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File: 1685841079083.jpg (33.54 KB, 235x335, Tumblr_l_414072591334906.jpg)

No. 1596323

Previous >>1587778
Remember not to respond to baiting moids!

No. 1596330

File: 1685841225066.png (79.76 KB, 396x480, devilish.png)

I post in the thread first with a devilish grin

No. 1596335

Fuck I was trying to be fast. I frown devilishly

No. 1596347

File: 1685841831622.gif (2.56 MB, 343x612, tumblr_09d7191ded21665507587b1…)


No. 1596349

God I love when the balls make a beautiful perky little pillow to hold the phat cock up

No. 1596353

why is it so dead today. im bored. japanon are you here.

No. 1596355

Sage your post before you go
Summerfag sadness
I just wanted you to know
that anon, he's a moid

He'll get that redtext ban tonight
Seething in the dark, gut like pale moonlight
Done his bait in typical malescrote style
Report every post, I'm feeling alive!

Jesus Christ, he types just like an autist
Dick probably deathgripped in his fist
Nonnas, I laugh, and yet still he persists
But moids don't scare us anymore

Sage your post before you go
Summerfag sadness
I just wanted you to know
that anon, he's a moid

I got that summerfag, summerfag sadness
S-s-summerfag, summerfag sadness
Got that summerfag, summerfag sadness
Oh, oooooh oh

No. 1596358

LC is always dead on weekends.

No. 1596366

You'd think that to be the opposite. I figure weekends would be more active.

No. 1596369

there's likely no more than five of us here on the weekends, other anons are probably busy with irl stuff

No. 1596370

Yeah, I can't believe farmers have social life…

No. 1596371

No. 1596373

I hate myself that I read the first few bars to Donkey Kong and the Crystal Coconut's Eddie, Let Me Go Back To My Home

No. 1596374

Hope anon sees my post even though the old thread is getting bumped off. Like two ships in the night, me and my nona…

No. 1596377

Do you guys ever look at an ugly man and think "how come I've never seen him get posted on /g/?"

No. 1596378

KEK why didn't you link this masterpiece, what the fuck why does that other monkey sound like Homer Simpson?

No. 1596380

>not posting the 2023 remaster perfect for grooving to
For shame.

No. 1596381

>I don't know what everyone wants me to be, I only know just how to be me
This one makes me laugh because of how depressing and raw it is for a fucking Donkey Kong cartoon.

No. 1596383

seems like the mods are too considering what's been on the loose for the past hour

No. 1596413

File: 1685845470211.jpg (239.41 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_m872l6Wjwl1qzun8oo1_128…)

can anyone recommend me roadtrip-type movies? sadly the only one i can think of is lolita i just want comfy movies about people travelling through the USA, fuck

No. 1596415

File: 1685845773688.png (12.5 KB, 689x317, 1.png)

No. 1596418

i hope the horses bully him further

No. 1596422


No. 1596425

Are you looking for comedies, heartwarming type movies, dramas, some other type genre roadtrip movie? Roadtrip movies cover a broad span of genres and don't want recommend something like Beavis and Butthead do America if that's not what you are looking for.

No. 1596460

i just watched the beavis and butthead movie! anything is fine, i am up for anything.

No. 1596473

File: 1685856191754.jpeg (9.53 KB, 259x194, 69BBE3DF-23BF-464E-8B1F-A40BC0…)

step off the train
I'm walking down your street again
Past your door
But you don't live there anymore

No. 1596478

alrighty then:

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Pee-wee’s Big Adventure
A Goofy Movie
Dog (2022) - stars Channing Tatum
Since Channing's already on here: Magic Mike XXL
The Muppet Movie
It Happened One Night
Midnight Run
Smokey and the Bandit
Unpregnant (2020)
Little Miss Sunshine
The Straight Story (1999)
Harry and Tonto
Identity Thief (2013)
Tammy (2014)
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey - no driving in this one, but, it is 'people' traveling cross country to get home.
Leaving Normal (1992)
National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) - the first one in that franchise
Dumb and Dumber
Tommy Boy
The Daytrippers

No. 1596486

Blues Brothers might not count but I saw National Lampoon and it's also by some of the first 5 SNL members, plus it has a lot of travel in it.

No. 1596488

Ok so I never “got” the blues brothers, I never understood if they were supposed to be funny or just good musicians or what

No. 1596496

pure poetry

No. 1596497

Good musicians, with a hint of comedy, but the comedy is secondary. Outside of the running over Nazis for fun I can't remember any real comedy movie shenanigans?

No. 1596521

File: 1685864237340.png (12.36 KB, 550x224, c0a95020663bcf7f19f9e26098fd6a…)

Why did they do this?

No. 1596536

his ana phase

No. 1596543

WTF, he's a hamster their supposed to be chubby.

No. 1596544

File: 1685867109358.jpg (7.1 KB, 318x159, pika.jpg)

The same thing they did to pikachu, Japanese rodents can't catch a break.

No. 1596547

hamster beauty standars

No. 1596548

Nta but left pikachu looks obese and right pikachu looks like he was put on a specialized diet.

No. 1596549

fatphobic eh? I see

No. 1596550

He looks like a highly upvoted post in r/dechonkers.

No. 1596551

There's the really cartoonish scenes with rocket launcher and guys are just climbing out of the rubble like it's nothing, a car chase including cops, nazis and a country band etc if you're looking for more slapstick comedy. A lot of the comedy is more subtle, I don't mean this in a "you need to be really smart to get it" type of way, but most of the funny stuff isn't so on the nose. It's not constantly pointing out to the audience how funny it is. IMO it's a comedy about talented musicians.

No. 1596587

is the site glitching and not letting anyone post? testing to see if this goes through

No. 1596588

weird, it said flood detected but when I put my phone on mobile data instead of wifi it posted. wtf is going on

No. 1596593

File: 1685873720162.png (400.69 KB, 575x561, photos-4.png)

I hate this shit so much. I heard that it's a concious decision made by the designers so it's easier for children to draw the characters but they lose all their cuteness when they become bobbleheads. Hamtaro doesn't even look like a hamster anymore but like a deformed alien. I can't imagine any kids that prefer the ana kun design over the chubby one

No. 1596601

there he goes again!

No. 1596603

Anorectal violence guy? Has he ever considered professional help? Can professionals help?

No. 1596605

I hated this movie. I saw it in theaters when I was 16 and it sucked

No. 1596606

would professionals helps? are professionals of any help? on today's show we'll talk in detail about his fears, his hopes and dreams as we dwell on his crushing upbringing and the people who enabled him.

No. 1596621

There he goes
There he goes again
Spamming through the board

And I just can't contain
This feelin' that remains

There he posts (There he posts again)
There he posts again (There he posts again)
Pulsing through my VPN (There he posts again)

And I just can't contain
This feelin' that remains

There he goes
There he goes again
He calls my name, pulls my tinfoil
No one else could heal my anorectal pain

But I just can't contain
This feelin' that remains

There he goes
There he goes again
Chasing down my thread

And I just can't contain
This feelin' that remains

There he goes (There he goes again)
There he goes (There he goes again)
There he goes (There he goes again)

No. 1596649

I initially thought this was a shitpost image until I looked it up. The right one is real. I am genuinely so devastated by this what the fuck

No. 1596655

Hi it’s me the nonna who drove 6 hours for an internet moid who would probably hurt her
News flash: he hurt me

No. 1596656

how many are there of you bitches?

No. 1596664

No. 1596665

For real, they all act like they come from the same damn factory

No. 1596672

I guess it's better than an 18 hour flight

No. 1596676

File: 1685887324477.jpg (72.3 KB, 600x599, FB_IMG_1685887398188.jpg)

No. 1596683

i dunno, Jesus with boobs is kinda freaky

No. 1596686

I misgendered a she/they. How will I ever recover?

No. 1596687

Oh, nonnie, poor nonnie, please get help, it’s such a hard moment you’re going through, I had to take antidepressants because I couldn’t get over it.

No. 1596702

it's crazy how being blonde genuinely gets people to perceive you as attractive even if your face is rather homely

No. 1596713

Did you dye your hair?

No. 1596716

File: 1685891528291.png (182.95 KB, 524x1029, Timmy.png)

Poor little motherfucker, they turned him into a rodent version of Timmy from South Park

No. 1596754

Might be all me because i am a dumb bitch with terrible taste who is desperate for 1 crumb of love

No. 1596769

He'll probably need a wheelchair too with that head to body ratio.

No. 1596772

I mean, I think it would be pretty good if people who were burn victims weren't considered freaks…

No. 1596773

Do you think the tattooed man is a burn victim?

No. 1596774

She ,means boobed jesus

No. 1596775

Oh my gosh, I totally did. Sorry. In my defense, the tattoos look really indistinct.

No. 1596789

File: 1685898061631.jpg (84.68 KB, 649x793, img.jpg)

I think it's so cute when a newborn baby is swaddled and all you can see is their wittle head and cute face.

No. 1596791

Man so many girls I know suddenly went blonde streaked or full blonde and I'd argue they don't even look good with it but yeah others think they do.

No. 1596793


No. 1596794

It seems like we are left with the most retarded kiwifags who don’t know how to use Tor

No. 1596802

I used to dye my hair blonde and got a shitton of attention but it was all from the nastiest moids. It would go brassy instantly and by the end my ends literally looked like steel wool but I still got hit on. I’m much happier as a brunette.

No. 1596822

File: 1685900003839.jpg (64.65 KB, 998x659, 20230306_194603.jpg)

I hurried in the shower because I knew I was on like 10%, went to charge my phone and somehow this bitch is at 95%

No. 1596830

i looked horrible as a blonde, cannot believe i did that. and it ruined my hair.

No. 1596850

I started doing water only washing on my hair and my nigel gets boners smelling my hair now. It's the pheromones you guise.

No. 1596854

This will motivate me to use twice as much shampoo

No. 1596856

If you aren't black I know your scalp looks like swamp ass and string cheese

No. 1596857

Not only black people have curly and coily hair tho

No. 1596862

I just saw shayna in public

No. 1596863

Huh? Black people don't wash their hair with just water.

No. 1596865

No. 1596866

No? But they could do so without their hair getting super gunky and nasty for a whole lot longer

No. 1596867

You dont have to take everything literally or as a chance to "well akshually" on here this isn't twitta

No. 1596868

I legit don't know if you're black yourself or if you're insulting black people by saying they never wash their hair…

No. 1596869

I'm actually saying they dont have nasty oily hair genetically, but please jump to the worst possible conclusion

No. 1596870

File: 1685906653760.jpg (912.36 KB, 1581x2313, Darnley_stage_3.jpg)

I've been watching British royal history + I'm a royal watchers videos, and oh my god those people were and are still butt ugly. No way these are the people chosen by god, the highest standard of humans. And keep in mind we only know what the relatively recent royals actually looked like, the old old ones we only saw through portraits meant to make them look attractive. You think this lady wasn't scary IRL???

No. 1596871

I guess, but our scalps will still get dirty without soap.

No. 1596876

Everyone produces oil on their scalp, it just doesn't travel down coily hair well because of the texture. They don't have dry hair because their scalp doesn't produce oils.

No. 1596877

Samefag but what I jean to say is, even if our actual hair doesn't get greasy or dirty, our scalp does get dirty. It is true that certain textures don't need to wash as often as others though.

No. 1596882

I hate you guys

No. 1596884

My comment was just a second long not thought-out response drawing back to that terrible "no poo" movement years ago where women blogged pics of their experiences and the only women whose hair didn't look disgusting was black women. Had I even thought it would be misconstrued so easily I never would have worded it like that lmao. I think coily hair types were shown to respond better and I've never seen anyone with a non-coil hair type look good from doing no-poo and they need to be told thatso they stop doing that to themselves is all

No. 1596886

It's ok anon, I was just a little confused lol

No. 1596888

File: 1685907853252.jpg (25.67 KB, 619x354, hziozugdcp.jpg)

Day 147 of my no-suds challenge! Hubby LOVES it and cannot keep his fingers off of me. I have started to develop my very own biome and ecosystem, I'm flourishing. I have not used soap or shampoo in almost 5 whole months! It's okay, dont believe the naysayers- the water runs down my legs and leaves me fresh and clean and allows my bacteria to do all of the work as I sleep. It also leaves a silky sheen on my sheets and gives my skin a satin finish! My hair is in the detoxing stage still, but im sure any week how it will begin cleaning itself and eating its own oils and impurities. The guide says it takes about 14 months to start showing results for your hair, so don't give up if you're frustrated! My natural musk drives all the men around me crazy, they truly cannot get enough! I get whatever I want at work now, and my coworkers allow me to be independent and know I can handle anything, I think they're a little intimidated to be honest ha ha. I've never felt so in-tune with myself, so streamlined. Sometimes I even skip my water-wash days so my microbiome is always on the defense. As far as the no-paste goes, my gums are still detoxing and are a little inflamed because they are drawing all of the poisons out of my teeth, but I honestly think my teeth look fuller and stronger! I've never felt happier and more fulfilled and focused, and I have tons of time to do other things.

No. 1596890

Water only-anon here. I'm white and have slightly wavy hair. I do mechanical rinsing as needed, so a couple of times a day. I'm assuming I would notice if my scalp was dirty due to inflammation, dead skin build-up etc. but so far so good. My scalp is way less itchy than when I used shampoo (have eczema). I should mention that I have very soft water where I live, which is important because hard water is a huge factor in terms off scalp gunk build-up. It's also true water only does not clean as effectively as shampoo, but with water only you generally want some sebum to coat your hair because you also don't use conditioner. I'll sometimes use heavily diluted ACV (like once a month or so) which makes hair super soft. Other than that just water and mechanical rinsing. Hair smells great.

No. 1596891

Baby stop this shit your hair looks better because it's not being mechanically broken for awhile but over time those oils clog your hair follicles and it'll start dropping out and be more irritated. At least do a Nizoral rinse a few times a week. Cut it out

No. 1596892

Who is this tell me NOW

No. 1596894

Manskin maneskin mainskin whatever that band is called

No. 1596895

Maybe don't say stupid shit next time, everyone produces oil, just like another anon said it's just that the grease doesn't travel as much on curly or kinky hair so everyone needs to wash their hair, just not as often and not with the same products.

No. 1596896

File: 1685908372625.jpg (110 KB, 828x807, barbie.JPG)

in my ideal world we’d have all the film bro movies but with women instead. the stoies and themes would be the same, the dialogues and jokes would be in the same vein, the characters would be dressed kinda the same but they’d just be women. the already female characters can be genderswapped to be men but some can be lesbians i guess. that would be perfect.

No. 1596897

That's not true. Some people can get dandruff from fungi that thrive on scalp oils (which obv needs to be treated medically), but there are alternatives to grooming other than cleaning with shampoo several times a week. Frequent shampooing hasn't been normal throughout human history, doesn't mean people in the past were dirty. I appreciate your concerns tho!

No. 1596899

Is that thang real

No. 1596902

the utopia we deserve

No. 1596903

Too bad, I said stupid shit. Unwashed hair still looks funky and nasty and you aren't dEtOxInG it

No. 1596904

A women's fight club would be perfect

No. 1596905

File: 1685908963163.jpg (94.33 KB, 1125x889, 1600990754760.jpg)

No. 1596909

Mean Girls.

No. 1596910

mean boys

No. 1596916

You're me in another timeline from Friday night I'm glad I didn't go. I even got fully dressed and had my keys in my hand. I think my guardian angel saved me thank you angel

No. 1596919

Please don't reply to me like a clueless man trying to banter when it doest make sense or warrant a response. Thank you

No. 1596922

File: 1685909952202.jpg (28.82 KB, 306x423, 77b17feb8adfb11c5c46b5b465d3a1…)

No. 1596923

Now that we're going to have a live action Barbie movie, when will we get a Polly Pocket movie?

No. 1596927

I think so

No. 1596930

My bf just so happens to have similar features to the lead singer of my favorite band. I love/hate how turned on by musicians I am. I wish my bf played guitar or drums or something kek. I feel a little guilty thinking like this but whatever, it is what it is. Pretty sure this is just the human condition

No. 1596938

I'm fucking crying right now because I was watching a Hoarders episode on YouTube and they had the most obvious product placement ever. It's like one moment everyone was having an emotional moment and then next moment the therapist doing such an obvious ad.

No. 1596950

This is how I write shit fr.

No. 1596957

I'm musically retarded but every drum solo I've ever seen just spunds like "hurr durr I can hit them fast" and doesn't sound like anything discernible

No. 1596972

Of sadness or did you think it was funny?

No. 1596973

I have never watched pulp fiction or fight club.

No. 1596975

You're not missing out on anything lol
You'd be better off watching gay interracial pornos and videos of mental breakdowns and people ODing on the internet if you feel left out.

No. 1596980

Sometimes I wonder how the woman who started the whole incel thing feels.

No. 1596982

I hate when people ask stupid ass questions.

No. 1597019

how the fuck do you misgender a she/they, you literally have the odds in your favour

No. 1597021

My guess is that anon didn't use both "she" and "they" when referring to the person, which they consider misgendering for some fucktarded reason

No. 1597023

File: 1685922485829.png (567.67 KB, 828x607, bee urself.png)

fuck no. Fight club is my favourite female gaze movie. Keep your girlie no-brain shit to yourself, real women watch hot men getting punched.

No. 1597033

tyler durden/narrator is literally me and you wouldn't get it

No. 1597042

I just don't like moids that much

No. 1597050

File: 1685925028679.png (613.27 KB, 1280x717, correct.png)

based that's my fetish

No. 1597051

I just opened a beer when I was already drunk and I'm alone so this may get spicy
>flames in background

No. 1597052

File: 1685925136954.gif (1.03 MB, 500x213, FaithfulJaggedHaddock-size_res…)

there are a lot of movies with female protagonists that arent barbie. Watch ginger snaps, heathers, lady vengance, jubilee. Those are our ''literally me'' movies.

No. 1597058

I have a troll Twitter account and it's so much fun

No. 1597064

Okay but Barbie Nutcracker is literally me

No. 1597066

File: 1685926458455.png (68.41 KB, 640x400, barbie.png)

ok but i am pc98 barbie and thats cooler

No. 1597075

went on the adult bedwetting sub and it made me feel sick that they had to have an pinned post about ABDL trying to contact the users of the sub for their fetish. The fact it was happening so much that they had to post that is crazy

No. 1597078

File: 1685927384901.gif (2.99 MB, 540x300, tumblr_pikt3rQNXP1wcrw7bo4_540…)

agree (example) I only watched and finished Mr.Robot because they were manhandling Elliot to hell and back.

No. 1597079

Imagine being this rude kek

No. 1597080

Sooo cute I love her

Sounds retarded. Barbie Rapunzel and Fight Club are both cinematic masterpieces in their own respective rights

No. 1597081

i literally said no ill word about either movie

No. 1597085

File: 1685928371177.png (41.09 KB, 1144x1464, 1670935692202.png)

scott the woz is so cute, i wish i had a cute dork bf. He looks like he's into femdom too

No. 1597090

A lot of these anons never watched anything outside of main stream movies and it shows.

No. 1597091

Dlete it fat

No. 1597093

Bitches get a letterboxed and suddenly you aren't allowed to enjoy different movies for different reasons

No. 1597098

File: 1685929010148.png (60.83 KB, 1000x750, maquinola enojado.png)

watch less gay and lame shit

No. 1597100

File: 1685929132414.png (120.99 KB, 786x795, twat.png)

I like movies.

No. 1597104

elsie is the protagonist of the last movie you watched, what changes

No. 1597105

Go away

No. 1597106

File: 1685929343314.jpg (551.38 KB, 2048x1417, Fxaj_lFaMAEEAPY.jpg)

No, I don't think I will.

No. 1597107

understandable, wanna watch foodfight?

No. 1597112

File: 1685929583865.jpeg (126.45 KB, 1067x800, 3475474_1_seoimage4x3_Fho0Im_U…)

Literally nothing

No. 1597113

>calling Barbie movies "no-brain shit"
As if you need much of a brain to enjoy Fight Club. Plus you only like it because you think the actors are hot, that's peak no brain.

No. 1597114

Elsie has a fucking railgun now

No. 1597115

as if any of the movies listed where even mildly obscure

No. 1597116

Tell me why I should watch that monstrosity and I might consider it

No. 1597117

Heathers is soooo underground.

No. 1597118

Barbie womanchildren are unhinged. Like the female version of scrotes into MCU.

No. 1597119

File: 1685929803747.jpg (238.31 KB, 1000x1541, MV5BYTMxY2ZjZmQtZTc1MC00ZTBhLT…)

Well she's not a ghetto girl from Georgia, for starters.

No. 1597121

File: 1685929999723.gif (2.44 MB, 500x341, ff38f5a0daeb59b89310b78804068b…)

it has a tumblr sexyman

No. 1597122

Barbie movies are literally more niche and obscure than Heathers

No. 1597124

File: 1685930121213.jpg (651.58 KB, 2048x2048, Mostly_Him.jpg)

No. 1597125

File: 1685930398631.gif (5.92 MB, 540x450, animations-daily.gif)

Did a rewatch.

No. 1597126

>the movies based on a billion dollar franchise are more obscure than a movie from the 80s that was an office bomb
literal cope, why are barbietards like this? no one is stopping you from watching your bimbocore shit movies

No. 1597127

File: 1685930544398.png (921.45 KB, 2501x1500, moovies.png)

alright which movies are team elsie and which are team 2X?

