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File: 1685804312558.jpg (92.26 KB, 1110x837, RDT_20230524_20391978003259875…)

No. 1595859

Previous thread: >>1583234

Sage any posts that aren't milky by writing "sage" in the email field. Remember not to take baits, blogpost or otherwise derail! Report low quality posts and move on!

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No. 1595863

File: 1685804726813.jpg (101.65 KB, 739x900, FxnjFDXXgAM02Yd.jpg)

New updates on the Till Lindemann situation. His publisher has cut ties with him.

>It is with shock that we have followed public allegations against Till Lindemann in the past few days. Our sympathy and respect goes to the women affected. In the course of the current reporting, we became aware of a porn video in which Till Lindemann celebrates sexual violence against women and in which the book "In stillen Nachten" published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch in 2013 plays a role. We rate this as gross Breach of trust and as a ruthless act towards those we represent as a publisher values. We defend the freedom of art with full conviction. Through Till Lindemann's actions that humiliate women in the aforementioned porn and the targeted use of our book in a pornographic context, the separation between the "lyrical I" and the author/artist, which we so staunchly defended, is mocked by the author himself. From our point of view, Till Lindemann exceeds immovable limits in dealing with women. We have therefore decided to end our collaboration with Till Lindemann with immediate effect, as our relationship of trust with the author has been irretrievably broken.

No. 1595865

Also New accusations against Till Lindemann. This time even the german state media reported about that.

>"Several women are making new accusations against Rammstein frontman Lindemann. They describe to NDR and SZ how young women are apparently recruited specifically for sex with him. Two women also report alleged sexual acts to which they had not consented. … The two women speak anonymously in front of the camera and have sworn their statements in lieu of an oath. The reporters also have other statements from witnesses in lieu of oath as well as numerous chat transcripts that underscore parts of the accusations. Both Lindemann and the band left questions from NDR and SZ about concrete accusations unanswered."


German Video about if from the news

No. 1595867

File: 1685805203698.png (80.28 KB, 1080x1070, statement-from-rammstein-v0-td…)

Aaand new Statement from the band:

>The publications of the last few days have caused irritation and questions among the public and especially among our fans. The allegations hit us all very hard and we take them extremely seriously.

We say to our fans: It is important to us that you feel comfortable and safe at our shows - in front of and behind the stage.

We condemn any kind of transgression and ask you: do not engage in public prejudice of any kind against those who have made allegations. They have a right to their point of view.

But we, the band, also have a right – namely not to be prejudiced either.


No. 1595887

Most adults across age groups watch the news, so close to everybody has to know about this now. Problem is, the vast majority of the population always saw them as scary and evil so this comes as no surprise, their big devoted fanbase however are still fully supporting them and basically say "Well, what did you as a young woman expect when an old rockstar personally invites you and you say yes?"
The number of people who have tickets for their concerts this summer is so big, including my dad…

No. 1595889

This pathetic back pedaling is absolute shit. They willingly published his work 10 years ago and only now change their stance. They should of dismissed it before print. Shame on them; hope they lose business and money.

No. 1595900

The last thread was so fucking intense. Thanks op for whipping this up. I love (you)!

No. 1595904

Damn, there was no milk last thread? OP is so short

No. 1595905

Are (you) suffering from mental problems and bad engrish?!

No. 1595913

there was an anon in the last thread vigorously insisting that the woman was to blame for going to an after party. it was depressing. and i caught a ban for calling that victim blaming kek

No. 1595915

What was gramatically wrong about her post? I don't mind calling you retarded in native English on her behalf.

No. 1595917

Thanks anon kek. I think it's just trump-chan

No. 1595923

Trump-chan is a source for good.

No. 1595925

it's just disgusting that this behaviour is seen as normal male rock-star behaviour. And to say that the young women are to blame for all this is even more disgusting. Yes, people are naive and some are blinded by them being famous, but all that should be even more reason for famous adult people to act, well, like decent adults. And I really believe that there are people out there that don't think about sex all the time or didn't have to see the bad shit that's going on in the world and think that going backstage means drinking a beer with the musician.

No. 1595947

I keep seeing articles and none of them call him what he is, a rapist. This man is a rapist.

No. 1595974

File: 1685815681953.jpg (72.61 KB, 889x693, 1wXuyXn.jpg)

I feel sorry for Natalie but at the same time, he was cheating on someone when they started dating

No. 1595976

File: 1685815743582.jpg (34.56 KB, 244x746, UigrgCe.jpg)

the woman her husband was caught cheating with is a famous climate activist

No. 1595981

I want to put jack antonoff's head onto a guillotine IN MINECRAFT!

I'm very angry and that's an understatement.

No. 1595983

File: 1685816161795.jpg (129.9 KB, 1742x849, QCcoaFi.jpg)

samefagging, it's sad cause they seperated last year just for him to cheat again, natalie needs to let that marriage go. he literally had his mistress coming in and out of his office while he was reconciling with natalie But then again a lot of men married to rich celeb women end up taking most of their money. Like Kelly Clarkson and Halle Berry nearly went broke from their divorces.

No. 1595985

and the girlfriend he had at the time that he met Natalie was like 22 while he was 32.

No. 1595986

I want to put jack antonoff's head onto a guillotine IN MINECRAFT!

I'm very angry and that's an understatement. Ooooh and I must persist and put on my pokerface. Minecraft is such a fun game. ErrrrrrrrrRRRRREE so fun.(autism)

No. 1595987

File: 1685816593072.png (260.7 KB, 1440x2523, Screenshot_20230603-132428.png)


No. 1595991

File: 1685816862334.jpg (111.95 KB, 906x606, 7DzikK8.jpg)

Ezra miller will make his 1st public appearance, it's crazy how the doja thread is still going thanks to nitpicking but his died. He literally has a rotation of equally lolcowish girlfriends. like the stripper with two kids who left an abusive polygamous relationship to join ezra's equally abusive and drugged up harem.
and his current mistress is 2 decades younger than him. it's clear he habitually cheats on his relationships with younger women

No. 1595992

looks like you hid saged posts

No. 1595993

File: 1685816908446.jpg (199.73 KB, 1280x934, lZD7UV2.jpg)

the milk on his gf who took her kids with ezra to live with him on ezra's farm

No. 1595995

File: 1685817047924.png (276.97 KB, 1440x2549, Screenshot_20230603-133127.png)

This website is still btfo for me.

No. 1595998

oh yeah, nothing suspicious about a guy who buys 500 dollars worth of toys for your kids the day after you met.

No. 1595999

Newfag, you have saged posts hidden and this isn't the thread for this

No. 1596000

File: 1685817403515.jpg (189.54 KB, 1519x842, DeFyCpv.jpg)

samefagging, she basically made ezra her kids stepdad. she did an interview to refute the rolling stone claims but it got scrubbed from the internet. you can still see the pictures she had of ezra with her kids tho. i wonder if she still lives with him.

No. 1596003

File: 1685817502746.jpg (39.68 KB, 484x832, aHr4VLG.jpg)

she had her kids calling him their dad

No. 1596004

File: 1685817508514.png (13.56 KB, 1896x599, CLICK HERE.png)

no it isn't

No. 1596006

File: 1685817732809.jpg (89.26 KB, 1099x570, ql4FNJc.jpg)

nvm the interview is still up

No. 1596008


No. 1596012

This website is glitching hard. Catch y'all later.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1596015

File: 1685818262679.jpg (61.86 KB, 381x614, xRbWvM1.jpg)

she was a stripper
tokata/gibson (enby) also said ezra saved her from an abusive situation.
ezra constantly targets ethnic women especially indigenous women (tokata is native american, mia solange is mixed with native hawaiian and ana rosa claims to be native hawaiian) esp ones escaping abusive situations.

No. 1596017

File: 1685818422932.png (10.98 KB, 992x360, Screenshot 4.png)

Just go on the "show saged posts in this thread"

No. 1596020

She can't see this nonna kek

No. 1596021

we both saged so it cannot see anyway….

No. 1596022

Feeling sick because I went to concerts when this happened I had no idea. Hope the old pig actually get punished for this. I'd be pretty cool with him just dropping dead too, he is 60 now after all and doesn't seem to live a healthy lifestyle.

No. 1596034

Except for the time she defended an abuser >>1519666 >>1519684 >>1519657

No. 1596035

Because a larger chunk of lolcow users than most realize are giga pickmes who think it's okay for a man to assault people, but it's worse than Hitler for a woman to be kind of off-putting.

No. 1596038

What are you talking about? Dojas thread hasn't been updated in months.

No. 1596056

when will women even learn? if he cheats on someone with YOU, he will cheat on YOU with someone. it's really that simple. i can't even feel sorry for natalie in this case

No. 1596073

natalie is beyond gorgeous i give her that but she always seemed like a holier-than-thou "i'm vegan and can speak 10 languages!" rich and jewish libfem to me, similar like emma watson
she also has many buddy buddy pics with weinstein and then acted all brave and women supporting, e.g. wearing that pathetic dress with female directors names

No. 1596085

She also supported Polanski and signed his petition (but then apologized for it in 2018).

No. 1596273

File: 1685838485847.jpeg (150.62 KB, 1170x1254, 6744F507-E838-4A8A-9C28-CDD371…)

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi had an engagement party! I didn’t recognize her at ALL at first, but I have to admit her styling is much better these days, she looks good. It looks like her lips are new or something. But at least she looks like an actual zoomer and isn’t being styled like an 40-year-old anymore. It’s also refreshing that she ended up with a guy her age, I was worried about the Drake shit

No. 1596280

Between his kidnapping a Native American teenager to hosting “under 21 ONLY” parties theres no way this man isn’t a pedophile. Get him away from those kids

No. 1596295

didn't he also have sex with that teenager on a dirty mattress too

No. 1596301

Oh my god I forgot about that. Her UNCLE found him fucking her on a mattress outside. How the hell does this creep still have a career

No. 1596362

Because they can be litigated for calling him a rapist.

No. 1596397

File: 1685844025899.jpeg (93.8 KB, 828x965, IMG_0448.jpeg)

Kek I bet it was either Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp

No. 1596404

Almost like lesbians deal with this shit all the time from straight men, but because she trooned out, she's moot in all this i guess

No. 1596420

File: 1685846416113.jpg (203.62 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_2023-06-03-19-40-14…)

No. 1596421

File: 1685846416945.jpeg (171.37 KB, 810x1245, IMG_3807.jpeg)

That's not Kanye's gf, it's his wife, they got married a while back

No. 1596426

>Page said Mingella was supportive of them exploring a romantic relationship. According to Page, Mara told him: "I never thought I could be in love with two people and now I know I can."
thought this was about cheating but being outed as a cringe polyfag is one million times worse. oof

No. 1596427

Somewhat OT but is anyone else here a long time follower of Evan Rachel Wood and constantly see her throwing shade at her baby daddy (forget his name) and occasionally Kate Mara (married to him) in her ig stories? I think about it every time I see her and I just get bad vibes from her in general

No. 1596430

Jamie Bell.

No. 1596433

i always got strong closeted lesbian vibes from kate mara. i think the only reason she signed off on being named ellen's autobiography is because ellen identifies as a man now, and by modern logic, she was fucking a dude instead of another woman. kek

No. 1596434

And now she's a totally real man who fucks women, so I guess that old scrote was right. Really showing those homophobes what a bunch of fools they all are

No. 1596448


God she's ugly. She looks so sickly in every photo I see of her.

No. 1596471

Always thought it would be the other Mara sister whos a lezzer.

No. 1596474

Hahahaha love the thread title

No. 1596475

File: 1685856357702.jpeg (47.76 KB, 1169x989, IMG_0320.jpeg)

(Non Contribution)

No. 1596482

Trump chan is an annoying infighter who keeps posting Twitter reactions, and I'm pretty sure she's both a Taylor fag and a Lana fag, make of that what you will

No. 1596495

damn T-chan they're slandering you over here

No. 1596499

anon look at some of the redtexts from the last thread or >>1596034

No. 1596507

Why are you kekking at a moid threatening a lesbian with rape? I bet it was shit like that which led to her identifying as not a woman.

No. 1596508

It's not slander if it's true

No. 1596561

i think alena is an important character in this story and needs to be looked at more. the main 3 allegations all include that they were contacted by alena to meet till and she set them up to basically get raped by him. she's literally on his payroll as a full-time pimp, who knows how that alone isn't enough to make his supporters realize what is going on. how did till even find this bitch anyway?

i remember she was brought up in the marilyn manson thread years ago bc she was a victim of manson's. she apparently went on to inflict the same thing on other girls amd become a ghislaine maxwell tier pickme. i went hunting for the old manson thread because i knew i recognized her name from there, and someone actually mentioned she procured girls for till back when she was mentioned >>>/snow/1150568 >>>/snow/1150649 the post was before any allegations surfaced so it seems worth mentioning

No. 1596644

i still feel like she looks like late 30s/early 40s. also getting angaged so soon… this won't last but at least she is with someone her own age

No. 1596671

File: 1685886510836.jpeg (137.99 KB, 1075x952, 0B9CBAE8-EAEB-4AA0-91D9-538C2A…)

I still don’t think this is real and it’s so random.

No. 1596675

I guess she can't name and shame the guy because she struggles to get roles while that actor has more success and ruin her career even more?

No. 1596688

nta but that glitch happens to me too but only in my country's thread and I don't hid saged posts

No. 1596692

it's thread dependent, maybe ypu accidentally clicked the hide saged posts link on that one thread

No. 1596709

Holy shit anon I never realised, blessings to you and your house

No. 1596725

Her body in the second pic looks so weird

No. 1596738

How can someone care that much about saving the world but at the same time isn't capable of respecting another woman? People really hate women. No wonder climate activists are going nowhere.

No. 1596758

She's always looked like she's wearing linebacker shoulder pads. Hilary Duff has weird posture like that too. Maybe it's tight trap muscles.

No. 1596767

Bigfoot sighting image

No. 1596828

I think it’s promotion for their sponsorships with Chanel, but it’s funny to see Timothee fangirls seething over it. This intellectual artsy softboy persona is manufactured PR, he’s probably your standard coomerish 20-something who allegedly spreads chlamydia.

No. 1596843

really odd take, those things are not related anon

No. 1596873

this is such a boring pr relationship

No. 1596959

File: 1685914214938.jpeg (208.23 KB, 1170x1983, IMG_9221.jpeg)

Florence Pugh is the Doja Cat of the acting world. Whenever she tries to be humorous giving “My new stage name is Emcee flapchunks the 3rd and you shall address me as such”. She needs to stick to her strengths: crying, screaming, moaning and bellowing.

No. 1596966

File: 1685914978130.jpg (51.16 KB, 1280x720, daysofmercy.jpg)

I'm not at all surprised
They co-starred in a movie about a Christian girl married to a man (Mara) who has a secret lesbian relationship. When they fucked on screen they looked very comfortable doing it.
I guess Ellen won't talk about that movie because she's not a lesbian anymore. eyeroll

No. 1596968

Sick of seeing this weird ass bobblehead. Something about her and her toddleresque massive skull is just so bland and annoying.

No. 1596986

She was in midsommer and really think she's some kind of gift to the acting world.

No. 1597003

File: 1685920103336.jpeg (432.85 KB, 2048x2048, 54ABB34D-5B26-4D11-8EB6-DFF864…)

Finally figured out why this SZA picture was so unsettling and familiar. She’s got the expression from the end of Sleepaway Camp and the body of Tracy Morgan.

No. 1597009

Golden Kek Award

No. 1597011

I'm losing it, anon. Bless you

No. 1597031

I thought it was weird at first but then I remembered that he LOVES attention and his type is super-rich nepo babies.

I can't get over the fact that she fucked Zach Braff's old ass and he also looks JUST like her dad. I've thought she was weird ever since

No. 1597037

She got weirdly defensive over that relationship too, and supported Depp to top it off.

No. 1597039

File: 1685923770456.jpeg (69.9 KB, 576x1024, 10BB3E26-43CA-4779-A7CA-D19A5C…)

Good lord ew

No. 1597110


She gave us kill Bill. She can do whatever she wants.

No. 1597191

File: 1685932131520.png (1.97 MB, 1440x1359, Screenshot_20230604-212947.png)

They don't like me and I've accepted it. I'm not here to make friends, so whateves.(take it to meta, no1currs)

No. 1597300

No. 1597348

File: 1685939575399.jpeg (140.78 KB, 827x1251, IMG_0489.jpeg)

No. 1597352

Omg stop, this cannot be real. He looks like a homeless schizophrenic who thinks he's a football player and ballerina and she looks embarrassed. Why would she let him dress her, he's retarded.

No. 1597356

This is embarrassing

No. 1597402

She looks like a dog bed that grew a human body.

No. 1597504

Gay pride <3 love is love <3 eve and eve <3(<3)

No. 1597602

So. Everyones thoughts on the Idol's first ep?

No. 1597688

This mentally ill moid just love putting women in sexy burqas doesn't he? Poor wife.

No. 1597705

>I really believe that there are people out there that don't think about sex all the time
Yeah, they're called women

No. 1597751

There are probably men who think less about sex than Lindemann as well, he is a total addict and has been for many years. The other Rammstein members manages to go through an entire concert without fucking anyone, he doesn't apparantly.

No. 1597752

honestly out of all the members of rammstein, libermann is probably the one i'm least surprised to hear accusations about. but also, rammstein is incredibly hypersexualized much of the time, and i'm about as surprised to hear this kind of stuff about them as i was for marilyn manson being a pos

No. 1597768

Yeah it's not surpising but awfully disappointing. There was still a difference between Manson and Rammstein, Manson acted edgy 24/7 but the R+ members seemed like calm and reasonable people in interviews when not on stage. Even Lindemann, but as have already posted he has gotten more and more outrageous in recent years, through his personal projects.

No. 1597776

File: 1685957732860.jpeg (911.23 KB, 1092x1920, IMG_4412.jpeg)

Any bets on when Kanye is going to start wearing a codpiece?

No. 1597787

Why would he? He probably can't even look at paintings like that for inspiration, too many colours.

No. 1597818

Is…is a codpiece the dick hammock? If so, hopefully never.

No. 1597823

notice that he can wear tshirts, socks and leggings while his women always have to squeeze in weird uncomy satanic insect shit and pointy heels?
and yet retards claim kim is badly dressed now without him when she finally dresses like a normalish woman, i don't think we ever saw her in just a jeans when she was with him

No. 1597835

File: 1685963366828.jpg (202.23 KB, 1920x960, 1685929082132274.jpg)

Predictable coomer brained filth. It's genuinely just softcore porn with the story being "omg sex and degradation of women".

Someone even pointed out that the opening shot of LRD is her beneath a painting of four Africanized male faces to reference the interracial gangbang Brazzers meme thing.

Picrel, pure pornsickness

No. 1597839

oh my fucking god, men should NOT be allowed to make movies direct write scripts whatever. this is horrible.

No. 1597845

Yeah it makes the dick look erect, it was trendy for a while in the 1500s to show how virile and masculine you were. Poor women back then. Imagine trying to have a serious conversation with a man and he wears that.

No. 1597864

File: 1685965437288.png (568.72 KB, 1887x907, hnji.png)

So, why are Americans obsessed with morbidly obese black women?
Don't get me wrong, the whole show is really off-putting, but I feel like this is another elephant in the room. I really can't see any black girls or women who like these sorts of shows or "aesthetics" enjoy being portrayed this way, no matter what fat positivity people insist. Is it some kind of reverse psyop to induce eating disorders in the black zoomer community? "Haha, here is your representation, fat negro mammy :^) An obese, sex addicted groomer! This is how we all see you. Everyone knows actually being attractive and fit is for other girls, you're too powerful for that. Yasss queen slay with heart disease"? I hate that there's a certain type of person who will probably try to gaslight others by insisting this is "empowering", and everyone else will be bullied out of admitting that they see it for what it is (an insult from porn addicts). The Weeknd is an ugly tryhard freak too, lol.(:^))

No. 1597883

File: 1685967264073.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x967, people-are-very-critical-of-ho…)

The kardashians have some weird incest shit going on. Maybe the rumors around them aren't all that fake.

No. 1597887

Everytime I have to see a trailer for this I just think how bad LRD skin looks. I assume all her sex scenes with the fatend look greasy af

No. 1597890

Khloe has made like several incestuous comments towards Rob over the years. she absolutely wants to fuck her brother.

No. 1597895

>So, why are Americans obsessed with morbidly obese black women?
Racist misogynistic men (including black men) and also insecure non-black pick-mes with a superiority complex over black women love to see and create unflattering portrayals of us to feel better about themselves.
>The Weeknd is an ugly tryhard freak too, lol
men like him hate black women and fetishize non-black women and so they like portraying us as either fat and ugly sexless "strong and independent" mammies or bitter bitches jealous of their ~preferences~

No. 1597903

>So, why are Americans obsessed with morbidly obese black women?
Because in America, black women are used as human shields and (figurative) mules to carry every social justice problem.
White women want fat acceptance? Use obese black women as example of obesity being "natural" and recruit naive fat black women to the cause
White men want trans rights? Use black women as examples of "masculinity" and recruit self-hating black women to the cause
Black men want acceptance from whites? Use black women as scapegoat for all their shitty and toxic behavior
Etc. etc.

No. 1597937

If I see one more tweet claiming Jennie's acting is so much better than Lily's and she has such a star "aura"… they're exactly the same, untalented moid-pandering nepo babies. Jennie is the blandest most basic Becky on earth, she just happens to be Asian kek
And Lily is much more skelly than her, it's like she's in her 2nd ana era… Sad, if I was born rich, I'd enjoy my life instead of starving and degrading myself.

No. 1597967

File: 1685978946845.jpg (133.63 KB, 800x1105, 800px-Sam_Levinson_by_Gage_Ski…)

Many threads someone mentioned that Sam Levison harbors a vendetta against women and attractive men, Like all the attractive actors in Euphoria are scumbags to a comical some degree, while the good men happen to be unattractive (similar to Sam himself)
Also I would not be surprised if had a cuck fetish, he looks like a massive coomer

No. 1597971

File: 1685979368278.jpeg (165.58 KB, 1620x908, 1B649B6D-D5DD-4918-BCBF-DA772D…)

It might apply to other races of women too, but black female characters are usually portrayed as Mammy, Jezebel, or Sapphire (submissive, sexy, or sassy/bitchy) in American media.

