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No. 1456052

where idiotic questions get silly answers
previous: >>>/ot/1433502

No. 1456054

Why is the threadpic so cute

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No. 1456086

>register on twitter dot com to follow and like people's stuff but no interest in tweeting myself
>fast forward a few months
>look at great japanese artist's twitter media
>like a bunch of their art
>get blocked + they deleted the first image I liked
Someone pls explain how social media works, is liking a lot from one person considered rude?

No. 1456089

Some people get pissy about spam liking because it can clog up notifications but those types are usually the most annoying people anyways.

No. 1456094

Anons who live with their SOs: when you're both working from home or just lounging around at home, do you make an effort to look attractive?

No. 1456110

kek I have no idea what was going on there, but this person might have been a bit paranoid especially if they only have a really small following or if your profile is empty.

No. 1456115

i dont understand this update, why we have two farms, where the old threads are going to be?

No. 1456116

no, at home Im always natural and true, after all love comes with sincerity and acceptance

No. 1456129

japanese twitter artists are schizo as fuck, you shouldn't take it personally

No. 1456145

What jobs provide their employees housing?

No. 1456165

So many people online are spastic about “spam liking” they’re so fucking annoying

No. 1456170

File: 1672161674141.jpeg (395.92 KB, 733x803, 5DB53E9F-810E-44DB-8EFC-A72FDE…)

why is every hobby moid on youtube an evangelical/tradcath? can’t even watch cute goldfish vids without finding a weird scrote peddling jesus.

No. 1456177

File: 1672162275641.jpg (213.72 KB, 663x767, meary crisis.jpg)

Who's the target group for Hallmark christmas movies?
Bonus: Is it target group for or target group of?

No. 1456179

File: 1672162512845.jpg (69.63 KB, 300x300, be0aa3ca-74e3-4ac9-bec2-a558f3…)

Nonnas, help. Is there any way to recover your accidentally deleted hard drive from your USB?
I wanted to reinstall windows because my PC crashed and guide didn't mention that it would nuke everything from your hard drive.
I downloaded Recuva but so far it doesn't seem to give any good news… 6% and 22 files found, it needs 16hrs to try finding everything that was lost.

No. 1456194

Praying for you. Remember to make Back ups

No. 1456195

Who is elaine, blaine, kiki, etc?

No. 1456196

in the end, Recuva app found 4000 files just to end up telling me it can't recover them, but i will keep trying…

No. 1456199

Lurk more

No. 1456201

seconding this

No. 1456205

You need to lighten your hair

No. 1456206

I want to pay for a moid's fansly to see more of his gorgeous body (and to see if he stuffs his pants) but it feels wrong to support a moid with even just a single pledge not to mention his erotic endeavours. Should I do it? I'm thirsty.

No. 1456208

No. 1456209

File: 1672166235422.jpg (332.11 KB, 1400x1400, Vagina_lady.1485099571.jpg)

Why do american feminists think that choosing stereotypical feminine hobbies (like knitting, crocheting) and jobs is somehow revolutionary?
The reality is that 99% of the population will look down upon you and will think of you as a stupid npc woman.
Feminine hobbies are inherently stupid (otherwise men would claim them) and janitorial.
Choosing a feminine profession is even worse, nobody will respect you and you will live in poverty for the rest of your life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1456210

The fuck anon? There's a reason why these hobbies are disrespected and it's not because they're useless or bullshit. It's because women are into them. If women were massively into programming it would be considered useless and "janitorial" too. And that's based on a real example kek
Embarrassing post.

No. 1456211

How are women inherently into crocheting? They are only into these things, because men are gatekeeping other hobbies.

No. 1456212

Yeah, anon needs to pull their head out of their ass. Programming is a good example, now entirely a toxic bro club but originally it was mostly female. Men shoehorn their way into any profitable female professions and take over, the reality is a woman can excel at any role, particularly technical roles. "women's hobbies" and jobs are simply the ones men deem not profitable enough to bully us out of. Watch if there was some inane revival of knitting where all the dumbass NFT get rich quick scheme bros figured out a way to monetize it, suddenly it would be something only galaxy brains can do (because they are doing it)

No. 1456214

Probably unpopular opinion but if he’s just a garden variety moid then I would say go ahead, assuming it’s a token amount. You’ll probably get bored when the mystery is gone and a small amount of money is hardly going to have a big impact. Have fun, anon.

