to end the way it did, but I understand why, I was immature, obnoxious, just all around green, and a whole slew of other things. I’d like to think I’ll find someone to occupy the space you hold in my mind, but deep down, I doubt I will. I’m sorry for putting all of that on you without regarding what you were going through yourself. I was stupid. I’m better now, but I don’t think I’ll ever know anyone as great and awesome as you. Thank you for everything, you’ve done so much for me without even trying and I will never forget you. Take care.

No. 1795536

i forgive you.

No. 1795588

Thank you. For everything

No. 1796349

İ am not really sure what you have told your new girlfriend, but İ am under the assumption you told her about my stalky tendencies with my ex-boyfriend before you.

And.. you did mention that it seems like you replaced him in my eyes.
Not at all… İ am okay alone. İ'll live. Just like you said.

İ don't even know her from a bar of soap and vice versa and yet you have already built this hostility between us. Like no İ don't hate you or her for this and no İ don't want to be friends with you and your new woman but İ really just want to go back to floating around and being independent with no enemies made.

She really doesn't like me.

Knowing you found someone new did hurt for like a second but İ think you would be hard pressed to find that İ really do not care anymore.

Besides you introduced her to the circles İ frequent in… what is your end goal?
Chatting and talking about when you guys will next meet up, all lovey.
Of course in a group it's easy to pretend like İ don't notice.
But it just smells petty to me, that's where it hurts.
Are you trying to get back at me for hurting you when İ had a weird obsession problem with my ex before you?

İ understand, İ feel remorseful for all that İ put you through but doing this…
Be better.
That is what you have always told me, and İ am growing. Thank you… all thanks to you.

Forgive the reddit spacing. İt was really cluttered.

No. 1796362

Please stop doing that… it hurts

No. 1796364

>Get into relationship, my condition is no porn, i have horrible insecurities which got worse with my ex. He agrees to no porn, I quit job and move 2 states to be with him.
>Snooped partners pc 2 times, found he was lying about porn use. He says he's looking at porn but not jacking off.
Confronted, moved on.
>Snooped once and saw a convo with his ex 3 months after we agreed to stop talking to exs, he said it's because she was suicidal and if she went to kill herself he didn't want to have to decide on going and saving her or not doing to keep me happy and she dies.
Accept it, move on.
>Snooped his old phone, found telegram cache images/videos of his childhood penpal who he said there was never anything going on with.
Videos of her in underwear flipping her hair. Pictures of lewd but not nude photoshoots, ass shots, her cupping her tits.
Dated from when we've been dating, he changed phones a year ago so obv didn't show after that.
>He says they're from her posting it on her story on telegram and the cache autosaves them, they were never sent to him specifically.
He says she would post them on her story or w.e asking stuff like "should I send this to my bf".
I have never used telegram, no idea if that's how it works.
>Confront him, he's mad I snooped.
>ask to see their chat images to have proof he hasn't been cheating, he refuses.
>Says I've invaded all of his privacy and he's keeping this one thing private from me.
>Find out he has now told her about the argument and what I've done, said she's the only person he can vent to.
She's said to check her instagram to see she always posts shit like that.
Dunno what else they've said.

I've told him I can't trust his word because he's lied every step of the way, regardless of what reasonable reasons he has.
I don't know how to regain trust without proof that nothing went on between the penpal.
I don't think I can take his word on this again, it just feels like a rinse repeat.
I know I'm horrible for my insecurities and jealousy and snooping, but the snooping didn't start until after I noticed sex drying up and since then it's been a circular issue.
He has said he lied because I'm so controlling and would react badly, I'm controlling and react badly because I'm being lied to.
I just keep crying and crying

No. 1796369

We are married

No. 1796375

We are married

No. 1796383

you are NOT in the wrong here. he's just another sneaky lying moid.(vain bitch)

No. 1796405

I hate my father-in-law so much, I can't even pretend to smile politely around him or engage in conversation. I'm dreading the holidays and telling my partner I don't want to go to xmas dinner with his parents. I'd rather sit at home alone.

No. 1796414

>He says they're from her posting it on her story on telegram and the cache autosaves them, they were never sent to him specifically.
I use Telegram and have never had that shit happen.
You are not "horrible". He's a liar. There's no trust to regain because he's not trustworthy. He is cheating, he loves porn, and lying while doing what he wants to "humble" you was his plan from the start. If you have money, he will likely steal or try to take it for his own means. There is nothing to love, he thinks you're a fucking retard. Do not stay.(vain bitch)

No. 1796882

I was in the living room watching TV and my violent aggressive sister was sitting there on her laptop. She suddenly demands that I leave because she doesn't want to be in the same room as me.
I try to ignore her but she pulls the plugs from the TV. She grabs me and tries to pull me out of the room. I start to smack her arm to break free and she then bites me and my arm is now mega bruised.
My parents come and my dad tells me to leave the room but I don't want to because I literally just want to watch TV and they always enable her psychotic behaviour. My dad grabs a belt and threatens to beat me up and kick me out of the house. I eventually leave and after my dad calms down he tells me I should just do what she says because she is "crazy".
I hate them all sm

No. 1796933

I loved you. I loved all of you. You're proper adults, one of you nearly 60. How could you? how could you? How could you? how could you? How could you? how could you? How could you? How could you? How could you? How could you? How could you? How could you?
i hope you live with this for the rest of your lives. I hope it ruins you inside and out. I hope one day you grow enough of a conscience for that to happen.

No. 1797653

File: 1701566274725.png (1.43 MB, 1842x921, 569e8262c08a80e3098ba0a2.png)

How you look being almost 30 with "im guuuuunnna dO whatEvEr I wuuunt" in bio. What is with autists and thinking they're still 16 years old.

No. 1797987

the one I fell in love with is no longer there. you were such a sad disappointment and you tried to blame it all on me. there's no one in my life anymore to talk to. every time I wake up from my dreams its back to the reality my family is dead. you were the one thing holding me together but I don't even have you anymore. nothing I do matters.

No. 1798110

File: 1701617257479.jpg (41.31 KB, 754x754, 272668518_335049378624996_2355…)

When I say 'I hate men' I don't mean you. When I say I can't stand troons, I don't mean your tif cousin, I don't even know her. Can you stop taking everything so personal? It's funny how you say those statements offend you, like wtf? Are you 12? Can you please act your age, you're a grown ass man. I'm jealous of the nonas who say they can shit talk men and troonies with their bf, meanwhile I have to walk on eggshells whenever the topic comes up. Misandry isn't real just shut the fuck up.

No. 1798164

File: 1701621998117.gif (220.37 KB, 500x281, 1700237765179.gif)

>does the exact same thing he's been accusing me of
>gets pissy when i call him out on it and tries to deny everything

stupid faggot lol

No. 1798190

My husbands sister is TiF and he also thinks troons are mentally ill.
TiMs are fetishists and TiFs are just sad mentally ill women.
I feel for you nona, I wish you well(vain bitch)

No. 1798192

File: 1701625663155.jpeg (113.54 KB, 1080x1080, GAWpSifa4AEKBfU.jpeg)

Only the worst moids message me and I'm always too dumb to block them

No. 1798278

Same, although I'm now at the part where I block them.(vain bitch)

No. 1798414

>janny deleted all my posts
(reposting) gay(vain bitch)

No. 1798444

File: 1701641816064.jpeg (109.98 KB, 736x851, F28_h9ZXwAEIn-H.jpeg)

Great for you anon, i should do the same(vain bitch)

No. 1798460

i find this one moid insanely attractive too bad he's bat shit insane and smells weird

No. 1798488

we are entering a half life 2 esque world

No. 1798511

you are so bitter its insane, and i thought i was bad LOL

No. 1798516

Full of shit as always, arent you

No. 1798526

File: 1701647545820.gif (292.18 KB, 550x550, IMG_0512.gif)

I can’t stop being mean to my family. Like I genuinely can’t stop being horrible and rude and condescending and I don’t think they understand it. They tell me that I’m horrible and I’m ruining my relationship with them etc and I just respond with ‘idc’, because genuinely I don’t care and I don’t know why. I’m really close with them, I just can’t stop being horrible and not caring. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a sociopath or something.

No. 1798532

Sick of anachans using fat bodies as a punching bag so they can feel better about their own insecurities, and then cry when someone trashes theirs.
Go eat the corn out of cowshit.

No. 1798606

aha thats what you get asshole

No. 1798656

I like this shirt(vain bitch)

No. 1798717

File: 1701662759358.png (193.55 KB, 445x450, tumblr_9bc93432e8def798e155159…)

>getting genuinely emotional over a petty squabble on twitter
and here i thought you were above this…

No. 1798720

Why can’t I have a normal family why did god (not real) send me born to retarded drug addicted assholes as parents

No. 1798747

File: 1701665780084.jpeg (21.23 KB, 340x340, 60B97FB3-599B-489B-9332-FEB2A5…)


No. 1798833

File: 1701673311120.png (101.57 KB, 600x390, 1701664612873744.png)

The only thing that prevented men from saying anything younger than 20 was probably because the researchers asking the data wouldn't allow them to. Men are confirmed pedophiles and I want to kill them all

No. 1798878

I'm coming down from a three day caffeine bender. I've been awake for the last 24 hours and my heart almost gave out from the amount I drank. Confessing here instead of nun thread because I know I have a serious problem but I'm going to do it again as soon as I'm recovered and prefer nonnas lecture someone who needs it more than me. I have pre-existing heart conditions and I probably won't stop until I've aggravated it enough to kill me.

No. 1799168

you sad, pathetic little man. you are absolutely ridiculous. im tired of giving you the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1799220

This pain is fucking unbearable

No. 1799304



No. 1799419

can I reach out again or would that just be harassment

No. 1799818

This is the most painful thing I've ever felt

No. 1799981

I hope you'll never get what you want, that you stay lonely and miserable and that every woman you come across chooses someone else over you

No. 1800022

I wish I never saw your moidsona

No. 1800416

you were right that nobody would believe me when i told them what you did

No. 1800422

what happened to you

No. 1800627

It's too little too late for second chances, but good luck in life anyways.

No. 1800725

I had a nightmare about what you've done and I hope you know that I and others are silently hoping you get gored in a crash or silently go in your sleep or something. You're a horrible person. I will always wish the absolute worst for you.

No. 1800888

I've wanted to make an art youtube channel since I was 19. Now I'm 30, fat, and aging like a mofo. I feel like it's too late, and even though deep down I know it's not I have too much self hatred to do anything about it.

No. 1800928

I hate having moid interests and hobbies so much. Where are my aviation ladies at!

No. 1802267

I'm so fed the fuck up with you. Why are you even talking to me if you can't hold a proper conversation.

No. 1803646

I don’t care any more. You ostracized me for having a new interest and judging me every moment for it. I’ve always supported and loved you, but fuck off. Why did you ever, EVER publicly belittle me when I would express my happiness for all your accomplishments, as I’ve always supported yours. You say I’m judgmental, yet I’m not the one over here with a “shut up” ring. tl;dr thank you for being there, but piss off for being a handmaiden.

No. 1803765

people describing themselves like "look at quirky lil ol' me" really are the most vile

No. 1803834

Your desperation is apparently a permanent fixture of your personality, huh?

No. 1804334

Ah yes, preaching being kind while acting like a total twat. Typical.

No. 1804365

If you would just fucking grow up and take care of yourself then you wouldn't be in such a mess. You wouldn't hate yourself so much but you stay in that box because it's easier than being anything else.

No. 1804492

File: 1702081099316.png (96.47 KB, 622x452, 7RqIeff5z_ve6Vwg8mrp.png)

god. please.

No. 1804503

File: 1702081562007.jpeg (26.97 KB, 275x271, 812CABA1-6306-4014-BC6D-67917A…)

I met this moid on hinge and he’s super cute and we had an almost 5 hour long deep conversation last night and I thought we really hit it off??? But he hast texted me all day and it’s almost 8pm I wanna kill myself.

No. 1805816

You dont have OCD, you're just an autist with a genuinely horrible personality that imagines all those disgusting things because all you do is self indulge and rely on other people while staring at a computer being a cruel, catty, abusive misogynistic cunt all day. I do not and never have coveted anything about you or your life and never will, nothing about you is even vaguely admirable. People don't even like your true personality except for the weird little gaggle of incel speds you keep around because any normal person would hate you if they found out what your real hobbies and interests are. They aren't "intrusive thoughts" you're just an abusive piece of shit. I wouldn't even have to think about any of this under normal circumstances, but you're delusional and think everyone likes you or wants to be you even though you're ugly and require an extraordinary amount of effort to be a passable butterface and you have a horrible creepy personality under the fake woobification and obsessive manipulative personality to boot. I'm not bitter, it's just the truth. You do nothing but criticize other people and throw (retarded) shade all fucking day like you're still in high school when you're a perma NEET sped omg. Like in your mind you think you're a quasi online celebrity and well-connected because you leech on people when you have never created anything of positive value in your entire life, you've never helped anyone, you've never loved anyone, you have never had a positive thought that isn't some empty Patrick Bateman bullshit. This isn't even a projection you are a proverbial monster lol like there is nothing in there except cruelty, narcissism, entitlement, misogyny, and weird voyeuristic obsession. You would only know this is about you because of that exact fact. The fact that you would think I and others find anything at all about you worthy of coveting is so self absorbed, you're a manchild and there's literally no positive qualities or interests or talents you possess to be inspired by…? At least be realistic about yourself since you spend so much time thinking you're entitled to do the vile things you've done to others.

No. 1806013

File: 1702187571092.jpg (78.77 KB, 2940x1654, MV5BOWYyYzhiMjktNDMxNS00MTNhLT…)

remembering a couple months ago that my brother and father have scoffed at a murdered woman who had won her hand at blackjack and winning big she removed the card from the table because she was so excited to show her spouse she won
that made the hand invalid and she couldn't get her pay out she was murdered by her own husband 3 days later they both said she deserved for being so stupid. my mom asked if they felt any pity or sympathy for her and
they talked as if she was just a victim of her own idiocy and not of spousal homicide

realize why i had always lived with fear and anxiety in my house just now
realizing my mom was suffering from psychological abuse and made me and brother think she was crazy
realizing i don't know anything about my dad and brother and have a close relationship only to my mom
i'm the only one that doesn't use blame and shame on the past and to be able to let go and be self aware
about my fear of men and do something about myself and my neurosis
the more i try to help my brother and dad the more i realize they just hate women and will never listen to me
wasting all this effort and for what? i'm so tired and lost now
couldn't get past page 8 of death of a salesmen at how relatable the family dynamic is without journalling my emotions and crying
so much elongated water torture my dad's abuse has been on the whole family
stupid disorders keep popping up again after i think i'm ok for a while

all women should be volcels and read the Second Sex for their own peace of mind as part of school curriculum

No. 1806031

ew. i shouldnt have said that. freak

No. 1806062

File: 1702192787898.jpeg (29.78 KB, 554x554, IMG_1367.jpeg)

I can’t believe I let you use me for your sexual gratification for as long as I did. Worse than that, I can’t believe I fucking miss you. You never wanted to be with me. You never planned on anything more than stringing me along for years, giving me just enough hope that one day you would wake up and decide I was what you wanted. I hate that I’m laying here dying to text you because I want you to tell me you missed me and love me, and you’re sorry for the way you treated me. Fuck you. I can’t stand the fact that my taste in men is now molded to you, and no one will ever fucking compare because you’re you, you piece of shit. I hate every fiber of your fucking being, I hate the things I did to please you, the things I suffered to make you look at me. I hate that you’ll never love me like I loved you. I hate that I can’t talk to any of my friends about you because they were right, and I should have listened when they told me to stop talking to you. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. You selfish fucking asshole.

No. 1806077

can I ask you what happened, nona? I had a similar experience recently with a guy I thought was super cute, we talked for hours and it was great, but the next day he was responding extremely dry and not very often. we planned a date and then he unmatched me the night before. I'm hoping yours went better than mine did

No. 1806107

File: 1702199315973.png (337.04 KB, 1640x924, whydoeshedothat.png)

A lot of anons here this thread need this book, you can find a PDF on Anna's archive.(even if you aren't in a controlling relationship, i'm reading it for the sake of my friends, female acquaintances and strangers alike and if for whatever retarded reason i ever did want to date i'd be able to spot signs)

Also it really helped with my fear of men which, ironically, i thought would be healed by me giving men the benefit of the doubt and by seeing them as abused victims themselves but no lol, it just gives them excuses for their fragile ego to abuse, they are just ego-maniacs that can get away with shit because it's better for them in a relationship to gain control and they act like they are the victims and pick up their partners stories and so they get others (friends, family, higher authority men) on their side, what freaks.

This book also crushes any sort of "bUT whaT ABout abusED MeN?!?!" excuses (this book leaves no room for an abuser to take a victim mantle or for self doubt in women.)
Stay safe

No. 1806111

Yeah you're allowed to say whatever fucked up things you want about people you have one-sided obsessions with but the moment you get any sort of criticism you're a victim. Uh huh.

No. 1806128

I love how you're so unreasonably dehumanizing and abusive that you have to villianize and microanalyze the people you have pathological and parasocial obsessions with like you aren't an actual human nightmare lol. Like everyone else is under this microscope and everything we do is just so so horrible and yet you're the only ones here actively going out of your way to hurt people. It's crazy how people like you will call others names all day when you're attached to people like a parasite. Ewwww.

No. 1806142

I need friends! I’m suffocating in loneliness !!;!’dn

No. 1806149

You have a twitter where you just parody misogyny and say creepy shit meant only to humiliate women, die of brain aneurysm nobody would miss you kek

No. 1806179

File: 1702206474345.png (526.27 KB, 628x893, this-resonates-with-me-so-much…)

I'm very unlikable. I try to be nice but I just know the truth. I just know that I'm easily triggered. I know I'm not the easiest to be with.

No. 1806221

my boymom mom really will coddle her imbecile son until he is literally picking off her corpse. amazing.

No. 1806242

It's crazy that men think the women they abuse owe them kindness or any sort of grace or empathy and if they don't, that means they actually deserved the abuse. No. Die terribly. Their hatred for you is what you deserve, their low opinion of you is what you deserve, and the ostracization is what you deserve.

No. 1806406

I had a nice dream about you. Despite all these nightmares I've been having, my brain found comfort in you. I'll have a good day.

No. 1806727

And that means absolutely nothing coming from the likes of you, who does nothing but spews bullshit.

No. 1807792

I just read the recent widow thread and disrespectfully related to grief when all I've done is gone through a breakup long ago that still haunts me. I won't waste more time writing about her because I've done a lot of it the past two weeks. I just want to move on.

No. 1807917

My bpd makes me so crazy and unlikeable and a bad friend

No. 1808109

I really want to find a girl to sext with but I have no idea where to look. My female friends would probably kill me if I suggested it. I’m just so horny lol

No. 1808117

you suffered a life changing injury and everything we wanted in our lives might not go the way we planned. i hate that you can't do normal things on your own. i miss being taken care of by you. now i guess I'll be the one taking care of you. you better walk again.

No. 1808133

you are a vile, reprehensive, insane, narcissistic bitch. all you ever do after the sun goes down is make everyone else around you miserable, because that's how you feel. i have dreams of you dying or leaving without a word and never returning, and the rest of us are nothing but happy that you're gone. you're an overgrown teenager, an idiot that's wrong with confidence, you are nowhere near as smart emotionally or logically as you claim to be. i pray you get a disease that kills you quickly. we would all be better off without you.

No. 1808382

Die of testicular cancer, you subhuman piece of shit. I did not "hit the wall", no woman "hits a wall" when she reaches adulthood or true maturity. What the fuck is wrong with you, creeping on children because you thought your girlfriend became "expired goods"? Die of testicular cancer, may your "most important organ" rot and fall off, so that when you can't coom anymore, you finally have the push you need to make the right choice.

No. 1808471

I wish you were still alive. I don’t think any of this would have happened if you were still here.

No. 1808671

the only person that need a reality check is you. you sit around doing nothing all day. scrolling through tiktok and screaming while playing valorant. i wish you would start doing something with your life so i wouldn't have to deal with you, you have no idea how luck you are.

No. 1808690

I feel so alienated. Nobody likes you!! Stupid!

No. 1809077

File: 1702403122817.jpg (40.6 KB, 669x458, images.jpg)

I wonder where you are and how you're doing. I only talked to you briefly but I wonder if we could had been friends.

No. 1809871

I’m so tired right now. In my soul. Tired.

No. 1809916

I saw that deleted post. This is a GOSSIP site.

No. 1810391

It never hits because it's never right. Just a fucked up loser grasping for straws instead of admitting what you did was fucked up and wrong. Haha.

No. 1810502

I don't know who you are sir you seem plenty hit though

No. 1810788

That post had nothing to do with you, annoying schizo bitch

No. 1810789

I know everything about you.

