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File: 1671387901119.png (54.94 KB, 870x376, 3ei3hidh.png)

No. 1451657

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Previous thread

No. 1451824

A very long time ago, I read a reddit comment. The thread was something about losing your virignity or something.

Anyways, the moid commented saying when he and his gf were 15 years old that after they finished having sex for the very first time, they were just lying in his bed and she said something along the lines of "Mrs. Emily Moid's lastname" and said it had a good ring to it. He said this totally and completely freaked him out and he started to ghost her and then completely ghosted her very soon after, like a weekish or so. All the moids chimed in and said that was very weird of her to do and they'd of done the same exact thing and not to feel too bad about it.

I can't help but feel so bad for this girl. She was just being a kid in love and letting her daydreams run a little wild. It wasn't anything serious and this moid just straight up left her after she had just lost her virginity. I pray to god this didn't impact her sense of self-worth. I don't know why but I think of this girl often and feel so horrible for how she must have felt after getting ghosted like that especially just having had sex for the first time. And I was honestly so shock at the amounts of comments that were in agreeance with this moid. I think this was the moment I became somewhat peaked against men, if not laid the seeds.

No. 1451830

All men that were interested in me acted the way this girl did towards to her bf. They'd always bring up marriage and get so butt hurt when I said I wouldn't marry them even though they act like this when the scenerio is flipped.

No. 1451846

Samefag, they wouldn't say it in the cute way this girl did either. They'd demand I be their future wife who cooks or earns them money and if I sounded disinterested they'd act like toddlers who got rejected by their mothers.

No. 1451871

So basically I am never again going to feel bad for ghosting a moid for trying to get closer to me

No. 1451875

This would freak me the fuck out too

No. 1451885

She literally was lovesick and naive. There's no 15 year old first world girls who are going to run to the courthouse of their free will to get married. If he was like "ugh ugh take it bitch I'll get you pregnant" then no one would take it at face value and say it was just in the moment.

Hopefully she learned to never trust males again and use them for gain as much as she can if she insists on having sex with them

No. 1451887

nta but he could have jsut told her that he is not ready to think about marriage and he just wants to take things slow. ghosting her is just cruel. It's so vulnerable to have sex with someone not to mention that there is a huge stigma associated with sex when you are a teenage girl. She must had felt used after being ghosted

No. 1451893

File: 1671395695846.gif (1.33 MB, 480x270, cuckoo.gif)

Men will ask for unprotected sex from the start but go on r/dating to bitch about a woman asking about his plans for marriage on the first date.

No. 1451900

True. Men have it easier than ever getting sex and they can only bitch about it and be ungrateful. If they wanted sex hundreds of years ago they'd have to have a house, job and assets ready just to have permission to enter a girl's house to get to know her family. I don't want this to spiral into another tradthot accusation shitfest so I'll leave it at that.

No. 1451908

I don't advocate for "marriage before sex" type of rigidity, but it's scrotes that should take a complete sexual re-education and be slutshamed when they risk accidental fatherhood but do not want to talk about "going exclusive"

No. 1452436

moids these days don't realize that "going exclusive" and monogamy in general benefit THEM more bc they are disposable by nature. A woman of any age can get sex much easier, and can also provide for herself. ironically marriage and monogamy are moid-enforced concepts bc they know that female sexuality is more powerful than theirs. and that in a society without some religion or state pushing for monogany 90% of scrotes would never reproduce. I mean just look at history, most women reproduced while most moids never did. they all want to fuck around until they realize they actually can't because they are just another average to below average scrote. then they cry for state mandated gf or whatever kek

No. 1452927

I made some scrote so mad on reddit he's been stalking me for like a week. My crime? Blocking him after he made a retarded comment on my post. He has spammed my post with like 4 other accounts over the span of a week which shows he is STILL angry that a woman on reddit blocked him. I just block his new accounts and don't respond.

No. 1452941

monogamy enforces that mediocre males get to breed. and more males stay alive overall to enforce capitalism and wage slavery. The strongest, most capable men are all thats needed. Everything else is halting human evolution and natural selection (most men are unattractive physically and mentally). And they when they have it so good as to not get their skull bashed in by stronger males by the time they're 15 and to get an average gf as an adult, they act like theyd be slaying pussy if monogamy wasnt the norm

No. 1453086

File: 1671478977967.jpeg (285.04 KB, 945x1972, FAE69D82-B940-41E2-B4A5-4FA3AF…)

jeez, 95 special reddit buyable emojis?

No. 1453198

File: 1671485280954.jpeg (514.34 KB, 1179x1529, D97A65D8-83D2-4066-B635-EABB71…)

No. 1453253

File: 1671488044938.png (263.37 KB, 770x942, lol.png)

Don't worry, no one will ask you for one.

No. 1453260

I'd like to hear his explanation on how a moid with 12/14 counts of abuse could possibly be the good guy

No. 1453262

I am sure that conversation was in his head, nobody was furious about him buying tampons, because some other people can’t afford them: it’s not how it works - women who can’t afford tampons won’t just magically have them if some troon won’t buy it

No. 1453264

Why is it such a common fantasy among trannies that a woman will ask them for a tampon?

No. 1453266

Lmao the last reply…where is the lie? But this speaks internalized racism to me hope they can heal.

No. 1453267

Pretty much. If a moid isn't a complete jabba the hutt all he literally has to do is go on tinder and within a few hours he will easily find a woman to drive TO HIM and fuck him kek. I once knew a moid who spewed out the same "women only like chads" shit, he was 5'5 and a literal toothpick and made 11 an hour. Turned out some cute 19 yr old girl would beg to drive to him from an hour away weekly, pay for his food, give him gifts, and watch him play video games and fuck him, he didn't even have to do anything and it was actually him who complained about how she "did too much" when she brought gifts and complimented him.

No. 1453276

And then they have the gall to say women are living on easy mode, no matter what. Fucking wish it was that easy.

No. 1453290

cuz you would only ask a woman who you know/reasonably assume menstruates for a tampon and not a man in a dress.

No. 1453304

After my friend asked for a tampon while she was at my house I started keeping them out on a shelf in the bathroom. At most places I have worked, there was a little basket of pads and tampons in case someone got caught out. If troons actually wanted to help us out they would do that instead of trying to make us ask them to their faces for menstrual products. They're so transparent.

No. 1453320

God I fucking hate men so much. I see that kind of shit all of the time on reddit and cesspits like 4chan:
>why won't a woman love meee like in my animes! One of these days I swear, I'm going to go to glorious nippon and get a submissive asian waifu to cook for me and clean my dirty underwear
>bad news bros, this girl comes over once a week and buys me stuff, is this a red flag? why is she acting so desperate, she's too clingy right? Should I ghost?

No. 1453330

File: 1671492665236.jpeg (76 KB, 947x1060, 1632989255902.jpeg)

i've been wondering about the mindset of tampon toting trannies. i'd say it's because knowing you are on your period / having you volunteer that information to them involve them with your body, in a sneaky way. since they "are women" it's now "socially acceptable", but they like it because they know it's deeply intrusive and transgressive for a man, especially a stranger, to know such a thing about a woman. it's a mixture of voyeurism and trying to get a hold of your body in an indirect way. since a woman's crotch is only sexual in nature to them, even when it's menstruating, the fetish might be thinking that his pad or whatever is now in your underwear.

No. 1453342

I’m sure these troons rub their dicks all over the pads and tampons, if not they are infusing them with really bad rapist energy.

No. 1453411

Legit. No woman is going to ask a man for a tampon. that shit is disgusting. Women ask their female friends, classmates or coworkers. Never a man.

No. 1453718

File: 1671768874254.jpg (64.41 KB, 712x442, 20221222_231416.jpg)

No. 1454278

File: 1671821401159.png (483.79 KB, 624x585, autistic sister.png)

dumb reddit shit i saw when lolcow was down, i wanted content for the consoom thread but i think this fits better here
wantonly disclosing your sister is retarded in the title of a thread about plushies

No. 1454279

thats how you get updoots

No. 1454280

File: 1671821492079.png (413.47 KB, 506x618, rotten brain.png)

this epic gamer can't even touch grass without comparing a random leaf on the street it to vidja

No. 1454281

even touching some grass is not enough to bring him back to reality

No. 1454538

Men defend rapists and abusers until the victims are male, lmao. If Johnny had raped and beat up a man, he'd be the worst guy ever in their eyes but since he abused a beautiful mentally unstable woman incels hate, he's all good.

No. 1454541

The thing is most rapists often have both female and male victims, they might have an overall preference for one sex but they probably wouldn't care whp they hurt
For e.g Kevin Spacey targeted on mostly young boys but he had some female victims as well and R Kelly preyed on young girls but he had male victims as well

No. 1454606

File: 1671901228686.png (Spoiler Image, 353.21 KB, 1879x846, redditdolls.png)

If somenonny has the stomach for incel content and wants to see some real sad shit, visit r/sexdolls. You'd think it'd be full of dolls posed as porn stars, which does get posted, but there's a giant fucking community of sadcells just posting their dolls dressed up and whole scenarios added as if they were welcoming them back from work, having date nights, pulling pranks on them, or even making it seem like the doll just returned from the gym, they even spash water on them to make it sweat lmao. And between all of that they post memes about women being threatened by sex dolls replacing them. It's some real sad schizo shit.

No. 1454608

Your description has me WEAK nonnie. Men are so pathetic.

No. 1454715

Men have no eye for beauty. They all look comical and scary. Wtf are those giant sausage tits on the second to bottom one? And the lips of that one in the middle. Fucking hideous. They’re just like male chimps losing their minds when the female chimps get freakishly swollen pussy lips during breeding season.

No. 1454720

Tbh i don’t think i care. It appeases bottom of the barrel and potentially violent men, instead of having them hurt or indirectly hurt real women via porn or prostitution

No. 1454749

i had a look at that reddit and the ones that look like kids are really creepy.

No. 1454753

File: 1671930555167.png (421.06 KB, 680x858, grossredditstalker.png)

moid degeneracy, giving out some woman's photo to make a sex doll look-a-like.

No. 1454754

File: 1671931273607.jpeg (23.7 KB, 480x712, 301EDF35-30D0-4921-8FF6-EA3528…)

>co-worker lookalike

No. 1454758

What the fuck

No. 1454760

>memes about women being threatened by sex dolls replacing them
Honestly, if these guys are fulfilled by "relationships" with inanimate objects, then it's probably a good thing that they aren't getting involved romantically with real women. A person whose idea of a happy relationship is one person having no opinions or agency would just cause misery for others.

>reference photo
I've never been so grateful that my co-workers are all female. I hope that woman owns a gun.

No. 1454790

this led me down a rabbit hole and I ended up on a sex doll site and the first thing I see are hyper realistic dolls made to look like children as young as toddlers, how is this not illegal? one was even based on a real actress when she was a child

No. 1454799

This is my worst fear, I wonder if he’ll eventually get resentful towards his coworker and harm or confront her. I seriously hate how obsessed men are with us; I’ve “caught” the eye of freaks like this and I’m a woman with no social media who minds my own business and clearly just wants to be alone.

No. 1454800

File: 1671946352014.png (302.13 KB, 750x1334, 1F61BA72-FA8E-42D1-96EB-5E3114…)

R/sexdolls is an amusing display of how simple-minded men (with no taste for aesthetics or visual appeal) are, however their reasoning for why they have the dolls reeks of misogyny.

No. 1454801

File: 1671946408370.png (260.91 KB, 750x1334, 6A58B0A4-A74B-4CEA-B801-54A5A3…)

No. 1454802

File: 1671946528697.png (281.83 KB, 750x1334, 2203DF6C-2825-433D-BACE-6280D5…)

No. 1454804

File: 1671946601316.png (268.69 KB, 750x1334, B23127F2-2290-4489-956F-68A33B…)

This dude swears his ex lied about him assaulting her KEK sure!!!!

No. 1454805

File: 1671946781173.png (309.71 KB, 750x1334, 7B3DD336-A458-4046-B523-8310C3…)

Moids will never feel true love kek, they are incapable of loving anyone but themselves

No. 1454808

File: 1671947070081.png (655.83 KB, 750x1334, 08C096E6-6EC5-4293-89DF-A71010…)

Oh update—of course the probable rapist/wife beater is a tranny chaser. Troons can have all of these moids for that matter.

No. 1454810

File: 1671948004354.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 79730BA5-1151-4D10-81CB-F588F8…)

Btw Merry Christmas anons!

No. 1454811

thousands of dollars sitting right there. maybe $10k+

No. 1454812

this looks fascinating i have to check this out immediately

No. 1454814

oh my god this is so fucking disgusting

No. 1454821

File: 1671950133340.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, D16CA953-E93A-44D4-AF65-6B0813…)

Kek anon pay attention to the cheap wigs. ~men are visual creatures~ my fucking ass. I saw one doll with cake batter bag titties whose moid swears is better than any real woman. Link provided for your amusement.

No. 1454823

oh my fucking god was this handmade

No. 1454846

>I talk to pretty girls all the time
Sure bud.

No. 1454873

>t. vidrel

Also why the hell do all their dolls have melon-sized tits kek. Men really are just chimps, completely slaves to supernatural stimuli, I wouldn't imagine a woman getting a doll with inhumanely large penis and balls.

No. 1454874

File: 1671961802131.jpg (275.29 KB, 1080x1248, z0.jpg)

Unfortunately some of them are involved with real woman. He says when the GF is around he places her at the bedside and has to cover her with a blanket. I have no idea what this woman is doing.

No. 1454884

>I wouldn't imagine a woman getting a doll with inhumanely large penis and balls.
This just proves to me that men are biologically retarded and that there is no hope for them because the vast majority of moids do not want to change and better themselves. If women had male sex dolls the dolls would mainly be naturally athletic/muscular with a penis that doesn't look like a baby carrot or a noodle. Maybe we'd customize it to have broader shoulders or thicker thighs or something but that's generally it kek, both of those things can be achievable for men if they just train at the gym for more than a month.
When it comes to sex dolls for men they always have shit that is just naturally unattainable for the vast majority of women. Massive breasts that would cause any irl woman severe back pain, a tiny waist with no ribcage, disturbingly prepubescent features like no body hair and the face of a 14 year old.

No. 1454896

>having date nights, pulling pranks on them, or even making it seem like the doll just returned from the gym, they even spash water on them to make it sweat lmao. And between all of that they post memes about women being threatened by sex dolls replacing them
They can cope all they want but any man doing this is no loss to the dating pool. You're fucking a corpse like visual representation of a woman as a last resort because that's your option in life. Like at least be honest about it. Them having to make jabs at women is just the bitter cherry on top of how dysfunctional, insecure and defensive they are. Living in another reality to cope with their own failures.

No. 1454901

I unironically think these dolls might be good for women since creeps like these are now more likely to collect dolls than prey on or stalk irl women.
Having unrealistic standards isn't something exclusive to men. Most anons here lust after 2d men and it's ok. These men aren't the types you'd wanna impress anyway so them being into exaggerated hourglass body type dolls won't change anything.

No. 1454926

Men like these are why I disagree with feminists who want sex dolls gone. Every one of these soulless pieces of shit is a disaster waiting to happen to innocent women. The best thing to do is encourage them to self isolate. They're going to be angry, of course they will be angry. They can't be rehabilitated, they were broken at conception.

No. 1454928

Unfortunately they still go around bothering real women and seeking their validation. Like that one guy who said “I speak to beautiful women ALL THE TIME! Idc because the sex doll is WAY BETTER!” Yes, you speak to them and then they reject you, so you probably go home, fuck the doll for 2 minutes while slapping it and calling it a bitch, then sobbing into its silicone chest for half an hour, wondering why women will never love you, why mummy never loved you, why your bitch schoolteachers gave you detention and why those feminist whores won’t stop insulting men on the internet. They will die alone, a genetic dead end and a social reject.

No. 1454958

Except they still do shit like dressing it up like their real life collegues and who knows whatever else. Is it a good outlet that saves that girl from a creep or will he be even more frustrated after fucking a doll from behind while imagining he's fucking that woman at the workplace? Who the fuck knows.

No. 1454982

This. No feminist even objects to these dolls, only men think a real woman with a real life full of accomplishments will be jealous of a piece of plastic losers fuck. No women aren't even jealous of escorts and escorts fuck losers for money.

No. 1455004

File: 1671980415196.jpeg (264 KB, 960x770, EECC5930-9A92-477A-8342-A91C6E…)

Merry Christmas fellow Reddit haters!

No. 1455008

File: 1671981143432.jpeg (36.81 KB, 234x257, 1671980415196.jpeg)

Their autism is infectuous because I feel like I want to save these literal objects from them

No. 1455021

These failures also opt for a doll because they can objectify the dolls as they please, the dolls can’t form an opinion of their own, and the dolls can’t say no. They enjoy the complete control. I think a lot of men would prefer women not have a mind of their own and just play sex maid.
You’re right in that most women who would opt for a sex doll would want someone fit, which is a completely attainable standard for men. However, I think an even bigger selling point would be if the dolls had an AI with an empathetic and caring personality. Majority of men are shit, a lot of 2danons gravitate towards husbandos because they have good looks in addition to favorable personalities.
It’s interesting the differences between us and them. Moids are chimps with no intellect.
Going through the that Reddit, I saw a few that looked like children. It should be illegal. We know Reddit doesn’t care about pedophiles, and the argument by them would probably be “at least they aren’t hurting real kids”, but is that really true? Most probably have cp on their computer (which IS illegal), and I would be worried if they had a young family member. I don’t think a doll of a child necessarily stops anything. Pedophiles should be shot on sight.

No. 1455024

I’m the anon who posted the many screen caps and surprisingly a lot of these coomers have girlfriends or wives who they say “can’t meet their needs”. On one hand it is better than the moids who dismembered or abuse sex dolls. The bar is extremely low for scrotes. Either way I don’t think these dolls will be enough for moids. Maybe human adult females aren’t physically “perfect” like their doll waifus but look at MGTOW who seeks out women (complaining about dating apps and women currently) constantly despite “going their own way”. Moids are obsessed with female attention and emotional labor and are prone to idealization of random, out of their league women. So maybe they have a doll but they will not leave us alone. There are some posts talking about how dolls HELPED them get a gf.
All in all there is plenty of biological and historical evidence that it is in males’ very nature to leech off of human women/girls. Dolls may entertain them but I imagine their lack of emotional complexity and fulfillment is what motivates them to bother women.

No. 1455034

Uh feminists do object to these dolls because they are pornified stereotypes of women that dehumanize women. If it were up to me as a feminist we would have state mandated executions for all of these men rather than trying to curb their impulses, knowing that they grow more resentful of women and girls by the day. To think that Covid-19 could have killed off all incel moids and trannies.

No. 1455077

the small one??? holy shit

No. 1455120

Are you retarded? There are male and female dolls, there always will be and no feminist ever objected to them in real life because actual feminists usually advocate for serious issues like literal rape which affects 1/3 women or femicides that take countless women's lives away each year.

You really have to be severely mentally ill to obsess over %0.0001 men who own dolls rather than 1/3 of men committing violence against women on the daily.

No. 1455150

NTA "there are male and female dolls", you sound like one of those retards that insists prostitution isn't something for feminists to fight against because there are male prostitutes too. I do somewhat agree that I don't think that there's any need to have any sort of feminist anti-sexdoll advocacy or whatever but you would also be insanely ignorant to think that men owning sex dolls isn't a clear symptom of the insane misogyny festering in their souls, and owning the sex doll certainly isn't helping that get any better

No. 1455165

Prostitution hurts real women, these dolls dont. Most sex workers are forced into the industry and the average starting age is 14. Some are kidnapped and most are tricked into working as prostitutes. Some plastic doll having big tits shouldn't offend you as much as real issues women face and if it does, you seriously should get your brain checked out.

No. 1455166

The 2d husbandos are not THAT unrealistic they're either twinks or just big surly muscle guys the only thing unrealistic is how pretty in the face they are because most men are ugly as fuck with disgusting facial hair. The only unrealistic thing is maybe yaoi hands but that's literally it.

No. 1455171

It doesn't offend you that some redditor made a coworker lookalike? It's disgusting you give moids an inch and they'll take it a whole mile.

No. 1455172

Notice: Men get very angry when women have this reaction, too. Try telling men who are obsessed with sex dolls and robots "Good. Now leave us alone" and they have meltdowns talking about how you're "the reason" they do this (like they don't happily admit they see no value in women besides sex tools in the first place). If all they want is an inanimate object to fuck, they should stop bothering real humans and get one.
If only that actually meant they'd all leave us alone and it wasn't just fetish/cope for most of them.

No. 1455178

why are you sympathizing with these scrotes and their obsessions with sex dolls?
>Prostitution hurts real women, these dolls dont
Uh, sex dolls absolutely hurt real women. Just because it's not direct misogyny doesn't mean it's acceptable - the men who use these dolls will eventually come to see relationships with women as purely sexual and transactional if they don't already think that way. I have no idea why you're on this website of all things trying to dismiss sex dolls as if they're just some quirky little side-hobby. People said the exact same shit about animated/3D porn and guess what, the men who are watching that shit also come to see and treat real women like absolute shit and like sex objects because of it. The men who are watching 2D hentai are the same men asking their future irl girlfriends to moan like the characters in hentai. None of this shit exists in a vacuum, and you are incredibly retarded and naive if you think otherwise.

No. 1455182

it all boils down to men and their biology at the end of day but that means then you will have to break up with your nigel which you wont.

No. 1455183

NTA, but that's what they do with porn, too. Look for women that resemble the women they want to have sex with, fantasize about them in degrading situations, etc etc. If sex dolls were illegal, he'd probably glue hair to a sock or a barbie doll, put lipstick on it and rub his dick on that. The problem is the existence of the moid, and I'm not sure how that can be fixed in a legal way.

No. 1455186

They do want a woman to love them - a woman to love them like their mother should have.
They feel entitled to random hot women and expect her to gladly be a second mother to them, when that doesn't happen and the woman doesn't immediately love him unconditionally they project and say they don't feel anything towards women as if their depression doesn't stem from women not wanting to date them.
Most of mens arguments are projection. They think women hit wall at 30 yet they're the ones who develop ED, go bald and become infertile unless they use pills to get hard.

No. 1455191

Sorry nonna, are you talking generally or about me specifically? Because I don't have a nigel kek

No. 1455192

Sex workers are women and sometimes children who are actively getting raped. These dolls are nowhere as bad no matter how much your nigel thirsts after them and treats you like shit afterwards because you have tiny lips or a flat chest or whatever. Women can just break up or choose to get with a man who's not an incel but sex workers usually can't leave the industry because they're forced.

No. 1455199

I'm not even comparing it to prostitution, I'm saying that it's still shit and that we can still want sex dolls (for men) removed from this planet. No it is not comparable to prostitution but it is still insanely harmful to have depictions of the female body to be used as sex toys because again, we don't live in a fucking vacuum.
>much your nigel thirsts after them and treats you like shit afterwards because you have tiny lips or a flat chest or whatever.
None of this is relevant to my point. I don't know if you are speaking generally too or trying to hint at something, but it's all irrelevant. Sex dolls perpetuate misogyny and the men who use them also treat irl women like shit and expect them to be subservient silent dolls to penetrate. Everything is linked.

No. 1455204

File: 1671991410236.jpg (103.25 KB, 1300x956, shock-disgust-and-horror-frigh…)

The little ones!!!

No. 1455206

Do you really believe these dolls are cause of misogyny rather than conclusion? If these men obsessing over dolls keeps them away from pursuing women, which they admit it does, it's a win for us.
Your logic is like saying dildos should be banned because they're the reason women are promiscuous. Just makes no sense.

No. 1455208

This. I'm tired of playing fake-apalled when men create these sorts of things. None of it is new. No matter what we lobby against, their reprobate minds generated these things on their own, and they'll just keep making more and more. We'd have to go to the root of the problem (unfettered male sexuality as an all-encompassing issue, and the organizations that profit off entertaining it) to make progress, but since that'd potentially leave straight women who want a peaceful life (ie the majority of the population) at a loss, it'll probably carry on this way. The best we can do under these circumstances is focus on helping the real women and girls directly victimized by men.

No. 1455209

This one is a Piñata

No. 1455215

File: 1671991809469.jpg (139.16 KB, 720x417, Screenshot_20221225-110716_Chr…)

Most of the redditors on these subs seem like dumb or ESL.
Does he mean lactating? I'm horrified.

No. 1455216

The issue I'm having is that I don't believe that men can control this shit and keep it to themselves. We have seen this play out countless times and sex dolls are just another variation of it. I've heard the exact same sentiment about animated or 3d porn, and again, they projected their disgusting habits on to real women once the dopamine rush of watching jailbait hentai through a screen didn't do it for them anymore. There is absolutely no guarantee that these scrotes will ever just hide in their corner and play with sex dolls for the rest of their life because they cannot even fucking control themselves. There's literally a post above us talking about a sex doll fashioned after an irl co-worker, and that proves my point entirely.
>Your logic is like saying dildos should be banned because they're the reason women are promiscuous. Just makes no sense.
This is a dumb example because women are not biologically or socially inclined to commit sexual and physical violence against other people like men are encouraged and allowed to do.

No. 1455221

Nta but most of my husbandos are from fantasy/scifi settings and have weird features, you could say I have unrealistic standards because these are the only guys I'm attracted to lol.

No. 1455223

You're correlating men's hypersexuality to a toy and my dildo comparison was doing the same for women. Thing is, hypersexuality would be the reason a woman would be collecting tens of weird toys like how it's causing these men to collect dolls.
And making it look like their coworker isn't anything new. It's something men already openly admit to doing for porn where they'd look up videos of girls who resemble women they know irl.

No. 1455224

Gonna have a crazy thought here: If we want to do the whole accelerationist meme, maybe the more misogynistic men cooming into plastic holes and giving themselves porn-induced erectile dysfunction, the better. They should absolutely kill their sex drives via masturbation addiction, they should be incapable of being turned on by real, 3D, non-plastic women, and we should be thinking about what we can do to tank their health, fuck up their hormones and/or effectively sterilize them so they can't reproduce or touch real women. They can't cause harm if they're too destroyed by their own addictions.
In an ideal world, we could abolish the industry, and let the unsalvageable males live in coomer camps until they perish. They'd probably be happy with it too. I'm sure there's have enough porn to last them multiple lifetimes.

No. 1455227

Just one of those dolls can cost more than that lmao. It's tens of thousands of dollars, plus the clothes and accessories

No. 1455230

This is exactly what I think but these men are already doing it to themselves with porn addiction and rampant women hatred of theirs. A lot of redditors complain about not being able to have kids because their husbands are too pornsick and obese.

