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No. 1491432

What's on your mind?

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>do not respond to bait. do not respond to trolls or obvious maleposters. report and move on, please.

>remember this thread is about unpopular opinions, not the debate thread, or the politics thread. if you want to get upset, that's on you.

No. 1491456

File: 1675603155349.png (1.34 MB, 905x907, hg.png)

"Love handles", as an insult, was partly made up to shame naturally hourglass and pear shaped women.

No. 1491473

File: 1675604527157.jpg (3.71 KB, 301x167, 823095823098.jpg)

I thought it was mostly attributed to people wearing too tight pants.

No. 1491477

I have them and I'm a fridge. I think anyone can get them

No. 1491500

therapy doesn't work for everyone and honestly there are times when it can unfortunately delay a person making major breakthroughs in their personal life. a lot of successful people who have overcome their own mental health struggles, did so out of their sheer own will and personal strength. they wanted to get better, and they did so. some therapists really suck ass and just repeat the things you say back to them, so people get stuck in this endless loop of having a mirror talking back to them without actually thinking deeply about why they feel the way they do even though that's the point of therapy - triggering self-reflection. it's also hard to find a genuinely good therapist who is commited to helping you heal, as they're either prohibitively expensive, live in a foreign country, or no longer even practise, so you're stuck jumping back and forth between these shitty therapists who just go uh huh and hmmm whenever you say anything. i understand why a lot of people go to therapy, and i would too if i could find one that i clicked with, or one that actually seemed interested in me instead of just counting off all the money they're going to charge my insurance provider for a 45 minute session. and sometimes, i've gone to a therapist once, they've said something i needed to hear at that moment that resonated with me, and so i never needed to go back again because i got the answer i needed. i feel bad for a lot of people i know who get stuck going to therapy like a crutch, and you can tell they aren't taking anything on board or doing any of the exercises, writing, or deep thinking that they should. and there are even therapists who say that they get frustrated with their clients who don't evolve, who come back to the office over and over again with the same problems; i've read therapists who say they are proud of the clients who they see a handful of times, get their shit together, and move on. that means you've started the healing process. you aren't supposed to stay in therapy for the rest of your life.

No. 1491523

Dubs are usually awkward and break the immersion. I'm not even talking solely about anime/weebshit, movies and shows obviously set in the USA (for example) with obviously American characters casually speaking fluent French or German is just as awkward. If you're an adult who can read then why not just watch/play with subs.

No. 1491531

I can't find streams with subs and if it's dubbed they usually get rid of the mumbling to make it sound realistic thing.

No. 1491543

I agree. I can't stand watching super typical American comedies in French because of it because you lose a shit ton of nuances that make or break the jokes. For example I recently watched Tropic Thunder with the actual actors' voices in English, and out of curiosity I watched the French trailer and it just does NOT work at all because the guy in blackface played by RDJ and the actual black character arguing over how blackface in Hollywood and in general is cringe isn't as obvious when the American accents and slang are completely gone. The movie itself is a satire that works, the French dub made it seem like a parody of the actual movie, it's hard to explain.

No. 1491552

I agree, I only watch subs (except for specific examples like old Simpsons episodes or Shrek) because dubs sound distracting no matter how good they are. My mom always bragged how she watched movies in english before it was popular but it's only because she understands the language, as soon as it's not english or german she switches to the french dub because "it sounds too weird".

No. 1491567

what about series set in English speaking countries or dubs like cowboy bepop

No. 1491584

I'm more lenient with those, my biggest gripe with dubs is when the speaking language really doesn't fit the setting, such as Western dubs for obvious real life Japan settings, or non-English dubs for obvious real life English-speaking countries settings, thus breaking the immersion. That being said, is it true that some British or Australian shows (particularly children's cartoons) have US English dubs? That's quite stupid and pointless in my opinion.

No. 1491696

File: 1675627373676.jpg (64.27 KB, 800x800, business-commerc.jpg)

I believe Surrogacy is no less then human trafficking and should be banned but I think it's disingenuous when certain radfems talk about "they're taking the baby away from its mother!" because the baby isn't actually related to the woman who carries it, Like no, this Romanian woman is not the baby's mother. The baby's mother is like the sister or mom of one of the gay husbands or an upper middle class western woman who feels she's enlightened to have her genes pass on. That's actually kinda more fucked up than just buying a random Romanian baby (which would also be fucked up)

No. 1491723

Ukraine is/was the hotspot for surrogacy. The women in the surrogacy agencies in the Ukraine and everywhere are often given the barest necessities and are often impoverished women that think that carrying another couples baby will be an easy job and something that will not effect them. If the baby isn't born in perfect condition the parents will refuse to acknowledge the baby and leave it to either die, the agency will take care of it or the woman that carried to term will take care of the baby. If the woman had twins, one of which is sick then the parents will only take the healthy one. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-20/ukraines-commercial-surrogacy-industry-leaves-disaster/11417388

No. 1491734

I hope I can explain this correctly, but I don't get people who can't tolerate animal abuse videos but can watch videos of people being killed. I've seen the excuse of , "Well animals are innocent". Well scrote the video you are watching of some woman being stabbed, or on a shock site some kid dying or some shit, like all those people weren't fucking criminals either.
I can't tolerate any of it. I remember when I saw "don't fuck with cats" and people were saying how they cried when the dog was killed and I'm thinking, "So everything in that video, of some gay scrote just going to have sex, then being chopped up and all kinds of shit. I didn't watch it never will Didn't bother you?
I hope I described this well. I think it's weird, especially with scrotes who say they don't care about humans being killed/harmed but cry when it's a puppy or some shit

No. 1491744

Watching any movie dubbed makes zero sense to me. A lot of it just cant be translated.

No. 1491798

So she carries it in her womb for 9 months, putting her life on the line, but you think DNA trumps that? Look at all the men who belong to half of their offspring's DNA but are in no way fathers. Why even care about surrogacy with this view?

No. 1491807

People care more about animals because they either serve human interests or else don't compete with them. Animals don't disagree with anyone. I've seen boomers on facebook post all sorts of dehumanising shit about people or groups of people they don't like but then post an RSPCA fundraiser link. It's a very easy way to virtue signal without actually having the virtue of compassion, and I think they're often reassuring themselves that they're not monsters as much as letting other people know.

Mention veganism, and these same dog lovers will strart frothing at the mouth about PETA kill shelters and how many bugs die in a harvest because the cognitive dissonance fucks with them. I'm no vegan but it is funny to watch.

No. 1491857

People always claim black women are jealous of other races but I’ve never seen it in real life. But have y’all ever seen how non-black women who are very attracted to black men act? They are so weird and obsessed with black women.

No. 1491864

As a latina, i've seen way more of my own acting heavily triggered at the presence of a black woman but not the other way around. Most are pickmes by default so they will fight anyone tbh, but black women specially trigger them

No. 1491869

Lol it’s funny because people always think we have a thing about latinas. But be a black woman around a Latina and her black bf they always think you are trying to take their man lol it makes 0 sense to me

No. 1491872

It's just easier to project human values (i.e. innocence, goodness, loyalty, etc.) onto a being that cannot ever voice disagreement or dissatisfaction back–especially because they depend on people as a resource.
It's why pro-life loves the unborn until they're older people with pesky needs and different points of view.

No. 1491879

They do that because they know black women get bashed the most due to the west african features being deemed as undesirable by many people. They get off on supposedly being the most desirable race of women and they let that get to their head. Basically pickme bullshit. Don't get me wrong, i have seen many black men thirst over latina women or outright claim that they prefer them over black women and you know what? I don't care because i am not a pickme.

No. 1491880

This is immediately gonna turn into a race war for no reason. stop

No. 1491884

Idk it doesn’t even seem like just them thinking they look better. They act odd around us and I think it’s because of scrote triangulation. At first scrotes make them seem like they are better but once the relationship starts they start comparing them to black women and cheating on them with black women. It’s a manipulation tactic.

No. 1491886

It's more of a discussion on pickmeism more than anything imo. Most pickmes can be pretty racist because they feel their access to male attention if threatened by women they think are unworthy.

No. 1491888

File: 1675642433563.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x1892, 70E66804-79D8-4421-8D55-BA91D2…)

Samefag but I noticed black scrotes do weird shit like cheat on them with women who would be considered “bottom of the barrel”. Maybe they think it’s funny?lol

No. 1491899

I feel like most Taylor Swift's fans are her fans out of fomo or fear of ostracization.
I listened to a bunch of her stuff and she sounds so mid it's embarrassing, plus her lyrics rarely have a different "touch".
She may change genre, like her Reputation album but that's the same stuff she always pulled.
May some nonnies enlight me on how she's like an empress in her field which has a lot more to offer? Of course she can sing but so can a lot of other music celebrities

No. 1491907

Atp I feel like dating or marrying 99% of black moids is just asking to be humiliated and treated badly. I mean these are men with incel mentality. Only Indian and Arab moids can possibly be worse.

No. 1491913

When will some women learn that a lot of men will stick their dicks in whoeever lets them. No rhyme or reason. She probably was his "Type" or he's attracted to different types of women, he's just a fucking cheater.

No. 1491917

people just like her. Taylor is very "blank slate,pretty girl with easy to disgest music" I don't think it's that deep. She makes nice music they like and she just pumps it out. IDK

No. 1491926

idk if this counts as an unpopular opinion, but i fucking hate the entire sphere of dating and find sex repulsive as an adult. i don't hate people who choose to date someone, it's just annoying and uncomfortable to hear about, as someone who has never had the urge to do that.

No. 1491928

IKR. Some men's 'type' is literally anything that moves.

No. 1491931

Their “type” are just doormats who worship the ground they walk on despite being painfully below average.

No. 1491942

I feel the same way. Whenever anybody talks about their bf/gf i literally just tune out. I don't care nor do i want to hear it. I am a little weird because i do experience attraction but honestly, i just like looking at good looking men. I don't want to talk to them or get to know the or touch them, i like the distance. I just feel relationships have high cost and little reward.

No. 1491952

No you are completely right. I always used to feel guilty about not being attracted to them because i thought it was internalized racism. Then i accepted it's not because of the way they look, i can't handle the way they treat women. Everytime i look at them it's in the back of my mind. Granted i know plenty of happily married black moids or at least seem happy on the surface, but then again i don't even date so it doesn't matter.

No. 1491957

Well given how openly misogynistic and vile black moids are, they will typically attract the worst of non-black women. I say this as a woman whose sister falls into that category, most of her opinions regarding black women came from my racist mom and her baby daddy who would give her ‘compliments’ that would also put black women down. My own sister is more obsessed with half-black children and emulating rap culture than she is with being black.

No. 1491975

i think the visceral reaction that i've seen people get over green apple skittles is wild and kind of ridiculous. i can understand it not being someone's favourite flavor that they mention in passing or that it doesn't mix well with the other skittle flavors but on its own it's just fine. i've gotten some waxy tasting ones and it can make it taste worse, but i've gotten the same from other flavors. i like lime as a flavour too, but tons of people raving over the lime skittles being in the regular fruit packs makes it seem way overrated. green apple seems to add more variety to the mix rather than having 3 citrus fruit flavors. supposedly now green apple is gone and replaced by like in america but mine still has green apple. wasn't lime part of the darkside pack too?

No. 1492042

File: 1675655149022.jpg (734.17 KB, 2122x2060, abolish surrogacy.jpg)

To the baby who spent 9 months in that womb, that is its birth mother. But like it or not the genetic mother is also its mother. Basically, the whole thing is a biological monstrosity that shouldn't exist


No. 1492051

surrogacy is especially horrible not only for the women, but also for the children already in foster care. i just don't get the appeal tbh.

No. 1492068

i agree. only thing i'd add is that watching a funny fast show in a language you don't understand with subtitles can make you lose out on the pace.

No. 1492084

File: 1675659923067.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, Woke_WOC.jpg)

not as bad as asian(and other non-white women) thirst after white men and make it a political statement

No. 1492086

Am i supposed to disagree with this tweet? At least she owns her reality, a lot of lefties who lust of white men will be in extreme denial about their preferences and will still bend over backwards for the scrotes their own race to not seem like a race traitor. Let's face it, western society has done a meh job at pacifying white men and considering a lot of them are still awful… at least they won't behead you for showing ankle. Maybe.

No. 1492087

samefag, but this post doesn't correlate with your pic, like i said, the worst think about it is when they have no self awareness about it. I think it's fine to prefer men who aren't your race.

No. 1492092

>men will stick their dicks in whoeever lets them
Any time i see a woman building her self esteem on top of moid attention it makes me feel like I'm watching a cancer patient turn to homeopathy.

No. 1492102

No. 1492122

kek this pic is every Asian and Latina girl in my town

No. 1492147

one of my friends from high school was exactly like this until she randomly posted an ultrasound on her insta story and then softlaunched her white husband a day later.

No. 1492166

A nonblack girl who is into black guys is not to be trusted. They are usually the MOST racist most ghetto caricature it would be funny if it wasn’t so alarming and ironic. My brother got with a white girl and has 3 kids with her. Tell me why this girl has called him the N word on multiple occasions, stolen from all of us, uses black girl emojis etc. she is so fucking ghetto and a hood rat but because she is not black my brother eats it up. It’s honestly black mens fault for putting so many batteries in these nonblack girls backs to even think they are superior to us or anyone for that matter. Most don’t even have ANY black girl friends yet know SO much about what blackwomen are doing wrong. They always learn the hard way when they end up single mothers with confused biracial children. Then they want to be friends with black women and make community. GIRL BYE lol

No. 1492173

I used to actually be excited growing up and seeing nonblack girls with black guys because I thought they would want to be friends until I noticed how they treated me and acted. Once I was lost in the city and didnt have my glasses. Tell me why behind me was a group of interracial couples. 2 black guys and 2 white girls. I kept walking in a circle becaus I was lost. I looked up and made contact with one of them on accident. Tell ‘em why I over heard this white girl say “black girls are always so jealous when they see us together” and these BM gonna agree with her delusion. No offense but most nonblack girls are getting the worst of the worst black men lol. As a black girl you literally can’t even look in the direction of a black dude with a nonblack girl because they WILL think you are a jealous black bitch. And you will be the topic of their convos for the rest of the day lol. No one is more obsessed with black women than black men and the nonblack women they date. TRAGIC.

No. 1492213

>she is so fucking ghetto and a hood rat but because she is not black my brother eats it up. It’s honestly black mens fault for putting so many batteries in these nonblack girls backs to even think they are superior to us or anyone for that matter.
and yet one can clearly tell that you defend your brother and merely see him as a womans victim, like way too many other black women do too

No. 1492231

You sound like one of those women who’s mad that “white girls are taking our men”

No. 1492240

Try again I literally don’t even talk to my brother because he is antiblack himself and keeps impregnating her. Nice projection though.

No. 1492242

You literally didn’t even read my post no one wants these black men that’s the issue it’s just ironic that these black males will get with white girls that display the very ghetto shit they project onto black women. Did you even read my post to comprehend or did you see black and white and made your own conclusions lol

No. 1492245

why is your brother a race traiting whore? that poor woman. I hope she cheats on him.

No. 1492246

And instead of nonblack women seeing through their bullshit THEY are the ones who side with black men and leave black women hanging when we call out black man’s misogynoir. You literally proved my point by assuming I’m jealous or bitter. Look at how many nonblack women are single mothers to black fathers what is there to be jealous of LMAO

No. 1492247

If anything black women try to warn y’all but y’all don’t listen because black men have gassed a lot of you guys up and made you think he is going to treat you any different when the reality is you are more likely going to experience the same shit black women do but just behind closed doors only. This is why intersectionality is important lol

No. 1492250

>>inb4 my use of “y’all” gets used to discredit anything I say lol

No. 1492251

I’m not siding with black men. I would never date a black guy they’re trash. I just don’t understand why you’re mad that trashy white women are taking black men you hate. It’s a win-win-win

No. 1492258

Im mad when those trashy white women become members of my family through their biracial children and my nieces have to grow up in an environment where their mother uses slurs because their father is too much of a coon too stop it lol. It’s easy to say ignore it when it doesn’t impact your family dynamic in a bizarre ass way lol. I’m not blaming women I’m blaming black men becaus they are the ones bringing them around. but I’m not afraid to call out these nonblack women for shitting on black women to be in allegiance with black men and helping raise confused biracial children who hate themselves

No. 1492261

Anyway to lighten the mood from my dark posts my unpopular opinion is Oatmilk should be cheaper than almond milk. It makes no sense that you can get a 2lb bag of oats for 4 bucks and 2 almonds cost roughly 30 dollars. But when it comes to milk almond milk is cheaper!! It doesn’t make sense!!

No. 1492264

hasn't this always been a well known, that WW who are "losers" find black guys who will basically do anything for them on account of being white

No. 1492268

>But when it comes to milk almond milk is cheaper!! It doesn’t make sense!!
That does make no sense. The internet tells me its because companies use as little almond as they can get away with to make almond milk because almonds are so expensive. Like almond milk will be like 3% almonds, if that.

No. 1492280

I agree with this so much. Freaking oatmilk is too much but it's the only milk I'll drink now.

No. 1492286

Most of the time the key to success in entertainment or becoming famous from the internet is not being scared of being cringe. Most people who got famous on TikTok or YouTube were delusional and cringe but too autistic to care.

No. 1492289

this is true. oat milk is also superior to almond milk in every way. i feel like if oat milk hadnt become trendy and had been popular for ages like with soy milk, it wouldnt be as expensive

No. 1492317

but everyone on tiktok is cringe and irony poisoned though

No. 1492327

Yeah but what made me come to this conclusion is last night I was watching a TikTok girl sobbing and flipping out on live and I’m thinking “how can anyone put this on live” but then I’m like but she’s in a mansion and I’m not so it’s working for her.

No. 1492385

so? there's a ton of things you can do to get rich that most people don't want to because they have dignity.

No. 1492409

I am extremely jealous of men having the freedom to be with any kind of women he wants as long as he has money or a good personality. If he wants cute Asian girls? He can have that. If he likes blondes?fine. Young girls? He’s got it. And most of the time these women genuinely love these men because women fall inlove with money and personality. They just have so many more options and it pisses me off and I’m pissed off at other women being so retarded in every aspect of life, it makes me wish I was born a white man so I wouldn’t have to be associated with these dumb shits because I’m a woman men think I’m desperate as shit as well and it angers me. When a man becomes rich he doesn’t date down, he dates up but women date down and go for men with less money and are ugly everytime. For example nicki Minaj who is a literal multi millionaire decides to be with an ex rapist who has no job. I don’t get why we are like this.

No. 1492412

this is not true at all. Just take people like tophia and paul for example.

No. 1492418

Eggs smell bad

No. 1492420

Men can beat the shit out their girlfriends/wives, cheat on them, gaslight them and verbally abuse them, and they will still go back and love them unconditionally and be their personal house slave, porn star, all while paying most of the bills and expenses too. Meanwhile a lot of women can't get the bare minimum amount of effort and devotion from their male partners. Dating sucks.

No. 1492424

If a man becomes successful he’s going to go for the best of the best not date some random crack head they saw on the side of the road and try to “change her” but the funny thing is women would tho lol I hate hearing men complain about women because they are living on easy mode.

No. 1492425

i'm so jealous of moids because they have the freedom to travel literally everywhere.
doesn't matter whether it's a middle eastern country or some remote tribe in africa. i love watching those unique travel vlogs but always feel bitter because it just isn't possible as a solo woman.

No. 1492430

It's the sulfur

No. 1492434

the idea of a "carnivore diet" for humans makes me want to vomit just thinking about it, especially when it comes to the extra crazy ones who even consume raw meat. enjoy the intestinal worms and gastric bypass surgery.

people always sperg about how vegetarians and vegans look "sickly" but the only way I can describe the carnivore dieters I've seen (or at least the ones that aren't roided up like liver king) is puffy, engorged, inflammed, literally their skin looks like it is going to catch on fire if it isn't covered in grease from the garbage they're consuming.

then these same dumbfuck "ancestral living" promoters who justify leading themselves to an early grave with "it's natural" will go out in the woods and hunt predator animals with their $5000 scopes, lasers, guns, camo suits, and hunting gear. then go home to their shipment of plastic wrapped bull testicles some online meat supplier delivered to their door. very "natural" indeed. I feel like it's just an unhealthy American extension of Viking LARPers.

No. 1492435

Are people actually eating only meat, nothing else? I thought it was a strawman.

No. 1492436

We're taught to be charities, that's why it happens. My standards are insanely high and I got exactly the kind of man I wanted down to every detail, appearance, personality, intellect, wealth, and he treats me like utter royalty and can't imagine life without me (and it's not puppy love, or new relationship lovebombing/naivety, it's been 15 years). Anything less and I simply would choose to be single because most men are not worth any time or effort.
Women have it drilled into our heads our whole lives that we should love people for who they are inside no matter what, that we should forgive, that love conquers all (even abuse and mistreatment), and so on. We also grow up with a lot more romance media about finding a soulmate and magic love at first sight etc. which makes many women forgive shitty partners in the name of "love." Quite frankly we just need to choose to be ruthless the way men always are.
I know so many young women who have stayed with utter piece of shit losers who are neglectful, abusive, unfaithful/adulterous (and average looking and low income), literally NOTHING to offer, because they believe "he'll get better one day if he has enough unconditional love and support." But those men won't love them unconditionally in return, and they sit around jacking off to porn and criticizing their girlfriend/wife's appearance while offering nothing special themselves. The best thing women can do for ourselves is stop pitying these losers.

No. 1492447

We get it goddamn

No. 1492450

I fucking love multigrain seed bread fuck all you fuckers. I’m pretty picky with food overall but this is the one thing I don’t understand why people complain about, it doesn’t have a strong taste or anything it’s just bread with seeds, like shut the fuck up people who complain about this are so annoying.

No. 1492451

It's primarily class related, interestingly enough. Wealthier people prefer whole wheat breads with seeds and poor people prefer processed white bread. The studies I saw about it featured in some documentary about poverty and public health and they showed that food banks often can't even give away whole wheat bread for free, people will simply go without bread for a week if the free white bread runs out.

No. 1492454

A lot of people around me have complained about it and they’re not poor, they’ve just been brainwashed by the White Bread.

No. 1492457

This post just reminded me of how gross rye bread with seeds is. The taste is so strong. Anyway other seed breads are ok I guess. I like bagels with a lot of seeds or just regular bread.

No. 1492459

you’re gross

No. 1492462

No you, you seedy bread eating heifer.

No. 1492464

Nta, how and where did you find your ideal man?

No. 1492466

Go eat your millet, bird, the rest of us will eat human food

No. 1492467


No. 1492473

Its been 15 years. She settled early and molded her personality to fit his.

No. 1492474

This is only true in America, non white bread used to be the default peasant bread.

No. 1492478

Or he met her when he was still a teenager. Sometimes scrotes will imprint on women when they are very young and stay very loyal to their first love forever. It’s rare but it happens.

No. 1492479

Lmao fr. If he’s really got good money, looks, and personality, he’s 100% cheated on her too

No. 1492488

Nta but wtf. So the first thought you have when you see a relationship is to make infidelity allegations? Yeah most men are shit but why do some of you act like incels when an anon talks about her happy relationship?

No. 1492489

Yeah I want to know her age and w her experience with these dream men. I'm 32 had two 8+ year relationships, one being enegaed to highschool sweetheart and only now have I met a financially secure childless non alcoholic athletic tall man.

No. 1492490

Based sis

No. 1492496

I like that I met my boyfriend in our 30s I like that we've both lived a life before each other and we like how we've turned out from the experiences and we can talk about them and relate. It's like we've got more to us, but then there's the bonus of were both new to each other and it's all about new experiences together. Also there's that strange security that there's an unspoken intention, these are the last firsts. Plus we've both got money and in the past 5 months we've had more experiences than I've had with prior boyfriends in years. Think about it.

No. 1492501

This is how women get love bombed so easily. You only known him for 5 months and you’re this in love already.

No. 1492511

seeds are gross, the grand majority of vegetables are gross, but i don't understand crazies who only eat meat or even eat raw meat wtf? i mean it's a substantial part of my diet, i love meat! but eating any meat raw is gross imo.
not like i can eat fish or milk anyways lol

No. 1492513

Agreed. Even smoked salmon is disgusting it has that raw feeling between the molars that my body rejects.

No. 1492528

Technology has made our lives significantly harder. I don't want a mobile phone but I have to have one now, I don't want a car and hate dealing with repairs, having to involve my boomer dad in helping me out all the time to replace head gaskets and oil filters, but I have to have a car because of the way cities are designed. You even have to have unfiltered access to the internet now because you are expected to be able to respond to emails constantly.

All these bills add up for poor people, and doing the math, you can live the same lifestyle in a small town not having a phone, not having internet, not having car, if you just give up on living on welfare.

Second hand cars seem to be getting waaaay more expensive too, and I'm tired of rolling the die with them because I know nothing about cars. I can't bring myself to get into debt to get a nice car but I hate driving shitboxes, I hate it so much.

I think if businesses are insisting on moving 10km out of town to save money on rent, then the workers should be able to have a work vehicle solely used to get them to and from work, or a van going around to pick them up. Car debts and repairs seem to be the one thing that crushes people,and it's so needless, we once used to be able to live without those machines, we shouldn't be forced to have our life dependent on them.

No. 1492537

I haven't even said those words to him but he's treating me extremely well and I am not acting love sick. I have my own place and work 45 hours a week, I'm objectively able to see he treats me well and isn't cheap.

No. 1492538

Nah we eat wholegrain bread in my country which is nice but i can't stand the types that are seedy.

No. 1492579

it doesn't help that i have an allergy to fish oil & lactose, so its extra gross to me

No. 1492667

every time i’m reminded of happy wheels existence i genuinely wonder why it’s so beloved. people say they’re nostalgic for it because they played it as kids but even at that age i didn’t see the appeal and was always put off when i watched people play it tbh. gore doesn’t faze me much either but there’s something about this that i don’t like.

No. 1492673

Because we lived in the same five bedroom apartment with other roommates, I moved in with my husband on our first date. Just started sleeping in each other's arms. It's been four years and even if we break up I'll still consider the time well spent.

No. 1492701

there's much better flash games with gore, to be honest. epic battle fantasy is the one that comes to mind, but i can't even make content for it anymore because despite the edgy humor, it's chock full of troons and spergs.
i'd still play it over happy wheels lmfao

No. 1492838

I fucking hate the keto diet. if you want to lose weight you need to make lifelong changes and NeVEr eAtInG cArBs is stupid. You're really not gonna eat fruits and grains, retard? You're gonna eat so much raw greens you'll get all your dietary fiber? How much saturated fat and sodium are you getting now?

For the love of God just count calories and eat a more balanced diet with quality foods instead of all-or-nothing fad crash diets. Learn to cook maybe, it even saves money.

No. 1492842

Breastfeeding is literally one of the worst things boymoms can do. They're teaching their sons entitlement and that breasts exist for them, so they'll run around grabbing random women's breasts and then sexualizing them later in life.
>B-But they can teach them not to
Most boymoms don't. They just make excuses. Put your milk in a fucking bottle.

No. 1492849

No. 1492852

Shit bait lol.

No. 1492889

>You're really not gonna eat fruits and grains, retard?
I've been eating keto/low carb for nearly 10 years and I would never go back to eating "normally". Why eat the banana when I can eat the bacon instead?

No. 1492890

Based nonna, I've been keto for a year and I feel the best I've ever felt

No. 1492893

>Why eat the banana when I can eat the bacon instead
Me when I was 5 years old I'm calling you childish, in case that wasn't clear

No. 1492902

File: 1675760850302.jpg (131.56 KB, 960x720, slide_2.jpg)

I think Socrates was right about the written word being a mental crutch and society has it wrong. I have a strong dislike of the whole more reading = good thinking that school instills. The whole idea that illiterate people are necessarily dumbshits comes from the fact that only dumb people have no possibility of reading and writing, it doesn't mean that people that never learnt are stunted cognitively in some way.

Intelligent literary minded commoners used to work out in the field farming during the day, and at night they rote memorized poems and sung. You had bards and poets who had memorized hundreds of pages worth of material, and in an effort to preserve memory and maximize entertainment, they stripped away everything superfluous and gave it a meter. They added their own flair and it was a trade in its own right. Our emphasis on raw literacy at the expense of our natural inclination to sing, rhyme, play and narrate stories stunts us. Many Philosophers, even in modern history, commented on how the people that read the most are comparatively dull compared to those who read a little and reflect on the writing more. The kids on the playground making dumb witty jokes and twisting around rhymes are doing more for their development than the person passively ingesting a text.