No. 1810937

File: 1702492883706.jpg (39.98 KB, 735x490, 0ec2916fc52ed20475eee84a617bf5…)

The guy I've posted about on here that has lurked LC for years and pretends to be wooby but is actually a genuine monster has started using the image I use to describe him here (wheres my fucking teenage dream meme) on Twitter. So fucking funny. Reminds me of when he once took a hyperspecific crop of an image on here made by the anon and posted it on his Twitter as a reaction image years ago. Always caught on the fringes being a megaloser while pretending to be aloof and above it all for his twitch audience KEKK.

No. 1810959

if I hear this twat speak ONE MORE TIME I’m gonna throw up. I hope he makes me a present this Christmas and finally kills himself since this little ugly bitch has been talking about it NON-STOP. kys, you disgusting little moid, it’s about fucking time

No. 1811409

I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna drink the fucking bottle of everclear and hope it fucking kills me.

No. 1813261

Uncharted mental illness and weird bizarre amounts of violence literally everything tilts you behind the scenes lmao

No. 1813266

Me: you're an abuser and if people actually knew what you've done the last 4 years you would be socially exiled

No. 1814307

Everytime Ive began coming down with the flu or covid or any illness, immediately you say you feel sick too. Its really annoying and makes no sense, you work from home and I dont. I come in contact with so many more people. If I pick something up, I am going to bring it home and it would incubate for a day or more before you felt the same illness. You wouldnt notice that youve actually been feeling weird all day right after I break a fever. Youve even said youre sick when you never end up showing symptoms or fever or anything, making a big deal about recovery and stuff.like fuck cant I just feel ill? If you get sick too that sucks and Ill empathize, but cant I just run a fever without you suddenly whining about how sick you are even when running around the house normally? Ive been off all day and fell asleep on the couch for much longer than I expected, and not til evening did my eyes start burning in the feverish way but somehow youve been sick all day? Come on, just act normal until you actually experience symptoms. Goddamn. I dont even want attention or special treatment I just want it to be known Im sick and gonna be slow/nap a lot for a few days til its over. So its not like youre trying to get out of 'taking care of me' as Id much rather be left alone, I even make my own soups and food when sick. I dont understand why you do this and what the goal is. Its really really annoying.

No. 1814488

File: 1702709795936.png (34.1 KB, 370x243, F-o3dz6XAAAW9OP.png)

Okay fuck you guys then lol

No. 1814813

i have to defend myself by saying that i wouldve figured that out a lot faster if it wasnt for bill and also being busy like give me a break guys. i had shit going on and everytime i had it figured out bill would force the lotion on me. yes im retarded but i'd like to think not that fucking stupid

No. 1815700

Why is the first moid I feel attracted to after breaking up with my ex almost a year ago my fucking therapist. Really, why am I such a bpd-chan

No. 1816137

File: 1702789386378.jpg (48.6 KB, 800x450, kang.jpg)

fuck. i hate this. i knew it was a bad idea. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

No. 1816319

kind of a mindfuck realizing the extent of it gonna need to process. if they want me to leave or stay i hope they write an email at least. i get a bit frustrated with open endings

No. 1816657

File: 1702836437446.jpg (97.4 KB, 1276x736, 2e6a92b07187f7ddb24621461d0002…)

Ah yes, random fat gross middle aged man that spends all day and night stalking people online, I want you SO bad you're the man of my dreams everything I could ever ask for. Your desperation for male validation is SOO appealing to me, your lack of motivation, your abundant negative qualities, your vacuous empty future and equal past appeals to me soo much I just admire and adore you. I've always wanted an ambitionless pathetic nasty old man whose only personality is mimicking men younger than him in an extremely desperate bid for their cyberattention. I have never wanted a man more. Your cringe is so sexy. Your mental disability is so arousing. No of course you haven't made me shudder with disgust, why would you just be a means to an end to something far bigger than yourself and the ugly things you do and are. !!!

No. 1816662

Do it

No. 1816678

you're so quick to it ou ou that kind of desperation is so ugly

No. 1816786

File: 1702839411453.png (97.86 KB, 294x294, Screenshot_168.png)

painfully "i spend too much time on twitter" tier rant incoming but i Don't Get how you can whine about traps when you're a TRA and you and enjoy other weird, biologically impossible genital/gender setups. like…you hate them because they're "basically just dickgirls!" and yet you're a tif, your whole scene is tifs and tims, and half of your character roster are "cunt boys". you also think that enstars boy is a mtf and you get passive aggressive when someone insists otherwise. you think all the genshin girls are "mtf sapphics". you pick weird hills to soap box from. like seriously…"impossibly feminine boy" bad but "female character turned into tranny with no visible changes outside of her getting a dick" is based? make it make sense

i should just block you and stop thinking about it but i really love your writing…if you were untalented i wouldn't be seething like this. but i've been following you on [insert obscure writing site here] for so many years that just checking your page daily has become a semi-established habit…you have this weird hateboner for yumejos too now that i'm thinking about it. i don't think as many yumes have been demanding you indulge them as you claim

No. 1816898


No. 1817418

I had a psychotic break, it honestly wasn't meant maliciously and I fully believed what I was saying at first. I was out of my mind and scared, that's all there is to it.

No. 1817709

You've been purposefully difficult about the things i've asked of you this year, just your small part after i've taken care of all the hard parts to make it easy on you, and you won't even do that. I bought you an expensive security cam, but you're letting your BPD psycho failson who had been emotionally/verbally and physically threatening you back in, rendering the security cam that you wanted because you were afraid of him breaking in, pointless. As long as he's there, i'm not making any plans to visit and get the other siblings together for a reunion. It's not safe, and I refuse to subject L to that volatile, unstable bullshit. If D offs himself far away from your house or freezes to death, that would be the best outcome for all involved, and better luck next life. I prepared an Amazon wishlist of inexpensive gifts that L would definitely enjoy, but instead you chose to buy him an expensive tablet that he doesn't need complete with streaming service subscriptions on a payment plan. When I took the necessary steps to initiate a return for the item so you can get your money back, meaning all you have to do is attach the label and set up a pickup, you do absolutely nothing in defiance. I book you an expensive service because you deserve some healing, and the one thing I require of you, you again drag your feet on. The lady was planning on stopping services altogether to focus on other things, so I rushed to book her because she's one of the few who can do what she does, so you've not only made me take up a slot that could have been used for another client, but it's not possible to refund or reschedule it either at such a late notice. I love you but i'm not going to put forth the effort anymore when you constantly put my efforts to waste. It's frustrating, and you seriously need to get your shit together. I'm about done.

No. 1817841

you left out some very important details in your attention-whoring sob story lmao

No. 1818020

I feel like such an idiot and I just feel so low right now. I just want to be told everything will be alright. It won't be, but it's nice to pretend.

No. 1818384

this is so retarded, why do you want to reconnect and make this a thing. leave me alone we haven't had a legitimate relationship in about 10 years jesus christ

No. 1818460

I wish we could've at least stayed friends but I don't know if I'd even want that, considering the shit you pulled. I just don't get it. You told me that I was perfect for you and now we don't even talk to each other anymore. It sounds so dumb but you're everything I've ever wanted and as gay as it sounds, the way we met and instantly clicked seemed fated. I'm never letting anyone in ever again.

No. 1818733

File: 1702944831023.jpg (28.97 KB, 564x564, 3f0afa7b77ce6338ff97b3fd882796…)

I hate that I still want you so bad after what you did aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

No. 1818752

Hahaha nothing matters!!!!! None of that matters!!!! Nothing matters anymore yippee!!!!!!!

No. 1818794

File: 1702947958319.jpg (35.45 KB, 554x554, images.jpg)

I think I just achieved enlightenment: not caring anymore. Nothing matters. That's someone else's problem. My problems don't matter either. That idea for a comic I had? Meh, doesn't matter anymore. He doesn't matter, they don't matter, nothing matters anymore because if it mattered I would go crazy insane. I really would. Nothing matters lol! I won't be depressed anymore

No. 1818825

File: 1702950274352.jpg (15.95 KB, 498x332, 20231217_235938.jpg)

Idk you were extremely eager to take part in irredeemable evil, so. (You).

No. 1818852

You are insane babe but I respect that. Love you x

No. 1818866

You need to stop pretending posts here are for you or anyone here. They aren't. Just talking into the ether at people we wouldn't piss on if they caught fire.

No. 1818867

If this is for me then I wasn't talking about anyone in this thread lol(vain bitch)

No. 1819070

Fucking ew

No. 1819071

Who is mima. The voice in your head?

No. 1819073

I would honestly be okay with someone physically abusing me in a relationship as long as they married me, committed and was loyal to me. I'm ok with suffering through abuse as long as it means I get to be with someone forever

No. 1819075

I'd rather be married in an abusive relationship than with someone with 0 commitment

No. 1819079

Just hurt me more, hurt me, I deserve it

No. 1819083

File: 1702970546602.gif (4.42 MB, 498x323, AE0-FE9-DX1-FJ.gif)

No. 1819110

why couldn't i control myself around you……

No. 1819187

I just can't believe that you really don't give a shit at all

No. 1819398

If you’re gonna call me a crackhead, don’t do it outside my window where I can hear you

No. 1819401

Just because I am slightly autistic doesn’t mean I’m stupid(vain bitch)

No. 1819465

I promise to not return and only feed my mind with good things as a thank you for your unusual kindness. I enjoyed spending time with you all and I hope you are happy. I'll also try to become happy so your efforts aren't wasted.

No. 1819466

Me when I finally leave lolcow(vain bitch)

No. 1819490

Sometimes I think damn how they know that then other times it's so wrong that it tells me right away where it's from. Different lies for different people you taught me that!

No. 1819615

I really think I'm going to kill myself soon. I really do.

No. 1819631

Who is the most recent lolcow these days… im tired of Boogie, Wings, Chris Chan and Cyraxx etc. I need a new and active lolcow to follow and watch while they destroy themselves.. i dont like what they are doing to themselves but the entertainment value is immeasurable. Thanx ppl

No. 1819687

I should've seen it coming. No idea why I was delusional enough to believe that anyone would see something in me. No one ever cared about me so why should it be any different now.

No. 1819828

File: 1703019101094.gif (2.15 MB, 315x263, 1676386832835.gif)

People are really weird and scary. I'm going to hide away forever despite my longing for human connection…

No. 1819911

Not very recent but I'd recommend you Tophiachu. A tiktoker who is a trainwreck.(vain bitch)

No. 1819928

you're both in the wrong thread and we're all gonna get redtexted for replying lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1820084

File: 1703027763403.jpg (17.53 KB, 400x391, 5e029a6587017d3513551a5f5258b6…)

I wish I could speedrun the next couple of months. My mental health is in the shitter anyway and I'm not looking forward to going through all of this additional pain

No. 1820098

so tired of my moid roommate whining about how he can't help me clean up dog vomit or walk the dogs cause them shitting makes him want to vomit.
god, just fucking get over it like I had to. go vomit then, maybe it'll help you in the long run, you pathetic moid.

No. 1820102

Literally just make yourself vomit onto the living room floor and watch the situation escalate(vain bitch)

No. 1820145

I wish I was a better sister growing up. I wish I was a better sister now. I'm sorry I failed you.

No. 1820166

Genuinely its unfathomable how you are able to live with yourself HAHAHA

No. 1820209

File: 1703033341544.gif (474.22 KB, 320x251, 5e3-2323.gif)

There's so many things I want to complain about but can't because I'll get accused of minimodding (I'm not trying to and wouldn't come across that way if mods did their fucking job) or "ruining the fun" or some shit (the site was more fun a few years ago compared to now)

No. 1820381

God, why the hell do I have to be so depressed at the end of this shitty year. Why can't I be happy? The last time I felt a surge of genuine happiness was when I was with my best friend. I'm eternally grateful for her, but I'm not going to bug her to hang out so often.

No. 1820459

I get what you're saying nonnie. I'm an old internet user, I'm used to forums and moderators doing their job to keep the forums in check, and I have a lot of fond memories from those old internet years too.
I miss those days where shit flinging wasn't the only thing happening online.

No. 1820642

The fucking irony of her posting that even though you're the one who broke me and made me feel suicidal.

No. 1820837

File: 1703091712051.jpg (571.46 KB, 1920x1200, 1702630206718886.jpg)

I am a soulless bitch, and should kms for that.

No. 1820866

I wish I knew where things went wrong and if I could've done something to fix them..

No. 1820878

I need to scream into the void because the void is claiming me back

No. 1820948

I hope I'll be completely over you by the time I see you flaunting your new girlfriend

No. 1821043

I can't believe all of this meant nothing to you

No. 1821071


No. 1821321

You literally would call the woman you were abusing reactionary and compared her to Chris chan for being upset that you were violating her. You referred to your abuse victim as reactionary. You know what you deserve, right?

No. 1821540

I don't know. I don't really want to talk to you. This is going nowhere.

No. 1821610

Gay gay gay gay everything hurts everything triggers me I'm bored and I need to grow up but the hurt and pain never stops gay ugh

No. 1821656

oh god lol

No. 1821660

you are so crazy nobody wants to talk to you i am trying to calm you down and then leave. i wasnt around for most of you doing any of this like i want you to chill lmao just pick someone else to bother

No. 1821687

wtf happened to you that you turned out like this please get help

No. 1821700

File: 1703128908862.gif (575.01 KB, 500x282, fd1ee706a7fdc8e7fc49ca144b510f…)

I don't even know what to say. So many things but also nothing at all. The longer I wait to send it, the dumber I'll look for still caring. I've edited it a thousand times at this point and I don't even know if my words will fall on deaf ears. Probably. You've shown me repeatedly that you don't give a shit and what you did last week and the way you just had that stupid grin on your face, still rips through me. I wish I could tell you how I feel but you owe me nothing and I know that but it was still so fucked of you to do it. Never in a million years would I have thought that you'd do me like this. I feel so stupid for even caring or thinking that you'd care. Congrats, you really fooled me all along. I guess none of the things you've said meant anything. How do people like you even exist? Straight up Jekyll and Hyde. I wish I could just be honest but then the chances of you replying would lessen even more. I know I'll look stupid for sending you that even after what you did to me. I don't get it, I don't get you. It fucking hurts that I'm not even worth an explanation yet here I am, still trying to make it not sound too harsh and accusatory because I don't want to hurt your feelings even though you hurt mine and didn't give a single fuck. I know there's a 99.9% chance that you're just gonna ignore it and go on with your life as if I never even existed. I don't want to show you that you have so much power over me but you fucking broke me and I know it's probably pointless. There's no place for me in your life and there never was, that's why you just let me go without saying a word and just walked past me that night. I don't understand what all of this was for. We could've just stayed strangers. I can't wait for the day where I finally stop writing whole ass paragraphs about you.

No. 1821708


No. 1821730

don't talk to me unless you're going to be honest you crazy ass bitch jfc i can't believe you seriously think you're the victim in this

No. 1822402

I love how all of you pretend random posts itt are all your exes kek fucking insane

No. 1822435

I think you might be misunderstanding some things and it would really do you some good to just straight up talk to people and ask them things directly. You have no real right to act so hurt and see it all as so black and white. You're naive but it was never meant to hurt you from my part

No. 1822439

Nobody is doing that you fucking mong and even if they are who gives a shit. You're as schizo as them for projecting about what other people are thinking

No. 1822626

I really dislike how stupid some men are and how convinced they are of themselves and their intelligence. Nooo you couldn't have known that I was cheating for way longer than I thought you did nooo my epic scheming really rused you. Cope and seethe it's not like I wasn't dropping hints the whole time.

No. 1822629

I really didn't think I'd actually be put in the loony bin though sure I was baiting for it but you know how you sometimes feel really shit about something else but then channel that into another thing because it's easier to deal with? I wish therapists had to do a course on method acting. Do I need help? Yes. Do I need help because of smth smth freud? No

No. 1822867

You don't give a shit about anyone but yourself, so I find it weird that you're soapboxing about genocide and giving people horoscope readings like you know anything about how other people feel. Your passion begins and ends at staring at yourself on your phone while you record an inane video sharing your deluded "wisdom" with others, as if they're supposed to interpret anything from the world salad that's your "advice". You say nothing of importance and you clearly love latching on to whatever current event can make you look the most passionate and caring. I bet you hate me because I saw through your bullshit. I know that I'm the only person in our friend group who has unequivocally called you out and told you straight up that I don't like you or trust you. Everyone seems to be nice or put up with you because they care about your boyfriend, who was their friend far longer than yours. But now that I see who you both are, fuck both of you. You, for being an abusive grifter know-it-all, and him for being a coward and a snake. He can't tell me to my face how he feels about me, but apparently, other people in our friend group know how he feels. Sorry he's too busy being your little bitch. I hope you suffer.

No. 1822875

File: 1703171021186.jpg (28.31 KB, 735x641, 20231213_082036.jpg)

I'm tired of everyone hating me by default for being a misandrist radfem terf. Deep down i'm great and clever and adorable and could achieve princess status if i kept my political views hidden forever. This world isn't ready for me

No. 1822887

I really hope you feel like absolute shit ever since you did that to me

No. 1823038

you are such a faggot LOL

No. 1823241

Why is there always a schizoid retard in here who constantly replies to posts when we have other vent threads meant specifically for discussion and replies? Can we not have one thread where we're safe from some autismo's no1currs input? I am so sick of you. We all are. Please find something better to do with your time.

No. 1823526

"Lucky for You" was the best album of the year, I can't complain

No. 1823547

Decided not to post the long rant about a friend and what she did a year ago. It doesn’t matter. I forgive her the way I’d wish to be forgiven and understand more than anyone her actions. I’ve been there myself and comes from being in dark place. Nothing bad came of it anyway. Her life has caught up and surpassed mine so now she can mellow out and enjoy the life she’s always wanted. I’ll always keep my guard up but I’m fine with our casual friendship and wish her the best moving forward.

No. 1823681

File: 1703212879875.gif (2.62 MB, 480x270, 155.gif)


No. 1823737

Yes they have and look at you replying with unnecessary vitriol over it. Keep being a schizoid yourself, roid rager.(vain bitch)

No. 1823891

Fuuuuck me, this month and year can't be over soon enough.
I slipped and fell on my ass by literally leaving the porch to my apartment building to go to work. I fell to my side, I have scratches on my left hand and my clothes got wet and a bit dirty. I hope that's all cuz I don't have time to deal with this shit.

No. 1823903

One day I’m going to buy back my childhood home. I’m going to scrub it of every last trace of the man that’s living there now, and I will borrow someone’s dog and have it take a massive shit on his grave. I’ll renovate the house and build right over my old memories, so I can finally stop mourning the life that was taken from me. If I have to wait decades, if it’s the last thing I ever do, so help me god I will make it happen.

No. 1823952

Oh look, you making another weirdly degrading post parodying women in a creepy, unnatural, and hypersexual way that's only funny to misogynistic gay men. Surprise surprise.

No. 1823967

Look what he's made you into. Mr brave army man should get captured and tortured.

No. 1824037

muuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cwissssttttttthhhhhhhhmwwwassssssss

No. 1824045

Really? Really?? You’re so fucking annoying can you and your donkey laugh girlfriend fuck off already you’re unbearable

No. 1824095


No. 1824298

You're such a shameless and selfish coward.

No. 1824306

God I was so stupid not to take that first job opportunity. I was so STUPID to listen to my mother. “It’s a predominantly white area! You don’t have enough cash!” STFUUUUU I WAS RETARDED I SHOULD’VE GONE LIFE BITES

No. 1824334

File: 1703262166091.png (147.79 KB, 383x404, 1700590915826.png)

i know what you're doing, i'm not fucking stupid. honestly it would hurt less if you just unfriended me or left the gc lol

No. 1824922

I want you, I want you, I want you and only you, even if you keep breaking my heart over and over again. I've never felt so much for anyone ever before. I just can't let you go for some reason..you felt like home for fuck's sake

No. 1824948

Scrolling through what you were saying this time last year is fucking hilarious

No. 1824950

I'm fucking dying at this pic. What did they do to the hampter lmfao(vain bitch)

No. 1824952

Still kissing the asses of people who don't care about you, huh? Did they even get you any presents?

No. 1824980

And when I say hilarious, I mean pathetic. I'm savage asf with the vegan community. Steaks good af

No. 1825068

Super happy that my trauma-dumping online friend fucked off despite me really liking that friend. Good riddance.

No. 1825271

File: 1703298644770.jpg (9.35 KB, 544x213, bald-ashley-hits-different-v0-…)

Never forget - every single bit of your contribution to that is documented forever! A certain picture comes to mind!