No. 1455233

File: 1671992553314.png (322.37 KB, 507x369, me and nonnie.png)

>And making it look like their coworker isn't anything new. It's something men already openly admit to doing for porn where they'd look up videos of girls who resemble women they know irl.
Yes, you're so close. So now that we can apply that to sex dolls as well as porn, we can admit that this also further encourages men to wallow in their misogynist degeneracy and view women as body parts/dolls/objects for sexual transactions. Sexual objectification can never not leak over into real everyday life for moids. Thus sex dolls are fucked up and further allow men to view us under and objectifying light - so again, my point, none of this shit exists in a vacuum. And btw, I absolutely believe prostitution is a way more pressing issue than this, but at the same time we can dislike both of these things and believe both of them are insanely fucked up. I'm not going to explain this any further, but I've already made my point very clear and it's Christmas so I'm not going to call you a scrote/tranny/fat for this one. Have a good one nonnie.

No. 1455238

Uh… Porn is literally the reason REAL women are getting raped and abused. Don't you realize a lot of pornstars end up in HOSPITAL after scenes?.. How they get hurt and contract stds from scenes? How most of them are also forced into it?
It's not comparable at all and none of the men with these dolls admit to beating them to get off which they do in porn.
Why are you so obsessed with these plastic bitches? Why are you trying to argue that some autists humping plastic is as damaging to women as sex work or porn industry even though it's literally not harming any women?

No. 1455242

>not harming any women
Fucking women shaped plastic leads directly to the harming women in question you fucking retard. That's like saying puppy killers aren't serial killers in the making just because they haven't graduated to human murder yet

No. 1455246

Bitch how is killing a puppy equivalent to no harm? You really are as stupid as these men who are humping plastic, lmao. You're the type of stupid woman that these men imagine to be crying when they brag about their dolls. Literally no sane woman cares about this as much as you do.

No. 1455247

>Why are you trying to argue that some autists humping plastic is as damaging to women as sex work or porn industry even though it's literally not harming any women?
Never once said this, I said I can believe both are extremely fucked up although prostitution is obviously a way more pressing issue. I feel like you're just trying to purposely misrepresent my point now because you're desperate to "catch me out" or something - but it isn't working, sorry nonnie. I suggest you actually read what I post and take your time with it because you're clearly getting upset about shit I've never once implied or said. I personally care about the harm of porn and prostitution way more than sex dolls but at the same time I'd be a retard if I just dismissed sex dolls as
>literally not harming any women
When that's clearly not the case.

No. 1455254

You're an idiot with no reading comprehension, my whole point was sex dolls are harmful like animal violence is harmful they're both precursors to worse things. Again fucking retard

No. 1455255

>Fucking women shaped plastic leads directly to the harming women in question
Anon, they already harm women. To extreme levels. It's not as if rape didn't exist before this shit did. Is there literally anything that proves them draining their wallets and coping with expensive sex toys leads to them harming women even more, in a way that all their countless other jerk-off habits don't? Like, what is special about the plastic? It's all degenerate male sexuality and cooming.

No. 1455257

Animals are living beings that feel pain and misery. Plastic is not. It's an observed, studied phenomena that people who torture animals for fun move on to harming humans. The same has not been observed for sex dolls. Even worse, we already live in a society where men are more or less rewarded and encouraged to be low-empathy perverts (and we thankfully don't live in a society where murder or animal torture is considered okay, for the most part).

No. 1455265

>when the GF is around he places it at the bedside and has to cover it with a blanket
JFC not even Shayna would deserve a boyfriend like this. The fuck is with handmaidens and settling for the most reprehensible losers on Earth?

No. 1455328

And to think that those women are more likely to have a kid with that moid rather than a sensible, happy childfree woman who avoids all men. It’s no wonder pickmeism is so rampant when natural selection by principle favors women who procreate with males.

No. 1455406

Nonna I'm gonna be real with you. I think a line has already been crossed with men's objectification of women and misogynist degeneracy, and not to be all doomer blackpilled but I would even say that it is to the point of no return. We are currently in a worldwide anti-feminist backlash with open misogynists, and then misogynists that will not reveal themselves until you are married to them and 8 months pregnant, who even go as far as pretending to be woke men that will totally split chores with you and support your career goals. Everything that you fear is going to happen has already happened. Therefore, if even 10 loser men shut themselves away from women with their grotesque sex dolls that is a W. I could see the concern about a lifeless sex doll not being enough for some of these retards until they want to subject themselves to a real-life breathing woman, even if they have to pay an escort. However, lettuce pray that these men stop at sex dolls and call it a day.

No. 1455407

sorry samefag but I understand feeling disgust at the idea, since these men admit themselves what they want out of their interactions with women such as some of the subhumans above like in >>1454800. At the same time, are we not already aware of this? You don't need to be a based pinkpilled radfem to know that a lot of men only care about women fulfilling their sexual urges and chores around the house. They already do this shit! And most of them will unfortunately not go down the sex doll route and will, again, pretend to care about a woman's inner life and feelings and goals in order to get pussy or a ring on her finger, and then check out. Literally the most common het situation on the planet. I pray these degenerates get tired of us horrible women, find their silicone brides, and fuck off forever.

No. 1455429

>A lot of redditors complain about not being able to have kids because their husbands are too pornsick and obese.
I want to see this milk lmao

No. 1455432

I'm torn between finding sex dolls creepy af, and being grateful these worthless moids are off the dating market and not wasting any women's time & energy….

No. 1455468

Sage for blog post but a while back I showed my sister the FDS subreddit to sew some seeds about her worthless leech scrote and it was actually beginning to work. Then today, she tells me the sub asked her to prove she's a woman and she failed their test so they banned her. First of all, I'm surprised any subreddit could get away with that especially the "feminazi" FDS. Second of all, if any woman needed an FDS rescue mission, it was my sister goddammit

No. 1455550

I thought FDS was locked but I guess it's open for viewing again? Anyways, there's an FDS thread on lolcow. While some of the advice there regarding dating can be good, the mods are crazy. What were even the questions asked anyways?

No. 1455638

>Therefore, if even 10 loser men shut themselves away from women with their grotesque sex dolls that is a W.
This is where I'm at, just because most men start as shit, and their "sexual marketplace value" and ability to hide their shittiness rapidly decreases with every passing day of adulthood. Wasting even just a few months on a fuck doll could permanently take one dick out of service. The penis that ruined my life in my early twenties probably has not had a single LTR afterward, because he started out barely passable and got more horrible every year, I took all that for the team. I just wish a lump of silicone could have done it instead of me.

No. 1455717

What are you talking about? I just joined it from an alt and got no request to prove I was a woman. Did that happen when she tried to post? Or was it at the website?

No. 1455845

File: 1672104497474.jpeg (509.23 KB, 960x1285, 31D5FD8F-A72A-4018-BA57-E20B0D…)

kek which one of you posted this

No. 1455849

I've seen it before, if they must have kids the moids jerk off into a cup and the wife does the diy insemination instead of just…fucking his wife kek. I also remember on a previous thread an "asexual" moid jerked off into a cup so his wife could get pregnant and "made her orgasm to help with pregnancy" even though he claimed to have hated sex and stuff and then said he was tired and angry by his wife "wanting sex all the time" POSTPARTUM and then deleted the post when people called out his weird fetish larp

No. 1455858

Imagine your moid cheating on you with his sex doll
This man is making it too obvious he has never actually had a conversation with a woman, nevermind touched one. He has the same stereotypical attitude about us as trannies do, golly do women love shopping!! and talking about hopes and dreams(?)
This is the most vague description of a "wife" and "marriage" I've ever read, wife is fictional for sure
>never admit they're wrong
>just want more and more
no idea what this even means, sounds like some old boomer complaints from a 90s comedy show

No. 1455862

wtf is that instead of a tree? Is it paper or plastic strips taped to the wall? Thousands of dollars on dolls and $1 on the tree

No. 1455864

Watch this post get locked because it goes against complete obedience to tranny ideology.

No. 1455866

Do you think he was born broken, or do you think he became that way?

At first I thought this guy just the world's angriest man because he was born straight but desperately wants to be gay, but now I think he's just so deep in the closet that he doesn't even realize that he's in there.

No. 1455873

>2 Child (?) Sex dolls
>The adult women one have insane impossible proportions because adult women's bodies are only acceptable to men if they have z cup boobs and 3 BBLs
I never understand men, they'll demand impossible stuff off of women but rape children with proportions they declare unattractive on women

No. 1455902

i am so worried now. i thought these dolls kept sex pests out of our way but those two posts tell me it encourages them to be degenerate. the child dolls made a pinch in my heart.
i think it was louise perry who said we should discuss them and now i agree with her

No. 1456134

Anon do you have a plastic gf? Why are you so insistent it's not grossly sexist and fucked up? Porn addicts always escalate so fucking a piece of plastic (that in many cases is child shaped) won't actually prevent women and children from being hurt. On top of that, a lot of these sex dolls are made by women in the third world being exposed to a) chemicals and microplastics and b) fucked up pornified images of women so it actually does directly harm women and their children due to the environmental impact.

No. 1456240

Can't stand how porn addicts. When I first when to college stupid PA moids would sexually assault us like crazy just because "I thought college girls were hypersexual". Just any porn that portrays certain women to be hypersexual is extremely harmful because it leads to moids assaulting us thinking we're just going to like it

No. 1456275

I didn't ask so I have no idea what questions were asked and I dont know the extent of which she participated in the sub. she's not really that into internet communities so I feel like she'd only lurk and not make posts or comments.

>What are you talking about?

I never joined the sub myself so idk anything about a questionnaire outside of what she had told me. Idk what else to say

No. 1456389

>men complain about their wives taking boudoir photos for them and brag about throwing them away
>Man comes in
>"Sorry to hear that fellas, I'll happily take that burden off your hands"
>Moids seethe to remind everyone how their wives are hot and then play mental gymnastics on why they don't want to see their wife nude

Are men so weak they need other men to show sexual interest in their wife to even be attracted to her? Is this how cucking starts? If men like impressing men so much they should have just dated them first

No. 1456418

Men are barely sentient sperm depositors. Does that answer your question?

No. 1456464

File: 1672221921695.png (731.45 KB, 958x1116, kek.png)

Based 19 year old. I hope more young women BTFO old moids to know their place (away from society).

No. 1456480

The Black people twitter sub asks for a pic of your arm to post so idk why they wouldn’t allow something similar in FDS

No. 1456487

What a queen, I would have totally ignored the dude in the first place but she knows her shit, I love her.

No. 1456516

I have had these same thoughts for a while. I think it makes sense when you are young because society does force gender stereotypes and gender roles on people. Tomboys were a thing among my peers growing up, and the girly girls too, and it was generally fine, but the female expectations were still there so you might have us wanting to embrace being female but wishing we were male just so we were allowed to live for ourselves and be free. That's a child's way of thinking.

Actual dysphoria is a mental disorder, wanting to alter your genitals and take hormones is the same as excessive plastic surgery to fix your "flaws and ugliness" or removing a limb because you are convinced it doesn't belong to you and shouldn't be there. These are all bdd, and since there is no way to treat it, they let people alter themselves, that was the accepted treatment. And if they are only affecting themselves it would be one thing but it isn't, trans are making their own rules and expecting people to just accept that. Places women fought to have are being taken away and infiltrated, the idea of being a woman is being mocked, the safety of women is being dismantled again, it's actually insane. People with body dysmorphia get no sympathy, no special treatment, until they decide to change their societal gender and cut off their bits. I think once you decide to alter yourself you eliminate yourself from participating in sports, since taking hormones would be banned from sports.

No. 1456521

based and unhinged

No. 1456522


No. 1456527

>scrote reads reddit post
>seethes at anons agreeing with 19 year old
>"h-heh wht if i dunk on the foids by pretending to be my own false image of them"
19 year olds aren't children, but you are still an ugly post-wall old man with sperm that was even worthless in your youth, cope forever.

No. 1456529

I'm a woman in my 30s, that is a teenager. p.s. you have to be 18 to post here. why are you not more disgusted by this?

No. 1456530

This is what scrotes mean when they say women have too high standards, they mean 19 year olds don't want to date predatory old men.

No. 1456531

samefag I was talking about reddit OP not the nona who posted it. as in the man preying on this obviously fresh out of school girl looking to breed. why you attacking ME kek

No. 1456532

File: 1672231024912.png (105.16 KB, 783x683, acw.png)

This. They won't be happy until they can be broke, decrepit and elderly but young women are lining up for them lmao. His justifications are even worse.

No. 1456533

nona you completely misunderstood me. I'm sticking up for the 19 year old, as in she could be his child but he wants someone younger for "breeding reasons" idk if it's my wording or your reading comprehension but I'm not infighting and getting us both banned when the farms just came back online. chill, we agree.

No. 1456534

Thought you were doing the scrote tactic of "If you don't think a 30+ year old man should get the chance to date an 18-19 year old, you are literally being a hysterical female and saying the 19 year old is the same as a child lol females btfo!!!". My bad nonny, I'm just jaded from too many raids

No. 1456536

ayrt understandable and based of you to straight up come for the throat, respect.

No. 1456537

>but life is survival of the fittest
Exactly, so why is he mad? kek

No. 1456540

his cum is as ashy as he is and he knows he is a biological culdesac kek

No. 1456544

Survival of the fittest yet dying alone, and probably early due to reckless behavior and miserable diet of greasy takeaways and beer.

No. 1456599

File: 1672237101138.jpg (293.17 KB, 1080x1744, ef70e4_b1e8aa78d3224121942cedf…)

His replies show that he's still just whoring around and not looking for a wife, as if it wasn't obvious. No college student makes $60k in a year, unless she's a rich heiress, and there's no way he could judge that at the fucking supermarket. Have another one of these disingenuous middle aged dried up slut losers.

No. 1456600

File: 1672237195699.jpg (360.49 KB, 1080x1724, ef70e4_da726010c941441ea45dfde…)

They never want to get married, they just pretend to save face (and scam women) because they know they're finally too fucking old to be acting the way they do.

No. 1456605

Nineteen isn't a child. They're not full adults, but they're not children any more than a 21 year is.

No. 1456609

Definitely less mature than 21 years olds at least on average and definitely too young to be perved on by 30-something year old incels.

No. 1456610

did you read the whole thread or?
in comparison to him, she is. this isn't a personal attack, calm yourself.

personally before 20, you are a kid to me. you just are. and I'd like to give you good advice and not let this happen to you but be offended as you want.

No. 1456615

Honestly I could respect men who like young women more if they could just admit it’s because of looks instead of all these silly reasons that don’t make sense. They don’t want to admit that they just find younger women cuter/more attractive because that would make them seem creepy and shallow, they have to come up with non superficial reasons for their preference.

No. 1456617

nah, it's usually not (just) about looks but rather about younger women (usually) being more naive and immature therefore easier to manipulate

No. 1456620

I think it’s that but mostly because of looks because there are for sure plenty of older women who are stupid and easy to maniple that they can pick. They want to get the girls they couldn’t get when they were in high school and college and they think some how being old changes things.

No. 1456623

And there are plenty of attractive women in their thirties. Those men sound themselves immature as well and still mentally stuck in high school

No. 1456630

Anon he literally himself says
>Easier to shape a peson starting from scratch

No. 1456633

I think men say this because it makes them chasing young women seem like a logical choice but really it boils down to looks and wanting to feel young again. I’ve seen men in their 30s tolerating bpd nuts who can’t stay away from tinder only because they are young and cute, even though they’d never tolerate that behavior from a woman their age.

No. 1456652

It's because a woman with less relationship experience is more likely to be a doormat for the man. Most men can't tell women's age and stuff they find attractive like curvy bodies and done hair/makeup is way more common in women in their thirties. Most girls that are 21- look messier and uglier than women who are 25+.

No. 1456663

>He's not meaning exactly what he says
>He means something else less bad, something only I can assign to his motives

No. 1456694

I wish men like this would take their dolls and join one another to move far, far away from women. I'm glad they're distancing themselves from women, honestly, as it means they won't use us. Their dehumanisation of us however is concerning if they still encounter women daily. They're definitely at risk of becoming murderers etc.

No. 1456703

Ruining their health is unfortunately at the expense of women and children, one way or another

No. 1456710

Saw this reposted in r/AmItheDevil and one of the posters had checked out this guy's post history and outed that the guy has previously mentioned he's 35 so dude was not only preying on a teen but also lying about his age.

No. 1456730

That anon sounds like a groomed girl who thinks her "beauty" is the reason old men are pursuing her, when in reality they probably think she's easy to use/trick. I'm also young and had men like this try to take advantage of me while saying me being younger was ideal for x y z reason while they only pursued me because they thought I was naive.

No. 1456749

Naw I’m in my 30s and didn’t date when I was young. I just think a lot of men like that “cute fresh faced” look and instead of admitting that they’d rather just claim they chase young women because all women over 30 are ran through and bitter. They think saying their preference is a personality or biological reason makes them look less creepy and superficial.

No. 1456750

Men all play from the same handbook, so once a woman has had a few shitty boyfriends, she has literally heard every lie in the book. It's pathetic. Men are so worthless, hateful, and greedy.
All younger girls need to be warned about these manipulative life-wrecking older men, because it's only going to get worse. Men like this have all fucked up the lives of multiple millennial women, and now they're trying to ruin the lives of the next generation. Absolute human garbage. They're never just benign himbos, they will spitefully fuck up every single thing they can.

No. 1456771

Nah, there has been an experiment where men were shown women without knowing their age and they rated older women really high. When the ages were revealed in another set of pictures, they rated the youngest the highest.
>career oriented and motherly is the goal
So he wants her to take care of kids, clean, cook but also work, make big money and provide for him. How overworked would she be? And I feel like this is slowly becoming a norm that women are expected to fill in both roles. Men are bitching about feminism ruining modern marriage but they're benefiting from it maybe even more than the 'traditional' men.

No. 1456787

The projection. The same things he complains about are what scrotes mostly do. Moids are hoes that will sleep with anybody and obtain a collection of STDs, go to bars to harass women and try to hook up, go to strip clubs, etc. No woman wants your old washed-up diseased ass after you’ve “had your fun and are ready to settle down”. GTFO with these double standards. He should’ve behaved himself.
Guessing what this moid considers as “obese” is any woman that has average weight or a little more. He’s asking for someone fertile, but it’s science that women naturally hold onto fat more to stay fertile. You can’t just tell a woman to go to the gym and deadlift the same way as you can to a moid, idiot. I bet this scrote has a beer gut.

No. 1456791

The "men could get 18 yr olds even when their 50" dudes actually trying to hit on teenagers

No. 1456832

>I told her if I want kids then dating younger is my only choice
Bringing up kids/fertility with a rando teen at the grocery store. I love how mens social skills have been destroyed by the shit they read online. They block themselves. Throw of red flags even a kid can detect. Beautiful. The fact that they so openly repeat this shit in public with absolutely no awareness of how batshit they come across to any normal person..

No. 1456882

Whats even better if he thinks the women in his age group are too old his sperm is six times more likely to have defects at the same age kek. He should be out of the gene pool by his own logic, that older women less fertile. Men have kids forever is bs. Women’s eggs are much more stable long term.

No. 1456930

Yet another reason they have to aim low. A young fit woman might date a dumpy guy because she has been heavily shamed by shitty TV and movies. But once you get older, you realize that dumpy guys weren't just born that way, they are extremely lazy and usually even nastier for it.

No. 1456932

>I love how mens social skills have been destroyed by the shit they read online
It'll be truly a sight to behold if more podcast and redditfags crawl out into the dating scene. I've had a guy unironically bring up the "no one wants women over the age of 35" on a date. I feel like even our misogynistic grandfather knew how to hide their powerlevels, these men won't ever have children because they can't stop sperging out for even a day.

No. 1456946

Men sperg about fertility while having dust for sperm and simping for trannies. Ultimately moids are just pedophiles and looking to excuse their degeneracy.

No. 1456970

Absolutely. The older you are, the more mature, but there is still a limit on what is considered a child. I just have a problem with the use of the word in this context and the stretching of its definition.

>in comparison to him
Ah, so you're one of those people who is like, "this 21 year old is baby." I thought you were using the actual definition of the word. Still, anything under 18 is a child, anything over is not.

No. 1456977

He probably ruined his dick by sleeping with every sloppy bitch in college then at last minute he decided he wanted to settle down but ruined his brain too with the internet, that's why he seems to have no issue trying to flirt with random 19 yr olds and bring up the idea of having kids with a girl met seconds ago and is obviously uncomfortable. If a woman did this she would be absolutely destroyed

No. 1456978

They don't even pick out body types best for fertility, they'll see a fat girl with implants and say it's fertility peak. I remember when moids on /fit/ use to spam Trisha paytas type body types and claim only high t dudes liked them and anyone who didn't look like this couldn't make babies kek. I feel like even straight women could pick out more fertile women than most men

No. 1456980

I'll be honest, you're sounding super weird and aggressive right now. Just because a woman has sex in college doesn't mean she's a "sloppy bitch."

No. 1456982

>Goes on tinder an app known for hookups
>Whines that people wanna hookup
When will these stupid ass moids naturally select themselves out the gene pool?

No. 1456984

Not what I said but moids tend to purposely go for women they admit they find unattractive and gross

No. 1456986

I've slowly realized that most men don't even have the ability to perceive physical quality differences between women. They might as well be face blind. They can't tell how old a woman is, they can't see a difference between nice makeup and the makeup gun set on "whore", they even get fooled by men in wigs. The saddest thing is how much time women spend stressing over details that men don't even see. Think of how many women have stressed out over losing an inch or two off the waist, meanwhile men were jerking off to another scrote in a schoolgirl uniform with no waist at all.

No. 1456987

kek anon what?
>He probably ruined his dick by sleeping with every sloppy bitch in college
sleeping with women doesn't ruin a moid's dick tho?

No. 1457024

STDs, erection dysfunction, and they'll usually start expected women to overperform for them while bringing nothing to the table. There's also been studied that mens penises shrink with frequent sex and jerking off

No. 1457045

How the fuck does having sex give them erectile disfunction?
>studied that mens penises shrink with frequent sex and jerking off
That doesn't sound believable either.

No. 1457050

There's a lot of degenerate fetishes out there, but I find sex dolls in particular so creepy. They literally objectify women and sometimes are made to resemble children or women men are obsessed with. I think men who are into this are just one step away from becoming necrophile serial killers.

No. 1457054

Nta, but a man's worth directly correlates with his chastity.

No. 1457055

wtf where are you getting your sex education?

No. 1457060

Is this supposed to be a parody of the whole "when women have a lot of sex there vagina stretches!" But for males

No. 1457061

File: 1672271706928.png (222.01 KB, 445x446, truth.png)

No. 1457065

This thread sounds like mad scrotes. There was a project done where they scanned men's penises and found those that had more sexual partners and more frequently had smaller penises.

No. 1457074

They just had smaller penises or their penises got small because they had so much sex? The two things are very different.

No. 1457081

I'm still "young" by moids standards but even when I was 18 I noticed men were facially retarded even when it came to "preferring younger girls". On top of that if you ask these men to name some of the hottest celebrities/models they'd probably name women who are their age or older. They also generally nitpick young women's looks a lot more

No. 1457087

24 and can confirm kek. I also feel like as we get older our fat distributes more flatteringly and we usually learn how our bodies work best(know how to diet/workout in a way that works for us) and know what hair and makeup flatters us + we usually have more money and can buy higher quality things if needed. Young girls generally don't look that good unless they're already genetically blessed (which they'll be beautiful at any age if that's the case) or they are rich and can afford high quality skincare and treatments, won't stress due to needing to work multiple jobs, etc.

No. 1457096

>Be young, 18-21 I assume
>Be a virgin and also fertile
>Raise and bear children
>Make over 60k (I assume to support him while he lazys around)
I'm so confused, what does he even bring to the table to have the nerve to demand all this? Even chads don't have these demands

No. 1457102

File: 1672274248332.jpeg (6.76 KB, 275x183, download (1).jpeg)

Women are much more stable for long term fertility. Wombs are wombs and very rarely will age out of ability, maybe eggs yes but wombs no. There's been stories of women who literally surrogated their grandkids because their daughter couldn't carry them. Eggs decrease in quantity but not quality, in fact most fetal issues stemming from the placenta is due to DNA the sperm carried, the older a man is the less quality sperm he has and the more he is likely to cause all sorts of issues

No. 1457122

>Career oriented and motherly is the goal
>career oriented and motherly
Somehow, someway, she is gonna work full time in a demanding job AND raise multiple children fulltime. To do this, simply, clone herself. A reasonable demand from a reasonable redditor.

No. 1457133

The Alice larp story from way back when really made moids believe women could hand them everything

No. 1457302

No. 1457464

This was the standard with gen x and millennials, the scrotes just didn't dare say both things together out loud because they had the bare minimum self awareness back then to know how fucking horrible it sounds. I'm so glad they're finally laying it all out there. You must earn a middle class income all on your own, you must work 40 hours a week, you must do 40+ hours of housewife work, you must wreck your body, then you must go to the gym 3+ times a week, shave, wax, dye every gray hair, use makeup every morning. And to top it all off, you have to smile and fuck a sullen, spiteful husband whenever he wants it. I've never been gladder that I always insisted on using condoms.

No. 1457582

>Still, anything under 18 is a child, anything over is not.

i agree, but i will say…i recently had to deal with some extremely immature and cliquey 20-23-year-old girls in college and their behavior was so fucking childish and retarded, i kept thinking they were 16 year old kids. it was super cringe and i am not that much older than them, but it was the first time i felt some time of way dealing with individuals who look grown but mentally are not all there.

>these men won't ever have children

we should be glad, they're doing us all a favor. now these turds can't pass their wack ass genes on anymore and thankfully we are a part of a generation that knows better than to settle with these losers. other women from prior generations like my grandmother put up with this bullshit and suffered for it. we don't have to anymore and that's what these failures are angry about.

No. 1457681

I need hot tips to make them sodomize each other till they die without being blamed for it. Any idea?

No. 1457704

>Nta, but a man's worth directly correlates with his chastity.

No. 1458162


Just to pretend to be as grossed out and as uncomfortable as possible with men sodomizing other men, get male on male rape porn to be on the first few pages and boom, their little pea brains will be raping each other before we know it

No. 1458311

File: 1672416249048.jpeg (148.66 KB, 828x620, 4C20F5F5-603B-4A89-BB5C-C61927…)

Is anyone else who uses camas.unddit.com having trouble? It's been yo yo'ing for weeks and posts have vanished from their archives

considering how shitty reddits official search function is, it's disappointing when the alternative goes down

No. 1458316

Used it just a few days ago, worked perfectly fine for me.

No. 1458325

Yeah it died today for some reason. It's been up and down. And the last few major downtime cycles I've gone back in and noticed there's posts I can no longer access via camas, although my bookmarks for them on reddit still work. It's creepy

No. 1458943

File: 1672462733396.png (65.79 KB, 1640x298, i hate this pos.png)

I ~love~ when incels essentially call themselves ugly and disgusting.
For background, this scrote's comment was in response to a woman who is upset at always being told she deserves better by emotionally unavailable men. And yet reddit "caters too much to women", they say……


No. 1459364

File: 1672510584674.jpeg (433.51 KB, 1179x1760, 002F62DA-24CF-4D74-AA5C-7BCA67…)

Average Redditor

No. 1459368

fucking man child

No. 1459374

Most mansluts are the ugly ones because they seem to think tricking drunk or insecure girls into fucking them will fix their issues. It's like how incels think the day they'll get laid, they'll stop crying themselves to sleep about how ugly they are.