No. 1597981

He looks like a gormless mealworm. Gross.

No. 1597983

File: 1685980495310.jpg (126.47 KB, 966x1458, 20230605_115201.jpg)

But why did he have POLILEZ stamped on his back

No. 1597984

Samefag but look at his cheekies. He needs to stop wearing those tights, he looks like he's clenching.

No. 1597986

anon are you dyslexic by any chance

No. 1597987

"Polizei" just means police in german

No. 1597988

KEK nona holy shit

No. 1597990

black political trans lesbian nazi kanye here we go

No. 1597994

They’ve always been fucking weird, they know that sex sells and they play into it. I remember feeling so fucking disgusted when in an episode of one of the first few seasons of KUWTK they install a fucking stripper pole in their house and show kylie (who was probably like 13) playing on it. They’re all sick.

No. 1597998

are you twitterfags or just unfunny

No. 1598055

File: 1685988504847.jpeg (87.99 KB, 828x769, IMG_0492.jpeg)


No. 1598056

File: 1685988646537.jpg (290.25 KB, 1778x1000, 20230605_201142.jpg)

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy have broken up.

No. 1598061

Shaped like a PEAR

No. 1598071

Good, she should get herself a handsome 10/10 man already. A gorgeous and succesful women like her shouldn't go for a guy who looks like he could be my uncle.

No. 1598073

So they moved in together just a couple weeks back and now it's already over? Matty must have been affecting taytay's PR just a little too long kek. It's too late, everyone saw what a misogynist/racist dicksucker she made herself out to be with this. A huge chunk of her fanbase will never see her the same and a lot of people dropped her altogether over it. That's not going to end her career by a long shot but it's enough to prove she really is a pos(sage your shit)

No. 1598076

always remember to put a condom on your Teat Davidson(learn to sage)

No. 1598115

Is there anything to the rumors that she's a lesbian? I keep seeing comments on different sites about that(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1598117

wishful thinking

No. 1598118

You really chose to not sage right after 2 red texted posts huh

No. 1598132

RIP to the funniest thing that will happen this year

No. 1598137

You don't have to sage in OT retarded janny(non-milk posts in celebricows should be saged)

No. 1598140

File: 1685995790853.jpg (82.99 KB, 941x1088, FxbEc8WXoAM54TI.jpg)

I think she realized that her fans would never ever accept him and so probably agreed to brake up for the sake of her image, It would have been funny if it lasted longer though.

No. 1598141

Lol I thought they were still trying to deny they were even together?

No. 1598146

celebricows actually is the only /ot/ thread where you have to sage non-milk posts

No. 1598163

Exactly what I expected, dumb coomer shit. I've seen webms posted of the show and as far as I can tell it's just Sam Levinson wanting to show Lily Rose naked and exposed, including literal upskirt camera shots pointed up at her bare ass, hanging completely out. It genuinely looks like porn, they're not even trying to hide it at this point.

No. 1598189

File: 1686002066364.jpg (46.43 KB, 623x374, 1dadadb6930d9a60d6ba9bbb82a136…)

may she heal and write an insane album about it, amén.

No. 1598194

idk who this ugly fucker is but he looks like he’s desperately cosplaying Bob Dylan and I’m embarrassed for him.

No. 1598215

I knew she would break up with him before speak now. I already saw a lot of swifties being like “I can’t find the energy to care about john mayer while she’s dating his british cousin”. Bet she’ll do the live debut for Dear John next weekend and no one will be talking about Matty anymore.

No. 1598234

Hallelujah and amen

No. 1598268

The fact you put that stupid pathetic person who isn't Florence in the same sentence is concerning.

No. 1598274

>>1597003 put some respect on her name, it's Angela. Nobody cares about that whale sza and her botched body.

No. 1598279

He needs to disappear and never be spoken about ever again

No. 1598289

bet she regrets the failed "redemption" collab with obese spice now huh

No. 1598291

This whole family of pigs deserve to be roasted. Contribute nothing to society except young girls it's ok to be a cheap whore.

No. 1598307

Why are people being so warned to Sage in OT wtf is going on
Also I’m about to watch the idol… don’t know if I’m excited or nervous

No. 1598310

He probably gave her scabies or herpes and she just realized

No. 1598319

>obese spice
Fall face-first into dogshit whore

This is a man that jerk-asphyxiates himself to sleep at least three times a week and on more than a dozen occasions has watched videos of women popping balloons under their ass

No. 1598322

This entire project was made for the producers to jerk off to her and see her naked daily. Pathetic.

They wanted her to look like that on purpose. The weeknd looks like he's eaten nothing but mcdoubles and exotic carts for nourishment in the past nine to twelve months and shits maybe twice a week so I do not understand the appeal he brings to the table at ALL.

No. 1598323

I do not respect her

No. 1598335

they made that collab literally months ago, long before ratty was on the scene (though that did make it funnier).

i actually think you have it backwards tbh. the collab happened. it was shit. taylor, a control freak obsessed with quality control, knew it was bad and gonna flop. so she decided to cause a lil drama that would make people listen to it en masse for gossip reasons because she knew no one would be streaming it organically.

it's hard to get into taycapitalist's mind but with a lil effort you can work out her thought patterns.

No. 1598353

File: 1686016690125.jpeg (Spoiler Image,107.18 KB, 1620x867, E48C0792-4D58-4C2D-B9A9-0F726B…)

Not to be too morbid, but I can see him having a death like David Carradine’s. A lonely coomer death at 72 all because of your fetish. Sage for the spoiled 15 year old milk.
>>The "Kill Bill" star's body was discovered Thursday June 4th 2009 in his luxury suite at Bangkok's Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel. Police Lt. Gen. Worapong Chewprecha told reporters that Carradine was found wearing a black wig with a rope "tied around his penis and another rope around his neck."
>>"The two ropes were tied together," he said. "It is unclear whether he died of suffocation or heart failure due to an orgasm."

No. 1598355


No. 1598371

The Idol recap:
-doing a photo shoot of various poses (doe eyed, laughing, innocent, mischievous, “pure sex”)
-shows her tits 3 minutes in, of course…
-goes back to the photo shoot scene where they are discussing romanticizing mental illness bc she is wearing a hospital wristband in the photo shoot; one of the ladies says yes, “mental illness is sexy” okay then….
-this guy is trying to tell him she can’t show her nipples for her album cover, they say it was her idea and they argue about it, he gets locked in a bathroom
-a picture goes viral of a selfie of Jocelyn with cum on her face
-all the higher ups are trying to take care of it
-Jocelyn finds out after her dance rehearsal, said “it could be worse”
-her and Jennie Kim go out to a club
-it’s Tedros club of course (the weeknd)
-he gets Jocelyn to dance with him
-they go to the stairwell to fuck, are interrupted by her assistant looking for her
-they have this cliché talk about how she has the best job in the world, she says she hates her music and her new album, tells him she likes him (he was not charming at all and has a rattail)
-she goes home and she’s choking herself and masturbating on her couch after the club
-she has an interview with vanity fair about the photo that leaked
-she’s watching a movie with her assistant, says she thinks she’s gonna invite tedros over
-her friend says she doesn’t like his vibe, he seems “rapey”, Jocelyn says she likes that
-tedros comes over, kisses the assistant on her lips when he greets her
-Jocelyn is changing into porn lingerie while he waits for her, he’s sniffing her couch pillows
-Jocelyn is smoking a cig throughout the entire episode btw
-tedros does a bump of coke in the bathroom waiting for her, rehearsing “hello angel” in the mirror very creepily
-she “seductively” comes down the stairs finally
-they take shots, Jocelyn wants his opinion her new song she hates but her team is pushing her to put it out
-they go to her studio and she plays with him her new song, he said it’s good but it could be better, she needs to sing like she knows how to fuck
-he puts her robe over her face and ties the belt around her neck, she’s moaning weirdly
-he takes a knife and says “don’t be scared”, pokes it through the mouth hole ripping her robe
-says “now you can sing”
-episode over…

Basically a cringe fest, horrible acting, not believable whatsoever,I’m surprised it even got a five minute standing ovation

No. 1598391

File: 1686021818643.jpeg (186.3 KB, 1170x860, IMG_0358.jpeg)

Lana looked so beautiful for her 2nd Brazil performance! She looked beautiful in the first one but I liked this dress a lot better

No. 1598399

a couple of threads ago there were comments and even articles iirc about how she looked so good and happy while her ex seemed depressed but honestly this makes her look more pathetic imo. everyone knows that jumping into a new relationship (with a bottom of the barrel scrote no less) right after a long term relationship ended means you're just trying to cope/rebound, she even claimed to be so sooo happy or whatever and now they're already broken up. + bad PR

No. 1598408

Four fat pigs, who cares. they look like shit

No. 1598410

Pictures you can smell

No. 1598413

goddess bless i am crying at this thank

No. 1598417

this needs to be the next thread picture please

No. 1598419

You look like shit no doubt and should have been cum on your mum’s face instead of created. Imagine calling someone else a fat pig, I know this is lol cow but it’s fucking sad that you even think like that. What a sad life you must live. I’d say get therapy but you deserve to rot.

I don’t give a flying fuck if I get red texted for infighting. Not even a Lanafag just fucking shocked that people can think like this. Can’t relate.

The good news is that Lana clearly does not care what she looks like, she’s a multimillionaire loved by millions of people while you’re insulting people better than you because you’re jealous that your life is trash and no one gives a fuck about you.(redtexted for infighting)

No. 1598423

are you new

No. 1598431

Kek I can’t believe they printed that picture in a newspaper

No. 1598471

File: 1686034294018.gif (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 518x518, Fx5xNDWXgAA0M-l.gif)

Ice spice pulling a Shayna bending over and showing what looks like her bare ass on stage. I'm seriously failing to realize what makes her any different from any other pussy rapper., The "Vibes" and "personality" is just her being quiet and not saying much. When she's not wearing the ugly curly wig she looks literally like every other female rapper. Same lacefront, sticking out her tongue, lazy twerks (MTS at least can do that well and rap somewhat), no stage presence.
I was expecting her to start doing the Shayna chicken dance because wtf. Kek she's even in an slightly better fitting Shayna like outfit, with the same backrolls.

No. 1598472

(Okay she doesn't have backrolls sorry I said that, kek)

No. 1598493

Aww this cheered me up after reading through the tldr of that new porn, I mean tv show the Idol. She looks so happy, love to see it

No. 1598494

File: 1686039873041.jpeg (103.47 KB, 716x765, FwqJK8VXsAAoO6x.jpeg)

She has a down syndrome-esque beauty.

No. 1598498

how come she's already making songs with people like taylor swift and nicki minaj? all because of that one song that became tiktok famous?

No. 1598500

Cough cough industry plant cough cough please don't start infighting again I'm not hating I'm just saying the reason why she's suddenly pushed into every new project and collab, like Billie Eilish was

No. 1598517

File: 1686043767135.png (14.23 KB, 343x346, mf_HF.png)

I kept jumping in fear at the weeknd's ugliness.

No. 1598520

File: 1686044590444.jpeg (32.55 KB, 363x542, 18734BE9-C06C-43CC-BEAB-9CFA03…)

Everyone knows Kanye is a disgusting ugly coomer but the way he is dressing his new wife is one of the most degrading brain rotten things I have ever seen.

No. 1598522

It has already been posted but I agree with you. I'm getting abuse vibes.

No. 1598532


No. 1598537

>everyone knows that jumping into a new relationship (with a bottom of the barrel scrote no less) right after a long term relationship ended means you're just trying to cope/rebound, she even claimed to be so sooo happy or whatever and now they're already broken up

I remember when it was revealed she was in relationship with Joe Alwyn, the announcement was way more lowkey. "Oh they have been in a relationship for a while now and are keeping it on a down low." Meanwhile all other (PR or not) relationships she had were plastered and spammed everywhere.

No. 1598540

That outfit is so dehumanizing and humiliating, it's actually sinister

No. 1598591

Not sure if this fits here in terms of Celebrity status but this girl was groomed and forced to have sex by Lil Xan. In the Podcast she doesn’t name him but on her Tiktok she mentioned it’s him and people in the comments are pointing it out too.

No. 1598595

It is sinister. It's both displaying her as a sexual object while hiding her face. It reminds me of things like bodybags as well. I hope she gets away from him.

No. 1598629

thank you for saying that, I thought i was tripping for thinking the same.

No. 1598690

Entertainment in the future really will be just like idiocracy where everyone goes to watch a movie called ass for 90 minutes

No. 1598699

Never doubt your instinct when it comes to moid fuckery.

No. 1598737

Rammstein update: Till Lindemann’s management fired his procurer and banned her from Rammstein shows


> For example, the band's assistant Alena Makeeva has been banned by management from attending Rammstein concerts with immediate effect; the Russian is currently in Munich, but is expected to return home to Russia shortly. WELT AM SONNTAG had revealed over the weekend how Makeeva recruits young women at Rammstein events and feeds them to frontman Till Lindemann.

His retarded fans are taking this to mean it’s all Alena’s fault, and Till is just a blameless 60 year old man who somehow didn’t know the women he raped didn’t want to have sex because Alena lied to him.? The specific allegations were that he knowingly drugged these girls, not this bitch. Some of them are from before she was even around. And how would he have hired her and paid her for years without knowing exactly what she was doing? It’s insane he is getting away with his actions bc he’s pushing the blame on someone who was working for him when it was obviously his idea

No. 1598741

What the fuck

No. 1598769

Who's the deranged whore who wrote the script for that episode again? The Euphoria porn addict guy or the facially challenged singer who acts that one character in the Idol?

No. 1598770

Yeah, I'm sure Till can continue his predatory behaviour just fine without Alena. It's also very unlikely that this sex addict can keep it in his pants during this entire tour when he is used to fuck multiple women every night. This solves nothing.

No. 1598774

File: 1686068726332.jpeg (133.24 KB, 1280x720, 427E34FC-B8BE-428E-9DE1-22C157…)

I guess this is what I’d expect a mentally ill, closeted, fashion designer to put his wife in. It feels fetishy for some reason. Is it another Akira reference or something?

No. 1598778

Dunno but it feels like he wants a sexy burka.

No. 1598780

And double posting but isn't summer approaching in burgerland? No way that's comfortable.

No. 1598781

Idc what anyone says, fat lana is best lana. She used to be much sadder and depressed while on those weight loss drugs, she looks much cuter.

No. 1598784

File: 1686069141053.png (25.23 KB, 290x375, r4rcreepy.png)

These outfits looks disturbingly like the creepy outfits that the cult leader Saddler has given some of his female mind control victims in Resident Evil 4.

No. 1598785

maybe this has something to do with plastic surgery, like she's hiding her face while she recovers? i wouldn't be shocked if ye forced his wives into getting procedures.

No. 1598790

No, Kanye himself has been wearing weird masks ever since that spat he had with paparazzi for filming him without consent. He said something like "you don't deserve to see my face" and started wearing them.

No. 1598793

>"you don't deserve to see my face"
I really don't

No. 1598802

It's already here and it seems they're in California so it's probably hot as fuck

No. 1598808

This outfit is like his version of a burqa. Creepy motherfucker

No. 1598815

Still a fat slob and pedopandering loser.

No. 1598911

File: 1686077829376.jpg (243.34 KB, 1698x1105, PylJrwSxzG.jpg)

sage for OT, I remember reading this Twitter thread where people were comparing Sam Levinson with Michael Bay. Both have very stylized ways of directing, and both are male chauvinists whose camera often lingers on women's bodies. The difference is that Michael Bay doesn't pretend to be anything other than a "dudebro" who loves explosives and things he thinks are cool. On the other hand, Levinson is just as chauvinistic as Michael Bay(maybe more-so), but he genuinely believes that he's some sort of deep artist making a commentary on society or misogyny. This is why people dislike him him then probably any other director.

No. 1598923

File: 1686079144987.png (69.64 KB, 1440x498, Screenshot_20230606-141801.png)


If she tapped that, she's 100% got the herp.

No. 1598983

File: 1686082615901.png (72.9 KB, 1426x342, Screenshot.png)

Evan Rachel Wood has reportedly given up custody of her son for safety reasons
>Th actress and the father of the child(her ex-boyfriend Jamie Bell) have agreed to have their 7-year-old son live with his father
>The decision is said to be due to her fears of retaliation from Marilyn Manson(her ex-partner whom she accused of abuse earlier this year.) and harassment by his fans
>Manson has denied the allegations, but Wood claims she has received threats since coming forward.
>Manson is currently facing multiple lawsuits from women who have accused him of abuse, including Wood.(lurk more)

No. 1598985

File: 1686082713673.png (175.22 KB, 1440x1277, Screenshot_20230606-151752.png)

That's already been posted.


No. 1599009

Someone is watching german porn

No. 1599022

File: 1686086078821.jpg (66.32 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

yeah in that new pic he seems to be wearing a berlin shirt, what's up with that suddenly?

i remember a post of an anon years ago who was super upset about a kanye music vid. even back then he already basically degraded women as furniture, completely covering their head and face, nearly unable to move…

No. 1599025

I would not be surprised if he was dreaming about blonde, muscular square jawed men in leather outfits, putting their dicks up his ass.

No. 1599031

He likes fish sticks.

No. 1599036

I wish he would die more than anyone in hollywood tbh. Ugly faggot who gets away with glamorizing sex work to underage girls.

No. 1599058

File: 1686089278963.jpeg (106.55 KB, 828x1143, IMG_0533.jpeg)

It’s too bad he didn’t fall.

No. 1599064

Why is he even up there

No. 1599068

He was also having a decades long sexual relationship with an immediate younger family member, they wouldn't say who buy some people implied it was his daughter? I can't remember. Weird either way.

They desperately want to push young teens into thinking that the hottest women are sexually submissive and like being choked and slapped around. It's a meme as old as time, they know young girls shape their entire identities around women they admire in media.

Hes such a loser hes very lucky he can sing because that is the only reason anyone pretends to like him or find him attractive

No. 1599070

Discriminating against butch lesbians during pride month? You're heartless

God you are so mad

No. 1599072

I do not respect her. Before she flew under my radar with mostly indifference, but she's made it perfectly clear how annoying and desperate for attention she is. She was perfectly happy and pleased with herself when this originally generated buzz and played up and acted coy, now that it's backfired she suddenly wants PR to denounce it.

No. 1599073

I've seen this video a couple of times and never noticed that. That's genuinely creepy

No. 1599074

Wtf that sounds like some cringey fanfiction you’d find straight out of wattpad.

No. 1599075

File: 1686090383013.jpg (98.05 KB, 828x862, juhu.jpg)

This sounds fake as fuck.

No. 1599077

He wants banana pudding

No. 1599079

Please slip and fall please PLEASEE

Literally my first thought, wattpad smutt au tw noncon

No. 1599081

File: 1686090562808.jpg (114.3 KB, 702x527, FSUG8L0XoAMuHxB.jpg)

>I'm going to fucking gaybash you faggot

No. 1599085

and then everyone stood up and cheered.

No. 1599087

What's gay bash?

No. 1599088

i watched ep 1 of the idol because it was on the totally legal site i use to watch shit and omg it is straight up porn. the "plot" makes no sense, it just lily rose depp in random situations that could only have come from the brain of male coomers. i'm so grossed out

No. 1599097

File: 1686091396418.png (17.03 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230606-174442.png)

>gay bash
It's a party. It's pride month, anon.

No. 1599106

It's pathetic how desperate she is for attention. Her career is dead and buried like her ovaries and she knows it.

No. 1599107

An extremely dated term that would likely only be used by a 70 year old man

No. 1599111

File: 1686092253884.png (70.54 KB, 703x907, manlet.png)

barefoot lily rose depp(160cm/5ft3) standing next to rat tail in dress shoes

No. 1599116

this is obviously fake because she just looks like a woman with short hair. i like how in her made up hatecrime the bigot somehow knows she's supposed to be a man. if anyone insulted her in public it would be from the assumption she is a lesbian not a troon

No. 1599126

He can't be that short, he looks normal next to bella hadid

No. 1599127

I'll politely disagree with you, if depends on if Page was wearing a trans rights shirt or not, but either way they definitely didn't say gaybash lmao

No. 1599179

Yup, it would be along the lines of - suck my dick dyke or similar

No. 1599191

Yeah, it’s possible they have Depp standing on something to even out their heights. Drastic height differences between actors looks weird.

No. 1599193

That is not what gay bash means, my god people are so naive and stupid.

No. 1599196

Nta but learn to understand a joke autist

No. 1599207

Fuck off, loser.

No. 1599214

Literal tard rage aht aht

This man doesn't even have to wear sunglasses. Incredible

No. 1599218

Iys means a happy party, then he collet Page a faggot because he understands she's a man.

No. 1599304

lmao exactly what I thought of.

No. 1599367

File: 1686109259547.png (2.64 MB, 1347x2089, Screenshot_20230606-224119.png)

Ground level photo for perspective.

No. 1599370

File: 1686109414225.png (3.06 MB, 710x2403, Screenshot_20230606-224427.png)

He looks like a lesbian, no?

No. 1599440

No he looks like a random unwashed dude

No. 1599475

Agreed, fat lana soothes me

No. 1599478

Do gay bashers usually announce that they're going to gay bash someone? That's like shouting "I'm going to hate crime you!" And then punching a Jewish person. It usually just happens, they don't announce the specific crime they're about to commit kek

No. 1599490

That's how I dress… I don't want to have anything in common with this piece of shit, I need to change my wardrobe.

No. 1599543

Well yes some do it to threaten their target.
If the story is true it's very sad because Page will realize that she can't escape moid abuse by trooning out. I wish her a happy detransitioning in the future.
It's just a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, super basic I'm sure you look fine.

No. 1599572

File: 1686131559594.jpg (77.28 KB, 720x984, theidol.jpg)

A Sam Levinson production.

No. 1599589

Sorry. I must have been confused by seeing Elliot Paige cuz that's h'what a real man looks like…wait that's not a biological ma-GASP
>It's just a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, super basic I'm sure you look fine.
(s)he chopped off the boobz and got a neo-benus. There's no de-transitioning or refunds. This is permanent self mutilations that can't be undone.
>can't escape moid abuse
Yep. Unfortunately the trauma was so deep-to go this far and (s)he's going to have that wake-up call along with other revilaions… and it's no wonder after people go full frankenstein on themselves ect, that they end it. It's all really sad.

