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No. 1530442

what ails ye nonnie?
previous thread: >>>/ot/1522675

No. 1530445

File: 1679501892783.jpeg (22.42 KB, 249x394, 85C2E75C-EDBF-49D5-AEEF-E73B38…)

I’m really going thru it rn with the self-hate cause I have been thinking a lot about how so much of my attention-seeking behaviour as a young adult was due to the fact that I never had family members who were emotionally available to me and I was mostly sidelined for the more important sibling. I spent like the ages of 17-20 being a disgusting vile human being and terrible partner because I cared more about having someone want to pay attention to me more than the person behind the attention and it makes me sick. I’ve been improving things w my dad a lot lately but then all of a sudden we find out hes sick.
Also i want a baby in me ASAP i’ve been w my boyfriend for 4 years now and Idk if its just cause im worried my dad will never get to see a grandkid but also im scared that because of my mom never respecting my boundaries and I dont want to be that kind of parent so like I’m just so fucked up rn goin thru it such a mess fuck my life bottom text.

No. 1530450

File: 1679502304705.png (97.48 KB, 720x927, D4403095-4D1E-49B1-A03B-70C62A…)

It feels like lolcow is deader than ever. The threads I frequent are moving at glacial speeds, to the point I’m now just hopping around boards I don’t even care for. How are we supposed to get new users? Anons sperg out whenever this place is mentioned elsewhere online, which I understand is because of potential male/genderspecial invasion, but how tf else are potential new users supposed to find this place?

No. 1530455

Most new users have always come here by searching info on some cow. We need more fresh milk. New cows just aren't the calibre of old ones, and old ones have just got too stale. This is the main issue.

No. 1530459

I haven’t eaten real food in days and I’m wondering why I feel like shit. Get it together!

No. 1530460

>Try to create a throwaway facebook with a random name to lurk on someone's page
>Facebook immediately disables by account upon creation
>desperate so I give them my phone number
>"Upload a photo of yourself so we can verify it's you"
What????? You don't even know who "I" am! Just let me lurk, or at least let me delete the account damn it!

No. 1530462

Just redo it with a new email; worked for me

No. 1530463

File: 1679503547493.jpg (103.49 KB, 1200x1200, rs_600x600-180124163953-600-to…)

Upload a picture of mountains, clouds, Tom from myspace…

They don't care.

I've been through this process.

Don't delete that fake account because you're just going to do it all over again.

Fake name. Dumb pics. You're set. Calm down. Ain't nobody knows that it's you.

No. 1530464

Fuck old people. Their brains are already partially dead they should just fucking die all the way. They slow shit down they cause accidents they just get nastier with age. Respect my elders well respect MY ASS. Wrong way driving babbling about nothing radio blasting pieces of dusty garbage. Fuck them! Fuck businesses that hire moldy oldies and put them in jobs for normal people too. I don't care that you were a bar hoe or worked in the beeper factory for years and now you have no retirement so you have to work at the grocery store. You're fucked and you can't do the fucking job. You should only be a greeter or just die and become fertilizer at least you will be useful to the world at that point. I hate old people I hate old people I hate old people

No. 1530466

File: 1679503736888.png (240.21 KB, 1440x1982, Screenshot_20230322-114817.png)


and then when your account is set, switch the email to something you use.


No. 1530467

That's fucked also reminds me that it's fucked voter addresses are public. Makes me want to move then never vote again after an estranged abusive family member sent me snail mail a few weeks ago. I know that's the only way he could've got my fucking address. What are you dealing with is way fucking worse though I hope you will be ok stalkers are such wastes of space. I would give you advice but I'm sure you've already done all you can the laws are so fucking unfair around this shit. Menacing you like that should be grounds for jail time

No. 1530468

Iktf. I've met my share of rude, nasty old people and it's wearing me out too, anon. Their time is coming SOON!

No. 1530469

File: 1679503955061.jpg (272.09 KB, 1920x1080, k8roepqmk2q61.jpg)

Ok, I just uploaded a picture of the microsoft background. They said it will take a day to review. If this doesn't work, screw Jeff Bezos.

No. 1530475

I know you don't need this anymore but just so anyone knows if you need a fake picture of someone you can just use an image from thispersondoesnotexist. I've done it before to verify accounts and stuff. Because it's an AI human, you don't have to feel bad if you use it for anything.

No. 1530482

Ahh, this is a really smart idea. No idea how I didn't think of it.

No. 1530483

File: 1679504985328.gif (2.61 MB, 547x616, 167948588951107051 (1).gif)


Yep. You're fine. That's why I won't touch my Facebook burner account THIS TIME AROUND cuz they really amped up the bullshit and ain't nobody got time for that!

No. 1530486

File: 1679505158079.jpg (108.97 KB, 897x1148, 1672149761755.jpg)

i'm so pathetic, i recently reconnected IRL with family who said they's be in touch with me and i've been frantically refreshing my inbox waiting on a response to my e-mails and it's killing me
i'm so not used to having good caring older male relatives

No. 1530491

File: 1679505506677.png (6.55 KB, 1398x104, men cannot love.png)

Going through the same as nonnie in pic rel, but I know the guy better. These mfs don't even care to get to know you. Be attractive, and have some kind of fantasy appeal he's looking for (mommy figure/submissive that makes him feel manly/manic pixie dream girl etc), and he'll suddenly just decide that you're the love of his life. Most married women are walking around thinking their husbands chose them because they were THE ONE, but they were really just "there". You were available, you were somewhat cute and pleasant enough, and his pee pee needed sucking.

No. 1530492

Did the flowers come from a company or were they just a random store bouquet? If you could prove the source and that he purchased them, I think that would violate the restraining order.
Honestly anon, if someone bothered me for that fucking long I think I would snap and do everything to destroy his life.

No. 1530493

why is it that my one friend who is sweet, caring, compassionate, been through bad things and is sensitive because of them etc invited my ex who raped/sexually assaulted me to her party that I'm going to? why is she gaming with him? I've told her he did this to me and she doesn't seem to care, but doesn't want to be near this other guy that was accused of doing something less horrible to this other girl? why does that guy upset you but not my rapist ex? fuck you

No. 1530503

Yeah I noticed talking to men about my interests etc was a waste of time. The only thing that matters is if you’re attractive to them and fit whatever mold for a porn category they prefer.

No. 1530504

She's a retarded moid-coddler. Drop her ass.
Calling the company the flowers were delivered from and explaining the situation can help, especially if you get the police involved. Also, get cameras. Outdoor ones, and indoor ones facing windows, the sort that look like pens or photo frames or clocks. Paint and decorate them so they don't look obvious. Change the passwords frequently in case he tries to hack into them, and get the ones without microphones in case he does hack into them.

No. 1530508

I'm so sorry that happen to you. I would call her out on that shit and throw her in the garbage like the trash she is. I hate moid loving women like that.

No. 1530513

it's shocking because she's never acted like this, she's training to work in the mental health field and is more male-avoidant than any other woman I know. I just can't believe she'd invite him, let alone invite him without mentioning it to me?

No. 1530516


You're not pathetic, honey.

"Family" is important(biological or not). Us humans are social creatures, we crave connection and need it- it's a basic human necessity.

No. 1530517

Has anyone tried shifting realities? I wish I could just change realities at will and stay there forever.

No. 1530520

>>1530513 Call her out on it. Be like hey why the fuck did you invite and were friendly with my rapist ex?

No. 1530521

She probably wants to date him which is why she didn’t tell you and probably didn’t like you anyway

No. 1530522

Anon accidentally shifts into the silent hill dimension and regrets it. Be careful what you wish for, retard.

No. 1530526

This. The only reason she would invite him and disregard your experience is because she likes him more than you OP.
Do with that info as you will.

No. 1530527

I picked up my dog from the hairdresser and he looks so different. I don't like his new look. It's the dumbest thing to complain about but I hate to look at him now. It's like going through a bad haircut I got myself last year again.

That's the hardest toughest almost-unattainable thing to do. People here are too busy with their husbandos. I wish I could shift realities too. AP is impossible when you sleep with a fat cat.

No. 1530529

Get your dog hair extensions and have them redo it.

No. 1530531

I will try to do this, I'll ask her when she's free.
she's been his unlicensed armchair psychologist for a few years now so maybe she found a diamond in that shit mound?

No. 1530532

File: 1679507093702.jpg (82.24 KB, 650x979, 0749bf32991dedfda9c41720d01700…)

Stop trying to fucking grope me when I'm unwell.
Stop trying to fucking grope me when I'm unwell.
No, it doesn't make me feel cute or desirable "in spite" of my current condition. Just makes me resent you and think you're a self-centered coomer brained retard. I swear to everything I'm sooooo close to just giving up and becoming a cat lady hermit with my daughter in the woods. I fucking despise men and no matter how wonderful a nigel can be, they're still fucking scrotes at their core. Ugh. This is what I get for wanting a baby, who I adore with every atom of my being. Scrotes should be relegated to hard labor and sperm donation.

No. 1530534

>>1530522 Hahaha something like that actually happened I shifted and end up strapped onto this hospital bed was about to be injected but I managed to shift out just in time.

No. 1530535

File: 1679507165782.jpg (246.85 KB, 1008x1500, MV5BODgxOTg5OGUtOWViMC00NjM5LW…)

>I wish I could shift realities too.
Another anon shifts into a nightmare reality dimension.

Anons don't know how to make wishes.


No. 1530536

Yeah I actually managed to shift to hogwarts once and woke up in the classroom it felt so real.

No. 1530539

File: 1679507349479.jpg (272.99 KB, 1075x1600, MV5BZTBkMWE1NGItZTgxMi00ZTE0LW…)

lol but I hope you're doing better now, sweetheart.

>Mental illness is a helluva drug.

No. 1530540

Nice dream m8!

No. 1530541

File: 1679507410519.jpg (113.96 KB, 1053x1257, cryingwojak.jpg)

God, I'm so glad that I'll be roommate-free for several months. I loathe my roommate so much. She has her boyfriend over almost every goddamn day, is loud, and stinks up the whole apartment with her shitty cooking.

Then the fucking neighbor that always has loud sex and makes other banging noises against the wall nearly all day.

The shitty thing is I'll have to come back. So I'll be living with that…again. For 5 more months. FUUUUCK. I was so looking forward to being free for good. I need to be roommate-free and neighbor-free ASAP or else I go batshit and I'll beat the shit out of all of them. Fuck living with other people. And fuck living near other people.

No. 1530542

No but some of my thoughts became reality in a very twisted "genie granted my wish all wrong" way

No. 1530544

>>1530539 Yeah I probably took too much SSRI's lol.

No. 1530545

Wow, anon. I'm sorry you're going through this. Everything is going to be alright and you'll pull through. My sympathys.

No. 1530548

The musical chair game of meds.

No. 1530552

File: 1679507625640.jpg (28.17 KB, 500x511, tumblr_d3d13697f135aa6f2d0ebb0…)

I know they only mean well, but hearing "You sure you wanna keep doing [thing I'm getting trained for] in a few years? You not studying [related thing I could study but have absolutely no interest in working as] is such a waste, think about it yadayada" and the like from every side, even from my teachers training me, again is getting real old. I thought I finally escaped the pressure to study that one thing after starting my training at that place lol. I'm in my early 20s, I've still got a good 60 years ahead of me, let me figure it out for myself ffs.

No. 1530554

I'll think about it, maybe something in pink?
I'm very sorry you're in this situation, nona. I know how awful it feels when your partner does shit like that. I hope you manage to get away from him with no trouble. Life's been much better after I left the scrote I was dating. They just don't respect us.
I still want to shiiiiiift

No. 1530555

File an anonymous noise complaint against your neighbor. Ask for anonymous wellness checks for the police to do… That'll shut him up.

No. 1530557

>>1530548 What does that mean?

No. 1530558

If you've never had to figure out what medication works for you or doesn't… you're obviously not going to know what I'm talking about.

No. 1530560

>>1530558 I have only been on the one ssri's (fluoxentine) but it has helped a lot no longer suicidal or crying all the time.

No. 1530562


Ugh, thank you. A roommate setup is a horrible setup and no one in their right mind should ever have any if they can afford not to. It shouldn't even be a standard to have to sacrifice so much of your own privacy and comfort just to have a place to live. I am already on my sixth different roommate (If you include three other girls I had to live with at another place before. Two of who where the dirtiest and loudest people I have ever met in my life.) I am just so sick of it and am completely overdue for having my own place. Hell, I'd even prefer moving in with a boyfriend over this at this point. If I even had one.

No. 1530564

Congrats, anon!

No. 1530565

Just found out my boyfriend watches weird soft porn ASMR on youtube… why the fuck are these SW whores making videos on youtube???
I'm absolutely grossed out, here I was thinking that he wasn't a coomer.
Also, how dare him try to touch me after I told him I am repulsed by his behavior!?
Every scrote is a coomer, don't forget it nonnies.

No. 1530567

Does he have autism or something?

No. 1530569

Thank you, I really appreciate your kind words. Truly baffles my mind how scrotes can be so utterly self-absorbed. Worse than a toddler and at least the toddler has the excuse of being, well, a legitimate baby. Really happy you got away from him and are doing better. You inspire me. Much love to you.

No. 1530570

> A roommate setup is a horrible setup and no one in their right mind should ever have any if they can afford not to.

100% AGREE

No. 1530572

I love anonymous imageboards.

No. 1530579

Amen, nonna. That's fucking creepy and gross. If he's watching that it's a near guarantee there's other shit he's not telling you. Scrotes are like brain damaged horny Billy goats and have zero impulse control. They use their "needs" as a crutch for their degeneracy. I'm sad you had to go through that and he tried to touch you after expressing your very valid feelings on the matter.

No. 1530583

>>1530564 Thanks I appreciate. I hope you are well or will find the right medicine in the future.

No. 1530586

I pray you can escape soon nonnie.

No. 1530587

My period is putting me fucking through it. I just want everything below my waist sealed and contained. I feel like every feminine hygiene product sucks. Lend me your strength, nonneritas.

No. 1530598

when the fuck did it get so bad? i'm so glad i created a fake account and tons of email addresses a million of years ago

No. 1530600

I really don't get the hype for Kpop. I've heard some nice songs, but nothing to obsess about.

No. 1530622

Thank you, sweet nonna. At least I have you all for inspiration and support.
The only pads I found that work for me are the Cora overnights, extra long ones. The cotton topsheet is the only one I have found that doesn't make my skin break out plus excellent leak protection.

No. 1530639

I am stuck on an unattainable crush. It's really becoming debilitating. I wish I could make it stop, but at the same time I don't, because I am so infatuated with her. I feel like a dumb bird flinging myself into a window over and over again. I'm not even able to do my work properly during the day because of this. I try to distract myself and focus on other things but my heart is always burning so painfully that I wind up lost in my fantasies again. Does anyone have experience getting over something like this?

No. 1530653

Oh same. You might know this already but I started to wear big incontinence pads for the first 2 days of my period. Odour control and fast absorption because it's supposed to be for piss. Actual period pads are so pathetic in comparison and I only use them when my flow is lighter. I also went full adult diaper once and while I wouldn't recommend it for a workday you feel SO secure in them. They're visible in trousers but when a coworker (woman) hinted at it I just said yeah I'm on my period fuck OFF, bitch was acting like it should embarrass me on top of the general grief I suffer during my period but I know it does matter to some women.

No. 1530661

I used to think that my father's (mostly) absence didn't have a huge affect on me because my mommy issues are so much worse, but watching The Whale really emotionally and mentally opened up something in me. I'm not sure how to describe it, but maybe some anon here will understand. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing, but I am realizing that my father wound goes way deeper than I thought. Crazy what film can do to you, I don't think I've ever been so emotionally affected by media before.

No. 1530678

Starting up the job hunt circus act, I expect this won't be the last time complaining. Actually I won't even start because I didn't apply too much, didn't add a cover letter and haven't received any rejections. It's reminded me I should phone my insurance about getting an autism diagnosis though kek, fuck this performative bullshit I really actually cannot stand it. I've learned to be like hey fuck your expectations, but I can't with interviews because I want the career and need the money!

No. 1530680

Honestly this makes me think they should make some kind of media of a parental figure and they say all the stuff you needed to hear as a child to have healthy self esteem kek. My dad isn't even absent, just shit, and watching that film really upset me too. The way he saw his daughter when her mother had no faith in her, fucking hell.

No. 1530688

I have celiac disease and it’s a pain in the ass. Isn’t that a disease those munchies like to fake? I wish I could just eat whatever and not spent so much money on food and feel so so sick if I mess up or someone else messes up.. On the other side it sure taught me to be conscious about what I eat and get it together. Our illnesses are our greatest teachers huh

No. 1530698

Idg men who say no one cares about their feelings that’s why they don’t talk about them. Well news flash men don’t give a fuck about women who are sad or mentally ill either. They either use that information to bully you or try to use you for shit. Men see women who show emotion as weak.

No. 1530709

No matter how much I prepare for an interview it's like there's always a question I'm completely unprepared for and I turn like a deer in a headlights. Also I prepared all day yesterday and all weekend for this interview but it only took 10 mins long and the guy who interviewed me didnt know anything about the field. I hope they bring me in for an in person interview because I just didn't have much chance to showcase my passion, ethusiasm, and qualifications for this role.

I feel you anon. I'm also in the job hunting circus act and it's just so demoralizing.

No. 1530717

When were you diagnosed nonna? Fellow celiac nonny here. I got dxed a couple years ago. Tbh I don’t think I’d ever feel safe if I didn’t live in a gluten free household. I rarely ever go out to eat, and when I do it’s from one of the few places that have high ratings on the findmeglutenfree app. And I still feel guilty having to ask for special treatment.

I’m just super thankful for my bf, he makes it so much easier. He happily went fully gluten free the second it was determined to be celiac. I’m really sensitive to cross contamination and man it sucks, the only other person I trust to cook for me is my mom cause she has food allergies and is super fucking careful. She makes me gluten free batter fried chicken cause I hate frying food and never eat fried food these days.

Fun fact if you’re ever in the American south but chick fil a uses dedicated fryers for their hash browns and waffle fries so they’re fully gluten free.

No. 1530718

Stay strong, nonnie

No. 1530728

File: 1679521791557.jpg (114.53 KB, 720x891, nnnGHGHG.jpg)

>inb4 oooohh edgy cutter just kys
It is absolutely dumb and I do do not revel in it, I just have no one else to talk to right now. If I don't vent I'm afraid of relapsing. Don't worry, I hate this shit. I'm just a regular woman living a regular life.
Does it count as full relapse if I just hit myself, bite myself, and scrape my skin without blood? Or is it up to me?
I've been so tempted to start cutting again. A situation with a friend and a separate one with my mother have set it off, though if I'm being honest it's been on my mind lately anyway. A few weeks ago I was lamenting that I didn't do it deep enough back when I had the chance, or that I took too much care to help them heal faster, because then my scars would be more obvious.

Perhaps it's because my five year mark is coming up. I can't fuck it up now, I really need to try my hardest to get a hold on this. People's feelings need to stop affecting me.

No. 1530729

Every guy I actually like to talk to and find interesting, capable of deeper thoughts and intelectually stimulating turns out to be taken, even if he's below average in looks. I'm so done with this, I'm gonna die alone

No. 1530735

My boobs hurt so bad

No. 1530737

Nona, 5 years is amazing, I remember struggling daily all the way until month six and now it's been over a decade of no cutting or hitting for me. My Hubble opinion is that you should just try your hardest not to do it, you know you can do it, just another day and then another, you're doing good nona.

No. 1530742

the Hubble meaning humble, holy spaceballs nona

No. 1530746

File: 1679523993764.jpeg (40.27 KB, 1001x1001, C3624D73-73CA-49F6-BC81-61D7DC…)

Is it normal for me to feel rage and revulsion whenever I see these fucking things? Grown adult males cooing over them make me want to vomit. It makes me want to stab my own uterus out to ensure I never breed with a man.

No. 1530753

File: 1679524536938.jpg (21.59 KB, 400x390, tumblr_op6ilxBzcR1w8xum2o1_400…)

I feel so empty and directionless to the point where I don't enjoy anything or want to do anything. I can't even express myself so I just feel like a dark cloud floating around aimless

No. 1530754

Actually December 22! So it’s still very new to me. And I think my body is still recovering a lot. Half of my hair fell out and I felt like I was in a thick fog constantly I’m so glad I found out what it is! I yet didn’t dare to eat outside but I will try in the future. Right now I’m really just trusting myself because of some not nice experience but it will get better I’m sure. Your mom and boyfriend sound lovely, so nice to hear. Much love

No. 1530755

Men want to express their OWN feelings. They don't want to deal with a second of their partner's mental health problems most of the time

No. 1530757

There's some stupid motherfucker who rides his motorbike every night close to my home, just zooming around with that awful bike noise and Is2g i hope he fucking crashes and fucks himself up

No. 1530758

What THE FUCK is this LC thing of everyone only ever dating abusive and obese disfigured gamers with the personality of paint on the wall smeared with fly-drawing shit and broken shitdicks? Is this a meme? Is everyone here a worthless dipshit masochist?? WTF

No. 1530762

File: 1679525572784.png (143.83 KB, 877x468, Screen_Shot_2017-11-17_at_2.pn…)

I can't wait to cut off the rest of my family and some "friends". Just one more month and I'll be free!!!!!!!!

No. 1530766

Kek and true. I dated a fag who cared so much about mental health but would step away if I dare vent about something as small as a bad day at work or school and demanded ass pics when I was at my grandfather's funeral

No. 1530768

I like looking up people from my past’s voter registration info and then look up their county’s property appraiser site and see if they own any property. I don’t do anything with the information, I’m just chronically nosey. That’s kinda why I love LC kek

No. 1530773

Oh yes that’s very recent. It becomes easier and easier as you go along. I’m not much for social media but I braved Facebook to join some celiac support groups that were really really helpful when I was first starting out, I recommend it. Not going out to eat is definitely for the best especially when you’re still in such an early recovery period. Would recommend joining one specific to your geographic region cause GF offerings and brands vary so wildly. One brand that’s consistently available most places it seems is Schär, they’re an Italian brand. Their frozen croissants are really great, I love their gluten free breads, the schnacks cakes are really good, the hazelnut wafers are really good. Only Schär stuff I haven’t liked have been their bagels and their GF Kit Kats.

I’m sorry about your hair falling out - that happened to me too, and I lost a crazy amount of weight. I had been slightly UW my entire life but suddenly lost a bunch more weight and looked like hell, so skeletal and frail, lost a bunch of hair. It’s been almost 2 years for me now and I’m at a normal weight for the first time in my life, I have a nice butt and I look great. If I get glutened I lose like 10 lbs in a week, it sucks ass and I feel like hell. Zofran helps the nausea but I basically don’t absorb nutrients for a week+ after being glutened so everything I get down just goes right through me anyway. I’m sure you’re familiar.

And yeah munchies do love to claim celiac which is wild because it’s such a shitty thing to deal with. But most people are so unaware of the lived experience of celiac that they can’t tell when someone is lying. Fakers just make it harder for people who actually have celiac disease cause when others have only encountered fakers they don’t understand the gravity of the situation. Cross contamination is no fucking joke.

No. 1530775

I think we dated the same scrote

No. 1530776

pads also make me break out, but it's because i'm allergic to latex. unfortunately, i cannot wear tampons or cups, so i'll take the rashes from hell.

No. 1530777

Thank you for your kind words, anon. I will take it day-by-day and even minute-by-minute when the urge comes.
I'd like to reach 10 years of no hitting, too. Starting today I guess.

No. 1530784

I don't hate trans people at all. I've never cared or minded them, even have supported them occasionally but a friend came out recently. A male friend started questioning his gender and now they are trans. At first I didn't care. I've had trans friends before who were MTF and fine. But not this one. Lately they've been skinwalking me, this friend. Its creeping me out. I wanna distance myself from them I feel so dumb for letting it get this bad. I wasn't even very close with them but I think because I'm their only girl acquaintance they've attached themself to me. I've got a pretty big group of friends (we're all college students) and they're only in the group because they're in the same class as one of my friends. the group is mostly guys. There were only 2, now 3 girls. I don't understand why they attached to me out of the 2 of us. At first I did not mind until they got really annoying. For example if they see anything that looks even slightly sapphic they yell "AH MY PEOPLE" and its not a funny joke its just repetitive and kind of offensive if you do it every time you see girls holding hands. Like me and girl 2 will have our arms linked and they'll go "You guys having your lesbian arc??" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It's just plain strange. Or I'll wear some kind of shirt they like and they'll try to ask me where I go it so "We can go twinsies". I always just say I don't remember where I got it. The other thing is how they add "ie's" at the end of so many words. "Eaties, workies, sleepies" it's not cute but really annoying. The abhorrent use of "UwU's" and anime girl chibi gifs in the group chat was ridiculous but then it turned into cats when they realized I only used cat reaction images. "Me and Nonnie could literally be sisters" Is something they said after seeing a reaction image I used, apparently our tastes are so similar…yeah, because you're copying me. I literally can't even stand it anymore. They make random sexual innuendos and laughs about how "We're too innocent" because no one indulges them. They are still a kissless virgin! I don't know why they suddenly started thinking they are some kind of sex guru. I also am really into skin care and now all of a sudden they love skin care too. Like they never cared about it when they were identifying as a guy now they love it and are always asking me if I heard of just random products and stuff. At first I thought it was just because they wanted to learn hygiene but now I know that is not the case. They pretend to "squee" over cute skin care stuff. I will tell you now, this person always smells weird. Their interests are D&D, Nintendo, and flavor of the week coomer anime (Dragon maid). They don't care about this stuff. Anyway, Me and Girl 2 are freaking out over cute Harry Styles pics on her phone. We are all at lunch and one of our male friends said "Psssh, look at them, couple of girls" as a JOKE. and this person (skinwalker) is quiet for the rest of lunch. We leave and later the friend who said that texts me privately that they had asked him if next time he could say that about them too so they don't feel left out. That's so cringey and uncomfortable. This friend felt really weird about them afterwards. Next time me and Girl 2 were talking about Harry Styles they actively FORCED their way into the conversation with "I know right, his hair is so cute" and awkward misplaced "squees" followed by weird jumping around. We both found it really annoying. One day they cried when we were hanging out at them mall. They had INSISTED on coming to the store with us to get swimsuits and when we walked into the store everything made them feel "SO DYSPHORIC" and they started crying and people were staring. The employee clearly felt really bad but didn't know what to do and we didn't know what to do either. Finally the lady gave them a bikini top and some generic trunks and then they were all fine and ready to go eat somewhere. They spout weird lines like "Ooh I know this little place nearby they've got the cutest silverware". I didn't have any fun shopping. I was beat and not happy at all that we let them come. We were just trying to be nice and paid dearly for it. Everyone seems over it but if you try to call them out even a little bit they get intense and defensive so it gets clear that if you keep going they'll lose it or think you're being transphobic. So I'm just trying to slowly remove this person. I made a new group chat minus them where me and my friends can go out without telling. Only issue is they follow our socials and if we post pics comment "I didn't know we were going out Friday! :(". I just want for them to lose interest and find friends more like them and then we can resume our usual lives. I did not think trans people like this were real outside of twitter, I really cant believe how annoying they are.

No. 1530785

all you can do now is trick him into overexfoliating his face and cause a chemical burn, if he wants to play that shit, so can you skincare nona.

No. 1530789

Take it from a FtM tranny. They are very, very real. I cannot fucking STAND tucutes they are so fucking annoying. Those are the ones that think that dysphoria isn't needed and all you have to do is "identify" as something.
I know most nonnas hate trannies, whole cloth. I just hate certain types. He likely doesn't have dysphoria and is acting out because he felt not included when he was "comfortable" as a man. Or he has a fetish & is trying to pretend he's dysphoric so he's taken seriously. If he was truly dysphoric, he would have never spent a moment past 18 as a man, either. Plus skinwalkers are the type to jack it in women's underwear, be they their family's, or their lover's. Watch yourself, nonna.

No. 1530793

Getting creeped out by the extremely weird infantilized and perverted behavior of a skinwalker TIM friend happens to all of us. I peaked from the same stuff and he took my long time Internet nickname as his new name without asking me, and later turned out to be a serial sexual predator who groped and forced himself on a ton of women. But if I said that the sexual assaults clearly were not female behavior, it was him being a typical male rapist, around TRAs I’d have been burned at the stake. It turned me a bit away from gender ideology at the time, and eventually towards being open to gender critical posts I saw later.

No. 1530796

File: 1679530453455.jpg (21.65 KB, 400x333, 3544309.jpg)

It is absolutely impossible to find a person who would be on the same page with me
I hate it, I hate dumb opinions, stupid takes
Just why talking about something retarded with a great confidence
I am so full of hate it's unbelievable
I need a companion to share my disgust with the world, please
At least I am glad I have you nonnies

No. 1530798

>Getting creeped out by the extremely weird infantilized and perverted behavior of a skinwalker TIM friend happens to all of us
Why would you have male friends?

No. 1530799

I feel this way quite often when people start confidently and even disdainfully talking down about some topic they know literally nothing about. It’s like they both never read and have no real sense outside of thoughtless dogma they absorbed as children.

No. 1530802

Not everyone is a seperatist, nonna.

No. 1530803

fumos are blunt rags
I am a touhoufag but I hate fumo
Well, not 'hate', rather find it so… nothing?.. it is so not cute and not even memeable, despite how memeable they try to push it

No. 1530807

File: 1679531840451.jpeg (27.5 KB, 467x464, E209CB16-6B25-4B2B-87E4-1B0448…)

How can I tell my friends that I'm going to stop trying to strike up conversations when it's clear they aren't enjoying it? Like I text them good morning as usual and get the most rancid vibes in return. There's a sick feeling just underneath the surface level politeness, and that's assuming I even get a response. I'm the sort of person who would appreciate this kind of communication (i.e. "I am going to speak to you less for X reason") so quietly withdrawing is not an option for me. If people would just tell me they're tired/bored/have some issue (including issues with me personally), I wouldn't waste time wondering what I've done wrong (if anything) and how to fix it. Seriously wishing they would just be up front with me. But, be the change you want to see, right? So I am genuinely asking for advice on how to communicate this idea respectfully and tactfully. How to say, "it's very painful for me to reach out to you lately because I feel like my attention is unwanted and unreciprocated. I feel rejected and hurt. I'm going to stop messaging you first. Of course whenever you feel like you want to talk to me, I'm still here. Im not mad at anyone or trying to blame anyone. I'm sure you have your reasons for feeling the way you do. Right now I just want to protect my own feelings, and maybe even spare you some trouble. Just remember that I'm your friend and I'll be here for you when you need me. I'll never stop loving you guys." Does that sound stupid? Should I phrase it differently?

No. 1530809

I feel so alone. The world is moving but I can't catch up. I daydream about a woman who lives in her hometown but all her friends left. It's not what is happening to me but it's how I feel. People are busy building lives but I just don't have the willpower or even skills to move forward. I want to make art for a living but I doubt it will ever happen. I'm just so tired.

No. 1530810

if assisted suicide was legal I would do it. I want to die but I stay alive for my cats and sometimes husband I guess. mostly the cats. im their favourite. I've been suicidal since I was about 9 and tried to kill myself when I was 17. I've tried medication, therapy, meditation, eating healthy and working out etc etc. none of it matters, I just don't have the will to live for myself. I only shower, clean, cook for my husband. if he's away at work I don't care to eat or put effort in a meal just for me so I just starve until it's time to prepare dinner for us when he gets off of work. 2 years ago my depression got worse and became psychotic depression so I deal with occasional hallucinations and voices calling my name sometimes. I thought we were haunted last month because I kept seeing figures come out the ceiling.
I don't care about traveling or what else the world has to offer or anything like that, I just want to die. I'm tired of fighting and feeling this way every day. I'm 25 now and I thought it would get a lot better but my depression got worse. I'm at the most peaceful and best time of my life after escaping an abusive household and cutting them off 6 years ago and getting a stable job yada yada. I sometimes feel like I was born to die. I don't have the will to live. I am tired, I want to rest.

No. 1530817

I like that you used a lot of "I statements" in your message. That's one of the best ways to communicate something without causing other people to feel defensive. I think what could help is being specific too. When you say you feel your attention is unwanted and unreciprocated, it might help to give examples of what causes you to feel that way. Your friends might not know exactly what it is they're doing that's causing you to feel that way, so maybe specifying that the lack of response to your messages is what's bothering you. Like maybe "I know you guys have a lot going on in your lives and I don't blame anyone. It also hurts my feelings when I message something and I receive no response. I think I'm going to stop messaging first, but remember that I'll always be here and I'll never stop loving you guys, etc etc."

No. 1530820

I feel you nonna. It feels so hopeless, no matter how hard you try it is never enough. Euthanasia can be requested where I live but I can not stand the thought of my dad having to spend his pension in grief, my grandmother having to attend my funeral. Life sucks but try to stay for the people that love you. You need time to process the things you went through. It's stupid and overused but just know you're not alone. I hope you find peace some day.

No. 1530824

Your message sounds a little over dramatic and manipulative to me because you don't need to write about being in pain or loving them forever to ask why they are messaging you less. I would put it in a more neutral way. I understand the anxiety and desire to make your emotions known, but I'm not sure that much good can come of that if they already have a reason for distancing themselves. I feel like you would get a better response from a less emotionally-charged message like
>I feel like we haven't been messaging as much as before, is there any reason for that or anything I can do? I value your friendship a lot and I hope we can catch up
But please note this advice is coming from an avoidant with autism so take it with a big grain of salt kek. If communicating like that is normal in your friend group then maybe what you wrote is OK. And maybe you could look into the DBT skill "GIVE" and the other skills.
Also is it normal to text your friends good morning? I feel like that's something you do with a spouse.

No. 1530832

I agree with this anon >>1530824
especially in the part as coming off as emotional which may be interpreted as "manipulative"
Been there before when I made my emotions explicitly known when I had a conflict with my ex but called me manipulative instead.

No. 1530833

I have not had a meaningful conversation with a scrote whose not related to me in more than 5 years

No. 1530844

No. 1530848

Thank you for the suggestion to include specific events! We've talked before about the distance/weird vibes so I don't think I need to rehash it but for anyone else reading this is solid advice.
You're right, it's definitely dramatic. I have a bad habit of writing a lot to try to explain myself while also reassuring the one with whom I'm in conflict. The point was that even if we're struggling now, I really value these relationships. I'm not pulling away forever, this is not abandonment, etc. I'll try to tone that down because I don't actually want this to be a big deal. I don't want to cause them any more trouble then I already have, so there's really no benefit to sharing my emotions in such detail. I am very much into emotions and feelings but there's a time and place kek. Thank you also for the DBT recommendation, I'll definitely look into that
Thanks for your input. I think your problem was that you were dealing with a man: a soulless being that will never see reason or feel compassion for another living creature. I also think that there are lots of reasons why people see honest expressions of emotion as manipulative— one reason being a lack of "I statements" that the first anon mentioned. Also people tend to have boundary issues and might feel responsible for another persons emotions, so if you say "I'm upset" they take that as a personal failing. ATP I'm just rambling oops sorry. Thanks everyone who chimed in. I'll try to talk to my friends tomorrow.