Plus reading and writing wasn't so much hard for adults to pick up, it was just unnecessary. Every medieval town would've had the one curious guy who hung around the local church or monastery, and studied whatever writing they had, most likely christian apologetics written in Latin. But such a thing was about as useful as your hobbyist autistic programmer now writing in x86 assembly for fun. It didn't do anything to improve your life, nobody was really impressed, so most people didn't do it.

You don't really have a true understanding or a feeling for the written word, you get the outline and essentials of what's written but lose the flavor. If you go in raw and create something worth saying from scratch without a pen, only drawing from memory, you'll produce less but what you produce will be so much more concentrated and efficient. You will have a feeling for every syllable, word, sentence. You identify what works so much better, get a better understanding of flow, and can strip it down to its essentials. It's no mistake that the greatest poems were made by people unable to read and write due to disability, like the blind John Milton and Homer.

When I was institutionalized in a mental ward and had nothing to do but memorize poems, I was astonished at the level of feeling and understanding I derived from the text after doing so.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1492923

Soda tastes better when it's flat.

No. 1492948

>just count calories
I've only seen anachans doing shit like counting calories, pass
>eat a more balanced diet with quality foods instead of all-or-nothing fad crash diets
Avoiding carbs will help if you're trying to lose weight, and not everyone can afford high quality food. No, I'm not a fatty

No. 1492950

Reading comprehension, Nona, I was specifically calling out people who go no-carb not lo-carb. If lo-catb works for you then who cares? I'm sick of every idiot telling every idiot with poor self control to do restrictive crash diets. Fat people need to gain a normal relationship with food not develop a different kind of disordered eating.
If no-carb actually works long term for somebody they're basically the .001%.

No. 1492955

I think spending too much time on the MTF threads is unhealthy, like troons are disgusting and I make fun of them as well but hyper focusing on troons to the point you start applying them to literally everything, well that's a level of brainrot

No. 1492961

>I've only seen anachans doing shit like counting calories, pass
I lost 60 lbs counting calories and went from the high end of overweight to healthy. Just because anas use it doesn't mean it doesn't work. Even if you're not counting when you lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit.
>Avoiding carbs will help if you're trying to lose weight, and not everyone can afford high quality food. No, not fat
The fact you're not fat and probably never were goes to show that you don't understand why super restricted diets don't work for fat people. Fat people need to learn self control and if they approach a diet with an all-or-nothing attitude they will fail. Learn to cook a few recipes, keep some easy to make meals at home, count calories, manage your nutrients, replace junk food with healthy options like canned fruit, and do light non-boring workouts at home (gyms are a scam,get some home dumbbells walk and do yoga).
People could lose weight better if they were presented this instead of people trying to sell them idiotic diets with easy rules like Keto or Carnivore, people with no self control will go for the option with the easiest rules and inevitably fail. And completely "avoiding" the foods you love is depressing, it will absolutely cause lapses and failures and keto is a diet that famously strictly punishes lapses. I tried the stupid diet once and it just. Does. Not. Work. long term. As in life not months or weeks. When fat people eventually quit keto they still need the skills to eat right to keep weight of and be healthy later in life.

Keto needs to stop being recommended as a diet, it's not even particularly healthy for normal sized people. Keto is harsh on your liver and kidneys and most who do it fail to get enough fiber and other nutrients we normally get from fruit and whole grain.

Btw, eating healthy isn't that expensive like people pretend. Eat less and literally eat beans, rice, potatoes, tuna, peanut butter and canned fruit if you're broke. Homemade soup costs less than 10 dollars to make (city people probably not). Don't be a retard and try to replace chips with peatoes, pick a cheaper low calorie food from a different part of the store instead. Count your money like you count your calories. And if one of you Nonas tries to tell me you don't even budget your money so don't expect you to budget your calories I'm gonna bust a lung laughing.

No. 1492985

>the leader of this topic is a tranny
Of course. Troons literally have an investment in making sure lots of actual women look as cartoonish, surged-up and troonish as possible lol. How else are they going to fit in?

No. 1492986

Keto can damage your liver? I often hear about doing keto for those with fatty liver (like me ) and having good results

No. 1492987

> start applying them to literally everything,
What does this mean? How do you apply troons to everything?

No. 1492989

File: 1675779679110.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2016, F9A44250-8C82-4329-90A9-2E7EEB…)

This debate on TikTok is a great example of why makeup and cosmetic enhancements are toxic for the most part. I mean it’s nice to think that most women are improving their looks for themselves but the reality is most of them think they are better than women who don’t do anything and this is why trannys think they are more of a woman if they get more work done and put more effort into their looks. On TikTok there’s a discourse about how plain women are starter wives etc and the leader of this topic is a tranny and straight women are eating it up. Idk how to post TikTok videos here so whatever. You can choose to click it or not. The comment section is just pathetic.

No. 1492991

File: 1675779739349.jpeg (783.51 KB, 1284x2034, 3B38931F-EA88-4991-9B9A-EF5C03…)

No. 1492993

They all have something in common with trannies: without their excessive, cakey, clownish makeup they look unrecognizable, that's why they need it sm. Imagine destroying your skin and changing your natural features just to look like a man, minimal makeup ftw

No. 1492994

If modern beauty standards stop being about natural femininity and instead start being about an exaggerated parody of femininity, men in drag will have an easier time resembling us.

No. 1492997

Samefag, I know libfems think "ok so what's wrong with that?? love helping out my trans sisters by getting my face beat x", but if they had two brain cells to think, they'd consider the classist implications and inherent sexism/gender conformist bullshit in a woman's beauty being defined by how much makeup she can afford and spend time slapping on her face.

No. 1492998

Can people please stop making shit up to pit women against each other? Also just because I choose not to use makeup doesn't mean I look down on women who do and that preemptive victim attitude is fucking retarded and conceited. Like instead of concocting tinfoil about women not obeying your beauty rituals just focus on your own shit

No. 1493000

Lmao she literally looks like a clown with those purple circles around her eyes.

No. 1493002

File: 1675780218439.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1284x2256, 460D2801-2530-483B-BD0D-206866…)

They’re even claiming that plain women are more “slutty”. He seems like the jealous one to me.

No. 1493006

That's a man who painted himself a new face lol

No. 1493008

I guess it's that time of the week again, to agrue about this again

No. 1493010

File: 1675780697587.jpeg (927.26 KB, 1277x2286, B069C320-2576-4626-89C0-19ADBE…)

Last screen shot but a lot of his videos comment section are full of women like this. He’s probably going to end up with a huge following like thewizardliz

No. 1493011

Obsessing over interracial relationships is weird and incelish and I don’t get why it happens so often on LC. It’d be one thing if the discussion was mostly about sugaring or something but it’s usually super mundane people. It’s a shitshow every time a picture of an interracial couple gets posted (even if it’s just in passing), you can always count on multiple anons to jump at the opportunity to go on some pol rant about how these women are status obsessed uglies and how only low-value men date outside their race. Incels obsess over miscegenation because they think women of their own race are obligated to be their bangmaids but what brings this type of reaction out of women? I’ve never met a woman irl under the age of 70 who wanted everyone to date within their own race so it’s almost surreal to see nonnies refer to mixed-race children as inferior mutts.

No. 1493012

>instead of accepting the fact that might benefit from wearing makeup,they'll hate on you
They always disguise their seething of women who don't wear makeup and dare to criticize the industry by calling them "misogynistic" hating on other women but the mask slips and they reveal that they think women need to wear makeup and are a mouthpiece for the makeup industry corps. Of course men will intrude on issues that affect women and try to dictate what opinion is acceptable or not as if they could ever possibly understand.
>the female gaze is gonna appreciate makeup more

No. 1493016

I'm not american or euro but most of the world prefers to stay with in their tribe, my parents would be very disappointed if I married a man from another ethnic group and people do fetishize other races, especially men, some of my cousins get swarmed when they go outside and some even had marriage proposals and kidnapping attempts made upon them

No. 1493017

I'm pretty sure it's the same anons constantly whining about Make up every week, this is like the 3rd time and it's the same exact talking points and it leads nowherr

No. 1493019

I don’t have a problem with interracial dating because I’m a black girl who loves skinny white guys but the problem with men who date interracially is they can’t stfu about the women of their own race. Like a white guy who likes Asian women is just going to go on and own about how white women are masculine and age like shit, black men won’t stfu about how black women are ugly and deserve to be beat to death and how their latina qween knows how to be submissive. If they could just go ahead and date their preference without dragging people down no one would care.

No. 1493021

>what brings this type of reaction out of women?
Low self-esteem, self-victimization, racism. There's also a dimension of pickmeism to the whole thing. They want the moids to pick them instead when they're dating a woman of another race. When they see another woman dating out of their race and start raging, it's because they want the insecure moids around them to know they're "good girls" who'd never "sell out" or "be race traitors".
I also think some women are getting uncomfortable because they don't feel like the "most desired" (based only on their race) anymore, so they get fixated on trying to remind other women of their "place" and invoke old, racist mentalities. Since those viewpoints are being phased out, it doesn't really work from what I've seen, and the aggression/insecurity just seems to make it happen faster. Men especially get off on women freaking out and being racist toward each other to fight over their attention, but they'll still "pick" whoever their dick wants in the end.

No. 1493022

Most of them are moids. I regularly hear complains about interracial/international relationships from men both online and irl. Especially when it’s a girl of the same race dating men of other races. I don’t know why but this topic always triggers moids whenever it gets mentioned. In my country even the more open minded/laidback men are strictly against women marrying men of other races. (Even though they fuck [other race] bitches whenever they get the chance to)

No. 1493023

it's not a win, they create children that have identity issues with hateful parents. what do you think ends up happening when a black father and white mother who hate black women have a daughter that passes as a black girl?

No. 1493024

Unpopular opinion for here, at least. But I don't hate troons as a whole, I just hate the ones without doctor-diagnosed dysphoria. I also hate ones with a fetish & ones that try looking straight out of yuri/yaoi. At least try to look like a woman/man archetype that actually exists, jesus.

No. 1493026

this as well, I don't have a problem with interracial relationships as long as the men don't start demeaning their own women and calling them ugly or good for nothing

No. 1493028

The problem with men is if you aren’t their preference they are going to make it your problem.

No. 1493029

believe me, most mena men fetishize kafir(especially white kafir) women to a religious degree, they fetishize to degree's you can't even imagine and for them its a holy duty to rape and groom a kafir woman

No. 1493034

It's because a lot of moids think they are "conquering" women of other races when they date or have sex interracially, but when women do it, they are "being conquered" by other races.

No. 1493038

>brings this type of reaction out of women?
I don't want to offend you, but you don't seem to know much about about the conversations surrounding interracial dating. A lot of men date outside their race because they hate the women of their own race or because they exoticize women of a specific race. See white dudes who only date Asian women because they have an asian fetish, black dudes who only date white women, indian and middel eastern men who exoticize white women. Plus there are cultures where it's ok for men to date out but women who do get judged. Given all this, it's completely predictable that some women would go very hard against interracial dating. It's still not ok to be insulting mixed children, but I understand why it happens.

No. 1493041

Kill shelters are good.

No. 1493043

File: 1675782510220.jpg (195.66 KB, 800x878, Slaves_Zadib_Yemen_13th_centur…)

well in Islam its literally that by religion, to "take" a kafir woman is a form of Jihad that's why muslims so often form grooming/rape gangs as well historically almost always engaged in sex slavery
dude Muhammad had a tribal chief killed and then took his wife for his own and that's presented as a great thing

No. 1493046

Online is where moid regularly have spasms and start screaming N word or talking about BBC, Tyrone, Cuckoo and Bulls. See Kiwifarms as a whole. I swear everytime I'm on that site I see discussions about black male dicks unprovoked in 70% of thread. Scrotes are obsessed with who women are sleeping with, not even for sexual health reasons it's like some gay shit/measuing themselves up. Thinkong.so poorly of themselves and above men of other races + disgusting racial stereotypes they think they can't compete or already lost.

No. 1493051

we are talking about the men of our own races and their double standards, for us it can literally lead to death at times, many non-white women obesseded and fetishize white women to an extent you don't even realize

No. 1493072

> I just hate the ones without doctor-diagnosed dysphoria
I'm diagnosed but by accident. 10 years ago I was seeing a therapist for grief (lost my mom) After a couple months of getting on well she insisted that I should see a gender therapist for 'just one session' before I could book my next session with her?? I had a shaved head att because my mom had cancer so I think she was reading into that too much. But she didn't budge. I weighed up my options in terms of money/time. I didn't want to start from scratch with a new therapist and figured throwing 75 euro at some bs one time only gender therapy session was better than the amount I'd have to spend on restarting therapy if she wasn't going to budge on it. That was a mistake looking back. I went. Told him I'm not trans. I'm not dysphoric. My short hair is related to my moms cancer. No I didn't play with dolls as a kid but I don't think that means much.. It was a 30 min session if even that. I then went back to my normal therapy with her and got back to the real issue, my grief. All seemed good..

I later went to my general doc and found out I was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Told that I could get referred to the clinic for my hormones whenever I'm ready. My what now? This was back before I'd ever heard anyone talk about how low the bar is for diagnosis and how referrals are way too fasttracked. I thought people had to jump through hoops to PROVE they had it. I thought it was a pretty rare misunderstanding that I'd stumbled into a false diagnosis. Its on my file ever since

No. 1493073

my family thankfully isn't like this with regards to dating(maybe we cause don't have that racial insecurity) all they care for is that a white guy converts to Islam and marry long term and one of cousins

No. 1493075

Its very easy for nonblack heterosexual women to find romance because their stereotypes work for them as opposed to against them. Black women have the most masculinized stereotypes that we have to fight tooth and nail to combat. Its literally so bleak because you cant say this clear fact out loud as a black woman because it triggers everyone, no one believes us and everyone gaslights us by telling us we are choosing wrong, we need to submit and that we ARE those stereotypes etc. When most black women were raised in christian households by submissive women and are hyper femme lol. Black men just don't give us the chance to be submissive, weak, girly etc, because they never STICK AROUND we are almost always left alone to fend for ourselves lol. Honestly I love being a black woman despite it all because we see through the bullshit and misogyny very early because we are forced to in order to survive this wacky ass world. Also it makes me realize jus how much of a clown world this is because these nonblack women that men claim are way more girly and submissive than black women are going through their own feminist movements to become more independent and strong and are largely inspired by black feminists. >>inb4 everyone misinterprets this calls me bitter and i get banned lol.

No. 1493079

Well a lot of men do like the sassy, slutty bitch stereotype black women have. Men have said I was boring once they realized I’m not like that lol they think that I’m going to be some kind of sex demon who twerks all over the room. There are men attracted to that stereotype but they are usually perverts and won’t be able to dicuss anything with you other than sex and their fetishes.

No. 1493081

Your last sentence is what i mean. Its not hard for black women to get laid AT ALL due to our body types but to get the girlfriend/wife treatment and not the sex object treatment the chances go way down the bigger your booty lol. As soon as a man sees my ass its literally over for me. I am not a human i am an ass that needs to be constantly talked about and grabbed at. We are masculinized but also hypersexualized in the same breath. So men are okay with fucking us but anything outside of that……is usually met with crickets.

No. 1493083

Asians and Latinas have pretty strong actitudes, i don't even understand why moids think we are so submissive lmao

No. 1493086

the stereotypes in most of the middle east isn't that they are "masculine", rather they are all prostitutes and have AIDs which is an awful stereotype but not close to the stereotype you mention

No. 1493088

File: 1675788054436.png (832.65 KB, 1439x817, Screenshot 2023-02-07 11.39.31…)

unfortunately not a strawman. there's a concerted effort and even some obvious propaganda campaigns being put out by meat companies to shill these "carnivore diet" pages on YouTube and Instagram. Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson kicked off the fad a few years ago but this past year the bs roid influencer "Liver King" also shilled the diet alongside his "ancestral" testosterone supplements.

No. 1493090

I am the based mestiza mami

No. 1493091

Yeah that does suck but at the same time it’s 2023. No women are really getting taken care of and the average pretty woman isn’t even intelligent enough use her looks to get a head in life. All my non-black friends have it in their head that some guy is going to take care of them one day and they aren’t thinking about a savings account etc. men these days are broke and a lot of non black womens mind is still in the 1940s but as a black woman I learned no man is going to save me so I have to do stuff for myself.

No. 1493094

Men like to spread the idea that some women are naturally submissive to get other women to submit to them. If they say that asian and latina women are submissive and black women are masculine and aggressive, they might get black women with bad self esteem to submit to them just to prove that black women can be girly and submissive. It's standard moid gaslighting.

No. 1493095

Samefag basically I see a lot of black women saying that they aren’t being taken care of by men but very few women these days are. Most women living with their bf or husband pay most of the bills or half and do all the cooking and cleaning, they are just glorified slaves but they take it because they are happy to say they have a man. There are very few women in America being pampered like pretty princesses but people want to make black women feel like we are the only ones not getting princess treatment but I see right through it.

No. 1493099

Honestly I think hypersexualization becomes more and more rampant a stereotype the darker a woman is no matter her race. It honestly makes me sick how sexpats are becoming more and more widespread by men. The things they say about middle eastern women, filipinas, darker skinned latinas, etc is fucking disturbing. I so badly want womanism to be more widespread world wide because men are taking serious advantage of us. It breaks my fucking heart what women in foreign countries go through. And its literally every country doesnt matter how big or small women are being seen as nothing but sex objects the darker your skin gets and hell the lighter your hair and eyes are too. The shit eastern european women go through too is sick as well. I just wish we could all talk about it freely and with honesty. But it always devolves into race wars and which race has it the worst. When in all pockets of society certain types of women just are set up to be treated like less than nothing for shit they had no control over.

No. 1493106

YES as much as i dont like tik tok i do love that it has brought women from all over the world and all walks of life talking about the very same similar shit black women face. it's just they got "picked" so society treats them like a winner. It opened my eyes to so much. Because in all actuality wea are all losers in this current dating game if you are attracted to a man. These men are getting worse by the day. Its making me happy though im honestly glad black men dropped the ball because it gave black women a head start in this modern society where women all over the world are saying NO to men's bullshit.

No. 1493110

This. Neutral qualities turn positive or negative depending on your skintone, if you're light and have strong character they call you "feisty" but if you're dark they call you "masculine" and difficult, it's bullshit

No. 1493151

My father actually talked about this, he talks about how great races(like the Arabs) get ruined when they mix with hedonistic dark people, like he unironically attributes the current state of the Arab world to mixing with black slaves, he literally said that darker skinned from the south lack "warrior nature" that us Jatts have, its fucking retarded

No. 1493187

Not unpopular here but unpopular in politically correct online world.

If a doctor told a person with depression they had found a "cure" which you would get very invasive surgery to alter your outside appearance. It would not fix the root cause of your trauma and every day you've also got to spend hours of aftercare. Everyone would say that's unethical, that's not medically sound.

Yet trannies!! I still can't believe theres politicians and grown ups across the world being like, "yea if you got the money you can be a girl or boy or whatever the fuck! Try not kill yourself and vote for me xoxo" mental

No. 1493214

I see this shit so much on lipstick alley+ black twitter. Another thing, when men date out and are shitty people they DO NOT treat their "preference" better. They may hate women their own color, but they abuse/mistreat all the same. It just takes a certain kind of woman to stick with a man so hateful in general that it's often hidden. I hate this idea that every other race of woman is just having their way with men. We are the only ones struggling. NO men are shit all across the board. Very few women are living that princess life and even a smaller amount is being treated well/equally by her spouse.
This shit is so annoying to me, it's not just black men or non black women pushing this 'nobody wants black women. We are just so downtrodden" it's black women themselves.
Shit isn't rosy for most women, we all just have different things more prevalent in out communities.

No. 1493221

And we see a real world example with what happens when people who have body dysmorphia get plastic surgery. It never solves the root problem.

No. 1493252

File: 1675794486816.jpg (76.09 KB, 827x815, 1675794434918.jpg)

cigarette smokers are more tolerable then weed smokers

No. 1493256

Cig smoke lingers more. Cope and seethe about it

No. 1493258

Its like some "experts" somewhere went "we could try and cure the ailments of society" or "we could indulge the corruption of the mind via sex and fetishism in the media and sell people pills for life and make them constantly think cosmetic surgery is the answer to stigma! They are wrong they need corrective surgery they're too uglie to function!"

No. 1493264

queue the insufferable potheads

No. 1493266

At least weed smokers don't take cig breaks every goddamn 5 minutes at work and give second hand smoke to everyone and smoke their lungs out and smell bad. Yes I fucking hate smokers, my mom was an indoor one all my childhood.

No. 1493269

COUGH their lungs out my seething made me typo

No. 1493278


i didn't grow up and now am an adult with permanent irreversible lung damage from inhaling secondhand weed smoke or being raised by indoor smokers.

i don't have to leave the busstop shelter in the rain or cold because some inconsiderate weed smoking prick is smoking inside of it and doesn't care that it blows into everybody elses face.

and I've never seen a weedsmoker driving a car with the windows up and their kid in the backseat while smoking. but I have seen all of the above and experienced it time and time again around cigarette smokers.

at least weed smokers are still stigmatized in most public spaces and thus keep that shit to themselves. cigarette smokers have no regard for themselves or anybody else and it continuously shows with their shitty carefree behavior when it comes to everyone else inhaling their secondhand smoke. keep that shit to yourself.

just because you're content with rotting from the inside doesn't mean that should impact those around you, something cigarette smokers lack the basic self awareness to realize.

No. 1493284

I've been smoking weed daily well over a decade. Yes at one point I would be like the meme but only at other weed smokers who would gloat about only doing it at the weekend. whatever dickheads. I've accepted I have a codependent relationship with weed. I don't give a fuck. I need weed to have a good sleep. I have insomnia otherwise that's why I started, it was recommended. Yea life is better high. I'm not going to lie. I'm a much more positive and easy going person. There have been times I've been under pressure in work related areas and if I could not have had a smoke to calm down and reassess and focus I would be so fucking miserable in life. Before weed I was working a terrible 9-5 and one of those sad acts that lived for the weekend and being drunk was the absolute coolest and best! I barely drink now, but everyday feels like a holiday. I don't smoke at work or around people who don't know I smoke, but see at the end of the day, even better if you've worked really hard that first smoke sends you to the moon. I can overcome any stress.

No. 1493289

Based reply, 100% agree

No. 1493290

>I need weed to have a good sleep. I have insomnia otherwise that's why I started
that sounds unhealthy and really dependent

No. 1493305

Fuck no, they're both equally disgusting and stupid, it's just that cigarettes are more socially acceptable.

No. 1493308

Well I started smoking at 21. I was physically abused by my mum from age 10 and suffered sleepless restless nights. I moved out at 19 and still could not sleep and was very depressed blah blah. I honestly could not sleep more than 4 hours from 10 - 22 plus I was in therapy addressing cptsd. I got recommended weed even though its illegal and guess what. It fucking worked. I dropped out of uni at 19 and only had credentials for shit jobs. 25 I went back to uni after saving up and getting loans and did a subject I dreamed of doing at highschool but I wouldn't get peace to do schoolwork my ma even ripped up gcse coursework on me and causes me to drop 3 grades and I got rejected from so many courses and settled for one at 19. I was able to go back as an adult, with a healthier mindset and ability to sleep (the therapist I had was shit and the friend of my ex bfs ex gf that is another thing entirely but therapy is bullshit imo, being self aware is everything). I got a first and then did my masters and now I'm working in my desired field. If smoking weed helped with that then I don't see the harm and the best but was my masters dissertation was on cannabinoids. Guess what bitches? They're class

No. 1493310

Both can be annoying, but cigarette smokers are the worst. I'll never forgot getting a fever at work and my coworker offered to take me home. As soon as I got in the car, he lit up a cigarette and i chewed him out. Cig smokers are inconsiderate as fuck and always throw their butts out on the ground, making trash for everyone else. The amount of cigarette butts I see in my area is insane.

No. 1493319

Every single thing about islam is garbage. Pointless to use that as an example.

No. 1493326

I honestly think both can be pretty damn annoying, but I dislike cigarette smokers a lot more because it smells worse to me and I feel like you're more likely to come across someone casually smoking a cigarette in public with no regard for the people around them. I always notice when I'm around someone who smokes cigs (even if they're not smoking in that moment) but I never notice a weed smoker.

No. 1493341

I honestly like the after-smell of cigarettes, its actually one of the things I miss

No. 1493348

It's one of the worst smells, I don't get you. I think it's even worse when you smell it when it's cold. I once had a class on a saturday during the winter in uni when the entire place was empty, and usually the court is full of smokers. And since it was cold and empty but the smell was still here it made me want to throw up and I got nausea for several days after that.

No. 1493357

I used to like it too but cigarette smokers themselves just make it irritating to me

No. 1493370

I don’t think enough women realize how this is pretty much the first time in history where choosing not to have kids is an actual thing you can do. Like sure there’s still hardships with pressure and accessing abortion in some places, but it’s an extremely viable choice and the struggle is nothing compared to before the last 40 years. I just feel like even with all the focus around repro rights there’s still not enough people thinking about how you can not have any kids at all ever. Like I feel so inspired thinking about how I can take control of my life in a way my foremothers couldn’t and it makes me feel that much more excited and almost duty bound not to have kids.

No. 1493380

I know a lot of married childless gen x couples

No. 1493384

I haven’t met any but that’s very based

No. 1493389

Are you from a third world country?

No. 1493397

In Europe and the US in the 19th century about 15-20% of women were childless throughout life

No. 1493405

the minimization is astounding you see it so much because it happens so much. This is what i meant by you can't as a black woman talk about your experience in society without someone (doesnt matter the race) chiming in to downplay it by saying EVERYONE experiences it when you know damn well certain demographics of women experience it more heavily than others!! that is why you are hearing it more. it happens to us more in america. Like how are you in black spaces being mad about black people talking baout the shit they go through! If anything if it happens so much in these particular circles maybe you and other races of women who relate to this plight can join in on the conversation instead of trying to dead it out right by saying "this happens to everyone" Maybe add your own experience so we can all come to the same conclusion that it doesnt matter who you date if its a man they will treat you pretty much the same. And then talk about how we can come together to combat and or no longer care about needing mens validation. instead of everyone downplaying each others lived experiences by saying the obvious that "it happens to all women". DUH it happens to all women but at varying degrees. We can talk about the degrees without discrediting each other is all im saying.

No. 1493408

Childless for what reason, though?

No. 1493414

I'm not trying to discredit your own experience but some things that black women say about white men and relationships are blatantly not true. White men are not providing for and protecting white women and white women do not rest in their femininity (whatever the fuck that means).

No. 1493428

Society is trying to brain wash black women into thinking we are unworthy because we aren’t getting princess treatment but when I really think of it only a small group of very manipulative and sociopathic women are “resting in their femininity” and getting scrotes to do everything for them. Even the best looking of white women aren’t getting taken on real dates anymore. There are a lot down falls to being a black woman but I don’t think the dating aspect of it really is.

No. 1493433


No. 1493447

I can be mad at certain conversations in black spaces because I'm a black woman whose also in those spaces.
I'm not downplaying anything, I can criticize if I think some conversation in my opinion is used to constantly beat black women down or convince everyone that the grass is greener elsewhere. Just because I criticize it doesn't mean It can't be said or doesn't need to be discussed that's my opinion on it

No. 1493636

Poor people hate being told not to have kids because they feel it’s eugenics or “love and community can raise a child” but the truth is they don’t even want the kids for real. The women get pregnant to keep a man and the guy just wanted to bust raw because scrotes hate condoms and then they proceed to ignore the children for like next 18 years. I definitely wouldn’t mind broke people having kids if they weren’t like this.

No. 1493657

As a poor person, poor people are quite vile towards their kids, their ignorance often ends in horrific abuse of all kinds, human trafficking, etc. Poor kids are seen as tools, servants or merchandise, literally born just to suffer. Poor people know their kid's existence is inherently miserable yet in lawless countries nobody gives a shit if you're prostituting your kid or using them as a punchbag

No. 1493660

pedro pascal is ugly and i want to stop seeing his ugly face on my sm feeds

No. 1493665

I live under a rock, meaning I had to google who that was, and why is that an unpopular opinion?

No. 1493717

I don’t feel bad for women who date older scrotes when they are in their early 20s and then wait until they are older to scream grooming, even though they acted like cocky assholes before because they were fucking an older man.

