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File: 1677154010525.jpg (245.62 KB, 2048x1365, R.jpg)

No. 1507070

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Previous thread

No. 1507078

>obese reddit mascot soft toy
>apple whoreship
Standard retdardter

No. 1507156

File: 1677163819092.jpg (135.03 KB, 956x297, ugly.jpg)

I just remembered this post because of how fucked up it was. If this happened to me I think I'd become a hermit. Why are people so fucking mean

No. 1507298

File: 1677177987474.png (148.4 KB, 1080x1106, IMG_20230223_172449.png)

>>>/snow/1775188 I made this post about some cracker,of hogwarts legacy saying they stand with JKR on the download page for the cracked game.
Well their subreddit has been banned (according to kiwifarms).

No. 1507301

File: 1677178356192.png (139.97 KB, 640x2400, Hogwarts.Legacy.Deluxe.Edition…)

this is the post she made ( i think it's a she, could be a troon) where she cracked the game and talked shit about troons.

No. 1507364

File: 1677181202998.png (1.22 MB, 2965x1050, 1677151712779.png)

>i think it's a she, could be a troon
Can you not read the image you posted.
Empress is a woman, why would she stand with J.K and talk about anti woke system and how men are either a sissy or a misogynist and how they will never know what's it's like to be a real woman. That Empress is a troon bs is from jealous/incompetent scrotes that believe that women could never be in the programming scene, especially as a hacker.

No. 1507379

calm down, I saw kiwifarmers tinfoiling it was a troon but they were talking about Fitgirl or something.

No. 1507428

>calm down
I am calm, I just can't believe that you would post something without even reading along with believing kiwiscrotes that Empress is a it/it's tranny even with sufficient evidence pointing out that she is a woman as seen in the pic you posted and the pic that I posted.

No. 1507432

I literally said i got mixxed up with the fitgirl shit and tranny tinfoiling, lord.
Even people in the other thread brought up the tinfoil. I know it's a woman now, you don't have to keep whining at me.

No. 1507433

>it's a woman
>you don't have to keep whining at me.

No. 1507458

File: 1677185947641.jpg (141.86 KB, 640x1400, FB_IMG_1677185926679.jpg)

betting my left tit the wife is a man

No. 1507496

No. 1507550

File: 1677194805126.png (120.48 KB, 1312x470, pooroppressedanddiscriminatedm…)

why do redditors think they are being oppressed by women in a male dominated society kek
> violent scrotes r being put on list, therefore, wamen evil
> AGP scrotes troon out because being a male is just so so difficult! Its waman fault!

No. 1507554

she needs to doxx the hag

No. 1507803

Not believing a second that Empress is a woman and not just some dude in codersocks until proven otherwise. You are free to believe anything you want ofc.

No. 1507859

File: 1677236095033.jpg (219.09 KB, 720x1123, FB_IMG_1677235883277.jpg)

imagine being this much of a doormat

No. 1507866

File: 1677237235112.png (44.46 KB, 747x369, firefox_BZbzd0HmLS.png)

The seething and coping reddit male. There's around 70% women in medical and STEM universities in the balkans, I have attended a few.

No. 1507869

It's wild that he offered to reschedule the date instead of just doing it on instinct. She lets him disrespect her, doesn't say anything because she wants to be open-minded, and is surprised when shit gets worse.
It's sad, I hope they don't have any kids. Poly shit is bleak.

No. 1507878

Convince me that women aren't fucking retards holding us all back wtf. Imagine spending 18 years of your life with a man who won't remember your fucking birthday let alone this shit.

No. 1507882

Surely there aren't any factors that may keep women from studying a largely male field full of misogynistic, arrogant scrotes and which they have been socially conditioned to not develop an interest in since birth, along with the numerous studies proving how women tend to think lowly of their own intelligence even when they're really smart, while scrotes have a hyperinflated ego even when they're incompetent?

Also Sweden is still a fucking monarchy with an official Christian church of its own. It's possible for a country to be advanced in some ways and not in others. Dumbass moid, it's not like gender roles stop being taught and internalized by children the moment a country reaches a certain point of legal "egalitarianism". Wonder why exactly in some "less-developed" or "less egalitarian" countries that have more strict traditional gender roles, women are allowed or even expected to do stuff that in some first world countries would be considered mannish or only for men. I don't see Swedish women and men wearing the same clothes so clearly Sweden isn't free of gender roles.

No. 1507901

File: 1677240879565.png (41.11 KB, 593x264, basedempress.png)

>used to be primary worker but now isn't
>won't spend time with child
>ignoring wife's emotional needs
>obsessed with sex
>fucking another woman because wife couldn't have sex
>military work
definitely a troon

idk nonna it seems from past comments years ago that people already suspected her of being a "transphobe" and she really exploded when some people on reddit kept calling her a transwoman. Yes, it could be a very elaborate tranny LARP to be seen as an authentic woman, but this would have to be a very dedicated LARP. I think it's an actual, edgy Russian woman who is a pickme that enjoys the attention she gets from neckbeards. She seems like a channer type (explains the pickmeism, edginess, constantly calling everyone faggots) and there's a lot of Eastern European women in STEM, some confirmed women from there being also hackers. NTA by the way

No. 1507906

NTA but cracking Denuvo is beyond a 20-something's capability, I don't look down on young people but I have been in international competitive mathematics and programming groups, then again those people are snobbish and want a secure job at google. I think it's one of the "reformed" hackers that Denuvo hired to help out leaking shit out of rebellion and they created this persona of a schizo Russian girl to seem further away from their real identity and not give any hints.

The way they act about their female profile picture which looks like it was taken from a VK model or stock image gives me big troon vibes.

No. 1507916

Is it really so impossible for there to be an abrasive ESL Russian female hacker? Why do some people want her to be a tranny LARPing so bad? How does this even help troons?

No. 1507918

That person is genuinely mentally ill, not just abrasive. They seem very creepy and just want to be circlejerked on reddit.

No. 1507929

I have a CS degree and worked as a SWE for a few years. Now I'm a carpenter. The benefits of the job simply didn't outweigh being made to feel like a retard who only got hired for having breasts. If you think having imposter syndrome is bad enough, wait until you start working with tech bros and engineers with a God complex who don't see you as human and think you're there just to make them happy.
My current job is pure bliss. I get to work with my hands and have something to show for it at the end of the day, if it performs and looks as it should I get a pat on the back and get to go home. Boomers at work talk about their kids a bit, lecture me about Trump a bit, and then we part ways. Done and dusted.
I don't know what happened in recent years to make middle-aged men somehow less sexist than men in their 20s and 30s, but it is what it is.

No. 1507973

This seems like a tranny fantasy. Even if she doesn't do penetrative stuff, she'd have an easy time getting a bf if they're really in open relationship. Like imagine how many men she could get and the compare it to a trannys dating experience, she'd have already left him if this was true.

No. 1507977

How the fuck is Empress a pickme?

No. 1507978

It's not women's fault that males are the ones sex offending, kek. Goes to show that men victimize others but think that victims are the most privileged in society, because the perpetrators are held accountable. Males just don't want to be held accountable. Pretty sure women can be on the sex offender registry.

No. 1508020

Woah, I’m a SWE and though I haven’t had too much sexism at work I think you’re right. My work has men who skew older in age. And my hobby groups outside have men 50+ and nearly all of them are kind and non-sexist to me. There is the occasional creep but compared to younger guys they are so chill.

No. 1508033

I just hate these nuance-lacking comments sooooo much, it must be great being so ignorant while thinking you’re such an expert. Working in a predominantly male field as a woman fucking sucks, you’re constantly talked down to or you put up with sexist unfunny “jokes” or flat out sexual harassment all the time. Stand up for yourself and you’re suddenly a bitchy Karen with no sense of humor, “I was just joking, you’re so serious!”, etc. Wonder why women don’t want to put up with that 50 hours a week. Of course it’s because women just aren’t interested in science.

No. 1508037

I swear to god straight women are the reason real feminism and action hasnt taken place because they want to please a low quality, mediocre man. fucking christ.

No. 1508042

>I swear to god straight women are the reason real feminism and action hasnt taken place
So most women? The average women is straight, most women are, and I don't think the suffragettes were all lesbians, you idiots have such a superiority complex for literally no reason, you guys are barely relevant statistically yet claim you're the only ones able to make changes. Sick of your dumbasses

No. 1508043

She kinda sounds like one sometimes and has lots of moid worshippers who "simp" for her. I don't know her well so I'm not sure if she is an actual pickme or not. Don't take that comment too seriously

No. 1508046

How will she have time to get a boyfriend if she works full time and if she leaves the child with her useless tranny man the kid will die from neglect? You underestimate the doormattery of handmaidens

No. 1508050

And yet so many women are pushing us back 20/30 years because of the support for troons and men. The coddling is the worst.

No. 1508051

Imagine blaming %99 of women for our issues because of a fake post farming internet points.

No. 1508052

Birch you’re sucking smegma off a balding man’s cock. Ntayrt(infighting)

No. 1508053

The thing is, it's probably a fake post. If she wanted, she'd have an easier time because there are a lot of men that'd wanna date her while the amount of women willing to date a mentally ill tranny and fuck him in the same room his baby sleeps would probably be much much lower since women actually have a conscience

No. 1508059

unless the "girl" the "wife" brought home is also another tranny

No. 1508066

Reminds me of the sex offender support sub that’s still active somehow where it’s literally just rapists and child porn consumers who whine about their unfair sentence and how sad and depresso they are and rely on kind words from the other fellow sex offenders. Then you get the wives/girlfriends of those moids lamenting over the crime as if they shouldn’t just leave and realize it’s probably not a false accusation like he told them.

No. 1508080

I remember once stumbling upon that sub and I was so disgusted. There were several women who admitted their bfs raped kids in the past and they were asking in the sub about how they can adopt kids when one parent is a child rapist.

No. 1508111

but she dont want to, she wants to keep her child alive and is a total handmaiden who works whoe her husband screws other people and neglects their child. A troony military man abandoning his family to fuck other troonies in the ass while his wife pretends she is cool with it is not unrealistic, that every handmaiden wife

No. 1508733

File: 1677310898672.png (298.53 KB, 440x571, tran.PNG)

I hate that there are some trannies that like my hobby. Get out of my subreddit you piece of fuck REEEE! Not only can we barely see the skirt, but the scalloped edge on the end is so un-noticeable that you might as well not have done it. And why are you so pale? Go outside and take some Vit. D bitch.

No. 1508746

They never heard of online shopping

No. 1508758

>two months to knit an ugly skirt
christ i almost feel bad for him

No. 1508804

Didn't Empress literally talk about how women should stick together? Why do people wanna call everyone a pick-me? She also said some shit like "all men nowadays are either sissy bitches or raging misogynists". Pick-me by definition is putting down other women to gain attention from men. It's the whole Karen thing all over again, just a rebranded way to shit on women.

No. 1508815

She's abrasive as fuck, doesn't pander to moids, so I don't get how that makes her a pickme. I think she enjoys the attention, but who wouldn't? Most people who are extremely talented want recognition for their efforts, has nothing to do with a pickme.

No. 1508823

What subreddit was this posted in? I fucking hate trannies who go into non-tranny related hobby subreddits, especially hobby spaces traditionally occupied by women like make-up, sewing, knitting and going all "Look at ME trans woman doing this thijg!!!!!" making it all about them being trans rather than the hobby being practiced yuck

No. 1508824

Late but "Empress" is most likely a team of people, maybe whoever uses that reddit account is a woman though

No. 1508832

The bar is so abysmally low I still feel some kind of vague happiness that this male at leasts bothers doing something productive with his big moid hands

No. 1508848

At this point 4chan is a more pleasant place to hang around than reddit.

No. 1508850

It's cause you know what you're gonna get when you go on 4chan.
Reddit is a bamboozle.

No. 1508883

i really hope thats made up like most stories on reddit, but sadly it is believable. some people really are just that insecure and shitty. poor girl, she's just trying to exist at work.

No. 1508973

It was r/crochet. I was looking through new posts and got so annoyed when I saw that kek.

No. 1508975

File: 1677341609267.png (76.3 KB, 768x451, womensspacesbad.png)

I looked up '63daddy' and his post history was everything that I expected
> Marrying is bad for men because women expect you to provide
> More women are entering 'insert work field' and that's bad too because women just don't work as hard, hiring woman bad
> Women excelling academically is just proof that the education system is putting women on a pedestal, the whole education system is obviously framed around women
> reee women get more say in getting an abortion versus the father, misandry!
> You can't even look at a woman now without being locked away for sexual assault
> If a woman catches you staring at her that just means she's staring at you too
> some sources say that 2 percent of rape claims are false but I feel like its more like 90 percent
> Get rid of womens sports
> Get rid of gendered bathrooms
> Get rid of any space that excludes men
> Find loopholes to enter womens clubs
> Feminism is too woke but trans people arent
Day in and day out all he posts, on repeat

No. 1509099

File: 1677345316580.jpeg (602.13 KB, 1170x2036, 070AD220-1B63-4D86-A235-F73AE8…)

No. 1509110

Not to victim blame but god damn any woman with half a brain cell would know that a nearly 50 year who's willing to date a teenager isn't a good partner.

No. 1509140

>married to 50M
What kind of Lana Del Rey bullshitery is that? Who in their sane mind would date, fuck, let alone marry someone that old? What the hell? And he started dating her when she was 21… Jesus christ.

No. 1509152

they are together for 5 years

No. 1509532

File: 1677381359245.png (2.18 MB, 1080x4065, wow.png)

Spotted on /m/ coming from a subreddit that seems completely dedicated to hating JKR. Some people in the original comments section were disagreeing with parts of it but it still got a few hundred upvotes

No. 1509664

File: 1677394763561.jpg (191.2 KB, 1284x703, IMG_2951.jpg)

next pro tip? breathe air and eat when hungry. where are my wholesome hecking reddit points?

No. 1509685

How much you wanna bet he ran around screaming to others to date women half is age because they're "younger, more fertile and have a higher sex drive" and now is upset that it blew up in his face?
Also, regretting marriage because you have to wait for sex after birth? Literal high schoolers I dated when I was in high school acted more mature Jesus Christ

No. 1509740

Her husband literally told her she's neither successful nor pretty in a backhanded way, kek.
If I were her I'd tell him to try it, there's no way a 50 year old man will get someone better than his 24 year old wife unless he pays for hookers. Most of these stupif men see tinder and dating advice men and think that the moment they use a dating app, they'll have 100 barely 18 hotties begging to fuck. I've known too many men like that who tried to cheat but couldn't simply because no woman was interested in them.

No. 1509750

>think that the moment they use a dating app, they'll have 100 barely 18 hotties begging to fuck. I've known too many men like that who tried to cheat but couldn't simply because no woman was interested in them.
Kek Andrew Tate has ruined western men truly. Or those stupid moids who go to other countries to try to find wives/get laid just to find out the women expect them to work, have jobs, and put in effort towards the relationship and if they're just green card searching they likely have a real boyfriend they actually like. It's so funny when they try to convince women we rot and won't get anyone when we hit 30 even though many men fetishize and prefer older women where as young girls run fast away from older men unless they're extremely mentally ill or want money

No. 1509796

File: 1677411609708.jpg (204.28 KB, 1075x605, Screenshot_20230226-124221_Dis…)

she is also a febfem from what i can gather. though i dont think she knows the term for it.

No. 1510070

How is a women with a different skin color comparable to giant mutant rape apes born with a Y chromosome & crippling testosterone that makes them violent coomers by nature? I'm so tired of redditors retarded comparisons.

No. 1510074

File: 1677434693797.png (40.17 KB, 754x252, 5kmembers.png)

Reddit never fails to surprise me with it's maleness & hand maidens. Is it that important for her 2 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER to have a dad that she'll settle for the Ychrome with fucking CP charges.

No. 1510170

This disgusts me so fucking much. That poor little girl. Her father would be better off dead and honestly so would her mother if she’s willing to let her child around a man who consumes CP.

No. 1510173

What’s up with women willingly breeding with old scrotes? It’s one thing if they’re just with them for money, but a lot of my sympathy for them evaporates when they willingly allow rotten jizz into their wombs for the purpose of procreation. Men over 40 should be forcibly sterilized.

No. 1510190

File: 1677444452872.jpg (225.99 KB, 1500x750, average reddit mod.jpg)

I was reading random askreddit "bad roommate" threads and found a vile response to one person's story and naturally checked the profile. of course it's mod of a dozen subreddits i barely looked at his comment history (like literally sorted by controversial and went 1 page in) and there was one advocating for cp. any redditor with a pre-covid account is a fucking creep, and mods for even the most normie subreddits are unhinged

No. 1510205

I'm so over the normalization of nasty ass porn. They say it's "harmless" and "just a fantasy", but more men are more perverted and fucked up every year.

No. 1510261

Imagine thinking medicine isn’t a science kek
Also doctor is a stereotypically masculine, very physically and mentally demanding job and only recently there’s more women doing it so I don’t understand why he includes in his “girly jobs” that women choose

No. 1510265

It’s obviously a fake post

No. 1510410


Loli p*rn does nothing to mitigate pedophiles. The best way to deal with men who are even a smidge bit pedophilic is to castrate them & use them for Labratory Experiments.

No. 1510415

No point in even sitting on the normal reddit communities they're moderated by neckbeards, trannies, naxkbeard tranniez and the like

No. 1510424

i get you but i feel like the few communities i find moderated by women get deleted after a few months no matter what they are about. always some petty shit and its gone. its honestly made reddit almost unusable to me.

No. 1510733

I think it has to do with the fact that most men are incredibly immature and afraid of commitment and don't start getting "settle down energy" until they are too old to breed. It makes sense especially if you think about how men always say this about women and men project literally everything on us.

No. 1511129

These women have bad lives typically and don't have people to teach them how to pick a suitable partner or they are trying to escape other situations. The worst ones are the girls who have good lives but get brainwashed by the internet to think hot girls date old farts or something.

I'm in a lot of mom groups and my heart breaks anytime I see a mother complaining about the baby have a multitude of issues and then I find out the man they reproduced with is twice her age. Its so fucking bizarre to me American women are taught not to eat deli meat, certain cheese or even sushi while pregnant because of the .1% chance of listeria but no one cares to teach them how reproducing with a much older man that almost inevitably fucks the baby up

No. 1511152

File: 1677546872200.png (1.48 MB, 828x1792, MRA1.png)

Misandry is when women say silly things like "men raping 14 year olds is inherently bad"

No. 1511154

File: 1677546971003.png (943.98 KB, 828x1792, MRA2.png)

No. 1511157

Stephen Fry has no business talking about women’s issues, but I’d suspect his horse in this race is that he likes his boys/men young, he’s married to a guy like 30 years younger than him

No. 1511158

And I bet the dumbasses on the MensRights board would be less stoked to fight for the rights of teenage boys to sleep with older men (which I strongly suspect is what Fry really wants)

No. 1511168

Got down voted and banned for saying men who work blue collar work don't have a free pass to be dicks to everyone. You'd never see this sort of energy for people trying to excuse nurses anger because they have to watch people die and deal with lunatics all day but since they're moids they get whatever they want apparently

No. 1511177

These moids scream to the heavens about "if the roles were reversed" when a 24 yr old teacher sleeps with a high schooler even if the high schooler was 18 and proud of it. Even in places where the age of consent it 12 men bitch about it not being low enough because they're pedos

No. 1511180

Nonna how did you get into carpentry? I'm a SWE and while I love it, I miss physical work. And I don't think the industry will be kind to me in 20 years when I'm older.

No. 1511278

File: 1677561530088.jpg (48.18 KB, 689x436, Untitled.jpg)

reminder that moids don't give a fuck about you at all

No. 1511292

File: 1677561989561.jpg (119 KB, 692x755, Untitled.jpg)


No. 1511296

>This generation has the largest amount of well groomed and generally fashionable men this world has ever seen
This has got to be a troll unless he lives in Milan or something surrounded by male models. You can barely ask moids now to get a flattering haircut or to even brush it without them throwing a tantrum. They can't even wear fitted clothes without complaining about how they're not shaped like the hulk or something. Oh and showering everyday? Forget that. Just because you follow alpha m on YouTube and crap doesn't mean they actually listen to half the advice given except when it's misogynistic

No. 1511302

File: 1677563284786.jpg (95.48 KB, 546x700, img.jpg)

>>This generation has the largest amount of well groomed and generally fashionable men this world has ever seen

No. 1511304

Fuck I love suits. I want suits to come back. I want everyone to wear suits. I want to wear suits. Show me a picture of a tall woman in a three piece suit and I’ll cum on the spot. I hope tomorrow when I wake up I will have parallel-universe-switched into a reality where suits never went out of fashion and instead just spread into women’s wear as well. And the damn hair too. GEL ITTTTTTTT everybody. Get fansay

No. 1511308

Samefag I would look like a little pear shaped gummy bear in a suit but I don’t care it would be worth it. I feel like I would work harder if I had to wear a suit. Nothing but benefits.

No. 1511324

File: 1677569445565.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_o16n2kBlpX1ta3qyvo1_128…)

yeah it's uncanny how reddit powermods are always the exact same type of person. whenever a subreddit gets big enough, inevitably some SJW troon will find their way onto the mod team and make the place into their echo chamber, transforming the vibe into the same as every other big subreddit.

definitely seems like the mod teams of big subreddits are "handpicked" by admins to control the narrative. or maybe there's just something about troon personalities where they like to strongarm (kek) their way into moderator positions

No. 1511397

People shit on nurses constantly meanwhile blue collar moids are allowed to be rude and sexist because "they are the backbone of society".

No. 1511437

Why doesn't it occur to people that porn or any kind of visual stimulation are not vital to anyone's existence. It's not food or water. And it doesn't help to deal with violent urges. There are so many kinds of porn nowadays and yet somehow it doesn't eliminate rapists. It's so simple and obvious, and it's been proven long time ago that the only thing that really helps pedophiles to overcome their urges is chemical/surgical castration or medically decreasing their libido while also not indulging in fantasies and staying away from any form of cp including "victimless" cartoons. How is it supposed to help when it's always in your head?

No. 1511570

Moids play mental gymnastics as to why any job THEY take means they're hot shit but never the same for women. That's probably why they want to keep women out of blue collar jobs so bad because women will step in and they can no longer use the "we made everything so shut the fuck up" excuses

No. 1511591

I got downvoted before for saying nurses shouldn't have to be suffer through with sexual harassment or violence from patients as part their job.

No. 1511592

File: 1677606770672.png (153.82 KB, 720x1054, Screenshot_20230228-115020.png)

>mom in subreddit talking about how it was uncomfortable and creepy for adult men to hit on her when she was a teenager working, is now worried about her daughter facing the same issue
>Multiple women chiming in with the same thing, typically grown married men twice their age always hitting on them as teens and young adults, how uncomfortable it made them and gave the mom tips on how to train daughter for self defense
>Ummmmm akshully ladies it's not that bad! Just deal with it

I can't with moids

No. 1511599

Predators are so blatant in their attempts to normalize sex with teenage girls. I hope he gets prostate cancer.

No. 1511602

It's so bizarre to me that they think legal = okay as if most 16 yr old girls and their families would be happy and totally not felt uncomfortable being hit on by adult men (typically married mind you). Only moids would try to speak over women and girls talking about things men do that make them uncomfortable to talk about how THEY don't find it creepy

No. 1511608

I was roommates with a woman who had a 19 year old boyfriend when she was 11. Her parents not only knew, but he's in multiple photos with her family and came to family dinner nights. I'm honestly disgusted by her parents. It's no wonder she became a heroin addicted prostitute.

No. 1511609

Exactly. Porn makes scrotes more violent and basically serves to radicalize them as violent rape apes.

No. 1511614

They downvote the weirdest things kek. It's even worse when they get on a high horse insisting they're right because of like/dislike ratio of people agreeing or disagreeing with them. I got like 20 downvotes because I said the only job I was able to find when I was younger and lived in a rural area was an hour away, like what did I say wrong ? Kek. It makes me feel stupid when I read people's, even if I disagree with them and try to understand their side and listen to their reasons where as people will just downvote you for no apparent reason and refuse to justify it

No. 1511615

My parents were totally fine with me dating a creepy 18 year old proto-incel when I was 14. Even told me I need that I wasn’t raped and to take responsibility for my choices when I told them I think he raped me (he pressured me into having sex before I was ready by name calling me and telling me I was a tease and that I was literally being violent because blue balls is so painful, because how dare I be ready for kisses but not sex at 14?).

No. 1511623

It's so fucking bizarre. When I was 17 I dated a 15/16 yr old and EVERYONE made a huge deal how gross it was but there were moids at the school dating 14 yr olds while they were 18 or older and no one cared?? It's funny how they want to consider people finding it gross and rapey for them to date much younger and underdeveloped girls male oppression but also want to claim girls who date boys even just a year or two younger than them is creepy, pedo-ey, and my favorite the "if the roles are reversed". Like okay moid if the roles actually were reversed you'd be screaming your head off about how the younger woman needs to take accountability, how it's what they want, etc

No. 1511624

I'm so sorry nona. Your parents should have protected you, and they failed. I hope you are doing better now.

No. 1511633

This is ditto my experience.
Especially after our eventual breakup, he went and spread nasty shit about me in the high school he was graduating from so I got the year after to deal with the ire and rumors he left. A lot of the same people thinking a 13/14 year old can be responsible for her choices against a 18/19 year old.
Culture coddles men, end of.

No. 1511638

I'm glad some countries still find it wrong and weird. I dated a 18/19 yr old moid starting at 14/15 and ruined his life over it

No. 1511640

Not me but a classmate in high school was leaving alone with her 20yo bf when she was 15yo. Her parents could afford it but I have no clue if they knew about the bf. I was one of the fe who found it messed up because her fellow rich classmates were impressed.

No. 1511641

Idk about other countries but where I live it's only legal for 16 year olds to sleep with someone if it's someone of the same age range.

No. 1511652

That's what other comments were saying + even if it is legal, it's very very creepy and pedo-ey to come into a conversation of women saying they were uncomfortable as teenagers being flirted with by adult men and it's uncomfortable for their teenage daughters to be creeped on with "well it might be legal.."

No. 1511655

A couple of days ago, there was an article claiming there's a much higher percentage of single young men than single young women. Cue hordes of redditors bemoaning how hard it is for them as young men to find love and how life is so unfair. People pointed out that some of this disparity may be due to young women dating older men. Do you think this means men start normalizing other men dating women that are their own age? Of course not. They'll keep excusing older men creeping on girls even if their "own" demographics suffer.

It's like how they keep wanting polygamy thinking this means they will score two wives even though it actually means a minority of wealthy men would find excuses to kill/excommunicate other men and ensure an even higher percentage of men will die sexless and alone. Lol.

No. 1511659

The only truly “alpha” males are the ones that realize faithful monogamy and a porn free life is the only way to true happiness.

No. 1511660

my friend in high school got called a cradle robber by her dad and she was only SEVEN MONTHS older than her bf.

No. 1511681

It's funny because when women post something they don't like they start running around screaming "see this is why so many men choose to be single", but like, when it works for them they start screaming how picky women are. Reality changes when it works for them the most

No. 1511827

If a moid struggles to find a partner it is 100% on them. Even big ugly butch lesbians I know are capable of finding partners. Ugly moids with low paying jobs are able to find partners. I just think most men leak red flags everywhere so women avoid them (you know, what they tell us to do or else we're responsible for being abused and raped apparently)

No. 1511844

Men are actually retarded.