No. 1597128

File: 1685930600149.jpg (243.34 KB, 1053x1500, 81FOjUFNa5L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Nothing bad happens purely out of virtue of Elsie not being a pathetic teenage boy, it's now just a happy comfy movie about a girl runing a BBS in honour of her fave singer and going to her show.

No. 1597129

Good thing you can enjoy movies from your childhood without going full Disney adult about it.

No. 1597130

Can we Netflix and chill to something that doesn't have this animation style

No. 1597131

That post was clearly a joke, anon.
Oh so you're just low-IQ. I swear, why are women who are NLOGs and try too hard to reject "girly" things always so uptight lmao.

No. 1597133

Heathers isn't underground, get over it

No. 1597134

File: 1685930706446.jpg (76.63 KB, 564x1002, 8b766a89c2431e4c17ab8fa7df4f81…)

No. 1597138

i have never met an adult woman into barbie who wasnt a womanchild
>>1597131 case in point

No. 1597139

You know you can say a movie was cute or good without it being your whole personality…. right?

No. 1597140

File: 1685930803156.jpg (35.96 KB, 500x623, f2a76e0f098e00478fa727feaee70f…)

Adore this photo of marilyn

No. 1597141

This is scary, anon.. Yet I can't stop watching it.

No. 1597144

File: 1685931022268.jpg (30.25 KB, 563x564, 093247814.jpg)

literally me

No. 1597146

I love her she did nothing wrong

No. 1597147

File: 1685931069354.png (28.03 KB, 400x400, zxid.png)

No. 1597149

So do you women want to fuck giant robots or

No. 1597150

File: 1685931169718.jpg (60.17 KB, 735x727, ba8abfc53eb5b43daf3796b6e14038…)

Her hair was very cute when it was like that slightly longer/straighter style. I like it more than her signature. don't mind me if this picture isn't actually her. There's so many fakes pics of her and people cosplaying her
Lmao, sure anon.

No. 1597152

I don't want to derail the thread.
But I want to marry first THEN go to the bedroom.

No. 1597153


No. 1597156

imagine if men were this attached to max steel

No. 1597158

You can't derail dumbass shit thread. Okay next question, what js this one from. And are you autistic. And do you commission porn of the robots. And how do they have sex.

No. 1597161

Max steel wasn't even good, enough of your false equivalencies please stop being a wet blanket and let them enjoy what they enjoy

No. 1597166

Nona… I have been trying to remember this movie for 20 years. Couldn’t remember a goddamn thing about it except the vibe lmao. Saw this on the front page and immediately knew it was the movie I’ve been thinking of. Bless you

No. 1597170


No. 1597175

free yourself sister

No. 1597176


No. 1597177

I'm genuinely curious.

No. 1597178

Crazy to think it's already more than 20 years old, it really doesn't feel old at all

No. 1597181

File: 1685931951086.jpg (31.43 KB, 330x217, AGGHHH.jpg)

I'm trying to behave. I'm pretty sure I'm on thin ice with the mods because of my post history.

No. 1597182

you're all bad influences. sleep well tonight

No. 1597187

What have you done?

No. 1597188

File: 1685932098998.webm (155.81 KB, 588x432, 1669587325377.webm)

no, never. barbie is shit and no amount of nostalgia for pre-fabricated ''girl media'' will change that. I will keep bullying barbie/bratz/mean girl fags until i shape them up into women with good taste. Its my duty.

No. 1597189

Don't you feel watched?

No. 1597190

Anon, no one cares

No. 1597192

nta but from the art I've seen the cock looks like a human penis, it kinda glows along with rest of the body and the cum glows apparently

No. 1597193

>no one cares
says the person who cares enough to respond

No. 1597194

File: 1685932335652.jpg (29.74 KB, 680x889, 507.jpg)

Accidentally had too much coffee today and now I can't sleep don't go to bed nonnies don't leave me alone nooooo it's so boring here at night

No. 1597195

Sorry but im kind of annoyed that you won't just tell me how the robot supposedly has sex. Sounds painful and weird

No. 1597196

Does it come out of the gas cap or something wtf

No. 1597198

More importantly how is a monster truck sized robot man gonna have intercourse with human female. I hope anon will be ok.

No. 1597199

Shut up, twitterfag.

No. 1597200

Well enjoy the nonnies talking about transformer sex

No. 1597201

Argue with us about movies. Are you team barbie or team fight club

No. 1597202

I see, a fellow lolcor criminal haa

No. 1597203

What do you think nonna

No. 1597204

stop watching shit children movies, grow up

No. 1597205

..is that ace attorney?

No. 1597206

Team fight club bc barbie has a tyranny in it.

No. 1597208

Actually it's really entertaining, the best /ot/ posting happens at night on these very threads

Ok! I like both tbh. Barbie Swan Lake is my favourite 'cos I like the ballet. Fight Club book was bad but the movie has nice cinematography and naked sweaty men

No. 1597209

File: 1685932951951.jpg (62.06 KB, 564x564, d87f69037085b348bc1879999b507f…)

I'm on team fight club because I'd love getting into physical fights

No. 1597211

I wish I could adopt the women here is shitty situations. My house has two extra bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Sometimes I just wanna tell a nona to come live with me but that’s not something I would take anyone here up on because obviously I would think I’d be murdered

No. 1597213

I’ve had 7 caffeinated beverages today ask me anything

No. 1597214

File: 1685933203851.jpg (97.49 KB, 1080x608, ep619_004_Barbie_Fight_Club0.j…)

Anons itt are small brained, why not come together in our shared interests and make Barbie: Fight Club?

No. 1597215

I cannot get over the anon who said fight club is better, not because of the content, but because she thinks the actors are hot. Pathetic male worshippers will never win.

No. 1597216

Are you having anxiety?

No. 1597217

This would be cool. But I will not tolerate "girly girl" disrespect.

No. 1597218

Are you shitting liquid death yet? I'm not but it'll come soon enough no doubt. Hope you're ready for a slumber party!!!

No. 1597219

Is there a reason why you had 7 caffeinated beverages today?

No. 1597220

ok, but unironically, why would anyone like barbie movies? i was forced to watch them as a child and they were so cheap, ugly and boring. At least Disney princesses had varied personalities and the animation was good.

No. 1597221

Oh God. Speaking of liquid death. I'm shitting it out right now.
And I have a can of it in my fridge.

No. 1597222

I'd watch that, possibly even go to the theater instead of watching pirated.

No. 1597227

File: 1685933782756.gif (691.32 KB, 500x280, tumblr_n074e5UCJF1qk08n1o1_500…)

I've already sperged about my all-pink dictatorship utopia in the past so I won't do it again, but I will say that all male worshippers who put down women, "girly girls", and things considered feminine will be burned at the pink stake. It's what they deserve. Balenciaga!

No. 1597228

What were the beverages you drank, my fair nona?

No. 1597229

File: 1685934354843.png (235.1 KB, 600x620, ok.png)

my nonny, you arent an anarchist ebin feminist destroying nlogs with facts and logic. You are a sheeple shaped by consoomerism from an early age by millionaires wanting to make money off cheap, marketable crap to children that think all girls want is princess, ballets, pretty dresses and pink shit. There is no such thing as a ''girly girl'', that's just your consoomer brain speaking after years of being indoctrinated by pink toys and princess dolls.

No. 1597231

probably because the barbie movies arent about teen brides for every movie

No. 1597232

>There is no such thing as a ''girly girl
I used girly girl because that's the term that will used by other anons, hence why it was in quotes. But I know NLOGs have a difficult time reading. And who said anything about feminism? I'm not a feminist, I just know what happens to male worshipping NLOGs.

No. 1597234

male worshipper is such a nothing burger insult. Liking hot men doesnt make you a male worshipper. Liking indoctrination material like barbie does, they are literally shaping you to become a shitty bimbo like moids want, and you are defending them, for free.

No. 1597236

Yes but I’m blaming it on nicotine
No I’m on a regular morning schedule
The habitat for humanity ReStore near me sells expired and nearly-expired canned and bottled beverages for some fucking reason and I go there every week and stock up instead of buying coffee because there’s no “good” coffee for sale here
Starbucks nitro cold brew canned coffee, Diet Pepsi 16oz, multiple diet Dr Peppers and diet Mt Dews 12oz cans (different varieties like zero and Sugar Free and Maxx, why are there so many versions of the same thing??)

No. 1597237

Man, all this hatred and fight just because Heathers isn't an underground movie.

No. 1597238

Liking hot men doesn't make you a male worshipper, but insulting women and what some of us like to justify liking hot men does.
>shitty bimbo
Way to show that you don't actually know anything about Barbie. Typical of an NLOG to think that a woman liking pink means she's dumb and overly-sexual. Btw, I'm not even someone who really likes barbie. She was never my doll of choice.

No. 1597239

File: 1685935241413.jpg (42.8 KB, 540x351, tumblr_oyp9qugqU31rfo8xzo1_540…)

I really think that *Beyond:Two Souls is what did it for Ellen Paige, I think I may have mentioned this but re-watching the game it's so bad and full of tramtic scenes. The whole thing was
>Jodie is an helpless cute girl with bad-ass powers but she's also so dainty and lets make every single male in the game super huge and big compared to her. Make one of her love interests an man on an fucking farm, who is only in one section and you barely get to know.
Make the other love interest an 30 year old man who meets her at 15, constantly treats her horribly in cannon moments of the game, then claim he loves her. Oh and in the last act he's always trying to be the hero and he's till an "Problematic good guy".
Like some of the shit in that game made me wonder how Ellen felt acting again as an another totured innocent girl.
Her twin brother ghost Is literally named AIDEN and 200% more interesting and powerful then Jodie. David cage is an creep. She was also in that movie about Silva Likens,
A story about an teenage girl who was toured by an jealous older shitty woman, her shitty childern and basically the whole neighborhood. They literally craved into her skin "I am a prostitute" or whore, I can't remember. What is the number of horrible movies that she plays the female victim? Who is stumbling over her words and just an torture simulator for her?
Also when David Cage did that weird shower thing where they modeled an naked body for Ellen and coomers hacked it.
The more I think about it, the more I think Beyond is just the magical story, some TIF wrote about why they transitioned. Aiden being an metaphor for the cool carefree and happy male part of her, that "Died at birth" when she was born "Female".
Every male character besides the rapists are imperfect but "They are an good person they just went through bad things/work at an bad job" being an metaphor for different "parts' of the Tif's malehood.
It sounds like an fucking fan fiction but an grown balding scrote wrote it.
David Cage chipped at this young woman's already fragile mindset with his gross game

No. 1597240

I’ve never seen Heathers, it came out a few years before I was born but I feel like it’s weird I haven’t heard of it. Is it good?

No. 1597241

The only Disney animation I ever liked was Hercules, it's the only one with a pleasing style, the rest of them all look like shit

No. 1597243

A fart just rolled up in my pussy. There's a lot of juice in there right now so it was kinda loud. Not to sound like a DeviantArt fart fetishist but it was like "brrrrr".

No. 1597244

File: 1685935597231.png (47.96 KB, 761x530, Capture.PNG)

also this scrote is 30 when he meets Jodie who is like…15? I think, 13? And at the end he's 3 fuckin 7, talking about how he loves her. When she had to leave as an teen he was being an ass going, "Don't act like a child, literal teenager", he's a fucking groomer and the fact he was even an option sucks. Even when you are mean to him he's still played the same way. Never as a creep. I know people will scream french but it bothers me the same way it did with Life Is Strange. That fucking Frank scrote was always played as the Drug dealer with an hear of gold. Oh he loves dogs! Oh he really did love Racheal, I swear. Oh he's only selling drugs to teenagers, looks 37, driving an 15-16 year old Chloe around in his fucking creepy van, where she discovers the drug dealer loves puppies! I hate that shit, it's weird. It's never even shown in an way that makes these dudes look creepy. You can tell the fucking retards who make the game sorta kinda wants you to humanize these predators!

No. 1597245

Of all things to criticize disney movies for.

No. 1597248

They're fucking cartoons, the drawing style is the most important thing about them. And it's shit.

No. 1597250

File: 1685936067257.jpg (33.34 KB, 640x580, 1648432980498.jpg)

barbie is shit, stop defending garbage because you grew up with it. You are allowed to like your shitty indoctrination material multibillion franchise, but i will criticize it for all the damage it has caused to girls and their perception of womanhood. They fact that you are so angry i criticized a shitty movie franchise speaks of how much barbie has sadly shaped girlhood. Imagine defending a fucking pink toy this hard and getting this offended over someone finding it what it is, garbage.

No. 1597251

Yes, it's a good movie, it has remained relevant after all this time even tho it was something that could only be produced at the time it was produced. It's fun, maybe a bit on the nose.

No. 1597253

>stop defending garbage because you grew up with it
Thank you for again proving my theory that NLOGs can't read. I wasn't going to before, but I'm gonna make sure to go see Barbie (2023) when it comes out because of you. Seethe and go back to calling women brainless for ugly ass Brad Pitt.

No. 1597257

based based based

No. 1597258

File: 1685936571602.gif (1.3 MB, 220x220, kek.gif)

i literally never even said pink makes you a bimbo, you are the one with bad reading comprehension. I did call Barbie a bimbo, because she literally is, her only personality trait is being pretty, thin and liking clothes and make up. Also imagine thinking CONSOOMING is an own in any way, pathetic. Barbie is sadly here to stay thanks to retards like you who cannot let go off nostalgia, so the movie is going to be a hit regardless.

No. 1597259

>shitty bimbo
Way to miss the point of Barbie being a matriarchal society where all 'Kens' (read: second class citizens) are not allowed the power to vote, have jobs, or have any human rights beyond being an accessory. Though, seriously, at the very least Barbie promotes a plethora of interesting careers to young girls.

No. 1597261

>her only personality trait is being pretty, thin and liking clothes and make up
You literally just don't know what you're talking about.

No. 1597262

I hate obvious twitter transplants. Go away or integrate, bleh.

No. 1597263

File: 1685936859619.jpeg (480.62 KB, 3000x3000, 1D6B6671-5D9F-41F9-86B4-63AE5C…)

why do I find the funniest pictures while trying to study anatomy? this looks like a hipster preying on freshman girls. who does he think he is?

No. 1597265

Right? I could get it if she was sperging about Bratz dolls but Barbie would be the antithesis of a bimbo archetype.

No. 1597266

A skeleton.

No. 1597267

what is her personality then?

No. 1597268

File: 1685937105766.jpg (85.53 KB, 720x900, 5r9rxweoxnt51.jpg)

No. 1597269

Exactly, the whole point of Barbie is that she isn't a bimbo. Fashionable and feminine but still accomplished.

No. 1597270

i always found that the lamest part about barbie. I remember i got a veterinarian barbie as a gift for christmas and being dissapointed. I ended up turning her into a xena bootleg that rode dinosaurs.
maybe modern barbie is like that after the backlash for being a terrible role model for girls for years. But dont pretend she was always like that.

No. 1597272

He doesn't seem to know that yet

No. 1597273

So we talked about team Barbie or team fight club then talked about how transformer's have sex, to arguing about Barbie's personality.

No. 1597274

I'm normally a planefucker but I think these cars are kinda cute… making me feel things nona

No. 1597275

>Barbie is a stupid bimbo with no personality!!!1!! Oh, barbie promoted careers and education? W-well actually she's lame!!

No. 1597277

A confident, smart, self assured woman who's comfortable with herself and in her femininity who achieves and works hard towards any goal or career in her way and to overcome any challenges. She's a kind older sister who pushes her younger sisters to do their best, pushing them on to the right path when they're unsure and acts as a supportive friend who will always be there to lend a helping hand. Seriously, have you never watched a Barbie movie? You act as if she's a blonde bimbo porn archetype with no substance. When was the last time you saw Ken hold a job, much less have one? When was the last time you saw Ken doing anything that didn't boil down to being handsome or existing to propel Barbie's character arcs? When has Ken ever said anything of substance? If you're going to call anyone a bimbo, call that manslut golddigger Ken one at least.

No. 1597279

It's literally just a piece of plastic

No. 1597280

The real truth is that anon wants to fuck Ken but she's jelly cause she knows she can't compare to Barbie and her 50 million careers, so now she's taking it out on us.

No. 1597281

I accept your concession.

No. 1597282

Wait are you the OG planefucker-chan or are there actually multiple plane respecters here

No. 1597284

I think Barbies are great, I think it's the culture that lot of weirdo adults attached to the doll makes it weird.It's just an doll, I rarely see this kind of weird shit about GI Joe's or those super sexy chad dolls or those sexy green plastic army toys.

No. 1597285

Barbie means a lot to her nona don't hurt her feelings

No. 1597286

you are so deep down into the consoomer brainrot you dont even realize about how dystopic it is that a toy has to promote career to girls. Men dont play with engineering ken dolls, why should women be told by barbie what career to follow?

No. 1597288

File: 1685938074441.jpeg (31.48 KB, 507x369, IMG_0017.jpeg)

No. 1597289

File: 1685938075392.jpeg (37.7 KB, 500x285, IMG_9047.jpeg)

tfw you’ll never know if you walked on your tippy toes because of Barbie or because of autism

No. 1597292

Nice. Now I'm craving a cold can of coffee.

No. 1597296

nayrt but you do realise the whole "barbie is a stronk confident feminine woman" narrative is just used to sell the toys right? mattel don't care about your feeling accomplished as a woman it's literally just marketing

No. 1597297

You’re just being a contrarian because you think that makes you cooler. Barbie may not be the best thing ever, but the character is the opposite of a brainless bimbo.
If you don’t like the toys or the media to the point that you don’t even want to consume it, just say so, but don’t act like you know enough about it to criticize it.
Plus, since 1959, Barbie has represented different careers throughout the years, so it’s not like she was always just a piece of plastic that girls would dress up in different clothes from time to time.

No. 1597299

Oh, I 100% know that. I just dislike how disingenuous that Anon was being for saying Barbie has 'zero personality and is a bimbo'

No. 1597302

Damn yall weren't lying in the autism thread

No. 1597303

>sexy green plastic army toys

No. 1597307

File: 1685938562504.jpg (24.65 KB, 784x412, 8dc.jpg)

No idea how many there are. I wouldn't be surprised if there were multiple though

No. 1597310

I'm so horny!!!! It feels so good!!!!!!!

No. 1597311

these two retards are still at it! please go outside!!

No. 1597312

mattel shills in full force itt. As if we could forget barbie was a rifoff of a literal sex doll.

No. 1597313

Let them fight, I'm bored.

No. 1597315

Was it tho?

No. 1597316

I support you girl(s?), the anon last year who posted on /ot/ a lot was very nice even though I have many questions.

No. 1597318

File: 1685938840138.jpg (92.55 KB, 930x500, lilliebarbie1-930x500.jpg)

yeah, it's really sad

No. 1597319

jerked off yet???

No. 1597320

File: 1685938892577.jpg (30.15 KB, 495x631, 3.jpg)

damn still going after 4 hours? aren't you guys tired it's like past midnight

No. 1597321

well i hope at least one person read my David Cage caused Ellen Page to troon out post in the middle of the argument. I like barbies btw, but bratz are better

No. 1597322

I'm bored too, let's fight about something

No. 1597324

i'll fight u

No. 1597325

well she has zero personality. she's a product not a person. tbh i don't mean to a bitch but i don't get how invested people are indefending the honour of a consumer product just because the marketing ppl built a mythos around it. same for disney.
and i din't think it's nloggery to say barbie movies are lowbrow or to feel uncomfortable with the kind of hyperfeminity barbie is trying to push.

No. 1597327

I am unironically waiting for my bf to finish gaming to fuck him

No. 1597329

No shit anon, that's how marketing works

No. 1597330

It's not only two anons

No. 1597331

Nobody said it's NLOG to not like Barbie or Barbie movies

No. 1597332

File: 1685939230952.jpg (150.78 KB, 1080x1326, 51152221_1137081246458617.jpg)

Judging by the way you type, you look like this irl. Come on then, show me your moves anon.

No. 1597333

I read it, I just didn't have anything else to add other than "yeah I agree"

No. 1597334

Okra. What do you think of okra? I like it it’s slimy

No. 1597337

I did, I thought it was interesting but I'm not familiar with the movies so I can't comment much, but I can see how playing roles of victimized characters wouldn't be helpful to her mental state on top of the entire industry being gross and suspicious.

No. 1597338

I literally just listed off her base personality traits ripped from the books and movie. By your logic, any fictional character created to sell any product has zero personality because of consumerism. People can't help but be interested in characters built for products, such as fans of video game characters. I don't see the problem with that, nor have I never denied Barbie is consumerist at all, it's a doll brand that's like peak consumerism.

No. 1597339

I hate okra it feels like ballsack unless it's pulverized into paste. Natto is superior slimy food.

No. 1597340

I prefer my okra to be fried

No. 1597342

Did you really need to put this mental image in my head?

No. 1597343

I do not like her

No. 1597344

thanks nonas for reading it, I just wanted somebody to read it.

No. 1597345

Stop overcooking it then!!! It’s crisp and slimy at the same time!
I’ve never had natto I heard it smells like poopoo, therefore you like poopoo

No. 1597347

Oh, pulverized ballsack? Hope that woke you up enough for more shitposting kek.

No. 1597349

stop defending barbie, she wont take you to the mall to buy clothes or ride unicorns whatever gay shit she does

No. 1597350

Nope, but I accept your concession.