No. 1825286

Thanks, now I'll never trust it again

No. 1825305

Next useless schizo that indirectly replies to an above post and bumps thread pretending the posts are for them, moving forward, is getting lung cancer uwu

No. 1825319

I will never understand people who just presume things about people, having so much hatred literally based of stereotypes. Despite it all, i don't think i can be bothered to really hold a deep grudge against anyone even if they have wronged me. I don't even hate trannies that much and if i do it's got nothing to do with them being a troon. Even when i don't agree with someone's lifestyle, i pride myself in having the nuance in only judging them for what i know and i prefer to distance myself from them rather than trying to fight them. Life is too god damn short to be getting lost in rage bait and people like that need serious help.

No. 1825403

Holy shit. You guys really like talking at me, don't you? It's like nothing I say gets a reaction, but I'm supposed to respond to your word vomit of frustrations and random crap you send me. You know what? Fuck it. I'm not going out of my way to contact you because I already have friends that I can converse with.

No. 1825439

You're like… concerningly obsessed with women's bodies for a literally homosexual grown man

No. 1825490

Sometimes I feel like I liked the idea of your friendship more than I did like the friendship, you are a good friend and a good person but it's also hard to deal with you. This is when the "I don't care" feeling comes out. I've lost too many people already, just one more to the pile.

No. 1825602

Do you think that they’re watching you and getting jealous about how perfect you claim to be? Even if there was someone around to witness it, they wouldn’t be convinced it’s so obviously bullshit. The shit you so humbly brag about only makes you look more pathetic and desperate and fake.

No. 1825622

Back to square one but this time also with three steps back

No. 1825631

Go to bed!

No. 1825636

File: 1703323448948.gif (816.1 KB, 200x248, 200w.gif)

You're my dream

No. 1825638

I can't believe you don't care after all this time. I know me saying something won't change a damn thing and you probably won't care but fuck I just can't believe that you're so fucking cold

No. 1825643

Being fucking corrected on tiktok or anywhere else by a fucktard gendie to use “they” instead of he or she ACTUALLY triggers me. Like i hate being triggered because it makes me a pussy but just being corrected to use stupid fucking pronouns makes my blood boil and im still heated. I need to calm down but my blood is still hot from seething. I will never succumb to using FUCKING “THEY/THEM” pronouns. I.am.not.Retarded.

No. 1825644


No. 1825781

Just because I have an average cognitive intelligence doesn't mean I have an average emotional intelligence, you retarded inbred hillbilly. I've been told by not only professionals but by my mother that my emotional intelligence is the equivilent of an older child, around 10-12 years old. I abhor you so much that you genuinely make me wanna alog. You are so hypocritical and you lack self awareness as well. It's obvious that you disrespect me yet want respect? How am I supposed to respect an inept twat like you? It's funny you claim to respect others when your actions say otherwise. If you respected me, you wouldn't have talked shit about me in front of my face. I'm not a buffoon like you are! You knew that I had moderate support needs socially and communication wise just so you can fucking take advantage of me. You fucking knew that I have a pervasive distrust and suspicious nature just so you can take advantage of me.You like others think because everything else is low support needs that I am aware right away what I am doing. I don't. You also shat on me when I unintentionally walk away mid conversation or even sometimes not respond. It's a damn spectrum for a reason, you fuckwit. Even with supports in place, I am incompetent socially and communication wise. I wish I never encountered you and my mistrust and suspicion was correct with you. Like other honkies, you are extremely haughty which is very ironic. And BTW, your cohort seems to be one of the most nihilistic and bitter age groups I've ever met. Idk what's up with older boomers and early gen x, but by now, I would think you'd have your shit together. Boy was I wrong.

No. 1825783

Shit I mean younger boomers and older gen x. But it still stands, you guys are seriously pessimistic and I have no damn idea why. Your pessimism isn't realism, it's not.(vain bitch)

No. 1825815

Well, other people don’t find me difficult. Other people like and appreciate me for all the same things you find annoying or uncomfortable. Other people do care. So it’s no skin off my nose if you don’t. Merry Christmas.

No. 1825829

Bitch you're difficult and annoying as fuck for real

No. 1825961

I know you're suffering right now and I'm loving every moment of it. We both know that I am the best thing that has, and will ever happen to you and it's your fault entirely that I left. Hopefully you stop being such a limpdick soon, because if you come crawling back to me after I've lost feelings for you, you may as well be dead to me.

No. 1826481


No. 1826496

What the hell dude.

No. 1826602

R- I put thought into your gift instead of getting you a giftcard, and you can't even say thank you? S- I asked for something simple, easy, and inexpensive this year, but you can't even listen to me for once and instead chose some thoughtless last minute Amazon gift that's going to be late anyways. D- I am done trying to please you and spending tons of money on gifts that you purposefully let rot in the basement out of narc spite, in an attempt to not so subtly show how little you think of me, and that goes for everyone else who put my efforts to waste or outright doesn't give af about me, too. Christmas is such a stressful, bullshit season.

No. 1826786

I want to have a friend that I could just talk to online just to send memes, interesting yt videos, or dumb tumblr posts but the thing is I'm so over with people venting to me constantly that it's no use, I don't mind closeness but I'm so burnt out from overly emotional people

No. 1826805

I know you feel cool as shit every time you do that but it really highlights how pathetic you are oml. There isn't a world where you have any right to criticize people for such mundane things when that is the central topic your whole life revolves around.

No. 1826808

File: 1703402321091.jpg (67.68 KB, 828x921, 20231224_021951.jpg)

You when she breathes

No. 1826843

Every bit of it's unloaded bitch

No. 1826864

We both know your therapist said that you need to stay away from me, yet you can't or won't do it. You even reached out first, like all the other times. I don't know how you'll ever get over me if you don't. All of the things you're supposed to be working on, and you're not being consistent. What exactly has changed in these past couple months? You're already alluded to still being unhappy despite things panning out for you. For one, she didn't leave you. Whether that's due to co-dependency or sunk costs (the latter is how you described your relationship, and I wonder if she feels the same) is a whole other can of worms, but I just don't understand it.

No. 1826873

I hope you'll realise today that you really fucked up this time. I know you're waiting for me to wish you a merry christmas and I'm sure you almost expect it because usually I'm the one who tries to mend things but I hope my silence speaks volumes to you.

No. 1827137

File: 1703433473862.png (44.04 KB, 530x462, uwhgh.png)

i just wanted to check the info of a character and clicking this "i'm an adult" button gave me psychological damage because of the illustration, i hate moids that look like thatttttt why did they have to add these pictures? i can READ

No. 1827148

I'm not into the holiday mood and I couldn't care less about you or anyone else wishing me a merry christmas. I'll sleep comfortably in my bed today. And no this is not for the anon above you weird schizo

No. 1827156

Your best friend can shove her fake positivity up her ass. You're both just the same. Funny that you were chasing her before she decided to go back to her ex and leave you hanging so now you orbit her as her "best friend". How fucking pathetic.

No. 1827164

I'm still so in love with you. I'll never not be. I miss you, I miss hearing from you, but I don't miss the way we were when you loved me too. You're the only girl in my heart these days, no matter how often I try to open myself up to anyone else. It always comes back to you. We ruined eachother but when it was good it was so fucking good. I love those times, love you, and miss them all the same. It hurts. Maybe next time, when we're both better. Maybe next year, if we're lucky. God fucking damn it all.

No. 1827318

Sucks to think how different things are between us now compared to one year ago. I really thought I'd finally feel like the luckiest woman in the world and I hate that you were just a lesson afer all. I was ready to let my walls down for you and now you're just a painful reminder of how I'll never do it again.

No. 1827450

God I hope you have such a shitty christmas and that you're now all curled up on the couch and being depressed about it.

No. 1827600

"Wow what losers" you say as you barely engage with your family and stare dead eyed at your phone and throw actual tantrums if anyone points out that all you do is sit and talk to other dead eyed retards on your phone and take without giving kekkk

No. 1827669

Her acting like a moid shouldn’t bother me so much but it does. I feel like a disappointed parent. Hope you get your act together.

No. 1827681

I wasn't the hottest in my year but by god was I the most interesting girl

No. 1827867

alright fuck you too bitch guess we arent hanging out for christmas

No. 1827896

I'll never forgive you

No. 1827902

The cognitive dissonance you exhibit is impressive to me. You mock a mutual friend for not having a wife like you do, yet you cheated on her w/ me earlier this year. You're literally trying to message me while she's doing things for you. You're not even happy, (because you keep suggesting as much to me in an indirect way and I know you). Please humble yourself, and actually try to be decent husband.

No. 1827926

Samefag for both posts. Mods are retarded. How am I a vain bitch for replying to my own post? Oh and I got banned from all boards for this. Go drink some eggnog.

No. 1827984

Not gonna lie, I love seeing you all depressed about it. You deserve it after how much you've hurt me. I know you'll never get over your ego and apologise but I guess it doesn't really matter anyway because it wouldn't make it better. You never should've done it to me in the first place. I hope you have a shitty christmas time.

No. 1828009

You be shitting on people for sitting on their phone for hours minding their business while you sit on your electronics for hours… trying to be up in everybody else's business as a grown ass adult like who is the real pathetic loser here actually because it isnt any of us. Will you ever grow out of being perpetually 15 years old.

No. 1828301

I wish things between us could've worked out. I never saw this coming

No. 1828331

File: 1703535344618.jpeg (669.56 KB, 828x1624, B6FCB564-4661-4142-9602-6B421A…)

Just saw this shit. I cant even afford to find a house with my bf and this porky pig just gets married fucking willy nilly just whenever? ? She better have been a neglected bastard child.

No. 1828350

Lmao this has to be the most embarrassing thing I've seen all day. Disney obsessed people like this are such losers, don't sweat it anon, she's probably in a shitload of debt from it.(vain bitch)

No. 1828379

It's mostly funny because you are the one holding on and refusing to let go. Dude.

No. 1828382

File: 1703539121591.jpg (77.94 KB, 1600x900, fuckyouministerchan.jpg)

Guess I gotta pay the price. Fuck.

No. 1828391

You're just pissed theres nothing for you to steal, pathetic perverse faggot

No. 1828401

I used to be angry because I know you'll never accept my relationship because you’re just the most jealous friend but nowadays it makes me sad. Like…why can’t you accept that I’m happy as I am? You put these ideas in your head and you believe I deserve better and you didn’t even try to know him at all. Even when you made the minimum effort, everything that you had to say was all negative and wrong.
He’s not and won’t be like you want him to be because he’s not your boyfriend, is my partner. The day you accept the fact that I don’t want to be with anyone else, ever, and that I am fine just like I am right now, will the day that I’ll open up to you. Until then, I’m sorry but I don’t feel comfortable talking about him and our dynamics because I know you’re judging us without a reason.

No. 1828405

man are you fuckin kidding me. why does this keep happening dammit

No. 1828658

I DID NOT AGREE TO THOSE TERMS YOU FUCK. It's been seven hours and I only just got reprieve. Gonna be a long fucking night.

No. 1828711

i didnt get anything for christmas but im not expecting it anymore, im an adult. but im sat here watching you retards open gifts and feeling forgotten. my mum makes a food she knows i love and sets aside plenty of for me and me alone and this was my gift. despite having a shit ton of leftovers you dig in to my food without asking me and have the audacity to say haha it was so nice. i love you both but you're such geriatrics, one a hypocrite and the other an enabler.

No. 1828839

You're always like "I'm bored let me be creepily deragotry toward and obsessed with women because it's the only way I can get male attention" ewww

No. 1828848

You are utter trash for getting his hopes up only to fucking dash them. You even fucking said you're never going to sell these things, because you've been hanging onto them for over a year now and they're just sitting in storage. He even offered to give you something in return for one and you declined. Then, instead of just idk, DMing him to let him know you're backing out, you announce in the group chat on Christmas Day that it's basically not happening anymore bc your wife hates him. Why didn't you discuss this with her before offering to give him anything? It's just so mean-spirited and makes you come across as a flake/her seem like a bitch.

No. 1828852

Why are you sooo weird

No. 1828855

Literally you

No. 1828945

I still can't believe that this is how everything turned out

No. 1829040

Jesus christ donyou ever shut the fuck up. God i cannot stand your “lol im quirky and awkard” personality. God. Your boyfriend MUST either choke your or constantly has his cock in your must because you seriously dunno how to stop talking

No. 1829114

Ugh I thought I was starting to feel a little better and now I'm trembling and about to throw up again

No. 1829184


No. 1829187

holy shit that was fucking stupid kek. hope he didn't realize

No. 1829261

Why did you say that????And why did you not let me know sooner??? Wtf is wrong with you???

No. 1829532

If I had a nickel every time I knew somebody who was suicide baiting online, had a wellness check called on them, and got angry about it because they wanted asspats instead of real intervention, I'd have three or four nickels.

No. 1829592

We had a great time together when I visited you over a year ago. We were close friends for years, and I was so happy to be able to come visit you and experience a new state.
Then you suddenly fucking ghost me out of the blue right after the visit ended, and I'm still at a loss on why. Why????

I went through big bouts of self-hatred and deep depression over this shit, thinking about what I might've done to upset you.

I keep ruminating and ruminating. Was I annoying you? Did I offend you on something we might've talked about? I DONT KNOW. HELP ME OUT HERE. GIVE ME A GODDAMN HINT. FUCK

I keep reaching out to try to talk it out and extend an olive branch, but get ignored. If it is all my fault, I want to try to become a better person and learn from my mistakes.

(Oh yeah, we had talked about a Japan trip for years and was planning on going on one together later this year. I then found out during your ghosting of me that you actually went off on the trip with a few of your stupid douchebag Cali friends. I fucking saw the live tweets you did at some Taito arcade somewhere in Tokyo.)

Because of this, I'm even more mistrustful of friends and people in general. Who will be the next friend to abandon me out of nowhere? Thanks a lot stupid asshole. Maybe yhose said Cali friends will turn around on your ass and ghost YOU for no fucking reason. How would be THEM apples????

So fucking be an adult and fucking TALK TO ME. Stop being such a fucking stuck-up pissbaby.

fuck you asshole, go to hell
piece of shit!

No. 1829597

Your vibes were off sis you didn't meet the requirements move on

No. 1829601

File: 1703639675082.jpg (75 KB, 886x494, FmDyqfYXkAAskskksa7.jpg)

It's so funny watching you put so much painstaking effort into trying to appear aloof and effortless whenever this is you at all times

No. 1829651

I know I shouldn't bother and hope that any of the things I'll say will get through to you but I need to get this shit off my chest so that I can move on. I still can't believe you've betrayed me like this. I trusted you so much but now I wouldn't take you back even if you wanted me to. All my trust is gone. I wonder if you even ever cared at all.

No. 1829654

i don't want to give them attention but moids who lurk or try to interact here are such insane losers, i actually can't put into words what i think about them but i hope that they will rot inside whatever place they should be locked in because i can't imagine living your life and ending up like this and they will never change for the better anyway

No. 1829662

Holy shit is it so easy to lose attraction to someone for liking depraved things. Thank God I can feel this way, even if it hurts.

No. 1829833

How long is it gonna take you to realize he is engaged to a hotter version of you? How will you crash and burn this time? Take your ana larp to the extreme? Push your porn addicted bf into a proposal? Start drinking again? Maybe I will not talk to yo for a couple of months and skip the shit show, thanks

No. 1829917

I feel stupid for overreacting and crying for hours. Thank you for cheering me up.

No. 1829936

I hate that androgyny is automatically deemed freedom because it feels like a poor attempt at social engineering from assmad sock/bug/aidens who got the top surgery and now regret it. I don't think other women are beneath me if they're not super feminine, but at the same time I hate this malicious undertone of what feels like the crab bucket mentality.

No. 1829959

Wannabe art fags be like omg perfect blue is my favorite movieee

No. 1829969

File: 1703672741462.jpg (58.72 KB, 1280x688, Perfect_Blue_028.jpg)

(You) asf

No. 1830104

File: 1703687134251.jpg (25.31 KB, 563x439, b31663761c4da3585aff6917e543bb…)

FUCK I really thought it would've been you but things felt too good to be true I guess. I really wish I knew where and why it all went wrong.

No. 1830244

You know what? I'm done going easy on you. I'm going to rip you to shreds and play on your insecurities. Fuck you, you selfish asshole.

No. 1830333

I genuinely believe you were my soulmate. I don't know why you left me. Or maybe you were just a narcissist who mimicked me this entire time. Whatever it was it felt good and I know I will never have it again. Everything is empty and cold now. It broke my heart and I honestly want to die

No. 1830342

File: 1703700029326.gif (933.29 KB, 275x275, 1696569055320.gif)

Most embarrassing behavior

No. 1831083

I really fucking hope I'll be completely over you by the time you have a new girlfriend

No. 1831096

File: 1703730523146.jpg (97.03 KB, 1066x1066, 20231218_003419.jpg)

Acting this unhinged because someone isn't into you so crazy it's hard to believe people really talk like that

No. 1831283

I hope you're really starting to understand not only how hard it is to find a loving partner in the first place but how impossible it seems once you're out of college.

No. 1831419

Spent this Christmas homeless in my car, I'm really considering just ending it tomorrow

No. 1831487

Your new girlfriend is an ugly ass childish fucking neet. The epitome of the dirty, racist, weeb sanrio girl stereotype, like everything about it fits her to a T. You truly deserve each other. The one good thing about her is her hatred for trannies, I'm assuming you didn't mention to her that we broke up because you kept trying to troon out and you cheated on me. Moving your discord egf into your mom's house so you can financially support a neet while you're 26 is the life you deserve. If she messages me again when I've repeatedly told her I don't give a fuck about your weird discord kitten relationship, I'm going to tell her about your wannabe tranny days.

I have moved on with my life, I am engaged, I bought a house, you are an embarrassing stain on my past and I don't know what lies you told this chad chin child about me to make her think I still want you but I haven't in YEARS. You never lost any weight, you vape more now than ever, you still live with your mom. I saw one picture of your new cat and even your cat is fucking filthy. You can't take proper care of yourself, your pets, your belongings, what part of that do I want in my life? I only think about your existence when your bpd grime covered neet messages me out of the blue despite me blocking multiple accounts of hers. You both are fucking WEIRD

No. 1831716

I can't fucking believe you've done the one thing I've asked you not to do

No. 1831769

File: 1703776670234.jpg (34.44 KB, 500x500, 1000001599.jpg)

>>1831716(vain bitch)

No. 1831782

It's all because of you, I'm cautious of people. I don't care if you're abandoned by your parents, your father/mother wasn't in the picture, or you were abused. I don't wanna deal with your fucking "flaws"/"tactics" of emotional abuse twords me, I don't wanna give you a free pass to emotional drain me you Debbie Downer. You can rot alone for all I care. I rather be alone by myself, then stay in a friendship that makes me feel alone.

No. 1831809

No. 1831810

You didn't get what you wanted so you try it somewhere else. Fucking pathetic seeing you desperately try every possible corner to get the attention, because you can't let people have their thing. It's always all about you, all the fucking time. I don't need you to tell me you are unhappy, we can tell. I could be empathetic to you, but why would I? When I know you can't spend a second thinking about anyone else. I don't think I can stand this much longer. I'm getting seriously fed up with all of it and actually considering cutting you out. You'll be there stuck in this toxic loop, making everyone miserable, but I won't be part of it. It hurts because I'll probably loose some good people, but I can no longer deal with you. You managed to be such a pest, that the good doesn't outweigh the bad anymore. I feel sorry for the ones who have to keep up with you, until they can't anymore. You'll blame everyone else and paint the picture as if you are the victim, but deep down you know the truth. I tried, tried so hard until I realized there is no point in ever trying anything with you.

No. 1831880

i'm such a retarded fat cunt it's unbelievable

No. 1831924

File: 1703788317115.jpg (21.15 KB, 354x319, tumblr_79b76fbb6a2ba036df9bc39…)

What a fucking weirdo kek. You are genuinely so pathetic.

No. 1831986

Fuck off

No. 1831997

You are two grindr hookups away from transitioning. How could you know more about womanhood than me, faggot

No. 1832139

I can't stand some mentally ill people. Talking to you is like talking to a minefield. Fuck this. I'm not bothering with you.

No. 1832256

You are almost sixty years old. I shouldn't have to ask you not to send me gore of animals your tradcath fuck buddy (your retarded words, not mine) has decided to hunt that day. I shouldn't have to sit and watch you squeeze out crocodile tears or screech at the tippy top of your lungs because your child said "I don't want to see gore of animals, please be fair and don't send me that". You're like an old fat child. I hate you. I never should've come back home, dumbest decision I've made in so many years, you are fucking crazy and stupid legitimately. Working two jobs and living in a shoebox in the city would've been miles better than this, but I've burned my savings now. If I get another chance to get out I swear to God I'll be scrubbing toilets before I give up like this again. I envy people with good parents. The occasional homecooked meal isn't worth all this stress and stupidity.