No. 1599615

>This is permanent self mutilations that can't be undone.
True, but plenty of TIFs who had their breasts cut off have detransitioned. They can't get those body parts back but they can stop pretending they're something they will never be.

No. 1599618

(s)he got a surgical-frankenstein-penis too. There's absolutely no going back.

No. 1599664

File: 1686136819324.png (219.74 KB, 580x548, AJLT_Samantha.png)

Kim Cattrall reprises her role as Samantha Jones in And Just Like That… for a single cameo.
>For one night only, the “Sex and the City” universe will be whole again. Variety has learned that Kim Cattrall will reprise her iconic role as Samantha Jones in the Season 2 finale of “And Just Like That,” Max’s revival of HBO’s “Sex and the City.”
>But she will only appear in one scene. According to sources, Cattrall shot her dialogue on March 22 in New York City, without seeing or speaking with the stars of the series, including Sarah Jessica Parker, or with “And Just Like That” showrunner Michael Patrick King.
>Famed “Sex and the City” costume designer Patricia Field, who has not been working on “And Just Like That,” dressed Samantha for her scene.
>The second season of “And Just Like That” also premieres on June 22, but Cattrall’s scene as Samantha won’t air until August.
Does anyone still keep up with her feud with SJP? I personally don't side with any of them. I'm also not very thrilled about this cameo because I don't watch AJLT and even if I did Samantha is my least fav character of SATC.

No. 1599665


No. 1599817

She's such a massive loser for accepting that role.

No. 1599832

File: 1686150680822.jpg (44.49 KB, 493x1068, FyBq5oGXoAMEUht.jpg)

Azealia being homophobic

No. 1599849

She never misses

No. 1599853

File: 1686153020935.jpeg (299.15 KB, 1728x2072, FDF962D1-38B7-4731-A09D-07CA7C…)

Oh god no. One of the comedians who made fun of her had a death in his family on Azealia’s birthday. The mother of his children died at 32 from Brazilian butt lift complications like a week ago. I know comedian moids aren’t exactly saints, but Azealia looks like such an ass for this.

No. 1599873

Imagine dying because you want your ass to look painfully artificial, while you have actual children to raise. What a colossal L to take

No. 1599876

It was a mommy makeover not a BBL but damn Azealia is really foul for saying this. Jacky had nothing to do with it so why mock her passing? Fuck her.

No. 1599889

I can't wait til this bitch finally gets humbled tbh

No. 1599901

Ironic she's so pressed about this woman dying since Azealia will probably also die on the table trying to correct her botched boob job

No. 1599915

No. 1599931

I feel Jacky felt pressured to get surgery for her husband. His comments in this video recorded after a previous breast augmentation are gross.

No. 1600016

File: 1686160973189.jpeg (Spoiler Image,131.23 KB, 1242x740, 46A13569-A434-4652-B02F-F92E50…)

Kek exactly and her year old bbl

No. 1600028

I'm team azaliea tbh. She's a bitch for dragging his wife when she should have dragged him, but fuck black male celebrities who degrade black women for laughs, especially on a national level. It should have been him that died.

No. 1600085

Surgery scares the shit out of me because of cases like this one, I don't get why people aren't scared of getting plastic surgery of all things.

Azealia didn't even need these surgeries at all to look cute, to this day I wonder why the fuck she did that.

No. 1600103

File: 1686167557064.png (35.78 KB, 1440x441, Screenshot_20230607-145319.png)

No. 1600128

No. 1600129

I love this because I love her but I hate that she ended up doing it even though she swore up and down she wasn't going to. If queen Patricia Field is on your side then you're good. Every single outfit SJP has worn in the new series has sucked ASS. Must be a big slap to her face that Patricia is back JUST for Kim.
Also fuck them for bringing Aiden back. My boo deserved better.

No. 1600145

she isn't a bitch, this is fucking psycho behavior… nothing can excuse what she did.

No. 1600150

Ntayrt Azelia is a psycho bitch but she's our psycho bitch

No. 1600161

keep her for yourself

No. 1600171

no she didn't

No. 1600249

Bug eyed attention whore looking for more attention

I genuinely hate the way be holds his eyes open like a woman like fucking Elizabeth Holmes. Bitch behavior. I think he genuinely thinks he looks like Jesus.

Gay men and 55 year old women everywhere gasping

No. 1600252

Yes, (s)he did.

No. 1600304

File: 1686186786505.jpeg (63.7 KB, 630x878, 92EE72A2-5F9B-407E-A7C8-176E13…)

Speaking of Page and gay bashing…she should star in a remake of Boys Don’t Cry. Hillary Swank already said a tif should have played the main character and Page can put all of her trauma into the role. Kek Hillary in the 90’s looks more masculine for a movie than Ellen ever does.

No. 1600331

There doesn't need to be another traumatic movie about corrective rape.

No. 1600373

are you serious? that song is not good, she even said herself she doesnt like it and put no effort in.
i mean she had a hell of a time shaking off the pic of her with a guy dressed up as a nazi zombie and the world is a lot less forgiving now, but its hard to even believe they were together, hes so fucking ugly. he looks like a monkey.

No. 1600374

That demographic of men honestly treats women of all races horribly, but some are still delusional and want to argue about "being the preference".

No. 1600388

why is she doing this? did sam levinson promise that she would be a breakout actress from this? because the truth is that her entire career is a joke now, she couldve just been a typical nepo baby model. i guess we can place most of the blame on her dad really because he mustve done a number on her.

No. 1600400

I don't claim her, I don't know why some of you nonas say ~she's our's~ or act like everyone here likes her. She's a psychotic hypocritical cunt, fuck her. I like her music though but that's it

No. 1600438

And you just KNOW they were snickering about it the whole time and bragging about how they got to degrade Johnny depps daughter.

No. 1600453

Ntayrt but no, it’s extremely unlikely she’s had phalloplasty. It’s a multi step operation that can take years to “complete” and comes with insane, life changing complications. They’re made with a massive skin graft and she doesn’t have the telltale scars. Stop talking out of your ass.

No. 1600505

The tif that movie was based on actually stopped identifying as male shortly before she was attacked. Very tragic. No way Page would take the role.

No. 1600668

AB always goes after women much harder than men. idk why anons love her. the shit she says about other women is fucking heinous and pick-me behavior. “oh she dragged Grimes!!!” yeah by bragging that Musky wanted to fuck her and Grimes wasn’t good enough. what a diss, wow.

No. 1600768

File: 1686238051942.jpg (282.19 KB, 1448x2048, FyGY5vbWIAQvl_x.jpg)

New Update from Till Lindemann: His lawyers's released a press statement about the abuse allegations by various women. I've learned that these are the same lawyers that represented the german rapper Matria (who beat up a woman in the US) and the comedian Luke Mockridge (who tried to rape his ex-girlfriend). Both of of these men never got any punishments for their crimes.


English translation:
>In the social networks, especially on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, various women made serious accusations against our client. For example, it was repeatedly alleged that women at "Rammstein" concerts were drugged with the help of knockout drops or alcohol to enable our client to perform sexual acts on them. These allegations are without exception untrue. We will take immediate legal action against the individual persons for all allegations of this nature.

>The allegations made have been picked up and disseminated by numerous media outlets. In a large number of cases, this has resulted in inadmissible reporting of suspicions. Not only was there a failure to research and compile sufficient evidence, but there was also a breach of the requirement to report in a balanced and objective manner. In almost all cases, there was a sustained prejudgement against our client, which is inadmissible in the context of reporting on suspicions. Finally, we repeatedly failed to obtain a statement from our client. Insofar as the principles of suspicious activity reporting were violated, we will also take immediate legal action against this on behalf of our client.

No. 1600782

One thing I forgot to add: by the end they say that nobody asked till to comment on this, which is a lie because several news papers asked him or his lawyers for a statement, but it was always declined.

No. 1600784

File: 1686239367453.jpeg (210.1 KB, 1503x2671, 5F87847C-F2FA-4C38-A54E-F73AD3…)

its crazy cuz she used to have such a banging bod before she got the bolt ons and did that ridiculous bbl. she used to make fun of girls for having bbls also. can't believe she would ridicule someone dying in surgery like that when its absolutely a possibility in her future. (picrel is from count contessa video at her peak).

No. 1600786

After seeing "Till the End" I'll never believe anything from him. I hope at least some of the women receive some form of justice.

No. 1600787

I wish I could have the same swimsuit…

No. 1600805

It's a TV show she went on wild and out, the point is to talk shit, AZ banks drags black women/girls. That woman died because some surgery she didn't need, that woman had kids. The comedian that roasted her roasts everyone of all colors and gender. AB can talk shit about black women and everyone else but the moment someone says something to her, suddenly she is the victims and her stans twist themselves into a pretzel to defend her while cackling every other weekend when she's talking shit about other black people or people in general. His wife had nothing to do with their beef.

No. 1600811

Does the idol have a full season filmed already? Or is it possible that with enough backlash it won’t make it to the end of the season? Worst show I’ve ever seen in my life.

This was so funny but completely accurate. Looks like it was written by a middle school zoomer trying to write a provocative fantasy.
Honestly, the show could have been better, without the weekend or Depp, maybe someone who can actually sing and has “Idol” quality. Depp doesn’t have star quality to her. The idea of the show could be good, but it’s too weird and very and very bad acting.

Lana looks great. It’s very obvious she lost a lot of wait since those quarantine pictures of her out and about with a mask on came out last year. She could lose even more weight and anon with hate boner would still call her a fat pedo pandering loser. I would like to know how she panders to pedos? Actually no it’s been discussed a thousand times already. There’s actual pedo pandering happening in real time but people are concerned about a song she wrote over 15 years ago. Songs aren’t always literal or real life but if you’re autistic you may not understand that. But whatever makes you feel better at night I guess. Last time I checked, losers won’t donating millions to charities (Navajo foundation just one example) and selling out 80,000 seat stadiums. Her concerts sell out in minutes lol. Extreme success = loser tho

No. 1600815

She is foul and people bringing up him picking at black women make no sense because AB has called black people tar babies. Told a black person to bleach their skin. She talks so much shit. Retards cheer her on even though she comes off as an woman hating mentally ill self hating idiot. His wife doesn't deserve what she said because her husband called AB names during a rap battle on a show like Wildin Out. His wife is like plenty to of other women in the limelight. There's so much pressure and so much vanity. Everyone around her probably was getting chopped and screwed and living after. It's sad.
I never get why ab is even liked here. She flip flop on her trans stances, she exclusively seems to hold a hate for black women and she's an internet bully/tough guy.
She's constantly talking about other people yet I'm supposed to think this mother's death is Karma towards some scrote because he talked shit to ab who is always talking shit
I do not get why she's liked here, she comes off like an angry gay scrote some times.

No. 1600825

File: 1686242771760.jpeg (92.86 KB, 640x800, IMG_5424.jpeg)

The actress for the upcoming live action How To Train Your Dragon movie, Nico Parker, is 1/4th black (white father, biracial mother). People are outraged over the "woke" casting.

No. 1600826

File: 1686242797415.jpeg (48.74 KB, 522x800, IMG_5423.jpeg)

No. 1600837

You know what, this isn’t the worst casting. They both actually look kinda like the characters, if they dye her hair or she wears a wig. Not sure blonde would look great with her undertones, but it could be a lot worse. However,
>live action how to train your dragon
This has to be a joke please

No. 1600839

they look nothing alike. The guy has that goofy face Hiccup has, but she doesnt share any trait with astrid. At least the girl who was casted for Ariel looked like a fish.

No. 1600846

What's up with these recent "live-action" remakes that are like at least 50% animation anyway? This is getting ridiculous.

No. 1600848

they currently have concerts in germany and while some people gave back their tickets they still have way too many fans
i fear that this whole thing will end in "apologize to till!!!" it's so crazy, he literally is 60 and people think it's ok that he likes teengirls

No. 1600849

File: 1686244082938.jpg (43.18 KB, 735x699, FxZyL2rXwAIBCv-.jpg)

She seems to have blonde undertones. Tbh her face looks like Astrid's IMO, I think people are just looking for reasons to be mad.

No. 1600853

at this point all movies are gonna do this because it guarantees media coverage. notice how they never give a white male character to a non-white actor tho, hollywood loves to play woke by acting as if only karens are the problem and not moids too

No. 1600859

File: 1686244662533.jpeg (206.31 KB, 1525x1216, 6833AD20-9A21-490F-BE7B-A286DC…)

Her casting just feels nepo baby motivated. Her dad’s a director and I always mix her mom up with Zoe Saldana kek

No. 1600861

She'd pretty much have no problem resembling the character with a wig. They don't even need to cast black actresses for the free controversy anymore kek, seems like a certain kind of person will sperg out regardless.

No. 1600866

It doesn't matter how much she matches, it's painfully obvious that this is the cheapest pandering possible. Black women are the loudest when it comes to wanting representation, so they do the minimum to shut them up. Whether it's european noblewomen or white girls in kids movies like Disney, all female roles are now simply given to lightskin women, never asians and never dark black women, and white male roles are never changed either. This is not a win or an own against racists, it's a simple lazy moneygrab.

No. 1600871

File: 1686245705431.jpg (131.71 KB, 1280x720, Sydney-Agudong-sera-Nani-a-irm…)

You're exaggerating. The role for Nani in the new Lilo and Stitch movie was given to a white actress. There are tons of roles in Hollywood for white, Asian and black women. Anyway, the actress in question for this adaption facially resembles the character. The people getting mad are a tad race obsessed.

No. 1600873

plus she went after fka twigs for speaking up about shia labouf, and accused her of doing it for money

No. 1600876

Girl can you really not see the pattern? Lightskin girl x white man is the only diversity that racist old Hollywood moids except, so they give you that lately and you're acting happy or even grateful? There still are no black couples or black families, and no, there especially are hardly any asian roles. The people doing the castings for these movies who get asspats for being woke, are still very racist, more racist than people pointing out that this is pandering. I haven't watched a Disney movie since I was a little girl, I genuinely don't care which teen actress gets that role, but I find it shocking and dangerous how naive quite many adults are.
I already saw quite some asians saying Hey, what about us? e.g. snow white would have been the perfect opportunity to cast a pale east asian girl(derailing)

No. 1600883

File: 1686246568612.jpg (28.5 KB, 735x645, 41dd807d0f4adc516c17405ef42bb3…)

From the perspective of soulless capitalism it makes sense, they think that a bi-racial female will more broad appeal and that pairing her up with a white male character will lure in a white male audience, its when they try to appease everybody but end up appeasing no one.

No. 1600884

It is pandering. Of course a live action version of a cartoon is a cashgrab. I'm saying that getting angry over it is just doing what they want. They know the adaptions won't get attention otherwise, and by making it into a conspiracy theory, you're playing into their hands. Your insecurities are being played on, and you are eating it like candy.
The actress cast for Snow White was a white Latina with a tan, I think. It still would've been fine if it was an East Asian actress either, but maybe they can make their own Snow White? It doesn't matter either way. Besides, racist men love Asian women. I don't think it's some kind of attack.

No. 1600885

Based, that anon is acting like you're a dedicated sperg when pretty much everyone is tired of these weird castings, Americans don't understand how strange these decisions look for outsiders, it's not inclusive at all in the eyes of the world, we all know these are just pandering tactics and pathetic ragebaits. That Cleopatra series, the little mermaid, now this, it's clearly intentional and is embarrassing you can't even point it out without the same damn retard accusing you of being race obsessed every time

No. 1600886

You literally have to be race-obsessed to be mad that a 75% white actress is playing a white character.

No. 1600888

Are you for real? They don't look alike and everyone is pointing it out, why buy a wig and go through so many hoops instead of just casting a regular blonde girl? It makes no sense

No. 1600890

They literally do, though. Tons of people have pointed out they look similar facially and skin color wise. You really think people in movies don't wear wigs? Wake up soon.

No. 1600892

nta I'm not American or European, even I understand that girl is very clearly mixed and nut a nordic white person who doesn't look like the character.

No. 1600893

Those people need to have their eyes checked and so do you.

No. 1600894

File: 1686247141516.jpeg (46.76 KB, 1505x1115, FqEe8LLXwBASThg.jpeg)

You can always claim characters and actresses look alike when they're both young, slim, not completely ugly and get a sameish hairstyle, the point of this being a pandering epidemic still stands.

No. 1600897

Is that you, paki-chan? I still remember that time you LARPed as a bi-racial girl for months on Lolcow and bashed both them and black women all over the site. What's your problem with these groups? Don't you already have issue with your own ethnicity?(derailing and hi cowing)

No. 1600898


thandie newton is the mother here

No. 1600901

Not racebait, but you’re right. America has almost no Asian leading men or women. We get pedo sympathizing Simu Liu for the Barbie movie instead of a handsome Asian ken. Or Awkwafina and her cringe rap.(sage your shit)

No. 1600902

The absolute majority of this earth thinks what Hollywood does is craycray, we can't all be the same backwards racist, you have a chip on your shoulder.

No. 1600904

What are you even talking about? That poster seems like paki to me because of the way she types. I'm just asking about the obsession, because she's done this sort of thing multiple times.

No. 1600905

>"Hi cowing" just because an anon disagrees with her
Pathetic and desperate

No. 1600906

Awkwafina's not even Asian, she's Australian.

No. 1600909

Paki-chan isn't a cow, and I'm not talking about the Hollywood casting there. Keep deflecting. If you're a known racesperg, you will be called out. She's been called out like three times in this thread already as (c)rap-chan because she was seething about like two black singers.

No. 1600919

File: 1686247788061.jpg (178.64 KB, 1281x1101, GettyImages-1082129758_copy.jp…)

NTA, but is this bait? Kek

No. 1600922

America Ferrara voiced the role originally. Why couldn't they cast a latina? Or do only black people count as diversity

No. 1600924

Accusing an anon of being a random personalityfag just because they disagree with you is pathetic regardless

No. 1600927

You're right, they could do that, like with Snow White. I wouldn't care because I'm not autistic or a Disney adult.
Also, since when does 75% white = black? Kek

No. 1600928

I’m so glad about this casting. I am so happy that all the people who were like ‘Ariel can be black as she is just a fish’ blah blah and ‘race doesn’t matter!!’ Now they are crying over this kek. I hope they make a live action princess and the frog and cast zendaya or another light skin actress kek

No. 1600931

This level of cope when asked why you target entire races of women is what's pathetic.

No. 1600932

she clearly meant her ethnicity, not nationality (there's asians in Australia anyway)

No. 1600934

All of these roles that they are casting POC actresses despite the character originally being white. You see these black girls on twitter loving it, but if you think about it, it actually kinda sad, doesn’t this mean POC actresses are not deserving of their own original character

No. 1600938

They're praising it specifically to piss off white racists. Most of them won't even go to see the movie 9 times out of 10. I think only The Little Mermaid reaped significant benefit from the race change, but China and South Korea got mad because they dislike seeing black people in movies.

No. 1600942

Same goes for South Asians in the UK they are the largest ethnic minority but I remember a statistic that said black/West African actors are 4x more visible on screen than South Asians it's kind of insane if you think about it.

No. 1600943

You want me to look like a racist so badly, when there are media and stories featuring black characters (like The princess and the frog) were black actors could actually be a perfect cast, there's literally no need to hijack other's stories, it's sad, like >>1600934 said

No. 1600944

She's a good actress and technically she's 75% white, its funny how she's being called black, because her mom is biracial, but Obamas daughter would never be called white because their biracial dad has a white mother.
I do not get the outrage over these retarded kids shows having characters with different looks. This woman looks mixed race (which she is) but she's mostly white. She's also a good actress.

No. 1600946

Why do we need an Asian Ken LMAO. He wouldn’t be Ken would he? Let’s have an Asian Ken and a black barbie instead because that will make absolute sense rather than to create new characters for those races

No. 1600947

I don't "want" anything, you already are a racist and this isn't even about Hollywood. It's about your self-admitted fixation on black and biracial women specifically, don't act dumb. No one else in the thread is being called "racist" except for you, because that is what you are.

No. 1600948

A lot of bw don't even see this girl as black, that's the thing. She's clearly mixed race, this isn't the same as Hailey Bailey who is monoracial. This is a woman who has an biracial mother (I believe mixed with white) and a white father.
She's apart of both communities and she looks mixed

No. 1600949

Ignore them anon.. you’re right, let them cry about race despite many recent live action movies replacing white characters with black actors/actresses

No. 1600950

>but China and South Korea got mad because they dislike seeing black people in movies.
it's mostly only China anon
Future Snow White also got huge backlash in China because she was supposedly rude/racist to a chinese fan. He claims he was singled out and not allowed to take pictures, then supposedly all chinese comments on her social media got deleted, even ones who actually called her pretty. But he was also racist to her and called her Snow Black on his chinese tiktok, but chinese are on his side obviously.

No. 1600952

The same thing happened with Black Panther, though. I'm sure they'd support it if any black character was made white, and I don't think they have any special attachment to any Disney princess (though China loves what they did with Mulan). It's just how they are.

No. 1600954

Live action remakes are so fucking boring. Is it that hard to make movies with original plots nowadays?

No. 1600955

Nta but disliking a black or any other race to play a white character is not racist kek everyone just loves to play the race card

No. 1600957

>Sydney Agudong is an actress, singer, and professional songwriter, born and raised on the island of Kaua'i, Hawai'i.
She was perfectly casted and whoever is crying because she can pass as white can go suck a fat one.

No. 1600958

It was just as much South Korea too. Looks like black girls who think Korea is this wonderful place from kdrama and K-pop should cancel their flights

No. 1600959

Who cares? I'm being serious who cares? Any other time it's Hollywood os the devil, omg they are all corrupt. I'm sure those white actors will have a easier time finding roles then the non white people replacing them. It's such a non issue. It's not like kids shows shoving fucking trans shit into it, as long as it's handled correctly who cares? Seeing a non white person playing a white character is harming real nobody. I cannot pretend to care about actors enough to act like it's some great loss.
Half the people complaining don't even care about any of this shows/movies anyway. The originals still exist most remakes suck anyway.