No. 1597351

I say, it’s just dumb to hate on something because it’s pink, I won’t watch the movie in theaters because it has a tranny, not because it’s Barbie.
Because in the end, it’s just selling fantasies for little girls in which they can be princesses or astronauts if they feel like it.
Imagine just not doing anything because it’s a product. Everything is a product, phones are a product, the internet is a product, books are products (yes, even philosophical books) information in general is a product too and so is literally everything.
Maybe if we all could just create deeper meanings for the things that we all care about, dumb generalizations wouldn’t be as common as they are right now, and everyone would stop trying to one up each other because
>muh it’s vapid
Maybe for you, but not for the person who cares about it.

No. 1597353

I'll stick with my delicious fragrant poopoo and silky raw egg while you choke down Salad Fingers' peepee

No. 1597355

File: 1685939800922.jpeg (65.71 KB, 640x480, 5c503aab4e5cd.jpeg)

MyScene is superior.

No. 1597357

File: 1685939814048.jpg (196.32 KB, 680x1200, c66b1ce67877667d17588dc0dc8992…)

Nta but my southern ass loves some fried okra. But you gotta eat it literally as soon as it comes out the oil.

No. 1597358

Bratz have the better video games then Barbie. Though the Barbie games look better

No. 1597362

File: 1685940048728.jpg (544.42 KB, 2450x2450, b36.jpg)

It's possible that was me, but I'm not sure. I try to keep my planefagging to a minimum, but it's fun to shitpost about it

No. 1597365

no one hates barbie because it's pink. I hate barbie because for decades she pushed that pink is for girls, amongst other stuff. Dunno why all of you hyperfocus on something that no one said. There is a difference between a product that is a piece of art, like a movie, and something that's just a quick cash in with 0 passion at all, like barbie.
Good for you for enjoying your vapid shit product. But for me, someone who isnt inherently into pink/fashion/what barbie tries to sell you as the female experience, barbie was always a vermin. Imagine opening your christmas gifts as a child, asking for idk, a dinosaur, and getting a shitty barbie doll instead because ''girls like that''. It fucking sucks. And you cannot deny barbie hurt women for decades, even if they are now trying to retcon the little shit. People used to assume i was a lesbian or a boy or there was something wrong about me as a child because i wasnt into hyper ''feminine'' stuff. And before you say ''thats the people's fault, not barbie'' fuck you, if for decades a massive company targetted their shitty product for your gender specifically it's going to shape people's perception of what a little girl should like. Fuck that shit, death to barbie and barbietards.

No. 1597366

Does anyone else ever think about how empty their lifes are and maybe joining a cult?

No. 1597367

> Salad Fingers' peepee
Wheezing and choking on my slimy saladfingers peepees with more vitamin C than you’ll ever get scurvy ass natto muncher

No. 1597369

oh shit me

No. 1597371

File: 1685940341545.gif (7.77 MB, 598x354, woah-wtf.gif)

No. 1597372

Lolcor is actually generally a decent place to sperg about special interests, I hope that one day someone makes a nice plane husbando/waifu thread where you can shitpost to your heart's content

No. 1597373

things are going on

No. 1597376

No. 1597377

I've made a few posts about wishing I was in an cult, born into one (thats not like a weid death cult) and even thinking of religion. I'm agrophobic, lazy and have been depressed since..forever.
Having my own community outside of my family, something of my own. IDK

No. 1597379

never too late to create lolcow: the cult feating: Elsie as leader 2X and others doing other cult stuff

No. 1597380

Devouring an entire lemon as we speak just to spite you, enjoy having your throat bruised by a vegetable even Veggie Tales couldn't love

No. 1597381

>Imagine opening your christmas gifts as a child, asking for idk, a dinosaur, and getting a shitty barbie doll instead because ''girls like that''.
That’s just the parents of the kid being retarded. Sorry you never got the dinosaurs you wanted because your parents were retarded though.
Dunno, my parents in particular would let me get whatever I wanted, I just used to always been into cute things, maybe pokemon would be a middle ground and max steel because I wanted them to be my dolls’ boyfriends.
I don’t get why anyone thinks corporations are these big groups of evil manipulative masterminds. Like, kek, if a person falls for their marketing tactics that’s their issue, not rationalizing the shit they do is what makes it so easy to just sell the idea of something being exclusively for a group of people.
So yeah, if you want to have kids or whatever, just let them choose, or explain to them the intricacies of product consumption and marketing before letting them choose a toy.

No. 1597382

Damn, nonnie those sound more like you problems. Couldn't imagine being this pissy over a doll brand.

No. 1597386

rats confuse me. I hate animals thay are just bigger versions of other animals but they can't breed. it's weird. Like why do we need bigger animals that are slightly different.

No. 1597388

are you talking shit about mules in front of me mother fucker?

No. 1597390

File: 1685941466164.gif (1.49 MB, 498x370, oooooooooh.gif)

hello my BABY hello my DARLIN' hello my rabID HORNY POSTING NONNY!!!!!

No. 1597392

File: 1685941493257.jpg (177.36 KB, 1023x1280, tumblr_41a73219518177e53642130…)

you ignored my entire point. If you brainwash people for decades ofc its going to affect the perception of a person. It's no wonder women grow up to be into ddlg/bimbo and other fetish shit, they were literally marketed since birth to be nothing but sex objects, while men were taught to be curious/creative/adventurous, etc. You would expect lc so be more self aware of the issues, but i guess the twitter invasion is real. I will keep bullying and shitting on Barbie faggots and other ''dumb bitch memes'' advocated, maybe eventually they will develop taste. Say whatever about men, but at least their ''literally me'' meme ''maletier'' movies are actually movies for adults, instead of fucking straight to video toy commercials. I seriously dont get it, you have a bunch of cool female characters you can turn into cool female ''literally me'' icons for memes and stuff, why hyperfocus on fucking toys and shit movies for teenagers like mean girls. I will never understand that.

No. 1597395

What shall we be horny for today?

No. 1597396

>why hyperfocus on fucking toys and shit movies for teenagers like mean girls. I will never understand that.
Because it's shit some women grew up with and enjoy, some still enjoy even now.

No. 1597397

but why, its fucking shit. I seriously dont get it. I liked movies in my childhood now but i dont turn it into my whole personality.

No. 1597398

Nta but keep thinking of fucking every single man I see that is even remotely attractive, help

No. 1597399


No. 1597401

File: 1685941846521.jpg (364.7 KB, 1500x1893, 1676426457745.jpg)

No one cares about your childhood. Not liking Barbie was never the problem, the problem was anons calling Barbie brainless compared to fight club just cause they think Brad pitt is hot.

No. 1597403

>but why, its fucking shit
To you. To you it's shit. Surprisingly enough, things such as media are subjective and while you may not like something a whole load of other women will. As for the personality thing, that depends. I feel it can be a problem but so long as it's in healthy doses and isn't life ruining I see no problem with a 30yr woman collecting a Barbie here and there for nostalgia purposes or simply because it's cute.

No. 1597404

>I will keep bullying and shitting on Barbie faggots and other ''dumb bitch memes'' advocated
Whatever makes you happy, anon, it'll accomplish nothing at all but everyone needs a hobby.

No. 1597406

File: 1685941953835.gif (618.07 KB, 274x154, ezgif.com-resize (1).gif)


No. 1597407

Samefag, emphasis on THINK. Brad was never hot.

No. 1597408

In space, noone can hear you moan

No. 1597409

Personally I unironically like that everything is pink because pink is my favorite color. And as a kid I only watched 2 barbie movies about music and singing and since music and singing are my hobbies I enjoyed them. The songs from both movies were decent as well but I watched it in a local dub and was too young to know what an ost or ost album was, now I'm an adult I can rewatch the movies to see where do the songs play and the context of them and get the ost albums for the fun songs. I had an NLOG phase as kid so I missed out on so many great girly girl stuff and now I'm copmensating with my addiction to magical girl franchises, minus miraculous that shit is ridiculous.

No. 1597410

Autism, not even once

No. 1597411

File: 1685942100656.png (77.6 KB, 654x619, lol.PNG)

the duality of woman

No. 1597412

Everyone here is autistic

No. 1597413

i seriously cant understand your brainrot. I am glad i didnt grow up with barbie movies because i am starting to think its like some evil fbi mk ultra project targetted at wineb to brainwash them, there is no other explanation for people defend it to death like this and take it so personally when ''its just dumb fun''. I was at first just joking because i though it was a joke, but holy shit some of you have brain damage.

No. 1597414

nona that is legit very hot, I will write it down for future endeavours

No. 1597415

I support you, keep jacking off to cute moids.

Do they cum jet fuel?

6/10, not bad. I like that the suit keeps their looks ambiguous.

No. 1597416

Spent an hour looking for cute plane art on Furaffinity (in SFW mode)
Man people are bad at drawing cute planes that aren't fucking AEROMORPHS

No. 1597417

No. 1597418

Undiagnosed autism I see

No. 1597419

>holy shit some of you have brain damage
For liking Barbie?

No. 1597420

File: 1685942291051.jpg (101.11 KB, 1079x1013, eeeepy.jpg)

pay close attention everynon

No. 1597421

We finally got to the root of the issue. All of this because anons mommy and daddy wouldn't buy her a dinosaur.

No. 1597424

holy cow nonny I used to have a dinosaur collection as a child!! I miss them now…

No. 1597425

I'm just surprised such vapid and shallow reasons could cause someone to be so bitter and autistic over Barbie of all things.

No. 1597426

As we now have more jannies and the potential of a hell week gets more and more likely, stupid silly shitpost infighting like this will be cracked down on because no fun allowed. Enjoy it while you can anona.

No. 1597427

I can’t even continue this you’re too funny lmao

No. 1597429

Hopefully the designated containment threads like these will be given some leniency, new jannies seem nice.

No. 1597431

when is hell week coming??? I need to prepare

No. 1597432

Rays can’t breed. Few know this.

No. 1597433

Fuck— RATS can’t breed oops

No. 1597435

Infighting is funny tbh, we don’t all need to agree to like the same things. It’s just weird when anons get mad.

No. 1597436

where do they really come from

No. 1597437

yeah, seriously grow up. They werent even good movies. At least the thinker bell movies were good, and thinker bell in those movies was depicted as an inventor instead of some princess riding unicorns or some fashion designer or other shit. Why dont women use her for memes and stuff more? oh yeah because mentally stunted women want to larp as bimbos like bratz/barbies, not an actually endearing and fun character. Seriously imagine defending barbie this hard, like holy shit grow up. I fucking hate that mentally stunted women like you end up damaging women as whole.
at least read my posts, it's about the damage it has caused women. Not just me, but women as a whole. Ofcourse you wouldnt know because it doesnt personally affect you because you were lucky(or unlucky really) to be influenciable enough to be into everything barbie deemed ''feminine''. To this day you can still see the damage that shitty doll has caused, you are told you are an NLOG if you criticize it for pointing out it's a vapid soulless franchise to capitalize on gender stereotypes.

No. 1597438

File: 1685942752087.jpg (69.97 KB, 736x736, 92b1701fe1f48f6a283914b388a04e…)

I thought you meant stingrays

No. 1597439

I can’t believe she said okra was so bad even veggie tales couldn’t love it, that’s so mean

No. 1597440

I think lolcow posters should use less words in their posts

No. 1597441

cute cute very vute

No. 1597442

Spaceman confession since this thread is already completely off the rails I unironically found the gaping torso maw tentacle clusterfuck body horror Amogus fanart kind of hot, only because it was so realistic that it was completely removed from the source material please no booli

No. 1597443

File: 1685942835962.jpg (80.09 KB, 736x736, 4d7b506839deb4e3560d8e8052e566…)

You want this so bad but you can't have it.

No. 1597444

go back to twitter if your fish brain doesnt allow you to read more than one sentence

No. 1597445

I just wanted to get involved in the infighting

No. 1597446

it's not infighting, otherwise it would have been banned a while ago

No. 1597447

no shame, I like space, I like monsters, sometimes men too, but only some times. u kay girl

No. 1597448

Shut up nerd

No. 1597449

File: 1685942962277.jpg (4.59 KB, 223x226, index.jpg)

Ok I take it back, sorry nonny. Okra is a God-fearing Christian vegetable that will go to heaven but natto haters will still go to hell!!!

No. 1597450

dinosaur anon speaking, I want them, I'm taking them

No. 1597451

We will all be getting banned once mods wake up

No. 1597452

>post funny skeleton
>come back to barbie discourse

You guys are missing quality content over this

No. 1597453

REEE where else are we going to sperg about our weird plane, train, and automobile fetishes? I'd rather die than get banned.

No. 1597454

dunno how new you are but you cant get banned for infighting on /ot/, or at least before shaymin left that wasnt the case

No. 1597455

Bitch don't pretend to be me, I bet you don't even want to fuck an airplane

No. 1597457

Yes, you definitely can. Even before shaymin. Especially if it's derailing (even though this is the dumbass shit thread, I guess it's derailing if it goes on for too long).

No. 1597458

which type of skeletons? I may have something that interests you

No. 1597459

you cannot derrail the dumbass thread. Plus there is a difference between infighting and having a conversation.

No. 1597460

File: 1685943241979.jpg (101.51 KB, 736x1340, 20230605_023432.jpg)

No. 1597462

I love how in until dawn scrotes are so fucking graphic in their hate for Emily for being bitchy/annoying, even being the most cruel towards her when it comes to her part in the prank, yet Mike is the biggest asshole, Matt was holding the camera filming it happily, Ashley chuckling behind the door and a few of the characters constantly put it off as a "Prank" and only show true sympathy when they are close to death or think they are. Also Mike played an HUGE part in it, yet nobody gets the most violent hate from moids but Emily. I only saw one male streamer dislike Ashley (Joesph Anderson) yet he barely has any hate for any of the scrotes (So far), so Mike can be involved and still be likeable because he's played as the charming handsome Nathan Drake type. I think that game really shows how weird some scrotes are. speaking of Joesph Anderson, I like his streams but to be an married man with multiple kids he comes off as an coomer. I don't want to know his views on anything because I want to watch him and be entertained while hating him for being a scrote by default, but not because anything truly gross to hate him for.

No. 1597463

Imagine getting this upset over seeing other Anons admit to liking Barbie. More bitter than black coffee.

No. 1597464

I wanted the Mulan Barbie because all her joints moved and I got it! I cannot find a picture of it but I think her wrist and ankles(?) and knees and elbows moved and she had more hip range movement so i could move her into all the fighting poses it was siiick

No. 1597465

Damn I just wanted to show some solidarity, I might not want to fuck a plane but guarantee you wouldn't want to fuck my favourite thingy either, we're all friends here.

No. 1597466

File: 1685943419191.jpeg (47.61 KB, 828x828, 43F0306F-3FBC-4250-BB1D-9C4914…)

loving the dinosaur discourse but PLEASE NONNIES can you tell me if agree with my original point. would fight club, american psycho, big lebowski and the joker be improved by genderswapping them?

No. 1597467

Any really, I like them bones

No. 1597469

no wonder so many gender non comforming women troon out, they speak out about the problems they had as a gnc children and gc retards make fun of them to larp as mean girls for 5 seconds . Oh well at this point i have accepted i will always be a pariah amongst women. It really sucks being female.

No. 1597471

No. 1597472

File: 1685943564026.jpg (41.09 KB, 907x493, FIMdLw-WYAMASSF.jpg)

Sorry for sounding overly aggressive nona, that wasn't very nice of me

No. 1597473

They only don't hate him or blame him for agreeing to take non-consensual sexual images of a young girl and bully her is because they self insert as him. Mike was a huge asshole but rarely gets recognised as such.

No. 1597474

I’m still crying but this made me feel a little better thank jou I hope okra goes to heaven

No. 1597475

Sounds sick as fuck. I have a soft spot for the disney collab type dolls. It's a little dumb but I recently saw a Barbie with full on box braids(?) and I thought that was really really cute sweet to see. I wasn't really big on the whole inclusion Barbie line but I like stuff like this because I remember a time when all the black Barbies had either really scratchy faux fluff afros or bone straight hair. It's oddly nice to see.

No. 1597477

No. 1597478

Stop crying over toys

No. 1597479

Fight club yes, big Lebowski yes, American psycho uhhhh gosh I’m not suuuure, joker maybe but no

No. 1597480

>It has a tranny.
It does? Which one? I won't watch it either.

No. 1597481

File: 1685943743215.jpg (Spoiler Image,609.16 KB, 1480x2199, 93007528_p28.jpg)

I got you girl

No. 1597482

Someone make a veggie tales okra oc, please.

No. 1597483

No it's okay, it was only jocke ♥

No. 1597484

No one is crying over toys, it's just sad that gnc women are not only judged and made fun of by men, but also by women.

No. 1597485

A small box of plastic dinosaurs will run you about $20.50 at the most, it's not the end of the world.

No. 1597486

File: 1685943904653.jpg (30.59 KB, 350x350, 6e3e1214a62d420e0e7fab6c89ddf1…)

Fake Veggie Tales fan

No. 1597487

File: 1685943944851.jpg (122.54 KB, 756x746, 1622322266988.jpg)

Oh ok, I'm a little special

No. 1597489

That could be anything

No. 1597490

File: 1685944041312.png (31.61 KB, 384x374, dinos.PNG)

tag yarselves nonnies

No. 1597491

I thought that said DICK COMMMANDER

No. 1597492

The bone

No. 1597493

i know you want to larp as mean girls because this is an anon forum and you think being irony poisoned its cool, but it's honestly sad considerig your form of thinking affects women a lot. I hope you eventually grow out of your consoomer phase and realize that just because someone criticized your favourite children toy doesnt make them an nlog or whatever other boogeyman you want them to be.

No. 1597494

cmon now…

No. 1597495

File: 1685944163270.png (50.85 KB, 761x285, Capture.PNG)

Did you even watch Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas? Bet you haven't

No. 1597497

Pterosaur! So I can fuck planes easier

No. 1597498

File: 1685944220584.png (950.79 KB, 688x978, 1224.png)

No. 1597499

Ok the baby then

No. 1597500

I mean no offense to your husbando, nonnie

No. 1597501

kek! cute

No. 1597502

i'm picking stego because it looks like a red pepper

No. 1597505

I'm the decorative pieces of grass

No. 1597507


No. 1597508

File: 1685944438348.jpg (91.29 KB, 1016x677, How-many-wheels-do-airplanes-h…)

I always thought it was cute when their little feet pop out to land

No. 1597509

Yep! When you think of the prank who is the most fucked up?
>Mike knows that she has an crush on him, takes part in a prank where she's filmed taking off her bra (and she's an minor) to "prank her".
>Matt holding the camera
>Emily also plays apart, I think she planned it
>Ashley was very much for it
in fact the only people innocent are Sam, Chris and Josh in the whole prank. Oh and the other sister.
Yet, Sam is barely given an personality and seems to take the "Cute Blonde Trope" that Jess does.
Chris looks 45 and Ashley chastizes him as if he was involved when he was passed out like Josh, he didn't do anything, Ashley really is an bitch as well
Josh clearly loses his mind, it's funny because people can symapthize or ignore Mike's part in it, act like Matt is some victim of Emily, even though he's an week retard coward who waits until Emily is dying to talk shit about MIke to her. EVen if you don't decide that it's still an thought he had. Also Mike is ALSO fucked up if he was with Emily, yet moids only hate Emily for fucking mike but not mike for cheating on Jess, being manipulative and being an BIG part of the prank
I assume because the victims are two teenage girl and a lot of the girls aren't likeable but the scrotes are played off as extreme doofishes, or horny retards, the women besides Sam have more depth, depth that makes them dislikeable.
Also that scene with matt Is 100% scrote power fantasy, oh my girlfriend is such a bitch! I let her boss me around! Now she's about to die, so i'm going to ask her about her ex and let her die if she's lying. My memory is fuzzy but there's no scrote deaths like that in the game, that come off like powerfantasy.
You literally can shoot Emily, in fact, is Emily the only person you can directly kill with your character? Not the josh fake out, but truly kill?
Sorry for the rant, I hope you read.

No. 1597510

No. 1597511

File: 1685944468540.jpeg (92.28 KB, 696x2400, F36C05A1-AF35-4F76-8624-EE4A55…)

Long neck dinosaur because it’s yellow and I could reach the stars easily.

No. 1597512

It's okay, sorry for being aggressive back kek I have an ascerbic sense of humour, unconventional object fuckers unite u kno

No. 1597513

File: 1685944544801.png (12.39 KB, 152x254, sickos.png)

You absolutely get me nona

No. 1597514

brain smooth like rock, the little one on the bottom left

No. 1597515

no need to make me cry nonny

No. 1597516

Oh the real autists are out tonight. I know not to mess around with you undertale freaks

No. 1597519

I miss them nonnies

No. 1597520

someone on the celebricows thread emoji posted the mods are coming

No. 1597521

>don't make fun of the poor gnc woman you gc meanies! don't you know she was treated weird as a kid for not liking pink?! she was given a barbie instead of a stegasarus and she's not like other girls! how dare you make fun of her after she threw a giga autistic shitfit calling other anons vapid and shallow, mentally stunted and Barbie faggots over a fucking doll and has a thinly veiled hangup over it because of poor childhood experiences.

