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File: 1680290628078.jpg (73.22 KB, 1189x900, E95pBOQXoAYbgQP.jpg)

No. 1537976

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No. 1537978

File: 1680290704225.jpg (282.38 KB, 1080x1349, 10 Best Food Tours In Istanbul…)

What's the last thing you cooked for dinner? (yeah I'm reposting it)

No. 1537983

File: 1680290956690.jpeg (76.88 KB, 640x640, 3452D603-ADB7-4F1D-87EA-767742…)

A cachapa with a waffle-maker, but instead of ham and cheese I only had it with shredded white cheese. It tastes amazing!

No. 1537993

File: 1680292310246.jpg (38.95 KB, 416x360, yum salmon.jpg)

oven broiled salmon, snow peas and rice with an umeboshi. full weeaboo mode, very yummy and easy to make.

No. 1538030

File: 1680295699343.gif (5.64 MB, 640x640, 9c76f00325344d46ddc34161db1e7c…)

Asked this on the old thread right before it closed so asking here again.
what can you do to avoid tgel? I'm invited to a party where a tif is coming too. Luckily I'm not close with her so there will be no expectations for me to interact with her so I can avoid her. I'm also planning on wearing long sleeves in case I bump into her so tgel won't come in direct contact with my skin. I know im being paranoid, her hygiene is fine so the risk of her being careless with tgel is small but still I don't want to risk getting tgel on me

No. 1538044

Is it lovebombing for a man to be constantly complimenting me (calling me beautiful or sweetie multiple times when we talk) and regularly reminding me what he likes about me? It was nice at first but it's getting more fruqent in a short period of time.

No. 1538045

tofu and veg stir fry with brown rice and a sunny side up egg (with runny yolk). made my own sauce to go with it

No. 1538049

this is from the slowpoke/yadon episode

No. 1538066

So is TERF a slur? Like is it derogatory? I don't think it is, but I wanna know other nonna's opinions on it.

No. 1538069

op and i already used another pic from the same ep for a stupid questions thread forever ago lol. it's just so fitting

No. 1538070

very good choice nonnie

No. 1538089

I made a big pot of chili on Sunday and ate leftovers for three days straight.

No. 1538093

File: 1680300819783.jpg (62.94 KB, 1200x675, 8679305.jpg)

What are your genuine thoughts on dating ugly men? Is it never worth it? I know a guy and I genuinely love talking with him, he's very well read, and I can see admiration for me in his eyes [/spoiler] I actually feel aroused because of the way he looks at me and treats me but maybe that's because I'm a retarded virgin.[spoiler] He's objectively ugly and his only physical pros is that he's tall, like 6'2 at least. He's also almost 10 years older than me. My female colleague frowns at me for even talking to him and tells me not to even think about it, she also tells me that I'm way out of his league and I deserve someone attractive. Tbh I have a pretty low self esteem and I would be too shy to talk to a guy who's actually attractive, and there isn't many good looking guys around here anyway. Idk what to do. I also know that people might mock me for dating him kek

No. 1538107

If you find him attractive, his looks dont matter. The ten year age difference is more worrisome in my opinion. If hes a coworker is might be messy once the relationship is over so consider that.

No. 1538109

>He's also almost 10 years older than me
every damn time, come on nonnas

No. 1538113

In my experience if you’re out of their league they get super insecure once they’re attached and either take it out on you by being mean or really self pitying. If you’re close to his league then you’ll probably be fine though kek

No. 1538123

if you have enough of a height fetish that the 6'2" gets you going maybe you could make it work kek. there's different kinds of objectively ugly, if you find a man sexually appealing and not just in a "hurr durr nice personality" way then that's all that matters.
>10 years older
okay that's a hard no.

No. 1538145

File: 1680305014587.jpg (36.14 KB, 757x474, FguKIf-WQAEW7Tq.jpg)

Does this guy exist
Does he know his meme status

No. 1538150

literally who?

No. 1538152

I feel dating ugly men is ok if you’re ugly but every pretty or average woman who dates and man fucks men significantly uglier than her is taking all women back 100 years. It makes men think they can always do better instead of sticking to their league and it also makes dating hard for ugly girls because the pretty women are taking all their men.

No. 1538155

File: 1680306080624.jpg (20.3 KB, 593x294, ughly.jpg)

No. 1538167

Any recs for a weighted blanket that feels like a man is hugging you? Idk what weight to get. Kek

No. 1538177

Is it me or are pisces men the least compassionate and emotional despite the piscean reputation? Any other nonnies just happen to end up hating piscean men like clockwork?

No. 1538180

Is the guy from "you'll own nothing and you'll be happy" i think

No. 1538181

File: 1680313830263.jpg (165.22 KB, 1500x1500, 81SXqU9bxsL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

>Idk what weight to get
I'm using a 8kg weighted duvet from Cura of Sweden Highly recommend this brand as all of their products are marked as a medical aid and I used their products while working in hospital. while weighing at about 55kg~ been like a year since I weighed myself last time and sometimes I wish that I had bought the 10kg duvet instead as I don't feel like it's heavy enough. It does it job pretty well and I have been sleeping better with. Picrel is a approximation guide on what you should get as the blanket should be about 10-15% of your body weight. Here is more information regarding it https://curaofsweden.com/en/right-weight-for-your-weighted-duvet

No. 1538213

I mean it depends on the rest of their chart. They could have Aquarius or Aries mercury/Venus which are both placements that can lend to unfeeling assholery. Also important to know their rising and moon. But considering how many Pisceans have mercury and/or Venus placements in Aries or Aquarius, no it is not surprising in the least.

No. 1538218

Shut upppp omg weird I literally had this same thought earlier today, yes Pisces men are the worst, something is off about those hoes.

No. 1538230

I hate all men and inevitably some of them end up being Pisces but that is incidental.

No. 1538231

File: 1680323156864.jpg (374.02 KB, 1200x1500, 65596493_p0.jpg)

Should I let an online store know that I got my order? I ordered some clothes that was on clearance sale, the store itself is a luxury brand and not some struggling fashion brand. Anyway to get to the point I had ordered like more then a month ago and just two days ago asked about my order as I couldn't see if it had been shipped or not as I don't live in the country the store is based at and knew that international orders took some time to fulfil. Yesterday I received my order and got an email from the store that said that my order got apparently cancelled and that they regret not informing me of that and would fully reimbursed me for my order.

No. 1538236

Is it weird if your long-term partner (2+ years) didn't want to move in with you and would rather live at home with their parents?

No. 1538237

No lmao. Kinda weird that a luxury store doesn't offer tracked shipping though.

No. 1538238

Generally yes but some factors like age, still being in education or wanting to save money because rent and electricity has skyrocketed could maybe justify it. You need to provide more context to say for certain. That said it's not a fantastic idea to move in together with a partner who has never lived on his/her own for a while.

No. 1538241

They did through their website. However, when I would input my order number I just got 404'd so I assumed that they haven't packed my order. Thank you for answering my question and I plan on refraining from ordering from them again until a good amount of time as passed just in case they remember me and get suspicious or something.

No. 1538242

>Generally yes but some factors like age, still being in education or wanting to save money because rent and electricity has skyrocketed could maybe justify it. You need to provide more context to say for certain.
Cost of living is their main issue, also being hours away from the city centre. I currently afford to live by myself but I'm in a cheaper suburb my partner loves city life. My partner's parents have a condo in the city which is convenient because they work in the entertainment industry and moving in with me would increase their commute from 45 mins to almost 2 hours. I have a job nearby my apartment and moving to their city would make a long commute for me as well. My partner has expressed that they rather I move to the city but I like my job and don't want to leave it.
>That said it's not a fantastic idea to move in together with a partner who has never lived on his/her own for a while.
How is it bad?

No. 1538243

Nah that's not worth worrying about, everything behind the scenes is automated so no one will ever notice if you order again but even if they did, it'd be unlikely the loss on your order would even be worth doing something about and that's assuming you're even legally in the wrong when it was their fault. You can order again worry-free whenever you feel like it but I get why you're nervous. Enjoy your free clothes!

No. 1538275

NTA but lots of people never feel truly independent while living with parents. Lots probably rely on their parents for things still, and even people who are self-reliant have still never experienced the responsibility of dealing with a landlord, making payments, etc. I live with my parents and am very self-reliant but I catch myself being too lax about my water/electric usage and stuff like that because I know I'm not paying for it and my parents are decently well-off. A person's upbringing can affect this, of course. Especially with men, if they're used to someone always doing their dishes, the trash always being emptied once a week, etc., they might expect you to fill in the role. Plenty of men don't shape up even when they live alone or with roommates but at least it's easier to tell if he has good habits when his mom isn't around to keep things clean.

No. 1538301

Where can I meet men so I’m not alone this year

No. 1538307

File: 1680335549261.jpg (226.85 KB, 1130x847, 51534.jpg)

No. 1538331

Lesbian dating apps

No. 1538339

Various reasons, first of all you want a partner who knows how to cook, clean, wash their clothes and do various other household chores. Living independently is a life skill and you don't learn that (enough) while living under your parents' roof. You don't want to mommy them how to do basic household chores or be the one to assign them tasks or worse, have them claim they don't know how to do basic household chores so you default to doing them. Second, and this is especially true in a hetero couple dynamic, women will often assume more or most of the household chores (despite working equal hours) and men often willingly go along with this especially when they haven't cooked their own meals and cleaned their own toilet and sink. Don't be surprised how many men will claim not to know how to wash their clothes because mommy has always done so for then. It's easy for men to shift from one mommy-situation to another (aka you). Third, them living on their own is a good test to see how they will function in a shared household, if they cook proper meals for themselves and keep their living space nice and tidy and have a similiar idea of how regularly and well you clean, how often you cook at home or take out etc. as you, you have a much better chance living in harmony and avoiding conflict when you share a space.

As far as your partner's arguments go, that seems reasonable to me for now but you need to discuss a long-term solution/compromise. And it's probably good to discuss that sooner than later.

No. 1538347

thank you anon!

No. 1538354

I think there is something like that behind the house brb wish me luck girls!

No. 1538369

question for girls who ever bought clothes that they can only wear at home or at very rare occasions:
was it worth it? i don't want to spend a lot of money just to regret it immediately

No. 1538399

No. 1538401

Lounge wear I never regret, it’s most of the stuff I use in my day to day life. Party dresses I never wear and shoes I can’t actually wear but are pretty I do regret

No. 1538427

File: 1680353126752.jpg (62.54 KB, 680x680, timrogers.jpg)

What the fuck is going on with this man?

No. 1538436

The NHS recommends a 1400 kcal daily calorie intake for women if you want to lose weight. That’s so little, my fat ass can’t handle that. Has anyone had success with a less drastic change?

No. 1538438

Calculate your basal metabolic rate for you based on your height, weight and activity lvl. It's better than a guideline that is not customized. I eat at my BMR or slightly below it to lose weight

No. 1538440

How tf do you go back to school as a 29 year old adult like do I need my SAT scores and high school diploma to apply!? Idk where any of that shit is

No. 1538449

you need your transcripts and SAT scores, yeah. if you don't have that then go to a community college

No. 1538467

I don't quite understand the concept of boymom, what kind of mother qualifies as a boymom? I understand vaguely that refers to raising up a misogynist boy but I need concrete examples

No. 1538474

from what I understand, the term originally came from black twitter spaces to describe a specific type of close maternal-son relationship that borders on incestious, but it gradually spread to other twitter spaces to refer to any mom who has a weird/close relationship with her son.

No. 1538475

File: 1680359313269.jpg (36.88 KB, 635x325, -635x325.jpg)

Why do so many gay men want children?
Its easy to understand why some lesbian couples who have maternal inclinations would want children of their own and they can easily have one without much effort but for gay men there's no social of paternal drive for them, and it requires exploiting a woman's body or going through the adoption system, so what's the appeal

No. 1538476

defending the misogynist boy even when he does awful things, (like the mom of one of the guys who raped junko furuta who blamed junko and said she ruined his son's life), letting him get away with things in general, preferring him over her daughter, being stricter and harsher towards the daughter, or even if they don't have a daughter they say they prefer to have a son in the future because "daughters are too much drama" and stuff like that

No. 1538477

I think it's the same sort of deal as "pit-mom", a woman in denial about her shithead son.

No. 1538500

I think it's partly because same-sex couplings fill an evolutionary niche for adoption and also social views

No. 1538539

thank you nonnas, its like pick me behaviour continued on their child

No. 1538547

Contact your highschool. Tell them you need your transcripts and scores. They will probably have a release form you need to sign.

No. 1538609

i got a warning/ban on here for using an 'emote' is that actually true i can't find anything about it in the rules but maybe im just being a spazz, i know im dumb/autistic but i just want to make sure incase i accidentally use XD in the future. thank u all <3(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1538611

Wait 'til you find out about the heart

No. 1538613

ask the college admissions for help

No. 1538643

what's a word for "triggering" that isn't "triggering"? like if i want to tell someone to stop sending me tranny art because top surgery scars give me visceral disgust, for instance. (lol.) what's a word i could use to say it's upsetting and gross to me?

No. 1538664

"Squick." It's an old fandom/internet associated term for something that disgusts you to your very core, but doesn't set off trauma or cause panic attack.

No. 1538668

Always hated that word, somehow it itself grosses me out

No. 1538677

Maybe that it irks you out? Makes you uncomfortable? Is inappropriate? Idk.

No. 1538708

Where can I buy women’s swimsuits that don’t contour my whole ass and yoni?

I feel retarded because they made fun of me last time for wearing men’s swim shorts and an oversized t-shirt.

No. 1538710

i like land's end

No. 1538719

Maybe a swimskirt is something for you? You wear one over a regular bikini bottom, it's not a beach coverup they're made from swimsuit material. I've seen a couple on Asos last year but I'm sure you can find more if you google.

No. 1538728

>they made fun of me last time for wearing men’s swim shorts and an oversized t-shirt
I'm not sure showing your camel toe and nipples to this kind of person is going to make you feel much better.

No. 1538729

Maybe some sporting goods store? I got a two part swimsuit in decathlon in which bottoms are shorts, I remember they have skirts like other anons recommends as well

No. 1538732

thats why she was asking about modest swimsuits retard

No. 1538733

Adidas and Athleta make women’s swim shorts

No. 1538759

It's hyperbole nonnie. You don't HAVE to rush out and specially buy more revealing and feminine clothes than the ones you already own and are comfortable wearing. You're allowed just wear what you like. It sounds like teenagers or some toxic family member anyway, they're going to make fun of her for wearing a "modest" swimsuit too.

No. 1538761

Thank you!
Getting the ones with leggings,
have a good day!

Maybe it is futile to prove I can look feminine, but I got my paycheck and think it would be good to have just in case.

I would, but I don’t like anything above knee. My fashion is band tee and sweatpants.

No. 1538872

File: 1680391087534.jpeg (22.44 KB, 640x769, 60340DDB-392E-4FF4-9553-ECA3AD…)

found out bf’s friend is a weirdo at the least. should I be assuming he’s also secretly weird? ik sometimes we don’t completely know the ppl we associate with or befriend, so I’m trying not to judge and jump to conclusions. especially men, they’re not exactly known to share intimate feelings with eachother a whole lot (though tbf my bf is emotionally intelligent) and he’s not a best friend.

No. 1538884

Since you gave zero details it's hard to give advice. What is weird about him?

No. 1538910

What tags should I use to find stuff that’s 80’s inspired? I’m trying to make a mood board for a play.

No. 1538939

How to dance at parties?

No. 1538946

File: 1680396434889.gif (6.91 MB, 267x400, F5459C1E-7090-45F9-9992-3BCA88…)

No. 1538950

File: 1680396686672.gif (10.61 MB, 640x360, C2BA0571-29EB-4A94-8112-825C43…)

No. 1538974

i want to shoot every single one of them

No. 1538978

File: 1680398187267.jpeg (388.65 KB, 1880x2816, ineverwatchedfree.jpeg)

The blue one does it best

No. 1538988

File: 1680398755143.gif (6.11 MB, 445x498, dancing-cat.gif)

No. 1538990

No. 1538998

I can hear this gif

No. 1539050

Are you supposed to push down the knob on the bath faucet for the shower before or after you turn off the water?

No. 1539053

I do it after because it seems like it wastes less water to turn off the faucet as soon as possible but I don't think it really matters.

No. 1539094

i dance like the boy mayor of second life

No. 1539098

don't know where else to put this question, which i guess means i belong in the stupid thread

how do i make a color palette for a cute lolita-y dress that
>icorporates paris green or a shade close enough to maintain the ominous toxic vibe it carries
>goes well with pastel purple
>goes well with red accents
>isn't fucking ugly
im afraid my ideas look like barf. anons of color plz help. the rest of the drawing it's for takes place in taisho era nipland with a choochoo train in the background, lots of warm colors.

No. 1539102

i miss the golden days of monster factory so badly. throw in a little car boys while were at it.

No. 1539130

Is kiwifarms broken for anyone else? I just wanted to catch up on the Anisa saga

No. 1539167

Veggies or fruit I can grow in my garden that squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits don't like? I see all 3 on a daily basis.

No. 1539216

Seems you'll have to settle for plastic friut

No. 1539238

Works for me. Not a kiwitard but I visit the Jack thread

No. 1539254

File: 1680442539391.jpg (76.04 KB, 600x600, fruit_en_groentenkooi_15209368…)

Idk about raccoons we don't have them here but I think you should be able to keep out rabbits and squirrels with a netting and/or raised bed set up. I have squirrels in my garden too but I've never seen them eat from my veggies, birds are definitely the main perpertrator in that regard but kept our with netting. If not- fruit trees/bushes with thorns perhaps? That's just an idea though, idk for certain if thorned fruit brushes would keep animals out. Blackberry, raspberry, gooseberry, blackthorn (that's a type of cherry), hawtorn (for jams jellies), sea buckthorn (sour but extremely healthy) are some edible thorned fruit trees/bushes.

No. 1539270

How come my periods have been shorter? They used to be like 5 days, then they started being 3 days now this one was only a day and then it started being brown and then that was it.

No. 1539272

Your period isn't getting shorter, the days are getting longer, it's springtime
ask your gyno dammit

No. 1539277

Yes and no, I think it depends on the context. Its not the same when a lib or a tranny is using it to discredit you and your arguments to when you and your ideological related peers use it in a discussion or talk

No. 1539384

When you want to make a website in Html, what web development software do you use to make it?

No. 1539397

File: 1680452982359.jpeg (122.02 KB, 1284x1461, 3D8DE620-E7A6-4B6D-AAFB-1076EF…)

Anyone know any shoes that would go with this dress for the summer that aren’t heels?

No. 1539399

Where's this from? It's so cute.

No. 1539405

Tuck Long Sleeve Velvet Minidress by HOUSE OF CB

No. 1539406

Thanks, you're an angel noonnyy.

No. 1539408

For what occasion?

No. 1539409

Nope just the kind of clothes I wear waking around the city. I need something cute but walkable

No. 1539417

How do I get my freckles back? I used to have freckles as a kid but have lost them due to a long stretch of being forced to stay inside. I’ve been sitting outside for small periods of time as I don’t want to cause a lot of damage but the haven’t come back yet.

No. 1539428

Hoe do I get a FWB using tinder? Any anons who got FWB successfully and didn't end up with creepy men stalking them please help me out.
I know FWB stuff isn't benefitting women at all but I end all my relationships with men the moment they tell me they love me because that disgusts me so I'm willing to try this to see if I really am not attracted to men at all.

No. 1539430

File: 1680455673063.png (70.9 KB, 986x95, shay.PNG)

>The only thing that could be more legendary is if we could recover her first ever thread
What happened to Shayna's first thread? I've been here for around the same time her threads have and I don't remember anything about her threads going missing.

No. 1539432

IIRC it doxx’d her family with their full info and had pictures of her underage brother. There was too much personal info to salvage it so jannies went nuclear.

No. 1539433

I'd just wear it with sneakers. Anything goes with sneakers nowadays even dresses and skirts so why bother with something less comfortable. Maybe I don't have enough fashion over comfort sense for this kek

No. 1539434

>I end all relationships with men after they tell
Me they love me

It’s going to be hard for you not to attract stalkers or people trying to get you into a relationship because men can sense when you don’t want something serious and they are going to chase

No. 1539440

I was planning on getting with men who are seriously out of my league to combat this, kek. I'm like 6-7/10 as a guy rated me but the guys I get on dating apps who want to sleep with me are solid 10/10 who I'd hope would be less likely to obsess over me since they can easily get into relationships if that's what they're seeking.

No. 1539461

Chunky boots, a white leather jacket, black stockings

No. 1539462

T. Dress up game fanatic

No. 1539465

It happens to me on a daily basis that I see a notification on Facebook that someone sent me a friend request but when I click on the link, it's suddenly gone. What does this mean? Did someone make a fake profile and then deleted it before I could check who they are? I also noticed that these people always have no profile picture uploaded. Or is it some sort of trick on Facebook's part to make me use the app more often?

No. 1539467

Tech anons, how do I remove the operating system from my PC? I want to sell it and thought that a factory reset would do the trick but after the reset, it booted up Windows. Then I read that I'm supposed to format the drives, so I tried doing that but the option was greyed out (probably because the factory reset wiped it clean)??

No. 1539470

Is covid now weaker than let’s say one year ago?

No. 1539473

Desire to improve someone’s life for the better? Nearing retirement and choosing no longer to live for yourself? Many more reasons.

Most gay dudes who adopt are fairly rich and want the money to go to something good, so they spoil the hell out of their kids and get the best education and whatnot

No. 1539508

I'm an idiot and only noticed recently that chai latte doesn't have coffee in it. Is it a good drink for someone who doesn't like tea all that much? I like bubble tea despite not like tea unless it's made with very strong black tea, and I read that chai latte is supposed to be sweet.

No. 1539521

its killing a lot less people now. don't know why but from working in an icu, yeah. its nothing like it was 3 years ago, its not a death sentence for already ill people the way it 100% was before. less to be said about potential long-term effects though

No. 1539523

This reminds me of those GTA hookers I saw when I used to play GTA as a kid kek.

No. 1539526

do you like warm spices in milk? if not, don't drink it

No. 1539530


That was the point…

No. 1539531

For some reason, it’s always the jacket over the dress that always makes an outfit with stockings look like a hooker turning tricks in the cold.

No. 1539536

Velvet Crocs

No. 1539541

Yes, and also it was never really that dangerous to begin with. It had a death rate of less than one percent, and it really only attacked the very young and the old.

No. 1539542

I've never drank anything like this before so I legit have no clue. Looks like I should give it a try to know.

No. 1539547

maybe because it doesnt last as long and the symptoms are less severe now? granted the only people i know who have had it recently have been vaxed, but im pretty sure all the antibodies from that are gone by now and iirc it doesnt even really work for the newer strains.

No. 1539549

Chai latte is spiced tea. It's sweet but can be sickly depending on where you buy it. There are recipes for making your own online, if you're quite sensitive to sugar it's better to make it yourself.

No. 1539554

yea i'm vaxxed but i have covid right now and i'm just as ill as when i got it the first time

No. 1539555

idk how to ask this without sounding weird..but how does anyone wear this without their ass slipping out? especially when picking something up or walking up stairs

No. 1539562

The model is probably taller than anon so it won't be that short on her.

No. 1539571

File: 1680467008479.png (378.8 KB, 1480x836, rollerblades.png)

Aside from design is there any difference between these two types of roller skates? I remember me and everyone at my school having roller skates similar to the ones on picture 1(and this is still what I see the kids in my town use) but in the last 7 years or something I'm seeing so many stores selling those on picture 2 these are also the types see on social media. I have also noticed that when using picture 1 people are wearing full protection gear(I also used to do that as a child) but people don't wear any protection when using picture 2. Are picture 2 roller blades less extreme? And can they go as fast as picture 1?

No. 1539573

These are roller blades and roller skates. Given theres two rows of wheels in the latter, they're more stable than roller blades, and somewhat slower. Both can be pretty fast tho so people should wear protection in both cases

No. 1539576

Right ones are easier to move in ime, left ones always made me fall lol

No. 1539581

I would consider rollerblades more for fitnesz/speed skating while roller skates are recreational. Rollerblades also only have one brake on one shoe versus skates having two

No. 1539583

Blades are more fun if you want speed, otherwise skates have better balance

No. 1539593

I love sugar so it shouldn't be a problem. Usually when I order drinks in coffee shops I tend to go for sugary drinks. I'll give it a try in a coffee shop out of curiosity and if I actually end up liking it a lot maybe I'll try to learn how to make it myself.

No. 1539600

The first one is faster. The bigger the wheels, the faster you will move, thus why you need protection. No need for full protective gear but get a helmet at least.

No. 1539601

File: 1680469426816.jpeg (400.84 KB, 1464x1830, 5215CA5C-FDEE-4FC6-9F84-28CFC3…)

I think I found the shoes I’m going to wear with it

No. 1539627

How can you tell if you're jealous of someone vs. simply disliking them?

No. 1539631

Have above room temp iq.

No. 1539642

The two aren't mutually exclusive, you can like someone and be jealous of them, or you can be jealous and also dislike someone. But I think if I understand your question correctly, you are asking yourself whether you are devaluing someone due to jealousy, or if you genuinely dislike them. I think the answer is honest introspection and maybe therapy to fix your insecurities.