No. 1600960

I'm not talking about a white character playing a black character or vice versa. I'm talking about her pretending to be a bi-racial woman for literal months, going on insane rants about black women, calling Megan Thee Stallion ugly and saying she deserved to be shot by Tory Lanez, the list goes on. She latched onto this topic, but it's irrelevant to what I'm saying. Her posts are so obvious it's sickening.

>cries about race so often and in so many contexts that she's been named time and time again
>"No, it's the people who ask wtf is wrong with me who are crying about race"

No. 1600961

I love this casting so much. Because I love the ones who are crying about it are the ones who supported Ariel’s race change

No. 1600962

>a black
>race card
This is definitely racist(derailing)

No. 1600963

> Megan Thee Stallion ugly
She is anon(derailing)

No. 1600964

But this woman isn't even white. She is clearly mixed. As race mixed as the woman casted as Ariel. Except she can pass as white.(sage your shit)

No. 1600966

I like the casting. For you anons, though, would you have been happy about The Little Mermaid casting if Halle Bailey had been born in Denmark? Answer honestly now, kek

No. 1600968

> Except she can pass as white.
Exactly, but the actress who played Ariel couldn’t

No. 1600969

If you say so, cry about it anon

No. 1600970

Very sad, pathetic posts.

No. 1600971

I don't care either way but if we go by the book the little mermaid was also supposed to be a troon so I'd much rather have a black woman portray her than a scrote in a wig.

No. 1600974

No she's not, Halle Bailey is black with two black parents and black grandparents. If you are speaking on Halle Bailey she isn't mixed at all.

No. 1600976

No. 1600977

Writers must be nepo babies themselves, there's no other reason to explain the complete lack of new ideas

No. 1600980

Nonna it's clear that she's mixed somewhere as most black americans are, her black skin is more on a lighter tone and that's usually indicative of it (if you have ever met an african black person you can tell they have a much deeper skin tone)(derailing and unsaged)

No. 1600981

>be moid
>use woman's body as incubator
>"I'm a proud single dad now!!"

No. 1600982

Obama's kids have a fully Black mother though.

No. 1600983

Go back retard

No. 1600984

I'm not even white, we don't need to hijack white characters, we have our own stories and characters, this is pathetic
>inb4 pakianon!!!

No. 1600986

The one drop rule only works for blacks, as seen as >>1600957 passes as white despite being mixed too.(derailing and unsaged)

No. 1600988

To be fair she has a pretty general hatred of women period. She bitches about white women constantly and her weird hatred/worship of gay men and trans shit is weird and misogynistic as fuck. I have no doubt she's racist and misogynistic but beyond that it's obvious she's just a very insecure and angry person.

No. 1600990

File: 1686249595588.jpg (116.85 KB, 1200x962, a_x.jpg)

NTA but it's not uncommon for Africans to have light skin. I don't know about Halle Bailey, but you seem uninformed.(derailing)

No. 1600992

I'm 100% sure he is going to abuse sexually that child

No. 1600994

It's not about the movie, it's about pakichan.

No. 1600995

why do you care so much about some kiddie mermaid movie and some dragon movie? all this arguing over a fucking dragon and a mermaid lmao

No. 1600996

This is another reason it's retarded. Why do the moids get to keep the integrity of their character's appearance and background in the fictional world but the female characters get to be completely altered so they can be used as targets for media complaining (on both sides). The cope about the acress kinda sorta maybe looking blonde-undertoned is cringe. Anyone can see she doesn't look like the character (even though the guy looks like his character) including down the the hair, and isn't Scandinavian at all.

No. 1600997

File: 1686249961831.jpg (20.29 KB, 516x534, d9e44896dba1b7e640296222439632…)

It's blatantly obvious, it's just one moron (probably a lurking troon) concern trolling, like we get into fights over petty nonsense, but it's ckear that there's one person who wants to start a conflict for the sake of it..

No. 1600998

Thandie (Nicos mother) is half white and black (biracial), Nicole's dad is white. Obama is half white/black his wife is black.
If Obama daughters are seen as black women because they are 75% black even if they have an white grandparent, how come Thandie daughter isn't seen as white? She is 75% white. My point is that people tend to group anybody with a drop of black as black but never anyone with a drop of white as white
Like how people were saying Haselys son was non white, even though he's probably 75% or more white, yet nobody says Obama daughters are non black. We all know why. They all have the similar make up. More one race then the other
Ls black people exist. If she does have non black ancestry is probably so watered down, it doesn't matter. She's a black woman with black recent ancestry.(derailing )

No. 1601000

The only people I've seen complain about these things are weird coomer scrotes and the occasional womanchild types. Both are very good at providing free advertising to already-large corporations with their impotent rage, and they'll never learn.

No. 1601001

Can you stop calling black people blacks? Can you at least pretend not to be racist?

No. 1601002

and your supporting big corporations

No. 1601004

They don't. They just pretend to care so they can be racist and pretend like black/biracial people are replacing white people or some shit. It's never an legit complaint. There's Cades we're race swapping is done poorly and pandering, but now it's just anytime it happens it's outrage from adult usually white scrotes, who also just so happen to be racist. I saw how kiwi scrotes talked about Halle Bailey while expressing they do not give a shit about LM. They just hate seeing black people.

No. 1601010

Come on, you know the studios are doing to cause controversy.

No. 1601011

No. 1601012

File: 1686250519261.jpg (127.24 KB, 941x977, 8YPAShH.jpg)

Can we talk about how Mindy Kaling self inserts herself and BJ Novak in every show she creates. Even when the other love interests are objectively hotter? I think it works in some cases (Sex lives of colleges girls). But other times it is just blatant fetishizing (Never have i ever).
It is so pathetic because BJ Novak refuses to marry her irl.

No. 1601014

So why fall for it? Why cause these usually young women grief? People don't sit around and shit on the company, they directly attack the actresses.
It's not a big deal at fucking all. Just don't watch it, race swapping harms nobody, men in drag taking women roles do, putting trans shit in childern films do, but not an black/biracial actress playing magical creatures.
It's not like the og source material just disappears just don't watch it.

No. 1601015

>The originals still exist most remakes suck anyway.
This is the big thing. A lot of people would never have gone to see any of these remakes without the race-swapping. A lot of terminally online millenial women have all sorts of insecurity problems based around race, struggle with jealousy, etc and since execs know about it, they're taking advantage.
Kids don't care, or they actually like it because "Omg my favorite character looks like me in this movie", parents don't care unless their kid wants to go see it, and normal/childless adults don't give a fuck about live action Disney remakes or HTTYD. That leaves terminally online racist men and very immature women to seethe.

No. 1601018


Lol the movie that did better than the little mermaid in China was into the Spider verse. But of course they don't mention that.

No. 1601021

File: 1686250944581.jpg (110.62 KB, 1241x849, EwuKgbE.jpg)

Agreed, the discourse around Nico parker is dumb because she is one hair straightening away from looking like a white girl. She has the same face as Maddie Zegler from dance moms
i always mix up her mom with gugu mbatha raw cause they're both half southern african and british

No. 1601022

They didn't actually like that, either.

No. 1601023

all i see is people praising spiderverse though? spiderverse's success is funny because scrotes would always whine about miles morales being a terrible character, then that movie came out and they had to pretend it was the comic writers problem.

No. 1601025

File: 1686251105060.webm (1.78 MB, 576x576, ssstwitter.com_1686250873888.w…)

The best take from The Little Mermaid discourse is from Tokyo Toni

No. 1601027

Exactly. They wouldn't complain if Maddie Ziegler was cast, so it's obviously a racist thing.

No. 1601029

All the grown women complaining about movies for children need to internalize this. Tokyo Toni is like 37, knows it's not for her and doesn't give a fuck. Others are not so wise, lmao.

No. 1601031


It still had glowing reviews in China and led the box office overall there for the weekend, above local competition.

They just are not fond of the live action Disney movies there.

No. 1601036

and it also to serves what is happening in this thread, calling other women jealous and insecure, while white moids are still the main character, get any woman, plus assclaps for finally casting non-white characters (meaning young and pretty very light black women)

No. 1601037

kekkk I love this, I want her to respond to all stupid ass culture war garbage with such dismissal.

No. 1601039

These are movies for elementary schoolers.

No. 1601045

No. 1601053

File: 1686252124716.jpg (52.03 KB, 843x463, G6WeAC5.jpg)

well they changed peter pan and beast boy but kept their respective love interest white so there's that.
Anyway back to celeb milk. Hot guy (Damiano) from Maneskin was caught cheating on his girlfriend of 7 years with his bassist best friend. His girlfriend broke up with him and unfollowed him.

No. 1601059

Now the retard is spamming "it's for kids" over and over, like these mediocre movies weren't created as money laundering items, nostalgia and ragebaits, they're supposed to flop and cause outrage, not to appeal to kids, hell, most people watching these are adults trying to prove a point and millennials who watched the original movies

No. 1601060

That's not really surprising.

No. 1601064

are Maneskin still a thing? Damiano always looked at least ten years older and the slim shady hair style makes him look even more haggard.

No. 1601065

aren't the members always making out with each other? this is just fanservice

No. 1601070

anyone who cares enough to get mad at the skin color of a freaking mermaid or any other animated character is retarded beyond words. they don't care about logic, they just want to sperg about having to acknowledge the existence of nonwhite people. the "omg muh cultural history/heritage" argument is so dumb and racist that i don't even know what to say kek. these are fucking made up stories in the first place and if you feel like literal disney movies about dragons and mermaids are somehow infringing on "your culture" you have moid levels of brainrot and autism. i'm saying this as a swede myself.

No. 1601072

Who was the deleted post about?

No. 1601074

sweden is like murica on steroids when it comes to woke pandering, of course you like this kek

No. 1601075

Is that the guy with the penis?

No. 1601077

File: 1686253220452.jpg (62.87 KB, 775x574, 50ax98j.jpg)

I didn't notice them dating, they both need to come out
then go post about it in the consoomer thread or make a thread for it, why does it have to stuff up the celebricows thread

No. 1601078

fuck anon I think you're totally right, I've been wondering why tf Disney keeps throwing money at these shitty looking live action movies, when children have historically much preferred cartoons. There is something weird going on with failures and tax write-offs these days in corporations, but I'm too retarded to get it…

No. 1601079

File: 1686253261243.gif (Spoiler Image,657.78 KB, 155x275, 1685841831622.gif)

No. 1601080

File: 1686253307292.png (Spoiler Image,293.19 KB, 1200x720, los-angeles-premiere-of-hbo-39…)

I feel like if you would slap a blonde wig on her she would look a lot like her, she doesn't look really that black in most pics imo.

True, its so weird how we almost never have any asian leading female characters, like in remember seeing the first season of bridgerton and they cast a lot of black people also as background characters but almost like no asian people.

yeah i also noticed this, didnt they do the same thing with the new percy jackson live action serie? I think they dont do it because they know how much moids would chimp out

No. 1601082

No. 1601083

now i understand why people like him. he makes me feel like how the paul dano chans feel about paul

No. 1601084

except he's actually attractive and fit?

No. 1601089

you are so pathetic, grow up
>ackchully, my little pony friendship is magic was made for us adult bronies

No. 1601090

stop derailing and racebaiting about skin color. It's one thing to comment on the actress they picked for astrid it's another to go into a whole spiel about race and skin color of other people unrelated. No one cares, you're just shitting up the thread.

No. 1601095

Honestly it must be a fucking nightmare making films these days. Trying to appeal to the times the characters have to be inclusive and woke and the comedy will be shit, the dialogue will be cringe. It's safer to do another fucking fairy tale or superhero movie because the whole premise is juvenile so hopefully no one gets their feelings hurt(sage your shit)

No. 1601103

My little pony actually looks like a remake for kids, it's colorful and lively. Those new remakes barely look targeted to younger audiences with those horrid, holocaust documentary palletes

No. 1601104

that’s because disney as a whole is creatively bankrupt and lame now, not because their new audience is mentally ill adults and not kids kek

No. 1601113

Art is dead

No. 1601121

This has sent me down a rabbit hole and now I'm looking at some forum for old faggots posting pics of rockstar penis

No. 1601133

File: 1686256115433.png (304.63 KB, 2536x1421, 2023-06-08 16_28_52.png)

i think people are forgetting the one of the biggest reasons all of these new films are featuring minority actors as characters that may not have been canonically that ethnicity is because of the inclusion rules they started for the best picture award at the oscars this year

No. 1601134

…I thought the replies were mesmerized at his hair until you pointed it out.

No. 1601138

kek, WTF

No. 1601147

I don't wanna continue this situation further but Idiots like you is how we get Netflix Cleopatra situations.

No. 1601149

Shut up. You're shitting up the thread. move on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1601151

File: 1686256840229.jpg (Spoiler Image,10.57 KB, 215x285, orvillepecker.jpg)

Omg. Orville Peck naked and unmasked. He's hot. Is there somewhere else I should go to post these? I'm sure there will be more

No. 1601153

Same but I'm pretty sure he stuffed a sock in there for the gif because I'm seeing no evidence of him being particularly well hung in any other picture

No. 1601154

File: 1686256915425.jpg (21.33 KB, 315x480, Atsushi Sakurai.jpg)

He looks like he'd fit right in the 90's(I swear they bad the best-looking scrotes of any decade)

No. 1601156

lol pencil dick

No. 1601158

AYRT, agreed, very sus. He might have a semi in the gif though to be fair. But rockstars are known to stuff so idk


No. 1601160

Yeah, my culture and history is Dreamworks 3D cartoon movies made by Americans about children riding on dragon's backs. Fucking moronic ameriburger lmao.

No. 1601161

can we discuss blind items in this thread?

No. 1601164

kek i like the maneskin guy solely because he reminds me a bit of acchan. sadly finding long-haired guys who have a pretty face and take care of themselves is so so rare…

No. 1601166

It's been done before. Anons will bitch about anything. I think they're fun

No. 1601168

>Is there somewhere else I should go to post these?

No. 1601170

File: 1686257876541.jpg (35.07 KB, 579x1024, Deuxmoi.jpg)

Some tea from Deuxmoi about Tay and Matty

No. 1601172

So the constant raceswapping is for a reason kek

No. 1601173

And a fucking black Anne Boleyn

No. 1601174

It was too gay in there, I had to stop looking kek

No. 1601175

that photo looks kinda gay tbf

No. 1601176

Wasn't Deuxmoi the one who was convinced that Taylor was secretly married

No. 1601177

Orville Peck IS gay, so it checks out kek. A lot of hot "straight" rockstars in that thread looking like huge faggots. Yuck.

No. 1601178

I hope Matty and Taylor haven’t broken up and this >>1601170 is the case. Because I love twitterfags crying about him

No. 1601179

Half of it reads like fanfic to me, exactly because of what >>1601176 said

No. 1601180

File: 1686258380867.jpg (23.06 KB, 320x554, deuxmoi2.jpg)

this was posted by deuxmoi in december 2022

No. 1601215

File: 1686262970861.png (98.23 KB, 1302x578, Screenshot 0.png)

Celebrities, stop paying poor women to bare your babies and rip newborns from their mothers challenge(impossible)

>Andy Cohen is sharing his experience welcoming his daughter Lucy via compensated gestational surrogacy, which was illegal in the state of New York until 2021.

>The Watch What Happens Live host, 55, spoke about the arrival of Lucy, who is now 1 year old, in a revealing new interview, and discussed his work toward legalizing the gestational surrogacy process so he could become a parent for the second time. (The New York-based Cohen also has a 4-year-old son, Benjamin, who was born in California.)
>"I was going to Albany. Surrogacy was illegal in the state of New York, and I helped get that law passed," the Bravo star explained to host Amanda Hirsch on the May 30 episode of her Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. "And [former] Governor Cuomo, he really made it happen, by the way.”
>Cohen shared how he "was out there trying to get" the law to legalize compensated gestational surrogacy passed because he "wanted my surrogate to have the baby in New York." According to Cohen, "Lucy was one of the first surrogate babies born here."
>While it varies depending on location and experience, the traditional compensation for a surrogate in the United States ranges between $30,000 and $60,000, the New York Times reported in 2021.
>The legalization of compensated gestational surrogacy in New York has been a long and arduous process. The first bill seeking to repeal the New York ban was introduced by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin in 2012. However, it faced significant opposition from the Roman Catholic Church, as well as some feminists who claimed it led to the exploitation of women, the Associated Press reported. Detractors have long claimed the process preys on poor and vulnerable women due to the compensation aspect. Famed feminist Gloria Steinem argued in 2019 that “under this bill, women in economic need become commercialized vessels for rent, and the fetuses they carry become the property of others." However, applicants who are deemed overly dependent on the compensation involved, including those who receive government assistance, are screened out as surrogates, the Times reported.
>While legislation around surrogacy continues to change, the "State of Surrogacy" survey mentioned above shows how surrogates themselves feel about the process. For example, nearly half of the surrogates — 49% — said they would work with a same-sex couple, although only about 17% have done so. The survey also found that 99% of surrogates said that they wanted "some to frequent" communication with their intended parents 12 months after the baby is born.
>In Cohen's case, the story has a happy ending, with the TV host proudly sharing his journey to parenthood.
>"I am a single dad, and I'm proud of it," he shared on Hirsch's podcast. "It's so hard. but if I knew how hard it was, I still would have done it."

He’s proud of the fact that he helped get a law passed so he could rent a womb to deliberately create a child that would be born without a Mother.

No. 1601228

File: 1686264479705.jpeg (90.63 KB, 828x744, IMG_0654.jpeg)

No. 1601229

i was just thinking about this. i like Never Have I Ever but it’s so embarrassing to watch when you realize that Mindy really wrote her teenage self into a show and then gave herself like four love interests, two of which are white.

No. 1601233

Hes very pedestrian looking underneath the mask you're just dickblinded. Also hes gay. I'd like him better if he didn't always do that stupid Austin butler Elvis voice.

Get a bag my beautiful queen

No. 1601235

random generated couple

No. 1601237

File: 1686264921756.webm (3.3 MB, 480x498, sDjMvzJaR1dsec2z.webm)


No. 1601238

are we sure this is real

No. 1601258

>popping Zoloft all day

No. 1601270

Me too nonas. He was such a sight for sore eyes.

No. 1601272

File: 1686268785426.jpg (113.56 KB, 1080x1129, Screenshot_2023-06-08-16-57-05…)

Goddamn, this is sad af
She also recently filed for divorce, which makes me think she wants to protect her estate from her scrote in her final months
Here's to hoping the judge expedites her request due to her present circumstances

No. 1601275

isn't she a raging cunt?

No. 1601283

No. She's a registered Republican who supports liberal causes like the Sea Shepherds. She was also typecast as the "slut" in the 90s. To my knowledge, she's not a raging anything, just a relative normie B celeb with a pretty face who Hollywood chewed up then spit out.

No. 1601284

No. 1601288

Yes and she tried and failed to capitalize on it kek

No. 1601296

raging cunt or not, shes still dying a painful death from cancer. she is/was a pickme, but there are plenty of other celebrities who are far more cringe and problematic and unfortunately not dying of brain cancer.

No. 1601320

all these live action remakes end up being dogshit and looking worse anyways so idk why people care so much, just watch the original..
there are asian ken dolls though, and black barbies.
i noticed that about bridgerton too, granted they did have the love interest in s2 as an inidan woman but i genuinely cant remember seeing a single east asian in the show.
she seems a little retarded to me.

No. 1601330

>Two actresses from Heathers got cancer
This isn't a dumb tinfoil but it's an odd coincidence.

No. 1601335

File: 1686274538097.jpeg (125.91 KB, 1242x974, 798A75D8-FB25-463A-8690-CFCC5C…)

No. 1601342

File: 1686275434523.jpg (178.22 KB, 1091x1584, aackTxI.jpg)

Doja Cat living up to her egirl reputation by dating the most discord mod looking man I ever seen in my life. This is what happens when you let 4chan and tinychat raise your daughters.
i know she lost her husband recently but this is very random

No. 1601343

>love of my life
over a one month relationship? taylor has issues.

No. 1601345

does she have kids? idk anything about her but maybe shes just looking for financial stability. also kek at dojas horrific taste in men.

No. 1601346

she has 2 kids but she also runs a farm. i think it's just the grief.

No. 1601347

interesting grief response… if she really likes him i hope he doesnt die in like 2 months because god, he is ancient.

No. 1601352

File: 1686276791427.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.39 KB, 657x800, 4BJcNfQ.jpg)

Also Doja's anachanning is taking a toll on her face

No. 1601353

Nah his dick is actually pretty sad tbh. He has a cute face though. Even though he's pretty twinky

No. 1601354

File: 1686276932701.jpg (91.53 KB, 1145x915, damiano.jpg)

>hot guy
by the way this guy is like 23, but he looks 45

No. 1601355

Nta but what is that pic supposed to convey? He looks hot there. Even though he's wearing some stupid shit

No. 1601356

NTA but do you not see his face and hair? He's hideous.

No. 1601357

>He looks hot there
Open your eyes nonna(sage your shit)

No. 1601360

samefag, he also looks middle-aged despite being in his 20s. unless you have a thing for that.

No. 1601362

Would love to see what you nonnies are into kek

No. 1601363

No. 1601364

Everyone has been attacking his gf and saying she deserved it because she isn’t liked in italy? What’s the deal?

No. 1601366

It looks like an old lady filter, holy crap I know she smokes but she shouldn’t be aging this poorly considering all the access to skincare she must have. Amber rose looks better than her and she’s almost 50.

No. 1601367

since when is 39 almost 50. im a zoomer but even i think thats retarded.

No. 1601371

This has to be just some guy. If that is her bf, no wonder she's been keeping him a secret.
Wow, her cheeks look like they're sagging. I wonder if it's just a bad angle or because of rapid weight loss.

No. 1601375

Kek ok same

No. 1601377

Samefag but I'm going to bet on that guy having some sort of industry ties that are beneficial for her

No. 1601380

File: 1686279336601.jpg (Spoiler Image,385.08 KB, 2000x1333, maneskin-bares-it-all-vmas.jpg)

Gross and assless

No. 1601382

Hes just a loser streamer

No. 1601409

Part of her PR team or what?

No. 1601415

It looks more like filler sagging to the bottom of her face more than rapid weight loss. She looks mostly the same weight wise, this is just an unflattering no makeup candid.