No. 1456216

>a woman can excel at any role
You say this but then you encourage women to choose some inoffensive hobby a lobotomized person could do.

No. 1456218

I used blue-black dye over my already dyed black hair and it had the blue sheen in the light effect, to the extent I hated how blue it looked in the sun. Definitely achievable.

No. 1456219

I've used stuff like 'schwarzkopf live' to add a tint to already dark hair. Cosmic blue was the main one I used. The darker your hair is to begin with the more subtle the results are but I only wanted subtle.

No. 1456222

you’re just mad i still crochet despite numerous attempts to fwart that

No. 1456224

Lmao this is what I'm talking about. Why do you think it's revolutionary? Nobody on this planet - except americans - think that conforming to gender stereotypes is anything but conformist.(infighting)

No. 1456290

Wtf why did my post get deleted

No. 1456292

Do people still watch Let's Plays nowadays or did it all switch to streaming?

No. 1456313

So your guys' gums start itching when something with coconut too, right

No. 1456327

grats, you're allergic

No. 1456334

Wtf this is the first time I’ve seen a gif as a threadpic

No. 1456335

wait just kidding no it isn’t now I’m remembering the twerking one

No. 1456336

File: 1672190850858.png (82.82 KB, 819x784, dinosaur.png)

Is "becoming confident in a dinosaur culture" some, idk, known meme I'm not aware of? I've been rereading Hyperbole and Half comics recently, in one of which she recalls having a dinosaur costume that gave her confidence to do things she wouldn't normally do, then I ran into this item in Danganronpa game… it feels too specific to be a coincidence but then again I've never heard of such thing before, so I wonder, is it a coincidence after all then? Or is it actually some known phenomena I've just somehow never heard of

No. 1456358

What's the equivalent of pannchoa but for japanese entertainment? Basically a translated site for popular japanese articles

No. 1456367

File: 1672196428116.jpeg (280.96 KB, 1602x2048, AABFEA34-08F5-41A2-9193-007EBB…)

I don’t know, but this one definitely predates all the other ones. (Brad Neely, Creased Comics, early to mid 00’s.) It was popular on MySpace and then I think a lot of “omg so quirky” types probably identified with it and made their own versions.

No. 1456423

Is it mandatory to prioritize your partner?

No. 1456432

No, but then don't expect your partner to prioritize you either

No. 1456435

Is there any website builders that are mainly drag and drop but you can also look into the code and rewrite it if you want to?
I have a basic understanding of Html & Css but do not want to build a website from scratch

No. 1456449

Precisely, I don't want to be someone's priority, it sounds exhausting.

No. 1456454

My depressed mom who wants to shut her brain off after work and doze off on the couch.

No. 1456467

Damn and here I thought I was a no food allergy Stacy

No. 1456510

Why is it that Teams sometimes shows me away if I don't touch anything for 5 minutes but other times shows that I'm available, even though I haven't touched the computer for more than an hour?

No. 1456515

not rlly a stupid question but I am writing an essay on Feeling and Emotion and I took the quote of Rene descartes as an example ( "I think therefore I am") and my essay goes like " this quote evokes the idea of existance and the way of …. one's existentialism through feelings and emotions" can some literature nonnies help me fill the blank ? i am struggling to find the right word for that

No. 1456546

It’s been a long time since I was in philosophy classes and writing about Descartes, but you should read the rest of his Meditations on First Philosophy for a better idea of what he’s writing about.
Also fuck Rene Descartes.

No. 1456553

im just asking for finding a word to fill the blank… i didn't had a lot of authors to choose it's not my fault…

No. 1456554

Demonstrating? Explaining?

No. 1456563

File: 1672234239918.jpg (48.22 KB, 441x600, d4aa0e5ed773d85ebd77d428b8331a…)

Good afternoon nonners, here's my stupid question: is it normal for the flow of your period to change?
For example, my last few periods were quite heavy with some clots (but not insane bleeding or lots of clots). However, I just received this months period a few days early and I had absolutely no cramping and a very light flow.
Is this normal? I'm guessing there just wasn't as much lining to shed this month, if that's even how it works?
Picrel to make any lurking trannies seethe.