No. 1539648

Kill yourself.

No. 1539659

Why do you not like them? Do you think that they don't deserve what they have, or that their personality is grating, but it's something you struggle with yourself, like they make friends easily but you don't? Do you ever find yourself thinking that if you had an aspect of their life you'd do a better job of it than they are, like if you had their home you'd take better care of it or if you had their job you'd be more competent? That's jealousy.
Do you dislike them because they cross your boundaries somehow, do things which you personally disagree with, or you just don't have anything in common and spending time with them annoys you? That's dislike. As the other anon said though there's a lot of overlap, you can be jealous of some aspects and hate others.

No. 1539662

Quickly, please give me a TV show or movie suggestion! Something exciting pls

No. 1539663

Cute! Good choice anon.

No. 1539665

Nevermind guys, I'm watching Adventure Time

No. 1539684

Why the fuck are we lying?

No. 1539686

I don't have to lie, I like the shoes.

No. 1539687

What is the psychological term or tactic called when someone treats you like shit and then does something REALLY nice to you? Then the cycle repeats, they treat you horridly but then do something really exceptional so you idealize them or move on from it.
Is this intermittent reinforcement?

No. 1539688

File: 1680478314309.jpg (34.69 KB, 1024x1024, cycle-of-abuse-1-1024x1024.jpg)

The cycle of abuse, love bombing.

No. 1539690

Don’t be dumb like I was, no man is worth exhaustion

No. 1539692

It's not really an incident though, more like he is super rude but then does something completely different to surprise me (i.e, giving me an A in his class or full marks on my evaluation). Is it possible for someone who is a narcissistic abuser to manifest these behaviors with students? I see him say callous things to students but idk if I'm the only one who occasionally gets 'rewarded'.
Oh no nona, I just want to understand what behavior this is. I've actually completed DBT as a former bpdfag so I'm past this stuff but yeah it feels like something I would have fallen for in the past. The ups and downs specifically. Now I'm stable and have a secure attachment style so I noticed his abusive pattern of behavior towards me very quick. Thanks for checking though, I agree with you. He's damaged.

No. 1539695

Sounds like love bombing to me, but idk. Maybe he's just fucking weird and trying to confuse you. Unprofessional either way.
>Love bombing is an attempt to influence a person by demonstrations of attention and affection. It can be used in different ways and for either positive or negative purposes.

No. 1539698

Anon wtf are you dating your teacher/professor or are you talking about a professional relationship.
Sorry I'm confused.

No. 1539700

Thanks anon, I appreciate it. I've heard of sociopathic professors so I'm wondering if these behaviors can apply to teacher/student relationships. But I will avoid this man like the plague as soon as I get the chance.
No kek I would never date this man, he is just exhibiting weird abusive behaviors towards me with being extremely rude and then rewarding me out of the blue with inflating my grades, compliments, etc. I felt like he was establishing some sort of trauma bond with me or something with all the ups and downs of our relationship as student and advisor.

No. 1539701

He probably has a personality disorder. There is a lot of bpd undiagnosed men who never get diagnosed.

No. 1539705

I wonder if this behaviour is innate to humans or learned from people replicating the abnormal men who become successful.

No. 1539707

Should I expect to have regular contact with my father after reuniting with him. It was lovely at the start, but now I’m like a Facebook friend he sends funny memes to.

No. 1539708

File: 1680480083015.gif (487.36 KB, 245x160, 0B9FB10C-83C3-43BB-87FC-A3DA6B…)

10th kingdom, has been reuploaded to Youtube

No. 1539746

What’s a good gaming laptop for a reasonable price?

No. 1539756

is it very annoying if i type without any apostrophes whatsoever?

No. 1539758

Is it common to give stuff like old t-shirts to your friends to use as pajamas? I thought that was a couple’s thing which is why “boyfriend” is the name for oversized stuff in some brands.

No. 1539759

Yeah, I give my old band tees as birthday presents to my grungey friends. It’s a cool thing to do if they want them, doesn’t mean you have to date them.

No. 1539763

That’s good to know, it’s just that my best friend wants to “steal” one of my t-shirts so I don’t want it to be weird when our families asks why she’s wearing my old stuff.

No. 1539771

Hassan wears shoulder pads doesn't he? Wtf

No. 1539774

File: 1680488547705.jpg (257.62 KB, 1080x1440, p8117017_b_v9_aa.jpg)

i started watching this show because i love succession but didn't smile once in about 15 minutes, i'm a brit bong too. does it ever get better/funny?

No. 1539777

How are dried shiitake supposed to smell like? I bought some to try them out and they smell like a really really old book that has been stuck in a dusty attic for years, is there something wrong or is that normal? The smell subdued after soaking in hot water but I don't think I'll eat them…

No. 1539778

File: 1680489264960.jpg (24.42 KB, 500x281, 1542140390631.jpg)

there were several times in the show where I laughed uncontrollably and I dont normally laugh at TV shows or Bri'ish humor. but for the most part, I didnt laugh while watching it, it just made me feel happy because I relate to the main character. loved sitting down every evening to binge it while it was on netflix and it's one of my favorite shows of all time.

No. 1539779

I found the show hilarious. It's just a lot if awkward stupid moid humor but for what it is I think it's decent tv to just throw on. It seems as if characters don't really "develop" but all their relationships between each other do so there's that. I also like Olivia Colman so it's funny to see her in this since all the roles I watched her play are quite serious.

No. 1539791

This is one of my favorite shows ever. Of course it's got some retarded scrote jokes in there but I love how they always stayed lowlife losers. You're meant to laugh at them. They're so pathetic and horrible. I would say that the 3rd series kind of falls off. If you aren't finding it funny you should probably stop watching.

No. 1539816

File: 1680494391330.gif (Spoiler Image,145.02 KB, 358x400, 1663451678788.gif)

Beyond stupid question, sorry, but is it possible for someone to handle tension/stress in a way that makes you feel tired all the time?

A long time ago I spent a night just laughing and talking with a friend (which is unheard of for me because I'm a social pariah and I go years without laughing), and I woke up feeling the best I have in, what, my entire life? Normally I feel so fatigued, painful, and tense/wired, but I felt so alive and refreshed that entire day. I work out, eat well…in fact I grew up obese and now I'm the skinniest I've ever been. Already tried getting blood tests. Nothing off. I am just a very stressed out rock of a person.

No. 1539837

Yes. Stress is very tiring.

No. 1539915

File: 1680510349817.jpg (658.04 KB, 3000x2000, 4229e413eb54b8bf91a0fd9704d5b1…)

I've been trying to make pao de queijo but it always comes out… sandy. When I eat it there's tiny bits of what feels like actual sand. Is my tapioca flour too low quality or is that just normal? I'm not from a place that ever uses tapioca flour so I'm unfamilliar.

No. 1539927

Do you boil the liquid ingredients before adding them in? It makes a huge difference. Obviously don't boil the egg if you use that. Let the mixture rest for a bit so it absorbs the liquid.
Also, are you using tapioca STARCH or tapioca FLOUR? You should use the starch. Trust me, there is a difference.

No. 1539937

No I don't boil, just mixed them in. Using flour, not starch. Thanks anon, I will try both of these for my next batch!

No. 1540267

File: 1680553570740.jpeg (173.73 KB, 1006x1695, C257B1D4-F825-4A67-9FA7-7E7B5A…)

Why does the peanut butter and jelly sandwich need cheese? It’s from the amerifag thread; I’m American but I’m not familiar with whatever this is

No. 1540268

because americans put cheese on everything

No. 1540273

I made a post months ago, saying how I hated fake cheese on anything but burgers and pb&cos. I think nonas are still mocking me for my taste in delicious sandwiches

No. 1540275

Wow you saved my picture

No. 1540276

File: 1680554072055.png (19.88 KB, 862x360, 1674697175815.png)

We have an anon in /ot/ who eats peanut butter and grilled cheese sandwiches and gets sick each time. It's become an injoke
Here she is now, speak of the devil

No. 1540282

File: 1680554933430.jpg (128.28 KB, 736x937, 8de5ce38426a37ce7b693cdf89cb10…)

Why do people get cankles when they're older?

No. 1540285

Bad circulation

No. 1540287

edema from having shitty veins (PVD) or heart failure, hypertension, kidney disease, lack of mobility, certain medications, etc

No. 1540297

My partner was showing me a picture on insta, and I noticed there was a red dot under his profile pic in the bottom right. Doesn't that mean you have another account, or does it just mean you have notifs? I dont mean to sound so paranoid but Im curious.

No. 1540304

File: 1680556132482.jpg (30.74 KB, 922x269, o.jpg)

Nevermind Im stupid and it just means a notification. They still could have a second profile but it doesnt mean that neccessarily.

No. 1540313

You just doxxed yourself

No. 1540314

how many days college gives you do get over the death of a family member ? My grand father (wich i was close to) died last monday and i took a week off to mourne and i went ot his funeral today, i should go back to school on wednesday but i fell behind assigments. I emailed my professor to explain them the situation, i hope they understand and give me more time.

No. 1540315

It was a photo I found on google

No. 1540316

Oh I see

No. 1540332

Where the fuck do you put your lower arm when you sleep on your side? I can't seem to find a single position where I don't feel like it'll fall of in any five minutes. Signed, a lifelong stomach sleeper.

No. 1540348

i just lay right on it, or put it over my face.

No. 1540358

I put it under my pillow usually.

No. 1540359

Ok retarded question but when you open your mouth as fully as you can, do you feel like you have to push your jaw out first or can you do it in one smooth motion?

No. 1540371

That means your muscles are too tight. You need to start doing simple thirty second stretches. You'll see noticeable progress in one week.

No. 1540372

I can just open it. I feel a little pop at the end.

No. 1540402

on my instagram explore page i've been getting a lot of makeup videos lately, specifically for the eyes and they're usually glittery

but can someone tell me why so many of them are out of focus, and they're all from a variety of different pages? it's just annoying, i want to see what the pigmentation looks like without the blurriness making it hard to see. the fact that makeup brands are using these videos too…

No. 1540405

I can't really answer your question but instagram is so bad lately that I literally changed my username, archived all my posts, removed all followers and just made it a public nothing account because I don't care. i'm only keeping the account in case I want to look at something at some point in the future. the site is shit.

No. 1540407

I'm pretty sure it's blurry because it makes the glitter stand out. I don't use instagram though so I don't know how shitty the quality of the videos are but that's my best guess.

No. 1540417

ayrt i absolutely agree instagram sucks. though i will admit that for me it's probably the better one of the other regularly used social media platforms that the people and friends i know are on (facebook, twitter, tiktok, even reddit) which isn't saying much, they're all basically similarly low-tier

i guess that could be true, i just feel like in real life you don't get as much of an out of focus view if you're putting it on and wearing it, ie looking in the mirror or if someone's modeling for something, having photos taken. while it's interesting to see a video demonstration i don't feel like it helps much if viewers can't see how it clearly looks on application, if it's super pigmented or more sheer, how the glitter itself actually looks on skin etc. also instagram's videos generally are decent quality i think depending on settings and the quality of the upload itself. the videos i've been getting are clear when they show the palette but the moment they start showing the application it's like whoever is recording doesn't bother to bring that into focus at any point, not even at the end.

No. 1540420

File: 1680573177980.gif (421.93 KB, 275x210, 1669987707262.gif)

Ok, please don't mind me, I've been ridiculously reserved for the past years and I am a social retard. I am down to one (online only) friend and I'm wondering if it is normal for a friend to just go on and on about something for a long time without responding to anything you say. Like, for an hour and 1000s of words.

I don't know. Long ago I had friends that were super receptive to what I said and it was a lot more fun that way. Back and forth…jokes…quips, drama, whatever, and plenty of deeper conversations too with super involved responses.
And I'm really doubting myself. I thought I liked it when people are super enthusiastic about something and in the past I've been friends with a few - except when I said something they actually responded - but it's like with this one there's just no fun because it's like everything being said is something that could be said to anyone and that I'm just a sounding board for it…fuck. Maybe I'm a narcissist or something.

No. 1540432

Positive relationships should have an equal amount of giving and taking wrt interaction.
If you go out with a friend to eat somewhere, you might say you can't wait for your food, to which your friend will ask what you ordered, then you'd ask what they ordered after telling them what you ordered, etc.
If a friend constantly unloads and doesn't acknowledge your responses that is an unequal relationship. You're not narcissistic for wanting your words to be acknowledged, that is how relationships work.

No. 1540442

Why does my hair get insanely wavy and voluminous every time I do an oil treatment and wash it out? It gets so wavy it ends up looking like loose curls. Is there a reason?

No. 1540445

You made your hair so happy it is throwing a party and gettin wild n wooly

No. 1540446

>t. hair schmientist
Kek thanks nonnie, makes sense.

No. 1540482

so correct me If I'm wrong, one of members of t.A.T.u said she'd be fine if her daughter was a lesbian but would be disappointed if her son way gay ?

No. 1540483

yes it was julia the black haired one iirc

No. 1540484

I actually watched the interview and I can almost understand the logic she's trying to say, men do need restrictions upon themselves and that includes their sexuality as well

No. 1540485

Ok but what do I care about men? It's better they fuck and rape each other than target girls and women

No. 1540488

What's the best app or site for just scoping out people who want a long term relationship? I don't plan on dating, I just want to see what people are like on a semi-serious vehicle for relationships (not tinder)

No. 1540510

what does it mean to you when someone uses y'all online?
It doesn't mean much to me. I see people point it out with sideye and just generally be ishydiggity about it and I thought I would understand why people are pressed about it from context clues but it's been years of this and it still doesn't make sense to me. I live in america and speak american english so it's simply too much a part of the lexicon to mean anything to me. It can't be that we're out here trying to make eachother speak like proper WASPs or englishmen or something. Why does it matter?

No. 1540512

ESL, I am very grateful when people use it. I find that English lacking the distinction between first and second person plural can be needlessly unclear. I have no doubt that everyone will use it one day, language tends to sort out any big ambiguities

No. 1540513

Maybe it's a southern thing (I wouldn't know, I'm not a burger) but it's been adopted by non-southern twittertards to be part of their speech alongside trigger warnings and tone tags. It's irreversibly linked in my head with passive-aggressive 'y'all can't behave' reddit-twitter lingo.

No. 1540515

That was supposed to say distinction between second person singular and plural
Sorry I haven't had much sleep

No. 1540518

Is there a way to create a private google account no one can find that isn't a contact I've added? I've tried using a different name and a VPN but people keep finding me. I'm at my wits end.

No. 1540525

Is it wrong to break up with person because they have a severe allergy to common food ingredients (like peanut, soy, wheat, or milk) and you're tired of just eating at home and carefully planning dinner dates, family events, etc around their allergies?

No. 1540527

if they keep finding you then your computer is keylogged

No. 1540528

you just need to figure out if convenience is more important to you than whatever it is this person contributes in your relationship

No. 1540529

I've run malwarebytes and multiple antivirus programs, nothing came up?

No. 1540533

sometimes keyloggers are physical and therefore not detected in that manner, if whomever is finding you has had access to your electronics i would start there. you need to scan your router, remove unknown extensions on your browsers. if you save passwords to your phone or browser and have it synced with another account, if they have access to the main account they can view it. check your Google account for the active logins.
there is zero possible way someone can find your brand new account you've not shared unless they have virtual or physical access to your computer/phone/internet.
another option is you have a mole in your friend circle and someone you hold close is telling the offender(s) your new information

No. 1540534

Are you trying to make a new account in the same browser you log into for your regular account? If so, Google's tracking cookies are going to keep identifying you

If you're using a different browser in private mode, then the problem may be with your VPN. It may be leaking your real IP address which allows Google to link your accounts because they know it's you.

From my own experience: Google makes it VERY difficult to create anonymous accounts, especially through a VPN. I've tried before and it will ask you to verify with a phone number. You best option is using a public PC at a library or retail location to make a new account.

No. 1540535

I dunno stop using google? can you use a different maps and email service? why do you need google and who is it that keeps finding you?

No. 1540546

I've made multiple google accounts under both the same and different ip addresses..

as long as I'm signing up for gmail firsthand they never ask me for overly personal info or brute force me to add a phone number. for the name and dob I enter fake info.

I've got like 10 or more emails on google alone I've signed up for in the past decade and the site does not give a fuck

your computer or browser shouldn't be syncing your contacts automatically and notifying them, unless you somehow have it set that way. I didn't even realize google could do that

No. 1540554

Its not a keylogger because no one that doesn't live with me has been on my computer. Its not my family I'm trying to get away from, I just want to make a google account that isn't easily found by other people.

No. 1540559

>your computer or browser shouldn't be syncing your contacts automatically and notifying them, unless you somehow have it set that way. I didn't even realize google could do that
Google is just as creepy as Facebook, if not more, when it comes to tracking and syncing data. I had a bunch of photos from high school saved on my old iPad from many years ago. One of my friends stores all her pictures on google photo, and it automatically tags people in the images for her. There's a photo on my old ipad of me wearing a clown mask for halloween, my friend had a clown face meme saved in her photos and it tagged me in them. What makes this creepy is that:
1) my old ipad bricked itself 10 years ago and since then I stopped using the icloud or google accounts I was logged into on it.
2) this friend is someone I met 5 years ago, not from high school. there are no images of her on the old ipad

I never used her phone, computer, or tablet with my current google account, yet it tags me in the images she uploads to her google photo album because she has me as a phone contact and it knows my face because of the selfies I have on my phoen. The fact that it mistakenly tagged me in her meme photo proved that it syncs data from accounts based on phone number, IP, etc even if they're dormant.

No. 1540563

Is that on google photos or google drive? I don't have any contacts or anybody I know knowingly synced to my google accounts. I upload all my files to drive and ensure nothing gets shared without my permission. The two I do use for shopping and takeout orders are the two I've had for years that I know have probably location tracked me via maps. The rest of the accounts I typically only use for signing up for online accounts, spam, burner subscriptions, extended drive space without paying, drives for different purposes etc

It's never done this for me, but I limit myself to what services I use and have never shared most of my accounts with my contacts. For the record I haven't used Facebook for years either, but there's a pesky account on there I can't get rid of having lost the password.

No. 1540567

She uses google photos and orders prints from it and stuff
Every now and then it will automatically generate themed albums for her. She's shown me several times where it sees me or someone that looks vaguely like in the image and asks "Is this [me]"? so it can tag me.

No. 1540568

I used to have a small (really insignificant) social media following years ago and I've been trying to browse privately but nothing has worked, no VPN, no amount of creating new accounts with totally new information, no amount of password changes, etc. It sucks. I'm not going into detail I like my privacy but I'm just saying this sucks. I like the convenience of using google but I think I'll have to use yahoo at this point and browse youtube on tor. At least until people completely forget who I am and move on.

No. 1540570

make a proton mail or tutanota account
it's free and mostly secure. NOBODY should be able to track you on that unless you foolishly upload your contacts to i.

No. 1540573

I wish you luck nona, at least it was a small following, right? If you really want you could try protonmail or a more encrypted type email service

No. 1540580

have you ever heard someone say based irl?

No. 1540583

no, I don't think I have. but I'm 32 and don't frequently socialize outside work.

No. 1540587

social media addicted losers and other words like valid, triggered, bias as in my bias kpoopy term and more words that are out of place in my non English language.

No. 1540590

I think trigger/triggers is a normal term in american english due to all the veterans with PTSD we have. it's been fairly well known and common vernacular since…the 90s? 80s? It has a new connotation now but I remember learning it in the 90s in relation to veterans alongside terms like shell shock and gunshy which are more old fashioned.

No. 1540591

although i remember talking to a girl in 2011 who was like 19 and did not know what a "trigger" was. she thought i was talking about a gun lol, i was talking about ptsd triggers of vets so she wasn't that far off in weird way

No. 1540593

No, and it's only acceptable when we use it here

No. 1540602

AYRT I will admit that I myself use the word trigger although with an inflection based on my language when working in the medical field and years ago it was very uncommon that people that didn't work in the field used the word triggered/trigger or in the way I do at my job. Now I have see teenagers and adults use that word as one has seen from social media and such. I'm not going to get into but you can take an example of Jill the cow from /w/ and her cohort of social media losers that got a meltdown from a medical seminar and subsequent tirade I know more then a doctor who has been in his field for years.

No. 1540609

I guess it's usually pretty easy to tell from context if someone is using it in the internet way or the ptsd way but I'm not sure if that will become more or less clear in the coming years. I miss when it was just a PTSD term. I think it's kinda gross that it's a verb now lol

No. 1540654

as another burger i feel the same way as >>1540513. and personally find it cringe when non-southerners use it in general, but especially so in that context

No. 1540679

Yesterday I had therapy and we talked about something that made me really frustrated with myself and upset (it's not anything they said, just a topic that makes me really angry with myself). We ended while I was still crying and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all last night and even this morning. I'm noticing signs of depression coming up, like hating myself, not being able to concentrate on anything, etc. Anyway at the end of every session my therapist usually sends me a summary of what we talked about through a message system. Usually I just say "thank you- see you next week" or something like that, but is it okay for me to say that what we talked about really upset me and I'm still not over it? Or do I wait next week? Is that codependent for me to say something like that since I don't want it to seem like my emotions are their responsibility or I'm implicitly blaming them for how I feel.

No. 1540688

How do you make a DnD character anyways? I’m trying to figure out how to calculate the skills but I don’t know how! I’m trying to make a high elf of the sun who is a monk. I just don’t know where is the DM taking all of these numbers from.

No. 1540692

I've been here for some years but never quite understood what really makes someone a cow. Someone who is so dumb to post their whole lives online and who are easy to make fun of usually but then why aren't people like Sv3rige cows or they don't have threads? I know about the onision and CWC threads btw but no one else really who's such a nutcase There are barely entertaining ones around now because oversharing has become so normal, what makes someone a cow now?

No. 1540694

What are the best things to do/things to eat when going through THC withdrawals and you haven't felt hunger in days and even just drinking water is enough to fill you up? I can't even finish a fucking apple. Please help!!

No. 1540701

File: 1680618383712.jpeg (10.79 KB, 808x136, 059B9BC6-B8BA-471F-9CFA-78D17E…)

what does this mean? is it pedoshit? i don't know japanese but if these ideograms mean the same as they do in chinese i assume it's about 15yo students
It's some guy's online game handle

No. 1540705

excercise triggers my withdrawl appetite pretty well, try eating some light things like yogurt, eggs, maybe smoothies. i usually bake a batch of cookies to eat every day for breakfast if I'm withdrawing on THC because its an easy calorie bomb to force myself to eat. mite work for you

No. 1540708

Try protein shakes, just chug it and try not to puke. Drinkable things are way easier to keep down. Had the same problem a while ago so I feel you nonna, but your appetite will come again (and don't worry if you lose some weight, once your appetite is back you suddenly feel like you're starving and you'll gain the weight back). It'll be okay nonna, you can do it!

No. 1540712

I don't understand audible
So you are supposed to buy a monthly subscription, and then on top of that, pay for the individual books too??
And you don't get to keep them after the subscription ends???

Or am i missing something. This is the dumbest shit ever.

No. 1540724

I'm not sure at all because my Japanese is rusty but 15 isn't "15 years old", it's 15 years, otherwise it would have been something like 15歳の学生. Probably something about being a student for 15 years straight idk.

No. 1540737

No. An allergy that severe changes your entire lifestyle. I've heard people even classify severe allergies as disabilities. Don't feel bad if you honestly feel like you can't handle it.

No. 1540867

File: 1680630999859.png (205.72 KB, 623x611, 1678523064916.png)

how do people make online friends nowadays?

i know discord communities are a thing but they are always chock-full of the most obnoxious zoomers. i dont use any social media so i cant just meet friends through like, tumblr or twitter… i dont play MMOs/multiplayer games, im not in any "fandoms", i dont have some weirdly specific autistic hobby i could join an online community for. maybe im just making things harder for myself by being like this. i just want a female friend who's around my age to talk to (i am tired of talking to scrotes)

i dont think im a bad conversationalist but every time ive met someone and added them on discord we have the most awkward, contrived conversation ever and then we ghost each other forever. i am not a dry texter and i try my best to engage with the other person but this always seems to happen… i guess its just hard for me to find people i "click" with

No. 1540872

how old are you nona?

No. 1540875

isn't the whole shtick that you do get to keep the books even after you stop the subscriptions? never tried so idk

No. 1540876

19, why?

No. 1540879

I am also not apart of any fandoms or have a weirdly specific autistic hobby, however you're a zoomer as well. I thought you were a milennial since you were talking about obnoxious zoomers.

No. 1540882

ok im sorry im kind of a hypocrite kek, i just dont want to interact with gender-obsessed types

No. 1540883

Talk to people outside the internet.