No. 1601436

Doja looks fine, it's just the hair honestly if it was black nobody would saying she looks old. She looks good to me just normal. Skin has textures, folds, she looks an little flushed in the face. I think that hair and cute truly fits women with different types of face. Doja looks her best with make up, she's like Zendaya their face hold make up amazing but without to me they are averagely cute women. With it they are stunning. Though she looks fine

No. 1601446

Don't they say ozempic makes you lose an alarming amount of facial fat

No. 1601448

idk if its a side effect of ozempic itself or just how much weight they loose and how quickly.(sage your shit)

No. 1601453

AYRT and I literally just said she appears the same weight wise to me. Ozempic wouldn’t make someone loose weight in their face and no where else, facial fat loss with ozempic is the same as what happens with any rapid weight loss. She looks fine and normal.

No. 1601459

>she looks fine and normal
She looks aged and dehydrated

No. 1601467

i've heard of assless chaps but this is ridiculous

No. 1601483

File: 1686288935486.jpg (49.02 KB, 811x538, 20230609_013641.jpg)

Samefag, so that is her man. Wow.

No. 1601485

hmmm interesting choice..

No. 1601503

File: 1686289879801.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.5 KB, 1266x811, cRN3IIV.jpg)

Troye Sivan posted a nude on insta, he's also acting in Sam Levinson's rape fantasy show. He's been looking like an attention whore lately

No. 1601511

I don't wanna tinfoil, but I always got the feeling that he was abused at some point.

No. 1601513

evil gays

No. 1601539

I wish I was joking but this is Doja's boyfriend JCyrus she literally is dating a random youtuber/twitch streamer. Look at his teeth smh, Doja belongs in /w/ because her lolcow behavior matches theirs

No. 1601550

Omg Doja girl noooooooooooooooo he has a teeny tiny baby noggin wtf

No. 1601552

I followed him back from he was still on YouTube and he was always an attention whore. He's in love with his looks.

No. 1601569

What did he do to himself? He looks so much older now. Also
>attack on titan tattoo

No. 1601588

oh my god I remember his Vines. How the fuck did these two even meet.

No. 1601589

It actually isn't that shocking because she got her start as an online personality (outside of 4chan).

No. 1601591

No amount of skincare can fix the damage smoking does

No. 1601623

you think its smoking doing that and not the obvious extreme diets, yoyo dieting, surgery, alcohol, and drugs? maybe cigarettes impact like 5% of her appearance at her age. she need to quit the drugs

No. 1601625

samefag but wasn't it mentioned last thread that she takes the diabetic medicine for rapid weightloss? that sounds like it can fuck with you heavy if your body doesn't actually need it(sage your shit)

No. 1601627

didn't she just recently get liposuction on her legs? if i was with an uggo like that, i wouldn't give af about how i look anymore
anons here try to tell themselves that she and azelia are some type of secret girlbosses when in reality they're sad little pickmes

No. 1601637

Nta but it's all of that including smoking, and if she's been smoking daily for a decade or so it's going to impact more than 5% kek, you can see evidence of this just by knowing people who have smoked since their late teens or early twenties.

No. 1601651

File: 1686303276060.jpg (367.59 KB, 2676x1495, 31598798.jpg)

rammstein fans are crying about muh biased media, meanwhile german news outlets post this disgusting shit
left: tears! what this scandal is doing to the musicians
right: these are 6 boys, who no longer know what is happening to them at this moment…
boys?! they're moids in their 60s who currently play 3 days in a row in a big german stadium, likely earning millions within just hours and we are supposed to feel sorry for them…?

>Reps for Rammstein asked organizers of the 2010 Festival d'été de Québec (FEQ) to help recruit women for a post-concert party, according to a report on Tuesday. “They asked for that and they were told no,” Daniel Gélinas, who was general manager of the FEQ at the time, told Le Journal de Québec. Gélinas said during the Rammstein concert, the band’s team showed up at the festival’s corporate box near the stage “to see if there were any girls” but were told to leave. “We had never seen that. It never happened for other artists,” Gélinas recalled. “Employees were outraged.” The Journal report repeatedly refers to “jeunes filles,” or “girls,” but there is no indication that the band was seeking anyone less than 16 years old, the age of consent.
this entire thing makes you feel so powerless, so many woman spoke out already, but moids will always have the upper hand

No. 1601653

>left: tears! what this scandal is doing to the musicians
Yeah, nevermind what these musicians have done to women. The way the media infantilizes men never ceases to amaze me

No. 1601656

the girls who accuse them are often less than a 3rd of their age yet they're "adult women, who knew exactly what they were doing!"… i honestly feel like crying

No. 1601659

it looks like she did a buccal fat removal surgery…for some reason it is a trend now, but it makes your face look hollow and sunken. it is also a permanent thing because you don't really lose or gain much buccal fat, you can't put it back on by eating and the surgery closes the pockets and they can't just reverse it. I don't know for sure if she had it done but her face resembles the people who have had it done..

No. 1601660

>6 boys
Funny how adult men stop being men when they do crime, then they're suddenly poor little boys no matter how old they are.
>We had never seen that. It never happened for other artists
So much for the "b-buut all other rock bands do this too so it's ok!!!" defence.

No. 1601662

it's so easy to not be a degenerate sex pest, they can cry

No. 1601663

>So much for the "b-buut all other rock bands do this too so it's ok!!!" defence.
if none of this was brought to light all the moids would just continue congratulating these disgusting cretin "stars" for how they still manage to "score" and how it's so cool

No. 1601664

>So much for the "b-buut all other rock bands do this too so it's ok!!!" defence.
if none of this was brought to light all the moids would just continue congratulating these disgusting cretin "stars" for how they still manage to "score" and how it's so cool

No. 1601669

File: 1686305254609.png (217.8 KB, 843x563, till.png)

Since Rammstein are currently touring, they have made some adjustments according to the fan subreddit. They no longer play the song "Pussy" where Till would ride on a cock cannon and shoot foam at the audience.
He is also put in a visible naughty corner during the time he would usually go fuck girls during the concerts.
Here is to him being actually put in the naughty corner called jail in the future.

No. 1601670

>So much for the "b-buut all other rock bands do this too so it's ok!!!" defence.
if none of this was brought to light all the moids would just continue congratulating these disgusting cretin "stars" for how they still manage to "score" and how it's so cool

No. 1601673

He could probably still score with other 60 yo women but since he only want young ones he now has to resort to making pimps drug and fool young fans to come meet him backstage. Aside from illegal, it's deeply uncool.

No. 1601677

there is no point arguing with you lol. believe what you want.

No. 1601693

Can you elaborate on this?

No. 1601702

In other photos mistress looks extremely young for her age.
I don't understand how law in burgerland works, why would a woman lose all her money for divorcing a man who cheated on her? Where is a logic here?
The way I thought he had a photo of himself on the wall and didn't realise whole thing is from a newspaper, damn I'm stupid.
Not really, she always cared about the character of Samantha, that's why she was heartbroken over them giving her awful storylines, that's why she initially quit a third movie, they wanted Samantha to fuck Miranda's kid they still found a way ruin her in the new season, by making her a traitorous money-hungry hag.
Kim is coming back for a huge sum of money with Patricia on her side.
She is doing it on her terms and I can't help but respect her for it.

No. 1601717

Nonna please have some standards

No. 1601719

I wasn't arguing? I was just saying smoking makes people look way older then they are, it's not even a belief it's just common knowledge kek

No. 1601734

Can all of the Rammstein updates get taken to a music thread or restart the bad rockstars thread we used to have or something?

No. 1601753

italian mike pence looking ass

No. 1601790

>this entire thing makes you feel so powerless, so many woman spoke out already, but moids will always have the upper hand
I feel the same way nonna. No matter how many women would speak out about their experience with him, most people/moids won't believe it and claim these women only want attention. This will never change

No. 1601819

Seconded, tired of seeing his fugly face kek

No. 1601854

Holy meth sunken under eyes. She looks so bad. Don't even try to say she looks good because you're kidding yourself if you do.

No. 1601886

I'll tinfoil for you, BITE from his first album is definitely about cruising as a young gay man.

No. 1601894

im pretty sure he and the bassist dated before too so this isn't surprising in the slightest lol

No. 1601900

File: 1686324911373.jpg (50.17 KB, 1041x236, 3436.JPG)

Is there a source on him cheating with the bassist? Every article says there was no cheating and that he was with a "mystery woman"
Article in picrel: https://people.com/maneskin-damiano-david-sorry-video-kissing-new-woman-confirms-breakup-girlfriend-7510146

No. 1601913

File: 1686325951873.png (160.84 KB, 900x791, pizzapasta.png)

apparently it wasn't the bassist, it was this girl who is supposedly an old school friend of damiano and victoria who is now a groupie


No. 1601916

cheers detective anon!

No. 1601923

Victoria is hotter but Damiano is grody anyways so good for her ig

No. 1601926

Victoria is hotter but Damiano is grody anyways so good for her ig

No. 1601959

ayrt i meant to say bassiest's best friend but forgot the '

No. 1601968

Such a butter face, what a downgrade from his ex

No. 1601972

wasn't the ex some quirkylooking nlog?

No. 1602082

File: 1686336857575.jpeg (136.85 KB, 1325x2139, 19FBC749-7B4E-41E3-8301-712B11…)

Kek she has a type and sticks to it.

No. 1602084

unpopular opinion but I think she's been doing drugs and that's why she's so thin and gaunt

No. 1602085

File: 1686337078135.jpg (131.38 KB, 582x786, nUDG21D.jpg)

Apparently her type includes groomers too. Her boyfriend has abuse allegations dating back to 2020. He made an "apology" back then. I'm gonna be honest but if moo never blew up Doja would be another e-girl lolcow who only gets talked about on here and kiwifarms. She is literally rap brittney venti

No. 1602086

File: 1686337137611.jpg (86.92 KB, 895x736, p1jfEzK.jpg)

people talking about jcyrus' abuse before he started dating doja

No. 1602090

File: 1686337295056.jpg (56.64 KB, 864x427, t9nGt4o.jpg)

No. 1602100

Lol venti wishes she could be her

No. 1602109

File: 1686338980503.jpeg (52.92 KB, 704x615, D628EE1C-1414-4E56-8420-900BCC…)

This is the only “evidence” they’ve found of him being racist. It’s just an offhand comment. I’m more inclined to believe the grooming and assault allegations.

No. 1602111

Doesn't she also date below mediocre white men as well?

No. 1602114

that's not racist at all wtf

No. 1602122


No. 1602133

why is she lookin like someones grandma though…

No. 1602146

>the "b-buut all other rock bands do this too so it's ok!!!" defence.
honestly! The only other "artist" who did the exact same recruiting girls thing was marilyn manson. says a lot i guess

No. 1602162

for real though - if someone asked me how old this woman was and i had no idea it was doja i would say a solid 55 years old at the least

No. 1602167

File: 1686344111533.png (854.26 KB, 1440x1890, Screenshot_20230609-155600.png)

Doja cats bf.(lurk more)

No. 1602190

this is the woman who let herself be called a nigger by nazis for quite some time are we surprised at all that she probably has some kind of race fetish like come on now(sage your shit)

No. 1602200

File: 1686347165370.webm (6.31 MB, 720x1280, B646B931A5E40492E50BF2931B13A8…)

No. 1602223

Ham Smith and Madonna collab. Spoiler: Songs is absolute garbage.

No. 1602231

Isn't Madonna like… 70 years old? I respect her career but also she makes me uncomfortable

No. 1602259

On one hand, you only have one life to live, so watching her just say f it and do whatever she wants at her age (no matter how cringe) is kind of inspiring. Legacy won’t matter to you when you’re dead.

On the other, as a fan of her older stuff, watching her go out in grace (including aging gracefully) would be much preferable. She was doing so well before the weird surgeries.

No. 1602269

if you drew a venn diagram of the type of people doja and brittney venti date, it would be a circle. Doja is richer and more famous but she still spends her free time looking for validation fron discord scrotes on tinychat. Which is why her standards haven't changed.

No. 1602270

File: 1686350727365.png (454.05 KB, 1439x1826, Screenshot_20230609-174632.png)


No. 1602294

File: 1686352686775.jpeg (799.98 KB, 1968x1968, ugly.jpeg)

he looks disgusting

No. 1602296

Remember like a year ago when she made NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes

No. 1602313

File: 1686355470206.jpg (247.88 KB, 1079x1483, Screenshot_2023-06-09-17-05-24…)

No. 1602328

He looks like he's got meth mouth, what's wrong with his teeth and jaw?

No. 1602340

Nta and not wking cause I'm not a doja fan in any way, but I've never actually seen proof the men she was talking too were white supremacists. I'm sure they're trash because they're men but in all the clips of her on video with them she's just being weirdly sexual and pickmeish but no one is being racist to her? Even the videos "exposing" her no one says anything racist but they still call the chat group a white supremacist group? I just never understood where that milk came from cause I've never seen the proof anywhere

No. 1602409

I hope this isn’t true barf

No. 1602415

Somehow he looks exactly how I imagined. He’s cute but likely a giant slut like most successful gay men

No. 1602416

File: 1686361254837.webm (580.62 KB, 480x270, 4MzqXb7llEAaI5AQ.webm)

I hope drake-chan sees this.

No. 1602418

File: 1686361315782.jpeg (54.89 KB, 617x680, Fxvmge2WIAIeg6d.jpeg)

Not shopped.

No. 1602421

the milk came from hanging out with white edgelords and now dating one. I'm not a doja hater but it is very clear she is insecure and would let guys make racist jokes around her.

No. 1602422

I'm starting to agree with Drake-chan. In that picture, I see a woman trying to be okay with herself. Sad stuff.

No. 1602423

She grew up with her white Jewish mother in an affluent area her father wasn't in her life so make with what what you will

No. 1602424

she's just a black version of belle delphine. if belle delphine had any talent.

No. 1602425

File: 1686362262440.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.59 KB, 211x200, 77363061-4f33b0c07703fd7adcf82…)

He doesn't really look like that picture but yeah. Idk why he's being hyped up over his looks I think anon just liked his winkie. I do like him tho.

No. 1602426

File: 1686362453453.jpg (11.32 KB, 194x259, 0a4e2f24-4da5-4280-9301-81307d…)

He takes a page from Brad Pitt handbook. Be accused of something that will ruin your fanbase and pretend to be a little fruity to disarm women and sow reasonable doubt

No. 1602427

Yeah I agree, and they do seem like degenerate 4chan moids. It's just I've never seen evidence of them calling her a nigger or preaching nazism so I don't know why people always say "she was caught with white supremacists." I was just wondering where those videos are cause the only ones that get shared are just of her being overly sexual on the videos with them

No. 1602429

is this brad pitt for FrUiTs magazine?

No. 1602434

NTA and I don’t think I’ve ever even heard any of her music but I also agree that any of those people were white supremacists or anything of the sort. Her behavior with them was attention seeking and embarrassing but I still don’t understand why some anons are so vitriolic towards her about her old online stuff. I’m not sure if it’s like a game of telephone gone wrong or people deliberately misinterpreting things to make her look bad and hope others repeat it.

No. 1602435

old, unedited (pleeeaase don't repost)

No. 1602447

Anon wtf is this lmao.

No. 1602449

Typical. Femininity is a "joke" to him because it's his true reality and birth sex, "Drake"pl painting his nails and using a higher pitch of his actual voice, is just him making fun of those who know.
My opinion of Doja is that she's simply a nlog who probably never connected with black scrotes. She's biracial and raised by her mother, she probably always wanted to fit in with her white side vs her black side. Besides the weird moids she chooses I have no issue with her doing this. She's apart of both communities, she's also dating on her level, the non who said doja is Vento with talent and fame is right. If she wasn't famous for music she'd be lolcow famous.

No. 1602451

Someone better edit the logo on

Jealousy. I can't count how many times I've seen "SHE WAS IN RACIAL CHATS SHOWING FEET!!!1" on twitter in the last four years. What the fuck are racial chats.

No. 1602453

Wait Drake chan is kind of cool? Wtf

No. 1602455

File: 1686366129890.gif (1.21 MB, 220x220, hjgfds.gif)

No. 1602459

What even is this. Is that you?

No. 1602474

File: 1686368129299.jpeg (142.46 KB, 1170x1227, IMG_0409.jpeg)

No. 1602477

Nice voice!

No. 1602483

Didn't she talk about how she used to post on 4chan when she was young and tolerated the racist insults she got from /pol/fags or something like that, or am I thinking of another celebrity?
Or if it was her, what exactly did she say if it's just a case of people misinterpreting her words like >>1602434 said

No. 1602526

File: 1686373393319.jpeg (331.47 KB, 1206x1698, 3915DD3D-7945-4F4D-9E22-7C845B…)

No. 1602576

thats because the only real races are black and white. the others are boring fillers that no one cares about.(derailing)

No. 1602603

This dumbass couldn't even date a cute nerdy guy, it had to be a bald, fat one. Good luck to her I guess.

No. 1602614

this one of the voices of lolcow ladies and none of yall wanted a vocaroo collab smh

No. 1602702

File: 1686393136649.jpg (732.87 KB, 2000x1500, sophie-lloyd@2000x1500.jpg)

Last night MGK had a live show at a rock festival in my country and he mixed up texts and threw a fit because people didn't wave enough when he wanted them to. He deadass ragequit 20 minutes earlier and they had to projects music videos instead. Average bpd male behaviour kek
Also there's rumors he's sleeping with Sophie, his band mate, which was on stage during Hollywood Undead show. They had her pretend she was a random person picked up from the crowd to play a guitar solo.
Also Mob Sun went on and on how MGK is his best friend, how have I never heard of this kek
They do look similarly dirty ngl

No. 1602703

cant believe peep died for this

No. 1602709

File: 1686393843734.jpg (161.94 KB, 1000x965, avril-lavigne-mod-sun-1.jpg)

MKG just doesn't have as many fans at a rock festival where people mostly go for a bit more hardcore bands (like slipknot) so I'm not surprised he wasn't as well received. He had shit energy though, he failed to capture the audience like bands before him and he slurred his words so people hardly understood his instructions about what to do, especially people who don't speak English as well.

Mob Sun also had a small sob party about his breakup kek, mentioned it like three times.
He played Flames and said something like 'This song is a bit difficult to play because of who's featured but it's MINE it's MY SONG so I will continue playing it'.
It wasn't that bad he seemed like an okay band dude (well for a band dude) but this sounded like a toddler so it was funny. His show was much better than MGK though.

No. 1602710

I personally love that I haven't listened to one song by any of the people listed.

Honestly I'd hate to be young in this current timeline. The artists are pure cringe

No. 1602711

Hollywood Undead isn't new at all nona. I didn't know Mob Sun before and haven't heard anything from MKG but his drama. I don't think I was the only one because like I said he wasn't well received. But wdym young, this rock festival was mostly 30+ from what I've seen from people around me, are you trying to be condescending or something?

No. 1602966

This has to be a joke. It’s so embarrassing when girls do this, especially successful ones

No. 1602984

File: 1686419087342.png (106.87 KB, 742x737, fj.png)

The comedian whose wife recently died from plastic surgery complications just released a video of him and other men making fun of women's bodies.

No. 1602992

Oh shit, she humbled herself kek:

No. 1603003

File: 1686420495284.png (912.52 KB, 800x792, 1686367472718.png)

This is the memorial post uploaded to her social media. I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but something about it seems so off. The husband/comedian (DC Uglyfly) really seems so narcissistic and abusive.

No. 1603026

All stand-up comedians seem like sociopaths to me.

No. 1603028

How does moo exploding relate to doja? I know she's a 4chan pickme who wore a cow costume but I didn't realise it was a moo reference (if that's the relation)
He made the tribute to his wife into a tribute from her to him??? This is absolutely gross. Putting words in your dead wife's mouth is nasty enough but then to hijack the tribute too?

No. 1603029

You're not being disrespectful. He's being a narcissist and he made the memorial to promote what an amazing person he is. He's in all the pictures with her and it says "King" in huge letters. This looks like a tribute to him, not a memorial her. Even the poem is about him and how much he is loved and how awesome he is. Wtf this is so disgusting.

No. 1603052

seconded stand up comedians are known assholes

No. 1603055

Moo exploding is what led to her being a mainstream artist, without that song blowing up she would've been shelved and relagated to only getting talked about for her lolcow behavior

No. 1603059

there are people on anons linked tweet saying Azealia mocked the womans death, is it true or did she just talk shit about dc and people just think the timing was bad? I'd like to see what she said if anyone has screencaps

No. 1603063

File: 1686425230733.jpeg (104.88 KB, 634x1292, D57ED28B-AEA8-4351-800C-1BFA5D…)

JB’s dad could have celebrated families literally anytime of the year. And of course gay families don’t count, but him having 3 kids with 3 different women is so traditional and nuclear.


No. 1603068

No. 1603115

I don't know why, but this gives me homosexual vibes

Who gives a fuck tbh

No. 1603143

File: 1686429475322.png (194.48 KB, 770x1304, 1686390075751639.png)


No. 1603148

This is so sad. The affects of being a young girl in hollyweird, no doubt. That being said, god celebrities are so fucking unsufferable. Marketing yourself is so cringe. I'm off to research who pushed her into stardom at a young age.

No. 1603156

Just self-harm followed by more self-harm

No. 1603163

regardless of whether she knew about that prior or not, azelia is nevertheless a shit person too

No. 1603178

As a schizo, how dare you! For real though, I think it's just bullshit she's came up with to plug her book. She's painfully boring. Loving the insight into her misogyny though where the "gentle and loving" side can only be achieved when LARPing as a man. She's got the same mentality as 16 y/o reddit Aidens, kek.

No. 1603189

By the way it's written it sounds like a bad YA book

No. 1603194

In Ellen's case she was probably sexually abused and this >>1596397

No. 1603213

Unappreciated post

No. 1603237

Can these rich people just shut up and go on vacation or something

No. 1603254

File: 1686441083417.jpg (136.83 KB, 1080x1285, IMG_20230611_015251.jpg)

it sounds like she was mental and selfharming since she was a kid, she should have never been in the spotlight..