No. 1530855

You dont say anything. You won't gain anything from saying anything. Message people you enjoy speaking to who dont treat you like shit. People who are openly rude to you dont care about a reason.

No. 1530860

In past relationships this is exactly the advice I would have needed. In this case though, these are my very good friends– people I seriously love and trust that love and trust me in turn– who for reasons beyond my control/comprehension have suddenly withdrawn from me. They're not openly rude either, we're still polite. I can tell that we all love each other. There's just something going on right now, and I don't want whatever that is to destroy the friendship we've cultivated. That means protecting myself from feeling rejected/disappointed while also letting them know this doesn't have to be the end.
But I'll keep what you've said in mind. I do appreciate that you took the time to respond to me. Thank you.

No. 1530865

My comment still stands, and is not meant as dismissal. Give it time. If they truly love and trust you then there is no reason to be repeatedly rude or short to you. G silent for awhile and see how they react. It is not your job to give them your undivided attention when they're avoiding you. If you really mean anything to them you will find out soon.

No. 1530871

I find it annoying when men come straight at me with “I’m not looking for a relationship right now I just want something casual”…maybe they do that because most women start acting nuts if a guy doesn’t firmly say he doesn’t want a relationship from day one but for me it’s a turn off. It ruins the entire mood and makes me not interest in anything at all.

No. 1530877

You're saying the purpose of your message is to ask what you did wrong and to try to fix it but you don't ask those questions anywhere and the entire message is just about how much pain you are in because of the way your friends are treating you. It comes across like you are trying to make them feel guilty or bad for you rather than get to know about or solve any underlying issue. That is what reads as manipulative. Do you have any idea why they are acting this way toward you?

No. 1530886

You'd rather a man pretend he loves you for sex instead?.

No. 1530887

I find it annoying because I know “I just want something casual” is a cute scrote speech way of saying “I don’t really find you that attractive but I’m horny. I have no interest in being friends with you, pleasing you sexually and I will be rude to you and I can do that because we already established this dk I can’t be held accountable for treating you like shit”. I’ve dated and fucked enough scrotes to know what this really means.

No. 1530892

It's honesty though. Wastes no time.

No. 1530893

I'll take that into consideration. I guess I was thinking of what I'd want from my friends if I was on the opposite side of the interaction, and what I'd want is emotional honesty and communication of boundaries. But you are right. I'm not going to make any hasty decisions. I'll sleep on it and maybe tomorrow decide whether or not I want to have this "confrontation" or just wait it out.
I did say that those are things I'm wondering about, but it's not actually what I'm looking to get from this communication. My core message is "I am going to speak to you less for X reason." I didn't mention it in the OP but I have already asked why things were weird/why they've withdrawn and they said everything was fine kek. I take that to mean that if there IS a problem, they're not willing to tell me right now. I have some suspicions on what might be wrong, but there's no recourse unless they want to talk about it. It doesn't look like that's going to happen, so I'd rather just temporarily withdraw– and clearly state that that's what I'm doing.
Also, I understand what you mean about it sounding like a guilt trip. That's why I was very careful to not use blaming language or make any demands. My emotions are my own. I don't expect anybody else to manage them or solve my problems. In the same way, if I say "I feel hurt" and my friends get upset, that's THEIR issue to deal with.

No. 1530895

Why do so many cluster bs do that thing where they try really hard to larp as unbothered despite being the most annoying and obnoxious people alive under the facade

No. 1530898

I’d rather someone talk to me like a stranger who they are getting to know instead of starting the conversation about sex, because once he does that I’m not even going to be interested in casual sex. As soon as a man starts the “I want something casual” conversation he’s going to immediately start talking about nothing but sex and it’s boring. Men do that to be able to send you dick pics without your consent and act like an asshole while still technically pretending they are a good person because they were “up front and honest”.

No. 1530903

Samefag and it’s funny how these “open and honest” scrotes always get pissed off when you deny their offer for a hook up because they feel they are entitled to sex because “I was honest and this is why i don’t tell women the truth!”. Like asshole just because you were honest and direct about using me as a cum rag doesn’t mean I have to say yes.

No. 1530905

I'm sorry but im just saying wouldn't you rather they show you exactly who they are right off the bat instead of evolving to say something more vague and up for interpretation? You're being handed a red flag on a platter. Them saying something different to you won't change their intentions.

No. 1530908

I don’t really get attached from sex so I’m not worried about a man tricking me and men are pretty retarded so it’s very hard to get tricked by one into using me for sex. Even if I was open to having casual sex if a man directly came at me talking about sex from day one I’m going to be annoyed and not even want to fuck him at all. Since I’m aware of how scrotes think I know that them asking you for something casual from day one is an insult.

No. 1530910

thank you. yeah I understand that, my brother and I are all we have and I can't imagine his grief. it sounds weird but I feel like i already processed my trauma? like I don't think about it anymore and don't really care about it. like acceptance and I've gone to therapy for awhile to self reflect on toxic traits and all that shit. when I was younger I was angry but I'm just apathetic now and people tell me they're surprised I went through all that because I don't seem like it and I'm so well adjusted (lol). I'm glad you understand this feeling though. i wish i could tell my husband this but i know itll just stress him out and he wont know what to do. take care nonna

No. 1530933

I want to stop having these thoughts so badly. I want to just live life on autopilot without so many emotions. Please I can't do this anymore.

No. 1530949

huh… I grew up without a father figure and never felt anything negative about it, I should give the whale a watch

No. 1530955

fake it till you make it

No. 1530957

Make it an hour, make it a day. Is there anything in your daily life that can give you a smile? There's random stuff throughout the day even I got to look forward to; neighbourhood animals, the weather, a favourite song to blast when the roommate leaves. If you need help, don't be afraid to call local resources. It all depends on the problems. I still feel that way most days but much love to you. We're floating on this ship together but I hope you don't drown.

No. 1530959

Like idc bitch you talk way too fucking much and you have the annoying cadence of someone abusing stimulants and you're addicted to the smell of your own shit. Shut up for once in your life and stop breathing down my neck you are a LOSER omg

No. 1530985

File: 1679555645616.png (256.94 KB, 1492x1024, 1649145398134.png)

Zoomers are so irony poisoned and fake now, there is no going back. Even when they try to reclaim ''cringe but free'' it's still rooted in irony. Everyone is so fake now. I am at fault too, i stopped talking to all my friends because our conversations were just spoutting memes, it was impossible to have any form of real interaction with them. I hate it, i hate modernity, i hate irony culture, i hate cringe culture, i hate phoneys. I feel so fucking lonely. I cant stop watching old convention footage, old documentaries on weird stuff, stuff like RAw TiMe, Josh's movie review. It makes me so angry that i just cannot find anyone to connect with. I would say the decline started around 2014's, and it's getting worse. Every creative space is filled with these people, people that lack any form of passion and honesty. Only non-poisoned internet personality i can think off is Scott The Woz, and it makes me so sad there is no way i can find someone like him, he was probably the last of his type before going extinct. I am so angry that i will never be able to find a bf, all of the cute unironically cringe men i liked are long gone, replaced by vile coomers/troons/misogynists. I feel so lonely and hopeless, i just want friends, real friends who i can talk to about my husbando, sperg about anime and things i like without having to stop to make a sarcastic remark about how ''i am totally aware guyz this is autistic haha''. I am going to die alone and a pariah, but at least i promised myself i wont hide my real personality anymore.

No. 1530992

I hate when I am venting about something clearly from my personal life and some dumfuck imbecile goes "What are you talking about nobody does that here??" Yeah because I wasn't talking about shit on here moron or I would've quoted the fucking post or said "people on here". Fucking zaboomafoo brained bitch

No. 1531000

cows will never be what they used to be with how social media and online presences have evolved to be a lot more curated. Rarely do you see people on the internet act organically unhinged anymore.

No. 1531001

File: 1679560467125.png (8.01 KB, 1006x1006, 1662628243878.png)

I really hate my face, I hate everything about my face but especially my mouth, I have severe midline discrepancy and it's affected the symmetry of my whole face shape and appearance, I hate looking at myself in the mirror and in pictures and I can't really get braces because I'm broke so I can't afford it but I feel like time is slipping away from me, I don't like to go outside because I don't want people to see me and I certainly won't be able to date or have friends any time soon and it's already too late I'm losing hope on ever being happy all because I was cursed with this face that belongs to a beast.

No. 1531004

Worked in cleaning and Walmart and the bad experiences I had at both jobs were with old people. Media likes to display them as angels though.

No. 1531007

there's a piece of shit moid who has the loudest car always driving by around 2am and another scrote with a massive unneeded truck that leaves at 4am on the dot for work. hope they crash.

No. 1531009

File: 1679563077998.jpg (63.83 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

It feels like things are going to collapse on a grand scale at any moment, everyone knows it but almost everyone looks at you like you're a schizo if you allude to it.

Maybe I am a schizo but every day it really feels like society is on borrowed time. When people go out and buy new cars, start studying towards degrees they wouldn't graduate until 2027 or some shit, or the council undertakes years-long building projects I'm just like why? Why is everyone keeping up the charade? When do the riots really start? Why are we still going to work? And WHY are people still having children.

I don't fucking get it and no I won't take my meds.

No. 1531014

I feel the same(ish). It's not a schizo thing. Everyone sees the cracks in society but we are forced to go along with it. Like little ants following a pheromone spiral, it leads to demise, but no one seems to be able to stop

No. 1531016

very true
I once had a guy who liked me get scared and do a 180 when I cried and show emotion
instead of appreciating you letting them see you as vulnerable, they label you as "emotionally unstable" kek

No. 1531018

Even the internet isn't safe. Why are so many people resigning…

No. 1531019

it really is like that
I miss the wild wild west of the internet back in the early 2000s, it's so shit nowadays
hell, I actually MISS old tumblr
everything is fucking centralized on a few websites
i fucking hate reddit too

No. 1531020

File: 1679564080870.png (2.16 KB, 168x300, sans.png)

I really hate piscis people, they're too emotionally retarded, theatrical, they hide their emotions and then make it your problem. My brother is a piscistard and I've known so many piscis who are literally insane but larp as happy unbothered beings of light or some other cringe fake shit. And then they cry so easily when their already fake self image gets shattered. And they're always onto some delusional shit, like they're trying to be grander than life or something. They also love being perpetual suffering victims and love hiding their true feelings. Two faced mother fuckers kek.

Say whatever you want to say about zodiac signs but only piscis and virgo people are constantly shit everywhere I go and I don't even care about the zodiac that much to begin with.

No. 1531021

File: 1679564084858.png (18.03 KB, 275x275, 1634681957107.png)

is anywhere comfy anymore?

lolcow and sometimes tumblr but I have limited patience altogether, like opening my computer is no longer an escape.

No. 1531023

My mother Inlaw is staying over and she talks on the phone past 12 am. she talks loudly. Yesterday my husband called her out and she flat out denied she was talking on the phone then my husband reworded the question and asked "who were you talking to mom?" and she said a friend of hers but that it wasnt that late. Thing is the next night she talked even louder and for a longer time at til 3 am we wake up around 3:30 am . In the afternoon if my husband comes tired she'll say that the sun is up and he shouldnt be sleeping.. she doesnt let us sleep while shes awake, meanwhile she wakes up at 2 pm . or if she wakes up at 11am she'll nap at 3pm til 6. I tried to be polite regarding her sleeping late meaning i dont do anything during that time so i wont wake her up but her not giving a shit about our sleep schedule even when we talk about it makes me feel like I should wake up singing and cleaning and just being petty.

No. 1531026

I'm a virgo zodiac and I'm not shit nonny, you will find correlations in things if you look for them.

No. 1531030

>opening my computer is no longer an escape
you described this perfectly nonnie
nowhere seems to be comfy anymore
i remember geocities, the random personal website hosting sites, searching something on yahoo search (damn memories) and opening the floodgates of the internet, forum communities etc , everything is dead now
everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame, social media was a huge step in the wrong direction
the saddest thing is living through those blissful times because i know they are never coming back, being a teen in the 2000s was fun, the people/communities are not the same anymore
I sigh heavily when I think of all the forums,communities, games i've played and people i've talked to in the 2000s , everything was FUN
now fun is CANCELLED because it triggers twatter idiots or fuck knows what other idiots
just take me back to early/mid 2000s
one of the few fun things i do is make pinterest boards based on my hobbies and explore foreign (japanese/korean/some chinese) websies

No. 1531032

I’m so sorry anon. You deserve to go outside and live still, actually live. I used to feel how you do like I can’t go out if I don’t look great because I’ll be a burden on other people, I’m ashamed for them to see how I look etc. but over time I’ve thought, don’t I think other ugly people deserve to exist in public? Aren’t they all over the place actually, and deserve to be? So a big step for me before I could accept my appearance was first acknowledging that I deserve to do the activities I want even if I’m ugly, because there are people like that everywhere, walking down the street, going to cafes, the beach, meeting friends.

No. 1531040

File: 1679566467681.jpg (189.98 KB, 1229x1279, 1605556021684.jpg)

AYRT and glad i'm not alone, thanks nonnie. We sound about the same age. I'm glad I experienced those times in the 2000s-early 2010s but it's over now and it's hard to fill the void.

No. 1531044

I don’t agree with the doom posting, society is better than ever, just look at the few Muslim countries who are stuck in the past and compare it to our society. I’m really glad to be born right now and I don’t think society is collapsing at all. We’re all living much more comfortably and I enjoy being able to have some agency as a woman. If anything is collapsing because of us it’s nature, not human communities.

No. 1531045

yea it's something kids these days or 20ish year olds will never understand, I can't imagine growing up with instagram and social media, it blows my mind
people who are nostalgic about early/pre internet days have a reason and a good one
related to your picture, it's insane how smartphones became an extension of our life and i speak as someone who used to love technology
i can't stand it anymore when i'm in a bus or at a gathering and i'm one of the few if not the only one who doesn't mindlessly stare into a screen
people are so busy trying to SHOW how they live their life and are driven by that short term gratification dopamine hit that is likes and the such that they forget to actually enjoy the moment
gotta take a pic of what you eat,what you do at the gym, what concert you go to etc
some people i talked to legitimately couldn't process why i didn't take pictures or why i DIDN'T POST THEM on social media
you can live your life without exposing it to everyone else
nowadays every person is just an item companies can profit off of
while i'm grateful for all the information we have at our fingertips, we live in dystopian times where everyone's brain has been fried by dopamine and degeneracy, and few are those who choose to remain somewhat pure in this digital polluted society
bit of a rant i know,but it is a vent thread

No. 1531048

>If anything is collapsing because of us it’s nature, not human communities.

Nona if you don't see those things as connected then I don't know what to tell you.

No. 1531049

>thinking humanity is above nature
You’re so close to realizing how fucked humanity is, nonny. We are witnessing societal collapse as we speak. We will be lucky if any of us live to be old biddies.

No. 1531051

I still feel like I shouldn't have any interest because I think it would only make me look autistic or pretentious, I am trying to socialize online as a start but I get ridiculed (primarily by men) online for anything, I get called names, and I haven't made any real friends despite trying for four years now and my interests only become another bad trait of mine unlike when someone more attractive does the things I get made fun of for they'll be quirky only.
I feel selfish but I don't want to live this life forever, I have suffered my entire life and I do deserve some betterment but I can't when I look the way I do, I really just want to feel good about myself and have suitable living conditions.

No. 1531053

No nonas, I could have worded it better but you did not get my point. Humanity is not above nature but anon above was taking specifically about our communities and human societies, not about collapse of nature. I don’t think we’re all experiencing a “society degradation” that’s something mgtow assholes love to say - because women “sleep around”, have rights, gays aren’t stoned anymore and so on. No, our society is better than it was for most people.
On the other hand nature collapsing is what we should be worrying about instead of freaking out about some good old days where society was better that never even existed.

No. 1531059

I miss the good old days too. I noticed the decline happening in late 2011-2012 but it got real real bad starting in 2015 and has been increasingly more hellish with each passing year. I used to feel cozy on the internet, like I’d found my culture, my people. But now I just feel like a total and complete outsider everywhere I do. My opinions about things don’t fit neatly in the “lefty” box, I find identity politics to be retarded and I don’t think saying retard/fag should get anyone cancelled. I also hate troons. But I also think we all deserve healthcare and am a proponent of UBI. I literally find myself relating more to people who have entirely different ideals from me, like right leaning libertarian types, because at least we can have candid conversations about topics without either of us deciding the other person deserves to be cancelled (I disagree with libertarian ideology but as long as someone isn’t pro life I can usually agree to disagree, pro life is the one line I draw cause everything about it is so authoritarian and anti woman).

No. 1531060

How old are you, nonny? Society has been degrading for about a decade, but if you’re under 24-25 you wouldn’t really have the necessary first hand real world experience to notice. It’s not degrading for the reasons MGTOWs and incels say it is, but the decline has been rapid and extremely apparent over the past decade. Life in 2013 was infinitely better and less convoluted and polarized than life in 2023.

No. 1531061

Long rant incoming. I'm trying to make the best of the situation while waiting for my new apartment to be available (just a few weeks now) so I can break up and move out of my boyfriend's apartment. Over the past few years he's become a judgemental, grumpy asshole, and lately he's been doing down a depressive spiral because he's tired of working and just wants to sit around doing his hobbies. I can't blame him for it. I want that too, but bills gotta be paid and I've come to peace with the fact that I have to make the best out of the free time I have.

It's just a massive problem when that free time also includes living with a guy who, even when he's not working, is so angry about the idea of having to work that he can't relax and cool down afterwards. I hate coming home to a place where I can just feel his anger and resentment filling the air. He will always reassure me that his anger isn't for me, but like most men he sure loves to use any opportunity to snap at me . I was in a work meeting yesterday and couldn't answer the phone when he called. He wasn't able to find his keys and wanted to know if I was home so I could check if he had forgotten them. He called me 20 times in the span of 20 minutes. I answered the phone apologizing right away, and he just snapped at me and let this ruin the rest of his day, and never apologized even when I said that I was hurt by his attitude.

What irks me the most is that even though he can go for an entire day acting as if I'm nothing but an annoyance to him, he still wants to be cuddled and have his head scratched in the evening because he says it helps him calm down. This morning he seemed to be in a better mood. He vented a bit about a task he needed to do at work, but when I misunderstood some part of his explanation, he immediately shifted to a condescending tone and became so bitter that I just broke down crying and begging him to please stop being so fucking mean to me.

He's put on headphones now and ignoring me before he leaves to work. I try to not let his mood get to me, but I've always been really sensitive of the mood of the people I live with, so it's hard. I can't wait to live on my own so I don't have to let someone else's shitty attitude affect me anymore.

No. 1531062

I love fish folk, they are unhinged in interesting ways. Pixielocks is my favorite cow for the reason of her being such a prototypical Piscean.

No. 1531064

I was in HS around 2012-2013 and had a nerdy friend group that I loved to death, until they slowly started sipping the woke kool-aid and became insufferable. Where once I could talk about things normally, everything became offensive and politicized. I complained to my parents and bf at the time, who brushed it off and said it's just "an internet fad, it'll pass". 10 years later and it's everywhere.

I don't even disagree with most of the talking points on their own, it's just that the wokest people are usually the biggest hypocrites and often use those same uwu talking points as a bullying tactic.

No. 1531066

I literally hate everyone, those who are better and worse than me, I can't talk to anyone at work or socialize anywhere because I'm so filled with hatred and self loathinlg and loathing for society and life in general, I can't anymore

No. 1531091

Good on you, nona. You shouldn't have to deal with an emotional moid that can't control his emotions and have empathy for his girlfriend. Other people's moods and actions impact others deeply. The self-centered nature of maids is astonishing. Anyway, wishing you well.

No. 1531092

Best to watch those types from afar like Pixielocks kek. I don't care for zodiac signs and astrology either, but I am fairly wary of Aries men due to my experience with them. Any other nonas relate?

No. 1531094

god i hate how foreiners who speak a language without any learning of teaching or credentials become language teachers in courses or unis over actual proper teachers. just because they speak the language as their native tongue the monolingual bitches that recruit them think they can teach it well. i know damn well this popular language has better teachers around, theyre just not foreigners so they dont get to have the job over this "professor" with no ability in teaching or actual knowledge in the language's rules and shit.

No. 1531095

I feel like I'm going crazy too. Everything is obviously going to get worse from now on but nobody seems interested in resilience and being prepared to face crisis situations. All I see is people in denial who think bad stuff only happens to other people, crazy moids whose first thought when they hear the word "collapse" is committing crime, and antinatalist doomers or whetever you call them who think we should just sit here and die.

I'm not too concerned about children being born, I'm far more worried about them not being raised in a way that will let them face the future.

Also, I always had to maintain a full awareness of how dependent we all are on each other because I am somewhat misanthropic and need to keep that at bay, but it's hitting me hard realizing how many people think they're "floating" sort of. City people especially seem to live in a simulation, like the things they eat are items in a videogame and not produced by someone else and the basic infrastructures of civilization are as much of a natural permanence as gravity and the setting sun.

No. 1531100

Even professional teachers can suck at teaching because they have all the knowledge required but can't explain anything properly or have limited resources to make you practice the language.

No. 1531106

Today is the day I'm breaking up with my girlfriend. It legitimately makes sob every time someone else I know is getting engaged or married because I'm just not happy in this relationship. I tried everything I could to make this work I'm just not in love with her anyone and I can't do this.

No. 1531123

I think we all have that naive phase when we think we can be friends with moids. Today I only have male acquaintances. In other online spaces I let everyone assume I’m male.

No. 1531125

Same nonny, same. I’m sorry, but I’ve opted to just let and watch the world burn. I have no hope for the future.

No. 1531132

Stay safe! Have people with you when you move out/get your things. Moids don’t take being left easily.

No. 1531136

I hope you find the gal to make you happy one day, nonnie. No more crying.

No. 1531139

File: 1679577934097.png (331.88 KB, 680x672, 280.png)

There is still beauty in this world but there is just a lot more atrocity to tune out. I like to picture I'm riding a crumbling gravy train of serotonin right to the bottom until the figurative biscuit wheels fall off and we truly in a madmax style wasteland. At which point I don't really know if I'd want to survive anyway much longer than whacking a greedy parasitic boomer without consequence before I die.

No. 1531142

what a virgo ass response lmao

No. 1531152

I am birgo but every other virgo woman I've met (I don't know if I've met Virgo men) are so creepy and uncomfortable, I think I relate more to my moon sign or maybe to the fact that I am mostly air signs. I don't know, le sigh. I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1531155

I’m a birgo moon, kibler sun

No. 1531158

I’m an asparagus moon, Uranus rising

No. 1531177

Got called dramatic for cutting off ties to an old friend group for the 5th time. I know that sounds quite dramatic but I never have announced my leave and instead of going ghost again I just told the most levelheaded one that I'm done with them and need to move on and she was like "lol you're so dramatic just ignore them"(since they berate me to an unbearable point) I've never had such a mood kill in my life

No. 1531180

I've met a Virgo guy. He was a degenerate kek

No. 1531181

bf cried after we had sex and refuses to elaborate as to why. how do I interpret this nonnas

No. 1531188

Hes cheating

No. 1531192

My Virgo moid ex was a rapist degenerate who tried to get me to agree to skull fucking and piss play and when I didn’t agree he’d get me wasted and do it anyway as I cried for him to stop

No. 1531197

>zaboomafoo brained bitch
every day I laugh out loud at something I read on here, bless you anons

No. 1531198

A man who refuses to communicate with you is a red flag.

No. 1531223

File: 1679585307822.jpeg (29.52 KB, 600x462, 312C6D30-6D76-4FB0-8D27-5852F8…)

Too depressed for therapy. Don’t want to talk just want to sleep

No. 1531228

NTA but what the hell is skull fucking?? Is it as degenerate as I think it is? Hope your okay nonnie

No. 1531234

Scrote I dated then dumped tried to start shit between me and his ex by claiming I "lambasted" her when in reality all I did was validate his feelings whenever he brought her up.

What do narcissists like this expect their loved ones to do at the time? Do we tell them that they're not entitled to how they feel, or that they're wrong? Somehow I feel like there would be consequences if I didn't show support to a loved one no matter how biased their version of the story appeared to me.
But anyway, silly me for trying to make this about logic when in reality the moid is just going scorched earth and trying to make me the bad guy as much as possible.
I still won't respond to him, teehee~

No. 1531238

How do you just agree to skullfucking, don't you have to be decapitated to do that?

No. 1531244

he's not ready to have sex for whatever reason. he doesn't have to share. you are allowed to end the relationship over this if you aren't close enough to work through it. he might be better on his own for a while anyway, to work shit out.
would pretty much give the same advice if genders were reversed.
you could ask yourself if you did anything unusual during sex that could have triggered him…? I assume you would have mentioned that though.

No. 1531247

Nta but skullfucking is just rough facefucking

No. 1531252

Nta but skullfucking is just rough facefucking

No. 1531253


NTA but I think she meant skullfucking as in extreme/violent blowjobs. Not the first time I’ve heard that term out of a degenerate moid’s mouth.

No. 1531254

Hate how game dev discords have a gazillion retards and only like 5 actual game devs

No. 1531260

He’s gay. Dump him

No. 1531261

File: 1679588689571.jpg (56.32 KB, 796x684, 20230323_091529.jpg)

Get good grades, attractive, nice. Always either had a job or been in education. Saw a girl who does none of these things go on a vacation her boyfriend paid for to Japan during the sakura season. Losing faith in being a good person. I will never know love or happiness like that.

No. 1531268


>Crying after sex, or post-coital tristesse (PCT), is something that many people experience. There are several possible causes.

No. 1531291

Ugh it was awful but not as awful as you nonnies are imagining I don’t think thankfully. >>1531253 >>1531252 are right. Really fucking traumatizingly violent blowjobs. Thankfully he was a dicklet, it could’ve been worse, but I still have nightmares about choking and puking.

No. 1531297

File: 1679590867037.jpg (8.51 KB, 219x219, 1675459160362.jpg)

>demanded ass pics when I was at my grandfather's funeral

No. 1531299

I have to skip classes yet again because the buses are on strike

No. 1531300

My boyfriend gets so much right and yet gets so much wrong.
>agrees that women are smarter than men, and that men ought to move and get shit done for us cause they're not intelligent–his words
This stemmed from an argument we had this morning cause he watched some pickme have this bad take whining about how women being able to hit men is a double standard.
Had to explain that while no one should hit anybody (not like society encourages women to beat up men anyway???), men are usually stronger which is why men hitting back is unfair so we shouldn't enable discourse that would encourage violent men to think they're overcoming an unfairness by hitting back.

Bf assures me he will never lay hands on me but he has done some pretty violent shit to inanimate objects and himself before, so.

No. 1531301

That sounds awful, nonnie. I'm glad that freak is your ex. Stay safe.

No. 1531311

Don’t be a retard by staying with a man who chimps out like that. You will be the object soon enough.

No. 1531324

>Bf assures me he will never lay hands on me but he has done some pretty violent shit to inanimate objects and himself before, so.
Nuh uh this is some real red flag shit. Next thing you know he'll be breaking objects to intimidate you and then you'll be next.

No. 1531337

I knew this fucking scrote would be a problem but i cant imagine that this pathetic limp dick shit will act out like im a supreme whore who did not got foiled for his thirst trap invitation like, yea you horny you mf. Stop sending me joe rogans and interpreting me not fawning over your roids amplified body as a godsend.

Fucking hell guess who threw a tantrum over horrible personality and ugliness. We never even revealed our real name and face but he gotta assume my non thirst reaction as me being an ugly creature. Threw plenty gf baits but i was not for it and i responded politely that i assume he think is condescending.

Is this what zoomers are? Imma lay down a bit

No. 1531368

File: 1679594980936.gif (230.01 KB, 480x479, red flag.gif)

>Bf assures me he will never lay hands on me but he has done some pretty violent shit to inanimate objects and himself before, so.

No. 1531392

I'm starting to think I'm having an allergic reaction to laundry detergent wtf. I'm literally not allergic to anything, why would it be laundry detergent.

No. 1531407

Allergies sometimes can just pop up randomly like that. It sucks. Try to switch to one of those "gentle 0% harsh chemical" detergents. You can also use white vinegar with detergent to deodorize and to disinfect if the gentle detergent isn't up to your standards. Best of luck nonna.

No. 1531408

pretty common allergy, nona. a lot of the time it's the fragrances in the detergent. have you tried baby laundry detergent or fragrance-free detergent? I think oxy-clean is good for stronger stains, seems to not be as irritating to some people.

No. 1531422

File: 1679598846902.jpg (56.98 KB, 507x500, 41ab8l.jpg)

Everywhere I look I see shitty two faced people… aka normies… succeed, and meek and quiet people being trampled over, and I include myself in that group but I'm not the only one, and it's not just about work and the double standard and how you're invisible if you're not chatty, even if you work just as fast as others, but every other aspect of life, people who received almost everything on a silver platter from their parents and then their partners get even more and more lucky as their life goes on and gain more stuff and more attention and better work opportunities and house and everything, meanwhile I, no matter how hard I try, just can't get anywhere, because I'm alone and I can't socialize as well as them. I know this is how society works and I understand that, but at the same time I feel so hurt, like it isn't fair, and it just makes me feel like it's not even worth trying to get anywhere in life, sometimes I just want to off myself, I have no motivation to get out of bed, I walk like I'm in a dream, I'm like a zombie at this point

No. 1531431

do you get itchy skin? Because lately im getting itchier skin since i switched detergent.

No. 1531465

I have a massive headache because I've been crying all day, my apartment is a mess, I can't be bothered to make a nice meal and I think my bf is mad at me for something dumb and pointless. Just want this week to end already.

No. 1531469

in my early 30s and I lost 60% of my hair because of AGA, during the last 2 years I lost a ton due to stress
my hairline is messed up
this makes me even more depressed
I don't know if taking bc and starting minoxidil would help
I'm so scared , I miss my hair so much, I know women who bleach tf out of their hair and they still have a head full of thick hair, it makes me cry

No. 1531473

Something exploded in my microwave and I really have no will or energy to clean that up today.

No. 1531483

I need a job but I need my license to get to the job but no one in my life is willing to work with me on getting my license despite reassures otherwise that they will and and and. It fucking sucks.

No. 1531489


I feel you, nonnie. I'm quiet and don't socialize much; I find it draining and and I'm not particularly good at it anyway. The amount of energy it would take for me to try to fake my way through would be so high, it doesn't seem worth it. I'm constantly torn between being frustrated about how unfair it seems that other people don't have to work so hard, vs. wanting to get out of the rat race altogether.

No. 1531509

You know I don't mind if a coworker is a slacker so long as it doesn't affect the other coworkers' workload or health. And I don't mind a goody two shoes suckup coworker so long as they don't tell on coworkers or micromanage.

What I VERY MUCH mind is when a slacker acts like a goody two shoes by being very vocal to higher ups about the mediocre work he did that we're ALL doing, if not more than him. But then acting judgemental of people when they decide to slack off. Like no, fuck you? Unfortunately because he's curried favour with the managers he gets away with it. Disgusting, I see a bright future of middle management for him, he's perfectly suited for it. And even higher if he learns to wear a shirt and slacks, bastard. It's always those exact cunts that rise up the ranks.

No. 1531511

A few more days at this job, I can't wait to leave. Just had a moid had me to take over his job for the day because of a family emergency. The thing is, it's always some family emergency. I have never heard of someone going to the hospital so many times in a month IRL until this guy and not just because of him going to the hospital. From what I am getting out of this, he's fucking whipped. Panics over everything, can't even hold his own responsibilities. His wife is an extreme tumblrite who throws tantrums over everything and claims she can't work because of disability and gets upset at him for working "too much" but makes him take off work to give her support and has him lose sleep because she'll hurt herself in some way almost every week. She's insufferable from all I hear about her. He talked about how they're trying to have kids too, they can't even take care of themselves. How can people live like this, how can they put up with this? It's no wonder he's so disorganized everywhere else in his life. Absolutely pathetic. They're meant for each other, but I don't want to experience the repercussions of their dynamic. It affects everyone else at work.

No. 1531549

I'm on the home stretch of my university degree and have 2 and a half weeks left of classes. On top of keeping up with my coursework and applying for jobs and preparing for interviews, I am just so fucking done. It doesn't help that I have been missing classes because of circumstances I can't control.

I feel this nona. I hate living in a car-dependent society especially when you don't have a solid support system that will let you practice learn or you have $2-3k to spend on a driving course. So many times when I had to turn down a job because I didn't have a license.

No. 1531578

this is small and dumb in the scheme of things but i miss my dog so much it hurts sometimes. i'm in college ~8 hrs away from him and i don't like being home for unrelated reasons so i don't always come home during breaks but every time i don't it feels like i'm betraying him and it kills me!! he loves my parents too ofc and has his own routine with them, but i took over a lot of raising him when he was a puppy (he's 4 now) and idk we bonded in a special way over that i think. he's a bit of an anxious, clingy guy so i feel bad "abandoning" him when have to come back to school. i'm honestly torn about what i'm going to do after college because on the one hand i want to stay in the area with my partner, where my job connections are, etc, but also….want my dog :( it's getting to the point where i miss him so bad it makes me cry. it feels like a weight. i miss my puppy so bad nonas idk what to do i am just starting my period too lol

No. 1531610

why should i, as a result of my emotionally and intellectually defective brain, have to toil endlessly in order to achieve what is easily attained by the vast majority of people in a moribund society? even when i was a child, i didn’t have any dreams; i departed from the womb a zombie, hopeless from the beginning. goddamn i wish i had the guts to finally end everything lol

No. 1531654

I'm also touhoufag and I hate these, fucking ugly

No. 1531679

I swear to god i can't stop self-sabotaging myself with school shit. I always spend more time procrastinating then actually doing some fucking work. Having adhd is a fucking bitch and having shit short term memory is killing me so fucking bad, retaining information is so fucking hard. I just want to pass so bad, but my mind is fucking diseased.