No. 1511901

File: 1677632310759.jpeg (237.47 KB, 750x1089, F04DB66C-1585-463C-92A1-8F55FA…)

I know the exact article you’re talking about. Did these redditors miss the part where the article says the ELECT to be single, because theyd rather watch porn than put in the effort to go out and date women. But of course theres still a part of the article that still has to blame women for having “rising expectations of men”


No. 1511967

>"Young men dont need these shallow bitches anymore because now they have porn and social media!"

Is this why they keep going on shooting sprees and beating women to death over not obtaining sex?

No. 1512091

I feel incredibly sorry for women who still have the hormones to want children. Nobody has the nerve to say that the reason so many kids are born to single moms these days is because most "good" women who wait just won't get to have children ever. If you wait for men to be ready, you will die first. The ultimate indignity is seeing shit bag men project their cold feet lies on women. Send all men who think "Animal House" is a cool movie to deserted islands with no alcohol, and make them live with their own rotten selves.

No. 1512172

File: 1677679207112.jpg (147.9 KB, 992x736, Untitled.jpg)

subs for chronic conditions are overrun with this sort of offtopic infantilizing shit and i hate it

No. 1512181

File: 1677680750981.jpg (99.33 KB, 589x625, Untitled.jpg)

no, you dumbass. i have stuffed animals myself. i don't go to a chronic illness sub to see people posting pics of their squishmallows that they say "help so much with their symptoms" lmao. all the subs are circlejerks hugboxes like this. ooooh look at my stuffies, oooh look at my children's bandages, oooh look at my cane that i painted rainbow colors because i'm trans and kweer and neurodiverse

No. 1512184

Ntayrt but not the type 1 diabetic sub kek it's like 95% bitter, angry rants then 5% memes and good news. Sorry your chronic illness has a lame sub nonnie.
I remember one time when some girl posted a photoshoot of herself celebrating her diabetes' birthday and she had giant nasty self-harm cuts… that was weird as fuck

No. 1512186

Pretty much every chronic illness community on social media is going to be filled with mentally stunted attention seekers whose goals are praise and lessened responsibility.

No. 1512188

>they're getting a lot of their needs met without having to go out

Cool, hope the porn and social media takes care of them because real women shouldn't have to do it for them later once they realize they are in the shit with no support and a solo income. Single men die sooner than single women for a reason.
Fucking leeches.

No. 1512191

The eds sub bugs me so, so much. In the majority of cases,esp hyper mobile type, the reliable solution is physical therapy to strengthen loose ligaments and tendons. Yeah you should be careful working out,but straight up some careful simple exercises can alleviate so many joint symptoms. I know each person has their own experience, but I was diagnosed with eds and right before I was they were considering shoulder surgery- but considered eds might be my thing and tried physical therapy. Some simple and consistent band exercises and stretches straight up fixed my shoulder and my hips. I hate seeing all these mobility devices like canes and chairs because I suspect those people are probably worsening their situation with aids on purpose rather than take a little self discipline to care for their body. Obese and have joint problems? Losing weight is hard but if you care about your quality of life you'd lose the weight- don't even need to exercise to do so. These people tend not to care about getting better they want excuses on why they don't have to try. Not all of them I am sure, but a LOT of them. It's absurd!

No. 1512207

File: 1677684341223.png (34.44 KB, 946x397, sefsee.PNG)

I hate redditors lol

No. 1512212

>shitty men are now more likely to stay home and jerk to women online instead of abusing women irl and being shitty fathers

No. 1512213

Imagine being such a handmaiden you tag along with your bf to visit the ex he's still clearly in love with. The new gf is embarrassing for letting him use her just to show off to his ex, it's obvious he cares more about how that ex sees him than the fact that his new gf was probably super uncomfortable visiting his grieving ex.

No. 1512218

>If a moid struggles to find a partner it is 100% on them.
kek yes. osa women barely have standards or survival instincts (no offense) it takes being real fucked up as a scrote to not find even one woman willing to put up

No. 1512235

>why do predatory men take jobs where they can be predatory?
>what about the age of consent reeee
What a non-sequitur.
>hitting on a 16 year old isn't bad it's legal reeee
Do males really not see anything creepy with taking a job just to try to have sex with teenagers. Males are just openly rapists now. I wonder if the old man customers would stop flirting with me if they knew I wasn't a teenager.
>rising expectations of men
No, I feel like the expectations have remained the same, it's just that men are getting more degenerate yet think it's normal. Watching porn as a hobby is not normal. Watching porn is general is hardly normal, it's perverse by nature.
>their needs met
If all a moid needs is a place to shoot his jizz then I guess so. Males say other males don't need human contact, emotional connection, outdoors time, friends, just coom.
Then they blame women. Men always sabotage other men and find a way to blame women.

No. 1512284

File: 1677690462030.jpeg (350.58 KB, 828x660, 943914C0-D1C6-48B8-BE3F-B66231…)

Cant stand this fucking bullshit rapist/pedo support sub where moids literally act like victims when they’re convicted criminals and have consumed illegal content or committed sex crimes. Like oh let’s cry because they feel so bad about how society treats them LOL hope they get a deep taste of a bullet instead of the sympathy they desire from other criminals and even plenty of stupid women. When MRAs say men’s mental health they really mean they hate feeling bad about doing evil things and facing consequence, I could care less about your mental health when you’re a sex offender. On the other hand, can’t even call a man a man or else you’ll get a permanent ban.

No. 1512295

>She insisted we keep hooking up
>She wouldn’t stop coming to me for emotional support
>She wouldn’t leave me alone
>I was hoping we could get back together
What a loser kek. He kept lapping up her breadcrumbs then tried to pretend he somehow had no agency and was just some innocent man trying to live his life.

No. 1512304

I unironically wish 1960's and older fashion would come back for men. There was so much care into proportions, silhouette and the hair most importantly was highly flattering. Most men look terrible with their shitty modern haircuts and ill fitting jeans and t-shirt. Don't even get me started on street wear, i absolutely loathe it. Only women look good in it. Mostly, i just want the haircuts to come back.

No. 1512329

but nona, how can you expect redditors to put in effort into improving their symptoms and subsequently their quality of life? sounds pretty ableist. Suggesting that people don't revolve their life around a diagnosis is cruel and unusual. you're officially banned from all future ehlers danos squishmallow discussions

No. 1512343

Celiac and CFS subs aren’t like this at all, kek. Wonder what it is about EDS that attracts age player special snowflake types?

No. 1512352

pretty pathetic to be upset over something like this, this is such a non-issues compared to the shit on reedit

No. 1512358

it's so wild looking at high school yearbooks from the 20's and seeing huge ads like 'Young men! Henderson's has new seersucker suiting fabrics in stock! Do you have your summer whites yet?' And I'm talking about tiny towns in the Midwest, not New Rochelle or something. 21st century a shit.

No. 1512406

Found the illness fakers

No. 1512500

>MRAs say men’s mental health they really mean they hate feeling bad about doing evil things and facing consequence,
This is it. Exactly. My shitty ex would have obvious phases of self-loathing and guilt while with me, especially after sex. Face in hands, moaning and groaning, siiiighing, whining about how his life had gone wrong. He played it off as depression and being forced to spend all his time at work instead of with me. He was secretly cheating the whole time. I'm trying to imagine a woman who would do the same, she would have to be a pure BPD nightmare. It's impossible to even comprehend how fucked in the head even "normal" men are.

No. 1512643

pretty normal to be annoyed that fakers and tiktok tards have appropriated your illness and larp all over your spaces while getting tons of praise from well-meaning people who don't want to accuse them of being frauds

No. 1512652

Lol. This reminds me of some simp I use to work with who'd heavily lead on women and as soon as the woman started showing interest back he'd screenshot it, send it to other girls he was flirting with likely as a manipulation tactic and made a huge deal about how she totally came onto him like a sex crazed maniac while he did absolutely nothing. Stop following for these traps ladies don't put in effort for a man that makes you look desperate when HE initiated everything

No. 1512689

File: 1677725673494.jpg (870.08 KB, 828x1412, redditard.jpg)

Men are so fucking delusional. Found on r/dankmemes

No. 1512692

>Reducing human trafficking
Lmfao do they not realize the spics who hang out at the Home Depot and Lowes parking lots in the mornings are trafficked often? The fact legal labor jobs exist doesn't stop contractors from picking these guys up, and they know it. They just need the money and these contractors know Mexico money is cheap.

No. 1512700

also kek at the "victimless crime is dumb!!!!1!" high iq remark. literally talk to any fucking prostitute about how theyre treated on a daily basis and ask them how they became prostitutes in the first place. no woman wakes up and goes "i wanna be a street hooker!". Even in places where its legal and "heavily regulated", no women "choose" prostitution.

No. 1512752

What a lying little weasel

No. 1512760

"You'll finally get laid"
The only reason why scrotes care.
This just brings back memories of some dick on yt who had to turn my argument back on me because I was against prostitution.
"You dont actuallycare about women,
you just want to look good!" This was after the dick was literally whining at other commenters who said that any man who pays for sex is basically committing rape since they don't know if the woman is trafficked or not and she wouldn't even be willing to have sex if she wasn't getting paid. It was just another unwashed scrote who wanted to have all his desires catered too without acknowledging the consequences.

No. 1512787

Just the idea that women should be regulated as sex products for men to buy in order to provide tax revenue for the government is horrific. Moids should spend one day getting fucked in the ass by random freaks and then talk about how it’s victimless and a great idea to be normalized. No one is entitled to sex, paying for sex is financial coercion, literal rape and I don’t know why more people can’t see that especially libfems who holler that it’s empowering because they can consoom with the cash. Sex work is the most vile thing to normalize amongst women today and men are so happy about it because they’re porn addicted.

No. 1512889

File: 1677745994615.png (50.18 KB, 729x597, firefox_OvsmWQqbLT.png)

No. 1513029

File: 1677766567784.jpg (269.81 KB, 1116x418, moron.jpg)

I don't get how this guy can be so entitled. No leash law but that doesn't mean his neighbors should tolerate his dog wandering the entire neighborhood unsupervised. It's a dog not a child. It could do anything. Boxers aren't small and if a little old lady feels threatened by it being loose you'd think the kind thing to do would be to tether your dog or at least supervise it. But instead this guy is being territorial blaming the old lady for having the audacity to walk her dog on the road she lives on. Plus they don't supervise their dog so how do they know it wasn't letting her pass or not

No. 1513030

God I fucking hate dog owners so much.

No. 1513049

Hope someone takes his dog as their own pet.

No. 1513058

>paying for sex is financial coercion, literal rape and I don’t know why more people can’t see that
Because they aren't aware of the actual victims of this "deal", they assume the ones getting it will be """middle class degenerates""" and not people who have no other option left aka poor women, they don't understand there's a vulnerable class that will be automatically forced to do these services out of desperation

No. 1513081

libfem don't have contact with actually poor or working class women. their only exposure to prostitution are with OF models on twitter who preach empowerment and glamorize their lifestyle because they're trying to recruit young, impressionable girls into their pyramid schemes

No. 1513105

File: 1677777251670.png (1013.73 KB, 1010x1038, Screenshot 3.png)

Someone save those poor kids and cats

No. 1513118

did you actually read the OP?

No. 1513126

>inbred-looking fatties with nerd glasses
every damn time

No. 1513144

The youngest one has not yet learned how to hold a cat
He's barely bigger than it so it's excusable

No. 1513185

File: 1677781703274.jpg (122.16 KB, 675x691, 36554.jpg)

Feminism is when you remove your womb for no reason.

No. 1513194

how do you know it was for no reason

No. 1513202

You can't get hysterectomy easily, it's always the last resort as it brings a lot of health complications alongside with it. It seems like a woman who went through a hard surgery got a cute gift to help make the experience better, feminism has nothing to do with it.

No. 1513233

doesn't a a hysterectomy literally fuck up your hormones your life and cause a number of health issues

No. 1513245

There's literally no way it was "for no reason" come on. It's hard enough for women to get their tubes tied even if they're married and had multiple children, an actual hysterectomy is even harder to get even when it's absolutely medically necessary to remove it… It's just a cute mug from a thoughtful friend, no need to be so mean.(Unless you're saying the OP is a TiF considering the sub she posted that on, then why blame feminism when it's the transcult's fault?)

That's only if you do a full hysterectomy including the ovaries, in most cases the ovaries and the cervix are left in. But there can still be issues with organ placement, and I believe it's also recently been linked with early onset dementia

No. 1513292

Why are you so hostile about it? Obviously removing an organ is going to cause problems. Most of the time it's only done because not removing the organ is going to cause worse problems.

No. 1513372

how is that being hostile?

No. 1513384

Nta, but you anons have to realize that sometimes people aren't being hostile and you just decided to read it as hostile.
I think this post is pretty unfair considering we don't know this woman or what led her to getting a hysterectomy. You can't just walk into a clinic and be like "ay doc, take out my uterus".

No. 1513387

File: 1677798048253.png (52.94 KB, 641x521, reddit.PNG)

Samefag, I looked at her post history and she did indeed have some kind of medical issue that led to the hysterectomy (obviously).

No. 1513624

agree, wish gay guys were more of the population and out here demanding free assholes to fuck

No. 1513649

Fuck you're annoying.

No. 1513661

The calico knows she deserves better. Poor calico. I wonder which of the 2 grimaces the woman married. The boys are lucky that she brought in a skinny scrote with a jawline for reproduction.

No. 1513742

Lol the sub for my chronic illness is full of actual insane people

No. 1513746

No. 1513759

File: 1677841921818.png (364.64 KB, 487x452, 1677777251670.png)

looked up the account and it appears as if that the skinny guy with the jawline is actually her son and their having another kid as well
>Our triad has kids! We are also planning on adding a fourth child. I was the person who entered the relationship where we decided to become a triad. And we all live together and take care of the children as a unit.

No. 1513890

That somehow makes it so much worse. One of those lumps might actually have been attractive without 300 pounds of lard. Poor kid #4.

No. 1514031

I had severe endometriosis that caused a load of health problems for me and still didn't qualify for a hysterectomy. I can only imagine what this poor woman went through for her to have this done

No. 1514037

not to derail but nonny if you doctor-shop enough you can get a hysterectomy for your endometriosis. "qualifying" for it is entirely on a per-doctor basis.

No. 1514065

File: 1677871390104.jpg (89.95 KB, 700x543, 163.jpg)

>That somehow makes it so much worse. One of those lumps might actually have been attractive without 300 pounds of lard
truly tragic

No. 1514575

File: 1677923669998.png (170.41 KB, 1376x1479, reddit pedos.png)

Found a 14 year old posting on r/MtFSelfieTrain (not posting his pic because he's a child) and to no one's surprise there are pedophiles waiting to pounce. One is into incest, diapers, and sissifying and the other is a dad cruising for young boys. Are these pedophiles allowed to stay there?

No. 1514580

For the life of me I'll never get why these idiots absolutely want children, they are so fucking selfish with their retarded poly dynamics.

No. 1515311

File: 1678017415604.png (383.9 KB, 1103x515, Screenshot_20230305-054627.png)

there are thousands of child porn rings on social media, but I was digging into the ones on instagram because I'm neet and have nothing better to do than fuck up some moids lives in my spare time. one account led me to a forum where i reviewed the user list, which led me to, among many others, a 52 year old male whose wife 21 years his junior left him for a lesbian in California. an exciting revelation, and exactly the type of person I've come to know as the average deaddit user.

No. 1515679

Redditors get so freaked out when you won't kowtow and apologized for getting downvotes
Wh-what are you doing, your comment is in the negative, why aren't you SORRY YET WHY ARE YOU STILL REPLYING

No. 1516959

File: 1678175515742.jpg (605.52 KB, 1080x1742, Screenshot_20230306_234707.jpg)

What the fuck is this?

No. 1517021

KEK nonnie I got this one too and had to forward it to all my friends a few hours ago

No. 1517025

It's so funny when reddit, or just any social media think if people are agreeing with them then they're right. It's all about your surroundings. You could post the exact same thing and get hundreds of upvotes or downvotes just depending on the subreddit. I also feel like this is why misogyny seems to be the thing now since many people seem to be cashing in on the fact regardless of what side of the political spectrum you're on most people hate women anyway

No. 1517087

No. 1517178

I love when advertising fails. I saw the ad and read a thread about the ad and still have no idea what movie it's for. Don't tell me if you know, I don't want to know.

No. 1517184

File: 1678200868442.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1734, 4A78FEA9-FBEA-4434-A71A-A6B119…)

wonder why he got divorced

No. 1517191

$500 on drugs and escorts? Sounds like cheap drugs and regular old hookers, escorts aren’t that cheap

No. 1517216

probably got both from the truck stop he's sleeping at

No. 1517229

I fuckin knew it. That's still disgusting and offensive. Kms. They will never be The Blair Witch Project

No. 1517231

File: 1678204247232.jpg (430.39 KB, 1536x870, jk.jpg)

Saw this pathetic attempt at whatever this is last night

No. 1517241

The copium of it all

No. 1517367

I hope she's free now.

No. 1517370

When I was in college, I once had fat older man who constantly smelled of cat piss try to get me to date him by telling me that his parents had told him that any girlfriend he brings home gets a million dollars. If your parents could throw away that much money, why do you reek all the time?

No. 1517502

Probably fake but some families worship the boys and moids absolutely exaggerate and love this. It's so fucking bizarre how moids will have multiple flings and get teen girls pregnant until their dick is ruined at 20 but a girl will get pregnant in college or something and THAT will be enough to be ghosted by family

No. 1517521

there were also ads for the "my mom is missing" movie on reddit, but those were a lot more transparent about the fact that they were ads

No. 1517524

File: 1678229211952.jpeg (687.28 KB, 828x1487, F0EA05DD-8B24-4A7F-989D-83C297…)

There was an elaborate troll or actual narcissistic moid I stumbled across ages ago who was begging women to be his IVF donor, and I don't know if any of his posts are still up, but the camas.unddit archives are still there. Think if Patrick Bateman got ahold of the internet

Full post:

User page:

No. 1517540

Oh god he is insane, also all the men interested in being sperm donor are always super weird dudes

No. 1517612

I can't believe r/truelesbians was banned because troons feelings were hurt but this awful sub is ok.

No. 1517643

behold: the worst subreddit

No. 1517650

surprising no one, mtf trannies are pedophiles

No. 1517810

Isn't the only good side of getting a sperm donor knowing they're smart, young and don't carry any illnesses? Afaik 40yo men can't even donate sperm because it's fucked and expired by then, he's retarded.

No. 1517964

I completely believe it's legit, a ton of millennial scrotes have always been delusional this way. They thought they would somehow get rich and be playboys until age 40, but also somehow expected a normal family to materialize around them. Now they're crashing into middle age with no money, no house, no trophy wife, no family. Good.

No. 1518000

Checked out his page.
>expelled in high school, never went to college
>takes psych meds
>single at 40
This absolutely looks like grandiose delusions from a schizo or someone bipolar going through mania, maybe there's some substance abuse (he mentions ritalin). Narcissism is also possible but his case sounds more serious and unhinged. He's either trolling or mentally ill imo.

No. 1518094

Yep. It's all projection when they try to scream at women how we need to be scared of being single and childless in our 40s when in reality it scares them more than anything. Weirdly enough I've met more older women who can sleep around with young hot men than I've met old men sleeping around with young women

No. 1518180

>Weirdly enough I've met more older women who can sleep around with young hot men than I've met old men sleeping around with young women
I don't think this is weird at all because women take care of themselves and age better and there are a lot of young guys who go for older women while the young girls who go for older men are either severely ugly and desperate or after his money.
I'm bisexual and I find women upwards to forty attractive while the oldest guys I find attractive are 29 max. Men just age worse.

No. 1518437

There's so much more evidence of women with husbands and families being miserable vs single and childless women actually regretting their freedom.

No. 1518998

any hole is a goal for young moids.

No. 1519553

File: 1678403274809.jpeg (45.94 KB, 943x180, BAEEBE65-9AC1-4BF5-9742-03952E…)

Any hole is a goal for ALL moids. Just go on any AskReddit sex thread

No. 1519578

Moids who like bbws are especially gross, usually because they're extremely manipulative towards women they are in a relationship with and will try to manipulate their girl into gaining a ton of weight or start threatening and flipping out if the woman wants to become healthy. It's even funnier when moids want to cry about fat girls getting laid as if they didn't do anything about their bros sexualizing girls killing themselves with food

No. 1519753

File: 1678424051863.jpeg (335.79 KB, 750x993, F7EBA805-4AB6-45A4-886E-440FAE…)

spreading around a gfm for adoption fees is definitely a weird move to do amongst coworkers but this post is full of retarded takes. this person is literally whining about people getting parenting leave, because adopting an actual child is definitely the exact same thing as adopting a cat

No. 1519775

The coworkers are wrong for that but the opinion of anyone who unironically says "breeders" is discarded to me. And people who think having a pet and having a child are the same are extra retarded. Of course you get showers and leave for carrying a fucking child in your body. You don't need the same things as people who are actually parents.

No. 1519881

Honey, 80 year old hogs kill themselves trying out autoerotic asphyxiation. At least the young ones are sometimes cute about it.

No. 1519882

>Post wall
>Short, ugly and fat
>Thinks he's going to get a family by donating spunk
My sides.

No. 1519886

I love when reddit moids get so emotional that words mean nothing to them anymore.

No. 1519888

The reason blue-collar jobs aren't being automated is because the men who work those jobs are cheaper than robots. It's easier to kill a couple of them in work accidents even if you have to pay his entire family money for the rest of their lives because robot repairs cost more. They're literally just things, and morally evil things at that. They're THE greatest contributors to rapes and murders, right after cops/soldiers. They have the lowest IQ's and being functionally illiterate has no bearing on their ability to enjoy life because they just don't want to read. They want to watch NASCAR, smoke meth and rape their nieces. Meanwhile the government is spending our taxpayer money funding their addictions and sending their 15 rape-babies to college. They are low ranking males, and just like their chimp brothers, have declared war against the women trying to enter their fields of work to preserve their "status." They are nothing but mindless bullies. They're frequently SHIT at their jobs and the reason why it's so hard to get anything fixed properly is because they're money hungry and refuse to help you. All of the repairswomen I know have MORALS and won't sell you out for a couple extra bucks. The main reason 300k people died in the recent Turkish earthquake is because the "blue-collar workers" accepted bribes from their bosses and built homes that would collapse like sand castles if shaken. FUCK them.

No. 1519892

I think that might be a woman

No. 1519893

It definitely is, she's posting on r/Endo, r/crochet, r/Menopause, r/AutismInWomen etc kek

No. 1519898

Fuck this autistic bitch. Need to start kicking all the retards out the fiber arts community STAT. Trannies and the mentally deficient, gtfo!!!!

No. 1519901

She's right they should be ashamed asking for money to adopt a kid. Screams poor and trashy
Like if you can't have one the natural way and you are too poor to adopt one maybe get a hobby

No. 1519976

File: 1678455630833.png (232.86 KB, 1783x746, incelpassport.png)

probably fake but basically the incel/redpill dream - going to an unfortunate area to find a 'traditional submissive wife' or basically prey on and take advantage of women. The whole passport bro meme is spreading online because weak pathetic redpillers are social losers who don't know how to talk to women. I bet most of them don't even have enough money go abroad anyways kekk


No. 1520052

Its so funny especially when they try to explain the problems they bashed western women over are even more prevalent in Ukraine, Russian, Japan, etc
>Muh American women are whores
Most of the time the women in those countries have a higher body count on average than American women
>Muh gold digging, muh high standards for men
They seem to confuse being ignorant about their culture and just making up a fantasyland

No. 1520061

I’ll be surprised if those people even get approval. Adoption approval doesn’t just rest on having the baseline funds for the adoption fee, the standards actually tend to be pretty exacting in most places. They’ll deny perfect homes for all kinds of little reasons. Chances are the people who crowdsourced adoption money will end up sitting on the stack of cash for several years and eventually spend it on themselves.

No. 1520377

oh come on, international adoption can cost upwards of $50,000. ig because even the average upper middle class family cant just easily drop 50k that means chinese toddlers should stay strapped down to their cribs for 20 hours a day until angelina jolie decides she wants to adopt another foreign kid. sharing a gfm is not appropriate for work but outside of a work setting i fail to see the issue with it

No. 1520573

File: 1678491358095.jpeg (918.13 KB, 1125x2080, 0021BFCB-68DB-473D-ACC0-F6F58D…)

I immediately clocked this as a TiF softboi persecution fantasy. Quick dig through the profile confirmed it. Why are redditors so gullible?

No. 1520597

Lol, trannies wish that could exert the pure feminine force that this random woman effortlessly exudes.

There may be hope for women, but there's no saving you.

No. 1520659

and trailer got released, this feels straight out of 2013, also fucking hell can't they believe they got Jennifer Lawrence for this
I guess its nice seeing an older female fuck up character being paired with a shy innocent young male character cause usually its the other way around

No. 1520664

Maybe somebody who can actually afford the costs should adopt the child then.

No. 1520667

File: 1678508630863.png (724.36 KB, 1768x1826, 22ced07d-69b6-5076-bcc0-34db3b…)

There are some real doozies coming out of reddit these days. Men never stop to consider that maybe being antisocial, lazy, broke failures, who can't function in any society, is proof that they shouldn't reproduce. Luckily, all the science fiction artificial womb shit is just science fiction, and the human species will go extinct before it can create that

No. 1520766

Kek only a man would suggest something this ridiculous. Even IVF and other fertility treatments already cause issues in children, I can't imagine the damage it would do to children for this to be remotely normal. Only a man would suggest such ridiculous things just for the sake of not relying on women

No. 1520791

MRAs are the most retarded group of people in all of existence. I would literally rather die than fuck an MRA let alone date one, they're utterly repulsive due to the double whammy of being whiny and unintelligent.

No. 1520918

File: 1678546263265.jpg (183.05 KB, 1178x643, troon scold.JPG)

oh look a tim scolding the few remaining women of twoxchromosomes for not being grateful enough to be women. bonus: he's a period larper too.
why is it that tims have periods but women without uteruses don't? hmmmmmmm

No. 1521100

One has to question how men will incentivize to raise their children from a valued social reliance to women. Spite? Reclaiming a reproductive status that is outside of your own, methodizing itself directly from women’s creation and housings?
What will children mean to men, or the world, if they can be initiated by ‘free’ doing?

No. 1521113

>the men who work those jobs
Why are you assuming that it's only men who work in these jobs? Have you ever seen a factory floor?

No. 1521116

I agree. Once I saw such an ugly man on the bus - ugly mug, unshaven, clothes reeked of meagre financial means. He was with his wife/partner and their daughter. If even a man with such looks could have a family, most incels have no excuse.

No. 1521118

File: 1678562223962.jpg (25.03 KB, 540x540, 1620177884526.jpg)

A lot of these moids wouldn't last a day taking care of an infant.

>but what about meeee
All trannies an hero pls

No. 1521146

I can just imagine all the babies dying under a pile of pizza boxes because their bitter MRA Redditor dad has been neglecting them to play videogames and seethe about how single men are better at raising babies than women on the internet all day lmao.

No. 1521150

I said 'the men who work these jobs' because I'm talking about THE MEN who work blue-collar jobs. Not the women. Functionally illiterate type beat

No. 1521178

>They are nothing but mindless bullies. They're frequently SHIT at their jobs and the reason why it's so hard to get anything fixed properly is because they're money hungry and refuse to help you. All of the repairswomen I know have MORALS and won't sell you out for a couple extra bucks.
Sperging incoming
Bf was looking for a new furnace. He had one of those reliance guys, this shady ass company that upcharges water tanks, and furnaces and will put on a lien on your house (he didn't know at the time, yikes) He was nice enough (to my bf) and said, "I won't bullshit you, don't hire my company or me. We cost way too much, hire _insert company here_ they are better and cheaper" and admitted that they target more well-off couples.