No. 1603259

This is so vile and narcissistic. Her friends did a better tribute for her PRIOR to her death, where they did a little podcast where they praised her on being so selfless and a nice friend. I am glad she got to hear that from them before she passed, but it goes to show what kind of woman would willingly let such a man into their life. It's too bad that Azealia's hatred for him comes more from her own insecurities more than him being awful, the same insecurities his poor wife probably had. From the pre-surgery picture it doesn't even look like her body was fucked up that much from pregnancy anyways. He's going to be using her death to sympathy bait and i feel bad for his daughters knowing how much he hates women, they don't have their mother to soften the blow of having a dog for a father.

No. 1603264

This is going to be usef to sensationalize it about how mentally unwell women are when men do this same shit growing up.

No. 1603271

You're a queen. I knew one of you would come through.

I do not want to hear any of you bitches speaking or singing, only drake chan. She's cool.

Azealia is legitimately one of the funniest and most insightful voices we have, but she has a lot of personal work that she refuses to do. There's nothing cute or ~based~ about some of the things she says that come from pure ego and insecurity. She refuses to take criticism or be respectful of other people and that's why her career was selling soap for a long time. Its a shame because she's a genuinely talented and hilarious person, truly one of a kind and extraordinary, but she wastes it all and talking shit and being embittered

No. 1603384

you’re right I was thinking of taraji for some reason else but my point stands

No. 1603431

this rules

No. 1603571

I wonder if today, when you go to a therapist and show signs of self-harm and body dysmorphic disorder, the first question would be if you might be trans. Many women go through self destructive episodes in their lives and I hate that today it seems that everyone assumes you might be not okay with your gender instead of any other thing that might be wrong.

Sad that after all the things she went through she still looks like a suffering woman that hates every part of herself.

No. 1603588

>Hoisted himself onto the spike of his mother's bed frame in an effort to impale himself
I feel bad for laughing but holy shit, she HAD to know that it wouldn't work. Reminds me of the internet forums of yore when the emos would try to out-edgelord each other with tales of their totally real and not fake exploits. Who even has spikes on their bed frame? Jokes aside, her parents are to blame for essentially pimping her out to Hollywood.

No. 1603591

What an attention whore. I don't believe half of the crap she says.

No. 1603615

Did she just look up some weird anachan Reddit page and just larp what she thinks mentally ill people do? She just does every single mentally ill thing all while being wildly successful? Okay sure Jan.

No. 1603642

it’s giving off “i can’t get the cap off!!” vibes from Cyberbully lmao.

No. 1603644

Omfg this killed me

No. 1603667

Absolutely ancient, spoilt milk, but:
Shania Twain’s husband fucked Shania’s best friend. Shania then married her best friend’s husband. I can’t tell if this is a Stacy move or completely retarded.

No. 1603673

File: 1686492683927.jpeg (124.4 KB, 828x890, IMG_0711.jpeg)


No. 1603677

I mean with parents like that it was to be expected

No. 1603678

I saw an article a day ago where Ellen said she felt uncomfortable around so many 'cis men' during the filming of Inception. Batch, that's all women working with majority males in any job. She's so insufferable.

No. 1603679

this honestly makes me so sad. i looked her up after seeing her on real housewives to see what she was doing now, and it made me so upset to see her advertising onlyfans all over her instagram page. i hope her younger sister doesn't follow her footsteps, but she has a private instagram so it seems less likely. its sad because denise actually tried to protect her but like shayna she considers her mom "abusive" and chose to live with her dad…

No. 1603681

What bums me out most about shit like this is why is it in the news? Everything revolves around sex and degrading women it's so depressing.

No. 1603696

File: 1686495412441.jpg (581.68 KB, 1411x2000, Summer-Romance-Taylor-Swift-an…)

Any Swifties in here? What's your favourite relationship Taylor has had? I'm not partial to Taylor Swift at all but looking back on it it's weird that so many of her relationships didn't work out. I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was interesting, but he was also 9 years older than her, really not a good look at all. Taylor and Taylor would've been cute if they lasted and ironically he did end up marrying another woman also named Taylor. What do you guys think?

No. 1603703

No. 1603705

shut up dyke your ass is so annoying with this beard shit all the time

No. 1603707

Taylor S is definitely straight but Taylor L definitely isn't

No. 1603708

omg the one with harry, It was so bad she made multiple great songs about it. least favourite john of course, almost all the songs make me cry

No. 1603709

File: 1686496369179.jpg (65.07 KB, 798x798, Fw1L7NHaQAcLaAf.jpg)

Ot but Hyunjin was seated with Troye for a fashion show and Troye looked like he wanted to eat him.

No. 1603710

What about Taylor B? the erasure…

No. 1603712

john? give me the backstory on john sweaty. lore dump

No. 1603713

Wow twink death came for him

No. 1603714

File: 1686496618884.jpg (93.26 KB, 827x827, Fw55CJfaMAAcxzx.jpg)

No. 1603721

File: 1686497250814.jpeg (10.42 KB, 194x259, download.jpeg)

I actually think hyunjin is gay too. I can speak Korean and there was a lot of expose posts about him (hyunjin) on Korean sites 2 years ago. His female classmates were exposing him as a bully who was competing with girls and jealous of other girls. He was also a coward who would cyberbully his female classmates but was too much of a coward to fight them because one his classmates told him once to pull up and he got scared.
He also tried to ruin a girl's life just because she was a idol trainee and that made him jealous.

The international and english sites who report Korean scandals o lyrics gave very little information on hyunjins dating scandal to protect him but if you knew Korean back when it first happened you would see all those posts exposing him as a petty faggot and that's why hyunjin is hated in Korea meanwhile is loved internationally by people who don't know or speak Korean.

International fans really don't know anything because they're pnly feed garbage by allkpop which barely gives info.

No. 1603723

omg sure. so after her two first albums, Taylor was getting mainstream attention, awards and recognition, which made john mayer (bleegh) want some of that pie. She was 18-19 he was 32. And john is a known figure in country music so Taylor jumped into the bandwagon as a long time fan and admirer. The relationship was short lived but many rumours about their intimate relationship began circulating after Taylor's "Speak Now" album. (stream Speak Now Taylor Version wink wink). Now, in the album, there's the "controversial" song "dear John" in which she poetically supersizes her short relationship with him, about how he was always "testing" her and pushing her boundaries, with the heartbreaking line: "don't you think 19 is to young to be mess with?" like the speculation was insane, specially from the fags like, they were saying maybe he forced her to give him backstage blowjobs like a groupie or anal or insane stuff like that. tbh I have no idea, but she only stopped crying while performing that song 4 years later. This brings us to the "Taylor's Version" of "Dear John" where she describes how he won over her dad with self-deprecating humour and mimosas or something like that KEK and that he was so into the hipster scene at the time and feminism?? like the line: "And you were tossing me the car keys. Fuck The Patriarchy keychain on the ground." he sounds so pathetic and just ICKY, hate him to bits. But that's not all, in every single interview he loves playing the victim card is hilarious, like "I'm so good at accountability now BUT I don't deserve this" talking about the swifty "abuse". He's pretty much a cry baby. There's a lot of info but this is pretty much the important parts. xoxox

No. 1603728

not that i don't believe you but can you give some sources? that's really interesting kek i want to tell people but i'm going to need to back up those claims

No. 1603733

samefag I meant the "10 minute version from the vault" version not the "Taylor's version" of "All Too Well" not "Dear John" whoopsie hehe

No. 1603742

File: 1686498348278.jpeg (131.65 KB, 1170x1435, FE09DE83-0806-4DA0-B6A2-A15B03…)

Not a day goes by where we don’t hear something awful a marvel actor did. His victim is also an acid attack survivor though the person who did that is a wealthy politician type. Has the woman been through enough?

No. 1603743

I'm going to look although most of the links are dead now. I remember there was a site that compiled all those links so I will try to find it again and see if any of that was archived since most of them were taken down when hyunjin went and apologized to his past victims.

I'll look though.

No. 1603746

Wooaah. Wasn't this the guy in black panther? I saw so many people thrusting for him when it came out.

No. 1603747


No. 1603762


I was able to find this. I hope that's helpful.


No. 1603769

File: 1686500416358.jpg (1.86 MB, 4080x3060, 20230611_181540.jpg)

Idk why it ain't working did I misspell something, either way.

No. 1603770

ayrt, thanks! it's going to be hard trying to translate everything as they're images but i'm a fiend for gossip so idm kek ok i'll stop the kpop talk now sorry regular nonnies

No. 1603778

File: 1686502040833.jpg (28.77 KB, 480x320, ad_210807371.jpg)

Not sure why, but her relationship with Tom Hiddleston always left me curious. Still, i believe that most of them are PR relationships, and I still can't believe how people treated her as a teen like garbage for writing romantic songs and dating, while never caring about musicians or male actors who ditch their women the moment they want to settle down or are known cheaters.

No. 1603789

Mynard James Keenan also did this and iirc Elvis as well. It's always the ugly creepy looking ones.

No. 1603792

Didn't she get in trouble recently for trafficking and kidnapping black kids from Africa to raise them as her children? From what I know she promised the families she'll return their kids after a certain period or when they reach a certain age and she's only taking them to the west temporarily for some cultural exchange but now she refuses to return them to their families and some African countries governments started an investigation into it and are trying to pressure her to return the children to their respective families.

No. 1603803

So she's plugging a book, huh. I've noticed that a little while after she trooned out, there were statements from her that kept on getting to the front page of Buzzfeed every day (inb4 yes, Buzzfeed is shit, yes I go there for celeb shenanigans who cares). From "wearing a dress nearly killed me" to "Wearing a dress for a ROLE nearly killed me", the increase of inane troon comments now makes more sense. And I'm sure troon-happy Buzzfeed loves getting new material from her near every day.

No. 1603808

Next threadpic! It's meant to be.

No. 1603818

she looked the best with Lautner in my opinion but the best songs came from Joe Jonas. Forever and Always is my jam.

No. 1603821

TY for posting about this anon. Just saw in the alt cows thread someone post about trent reznor and other alt bands being creeps with their femal fans. At this points its better to assume guilty until proven innocent.

No. 1603822

I love Tool but I've never heard a single good thing about MJK. He's widely known for being an edgy unlikeable cunt.

No. 1603824

I think a bad rockers thread or just music creeps general would be a great idea because it could cover creeps like the weeknd.

No. 1603841

Could you link to those threads please?

No. 1603844

All too well is about Jake not John
Would’ve could’ve should’ve is about John though and that spills some serious tea kind and is kind of like a older continuation of dear John

No. 1603866

No. 1603870

AYRT, it's a biography (kek at publishing one when you're in your 30s) creatively named… Page Boy. And yeah, once she trooned out the floodgates were opened with all these dumb articles about her. It's like a reciprocal parasitic relationship between outlets like BuzzFeed, PinkNews, etc and people like Ellen who were on the brink of fading into obscurity.

No. 1603888

i had a friend who knew paz lenchantin (who was in a perfect circle with mjk) and she said hes way worse than anybody knows. and she was in a band with billy corgan so she has a thick skin for fucking terrible men.

No. 1603932

File: 1686513964064.jpeg (88.35 KB, 828x846, IMG_0742.jpeg)


No. 1603934

was just about to post that too anon
and north was there too! so much for kim is a whore and kanye keeps his daughter safe…

No. 1603943

File: 1686514581591.webm (811.82 KB, 320x496, birthye HappyBirthday KanyeWes…)

samefag but if kim did that, his worshippers would call cps on her, she's fucking 9

No. 1603953

Omg I thought this was a gore or corpse a moid spammed.

No. 1603954

I hope they all somehow get pink eye

No. 1603955

Every person in that family is fucking deranged. Not even trying to speak about the annoying kid, but north makes extremely weird and sporadic movements and gestures nonstop in anything I've seen of her. I know she's a kid, but considering who her parents are she's displaying and being subjected to extremely weird and disgusting behavior being so young.

No. 1603971

that woman looks dead

No. 1603980



No. 1603982

Maybe she’s the dessert. A Kanye Lecter wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 1603983

Men will use mocking femininity as an excuse to perform it.
30 years old and shouting to random moids about how she's single.
I bet Charlie sowed the seeds.

No. 1604002

File: 1686518837386.jpeg (83.84 KB, 580x1100, 442EF9DC-8756-4DEC-804B-7312D9…)

I thought this was the Amy Winehouse corpse meat platter again. Speaking of Neil Patrick Harris he’s hosting a drag dinner party show.

No. 1604006

How would you know what a dead woman looks like.(sage your shit)

No. 1604008

File: 1686519469154.jpeg (212.11 KB, 2400x1350, columbo.jpeg)

>Now just one more thing, anon… you said that broad looked like a dead woman… but how'd ya know what a dead woman looks like?

No. 1604024

Kek anon

No. 1604044

didn't he have a wholesome gay image? with loyal husband, white fence, kids, dogs and everything? or did drag got so mainstream that it doesn't contradict his image?

No. 1604065

Men will use mocking femininity as an excuse to perform it.
30 years old and shouting to random moids about how she's single.
I bet Charlie sowed the seeds.

No. 1604080

File: 1686524633857.jpg (35.25 KB, 630x450, taylor-swift-and-conor-kennedy…)

Conor Kennedy, she dated him while he was still in high school. She was 22.

No. 1604082

European style twinks are so haggard.

No. 1604084

I guess he and the husband are trying to show drag in a different light.
>>"We thought that drag queens deserve to be seen in a positive, comedic light. Every time we have interacted with queens, we laugh! Our faces hurt from smiling. We leave buoyant and high on life. [We wanted] to do something that showcases these queens in a positive way that's off the rails [and] a fun, messy party," Harris tells PRIDE.
>>”We love drag queens. We thought it was a perfect project for the both of us to produce and create. I'm friends with almost all of those queens! I was able to make calls. They were so gracious to help us out. By show three, we were just cracking up. Everyone's having so much fun and you can see that conveyed on camera. That's what we really wanted," Burtka adds.

No. 1604085

File: 1686525221323.jpg (295.3 KB, 1214x2999, MF~2.jpg)

No. 1604087

No. 1604088

File: 1686525622416.png (592.74 KB, 1440x1916, Screenshot_20230611-181842.png)

No. 1604093

File: 1686526067152.jpg (339.11 KB, 1219x1876, untitled~2.jpg)

No. 1604095

I get what she's saying and trying to say, but she words things so ineloquent. Can't and will not ever take her seriously even when she's correct, she's just dumb and wants to sound smart or stay relevant.

No. 1604096

"I have been burned at the stake" girl….SHUT UP and SIT DOWN. You've been embarrassing yourself for decades.

No. 1604098

>even when she's correct,
i guess sort of, but if her kids really are being forced to dress like that then that's kind of fucked

No. 1604109

File: 1686527250215.webm (4.06 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 1604120

Ayrt and I worded it wrong, not saying she's correct but meant she's correct to try and defend her children. But it's making her look like an idiot and irresponsible,as she is.

No. 1604132

>you fucked with the wrong witch
that and using "irregardless" made me cringe. she's a retard who desperately wants tranny points just to stay relevant.

No. 1604136

she's looking and acting like someone's creepy drunk aunt. i hope these are adults.

No. 1604139

Translation: I'm drunk and nobody wants to deal with my bloated ass.
Lol "high maintenance" Just high and drunk.

No. 1604147

This is what happens when you're on the wrong medication for bipolar and mix it with wine.

No. 1604157

This wasn't cute, he was 17 and she was 5 years older

No. 1604163

I dont give a fuck about Taylor swift. Taylor Lautner is the homo.

He was giving him the Miley Cyrus eyes jesus

No. 1604170

I need more on this.

No. 1604172

i can't imagine what a kid raised by a robotic plastic sex doll and a manic narcissist would grow up to be like. north never stood a chance.

No. 1604177

I want to believe in her. I think she'll be funny.

No. 1604178

File: 1686535484999.jpeg (223.09 KB, 1170x1915, IMG_0413.jpeg)

No. 1604179

nonnies need to learn how to scroll

No. 1604197

no she wasn't, they're the same age

No. 1604209

No. 1604219

kek she’s trying to sound so smart. doesn’t everyone see right through it?

No. 1604221

kek she’s trying to sound so smart. doesn’t everyone see right through it?

No. 1604222

kek she’s trying to sound so smart. doesn’t everyone see right through it?

No. 1604229

How could she?
There's no way this child will be normal, she's an accessory for her piece of shit narcissist, mentally ill parents. It's sickening the whole family only wants to have black children to continue their sick empire of degeneracy.

No. 1604230

Her deranged dad literally went on a full rampage in public crying about how he wanted her aborted and how he hates his wife despite him being a porn sick waste of skin. This man needs to be locked away forever.

No. 1604236

File: 1686544553743.jpg (941.4 KB, 4212x1944, 1681764962289.jpg)

Okay In most cases I'd think this was just republicans over-reacting to boys with long-hair but considering she essentially groomed one of her kids to troon out, I'm willing to believe it. Like I get that kids don't have concepts of gender but most little boys don't like dressing up as cheerleaders of wearing girls clothes basically everyday, but all 3 of her sons do and its very obvious that she probably has influenced that decision.

No. 1604241

She needs to look at herself and worry about why she hates herself so much first, no wonder she's projecting weird shit on her kids. She's unhappy and will do anything for attention even if it's ruining her childrens reputation. No wonder her kids are so confused, their mother is off doing drugs and manifesting like she's some witch and "seeing the devil" with some loser wannabe Kurt Cobain when she's just an ugly botched loser ass pickme who got used for her body and now she wants to claim "muh body is so ugly, I can't look at myself in the mirror without crying"
How embarrassing for her kids and anybody related to her sorry ass.

No. 1604284

File: 1686554384146.jpg (375.59 KB, 1256x1570, tumblr_e6794be4a7bfe37225be0ed…)

I just watched ep 2 of The Idol and immediately recognized Lily-Rose is wearing a Nusi outfit for her music video. So many layers of creepy ass men related to this show. Its only redeeming quality is that so far there are no minors in it and we aren't forced to watch high school porn and hear about 16 year olds doing sex work and how fab it is like in Euphoria.

Also was thinking about the nona who wrote >>1597864 from last week, I probably would have never thought about this but this character literally serves no purpose other than to be an obese black woman who exists?? Most of these characters are soulless and unlikeable though. Yes I am hate-watching, I know I shouldn't give it views but I have insomnia and get bored at 2AM.

No. 1604288

Why do people like The Weeknd? He’s fat, boring, and uncharismatic, needs other people to come up with all his shit for him, and his voice is weak as fuck studio editing bullshit.
I don’t know any women who listen to him, and I even know grown women who unironically listen to Harry Styles (b t w, I see scrotes who are more handsome than that pseudo-troon every day on the street).

No. 1604290

I like some of The Weeknd's music but hate him as a person, but that goes for a lot of the music I listen too. I download mp3's from youtube so I'm not supporting him in anyway like through spotify or buying CD's or anything. A lot of his songs are generic and lame but there's about a dozen I like, the lyrics are trash though but he's a moid so it's to be expected.

No. 1604291

May he get ____. Amen.
She's twisted.

No. 1604292

He had a half-decent album a few years ago. Also two songs with LDR so maybe some are Lana stans

No. 1604294

second hand cringe

No. 1604296

Nusi Quero, as in the guy who targets Asiain models for sexual assault/harassment? Nasty. They really want to be the new Weinsteins.

No. 1604310

I don't know much of his music, but I like the song Gasoline from his most recent album because it's different from his other stuff. I don't know how to describe it but it has like a goth vibe? I also liked his song with Daft Punk. I don't know anything about his personal life but after watching this show and knowing he helps write it, I think he's seriously fucked in the head.

Yes but it's not just Asian women afaik. Over 30 women have said he creeped on them at best and sexual assault at worst

No. 1604311

yes it's nusi creepo and his ugly work. the more i hear about this show the worse it gets

No. 1604319

File: 1686558324064.jpg (39.05 KB, 950x559, killitwithfire.jpg)

i saw picrel clip and god, this man's writing and especially acting is terrible. it's like he wanted to spend money on making some shitty porn video. how can people even enjoy it?
heard that some k-pop singer also is in this show and had some threesome scene and kpoopers are dragging her for it.

No. 1604342

Absolutely losing my shit at this screencap KEKKKK I can feel the cringe just wafting from this image I cannot imagine how cringe it must be in action.
As an aside: THE WEEKND IS AN UGLY FATTY HOLY SHIT. Did he gain weight for this role? Why is he so fucking fat???? He's ugly.

No. 1604376

Taylor was so unhinged with the Kennedy she was desperate to become a Kennedy. She bought a house on his street and creeped him out. Would sign him out of highschool as an adult to hang out. His family warded him off her lol

No. 1604377

File: 1686563280745.png (133.92 KB, 873x505, bloatedretard.png)

People saying they hate the idol but they keep watching because Lily Rose Depp is so gorgeous… Do they have shit in their eyes ? She looks grotesquely bloated and disfigured compared to the cute face she started with.

No. 1604379

File: 1686563496582.jpeg (336 KB, 2216x1536, lily-rose-depp.jpeg)

I know she probably lost some baby fat but her cheekbones are fucking ridiculous nowadays, and how the hell did she give herself a lazy eye ? Failed botox injection ?

No. 1604381

I think a lot of people are stupid af and they recognise her very famous dad in her face and like wow nice. Every screenshot from that show everyone looks so greasy.

What's the tea on Jennie from blackpink having a threesome in it I'm shocked that's allowed while she's in the group lol. I have no idea about k pop tho I thought they liked to tease sex more than anything.

No. 1604386

File: 1686563881584.gif (3.2 MB, 324x224, IMG_5450.gif)

What a cringey, disgusting pedo thing to say.
Who wrote this? Weinstein?

No. 1604392

what the hell… she totally ruined her face. losing baby fat doesn't completely change the structure of your cheekbones. she didn't need to do this to herself lmao

No. 1604400

I love how her fans tripped over themselves to defend this by saying
>let a girl have some fun!!
As if it's simply not just cringy LE SHE IS SO QUIRKY
Karma for mocking Britney got her always dating ugliest mf on the block.
I really don't get why attractive and rich girls like that do this. I understand someone coming from a poor background and no hope to achieve something any other way. But his nepo babies?
Why would she want to join that cursed family?