No. 1531688

I do it much more rarely now but still, I hate it that I engage in stupid discussions online where I can see clearly that the other person is dumb as rocks. Partially I do enjoy destroying them with facts and logic because it feeds my ego and I don't really get a chance to argue with anyone in my day-to-day life but it's really just a waste of time, objectively useless and stops being enjoyable very soon, but it can be hard to stop because it'll be on your mind and bothering you that the other person thinks s/he's won. I know it's dumb, and I started leaving discussions after a couple or few posts, but now and then I'll get into this trap again. I won't even return to see the reply to my last essay, fuck it

No. 1531690

who the fuck do my parents think they are…i went downstairs and my mother asks me if i’ve gotten paid yet. i just started a new job like 2 weeks ago. the pay is biweekly and im waiting for my deposit. so i tell her i haven’t gotten paid yet. this bitch then orders me, not even asks, just rudely demands “when you get paid don’t forget to give your dad your paycheck to send to the people”. “the people” are some distant friends and family who live in liberia who i’ve never ever met before and don’t even know their names. they send money there to them occasionally. like thats so fucking rude. my check is like $202, im not giving you all my fucking money i’m literally broke myself…im so sorry if i wanna save up. then my mother has the nerve to ask me why i got mad and left and went back to my room

No. 1531693

I hold such a huge grudge towards my parents because they continued to live in this fucking disgusting house after my uncle that we lived with molested me. It took fucking 4 years after he did it to finally get a fucking restraining order against him. They say that we stayed here because they didnt want to put my nonna in a home but i dont understand why they didnt do something about that fat fucking pig. I hate that now im fucked up and self destructive and terrified of men and sex because of him. Im so fucking upset

No. 1531717

whenever i see any fumo related post im like "oh hell yea this shits gonna be unfunny as hell" like i love touhou but theres no fuckin appeal to fumos

No. 1531727

I hate how people downplay the effect my emotionally abusive gf had a me "at least you got to experience a gf." "how she rape you you guys were dating. You shouldn't make claims like that." "You're an attention seeker."

No. 1531728

I am so terrified, my throat has been inflamed and feels like something is lodged in there, my sinus are inflamed and look like a clear growth on it. (tonsils too, i went to a doctor and he gave me tonsillitis medicine but it didn't clear anything up, i went to another doctor but all they gave me is claritin!)
I was looking inside my nose and the membrane near my nasal bridge was a bright yellow (not boogers) I was literally looking at it a couple minutes ago and now the membrane is normal color. It was just moments ago it was yellow and looked like some kind of ulcer? I am hpv positive so I'm terrified it's the c word….
Does anyone know why the membrane of my nose would go to yellow to normal in a matter of minutes?? (my sinus still have a weird growth)

I did go to a doctor but I am still terrified.
This nose changing color just happened right now.

No. 1531732

I don’t even speak Japanese nor do I understand it but the way Natalie natchan speaks Japanese sounds off to me

No. 1531735

I think I partially tore/ruptured my eardrum and it fucking hurts, fuck this

No. 1531744

In the last few months before I move out of my family's house, it feels like everything is falling apart. I'm usually able to ignore the creepy shit my dad says to me but it's really REALLY bothering me lately. Last week he commented on my boobs and asked if I'm wearing a push up bra. Today he asked me "if you were in a room full of dicks how many would you choke on?" I said "none?" and he just started laughing, I looked up the joke and apparently the punchline is "wow you're that good?"
He is a sex pest and a fucking creep and I fucking hate living with him. At least he stopped trying to grab/pinch my ass a few years ago. My mom isn't safe from him either; he's constantly grabbing her and making comments about her feet? A couple weeks ago my mom screamed in the kitchen because he straight up pulled his dick out and whined "look it's so harddddd!"
I genuinely cannot make this shit up. Living here makes me so insane but there's nothing I can do about it, and it only seems to be getting worse wirh time. I also can't talk to a therapist about it or anything, they'll call CPS because my brother is under 18. It's happened before. Just have to suffer through this for another month or so

No. 1531747

Holy fuck anon I am so sorry you are going through that
What a fucking disgusting creep and I hope he gets jailed eventually. this is a fucking predator.

No. 1531752

I think you should kill him. take him on a hike and push him off a cliff or something, he's older so you can just say he fell kek

No. 1531762

How old is your brother? Can you take him with you? It might be too late, but he shouldn't solidify that behaviour which your dad exhibits; he could possibly repeat the pattern when older. It's fucked up. If anything, I'd really suggest that your mom, brother, and yourself leave that environment. Monetary issues can be short term if all of you can somehow plan in advance. I am so sorry baby, as long as you can escape and get some help, it's better than anything else. Wish you the best.

No. 1531767

I think the same thing happens with other weebs, especially those from other language speaking backgrounds. They learn how to speak the language but accents sometimes show up, and if they try to enunciate in another language/country to present more natural. It's good but at the same time 'weird', as you said.

Plus Natchan started doing other (stuff) and changed up persona/music style so that adaptation doesn't help.

No. 1531773

Why, of all the things I have to be allergic to, latex is one of them. I get a nasty rash for a day or two if I have a fucking bandaid on for a couple hours. And I can't wear tampons or cups, so pads make me get a very severe rash from hell that lasts like a week after my period ends. I can't move my legs certain ways or sit down in certain places during that because it feels like my vulva and ass are on fire. I'm lucky I'm lesbian, because I'd imagine condoms may send me to the ER.

No. 1531774

nta but i didn't, especially not tims even during my libfem years. tbh i'm always surprised so many nonnies even run into troons to begin with, where i live troonery is barely a thing since they'll get their ass beat over it, hell even normal people who are suspected to be gay or anything like that are ostracized, and this is in a blue state.

No. 1531775

as someone who has been in a similar situation, I think you should consider that CPS is almost certainly better than the current situation. they're not that powerful unless you can prove physical abuse but it's not bad to have them come around and shame your dad unless he's gonna serious isolate you in retaliation… wait I'm back in my old mindset. you should complain about him to your therapist, there's a good reason they called CPS and you don't have to hide things because of that. also kill him like this nona said >>1531752 – I wish I'd done that, I had a great opportunity too.

No. 1531777

I'm in a politically mixed state, it's fucking hard for me because unless I go down to the state capital several hours away, most people in my city are openly extremely homophobic and anti LGB, let alone T. Technically speaking, I am a TiF but people usually pick up that I'm a butch lesbian and threaten to hurt me and women tend to give me the side eye since I'm in one of the deepest red areas of the state. I've been told by several people that I should have a husband & be his slave. Generally, I'm pretty uncomfortable with both libfems & radfems, but the radfems here are wonderful people and occasionally I feel like going on a feminist rant to the men in town who see me as an object "disobeying" them. I grew up in a very notoriously blue state so the absolute vitriol I've gotten in this city is frustrating.
I typically hate TiMs, too. They're insufferable. I can't relate to the majority because they are usually doing it for a fetish and not actually suffering from the same mental illness. I do, however, get along with most respectful men. They're just hard to find when I'm a shut in due to my horrifically sexist neighbor
There's a gay/lesbian club in town but I'm only 20 so I'm unsure if under 21's are allowed.

No. 1531782

Same. Sometimes I have to wonder how so many posters here have so many trannies in their social circles and so many stories about interactions with them.

No. 1531785

Girl. No.

No. 1531790

They're really common if you live in a big progressive city especially if you're exposed to the general public a lot like taking the transit. I see like 2 troons in the wild at least twice a week during my commute, and I've also clocked TIMs who look like obvious eggs. Like, just last week I was helped by an obvious TIF in the library. It wasn't like this before though, I think the pandemic made more people troon out. I once read in a pro-trans website that as much as 15-20% of the population are estimated to be trans so there's that.

No. 1531792

at the end of the day this anon is female but what's with the explosion of trannies and their advocates using this website? is it a form of self harm?

No. 1531794

it's one anon

No. 1531795

My first relationship traumatized me and I don't think I can ever fall in love or let anyone touch me again

No. 1531797

Any time I’m out in big urban crowds for an extended time I see at least one obvious troon, sometimes several. Usually they’ll either be TIMs toe walking around with greasy, badly-dyed fried or half-bald hair, or puny Aidens with stupid swooped-over undercuts or genshin impact wolfcuts and hot topic outfits or they have scraggly little pencil mustaches and wear flannel. Some of them wear pronoun pins or have the troon flag somewhere on their clothes or bag. A lot of the TIMs smell extremely bad and hang around weeaboo places like if you walk past the manga aisle at a bookstore or go to buy Asian food they’ll be around there reeking up a 20 foot radius. They all look like they live online, like they have no idea what their twitter costumes look like in public, and yet they’re out there.

No. 1531798

what do you mean

No. 1531799

it's one tif posting ITT. it seems like an "explosion" of trannies because she just posts often and announces herself pretty much every time she does.

No. 1531802

i want to block my best friend of like four years. ive been thinking about it for at least a year now. then i never actually do it cause i dont have a friend group to replace it soo…

No. 1531806

I really like the women here and learning their point of view! Part of me also hopes nonnas here can help me learn to manage my dysphoria without HRT, at least for the meantime. I know most of them don't understand the extreme panic and anguish it can cause, but I really hope I can improve otherwise. Hence why I feel the suffering is important for them to know that like 0.1% of trannies are genuinely suffering and not doing it for a fetish. Those that do understand it, but still hate trannies or at least what they do are really cool to me. It's only the ones that refuse to understand it that irritate me.
I also announce myself because I feel like, as long as it's not OT, different points of view from women could help anons see multiple sides. I'm probably annoying people, if so I apologize profusely, but at least to me it's beneficial to see how everyone here thinks about things and maybe learn a lot.
Maybe I'm just a mega autist too eager to learn, I don't know.

No. 1531855

Same anon can't write for shit but yeah the stuff people make me say make me question if she did. But I was crying and did things she knew I didn't like then blamed me.

No. 1531874

I'm so fucking burnt out and depressed idk what to do with myself. I've been on vacation for a week, still have 3 days left but I can't make myself do anything because I'm so tired but also can't sleep or rest because it stresses me out. Make it fucking stop

No. 1531880

I lived in Portland Oregon and used public transit / went outside regularly for over two years recently and in that time I only came in contact with one trans guy at a volunteer thing and had one they/them girl as a coworker. I would argue that Portland is one of the most "big progressive city" cities out there. Lived in a less progressive city before that for over 6 years and met one TIM at a dive bar. Maybe you are actively looking for them which admittedly I don't do.
I love weeb bookstores and shopped at an asian grocer weekly and never saw what you're describing, just parents with their nerdy children and asian people.

Now I feel like I'm arguing with you which I didn't mean to. I just really have not experienced the modern trannyscape so many nonas talk about.

No. 1531886

it's nice that you want to see a different point of view. I was pretty stressed about my body for my whole life, about various thing at different times. I had a boy looking phase when i was in uni, even thought of a neutral name for myslef but what helped me the most was realizing that health is the most important. My best friend is tif and her health and health of the tifs around her went to shit because of transitioning. The physical lows weren't worth the mental high i guess. Another thing was just turning 23 and realizing that how your body looks like doesn't matter at all, it's just a machine for your consciousness, it doesn't have to look like you or others imagine it to be. Function above esthetics. I just don't care if people think i'm a man or woman, i know what i am why should they matter? Lastly psychedelics just made that all set in place, made me realize that i'm a beautiful creature with all the "ugly and weird" things on me. You are a beautiful wild animal hiding in a leafpile too nonna, enjoy your life as you were born, in your next life you will be something completely different so there's no need to change what you have now, you'll experience many lives and forms.

No. 1531888

my dumbass bought an episode of a show I like only to realize it was the dub and it was a free video credit too fuck me.

No. 1531891

Honestly as someone who used to be gender dysphoric much in the same way you describe, I get it. I would look in the mirror and literally be incapable of seeing myself as a girl, but the thing is your brain is plastic. The more you keep feeding your delusional thinking the more it cements. Do you think you would have "identified as" ftm if you were born 50 years ago, or if you lived isolated on a deserted island with no other human beings? I believe gender dysphoria is real, but how can you know what "feeling like a man" feels like?

The only thing that kept me from transitioning in my younger years was that I thankfully am capable of some critical thinking skills and I knew even if I went on hormones I would never be a man. If I had grown up a couple of years later though, who knows. Maybe you are luckier than me genetically. Maybe you are tall and have better bone structure, whatever, but at the end of the day you are still a woman. I think being straight also saved me. I knew in my heart that I would never be capable of feeling sexually attracted to a ftm, and it was delusional of me to expect gay men to be attracted to me if I transitioned. I think very little about gender these days and for the most part I am comfortable with myself as a gender non-conforming woman, but I still sometimes get a pang of jealousy towards men. I remember watching the documentary "The Vow" on HBO. When cult leader Keith Raniere describes women's bodies as clumsy little children, it triggers me. Wish I could be stronger, leaner, less vulnerable, but at the end of the day it is what it is, there's nothing you can do about it except take synthetic drugs that we don't know the long-term consequences of but likely will mess up your body in more than one way, and keep living in delusion, trying to bully the rest of the world into upholding your life lie because you are so emotionally fragile your world falls apart if anyone calls a spade a spade.

No. 1531892

Thank you! If psychedelics really can help me feel at peace, maybe I'll find a way to have shrooms. I know they're legal a couple states away, where I have family. My grandmother wanted to do shrooms with mom & I as they both thought that we'd benefit. Considering both of them were hippies at one point and have done everything under the sun in their youth, I trust their judgement. My entire maternal side is super into psychedelics kek.
That aside, I'm extremely happy about that advice, and I've noticed thinking with a biological lens has made me at some level of peace compared to a few months ago. Much appreciated!

No. 1531894

ive vented before about my homophobic ex who has continually strung me along since high school but the past few months have been a living nightmare. shes been dating this guy (were early 20s, hes 30) for 5mo, 4mo ago she cheated on him with me after we got drunk together (incident was never acknowledged). by the new year she was spending most of her time with him, we weren't talking that much.

2~ weeks ago i tried to end it because of a bunch of other horrible stressful things going on involving study and career and just feeling like a fucking failure, needed surgical repair on my wrist and have damaged a nerve. while im being held in the acute psych section while they go through the script with me she texts me to tell me he's proposed and she said yes. bout a week passes and the shock and pain wears off, she texts me that shes pregnant. shes terminating it tomorrow, which i was surprised by, cause shes going overseas for a year next week (not with fiance).
im trying to be a good friend and be here for her because i know this is extremely hard for her, but today she asks me to get coffee and brings her fiance along (because i hadnt met him, she wanted me to meet him since theyre engaged and im her "best friend", i had been declining offers to meet him because… obviously). im just so wrecked and tired. the only course of action is to stop talking to her finally and assert boundaries but i havent been able to because shes already under so much stress and i dont want to make her life worse… idk what does anyone in here make of any of this. im exhausted and i honestly want to kms.
the part of me thats her ex is destroyed by all of this, the part of me that is her friend is unbelievably concerned about her safety and i hate myself for being so angry about all of this. i just hate myself so much. i wish i wasnt gay its a fucking nightmare

No. 1531897

Yeah, I'm a lesbian and know I'll never be male. I think the main catalyst for my dysphoria is not that I'll never be male, but that my body expects male features, and I don't have any sans the height, large skull, and broad shoulders. I get confused for a 12 year old boy a lot, but I've stopped trying to "correct" people about being a troon or my age.
I noticed that I can be attracted to FtMs and women as a whole (not just FtMs), but not MtFs or men in general. I feel I may be happy without HRT if I can do voice training and get a breast reduction rather than a chop, as well as find a way to guarantee infertility and not having a period without damaging my health.
Honestly, I think my voice and average breasts, as well as being called feminine terms are my biggest gripes. Otherwise, I think I'm a typical stone butch. The mental illness aspect just makes my brain panic at female features, that I cannot change, especially not at this time. OCD makes that even worse. So the severity is amped up only because it's a constant thought and I can't be normal about it.
Unlike other troons in my general age range, I knew I could never be male. Biology was never my strong suit, but I find genetics very interesting so I know changing them is completely impossible, and would be catastrophic if it ever was. That also helps a bit, so I guess we're similar like that.

No. 1531900

AYRT. You seem like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and are capable of thinking for yourself. Gender dysphoria is a bitch, but I think what’s most harmful about trans ideology is the expectation that the rest of the world will deny objective reality and adhere to what’s essentially one person’s delusion. I don’t get the feeling you think that way, so that’s good. I’m sorry you’re struggling with dysphoria, but like some other anons are saying, a lot of women do, regardless of whether it’s gender related or not. Altering your body for any essentially cosmetic reason is not ideal imo, but from what you've described it could be worse. With your OCD tendencies I'm worried it could lead to a slippery slope though, where you'll never feel it's enough.

I hope you agree the world needs gender non-confirming women as well. I feel like the current gender obsession is narrowing the window for what is consider acceptable in terms of being a man or woman. Wish you the best of luck.

No. 1531902

would really appreciate any words of wisdom from any older nonas about this. honestly its really hard to summarise my relationship with her concisely because shes my closest friend and i love her more than ive ever loved anyone, but also i am unbelievably angry at her because i feel like she has permanently wrecked me, not with these recent incidents necessarily but over time. for context this isnt the first time shes cheated on a boyfriend with me, she doesn't recognise me as an ex (see: homophobic, deeply ashamed of our high school relationship and when pushed refers to it as silly experimentation which it definitely wasnt from where i was standing. we broke up because we were outed. to this day she refers to gay people as "deviant", "aberrant", and considers it impossible to have a normal or fulfilling life while openly gay), all of our mutual friends no longer talk to her and those im closer to regularly tell me explicitly that im being abused.

i really want to be happy for her because this is the life she wants and shes gotten it, and a part of me is proud of her for that… but also, i think even if i wasnt blinded by my love/hatred for her and the complicated nature of our friendship, id be extremely concerned about her and i dont know if id be thrilled about her decision even if i was in that position. her family relationships are very turbulent and im deeply worried that shes rushing things in a desperate bid to get away from her father (who shes tied to via property (he bought her her car) and profession (he got her her job)), but im so fucked up idk if im just coping.
also i hate her fiance for impregnating her so carelessly, he's a 3oyr old doctor and should have known better, and now she will suffer for his coom and i actually want to fucking castrate him
i know these rants come across as completely insane and i definitely dont seem stable

No. 1531907

Yes it does sound stupid. Go low-contact if you want to talk less, don't flounce like that. If you don't like the relationship anymore then quietly withdrawing absolutely is an option unless you are an emotional vampire.
Or maybe you should stick to in-person interactions for a while since you are spiraling over messages and interpreting vibes negatively. Your confidence in your relationships is in shambles over vibes, I would be insulted if I was your friend and you thought so little of me that "surface level politeness" was perceived as malicious and you sent me a long ass message like that about it. I would also be worried about you if this was the first time I was hearing you were unhappy because you sound a little crazy.
>If people would just tell me they're tired/bored/have some issue (including issues with me personally), I wouldn't waste time wondering what I've done wrong (if anything) and how to fix it
Insane. You should keep in mind that people aren't always gonna unroll all their emotional baggage of the day on you and tell you exactly why they are feeling a certain way (especially over text message) and it's not all about you.

Also your post belongs in the advice thread on /g/, it's not really a vent.

No. 1531908

You have to cut contact with her completely, she's simply a negative force in your life and hurts you repeatedly and you simply go along with it because you obviously care about her a lot. But you'll never get to heal and meet people that are good for you if so much of you energy is spent on worrying about her, and sleeping with her again and again even though you know she wont acknowledge it and is in a relationship. Cut it off and move on with your life.

No. 1531912

You need to sit her down and tell her everything you wrote in these posts and then accept whatever decisions she is making with her life. Even if you love her, it sounds like all she is doing is make you miserable while she is playing house with these random scrotes.
Cutting people like this out of your life is really, really hard at first, but it's sometimes necessary and you are going to so much more happy when you can finally focus on yourself instead of being in this mindfuck of a relationship with her.

No. 1531925

thanks anons. im just so scared. over the years shes made me feel like im nothing without her, that no one can ever understand me like she does (the latter is something shes pretty much said to me, but in less explicit emotional abuser phrasing). it hits really hard because i actually am very socially challenged and find it very hard to relate to other people (sperg). its so stupid because all the ways she makes me feel are textbook, i know how and why its like this, but it doesnt stop me from feeling like im never, ever going to be loved or wanted by anyone but her because im retarded and stunted.
im just relieved shes going to be in another hemisphere for the next year. maybe i can slowly untangle myself

No. 1531928

to further the vent, im also worried because if things implode with her fiance she will be completely alone and without support. she has normie friends but refuses to talk to them about stuff like her complicated family situation or her abusive father. through last year multiple times she had to stay at my place because her father or sister got into violent altercations with her, and when i was out of the state and things blew up again i had to book her crisis counselling because she was too distraught to and spent hours on the phone with her trying to convince her to please just tell one of her friends so she could stay with them and get away from her family's anger for a couple weeks, but she refused. she has always treated me as a dumping ground for her issues, but the last time i seriously talked to her about my problems she told me that she wasnt my psychologist. last time i cried in front of her she blew up at me for manipulating her with my tears. honestly writing it all out makes it look so black and white… its nearly funny how battered-wife it makes me seem to say that when she's good, she's really really good, but it's true. fucking hate myself

No. 1531933

I had a relationship basically exactly like this when I was around your age too, so I'm speaking from experience: Once you cut her out, you are going to have a gaping void in you for a short while but you are going to find ways to fill it with happier things eventually. You'll meet new people, you'll find a great girlfriend, and then you are going to forget about this girl and at most look back at this time with regret because it took you so long to let her go. I've never looked back fondly at my ex even though she used to mean the world to me and I knew her for years.
It's sad to see someone you care about destroy their life, but that's unfortunately just how things are sometimes. You've tried your best to help her, but now it's on her to figure out how to deal with these problems. I'm sure getting some space from her abusive family for a year is going to wake her up in many ways too.
Going no contact while she is in a different country is going to make this entire process a lot easier, so don't worry too much.
Keep your head up anon, you sound very sweet and caring.

No. 1531942

Thanks nonna! GNC women are absolutely needed, and it's so gross that trooning out is portrayed as the first and only treatment, when permanent things such as that, it should be a last resort, for the most severe cases, and only for grown adults who have undergone years of therapy, if at all.
I wish other solutions were researched and pushed instead.
To me, it sounds like she's got either bipolar or some form of personality disorder. I've dealt with BPDchans, and most of them weren't anything like the stereotype only because they sought DBT and medications. Unmedicated, they do brash shit like this, but so do bipolar type Is. It's hard to say since I've never met her.

No. 1531946

i need advice nonnies. right now in my life, i'd like to be left alone and not deal with other people too much - i just need some space due to being really busy with uni and finally deciding to prioritize myself for once. but it seems like i've begun to constantly attract people who don't get that i just don't want to be bothered. like they get really angry with me because of it. it's nothing personal, i've just been through a lot these last few years and i want to focus on my goals and not let people distract me as i have in the past. in a way, i want to protect myself and my peace more because i've let too many disruptive types hurt me and i am tired of it. but it's really hard because it seems like the more i try to do what i say i want (live a more peaceful life), the more i attract chaotic niggas. do i need to start wearing crystals or something?

No. 1531950

No skin irritation but the inside of the throat felt like dog shit. Was hard for me to talk or breath with my mouth. The rest of my body felt absolutely horrible, too. This was going on for like three days but I gots a lot of sleep yesterday and I feel a lot better now.

No. 1531956

thank you so much anon, it's a relief to know that this situation isn't unique and that others have grown past this sort of thing and been able to have a normal life and be happy again. its just so hard to see a future, and to conceive of being able to get through the pain. i just want her to be ok too

No. 1531959

My roommate keeps getting mad wasted. Like 75% of a 92 proof bottle gone in less than 12 hours, on top of smoking weed and not eating. He gets fucking terrifying. I can't evict him unless something violent happens to where I have to call the police, but I shouldn't have to wait until that happens. He still owes me over $600 too because he can't pay his bills. I've explained this to the leasing office, as well, and they said unless he signs off alone, I'm just screwed basically.

I woke up because he was yelling in the bathroom when he should be at work. I hid the rest of his bottle (he still even has beer in the fridge, like what the fuck) so of course he comes barging in my room demanding it back. I just can't fucking take it anymore. Am I in the wrong for doing this? He keeps saying he'll do better but nothing changes.

No. 1531961

File: 1679665460062.jpg (18.29 KB, 400x300, 1656626734083.jpg)

>log on to tumblr
>new dm
>hey gurl let's be besties my name is and i'm years old and fun fact my uncle raped me when i was 6 what's your childhood trauma? do you have discord?

i love making friends but these are the kinds of people who force it so hard then expect you to create some kind of friendship out of nothing and no common interests or anything at all. i'm awkward as fuck what am i supposed to do with this information? now i'm pressured to entertain you

No. 1531965

File: 1679665813254.jpeg (64.13 KB, 654x593, 9D632114-23C1-46A3-842A-09CA21…)

That’s literally the dm?

No. 1531971

not far from it, i am a huge fucking loser but my blog is popular so i get these a lot. these women think that because my blog is cool it means i'm a cool person. wrong, i'm boring and awkward and will disappoint you. i especially hate when pretty girls dm me as if they wouldn't have bullied the fuck out of me in high school. let's keep reblogging each others posts in silence, please.

No. 1531992

I have 3 important interviews lined up next week but I feel like something bad beyond my control is going to happen. Like I get sick and have to reschedule, or I get into an accident on my way there.

No. 1532002

You could make a server, direct them to there, make someone else the admin and then they can befriend each other

No. 1532003

>think that because my blog is cool it means i'm a cool person. wrong

No. 1532007

Nta, but this is quite smart. Just get ready to do unnecessary emotional work for them during the first weeks.

No. 1532008

are you me? somehow i am simply wired to attract needy people and no matter how long it's been going on it still upsets me and makes me more inclined to withdraw when people send 7 fucking texts in a row nagging and nagging for my attention and energy and getting anxious about how i'm refusing to reinforce people's chaotic codependency.

sorry, i don't really have advice but i relate to it.

No. 1532013

hate people like this. one night after work I had a free drink from our bar and for some fuck all reason almost all my coworkers came up to tipsy me just to vent about their worst shit or terrible day. thanks for trauma dumping on me after my 8-10 hour shift retards.

No. 1532016

I just turn my phone on do not disturb and avoid them and later say “sorry I’m so busy lately” and they still get pissed and cry and shed actual tears and say how I’m abandoning them and I just roll my eyes to myself and ignore it and go “ohh no I don’t mean to! Sorry I just have so much going on, hope we talk more again when things settle down for me” and then I go back to living my life kek. If you have to frequently see them IRL it’s harder but committing to vague dodging still works even if they get angry and say you’re faking excuses. I know I have the right to my own time and space so they can go ahead and cry that if we are friends we need to talk every day and hang out constantly and so on.

No. 1532064

This mutual friend of mine blew off our plans to go to a comedy show together (me, her, and another friend) because her (24f) boyfriend (30m) wanted to have sex that night. Like bitch you're insane. Fucking seriously.

No. 1532073

I can’t put my finger on it but there’s a serious red flag there and it is not your friend being flaky. I think I would feel compelled to investigate wether he is keeping her away from her friends on purpose, intentionally isolating her.

No. 1532074

Ew, she’s an idiot and a terrible friend. Definitely don’t invite her to future things if you can help it

No. 1532089

People are wild. I dont give a shit about your tragic past. Wtf

No. 1532092

He's awful. Get this.
>had a fwb situation with another girl before they started dating
>she is friends with this girl
>she finds out that her bf and this girl have been in contact AGAIN for a few months, after they have been dating
>he told her in an offhand comment
>she asks if he's mentioned her (the girlfriend)
>he says it "hasn't come up naturally"
>apparently all they ever talk about is "video games and her (ex fwb girl's) cats
>seemingly intentionally hides his off work days from her
>once she asked how he was doing, he implied he was at work, she later found out a few days after the fact that he had the whole day off
>doesn't take her to meet his family
>doesn't bring her around his friends
>was a total "vibe black hole" at her birthday party, things just felt awkward and weird and she really only talked and hung out with me, our other friend, and my boyfriend for most of the party
>he spent the party sitting quiet and alone
>she's a themby kweerio (literally just an alternative autist girl) so she's already easy to manipulate
>he broke up with her once because he felt they were "better as friends"
>mfw they randomly get back together and she never brings up the break up
I worry for her specifically bc of the autist thing. She's frustrated with him for obvious reasons but she can't see the bigger picture and she always says " I don't want to be a crazy bitch but he [some weirdo shit]". I've told her that he's weird as fuck and that he's being concerning in withholding important information from her but she's still with him and kimd of glosses things over. I fucking hate his retarded idiot ass he's such a stupid fucking cunt. I hope she wakes up soon.

No. 1532094

> I am a TiF
Stopped reading there.

No. 1532117

Oh no.

No. 1532133

File: 1679683052682.gif (11.23 MB, 640x640, communism-communist.gif)

Turned out this guy belongs to a communist party in our country, which has like 300 members overall kek. And he asked me if I would like to go with him to a political cafe where they're going to be taking about the creation of the Soviet Union and Marx and other shit and this is so funny to me for some reason. It's just very rare to meet an open communist in the wild. I was once into marxist theory and I'd like to see and hear something like this out of pure curiosity, but it's in another city and I don't own a car and I would have to take a bus and a train ride, which would take like 2 hours overall, and it's on sunday, and I think I'm too lazy for this. Anyway, we were talking about it at the canteen at work today and some people were just like openly staring at us and it was so uncomfortable?? Even my team coordinator stood next to us for a moment and stared at us in a weird way. Idk if it's because it's rare to see me talking to anyone, or is it because he was openly talking about communism, or because they think he's a weirdo or all those combined. Anyway, I really enjoy talking to him but the way people react to it makes me very uncomfortable. I also told my coworker/colleague about this guy and his proposition and he also gave me a weird stare and tried to imply to me that this dude wants to fuck me, of course. I just can't have friends with similar interests can I?

No. 1532148

File: 1679684243620.png (48.38 KB, 458x347, 1423.png)

My contract is almost up at my job and I'm moving cities soon, now all of a sudden I've developed a crush on a guy who I barely know, never really talked to, and can't see even attempt to talk to because of the circumstances of my job. I only hear about him from other people kek now I'm all heartbroken about leaving. The fuck is wrong with me

No. 1532151

I hate my professor. I specifically hate how he doesn’t even follow the syllabus. Why even provide one if you’re going to change the projects and due dates?? LOL, I finished my last project early and started to work on the next one based off what was in the syllabus. Literally almost done before my professor even introduced our next project, then he said he’s going to let us vote on the next project.. & what won is something completely different. So basically I wasted all my time trying to work ahead when I could have worked on stuff for my other classes…

No. 1532158

i hate when women casually talk about being on the pill. i used to think it was just me being sex repulsed & that's probably a part of it, but honestly, i hate that it's just such an expected and natural thing that most women will have some experience taking it, often for years and years. i used to too. men are the ones causing problems and yet the onus is squarely on women for taking contraceptive pills that in the long term fuck your body up. my ex even had the audacity to moan about it when i stopped taking the pill bc it started making me nauseous. i hate that for many women they've been taking these pills for years and years and they talk about it like its NORMAL (obviously people taking it for hormonal problems or other non contraceptive reasons are a different case.) fuck men for taking yet another thing from us, if they cared enough thered be multiple effective male contraceptive options by now but theyd rather just let women deal with it bc they'd rather we fuck up our bodies than have to stop and think about their actions for one second

No. 1532159

you're valid but to be honest I would never in a million years trust a man to take a contraceptive. never ever no way.

No. 1532160

I’m sick and fucking tired of women being essentially harassed out of spaces in favor of the uwu troons. I’m active on tumblr and follow womenofnoise and they just made this most retarded fucking “troons are women and if you don’t think so you’re a bigot kys” statement. Female representation in noise/experimental music in general is soooo fucking minuscule, why can’t there be a SINGLE space that sticks to their guns of female representation. I’m so close to losing it tbh troons are ruining everything

No. 1532161

This girl in my friend group is so negative and annoying, all she does is complain and whine and act offended at everything like shut the fuck up for once! Please. Just shut up.

No. 1532185

I'm on my period and it's so fucking bad. I have extreme mood swings. I feel depressed, angry and suicidal.
I also want to eat all the time. Now I'm eating cookies and feel bad about it because I lost so much weight already, but I can't stop, I need food and sugar my god.

No. 1532196

I thought my mental health was getting better..but I was wrong. I almost had a mental break today over a minor setback. I had to jump through hoops just for my insurance to greenlight a sleep study because I've felt deathly almost all my life, have a lot of nighttime breathing/suffocating issues, and only remember one refreshing sleep ever. I had to drive like 5 hours to get there…and I spent the entire night in agony, tossing and turning, extremely tense…then I had car trouble so I couldn't even get back home…
There is no way in the last 30 minutes when I finally slept they collected enough data. The mechanical wires and nose thing were so painful. it's probably impossible for me to ever get one done if I can't even fall asleep. Hell, I can't even nap during the day no matter how exhausted I feel normally because my body feels so painful and tense ffs. Whatever though. It isn't like there was likely something wrong. But I just wanted to try. I already tried everything else…losing weight, eating better, working out…nothing has made a difference. I hate my life. I hate my body.

No. 1532208

Hope you don't think that I want to invalidate your feelings and think of me as an esoteric bullshitter, as I know exactly how you feel and I've been there more times than I want to remember. What really helped me was an iron supplement (normal daily dose with vitamin c), cashew nuts, porridge with banana and just eating the damn cookies without hating myself. All this (except for the cookies) two days before and into my period and I haven't felt suicidal when I remember to do this stuff. Hope you feel better soon and you won't gain much weight again if you eat a lot of cookies on one or two days a month.

No. 1532212

nonna, not being able to get a refreshing sleep sounds really worrying. That you can't fall asleep with wires and stuff like that is understandable, but if this sleep study was a serious one they should get back to you with another possible appointment because your sleep doesn't sound healthy at all. If your body feels painful and tense most of the time, did you ever get that checked? Maybe there is nothing wrong with your mental health and your sleeping. I wish you a restful and refreshing night, I know how horrible it is to not be able to sleep well.

No. 1532214

I don't know why the kids play in the parking lot instead of one of the 5 PLAYGROUNDS (literally five) in our community. There is one less than 60 seconds walk away. What is their mom scared someone will snatch them? Like anyone would want their loudmouthed shrieking rude ass kids. They'd get dumped 5 minutes after being kidnapped

No. 1532218

Two of my male friends have been revealed to have assaulted women (one is a serial abuser), and two other friends (one of whom is a woman!) have molested young girls.
I'm so sick in my stomach.

No. 1532221

do you hang with junkies?

No. 1532222

when I was 16 I had to go on a class trip, I knew my period would come and I would be in a lot of pain, so my mother got me the pill, without a doctor even seeing me. It didn't feel right and I never took it again. There were also many girls in my school that got it prescribed for better skin, hair, mood, etc. Just like some candy bar, you take it and it doesn't do any harm and you will be better after that, while not telling you the real side effects. If I ever have a relationship with a man again and he wants sex, he can have a vasectomy and that's it.

No. 1532224

I was bored so I searched the socials of a coworker I have a crush on (I never rly have crushes, he seemed to have a crush on me too) and found pictures of his wife and his wedding and now I'm depressed because that woman looks like a literal princess. I'm cute myself but man, that girl is probably as tall as Maria Sharapova.
Jeez I finally found a guy I like and this happens. Curiosity depressed the cat.
Thank fuck I'm moving cities, IF I see him again I'll be even more depressed.