No. 1597523

You are all talking entirely too much about a lot of nothing

No. 1597524

I was gonna make fun of her for an overly long greentext but this is much better

No. 1597525

a lot of fighting and not a lot of kissing itt

No. 1597527

everyone should collectively delete their posts so it's just a wasteland of one or two anons responding to nobody like schizos, they can't redtext ALL of us

No. 1597528

You can kiss my butt if you want to

No. 1597529

Same anon- Also it seems like mike never shows any regret anyway. He was the "bait" for the prank, it probably made his 35 year old dick hard thinking about an girl liking him, humilating her, and maybe even going further. The sister of the friend whose place they are staying in. Nobody truly touches on how fucked up Mike is.
I fully believe they gave him some of the longest parts in the game to make you forget what he did. All the women get more hate for everything they do or didn't do in the game vs. the scrotes that do shitty shit. Even Josh doesn't get much hate or sympathy, it was his fucking sisters that his "Friends" were trying to film revenge porn on and nobody truly cares. I used to love the game but I realize how misoygnstic it is. The only faultless characters in the Prank are villianized (Josh), Sam has no personality other then being the person to move the story along, Also, it makes no sense, that Josh sent MIke the bait to go out into the woods but put Chris/Ashley through so much. By the middle of the game, it's like the whole "prank" is lost.
If MIke was an girl pranking some scrote who liked her into getting undressed to film an video with all their friends watching, every single scrote/woman i've seen playing this game would HATE her and NEVER let it be over. No matter how useful she is or charming/funny she may be. I just need to rant sorry nonnas.

No. 1597530

File: 1685945021593.jpeg (6.47 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

I accept your concession.

No. 1597531

nonny no need to be vulgar, let's go dinner and dancing first

No. 1597532

Nta, but which cow favorite restaurant would you pick if you had to take out anon on a date?

No. 1597533


No. 1597534

Tell me nona… what objects do you fancy

No. 1597535

lmao the infamous oklahoma burger joint a farmer spotted fupapa and hog in

No. 1597536

i'm scared…..hold me nonna

No. 1597537

holds you I guess???

No. 1597538


No. 1597542

File: 1685945542055.png (62.06 KB, 409x442, 5543.png)

There better not be 1000 new posts when i wake up. goodnight

No. 1597544

On days where I'm particularly wet or discharge-y, I like to wash my panties out in the shower even if I don't do laundry that day because I don't like when the juice and discharge dries and gets crusty.

No. 1597545

File: 1685945603939.jpg (22.61 KB, 615x389, 8925ae22.jpg)

Now this is how you infight.

No. 1597546

wait, this is bait to emoji ban us ALL

No. 1597549

No. 1597550

brb making 1,000 new posts just for you. taking the ban so that my nonny can have some entertainment when she wakes up x

No. 1597551

Good night nonnie

No. 1597552

He shouldn't be allowed here because at the end of the day he's just a moid, but I want an Anorectal violence-chan AMA one day.

No. 1597553


No. 1597554

You are 100% right. Players rarely recognise any of the other characters as being at fault for the deaths or shitty people, especially Mike. All save those you mentioned chose to participate in the prank rather than telling Emily to fuck off with her cruel plan, but are played off as innocent, and as you mentioned Mike is especially egregious because he knows she had a crush on him and yet agreed to film non-consensual sex or at least nudity of a minor and humiliate her (while staying at her family's property - dickhead has no respect). You're right about the Matt stuff too. It all reminds me of scrotes seething about the stacy that rejected them in high school or they thought was a bitch for being unachievable and out of their league, or the ex who wouldn't obey him. Those who participated were as cruel (if not more in some cases) than Emily. But as you mentioned, they played Mike off in game as some loveable idiot who could be a hero when he was as much as an asshole (honestly more since he knew she had a crush on him and was happy to use this to manipulate and humiliate the poor girl) as Emily.

No. 1597555

I bet his asshole is all torn up and he's insecure about it

No. 1597556

Sweet dreams nonnie, mwah

No. 1597557

Well played using that letter instead of the star anoners x

No. 1597559

He always is, that's the problem.

No. 1597560

He's been trolling the chans for more than a decade afaik, it's probably some disgusting greasy balding basement dwelling 60 year old scrotoid. Not much going on there, clearly.

No. 1597561

File: 1685945881885.jpg (45.96 KB, 750x471, 1680372942297506.jpg)

i didnt call anons themselves vapid, i called the product they defend vapid and that it's peak womanchild behaviour to be so defensive of a product who has hurt women and done irreparable damage to women for years. But, as i have realize, the damage is so deep it's practically impossible for any of you to think critically of it. Like i already said, i have grown to accept that i am a pariah, i am not of a handmaiden enough for men and i am an nlog to women. I feel bad about the other gnc women who, unlike me, are more socially inclined and feel bad enough about not fitting in they end up trooning out. I am glad that there is media out there that i actually like and can relate to, but it's a shame other women prefeer vapid childish shit over actually good, interesting media with female protagonists who arent literal sex dolls.

No. 1597562

I don't think a movie saying "women can be serial killers too" is gonna be better than a movie about a serial killer man. I found joker (2019) kinda boring because it took away of what made his character funny and made him some loser who got bullied and made it seem as an excuse to go insane and be a murderer. Doesn't really feel like the actual joker at all. The best joker was the one from batman the animated series. And I like batman: the enemy within take on the joker character being a genuinely mentally ill man unable to control himself and getting help at the end. American psycho is funny because it was making fun of misogynistic shallow 80s businessmen obsessed with vanity but retarded insecure and probably mentally ill moids online ruined it for everyone. Genderswapping it wouldn't work because the interests and culture of 80s businesswomen was probably different and it'd be better for the gender swapped movie to have a different story. The closest movie to a genderswapped American psycho is 9 to 5 starring Dolly Parton. Where she and 2 other co-workers take revenge on their misogynistic boss but it turned out to be a dream or a group hallucination, I don't remember properly but it was a fun movie with great visuals and fashion and music.
I don't know about fight club because I never watched it and I'll continue avoiding any movies that moids are obsessed with online because they probably suck anyways, like the 5th element was trash. And I think obssesing over fictional characters' "achievements" and trying to larp as them and being too attached to them and saying shit like "literally me" is retarded whether it's a moid or a woman doing it. Just get a life and have real achievements in it. Also being a serial killer isn't cool or an achievement anyways. If I have to be obsessed over some character and call her "literally me" then she needs to go through actual struggles like mine and overcome them and survive them and live a happy perfect life her way for me to respect her and look up to her. Like Mary Joseph Sanson from "Innocent" and "innocent rouge" manga series. While she did kill some people it was mostly because of her job as an executioner or because they were actively trying to harm her and take her freedom away from her so she had the right to kill them. And also it was french revolution era France and anything goes on that era. But that kind of story doesn't work in a modern world 1st country setting imo.

No. 1597563

What are you into?

No. 1597564

I'm on your side nonnie, it's like other women in this thread are purposefully missing your point to make fun of you and I even liked the barbie movies as a child. I guess they're doing it in the name of dumb fun but it really sends a bad message kek

No. 1597565

Samefag, but as a follow-up to this post I was literally just kneeling over the tub to wash my underwear out and one of my earbuds literally feel in the water. I shower all the tip with them in but this time they fall In while I was just over the tub. I pray it doesn't break because I literally got this pair for free kek.

No. 1597566

File: 1685946150803.jpg (443.77 KB, 1500x1494, 81JkWSjbZoL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

No. 1597567

She's the one who missed everyone else's point. No one is saying she has to like barbie.

No. 1597568

And people fell for it besides Sam and Chris, Mike is the most liked, people act like he "Changed". He never shows any remorse and the way that josh is done by him no question, with no care that If he never agreed to Emily he'd never been in the fucking place in the first place. In fact, why would mike show his fucking face, you can literally read diaries of Hannah she was obessed with Mike and openly so. Emily playing the prank was cruel but at the same time it was because everyone knew how into her she was. Emily is an insecure bitch, sure, but Mike went along with it and would've slept with Hannah or did more. He wanted to humilate her for no other reason then she liked him and he got off to it. Nobody is likeable in the game even in the end, but blank slate characters. Yet reddit gushes over Matt and everyone pretends like him being apart of an prank filming an girl getting naked and smiling about it didn't happen.

No. 1597569

Yeah I don't get why she's acting like a victim for not liking Barbie, nobody said she had to. That's fine. Anons just got annoyed because she threw a tism rage at everyone who does like Barbie.

No. 1597570

I feel like I will get in trouble one day because the visceral disgust I feel for troons is too much. And I would not be able to contain it without my disgust showing on my face whenever I pass by these troons during my commute. There's even a nasty ass troon that I have to encounter daily on my afternoon commute and he looks exactly like any other troon from the MTF thread.

No. 1597571

File: 1685946345177.jpg (9 KB, 563x398, 980c8f7d0a16c5baead6f4d6d74622…)

all the dino posting has made me nostalgic, I love dinos so much ♥

No. 1597573

This anon here is just obnoxious as fuck >>1597392 I don't even disagree with barbie being shallow and all her "accomplishments" being purely marketing, but the anon is annoying and stupid, who the fuck announces they are going to bully people online (for liking barbie) and expects to be taken seriously?

No. 1597574

>I guess they're doing it in the name of dumb fun but it really sends a bad message kek
Ah yes I come to the dumbass shit thread not to have dumb fun but to virtue signal

No. 1597575

File: 1685946463889.jpeg (109.05 KB, 1001x1001, 6d8a3424d.jpeg)

Did you ever get those wooden dino puzzles as a kid? They would be fun even as an adult, plus they look awesome on a shelf. Highly recommend.

No. 1597576

Even though I don't have bedbugs anymore, I still remember the smell they made. They smell like death, anons.

No. 1597577

Don't you know nonnie? She's special, she's not like these barbie sheeple (beeple) who like barbie. She's different. She's aware of the barbie ran psyops and brainwashing of the female American youth.

No. 1597578

and also people hate Emily more for being mean to Matt then the prank, thats what gets me, her being mean to some push over scrote that should just be called an pussy. I don't care if some retarded scrote can't defend himself from the words of his girlfriend. If he can press Mike over her then he can defend himself. NObody hates anyone over the cruel prank towards Hannah, but a woman for being rude to her weak ass boyfriend?

No. 1597579

File: 1685946645213.jpg (32.07 KB, 500x405, bonehead-folding-comb.jpg)

ah! this is cute! I currently own and use daily my fossil comb, I should get some wooden dino puzzles. ♥

No. 1597581

i named my favourites here >>1597052 i specially really like lady vengance and it makes me sad not enough women know about it. Those are such cool movies, which is why it makes me so sad most ''girl'' memes have shit like barbie and bratz, while men normally meme patrick bateman/tyler durden
i dont understand why some of you are so angry, like i personally attacked you, just because i criticized vapid children movies and i talked about my personal experience and how a product that shaped ''girlhood'' affected me as a gnc woman.
i was obviously joking, but i guess its annoying when i do it and not when >>1597566 does it
i still dont get all the sperging over calling a vapid shitty cash in product that sadly shaped what ''womanhood'' is for decades for what it is, imagine if i criticized max steel shit and men jumped on to me like that. Peak womanchild behaviour. I never even pretended i was better, or a nlog, i even said i really liked some media targetted at women as a child. I just really hate how barbie is still ingrained in girlhood.
At the end all of the sperging it's just the byproduct of what i have been complaining about. How barbie is sadly ingrained in most girls childhood's, to the point they cannot distinguish between a critique to a product they grew up with and a personal attack.

No. 1597582

>imagine if i criticized max steel shit and men jumped on to me like that.
Wait…do you genuinely think men don't get mad at people who call media they like trash. Lmao, kek, lol even.

No. 1597583

I had roaches they didnt smell but they gave me PTSD of seeing any form of dark spot at the corner of my eye. I'd look from my monitor to curtains, had nightmares, went through a lot of measures, yet they never went away. No amount of killer would finish them.

No. 1597585

File: 1685947128409.jpeg (445.46 KB, 755x1570, Vardges Sureniants 1899-Shamir…)

Horny but I don't know which husbando to jack it to, life is so hard.

No. 1597586

File: 1685947196426.jpg (197.27 KB, 1500x1500, 7100b071yKL.jpg)

No. 1597588

no, i never said so. Again you are putting up words in my mouth i didnt say.

No. 1597589

It's okay,anon, I like to bully people into sharing my tastes too.

No. 1597590

H-how bad does an infestation have to be to be able to smell them. Nightmare

No. 1597592

the goofy looking ones are always the cutest haha

No. 1597593

Movies about female serial killers are always novel for men even though they're always the least realistic scenario ever because it plays on men's fears about "crazy" women.

No. 1597594

It wasn't a bad infestation, but they release a nasty smell when disturbed or threatened

No. 1597597

Omg!! I have this EXACT comb and also use it daily!! (I only brush my bangs, the rest are dreads) but holy shit I got it on clearance from Michaels for $4 and if that had had any more, I would have bought them all. So unbelievably random and I fucking love it!

No. 1597598


No. 1597600

By God, how can you self victimize this much? Nobody is saying you have to like Barbie, nor has anyone personally attacked you for not liking it. Most Anons I assume are annoyed by your giant on-going sperg out against a toy, your pretentious holier than thou attitude and the self victimization over a toy. Your arguments over all have boiled down to
>I don't like Barbie because she's pink! I hate traditionally girly pink things!
>How dare little girls like girly pink things!
>How dare those girls grow up to still like girly and pink things!
Which are just as vapid and shallow as that stupid doll. It's okay if you're gnc, that's cool but the fact that something so little and insignificant has caused such a pitiable chip in your shoulder is not only mega autistic but hella sad.

No. 1597603

Drop it. Move on. I'm tired of you people

No. 1597604

nonny connection, love to see it

No. 1597606

Fair enough. I apologize, I hope that you'll one day be able to overcome your insecurities I know you can do it, I believe in you.

No. 1597607

Samefag but yes, I got these and also those diy bead keychain things but instead of the usual flat lizard or owl, it was pipe cleaner dinos that were 3D. So fun! (I searched for an image and just could not find what I’m talking about).

No. 1597608

>while men normally meme patrick bateman/tyler durden

I don't want to argue but men don't "meme" those characters, they unironically want to be like them and become serial killers and hurt women in real life and get away with it while being perceived as "hot". It's peak incel behavior. I don't think women should do retarded shit like that, we're better than this. Or at least I want to believe we are. Glorifying violence and acting like it's cool and tough is retarded regardless of gender. But that's my two cents on it.
I see your point on barbie and other girly media that has negative stereotypes but I believe women who like these media/characters can see through the bullshit and not be affected by it and pick and choose the good parts and leave the bad parts out. At least that's what I do. I missed out on the 2000s culture growing up because of personal circumstances so things like barbie from the time, bratz, monster high, winx club etc. are my window to relive it and see what life was like back then for teenagers and tweens. It gave me some fashion inspo and exposed me to cool music from the era, but ofcourse there are some negative aspects I criticize and shit on all the time like for example, Winx club male characters and their relationships with the girls, and how the tomboy character Aisha lost her tomboyishness with time or how her and her boyfriend met because he was stalking her after she was assigned as his fiancée in an arranged engagement and they actually ended up loving each other, implying arranged engagements and marriages are a good thing which isn't.
You can be critical of the negatives of any media you like while still liking it for the positive aspects of it imo.

Also max steel cgi show by nerd corps entertainment was cool, just saying.

No. 1597609

I wasn't a part of the argument I just think you're annoying

No. 1597610

i literally never said any of that, i even said i dont consider things to be ''girly'', and that the only reason why pink is considered girly it's because it's marketted as such by stupid vapid as shit companies like Mattel that have been shaping what ''girlhood'' means for years. Seriously, learn to read.
>>1597229 where i said i dont believe girly things exist, because that's something shapped by marketting. I call myself gnc because sadly gender now it's more binary than ever. But i dont consider myself gnc for not liking pink(which i do like btw) i consider myself gnc because i dont fit in either the ''tomboy'' marketting mold, or the ''girly'' mold, and because i am not a handmaiden enough for men and i am an nlog to women. Please lern to read, thanks.

No. 1597611

That's a good point, too.

No. 1597614

>i literally never said any of that
Wait, to clarify are you looking at those statements as exacts or in a general sense? Cause if in the latter, you absolutely have.

No. 1597615

File: 1685949007197.jpg (97.75 KB, 1000x1000, perler-project_day-of-the-dino…)

Do you mean these bead things? Pipe cleaner version sounds even cuter though aw, fuzzy dino keychains…

No. 1597616

if you cannot find an instance where i said that it just means you are projecting and putting words in my mouth. You and the others(assuming in good faith its not samefagging) shapped my critique of ''i hate barbie and how it turned pink and dresses and vapidness into what girlhood and ''girly'' means'' to '' all women who like pink are vapid bimbo bitches and they arent allowed to enjoy girly things'' which i never said. I only called barbie a bimbo, because she is and spoke about the marketing campaign affected girls and women.

No. 1597618

I'm curious, what is girlhood to you exactly? I'm not implying that girlhood is all barbies and pinks and stuff, far from it, but you seem to have a real serious problem with those things. A lot of it comes off as projections from experiences as a gnc woman that have caused you to grow bitter towards supposedly 'traditional' girly things that have caused you to view them as vapid and shallow but I'd like to be proven wrong.

No. 1597619

penis in inches anon is so fucking funny i love her, somehow she managed to get under his skin yesterday AND give me a giggle with her shitposting tenacity. a true warrior. literally the only reply to bait i've ever respected.

No. 1597621

i don't care about barbie at all but lady vengeance is mid anyway, there are better "cool" movies for women out there. still though, you can't bully others and act superior about the movies you enjoy as a way of getting other women to like the media you like (and the thing you keep returning to about how "guys movies are so freaking cool and ours are dumb and pink" just sounds lame). i also feel as though the "women's films" are not typically barbie films or children's films, that's just this generation and it's clearly linked to nostalgia. romcoms/romances have always been the "women's film" in the eyes of everyone, and you'll still find lots of humanity and beauty in the better films of those genres. equal to or more than the circlejerked mens movies that are primitive or overrated (oh my freaking gosh, a pathetic loser who's portrayed as cool and detached… literally me…)

No. 1597622

File: 1685949596387.jpg (39.93 KB, 720x540, 20210113_122444_IMG_3536.JPG)

kiss me babey.. mwah

No. 1597623

iev done that befor wen i shit my pants

No. 1597624

File: 1685949826676.jpg (42.09 KB, 306x439, 4D3FFA3200000578-5811301-image…)

I'm very happy to be surrounded by other dino-nonas in our holy lolcow.church, I'll remember to dinopost every once in a while

No. 1597625

This reminds me when I saw a girl at a fair in a colorful dinosaur suit I asked her for a hug, it was amazing.

No. 1597626

i loved the joker, the whole time i was thinking dam he really is me

No. 1597628

To each their own I guess. I loved Carrie and was like "she's literally me" as well so who am I to judge.

No. 1597630

there is no girlhood. I dont believe in gendered childhoods, that's the root of the problem. The fact that we have to differentiate between girlhood/boyhood because of shitty marketting that says ''women must like princesses, dresses, dolls and clothes'' but boys are allowed to enjoy whatever they want. When i was a child i remember most boys from my class getting nerf guns, sport things, lego sets, action figures, dinosaurs, gaming consoles. Meanwhile women got dolls and pink dresses. I dont resent ''girly'' things, i resent that we have to differentiate between girly/boyish things because marketting says so. Barbie is just the epitome of that, a heavily gendered product that shaped ''girlhood'' for decades.
I never bullied anyone, dunno why you pretend calling vapid movies vapid is bullying, lmao. And the movies i pointed out are lame in comparison to fight club/american psycho/taxi driver and other ''''male''' movies. You are probably biased to them because of their meme status, but i watched them looooong before they became memes and i really liked them. Meanwhile the barbie/bratz/mean girl movies are literal children movies that can only be enjoyed if you watched them in your childhood, you might like them, but you cannot compare them to good movies who just happen to have a shitty cult surrounding them. Like, c'mon.

No. 1597631

>winx club
flora finally admitting to helia that she had a crush on him and getting her charmix was maxbased tho

No. 1597632

i support u barbiesperg chan. i am extremely stereotypically feminine (to a degree) but fuck barbie i never liked that bitch!!!

No. 1597633

File: 1685950698339.jpg (84.71 KB, 500x502, 1_acGO1ByIz_G7kG9IspqP9Q.jpg)

Literally me.

No. 1597635

File: 1685950772561.jpg (190.38 KB, 1500x1131, stock-photo-angry-parents-scol…)


No. 1597636

fuck i got fucking flashbacks to the time i lived downtown Shitcago and once saw about a dozen people in these at a crosswalk

>(oh my freaking gosh, a pathetic loser who's portrayed as cool and detached… literally me…)

literally me

No. 1597637

Please elaborate on those differences

No. 1597638

File: 1685951054338.jpg (66.06 KB, 1024x602, 20211221_201928_IMG_4689.JPG)

literally me!!!

No. 1597639

>I dont believe in gendered childhoods
I'm going to have to disagree. Women and men are inherently different, and this stems as far back as children. There's a definite distinction between the experiences growing up as a girl between the experiences growing up as a boy that don't stem from consumerism and marketing.
>Meanwhile the barbie/bratz/mean girl movies are literal children movies that can only be enjoyed if you watched them in your childhood
Anon… You don't believe the Anons bringing those movies up are talking about them in the context that they still religiously watch them as adults, and not using them as reference for when you were sperging about how barbie has no personality, right?