No. 1604402

She had such pretty cheeks and now she looks like Chucky

No. 1604412

Nepo babies starved for attention

No. 1604413

Lazy eyes can get worse over time. She could have developed one later or simply had a slight one that’s more noticeable now.

No. 1604421


No. 1604422

Taylor 100% saw herself as the next Jackie O, America's sweetheart etc etc

No. 1604539

File: 1686578191539.png (168.89 KB, 838x736, Screen Shot 2023-06-12 at 7.52…)

that fucking upper cheek/temple filler makes women look retarded. zoe kravitz has it too. i guess its a mindfuck to be the child of two very attractive people. they were both pretty girls who've gone way too far trying to mimic their mothers' natural beauty with plastic surgery and filler.

No. 1604557

File: 1686580548629.jpg (694.02 KB, 2736x3065, WDlz6fq51zTN8a.jpg)

Apparently he has a history of misogynistic statements, so not surprising.

No. 1604560

File: 1686580654733.jpg (115.59 KB, 1920x1080, dakota-fanning.jpg)

everything just becomes more and more unreal(istic), the gap between normal/natural womens looks and celebrities looks widens. the only people who naturally seem to have those super visible cheekbones are some rare native american or maybe asian men, same for those super sharp jawlines. no matter their age, in close to all women I know the highest point of their cheeks is more in the middle, the place you store the most fat. Of course that goes away as you age, but those large angular bones sticking out is just not something women have.
that along with the skinny body trend and now pushing troons like dylan mulvaney really makes you tinfoil about some agenda of trying to put women down even more by pushing impossible male beauty standards on them. well but at the same time the tiniest baby nose and huge tits are also still trendy, so not completely? who knows…
the only young actress who comes to my mind who kept a normal face with a natty nose, cheek fat and non tattoed and lifted brows is dakota fanning - and her career basically died.

No. 1604582

I've never paid much attention to the kardashians or their children, but the way North moves in this video is very… She moves exactly like my younger sister, who has a learning disability. Right down to the expressions she's (North) making. I hope someone is watching out for her, especially if she does have a disability (she could just be exuberant and eccentric lol, things I also would say my sis is). Idk, it just tugged on my heartstrings a bit.

No. 1604585

There's another video that keeps coming up in my feed, no idea why but Kim is doing North's hair with TONS of products and North is literally spazzing out making unsettling faces and gestures. Something is definitely wrong with her.

No. 1604587

it's the turbozoomer/gen A unfortunate adderall ipad baby lifestyle + growing up very rich probably makes it worse

No. 1604617

File: 1686585964223.webm (11.47 MB, 1280x720, Kim Kardashian Styles North We…)

No. 1604619

Bruh you can't do much about lazy eyes, it's good that actors considered hot have some imperfections because the beauty standard is ridiculous. The other things you criticize I get but you don't know how much of it was the plastic surgery and how much was just aging, comparing it with her teenage picture is scrote brained as fuck

No. 1604630

File: 1686587114972.gif (3.58 MB, 540x675, ezgif-1-85c87325ef.gif)

I wonder if there's any new developments in regards to the Manson case and where it's going to go from here.

No. 1604635

The anon from before was exaggerating a bit. That's not "tons" of products if you know black hair, kek. It also seems like she's acting silly for the camera

No. 1604639

if i saw her on the street i would think she was a severely schizophrenic person

No. 1604642

Anon in previous post and the video >>1604617 posted wasn't the one I was referring to btw,so hush please.
The video I was talking about they show all of the products at the very beginning of it. And for some odd and weird reason Kim is wearing a t-shirt with Kendall and all of her ex basketball player boyfriends. Extremely strange and disturbing to wear your sister and her ex's on your shirt??? Anyway, North is acting like a psycho while Kim does her hair and it was one of the most annoying videos I've ever come across.

No. 1604646

>really makes you tinfoil about some agenda of trying to put women down even more by pushing impossible male beauty standards on them
Creating and then exploiting insecurities in women is an industry which generates infinite revenue

No. 1604648

Sorry anon I was the one who posted this vid
It was the vid that came to mind when you mentioned her hair routine. I'd like to see the vid you're referring to, trying to find it

No. 1604655

Literally looks like she’s suppressing a fart in this photo, lmao. Damn she really messed her face up, shame

No. 1604656

File: 1686589653825.png (102.9 KB, 1377x608, v2.png)

>Lance Bass, Former NSYNC member and entrepreneur, is a father of twins with Michael Turchin. Their 2-year-old twins are named Violet Betty and Alexander James; he has recently opened up about their toddler milestones. They are becoming more affectionate, have started speaking, and are growing an interest in learning. In an interview with Yahoo Life, Bass expresses his delight in seeing them discover new words, particularly body parts, due to their favorite YouTube children’s show, Ms. Rachel. With their newfound fascination with anatomy and books, Bass is hopeful that the toddlers will develop a love for reading. However, the first year of their life was riddled with disconnect due to the fact that they were born through surrogacy.
>Bass candidly shared that he and Turchin struggled in their conception journey. Over three years, the couple experienced two full rounds of IVF with a surrogate, one of which resulted in a pregnancy loss at six weeks. They also worked with 10 different egg donors before finally achieving success. At one point, Bass admitted that he doubted whether he was supposed to be a parent or not because it was so hard.
>“Us trying to get pregnant was a difficult time,” Bass shared. “It took us three years to finally get these kids… But you keep going forward, and the universe gives you what you need when you need it."
>This challenging process amplified their appreciation for the twins’ small yet impactful milestones, but it was difficult in the beginning for them to truly connect with their children.
>"The first year, they wouldn't give me any love," he said. "They never hugged, they never wanted to snuggle, and I was so upset about it. Because they would do that with my mom. My mom would come over, and boom, they’d snuggle with her."
>The children are loving now that they're a little older, but at first, there was very little affection and physical interaction. Bass refers to the children's mother as "the donor" and says his son looks just like her. "It's crazy," he said. The couple maintains a connection with both the surrogate who carried the twins and their egg donor, whom Bass calls "angel moms."
>Bass advocates for others going through similar struggles to persist, seek comfort in their community, and remember they are not alone. Their journey allowed them to meet many couples who shared their experiences, providing much-needed stress relief. Nowadays, Bass frequently turns to his closest friends, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and JoAnna Garcia, for parenting advice. As each friend is a parent to either only boys or only girls, he considers them his experts for questions about either Violet or Alexander.
>“Know that other people are going through the same thing,” Bass gave advice to aspiring parents. “In doing our journey, we met so many couples that went through exactly the same thing that we did. It really relieves a lot of stress.”

No. 1604662

Poor kids, but kek at
>Because they would do that with my mom. My mom would come over, and boom
Even infants know the truth nasty scrote.

No. 1604666

>comparing it with her teenage picture is scrote brained as fuck
Kek yeah I thought the same, no one looks how they did as a young teenager, she looks 14 in that pic

No. 1604667

File: 1686590758180.jpg (82.97 KB, 900x926, cc.jpg)

We have a singer in the UK called Cheryl Cole and she is the most painful example of this. She fucked her face so bad. Picrel before.

No. 1604668

File: 1686590821046.jpg (4.92 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Now. Looking like dear Robbie.

No. 1604669

I think this is quite common for gay scrotes with kids. Slight blog but my wife and I are trying for a baby and my wife is in some gay parenting groups on FB for advice and stuff. A lot of gay men post in there about their kids being cold with them, yet very warm with female friends and relatives. It's like they instinctively know they're lacking a mother figure; even as babies.
>Bass refers to the children's mother as "the donor"
Can't even honour and respect the woman who gave you such a blessing. Scumbag.

No. 1604670

>Bass refers to the children's mother as "the donor" and says his son looks just like her. "It's crazy," he said.
Lmao, is it really?

No. 1604671

File: 1686590869962.jpg (43.5 KB, 720x434, 63dba91c2400006f0021df8b.jpg)

No. 1604674

Holy shit why would she do that? She was gorgeous before and now she looks scary and unrecognizable

No. 1604678

> jennie threesome
Unless there was a leak from future episodes that isn't a thing and idk where that other nona got it from. She is in like some weird sex cult tho so it does seem like something plausible. But she's barely in the show so far

No. 1604690

This is why surrogacyfags coping that the mother who literally carries the child for 9 months "i-isn't really the mother, just the carrier" are retarded to me.

No. 1604694

She took a short career break then came back looking like that in this music video. Everyone was so shocked kek. She can't even move her face properly anymore. It's been four years and she's still got it in, so she must think it looks good kek.

No. 1604729

No worries anon..it randomly popped up a few times on my Facebook feed last week, unfortunately. If I see it again I'll link it, it's really strange.

No. 1604730

File: 1686593591179.gif (4.74 MB, 474x363, 16865933066279743.gif)

throwback gif

No. 1604732

She's one of the women who helped me realise I was a lesbian, she was stunning. It sickened me when moids would be disgusting about he

No. 1604734

File: 1686593897384.png (630.7 KB, 863x948, Screenshot_20230612-111804.png)

I found a screenshot of the video, but the video itself is so much worse. Look up north west hair or something I'm sure it'll pop up

No. 1604737

Imagine being this naturally pretty and ruining it to follow some dumb beauty trend. Absolutely depressing.

No. 1604741

That's a normal amount of hair product tbh. Gross shirt though

No. 1604757

File: 1686595427576.png (736.35 KB, 754x754, Screen Shot 2023-06-12 at 12.4…)

>the only people who naturally seem to have those super visible cheekbones are some rare native american or maybe asian men, same for those super sharp jawlines.

Its like they all took a picture of Daniel Dae Kim into the surgeon's office.

No. 1604764

She’s just clowning for a video, some of you clearly never interacted with a nine year old.

No. 1604782

Anonymous 2 minutes ago No. 1604781

This blatantly sad for the babies who are clearly missing and feeling abandoned by their mothers, what the fuck?
>At one point, Bass admitted that he doubted whether he was supposed to be a parent or not because it was so hard.
He almost figured it out.
>“Us trying to get pregnant was a difficult time,” Bass shared.
Yeah it must have been so difficult to suffer a miscarriage- oh, wait, that was "the donor" actually suffering, not your petulant spoiled ass throwing a tantrum because you can't get your mail-order human beings exactly when you demand them. This is infuriating.
>"But you keep going forward, and the universe gives you what you need when you need it."
Yeah unless you're one of "your" children, longing for a mother or really any female figure. Wow such selfless love from these clueless faggots.

No. 1604795

Exactly. "Acting psycho"? Some nonas need to go outside lol.

No. 1604801

yes, this is exactly what i meant lol
even on moids this exaggerated chad bone structure is so rare, yet suddenly women are expected to look like that

No. 1604806

it's weird even talking about kids like that. like you don't remember you or even your classmates or family members at that age? wtf kek ridiculous

No. 1604845

I loved her Parachute song and I genuinely thought she's one of the most beautiful women in the world. holy crap this is sad

No. 1604877

File: 1686604485029.jpg (76.71 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20230612-231544_Sam…)

No. 1604882

im pretty sure >>1604157 meant to reply to >>1604080. taylor was 22 and he was 17.

No. 1604885

Whats so bad about it? Can we not bring this lipstick alley shit here? Where they act like they've never seen kids before and overanalyze every single thing some silly hyper 9 year old is doing? She's literally moving around all crazy because she's filming an hyper tiktok. It's not like she's sitting at the bus stop alone doing this, there's nothing weird about it.

No. 1604886

His early stuff was a lot better imo

No. 1604888

Ayrt and no, I'm >>1604157 and I meant Taylor and Taylor. Just got the number wrong, she was 3 years older but still weird imo

No. 1604942

ahh i see that makes sense. sorry for assuming and complicating it more kek

No. 1604956

File: 1686609934962.png (116.06 KB, 835x832, young ddk.png)

If anynonnie is familiar with BtVS, he was in Angel, he certainly didn't have handsome squidward face back in the late 90s/early 00s. Picrel is him in one of the later episodes, season four-ish I think. The lighting kind of sucks but you can see enough of his cheekbones.

No. 1604957

I'm convinced they do know. Whether we like it or not (from a feminist/antinatalist perspective) the bond between infant and mother is written into our DNA and has been since the dawn of our species. Genetically strong men were meant to ejaculate and then die off in some chimp war, not be around children, raise children or love children. Fathers aren't important, they're optional. Even mother nature knows kek

No. 1604971

Never once seen a relative, classmate,or friend act like a complete idiot at that age to answer your question, no. She's not just acting goofy, she's acting like a lunatic like her father. Why do people try so hard to defend this behavior? It's so embarrassing. Even her ugly mother was rolling her eyes at her in the actual video.

No. 1604978

NTA. You're really weird. You're like one of those people who drug their kids to high heavens and insist they have everything from autism to schizophrenia.

No. 1604988

What the fuck are you even saying? Lol calling anon weird and you're just speaking out of your ass

No. 1605005

>she's acting like a lunatic like her father.
Ntayrt but why do people keep saying this? she's harmless, unlike her father. It's like you've never been around children before.

No. 1605013

He said he wanted to abort her. That's all that should matter.

No. 1605016

Will you shut the fuck up? Kanyes bipolar ass antics cant even be compared to a kid making a tiktok. Is north west riling up the neo nazis too? The real weird shit is how often kim checks the camera to make sure shes posing right when her face looks fucked regardless.

No. 1605046

>literally serves no purpose other than to be an obese black woman who exists

hopefully i don't get banned for this because i am not trying to racebait, i just want to be brutally honest. in hollywood if you're a black woman, you're either one of two things. you're either the funny fat black mammy that white people, especially older white women, gravitate towards since you're seen as unintellectual, street smart, yet approachable, or you're an emotionally traumatized but attractive hoodrat who becomes the sidekick of the blonde heroine and essentially aids her in her journey to stardom. eventually you will die at the hands of your crips boyfriend, or end up barefoot, pregnant, and struggling in da hood because that's just how life is, right?

hollywood cannot tolerate the image of the confidant, beautiful, successful black woman who outshines her white counterparts. again, not baiting, i am just talking about the reality black women like myself live in. you're never supposed to be better than rebecca, you're supposed to help her understand how da world really works because you're real and shiet and then she's the one who becomes successful, marries her prince, and lives happily ever after in her mcmansion while you fail. the fat black mammy stereotype is an extension of the hypersexualized mammy which was a prominent caricature during slavery and the jim crow era. she was a dirty, ugly, big lipped fool who did nothing all day but flip pancakes, smother little white children with her humongous tiddies, and run behind her massa as we see in films like gone with the wind. ever wonder why liberals love black female comedians like leslie jones, monique? notice how they're all the same kind of woman? funny looking, ghetto, crude, physically imposing?

i know someone is going to get butthurt and triggered but it is what it is.

No. 1605052


The hot ones paired off and so did the uggos. It was really a righting of the world.

No. 1605053

i though stuff like Abbott Elementary was doing really well? isn't that directed by the black ex-buzzfeed lady, Quinta? then there's the Hailey Bailey girl who just starred as Ariel. lots of black women are doing fantastic in Hollywood and they're not being constricted to the racist stereotypes you mention.

No. 1605054

This take is from the 90s

No. 1605099

Idk which post to even reply to at this point but children very rarely exhibit early signs of psychosis or bipolar disorder and in most cases things like that start showing up in very late teens and early adulthood. Like yes all of Kanye’s children are at risk and Kim really fucked up by choosing to breed with him but it’s really way too soon to pass any judgment on his kids. Stop being silly

No. 1605142

a lot of black women just happen to be fatties, it’s not some damning character flaw

No. 1605145

wow he actually looks human here.
what does that have to do with people calling her mannerisms schizo?

No. 1605146

>you're either the funny fat black mammy that white people, especially older white women, gravitate towards since you're seen as unintellectual, street smart, yet approachable, or you're an emotionally traumatized but attractive hoodrat who becomes the sidekick of the blonde heroine and essentially aids her in her journey to stardom.
Sorry anon, but I don't think you know many black celebrities. This woulda been true at a point in time but not anymore imo.

No. 1605176

damn, i remember noticing his insane bone structure on lost but it looks so much more exaggerated now. i guess chads are still insecure. that makes me feel a little better.
remember when the biggest problem was people were too skinny? and then 10-15 years ago everyone fell all over themselves to prove how body positive they were? the pendulum has swung so far in the other direction. now the most famous celebrities are born millionaires who've spent more money then we'll ever know to surgically change their entire face/bodies. and they still get filtered to death. i just cant imagine what young girls deal with right now.

No. 1605229

>she probably always wanted to fit in with her white side vs her black side.
how, just because she didn't pick a black man to be her boyfriend? you can't say that in her music and music videos (and the people she works with on set etc) she's only collabing with white people and representing her "white side"/white people, quite the opposite. yet she's been trashed by people online esp black people (it's fair game because she's basically white in some people's eyes), she talked about it in lives, how people will mock her features, her hair/wigs, her hobbies (bc ofc you're white washed if you like video games and date a white man) etc. not realizing that they're being racist themselves.

No. 1605270

>child breathes and makes a silly face for tiktok
>"omg she's literally bipolar??? psycho!!! lunatic like her father!!!!! put her in an asylum omg!!!!"
Were you just too dumb to understand? I'm saying to calm down, retard kek

No. 1605290

File: 1686638066293.png (69.36 KB, 673x912, elliot.png)

You're right. Anons are mentioning exceptions and trying to gaslight you with shit like "A-A lot of black women are just fat, it means nothing" (and so are a lot of white women, so why Lily Rose Depp and not Honey Boo Boo? kek), but this is how it is in the minds of nasty scrotes like Sam Levinson and The Weeknd. Degenerates like that just run Hollywood, especally the music industry. There are more black celebrities that aren't just that now, but it's much newer, rarer, and the ones who make it in the mainstream typically have to play into one of the main stereotypes (mammy, "strong independent" head-bobber or hoe).
Like, why are all the known black female rappers and singers constantly making music abou dick, money, and being massive pickmes? Why do they all have fake asses? Why did Chloe Bailey's image suddenly turn so hypersexual that even men on Twitter started calling it inappropriate? That's not a mistake, and that's not "just how black women are, tee-hee, just accept it!". Only Disney saved Halle Bailey. We're not going to have talents like Lauryn Hill or Whitney Houston within this generation. We can't even have someone who's just pretty and "wholesome" like Brandy, and it's because degenerate, retarded men are fully in charge like never before. The Idol and Euphoria are just the same moids bragging about how much they can get away with and still get defended by retarded coombrains and brainrotted pickmes who think everything is ~*empowering*~. I promise this isn't racebait. I'm just sick of the current cultural landscape, on top of weirdo libfems and men trying to pretend it's not gross with ridiculous copes. The fact that the exact same crap excuses pop up on one of the few sites where women's voices aren't censored is wild.

But I digress. Ellen Page is at it again.

No. 1605302

Making exaggerated faces and lipsyncing while shooting a TikTok are now ICD criteria.

No. 1605336

Why did they turn so hypersexual and rap about dicks? I'm not sure I follow. But black men also rap about pussy and cash. Is it their labels forcing this image on them? Seriously asking.

No. 1605346

>We can't even have someone who's just pretty and "wholesome"
yeah, this sucks. every pretty girl or woman in the limelight becomes overtly sexualized (or does it likely after a long period of SA and/or coercion in the industry) and it sends a horrible message to girls and women. just look at britney spears' photoshoots from before she was even legally an adult. the only genuinely talented female artist that i can think of who didn't overtly sexualize herself and most of her music has a good message is marina and the diamonds. she is not perfect and i'm sure she isn't the -only- one but even electra heart has songs that are clearly tongue-in-cheek but might go over a girl's head. i guess taylor swift has an overall clean image as well. we have such a shortage of women in media that don't get (or choose, if they really even get a choice…) the treatment of being a sex object at some point in their careers. girls and women should be given the message that being beautiful/desired is not synonymous with being a sex object (and we know scrotes will sexualize literally anything anyway). but we're being force fed the notion that sex is the key to success, maybe even the idea that a woman isn't beautiful if she isn't taking her clothes off.

No. 1605348

I heard that she was supposed to have a bigger role but when the first director departed, Sam Levinson said she should just look pretty, imply that she probably won't do much in the series. I hope it's true.

No. 1605365

Jesus fucking Christ shut the fuck up (Ellen, not you)

No. 1605371

As a lesbian she had multiple roles where she fucks men including one where she literally rapes the guy who plays Dwight in the office, but wearing a dress is too far. Okay. I used to think she was just a huge attention seeker but after all of this stuff has been coming out I think she’s both an attention seeker and also very mentally ill.

No. 1605377

So being placed in a roll where her underaged character "seduces" a pedophile, including a scene where she flashes him in a bra is fine and doesn't cause trauma but "girl clothes" makes her wanna kill herself? Wish she would just be honest about her time in hollywood and how damaging it was being oversexualised and not try to shift blame onto this tranny bullshit. She's had deepfakes made of her where they put her underaged face onto 3D loli's doing horrific shit but she never mentions anything other than how traumatic dresses are. Okay girl, keep living in delusionland.

No. 1605378

Not that anon, but if you look at female rappers who are popular, almost all of them have a sexy image. The ones that don't are the exceptions and need ridiculous amounts of talent their male counterparts don't need. Rap is dominated by scrotes and it's scrotes who serve as the main taste makers in female rap. With that in mind, you also need to be a bit of a pickme to make it in rap since you will deal with a lot of sexual harassment, moids making sexual jokes at your expense and nitpicking your appearance. It's so hard to make it if you don't look like an instagram baddie.

No. 1605385

Ok but are we supposed to believe that being a fat side character is more insulting than Lily Rose Depp's role is? If it had been Zendaya or another black actress instead of her, you could have made the same rant about how black actresses are sexualized. Just because some white actress is thin doesn't mean her character is more interesting and dignifying for her. Lily Rose Depp is absolutely humiliated in this series, and so were the white actresses in Euphoria, fat or not. Sadly stereotypes and sexualization exist for all actresses in Hollywood.