No. 1532225

File: 1679691367964.jpg (38.08 KB, 640x480, animefanon.jpg)

i wish i was smart but i was born stupid

No. 1532226

No! We're university students, and two of these people are sober. The others smoke weed, which I personally find gross but it's legal. I have had good friends who smoke it sometimes.
The two who molested kids are from isolated communities, which I know from my own experience contributes to this sort of behaviour.
The others are just men, of course.

I hate that I've had fun with these people. What the fuck.

No. 1532228

I remember going on a class trip when I was like 12-13 and some girls were already on the pill ( they were the ones with the biggest boobs , slutty behavior and bitches, one bullied me for no fucking reason, I straight up ignored her ) . It's wild to me that these girls already were having sex then, this was back in 2002

No. 1532230

NTA but I'm pms-ing right now and I'm about to add iron supplements and vitamin c to my daily intake, thank you. My mood swings are killer the days before.

No. 1532233

File: 1679692543101.jpg (40.52 KB, 720x530, kot glare.jpg)

a guy once told me i should play osaka in the live action adaptation (actually he said it more than once)

No. 1532234

>It's wild to me that these girls already were having sex
Nta but I remember being in middle school and hearing the popular bully pickme girl discussing when to give an older male classmate a blowjob. Most of us were 13. Is that normal now? That can't be healthy for girls' mentale health… but maybe I'm too sex repulsed? I had early sexual behaviours as well (early masturbation) due to porn exposure and sexual harassment but I would have never thought about doing sexual acts with male peers in fucking middle school.

No. 1532235

my mom is so embarrassing and vulgar on her public Facebook. it's fucking embarrassing because I deleted my social media a long time ago, but if you search my very uncommon last name, you'll come across her Facebook. it doesn't help that she posts pictures of me without my permission and refuses to take them down. sometimes I wish she'd die so I can get Facebook to shut down her page for good.

No. 1532241

Other classmate is not sending their output for the project and they almost never respond. im sobbing the deadline is in two days and we're(technically only me because i wrote everything) only half way finished. sob

No. 1532242

I'm in my 30s, so luckily we weren't so exposed to online porn (more like funny 80s porn on the tv in the middle of the night) like younger people. We were even so stupid that everyone having their period was getting bullied, so sex wasn't really a topic, I guess most of my classmates had their first sexual experiences between 15 and 20. I'm still shocked that now nearly everyone of them has children and a husband because I don't see how, but that is just me not understanding normal human behaviour.

No. 1532249

In my 30s as well. The class bully girl had a 20 year old bf when she was 13
i may sound petty but i'm glad she looks like a mid 40yo now, she ballooned up like a whale, used to be the poster girl for the mean skinny bitch archetype
I was the last in my class to get my period (I was 15) and I felt like my freedom ended lmao, I remember that day so clearly lol.
I did notice a thing, the girls who were the sluttiest/ not so smart are the ones who got married the fastest and already have at least 1 kid, having the first when they were 23-24

No. 1532259

There's this cute guy who always takes the same train as me, I accidentally followed him home once, I felt like I scared him, poor guy. Also found out recently he goes to the same college as me, my friend then told me he was getting harassed at the station today (the one day I get the early train back) & apparently he's very quite. The guys where asking him those stupid backhanded questions, why he's so quiet and stuff. I feel bad for him, I've dealt with the same shit but it's sad it still happens at this big age. I want to speak to him but my autism brain might be too much him. I hope he's okay, I keep dwelling on it.

No. 1532262

The retarded scrote finally u followed me.l, I am freeeee

Seriously I fucking hate how men will message you first only to talk about shit they want to talk about, like dude. I don't care and I see no reason to invest even an ounce of emotion/interest into the conversation since you can't ask a simple question back.

No. 1532268

Almost same

No. 1532279

I was the first to get my period at 10, and god, the smell was revolting. I was often soaked in my own blood because it was severely heavy and painful right out the gate, and the school nurse thought I was exaggerating the severe pain as well, so that wasn't fun.
I was bullied for having a full figure, but not fat, from 12-16. I'm 20, and skip to the end of the pandemic I was smirking so big because the head cheerleader Cholla was a minimum of 170lbs. I was still bigger due to at-the-time unknown BED, but the catharsis was well worth it. The mean skinny bitch getting a taste of her own medicine was like. The coolest shit to a 17 year old me. I got on the front page of the newspaper at graduation, too, so that was also a nice little one-up.
So trust me nonna, I get it. It's the best shit that can happen.

No. 1532285

Samefag, I forgot to mention I was prescribed the pill for the severe period pain at 16, had severe suicidal breakdowns, felt like my body was betraying me, and ended up having a psychotic breakdown & tried to kill myself with a ritual knife. So after that, I swiftly stopped taking it when the doctor told me I was bullshitting and to "just keep taking it." I took it a total of 2 months, dumping it like a couple weeks after turning 17.

No. 1532286

A guy I just met told me I should get out of the basement. I can't believe I got to the point where I give the basement dwelling doomer vibes. It's over

No. 1532288

Damn anon, I also got my period at 10, and remember it to be so fucking stinky, and painful, too. Sometimes I would even cry. It was like that for a first year or two and then wasn't as painful. And it's exactly the time when I started being depressed and having suicidal thoughts, but it wouldn't occur to me it was PMDD for the next 17 years…

No. 1532290

AYRT. My pain never went away, it only got worse. Nothing helps, it's horrible.
I have MDD so the depression is constant with occasional breaks, sadly.
I'm glad your pain got better, though

No. 1532294

I'm sorry nona, it sucks that it's such a lottery for women and you have to go through this, plus MDD. That's tough. I hope it'll get better for you.

No. 1532296

Thanks anon, it's a first time in years when my period is so bad, it's really tiring to handle it emotionally.
Thanks for taking your time to write this post with these tips, I will definitely try them.
And I ate these cookies and you're right, I shouldn't be so hard on myself and just let myslef enjoy something sweet from time to time.

No. 1532297

ntayrt both but I saw this scrolling. my period was never as bad as either of yours vut I recently stopped using tampons and my cramps have almost completely gone, just a dull ache on the worst day. everything I've read online tells me there's no reason this should be, but it's been a miracle. I have no idea why tampons cause cramps, it makes no sense but they fucking do. try going without and using pads only if you haven't. anyone reading this seriously try it

No. 1532299

NTA and I think I wrote it before somewhere here but also take calcium during the lutheal phase, it drops significantly causing all the nasty pms symptoms. Magnesium + vitamin B should help with mood, too. And to those whose breasts hurt during pms, try taking vitamin E! I'm always telling this to everyone like a sectarian kek but it really works and feels like magic

No. 1532308

File: 1679704428761.png (26.69 KB, 640x189, dilbert.png)

I feel so alienated. I desperately want more friends or a sense of community, but I can't seem to connect with anyone. Part of the problem is that I don't like anything that has a major community. I'm too weird to get along with normie girls and I can't get into nerd culture either, in the past I've forced myself to try and like anime and DND so I could join some clubs at my college, but at the end of the day I have zero interest in it. I don't like any major video games. I like reading and writing a lot and I joined a women's book club near me but it was all older women who were similar in age to each other but distant from me. I have no idea how to find people like me. I lived in a college town and I would see a group of sorority girls walking together, laughing, obviously going to a party, and I'd just get so depressed and resentful about the fact that I can't seem to fit in. Man, I just want so badly to belong…

No. 1532312

Why do bathroom aerosol cans have to be so fucking loud

No. 1532315

Nerds are shit people, that’s why they need these tight laced communities with intricate random shit that makes it easier to alienate newbies.

No. 1532320

Thank you nonnie. My one brother is 16 and has become a clone of my dad and is pretty insufferable to be around, he wouldn't want to come with me even if I could take him. I have a brother over 18 as well but none of this family stuff seems to bother him that much. I think he's planning on moving out with some friends soon. And for my mom… I think they're only together for financial reasons? It seems like she hates being around him. At this point I really feel like it's their problem, and they should probably get divorced. I really just have to think about myself in this situation
I agree kek, unfortunately my parents had me and my siblings really young so my dad is still in his 40's. When he gets mad he likes to proclaim he's going to drive into the guardrail on the highway. A little part of me wishes he would. It's so complicated because on one hand he's my dad and I'm supposed to love him but on the other hand I really struggle to feel any kind of emotion for him.
CPS has come to our family's house before because I talked to my therapist about physical abuse that happened 10+ years ago, they had to be called out of precaution. Basically nothing happened, she just tried to talk with my parents about de-escalation strategies with arguments and stuff. I also had my therapist talk with my dad directly about touching me without my consent. He seemed to kinda get it, so he doesn't try and touch my ass anymore but he'll still try and lay on me or grab me from behind. I won't have to deal with this soon but this last month or so is a fucking drag

No. 1532321

File: 1679707284825.gif (1.26 MB, 268x268, 43DD8C6B-3A11-4335-988A-063E56…)

I’m come to realise I actually don’t get along with a good friend at all, which wouldn’t be a problem if we weren’t living together this year. We met in first year uni and have been friends since, but since then we’ve started going in different directions. She’s started hanging with a super obnoxious group and inviting them around without telling the rest of us. Like right now I’m in my room with the flu, and she’s downstairs drinking with a friend the rest of us can’t stand and her weird brother, pregaming for a daytime street festival that they said they were leaving for three hours ago. This is all on top of her ambushing me two weeks ago saying I was lazy for not pulling my weight around the house and a bad friend for not reorganising the date of my birthday to accomodate for her, even though the reason she wouldn’t be there was because she would be on holiday overseas with her friends from highschool. Idk, sometimes it feels like I’m not destined to have friends, I’m too weird and self conscious for normies but too stuck up and judgemental for everyone else.

No. 1532324

File: 1679707732132.gif (1.04 MB, 486x365, E89EBF6C-37E1-4320-85CB-28E76B…)

I had the worst day, started with getting locked out of my car, work started bad and got worse, I have a lot of personal stuff going poorly rn, I missed bidding on a dress I really wanted, and for some reason the final straw was my nigel telling me he had a long day as well, a headache and needed a second nap in response. My friends made me feel better and acknowledged but I just want to cry and break. At least I’m still not Shayna. Hope everyone here is having a better day and that the good energy was with someone else here instead

No. 1532328

No. 1532330

I found a cockroach in my oven. I pulled the oven apart and am in process of cleaning everything. Like, disconnected the circuit board and all. Complete dismantle. There is a roach nest. Im so fucking pissed. I rent. Never seen german roaches in the house before. A couple months ago my nigel and I grabbed a nice wooden end table from the curb. Inspected it. Looks legit and clean, just needs a small amount of sanding and tlc. Brings it inside. Bring it back out a week later and I start unscrewing the handles and hinges to sand and stain everything. Behind the hinges are tons of dead roach carcasses. Horrible. Didnt know they would infest anything wooden like that. Looked clean too. Nope. Fuck. See 1 or two in the house when it rains after that. 2 days ago a baby roach crawled behind the lcd clock display on the oven. Smoosh thru screen. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Now I am rebuilding the oven. Its horrible. Its so bad I am shook up. A nest in my oven. Not huge thank fuck but absolutely a problem. God. I am so worried there are more in the rest of my appliances. I keep things very clean, but the oven will always have some sort of crumb or splatter. I am afraid they are in my coffee maker, bread maker, microwave…. havent seen any in there but I am really shaken up. Oh my god. Oven disconnected cant cook. Idk if I can bring myself to eat anything from it if there are pieces I cannot properly clean, and if I cannot stop them from coming back again. I hate this so much. Pieces of my oven are all in the backyard. Hosing and scrubbing with bleach. Alcohol for the wires and board. I can't believe I didnt hurl. Fuck. So much more to do gonna take a week. So freaked out.

No. 1532331

I would flip- I’m so sorry. Your landlord should be invested in getting rid of them though and cover the costs, idk how your management is but maybe worth contacting them and sending pix (without mentioning the table kek)

No. 1532332

>bf wants to go to an arcade, I have to drive
>I don't really enjoy arcades but it was that or his generous choice to go to Cheesecake Factory which I do not like
>40+ minutes of my life I will never get back in driving alone but w/e doing it to make him happy
>try to have as much fun as I can at the nerd gambling but realize I just let a gorgeous day outside pass me by
>bf micromanages me the entire time at the arcade and even gets huffy over small stuff like that I wanted to walk around to see all the games first
>done at the arcade, driving home at night
>pitstop at gas station cause bf wants to buy his case of booze
>drivers on the road are being morons
>gps pulls a dick move and asks me to swerve over 4 lanes immediately after getting off a highway ramp to take a left
>frustrate and call the gps stupid
>bf who has a horrific raging temper acts holier than thou to me about this after we get home
>annoyed because he never drives so it's easy for him to be a smug fuck while he's drinking alcohol in the passenger's seat
>oh and he had terrible road rage and gets angered very easily on the road btw but fuck me because I said the gps was stupid
>at home
>check to see if my package was delivered, nope
>bf asks me what I ordered, I ordered snacks
>bf complains why I didn't get him snacks and how I never think of him
>point out how I brought him home lunch today
>"You're just obligated to bring me lunch loooool."
>my annoyance level is off the charts
>open the back sliding door to let the dogs out, assume bf will close it once dogs come back in
>shut myself in the bathroom to take a shit
>bf opens the door and is acting stupid with rap music while I am trying to shit
>in annoyed tone "I am pooping please go away" repeat this with increasing volume x4
>bf acts like I am the asshole cause I wanted to shit in peace after he annoyed me multiple times tonight
>goes upstairs to start his video game bullshit
>he comes back down
>opens the bathroom door AGAIN to try to stir up a fight because I dared ask him to quit being annoying while I am taking a shit
>reverses victim
>tells me when I am done to come upstairs to give him a hug and act like I love him
>criticizes me that I left the sliding door open even though I am still trying to shit and he is the one who can do it

I'm so fucking repulsed. Remember, I am the asshole.

No. 1532333

File: 1679709256616.gif (856.38 KB, 294x180, EIUFBUEFBIUEBF.gif)

My thermostat is not working and I need cool air conditioning NOW. What's worse is that I live in an apartment and I can't get maintenance to potentially fix it until Monday, so now I have to suffocate in my sleep.

I'm calling it now, they won't be able to fix it and will have to call in someone else.

No. 1532336

i'm glad i don't live anywhere with roaches

No. 1532338

nona stand up for yourself and dump his ass jfc

No. 1532340

seriously like the other nonna said, have some self respect and leave him on the side of the road like old furniture. did something happen during your upbringing that you're willing to be a doormat for men?

No. 1532342

Lol this is the a sci-fi book I just read where male and female roles are reversed

No. 1532343

Roaches don’t spread disease and they are beautiful creatures that you tempt into you abode with delicious filth. Leave the roaches alone you… you crumb slut! [picture a roach typing this post image]

No. 1532344

I had a boyfriend who kept Madagascar cockroaches as pets and they were kinda cute with their little hissy-hissy fits and lettuce eating asses, but normal roaches creep me out, not cute, 0/10, don’t fly at me I will kill

No. 1532352

Are you a masochist or something? Really nasty, have some self respect and leave him to be an adult toddler by himself.

No. 1532359

I think this is the time you should get roach motels, before the population booms. You can still nip this in the bud. Sprays and powders and fumigation and cleaning are just bandaids, you need to kill all the nests with bait ASAP. I'm sorry nona, I lived with roaches in college and it mentally broke me to wake up with them in my bed. Go nuclear on them before it's too late. They spread fast.

No. 1532373

Made me angry reading this. Dump him, he's not going to get better. More time to find someone worth being with

No. 1532378

File: 1679715635978.png (49.98 KB, 500x278, improvement.png)

I am actually happy I have self awareness because I would probably have multiple threads made about me. I hope I can be normal one day as I am working on myself.

No. 1532393

File: 1679718479051.jpg (61.9 KB, 500x735, salliii.jpg)

>On a waiting list for therapy for 2 years
>Finally get a call
>"Oh I'd prefer in person appointments please"
>Get put on another 3 month waiting list
>Get a letter in the post today
>'Your first appointment will be via video and in May'
Do I call them and ask if only the introductory appointment is by video?? I fucking hate the NHS

No. 1532402

File: 1679720136235.jpg (83.94 KB, 975x535, de.jpg)

try looking into diatomaceous earth. i used it when we had ants and it worked really well, but i did go full scorched earth and used a fuckton of it kek. even though i may not have needed to. i didn't notice any health problems but yeah just a disclaimer.

No. 1532405

File: 1679721663077.jpg (59.28 KB, 800x680, 1654206385741.jpg)

tbh it's really hard to tell. my life has been bad for all kinds of reasons so that's probably why I'm not well in general, but that one day I got a good sleep I was so full of joy and, hell, I was even able to….TALK TO PEOPLE? I was capable of thinking of stuff on the go and felt alive the whole day. I'm normally so flatlined.

still gonna try something but I genuinely feel like the same problem would happen with another study. that night, I think a huge part of it was also that I was so, so desperate. a few hours in I was about to sob from frustration and anxiety. also, I was ALREADY sleep deprived more than usual so that I couldn't even sleep is ridiculous. I don't know if I should take some sleeping pills if I try again because even slightly bad data is still better than nothing.
also, thanks for the compassion, nonny. the data for the 30min/hour I slept should come back in a month or so and I think there is a chance they might recommend further testing.

No. 1532411

It's really annoying of having to explain how the job market and rent/house market is like for my out of touch parents
I don't care if they don't support my decision to move out for a job. Either I have to commute 5 hours every single day or be stuck in a moving box for 3 hours a day with constant attention on the road. Both seem equally sufferable so fuck that.

No. 1532425

I somehow started dating the fucking guy of my dreams, I’ve never connected with someone like that, we have so many obscure interests in common and on top of that he’s gorgeous, long curly hair, super androgynous, talented, popular, charismatic, everything I needed in a partner. Well, as it turns out HES A FUCKING TRANNY. He came out to me months ago and I’ve sort of been coping but it’s starting to hit me. He’s getting back on estrogen soon. What kind of sick plot twist is this?? Is this some kind of cosmic retribution for being on here??? I should have guessed. Men can’t just be feminine, they have to troon out. The worst part is I’m still in love with him. What the fuck is my life right now.

No. 1532426

How did you first react when he came out to you?

No. 1532427

The guy I've been on and off with just bores me now; he comes off as a mega scrote and I find it unappealing. Tbh I've stopped caring if we don't talk often. I'm meant to fly out and see him next year but the zeal I used to feel about that is gone.

I feel terrible though because I think I have feelings for a friend. This isn't good because he is married, and while I wouldn't do anything, I'm just a bit down because we get on so well and he's 100%my type. I'm in this weird spot where I'm happy he's in such a sweet relationship but also a lil melancholy because I'd like that for myself? I think I'm going to have to distance myself from him until I sort my head out. I think my anxiety meds (new to SSRIs) are fucking with my emotions rn.

No. 1532428

just got done doing 10kms over the limit by a speed camera reee but on the way home there was an RBT on the opposite road so…I'll take the fine cheers

No. 1532433

Mostly with confusion. I literally couldn’t understand what he was telling me, like my brain couldn’t comprehend it was real. We were both pretty drunk so that didn’t help. I just kept asking “what does that mean.” Lots of tears were shed, we didn’t talk for a day or two while I processed, I don’t think I’ve still even fully processed it but we fell right back into it either way

No. 1532446

No man is that good. If he seems like the man of your dreams then he has to have some secret sexual deviation or abusive behaviour. In your case it was the former since he's a tranny. Leave him nona, he's going to make your life miserable.

No. 1532455

He sounds ideal, sucks men can't just have beautiful long hair and be androgynous without being brainwashed into thinking they're women. Sorry nona, you found a rare one and he's trooning out, that fucking sucks.

No. 1532457

File: 1679730610756.jpeg (Spoiler Image,31.96 KB, 426x600, 097056B4-35D6-4018-83D8-51F151…)

Me and my moid have both gained weight a lot. I’m fatter than Shayna and he is literally starting to look like Nikocado.

No. 1532459

>make a delicious bacon egg and cheese sandwich
>very excited to eat it after not being able to eat much for days
>think about vomit and how it looks
>completely puts me off my food and now I can't look at my sandwich without thinking of throw up
What the actual fuck. Why would this come at such a poor time..
My sandwich is getting cold! I just want to eat

No. 1532460

Samefag, they disabled my account after reviewing. Mark Zuckerberg, to hell with you! They better eventually delete the account. I'll try to make a new one later.

No. 1532477

I understand completely. I had an ex who was similar. He had long beautiful hair, muscular body, and a pretty face. He was so fucking hot, smelled nice, and ate me out as much as I wanted. Turned out he had troon tendencies (and a fetish for abdl shit) that I eventually dumped him for after a few months. Why can't sexy guys with long hair just be normal?

No. 1532479

Some days I wish I was straight just so I could find a tolerable scrote and move out of here

No. 1532486

this is literally the worst time for me to get sick wtf

No. 1532496

Mood and mind disturbed for the 20th time today, irrationally angry and easily irritable and I also want to cry. I actually starting to want to abuse alcohol again.

No. 1532498

I feel so alone. Don't want to bother my boyfriend as he is in immense pain and recovering from tooth removal though kind of upset that he made the effort to talk to his friends but stuck to texting with me. Haven't visited him since that, but I'm being pretty selfish there…

No. 1532501

I live in a pretty shitty country and scrolling through IG I come across people living in my own country but it's like we are a completely different world. I shouldn't seethe so much but I do. I hate it especially when they do things that the common person does everyday but it's so new and aesthetic and adventurous to them, like taking public transport or shopping at cheap bazaars or eating shit food. It's very unreasonable of me, I know that. They're allowed to do that but fuck, I don't want to live like this. I want to be comfortable. I want to escape this shithole so bad but I'll also be poor anywhere else so is it really worth trying? But I don't want to die here.

No. 1532502

What's on your mind anon? Did something happen or is it some kind of general mental struggle?

No. 1532504

What an asshole. Im so sorry

No. 1532507

I feel so alone. In two years I lost my long term boyfriend and my best friend since childhood. I lost my sense of self im so lost. Its so bleak to sit in this new home completely alone and I don’t know what I like and what I enjoy and I don’t even know why I should keep on living.

No. 1532510

Would you be willing to share what country are you from? I don't think you're being unreasonable, it is weird when tourist come and act weird about something normal, especially when they're much better off than locals and it's basically rich people larping as something they'll never truly understand for fun and adventure; the very idea of experiencing being poor being the "full experience" they can put on their social media later. The last part bothers me the most, it's a normal thing, stop treating it like theme park attraction, and locals like animals in the zoo to photograph. It's just disrespectful.

No. 1532534

I'm annonyed by anons who complain about loneliness despite having boyfriends and friends. I never had any of those

No. 1532537

I ordered concert tickets on a whim months ago during a manic episode. Forgot about it. Then thought about it a little bit these last couple weeks but as it neared I thought about how much I didn't want to go and I don't like bars or even being near people. Took an edible, thought I'd do fine. Drove all the way there but ultimately chickened out as I got a huge gush of panic when I saw all the people. Boyfriend said he didn't mind because he felt I was more into the bands than he was and told me he knows how I get. I thought I wouldn't regret it but I feel dumb as fuck now. Wasted time and money and now I feel worse about my social anxiety. Things like this have happened before with events and new experiences when I was younger. It seemed so much easier in my head but the real thing, all those people in such a small venue, having to be close and talk to them possibly. Why am I so fucked up in the head? I have bad anxiety just going to the store alone, I can't even order my own food in the drive thru, why did I put myself in this situation. I think I need to start doing more little social things on my own and work on this issue. I didn't realize how bad I've gotten.

No. 1532538

I tried shrooms for the first time today. I'm still tripping I guess. I did it in a park and just had a nice picnic with myself. I'm very lonely and depressed so it was supposed to be a nice experience and it was but when I came home my mother accused me of being a junkie. This was my first ever time doing something like this and now I want to fucking kill myself I was having such nice day thinking I can get better and not fucking contemplate death just for one day and now I want to kill myself more than ever. I need to fucking move out I can't take this every day I come home and do nothing in my room all day when I try to do something other people in their 20s do all the time just to live for once I get called a junkie I literally can't have shit I've never wanted to fucking kill myself so much I've never hated people so much in my life oh my god

No. 1532539

Nona I’m proud of you pf doing something new!!! Tell me about your favorite parts of your trip!!
Nevermind those who can’t appreciate the positive parts of new experiences and feel the need to ruin them.

No. 1532543

I was appreciating just being able to sit down on a bench in the sun and how it's such a small thing but can make your day so much nicer how it's those little things that make your day and how just that is something to look forward to and keep you going in life but now it's all ruined again

No. 1532544

I took such a small dose too I wasn't trying to see shit I just wanted to do something different than stare at the screen on my day off

No. 1532548

I did a shitty thing to get back at my abusive parents(I stole a bit of money 20$) but I feel awful now…I fear that I'm only repeating the cycle of abuse. I'm trying to reflect now and be better about it. My parents may have abused me but does being shitty back to them contribute anything? I'm ashamed I acted this way I need to be better than they are.. this isn't healthy

No. 1532549

I'm fed up with anons being like don't do that, don't say that (I'm not talking about integrating, i mean expressing views/feelings) it's not fair

No. 1532552

Well, have your parents done anything to hurt you financially? Like, stopped you from being able to gain wealth or have taken your earned money away from you or you're aware they are financially unstable due to their own faults? Tbh it isn't the most terrible thing for you to do. I'd do anything I could to not give my parents money, and if they took any away from me, I'd find ways to gain it back.
I've ran straight to my bank to get money my mom forcefully took from me, told the management what had happened and they agreed I deserved to get the money back. One long email of her complaining I put her in the negatives and she knew to never mess with me again.
Keep those boundaries you feel you need and keep them secure. Best of luck.

No. 1532553

I don't usually mind being fatter, but I'm not used to my face being round. I have a naturally large head, but my upper head is rather narrow and I have high cheekbones, so the cheek fat looks very slightly off from how it should, and it agitates me. It's such a small detail, too, so like nobody but me notices it.

No. 1532554

They have(I missed a paid internship because my mother kicked me so I was injured before the interview).they're quite stingy with how I spend money so I often try to compromise ( not buying clothes reusing stuff that shouldn't be) but regardless what I did was still wrong but you're right I should have boundaries and shouldn't act like this..

No. 1532560

File: 1679752038955.jpg (6.99 KB, 250x250, 1677248697186.jpg)


No. 1532566

Shrooms are great. You can microdose them every other day too.

No. 1532571

Maybe the reason why you're so depressed is that you have a mother who robs you of your joy over something innocent like having a picnic by yourself.
My mom was the same type of person. My mental health got much better after I moved out and went no contact.

No. 1532576

Sounds like your mother is a poison, I'm glad you're aware you need to move out. It should be a priority, there aren't many circumstances that are worse than living with someone who damages your spirit.

No. 1532584

My cat just died and I feel like absolute shit.

No. 1532586

I'm so sorry to hear that nonna I myself have lost a pet so I know the pain.im sure your cat knew how much you loved them.

No. 1532609

File: 1679757712658.png (319.29 KB, 567x426, 112.png)

>tfw you hear some nurses shittalking how retarded and trashy you look
i mean they weren't wrong but they didn't have to be so blunt about it damn. i didn't have time to doll myself up it was an emergency situation

No. 1532615

People always say that shrooms help them with depression or that it was a life changing experience or whatever but now that I'm fully sober my biggest take away is that I actually hate people. I was reading posts about how enlightened people feel after shrooms and even while tripping I still thought they were fucking retarded. People are so fucking stupid and annoying, I feel like I'm a worse person now. Literally how do I feel so much hatred when I was abundant with love a few hours ago. I need to move out or to kill myself

No. 1532617

I wish she would recenter her attention towards me. And remember that, unlike everyone else in her life, I actually make her happy, and sexually satisfied. And make her adulting life move forwards.

No. 1532627

>a girl comes in can’t catch her breath from the pain, periodically crying
>trying to hold in my laughter
>wow sorry sweetie that must hurt a lot
>gotta go get the doctor. Finally I can escape to find my other nurse friend
>lmao look at this ugly bitch with her greasy hair and sweatpants

No. 1532631

You should've reported them, nonny. That's unacceptable.

No. 1532637

i couldn't be assed to get their names. by that point i was i trying to leave as soon as possible since my treatment was done. the rest of the nurses were nice at least.

No. 1532648

Are you okay now? Did they figure out what's wrong?

No. 1532649

Are you okay now? Did they figure out what's wrong?

No. 1532650

Are you okay now? Did they figure out what's wrong?

No. 1532657

yeah i'm fine, just had a very bad gum infection and high fever

No. 1532672

File: 1679762695838.jpg (64.3 KB, 827x1175, Tumblr_l_36302773819952.jpg)

Ive been with my partner for five years. A few weeks ago I went on a family trip and when I returned he announced that he thinks he might be trans, wants to get on Hormones and wants to get active in the local trans community as quickly as possible. When I pressed him for details he said he just "doesn't feel good in his body, just neutral" and that he wants to feel pretty. I have been trying to explain to him that he can change himself without transitioning and that I am personally very against taking hormone supplements in like 99% of the situations. I was hoping to one day have a family with him and I do not wanna sacrifice all we have worked for the last few years just because someone on the internet probably influenced him into thinking his life could be soooo much better if he became a woman. He says he is still very attracted to me, 100% straight and just wants to like himself more and care more about himself but I do not understand why he has to take hormones for that? We had a big fight yesterday night where I told him to stop torturing me mentally by bringing this shit up nonstop when I'm just trying to enjoy my day and that I am pretty transphobic because I do not understand how he can call most trans woman he looks up to (Laura Les, Sophie etc.) Goddesses, Goals and all that when they literally look like they do even after heavy Photoshopping but can call normal woman wearing makeup ugly and vain. He told me I am not allowed to bring this up to my family or my friends because it would embarrass him, meanwhile he's getting worked through this by his best friend who is "an open trans ally" and is herself dating some non-binary dude. I have told him to go to therapy, just in general, to maybe talk to someone professional about his obvious self image problems but he refuses to talk to a non-trans friendly therapist and most of those are booked until like next year. I literally feel like I'm about to go crazy, sorry for this huge block of text

No. 1532674

I'm glad you're okay, nonny. Rest well.

No. 1532680

I'm sorry but you have to accept in your heart that your relationship is very likely going to die in a fiery wreck. Demand nothing of him and try to move on gracefully. You can't stop a person from doing what they want to do. And his identity issue isn't your problem. Hell. No.

No. 1532687

File: 1679764166227.jpg (5.41 KB, 225x225, yassified.jpg)

Sometimes I like to imagine being a yassified queen in my head because irl I am the exact opposite around people - a meek, softspoken beta that would apologize if someone so much as stabbed me. I hate women like Nicki Minaj but goddamn do I wish I had their IDGAFness.

No. 1532696

I hate paying for conferences and related shit from my own money first. Ye, I'll get it back, but I don't have spare 700 euros just lying around.

No. 1532697

Cut your losses don’t fall for the sunk cost fallacy. It’s over.

No. 1532698

Sorry anon, that's tough. Hope you can snap him out of it.

No. 1532699

It’s definitely good to work on being sort of like that and standing up for yourself. I have a very meek personality to begin with because I’m used to being mistreated for having literally any boundaries or standards but I started becoming bitter about it and acting cold, blunt, and confident to people when justified and when they’re infringing on my personal space or disrespecting me, and I’ve really enjoyed the outcome. Some self centered jerks will throw little shitfits about it and act shocked when you don’t bow down and kiss their feet, but it’s ultimately really pleasant to go around doing more of what you want, refusing to put up with people being shitheads to you, and knowing you deserve to feel confident in yourself. I believe now that it’s a skill everyone can train and an attitude we can all learn to an extent.

No. 1532700

Is this even real? In case it's real just leave him, he's obviously not fit to have a family with, whether he goes through with it or not.

No. 1532701

It's over. There's no going back with this one. You want to start a family, not take care of a fail male manchild who thinks he is a woman because he feels "uncomfy" in his body for whatever bullshit reason all of a sudden. What's with the nonas and their trooning out bfs lately?

No. 1532703

Anyone ever experienced not being suicidal but not wanting to live because life is so boring? I’m lonely but people bore me. Everyone looks different and has different hobbies but at their core most people are the same. I can talk to a person for 10 minutes and know exactly who they are most of the time. Nothing really surprises me. Do people understand how lonely it is to want connections with people while not liking people?I think most of my boredom may come from the fact I’m poor and can’t really experience life at it’s fullest as well…

No. 1532704

you are depressed

No. 1532708

so when are you breaking up with him

No. 1532711

>he can call most trans woman he looks up to (Laura Les, Sophie etc.) Goddesses, Goals and all that when they literally look like they do even after heavy Photoshopping but can call normal woman wearing makeup ugly and vain
He is a misogynist freak and probably always has been. He just finally showed his true colours to you. He obviously thinks trans woman make better woman than cis woman. If you stay with him you'll just get hurt more and more as he runs off to fuck other transbian and "experimenting" with men as a way to perform his "uwu feminity." He may claim to be straight now and totally attracted to you but you never know the full extent of male depravity and degeneracy.

No. 1532715

He’s probably always been like this but anon just didn’t wanna be single. She’s still considering staying with him even after knowing he’s going to troon out.

No. 1532728


I break up with him when this >>1532711 happens latest, sucks because I do love his family & the cats we have (which he will 100% take if we separate) but I'm not that much of a doormat
Also >>1532715 I swear to God if he had been like this from the start I wouldn't even have bothered but we both used to be on the same boat when we started dating. I just lost him somewhere along the ride I guess

No. 1532733

There's no way you couldn't have seen any red flags

No. 1532734

I highly doubt there were never any red flags

No. 1532739

Maybe I'm dumb or something but I didn't see any, he's very liberal and at an art College so I guess that should have been one? His friends are girl and one of them is dating some fag in denial nowadays so maybe that

No. 1532740

My mom's latest fad is being a terf which would be tolerable were she not a big misogynist, anti-feminist and a homophobe. Good thing I don't see her often but I'm on a cusp of starting a fight with her because I know her so damn well.

No. 1532741

>Claims to feel "neutral"
>No dysphoria
Yeah, its either a fetish or he got manipulated into this. He's either going to detransition or kill himself.
You should tell him, straight up, you are terfy and refuse to be with a troon. His reaction will make which one it is blatantly clear.

No. 1532742

the longer you wait, the more time he has to manipulate and trap you. Don’t wait for him to verbalize wanting to experiment, it’s already happening and he’s pushing your boundaries. Your relationship is over. He is going to lean more and more on his trans community and they will demonize you and guide him in making your life harder.