No. 1459485

>American psycho
Why does every moid like this shit movie? Do they really think they're Patrick Bateman even though they just work in a call center or something?

No. 1459488

Not to mention American Psycho totally mocks Bateman, he's cringe af and it's meant to be read that way, how are people missing that?

No. 1459497

I like the movie, but that's because I view it like >>1459488 and enjoy how it mocks Bateman. It also accurately satirizes corporate culture.

No. 1459501

Some people do really think "he's just like me fr fr", but I think to many moids movies like American Psycho are what Kamikaze Girls is to a different demographic.

No. 1459507

Scrotes prove how shallow they are, by not realizing the characters they say are "sigma" and "literally me", were actually losers who were constantly mocked in the medium. Scrotes would be able to meme themselves into saying Dr. Bill from EWS is "literally me" and "sigma" even though he worries about being a cuck the whole movie.

No. 1459509

Many men do that ironically. Like if the person you're talking to isn't a mouth breathing retard, he's just messing around.

No. 1459512

>any attractive man will sleep around, cheat and not commit
>any 'good' man is disgusting looking
lmao and they still think women should aspire to relationships with men?? They really tell on themselves.

No. 1459526

File: 1672523395868.png (31.48 KB, 728x246, image.png)

title tells you everything you need to know tbh

No. 1459537

People who say euthanasia for mental issues is evil never heard of a creatura like that.

No. 1459658

File: 1672532633327.jpeg (189.76 KB, 1242x1277, 513D53D4-9FCF-4202-B8E2-04786A…)


No. 1459672

These usually aren’t the types who genuinely want to kill themselves

No. 1459706

the movie is terrible and does the book almost no justice. If it werent for autistic fugly manlets drooling over "le chad murdering da wiminnzz" it would be completely forgettable

No. 1459707

ot but as much as men seethe over women watching dumb romance movies and how pretentious they like to be about film, 90% of mens taste in movies is complete shit

No. 1459718

Because moids think the world revolves around looks and because he's always made out to be hot then it's fine. The same reason why the missed the plot of any movie where the villain is a hot girl. Bateman's unbearable but he's successful and is fit and good looking, these moids could never

No. 1459720

Isn’t this the fucking truth. It’s ridiculously difficult to find a decent-seeming dude, start talking about movies, and they DON’T bring up capeshit. I refuse to let a male make me feel embarrassed for loving The Last Unicorn or idk..something that actually has soul and substance behind it.

No. 1459721

it was written by a gay man and directed by a woman

No. 1459787

>many moids movies like American Psycho are what Kamikaze Girls is to a different demographic
OT but I've been here for years and this is genuinely one of the very first things to offend me lmao

No. 1459804

This one is fucking magic.
He must already be on some kind of generous government disability benefits to be unemployed at 34 and getting any medical care at all, let alone surgery. But of course it's not enough, and he expects somebody else to pay for a mattress and bed frame, a $200 purchase. And he ruined the first bedding and then cot he was given by being filthy. Men are so dishonest, nasty, lazy, and greedy.
I'm glad that the top comment at least was calling out this shit as the manipulative pity party it is.

No. 1459820

Ot but this reminded me of my short lived wish account. I started randomly looking at reviews for top listed items and some guy made an account on there for his sex doll. He had hundreds of reviews for various costumes with added pics of the doll wearing the costume. You could even see his trashy trailer in some of the pics. It honestly felt like satire.

No. 1459964

My bf likes it because he thinks it's funny. He gets that it's supposed to be mocking the characters. He laughs so hard at the business card scene. I did not find it funny.

No. 1460363

The fuck is wrong with reddit

Mods are insane and ban you because they felt triggered that day
If you go to a countrys sub it is full of foreigners, half that don't live there, to discuss how much they hate it there. If you call it out they ban you and users harass you for weeks after.
If you go to a sub they delete your post because you either don't have enough karma, you posted in another sub they don't like, you posted on the wring day, you didn't write the title in the right format, you haven't posted everyday for the past 6 months etc
They will ban you if you contact a mod but the mod will dm you to say "You are a shit and banned ahaha fuck you"

Why do people use this fucking site

No. 1460378

Oh this one is crazy. What the fuck was he doing to make his old bed start growing BLACK MOLD??? Interesting he thinks he is entitled to his parents money at 34 years old. This guy has no fucking idea that a lot of parents will charge their child rent or literally kick them out of their house as soon as they turn 18

No. 1460392

Reddit mods are the losers who got bullied in school so they became mods who now get to "bully" in return. It's some retard power fantasy, just like how a lot of losers who bullied other people became policemen to then bully people they think are less than them. It's a retard echochamber and the whole place is some stupid men's rights incel circle jerk

No. 1460484

>The canvas on the bed is stretched beyond belief, and stained with sweat as I am a hot sleeper and sweat a lot in my sleep.
A heavily sweat stained single camper bed that mom and dad paid for.. that's just the average redditor bed.

No. 1460527

Kek at him turning it into a thing about how "this place won't help men!!" while he literally gets to sit on his ass all day on reddit and lives with his parents. He claimed to work before the injury did he piss away the money or something? Why wasn't he able to afford a new bed when he was working? He's definitely leaving out a lot of details

No. 1460542

Nvm just checked this guy's profile. Apparently he's been a massive stoner and pissed all his money away on weed and didn't bother buying himself a bed while he could afford all that weed kek. No wonder his parents are done with him

No. 1460575

On topic of reddit schizos, do you nonnas think that a lot of r/schizophrenia and other mental illness users are just stoners or alcoholics who fried their brains on some shit and now they claim schizo status? Cause I feel like every other person with schizophrenia on reddit just developed mental retardation because of weed and now want to feel like victims even though they are themselves to blame for their retarded choices. Kinda like that redditor with a stinky bed.

No. 1460592

I agree that drug use contributes to retardation and some people love larping schizophrenia online for some reason

No. 1460624

I bet he spent all his time in bed, eating and drinking there, never changed the sheets.

No. 1460861

File: 1672669119498.jpg (527.68 KB, 1570x1080, r subliminal.jpg)

This subliminal stuff is wild

No. 1460983

It makes zero sense to me how they can demand all this but start crying about how "women only want Chad" because a couple of women said they liked tall guys on tinder. if women demanded anything remotely close to their demands they would kill themselves in mass suicide

No. 1460986

Why do I feel like most subliminal advertisements use plastic surgery before and after photos?

No. 1461014

>if women demanded anything remotely close to their demands they would kill themselves in mass suicide
I hope this happens this year.

No. 1461357

They truly are obnoxious, selfish, lying hypocrites. One of my exes used to whine about how women only want hot rich guys (then how were we dating) and how women like me live life on easy mode. Then one of the reasons he dumped me was because I didn't make as much money as he did. Maybe I could have made more money if I had had a weekend job instead of doing free escorting for him. Men who are 35-45 and "still haven't found the right one" are lying trash with delusional expectations.

No. 1461500

File: 1672722339551.png (128.35 KB, 1016x541, Screenshot.png)

aznidentity is such a strange place, like I have been to China and live in a region that has chinese nationals living here and most of those guys, including the zoomers are comparatively short then even most men here
like what is his head logic here

No. 1461514

I cannot emphasize enough how much I hate "happy cake day!" comments. Several weeks ago I was reading about some rapist and in the comment section people were discussing it and of course there's a random "happy cake day!" Like why bother posting that shit? It adds nothing to the discussion. I was shocked they'd do it considering the topic of discussion. Just now I was reading about home price spikes and again someone just has to say "happy cake day!" to a comment. I downvote any all happy cake day comments. They are cringe and stupid and are completely worthless.

No. 1461593

Does anybody know any reddit lolcows? It's easy to blend in on that site so usually when there's a cow from there they're super autistic.

No. 1461603

unless all these guys were from heilongjiang i doubt it

No. 1461613

tbh i can sympathize with her. When i was 18 the first time i performed oral sex on a moid i told him i loved him after i was done and he acted all weirded out. Then he ghosted me afterwards and it really messed with me. I didn't have a lot of dating or sexual experience and this same guy would act interested in a relationship to use me for a quick hookup then ghost me again. He was a bit older and more experienced and took advantage of me being naive and wanting a boyfriend.

No. 1461629

File: 1672740589255.jpeg (216.04 KB, 828x1114, 9AD520AE-4223-47B8-BDD3-7CE00C…)

I stick to the selling subreddits yet even those aren’t safe from the enby faggots. Pleasantly surprised to see this one downvoted

No. 1461636

tbh it is actually annoying. Men's "goodies" are generally neutral and something anyone could maybe want or use, something practical. And then for women you get something like make-up or a hair accessory. Not something I'd give a bad review over, but it is a pet peeve.
Like imagine if instead of the electric toothbrush some company promised if you signed up, you'd get sent a hair straightener just because you're a woman, but you've got a buzzcut. Everyone's got teeth, generally, way safer bet.

No. 1461668

"Goodies" are always useless crap nobody wants. Only send what they buyer paid for (excluding basic packaging). The op is a liar looking for karma anyways.

No. 1461669

I'm always stupidly happy when a vendor puts a piece of candy in my order…

No. 1461704

File: 1672753011973.png (458.16 KB, 1027x539, i love JKR.png)


No. 1461736

Nonnas I unfortunately don’t have a screenshot of this and can’t see the comment on removed comment sites, but I use reddit specifically for a sobriety sub because the people there are usually tolerable and helpful. Yesterday there was a post where a woman was asking for ideas for a gift for her husband who had been sober for one year. Most of the comments were normal shit like take him to dinner or write him a letter or something, but one scrote was like “wake him up in that happy way” with a winky face. Idk why they have to make everything sexual in places where it’s fucking inappropriate. I reported the comment for harassment against the OP (because why make a sexual remark on something that isn’t sexual) and maybe others did too, because it wasn’t there anymore when I checked again. It always just pisses me off so much to see that shit on posts that are completely innocent. I know it wasn’t that big of a deal as far as stupid comments go but it got under my skin and always does. I needed to rant, apologies for no image.

No. 1461777

The movie is good because Christian bale is a hot actor portraying the character comically and that's it. Men like it because Bateman is a loser with mental health issues and they relate to that whilst also being able to imagine being hot

No. 1461780

I feel you, anon. I use RES, so I downvote and then ignore anyone who makes inappropriate sexual comments.

No. 1461855

hate these angle frauding retards so fucking much
>ah yes everyone who gets plastic surgery is a dummy, i can do it for free with My Thoughts

No. 1461873

I've seen the same before. A woman wants a gift idea for her husband and men rush in to suggest sex or a bj. I don't get it. If you're in a relationship with someone then it already goes without saying that you have an intimate life.

Men: sex shouldn't be used by women as a reward for good behaviour or a transactinal thing, thats so fucked up
Also men: Blow jobs are great as birthday/aniversay gifts and a should be your reward for any and all forms of good behavior!

The never ending hypocrisy of men.

No. 1461882

It because the men writing those advices are single men who pay for blowies. They have no concept of relationships

No. 1461904

Meanwhile these men probably never do anything to please their wives in bed or help around the house or even wipe their own asses. The majority of men seem to be completely useless while wanting everything handed to them on a silver platter. Back to the initial post about men making sexual remarks on everything, it doesn’t surprise me if these men have no one in their DMs, because that stuff is obnoxious and immature. I’ve had to completely go on off male friends in the past because they wouldn’t stop making sexual innuendos all the time. So grating.

No. 1461915

The reddit power mods I guess. Bard Finn is infamous as well.

No. 1462046

I actually think the opposite. First time I enjoyed a movie more than the book. Brett Easton Ellis is a twat anyway.

No. 1462074

File: 1672776937088.png (576.78 KB, 1778x799, 1672772962955.png)

ungrateful bastard

No. 1462081

Reddit is so full of fabricated shit to bait people

No. 1462092

what his gf (right hand) made for dinner

No. 1462095

I was scrolling through IG and there was a very cute, innocent post about a teacher in australia making toys out of her class' drawings. for some reason, there were several sexual comments with tons of likes. It make me so disgusted that even something as innocent as childrens drawings are sexualized by men. Parents seriously need to raise their sons to do better.

No. 1462102

File: 1672777811038.jpeg (126.87 KB, 1241x581, 4AD2C710-0210-4D4D-9726-D7C42D…)

it would appear that OP is a liar. what a surprise.

No. 1462103

I was gonna say, I like the movie more and the business card scene always cracks me up so much.

No. 1462111

File: 1672778157620.png (148.26 KB, 735x881, Screenshot_2.png)

The comments are all "YTA. Buy your own underwear." One person called her an "infant". I want to alog so fucking bad

No. 1462118

>borrowing a simple pair of underwear because you are pregnant and will give birth in about 2 months.
>still cooking, cleaning, buying and carrying groceries
I dont know how these het women do it, but the standards for men are in hell. It's really sad to see them do this. She isn't the asshole for buying a few pairs of underwear, and shouldnt have to do all the work. What happened to partnership in relationships?

No. 1462124

A woman can be in the most dire, difficult situation but to reddit, a scrote's feelings are always more important. She's literally pregnant and doing all the chores yet the motherfucker can't even give her 2 boxers so she feels more comfortable

No. 1462133

Reddit scrotes always project onto the man in the situation and will twist it into him being the biggest victim even if he's a murderer or rapist. I imagine the paragraph about her doing all the housework riled them up and got them defensive because they're also useless husbands who don't help out so took it personally.

No. 1462138

Why do women get pregnant with men like this? Someone please explain this shit to me, because there's no way these red flags werent present before she got knocked up.

No. 1462140

Women are often gaslighted into glossing over much bigger red flags

No. 1462164

Fake as fuck story.
It's specifically designed so she comes across as reasonable and sympathetic as possible while he is completely irrational, and the "I bought 8 pairs of the good underwear for him" bit is just ludicrous.

No. 1462193

It's just a small thing, but the world is a slightly better place every time somebody refuses to humor these shitty guys. And you know individually they all have to throw a little temper tantrum every time they get told "no" and can't escalate it.

No. 1462550

File: 1672803592893.png (33.17 KB, 656x468, leddit.png)

kek i got suspended for this

No. 1462616

That's because that's how most men are anon. It's completely believable I've seen my friends have similar shit happen to them (obviously not over underwear but the same overreaction over dumb shit even when it's the woman doing 90% of the work on the relationship)

No. 1462619

I notice it's ALWAYS men in long term relationships claiming men want this, likely because they try to cheat all day then get blown off and the only conclusion they can come to is because they're not Chad, not because they're a creepy greasy fatass who everyone knows has a gf

No. 1462650

Scrotes are legit NPCs. Any man aged 12-62 likes at least 25% of these.

No. 1462677

GimpGirl , a lolcow on snow, was originally discovered on Reddit

No. 1462680

>7-8 months pregnant
>not gained any weight
Wouldn't that mean she's actually lost some of her original weight, because at that point the fetus + all the fluids and stuff should weigh a couple of kilos already? Unless she means she hasn't gained any extra weight on top of that. What a dumbass thing to brag about anyway, you're supposed to gain a few kgs of baby weight unless you're already overweight to begin with, and not gaining any means you're most likely intentionally dieting throughout your pregnancy, which isn't too good for the baby.

No. 1462788

>not gained a lot of
You misread anon. Also how much weight you should gain depends on your body before pregnancy, if she was already obese she wouldn't have to gain a lot of weight and 10kg might not make that big of a difference on a 100kg woman.

No. 1462851

How is it bullying to speak the truth? I just heard a podcast the other day where an 18 year old was helping other people rob an elderly grandmother and he sexually assaulted her in the process before deciding to brutally murder her. Men don’t care if someone is attractive, all they care about is using sex to assert control. If they were so concerned about only sleeping with 11/10 women, things like prison rape and what I mentioned above wouldn’t exist. They’re opportunistic predators. Not to mention, stories about men fucking food or stuffed animals aren’t just memes. There is no low for men and their standards.

No. 1462903

I remember my dad telling me how back in the 60's and 70's, comic books were for little kids, or nerdy, loser scrotes. And now look at this shit.

No. 1462919

Yeah. I grew up in the 90s and read xmen comics and didnt find many people into that. Comicbook stores had very niche nerds, but now it's so mainstream that every single normie male likes it and thot women use it to get male attention. This is the worst timeline.

No. 1462938

those nerdy loser kids grew up to pursue film making i guess?

No. 1462953

this is true, all the nerdy comic book losers grew up and went into screenwriting or directing. so now they're making money off all the chads and jocks who beat them up in school by becoming agents of pop culture.

it's either capeshit or they're snobby intellekshuals posting meandering video essays on youtube wanking themselves to some obscure art house film that has no plot and ugly as fuck actors, using "big words" to pretend they're so smart. it's like a cult, a cult of manliness. i hate it.

No. 1463065

You sound like a male honestly. Even if someone doesn’t grow up consuming niche shit it doesn’t mean they can’t genuinely enjoy it as adults. Believing women only like certain things for male attention is centering men and reductive to women.

No. 1463082

Im usually the first person to call bullshit on reddit stories so I was ready to agree with you, but honestly this is such uniquely petty and audacious male behavior that I can believe it. Fake reddit stories usually have a few lines of hamfisted dialogue.

No. 1463112

How did no one reply to this I’m gonna alog why are lib women so retarded reeee

No. 1463121

Speaking of lib women, does anyone lurk in subs like craftsnark watching them ruin their own communities by policing everyone as too mean and “not truuue snark”? Stfu bitch we’re all petty assholes that’s why we are in a gossip sub if someone is going to cry over a stranger making a witty dunk on a pattern they like they should just neck themselves anyway or get off the internet.

No. 1463124

The muacirclejerk sub is SO bad for this at one point it was more whining than actual snark. Also it's crawling with scrotes

No. 1463127

I didnt mean for it to come off like that. Women are able to and absolutely enjoy 'male centered hobbies.' It never was viewed like that in the 90s. Men and women enjoyed comics together, but as we are in todays timeline, you cannot ignore the gamurgirl trend and thots who dress as comic book characters for men. I grew up as a tomboy, so I really did enjoy comics and collected them growing up.

No. 1463236

File: 1672865760064.png (541.13 KB, 954x828, freakd.png)

>buys a new hamster less than 24 hours after their previous one dies
Psycho behavior. I don't care if they were "too sad not hearing the wheel" this is just freakish

No. 1463248

File: 1672866219630.gif (1.42 MB, 640x360, 35060D64-A476-407F-ABD2-FA31E0…)


No. 1463251

People who buy new pets quickly after their previous one dies are extremely suspicious to me. I don't think they actually love having pets and taking care of them vs just the idea of having a little animal to control.
If my cat died I cannot even imagine how long it would take me to grieve and recover from him passing away - the last thing I'd want is to just buy a random fucking cat the next day and post it on Reddit.

No. 1463274

i agree. my family just lost our dog and people keep asking my mother when we'll get another one and it is infuriating. people who feel no grief over pets have no empathy, i.e. reddit's main audience

No. 1463291

Worked at a vet, saw lots of people lose, then grieve, then get a new animals - totally disagree. The loss leaves a pet shaped hole that needs to be filled and some people fill it more quickly than others. Some people grieve differently, let them lol.

No. 1463292

Getting a new pet is helpful to the grieving process though, caring for a new animal will help you stay motivated and be less depressed from your loss. I'd say waiting a few days before getting a new one isn't that suspicious at all, doing it 24 hours later and posting it to reddit is though. When my previous cat died very suddenly, I grieved for days and then went to adopt from a shelter. I'm still in grieving for her, but I'm not as enveloped in that constant sadness. If I hadn't, seeing all the cat furniture and toys around without a cat would've made it worse and longer of a process.

No. 1463295

I hate that I defended costhots when they were first becoming a thing. I should have known better just from being on DeviantArt, people who aren't porn users can't exist in the same place as masturbators, pornographers, and attention whores. The porn eventually overruns everything, and scrotes get hyperaggressive.

No. 1463370

I did think that, then two years ago I had my first cat die. I was in mourning, couldn’t eat or sleep for days. A month or so later I saw a kitten on my feed who was special needs, I fell in love with him and drove to another state to pick him up. Caring for him helped me through the pain of losing my other cat. I understand the sentiment though, but I really think it’s situational. I’ve known people who you could tell didn’t really care about their animals, and when the pet died, they instantly replaced it to treat the new one like shit too. But back to the original thing, grieving is weird. Do what you need to do, sometimes a new pet can be really healing if you can take care of them appropriately. That being said, the original post is weird to me. Getting a pet a day after losing one is stranger than giving yourself a while to work through it.

No. 1466363

File: 1673135487079.png (20.33 KB, 842x194, nitpick but idc im at my limit…)

Context is female characters getting oversexualized in Chinese vs Japanese vidya. Love how the only obviously female example is still something sexualized to hell and back kek.

No. 1466591

File: 1673162268859.jpg (1.74 MB, 1080x4676, Screenshot_20230108_161528.jpg)

No. 1466608

Blog: I dated a guy who was so sweet and did everything for me. He was a nerd, yeah, but so was I, I thought. He would walk all the way from across town to my apartment and cook for me and buy me expensive things I liked and write me love poems, he used to help me with school. I moved in with him after a year and a half of dating being the idiot 19 year old I was and I learned that he was a disgusting cheater who never got up from his game and choked me because I asked him to take out the trash while he was playing Huniepop. (Don’t worry it was after this, I left) he just progressively got worse after we moved in, he still got me gifts just less often and didn’t o out as much when I asked him ,”why don’t we go on dates anymore?” “Why don’t you get me as much gifts” “why do you ignore me” he just said “I don’t have to try any more” anyways I got comfortable enough to get fatter and that’s when he straight up called me gross and saggy. I left him 2 years ago and he still texts me calling me a dumb fucked up whore and then begging for me back.

No. 1467395

File: 1673217091936.jpeg (679.91 KB, 669x1968, 9167616E-7FD3-4786-8876-2B65DF…)

sorry for shit stitch but
>faggot crouches down and talks to little girl for 15 minutes
>is in “normal clothes” but describes looking at her
> girls mother comes over and rightfully tells him to fuck off (in a much politer way, even i wouldn’t have the restraint)
> comments are all moids screaming and crying about the woes of being male in public and how everyone assumes they’re predators! occasional handmaiden going on about how the mum was a crazy bitch and they definitely would let their children chat to randoms!

No. 1467422

What a fucking weirdo. Even I wouldn't talk to random little kids.

No. 1467448

Stopping to watch little kids if you’re a scrote is weird af. There was no reason for it other than he is a perv. Who even remembers heights like that either? Maybe I’m weird but I generally only recall someone being tall or short but not where they specifically come up on my body. The whole thing reeks of chomo to me.

No. 1467554

i honestly really don't like the fact that he specified that there were few people around. like he thought that was noteworthy bc in his mind, that meant he could get away with approaching a little girl. the fact that he really thought it was necessary to say "there was no one around to see if what i was doing was appropriate" is telling.

No. 1467690

>she's about my height so… mid-30s?
Hahaha guessing the age of adults by their height as though your 90 year old grandma is 8 foot tall kek

No. 1467744

File: 1673271860649.jpg (150.65 KB, 720x1265, 1662268944798.jpg)

You find some occasional weirdos who could have their own thread, like picrel, a personal cow of mine


>hates her mom
>self proclaimed "gay MRA", also identifies as a "bottom" and likes to use the "front hole"
>claims to have experienced misandry at the hands of le ebil feminists (lol)
>wants to marry a guy and adopt children (lol)
Truly, the creme de la creme of nlog tradwife tifs.

No. 1467745

File: 1673271977023.png (73.84 KB, 605x583, 1662276991739.png)

she's also active on twitter as well, its literally just like any other fakeboi fujo account, except this one happens to be an MRA

No. 1467749

How isn't his first reaction to wonder where her parents are? I swear moids have no empathy, no worry for other beings.

No. 1467755

1 definitely doesn't

No. 1467771

1 definitely uses lolcow and brags about getting more men(ie. Dms on discord) than other anons.

No. 1467851

KEK with all her bullshit disabilities listed in her bio like a 2010s tumblr SJW she's the kind of person 4chan incel moids would absolutely tear to shreds at sight, and no miss, your moid larp won't save you from the violent misogyny of your average rape ape scrote no matter how hard you cape for them

No. 1467854

that image, maybe people react to men hitting women more because violence and homicide by partner is a massively more likely thing to happen to women? are men this retarded?

No. 1467911

Some of these comments are way too mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if scrotes (incels) took advantage of these lookism subs for women to tell us how ugly we are tbh

No. 1468479

What type of fucking weirdo decides to chat with random kids? I'm so glad the mom was there before anything could happen. Anybody talking to random kids they don't know raises massive red flags.

No. 1468481

her listing scoliosis in her bio has killed me kekkkkk what the fuck

No. 1468488

I do chat with random kids, but mostly because they end up following me around in a shop, just I keep asking where their parents are and suggesting they should go to them.

No. 1468519

Nah random men that strike up conversations with kids are weird. Women that kids decide to talk to are not weird just because they speak back to them.

No. 1468566

File: 1673351672508.jpg (1.74 MB, 1080x4618, very unique redditor.jpg)

This is like a copypasta. Especially the part about "normie friends" and how they don't understand him

No. 1468577

Yeah no, I can't relate to the girl in that scenario. Who thinks about marriage at 15? And just brings it up like that? She sound bpd. I would freak out/ghost her too.

No. 1468639

File: 1673354727882.png (116.86 KB, 646x780, nevr h c.png)

from what I have gathered searching though her history, she was an autistic loser was who bullied by other girls to the point of suicide, she became a fujoshi and then developed an interest in IRL gay porn(Which she also defends btw), she basically never stood a chance and was always gonna troon out at some point, but her becoming an MRA does make her a little more unique then the usual fujo-to-TIF

No. 1468865

File: 1673372692564.jpg (913.35 KB, 945x3936, Screenshot_20230110_124309_Chr…)

Just wanted to shoutout about something I've noticed on Reddit that has given me some hope lately:

Across three different stories of men killing women or becoming family annihilators (Bryan Kohberger, a murder-suicide in Utah, and one more murder-suicide in North Carolina), Redditors are finally pointing out the elephant in the room. That males are behind the majority of these crimes and are violent.
Looks like the upvotes are holding to these comments too, and any "WAHMEN KILL POOR MEN TOO!!!!" comments are being swiftly downvoted.
Love to see it.

No. 1469097

God. I checked this guy's profile to confirm an older age. As pretentious as scrotes are about how much they like manic pixie cool girl NLOGs, they still use and discard NLOGs just like the regular scrotes. They can bluster all day about ~cOnNeCtIoNs~, it doesn't really mean a single fucking thing. There is a whole millennial subset of balding "not like other guys" wandering around out there, wondering where all the hot new cool girl girlfriends have been hiding since 2017. Men are so superficial and stupid.
MRA Gorl, men wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.