No. 1493751

File: 1675830274895.jpg (213.88 KB, 1500x1000, be.jpg)

Gonna be Billie Eilish in about 5 years

No. 1493781

It’s ok to hold a grudge towards your bullies from elementary to high school. Bullies want you to act like it’s no big deal because they don’t want to take accountability.

No. 1493800

every time he shows up people gush about how hot he is, like, where

No. 1493862

Kissing is better than sex

No. 1494062

If you don't breastfeed your son, their IQ will be lower, and they're going to have mommy issues. I also think generally people who don't develop a healthy skinship relationship at a young age end up fucked, male or female.

My unpopular opinion is women who can breastfeed but choose not to are assholes and retarded. You're making your kid more immune compromised, lower IQ, and giving them highly processed seed oils that can cause artery plaque (that's what makes formula calorie dense).
>b-but it's my body and my choice!
OK but you're literally fucking your child over. The benefits of breastfeeding are life-long, the discomfort of it is temporary. I've also seen several mothers (who have had more than one child) that say when breastfeeding was painful with one child, it's not because breastfeeding itself is painful; the child usually has latched incorrectly. Breastfeeding should feel good.
>b-but I'm not some milk machine to be used and dehumanizing by my infant baby
This is literally insane. Babies have no concept of what personhood is and do not see their mother as another person for quite some time iirc. You wean the baby before they even develop that capacity.

No. 1494072

anon pls this is the worst bait i've seen on this site for days

No. 1494074

My unpopular opinion is that breastfeed spergs are about as annoying as anti-circumcision spergs.

No. 1494084

Healthy mothers giving formula to their children being common in some countries is just a successful capitalist gayop.

No. 1494085

I think there's more to the "omg youtube/social media algorithm push extremist content on me!" panic. I think people are embarrassed to admit admit how much political and controversial shit they interact with or they're unaware that the content they interact with is categorised as political and controversial (eg memes about Karen , laughing at cringe people on tiktok, r/whitepeopletwitter etc).

For whatever reason I'm 90% that if you're in the US, or if your country receives US content, then you're more likely to get political shit. When I went to Europe I rarely got political posts on reddit's popular or all subreddit.

No. 1494088

>I just hate the ones without doctor-diagnosed dysphoria.
I try to be the same but after finding out about the hostile and toxic culture of gender research and subpar system gender clinics and therapists have I've grown more resentful

No. 1494098

Ignoring would even be better than the stuff I’ve witnessed tbh. I’ve seen people who scream and hit their kids all day while child protective services do nothing AND they keep having more and more new babies and end up with like 7 kids that they hate all of and keep verbally and physically abusing. Just making these kids lives hell and often creating intergenerational trauma that continues in their grandkids. It makes me absolutely miserable that there are children who have to grow up in households of parents who just have them without thinking like that and detest them. People need to be committed to giving their kid the best and most compassionate healthy upbringing possible or seriously avoid having children.

No. 1494103

That's not unpopular, lol. Every women and her inferior waste of a husband who spits out a child runs to protect every women who doesn't breastfeed. They dogpile science and screech "Fed is best!" when you point out that out of breast feeding or formula fed, breast feeding is best by a huge margin.
Only 30% of women breastfeed for the recommended year.

No. 1494119

i think a lot of them feel guilty that they weren't able to breastfeed for as long as they wanted/at all, so they feel like they have to cape for formula. im sure there are lazy mothers out there who just go straight to formula, but i think most people are aware that breastfeeding is superior by every metric and so develop an inferiority complex about it

No. 1494133

Nta and this could go in the stupid questions thread, but are human milk donation centers not a thing in usa and europe? I'm from a third world country and they seem to, in general, be common in poorer countries, but I was once talking about it in a discord server and it was a completely alien concept to a first worlder.

No. 1494147

i've never heard about it

No. 1494174

AYART, it heavily depends on the health care provider, if there's other issues going on in the troon's life, et cetera. For example, a FtM that's been sexually abused her whole life probably doesn't actually have dysphoria, just trauma. But a FtM that never went through that in any capacity, or at least wasn't raped, would probably actually have dysphoria.
Also, while Planned Parenthood is great for things like getting women's health care, they're notorious for not even getting troons a dysphoria dx and handing them a waver instead. Which, is a horrible idea and can lead to them developing it instead, which is why most detransition and become TERFs, not that that's a bad thing.
But I do agree, that it's an extremely complicated issue that most health care providers need to do a better job at. It's like when in the 2000s everyone seemed to have ADHD, and while some absolutely did, others did not.

No. 1494175

They are a thing, but one, women don't seem to use them unless their baby can't take formula at all, and two, the amounts needed far outstrip the amounts donated. 46% of women formula feed from 3 weeks on because they can't produce enough milk.

No. 1494176

File: 1675872737068.jpeg (148.23 KB, 520x716, E4F9F7F7-B4B0-4930-A446-75C90E…)

I’ve heard about colostrum being donated from mothers who over produce milk and give them to nicu infants. Milk banks aren’t really advertised as much in the US unless you need it or keep up with organizations that help mothers

No. 1494178

Tbh I would bomb the shit out of a “milk bank”

No. 1494186

File: 1675873233010.jpg (48.91 KB, 736x552, 4a8edbfb48916bb4210a6ccea231ed…)

No. 1494191

Agreed. Most of the shit we're made to feel self-conscious about is because the fashion industry is run by bitchy gay men

No. 1494204

why though

No. 1494219

Sorry nonna but circumcision is barbaric, outdated, and serves no purpose. I hate the US's obsession with it so much.

No. 1494223

Turtlenecks seething- FORESKIN IS SIN!

No. 1494225

First time hearing about a milk bank. That's nice that these exist for women who need them.

No. 1494245

You can’t love yourself unless someone else loves you. Self love isn’t real for the most part.

No. 1494258

You're just mad that you don't get to eat THE FORBIDDEN CHEESE.

No. 1494260

My unpopular opinion is that anti-circumcision fags are retarded. Preferring uncut dick is fine but spending your time arguing about men being cut or not is weird.

No. 1494264

Same, people who don't eat most fruits and vegetables like a fucking 3 year old child preaching how their high fat, artery clogging diets are superior makes me seethe kek

No. 1494269

Ariana grande is not botched from plastic surgery she just has anorexia face which is why she looks like that right now. Anyone who had been anorexic or knows anorexic knows what I’m talking about.

No. 1494286

Flip side is when their scrote starts to bald they're still young enough to move on successfully. If they don't take the opportunity to either make savings or make the older scrote finance their lifestyle in some way they've failed.

No. 1494290

No. 1494297

File: 1675880327531.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

please stop samefagging i'm begging

No. 1494298

She’s going to come around in 5 years crying how she was groomed but she probably is calling everyone a jealous hag right now

No. 1494299

last time I checked you don't need to sanitize and decontaminate a banana before it's safe for consumption. looking forward to your early gastric bypass surgery though, meatfag! what is it with americans and doing the most mental gymnastics to justify their unhealthy gorging and refusal to eat fruits and vegetables? sad

No. 1494308

>Preferring ___ dick is fine but spending your time arguing about men being cut or not is weird.
the exact same can be said for pro-circ spergs too, it's just that burgers tend to assume what is mainstream in their country is mainstream everywhere

No. 1494311

this isn't a "poor people" thing. this is a shitty parenting thing, which unfortunately, class struggle, poverty, and lack of access to resources like education, childcare, food and housing only exacerbate.

I know rich and well off people who have had kids with men just to keep them, and rich men who have had kids they don't want because they didn't want to wear a condom, then proceed to ignore the child for 18 years because they think money replaces parenting. This isn't a poor people only thing. This is just a shitty parenting thing. Stop projecting your judgements towards specific extreme situations of child neglect under poverty to justify feeling this way towards the 3.9 million people enduring poverty in Burgerland. I assure you that for every careless "welfare queen" type you use to justify this idea that there is an equally, if not worse rich counterpart to that "parent", and for every shitty example of a poor person, there are dozens of single mothers and impoverished couples who break their backs to work to keep a roof over their kids' heads and do what they can with what they have.

This is coming from someone who was literally sold for drugs as a child and raised by a community because of lack of parents due to poverty and incarceration. I get where this idea is coming from, I felt the same way…when I was 12. Then I realized a good chunk of it was just me believing the same anti-poor talking points used by the upper class to justify bootstraps theory and keeping Americans poor.

No. 1494327

>which unfortunately, class struggle, poverty, and lack of access to resources like education, childcare, food and housing only exacerbate.
Soooo it's a poor person thing? If something is only found in 5% of rich people, but is found in 60% of poor people, that makes it a poor person thing.

No. 1494331

File: 1675881546829.jpeg (175.06 KB, 1122x1494, BAF589A1-F73C-4907-BD1C-E2807F…)

> Men can beat the shit out their girlfriends/wives, cheat on them, gaslight them and verbally abuse them, and they will still go back and love them unconditionally
kek exactly and as a bisexual woman I can’t help but be resentful because though I have no desire to treat women badly I know damn well they wouldn’t put up with a smidge of what their scrote does/says if it was coming from me, even in friendships it’s been proven to me time and time again

No. 1494346

It's not and if you had been around a lot of rich people you would now it. I went to high school with a lot of rich kids and their parents were on average pretty hopeless. It is just easier to hide parental neglect if you have money, that's all.

No. 1494355

Richfags can cry harder about their parents. At least you had food and nice shit. If you’re rich and end up failing at life I will blame you because you still had plenty of resources, literally all you had to do is the bare minimum instead of throwing yourself in the mud and just deciding to lie there forever in a pity party.

No. 1494363

Being rich doesn't matter if you're a sperg or your parents don't have connections.

No. 1494373

Yes it does stfu

No. 1494375

Same. Imagine chopping your literal babies genitals because reasons? My sister just had a son and she did not do it, but apparently you cant circumsize them after 2 months old. Also, they need to wear special gauze to prevent infection and be on medicine. No other country I know outside the US that isnt hyper religion based does this.

No. 1494378

If you are a sperg rich parents can afford to indulge into your special interest and then you can become rich from it. Meanwhile poor parents would just beat their kids for being weird or the dad would rape them.

No. 1494379

I grew up in spanish harlem nyc and there staggering amount of people growing up in poverty because they had kids with different men is awful. So many families with half siblings and no fathers, living in the same apartment for generations because they are too poor to leave. Severe poverty is awful and no one should have to go through it, but bringing in kids you cant even afford to raise into the world is just sad to me. Proper education means a lot.

No. 1494382

I've read somewhere that doing this shit to baby boys happens a lot in South Korea and I don't think it's a very religious country, crazy sects aside. But it's probably because of the USA's influence on the country anyway.

No. 1494386

Koreans are american dick suckers. They are a highly christian conservative nation. Pathetic.

No. 1494391

>Meanwhile poor parents would just beat their kids for being weird or the dad would rape them.
What? I mean, yeah, that happens but that's not really the majority of poor people with sperg kids. Sometimes they do their best for their sperglings to become rich with their sperging.
Like I know the news are fucked up when it comes to poor people, and I also don't support poor people having 12 kids each family, but not every poor family is full of straight up mongoloids.

No. 1494406

Nta but ok bitch enjoy your non-moldy home with an intact roof and your medical care and food and decent schooling, I’ll be over here suffering 3 weeks with a broken leg that my parents keep insisting is just a sprain because we can’t afford to go to the ER. Then I’ll hobble over to our tiny local library that doesn’t have a single non-fiction book, no computers, no internet to enjoy some air conditioning before walking 2 miles to the church so I can eat dinner and drink potable for the first time this week.

No. 1494418

Well, sorry about your shit life I guess, but there's still at least a 2% of poor people that are nice, caring and loving to their children and do everything in their power to help them.
I've talked to lots of poor people while doing my internships and doing volunteering work, and there's at least always a family of poor people that's just really nice and that are willing to do their best to help their kids, that know where to seek help when their kids are hurt and that because they're nice, they're never told "no".
So yeah, you can stay bitter about it, but not everyone is plain evil.

No. 1494421

nta but you really need to stfu about situations you don't understand nor have experienced before hand

No. 1494424

Who said anything about evil? We’re saying that rich spergs struggle is nothing compared to poor people. If you’re rich and you become anything less than upper middle class then you did it to yourself

No. 1494427

>who said anything about evil
The anon talking about how every poor family having a sperg will just beat up their sperg or rape him/her?

No. 1494430

Okay then, tell us your life story so we can all pat your butt and understand where are you coming from.

No. 1494431

They didn’t even say every poor parent kek and it’s obviously a generalization which is unfortunately true. Are you autistic?

No. 1494435

Just a regular sperg reading a thread full of some very special and brave spergs.

No. 1494437

It isn't true though. Rich people parents can be just as shitty as poor people parents, which you would know if you left your house and actually interacted with people once in a while.

No. 1494438

>I’m really bitter about having it pointed out how out of touch I am and having to read struggles that real poor people actually have to face. I’m sure calling them brave and special snowflakes will make me look less retarded!

No. 1494442

Nta They can be just a shitty but stupid people are usually broke and shouldn’t have kids. I make only 15 an hour but im not poor because I know how to budget. Stupid people usually lack empathy therefore fuck poor parents.

No. 1494445

Kek anon why are you so mad? I'm just saying you're special and brave, are you autistic as well?

No. 1494447

Hating on poor people while earning minimum wage is some peak American shit. Sorry about your home country.

No. 1494452

retards like you should move to the favelas or some random hood, then i would like to hear your opinion

No. 1494453

Unpopular opinion: poor people have it worse.

No. 1494462

KEK, apparently unpopular

No. 1494463

I was raised poor with family who made more than I ever had but they were just bad with money. I can only imagine the horror kids of jobless parents had to go through. It’s not that hard to put a condom on.

No. 1494464

I live somewhere where we have gang shootings on the regular and I still don't have it in me to hate poor people.

No. 1494465


No. 1494467

Nta but I don’t hate poor people I just hate the ones who don’t understand the concept of birth control and condoms and then condemn their children to the same hell they had to go through because raw sex feels better.

No. 1494468

Don't worry, anon, as we can see under your post, this thread is full of redditards and underagefags.

No. 1494472

Not underaged. I’m 29 and I still live in the ghetto. I see how single baby mommas and their baby daddies think. I just do better than everyone in my area because I actually know how to save and invest and I don’t have kids.

No. 1494473

Sorry but this is retarded anon. There's so many other things you can do that would fuck up your child way worse than bottle-feeding them. Bottle-feeding isn't bad. People are always coming up with some stupid shit to judge mothers for.

No. 1494475

>everyone who disagrees with me is underage/a redditor/etc

No. 1494477

NTA but it's been proven that babies who are bottlefed/breast fed do better. Formula should be a last resort if you truly cannot breast feed. There is no shame in using formula, but being breast fed does give you massive benefits for both baby and mother.

No. 1494479

Unfortunately it's not an American only phenomenon. I live in an euro country and nothing ever gets better because poor people have been effectively conditioned into putting down eachother the same way.

No. 1494486

I'm talking about bottle-feeding with milk, which anon seems to think is bad. Even with formula you're not "fucking them over for life" and giving them mommy issues.

No. 1494487

This. Poor people distrust and sabotage each other quit often

No. 1494490

Like cow's milk? I personally would not give my baby cows milk because of the hormones, but that is me. It fucked me up as a kid. I had asthma and massive issues because of being fed cows milk a lot.

No. 1494493

Breast milk, I think cow milk is gross too tbh I wouldn't feed that to a baby. My cousin did it with her baby though. I thought it was weird.

No. 1494495

Breast milk is better for your child. It has been medically proven. There are many women who pump and pour into a bottle. There is nothing wrong with that method.

No. 1494501

It hasn't or at least not to the extent that you think it has. Breast feeding is better if you live in a third world country without access to clean water but the medical effects of breast feeding is pretty small in the great scheme of things.

No. 1494508

NTA. I hate people commenting on others' diet, period. What someone chooses to eat is their problem, so when ketofags try to shove it down the throat of EVERYONE ELSE, it's annoying. Ana-Chans (rattle rattle) commenting on someone being "thinspo" or "fatspo" is fucking retarded and annoying as well. So are fats who try to shame people for being thin.
Why can't we all stop shitflinging about that?

No. 1494513

NTA, but breastmilk has absolutely been proven to be better. It results in children who get sick less often, have higher IQs, and who have better growth weights than their formula fed peers. Sorry you've been brainwashed by Nestle, but breast is best.

No. 1494516

I agree that breastmilk is better, I just didn't agree with OPs notion that anything but breastfeeding is bad and basically abuse.

No. 1494517

Breast feeding is great for the baby but the mothers and fathers iq average is much more important than breast milk, unfortunately.

No. 1494518

If you actually look at the studies they do not control for socio-economic factors and when you do that most of the benefits go away. Women who breastfeed tend to be of higher socio-economic status and have higher IQ, which is why their kids turn out better for instance.

No. 1494547

If you have naturally clear skin do not start skin care. I ruined myself this way.

No. 1494556

lmao are you serious? in general the cheapest option is to breastfeed your baby. That's why it was so cruel how Nestlé marketed formula in Africa. Women who would have breastfed were told they should use formula instead (aggressively) and given free formula. Their milk dried up and then they were forced to either find another woman who could help feed the baby or buy the formula.

So maybe this is true about studies done at a certain period of time in, say, one small group of Americans or something, but breastfeeding used to be the norm, not something only rich, smart women did. In fact, rich women used to find wet nurses to take over breastfeeding for them.

Obviously formula is a lifesaver for some babies and women. But the healthiest and most economical way will always be to breastfeed.

No. 1494557

it's both, nona

No. 1494565

They cheapest option is to breastfeed your baby, but it is still women from higher socioeconomic classes who do breastfeed. There are plenty of stats to back that up.

No. 1494584

Hereditary factors are much more important, but the study I saw controlled for social economic factors so it wasn't just poor vs rich.

No. 1494587

Which study were you looking at and did they control for the IQ of the parents as well as socio economic status?

No. 1494615

This sounds like a crock of shit. genes will always be vastly more important than IQ (as IQ can be learned, but you cannot change genetics) in raising a child. Both are important, however this is why genetic screenings are important. Look how many autistic children exist now a days.

No. 1494619

I said same thing, i said genes, aka mother and fathers iq, is more important.

No. 1494620

File: 1675895349537.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.46 KB, 763x465, lulu_hashimoto.jpg)

I unironically think that kigurumi is cute. I have always loved masks, costumes and dolls from a crafts perspective and kigurumi feels like a nice homoage to those crafts. It just sucks that you only see it in japanese kids shows or in the fetish scene(yuck). There are some rare cases like Lulu Hashimoto that are made for adults but isn't geared towards fetishists either I wish it was more common. But I know that the living doll thing is extremely disliked so that isn't going to be wide spread either.
For me kigurumi is just cute. I don't find it uncanny, I don't find it sexy and frankly I find it weird how anyone could either be spooked out or aroused of it), it's just a cute way to make costumes

No. 1494630

File: 1675896182658.png (279.52 KB, 1000x931, 1525342805247.png)

My unpopular opinion is that nothing will ever be enough for you and so all your achievements that you work so hard for will feel meaningless.

No. 1494637

Her costume is so cute. I love her ball joint-patterned zentai suit it's such a nice touch to the aesthetic.

No. 1494650

i tune out people who insist on claiming they're empaths and make it a personality trait. being empathetic doesn't make one special or unique even though there are people out there that clearly lack the ability to show empathy.

No. 1494737

File: 1675906369451.jpg (35.35 KB, 720x757, 1647896404948.jpg)

People that hate drinking water/hate the taste of water are fucking weird. I used to be that way until I cut juice, milk, and soda out of my diet entirely and now I love water. I feel like it's an excuse to eat or drink unhealthy shit 24/7, which is fine, but they often have such a complex about it like "look at me I don't like water!!!" Nobody fucking cares that you have the diet of a toddler.

No. 1494857

Nta but what a bizarre response.

No. 1494867

I used to be one of these people. My parents would always tell me that i need to drink water but would never buy enough water for the family to enjoy so for a couple of years i only drank juice. I know you are thinking, why can't i drink tap water and it's because tap water where i lived was chalky and unpleasant to drink and i was too retarded to just boil it. They eventually rectified their error. When you cut down on drinking sodas water actually tastes amazing. My favourite thing to do in the morning is drinking mildly chilled water, it's like i am on full hp when i just down half a bottle. The side to all this is that we all drink those individually packaged kirkland waters so we are killing the planet 100%. Those filtered water jugs just wouldn't last two seconds.

No. 1494871

I only understand if they have shitty pipes and the water does taste like shit t. am from a place with delicious funky fresh clean water

No. 1494873

Drinking water feels great. It kind of feels like breathing while consuming something at the same time. Very refreshing.

No. 1494952

File: 1675928215097.jpg (317.38 KB, 1152x2048, FVLw-UyUsAAEp34.jpg)

I believe that the vast majority of western radfem are more ignorant then the average westerner and completely moronic, like seriously they do piss me off sometimes with their shocking levels of ignorance
They seem to unwilling to even admit that the rest of the world is more misognystic then there liberal western nation and the university bubbles they occupy, a 12 year shoe shiner has more for womankind then the collective works of the fatsocs who sniffed each other's farts endlessly(racebaiting)

No. 1494955

Hey Paki-chan >>>ot/1463067

No. 1494956

No. 1494957

Why rad specifically? Are you pro-prostitution and trannies? Why the ones that are against the more retarded aspects of 'current year' stuff? It always comes off as bait kek. I thought you hated Muslims, or are you pro the idea of transing the gay away?

No. 1494968

>Are you pro-prostitution and trannies?
of course not, both are sadly very common in my country
>I thought you hated Muslims, or are you pro the idea of transing the gay away?
WTF are you on about, I just western radfems are incredibly ignorant morons who refuse to just even understand the fucking reality of what's right in front of them

No. 1494977

Ok pickme, go drool over skinnyfat ugly arab men or your cousin

No. 1494982

I hate skinnyfatmen and I would never ever be with an Arab, nothing against them but I don't ever wanna hear an Arab name ever again in my life

No. 1494987

Why do arabs have such strong self hatred? Both Arab men and women try their hardest to date non-arabs(racebait)

No. 1494993

I'm not an Arab you fucking Idiot, I'm a proud Jatt
I hate Islam cause its an Arab supremacist religion

No. 1494996

You sound like MRA morons who bring up "why don't you go to Afghanistan, there you'll see what oppression means" to distract from misogyny in the west. I haven't heard a radfem deny that most parts of the world are more misogynistic than the west, you're making that up.

No. 1494998

again did you read my post, tell me where I state that misogyny doesn't exist in the west(I just said that average western radfem are ignorant idiots) also there's literally a user on /2X/ arguing that all religions and all men are equally bad, so there's no point in being against Islam

No. 1495011

>complains about western feminists somehow not understanding misogyny by being misogynist and calling them idiots
And you're being such a good feminist, right?

No. 1495014

You're the one who's ignorant by generalizing western radfems based on some bad takes anons make on lolcor or other sites. Why do you think we all think all men and societies were equally bad? I see these takes too but they're not the majority.

No. 1495022

I used to never drink water either because it made me feel full, yeah I ate THAT much and I was a teenage spoop despite living off of mountain dew and cheetos and then adulthood crashed into me and I have to watch what I eat now D :but at the same time now I don't even like soda or juice. I'm actually grossed out at how I thought juice was healthy, it's kind of insidious how they market it as that when it's got the same amount of sugar as a can of soda in like a 15ml serving.
soda feels like it dissolves my esophagus and juice feels like it's corrosive on my teeth. I don't see how you can't like water, like I've seen obese women post "what I eat in a day" and it's processed garbage but AT LEAST they drink water with all the fixing!

No. 1495040

File: 1675944655742.png (107.29 KB, 170x256, 170px-Contemporaine_afb_jeanne…)

objectively many prominent radical feminist's were idiots
this goes way back though, like so many of them had no understanding of history or basically mammalian biology, like Dworkin got every fact about Joan of arc wrong just so she could justify her shit takes(like I'm sure the religiously devout illiterate peasant was totally fighting for radical feminism and wouldn't have Dworkin and supporters beaten with the hilt of her sword for daring to deny god)

No. 1495045

File: 1675944955510.jpg (281.91 KB, 683x1023, 33817458184_2cb134ca25_b.jpg)

samefag, the church had her re-tried in 1456, 25 years after her execution, and was canonized as a "martyr" and the English and Burgundians priests that sentenced were branded as "heretics who sentenced an innocent woman in the pursuit of a secular vendetta" and her sentence was nulled, and her first trial declared fraudulent, she was a popular folk saint in France for centuries afterwards and was officially canonized by catholic church in 1920, I don't understand where Dworkin got the claim that church hated Joan of arc and wanted her dead for fighting against the patriarchy, also she's been the symbol of various right wing ultra nationalist parties in France for a century now
Joan also practiced religious fasting and so a walking glutton like dworkin would have been hated by her just based on her appearance

No. 1495049

Why do women on social media with rectangular bodies keep insisting that they're curvy? This is like the 5th girl I've seen late who made a huge deal about how she was super curvy then when I click on her profile she is completely box shaped, like if I had to guess measurements I'd assume something like 37-30-36, it's even more ironic since most of the time they're putting down skinny women who have the same exact body shape as them. It use to be fat girls trying to insist they're curvy but what's even the point now if you have zero curves truly?

No. 1495051

I’ve read this same exact post years ago on here with the same phrasing. It also had an image of a brown woman attached to it. Pakichan, is that you? The average third world woman thinks god created her to be a slave so I wouldn’t dare talk shit about modern women if I were you. Your cowardice has made you an enslaved race. The reason western women have rights is because they’re organised and fought for it meanwhile you still get stoned to death like whores in the bible. If you’re so brave why don’t you kill your abusers?

No. 1495053

She was french (sub-human) therefore hated by god. No amount of fasting can fix that. Dworkin could bench press her skinny 15 year old body into an origami pelican. The french are directly responsible for all modern philosophy justifying pedophilia AND the corruption of the industrial revolution. Therefore, they have been cursed by god and none of them will escape eternal hellfire.(L'UTILISATEUR A ÉTÉ MIS AU PÂTURAGE)

No. 1495058

File: 1675946819830.jpg (521.17 KB, 1200x1200, c0899c7125.jpg)

>Your cowardice has made you an enslaved race. The reason western women have rights is because they’re organised and fought for it
This is what I hate, like this self centered attitude and self assuredness, do you think we are just naturally meak and submissive and that women here don't dream of even basic standards, no it gets beaten into us, do you know what happens when we try to have women's rights protests, Islamists beat us with sticks and stones, when the Taliban approached many Kabul women took up arms to fight them and they lost cause the Taliban could fight better(that's politics in a nutshell here) it didn't matter who is correct or how horrendous the other side may have been, they could enforce their will cause they were stronger and could beat the other factions
If all afghan women were replaced with western women, they'd be beaten into submission as well and let me tell you being beaten hurts(I got hit by a random woman I didn't know for not wearing a veil in public and people cheered her) and it takes away your will to fight

No. 1495060

Keep seething online. Can you go outside on your own or no?

No. 1495105

They are usually either fat girls who lost weight or slim girls who work out and think that made them get a butt and so they're "curvy" in their eyes compared to before.

No. 1495108

You do realize how incredibly small the actually amount of radfems is compared to libsfems and conservative pickmes in the west, right? You're bitching at a group that has barely any power irl in terms of politics. Maybe complain more productively. Christ. How does bitching at radfems help you? Maybe it's time to get a diary.
>They seem to unwilling to even admit that the rest of the world is more misognystic then there liberal western nation and the university bubbles they occupy,
Nta but that is what anon's replying to. I have never heard anyone ever say the westerners have it worse. Even so, fighting about that is so trite.

No. 1495124

Ngl I really dislike being reminded of Islam's existence, I don't want to hear about its fucked up practices, "fasting", Allah or whatever, I don't give a shit and I hate it, it actually disturbs my peace

No. 1495127

I also don't give a single shit about Arabs or their 190999 ethnicities, whoever is spamming daily useless info about them needs to stop(unsaged racebait)

No. 1495260

seething about blonde hair and blue eyes is kinda funny when people say stuff like how people wouldn't find some blonde and blue eyed women so attractive if they had different colored hair and eyes, like "if it wasn't for their outer appearance they wouldn't be considered so attractive!!" lmao?? (no i don't have blonde hair or blue eyes before you even start)

No. 1495263


No. 1495265

File: 1675964347558.png (516.14 KB, 800x1048, 800px-The_Daily_Mirror,_19_Nov…)

first suffragettes were physically abused as well.