No. 1540884

File: 1680631919272.png (53.89 KB, 1060x640, 1679358987379.png)

that is not an option for me right now but i have considered signing up for dance classes in the future to socialize more

No. 1540888

I don't really believe in online friendships but if you want to have mutuals or whatever I wouldn't recommend twitter. It feels like you just talk at people rather than talk to people with it, unless you use it to follow people you already befriended. No idea how tumblr is nowadays, when I used it in 2011/2012 I managed to make mutuals by looking for content in specific tags for specific video games, manga and tv shows I loved and by starting to reply to people and reblog their posts so it happened gradually. I dropped them once they started being obsessed with representation, HAES shit and troon shit, but since you're just 19 the atmosphere on the internet at the time was very different from now so that's why I'm not sure I'd recommend tumblr.

No. 1540893

I used the dndbeyond character builder. You have to make an account which is annoying, but when it comes to the ability scores you can select 'standard array' and just select which skills get which score. It also has information on all the different classes and their pros/cons.

No. 1540894

im no nihongo expert but it says mario taku, and then it says 15 year old middle schooler im pretty sure

No. 1540896

>signing up for dance classes
Do that. Having friends irl is much better then online ones as you get to know them irl you'll be able to talk to each other regarding topics or interest you learned about them on the phone later on

No. 1540899

File: 1680633075345.jpg (108.73 KB, 1846x632, q.jpg)

In order to have my post with a picture included show up like the first pic, do I click "post" or "images" from the upper menu?

No. 1540900

Forgot to mention this is Reddit

No. 1540910

He's the 15 year old student.

No. 1540976

File: 1680640550992.jpg (3.31 KB, 182x190, 1680316382483.jpg)

The jannies at crystal.cafe keep deleting most of the replies i make even if i'm not breaking the rules, i think they have something against me. Anyone going through the same or am i just the mods punching bag?

No. 1540982

Yes, they have 100% done the same thing to me. Whoever the jannies are in CC they are also active posters because I've seen people argue in threads and when one person starts to win the argument the posts disappear. It happened to me when someone was pitbull sperging for 3 days straight and then 5 minutes after I pointed out not every dog is a pitbull my post was removed and the thread was locked

No. 1541010

i've had multiple of my threads banned for seemingly no reason after hours

No. 1541054

File: 1680652044828.jpg (85.09 KB, 468x494, article-2045760-0E3F1F7C000005…)

Why would a younger woman with an older husband look down on older women?

There's this 19-year-old coworker at my work place whose husband is around 10 years older than her. I've had her tell me, in a pretty mocking tone, that she feels so bad for her husband's male friends because their wives are 30. When I asked her why, she just shrugged and replied it's because they're old.

How does that make any sense? Does she not realize one day, she'll be 30 too?

No. 1541056

I am meeting my best friends' boyfriend this weekend what do you even wear in situations like this? Should I look kind of nice or just put on my regular clothes, I'm completely overthinking this but straight up I have no idea kek

No. 1541060

It’s funny because those same women will be crying that they were groomed when they age out and expect sympathy. They do it because most women get off on having a little competition with other women and one upping each other for scrotes. We don’t just do it with age we do it with race too(like an Asian girl might feel superior over white women if she’s had a lot of white bfs with yellow fever)

No. 1541062

File: 1680653427811.jpg (44.18 KB, 491x533, 86e5c92a47a10d2d684e6716b11259…)

Maybe she feels bad that they won't enjoy as many years of widowhood as her.

No. 1541067

I think maybe she’s been listening to what her husband thinks and she’s repeating his opinions.
Aw that’s a sweet thought I want to believe this lol

No. 1541069

I wouldn’t doubt her husband is probably the one talking about women like that. She probably feels special because of the attention. These women always get their wake-up call eventually though kek

No. 1541070

I'm a big dummy so I hope you nonnies can help me with this;
My sister recently shared an artist with me but it turns out that she was using an ai to create her work, can someone tell me how ai art works? I had mix comments while reading it some people say it teaches the ai to draw while other says it mixes and matches art (steals) to create an art piece, I tried image reverse to find the source of her 'art' since the style is amazing but can't find anything, any help on how I can find it?

No. 1541071

unrelated but when I was 15 I followed a bunch of other 15 year olds on tumblr who would spend all their time posting selfies while talking about how make up is totes empowering and would insult other girls eyebrows. And if they weren't doing that they would purposely start drama by accusing other 15 year olds who spend all their time posting selfies for racefaking or they would write callouts for people who kinned outside of their race. Anyway that picture reminded me of that specific time in my life because they where all obsessed with it

No. 1541084

iirc AI trains the concept by consuming an image into latent noise and learns the "concept" by converting that learned data into an algorithm. then to actually render an image it generates noise and applies this algorithm to the noise as its rendering to generate a new image with the concept you want. So you teach the AI "cat" it'll figure out through diffusing enough images of cats to noise that they'll have ears, a nose, fur, ect, and eventually it will be able to draw something that vaguely looks like a cat from empty noise. I am of the opinion that it is essentially learning to draw pixel by pixel and isn't technically a photobash, but its still computerized copying. regarding the art style, if theres no exif data on her images then you won't find any useful information, but you can plug the art into an image to text prompt site to try to find the style inspiration that way.

No. 1541089

File: 1680658445829.jpeg (500.62 KB, 2000x2000, BC377677-7501-443E-B4EE-72EFC5…)

So the mirror above my bathroom sink was in a really weird position wedged up under the vanity light in a way that didn’t make sense and it always bothered me, so I lowered it about 8 inches. New holes in the wall, drywall anchors and everything. Huge pain in the ass to hang it up. I just got out of the shower and realized the mirror is now low enough that my pussy is completely in frame and now I want to raise it back up. IS… this psychotic? Would you do the same? Mirror is positioned across the room from shower like picrel so it’s unavoidable. I may be able to add some chair feet pads to the back to change the angle?

No. 1541101

File: 1680661125177.jpg (39.21 KB, 480x640, 0391ea3bc7f1f56d3f37c2ed34e12c…)

shouldnt the mirror be fogged up? how can you even see it. you could also get a picture frame and do picrel to censor it. it looks cooler with an ornate gold frame like an old painting.

No. 1541104

Yeah you’re being crazy.
That looks like dogshit what the hell.

No. 1541107

Maybe I don't know how guys work or that my other male friends hide it very well but one of my friends seems to be obsessed with women. He talks about women, talks about women's anatomy, has multiple only fans subscriptions, has a new gf every month, will lose his shit if you tell him online models are photoshopped, only draws women and animates bouncing breasts.

Sure my other male friends talk about girls, but at least they have other interests or hobbies. This one here seems to have brain rot. I've been distancing myself from him. My other friends are telling me he's not so bad and he's a typical guy. But I beg to differ. He's the only male friend who just seems like a zombie
He even brags how even if he has a wife and children he would never actually love them. It's just what women are for. It's disgusting. Who thinks like that?

No. 1541111

it's about the concept, not that actual picture. it's cool when it's done with the right materials and lighting. I originally saw it in a real estate listing and the way they had it looked so good but that was the only concept picture I could find on google. I think it was dark green bathroom with dark marble countertop and ornate massive frame, it was gorgeous.

No. 1541117

Why is fetish content so creepy? Porn is straightforward, if often nasty towards women. But fetish content always feels disturbing to read/see and makes me feel gross afterwards. What makes fetish and normal porn different!

No. 1541119

File: 1680663967966.jpg (39.03 KB, 678x381, succession-season-3-tom-main.j…)

What is it about Tom from Succession that makes him so weirdly hot?

No. 1541120

How long after quitting birth control can I start vaping again?

No. 1541124

Help please! I’m going to join my mom at her workplace soon and I’m kinda scared I’ll give a bad impression and that it’ll reflect badly on my mom. I have pretty bad social anxiety and my mom on the other hand is a very friendly and sociable person. Everyone at work knows my mom and loves her etc. I usually stick to myself at work and can be very cold, I’m hoping they don’t assume I’m just like my mom and start trying to talk to me too but what should I do if they do? How should I approach it?

No. 1541144

It actually could reflect on her poorly. People may assume she is the reason you are withdrawn which could make her look like a “bad mom” or make you look stunted. To avoid that you should probably cash in her social credits ASAP by being honest and affable about how different you are from her. Like say you’re shy or whatever and your mom is a ray of sunshine and you play off each other. Make a story for people to grab on to.

No. 1541146

Make a story that’s flattering to you both but honest about your different personalities. I don’t mean lie I mean have a spiel ready that frames your differences as more of a Yin/Yang than a warm/cold. Also maybe include your mom in this and let her know your anxieties so she’s not out there being weird about it unintentionally.

No. 1541147

How creepy do you think it is if an older woman dates a younger man? Let's say a 10+ year age gap.

No. 1541148

Slightly less creepy than when a man does it if they have typical builds. Slightly more creepy if she’s a lot bigger and stronger than him, just because it’s unusual. (Sorry.) same creepy if he’s a child —crime alert.

No. 1541153

If they're 30+ it's normal. If they're 25-35 a bit weird. If he's 20 she's 30 it won't work out probably.

No. 1541159

Hey thanks for being honest, I was also concerned about this, like maybe they’ll think we don’t get along or something worse. I’m very chatty with her one on one but add just one person idk well and I become quiet even with her which can naturally seem like I’m upset. I will definitely talk to her about it so she knows my worries and see what she suggests. I get your point about framing our differences positively but I might have a hard time making my personality sound complimentary in any way bc that’s just not how I see it. My issues are debilitating. But hopefully I’ll think of something before now and then. Thanks again

No. 1541175

How do I learn to be all feminine and flirty? I want to manipulate men pls, any tips?

No. 1541177

Being femenine and flirty will only get you so far. At the end of the day, men don't see us like equal human beings. Putting a lot of effort on being femenine, because it's an unnatural state although we are conditioned to adapt to it since we're born, would actually mean that you are the one being manipulated by them, by the patriarchy. If you want long lasting power over them, you better be cold and aloof, men want what they can't get, being flirty it's quite the opposite. Also each men has its particular weakness that you must find, etc… Be safe, anon, manipulating men almost always backfires because they hate losing against us and it's in their nature to be the manipulator instead. Also, can I ask what are your goals?

No. 1541209

File: 1680683533807.jpg (60.24 KB, 533x700, 486bab6e1632fb9da79fbdc57fe954…)

i forgot to get more of my expensive shampoo and so i had to use my boyfriends typical man '10 in 1 shampoo conditioner body wash etc etc' shampoo and can someone tell me why tf my hair is so much softer and smoother right now. are we just all being punked into spending more money on a false sense of beauty

No. 1541210

She sees her age as her only worth and projects that onto other people because her husband is a pedo and she's (not so) secretly afraid that he won't be interested in her when she turns 30. Many such cases.

Bit sad but since she's a bitch about it I'd make it a point to call her 'adult woman', and 'aging' as many times as I can because that will really trigger her, maybe even sprinkle in a bit of 'oh I thought you were in your late 20s like me, so sorry!'. Not that I think it's a bad thing obviously, but she sure does.

No. 1541217

probably because his product has silicones in it

No. 1541221

>are we just all being punked into spending more money on a false sense of beauty
Sorry you had to find out this way.

No. 1541226

Regular cloth I guess, it's not like you're going to their wedding.

No. 1541253

I just don't get great results if I use the same shampoo/con for too long. I buy pretty basic stuff now, switch it up whenever I'm buying the next bottle.. and my hair always has that 'finally some good fucking food' reaction to a new bottle.

No. 1541269

I think I will, they've been dating long term though and I don't want to look homeless. Whatever I'll just wear normal stuff, it's not that big of a deal kek.

No. 1541271

Start taking fish oil and you can smoke now

No. 1541282

It's so annoying, ever since they got more moderators it's like they got stuck up their asses, no one can say anything they don't like now.

No. 1541324

Do diets really make or break how good someone looks? I know some people with shitty diets who have nice skin, thin, etc and those with good diets who have bad skin (not necessarily acne)

No. 1541353

There are so many factors that are involved. Some people can get away with a shit diet and some people can't. It depends on your age and other lifestyle factors too. Once you're in your 30s it is very difficult to get away with treating your body badly, so you might as well get those habits going when you are younger.

No. 1541360

Depends on what you guys are doing. If just hanging out or going for a coffee etc regular clothes are fine

No. 1541387

Literally why would you put on nice clothes for meeting your best friends' boyfriend. It's not a special or formal event is it kek. You can bet he's wearing a hoodie and sneakers. Just wear your regular/casual clothes.

No. 1541390

Isn't that pretty common with zoomers to see anyone above 25ish as old? Like they pride themselves on being young and therefore being superior to millenials even though they're gonna be ""old"" soon enough as well. I don't even think it's funny, it's just sad that the youngest generation somehow has even worse beauty standards set for them than older generations, shouldn't be like that.

No. 1541395

I’m very confused about this. Are you two for real?

No. 1541396

>why is this 19yo girl with a 30yo husband making fun of old women?
She's a child repeating what the authority figure(her husband) is saying. Her husband and his friends are probably talking about how lucky he is for getting a barely legal wife and how they wish they could also fuck teens/little girls. Then he's telling her that and she's too young and stupid to think they're creeps.

No. 1541397

How can you doubt something you read on the Internet

No. 1541412

Fish oil is a powerful blood thinner. The reason you’re not supposed to smoke on the pill is bc the pill increases your chances of getting a serious blood clot and dying from deep vein thrombosis or a stroke. Smoking also increases your chance of getting a blood clot independently of the pill so doing both at once is obviously advised against.

Fish oil is such a powerful blood thinner you also shouldn’t take it before surgeries because it lowers your blood clotting abilities. So yes taking fish oil should balance it out if she’s already stopped taking the pill it’s out of your system within a few weeks. But obviously I recommend asking a dr and doing your own research.

No. 1541414

kek tell her that when shes 30 her husband will be an geratric old 40 year old, while those "old" 30 year old women have bfs the same age age as them

No. 1541417

This may be a long shot but does anyone know what happened to 4crafter.com? It's a shitty ass forum but it hosted some great and hard to find craft resources, it's been down for a few days.

No. 1541426

Btw just realized I said “smoking” rather than “consuming nicotine” cause nicotine increases adrenaline which can then increase risk of blood clots. So I mean smoking or vaping or even eating nicotine when I mention smoking.

No. 1541439

Oh I see. I smoked while I was on the pill for like 12 years so I was confused by the idea that you couldn’t. I have heard of the blood clot risks but just don’t understand trying to be healthy and smoking at the same time lol. Interesting about the fish oil, didn’t know it was a blood thinner.

No. 1541440

self harmers who have tattoos: how long do you recommend waiting before inking over scars? I know most sites say 1-2 years but would 6 months suffice?

No. 1541488

Is whiskey dick real?

No. 1541489

God I know I shouldn’t smoke but every day it sounds more and more appealing. I just got a new position and it’s too much honestly and I struggle to stay awake.

No. 1541490

It’s not literally a whisky issue if that’s what you mean, but in general yes absolutely a man can be so drunk he can’t get hard.

No. 1541492

Ask your dr for a modafanil prescription and if they balk be like well I was considering taking up smoking cause I can’t stay awake. I bet you’ll get the script. And it’ll be way better for your health and better for staying awake than smoking cigs. And you won’t be stinky and a month’s supply is like $20 even if you’re uninsured just use Winn Dixie pharmacy or some other cheap option on goodrx (not cvs or Walgreens cause it’s $300 at those place for some reason)

No. 1541590

File: 1680725340608.png (13.39 KB, 1292x247, 70825.png)

Sorry if this is a little bit off-topic but someone is genuinely abusing their power there. Wouldn't surprise me if a guy accidentally got hired as a janitor, the terf thread also got randomly deleted once.

No. 1541593

File: 1680725554592.png (13.73 KB, 872x461, Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 13-11…)

I got this ban message, I wish we had an explanation as to why posts are getting deleted. It's ridiculous, this shouldn't be happening. It's full-on censorship at this point

No. 1541594

nonna your ip is showing !

No. 1541596

File: 1680725675994.png (22.5 KB, 1296x539, Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 13-02…)

All of these posts were deleted
It's fine anon I'm using a vpn

No. 1541618

does a "cow finder" thread exist? i want to read about cows with bpd. or tim/tifs

No. 1541619

also rich cows who ruin their lives or otherwise act like extremely retarded succession characters

No. 1541621

I regularly see posts bad mouthing women who haven't married their male partner but I fail to see how marrying is a beneficial thing besides tax benefits. If anything it takes your freedom and locks you up. What am I missing?

No. 1541622

i'm in a discord server with a tif and she was talking about "top" surgery, and that got me thinking…. what are the risks of unnecessarily mutilating your body like that? i can't imagine it's good for you.
of course i can't ask her something like that, but i'm so curious. does it affect a woman's health? do they end up with big scars? do they lose sensation in that area?

No. 1541628

You're right. The only people who shame women for sleeping with men they aren't married to are weird religious people. It only really makes sense to get married under specific scenarios (if there's tax benefits, if you need to make medical decisions for the other person, if you're hoping to obtain spousal/child support in the future…)

No. 1541631

I guess the idea is how you'd have "nothing to show for" the years together. The reasons do change based on where you're finding these posts. Here it could mean the man is choosing not to commit to you through the tried and true avenues provided for him, he needs to find value in it even if you don't because he's symbolically dropped out of competing for you. A milder mind could of the thought that marriage is a meaningful human creation, a culmination of love and promising a life to one you adore moves them in some way. An unfortunate reason is an inverse of the first, that the woman would have been provided for and financially secure if she did marry. His assets are assumed to be better and she's making a fatal mistake not being attached, she'll be left out should he walk away from the relationship. Which can be true sometimes. All of things I usually hear revolve around making something longstanding and socially powerful work to make something in their life powerful too. Seems scary though

No. 1541634

It's just projection, plenty of women who aim for marriage get their time wasted by men who "aren't sure" or get deliberately played by men who string them along, of course I empathize with them but they assume every hetero woman with a bf of 7 years is going through the same thing.

No. 1541683

What's the personality disorder where you get angry at the drop of the hat over random shit, especially when people don't know something or go against your wishes (even accidentally)?

No. 1541697

That's just a jerk who hasn't been punched back yet

No. 1541714

I'm not going to punch my mom lol.

No. 1541718

Want me to do it?

No. 1541721

No, she's obnoxious but she doesn't deserve to be punched.

No. 1541726

I can slap

No. 1541730

I have a cute purse but it has a detachable shoulder strap that looks like a seatbelt kek. Any ideas on how to make a nice looking shoulder strap? It's a black vinyl purse btw

No. 1541732

sometimes when I take a shit it's so thick or hard that my asshole hurts. do you think the hardness might be the reason or do I have ass cancer?

No. 1541742

Try to eat more fiber nonna

No. 1541744

get your probiotics and prebiotics and eat more fiber or im gonna slap you

No. 1541747

Is Temu a scam? My sister ordered 10 things and got half her order for “free” and sent me a referral, I’ve never heard of this site before but it looks too good to be true.
Is it a scam? Is it just spyware?

No. 1541751

I ordered from there twice (well, three times but I canceled the third). I received all of my stuff and I was happy with most of it, I'll probably end up buying from there again. It's basically your standard Aliexpress or Shein type of site. But it's more like Aliexpress I think, since they both seem to be Chinese.
>Is it just spyware?
How would it be a virus?

No. 1541792

Does anyone else "pick up" compounding preferred facial features every time they have a crush?

>My first crush was a boy with a long, rounded nose

>My second crush was a guy with that same type of nose and golden skin
>My latest crush is a woman with that type of nose, golden skin, and downturned eyes
>Now I'm liking downturned eyes on other people when before I wouldn't have been that into it

I feel like all the traits keep stacking kek.

No. 1541799

No I want a man that is the exact opposite of me or a woman who is just like me but a little taller lol, and that never really changes

No. 1541800

Are you drinking enough water? That only happens to me when I’m dehydrated due to disruptive/distracting life events (long flights, road trips, big stress, long work hours etc)

No. 1541801

Yeah I don’t think you should hit your mom but maybe a good ol’ mother/daughter verbal throwdown is in order. Or maybe she’s really stressed over something or has a weird chronic pain… Did you ask her what’s making her touchy or is she always like this? Is her husband shitty?

No. 1541816

Nah, I like my variety so while I do have some preferences that stay the same I tend to go for someone who looks very different from whoever I last dated. Especially after a longer relationship I'm bored of looking at the same features for years so I'm eager to change the scenery.

No. 1541831

have any anons tried solsticescents? trying to use up old gifted perfumes but honestly sort of sick of them so I wanna order the sampler pack.

No. 1541832

have any anons tried solsticescents? trying to use up old gifted perfumes but honestly sort of sick of them so I wanna order the sampler pack.

No. 1541833

have any anons tried solsticescents? trying to use up old gifted perfumes but honestly sort of sick of them so I wanna order the sampler pack.

No. 1541834

have any anons tried solsticescents? trying to use up old gifted perfumes but honestly sort of sick of them so I wanna order the sampler pack.

No. 1541842

NTA but isn't it well known at this point that there's a multi-posting glitch happening lately? I had something posted 5 times even though I only hit post twice when trying to get it to go through. The reason it gets left up a lot of times is that people try to post, see their post is just not going through, and give up and leave. Then it posts a seemingly arbitrary amount of times minutes after the initial attempt, at which point the anon is long gone.

No. 1541846

It's the multi post glitch, happened to me earlier today. took forever to post, didn't show up, went back a few minutes later to thread and post has multiplied by 4

No. 1541891

IM ANGRY. Any suggestions what to do to let it out

No. 1541893

post about it on lolcor. never works every time!

No. 1541929

Thanks I did I feel actually better

No. 1541935

Is there an AI or something that can help me with English? as in, correct my grammar and give me tips of how to make my senteces sound less ESL. It's the only good use of AI i cant think of yet techtrannies aren't on it.

No. 1541936

There's plenty if you google "grammar checker". I can't really recommend one since I've never used them but maybe you can find one that works for you

No. 1541958

have any anons tried solsticescents? trying to use up old gifted perfumes but honestly sort of sick of them so I wanna order the sampler pack.

No. 1541962

Did something happen yesterday that sent a bunch of newfags here?

No. 1541981

I want to ask an artist if its ok if I get a tattoo of one of her pieces, but I dont know if its an appropiate question to ask/ how to word it?
fellow artfags what do you think?

No. 1541991

From what I've seen small(er) artists are super flattered if you want to get their stuff tattood but in my opinion it is reasonable to ask to buy a digital copy for tattoo purposes.

No. 1541997

File: 1680783655228.jpeg (101.36 KB, 1136x640, 61960DC9-A5AE-4DA7-81DC-6FE074…)

Why is it that a lot of seemingly random things are associated with women with BPD? Like the blush-y e-girl makeup, pink monster energy drink cans etc

Pic unrelated

No. 1542003


No. 1542010

File: 1680784936174.jpeg (25.55 KB, 642x739, 825B1F65-1898-4D3D-A64A-684C15…)

What’s the difference between the hwang eyebrow shape and the westmore eyebrow shape? I want to try the hwang shape

No. 1542012

Westmore guidelines start from the nostril outer edge whereas Hwang guidelines start from the nostril top

No. 1542013

Westmore looks more arched, a little more round and shorter

No. 1542015

Samefag, hit post too early, it means Hwang brow is slightly longer and they come closer together

No. 1542090

Why do tradfags say the government or whatever is trying to destroy the traditional family? AFAIK most people will always have families more or less in the traditional way.

No. 1542181

Does anyone have any sources for learning basic tech jargon and processes? Im so tech illiterate; please approach me like a aunt who lives deep in the forest with no computer.

No. 1542234

Is it normal that one finds their profile weird looking?

No. 1542243

Few reasons, they’re threatened by any woman who chooses not to have children (even if they are a small minority even today) as it’s basically saying their genes are shit, the female tradfags are jealous of women who have children and lives outside of motherhood/a beneficial heterosexual relationship rather than doing all the work basically for nothing in in return, they’re worried about whites being a minority and think it can be offset by individual choice, lastly and most obviously they need to shill a lifestyle women were forced into when they had no other options so they need to resort to hysterics about ‘muh Jews muh family’ because it’s not as easy for them anymore. It’s all a cope and you’re correct, most (80%) of women end up having children.

No. 1542273

People are still striving for that traditional setup but it just isn't lasting more than a few years. You can marry, have the kids, make the plans, have the mortgage.. but ultimately you're relying on a man to not end up being fickle and just throwing in the towel. Women are more inclined to want marriage counselling, to fight for a marriage or work at it. Men arent. Its not a goverment conspiracy. Traditions are still chased but most marriages now have an expiry date and they end in messy coparenting and eventually in blended families.

No. 1542285

File: 1680804784757.jpeg (59.59 KB, 736x731, qEEkXv8.jpeg)

So, i know this question is probably very dumb… But idk where else to ask. Does guys looking at you constantly means they are checking you out?
And if people stare at me a lot, when I'm normally dressed and relatively normal looking, does this mean I'm kinda attractive? Sorry, i know it's dumb

No. 1542366

I'm a weaboo who lives under a rock, so have patience with me, but is euphoria actually that popular among normies? Cause it supposedly is, but I feel like I only see people talking (poorly) of it here, unlike stuff like stranger things and game of thrones that I never watched, but effortlessly came across people discussing it everywhere.