No. 1469256

File: 1673406804467.jpg (156.54 KB, 1080x526, Screenshot_20230111_040444.jpg)

No. 1469262

I’ve actually observed the same thing on Reddit. Even little peaks of gendercrit every once in awhile. The pink pill may finally be taking.

No. 1469269

Pretentious outdoorsy bros are the worst right after gamers, gamers will always have a special place in hell. Why couldn't he get a guy friend then if he wants to go so bad? Is there a specific reason why he wants to get a drunk woman to go in the mountain with him and no other forms of security?

No. 1469271

I'm a mom and me and most other women would only ever do this if he was creepy as hell (which he was probably leaving out the story). My daughter loves people and people, even men will come over and make funny faces or talk to her and it's never been an issue, me and other moms only ever really call out people for legit creepy behavior

No. 1469298

"borderline autism"…?

No. 1469308

sage for slight blog but ive noticed all of the MRA/NLOG bitches always claim to be bullied by women throughout school and its what they always use to justify their thought processes but i always feel extremely skeptical. I have yet to meet a woman who thinks like that who isnt a raging fucking narc. I remember accidentally coming across the sm account of a girl i went to school with years prior who was one of the meanest bitches ive ever had to deal with. I had a locker below her one year and she would shove me out of the way, drop shit on my head, and step on my stuff while i was on the floor nearly every day. She was also generally just a cocky bitch and would specifically pick on autistic/ugly girls. Literally like 1/3 her stories were unbearable "NLOG" tangents, posts of her with her all male friend group, "mens mental health awareness" posts, among other redundant, egotistical shit like that.

No. 1469400

nta me too. Something about finding a peppermint in the package I just opened fills me with an odd glee

No. 1469410

This is exactly what a pickme I hate follow on tumblr says, constantly reblogging posts how girls are the worst bullies, how men need love and all that shit and then she says "I was abused by my ex but I didn't turn into a misandrist, checkmate feminists!", what a hypocrit.

No. 1469432

File: 1673438866946.png (80.35 KB, 644x756, tumblr_048a845a031f41ddcbc6058…)

Oh boo-fucking-hoo, how dare people ask for his help, and what a bunch of terribly sexist guidelines he had to follow, ofc a male teacher never stays alone with a student, it's like the most basic rule I've always seen in any school I went to. Of course we only have his side, we don't know how loud he actually shouted or if he gave off creepy vibes. Also
>I've only been to a hardware store about 4 times in my entire life
Useless moid spotted, learn how to change a lightbulb before getting any kind of job.

No. 1469446

Good on this school for actually protecting its students. If these same rules were implemented in other schools and the ones i went to then we wouldn't have had all these creepy male teachers grooming students and no one caring about it. Amazing school to do this because schools rarely care about this.
Im gen z and when i was in school almost every male teacher i knew targeted a student to groom, so there is a reason why the school views them more as predators.
Infact i wouldn't be surprised if the actual reason this scrote is mad is because he isnt allowed to be alone with students.

No. 1469456

sounds fake we never had female teachers in the room if we were alone with male teachers

No. 1469457

File: 1673443687191.jpeg (144.35 KB, 750x583, F9E3E992-554B-4B31-98A0-F94DD6…)

No. 1469459

Based school tbh, and female teachers usually just avoid touching the students in general because they're all a bunch of sweaty, sickness ridden kids, we have lives outside of teaching, lots of female teachers have to go back home and tend their kids that will get sick after hugging student A, who was feeling sick and transmitted the flu to everyone in the classroom.
Also, letting your students kiss you is the worst thing you could ever do, a coworker developed a nasty acne because some kindergartners kissed her cheek during a goodbye party.
Plus, him as a teacher should know that kids are worse than ducklings, they will attach to you quickly because lots of them have loveless homes with shit parents, and that's the last thing anyone wants, a kid clinging to you because you hugged them once.
Like there's adults out there that can't differentiate between familial love, friendship, admiration, lust and actual love, imagine what goes through the mind of a teen that's also getting groomed online, has no friends and so on, and so on.
It's easier to just have a cordial relationship with the students, teachers are not a replacement of parents, nor a student's best friend, sibling, aunt/uncle, cousin, none of that, we're there to teach them how to act decently, how to have boundaries and how to be less ignorant so they can go outside and learn more about life.

No. 1469460

Euthanize that thing.

No. 1469466

arent men the ones who complain about ''fake rape allegations'' shouldnt he be happy that there is a female teacher to attest he indeed didnt molest the students. I swear to god if it was the opposite he would be crying about being scared to get fakely acccused by a 10yo

No. 1469468

I hope he lives in Canada

No. 1469469

They shoot you at 6, and plan on raping your corpse at 13. Still think "they" belong in schools?
We demand female only education with female teachers. Sex seperated schools are life saving institutions that deserve infinitely more resources and protection than they get.

No. 1469473

All that cooking when she should've fed him diarrhea turds straight out of a dog's ass.

No. 1469479

No. 1469480

Put the little freak down before he becomes dangerous

No. 1469488

Canada is planning to implement MAID (medical assistance in dying, basically legal suicide) for mentally ill people. Hopefully this freak qualifies

No. 1469586

File: 1673455642884.png (953.45 KB, 642x2137, Screenshot 2022-06-16 at 17-54…)

No. 1469597

self-hate or degradation kink.

No. 1469616

File: 1673458235988.png (2.97 MB, 1046x6146, IMG_20230111_121757.png)

Am I wrong for finding this weird as hell? I would take the mom's comment as a compliment (as in "you're good enough to be a pro!"), not evidence of manipulation or capitalist brainwashing. What is it with reddit and (n)mothers?

No. 1469621

How the fuck do you even end up like this at 13? Put him down before he kills a woman irl and becomes aroused by it.

No. 1469624

good riddance

No. 1469625

Hope so. We need to put down freaks like these before they can hurt real people.

No. 1469629

I kinda get it. It's hard having a hobby that you enjoy but the only support you get is from people telling you to turn it into a business. I don't know OP's mom but my parents never let me have hobbies without trying to monetize it (like promising sewing commissions without asking first) or reap benefits (like insisting I perform music at their parties). But this is Reddit so I'm sure OP and commenters are milking their experiences for sympathy karma.

No. 1469674

File: 1673462001055.png (106.24 KB, 322x243, image-asset.png)

>I've only been to a hardware store about 4 times in my entire life
Who admits this? Like me saying I've only been in a grocery store four times in my life.

No. 1469913

Well men commit most child molestation so precautions need to be taken. They love claiming women are accountable for protecting children and we need to be able to pick out predators and keep them away, then when it happens to them they're mad

No. 1470002

Girlfriend is pretty smart for not going to a remote place with only his company.

No. 1470030

sorry for spoon feeding but wtf is “RS” and what does it mean in this context

No. 1470057

red scare podcast

No. 1470062

Hoping and praying this kid's parents will look up his internet history and get him institutionalized holy fuck that is bleak

No. 1470339

My mom was a teacher, every teacher came together to help each other out. This scrote can fuck right off with his self-victimization.
Millennial scrotes deserve mass gassing. Something changed around 2000, and the men coming into teaching became shitty, woe is me, self-pitying superscrotes. I'm so sorry. Never date a male teacher, either. It's too big a risk of landing some self-loathing, victim complex, manipulative loser.

No. 1470416

Why don't Reddit users just break up with their partners whom they all low key hate and have little in common with? I've always been bewildered about this. Are they that afraid of being alone? Is being able to say you have a partner on Reddit such a flex that being with someone you don't like or respect worth it?

No. 1470431

porn, what else

No. 1470439

This. This is why I don't feel sorry when I male child gets killed or abused. They're not even people. Abort male fetuses.

No. 1470474

File: 1673527393574.png (80.2 KB, 873x665, 1639507752666.png)

No. 1470485

Male teachers screaming is definitely different than a female teacher briefly shouting to control the room. He sounds too immature to teach

No. 1470513

You're retarded if you can't understand daydreaming about someone you're never going to actually marry as a teen and being mushy/way overexcited about them. Sorry you had no childhood innocence and think any girl with any passionate feelings is "BPD" kek

No. 1470524

I've been noticing spergy posters accuse every and any woman of having BPD, especially in arguments, kek.

No. 1470651

I agree. Especially when a lot of girls grew up with the whole “fairytale Disney princess the ultimate goal is finding a prince and being married” stuff being so big. But even then, there’s a huge societal expectation that you’re supposed to do those things, and a lot of teen girls are too naive to question it so it makes sense. Plus, in most stories oriented towards straight girls, the boys act in an idealized way. Idk how someone can fault a 15 year old for internalizing those things and forming expectations based upon them. Teen boys do the same thing with porn which is obviously way more detrimental than some girl saying she wants to marry another kid someday without thinking about how it might come off.

No. 1470681

She doesn't sound "BPD", she sounds 15. Which she is. This is why we have hordes of typical angsty teens self-diagnosing as "BPD" even though doctors aren't even supposed to diagnose teenagers with BPD since that's just common incompletely developed teen brain behaviour that the majority simply outgrow with age.

No. 1470717

i did. it's not strange if you've grown up in a loving environment to want that for yourself too. nothing about this sounds bpd especially because like you said she's only 15… it's just something she said in a moment of passion, do you mean everything you say when you're in bed? or did as a teenager? come on now. you are way too influenced by imageboards to think every behavior you don't like is bpd it honestly comes off as borderline misogynistic

No. 1470729

File: 1673546694322.png (120.88 KB, 719x694, reddit.png)

I hate this dumb reddit scraper site and the scrote shit it scrapes. The whole point of his story is that the sales person was 100% correct. He literally didn't buy shit. His mom did. Imagine 20+ years later and still having a wounded scrote ego, all towards a sales associate who wasted time every single day going through the motions for other broke scrotes window shopping as an ego boost.

No. 1470781

Did they rip this story from Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts?

No. 1470971

I assume that salesmen are snobs everywhere. They know what side butters their bread.

No. 1471069

File: 1673561187666.png (59.12 KB, 686x456, reddit.png)

I'm not here to complain about this post, but the dramatic way people react to these first world problems. Boo hoo, manchild won't have a birthday party this year. Who gives a fuck? Dude lives in a house with a pool, has a video game, and has probably celebrated every previous birthday.

No. 1471073

This is just a boy moms karma. They kiss up to their sons and act like their shit is made of chocolate soft serve and once they become adults they act like this.

No. 1471077

why was this notable enough to post anyway? entitled asshole kid does asshole thing, parent responds with strict parenting, wow what a story.
also he's 18, there is literally nothing stopping him from arranging his own birthday hangout with his friends if he wants. what a complete non-issue. 90% of aita posts are just people looking for sympathy upvotes.

No. 1471104

It's too bad that she won't tell him that he has 30 days from graduation to find a job and roommate and move out. Instead, he'll probably take out giant student loans and do nothing but videogames until he gets put on academic probation.

No. 1471196

ew.Why would you have another kid when you already have an 18 year old though? I can never understand women who do this. boy sounds like a tard though, acting like that at 18.

No. 1471199

Legit. He's 18, not 10. Both the mom and son sound retarded.

No. 1471201

>mom remarries and has another kid when their other kid is 18
>does all the work for their 18th birthday party and then cancels everything last minute because of argument
>son throws a tantrum
>grandparents scold mother and says 'kids will be kids' except the son is 18
This is the whitest thing I've read in a while. I dont understand people who allow their family to act like this. Just throw his ass out of the house at 18.

No. 1471276

You see a lot of people complaining about how they got booted out at 18, but I completely support the parents if they were shitty scrote sons like this. Scrotes are meant to work. He literally would not have the energy to start shit at home if he was really working a 40 hour week.

No. 1471487

These stories are just so fake sounding, I can’t understand how they get so much engagement. It sounds like she’s throwing her almost-adult son a children’s birthday party.

No. 1471498

Probably fake, but if it's real I'm sure that baby girl will really appreciate growing up with a grown adult brother causing constant drama with her parents and getting preferential treatment no matter how "good" of a kid she ends up being.

No. 1471547

Being able to get used by men who are gonna dump you if you develop feelings is way more BPD than being romantically attracted to people you're intimate with, kek. Some of you really are projecting your own issues onto underage girls and it's sad.

No. 1471550

Some women are addicted to male validation and also validation from kids, they keep having kids after their kids become adults and remarrying after they lose their husbands.
I can't be too mad for the son honestly. If my mother died and my father remarried right after to have another kid, I'd be mad. She and her son are both retards and she and her husband will probably die before their new baby reaches adulthood so they're selfish.

No. 1471567

Kek what? We don't know how long ago the father died or how long ago she remarried. Besides, why are you so mad she has 2 kids with a big age gap? My dad's older siblings were graduating highschool when he was born and they all grew up fine. You have some issues.

No. 1471647

>it's normal for someone to remarry and have new kids right after the spouse died! The children deserve to be traumatized!
American people and their view of family is so weird. You act like mixed families are normal when most of the time, the children end up mentally ill like this boy and the younger siblings have to see their parents die because they had them at like 45

No. 1471651

Nta but american? Really kek all because anons dont have families who where all birthed by their mother at 17 doesn’t mean theyre the weird ones. Coming from a hispanon, mixed families aren’t seen as weird and I’m sure they’re not the only culture that’s fine with it either. Being an 18 year old scrote and complaining over a 6 month old girl is fucking weird, she isn’t taking away any family time nor bonding moments or even resources because he still gets everything he wants from his mother. And where are you from where women die right away in their 60s?

No. 1471655

nta but im eastern euro and it's not uncommon to see mixed families here, even for a catholic country where divorcing is kind of frowned upon. Hell, my grandmother married and divorced twice kek
Where are you from that it's seen as so weird?

No. 1471688

Getting divorced is normal, renarrying after your spouse dies and giving birth when both parents are almost 50 is selfish.
How is me saying it's weird for old people to have kids they can't raise somehow equal to wanting women pregnant at 17. Wtf. It's not normal to remarry and have a baby when you're too old.

No. 1471848

Are you literally a teenager? reddit op never said how old she/her husband is. Having an 18 year old doesn't mean you're nearly 50. If you have kid at, say, 20 you'll only be 38 when they're 18. That's hardly "too old" to have a child. Not to mention, even if you have a kid literally at 50, it's not like they'll have to have their graduation at a nursing home, you can be perfectly functional in your 60s and 70s if you take care of yourself. "old people having kids they can't raise" what are you on about?

No. 1471874

If she had the kid at 25, she's 43 which means she'd have a high risk pregnancy and if her man is as old as her, the child will have very high risk of mental disorders and anomalies since those risks increase with old men being fathers.
It's not normal to have kids at old age and it never will be, especially when you already have one autistic adult son you can't take care of. If the parents grow old and die, the autist will have to raise his sister which is just a shittier scenerio.

No. 1471877

>If the parents grow old and die, the autist will have to raise his sister which is just a shittier scenerio.
NTAYRT but we aren't in an anime holy shit. There's foster care.

No. 1471882

>randomly comparing stuff to anime
Go outside. Old people die and it's got nothing to do with your sexualized japanese cartoons to call that out.

No. 1471907

My point was that the gov is going to take care of her, not her autistic fictional brother. Realizing these little nuances takes some brain power, I know anonita.

No. 1471915

Gov doesn't take care proper care of most of those kids, they end up getting sexually or physically abused, retard. I thought glamorizing underage girls getting abused was a common trope in your japanese cartoons.

No. 1471944

>It's not normal to have kids at old age

you think in the olden days the men stopped fucking their wives when they turned 40? No, they kept fucking and the women kept having babies until she couldn't get pregnant anymore. Having a baby in your 40s isn't ideal but you have to be either an actual child yourself or just retarded to think they're going to die of old age before that child is 18. 61 isn't even retirement age.

No. 1471948

Age gaps between siblings feel incredibly selfish. The older one usually ends up raising the younger one and they cant bond. I dont get it and it feels wrong to both the parent and child.

No. 1471955

and in modern day 2023, we understand that having a child past 40 is stupid and dangerous. You will have a high risk retarded child with degraded sperm and the mother will have a harder time during labor. Who the hell wants to be a mom at 45 years old when you have an adult son? that screams narcissism.

No. 1471963

>The older one usually ends up raising the younger one and they cant bond
This exact thing happened to my friend. Her parents made her to stay home from tutoring and extracurriculars to raise the babies and we were only 12 when that happened. I imagine it's worse for older teens who suddenly gain a baby sibling.

No. 1471972

OH YES because the spoiled autistic douchebag totally seems like he wants to take care of her LMAO at the men at this thread seething and derailing.

Especially at the obvious scrote who says that the mother is worse because how dare that selfish whore remarry DONT YOU WOMEN KNOW ONLY MEN ARE ALLOWED TO REMARRY AND WOMEN SHOULD BE WIDOWS FOREVER.

Scrotes join the statistics now and help the world.

No. 1471973

..how? i'm not saying having a kid in your 40s is a great idea, but i don't understand how you get narcissism out of it

No. 1471978

You’re missing the kid is 18. He can leave, he’s also male and won’t be put in the same expectations as a female child. His mother fulfilled her responsibility he’s an adult. It’s not at all the same as having a baby and forcing it on your 12 year as someone who had that happen. A lot of responses taking the sons side sound like people still hyper focused on their on childhood and being taken care of by mommy. You’re adults stop projecting.

No. 1471979

They’re retarded and baiting. Ignore and move on.

No. 1471980

Oh no adult man won’t be coddled by mommy anymore because she has a real baby that needs time and attention. The scrote is probably mad he could walk all over mommy before step daddy came home tbh. You scream at mommy, I’d guess step daddy is going to come for you.

No. 1471983

Family takes precedence over foster care. If the brother wants to take her, the state would give her to his care before they put the orphaned kid in foster care.

No. 1471989

The brother would have to prove making enough to live and have a home. There’s requirements and home visits. Other family members would also be reviewed. Because he’s a half brother it would also probably give step fathers family more of a claim.

No. 1471992

NTA, but I think it comes down to risk taking with other people's health. With any pregnancy, there's always going to be a risk to the child, because life can inherently go wrong. But the older the parents are, the greater the risk. Is it fair to put a baby through the increased risk of being born disabled just because you want a second baby? Personally, I think it depends on how old the parents are. There comes a point where the increased risk plus the guaranteed trauma of losing your parents to old age at 20 becomes a selfish decision and you shouldn't have a child no matter how badly you want one.

No. 1471999

Family court sometimes looks at social media when determining custody, but I highly doubt Reddit's AITA is considered a reputable source for a behavior profile.

No. 1472000

There's no guarantee that there is any other family. We really don't have a lot of informa5tion here. I don't think the brother should get her, but I am pointing out that the state really does not like to put kids in foster care, and will give them to even unfit or young parents.

No. 1472008

The account is fake and does nothing but karma farming kek, which is probably why above anon cut off the post. Defending a fake autistic scrote, will never be me.

No. 1472218

I wonder if your autism is caused by your dads degrading dna and that's why you're so butthurt

No. 1472230

>you think in the olden days the men didn't fuck their wives when they were only 14?
this is how you sound. also most of your points are actually incorrect. there has been a nonscientific correlation between parental age and mental issues for thousands of years, they just thought it was the woman's fault(as they did for many things) which was part of the justification for having younger wives.

No. 1472235

lol come on. What kind of weak clap back is this?
Modern scrotes dna get degraded long before they turn 25, so in this regard, there is no difference between old fart or young fart, their children both have tism kek

No. 1472338

File: 1673649674607.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1910x1010, 97A1574C-2DFE-429B-AB36-9CEB2B…)

r/girlgamers is basically just unusable due to the non-stop chimping out about trans issues, JKR, and the Hogwarts game. Not sure why they’re convinced that terfs go frequent the subreddit. They see one user going “ok so what” and start crying about how the sub is getting brigaded.

No. 1472354

File: 1673650182867.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1515x2094, C7FC0BAB-0E2D-40CA-BC76-088D8E…)

No. 1472358

can these people stfu about the portrayal of goblins i am so, so tired.
and yeah no shit the whole gaming industry is fucked and rife with sexism. we know this. 'i see noone talking about it' people DO talk about it, especially women in the industry, but you guys are too busy running twitter blockchains on people talking about how theyre going to support hogwarts legacy

also with a name like r/girlgamers there is no way that sub isnt 99.9% larping trannies

No. 1472367

Cause her husband died and she fell in love again and wanted more kids? It's not uncommon to have kids with huge age gaps.

No. 1472368

r/girlgamers is such a trash sub I stopped lurking there forever ago. The people on their sre so spineless it's unless posts of "is it ok if i play on easy?""is it ok if my favourite game is animal crossing?" i get it as a woman you get a lot of backlash for these things but there is no need to make a whole thread where you announce this. Just play how you like without seeking approval from the internet jfc. It really doesn't surprise me that they are mad at the Hogwarts game. The screenshot brings up a good point. I originally started lurking on that sub hoping it would have more discussion of the abuse women face in the industry and call out companies that do it but there never was. At best you get an article that talks about crunch time but never workplace abuse that specifically targets women

No. 1472475

reddit is ultimately an extremely male website and any "girl" subreddit that is still allowed to exist is can only be filled with spineless pickmes, handmaidens, and men pretending to be women.

No. 1472586

Not sure about other anons but my LTR ex who is becoming a teacher had a fetish for student teacher roleplays with the fantasy being teaching and discipline his student via sex. Ew. I doubt that sexual reasons are as uncommon as normal people would think, scrotes are disgusting and most are incapable of actual work/jobs without chimping out and showing their sex pest ways.

No. 1472611

my ex used to dismiss me when I said that I felt uncomfortable with the portrayal of schoolgirls in the anime he tried to recommend me, now he teaches 6th graders. I really hope he lacked the foresight to remove the Gawr Gura sticker from his car and a """"karen"""" parent sees it and raises hell.

No. 1472614

OP is about to peak

No. 1472621

File: 1673670096888.jpg (346.43 KB, 720x1384, 20230113_231951.jpg)

GirlGamers has a 7% overlap with MensLib. Kek. 7% of them aren't even hiding it.

No. 1472630

R/4th wave feminism is ok and female only space.

Generally I only use Reddit for news like it was originally intended since moids are hell bent on turning every forum on the internet into a fucking shithole but it's a reoccurring pattern of all internet forums.

>Women set up shop create a hobby forum, be it games, cooking, science etc.

>moids learn of its existence, because moids aren't caring for children, living a real life socializing with others or engaging in real life things unlike women they exist In abundance on the internet to get there coom and mood approval therefore overtime moids take over the forum and trickle in.

>moids drive out the women, starting with uncomfortable conversations progressively getting peek moid with CP, gore whatever sick scrote shit.

>Originally women intended space forum becomes infested taken over by only trannies LARPing as women, sissy's and moids. Usually due to this becomes misogynistic, racist, etc. The typical inhuman moid pattern.

This occurs with other forums too slowly turning into white supremacist forums from moids, but because women aren't considered a class anymore due to tranny men it's not brought up and when it is moids pull the "women aren't interested in XYZ all they care about is Instagram" bullshit.

Why aren't women using the internet as much as scrotes?

Because they don't want to see themselves being tortured regularly and act as if it's normal.

No. 1472672

>haha men get expired at 25 that's why it's ok to have kids with 45 year old men
You really did get the retardation from your old dad, huh.
Old men are more likely to have disabled children statistically, your old dad is the reason your retarded head is having trouble getting that. Sperm quality declines just as much as egg quality.

No. 1472727

Nta but who fucking hurt you KEK?

No. 1472813

Nah men were always shit. Baffled how you can say now they’re worse when they used to beat their housewives and wrote laws that allowed them to rape them. Men are and were always terrible

No. 1472819

Nta but anon could also be antenatalist

No. 1472829

I didn't have to read the anons reply to see that's not what they said

No. 1472835

I'm pro family and I agree. The son in the story sucks and throwing out diapers is heart breaking but I knew multiple people who's parents were in their 50s-60s when they were teenagers and resent them for it. One of the people couldn't go to the college he wanted to go to because he had to take care of his aging parents, the other couldn't go and be a normal teen and hang out with friends because he had to take care of his mom. A couple on my husband's side is like this too and they're miserable and their kids have a ton of issues + the children can't do anything fun on birthdays or anything because mom and dad are old and can't run and chase them or go to fun parks or anything without breaking something, they're also in their 50s and have 7 and 9 yr old. Idk how old the mom is in the story though

No. 1472918

The story was fake. The account was karma farming and made up by a middle age dude. The anon above cropped it and posted it attempting to bait. Do not start this again for the love of god.

No. 1472944

how badly do you have to take care of yourself to be physically unable to care for children in your 50s/60s?? that is some first world dumbass shit.

No. 1473127

And where is this magical country where everyone is in peak health in their 60s to be able to run around and play with kids?(enough deraling about this)

No. 1473147

>Ur retard ree
>Said the person who can't read and comprehend a simple sentence
Sure Jan

No. 1473237

I'm a libertarian suburban white dude and I hate reddit. Keep me out of this. Reddit is for cucks simps and retards(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1473290

Is it possible to see the overlap say 5 years ago?

No. 1473387

File: 1673756133807.png (Spoiler Image, 412.06 KB, 581x473, Screenshot_267.png)

Sage for offtopic at this point, but the entire conversation about sex dolls and whether it does harm to real women or not.
(in which it does harm women by the way)


If mgtows never really going on their own way is anything to go by.

No. 1473435

>moids can do anything in the world with a the budget for the price of these dolls/company
>Makes fake dolls of children so you can rape them
If this doesn't prove all men are pedos idk what does

No. 1473449

when are we gonna start killing pedos

No. 1473648

File: 1673805324951.png (484.04 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20230115-124714~2.p…)

Dump of a story with a happy ending incoming. Part one of six.

No. 1473649

File: 1673805391597.png (487.17 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20230115-124723~2.p…)

Part two of six.

No. 1473651

File: 1673805504544.png (483.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230115-124740.png)

Part three of six. Poor OP, taken advantage of from the moment she turned nineteen by a twenty eight year old man.

No. 1473653

File: 1673805760152.png (454.98 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20230115-124750~2.p…)

Part four of six. I think I lied, I think there might be seven screenshots.

No. 1473655

File: 1673805822122.png (766.88 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20230115-125123.png)

Part five of six.

No. 1473656

File: 1673805879612.png (343.59 KB, 1080x321, Screenshot_20230115-125142.png)

Part six of six. Nope, I can count, it was six.

No. 1473665

So glad she decided to abort. THIS is why men are so butthurt about abortion, they don't get the benefit of reproducing with a woman they fucked over.

No. 1473672

The asshole wants to get with the woman who he actually wants to be with (Mia), and keep this girl strung along as the burner broodmare who pops out his kids and raises them for him while he is off having a great time.
She absolutely made the right choice.

No. 1473673

Why is moid sexuality all about bringing harm to others? It makes me scared thinking about the things they probably do to these dolls while they wish they were doing it to real children. Never in my life have I heard of women doing the opposite, not that women can’t be predatory, but it obviously isn’t nearly at the rate at which men are, and most female pleasure seems to be more focused on the self in more positive ways. I don’t know if porn made men like this or if they are just naturally defective. Imagine not being able to get off using just your thoughts and your hand or a toy, but instead needing a facsimile of a damn kid. It’s so fucked up.