No. 1495268

File: 1675964565448.jpg (64.15 KB, 615x409, PROD-Suffragette-c-1910.jpg)

here's some more civilized western police men respecting women demanding for their rights

No. 1495291

are you a fucking moron? when did I say that western women didn't fight for their rights, all I said that I found the idea that you Idiots spouted about how we simply "are weak" for not challenging men to be offensive, also we get beaten by mobs instead of being escorted by the police

No. 1495293

It's because people with brown eyes tend to look good both ways, whereas blue eyed people don't. I.e. blue eyed people don't need to be as structurally attractive

No. 1495296

I have a theory male preference for blonde hair, blue eyes, and lack of intelligence indicates male tendency for pedophilia. Blonde hair and blue eyes are traits many babies and children grow out of. Extremely light blonde hair rarely stays past puberty.

I have done exactly 0 research on whether this has been studied before so I presume it has. If not, look out for me doxing myself in a couple years bc I will write it up as something about men having preferences for extreme neoteny.

No. 1495303

I don’t agree. Most brunettes who try to go blonde end up looking 10 years older.

No. 1495304

its really not complicated, its down to the simple fact those features are somewhat, a few of my relatives are a bit taller and have light colored eyes and hair and people follow them around constantly just cause of their features, if they had natural purple hair and orange eyes people would also follow them

No. 1495308

Where is brunette hair mentioned in this post? Found the blonde.

No. 1495317

I agree with you on this nona but can you at least sage your shit

me too, it's a red flag when people emphasize that they're empaths. It should be common sense to be an empath and nothing to be extra proud of.

No. 1495326

Idk what empath even means lately. I watch vids about missing person cases and I keep coming across comments like
> As an empath, I sense that this child is in a body of water
Does it mean being a psychic or a medium now?

No. 1495337

Probably not unpopular here but anyway blended families are retarded and selfish. Divorced parents should just be celibate until the kid hits 18 or have casual relationships outside the home that don't impact the kids. It's fucking evil to expose a teenage girl to a revolving door of creepy live-in step dads and step brothers. It occasionally works but 99% of the time the parents are being selfish and destroying their kid's stability for the coom. I think it's especially sad when parents blend the family and then have new kids with the new spouse. In some cases I'm sure it works out but the majority of the time, new kid is the real kid and older kids become second-class citizens in their own home.

Idk I feel like it doesn't get talked about enough how damaging it all is. I'm a millennial so I grew up with divorce and blended families being the norm and most of my friends have some trauma or another from the blending. I just don't believe it's healthy to be a child and have random kids coming into your home and becoming your "siblings" based on who your parent happens to be fucking. I think it fucks us up on a lizard-brain level, having the family unit disrupted that much. Especially with how weird and distant we all tend to be with extended family, like it's normal for people to not have relationships with cousins/aunts/etc but a kid you've met exactly twice is now your "brother" because daddy married a boymom. "Hey buddy, you've never met your cousins because uhh idk I just don't talk to your aunt much but I'm fucking this random kid's mom so he's your FAMILY now.". Collapse of western civilization etc.

No. 1495346


No. 1495348

Women are only considered the more attractive gender because they take good care of themselves (even average women wear sunscreen, wash their faces, and use moisturizer) and because on average the world is getting fatter, and naturally women carry fat way better than men. Most men are skinnyfat, chubby, or obese, which makes their bodies and faces look like abominations. Men aren't supposed to be lardasses who have 0 muscle definition, much like women aren't supposed to have no body fat.

No. 1495363

I agree. Too many divorced parents try to “win” the divorce by being the first one to move on and get remarried, but all it does is fuck with the kids.

No. 1495371

yeah. western women got beaten up and yet still managed to gain rights. seethe.

No. 1495379

You do not need to sage on ot

No. 1495395

I don’t like pewdiepie

No. 1495396

I don't think that's unpopular anywhere 13 and under.

No. 1495397

How the hell did we go from this to pandering to men in dresses??

No. 1495425

Sorry to say it but it really doesn't seem like they were assaulted to the same extent that women all over the world were and still are.

No. 1495556

>it's a red flag when people emphasize that they're empaths

i guess now people are taking it to mean whatever the hell they want to mean. personally i don’t think empaths exist. being empathetic is a basic human function. before all this rage about being an “empath” the only time i’d see that word was in fictional novels. but also people are commenting on missing people cases talking about being an empath? somehow feels disrespectful and unhinged.

No. 1495573

Please god stop talking about your brother please please

No. 1495627

Ban me for racebait, but this has to be said.

So many white women I know shamelessly drain welfare so much more than black people, they just have the social sense to be quiet about it and most people think they're not on benefits.

There's this girl I know that gets $3600 a month with a "PTSD" diagnosis from her time in the military. She's perfectly fine, she goes to conventions in cosplay and is perfectly functioning and happy, has a boyfriend with a well paying job, she lives an absolutely upper class lifestyle and can waste so much more on her cosplay toys than anyone else. Nobody would know she's collecting the average income for the country in "disability" on top of her part time job, while her boyfriend earns six figures.

This isn't strange or unusual. Blacks in the ghetto will bleat on about wanting more money for whatever because they're suffering genuinely withe crime problems. These people in suburbia are draining the system 4x as much but keep comfortably smug about it.(racebait)

No. 1495637

>gets $3600 a month with a "PTSD" diagnosis from her time in the military.
That's not welfare, that's military benefits kek. I guess you're with her 24/7 to know that her PTSD is invalid too because a convention floor is the same thing as military duty.

No. 1495643

File: 1675997430755.jpg (173.64 KB, 976x949, _104463594_ff.jpg)

No. 1495651

You can literally tell when someone is happy and thriving more than most people. $3,600 a month is a lot of money, she's gobbling up more than three welfare mammies and feels no shame about it.

No. 1495654

She's not on welfare though.

No. 1495658

File: 1675997965377.jpg (42.92 KB, 720x530, 1660060648182.jpg)

>There's this girl I know that gets $3600 a month with a "PTSD" diagnosis from her time in the military.
Jesus, that's a lot of money. Like, what did she do to get such a diagnosis? How long in the military, doing what in the military? Asking for a friend of course.

No. 1495660

Some rear echelon role, she was mostly interviewing Afghan citizens. She was there for only three years.

And I know, it's a looooot. She let it slip one day while we were out drinking and I thought it was just a bizarre humblebrag/lie. But someone else I know in the army laughed and confirmed that's how much they get for veteran's disability, and why every second solider gets discharged with "muh PTSD".

No. 1495662

I wasn't talking about my brother, me and him and wheat brown(we're just tall)

No. 1495667

You girls know that it's not exactly easy to get into the military, right? After you're cleared in exams, you have to go through boot camps and training where they do things like completely dehumanize you. If you go into the Marines, if you break your foot on a hike you keep hiking on pace with everyone else. Going to and being in Afghanistan isn't exactly fun either.

No. 1495671

you're sol for the military if you have mental illnesses or your eyesight is bad kek

No. 1495672

The risk reward though…still probably not worth it.

No. 1495674

wtf is an sol? Just pointing out things because the original anon/probably you was clearly uninformed and seemed jealous to me lmao.

No. 1495676

If you naturally rebel against authority and don't deal well with psychological torment it's not worth the 20% discount at applebees and a few thousand in college tuition no

No. 1495677

SOL also abbreviated s.o.l. is an acronym meaning "shit outta luck"

No. 1495678

Then I apologize for my aggression towards the nonny. I do have bad eyesight too kek

No. 1495693

I don't like uncut men. I said it. I think foreskin is weird and smells, cut looks better etc. (no i don't agree with it being done on babies)

No. 1495726

The amount of sexual abuse female soldiers face from male soldiers is insane. Joining the military is not good for anyone.

No. 1495727

Yeah military disability is separate from welfare. Also $3600 seems extremely high. My crazy dad whose brain was melted by his PTSD was in the forced for 20 years and was only getting about $1200 a month in military disability. Either anon is mistaken or this girl is much more severely disabled than she may seem kek.

No. 1495729

There are tons of moids out there who don’t marry the woman they love the most, the marry the “easy” women who ask so little of them they can get away with anything.

No. 1495730

How many suffragettes were intentionally killed by their governments or men they were related to, married to, etc? How many forced into child marriages, had their genitals mutilated, blocked from any kind of education, etc? Some places in the world are even more misogynistic and brutal than others, I get wanting to dunk on paki-chan but it's dumb to make it into a "we just fought harder hehe" thing.

No. 1495738

File: 1676005568229.jpg (125.81 KB, 1125x1217, 1659991728087617.jpg)

Or they marry whoever's around when they decide it's time to get married

No. 1495742

God almighty I hate moids who have this hair. I praise the gods everyday for having been born into a family line where the men do not bald. My grandfather on his deathbed had more hair than most of my coworkers (aged 25-30) have now.

No. 1495743

File: 1676007815387.jpg (99.7 KB, 728x546, 1672805739551102.jpg)

There is no wall more absolute than going bald. We can maintain our bodies and our skin, dress and act youthfully, but moids have no defense against the complete de-sexualization that occurs when they start balding. It's impossible to find attractive and near impossible to fix, karma for their obsession with female youth.

No. 1495747

I agree. My parents divorced when I was 6 and I had many step dads. Two of them were extra creepy to my younger sister… I wish parents could see how divorce truly affects the kids.
Now my sister has two kids from different men and I worry about her going down a similar path. Stuff like this still affects you well into adulthood. Broken families are horrible.

No. 1495761

Black men get with the absolute bottom of the barrel, ugly white women whereas black women, more often end up with good quality white men who are nice with decent jobs. Just my observation as a WW.

No. 1495772

Moids tend to have shit tier taste in women then have the nerve to complain about how easily fatties/uggos get laid. I feel this way for most moids who fetishize any other race, white/non Asian moids who go for Asian girls, Indian moids who go for white girls, or anywhere else in-between. It's typically because they value race so much that they'll go for bottom of the barrel women who have no room to be picky, where as women picking men they see them as people and not just bragging point about how they're dating a thicc white girl or something

No. 1495774

Step parents can be helpful if they're actually good people. My step dad was always respectful towards me and moved me and my mom in a nice home and paid for college and my car. The issue is that so many women don't understand their value because they fall for the "no one wants a single mom" lie so they attach themselves to every moid that comes onto them regardless of red flags. It's simply just successful gaslighting from society for women to lower their standards and put them in dangerous situations. IMO single moms should especially have high standards since it's more of a risk to choose the wrong guy where as young childfree don't need to worry about kids, their home situation or anything else

No. 1495776

This really makes it sound like that anon struck a nerve. She didn't say anything incorrect, don't act like you haven't seen what she's talking about in action. Love yourselves enough to stop dating shitty moids, and quit being fucking weird and spiteful toward women of other races kek.

No. 1495782

Big disagree, almond milk is better and it's great that it's cheaper. I'm sipping some almond milk as we type.

No. 1495789

Anons get so offended when we talk about how men have shit tier taste kek as if they were the women we are discussing. I'm a lesbian but I posted a while ago about how a male friend talked big game about dating a blonde with big tits just for him to pull up some jabba the hut looking girl with a face like honey boo boos mom pre surgery. I don't care about the attention but the issue is that these same men will typically be the first one to insult conventionally attractive women but then either go for women who are objectively unattractive or just women with awful plastic surgery and an artificial appearance. I remember every year when the Victoria's secret fashion show comes out it's usually ugly fat women and their greasy boyfriends the first ones to come together and insult the models by calling them flat or mannish or something. Humbling out people is good

No. 1496396

I mean all that shit was kinda a thing before western women fought for their rights. And yet for example child marriages in fact are still a thing in the west, see the mormons etc.

No. 1496566

You need some what smooth and clear skin for makeup to look good on you. If you don’t have clear skin it’s kind of pointless to try to cover it because you’re making yourself look dirty.

No. 1496567

Intelligence in men is pretty unattractive and unappealing. It either comes packaged with the same sort of annoying arrogance the AGP trannies I work with have, that Sheldon Cooper type of arrogance and narrowmindedness. Or they're super polite, but it's a false politeness driven by their apprehensive nature and insecurity, and really is just meekness.

Intelligent men annoy me a lot, I don't know why.

No. 1496573

Agreed. Also poreless skin. None of those pore smoothing products have ever looked good on me as somebody with massive pores. They are all a scam and my skin looks better without foundation. I'd go as far to say that most people look better without foundation even if they have full blown acne.

No. 1496581

Some women will never be able to deal with how much they value male attention over everything so they always need be defensive when they are called out for it. I think being that way just means you are a worthless human being being with nothing going on in your life because more often or not, these women have no life goals beyond chasing men, negging their daughters and being failures in life.

No. 1496645

Isn’t it just men in general? For every golden retriever man there’s a man that has convinced himself he’s the mind of a generation because he’s too stupid to realize how stupid he is. But I agree, smart men are rarely ever humble. Even if they don’t say it out loud, they eventually go mask off and make it clear they think they’re smarter than everyone else. Very unattractive.

No. 1496748

I see what you mean, but retarded men drive me crazy, it's like tyou can't communicate with them, gun to the head I'd rather date a pretentious snob than some dude whose only conversations are about soccer and cars.

No. 1496792

I was born to two pretty shallow idiots and am getting my PhD. No one in my family finished college aside from one of my uncles. Most never attended. I highly doubt IQ is genetic but I also think it's a meaningless measure of intelligence or potential.

No. 1496852

Black women are considered undesirable because black men are losers. In the patriarch it is men vs men and if you are a man who comes from the winning group then everything about your culture is going to be praised. Your women, your culture etc. that’s why it’s a flex to get a Japanese woman or a white woman because their men come from winning cultures. It has nothing to do with looks and I wish people would understand this, this is why Indian and Arab women get shat on despite many of them looking like white women with tans. It’s just another dick sizing contest between men that has nothing to do with us, this is why men act like they do with race. An Indian scrote is going to value a uglier blonde woman over a extremely beautiful Indian woman because of their competition with each other.

No. 1496861

I feel like the main problem is that the majority of men take themselves too seriously and lack self-awareness. But I partially agree, I'd prefer a kind and funny himbo over any "interesting" smartassy dick. And you're absolutely right about meekness. "Good boys" are often just meek and passive but don't really have admirable qualities and are in overall indifferent to other people. But they do like to talk about morals and shit, usually displaying rigid B/W views.

No. 1496862

Black women are only considered undesirable by colorists and racists.

No. 1496864

My issue with moids regarding this is they always think they’re smarter than they are and due to their socialization they perceive being above average as being perfect and always correct. So many of them need to be put in their place and it takes them eons to understand why they’re wrong about things, again due to their aggressive male socialization they’ll harp on little details and red herrings to death to try to “win” conversations for the sake of their ego, and it’s like speaking to an enraged, stubborn, confused little child that needs everything spelled out for them. Often times they start out snarky and slowly realize they have no argument and switch to getting upset and saying the whole thing was a joke and just using insults to try to cover for how stupid they are.
I also notice that specifically online when my identity appears to be male they’ll often just trust my expertise, but when my icon or name looks feminine they’ll go on forever trying to disprove random things based on crap they just did a cursory Google search on and know literally nothing about. They go on Google once and think they work for CERN, kek. My experience is that every moid dumber than me thinks they’re a genius because they got some As in school or whatever, and the ones who are actual incredibly rare geniuses ARE relatively humble because there’s no ego issues at that level, everyone they meet knows what level they’re on just from them mentioning where they work.
Also this, most “good boys” are actually just going along with whatever gains them the most praise and approval. Tons of them are genuinely dickheads deep down and horrible to be around eventually because when you view yourself as a Good person you end up viewing yourself as a Correct and faultless person. Self critical people who don’t primarily view themselves as innately kind and sweet and good often end up being better people.

No. 1496868

True, except I don't really think black women are considered "undesirable" these days. In contrast, I've seen a lot more pushback against black men lately. Don't know what's causing that, but let the scrotes fight ig. Tinfoil, but I think this is why you have to be a deluded pickme to target other women over their races. Women, as a group, have no real use for racial competition outside of male-serving structures. As entire groups, what interpersonal history do we even have that wasn't controlled by men?
Every single woman I've seen who engages in racial hatred turns out to defer to moids in some way. Either she's trying to endear herself to the moids of her own group, or whatever group she's simping the hardest for. It's always some horseshit to do with desirability politics, "muh breeding" (cuckold or cuckquean anxiety), defending the egos or "innocence" of some races of men, arguing about who's stealing whose men, blaming women for cultural practices (which are overwhelmingly spearheaded and perpetuated by men, with the help of their fellow male-identified pickmes), etc.

No. 1496875

Preferences for size differences, specifically large males and small females, are pretty much always rooted in misogyny and pedophilia, including internalized misogyny and autopedophilia.

No. 1496880

Facts #prepare yourself kek#

No. 1496886

Right about what? That they are unlovable?

No. 1496887

I never thought so until repeatedly seeing how the people in question describe their preferences and relationships themselves. So much creepiness. A lot of girls saying they want to be taken care of and protected and picked up, a lot of guys holding their completely normal looking adult wife and going “my smol widdle petite baby girl looks so much younger than her age” and shit, and the weird posing couples like that do in videos and how they clearly think it’s extremely titillating and important that they have a foot difference, as if it’s not just weird after a certain point to be that genuinely obsessed with your physical differences in a relationship. A lot of them act kind of DDLG.

No. 1496908

File: 1676130711485.jpg (91.91 KB, 1022x768, homervs41.jpg)

Drinking alcohol in a way that society considers normal (getting really drunk regularly on weekends which results in hangovers) is way more damaging to the body than doing hard drugs like cocaine or amphetamines once or twice a year. That's why it's kind of ridiculous to paint anyone who ever does chemical drugs as a junkie beyond help when they're not looking at the frequency of the intake of any of the drugs. Imo there's nuance to anything and alcohol being legal is completely arbitrary yet most people defend the abuse of alcohol to death kek. No one can convince me that alcohol isn't one of the most toxic substances available and statistics prove it.
Anytime I drank too much I felt like dying afterwards, the side effects of a hangover are so bad I literally can't get out of bad for two days. Hipocrisy like this bothers me a lot and I'm not one of those muh legalize everything people. Not everyone is like this but so many.

No. 1496915

I agree that "normal" alcohol consumption is bad for you, but lets be real who tf only does cocaine or meth once a year

No. 1496916

My great aunt margaret

No. 1496917

No. 1496920

I do cocaine once a year on new year's eve and another friend too (I never did meth). Used to be more frequently with speed in my more self destructive years but I know it's extremely rare to restrict the consumption like that. However, how do we even know if the stigma is so bad that people don't talk about it. Might be more people actually doing that.
I just have to laugh thinking about people like this one dude I know who gets so drunk regularly that he ran in front of a car and landed in a hospital with several fractures, not being able to walk for a long time. It's insane.

No. 1496922

You should try meth too. On thanksgiving

No. 1496925

Kek this. You could flip anon's argument and say that alcohol is better than ketamine if you consume ketamine every weekend and a beer only once a year.

No. 1496926

Yeah but everyone says that. But doesn't realise the opposite is also true

No. 1496933

I think about it kek

I know it's not the strongest argument but I'd have to look at the statistics to see which drugs are comparable to alcohol when it comes to damaging the body. My point was more about the lack of nuance and people acting like you're the biggest junkie loser in history for ever doing illegal drugs so you wouldn't mention it to other people. I also cringe writing any of this because I don't want to come off as one of those proponents of drug liberalization.

No. 1496961

Why do you do it on New Years Eve? Is it just out of habit now?

No. 1496966

Ketamine in excess is extremely bad for you. If you do it regularly enough will slowly shred the lining of your bladder until you start pissing blood. I love what ketamine does to my brain though, I used to be addicted a few years ago until I started getting bladder cramps and “UTI” symptoms which scared the shit out of me. Now I only do it once every few months at most. But I think the moral of the story is that every substance needs to be respected for what it is. If you abuse a substance, it’ll abuse you right back. Balance is key.

No. 1496977

Are you the same nonna who wrote something similar in the moovie night cytube room when there was the pink floyd new year's eve special going on? I recall one joining the chat and writing something similar. It was the NYE of 2021/2022.

No. 1496986

I get what you mean but I’m not sure I agree. From my experience, low IQ men are operating on their primal instincts (rape ape shit), are really sexist and will still think they’re superior than you just because they have a dick and muscles. Intelligent men can be reasoned with, develop something resembling empathy and so on (pls I know scrotes are scrotes but you get what I mean). Also they’ll most likely get hysterical in fights instead of talking the conflict out.
Just because he’s dumb doesn’t mean he won’t have a huge ego and think he’s superior than you.

No. 1496997

My hot take inspired by the anon above is that if I absolutely had to choose one - this is a hypothetical situation because I wouldn’t date an addict - I’d rather date a guy doing party drugs (mdma) once in a while rather than a smoker, alcoholic or a stoner. I’d even prefer an adderal addict. At least he’d be energetic and loving instead of stinking, coughing, puking and dumb. Remember it’s just a hypothetical situation.

No. 1497022

Airline commercials hav the best BGM.

No. 1497228

>once in a while

Oh nonny, that's not an addict.

Adderal addiction at the extremity is basically a meth addiction, you'll come home and find your stuff sold so he can get another hit.

No. 1497316

No that wasn't me
Idk, I rarely party these days but NYE is an occasion for it. It's also not every year.
Smokers really are annoying, it stinks so bad and you have to deal with that every day.

No. 1497355

It’s not homosexual for men to prefer to be around male friends over their gfs. The natural order in life is men and women are supposed to have sex but we go to our same gendered friends for fun and relatability. Women don’t get this because most of us are pick mes or man focused. I would for sure prefer to be around my female friends over my bf in a perfect world but it has nothing to do with sexual attraction.

No. 1497394

Shadow of the Colossus was a boring as hell game but the soundtrack and monster designs were cool at least.

No. 1497399

you do realise most women have all female friendship groups right? as a rule people tend to seek same sex friendships

No. 1497404

Hating Sam Smith isn't funny. He's just some random faggot, who cares

No. 1497408

That sounds like a miserable relationship.

No. 1497418

It's always fun to hate a moid. He's obnoxious.

No. 1497421

Male lolcows brings us closer together in a way female ones don't.

No. 1497577

I mean average party drug user uses the drugs once in a while (once a month?). Average smoker smokes every day. Average drinker also drinks almost every day (whiskey or wine in the evening + outings with their friends). Average weed smoker I’m not sure but as it’s smoking I thought it was also almost daily? Or at least few times a week. I meant to compare the average users but I explained it in a dumb way.

No. 1497594

"Put yourself out there" is a very useless dating advice because most perma single people are already doing that and they just can't get a date.

No. 1497672

That's a good way to put it

No. 1497719

It's weird for people in a relationship to pick a friend over their partner regardless of gender. Sure hanging out with your friends is fun but men usually put their male friend's views and opinions before their own partners out of misogyny which is why women get angry.
What women usually complain about is their men going to a bar behind their back to impress his friends or telling his friends dirty stuff he's done with his gf knowing well she wouldn't want that. Men very commonly disrespect their partners to impress their male friends and that's the issue women have with their bfs picking his friends over them.

No. 1497724

There is no such thing as a willingly "child free" man. Either he will want you to have his kids, or he will eventually leave you for someone he does want to have them.

No. 1497726

I do believe there are childfree men, though they're all severely mentally ill compared to their female counterparts judging by the weird posts they make online. Most of them only dislike kids because of their hatred for children or the fear that it'll "ruin" their gfs body.

No. 1497795

I'm 34 and the youngest sibling by quite a bit but I always had a feeling that none of my brothers would have kids either. Haven't openly discussed it but there's a feeling of ending the cycle here.

No. 1497870

Asmongold is a shitty unwashed moid streamer, but I found him playing altf4 and raging very funny

No. 1497878

Nah they exist, they just vehemently hate children, which is kind of a red flag in itself.

No. 1497893

True. I’m just saying I have never met a woman who would rather hangout with her friends in all my 30 years of life. It would be kind of cool if women liked each other that much. Most friendships just feel like a bunch of bitches killing time until they find a man.

No. 1497894

I don't know. My ex always put me before hanging out with his friends so I think anyone that values their partner will do just that. You don't marry and make family with your friends and the bond you share between your partner will always be stronger than the bond between you and a friend.

No. 1497896

There are man who value their partners but I would love to see a situation where a woman is obsessed with her friends in the faggot way men get with their bros. I have never seen this before.

No. 1497898

Kek why do straight people date and marry people that they don’t even really like being around?

No. 1497902

File: 1676227304984.jpeg (74.44 KB, 425x425, FB1DBCBC-F724-4B22-90E5-0720D3…)

Even if she doesn’t always pull it off I love the fact that Dora Cat has gotten so experimental with her looks. I think the people shitting on her are boring control freaks.

No. 1497907

File: 1676227830932.jpeg (521.25 KB, 1242x1863, 53081667-75A6-45AB-B4F1-A4B553…)

I agree, nonnie but I'm very autistic.

No. 1497911

i don't really have a problem with the execution but more with her as a person. Maybe i wouldn't think these looks aren't just pretentious ways to catch attention if she wasn't know for her attention seeking antics and juvenile personality, it comes off as tryhard

No. 1497914

I actually agree with you, but it brings up the question why do most women even bother with trying to be close to men? I personally do not let moids in my life and literally almost every woman who brings moids into their life whines and complains about said moids. I find it hard to feel sorry for women with issues with men when they literally choose to risk experiencing drama. I've always felt men naturally think women as lesser beings no matter what and i don't want to be around somebody who thinks i am beneath them, yet so many women are very eager to experience this dynamic.

No. 1497919

I don’t dislike my friends but I know they’d pick their bf over me and I’ve never seen a woman who would pick their friends over their bf

No. 1497926

I don’t really blame them, we’re socialized to think of guys as fun and laidback and other women/female friendships as catty and fake. Even regular women who aren’t especially “not like other girls”-types often think men are easier to get along with than other women. It sucks that it’s such a prevailing opinion but what can ya do.

No. 1497929

File: 1676229177561.jpg (72.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I wish people would realize how shit like AI/onlyfans/parasocial relationships/porn ruined society further as we know it, not in a "modern problems" kinda of way but more in a "we fucked with something we shouldn't have" way and it disturbs how almost anyone but women seems to realize the cataclysmic consequences this will have on us. Men only keep on consuming and consuming these services without realizing they're fucking themselves and everyone else further

No. 1497945

Incels are annoying and cringe but the women who engage with them are just as bad, whether it be arguing with them or trying to “fix” them. A lot of these guys have already done everything they can to pull women and put themselves out there yet still fail, why bother giving your time/attention to these worthless fucks

No. 1497947

I feel like the reason I prefer talking to men is you can tell them any unhinged or repulsive thing and they will still kiss your ass if they find you attractive. You literally can do and say anything if they find you hot.

No. 1497951

agreed but also, hating most of these cows isn't funny compared to making fun of them, and it kinda harshes my buzz when the milk is nothing but angry rants instead of jokes

No. 1497954

i get the criticism against some girls w the coquette aesthetic but i don’t like when all of them are labeled as pedo-panderers. wearing a bow in your hair and a frilly minidress doesn’t mean you’re pandering to pedos, neither does being a lana del rey fangirl. imo.

No. 1497973

So by the time your looks fade you will have no one left. Good to know. Personally i am not a degen and would be repulsed if a moid only saw me as fuck meat. Your relationships are my biggest nightmare and sound shallow and have no real value, i want to be around people i like and respect.

No. 1497974

>most women
Doubt. At least where I live friend groups are very gendered except the odd COOL GIRL that wants to hang with guys.

No. 1497988

From my experience a lot of my friends have been or are friends with men because they thought the fact that they liked the same hobbies would a good enough reason to convince them it was a good idea. I also find a lot of women love forcing their bf/husbands into friends groups which is super annoying because i want them to die.

No. 1497994

It’s ok to be jealous of other women. It’s unfair to set some women up to be at the bottom then expect them to be girl support girl.

No. 1498001

Jealousy and envy arent the same thing, jelousy isn that dangerous, envy is.

No. 1498004

I have a hard time making female friends because i'm an ugly sperg, moids have lower standards and are immature so less judgemental in general. My female bonds are closer though.
So essentially, it isnt by choice, its just easier.