BF was looking to fix his roof. Called up one of those roofing companies that drop off flyers in your mailbox. The job was a realistic 5-10k fix for his small (very small) house and quoted 20k and it was a high-interest loan. Dipped out of that. And he was working hard to be chummy with my bf.

BF's Mom had a furnace guy in, some company in her town. She was home alone and hounded her, berated her about the furnace she wanted. Told her she needed all these new, state-of-the-art parts to go with her furnace. She tried gently to get him out of the house but he wouldn't. He was there for about an hour till her husband got home, listened to 2 minutes of this guy rambling and told him to GTFO. She was a little shaken up.
Those repairmen are 9.99 out of 10 the scummiest fucks on the planet. If any of you have an older single mom/aunt/grandma and you like her, check in on her. They see dollar signs for that type. And they have been known to berate women if they are alone for hours just to make a sale.

I shit you not, the scummiest, racist, misogynistic guys on a site are the ones who will go far and hold their job. Is any guy not willing to cut corners They dislike him and he won't last long.

Live in a condo? There are more likely than not, bottles of piss behind your walls. Drywallers get paid by the sheet so they work fast. Instead of going to the bathroom like a human, they piss in bottles and toss them behind the walls.

No. 1521202

What a retard lol. Like every other scrote before him who has done this, she’s waiting on that green card then she’ll bail. Wait for his next update where he’ll reeeee that women are all the same after she left his ass for a better life

I’ll never forget one mra I read that admitted he’s fighting for mras to take away women’s rights, have the right to rape any woman he wants, force them to carry the child and raise it with no assistance while he can leave and do whatever he wanted. He hated accountability and responsibility- the two things those scrotes accuse women of avoiding all the time. It’s always projection with them. The best thing I think is that they will die alone, sooner and scared while women still maintain relationships and live generally happier and longer while single

No. 1521219

>Functionally illiterate type beat
Nta but wha TV the fuck is this phrase
Amber Lynn-tier

No. 1521311

dated twitter speak

No. 1521992

People who know they stand no chance of ever maintaining a healthy relationship with another adult (men who resent having to ever give in a relationship or compromise or work at things) but who think they're fit to single handedly raise a child.. Genuis. Cause kids don't cost money. Kids don't require patience. Kids don't require sacrifice, flexibility or patience? Your kid won't ever enter its teens and talk back or argue with you or have their own opinions. You definitely won't just run into the same interpersonal issues but tenfold. I can only hope that these men are living in a fantasy world that they'll never take on for real.

Also, I love how they casually talk about kids and porn/fleshlights in the same conversations like this all the time.

No. 1523053

>Asks question
>Gets clear answer
>Nitpicks phrasing, leaves without elaborating

No. 1523056

>Live in a condo? There are more likely than not, bottles of piss behind your walls. Drywallers get paid by the sheet so they work fast. Instead of going to the bathroom like a human, they piss in bottles and toss them behind the walls.
I'm reaching levels of man-hate previously thought of as impossible

No. 1523508

One time I was wandering around a construction site, and I accidentally kicked a 44oz whataburger soda cup.

Piss went everywhere.

No. 1523813

Kek some nonnie manifested Reddit down and got what she wished for, it was down for over 3 hours

No. 1523997

File: 1678859738349.png (112.34 KB, 499x556, LOOK AT ME IM A MALE.PNG)

I hate when mentally deficient faggots with balls come into subreddits around female hobbies and need to make it super clear that they're a man doing something that usually only women do because they want praise for being so out-of-the-box and ~breaking social norms~. "LOOK GUYS! I'M A MAN! LOOK AT ME DOING SOMETHING THAT MEN DON'T USUALYL DO! GIVE ME ASSPATS BECAUSE I HAVE A PENIS!". Post your shit and get the fuck out, bitch. In fact, don't post at all. And then they talk about how society doesn't let them like these things but in reality it's OTHER MEN not letting them like these things. I DON'T CARE THAT YOU'RE A MAN AND I WISH YOU WOULD KILL YOURSELF!

No. 1523998

File: 1678859740260.png (112.34 KB, 499x556, LOOK AT ME IM A MALE.PNG)

I hate when mentally deficient faggots with balls come into subreddits around female hobbies and need to make it super clear that they're a man doing something that usually only women do because they want praise for being so out-of-the-box and ~breaking social norms~. "LOOK GUYS! I'M A MAN! LOOK AT ME DOING SOMETHING THAT MEN DON'T USUALYL DO! GIVE ME ASSPATS BECAUSE I HAVE A PENIS!". Post your shit and get the fuck out, bitch. In fact, don't post at all. And then they talk about how society doesn't let them like these things but in reality it's OTHER MEN not letting them like these things. I DON'T CARE THAT YOU'RE A MAN AND I WISH YOU WOULD KILL YOURSELF!

No. 1524003

File: 1678860182849.png (131.3 KB, 486x555, pear, boyega shaped dumbass.PN…)

Samefag, exhibit B to further my point. Bitches just want praise for being men. Idgaf what you're gender is, your sweater looks like shit from a butt. OMG a man crafting!!!!!! Suck my twat.'

Also, I did not mean to post twice. This site is broken as all fuck and I can't even delete it.

No. 1524032

looks like a woman in a binder imo

No. 1524056

File: 1678873178228.jpg (123.84 KB, 1007x1120, 09278.JPG)

Men on reddit love to hate on women who take pictures of themselves with their work, yet they do the same, especially in women's hobby subs.

No. 1524167

That's not a man. Those hips don't lie

No. 1524171

The scrotes are just mad jelly their selfies get zero likes because they're 20+ post-wall hogs. Lardy, asymmetrical and witch-proportioned.

No. 1524176

File: 1678887253753.jpg (33.98 KB, 868x244, reddit.jpg)

No. 1524188

It's so annoying, historical it was normal for men to knit, so there is nothing special about men knitting. So, they are not special, they are just acting like a hobby that today normally women have is a bad hobby and not real craftsmanship, but as soon as a man does it, it's hard work, important and so much more than just a stupid hobby.

That's all he has done in 5 years?

And then they wonder why we have trust issues and wish we were into women.

No. 1524411

Not to victim blame but any woman who shares nudes or lets herself be recorded during sex in 2023 is fucking retarded anyway.

No. 1524421

Like how many times does this need to happen for women to realize it's not a good idea.

No. 1524422

As if men don't secretly record/take pictures of women. And considering how OP enjoys to violate boundaries of other men, imagine how he treats women.

No. 1524431

Not many women have been exposed to the risks of it and men and the media heavily manipulate them into thinking it's a good idea. Some moids will even threaten to cheat or break up with women if they don't send nudes

No. 1524437

This! It reminds me of when men sew or craft a costume. cosplay was mainly a female dominated hobby since the 90s, but now a days men get into it to show off and people have the lowest bar set. Anytime a man puts on a shitty wig, he's incredible and brave. Men will shit on women hobbies all day until they realize they can get popular from it.

No. 1524438

It's typical, especially for female careers
>Women in the military? Psh you were probably a useless cook or something
>Men in the military? Get the best treatment available, even in low end positions. All important
>Women in the medical? You just wipe people's asses and do paperwork, all nurses are bitches anyway
>Men in medical? Wow you must be super smart and patient, it's so cool that are this hardworking to care for other people

No. 1524441

>Not many women have been exposed to the risks of it
It's general knowledge to not share nudes on the same level of "don't go home with a strange man bribing you with candy". Or maybe I'm too old and parents no longer teach their girls to not share nudes like they no longer warn their kids not to share their last name online.

No. 1524442

>As a man
I'm gonna stop you right there, faggot.

No. 1524443

File: 1678900792132.jpeg (167.33 KB, 960x712, reddit.jpeg)

No. 1524455

I sometimes think it has something to do with the fact that today nearly everyone has always a camera with them. While I grew up you had shitty mobile phone cameras and to share pictures, you had to pay a fortune or get them on your computer and then share them. It just seems so normal to share every single thing of your life today on social media, I'm still bewildered by all those kids using their real name and school and hometown online. So, guess it has something to do with us being old, kek.

No. 1524458

File: 1678901797641.png (38 KB, 1048x1096, gross.png)

decided to search some of them to see if these gross degrading subs were finally banned or not. Sad to inform there's way more popping everyday. Just look at this shit. Reddit coomers are so fucking disgusting.

No. 1524459

I thought it was a TIF tho

No. 1524462

The bar for men is so low, I know that from personal experience from my job. What I have seen what men would sew and the praise they get, sometimes you can only walk away and shake your head. Especially among tailors it's always "oh, it's a woman, it's normal, they are born being able to sew" and if then you have a man in that field "oh, he is amazing, look how good he is and how brave, a man in a female workspace". I've heard and seen it all and I'm done with most of society by now.

No. 1524478

He even purposefully makes some acquaintance of his uncomfortable (I was going to say friend but he calls him 'one guy I know') this dude is a fucking exhibitionist by proxy

No. 1524480

That's literally it. It's considered a normal part of relationships now and parents typically don't step up, this is especially true to parents that the 80s and 90s was their prime which means playboy and crap was shoved down their throat

No. 1524485

I follow multiple women who are mechanics and its so depressing how men will absolutely rip them apart, conspiracies about hitting the wall, becoming a single mom and all. Tearing apart their appearance (and for some stupid reason they will try to convince us only women tear up other women's appearance??),conspire about how men are doing all the work for her, etc.

So many men think working labor jobs is a free pass to treat everyone around them like shit, imagine if women in blue collar did that, that would be absolutely ludicrous. That's probably why they try to forbid women from working in blue collar, because it was the last straw to gatekeep after women took the military, business owning, medicine and science away from them. They want to continue like being a fucking oil changer or plumber or something is super hard work evil women wouldn't understand, once women get into the field and see it's not that hard and it's very possible to work in labor and not be a dickhead they'd have no excuse now.

No. 1524491

Careful, TiFs get off on having their "feminine" features pointed out

No. 1524494

men in the fashion/clothing industry are insufferable and praised like gods when most of the time, actually every single time besides one tailoring professor I know, are mediocre at best, worse than any nearby woman in the same field.

No. 1524496

>Women put more effort in their appearance than men
>Men are shocked that people prefer looking at women instead of men
Kek they can't even admit when they find women attractive anymore. The "stay focused boys" has been the new way to compliment women. It seems like every year moids have been finding worse and worse ways to be creepy/sexualize women without actually admitting they are attractive. I remember when the WCW was the nicest thing a man could do, now they won't even compliment you

No. 1524503

Yup. The fact that society is so sexist that they think women are born knowing how to cook, clean and sew is abysmal. We have to be taught anything, but men are just expected to do nothing. The gender roles are a real issue in society. I really wish women would stop praising men for the bare fucking minimum.

No. 1524527

"I didnt ask to be a trans woman it's like my own body is oppressive!"
My knee hurts when it's cold. Oppressive ass body
Being born into the body you want isn't a human right

No. 1524590

>men are forced to rely on women to procreate
That's true for literally all species lmao only human moids think this is "unfair" to the point that they had to have entire societies built on the subjugation of women just so shit-tier males too get to reproduce

No. 1524591

>men are forced to rely on women to procreate
That's true for literally all species lmao only human moids think this is "unfair" to the point that they had to have entire societies built on the subjugation of women just so shit-tier males too get to reproduce

No. 1524592

>men are forced to rely on women to procreate
That's true for literally all species lmao only human moids think this is "unfair" to the point that they had to have entire societies built on the subjugation of women just so shit-tier males too get to reproduce

No. 1524602

wtf my internet shat itself and now i can't even delete these

No. 1524893

You know what's unfair? the fact that women usually don't get to have a say in this. The fact that women have to use their bodies for 9 months (and more, since you still have to breastfeed) to give a new human being life. And that any random fucking moid could overpower you and plant his disgusting, unwanted seed against your will, and leave you trapped with a pregnancy while he can get away without having to suffer through it any of it himself. If anything about sexual reproduction is unfair, it's being female, not being male. The gall moids have to claim they're the victims in that situation when all they care about is passing on their genes at the expense of us and our bodies and our lives. They think it's so fucking easy yet they can't even handle a little bit of labor pain lmao

No. 1525440

Exactly. Moids can literally just up, leave and forget their kids and the woman that held them ever existed. Women in a lot of areas can't even abort now, meanwhile they're crying about custody when most of the time they can't even be asked to get up every few hours to feed the baby, change the diaper, or anything else. Ever since western culture put too much focus on individualism it has been harder for women than ever before since you're expected to have a newborn depend on you while sucking your nutrients out with a freshly ripped bleeding vagina. Oh and now men are shaming women for taking a minute to themselves to eat between feeds especially if the baby cries for more than a second even though breastfeeding already drops your blood sugar to 25-50% and you're losing fluids as it is

Men won't understand and think the fact some of them have blue collar jobs is a good enough reason to silence women, despite having unions, good pay, mandated lunch breaks, and safety regulations as well as experienced people to teach you, it's not enough for them and they want to silence women who do t get any of that

No. 1525749

I love how everyone is screeching about it because he’s 19 and she’s 28 and theyre acting like she Jimmy Saville kek. If ThE rOlEs WhErE rEvErSed!!! Seriously I love it when everyone is all pissed off about something like this they fucking deserve it. I hate peoples they’re so pathetic. Mainstream pop culture and movies should be constructed entirely just to piss people off and get them all into petty fucking arguments with each other.

No. 1525750

Ugly women don’t dare show their faces, yet ugly men plaster themselves all over the place. This is why you’re doing a public service every time you shatter an ugly moids self esteem.

No. 1525907

File: 1679057835729.jpeg (97.81 KB, 945x790, BC370063-AF07-4F8E-98F8-B3128E…)

Why are they so quick to defend shit like this if it’s from other cultures? I don’t care if it’s your culture

No. 1525914

People are idiots and it pisses me off! There was a video of a korean baby. Couldnt be more than 2 years old getting her hair PERMED. like with chemicals and shit and some white bitch kept trying to explain to people going off how it was part of their culture. One, it's not. Two, you are not korean, what are you doing??
They marry 9 year old girls and stone women in islamic cultures. Are we supposed to be okay with that?

No. 1525915

You mean the country where a huge manga writer was found with child porn on his pc and they gave him a $500 fine and let him off? The country where they are no pedo laws and there are magazines dedicated to 10 year old girls in bikinis?

No. 1525923

No. 1525924

The guy who wrote Ruroni Kenshin.

No. 1525925

oh I forget about that, glad I never read the series

No. 1525940

It's retarded and illogical. If abortion is illegal, why aren't males who impregnate a woman and leave her punished as well? There's no hiding it; banning abortion is clearly an act of blatant hatred against women and a way to control reproduction. Add in the hatred for single mothers and you're honestly going to see a failing society in a few decades if this isn't rectified.
If the roles were reversed the same moids would be saying "based" "it's normal, she's fertile" "it's legal" etc.
>the cultures of africa, latin america
These massive stretches of earth don't all have one culture, redditors are so retarded.

No. 1525963

I'm from Latin America and pedophilia here is absolutely out of control. Attraction to minors is also very normalized.

No. 1525966

>what if the roles were reversed

But they're not. Men and women are different, gender matters when it comes to things like age gaps and abuse, it's retarded to pretend otherwise.

No. 1526109

File: 1679077972632.png (530.8 KB, 1427x925, how_is_this_funny.png)

r/funnymemes is sociopathic cooming moid cancer, nothing about that subreddit is funny. The moids in the comments of this post were talking about the daughter (who is underaged) making an OF eventually and "joining her mom". Fucking sicko pedophiles. All of them.

No. 1526140

This reminds me of how perverts and deviants spent decades gaslighting Americans about how various fucked up things (public nudity, sex in front of kids, parents bathing with teen children, etc…) were totally normal in daily life in Europe. And then American libs would rush out to defend that shit like their lives depended on it, so they wouldn't look "uncultured". Now and then you'll still see somebody pop and and go "ackshually in Europe" and then get shot down by actual Europeans.

No. 1526148

That's how you know all the retarded libs insisting every degenerate thing they want to push is "normal in african, latin american and asian cultures!!" don't know a single person who's actually from any of those cultures lol. Or they have one hyper-westernized friend willing to lie/push LARPs, like that one Chinese-American woman who insisted traditional Chinese culture wasn't homophobic until the west pushed it on them.

No. 1526165

I feel like there's also an implication in those kinds of arguments that other cultures are "less developed" therefore "more primitive" and thus everything they do is "more natural". Together with the false idea that both men and women naturally agree with each other's needs and wants (they don't, they're naturally opposed to each other in several ways), it helps spread the lie that pedophilia, rape, gender roles, misogyny, TIMs, etc. are all natural and good for all of us so women are crazy for thinking it's disgusting, dangerous an dehumanizing. Also it's not like those other cultures are super different to western first world cultures, they're pretty much part of the same modern world and they also have a lot of problems related to pornography (among other things) which is a modern human invention. Besides, harmful traits of a foreign culture aren't automatically ok just because it's "muh tradition". There are a lot of fucked up things happening in all cultures currently because moids in power are the ones who impose those selfish rules on everyone and the average man has more power than most women, who have no choice but to accept all of it as normal so they don't commit mass suicide due to how bleak their lives are.

Yep, the country where there were no anti-CP laws until very recently.

I think they meant small children, not just minors. Male attraction to teenagers, hell even 12 or 11 year olds is normalized in pretty much every continent.

No. 1526403

File: 1679100120558.jpeg (83.01 KB, 720x829, received_219945690699653.jpeg)

Hate the endless whining about men's mental health when the man in question does something despicable. He kills people? Everyone should have checked in on him a little more and he wouldn't have done it. The people who found him scary and offputting are in the wrong because kindness goes such a long way with reoffending violence. He can't help being unstable, you can help reform the system to get him away from mean jail and into real care! I know there's no right answer for these things but why is everyone expected to cede their comfort for some crazed retard?

No. 1526430

>Why is everyone expected to cede their comfort for some crazed retard?
Because the crazy retards keep trying to guilt-trip people into submission.
Let’s pretend everyone gets down on their knees to suck any moid whenever it wants, and that we always compliment each other, that we hug any moid that seems mildly uncomfortable with whatever and such.
That shit won’t solve anything because if a moid is an asshole, he will be a huge asshole no matter how many times a day you suck his dick.
Like seriously, thinking that just hugging a retard every day, listening to his mindless “issues” and pandering to his ass, would possibly make him change is retarded.
Just think about it, have you ever been nice to a moid? How did he respond? They either get mad at you because they don’t want to fuck you, or they become obsessed with you because they think you want them. So yeah, it’s either murder or rape or both.

No. 1526437

I'm surprised he even got sent to federal prison for stalking because most people who stalk others regardless what demographic they fall into seem get slaps on the wrist. Sounds like the user is purposely not disclosing parts of the story for the sake of upkeeping the narrative of his vile criminal brother being a poor little victim to the ebil justice system. Or you know, since it's reddit, it's just bullshit he made up. I wish male criminals were just shot in the back of the head instead of wasting resources.

No. 1526442

It's a shame the guilt tripping works well. People who tout the phrase restorative justice treat it like a killing blow in any argument. "The community" shouldn't suffer and live in fear because the offender will benefit. Never mind that a victim wouldn't want them to benefit and be treated kindly,they aren't even recieving the same care or effort.

No. 1526451

Victims are always discarded because men cannot emphasize with a majority of victims since they are women. Your personhood is disregarded, your pain somehow is meant to be endurable, and the suffering is just a precursor to your gender in their eyes. Poor, poor offenders, if we only knew what made them offenders so we could help them instead of making the poor babies face legal consequences for their actions!! As a woman your suffering means nothing to these people because they don't care about you at all and until you're dead you are supposed to Halle Berry that shit or else you're considered weak or defective. The victim is always blamed or overlooked until its too late.

No. 1526502

This is sad really. Kerry Katona is definitely a gross chav but she had a shitty childhood iirc and her daughter shouldn't be harassed for it. I'd still rather be friends with Kerry than some chav wannabe like Lily Allen I bet Kerry would peak easily

No. 1526845

File: 1679160172978.png (19.34 KB, 737x508, firefox_1kcznfsSQA.png)


Also the thread is
>women are conservative if they don't show off their midriffs and thighs

No. 1526991

Eh the only thing I slightly agree with that a lot of western games have the most boring fucking designs. Of course it depends on what suits the game but there's definitely a middle ground between coomer bait and the same boring greyscale tier designs. It's like companies are immune to just fun designs.

No. 1527011

File: 1679166805397.jpeg (170.31 KB, 1170x1367, 440B0B5C-D9D3-4E0D-9C6A-0F2538…)

post of a girl in a shirt that says “when god made man she was only joking” and somehow that riles up some pick-mes. shout out to the last commenter who has a brain.

No. 1527977

File: 1679225750759.jpg (116.38 KB, 937x934, IMG_20230319_123542.jpg)

No. 1528255

Western men are starting to sound like Muslim men. They weren't whining about this 5 years ago.

No. 1528290

what? yes they absolutely were and there were youtube commentary videos made about this topic with csgo in the background in 2016 kek. maybe real life males, but at the end of the day they're still scrotes, islam just confirms their bias which they don't even really need to behave like this

No. 1528295

men is the same

No. 1528692

i know i shouldnt let retarded room temp IQ internet drama make me angry but the drama surrounding this makes me so genuinely mad and proves how "sexism" against men is viewed vs misogyny, despite what men say on the internet. Ive seen hundreds of videos of women at the gym actually being ogled, groped, touched, stared down, harassed, and even full on fucking attacked, and its crickets. youll see it brought up a few times here and there when yet another woman is brutally attacked at a gym and then the topic goes dark again. i have seen an entire two (2) videos of random tiktok women accusing a random dude of sexually harassing them and its completely gone viral for months. men on the internet have not shut the fuck up about it for one second, and have been churning out constant fearmongering about how "men cant even FREAKING work out anymore!! women RUINED gyms…grrrr! men-only gym NOWWW!!!". men truly wouldnt survive a single day as women.

No. 1528748

File: 1679299992599.png (444.07 KB, 877x526, bdtniwwelina1_png.png)

So, this picture of of a kenyan senator freebleeding to bring attention to period poverty was posted on trollxchromosomes a little less than a week ago. What's interesting is the OP commented that the picture/news article got deleted from "the biggest women's sub", so presumably twox. She also mentions they often remove her posts about women's rights from "non-white countries" and the most common reason she gets is to "keep the community civil". Also, OPs account has been suspended.

I'm not saying it's tranny jannies… but…

No. 1528751

File: 1679300194570.png (57.08 KB, 1247x911, rtthy.png)

OPs comments

No. 1528759

File: 1679301091434.png (26.75 KB, 575x497, gloria orwoba.PNG)

Anons will probably say this woman is gross but I think she's really brave to do something like this, especially in an African country, and if we are being real a lot of women (including feminists or feminist-aligned women) would not have had the nerve to do something like this. This will just bring more attention to the topic. I do hate that in this world people will just see this as humiliating for her though.

Anyway, to be more on topic it's also really sad that just posting news from other countries in a female-only subreddit isn't allowed because people would not be able to act civilized. Unless mods are purposefully censoring discussions about women in other countries, then I think they need to commit suicide.

No. 1528776

>I'm not saying it's tranny jannies… but…
It absolutely is. Every womens' sub is moderated by men. There's no space on reddit for women.

No. 1528964

Depressing state we're in. Women keep letting men in and this is what happens. LC is one of the last spaces for women only.

No. 1528974

Reminds me I checked twox yesterday and the top post was titled dramatically “I’m finally leaving her” or some shit and i clicked the profile to investigate. OF COURSE it was a full on tranny that posts in all the lesbian subs and claims his gf abused him after he came out as trans but he got back with her anyway kek I only go there because you do see some based discussion sometimes but then there’s also libfem man pleasing when all redditors want to do is whine and troll everyone there because they’re misogynists. Don’t know why most users bother even arguing, I’ve also seen plenty of comments deleted by Reddit when it’s saying something basic like rapists should die or a man did something wrong.

No. 1529170

I remember some troon took JoJo siwas video of her joking about how she got lots of hate and then turned around and cried about how oppressed they are for being trans (he was also very passing, it could be one of those girls who fake being trans for views)

I just can't stand the amount of troons making everything about them. Someone made a post about how hot trans women are and how ugly cis women are, and then I pointed out it's typically more acceptable for trans to have plastic surgery, and ended up having troons screeching, literal hundreds of dislikes, and have people claiming I'm making trannies kill themselves, even though other men and women were agreeing with me

No. 1529177

Men are really think they're being oppressed because they can't droll at women's asses at the gym anymore. They can barely admit to THEMSELVES when they find a woman attractive. Women get harassed and creeped out in the gym so often that they need to fill themselves and to my shock, men make it all about their hurt feeling. I can't with them fr

No. 1529242

File: 1679348047289.jpg (147.96 KB, 896x828, sdfsdf.jpg)

Oh boy mom is dead now I get to post it on the WEED subreddit it's the first thing I'm going to do before her corpse even turns cold I sure LOVE weed and LOVE upvotes
Shut the fuck up dad I got another reply

No. 1529246

Would only be based if his mom was a blazed toker

No. 1529247

Also that's a tree subreddit

No. 1529249

>that's a tree subreddit
You are thinking of /r/marijuanaenthusiasts

No. 1529263

I can't stand these weird ass posts. I see them all the time, usually for dead dogs, but dead relatives aren't uncommon either. Of course they always get hundreds of upvotes too. What's the point of them?

No. 1529281

normal people would go to their friends for comfort while grieving but redditors don't have friends
also karma farming

No. 1529489

You can't go for 10 seconds on reddit without getting an unwanted look into people's personal lives though all of the here's my cat/dog/dead grandma/troon husband/disabled kid posts. When AC:NH was popular r/animalcrossing had to ask users to stop posting about their dead relatives because you'd see about 15 "memorial" posts daily. I don't take it as "people grieve differently", it's karma and attention farming.

No. 1532291

Lol, I saw that too. That's some trashy sad.

No. 1532314

Lmfao @ your commentary

No. 1532371

File: 1679714211430.jpg (269.89 KB, 1080x1675, transdar.jpg)

I'm reading picrel like an anti-trans dogwhistle huehue, I'm very entertained with this narrative.

No. 1532377

Was worried what the comment section would be like. It's a ton of women agree, complaining that there are men with beards using the "Her" app and that r/actuallesbians is filled with men. They're carefully using the word cis though

No. 1532381

r/twox is a great place to watch women peaking in real time.

No. 1532394

File: 1679718555152.jpg (59.93 KB, 578x710, dumb.jpg)

i mostly use reddit for ragefuel and to laugh at trannies but made the mistake of subscribing to r/cats. i thought it would show pics of cute cats on my feed. but almost everything that would show up on my homepage were pics of cats that have died, are in distress, morbidly obese, or clearly need medical attention. "my cats eye is all fucked up and bloody, what do?!" "this mom cat approached me with her clearly emaciated kittens, what's the next step?" "look at this cute chonker! he's a real hefty guy hahaha!" "my dad says if i don't stop this stray from showing up on our porch, he will shoot it! here's a picture of this cat my dad might kill soon!"

just why. i'd hide these posts and a day later, similar shit would pop up. who is this for? take the goddamn cat to the vet or just shut up and keep it to yourself, because who the hell wants to see pictures of cats suffering, esp out of the blue? if you're struggling with the death of your pet, talk to your friends or family. what comfort can you really get from people who've never met you, or your pet, from thousands of miles away on a computer screen. are there any genuinely positive/uplifting communities on reddit or is it all just retardery and pitybaiting?