No. 1532744

Wasn’t he calling women ugly and vain before all this?

No. 1532747

right like nonnie nooooo

No. 1532748

women like your mom are the reason why so many women are leaving this movement. Im so tired of conservative pickme boomer women joining this movement because they think its only about hating trannies…

No. 1532765

Some time ago my therapist has encouraged me to try to open up more to my two close friends about my mental struggle and in the few months that passed since them both of them… well, not stopped responding to me altogether, but it's significantly limited as compared to the past. Even though I was afraid it will happen I still don't get it. I knew these two for most of my life, why me confessing I'm struggling to find a reasons to stay alive would make them go like "uh i dont need this one in my life anymore actually"? It's so cruel

No. 1532767

So how does being a radical feminist and anti-feminst work?

No. 1532768

I had to get up early today and my bf knew this and still woke me up several times throughout the night and 20 minutes before my alarm just ripped the covers off of me. I was annoyed leaving but still give him a kiss. Anyway he text and said I seem annoyed and if I am tell him if it's his fault or don't take it out on him and I was like well I wasn't happy about you ripping the cover off me and waking me up all night. He's now mad at me and says I can't stay at his before work anymore. Well thanks for handling that maturely.

No. 1532771

Shit, I cannot believe that the woman in my memories is myself. Is that normal? I don't think it is because it feels like she is a completely different person. Is there a way to get in touch with her again? Is that possible?

No. 1532774

That's the first thing I asked her but then she went through some mental gymnastics that so-called feminists are anti femininity and that women like her are the true feminists. We stopped talking shortly after because I didn't want another fight.
Yeah, it's the reason I left as well. I'm even surprised it took my mom this long.

No. 1532778

I mean it sounds like the most reasonable solution? I'm assuming he's not waking you up and ripping the covers off intentionally

No. 1532780

Some people are actually very selfish or shallow in some ways and find it hard to conceptualize the importance of others’ feelings; they want friends to be entertainment and not fully fledged human beings who may at times need true love and support. The common term for it is a fair-weather friend.
In some recent cases, people also take stupid crap they read on social media as an excuse to be terrible friends and will espouse dumb opinions like that sharing your struggles with friends is “toxic trauma dumping.”
It’s a shame though. I’m sorry you had to find out this way that they are so unempathetic. It shouldn’t be hard for people to tell a close friend that they are sorry and that they care and that they want you to survive and find happiness. I feel this way towards you and I don’t even know you, I just know that life is hard, that we all need a helping hand or just sympathetic company at times, and I hope that one day our futures are kind to us.

No. 1532784

It's a shitty solution because of my shifts he never works weekends and I work them frequently and nights and he never wants to stay overnight at mine because of his cat. This is the first time he disturbed my sleep this bad before work in 6 months and his reaction to me being annoyed and saying its not just a random mood you did annoy me is to take away time together? Fuck that. You can sleep with him then!

No. 1532788

File: 1679774288677.jpeg (18.4 KB, 275x266, 1679757207563.jpeg)

>actually, i don't need to be skinny, my life does not revolve around my looks, my job does not revolve around my looks, my weight has no impact on my daily life, i can live a healthy and fulfilling life without focusing on my weight
>sees a skinny person

No. 1532791

>I hope that one day our futures are kind to us.
This is beautiful anon; I hope for that too. As much as I always worry about the worst outcome being the most likely this really still took me by surprise, I guess sometimes it's hard to say how solid our relationships with people really are until some trial like this one comes. At least now I know. Thank you for your understanding.

No. 1532797

To be honest people are very impressionable when tripping, and since you said the picnic was nice it sounds like your mom turned it into a bad trip.

On my bad trip I hated all men. It's not unjustified and I do know where I'm saying this kek, but it was like the weight of all the things men have historically done to keep women down and are still doing it today, I sort of envisioned that evil embodied in every man I passed by on the street. To be honest I'm not sure if I wouldn't have harmed one if I was given the chance to do so without repercussions.

On another trip I looked inwards and realised I don't need validation from anyone else and I deserve to be happy which did wonders for my self esteem.

Please work on moving out nona, the freedom is such a breath of fresh air!

No. 1532798

I'm being DEAD serious here but how come so many nonas have history or end up with men who want to troon out? It must be higher than the average population, right? I've never come across this situation in my social circle. And by the time anyone I've known became trans (maybe 3 people?) they had long since left my life and even when they were in it they were peripheral because there was something off about them (sexual deviants, "woke" misogynists) so I would avoid.

Do TERFs have this weird sort of push pull thing going on with trans people?

No. 1532799

>Anon, if you don't start now you'll never get a boyfriend, you'll only have work in mind
>You can't possibly plan on living alone, anon, not as a woman
>If you don't get married in your twenties by the latest, anon, you'll have missed your chance
>How do you expect to find a man if you can barely cook, anon?
I'm 21 and my family is exhausting, please help. I thought these kinds of talks wouldn't happen for another decade or so. Bless my mom for always being on my side and telling me to do what I think is right and fun, and saying she supports me preferred it even if I chose to be single for life, she's a real one.

No. 1532806

Thanks anon. The trip was very nice until my mom got involved so you're right. I'm still emotional from what happened so maybe that's why I'm feeling this way, I cried a lot and it ruined my day. I'm glad it helped with your self esteem, that's a big thing

No. 1532835

>How do you expect to find a man if you can barely cook, anon?
Funny how it is never: But girl, why would you want a man you have to cook for like his mommy?

No. 1532842


I'm ayrt and you're right. I've managed to do similar to you on several occasions. One was with a coworker that was trying to get me to admit I was a virgin by asking me if I've ever given a blowjob. He went "Man, I bet you've never even seen a dick before" and I just went "Well, I'm talking to one right now, aren't I?" Felt pretty satisfying hearing all my other co-workers go "OOOOH!".

>Some self centered jerks will throw little shitfits about it and act shocked when you don’t bow down and kiss their feet

That's exactly what he did. lmao He kept telling people that I got really mad, then asking me if I was mad, when I was pretty monotonous with how I said it.

The thing is I can only count one hand I've actually stood up for myself like that, or at all, for that matter. Yet I still feel like I only keep going backwards on the self-esteem train somehow.

No. 1532847

I understand you anon, sleep is no joke. And you acted really maturely about it, Idk why your bf threw a fit. I hope he apologizes to you!

No. 1532852

He did, finally. Making me feel bad all day for being tired and at work while he sat playing day z and getting high. God.

No. 1532854

It’s going to be fine, no? I fucked up the past few years, but I’m starting to get back on track. And I should stop comparing myself to other people, but I keep doing it without noticing. But it’s not helping. Especially when I get so worked up about it I get headaches. It’s hard to forgive yourself for exercising your worst traits, especially because it entails accepting by some part of you as someone you don’t want to be. I just want to stop freaking out. There’s no point in it, yet I still do it.

No. 1532856

File: 1679779328748.jpeg (118.31 KB, 1013x1013, 143C9091-A5F6-485B-A1FE-1EEB89…)

This might sounds troony but I just want to be a young, cute rich girl who tons of guys find attractive and kiss my ass with family that cares about me but instead I’m 30, poor and I have to pray a guy doesn’t ghost me after a booty call.

No. 1532859

You will be free once you stop giving a fuck about moids’ opinions.

No. 1532867

young cute rich girls still get treated like shit by moids. The y chromo effect reaches women of all classes. The money would be nice though

No. 1532876

They do get treated like shit but in different ways. If the pretty girl is stupid she’s going to get her time wasted a lot by scrotes but my brain with a pretty face would be life on easy mode. If I were pretty I’d just use attractive scrotes for attention when I’m bored and want to be complimented or to do chores/errands for me without ever actually committing to them. Pretty girls fuck up when they seriously try to be in relationships.

No. 1532877

>pic is a 15 year old kpop girl
Christ this is pathetic

No. 1532883

I've read the waves of kpop idols are getting younger and younger and skinnier and skinnier but what in the actual FUCK

No. 1532886

I wish I could just spend more time with my bird and take her outside but I have to go to work and hang out with my boyfriend. Also its too cold for her to be outside even though I know that’s what she wants most. She’s such a smart and cute little girl. One time I communicated with her and she said she wanted to be outside with a string tied to her leg. Obviously, I wouldn’t tie a string around her leg, but she’s not quite used to her flight harness yet. She’s very bonded to me so whenever she does fly off, she comes right back to my shoulder. Not really a vent but I don’t want to sperg about my bird to anyone because everyone is too busy for me too talk to and I don’t give a flying fuck. All I need is my bird.

No. 1532887

>woman to adult man: aww he’s such a baby he’s so young. Younger people are babies! Her little kid! I don’t understand how a woman could find him attractive he’s a baby!
>same woman:is fucking men 10+ years older without a second thought

No. 1532888

Life isn’t an anime cartoon, anon.
When is everyone going to learn that, no, you don’t use moids, even when they let themselves “get used” they’re finding ways to make you look like the villain and you will always end up being the bitch or the loser.
Like seriously, stop giving a fuck about moids, they would say vile shit about you even if you were the youngest, richest and somehow sexiest girl in the world.
Just literally think about other shit.

No. 1532889

I wouldn’t give a shit about looking like a villain though and would give even less shits about it if I were young and cute. And women are also nicer and go out of their way to befriend pretty women so let’s not act like it’s only scrotes. Most of my main bullies about my appearance through our life have been women so I know we are just as shallow.

No. 1532890

> women are also nicer and go out of their way to befriend pretty women
not that anon but no fucking way nonnie, I was the cute attractive fit (and back then,nice) girl and women fucking HATED me and always made snarky comments, acted bitchy and tried to cause me trouble because they saw me as a threat

No. 1532894

I'll experiencing something like that at work but it's diet obsessed bitches and I'm skinny so it's always let's team up and pick on skinny bitch anon, but I'd be the ultimate cunt if I said "oh I wonder why you two unfortaunte fat cows are always so rude to me?!" But instead I'm conditioned to take it because I don't over eat or something

No. 1532895

File: 1679783722543.jpg (980.65 KB, 3008x4016, IMG_20191201_080829.jpg)

It hurts so much, I keep getting out of my room and thinking she'll be sleeping on the sofa or her box but I'll never see her again. I miss her so so much. She was such a joy in her grumpy little way. She was walking around and enjoying some pork meat three days ago. I have lost other pets before but she's the one who stayed the longest, since I was a teenager. My dog died at 11 y/o and I had my cat to console me. Now that my cat died at 17, the house feels absolutely empty. She was so cute. People wouldn't believe her age an year ago, but it kept deteriorating this year onward. I know she's not suffering anymore at least, but it hurts so much. I keep having crying spells throughout the day. I wish she was still purring on my bed with me.

No. 1532898

I experienced it at work too, it's the worst along with the bf's/husbands of other women finding you interesting (because you can talk about something else besides netflix,shopping and celebrities) , you're kicked out without a word, they just stop inviting you
I ended up switching jobs because I was sabotaged, when they can't separate personal from professional it's so fucked up

No. 1532899

oh fuck , was that your kitty? I'm so sorry nonna

No. 1532902

File: 1679784470573.jpeg (72.1 KB, 1021x554, 4347A371-829E-4332-B005-61CA01…)

anyone else get these random bouts of rapid heart palpitations and extreme fatigue but not to point of fainting? it's so annoying. i literally feel like sinking to the floor with how heavy my chest feels like the gravity is on physically dragging me down even when i lay myself on the floor and i have almost panic attack tier breathing, i can only breathe slowly to calm myself down. it feels like i am going to die, i get kind of lightheaded, feel my joints weakening immensely to the point where i can't get myself up, and physically feel my heart beating fast and hard.
it's so random, i don't even have caffeine but i thought maybe it was something i was eating that had a strong concentration of it? but no. didn't exercise for a month and a half and it still happened to me so it isn't that either. i'm so annoyed because i wish i would just faint instead

No. 1532903

I know my face card declines because I noticed I start getting hit on way more in the summer and spring when my body is more visible

No. 1532904

Yes, that's her. Thanks, anon.

No. 1532907

Sounds like your blood pressure is too high. Anxiety, low blood sugar, dehydration when I don’t keep it in check raises mine and makes me feel like that, it’s really scary- try to monitor it and if it’s high, see if making lifestyle changes to lower it decreases the frequency you feel like that!

No. 1532910

But it's nothing new? Sulli and Taemin, for example, also debuted in similar age.
And being skinny is also nothing new in kpop.

No. 1532912

It's so hard to just keep going sometimes.

No. 1532915

what a cutie pie, 17 years is a lot for a cat , you two were blessed to have eachother.

No. 1532917

I hate dogs and dognutters so much it's unreal. I don't want to hurt dogs like some anons in the dog hate thread, I just wish people stopped breeding them forever and I hate them and the stupid people who think they're normal animals. They're mutated beyond saving, the more I learn about them, the more disgusted I am. No other animal is that disgusting and unnatural. Also their behavior is sociopathic.

No. 1532918

Idg how newbie kpop fans keep acting like 13-16 year olds debuting is new. What I feel is new is that now a days you can’t even think about debuting after 21 and most companies don’t accept trainees over the age of 18 these days. In the past a lot of idols debuted at 22+ but now it’s uncommon.

No. 1532921

What a beautiful and sweet looking kitty! I'm very sorry for your loss anon. I know how you feel, I lost my boy when he was 13 due to jaw cancer. Maybe it's childish and naive but I hope we will be able to reconnect with our animal companions after death.

No. 1532926

She is so ethereal and beautiful here. Little button nose. Rip

No. 1532943

My country started offering an amazing grant for people that wants to study in a different field than they've worked in for the last few years, but they fucked up and weren't for some odd reason prepared for the huge amount of applications they were going to get (they assumed they would received 7k but ended up with 27k and had only prepared 75 employees to sort through them, idiots) and while they said going through all of them would take more time than expected they recommended everyone to go through with their studies anyway. So those of us that were optimistic decided to go through with it and live on our savings for a bit.
It's been four months now and they still haven't gotten past the first week of applications.
I have been open with my friends about this, and my anxiety over that my money is soon running out and I have to choose between borrowing money from my family in hopes that they even approve my application or having to quit my studies. But they STILL FUCKING ACT AS IF I HAVE A DISPOSABLE INCOME
>hey anon can you get x and y?
>anon we should go out for brunch, no I don't wanna cook something together
>anon you should get this wig so we can dress up at this event, c'mon it's only 30 bucks please please please
Like I keep reminding them and it's like the fact just don't register to them.

No. 1532954

I accidentally put rubbing alcohol on my face instead of toner and it hurt and my face is still red so I probably killed my skin.

No. 1532974

File: 1679794487188.jpeg (57.82 KB, 612x612, 0340430e-0246-4f81-8dab-e98323…)

I've been vegetarian for years and I won't stop for this ofc, but I really want to eat chicken flavor instant ramen because it makes me feel so nostalgic, ugh I'm sad. chili and soy ramen are ass

No. 1532977

Same nona. I don't post in the dog hate thread for that reason, but I'm deeply terrified of them. They're ugly, they smell like death, most are untrainable and those that can be trained are still utterly disgusting and irritating. They're dirty. They're legitimately the most disgusting looking animals. They are a blight on the world. I can count on one hand the amount of dogs I have liked for any reason, and only one was a big dog. I love cats, though. I have a giant 10 year old one, and he's not as smart as my late cat born in 2011, but he's very loving in a way that no dog has ever or can ever be.
Animal abuse is not okay, but jesus christ does it piss me off when they refuse to fucking take care of or train or fix their mutants.

No. 1532983

some "chicken flavor" ramen is vegetarian (though not Maruchan). Artificial chicken flavoring is listed as vegan on several sites that check these things. But you might check other brands available in your area because you can satisfy this craving!

No. 1532985

get better than bouillon vegan chicken and mix it instead of the packet or buy a different ramen that is veg and mix the vegan chicken flavor in with the enclosed packet

No. 1533003

ohhh very good idea. it literally didn't process in my head that I can do that. I already have a ton of pillow packs of soy/chili ramen, I can just replace those seasoning packets with fake chicken mix wooooot ty nonnies

No. 1533004

I'm drunk and tripping on mushrooms and miserable. I might just sleep in the truck or something. This sucks.

No. 1533007

File: 1679799783942.jpg (116.92 KB, 740x711, 76fcc85fe14a04a021d482267eee6a…)

I wish I was smart. I was capable of creating beautiful things. I wish I was able to move people. I wish I was different

No. 1533021

Thank you so much for the kind words, nonas. I was indeed really lucky to have her. Hope she's doing her favorite things and running and jumping again in heaven.

No. 1533058

I am ready to move away and cut ties with all of the people in my life. I am ready to self destruct, so when I say fuck off, you better get out of range for the inevitable flip out.
Fake my death. Leave. New name. Better than this mundane relationship. Im so tired of idiots. Im so tired of existing.

No. 1533059

This is living in my head rent-free for longer than it needs to. Today when bf and I were walking our dogs, we came across a middle age lady walking her dog. We gave her a pretty large gap between our dogs and we awkwardly said how ya doin and were on our way. Suddenly she turned around and said "Yall look like brother and sister even though that probably isn't the case…"
I was so taken aback by it that I couldn't even eek out a 'Bless your heart,' I just meekly replied no, we're dating, and walked on. It wasn't until we got to the car that it hit me on how rude it was.
She didn't seem like she meant any bad by it but it was so weird and backhanded. I didn't think me and bf look like aside from our skin tone and button noses.

No. 1533064

I've been irrationally upset all week and now feel like I'm spiraling. I've been dating a guy almost a year now, and we came home from a nice anniversary date. I made a dumb joke like "haha don't cancel me" and "you have a lifetime subscription." And he was a bit shocked and was like "uhh isn't it too early for that?" I had been wanting to bring up potential engagement timelines/get his thoughts on marriage but then I felt completely rejected and shut down. It's my own fault for not bringing it up maturely but damn my feelings hurt because I really love this guy, and I thought we were on the same page. I just made us go to bed soon after that conversation went to shit and couldn't wait to be left alone today lol

No. 1533069

After a year of dating people tend to know how serious they want the direction of the relationship to go.
I would follow up on it anon.
If you have goalposts for when you'd like to be married, then it isn't worth trying to convince someone who doesn't want that. At best it will waste your time.
It's going to be an awkward but necessary conversation, you just got to be ready to set him free if his needs don't align with yours. Good luck.

No. 1533071

I've decided to overdose on hydroxyzine. It's not enough to kill me, I know. Maybe it'll knock me out for a good while. Make me forget about things. I'm just so angry, ashamed, and disgusted with myself. I know it's running away from my problems, it only feeds the loop and causes more shame and hatred, but I'm so tired of who I am. The way everything that shouldn't hurt me does and the way things that people learn to get over in their mid-late teens still confound and distress me to this day.
Sorry, I took them like an hour ago so this may not make sense

No. 1533074

You've been dating for a year, and it's not unreasonable to think about the future of your relationship. This moid sounds flaky if he thinks "it's too early for that" after a year. I agree with the other anon to bring it up soon. Otherwise you'll end up like the other woman with moids who drag on the relationship for years without any kind of serious commitment.

No. 1533076

I recently bought a tube skirt set from this brand my friend and I both like, and when I wore it last she said “wow anon, it’s so tight on you, whenever I buy skirts from there I just drown in them” and I blanked for a bit and then said ‘yeah I guess that happens when you have an ass ha-ha’ and she seemed really offended and changed the subject. I hope we’re still friends

No. 1533077

she insulted you and was offended when you turned it around on her kek don't dish it if you can't take it

No. 1533079

>The way everything that shouldn't hurt me does and the way things that people learn to get over in their mid-late teens still confound and distress me to this day.
You realize that you continue learning things throughout your life right? You're not expected to have everything together by age 20. I genuinely hope you are extremely young to have such a childish and hateful thought process. You must see other people with depression as completely hopeless. Bleak, nothing new you have the emotional intelligence of an average moid.

No. 1533080

File: 1679811496459.jpg (144.9 KB, 954x1173, 011247daa6338a364232b8ad801ac3…)

why are hyper-masc lovers always so loud? "ohhh i HATE boys i actually only enjoy 6'7" MEN with chiseled jaws and ten pack abs" very cool. did not ask. and why are you so retarded that you can't understand what stylization is.

and if i bring this up i get side-eyed. okay girl

No. 1533081

LOL perfect response. I’m glad you said it.

No. 1533085

File: 1679812371992.jpeg (150.23 KB, 1080x1635, 1668479122718.jpeg)

This is so stupid and childish, I am 26 but.
>Wear dress from obscure-ish brand to a party once
>Everyone in my circle really likes it
>Fastforward a few weeks
>Friend wearing the same exact dress with an ugly cardigan
>Everyone praising her for it and claiming they've never seen anything like it
I feel so annoyed and I have no idea why. It isn't as if I made the dress, I didn't even buy it it was a gift, I have nothing else from the brand. But holy shit. You bitch. I wore it first and I wore it better

No. 1533095

Aw nona I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling good, I hope you feel better soon. Mixing shrooms with alcohol isn't a good idea though.

No. 1533100

I've recently thought about the idea of a gun to my head and pulling the trigger but I'm not an amerifag so that's probably not as easy as it seems. I don't think I'm depressed, I think I'm just done with things more often lately. Im sure it'll pass.

No. 1533113

Consider talking to someone if this kind of thought accompanies you for a longer while. I lived with suicidal ideation for years being sure it's just how things are, I've tried medication and suddenly turns out it's possible to feel done with things without arranging suicide in my head every single time. It's easier to live without these thoughts

No. 1533117

Except maybe you didn't and that's why no one remembers you wearing it

No. 1533122

It sucks to know your favorite content creator supports trans women.

No. 1533123

her mom just hates trannies

No. 1533124

Every time a man likes to talk to me about something at work I know he just thinks about fucking me and it's so tiresome. Straight men aren't capable of bonding with women outside of fucking, and I know that and yet I still engage because I desperately want to talk about my hobbies with someone irl and share ideas and unfortunately it's always men who have it in common with me. From me it's a genuine wish to bond over similar interests, but in the back of my head there's always this thought that he thinks about fucking me when he's at home, like even if he's not hoping to date me, he still thinks about me naked, even if he's older than me, and it just ruins everything for me

No. 1533127

I was thinking about the same thing recently, it's so dehumanizing. No matter how innocent it may seem in the beginning it always eventually ends up with a dude making a move on you and cutting off any communication the second he realizes he's not getting sex out of it, no matter how enjoyable you thought your previous platonic interactions were.

No. 1533128

The worst is when you're having a conversation with a male coworker and everything is normal and normal eye contact then they look you up and down and linger on certain parts and you lose the will to carry the conversation and abruptly leave.

No. 1533131

I love this post.

No. 1533137

give her some friends if she's your only bird, she's probably really lonely when you aren't there. parrots are ridiculously social.

No. 1533138

I don't play Genshin, but I thought this character's design was always cute. Keep up the cute boy posting.

No. 1533140

Do men seriously?

No. 1533143

File: 1679824635531.gif (1.65 MB, 640x598, 1653782533374.gif)

>little sister goes on a cruise because of a school trip, comes back with covid because duh, it's a fucking cruise
>I avoid her all week long to avoid catching covid
>everyone in my family acts like it's nothing, despite me nearly dying from it in 2020 and my mother getting pneumonia-like symptoms from it last year
>I unfortunately live with these retards
>I come back from hanging out with friends yesterday night
>mom says that my father also caught covid and is very sick, the man who willingly showers once a week and never washes his hands
>they sleep in the same bed usually but whatever I just need to avoid them all some more
>I arrive home and see my bed is undone
>"oh btw anon I took a nap in your bed after your dad has been diagnosed with covid teehee. why are you so concerned? calm down lol we all have the same genes anyway"
>sleep in my bed for the night because I have no other choice, woke up this morning with my throat hurting
Well anons… If I die, I just want you all to know I love you girls and I'm glad I shitposted here for all these years.

No. 1533161

you can start by using I wish I were instead

No. 1533163

give me a break I'm an eslchan

No. 1533166

Nta but English is my native language and I would probably have said it the same way too kek. It's no big deal.

No. 1533169

what’s with dads and only showering once a week? our mothers are such wusses

No. 1533173

It wasn't meant to be rude

No. 1533174

I can't find a single positive thing about my looks. I hope I'll be reborn genetically superior in the next life.

No. 1533177

Imagine changing your instagram bio to “birthed a homie with an extra chromie” right after shoving two retarded ugly downie children through your birth canal because now that’s your new personality trait, being incapable of reproducing strong offspring

No. 1533178

He's so obsessed with money that he tries to save money in every single ways possible, including not showering or washing his hands often enough, and only flushing when he takes a shit. Once he tried to beat me up because I was going to the toilet often and flushing everytime, and he fled in disgusted when I told him it was because I was on my period, it was heavy and it gave me explsive diarrhea. I'm sure he has a personality disorder based on that a lot of other things. My mother has no choice but to deal with it, but then again she's not any better when it comes to hygiene because she thinks an entire family drinking from one cup during dinner is normal and we all have the same genes so we should be immune from catching viruses this way.

No. 1533191

I’ve been so insecure about my aquiline nose since I was a kid, and I think I now have a permanent line or crease at the end of the tip because I’d always lift it up to make it look ski slope. Ffs

No. 1533199

Parents have basically no choice but to make their unfortunate children into a great thing and brag how proud they are and how much they love it or else they will be tormented forever by the fact that the next 18 years minimum (and realistically the rest of their life) has to be devoted to that kid, or they have to be able and willing to abort when doing prenatal screenings for genetic and health problems. I can’t blame almost any parent who makes their annoying kid into their whole personality, but it does make me never want to have kids. Being around enough adults who have to spend their days going “guys look at this epic amazing adorable thing my kiddo did!” and it’s some completely boring stupid crap really deals the deal.

No. 1533209

I started a relationship with my boyfriend when I was pretty young, I was his first girlfriend and he was my first serious relationship too.
Basically he’s shit at communicating and I have anxious attachment so it was pretty rough from the start. Also, he’s as closeted as he can be about his feelings and very, very selfish. I can say he’s an abuser, for sure.
But I grew up loving him in the most toxic way, always feeling dependant, guilty about everything and to this day I always feel like I’m the wrong one, no matter what I do or what I say, I always feel like I did something wrong.
Right now I got to a point where I’m always feeling anxious, even when things go “well”. I’m always afraid of the moment when it will go wrong again (because it will always go wrong, I know for sure.) I’m afraid of the things I say, of the things I do, and the things I think or feel. He manipulated me for so long that even when I know I’m not guilty for this and that, my body starts to panic and I feel dizzy, nauseous and my stomach starts to give me pain, it’s an automatic response.
I know I should break up with him. But I have anywhere else to go, literally. I have no more family. I have no friends. I have no money. I have nothing else. Even the entities where they can help me in my country are just offering some kind of temporary help while I’m supposed to get my life together but it’s so exhausting just thinking about it.
Sometimes I wish he could hit me so I would have some kind of excuse to tell my messed up brain that it’s the final straw. I can’t stand it anymore.

No. 1533211

NTA but what kind of response is this? What's with the jumping to conclusions, nothing in that post sounded hateful or moid-like wtf

No. 1533219

I put on cute make up so i feel cute and lovable just to start crying because I’m completely alone and then look lika hot mess. Yay.

No. 1533223

I know I sound like a bitch but you know you can look up shit online, right? Get a WFH job and try to do some therapy worksheets while you get your shit together so you can leave him. You know he's abusive and manipulative, that's a good start, now you need to work on not believing anything he says because he is a liar. Do you have a bank account? If not, open one, doesn't matter which, and DO NOT TELL HIM ABOUT IT. Get a job that lets you stay online all day and doesn't need you to speak to people so he thinks you're doomscrolling instead of working. Be as depressed as you like around him since that's what he expects, but work on your mental health.
It's going to be hard but your only other option is wringing your hands and sighing your life away because you decided you're useless.

No. 1533226

You should start hitting him. Like really beating his ass. You could also cheat on him (in tandem with beating him) and he might leave you entirely which would be a blessing.
Sorry for the ridiculous advice but normal advice doesn’t work on codependents, I’m just trying to jostle your brain a little. If you don’t do something your life will be exactly like it is now until you die, I’ve seen it happen.

No. 1533229

I cannot do it anymore I cannot keep on living. Everything I touch turns into shit. Everyone I like will eventually turn their back on me because I’m just one big hole of sadness. I tried everything that was possible for me to find a deeper meaning in the suffering. I preyed and I begged but it was all for nothing. Maybe there is already cancer inside that starts to eat me up and then I finally have something just for me that no one can take from me. Forgive me sisters I cannot see the light there is just darkness in my life.

No. 1533254

>nothing in that post sounded hateful or moid-like

>that people learn to get over in their mid-late teens

That part does, it's bitter, cold, naive and childish. People are not factory made automatons that get over shit at specific arbitrary teen years. Trauma can hit anyone at any age and anxiety and chronic depression are lifelong conditions for many, the expectation that these people are failed and are expected to have gotten over shit is pretty fucked up. This is a cruel thought process that will only lead to a positive feedback loop of cruel self reflection and projection on others. It wasn't jumping to conclusions at all, this anon has proven their childishness in their cold assertion that everyone must get over things at an arbitrary age.

This reeks of the same moidal logic that moids spew, I shouldn't have to explain why comparing yourself to others and having unrealistic standards are absurd. This logic is also self defeatist like moids. But there is a insidious nature to this thought process, it isn't just an insular depressed person venting, it's a depressed person projecting their issues on society and society treating them cruelly. Rather than recognizing the cruelty of society and breaking from it they wish to uphold that cruelty and hold others to that same standard as well. I have no sympathy for depressed people who push their depressive ideas on others. Obviously the best course of action is not to antagonize a depressed person, but neither is positing on an online forum rather than seeking actual aid. Likewise, blind empty support or coddling will not break this cruel ideology either so it's best to point it out.

No. 1533281

No. 1533292

You people are crazy and retarded and know absolutely nothing about reality to tell some random anon whose whole situation you know nothing about to beat a man and cheat on him. How do you know you're not going to get her put in the hospital you stupid fucking bitch lol

No. 1533298

File: 1679844530260.png (482.48 KB, 1069x1049, 6828FF51-C554-414F-9A5E-67FCCE…)

>finally finished all my basic requirement courses for Uni so now I just have all the fun art classes left
>even though I haven’t taken any classes the head of the art department asked if I could submit a piece for their show and the deadline is in two weeks
>I work full time and haven’t made any art in over a year because my job is a total shitshow combined with the night classes
>noticed I missed the window for a couple cool summer programs at other schools I was interested in
Nonas I’m so burnt out from constantly working and taking classes. They’ve taken over my life in the last two years and I’m starting to realize how much stuff I miss out on because I’m always working. I’m looking forward to the fall but right now I feel like shit

No. 1533302

she clearly does not want anon to actually do that and even said so

No. 1533303

Anyone who uses the word "neurotypical" is internet poisoned. If someone uses that word to describe themselves, they have no actual diagnosis. No actual mentally ill person hears this word. They do not use it in the hospital, they do not use it when the prescribe medication. It's a Twitter word. The people who say neurotypical are the people who fetishize schizophrenia and think it's romantic. People who really have fucked up brains don't get nice sounding labels. They just get called retarded and don't have the social justice language or energy to be anything other than that.

No. 1533306

Be real, even if he did hit you, it's likely you'd stay and repeat the same excuses you posted here. I know leaving and building yourself from the ground up is a terrible, overwhelming idea, but it doesn't have to be that way. One step at a time, and be silent about it. Open up a bank account, do some research on programs that can assist you or jobs you are capable of, whatever. Just one piece at a time. You can do this

No. 1533335

This is going to sound bitchy but you need to stop being weak. Also if you are lazy and don’t want to find work just start ignoring him. Men feed off negative energy so you’re just giving him what he wants by crying and acting slow. Once you start ignoring his shit behavior and not feeding into it he’s going to turn in to the perfect bf lol this is just how men are.

No. 1533340

Neurotypical is usually used to describe people who don't have mental illness though

No. 1533349

I don't mean to insult you, but do you have BPD?

No. 1533361

My ex is acting so smug about our breakup rn. Can’t wait for him to “get back out there” on the dating market and see it was a miracle that he pulled me in the first place.

No. 1533363

What's that feeling where, in your heart, you can imagine yourself starting a new life somewhere else without any guilt or regrets?

No. 1533365


Western women who look down on other women for being attracted to pretty boys and that think every woman's standard for a man should be a smelly, sweaty roided lumberjack are annoying.

No. 1533383

Isn't it for people who aren't neurodivergent? So they can be mentally ill but not have asd/adhd/add? Maybe I'm off the mark.

No. 1533407

Why do you people keep dating fat gnomes in the first place?

No. 1533408

He was a fit gnome, for your information

No. 1533414

For the past week I've been sleeping for 8 hours but not waking up feeling rested and more tired each day. Today is the first day I feel like 80% rested and I'm so grateful.

No. 1533416

i can't stop thinking about the nona who has the boyfriend trooning out, i need weekly updates

No. 1533420

several of my exes trooned out and I feel some kinda way about it.

No. 1533424

File: 1679853232134.jpg (63.03 KB, 640x640, 12534138_1523549674612056_5662…)

FUCK I separate my cats into different rooms to feed them, I forgot the other cat into my bedroom for 2 hours behind closed doors

No. 1533427

there's at least two or three of those nonnas now

No. 1533434

>Can’t wait for him to “get back out there” on the dating market and see it was a miracle that he pulled me in the first place.
In the same situation. Good luck, kings. Kek

No. 1533436

File: 1679854698448.jpg (16.38 KB, 460x428, the horror.jpg)

No. 1533441

I feel so shit at everything, unsuccessful and guilty. My health is dogshit, despite me actively trying to exercise and eat well, I seem to just be so unlucky. I'm pretty sure I have a prolactinoma brain tumour, because my prolactin levels are high according to my blood tests panel. I just cancelled my gym membership because I've barely even been going to work out because I cannot leave the house and walk there/anywhere without feeling like I'm gonna pass out. I haven't been consistent, ambitious etc in years thanks to my shitty health and other life stresses going on. I feel so embarrassed of myself on top of feeling like shit. My periods are getting heavier to the point of me potentially becoming anemic, and I just cba anymore. I just want a clean slate, I want to be able to go to the gym again and not feel like I'm about to pass out. Please give me a fucking chance. I want to make money, be healthy and look healthy, and I want to go to bed feeling good about myself. Please give me a fucking clean slate, I don't want these problems and I never asked for them. Why me. I just want to live a normal life.