No. 1832274

I'm gonna do it and I'll probably look stupid but at least it won't be constantly on my mind then. I just want some peace.

No. 1832340

Love how you wait that long in hopes of it being seen

No. 1832380

We knew the entire time, literally the entire time that it wasn't your real name by the way. You're just stupid..

No. 1832381

damn im going to kill myself

No. 1832547

Stop encouraging a mentally ill man (who is in the process of intense therapy and exhibiting clear signs of emotional turmoil) to get his wife pregnant. Christ, you are pregnant with a son; you should know better.

No. 1832604

I’ve come to terms that having children might not ever be in the cards for me, and I’m fine with it.

No. 1832812

God I can't believe you're such a coward.

No. 1832941

File: 1703850805034.jpg (75.31 KB, 843x476, Sem_título11.jpg)

You are such a pathetic person. It's funny - you hold on soo tight and you never let go! There is desperation in everything you do

No. 1832944

You beg for acknowledgement and discomfort from the women you abuse. Your future is nil. Uwu

No. 1832947

The only one who looks obsessed is you. Get a life.

No. 1832955

Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again. Never again.

No. 1832957

File: 1703852420832.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 1P4WdvIP.jpg)

Nothing about you is even vaguely intimidating.

No. 1832964

File: 1703854034269.jpg (99.41 KB, 1200x933, 20231229_042555.jpg)

I think the funniest part, in earnest, is that you're addicted to the act of abusing women in the same way that other men are addicted to porn. You are so desensitized to what you've done and what you do, the lies you craft to justify your hobbies, your constant need to lie and fabricate whatever makes you feel ahead of the truth in case it catches up to you. At this point, in seems as though you are incapable of existing without being able to disturb women, voyeur them, force your way where you are not welcome and have no consent, all while telling everyone "she was asking for it". You villianize women akin to an actual serial killer. You are so busy bullying, harassing, stalking, ostracizing, and attempting to humiliate women that you aren't even aware of how you sound and that you are the actual case study here. You play high stakes, low gain, low value games with the lives and privacy of women because they simply are not human to you, and you only have friends divided into two categories: the ones who do the same demented shit you do or want a piece of the pie and maybe know half of what you actually do to women, and the ones that only know the wooby,and carefully crafted perma-victim you sell to people. You are so careful about making sure those lives don't intertwine whenever convenient for you, but you've also been very careless and are egotistical and narcissistic enough to think other people, normal people, are too stupid to catch on to your very elaborate, carefully created, expensive web of lies. The only out for you in any capacity is crashing and burning. Keep claiming women are "asking for it" and "deserve" the disgusting torment you put them through. Your pretentious quasiobsessions and pseudointellectual hipster meta humor isn't as edgy as you seem to think it is, everything about you is half baked, dull, empty, and above all things bogged. You cling to obsessive referential material and are desperate to draw references between things that have no parallels constantly, a kind of delusional pattern-seeking completely detached from reality and only meant to associate more fetishistic humiliation with your victims. You compare yourself to like, victorious figures in media that defeat some sort of 'evil'ina final girl way when you on all accounts the aggressor, the abuser, the pathetic creep everyone is begging to die. Why you see yourself as some badass to mentally masturbate yourself is beyond me. You're a sped and your special interest is stalking women and that's so crazy. Making this more specific because im tired of the random schizos itt trying to make a size 14+ shoe fit.

No. 1832968

Can you fucking leave this thread already, you shit it up with your gross ass moidy porn and sperging. You literally ruin it every time you post, so other people do not want to post anything there. Unimaginable levels of autism. "If you don't like big titty child faced anime girls making out with each other, you are not a real lesbian". I have way more respect for lesbian fujos, than for you with your trannyesque retardation. "Oh yeah, there are shitton of female lesbian yuri artists, that's why i post yuri shit drawn by moids, oneeloli shit and yuri drawn by straight women". Just fuck off already. And i'm convinced you respond to yourself to stir up the shit again, no one actually likes you.

No. 1832976

Well thanks. This taught me nothing.

No. 1832987

Also, redacted– no amount of speedrunning shitty books about mkultra and forums on tor is going to collectively turn you into the figure you think you are in your delusions. Abuse is not and never will be parody, or a game, or something you're going to be able to permanently bury. Knowing you will be haunted by this right over your shoulder as long as you live, and yet you persist–thats true psycopathy only a jaded, desensitized freak like you can live with.

No. 1832988


No. 1833247

Nona, I'm not that anon who's been posting yuri. Chill tf out(vain bitch)

No. 1833258

Anyone else notice how every female imageboard has 4chan energy to them now? I think zoomers found these sites recently and seem to think that imageboard culture is tied to being a /pol/tard

No. 1833430

File: 1703882271197.jpg (13.18 KB, 275x275, 1697974576913.jpg)

Im glad this year is coming to an end! I worked hard to earn things then lost everything I conquered and some more to depression. I dont have a lot of hope and I dont think everything will get magically better but at least I can learn how to cope with the bad and live with confort. I just want to have nice food, take hikes, play my games and watch my shows and chill with my cat thats all I want for 2024. Be able to enjoy life and feel peace. No more hurry.

No. 1833434

did you post in the wrong thread?

No. 1833572

This shit annoys me so much. How can you be so childish and ignorant at the age of 30? It's like talking to a brick wall.

No. 1833674

Im not giving up on art no matter what. I only truly fail if I quit. I'm going to improve and be as good as I want to be.

No. 1833765

I’ll never know for sure if you were a friend or foe. It will always bother me because you were my closest male friend. I wasn’t the best person back then, and acted against my values, but I believed you didn’t judge me and had my back because you were imperfect too. The sad part is I still miss your friendship but we will never reconnect again.

No. 1833788

You're always so desperate to interact. Such weird anger issues.

No. 1833860

Feeling nostalgic over the last few days about ex’s, people I’ve lost contact with, and those who’ve passed. This time of the year is rough due to certain memories and I want nothing more than to fast forward the next few months.

No. 1834972

Why…You have terrible taste please never bring her around again. I hate her

No. 1835067

I wish that you would suddenly come back into my life and tell me that you miss me so much you can't stay away, but I think I've hurt you too much. You did say you missed me… but you said it too late. I know you never will but I still wish you would. You know where to find me, don't you?

No. 1835135

They also provided screen recordings and screenshots from the bizarre, highly mentally ill, fake car dealership/shorts/sneeze fiasco. He was unaware he was not interacting with the woman you were stalking at the time, but actually a group. You're STUPID.

No. 1835172

Every time I think of that post that says "men are able to goad each other into ruining their lives to eliminate competition because they wrongly implicitly trust each other" I think of you

No. 1835266

are you also going to spend this year making fake notes app confessionals too

No. 1835941


No. 1835989

Being so mad at a bitch you say she has karla homolka stare is hilarious. Hate that bitch she has [looks at paper] ummmmm unibomber gaze

No. 1836287

im actually shaking from anger holy fuck. and you wonder why i dont engage in your bullshit. fuck you i'm fucking done

No. 1836327

Leave those middle aged women alone

No. 1836518

File: 1704158008712.jpg (54.51 KB, 976x850, pepe_.jpg)

>respond to someone with a wrong statement
>get a response that corrects what you said in turn
>start complaining that anyone responded to you and tell them they need to "be quiet"
What did they mean by this?

No. 1836535

No I don't wanna be alone now, want you by my side, I want someone near to me, and darling, you'd be sublime..

No. 1836555

Ok(retarded low effort post)

No. 1836591

Why would you rather be around them? Why am I not good enough for you?

No. 1836805

There are people who create and people who voyeur and critique and what's funny about you aggressively being the latter is that you try so hard to make people think you're the former. Antipsychotics stat you have unsolvable problems.

No. 1836984

Found a bump in my breast a couple days ago. It's probably due to stress and anxiety (I haven't organised myself and now I face a lot of work in 3 weeks). I am scared of a different diagnosis. I'll probably have a mammography test tomorrow, I've never had one before since I am only 23. I feel awful.

No. 1837196

Ugh I still feel so anxious about it but at least I got it off my chest now since it took me almost three weeks. I hope I'll start to feel a bit better from now on.

No. 1837199

Wow okay then, guess I should've never bothered in the first place. What a fucking waste of time.

No. 1837231

I hope they break up so that I'll never have to see you again.

No. 1837349

File: 1704241645795.jpg (106.3 KB, 640x799, 1c3e68d8e576bda5d59cc30319868f…)

Sometimes I feel like having a cat or other little animal companion again would help me deal with my shitty brain, but I know on a conscious level that I just can't have that responsibility right now. Maybe if a random kitty appears at my doorstep one night….

No. 1837366

I hate being such a retard at work and saying the dumbest shit before thinking.

No. 1837373

I always feel like running away. I just want a place that feels like home.

No. 1837546

i'm a fucking idiot and a leech. i thought it would be different. my mom was right. all i do is receive kindness and love from other people and i don't do anything in return. i'm useless. i don't deserve to breathe. i feel stupid and humiliated and there's no one else to blame but myself. i've been crying all day and i can't sleep. it was supposed to be a new year. it was supposed to be a new me. it was supposed to be my next step and now im miserable and pathetic. i can't kill myself because a funeral would cost more than my family can handle. i won't but if i fell asleep and never woke up, i wouldn't complain. i am alone. i have no friends. ive become so isolated and bitter. why am i jealous of hearing my siblings play fucking lethal company with their friends while i sit silently at my laptop. i used to have server calls everyday with my friends and now i have no one.

No. 1837622

Holy fucking shit. Never thought you'd turn out to be this way. What in the actual fuck is wrong with you. Fine, can't wait to see you next time and rub everything in your face and make you hurt the same way you hurt me. I hope you stay miserable and lonely.

No. 1837626

The kind of mental illness that leads you to hurt people ewww

No. 1837631

Men think the way to abolish the sexual humiliation they create and perpetuate is through […] having more women be more naked! Desensitize! Yeah because that will literally ever work in any capacity ever. You just want more excuse to dehumanize women and continue robbing them of any dignity, privacy, and consent. Truly [redacted] because you're too inhuman to deserve anything else.

No. 1837646

Your doctor telling you to try to lose weight isn't fatphobia you're legit obese. How are you offended by that when you're complaining about things directly caused by your morbid obesity like joint pain? Stop acting like transphobia is the same as sexism and racism, you being a black woman doesn't mean you can say that and automatically be correct. Stop acting like JKR is a deranged white supremacist and a transphobe who needs to be assassinated while also being a huge Nicki Minaj stan and acting like Johnny Depp isn't completely to blame for what he did to Amber Heard. Yes Jay-Z is ugly, no, thinking he's ugly isn't racism or colorism, it's called having eyes that work which you wouldn't know because you wear glasses all the time and they don't even fully correct your eyesight. Stop acting like a super clever SJW when you're just parroting headlines you saw on instagram.

No. 1837698

Lmao please don't think that you were a catch and that I lost something of value. Everyone knows that I'm too good for you, even your friends.

No. 1837700

Weirdo go outside and get a life instead of camping in front of the screen all day

No. 1837790

She's just gonna do to you what she's done to everyone. She already dumped you in the past yet still you are orbiting her. She'll do exactly what you're afraid of. Why are you doing this to yourself?

No. 1837831

In a way I'm glad it's over because it was going nowhere but I can't shake the feeling that you'll come back in the future, just like you did in the past. It never feels truly over with you but it's never going to work out if you don't work on yourself and you've done so much damage already that my trust is gone.

No. 1838142

You really do respond like a hit dog so quick even to things incorrectly.. its like a puppet, ironically hehehehe

No. 1838569

I love you!!!!!

No. 1838570

was depressed christmas and new year, now i am manic

No. 1838692

uggo gay moid stfu

No. 1838713

You sexualize normal, mundane friendships between women because you are a degrading misogynist actually.

No. 1838841

I wanna strangle you so fucking much. Id probably end up creaming myself seeing the light leave your eyes. would be the only time you made a woman come.

No. 1838847

I fucking knew you sucked his dick to get promoted you fat skank. Hope that surprises pregnancy was worth the mead position, fat dipshit.

No. 1838857

I get bored when I have to listen to you. You need to learn to ask questions and stfu. And stop acting annoyed when I try to get a word in, are you kidding me? Frustrating. Also I'm feeling really tired

No. 1838930

Of course you're back to downloading dating apps again. They'll still leave you once they figure out how you really are.

No. 1839139

I know you're mad at me for some fucking reason and now you're in your "I don't give a shit" era which is why you said/did all of those things and got angry with me. You're lucky I didn't tear you a new one and didn't stoop down to your level after what you did. I know you're gonna go on a bender but it's just gonna come back to bite you in the ass and I won't be there to catch you when you fall. I don't get you but that's none of my business now. I offered you to talk whenever you feel ready and you declined. Fine. You asked me to be there for you and I was but you didn't care. You'll realize that I was the only one of them who gave a shit about you. It's a shame it all went down like this but neither I nor anyone else can save you from yourself.

No. 1839173

You were crying about a guy responding to your texts every 10 hours, and yet you constantly leave me on seen for days, and you barely keep a conversation with me. How can you not see this? I don't even want to think about you anymore.

No. 1839355

Good riddance.

No. 1839596

File: 1704424084263.png (46.94 KB, 275x270, rart.png)

i think i'm in love with you. i will never tell you for obvious reasons and i hate to admit it but i'm gonna miss you so much when we part ways

No. 1840225

Im in love with you im in love with you I dream about you I dream about us being together i am fucking crazy

No. 1840708

I'm not apologizing for kicking you lmao. I don't even care that I accidentally kicked your balls instead of your leg. Don't touch me if I say don't touch me. You're telling me that even though I told you multiple times don't touch me that I am in the wrong and my behavior is not okay? Nah I will attack anyone who gets in my space after telling them to stop. I almost wish you attacked me back so I could have done more damage.

No. 1840722

How the fuck do people not instantly recognize lying on the internet? Instagram has been shoving DiD munchies down my throat and listening to some of them talk is so fucking insane! There was this one ugly, grimey moid who talked about how he and like fifty other kids were ritually abused and the abusers who had connections everywhere created their own cartoon character to keep the kids in line so they wouldnt act out because the spooky scary cartoon character would get them. And he can’t go to the police because they’re in on it but he can talk about it on Instagram all fucking day with no problems. And people believed him!!!! I’ve seen tifs do the same things where they have some crazy oopy spoopy 3edgy5u trauma and that makes them a totes legit victim uwu!! Like how do people not call them on their bullshit? Ritual abuse was LITERALLY proven to be a wacko conspiracy made up by people with too much time on their hands and yet people still act like there’s some massive network or average joes just sadistically torturing kids in their backyard. It’s been on my mind for a while but I just… why?

No. 1840725

Don't engage with ARG crap or anything that is full of zoomers. You'll just make yourself mad

No. 1841035

File: 1704531383500.jpg (1.2 MB, 3170x2377, newFile-3.jpg)

For as long as necessary

No. 1841098

My best friend is a man I've known for 6 years and dated from late 2019 to late 2020, though thanks to me and my unhealthy obsession with a prior toxic relationship- it never worked. The bond works 10x more as a friendship/kinship, and I'm happier with him this way.
But deep down I always have this weird and selfish anxiety whenever I think about him getting into a relationship. Neither of us are interested in each other romantically anymore, I just can't fathom the idea of my best and only friend forgetting about me and eventually cutting the friendship depending on who and how the new lady may be. I guess that happens when friends find love, it's inevitable…

Today he mentioned randomly that in early 2021 he fancied a girl who he felt reciprocated that feeling but posted about another guy 24/7.(and cut off contact after that) Initially I had the impression he was hinting at me and how I wounded him and pushed some more- he said no, it was someone else and that kind of…ruined my day. I thought about it for the past few hours, and I still don't understand why I am guttered, this is none of my business and not my pain. Why am I hurt? I'm so selfish.

No. 1841122

You’re obsessed with us and it’s pretty scary at this point. If I don’t tell you shit is because you’re always judging everything and it gets tiring. I could be talking about the movie we saw or the food we ate and you’d start with those useless comments.
With you I truly understand the quote “this is why we can’t have nice things”. You’re just so jealous and so full of rage that you think you’re sly and sneaky but you act like a child with a tantrum.
And of course you’d deny it because you’re too proud to admit it but I don’t see you judging other people’s relationship, I don’t see you giving so much “advice” and of course I don’t see you asking the questions that you do ask me just to dig at my words.
My secrecy and distance is all you’ve got after years and years of trying to convince yourself that we’re not meant to be, without proof and evidence. Before you had a power in me and I would have take it in consideration but you made me break all my previous relationships filling me up with insecurities and worries that weren’t there.
This moment is mine and you can’t touch it, you’ll never do it. Because of this reason I decide what to tell you and of course it’s not even a 10%. And it’s not my fault and it’s not my problem, is the consequence of your shitty behaviour.

No. 1841135

Girl either break up with him or stop talking to your friend about it we don't care

No. 1841587

You constantly prove what a malignant narcissist you are every time you try to attribute the normal things that happen in other people's lives are because of you when you have nothing to do with them in any way, it's actually quite creepy and retarded that you will see a regular event in someone's life, someone who wants nothing to do with you and doesn't know you, and try to pretend it somehow revolves around your axis. Like you're genuinely so weird and your head is inserted so far up your own ass that it's a disability atp.

No. 1841690

Do you watch me like reality TV, and expect me not to break the fourth wall? Come on now, use your head.

No. 1841708


No. 1841763

File: 1704583483452.jpg (28.81 KB, 683x524, 20231230_050406.jpg)

The consequences of your actions

No. 1841810

Bitch, shut the fuck up with your "uhm, akshually" responses. You're the only person I have ever come across who is a drain to talk to. You're a louse of a human being.

No. 1841811

Husband is sleeping without a shirt on.
His arm is up, I want to huff his armpit.

No. 1841835

Girl just jam your face in there and take a big ol' rip that's YOUR stank.(vain bitch)

No. 1841836

Words have meaning.

No. 1842267

Sorry to burst your narc bubble but no one reads your posts so you can quit the Jesus savior roleplay.

No. 1842416

I'm sorry but larping as an edgy aloof badass doesn't work when you're such an overeager obsessive lapdog who is so easily excitable ewwwwwwww

No. 1842429

Ommgggg can you go ONEE day without lying and exaggerating for sympathy and attention. You made your bed bitch.

No. 1842448

File: 1704639053729.png (763.1 KB, 1200x880, Bunny_Saves_the_Day.png)

like how are you going to pretend to be distant from the drama YOU created, crafted, perpetuated, and attempted to gain something from. when do you realize what an ugly person you are or is the narc in you incapable of understanding that your actions have consequences and just because it takes time for them to effect you doesn't mean they never will? what in the world is fucking wrong with you lol

No. 1842624

File: 1704648606149.png (264.85 KB, 800x600, IMG_2218.png)

No. 1842650

File: 1704649695689.jpg (66.58 KB, 380x317, blueglassslipper3.jpg)

In what world bitch? Your head?

No. 1842683

File: 1704651253288.jpg (21.16 KB, 275x262, 1672221364770.jpg)

Fuck you. You were lucky to have me.

No. 1842706

I try to do the right thing, I try to be considerate and it’s always the wrong fucking thing to do. Why do I bother? I know I’m just tired and I’ll probably feel better once I can sleep but I’m frankly pretty furious right now. I was trying to help and now like… there’s just no point.

No. 1842797

File: 1704656955277.jpeg (182.03 KB, 750x750, IMG_0240.jpeg)

that worthless scrote is gonna kill himself one day, every hour is closer to death, too bad it can't happen fast enough.

No. 1843269

File: 1704679705033.png (83.21 KB, 711x1093, 1704674553952.png)

muh booooliezzz!

No. 1843604

I don’t think I’ll ever get better. Sometimes I’m not even sure I want to.

No. 1843616

Kek stop. What did she even do to you(vain bitch)

No. 1843622

God kpop makes me so fucking angry and feral, specially stupid pieces of shit obsessed with it, literally the worst type of people on earth.

No. 1843630

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE YOU, I hate you. I tried so hard to forgive and give you the benefit of the doubt but the older I get, the more I realize you are just a HURTFUL and MEAN human. Who never cares about my best interest. I never hate but I experience it when I think of you.

No. 1843635

Samefag but you will never understand the pain and heartache that I have gone through thinking and forgiving you over and over again. You don't even ask for forgivness, its just expected. I feel betrayed. Robbed. Lost and forgotten. If you are my mother like you say are, why do you treat me as so little?