No. 1532461

Weird thing to get angry about, it's a cat subreddit, people will post asking questions regarding their cats amd posts that have a sense of "urgency" will get more engagement

No. 1532465

I wish you guys would post links to the posts so we can go and see the comments https://www.reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/comments/120ius7/all_lesbian_subs_on_reddit_are_either_porn_for/

No. 1532485

Ntayrt, "Go to the vet" is the answer to nearly every single pet-related question on reddit, yet they'd rather do some karma farming first. Sickly/dead/dying pets is a weird thing to post imo

No. 1532487

I mean, people post their pets and family/friends on social media to remember them out of grief sometimes. People have done it here on lolcow too. People's pets die because that's a part of life, and so obviously that will be in online communities revolving around pets.

No. 1532497

>if you're struggling with the death of your pet, talk to your friends or family.
I'm pretty sure majority of people who are active online don't have that option

No. 1532635

i think anonymously posting in for example, the vent thread, is different than karma farming on reddit for fake internet points.
the former has been helpful to me at times where my family was also too upset to talk about the loss in any capacity; i think the anonymous nature allows for actual support and care from other farmers as opposed to reddit.

No. 1533008

its kinda insane that u said this bc i was thinking exactly this the other day. i had to unsub from that subreddit because every other post was some retarded, neglectful shit stain posting full frontal, uncensored photos of their cat shitting its intestines out and vomiting blood with the caption "guys do i need to take mittens to the vet?? hes acting a bit weird!". the straw that broke the camels back for me was the countless amount of posts of the typical person posting a pic of their cat in obvious need of medical help of some sorts, and when someone in the comments tells them they need to go to the vet, they respond with "I dont have the money" or "I dont have transportation". IF U DONT HAVE THE FUCKING MONEY OR MEANS TO TAKE THEM TO THE VET IN CASE OF EMERGENCY THEN WHY DID U ADOPT A FUCKING CAT. THEY ARE LIVING BREATHING UNPREDICTABLE CREATURES THAT HAVE NEEDS. 90% of cat owners are genuinely awful people. there was another post the other day of someones cat in the washing machine, the caption was something along the lines of "find this little goofball in here all the time har har! so cuteee". one day youre gonna forget to check and hes gonna get boiled/drowned/thrown around until he dies a horrible death hehe!!! so #cute!!!

No. 1533010

not to mention im pretty sure theres already multiple subreddits that exist specifically for people to go post pics of pets they lost or talk with other people about lost pets theyre grieving. its not like they have nowhere else to go.

No. 1534108

File: 1679934892067.jpeg (75.16 KB, 446x800, doihabeebit.jpeg)

I checked his account, it looks like the health problems were chronic sinus & inner ear problems, and being a fat guy with hernias. He admits that he's broke and hasn't done shit with his life, and then blames his wife for leaving him over money. I bet the "abuse" was just her having to be the mommy part of the mommy bangmaid.

No. 1534131

Men claiming they were abused is the funniest shit. Especially "Narcissist Abusive" it's so vague coming from them. And left because of money means "I never made enough/worked hard enough money and put us in an unstable financial position."
and I actually wonder if he is lying about the wife part for sympathy…which, he probably is, considering a post from 2 years ago of him complaining about life doesn't mention anything about her and how "No one's ever told me they loves me"

No. 1534381

File: 1679951992018.jpg (79.38 KB, 1080x610, Screenshot_20230327_171308_Red…)

This sounds like a troll but his post history makes this look real. How the hell does he think doctors are scamming people? What makes people like this, where they ruin their own lives and blame the world for it.

If his wife was such a narcissistic abuser why didn't he dump her, instead of her leaving him for "money problems" (I guarantee he was too lazy to get a real job)

No. 1534456

>this might be the only thing left for my broke ass self
Men are so spoiled and entitled. If he were a woman he'd be laughed off the thread and told "there's always sex work".

No. 1534566

just in general i see so many shitty sexual comments on reddit fucking everywhere on normal posts. It’s so fucking annoying i downvote that shit everytime i see it.
Why are men like this it’s disgusting,

No. 1534627

got banned from a sub by a friend who moderates it because we had a falling out and don't have the gall to dm any mods to report her for mod abuse because that's mean

but sometimes I really want to

the other kicker was the time I got banned from a mental health sub for talking about the subject of the sub, my own mental health, and then the mods in dm told me they wouldn't recant my ban after I told them I literally relapsed two days before and needed the subs support. real nice mental health advocacy guys

No. 1534642

the narcissistic abuse was probably her divorcing him

No. 1534721

File: 1679994349610.png (37.19 KB, 679x643, Capture.PNG)

From the "Men in the porn industry: What are the dark and hidden truths of the industry?" thread on AskReddit

>The abuse was so bad it made him lose an erection in like 10 seconds!

>He went off porn for 2 whole years
>Now he "only" looks at it a 20-30 times a year
>Luckily couples post their own videos too and no woman has ever been coerced by her husband to do porn

No. 1534762

the sad thing is that the average state of men and male culture makes them so fucking horrendous and self-involved, that I can't even really bring myself to shit on him as I should because even these crumbs of vestigial humanity are rare in men

No. 1534775

boner gone after 10 sec, yet watched the entirety of it hmm. to think that this is still better than the average moid

No. 1536655

File: 1680180722163.jpeg (173.52 KB, 1007x1481, B7F559F8-A511-4C8B-98A5-CB604C…)

what. how is this even a shower thought

No. 1536659

There used to be a sort of similar thing in my country during communism. They were called "Single's Hotel", these were buildings built specifically for housing single males. They had very small studio apartments, a common area, and services for cleaning and all that domestic work men weren't expected to do. They were mostly occupied by widowed men.
There are two in my neighborhood, they've been turned into regular apartments long ago.

No. 1536661

>attractive members of opposite sex
As if the women would fuck them, kek. Aren't these faggots complaining about chad fucking all girls in college days? It'd be the same scenerio, no one would hang out with these uggos even if they were forced to share living spaces.

No. 1536663

I've seen a lot of moids in the wild say that women should be banned from college because all of them have orgies with chads and turn into whores. We need to start exterminating these moids.

No. 1536694

Interesting, but that is just a storage for leftover moids. He wants to have women and alcohol in the same place. What a great idea, women getting assaulted by drunk incels in their own living spaces.

No. 1536703

Kek. They get mad because college and dorm situation lets women fuck hot guys but then they say they wanna relive those same days as if anything would be different.
If they collected the dorm members from reddit, the only "women" would be trannies, kek.

No. 1536707

>If they collected the dorm members from reddit, the only "women" would be trannies, kek.
Suddenly I support this idea.

No. 1536708

>storage for leftover moids

No. 1537197

File: 1680215312853.jpeg (144.71 KB, 1170x1530, 86A8F69B-00B7-4493-A956-1CE75E…)

>woman tweets about her husband taking a full day off of work to play a video game
>reddit and twitter: what a fucking bitch how dare she criticize him
>reasonable people (read: women): yeah, actually if you look through her twitter she’s supportive and loving towards him and this is a joke

tale as old as time

No. 1537203

I am convinced no one on Reddit has a modicum of reading comprehension.

No. 1537433

why can men never pick up satire from women like ever? i see a ton of tweets from women making very obviously light hearted jabs or jokes about stuff men do and men across all social media platforms become fucking enraged. ive seen this a million times but my favorite example was that one tiktok of that girl filming her "date" bowling and pretending to make fun of him for being interested in it/even bringing his own shoes iirc. the video was staged and the dude in the video was her bf and she thought his hobby was adorable, she was just making a tiktok for fun. men responded with the most bat shit insane, aggressively misogynistic comments ive ever seen over a fucking staged video. yet they accuse us of "not being able to take a joke/having no sense of humor" when we dont slap our knees at their same 5 overused misogynistic punchlines.

No. 1537443

samefag but could u ever imagine a dude tweeting something light hearted like "haha women are so silly when they get excited about dresses with pockets" or "why do women like X thing so much?" and women across the internet being fucking enraged?

No. 1538158

File: 1680306839249.jpg (46.95 KB, 1048x534, Untitled.jpg)

genocide redditors

No. 1538162

File: 1680307350130.jpg (366.39 KB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_20230331_170143.jpg)

I'm so not obsessed with my daughter's vagina that I came to reddit to post about my daughter's vagina!

No. 1538169

He wants asspat for not having a psycho freak out and I guess he got it

No. 1538171

It’s just so weird. Why even mention like, anything at all in public? I hope his daughter doesn’t use Reddit because reading that would be the most embarrassing shit ever.
I just hate when moids post on the internet in general tbh, like shut up, no one is asking for your insight on anything. It’s just weird as fuck, the way that post was worded was really creepy.

No. 1538189

>why can men never pick up satire from women like ever?
I think two reasons. One, men don't do light-hearted ribbing of women. Whenever they joke about women, it's more mockery and derision, even if it looks light-hearted teasing. And two, is best described by Margaret Atwood:

'Why do men feel threatened by women?' I asked a male friend of mine… 'men are bigger, most of the time, they can run faster, strangle better, and they have on the average a lot more money and power.' 'They're afraid women will laugh at them,' he said… I asked some women students in a quickie poetry seminar I was giving, 'Why do women feel threatened by men?' 'They're afraid of being killed.' "

No. 1538246

File: 1680326464948.png (80.22 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20230331-220338_(1)…)

Woman makes 165k while her boyfriend makes 50k but wants to be a SAHM and is understandably concerned about the finances. Gets gaslit by Redditors for acting entitled when expressing her concern.

At least some of the comments are telling her that her bf is completely out of her league and even warning her to not split 50-50 her finances lmao. Good on them.

No. 1538249

Gen z moids
>Don't want to do the means to make enough money to support a family
>Want women to work but not really
>Expect women to take up vast majority of childcare and household duties regardless of if the woman is working
The worse ones are the "househusbands" aka when reddit only seems to magically understand the difference between having a partner vs having a free slave. Oh and they can't clean or cook for shit either

No. 1538250

They think they're the gatekeepers of comedy so if they find women funny/sarcastic they can't stand becoming more useless. Also they will use any reason they can't to shit on women, even if it means making themselves look retarded

No. 1538257

File: 1680328151713.png (66.19 KB, 977x1310, Screenshot_20230331-224449_(1)…)

Unfortunately these are these pick me women as well like pic rel. Obviously the best option for her is to dump the moid, find someone find someone who's within her leagues, without having to sacrifice time with her children nor her wealth.

No. 1538284

>Want women to work but not really
>Expect women to take up vast majority of childcare and household duties regardless of if the woman is working
There was a while there when you could at least depend on a good portion of people on reddit to pick up on obvious weaponized incompetence or men just making excuses to have their full time working wives still do way above their share at home too. Was nice to see. But lately..
> oh sweatheart I think he has adhd and you should go easy on him. Maybe he has autism. Maybe he has 'brain injury, executive dysfunction, incredibly early onset dementia…'
Yeah that's totally the reason why your husband brings less of everything to the table. Endless patience will help tho! Oh and use your higher income to get him assessed for every disorder under the sun.

No. 1538434

What's with redditors and hating anyone who makes more money than them? This bitch sounds genuinely mad OP could buy a good house or car.

No. 1538435

>Work 50/60 hours a week
>Corporate attorney
>When buying house, will pay most of mortgage, full down payment
>Need to gestate child for 9 months, recover from birth and pregnancy symptoms, breastfeed, spend time with baby you sacrificed time and money to have
>"He is aware of my concerns, but says that me taking off work for 2-3 years would not work"
"He can be a house-husband, you can hire a top-notch nanny while you work, this is an opportunity, not a negative!"
"It's posts like these that ramp up hatred against women, what a sexist bigot troll! Think of your husband!"
"He's too good for you, go buy a house and some cats."
"She can use a breast pump and go back to working straight away"
"Do you love him or is he just an accessory?"
This woman is so lucky she is not already pregnant or married to that male. She needs to leave and not marry in a last-minute attempt to keep the relationship, or he's gonna get half her money anyway. What a bleak read, sperm donor and becoming a single mother by choice looks like the best option for women, unfortunately you have to save a not small amount for it.

No. 1538453

File: 1680356481676.jpg (158.54 KB, 864x1709, FRlnlIQXoAUWmsL.jpg)

Jesus Christ

No. 1538464

File: 1680358384841.png (96.16 KB, 1080x1770, Screenshot_20230401-081035.png)

A receding hairline is a sign of retard genes.

No. 1538465

>great canvas for pride
At least this one's a faggot so he won't pass on his defective genes.

No. 1538468

Lmao there was some moid having a meltdown the other day in a sub because people were making fun of Anthony Fantano and calling him bald which he said was misandry before calling everyone cunts. Men are so fragile.

No. 1538607

Killing all old scrote moids would be preferable. From seeing >>1524443 this gives me some hallow relief that women aren't the sole victims of moids lack of humanity.

Out of curiosity do any of you comment on threads and bother to have a discussion that is beyond the normalized coddling of old moids on Reddit? Does anyone bother providing different perspectives or is it all just an exercise in moid coomer futility? I've tried commenting on some threads of my countries subreddit giving "radical" opinions since the societal default is nonstop coddling and consequently been mass downdooted by moid coddlers and moids, resultingly losing all my internet points. Is it a waste of time?

No. 1538667

File: 1680374394574.jpg (143.77 KB, 864x1427, Screenshot 5.jpg)

well this wasn't surprising either

No. 1538673

So mentally ill women who faced both childhood abuse and abuse by their male partners. This is actually really sad.

No. 1538691

This is why we call it actualtroonbians- there are so few actual women there. Just male fetishists talking about how lesbians should like their shrivelled penises

No. 1538808

Reverse the genders on the income, and everyone would be calling her a nasty bitch golddigger. He's only with her for her money, and can't stand the thought of having to live on his own 50k a year for just a few years, even though he plans to live the high life off her money for the rest of his shitty life. Millennial men are nothing more than parasites.
It's just a single circle venn diagram of women. A woman has really hit the jackpot if she avoided abuse in childhood and adulthood abuse from male sex pest "partners". I wouldn't even be surprised if most of the "ADHD" is yet another instance of women trying to fix the natural human condition and be a "perfect" superhuman beings, since fuck knows men won't even hit the bare minimum.

No. 1538824

File: 1680385895766.jpeg (154.05 KB, 1179x1481, A759BF77-391D-46E9-91F4-45EB1C…)

Ha Ha Losers Ha Ha

No. 1538826

Eugh, those last two guys, fucking disgusting. Who wants 2 minutes with a cheese dick anyway?

No. 1538832

Scrotes are so fucking retarded, they'll cry about how no one cares about their fee-fees and how they're lonely and no one wants to date them and then two seconds later say they consider things like escorts, sex dolls, and porn as "replacements". Like…so it was never actually about you feeling "lonely" to begin with, they don't give a fuck about actually having an emotional connection with women they just want something to stick their dick in. Scrotes seriously out here like "grrr women are totally seething I'm going my own way and not going to seek out a real woman to be my onahole anymore!" I would love if like 90% minimum actually "went their own way"

No. 1538833

File: 1680386958855.jpg (31.36 KB, 601x508, Fl_sprWWQAAZAsT.jpg)

>Yeah guys who needs these stupid women who definitely won't pick us? I'll live and die with my 3-holed sex doll ha ha ha take that whores

No. 1538846

>I feel you, brother. Had that happen to me. It's absolutely crushing. It isn't
worth the pain.
wow its so good to see men finally showing some empathy, maybe there is hope for the Male Loneliness Epidemic
>I got a sex doll

No. 1538853

Honestly good news. Men rotting alone with their sex dolls is a win-win imo.

No. 1538862

I'm retarded what does this mean

No. 1538866

The more men give up, the better. Keep it up boys!
This is just sad, but it makes total sense. But tbh, i do think that the subreddit fails in trying to get women to be less obssessed with moids which is the the main source for a lot of their problems. Constantly being angry at moids for behaving like moids isn't healthy.

No. 1538904

The entire subtext of this:
>Even though I already offer women less than the bare minimum of adulthood, there needs to be a way for me to get even more services out of women, while offering even less. I need to be able to get all the benefits of being a married, responsible adult man, while acting like a literal child at school.
Scrotes should be executed on sight if they bother a woman and can't prove at least 48 consecutive months of above minimum wage employment. It's shameful, a sign of a literally degenerative society.

No. 1539000

File: 1680399177673.jpeg (111.76 KB, 1125x1464, E6F45F2E-6258-4B9D-8C46-8BE676…)

The reddit cares thing is retarded and should be removed because people abuse it this way but that last edit is so dumb, god. The post even got pinned

No. 1539015

Subreddit crossover. Users who posts on the above sub are [number in field] times likely to post on the listed subs.

No. 1539018

Troons have taken over the LGBT community and feminism. What more visibility do they need?

No. 1539022

Uh, transsexualism is the natural conclusion of feminism. It's the whole point of feminism in fact. Woman as the superior gender has been recognized by society. We won, this was what we fought for.

No. 1539024

worst april fools joke ive ever heard in my life.

No. 1539065

ADHD moids be the absolute worse. Funny how ADHD women can hold down jobs, have families and good hygiene and all but ADHD moids act like they need to be put in the damn nursing home

No. 1539106

The cringiest part for me is how he imagines he's just going to be surrounded by horny hot girls like some weird college porno he watched, likely because he himself sexualizes college girls (which is the reason why college girls get sexually assaulted so much btw because they're constantly sexualized)

If his idea were to somehow come true the entire dorms would be full of creepy mentally ill men just sexualizing their entire surroundings and can't be asked to properly take care of themselves. Not hot horny girls roaming the halls with a free warm meal delivered right to his hands

No. 1539128

I wasn't saying it in an insulting manner but that women who go to "femcel" route usually do it because they're abused whilst men do it because they're entitled. It's just sad that the women who use FDS aren't evil witches looking for rich men like men accuse them of being but rather abused women who are trying their best not to get abused again.

No. 1539157

Men really do let porn completely cook their brains. He's thinking grown ass women would sign a lease to go have super casual sex with random male neighbors. No women would want this shit. Almost no women actually want casual sex. Living at the bang dorms would prevent any woman resident from starting a real relationship. If I wanted casual sex, I could just go on tinder and swipe on 100 actual beefcakes, and catch AIDS from a good looking guy without a micro dick. No lease required. Random horny men milling around your building and getting drunk is absolutely the worst living situation. And since most women own furniture, appliances, and kitchen supplies, they wouldn't even want to downsize all their stuff to live in bang dorm. And you're right, women would get raped all over the place, because the men would be horny and mad 24/7, and assume that the women only moved there to fuck, so they're lying if they say "no" to anyone.

No. 1539198

File: 1680430528019.png (62.02 KB, 1450x668, 19.png)

No. 1539218

I just wanna say that a long time ago I was a member of the makeup sub and some beauty guru sub
me and other women got permabanned for questioning certain men who wore low effort makeup and were attacking women in the comments (one of them had a sissy fetish jfc) , the other ban was for making a harmless comment when Nikkie tutorials came out as trans , it was nothing offensive
however, i then learned that trannies infiltrated the women subs and, as you expect, everything went downhil
stopped using reddit some months after that
using it was a mistake in the first place, the echo chamber is real

No. 1539224

I don’t get what is sad about this? Are you trying to say being 30+ is sad or what? Or that abuse victims are trying to vet men better with the help of only mildly retarded all-female group?

No. 1539227

>Or that abuse victims are trying to vet men better
Nta but yeah. It's sad that FDS proves women get abused so often we need to be alert at all times and vet men in our lives so we won't go through similar trauma again.

No. 1539444

Redditors are so fucking dumb. I clicked on a thread that links to an article on how femicide rates have gone up in the past few years and what do you know dumbass Redditors crying in the comments about how "No one cares about murders of men and boys because it's not news worthy!""what about the men!!!" "Why do we need to distinguish murders based on gender??? Why can't we just simplify it???" "What about men that was murdered from their female partners???"

I hate them all so much.

No. 1539453

huh, that many fakeboys in mens lib? If they aren't already making a bunch of posts about their trans men specific problems, they should. Kek, I almost want to make a bunch of accounts and posts doing exactly that, spamming the sub with "trans men have it worse" posts since all the feminist subs are packed to the brim with tranny nonsense. Wonder if that would make the mens lib users mad? lol

No. 1539456

Those emotionally unintelligent chimps can't sympathize with anything that doesn't directly affect them, so they always have to make it about themselves somehow. If they want to draw more attention to the statistic they should start with contributing to it themselves.

No. 1539459

That's the exact mindset of most of the moids who start trooning out. In their eyes women have it better in society, so might as well join them and get some of that pie for themselves so they can spend the rest of their days getting all the sex, wearing pretty dresses, and living it up as a woman.

No. 1539475

I'm not pregnant or ever planning to be but in the last lil while I keep stumbling across men ranting on reddit about how 'pregnancy isn't a damn disability' or 'pregnant women are sooo entitled' Claiming that they know pregnancy isn't that hard. Then to add to it.. a flock of pickmes follow
> I've been pregnant 6 times and every time I was working hard physical labor all day right up until the moment I gave birth. No woman should get special treatment just for being pregnant!
Buckle up cos 'Entitled pregnant women' are set to be the new karens I guess. Smile more pregnant ladies! Hell, give up your seat for a man on the bus. Coming up next.. childbirth doesn't actually hurt.

No. 1539504

That's been a thing on Reddit for years tbh. There used to be some ragebait picture posted constantly of a pregnant woman wanting to let to the front of a queue (or something similar, I can't remember the exact quote) and moids loved making comments about how she's not special for being creampied or similar nasty pornsick comments. They think they're oppressed because they're expected to give up their seat for a pregnant woman on a bus too.

No. 1539552

thats so disgusting. i cant wait to be pregnant someday and never lift a fucking finger, i hope none of these men ever hope to have a family because any woman who would put up with a worthless scrote like that needs years of therapy to gain some self worth.

No. 1539560

They do it to postpartum women too. I've seen this massive wave of people, typically men,trying to shame women out of doing proper postpartum care in order to take care of the baby.

Some examples are a woman letting the baby cry for an extra few seconds while she changes the ice pad for her freshly ripped open vagina and men started coming in crying about how she's a bad mom, how "baby is crying for mom, you should be ashamed of yourself", etc. Another time a woman was talking about the baby trying to comfort nurse after she already fed the baby and she sat down because she wanted to eat. Of course uneducated moids came in demanding she let him nurse and not eat which is actually dangerous because mom needs to eat to produce milk and breastfeeding drops blood sugar.

It just seems like people hate moms in general lately, they hate pregnant women, postpartum women, moms of toddlers and kids, single moms, women they assumed are single moms because they weren't glued to her husband, etc

No. 1539587

They hate all mothers and abortion was also banned, moids need to make up their minds

No. 1539591

>There used to be some ragebait picture posted constantly of a pregnant woman wanting to let to the front of a queue (or something similar, I can't remember the exact quote) and moids loved making comments about how she's not special for being creampied
Given that these same people also hate it when physically disabled customers with disabilities or injuries that aren't visible also need to go to the front of queues, I'm not surprised at all.

No. 1539595

>It just seems like people hate moms in general lately
I would love to have a proper conversation one day about how insane and radicalised men have gotten in recent years because of the internet. There's always been a lot of misogyny both online and irl obviously but it's seeped into normier spaces now too and men are just absolutely rabid and seething over women 24/7. They see a pregnant woman or mother and all they can think about is how she's a slut for having sex and getting pregnant or accusing her of being a cheating whore. Idk if they're angry because she had a baby with a man who isn't them or what but it's deranged.

No. 1539603

I dont why the man cannot step the fuck up and take care of his crying baby while the mother takes care of herself? Where is the outrage on that?

No. 1539622

I see alot of aita posts where men rush to complain about how their heavily pregnant wife seemed grumpy or their 1 week postpartum wife was a lil short with them when asked a question and just.. dude this is so small and you've got years of childrearing ahead of you. Starting out with a wave of nutters telling you that a single snappy comment makes the mother of your child an evil bitch isn't getting things off to a great start. They really think pregnancy does nothing to a woman… or the sleep deprivation afterwards. 1 wrong word and strangers start fantasizng about ways to put mom in her place. All while she's either preparing to give birth or is still recovering from it. She can't get a moment to herself and now dad is being psyched up to lay into her later.

Do these people have any idea what its like to live with someone where you have to walk on eggshells all the time. Where no matter whats happening you have to be chirpy and pleasant or you'll never be allowed forget about that one time your tone sounded a lil rude. Its the dads who act like everything revolves around them.

No. 1539638

r/menslib is the "feminist" male subreddit that is "accepting of everyone". r/MensRights is the hateful, anti-feminist one that believes in male supremacy (and shits on fakebois and women)

No. 1539683

Ah yes, the classic labeling someone as a narcissist because it's just a buzzword getting thrown around that's lost is meaning, and effectively villainizes someone so that no one questions the accuser/so-called victim. If she were actually a narc she'd keep his pathetic ass around to emotionally abuse and feed off of, there's no simple "getting away" from a narc. 100% this guy was a waste of space wanting a bangmommy to baby him and hold down the household while he plays CoD all day and wanks off. He himself might even be a narcissist because he gives off self-victimizing vibes, like he's looking for someone to manipulate and do all the work for him. If he had any marketable skills he could go hunt for an actual job. Fucking bum.

No. 1539713

Moids will really be assholes to pregnant women then two seconds later sperg about declining birth rates

No. 1539716

>and shits on fakebois and women
Well, since it won't get taken down for misogyny, I think it's time to bait the sub into getting transphobic and then push for it to get taken down lol

No. 1539881

I think that if somebody did a study and surveyed women about a wide variety of abusive and criminal scrote behaviors, but used very PC and non-judgemental phrasing, almost every woman would report substantial abuse, even from the "great guy" partners. I miss FDS, because the craziest thing was how several women could have virtually identical stories about some horseshit their boyfriends pulled. Only the names and locations would change.

No. 1539934

File: 1680514606930.jpg (433.92 KB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20230403_043646_Gal…)

Imagine the naivety of marrying a man and having his children and expecting your life not to go immediately to shit. I will never

No. 1539940

>Imagine the naivety of marrying a man and having his children and expecting your life not to go immediately to shit.
I know this is a common sentiment here but god damn it's borderline misogynistic. How dare hetero women want to have a family and expect a man to be a decent father! Instead of taking it out on her you should be trashing him, adult men are completely capable of being equally active and functioning in the household and they should be actively held to that standard.

Also can we stop refering to kids as "his children"? Women aren't broodmares that solely exist to pop out kids for a man, they're both their children.

No. 1539954

Knowing how many men play the long game and keep their shitty side in check right up until you have a baby.. I get how it happens. Closest I've come to it is signing a lease that was hard to break and then living with some two faced fucker for longer than anyone should have to endure. I can't gloat when I see stories like this

No. 1539961

It is borderline misogynistic but at this point women really should already know that breeding with a man over 40 is stupid ass behavior that only benefits the scrote in the situation. Even if you just want a sperm donor it’s better to get a man between 25-30 so you aren’t guaranteed to produce an autist. Not that a high functioning autistic daughter would be awful, but any autistic moid son would be hellish. You’re hurting yourself and your future child by agreeing to reproduce with rotten sperm.

No. 1539963

File: 1680521129769.png (37.54 KB, 923x812, MRPrape.png)

This is what a married redpill retard calls his cheat code to a great sex life. Raping his wife.

No. 1539966

File: 1680521240536.png (42.88 KB, 903x805, MRPrape_2.png)

>All of the following Cheat CodesTM have been personally tested by me over the last 4 years, and everyone of them has been a successful and great sexual encounter. So line up, pick a #, and go do some shit. You'll maybe fail, maybe not, but who the fuck cares? The worst that's going to happen is your dick is dry and you fail a shit test. Just like before. Oh, and shit tests? They will happen. Deal with it however you want.