No. 1597640

>become informed of menstruation

No. 1597641

Sanic totem should I go to bed or keep shitposting

No. 1597642

thanks anonita. I actually really liked monster high growing up though i was already too old to be playing with dolls, but i wuld have loved to collect them as a kid. I still kinda want some because i love the universal monsters, but the og ones are really expensive
what differences? children are children. The only reason why little girls are seen different to little boys it's the gendered marketting. I cringe whenever i hear a pregnant woman say ''i hope its a girl so we can do make up/clothes, etc'' like c'mon, we gender children from before birth. Unless you mean how girls get sexualized from young age while boys dont? which is again just just gendered marketting telling girls that teenagehood (bratz) is dressing up in miniskirts and other revealling clothes.

No. 1597645

File: 1685951239803.jpg (23.74 KB, 564x564, 20220112_084919_IMG_4878.JPG)

stay up with me nonita

No. 1597646

Jesus if giving my daughter a dino will make her happy and not turn into this collosal sperg then I'm giving all the dinos, dinosaurs, and dinosarus rexs she could ask for.

No. 1597647

File: 1685951341921.jpeg (49.35 KB, 737x737, Ei3yobPUMAExoZu.jpeg)

You got it!

No. 1597648

how am i sperg? please elaborate. Is it because i attacked your precious childhood toy? that makes you the sperg, sorry.

No. 1597649

barbie is retarted, bratz at least was unapologetically all about dressing like a ho, omg will eitan ask me out, what the fuck is the prom theme gonna be, lets run a vapid magazine, lets play golf.
everything that did not happen in my childhood. who tf is gonna believe barbie has 5000 different careers. at least bratz was up front about the vapidity

No. 1597650

It's honest work but someone has to do it

No. 1597652

You are annoying

No. 1597653

File: 1685951459298.jpg (15.85 KB, 227x227, 20220723_230048_IMG_5525.JPG)

just kidding, kys -stacy hair flip-

No. 1597654

You have to admit, going on an autistic tangent about Barbie to this level is pretty spergy. Not even a Barbie fan, stop protecting.

No. 1597655

That's a good point. But I kinda liked her accidental lesbian plot with Mirta. Until Mirta and Lucy happened (at least in my head) and I decided Flora can be with Helia because he's the least annoying specialist along with timy.
I like brandon too but I'm a sucker for stella x bloom, and Sky is lame. Riven can go die because Musa deserved better. Musa x Aisha all the way. After Nabu's death ofcourse, because he was the best male character.

No. 1597657

Well Nonnies? Are you a becky barbie enjoyer or a stacy bratz slayer?

No. 1597659

whats wrong with wanting to discuss a female topic on a female imageboard? i find the topic interesting and i assume the other anons too since they keep responding. I am actually interested in having a conversation and that's why i have been ignoring the cringe baiter. I actually find it fascinating me pointing out a vapid movie is vapid created this amount of sperging, lol. It just reinforces how barbie is so ingraned in ''girl/womahood'' that me saying a product is shit feels like a personal attack to these girls.

No. 1597660

File: 1685951670275.gif (1.37 MB, 500x366, IMG_5833.gif)

Betty Spaghetti

No. 1597662

Real Stacys love all of them. Barbie, Bratz, Monster High, Winx, and Myscene.

No. 1597663

There's nothing wrong with that. The way you go about that comes off as severely angry and autistic. That is all.

No. 1597664

Her hair tasted so fucking good to chew on

No. 1597665

Question, does anyone remember Liv Dolls?

No. 1597666

File: 1685951858096.gif (681.35 KB, 320x240, d56gyn7-3413364a-3b4e-49bc-927…)

oh certainly a stacy bratz slayer. barbie can suck my miniature clit. fucking overachiever.

you mean how flora takes care of pumpkin mirta? flora was, and is, my girl. layla/aisha is a close second though. i never saw the romantic appeal of any of the specialists but helia was definitely the least annoying. sky is totally lame i agree, but really imo all the specialists are. they needed a guy with timmys intelligence but rivens aloofness. stella i can relate to but she's kind of a bitch especially in the first season. i thought out of all the shows i liked as a kid, winx club and ojamajo doremi/magical doremi showed the better representations of friendships. yes i was a 4kidz kid

No. 1597667

You're irritating and nothing you're ranting about is interesting to read

No. 1597669

These bitches look possessed

No. 1597670

For me it was zhu zhu pets.
why? i never even insulted anyone, except barbie lol.

No. 1597671

they were fucking ugly

No. 1597672

File: 1685951944168.jpg (24.87 KB, 400x430, 1681298355079.jpg)

you're an absolute queen, thanks for the laugh

No. 1597673

>yes i was a 4kidz kid
HELL YEAH! I loved 4kidz.

No. 1597674

i'm a gertrude girlsgogames enjoyer.

No. 1597675

No. 1597676

I do, I found them too boring and normal enough. Barbies and American Girl dolls were the "normal girl" dolls that were still cute and exciting. Liv dolls were like a bitch you would see walking down the street.

No. 1597678

whenever i was gifted bitty baby (the american girl doll baby shit) stuff the baby was kept in a closet (sometimes my dad and i pretended she was a wrestler because of the baby fists) and all the shit especially my sick ass stroller was used to baby my beanie babies and webkinz. they were my babies

every day, coming home from elementary and middle school i went to the 4kids website and watched kirby, winx, and magical doremi.

No. 1597679

>i never even insulted anyone
Right. Again, severely autistic. Hell, you even replied to a post completely unrelated to you to question why you're a sperg. You know why. Don't be dumb. Though, I digress.

No. 1597680

Barbie shoes were better to chew on than bratz shoes, but the knobby stumps of amputee brat ankles made up for what their giant shoes lacked in chewability. Also they were way cooler. And dressed like cool sluts, which was fun.

No. 1597682

No. 1597683

File: 1685952152689.jpg (31.91 KB, 506x284, delafls-418a0c69-e4da-4856-b4b…)

I hope you dream about cockroaches and bed bugs you ho. Rude.

No. 1597685

File: 1685952175244.png (119.67 KB, 353x176, 2349283.png)

fuck guys…………. kirbyanon really rubbing off on me rn…. metaknight lookin kinda…..

No. 1597686

For me, Kirby Right Back At Ya was my only reason for watching 4kidz. I was fucking blown away that there was a Kirby cartoon and it was fucking amazing, and when I learned all the episodes had already been uploaded there was no stopping me then. Even though I've become jaded to that particular canon it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and nostalgic when I see it.

No. 1597687

File: 1685952265606.gif (1.19 MB, 400x225, tumblr_inline_o4th0gfh2H1tiah6…)

>dressed like cool sluts, which was fun.

no i sware im joking ily -blows kiss at u-

No. 1597689

Yeah, Flora taking care of Mirta and being very nice to her and close waa very sweet so I felt they had potential to be a lesbian couple, I even was waiting for it to happen. But just to clarify I watched winx club last year for the first time as an adult because it didn't air on TV when I was a kid and I discovered it because if the fandom wars between witch fans and winx club fans. I like both franchises though.

Also yeah all the specialists were annoying indeed and their presence in the story made no sense because they didn't have magical powers in a world full of magic and they always ended up being beaten up by the bad guys or even dying like Sky died twice.

But Stella was a sweetheart, at least in the cinèlume dub which follows the Italian script accurately. She was hyperfeminie and confident in herself and didn't take anyone's bullshit and also standing up for her friends and helping them all the time. At least in the first 4 season. From season 5 onwards they reduced her to "I like fashion and being in a relationship and making unfunny jokes". They fixed that in world of winx though.

No. 1597690

my older brother got me into kirby, then i got my niece into it. she has a couple kirby switch games <3(Incorrect <3)

No. 1597692

File: 1685952394030.jpg (39.8 KB, 645x409, bccb2a37640fba67c6c717f8fe660c…)

Who remembers these fat footed sluts

No. 1597693

i was gifted one of those creepy realistic babies as a kid and i painted it like jerry from tom and jerry for some reason. My mom was pissed, it apparently was super expensive or something but i wanted to turn it into a baby jerry because i found it boring.
again it seems like both of you are getting angry in behalf of what other anons said i said rather to what i really said.

No. 1597694

Meta Knight was a fat fuck in that cartoon. I love him but he was absolutely schlubby as hell in the cartoon, they turned him from a cool badass vigilante with a warship to a overweight, slow, deadbeat dad, war veteran with a bullshit backstory that still doesn't make sense. Shorty could still ride doe

No. 1597695

File: 1685952425182.jpeg (112.6 KB, 721x721, shopping.jpeg)

I always wondered why Bratz didn't just make shoes that fit all of the dolls feet like all other doll brands do. And also you could actually put the shoes on dolls with different skin colors.

No. 1597696

Same, though it was mostly through watching them play Smash Bros. and then playing Super Stars that I got into it.

No. 1597697

ok what the fuck? i painted my bitty babys face green, hid it for years, and i am pretty sure i chucked that bitch in the trash because i was a master at getting rid of shit in the trash. we are the same nona

No. 1597698

yes, i also watched those films (and many other filmbro type ones) over a decade ago and loved them until i grew out of them. i don't care for barbie or bratz or mean girls, i never particularly have cared for them, i think you've completely missed the point of what i wrote. when i refer to romcoms i mean films like moonstruck or while you were sleeping, or the films of nora ephron. none of these are "vapid", they are legitimately well thought out films with protagonists who are actually relatable to women rather than power fantasy female serial killers (though i like some of those too, lady snowblood is a great example). and there are many very good romantic dramas, too many to name. these are what are actually perceived as "women's films". historically it's been the case that women have been drawn to more emotionally sensitive films and have been mocked for it. hollywood melodramas in the 40s/50s were typically dismissed for being too "womanly" but were really some of the most poignant and moving films of the time. it's just strange that you've said all this about how the films associated with women are just lame pink barbie stuff when it's not even true. the barbie movie does look shitty to me only because i don't care for the humour nor do I care for the idea of The Matrix But Pink but i'm not going to go on a tirade against women who are excited for it. the movie itself doesn't even seem all that vapid anyway, i'm not a fan of gerwig but she isn't exactly known for making dumb shallow films

No. 1597702

To balance out their huge heads and make it easier to add fashion details to the shoes. A major complaint with barbies also was that shoes were easier to lose. And this way they weren't a choking hazard.

It's going to be a fun movie. People who are like but fUcK bArBiE need to go outside.

No. 1597703

i swear the specialists were ALWAYS a liability when it came to dealing with the trix. they were good for staying the fuck back and dealing with trolls and shit. i rewatch the first three seasons like twice a year now, love the show.
had no idea there was a war between witch fans and winx fans! i grew up loving both. to be fair the witch show was not very great, but i absolutely love the comics. i have most of the graphic novels that disney produced since the old fucking publisher decided to only publish up until volume 18 or so, it's been really nice getting to read physical copies. used to have to scour the internet to find translated scans as a kid.

No. 1597708

File: 1685952991998.jpg (108.39 KB, 933x668, IMG-20201106-WA0056.jpg)

was borna bratz hood ass bitch and i'll die like that!

No. 1597709

I love hating on trannies, I love it when people are transphobic. Most of all though I love completely removing myself online and not having to encounter any tranny shit and realising there are nice things to do when offline. Feels great

No. 1597710

never said romcoms are vapid. I was talking about those ''meme'' movies that get related to girlhood. No one attaches romcoms to girlhood or makes memes about romcoms on the same way as barbie/bratz. I also never said anything about the upcoming barbie movie, there is a gross tranny in it anyways.

No. 1597712

heathers is an excellent film because it turns the typical teen 80s movie stereotypes on their head. compare it to pretty in pink. instead of the female protagonist being relatively "uncool" she is popular and actually even hates her friends. instead of jake ryan, the popular wettest blanket on campus, her love interest is a sociopathic piece of shit. she "gets the guy" immediately and turns out he gets her to help him murder other popular kids. like american psycho, she gets away with it. but she realizes she was a shitty person. she kills? JD the edgy fag moid. then she is nice to the fatty. the end.

No. 1597713

Yall talk too much

No. 1597716

i want to summon kirbyanon and ask her opinions on the depiction of metaknight on kirby right back at ya. is it fair or is it inaccurate? kirbyanons takes are the true canon in my mind

No. 1597721

File: 1685953410978.jpg (6.97 KB, 250x250, 45f3f1ffbd3d0c89c385777606633a…)

No. 1597723

Hawk tooey

No. 1597725

its about hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh noon

No. 1597726

File: 1685953617218.gif (182.23 KB, 220x166, velma.gif)


No. 1597727

No. 1597728

i was not sure if that was really her because the writing style is not the same

No. 1597729

not kirby anon, her posts are always long no matter what

No. 1597730

are you hearing voices nonny? i only see text

No. 1597731

That's very cool! I didn't grow up with witch comics but I did watch the show as a kid and it was cool. But I agree the comics are better and have better writing than the show. The show made the girls character archetypes and removed all their personal lives drama that added to their personalities. While the comics didn't shy away from showing the cruel parts of their real lives and all the things they had to deal with other than magical adventures. Only thing I hated was how Matt was obviously older than Will and we were supposed to root for their relationship or something. He had a goatee while she was 13 tf. And he went to college while she was still in highschool.
Also I did find the comics issues were released on a local children's magazines but nobody ever bought me those magazines as a kid so I didn't get to read them back then.

The witch vs winx club war stems of one fandom, the witch fandom, thinking their show is better and more mature because it's less feminine/girly than winx club and had in their opinion darker themes, and because witch ended up too soon and wasn't as popular (or milked out) as winx club. While winx club fans from my experience are chill about witch or like both shows. There are a tiny minority of winx club fans who think witch is a winx club ripoff though because the studio working on winx club got sued by Disney for plagiarism since some ideas and themes lined up but winx club studio proved they worked on it since 1999 while witch started somewhere in the 2000s so it can't be a ripoff and it was just a coincidence. There are even video essays about this online by Italian fans and American fans alike and it was entertaining watching them and learning about these funny silly wars over something that isn't worth fighting over.

No. 1597732

File: 1685953892444.png (58.17 KB, 280x586, 35432535667.PNG)

Coming out of a store spending my hard earned money on dinosaur plushies

No. 1597734

great! now the thread is haunted, thank you shaymin.

No. 1597735

which u got nons? I like them spiky ones and the long necks

No. 1597738

christ I found a reddit that seems to be self improvement but its just moids being proud they did mundane shit like hang clothes, wash them, did dishes, finally cleaned bathroom. meanwhile women will have a 10 item list on a working day and add 5-10 more if they have kids.

No. 1597740

wow i had no idea about the drama. i've loved both since i was a kid. i have not finished the entire witch comic series but i am sure it did not stay good beyond the "new power" arc since the winx club series is trash beyond season 3 (imo). both shaped my childhood a lot and im a burgerfag so i got a lot of friends into it and never met a person irl who knew about either series.

No. 1597741

File: 1685954431503.jpg (211.16 KB, 1500x1439, 548709564783234.jpg)

I'm getting the Stegosaurus and Brachiosaurus from wild republic, here's the stego it's so cute!

No. 1597742

It actually didn't turn bad after the new powers. But the ending was kinda lackluster. I can't remember when exactly but there was an arc about them seeing their lives in the future and accepting their destiny or something like that. And they go to highschool by the end of the comic and Cornelia prepares to go to college since she was the oldest member. And there were tons of chapters about their personal lives problems and them solving these problems finally and it was the most memorable issues to me. Enjoy finishing the comic!

No. 1597743

Aww so cute. Enjoy!

No. 1597745

look at those cute little eyes, great investment nons

No. 1597747

thank you kirbyanon, i love you <3

No. 1597748

Feel free to check out the Evolution thread here as well nona, we need more dinosaur posts!

No. 1597761

File: 1685956969357.jpg (130.69 KB, 800x800, H29f31192e58041a281532b779a7b7…)

Does anyone else who has keychains like this (not the design but that plastic material) notice that they get fucking filthy for absolutely no since? Mine are so dirty and I have no idea how.

No. 1597762

File: 1685957020317.jpg (46.69 KB, 800x800, s-l1600.jpg)

I meant reason. Another pic for an example of the keychains Im talking about.

No. 1597769

Don't have those but I can see why that'd happen. The material is probably like a soft rubber, so anything it brushes against will drag and pull any dirt or fibers onto itself.

No. 1597771

>you ho
scrolling by, i read that as "yo-ho"

No. 1597773

File: 1685957673527.png (9.5 KB, 494x370, states.png)

I would be humiliated if I cared how Americans felt about me

No. 1597775

yeah and the rubber breaks really easy. if you have magic eraser sponges they can take a bit of the stains out. they just get grubby unfortunately. I had a beautiful kuromi one rip

No. 1597779

File: 1685957759291.jpeg (34.72 KB, 612x612, cc5db1c8-1f01-43f2-b002-1f966f…)

Neither. Beanie baby master race represent. Pic rel is my favorite.

No. 1597790

I had a lot of Polly Pocket and loved chewing on their rubbery clothing. Probably the cause of my mental illness tbh

No. 1597794

Angry nona vs wholesome nona.

No. 1597809

File: 1685960038893.jpeg (11.73 KB, 250x333, FF83FB46-AC50-4AC3-9888-D95295…)

Honestly? Hello kitty. She was Max steel’s usual girlfriend because she was my actual self-insert, pic related was my favorite because I thought she was a cool Angel with cool boots that made her cooler than the usuals hello kitty.

No. 1597811

File: 1685960270302.jpg (352.92 KB, 2020x2048, tumblr_277ba59e509493d8c251156…)

I wanna use the friend finder thread but I'm too retarded to describe myself properly. help.

No. 1597812

More of a stuffed animal and Littlest Pet Shop kid. I always lost doll shoes though and at least Barbie has feet to walk on. I think I made my shoeless bratz disabled.

No. 1597819

I prefer Monster High and Nendoroid Dolls. We need a playline Kieran Valentine and to finally have Jackson Jekyll and Venus McFlytrap in the new line of MH dolls

No. 1597829

File: 1685962634585.jpg (822.58 KB, 1920x2560, 91CclLf1WCL.jpg)

Bratz. My parents were poor yet me and my sister somehow still managed to collect 20 of them through our childhood. You can imagine every birthday and christmas present was just bratz for a decade straight.
I will always regret not getting this one when it was available. I wish they were still sold here and that the company didn't suck tranny dick so much.

No. 1597834

File: 1685963072679.jpg (88.45 KB, 640x797, 1660119243386.jpg)

We live in the worst timeline since war time, but my cat makes it all worth it

No. 1597838

I was thinking about how my parents' generation basically got to be the wealthiest generation and have the highest living standards the world will probably ever see. My grandparents had to deal with the aftermath of WWII so their living standards weren't great, and my generation has to deal with all the consequences of climate change, migration and overpopulation. Basically my parents got peak welfare (good job market, housing market, living standards, social benefits) and they won't have to worry about climate change much because they'll probably be dead by time it gets severe enough to be life threatening. Tbf I know they had to deal with the market collapse of 2008 but speaking in broad terms, they got the best life available.

No. 1597847

File: 1685964101443.jpg (86.68 KB, 720x710, 20yo.jpg)

its pretty fucky being in your 20s rn, i have no fucking idea if i should hop in college to study a career or if all careers are going to get automated and it's going to be a waste of time. Fucking hate everything.

No. 1597851

also pre-internet and porn at everyone's fingertips

No. 1597855

File: 1685964685503.gif (13.97 KB, 141x100, boxinghug.gif)

im high as fuck right now and I feel like I have a megaphone and lolcow is my supreme machine and I'm just airblasting all of this onto you guys and seeing what happens i love all of you guys though stay safe out there stay hydrated love you all kiss kiss

No. 1597857

Stupid fucking weed smoker.

No. 1597859

File: 1685965231727.jpg (137.94 KB, 1170x873, FxeJDYnWAA8SDud.jpg)

happy monday

No. 1597860

File: 1685965296497.png (25.38 KB, 600x600, FvX6-FTWAAMr7_q.png)

i'm high as fuck too but your energy is making me anxious

No. 1597861

File: 1685965357216.gif (712.78 KB, 500x298, 1JI8.gif)

I am going to smoke a cone for you to spite >>1597857

No. 1597870

It's harder now to get a job at 30 with experience than it was at 20 without experience. At least they had an excuse when I walked in the door and they looked at me like I was lost and told me there are no jobs. As I am older I hardly get any feedback, all I am told is that I seem very qualified but no one will choose me because I "seem too young" or "don't fit the standard" which is what exactly? I don't look like a old mature lady? I don't look poor and pathetic enough to abuse anymore? Even if I get something the enployees bait and switch me and I get completely taken advantage of. I worked so damn hard for nothing. The only work I even got was because I was young and cute and people put me in training or newbie positions, but now I am still seen that way despite all this experience. I want stable housing and to not starve to death what the hell is this shit life

No. 1597879

I'm so high now I'm playing hogwarts legacy crosseyed but the best revenge is living well as they say

No. 1597888

This is a beautiful thing to wake up to thank you so much

No. 1597892

now that was a fun ass toy

No. 1597913

File: 1685972879093.jpg (70.6 KB, 900x1200, 1685607986814.jpg)

Look at this thing, it's so cute and round and chunky. I want to poke its belly and grab its cheeks, maybe hold it in my arms and call it cute names while I pretend it smiles back. So adorable, i could hug this thing for hours, I'd protect this round being from every moid and menace. My little, cute baby, even cuter than real babies, I'm calling it "masita" ("little dough" in spanish, it sounds cute). Masita is the cutest thing I've ever seen, i love you, masita, your existence warms my heart

No. 1597922


No. 1597923

disrespect thembies just as ruthlessly

No. 1597931

Same but I never want to work lol.