No. 1542386

People like it and it’s critically acclaimed but it’s excessively and exploitative porny, like we don’t need to see the big titty 17 year old girl fuck as much as the show has it happen so it gets an eye roll here

No. 1542387

No. 1542388

They can’t make it work so it must be someone else’s fault

No. 1542461


Either attractive or grotesque enough to cause strangers to pause in their step in horror. Do they recoil, or just stare?

No. 1542468

Would someone really leave a relationship that is amazing purely because they were scared of love?

No. 1542520

Depends on where you live. In some countries, staring at strangers is the norm and it's done regardless of the strangers attractiveness. I thinkk checking out and staring for one second are obviously different though.

No. 1542582

File: 1680854926907.png (181.82 KB, 368x515, firefox_HUifoCUIQT.png)

pic related is that cringey misogynist bitch
but I wanted to ask- what do you do when you have hair like this? Do you need to wash and blow it out to fluff it up every day?

No. 1542583

File: 1680855112367.png (102.88 KB, 552x577, firefox_XlV52zvVPj.png)

Ok she's an extreme case, she's 26 and almost bald

No. 1542584

i suffer from flat hair too and hate it so much

No. 1542588


I would cut it shorter and then try to find the underlining issue and try to treat it. Maybe a dht blocker shampoo/serum could help

No. 1542589

Considering sewing patches over my Nike clothes after they sponsored that misogynist sissy moid Dylan. I don't want to throw out the clothes but I don't want to promote the brand either. Is it even possible to add patches to technical fabric? They seem more sensitive.

No. 1542592

how does cilantro taste to you?

No. 1542599

Kek,this is my hair. Honestly, I just live with it at this point. I've tried everything and there isn't a product, routine or diet in the world that can save this. It looked best when I kept it as a very short pixie cut with the sides shaved, but going to the salon every few weeks and having to deal with the cowlicks and random bad hair days was awful. Now I just keep it shoulder length and forget about it.

No. 1542600

No. 1542611

Depends on where you live. Germans and Northern Europeans stare a lot for no reason ime. Slavs also, but they just look dead inside and constantly zoning out. If you did that in the UK people would assume you're trying to pick a fight or are about to harass them.

No. 1542612

sort of like lime and pepper or something

No. 1542613

Why is that Daddy's little porkchop banner with the crossed out crotch still around when new banners have been added? I thought it was agreed upon to remove that banner a long ass time ago?

No. 1542615

Fucking delicious, can’t get enough of it

No. 1542616

I'm still getting the stupid hentai doujin banner too

No. 1542618

I'm still only seeing the old banners?

No. 1542619

I'm still only seeing the old banners?

No. 1542626

Like cilantro is supposed to.

No. 1542673

I dunno, I would never ever put it in my mouth because it smells exactly like stinkbugs

No. 1542681

Why are there so many fat people on Shein reviews? I'm not American, it was my first time buying things from Shein, I was surprised not only by the amount of overweight and even deathfats, but also at the fact that it was nearly impossible for me to find 0 size/ petite clothing, yet there were tons of options for XL and beyond

No. 1542684

Grass. It has a particular scent but doesn't really taste like much to me.

No. 1542687

The majority of mainstream, in-person stores sell up to 2XL at most so, even if you account for vanity sizing, fast fashion sites like SHEIN are a relatively easy way for fat people to find clothes that fit

No. 1542690

Soapy. Once I had it on a chipotle bowl that had huge leafy chunks, and the soap taste was sooo strong that I couldn't finish it.

No. 1542692

It is good!

No. 1542693

When people shorten 'narcissist' to 'narc', how do you pronounce the word narc? Is it nark or nars

No. 1542695

Apparently narc can mean 3 things
>a dirty cop/traitor

No. 1542697

I know, but is it pronounced differently when derived from narcissist?

No. 1542699

Which is better: a distant woman who keeps to herself, seems somewhat emotionless. Or a happy-go-lucky woman who talks about anything?
Who would you want to get to know better?

No. 1542700

From what I've seen get posted online, which are fatties wearing cringy weeb/ knock of asian styles, the awkwardly large options are usually on the ugly weird outfits or very cheap cosplay shit that only fatties like. I'm size 0-2 myself and I have no issue getting clothes my size because I don't buy stuff from weeby places that obviously cater to chronically online americans who are mostly fat.

No. 1542701

The second. Anons will say the first but since both people would be awkward, none of them would initiate the friendship.

No. 1542702

The happy-go-lucky one
I find it difficult to keep up a conversation with someone distant/emotionless because they don't give you a lot of material, they seem happier in their own bubble and that's valid but I don't know how we're hang out
A lot of introverts relax around friends though

No. 1542705

The person who can talk about anything. They could enrich your life, give you a perspective you weren't aware of. Tell you something you never knew or carry a conversation with you about your hobby. Someone that listens.

No. 1542724

Depends. Is the first woman always distant or is she nice and approachable after breaking the ice? If that's the case, she's probably more my energy than a happy-go-lucky woman who I'd probably find a bit tiring.

No. 1542725

>she's probably worth more my energy
And why would you say that? Because you had to work more to get to know her?

No. 1542726

I didn't say 'worth' anon

No. 1542728

The plus size is literally an entire separate section on the Shein app.
How did you fuck that up? Fatties aren't to blame there…

No. 1542751

I don't understand why wannabe anachans complain about fat people getting cute clothes so often online. Most wannabe anachans I know who claim to be size 0 are literally average weight and I can't fathom how someone who's average can't manage to find ANY clothes that fit them.
I was skinny and I'm thin now but I never ever had any issues finding stuff that fit me while I saw my overweight friends struggle in the past, it makes me happy to see brands finally having cute and fashionable plus size sections and appealing to women with bigger bodies.

No. 1542754

Nta but size 0 isn't ana chan tho. You don't have to be underweight to wear size 0, more like lower end of healthy bmi, unless sizes are really skewed wherever you are.

No. 1542758

You have to be really short for that though, below 160cm

No. 1542831

Is it in any way normal to feel vaguely sick, tired and "not right" but not terribly ill either for your entire life? I go to the doctor for a check up every year and I'm perfectly healthy, my diet is perfect, I do mild exercise every day, I sleep 8+ hours, I don't use alcohol or any drugs. Is this literally just from anxiety? I do have severely bad anxiety but my life itself is chill. I'm taking care of my 90 year old, very sick grandmother at the moment and it's really shocked me to realize that we have similar energy levels. Have to go for a nap in the middle of the day, have to go for a lie down if we go grocery shopping, etc. I can do one "big" task a day (like grocery shopping or batch cooking) but besides that I only have the energy to work on my computer for 3-4 hours, do a 30 minute walk, and make sure I eat OK. I have to lie down in the dark multiple times a day for 30+ minutes each time, and really force myself to get up and continue the day. There's women my age running around after their kids, working full time, traveling, socializing etc. I honestly think I could die after 1 week of that type of schedule. I've been like this for my whole life although I managed to power through my schooling, I was horrifically depressed and on all types of psychiatric medication at that time and would regularly have huge breakdowns from stress requiring hospitalization. As far as I can tell I'm not depressed at all now and haven't been for 10+ years.

No. 1542844

Doesn't sound normal, but as for what could be wrong? Idk. Can you see a different doctor?

No. 1542854

I know you said you were in perfect health but have you checked for any vitamin deficiencies? Do you smoke or vape nicotine? Do you drink caffeine? I heard tiredness could be a sign of glutin intolerance, maybe try cutting glutin out for a week and see how you feel.
Aside from that, it does sound like anxiety and intolerance for stress and low social battery. What you said about having a busy schedule and doing one thing after the other seeming way too much for you is very relatable to me as a person that's always been anxious. Anxiety can be comorbid with depression but not always. A lot of times anxiety is what leads to depression. To me, you sound like a naturally anxious person that has learned to cope and adapt. Some people just can't handle so much social interaction.

No. 1542863

I'd ask for a second opinion from a different doctor.

No. 1542865

Sounds like mild chronic fatigue syndrome

No. 1542889

Are you sure you're not anemic or have something wrong with your hormones?
You're taking care of an elderly which can be draining and tiring on its own and mild depression can also cause the symptoms you're experiencing. I hope you feel better soon, maybe you can try going to a therapist or a psychiatrist? If there's nothing wrong with your blood levels it can very much be depression

No. 1542899

Why do Democrat (American) run cities have such bad gun violence? I thought Democrats were pro gun control

No. 1542922

Don’t the red states have more gun violence percentage wise? Although some liberal cities have progressive DAs who do jack shit in regards to prosecuting actual crimes.

No. 1542941

No. 1542947

Anynona know of a good white desk chair? Maybe something like an office chair? I need to buy one for my new desk in my room, but I am feeling overwhelmed by the choices.

No. 1542964

File: 1680898702576.jpg (50.42 KB, 638x638, 5f1cc674429cfb2fe8db6af4429ec9…)

does anyone else get insanely depressed around their birthday? i don't why but for the past 5 years its happened without fail. i'm not depressed about getting older at all and even though i do stuff with friends and family on or around my birthday i still feel this intense desire to be by myself and have a general feeling of melancholy

No. 1542965

Yup, feeling the same. I'm always relieved when my bday is over.

No. 1542977

Definitely. I don't think my birth is worth celebrating. It's next month and I'm not looking forward to it.

No. 1542993

Where is the Eurovision this year being hosted? Will it be in Ukraine despite the war? I saw my first one last year and I'm a little confused on how this works kek

No. 1543008

iirc it'll be hosted in liverpool uk

No. 1543009

a little, but it's probably because i'm asocial and awkward so i get stressed about everyone congratulating me. especially my relatives from another state, they only care superficially about me and don't really know me other than my name and what i look like yet my dad always has to tell me about all their retarded, empty happy birthday messages in the family group chat (which i left precisely because they're so annoying and fake polite)

like you said i just want a free day to be with myself instead of having to deal with everyone else getting excited over nothing

No. 1543027

thank you anons, i actually feel a little better knowing i'm not alone in this feeling

No. 1543032

File: 1680906173458.jpg (21.42 KB, 474x266, th-1432036340.jpg)

There's a tif online wanting to befriend me and she's alright and we share similar interests, and I can overlook the gendie aspect but there's something that I don't know what to think about. She likes an anime called Ichigo marshmallow and what I've heard about it is that it's a pedo bait anime. She says that at first she was also weirded out by it but that it was charming and the good outweight the bad, she also said she saw her childhood in the girls. Otherwise I think she only likes stuff like, PriPara which is normal for women to like.

Anyone who has watched this anime can you tell me your opinion on this whole situation? What should I do. She told me that it was ok if I didn't like it and she would not push me to watch it, which is good.

My second question… is having a friend into Ichigo marshmallow a good idea as long as she does not push it on me, or is it potentially dangerous and damaging? I don't think she's vocal about it anyway, she's just that kind of animecore person I guess. In the end I wonder if women can like different aspects to media than moids do.

No. 1543038

Why do I feel dehydrated after drinking beer?

No. 1543039


No. 1543040

My bad I misread "water", carry on nonny

No. 1543077

it dehydrates you because thats what alcohol does

No. 1543091

Beer shouldn't dehydrate you because you are drinking such a relatively small amount of alcohol compared to the volume of liquid in the beer, the diuretic effect would be negligible.

No. 1543095

Nta Beer is strong these days, I get dry lips the day after having 3-5 7% IPAs

No. 1543105

No shit if you specifically drink strong beer it will have a stronger dehydrating effect than regular beer

No. 1543108

File: 1680916563755.jpg (44.48 KB, 493x742, 1676670231176187.jpg)

so does beer dehydrate or not. make up your mind.

No. 1543111

Alcohol is a diuretic and will dehydrate you.

No. 1543114

File: 1680916924263.jpg (24.57 KB, 478x305, ufo.jpg)

have any of you nonas ever seen a ufo? I want to see one so badly it hurts. im always looking at the sky and im always star gazing. i have many years before i die but i feel like it just isnt meant to be for me…

No. 1543119

It shouldn't, if you are drinking regular beer (that's normally 4-5% where I am from). If your beers are stronger than that or you're binge drinking then it would, but it shouldn't be anywhere near as bad as other types of alcohol.

No. 1543133

File: 1680918501616.jpg (98.55 KB, 728x1059, ichima.jpg)

This was one of my favorite series as a pre-teen/teen and I didn't realize that it could have been potentially been drawn by a pedophile until I became an adult. The girls aren't sexualized and it's fairly wholesome/innocent but there are a couple of scenes where their panties flash when they are playing (it's written off as a joke) or they are bathing together. This wasn't uncomfortable to me because it reminded me of my childhood with my friends and family too, just kids being kids. Looking back it's weird an adult man would be writing a cute slice of life story like this and unfortunately the mangaka was featured in a magazine that was popular for lolicons. Overall, I wouldn't worry too much about it if you two are compatible as friends even if it does raise an eyebrow. There are worse things to be into.

No. 1543143

it was the original lucky star

No. 1543145

What should I do when I see an otherwise hot woman (often with they/them pronouns) with "terfs dni" in her dating app bio?

No. 1543146

No. 1543150

File: 1680920011627.jpg (14.06 KB, 750x528, revival-prediction-dale-gribbl…)

Imma be real with chu nonnie… The reason we don't see 'em anymore is cause they've gotten real good at concealing them. The ufo sightings of the 50s and 60s are what we call drones today, now they're so advanced they can go be undetected they don't need to do fly overs for surveillance anymore that's my tinfoil theory but i also believe it

No. 1543155

File: 1680920585980.jpg (13 KB, 612x306, istockphoto-1180943348-612x612…)

Yes. It looked like 3 triangles? Or three dots in the shape of a triangle - I forget. Something like picrel. I was sitting with my friend on her roof, talking about UFOs. She said she didn't believe in them. I was pointing to what I thought was one but it was probably just a satellite. Then a large triangular thing goes shooting across the sky, really low and too fast for any earthly aircraft. She ran inside saying "nope fuck this" and I was like SEEEE

No. 1543163

??? I don’t know nona DNI if you’re a terf? Engage if you’re not a terf.

No. 1543184

how terrible would it be to attempt to make an onlyfans with an AI generated female OR with facetuning my body and face OR just using some random female images and fixing a fake face onto them…and just shill on twitter like crazy in order to save myself from homelessness..indian men do it wouldnt it be lucrative

No. 1543188

Do you think shit like twin flame and soul mate is real? Or is it justified obsession that typically leads to taking back a toxic ex?

No. 1543190

Yeah they're usually experimental military crafts I think

Yeah, others indpendant from me saw it too. It was four lines connected into a square, they looked mirrored and were lit up like city office buildings in the dark. Do and did not understand the aerodynamics but there were likely other parts you could not see, it was very dark so im assuming the lit up shapes were just pronounced. It was hovering really close to the ground, like maybe 20 feet above a chain restaurant. I wouldnt have noticed it if it weren't almost still. Military land all over the place, no aliens just army.

No. 1543197

Twin flames will never exist where sexual intimacy is exchanged. You could argue they could exist in a relationship that is rooted in real, platonic love because it endures regardless of romantic exchange. I think its bullshit either way, but I understand why people want it so badly, it ducks not having an innate purpose and an empty feeling of sustaining connection that doesn't fizzle, but it's toxic and used to manipulate the object of your affections at the time at best.

No. 1543201

No, it’s just romanticizing a trauma bond.

No. 1543202

Something I noticed was that narcissists tend to believe stuff like this. One of my friends keeps crying about her on again off again boyfriend. And whenever he does something fucked up and comes back he states some BS like "We were in our separation phase. But our souls grew so we can be together now"

I thought it was complete insanity that someone can believe the BS this dude was spouting.
I only met one couple who believed in soul mates and twin flames who were cute. But I just think to many crazies use it as an excuse to be abusive that I dismiss it.

No. 1543228

Most of the twin flame talk I see online is stuff like people who were dumped a couple years ago waiting by the phone for their ex to magically get the message that they're meant to be together. They're with a new partner.. no biggie.. they've gone no contact.. no biggie.. they're engaged to someone else.. just be patient, they'll be back. Its written in the stars!

It'd be funny if it weren't so depressing to imagine how many years people waste away waiting for the 'seperation phase' to end. I had an ex who in the middle of our breakup convo said that maybe we'd meet again and get back together a few years in the future. We weren't even young att. I just remember thinking it was fucked up to say that when closure is important. Stories where people reunite and work well the second time around are the rare exception to the rule. Most of the time a guy who wants to drop you and pick you back up later isn't exactly doing it with great intentions. That should be common knowledge and all this magical thinking is only harming the people who play into it.

No. 1543231

File: 1680927658503.jpg (32.81 KB, 483x426, sam.jpg)

im blinded by john keels idea that shit just slips through into our world on occasion. maybe one day ill be blessed with my own flatwoods beauty or a chipper sandown clown

No. 1543265

Is it cringe if I tell an older man I'm crushing on that I think he's a dilf? I wasn't going to walk up and just literally say "hey you're a dilf"….I will be more sexy/flirty with it. Do you guys think he will like it or is it over the top?

No. 1543270

That's fucking cringe ass flirting if I ever heard some. Sorry nonna you gotta think of something else, maybe something less terminally internet sounding.

No. 1543273

Hahaha thought so. Thanks nona I'll definitely think of something else. I just don't know how to let him know I'm interested instead of just being nice.

No. 1543283

Don't flirt or compliment older men. Are you dumb?

No. 1543286

Look at him from top to button and then wink. Its that easy

No. 1543288

Older men are literally so easy to flirt with. Touch his arm and giggle and he'll probably get a boner

No. 1543295

Im learning Japanese by myself is it realistic to get to a good level on your own? Any book or app recommendations? And any fun ways to learn kanji? I thought of putting the kanji for cup on a cup etc.

No. 1543303

It's cringe that you aren't pursuing age appropriate men. Find a hot celebrity to fawn over instead and improve your self esteem enough to not go for geriatrics jfc.

No. 1543304

He'll probably not know wtf that is. This is cringy.

No. 1543346

Can someone tell me about the discord guy that dated multiple anons at once and cheated on them? I've seen it get talkrd about in other threads but never got the full story.

No. 1543351

would it be redundant to make a "Live Music" thread in /m/? we can share our live music experiences and share what shows we are hoping to go to or already have tickets for.

No. 1543352

Read. The plus size section has more options, the petite barely has any, and is not only for weeby stuff, is hard to find even pants or skirts that go that small yet there are a lot of items that casually got bigger sizes. I'm also not a weeb nor an anachan wtf

No. 1543353

I'm so curious about this myself

No. 1543354

Almost like there are more fatties than there are bone rattlers (its basic business) and idk why you expected shein of all places, a notoriously cheap and shit quality sweatshop store, to not cater to what makes them the most profit. Have fun with your clothes that disintegrate in the wash after one wear.

No. 1543355

I find the way he draws armpits -and the way they're emphasized so much in the anime really gross, but maybe that's just me. You can generally tell what the mangaka's intentions were by the art style and character designs. Looking at the manga covers, I'd say it's pretty obvious it's not entirely innocent and the target audience is adult males, which is hella suspicious in itself.

No. 1543356

There's way more overweight or heavier people than there's people at a healthy weight let alone people who're on the lower end of a healthy weight or even underweight. Purely from a sales perspective from a company that gives 0 shits about it's image it makes sense there's few(er) options for slim people.

Anyway shein quality is beyond garbage so in that regard you're not missing out on much.

No. 1543361

I’ve also seen one of these bad boys while driving with my partner. He doesn’t like to talk about it cause it freaks him out so bad.

No. 1543362

File: 1680941408949.jpeg (47.44 KB, 640x532, F330C7BA-8F6D-4271-9069-20E9F4…)

Oh God Japanese men have a boner for armpits EVERYTHING makes sense now.

No. 1543384

Does anyone know how shinigami eyes on tumblr works and is it regularly updated still? I’m like mostly crypto and of my fav mutuals completely stopped interacting with me.. they’re not a troon but a gay TRA. Kind of bummed but I get it.. still I wonder if someone put me on there based on posts I’ve replied to/liked or if the mutual just saw that I follow radfem accounts

No. 1543387

Samefaggong to ask again if anyone knows the story behind the guy who dated multiple anons from lolcow

No. 1543390

idk but I think it went like this
>a moid moids
>anons stupid enough to have a "discord bf" are shocked moids gonna moid and cry on lolcow about it, drawing keks from all witnesses

No. 1543400

File: 1680945692333.jpg (79.01 KB, 750x955, 6fe0fc9ef4bf0c41c9ca9e179b044d…)

Is there a categorisation for "feeling strong dislike/hate towards something?
For example; dislike/fear of homosexuals would be categorised as a phobia, therefore named homophobia. But what if I hate trannies? transphobia is not a strong enough word, it should be transmisia if anything, but such word doesn't exist yet.

No. 1543401

Ironically I see only TRAs using words like transmisia and homomisia bc "it's not a phobia, you don't fear them you hate them and therefore it should be called -misia"

No. 1543406

>Father and son with the same first name, middle name and last name
>have the same registered address where only the father actually lives on a day to day basis
>Father dies
>Son just sends back letters he doesn't want with "deceased" stamped across the back. Evades fines, census, court orders that he doesn't want to deal with.

Would you get away with this these days? A relative of mine did for a very long time during the 80s and 90s.

No. 1543407

My world is collapsing, thanks for the intel tho hug

No. 1543585

Whoever watched or read all of AoT please enlighten me, does mikasa ever has a romantic relationship with eren or do they date telepathically the whole series? I know a bunch of spoilers, but I could never understand what happened between mikasa wanting to protect her adoptive little brother to her making out with his head. And why does the blond guy thanks eren for comitting genocide? Was that a meme or did it really happen? What happened to that short guy that beat the shit out of the eren?

No. 1543614

It was a while since I read the series so might remember wrong but

>does mikasa ever has a romantic relationship with eren or do they date telepathically the whole series?

They never have a relationship. Eren actually starts being mean to Mikasa but they somehow love each other the whole time, that is why they kiss in the end.

>And why does the blond guy thanks eren for comitting genocide?

The genocide made the original titan girl to stop titans from existing. I didnt really get why, the end was really retarded.

>What happened to that short guy that beat the shit out of the eren?

He was injured in the last war caused by Eren but lived in the end.

No. 1543623

Is the anon who is being accused of being paki-chan in the canada thread actually paki-chan? It doesn't exactly feel like her to me.
t. Paki-chan fan

No. 1543629

I'm the anon they're accusing and I'm not pakichan but I won't be trying to argue with the anon who's calling me pakichan because I don't think I can convince her, kek. That anon is as obsessed with pakichan as pakichan is obsessed with finding an ideal nazi husbando

No. 1543631

I don't think so

No. 1543656

Yes, we are all paki chan.

No. 1543658

I made a total of 2 posts there but the rest is some else, it's sad that anyone with not so perfect English is being accused of being me.

No. 1543683

You and the kirby fucker are like demons that appear instantly when your name is mentioned

No. 1543685

I love them both.

No. 1543696

she accused me as well kek that anon really thinks anyone is as crazy as her to change up typing patterns so as to appear as other people she's foaming at the mouth with her racist obsession kekkkk

No. 1543701

You didn't see the bunkers? I never want to see an infight with sheer level of autism again.
>Kirby is NOT a baby
>Kirby DOES has a vagina

No. 1543703

kirbyfag is superior solely for not causing fights, and not ruining /2X/
kek i forgot about that

No. 1543717

I feel like Kirdede-chan is better actually. Kirdede anon actually seems like a kind anon despite her very peculiar interest. I can't think of any time that she's fought with anyone except for that one time with Komaeda-chan, but I'm choosing to look past that because it was in the husbando thread and we all can get a little autistic about husbandos. She ruined how I see Kirby though.
Paki-chan is just rude, bigoted, and destroys any thread she's in (although that is also partially the fault of anons who insist on pointing her out in every thread).

No. 1543719

Wait kirby anon is not the anon who posts her own drawings of kirby in the rate my art thread in /m/? All this time I thought

No. 1543720

That is her.

No. 1543722

To be fair paki has been calm lately, it's just that a few autistic anons bringing her name up to start infights whenever they're bored.
That anon is mad. This again proved to me that all racists are mentally ill to some extent.

No. 1543756

Hope you're doing good, pakichan. It's nice to see that you're content. Ignore the anons that are making up shit, they're obviously super fucking miserable.

No. 1543758

So these dudes keep trying to bother my friend, they keep accessing her google account and she has the 2steps verification on, so what do? We made an alt account with also a 2 steps verification and everything. What’s worrisome is the possibility of these faggots getting access to her bank account.

No. 1543764

File: 1680974093691.jpg (40.83 KB, 567x664, mountain lion.jpg)

I just don't like people making shit up about me or mocking me. but I'm overall spending less time of lc cause of shit I'm pre-occluded with in Ramazan, thankfully I just have to cook for my mother(who doesn't eat much), me and my brother, so it's not to much of a hassle to make food and even cleaning has never been an issue, cause barely any people and no makes a mess.
Thanks but I get where the anger can come from, they assume everyone they disagree with is actually me(even though that's statistically imposable)

No. 1543767

I’d never heard of the Sandown Clown before. Just looked it up and read about it and I’m so intrigued.