No. 1539969

File: 1680521444170.png (35.69 KB, 718x802, MRPrape_3.png)

>behave like a 12 yrs old who just discovered porn by adding "blowjob" on the shopping list this will definitely turn her on !!

>Send me a pic of your discharge, this is proof you're a horny slut for me tee hee !

>Treat her like a hooker

No. 1539971

File: 1680521657481.png (38.55 KB, 695x807, MRPrape_4.png)

No. 1539973

I think this was my abusive ex’s playbook. How old is this shit? He didn’t try every single thing but he tried more of them than he didn’t. It didn’t work in his favor for more than a couple months, I was a BDSM pickme back then. But after a bit and when he started escalating I got pissed off that he was trying to act like some dominant caretaker in sexual situations when in every fucking other situation he was a stupid whiny incapable pissbaby.

No. 1539976

No. 1539978

My ordeal happened 5-6 years ago now, so I guess all abusive scrotes have a hivemind.

No. 1539986

"Dominant" guys are always completely useless manbabies. Whiny and sensitive children unable to handle minor life challenges without someone to mother them through it.

No. 1540007

Absolutely, kek. He was also a picky eater who only liked tendies, fried rice (NO VEGGIES - just rice egg and soy sauce), teriyaki chicken, and “pizza” with no red sauce aka cheesy bread. I’m so embarrassed to have dated him, I feel bad for his current gf who literally bought a house that she lets him live in. I just know their house is filthy and smelly due to him and that he never lifts a finger to help clean anything up, even if she cleaned up after him constantly the place would still stink cause he was naturally disgusting smelling even when shower fresh. I hope she kicks him to the curb and realizes she can do better than a smelly rapist one of these days kek I keep her in my prayers.

No. 1540017

She needs to get herself something nice, and then divorce him.

No. 1540019

>WARNING: Cuckhold Trigger
So they're cuckolds in denial. Makes sense.

No. 1540027

why would anyone watch 20 minutes of a woman crying and suffering? he's full of shit, he got off on it and then felt disgusted by himself, so stopped watching for a while.

No. 1540031

This stuff reminds me of that infamous "you.come.here.now" gif from tumblr. Can anyone post it? I think that guy even looks like that.

No. 1540038

Doctors definitely scam people. They have a direct financial incentive to prescribe certain medications or decline certain tests. Remember that the opioid epidemic was perpetuated by doctors getting kickbacks from the manufacturers.

No. 1540043

Not surprising at all. Most young women are still naive and believe that men see them as people. It's not until they've been through a couple of boyfriend that all act the same that they figure out that most men want a mommy they can slide their dick into. So late twenties and early thirties that they start trying to figure out how to avoid this same man in different bodies.
The childfree either comes from those women don't get shackled to a man because he knocked her up, or because they look at the reality of how mother are treated by men and decide not to opt into that.

No. 1540045

Dentists and optometrists too. They're all owned by private equity firms now, so it's impossible to get decent healthcare at any price.

No. 1540056

Do you think it's misogynistic to tell a woman not to walk up to a buffalo, and tell her "I told you so." when the buffalo tramples her? Of course it isn't. Women need to wake up to the fact that a child puts you in one the most vulnerable states you will ever be in, and so you need to be 10,000% certain that if your man runs off, which we all know of a man who has, that you have a well established support system to make up for his failure. And if you don't have that system, then you don't get to reproduce. It's sad, because a lot of women dream of being mothers, but doing what's right for your future child requires sacrifice sometimes.

No. 1540061

I got a three day ban from reddit because I told the lgbt mod that mocking the children who died in the trans shooting as having deserved it because of "trans rights" was fucked up. Lol, tranny janny pissbaby can't handle the mildest of criticism.

No. 1540062

File: 1680533738091.gif (1.31 MB, 320x240, 094_here.gif)

No. 1540064

File: 1680533934285.gif (952.07 KB, 320x240, 74-tumblrdom.gif)

But my favorite is him whipping his bed with the worst form possible.

No. 1540074

kek he looks like a faggot

No. 1540075

File: 1680534888812.png (498.33 KB, 512x579, reddit.PNG)

>clothes =/= gender, I'm a guy
..Alright? Literally who gives a fuck? I almost gave it an upvote too. How mentally deficient you must be to randomly bring up your gender for no reason…I can't fathom it. And she could've just posted the pants and umbrella by itself too and then there wouldn't have been any problem. Eyeroll.

No. 1540081

That one should maybe save money for the dentist to fix that damn overbite. The jaw looks like the sigma male meme

No. 1540084

Huh? Why can't he clean the kitchen instead of filming his baby crying and being an asshole about his wife feeding the baby. How is wanting your husband to help out after you birthed his child via major surgery "not being confident enough to take care of the baby alone"? Moids are such ghouls. Although she should've known better than marrying a post wall moid

No. 1540087

This is literally the same exact shit Andrew Tate stans spam at women who vent about finding themselves in unlucky situations involving men. Fuck off and go share your thoughts with some MGTOW uggos or something

No. 1540089

He looks like he works at a fast food place then has panic attacks because a customer asked for the correct order

No. 1540095

Can you link this? I wanna read the comments

No. 1540098

File: 1680537005681.png (29.78 KB, 801x707, creep.png)

Pick-me redditor, or male feminist/tranny?

No. 1540134

Pickme 100%. Typically moids know what they're doing is wrong where as pickmes come to their defense and try to claim sexualizing kids is normal. Imagine if it was adult women sexualizing a teenage boy

No. 1540135

Holy fuck

No. 1540140

if he was actually normal, he'd have a small talk with her after the dude left and have a drink to get the imagine out of his head, not make a reddit post begging for asspats

No. 1540141


No. 1540142

File: 1680540052977.png (27.34 KB, 904x544, attentionfag.png)

i think he's LARPing

No. 1540143

File: 1680540214420.png (8.12 KB, 802x217, u98.png)

>Imagine if it was adult women sexualizing a teenage boy
They'd probably like that.

No. 1540147

File: 1680540670293.png (15.35 KB, 600x299, Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 12.50…)

Yeah, he is. In another post he claims to be a mother.

No. 1540148

File: 1680540905586.png (13.43 KB, 600x268, Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 12.54…)

Smells like a teenage troll who's mad at his parents for not letting him have sex/go out late at night so now larps as a parent on reddit

Especiall with a name like "azianchad" KEK

No. 1540152

File: 1680541558675.png (507.74 KB, 720x1059, Screenshot_20230403-120458.png)

I was expecting the post to be some 17 yr old in full hair and makeup in slutty clothes or something but.. this? This is clearly a child with a deformity and it's just "normal human sexuality" to sexualize her? What a cope for being a pedo

No. 1540157

wtf they are encouraging each other to hold a woman at knife-point? and one tard saying using a gun didn't work so well, they are so terrified of false rape accusations but somehow think tying someone up and threatening them is ok? men are fucking horrifying

No. 1540159

>his best friends wife texts me and says I should be able to take care of the baby alone
Ok I'm sorry but no normal married woman wants another woman's husband in her house without some ulterior motives. Why does his bestfriends wife want him to stay at their house so badly? What's wrong with these two?

No. 1540161

File: 1680542466418.png (49.26 KB, 720x1081, Screenshot_20230403-121915.png)

This was his response to a moid telling his wife about how his wax lady almost got him off and how he needed to jerk off in the bathroom. Imagine just doing your job and some moid started sexualizing you enough to cause issues with his wife. I didn't know acting depraved and sexualizing everyone around you was normal human sexuality apparently

No. 1540163

File: 1680542852300.png (37.37 KB, 720x846, Screenshot_20230403-122620.png)

>Randomly started sexualizing a girl and asking for pics of her from her family just because the word "daughter" was mentioned

The worst part is that he made creepy comments about having a 14 yr old step daughter and demanded being alone with her. This moid needs to be reported to cps

No. 1540164

I'm %99 sure this is a tranny. Pickmes usually don't think trannies can be hot which this dude does judging by his comment defending a tranny.

No. 1540165

He’s going to get a call shortly and get banned from the place. Worked at a spa place and I loved helping ban these freaks.

No. 1540166

File: 1680543185350.png (56.06 KB, 720x822, Screenshot_20230403-123243.png)

He's obsessed with incest and starting fights on porn subreddits then claims Americans are too uptight about sex as if anyone else would just blow off their sibling fucking in their bed wtf

No. 1540168

Tbf I wouldn't care if my sibling was staying w me and had sex in my bed as long as they were hygienic. This is commonly expected with adults.

No. 1540169

Notice the 31 upvotes. Men are not people.

No. 1540171

>that incredibly detailed scenario just to seethe about someone not wanting other people to have sex in their bed
Mentally ill, high-testosterone coomer.

No. 1540172

If you have an adult couple staying in your bed then it's close to 100% expected and normal that they have sex nonnie. Unless they were sleeping in or just visiting another part of your home and specifically went to your bed to have sex then it's not an issue. Although the guy who wrote that post needs to kill himself.

No. 1540175

You’re telling me that they’re sexualizing this girl born with an extremely uncommon deformity? I’m honestly surprised, but somehow I’m not surprised at all? It’s kind of pathetic, even as a joke it’s just retarded.

No. 1540176

File: 1680544296122.png (53.76 KB, 720x1269, Screenshot_20230403-124856.png)

Like 60% of his history is him correcting grammar in porn subreddits. He must be one of those moids who goes to strip clubs to act as disinterested as possible they talked about on the past threads kek

No. 1540177

If it was like how you're talking about then OP wouldn't even have known about them having sex in their bed

No. 1540181

He has a 22 yr old daughter and reads and praises daughter/father incest stories as well as jerking it to girls even younger than his daughter. He also brings atheism into everything for no apparent reason and insults random naked girls by claiming their boobs aren't big enough and calling them "dumb blondes", too old, etc

No. 1540307

File: 1680556266428.png (59.51 KB, 1360x854, seems sus.png)

>Arguing with a guy about the safety of children taking puberty blockers
>He refuses to read to any of the studies I provide and claims that they are 100% safe and that all children on blockers have their bone density monitored every two weeks
>there's no way that's true.png
>Check his posting history
>The guy is in twoxchromosomes arguing that age of consent shouldn't be eighteen and that the issue of sex with children "gets messy so fast" and has a lot "of grey areas"
Every time nonnies.
I accidently posted this in the wrong thread and didn't realize it for an hour so if you see it elsewhere, it's because I'm retarded.

No. 1540328

ew wtf that is obvious a child. She looks so young in that picture men and pickmes never fail to amaze me

No. 1540380

Highschool seniors don't go to jail for having sex with someone a year younger, you can look it up. There's an allowance for a four year gap, which still seems kind of high if you consider a 20 yo dating a 16 yo but I guess that's the far end of it. This guy didn't even bother to look that up though, he just wants to argue for this "grey area" so he weasel his way into it too

No. 1540385

"Keep that up and maybe I will let you give me a backrub"
"its all about the prize"
lol imagine your prize is rubbing a hairy back


So many of these are so dorky… absolutely none of them turn me on. "take her tits out and play with them for a bit, then put them back and do not escalate" That doesn't sound hot it sounds annoying. It's like guys just imagine women want these weird male-centric fantasies.

First one is kinda hot, second is actual lmfao

No. 1540389

Poor woman. Almost all girls get told that their lives will go to hell if they breed as teenagers. We need to tell girls that their lives will go to hell if they breed with a man over age 35. If a man actually values marriage and wants children, he will do it all before 35. These scrotes who are 37, 40, 45, 50, they do not want children, they just realize that they have to compromise, because no woman under 35 will touch them, very few women over 35 will touch them, and the latter expect a family NOW. We'd be so much better off if women just saved up in their twenties and went to a sperm bank, instead of letting scrotes waste all our prime ova. Scrotes never grow up or mature, he's the same life-wrecking scrote at 18, 28, 38, 48.

No. 1540399

There was one of those middle ground arguments and a tranny arguing with someone who now has major health issues because of blockers and hormones at a young age, they LOOKED THEM IN THE EYE and said it was completely safe for kids while their health declined

No. 1540404

Puberty blockers are fucked up and not worth it. Causes sexual dysfunction and sometimes the inability to orgasm, osteoperosis, can cause the penis to not develop properly in men so they can end up with a micropenis in adulthood. The effects are extremely fucked up. Most children don't have a firm grasp on the difference between gender and gender stereotypes, espeically when the media is giving them the confusing message that if they like to wear dresses and don't "feel" like a man, instead of questioning what society tells them a man should feel like and dress like, they are told that means they must not be a man at all. And you're telling me a kid should be allowed to make extreme, life-altering decisions over this? Fuck everyone who denies that puberty blockers are harmful just so they can stay on the "pro-trans" side. Denying the reality of medical intervention for children just so you can be an "ally" makes you a shitty person

No. 1540423

File: 1680574133038.jpeg (223.39 KB, 2145x1431, 594C0BBC-602F-4937-9250-D9C7EA…)

i've seen this gif come up on lolcow threads a few times, somehow never saw it on tumblr. i looked into it, the username of the guy was n4ughtybear but it's since been deleted. this is the faceless guy people were thirsting over.


No. 1540426

File: 1680575158865.png (2.45 KB, 320x43, kek.png)

No fucking way, these faggots need a ''cuckhold TW''. Truly the epitome of manly, needing a cuck trigger warning because you feel threatened by a plastic dick.

No. 1540463

It should be a shrimp dick trigger KEK that move would make any chick laugh at a shrimpy

No. 1540495

In some states they can though, some states don't have any Romeo and Juliet laws. There definitely are young people who end up with a record for it, that's why some states have this. I don't honestly advocate for girls dating guys at all until they're like 25 but all states should have this, even if the gap is a little smaller.
>t. was on the 16 yo side with a 20 yo boyfriend

No. 1540572

I would too but young girls are typically hard headed and won't listen to people forbidding them from dating or warns. It's best for people to grow up and recognizing red flags as they learn rather than being thrown to the wolves while dating and having no family support

No. 1540628

File: 1680603064254.jpeg (68.08 KB, 1170x526, 77BD5D49-7985-411B-ADED-6E72B6…)

No. 1540630

What does STM mean?

No. 1540635

Second Time Mum.

No. 1540637

Why is she surprised? She already gave him what he wanted (offspring) so he has no stakes left in the relationship. it's time to chill for him, while she's left to change diapers and clean after a brat for the next 18 years. What's she gonna do, unfather him? Typical archetype of hetero married life.

No. 1540639

Reminds me when I first read these parenting subreddits and was like "why the fuck are there so many aidens here" only to find out FTM means "first time mom" in this context kek

No. 1540642

>Most children don't have a firm grasp on the difference between gender and gender stereotypes
Can you blame them when they're both the same thing, it's just the trans ideology that attempts to separate them so gender can mean "spirit separate from your physical being". If you're not religious enough to believe that is literally true you only see the gender stereotypes they're actually centred around.

No. 1540645

I fail to understand how so many so-called atheists are so staunchly pro-troon when troonism is in itself based on religious mind-body dualism bullshit.

No. 1540648

this is the first time I see this, please tell me it's a fucking joke lol

No. 1540652

I'm sure he wishes a woman would put up with him enough to indulge his fantasy.

No. 1540676

I can almost guarantee that this man isn't actually married. I am married and something I've noticed is that unmarried men repeatedly give my husband the worst advice imaginable. My husband has tried out some of this "advice" on me and it never works because it's not based on reality and it's instantly recognisable because it's not something he would do normally.

Most of it comes from single men fantasizing about having a wife and how she would behave while have zero experience with women.

No. 1540713

File: 1680619177413.jpg (106.77 KB, 900x996, Fainter chemical assigned_040c…)

I'm morally opposed to most people being parents (they're underqualified), but even I would offer a pregnant women my seat. Their feet hurt! Their back hurts! And the little bastard are punching them in the kidneys all day! Don't you have any compassion to a fellow human being in pain?

No. 1540922

These sound like stuff a virgin porn addicted 27 year old NEET man would write. These are like stuff that's supposed to be sexy but so obviously isn't, it's like you asked an alien to tell you sexy stuff after making it watch three hardcore porn videos.

No. 1540940

When I was 16, a 23 year old guy I played vidya with with moved across the country and stayed with a mutual friend of ours who lived nearish me for over a month. During that time he texted my mother nonstop trying to convince her to allow our love to blossom. I did indulge him quite a bit but I was simultaneously a bit afraid and subconsciously glad my mom was trying her best to keep us apart. I still managed to slip away and meet up with him for sex which is bonkers. Grooming is a mindfuck. I don’t think I ever got over it cause I still hope he’s doing well when in reality I should despise him. He didn’t even know me, he was just a groomer. But then again he was likely experiencing psychosis or possibly even dissociative fugue, yeah this turned into more of a vent/wake up call; I need therapy.

No. 1540950

I don't know if you're crazy, nona, that seems pretty human. Must have been wild for your mom lol. I can't even begin to imagine why he thought she would actually let you anywhere near him. Astounding.

No. 1540956

The blowjob on the grocery list lmfao. How presumptuous that she'd ask him about it, likely would roll her eyes and chalk it up to his usual tomfoolery.

Sorry I know this is serious for some anons but these just make me laugh. I shagged someone who was used to doing the alpha schtick which worked on a certain subset of women but if he tried it'd always make me involuntarily burst out laughing, goofy shit, like shut the fuck up man.

No. 1540963

>manbaby abandons wife, newborn, and kid going through chemo to hang out with his bestie for a few days just because the wife expected him to not be useless and film their baby crying for tiktok

The wife should pull a reverse uno and make a public shaming meme of her deadbeat husband with all these details, just like how he was trying to seek attention using his crying baby.
You just know this man is a narc. Shame is a highly effective tool against them.

Also she should only treat him as a wallet from this point forward. I get that being a single mom is difficult but tons of women have done it and will continue to do so. She can do all this without him, she just needs to secure the bag so he can't walk away from them scot free anymore.

No. 1541006

does anyone know how i can delete my reddit account without leaving any traces? delete all comments, threads etc
it was a mistake making one in the first place

No. 1541021

there is an extension to nuke Reddit history (called that) but idk if it still works, I’ve heard that editing your comments and typing gibberish is better to remove them but idk if that’s true or not

No. 1541035

Nuke Reddit History? it's been removed sadly

No. 1541039

Women need to stop having babies with low quality men. If you want to take a huge step by bringing life into the world, you better be damn sure your man isnt trash.

No. 1541055


I doubt there are all that many things that 99% of the women of the world have in common, but I feel like “finding it annoying at best when your husband rips your clothes at random” has to be one of those things
I would be so cranky at that, even shirts I don’t care about I’d still be pissed. It’s the principle of the thing, you don’t just go breaking people’s shit??
Just 1/10, it’s all so unsexy. Especially the ones that involve the “alpha” saying anything at all. Redditor dialogue is always so clunky and inhuman, it’s even worse than video game dialogue in that way
“You’re all mine. Later,” he says to whisper to her. It’s like a 12 year old writing 50 shades of grey fanfiction

No. 1541073

>only low quality men view women as the default parent
Lol, sweet summer child.

No. 1541075

This is going to be the norm until women actually step up. It's embarrassing to see some of these posts about women having children with pathetic men and getting red flags left and right, but doing nothing.

No. 1541085

KEK this gif always puts a smile on my face.

No. 1541114

The point is even men with no "red flags" and "high quality" still don't do half the shit women do as parents.

No. 1541358

Then they're not high quality, are they? You do realize YOU get to decide what high value means, right?

No. 1541369

File: 1680702740315.jpeg (252.9 KB, 1179x1783, BABC4E05-3980-4AD6-9F9A-6AFA9E…)

No. 1541371

ntayrt but men are wild cards when it comes to parenthood. They are socialized differently than us. A man that is happy and content being the center of a relationship with a woman and shows himself to be “high value” in that dynamic has potential to flip when a baby takes away attention. They are used to being taken care of, and it’s easy to end up with a man who doesn’t realize how much work a baby is and he does a 180. It’s not women settling for chumps, it’s men being chumps. There are men that don’t flip and are raised right, but you shouldn’t say women need to do better when it’s absolutely possible for them to be blindsided.

No. 1541380

nta but your post reminds me. a few days ago i had this girl in my youtube recs who is a single mom and the moid who got her pregnant did a 180 on her. he was pushing for her to have a baby and then right after she has it, he starts acting funny and eventually abandons her. it made me think of the things my mom told me as well about my own father and how he was pushing her to have all these kids, then after she has me (her first and only child), he starts withdrawing and treating her differently. it's one of the things i don't understand about men. i see so many men get excited about having a kid and then the moment the baby comes out, something in their brain goes off and they start to withdraw from the woman and treat the child like it's some other man's spawn.

No. 1541407

How do you define high quality?

Men with high paying jobs, attractive looks, charismatic social skills, and strong familial and friendly ties can be absolute misogynists to their wives and girlfriends behind closed doors.

Just admit misogyny in men is a crapshoot and you have no control over it aside looking out for blatant markers.

No. 1541497

File: 1680715988320.png (8.17 KB, 461x406, hypocrite jannies.png)

Meanwhile the drawcunts thread will ban you because hating reddit is a "problem"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1541504

The pringles guy killed the reddit alien

No. 1541509

>"treat the child like it's some other man's spawn."
Craziest shit is that a lot of those men will abandon their own newborn kids and then date a single mother and dote on her children and give them a ton of love and attention. I wonder what the psychology is behind that, thats so crazy to me.

No. 1541512

Savior complex.
Men want endless praise and worship for what they feel is "providing." They want to feel like heroes.
Once the kids are older and they become needy and demanding beyond what the moid is willing to provide he will call them ingrates and then rinse and repeat with a new family.

No. 1541592

Literally my father in law. Abandoned his two kids, my husband was his first. The second one he brought some Filipina lady back to the states with zero family, money or job, knocked her up and stole all her money and car and made her live on the streets pregnant. He then abandoned his own grandchild while blowing tons of money trying to get his current wife pregnant via IVF and adoption which never worked out because he wants to abandon every child he slightly disagrees with

No. 1541598

So she spends tons of money and effort trying to be a mommy bangmaid and is shocked when moids seem her as nothing but an atm, maid and sex punching bag? For a moid she wasn't even married to mind you. If she wanted someone to spoil she should have just got a nice lesbian who'd actually be thankful and loyal

No. 1541601

i assume they have trouble dating (as they should, abandoning their families), and when they finally land a female sucker they latch onto her and decide to larp as a good father to keep her.

No. 1541605

Impressing outsiders. Outsiders matter and should be impressed. Insiders (wife, bio children) don't matter, don't need to be impressed.
IMO it's just the porn. Porn addicts have terrible, cheesey, godawful taste and expectations. All my exes wanted unrealistic, awkward, embarrassing role play. I guess they are trying to directly act out scenes from porn videos they watched. Deranged and pathetic behavior. And I just realized it's another way men are massively hypocritical, because they continually spaz out about romance movies, but will get mad if you don't reenact porn with them scene for scene.

No. 1541696

I found a comment thread on Instagram about how a bunch of men started agreeing that if another guy doesn't find his girlfriend attractive then they themselves start finding her ugly. It's so bizarre to me that men's entire physical attractions revolve around what other men think and all it takes is for one person to call them ugly and it's over. The worst part is every single girl on this planet has been called ugly, including their celebrity crushes. If they can deal with tons of people calling Scarlett Johansson or something ugly why the fuck are they ready to run off if one person calls their own girl ugly? So pitiful

No. 1541728

This is just further proof all men are bi/gay. They seek the approval of men and do not possess individual desires, it's pseudo-homosexual attraction/attention seeking. They're NPCs.

No. 1541731

>When you're only knowledge of women comes from porn made by men for men and to coddle the fragile male ego.

No. 1541733

It's because scrotes don't actually have an innate sense of aesthetic or eye for detail. Whether or not they deem someone to be attractive is never based on the full picture and how features balance each other out. Instead it's like there's a moid-approved checklist of some traits they've decided are attractive, and the more boxes a woman checks off, the hotter she is to them. It's a status thing. We all know that when a scrote calls a woman unattractive, in 99% of cases he would still have no qualms sticking his dick in her as long as nobody else finds out about it. So in truth, it's not that he actually finds her sexually unattractive.
However, scrotes are competitive and caveman-brained, so the most important thing to them is to gain the approval and respect of their peers. That's why they have such a narrow concept of what beauty looks like - they need to have a specific standard of beauty that their entire peer group shares, because otherwise there's no competition and it isn't clear which moid 'wins'. This is also why they often tend to have very superficial, surface level interests and life goals: they're driven not by what they personally want, but by what their peers approve of most and gets them higher on the totem pole.
In contrast, women vary pretty wildly in who they find attractive. There's no narrow standard because women base who they find good looking on their personal tastes instead of what other women think. Just look at the unconventional attractions thread on /g/, it's a great example of this difference because there is just no way scrotes would ever have a thread like that in the same way.

No. 1541783

File: 1680746486844.jpeg (238.43 KB, 945x2157, 46E93A7B-13E6-4A0D-82BD-52F027…)

No. 1541787

A perfect capture how women are on Reddit for some reason kek

No. 1541793

You'll also see that when a scrotes' personal taste actually goes against features that make a typical Hot Woman, they'll often straight up hide their relationships or have sex with women they find attractive, but seek out women who meet the accepted standard to marry or openly date. For instance men will scream and shout about how they hate fat women and that's the number one turn off, but there are so so many of these guys who love heavier women but never publicly show these relationships because it docks their moid social points. This is also the mentality the ultra-macho-front closeted gay guys act. There's some interview where andrew taint says he's fine having sex with trannies and now I'm 100% convinced he's closeted and all of his shit was just for moid social points

>Now I point out pretty women for him to watch!
Jesus christ, literal cuckqueen shit, 10x more cringe than the comic

No. 1541797

cringe comment but also how does this comic fit in the sub? when i was still using reddit, i swear half the posts in this sub were just cringe memes about specific experiences still meant to be relatable but redditards were like "oh you think you're the only one who does this???"

No. 1541802

I don't know how so many women don't realize this aggressive doormat behavior isn't attractive. Men will tell you to do it, but they fucking hate it. It lowers their perceived value of you, and they will start to think they must be able to to do better.
I mean imagine if a guy started pointing out other men in the mall, "Wow look how hot that guy is" I'd think he was insecure or a cuck, and it'd just be a huge turn off. Not to mention imagine being the woman leered at by a dude and his girlfriend, how could you do that to another woman?

No. 1541803

This is very true, it happens a lot with older women as well. The golden rule for scrote social points is the younger the better (to an extent that's greater for some than others, but the rule still applies), but meanwhile plenty of moids will jack it to mature porn and milf fantasies no problem. The narrow beauty standard moids will openly enforce is blatantly just meant to 1) allow for primitive scrote dick measuring contests and 2) bring down womens self esteem so they won't know their own worth and may be more likely to settle for the dumb scrotes in question

No. 1541804

She went from being a NLOG to being a NLOG.

No. 1541810

>It lowers their perceived value of you, and they will start to think they must be able to to do better.
Any other typical behaviors that cause this? I'm by no means as much of a doormat as this reddit cuckqueen but I fear that I'm also doing some things that result in this without being aware of it.

No. 1541817

I feel like her scrote is constantly checking out other women and this is how she copes with it. His eyes aren't constantly wandering–its just their little game!