No. 1597933

I love saying "I just don't believe in that stuff" over and over when they keep trying to explain to me how the gender binary is outdated and blah blah blah
"What? Sorry just sounds dumb to me"

No. 1597965

File: 1685978696713.jpg (28.5 KB, 735x645, 41dd807d0f4adc516c17405ef42bb3…)

I would leave bite marks all over it. I would give its rotund, bombous belly an egg wash after sending it to hell (my oven).

No. 1597972

Trying to trigger the tranny in my group by talking extensively about female-specific experiences hehehe

No. 1598011

Wore a miniskirt out today. Underneath had tights and safety shorts. Still catcalled. It's always men in trucks.

No. 1598012

when it's a big mac truck and they toot the horn i love it. I wanted to be a long haul trucker at one point, I just liked the trucks
I can say this because it's the dumbass shit thread and there's probably another retard like me who understands I didn't like being catcalled I just liked the truck and anything that got them to toot that fucking horn is worth the price

No. 1598023

same. i thought it was just me. it's always that i am very qualified or they "appreciate my interest", but then they never explain after that. or they never even respond. i even tried applying for jobs at my university thinking i had a better shot with my high gpa, NOPE. one of the department directors didn't even dignify me with a response, and the other was so rude about me applying and not getting the position, i actually told her off, which i have never done in my life. but then watch them hire some dudebro who can't even comb his hair right out of college to be the assistant director or some other stupid bullshit. it makes no sense.

No. 1598025

File: 1685985036276.png (51.09 KB, 265x261, 814a855b-6bc9-4c3b-881e-0f2be9…)

Fuck car insurances companies I hope they all go bankrupt

No. 1598028

>a big mac truck exists
jesus christ I didnt know this was a thing. God bless America

No. 1598033

i feel like panhandling would be fun to do

No. 1598039

Are you sure it's not over not being a TRA? If the email you used has any hint of not sucking up to trannies, you're probably not going to get hired unfortunately

No. 1598043

File: 1685987364115.jpg (48.29 KB, 500x500, artworks-qpT4R7TuKKWyKDmG-NXoi…)

oh whoops, big mack truck not big mac like the burger lol
although if the two are combined that's fine too

No. 1598044

Some hiring managers don’t like anyone with a gpa over 3.7. They think it means you tow the line and aren’t a critical thinker. So if you’re gpa is 3.8 or above it might be fucking you.

No. 1598045

KEK I love you nona

No. 1598046

File: 1685987599973.webm (3.44 MB, 480x852, first time taking a taxi.webm)

No. 1598048

Peak fear. I’m 26 and I graduate with my bachelor’s in December and I’m imagining I’ll be shit out of luck and will have to get some wagecuck job because I’m old and unenthusiastic. So I went into debt for a useless degree just to say I got my piece of paper from a university.Fuck this stupid life.

No. 1598050

The Lumineers don't make music for…people. Does anyone understand what I'm saying?

No. 1598052

File: 1685988222108.gif (3.05 MB, 640x360, gif-17.gif)

Sometimes I see some booties and think that if you were to poke them they would slowly rise up like mattress foam.

No. 1598099

File: 1685993054790.jpeg (57.62 KB, 640x621, 1671879366421.jpeg)

listening to love songs and lamenting over the fact I'll never get to experience any of it is my favorite activity

No. 1598119

i don't think so. i realized after the second time that the faculty at my university are washed up cunts. i like my university from an academic perspective, but i've had some fucked up interactions with the snobs that work there so i avoid them now at all costs.

No. 1598120

No. 1598166

I just realized that the saying "when you assume you make an ass out of you and me" is because there's U and Me in assume….I always clocked the ass part but not that

No. 1598167

File: 1686000254499.jpg (17.23 KB, 353x334, 893a46952f3f02de4754988b6a6a27…)

its's five pm and i just woke up good morning

No. 1598168

File: 1686000344914.png (11.74 KB, 500x232, IMG_4111.png)

No. 1598169

I bought some pants from thredup, followed their waist measurements instead of the brand sizing and everything fit pretty well. But I bought a pair of pants thinking they were dress pants and they’re almost like sweatpants. Not sure if I’d want to wear them to work if they’re gonna make me feel like I should lay down for a nap

No. 1598173

Right there with you sister. Fuck car insurance and fuck firestone for their shit 'repairs' on cars. I swear every time I have to go in there for this piece of shit car, they break some other shit on purpose. If I wasn't a broke bitch I wouldn't even put up with them.

No. 1598177

tthinikng about how awkward it would be if I was getting a thigh or back tattoo and I farted and the artist smelled it

No. 1598191

>ate healthy, exercised, did chores, got sunlight, took vitamins, hydrated
I feel like I'm larping that girl but it feels very nice today. I feel like I'm real

No. 1598198

Anon, you ARE that girl.

No. 1598201

File: 1686002546841.jpg (128.96 KB, 720x960, Thicc Pikachu.jpg)

That would be awkward but it would be even worse if he sniffed deeply because he liked it.

No. 1598216

File: 1686003750766.jpg (60.1 KB, 750x749, 1055555555.jpg)

same. i fucked up my sleep schedule just to watch some retards fight about toys.

No. 1598226

File: 1686004699167.jpg (298.62 KB, 2560x2560, 81SUGEcQWUL.jpg)

you and me both

No. 1598285

Going to pee in my bucket

No. 1598287

i know this topic gets brought up on here every now and then but are there any other nonas who don't really use social media publicly? as in, you don't have any accounts linked to your real government name? i have accounts i use to lurk or for business/practical purposes, but never anything that has my name or photos on it.

i have been thinking about this as i've never really been a big social media person, even when i was younger in the early 2000's. now i am older and i've legit had people tell me i'm "weird" because i don't have a public ig or a twitter, or fagbook (ew). idk, i think other people are weird for having all their motherfucking business out in the street for everyone to know. i don't need other people in my business, and i feel like an idiot taking pictures of myself eating salad anyway or whatever it is normies do, so there's just no point to me. i also find it incredibly boring. i like my privacy. also i don't think people realize that the feds look at your shit, too. i've seen so many cases of dumb dumbs getting caught doing stupid shit because they plastered all over the internet.

No. 1598305

I've arrived

No. 1598308

Welcome, Anonymous

No. 1598311

File: 1686011007843.jpg (81.03 KB, 736x901, 40162faea976c9f69cc055bb12b3de…)

I hate tattoos directly on the front or back of the thigh, but tattoos on the side of the thigh and on the hip bone are so sexy and pretty

No. 1598315

based. i don’t have social media accounts and even when i did they were all mostly no photo / random photo / random nickname. i also got potential employers asking me for social media and get funny / weird looks or question when i said i don’t have any, same with my friends. they sometimes forget i’m not on insta or whatever and didn’t watch they latest updates so they have to retell me the whole story they already posted kek. fucking wild. i hate social media.

No. 1598317

I've arrived as well

No. 1598328

Okay but nobody axed you

No. 1598330

My husband has NEVER had social media other than a photoless profile for work. Mainly because he has a mentally ill mother he hasn’t seen in decades who successfully tracked him down several times. People told him it’s super weird but he doesn’t care. He wishes he could reconnect with people from college and having no social media accounts makes it difficult.
I was stupid and signed up for everything in the past because I wanted to be a part of the so called fun. After learning how big tech uses people’s data I deleted most of my accounts. Of course none of that matters since they already have my information and keep it indefinitely.

No. 1598331

I don't need permission from you to announce my presence

No. 1598333

I don’t have social media except for a tumblr that I’ve never posted myself on, and I use a photo of myself for my college email. It feels kind of awkward sometimes if it causes problems (one of my classes had a fb messenger chat group, for example) but I like to think of how many ads and people being weird that I don’t have to see.

No. 1598334

new jontron videos suck so much, i miss his vidya videos

No. 1598336

File: 1686014075554.jpg (32.43 KB, 535x460, E6cXK3QXoAAZK3l.jpg)

No. 1598338

i've only had one job so far ask for social media profiles thankfully, i just gave them my washed up linkedin i always forget i have and i could see they were mad disappointed. that's about the only "public" media i use and i have it set where it is not indexed by google. i've become a lot more paranoid about how my information is shared, not necessarily by companies themselves but more so on who is looking at my shit. i've gotten confirmation recently that some people i did not like were trying to find my socials just to snoop through my personal life and i know for a fact this weird ass moid i despised was upset he couldn't find anything on me. too bad.

>I was stupid and signed up for everything in the past because I wanted to be a part of the so called fun

i was like this when i was a teenager, especially when facebook replaced myspace and everyone who was anyone was on it. i would always lose interest though and never liked having my face all over everywhere so i would either forget i had an account or just delete everything in the middle of the night lol. i had an epiphany when i was 17-18 and i just mass deleted every account with my name on it or anything that was associated with my family i could find. it's been over 10 years now and i haven't looked back. it feels really liberating but i know i am an enigma to most people because i am so private. at this point i kind of see it as a super power.

i hate when you're forced to share an account with other people for university or work. i swtg it's more datamining bullshit and i always hear of horror stories of women being hit on by weird ass dudes from the chats. like no.

No. 1598341

i thankfully never used social media, besides a facebook i deleted, but recently i made a twitter for the first time because i started streaming and making yt content, though its under a nickname. I honestly dont understand why people are so autistically attached to twitter they can lose hours there, it's so boring.

No. 1598343

I'm so bored, can we have another infight on whether Barbie is better than okra?

No. 1598349

File: 1686016155107.jpeg (60.77 KB, 1280x720, DSUokra.jpeg)

I'm ready to rumble, just say when.

No. 1598351

No. 1598364

yeah I agree nona, His video quality has improved but the content in his video's lately are garbage slop, also I miss his little bird friend.

No. 1598366

I was enjoying fanfic, thoroughly immersed, and suddenly the character used the word "cunny". I hate that word, why are you trying to say cunt in a cute way? Literally just say cunt. And my husbando wouldn't use that word anyway. Rolls eyes.

No. 1598367

ew I thought only pedos from 4chan used that word

No. 1598368

Are you sure you weren't reading a fanfic with questionable tags, be honest.

No. 1598372

No? It's a normal fic. The scene was nothing but fingering, pussy eating and penetrative sex. Really not any kinks at all.

No. 1598373

I've come across some fanfics inexplicably using that word either, they seem to think it sounds cute but I wanna know where the hell they picked it up from. Pedos on 4chan use it either as a synonym for loli or for the genitals of said loli

No. 1598378

Nta but speaking of fanfic, anybody have any niche ones you want to share? It can be your weird husbando or some obscure kink, I just want to read something different today my special interest has next to no content so…

No. 1598380

my otp doesnt have fics and i am eternally salty over it

No. 1598382

Girl I'm pretty sure Kirbychan has more fics to wank over than the decade-old established series my husbando is from, life is pain.

No. 1598384

I'm a really good writer for no reason and with no personal interest in it at all. If I find out writing stupid wattpad fics got money in it you bet my name is Y/N and I suddenly am being sold to Namjoon for my mother's gambling debt. I will learn all those boys names.

No. 1598385

Going to start a business where I become a tortured artist that never leaves the house and stays up til 7am to writes
no-tp fics for vagrants like you in order to make ends meet. Cracking my knuckles

No. 1598412

kiss you instead mwaaaah

No. 1598414

i cant stop downloading Pinterest images, the cute yaoi reference rabbithole finally choosed me

No. 1598442

File: 1686029251362.jpg (49.35 KB, 500x395, a4be50ba84e750876a39cc792c7f36…)

Oooweeeeeheehehehaha I found something good

No. 1598446

You can absolutely make money if you write Wattpad-tier shit, just write about original characters instead.

No. 1598463

I can tell that in the next few years the general consensus regarding trannies on lolcow will shift to a "who cares what people do/I don't hate every tranny, I judge on a person-to-person basis" because we will get an influx of newfags who don't want to get internet bullied on an anonymous imageboard by admitting they are actually TRAs, but once it's been a while of "live and let live" the general consensus will shift to "there ARE good trannies you transphobe!!". Mark my words.

No. 1598470

you'll have to send me to a maximum security gulag to stop me from bullying everything that moves ever so slightly in a protranny way until i'm permabanned and have to get a bootlegged VPN from my brother's least hated moid so I can keep bullying them till I run out of spite (highly unlikely) and have to take a water cooler break (also highly unlikely).

No. 1598473


No. 1598476

I only have facebook because it's genuinely useful for events and local town shitposting groups but the only thing that facebook account contains is my profile picture and name with no additional info. Facebook is really nice for local stuff imo but often these groups won't accept you if you're an anonymous account.
I use instagram for booking tattoo appointments and I have a fake account there, that's about the extent of my social media presence.

No. 1598478

I read a book set in fictional middle ages and the mc kept using that word to refer to her vagina, made me flinch a couple of times kek

No. 1598480

Doing the lords work sis, I'll be right there in the gulag with you

Anyway I don't think we're gonna be colonized by TRAs, almost anyone who spends enough time here peaks.

No. 1598492

No. 1598512

Same, I’m not very connected to a lot of people so the only way for me to find out about interesting events that go on in my city is through facebook. I would delete it instantly if it wasn’t for that.

No. 1598534

my 20yo cousin is pregnant and my autism prevents me from pretending i am happy for her.

No. 1598546

I get that though, I'm 22 and a khv and when I see girls younger than me start families it just feels strange. At 20, what was I doing… taking useless college courses and playing vidya I guess. I was NEET-ing it up. Also none of my friends have children and I don't think anyone from my school is starting a family anytime soon. Well good luck to her! Hope she has a daughter and not a son.

No. 1598548

Honey she's doing the same shit, except with baby crying sounds in the background.

No. 1598554

The GIGA Stacy MONSTER HIGH enjoyer.

No. 1598556

It's dumb as fuck to get willingly pregnant in your early 20s. At least wait until you're 24 and have some form of education.

No. 1598568

Some of my classmates are so painfully dumb especially for their age. Our teacher asked us what type of government did the Soviet Union have and guy said republican and another woman said conservative. It's not even the worst I've seen. There was another time where a girl was asked what homosexual is and she had no idea. The state of education here is dogshit.

No. 1598593

I do performance art.

My personality has always been this way, but I never liked really showing my face that much, so I cover my head either with masks or bags or anything. I can wear whatever I feel like that day, any costume or normal clothes. I don't talk so it's more acting and clowning around. A lot of it is really weird. I do inside and outside, probably a few people saw me and were confused. I don't mind it because I took dance and we had to do a lot of improve and performance, meaning you move around in front of people without speaking. I dance sometimes, pretend to die, do tasks in a funny way, do stuff that doesn't make sense. I laugh a lot after doing it and watching it but I exit that all out. I record myself making noises or singing over it, sometimes add music over it. It's little effort, little planning, little editing. I upload it online for fun. Sometimes people send me money and many people comment on it. I started with streaming first but found that restricting because I had to always be on and doing something, not showing face or talking for hours is not easy, although many people enjoyed my streams when I did stuff or talked anyway. I also found those sites restrictive, ready to ban you for every little reason, and I wasn't big enough to get exceptions, but making short videos and photos makes it more comfortable for me. I never have to be sexual or do nudity or porn or show my face, I rarely speak, but I think it's my calling and I love it. The goal is to make this my entire income and never have to "work" again. Not that I would never do anything else but I hate people telling me what to do and venting their unresolved traumas and frustrations on
me. Performing arts make me feel free. I want people to laugh at me, because I am already laughing. My weirdness is finally useful.

No. 1598597

Is anyone else so starved for attention they get excited when an anon quotes or replies to you?

No. 1598601

Oh nonnie, I'd like to think I'm starved of basic human interaction, not attention, so being anonymous is not an issue and I don't feel the need to stand out. I mainly lurk but I wanted to reply to your post in case it makes you a little bit happy ♥

No. 1598606

kinda OT but the newfags who have been coming to shit up threads nagging about "muh imageboard" "muh defeats the purpose" "muh gotta be anonymous board a 100" "muh u chasing dopamine goes brrr" or whatever fucking bullshit are shaving my patient so thin like motherfcuker we are here literally to interact with each other and share dino pics the fuck are you talking about. you want us to post individual statements and never answer to each other or some shit??

No. 1598607

they can't fathom the fact that we can have funny chats and serious discussions without attaching name, face, gender, and mental illness to every opinion like twatter kek

No. 1598609

I am always surprised someone read my rambling trife. I only want replies when I post funny pics and I get so few. When people acknowledged my anatomy study pics I was so excited.

No. 1598612


No. 1598614

File: 1686053955262.jpg (251.17 KB, 1920x1080, Prehistoric_Planet_Photo_01050…)

But anon…where is your dino pic?? I demand dino pics!!

No. 1598615

A few years ago I had a very strong phase of what I discovered was something similar to ARFID and lost a lot of weight as a result. At my lowest point I survived off of a quarter of a liter of water a day. I had to force myself to go to the bathroom at least once a day because I just didn't fucking pee. I often shat once every two weeks with the help of medication. I didn't really think about it then but it's insane how I could even stand up in those conditions. I like to think I bounced back though, I can easily chug 2 liters of water a day now.

No. 1598616

File: 1686054131314.jpeg (8.82 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

my bad, here's some long necked mofos, they my favourite cause they can reach the stars, cuties.

No. 1598623

I made puff pastry for the first time today and it turned out good! Beginner's luck but I'm happy anyway.

No. 1598624

They were truly amazing creatures.

No. 1598625

No. 1598626

look at them go, i don't want them to fight each other but that's inevitable when everyone in the gang is good looking.

No. 1598630

Yeah the lady dinos wouldn't know who to pick since they all have an impressive amount of balls.

No. 1598631

i'm so upset dinosaurs are extinct but also happy they are at the same time. humans would wipe them clean for meat and stick them in cages for entertainment probably. imagine just seeing them irl though… wild…

No. 1598634

I remember watching jurassic world and the micro scene at the petting zoo when a little boy hugs a long neck made me tear up nonas. I literally wish that was me.

No. 1598637

File: 1686055847481.jpg (104.95 KB, 2048x1148, baby.jpg)

Same nonas. I want to pet a dino baby so badly. Look at this baby velociraptor! Although petting it with mom and dad present would obviously be a bad idea.

No. 1598640

same!! the fact they don't exist anymore literally makes me cry a little sometimes. amazing creatures.

No. 1598641

File: 1686056232663.jpeg (9.46 KB, 259x194, velobaby.jpeg)

velociraptors were my favourites when I was a child! I also loved the Jurassic Park movies but their velociraptors where way to big to the canon life velociraptors so It didn't satisfy my velociraptor child connoisseur brain.

No. 1598644

File: 1686056489141.png (56.71 KB, 959x751, Screenshot.png)

So, I get hating men and I get ranting against them, but I don't understand the strange denial of reality that a small number of radfems meme themselves into believing. They claim that women are just as physically strong as men, and can even be stronger, and that female athletes don't have the correct mentality because they don't compete against men and beat them. these radfemds(who aren't typically known for being sporty), claim to know more than actual female athletes and trainers because they simply regurgitate the theories of women studies professors from the 1970s

No. 1598646

Same here

No. 1598649

No. 1598651

File: 1686056711092.png (265.18 KB, 1920x1177, Velociraptor_Restoration.png)

As cool and groundbreaking as the first movie was, there were multiple errors that really bothered tiny dino-obsessed me. One is the neckfrill on the dilophosaurus, incorrect and why would it display that while hunting? Makes no sense. Also the shit about t-rex not being able to see things unless they move. I guess they needed to nerf her so the human characters could survive, but obviously a top predator would have excellent eye-sight.
I also liked velociraptors as a kid because of how smart they were, and I like them even more now that we know they had feathers! They look so neat!
Thanks for the opportunity to sperg about this nonas.

No. 1598655

I love dino spergs! there's so much info and little details that change the entire dynamic of, not only their evolution, but behaviour. I need to go pick up those books I used to read as a child that had little illustrations like your pic.

No. 1598657

lmao at this

No. 1598722

sweet nonita in the lesbian thread is making me LONELY. pls god send me a kind-hearted, lovable, cute gf already.

No. 1598723

Man, the tinfoil thread is always talking about religion.

No. 1598728

File: 1686064929118.jpg (222.22 KB, 2164x1386, microraptor.jpg)

Nonnies what is your favorite dinosaur mine is microraptor. It has 4 wings! And we know what color it was because we found its feathers! It had shiny black feathers like a raven.

No. 1598735

Same anon. I have a Facebook because my family tags me in stuff and for local events and I have a LinkedIn kek. They actually had me make one for a class. A friend opened the search bar on Instagram and gave me her phone and I actually asked her “what is this” because all social media sites look the same to me. My Instagram exists but I haven’t used it in forever. Does anyone have articles off the top of their head that led them to delete all social media?

No. 1598740

I keep seeing christian tinfoilhats who want to push christianity on other nonas as a pro-feminist religion. Yes your religion about worshipping a single moid in the sky is def feminist.

No. 1598747

>trannies trying to "crack the egg" of a severely autistic man

No. 1598760

File: 1686067684902.jpg (774.49 KB, 2048x1536, saurs.jpg)

That's a cool dinosaur. I don't have picture of my favorite, but please this cool drawing I had saved.