No. 1533450

I can't imagine it ending well. Hope the nonnas reassert their boundaries and find someone else better for them. It's not worth putting up with a misogynist boyfriend who thinks he can be a better woman than his actual female partner while mansplaining feminism to her.
>t. speaking from experience

No. 1533454

This belongs in the unpopular opinions thread but retarded babies who have downs/other neurological issues that make them undesirable to reproduce just need to be smothered after birth. They have no reason to exist and the world will be better off when we have less “neurodiverse!!1” people

No. 1533468

what the fuck… abort your baby for whatever reason, fine, I don't think souls are real and I don't think a baby is separate from a mother until the water breaks, but a person with a mental/developmental abnormality is just as much a person as anyone else. this isn't fucking sparta.

No. 1533472

File: 1679857340984.jpg (311.69 KB, 1773x2048, sadkermit.jpg)

A guy in my friend group just became a father and the first picture I got from him of his newborn daughter is him pouring formula into her mouth from a shot glass with the text "teach them while they're young".

No. 1533475

File: 1679857625577.jpg (10.05 KB, 275x264, 1648193241411.jpg)

I actually got the fabled "We're concerned you've had so many jobs on your resume in a short period of time, seems like you will take what you need and leave us," copout after spending over a month interviewing for this company via an agency on contract that would be life changing money for me.

Here's my oh so numerous work history and the reason why it changed:
>2019-2020 Company #1
>kept me on a 3 month rotational contract during a global pandemic so I never knew by a month and a half if I had to start looking for a new job or not which I find insanely heartless and tonedeaf
>never offered to hire me even after agency promising and good performance
>left as soon as I got hired full time permanent to Company #2

>2020-2022 Company #2

>left after two years because I got runaround for a promised promotion, my supervisors were shitty, and I was underpaid for all that I did
>took on second part time job at Company #4 to offset underpay
>left as soon as I got full time contract to Company #3

>3 Months in contract in 2022 Company #3

>left because I got promoted to full time manager at Company #4, and this job didn't want to offer direct hire or counteroffer in any way

>2022-Present Company #4

>went from part time supervisor and got promoted to full time manager
>like this job but the pay could be better
>my boss literally confessed I am paid $10k less than other male managers
>the job I was interviewing for would have meant a 30% salary increase

The company I was interviewing for demanded supervisor references from company #1 and #2. #1 was just an agency contract so I had no "supervisor" to give them, and any managers from #2 have all left the company themselves and did not favor me anyway because I wouldn't let myself get completely bullied by them all the time. I tried asking one bitch but she blew me off twice (couldn't even tell me "I can't do it sorry," instead of her dumb little excuses bc she's that kind of shitty passive aggressive).
Obviously I had no supervisor references and so I lost the opportunity.
Maybe I should have lied or paid someone to pretend to be an ex manager. Maybe it was a sign because the company I was interviewing had red flags like "We are like family," and had an incredibly small team.
I don't feel like any of it is my fault. I am literally being penalized because not allowing a company or agency to take advantage of me for years is a BIG THREAT to poor widdle defenseless capitalism.

Won't you all please feel sorry for rich people?!

No. 1533476

I hope he never experiences happiness and that his daughter will have a safe and a successful life, may his tongue get tied and his blood run clotted

No. 1533481

No, they’re actually not “just as much of a person as anyone else” because they’re incapable of doing the only things that every person is born to do. Those things being: reproduce healthy offspring and work a job. It’s too common these days that healthcare professionals will either not inform the parents of a child’s developmental abnormalities and wait to inform them until after the child is born, purposefully to prevent them from ridding the child, and thus imposing a massive lifetime medical bill upon those parents - forcing them to be customers to the healthcare system for the rest of that dumbass sloth looking fuckers life. Retard lives don’t matter.

No. 1533482

I wanted to make strawberry bread and I preheated my oven while I was prepping the strawberries and batter and this shit never preheated!!! It's been on for over an hour and it's like, just lukewarm in this stupid oven. I took everyone off the top of the stove because I know sometimes that will block the heat and mess with the temperature, but nope! This stupid old stove just doesn't want to heat up! Now I've just got all this fucking strawberry bread batter and an oven that won't work. I made a little steamer and I'm going to try "baking" it on the stove top. It's not like I can get any more mad if it comes out like shit because of my stupid fucking oven.

No. 1533485

Also to the other retards who are gonna respond to this with “Downies can work too!!1!” i’m talking about working a legitimate job that has a real effect on society, making a positive difference. Being a self checkout guard or a starbucks barista isn’t having a real effect on society.

No. 1533489

File: 1679859169621.jpg (106.71 KB, 736x635, Tumblr_l_10243246063326.jpg)

I need to get dicked down animal style

No. 1533495

Many normal people work useless jobs and don't reproduce though kek. Not disagreeing with you but just saying.

No. 1533498

same, the ai chats aren't working anymore

No. 1533500

Currently there’s a pretty equal ratio between people who do reproduce and don’t reproduce, also just because all your classmates work dumb jobs doesn’t mean that the majority of the world does.

No. 1533502

I forgot I was going to have the house to myself tonight and already took a shower today. If I had remembered I would have taken a bath

No. 1533504

Got really fucking mad and I ripped a shirt I liked. I feel like a moid.

No. 1533507

I never said the majority, just that a lot of people work useless menaingless jobs that will never make the world better. The majority of people waste their whole lives doing jobs that change absolutely nothing, they do it simply to survive.

No. 1533508

They can't even do these jobs correctly. Saying this as someone who used to work in retail while studying, one of my coworker was disabled (not sure what he had, it was down syndrome but it made him equally retarded) and I'm 100% sure he was just hired so the company could reach a quota. I was basically babysitting him every day I was working despite the store being huge. I hated him so much.

No. 1533512


No. 1533513

You can still take a nice comfy soothing bath, just cool it with the cleaning products and wind down and relax.

No. 1533514


No. 1533520

I've only ever seen retards sweeping floors at supermarkets or picking up trash in parking lots, and they always had a supervisor from social services nearby to make sure nobody ran them over or something.

No. 1533522

No. 1533543

Yeah, a lot of people also do those jobs better than a retard could. And it seems like most other nonnies agree. I rest my case

No. 1533544

Self harmed for the first time since I'm on meds. So pathetic. I guess I'll have to ask for a bigger dose…

No. 1533546

I want to kms I got really drunk at a party yesterday and ended up kissing & almost having sex with one of my friends who I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever (I’m not even particularly attracted to him). Even worse than that, he was expressing some kind of romantic interest in me which he seemed to think I reciprocated, so I now have to figure out how to turn him down without. I then apparently fucked up even more by texting one of my closest friends about it because he left me on read hours ago and hasn’t replied to the messages I’ve sent since then. Not sure why but now I’m very worried that I’ve weirded him out, which would be extremely strange as we’re very non-judgemental and open with each other about everything. I am so stressed nonnas this week is going to be awful, I will unavoidably see both of these people as we have lots of mutual friends and go to the same lectures.

No. 1533550

>they’re incapable of doing the only things that every person is born to do. Those things being: reproduce healthy offspring and work a job.
Girl. Think about what you just said. lol oh my god damn that's bleak

No. 1533554

It’s not bleak it’s the truth. The only reason anyone has children is so those children can have children. The only reason any of us are alive is so our bloodline can continue, and so we can be good parents to our children to assure that they turn out as well adjusted individuals who will also reproduce healthy children that’ll grow into well adjusted individuals. That’s life nonique.

No. 1533567

Ma'am could you please go continue your bloodline somewhere else, you're bothering our customers

No. 1533571

Oh that’s right I forgot most of you are lesbians who are too lazy to commit suicide(alogging 0/10 bait)

No. 1533575

This is a female-only website.

No. 1533578

I agree that severely disabled people have no hope but you sound incredibly sheltered like you've never dealt with disabled people or even those with mild intellectual disabilities, and weirdly utilitarian, it's unhinged. The sole purpose of life isn't to breed and work. Bleak

No. 1533579

Yeah, like I'm incapable of working and breeding due to my disabilities, and a lesbian to boot, so I'm the scrote troll's worst nightmare lol

No. 1533582

watch and observe ladies.

We can see a male is furiously typing out in his crusted keyboard while raging, after being done here he will go and spend his free time looking at questionable content and then crying why he is such a ugly waste of life whose parents despise him and no one would touch him.

No. 1533584

I’m not gonna rehash my cover letter but I have worked with disabled men before so I can only speak for how they behave

No. 1533586

I’m a female, my post history is years long. If I was a moid the farmhands would’ve absolutely banned me hours ago. You can be a female who’s also not a lesbian, it’s possible.

No. 1533587

lol I don't think they're a man but they are retarded

No. 1533588

>She thinks all retards should be exterminated so she must be retarded herself

No. 1533590

I just got broken up with and I don't even know how to react. It hurts though lmao

No. 1533593

that was a lot of the joke yes

No. 1533594

she thinks the purpose of life is breeding and muh bloodlines so she is retarded herself, yes

No. 1533598

Maybe I've peaked beyond help, maybe everything's misogynistic but I just can't enjoy media anymore. At least where I'm from, female characters are so obviously written by men who despise women. They always portray women as vicious, vapid creatures that are only good for sex and objectifying. I watched an episode where a woman is blackmailing a married man for money by threatening to blame him for sexual assault, if this isn't pure male victimization fantasy I don't know what is.

No. 1533600

I’m so sorry anon. Are body weight only exercises too hard? Even just walking around the house or block can help you a lot.

No. 1533603

And you think the purpose of life is scissoring. Pretty sure I’m in the right when I say that yeah, literally the only reason anyones parents create them is so that their child can reproduce too. People haven’t been scrolling lolcow and scissoring since the beginning of time. Life hasn’t always been about having “muhh self fulfillment” it’s been about ensuring that your bloodline continues since the dawn of time. And if you choose not to - then good. Because you’re likely more retarded than I could ever be lol

No. 1533608

stupid bitch im not a lesbian either, its the extremely retarded things you are saying that makes me think you are a subhuman moid.

No. 1533610

Nta but lol pretty sure lesbians have been fucking women since the dawn of time.

No. 1533611

File: 1679868463016.gif (7.56 KB, 80x80, avatar_178369_1642336645.gif)

lol you are the same faggot racebaiter from another thread. your inbred bloodline ends with you!!!!!!!

No. 1533612

i recognize you, you are that male who used to spam the amber heard thread, your lesbian obsession makes it obvious which poster you are.
he did the same shit on the amber thread last year.
Im guessing he is coping with rejection by thinking those women are lesbians and not because he is UGLY and insufferable

No. 1533613

Get off 4chan and trad twitter circles. Your proximity to male retardation doesn't make you cool or different, you're just as retarded if not more. We all see right through it, you're not fooling anyone by paraphrasing their contrarian muh bloodline takes.

No. 1533615

then go breed with your abusive nigels, you don't have time writing here, you should be busy with sucking cocks now right? then turn off computer and get to work hoe

No. 1533616

>And you think the purpose of life is scissoring
Why the fuck not though lmao.

No. 1533621

next week is my last week at my current workplace
getting fired out of the blue for bullshit reasons, i don't have anything lined up and i am slightly worried, but this place burned me out so badly that i decided it's best for my mental health to take a few months break

No. 1533626

File: 1679870781016.png (998.64 KB, 1440x1776, Capture _2020-05-10-21-52-52~2…)

Why did my mother have to be so selfish and give me mouth herpes? She's a nurse. She knew kissing her babies with an outbreak would set them up for cold sores for life.
I had to warn my SIL not to let her kiss my nephew too.

No. 1533627

My two favorite people are dead (wasn't a recent loss) but I have no desire to build relationships with people since then. Nothing too meaningful.. because I think my mind might snap if I ever have to go through that intensity of grief again.

No. 1533649

>People haven’t been scissoring since the beginning of time.
Actually yes they fucking have.
Just say you support trans people.

No. 1533658

I think the reason he said "people" instead of "women" is because he was angry typing and not because he's a troon or supports them.

No. 1533662

I love being misidentified

No. 1533665

This last break up has broken me. I can’t stand to feel so vulnerable and loved and then have it taken away from me again. I can’t kept getting the excuse that I make them so happy it scares them. I hate that I can’t bitch about it because no one would believe someone would leave for that reason. I hate that I feel like I can’t trust myself or my genuine connections anymore. I hate that they say all these beautiful things about me but still leave. I hate that I miss him so much but every time I try and talk to him it’s cold and at an arms length. Why is it so easy to get rid of me?

No. 1533668

cry forever

No. 1533670

My anxiety drains me physically and mentally. I can't sleep well, I have migraines, fatigue, and a twitching eye every other day. All my life I have not been living, but surviving till the date X when it should get better but new problems arise even before it gets better and I stress even though I can't control them. My father didn't participate too much in my life but this trauma is for sure his work. Why can't I be normal?

No. 1533672

what ai chats
anon tell me

No. 1533674

discord uwufags with their fake concern and vague advice make me irrationally angry, don't care if it makes me sound like a bitch. even if they really do intend well it comes across as so fake and patronizing, like when you play animal crossing new leaf for more than 30 minutes and the animals start telling you to fuck off in uwu speak. it has to be a desperate attempt to get the losers around them to call them cute and wholesome. everytime a discord uwufag tells me to take care of myself I get the urge to drink battery acid and develop an eating disorder.

no one bully me for using discord either I have go go there for item trading in a game that only husbando collectors and all two of the scrotes that miraculously didn't get filtered by the fujobait and shameless bishie unit favoritism still play.

No. 1533677

You the man who told lesbians to kill themselves, a tranny, or just a dysphoric female? If it's the latter, yeah same

No. 1533684

I hate reality, I hate the world we live it, i hate nothing is as perfect, as romantic or as fulfilling as it is in fantasy. Maladaptive daydreaming is my only cope to face each shitty mundane day.

No. 1533685

I am going through the final round of interview for a couple of jobs this week and I'm not really nervous for it which is kinda worrying. Still haven't prepared any responses to questions I may get. I'm almost close to the finish line but I just feel so burnt out through the whole process.

No. 1533686

tbh I'm dying to see the dress, would you post it or at least drop the brand name pretty pretty please? it sucks that that happened to you

No. 1533687

same here… I'll be in my daydreams

No. 1533690

Hi weyes blood

No. 1533709

It's that time where I fantasize about my boyfriend doing retarded things and get mad at him!!!!!

No. 1533712

Life is so pointless. I don't feel like living, I don't want to. I'm not determined enough to neck myself but life is so useless. I don't want to.

No. 1533713

This is such a specific vent but I saw some Nona’s discussing the idea of childbirth in the unpopular opinions thread and it reminded me when I was like…10 or 12 I was spending a quiet moment with my mom and just blurted out something like “it’s so crazy that a body can make a whole baby, it’s like magic!” and she just deadpanned me a response like you need to take a biology class with a look like I just said something really stupid. She was an RN so it probably did sound silly. But the kicker is I was homeschooled. She was supposed to be my teacher. I had been getting homeschooled since first grade! Even after this comment she never did teach me any biology or involve herself in any of my classes (neither of my parents did, god knows how they thought I was learning anything but that’s neglect for you; she only homeschooled us so CPS stopped asking questions about the bruises our dad gave us.) I ruminate on this all the time and I’m 33 years old. We don’t talk.

No. 1533715

Wow she sucks. That’s absolutely awful. I’m sorry you had such shitty parents anon but I’m glad you don’t talk to her anymore.

No. 1533719

Cry abt what I said I like it

What’s dysphoric mean

No. 1533728

'Dysphoria' is a synonym for Gender Identity Disorder, or at least the extreme, severe malcontent with their body and how they're referred to from said disorder.
Despite the name, one doesn't need to be a troon to have it, props to the people who do and don't troon out, unfortunately there's nothing known that fixes it and it's painful to see and experience.

No. 1533738

At least you got educated.

No. 1533740

that's some toxic positivity if I've ever seen it

No. 1533752

File: 1679885513725.png (234.87 KB, 828x820, 1668028431116.png)

My trichophilia and desperation for other metalhead friends keeps making me nervous over a guy who's face I've never seen for more than 5 seconds. I sit in front of him and his hotter really short haired friend, and have never spoken a single work to either one of them. I've left my phone screen-side up to show album covers when listening to music around people, I've dug up my denim jacket from storage and dressed in my band shirts. My outfits vary day to day by what I feel the most comfortable and easy to slip on, but my default is almost always dark/gothy. That and hoping someone hears my music and starts up a conversation is the only way to signal to other people in my subcultures but it rarely ever works or catches attention, and has never resulted in conversation or interaction. I have Anxiety so I'm not delusional expecting or wanting others to fawn over me, but I always try to compliment and connect with other "alt" people. I get over it for a few days, then the sense for connection takes over when I see a long-haired guy or goth girls. Nonnies please help me get over this male whos face I don't even know other than the fact he has a dumb little mustache and lower back length hair. Hate how much I sound like I'm back in hs again writing this but this is the only time I've ever been around long haired guys for more than an hour and a half in concerts.

No. 1533758

I'm feeling pretty down today.
Sunday nights always get me depressed like this.

No. 1533764

why do i keep giving this retard a chance? i hate bitches that dont even reply with a yes or no to the most basic question the most. this is why you have no friends you femcel retard

No. 1533774

>this is why you have no friends you femcel retard
Send her my way

No. 1533777

File: 1679888723682.jpg (39.3 KB, 720x960, 1620772839085.jpg)

this is so fucking dumb and cunty and makes me feel like an actual smoothbrain but sometimes i wish that men would sexualize me. men tell me that i'm pretty or cute or beautiful not infrequently which makes me feel like an absolute jackass because why can't i just settle for the fucking compliments but like,,, it feels like even if men find me attractive they don't view me as a sexual option? men never call me hot or sexy and i feel like i'm having my manny santos moment rn but man my friends will tell me about the shit men DM them and literally that has never happened to me. i've never received an unsolicited dick pic, dudes don't really flirt with me, they just… compliment me and walk away??? like deadass i'll be in the parking lot of a fucking panera bread and a dude will hit me with "btw you're really beautiful" before getting in his car without another word????? what the fuck is that, what does that mean

i feel like the absolute biggest dipshit pick-me, i should be relieved that men are basically always polite to me but instead my dumb bitch brain says "wow guess you must be a real uggo huh" what the fuck is wrong with me

No. 1533779

I wish I could hug her and kiss her head again. I miss her so much.

No. 1533781

Tfw you check on somebody's twitter whom you used to know and thought was cool but ended up fumbling up, then you see them using a cringe phrase

then its a huge turnoff, and you revise your plans to "meet" them again as a totally different person who they didnt know before.

No. 1533785

if you were ugly people wouldnt say anything or at worst would treat you like you dont even exist or are subhuman, trust me..

No. 1533790

i think that's part of the cognitive dissonance for me; i grew up crippled, fat, and ugly and became so used to the fucked up way that people treat you when you're not conventionally attractive that it's incredibly difficult for me to believe that i am not still that person that children barked at and adults shamed. i have BDD which i know makes things worse because all i see when i look in the mirror are the worst parts of me and i guess not being able to see what anyone else sees makes it hard to accept that other people aren't just being nice to the retard before telling everyone how disgusting and pathetic i am later. and i guess my mental gymnastics end up equating to "well, people will compliment cripples for no reason because they pity us but people don't express sexual attraction because they feel sorry for someone so if nobody is doing that then it must be everyone else who is lying"

i also feel like i have to compensate for being disabled by being as attractive as possible because who could love someone like me if i didn't have something to offer them? like i'm always going to need some level of help in my day-to-day and so i feel like i have to be hot and good at sex if i ever want to stand a chance at being with someone who doesn't leave me for being a burden

No. 1533791

I used to get no compliments ever until I gained 30 lbs now people only compliment me on my ass. So yeah I’m a butter face. I only get complimented during the warm months when men can see my body kek sad

No. 1533796

File: 1679892698195.gif (1.69 MB, 268x151, tumblr_4554170f0a55d53914c5a2b…)

Spoilers for A Good Person if you haven't seen it already gahhh just need to vent because my bf is an asshole.

The main conflict in this movie is that Florence Pugh's character gets into a car accident that kills her future SIL and BIL, and the ensuing pain from her injuries and emotional guilt brings her to be an opiod addict as she makes choices that spiral her life in the gutter like moving back in with her mom and ending her engagement with her fiancé.
The movie's narrative pushes hard that she isn't taking true accountability which is why she becomes an addict cause she is ashamed and wants to run from her problems instead of confronting them–that I can get on board with. However, when me and my bf were discussing the movie afterward there was one detail about the accident I don't agree with the movie's narrative on. My view is that she is not entirely 100% responsible for the accident and therefore doesn't deserve to feel the level of self-hate and guilt that she did.
The accident goes that she was on the Jersey turnpike going 60mph when she glanced at the map app on her phone, and when she looked back up a construction backhoe suddenly entered her lane and was too late to swerve to avoid it.
Morgan Freeman's character is an ex-cop and rehabilitated alcoholic who plays the father of her ex fiancé and the SIL who was killed. Him and Pugh's character have a fallout towards the end of the movie and he confesses that he looked at all police reports and is angry that her skid marks reveal she had 30ft to react to the backhoe pulling out in the road but because she was distracted she did not react in time therefore it is all her fault.

So first of all: 1)Dead stopping from 60mph on a freeway with only 30ft is not a lot of time to respond even for a non-distracted driver, 2)Even if she was able to have reacted quicker there is no guarantee she would have not still hit the backhoe and the SIL/BIL may have been dead anyway, and 3)Even if she had successfully avoided the backhoe they still may have been hit and killed by other drivers-statistically, also distracted-who could not react in time to her sudden stop either.
The movie is about fate and how to accept it.
I am not saying Freeman's character is wrong to have resentment, but how is this accident not partially to blame on a fucking BACKHOE that entered a busy ass turnpike?! Had the backhoe not done that, this wouldn't have happened.
My bf disagrees with me, he still 100% blames Pugh's character.
Here's the thing, if the movie wanted me to be convinced that this was 100% her bad for distracted driving, then it should have actually made her an asshole. Lose control of the vehicle or go off the road in a horrific crash because of her phone.
Don't make a backhoe drive into the road and then blame her character for not reacting in time. And do we get a guilt/redemption arc for the backhoe driver who pretty much caused the accident? Nope. Just her, the movie wants us to tut at her character only.

I just wanted my bf to have a nuanced understanding of that situation but he didn't. He escalated the conversation about the movie into a fucking argument. He yelled that I probably wouldn't take accountability for an accident even though that wasn't what I said. He spun it into a personal attack.
So you know what I said?
>"Fine, but I know you and billions of other people have operated a moving vehicle while glancing at your phones to look at a map, changing a song, or grabbing your coffee to sip. The difference is that billions of you get lucky until one day you aren't. We all have drived 'distracted' no matter how brief, so if you're taking this as seriously as you said, then next time I see you changing the song on your phone or doing something relatively innocent that shouldn't cause an accident under normal circumstances, I am going to treat it like you have drafted our death sentences. Fair?"
He was livid. He tried to turn it around and acted like I was attacking him when all I was doing was ~holding him accountable~ which he made seem was so important to him.
People sure do talk a big fucking game.

No. 1533806

he was a rude pissbaby and i'm happy you said that back. haven't seen it but from how you described it sounds more like the point is everyone is hurting and looking for reason or logic where there is none, but all of the blame is on her even though she's a victim as well and also dealing with the repercussions? also a backhoe dead stopping on a highway is def more at fault and he can cry about it

No. 1533811

My friend group feels like it imploded and I’ve felt so lonely ever since

No. 1533819

Haha, I used to do the same thing. Beautiful long-haired metalhead guys are rare where I live. The only two times that wearing a band t-shirt in public helped me befriend someone over metal, the first time I never saw the guy again but he did recommend me some good music, and the second I had to talk to him first, he was listening to one of my favorite bands with his earphones on, it was so loud I could identify the song, but sadly he just had a crush on me and I was more interested in making friends who were into metal than fucking him (not my type either, and certainly not an attractive long-haired metalhead). All the other times I had metalhead friends, I was the one who talked to them first, curious about the music they were listening to - weirdly, it never happened the other way around.
You won't have much luck meeting other metal fans or goths if you just wait for others to talk to you. You gotta show a bit of initiative too. Most people aren't as socially anxious as you or I, they're not as hyperaware of their surroundings as you, so it's less likely that they'll notice your music or fashion. And some just won't care even if they notice, because not everyone is that desperate for friends with common interests, since they probably have those friends already.
As for that guy you saw once, you'll probably get over it in three years, tops. You could make an OC based on him or something like that to try to kill your obsession with the real person, at least that's what I did, kek.

No. 1533827

>everytime a discord uwufag tells me to take care of myself I get the urge to drink battery acid and develop an eating disorder.
I cackled.

No. 1533848

I don't mind americans at all, but I HATE american defaultism. It drives me absolutely insane.

No. 1533852

what is defaultism?

No. 1533856

I just want to have lost the weight and be at a healthy weight already. Losing weight is boring, tedious, LONG omg I'm so impatient. I'm at disbelief of how fat I let myself get, never again bc losing it is so monotonous it's driving me crazy.

No. 1533863

Almost certain she meant Americentrism. Americans suffer from this bad habit where they think their life experience and resources typically available during their upbringing are the same in other countries.

No. 1533871

ok how can one express concern/care without coming across like this? im just shit with words

No. 1533892

first time dating again after being assaulted and healing from it and it happens again. i'm not sure what to feel honestly.

No. 1533915

As a euro-fag that's not all, my country has literally adopted american talking points and american racism even though it has no relevancy here and we have our actual problems pushed aside because of it. The US abortion ban is terrible and fucking sucks, but we're not in america and it doesn't affect us. School shootings are terrible, but we've literally not had a single one in my country. American slavery sucked but we had our own slave history of (mostly white) slaves and we have other racial minorities that are more oppressed that get ignored, so we can feel bad for black Americans on the other side of the earth instead.

No. 1533919

Oh no anon… please stay safe. It's impressive you've manage to get enough courage to try again, I hope it doesn't break your spirit.

No. 1533946

File: 1679919398271.jpg (79.54 KB, 1280x720, 1276417c.jpg)

I got myself some boba, and thought I would save money by putting in my own boba balls from a jar I have at home. The lid was super tight and when I got it open I accidentally tipped the jar over and 2/3 of the boba balls and syrup ended up on the counter and floor. I had to scoop it to the trash with my hands and now they are yellow from the food coloring. I put some of the ones in the counter back to the jar, but now I realized all of that is contaminated now with bacteria my asshole cat leaves on the counter when she jumps on it even when she knows she's not allowed. The tea wasn't even good, I wasted too much money on

No. 1533954

uuuuuuuuughhhhh I had so much planned today but then I slept past my alarm and woke up at 1pm fml

No. 1533974

Men are absurdly unfit socially. They take no clues.

Unfortunately I have to take driving classes with a moid (they are mandatory in my country and yes I didnt started it until later in life) and he's completely retarded.
He talks and talks about stuff in his life and will NEVER shut it off.

He takes no clue that I have no interest in knowing about his fucking life or his fucking stupid tastes and him talking shit is so distracting.
Why on earth would you talk so much about your life to someone that didn't show a minimum sign of interest?

Also he's a fat fuck mouth breather I fucking despise him.

No. 1533975

I want to commit violence against people who decide bank closing hours

No. 1533981

It doesn't matter if you don't do everything today, or if you do it late. Feeling guilty about those things is not worth it in the long run.

No. 1534027

File: 1679928873258.png (4.39 KB, 432x431, 1639430351659.png)

I have to pace in a room for at least 2-3 hours a day while listening to loud music and making scenarios up, or I can't stay sane during the day. In my heart I know I wouldn't be happy even in my fantasies, but I can't stop.

No. 1534034

I need to stop doing this
Is there an antidote? I've tried my best but I can't

No. 1534038

File: 1679930456575.jpg (5.45 KB, 184x184, images (3).jpg)

Everything hurts today I feel so old

No. 1534039

i do the same thing. is it autism nonnies or is it normal but nobody talks about it?

No. 1534042

I'm having a really rough day and it's taking all my strength to not start crying in the middle of the street. The bus home doesn't leave for an hour yet and I still have another hour until I get home. I'm so tired.

No. 1534043

Daydreaming is perfectly normal. Only lately some idiot slapped the term 'maladaptive' before it and now everyone thinks it's a bad thing. What will the retards do next, invent 'maladaptive' napping or 'maladaptive' whistling

No. 1534044

File: 1679931134446.png (678.6 KB, 1200x1200, 1639489543728.png)

Only thing that worked for me is to limit yourself to a few hours per day, slowly giving yourself less and less time, until you get to 0. I'm currently on 2-3 hours on my worst days.
Keep yourself busy, do something creative with your scenarios (I'm an artist so I usually draw things I fantasize about), fantasize only while you're in bed falling asleep.
It's not easy when all you want is to escape and live in your fantasies, the world is so dark and grim, and you feel like everyone hates you. As long as it doesn't affect your daily life too much, it's not a dangerous coping mechanism, you just need to learn to control it a bit more.
When you need to be in a dark room daily, pacing back and fort and listening to the same songs for 6-7 hours, while making intricate scenarios in your head, it's not perfectly normal. Daydreaming while walking or before sleeping is super common though, but that's different.

No. 1534045

yeah but surely pacing around in circles to daydream for 3+ hours everyday isnt normal? i cant imagine everyone has time to do it to the extent i feel i need to

No. 1534047

Maladaptive napping is called narcolepsy

No. 1534048

File: 1679931245193.jpeg (40.95 KB, 581x590, C4C45A2A-E757-4F5C-9C38-049C1D…)

same but for me it's specifically eight hours. if i don't walk at least 8 hours i feel physically ill and filled with actual dread like i am going to die.
i've always talked to myself out loud even in public though i try to move my mouth as little and talk as quietly as possible kek. i think i have some form of maladaptive daydreaming because more often than not i don't do it consciously but i don't care. my family tried to get me to stop talking "to myself" since childhood and still does, i never grew out of it and i don't want to, i much prefer it this way even if i feel almost constantly blacked out kek

No. 1534058

>You think scissoring is the meaning life
And I'm right.

No. 1534059

File: 1679931677599.jpeg (119.06 KB, 1079x857, F97F0219-BB26-4B1B-AF8A-6DE597…)

I noticed a trend with my boyfriends family where they pawn stuff off onto him. Everything from ugly home decor and furniture to junk food and used hair care. I brought it up to him before because it kinda annoyed me. But now his sister is trying to do it to me too. His dad just dropped by our place and brought 2 pairs of boots that the sister doesn’t want. They are just sitting in the hall cluttering the place up and annoying me. I am thinking of asking bf to make her take them back next time he sees her. Idk what’s a good way to handle this because I want to shut this shit down STAT

No. 1534060

more on topic but because of this i can't enjoy anything in a normal way anymore. i don't give myself enough time to eat and i only have 2 hours 10 to midnight to do something in like watching movies or reading whatever and by then i'm already so exhausted. i physically can't pay attention in class because my mind always goes elsewhere no matter how hard i try but i also don't gaf, i was lucky enough to graduate high school by an actual miracle and i think that's enough for me. when i try to stop the walking in circles everywhere in my apartment it feels even worse than just being exhausted to the point where my muscles start hurting and i start feeling paranoid. even as i'm typing this i feel absent minded and half zoned out

No. 1534087

Sell it off if you can. Or pawn off their unwanted shit onto other family members who have pawned their shit off to you.

No. 1534088

went against my better judgement and became friends with a guy last year, we get along great and have lots of similar interests - flash forward to this year he gets starts dating a girl and completely stops talking to me. why the fuck do men do this. why can't I learn my lesson and stop being friends with men.

No. 1534092

I don’t want the mental burden or time spent dealing with their shit!

No. 1534094

>mental burden
>some old boots
Oh your two poor overworked braincells!

No. 1534095

i'm suppose to be sorting my cv out and applying to jobs on my day off but i got high and put on janis ian. i can't be fucked

No. 1534100

Ok anon well when you start accepting boots from people and it develops into them dumping all their clothes on to you and then hauling their dead grandmas ancient dusty couches and bed she died in and 6 lamps and ugly old heavy massive furniture into your house I hope you remember me and kys

No. 1534104

Why are you being such a bitch to donation-chan, geez.

OP, you should talk to your boyfriend about this. Doesn't it bother him to have to deal with old junk, too? He should be talking to them first before you do, it's his family. If he's scared, make him grow a pair lol. Is this a bigger issue of him not standing up to his family in different situations?

No. 1534114

this is really not a vent, more of something i just saw rn
anyway, at the metro stop and 3 boys—clearly middle school age or really young high schooler are across the platform. they decide they want to go to the other side (my side) and they jump down onto the tracks and hop across.
and the one thing that stood out to me is their baggy JNCO style jeans, and i mean really baggy jeans—like serious 2000s jeans. all three of them

made me think of my brother too, my brother and his friends would do shit like that at that age. except then it was all about skinny jeans

just interesting to see life from a perspective i guess, now that i’m in my mid 20s

No. 1534134

Ah I had this problem. If you really don't want to waste any time on it, bin the boots. Then tell them yeah they didn't fit right so we binned them. If you want to be less aggressive yes take them back (your bf should) and explain sorry but they're not to your taste. If they dismiss you (common reason: oh i'm sure you can find someone else who'll like them), then yeah bin them. They put their burden on you, it's not on you.

I mean, I have family with 2 hoarders who love a bargain. And the first thing that comes out of their mouth when they realise it's no use to them is "I can give it to someone". That someone is a scapegoat who unfortunately accepted a shitty item of theirs in the past. I think they just want an excuse for their overconsumption and it's perfect that they're doing what's usually seen as a nice thing, but it's selfish af.

Sorry I have so many issues with that behaviour, because it's so disrespectful but somebody not in the know would just call you an ingrate.

No. 1534138

kek I do this but because I have a full time job, I'll be whispering to myself when i'm alone in the corridor and another employee will come by and catch me with this massive frown with my teeth bared. Mental. I now only have time for a 2-3 hour walk after work but I do really need it.

No. 1534148

i decided to ignore this one friend after she treated me horribly but god, shes TWEETING to make fun of me now. i have a job, sister. maybe if you got one too you wouldn't be spending your whole day fighting with then malding about your numbered friends. no wonder no one irl tolerated you.

No. 1534163

I hate this bitch and her shitty cooking. My clean clothes that were drying now smells of her food, the stove is a mess and the regulators on the stove were left on so I almost got burnt. Fuck her fuck her fuck her fuck this stupid dirty pig

No. 1534168

File: 1679940274645.jpg (86.43 KB, 800x600, 34344.jpg)

After all that pain you caused now you live happily?
I always dreamed to go to Japan but now you're gonna visit this country? Even though it was my dream for all these years?
All the pain and suffering you caused, you don't remember aren't you?
I'm suffering to this day and try my best daily to crawl back on my feet, yet you're living the best life, stepping on me.
There is no justice.
God is dead.

But somehow I'll get back on my feet and I will do it myself. You're all worthless. I will show you what I'm made of.

No. 1534190

This post made me laugh sorry it sounds like something a 14 year old would post

No. 1534193

I bet this fag also laugh as hard

No. 1534208

This sounds exactly like it's written by a white incel I know who was obsessed with getting japanese girls.