No. 1498005

That’s why I said jealous. We live in a society that you aren’t really able to admit when you are jealous.

No. 1498019

Samefag and I think jealousy turns into envy because of repressed jealousy that you aren’t able to be honest able.

No. 1498020

Gas stoves are way overrated
>gets hotter but that only matters if maybe you’re like a mega pro chef or trying to can things
>can roast a marshmallow if you don’t mind the gassy smell/taste
>water takes longer to boil
>expensive gas refill
>biggest pain in the ass to clean
>easier to start a fire

No. 1498024

I don't like them either but only cause I'm messy and they would be a huge fire hazard for me. Also they can leak and I'm not gonna deal with that.

No. 1498028

All cats have different face and bodies even if they are the same color they don’t look alike

No. 1498068

is this really an unpopular opinion? this is a fact. people who think that all cats have the same faces/body types are objectively wrong.

No. 1498070

Multicow threads > Singlecow threads

No. 1498082

File: 1676240819017.jpg (88.63 KB, 634x834, 5e558f25e1f1b082411032b3e0936a…)

I like these type of highlights and think they're fun

No. 1498085

File: 1676240955866.jpeg (54.06 KB, 427x640, 00EA2196-53E6-4604-801D-9460C2…)

No. 1498092

The men in my family have thick hair well into their 60s and none are shorter than 6'2. Yet I'm supposed to settle for and "give them a chance" for every 5'8 out of shape dork that hits on me

No. 1498093

all game of thrones/hotd fans are retards especially those who act like it has any kind of well written intrigue or drama that makes it worth watching. just admit it's shitty pedo incest porn, nothing more, and stop consuming it.

No. 1498100

I agree. Hand maidens are just as bad and do more damage than good. The whole welcoming men with open arms to help has ruined our female society in general.

No. 1498107

I side eye any woman who likes GOT. Most of them are doing it to watch it along side their moids, which is a red flag in itself. I like political dramas, but GOT/HOTD is basically porn. Who the fuck would defend that?

No. 1498111

It’s funny when men get “raped” (they’re lying after having homosexual affairs)

No. 1498118

>natural order
>man and woman
Tard wife spotted.

No. 1498282

All those grimdark and edgy shows aren't at all realistic. In real life most people are just normal, they just want to come home to their family and live a normal life. Watching those shows, you'd think it's normal for people to be deranged sociopaths.

No. 1498305

nice bait anon!! anyways,

No. 1498489

I think still maintaining and investing time in friendships is important to keep up for everyone. Theres a balance where you shouldn't get consumed by one person. But when I see women complaining about how their bf always puts his friends ahead of them.. to an annoying degree, I tend to assume that in the back of that guys mind he knows the relationship has an expiry date. He's investing more in them and less in you because he already sees you not lasting. They won't tell you that though. They'll string you along for another year or two while giving you less of their time

No. 1499236

Overreacting your fear when you see a dog is pathetic and makes you look like a clown.

No. 1499240

Straight men want women to use them for money. If you meet a man who doesn’t want you using him for money he doesn’t like you.

No. 1499243

i think its powerful to be honest. get your dirty mutt away from me by any means necessary. i didnt consent to be assaulted by your mangy mutt lol.

No. 1499247

Even as someone who's scared of dogs I don't really see a reason to act crazy about it. If I see one in public I'll probably give it a side-eye and keep a distance at most.

No. 1499256

Maybe it's because I'm volcel but I just can't see myself prioritizing one guy over people I've known for years, I would suffocate if I did almost everything with this person.

No. 1499281

i usually just cross the road or walk far away if there's a dog nearby but once this dog wasn't on a leash and started chasing me and i was screaming running in circles not thinking at all as this had never happened to me and my brain just went full flight mode. it must've looked so silly to the owner, it was this tiny (though badly trained) dog and i'd acted like i was being chased by a murderer, i still feel embarrassed about it

No. 1499287

In this case it makes sense because the dog was chasing you. Like I'm afraid of bees and most insects, but I'm not going to be like
This retard and overreact because there's a bee in a bush nearby, specially if it isn't bothering me and I'm not bothering it.
I just think it's dumb to see a dog at the other side of the road and shit your pants.

No. 1499327

File: 1676339642300.jpg (288.29 KB, 880x1303, 811IcpNS05L.jpg)

Cars was a pretty solid, funny movie. In fact, i was surprised most people didn't like it, it was iconic for me and i liked the character design for some of the cars

No. 1499334

>implying she designs or comes up with any of this shit herself

No. 1499350

It's such a moid show
>ebic battles
>sex scenes
Hell yeah dude testosterone flowing and shit
It was so damn boring too

No. 1499351

Is this why my moid seemed more attracted to me after I got over my 50/50 libfem phase? I became more demanding and stopped fighting over the bills with him and let him pay for almost everything. It was like a flip switched and he seemed so much more happy. I still have my own job and money of course, he just pays for most of our stuff. I feel like if a moid doesn't want to be your slave then he doesn't love you kek. I haven't read the book yet but I was wondering if "Why Men Love Bitches" covers this? FDS recommended it and I never read it

No. 1499367

the first movie is very nostalgic for me. TIts cute and the character design are great too

No. 1499375

Its fine for me, but I never understood why "serious disney movie reviews" got so mad about it either, I mean from a financial perspective it does really well and sells the most amount of toys

No. 1499386

It’s one of my favorite Disney movies but that might be the nostalgia. I know nothing about cars irl but every time I see a car similar to one from the movie I get excited and call out the name of the movie car kek

No. 1499387

This has not been my experience but maybe burger moids are different.

No. 1499394

Biologically men are hardwired to provide. They may screech and deny their biology with muh alimony muh goldiggers, but time and time again its proven men are happiest when they're paying for a woman.

No. 1499442

pb & c's are greta and ill build a fucking house, live for 49 years and die on that hill, motherfuckers

No. 1499444

we get it nonny, you need attention

No. 1499445

whatever, if you cann't add to the conversation go on. I'd like to talk but whatgever

No. 1499460

File: 1676350324437.png (359.85 KB, 566x328, 1667504514513.png)

I've come to accept that most asexuals, especially those within fandoms who make derivative media like fanart or fics, end up having the most vile of kinks imaginable. Without fail, every single one of them I have met has some kink like piss, vore, mpreg or fat.

No. 1499477

I'm not coming for the regular non-gendie women. I legitimately don't get the asexual Aidens who make a big stink about how they're so asexual, aromantic, etc. and then have the stupidest kink fantasies. Peak retardation you'll ever see. Especially ones that post writing blurbs on Tumblr. Is it some sort of gotcha to men, as in they're too transcendent for a relationship? Girl.. you don't need to transcend the mortal plane to have no wish to date musty men lol, just say you rotted yourself with yaoi and move on with life

No. 1499491

All the aces I’ve known started out aroace and then ended up meeting someone they made an exception for and then changing their entire mind, starting to have sex, and then openly talking about how they now feel attraction to other people too. There are exceptions but most of them are some combination of repressed, traumatized, inexperienced, bored, or pornsick. The rare exceptions are why I just support whoever says they’re asexual and I don’t question them but I never end up surprised all the times they change their mind (like Commander Holly, as a cow example, though I’m thinking of people I’ve known IRL).

No. 1499496

Nta but aren't we all on here to get attention to some extent? Talking and interacting with the other anons is a form of "getting attention."

No. 1499582

what does this mean

No. 1499586

Most infanticides committed by mothers could have been easily avoided if the women had had easy and safe access to abortion, I'd even count those as "post-natal abortions" really.

No. 1499587

File: 1676369529708.jpg (124.73 KB, 1280x1152, Pot.jpg)

Becoming parents primes people to tolerate child abuse.

No. 1499589

True and real.

No. 1499591

>I'd even count those as "post-natal abortions" really.
Why are we watering down what abortion means and is

No. 1499601

I hate those cases where a teen gives birth in secret, the baby dies and nobody knows for sure if it died because of a complicated unassisted birth or whether the mom let it die/killed it after. Because people just love to imagine the mom smothering it. They always lean into that and want to rant about how evil she is. Even when we don't know that happened.

No. 1499640

My point if that even if that was the case it wouldn't make her evil and most likely wouldn't have happened like that if she could have just got an abortion.

No. 1499654

True but women who do that are still evil and they could’ve just kept their legs closed. There was on case where this woman let her bf and brother beat and rape her new born for months because she didn’t want it and eventually the baby died because the scrotes were using her as a foot ball. If you know your broke ass can’t afford an abortion or you can’t get one keep your legs closed. There’s no excuse for killing your baby in a first world country.

No. 1499655

Abortions are illegal in some first world countries you know. Like burgerland

No. 1499657

Then stop fucking scrotes or drop the baby off at the police station or hospital. There’s no excuse to be a baby killer.

No. 1499666

People shouldn't judge the fact dogs/cats could eat their dead owners, is not out of malice, they do it out of extreme emotional distress and the fact their food will eventually run out because you died, and because they can go out to eat something else because they're most likely shut-in with you, their instinct forces them to eat you to avoid dying of starvation. Its a very unfortunate situation for both parties

No. 1499672

Anyone who's over 28 and dead seriously still complains about "le SJWs" is fucking brain dead and needs to grow up ASAP, being so personally offended over random people on the internet having socially conscious takes is actual edgy teenager energy. Unless they're doing real damage like male feminists grooming and raping minors, why do you even care? Why are you so offended over being held accountable for saying slurs and bigoted things? Why do you care _that much_ about trivial crap like racebending? I understand finding it cringe and virtue signalling and all because it often is but being offended to the point you act like it's a hate crime against you is being autistically fragile, especially when it's over completely harmless or even net positive issues like a more diverse display of female characters. Log off for a moment.

No. 1499676

>Then stop fucking scrotes
Someone forgot that rape exists.

No. 1499680

I smell an infight coming… again

No. 1499686

It's an extremely small amount of abortions.

No. 1499688

Enjoy getting your life ruined for not liking girldick kek

No. 1499693

>Male feminists
oh, sweet child…

No. 1499730

>telling people that the murder of a living child is inexcusable is a moid opinion

No. 1499733

If men got raped, trafficked and abused more often, there would be more services and resources to deal with such things.

No. 1499751

I have a reoccurring nightmare that I'm pregnant and didn't realize until I'm giving birth so I kill the baby and bury it in my parents woods pretending it's a dead hamster or something in a box but really it's the chopped up remains. I'd never be caught and my life could go on. Feels right in the dream world and honestly would probably work out in real life too

No. 1499753

>it would work in real life
It rarely works in real life because people like that are the types to keep getting pregnant and eventually get caught.

No. 1499755

Some of you need to calm the fuck down, someone could say something completely nonchalant in reply to some other topic and they'll receive a paragraph reply about some infight they weren't even talking about in return. Not every anon is the same person you were just fighting with, take a fucking breather it's an argument online it's not that deep jfc.

No. 1499761

>blames women for men raping a newborn
Yes, yes this is a very sane and normal opinion that female women share and absolutely not bait

No. 1499764

File: 1676390467692.gif (121.26 KB, 236x88, dkdkd.gif)

I don't care about what others say, I love Valentine's Day even as a single person. I use this day to tell everyone I love that they're special to me, and I send them cute Valentine cards. My parents have done the same ever since I was little, usually giving me a card and some sort of toy or sweet as a special occasion. I do the same now to them and everyone I care about.

If you bitch about having no bf/gf but then don't take care of the other important relationships in your life, you're sad. I hate people that only care about having S/Os and nothing else. That's why I freaking love Galentine's Day and it sucks that I'm away from my friend group so I can't celebrate with them this year.

No. 1499768

In that situation she’s 100% to blame as much as the scrotes. She told them they can have fun with her and she took part in beating her when she would cry, she didn’t take part in the sexual abuse and that’s the only right thing she did. You need to understand not all women are little baby children who are just being taken advantage of by scrotes, a lot of women actually are evil and they should never have kids.

No. 1499775

bless you nona

No. 1499817

File: 1676394968174.jpeg (78.34 KB, 1280x720, CC2C1F42-43AF-47E5-8E83-B186CB…)

I think mostly the outcome of pottergate will be personal drama that troons will create when they’re backed into a corner because making shit up on Twitter didn’t work so they’ll decide to attack their friends and family based on this perception of the game they built up to “oh you literally want me dead? If you play this Warner Bros studios video game for Windows Xbox X/S and PS5 you are literally holocausting me.” They may rope because of their self-imposed isolation but I think the 59% will probably say “killing myself over a video game is not worth it” and the rest of them had a shelf life anyway.

No. 1499841

The only reason people make a big deal about Aaron Johnson taylor being “groomed” is because it’s a conventionally unattractive old woman. If she were a milf or an old scrote no one would care.

No. 1499868

What I hope for is mass peaking.

No. 1499958

How is she unattractive? She has long blond hair, she's white, she's in shape especially for her age, etc. The only noteworthy thing on her is her big nose and even then I've seen far worse than that.

>If she were a milf or an old scrote no one would care.

Not sure about that. I think the people who already give a shit about her also give a shit about old fart grooming young girls, and the ones who don't give a shit about these old men also don't give a shit about that specific woman. That reminds me of Macron and his groomer/teacher wife. I loathe the guy and wish I could bitch slap myself I won't please don't arrest me but for some reason when I see her wife on TV or whatever I think about how I would have reacted if my own hypothetical 15 years old child was starting to date her or his 40 years old teacher and I want to throw up. I can't even imagine myself dating someone who's 5 years younger than me at this point as well.

No. 1500081

I don’t like watching most black media made 2008 to now because it’s just trauma porn…for example ten years a slave, the help etc. It’s like these white directors don’t want people to forget that black people were slaves and in the 90s it wasn’t even this bad because there were a lot of shows and movies with all black casts that had nothing to do with their race.

No. 1500098

putting the help in the same category as 12 years a slave isn't really accurate, anon…
i do think it is weird to see white directors make films about black suffering, though.

No. 1500103

I never said it’s in the same category but they made all the white actresses pretty, tall and thin and the black actresses short older looking and no makeup for a reason.

No. 1500107

Samefag but what ever happen to the set it off type movies or Moesha type shows. Since around the 2010s anything with black people in it is about race and it’s irritating.

No. 1500111

I talk about this all the time with my friends. There were so many shows with black people in it and recently the media pretends these things never happened and now they're like doubling down on the "oh no! We forgot black people existed, that means you did too! Now let's talk about how bad racism is to make up for it!"
Acting like Sister Sister, Fresh Prince, The Cosby Show, Family Matters, The Jeffersons, Smart Guy, That's So Raven, Moesha, The Bernie Mac Show, and so many more shows didn't exist.
The Black Panther movie is so offensive, and the way it parades itself around like black superheroes never existed until the movie was released. We had fucking Blade and The Green Lantern and Cyborg and Static Shock … Like hell Black Panther has made history. Now the Proud Family is trying to rebrand as a show about racism. We also have the show just named Blackish.
What's the reason for these series and movie producers shooting themselves in the foot? And why do normies fall for the clearly manufactured marketing of revisionist history?

No. 1500123

Men are naturally more manipulative and they are manipulative without even realizing it. I used to think men were stupid but when I hit my 30s and really observe them they are highly manipulative like it’s built into them. Even the dumb shit they do like not knowing how to cook or clean is on purpose.

No. 1500141

Looking young doesn’t have much to do with skin texture but more to do with bone structure. There are 18 year olds with fire head wrinkles etc but they still look young because their bone structure is still young.

No. 1500144

*forehead wrinkles

No. 1500167


No. 1500182

Are typos a new thing for zoomers?

No. 1500197

ia that it's not skin texture that really shows age, sagging and sinking of the skin/facial fat loss absolutely shows age way more than wrinkles. Otherwise it wouldn't be so easy to spot age from a distance, through filters etc. Clothes and hair styles also make a huge difference imo.

No. 1500202

I can't stand all the buzzwords used to insult women's appearance
>She looks like [insert certain ugly male celebrity here]
Aka she just has similar hair and skin color to said celebrity and no other relating features, I've usually only seen this for Micheal Jackson and carrot top
>Is she trans
Woman who doesn't remotely look trans but is likely just tall and thin
>You're so pretty for a [insert race/or anything else] here
Usually used for black women, implying it's expected for black women to be ugly or something
>Woman who isn't remotely flat chested getting called flat chested
I have large breasts but this makes me cringe so hard, it's even worse when it's a woman who's under 20 or so and is likely still developing, but on top of that it's bizarre to me you need to have extremely large boobs to even be considered having boobs
>She looks like she smells bad
Some women are genuinely dirty looking but half the time this is just used against people trying to insult women's appearances that they can't find a good reason to insult. If you can't describe why you're insulting someone with a weird insult other than "it just is" then your opinion is wrong

No. 1500206

Just weaponized incompetence. I knew so many moids who were shit tier partners and then would just use the "oops I'm just stupid" excuse

No. 1500208

It was a funny typo, I wasn't making fun of you I just thought it was funny. Are you really offended by that?

No. 1500468

Radical feminism was and always will be a neo-liberal/fatsoc ideology

No. 1500473

no one cares pakichan

No. 1500507

Look I'm glad you've gotten a new hyperfixation besides sperging about fujos Paki-chan but literally nobody cares.

No. 1500517

It’s sad that men have completely ruined online dating.

No. 1500525

Men have always been shit, do you think they were better before online dating?

No. 1500528

Nta but I think she was saying online dating was better before men ruined it, not men were ruined by online dating

No. 1500530

Female neets are disgusting. They keep blaming their mothers for their existence and leech off of their parents without a shame as they await for a perfect job(which they definitely don't have qualifications for)/man to materialize in their stinky room. They're almost as bad as male neets.

No. 1500537

All neets on crystal Cafe hate their mothers and expect to randomly get a job without any effort. It's not that complex, neet-chan.

No. 1500541

I was just thinking the other day about how anons will defend even the worst most machiavellist woman because they believe no woman can be expected to take responsibility for her actions but still they will hate their mothers and accuse her of everything that's wrong in their lives because she told them to clean up their rooms and get a job at 22.

No. 1500549

Crystal cafe neets aren't a good representation of all neets lol

No. 1500556

I think it's because theit support for women is fake. Those anons on both sites say they love and support women just to turn around and shit on their own mothers, female friends and female cows for miniscule stuff.

No. 1500559

Why are you so defensive? I'm not that anon but if you don't believe her, just go on crystal cafe and check what their neets say.

No. 1500578

Nta but are you dumb? That's what everyone says about lc as well.

No. 1500660

File: 1676458830778.png (30.36 KB, 1417x160, radfem neoliberal.png)

your telling me this isn't neo-liberalism, despite the name of radical feminism at the end of the radical feminists will always buckle down and support the mainstream liberal parties

No. 1500670

that anon is completely right and also very articulate. the post also has absolutely nothing to do with radical feminism as far as i can tell, she's talking about immigration. you don't know what neoliberalism is, your brain is broken, go simp for varg on hybristophilia tumblr or something you pathetic pickme kek.

No. 1500673

would you prefer the term fatsoc ? either way you will end up supporting the people you claim to hate by allowing more arab pedophile worshippers in your country and making life worse for everyone

but hey you'd rather own me(one person on the internet) then care about national security(racebaiting)

No. 1500674

What's neo-liberal about that exactly?

No. 1500677

Did you or did you not argue in favor of indigenous women being forcibly sterilized?

No. 1500686

Pakichan, you're pretty racist. Why would it bother you when other people are also racist?

No. 1500691

fatsoc just sounds like a play on natsoc. i'm gonna start using it to describe lardy, mouth-breathing /pol/fags like the ones you love to asslick on here.

No. 1500695

It's funny how she babbles on about other women being fat, but worships Varg. A fat, bald middle-aged moid leeching off the government of a country he's not from and his much younger wife. One of his sons is also being overfed into obesity, and he insists it's all okay because "REAL european men have meat on their bones, being thin and having muscles is an african aesthetic".
It's totally okay for men to be fat, but not women. Pickme mindset.

No. 1500698

it's cause she hates women lol. in my experience, pretty much every single self-hating misogynist pickme like her always has a burning obsession with/resentment toward either radfems (actual radfems not underage trad larpers from twitter) or fujos. or both.

No. 1500699

So we aren't allowed to criticize radfems or what? Are you guys retarded?

No. 1500704

I get really uncomfortable seeing people share pics of the dead trans teen in the MtF thread and to find reasons he deserved to die. I know he was a male and even underage males rape little girls but still. The person was still a kid. And I worry about the lurking trannies screenshotting those posts to use as receipts terfs are ebil

No. 1500707

You need to stop worrying about what men think

No. 1500708

Trans on Twitter post worse daily than even the most unhinged farmer in mtf general. They already think "teh ebil terven" are the scum of the earth, nazis, and whatever else they tell themselves so they can justify their attempts to rape and terrorize us just like their forefathers did to our foremothers. idgaf about optics, normies seem to be on our side after the wizard game debacle anyway

No. 1500709

I'm not worrying about what men think. I worry about what the women who happen to see those posts on twitter etc think, and how they consider gc/radfem ideas even less.

No. 1500715

I would never want to be friends with a tranny nor do I think they are women but I do not care about them nor do they bother me. I don’t get the concern with them honestly.

No. 1500717

Women are going to see that and think that TERFs are evil psychopaths. It is undoing a lot of work that radfems have done to make us seem like we are the sane and rational ones (which is the truth).

No. 1500722

Yes, exactly

No. 1500727

Tinfoil: those are trannies manufacturing fake evidence against terfs

No. 1500730

File: 1676467786305.webm (2.06 MB, 609x1080, 57575757.webm)

I made one obvious shitpost and you morons never forget it, yet you never even attempt to read my other posts that I spend time writing(Like I'm not into old bald dudes anyway you Idiots)

all I said what that I'm not attracted to east asian or african men(they just look weird to me) but I'm fine with any middle eastern or european man who is tall, fit and can grow a proper beard(that's all I ask from men physically) like I think guy in vidrel is very attractive and I'm allowed to like what I like

No. 1500732

This sounds arrogant but those women will come around when they're ready. I browsed this site when I was still a diehard TRA and if discussions in mtf general are anything to go by I'm not the only one who peaked from the daily onslaught of male degeneracy. A few angry comments about a teen pervert are nothing compared to the thousands of violent threats mtfs have issued.

No. 1500733

File: 1676468028015.jpg (96.75 KB, 900x900, DmILzlAXsAAg3Sb.jpg)

actually the term fatsoc first came to describe Jason Unruhe and his followers, he's an American-Canadian "activist" who claims to be a maoist, he's every negative stereotype you can imagine with leftist males
he's a fat, blading, video game addicted and lazy porn watcher who has this very pathological hatred against Christianity(like I know we dislike Christianity but he claims that Christianity is directly responsible for every modern evil the world) the term fatsoc is thus used for basically "LARPers" who talk vaguely about violent revolution but we all know that nothing is gonna happen, cause they are fat and weak and not a threat to anyone

this is what the Andrea Dworkin would be like if they she born male

No. 1500734

Normies will be less forgiving and we need normies to win this fight. Park of my own peaking was due to the fact that gc women were the sane ones.

No. 1500735

are you gonna whine about how fat and lazy the radfems and socialists are after posting your own sausage fingers on here? like we all know you're chunky yourself kek maybe stop sitting on your ass derailing lc threads with your bs all day

No. 1500736

Your moralizing other women and tone policing them is just a continued form of control and sexism against other women.
>How dare they be angry? How dare they not express it properly? That’s why they deserve what they get!

No. 1500737

No it’s not. They don’t care what we say. They don’t look. How many hand maidens actually know what JKR said? How many? How many people even know what TERF stands for? You’re in a bubble of self importance.

No. 1500738

No. I desperately want us to win and we will not do that if we sound like unhinged loons. That's how troons act. Part of the reason as to why radfems have been making inroads is that we have been able to point to these unhinged loons and show that we are the reasonable ones. It is not tone policing to point out that women need to be strategic out there.

No. 1500739

I live in the real world where gendercrits have been making huge gains, especially in Great Britain.

No. 1500740

You’re assigning a political opinion to every single woman and forcing them to your ideology. You don’t see how that’s dismissive? You assume what’s important to them. You alienate and judge them, and imply if we lose and then men do something horrible it’s our fault. You’re a disingenuous victim blamer.

No. 1500741

Nothing nonnies say on mtf general sounds sane or rational to a TRA handmaid browsing the site. We could be as sugary sweet as scrotes want us to be and it still wouldn't be enough because we aren't pandering to their delusions. Trust me, handmaids and normies can grow a thicker skin and handle a little vitriol when it's contrasted with all the screencaps of trans wrongdoing.

No. 1500744

What political opinion am I assigning to every woman and what ideology do you think I subscribe to?

No. 1500746

Yes, thank you. Women always have to “play nice” and never ever act anything but 100% calm and composed or we’re “hysterical” or bringing bad things upon ourselves (i.e., “you deserve it for the way you were acting”)

No. 1500747

There is a difference between being a bit harsh and being delighted that a 16 year old boy died.

No. 1500750

Why are you so insistent on policing women's feelings? And why are you not policing the hundreds of trans identified males who send rape threats to teenage girls some of whom are younger than 16?

No. 1500752

What about the 16 year old boy in VA in the states who sodomized two girls if something happens to him am I allowed to be happy he’s dead and can’t hurt anyone or does his minor in a skirt card and my uterus owner card cancel that out?

No. 1500753

I'm not policing your feeling, I am policing the way you express yourselves. Contrary to popular Tumblr belief optics actually matters when it comes to political gains.

And I don't have to police troons on twitter because I want them to act as unhinged demons. It makes our job much easier because we can just compile the screenshots.

No. 1500756

Nta but this tranny didn’t do that and let’s be real the tranny who got stabbed to death was probably a faggot who wasn’t sexually interested in women anyway.

No. 1500757

The people who will use it as a bad faith argument are doing just that arguing in bad faith. They will dismiss you because you are a women. Not because you did not express it properly. They do not care. You are giving yourself more importance and power and again tone policing women and the way they express their feelings even in anon online spaces. One of the only places left for most of them. You’re lack of understanding for another women’s feelings while you pander for the Troon. Even defending him with assumptions you have no facts for.
>not all men, but somehow always a man

No. 1500758

If that man turns out to be on the right wing, you'll start talking about how handsome, masculine and strong he is. Stop pretending. "It was totally just a shitpost guys" lmaoo

No. 1500763

I don’t care if it’s a woman or god. You shouldn’t be cheering over a kid getting stabbed to death by other kids. Unless you’re underaged as well and cant grasp how that’s unhinged.

No. 1500765

Notice how it’s a woman or god? So men are allowed to cheer then? Congrats glad to see your sexism is still present. Women most hold themselves to a holy standard but men and children can act without merit.

No. 1500767

nta but being pro-a literal child, troon or not, being stabbed is unhinged and not just a quirky "unpopular opinion" no matter how tight the gc hugbox is on this site. nobody is "policing your feelings" by telling you to extend basic empathy to a fucking child/their family after they were murdered for no good reason. take your pills and go on your feminist soapbox on /g/

No. 1500770

I wasn’t pro the kid being stabbed. I am anti moralizing and policing other women.
>nice projection

No. 1500772

This response shows me that you’re in fact underaged lol telling you not to take joy in the death of a child is not tone policing you, psycho kek. 3 young lives are gone. The tranny could’ve grown up and learned that he’s not actually a woman since he is still young enough to change and now the killers will spend the rest of the lives in prison. And one of those murderers was a woman and will now spend the rest of her life behind bars…is that not something you think about?

No. 1500776

Weird how you'll extend basic empathy to a dead moid, who is dead so he can't experience your empathy, but you won't extend it to the other living women on the forum when they express their emotions and in fact will berate them for not expressing their feelings in a socially acceptable way.

No. 1500777

Nta but just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re right. Women can be stupid and have stupid opinions and you are stupid. You’re a woman not a little baby who can never be told she’s wrong kek

No. 1500781

No one's asking you to tell them they're right, they're asking you to reconsider appealing to empathy and optics like they mean anything and aren't just bad faith arguments to get women to shut up when they say something unpopular or voice their feelings without sugarcoating it.

No. 1500782

False. Women are always right.

No. 1500783

I'm literally a socialist you dumbfuck

No. 1500784

No. You mentioned only women and god as being unable to judged. The point is men escaped your view. They are allowed to do whatever and you do not care. You only care about policing women. You also default to religion speak with god when religion is rooted in female oppression, but considering your default argument is grandstanding manipulation using female social conditioning and bad faith arguments accusing someone of being underage that might be too large a concept for your small view of reality to handle.