No. 1473687

File: 1673808152528.png (681.84 KB, 740x740, 2f7.png)

>the MIL pressuring her to have the threesome to make her son happy
absolutely rancid

No. 1473688

Honestly I'm glad this happened before she birthed his child. I hate him and I hate the absolute pickme that was her best friend. How can a woman do this to another woman? To your best friend? Over a mediocre low value moid who only thinks about fucking and was trying to baby trap his wife. The boymom too holy shit. I hope she can get a better support group.

No. 1473689

File: 1673808214288.jpg (29.72 KB, 1142x102, Capture.JPG)

never trust men and never let them have leverage over your finances

No. 1473701

Shit like this is why I would always have a separate account and my own income if I married.

No. 1473715

> F26, M35, Together 7 years
> Married, Only man I've ever been with, pregnant with his baby
> He's in charge of our bills, rent, finances. I have no idea what I'm doing
That last quote reminded me of a situation a friend was in. She was well into her twenties but felt lost after wasting years on an older guy who played the long game like this. She was daunted by normal adult things she should've been well used to by then. People can be harsh on you for feeling 'lost' at 26/27 but these stunted older men who swoop in on you at 19 set you up to be stunted too. Take years of planning on their end. The only way they can hang on to you is to lie til they feel they have you sufficiently trapped. Even if that takes years of putting on an act. Only then do they drop that facade. Never underestimate how long it can take for a man to show you his true colors especially when he has more life experience than you.

No. 1473819

Exactly. Poor woman, every woman she should have been able to turn to in need betrayed her. I hope she can find a better support system.

No. 1473823

File: 1673816800534.png (72.28 KB, 735x555, definitelyawoman.png)

Why would a woman bother having sex with a man if she has to pleasure herself?

No. 1473827

Absolutely retarded. What great advice for men, tell the women to just rub one out while he's using their body for his own pleasure! Jfc. A man totally wrote this because anyone with a brain would say that the man should be the one rubbing her. Kek I can not imagine thinking a guy was good in bed if he told me to just start masturbating while he's using me. That would label him as bad in bed

No. 1473832

Even when I was younger and just experimenting with toys, I quickly learnt that I wasn't going to get anywhere by combining two types of stim at the same time. I hate rabbit vibes for that reason. One type of stim at a time works for me. If I try to do both they cancel each other out. That hasn't changed all these years later. Alone or with partners.. concentrate on one thing at a time or I'll never get anywhere.

Maybe I'm in the minority there but they're still forgetting the main thing you should know before pleasing a woman.. everyone varies. Nothing sucks more than a man who insists on doing something to you coz his ex loved it, some porn star loved it or some woman online raved about it. There is no single 'game changer' sex move or short cut. Get to know your partners own tastes.

No. 1473833

>If you want to be remembered for being good in bed, please do this
>Tell her she's responsible for her pleasure
>Tell her to rub herself if she want to orgasm
>Don't throw temper tantrums when she finally disappoints in you and takes her needs in her hands
>You're awesome

No. 1473844

i mean she's partially right, women do cum more from clit stimulation, but telling her to do that herself is lame

No. 1473892

File: 1673820186917.jpeg (234.1 KB, 739x950, AC2AFE4C-9093-478E-8AA4-C073F2…)

No. 1473895

Such is the life of a woman addicted to male addiction. Grow up and be comfortable in solitude. Rub one out without letting a man violate you during the process. Get comfortable with life. Have some beer

No. 1473899

this definitely sounds like a tranny, he is larping about a 36 year old women yet makes himself sound like is ancient lmao.

No. 1473906

sorry but you sound like you've only read about sex

No. 1473919

That stood out to me too. Most people don’t consider themselves not young at 36.

No. 1473922

I'm a year off 'her' age and it doesn't read right to me. Treating clit rubbing like its some revolutionary new thing that you've discovered (and have to tell the young ones about!) isn't some thirty something year old woman shit. In one sentance they're talking about being insecure about touching themself and in the next they're talking about 'chicks sucking on your balls' So it hallf reads like an old lady who grew up under intense catholic shame then switches up entirely.

Well they got their 3.4k upvotes I guess

No. 1473931

nta- in what world is that a bad thing? Don’t tell me you’re proud of letting men use you like a fleshlight while desperately trying to rub one out. Sounds like you also desperately want your virginity back

No. 1473939

moid bait do not engage anons you are better than this post

No. 1473970

I won't lie, this is my usual tactic – I can't cum from penetration alone but it makes clit stimulation feel 100x better, but I'm also so used to my own fingers that a big male hand just feels weird and doesn't stimulate me in the right way. For all his flaws, my ex was dead motivated on making me cum and would go until his fingers/jaw locked up, but he literally only made me cum like three times in our year-long relationship, whereas I could get myself off during PiV in 30 seconds or less, every time.

That being said, this is the exact brand of "retard shares their specific (limited) life experience like it's life-changing" reddit autism that I fucking despise. Bitch of COURSE you would be completely shocked by a man encouraging you to touch yourself if you've never fucking done it before, the rest of us have been there already!

No. 1473977

I’m the same way tbh nonna. I think it’s stupid for women to have to deal with men if they won’t pleasure them, but during regular old missionary sex I’m fine with using a vibe on my clit while everything else is going on. It doesn’t feel that weird, and I do agree with the poster that I know what I like better than anyone. Still shouldn’t excuse the man from getting you off sometimes though, but I don’t get the other posters saying this is weird. If anything, it improved sex for me because I hadn’t tried it before and can’t get off from only vaginal stimulation.

No. 1473988

NTA but anon KEK! I wish.
This is too true, I've noticed the women's fashion and beauty subs are rapidly being taken over by moids. Even some skincare subreddit I follow will upvote the hell out of a selfie post by some disgusting scrote who likely doesn't even shower and then write paragraphs of advice with a full routine of products to use. Males are fucking cancer but the way women treat them in our own spaces is the most annoying, depressing thing of all. Is there any way to report or get these annoying males' accounts deleted?
Ntayrt but it actually blows my mind that there are women out there who will put a man's sweaty, hairy, cheesy balls in their mouth. Has this always been a thing? Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1474019

it's not a bad thing to be a virgin, you just don't know what you're talking about and it's obvious.

No. 1474167

ayrt, Kek no but I can orgasm just from penetration so maybe I'm just thinking it's… incredibly weird as fuck to think a guy is good in bed if he tells you to rub your own clit. Like that has fuck all to do with him. If I had to masturbate to get off I wouldn't even bother with him in the first place. I think it's weird you just assume someone is a virgin because I don't think sex is fun if I'm doing all the work.

No. 1474219

File: 1673845092971.jpeg (184.93 KB, 750x614, 3EA59B1A-0596-48A5-BBD6-ADC774…)

Both avatar movies are basically one billion dollars worth of coomer material. At least mods removed the porny photo I guess?

No. 1474226

This made me realize moids have some weirdly gay tendencies. They LOVE to know what their fellow men are jerking off to

No. 1474261

I’ve always thought it was weird too when I heard about how “buddies” watch porn together or could share a woman, etc. Idk how they do not see that as homoerotic or weird. But given how many men I’ve seen who claim to watch porn with other men I’m wondering if that’s at least partially why trannies think women have lesbian sexcapades at our childhood sleepovers.

No. 1474278

They also show each other girls nudes. "Haha look at my chick bro isn't she hot please imagine me having sex with her"

No. 1474328

You just reminded me of the gay men I met who told me the guys who would bully them for being gay in high school would do way more gay shit with their friends in locker rooms or whatever and that they were huge hypocrites.

No. 1474336

Kek I've always thought this too. I remember being in an almost all-male class in high school and some of their favourite things to do was talk to each other about their dicks, how they masturbate, what they masturbate to and how they have sex in detail. They just love being homoerotic and frankly it's pretty disgusting. Can't they just fuck each other and leave women alone?

No. 1474397

I bet it also has somwthing to do with men only capable of loving, or seeing men as their equals because they hate wpmen so much.

No. 1474598

File: 1673891913608.png (433.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230116-124643.png)

No. 1474599

File: 1673891940789.png (649.92 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20230116-124656.png)

No. 1474628

How can you be so shameless and ask for something like anal four months into dating? Like, it'd be a disgusting show of his character at any point in time, but how pathetic can you get to ask something like that while barely even knowing someone? lmao

No. 1474699

Boyfriend is clearly a piece of shit but why did she even post this? Like reading it, it sounds like she (rightfully) hates him. why bother trying to push through a 4 month old relationship at 19 where you fuckin hate the guy

No. 1474707

I think the fact that she is 19 has something to do with this. I also going to assume that she probably thinks that she HAS to endure his demands and awful behaviour. I remember when i was her age my cousin told me if i had a bf i would have no choice but to do oral after i expressed i found it disgusting. I am sure this will be her awakening.

No. 1474772

She just needs a clean break and to move on. She did nothing wrong, but any guy asking for anal is hot garbage. and a closet faggot

No. 1474789

File: 1673907548813.png (411.76 KB, 806x405, Screenshot_4475.png)

This thread is old but i still think about it and it makes me wanna a-log so fucking bad, 196 is a neo-left subreddit infamous for its shit takes but downright pedo apologia is fucking insane. I swear, troon acceptance and pedo normalization go hand in hand.

No. 1474791

>troon acceptance and pedo normalization go hand in hand
geez i wonder why…

No. 1474797

File: 1673908240145.jpg (99.23 KB, 275x275, m-19.jpg)


No. 1474819

Fuck men's "mental health" issues. They never are serious about it. They never actually go to the fucking doctor, in fact they usually have screed about how the doctor is just a scam or will just make it worse. They just use "MUH MENTALS" to derail criticism.
Pick only one, scrotes:
>"The doctor is liar scammer and this is all just a conspiracy make me look bad in divorce court, take away muh guns, get me red flagged for working as a cop or teacher or prison janitor, blah blah blah"

No. 1474851

this is the subreddit that slowly made me peak from being a libfem kek. I haven't seen posts like this but the femboy/trans (draw a girl call it trans) objectification is unreal. So much cute silly misogyny too. And if you complain about the hypersexualization as a woman, you'd just get shut down.

No. 1474873

As if pedophiles could or would want to be cured. Males can't change themselves, especially when it comes to coom. That's why they can't stop consuming porn and they can't stop jerking off to violence and weird fetishes. They don't care as long as they get to coom. Non-offending pedophiles also don't exist, every pedophile will offend sooner or later, no matter how much fictional loli content you give them in hopes of stopping them from touching real children. Not to mention that everyone who consumes cp (half of reddit) is already doing violence on children.

No. 1474934

Kek i know right. It's just "leftist" agendaposting which mostly relates to troon rights instead of actual issues like misogyny, reaching class consciousness, etc. maybe racism because NOOO MY HECKIN BLACK TRANSWOMERINOS and people just eat that shit up. But moids only care about issues that effect other moids, more news at 8.

No. 1474989

File: 1674068301163.jpeg (217.1 KB, 945x1366, 95A95408-07FC-41C6-92AC-A14789…)

I forgot the context of this
yes i do spend most of my time on reddit and just screenshot so much shit

No. 1474993

I had a friend who just got married to a moid and she went on about poor booboo had a sad childhood where his father never took him to the doctor for his mental health issues. He's 30 now. What the hell is his excuse? men never want to take responsibility. Women have to endure and had their mental health issues all their lives, leading to almost never being diagnosed.

No. 1474999

File: 1674068745219.png (Spoiler Image, 492.6 KB, 756x901, image.png)

https://www.reddit.com/r/resinprinting/comments/10f6o3n/chell_portal_3d_print_resin_this_is_a_print_work/ (extremely nsfw)

Imagine coming up with the idea for this, modeling it, printing it and painting it, then displaying it in your house

No. 1475011

This is repulsive.

No. 1475097

Baring how degenerate…it couldn't even have Chell facing her front? The place that actually matters?

No. 1475114

I don't get it, what's even going on in this pic?

No. 1476550

File: 1674108756346.png (305.26 KB, 1232x2123, 0ea7ad_144644f7b14c4400a0aa9a7…)

Never feel sorry for men. "Waaah! Why can't I have free sex with rich white women who look like movie stars?" He's probably short, ugly, and acts broke around any woman foolish enough to date him.

No. 1476551

File: 1674108811091.png (207.74 KB, 1232x1297, 0ea7ad_10eb6fed0a024fb8a2207cf…)

I hope his dick goes untouched, as nature intended.

No. 1476561

I almost felt sympathy for him at the start, but he's literally just complaining about the fact that blonde white women don't want to sleep with him and he's probably unwilling to be with a woman who is more plain, like WTF

No. 1476564

Please tell me the comments are calling this incel out

Also, please nonas, link the posts you share

No. 1476565

Lel don't feel bad for some random shallow brown moid who feels entitled to white, specifically blond Margot Robbie esque women. The whole post is just a exercise in futility and the embaressment of scrotes showcasing their entitlement, strange racism, fetishism of white women, projection and retarded fickle coom-obsessed culture.

I feel ecstatic that women don't give these pieces of shit the time of day and I hope that they seethe themselves into a medicative coma.

No. 1476569

brown moids fetish for white women is honestly hilarious at times, my cousins in the UK tell me about some pakistani's there who brag about fucking white slags, as basically the highlight of their lives

No. 1476583

File: 1674116663285.gif (997.98 KB, 540x304, 02F9A67C-0198-4466-B957-7E290A…)

Men when they see accountability for their horrific actions including and not limited to: child sexual abuse.

No. 1476585

If there where no brown moids in bongland, 90% of the incidents of public sexual harassment I’ve experienced would never of happened.

No. 1476589

Honestly, people who seethe about "basic thin blonde white women" being the "most desired" of all types should take a moment to realize that they are only viewed as hypersexualized, fetishized fuck prizes by unhinged incels (both white and PoC) that demand sex and attention from them or they will go shoot up a school, drive a truck into a crowd or rape and kill someone they're stalking. That's nothing to be envious of.

No. 1476601

I am well aware of that, shit happens here as well, girls who have more european features get mobbed(and I mean literally mobbed with hundreds of men) and sometimes kidnapped in broad public
hell it sometimes happens to little boys who happen to have non-black hair and are tall

No. 1476605

Dumbasses like OP's bf sream and get jealous when their gfs even as much as speak to other males but at the same time believe that it they open their relationships their gfs couldn't possibly have any libido and motivation to sleep with any other males. They're so stupid and I've seen guys like this irl.

No. 1476608

yep i'm brown & british and their fetish for them is crazy. i've had one go out of his way to tell me how much more attractive the white girls in my classes are than i am kek i couldn't even care because he was short and balding and openly talked about using 4chan. but the thing about british brown guys is they will view white women as prizes but never have the courage to try to marry them. they're so weak. white women are like an achievement for them that they can say they've had, they rarely see them as people.

No. 1476645

File: 1674123343283.png (74.35 KB, 917x248, jordan peterson.png)

No. 1476650

I understood none of this. wtf is he trying to say?

No. 1476660

he thinks theres some guy behind a computer managing his youtube recommended feed? why would you think someone would pay for and organize something like this? if there really is someone curating my social media algorithms for me personally, Hi, please stop sprinkling videos of that crazy tranny in between my cat and baking videos, thanks.

No. 1476665

This guy makes Jordan Peterson sound like a wicked genie. 'Online persona' kekkkk I hope he gets it figured out though

No. 1476670

It's a moid tinfoiling that Google is tracking users (which it very obviously is and is within its ToS if the moid actually bothered to read them).

The moid then goes on to imply that deep learning algorithms don't exist and aren't employed by YouTube/Google since they got specific content reocmmended to them that they deem manipulative I think? like Jordan benzo coma Peterson.

Moid then goes on posit his theory of why video recommendations are so shit that they are not the result of algorithms guessing moid positive content but rather a specific person deciding what to recommend you.

If deep learning is to become a big part of our lives in the coming future maybe we should bother to educate the population about it. But to be honest if you're such a self obsessed vain scrote to think that shit moid aligned algorithm recommendations like Jordan Peterson retardation are hand picked for you, you don't deserve or need education on AI, you deserve a rope.

No. 1476688

It's just funny schizo posting. They always pretend to have some advanced knowledge of computer things when they just don't. He's tripping so hard. Like if there was a single man behind the curtain at accounts.google.com, how would anybody at Reddit even know?

No. 1476714

I don't think it would work because the portals don't change your direction, only the location. And since her face faces front, she wouldn't be able to turn around in a way that her face faced backwards.

There's a popular game called Portals. In it, the main character Chel has a device that shoots two holes into the fabric of reality. The first hole always instantly leads to the second hole, so you can use them to solve puzzles. This guy created a statue of Chel using the portals to eat her own ass.

No. 1476728

Yeah that's the thing I don't get either, most WW are taller then you and you are short pudgy man who cannot grow a beard to save his life, like how do you think that you can attract one

No. 1476809

Link to post please I wanna see the comments

No. 1476843

File: 1674147817980.jpeg (1.04 MB, 717x2151, 76BAB02B-4C10-43C7-9A94-3D3646…)

Today on "what the fuck did I just read":

No. 1476868

File: 1674149676645.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x539, 1598553404983.jpg)


No. 1476884

This reminds me of when aziz anzari said during his comedy special that every time he fucks a white woman he imagines his ancestors are cheering him on

No. 1476916

>obsessed with latex
>lives in Germany
kek, stop being a stereotype.

No. 1476917

My exact reaction kek

No. 1477022

Tried to search for the thread and nothing came up, is this even a reddit post? The layout is different.

No. 1477028

I remember in 6th grade my english teacher calling out the male students for slapping each other's asses when they left the classroom.
Also 2 boys on my bus groping each others crotches for fun. They 100% have homosexual tendencies.

No. 1477126

Men are so gleefully racist when it comes to women. I wish women realized this, and so would never feel guilty about wanting to or wanting NOT to date a specific race of scrote. Don't feel guilt tripped, odds are 99% he has turbo racist motives of his own.

No. 1477287

>in Germany
>not much
This is a larp. I hope it is, because no kid should be cursed with a moid father whose biggest upcoming problem is his stupid freak fetish.

No. 1477562

File: 1674237753760.jpeg (620.74 KB, 1285x1235, 23E1C6D2-5EEA-4608-AE37-827070…)

How is it possible for a subreddit to be so cringe? Is it supposed to be post-ironic trans “leftism” or something?


No. 1477564

File: 1674237846342.jpeg (399.44 KB, 1280x1233, D2498338-B6EC-4205-B7C0-39BA2E…)

No. 1477566

File: 1674237986470.jpeg (317.73 KB, 1279x938, 1BEE93B2-82B3-4138-A2BC-7E5D4A…)

No. 1477567

File: 1674238101639.jpeg (654.52 KB, 1283x1229, 97BB98EB-B0F7-4AD0-933E-C32023…)


This one is sorta funny for being a dead meme. What an awful subreddit r/196 is.

No. 1477569

Seeing the skeleton reminded me of something I was thinking about lately. I watch alot of videos about missing people cases. Bodies eventually being found.. are we going to have a future where trannies are freaking out because a male skeleton was found but it turns out to be a troon.

No. 1477573

Yeah that figures

No. 1477579

This just means for most women having sex is completely worthless. I don't think i will ever bother having a bf.

No. 1477580

This is funny because so many transbians refuse to date each other. Got to love how they have to distort their view of reality and purposely distort valid arguments just so they can have a "win".

No. 1477592

> I NEED this for my relationships to work
I'm getting flashbacks to a dumb time in my dating life where a guy said similar about his own fetish. Which should've sent me out the door on the spot but instead it killed the relationship later on. It wasn't anything crazy but I remember feeling uneasy att. With how he said it. That it felt like a weird ultimatum to hold over me. I'd never pressure you… but I NEED IT FOR US TO WORK. Never again.

This guy thinks telling his children about his latex clad sex nights is the natural solution to this.. Of course he does. His wife needs to never stop doing it for him and his kids to support it too. ffs

No. 1477717

Not to racebait but it's well established that white men fetishize poc women but nobody is allowed to call out when poc men fetishize white women. At the end of the day it's the man in power looking at a certain type of woman and something "other" and "exotic". Its another one of those cases where if its happens to white women its not an issue because normies dont consider woman a protected class, just race, nationality and "gender" case in point trannies can be fetishized and they call those men chasers. I hate every genre of moid holy fuck lmao

No. 1477807

File: 1674257505127.jpg (287.15 KB, 648x2038, Screenshot_20230120-182646_Ope…)

The cringe is the comment at the bottom. I have no clue how trannies can't hear how they sound. There's just something so special about admitting you did something that a lot of other men do but in a "comforting way", kek.

No. 1477811

>i did the same thing
>all the time in fact
>but in a calm way
>but not like other guys who say it in a calm way!
>anyway im a woman

No. 1477896

It's so exhausting. "I'll never hurt you or lie to you. A man would do anything to be with a woman like you."

No. 1478081

File: 1674293012613.png (432.59 KB, 512x608, 1624658092909.png)

>normalize girl cylinder

No. 1478091

It's worse than you think nonna because people DO call out poc men for fetishizing white women, unfortunately the people in question are poc women from the same communities as the men so normies don't actually care to listen

No. 1478125

And is the terf in the room with us right now?

No. 1478193

File: 1674305946882.jpg (306.09 KB, 1080x1725, 1674136107306.jpg)

So he was a manwhore

No. 1478205

Oh, so moids thinking that having a bunch of sexual partners makes them attractive is yet another retarded myth they created! Seriously, if moids could stop listening to each other, the world would be a bit better, not amazing but it wouldn't suck so much.
His ex is based for dumping his ass. And he will surely avoid talking about it now because he has probably fucked a bunch of women, and probably moids too, like what's the number? It probably has double digits, since no one dumps someone for having like 5 partners.

No. 1478209

Yeah dating a guy who fucks around a great deal is a deal breaker. It screams of commitment issues and throws doubt on his ability to keep his dick in his pants. And let's be real nobody wants the town's sloppy seconds especially if he calls it a body count. What an ass.

No. 1478226

The term body count is weird anyway, like what are you some kind of Jeffrey Dahmer? I know it's pretty common these days but it still sounds like you killed all your sexual partners.

No. 1478277

>misogyny in the comments

So the scrotes in the comments went "haha roastie got what she deserved, nobody wants used woman" but then it turned out to be a fellow moid? KEK.

No. 1478282

Very satisfying post, manwhores rarely get consequences for their degeneracy. I hope he dies alone, he doesn't deserve a faithful partner

No. 1478291

I feel like it's not even the fact they have a high body count but moids generally can't have more than a few sex partners without making a big deal out of it. I once dated a moid who have 3. Fucking 3 previous sex partners and made a huge deal acting like he was the master of female anatomy, claimed a girl "came so hard she peed in his mouth", would compare our bodies and be on a major high horse about how "easily he could fuck another girl", I can only imagine how hellish they act if their body count is 5 or over. Meanwhile most women with high body counts barely let it affect any future relationship they get into

No. 1478301

Going to use a bit of tradthot logic here. You know how men maintain that women are more affectionate and sentimental about sex? If that's to be taken seriously, what does that mean when a man has had sex with many women, but somehow, few to none of them actually wanted to keep him around? Or, that he was somehow chronically incapable of sleeping with women that he wanted to stay with. This isn't even adding in the increased risk of STIs.
When you factor in that men derive social and personal validation through sex, you have a portrait of a very insecure man, always looking for a quick "pick me up" without adding any real substance to his character. 99.9% of men with lives and assets that need protecting do not have the time to pursue empty sex. On the contrary, sex is messy and would just fuck up their lives if they're doing anything worthwhile. The average western man is not an Arab sheikh flying in IG models for exclusive yacht trips. He is Bobby from the block, and he will be forced to pay alimony if he fucks up once.

No. 1478304

File: 1674310819640.png (100.82 KB, 731x692, moidscomplimentingwomen.png)

>local imageboard has a post where a woman complains she is insecure about her big labia
>helpful responses tell her to check out r/LabiaGW
>it is porn subreddit focusing on big labia
>pinned post is telling not to call womens genitals loose roast beef and long list of other horrible things

Girl, if you are ever feeling insecure, just know you are a weird fetish to some reddit neckbeard.

No. 1478305

It's important to know these moids aren't fucking Stacy's either, I'd even argue that vast majority of women they are sleeping with they probably find unattractive

No. 1478310

Meanwhile if you point out how many gay moids like chubby men, twinks, small dicks or short men they'll whine and feel victimized because then they'd understand what it feels like to be only wanted by predatory men

Although it is cool they pointed out longer and darker labia's have nothing to do with sex partners, almost no moids are willing to admit this

No. 1478324

The thing that weirds me out when men have a pretty high count is how many of them can still give you an exact number. Theres a point where the number is so high (and filled with ONSs from years ago) that its strange they even know rather than giving a ballpark number. Did you keep records? Add notches to a belt? Jot it down in a notebook?

I'm not even that hung up on low counts personally. I'm at an age where most people have been around the block. But when I meet a man with a high count who has kept perfect score all those years.. it feels like sex is a sport to them.

No. 1478427

It literally is though. I knew a moid who would cheat on his wife (who was a model and ivy league student) with insecure greasy and chubby teenagers he even admitted he didn't find attractive personality wise or physically, just for the sake of getting his body count up. The moid that owned a gym next to where I work also cheated on his wife whom had his children and was a cheerleader for our cities football team with an actual crackhead 50 yr old with 3 baby daddies.

It's such a scam when moids try to convince us that we won't get cheated on or he toyed with if we perform correctly, half the time moids will just do anything to be able to say they did it even if they need to fuck gross women or risk everything they have

No. 1478494

File: 1674327437605.png (Spoiler Image, 324.32 KB, 1154x1194, Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 7.56.…)

No. 1478504

>I won't lie, I won't answer because it is not their business

Kinda sounds like the problem may be he's an asshole. Like the way he told her his bodycount was actually the dealbreaker, not the number. Generally guys with very high bodycounts are single forever since they can never get past the wooing stage. So it's either astronomically high or something about the conversation itself put her off. He doesn't say anything about her bodycount so it's a weird thing to bring up if not an exchange of information.
Could be he used it as a threat "I'm so attractive I have slept with 39 people!!" like this anon's story >>1478291

No. 1478617

No one wants to hear it but the best way to make a relationship to work is to allow the woman to cheat freely and the man needs to stay extremely faithful.