No. 1456564

huh we have a word count limit now? why?

No. 1456565

That's normal

No. 1456566

Samefag, I should also add that I do get my period every single month, it's just that it doesn't seem as regular and same-ish as it used to be when I first started it in my teens.

No. 1456569


No. 1456573

so are you bunker nonnas back now?

No. 1456580

File: 1672235641326.jpeg (29.25 KB, 275x275, 1652285978810.jpeg)

No. 1456585

Where can I buy tights that don't tear on the first wear?

No. 1456586

Why do people(moids especially in mu experience) viscerally hate Greta Thunberg like did she actually do something shitty or what?

No. 1456587

Somewhere pricey. With tights you get what you pay for.

No. 1456588

No, of course not. Taking care of oneself is the best thing a person can do in order to be stable and strong in supporting their partner. If you got your shit together you can better make your partner feel loved since you know how to love yourself. With that said, your partner should be important enoigh to you that you genuinely want to make them feel seen, supported, and loved. If they are a back burner project due to lack of care for them then that kinda sucks…and they should leave.

No. 1456589

My bad, hadn’t had my coffee yet.

No. 1456598

File: 1672236902487.jpg (31.51 KB, 563x432, 2f1d49109c20d5344d9f1ceb3df8ea…)

No. 1456612

They hate the idea of a child, a girl at that, telling them what to do and being a bit obnoxious about it. That's worse than murder to them.

No. 1456619

huh where

No. 1456621

does "asserting" fits it better ? "asserting one's existentialism"

No. 1456626

Asserting would work well, in my opinion.

No. 1456627

thank u !

No. 1456632

If I accidentally stepped in dog poop (mine, no deseases) are a couple of wet wipes and dog shampoo (only things I had available) enough to clean my shoes?

No. 1456654

Are eyestrain induced migraines a thing?

I have this thing where if I spend a lot of time looking at screens (I noticed mobile screens are the worst offenders), I eventually develop pain behind my eyeballs which then develops into a headache with nausea. I often have this feeling that I will throw up but I haven't thrown up so far

No. 1456667

As long as it doesn't ruin the shoe, you'll probably want to scrub them in warm water and soap when you get the chance. What type of material are they?

No. 1456693

Why are there two sites now? Are they just mirrors of each other or should we be using one vs the other?

No. 1456707

Has anyone ever been a 4chan mod/janny or know someone who was? What is it like?

No. 1456708

Do any other anons have experience with being objectified abroad based on their origin, but not expecting it? I always knew "foreign" girls were fetishised based on their ethnicity, such as East-Asians, South-Americans, or even Mexicans for Americans. However, I never knew it even applied to me, which was of course naive. I spent a semester abroad in the USA and experienced so much blatant fetishisation, it was remarkable. Everything was related to me being European. I have a typical Nordic appearance of blonde hair and blue eyes, so I received a lot of comments to relating to how "exotic" I am..??? I laughed at them and said I am not Carribbean or anything, so how am I exotic… When guys complained that I wasn't into slapping and choking during sex, I said it's because most normal women want love, not pain. He said "no, it's just 'causs you aren't American." ……. Finally, because I was an international student, I made friends with other girls who came from abroad. The girls from East Asia told me how when I come to visit their country, I may be approached by men on the street and I should avoid them like the plague. Vice versa, I told them about how they should be wary of guys here and their treatment of how they are foreign. I know women get objectified based on anything, whether they are from abroad or not, but this theme was something I experienced a lot around. I'd love to hear about your experiences and thoughts

No. 1456713

>He said "no, it's just 'causs you aren't American."
By the way, he was lying. I'm American and out of all the friends I've had, I've only ever met one girl who was into that. Guys see it in porn and so they just do it without asking permission because they've got that rapist mindset.

No. 1456716

His soul was very impure, so I of course did not believe his attempted coercion. I did however find the culture at fraternity parties so shocking. How women allowed themselves to be treated… Women in Europe do the same, but somehow it feels different.