No. 1500786

I’m assuming you’re grown women and not a child. Here’s what happens when you are an adult, you can say stupid shit and have stupid as fuck opinions but that doesn’t protect you for being called out on them. If you are are taking joy in the senseless death of a kid you’re mentally ill and I don’t give a shit if we are both women.

No. 1500787

You’re on a site that mocks women with eating disorders. You think the normies will take anything from here in a good light?

No. 1500789

Then why can’t you handle having your shit opinion called out? You voiced yours. I voiced mine. Your need to moralize is very large. Have a good day. Kek

No. 1500792

I think the fact that you feel women are weak minded and easily manipulated is more sexist than anything I’ve said kek

No. 1500795

>You're on a site that mocks women with eating disorders that happen to be grifters and/or attention whores

No. 1500798

I can handle it. I said you’re mentally ill and I stand by that fact. Nothing you can say is going to make me change that opinion and I don’t give a damn about changing yours, I just want to let you know that you’re crazy. You can scream misogynistic all day and I’m still going to think you’re a nut job.

No. 1500800

People who go off about feminism and use it police other women and make bad faith arguments are terminally online social outcast. They are a new brand of older nlogs. They can’t find feminism communities or groups in the real world because they are so abrasive and out of touch from their sheltered upper class position that it just turns into high school cliques. It’s crazy how leaving the LC bubble really changes that. I miss the early man hate days of LC. At least the ones against women expressing themselves and grandstanding were mostly men in dresses.

No. 1500803

>you’re chronically online if you think having a laugh at a 16 year old who got stabbed to death is wrong

People in real life would tell you you’re crazy as well.

No. 1500806

Since we're sharing hot takes about feminism, I think that if you consider yourself a feminist and most of what you talk or care about is troons then you're probably not really a feminist. There are so many issues and yet so many "feminists" only care about trannys. And before someone purposefully misinterprets this, no I'm not saying that calling out trannys and the damage they do is wrong.

No. 1500807

This is also correct. Feminism is focused on female liberation and that’s a multifaceted problem

No. 1500811

The socialist who wants to marry an overweight neo nazi. L

No. 1500829

yeah like, I hate troons and will not do anything to get them to where they wanna get but I also do a lot of work for the actual women in my area, know about the local issues and try to stay informed.

No. 1500831

Freud wasn't wrong, it's just that the truth makes people uncomfortable.

No. 1500853

Kek, exactly, thats why when he made the discovery that female hysteria was often caused by supressed trauma from sexual assault (most often committed by their fathers, brothers, other relatives) there was a noticeable outcry from freuds' male peers, so he discarded his opinion and created theories that puts the blame of csa on the child. This theory is criticized but it's somewhat likely true considering society at the time.
Humans feel connection to others in lots of ways, just because people act in ways that sometimes are more associated with a different societal role (ex. the mommy thing) doesn't mean freud was right in thinking people are sexually attracted to their parents. His methodology (as in, the lack thereof) would be easily fitting in an alternative Inland Empire script. Trailblazer, fine, but not a scientist.

No. 1500863

He flipped on women because of Dora. He was fine when it was poor men raping their daughters. He reasoned those men were lesser, Dora was the daughter of one of his peers. She accused her father and he couldn’t handle that his friends were just as fucked as all the other men and rich men were still men. Freud caved to his male social class and his need to not all men like a coward.

No. 1500924

File: 1676481271406.jpeg (205.25 KB, 1241x1324, pWQAA.jpeg)

other then that one shitpost please show me one example where I state to marry a fatman(I think all fat men should be racially exterminated)
like I don't care you hate me, but don't make shit up about me, I am a Jatt and its in my nature to just let things so, I can't tolerate people lying about me and also "glass houses and all" cause your greatest thinker was a fat cow who literally ate themselves to death and then blamed men(like there's a lot of shit you can blame for but being a pighuman isn't it)

No. 1500931

No one gives a shit about your ethnic background? Literally nobody cares.

No. 1500934

It's been 2.5 hours mate let it go

No. 1500935

I do though, you keep on being "self hating" when that's the furthest thing from the truth, I am a Jatt and proud Jatt and I won't ever be stop being a jatt
The reason I turned away from Islam was cause I had to much pride as a Jatt
I don't care what the background of the father of my child will be, cause my child will also be nothing but a Jatt

That's the point I have been forced to repeat a 100 times cause you morons lack reading comprehension

No. 1500937

What's a Jatt?

No. 1500940

Bitch, I genuinely do not care about what caste you were born in it's literally pointless and made up. Nobody gives a shit. I feel sorry that someone as retarded as you lives in a place with no special ed because you belong there eating crayons and writing pro-white and anti-black manifestos with crayola markers.

No. 1500941

This is what I mean, completely and utterly ignorant American
Jatt isn't a caste, its an ethnic and racial identity
>writing pro-white and anti-black manifestos with crayola markers.
do you ever read anything I state, or do you just get pointlessly mad due to your pigbrain

No. 1500943

Every thread gets derailed by Pakianon talking about her race or Islam and that’s funny asf

No. 1500949

Daily reminder that pakianon impersonated a black british anon(c)rap-chan , pretended to be her to write anti-black pro-white propaganda.

No. 1500958

Didn't ask+don't care+your caste is pointless and retarded.

No. 1500962

yeah like never even seen that word

No. 1500967

Its not caste, its ethnicity
I was bored and wanted to see how well I could try to disguise my type of writing, I seriously was expected for peple to see it was me in less then a week

No. 1500969

Have you ever had a bf?

No. 1500974

The funniest thing about you Pakichan is that you're too retarded to see that your "I WAS ONLY PRETENDING TO BE RETARDED" schtick is laughable and no one believes that you were simply le trolling, especially not when you want to suck and fuck Varg and constantly post about how le western men are the sexiest and the purest of all males. Loser!

No. 1500976

bob and vegene. NOW THOT!

No. 1500977

I got banned for saying this but again, nobody cares about your ethnicity pakichan

No. 1500979

farmhands should legit just lock the unpopular opinions thread. every damn day there's some new retardation in here. also can pakichan and all the retards replying to her please stfu and take a break from your constant sperging for 1 minute

No. 1500980

>Have you ever had a bf?
HAHAHAHA, Of course not
I have literally never even kissed a boy and I'm about to turn 25
you keep on using that word but you don't ever show proof, that's all I ask
other then that one shitpost show me some proof
>le western men are the sexiest and the purest of all males
I'm very tired that I have to repeat my points cause you lack the ability to read properly
all I said what that I'm not attracted to east asian or african men(they just look weird to me) but I'm fine with any middle eastern or european man who is tall, fit and can grow a proper beard(that's all I ask from men physically) like I think guy in vidrel >>1500730 is very attractive and I'm allowed to like what I like

No. 1500981


No. 1500984

No. 1500985

Damn this is the first time I've ever seen a real femcel. I'm living in a Muslim country and at 21 I've had 4 boyfriends by now and I'm only saying it because that's the average number here. We don't have sex and stuff obviously but people usually meet and seriously date because they're interested in marriage. No normal person stays single until 25.

No. 1500986

Are my unpopular opinion is that people like you are fun killers and I don’t get why you want to shut down all conversation on a already dead as fuck website because you get triggered by any confrontation even if it’s not directed at you

No. 1500987

even I had 2 girlfriends. This cunt must be larping.

No. 1500988

Some anons will literally demand mods to lock down any thread instead of hiding the said thread. It's so weird.

No. 1500990

>If you don't let moids use you, you're mentally ill

No. 1500991

Go back

No. 1500992

Don't say even, anon. Pakichan a racist neet who spends her days shitposting about her love for white men and her hatred for black people and white women. Of course you as a normal person will have better chances at both relationships and friendships than her.

No. 1500994

I know lmao, the whole site should be deleted because there are infighters reeee

No. 1500995

kek stfu, not wanting to see shitty bait every time i visit this site and having to trawl through paragraphs of completely inconsequential bs just bc pakichan and other anons get constantly triggered isnt wanting to 'shut down conversation'. sorry i don't like lc being a dumpsterfire, i guess
it's not like i expect farmhands to listen to me anyway. im just very very tired of seeing samefagging that is allowed to continue without repercussion or even redtexting

No. 1500997

Pakichan is like genuinely mentally challeged no wonder she's never dated anyone. Bet she stinks and has matted hair.

No. 1500998

It’s some weird form of control. They are the type of people at work who act like they are your boss even though they have the same position as you.

No. 1500999

samefag but if you guys think pakichan should be allowed to just shit up threads without even being redtexted then idk what to tell you

No. 1501000

I didn't even do anything more than kissing and they paid for all our dates, got me gifts and stuff and we spent time like all couples do where I was with them when they were in need and they were there for me when I needed them. Thinking women get "used up" when we date is very misogynistic of you. Ironic you wanted to be a fuckslave of a white married man.

No. 1501001

Then just hide the thread. Accept you aren’t a mod and you have no control over what anyone does here. I know it’s hard because you really want the power but you just don’t have it.

No. 1501004

I thought scrotes would fuck anyone, her appearance or mental illness shouldn't be a problem right?
I'm not pakianon, avoiding moids or dating is not a sign of mental illness

No. 1501005

TL;DR you're an oversharing faggot and no one cares. Get a fucking blog or perhaps a diary.

No. 1501006

consider that you shouldn't have to hide a thread every time infighting starts (i.e every 5 minutes across boards on lolcow.farm), when jannies could do their job. but yeah w/e youre right, i cba to have this conversation

No. 1501009

File: 1676485146591.jpg (33.69 KB, 490x508, depressed.jpg)

you know I don't wanna risk getting suspended over this once more so I'm ending this, like I won't back down cause I'm a Jatt(I have an excuse) but why are you all so focused one me
once the Khokar empire rises again you will care(this is a joke btw, I am explaining it cause many people here need explaing some times)
English is third language, I barely use it in day to day life and I wasn't raised a burger, so its hard to communicate my ideas
Honestly I wanted to get married at some point when I was younger, but my family is in a position where we have an arrangement that works for us, cause we live in an area where family isn't near and my family friends also live quite far so we only have each other, I'm legit taking care of my family as my father's work hours are hell, my cousin stops by to help some times but he lives in another city that's quite far

I feel since my old brother is such a fuck up, I'll be the one who ends taking care of my parents when they get older, which is something that I feel might work and I have one aunt(well cousin actually) who has that arrangement as well
she never got married(likely still a virgin in her 50's) and taking care of her parents in old age cause their son died and she became the back up plan

No. 1501011

No one cares.

No. 1501012

Pakichan literally posts about wanting her ideal man to date her everyday, it's obvious that the only reason she doesn't date is that she can't. And yeah, it's a sign of mental illness to tell me I'm getting used just because I've had bfs. If you believe relationships lead to women being used indefinitely, you believe some misogynistic ideal that women dating leads to us getting tainted and having sex always leads to us getting used. I personally wouldn't have sex because of religious reasons but if other women do, I won't go and call them out for getting "used" if they're willingly consenting to it and enjoying themselves. Get help.

No. 1501013

And if there wasn’t infighting right now no one would be posting anything kek

No. 1501014

No. 1501025

Paki didn't you study in university? Did you drop out after highschool and end up at home for seven years after that?

No. 1501081

Basically this, If i could have it i might, but it never even occurred to me, like my dad beat my brother badly for having pre-marital sex, it would be worse for me

Either way one of the first things If I can leave my country, I will find a man to hook up with, I don't care what color he is(brown whetish or pale white) just that he's tall(5'10+) not fat capable of growing facial hair and I wouldn't even care if the sex was enjoyable in the end, I just want to be with a man just once in my life

And once I'm settled down, I'll find another man with good enough genes and he can be the father of my child, and I'll raise the child myself without his knowing and thus it will be my child and mine alone

No. 1501116

>No normal person stays single until 25.
I… I've never dated anyone and I'm 25… I'm just very ugly and my family was very controlling. Anyway I'll go cry in a corner

No. 1501124

Same lmao, you're not alone

No. 1501125

So, if you live in a Muslim country I'm guessing social norms are very strict when it comes to things like kissing or having sex out of wedlock? How did your relationships go? I'm from a Muslim family in Europe and that's precisely because of both situations at the same time that I never dated anyone. I'd be too worried about doing anything too racy before marriage like kissing and holding hands in public, or just dating someone who's not from my ethnicity, and it being known by a family member who lives in my city because it could get me trouble, and nobody who's actually not insane or Muslim (because I'm an ex-Muslim on top of that) would be ok with dating a brown girl, especially without sex at some point.

My little sister had one bf for like 7 years and they were engaged before breaking up, I'd be surprised if they ever did anything, as far as I know I can barely call that an actual romantic relationship. Same with my big sisters having short relationships with white guys and being dumped because said guys knew their families wouldn't accept her long term. Personally my parents were very strict with my big sister and I and my father would sometimes beat me up when I was in primary school because I was getting along with my 7 years old male classmates and would call me a whore so I'm irrationally worried about this kind of shit to the point it impacted my social life as a whole to this day. I guess I'm a femcel kek.

No. 1501135

I am so happy that as a woman that I was born in America.

No. 1501137

I'm also a femcel thanks to severe family cockblocking. My parents are very controlling, I barely go out or get to know men at all, I would have lost my virginity by now have it not been for my parents
I'm happy for you too anon, every time I feel bad I live in a shithole I remember there are women in the world who get to be free at least

No. 1501139

>I would have lost my virginity by now have it not been for my parents
Same. I spent a semester abroad after graduating from uni and was supposed to stay for longer than that, I could have found some guy anytime I wanted but I was so paranoid that my family would know somehow and decided not meet any guy. My friends sometimes joke about how they thought only crazy American mormons would be that paranoid.

No. 1501152

I've had boyfriends but most I've done is kissing. I didn't have sex for personal reasons and even when I hugged in public some of my friends would tell me to get a room or slow down, even though the same friends have gone further than me kek.
I think you should go with guys that'll respect you and wait for sex. If you explain your situation, a normal respectful man will wait at least a few months until you make up your mind. Don't force yourself to abstain or givr in to keep a guy around. This is your body and your choice.
Also you're not a femcel. You're a woman who's stuck between clashing cultures. I hope you find the right guy thatll wait for you and respect your family. If a white guy is willing to dump a girl because she's not white, then he's not worth your time. Don't even waste time hating those guys.

No. 1501159

>I think you should go with guys that'll respect you and wait for sex
I think I worded it badly but the issue is, I don't want to wait for sex. If I ever decided to date a man I'm really into and who's into me the only thing that would prevent me from having sex with him would be that I'd be too paranoid to truly enjoy it because of my upbringing and because I don't want to be beaten up by my male relatives and disowned. A friend of mine has a boyfriend and they starting having sex one week after they started dating and I think I'd never be able to do that without having a panic attack.

>If a white guy is willing to dump a girl because she's not white, then he's not worth your time

I agree, but you can never truly know someone 100%. My big sister was always serious with her ex boyfriends and they were also serious at first, and yet they still dumped her and contacted her months later to apologize for fucking up or to ask for a second chance. She didn't expect that to happen to her the very first time.

No. 1501168

That's called a muffin top, I thought.

No. 1501201

I'd rather deal with a million unstable nonnies who accuse everyone of being a moid/strawmanning than those moids, usually on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube who absolutely FLIP because woman existed essentially.

No. 1501204

I watched Midsommar and I didn't like it at all. The sex scene at the end was especially disgusting and scrotey.

No. 1501224

it’s overrated

No. 1501226

I don’t really care if women in love with their abusers and want to stick around to get beat up etc they are grown women and it’s their choice to pick the men they want to be with but the ones who are so in love they let their scrote be abusive to their kids too need to go to prison right a long with their abuser and no I’m not talking about women who are scared to leave.

No. 1501229

it would have been a nice short film

No. 1501234

I hated that part so much

No. 1501240

You can really tell which scenes were entirely written by scrotes like Ari Aster and which were female ghostwriters

No. 1501301

It's a great depiction of a cult and I really enjoyed that. One of my favorite horror movies, but I could have also done without the sex scene as well.

No. 1501307

Idg women who befriend men who they aren’t attracted to unless the guy is gay. You already know he’s going to fall in love with you eventually.

No. 1501323

Jay z had sex with Rihanna before her debut. No way someone that mediocre would be a billionaire by now without a big push.

No. 1501348

I like the Project Diva games and the idea of Vocaloid concerts but something about the movements and choreography looks so odd. I doubt that they hired a professional choreographer and dancer to make dances and motioncapture for the games and concerts. It always looks like they put some random employee from Sega with 0 dancing experience in a mocap suit and asked them to improvise a dance. Vidrel in particular reminds me of the way men move when they try to emulate the way they think girls move

No. 1501358

I see what you mean, nonny, this song has so much energy and the dance is so lethargic.

No. 1501369

I can be on the fence about this. I don't believe anyone with a good heart deserves to be abused but a lot of these women are heavily manipulated by their husbands and others around them (typically other moids/pickmes convincing them they're overthinking red flags or that abusive scenarios are their fault). I don't automatically villianize every woman who is being abused like some anons do and I definitely don't hate abused women more than abusive men like a lot of people do. The ones I can't stand though are the women like the ones on reddit who purposely bring kids into their shit relationships after the moid has already showed red flag after red flag, and even when people around them offer a safe place to stay and help they deny it. I've definitely been abused by men before but I wouldn't have even thought about having kids with them, nevermind denying help to escape when I needed. There's probably more psychological reasons behind it but people who hate abuse victims more than abusers are the absolute scum of the earth and saying stuff like "oh well they're just gonna abuse anyway"is just an updated version of "boys will be boys"

No. 1501375

I have a cousin who married a Polish guy in the UK, according to her they only ever kissed and held hands and nothing else before marriage and knowing the way our societies are, I believe them
of course marriage required him to converting to Islam and he grew a beard and learned some pointless Arabic for prayers and that's all a man needs to be considered Muslim

but even this would never happen with other Pakistani communities, like we are Jatts and we really do separate ourselves as separate from other people but we are also really inclusive and basically anyone can join us and become a Jatt by marrying in

No. 1501388

They only exist on men since it looks weird and flabby is men have love handles, if women have love handles it just makes her look more curvy which looks good on women. Although I do agree a lot of weird things are made up to make women feel insecure

No. 1501492

you can totally tell they had some Japanese man dance and try to act like a girl

No. 1501496

maybe miku is just a shit dancer

No. 1501502

File: 1676530421576.jpg (177.61 KB, 1618x1080, prison.jpg)

I really don't think prison is that hard, for both men and women, it's just that criminals need to make up an excuse for being impulsive low IQ retards that repetitively get denied parole. And being the most insufferable moids, they talk it up to make themselves seem cool and hard. Yeah, I'm sure you had to join a gang "just to survive". It totally wasn't because you were constantly hanging around that group like a desperate child seeking validation, and then the tables turned and they pressured you into it.

Chris Chan is sitting in prison at the moment and is doing fine, I've known literal tards that have been in prison among the general populace, one said he got punched in the face once and that was it. They all just say it's more boring than anything else. If prison was really this brutal place where you have to join gangs and do abhorrent things to survive, why isn't Chris Chan, the biggest failure in all of history, dead?

No. 1501526

Chris's case is quite specific actually, as he's autistic and also very mentally ill, he's isolated in his own separate cell and area, he doesn't interact with other inmates

No. 1501529

I think a woman's bf should pay for everything once they go out. I've known a lot of men and when they actually value and respect a woman they'll pay for her and treat her like a princess even if they don't have much money to spend. On the other hand, if he thinks he deserves better than her, he usually doesn't pay and makes her put more effort into the relationship such as organizing dates, getting him gifts on special days when he doesn't return the favor, etc.

No. 1501544

I think one of the problems is that her face in particular doesn't emote at all which makes it look very robotic. Her movements are also very slow and compared to the human dancer in >>1501358 her hair doesn't move enough to create an effect of movement and her fingers stay in the same position for most of the time.

No. 1501553

"NTA" and "NAYRT" feel like the "/srs" etc tone indicators for autistic zoomers

No. 1501554

I mean depends on the country, but even in my shithole nation mentally unfit/retarded people are placed in their own special holding cells but its often just as bad, cause its a bunch of drooling Idiots who can't clean up after themselves

No. 1501555

Kek what? Its a way you can show you aren’t another anon they’re arguing or replying to. Are you a newfag that doesn’t understand what it means and thats what you think it is?

No. 1501560

File: 1676542821647.jpg (107.9 KB, 426x597, MV5BMTlkMGYyOTQtODM4ZS00NWJiLT…)

I recommend picrel anon, prisons can be very different, in some cases prison gang activities etc are more understandable than in others. Ultimately it's all still moid socialization though, still, a very interesting show (and I appreciate the 2-6 seasons host for considering rape the absolutely worst crime, feels like normally people would consider it to be murder)

No. 1501563

I think there should be a balance between norway hotel prisons and these ratcages where gang activity and violence becomes the daily norm and prisoners come out even more hardened criminals with connections

No. 1501564

They're used to indicate that you're not the original anon the other anon's reply is directed towards. It's a simple way to keep the conversational flow going and easy to follow. Next you're telling me that adding your signature on e-mails is "just like tone indicators for autistic zoomers".

No. 1501565

Being in prison is not that hard, says womanchild who hasn't even been near one.

No. 1501567

I think she was just hopeful Chris Chan would get beaten to death in there, weren't we all hoping for that

No. 1501570

Samefag but wait
Are you implying she's inexperienced for not having been to prison? lol

No. 1501690

people especially women, above the age of 20 that are "obsessed" with true crime so fucking weird. idc. im cutting you some slack if youre 17 and obsessed with jeffrey dahmer or some shit and have a tumblr blog about it. but if you listen to true crime podcasts for fun youre cringe. especially the ones that pretend to be ethical in discussions about it whining abt how theyre respectful to victims meanwhile put on descriptions of the worst day of someone's life as background entertainment to do the dishes to.

No. 1501728

I’m 31 and I like true crime. I like to listen to it while I nap during the day or while I’m cleaning. I’m interested and how fuck up humans can be so that I remember to stay away from you.

No. 1501755

Psychology is a pseudoscience, the mental health industry is mostly inept and often does more harm than good. Giving up on relying on professional help and accepting I was on my own was one of the best things I ever did. My mental health dramatically improved and I actually enjoy life now.

No. 1501756

How is it any different from people who are interested in any other dark aspect of history? Do you think people who listen to World War II podcasts are weird?

No. 1501763

I agree with you yet I still do it. Tbh I think I'm worse than most in that I don't even care much about what I'm listening to and I won't pretend I'm interested in learning how these monsters think or whatever, it's just that the only podcasters I've ever found entertaining or agreeable to listen to happen to do true crime. Although realistically it might also have to do with the way my fucked up brain works after the traumatic death of some of my own family members

No. 1501786

The health industry period is trash, all the care about is how much they profit. Give you one drug with 6 others to deal with side effects. Mental illness is running rampant because we are sedentary and terminally online, but we can't hurt anyone's feelings and tell them to get off their asses.

No. 1501805

Every single "ace" person I've ever met is super fat, or anemic and sickly-looking, or unhealthy in some other way and look like they never go outside. I could almost guarantee that they feel asexual because they're unhealthy as shit and I'd bet money that their sex drive would magically appear if they exercised and got vitamin D and serotonin from the sunlight once in a while

No. 1501809

The ONLY scrotes I'd like to see "Expose" a cow on here, is Shayna's scrotes. I'd like to pretend to be normal until they give us some funny details and then go, "Fuck you fucking pedo pandering disgusting piece of shit"
Other then that, I don't want milk from ex boyfriends or scrotes about female cows on here. I'm sorry, besides Shayna whose shit is splattered all over the interwebs, It's pretty honest what Shayna does, at best we may get goofy details and then we can discard the idiots.
I don't care if you dated some female cow in 2012 and got some details, I don't believe you scrote, get off the site. Maybe i'm the hypocrite

No. 1501816

go back

No. 1501821

auditing also helps

No. 1501825

Im not obessed with it but it's a morbid curiousity and also in some ways it helps me constantly remind myself "Scrotes suck" and "people suck" and "these fuckers walk amongst us" and "There's people who have it worser then me, I'm a fucking retard get it togeather nona"
Maybe I'm selfish and a fucked up person, IDK, I don't get "Joy" from it and I wouldn't say it's "Entertaining". I kinda find the investagation/evidence part of it interesting though.

No. 1501829

I like those interrogation analysis because it really shows what level of bullshitting psychopaths are on.

I would love to know from Heather's Ryans though, because she never tells exactly why all her bazillion relationships fail so fast?

No. 1501835

>that's all a man needs to be considered Muslim
Does he actually sees himself as a Muslim though? Or is he just pretending so he can be married with you cousin and not be pestered by his in-laws? My little sister's ex boyfriend is an Asian guy who never cared about religion and he never planned on converting, and nobody in my family ever thought about suggesting this idea to him but my sister didn't want him to eat pork at home well, in theory, because he dumped her the day they were moving together to a new apartment and a much older cousin of mine moved to Italy from Morocco, married a white catholic Italian there and she and her parents don't mind him being a catholic at all but my mother was really pissed off when we invited them at home and he put some ham in the fridge without asking even if it was packaged and not touching anything else. I never really thought about it but maybe they stopped giving a shit because she wanted to have kids and everyone was worried she'd be too old for that soon.

No. 1501838

I hate records

No. 1502034

File: 1676579905485.jpg (674.61 KB, 2124x3160, MV5BZDdiZTAwYzAtMDI3Ni00OTRjLT…)

i hate this movie, it's so pretentious and the moid is ugly as fuck.

No. 1502077

Mostly agree with you. I only see benefits in some parts of cognitive behavioral therapy, when they help you help yourself by giving you strategies to cope with anxiety, thoughts etc. But it's so extremely hard to get therapy, the waiting lists are so insanely long that you can figure everything out on your own in the meantime. It's fucked up. I'm never taking any meds for mental health ever again, they just throw shit at you to see if it helps and they clearly don't care about side effects or act like they're no big deal. Most of the "help" you get is just to make you barely functional for work again, fuck that.

No. 1502175

Sydney Sweeney is a good example of how it’s easy to be perceived as pretty if you’re white and put in a tiny bit of effort(a cute dress, a little makeup and not being fat)because that girl is actually ugly fr

No. 1502207

I hate when people talk about increasing rates of depression in teenagers and attribute it all to "unrealistic instagram beauty standards" for girls. Like I'm sure that's part of it but there's so many deeper, more existential issues in society that teenage girls are sensitive to as well, like all other human beings.

No. 1502458

File: 1676616891548.jpeg (280.2 KB, 828x800, E069CF92-E842-4C3C-941A-9C21EE…)

I’m probably gonna get flamed pretty hard but cheating isn’t as bad as people insist on making it be and using it as an excuse to hold a vendetta over an internet stranger who doesn’t know you exist is stupid. It’s just virtue signaling so you feel morally superior for seething about someone you hate.
Like it just happens in bad relationships that lack communication.
(Yes I have been cheated on. I seethed and moved on)
There’s no reason to label someone as an evil cheater their whole life either.

No. 1502471

How is cheating and hating an internet stranger correlated

No. 1502474

She probably cheated, posted a confession about it and anons rightfully jumped on her lol. Now she's salty.

No. 1502480

Nta but that's what I got from the post too kek
Only cheaters defend other cheaters

No. 1502492

>Like it just happens in bad relationships that lack communication.
>There’s no reason to label someone as an evil cheater their whole life either.
Like there aren't people who cheat multiple times. And no one is holding a vendetta over anons who cheat anyway unless you go out of your way to repeatedly post about it. At most you get called retarded and anons move on after a few hours. Anyway fuck cheaters.

No. 1502527

nta but i’ve seen someone get a whole facebook group created about his cheating because he was so stupid about it. they can definitely be correlated. ayrt has a point about people virtue signaling and moral superiority online but cheaters are still awful, and it definitely doesn't just happen in relationships with bad communication. sometimes the cheater is just a shit person and a serial cheater.

No. 1502541

Most people who cheat do so repeatedly and won’t just do it once their entire life. Same way you would want to know if someone is a chronic liar you want to know if they have a history of cheating. Its called self preservation via judging a persons character. This attitude is how women end up with cheaters and when it turns out they weren’t special and get cheated on, the people they seethe to will just tell them “told you so” and “you should have seen it coming”. Not cheating is genuinely one of the easiest things with monogamous relationships and if your partner failed that simple task, whether with you or an ex, how can you still accept them as anything but morally weak and otherwise useless to be with.