>Cheating uplifts the woman because it adds to her confidence and she will be more comfortable during sex, not being afraid of being in unflattering positions, etc

>Men, specifically simps can benefit women financially and connection wise. I actually got into a really high end college near me because I messed around with an admissions counselor
>Opening the relationship but only for the woman eliminates moids over controllingness over women cheating because she's allowed to cheat, many moids use "fear of cheating" to bring women to the lowest place of their life
>Men get off and are only able to be attracted to their partner if they know other men are attracted to her, I've even heard of moids losing their attraction simply because another man said his gf was ugly. Constant reminds that their gf is hot makes moids treat their girlfriend better and be better partners
>It's best for moids to be faithful because moids are irresponsible, can get tons of women pregnant at once, are generally more careless with sleeping around, and as the previous anon said they become major assholes if they have lots of sex partners

No. 1478624

not even tradthot logic imo, just simple realities about the sort of man one would have to be to accumulate a high body count. I think more women should shame/dump men for this. I'd also add that the sort of moid to amass a high body count would have to be constantly on the prowl for sex and taking whatever he can manage to get, likely viewing random women as a masturbation device for him, rather than any moid with a remotely healthy view towards women that wouldn't be trying to have sex outside of scenarios where he's met a woman he likes. If you're dating a man who'd have sex with anyone, does he even like you in particular very much?

The kind of scrotes that rightfully get dunked on for caring about body count expect it to be literally zero. I don't think men need to have had no sexual partners, but being too high for their age is a show of character, and should obviously not be long term relationship material.

No. 1478647

This post was so iconic, she really played 5D chess with that dumbass moid

No. 1478887

File: 1674359559283.jpeg (503.82 KB, 696x1760, E730F963-16A5-4ADF-AEE3-524753…)

No. 1478898

Kek men really rely on women hating eachother and not communicating. I’m so grateful for technology making it easier to identify cheaters and criminals. Slightly OT but my parents are from completely different backgrounds and cultures and yet both of my grandmothers were swindled and unknowingly married to con artist, cheating men who secretly already had other wives and families. My mom actually met her half sister in a middle school class when they realized they had the same last name. Men are used to getting away with that trashy, outright brazen shit and think that their victim’s complete silence is their right. Thank god for technology nowadays; men who take advantage of women like this need to die quickly and rot in hell.

No. 1478923

You know it was the man's fault when he has to keep it as vague as possible, "got fired because of a bad date" yeah fucking right, as if women aren't fired constantly for not giving into their bosses advances. I love this idea that women are doing, any moid who is scared women are going to make "false accusations" against them have skeletons in their closets

No. 1479183

>There are stories of men losing jobs and dates
But not their lives, interestingly enough. Must be nice to only be worried about your job or a woman turning you down instead of being physically/sexually assaulted or killed.

No. 1479490

Scrotes: Cause women to lose their jobs, freinds/family, mental health, and lives by creating groups dedicated to sharing revenge porn and leaking nudes, often doxxing them with their full name and address, social media, school, etc so people can bully and harass them irl

Also scrotes: Chimping out because women created groups to warn other women about bad/harmful men on dating apps

No. 1479522

How sad is it that it made me hate that the perv moids running this subreddit a little bit less because the try to keep some of the misogyny in check.

No. 1479665

They'll claim it's a group full of women lying then when women get hurt by one of these moids instead of holding him accountable they'll claim it's actually the woman that needs to be accountable because "well you got warned". It's like they think they can say whatever they want and logic magically doesn't apply to them because everyone should listen to them anyway

No. 1479671

I would bet anything that they are never going to link to the actual instance a man losing his job because of "a bad date in 2013". Because the reality involves things like roofies and rape, or a boyfriend with 50 fake names who got caught molesting a child.

No. 1479672

I think the most funny thing about this is that these moids are so desperate that they probably won't delete their profiles and will make 10 more.

No. 1479673

It's every man too. Some moid in my workplace got exposed for grooming and abusing teens online. He seemed weirdly normal and harmless but he never sat right with me.

No. 1479820

This is wonderful news, I had no idea women were doing this. You can tell the moid who posted this is running scared and guilty "arm yourselves" kek

Women sharing their experiences and warning each other is the best thing to come from the internet. Men really banked on female competitiveness to keep us from talking to each other, so they could do whatever they wanted to women and nobody would find out about it. The most harmful men tend to be prolific and repeat their actions, so a group like this is perfect - easy to find other victims.
Every woman thinking she was the only one, she must have done something wrong for [x thing that happens to everyone] to happen. But the internet seems to remove this; and women start gathering together instead.
Any actual innocent men have nothing to fear from a group chat.
Absolutely delightful. Moids rely on fear and silence, love to hear about degenerates beibg exposed

No. 1479844

>arm yourselves
Men reeeeeeeallly hate when women are standing up for themselves huh

No. 1479919

File: 1674492768257.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1731, 0A950297-8B16-4F12-9276-78B21C…)

Smooth brain

No. 1479928

File: 1674493638028.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648504274683.png)

bump don't scroll

No. 1479936

My mom did this (after I moved out, couldn't take any more of her narc shit) after our family dog died. She named the new dog something suspiciously close to our last dog's name. She's pathetic and will die alone, hopefully

No. 1479957

>Men really banked on female competitiveness to keep us from talking to each other
I always figured this was the biggest reason why moids would pin women against each other, I'm tired of them thinking putting women against each other is going to benefit them. I'd also like to point out there's always a new thing on the internet of moids dating a type of woman to make the opposite woman "seethe" then rage when you point out women don't care, it started out with men dating skinny women in spite of fat women, then vice versa…then dating goths to make preppy girls mad, then it evolved to things out of women's control like boob and butt size, then they got OBSESSED with the idea that dating non white women (usually Asian but I've also seen them do the same with latinas and black women) made white women mad, when that didn't work they started rotating between body types and styles, and then they said older women are better and make young girls seethe, now men just spam everything about how dating younger girls makes older women seethe, they literally go through the same cycle looking to piss women off but never woke up and realized that women don't give a shit who they date (as long as if they're not children obviously). Now that women don't care and women are teaching the younger girls to ignore scrotes manipulation they can't stand that we're more communicative. I also feel like this is why they hate women who use social media because it's easier to find women to inform each other. I also find it gross that scrotes in the media romanticized being the "other woman"

No. 1479976

I think it’s really telling how men hate things like pinkpill and FDS. Not that communities centered around those concepts don’t have their own flaws, but the point is to improve the safety and well-being of women and help women understand how cut-throat and fucked up men actually are. I saw some men mentioning these things in the comments, essentially saying how they’re ruining women. They fucking hate women coming together to point out patterns of male behavior or share tips to avoid the bullshit and danger men put women through. HATE it. Ime most women aren’t stereotypical mean girls who hate each other and 99% of the time end up looking after one another. I think the “dramatic bitchy women” stereotype is perpetuated by men who want to keep us looking for reasons to not trust other women, because when women do come together and bond on the basis of our shared experiences (unfortunately that’s often trauma), we end up benefitting one another at the expense of men. I know it’s stupid to point these things out on a site known for drama and gossip, but I really think most women here would side with each other and even female cows before they entertained a scrote.

No. 1480031

File: 1674503072531.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3087x3087, 8E8441B9-8E48-45E5-9A93-5F70B1…)

Reddit pickmes and doormats stay losing. They even went 50/50 on her medical bills. She should be suing the asshole but she’s still fucking him with the neck brace on.

No. 1480035

Posts like this make me glad I don’t have to put up with moid bullshit. Dating in the modern age just seems like a rigged losing game.

No. 1480036

I agree. Straight women who date are suckers. Couldn't be me

No. 1480048

This is the second time I read about men holding the women they're having sex with in a headlock, is this some new thing women have to be worried about randomly happen during sex now?

No. 1480058

This is why I hate how BDSM and kink has become this common thing that everyone does. Women think it's okay to be into this stuff and put themselves in risky situations instead of looking into why they're into being hurt in the first place, or even better - ask why their boyfriends want to hurt them.

Definitely a porn thing that has gotten popular, with the increasing violence and all.

No. 1480066

It's even worse when they'll demand women to "take accountability" for men being abusive but also seethe and foam at the mouth when women actively give each other tips on how to avoid abusive men, probably because they know the women often describe them and actually thought they were some special exception that they're not the ones with red flags but all other men are

No. 1480069

It's so fucking bizarre moids think we live in a world that hates men but it's normal and expected of women to expect life changing injuries just so moids can reenact porn. but asking for a moid that looks half decent is too much for them

No. 1480071

It's so fucking bizarre moids think we live in a world that hates men but it's normal and expected of women to expect life changing injuries just so moids can reenact porn. but asking for a moid that looks half decent is too much for them

No. 1480078

Wtf, I haven't even seen that happen during BJJ practice. Did he make a sudden jerky movement? This isn't even a normal result in a fight with normal sportsmanship. At most if somebody doesn't tap out fast enough, they could pass out, but no snapping. I'm just saying this to emphasize how fucking violent he must've been.

No. 1480083

I thought the post would be about someone who's in her 20s, not a fucking 40 years old. And she still wonders if she should give a chance to the moid she's only known for 3 months and has already hurt her. What a pathetic woman.

No. 1480093

Bear in mind he was wrapping his moid arms around a woman's neck and not another man's

No. 1480095

Sure anon, make it all about how bad she is instead of allowing women to have a single place where we can circlejerk about how much we hate moids, I'm sure that really shows the abuser how bad he is

No. 1480096

I’ve seen it and choking become more and more mainstream. It horrifies me because teen girls are starting to talk about how their boyfriends expect this of them. Boys and men literally need their computers and phones locked down and monitored at all times, I’m not even kidding. Not if their porn addictions consistently lead to women being abused and hurt.

No. 1480105

God shut the fuck, obviously the moid is worse but that doesn't mean we can't comment on the women who posted in the first place

No. 1480114

i think it was posted on the tiktok hate thread but they put screenshots of a bunch of 13 yrs old saying they were fantasizing about being choked, the girl on the tiktok was like 15, but all the comments were saying
>ummmm akshually im 12
Wich is so fucking concerning
it's sad to see the porn brainrot also gets to young girls

No. 1480129

Kek nonnie you're insane if you think an abuser is going to feel bad when they read your posts. Nothing you post, do, or say will effect an abuser. They don't see you as human. It's pertinent to expect a 40 year old woman to have some basic common sense and not have to ask reddit if she should continue seeing some rapist moid who broke her neck during sex after 3 months dating her and fucks her while she is wearing the neck brace. It's fucking sad and women should be encouraged to take care of their own safety and not expect men to suddenly not be rapists because they got chastised online. I swear the "victim blaming" stuff is a moid psyop to get women to abandon any sense of care for their own safety.

No. 1480135

Shaming moids literally has worked though if it's done by enough people. For most of history beating women was okay, it was her fault, etc. It wasn't until moids were being shamed to hell and back that domestic violence greatly decreased. Also kek at you trying to claim victim blaming is a moid psychop as if Andrew Tates main shit wasn't literally demanding women to take accountability and abusers themselves like social repose always attempt to direct attention off themselves by saying "well she should've known", you're not fooling anyone

No. 1480139

I'd also like to add - moids care a lot about socialization, isolating, alienating them, exposing them to be shamed by their friends, family and workplace will stop them. Just look at how many moids immediately delete their social media profile when they're at risk of being exposed

No. 1480147

Of course I still think moids should be shamed and exposed. But it's possible to think at the same time that women should be encouraged not to put themselves in situations where they can be badly hurt. For example this woman clearly missed the memo somewhere in her 40 years of life about how dangerous men can be and now she is suffering horrific consequences.

No. 1480177

it makes sense, women are usually gaslit into ignoring red flags, and for most women, there's zero guidance on what is normal behavior and what isn't and women are taught their entire lives that the worst thing to happen to them is that they will be without a man. There's a time and place to encourage women to choose better men but what good are you if you're just using the same shit abusers like Andrew Tate uses when women get hurt? There's very little widely known resources to help women spot red flags but God forbid a woman gets hurt and everyone comes in screaming how stupid she is and ignores how bad the man is because "he wouldn't listen" as if that's not how moral guidelines were literally made since humankind was a thing. They want to kick women while they're already down instead of uplifting them and helping them get out of the situation if not prevent it all together

No. 1480182

There's no magical thing that happens at 40 that prevents women from being manipulated by abusive moids. It's very likely in her own mind that it was 100% an accident or even worse - reddit moids are probably saying it's her fault for "choosing Chad" or something. Women need to definitely be educated better on how to spot red flags and abuse, the issue is that there's often none of that available towards women or they're convinced they don't need it because "it's just common sense" and people only ever seen to be ready to tell women they're doing something wrong when the woman is still trying to process something traumatic.

No. 1480183

File: 1674519992338.jpeg (29 KB, 500x278, DFFAF68A-A0C5-4ABA-B8B9-639DB9…)

Yeah and she considers choking during sex nothing too crazy.

No. 1480280

The story stands on its own as "encouragement". No one needs to be persuaded that a broken neck would be bad. Like you said, she's suffering horrific consequences, so there's no greater lesson her to learn. But everyone, even here, seems so socialised to automatically skip past the part where this situation came about because of male sexual violence, just to repeat the same shit we hear everywhere all the time. And the men who do this just fade quietly in the bushes Homer Simpson style, with their necks intact.

No. 1480282

I think also the hostility from women who know better drives them to only be able to talk about this kind of thing with other handmaidens who feed the delusions, or worse, send her to pickme pergatory with only male "friends".

No. 1480311

It's all about approach, obviously someone coming to scream in your face about how stupid you are when you're trying to process your partner being abusive is going to come off wrong, pickmes and moids urging her to stay with them approach her calmly and empathetic (towards him) which is why these women stay with them. I'm tired of the idea that being a dick to women in crappy relationship situations is somehow going to help them

No. 1480327

It's porn shit.

No. 1480328

Well then someone should ask her to fucking name and shame him, but I'm 99% sure she won't do that.

No. 1480333

>The story stands on its own as "encouragement". No one needs to be persuaded that a broken neck would be bad.
Clearly some people do need that encouragement, for example the woman who is asking reddit if it's OK that this guy broke her neck during sex and every other woman who puts up with this type of sexual violence from moids thinking it's "nothing too crazy".

No. 1480354

>Every woman thinking she was the only one, she must have done something wrong for [x thing that happens to everyone] to happen.
This is what finally opened my eyes, seeing that every woman goes through the same evil shit from men, and that women are smart, instead of cruel, to refuse to give men the benefit of a doubt. You can admit what happened, you shouldn't be embarrassed, you can admit that it hurt, you don't have to be superhumanly "strong" and constantly struggling through the cruelty. Scrotes thrive on women being horrified at the prospect of being embarrassed, and too ashamed to not be """""strong""""" enough to carry on.

No. 1480366

Yes and yes, sometimes it's good to see an outside point of view of a toxic relationship mirroring patterns in your own relationship, this is actually one of the things that made me leave my abusive relationship was seeing women just outright and open say the same things my ex was doing since you're often so heavily deluded by manipulation it's hard to wake you up when it's happening

No. 1480378

"Hes only paying half of the bill" followed up with, "but hes being nice by helping clean!"
He could've fucking killed you, and doesn't even see himself as responsible. Not only does he have no remorse but hes intentionally blaming her through refusing to foot the bill. He doesn't want to pay bc he doesn't think he did anything wrong. And this is someone who's shes debating on continuing a relationship with.
This womans self respect is in a black fucking hole.

No. 1480499

Great way to be reminded that any man who has absolutely no photos on his dating profile and no social media is a creep.

No. 1480904

File: 1674603688274.png (355.98 KB, 621x771, Screenshot 2023-01-24 202201.p…)

daily dose of moid brain fried by porn

No. 1480905

I hope she either leaves him and finds something better to do with her time or he leaves her and she finds something better to do with her time while he stays alone forever.

No. 1480907

>storms out of a restaurant and abandons his girlfriend because she pointed out his joke isn’t funny
>turns off his phone when she tries to talk to him
>”But shes overreacting!!!”

And they say women are overemotional and “never communicate”

No. 1480911

That’s a retarded dumb moid thing to say, imagine your friend having a dangerous operation and then your partner comments about her vagina being tight. Creepy and fucked up, I hate those comments about pregnancy. Men also always get unbelievably triggered if you don’t find their lame 5th grade tier sexual or misogynistic jokes funny, it’s usually followed by “FINE I GUESS ILL NEVER SAY ANYTHING EVER AGAIN” and cue the pity pouty party

No. 1480922

You know what, in a way, he wasn’t wrong. That’s completely normal “joke” for a deranged, inhuman misogynistic male to make. I hope he’s long since been dumped.

No. 1480968

Completely unhinged user base. There's a popular post on there where they brag about who they made out with at bars lol

No. 1481107

Men really want to never be accountable for their actions kek. It always boggles my mind how moids can tell the story from their own POV and still come off as the bad guy

No. 1481180

This has to be a rage bait

No. 1481215

File: 1674650037840.jpg (96.76 KB, 750x779, FmgfD9bWQAAhtPt.jpg)

This is getting popular with TRAs and troons on twitter, about how "TERFs" have ruined the self confidence of an entire generation of girls, but if you look up her account you'll see she frequently posts about the different ways she's ugly on r/amiugly and r/rateme and obviously likes the praise cause she's clearly conventionally attractive

No. 1481241

She would be considered not only conventionally attractive, but actually god-tier in at least 20 countries, her features could get her jobs as a model. Attractive people are so petty sometimes

No. 1481258

I just would start commenting on his friends' dick sizes kek. Oh Bob works in construction? Must have a big, juicy dick! Aww, Robert got dumped? He probably has a small dick!

No. 1481274

Kek, not surpised, but also sad to imagine that someone this pretty feels the need to fish for compliments. It can't even be insecurity at that point, can it? She obviously knows she's stunning.

No. 1481287

I feel like she's got to have some kind of internet induced autism.

No. 1481289

I mean I get the appeal, she knows she's attractive but most people would never bring it up that often, but getting praise from the internet about how clearly beautiful you are would give you some dopamine rush

No. 1481298

Even without her attention seeking I find it funny as fuck that troons love this shit because they are the reason actual gnc women now have issues because of ugly troons pretending to be women

No. 1481300

File: 1674657270634.png (42.56 KB, 1018x362, 64.png)

she's really into MBTI so that might explain it


No. 1481301

I suspect this is a case of someone thinking and knowing they’re gorgeous and hearing someone insult/not find them pretty for the first time. It usually happens with moids, you can see how their whole world turns upside down when they realise not everyone finds them attractive and they go all insecure fishing for compliments. I doubt she thinks she’s actually manly.

No. 1481331

This girl looks like a model, is this not bait posted by some tranny? Anyway the only harsh thing on her face is her eyebrows which is easily fixable—either dye them or trim them. She’s low contrast and that’s literally all she needs to do because the rest of her face looks angelic.
I’m leaning towards a moid posting this because I think a woman would have tried to actually repair the issue (through Kibbe, makeup, color seasons) and understand why people might say that rather than just going to a moid/tranny dominated space for internet asspats. Maybe she’s a supreme pickme idk. If it’s autism then that’s a shame.

No. 1481336

No. 1481341

File: 1674661247751.png (478.31 KB, 794x771, c5643erw523656.PNG)

a big schnozz will bring down the confidence of even the most gorgeous women. she's obviously very pretty but i can see why she would post so much asking this stuff. maybe she's an ugly duckling type and is still adjusting to being perceived as pretty/is conflicted about whether or not she's really perceived as attractive.

No. 1481342

But I’m not saying it isn’t her?

No. 1481365

>rate me
OOF. Jesus. I know she'd be so annoying and unbearable being friends with her. It must be hard being so insecure you'd post your face to reddit so that moids that coom to traps and tranny porn will go "not bad, I would". Absolutely miserable.

No. 1481377

I have the same nose and I actually get it now, nvm. But no amount of pandering will fix this except literal surgery. I used to be the biggest pickme ever, tried to be a cool gf, and my exes’ friends still nicknamed me “the bird” and referred to me as such bc they were that devoted to hating me and making fun of me. It really is so hard being a female, imagine if a woman’s friend group called a man “shorty” any time they referred to him. I think that man would actually murder the entire friend group and then people would say that they were a bunch of shallow bitches to make fun of him and then cue people saying they deserved it for being cunts.

No. 1481386

I hate men commenting on pregnancy at all because nothing they ever say is with empathy or understanding. They act like pregnancy and giving birth is just some quick thing women do and bounce back from, they usually immediately start demanding sex again without any consideration for what she has been through. I haven’t actually given birth myself, but I’ve heard so many horror stories of men’s behavior from friends and online. Men are actually evil.

No. 1481430

I'll never get people who make aita posts only for them to claim 'and then the other person overreacted' within the post. Just give us the details and people will let you know whether they overreacted or not. Thats the whole point.

> I said to her, you're so insecure

wtf does that have to do with anything else said up to that point?
> she said, does it make you feel good to call me that?
And that was what broke him. Her being able to see through his weak deflection games. Theres no getting through to men to that. You can't have an argument be productive or a learning experience. Its all about winning the argument or punishing you by storming off when they're losing. She was right to stand up to him but men like that loove being chased after they dramtically storm off. I just hope she doesn't waste years learning that.

No. 1481834

File: 1674691228275.jpeg (257.58 KB, 1170x739, D1AD1A63-7A13-4BCC-BE94-57871E…)

I hope this fits the thread.

There’s this lesbian subreddit that has been set up recently. Every once in a while it gets dangerously terfy and yet this one guy strolled in and ignored the bitter undertone. Honestly I’m really happy about the subreddit somehow still existing and reeing about gendies whenever given the chance.

There’s a weekly selfie post that almost always ignored and you’ll never guess who decided to upload a picture. It’s ironic because every time he posts he gets downvoted a lot.

No. 1481839

I mean if this girl was posted on here as a cow (or posted on any anonymous site at all) she would be absolutely fucking destroyed for her appearance. Kek that women here of all places are sooooooo fucking shocked at the idea of a woman being insecure about her perfectly nice face.

No. 1481894

>lesbian subreddit
Drop the name for my bb. Im tired of posts about ‘girl p*nis’ on the mainstream lesbian subs

No. 1482155

Being called a man or looking like a man has been an insult towards women since the dawn of time. Mostly made by moid. It's not a "TERF" thing lmao, TRAs are so fucking disingenuous.

No. 1482262

You're speaking the truth nonita.

This lmao. The troon epidemic is fairly recent and "you look mtf" is just a new version of an old insult in the arsenal of people trying to make women insecure. Also, if there weren't so many men using a combination of facetune/surgery/HRT + calling themselves female and invading women's spaces, maybe fewer people would question people's sex online (IRL, someone's sex is obvious). How can they possibly blame TERFs for this?

No. 1482354

Any sort of demanding of sex from a moid just tells you how useless they are. Usually if a partner doesn't want sex it could stem from insecurity, poor performance, being overworked, etc. and you know most moids wouldn't be bothered to fix the problem. I remember the reddit post about the moid who asked for sex DAILY and wrote down each time she said no, just the way he said it in itself told me all he did was say "hey you want to have sex" and expect her to get turned on from that alone. Moids who talk about the sex lives of postpartum women are a special type of stupid because they'd literally rather risk all kinds of nasty stuff to get their dick wet, even if women give in they will still complain about her body or performance but don't understand maybe that's what happens when you demand sex from someone who wasn't ready

No. 1482383

TRA scrotes say it's a terf thing while reeing that they are more women than real women because they think the real women look 'manly', they literally just project the things they say and do on to others. Women can tell a fucking man from a woman, they aren't faceblind like retard autist moids, but moids seem to think we are the same because men apply their bad attributes to us to cope why they aren't worse.

No. 1482478

I mean the first few photos were a bit disingenuous from her because she does look different on the nose photo. She's still attractive of course but why ask if she is manly and only post overly edited carefully posed pictures that don't show the perceived problem.

No. 1482515

>why ask if she is manly and only post overly edited carefully posed pictures that don't show the perceived problem.
Because she is insecure about her appearance and wants to be told she doesn't look like a man…

No. 1482585

she's not "manly" she's just insecure about her nose, that's it
a big nose doesn't work on anyone frankly speaking

No. 1482596

Says the noselet

No. 1482599

I mean your obviously shitposting, but large noses on either sex just aren't considered attractive, though women get scrutiny for it

No. 1482609

I agree with you nonna, but some women do find large noses on men attractive. I would say they're generally not considered attractive by industries, but plenty of women do go for it.

No. 1482629

i agree this is TRA nonsense. i have a long face, sharp features, and used to be very underweight, and aidens in high school and college used to ask me if i was a TIM to bully me. i think it's just a humiliation tactic to hurt GNC women and try to indoctrinate them into troon nonsense

No. 1482631

More like daily reminder that men just see women as fuckholes and nothing more

No. 1482711

It's not just "masculine" women, some people just say it for the fuck of being mean to women. I'm short and have unmistakably feminine features and still got asked if I was a troon or not. I feel like people who genuinely thought someone was a tranny wouldn't question them, it just became an easy buzzword to insult women so that way if the woman gets upset they can easily just accuse her of being transphobic too

No. 1482842

i feel like it is if you think about who says what in his post. like why would he type in "does it make you feel good to call me that?". i feel sick for defending a potential actual sadistic moid but i'm with you on thinking it could be bait

No. 1482852

File: 1674768425540.jpg (211.8 KB, 618x1284, Screenshot_20230126-150623_Red…)

this was on a reddit post about male/female suicide rates, and the comments were full of men saying shit like this

>"wehh wont anyone think of the poor widdle men killing themselves??? no one takes men's mental health seriously!!!"

>"actually women attempt suicide more, they just use less lethal methods like overdosing and exsanguination which usually just fai-"

>"well we all know those stupid, hysterical bitches are just doing it for attention! MEN are obviously the ones suffering more"

you cant make this up. the hypocrisy is fucking staggering

No. 1482859

>Muh mental health
>Only for men though not for women
They aren't even trying to hide the fact they only want mental health support for men but if women have mental health issues it's all for attention

No. 1482863

>Saying something like "killing yourself isn't hard" and "if women really wanted to kill themselves they would", unironically.
Wtf's wrong with this guy? Suicides 'go wrong' all the time… plus the weird 'even an 8 year old could kill themself' comment.

No. 1482868

The reason most women don’t blow their brains out like every moid does is because we think ahead of how traumatizing it will be for the person who finds us. Even after death, a woman‘s labor still effects the people around her. Men never think of these things and never will get it. Hell I hear of so many scrotes who murder an ex wife just to have their own child find the body. They’re dumb AND they don’t give a single fuck about the well-being of their own child.

No. 1482873

>women do it for attention but men quietly find the nearest train to run in front of! men don't want to bother anyone!
>everyone on that train will be aware of the suicide
>the conductor will be traumatised for life
>the suicide will make it into the local news and strangers will grieve

No. 1482879

File: 1674770856653.jpg (29.43 KB, 337x404, 1549641771201.jpg)

But how can men be suffering more when they killed themselves. They're dead

No. 1482882

Told this to my uncle and he turned into dust, patriarchy is destroyed at last.

No. 1482883

imagine trying to gatekeep suicide of all things

No. 1482893

I was on an IG post about PDD and all the comments were women, but only one male posted, talking about how hard it is being a dad and I basically told him to shut the fuck up and go to one of the thousands of subreddits that will coddle him. Men only think about themselves, especially in women only issues. Men kill themselves more because they're selfish pieces of shits. They should make it 90% and do the world a favor.