No. 1456717

>His soul was very impure, so I of course did not believe his attempted coercion.
Your English is like poetry, I love it.

No. 1456719

File: 1672245915835.gif (1.42 MB, 400x300, 5F7372A2-E194-48BE-BD75-B1D915…)

Why don’t men kill themselves and each other more often?

No. 1456720

I think the bottom is plastic. They're very cheap and I use them to step in grass and mud all day, so they're already kinda dirty anyway.

No. 1456723

Any nonas shop at SSENSE or any other online store where you filed a claim for not receiving your item yet? I ordered early on in the month and decided to escalate a claim because they have missed the Christmas deadline, and I just don't want to deal with this anymore. They sent a reply back on PayPal with: "Hello, Thank you for your inquiry, we are extremely sorry to hear about this situation. I see that customer care has heard from you about this issue and if you require additional assistance please follow-up. Please note that we offer 24/7 services to help you look into the issue to offer you the best solutions. Please keep in mind that your dispute inquiry is blocking the transaction. Kindly close this inquiry and contact the team for the best direct assistance. The customer care team is available 24/7 to help you! Looking forward to hearing back from you with our customer care team. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Kindly, SSENSE security"
I don't want to close this PayPal claim, and I don't trust their customer support. They only provided the shipping label once I asked what was going on, and it still hasn't moved since the 12th despite it being express shipping. Should I just escalate it to PayPal?

No. 1456738

Don't know if this is what you asked but I'm French and I went to Antwerpen a few months ago and I got way more attention from guys than in my country, I was talking in english and as soon as guys identified my accent they got all excited. It was so silly imo, we are literally neighbors.

No. 1456752

No. 1456754

Samefag but most women aren’t asked before. Which means even if they consent for all we know it’s a trauma response. Choking is never choking it’s suffocation. Someone else can’t choke you.

No. 1456761

How do I stop procrastinating? I keep putting off work. Someone please snap me out of it and tell me that I’m sabotaging my own future (I am.)

No. 1456782

You'll be fine to wash the bottom then as long as no poop got on the fabric.

No. 1456784

This is just a scheme to drag it out until the Paypal window closes. Let PayPal deal with it. Show PayPal screenshots of how it hasn't shipped.
Take Adderall like the rest of us with ADHD.

No. 1456796

Thank you. I went ahead and did that shortly after I posted my message. It's the only issue I've had with a supposedly credible online business.

No. 1456818

You're right. I told him off
That's so true, I forget this sometimes…

No. 1456822

is the iilluminaughtii milky? she gives me rancid vibes even if her videos are interesting.

No. 1456829

she used to be part of a anti-SJW comedy group during the gamergate era, when her MLM videos started gaining traction and started attracting a mostly left leaning audience and so she scrubbed all instances of her "problematic" past and that's about it, she also has a history of plagiarizing from smaller Anti-MLM creators and not giving credit

No. 1456834

She shit on JKR and is pro troon.

No. 1456838

>she also has a history of plagiarizing from smaller Anti-MLM creators and not giving credit

No. 1456864

I got a pretty good deal for sum movie tickets. Should I watch that fuck ass avatar movie or the puss in boots one?

No. 1456865

Many anons (like me) still can't get in on the regular site so we're using the backwards version instead (which was recently flipped so now it's no longer backwards lol)

No. 1456872

samefag if you mean original lolcow and the other one that just says lolcow, then idk. The latter was supposed to be the new site but then got reverted after everything that went down.

No. 1456884

just google iilluminaughtii and plagerism, basically
>iilluminaughtii plagiarized a smaller Anti-MLM creator, Madison (Cruel World, Happy Mind).
>iilluminaughtii subscribers noticed and left comments in her videos letting her know.
>iilluminaughtii sent her a message to clear the air.
>iilluminaughtii ignored her message.
>iilluminaughtii went to a podcast to talk trash Madison's channel.
>iilluminaughtii made several Instagram stories to send her fans to harass Madison.
>iilluminaughtii made a video defending herself.
>iilluminaughtii forced Madison to delete that video.
>iilluminaughtii said that they have BOTH apologized, so everything is fine now.