No. 1541823

Boosting his ego unnecessarily. From experience, I once dated an ugly guy back when I thought ugly guys were "safer" and he had complained he thought I was out of his league. I told him he was out of mine because he had a nicer job and was a talented musician. I was just being nice but afterwards he started treating me noticably worse and following/flirting with girls on instagram. It's better not to do that, if something is unattractive don't lie to him and tell him it is, and don't try to boost his ego because men aren't like women, they will actually believe you and get a big ego

No. 1541825

Men also believe that if they find a way to weasel into the attentions of more attractive people that it somehow makes them more high-value by default, whether its the weird much older guy who thinks he's cool because he latched on to a younger friend group or an ugly loser who pretended to be earnest and sweet in order to get a partner superior to them.

No. 1541859

Who in the world would point out specific people in public to “watch” based on their attractiveness…that sounds creepy as hell for a couple to be doing. Focus on yourselves instead of trying to be the cool girlfriend who would totally be down for a threesome and dabble in polyamory because might as well get the cheating out in the open and approve of it instead of being traumatized by the betrayal later.

No. 1541888

kekk I remember when Shuwu posted this pic. the comment is also reminiscent of her in her Preg era.

No. 1541949

>it's like there's a moid-approved checklist of some traits they've decided are attractive
Well put nona, I've noticed this more and more. Someone posted a picture of a "women's" speed running competition and people were trying to guess who was trans. Literally all of them except for a few were obviously trans to me, hairlines, shoulders, their massive male faces, adam's apples, etc., Meanwhile I saw several men circle maybe 1/3 as trans. Moids are so face blind it's unreal

No. 1541950

>it's like there's a moid-approved checklist of some traits they've decided are attractive
Well put nona, I've noticed this more and more. Someone posted a picture of a "women's" speed running competition and people were trying to guess who was trans. Literally all of them except for a few were obviously trans to me, hairlines, shoulders, their massive male faces, adam's apples, etc., Meanwhile I saw several men circle maybe 1/3 as trans. Moids are so face blind it's unreal

No. 1542006

Another thing is to never ever make self deprecating comments about yourself. If you think there’s a part of you that’s ugly or bad don’t ever tell them, chance is they never noticed but now they will and will think it too. Even if they console you and tell you it’s not true it will stay on their mind. I’ve had 3 out of 3 ex bfs use my insecurities against me when in a fight. I also heard men talk about their female friends/exes and they always repeat the bad things women say about themselves. Even when an underweight woman says she’s fat or a woman with big eyes says she has small eyes, the guy will actually start believing it. It’s sad but it’s better to never show your weaknesses and worries. Better confide insecurities in your parents than your partners imo.
It also works the other way, if you tell a man you are skinny even though you’re fat, you have big boobs even though you’re small, you are sporty even though you are out of shape, they’ll believe it and repeat it. Men are so weird about this.

No. 1542148

No. 1542149

And the man is always some fat retard

No. 1542354

Self deprecating jokes, letting him comment on other women, going 50/50 on bills, not being able to accept compliments or gifts, giving too many compliments esp on looks for no reason.

Mem hate women who view them as equal/higher. Men love being exploited and used and kept on their toes. Exact opposite from what they say but its true. Men are disposable by nature, going against this makes them uncomfortable and cruel. The more money and time a moid spends on you, the more he valuea you. Men secretly love gold diggers, that validates their value as providers.

No. 1542444

Forgiveness. One of my xbfs blew up screaming at me one time because I always forgave him and never got angry or yelled at him. And then he got even madder when I was just confused and flustered. (He would call and cancel dates regularly, and say he had been held late after work, then go chase women at bars and parties. But I didn't know the last part yet.) Men know all the evil shit they have been up to, they know they don't deserve any forgiveness. There's always more that you didn't catch. If they don't hate you for being a fool, they will still hate themselves for being worthless. There's no winning with men, just act a bit above them, demand some respect, so at least you forget completely taken advantage of.

No. 1542499

File: 1680840501400.png (141.65 KB, 1120x824, WTF.png)

I was trying to look something up for the sims and it suggested this to me.
This is either the fakest story I've ever heard, or one of the cringiest. My male sex offender son is homeless and addicted, so I made him into a sim. Kek, wtf?

No. 1542502

File: 1680841007212.jpg (361.55 KB, 1920x1080, 1_2nTdSdfKNsY-jMqSWN4Kog.jpg)

hmm there is a black trans artist activist named jaimie grace alexander with a strikingly similar photo

No. 1542507

definitely supposed to be him but he’s a policy coordinator with a trans organization in Baltimore and just spoke at some event with the MD Governor. definitely not homeless.

No. 1542542

why are redditors so retarded, it's written like a tumblr post. What boomer, born in 1953 writes ''irl''

No. 1542601

Aside from boomer moids who have been online since the 90s, nobody.

No. 1542866

File: 1680891371531.jpg (317.49 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20230407_191219_Chr…)

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the teenage girl was moody because her mom is an obnoxious troon supporter.

No. 1542870

Based depressed 13-yo
>waiting for a place in a intensive
treatment program
Does that mean institutionalization…?

No. 1542871

Am I a boomer…I still use "irl"

No. 1542876

Ayrt and I meant "no boomer other than geeks of yore says irl", ofc most millenials and zoomers sy it lol.

No. 1542878

Based TERF daughter but aren't all 13 yr olds all moody and insufferable? Imagine thinking sending your hormonal barely-teenager to an institution because she has mood swings. I feel like she only threw in the trans conversation to try to sway the retards on reddit to "her" side and prove her child is completely unreasonable and deranged rather than, you know, a normal 13 yr old girl. Anyone getting parenting advice from that site has already failed tho, I hope the child ends up on the narc parents subreddit in 5 years asking how to best go no contact with her mother.

No. 1542882


I feel like the "mom" writing that is a male troon.

No. 1542890

Good point. 'Estrogen is the great equalizer' is a brain dead moid take, and sounds like something a stunning and brave tim would say to troonsplain hormones to a teenage girl. Still, she could just be a retarded mom who hates her daughter and takes her moods swings personally instead of offering her space and understanding as she navigates puberty lol

No. 1542894

OP and I checked the poster's profile before posting here and she's definitely a woman, there are details about childbirth than no troon could write.

No. 1542902

i don't think it would have even happened if were the poster male imo

No. 1543026

never underestimate libfemism and how it much can poison a woman's mind

No. 1543030

This person sounds like such a dumbass, pretending to be kind and woke "celebrating a win" for trannies yet can't get through their thick skull that teenage girls are emotional and hormonal due to puberty and school/life stress. a concept so simple even dumbass male movie directors in the 80/90s could grasp it.

No. 1543496

File: 1680953503519.png (30.65 KB, 743x675, firefox_b3Y5WEZmtJ.png)

No. 1543498

I accidentally pressed "send" too early, but I wanted to say how I absolutely hate whenever men discuss birth rates, it's so gross. Stop ruining our lives and maybe we'll want to have children.

No. 1543504

This is all true tho?

No. 1543506

Nothing makes me happier than seeing shitty men get upset their birthrates are getting lower and lower. These are the types of men who will say they don't plan on marriage or having kids since they hate responsibility and staying loyal to one woman.

No. 1543512

It's not true because not all European countries have low birth rates. Extremely low and high birth rates are both usually signs of women being oppressed. Japan was struggling with low birth rates and japan is known for their misogyny and sexism against women in all fields. Super high birth rates are also a bad sign but low birth rates don't really mean a country is developed or treating their women right. There's a reason women arw refusing to have kids in some countries while in others things seem to be fine.

No. 1543539

File: 1680955308704.png (23.46 KB, 1392x863, HflGqer.png)

It's also statistically impossible(as it would require birth-rates to be unchanging for at least five generations, something these morons never acknowledge) look at the UK for e.g, Whites are 85% of the UK population - compare that to whites making up only 57% of the US population. People look at London and think "wow, it's become India/Pakistan/Nigeria 2.0!" but the majority of the country is still white.
The numbers just don't check out. Immigration levels have now plummeted after the 2015 migrant crisis surge. And even if every African and MENA immigrant in the EU has 8 kids each for 2 generations(which is an insane scenario), the children(who are all extremely urban centered) will be assimilated whether their families like it or not and Fertility rates are generally declining globally, MENA regions are as same as Europe was in the 70's and will likely go down further.

That said migration crisis by Muslim men is still causing a surge in crime and grooming cases that the EU has to addresses, if EU nations care about their citizens they would start focusing assimilating Muslims or deporting those who commit offense back to their home nations.

No. 1543611

Keep in mind that number refers to non Hispanic whites. White people who come from Latin America arbitrarily don't count as white even though they got their whiteness from the same place as anybody else.

No. 1543657

Also this is just birth rates, it's questionable how many of those children get to live until their teens if they're in poverty

No. 1543888

File: 1680982945429.jpg (143.68 KB, 1200x810, 2nBr6TD.jpg)

Many "white" Hispanics either put white down or get shunted into the category because US racial categories don't properly reflect those of LatAm. They won't put down mixed race because they've been mixed for generations, they won't put down American Indian because that has a specific legal meaning, so mestizos can't identify as such even though they do have indigenous American ancestry (and often times come from the same tribes as those which are federally recognized in the US, but border divisions suddenly make them entirely different peoples). If they don't put down white (since it's the "default" race) they'll put down "other" because Hispanics are demographically homeless. Picrel is a crowd of people from a US city that is ~80% "white" Hispanic

No. 1543961

File: 1680989074132.png (10.6 KB, 701x295, kek.png)

No. 1543982

What is the context

No. 1543986

It was in an AITA thread (so probably fake), but the scenario was, do you need to tell someone your parents are gay before you bring them over to meet your parents. I just thought it was funny, the dichotomy between the gay person saying they didn't really need a trigger warning, and the QWEER TRANS PERSON who brought up how much extra special danger they are in.

No. 1544084

but isnt there white and then white hispanic? i swear every form i've had to fill out for gov or healthcare asks if you're white hispanic.

No. 1544103

They are literally the same thing. If you have mostly European ancestry and you're from the US or Canada, you're white. If you have mostly European ancestry and you're from (in general) south of the US, you're white hispanic.

No. 1544104

I guarantee I can find a photo that shows a crowd of mostly Asians in any US city. So what?

No. 1544138

I’d act the same if I was dating peter steele kek, reddit pickmes are miserable

No. 1544229

Hispanic has nothing to do with race. It's about your country's language, cultural heritage and your mother tongue. White Hispanics can also be from Spain, for example, since that's literally the place "Hispanic" culture comes from. Black, indigenous American (as in from the continent, not the US), even Asian Hispanics all exist, too. Again, because "Hispanic" is not a race. Americans are so fucking retarded, I swear.

No. 1544341

File: 1681039503373.png (204.98 KB, 696x3657, AznIdentity.png)

This is one of the greatest and most beautifully autistic things I have ever read, I LOL at how every story of his has to involve the asian self inserts gets a blonde hared blue eyed white woman

No. 1544352

Aren't there a bunch of weeb girls who'd kill to date any of these guys? How are they still such sad incels?

No. 1544367

Gosh this is so pathetic, sad and disgusting. As a black girl I know that being denied being seen as beautiful and being the butt of jokes can take a toll on your psyche but jfc this was hard to read.

No. 1544369

File: 1681043919037.png (240.66 KB, 1000x1500, ddssjiz-d4707a81-25ab-454c-b35…)

from what I have gathered, they don't want those girls, they want to be muscular "chads" and have the attention of stacies

No. 1544381

Learn to reply to the right post.

No. 1544384

It doesn't even sound like they want a pretty white/black/latino gf, they want to use those women the way they think their women are getting used by men of other races. I'm always cautious towards men who date out of their race because they sometimes have ulterior motives, his motive isn't to be with a pretty girl, his motive is to prove he's superior to a random imaginary white man.
It proves that regardless of race, every man who uses reddit is subconsciously cucked. I doubt normal asian men have thesee thoughts, at least they don't involve some white man get humiliated being the climax

No. 1544466

There is, and I explained what the average "white Hispanic" looks like and why it is hard to box them in US racial categories.
Yeah if you can find a city in the U.S. that's nearly 90% Asian. I didn't carefully select for a crowd full of brown people, it's a rally in El Paso, Texas. Go look up the demographics of that city (and other similar cities) and find pictures of people there or what the schools look like.

No. 1544900

BDSM finds Andy Hardy

No. 1544934

kek, i'd unironically watch all of these because i love stupid movies
also why do literally half of them involve cuck fantasies

No. 1544962

File: 1681087025525.jpg (193.84 KB, 980x653, elpaso.jpg)

Here's a photo of a crowd in El Paso, TX.

No. 1545006

File: 1681092857104.jpg (111.83 KB, 1000x669, I0nuJ9p.jpg)

That's not El Paso, that's the Festival of Chariots parade in London. You can tell from the license plates and architecture that this isn't even America kek
The fact of the matter is that a non-negligible percentage of "white" Hispanics are not white in the American sense (i.e. mixed race to some degree) because American racial categories do not reflect those of LatAm. This isn't even up for debate, it's a literal fact.
Here's an upscale mall that's actually in El Paso, TX, the town which is ~90% white.

No. 1545015

File: 1681094700235.jpg (287.54 KB, 1300x957, s8Gxxcc.jpg)

More normie El Pasoans going about their day not having any suspicions of their photographs being posted to lolcow

No. 1545561

AskWomenOver30 was like the only sub I liked browsing while commuting, as it cut down most of the coomer and cutesy crap, and wasn't infested with men in replies. Now some no-name mod with no posting history (so a troon on an alt) put a huge "TERFs NOT ALLOWED" sticky on top today. Let me have a single fucking female sub without these eyesores pushing themselves front and center.

No. 1545734

File: 1681162977001.jpeg (300.35 KB, 844x2094, 9942921E-011C-4BC9-864B-EB14AE…)


No. 1545751

Is this from FDS

No. 1545754

File: 1681165262431.png (98.32 KB, 1252x930, kibbereddit.png)


No. 1545757

File: 1681165385742.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1440, ntd7y5xfikqa1.png)

No. 1545759

File: 1681165515836.jpg (164.77 KB, 1018x1052, IMG_20230411_002403.jpg)

I find it so hard to believe. Has anyone ever seen something like this in real life? The discussion was about the "wall" for women and men and how older men have more options than older women of course

No. 1545760

File: 1681165531078.png (31.19 KB, 638x555, plural.png)

No. 1545763

Everything he stated was invalid from the start but he really doubled-down on it being invalid by calling "girl game" just wanting sex from men

No. 1545765

Usually they have money to spend. They are business relationships, not romantic ones lmao. THE DELUSION!

No. 1545767

Looks like redpillwomen

No. 1545769

I've never in my life met an old man/young woman couple that wasnt blatant gold-digging or significant mental health problems on the womans part.

No. 1545774

It's because these older men have gotten better at manipulating women

No. 1545778

These people don't live in the real world. No, 20 year old women are not throwing themselves en masse at post-wall grotesque scrotes. They think terrible OnlyFans copywriting that is mostly done by other scrotes is real life. It's not. Sugar babies and trophy wives exist but they're not freshly 18 years like they like to pretend… successful ones are mid-thirties and up and still a very small percentage of women.

No. 1545779

Thats how you get a guy who resents you, treats you like shit and cheats on you. Why do pick mes actually think they'll get picked by showing they have zero self worth? Men hate women like that, men only like women they can chase.

No. 1545790

Let me guess: those "romantic and sexual propositions" are DMs from hornybaby19 that says "I'm bored at home. Come play squirt emoji"

And yes, they do think that shit is real. I have not seen what he described in real life but I have seen men tell their buddies that women are talking to them only to show mass sent messages from OF models and porn bots.

No. 1545943

I'm looking through the breakup subreddit to cope with my own breakup and I wish there was some kind of gender identifier in the posts so I can ignore any posts written by a man lol. They always act so arrogant, thinking that there wasn't possibly anything wrong with them, and then when they describe their breakup it was obvious because they were emotionally distant. Such emotional vampires men are, their souls are hollow.

No. 1545995

>as well as their resources
So they're basically admitting that women are systematically kept dependent on men's wealth to live a decent life? And that, if women were allowed to be more financially independent there would be less old moids getting young partners?

No. 1546301

ding ding ding

No. 1546420

DARVO in action. The whole thing is a boomer-made switcheroo foisted on basically every woman born in the past 50~ish years. Families stopped chasing off substandard scrotes, because that was "prejudiced", and within two generations this is how entitled and greedy loser scrotes became. No scrote who says shit like this even has an intention of getting married, they're just trying to bleed women dry.
Lol just at the idea that men ever "mature" in any way, they just get slower and nastier.

No. 1547359

>make a comment saying that women are more socially attuned in general and vulnerable to propaganda preying on that
>some pickme responds to me HAHA GUESS I MISSED THAT GENE HURRDURR
Shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up. Also, shut the fuck up.

No. 1547441

Kek as if they just lose their neurotic personalities with age, ime males only get more entitled and delusional. All of this shit is pure cope and projection, and it's sad how many young women believe it and stress over aging. The only thing that changes is that you get more money, time, and freedom. Until you're like 80 and there are fewer men because they're fucking dead, there will always be a pool of desperate males who want to fuck you.

No. 1547516

Yeah I've seen a 50 year old guy always date women who were below 25. How he did it? He's an actor. Leonardo dicaprio, kek. These men literally see super rich famous men pull young women and think their broke ass can pull those women too even though they can't even get matches with the 50 year odl single mom of five on tinder.

No. 1547832

This. Sadly I think this also skews women's perception of things, not only men's. Leonardo Dicaprio became a meme because of the specific age range and the fact that he changes gfs constantly, but if we're being honest, that kind of age gap is super common among celebrities, politics but also in movies. Like, how often is the female love interest way prettier and younger than the male character? There are also quite a lot of movies that are specifically about an old scrote dating a very young woman or even a student, which is creepy af. Personally it got to a point where I was wondering if that was a thing IRL even though I hadn't personally witnessed it. Ofc most women are still into men their age but I'm sure some of them are memed into dating older scrotes, esp if they're insecure about aging which is a lot of women rn due to all that propaganda. Still funny to see broke unappealing and often virgin redditards get confident about the idea that it's all gonna work for them when they hit 50yo.

No. 1548702

File: 1681437758149.jpg (19.38 KB, 630x354, 1680993836570.jpg)

in regards to /r/redscapepod:

so what is the demographic behind this subreddit/podcast listenerbase anyways? is it aging millenial mean girls who peaked in high school? or aging millenial femcel/femsperg losers overcorrecting/overcompensating by LARPing as the mean girls who bullied them as teens?

No. 1548704

it’s mostly non tranny men pretending to be women

No. 1548713

Nta, consider if the gross old man is a poet, musician, or has some other skill that improves with age. If I have to tell one more female friend to stay away from their "tortured artist" professors I may actually cry.

No. 1548786

honestly that sounds like cope, like faildaughters do exist.

No. 1548901

So do male calico cats, and with about the same frequency, too

No. 1549819

File: 1681554461556.png (36.2 KB, 758x498, asylumfromgenocide.png)

Feels like every irish subreddit rn is half people talking about the homelessness/housing shortage crisis happening here.. and then its half US based trannies seeking asylum?
>Please please tell me that if I just move some place at random that people will clap for me when I walk down the street in a dress. Muh struggles
Massive increase in it lately

No. 1550220

Isn't Ireland kinda conservative aside from Dublin? They only allowed abortion in 2013, I don't see why they would welcome loony troons with open arms.

No. 1550290

he should come and get beaten up, i get harassed and threatened for looking too friendly with other women (and that's in dublin) there's plenty of women in ireland that are happy to beat each other up too so he'll have a great time if he tries his shit.

young people are pretty liberal but you also have a large lower class of very aggressive men and women happy to knock your teeth out

No. 1550435

I'm not even gay but just having short hair has nearly gotten me bashed when living in dublin. Then moved to a rural area and because I was single I found out people were iffy about me because.. hmm must be gay if shes moving here alone?

It was 5 years ago that we got abortion for the first time and the lead up to the vote was tense. They want to be fed this idea that we're ahead of the curve on issues like that. We're really not and if anything a bunch more men in dresses moving over here and looking to be all loud, proud and in your face are only going to risk tipping the scales and creating a backlash against gays and other 'related issues' seeing as it all gets lumped in together. They can't see that they're the issue and anywhere they go.. they'll make themselves victims and drag others down with them.

I'm curious as to whether other small countries have this suddenly flooding their subs too. Its like they randomly picked any country with fuck all reason to believe its a safe haven. This sob story has to be shitting up other counties subs.

No. 1550720

Have y'all ever been on r/196? The entire sub is trannyjerking and nu-leftists sperging about whitey issues that only effect them but when you post a misandry meme you get downvoted into oblivion, lmao.

No. 1550734

I think it would be funny if they got spammed with misandry memes. Would they add a rule against it?

No. 1550735

what's the meaning of the name?

No. 1550861

>whitey issues
can you even define that?

No. 1550871

>I'm curious as to whether other small countries have this suddenly flooding their subs too.
They probably only hit countries that primarily speak English. I know Ireland has been in the US news several times recently because of male "refugees" rioting, scrote troons are probably drawn towards that violence instinctually, like a scavenger or parasite.

No. 1550873

Probably white men saying they're being discrimated against after some nonwhite woman rejected them or something.
A lot of Americans think they're superior and that they can go to any country and be worshipped, this isn't a new thing for Americans to be delusional. They just assume that they'll be loved in any country because their media portrays America as some super cool place every European/Asian/etc. loves. That's also why white American men are convinced every woman is gonna want them if they visit a foreign country. They're just entitled.

No. 1550874

Reddit is just a terminally online place. I live in northern Ireland which is more Conservative than the South i would say and we have a tranny in work and no one accepts their identity tbh. Not even the mate that brought them in. A creationist at work (yea) has complained about him being in our female changing rooms.

No. 1551107

tbh the exact same can be said about british and australian people. they're utterly obnoxious drunk or sober and they piss EVERYWHERE.

No. 1551256

I forget where 196 comes from, but it's supposed to be a subreddit where you have to post a picture before you leave. So, if you go there to browse, part of the rule is you must post something even if it's dogshit from your camera-roll…
If I'm remembering right.

No. 1551353

File: 1681676204935.jpeg (149.11 KB, 828x1311, IMG_5429.jpeg)

Can you guess what most of the comments are saying?

No. 1551376

is there something wrong with the polo?

No. 1551377

What's going on in the back? Why is she on the floor(?)

No. 1551385

No idea, but she caught me off guard & it reminds me of one of those haunted Japanese ghost photos where there’s like a group of people in an innocent setting and then you see some random dead arm or like a spooky grudge face between someone’s legs.

No. 1551391

Comments probably not realizing it's a joke and going THAT FILTHY WHORE SHOULD KILL HERSELF, BUT NOT BEFORE HAVING SEX WITH ME

No. 1551494

Ngl I don’t get this one. The top comments were just saying he should still go to brunch.

No. 1551572

>they're utterly obnoxious drunk or sober and they piss EVERYWHERE.
Irish are like this too, maybe Americans would fit right in after all.

No. 1552183

File: 1681750475480.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.97 KB, 800x1080, SC-205-1.jpg)

has anyone asked him why it looks like he's wearing a girdle?

No. 1552284

File: 1681753958442.jpeg (91.83 KB, 1178x630, 981D7750-42C5-48B2-9537-57C0F4…)

You're a Redditor too, sir.

No. 1552381

No. 1552462

The coworker as complained, but is he still allowed in there? Because if he wasn't written up for it, seems like your company is pretty accepting unfortunately.

No. 1552859

File: 1681784970135.jpeg (158.25 KB, 942x1149, 1663D2F6-8125-4051-814A-7DBCDD…)

Wholesome…but the replies are a shitshow

No. 1552861

File: 1681785028578.jpeg (121.72 KB, 937x1574, 1FE989D4-841B-4843-A9CB-3A1D33…)

Like…why the fuck would you say this in reply to a comment like that

No. 1552864

File: 1681785112776.jpeg (85.28 KB, 1065x991, CE240FB6-76A9-4907-81EB-9540FE…)

AskMen moid commenters truly are the weakest link

No. 1552881

Moids treat their own wives like some Pokemon card collectible sharing personal details with any stranger online. CHECK MY STATS HERE I GOT THE LIGHT PINK NIPPLE ULTRA RARE ROUND ASS ROUND BOOBS VARIANT!!
it's so fucking sick and they deserve nothing. Imagine if women were like here is my hot Chad of a husband do you want to trade yours and make them have sex with me and each other? These men are not human and I would love to imagine the reactions if all their public comments were shown to said wives.

No. 1552901

>I would love to imagine the reactions if all their public comments were shown to said wives.
If all wives had access to their husbands post history divorce rates would skyrocket to a horrifically astronomical rate.

No. 1552905

Honestly it sounds made up. This is probably his jerk off fantasy account where he's making shit up to get himself off. I doubt a woman that's so hot would be dating a redditor.

No. 1552915

>puts herself last
kind of a weird thing to claim is a great quality. She sounds traumatized. There are other ways to brag that your wife is kind. God I hate men saying "my wife" bc it sounds like the person becomes property. idk it's a me problem i think, but I avoid referring to people like that personally.

No. 1552992

She's not real, the guy sounds like a schizo kek

No. 1553032

I read this in Brittany Venti's voice kek

No. 1553057

It's his dreamwide, not his real wife. He wants a super hot pornstar looking woman who doesn't care about herself and only cares about pleasing him, even if it means she has to get fucked by other men. This kind of woman doesn't exist, even if she did she wouldn't be married to a redditor. It's all a fantasy and he probably never even had a gf.

No. 1553157

drill curls just make me think of the blonde girl in madoka magica. like he's just describing that anime girl

No. 1553939

File: 1681908230285.jpeg (8.93 KB, 277x182, white-fragility.jpeg)

>on some paranormal sub
>see people talking about "skinwalkers"
>go into the thread to tell them skinwalkers are important folklore to many indigenous american groups, and skinwalkers and wendigos and stuff don't just appear to spook white people then disappear
>some white moid replies to tell me i am so good for Defending the Noble Savages and he realizes the error of his ways and will only talk about german folklore now
>gets massively upvoted(racebaiting)

No. 1553942

Yeah it's an ugly ass Victorian looking hairstyle irl and definitely not worn so this is made up so badly. He's using his hentai image gallery tags as actual terms to be thrown around in discussion.

No. 1553954

i have naturally super tight ringlets, but like. they can't be used like in retarded coomer hentai where someone gives you a "hairjob". i don't think that would even work if you used some kind of spray to get the curls really hard bc then it would just feel like crispy hair product lmao. men are so stupid

No. 1553956

I don't get it, what's so bad about some white guy saying he won't talk about something that isn't his cultural heritage anymore? Isn't that like exactly what people who complain about "cultural appropriation" wanted? Like what people got cancelled for and shit? I really don't feel strongly about either camp but I just don't get what people want anymore.

No. 1553960

anon, he didn't say he wasn't going to talk about them anymore. he literally said i was "defending the noble savages". that was not me exaggerating for humorous effect. he's basically saying go fuck yourself and being sarcastic.

No. 1553966

and what's wrong with that, if you want to use something that's part of folklore and myth you should be able to.

No. 1553977

Indigenous beliefs and folklore don't need to be respected any more than Christian sky daddy or ancient Greek myths. They're all delusions in the end.

No. 1553978

Other anons already said this but yeah, this is definitely made up. A guy shared how much he loves his wife and how sweet she is, then this coomer invades his wholesome post with a description of his perfect, totally real wife that has a perfect super hot pornstar body. Then when the OP shows clear discomfort with such a degrading way of talking about both their wives, comes up with a bunch of random "positive" traits and doubles down on the degeneracy. He was probably jerking off while making those replies, gross.