I once saw something that I’m sure was some paranormal or Interdimensional creature. I was with my friend and he saw it too. We were so shocked. It was an all black cat with all black eyes. Literally entirely black eyeballs, no white sclera anywhere, but the cat didn’t seem blind. It was bright daylight outside like 1 or 2 pm. The cat appeared out of nowhere across the street from us as we were walking in a neighborhood adjacent to mine. Cat ran up to us and was meowing and wanting to be pet, we crouched down and petted the kitty and couldn’t stop remarking how strange kittys eyes were. Kitty even jumped in my lap and purred and nuzzled me. We cuddled with the kitty for probably 3 min before it looked like it heard someone call it and then ran off and disappeared into some bushes. We went to look for it but didn’t see any cat at all. Someone came out of their home and we asked about the strange black eyed cat and they just shrugged and said they hadn’t seen any black cats around. I’ll never forget that weird ass shit, of course the cryptid Interdimensional being I saw would be a cat.

No. 1543780

>they keep accessing her google account
You should at least report that to the police. Even if they don't do anything with it, you'll have some back-up/proof in case something worse happens. How are they getting through the 2 step verification? Do they somehow have access to her phone or phone number?

No. 1543783

Anon they're just racist and assume any nonwhite anon is you since they cant comprehend women from non-english speaking countries having internet access, kek.

No. 1543796

Make sure she contacts her bank to look into security options, they should be understanding. Is she using the same device (like her computer)? Sorry to say it might no longer be safe. Try clearing cookies/saved info (like credit cards) on any browser she uses. Do make sure to save any important passwords/usernames for other sites, and switch the email to the alt so they can't get into her accounts on any other sites.
This is the nuclear option, but in the end, she might have to delete her whole Google account and just use her alt from from another device from now on. Maybe see if there's a way to back up her Google Drive, photos etc.

No. 1543834

If I put fresh bananas in between two layers of cake do you guys think they will go brown?

No. 1543837

Has 'breaking up' with a friend done any of you nonna's good or no? I'm completely losing my patience with how controlling, rude and self-indulgent one of my friends is but the last time we had a fight and din't talk for a while I felt like I'd lost my sister.

No. 1543909

It's only done me good if I didn't want to hang out with them anymore. My best friend from childhood our falling out affected me badly throughout highschool. We talk now hut think both of us are scared to be BFF again. We've took such ditterent paths but she was my ultimate best friend. Maybe I'll work on it actually even tho I live 80 miles away lol

No. 1543919

Absolutely. I wish I did it earlier with someone I was close friends with since middle school instead of staying friends out of a sense of loyalty. It can be painful, but also I realized the fun times we had together weren't worth her being a raging narc and constantly being terrible to everyone around me.

No. 1543920

It’s better to drop those shitty kinds of friends. If you were in highschool I would say you would obviously feel lonely and awkward if that friend is either your only friend or part of a group. But as adults it doesn’t matter, just drop that shit person and find better people to talk with.
Like I had to drop a shit “friend” in highschool and I felt amazing afterwards, then I had to drop another “friend” during my Uni years and I honestly don’t miss her. Some people just need to learn that they can’t just expect everyone to cater to their feelings and demands 24/7.

No. 1543925

How do you anons motivate yourself to clean/organize your home? I always wind up telling myself “ehhh it isn’t that bad” and procrastinate, then I never do shit. How can I whip my idiot ass into shape?

No. 1543934

Komaeda-chan started it though. She assumed Dedede-chan was just faking her Kirby autism for attention, since she hadn't witnessed her sperging before. So Kirbyanon got mad and wrote about how serious she is.

No. 1543936

Watch organization/minimalist house videos on YouTube, it never fails to motivate me. Also set out a specific time each week just for cleaning, Sunday is my clean day where I gather all trash, do laundry, vacuum etc. If I'm busy, I sometimes break it up into multiple days after work, but I still specifically designate an hour just for cleaning.

No. 1543965

File: 1680989692052.gif (5.4 MB, 373x498, 199a10d5b38d1f12dbab7563f9d7e3…)

Pretend my husbando is going to visit soon

No. 1543966

Make yourself do one thing like taking out the trash or picking up the laundry. I find it usually motivates me to clean more and if not, at least its a little less messy.

No. 1543973

File: 1680990407541.gif (3.15 MB, 498x278, 75381626-9BB2-456E-8C2E-F736A1…)

I pretend my husbando cleans up with me.

No. 1544012

takes notes

No. 1544013

File: 1680997176830.jpg (5.46 KB, 217x232, 1676309038561.jpg)

Ladies are your boobs sore? Mine hurt 24/7 and I'm always very uncomfortable and aware of them. I think it gets even worse for a week or two before my period but it is always really noticeable. I started being highly aware of it within the last year or 2, I think because I got a cat and he always wants to sit on my chest and that hurts like crazy. I don't remember ever having a problem with it before that but my memory is terrible. Maybe I just started to notice when I got the cat and now I'm over-focusing on it but it's so uncomfortable, I legitimately want to get them cut off.

No. 1544017

Seek a doctor, that sounds not good

No. 1544019

as a fellow procrastinator, I put roadblocks in the way of my usual procrastination strategies, like a website blocker, and then I give myself something else really important like oh shit I really need to do my taxes and bada-bing bada-boom; my place has never been cleaner.

Now I need to change my name and address but the next tenant could eat off the floor under the stove if they wanted to, it's sparkling.

No. 1544040

I feel a lot of the time that thoughts that pop into my head are some sign of a god. Am I okay? I feel like I'm becoming superstitious, I became religious about a year ago but I grew up in an atheist family so it's making me kind of paranoid. It's not that I don't question those thoughts I just think it came up for a reason and dwell on it.

No. 1544042

ngl anon this sounds a bit like psychosis.

No. 1544046

How old are you? Not to scare you but schizophrenia signs usually show up between like 18-23ish. So if you’re older it could just be weird intrusive thoughts but if you’re in that age range you might want to keep an eye on it and seek help if it becomes worse

No. 1544047

Would it be a dumb idea to get my mother into my fandom-esque hobbies? Or at least be more transparent about them when talking about her? I am deeply obsessed with a fandom, it's like the second thing that occupies my mind next to stuff like my life responsibilities and my one other interest which is beauty and cosmetics. Now, I ask because my mother is like, my best (and possibly only, and non-internet bound) friend. We talk about everything and anything with her and I feel most comfortable and honest with her. Hell, tomorrow we're going out for lunch and then shopping. Now, she does know I'm into this fandom but not to an extreme-ish extent and I tend to not talk about it like the games, fan-media, or ships I think about and stuff but I kind of want to be able to talk about that side to myself with her, and while it would be nice, she doesn't have to be super into it herself I just want to be able to talk about it within our discussions we have. Like, sometimes I'm thinking deeply about a certain dynamic between two characters and then she'll say "Nona, is everything alright?" and I'll say "Oh, just thinking is all" and then she'll press on so I have to make something up because I can't exactly say to her that I'm thinking about the intricacies of my favorite ships because of some fanart I saw recently. I don't like doing that because lying is bad, so I was wondering if the aforementioned question would be a bad idea to enact on or if I should just suppress it.

No. 1544048

Do you think that a god put those thoughts into your head or that they are your own and it is just the content of the thoughts makes you think there is a god? I definitely became more superstitious as I got older and I never have had any type of psychosis. But it is something you should keep an eye on if you become distressed or you are overly focused on this type of thought or experiencing any other strange occurrences.

No. 1544051

is there a sobriety thread? i would check the catalog but every time i do it breaks the site and makes it unuseable for minutes at a time. i think it would be a nice place for sober nonnas to check in and reflect maybe? like an NA/AA meeting but online. if there is one already and someone could link me i would be very thankful.

No. 1544053

Notice The Pattern

No. 1544056

there is a quit it thread which is the most similar i can think of

No. 1544065

Thank you nonna's. I evaluate these thoughts and I don't believe all of my thoughts come from a higher power (if I feel annoyed at someone it's just me kek) but I can get a bit caught up in it. Why do these random thoughts pop into my head? I pray every night, maybe because I'm left with my thoughts alone. I'm 19 but I don't think it's psychosis, I've been under a lot of stress lately so maybe I'm trying to de-attach myself from life in a subconscious way. I know they are my own thoughts but I feel like something brought it into my brain, I didn't think much about these things before but maybe it's just getting older. Thank you for the concern nonna's, you're sweethearts ♥

No. 1544073

When people are mentioning their job online and its a pretty casual convo. why do they say they're a 'registered nurse' or a 'registered dental asssistant' .. why the need to say registered? Are non registered dental assistants a thing?

No. 1544083

Pure projection. Anyone who's fawning over celebrities or anyone who doesn't know they exist and getting satisfaction from it is probably 15. I know this is the farms and you have some retarded hateboner for anything not involving femdom but women can have different tastes. Go outside, anon.

No. 1544157

It's more than doable. Look at djtguide on neocities to get started, it's made by moids on 4chan but it's what I used for and I'm fluent enough to have japanese friends and read raw manga which is what I aimed for. The app Kanji study is the best learning tool for kanji I think.

No. 1544158

NTA but what, grown adults get celebrity crushes all the time lol. I'd only advise anon against fawning towards celebrities because most of them are fucked up.

No. 1544174

if you can separate characters from the actors actual personality then by all means go for it!

otherwise the inability to make the distinction will hurt like hell if he turns out to be bad news bears. this is hard to do with actors who inject their own personality into their roles!

No. 1544183

The solution for that is to

>reinstall the operating system on their personal computer and their phone

>Get a new cellphone number
>Create new email address with new password
>switch over all their accounts from the first email to the second one by one
>Switch over all the passwords on their accounts
>set all the new accounts to the new cellphone number
>delete/purge all old and unused accounts
>contact banking services and let them know your concerns

No. 1544185

For registered nurse I think they say it cause there are multiple different types of nurse. RNs are what you think of when you think of a nurse. There are also CNAs who are basically buttwipers/janitors and barely get paid for what they do. Then APRNs are basically doctors, they can prescribe medication and stuff. For dental assistant I think they’re trying to differentiate themselves from dental hygienists.

No. 1544186

I agree but why do you type like that, stop it.

No. 1544188

Can a straight anon tell me what it means when a moid wont stop sending messages, pictures, and calling you whenever hes free? Like you left his place, are eating at home and he calls for an hour talking about mundane shit. Before, after, and on break calls or messages you to ask whats up. Will come over to your place enough to spend time that it gets in the way of days off, but he does actually clean or do chores. This is happening to my sister and in a sickly sweet way it aounds fucking annoying. Hes trying to get her to move into his place with his own set of rules like she'd have to get rid of her cat and dog. Does he just have no hobbies and is trying to slowly trap her? I told her dont move in with some guy you arent engaged to cause you can end up homeless.

No. 1544199

Up until this point:
>Hes trying to get her to move into his place with his own set of rules like she'd have to get rid of her cat and dog.
I would just say he's very much in love and thinks of her a lot. But if he really was he would allow her to do anything she wants and definitely not expect her to get rid of her pets; since it's obvious that as an owner she has to have a great attachment to. Massive red flag about the guy. I'd say he's trying to overwhelm her and make his presence so constant and permanent in her life she will have hard time to say no to his demands if it means losing such a big part of how her life is right now.

No. 1544218

It weirds me out. He also told her today she "can't wear those shorts out" which were normal spring shorts. She told him she was going to wear what she wanted at least.

No. 1544227

He's obsessive. My ex was like this when dating and after we broke up he stalked me. Be cautious and don't let her move in too fast. He could also be scared of her finding someone better or cheating which is a common fear men have if they know they're not good enough.

No. 1544250

How do women not break up with moids instantly when they display such glaring and bright red in your face flags holy shit.

No. 1544263

It's always easy to judge when you see the situation on the outside; I'm sure one day she will look back at it and it will seem glaringly obvious to her too, but in the moment it's really tough

No. 1544287

File: 1681034869855.jpg (39.38 KB, 401x600, 378428b96bc596212564e5e4c436f7…)

Nonas, what is a good way to give your body some love? (Aside from getting off, I knew you were gonna say that.) I mean, I realize I've been hard on my body and it's been through a lot like illness and surgery. What would be some good self-care things to do? Getting a massage maybe?

No. 1544290

a massage sounds like a great idea!

No. 1544291

get a facial too

No. 1544303

I actually never had one before, I guess this is a good time to try one!

No. 1544310

I need this badly, I'm always so tense and when I got a massage recently she also said I had to do stretches. What type of stretches would help, do you have a term I could google?

No. 1544446

File: 1681051817610.jpeg (164.78 KB, 348x1135, EscPm8OU4AAcojd.jpeg)

Ok, this is really stupid but I need answers. Does anyone else who watched Attack on Titan or read the manga ever remember Levi calling someone (perhaps the MPs?) "Mucky mucks"? I have a memory of him doing that but now I can't find any traces of it online and I can't tell if I just made up this insult or what. I kind of hope I imagined it, 'mucky mucks' is lame and weird.

No. 1544454

They don’t want to be single and for some women finding a new man takes a long time. I’m the type of woman who leaves men instantly and I’m always single and lonely lol

No. 1544476

Anon it's your mom, if you're really as close as you say, there shouldn't be anything you're embarrassed of in front of her.

No. 1544510

Is there anything that helps dealing with PMS mood whiplash? I can deal with the physical pain but around the week before my period begins I get really depressed

No. 1544522

Do Asian men really have smaller penises on average or is that just a stereotype?

No. 1544523

Yes its true

No. 1544524

>she'd have to get rid of her cat and dog
This is not normal person behaviour, fyi. Normal people empathize and would never ask you to get rid of a loved pet.

No. 1544525

So small penisu.

No. 1544533

There's no statistics where they actually measured men's dicks as far as I know so I don't think so. Most men lie on the statistics you read and I'd guess most of those men were 4-5.5 inches.

No. 1544540

Even their heights are much smaller on average. What makes you think their penises aren’t.

No. 1544541

My hometown college is known for being pretty bad but if I enroll in one of their studies I'll at least have more than a high school diploma to my name. I want to work taking care of handicapped people and I can do that with that degree. I know I probably won't get much out of the study itself (a friend of mine who goes there showed me her schoolwork and it was too easy) but I will get a career I want from it. 3 years of my life and 90% of my savings, is it worth it?

No. 1544554

File: 1681060341986.png (176.42 KB, 500x696, 33F6C0F9-C5D5-455E-B222-920295…)

Hot or not (straight nonnies only)

No. 1544561

No. 1544567

He looks painfully average facially. Not ugly not hot.

No. 1544568

File: 1681060973582.jpeg (59.68 KB, 866x796, 74BB1DD5-37D4-482A-B2D7-8514FC…)

His face looks especially dumb in that pic but I think it’s kinda cute

No. 1544570

Oh he looks cute there, i love retarded looking men kek

No. 1544572

post him in the military thread

No. 1544573

I would sooner kill myself than touch this thing with a ten foot long pole. British male phenotype. Looks like a crossdresser.

No. 1544574

They're tiny with tiny cocks. They're ugly little raisins covered in hair.

No. 1544578

KEK what is your hottie ideal? No 2D allowed though

No. 1544582

>I want to spend my life changing the diapers of geriatric retards when they shit themselves
Imagine willingly choosing this path of life… It's so fucking sad. Don't go to college, It's nor worth it. You're down the wrong path. You're going to regret this so much when time comes. A life wasted awaits you if you become a pro diaper cleaner. Choose suicide over this career. It's not worth it.

No. 1544583

A man that can actually pass as male, for starters.

No. 1544584

Dark hair and eyes, soft-ish facial features, non-middle aged, to keep it in general terms

No. 1544586

I like those too theoretically post an example

No. 1544587

NTA but post pictures as example so we can understand the difference between your type and hers.

No. 1544595

File: 1681061928550.jpg (23.96 KB, 414x504, th-1575086572.jpg)

No. 1544596

His features are way sharper than tom’s tf

No. 1544600

What's there to understand? Anon asked whether >>1544554 is hot, I said he isn't. Idgi why I should post pics when I know it's okay to like what I like without having to consult others kek

No. 1544601

Who TF is Tom. And yes his features are sharp because he's not a doughy gay boy.

No. 1544607

oh shit it's the Irish dude from downtown abbey, I remember he looked way hotter.
This is what gives troons the confidence they can pass as female.

No. 1544625

File: 1681063050565.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.91 KB, 593x680, FrnjTv1WwAYdWnM.jpg)

How does this make you feel

No. 1544629

Dont unspoiler the post above this, anons. Report.

No. 1544631

Fucking kek anon ily

No. 1544634

File: 1681063449382.jpg (73.48 KB, 850x850, __souryuu_asuka_langley_ayanam…)

to anons who don't was to see the image, but want to know what it is. It's a art piece with a shadman-esque art style. It feature's a woman pressing her nose into an asshole. Here's a palette cleanser

No. 1544635

What's the difference between self confidence and self esteem? Is there any?

No. 1544641

File: 1681063776858.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.28 KB, 720x826, Screenshot_20230409-140952_Gal…)

No. 1544643


No. 1544644

Sad! This guy is cute and clearly likes me, but is probably a dicklet kek. On the other hand, my last guy had a way shorter dick than I’m used to and the sex was still good. Hmmmm…

No. 1544648

He looks like an asshole

No. 1544649

His face is weirdly short for a man also old.

No. 1544654

Self esteem is how you really feel about yourself deep down. I think it’s possible to project confidence, but still not think very highly of yourself on the inside. You see this with cocky guys on the narcissist spectrum who are outwardly outgoing and confident, but who secretly hate themselves for who they really are. Conversely, it’s possible to be quietly confident or have high self-esteem without needing constant attention.

No. 1544668

Is Tom & Jerry currently trendy? I saw a bunch of items at the Miniso the other day and I also saw some people wear clothing with them on it.

No. 1544670

Chinese people love Tom and Jerry because they lack humor I guess.

No. 1544673

Gross and his British genes will only make him worse.

No. 1544675

File: 1681065682577.png (31.42 KB, 275x235, B0314A62-18B4-4DB5-AB51-DF4BDA…)

Have any nonnas ever broke up with someone because you felt like they were too good for you even though you loved them?

No. 1544679

I wanted to then realized I'm awesome and they're lucky to have me

No. 1544687

Yes. He was outgoing, funny, sweet, caring, smart and from a wonderful family. He had a good job and a bright future. Everyone loved him. I am a haunted ass bitch with lots of mental trauma, from a poor family, and dubious future prospects. He had everything I knew I will never have.

It sucked big time but it couldn't have worked out. It is very exhausting to be with someone so positive and peppy all the time when all you feel is a void in your chest. He eventually started blaming me for anything bad that happened for the both of us and it became my fault that I was how I was and not whatever he imagined me to be. I'm much happier now by myself. I may not be happy happy sunshine that everyone loves like him, but it's a more quiet, content kind of happiness knowing that what little I have is enough for me and I am allowed to be just how I am.

No. 1544693

Literally never lol.

No. 1544703

that sounds like a pretty stupid thing to do if that's all there is to it

No. 1544718

Nah, this is real life, not some shitty 00s romance novel

No. 1544783

Please pardon my autism, this is a genuine question: if you go out alone with a man for dinner or drinks, is it always a date? I’ve been going out with the same person for a few months, but when I told my friend, she said those sound like dates, and now I’m really confused.

No. 1544805

Is he paying for the drinks, or are you each paying separately? What’s the conversation like? Context matters

No. 1544808

There's not a lot of men who'll go on 1:1 dinners with a woman in a private setting just for friendship. Not saying it's not possible but..

No. 1544811

Your friend has her own opinion, but it depends on how you described these events to her. It might be a date and it might not. My honest advice- Don’t care about your friend’s opinion and focus on how does it feel for you. If you’re uncertain, straight up ask the one you’re having these meetings with about it, if you can. This thing is between you two. How your friend views it is irrelevant.

No. 1544815

It depends entirely on what kind of relationship you have with him. If it is a friend and this is something you've been doing for a while then I don't see why it'd have to be a date. Going out for dinner alone with a stranger just to get to know each other does sound a bit odd though.

No. 1544827

If there is no escalation beyond that, you don't touch each other, you don't mention finding each other physically attractive, and there is no romantic gestures, then yeah it would be friendly

No. 1544855

Can you listen to music or talk to your passenger sitting on the same vehicle when riding a motorcycle?

No. 1544859

how do i pick the right hair dye color? i can’t tell if it’s dark blonde or light brown orrrr…?
but i want to dye my bleached ends to match my natural grow out. i have about 8 inches of grown out roots

No. 1544862

Maybe you could buy the shades you think could work and then dying a few strands of hair and seeing which one comes out the best? Like try dyeing small sections near the ends and seeing.

No. 1544863

you can use headsets to talk. there are specific ones for use on motorcycles some built into helmets. music can be played but not if it blocks out sounds around you, it can either come from the cycle itself or a bluetooth speaker, or a headset that allows ambient sounds to come through

No. 1544868

Places that sell hair dye usually have some swatch examples, they aren't perfect but they help. Bleached hair tend to not hold the dye very well though, maybe picking a color 1 tone darker could help.

No. 1544876

I’d recommend to go to a professional for this. If you’re on a budget, just go there once, ask them what they used and next time you can dye your hair on your own. My friend did that, then purchased the shade online and dyed her hair at home afterwards. And it looked ok.

No. 1544883

I've had moments early on in relationships where I felt like they had their shit together better than I did so I'd start to wonder why they're with me. Then down the line you see more of their flaws come out.

No. 1544886

It is but I was asking not because I want to but because I think it happened to me

No. 1544986

Is this sudden influx of twitter fags and zoomer fags the result of American spring break? I'm getting concerned.

No. 1544987

American spring break was last month, nonnie

No. 1544990

File: 1681090470289.jpg (74.2 KB, 1200x601, look-3-1403-1637012068.jpg)

I see, I'll head to my local convenience store for a calendar then. Thank you nonny. ♥

No. 1544992

U welcome qween

No. 1545005

why does it seem like there are so few lesbians and bi women in the friend finder thread?

No. 1545008

This sounds kind of weird, I’d watch out. Stay save

No. 1545011

That’s amazing, I really hope it was an interdimensional entity who just adores cats so much it wanted to be just like one…

No. 1545013

Paranoid ass bitch

No. 1545017

Maybe they don't really say it?

No. 1545021

Too scared to attempt befriending a farmer incase its a tranny lurker trying to ruin my life or some shy anon who runs away within 10 messages anyway.

No. 1545022

>some shy anon who runs away within 10 messages anyway.
Feeling called out rn

No. 1545029

yeah, not that your shouldnt have your guard up with new moids, (imo you should for the first year of dating with the way the abusive men ive known operate but i digress) but my boyfriend still does this 4 years in. some guys just say what theyre thinking in the moment and arent manipulative pieces of shit who neg women all the time, i understand how that might be offputting to women who are used to shitty or subpar men though. it does annoy me sometimes, but i also know hes just saying it because he has adhd so he just says whatever pops into his head and wants me to know he thinks im beautiful even if he says it all the time.

No. 1545106

Is there any sort of website or program that allows to me to "download" someone's entire twitter pics and videos?

No. 1545123

Almost every time I eat or drink something I get this weird taste. I don't know how else to describe it besides it being like how old peoples breath smells. It's weirdly pungent and old. Any idea why this could be? I brush regularly and use a waterpik regularly. My diet isn't complete trash and it's definitely not because I'm eating garlic/onion a lot. My tonsils look fine (one sides a little bigger but I guess that's normal?). Oil pulling didn't make a difference. Only thing I can think of is maybe I'm not drinking enough water, but despite me trying it's still happening. This has been going on for nearly a month now and it's driving me crazy. Please help.

No. 1545125

Oh, and I've been using a tongue scraper daily too. Still no clue why this is going on.

No. 1545128

File: 1681119763569.png (11.8 KB, 312x72, empty.PNG)

Are the empty replies I see in threads bots? I remember watching a video about a guy who made a bot that posted on /pol/, and it had an issue with making replies like this. The bot imitated 4chan anons, and because people just replied with images and the bot could not, it just replicated it by leaving an empty reply quoting a post number.

No. 1545131

This is the video. Starting from 13:20 he is talking about empty replies.

No. 1545136

File: 1681120454660.jpg (11.14 KB, 274x342, reviewbrah cat.jpg)

It would honestly explain some of the weird infights lately kek.
Here's a pic I saved a while back to prove I'm not that bot

No. 1545137

Stomach ulcer? It sounds like it could be a stomach thing if you've ruled out tonsil stones

No. 1545138

File: 1681120621961.gif (474.95 KB, 646x466, 1675699320971.gif)

I'm going to be replying with images in every post from now on

No. 1545159

File: 1681121649152.jpg (38.98 KB, 430x611, 3351355721_69ab21a8cb_z.jpg)

Confirmed, we must attache cute pics to destroy the moid bot

No. 1545163

To add to this, the model and code are public and anyone can download them. Someone could easily use that (or a similar) bot here.

No. 1545179

File: 1681123448686.png (5.48 KB, 356x296, 1.png)

No. 1545182

File: 1681123732552.png (5.48 KB, 296x264, Untitled.png)

No. 1545185

if somebody is in a coma do their teeth get cleaner bc the bacteria starves

No. 1545193

File: 1681126070680.png (13.26 KB, 720x492, Screenshot_20230410_192608_Chr…)

Spanish-speaking nonnies is this translation accurate or clunky?