No. 1598773

It was good when people talked about aliens and the canadian president being some old fella's lost son or whatever. My theory is that the men in black have been posting there so we stop talking about the big comm (spy) towers they traded for the aliens in Brazil and how Drake is probably a woman and Avril Lavigne is dead. Ever noticed how people there never talk about the state of the water everyone everywhere is drinking? It destroys the brain and they don't wanna touch that subject because it's undeniably true.

No. 1598775

Didn't you know nonnie? Jesus was a radfem

No. 1598782

i have one year left in undergrad and shit like this has literally happened to me as well. in social science courses they're full of nobrains. it's one thing to be more apolitical but it's just insane imo to not know jack shit about different govt structures or what is going on politically. i'm a pretty quiet, introverted person but i've had many classes where every fucking body is afraid to speak so i would be answering questions and it even got me on really positive terms with profs outside of class. it's because a lot of these students have social media brainrot, are afraid to even make a peep in a classroom, and i always see them scrolling through amazon and facebook on their laptops instead of paying attention. they'd rather watch capeshit movies and consoom their starbucks

No. 1598783

the biggest one around at the time at least. dw nona a lot of us christfags are scared of fluoride too

No. 1598788

File: 1686069333850.jpg (584.74 KB, 2000x1333, king-charles-first-speech-quee…)

Why do British monarchs always look so fucking depressed? All you have to do is dress nice and be diplomatic, smile bitches!

No. 1598789

They're british, that's enough to get you depressed.

No. 1598791

>are afraid to even make a peep in a classroom
I've heard from some professors that this is usually caused by public school teachers not allowing talking in class so during discussion no one wants to talk cause they've been conditioned to only speak when called on.

No. 1598792

>the canadian president being some old fella's lost son or whatever
Trudeau is the prime minister. and the theory is that he is fidel castro's illegitimate son. margaret trudeau (his mom) was quite the ho

No. 1598795

ah, i went to catholic schools where the faculty are not subject to some of the regulated nonsense public schools are, because private schools get not govt funding. so that could largely be why when professors ask questions or what we think in class there's this long uncomfortable silence that i can't stand. i always assume it's because they're very shy/nervous, afraid of saying something wrong, or they want to put in no effort whatsoever

No. 1598796

File: 1686069806670.jpg (117.68 KB, 756x1057, 3cb0689aebbabc5f1ff9e168f42c5e…)

No, he lived in the same time period as people such as the Scythians. They were egalitarian horse-riding nomads. Both men and women were warriors, hunters, leaders and wore trousers.

No. 1598798

Fun fact: Queen Victoria was actually able to smile despite being the most emo widow ever.

No. 1598801

File: 1686070375663.jpg (51.1 KB, 600x450, qtee.jpg)

Looking at pinterest makes me so depressed, specially when its 00s photos. Like the images feel so lively, no retarded tiktok/snow/instagram filters, most photos feel like they are actually capturing a moment instead of being carefully crafted to be posted on social media. Old con photos specially get me, everyone looked like they were having fun instead of glued to their phones, and people actually dressed nicely and did good cosplays instead of being run by gross men in ahegao shirts and egirls in FOTM cosplays.

No. 1598817

President, prime minister.. same difference. See how you also don't question the water? Think just because the spy towers are still here I don't what you're doing, Mr. Cool Hat? Got your number.

No. 1598820

I went to sleep with my wig next to me and it scared me bad when I woke up

No. 1598838

File: 1686072905476.jpeg (297.6 KB, 2048x1420, EM4hFdeUEAELSF0.jpeg)

what a good day to be alive and surf the internet. I found out my favourite artist, who nuked her acc 2 years ago, resurfaced under a new name. Sadly a bunch of her stuff i couldnt save is lost forever and she doesnt seem interested in reuping it, but it's at least safe with me. I am still sad i missed out on saving some of her latest art, i can see the thumbnails on the WBM but it wont let me save them…

No. 1598849

Kekkkk nonna

No. 1598857

File: 1686073797980.jpeg (38.1 KB, 269x1000, IMG_4368.jpeg)

I bought this, I smell like a Chupa Chups strawberry cream lollipop now

No. 1598887

Why do people take doing what you want as a criminal offense? Why would I do things to please other people? It's my body, my life, my happiness. They're mad because they can't do whatever they like out of fear, and they can't control you, and that's somehow the worst thing to them.

No. 1598889

File: 1686075549732.gif (2.09 MB, 640x484, 1DEBE7B9-E60A-4958-AA24-EC5907…)


No. 1598894

Just Borg things

No. 1598895

Hold on I have a similar story. I went to stay in a small hostel in Japan which was sctually more like cheap residences, the room had two bunkbeds but I only talked to one girl, another girl was sleeping when I came in, and the other bed was unoccupied. I awoke the next day and ended up chatting with the local Japanese girl, but the other one was still in bed. With a couple more people in the common room we got food and watched a movie by vote, I was outvoted for Juon. That shit is scary, if you have seen it the ghost enters rooms with her long black hair hanging down. I go back to my bed after and the long back hair is still in that bed. I check if this girl is okay, and it's just a wig on a manican. I swear to god the emotions I felt from almost fright to embarrassment I was quiet the whole time she was "sleeping"

No. 1598958

File: 1686080512347.png (972 B, 512x512, unnamed.png)

I love google docs so much. Google Docs my love, my life.
If only it had more tools, I know Microsoft Word would kick rocks when they added more features to Docs.
End their reign now.

No. 1598963

I can't beli

No. 1598967

I like it but it is now kinda retarded and tries to correct stuff that are correctly written while leaving glaring mistakes behind. I guess some update made it dumber.

No. 1598969

I wish it was faster at loading longer docs.

No. 1598975

I was in Walmart and suddenly got flashbacks to when I accidentally hit a kid with my buggy. Fuuuuck I still feel so guilty.

Anyway, I finally found some halloumi cheese in lidl! I'm so excited. I've been wanting to try it for what must be over a year.

No. 1598991

I've become a bit of a sigma female grindset hustle culture meme but I don't care any more.

No. 1598995

Anyone notice how Hank only starts truly showing some signs of sympathy towards androids androids its the pretty female andriods? I sent know where I'm going with this but it's sonething I noticed. Even when Connor is very machine like hank still only shows a tiny bit.of sympathy because he finds those androids attractive vs seeing them as humans or feeling bad for them.

No. 1599001

Please clarify that this is about the Chicago robot game, cause I definitely though this was about King of The Hill

No. 1599007

Damn feel this so much. Everything is so soulless now. Everyone is always trying to capitalize any aspect of themselves online, it’s all so unbearable.

No. 1599023

David Cage is a known misogynist so I'm not surprised it leaked into his work about androids with feelings.

No. 1599045

have any of you actually met an incel type irl? so far i've met two-ish dudes in recent years who act like incels. the first dude was this uggo at a job i had that the stupid old lady manager put me on to when i was training i am sure out of pity (why do old women do this?). i remember he yelled at me over something stupid so i stopped talking to him and he acted like an absolute brat the rest of the time i worked there. the other dude was the awful idiot who would not stop bothering me, even though i never spoke to him and just kept to myself. but he was constantly up in my face even though there was really no need, i was just busy and didn't have time to socialize.

No. 1599048

"Homestead mom of 7 daily routine" thanks Youtube but who the fuck asked? Do you have nothing better to do with your time than larp as if it's the year 1528?

No. 1599050

Yes, once. He was so flustered he introduced himself with the wrong name twice (he repeated the name of the guy whose hand I shook just before). "Hi I'm [name of the other dude]… Uh, no, I meant hi, I'm [name of the other dude]… No, uh, FUCK YOU!" after failing to say his own name twice he yelled fuck you at me, turned his back and stormed away. Weirdest shit.
Later I heard he was in jail for attempted rape of some girl I knew.

No. 1599080

Only one and I knew him before he was an incel or before that was even a concept because he force fingered me when I was 6 and he was 12, and he became an incel way after the fact. Still lives with his mom in his mid 20's without a disability, has severe Bipolar Type I and threatens to kill his mom and I with a gun in his possession framed in his room with absolutely grotesque amounts of rotting food and used clothing, in a garage without air conditioning. My parents still force me around him and his mom because they're best friends and have been long before my birth, at least his older brother is a great person, who accepts me as a lesbian and hates incels. I do, however, really love the look of fedoras and trilbys from the 2000s and I'm not going to let scrotes ruin it for me. Especially because the incel himself hates them.

No. 1599091

Actually retarded

No. 1599093

Wow hope he dies soon

No. 1599095

Androids should never have feelings, David Cage did them dirty

No. 1599130

File: 1686093341053.gif (2.61 MB, 360x360, tenor-1.gif)

I'm here

No. 1599143

since you're here, do you think it's normal for adult to sleep 8 hours every night? i slept 8 hours last night and felt so good after waking up but isn't that too long?

No. 1599156

Hello chicken nugget

No. 1599158

I'm here as well

No. 1599160

We didn't axe

No. 1599161

Dang, you're kind of cool….

Dunno if you're the anon I'm thinking of but if you were posting her stuff on /m/ a while back I ended up saving a few pics, the one of the girl on the swing was my favorite. Really happy to hear you can look at her art once more nony, and thanks for cataloging it.

No. 1599162

Yes. Sleep longer. Aim for 9 to 11

No. 1599164

Can't stop me from announcing my presence, sorry!

No. 1599166

monsters inc intro

No. 1599169

Why do you insist on highjacking my moment.

No. 1599173

how many of us are here let's do a headcoutn.


No. 1599176

2 omg this is so exciting

No. 1599177

Anons do you call police if you hear or notice something suspicious on a street?
Sometimes I hear something alarming but it's unclear what's happening, like, at all. I can't see where it is or don't hear anything else after that or it's hard to tell if it's something serious. I don't know if I can call the police and say that I think I heard something and it might've been coming from at least two directions and I can't tell where exactly it can be happening. Sometimes I would spend 30-40 minutes listening and looking out my window at night. And I feel like a local paranoid grandma, but I just want to be sure no one's being hurt. Today, after 30 minutes of listening, I saw a police car going slowly, like they're on duty, looking around. And when it's passed by and was out of sight, I first saw a couple of guys going fast behind one of the buildings, and then a man in another spot half-running and looking back now and then, the screen of his phone was on and he probably talked to someone? It looked like they were scared off by the police. And I was looking because I heard a child, most likely a girl, and she didn't sound happy, plus, it's in the middle of a night, and what does a child do on the street at this time? What do you think, can you call the police whenever you hear something weird?

No. 1599178

No. 1599180

record and post it here. let nonnies decide

No. 1599183

It's quiet now, I just want to know what to do in the future in similar cases or what nonnies usually do

No. 1599184

i always call the cops, on anything, im on a list

No. 1599185

i'll record and post it here

No. 1599187

No? Put your headphones on nosy

No. 1599194

Normally I ignore things, but if you really did hear a child, it might have been worth it to report. It was probably fine, but I wouldn't feel good if I heard a guy/bunch of guys and a young girl outside. Children can't protect themselves like adults can (not that it's so easy to protect yourself as an adult, but).. I digress.

No. 1599195

File: 1686096420606.jpg (35.55 KB, 564x564, 324e3236dbd53bd30a220b39a75b56…)

Mines the Oviraptor! love their weird lil mouths and also how creative artists are with their designs

No. 1599205

anyone have a link to rancefags meltdown. i don't want to see the nudes, just the mental illness

No. 1599206

Not my fault I get off work the same time you decide to announce your presence here

No. 1599211

Well go back

No. 1599212

Have you guys ever been reading a Wikipedia page and then unsuspectingly scrolled on a pic of a dead body? It's not nice.
>t. was reading Rasputin's wikipedia

No. 1599224

yes. basic dead bodies don't bother me as much as seeing unspoilered, unwaxed crusty genitals, up close and personal pictures of fucking spiders, or the myriad of other eldritch horrors i've accidentally stumbled upon when casually browsing wikipedia. i've seen those nasty tumors with teeth and hair growing out of them, disfigured fetuses, ugly peepees, people's bootyholes, motherfucking spiders, the whole nine. and for the people wondering why i have seen these things, like many dumbasses you get curious when you read someone mention stuff about "blue waffle" or you actually wonder, what does a chicken embryo actually look like? what's a harlequin baby? or you just randomly click on something when bored and end up seeing something terrifying that you never expected.

i've seen so much gore and weirdness it no longer bothers me. except spiders. that ruins my day.

No. 1599227

What is a harlequin baby? I remembering hearing about that before but can't exactly remember what it is. A skin condition, right?

No. 1599228

yeah, it basically turns them into a red checker board looking freak with pink eyes. they look like reptilians lol.

No. 1599232

I believe that evey woman cursed with Macromastia has been given a test by god/nature to become one of those buff big-boobed women only real in the fantasy of art.
I find breast reduction surgery to be the coward's way out

No. 1599234

Very cool

No. 1599242

Spotify is at it again guys.
This is my annual complaint about the pigs of spotify and their immorality.
Months ago after a big time without listening to any music on spotify because they did that crap "you can only jump 6 songs, become premium", inserting shitty country music and vulgar brazilian funk when I was listening to synthpop, and giving me long ass ads after every damn song I had enough, "I am never listening to spotify ever again while they keep up with this bullshit!" I told myself. And so I did, I've been on youtube for a long time listening exclusively to crappy mashups, then one day I opened spotify to update a playlist and noticed I could choose the song I wanted to listen and didn't have the 6 jump limit anymore, that was a pleasant surprise for a shitty app that likes treating its free users like crap under a fancy shoe, alright, I could deal with the amount of ads eating my data. So I was back to spotify, but now? They fucked it again. Now I get "choose the songs you wanna listen tomorrow" the fuck? How low can you fucking get? And they forced me to listen to fucking scorpions and twisted sister… at least they are somewhat related to what I am listening now but it's not because I listen to a bunch of clowns that I'd like to listen to these low budget transvestites! And I fucking wasted my 6 jumps trying to make it go back to my original playlist, but it never did. Fuck them. They're fucking desperate for my money but they WON'T GET IT!!!! CUS I DONT HAVE ANY MOTHERFUCJETS I don't have any!!!!!! And if I did I'd rather eat it!!!! Once again, one more year, fuck spotify!

No. 1599244

File: 1686101496686.jpg (9.36 KB, 707x219, qq.jpg)

Anon how can you still not beli

No. 1599245

I don't have to work again until 9AM tomorrow, but you bet your ass I'll be back here announcing my presence tomorrow at 5PM… or I'll forget, idc

No. 1599247

This oppression is suffocating me

No. 1599250

File: 1686101668266.jpeg (36.65 KB, 679x600, 1606923737582.jpeg)

No. 1599253

can i be Very Cool too

No. 1599254


No. 1599256

No. 1599257

colon left parenthesis

No. 1599258


No. 1599259

Awww is this a video of you?

No. 1599261

I hate when you bitches have to make normal banter weird

No. 1599263

File: 1686102436859.jpg (279.44 KB, 1800x2283, 6tla0b04q2191.jpg)

i'm frozen. when my heart's not open.

No. 1599264

File: 1686102449598.jpg (7.75 KB, 251x241, 13jhUwH1ryyjv.jpg)

Oh OK fine whatever

No. 1599267

possibles lolcows:

No. 1599268

File: 1686102606716.jpg (57.82 KB, 514x680, FrVLOraWIAANb4Y.jpg)

Just don't talk like a 35 year old homosexual man that still quotes meangirls and has a folder of tenorgifs and you won't kill the vibe

No. 1599269

My reaction pic folder is full of shit I'm autistic about so I think I'm good

No. 1599272

You have to grab lunch with one lolcow of your choosing. They'll pay for everything (somehow) and all you have to do is tolerate them for ~an hour. Who do you choose? I'm going with Nikocado, I can't hate him and he's working on himself plus I think he's funny but not in a sad way, so at least it'll be entertaining

No. 1599275

Are you the one that wants to fuck giant robots? Can I see

No. 1599276

I'm eating with Varg Vikernes and asking him why he murdered that man

No. 1599279

File: 1686103070296.jpg (39.89 KB, 445x500, 1553746446047.jpg)

No. 1599282

No. 1599285

File: 1686103228317.png (59.86 KB, 370x360, 1551658730111.png)

No. 1599287

You old as hell aren't you

No. 1599288

I'm not as old as you probably think I am

No. 1599292

I kinda wanna know whatever happened to Kanadajin, but mostly I want a free meal.

No. 1599296

how's everybody feeling and what song are you listening to?

No. 1599300

I ain't listening to anything cus spotify wants me to listen to twisted sister and I don't want to. I am angry.

No. 1599301

I'm feeling very bloated and gassy and listening to a video on why the flag of Brussels is a bit bad

No. 1599302

i saw your vent, that is truly shitty. i never got into spotify for this reason but can't you autoplay yt videos and turn adblock on? or are yt and spotify that different?

No. 1599305

There's a thing called EZBlocker that mutes the ads when their played on spotify, it doesn't always work but it's better than nothing nona.

No. 1599308

I am on mobile unfortunately. I used to listen to music on spotify (browser) with adblock on and didn't have much problem but on mobile is a nightmare. I wanted to listen to starstruck by rainbow or maybe please don't touch by girlschool. Youtube just eats too much data and I don't have wifi anymore.

No. 1599309

Why don't you just download your music… it's way easier and you don't have to deal with streaming

No. 1599314

On mobile? I used to torrent them when I had a computer.. unless you're talking about buying, totally out of question, I'd rather own a cd… which I do own a few but it's such a hassle. I don't understand why everything is so much more complicated on a phone.

No. 1599315

You can rip MP3s from Youtube. If you're already listening to music through Youtube then it's worth taking that extra step to rip the videos to MP3s.
Here, go nuts: https://co.wukko.me/

No. 1599326

Ok thanks you both

No. 1599329

If you're using Android you can install Xmanager and download Spotify premium through it. Here's the link: https://www.xmanagerapp.com/

No. 1599331

You can torrent on mobile.
I miss music blogs for downloading, they were the best.

No. 1599372

I'm really tall and my nigel scrote moid is also really tall and pretty big so I like cuddling and feeling small but it kinda sucks because sometimes I feel like I'm suffocating.

No. 1599390

feeling fine and listening to this banger

No. 1599392

your lame

No. 1599400

Your gay

No. 1599404

>scrote moid
Why the fuck do nonnas like to call their boyfriends SCROTES and MOIDS???? Like that defeats the purpose of the term doesn't it?

No. 1599406

For the life of me I cannot remember what I did at work today but I have to write about it tomorrow morning. I'm so dumb

No. 1599414

she said
>nigel scrote moid
don't misquote her

No. 1599415

yeah what about my gay?

No. 1599422

he's lost, you need to come pick him up

No. 1599424

Your both gay

No. 1599425

File: 1686113468794.jpg (63.06 KB, 720x925, 01b94f137e4ccf50f3dda9db5a2b9a…)

Would you break up with your scrote if he came out as bi?

No. 1599426

I would beat him straight again

No. 1599428

Love how lately every night /ot/ turns into autism central. Every thread fills up with shitposting. All the nonas are infighting. Love and hate. All is right in the world.

No. 1599430

Why is this all of yours biggest fear?

No. 1599431

Literally no it doesn't

No. 1599433

Check yourself.

No. 1599435

No. 1599442

It's not my fear. I am just curious to how nonitas would react.

No. 1599445

Break up with the fag. Of course.

No. 1599466

>video existed for 12 years on YouTube
>add it to my faves
>gets deleted a week after
This has happened at least half a dozen times now. I am the problem.

No. 1599468

i am having tea with oranges and apples, am i going to shit fountains after?

No. 1599470

File: 1686117577512.gif (1.9 MB, 640x358, anti-hero.gif)

No. 1599473

My MIL learned that I struggle with anxiety and agoraphobia at times and last time I was at her home she took me aside and asked if I ever thought about getting a fidget ring to fix my anxiety. She was so serious and earnest in the fact it might cure me that I said I would try it.

No. 1599476

Feeling fine, currently at Ishino Maki

No. 1599479

My dumbass really thought I could get away with using my free hotspot allowance but I ran out of it within a week. Maybe I have to give in and buy internet….

No. 1599513

Flagpole Sitta never a skip

No. 1599519

Dad, I think I'm gay
These guys are beautiful all day
Mom, I'm your new daughter
God only knows my girlfriends are so ashamed

Oh, ohh
Oh yeah
I'm super hyper spastic, yeah
I lost my sex drive and I'm holdin out on you
I'm super hyper spastic, yeah
I lost my sex drive and I'm holdin out on you

Dad, I'm still on drugs
And I'm more popular than ever before
Mom, I'm so depressed
I'm popping so much prozac
Doctors are impressed

Oh, oh
Oh, yeah
I'm super hyper spastic, yeah
I lost my sex drive and I'm holdin' out on you
I'm super hyper spastic, yeah
I lost my sex drive and I'm holdin' out on you

I'm super hyper spastic, yeah
Oh yeah
I'm super hyper spastic, yeah
I lost my sex drive and I'm holdin' out on you
I'm super hyper spastic, yeah
I lost my sex drive and I'm holdin' out on you
I'm super hyper spastic, yeah
I lost my sex drive and I'm holdin' out on you
I'm super hyper spastic, yeah
I lost my sex drive and I'm holdin' out on you

No. 1599524

File: 1686126029969.jpg (242.5 KB, 1024x1001, 1685857659647153.jpg)

I am happy i found a fren who likes me in all my schizo glory. I am waiting for him to respond to my messages so we can watch the skirt go spinny video and laugh at troons together.