No. 1843700

All of this would never of happened if you weren’t rude and spoke calmly. Asshole

No. 1843801

imagine coming here to defend the honor of 30yo+ post wall moids hahaha absolutely pathetic

No. 1843812

Kek i often think about how you will never get to know your grandchild and im fucking here for it!

No. 1844174

so sick of you making me out to be a terrible person and treating me like a burden just because you want to get fucked. it's so transparent that it disgusts me. dad might've been a nasty drunk but at least he never made me feel this terrible just for existing, i hate you so much. i really do. every good moment we've ever had has been chased by an awful moment. and the stress is literally killing me.

No. 1844221

File: 1704744624162.jpeg (17.17 KB, 236x236, IMG_5427.jpeg)

I am medicated properly and I still think what happened to me wasn't a delusion. I tested the waters after being on meds for a while just to confirm or deny my suspicions and something in the milk isn't clean.

don't you have anything better to be doing moid? surely you do. your rage and bitterness only empowers me. I'm laughing at you, not with you.

No. 1844408

I wonder what would have happened if we dated, and now that I think about it I sincerely doubt it would have worked, you were such a sweetheart when you wanted to but the complications would have killed everything that existed between us. I will forget you and you will forget me, or forget that there was a time were we thought this would last forever but I really hope that when someone mentions my home country I can cross your mind for just a second. It is impossible for me to stop thinking about you YET, but slowly you will be replaced by someone else (and so will I). I thank you for the months we spent talking, for our long calls and the plans made and I hope you can remember me dearly

No. 1844446

File: 1704758244337.jpg (8.03 KB, 275x275, loafface.jpg)

my idiot self stopped participating in a server full of what were my good friends years ago because I developed imposter syndrome - also I stopped talking to the two other people I knew too - and every day I miss them and dream about them to embarrassing extents. I want someone to insult me over it because I feel too tired to hate myself enough over it.

No. 1844474

Can you not just go back to participating in the server or message some of your friends privately? Mental health is taken a lot more seriously these days, they'd probably be sympathetic.

No. 1844708

Your personality is literally just voyeurism and stan twitter bullshit

No. 1844712

Men are kind of disabled, they never feel fear the way they should. Kind of hilarious when they get what's coming tho.

No. 1845443

I gave you everything I had,even the thing most important to me but you still abandoned me. I want you back more than anything in the world. I'd give up my life just to see you again

No. 1845594

File: 1704833917782.jpg (41.42 KB, 549x454, FylLJ2fWcAAreM8.jpg)

i wish you killed yourself back in december, disgusting faggot

No. 1845607

You are a fucking retard I know who you are of course I do and no I wasn’t faking anything or pranking you I wish you could dial down your autism for two fucking seconds in your life

No. 1845609

The fact that you expect me to not be angry too like I’m being way more forgiving than you give me credit for but you’re a pussy in hiding because you fear your secrets being exposed or whatever like I god damn give a fuck lmao

No. 1845610

I’ll do the exact opposite of what you want me to do until you stop being such a whiny man child btw

No. 1845620

5 years of effort and you couldn’t communicate anything clearly and now you’re stimming in silence. Glad you managed to figure out video games in the meantime at least. I missed you, you know? I kept your dumbass cards and the sweater you got me.

No. 1845633

I don’t even get what you want from me lol was it revenge? You were my best friend and I frequently mentioned missing you and how I got along with you so well because of our weird ass interests. I don’t know why you think I’m so superficial but you swooped in at a difficult ass time and my lashing out and talking shit wasn’t anything personal. You’ll probably just stew on this shit for another 5 years instead of just talking to me. We both lied, big woop. The silence just makes me think you want me to croak, if you do then just say so lol I’m not above it at the minute. And no I’m not lying about anything I’m saying. I couldnt give a shit what you pretend to be online, if your friends think I’m a harpy because they’re also autistic and can’t understand that I’ve had a really rough fucking time and a lot of issues. Sad because I thought our friendship was more special than that, it’s crazy to me that you think you deserve some time and space because /i/ freaked /you/ out but you and your book club can’t imagine the same was true for me or that any of my reactions were because I was freaked out and in real ass pain. Every day you hide from this shit I just get sadder man

No. 1845813

Check your relaxing yearmail retard

No. 1845818

File: 1704849105564.jpg (164.91 KB, 1098x1276, 20240107_131013.jpg)

People who have strong narcissistic tendencies and other toxic people are known for their manipulation tactics. Some of them are consciously cunning and deceiving. While others are more primitive and blunt in their disturbing behaviors. Whatever the case may be, such people tend to project heavily, not take responsibility for their actions, blame others, and use gaslighting.
Here are some of the things abusers and toxic people say to their victims, and what it means:
>I did this for your own good.
Meaning, you should be grateful, not upset.
>Youre too sensitive.
Meaning, your reaction to my toxicity is unreasonable.
>Its your fault.
Meaning, I did nothing wrong here; it’s you.
>You deserve it.
Meaning, you are deserving of being mistreated.
>Dont be so dramatic.
Meaning, you’re overreacting and instigating conflict.
>You are so cold, cruel, and lack forgiveness.
Meaning, you shouldn’t hold me responsible for my hurtful and manipulative behavior.
>You made me do it.
Meaning,I have no control over myself in this instance; you’re responsible for what I did.

No. 1845819

What are you so fucking upset about honestly? What is wrong with you? lol Jesus as if you’re the wronged party here(vain bitch)

No. 1845821

Why do you always post this when nobody has ever said this to you like ever(vain bitch)

No. 1845822

You are schizophreníc(vain bitch)

No. 1845824

Why do you pretend this post is for (you) or about (you) in any capacity? I'm genuinely so fucking sick of you responding to the posts I make here occasionally as if theyre special messages to you from someone you know when they have nothing to do with you, lolcow, or whatever faggy disord group you have, narc. Fuck off.

No. 1845825

Yeah sure whatever. Please stop throwing the autism tantrum already because you’re embarrassed(vain bitch)

No. 1845827

You are literally schizophrenic.

No. 1845828

Calm down.

No. 1845830

Okay and what now?

No. 1845832

I'm calm, you're the one that thinks complete strangers are writing you love letters in this thread because you're a narcissist and can't accept that there are people who use this website that don't know or give a single fuck about you.

No. 1845835

This is fucking embarrassing on your behalf. Stop flipping the fuck out as if that makes you look any less guilty

No. 1845836

Nobody said anything about anyone writing me love letters you fucking schizo where are you even pulling this shit from? I asked why you post the same shit always when we know nobody has ever said that to you

No. 1845838

Read the fucking rules! Or take your meds.

No. 1845840

Every time I get an incensed schizophrenic accusation I know I’m right on the money with you idiot

No. 1845841

You are absolutely schizo. You don't know me. You know nothing about me. You're pretending I'm someone in your sphere because of a post about abusers? You're claiming a complete stranger hasn't dealt with a lying narc abuser blaming them for their own abusive actions? You replied to my post as if I'm one of your tulpas. Please get medicated.

No. 1845842

Calm down we can all see the other 5 times you made the same exact post. I don’t even know why you’re so intent on fighting me or what’s gotten you so upset but I can take a guess. I’m not gonna be mad at you no matter how hard you try though

No. 1845845

The thread is called get it off your chest. I got it off my chest. You sound so personally offended by me using the thread for what the thread is for, including projecting your own weird faggot gaslighting onto a simple post, take your abilify you miserable wench

No. 1845847

You’re the only one that sounds like a miserable wench here. I fuck your husband or something?

No. 1845853

Buffalo Bill ass faggot

No. 1845854

That’s my ex please come correct

No. 1845861

Wow wait you think I’m him? God you’re fighting air at this point. You already won you fucking dumbass

No. 1845865

I have two phones you idiot. He posts on a shitty Samsung. Idk who’s been fucking with your head but it wasn’t me lol

No. 1845875

Like I just had a whole conversation with him where I told him how much I miss you and how sorry I am for not seeing how much you loved me. I am in love with you and yes I know the full story sort of not really but I can guess. Doesnt matter to me either way, I’m not tricking or pranking you, it was just a lot of work and mental breakdowns getting through the autism here.

No. 1845877

I’ll gladly show you that conversation if you ever decide to stop being so scared of me. I’m nice and this was a whole lotta misunderstandings and you don’t have to worry so much anymore

No. 1845879

File: 1704851384464.jpg (184.75 KB, 1046x2048, 20240109_205018.jpg)

You're an actual serial killer in the making I think

No. 1845881

Sigh fine. I’ll leave you be forever then, that’s what we want yeah? Okay

No. 1845883

Can you at the very least stop being so damn mad at me? Idc if you think I’m a schizo cow or whatever, I loved you back then and I love you even more now. The shitty things you did I can see misguided and kind of cute attempts at kindness in. The silence and gaslighting in between is what did me in and caused a lot of the shit talking, I wanted to figure out what the fuck was going on. How was I supposed to figure this shit out without a massive handbook on autism speaks? I liked you as you and I liked your other you. I think you’re insane but clearly so am I. I know your insecurities as well as you know mine, I know you need time to process this shit because of the tism but I’m visiting a FRIEND soon (you know her) and you’re on borrowed time because my bitch cow ass is suicidal every other day because of the mindfuckery you get up to when the wine hits idiota

No. 1845892

Also stop interpreting everything I do so negatively. I have nothing but good intentions for you, I’m rattling at the fucking cage because you’re so fucking STUBBORN and I’m trying every fucking blow up in the book because I know this shit was out of love and not because you were trolling. You can’t fool my discerning eyes. Drink your yakult

No. 1845900

Take your fucking meds and go back to discord, retard.

No. 1845902

And honestly I’ve been thinking about nothing but your dumbass this entire time. I will forgive absolutely everything because this shit was so fucking wild that I can’t help but fall in love so fucking hard because I am insane and this was by far the cutest and hardest anyone has ever tried for me in my entire life and I’m very much aware of how pathetic that makes me lmao but I don’t care I just want to hug you and hang out with you you’re fucking adorable believe me!!!!

No. 1845903

I don’t have a discord I’m getting things off my chest in the off my chest thread you grinch(vain bitch)

No. 1845905

Stop posting harassment toward some poor woman who does not want you.

No. 1845907

Issa man. Depending on who you ask(vain bitch)

No. 1845920

You’ve got 4 days or the gypsy curse begins

No. 1845923

File: 1704853148648.jpg (21.74 KB, 647x647, 20240109_204810.jpg)

All of this persons ranting is fake by the way. They're impersonating someone else.

No. 1845926

I am the fuck NOT stop spreading lieeeeessss

No. 1845935

You looked really sad when I gave you back your watch. I hope you didn’t slip on them steps

No. 1845950

Are these the jealous autism guard roomies or something. Let a bitch be crazy and free

No. 1846002

Nico Nico niii

No. 1846011

any bystanders or exes or anything like that keep the fuck out youre all obeast and jealous and you don’t know shit

No. 1846020

Vain bitches, telling all their business

No. 1846243

still having nightmares about school, mom, basements, closets. should have gone full blown alcoholic so i could kill off a decade of braincells.

No. 1846357

I never meant to hurt you, I'm sorry. I'd do anything to go back to that night and just reverse everything, I have nightmares about it every night and wake up in a pool of sweat thinking about it. I never should have done that, please find it in yourself to forgive me, I'm so so sorry. Why didn't you tell ne I hurt you like that. I love you.

No. 1846359

I forgive you, but I moved on, nothing you've ever done affects my marriage or my family I made now after we stopped talking and I'm finally healthy again. Take care of yourself and people around you, especially in this time of war(vain bitch)

No. 1846367

I think you have the wrong person.

No. 1846368


No. 1846444

Jfc what happened to this thread

No. 1847042

No, you’re not single because you’re focusing on your job and you’re “too much” for everyone and don’t settle. You’re single because you’re insufferable. Your body is ugly even when you try to deny it. People just see you as much as someone who can they fuck and then drop out. Try to convince yourself as much as you want, it won’t change that fact.

No. 1847437

This thread attracts abusers who see proclamations of hurt meant for no one here as automatic letters addressed to them like flies to shit. Very disturbing to say the least.

No. 1847449

nope. no fucking way are you pulling this shit. for how high and mighty you act, you literally have the mental state of a 14 year old. i have no idea how your friends put up with you. also, fuck you, no present for you!

No. 1847470

Reminder that your "friends" are the ones who did that. You chose to get involved in that. You wanted the benefits of bad people but thought you wouldn't get burned? Fuck off

No. 1847556

Women like her who play genshit and listen to kpop honestly make me so fucking upset

No. 1847572

She's so stereotypical like I wish she knew, she needs to stop showing that shit to him lmao I hope they fail

No. 1847865

Love watching men jump to defend other men over stupid shit that has nothing to do with them. You're a fucking dog. A chimpanzee even.

No. 1848374

i love cats more than anything in the world i wish i had a cat i will kill myself if i dont get to touch a little cat in the next 48 hours

No. 1848568

File: 1705008802053.gif (3.55 MB, 640x640, moomin-girl-walking-and-turnin…)

stop trying to act cute you are a grown man with cluster B tendencies it is extremely embarrassing to watch

No. 1849034

You have no impulse control whatsoever.

No. 1849544

You’re unbelievable. You’re such a fucking baby. I hope you never get what you want fucking PERISH

No. 1850329

Awww remember in 2021 when you were stalking that woman and begged other grown men to take photos and videos of her outside of her home, pretending to send her messages? Remember when you joked about beating her with hammers? How's that future "career" going?

No. 1850441


No. 1850758

No. 1851928

I hate that I have to bottle up my emotions all the time. I feel like I'm going to explode and have a breakdown one day. I dont feel comfortable expressing it or venting about it here because there's too many posters lately downplaying abuse and harassment, can't say it irl either because I don't have anyone to talk to. To be told what I went through apparently didn't happen will make me lose it. I might have to end it all for real this time.

No. 1852143

While you are here, let's talk about how much you truly lie to anyone and everyone who will listen. Let's talk about how you deliberately manipulated, lied to, and sent abuse to other women because you began to feel the hit of criticism for what you were doing and felt like you needed to push the envelope in order to mythicize this persona you yourself created and form some sort of fake alibi to justify your obsession with abusing and voyeuring women. Let's talk about how you prompted Rashida and her friends to open a curious cat, sent them "fake" hate because you wanted to hide behind women and create character witnesses for the lies YOU told. You were afraid about it catching up to you so you had to make a fictional entity in some crude way to justify your own gross indiscretions. Why only women? Are they the only ones you can successfully manipulate into believing your victim persona? Or did you want to have women to hide behind so you look like less of a perverse, scary misogynist? Even they have called you a misogynist. I guess pretending there's some sort of lurking evil for you to "monitor" is the only way you can feel like you have people forever under your thumb. You really rely on the naivete of women and toying with their emotions to keep them from questioning the real reasons why you do things. If they knew just how fucked up you truly are and that YOU are the weird bitch spinning that yarn in 2021 in some sort of desperate, maniacal panic because your plan was slowly starting to backfire, do you really think they would side with you? What other women are you going to attempt to hurt and hurl the blame at someone else in your bored fantasy world where you're some sort of genius heroic figure? You are just a sadistic puppeteer loser that gets some strange psychosexual thrill out of whatever all this is. Who next, what next? I think you're running out of excuses and elaborate creative fiction to keep people placated. You're trying soo hard to keep those loose ends tied when really, all you are is an abuser and a misogynist and a true piece of shit. Pinning the blame on women while simultaneously abusing women repeatedly just does not work forever. I would feel sorry for you, but you need to be put down like a fucking dog lmao. All of them would hate you if they knew just what you've really done and the things you've said about them and to them. Are you gonna conjure some more crocodile tears? You're so good at pretending to be a professional victim when you aren't busy begging people to help you stalk women like the literal predator you are.

No. 1852212

Also, keep making posts victimizing yourself. Keep comparing your VICTIMS to other abusers and trying to blame others for what YOU have done. Yes please by all means continue to desperately try to draw false comparisons between the women you have hurt to actual villains who you yourself resemble to a T. Not everyone lacks the intelligence you think they do, they just wouldn't be able to wrap their minds around just how fucked up and low you are able to sink, faggot. Don't you have more women to follow around, photograph and video, and listen to obsessively while they're alone?

No. 1852711

"it's unfair that we laughed together but you cried alone" is so bull to me. not that the friends i tend to make say this word for word, but they do encourage me to not bottle up my feelings. on the rare occasion that I do tell them how I feel when down… they jump ship because the weight of it is too much for them. not like i'm expecting a fix from them, but if i trusted them enough to tell them how i am feeling at my lowest i just want a little emotional comfort from the people i love man. just a little, please. and they always fuck off….

No. 1852724

I fucking hate that I will have to work every week from 7 to 5 until I'm old. I hate that I have to get up at 5 am. I hate that everything about adult life is about work. Work fucking sucks. I wish I didn't have to work. I wish I was a rich, spoiled princess.

No. 1852733

I hate how a lot on nonas are racist and have 0 critical thinking, it’s like I’m taking to moids.

No. 1852790

File: 1705184520296.png (424.76 KB, 640x640, 1691761923225.png)

Man, how are you gonna complain about "attention-seeking whores" when you were threatening suicide on your public twitter account a few weeks ago. Males are so hypocritical kekkkkk. Utterly fascinating…

No. 1852893

Why the fuck do I bother coming here anymore? Half of the posters hate me for my race, all vent related threads are shat up including this one so I can't even use those, all the bait over feminism and things like sexual abuse/assault, the abrasive behavior, what's the point? I don't expect niceness over every single topic but you'd think more serious issues would be different. I feel like most of the anons who used to empathize left 2 years ago. There's no fun or connection anymore, there's no "nonnas" and such it was all fake. Now I'll wait for some retarded reply.

No. 1852947

Life is weird. I feel numb, like what's the point? I'm lost.

No. 1852976

I agree with you nonna. A lot of the empathetic anons left and this site feels younger, newfagish, racespergy. These threads used to not be this bad. It's time for us to leave too.

No. 1852990

It's because you are. Don't let yourself get discouraged by it, this also goes for >>1852893
I know it's hard and the board climate sucks right now, I currently feel the same dread about it. But this is literally the raiding moid;s goal, to shoo us away.

No. 1852996

doublepost. everyone thinks i'm projecting when i say i think you're not over me. i guess i really am unlovable…

No. 1852999

File: 1705192235153.jpg (90.56 KB, 736x981, GDN0wP3bkAAbQZ3.jpg)

I don't have any right to speak to you anymore but I'm sorry and I miss you.

From C to K

No. 1853010

I’m worried she won’t like her gift. I’m worried she’s upset I couldn’t make it. I worry she secretly hates me.

No. 1853013

So what happens when your little online following finds out what you really are, and that you're not some charming oddball quirked up empath? What happens when they find out that every bit of your story is absolute bullshit and that you keep trying to peddle some sort of "oh yeah us a BIG GROUP OF GROWN MAN are all victims to one single lone woman"? What happens when they realize you're bestie penpals with a man that has paid another man to put a hidden camera in a woman's bedroom and then claimed they just happened to stumble upon an "unsecured camera", like they weren't the one who did so? Are you going to keep trying to soft launch these vague, carefully placed comments to the people around you out of paranoia about how there is a "schizo woman stalking you" or going to bring "false allegations" upon you in hopes that if you're caught, you can lie your way out? You're grasping at every single abuser 101 trick in the book and truly believe you can just keep selling your fake ass "Ava Lyn" entity like its a real person and not just you fearing all the skeletons of what you've done toppling out of your closet? Oh thats right–shes just "meat", right? What an odd circumstance you are somehow an elaborate victim of as a grown ass man, hmmmmm. You are going to micromanage that painstaking narrative for as long as you can, huh? You're the one who is meat. You are the one who has no soul ctfu.

No. 1853098

I want to be happy for my girls getting more exposure but I can’t not with the way things are. Today I saw fan translations and that stupid but make the music and vocal cleaner meme fuck off fuck off go to hell!!! Fuck tifs and especially fuck tims. My girls deserve better.

No. 1853647

I don't even know how to articulate my thoughts well in relation to this shit show. While the feelings we had for each other were genuine, and the connection was deep and intimate - it was wrong. You're married, and even if you were miserable in your relationship - I shouldn't have enabled the affair no matter how I felt about you, and you shouldn't have pursued me. In the end, you wanted to work on your personal problems and the ones in your relationship, and I thought that was best for you. I was happy when you told me you're in therapy because you needed it. We cut contact, I got on with my life and you did too.