No. 1545198

Don't be ridiculous. Text posters are regular organic beings just like you. Picrel.

No. 1545202

File: 1681127395001.png (4.75 KB, 356x296, bot.png)

No. 1545203

How do nonnies here think they would have turned out if they were born male? I feel like male me would have been a nasty scrote fr but growing up female was a rather humbling experience kek

No. 1545204

I would have become a skin head %100, as you said growing up female really beats you straight. no pun intended.

No. 1545209

kek I would've grown up to be a turbo autist edgelord and would post gross shit on 4chan from my mother's basement while she's upstairs regretting having me. I'm a disaster as a woman too but at least I can function okayish in the society.

No. 1545211

It’s very possible you have fibrocystic breasts. It’s not more prone to cancer or any disease it’s just uncomfortable. It reacts to your cycle and you can treat it with hormones like a pill or a creme for your boobs. Which won’t heal them just make the symptoms go away for a second. The breasts feel like they are filled with lumps and it’s very uncomfortable to squeeze them and stuff. Go to a gyn and get a ultrasound on your breasts done.

No. 1545212

i would probably end up a huge misogynist like my dad. might even turn to alcohol abuse like him too. i'm glad that he isn't in influence in my life, and never really was, but i think that would be completely different if i had been born a boy.

No. 1545213

I'd definitely be an bitter incel 4chan user

No. 1545215

This is always hard for me to answer, since I have an older brother, I can imagine myself still being basically my brother’s maid, very ugly too, without a job and even less social skills because of my autism, but I would somehow have a girlfriend because for no logical reason I attract women.
At least I would’ve been able to get fit easily.
But tbh, since moid logic makes no sense, and my brain has saved my ass a lot from doing retarded shit, I can see myself being addicted to weed and falling for the wannabe brown nazi incel to troon pipeline, my current logic and humbling experiences as a woman has helped me a lot with understanding many things that as a moid, even an “unprivileged” moid in the food chain of the moid sphere, I wouldn’t have understood at all or I wouldn’t have even thought of analyzing at all properly.
Tl;dr: I would’ve ended up trooning out because I would’ve been a simple minded loser.

No. 1545217

Maybe a decent looking guy who can't socialize well with women and keeps to myself doing robotics, car stuff, or the games I like. Probably more social online and an "edgelord" by todays standards saying faggot, retard, tranny even more openly. Men can easily get away with that crap. Probably wouldve tried livestreaming for money because there's less bullshit as a male.

No. 1545224

i would have honestly most likely been one of those weird straight trannies because despite being born female i was so insecure about naturally being androgynous and not developing "correctly" like my classmates during puberty i thought i must have been intersex. if i had a penis i would actually cut it off because that sounds like the worst sensory experience ever and even worse if i'm hairier than now AND i'm asian so i'll have a humiliatingly small effeminate one. i would 41%

No. 1545230

where does uh oh stinky come from in shayna's threads? I know it looks like she has to fart but where does this stupid specific phrase come from

No. 1545232

I'd probably still be an introverted loner tist but with balls so maybe some added sexual frustration from being such a loner

No. 1545236

I would be a complete piece of shit because my parents are awful and hate women.

No. 1545237

probably from the "uh oh! stinky poo!" monkey meme

No. 1545238

probably a failed mass shooter, definitely a porn addict. maybe a posing layabout "communist".

No. 1545249

I’d be a faggot named Xander Michael. I wish I was joking, I guess idk for sure if I’d have been a faggot, but my parents were adamant about naming me Xander Michael.

No. 1545286

File: 1681135210428.png (57.18 KB, 890x298, captcha.PNG)

No. 1545292

File: 1681135830339.png (14.36 KB, 296x264, lolcaptcha.png)

No. 1545429

what does it mean if i’m constantly craving mash potato?

No. 1545437

It means the roots are slowly taking over your body, crawling through your nervous system like a parasite. I would quit while you're ahead.

No. 1545633

In a housemate situation, when it comes to washing the dishes, do you wash your housemate's dirty dishes as well or only yours?

No. 1545638

Depends if they leave their dirty dishes everyday, I wont do it everyday. But if its just a one time situation I dont mind because I forget my dishes too every once in a while

No. 1545655

Is it normal to not make many friends on your first year of college? I feel like there is something wrong with me

No. 1545686

How old are you? Probably nowadays since gen z is socially retarded. I took a college course a couple years ago for something and everyone in there who was around 18 couldn't even answer the professors questions for some reason. They seemed nervous to speak out loud. You're gonna have to be extroverted and make the first move.

No. 1545695

Is there a way to report spam calls? Is there anything I can do? It’s been over 2 months and the same spammer is calling me multiple times a day with different spoof numbers. It is always the same area code, but the rest of the digits change every time.
After over a hundred calls, I finally received 1 voicemail from them, and it was some Indian moid trying to sound American telling me to “talk to my representative”. I just want whoever these people are to stop. Blocking has done nothing. For now I silence the calls, so at least my phone doesn’t ring or vibrate, but even seeing the notification is annoying.

No. 1545704

File: 1681160087946.jpeg (95.74 KB, 1080x1080, nggak.jpeg)

assuming you like apple pie and baseball, really the only option there is: https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/

No. 1545806

My boyfriend said he likes that I’m “assertive, straightforward, and shameless”….. isn’t he literally describing a hussy?
I’m not a hussy

No. 1545809

I left college a few years ago now, it was really only during my second year (out of four, I'm in scotland) that I even started to acquiesce any kind of social circle, and I only met the people I'd go on to be friends with after college in my third and fourth years. I was a very socially anxious person when I started. it took me a while to realise that friends weren't just going to fall into my lap and that I would actually have to join extracurriculars and talk to the people around me in order to not be lonely

No. 1545815

Do you ever just crave a salad? I tend to find myself craving stuff like salad or yogurt for no reason whatsoever. Why do we get cravings?

No. 1545820

File: 1681169875456.gif (1.13 MB, 250x256, D238D247-002D-411B-A152-BB64C2…)

In what way would those qualities say you’re a hussy? That’s a You problem, sorry.

No. 1545821

This appears up-to-date.
You'll have to learn how to run a python CLIs if you don't already know, though, but it's not too hard, and it's a very valuable skill to have.

I'd probably be a kissless angry virgin and a sexual degenerate. I'd probably still hate trannies though. Maybe I'd be a CatboyKami type.

It's more common to have friends, but it's not weird to not. I didn't make any friends until I went to this stupid leadership camp my Junior year, and the people I met there are the only college friends I keep up with.

No. 1545822

yes, salad is so good and there's never a possibility to get bored of it because infinite ways to make one

No. 1545832

He meant like as in its sexually exciting to him. In that context, doesn’t it sound like he’s saying I’m a slut? And I’m the literal opposite. Idk I’m kinda offended, it sounds sus

No. 1545834

I don't know if I'd sexually assault my male classmates in the gym locker room or be a slutty boyfriend for any woman that wants me. I think my penis would be large and I'd have nice muscles because my dad would want me to work out.

No. 1545835

I think that's his le intellectual way of saying you're sexy

No. 1545836

Are you 12?

No. 1545841

No. 1545846

You agree?

No. 1545847

Sorry I don’t wanna be a slut, it attracts coomers and other weird degens

No. 1545851

Too late, even your coomer bf thinks you're a hussy slut.

No. 1545867

Woman he’s trying to tell you you’re sexy to him, just take the damn compliment and stop overthinking shit.

No. 1545870

I have this weird feeling that I would have been an incel. During my lowest and most emotional moments of my breakup, there was a part of me deep down that felt like I was still entitled to my ex's affections. Thank god I'm a female and capable of empathy and logical reasoning

No. 1545873

Artsy hipster male manipulator type faggot, most likely.

No. 1545874

You’re right thnx

No. 1545879

I feel like I wouldn’t be very different than I am now, except more misogynistic. My dad forced me to play softball so I would have definitely played baseball and (probably) hated it the same.

No. 1545893

probably successful, maybe an actor writer artist or comedian type, I would've been encouraged and not derided by my parents, and said coddling would've made me successful instead of the mess I am now

wishful thinking but all my traits are more valued in a man and if I were a man my narc mother probably wouldn't have hated me so much

No. 1545942

winnar for the stupidest question, goddamn

No. 1545983

I forgot to take my antibiotics yesterday before sleeping and now I feel like shit, should I just stay at home to work and tell my manager I still feel sick?

No. 1545984

I read that as winrar, the extractor

No. 1545992

Which ideologies attract the most trannies/sexual degenerates? and why?

No. 1545994

I love all the answers saying they would be charming and successful and not honestly using critical thinking skills to accept that they'd be a hikki incel

No. 1546000

The far right and the far left

No. 1546022

Nevermind I fell asleep anyway so I'm home kek.

No. 1546026

This goes in the random question thread, but, I would've either been a weirdo creep because of early imageboard and porn exposure, or snapped out of it and grown to be a decent guy at this age because my father is actually not that bad and respects women almost as much as a man can.

I'm not sure how my mother's and father's personalities would've affected me. I wonder if I would've turned out to be a misogynist because of my mother's nagging and relating much more to my dad (if I weren't a GNC male, that is), of if my father's decency as a person and disappointment in whatever I did wrong (such as hating my mom or hating women in general, or being a degenerate, which I've been since I was little but would've probably been detected by my parents early instead of me having to tell them in adulthood) would've pushed me towards decency as a man as well. In any case, I think I would've had an excellent male role model in my dad and that would've prevented me from becoming a horrible male, while my mom would've shaped me into a decent person in general. Best case scenario, I would still be a pervert most likely, but not as bad as most other men at this age. I've seen some rare moids on imageboards that have shown disapproval of misogyny, kink shit, trannies and porn/prostitution, and I like to think I would've been one of them given my parents' strong influence on my worldview. My parents' relatively healthy lifestyle would've resulted in me not getting fat and ugly kek, I'd be decent-looking without much effort thanks to my parents' lineages not having baldness or obesity.

I think being a boy and doing what I like (assuming I'd have the same interests as a male that I have now) would've allowed me to pursue those interests freely in my childhood and adolescence, without being discriminated against for being a GNC girl, as well as make lots of male friends that didn't talk to me just because they wanted to fuck me, and maybe I'd be more successful in befriending girls because they wouldn't see me as a weird unapproachable girl but as just another boy (probably, a good boy, at least in childhood). Since my mother is wise and a good person and my father isn't toxically masculine, I would've probably treated girls better than other boys, even at my worst. I could've befriended both normie and nerdy boys and girls early on. Or, alternatively, I would've been a really shy boy and normie girls would've seen me like a freak and wouldn't want to approach me, but I'd still be able to relate and talk to most boys and weird girls. All of this would've resulted in a happier childhood and less depression due to societal pressure to fit into a retarded gender mold. On the other hand, if I had been a GNC boy, I would probably face similar problems to the ones I do as a GNC woman, but I'm not sure how different my views would be. Either way, I like to think I would've had above-average IQ and EQ instead of being born dumb but overconfident and/or cruel and insensitive. I had a boyfriend that was quite sensitive and smart and disliked the hypersexualization of women by males, probably because his parents are such good people and raised him well, so I know I could've been like that if I were male.

I just remembered that my parents wanted to prevent me from becoming a video game addict like my cousin. I'm still unsure how that would've affected me as a boy, they probably would've been more strict with my computer usage. Or the opposite, subconsciously been more lenient because they feel like that's more appropriate for boys. My father would've probably tried to teach me carpentry and electronics more, also subconsciously. Also, unsure how my love life would've been, but hopefully I'd have an easy time finding a girlfriend that is compatible with me by looking in the right places like I have actually done in the past. Maybe become a volcel like I did, not out of hate towards women (hopefully) but because I don't want to break anyone's heart or deal with breakups, or spread STDs or make anyone pregnant, or perhaps I'd just pursue women less aggressively than other men and let them have a lot of agency in the relationship. (At this point I'm just describing my ideal male clone boyfriend kek) but I'm gonna have to be honest, even if I thought porn was misogynistic, I would still have a porn addiction problem, most likely.

Interesting and fun question, I just wasted an hour thinking about this.

Yeah, it sounds natural.

No. 1546029

Are calorie counters actually wrong? A nonna in the vent thread said she eats 1600 kcal and is very active and would gain weight if she ate more like the counters recommend her to do.

No. 1546033

I would be a stoner loser who gets everything blown up his ass. I would ask my sister for money to buy food and we went through so much and her bf and I are bffs so she always gives it to me. My father wouldn’t have abandoned me obviously and everyone wants contact with me but I don’t appreciate it at all and they all annoy me. I would argue that it’s a cuck mentality to go to work. The weed and superior complex is just a cope because my family is crazy and I just want to forget and live in my delusions. I always have a stoner girl around me who wouldn’t leave me alone, she dreams of having a normal life but I don’t care.

No. 1546043

she could possibly have a low metabolism and you don't know how she tracks her calories, whether she is estimating or being precise with a food scale. she's probably short as hell too to be that activer as well. it all depends on a lot of factors, but you can probably be safe with a rough estimate of your bmr and activity level then eat pretty well within your range. If you fail to lose weight, then going to a dietitian with an actual accurate bmr calculating machine can show you if your bmr is way off the standard calculators.

No. 1546057

I checked my boyfriend's history on the reddit application. Yea yea yea he uses reddit so that's a red flag, but in his(my) defense, he almost exclusively uses it to look at subreddits related to his specific interests like mechanical builds and shit. His history mostly confirms that. That's where the stupid question comes - there was a post of a tranny in a maid costume, that's currently hot on r/trans. I asked him about it, and he said he clicked it on "accident". I do not use reddit and I have no idea how that would happen. All the other posts on his history were directly related to his interests, with one or two being from the basic popular subreddits like r/mildlyinteresing or r/tifu. How would that even pop up on his "page"? The post has around 2.2k likes right now, so it is not crazy popular. This is a genuine question that puzzled me. I am willing to accept he is a tranny lover and dump him if I can prove that it was somehow not an accident.

No. 1546058

he most likely was looking at similar subreddits for that to show up on his feed. what do you mean clicked on accident? did he upvote it or what?

No. 1546060

File: 1681204118482.png (155.16 KB, 640x800, trannyloverboyfriend.png)

No, I do not think he did. But for a post to show up on your history, you have "clicked" on it and opened the whole post with the comments. At least that is what I found out trying to experiment and see how it would happen. Pircel is the post in question.

No. 1546062

he doesn't look feminine whatsoever, so maybe your bf likes crossdressing. How long have you been with him? men are nasty and will fap to anything. I wouldn't be too surprised if he's been looking at it. Ask yourself if it's worth the possibility to stay with him. Put a keylogger on his pc/phone maybe if you're that kinda person.

No. 1546065

I don't browse any trans related subreddits but I have some trans posts in my history because farmers on lc links them here and I click on them. It is also possible to link other posts or comments from other subreddits in Reddit so maybe someone was referencing that post on a subreddit he is following and therefore he went to it to see what they where talking about. I understand that you are worried that he is gonna come out as trans but there is a million reasons why he has that post in his history and you sound kinda paranoid

No. 1546066

NTA but I'd say watch him for a while and see if another, bigger red flag occurs, then dump him as soon as it happens.

I wouldn't discard the possibility that Reddit sometimes suggests troon-related posts that are completely unrelated to the one you're currently reading, especially if the troon posts in question get a lot of views/updoots/whatever, since you know the site is super pro-troon and I think has a lot of trannies in its mod staff. I don't use the app but sometimes I visit Reddit on mobile browser and unrelated/marginally related posts from unrelated subreddits do show up after the comments and it's really annoying.

No. 1546072

Maybe he wanted to read the comments cause he's also confused how people are attracted to this shit

No. 1546073

We've been together for almost 3 years, so it makes it very difficult to justify breaking up over a random reddit post.
You are right, I thought about that too. The problem is he really does not care about most politics, and while he accepts my views on trannies, he has always seemed very uninterested and passive about it. So i'd be surprised if he was somehow in an online environment that had anything to do with it. I guess the reason I sound paranoid is because he is into being submissive, which I do not mind. But I can easily see it leading to getting "curious" about other things.
Yeah, I guess that is the explanation I will have to stick with, unless something bigger comes out.
Maybe. But as I said, he always came off very uninterested whenever I have mentioned trannies. Also I do not see a reason to lie that it was an accident. Thank you guys, I guess there is not any concrete conclusions to be drawn here. I am just confused about how the app works. Hopefully it is just me being paranoid.

No. 1546074

File: 1681205521151.jpg (20.79 KB, 356x348, cat_computer.jpg)

Thanks but I'm technologically illiterate and don't get how any of this works.

No. 1546148

File: 1681215743509.jpg (117.2 KB, 1300x1065, red-apples-of-different-sizes-…)

Most are accurate-ish. People who gain weight "without knowing how" are in 99% of cases in denial about how much they eat. People will be like "I only had an apple today" but then the apple was massive and it was actually 2 of them, and they forgot about the sodas they drank because that's not "food" and they didn't "eat" it, oh and they had just a few chips as a snack before lunch, which was a healthy low calorie salad… with a ton of calorie dense dressing on top that they didn't count. And so on.

No. 1546231

My autistic ass decided to make a game and now I'm too far into it to stop. The thing is, I struggle with writing dialogue between the characters and I don't know how to improve. I can't take inspiration from real life because I'm friendless and can barely hold a conversation… is there a trick I can use? Is it possible to write well when you don't have a lot of life experience in what you're writing (in this case it's talking to people)?

No. 1546276

What was that pic of a hot/beautiful African tribesman in one of the g/ attractive men threads? I remember nonnies commenting how model-like his face was but I literally can't find it in any of them. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?…

No. 1546321

chat gpt

No. 1546351

you could maybe watch a lot of movies/series who are praised for their realism and dialogues

No. 1546357

I'm against that shit for personal projects. It's a deeply personal work and using AI would ruin it for me. Whatever I write/draw/program has to come from me.

No. 1546359

I've been hearing about this for months and still have no idea what this is. What is it?

No. 1546410

Do troons use this song in their tiktoks or something like that? I just don't use tiktok so I couldn't know, but I've got this song in my shuffle and remembered it was inspired by a book about a troon, so… I guess Garbage isn't popular among zoomers tho

No. 1546421

I'm watching pretty baby (Brooke shield doc on Hulu, can someone please tell me.do they keep downplaying her mothers role in her exploitation? I'm very early in where some talking heads are going
>we live in a very misogysntjc world where the mother/daughter relationship was zeroed in on more then the.directors
Or whatever the fuxk, like sure but she's her fuxking mother. Does it get better? Or do they keep downplaying the mothers role? I do not care if Brooke does it but it annoys me.tp see others doing so in the doc.

No. 1546431

you can say bad words here you know

No. 1546432

My fingers are fat I don't mean to wrote fuck it slips mybqd

No. 1546442

Fix your sentences you lazy fuck. No one understands what you're saying.

No. 1546444

I'm so sick of you retarded aggressive nonas, shut the fuck up you know what I meant

No. 1546448

Nta but I understood it fine even despite the typos… perhaps you have a mental delay?

No. 1546468

Thanks nonnie. I googled it and this could be it because I had very high prolactin levels for a long time and apparently that can cause it.

No. 1546481

Start typing properly if you're so sick of it you whore ass bitch

No. 1546483

Sorry if this is the wrong thread. I have a lot of symptoms of hyperthyroidism but I took tests lately and I apparently don't have it. Any ideas why I have so many symptoms then? Just coincidence or could it be something else?

No. 1546500

I had all the symptoms too, even had an ultrasound on my thyroid in addition to blood tests, totally fine. Turned out to be celiac

No. 1546503

Oh fuck that sucks anon. How did you find out it was celiacs?

No. 1546505

>what you lack from childhood is what you seek in relationships
If I had everything during childhood except for independence, could this be the reason why I want to remain single?

No. 1546510

Do you use recipes for cooking and baking?

No. 1546517

Can someone paychoanalyze this person based on the following tidbit?: Everytime the cat is napping near them while they’re focused and busy with whatever, if another goes and starts petting the cat, they get out of the trance and immediately start petting the cat too

No. 1546520

For baking, yes. For cooking, rarely. Usually for cooking I only have to look up ingredients.

No. 1546523

They are remembering they should probably do something to calm and ground themselves and petting a kitty is calming and grounding. They might be adhd and forget to eat/drink when focusing hard too. You should offer them snacks and a beverage while they’re focusing hard.

No. 1546528

ADHD and/or autism

No. 1546730

how do i find a hot witty husband who will pump some kids into me already

No. 1546731

Are you 40 years old

No. 1546734

Men aren’t smart.

No. 1546735


No. 1546739

i am esl, zoomer.
yeah i noticed. and
the mansluts in my age bracket sure are

No. 1546741

I cannot stop coming back to this post. It's so short yet it feels like I time traveled to 2014 when people called themselves sapiosexual and replied to gifs of men swatting their belts with unffff

No. 1546784

Okay, let me help you, you have 100 dollars and you can’t spend more than that:
>Witty 99 dollars
>hot 95 dollars
>fertile 5 dollars

No. 1546805

>fertile 6 dollars

No. 1546948

What vitamin am I lacking in if my nails are peeling?

No. 1547018

Nonna's I was drinking about 200 ml vodka every day for five days (rough week, I usually don't drink much at all) and now that I've stopped for two days I can barely sleep more than an hour at a time and feel a bit shaky. Google says withdrawal usually starts between 24 and 48 hours. Is this even possible after such a short time or is it all in my head?

No. 1547028

It could also just be a hangover, i get the shakes after 1 night of heavy drinking, but i think withdrawal symptoms after 5 days is def possible

No. 1547050

Thanks nonna, guess I'll just wait it out and see what happens. It's not that bad except for the sleep thing.

No. 1547063

That is definitely not in your head, I would expect most women to feel like that after that amount of drinking. It's not dangerous or "serious" withdrawal but it sucks. It will go away with time being the only real cure, also keep hydrated and try to eat and rest even if you can't sleep. I hope you feel better soon and please do anything you can to find something different to cope with stress. It's a horrific spiral to go down and alcohol will make anxiety and depression way worse and goes from an easy and effective way to take the edge off to something that will destroy your chances of happiness in life in the blink of an eye. Sorry for preaching.

No. 1547070

No, and it shows, everything I make turns out barely edible.

No. 1547077

i’m trying to find the thread where they discuss The Witch Trials J.K.Rowling? Is it on m or g? thanks

No. 1547126

One of my friends is planning to stay over for the weekend for the first time and I asked her whether she was cool with sharing my bed or I could also get an air mattress for her. She said "either way, whatever you're more comfortable with." Tbh I'm a lazy fuck and don't want to buy an air mattress and also set up a second set of sheets and everything, but I'm not sure what the normal courtesy is? In college I know it was pretty normal to just have people share your bed when they stayed over, but I don't know if that's a weirder expectation as you get older. I also don't have a couch or anything (tiny apartment) otherwise I would have offered that obviously. I guess I'm wondering if it's still normal to just expect people to share your bed when they stay over or if I should get it over with and buy an air mattress for future guests anyway. I know I'm really overthinking it, but I am retarded obviously.

No. 1547130

Vitamin E or Biotin, maybe

No. 1547172

File: 1681308365329.jpeg (366.72 KB, 2016x1512, IMG_3327.jpeg)

does anyone know what this type of fries is called ? i'm trying to make them and i can't find anything remotely similar looking when i look up steakhouse fries

No. 1547178

File: 1681308563343.jpg (96.35 KB, 1169x1169, wavy fries mcdo.jpg)

the closet thing i could find online are wavy fries from mcdonald's france. these look like a mixture between a waffle and a wavy cut. you would probably have to make them yourself as i have never seen anything like that before in a store.

No. 1547191

has anyone introduced lolcow to any of their irl friends and if so how did it go? I'm considering telling my bff about this site but I also know that if I did that I would have to stop posting in certain threads because she would be able to identity my posts and that would be awkward (I doubt she is going to confront me about it but I still want to be able to talk about my life anonymously without stressing over whenever people I know seeing it) I also think she would be kinda put off by imageboard culture like all the cow threads and the use of slurs. I know if she started using lc she would intergrate and not police other nonas on those things but it's gonna be awkward to explain that she needs to get use to it.
I know she would appreciate lc because it's woman centric and anonymous. She often complains about how you can't talk about women issues online anymore and how women are treated in fandom spaces and there a many threads about this and threads where women are encouraged to sperg. But if I do introduce her to lc I'm going to lose the anonymity I have here

No. 1547194

Crinkle-cut potato

No. 1547197

I've seen this shape called ridge cut, crinkle cut is also similar but they tend to be thinner

No. 1547199

How can you tell someone is a woman online just by their typing style?

No. 1547201

No. 1547211

This is the second time I read this as if anon is recommending veterinarians as good partners and being like "yeah, that makes sense" before realising what she actually meant

No. 1547216

Hahaha nonna you're silly. I get confused like that too!

No. 1547221

But veterans aren't hot and witty, so wtf did she mean?

No. 1547230

She means "to vet", the verb

No. 1547247

Why are middle aged butch lesbians always so nice to me? Or even in general?