No. 1502576

>(Yes I have been cheated on. I seethed and moved on)
Wish it was me but I'm a broken mess instead, it's been years, I did therapy, nothing helps. At least kudos on having a properly unpopular opinion lol

No. 1502595

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Don't ever forget it

No. 1502596

I could see where you're coming from if cheating didn't sometimes result in horrible men giving women STDs or getting the third party pregnant.

No. 1502599

This only applies to women

No. 1502611

No. 1502633

I understand why men don’t really care when women fuck younger guys. Age only matters if it’s a man and a woman. An 18 year old girl is totally different from a 26 year old woman. Young girls are innocent, hopeful and naive but the thing is with men they are never like that. An 18 year old boy is still perverse, rotten and predatory and he’s only going to get worse as he ages. Men also never mature because they are never forced to look at their own actions and they only take advice from other men so they just keep fucking up forever until they die.

No. 1502642

I think its a bit ott how people get invested in say celeb couples and are devastated when one of them cheats on the other. I keep seeing people be outraged that insanely attractive female celebs are getting cheated on left and right. As if that should make them immune to getting cheated on. Nobody is so beautiful that they're beyond that ever happenng to them.
>Like it just happens in bad relationships that lack communication
Disagree with this part tho. There's always an irony when someone cheats (goes out of their way to deceive and conceal) and then cries about bad communication.

No. 1502658

What Belle Delphine did is not based, her mere existence is a symptom of a major problem within modern society, it shouldn't be celebrated nor promoted

No. 1502659

File: 1676646625464.png (138.65 KB, 372x532, Based Department.png)

No. 1502698

Don't know how much of an unpopular opinion it's here, but I don't get the pearl clutching with gold star lesbians, I think they are based, troons and bihets can't stop seething about them.

No. 1502725

It wasn't. She was absolutely groomed by her degenerate pimp and exploited with him spearheading and scripting the entire Belle Delphine persona and that's the only story I can buy. I sometimes keep forgetting just how young she is because everything she writes sounds like a male sex pest in his 30's, most likely because it is.

On a related note, anons who keep calling her ugly and fat need to get their heads checked. Be mad at the society glorifying characters like her, not the girl who was roped into this shit ever since she was underage. I'm fully expecting her career to do an Amouranth at some point.

No. 1502746

i don't think people should be shamed for not adopting pets(or children honestly) adpoted pets and kids are often much harder to deal with due to abuse or neglect. it sucks, but it's no one's fault but the person who had them initially that they're there. even in the cases where the owner or parents died, they're often traumatized by it. i don't want to deal with someone else's mess just to satisfy bleeding hearts.

No. 1502748

are you confusing her for another cow, anon?

No. 1502749

it's because they start speculating and calling other lesbians who were traumatized or extremely mentally unwell faking being lesbian. all lesbians should be, in a good world, "gold star".

No. 1502756

A lot of feminists and anti racism advocates stand on the assumption that they can get their oppressors to change by trying to evoke sympathy. They fail to understand that their oppressor knows how bad the system is for them but they like it because it benefits them. This is why very little has changed in regards to sexism and racism all these years.

No. 1502763

Bihets seethe because of their personal insecurities regarding not being gay enough and trannies because they hate being denied access to female sexuality, but as for the lesbian infighting it's because there are a ton of polilez types who deny the existence of compulsive heterosexuality and consider pre-awakening lesbians who tried sleeping with a man before only to realize they're not getting anything out of it as fakers as they don't have personal experience of growing up having to suppress their sexuality and can't sympathize. Those types are usually just projecting and end up realizing they're first bi then straight after they find their Nigel, actual lesbians rarely give a shit unless you're the kind of bihet trying to pass 2 straight marriages and a male exclusive sex life as "comphet".

No. 1502772

Do you anons not ever get tired of trying to start lesbian/bi in fights.

No. 1502788

they rather die than stop anon

No. 1502790

Why cant we all agree we love pussy and live in harmony, damn

No. 1502799

File: 1676659515056.jpeg (133.65 KB, 1500x1500, k_archive_99d7729491b5592b1f27…)

No. 1502803

I think they have bi tendencies they are insecure about and project that

No. 1502808

Ayrt and I had no idea this existed, that's horrible, I really thought it was just people who are not lesbians who cried about it.
I still have a hard time believing it's a thing though, I consider myself bi and I never involved myself with a man because I've just never met any I was enough attracted to, so why force yourself to be with somebody that supposedly disgusts you? Granted upbringing and environment matter, but still…
I'm not even a lesbian lol, I just saw a post on tumblr from a "bi" woman married to a man who was whining how lesbians were horrible biphobes.

No. 1502860

I think trannies are some anons autistic fixation on this site. Like all the threads "what character would be a terf??" "what media makes trannies seethe??" are really cringy and 14 year old tumblr pronoun haver tier shit. I know it's harmless it's just cringy lol

No. 1502895

controversial yet true

No. 1502933

>I'm not even a lesbian lol
I never called you one. The post is still dumb, I don't care what you are.

No. 1502963


No. 1502978

Like the GSC? They do. They absolutely do. In fact, I hate most of the GSC.

No. 1502980

They're absolutely terrible; you should give them to me.

No. 1503071

It’s not the corporations and ceos fault that people don’t want to work at fast food or retail anymore it’s the managers. They get a little taste of power and treat their employees like shit.

No. 1503083

I know what you mean but you're wrong, it's the plummeting value of already low wages. people with shitty power-tripping managers still stay at their jobs if they make enough money.

No. 1503140

File: 1676690287468.png (71.7 KB, 1354x351, screenshot.PNG)

I hate when artist makes any statement like this and openly dislikes their fans. I'm using Mitski's statement as an example but several artist have said stuff like this. If you don't like how fans acts at concert then don't perform live. Or became a bar singer or something. If you love writing music but hate having a public image then become a song writer and get someone else to sing your songs.
I think many american artist have this mentality that their fanbase is toxic and the fans don't deserve any respect. I think that sort of thinking is rude. To be fair a public figure is overwhelming and many fans crosses boundaries so there is more nuance to it. In Japan the mentality is opposite where the singer is very grateful towards their fans and it's seen as disrespectful if they don't acknowledge their fans but that leads to the singers losing all their boundaries. I think there can be a healthy line between these two extremes where the singer admits that the only reason they have food on the table is because of their fans and the fans respects that the singer is a person. American artists are good at setting boundaries but they need to humble themselves once in awhile.
My point is that you are going to call people who love your work "cultish" then you entered the wrong line of work. It's a shameful thing to say.
the fact that she released an album even after saying that she will quit music forever makes me suspect that this was just a way to get attention. Just like when eartist start sperging about how the can't handle the drama and how they are quitting the internet forever only to log in again after a few days
Being a singer is hard and not everyone knows what they are going into specially when they blow up out of nowhere but it's hard for me to sympathise in many of these cases because these artist wants people to interact with their art they same way they interact with theatre on not the way the interact with music that can be streamed whenever and be bought on massproduced CDs. I do consider muscians for artists and music for art but it's about knowing what sort of audience each artistic medium attractsgrabbing artists during concerts is fucked up though I gotta admit that so is filming a concert when the artist tells you not to

No. 1503144

I'm sorry but people who spend most of their concert time filming/on their phone instead of actually living the experience are trash. Plus, they block the view and the video outcome it 98 times out of 100 trash too.

No. 1503149

If your pizza doesn't have tomato sauce, then that's just cheesy bread. I like alfredo pizza but I won't pretend that it's actually pizza.
Yes this is about you, white pizza.

No. 1503161

Its ok to hate your fans but being a weeb is a sin against god. There are assholes everywhere you go.

No. 1503193

95% of the Internet is lame B.S.

And another War is honestly justified at this point

No. 1503195

She's overreacting a bit, but I mean her Tiktok teen fans are particularly obnoxious so I don't totally blame her. Last time I went to her concert, they were using every quiet opportunity between songs to yell shit like "MOMMY!"

No. 1503270

Nah, I’m on her side. Fans fucking suck.

No. 1503308

And I'll say this: I hate artists like Mitski that act like they are too cool for fame when it's all they've ever wanted their wholes lives and continue to pursue higher elevations of.

No. 1503309

File: 1676718039289.jpg (174.28 KB, 600x600, 1636225388613.jpg)

All alcohol should be illegal.

No. 1503313

Detailed trigger warnings spoil the content, it's one thing to say a particular piece of media has heavy sensitive themes or give it a mature rating, another thing to explicitly list all the future dark topics that will be discussed, even trivial stuff like violence. I know the counter argument is that a good story will still be good even if you know ahead what happens but some of us just want to experience it blind and saying that suicide or major character death will happen kinda ruins it, especially once you're able to predict which character dies or who will have a tragic backstory. I think people who are triggered by these themes shouldn't seek dark media in the first place, instead of watching a show like last of us and then have a panic attack over the heavy content

No. 1503315

I hope people inventing beauty filters die in minecraft. Young girls growing up in current year must have self-image issues up the wazoo. I know I did, and this shit has only gotten worse since I was a teen. For all the big talk of ~body positivity~ and ~diversity~, I feel the world has only gotten shallower and more focused on appearances.

No. 1503321

Where I live they've tried to restrict the sale hours for alcohol a bit more in the last few years. Its not adhered to. The pubs near me lock their regulars in and serve drink all night outside of license hours. The smaller family run shops near me will let you buy alcohol at any hour and just put it through as something else. We'd only end up with people setting up secret pubs and serving homemade moonshine if we tried to get rid of it altogether.

No. 1503330

i was raised religious and have never drank and still don't plan on drinking though it's more because it just doesn't appeal to me. the drinking culture where i live is crazy, especially seeing it from an outsider's perspective. i'm not sure if it should be illegal exactly but it definitely shouldn't be so encouraged as the only way to have a good time and it shouldn't be normal to need a drink to socialise or to have to drink anytime something great happens. and on the other end, it's a horrible way of coping with depression and things going wrong.

No. 1503332

GOOD! Laws around when alcohol can be served are fucking stupid. Just because some scrote gets hammered and drunk drives late at night doesn't mean shift workers and other normal people buying booze should be punished. You can't even buy booze until noon here on a sunday so if you're doing a grocery shop you have to put it back. Maybe just men should be barred from buying alcohol after dusk unless they have a female chaperone

No. 1503357

Women who transition are very privileged. The vast majority of women in the world do not have the resources or support to try to opt out of misogyny by presenting or claiming they identify as male. Affording HRT, surgery, etc and the medical complications that occur as a result of both are not things you can do without a certain degree of wealth, and socially, openly transitioning is unsafe unless you live in a progressive place.

No. 1503359

Analingus for men is better to give than oral. Cunilingus is trumps all.

No. 1503365

No. 1503368

Taking HRT and/or presenting masculine wouldn't be more risky than being a butch/masculine woman already is, at least in my third world shithole Brazil. If you are a very masculine woman you're already getting harrassed anyway. I'm straight and have been harrassed for being a "dyke"…

No. 1503374

IME, Brazil isn't really all that bad unless you are in actual abject poverty tbh, it has lots of trannies too.

No. 1503389

Okay then, so… where are they going to get the money for that shit if they're struggling already? Plus, at least the moids in my shithole country next to yours would just have more ammo to harass the woman trying to act like a moid.
Being a tranny is just complete bullshit and whoever thinks it's a way to solve any problem should go to a real therapist and get their other shit solved, or get a real job and experience real struggles.
It's just so idiotic the fact that there's people out there truly believing in the magical sex exchange "science" magic, it's baffling, like get a grip.

No. 1503391

I bet it would be easier to pass as a male a lot asian and latino countries, men tend to be shorter and more less hairy

No. 1503396

Autistic ESL opinion: I don't like/understand when English natives use "they" when they could instead specify the gender (in a rant for example)

No. 1503414

I think it depends on the person. Therapy is only useful for people with situational depression or anxiety, but I feel like for people with debilating mental illness it's pretty useless. Even then, I assume people that go to therapy don't have enough introspective to figure and what to do and they need someone to decide for them and basically be a yes man.

Blog post incoming, from personal experience I think medication works in the short term (like maybe a year to a year and a half). There were definitely times in my life where I probably would have killed myself if I didn't take something, but I think you shouldn't rely on. Instead you should use to help yourself in emergency situations like manic or extreme depressive cycles. i want to get off venlafaxine but apparently the withdrawal symptoms are fucking god awful so I'm trying to figure out how to go about that

No. 1503426

I tried watching Spy x Family, and I hated it. It wasn't funny, it was cringey, and quite frankly every moid loving that little girl character turns my stomach. I get that technically it was family friendly but I don't know, there was a lot of her rolling around and asking for daddy or whatever. It had a creepy vibe which tbh, I think any anime involving children is inevitably going to have. I know it was really loved but it just wasn't funny or good.

No. 1503431

If that helps you nonna, SxF creator made his manga based off what sells and is popular around normie consumers, he just wanted money.
I admittedly liked the manga when it came out, but the craze around SxF made me not want to have anything to do with it. It went as far as i see kids in elementary school wearing Anya merch and our book stores made an entire shelf for the manga, and the country where i am is not even a weeby one, in fact we've got more furries and k-popfags than weebs.

No. 1503490

>It wasn't funny, it was cringey
I'm bias because I don't like Japanese humor in general but this applies to many comedy animes that are suppose to be wholesome. It's like watching Full House but worse because the cute kid characters aren't even portrayed by kids. Children rarely act like children in anime. SxF also suffers because the adults dont act like adults either

No. 1503497

I find the habit of online users to overuse the word Nazi, kill all nazis really creepy.

My grand-grandmother was a maid to a jewish family and helped them escape. My grandfther's house later got burned because he had a german surname and the country now turned communist. When the communists were defeted they wanted to shoot my family because now they labeled them as commies, it just never ends.

No. 1503690

Idk what Brianna Gheys real name is but he was a child murder victim and it's incredibly bleak that the current alternative to libfem retardation is people saying they think it's a good thing a minor was stabbed to death. I don't think a handful of radfems/gendercrits realise that openly expressing joy or relief over homicide is a bad thing

No. 1503692

Is anyone really doing that?

No. 1503696

Think there is a pretty wide chasm of reactions there, nona. Even in the MtF thread it was about 50/50 people feeling sad, and people not feeling sad or expressing relief. And that is a board where people vent more hate than they probably really feel. Plenty of normie gendercrits have expressed their sadness for a life lost, even a trans one.

No. 1503697

a bunch of people on the mtf thread here were celebrating his death when the news broke, that thread was a mess for days

No. 1503699

There is literally someome in the MtF thread who said they hope his final moments were painful. I'm not saying troon kids can't be criticised for their actions, and based on his TikToks he definitely had a bad view of what it meant to be a woman, but jesus christ child murder should never be celebrated. One of the BIGGEST things wrong with troons is that they don't take rape, murder, or abuse seriously, so I honest to God don't understand why it's somehow good for us to start doing this actually scrote behaviour

No. 1503711

File: 1676758821649.jpg (502.22 KB, 884x1275, IMG_20230218_231735.jpg)

Call me an eugenicist or whatever, but I hate when beautiful women waste their genetics with ugly moids. Just they fact beautiful women date and marry ugly men is beyond me. It never happens with ugly women and beautiful men, not to that degree and scale. Here you have Aishwarya Rai, one of the most beautiful women to ever exist. Now look at her husband and, most importantly, her daughter. This poor child will be mocked for not being conventionally attractive and she will always compare herself to her beautiful mother and asking herself why isn't she pretty.
It is scientifically proven that genetics cause people to look more like their dads than their moms. So choose your moids wisely.

No. 1503723

Ok so some anons wrote shit like that in a milk thread, I doubt it was serious radfems and gender criticals.

No. 1503725

I agree with you in general but I think you posted a bad example. Her daughter looks as cute as her.

No. 1503727

Owning a house is insanely overrated.

No. 1503728

Shit like this is why I'm glad I look almost perfectly like my mother, since my father is so hideous. The issue is that the very few things that I inherited from him make me uglier (huge eyebrows, pale skin, etc.) or nearly physically disabled. Once my siblings and I asked her why she married an ugly, uneducated, poor stranger who's not even 1m70 and who's 15 years older than her with a criminal record a potential undiagnosed personality disorder and she got offended that we were telling her she has shit tastes kek. I genuinely believe that the beautiful women who date ugly men have horrible taste and they don't realize it because they're fucking blind. It's not that deep, which is even worse than any other alternatives imo.

No. 1503730

Rapehons can’t hurt me because I just tell them to dilate and sui but themby fakeboys take the fucking cake at being the most braindead insufferable self-righteous cock-worshiping bitches to exist. It’s ugly retarded girls ticket to getting to be the bully for the first time in their life, TiFs are actually the bulk of the moral police harassment campaigns while TiMs are too busy cooming to function. I’m over defending themies and fakeboys, most of them aren’t traumatized little lost lesbians, they’re just plainly agents of the patriarchy who somehow convinced themselves otherwise.

No. 1503736

The thread that’s frequently raided by /lgbt/? Yeah makes sense, how else will they get materials for the evil terf compilations to spread around groom cords.

No. 1503740

I agree. I think the trans movement is harming the women's right movement but being stabbed to death is an awful way to die no one deserves that specially at 16. I feel bad for Ghey and the family and I hope they will get the support they need. Losing someone in your family in such a gruesome way must be traumatic
>inb4 what about femicide
Femicide is never talked about and that is due to misogyny but I can care about several issues at once

No. 1503746

100% believe that is the case. There’s been anons claiming they are ”radfems into shora” recently too which is suspicious as fuck.

No. 1503750

>she got offended that we were telling her she has shit tastes
lmao, come on now don't bully your mom

No. 1503751

File: 1676759957517.jpg (196.79 KB, 683x970, IMG_20230218_233817.jpg)

No she doesn't

No. 1503754

I didn't understand that either. He was only 16, he could've grown out of the tranny shit when he got older. He seemed like a typical HSTS/self-hating terminally online gay teen boy type, too. Unless it turns out he was an actual creep, why not just move on?
This and the stupid shit about it being "freakish" for actual women to have extra pads and tampons on Ovarit has me convinced radfem spaces are getting dumbed down. It's tiring.

No. 1503755

Nah she deserves it for making us deal with this piece of shit on a daily basis. And for having shit taste. Who the fuck marries a much older man after only talking to him face to face twice? The fuck?

No. 1503759

I was drawn to radfem / gc shit because it was the more reasonable side, but every day it feels like less so. Shit like this hurts the movement so bad.

No. 1503763

I don't like how these conversations about
>Pretty women don't date ugly moids!
>Their childern will suffer, LOOK? See how this child isn't as cute as I feel she should be compared to her mother? Other people (not me because i'm soooo concerned) will judge her
You are the people.
She's already being compared by you simply for not being as cute as YOU feel she should be compared to her mother. You are already starting it. Maybe the people judging childern for how they look based on their parents should change. Not two people who decided to have childern.

No. 1503765

lol ok. you are wrong.

No. 1503770

Is it an unpopular opinion that the guy is kinda cute-ish like in a average or slightly above way and is actually kinda her looksmatch or more attractive than her cuz she’s kinda uggo a lil tbh

Also her kid looks like a normal cute kid leave her alone

No. 1503773

File: 1676761738738.png (468.31 KB, 801x500, aishwa.png)

I just googled, she literally looks how Aishwarya did as a child?

No. 1503774

Nta but I feel like youre taking this personally because you're dating an ugly man but honestly, irl I've never seen a super pretty woman date an ugly dude unless he was rich so you're probably ugly/average as your man.

No. 1503776

File: 1676761843488.jpg (63.46 KB, 449x674, Aishwarya Rai beauty evolution…)

No, I'm right and you're wrong, beautoful women should stop breed with ugly men because that both gives ugly men the confidence to go after beautiful women and wastes those women's genetics
>she's kinda uggo
LMAOOOO the cope. He wasn't her looksmatch when he was young either, she mogs him to eternity. She won Miss World '94 KEK

No. 1503782

File: 1676762145056.jpg (87.7 KB, 1200x667, Aishwarya-Rai-Aaradhya-Bachcha…)

You could already tell Aishwarya is going to be pretty, with her daughter you can already see she looks super like her dad and will look even more like him when she gets older (as you can see in the more recent photo here >>1503751) and her dad is an uggo so… The difference is especially big with the shape of the nose and cheek bones

No. 1503784

are you a man…? she looks great but it takes a lot of effort to look like that. she didn't come out of the womb that way. her daughter literally looks just like her.

No. 1503787

She doesn’t even look like the same person as that other pic kek

No. 1503789

that's just blackpink's Lisa before the surgeries

No. 1503792

omg you're so right

No. 1503793

She looks fine. Ngl, people like you who talk about children like this should feel ashamed.

No. 1503795

File: 1676762653532.gif (3.63 MB, 540x448, tumblr_836ef50437b6309b18c561d…)

I think you're the man here because you're literally faceblind. She looks nothing like her mother. Rai's nose, cheek bones, lips and eyes are all natural, she was born with her facial bone structure genetically determinated to develop this way, which is like the most important factor while deciding whether a human is attractive or not, so yeah, she pretty much came out of the womb that day

Also I can't believe women itt be calling Rai an "uggo" just to defend and ugly male and his ugly genetics lmao

No. 1503798

I mean she looks pretty here but with that much production most women on any random street could look that cute. Her candids are extremely mid

No. 1503799

she's not ugly I just don't think her daughter is ugly!

No. 1503812

Why do you think so?
Personally, my properties are the investments I'm most satisfied with in the long run.

No. 1503813

She looked amazing at letterman and there was no movie production involved. She also won Miss World. Not everyone has to find those women their type of beauty, but they're not mid in any case

No. 1503821

it is a strange way to live, caring this deeply about the way other people look.

No. 1503823

Oh and you only care about stuff relevant to the future of the Universe
Gimme a break

No. 1503831

Nta but that anon is correct, it is extremely weird to obsess over whether you find certain women ugly or not.

No. 1503833

Not even women, but a kid.

No. 1503834

Being with ugly men is weirder

No. 1503836

no, i just don't weep over kids not being pretty enough to others…

No. 1503838

No, it’s definitely you

No. 1503840

I expressed an unpopular opinion in an unpopular opinion thread, you expressed your painfully normie, pro status quo politically correct popular response, Idk who's in the wrong here pal
It's ok we know your bf is ugly

No. 1503841

Kek you actually think I have a boyfriend

No. 1503846

you kinda dug yourself a weird hole far away from your original point and now your unpopular opinion is that her kid is ugly lol

No. 1503850

Her kid looks like her husband and her husband is ugly, I don't like when pretty women waste their genes with ugly moids which also gives other ugly moids more confidence, everything in my opinion ties together and I didn't move away from it at any point

No. 1503852

>i merely expressed my unpopular opinion in the unpopular opinion thread where unpopular opinions are never challenged!
i actually agree that beautiful women are too often in relationships with ugly men and that you don't see the reverse very often but i couldn't care less about how this affects the way their children's looks. you just got weird about her kid and started to prophesise that she'll get bullied for her looks and how sad that is (and your solution to that is to submit to popular ideas of what is deemed beautiful and aim to only create beautiful children?). i don't see why you go all "think of the children!" while simultaneously encouraging the idea that their looks should even matter so much.

No. 1503858

I don't encourage the idea that their looks SHOULD even matter so much, but I know how this world works. People can be cruel to ugly kids, both adults and other kids. And then they're cruel to ugly adults, they get less opportunities in life etc. That's just how it is. Yeah, if you want to have kids (and I don't believe having kids under any circumstances is ethically ok, by that's another topic), you should think of the things you can do to not make their lives shitty. Sure, you can't prevent it entirely, but just lower the risk as much as you can. Like, 1) don't have kids if you have physical disability or mental disorders that can be easily pass on genetically and even if they won't be, living with a parent with a disorder won't be as good as living with a mentally healthy one 2) don't have kids if you're poor and you don't have enough money to take care of their health, including dental care and healthy food, which is quite expensive nowadays etc. 3) breeding with ugly men causing your children to be ugly and not getting treated as nicely as attractive people in all kinds of environments, also forcing them to date other ugly people (if they're even able to date) and create even more ugly people thus creating more suffering etc. People are so irresponsible with spewing their eggs and sperm it's amazing.

No. 1503862

File: 1676767645484.gif (3.52 MB, 498x300, I....gif)

No. 1503866

Nonnie I have seen radfems and gendercrits on multiple platforms clapping about Brianna Ghey being murdered. Don't pretend there isn't a small minority of horrible people in the rf community because these are the exact same retards think women abusers are based and pinkpilled. It's disgusting, if I didn't know better I'd say they were troids going undercover to make us look evil, but these fuckers are living breathing XX chromosome adult women celebrating a dead minor

No. 1503867

Ngl anon has a solid point. Society is lookist that's just the way it is wether you like it or not, allowing ugly men to pass their genes and birth ugly kids that will get hate by everyone til the day they die is heartless. Ugliness can be a curse specially for women, imagine getting your shit ruined beforehand just cause your mom was blind

No. 1503875

B-but he's funny (he farts then laughs); smart (in the stories he tells); responsible (stays long hours at work) etc…

No. 1503887

Yeah but who cares if some supermodel get with an uggo, when an average pretty tall tan woman (like my mom) gets with an ugly ass pale big nose hairy Manlet (like my dad) the results are a disaster. That little girl could get plastic surgery.

No. 1503892

in many species the male has to impress the female; the uglies don't get to spread their genes and die. it's all messed up now and we have too much ugly ass scrotes running around.
when the average uggo moid sees a supermodel dating somebody fugly, he thinks he has a chance too.

No. 1503934

File: 1676774055363.jpeg (409.49 KB, 828x1111, 1676624734185.jpeg)

The anons in /2X/ who applaud someone committing murder https://lolcow.farm/2X/res/5125.html#10291 as long as it's a woman are psychopathic to me. They were literally saying picrel, a woman stooping to the level of a rapeape necro moid, is based. In what world does that make sense? I'm radfem obviously but it's crazy how fucking unhinged some radfems are.

No. 1503942

Readytoglare did what??????

No. 1503950

I agree with the psychopathic radfems. I simply don't believe a woman can "stoop" to a rapeape's level ever–because she's female. What she did to the dude is disturbing in general but I don't have sympathy for males anyway. There are males in the comments saying that she's hot and they want her to do it to them next. Males deserve to be praying mantis-ed. I want to write prison fan mail to her she's a hero

No. 1503958

File: 1676775985237.jpeg (70.82 KB, 634x637, D5CDBFA0-EB4B-4D19-9A09-B21ED3…)

OF COURSE she’s from Wisconsin, she was allegedly high on meth while killing this guy. Her last name is really weird too, Schabusiness sounds like a joke. She’s just insane and trashy

No. 1503965

File: 1676776368860.jpeg (261.84 KB, 828x496, E97DE9E6-F4E8-445D-ADE4-E75102…)

Doubleposting with more details I found

No. 1503982

This is so fucking retarded I can barely find words for it. FFS I shouldn't have to explain to you why cutting someone's head off, stabbing them with a knife while having sex with their dead body, and then dumping the remains in a bucket is disgusting and immoral no matter who does it. Half convinced you're baiting, or a male overcompensating.

No. 1503985

Nah I'm just a passionate female. How is this baiting? We're on a terf imageboard and a lot of nonas are manhaters here. Who tf cares

No. 1503986

I don’t think it’s based because the mission wasn’t an attack on men, she’s just crazy, same with hybristophiliac female crime-doers who still worshipped men. Buuut I appreciate them getting some kills for the team, our KDA is abysmal. Put some fear in men’s heart.

No. 1503990

No one is saying it’s not disgusting or immoral. It’s both of those things. The fact is actual ax-crazy sexually motivated female killer is a marvel to behold, not only because they are exceedingly rare, but also they are antithesis to everything that a woman is supposed to be. Even in fantasies, female killers are still always held to some weird standard of purity, only allowed to go insane after suffering unimaginable trauma, she only kills for some twisted noble purpose, only kills in the pursuit of love and external validation, deep down inside she’s sweet and caring blah blah blah. Here is a woman who killed for her own demented desires.

No. 1503995

If you're baiting, it's retarded.
If you're not baiting and trying to make radical feminism look sane, you're legitimately making you all look like wolves in sheeps clothing, pretending to care about women but just wanting the world to burn

No. 1504022

I see nothing wrong with calling your fans out on shitty behavior.