Now, 4 months later, and we're in the same server again because all our friends have migrated here, it's where the voice chats/gaming happens, so neither one of us wants to dip because of that. We've been co-existing in a cordial way, but obviously trying to maintain distance. I had my suspicions that you weren't over things, and after I had to speak to you yesterday re: concerns regarding some boundaries being crossed, you admitted to me that you still have feelings for me and have also felt jealous, things you're working on in therapy. I said to you that I can't do anything about that, and you acknowledged it. The only way to get over me is to go no contact again; it's what every therapist recommends when it pertains to therapy surrounding affair recovery (that you haven't even disclosed to your wife). You even admitted you went against your therapist's advice when you left the server (after seeing I was here) and then came back. You're hampering your own recovery.

But what did you expect me to say yesterday? Me probing into your feelings/jealousy won't change anything, and I'm not going to get involved with you again in that way. Confiding in me is a slippery slope because I think it's what led to our friendship turning into an affair in the first place. You mentioned in the group chat that you confided in your wife about something personal, and I side-eyed that because less than 24hrs ago you were on your phone DMing me about not being over me (while she was probably in the same room). Maybe me not reacting how you wanted to gave you the push to speak to her (since the affair did the same thing re: disclosing how dishonest you've been about literally every facet of your decade-long relationship with her). IDK if you're trying to goad me or make me feel jealous - something my friend and her ex-therapist friend think is what's going on, but it won't work.

No. 1853662

You had to go and sneak around in my groceries I can't get often at all at my home almost 1000km in another EU county just in the short time I visited, and eat some of it, as if it was yours? When you can get any of the stuff I purchased any goddamn day because you still live here?
You're a fat, envious and disgusting rat nibbling at people's stuff without permission, at the image of the Parisian region you stayed in. You absolute fucking waste of air.

No. 1855040

Most Evil Person Alive Acting Extremely Nonchalant About The Damage They've Done While Lecturing People About Morality

No. 1855052

When you'd rather cling to a lie thats done nothing but create actual evil than admit you kiki with a demonic creature

No. 1855068

Don't get me started on the fake porn. You LOVED that, remember? Sick nasty cunt

No. 1855205

File: 1705300596368.jpg (18.93 KB, 474x265, th-4164119834.jpg)

(You) pretending you know whats what.

No. 1855232

File: 1705301997322.gif (306.54 KB, 200x150, 200w-1.gif)

you on your way to make up another egregious lie and more fake screenshots to dodge true allegations

No. 1855497

Very cool of you to keep hanging out with people whose actions almost made me kms. You were there to witness it all but sure keep being hypocritical and naive and pretend like nothing ever happened

No. 1855574

Miss me with that bad faith bullshit. You know damn well what I meant.

No. 1856259

File: 1705370707459.jpg (142.36 KB, 1242x1201, 20240115_023032.jpg)

Someone gets called out for their actions and start talking about bad faith and bad actors and opps and deception.

No. 1857129

File: 1705431562342.jpg (32.53 KB, 640x648, 1620d9fad4d1af41bd6fd8ff7e0305…)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHY NOT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY IM SO JEAAAAAALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SHES THE SAME AGE AS MEEEEEEE WHY AM SO FAR BEHIIIINDDDDDD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. holy fuucccccck im so irritated yet inspired? why am i so slow in learning the things i want? why ? what is it i lack? i dont know i dont like knowing what i dont know i hate it, i really wish there was some one to guide me and i wasnt left to be a blind mouse i couldve done so much more if anyone couldve guided me…but i guess noone ever cared..this is going to be hard but i must do it i must prevail

No. 1857204

She ambushed me and I caved. Your source buys her feet pics btw

No. 1857216

File: 1705437533589.png (27.81 KB, 768x768, ugh.png)

I keep switching back between being really ambitious for the future and feeling it impossible to secure a comfortable one. All I ever wanted is the bare minimum of not being poor, being able to get away from my insane mother for good, and just being able to enjoy my hobbies in peace but it keeps feeling like Game Over.

I'll take being a corporate NPC for pay completely beneath market rate. I'll take an asshole coworker that brags about how much he knows. Just give me some stability, a way to actually start making things better. Why is everything so fucking difficult?

No. 1857260

That's not how you want to be remembered? Well I don't want to be remembered as a nobody from bumfuck, nowhere who never accomplished their dreams. Welcome to the death anxiety club. And FYI, I'm not enabling your death anxiety, sort that shit out and fix your mistake,

No. 1857274

Regardless, never again. She’s awful for me

No. 1857309

I'm sick and tired of vibrators dying on me. I even get them from reputable sites and not Amazon, and they'll break in 1-3 months. Looking at you, Satisfyer and Tenga Iroha.
I always wonder if high end shit like Lelo would be worth the investment but I'd honestly screech autistically if vibrators that expensive croaked on me. I'll never, ever stop seething about my davinci weed vape that broke in two weeks.

No. 1857676

Laughing my ass off at how you just continue on as if nothing has changed and you're not being watched so closely by so many different angles like you think you're actually James bond oh my godddd hahahhahajahjaha

No. 1857677

File: 1705453025797.jpg (179.29 KB, 1274x1039, 1686139244930.jpg)

It called itself Kevin Federline omg… you're all bog creatures

No. 1858578

My footprints aren't going to freeze over. The snow is so deep that my shoes didn't even touch through to the ground, and we get another inch of snow in 2 days from now. What's frozen over is your brain that can only think in set absolutes with no room for pragmaticism, you fucking nasty, rotten, boomer bitch. I'll miss the space but I won't miss you one bit.

No. 1859425

What is wrong with you people for real lmaooo, I don't even know that lady but they said she was bragging about sexually assaulting a woman during a fight? You're all a mess leave me alone wtf

No. 1859987

I miss you still and have never stopped loving you, C to M.

No. 1860436

You don't give a single fuck about anyone else than yourself and it shows. You really can't put yourself in other people's position and at this point I can't help but ask myself if you're even trying. It's okay to not feel every emotion out there intensely, that's fair, we're all different people. But why can't you realize that not everyone's like you? Is it that hard to just observe the type of person you're talking to, the mental state they're in and what they'd like to hear? I'm sorry but you don't need to be a psychic in order to feel these things. And I wouldn't have a problem with it all if you had opened your mouth and said you're at least trying, but you're too busy thinking only about your own damn ass. I'm not the only one who considers your behavior retarded, in fact you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't, even among your own family. I don't think you'd ever accept any criticism so I don't really see a reason to even mention this shit to you. I just don't intend to acknowledge your absolute lack of emotional intelligence anymore. If you like yourself that way that's great, but don't be surprised when people just stop talking to you about anything deeper than mundane everyday small talk. Because instead of showing love and support you show passive aggression and assertion of control. And then you're the one screeching about lack of respect and victimizing yourself whenever the opportunity arises? Oh give me a break. I just can't be bothered with your shit anymore and your entire family agrees with me kek.

No. 1860515

I'm freaking cryn you did all of that wildly convoluted ninja shit and wasted all that time and money only to be exactly back to square one again omgggg you're crazy

No. 1860517

Nothings sadder than a BITCH over-eagerly over-acting like a dog begging for a treat.

No. 1860634

I am so embarrassed for the miserable faggots posting itt so that a specific person will see it

No. 1860747

When I see no recent activity from you I get hopeful that you’ve finally moved on like you wanted to.

No. 1860765

What makes you think a specific person would see it on an anonymous imageboard? This thread is literally get it off your chest faggot if you're a discord freak just say that

No. 1860772

Well in another life we could've been soulmates. I wish we weren't destined to hate one another in this universe.

No. 1860780

Saying the dumbest shit i ever heard in my life. They dont want you in any life girl move on

No. 1860874

i think you should be put down like a rabid dog

No. 1860914

I know you should be put down like a rabid dog.

No. 1860926

I'm unsure if you should be put down like a rabid dog.

No. 1860998

So you've got internet and Google to research one part of your question, but then you still have to call at my workplace to ask the second part of your question when you'd also find it online. When you interrupt me talking to say you know how to research things online, to then in the next retort say that I have to tell you instead of you going through the effort on your own, not only do you sound moronic but also you sound entitled.
Absolute fucking boomer. I can't wait for this generation of people with their expectations of real life to die off in the next 5-10 years.

No. 1861000

I’m still considering if you should be put down like a rabid dog

No. 1861022

Pinche Vieja Culera

No. 1861167

I can do this all day mate. Don't try me.

No. 1861592

Shut the fuck up

No. 1861593

All your posts on social medua read like something Lena Dunham would say in girls that makes everyone roll their eyes or resent her

No. 1861774

You don't have to keep pretending you know. I saw the license plate you're a honeytrap. It's ok, you have to survive right?

No. 1861970

Schizophrenia is a hell of a drug

No. 1861977

Who do you think you are to tell me how to dress you stupid cow. I wanted to punch you. I hope you drop down the stairs and break your leg. Fucking nosy retard. I will resist your fucking rules and laws as long as I breathe. I HATE YOU PEOPLE SO MUCH.

No. 1862052

My life is turning into shambles. Everything I fought for is getting broken, destroyed. I want to be carefree and live life again, I don't want to go, please god help me don't do this to me again don't do this to me I was doing better I was becoming a grown woman I was healing don't do this I don't want to do something drastic I want to be happy and heal. Please I'm begging for a chance, please, get me out of here give a second chance I was a new person please don't humiliate me no more, get me outta here don't destroy my life again. This is not my life this is not my place what will I do now?? Don't do this let me breathe some more

No. 1862056

This is it if you're bringing me down I'm taking y'all with me motherfuckers I will show you what hell looks like you will not now peace the same way I did you destroyed my life my childhood my mind you will pay for it take me there and I will fuck shit up you can't stop me IM SICK OF ACTING like I'm not mentally ill!!!! Motherfuckers you ruined me I can't take this shit anymore I'm going to make you miserable I'll escape you will not take me there with you I fucking hate y'all I rather sleep at the damn hospital that's way better and I'll prove you what I'm capable of motherfucker you ignored my pain and mocked me you will see how fucked it can get I'll not let you rest

No. 1862252

Mfw I’ve become your type

No. 1862555

Silly that was just a shallow excuse. I didn't actually care about that. I have legitimate concerns like being disowned.

No. 1862590

Yeah yeah yeah, and let me guess, you bruise easier than other people.

No. 1862595

File: 1705800210093.jpg (104.13 KB, 1079x1318, 20240119_010018.jpg)

Throwing a bpd fit over minor conveniences like someone criticizing your outfit or what the fuck ever makes you fragile bitches burst into flames is sooo insane. If someone says you're dressed like a hoe and then you can't contain your triggerhappy meltdown maybe you need to get on medication.

No. 1863475

I went back a second time because I thought you were threatened and needed an ear but don't worry I'm doing the door slam for good now. I just thought you were being threatened, that's all. I was just concerned. I never had an ulterior motive from the start, I was just trying to see the bigger picture and meaning and although I know you always had bad intentions, people still need a hand offered but it's okay there's no further point to continue.

No. 1863643

File: 1705869252730.gif (4.18 MB, 400x216, 28492330.gif)

Shut your ugly ass up WE DONT WANT YOU

No. 1863650

keep malding uggo

No. 1864010

You are one of the easiest people to influence alive oh my god it's pathetic kinda

No. 1864303

"[ ] would love this" "[ ] would think this is funny" and it's never about anything I like or find funny, you just have the most pathetic parasocaial obsession with me that you would die if you couldn't insert my existence into literally everything. You are not good people, and you are not people I will ever think about outside of the disgusting and abysmally pathetic things that you do. You're orbiters of the saddest variety larping as cool or like unaffected when you're every bit the opposite, I don't and will never envy people like you or aspire to be like you. You're losers omg.

No. 1864397

Manifesting that you both die a horrible death within the year and that you suffer every day until then.

No. 1864424

Ugh even tho you’re larping as a dutiful mother of two now, you used to be my father’s mistress for years. You orchestrated the downfall of our family, and tried to sabotage my education but in the end but me and my mom made it, unlike you we both have a degree. My father is as guilty as you, if not more because he allowed this to happen and he’s just an opportunistic male like 90% of all males. You’re stuck tho. You don’t even have a high school degree and you’re stuck with a fucking senior citizen and have to be available for him for fucking groceries and shit.

No. 1864435

You're clearly BPD. Talking with you is not enjoyable, you mentally ill bitch. Good bye.

No. 1864467

I keep wanting to post in the relationship advice thread but I would start infighting if a nonnie said something bad about my Nigel, pick a struggle already retard

No. 1864552

File: 1705945257454.png (95.05 KB, 303x335, great.PNG)

I hate this. The person who shared this post is a self-employed grifter. Are you going to pay my rent, medical bills, car and insurance payments? you stupid bitch?

No. 1864609

Just found out my friend eloped six months ago. I'm all for elopement and am planning to do it myself (fuck paying for a wedding), but I feel pretty hurt. I considered her my best friend so finding out she was married for so long (and not even being told, she said "my husband" in front of me and I asked if they were married) really hurt. It has me seriously evaluating how much info about myself I want to share with her in the future. For my own elopement I was planning on telling everyone a day or two after it happened.

No. 1864642

My former best friend did stuff like that and was irritated when I was confused about it. It was raging BPD.(vain bitch)

No. 1864674

Wow you are actually schizophrenic

No. 1864709

I’m all in for being sincere and honest but you should remember I have feelings too and all you do with your words is hurt me the most, I know it’s intentional. I can’t comprehend how can you make me feel so alone all the time after all these years.

No. 1864712

Ew wtf was I thinking. I'm glad I ended up snooping though so that I could finally see your true colors. Following IG/Snap/OF thots is so pathetic omg. All the free porn in this world and you'd still pay for it kek what a pathetic simp.

No. 1864716

I know you don't like that. Good thing I'm not fucking buying it for you, who currently doesn't reside with me anyway, right? Good thing I'm purchasing this thing I like for myself and not for you, right? You don't need to comment on this shit EVERY FUCKING TIME I bring it up. I KNOW YOU DON'T LIKE IT. THAT'S WHY I'M NOT BUYING IT FOR YOU, BUT FOR MYSELF.

No. 1864838

No one gives a shit BITCHHHHHHHHH

No. 1864840

I miss you but you're such a retard libfem with a shitty husband also your kids are ugly

No. 1864912

Stop being embittered, overtly aggressive and, fucking weird. "Ioncuh" you care so much. You care in ways that make your cognitive disability obvious. You care so deeply you're pathetic. Your life revolves around how much you care. Pleaseee

No. 1864951

Getting goosebumps remembering how the consequences of your actions are going to hit you like a double-decker bus.

No. 1865150

I believe there are a lot of enviable people, but they are most definitely not sitting on their computers being cunts all day. I will never look at someone who puts so much effort into irony poisoning as admirable, evoking of jealousy, etc. So many beautiful people out there living really great lives they've built for themselves purely from love, care, and ingenuity and I am supposed to be quaking with jealousy about… you????? Be fr and leave me alone

No. 1865308

This isn't really a rant aimed at somebody. I just wish I could get over this love sickness. Ever since I've met you, you've plagued my mind. From seeing you selflessly help a stranger, the first to act, to getting angry on my behalf, to always speaking fondly of your family members. You're so happy to talk to other people, and you're so cute when you talk and smile at the same time. I really look forward to you messaging me and seeing you. It's just that I also wish I could find something that I didn't like about you, so that you wouldn't keep occupying my mind. There's nothing I would want more than that aside from the touch of your gentle embrace. God. I hate this feeling.

No. 1865427


No. 1865449

Everyone is autistic, BPD, retarded, homeless but their problems matter. Mine don't. My whole life I've had to carry the burden of other people's problems while keeping very silent because I know that if I attempt to be assertive and state my own needs or desires or problems I get ripped apart

No. 1865554

Life is so fucking mind numbingly boring can something interesting that doesn't entail misery please happen or else I'm going to fucking fall prey to my lousy impulses one more time around. I'm not kidding, I'm so bored I'd rather be fucking dead.

No. 1865792

Might’ve sucked but I still won in the grand scheme of things, and I’m already over it

No. 1865883

My guy. You watched a movie with your sister about brothels and prostitutes despite crying today about being raped in one, why? Why? How can you separate this shit and engage in it? Seriously asking you, I don't know. I don't know how you can keep a straight face.

No. 1865884

Are you dumb? Like, legit retarded. I'm stoping myself from calling you because I promised myself to leave that shit behind but it hurts, it hurts, it hurts. It hurts you too.

No. 1865908

What is with autism and extreme ovesharing that benefits no one and no one gif a fuckkk about. Get a diary.

No. 1866233

it's been 7 months since we last spoke in private, and 9 months since our breakup.
selfish of me– the cause of our abrupt relationship end, to say this. but i miss you dearly…
you have someone new now, and i hope she's not as much of a headache as i was.
it hurt my heart for a week when i found out, but i'm okay now. i hope you're okay.
there's so much i want to tell you, and how i had a birthday gift for you. but a nonna here had gave me a good piece of advice, to not reopen old wounds. it would not be fair for you.

i know apologies piss you off, so a sorry i will not say but may you find forgiveness…
not for me, but for yourself, for the wounds to heal. i truly did lose something good trying to get revenge on my prior ex, and being childish, manipulative and destructive.

No. 1866975

can you hurry the fuck up you stupid bitch oh my god

No. 1867146

Only you and your embittered, obsessive melodrama would turn the casual proclamation of findinf someone attractive into a weird exaggerative paragraph nobody gives a fuck about. Seeing everyone turn against you for how fucked up and pathetic you are is going to be so satisfying.

No. 1867196

File: 1706167197196.jpg (335.29 KB, 1290x1278, 1000002375.jpg)

Oh look youve got your lackluster shriveled little penis shafted deep into women's business AS ALWAYS.

No. 1867479

My god I need to get out of this fucking house. No privacy whatsoever. I feel like I'm going insane.

No. 1867531

I need you to talk to me, please. I'll do anything for it, I just need to hear your voice again and remember the comfort you gave me. Why did you just throw me away like I meant nothing to you?

No. 1867535

I miss you too. But I think it’s better this way for both of us right now.

No. 1867615

File: 1706208996159.jpg (10.77 KB, 240x240, avatars-000703303372-k246pt-t2…)

I heard you've been talking shit about me. I'll kick your ass so hard you'll be shitting for the next three decades of your miserable existence. I will have your ass cooked and fed to the pigs!

No. 1867773


No. 1867870

I fucking despise fat people. It's ironic because I am a bit overweight but I mean people who are chronically obese and wish to do nothing about it. There's the usual idea of fat people being in denial and hating that, but I also just find them disgusting. It's especially annoying for men to be fat as it is so much easier for a man to lose weight. I have a friend who wholeheartedly believes in HAES and it annoys me to no end. Fat is not beautiful, it is unhealthy, hedonistic, and revolting

No. 1867895

Discord kittens posting schizo love letters DIEEE

No. 1868001

File: 1706242682343.png (317.86 KB, 1130x838, dittouwotm8.png)

try any funny shit and i'll drag your ass to court. you're a stupid bitch and i see you coming from a mile away.

No. 1868019

File: 1706245127846.jpeg (101.78 KB, 750x723, 08E6B753-2B20-44AC-8A20-583909…)

The IT guy at my job is so sexy to me. He’s a built manlet with a perfect ass and thighs. He is also very strong willed but loves to please me with his work and always spends extra time showing me how things work to make me happy. He fixed some devices in my workroom today and he was moving super heavy equipment all over the place like it was a gym and i was practically salivating. I have a tall man at home but as a closeted manlet chaser it’s really hard not to be a little turned on by him.

No. 1868280

I wish my cat would die already. Useless, unloveable waste of money.

No. 1868787

File: 1706322320698.jpg (20.81 KB, 253x273, 1000002381.jpg)

Lots of skeletons threatening to tumble out of your closet at any given moment and that is what you're choosing to do with your time. People like you are sick in the head and too retarded to care.

No. 1868791

That's probably the DUMBEST hiding place you could've ever chose for that, btw. Thinking too hard, thinking too much, and making everything about yourself and your psychopathy… as always.

No. 1868849

It wouldn’t make her proud of me and knowing this is a wake up call

No. 1869055

I just know you’re now realizing the mistake you’ve made. Only you can break the cycles you’ve placed yourself in, showpony.

No. 1869163

Is it okay to think about committing a murder suicide after a breakup?

No. 1869657

Cutting off contact was the right decision. I’ll never have those questions answered or receive closure but it’s for the best as it was no longer appropriate for us to be friends. I still wonder what you’re up to and how you’re doing health wise.

No. 1869776

Kek "showpony" is a term men with rape fetishes love to refer to women being brutalized as. I think its used in I spit on your grave too. Some of you need to put more effort into not sounding creepy and pathetic, it would benefit you greatly.

No. 1869890

not another fucking relapse! not another one! I should go for the jugular next time!

No. 1869915

From now on I will pray on my knees for your death every night. One bastard died already and you can too. It'll just take longer because your're the biggest bastard.