No. 1547249

I’d say it’s more of spotting who isn’t a man for the most part. Men are brash, aggressive, smartass, cocky god complex, unapologetic retards in their typing. Which women can be — but women never have the undercurrent of pornsickness, fetishization, and truly hateful misogyny dripping off nearly everything they write. Aside from that, you can spot a lot of doormattier women by their overly apologetic, nicey, bubbly complimentary, overaccomodative typing.

No. 1547314

nonnies, would you consider a stuffed animal a romantic birthday present?

No. 1547321

If it is from a moid you are not dating, yes. If it is from a close friend or family member, no. If it is from your partner and they know you like stuffed animals, yes. If it is from your partner and you don't like stuffed animals, no.

No. 1547323

How expensive is it? A dollar store scrap one, no.

No. 1547324

How can I emotionally wound my condescending sexist manager without losing my job? Also considering writing his phone number on bathroom walls offering head for fentanyl, can that be tracked back to me?

No. 1547330

Put his number on craigslist for a free goat or TV. They will get numerous phone calls all day. Satisfying revenge if you can watch their frustration as they get more calls.

No. 1547358

Nta, but nonnie, I love how devilish you are.

No. 1547362

File: 1681318697882.png (42.73 KB, 245x527, abayo.PNG)

Fellow weebs, what's this hairstyle called often seen in mangas set in Taishou and earlier eras? It doesn't look exactly like your average half-up hairdo, and googling haikara hair styles doesn't give me the correct one, either.

No. 1547381

Do you have another picture anon? It just looks like regular hime hair to me.

No. 1547382

File: 1681319707580.jpeg (125.79 KB, 750x1054, 6BA0A17A-5C5C-48EF-9DEE-1DCACA…)

Does anynonny see a woman and think she’s insanely gorgeous and feel jealous and seethe because you will never be that pretty… only to not see them for a month and then see them again and think they look quite uggo and thank god that you don’t have to look at that in the mirror every day? This happens to me a lot. Picrel is one example I went from wanting to kms to thinking she looks like a female Neanderthal

No. 1547391

this is an 18+ imageboard

No. 1547392

Just looks like a regular half up half down to me. Just that (some) of her bangs are clipped back

No. 1547394

File: 1681320154109.jpeg (1.07 MB, 3500x2333, C9163943-838F-4AC9-BE36-662A1E…)

I go back to being indifferent usually
my dysmorphia will always win in the end

there are a lot of women who would be considered ugly if they didn't have certain standout or eurocentric features or weren't shilled by the media, so attractiveness is an entirely manufactured concept. completely subjective to the human eye

women are always going to be better looking than men even at their most disheveled though

No. 1547422

Yes I used to think this way when I was a retarded kpopfag and now I look at the same women and they look like skinny ghouls with white foundation slathered on to me.

No. 1547424

So do the men. I cant even watch mv's even if I still enjoy the music, a lot of their appearances are too uncanny. Plastic surgery overdrive

No. 1547437

Damn you are fucking awful kek

No. 1547440

File: 1681321337734.jpeg (36.06 KB, 670x368, B89B2464-BC43-425C-BC61-F56CBF…)

I think she’s alright looking. Kinda pretty. But i wouldn’t mind looking like her in quite ugly. I used to want to look like Alyson Hannigan for some reason, but I’m not that cute and I never will be. I am tall and huge with sharp features

No. 1547445

Burgerfag here, I assume traveling around Vancouver, BC will be safe for a single female traveler? I just want to walk along the sea wall and eat some good food, basically stay around downtown.

No. 1547466

I've never been to Vancouver but my brother lives there, avoid East Hastings Street, it's full of homeless junkies.

No. 1547484

What is happening to lolcor why do my posts keep disappearing and reappear and disappear and there is huge gaps between posts?!

No. 1547497

File: 1681323266880.jpeg (17.15 KB, 300x387, 95F4D4B6-D130-4E6C-B0FE-D26A78…)

Example of random nonnies’ posts mid-poof

No. 1547501

I had a moment earlier where a post I was trying to make posted like 5 times in a row and it was fucking stressful kek

No. 1547502

You might have "hide saged posts" turned on.

No. 1547510

I used to categorize every single person as either drop dead gorgeous and infinitely better than me or horrifically ugly and unlovable. It was a fucked up way of thinking that drained me of all my brain power. Now I can appreciate other people’s beauty and positive qualities and not beat myself up for it.

No. 1547513

Oh big brain nonny, my beloved! I fat fingered it that’s what I get for being a phonefag.

No. 1547550

I sorta do that first thing you said, I don’t see uggos as unlovable though I just feel glad that I don’t look like them personally because I already struggle with image issues. but I also appreciate cute futures on girls without getting mad. I definitely have some kind of dysmporphia or internet induced mental illness where I compulsively compare myself to every woman I ever see and it affects mood, like a weird version of porn sickness with men.

The thing is, I only use the internet for looking up stuff related to my job or shitposting on /ot/. I barely even use YouTube and I’m not on TikTok or insta and I haven’t even watched TV in years. Idk how to fix this.

Why cuz I asked about my internalized misogyny on an anony board? It’s not like I ever treat anyone bad or say anything to them.

No. 1547561

honestly nona I get what you're saying, and getting over that kind of mindframe I think really just comes with age/maturity. I simply do not have the mental energy to give a shit about how much prettier some other girl is than me, or even how much uglier. I never felt so passionate as you sound, but now I truly don't care anymore about what other women look like except passing judgement of like, "pretty" or "not that pretty", and I move on from there.

No. 1547564

This isn't misogyny you probably have body dysmorphia which is why you can't perceive attractiveness in a healthy way and obsess about it, change your mind, over analyze, etc.

No. 1547589

>Why cuz I asked about my internalized misogyny on an anony board? It’s not like I ever treat anyone bad or say anything to them.
I got pounded last week for saying similar to you, I'm sure a lot of the people who responded are in another thread nitpicking a cow's nesolabial folds or something

at least famous and thought to be perceived as attractive women have money and love of some sort… whereas we have loneliness poorfagging body dysmorphia

I never like to go too far out of my way to be malicious or cruel to other women like you said, unless I think they've done something wrong in their personal life that makes them retarded (ie will call Jenny McCarthy is a retarded botched antivaxer)

No. 1547601

Has anyone ever had a nail infection, particularly from wearing fake nails/acrylics/etc? I feel so disgusting and embarrassed and I don't know how to fix it

No. 1547604

Not bad ones on my fingers but I had some on my toes for cutting them too short. I got antibiotics on it because washing did not help anymore.

No. 1547605

Is it a greenie? If so, no biggie anon. It will grow out and if it's not to deep you might even be able to file it off.

No. 1547612

>I'm sure a lot of the people who responded are in another thread nitpicking a cow's nesolabial folds or something
nta but i haven't used the cow boards in ages precisely because of the nitpicking (and most cows being boring now)

No. 1547620

File: 1681328435011.jpeg (66.46 KB, 1077x542, 2219C1A3-AB28-4910-9D95-DF40DD…)

Is this true about Tibetan culture?

No. 1547621

Yeah at a distance, they don't suck each other's tongues as a greeting.

No. 1547625

I visited tibet for a month like a decade ago and never saw or heard of anyone doing this. That doesn't discount it being a weird traditional thing I guess, but it's certainly not the norm.

No. 1547635

Yeah I'm sure everyone in Tibet greets people by sucking on their tongues, especially when it comes to children.

No. 1547682

File: 1681332976073.jpeg (66.27 KB, 736x864, 3BA53BD0-CAB5-477A-B6EB-F99BD1…)

The whole thing is that anons get hyper specific policing about you nitpicking or saying you're jealous of certain celebrities or models or don't find them attractive but then the same people will turn around and insult cows for dumber shit. some anon saying she's jealous/angry that a celebrity lives life on easier mode isn't somehow worse than an anon constantly nitpicking a cow imo

anons think cows are somehow more on their level to insult… yet it's more internally misogynistic to go after the untouchable celebs

No. 1547684

Could be you have all saged posts hidden and you keep clicking them, otherwise, IDK.

No. 1547708

Late sorry but Vancouver is quite safe for women walking alone unless you're in some parts of downtown, East Van especially. Avoid East Van, it's the designated pervert junkie moid zone. I can't even count the number of times I've been stared at and followed there even with friends. The seawall is safe, there's normally lots of people there and it has a good atmosphere. Unsolicited travel advice incoming: I highly recommend going to Granville Island if you haven't gone yet, it's so quaint and has so many cute stores. If you don't mind a longish drive Horseshoe Bay is nice too and you can take the ferry to Bowen from there
t. vancouver anon

No. 1547760

How do I make my desk neat while still having a lot of stuff? I love all my knick knacks and my desk would feel kind of sterile without them but it looks so messy. The only examples I can find are ones that have a lot of posters and a few figurines or dolls. Any nonna's with the same problem?

No. 1547766

>[non-celebrity] cows are somehow more on their level to insult
Not "somehow", financially. It's an actual, realistic, quantitative measure.
Class is real. The "level" is real.

No. 1547778

Someone who can understand Russian tell me what this song is

No. 1547779

Why does my poo just smell like sweaty bottom rather than poo?

No. 1547782

Because you don’t shower enough. People with stinky genitals(infections etc)or don’t shower their smell lingers in the bathroom after a shit.

No. 1547784

No I mean my actual shit just smells like sweat

No. 1547786

Do you shower everyday and does your pussy reek?

No. 1547787

I pussy everyday and my shower does not reek

No. 1547789

I shower every day and my pussy smells fine, I even get eaten out on the reg without asking. My shit just smells like sweat.

No. 1547791

My pussy does not reek but it sure does wreak (havoc)

No. 1547794

doubt that, unless your sweat smells like shit

No. 1547807

>My oussy smells stupendous, intoxicating even. Men eat me out all the time without me asking because it is so alluring. I am so clean and naturally perfumed that even my shit doesn't stink. My eyes are purple too and I've never had a period

No. 1547808

nah i believe it. lots going on internally affects your sweat, urine, and feces smell. typically it can be noticed by eating certain foods but other things going on can make them smell like something else. it is highly likely that her sweat has a specific scent to her, and her feces smells like her sweat, causing that correlation.
there was a thing i saw going around, presumably from people who had c0v1d, that several months after having it, their armpit bo, urine, and feces changed smell, the consensus is a something like a coffee/garlic/lily smell. and typically lasted several months to a year.
i never tested for it but i noticed that change in difference too. and i know it wasn't in my head because i found some clothing that fell behind a basket from before the change, i smelled the pits to see if they were clean and they smelled like how my bo smelled before, not scent that was present at the time. so there was definitely an internal change that was changing the scent of my bodily excretions. it was bizarre. for the longest time i thought it was because i was eating little else but ramen for a while (garlicy), but then the scent persisted after so i looked it up.

No. 1547821

would you rather date a bi moid who had only fucked 2 people before you or a straight moid who'd fucked 30?

No. 1547825

bi, even though that's asking for trouble, it's less trouble than someone sleeping with dozens of randoms

No. 1547826

What are the sexes of those 2 people?

No. 1547828

Aaaaaayyyy lmao

No. 1547829

I'd date according to what they give me now rather than according to what they gave others prior

No. 1547830

i'm already dating the latter. we both had a crazy time in college and were promiscuous when single. but we're very strictly monogamous in relationships and he's the sweetest man i've ever dated.

anal sex and gay men literally repulse me.

No. 1547833

File: 1681346502735.png (31.64 KB, 520x412, nyh9w-3544771477.png)

AIDs or Gonorrhea, your pick

No. 1547837

File: 1681346711024.jpg (29.94 KB, 625x338, why-not-both-5a98ee.jpg)

Sharing is caring

No. 1547838

the bi moid could be bihet though and mostly only attracted to the fantasy of dick, i used to know a guy like that who was a manwhore with women but had never fucked a guy

No. 1547839

Okay then he becomes my slave

No. 1547841

File: 1681346879924.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.55 KB, 780x1196, f9471431-c70f-48d1-8ff3-7029a6…)

(PICTURE SPOILERED DUE TO "FAIL TO RESIZE" ERROR) Hey nonnies I want some advice. I'm planning on sewing a corset top in the style of picrel. I'm making the side panels and back a plaid pattern from a thrifted button up.

My question: what should I use for the front panels? The corset is going to be "punky" and Vivienne Westwood inspired (I am wearing this to a college fashion show) I was planning on placing black bows on the straps and the middle of the neckline. I planned on using plain black fabric for the front but now I'm thinking it might be too plain? I want it to be eye-catching and a little "busy" looking but I'm out of ideas and was wondering if any of you would like to give your input!

No. 1547843

All I know is you're going to lose the college fashion show

No. 1547844

How do I get started with sewing my own cosplays? Idk what to start with to learn and it stresses me out

No. 1547846

Nobody "loses" in a fashion show, moid.

No. 1547850

Eww nonny’s dating a whore!

No. 1547852

File: 1681347445193.jpeg (90.39 KB, 848x565, C5C4C1FC-1D4E-4248-8AA6-C8EEAF…)

Is it overprotectiveness or possessiveness if your s/o wants you to be by his side during gatherings like picrel? Like, you’re allowed to have convos with people around y’all but can’t wander alone and must follow him around type shit. Asking for a friend

No. 1547853

there are a lot of sewing ig accounts that are helpful, you can look at /cgl/ though it is dead in this day and age.
figure out what type of outfits you wish to sew and what materials you wish to use. practice is what will get you far, but watching sewing accounts and reading tutorials will be very helpful.

No. 1547854

Get with the times, call her a bot

No. 1547855

Smells awfully scrotum-like in here.

No. 1547857

Moid hands typed this.

No. 1547858

How the fuck am I supposed to know nobody wins in a fashion show

No. 1547859

Yeah there’s some disgusting unfunny moid failing to integrate. Don’t pay it any attention

No. 1547861

Black on the front i would love! Maybe put some velvet ribbon along the seams.
Red may work, too. It would match thr plaid. Or brick red, but I just love my brick pallette colors.

No. 1547863

That’s a bit weird. Unless his reasoning is something like he’s anxious around people he doesn’t know well and feels better having someone he knows with him? Idk need more info. What kind of gathering? Friends of his, work colleagues, strangers? How did he phrase this? How does he react when your friend leaves his sight?

No. 1547864

File: 1681347839615.jpg (19.32 KB, 600x600, Put-up-the-middle-finger-Robot…)


No. 1547865

i also was one kek

No. 1547866

run for the hills anon

No. 1547868

Extremely situational. It could be bad, it could be normal. Clinging to you SO at every second even around people you know is needy at best, especially if you’re like “you can’t leave my sight”. Flipside: Ditching your SO when they don’t know anyone at a gathering is bad and shitty (unless you’re both extreme extroverts or something, can’t relate with that lol). Many factors need more details

No. 1547902

He’s not like this on a regular day basis like if he has to work and stuff, just like whenever they go to social gatherings outside of their area or when his richie family are hosting them and important people come. Dude can be seen looking at her as if making sure she’s still there when he’s having his own conversations with others, sometimes he takes her with him whenever he needs to smoke a cig or a joint; sometimes when her attention is somewhere else, he turns her to face him by gently grabbing her chin with his index finger whenever he wants something. I’ve been wanting to ask her a few times without wanting to hurt her feelings because even after they’ve been together for 15 years, she’s still in love with him. She’s graduated a year prior to me and started seeing him around that time because their ‘well-to-do’ families decided to hook ‘em up for status purposes. I haven’t seen her since then and we recently started chatting and have also been invited to their richie flings where I noticed the weird happenings. He seems nice and friendly, he also doesn’t act like the stereotypical abusive douche towards her - au contraire, he’s very sweet to her and acts like your typical caring husband and she never gives him a sus or “I know you’re faking it” look either. Although it’s obvious he wears the pants in the relationship and gives off a domineering vibe. I dunno, I’m worried for my friend and hope she really is happy being with him.

No. 1548106

File: 1681371252220.png (596.32 KB, 1440x1366, ynxk3jl0ral41.png)

is it normal to hear your neighbours water running(as the water running trough the pipes) if you live in an apartment? I know that waterpipes are close to the wall but I don't think I have ever heard water running whenever I have visited friends or family who lives in apartments but ever since I got my own place I can constantly hear whenever someone next door turns the water on

No. 1548109

Yes. I can hear my downstairs neighbour piss too

No. 1548149

This is getting to me, and I don't have my primary care doctor's appointment until the end of the month. Anyone deal with lip swelling on one lip and have otc medicine recommendations? Benadryl? The middle portion of my upper lip has been swelling since the 17th of March, which I am assuming is due to the spicy food I ate on that day. Sometimes it flares up, and other times it's less noticeable and calm. It's in this perpetual state of sensitivity, and I'm self conscious of it.

No. 1548186

Why is it that the same foods/dishes sometimes upset my stomach, but sometimes don't cause a problem at all?
Like garlic sometimes gives me painful gas but in spaghetti sauce it's completely fine. Or usually I eat eggs in the morning and while usually it causes no problems but occassionally it gives me really foul smelling gas. It seems completely random

No. 1548191

Am I stupid for keeping my roommate/home?

He put hands on me and raped me. It's all recorded. But if he does it again, he's going to jail period. But I paid for everything, kept up the bills, my babies (three pets) are comfortable, buy all the groceries, furniture etc. Literally everything. The leasing office won't let me leave because he refuses to sign the paperwork. I'm traumatised yet still thinking, "Why the fuck do I have to leave?" If this happens again, it's a done deal. But I shouldn't have to leave a home that I built. He can take his few belongings or go to jail at this point. I will defend myself and everything I stand for next time, there's plenty of evidence. Is that wrong because he won't move out? I could get another roommate anytime and I'm still reporting to the police this week. The pain he put me through definitely made me depressed but now I'm just angry at myself and also my family because they were going to force me back home, not realising it will super fuck up my credit and that HE SHOULDN'T GET FREE HOUSING. I would still have to pay rent for at least two months and he would keep taking advantage of my belongings, putting holes in doors. This fool doesn't even have a TV but sits in the living room all day after getting fired. He just drinks all day, blames it on me, does nothing productive. But I still need to take care of us, me and my children. After I talk to the constable, he can get thrown out. I don't know if it's a pride issue, but I can't let him destroy me more than he already has.

No. 1548205

It could be what it's combined with rather than the garlic itself. And then you have to take into account what else you eat within that day before it can digest and get out of your system. I'd suggest a food diary so you can keep track if/when those situations occur and basically do 'food math' and see if there's something else potentially causing a reaction.

TMI on my part, but the older I get, eggs really make me smell funny if it's in a strong dish/cooked with too many other items. It's weird but your body is always changing and adapting so who knows? Maybe even get tested for allergies. I used to have messed up poops or feel sick, then found out it was soy intolerance. Do more research, see a doctor if needed! Best of luck.

No. 1548223

What's with the weird spam? It's not the usual sort of shock imagery.

No. 1548231

just someone trying to gross people out, ignore and report

No. 1548289

How dumb would it be to write a love letter to someone who ghosted you months ago? I can't get them out of my head and I want to get it off my chest.

No. 1548293

If I were you, I'd make sure to get pepper spray, a knife or a gun and keep it on me at practically all times. I don't blame you for not wanting to leave your home, and wanting to stand your ground. Fuck that guy. Stay safe nonnie.

No. 1548296

Actually, ignore my question. I won't do it. It's stupid. My stupid brain concocting such stupid ideas.

No. 1548298

Is there a way to pirate the latest Adobe CC softwares?

No. 1548342

Nonas, how acceptable do you find it to talk about exes in a relationship? Whether it's negative/bashing or mundane things like "oh, so-and-so used to have this weird quirk.."
I personally find it interesting to hear my partners discuss exes, things that worked and didn't, etc, but I'm starting to think I mention my own exes an uncomfortable amount.

No. 1548346

You can actually do it, but just for yourself, don't send it, laying it on paper (or typing it, but i find writing on paper better) will help, speaking from experience

No. 1548361

File: 1681406604179.jpeg (55.56 KB, 480x720, A0CEED7D-83F8-4FEE-8159-BAC8F5…)

How come day drinking is ok when you call it brunch?

No. 1548362

I figured that would be the best course of action. Didn't want to seem crazy or paranoid but then of course he took advantage. It happened after I had a seizure too. But I bought locks for my bedroom and will avoid him at all costs. Thank you!

No. 1548373

day drinking is always ok nonnie especially when you do it outside

No. 1548400

Because you're socializing with people at a brunch. It's never okay if you're alone

No. 1548407

Thanks anon! Will do. It hurts though but it has to be done.

No. 1548410

I mean I imagine that drinking at brunch is like just one fancy screwdriver. It's definitely a problem if you consume too many but I think it's fine if it's one drink with friends and it's not a habitual thing.

No. 1548417

wouldn't it be worse if someone gets drunk around others tho

No. 1548424

Does reek rhyme with wreak?

No. 1548429

If my side blog on tumblr gets terminated, does my main one, too?

No. 1548436

What do you think happens at the club/bars kek. I know some people that love brunch because they can have drinks with friends without their night of sleep being ruined.

No. 1548444

No. 1548455

no it's just your sideblog. terminating your main terminates the entire account

No. 1548458

File: 1681414452818.png (119.86 KB, 1103x665, aimee.png)

Would it be weird to connect with someone on LinkedIn I used to work with a long time ago (a year)? Like would they be weirded out if I reach out to them after not being in contact at all?

No. 1548471

In my experience, not at all. Go ahead and add them. If they think it's weird that's a them problem.

No. 1548481

What would you call the hairstyle that emiru or whatever her name is has? What's the style? How does girls like her and lori have super long hair with lots of layers?

No. 1548484

Is inuyasha a transgender?

No. 1548485

File: 1681417341902.jpeg (47.84 KB, 604x404, A715A8D0-E2F1-4AA0-9526-6043FF…)

No. 1548488

File: 1681417583050.jpg (62.87 KB, 628x680, conan.jpg)

Did you mean Ranma? If yes, no.

No. 1548489

To those anons who say to never trust it when a male claims to not watch porn, do you also believe this in regards to him being a vegan or living straight edge or something like that?

No. 1548495

I take everything a man tells me with a grain of salt. Everything.

No. 1548496

No, those are pretty public, easily observed, voluntary lifestyle choices. Porn is inherently private and potentially embarrassing but also simultaneously seen as obligatory and normal for men.

Also I couldn't care less if a guy drinks or eats meat or whatever, so I wouldn't bother being suspicious.

No. 1548528

Id believe it cause anytime a man does something like vegan or living sober they seem to make it a huge deal that must be shoved into others faces as moral superiority. I have a moid family member who's vegan and it seeps into every single conversation. You dont see vegan anons sperging about veganism with every post unless its mentioned. Sober women are pretty normal and it seems like a male problem to not have an addiction.

No. 1548534

It just looks layered to me, she might just have thick hair or she uses hair extensions.

No. 1548539

Tbh I think it's obvious in a man's behavior whether or not he's porn-brained or not, I don't think it's a matter of asking them. I think it's common for guys to at least have a history of looking up nsfw stuff, but it's clear which of them actually respect women and which don't.
Same applies to super SJW-y guys who claim to be communists but then you see them, like, yell at their server or something. It's all about actions, not words.

No. 1548596

what's the highest paying certificate that I can get in under a year?

No. 1548600

What sort of dermaroller (needle length, brand, etc.) should I get from Amazon?

No. 1548607

Do cam girls who are actually lesbians in real life exist and would they still do occasional B/G content for money?

No. 1548636

there are lesbian women in porn who do stuff with men for content, it's for the money, just like there's straight women who do stuff with women on camera for money. being in that industry often means having to have sex with people you're not attracted to

No. 1548694

Seconding this. Any answers?

(Surely it depends on the country/state/personal strengths)

No. 1548720

Is there any truth to people becoming more casual about sex and less monogamous as they age? Like studies? Anecdotal data fine too? It does seem I always hear about old couples doing stuff like wife-swapping plus all the “swinger” stuff I hear and orgies seem to be mostly mature adults. Is monogamy something we really “mature out of”? Makes me cringe to think I may feel differently about relationships in the future, it’s a really terrifying thought for me

No. 1548722

Get one that has real needles if there are any on Amazon.

No. 1548732

There's a huge underestimate amount of lesbians in sex work. My last two girlfriends were strippers. Then again when you're surrounded by obnoxious disgusting men all day you want to come home to a woman

No. 1548740

old people develop dementia

No. 1548745

File: 1681446364822.png (213.53 KB, 1334x750, 3F785940-7F4D-421F-AA90-84BEDD…)

Men at my work won’t shut up about mastrubating and how they do it. Do guys really jerk off a lot or is it just gross-out humor?

No. 1548762

Never heard about any studies but if I had to guess I'd say it's because older people tend to have more experience under their belt and thus a more laid back attitude towards sex and relationships. I'm not old (in my 30's) but I know I take things less seriously than I did in my 20's, I've seen and experienced enough shit to change my attitude.

No. 1548765

Where does misogyny come from? Like, when did it start? Googling says the Greeks invented the word but that wasn’t the first time surely. Were men in caveman times misogynists?

No. 1548770

Whats a good present for a 5 yr old's bday?