No. 1599525

Browsing lc in public. I think it's a sign I have stopped giving any fucks.

No. 1599527

Usually right before I fall asleep I stop giving any fucks and say my real opinion on something. I tend to get banned for 24h for this but it's usually worth it because some people need to learn what's a popular viewpoint on certain boards is usually considered a blatantly retarded view by the majority of people, especially women who have actually faced what they're discussing. Can't stand /2x/ or the anons that come from there and it's very fun to annoy them by not caring about when it's okay to call them retarded. I don't usually intend to infight but the reactions to how I really feel about things is fun so long as I don't get banned for not breaking site rules. I don't mind bans if I actually did end up breaking rules but most of my recent bans are retarded and clearly not broken rules

No. 1599531

you sound like a newfag

No. 1599533

AYRT, not a newfag. I just find it fun to speak my mind and am too autistic to know the time or place.

No. 1599537

Man all this outsider bullshit is bumming me out. I don't like "normie internet" it fucking sucks and this shitty fucking space is the only I enjoy. Actual nonnies (opposite of FAKE nonnies) are schizo and funny. All the new FAGGOTS have plain old netrot from too much Twitter/TikTok/Reddit trifecta, Facebook motherfuckers are levelheaded in comparison is insane. They're not even amusing in any way, just plain insane. I bet they'll call the dino nonas autistic just cause they like dinos. This is literally just bait so they will post more dino pics.

No. 1599545

I feel like I know what you're actually talking about but I also feel like this was a whole ass schizo rant from that pakichan bitch.

No. 1599548

Paki-chan was indeed fucking insane KEK wonder what she's up to

No. 1599556

im that anon btw that just replied to you
Honestly. Yeah. I get what you feel. I hate the way social media has been sterilized, for the worse. Yeah, things were edgier, offensive back then. At least you could say woman on youtube without having your adsense taken away from you. (that's an actual thing, by the way.)
As much as I hate, and resent lolcow. In a way, it kinda is the only free speech place on the internet. Yeah. Maybe besides kiwifarms… bad comparison I know but its a example. You get it. There's FDS too. tbh, posting anonymously is more fun, convenient and safer. Though the bonds that are made here are not…. prolonged, they are artificial in a way, theyre fake. because that nonna that made you smile the other day? they're probably not here anymore. even if they were. you wouldn't know. That's why its bad to socialize on here, you don't make any friendships that will last or have value. That's why its an imageboard. It's why everyone's Anonymous because we can't face the fallout of the repercussions of what we say, having to potentially stick with us for the rest of our lives, simply for the fact that we don't know each other. Nor ever will. (if you make a friend finder, that's of your own choosing.)
Let's say we all had a discord, right? Everynonna was there. It'd be different. You could get doxxed. if you end up getting close to a nonna who ends up wanting to spite you, for whatever reason. They could reveal your personal information to avenge whatever retarded hate-boner they have out for you. That's just the nature of this website.
The very few times that a nonna will make you smile will just be override by the fact that theres so many other retarded nonnas that make you seethe. It's all just worthless and pointless.

No. 1599557

Hm yeah she was insane. She spiced up the site

No. 1599568

Girl I have no idea what you going through but I have a couple of lowcow friends which I exchange emails with. Discord is for pedophiles.

No. 1599569

I just can't beli

No. 1599571

I'd threaten to tell his dad if he refused a threesome

No. 1599573

>The very few times that a nonna will make you smile
I dont know what kind of Ebenezer scrote type shit you're on but nonnies make me smile every single day

No. 1599574

Autocorrect takes credit for Ebenezer Scrote but I will be using it in future

No. 1599576

She was extremely annoying but it was funny when she posted hand photos and such. I also can't believe that cow was in love with Varg, must be delusional thinking that Nazi would see her as white or something.

No. 1599582

sounds like newfag behaviour

No. 1599583

sounds like newfag behaviour

No. 1599584

Okay. Good for you.
Some people just don't like the vibe of this place, even in its most wholesome moments. Simple as that.

No. 1599587

using autism as a excuse to be mean is one of my favorite gaslight tactics.

No. 1599596

I've been here for two years. Sorry I wasn't here when burritomin shit her pants the upteenth time.
I was going to jokingly reply "you get it nonna" but I didn't want people to think I actually am gaslighting people

No. 1599601

I believe you when you say you're autistic, not hard to not believe when there's already so many retarded, autistic nonnas here.

No. 1599607

>using autism as a excuse to be mean is one of my favorite gaslight tactics.

No. 1599613

i hate when anons use autistic as a synonym with being a retard. Autistic nonnies are Manifesto-chan and KirbyDede anon, you saying something completly retarded and unfunny isn't autistic, an autist isn't self-aware. Hate these newfags spamming words they dont understand as buzzwords.

No. 1599614

File: 1686134537269.jpg (10.64 KB, 300x400, cdb08f5ee0e05a2a36f3d943f73fee…)

She's such a babygirl I literally want to hold her in my arms

No. 1599620

Did you draw her on the doodle board nona?

No. 1599621

File: 1686135082802.jpg (20.65 KB, 680x383, 20230407_004524.jpg)

Me after accidentally causing an infight

No. 1599622

you did nothing wrong

No. 1599627

I did! I love her so much

No. 1599628

Worst of all, I started it in the pride thread and then a scrote started spamming so now people think I'm a scrote too

No. 1599629

Glad you did, it was nice to see some female characters as well.

No. 1599630

i have an actual answer to this but won't bother because it'll cause an argument and complaints about "stereotyping"

No. 1599632

File: 1686135530196.jpg (24.7 KB, 630x484, potcallingkettleblack.jpg)

Anons accusing others of autism on an imageboard

No. 1599636

No. 1599638

I stg that annoying tif is in that thread

No. 1599639

she's not that bad she's just fixated on how trooning is a mental illness and doesn't know when to drop the subject. she's like kirbychan but with gid, at least now she's trying to not announce herself if that is her.

No. 1599643

i used to have a fantasy for bisexual men until i realized that bisexual men werent cute fundashis that want to have threesomes with other cute men with you but misogynistic whores into fucking anything that resembles a woman even if it's mr t with a wig on. Also, for some reason bisexual men share the worst traits of both gay and straight men. I used to be in a group with one of them and my god he was annoying, he would ew whenever i posted a drawing of a cute twink and question me for not liking real men then he would draw traps being fucked by horses and was dating a tranny. True mental illness, we should isolate them like covid until they die.

No. 1599646

Why would they be "cute fundashis"? Sounds like you've been to deep into your fujo bubble. Real moids gonna moid.

No. 1599647

rooney mara in carol

No. 1599653

Oh.that lesbian age gap movie where the blondie has relationship troubles with her husband and emotionally cheats on him with another younger woman? I've been literally looking for this movie everywhere ever since I saw it on the teley.

No. 1599657

i know, that's why i said i used to think like that when i was an hormonal teen. I still headcanon my husbando as bi though.

No. 1599666

File: 1686136930675.gif (280.6 KB, 206x206, liquid chris angry.gif)

I really want to know the name of this song but i cannot find it anywhere. I hate when people dont write the name of the songs they use in a video.

No. 1599669

this sounds like my friend's ex. he was a turbo coomer who openly liked and commented on thirst traps from femboys, trannys and instagram models. he would make snide and lowkey misogynistic comments about her and was very possesive. when she broke up with him he started dating a tranny but still stalked her social media.

No. 1599671

Do you not wanna go on free movie sites? there's one called fmovies.to if you really wanna watch it.

No. 1599672

Understandable, we have all been naive about the level of moid degeneracy in the past.
I don't think bi men are worse than straight ones btw, as everyone has different personalities and straight moids can be absolutely terrible degenerates as well. I would worry about a bi bf cheating on me though, even more so than a straight bf.

No. 1599674

say it nona

No. 1599675

Ah. Well thanks for the sauce. I'll give it a watch perhaps tonight if I have the time to. I could've watched it before Many times but I don't know why I just didn't.

No. 1599676

i dont know, all bi men i have met have been way worse than straight scrotes and pretty much all modern trannies are bi men

No. 1599679

Most modern trannies have AGP and and ID as lesbians though. You know, straight guys.

No. 1599682

lmao nonny literally all of them end up dating other men in wigs

No. 1599684

Serves them right!
But unfortunately, many have real girlfriends. And many are husbands who troon out after many years of marriage and then claim to their poor wives that the marriage is a lesbian one. Check out "trans widows."

No. 1599685

i know but i am 100% sure they are all bi men, just by getting off to you as a woman is pretty fucking gay and you cannot convince me they developed that fetish without looking at those sissy fetish videos or trap porn.

No. 1599688

Have you used Shazam? it could identify the music your having trouble finding

No. 1599689

File: 1686138277088.jpg (17.12 KB, 370x370, 1643832847060.jpg)

dang, it's an app. I dont own a mobilephone

No. 1599692

Absolutely, not taking a shitdick scrote as my husband

No. 1599693

It's also an extension on the chrome web store if your browser supports it

No. 1599697

Like the other nonna said, theres a browser extension. You can also download a phone emulator like bluestacks to download any phone app on your pc or laptop.

No. 1599698

File: 1686138757462.jpg (31.63 KB, 350x287, 153403494219_p0.jpg)

woah had no idea thank you so much! just found it

No. 1599702

File: 1686138981906.jpg (41.35 KB, 384x512, 8ee3290e42ed65181bbb7468cf485a…)

Glad you found it nona! your welcome

No. 1599742

i am so fucking hungry what do you nonnies normally eat when you feel depressed but also hungry

No. 1599744

I just remembered my mom once told me that when she was pregnant she was horrified I would be a boy kek, based honestly.

No. 1599749

has anyone else here drawn herself with (best)friends in romantic situations despite not feeling that way about said friends in middle school? i would literally do it all the time and nobody ever made me feel like it was weird and obviously i didn't think so either. matter of fact one of them spent like the next years telling me she had feelings for me kek but i didn't at the time. can't say the same now

No. 1599751

Both my parents desperately wanted a boy, my dad having six daughters, my mom having one daughter, and then me and my younger sister together. Neither of them ever got a son and my dad is still kind of sad about it

No. 1599754

i eat green onions…………

No. 1599759


No. 1599767

When I'm depressed I have to coach myself to eat something, usually it's mustard bread, it's putting mustard on the bread and wrapping the bread like a dumpling

No. 1599772

mostly cottage cheese. I eat it by the bucket

No. 1599777

Collect your thoughts and make a plan. Wake up brain. Cmon. Get it in gear.

No. 1599785

do you think it's still made in cottages these days?

No. 1599788

Two servings of microwave mini pizzas, any less and i end up making myself feel worse

No. 1599791

File: 1686148448951.jpg (34.94 KB, 480x469, da0a2a97df7b236302830196709bfc…)

It's another day and I can finally listen to my tunes in peace. All is well. Thanks to all the nonnas that helped me yesterday, Dio's voice was all I have ever wanted to hear in this nice, sunny morning, no ads, no random bands, just Dio. Life is good, I love music.

No. 1599794

Yeah, still do

No. 1599802

File: 1686149404076.png (3.31 MB, 2400x2400, failure_to_launch.png)

I made this for u nonas ♥

No. 1599805

amazing nona

No. 1599812

File: 1686149870403.jpg (25.51 KB, 637x850, 3733U-00X-001-1-634729_1.jpg)

My newest hobby is finding pictures of fashion models in shitty meme shirts

No. 1599813

File: 1686149925757.jpg (70.9 KB, 900x1200, 7026Q-99X-001-1-684417.jpg)

No. 1599824

I want to live like Sarah Connor in the first Terminator in a cosy house with a nice roommate and an iguana, it's been my dream for years

No. 1599829

File: 1686150515965.jpg (22.78 KB, 563x722, 14a9a8d4484492ab5fe7d9413045c9…)

One more, Hatsune Miku drip
These are horrible

No. 1599845

File: 1686151801654.jpg (185.13 KB, 1080x1419, Screenshot_20230607_103042.jpg)

No. 1599852

Goat cheese is so gross but so good

No. 1599888

File: 1686155092171.jpeg (42.15 KB, 435x1024, IMG_1285.jpeg)

I want to rape the clown doll ngl

No. 1599893

i love this its like a character from jet set radio

No. 1599904

Manda tee 2: electric boogaloo

No. 1599907

i have like three min to chug down this red bull GULP GULP GULP

No. 1599911

File: 1686156666525.jpeg (39.7 KB, 500x362, IMG_1293.jpeg)

Do they have a jester fetish too?

No. 1599913

No. 1599916

>sky is red
>power going on and off
>thundering but no rain
i'm in hell aren't i

No. 1599920

I thought this was a poem kek

No. 1599921

Ahhhh that's a sign of a wildfire. You're probably gonna die nonna!

No. 1599922

We need to bring kinkshaming back to this site

No. 1599923

Are you burger or leaf? Probably residuals from the Canadian wildfires. It's hazy here and yesterday afternoon I could stare straight at the sun and it was this orange ball.

No. 1599924

Why do e-girls like to chug on redbull and lie

No. 1599926

File: 1686157086776.png (115.55 KB, 906x1280, 1578823031.manda-tee_beach_lov…)

Yes she wants to fuck Jacques from Spyro

No. 1599927

Why and how?

No. 1599930

i'll see you all at my funeral

No. 1599932

File: 1686157399032.jpeg (342.85 KB, 1441x2028, IMG_1296.jpeg)

He’s ugly as fuck, I only like cute jesters

No. 1599934

Awww cute little jewish jester

No. 1599935

He’s cute and depressed
Sew on some legs and buy those dollhouse size dildos I see on Etsy all the time

No. 1599937

File: 1686157698554.jpeg (425.39 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_1297.jpeg)

Oy vey

No. 1599942

Wtf is this shit, moids constantly post that blonde cat one on an cute animal pic discord server I'm in, it's so annoying.

No. 1599943

that's the biggest compliment i ever got in my life i'll pretend i'm a sexy egirl today ty

No. 1599944

I think she’s cute, tsukihime seems to be a pretty shitty VN though.

No. 1599945

Is it porn? Why are moids obsessed with it

No. 1599947

>posting on lolcow

No. 1599948

File: 1686158267698.jpeg (108.92 KB, 1206x750, IMG_1298.jpeg)

Tsukihime is a eroge yes, the cat thing doesn’t have sex though it’s just in a joke ending.

No. 1599953

Oh my god OF COURSE it's porn

No. 1599985

All the time, some special messages he sent to me or told me after O rejecyed him despite expressing interest in someone else the entire time. Apparently it's his pattern.

"You ruined me bitch. You killed me soul. The old me is dead. If I ever see you again I will kick your ass. Stay away from here (very popular district in the city lmao)"

There was a lot but I'm not sure why he thought he could ban me from an entire city district lmao. I was there a day or so later and he showed up and threatened me again when I was heading to the catch the train home. Yeah okay little dude I'll be back again. And I was and never saw him around. Such a weirdo.

No. 1599988

I thought you said they were shitty?

No. 1599995

nonnas assemble, QUICK. i have the urge to text my toxic ex gf. tell me not to do it pls.

No. 1599998

Don't do it.

No. 1600001

File: 1686160551656.jpg (26.15 KB, 500x500, avatars-PwrEE0eivEJ8OCs8-et1oh…)

don't you dare

No. 1600002


No. 1600005

you did it didn't you

No. 1600007

Please unblock me and text me t. your toxic ex gf

No. 1600010

File: 1686160865696.jpeg (34.82 KB, 400x400, 717B3EB2-60B7-472C-81B9-C497C4…)

phew. u saved my life nonnas, thank u

No. 1600012

KEK omg the timing of this…

No. 1600014

no this evil reverse psychology won’t work on me

No. 1600015

I ship anon and her toxic ex gf

No. 1600021

File: 1686161201353.jpeg (30.22 KB, 640x565, A2439E4E-843B-4568-96FB-60AB50…)

noOoOoo we’re not meant to be together

No. 1600025

No. 1600036

File: 1686161946814.jpeg (24.93 KB, 750x750, C149B3E0-2171-48D8-95F7-759CC1…)

is this the opening?? i wanna be with u song?? cute…

No. 1600038

Theme song of nonna x toxic ex gf

No. 1600071

its actually kind of satisfying to just sit down and go to town plucking out stray pubes with tweezers while doing something like watching youtube or listening to music
not like I go completely hairless or anything but I prefer to do it this way to stay well groomed down there because shaving is annoying and irritates my skin badly there

No. 1600123

File: 1686169676186.webm (6.28 MB, 480x852, nelly.webm)

You guys probably won't even be able to play this video, but I saw this vid on twitter of Nelly Furtado performing recently and she looks so fucking good. I also saw that she previewed some new music a few weeks ago but I didn't like it.

No. 1600176

i deleted my social media connected to my government name at the beginning of 2021 because the onset of bipolar really set in the year before and i kept getting in facebook arguments while manic.

No. 1600180

I was leaning over the counter before a shower and my titty was hanging down and I started grabbing my titty, bitch I really felt like I had udders. Only my big titty though, my smaller titty didn't feel like an udder

No. 1600199

I want a monster, haven't had one in months. Do I go for one of the java ones or a juice one?

No. 1600205

The only social media account I had was a fb but I made it after hs. I went to a private school and watched classmates get kicked out for dumb shit. I had the fb for a few years but realized I never used it much so I deleted it. I actively make sure I take my name, and by extension parents' names, off places like white pages. Never got called weird at least to my face. Nothing wrong with being private. Had I had my fb when I had my incident, it would had put me in a worse place.

No. 1600209

No. 1600214

I just poured bleach on top of comet, I'll let you guys know if my house explodes

No. 1600219

Please never mix bleach with anything other than water. It can actually kill you. Stay safe.

No. 1600223

Too late my home is already filled with mustard gas. My eyes are threatening to close as I write this…

No. 1600227

just do it what's the harm in 1 text

No. 1600228


No. 1600232

hey babe

No. 1600237


No. 1600239

No. 1600250

u wanna kiss?

No. 1600290

back off pipsqueak that dame is all mine, if you don't haul your tush back to losertown you'll be ninny waffles by the time i'm done with you…

No. 1600303

samefag, i was right kek

No. 1600308

HOLY SHIT QUINTS husbando supremacy, one for the history books…I'm so proud

No. 1600312

Why not a classic?
They started selling alcoholic monsters where I live. I have not researched what they are made of but they look horrific

No. 1600316

i was watching a video about kelly ronahan and i can't get over how this youtuber says "lolcow farms," someone else please listen to this i'm losing my mind https://youtu.be/gQ91IqTSht4?t=581

No. 1600319

"lo cow farms" lol. I keep getting recommended this video too. Btw you can embed youtube videos.

No. 1600321

shit i forgot. here it is.
>low-cal farms

No. 1600322

i'm trying to flirt with a guy right now but i think he's too much of a nerd to even notice. i asked if i could come over to his place and he asked if it was because i wanted to read his original ninja turtles comics. honestly i am also enticed by the comics but mostly i want to look at his penis but idk how to communicate that to him kek

No. 1600323

Lmao she's a bit slow on the uptake for sure.I've enjoyed some of her vids tho

No. 1600324

what the fuck, those kinds of men still exist? he sounds kinda cute i love clueless nerds. good luck nonnie

No. 1600326

File: 1686188655502.jpeg (27.93 KB, 572x450, the-skinny-cow.jpeg)

>low-cal farms

No. 1600328

You're a certified sped if you can't see through that. How are you all eating that shit up.

No. 1600335

File: 1686189037204.png (9.13 KB, 426x653, 0325823631.PNG)

Was a bit bored and drew this cute little knight

No. 1600336

That's how I pronounce it, sorry everyone.

No. 1600350

Could someone draw this thing? I…need it

No. 1600352

File: 1686191116015.jpg (7.76 KB, 225x225, f03.jpg)

Mfw an anon agrees with my post and defends me

No. 1600358

Europe is fascinating

Work in high paying country like Switzerland, get housing provided by job, cross the border to stock up on cheap groceries, completely legal and encouraged and everything runs smoothly. Amazing.

No. 1600363

He might actually be aware of your intentions, but he's either too shy and nervous to bring it up or slyer than you think.

No. 1600378

That is a very cute knight

No. 1600383

File: 1686192906265.jpeg (55.11 KB, 600x649, 1C0B7331-FF1D-4741-A559-661839…)

My prediction for the plot of the Barbie movie is:
>be Barbie
>have to choose between being a doll or going outside
>goes outside as a doll because there’s no way she will become human
>Ken goes with her
>Barbie and ken get separated
>people want to arrest the doll because she’s a doll and she shouldn’t hangout with humans
>omg Barbie is actually a human/part human
>Ken wants to use male privilege to be taken seriously because no one gives a fuck about him in the Barbie world
>Ken gets frustrated because he feels like he’s just another Ken while Barbies get to have cool professions
>male privilege doesn’t work I wish it was like that irl
>he becomes evil because he wants to help evil businessman so he can feel like a man
>Barbie has to tell ken that he’s the most special ken to her and that no one will ever replace him
>Ken stops being evil to help Barbie
>they kiss
>Barbie goes back to Barbie world with Ken
>they tell everyone that Barbies and Kens should all be equals
>Everyone hugs/kisses/holds hands
>happy song ending with Doja cat Barbie
>the end
>special cut scene with evil businessman being punished for committing crimes against dolls
>the end

No. 1600385

>they tell everyone that Barbies and Kens should all be equals
I must be a terrible person to think this is a bad thing.