No. 1869932

I'm glad I randomly stopped talking to the girl who was making me feel weird. Her sending me death threats all because I wasn't giving her attention let me know I did the right thing.

No. 1869946

I hope you get your stupid donkey laugh girlfriend pregnant and ruin both of your lives. Fucking unbearable, all the shit I went through and you're getting away with ALL OF THIS?? Or I wish she would dump you and you would neck yourself, you stupid spoiled scrote. It's really ridiculous how much you get away with. I hate you.

No. 1869988

Shit for brains ass bitch

No. 1870168

Lord will you please just take her already? Just take her. Give her a heart attack. A stroke. anything. Just don’t force her to live anymore.

No. 1870477

I’ll wait to make the confrontation until she’s out of the danger zone. One more chance to come clean so we can wipe the slate or I’ll disappear forever. I don’t care if you’re friends with him but be honest with me.

No. 1870625

Fuck sports and fuck you idiot

No. 1870629

If you call stacy someone that botched her face before even reaching 18 there is something wrong with your idea of stacy

No. 1870903

Absolutely love that the most "exciting" story you have to constantly share with everyone in your whole life is just you being a massive fucking loser and creep

No. 1870989

I hate you so fucking much and I hope something really really awful happens to you. I hope you die in pain you fucking piece of shit. I hope you kill yourself.

No. 1870993

Anons here that refuse to see that what Israel is doing is a war crime and textbook genocide are just 4chan grown pickmes that feel like not aligning themselves with causes the left might endosse makes them special and edgy.

No. 1871025

Whenever you wonder why I don’t tell you shit, just remember the way you constantly treat me. You are the reason why I always think “this is why we can’t have nice things”. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

No. 1871165

The Art Salt thread is so incredibly retarded.

No. 1871243

I keep thinking about killing myself infront of my ex, it's all I think about all day. Therapy and meds don't help

No. 1871492

Damn, I forgot about that

No. 1871709

File: 1706597934501.jpg (23.36 KB, 1133x87, 1000002435.jpg)

Your sense of humor is literally just misogyny and harassing women. Idk why you've deluded yourself into thinking your misogyny is somehow better than the average straight man's just because you consider it "avant garde" or more hipster than theirs, like it somehow sets you apart but no, you're literally just like every other creepy loser among the masses. You're the guy still dancing at the party when everybody has already left. You refuse to let go, refuse to move on with your life, and have tethered your entire personality to being a sick worthless piece of shit. At this point it's evident you don't have any other hobbies. You can posture that it's low effort to you, but it isnt. You try so hard, and you aren't even funny, arent inspiring, arent… anything except the average loser that eats up all his time being a freak. You chose the hard way, for whatever reason. Rotted brain.

No. 1872579


No. 1872704

You are extremely sensitive and reactive for someone who is such a corny self absorbed edgefag Jesus christ ew

No. 1873635

fucking midget ass bitch into kpop and genshin impact get new braincells retard

No. 1873763

You have a mental disability, you are lighting cannons in a glass house

No. 1873859

It's a MAN problem it isnt homophobia. You are GROWN MEN. You are not just your sexual identity. The moment anyone points out your self indulgence, your lack of self control, your whiny behavior, your need to put down and critique women for looking like and being women at every turn while barely acknowledging or addressing the problem of your own gender, worshiping men while bitching about things that don't apply to you or are your business constantly, and you're fucking mad as fuck saying you deserve the right to be a pompous misogynistic pig just because you want cock in your butt? Stfu.

No. 1874812

Yeah god forbid anyone have genuine interests in things without needing ten layers of pretentious irony or ten other people to formulate their statements and talking points for them like you're randomly generating someone else's opinions together into some low effort attempt at tweetdecking. Whole heart and soul just turning to dust in your body while you stare at the computer like a puppet. How enviable.

No. 1875487

lol i hope you two break up. you're a spoiled little shit and she's obnoxiously annoying. hope you rope yourself

No. 1875493


No. 1875602

You can never make up your mind and that’s why you’ll never be happy. Keep on pretending like everything’s fine with you and her though! You’re always going to be miserable and it’s what you deserve. Not my fucking problem!

No. 1875921

Die alone dumb bitch. Was cheating on me worth it? I hope your family turns on you, I hope you never find love again. I hope the bitch you cheated on me with drains you dry and bankrupts you. Fuck you. From the bottom of my heart.

No. 1875996

You know what, I realized that I don't want to take harsh advice and try to fix myself. This world is fucked and not worth salvaging either.

No. 1876549

God you want me to lash out at random women idgaf about that you've manipulated and lied to sooo bad lol its literally never going to happen. Maybe you should just write them fake hatemail again instead. Evil weird little homosexual man hahaha soo sad.

No. 1876622

Strega Nona lookin' ass.

No. 1876738

I will never in life care about an opinion coming from someone with so much filler overstuffed in their lower lip that it droops and pools with drool

No. 1876739

File: 1707016327141.jpg (49.93 KB, 960x660, 20240127_025908.jpg)

(You) getting mad when anyone points out that this was all born from (your) lies

No. 1876745

Wait also it's so funny and kind of awkward when you're trying too hard to be shady and mean because literally every single backwards exaggerative melodramatic thing you say either doesn't apply or instead applies to you or one of your friends.. who are apparently just casualties in your narcissistic theater and mental gymnastics. I don't think you think anything you say through, you're so dedicated to your weird aggressive delusions and vulgarities that you don't care at all that you look foolish and unreasonable and above all else BOTHERED.

No. 1876785

Nobody's day was "ruined". No one was upset or in shambles. If anything its very exciting to see you get careless with your group project again, over and over again.

No. 1876846

File: 1707024588482.jpg (170.46 KB, 2560x1707, 1000002515.jpg)

Never forgotten, continuing forever. "Dont block your blessings" remember that

No. 1876900

I'm going to be 30 this year and I feel so lost. In the first place I wanted to commit suicide from a young age so I just kind of shambled about in life, not really picking up any new skills and just holding onto blind hope things would get better because that's what everyone says. I didn't bother getting a higher education and I was afraid of taking any risks because a year out of high school my grandma was diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. I recognize I've been spoiled and sheltered and that's why I've been so lazy not trying to get a better job or education, I don't even know how to drive and after 10 years of trying it's obvious I don't have what it takes to be a freelancer, but I have nothing else if I quit making art completely. I regret not pushing myself to go to school even if I took on a little debt for it. I regret not trying to move out sooner. I regret letting my fear hold me back. My little sister is nearly a decade younger than me and already doing so much better, she may have gotten help getting her car and apartment but she works really hard and has a good drive and I am so, so proud of her and so glad she is nothing like her useless mentally ill big sister. I don't even want to pick up the pieces and try to work towards a better life, I just want to lay down and rot away. I wish he hadn't stopped me from hanging myself all those years ago.

No. 1877628

File: 1707094948298.jpg (33.67 KB, 729x517, 1000002487.jpg)

full body shudder gross watching men get more excited at the prospect of being able to harass women online over real life events in their actual tangible lives.

No. 1878089

I think about kissing you all the time

No. 1878712

So why do you only target women then? Why is everything you say about sexualizing and humiliating women? You've only ever targeted women. Even when seething over DG you insisted that you just have to be as disgusting as possible or they'd be flatter by your verbal abuse–implying that women in any capacity whatsoever deserve your degradation and constant harassment. At least dont lie about why you do it. You never do it to men. It's always about how women are disgusting to you, its always something weirdly sexual that you try to pornify. Even when you get something wrong, you jump to some weird fantasy about sexual acts and humiliation. You are such a worthless person its unreal. Fucking Ed Gein disgusting lookin ass freak.

No. 1879126

File: 1707209546134.png (23.29 KB, 196x209, 1000002616.png)

"If you are being bullied yeah that's really bad . but it's probably also really funny to whoever's bullying you"

No. 1879132

Kek I saw this pic on the homepage and when I clicked I was convinced I would end up on “attractive men you’re ashamed to say you’d fuck”. I’m quite relieved.(derailing, vain bitch)

No. 1879210

File: 1707218691335.jpg (24.27 KB, 520x509, 1000002622.jpg)

Remember that it matters. Whenever you feel lonely or discouraged or careless, remember that every minute bit of you will never be forgotten. It all means something. Every walk you take should be a reminder. Never give up.

No. 1879224

What on earth is this redtext?(learn to read and integrate)

No. 1879228

You guys still can't read the thread rules?

No. 1879612

Fuck you bitch! I'm alive! I'm alive! I'm alive!

No. 1880432

File: 1707303973034.gif (2.37 MB, 448x336, 1000002618.gif)

Nothing you've done is ephemeral. You matter, its for forever. Yayyy

No. 1880482

File: 1707305755159.jpg (92.33 KB, 720x880, 1000002642.jpg)

The lore runs so deep.. your misplaced psychosexual obsessions omg

No. 1881045

We were both so pathetic. I don’t think anyone even won or came out on top we were just like two weak dogs snapping jaws at each other

No. 1881153

Took this to the vent thread when this belongs here:
It's going to be three years. Three years in August that you're subjecting me to your night disturbances and that I note down exactly the fucking noises you're doing above my fucking bedroom not to mention you ruining my bathroom with a water damage leaving me without ceiling lights since November 2022. I'm taking this to an attorney this year. I've had about enough of this crap and the house administrative company making this out to be nothing and not worth 1. my sleep 2. my health 3. which I both need to do my full time job without fuckups.
You can go fuck yourself and I hope whatever procedure that is going to happen is going to make you ineligible to rent an apartment in this town. Return to your Latin American country where apparently they never taught you that people sleep from 11pm onwards or wherever fucking town where nobody sleeps, just sod off, you fucking hippie scrote. Sod off and catch Chlamydia.

No. 1881720

FUCK. Stop shipping him with any other character you can think of!! I used to like him a lot and now I can't stand him. He's been totally run through, I don't want to see that slut anymore. Ugh. Fuck all of you for being so obsessed with shipping. I like it too, but one should be enough. Fuck

No. 1882097

It's so hard to pretend to like her because she is just genuinely such a loser to me. She is cringe in the worst way to me, in this try hard way. It's like she's barely a real person, it's fucking bizarre. But I must be the actual fucked one because other people interact with her just fine. Maybe they're better at pretending than me but it's more likely that they just don't mind her or like her a lot and I'm just terrible or just don't click with this specific girl. I just wish that every time she chose to speak up, it didn't annoy me so much. Like I just want to ignore her or whatever like an adult but I can't, I am like emotionally invested in disliking her. I don't know, neither of us have anything in real life friends so maybe we're both fucked. Kek that's kind of comforting.

No. 1882234

You would literally believe anything that gay man said its concerning.

No. 1882250

"I do it to get under her skin" sexual harassment gets under most people's skin. God you need actual euthanasia. Your life is so empty and meaningless. I hope the next time you walk for that long a car puts you out of your misery tbh.

No. 1882318

I didn't want to assume anything was off about you and her, but ngl it's very Sweet Home Alabama of you to invite her to a date on Valentines instead of me. Now I'm looking back at all the times you've had to stay with her because of her "anxiety" attacks and assume they were something more. "But she's been through so much as a kid" she's an adult woman now and you are in a relationship with someone who isn't related. Act accordingly

No. 1882344

I'm going to kill myself infront of you to show you how much you hurt me.

No. 1882622

and is that something you're proud of?

No. 1883118

Amount of men who have said they'd kill themselves without me: 3
Amount of men who have actually killed themselves without me: 0
Can't do anything right, a disappointment to the end

No. 1883156

Disappointed you didn’t attend your mother’s birthday because family members you didn’t want to see would be there. You’re making the situation worse and alienating yourself.

No. 1883209

i talked to you cause I felt bad for you. you had to make it weird. just cause you're older doesn't mean you're smarter. I've met low self-esteem moids before.
last time I trusted one of them I was raped while drunk. your kind disgusts me. you don't fool me, Brand New fan moid.

No. 1883219

File: 1707526229103.gif (217.14 KB, 220x126, 1000002674.gif)

Women will believe in astrology but won't believe the men they play DOG for are abusers

No. 1883232

invite me over. i really hope you initiate plans next instead of me again

No. 1883690

You talk too much.

No. 1883806

Will I get the job

No. 1884248

Shock horror, someone who occasionally bribes you with money is not a good person and has their own reasons for pretending to cherish you. Oh my god who would have thought a horrible person would do what they consider good deeds to control people.

No. 1884562

It's not that I want to die, but it feels like I need to sometimes. Like I was supposed to when I was young but failed and the more I push it off the worse my life gets.
If I died young, people would've remembered me fondly instead of having to deal with me. Things would've been better. People would've been happier, in the long run. Not that I'll do myself in now, got to stick to my filial duty, at least.

No. 1884717

You see all that.

No. 1884737

File: 1707663806215.png (363.2 KB, 760x728, 1000002628.png)

Hmm maybe I'm no expert, but I think that mocking the woman you are actively abusing and calling her names because she cant handle the magnitude of your constant abuse only proves outright that you're both a sociopath and a real life sadist.

No. 1884930

File: 1707675124387.jpg (66.94 KB, 800x669, 1000002687.jpg)

Archive goes deep. You're a scary person, you know that right?

No. 1884935

Thank you, T. You're awful, but thanks

No. 1884947


No. 1885050

Oh my fucking god. The things I want to say to you. I'll keep my mouth shut for everyone's sake. I'll even keep it shut for the next months if that makes it easier. You soulless motherfuckers.

No. 1885191

that wasn't for you J, now get out

No. 1885508

fuck you mouth breather, and fuck your ugly illiterate ass retard moid too you stupid halitosis idiot

No. 1885979

You're so retarded that i cringe at your failed attempts to gaslight me instead of feeling sad. How did you become so stupid?
I really don't have the patience to deal with you and at this point i don't even care anymore.

No. 1886015

I had a dream that you were a decent older sister that looked out for me and set a good example for me. Someone I could lean on emotionally instead of someone I was afraid of for most of my life. I can’t blame you, our upbringing was fucked, but wish you would just try to be better. Then I wake up and remember you never will.

No. 1886315

So are you going to tell her that it's all an entity you made up and that theres no ebil lesbian/fake trans(?)/boogywoman hater because you're a drama mongering attention starved sociopath and that you instructed her to throw punches at the air for no reason orrrr is she going to find out the hard way? Betting the latter since there's no way for you to walk away from this. Fucked up as hell.

No. 1886323

Congratulations, I guess. Now enjoy your life, I hope it will be pleasant and nothing bad will happen to you. I hope.

No. 1886352

File: 1707790340556.jpg (65.6 KB, 557x540, 1000002746.jpg)

Just throwing punches at air

No. 1887034

You're hot, but just about everything else about you is awful. Not worth it.

No. 1887103

You’re such a prick. I don’t know why I keep falling for your horseshit.

No. 1887438

Still little more than a parasite at your big age I see huh

No. 1887463

"sMoKiNg iS SoOoO GrOsS"
holy shit, shut the fuck up.

No. 1887776

Unclench your jaw you look like you're going to shit your pants damn

No. 1887824

I know, such a sin for having supporting parents

No. 1888460

Where do I even begin? I hate what you've done so much. You're such a pathetic piece of shit. I don't know how else to put it so it bears repeating, a pathetic piece of shit. You're a conniving, megalomaniac asshole who doesn't know when to stop. Get your head checked, you're not well. What you did is inexcusable and I'm fucking furious that nobody has put you on trial for it, you keep getting away with everything you do. I hate that you occupy such a space in my head and constantly make me grit my teeth and seethe, but that's all I can do at this point. I can only hope that you get hit by a bus or just disappear off the face of the earth for good. I hate you, I hate what you do, you're a fucking hack, I wish you disappeared. I want to remove every memory I have of your stupid fucking face from my brain. You don't deserve this amount of thought or anger because you're not worth the emotional stress, you should mean fucking nothing to me. I can only hope that one day I wake up and have gotten over my anger and can carry on with my life.

No. 1888478


No. 1888544

File: 1707954533182.jpeg (21.05 KB, 480x407, IMG_8006.jpeg)

Sounds like a You problem lol.

No. 1888550

File: 1707955277879.gif (2.26 MB, 540x304, 6EB28D76-D22C-47FD-8D4B-17F3A3…)

I hate cerbmin

No. 1888716

Watching all of you project your stupid little maggot lies onto eachother omg punching the fucking airrrrrr

No. 1888864

The last person I know who pulled the "its a mans world" line was a desperate pathetic grotesque middle aged creature that will be lucky to make it to the end of the decade, so it being repeated again by a delusional megalomaniac is fitting. You're all such sad excuses for people and your neuroses and insecurity just oozes from you.

No. 1889113

File: 1707998579835.jpg (127.44 KB, 1300x1001, 1t6.jpg)

>every single person who disagrees with mods/admin is a samefag, tranny, schizo, romanianon, pakichan, kirbychan, the stranger who walked past me 20 years ago, my dog, my cat, the boogeyman under my bed and the voices in my head

No. 1889147

I deserve some fucking happiness and good luck too for once, fuck

No. 1889231

I need to let go of my anger towards you or else nothing will change and nothing will heal.

No. 1889257

File: 1708009878993.gif (1.11 MB, 300x226, whytho.gif)

i've had 2 jobs with 2 different companies now where the person that trained me gets laid off because i work myself to death at first to prove myself and then the company thinks they no longer need the first person and then i want to kill myself because i'm not being paid enough to do 2 people's jobs and also i don't want people to be unemployed because of me. idk sounds like a humblebrag i guess but it's honestly fucking with me.

No. 1889429

you’re so pathetic that you had to make up an egregious lie, ruining someone’s reputation, just so you could feel wanted and receive false sympathy. Wake up bitch, nobody wants you

No. 1889434

It's so funny when some idiot with 0 reading comprehension manages to completely misunderstand what I said, especially in the vent thread. I'm just venting and you're coming with your snarky comments that have nothing to do with reality. I guess you got nothing better going on in your life so your go-to hobby is arguing with strangers who weren't even talking about you and weren't even saying anything negative, just venting. The last thing this place needs is even more infighting so I won't fall for your autistic bait and give you the reply you're probably waiting for right now.

No. 1889998

File: 1708051537520.jpg (48.88 KB, 452x1024, 1000002625.jpg)


No. 1890023

you are the blob bitch.

No. 1890056

You have no right to talk about ""bad faith"" oh my god

No. 1890113

Stupid fucking pathological liar bitch. Faking a new mental illness every year only to act like it never happened when you choose your next mental illness to lie about having. If you're going to lie at least be good at it, what the fuck is up with all the inconsistencies? Fucking pathetic. I can't even trust anything you say anymore, it's all lies lies lies. Every aspect of yourself is FAKE. In reality you're about as interesting as an unbuttered piece of toast and that's why you try to skinwalk me so fucking hard.

No. 1890230

I have thought about saying something so many times but then I realize you don't deserve it. Doesn't matter if it's helpful advice or an answer to your petty and needlessly aggressive comments, you don't deserve either. I don't owe you even one more second of my time so I will just use this post as my way to say goodbye without giving you the attention you don't deserve. I won't make your life worse than it already is, you're doing a damn good job at this by yourself and I don't gain anything from treating you the same way you treat me. But I also won't do the opposite thing and keep trying to help you in good faith because you always find a way to make me feel stupid for even trying. At this point I'm sure you enjoy wallowing in your misery, you've cemented your echo chamber and every time a person with good intentions and a nice life comes over to help you you fail to see this as an opportunity for improvement and instead get reminded about what a pathetic failure you are and become aggressive. We're fundamentally different - I have actual human emotions in their entire spectrum but you can only experience apathy, irritability and deep deep sadness and regret you're trying to repress but failing miserably. We're so extremely different that out interactions are doomed to fail. I wouldn't mind giving you a hand but you're incapable of desiring any improvement in your life, your brain is so fucked that it can't even process kindness and compassion. So I'll do the next best thing and jump ship. You're just a sad animal incapable of experiencing positive human emotions so I'm done wasting my time and effort on you. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely no hatred towards you in my heart, I just pity you. May you one day realize how fucked up you actually are (although I'm sure you already know it deep down). I wish you nothing but happiness and a dash of humility so you can finally start walking on the right path after all these years. My time here with you has come to an and. If you'd ever like to join me on the other side I will gladly give you a hand once again but until then… Fare you well.