No. 1482895

The funniest part is that they only reveal how little they actually care about men and their mental health and only care about silencing women and begging women to coddle them. I also feel like they know deep down most of those male suicides are murder suicides or the committed suicide out of guilt after raping a child or something like that and at last minute wanted to pretend it's an example of male oppression and thought being a dick about it would make everyone not question the true statistics

No. 1482936

File: 1674777560125.png (32.06 KB, 901x155, menmustdie.png)

He neglected to mention men are just such suicide experts and geniuses they just so happen to take others out with them.

Also funny how he mentioned the easiest way of suicide is jumping off a building, but there's a reason it's not the most common form of suicide. Stupid ass men taking the time and effort to buy a gun and the bullets when they can just jump off a building!!! Guess they're not as good a suiciding as they thought.

No. 1482963

Good point anons, and if men are so virtuous, why do the ones who should kill themselves never fucking do it? So many sex pest males remain leeching off of their old disabled mothers while reoffending or going crazy and killing their moms and random people. If you're an actual psycho and male you should just be exterminated for the benefit of society, it's only logical and virtuous.

No. 1482976

>suicide is like so ez even an 8 year old could do it bruh lmao
okay why are you bragging that… men are as good as 8 year olds then? and also "women do it for attention!!" uh huh unlike men who will just livestream themselves committing a mass shooting bc they're totally the un-emotional un-dramatic sigma sex who suffers in silence


No. 1483069

>i have worst life in the world because my slimy 2/10 ass cant get a 10/10 aryan mommy so im lonley forever.

The male suicide rate will never be high enough

No. 1483072

They always bring up the suicide rate at the stupidest moments too, not just to silence women but once on a video about how a man wouldnt let his 16 yr old gf go to sleepovers and they brought up male suicide like wtf

No. 1483073


I actually seen this shit in real life. When me & my friend were in 6th grade we went to paris and some weird grown indian guy talked to her about how beautiful and white she was and he started crying because he could not obtain her and it was so fucking weird.

No. 1483123

>women will go through mathematically calculate the cleanest and least inconvenient way to commit suicide
>i can't hang myself because people might be traumatized seeing my body plus you lose control of your bowels and that will just be embarrassing for me and whoever finds me
>i can't blow my brains out because that will leave a mess, traumatize anyone who finds me and an open casket funeral will be out of the question so no "it looks like she's sleeping" comments that people say to cope
>i guess slitting my wrists in the bath or pills are the best methods
>fuck i can't kill myself because people depend on me and i'll feel guilty even though i'll be dead
>meanwhile moids will either
>swan dive onto the highway
>blow their brains out in the middle of the street after annihilating their entire family and shooting 17 complete strangers

No. 1483188

Redditors are like, yeah, so what if the video has someone dying or some people fighting so badly they are irreparably hurt- no, what REALLY gets me angry is the WOMAN that was SCREAMING in the background. I just want to bash her brains in so she never makes a sound again HAHAHAHA" Like what the fuck do they want? A freakout video where everyone is just watching in dead silence? If there is a video with something horrible or life threatening happening you can't blame bystanders for screaming. Funny how male screamers never get such a reaction

No. 1483202

I have a thing to add to your list
>women don't want to risk failing and becoming a burden to friends and family
Seriously, what if you survive and become a vegetable? That can even happen with using a gun or some of the other more violent methods. Or if you only lose your legs when you jump in front of a train. You'd be dependent on others for the rest of your life. Killing yourself efficiently, with some certainty, in a clean manner and without traumatizing too many people, is very difficult.

No. 1483232

What’s terrible is that actual psychiatrists think like this, there’s even a term parasuicidium, “not real suicide, just a demonstration” and it will get slapped onto any female suicide attempt. I’ve worked with doctors and observed their practice and they think everything women do is emotional manipulation, never heard them talking like this about men of course. Actually good doctors will tell you that any attempt has a chance to succeed and rarely is purely a hysterical demonstration and to never take them lightly but in practice doctors almost laugh at female suicide attempts.

Had a friend tell us about a friend who killed herself and this gay moid who is a now a doctor was like “ well that’s how you know she was actually ill, unlike those who have borderline and only attempt and fail, they’re dumb cows that wanna make us doctors angry on purpose”. And he also said shit like “This one patient promised us to not kill herself, said she was feeling okay and then went home and ate pills. What an asshole, honestly I don’t give a shit if she dies, she even said she doesn’t know why she did that, what a bitch”. He’s the least empathetic and such an unstable person yet he’s a psychiatrist. He basically thinks every female patient has borderline personality disorder, even the ones that come for shit like autism screening.

No. 1483233

I genuinely, truly wish all suicidal women are 17 year-olds popping benadryl and suicidal men are stoic 50 year old factory workers making brain slushies with a shotgun (at night, since nobody kills themself during the day). I'd rather have young women survive their attempts and heal while pathetic men die off already.

No. 1483236

Sorry to samefag but this gay moid also hardcore rages any time a woman is bisexual and for him that counts as a proof of emotional instability and a definite proof she must have BPD. The irony of a GAY moid thinking this.

No. 1483258

Don't forget moids will happily take ANYONE with them, not only family, like that pilot that committed suicide by crashing a passenger plane a few years ago. Read somewhere that while it's unusual there have been stopped attempts of other pilot moids considering doing the same.

No. 1483262

That guy man must be projecting his own mental instability on his female patient.

No. 1483270

>that pilot that committed suicide by crashing a passenger plane a few years ago
One of the most despicable human beings in the history honestly, this story is haunting me every time I'm reminded of it for this or another reason. I struggle to wrap my head around how anyone can even come up with a plan this vile

No. 1483271

File: 1674821440488.jpg (365.81 KB, 1080x1239, IMG_20230127_151025.jpg)

They banned me for this.

No. 1483284

Fucking KEK

No. 1483285

Understandable tbh.

No. 1483286


No. 1483289

Fucking KEK

No. 1483300

If you commit suicide everyone cries about the lost chance to save you. If you survive an attempt do they see it as a miracle and want you to get that help you obviously need.. nah you're just a dumb attention seeker. See this too often.

No. 1483302

Anonymous report his license to the board for an ethics complaint

No. 1483307

File: 1674825456111.png (30.15 KB, 916x200, 698_JFEF.png)

from the daily "What's the one thing you hate about being a man?" thread, tell me this is not a pedo.

No. 1483314

What a fucking psycho. I can't trust psychs, I don't think.

No. 1483350

This reminds me of those never ending posts that're like
> I, a lone man was just hanging out at a kids playground today and a couple of moms looked at me funny. Then they ushered their kids to stay closer to them. Can you believe the nerve of those women? I'm pretty sure one whispered that I'm a pedo. I cursed her out. That sure told her.

The more they post this shit the more they sound like unhinged kid obsessed pedos.

No. 1483371

This is why I always laugh when I see weird posts here seething about bi women. It's almost always psychotic gay men foaming at the mouth and LARPing as "concerned women".

No. 1483373

Extremely based

No. 1483383

nta but female ones are worse. they will give their own personal anecdotes to justify being dismissive. and most psychs in general lack empathy, including women.

No. 1483413

Agree to disagree, I think it comes down to personal experience

No. 1483463

I remember losing my mind before when I watched a vid about a pilot who took down something like 200 passengers with him in his planned out suicide crash. The comments were full of men defending him "well I've been suicidal before so I get his thought process and his immense pain" Patting each other on the back for talking about their struggles and suddenly being these bottomless pits of empathy. I swear men have an easier time empathizing with murderers than.. murder victims. Why is that? I see the same under TC videos.

Can you imagine the knock on effect of that many people now grieving the early and sudden loss of loved ones? I mean.. that sure could leave you feeling suicidal

No. 1483466

Knew a male psych, went to him once and he told me to not expect any medication or diagnoses from him. He has reviews about how he belittles his patients and doesn't care about suicidal intentions. He is two doors down from a therapist and didn't know she existed, even though she knew about him and has met him before. Why would a man like that want to see and speak with depressed people? The reviews made it sound like he made people's depression and suicidal intentions worse.

No. 1483486

File: 1674840055601.jpg (102.08 KB, 900x600, walking-the-night-alone-tommas…)

>I swear men have an easier time empathizing with murderers than.. murder victims. Why is that?
Men are often the aggressor, not the victim, as their physical power allows them to detach from vulnerability and embrace violence with ease, they are most of the time unable to empathize with weaker beings, be human or not.

Statistically, men kill themselves at higher rates than women, and are also 98.99% of crime, a big number of the XY population could be able to relate to suicidal or criminal/dangerous ideas, in the case of psycho pilots, those concepts fuse together to inspire an augmented relatability on the male kind

No. 1483531

NTA but how can the government or big tech's brainwashing algorithms make men kill themselves more? We have way too many useless sex predators on the streets and the law is ridiculously lax on them, legislators might as well just say "we absolutely hate women and children and want to see you raped and killed". Can Andrew Tate motivate his followers to off themselves like Jim Jones did?

Thanks anon for telling that sack of shit "dad" off, female Redditors need to be openly hostile towards men from the beginning or I find that quickly the sub will be taken over by males craving female attention.

No. 1483558

Men need to shut up about this. Everyone acts like a man who is good with kids is the next damn messiah or something, if people start thinking you're creepy or something it's because you are. I'd even argue people often falsely accuse women of being creepy around kids way more than men

No. 1483569

accusing women of being mtf is a reddit coomer thing. their brains are so rotten by porn and anime that any woman with slightly masculine features (or even the ones who just don't look like hyperfeminine caricatures) must be trans in their book.

No. 1483583

Nah, the moid caused it but this woman has brain worms allowing this shit to happen, especially at her age. Don't baby grown women, this is in no way the same spew as Andrew taint shills. Many anons are advocating that this woman stand up for herself and put her foot down. They are not advocating taints 'wicked takes' that she take responsibility for the abuse of the shitty moid, excusing his actions. Do not confuse the two.

>Doormat woman confiding in other handmaidens about 10 millionth abusive scrote.

You are describing toxic femininity which is abundant in normie women, it may even be worse in older gen x women like her due to meek, and controlling female socialization. And doormat normie women need be told they are doormats otherwise they won't stop this pattern of behavior. This pattern doesn't just hurt themselves, it hurts other women as well since they have a part in scrotes shaping their retarded understanding that "all women are like that" which moids already have but solidify when observing doormat behavior like this women. It's a consequence since moids ape brains cannot think in non absolutes.

It's ironic that this has to be said on a gossip site for women but an aspect of toxic femininity is toxic positivity, over reassurance, acquiescence and being a doormat. Like other anons have said this woman is 40, she should know better. Of course the moid is the perpetrator in this all this shit but this woman is contributing to the problem and cycle of acquiescent female socialization bullshit when she lets moids walk all over her, teaching moids that this behavior is acceptable in the process. It's a kind of internalized misogyny that brings all women down, it's at the root of why libfeminism is so fucked up, she's at fault too.

No. 1483727

File: 1674852932942.jpg (415.78 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230127-144427_Red…)

More horrors from the "whine about being a man" thread. Men are fucking sick. They literally get aroused by women crying and they're so fucking stupid they think it's some kind of mysterious auto response to touching someone and not the fact that they're all conditioned to find our suffering and crying arousing from jacking off to violent porn all day. Theyre turned on by our pain, emotional and physical, but ItS iNvOlunTarY. Moids are the most barbaric and stupid creatures on this planet.

No. 1483733

1.5k upvote and one award, what the hell ?! Is that a common for men ? I'm never crying in front of a male ever again.

No. 1483751

i wish they'd feel more shame about it. when i was a teen there were a few times that i befriended men online and we'd become close enough that i'd cry to them through calls about my problems as i naively thought they wanted to help me as a friend. every one of them brought up later on that hearing me cry turned them on a bit. they said it casually like it was something funny. just sick

No. 1483757

It's awful that they feel so comfortable about it that they throw it out as a funny joke. They're so inhuman it's sick.

No. 1483814

I wish men felt more shame period.

No. 1483822

Not to be confused with r/actuallesbian

No. 1483831

My ex was like that and it definitely wasn't to do with touch: he screenshotted me crying on skype once as wank material. Even if he was livid about something and I had been crying all night to the point of being unrecognisable in the morning, that shit cured his ED way better than viagra. I can attest it's not any white knight shit, it is very malicious.

No. 1483873

One time I sent a guy ex-friend a pic of my thumb I cut by mistake and had to get stitched and he sent me back that it looks sexy and if he's weird by being a bit turned on. Must be weird living with coom goggles on.

No. 1483956

>emotional support boner
Do moids really

No. 1484016

Same happened here, over Skype weirdly enough, he'd bring up sensitive topics out of nowhere or just patronize me until I started crying over Skype if not picking fights with me until I started crying and demanded me send him pictures of me crying. Was he like that too?

No. 1484054

>pilot crashed a passenger plane to kill myself
Well shit I didn't think there were more things to be paranoid about. Imagine being so excited about your vacation or relieved to be going home after a long trip, but now you're hurtling toward the ground because your fuckass pilot decided that if he can't be happy, then he must cause as much suffering as possible on his way out

No. 1484232

File: 1674912558798.png (79.78 KB, 542x640, firefox_DeVhkIMOMQ.png)

Redditors are offended that discord banned a server which had loli porn posted

No. 1484234

File: 1674912638648.png (403.53 KB, 561x588, firefox_FZ3yF9Blv5.png)

What's better, the strawman feminist or the fact that most of those characters got hated anyway?

No. 1484235

Didn't read but I know it's something stupid because it was written by a man

No. 1484243

What's wrong with Chell?

No. 1484246

Nothing, the post is meant to show good female video game protagonists but they chose a bad format because it's the dirty diaper spongebob meme. Also they're pretending like redditors didn't hate the redesign of Lara or the protag in horizon zero dawn

No. 1484250

Very ot rant incoming but I love big noses on women. I understand it's not the norm, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the notion that big noses are universally deemed unattractive and don't work on anyone - the shape and size of the nose as well as whether or not it's in harmony with the other facial features are what determines if it's unattractive/attractive. It's definitely considered less attractive, especially in women, but I'm pretty confident that a minority of men actually like women with stronger features. This might just be me projecting my own aesthetic appreciation of women with masculine features though, who knows

No. 1484278

I feel like noses aren't a feature I pay much attention to but a while ago I ended up on the part of youtube where people document their own nose jobs or surgeons discuss celeb nose jobs. One of them discussed a few different actresses who had nose jobs (to make them smaller) and afterwards they struggled to get work. They went from having a face that stood out to looking very generic I guess. Their og nose had been blessing for at least giving them 'a look' even if they didn't see the appeal themselves.

No. 1484432

Explain Driverfagging.

No. 1484510

>Why can't I draw little girls naked? Damn you feminists
Only men

No. 1484523


>they might look like loli schoolgirls but achshually they are 1000 years old angel soldiers

Not this pedo logic again.

No. 1484593

>UWAAAA Why does society distrust me even though men are the majority of pedophiles and rapists?
I hate how these self-absorbed bastards care more about their bruised egos than the thousands of people who have fallen victim to some crime at the hands of men. They should criticize other men for giving people a reason to generalize and fear them. Also, men blame women for not being cautious enough, but then complain when we do. Make up your fucking mind.

No. 1484656


This is sooo fucked.
>woman married to moid for 15+ years, confused why he’s so distant with her
>moid still obsessed with woman he dated 20 years ago(!) for a few months when he was 19 before he met wife
>moid posts obsessively on r/limerence about this other woman, keeps a folder of photos of her and stares at them every day, complains about how much he hates his wife but says he can’t leave because he’s “Christian”
>moid confesses his feelings to other woman, she gets rightfully disgusted and blocks him
>moid continues to sperg even harder on r/limerence
>wife finds moid’s Reddit account, drama ensues

TL;DR - moids were a mistake.

No. 1484716

And moids chimped out about 90% of them for existing and continue to do so till this day, including in this meme kek.

No. 1484833

File: 1674972631327.png (104.71 KB, 882x866, gross.PNG)

The amount of comments that are putting her reaction down to trauma and not because it's a weird thing to do. Sorry but even without CSA I can tell it's weird. It feels like half the comments are trying to justify kissing your child on the lips and the other are trying to tip toe around calling her a hysterical woman for even thinking it's weird and having the (completely normal) reaction she did. At least the husband agrees with her.


No. 1484848

Is this really so weird for old ladies to do? I live in the west and all the aunties in my family would give me a gross kiss on the lips without warning as a kid.

No. 1484856

Wtf Nonna drop the reddit post

No. 1484861

File: 1674976489769.jpeg (171.75 KB, 945x946, 8D627915-A1A0-4C0C-A0C2-51049D…)

No. 1484883

Damn this just inspired me to follow JK Rowling (I only use Twitter to creep). Her recent tweets are all on point tbh

No. 1484885

I’ve never read a Harry Potter book in my life and likely never will but damn, can’t help but stan this woman.

No. 1484886

File: 1674980347126.jpeg (476.88 KB, 1125x1049, E70DCBAC-83EA-4127-950F-EB7F35…)

I often ask “why are moids” but Reddit has me asking “WHAT are moids”

No. 1484888

Same here nona, rubbing my clit does nothing when there's a penis distracting me. Plus it pushing from the inside makes it hard to keep it steady and just gets frustrating. A wand kind of works because it'll vibrate strongly enough to keep to an area.

No. 1484890

File: 1674980719483.jpeg (575.78 KB, 1125x1967, B20C5CF0-7368-4822-A263-F6E249…)

Samefag for a bonus round. A moid who claims he has no choice but to rape because his dick is too tiny for condoms. Just Reddit things!

No. 1484891

The obvious rape aside this is fucked up because plan b only works at certain points in the cycle and if you use it post ovulation you can still get pregnant. It's not a cure-all

No. 1484909

Lip kissing is inherently romantic to me and I get weirded out anytime people try to say it's no big deal to do it to kids, don't care if it's "cultural" or whatever.

No. 1484913

>Moid risking marriage and current relationship for woman who isn't interested in him
Why am I not surprised at moids by this point

No. 1484945

Half of the posts on that sub are fake scrote fantasies anyway. I’ve caught so many who don’t even bother to delete their post history so they’ll have a bunch of different stories. And they somehow get thousands of upvotes. Even though there are countless nsfw subs to go to, men can’t help but subject others to their perversions

No. 1484957

i agree that many reddit users call women hysterical for no reason but she honestly is being hysterical, i truly envy Amerilards who have the kind of laid back lifestyle that they can worry about such nonsense.

clearly this woman lives an privileged life to be so upset about such a thing

No. 1484965

Wtf is going on with this thread, why is it broken like that?

No. 1484970

You probably clicked on hide saged posts

No. 1484985

My mum once kissed me goodnight on the lips and it was fucking weird, I guess that you could see from my face that I was disgusted because she didn't do it ever again kek. A great way to spread herpes though.

No. 1485037

File: 1675003045902.jpeg (506.95 KB, 1271x1125, 9A58F7D0-C934-4C79-9477-A39468…)

Old and still disgusting, but pops up pretty high on search engines when you search for Dianic Wicca.

No. 1485040

Female personality disorders, mental illness, and general distress would go down 90% if we weren't raised to be subservient to men and groomed to perform for male attention. ISTG once you have a problem, scrotes just rush in to take advantage of you, one after another. There's only so much of that shit you can handle while also smiling and doing kind things for them and craving their approval.

No. 1485041

If you guys think this is bad, my grandma used to kiss my male baby cousin's genitals. I know she 100% didn't do it in a sexual way, but it's still weird.
Anyway you shouldn't kiss babies on the lips because of diseases in the 1st place. Like this can give the baby cavities. If you have canker/cold sores this will absolutely destroy them too. Mom is right.

No. 1485050

File: 1675005753872.png (94.67 KB, 923x789, image.png)

>thread about the degrading nature of the porn industry https://old.reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/comments/10mzyrq/why_exactly_are_women_treated_like_utter_sht_in/?sort=controversial&context=8
>commenter shows up to defend men and abusive porn, upvoted of course
>check history, posts in ABDL and trans subs
every time

No. 1485062

I just don’t get the people saying twox is some kind of hate/anti-man subreddit, it’s the tamest “women’s” discussion board ever that lets men post and always upvotes them. Women discussing misogyny and asking why porn is so violent is somehow anti-man?

No. 1485076

The thing that stands out to me is how passive and lazy he is, and he obviously picks what's most convenient for him in the moment, and then whines about everything later. As if he didn't make every choice. I wouldn't be surprised if he married her in part because he knew her family owned land and she would have her own house ASAP.
It's akkkshually very deep. Because they have guns and their elementary school is an army, subverting your expectations. It has a setting and plot elements, it has to be intellectual. No way this is just bait for pedoscrotes to jerk off.

No. 1485211

File: 1675016629314.png (450.08 KB, 1005x679, 67.png)

We have two threads for a dumbass pan-black and white nationalists, could we have on for dumbass asian nationalists/MRAsians

I feel it could be some great milk

No. 1485231

File: 1675017538654.png (31.63 KB, 1012x301, 343.png)

from the same thread, its a bizarre conspiracy they have that asian people are actually really tall and its just white propaganda that depicts them as short

No. 1485238

What the fuck? Who does that?

No. 1485242

File: 1675018779265.png (208.58 KB, 880x2447, slug.png)

Never forget

No. 1485243

He is trying to slowly kill her.

No. 1485245

>he was otherwise nice and gentle
No. If this one isn’t fake, she needed to leave his ass yesterday. Way too many men do this knowing fully well what the fuck they’re doing, and women need to kick them to the curb. Also…Plan B for a whole week? God I fucking hate how these losers expect women to do everything but can’t follow consent because their useless dicks control their lives. I hope he ends up alone or better yet does the world a favor and rids it of his existence.

No. 1485248

The “rape/nonconsensual sex kink is okay because it helps the victim take back control” is and always will be retarded. Go to fucking therapy if you want your boyfriend to fake rape you, I’ll never trust a man who goes along with that shit as the fake rapist. Blog but I have those kinks and whenever I indulged (usually through fantasy not irl sex) I noticed it makes my mental health worse and more likely to trigger me if that’s on my mind so I learned to stop. Just fucking have normal sex and stop reliving a traumatic event. I can recognize that my fetishes are fucked up and a result of my mental problems, not something I have to defend to the public and for some reason encourage.
Misandry isn’t real because the extent of it is you get offended at something someone said online, it doesn’t affect men otherwise and they can easily avoid those opinions altogether whereas misogyny is present in almost every single thing you see.

No. 1485253

Why can’t moids get it through their skulls that if something doesn’t apply to you, it doesn’t apply to you. Women should be able to hate on the systemic abuse we’ve suffered because of men since the dawn of humanity. If you’re REALLY such a stand-up guy (in this case a TiM) that you don’t fit in to what’s being discussed, just ignore it and leave the sub. No need for 50,000 scrotes attempting to defend themselves in a place where women should be able to speak about our experiences. If anything, it just makes them look more idiotic and like worse people. Also, any male who wants to suddenly claim he’s female while having existed with male privilege for his entire life doesn’t get to speak over women. I hate that this crap is being applauded, since they clearly have no idea what it’s like to actually exist as a woman in this world.

No. 1485265

Kek but also I’d probably date an azncel

No. 1485286

Isn't plan B like 40-50 bucks so if you take it for 7 days then you'd need 7 of them which is somewhere between $280 to $350? Jesus christ, not to mention getting plan B from a grocery store is a hassle in itself because you have to get an employee to unlock it, now imagine buying a weeks worth of those.
Does anyone have the link to the OP? I hope they told her that she got raped as harsh as it sounds.

No. 1485297

File: 1675021491428.png (494.02 KB, 3220x1076, planB_responses.png)

NTA but I was really curious so I went to the OP and screencapped her comments. Apparently he's a "doctor"? She sounds very young so I wonder if he's either overstating his credentials or got a fake diploma made. Maybe he's a doctor in like…pediatrics KEK.

No. 1485345

File: 1675025945506.jpeg (656.76 KB, 1125x1115, 45B31DD3-0CA9-4D93-8DEF-815923…)

No. 1485354

No. 1485367

>has to shrink the male skull to comical levels
>she still has a face much rounder than the skull implies

No. 1485368

Men will really be 40+ years old and ruin their marriage of two decades over the distant memory of 19 year old coochie.

No. 1485389

File: 1675027736526.png (702.53 KB, 1073x2932, Screenshots_2023-01-29-13-24-4…)

What is it with TRA handmaidens and wokeoids having this obsession with "being on the right side of history"? You're not a main character in a fucking movie.

Also lol at her "fixing" her bigotry for befriending gender specials. Being friends with perverted and narcissistic troons is what actually made me transphobic and see what the movement actually is.

No. 1485395

Not wanting an adult to kiss your kids on the lips is living a privileged life? It's weird as fuck, even in other cultures. It's not cheek kissing, it's direct mouth contact. That's just weird and creepy.

No. 1485403

I actually think some hard gender norms are stupid. Like men can't cry and all women should be fem. However I stay away from people who's whole personality is "Troon"

My ex friend group casted me away because I called the cops after a troon assaulted me and they got time for it. Because apparently I should accept the culture of celebrating sexuality.

I use to believe it was just people who wanted to express their actual gender. Now I'm pretty sure 99% are just porn rot perverts

No. 1485404

File: 1675028609202.jpeg (415.72 KB, 945x2249, 2D61DAD8-3FD0-4BA3-9305-FCAD65…)

sorry if this is kinda spammy

No. 1485405

>What is it with TRA handmaidens and wokeoids having this obsession with "being on the right side of history"? You're not a main character in a fucking movie.

Narcissism is the driving force behind their movement.

No. 1485407

>obsession with "being on the right side of history

When someone actually has no own personal beliefs or is so inherently weak, be it physically or mentally - their only chance of survival in the group is by constantly adapting to all and any status quo. They gain a certain social standing by doing this and then proceed to maintain or push it further to never permit themselves to fall out of line. Getting singled out in any way is the worst conceivable nightmare for them. These literal sheep shouldn't even be considered human because their entire existence revolves around the fact of never once sticking out of the mass, never to question anything and to rely to get taken care of the society around them. They are also the types to be unable to sit in a room with others in silence as they are in such desperate need of a constant stream of reassurance from the outside. None of these fucking robots genuiely cares about "keeping transvestites safe" or whatever the current agenda is which is being pushed by their leaders. If they were in Germany during WW2 they would have immediately jumped into supporting whatever the Nazi party was doing as well.

No. 1485411

It's stupid tbh. I noticed more perverts and degens joining the trans and lgbt movement because no one will ever tell them when they're wrong or being fucking creepy.
If they just had a middle ground of showing support to the lgbt but also calling out shit that's wrong. Like men in womens sports or in women only spaces. Like serious wtf?