No. 1553979

>skinwalkers and wendigos and stuff don't just appear to spook white people then disappear
They don't appear to anyone because they're not real

No. 1553980

Agreed nona, can’t imagine getting heated about fucking skinwalkers and other fairy tales kek

No. 1553994

You probably can't imagine getting heated about anything. That would require more than two brain cells.

No. 1553996

Imagine her educating someone about gnomes on Reddit with a straight face and how garden gnomes are a gross misrepresentation of the real thing. If anything I think the Reddit moid is right calling her out with the "Noble Savage" thing, it's actually doing a disservice to the indigenous people and not seeing them as modern humans who know better than what their ancestors used to imagine to try to explain the world around them.

No. 1554012

nta but never leave your country or go to LatAm, the only reason you’re shitting on them is because you have no culture and don’t have to deal with brujas or nahuales. Your view point is no different to the other fat pseudo intellectual redditors you’re shitting on in this thread

No. 1554013

Why do folk stories have to be 100% true to have value and be worth preserving? The boy who cried wolf never existed, would you be ok with someone telling the story wrong to your children to encourage them to lie for drama? Animals don't talk, so Aesop's fables should all be rewritten to be animals foraging for food and stuff like that, right? Drop the pseudointellectual reddit atheist shit, kids.

No. 1554035

It's fine to acknowledge that they're stories that have been used to teach a lesson. It doesn't mean we have to respect them as truth that's above creative liberty and untouchable. The lessons exist regardless. Disney is rewriting folklore as we speak, and no one's scared about the original stories or lessons disappearing. They are still being read to children. Someone telling a story wrong to teach the opposite lesson to a child is not comparable to an earth spirit becoming a popular lawn ornament.

No. 1554056

>he didn't say he wasn't going to talk about them anymore
>will only talk about german folklore now
Is "I will only talk about german folklore from now on" not the equivelant of saying "I won't talk about skinwalkers/folklore from indigenous American groups anymore"

otherwise fair enough I did indeed think you were exaggerating for humorous effect

No. 1554099

No one but you is talking about gnomes.

No. 1554212

he was being sarcastic

No. 1554216

Except it’s not like gnomes and fairies. Native Americans who believe in these stories or think they have value very specifically voiced that they don’t like how they’ve been appropriated and talked about. It’s really not that hard to just respect that especially since they’ve been fucking genocided for this culture. You’re not smart, you’re an annoying contrarian fuck incapable of empathy with a persecution complex like Bill Maher.

No. 1554270

>Native Americans who believe in these stories or think they have value very specifically voiced that they don’t like how they’ve been appropriated and talked about
This doesn't matter one bit. Everyone's equally subject to scrutiny. They can believe what they want within their culture but no one needs to respect their silly beliefs just because it's cultural heritage. It's terrible that they were killed for their beliefs, but calling them cuckoo is not comparable genocide. Empathy is not blindly accepting whatever bullshit people think.

No. 1554290

Plenty of people from other cultures don't appreciate other people taking their myths and using them for silly stuff, but no one bats an eye because no one is forced to believe and adhere to a specific culture's beliefs and norms. The fact that Native Americans were sadly genocided doesn't give them the right to impose their rules and beliefs on other people. At the end of the day they're just beliefs, they're not real. They might be important to them and that's perfectly fine, but it may not be the case for other people. A Christian will sperg out at you for using Jesus or cross imagery for stupid shit but obviously other people aren't forced to treat those things with religious respect. Also are you going to respect the fact that a lot of indigenous cultures practice sacrifices, rape and pedastry for religious puposes just because it's they're precious culture?

No. 1554378

Go back to /r/atheists(infighting)

No. 1554450

I was raised, and still am, Celtic pagan and plenty of people make fun of my beliefs or turn them into just whimsical aesthetics or whatever, but honestly I just don't give a fuck? It's my religion and no one has to be guilted into respecting it. This is a retarded conversation.
Exactly. The same people who sperg about "respecting indigenous spirituality" are the same people who will make fun of Christianity without batting an eyelid. Also, at some point in history, followers of almost every religion have been persecuted for practicing said religion.

No. 1554532

go back to tiktok with your brain-dead takes

No. 1554825

They are free to believe whatever they want. Meanwhile, on other side of the ocean, I am free to read and write whatever I want, even about their little spoopy skinwalkerman!

No. 1554834

So it's funny when you makes fun of a minoritys culture but when anon makes fun of you, >>1554378 here you get mad? Edgy atheists are so annoying.

No. 1554836

There are multiple anons talking, you silly goose. Who's getting mad at her exactly? The one anon telling her to go back to tiktok? You're just trying to find something to argue about and it doesn't make any sense.

No. 1554837

How is anon from tiktok because she called you guys out on your cringy behavior? You guys sound like you came from r/atheists with the way you make fun of a minority's culture smugly by comparing it to a random religion(Christianity) and act all superior like atheist men on reddit do.

No. 1554842

Ask the anon who told her to go back to tiktok. A minority culture is not exempt from questioning no matter how much you try to make it something more important and meaningful than majority culture and guilt trip others about it.

No. 1554845

Christianity isn't a culture, it's a belief and religion. You can decide not to believe a belief but not believing a culture exists isn't possible, sadly.

No. 1554849

What are you on about. Christianity is a belief system of a majority culture. Minority cultures have their own belief systems. I don't respect those beliefs, because they are beliefs, and literally depend on where you are born and to whom. Beliefs are not based on reality, that's what makes them beliefs, and I do not respect minority beliefs just because they are believed by a minority. I respect their right to believe what they want, I respect their right to their culture, but that's about the extent of it.

No. 1554852

The newfaggotry is unbearable, PLEASE integrate no one cares about your very speshul and so younique culture.

No. 1554879

Ameriburgers cry about live action Disney movies having different races of women playing princesses from European fairy tales because "it's inaccurate, that's not traditional reeee!!", but are somehow incapable of respecting another culture's traditional lore because they need to write their 100000th shitty, forgettable copy of a copy of a creepypasta, kek.

No. 1554885

racism is universal nonna, don’t just blame this on us burgerfats. there was a french dude in one of my lectures whining about “zee gheys” and asking us why people “cannot just bee normal, non?” when we were discussing non-white actors playing roles traditionally given to white people.

No. 1554915

You clearly don't respect their right to their culture though, you think it's fine to take elements of it and use them wrong. Turning wendigo into a silly ghost story is no different to telling children that crying wolf is a fun and profitable activity.

No. 1554918

>Racist people who dislike seeing nonwhite female characters as princesses on screen also disrespect indigenous culture
Hm… How can this be? It's as if they're racists?

No. 1554919

I do respect their right to their culture, you won't catch me trying to forcibly convert anyone. Doesn't mean I won't make fun of some aspects of it.

No. 1554929

Nta but making fun of a culture is disrespecting it.

No. 1554937

I don't mind disrespecting a culture if disrespecting a culture means criticizing and even laughing at some weird as shit beliefs in that culture. I still respect their right to practice their culture. If my words hurt their feelings, that's not enough for me to shut up about it and I'm sure they'll live through it if their convictions are strong enough. I won't shut up about how fucked up it is to circumcise babies but I'm not out there actively telling people their whole culture and religion sucks ass because circumcision is a part of it. I'll just keep being vocal about how fucked up it is to cut a baby's genitalia. Same with any wack folklore people take as truth just because their ancient texts or elders say so. Understand the difference?

No. 1554943

Yeah, we're mocking racists because they're retarded hypocrites. That's the point kek

No. 1555145

Nightmarish. Imagine loving and marrying someone only for them to go online and describe you like theyre tagging a porn video.

lmao you can see how uncomfortable the weird porn comment made the original poster
"I prefer emotional connection"
"Oh good, she's a complete doormat, you'd love her" I hope this guy stays away from actual woman, I know this wife is imaginary but its scary how it already sounds like she's in an abusive relationship

he's not wrong lol. I think he's trying to describe how smaller subreddits are pretty tempered and tolerable and as soon as it hits the front page the sub becomes a despote of politically charged retards

he got upvoted because you sound retarded. What did you want, chupacabra, Nessie, skinwalkers, fairies, are all pretty comfortably woven into popular "creepy" culture. Are you offended by Percy Jackson books because they're a popwashed version of greek religion? Unless they're portraying the original source like "jesus can you believe these dumb stories they believed" I don't understand what's offensive about adopting and continuing on traditional stories. If you're going to act morally superior then at least argue about something with ground to stand on

No. 1555305

This is the weakest come back I've ever seen. Stupid people get mad constantly.

No. 1555624

I'm sure you mean well, but this is getting embarrassing. Treating all old tales and religions the same is less racist than holding minority cultures to a different standard for some reason, as if they're the special ed kid that others shouldn't make fun of. Your "principles" literally depend on what culture or religion you are talking about.

It works both ways though
>omgg it's just a tale, it's not real, who cares about a Disney movie?
>how dare you make a story about skinwalkers?? that's someone's culture! racist!

No. 1555971

Right wing nonnies, it's your daily reminder to just kill yourselves, no one wants to hear your worthless opinions.(alogging)

No. 1555973

Treating politics like sports teams is cringe

No. 1555975

Aw does Polly want a cracker?

No. 1555985

Nta but cringe lol

No. 1555987

Shouldn't you be at school right now?

No. 1555988

shouldn't you be on twitter

No. 1556018

This. There is nothing more gayer than politics, from both sides of the spectrum.

No. 1556035

if you can't handle people disagreeing with you on the internet, you probably can't handle real life either. cope or take your own advice nonny

No. 1556050

You're a stereotype and it's not a good look

No. 1556282

File: 1682107251061.jpeg (133.27 KB, 1186x960, FuLYUWeWAAsqbHW.jpeg)

watch out white techbros, bardfinn is coming for you

No. 1556335

>We are homemakers. You are men.
Dude have you seen how trannies live? They can't even make their bed.

No. 1556474

It should be the other way around.

>You (women) are priestesses. We (trannies) are men.

>You are homemakers. We are men.
>You are councillors. We are men.
>You are Oracles. We are men.
>You are poets. We are men.
>You are seated. We are men.
>You are riders. We are men.
>You ascend.
>We are men.

No. 1556487

I can't get through that, it's too cringe.

No. 1556557

File: 1682129131915.jpg (227.38 KB, 737x2320, 5fqnb3qb65ua1.jpg)

No. 1556562

File: 1682129786428.jpg (153.26 KB, 844x1585, wvPn629 - Imgur.jpg)

Saw this cringe in the replies though. Reddit and twox have a massive tranny janny problem but of course focus on muh wahmens overreacting kek

No. 1556572

Sure you can be edgy and say whatever you want about some smaller mythos/pantheon but I don't understand this hostility when you get corrected kek.
Nona's post isn't even about a guy criticizing the skinwalker's existence but it seemed more like he got a detail wrong.

No. 1556608

File: 1682138479242.jpeg (184.81 KB, 828x1331, 6D5C245A-A023-4488-9B26-0623A9…)

Oh yikes this is creepy

No. 1556821

I got my comment shadowbanned from publicfreakout because I called somebody a weirdo

No. 1557017

File: 1682189798465.jpeg (153.85 KB, 1179x1543, 0C17A1AD-6D07-4DF9-9445-A1A372…)

Reddit coomers on suicide watch rn

No. 1557060

They use redgif now so this won't change anything.

No. 1557068

Here is the cultural values litmus test (ofc assuming you're not racist).
Was the American man in vid rel in the wrong?

No. 1557092

why do reddits moms think male ppd is a real thing and not just their husbands hating them and their new baby

No. 1557113

they know it isn't real, they're coping/lying to themselves because the truth hurts/it's easier to pretend it's something out of their control.

No. 1557168

Maybe this could go into unpopular opinions, but I'm not sure female ppd is real either, or just mothers hating their current life

No. 1557187

Respectfully, I'm not even American. And why do you think I'd wanna go to LatAm? Even if I had to for work reasons for a few days I doubt skinwalkers would come up anyway kek
Hollywood and even people here make dumb movie stuff out of my own cultural myths and no one here cares because we know it's just fairytales. No one really believes in God either so I'd tell you my culture is just very skeptical and I just can't comprehend believing in supernatural monsters like it's a real thing as an adult. But okay I get it's important to you.

No. 1557205

Nta, but I can understand female ppd because having a child causes a shift in hormones, which can lead to depression and the symptoms of ppd, but men don't give birth, so their hormones aren't fucked with. They just hate the responsibility of the child and the change having a kid causes to a persons lifestyle.

No. 1557253

Male bpd is literally just autism and OCD making their special interests people instead of trains.

No. 1557277

>Male bpd
Nta but she meant postpartum depression, not borderline personality disorder.

No. 1557280

The way I could not fathom that this phrase could ever even exist

No. 1557289

nonna, males can have BPD too. infact it's not talked about enough how insufferable males with BPD are, I used to be friends with one. he would simultaneously skinwalk my tastes and have a crush on me, all while pretending he introduced the things he skinwalked to me and acting smug about it. his ego was tiny and when I called him about it he would have mantrums and act like I killed his dog.

No. 1557302

.. girl what. like the other anon said there's a huge hormone shift (among other things) in women when they get pregnant, it only makes sense that your body and brain might struggle to go back to normal after 9 months of that. also look up postpartum psychosis, since it is rarely talked about

the idea of a man having post partum anything is pretty fucking ludicrous, though

No. 1557324

And I was just saying male bpd is like autism except their special interest is thinking they have the right to puppeteer other people.

No. 1557328

>he would simultaneously skinwalk my tastes and have a crush on me, all while pretending he introduced the things he skinwalked to me and acting smug about it. his ego was tiny and when I called him about it he would have mantrums and act like I killed his dog
kek, were we friends with the same guy or are they really all like this

No. 1557333

My brother had bpd and it sucked, he definitely self medicated and drank too much on top of it. Some days it was a blast, other days… it was a nightmare. A doc diagnosed him back in early y2k as a 6th grader and my mom refused to except it.
His skinwalking phases were so funny. First it was the skater, then the jackass crew, then gucci , then sublime. Motherfucker would change his whole closet constantly. I think he skinwalked Scarface for a year too

No. 1557344

it's not really like autism because all interests are fleeting and it can change seasonally. autists spend decades obsessing over the same things.
they suck. when he told me he had BPD I tried to not be judgemental because I have other mentally ill friends but I'm never having a BPD male friend again. fuck that noise.
my friend went from metalhead to "nerdy" (he literally got thick glasses frame and all the shebang) to soundcloud rapper in the 8 months I knew him. do BPD people spend their entire days thinking about their self image or what?

No. 1557544

The question here is why would it be wrong when done to some cultures but acceptable when done to other cultures? Ofc assuming you're not racist

No. 1557702

I feel so sorry for straight women who haven't been blackpilled on male behavior, because every fucking day of their lives is going to involve mental gymnastics, denial, coping, and pointless psychoanalysis of the weird problems their otherwise 100% GREATEST EVER partner keeps having. Imagine that is your life forever, making excuses for an angry spiteful, resentful, lower functioning creature attached to a penis. It's really no wonder that so many women get obsessed with pitbulls, because they got primed for the same beaten down slave donkey eternally coddling mommy behavior with men.

No. 1557762

I think you missed the point, because you just rephrased my same question instead of answering it lol

No. 1557930

Special interests in autistic people can actually last for shorter periods like months or weeks, it's not random moid obsessed with trains all the time, that's just a stereotype.

No. 1558089

There's research showing that new dads actually experience hormonal shifts too, especially if they hold their baby skin to skin, but their testosterone is actually supposed to drop and prolactin raise. Basically the hormonal shifts they experience make them better fathers, and increase the more involved they are with the baby. It's nothing like what women go through and shouldn't be called the same thing.

No. 1558323

It’s still not ppd and it shouldn’t cause psychosis or intense feelings. Watching a women cry lowers testosterone is that a medical condition now too?
> my gf cried
> now I have man baby can’t handle emotions syndrome.

No. 1558382

Especially if they're faking it.

No. 1559022


anon i cannot stop laughing at "skinwalked scarface" can you please elaborate

No. 1560922

>do BPD people spend their entire days thinking about their self image or what?
One of the diagnostic qualifiers is a lack of sense of self, so yes, bippies are often obsessive about who they actually are and join subcultures (music scenes, fandoms, gendershit, etc) that give them easy identifiers to cling to in place of a personality.

No. 1561335

File: 1682638141326.jpeg (180.05 KB, 774x1890, 3C7AF629-F8D9-4E33-B865-708824…)

At least he's honest

No. 1561341

Men are subhuman, barely the same species as us, utterly repulsive

No. 1561350

I hate how men wax poetic for muh male biology and act as if women don't know the only thing they devout themselves to is the coom. We do know but if we say anything about it we're man hating, feminazis, cunt, whore, bitches who are plotting against men. We have already addressed the elephant in the room NUMEROUS times and when we do we're called jealous, bitter and jaded because of the OF and instathots. We've learned to stay silent because men will literally take our lives if we don't act oblivious to male nature. Men will tell you they're cheaters, liars, only uses you for sex as if it's some big secret but somehow YOU'RE the one in the wrong for agreeing with him.

Let a woman say she needs a tall, wealthy man suddenly our biology is deemed wrong and shunned. How dare you want good genetics and a comfortable environment for your offspring?!!?

Imagine a woman writing long ass paragraphs on reddit about how women only see men as ATMs and nothing else. I bet this same guy would lose his mind.

I hate how we're just supposed to be OK with the whole muh biology thing but as soon as it's a woman who has the upper hand biologically (mainly to do with children) they cant cope. Look at how many experiments have been done to get males pregnant or to grow babies in tubs. They can never accept that giving life is a female only trait but it's women who are wrong for finding degeneracy disgusting.

No. 1561358

ain't ever heard of a cheesecake before i guess.

No. 1561366

It's just another gay ass negging tactic. It's never about being honest with each other, always about using what little they have to keep women insecure.

No. 1561416

This is why women must learn to have a strategy and goal when approaching moids: paying your bills. Paying your student loans, paying you to go back to school, paying you cash randomly just to speak to you, paying your parking tickets, paying your phone bill, paying your electricty bill, paying for your hobbies.

Falling for a moid before he has contractually agreed to provide for you AND made sure of it is so naive. Mothers needs to raise their daughters to have a goal is mind when approaching moids- after all, fathers tell their sons to do this with women.

No. 1561438

Reddit is cancer. It's a hub for propaganda, too. It's obvious, but if you check out the policy director's job history you'll see what I mean.

No. 1561458

Absolute poetry. The truth needs to be spread but pickmes and moids will always silence it because they do not want to hear a truth that is disgusting to them. A truth that is not constructed and panders to them and instead represents a reality that is well-hidden by society as a whole to benefit the patriarchy. Every woman NEEDS to be advised about how disgraced men are, always have been and will. It is wise to be strategic about moids you date, to suggest otherwise is to be foolful. To be drained of precious energy that you'll never get back, or, worse, be abused, isolated from friends, family. Possibly killed. Trafficked. Being sure that a moid will provide is the most logical decision any woman can make. But not to demand as he will future-fake. If he cannot provide? Drop.

No. 1561471

File: 1682657150463.png (208.77 KB, 747x878, RedditMalemoment.png)

Posted in R/Adulting
His first wife left him. Judging from his comments, I'd say he is still hung up on his ex-wife even if he's been with his current one for 9 years.

Comments range from
>Congrats OP she really cares for you
>How is this adulting if someone chooses what you wear? Are you a toddler?
OP seems to believe because he "Busts his ass all day!" and "I am taking her out on a date." It's only fitting she returns the favour to dress him.

No. 1561482

it makes me so sad when women marry men who cannot dress themselves, i can't explain it properly but men who refuse to take care of basic hygiene or dress in non offensive clothing are creepy on a different level

No. 1561507

This hurts my soul. They are just so low effort and careless.

The moid knows how to dress himself, he is choosing not to.
Poor thing has to drag him to his own fucking date.

No. 1561525

being financially dependent on a scrote in exchange for shitty sex is probably the most retarded goal to have in life. thanks but i'd rather earn my own money and not give a shit about moids.

No. 1561544

he's 6 and mommy laid out his clothes the day before to go to church

No. 1561574

I can't even remember being an age where a parent would have to lay out your clothes for you. I get that men love to brag about 'acts of sevice' that their partners provide like they really whipped her good…uh I mean they found a good one. But it makes them come off as stunted alot of the time when its not even something any adult should be doing for another non mentally/physically disabled adult.

No. 1561625

File: 1682681054133.png (17.55 KB, 790x769, firefox_iJIoftaArL.png)

No. 1561626

Men have no reason to exist and the fucking definition of meme in the dictionary states that theyre often changed

No. 1561639

Are you purposely misinterpreting the post?

No. 1561676

And women shouldn't take the blackpill because???

No. 1561681

NTA but I agree with the anon. All this 'use men for money' basically means you have to spend a lot of time and resources on looking sexually attractive so men will want to fuck you and spend money on you, spend a lot of mind power into manipulating the guy and overall it reeks of 'men's market value' being highest when they're rich (meaning quite old). It's a retarded mindset imo, better being independent and not caring about moids at all.

No. 1561704

I'm getting a cramp from cringing so hard. That movie came out before you were born and it wasn't even that good. Shut up about it already.

No. 1561708

What movie? The matrix ?

No. 1561719

Kek newfag

No. 1561751

Anon that's not very pinkmatrixpilled of you.

No. 1562077

Holy shit that's so sad. Why would she reward that with sex and reproduction?

No. 1562132

>as soon as it's a woman who has the upper hand biologically
technically women already have the upper hand in dating. Women have adapted to the modern world - independent, make our own money, laws against rape now exist, birth control, etc. And women can and have emotionally fulfilling non-romantic relationships with others or go to therapy. Even though people encourage men to go to therapy, they fucking refuse to go and instead want a woman to be their therapist like that reddit scrote. Many men have not adapted to the modern world and haven't realized their income isn't the main and only thing important anymore - they need to be hygienic, charismatic, not aggressive/toxic, well rounded, social skills, etc. But they can't fucking wrap their heads around this and many of them are socially retarded and fall into the redpill world kek.

Most socially healthy normie women just don't know about the perverted degeneracy that moids fall into online and finding a normal grounded man must be a nightmare. BUT luckily it seems that normie women are picking up on these type of degenerate loser men because of Andrew Tate, fresh&fit, etc. So many social loser fans are repeating and following their redpill advice, and now have the balls to ask women on the first date their body count. So it appears men are self reporting kek. Anyways, I think all the normal people will eventually find each other while these online dateless wonders will cry it's not fair that the 'low quality women/modern' women won't sleep with them and trad virgin women don't want to marry them neither kekkk

No. 1562853

File: 1682802537105.jpeg (204.61 KB, 872x1862, 22DAE780-7931-48D0-BA07-6F3F15…)

I know purple pill debate is low hanging fruit, but…lmao

No. 1563196

Because men enforced those preferences by holding women hostage essentially and using them as objects. Women haven't done that to men. They really will cope over everything they have done being fine and try and psyop the idea that men and women are treated equal.

No. 1563213

>is it misandristic to not be attracted to broke men?
When women have babies they are out of work for months and their future earning potential plummets. If I'm going to bear a man's children the very least he can do is provide me a level of financial stability and comfort equal to if not greater than the level I had when I was single and childless. Me wanting to marry a rich man to ensure I don't fuck up my generational prosperity and raise my children in poverty is not the same as a man wanting a hairless woman without wrinkles because he has ingrained pedo tendencies.

No. 1563235

Men ree about traditionalism being good but also chimpout at the idea of women seeking a provider because most are just worthless and simply want a maid kek.

No. 1563941

File: 1682894619372.jpeg (303.86 KB, 3000x3000, askwomenover30.jpeg)

r/AskWomenOver30 's turn to have a meltdown over "TERFs".
does anyone know what it means when this user (the mod who posted this announcement) has 1/4 million karma but no post history before this? I take it they deleted everything?

No. 1563993

File: 1682896355400.jpeg (306.85 KB, 787x1977, IMG_6234.jpeg)

Yes, everything was deleted, but their deleted post/comment history can be found here:


I think their whining about "tEh tErFz!!" is to atone for their previous sins of "twanzphobia". Exhibit A: a comment they made a couple years ago

No. 1564000

Whenever I see posts like this I have to wonder, what the fuck does it have to do with women over the age of thirty? Like, when someone makes a RESPECT [insert group] OR GTFO!!!1 out of completely nowhere, it's weird.

No. 1564026

it's just to remind us that we can't have anything

No. 1564171

File: 1682908025236.png (129.61 KB, 759x780, Screenshot_2023-04-30_19-11-46…)

I'm not sure if there's an AI-generated image thread so posting this here.
AI generated people are unsettling. At the state its in now it'll never take off in popularity because only moids look at this image and think "yeah, post that." I don't care about the ethical debates on AI-generated photos/art at all, in fact I'm happy there's new tech developments like this, but looking at any AI-generated person freaks me the fuck out. It transports me to the moid-created uncanny valley. All of its data is moid-curated trash and the image is convincing to a moid, but when women look at it they can see the subconscious expectations, culture and biases that fester the Internet that dictate what is calculated to make a supposed "spontaneous" image even if they don't fully understand that these are making them understand the image this way. I saw this on my Reddit feed and now I remember why I read this thread. Jumpscared me.

No. 1564235

I hope with every post like this a Reddit mod makes, more women wake up and realize how their thoughts and opinions are actually being silenced there. TRAs love to talk about how they’re the ones who can’t speak, but even if you dare ask a genuinely innocent question as a handmaiden, your head is on the chopping block. It’s asinine.

No. 1564381

File: 1682931721677.jpeg (192.48 KB, 953x1500, IMG_6327.jpeg)

Reddit moids are extremely stupid about AI images though, especially AI porn

No. 1564439

This is the dumbest headline ever kek, oh no these poor lonely guys were getting off to a fake woman, so sad.

No. 1564442

and she is made off a bunch of nudes bashed together. If there is anyone we should feel bad for it's the women and teen girls who had their leaked nudes fed to the AI machine

No. 1564453


No. 1564459

I talked to a guy about this kinda stuff once and about how all the OnlyFans girls are like photoshopped and filtered so much they are basically not human anymore and he said that men don't care about that stuff. As long as it makes their dicks hard it's good enough for them to jerk off to. They don't care if it's real or fake. Otherwise men wouldn't be jerking it to shit like hentai.

No. 1564485

awww men have AI being used against them for once, boohooo, poor men!! (and even that's debatable considering they'll knowingly jerk it to anything)

No. 1564492

Literally. Nothing sad about them paying for AI porn, they'd probably do it anyway.

No. 1564503

This. I’m so fucking tired of moids making themselves out to be the victims when they wouldn’t know actual pain or oppression if it bit them in the ass. Oh no, some idiot males got duped by AI porn! Why are they always saying they got wronged when they never give a shit about the real women affected by this? I have no sympathy for scrotes any longer.

No. 1564529

File: 1682954268077.jpg (143.4 KB, 1176x916, transwomen in twoxchromosomes …)

i fucking hate TIMs

No. 1564532

Did this fucking retard stop at "I hate being a woman" and just presumed the rest of the post was op listing off female clothing articles she hates? I never know if these people are malicious or plainly stupid.

No. 1564540

definitely malicious. that account is in the tranny subs spreading lies about stinkditches being exactly the same as vaginas

No. 1564547

For being so “visual” they’re just fucking retarded because they can never realize obvious editing or filters. There was an AI image of four girls who had literal child faces on the bodies of women with perfect curvy figures and it was so obviously fake but all the moids were like WOW WHO ARE THEY kek literally they have no concept of what human women look like anymore. I knew this shit would start happening once it became more common to see online hoes using shit like the child/teen filter as an aesthetic choice for their porn content, next step is AI impossibility. More men making money off of women’s objectification.