No. 1504122

…white pizza? who did this to you nonny I'm grabbing my knife

No. 1504135

There are supposed radfems on most platforms right now making some very weird takes on the Minneapolis mom who shot her toddler son with a shotgun 9 times as if that isn't the most abusive scrote behaviour ever. If you celebrate murder because you hate the opposite gender, you are acting like a tranny. What you are saying here is that you have tranny behaviour

No. 1504147

sometimes city folk will never actually get it

No. 1504152

what you mean nona? examples?
are you a city slicker or a country gal like me (rural, not country. I wanna be a cute cowgirl one day tho)

No. 1504156

Like another anon in the MtF thread said with the Brianna Ghey situation, a lot of visceral posts here are posted with more hate than anons actually feel due to the anonymous posting of the site. Only a fool would take any posts here seriously. Also these types of female crimes are such a statistic anomaly just because women aren't inherently violent like men so it doesn't matter much to me to care either way. Even if anons here are encouraging this behaviour, pigs would fly before the average women reach the same violence as men. So it's nowhere near comparable as men in incel forums celebrating the death and violence of women.

No. 1504162

>"the number of women who do this is lower than the number of men so it's ok when adult women clap and cheer a teenager being murdered"
idc if the number is lower. Scrote behaviour is still scrote behaviour if it's one nonnie or ten nonnies. If someone thinks child murder is based they are disgusting no matter how small the group is

No. 1504170

DSBW are beyond gorgeous which is why society shits on them so much. Growing up the girls I was the most envious of and thought were the most beautiful were DSBW so it shocked me to realize that society has the exact opposite views. Every girl I had a crush on in hs/wanted to be like was dark skinned lol. But the most popular girls in school were all light skinned. I went to a predominantly black school btw. When I tell you colorism shocks and disturbs me everyday. I will see the most beautiful dark skin black woman crying online about how negative society treats her and it honestly makes me want to fight. It has to be jealousy because their skin is 9/10 flawless and even, every color looks good on them, they stand out, etc etc. idk I love my dark skinned sisters across all the diasporas it sucks that they are treated the worst in society due to the genetic advantage of having more melanin to protect them from the sun lol. Like why is that their fault lol (no racebait). When I see black girls bleaching their skin and talking about how much better society is treating them after it makes me want to SCREAM lol. Racism has a lot of y’all going blind lol

No. 1504178

I'm Middle eastern and I also find black darkskin women super pretty. We have quite a few foreign students that happen to be black and they're usually seen as pretty by others as well. I think it depends from country to country and racism is the main reason of this phenomenon.

No. 1504225

File: 1676813114705.jpg (147.39 KB, 1522x1536, enstar-memes-cuz-why-not-v0-sk…)

Maybe I'm gay, but I'm starting to like mixed and all-girls games more than all-boys joseimuke.

In all-boys casts I just care for one guy usually or two, and then I burn out fast and get bored.

No. 1504231

I actually really like chainsaw man, the manga at least. I’m a fan of pathetic men, and scary women. Plus the new half has a female protagonist who I relate to because she’s a loser with no friends who fumbles the bag every time. I think if the anime wasn’t so awful, I’d watch it too

No. 1504243

File: 1676816902510.jpg (104.61 KB, 936x697, DevdasShahRukhKhanAishwaryaRai…)

Having beautiful parents doesn't guarantee beautiful children, sadly I'd know since I'm a living example of that kek. It's often a meme that good looking parents produce weird children anyway.
Also, I think her husband looks pretty okay, he's not fully on her level but he doesn't look totally unacceptable. It's hard to reach aishwarya's level

No. 1504259

Nta or involved in this but I don't understand what you mean. She only has makeup and no filter, she's a literal actress and acting like any woman could look as good as an actress just with minimal makeup is very unrealistic.

No. 1504264

NTA but the issue is that there are plenty of "fools" who do take it seriously. They start glorifying grotesque violence and abuse as a response to personal and societal problems. And thinking that the violence will stop at men is being dangerously naive, these women go to female prisons and abuse the traumatized female inmates there just the same if they haven't already fucked up the the women in their lives. They're usually pickmes who just went psycho, not some based radfem activists who would join the sisterhood after finishing the male sacrifice.

I genuinely don't trust these kinds of women because chances are they're just bitter and use radical feminism as a cope after not being picked despite the only woman they care about being themselves. They're the ones who would turn around and call a woman worthless for being ugly and fat right after being finished with ranting about their worth as a woman being tied to their looks.

No. 1504275

dicaprio is obviously a faggot and all the young women he's supposedly dating are his beards.

No. 1504277

Why specifically choose such young women then?

No. 1504282

File: 1676821053805.png (50.33 KB, 590x464, 7678565464.png)

this post sums it up pretty well
besides I remember reading some insider comments from years before saying that dicaprio was gay and decided to hide it. I just think it's more likely. also, the straight scrotes who date much younger women basically always have kids, especially if they're as old as leo. leo is almost 50 and still no kids

No. 1504284

I would hope for his girlfriend's sakes that this is true but why would he need to hide that he is gay in 2023?

No. 1504287

>man being a creep and dating barely legal girls, like all creepy hollywood men.
>Oh no he must be gay, he is TOTALLY not a creep and NOT having ssex with those girls (stop sending him hate), here is some bullshit rumor that he is gay with no proof.

lol people really will defend men until the end of the world. Fuck primate humans.

No. 1504290

nta but I remember reading some gossip article (so take it with a grain of salt) that Leonardo DiCaprio was told his career would be ruined forever if he came out because he used to be a teenage heartthrob and instead his publicist gets him those girls or something along those lines. I think it's just him being hung up on that but him being gay are just rumors though so I don't know.

No. 1504300

The worst thing is that kind of talk misses that child predator are neither straight nor gay but opportunity predators who simply are in it for the power they feel from it. It's fundamentally flawed and disengengious as it bears zero relevance on the actual issue but some kind hearted people can get fooled simply due to being ignorant about pedophilia because to be fair, it's not an enjoyable subject to think about.

No. 1504304

Could be true, but wouldnt it be better PR to at least date women in their 30's? There has to be closeted lesbians and women who dont want children available.

No. 1504305

Tinfoil but sometimes when people’s reactions in threads like that are SO extreme and use really hateful violent language or certain slurs that would offend most feminists I think it’s TIMs RPing so that the thread looks worse. Obviously there could be some unhinged anons really in there but there are times it doesn’t seem right to me, like posts saying “I hate these faggots” or whatever about cringey gay men which is something that pops up on occasion and always strikes me as very weird and out of place tbh. Given the extremely high amount of trolling, spamming, and other forms of obsessive sabotage that moids do on here, I really think some of the most unhinged sounding posts are men.

No. 1504323

I think it's outright moids, repressed ones love to bash on gays wherever they go and they think they can fit in here. You could totally be right and it's a bunch of timmies false flagging but some seem more performative like they think the more extreme they are the bigger an 'ally' they are. Either way it's best to ask them to tone it down and report them if they don't. Unless it's a thread for being hyperbolic or on /2X/, I usually report people for wishing harm on male children as even if it is a woman who's simply venting, it feels like a false flag at that point. Just an example, I don't think reporting every post that's a bit aggressive is a good idea, just particular ones.

No. 1504613

mexican and tex mex food are not the same. they are nowhere near similar, it's like comparing either of the two to middle eastern food.

No. 1504728

He probably thinks it gives him more sex appeal and will lead to more leading roles. A lot of dumb scrotes think the world is impressed that you have a goldigger hanging off you when they really aren't.

No. 1504735

I think 1-3/10 ugliness is caused by environmental problems growing up like mouthbreathing, malnorishment or obesity, more than genes. It's very rare to see someone who is truly ugly irl, and when you do so, it's the aforementioned problems more often than not. Crooked teeth, hunched backs, long faces, etc are often not gene problems. And when it's a gene problem, the poor health that comes from it is more debilitating than the ugliness.

I truly believe that health and looks are basically synonymous. If you feel healthy and aren't stopped from doing anything, you're good looking. All the stuff like obsession over nose shape and size, wrinkles around eyes, hair, etc doesn't matter and we all have collective brainworms.

Anyone who feels truly ugly just has to reflect on their health. If they're healthy, chances are they're not ugly.

No. 1504741

Pedro pascal is not attractive at all and I’m sick of seeing all the crazy thirsting after him for no reason. It’s like a plague spreads when any man is in a popular show and then every woman online suddenly thinks he’s soooo hot and they go obsess over the most mundane photos and interviews making fan edits and shit.

No. 1504813

This is the unpopular opinion thread

No. 1504831

I think being "ugly" with a great personality, interesting hobbies and good social skills is one thousand times more valuable than being attractive. In some contexts being pretty has advantages but having no identity/the personality of a cardboard box makes for a miserable existence.

No. 1504833

I also don't agree with celebrating his death, but it wasn't that many anons doing it and some still spoke against it.
He became trans as a gay teen so he was almost certainly groomed into it by older troons, and I truly don't want that for anyone. The gay detrans man tullip R/Richie has talked some about what it was like to be groomed online by troons in case anyone cares to look it up

No. 1504836

Bitter anons are going to call you an ugly fatty on copium but I fully agree. It's a meme thing to say but personality matters so much more than looks, I've lost interest multiple times once an attractive person turned out to be either boring and shallow or just had a really rotten personality I didn't want to deal with, while getting to know uglier people with great personality I started finding them more attractive to be around.

No. 1504840

It’s not really valuable anymore since most people these days have 0 personality and having one is considered cringe.

No. 1504842

>it's incredibly bleak that the current alternative to libfem retardation is people saying they think it's a good thing a minor was stabbed to death.
This. A ton of radfem spaces are actually just tradfem spaces, it's telling how so many of them hyperfocus on the bathroom question and not actually the harming and destructive issue of young women trooning out disproportionately and children being fed puberty blockers that cause irreversible damage, not to mention how much they openly hate gay and lesbian people and act as if it's just the first symptom of the tranny pipeline and should be disposed of accordingly. I don't want to join libfems being naive buffoons but I don't want to join psycho conservatives who radfems are willing to accommodate just so they could have at least one ally even when they're celebrating the gruesome murder of a minor.

No. 1504843

Samefag and let’s be real! If you’re a young woman who can afford to have interesting hobbies then it’s unlikely you’d be ugly in the first place

No. 1504863

As an uggo I coast by with my agreeable personality and good sense of humor.

No. 1504871

When me and and others would complain about radfems going on conservative platforms and associating with conservatives we would get silenced by other radfems who would tell us ''it doesn't matter as long as we get publicity'' well look at what that has brought us.

When you lie with dogs you get flies. This is what you get.

Oh and i hate it when some posters here pull the ''oh no a woman would never say something mean like that it must have been a tranny'' bullshit card because i used to be a part of radfem spaces on tumblr and insta and yes there were women like this who would definitely say something like that.
There was alot of psychos on the rudefem part of radblr and i wouldn't be surprised at all if some of them also post here, infact there even some selfposters in the radfem cows thread….so it says it all.

radfeminism in the year 2023 has just become a pissing contest on laughing at ugly trannys which is amusing at first but after a while it gets stale.

No. 1504872

There are no major communities where radfems can organize publicly anymore. So everyone is scattered to the wind and the only ones you notice are the loud fringe ones

No. 1505365

File: 1676956020599.jpg (63.37 KB, 504x360, strange-reality-tv-shows.jpg)

I unironically believe that reality TV shows like Jersey Shore and Real Housewives and made people(specifically children) worse human beings

As someone who went to school from 2009 to 2013, I can tell you that each and every single one of the bullies, usually the popular kids, ALL lived their lives like they were on Jersey Shore or RHONJ. Both shows had massive mainstream appeal and put petty masculinity in men, cattiness in women, and general superficiality on a pedestal and told the masses that "if you don't live exactly like us, if you don't go around acting like a complete douchebag or a complete bitch to everyone you know, partying 24/7 and drinking underage, you're a loser." And apparently, even some of the cast members from these shows like Vinny Guadagnino acknowledged this phenomenon amongst the youth and tried to put a stop to it with some anti-bullying PSAs and campaigns, but of course it was ultimately fruitless.

No. 1505382

Loosely related but I experience the opposite of pretty privilege, when I uglify myself (no makeup, ugly horse girl ponytail, glasses) people are nicer to me. I haven't failed an oral exam so far when I wore glasses and no makeup with ugly hair while when I have eye contacts and minimal makeup, examinators are always mean as shit to me. It happened so many times it can't be a coincidence. In work people give me a bit more respect, female friends are nicer too. When I dress up I only get more scrote attention and people act like I have to be dumb.

No. 1505420

Same. Especially the glasses part. I just assumed I looked 'smarter' in a homely way (stereotypical nerd trope shit) and that people just felt the need to be nicer. Idk what's really up though.

No. 1505430

Same here. It sucks because I love bright makeup, colorful nails and dressing up but I've had some professors be really rude and judgmental. I've been told I'm in the wrong field even though I pass my classes with no issues.

No. 1505463

I follow some threads not for the cows they are about, but for the anons that reside in them. The two that come to mind are shayna threads and celebricows. Everyone hates on celebricows but it was one of my favorites to nonny-watch in and I want it to come back soon. Shayna threads have developed their own isolated human culture and I sit in there like jane goodall.

No. 1505474

I only follow the celebricows thread just to stay informed about mainstream culture and not pass as a hermit to normies.

No. 1505475

Depression is only serious when it develops as a reaction to an actual traumatic event. I don’t believe in the chemical imbalance bs. You just pity yourself everyday and don’t do anything with your life. I’m tired of people like you and everyone licking your asses. Had to cut off several people because they’ve become insufferable due to MUH DEPRESSION. Oh fuck off and get a job.

No. 1505490

There's physical evidence of depression tho, changes in brain are well documented. It's not a speculation or anything. Just open any neuro textbook.

No. 1505547

i think there is a kind of beauty in friendship and love that goes far beyond appearance. all of my close friends, my family members who i love and who love me, i think of all of them as absolutely beautiful because looks don't and shouldn't matter at all in that area. and i find comfort in knowing that they feel the same about me. that the most truly valuable people in my life think of me as beautiful in a similar way. the bonds we have formed surpass however we look and i feel very lucky to have these people, in that sense. a relationship (general, not just romantic) just won't be very meaningful if being pretty plays the biggest role in it. it's different interacting with strangers though, there are definitely a lot of advantages to being attractive in that context as your looks compensate for other areas you might lack in (charisma, social skills, humour, etc.)

No. 1505550

Usually when you're depressed from chemical imbalance it's one of many symptoms from a disorder or a side effect from meds though, it's a fact. Many women have that from their pills and get better as soon as they stop taking it. I had that from a hormonal disorder I was treated for because my pituitary gland is fucked up. So whether someone is lying or not depends on how they'll explain where they get that imbalance from to begin with.

No. 1505561

NTA but that's unfortunately not as true as we've previously been lead to believe.
>In the new analysis, researchers said 85% to 90% of the public believed depression was caused by low serotonin or a chemical imbalance.

>Most antidepressants are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), originally said to work by correcting abnormally low serotonin levels.

>The review, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, looked at studies examining serotonin and depression involving tens of thousands of people. One of the findings was that research comparing levels of serotonin and its breakdown products in the blood or brain fluids did not discover any difference between people diagnosed with depression and healthy people.

>The authors also looked at studies where serotonin levels were artificially lowered in hundreds of people and concluded that lowering serotonin in this way did not produce depression in hundreds of healthy volunteers.

>Other studies looked at the effects of stressful life events and found that the more stressful life events a person had experienced, the more likely they were to be depressed, showing the importance of external events.

>According to the research, there is also evidence from other studies that antidepressants may actually induce low serotonin in the long term.

>“Our view is that patients should not be told that depression is caused by low serotonin or by a chemical imbalance, and they should not be led to believe that antidepressants work by targeting these unproven abnormalities,” said Moncrieff.

No. 1505579

This just sounds uninformed and ignorant as hell

No. 1505592

>Most antidepressants are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), originally said to work by correcting abnormally low serotonin levels.
This just states that SSRI doesn't work and low serotonin isn't the cause. I wanted to stop taking SSRI because I felt they didn't do anything, but my doctor gaslit me into staying on them for fucking years. Then I heard a medical professional say SSRI does fuck all for depression and they found it stupid it's even sold as such when the medical world knows it doesn't work, I finally quit taking them after hearing that. All this proves is that these anti-depressants don't work.
I don't believe most depression stems from chemical imbalance, but I also don't think it's just someone pitying themselves. I think it's something that can only be solved by therapy and fixing external causes of distress. However I do feel the hormonal mood dips from pms that make me want to literally die for no reason, so I still think there are a few rarer cases of hormonal imbalance depression.

No. 1505601

Something about a man with painted nails makes me want to call him a faggot that and to me it's a red flag because they tend to be manipulative insane freaks who accuse you of abuse for not doing anal or those types that claim to be "feminist" so they can prey on women or afabs in certain communities in my experience,I know this isn't as unpopular here but it is anywhere outside of this site(afabs)

No. 1505609

They’re usually ugly too

No. 1505613

I went into it without knowing much and found it incredibly boring and cringey

No. 1505626

I think average men being honest about wanting casual sex is insulting, I know society sees this as a good thing because “he’s being honest and not leading anyone on”. Why do they think they deserve no strings attached sex? Why do they assume women want a relationship with them? They should be embarrassed to ask for sex just like an average woman would be embarrassed to ask for money on the first date. I feel like it’s the equivalent of an average looking woman asking men she doesn’t know to give her money for no reason.

No. 1505629

It's better for a man to offer a sexual relationship instead of tricking the woman into a romantic relationship to use her sexually. In the first scenerio, I'd be able to reject a mans sexual advances while in the second scenerio, I'd think he was genuine about his romantic attraction and he'd have an easier time taking advantage of me.

No. 1505633

I find it insulting when a man who is average or ugly assumes I’d want a relationship with them and would be down for being a cock sleeve. Men are pretty much telling you they think you’re unattractive enough to say yes when they do that but they try to paint it as being “open and honest”.

No. 1505637

How about neither? I have no respect for men tricking OR harassing women. Everything is about their mediocre worthless dicks. I’m not going to be happy any time a random scrote starts babbling about his boner and saying how he wants me because of my appearance. They act like animals, it’s pathetic.

No. 1505638

You're absolutely right. Sick of fuckboys being allowed to treat women like whores so openly just because they're being "true and honest" about their sick intentions, "I see you as a dildo and I'm upfront about it so now you can't complain " fuck that, just leave women alone

No. 1505641

I've never had an ugly/average guy make such offer, kek. I've only had one guy bring it up, hr was hot but I blocked him right afterwards. If he had tried to trick me instead of asking outright and I was naive, he'd be able to take what he wanted and leave me used.

No. 1505642

They should be humbled every time they ask just like a average or ugly woman would be humble asking for money or being pushy about a committed relationship.

No. 1505643

I’m an average looking black girl so I’ve gotten tons of offers like this and they try to play it off like they are good guys because they are straight up telling me they think im a whore. I wouldn’t be considered a nice and honest woman if I straight up told men I only want food and money, I have to get to know them first lol

No. 1505644

Ok so an ugly dude told you he doesn't want a relationship but only wants to fuck you. When did he tell you this? Were you being romantic or something? I feel like you thought you were out of his league, which you probably are, and you're now mad he doesn't think so.

No. 1505646

Believe it or not I’ve gotten asked this before even knowing a man. Most men have really high self esteem compared to women so they feel comfortable acting like this unprovoked.

No. 1505648

As an average girl, if you say you want money you'll be rejected but if you date a guy who likes you just for his money and slowly make him pay for your stuff, you can take his money without asking him outright.
Most men are too ugly to have no strings sex with women but those same men still think their luck with women that they think seem desperate and naive. I'm sorry you went through that but I still believe it's better than being tricked into it as someone who personally knows multiple women who got tricked into doing sexual favors for men who pretend to love them but ended up dumping them right after they got sex.

No. 1505649

Where did he ask you? Online like in a place like discord? Dating app? Bar? He shouldn't have asked it but you not giving any details about the situation definitely doesn't help as it could've happened in a place or app that's known to be used for hookups mainly.

No. 1505652

If he wants to use you like a cum sleeve or treat you with respect it has nothing to do with where you met him. People will use being on dating apps or at a bar as an excuse but if they met a woman who looks like a young Megan fox in these places they’d never fix their mouth to ask for casual sex kek it’s an insult.

No. 1505655

You sound like a moid, if you’re not one then you’ve been drinking too much of their kool aid and are too sheltered too. Men talk to women sexually on the street, on college campuses passing by, in cafes, in gyms, in stores, anywhere. Pretty much any woman with life experience knows this because it happens to us all the time that men transparently sexually pursue us and say disgusting sexual things flat out.

No. 1505656

Anon, did you miss the part where it said that there was no difference in serotonin levels between people diagnosed with depression and healthy ones? The whole idea behind SSRIs was based on that theory (starting with Prozac), and it doesn't have much behind it. The assertion that antidepressants are BS is necessitated by throwing out the "chemical imbalance" concept. Here's another article essentially saying the same thing. It's complete fiction. I don't agree with the OP saying depression is just self-pity, but psychs also lied to make people buy shitty drugs lol.

No. 1505658

Exactly. And scrotes ask for sex and send dick pictures on all apps where people can communicate not just tinder.

No. 1505667

Or they could not trick women and not try to play the “I already told you I just wanted sex so it’s ok for me to treat you like shit” game and stay home and jerk off

No. 1505692

it screams pathetic performative greasy beta nonce to me. spineless but wants to be sexually controlling. it's so gross looking and i see them as very weak. the complete opposite of a gentleman and either likely to troon out or to abuse a woman or both.

No. 1505733

Watching movies and TV shows together is boring. I grew so tired of it in my relationship because it was all my boyfriend ever wanted to do as a way of spending time together, to sit in silence and stare at the TV for a few hours.

If I spend time together with another person I want to catch up, talk and be social. It sounds pretentious, but if the first thing you suggest is for me to come over and watch a movie that none of us have ever seen before, I'd rather watch the movie by myself.

No. 1505738

Hard agree. Got so sick of it in my last relationships. He couldn't really uphold a conversation and it was nothing else to do… was bored out of my mind. So happy I'm single now.

No. 1505741

this is what my relationship is like and i don't know what to do… it would be fine if we did anything else sometimes. breaks my goddamn heart

No. 1505745

This thing works only if it's a show you're both interested in and if you talk about it while it plays. Otherwise it's boring, embarassing, annoying and just a waste of time honestly.

No. 1505753

Agree. Honestly when watching together you're not even doing something together because you're not interacting nor actively doing something.

No. 1505756

A lot of men will ask for casual sex to any woman in the club, if he can get someone as hot as megan fox, he'll her, if a few hot girls reject him that night, he'll pursue a less attractive woman. If you're at a bar, men there don't respect you because all men have a Madonna whore mindset and being seen as whore will mean they'll only want to sleep with you.
I've never had it happen aside from once when I was using a dating app. Just because it didn't happen to me doesn't mean it doesn't happen but I know those men usually hang around either bars or dating apps most often since they're too socially retarded to be anywhere elsewhere. Also catcalling or such in street isn't men asking for sex, it's them scaring and humiliating us, that's why you're more likely to get catcalled if you're wearing jeans and a hoodie rathen than being glammed up, they target less threatening girls to sexually harass. Again, sexual harassment isn't an invitation to sex, they're totally different and comparing them some man initiating intimacy in a bar to some woman getting sexually harassed at the street isn't really a fair comparison.

No. 1505767

The only way that shit works is if you pause every once in a while to talk about it. That's what my boyfriend and I do, we just use shows as a springboard to talk about a lot of different topics.

No. 1505772

works pretty good if you're smokers and stop to have a cig too. but yeah you have to pause or be ok with talking over the movie/show

No. 1505810

File: 1677008783372.jpg (97.34 KB, 550x500, pink.jpg)

People who don't like the pink gaming setups just because "reee how dare you make something pink!!!!" are retarded.

No. 1505813

File: 1677008851934.jpg (209.74 KB, 1000x1500, gaming setup.jpg)

Like sorry but you can't convince me that this is better just because it's in different colors.

No. 1505823

It's just nauseating and reeks of pandering and inauthenticity a lot of times. Not always though. Tbh I'd like to see a dark fuchsia version of this but it's always the same pepto bismol pink

No. 1505826

I like all white or white, wood or white, metal, glass set ups more. retarded how much more pc stuff can be just for being colored pink or white though.

No. 1505833

It just looks like a tryhard egirl's setup. The purple one looks cooler because the cloud ceiling is nice, but you couldn't pay me to sit in the dark like that. Both of them are an assault on your retinas but the pink one is extra grody and unoriginal.

No. 1505843

File: 1677010077251.jpg (150.24 KB, 736x920, gaming setup (2).jpg)

And this isn't nauseating?

Most of these "battlestations" are obnoxious as fuck but IMO acting like the pink ones are worse just because or because it's too "girly" is stupid.

No. 1505846

I don’t even want to think about how nasty that ceiling is gonna look in one week+

No. 1505851

File: 1677011062567.jpg (63.47 KB, 1280x683, hide-the-pain-harold.jpg)

I will forever laugh at tiktok making being a basement dweller an aesthetic. Some even put their furniture in front of their windows so they don't dare run on the risk of catching any sunlight on their their fast food, energy drink and cheap snack fueled bodies.

No. 1505871

Gamer aesthetic is just baseline ugly, not matter the color.

No. 1505872

That is also nauseating. They're both awful amazon camgirl garbage, the pink one is just more obviously so.

No. 1505876

>the pink one is just more obviously so
And the only reason you believe that is because you have an inherent problem with pink.

No. 1505884

Nta but bubblegum pinks and rose gold pinks have been pretty synonymous with cheap and tacky for a while now. It just takes more work to make your pinks not look so juvenile. I don't think anyone reeees as a woman walking around in a salmon colored blouse or anything.

No. 1505886

If you seriously looked at both of these photos >>1505810 >>1505843 and thought the pink one was more obviously cheap Amazon stuff, then you're delusional. Again, a lot of people have an inherent problem with pink, but if I get into why I'll probably just start getting dogpiled.

No. 1505887

File: 1677014271804.jpeg (81.27 KB, 900x508, 31F19D7D-5E0B-4006-8F3C-E54F9B…)

Nta but the pink one is hideous. It reminds me of the But I’m a Cheerleader conversion camps. >>1505843 is ugly but at least there’s contrast

No. 1505892

Samefag, but also salmon is barely pink. It's closer to orange.
The point isn't whether or not it's ugly. All the gamer setups are not my personal taste. The point is that people only think theyre ugly because it's pink. Also, I hate that this conversation has become about those photos specifically when I just meant gamer setups in general.

No. 1505894

Being pretty does make shitty things a little better in life. When shitty things happen to me I can at least say “well at least I’m pretty” I got fired today and I feel sad but then I remember I’m pretty so it’s not so bad or if I get dumped by a scrote it doesn’t really matter because I look better than them anyway. It would suck when bad shit happens to you when you’re ugly because it probably feels like you have nothing left. When I have nothing at least I have being cute. I know that sounds shitty but I’m sure anons gets it.

No. 1505901

But I liked the but im a cheerleader conversion camps look. Especially the bathroom with the flowers.

No. 1505903

File: 1677014911192.jpg (164.92 KB, 736x981, bafa5eddeba4961bbb6a76ff55119e…)

Here's another pink setup with more colors for the anons who kept saying there wasn't enough colors. But the demons with a deep-seated hatred for pink will still have something to say.

No. 1505904

I get what you mean, though I can't agree. Pastels are more jarring and unnatural than richer colors. It's hard to make them work in abundance. If you mean pink in general then sure.

No. 1505905

I like pink but vidya Amazon decor is always ugly. You have bad taste

No. 1505908

Read these. >>1505843 >>1505892 . As I said, gamer rooms are not my taste either.

No. 1505914

File: 1677015675108.jpg (90.78 KB, 564x700, 07fe120ea6a564bf8442a820b02fef…)

I mean I like pink gaming setups and the one that you posted is fine, but i REALLY hate when they're filled with ugly and cheap amazon garbage or is cluttered with plastic knock off figures or children's toys. Or look like this eyesore

No. 1505915

Unironically the funniest thing about Jerma is his meme status. The way he's basically husbandofagged by so many is way funnier than anything Jerma himself has ever said or done.