No. 1485413

File: 1675028979286.jpeg (304.41 KB, 945x1243, 9C97173B-EB68-4198-880A-23946D…)

No. 1485419

The whole reason why men are able to do these things is because they are emotionally unstable a majority of their lives. They dont emotionally mature until the later half of their lives while women and girls mature early, or are forced to bc of societal expectations.
When they get upset they're more likely to chimp out rather than suffer silently like a girl/woman. They are taught this is okay from a young age. Think about it, when a man is upset he always acts in the most attention grabbing way.
I had a male cousin throw a rock at a female cousin over fucking pool noodles. He didnt even get punished for this.
When men get upset they automatically look for the most attention grabbing way to act. "She didnt like my joke so I stranded her at a restaurant with the bill!", they know what they're doing. They're emotional state is a literal trainwreck. Someone could upset a man and he'll think of the most attention grabbing think to get back at them. Honestly depressed/suicidal men are the most volatile of suicidal people. A woman will go through years of torment and eventually decide it's better not to live and plan out a way to go quietly. While a depressed man will finally get told off for abusing his kids by his wife and go to a back room to blow his brains out. That's actually something that happened where I live. It literally just takes one thing to send them over the edge. It also makes sense that its mostly white males in America that tend to go out in these ways, bc they have this fostered in them from a young age due to constant coddling by a parent.

No. 1485435

File: 1675030365810.png (223.75 KB, 638x656, firefox_11NDgxjsMr.png)

What a shit site

No. 1485441


No. 1485717

I'm Jewish and a troon kept harassing me to my bf and saying shit like "you put your dick….in that? So gross", bf ended up calling immigration because troon illegally immigrated to Canada and a woke libfem made a huge deal about it saying we're bad because "that could've been the only place they have" of course. Same libfem ended up siding with someone who was watching young girls shower and saying "well you're the one bringing negative energy in this house" and attempting to get people kicked out by falsely accusing them of stealing

No. 1485763

File: 1675075847927.jpeg (579.73 KB, 1242x1682, E1F93899-7BAB-49F9-8DF0-AC32BE…)

Comment on a post titled “just girly things” in the PMDD sub. It was a tweet ss where someone referred to women as “uterus havers”. This autist is so close… just fucking call them lady parts. You already halfway admitted that you think it’s fucking dumb while you’re policing others’ language. So mind numbing.

No. 1485811

Why are they always lying about what JKR has said on twitter? Or is that the reason they NEVER link to her so called "KILL ALL TRANNIES" posts? Because they don't exist? Liars.

No. 1486051

They comparison to telling women to shut up for speaking up goes right over their heads.
They have zero evidence that JKR ever said anything anti trans other than men should not be in womens spaces and women are women.

No. 1486053

>she's trying to hurt people with her words!
>I'm an aiden
>i hope she dies
Unlike those men who actually violently kill women…right?

No. 1486073

Reddit is big mad about JKR for her latest tweets (too lazy to post screencaps, just check r/outofloop or whatever) The amount of misinformation in that thread is incredibly astonishing, from claiming that she derived her penname Robert Galbraith after some dude who invented conversion therapy (when it's a play on names and their meaning) and that she is also friends with Matt Walsh which is just ??? She legit disavowed him in a famous thread of tweets. Anyways, buy Hogwarts Legacy.

No. 1486103

Reddit's core admins are misogynistic trannies

No. 1486160

File: 1675118150834.jpeg (174.04 KB, 720x1112, 9F6AC992-AABD-4A3F-945E-388C5C…)

Males are unhinged

No. 1486278

It would be weird if it was a grandpa, but no, I've seen and had grandmas give kisses on cheeks and lips. You shouldn't though, because it's easy to spread disease.
But the women having a break down over it? That's fucking weird. I would not trust this women to babysit my kids, she just sounds like her reactions are not grounded in reality.

No. 1486365

Lmao god let this be fake. Men literally never mature.

No. 1486416

>You shouldn't though, because it's easy to spread disease
yeah you shouldnt kiss babies if you have the sniffles or a cold sore, but kissing actually spreads beneficial bacteria. Close familial contact is important to a kids microbiome.
>My GF likes somebody that isn't me and I hate it, AITA?
No fucking wonder hes dating somebody that young. Barf.

No. 1486452

i saw a post claiming she's racist toward polish people (???) and i commented "everyone on here lets her live rent free in their heads" and got downvoted so fast lmao.

No. 1486618

It's legitimately a hatefest where they're all egging each other on to come up with something even more outrageous and blatantly untrue about her. What's funny is some people that are 'concerned' for her and comparing JKR's no fucks given terfy attitude to someone falling into a cult kek. As if it wasn't the trannies sending her death/rape threats that revealed to her the true nature of the trans rights movement.

No. 1486667

File: 1675163040514.png (276.98 KB, 1402x650, lechsinka.png)

>i saw a post claiming she's racist toward polish people (???)
people dug up now that years ago in her book she described a slavic character (idk if it's specified anywhere that she's actually polish) who is a walking stereotype, a seductive blonde but also dumb and working a cleaner job; and also has a name that doesn't exist which is kinda retarded because it's not hard to google real slavic names instead making up something ridiculous. It's dumb but not sure if racist really

No. 1486932

File: 1675184271036.jpeg (331.55 KB, 945x1887, 78FBE450-AFDF-4570-A851-FF20E5…)

They’re acting like she’s done a lot of wrong, idgi, like, where? Comparing her to gross moids like jefferson, mlk and gandhi

No. 1486973

I'm starting to believe the worst thing JKR ever did was creating Harry Potter.

No. 1486980

Love to see JKR denonstrating good in the world while still being unapologetic about her GC views because it shows that it's always been about PROTECTING WOMEN

No. 1486985

File: 1675187850171.png (467.43 KB, 852x1546, Screenshots_2023-01-31-09-55-0…)

The comments under this is hilarious. Oh my god! A woman who dare speak her mind. How fucking evil.

No. 1486994

I used to wonder why they hate JK Rowling so much but I get it now. They honestly think that because her tweets have offended so many "oppressed" troons and activists, that it's on par with genuine hateful rhetoric. If her tweet about not liking women being called menstruators wasn't so controversial, I bet none of these redditors would care. They're so easily swayed and can't seem to think rationally.

No. 1487021

>she’s literally legis-latein us out of our whole heckin existence!!!
Why are trannies and tras so dramatic. They all parrot this and none of them have any idea what that would even mean.

No. 1487032

I’ll have to find the study that suggested if you spend all your time isolated online your brain reacts to negative stimuli like actual threats. It crosses my mind all the time.

No. 1487049

I will unironically love you forever if you can find this, nonnie.

No. 1487079

>Why are trannies so dramatic
Because they're men. Ever seen a man when he's sick with a cold or the flu?

No. 1487107

Yeah they cry that they're being "literally genocided" by legislation aiming for things like limiting underage transition or maintaining sports separation by sex but frankly I'm constantly pissed that despite all the insane right wing politicians we have in the US I have not seen a single suggestion from one of them try and completely get rid of any legal recognition of being trans. I don't care about adults doing stupid trans surgeries any more than I care about adults doing any other stupid surgery, but no one should be able to count as the opposite sex for literally anything and yet no one is pushing for that afaik

No. 1487139

It annoys me too. I'm so frustrated, as a 'lefty', that there is NO ONE on our side sticking up for women unless it's 'THE HECKIN VALID TRANSWOMEN, THEY ARE PRECIOUS BABIES WHO ARE BEING GENOCIDED BY THE MILLIONS AND NEED TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS!!' And the only people I've seen in American media publicly speaking out against men using the bathroom and taking over women's sports tend to be misogynist right-wingers who don't really give a shit about women. It's just absolute lunacy to me, that not a single person can speak up and say "Hey, um doesn't anyone think this is going a little far and is putting women in a dangerous position?" without being screamed at that you're literally murdering trannies. What the fuck do we do?

No. 1487244

File: 1675199538296.jpeg (540.85 KB, 1170x1035, FECEB053-694E-431F-A09D-5CD449…)

I feel so bad when I see posts like picrel on the girl gamers subreddit similar communities because my I always have a feeling that it’s a TW and I’m almost always right.
Even in geeky circles like comic books

No. 1487251

My unpopular opinion is that had they not made a fuss about her tweets and pushed an article every time she opens her mouth then her “problematic” opinions wouldn’t be so influential.
Putin wouldn’t have referenced to mock the West. Chappelle wouldn’t have included it in his skit.

No. 1487264

they just make it so obvious, every time. it makes me feel bad too but at least we're easily able to spot them nonna

No. 1487268

Lolol, you'd be right like 90% of the time when it comes to that sub.

A long, long time ago I went to one of their gaming nights in the discord attached to that sub and I swear like 9 out of 10 voices I heard were unmistakingly and distinctly male.

The only other girl and I were absolutely bewildered, and the moment they heard our voices they singled us out and kinda stopped playing with us despite being in the same play session as them. It was extremely awkward and we both ended up leaving the discord and the subreddit as a result.

Got a friend out of it, atleast. I really feel bad for your normal average woman finding that community and going 'Oh cool, finally some people who play games like me!" only to find out it's overwhelmingly men

No. 1487293

>What the fuck do we do?
We keep speaking up. Women who remain silent remain content that trannies are invading their spaces. I will never not be silent about how I feel about men or trannies. And if someone wants to end their friendship with you, that's on them. I have yet to see anyone remove me from their friends circle because I am vocal about JRK, HP and women's rights.

No. 1488498

File: 1675341198316.png (370.82 KB, 863x2132, 5.png)

Their race autism can be scary at times as well, like they have no understanding outside of their race asian american race autism

No. 1488504

They're telling the truth though. It's kinda funny most slavs especially slav men would kill americans almost as brutally as the brown people Americans hate if they had the chance though lol.

No. 1488506

The reason America cares about the war isn't cause of race, its cause of Ukraine’s strategic location for NATO and the economic power of the neighboring states.

No. 1488616

That's the reason the government cares. That's not the reason so many Americans put up Ukrainian flags on their houses. That's cuz whiteness.

No. 1488793

No. 1488844

File: 1675362358211.jpg (1.02 MB, 1198x1376, LOUISXIV22.jpg)

>prior to 1500 AD
>wars of Louis XIV
we got a real serious historian right here

No. 1488975

File: 1675368785357.jpg (257.3 KB, 870x758, phatrick.jpg)

Moids are empty inside. Incapable of bonding or love.
Women are constantly fooled in relationships, thinking they have a friendship or bond with their boyfriend. In reality the male is always ready to leave the moment you stop being a good sex object. You can only change your appearance if he has a fetish for the new thing. He does not give a fuck about your character, inner life, personhood. If he has options he will leave.

No. 1488986

Wonder if these redditors would keep the same energy if a woman posted that she found her newly TIM husband unattractive

No. 1488995

I've once read at a german pick up artist forum, looking around, wanting to know what I have to look out for in men to avoid, and found those exact same statements and I was so fucking done. Then I looked up what they think about goths and women with scars, well, according to them, it's a very good fuck but you should run after one or two times, because everyone in that category is a crazy bitch that might stab you in your sleep. We aren't allowed to judge them but damn, if we change our style or hair cut, well, that's been it, our whole personality and all the good times are gone. And people wonder why I'm single for so many years now…

No. 1489031

File: 1675372193172.png (100.45 KB, 674x576, boymom.png)

No. 1489037

From the comments, her daughter is 5, her son is 4, and her son is allowed to pick punishments for her daughter, and the only parenting they do for their daughter is isolating her and the father threatening to beat her. Refuses therapy or taking any other advice and says she is a good parent.

Both children need to be removed from that household

No. 1489098

Are you delusional because as a Slav that’s not true at all.

No. 1489103

To be honest when my ex cut his hair really really short, I pretty much lost attraction too. I kind of get this.
You are delusional because as a Slav that’s not true at all.

No. 1489114

Yeah you're right, slavic men still adore america even though they've trafficked their women and portrayed them as whores. The Russian guys I've spoken to definitely are minority and have no reason to be mad at US even though they've fueled the war. Correct.

No. 1489125

Why are you seething so much. You’re simply wrong, your normal everyday slavs don’t wanna kill Americans, you sound like a weird bloodthirsty scrote kek

No. 1489130

This is horrifying, I feel sick. The way in which at first the woman was blaming herself, I feel so sorry for her… It's also so rough when a person you think you know well ends up being a horrible human being, it's like the person they were before is dead and replaced by an actual demon (the only way I can describe that piece of shit of a partner)

No. 1489150

>feeling anger towards a nation that has trafficked your women and underage girls makes you an angry scrote

No. 1489160

You still sounds like a scrote. How they fuck did they end up getting trafficked in the first place? Who is it that refuses to place laws to prevent slavic women from being trafficked? Men only care to treat "their" women "right" when they can use those women as political pawns and force them to fight for their causes.

No. 1489199

Instead of blaming the country that traffics women from all countries, you're choosing to blame the countries those women are from. Definitely great idea. So having a shitty government means your women and kids are up for grabs? Won't derail further.

No. 1489253

File: 1675391486433.jpg (195.08 KB, 583x777, 20230202_212014.jpg)

About christian homeschooling being cultlike and controlling. I'm sure the unopposed, unrestricted gender theory homeschooling will be far from that, of course.

No. 1489311

Please tell me there’s comments calling this sexist pickme out. Her poor baby girl, if I wasn’t a broke grad student I would take her on myself. Her son is going to grow up to be a total piece of shit and most likely the mom will be his first casualty.

No. 1489313

File: 1675399839667.png (246.29 KB, 1406x418, 342134.png)

tbf this is that account's one and only post, so I suspect that this is likely fake

No. 1489401

File: 1675411821978.jpg (253.53 KB, 1242x474, fullofshit.jpg)

The only thing about this story that MIGHT have happened is them going to a "fancy" place but that's about it. The way it unfolds reminds me of when I feel anxious and imagine the craziest way shit could go down. Insecure about dining somewhere nicer than chuck e cheese, ok, but I highly doubt some people were audibly complaining about you if your kid was really so well behaved. And then of course the evil, illprepared (no reservations of course!), RUDE people that hate your precious child gets kicked out. Your poor, innocent child takes it personally and gets SO upset the owner comes over to comfort her. Oh, how delightful, now our kind child sang a ditty for the host and everyone clapped and the evil people sneered and skulked away into the rain never to be seen again hip hip hooray.

No. 1489406

That was NTA. I’m literally Slav and ‘our women’ did not get trafficked and us and surrounding countries don’t have any strong beef with America. You realise Slav doesn’t equal Russian right? Ignorant ass.
Don’t try to backtrack, you said “most Slavs would brutally kill Americans”, not that most Slavs are simply angry. Both aren’t true anyway and I can smell your unwashed /pol/ balls from your posts.

No. 1489450

This is the exact same stories from r/childfree except this time the parents are good and the childfree couple is evil kek.

No. 1489473

people make throwaway accounts all the time. Most don't really work tho cause the stories are too specific

No. 1489971

One thing I never get about these stories (besides the stupid “my kids are so perfect” angle) is who the hell knows what’s going on with other tables at a restaurant? How would they know the other table didn’t have a reservation or originally wanted to sit somewhere else? Somehow the OP always knows the “bad guys” are acting outrageous and entitled when they shouldn’t reasonably know anything.

No. 1489978

File: 1675470188928.jpg (30.13 KB, 389x351, goon1.jpg)

no comment

No. 1489979

File: 1675470237958.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.09 KB, 914x810, goon2.jpg)

No. 1489992

File: 1675471141874.jpg (19.55 KB, 260x312, 1629002812742.jpg)

That is…that is so gay.

No. 1489995

Do men actually jerk off with each other? Like I've heard of it a couple of times as joking anecdotes, but is that serious and not a joke? How common is this? Men are so fucking degenerate and gay

No. 1489998

File: 1675471715801.png (Spoiler Image, 23.38 KB, 745x187, kek.png)

Just went there.
>one day i will get to share this with a goonette
Yeah, I doubt that buddy. Anyway below was a video of his fuckdoll, kek.

No. 1490001

NTA but yeah, I just went there (only for a few minutes and I already regret it!). There were men there claiming to jerk each other off to straight porn. I don't really get it, and it certainly doesn't seem straight but it does seem to happen.

No. 1490005

Ugh these men are in the severe stages of brainrot, I hope they die alone and don't subject women to that shit

No. 1490008

Thank god they are jacking each other off then, i am sure they are very upfront and honest with every woman about their porn addictions and even the worst libfems wouldn't take this. Nonetheless, the issues will arise when random aidens or fakebois try to join this subculture and start posting their massive clits.

No. 1490024

File: 1675473665664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.77 KB, 916x785, 7855goon.jpg)

No. 1490030

File: 1675473930381.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.33 KB, 916x654, goon.jpg)

No. 1490032

File: 1675474201416.jpg (86.18 KB, 923x415, cogoon.jpg)


No. 1490034

File: 1675474247270.jpg (190.15 KB, 912x765, 55.jpg)

No. 1490037

File: 1675474478254.jpg (43.74 KB, 774x205, 68.jpg)

No. 1490041

What the fuck is goon? Isn't that a slur for asian people or some shit? Kek.

No. 1490045

File: 1675475343240.jpg (257.3 KB, 900x675, 1672961209061.jpg)

This is the gayest thing I've ever seen. It's almost funny.

No. 1490049

I can’t stop laughing. Someone please make the feet into a banner.

No. 1490052

One of my guy friends admitted to me he and my other guy friends all masturabted together watching porn. They were 16 at the time maybe 17. I don't know how frequent it was but ones in jail for being a pedo and most of them don't hang out anymore kek

No. 1490059

It means coomer essentially.

No. 1490061

They cope about being the sex of logic and reason, yet have no self control or sense of shame.

No. 1490066

This is the magnum opus of the subreddit.

No. 1490077

A moid's brain is really just life support for their dicks

No. 1490081

My ex bf drunkenly opened up and admitted when he was 20 and lived with his cousin in a trailer, they'd both secretly jerk off a meter away from eachother. Eventually they both stopped muting their phones or covering themselves with a blanket. He said it was not that bad because they were still in relative darkness… no pun intended.

No. 1490104

File: 1675479994293.png (359.14 KB, 1070x1958, Screenshots_2023-02-03-19-04-5…)

I wonder what kind of planet handmaidens live on where a 20 year old guy dating a woman 10 years older as him is the same as a 20 year old woman dating a 30 year old man.

No. 1490263

i disagree with you here. both give the man a sense of entitlement and inflated ego. younger men with older women start to believe they're more mature because they don't know older women can simply be dating them because they're more attractive. it still creates a power dynamic that favors men.

No. 1490353

This reminds me of the anon posting about how her bf and his brother used to jerk each other off on a regular basis. I'm gonna have nightmares.

No. 1490365

>meeting up with strangers and letting them masturbate in front of you
sir you're a prostitute

No. 1490388

I have had one scrote admit to this. He also got mad when I said that sounds kinda gay. Another one was even worse, he said he wanted to have threesome with a woman and his BROTHER.

No. 1490432

File: 1675518061384.png (1.01 MB, 1508x3726, shareddit (1).png)

No. 1490448

That mod is a retard but at least most comments say the woman isn’t at fault. There’s even a couple saying that he should have been taught better by now

No. 1490477

The mod deleted all the criticising comments and is having a fit in the comments herself kek

No. 1490493

>even deleting book recs for teaching consent
Kek peak boymom moment

No. 1490524

I'm mainly wondering how hard you have to push a toddler that they get a concussion? Are they 2 kilos or something?

No. 1490734

nah you are all wrong. if this is even real the SIL doesn't need to push a fucking 2 year old to the point where they get a concussion, let alone not apologize.

No. 1490766

It’s not like she was aware it was the 2 year old he completely surprised her and she reflexively threw him off don’t be a retard. As if you’ve never reflexively slapped off a hair thinking it’s a spider or something, only she has trauma from being assaulted and someone was grabbing her tits and vag.

No. 1490768

a small child. i agree with anon. it's totally wrong. you're responsible for your trauma reactions.

No. 1490774

Tbh she shouldn't be around kids if she gets triggered to react that violently since that is incredibly dangerous which we can see from this incident where she gave a two year old a concussion.

No. 1490778

I’ve worked with babies and toddlers and have never known a 2.5 year old, even one still being breastfed, intentionally grab another woman’s boobs like that. At that age they are well aware that their breast milk only comes from their mom as that has been the case for their entire life. That child needs books about consent, yesterday.

No. 1490781

>pushing someone who is hurting/groping you is violent
She didn’t intentionally give the kid a concussion she pushed him off. Most likely the mom is exaggerating a little because she is shocked and upset. And it’s pretty easy to push something that isn’t balanced because it’s standing on your fucking vagina. He’s old enough to not be groping people and really why would she be expecting a kid to grab her tits? If the mom knew he did that why wouldn’t she watch him more carefully?

No. 1490790

It's a two year old. They are unpredictable by definition. She needs to avoid children if they can trigger her so much that she can hurt them. A child is a child and an adult is an adult and only one of them is a grown up in this situation.

No. 1490798

>He’s old enough to not be groping people and really why would she be expecting a kid to grab her tits?
Kek, tell me you are not a mother without telling me you are not a monther. He is too young to know that and kids will grab anyones boobs cause they ARE TOO YOUNG to understand social boundaries like that. It's literally their survival instinct to see a boob and want to suck on it for food, it's not "groping" like an adult man would do. It's a toddler.

No. 1490799

No. 1490809

I’ve raised kids and been a childcare worker for years and years. Your shit parenting is no excuse for you to let your kid assault people. 2-3 year olds are absolutely old enough to understand not to grab inappropriate places.

No. 1490813

Exactly, if they're 2-3 years old and still grabbing people in inappropriate places there's usually something wrong like they haven't been taught consent and boundaries or they're being harmed by someone else.

No. 1490824

Jesus christ this fragility some of you have is so fucking embarrassing. She wasn't in Vietnam, it was a major overreaction.

No. 1490825

honestly? based SIL. no matter what you american mothers who let your son do anything say, 2.5 years is enough time for him to know that no one can touch his private places and he can't touch anyone else's private places. and I don't know if I'm being exaggerated but if this kind of behavior happened to me I would spread it to the whole family that the child's mother is not doing a good job raising the child. my family is huge and full of children and I have never seen any of them grabbing someone's breast or vagina other than the mother. you guys who are defending this are crazy.

No. 1490827

I mean if she did cause the baby a concussion then ofc it's fucking wrong and she should apologize but the mother isn't considering what her sister in law went through, and the fact that her abuse is the cause for that reaction, so she might see it as "normal reaction" but it's not normal to have such a defensive response to a BABY. It's a fucking two year old
The mother clearly doesn't care either way and won't get better until she realizes she can both care for her baby, and it's learning of consent, and her sister in law

No. 1490829

No anon she was raped.

No. 1490831

2 years old isn't even old enough for them to know how to speak properly yet. some of you are unhinged.

No. 1490832

she's referring to >>1490809 saying a 2 year old grabbing you is assault.

No. 1490836

good luck raising harvey weinstein

No. 1490842

And anon said "She wasn't in Vietnam". She wasn't, she was raped and that's probably why she has trauma response to her breasts and groin being touched.

No. 1490843

What has his ability to speak got to do with anything? He’s two and a half. Children of that age understand a lot even if they can’t communicate very well. He is old enough to understand the simple idea of not touching people in their private places.

No. 1490844

This seems like fake ragebait as usual. The OP says the sister in law doesn’t really interact with the kids. It’s hard to believe that even a poorly behaved toddler would go for some random lady’s breasts, it’s even harder to believe a SA victim would freak out to that extent from a little kid grabbing her, especially to the extent of giving him a concussion. Just seems so fake.

No. 1490845

yeah based SIL shoving a kid so hard that it gives it a concussion and won't apologize. I commend her bravery.

No. 1490847

If you don't set boundaries with your child, someone else will.

No. 1490849

>letting her daydreams run a little wild.
Uh, no. It's written in the Bible if you slept with a virgin you had to marry her.

It was only after the advent of contraception that the concept of sex without producing illegitimate children even exists and is excessively modern. Also it's noteworthy that these same men claim these women are "used" and "worthless" but otherwise deviate in every other possible way and directly contribute to the "problem" through this deviation. Even the best of the best, cream of the crop Incel virgin still has the ultimate goal of deflowering a virgin outside of wedlock, because they are awful, hypocritical, historically illiterate cowards.

No. 1490855

He doesn’t have the intention of it being sexual in nature like that but it is still assault, and that’s what you’re supposed to be teaching them. That it’s assault and is very serious. For their own safety and others.

No. 1490860

Especially for their own safety. A kid who thinks it's okay to grab other people might not understand that it's not okay for others to grab him either.

No. 1490868

Once again it becomes obvious that hating children is a trait of the mentally ill and unhinged.

No. 1490870

File: 1675541066958.jpg (17.35 KB, 468x155, selfsuck.jpg)

not the ouroboros lmao

No. 1490875

File: 1675541391052.png (17.4 KB, 196x205, 1644218112651.png)

>you are mentally ill and unhinged if you are a woman that dont want to have kids that touch your boobs and vagina! i would love if a 2 year old kid touched my little pink tight neo-pussy!

No. 1490885

This is the gayest shit I've seen In my life. As if it already wasn't suspicious how "straight" porn and all moids are fixated on other moids dicks under the guise of "self inserting".

Are all moids secretly gay and in perpetual cope like this?. If so, I support gay moids, much pride, may they keep outside womens spaces and continue to jerk each other off in gay harmony.

No. 1490895

It is a positive thing that people who can't handle toddler don't have children.

No. 1490897

so should the SIL call the police on the 2 year old and have him charged with assault? lmfao you absolute idiot

No. 1490898

>if you aren’t prepared to have your titties honked you shouldn’t even exist in the same place as children!!
Are moms ok?

No. 1490901

Only a boymom would defend that sort of behavior.

No. 1490902

or a male. some of these replies reek of unwashed scrotesack

No. 1490904

Honestly yeah, it's the complete missing of what others are trying to say and jumping to 'call the police on a baby' instead of say just teaching your child personal boundaries that smells the most to me.
In her defense she might just need a snack.

No. 1490907

because nonnies are calling it fucking assault. What don't you get that it's a 2 year old? Maybe the mom is teaching the child boundaries, but went to touch her chest anyway because she's family and he sees her often. It happens and at 2 years it's not fucking assault. I'm not a boymom, you all are extremely crazy and should never be around children.

No. 1490908

Only an unhinged psychopath would defend giving a toddler a concussion.

No. 1490915

god, this is so tiring…
>you don't like babies -> unhinged psychopath!
>you don't like dogs -> unhinged psychopath!
yeah, you're simply surrounded by psychopaths…

No. 1490916

Good, that little scrote will think twice before touching a woman he doesn't know. He got a concussion because his boymom was too busy drooling over him instead of teaching him to stay in his place, and how she's mad because someone else did it in her place. How nice of her to ignore her SIL's sexual assault trauma only to defend a dumb little scrote who can't fucking stop sucking tits at 2.

No. 1490917

the site has been crawling with scrotes for several days in case you somehow haven't noticed

No. 1490919

not liking babies is cool just don't give them concussions because that's actual assault

No. 1490920

this reply also reeks

No. 1490921

i bet he doesn't have a concussion. his mom is just trying to distract from her own wrongdoings.

No. 1490922

it reeks li