No. 1456887

File: 1672260482445.jpg (6.98 KB, 197x255, download.jpg)

Avatar 2 sucked ass if you're expecting plot or seriousness. It's great for special effects though. I would take the chance on Puss in Boots, at least it acknowledges that it's a comedy. Also, look at these hair styles they gave the characters.

No. 1456890

literally the zoomer haircut

No. 1456893

I thought it was a troon because of the voice.

No. 1456895

This isn't an edit???

No. 1456896

Are top and bottom actual concepts among lesbians?

No. 1456898

No, they actually gave them this haircut. Also, this character makes a dick size joke about Jake Sully's son.

No. 1456901

Would you date a man that's collage educated, makes decent money, transphobic and knows porn addicted men are degenerate but instead of gay face he has gay voice.

No. 1456904

he's at least bisexual if he's collage educated. what's next, scrapbooking? the answer is no

No. 1456905

Me? No, I'm married. I wouldn't date anyone.

No. 1456909

Depends on how strong the gay accent is and how he looks.

No. 1456917

I've had almost that, but he failed at the transphobic part. He was very woke, pro-trans and then eventually pro-polyamory, at which point I left.

No. 1456923

Is he German? Basically all Germans sound like fags. Anyway, no. I knew enough men like that and there is always something up with them. Porn addiction is degenerate buuuut… "Porn is okay when it's XYZ category" "I have a secret Reddit account I won't tell you about unless you end up googling me" "I once posted my nude picture with face to 4chan"

No. 1456957

He's very anti poly, it sucks I feel so shallow for finding his voice a turn off because he's so fun to talk to and everything I want in a man…. he just sounds like a faggot and drives his father's Mercedes kek

No. 1456973

Back when I was still trying out online dating I met up with a guy with gay voice. It was so gay I thought "oh maybe I got the wrong idea and he was looking for friends?" No, he was into me but I couldn't get over the voice

No. 1456975

No. 1456989

How do I work on myself without dwelling on past mistakes?

No. 1456990

If a guys voice turned me off I wouldn't be able to overlook it. There'd be no progressing to bed to have him whisper sweet faggotty nothings in my ear. No kek

No. 1456995

Grit your teeth and push through the pain.
Also meditation.

No. 1456999

What does actual gay voice sound like? I always just assumed it's just a nasal voice, in which case it'd be yes, because I actually like nasal voices lol, but I never heard an actual example for it.

No. 1457003

nasally yes, but also with a valley girl accent. listen to james charles or drag queens

No. 1457014

Is smoking homegrown stuff (tobacco, weed, ect) better than smoking store bought?

No. 1457015

I watched a James Charles video for the first time just to be sure and it's still a yes I guess, and maybe I just got lucky with the video but he isn't nearly as obnoxious as I imagined him to be, I'm actually surprised lmao.

No. 1457022

are images loading more slowly for everyone else since the site has been back up?

No. 1457025

On the contrary, all's been loading much faster

No. 1457037

It's slow for me too, though I'm using the flipped version of the site. Still can't get the normal one up.

No. 1457042

yes nona

No. 1457056

Single anons, how much do you spend on living expenses in a month? Not including clothes or fun related stuff and similar, talking exclusively about stuff like food and hygiene.

No. 1457070

it will probably get faster once your cache catches up

No. 1457136

What product do hindu women use for bindi's? Not the gemstone kind but the one where it's just a dot. I always thought it was henna or something but apparently it's for after praying sessions so it can't be permanent. I was doing some research on Hinduism just out of curiosity and I'm so confused kek, whenever I see a woman with a bindi it almost looks like a tattoo

No. 1457147

File: 1672277008879.jpg (264.94 KB, 1080x1080, tdch8989.jpg)

les/bi nonnies, who do you think would be the best in bed between tove lo, dua lipa and charli xcx?

No. 1457151

Why do women hang with that fucking scrote? James Charles is such a retard

No. 1457161

definitely tove lo she has the right energy for it. charli seems like a pillow princess and dua idk anything about but she doesn't seem to have much personality

No. 1457163

Tove Lo

No. 1457171

Tove Lo is super cute and I adore some of her songs, but she comes off as “fake cool girl bi” to me. I think she even said she never dated a woman despite apparently being bi. No hate since I know it’s not easy for bi women, but she gives me the fakest vibes.