No. 1890780

FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU I wasted the best years of my life on your retarded mentally ill ass. I wish I could go back in time and call the cops on your for your suicide threats. You were a manipulative BPD cunt. You knew exactly what you were doing. You'd be fine all week and then on some night you knew I had stuff due for school, THEN you'd be depressed! Had all the time in the world for you and you didn't want me except for the few nights a week I was busy. I felt so bad for you. I tried so hard. I fucked up my academic life because I was busy talking you off the ledge every other night. I begged you to get therapy. I offered to pay for it, I offered to email and call for you, I made a list of available therapists. You didn't want help you just wanted to hurt me. You just wanted the ego boost of knowing I would flunk assignments for you. You never had any intention of killing yourself you were just a manipulative psycho. I wish I had called the cops, I wish I had called your parents, I wish I had called your school, I wish the cops had broken down your door and taken you away in front of everyone. I wish you had gotten handcuffed and dragged to the ER and locked in a room for 72 hours. You fucking deserved it for making false threats. I HATE YOU. I had so much empathy for you but you were manipulating me the entire time.

No. 1891045

File: 1708135595655.jpg (175.55 KB, 1016x1188, 1000002663.jpg)

Nobody is skinwalking you. None of you are that interesting or even remotely admirable

No. 1891050

It's so interesting to me that so many people who are themselves egregious liars who act in complete abysmally awful ~bad faith~ love to talk about how other people tell egregious lies and act in bad faith. Trying to feel a little less like the puddle of toxic black sludge you are huh? Or are you so genuinely delusional you believe the people you hurt are somehow meant to bear the weight of the pathetic and disgusting things that you do? You'll lie in circles forever. Forever!! Hahahahhaa.

No. 1891062

The level of delusion it takes to do what you've done and continue to do is frightening, honestly. You're going to end up hurting someone physically someday, there's no way you won't. This is genuine future serial killer shit now.

No. 1891063

speak for yourself some of us have been victims of stalking(vain bitch)

No. 1891069

>you're a vain bitch because someone tried to kill you
really?(are you retarded? read the rules of the thread)

No. 1891075

the post is directed to the website as a whole kek.
>none of you are interesting or even remotely admirable
And thats not what harassment/stalking is about. This dumbass pickme thinks that scrotes solely go for women who are considered 'desirable' or admirable when you don't have to be anyone special to be a victim of harassment, you fucking retard.(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1891112

Like of course you can shit out some verbose prose of absolute pigshit when you're the person in the wrong. It's so easy for you when you weren't the person that was irreparably hurt. Your little paragraphs are essentially directed at the fictional entity you've made up in your head, I don't even understand why you bother. Just another excuse to taunt the woman you've repeatedly fucked with and used as some sort of social leverage online because you have no irl bearings to speak of and think that the things you lie in circles about will never come back to haunt you. It's all very ironic, considering.

No. 1891113

You aren't a swan you're a literal bog miasma

No. 1891133

I think there is a lot of beauty everywhere, in both people and scenery. I appreciate a lot of things and hold high gratitude for a lot of things. I wish a lot of good will to a lot of people and their struggles in life, like many others do. You conflate my warranted hatred for you as some sort of character flaw that speaks for my entire compass and morale, that I somehow feel that way for everyone or everything just because I express how much I hate you and your ilk specifically. You play coy because it benefits you, touting this ultimate sort of mortal enemy you yourself have invented from fanfiction like its reality when every attempt at a read you try is laughable at best and obscenely embittered and out of touch. Of course I hate you. Of course I have nothing but repulsion for you. Why would I treat someone like you with any sort of humanity? Omg just the thought of it is insane, it's textbook abuse. Of course you want to create some theoretical imaginary villain that hates you from some sort of equally fictional mental deficit, god forbid you have to be confronted with what you've done and continue eagerly to do. The blinders on your eyes are truly delusional in all manner. I don't have to write some flowery deposition about you, you're just a horrible person who surrounds yourself with horrible people and you cross your fingers that they'll keep your secrets and not question your misogyny, hatred, or manipulation tactics. The theater is what you invented, I am not going to take credit for it. I've never wanted part in your dramatics, yet it's the only thing that brings you this sort of attention that you endlessly crave and can't seem to get enough of. What do I have to prove? You're the one who always has a suspiciously detailed and convoluted answer for everything, you have a lot of inventing to do and perpetuate lol. All so fruitless and embarassing for you but you're too entrenched in the camaraderie to see that or care really. You seem to have a lot of fun inventing these stories and issues, you lie like a rug.

No. 1891134

The reason you don't have any friends isn't because you're an eternal victim, or because everyone is mean and nasty, or because you're misunderstood. The reason you have no friends is because you are so fucking joyless, crude, socially-inept, and an immense displeasure to be around. Nobody likes being around you because you it is akin to stepping into a cloud of noxious bog miasma. You are too self-important and unaware to realize that all your shortcomings have simple solutions so instead you languish in your misery and I don't have any pity because I spent years pitying you but I realized that any pity for you has evaporated after realizing how you act to everybody, even the people that try to be good to you.

No. 1891146

these redtexts are getting more moidish every day. Especially considering that its obvious that the original post was about the influx of vents surrounding harassment, hence the 'none of you'.(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1891151

Why did you copy off my post right upthread you schizo psycho? Fuck off dickrider kek(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1891163

NTA but I can't find the other post kekek would you link it?(>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.)

No. 1891164

File: 1708147472170.jpg (108.29 KB, 1170x1155, 1000002789.jpg)

Me calling an abuser a bog miasma is not an invitation for you to immediately ad lib off of it with some miserable prose directed at whatever random bitch you're butthurt at, fuck off(indirectly responding)

No. 1891165

It's literally one post above yours you retard(indirectly responding)

No. 1891167

You can't get a job because youre bog miasmo(indirectly responding)

No. 1891171

File: 1708147794008.jpeg (54.33 KB, 554x554, IMG_3439.jpeg)

i was late for work cos i stepe in bog miasmo(indirectly responding/shitposting)

No. 1891173

Retards low effort shitposting for attention again. Wrdgaf.

No. 1891176

Your mom doesn't like you, you can't find a boyfriend, and you're incapable of making friends in person because you are a leech who will create chaos if someone looks away from you for 5 seconds. Going to the extent of tracking down my family, contacting my work, and then sending me death threats because you're so upset that I wasn't giving you asspats is more than enough evidence as to why you are completely unlovable and why I was right for ending my relationship with you. I feel stupid for not seeing that you're a predatory individual in the beginning. Big surprise someone who's obsessed with murderers is a weird person!

No. 1891183

I wish things had gone differently.

No. 1891193

Sad I had to leave you because you are my closest friend and I loved talking to you but relieved I won't be pulling up with your druggie bullshit for now

No. 1891195

How is this responding to anyone? No ones tagged. If you think thats a response to you you're a vain bitch. Smh mods. Stop being vain bitches! TSK TSK TSK(indirectly responding)

No. 1891215

I really would appreciate it if you'd just forget about me. Stop looking at the pictures of me you have saved on your phone. Stop reading through our old messages because you have no one to text. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. And once you've finally grown out of whatever this fucking mental illness you've developed is, maybe then you'll start to have a bearable life.

No. 1891226

I should have cheated on you every day if you were going to treat me like a whore no matter what.

No. 1891390

File: 1708170525016.gif (340.42 KB, 494x498, 1000018423.gif)


No. 1891411

I'm gonna be a bridesmaid at a wedding in a few months and im so nervous because the maid of honor doesn't like me but I'm very close with the bride. I hope the maid of honor doesn't start drama I just want to support my friend.

No. 1891488

Being in local gossip groups is like a whole different type of unhinged lolcow and it's funny when prolific members switch to anonymous posts but their common grammar and spelling errors clock them every time. On that note if I see love shortened to "lv" and used as a proper noun one more time I will scream

No. 1891511

File: 1708182113099.jpg (87.35 KB, 600x480, haibane-renmei-600-79048.jpg)

On the off-chance you read this, Angel. Homura-san. I needed to explain to you, I understand you were trying to tell me you were a safe person and you didn't mean to hurt me. But I was too stressed to explain that, I understand that, but my nervous system was too excited to calm down and speak to you rationally. I left and just fell asleep after a time and planned to talk to you in the morning.

While I was high though I was thinking of you, and I was thinking of this scene in a movie. Where a girl was on a boat and her friend was running to her stretching out her and and the other girl was reaching back and their hands never quite reached one another as the boat sailed away. I feel like that was us. I hope you'll feel comfortable to come back and talk again, but I understand if not.

No. 1891585

This is the beginning of the end. React however you want, call me a bitch, call me a whore, I don't care. Your absurd schizo theories and projections are not my problem anymore. You lost a long time ago, but it just became official. Enjoy your miserable existence because you're not a part of my life anymore. What was your name again?

No. 1891842

Your boyfriends dont like you because you're a psychotic freak who lives off of attention

No. 1891873

You disgust me

No. 1892013

Says someone playing BITCH for a freak with a sunwheel tattoo.

No. 1892045


No. 1892062

File: 1708220478908.gif (96.91 KB, 220x154, tenor.gif)

VMs mean nothing when you already burned …..hello????!???

No. 1892074

Just because you don't like someone doesn't make them an abuser.

No. 1892103

Maybe passive aggressively commenting on a post about a specific individual who actually does support and gush over genuine abusers while pretending to be the opposite because you've decided you know the situation off of a sentence alone is unnecessary. Or keep being a condescending presumptious bitch I really don't care

No. 1892188

you know literally nothing about the people you admire genuinely nothing and that kind of naivate does not come from a good place or a place of innocence at all. there comes a point where being deliberately obtuse and purposely holding other people at a ridiculous standard (while simultaneously ignoring the people you call "friends" being the textbook image of everything you claim to stand against) is just actual evil and done with intent

No. 1893048

I just want to stop being in pain. Please for the love of god please just make the pain stop. I'm a decent person, I've had a rough patch but I am a decent person, and I want this pain to stop. I don't deserve it.

No. 1893320

File: 1708316611264.gif (12.3 MB, 800x800, 1000002832.gif)

And yet still are. Why?

No. 1893813

You wanna act like it's weird to use a bidet, go ahead and judge me, but know you have smeared feces and little bits of toilet paper in your ass crack until you decide to take one of your two weekly showers.

No. 1894027

You’re a really dumb bitch for believing rumors. Nobody can actually say they’ve seen anything because it’s a game of telephone for a bunch of losers with nothing really going on in their lives

No. 1894047

I'm never sharing info about my life in an online group again. I can't believe someone went so far as to try and mess with my real life just for shits and giggles. Very sobering to realize those people are not my friends and someone is a sneak that thought it'd be fun to cause me a lot of distress. I thought because we were all over 30 I was safer but I was wrong

No. 1894059

File: 1708371073980.jpeg (68.96 KB, 1200x675, hugh.jpeg)

many rumors end up being true

No. 1894088

It's my fault, isn't it.

No. 1894091

File: 1708373306596.jpg (472.05 KB, 1500x1000, amos sewell.jpg)

I really fucking hate when anons talk about things they don't know anything about and even when proven wrong they still insist that they are right. I really hope they would take their meds before posting here.

No. 1894120

I see you trying to drag that infight from the vent thread kek

No. 1894150

Jesus christ I'm not into disgusting DDLG shit, I'm just a woman who was born with womanlet genes, I'm like not going to let it stop me from liking cute shit and tall husbandos who dress completely different from me. You never heard of opposites attract before?

No. 1894327

File: 1708390842088.png (362.67 KB, 800x800, 1000002852.png)

You're just lucky I guess xx

No. 1894347

Shut the fuck up and leave me alone, you crazy fucking bitch

No. 1894359

I really hate when anons take some random blackpilled nonnas vent so seriously that they can’t stop thinking about it even half a day later and feel the need to take it into multiple threads. The shit that sparks an infight on here has gotten more and more retarded as the user base has gotten more retarded. It’s entirely possible to think “hey, I disagree with this post but I won’t try to instigate something over it” instead of having a meltdown and accusing nonnas of being mentally unstable, abnormal samefaggers. It’s so mundane on here now this is the shit some of you focus on, and no, I didn’t think the painting was creepy either.

No. 1894389

File: 1708393777348.gif (1.03 MB, 220x218, 1000002797.gif)

Punching the air your honor

No. 1895076

Why can't you save your money? You spend lord knows how much on gambling, and you still owe me money. On top of that, you need a loan from somewhere to pay for your taxes. It's all so heavy.

No. 1895143

You thought!!! I was lying about being sex repulsed because of trauma and needing a little time!!!! So you GAINED 100 LBS IN A YEAR????? And then had the audacity to act like I am killing you for finally admitting that now it is about your disgusting body and not my trauma. I’m in such good shape why in gods name would I let you touch me now?

No. 1895189

If you ever wonder why I don’t tell you shit about my life, just take a look at yourself and the way you treat me and you’ll find the answer. So insufferable.

No. 1895581

File: 1708475366924.gif (224.24 KB, 323x264, 1000002877.gif)

i thought you said you were done with that

No. 1896508

Yes, I am better than you for being thinner.

No. 1896774

You've become too unreliable. I can't hinge my hopes on your talk of the future, you've changed your mind several times about several things from one week to the next these past few months, and it's becoming obvious that you're bound to selfishly choose the option that serves you at the expense of our relationship. Of course you would, you have nothing to lose, you can easily find some thirsty eurothot all too eager to offer you a marriage visa and time is on your side. You idealize the greener grass, but you're so naive and underinformed if you think life will automatically get better where you're aiming. The "European dream" is long over. You dismiss it when I bring up the housing crises, stagnant wages, inflation, global recession, etc. that various desirable countries are going through like it's not backed up by data. I want your naive, idealistic, inexperienced view to be shattered badly. You need a dose of reality.

No. 1896870

File: 1708565979547.jpg (812.23 KB, 662x637, 1000002819.jpg)

It isnt pattern recognition if you have to forcibly create them out of thin air.

No. 1896871

You aren't better than anyone else and your face looks like it was repeatedly smacked with a spade

No. 1896895

For someone who wanted me to "save my money", you sure had no trouble letting me pay for 90% of the groceries, transportation, and footing the bill for a meal we went out to with another couple that, assuming they were the ones paying, I hardly ordered anything out of politeness. And yet, when I am offering to treat us both to an enjoyable meal, which wasn't even all that expensive, you refuse to let me spend my own money freely so I leave dissatisfied and unable to even enjoy a drink with dinner due to your insistence. Strange. How about not trying to dictate how and what I spend my own hard earned money on at all?

No. 1897035

Craving obscenely pathetic amounts of meta-attention, trollop?

No. 1897156

Goading will never work for you. Your life is a lie, your hobbies are a lie, your interests will get you publicly humiliated and rightfully so. You will try harder though, of course. It isnt like you have anything better to do.

No. 1897160

You aren't intimidating. You just grow more pathetic as time passes!

No. 1897186

File: 1708586523396.jpg (335.33 KB, 1566x1362, 1000002903.jpg)

egoism will destroy you

No. 1897211

Y’all fighting in meta again?

No. 1897493

You should've stuck with your remote job if you weren't going to stick with any of the other jobs you applied for anyway. So far you've let two AMAZING jobs with good benefits, good pay, and flexible PTO go for the most fickle of reasons, and now you're scrambling as you find out that you don't have the wherewithal to be so fucking picky and on your virtue signaling high horse. Who gaf about the company higher-ups' political beliefs. It's a wide fucking world out there full of people who are secretly and openly shitty. If their beliefs aren't affecting you personally and you're not even dealing with them in person day to day, who fucking cares, get that fucking bag. With all the inflation and recession going on, you've played yourself pretty damn badly.

No. 1897663

No your cat isn't going to get cancer and die if you buy her food that's not 100% meat. Bitch is a first time cat owner trying to lecture me about how wheat is evil when it comes to cats yet she buys catfood food that has VEGETABLE in it. You absolute retard. Wheat is grass, cats eat grass all the time but i haven't seen a cat eat a fucking tomato or a carrot in nature. Not that it would be a problem, it doesn't fucking matter that it's not 100% meat!!! "Cat's can't eat wheat" is a mnatra, same stupid lie like "fish can't feel pain" or "Cats don't have sweet tastebuds" LIES but reatrds like this 2 digit IQ bitch belives that because mantras are powerful over retards.

No. 1897847

I wish you could tell me what you think to my face instead of talking bad about me behind my back like the insecure bitch you are.
It would be a lost cause too, you don’t want to hear my truth and wasting the time explaining myself is useless at this point.

No. 1898130

File: 1708648692587.gif (54.64 KB, 220x124, 1000002796.gif)

I think you should sit this one out beloved

No. 1898263

if you cared about that so much you shouldn't have met in the city so many times……? wtf

No. 1898524

I'm a manhater I'm a womanhater I'm an everyonehater I'm a whorehater and I'm a sainthater I have no patience for anything and I wish I was dead.

No. 1898596


No. 1899278

File: 1708734958981.jpg (121.47 KB, 1500x1126, 1000002934.jpg)

The whole dont shoot the messenger larp is getting very old

No. 1899279

There is no world where thats a "quirky teehee" type of situation you have actual brain damage

No. 1899335

you are an insignificant pathetic swede scrote that has never struggled once in your life. your life revolves around scrolling through twitter and reading politics that have nothing to do with you, you have absolutely no character and wouldn't understand struggle for a second in your life, eat shit you cunt. you don't know jack shit about italy, or anything really, go find your way into a plastic bucket where you belong, stick to your hivemind and keep me out of your dumbass twitter life

No. 1899366

"Uuum uuum it's from the ether theyre just guesses umm umm" yeah okay sure

No. 1899405

File: 1708742015990.jpg (57.08 KB, 1051x649, 1000002621.jpg)

Rebranding as a man-hating women will never work for you as you are literally a woman-hating man and a misogynistic pervert

No. 1899543

Even just looking back on all your pathetic alogs its hysterical. I don't understand how you expect anyone to take you or your attempts to embody some sort of Mean Girls spirit seriously. You live in a vacuum and I doubt you'll ever leave it.

No. 1899658

You deny it, but you ARE becoming radicalized. How are you going to argue with a Taiwanese that China is a victim? How are you going to tell a Russian who's suffered under Putin's regime that "it's all western propaganda"? You absolute fucking tankie moron.

No. 1900576

File: 1708822908989.jpg (25.92 KB, 750x687, 20240203_235649.jpg)

Just because it isnt acknowledged doesn't mean it isnt archived.

No. 1900723

You're a pathological liar it very much goes against your claimed morality

No. 1900869

Consent is a word that is not in your vocabulary.

No. 1901315

Your father would be ashamed of you for sure. You’re egotistical, petty and basically you have the mentality of a child in a body of someone in their 30’s. You can’t get over yourself and you’re so full of envy that it’s starting to get pretty boring at this point.
Every time I told you good news, you start to act passive aggressive towards me (as usual, as expected) and you feel the need to talk shit about me to others, like an angry teenager, trying to justify your envy with some poor excuses, basically making me look like the bad one (no one believes you, btw)
You can’t ever be happy for other people because you’re stuck in your pathetic and miserable life, it doesn’t matter how much you try to convince other people you’re doing better than anyone, at the end of the day you’re the one who’s all alone, living with a narcissistic mother who made you the monster that you are, the only one who’ll think you’re doing the right thing.
Talk whatever you want to talk, I’m always two steps ahead of you. I get everything that you wanted and I don’t even have to ask, meanwhile you need to try and bring others down because of not, you’re not capable of anything.

No. 1901322

/ot/ is becoming insufferable and non of you bitches can say anything about it itt

No. 1901356

You're right about /ot/ and the post above mine just proves that kek(vain bitch)

No. 1901704

File: 1708911074419.gif (3.96 MB, 500x281, 1000002617.gif)

And are you proud of that?

No. 1901707

File: 1708911299047.jpg (41.71 KB, 1280x720, 1000002980.jpg)

Hateful, delusional, nonsensical word salad is all you know omg the Mean Girls larp does not and will never work when you're just some embittered faggot with too much free time and not regina george

No. 1901711

File: 1708911536429.jpeg (102.55 KB, 685x697, IMG_0613.jpeg)

I love my friends so much but I’m emotionally stunted so I can’t even tell them. I hope they know how much they mean to me

No. 1901752

you think "anti" bitches like me care more about fiction than real people? BITCH you care more about your pedo incest fiction than your actual fucking self. you admitted you would rather die than have your fucked up fiction go byebye. you refuse therapy and dont wanna get better for your fam and friends, let alone yourself, but you think I'M an asshole for thinking your coping mechanism is unhealthy as fuck? you think the freaks in your online circle really have your best interests in heart? you surround yourself in an echo chamber of whats basically just a bunch of sad fucked up porn addicts. and you'd rather choose these freaks who cheer you on and love bomb you into pushing yourself deeper into retraumatization and self-isolation, over the one person in real life who has stuck with you for years and wants you to fucking heal? yeah. ok. yet I'M the bitch who supposedly cares more about fiction than reality. shut the fuck up.

No. 1901799

You talk like a Brain Bombs song in private. You're the one that needs to be put down like a dog, something you love to call the women you victimize lmao. What did you call her again? White ugly female, right?