No. 1605416

This just in:
>Actor says they'll kill themselves if they have to act
It's a fucking costume. You're a fucking actor. Ugh I can't with this idiot

No. 1605419

Samefag, after this kind of shit, how does it never occur to her she has the WRONG JOB, not wrong gender

No. 1605469

File: 1686659103035.jpg (173.1 KB, 634x928, FyR1qrUXgAARjn7.jpg)

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz

No. 1605474

It's giving "Local man walks his sex bot", it pisses me off seeing celebrity men being allowed and encouraged to dress normally meanwhile famous women have to parade around in practically nothing like they're publicly on display

No. 1605475

>You know what I'm going to wear today? Nylon stockings
>Knee high? Thigh high?
>Neck high

No. 1605480

If we're supposed to believe a dress is that triggering for her then how tf did she get through Juno with her fake bump? It's like the TIFs who cut their tits off but get pregnant kek. It's obvious what her problem is.

No. 1605482

>Ok but are we supposed to believe that being a fat side character is more insulting than Lily Rose Depp's role is?
No one said this? Some people have been trying to argue that it wasn't insulting at all, and black women who notice this sort of consistent bullshit are just imagining everything. Those people were being idiotic. That's it. It's obviously all garbage and sexualization, but time and time again, black women's portrayal is a particular form of inhumane, hypersexualized or just outright nasty on the basis of both race and sex. It's considered taboo to talk about it, but it's plain as day.
If you think of this a contest instead of just having a multifaceted view on how women are treated, nothing will ever get resolved.

No. 1605496

File: 1686662232842.jpeg (Spoiler Image,96.71 KB, 1170x611, IMG_2546.jpeg)

I can’t wait to see the flash nonas. No this isn’t bait. I actually am excited. Yes I was one of those ezrafags at that time when his controversy peaked.

No. 1605497

File: 1686662531172.jpg (190.02 KB, 943x2037, Screenshot_20230613_152353_You…)

Does anyone else think Americans are easily psyoped or are a hivemind, relating to this Taylor Swift concert tour she's doing? For weeks I am CONSTANTLY getting videos of people shitting and peeing themselves in excitement… it seems like Taylor's PR team is literally the best in the entire world. Like who gives a shit? Do that many people actually like her? The ticket prices are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive too.

No. 1605500

>but time and time again, black women's portrayal is a particular form of inhumane, hypersexualized or just outright nasty on the basis of both race and sex
Yes this is true, in general. But not in this context. If you don't want people making comparisons then you should be honest about what problem is happening to whom in a situation. And oversexualization, sexual humiliation and brutality was projected onto the white actress in this show, in this case.
>It's considered taboo to talk about it, but it's plain as day.
If you think of this a contest instead of just having a multifaceted view on how women are treated, nothing will ever get resolved.
Its taboo, really? Because every time something happens to a white woman somebody has to make a point to tear her down or turn the conversation away from her problems as if she doesn't have a right to her grievances because she has white privilege and others have it worse in some way. Literally the only women it's acceptable to publicly hate is white ones. Seems to me like the focus is fully on race and has been forever, especially online. Hardly taboo.

No. 1605501

I thought he was in jail.

No. 1605503

Lol a moid going to jail for beating women. If only nonnie

No. 1605507

I'm always wondering…..who are her fans? Who's her fanbase? I'm assuming millennials but then again, I don't know any millennials personally who are fans. Her music is FUCKING bland, I have tried to get into it and it leaves me completely empty. She's like a fame hungry robot ffs

No. 1605514

File: 1686664761222.png (61.04 KB, 1310x920, 1686614753871.png)

>But not in this context.
How? What isn't degrading about the only portrayal of black women being an obese groomer? It would be less degrading to have no black women at all on the show, but instead, they made the point to push the mammy stereotype, shoehorned into helping white and black scrotes exploit a young girl. How is that not inhumane and nasty?
>If you don't want people making comparisons then you should be honest about what problem is happening to whom in a situation. And oversexualization, sexual humiliation and brutality was projected onto the white actress in this show, in this case.
Who said it was not? Again, try looking at things from multiple directions instead of only one. It's not a contest. Multiple kinds of women can be made to look bad. Why should we only talk about one?
>Its taboo, really? Because every time something happens to a white woman somebody has to make a point to tear her down or turn the conversation away from her problems as if she doesn't have a right to her grievances because she has white privilege and others have it worse in some way.
The only place I have ever seen this is retarded libfems on Twitter, who support trannies and call the same things we're complaining about empowering. If you try to point out how black women are treated, they yell "whorephobia", "fatphobia" and "respectability politics" or complain that you're "bringing down a black man". Even white liberal men have clued into this, hence white trannies like this trying to silence all groups of women by insinuating that pointing out The Weeknd is disgusting must be racist because he is black. Meanwhile, if you talk about how black women are treated RF-friendly spaces, someone gets annoyed and tries whataboutism using the forementioned retards as "proof" that it's okay to talk about. The argument is that those people also try to silence white women who discuss their treatment, and that mean…black women can? No. Ridiculous, none of us can, there's always an excuse or a way we're being problematic and that's the point. Do you think that's a mistake? Predators protect predators.
>Literally the only women it's acceptable to publicly hate is white ones.
This isn't true at all. Black women are constantly publicly bashed, and people think it's funny. There are entire campaigns on it and manosphere scrotes who focus specifically on attacking black women, and uplifting other races of women. Even if you want to focus solely on Twitter retards (which I don't), there are accounts that solely attack black women. You cannot watch any American "black media" without seeing some abusive, degrading portrayal of black women, because black men are in charge of it. You also cannot watch white-centred media without being aware that the scrotes or pickmes in charge will insert the exact same messages. I don't know if you're just not in the know, but they are not hard to find.(derailing and infighting)

No. 1605516

I am rereading threads 50-54 and laughing at the ezrafags wanting to travel to Hawaii and bogeyachan crying and getting redtexted whenever anons said he had childbearing hips. This current thread sucks and the posts are exhaustingly long infights

No. 1605518

Based and agreed

No. 1605521

I feel like she was more popular back in 2015 yet her concerts did not generate that much buzz (and hysteria). I do not understand why would people suddenly be so hyped to listen to her bland shit.

>Does anyone else think Americans are easily psyoped or are a hivemind

This pretty much

No. 1605522

>This current thread sucks and the posts are exhaustingly long infights
That's every thread across each board now unfortunately

No. 1605523

>Black with a capital B
>white with a lowercase w
Forever laughing at trannies' white guilt. Also why does this guy think his opinion matters? Of course he doesn't see Theweeknd as a pervert since he is one as well.

No. 1605526

This site used to be so fun. I don’t even come here anymore but I decided to browse randomly after thinking about old threads.

No. 1605528

Is Boyega even doing anything at the moment?

No. 1605530

Yeah it feels like all the fun anons left and now it's just spergy autists and personality fags. Makes me sad, I've frequented this site since the start of it.

No. 1605531

I don't think a person like that feels shame or guilt over literally anything, to be honest. He's a groomer freak who virtue signals and wants everyone to know he's "one of the good ones". Probably started off as a "male feminist" before trooning out.

No. 1605536

no idea, I only used to know about him through boyegachan herself
same, it makes me kinda sad

No. 1605539

not up to date with doja or anything but does anyone remember when people used to think she was secretly dating joji when a voice of a man in the background of her tiktok said "babe" and it sounded a little bit like him kek

No. 1605555

File: 1686668125532.jpg (114.26 KB, 981x659, moid allergy.jpg)

Ellen Page, back at it again. Apparently despite being a true and honest boy she's allergic to "cis" men. Interesting.

No. 1605561

How does someone hate every second of their job and never ever get the idea to quit it

No. 1605565

Judging by how often she's saying dumb shit like this, I think she's addicted to the attention.

No. 1605572

This can occur in any country with any music. She's a pop star and pop sells. I don't know why people waste time scratching their head over why someone likes a particular musical artist. It's all subjective and who gives a shit.

No. 1605574

Holy shit what a drama queen. How do you consider yourself a functioning human if being around "delightful" normal people simply doing their job causes you that much stress? Ellen belongs in a psych ward.

No. 1605575

This is the most attention she's had in years. Unfortunately, her and other trooning out cases show that transitioning IS a valid choice for getting more limelight. Simply keep coming up with inane DySpHoRiC statements and the celeb press will eat it up.

No. 1605584

It's completely normal to question things like this. Pop stars and other celebs are a direct reflection of the idiots who consume it, there's nothing wrong with being genuinely curious about the hype. Her shit's been played out for 10+ years come on

No. 1605586

i don't like gay men and don't think they should have kids. kids need moms and don't need dads

No. 1605588

And still years later she took the role in Umbrella Academy as an actress just to troon out and ruin the plot and future seasons.
Must be very horrible to get a lot of money just to put on a costume and act.

No. 1605594

she just doesn't seem to be suited to being an actor in any way

No. 1605599

File: 1686670793507.jpeg (10.24 KB, 260x194, download.jpeg)

She's so uninspired. I'm convinced she stole her entire album aesthetic for Midnights from Grace Potter's album. Titled MIDNIGHT.

No. 1605605

ezrafags and boyegachan were kinda personalityfags tho, well technically avatarfags in their case

No. 1605611

File: 1686672463913.png (1.17 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0401.png)

Does Megan have herpes? Didn’t edit this, just a photo I zoomed in on

No. 1605612

could be infection or bloating from lip filler. when will the surgery craze end…

No. 1605615

It’s libfem zoomers and fags.

No. 1605625

Damn that does look similar to TSwift

No. 1605648

File: 1686675822869.jpg (33.62 KB, 257x400, grace_potter2.jpg)

This is grace potter from that album's insert I believe, released 2015. I'm not saying it's a blatant ripoff or anything, but who knows where Taylor gets her "ideas". grace is a relatively unknown artist. Similar aesthetics and if you check out the lyrics, pretty similar too

No. 1605652

I’m disgusted by you ngl(infighting)

No. 1605660

all of my straight 30-something male coworkers are crazy into talyor swift. aside from them, i assume teenage girls

No. 1605664

yeah that's a cold sore

No. 1605666

Of course she has herpes, she's MEGAN FOX. The biggest, loser pickme in the world.

No. 1605668

she has entire teams working on this. just like Beyonce, Madonna, Janet Jackson, insert any A-list level pop act really. Taylor isn't coming up with any of this herself and hasn't for years. Like a majority of major pop stars who hire teams of people to develop their aesthetic.

No. 1605670

i'll be honest nonnie i don't agree she's lazy. she's known for her work ethic and tours. tours are very exhausting and insane but she's kind of like a work horse and just gives her all, so she has talent of performance because she's stable and puts on good enjoyable shows for people. not a stan but it's my observation from someone who appreciates good performance

No. 1605674

Her performances are lazy. Is what I meant. Yeah she tours a lot but it's easy to do so without real choreo or anything. Lazy pop performer

No. 1605677

i'm not familiar with her post 1989 tours so yeah you may be right on the minimal choreography part

No. 1605679

I like some Taylor songs (especially from that 1989 album) and she used to make some super catchy stuff, but overall to me she is incredibly lackluster and I don't understand how she got as big as she is. I didn't even truly realize how big her fan base is until the most recent tour of hers. Her voice isn't amazing, afaik her dancing/performing/stage presence is nothing special, her overall discography is alright, her songwriting is fine but sometimes cringy. Idk. Every artist has their place and I think she fills the need for a "basic" singer though.

No. 1605683

Samefag, I was being nice by saying her voice isn't amazing but I'll be honest and say I think it's borderline bad when she's not doing the talk-singing thing

No. 1605688

I heard blank space the other day after many years. Listen to it again anons..she's a baaaaddd fucking singer, even with 1989 production. Technique is awful

No. 1605705

Taylor is not known for being a dancer she's very bad at it but aside from the reputation tour, the current eras tour has the most dancing that I can recall. She also plays the guitar and piano so no need to be shaking ass everywhere while trying to sing.

No. 1605707

lmao this reminded me when she wrote the song "Mean" where she berates a critic dude for saying she can't sing KEK

No. 1605717

When she screeches the line "grab your passport and my hand" I flinch every time, it sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. She's almost Katy Perry level bad (at times)

No. 1605722

File: 1686680670995.gif (2.32 MB, 268x335, a2737f6d62d4caf7209b84d4f4a605…)

This gif kinda sent me

No. 1605726

TLDR: sex sells. Tale as old as time.
Could be migrating filler.

No. 1605730

>If you think of this a contest instead of just having a multifaceted view on how women are treated, nothing will ever get resolved.
You messed up the green text and made it sound like the best sentence in your post was written by you but it was actually written by the person you responded to kek. Also Idk why you're arguing, people can care about multiple things and make multiple observations about different problematic aspects of media. All of this discussion about this particular character/trope is related to one post from over a week ago. We could talk about Lily-Rose Depp in a separate string of posts if you want to begin that discussion.

No. 1605732

remember that other gif (that i can't find atm) of her trying to thrust her ass out on a chair kek

No. 1605736

I go to uni with guys more handsome than that kek hollywood men truly are fugly

No. 1605742

Girly college students who just got into college, though they don't listen to her specifically (your average pophead/wave/whatever's trending atm mix)(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1605756

I remember an interview she did back when she was married, saying she only slept with two men her entire life (Shia Lebouf & Brian Austin Green)

Omg… Shia has herpes…
But I wonder if he got them after he was with Megan. I wonder who gave them to him?

No. 1605764

With parents like his you'd think he'd look less average

No. 1605767

I like Folklore and I listen to that occasionally but that's it. She's definitely not concert experience worthy to me

No. 1605768

Slight OT but didn’t fka twigs say he gave her an STD when they dated ? Or am I remembering wrong?

No. 1605769

You're remembering correctly

No. 1605771

RE not showing affection. Might not be solely environmental, could possibly be influenced by personality traits inherited from the mother. I think you'd have to be a cold person to donate eggs to a stranger. Knowing you have a kid out there and not giving a fuck is cold regardless but is very unusual in women. Providing eggs for gay men is even worse. Knowing that kid will never have a mother and has to grow up outside normal convention and just deal. With that said, the mother-baby connection is primal, it's physical, the baby might be out but they don't quit being 'one' post birth. I'd be very surprised if babies aren't permanently harmed, it probably fucks their brain development a bit.

No. 1605772

*partly influenced

No. 1605775

three year age gaps between adults are controversial now? kek

No. 1605786

to me a 1 one year gap is the most I'm willing to tolerate, age gaps in general are degenerate.

No. 1605826

File: 1686688322404.png (356.63 KB, 1440x2340, Screenshot_20230613-153159.png)

No. 1605829

File: 1686688454923.png (1.09 MB, 1440x2074, Screenshot_20230613-153534.png)

Prt 1/3

No. 1605830

File: 1686688517830.png (837.57 KB, 1439x2049, Screenshot_20230613-153631.png)

Part 2/3

No. 1605831

File: 1686688565394.png (861.97 KB, 1439x2078, Screenshot_20230613-153737.png)

No. 1605834

Don't be dense, 17 isn't adult and 3 years is a lot when your brain is still developing

No. 1605837

Why are you posting stale milk

No. 1605845

File: 1686689204316.png (471.47 KB, 1439x2035, Screenshot_20230613-154508.png)

No. 1605850

everyone in hollyweird has herpes and you can't change my mind(sage your shit in this thread)

No. 1605861

He'is THE nepo baby, only famous because he's the son of one of the world's most famous soccer players David Beckham and Spice Girl Posh Spice

No. 1605868

The photo of Selena they chose… Kek

No. 1605929


No. 1605935

Selena looking moonfaced as usual.

No. 1605939

how very fucking dare you

No. 1605953

I see it and can't unsee.

No. 1605967

File: 1686702968934.jpeg (Spoiler Image,141.91 KB, 853x1280, IMG_0421.jpeg)

Just saw this on Facebook. No way are her boobs that huge

No. 1605971


No. 1605974

No. 1605980

Holy facetune & shooped waist batman.

No. 1605981

This remains one of the worst things I've ever seen. He looks like a chihuahua.

Right? I was expecting it to be ridiculous but she was just singing. Do these people even know any children.

No. 1605984

this doesnt even look real looks like an ai body to me.

No. 1605985

Hahahaha I really want to see this picture BEFORE editing, I'm sure it's worlds different.

I just noticed that, fucking ew.

No. 1605988

Idk who the fuck is expecting them to look like that, it looks fucking terrible. Bogged

No. 1605992

But you're right. Everyone is jealous of black women and only takes the bits and pieces they want from them, whether surgery or style or personality. They're naturally cool, something parrators will never have. It's like they aren't allowed to be the main character because they want someone white and approachable and goofy. The cool black girl is always a token for a much less interesting heroine. Objectively true, many such cases.

She needs to be his publicist. She could single handedly boost his career. I remember seeing the trailers for the woman King and breaking in the theater at once and gasping to myself in my mind thinking about this random person. That's impact

No. 1605994

Most people have fordyce spots on their lips. They're more apparent if you have lip filler.

No. 1605999

Why post a porn edit here… what's wrong with you

No. 1606076

That's not real it's a gross coomer edit, are you dumb?

No. 1606127

Who’s been mean to Selena? If anything I saw a lot of hatred thrown at Hailey, I didn’t even know she had fans.

No. 1606150

File: 1686717795206.gif (3.27 MB, 320x240, D92A6788-00D8-4C2F-B96A-C.gif)

>“Us trying to get pregnant"
guess the ten egg donors and the women used as surrogates don't count, they are literally risking their lives and long term health due to various difficult financial circumstance but yeah your the one getting pregnant.

No. 1606169

I know we're a little sick of the fish discourse (this isn't racebait, this is just facts) but this is literally the reason people seethed to high heaven about Ariel, dainty lovable princess, being raceswapped but wouldn't have cared if Ursula, sassy fat villain was raceswapped.

No. 1606332

File: 1686742474544.png (Spoiler Image,179.88 KB, 778x663, theidolass.png)

The idol has so much unecessary flashing and nudity, how is she not mortified to be wearing such a retarded outfit ?

No. 1606333

File: 1686742557560.png (Spoiler Image,198.64 KB, 1136x567, Thidolass22.png)

It's very impressive how little sex appeal she has for how much her body is shown…

No. 1606334

File: 1686742637676.png (1.03 MB, 1440x799, Screenshot_20230614-063703~2.p…)


No. 1606336

File: 1686742978434.png (1.95 MB, 1440x1396, Screenshot_20230614-064359.png)

No. 1606338


just when you thought grimes couldn't possibly be more of a pick me, she put on her clown getup to go say some more clown shit
uwu will elon notice her now(this is an imageboard. post caps)

No. 1606340

this is an imageboard.

No. 1606341

Kek what a cringey pick me love her music tho ngl

No. 1606342

yeah an image board that won't let you embed twitter vids and the vid isn't on youtube

No. 1606343

Samefag but holy shit, she's retarded. Yeah Grimes it's great that men have dominated over women and treated us like dogs since the beginning of time, or we wouldn't have roads and the supply chain, it's not like us silly stupid women would've thought to create roads if there were no big brained men around. And why does the new mascot for her music look like a child, why is she so grossly obsessed with toddlers. Be normal bitch I'm trying to like you

No. 1606346

No idea but this show needs to be burned to the ground and forgotten about. I wish eternal hell and damnation on this greasy serial killer porn addict Sam Levinson and equally as much eternal hell and damnation on The Weeknd and his Boyega birthing hips. The two most insufferable, vain media scrotes I've ever seen. The Weeknd needs to humble himself fast and remember that he had the fat distribution of a mother of 6 before he gets involved in gross misogynist shit like this again. Then again, both of them are gross misogynists so I'm not surprised the show is like this and the outfits are like this. We are once again witnessing the line between pornography and normal media becoming thinner and thinner.

No. 1606352

there are sites that allow you to download twitter videos. don't be so lazy

No. 1606355

> Everyone is jealous of black women
anon lol

No. 1606385

File: 1686750966459.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1898, Screenshot_20230614-085644.png)

No. 1606386

File: 1686751031847.webm (5.49 MB, 1254x720, D6QCE50GMjOzlPQA.webm)

No. 1606387

Point me to a black female celebrity that doesn't fall into one of the two roles. And don't bring up a biracial,we all know the difference by now.(derailing)

No. 1606392

exactly. it is simply a fact unfortunately

No. 1606394

File: 1686752242351.png (70.29 KB, 334x430, 168675198944256259.png)

No. 1606407

nta but what about angela basset, lupita nyong'o, kerry washington or issa rae? If you're only talking about zoomer actresses, idk what to tell you since pretty much all of them fall into the emotionally traumatized skank or ugly/fat sidekick categories regardless of race.

No. 1606436

the only reason she is pulling this shit is a LARP to get elon's attention, which won't work. i know people change but she changed in a completely unexpected way when elon convinced her and trolled her into creampieing her by pretending he'd love her forever if she had his babies. girl!!! he used you. stop lying to yourself!

No. 1606538

Claire's financially set for 18 years tho.

No. 1606546

sure? she clearly wants his undevoted love and undivided attention, look at her twitter activity it's pretty obvious she tries to pander to him. she also was very upset but what elon did with shivon or whatever her name is. i've hated elon since they started dating, a lot of the music that's obviously about him just makes me so bewildered as to what she sees in him. (Pretty Dark, Player of Games)
>muh money
this will always play a role in any relationship elon has but she has some sort of fascination with being the woman by his side, like it's meaningful philosophically to her or something. but nah the dude bought the cheapest house in Tx for her to live in with her two kids, alone. lol.

No. 1606556

File: 1686766161456.png (272.97 KB, 1222x932, Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 19.09…)

i wish googling Ezra miller because the flash is out and this article came up and I know it was talked about when ezra first started his rampage in Hawaii but I cant stop laughing

No. 1606569

I support this, it'd be funny and Ezra Miller would fade away.

No. 1606608

stop posting old content

No. 1606612

It's well known that Elon Musk doesn't pay any child support. Also, they were never married so she isn't entitled to anything (property, alimony, etc) from him

No. 1606661

He should remember he's ugly as hell too. But that won't stop him.

No. 1606700

File: 1686774154806.jpg (39.49 KB, 612x514, D_tMDLlXsAEVTfg.jpg)

the look on the interviewers face is fucking hilarious

No. 1606726

File: 1686776190105.jpeg (98.12 KB, 828x847, IMG_0896.jpeg)

No. 1606730

>While those pronouns might now be in the past for Lovato, she says that she still sees herself as sitting outside of the male and female binary. “I see myself conditioned to choose woman because there is nothing more. I think this has to change. Hopefully with time there will be more options.”
Oh shut up dingus grow a personality

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