No. 1548773

I'm guessing from whenever people started to own things/land. When inheritance is involved, suddenly paternity is a big deal and men see a need to control women's bodies. Or maybe it's just a part of their natural reproductive strategy, the less you care about the dignity and wellbeing of others the more you can take from them and the more advantages you have over them.

No. 1548777

File: 1681453208671.jpg (36.63 KB, 400x400, 5159ORhyDDL._SS400_.jpg)

Picrel or some childrens books for them to be read at bedtime bonus if its popup. Kids that young are easy even something like a ribbon on a stick is hours of fun

No. 1548779

My mind is all muddled but I’m thinking of male and female dynamics generally between mammals. Are non humans misogynistic? Can they be? Is misogyny a natural progression of being the physically stronger gender? Is there a scenario in actual reality where it can go away?

No. 1548780

is spending £120 on 7 cardigans / jumpers a stupid decision? they are very nice

No. 1548782

Very cheap. If you know you like the quality it’s a very good deal! Of course not if you are a shopping addict and are in debt though

No. 1548787

Someone gave me a fleece blanket when I turned 5 or 6 and I loved it for years.

No. 1548797

Is it wrong to be in love with your best friend’s boyfriend? I’ve never told anyone about it or flirted with him or anything like that, but I’m so obsessed with him it’s just sad. I have zero interest in other men and just want him. I’m going crazy and don’t know what to do anymore, this is a thousand times worse than someone not liking you.

No. 1548798

oh is that cheap? i've only really ever done my shopping at charity shops so anything over £10 boggles my mind a bit, and im not financially literate outside of grocery shopping. it's all vintage knitted stuff from the 80s and it looks in very good condition but obviously theyre all from different companies so idk if the quality will all be similar.

No. 1548799

Yes that’s cheap, go for it sounds very nice. Even if half of them are trash would still be a good price imo

No. 1548804

A bit late, but my friend introduced me to lc so what you should do is warn her beforehand about slurs, and send her a single thread or maybe two that would interest her. My friend told me some drama about e-celebs I already knew of and then eventually sent me their threads. She said people are a bit unhinged and use slurs as a joke because it's anonymous but that "most people are nice so you can just ignore the spicy ones" lol
She then sent screencaps of the mtf troon thread until I fully peaked and I am forever grateful to her for it

No. 1548808

That’s rough nonny. I can kinda relate. One of my friends has an insanely hot, charismatic, successful man. He’s also unbelievably kind and fun. Like just good vibes for sure, despite his wealth making him somewhat out of touch (not in like a shitty rich person way, shitty out of touch rich people piss me off). He makes me blush because he’s really large/solid and fit, I can’t help but imagine cuddling up with him and being the little spoon sometimes. He’s got big dick energy in a fun way, I imagine he’s probably well hung.

Meanwhile I love my bf, he’s got a nicer face than my friends bf by a lot, but he’s quite thin/noodly and even though he’s not a manlet he’s also not tall. He’s well hung and has BDE as well but in more of a fuck you way than a woohoo way, he’s introverted and he owns a home but is otherwise paycheck to paycheck with no savings/investments. I can’t help but compare sometimes, I feel like my shit might be worse than yours because I’m being doubly disloyal by even having thoughts. I feel so guilty for even thinking such things at any point and I’m guilty that reading your post made me think of my friend’s bf. I’d never ever do anything, if moves were ever made on me I’d be like fuck no, and I can at least easily quiet such thoughts. Usually such thoughts lead me to imagining my bf suddenly becoming really successful and getting a huge confidence boost and starting to work out and be a bit more bubbly/effusive personality wise.

No. 1548863

Cow-tier post

No. 1548873

I think acting on those toughts would be cow tier, but I bet almost everyone has moments like that in a relationship where they compare their partner to others

No. 1548897

File: 1681479348130.png (178.79 KB, 680x445, 33e.png)

>but in more of a fuck you way than a woohoo way
What the fuck is this post

No. 1548912

I want to stop beating myself up over feeling unproductive and like I don't have my shit together. How do I stop caring so much?
At this point I've been mad at myself on practically a daily basis because I just can't seem to be consistent with replying to emails, getting shit done, keeping to a tight schedule, etc. For too long I've felt like a failure that was just scraping by and couldn't even do normal shit like regularly keep in touch with people and completing daily tasks.
But now I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that while I am bad at these things, I should maybe just accept this and stop minding it so much? These aren't things that actually make me happy or that I want to do for myself, they're only societal expectations. Maybe I'm just not meant to keep up with all this shit the way most people do, and maybe that's okay? The only reason I feel bad about not doing shit properly is because it seems like I should, not because it actually makes my life less enjoyable.
This question turned into more of a personal blog but how do I actually internalize this realisation and accept it, instead of feeling guilty?

No. 1548914

this post is a sim

No. 1548939

Is there a way to use a bilingual keyboard on samsung? I feel like a caveman switching between 3 different languages. Before these advanced AIs I owned a chinese phone and it would literally detect which language I am typing in and switch to that, wtf.
I like thinking of babysteps or the things I got done today. If I have a to-do list of 10 things and I do 3, that's good. I can do the next 7 tomorrow, and so on. I can't keep up with a tight schedule either and I need time to process things on my own time. I get as comfortable as possible to answer emails. Coffee, favorite song, video playing in the background. I get my brain to shut up and then go. Laundry? Put on my tunes. Dishwashing? Essay video. Cleaning? Netflix series. Suddenly I get things done. Suddenly they're things I want to do because I'll get to do something I like as well. Hell, cleaning up after my dog? I put a mask on, a nose plug and yellow gloves that go up to my elbows. Put some airpods on and I get it done. I make it comfortable for myself because it's something I don't want to do.

Accept that you're different and now think of how you can make things better for yourself. You can't snap into email mode at will like other people, so you do it your way. I've even spoken to very functional "successful" adults that say they need 15 minutes of mental preparation and perfect conditions to even open up gmail, kek.

No. 1548961

File: 1681485078804.jpeg (7.1 KB, 142x137, DE4FE888-8F9E-4512-897E-F4643A…)

Is he hot or was I just drunk

No. 1548967

You're a loser so that's why your bf is also a skinnyfat, broke failed loser. Also wtf is big dick energy and wtf is woohoo. I knew sims attracted autistics but didn't expect this amount of autism.

No. 1548968

chris cornell for ants

No. 1548990

File: 1681486496537.jpeg (33.96 KB, 378x404, 01690A42-C135-4C35-9F0E-D28769…)

No. 1548991

I would

No. 1548992

also agreed I would

No. 1549017

No need to be such a bitch

No. 1549042

How do I tag posts from a different thread again?

No. 1549044

What does the chain emoji I've seen on Twitter bios (mostly camwhores and assorted troons) mean?

No. 1549046

Never mind, I checked meta kek

No. 1549050

I am gonna guess it means bdsm

No. 1549052

You're not in love you're infatuated, that's not very healthy but there's not much you can do.

No. 1549091

Did anyone else have a baby phase? In that you wanted a baby really badly? It's weird cause every other time I'm not into the idea of birthing some creature but this one year in high school, I was around 16 or 17 I think, I really wanted a baby and kept looking at baby stuff. It's to this day the weirdest event of my life because that feeling never came back. I don't understand what happened that year.

No. 1549104

File: 1681494379183.jpg (32.88 KB, 625x621, her_face_when.jpg)

why do people want to throw me in the loony bin and try to diagnose me before i've even said anything? do i really look that crazy? i know i'm ugly but i'm not the only ugly in the whole world…there were also a few times in the past people acted scared of me in a damn store, what gives. and this one girl called me a "freak" out of nowhere. i felt like she could've been from school but i couldn't see for certain, she seemed familiar somehow. i wonder if someone spread rumors about me. though that doesn't explain the strange doctors..trying to send me to emergency rooms for being nervous? some other one wanting to diagnose me with depression and wrote a number for a psychiatrist when i went to seek help for uterus pain? i don't get it. what would an unwell woman look like to you nonnas? one who's just sitting or standing around, not even doing anything. maybe they're right but how do they know just from looking at me?

No. 1549193

File: 1681500444722.jpg (63.77 KB, 1194x672, LAVENDER LEMONADE .jpg)

What would this flavor combination taste like. Actually what does lavender taste like.
Should I buy it, nonnies?

No. 1549199

is that the bass player from polyphia

No. 1549202

File: 1681501132758.png (30.36 KB, 1006x498, here forever.png)

I stopped coming here regularly for about a year, what did I miss?

No. 1549205

idk the years blend togther
>paul dano fags emerge
>/m/assacre a few months back
>the new /shay/ board
>/2x/ getting unhidden
>pakichan isnt considered based anymore
outside of that, it's been the same old sperging about eye colours, weight, etc

No. 1549208

New admins

No. 1549214

File: 1681501548305.jpg (20.47 KB, 515x497, 1557693522574.jpg)

Hey, I made that pic!

No. 1549245

nothing, everything has gotten far worse than you can imagine, you should leave again before you start losing braincells en masse

No. 1549257

What's a good vegan protein supplement? I was given a bag of pea protein but it's fucking disgusting and I don't know how to eat it. I just want a tasty (and cheap!!) one to do shakes or oatmeal, but all the cool flavours are made of whey.

No. 1549258

I love floral flavors like rose and lavender. They taste like they smell but more sweet rather than soapy. Lavender lemonade sounds like a lovely popsicle, now I want some. If you like the way rose and lavender smell there’s a decent chance you’ll like the way they taste cause it’s pretty much the same thing lol.

No. 1549264

Does powdered sugar expire?

No. 1549265

The lowest point was when cp spam was up for hours, that's not happening now.

No. 1549266

KEK this is what I get for posting while nodding off from xanax. But by woohoo I meant in a fun bubbly extrovert way whereas my bf is very introverted. Like a golden retriever bf versus a cat-like bf as far as vibes are concerned.

No. 1549268

Hate his long horse face ew

No. 1549269

Samefag but I haven’t played the sims in over a decade and forgot that woohoo = sex kek

No. 1549270

Basically no. It can get wet and become ruined, but otherwise sugar molecules are so stable that they basically never go bad.

No. 1549271

since no one answered my question in the menses thread does anyone know what it means if my period has suddenly started black as tar for the first time since age 12 with the lightest flow i've ever had? i'm not exaggerating about the color it's black and opaque at that, and it's my second day right now and my pad isn't even a quarter way full let alone half when it usually is soaked all the way by now. it's not been irregular since middle school and it's on time now so i don't understand why it's being weird. i've read that it's possibly due to a blockage but symptoms of that also include "burning" sensations and cramp pains and i am experiencing none of the two.

No. 1549279

Black blood is very old blood. You don’t need to experience every symptom of a condition for that to be the cause. Make a gynecologist appt. If you don’t have insurance you can go to planned parenthood and get checked out, they’re super fucking nice where I’m from and they have sliding scale for the fees based on your income.

No. 1549280

Holy shit yes. Thank you for showing me these exist. I love lavender lemonade.
If you want to try them, you can make them fresh. 1 cup lemon juice,½ cup honey or ¹/³ cup sugar, 1 tsp dried edible lavender, 2 cups cold water. Allow to boil, then turn off, steep for thirty minutes, strain, freeze.

No. 1549282

is there a way to make lavender lemonade without processed sugar or artificial sweeteners? with maybe just the honey? i bought dried lavender just last week and have been dying to use it

No. 1549283

It means that you should go to the doctor. That could be cervical cancer. When's the last time you were tested?

No. 1549285

it's impossible to know without seeing a video of you anon. it might not be your appearance, but just the way you act.

No. 1549286

Like honey? Of course. You can even make it without sugar at all, (lessen the lemon), though that's more of an acquired taste.

No. 1549287

my friend was like that years ago in college, but doesn't think she wants kids anymore. i'm like that right now. i think it's just hormonal

No. 1549289

For the lemonade anons, i'd also recommend Indian black salt lemonade ("nimbu pani"). It's really refreshing in the hot summer when you've been sweating a lot and need some saltiness to replenish what you lost. My mom used to give it to our Mexican yardworkers and they adored it


No. 1549300

that's the weird thing, i don't act unusual compared to anyone else i think. i just mind my business and stay quiet unless someone asks me something. i figured most people would interpret that as shyness at most idk.

No. 1549325

This sounds disgusting but I’m intrigued, I’m gonna make some soonish.

No. 1549360

No. 1549363

um… never i'm afraid. i've just turned 18 last year and i'm deeply deeply afraid of doctors even more ones that will see me in such a vulnerable position ( although dentists are kind of the same in that sense ) and yes i know it's immature but even for my health i'm scared of people seeing me undress in any way. i'm seriously freaking out right now. i really hope you aren't right but i think i'll go to a gyno thanks to your post anon thank you

No. 1549364

It sounds gross but it's not like youre drinking straight up salt water. It's a lot lighter and obviously palatable. Definitely try it out

No. 1549380

No one watches you undress. They leave the room and return when you are situated. Also find a female gyno for obvious reasons

No. 1549384

too late I just visited the new board

No. 1549386

Why do some fujoshi artists give one of the (existing) characters a vagina? Do they do that to -sort of- self-insert themselves…? I don't get it.
(Other than the typical tranny headcanons (which still make me think thats how fakebois try pulling a sneaky self-insert lol)).
I am in a fandom that has a lot of fujos and noticed that some of them are into this kind of art.

No. 1549389

I shall and I will update in the stupid questions thread when I try it. Thank you for the suggestion. I love trying new things even if I don’t think they sound nice, as long as it’s not blatantly unhealthy and/or unhygienically prepared I’m down to try any food or drink.

No. 1549395

I hooked up with a guy over 10 years ago..he was so far from my mind I had to spend weeks tracking his name down. Why did I want to track him down you ask? Because he's the only guy who ever took vids/pics of me and he resurfaced years later to retraumatize me and post it online.
When I tried to tell a manager at the place we worked at together none of them helped. He kept sharing intimate videos of me and nobody helped..in fact I got fired for sexual harassment because of a mutual joke I had with another waitress. Why does this fucker get to hurt me over and over? I had to email a police tip to a random local police officer because I feel like I have no other choice. Its not ok for me to feel unsafe online its not ok for other people to get to see my body without my permission over and over again.
Can anyone help? I feel like I can't do anything..he can just keep making anonymous accounts and posting my nudes and then finding my google account. I feel broken.

No. 1549397

I don't think they do it to self-insert, because usually in those kinds of fanart the genderbent character is focused on a lot more than the other guy.
My theories are that either they're lesbians or bisexual (maybe they self-insert as the seme), or that they like to imagine their OTP in many different kinds of scenarios, so they start drawing the uke as female just for fun once they start to run out of ideas that involve the couple being gay. I've seen some fujo artists who are so obsessed with their OTP and draw them so much that, in addition to genderbends, they start making weird furry porn of them. One of those was a Jotakak shipper on Pixiv who drew them as bunnies.

No. 1549405

How many calories are in a half pint of vodka?

No. 1549409

I really hope you go through with it because you could die of cancer if you never see a gyno. I heard of an older woman who never saw one until she literally started bleeding non-stop, since she was extremely prudish and embarrassed of being checked by doctors. Her HPV turned into cancer, and at that point there was nothing that could be done.

No. 1549494

Why was kelly osbourne ever on fashion police? not like it was a highbrow show but she's not funny and I didn't know she had any qualification to judge clothing choices. also she is ugly and fat but still

No. 1549496

Sounds like he's a stalker. I'm really sorry about that anon, it sounds like hell. I'd personally never react or reach out to him. Stalkers live for the reaction

No. 1549501

He posted anonymously on reddit a while ago and now Im worried he's shared it with people at my old college. I just emailed a random local police officer because Im at my wits end Im too scared and too emotionally exhausted to take this to court but maybe if I at least alert the police the next time he might get pulled over or something maybe they can search his phone or laptop?

No. 1549516

File: 1681521424545.jpg (15.16 KB, 341x341, 74d71cd1d68310d61be2edcdbcc3ae…)

There are korean gyarus or there's an equivalent to gyaru for Korean culture?

No. 1549527

File: 1681522174953.jpg (927.82 KB, 2064x3043, 20230414_182920.jpg)

What color should I paint my nails nonnies?

No. 1549533

Samefag- this is my pic. Should've mentioned that kek

No. 1549536

Jade mint green Sally Hansen on the bottom or the bright red OPI on the top. Or maybe both?

No. 1549537

uhmm maybe something shimmery and oceany? also I have a bottle of that dark color shifting OPI and I need more so bad I'm such a sucker for shifting pigments

No. 1549539

Omg I was thinking of doing the bright red! The green one is so pretty but idk something about it is so.. bland? (red is "Big Apple Red" from OPI and green is "Made in Jade" by Sally Hansen)

>dark color shifting OPI
"Peace and Love and OPI"? It's legit one of my very favorites in my collection. It looks great over a black base! I'm also a major sucker for color shifting. I always want my fingies to look like opals
Thanks nonyas!

No. 1549544

Ooh, I have that purple Xtreme wear polish but I never use it. I say use the light purple Color last polish and then use one of the shimmery polishes as a topper.

No. 1549546

Essie Marshmallow! It’s my favorite everyday nail polish. If you’re feeling spring-y maybe that lavender close to it? The forest green Essie up top is cute too. I love your collection

No. 1549549

I'm loving your purple with shimmer topper idea! Might have to do that on my toes…

Marshmallow is really pretty, you're totally right. Have you tried Mademoiselle by Essie? It's so beautiful and really brightens up the nail beds without being obvious.

Does anyone else go nuts trying to decide the colors for every manicure or is it just me? And then ofc the color on my toes and the color on my fingers must match eachother unless they're literally the same polish on both

No. 1549550

And thank you for your compliment ♥

No. 1549553

Since we’re talking about nail polish, does anyone have recommendations for colors that look good with fair cool toned skin

No. 1549555

Well I posted the photo above of my collection and that is exactly my complexion! haha! Do you gravitate towards any colors in general?

No. 1549566

File: 1681524905326.jpeg (134.13 KB, 1170x1630, EF94B5F6-35C9-45C2-811C-1C9B68…)

Honestly I’ve been looking for a rich pigmented bluey colour but haven’t found the right shade yet. I just found essie butler please and it looks promising online but I haven’t bought it yet. Most of the blues I see are too pale or too grey. I need a colour that will make my hands look less red. Actually nonnie pick me colors from your personal collection

No. 1549591

Why are richfags Uber/Lyft drivers all of the sudden? A few months ago, I rode in a Tesla and today I rode home in a BWM. Oh and one of the drivers from my mom’s med insurance who dropped off her walker has a Tesla. Is the economy really fucked? Because until recently, I never rode in a fancy car a day in my life.

No. 1549597

I’m 23 and hit my mom back just now. Kind of, I shoved/pushed her. I have long nails so I kinda scratched her on accident on the neck. I also told her I would hit her back if she hit me, that I was an adult, right before I did. After I ran away, took one door off it’s hinges on my way and she followed and cornered me and hit me but I took it like I always do. I feel pretty terrible either way, but was I even in the wrong? She’s always hit me and I I’d never done this

No. 1549608

Essie's Sugar Daddy is an amazing daily color for everyone

No. 1549614

keep at it anon. remind her that sooner or later, she'll eventually be old and you'll be stronger than her

No. 1549615

Black and wine red

No. 1549625

no you're not wrong but be wary of escalating by hitting back.

No. 1549636

My periods are very regular but there was one time recently where instead of starting like normal, it was black blood for like over a week, then actual normal blood. I also had no weird symptoms or anything, and after that weird month it went back to normal. idk maybe we both need to see docs but you could also just wait and see if it's still weird next cycle.

No. 1549647

Is there any way you can talk to a lawyer and sue for defamation? I'm sorry you went through that anon.

No. 1549696

No. 1549747

The thing is I'm not sure how to prove it I've never seen it. What I remember is him taking out his phone and me saying "no" over and over. The next day everybody at work talked about. Years later Im randomly posting away on a subreddit and this random account keeps asking me how many dicks I've sucked and then I kept getting harassed by a bunch of accounts. I think this person found me again but I'm scared to face them in court especially when after I told my manager about it she shrugged me off and said I had no proof. All I did was send a police tip if he bothers me again I'll have to get a restraining order. Abusers love to have the power to retraumatize their victims he probably saw that I was happy and well-liked and it made him angry. I think he posted revenge porn on redscareforcishetmen.

No. 1549814

The easiest solution would be to claim they're deep fakes. My friend who's an elementary school teacher who got her nudes leaked did that, and she kept her job.
Otherwise, you'll want to consult with a lawyer to see if what he's doing is illegal. It varies wildly from state to state, but a lawyer can let you know what actions you can do.

No. 1549822

Anon all I know is people have been finding my google account, reddit account, and tumblr account to harass me for fucking years…only some of the things these anon accounts have said make me think it was this dude. I dont know where to find revenge porn of myself all I know is he tried to take pics/vids of me and then showed it to other people. All I can do is file an anonymous police tip and hope they find some reason to look into that guy.

No. 1549824

I had unprotected sex and he finished inside me twice, then I fucking realized Im on my ovulation day. Nonnas am I fucked? I read that plan B doesnt work when you’re ovulating so do I just wait to see if I’m pregnant or what? I’m pretty new to sex and lost my virginity like a month ago so I have no idea what to do kek

No. 1549829

You can wait and take pregnancy tests after a couple weeks, then get an abortion if you are pregnant. You REALLY should use protection next time though.

No. 1549831

You're incredibly retarded. The fuck are you doing letting men cum in you without protection during ovulating?

No. 1549832

Why are you 30 year old virgins so fucking retarded? Like seriously what the fuck is your problem? Why the fuck would you let a dude nut in you when you’re not in a long term relationship wanting a child or in a long term relationship taking birth control???? What low quality dudes are you banging that are so ready to not only fuck you raw but also nut inside you, who I am assuming didn’t lie and tell them were on birth control? Literally re evaluate your whole life.

Go get plan b immediately and if it doesn’t work abort that mistake in a hurry.

No. 1549835

I’m not 30 I turned 18 a few months ago but yeah I am retarded I can’t argue with you on that.

No. 1549838

Why are you rawdogging without birth control. Kids today are mentally challenged.

No. 1549839

Yeah you’re a retard who should still be a virgin cause you clearly can’t handle sex. Can you handle getting an abortion? Hopefully you won’t be a selfish bitch who decides to be the ultimate attention whore by being a teen mom.(infighting)

No. 1549840

Anon is probably underage and lying to not get banned, stop attacking literal children.

No. 1549841

Get help. Wtf.

No. 1549846

I'm here to tell you that even if he says he'll pull out on time, don't believe him, read about precum and use protection because it's not that easy to be raising a child when you are still a child.
Source - bf was going to pull out on time, no worries, my daughter is 5 now. Don't be dumb like me

No. 1549847

Antinatalists are insane. Doomed to end obsessed with reborn dolls later in life. I'm not talking about women who simply choose not to have kids I'm talking about the foam at the mouth psychopaths calling children crotchspwans and whining about their own childhoods everywhere.

No. 1549848

Anons have already called you retarded so I won't parrot it but remember that guys who're only too happy to just raw nut in 18 year olds are pieces of shit too. Guarantee hes not worth fucking with.

No. 1549851

Fucking idiot.

No. 1549852

Anfinatalist anons attacking an underage girl who's worried she might be pregnant is the most ironic shit ever. Wouldn't antinatalists also lose their minds if they were in anons situation as a teenage girl? They seriously lack empathy.

No. 1549853

I have a plug in heater for when I want to just heat one room. I've noticed that even within a few mins of switching it on the plug itself gets pretty warm. To the point where I'm cautious not to leave it on too long. Should I be worried about using it?

No. 1549866

Police don’t help, they’re not on your side especially if you are a woman. You could mass report with burner accounts or save his pictures with his face and create deepfakes of him like with a fork in his ass or a tiny dick and spread those throughout discord or twitter if you’re vengeful type

No. 1549870

I'm not doing anything illegal that could come back to bite me in the butt. I will file a restraining order if he finds me online or IRL again. It just shouldn't be ok for someone like him to retraumatize me like that. Why is my body or sexuality something he should get to control? Even if I have to annoy the police over and over I'll do what I can with what I have.

No. 1549876

You should just act like you don’t care. You most likely aren’t going to lose a job or friendships over nudes. Act like he doesn’t exist and he will get bored. Change your number and deactivate all your social media for a few years. It’s not the most ideal advice but it’s realistic. A restraining order alone won’t do shit to stop him from passing around your nudes.

No. 1549884

No, we’d just get abortions

No. 1549891

Plan B if that doesn't work, please get the abortion. Let this be a sobering lesson to never EVER let a man have unprotected sex with you. Not just for pregnancy risk but STIs as well.

This is honestly a reflection of society not teaching comprehensive sex ed to kids. The fuck is wrong with you bitches have to be do fucking mean about it?

No. 1549898

If the kid was able to find lolcow, they should have googled “how to have safe sex” - we literally live in an age with so much information at our fingertips. There’s no excuse to be so retarded. People who jump into things without researching at ALL are idiotic, doesn’t matter how old they are. Clearly bitch is literate she’s not some child laborer in Bangladesh who can’t read/write.