No. 1534209

Is that a female Bloodl?

No. 1534210

Travelling this economy seems like shit anyway's, I'm sure by the time your back on your feet the economy will be better and you can enjoy Japan yourself

No. 1534211

This is me to myself after washing literally all my stuff as a spring cleaning thing this weekend then as it's hanging in my apartment I make sticky ribs. Now my jackets, towels and all my clothes smell delicious in a bad way.

No. 1534216

I hope so, it's just tiring.
The pain he caused means nothing, no one want to know, everyone put blame on me in the past and then forgot about situation.
It feels lonely.
I'm just tired.

No. 1534221

I dropped my phone at university today - which I've done a million times because I'm a clutz - and the screen finally broke, phone totally out of use. Decided to stay on campus and get some work done before dealing with this, then the electricity goes off. Generator kicks in but the wifi isn't working. Decide to go home and get my backup phone running, takes a really long time start charging. When it finally starts charging my electricity at home goes off. Plug it into my laptop, charge it up enough to get it running and to swap my sim card. Sim card isn't working so I try to get the sim card out using the sim ejector thing. The fucking sim ejector bends and something clicks in the hole and breaks. Now my sim card is stuck in my fucking backup phone which isn't picking up the sim card. At this phone I just lost my shit and cried so fucking hard bc I'm pmsing and its all too much BS. My husband got the sim card out when he got home but the backup phone just isn't working so I have to get a new one. Fuck my clumsiness and fuck load shedding (scheduled electricity outages bc the country's power grid is fucked).

No. 1534224

I’ll never be in a relationship because I just don’t have what it takes to do it. I noticed most straight relationships go like this.
>the situation stage when they girl gets ignored a lot, booty called a lot and the scrote is keeping his options open
>the scrote finally gives in because no one else wants him and he falls in love because he’s finally taking the time to get to know you
>you have to deal with him always looking at porn and comparing you to other women
>you have to do mental gymnastics to justify cheating

The list goes on and on. I can’t do it.

No. 1534230

Why are losers always so obsessed with japan? Visiting japan won't fix any of your issues.

No. 1534232

File: 1679943883490.png (140.28 KB, 424x608, depressed pikachu.png)

I've been having a style crisis for quite a while now, I wish there was some sort of stylist online I could send my picture to so I could get some help figuring out what kind of hairstyle/color and makeup I should go for because I feel like a mess and not sure what types of outfits I fit in anymore. I love taking inspiration from different kind of styles so I have a pretty varied wardrobe, but it also means I have long periods of "I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR" because I am incredibly insecure and forget how to create outfits from time to time because I feel too ugly.

No. 1534238

I relate to this so much.

No. 1534241

Did I say that it will fix anything? You sound retarded, you whore. I'm just venting about that scumbag.

No. 1534246

This isn't the dumbass thread, leave her alone, she wants to enjoy nipponland on her own.

No. 1534251

nta but where did whore even come from? kek not only are you a weeaboo but you also are misogynistic. figures!

No. 1534266

>I wish there was some sort of stylist online I could send my picture to so I could get some help figuring out what kind of hairstyle/color and makeup I should go for
That's definitely a thing tho. Can't vouch for the quality of such online services but they certaintly exist.

No. 1534271

This is why we block our exes and unfollow them on social media after a break up

No. 1534274

I think there is something really wrong with me. When I meet new people they tend to like me and we get on very well for a few months but after a certain amount of time they begin to resent me and be disappointed and angry with me because of me not meeting their expectations. I get overwhelmed very quickly and then try to take a step back to protect myself but they just interpret it as if I am lazy and not stepping up more. It happened with my friend group in school and now with coworkers as well. I just want to take a break.

No. 1534277

>you whore
I knew this was written by a white incel, kek.

No. 1534279

I figured it would be, but idk it feels like most of them would lean more towards normie fashion and trends? While I'm not 100% into any alt fashion, I would prefer a stylist that leans towards that… but would be great if you know of any!

No. 1534282

File: 1679946639174.jpeg (24.21 KB, 540x540, 96c7523b5353fa70ab4acfcbb45c1e…)

sorry I just need to vent

>mom dies suddenly, basically in my arms, while i'm visiting my parents over thanksgiving

>in shock for months, and still haven't processed it
>still have to deal with her estate, autopsy, bills, etc because my dad is having a meltdown and can't cope
>rest of family legally can't help me deal with stuff
>take a few weeks off work but have to go back
>can't get anything done because my stupid desk job feels so unimportant in the grand scheme of things, my boss is really understanding but I have so many responsibilities that no one else can do so it's stressful
>bleeding money until I can get $ from my moms estate because of bills, attorneys, etc
>my dad is convinced he's dirt poor despite the fact that I know he's well off and can access my moms accounts, he won't give me any money, I legitimately can't afford to eat towards the end of the month sometimes
>according to the will, I will get everything, my mom didn't leave anything to my dad, but I tell him I will of course let him keep the house, cars, etc, and also remind him that he has a good job that pays well (many times over my salary plus he has savings, 401k, etc)
>he continues freaking out and accuses me of plotting against him
>tells me he doesn't think i'm reacting appropriately in the wake of her death, I defend myself by saying I had no choice but to power through and be strong to deal with everything
>basically implies that i didn't love my mom and that he should be entitled to money from her estate since he cared more about her
>complains to the rest of my family about how I haven't done anything to deal with her estate and that I am doing this purposefully to make him more stressed, and flat out lies about things i've done and said
>every time I talk to him on the phone he complains about how stressed he is when I am the one who has been dealing with literally everything this entire time
>accused me of treating my mom's funeral like a "party" because I suggested we should wear her favorite colors instead of black and invited 2 of my closest friends for moral support
>now claims to be religious despite only going to church once a year and threw a fit when I questioned why he was so adamant that her service be held at a church
>he demands to be able to speak with my therapist and have her tell him what I talk to her about in therapy
>my dad is basically rewriting his relationship with my mom saying they were so close and in love when in reality I know they fought all the time and slept in separate bedroom for at least the past decade, and he is telling people that she died in his arms
>have never had a close relationship with my dad (i was super close with my mom) but now it's like he's purposefully making it as bad as possible, feels like i'm probably going to basically lose him too as it's becoming impossible to even talk to him on the phone without him getting mad at me or insulting me
>only person I can talk to about any of this is my therapist because I don't want to burden my friends
>and this is only skimming the surface

i'm just so fucking tired

No. 1534284

Zoomers are so fucking dumb I just had one get mad at me for typing "such a long post" (it was 3 sentences).. even though I had a tldr at the end of it
Tablet lobotomized peewees

No. 1534288

Anon do NOT give anything to anyone. My mother passed away as well and my father acted similarly, blaming it all on me and threatening to kick me out because I cried. He's manipulating you, please take your time and don't give anything to anyone, you obviously need the money more than they do. Get psychological help when things calm down, you might not think you need it but you definitely will as grieving is a very hard process for anyone when it comes to sudden losses like yours.
I wish I was there to hug you and help you through this because I didn't really have anyone by my side aside from a few friends when I went through a similar experience.

No. 1534292

Anon, that's horrific and I'm sorry for what you're going through. Your dad is being a huge narc asshole and honestly, if he's accusing you of all this junk, just screw him over since he already is acting like you are anyway. Don't be afraid to reach out to your friends, I'm sure they wouldn't be happy if you kept this burden all to yourself. Best wishes and my condolences to you.

No. 1534318

I hate your dad nona, he should be consoling you. If I were you I'd feel exhausted, I hope you get the time soon to properly grieve your mom. Sorry that this is happening to you.

No. 1534325

I would advise against giving him everything. Parents should love you, and yet he's letting you starve at the end of the month while doing no work to make the legal process move forward. If you want, you can rent the house to him for whatever the cost it costs to cover things like taxes/insurance/ect and if you still feel like giving it to him after two years, then you can do it. I made a lot of decision in the wake of my husband's sudden death and I regret them. I was very giving to people who were cruel and greedy to me, but I thought I was "being a good person" when in reality I was just screwing myself. Take two years to grieve before making huge decisions like giving away tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No. 1534329

Don't be stupid and keep your inherentance. Trust your mother in her decision to leave it you and not her husband.

No. 1534340

File: 1679949574307.jpg (118.54 KB, 1024x768, Lorelai-lorelai-gilmore-194511…)

I'm watching Gilmore Girls and I want to strangle this fucking bitch
she is such an entitled "pick me" piece of shit who thinks so highly of herself and her bratty daughter, takes EVERYTHING and EVERYONE for granted and thinks no other women is better than her
holy fucking shit i am so fucking mad, it's incredible and she's an incredible actress

No. 1534371

During lockdown I noticed a small trend of youtubers rewatching it and saying it hits different to watch it as an adult. I watched it while young and I just remember being like.. why is everyone putting Rory on such a pedestal? Why is my life nothing like this? What makes her so special?? lol

No. 1534383

File: 1679952086709.jpeg (105.35 KB, 889x1185, IMG_0557.jpeg)

its ok nonnie, let your frustrations out. give in to the chaos demon and let the anger flow through you and release it. extreme anger is not moid exclusive.

No. 1534409

That show always annoyed the hell out of me. She gets pregnant as a teen, runs away from home while still a minor, and everything turns out okay because she has the most perfect, well behaved child ever! Like, I’m not asking for trauma porn but Christ. Just writing the first few sentences of this paragraph made me wanna roll my eyes.

No. 1534412

DONT GIVE HIM SHIT what the fuck, you think he'd do that for you? If he's going to demonize you regardless, you might as well just accept what your mom left to you. She left it to you for a reason, respect her wishes and accept it.

No. 1534417

Not to mention her parents are rich and not abusive but she acts like they are the worst people ever just because they are rich but she’s also upper middle class

No. 1534428

Seems like your father doesn't give a fuck about either you or your mom and wants to steal your inheritance by pressuring you into giving it to him so you won't be able to sue him or anything. Don't help him. At all. He's not helping you either after all and seems like an overall terrible parent to begin with, I wouldn't be surprised if your mother predicted exactly that and wrote her will to avoid him getting everything and ruining everything for you in general. And if you're close enough to your friends you should talk to them, getting some moral support and just venting to loved ones irl will help you, even if just a little.

No. 1534430

Don't give your dad shit. You deserve it all. I'm so sorry you are dealing with such a traumatic series of events. stay strong

No. 1534435

probably cause it's on netflix too
my 16 year old self would still dislike both her and Rory, who is literally the "peaked in highschool" girl
the best things in this show are Paris and Kirk
it feels so fucking cathartic when Lorelai and Rory are called out for their shit
but they're eMoTiOnAlLy aBuSiVe

No. 1534437

File: 1679955362812.jpg (18.27 KB, 360x273, 20230328_000501.jpg)

Honestly, i just want a hug. I spent weeks being sick and still working on my main art project. I finished it and i still need the other party to fix their sloppy job and finish it. It drove me insane as after i finished working on it, i started working on my own frame to frame video. I've got so much work and i do all of that alone, and nobody seems to care enough to check on me. The amount of shit i do alone is so exhausting.

No. 1534441

File: 1679955477291.jpeg (39.84 KB, 596x524, EFBEE02E-B1B7-413F-951E-E6012F…)

My coworker randomly telling us that her dad died, in the middle of dead silence, in this zoom call

No. 1534469

this AI shit is scary
that AI that could deepfake your VOICE was the cherry on top of the cake
it's time to wipe your socials imho, let only blurry pictures or shit that doesn't show your face properly

No. 1534478

My TIM friend recently peaked & desisted but he's been annoying the fucking piss out of me. I had to unfollow him on everything because he keeps "caring" about radfem topics and inadvertently insulting me for my severe GID. I'm in the process of finding a non-troon way to cope but god I'm tired of him insulting and harassing dysphoric females and having a superiority complex over them. This is over the Nashville situation, which all I know is that a TIF did it. I'm completely disgusted by his sudden shift in personality, although I'm glad he isn't skinwalking.

No. 1534499

Kids even older ones actually play outside in my neighborhood and I’m annoyed because stfu but also glad because they’re not on tiktok

No. 1534503

your mom wouldn't want you to give a cent to that pig. cut him off nonna he sees your mom as a piggy bank.

No. 1534512

Sometimes I am so fucking sick of my mother. I've had a nasty skin condition on my legs and arms for more than 2 years. At first I thought it was some kind of ringworm or other fungal infection, and I did everything I could to kill the fungus, washing my clothes and bed sheets regularly, taking the mattress out to the sun, and being more hygienic in general. I even tried taking sun baths and rubbing vinegar. But the symptoms didn't improve, none of the lesions have ever healed, and it has been slowly spreading. I asked her to take me to the dermatologist about 1 year in, but she refused and demanded I keep trying those remedies. When I didn't get any better, she blamed me for not trying hard enough. Afterwards she just kept buying me different kinds of soap, some specifically to kill fungus and others that had "natural oils", soap for babies or regular soap but "pH neutral", none of which seemed to cure anything. Since nothing seemed to be working, I became depressed and indifferent. But the more I worried about my skin not getting better, the more I scratched due to the anxiety it caused me, especially since I have to be in front of the computer all the time to study. I don't really care about people seeing my scarred legs and arms, it's not like I'm feminine or worry about "beauty" in the first place, so I am comfortable wearing shorts in public, but it's still pretty fucked that I don't know what is happening to me and that it's only getting worse.
So fast forward to about 3 weeks ago. My aunt who works at a hospital (she's no doctor but knows more about medical stuff than my mom) told me that I should see a dermatologist and that she recommended an antifungal soap in the meantime. So I asked my mom to take me to the only store in the city that sells it. At first she refused because she thought I hadn't been using it daily the first time, so again blaming me for not healing (even though she's the one who wouldn't take me to a doctor to find out exactly what's causing this). The people at the store also told me to see a dermatologist ASAP, but they also thought it's psoriasis, which I had already suspected (my grandma has it). They asked me whether I was an anxious person, which I obviously am. My mother bought me the soap plus an ointment that my grandma uses.
Of course, like always, my mother blames me for my own anxiety. Her personality and mine have always clashed a lot, sometimes she's a total insensitive piece of shit to me and often doesn't take me and my worries seriously. She thinks I worry too much about things that I shouldn't care about. And maybe I do to some extent since I'm very neurotic, but instead of helping, she only makes me feel worse. She seems to think she can bully the anxiety and neuroticism out of me, and that taking any of my concerns seriously will only make my behavior worse, but it only makes me feel more isolated, desperate and misunderstood so I have to come here to talk about it. I am literally afraid of venting to her about certain things because I know her response will be to scoff at me and blame me for being so weak. I have other issues in my daily life that I think may be caused by some form of ADHD or something that looks like it, though I try really hard to change my horrible habits (which has led to me finding a job), but she clearly has run out of patience. I can't blame her for that, though.
A couple of weeks ago I also got a skin rash different from this other condition. I don't know if it's an allergy or bed bugs or a skin infection, but I tried everything to stop it (before even telling anyone), which hasn't worked so far. It has only made my anxiety worse. Last week I told my mother that I'm not healing from the original lesions and in fact it's spreading, which seemed to FINALLY convince her of taking me to a dermatologist. She told me of two she knew, a male and a woman. I asked her to get me an appointment with the female doctor because I also have a bit of both the lesions and the rash in my crotch area and under my breast, and I obviously would rather have a woman take a look at those. I was very explicit about it, yet today she told me she's taking me to a male doctor. I didn't say much but was clearly angry at her disrespecting my wish to be seen by a woman, so I just asked her why a man, and then just accepted it and kept cooking myself breakfast while thinking about it. Of course I appreciate the fact that she got me an appointment at all, she's doing what she can. But she always seems to want to win an argument with me instead of admitting her mistake and moving on (sometimes she does, but after a fight). So, instead of just leaving, she kept asking me angrily what's wrong I realize that this might make me look entitled, but mine is a very real concern, which is not how my mother sees it. She thinks I'm being irrational for preferring a female doctor over a potentially better male one. I had already explained to her why I wanted a woman, and she brought her up in the first place so I thought she'd just get the appointment with her and that'd be it. But she changed plans without even consulting me first. Since I don't have enough money of my own for a consultation (yet) I have to rely on her for medical stuff so I can't complain much.

No. 1534513

But she demanded I tell her why I was in a bad mood and I told her exactly why, which started a huge argument because she got all defensive about the decision that she took without me. I have a feeling that she was just looking for an argument because I purposefully kept my thoughts to myself until she asked about it, then kept blaming me for being irrational (because I prefer a female doctor even if she's not as good as the male one) and for accusing her of "disrespecting" what I had told her (which she did, didn't she?). She obviously doesn't think that a male doctor being likely to be a porn addict and a creep towards his female patients is a big deal. She kept questioning my logic, asking me what I think about my aunt's boss (the family gynecologist who btw is a massive porn addict and manslut himself), whether an older male doctor would be better in my opinion (lmao) and how I could be so progressive/liberal (forgot which word she used) in some ways and not in others (what fucking retardation is that? So not trusting older males because most of them are porn addicts and sexist and don't take female patients' concerns as seriously as male patients' is somehow unprogressive?? Not wanting to, in her words, "spread my legs" for a male doctor to examine me because I know there's a high chance of him being a disgusting pervert somehow contradicts my progressive ideas??? What kind of libfem bullshit is that). She not caring about male porn addiction or degeneracy and me caring a lot, as shown all the previous times we have talked about it, is why I did not bring it up as the reason I preferred a female doctor, because I already knew how she'd react, she'd call me irrational (again) and wouldn't take it seriously (again). She was probably offended and hurt because I didn't thank her for getting an appointment and instead got kinda mad, but let me remind you that I tried to keep it to myself and when she said "well I guess we're gonna cancel that appointment with the male doctor then" I told her it wasn't necessary. My god, can't I just be disappointed that she took a decision I didn't agree with behind my back and that she ignored my preference? And afterwards, she sent me a link to the female doc's bad reviews (apparently she makes her patients buy her products). Ok and? She did not know about this before taking that decision and only brought it up to make me shut up and win an argument. I already know she's not as good as the other guy, that's why I didn't want to cancel that appointment and why I didn't want to say anything. Then she kept asking me to stop fighting over it, even though I did not want to fight and she started it by annoying me to tell her what I really thought in the first place. She always does that, even when I'm not mad and just have a serious expression on my face, it's so fucking annoying, especially when there are guests or we visit someone and I don't even notice I look serious so it's not like I'm trying to ruin anything but she'll get mad at me for not smiling all the time even though she knows that's just my normal face, and she'll scold me over nothing, ironically ruining the entire day for both of us, which is also one of the reasons I hate visiting her friends since I never know if or when I'll accidentally set her off.
I hate it when her reaction to being hurt, offended or annoyed by something I didn't mean in that way is to get extremely aggressive and defensive. She seems to treat us like children all the time and think screaming at us and ridiculing us for our ideas or worries or reactions will "fix" us. Yet she wants us to "act like adults", which I do to the best of my ability, but it's hard to be mentally stable when your parents treat you in such a condescending way, and she's got that mixed up with being childish.

Nonnies, I swear, I can't wait to move out. I love my mom, but living with her is only hurting me psychologically. She and I are simply incompatible and have always been. It's not just this kind of stuff, I'm also a tomboy with no interest in hyperfemininity and she's the opposite (seeing her in bed healing after her weight loss surgery and boob job has scarred me mentally) and this has only made me feel guilty because I feel like I couldn't be the girly daughter she clearly wanted. Even worse, I've taken a decision not to marry and have kids, which she apparently respects, but she does not accept my reasons to not do any of those two things, therefore I still feel guilty about not wanting to give her grandchildren. A lot of times throughout my childhood and adolescence it felt like she was trying to force femininity onto me. For example, I told her I wanted shirts, but she always "corrected" me and said I wanted blouses. She bought me a shitty flimsy blouse that she deemed acceptable for me. I obviously appreciate her wanting to give me things, but I hate that sometimes she forces her decisions onto me, which I guess I should expect when she's the one with the money (for now).

No. 1534514

I’m in my 30s so I stopped dating because most of the men hit the wall so idk what the dating market is like now in my age group but what I used to hate about dating in my early 20s is men won’t date you if they think their friends won’t find you attractive. Even if he likes you and finds you sexually attractive for some reason he needs his friends to want to fuck you and flirt with you too. It’s very rare to meet a strong man in that age group who doesn’t give a fuck what his friends think or has no friends.

No. 1534520

Have you come across any non-troon copes nonnie?

No. 1534523

Why do scrotes gotta scrote so much? Ugh, I'm so tired, tired, very tired…it's not even funny anymore, just depressing

No. 1534532

Woobification is so real, in so many different facets. Some of the most fake, ugly, disgusting people I've ever encountered online pretend to embody an entirely different aesthetic than the rotted gutted awful person they are outside of their grid and tweets omg. Like the ones who pretend to be sweet or the guys who look like they have any sort of modicum of a """wholesome""" or tolerant aesthetic are the most outright evil and sociopathic. Men think primary colors and not saying the word bitch on social media will hide what a pathetic person they are and unfortunately they are right!

No. 1534539

File: 1679965870289.png (188.84 KB, 700x830, 16956171cf3705d975082d44d97426…)

I recently took a job moderating content for a game thinking it would be easy (and the pay is really good, ngl), but it's been two days since we started moderating images (we just did chat logs and usernames) and I can feel my sanity slipping away with the amount of CP I've had to see IN TWO FUCKING DAYS. I just cannot comprehend why would anyone would put that shit online on a kid friendly game/server, I'm getting sick of that shit.

I thought I was strong enough to take this garbage, but it's starting to take a toll on me, and I'm in no position to quit just now.

No. 1534546

they should be providing therapy to their moderators i know you just started but i would try to bring it up with hr or your boss because its inhumane to just expect people to deal with something like that

No. 1534548

Decided to put in my schedule im no longer working mornings because im sick of coming in thinking I'll have a coworker only for the boss to tell me im alone because of cheaping out on labour. I dont see how its fair im the only person who had to deal with working mornings while my other coworkers had school or fun shit then got to come in for only night. Im at the verge of not caring if it gets me fired for putting the schedule i actually want. Fuck it I've slaved away enough this isnt the only gig in my town. My life already sucks but spending 12 hours a day someplace i hate is worse. A place im not treated as human compared to the other staff. It's always "oh she has her college, he has a kid, she is busy with starting her business" like fuck you all! What about my life? My own dreams to get a decent job with a degree? Fuck this

No. 1534564

thank you anons I appreciate you. luckily the rest of my family (grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) have been supportive, and my friends have been as well but it's still a lot and feels overwhelming and I don't want to push my issues onto others too much although I know they are there for me. I feel like everything and every decision I make is clouded by grief, so i'm trying not to make any rash decisions about anything … but it's hard. currently i'm not talking to my dad as frequently (haven't spoken in a few days) and I have mixed feelings about it

No. 1534569

How much did they pay you?
I didn't know discord mods can get paid, I always thought they do it for free

No. 1534570

It's been more than a year since we broke up but I still feel so sad and guilty of having hurt my ex
She probably doesn't even think about me anymore but I still feel guilty for "traumatizing her"

No. 1534571

Why does my body detest me so much? I have two exams coming up and everything was going so well, but for the past two days i have been really sick and i swear to god i just want to end it all if i fail them both. I worked so hard but my body doesn't care.

No. 1534572

I posted a very neutral comment in a skincare subreddit, just pointing out some negative effect that an ingredient was shown to have in studies, and this absolute psycho who I had replied to went through my profile and downvoted all my comments, even ones from months ago. She must have been using an alt account as well because some comments from months ago in dead threads suddenly had 2 downvotes (I normally make boring comments that don't get up or down voted). I had to block her. I am never argumentative or use anything other than a completely neutral tone on reddit and I don't even use other social media so this has never happened to me before and it's so creepy to know someone was hatefully lurking my profile and reading everything I have written. Does she work for the company who makes this product or what, how tf can someone be so invested?

No. 1534573

Nonna are you me wtf? I’m just in a similar position. I have eczema all over my body and my mom drives me insane because she thinks is due to my diet and controls my food. Yes, it was partially my diet, because I would binge eat and eat processed garbage, but I’ve already cut down on those two. Now it’s just absolutely anything I ingest she has to tell me how it’s bad and how I should stop eating it. No rhyme or reason to it either, just flip flops and could be all for one food from something as simple as spinach or nuts to then hating it the next. She just reads shit online and then tells me I clearly don’t care because I don’t do my own research (because I disagree with the food shit). She tells me I’m allergic to shit I’m clearly not, because if I was, I would either be dead or carrying an epi-pen. It really wears me down because I’ve already cut out so many different foods and then having to hear another thing I can’t eat is so annoying. She knows stress is such a big part of this, and doesn’t really try to ease that at all. I’ve been like this for a year, kinda on and off, until February this year where I could barely move and it finally spread up to my face. It was only recently that my mom (but not my brother who wants me to “suck it up”) budged and considered a doctor but nothing has come of it of course. I still love her a lot, but I have serious dependency issues and she and my brother have stunted me in a lot of ways. She really crushes my spirit a lot.
I don’t want to piggyback off your vent or compare each other, but I thought I was pretty alone. The whole derm situation sucks, but I hope you can find some answers nonna. A direction somewhere is better than just stumbling in the dark, so I hope you can find that.

No. 1534574

That's just reddit, if you say anything that goes against the hivemind it gets angry.
>nice argument there, unfortunately I have DOWNDOOTED all your posts therefore I WON the argument

No. 1534575

I'm so upset and tired. I had an allergic reaction a few days ago, and since then one of my nostrils has been constantly blocked up and I can't fucking sleep because if I lay down then both nostrils get blocked. Even if I blow my nose it doesn't help. Idk what to do.

No. 1534578

File: 1679969789297.jpeg (141.14 KB, 904x1024, D0gr0JIWsAAun-a.jpeg)

Never thought that moving to a Southern state and making a fuck ton in tips at Hooters would sound like a good option but here I am

No. 1534580

That’s normal for redditors but yes it’s completely stupid. They’ll look through every post you ever made and even reply to ones that have nothing to do with what they got mad about. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so unhinged and exemplifying how being terminally online has radicalized people to freak out over a different opinion and try to discredit you entirely as a person.

No. 1534593

If they were a little less expensive and gross I would live off of Soylent. I'm too lazy to feed myself and I'm sick of forgetting to eat and feeling like shit

No. 1534598

They need to make a dating site for women only looking for skinny, baby faced pretty boys.

No. 1534600

They do, I believe it's called hard candy dot onion. Kys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1534602

Not looking at your cp sites

No. 1534604

Sounds like that's where you want to be tho

No. 1534607

Liking men under 40 doesn’t make women pedos

No. 1534626

File: 1679977343531.jpeg (32.35 KB, 501x551, DAE45BEA-7B0C-440F-8E0A-7B4691…)

My brothers gf indiscriminately adds ALL his friends regardless of if she has ever known, met or interacted with them, including any new ones. They’ve been together weeks.

…EXCEPT his female ones.

It strikes me as grubby, possessive behaviour, what sane woman would do that.

(He has 400 friends and she has over 250 mutuals with him: deficit is comprised of his female friends who she won’t add)

I fear this is to make it harder to break up with her, ie ‘i’ll tell ur friends xyz’

How do I bring this up with him

No. 1534638

>thirstpost about young males with childlike physical traits
>get called a pedo
>complain society wants you to be attracted to old men instead of boys as if those are the two choices
I'm getting tired of seeing this exact argument unfold repeatedly on lolcow, it's basically just bait at this point.
if you can't see why you sound like a pedo then you must be a child yourself.

No. 1534641

File: 1679981676711.jpeg (72.98 KB, 770x839, A78CC6FA-670E-4E74-A91C-0F1D05…)

Liking legal adults does not make me a pedo.
Plenty of most men in their 20s are cute and skinny unless they are drunks or drug addicts.

No. 1534644

who's the blonde one?

No. 1534645

hall is the blonde one kek

No. 1534647

I was waiting for that kek

No. 1534649

Kek as a former victim of violent abuse this made me laugh because the way I got out was by finally turning back on and beating my abuser over the head with a sheathed longsword until he fled in fear for his life and then I left and he never bothered me again. It makes me laugh sometimes to think about hitting him with the sword and how he went from strangling and spitting on me and dragging me around all the time to suddenly looking afraid and running in fear like a little kid. If that other anon is not actively being beaten obviously I don’t recommend it, my case was 100% self defense mid being attacked (I grabbed a nearby object to fend him off which luckily was a ridiculous weapon kek) it would be a terrible move in any other case of course. But kinda funny still.

No. 1534650


damon albarn

No. 1534655

There’s this really pretty blue eyed woman on TikTok constantly bragging about being a sex worker and fucking peoples husbands. It’s going to be so funny when she turns 50 and cries that she was groomed which is why she was such a bitch. Typical.

No. 1534659

File: 1679984086068.jpg (38.17 KB, 442x460, SEB1d9f.jpg)

So today I had the 'pleasure' of getting the fifteen thousandth lecture on why I should be happy for someone who actually tried to murder me. But it's a moid and I'm not so I guess my actual life is worth less than his feelings. A moid was the one lecturing me too, classic!

So yeah, nothing like getting told I'm feeling the wrong emotions because constantly resisting acting on them isn't enough, I need to not feel them at all. God. I can't win unless I'm on my knees begging for forgiveness from a man who's never once sincerely apologized for the hell he made my so-called childhood into.

No. 1534664

AYRT, not just yet. I'm just staying in one place & trying to ignore my suffering for the time being. I'm still miserable, but not actively suicidal thankfully

No. 1534670

omfg why is my v*gina so sweaty lately?? like its leaking more than usual. my underwear feels perpetually moist now. why is this happening?!!?!?!?!!?! AHHHHHHH(you can say vagina)

No. 1534671

Synthetics? Try natural fiber panties, pants and bedding

No. 1534673

My earwax is so wet and there's so much of it. It wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that I basically am constantly wearing earbuds. It literally makes me feel like my ears are sweaty and the headphones feel slippery and… squishy. On top of the ear cleaning I do everyday in the shower I clean with q tips like twice a day.

No. 1534677

This feels like such a stupid thing to vent here about but I have no one else to tell and I'm still shaken
I just almost choked to death in my kitchen. It's 3am, my boyfriend is asleep, I've been trying to drink a big glass of water before bed. I don't know what happened exactly but I started choking after I took a big sip. I immediately started violently coughing and trying to get the water back out, leaning over the sink just coughing and trying not to gasp for air. I was trying to calm myself down so I could actually get a breath in, but when I tried to breathe in nothing happened. Like I just couldn't get a breath in
I was coughing up water into the sink, and then I would stop again to try to get a breath in but my throat just felt clogged. It was terrifying and I started to feel like I was going to pass out, but then I managed to cough out the rest of the water that I guess was stuck in my throat and then managed to get a breath
Maybe it wasn't that serious and there was 0 chance of me actually dying, but in the moment holy shit it was so scary and I for sure thought I was just going to choke to death and my boyfriend was going to wake up and find me dead in the kitchen

No. 1534687

My bf starting to get envious of me even tho I work worse/longer hours but i have optimism and it's happening again. I'm getting days off while he's working and he's taking it personal against me. Why are men so fucking fragile

No. 1534688

>>1534677 It's not a stupid thing to vent about, that sounds terrifying! I'm so sorry that happened to you and I'm really glad you're okay.

No. 1534694

Kek, almost all of them are not capable of complex emotion and when they do attempt to express more complex emotions than horniness, violence, envy, and bigotry, it becomes tiring and the mask slips. They are permachildren incapable of feeling happiness for others. I experienced the same after going through a lifetime of abuse and poverty and only females were ever happy for me when my life was no longer as tough. Even males who had the goal of getting married to me were angry over the fact that I became more privileged than them over time after experiencing suffering they hadn't ever gone through. I don't even use my privilege for anything but charity and they still get angry and salty because they can't sit on their asses, buy tengas and play switch games like I theoretically can.

As a woman, your lot in life is to suffer, cope, and Mommy the main characters (men). It's incompatible with their entitlement and worldview that they should be the ones not receiving constant unearned praise, benefits or accolades.

No. 1534696

I was involved with this guy briefly who had a "crazy ex girlfriend". We were working on a project together, ended up getting closer than I meant to get with him, lots of sexual tension. He opened up to me a lot about the hell his ex girlfriend put him through, said she constantly cheated, lied, was abusive towards him. I really empathized with him, having just gotten out of an abusive relationship myself. We bonded over our exes nearly breaking us
We never officially dated but we had a "thing", I had no interest in actually dating him because he was kind of a mess. I helped him get off drugs but he was still a little volatile. We were close friends before anything else, constant contact all day every day, planning vacations, joking about a future with children together and retiring after our project took off
One day, I get a message from some random calling me a dirty whore, demanding I call them so they can get some answers from me. It was his "ex". He had been dating her the whole time, living with her for the past month, and she was pregnant. I told her the truth about everything because I was so hurt and embarrassed I had been played to that extent. She confronted him with all of the proof I gave her about my involvement with him, showing I wasn't the instigator and he lied. She confessed to me that he was physically abusive to her a lot, and that cheating on her while she was pregnant was the final straw. She broke up with him and kicked him out of her house. His response to it all was to drain our business account that had all of my cut of our project in it, and ghost me. He bailed with all of the project work I had done, left me with nothing
Fast forward a few months later and I find out that he's releasing our project, with MY work, under his own name. I start trying to expose everything he had done, and in my attempts to do that I find out his dumb cunt "ex" was still with him and was helping him fuck me over. He started threatening to dox me and send people to my house to hurt me, all while his girlfriend sat idly by and did nothing. It was one of the lowest points of my life, I was terrified of what he would do.
So I gave up, I didn't know how to combat someone unhinged threatening to send his felon buddies to my house. Police were no help. I went on with my life, dealing with his occasional vendetta attempts to scare and harass me over the next few months. He never let it go, he felt like I hurt his relationship by telling his girlfriend everything and kept harassing me over it for so long. Then one day I get a message from his girlfriend
It's a half-assed apology, she tells me he hit her again and caused her to miscarry. He apparently stole a bunch of money from her too. She was asking me to press charges against him in court. I declined, I didn't want to be involved with this bitch or her rotten baby daddy ever again. I would've given anything to have both of them out of my life forever.
As far as I know she did press charges against him, got a restraining order that he immediately broke. He fled the country to avoid the warrant. She's still pining over him on Twitter though. She tweets about "my ex" all the time, and how she's moved on and is a boss bitch with no need for a man. She's posting half naked selfies all the time with tags she knows he follows, so desperate for his attention even after everything. I hate them both so much. I still check his profile every now and then to make sure he's still out of the country, and when I do part of me hopes he's gotten back on drugs and OD'd

No. 1534722

I really really need to get up so I can start getting ready to leave by 7, but I can't. Bed 2 comfy and warm.