No. 1564558

File: 1682956818533.jpg (85.11 KB, 640x853, a5dwlfqe58xa1_jpg_92.jpg)

every time i browse 2x i see at least 3 tranny posts. today this image was shoved into my face as i scrolled of two troon-ogres. it's right there in the name, two x chromosomes. no tranny surgery will repair their deformed y chromy.
we cant have even one space without troons invading it. why is 2x even a place to post their ugly selfie like some deranged attention whoring narcissist

No. 1564559

File: 1682956879812.jpg (85.11 KB, 640x853, a5dwlfqe58xa1_jpg_92.jpg)

every time i browse 2x i see at least 3 tranny posts. today this image was shoved into my face as i scrolled of two troon-ogres. it's right there in the name, two x chromosomes. no tranny surgery will repair their deformed y chromy.
we cant have even one space without troons invading it. why is 2x even a place to post their ugly selfie like some deranged attention whoring narcissist

No. 1564663

they selfposted this in 2x? kekk

No. 1565038

File: 1682982532835.jpeg (58.94 KB, 1170x517, AE50DD7C-C3DF-483B-AE65-AD1629…)

you’re fucking kidding, right?

No. 1565063

File: 1682983118707.png (27.6 KB, 647x577, Screenshot_20230502-011728.png)

>- wemembew :3 we notices buldge awe humans with feewings blushes too, even OwO if we notices buldge awe waised t-to hide cries them.

>- whispers to self Pwease don't bodyshame us. Jokes about height and "smaww/big ^-^ dick enyewgy" awen't funny and feed into ouw insecuwities. You hate toxic mascuwinyity?!?! These kinds of jokes awe exactwy what f-fuews it.

>- Give us a compwiment twerks once in a whiwe. We wawewy get them, ofc sees bulge we notices buldge think peopwe awe fwiwting sees bulge when notices buldge we notices buldge do. we'd ÚwÚ see them as a mowe nyowmaw screeches thing if peopwe d-did, and maybe a wot of us wouwdn't be as insecuwe if we notices buldge got them.

>- whispers to self T-That goes fow fat shaming too. runs away Of c-couwse b-being too twerks fat is a think, but just whispers to self wike screams p-pwus sized women don't wike screams b-being dismissed, cawwed looks at you ugwy runs away ow (・`ω´・) undesiwed, p-pwus sized men awe the x3 same way.

>- Standing up fow us if you see any OwO of this shit going o-on.

>Basicawwy tweat us as any OwO othew human being, I undewstand cries thewe's a wot of cweepy cries men out thewe, and us wot do ouw best starts twerking t-to cwean whispers to self up ouw image and tawk d-d-down t-to the x3 idiots - but that d-doesn't mean peopwe have t-to tweat us wike screams cwiminyaws just whispers to self because of ouw gendew i-identity.

No. 1565084

File: 1682983733561.png (34.08 KB, 612x771, Screenshot_20230502-012931.png)

Actually, the entire comment section motivates me to treat men worse.

No. 1565101

They’ve had “their turn” for all of history.

No. 1565515

It sounds easy in theory but I've read too many accounts over the years on various platforms, and listened to too many stories in real life about how once the baby was born or the woman got pregnant, their scrote suddenly changed and became abusive/entitled/lazy. Men wait for women to be trapped with them to reveal their true nature. It's why the majority of reproductive coercion is carried out by men. Women would be better off refusing to have men in their lives, mass adopting or using sperm donors and creating communes where women co-parent with one another.

No. 1565559

File: 1683002890450.png (17.58 KB, 500x728, Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 05.26…)

God I hate Reddit. I bet none of these women are aware of their moids posting them to this subreddit.

No. 1565567

And I will not be reading any of that shit

No. 1565705

Someone should post some of the trannies from witchervspatriachy sub there.

No. 1565775

Yet they also sperg about muh biology being why they should't be hated for wanting to fuck minors. Absolute degenerates.

No. 1565778

I don't think they mean that 2x, reddit has one.

No. 1565779

They mean the world does not worship men these days and they are sad because they idetify as muh god king inventors like trannies kek.

No. 1566087

File: 1683041681338.jpg (235.05 KB, 1920x1631, Tumblr_l_545223929704652.jpg)

No. 1566094

i am glad its just AI and not a real woman, but i hope these fuckers rot in hell

No. 1566106

Isn't it lovely how their thoughts instantly go to rape. They're not even talking about how wierd/interesting/funny/whatever sex would be with a woman like that (still degenerate, but acceptable), they go straight to fantasizing about rape and how she wouldn't be able to fight back. Male minds are literally "optimized" and wired to rape. It gets most of them (yeah, even your nigel) instantly hard, it's why they like jacking off to women crying. How could any woman get close to a man knowing how they're really like?

No. 1566198

File: 1683047590569.jpeg (60.19 KB, 357x640, 33431163-C720-4EE9-9B21-8C28A3…)

Reddit is revoking Pushshift's access to their API. Pushshift is used by many moderation tools largely to show users' deleted content. For example, Unddit is affected by this change.

Overall, jannies are mad because this will make it easier for users to ban-evade and repost bots to cover their tracks.


No. 1566202

File: 1683047807253.jpeg (85.95 KB, 518x640, E00662E8-D5D6-458E-BD71-21F726…)

And unlike most commenters, notable tranny-janny /u/bardfinn of /r/againsthatesubreddits is very happy that his insanity will be harder to track.

No. 1566223

Moids don't get complimented because they don't compliment each other. They rarely praise women in a non sexual/flirty way, and most of the 'neutral' compliments women get come from other women.

No. 1566226

Moids are actually evil. If you tried to say anything about how fucked up this is, they’d accuse you of not being able to take a joke.

No. 1566228

This and also I think men do tend to get plenty of compliments? I remember when my Nigel worked a front-facing job he would talk about how random people would say they liked his hair or outfit or say that he was nice. Idk what men are on about with this. Maybe the only things they consider “compliments” are intensely sexual in nature because that’s the only way they think.

No. 1566342

>you hate toxic masculinity? These kinds of jokes are exactly what fuel it
Absolutely retarded, the scrote behaviors and attitudes that constitute toxic masculinity have never had shit to do with anything women say, they are perpetuated in fact by men's continual disregard of anything women say and their desire to instead suck off whoever they perceive as cooler more powerful men. Do men dress like shit because women don't like men who dress well? Fuck no, it's because they don't want to seem lame to other men. Are men "not able to cry" because women are so mean and force them to stifle their tears? Fuck no, it's because they have to put up a front to other men. I could go on and on and on, these stupid redditors, all of men's problems are their own goddamn fault

No. 1566457

Also moids mostly get made fun of their height or dick size. For women, it's basically every part of our bodies - weight, shape, face, boobs, ass, genitals - and it's usually done in a much more cruel way. Somehow ugly and fat women still don't go around killing, raping and abusing.

No. 1566478

i always kek at them demanding to be complimented by women. maybe if you weren't so ugly and boring and actually put care into your appearance and clothing like the majority of women do you might get one. women don't just get compliments, they earn them.
it doesn't even have to be makeup or fashion or whatever, it can be as simple as a woman chopping her hair off and noticing that it's a nice look on her.
i've complimented a guy who was well-dressed and clearly put care and effort into figuring out what looks good on him. i've complimented gym bros for having a good physique. that's because they actually pay attention to what they look like and try to look good. but that's like 3% of the male population. the majority of moids just buzz their hair off because they're too lazy to wash it properly. in high school and college they still wear the same basic clothes their mom bought them. they all look so bland. if you want women to compliment you, be worthy of complimenting.

No. 1566617

of course their first thoughts are rape. This is why my eyes roll to the back of my head every time mans right autists cry feminism is evil because they don't want to be stigmatized as predators and rapists with their whole 'not all men' cry. Fucking scrotes don't understand as women for our personal safety, yes, all men are possible predators. That's why we protect our drinks at bars/clubs around scrotes, dont walk certain places, meet in public places, etc.

What the fuck do men need allies for, they always have been and still are in positions of power. The supreme court/government is successfully rolling back abortion rights, men troon out and steal trophies in sports, they try to "buy" poor women from poor countries to bring back for marriage, men make up majority of crime and almost all sexual crimes, etc. Fuck off. Now the number of men who are social losers is increasing because they're addicted to videogames/porn, and so they can't get a girlfriend and they cry it's not fair. Redpillers tell them it's not their own fault they're losers but it's because of women.
I'm happy they're lonely and miserable kek and the whole irony being society encourages them to go to therapy but they refuse and they don't have any kind of meaningful emotional friendships but want a girl to trauma dump onto

No. 1566632

I hate that I know this, but there's a whole niche porn category called 'nugget porn' where men rape women with missing limbs. Before I used to think it was perverts with creepy fetishes but after seeing this, it's clear it's a fetish because men have a fetish for raping.

No. 1566687

I feel like it's the lowest of the low who always complain about that shit, my brother is not particularly attractive and he still gets complimented a lot at work for being thorough, funny and having a fun fashion sense, and he's not trying very hard either, looks like Reddit moids just put zero effort in their life.

No. 1567770

men bitch and moan about how oppressive and evil small dick jokes are and then turn right around and call any vagina that doesn’t fit they’re extremely strict porn-induced rules over what they think a vagina should look like (almost nonexistent pink labia, completely clean shaven, absolutely no imperfections whatsoever) disgusting names like “roast beef”, “meat wallet/curtains”, “blown out”, “sloppy” i could go on. they get really creative when the opportunity of shaming women for their genital not looking as child-like as possible arises.

No. 1567780

I can't wait for the nsfw ban and all those salty salty redditor tears. Burn in hell bottom of the barrel scrotoids.

No. 1568089

The misogynistic insults are always disgusting and completely dehumanizing while the ones against men are simple and flippant like “go away your dick is small and you’re short” which is nothing compared to the incel terminology made up for every single feature women have. The sheer vitriol you can sense brewing behind men who seethe over women’s looks is outright sinister, but then they think some sassy Twitter/tumblr post saying “don’t talk to me unless you’re 6 foot” is comparable.

No. 1568306

File: 1683273562582.jpg (252.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230505_155728_Red…)

Anti-pornography aside, I wonder what this moid thinks what men's rights they don't have?

No. 1568391

"Adolescent men cannot moderate their own porn consumption" LOL. Porn addiction is huge and excessive porn consumption gives men ED, I used to know a guy who had porn induced ED. I'll watch a video once in a blue moon but I remember years ago, the ads on the side used to say "make your dick 2 inches bigger!" And sold penis enlarging pills, recently I went on and noticed the ads now say things like "fuck like a bull again!" And advertised fake products to fix ED. Things are definitely changing. If he wants to cope about it that's fine, whack himself off out of the gene pool.

No. 1568512

Kek at that not biased at all headline to that not biased at all article.
Also nice how they never give a shit about how porn physically harms women.

No. 1568513

Kek at that not biased at all headline to that not biased at all article.
Also nice how they never give a shit about how porn physically harms women.

No. 1569172

>how porn physically harms women
That's what men like about porn

No. 1569173

>>>>>>sex researchers
totally unbiased "sex researchers", I suppose?

No. 1569593

Why are men on reddit so utterly convinced that all women get high from matches on tinder and the like? I was going on the tinder subreddit again (my mistake because I know it always gets me mad) but every other thread they go on about how 'even ugly fatties" have giant egos because they get matches and men have it so sad.

I'll fully admit I'm a below average person and I can assure you that seeing matches from guys that would match if the picture was that of a literal pile of shit isn't a confidence boost. Not to mention that men treat ugly women like garbage. I've seen it happen to myself, especially if I dare to be in the presence of a pretty friend. Yet they always continue to spew that somehow every ugly girl can find a bf, but no guy can find a gf (which still would make no sense unless every guy has 30 girlfriends).

No. 1569821

Because men are born to coom and die, they interpret women being able to have sex easier due to mens 'any port in a storm' nature of seeking coom above all else including at the expense of a safe and a peaceful society, as oppression. They do not take responsibility for their own behaviour being the cause of this, nor acknowledge that women do not desire many matches because women do not have the eternal-coom seeking mentality due to their guaranteed parentage from being able to give birth, nor understand that such an arrangement is also dangerous and undesirable for many women, or not even actually real since some women are ugly. Men simply do not think of ugly women as people so they sperg that all women could get sex if they wanted it, when that is not the case for the various reasons listed. Ultimately they just want to complain to pretend they have real problems because no one wants them without having to put in the effort to be someone a woman would want to be with. They want to distract from the fact they have a stranglehold on society due to violence not actual competence, which is also why they try and conflate all men with inventors etc.

No. 1570399

I love you nonny, your posts are always extremely based <3

No. 1570497

File: 1683496966157.jpg (158.97 KB, 1080x616, IMG_20230507_225918.jpg)

Want to find a game where I can customise my own characters, get recommended disgusting porn bullshit. To be fair it was a bit down but the fact that this was recommended irks me.
I just want to play dollies

No. 1570498

File: 1683496921776.jpg (158.97 KB, 1080x616, IMG_20230507_225918.jpg)

Want to find a game where I can customise my own characters, get recommended disgusting porn bullshit. To be fair it was a bit down but the fact that this was recommended irks me.
I just want to play dollies

No. 1570511

Download sims 4 (it's free), download a bunch of Cc (hair, clothes, skin mods).

No. 1570973

Just pointless scrote derailing. There's no way to discuss male-on-female abuse alongside the comparatively minuscule amount of female-on-male abuse, because the majority of scrotes do evil shit that would never even occur to women or girls. That's why situations get so fucking bad, women and girls don't suspect anything because we would never even think to do bog standard evil male shit.

No. 1571832

very late but those are white people and absolutely no mall in El Paso qualifies as upscale lol. this is creepy and hilarious.

No. 1572477

if you like action games I recommend PSO2NGS but the amount of grinding required to get certain cosmetics can be tiresome tbh

No. 1573312

File: 1683745913899.jpeg (77.64 KB, 828x874, 186A4FE0-A68A-4E3E-9067-8852CA…)


For as much as men like to demonize single mothers and fatherless children, they sure do love not only completely revoking the men who create those situations of responsibility, but applauding and glorifying them. Old geriatric sperm causes multiple health problems such as autism, schizophrenia, facial deformities, and bipolar disorder, yet this is completely swept under the rug to keep mens delusions appealed to.

No. 1573324

not to mention the all likelihood of them dying when the newborn is a child or teenager, rendering them without at least one parent. pretty gross. males shouldn't become parents after the age of 45

No. 1573334

neither should women tbh

No. 1573362

most women if not all except few special cases can't anyway so your point is retarded and you're probably a scrote for being like "women too hurr"

No. 1573363

and how often does that even happen…?
Not counting all the instances where useless moids dump childcare responsibilities onto their own mothers, ie the child's grandmother or grandma-in-law.

And is it actually glorified?
Pregnant women who are 35+ are referred to as geriatric. Women are constantly bombarded with the messages that they should get pregnant while they're still young (but also only when they're able to financially and non-financially support both their child and the entire household sometimes including the useless husbands). Meanwhile there's not even a term for expired sperm dispensers despite the medical trouble they cause.

No. 1573394

what's the point of getting a child at 79? he is gonna die soon the kid is going to grow up fatherless

No. 1573429

>implying a moid who already has 6 children with 3 different women cares about being a good father

No. 1574193

File: 1683834931632.jpg (235.13 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230511_204732_com…)

Why is Reddit recommending me this fucking bullshit? "Watching for transphobia and misandry" and one of the top posts is a screenshot of a tweet saying we should learn from female octopuses that rip off a males limb if it tries to have sex and she doesn't want to, claiming it's misandrist.

No. 1574397

File: 1683849045142.png (40.97 KB, 1080x1181, Screenshot_20230511-194752~2.p…)

I looked at the comments on a part two on this, and found this. The context is about a 'sex tip's where you randomly lock your wife out of your house until she shows you her boobs.

No. 1574423

>perfect blue sub icon

No. 1574432

This cannot be real

No. 1574551

I think it's so funny how the fucked up/abusive porn subreddits that proudly announce "CIS WOMEN ONLY" are fine to them, but muh misandry is the real problem that needs watching

No. 1574597

Just FYI doctors don't really refer to 35+ as geriatric, at least in my county. And it makes no sense anyway, because women used to have children up until menopause in the past, they wouldn't stop having sex and having kids until they couldn't anymore. I feel like the whole 'mothers are getting older' is a legit moid psyop. Maybe they're talking about the first children being at older age but I honestly think society doesn't realise women being 40 and having kids isn't something new at all. Tinfoil territory but imo it's backlash to feminism and attempt to chain women to houses, just like destroying generational houses to nuclear family was.

No. 1574635

File: 1683877640751.jpg (289.47 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20230512_174656.jpg)

No. 1574638

My grandma had my mom at 37 in the early 70s and it was considered totally normal, because my uncle was born 10+ years before. People only get their panties in a bunch when a mother has her first child beyond when she's "supposed to". When it's the second or third child, suddenly there's no concern about her "losing her eggs" or "geriatric pregnancies" because she's already trapped and tied down.

No. 1574714

The menopause is the telltale sign for women that their time to get pregnant is up. My cousin and his wife had their first child when she was 40 and had their second at 43. Both healthy. Healthy humans make healthy babies most of the time.

No. 1574719

I don't really get why anyone, regardless of gender, would have a kid that late in their life anyway. From the standpoint of the parent and the child it makes no sense. Especially if you literally already have children. My relatives had a child late in life as well (after 3 kids) and the kid does have a mental impairment so I fully believe age correlates to the health of your child.

No. 1574725

Fucking disgusting, but then again, I despise my father already without him grooming young women. Perhaps if I had a nice rich dad who owned bars and spoiled me, I’d be fine with it? Like if my dad was actually capable of loving me and/or providing for me, neither of which he was ever able to do, maybe then I’d feel differently.

The part that makes me think it’s a larp is her saying she wants this for herself now. Why would you want an old man sugar daddy relationship when your actual dad is literally rich and willing to provide for you materially? When you’re from a rich family you have the freedom to date anyone you want without worrying if they can financially support you or not, you’d think she’d want to date cute guys her own age. I never looked at guys more than 5 years older than me in a sexual way until I realized I was too disabled to ever provide for myself and would need to find a partner who could be a provider. I’m so lucky the guy I’ve always loved that’s actually in my age range stepped up to the plate to be a good provider for me, otherwise I’d have had to settle for some dude 10+ years older than me that I likely would never truly love and would always view as a pedo for dating me.

No. 1574731

“she” says the girl who fucks her dad is like the big sister she never had. it’s absolutely a larp.

No. 1574829

When redditors ask me "Oh yeah, source?" I just go no. I won't give you a source. I know you don't give a single fuck about my "sources" and even if I went apa on your ass and linked you 20 fucking sources you'd still snarkily refuse to see my side. So let's just cut the shit right now, I'm not playing with you fine somebody else to fucking play with

No. 1574842

Goddamit, I wanted to see for myself whether or not it was a larping scrote through the post history.
Reddit banned pushshift so sites like unddit and reveddit don't work for seeing deleted anymore. If possible, please keep usernames in screenshots, anons.

No. 1575764

Why the fuck does AITA removes so many posts? It's so annoying.

No. 1575927

imagine unironically dedicating your time to this shit

No. 1575951

File: 1683948320162.jpeg (215.24 KB, 1169x1974, 2AD411B6-DA64-4CF8-B4F9-8523DB…)

Kek I can’t stop laughing. Of course scrotes had to come in and say how they wouldn’t have sex with OP and bring up hypothetical sexual scenarios, as if she asked or cares.

No. 1575956

I had a post removed from AITA. Mod said I sounded like I didn't really think I was the asshole. So basically I wasn't groveling and self flagellating enough. Based on that alone, I am confident I was 100% in the right. I will never attempt to post to reddit again so long as I live.

No. 1575983

How the hell did this even happen? I guess of all the stupid ass tattoos I've seen, I hate this one the least.
Based. It's not like being spoonfed information will make scrotes change their opinions on anything anyway.

No. 1575984

What th

No. 1576022

He looks so fucking smug with that fucked up nose

No. 1576029

He look like Bill Murray

No. 1576047

I need to know the context for this. Was she an autist with a Lincoln special interest?

No. 1576116


No. 1576177

I can believe it because she's only 19 and no offense to any nonnies who're around that age rn but it's pretty common to be painfully naive and short sighted at that age when it comes to relationships.. but to have no idea just how short sighted you are. There's blind spots you slowly work out of. You think you have it all figured out (at fucking 19!?) and your views will never change. Tbh I cringe at my own views from 19. Just glad I didn't leave an online trail of loud opinions that I'd later do a 180 on

If real, the post is just an example of how easy it is to prey on a young persons (or 2 young peoples) naivety and normalize anything you like because "hey we hang out and it seems chill rn?"

No. 1576196

I see the mildest posts get approved some that were even identical situations to what I posted but mine got removed (it was about going to a certain person's baby shower) the mod is just a retard

No. 1576199

they have a tendency to delete posts where males are the AH so it keeps the illusion that it comes from both sides.

No. 1576318

It comes across like they want an endless feed of 'women bad' or 'boomers bad' and even though people already upvote that stuff to keep it most relevant.. they then remove posts that stray from it. You're left reading the same few very similar scenarios on repeat.

Make a post about how you're a male and your mother in law (both woman and boomer!) is a bitch and you can break the rules all you want in your post by declaring you're not the asshole before even asking. Or on the rare occasion where a male poster is outed for being the asshole and treating his wife like shit they'll let those male posters endlessly berate people and fight the general consensus all day long in the replies.

Its not about taking each individual post as it comes and trying to understand what went down. Its about repeating already held stereotypes on how certain groups are bad. Your ex wife.. bad. MIL.. bad. Bride planning her wedding.. self important bitch. Gf setting healthy boundaries..bad.

No. 1576322

Yet Redditors have convinced themselves that AITA always takes the woman's side somehow.

No. 1576328

The subreddit is useless anyway because everyone acts like it's legal advice, not moral advice.
>AITA for refusing to babysit my niece? My sister has brain cancer and wants me to watch her for an hour so she can go to a doctor's appointment.
>NTA!!!! Not your circus not your monkeys, you have no obligation to babysit! Your sister sounds entitled!

No. 1576335

My fave had to be. Man has trauma from something that happened when he was 5 years old.. everyone in his life needs to make accomodations for his trauma. Then flip it, dude dates a woman who has a history of being abused by a partner and is showing any sign of it affecting her…
>Her trauma is not your problem! She needs to sort herself out… it achtually sounds like she's manipulating you by using her trauma. She's probably making it up. Oh whats that her ex is in jail for beating her.. uh yeah I still thinks she's exaggerating tho. Ditch that bitch bro, Its all just MaNiPuLation tactics!

No. 1576378

File: 1683989162354.jpg (147.63 KB, 964x964, tranny cat mom.jpg)

>thread about women being harassed to reproduce and told their only purpose in life is to make babies and they're broken monsters if they don't
>tranny comes in and hijacks thread, despite never having experienced this, begins ranting about TERFs not letting him identify as a catmom

No. 1576389

>da TERFS want to force all women into motherhood because they worship femaleness!!!!
What do these retards think the "rf" stands for?

No. 1576436

> heaven forbid I, a trans woman, call myself a cat mom
> motherhood is so incredibly un-unique and un-special because every single living person had a mother at some point and many still do
> you think you're special and unique, you're not!
> cat mom
> cats
> love my cats
Aww man, having cats is soo un-special. I know a bunch of people with pets and its just so un-unique y'know? That bond with your pet, the love, the care, the concern for their wellbeing.. If you're not the only person doing it then I don't even want to hear about them being special to you. Other people having pets actually makes your experience less valuable.

That's the logic here.

No. 1576445

File: 1683995257520.png (13.03 KB, 790x366, dainty.png)

Samefag but I take it back. He's unique. I'm sure that everywhere he goes he's reminded of what a unique 'woman' he is..

No. 1576457

idk if there's a name for it but a lot of retards think each word can only have one meaning, so "special" always means "different from what is usual" and never means "particularly meaningful/precious." which is ironic because the second meaning is the one their mothers used.

No. 1576636

I have cousins who are similar in height and they look normal, but this guy weighing 375 pounds is an absolute whale. Seriously, if you're a tall man, the easiest thing to do is stay thin. How do you even manage to mess that up?"

No. 1576861

File: 1684011652920.png (118.73 KB, 1080x2084, Screenshot_20230513-140004_(2)…)

Men stop being weird challenge: IMPOSSIBLE

No. 1576884

>about how 'even ugly fatties" have giant egos
Projection. All I'm seeing everywhere is fat, old, ugly men thinking they deserve Stacies.

No. 1576904

Man, why does no one remember Gen X. irl is Gen X slang.

No. 1576972

File: 1684019623906.png (81.05 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20230513-142233_(1)…)

No. 1576989

surprised this is still up, the 2X moid mods seem to rush to lock or delete any post getting a little too based

No. 1576997

jesus christ, I can't stop thinking that she must have been so afraid, being all alone in a forest with someone that you use to trust now naked, I would have run for my life

No. 1577000

>women aren't special for having kids, get over it!
such a female take.

>size 14
imagine being an actual tall woman looking for shoes only to find some fucking troon took them

No. 1577017

Scrotes absolutely seething that women are putting up with their bullshit less and less. They are having a crisis realising their opportunity to coom has just lessened.

No. 1577053

File: 1684026993288.png (169.27 KB, 3000x3000, hr5u8m7ygyua1.png)

>dicking around on alternate history/geography subs
>find a fairly popular timeline that has its own sub
>top post

why do troons insist on shoving their shitty forced memes into everything they touch?

No. 1577056

Well, some women dont like that the only thing women are praised for is something you dont even need to be conscious to do. Also reproduction is a normal bodily function that the vast majority of the population is capable of.

No. 1577094

>6'4", 375 lbs, trooned out
I'm glad this thing cut its dick off. Imagine meeting it in an alleyway.
Right? he can eat twice as many calories as we can and not get fat. Yet here he is, a whale. This fat ugly shit must crouch over a computer looking at porn while stuffing hot pockets into his face 20 hours a day.

No. 1577099

File: 1684033676488.png (82.28 KB, 1205x821, wln.png)

the dead bedroom subreddit is so pinkpilling

No. 1577117

reeeee I hate men. Always he sounded understanding and she seems like she’s actually up for it and DILATING to actually enjoy intercourse. He can’t wait a little longer?? And she still gives him bjs? Ugh. Why would anal be any better? He’s so retarded

No. 1577125

he thinks his wife should force herself to go through excrutiating pain to be able to endure sex that will be mediocre at best and extremely painful at worst. after working 12 hours long shifts. if that's not rapey, i don't know what it is

No. 1577128

I would feel so shitty knowing my whole friend group convinced a guy that I wanted to fuck him, but that being said why was she asking a man in the first place if there were women there??

No. 1577130

he says this was always a problem, if he wasn't such a retard he would have just broken up with her and found a woman who likes sex more. He probably likes the thought of hurting her during sex.

No. 1577142

those men stick around not out of love or consideration but because they know they will struggle finding another woman

No. 1577148

absolutely, men don't leave long term relationships because they're unhappy or have problems, they leave when they find a woman they deem better - if they can't find a woman they deem better willing to date them, they simply don't leave

No. 1577154

explains why so many men are against no fault divorce tbh

No. 1577162

men are absolutely retarded. she probably chose him because he seemed trustworthy/able to defend her if things went wrong and was terrified when he exposed himself to her. or, she really did like him. still no excuse for getting completely naked like a creep. their minds go to “she wants to hook up with you” before “she trusts you enough to be with you while she’s vulnerable”. And these are our supposed protectors.