No. 1534727

Shot in the fucking dark but lonely anon w the locked thread in /g/, 26 is very young. But old enough that you have to love yourself and shake yourself free out of your learned helplessness for your future.


No. 1534731

It takes an average of 7 times to leave an abusive partner. Start earlier than you think you need - you already looked at some possible sources of temporary help, you can do it nona!

No. 1534732

Truth hurts.

No. 1534735

No. 1534736

You sound so socially retarded, kek

No. 1534765

neither look babyfaced tho it's just that when men hit like 26 they look like they've been smacked in the face and scalp with progeria. just don't say babyfaced ever again to avoid this argument bc it comes out very wrong

No. 1534766

I'm prone to nervous breakdowns every one to two years. I'm perfectly fine in the time between breakdowns, I'll get stressed or burnt out and be back to normal by the next week. But every 12-18 months I have a solid 4-8 weeks where I can hardly function. I'll skip classes and assignments, and some minor issues that I normally just completely ignore come out to bite me. It's pretty clear that my nervous breakdowns result from bottling things up, which is they happen at regular intervals, but I don't know if I even ought to do anything about them. Things have a way of working out for me, not "luck," but maybe good fortune? Whenever things go awry, things align in a way that there's not any actual problems that arise. I know how common and debilitating mental health issues can be for other people, and that a lot of people with my issues do find it hard to function, and I find having a 1-2 month long breakdown every few years to be a relatively decent trade off for otherwise being very happy. Even during my breakdowns I'm not sad, I feel fine other than getting stressed about the parts of my life that I'm neglecting. I was searching to see how redditors described nervous breakdowns and one person described it as "if you've ever genuinely needed to scream, it's the feeling you get right before you let out the scream." That is how I typically feel during my breakdowns, just a solid few weeks of feeling stressed, neglecting school, relative social isolation, and letting some of my issues out of containment (for instance, I have a sleep disorder that I otherwise manage and manage well). Everyone else described much more emotional distress and disassociation. I've always been fairly emotionally stable and I think my pattern of having things work out for me makes me a lot calmer when faced with stuff that would otherwise be very upsetting, so it's as though I'm even fortunate when it comes to my textbook nervous breakdowns.

I guess the problem is that I don't view my nervous breakdowns as having much of an impact on my life, but I know deep down that there has to be some sort of consequence from them. I've always suspected that I'm probably going to die young-ish (like 50s) from something relatively unfortunate but not unrealistic, like cancer or a car crash. I'm seriously not trying to be morbid, again I'm quite a happy person, it's just how I've personally come to think of my fortune and its consequences (both the consequences of the things that would have otherwise happened had my fortune not bailed me out and a more general "karma" consequence for having good fortune in the first place).
I would like to not die in my 50s from cancer or cars or anything. I feel like I'm a victim to my own good fortune, to the degree where even during the 1-2 months every year or two where some amount of karma catches up with me, I'm protected from any real and permanent consequences again and again. How do I even begin to break the cycle? I don't know if it's the fact that I'm at the tail end of a breakdown right now that's making me think about all this and I don't know if it's absolutely deranged to see a connection between my breakdowns (my one consequence) and my fortune and that fortune running out. I just want to stop the breakdowns (they do still suck), and learn from making mistakes.

No. 1534774

I fucking hate my uni. I wish I didn't have to return there for one day more. I can't make any connections between ppl there, both profesors and the students are annoying to me. Like even with the women I can't in my shithole country where feminist values are gonna get you in hot water but our troon tim collague is fine and dandy and quirky and definitely not giving serial killer vibes. Somehow everyone is fine with him except for me, he randomly went from being intimidated of me and tripping to get out of my way to being mean and passive agressive when I speak up. Also can't even make a single fucking joke without those crybabies crying I'm some golddigger or "poor mens!". Literally jokes about how men have it so hard are okay, I joked but ironically because it's retarded concept to begin with (they were talking about how gyms should have men only sections because apparently there is a lot of women who are sexually harrassing poor moids with their tits and asses or smth). But when I joked I need to upgrade my nigel because they told me their programmer bf's salary I'm suddenly getting scolded how could I say that, because the bf salary is his not hers. Like ffs. Good for you Jessica for being 5-6 years with your moid, earning 2/3 oh his salary at best, sharing an apartment, but god forbid if you share the money. Nooo, have to go 50-50, hope he goes 50-50 on pregnancy for you and carries half of it kek.
My professors are shit too, one year I had porn obssesed old scrote who was supposed to be an art professor but all he ever shown in class was somehow ALWAYS naked women. I think there were like 3 naked men total, and 2 of them were with women and one was covered by shading or smth. Claimed himself a feminist too kek. This year I have one that made fun of me for the way I paint tits. Yeah, you read that correctly. Like he straight up asked entire class to come and look at those drawings while he shat on them. Not to brag nonnas but I'm pretty fucking good, I took reference obs, but I guess drawing smaller breasts, breasts that are far apart or slightly tuberous is no-no. He didn't have problem at all with my drawings that had balloon tities (had to draw them like that for a job gig ugh). Also the above mentioned pickme joined him in on shitting on my art?? She finished art school but I guess she need to go to another because first time wasn't enough kek. Anyway, still it was weird she even dared to join the critique when she herself can't draw something unless it's coping the photo and even then it's well..

No. 1534777

im fucking cackling at the mental image of you beating a cowering moid with a sheathed claymore, good for you noni. absolute queen shit

No. 1534785

34 and not in a relationship nor dating, sometimes I wonder if there are other nonnas on this site like me
irl people think there HAS to be something wrong with you, even if there isn't
not everyone is lucky to have a high school sweetheart or in the mood to chase men, i just never really cared about relationships
idk it's not like I don't want to, I'm not going to bend over for men who I don't like
but society deems you an expired woman and unworthy
being an introvert also does not help

No. 1534786

Don’t care, druggies always lie and try to make you the bad guy when you call them out. Case in point >>1532538 >How dare my evil bitch of a mother call me what I am! Why won’t she let me fry my brains on shrooms while I’m living with her!!

No. 1534787

I'm the same (33). I don't even get why it's strange, everyone's life works out differently. Everyone acknowledges the dating apps fucking suck and that there aren't an abundance of great men out there. It's like miserable people just want you to settle. I feel so lucky that I'm happy to be on my own unless I meet and am compatible with someone who reaches my very high standards. I'm lucky too that I'm friends with people of a huge range of ages and I've seen how life can work out in strange ways.

No. 1534788

why are you insisting she's a druggie when she said she's only done it once?
>"This was my first ever time doing something like this"
if you've fixed a car once are you suddenly a mechanic? you're so retarded

No. 1534794

It's one of those days when I can't seem to do anything.

No. 1534798

Is this a joke? I don’t get it. The point of that post is there was no education happening…

No. 1534800

you are retarded no offence

No. 1534801

i dont want to do this or any of the responsibilities i signed up for, actually. i wish i found a kind of joy in self improvement. many days feels like dragging myaelf kicking and screaming for the bare minimum. and the pissheads acting passive aggressive with me don,m't help. if we were still minors i could at least tell them to step up or square up

No. 1534802

if you're older than like 17 this is really embarrassing. why hasn't someone taught you yet that your (haughty, rude, very moidy) opinion on others' lives means shit? she's not taking a dump on your lawn furniture, she's listening to music and zoning out for a few hours. tone the testerical aggression down for a few minutes and you might find out what it's like to have friends

No. 1534807

I am glad to see this word being used more often around here.

No. 1534815

The current situation I am in I have done everything morally, lawfully, and legally right. What do I get? I get painted as the bad guy and am now being harassed at my own home. My entire life I have played by the rules. I'm so fucking done with that. It has gotten me nowhere and has brought more harm than good into my life. It's don't trust anyone and fuck around and find out from here on out.

No. 1534818

Fat soyboy ex is pounding his keyboard buttons on twitter raging about how he thinks my current bf is a downgrade.
Lol I dumped him back in November and he made a big show about supposedly getting a new girl weeks ago, and yet he still carries on with his narcissistic injury.

No. 1534822

my brother keeps throwing the biggest gamer rage fits and while it scares me to my core i also just find it so pathetic that i can't care. like it affects me very little when he shouts so loud and hard he has a sore throat the next day all i can feel is contempt. but of course i'll always wonder when i'll be the one getting pounded on next i feel like it's only a matter of time, my bedroom door already has several punched holes in it. he's also nearly 30. like chill out it's pixels on a screen kek come on now we have bigger things to worry about like poverty for example. i'm honestly still LITERALLY SHAKING!!!!ZOMG!!!! from fear right now (seriously) but the patheticness of it all overrides it. gamers kek. don't go for them nonas

No. 1534827

They're mad because you're right
>I do nothing all day everyday because of my depression so let's add drugs to the scenario! All the 20-somethings are doing it! Nothing bad will ever come of that!

No. 1534830

No. 1534850

>Nothing bad will ever come of that!
With psilocybin, no, likely not.

No. 1534875

I don’t know what progesterone creams is for and none of the google descriptions make any sense. sorry for being a liar

No. 1534880

You say that until you get persisting hallucination syndrome and bad depersonalization for months afterwards. Even if you are ok with weed shrooms do that

No. 1534898

Recreational drugs are never the answer to depression. Despite what you think, they all carry risks that will make it worse in the long run.

No. 1534911

Why am I the only one who will make a pot of coffee at work? Four people will individually use the Keurig but not one of them will go "hmm, maybe I should make a pot". Sometimes I want to just walk over and go "Oh hey! Someone made coffee!" like they all get to when I make one. And I don't want to hear the "oh, I don't know how" excuse. I didn't know how until I went 'fuck it' and did it.

(And no, it's surprisingly not a male-dominated workplace. Coffee consumption is 40/60 men/women. I'm about to break the fucking Kuerig so they can't use it)

No. 1534931

because you do it and they know it. Stop making the coffee and once they realize it's not a one-off thing someone else likely will pick the habit up.

No. 1534933

I hate moids. Let nonna live her life, it's not meth

No. 1534935

And the risks of taking a medicinal drug like anti-depressants includes things like permanent sexual dysfunction and suicide. Pick a less retarded hill to die on, sheltered-chan.

No. 1534941

Make only coffee enough for yourself, wait in front of the machine, pour it on your mug and watch them try to serve themselves from an empty machine. Don't enable their weaponized incompetence.

No. 1534958

My life is not in the gutter and I both smoke weed and occasionally do shrooms. Please do not reproduce and pass your idiocy onto children.

No. 1534977

I've pooped four times in the past two hours. I hate my body I hate the never ending cycle of not pooping for the week before my period and then having it all happen at once. I want to scream I want to smash everything in my bathroom with a hammer.

No. 1534978

you need to eat more fibers nonna
or take some probiotics

No. 1534987

File: 1680015419800.jpeg (47.51 KB, 1080x856, 6A8C517E-4A44-4F7F-AD84-8D8A9D…)

I seem that I just can’t heal from all the pain that my ex caused me and that I caused him. I was never able to process it, it’s been 5 years. I’m in a healthy relationship now and a different person, I really couldn’t care less about him but I still can’t play videogames without being scared that I will be screamed at after a tiny mistake.
I want to heal.

No. 1535007

I mean this in the nicest way possible: there is something wrong with you. That’s not normal in any way shape or form. Get help. Help yourself. You gotta do something about that, honey.

No. 1535017

I just read in the Jillian thread some therapist praising her for buying a cake to celebrate her diagnostic impression, and wished she had thought of doing so herself when diagnosed with RA. Bitch, I was diagnosed with RA last year and I'm still going through absurd amounts of testing/medication to ensure I have nothing else "going on" plus trying to get this bastard into remission. The last thing on my mind was to celebrate a crippling, life long medical condition with a fucking CAKE. I DESPISE this whole glorification of illness with asspats. It's dangerous and downright asinine. Being sick doesn't make you a special snowflake, overcoming it and leading your life to the fullest without announcing to everyone you have an illness does make you a strong person imo. No1CURR about your special snowflake disorder. People have their own problems and lives, assuming other people have the time or energy to care about your bullshit is so fucking narcissistic it makes me rage. God damn. I saged because even I find my rant to be retarded.

No. 1535021

File: 1680019061966.gif (728.3 KB, 480x360, tumblr_osrhwqOvnC1vbcnq8o1_500…)

im freaking out. my throat has been feeling scratchy all day. please please please dont be due to sickness. Im going on vacation soon and i have been looking forward to this for months since i have to visit somewhere which was on my bucketlist. if i get sick i cant travel and then i might actually kill myself

No. 1535032

This must be a male. Only a male would go on such tardrage to drop link to a literal child rape link because a woman likes young men instead of expired men.

No. 1535036

Coming from someone who has done LSD dozens of times in crazy places (all 4 Disney theme parks, Busch gardens, before I boarded a cruise) and smoked weed everyday for half my life, shrooms suck. I’ve done them 3 times and each time was a thoroughly awful experience. It’d start out fun and then all of a sudden I’m pummeled with extreme emotions and just cry my fucking eyes out for hours.

Shrooms are an emotional trip more than a sensory one, in my experience. The sensory trip you get from LSD is amazing and at higher doses the emotional part of LSD is easily dealt with and enlightening, in my experience. Vs shrooms where it’s just violent uncontrollable sobbing l.

No. 1535037

Ew both him and his gf sound disgusting.
>It's a half-assed apology, she tells me he hit her again and caused her to miscarry
That's the only good part, there won't be any baby to be subjected to these druggie retards.

No. 1535040

What you did was not wrong nonna, steal from those bastards every single chance you get.

No. 1535043

File: 1680021631976.jpg (161.62 KB, 736x920, 1920a30e5c264fffb0cf6e1d7b3c7e…)

Don't scroll down. Why are all men so gay even when they're straight? Seriously any gaggle of men together quickly gets a little gay.

No. 1535044

Are you airing out your pussy enough? You should sleep without panties/pants at least once every two weeks to let her breath.

No. 1535055

Anon, I see your situation through the joke and I want you to understand this is serious. It might feel like it’s a silly discomfort you can tolerate well enough but there’s no need to. I’ve seen someone post about her brother’s gaming tantrums before and I don’t know if it’s you but if it is, this is clear escalation and it’s bad-bad now. If you all live with your parents, they also need to accept this behaviour is unacceptable for a family of adults and none of you have to live like this. If it’s just you two, let him know it’s disgusting, no joking around and if he ever brings it to your door again, you call the police (don’t have to tell him that). He doesn’t care about your wellbeing when he leaves you shaking in your own home. Video games are nothing, there’s no reason for this reaction, he should be ashamed. It’s a complete failure on his part, tiny kids don’t act like that.

No. 1535061

My roommate is turning into a troon and is so very fucking disgusting. Grown-ass man, never ever ever brushes teeth, stinks like literal shit, wears inflatable breasts and stuuuuuupid little girl skirts and knee high socks that grown women wouldnt even wear, abuses his elderly dog, fucks giant crusty stuffed my little pony plushes with holes in their butts, obsessed with video games and mlp and pokemon and other retard shit, pees in bottles, etc etc i could fucking goooo onnn. I can't even believe people like this exist, and I have to live with one.

No. 1535062

File: 1680023494067.jpeg (71.25 KB, 800x600, 8AB55839-D2F9-4C1B-AC56-4C1C09…)

i feel like my only options are relapse or suicide? i am completely sober i have been in therapy tried medications since i was little but it feels like ill always fall into a bout of depression and obsessive thoughts and detachment from myself even when exercising sleeping going to therapy going to work doing what is right. what do i do? is relapsing better than suicice? i am maybe going to try new medicine but im terrified. please i wish i knew the answer but i keep trying only for it to feel so awful i cant live this way. i feel trapped in my own head. meditation exercise i love but itdoesnt help when im so deep in this again. i was doing so well. do i start smoking cigs again or vape? dont want to take ativan makes anxiety worse over time. im so trapped. please a cry for help lol. its getting so bad i cant function properly? i lost my grasp on my mental state had first anxiet attack in monttths today. do. igo on an snri? what if it makes me worse and zombie?

No. 1535071

nonnie where the fuck do you live and how old is that thing? can't you move out?
jfc some of the horror stories I read here make me glad I live in my country and have a boring life

No. 1535078

Everything is better than suicide. If it’s easy for you to try new medicine go ahead. Focus on distracting yourself from these feelings when they come. I’m not sure how dissociation works but you might try getting into something attention consuming, that’s engaging enough that you don’t start thinking about yourself or depressing situation. Exercise and meditation aren’t very stimulating so I’m sure there’s nothing blocking out the dangerous thoughts. If you like vaping, go ahead but use flavours without nicotine or weird ingredients (except medical cbd/thc if it helps you), maybe try learning how to do smoke tricks. There’s no psychological anguish you can’t climb out of anon, it’s just managing thought habits and you’ve already worked hard to change that much in your life so you’re 100% capable.

No. 1535082

How can someone embody every level of hell at once!? You might just have to call an exorcist at this point, don’t look him in the eye nonnie!

No. 1535100

If they can get away with that shit, it's fair game. Blast your music, bring your friends over, have a ball and then see how she enjoys that. Nobody cares anyway, so you can get away with anything. In all seriousness, please see if you can move out. This sounds like such a ridiculous situation. 2 years of this bullshit with no support.

No. 1535104

sell all your shit and go on an extended holiday. If your going to kill youself, why not make the most out of the time you have? maybe you even realise killing yourself is a waste on your journey

No. 1535112

>i go on an snri? what if it makes me worse and zombie?
all the bad stories you hear about SNRIs are the minority of people taking them. You have far better odds of becoming better after them than becoming worse. Be honest with your doctor about your worries, but give it a shot still, you'll far more likely feel better than become a zombie. There's not a single reason not to try it at this point

No. 1535152

hey. don't let this slide, okay? i don't want to fearmonger but my brother used to have those and it definitely ended in him taking it out on me. and worse. someone who responds to something small with that level of violence and anger can't be trusted to stay calm with something big. be careful. stay safe.

No. 1535156

File: 1680032140366.jpeg (6.49 KB, 225x225, EFA8783E-9407-442E-AE83-E0F39E…)

Idk if this is the right place to talk about this but I just have been feeling more hopeless about being a woman than ever lately, I think I’m peaking in several ways but I just feel sad and empty from it. Most of my friends are more libfem and even my feminist mom is much more traditional I think than me, and just tells me to move on when I need to rant about creepy moid shit I have to deal with. So I’m not like able to really talk about this stuff irl, and I’ve been browsing lolcow for years but never really had the inclination to post until now lol. But what hurts is that despite how much he seems to, bf doesn’t get it, and I really thought he did. I should have known better bc no matter how nice ur nigel is he never will truly understand what it’s like to be a woman, but I thought he was different somehow, but idk he was watching this shoeonhead video about tiktok tradwives and ofc she was defending the lifestyle and demonizing any criticism of it, and I was trying to talk to him about how promoting that lifestyle online is dangerous and literally glamorizing the patriarchy, it’s not subversive at all like they claim, it’s entirely the status quo to submit to your husband, and we got in an argument about it bc he thinks it’s just their way of escapism and a fun hobby for them as if it exists in a vacuum, and I genuinely feel like I can’t trust him as much anymore after this. I know it’s probably really dumb but I’m just in the other room crying, realizing that I’ll always ultimately be seen as subordinate to all the males in my life, even the “good ones”. It makes me feel like a fucking schizo when no one else seems to care about stuff like this irl.

No. 1535165

Break up with him, if he gets recommendations for June/shoe he probably is watching other anti-feminist garbage. Sorry nona, you deserve better. I’ve dealt with the same feelings and it’s difficult to reconcile where we stand in this world but I just try to remember that life is short and that I need to enjoy every moment I have here on earth. We can’t change the minds of others (esp misogynists) so all we can do for ourselves is to live with as much purpose and love possible to the people who matter (not scrotes). Ik it’s a massive cope but if I didn’t have this outlook I would be depressed 24/7 because things really are bleak for women in the real world and there’s not much we can do. I do recommend trying to get involved and donating if you can so you can make a real tangible impact on the lives of other women. That also helps me to feel like I’m at least helping one woman and potentially changing her life.

No. 1535167

Same anon but I would just end it now as someone who has previously had suspicious stuff come up on a boyfriend’s feed. I went crazy trying to figure out why he was getting porn on his feed, why he was getting manosphere videos, etc. it’s not worth the effort because the algorithm is likely just giving them what they want despite them claiming “I have no idea what that is!!!”. Your man is a misogynist and you’re better off leaving him. And let me tell you, if you decide to stay with him after this, your worth is going to fall in his eyes because he will now know that you will compromise your core values for him and dismiss your gut feeling to keep him. End it now, please don’t do what I did and stay for too long, it only gets so much worse.

No. 1535182

What triggered you? I sometimes get triggered and get similar thoughts.

No. 1535184

Every male wants a tradwife, that's just how it is. I hope you don't think that men can be feminists, lol.

No. 1535186

File: 1680034746060.png (124.63 KB, 1134x1038, 976DF63D-1B77-45AE-BB18-C4B951…)

Trying shire brand adderal I got from my sister and it makes me feel so good, normal and capable I want to cry. I’ve only got one week of it and then I’ll be back to normal — zero emotion, zero motivation, everything is insurmountable and my life back to being a mess.

No. 1535192

I haven't taken antidepressants in a while but I recently looked up dosages of what I was given and it was basically nothing kek. And this is like eight years of severe depression and self harm. Is it because I don't look haggard enough? Why are some people just given xanax and benzos like it's candy and I got what basically amounted to sugar pills. I could write a book about bullshit I've heard from people in the mental health industry.

No. 1535197

I really want more friends but for some reason I can't seem to manage having more than maybe two people in my life that I regularly interact with at the same time. Right now I practically only hang out with and talk to my bf. I have one close friend on top of that and I'm already struggling with regularly messaging her, let alone keeping in touch with more people.
It's like my social needs are so low that they're already being met by talking to one or at most two people a day, and everything on top of that feels like it takes a ton of energy. Despite this, I feel lonely a lot and would love to have more people to hang out with instead of spending almost every night by myself. I wish I could make some friends that just want to hang out irl every so often and don't expect me to keep up the friendship with online messages in the meantime.

No. 1535198

I'm so sorry nona, betrayal like that always stings especially when you thought they understood you before. I would also say please dump him bc he doesn't respect you or your intellect and lived experiences. Feminism is just a thought exercise to like literally all men, if they can even understand it in the first place.

I also empathize with the feeling of helplessness. It sucks to feel so isolated on it even from other women. Engaging in things (even other things) that bring you a sense of community can help relieve it a bit. I tell myself whenever I'm feeling doomed and hopeless that hope for women exists, and that we are the hope. Keep your walls up and your heart soft.

No. 1535230

File: 1680037544665.jpeg (5.44 KB, 275x250, kirbyfd.jpeg)

im sorta blackpilled on the mental health industry nonnie, but psychiatry in practice is bullshit in most cases (save for like actual psychosis). for your situation it could have literally been that they didn't think you looked "ill" enough. in my situation, they had me on 3-4 different psych drugs and kept changing them up when i didn't magically get happier bcus my parents didn't magically stop abusing me. they were about to prescribe me lithium when i cold turkey stopped everything, i'm not bipolar and never have been. just because someone got a degree and passed boards to be able to prescribe medications doesn't keep them from being retarded.

No. 1535233

You don’t need adderall if it’s having that effect on you. A lot of normie people think their default state is “unproductive” bc of capitalism and it’s really fucking frustrating if to see it when you actually have ADHD and your “default” is fundamentally handicapped. I have ADHD and the stimulant medication calms me down and made me really sleepy when I first tried it. Not trying to shit on you but I didn’t have any noticeable improvement in the first week, I only noticed after like a month that I was maybe somewhat more productive. So you’re prob experiencing placebo effect and you likely do not need adderall. Please do not consume it if you don’t need it as we have a shortage in the US and pharmacists treat people like me with borderline retarded ADHD test scores like shit because of selfish drug seekers that are taking it for superhuman abilities.

No. 1535234

I feel you. I hate this trend where getting to meet someone is like pulling teeth, but if you don't send regular messages you're the one not trying hard enough. Sometimes it would be nice to go back in time where you'd chat with your local friends while doing chores outside the house and long-distance communication meant letters.

No. 1535247

File: 1680039180744.jpeg (20.57 KB, 519x620, 1632593962649.jpeg)

I wanna keep reading but aside from a few breaks I've been reading since 11.30 (and it's 11.30 again) straight, my mind can't comprehend letters, let alone entire words or sentences, anymore.

No. 1535250

Funny how you blame capitalism for manipulating people into wanting more productivity yet in the same breath you tow the capitalist line of "druggies" causing the supply chain problems and not the greedy companies and the goverment's retarded ingredient quotas.
Quit reeeing and educate yourself, and please don't respond to this trying to talk out your ass.
Google a few news articles explaining why the shortage is happening (hint: It isn't druggies)

No. 1535254

you don't want benzos, nonna, I've met so many women being addicted to them and having to go to rehab just to have a fucking life again. Still, I get what you are saying, if you are a pretty functional mentally ill person, no one will take you serious or you get a diagnosis that won't fit. Personally, I should have gotten help a long time ago, but everyone around me that self harmed instantly got the bpd diagnosis and I didn't want that to be part of my file, because I don't have bpd, I was and probably am very depressed. And like nonna >>1535230 wrote, what can change if you still have to go back to your abusive parents after therapy, you are still horrible unwell and mentally ill and every move forward will be taken away by the people surrounding you. I've been to university with future psychologist, all of them were horrible people that thought if you aren't well and don't get well, you aren't trying enough. I know that getting help is important, but it's so fucking hard to find someone that is really helpful. Hope you both find the help you need without people ruining your life even more.

No. 1535261

Please anons I need help. I can't do this anymore. I'm in an inbetween phase in my life, waiting for stuff to start. I have so much free time that I would have killed for a year or two ago but I don't do anything.i don't read, I don't watch tv, I don't play videogames. I said I'd sign myself up for some kind of hobby classes and pilates but it's been months and I'm still "gonna do it next week". All I do is scroll through instagram shorts, scroll here, walk my dog and do the bare minimum commissions to keep a roof over my head. I don't want to be like this. I miss my routine, I miss going out every day, I miss talking to people. I don't know how to snap myself out of this.

I'm so lonely and tired and feel pathetic for losing all of my friends and not being able to keep old friendships going. I don't know how it got to this? For a long time I really thought my depression was over and just a teen phase but now I see it morphed into something else. My mom says I calmed down but I feel like I'm dying. I developed an ED last year and dealing with that has drained the little mental focus I have.

No. 1535268

I relate to both of these. I went to therapy and took medication as a teenager but obviously it wasn't going to help my home life. The people I knew in college that majored in psych were self-absorbed narcissists who wanted to work with crazy people to feel better about themselves, so the fact most therapists are awful doesn't surprise me but I've never been particularly "functional" I guess so I have no idea what I did for my problems not be taken seriously. One therapist told me self-harm was just for teenagers and I would grow out of it, I'm happy I proved her wrong at least!

No. 1535269

It’s way easier than you are making it out to be. Simply turn off your phone and put it high up in a closet or something. Not sleeping with the phone is pretty great at curbing the urge and it being out of sight and high up forces you to think extra about your life choices

No. 1535270

It’s way easier than you are making it out to be. Simply turn off your phone and put it high up in a closet or something. Not sleeping with the phone is pretty great at curbing the urge and it being out of sight and high up forces you to think extra about your life choices

No. 1535277

You sound very overwhelmed and this sounds little but as someone in a pretty similar situation that was way darker even just a year ago: start with doing something you like, just one thing. Try books, or those games or maybe learn to knit mittens for your dog or cook one new dish and feel proud of it, even if it sucks. The isolation of it all fucking sucks ass and I am also just building up new relationships with people, we live in different cities but I have met up with a new friend and we have the same passions so that helps but just start by with that one thing, nona. I think it might be helpful, you cannot change everything in a day or even a week so I say this as a inpatient bitch: babysteps

No. 1535289

File: 1680042339959.jpg (17.5 KB, 445x445, 3SICYlv.jpg)

My boss asked me how I stay skinny and I just nonchalantly replied, "Oh I just don't eat enough" and she got all quiet. What the fuck why did I say that why do I gotta say the first thought that pops into my dumbass head

No. 1535301

I'm fat but if you told me that I'd take no offense to it. In fact, I'd probably laugh and joke about how much I eat.
If she got hurt, you can of course apologize, but don't panic about it! I'm sure she'll be fine.

No. 1535302

It's not about my phone, specifically. If I don't have my phone/laptop I can spend days just doing nothing. Literally nothing, just sleeping, eating, staring at walls.
I'll try doing one thing anon. How did you find the motivation? Or I guess better question is how do I force myself to do things? To start something? In theory I want to do things but I just procrastinate into eternity. Social stuff scares me. As much as I want and need new friends, I think I got a thousand times more socially retarded after the pandemic.

No. 1535307

sameanon, forgot to say thank you love you hope your friendships prosper

No. 1535318

Sounds like a her problem, not a you problem

No. 1535322

That's 99% myth to 1% reality. I was surprised to even see this boomer BS thrown around again. lmao
>Recreational drugs
my sides

No. 1535327

File: 1680045311487.png (280.75 KB, 515x353, image_2023-03-28_191545782.png)

so im going through something. Depressed suicidal etc. you know the usual cocktail of bullshit. And I literally just punched a object. Sometimes when I wake up I have a moment of pure delusion, like i"ll think about my life and go, "bitch do it, do something end it" or I'll wake up from a dream about having like $50 and go, "Damn I should've just spent it on so and so".
So today i woke up, for a few weeks I've had this box of picrel on my dresser. Everytime I woke up I'd stare at it. Are these animals fucking real? NO? They enrage me, I'm depressed i'm ugly then these uncanny animals on my fucking dresser.
Something about this pictures awakens some kind of fucking acient rage monster, because I don't like it? Are they real of fake?
So I woke up today with an extra amount of self hate and anger, I looked at the box and fucking punched it so hard it flung into my tv and some of the powedery shit flew out of it. Now my tv is ruined (Which is fine I have another one) but it's still a problem, becuase the box is intact, on my dresser and it's like no matter how I turn it the fucking cat and dog is lookign at me. I'm going crazy
If one nona reads this I'll be happy becuas ei'm fucking losing it

No. 1535329

File: 1680045570919.png (84.28 KB, 265x204, image_2023-03-28_192006450.png)

same anon-
like oh there's a secret aside? What the fuck is it asshole? The fucking fake animals on the box? How this shit is really expensive and smells nice, so i can't just fucking throw it away, instead I let it sit on my dresser and harass me? Every fucking day and when i move it, I need it, or walk past it and see these animals. I'm so fucking tired of lie I swear It's like everyday is a piss scented nightmare perfectrly created for me and whenever i speak out I get told to shut the fuck up.

No. 1535330

File: 1680045584084.jpg (123.29 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

>karen is a slur!!!
>cis is a slur!
>trannies are doing womanface!
why do i find these so cringe like i roll my eyes whenever i see someone say this

No. 1535331

the truth makes me cringe and roll my eyes as well, when someone calls me ugly or fat, i cringe and roll my eyes because the truth hurts

No. 1535332

It's just expensive baking soda.
Maybe you're enraged because you overpaid for the simplest shit, I would be

No. 1535334

File: 1680045909694.png (303.52 KB, 1680x944, vlc-2013-09-24-22-50-31-89.png)

2-3 weeks ago, I ordered some prize plushies that I wanted and luckily found at a good price on Ebay but the stupid USPS returned them back to the seller TWICE because of an "unknown addressee" even though the package was already in the city where I live in. I didn't use my real name because of privacy reasons and that it shouldn't matter as long as it goes to the right address. I use my family's po box so there's no way they fucked up the delivery when it's labeled under the post office address with the "Unit #" or "PO Box #". My brother orders on Ebay with the same address with no problems at all so I don't know what's the issue here. Is it that my fake name has no matches or doesn't exist? What if someone outside of the family wants to order under our po box? It's so infuriating and incompetent of them that I have to share my real name to the seller, fix the address, and have to call USPS to resolve the issue. This is my second purchase under my Ebay account so far since I always rely on my brother's. My first order went through with my fake name and the po box but it's stuck in the "PACKAGE RETURN NOTICED" even though I already picked it up so I don't know what's going on with USPS. I want my plushies already. This was my lucky chance to purchase them at a good price.

No. 1535335

I agree but is this really a vent

No. 1535338

no anon clearly vents thinking certain radfem complaints are not real vents because this movement is untouchable

No. 1535339

just because i have autistic feelings about categorizing posts doesn't make your feelings invalid, true. I think it belonged in another thread though.

No. 1535366

File: 1680048658008.jpeg (10.85 KB, 350x350, B4B509F8-DCBE-4989-B256-1EB7A3…)

trying to explain that racism is still real and that you experience it to your white(passing) mom is seriously one of the most infuriating things on earth because she is just so painfully obtuse and narrow minded clearly nothing that hasn't happened to her is founded in reality or is in any way frequent enough to be relevant because she hasn't experienced the same. she could see me getting beat up and she'll be like well it's only happened once this is rare it's just the odd one out ! and no matter how much i explain she refuses to understand she legitimately cannot understand unless she lives it which she never will. she can't get in through her head that there is no solution and it can't ever be helped. it's not solvable and racists do not give a fuck about being right much less being corrected and i would look like even more of a laughing stock. like honestly how is she so clueless when she married a foreigner was she blind all this time, or was she really expecting me not to go through a similar experience if not? it's completely incomprehensible

No. 1535375

File: 1680049446267.gif (213.92 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mrfnhbrpyb1rfjowdo1_500…)

My new manager keeps targeting me for some reason, im only 3 weeks into a new job and she just got transferred a few days ago and she keeps bugging me if I'm helping a customer when I clearly am and bugging me to do tasks I'm already omw to… Idk if she doesn't know I'm new bc she just transferred or if she already has some impressions of me but I'm busting my ass more then my senior coworkers…

No. 1535381

I don’t want to work I don’t want to work I don’t want to work REEEEEEEEEE IT WILL ONLY TAKE ME AN HOUR BUT I CANT

No. 1535382

karen is an easy way to call women bitches without calling them bitches. I see women critiqued by men for no reason called karens, even if they are doing nothing wrong.
No comment on cis but i cant stand trannies. like drag queens, they are making women out to be caricatures.

No. 1535383

My in laws are really annoying. I never used to get the old Tex avery cartoons that made fun of them, but now I get it. My wife is always on the phone, explaining every tiny thing to them because they are gen X and don't use technology well. I know it's stupid, but it's driving me crazy how they call every single night after she gets off work. I'd rather be out taking her to dinner.

No. 1535386

I can get being annoyed when called a Karen or "cis" but neither are slurs. Tranny isn't either but I wish it was, they sure act like it is kek

No. 1535387

File: 1680051215989.jpeg (38.37 KB, 725x711,