No. 1457175

Anons who dated moids that "preferred" teenagers. Where are you at now? How did you two end? Where is he at now?

No. 1457201

I've had the same cell phone carrier for years, are there different voices for the voicemail person between carriers?

No. 1457217

What makes a person look ill/sick? My (even female) colleagues say I look ill quite often but I don't really know why except for the fact that I don't wear makeup.

No. 1457218

Ashen skin tone or unusually red skin tone? poorly kept hair? Bags under your eyes or bloodshot eyes? Resting bitch face?
before I finished reading your post I was going to guess it was something about not wearing makeup lol. But you don't have to wear makeup.

You might want to ask someone in real life who can see your face and answer you honestly. Maybe you really do look sick or maybe your coworkers are dicks and just want you to use makeup. We don't know.

No. 1457237

hypothetically… two lesbians + take ones bone marrow + use it to make bone marrow sperm + then use it to impregnate the other = lesbian off spring?

No. 1457314

can someone explain why kpop stans add unrelated kpop gifs to whatever they post? like gifs from music videos. even on here whenever they show themselves. it's just a bit embarrassing, i don't understand the point of it. it only makes you seem annoying

No. 1457374

They live and breathe kpop and they know it pisses normal people off, just like the weebs on 4chan who post anime reaction pics on boards and threads that have nothing to do with it.

No. 1457396

Is it even worth getting surgery to correct my vision considering that I’m one of the few people who actually likes and prefers to wear glasses? I’ve worn glasses since I was in elementary school so I’m used to it and never found it an inconvenience (save for a rare handful of times when I forgot where I placed them after coming out of the shower). My eyesight is pretty bad (-5.50 in both eyes) so my only real want in getting corrective surgery is to sort of “reset” my eyes since I know your vision can begin to deteriorate again after surgery, rather than wanting perfect or near perfect vision. Even if I got the latter for life, I’d probably still just wear glasses without any prescription kek. My glasses tend to be expensive since I get a few add ons + high index lenses so that was my main incentive, and I think in my city the average cost is about $4-6k for both eyes depending on the type of surgery, and I’m not entirely sure if the costs would beat getting an eye exam every two years+cheap glasses online. I’m also very fearful of being a rare case of a massive fuck up kek. Have nonnies here had lasik/prk/icl? What are your thoughts/experiences with it?

No. 1457400

Every surgery comes with a risk. It's pointless to do it if you don't feel like you need it

No. 1457429

If you prefer to wear glasses why the hell wouks you even entertain the thought of getting survey to appease others?

No. 1457485

I was also considering surgery (my eyes are probably even worse by now) but after reading online about how the surgery works and other people's experiences I'm not so sure anymore. I'm afraid eye surgery fucks up your eyes somehow. It doesn't actually "reset" your eyes, it just destroys your eye muscles in a way that's "good". Some people start deteriorating again or begin to have weird visual "effects" with poor lighting. You also can't do it more than once or twice usually.

No. 1457488

File: 1672323875430.jpg (23.73 KB, 483x578, sundaymorningrainisfalling.jpg)

If you're deep enough in it these gifs seem fitting or funny, probably because you also know the context behind a lot of them. I still have pics like picrel saved where I'm not sure if it's really funny or just the after effects of being a kpopfag years ago.

No. 1457513

Exactly this. I'm not even a kpop fag but if I know something will piss someone off, I'll do it, kek.

No. 1457594

Ya. Its called stone butch (only gives) and high femme / pillow princess (only receives).

No. 1457630

I do worry if I'm somehow left off with a weird but harmless side effect that I probably would never stop thinking "I did this to myself" kek. I'm already used to being blind as shit without my glasses but shit like chronic dry eyes or starbursts or haze or whatever the fuck else harmless things that might happen feel like an unnecessary annoyance to bring upon myself.

I've never considered the surgery to appease others, my main consideration was just to "reset" my eyesight since it's already pretty bad.

Lasik and the flap cutting really freaks me out! I was looking more into PRK today because an athlete I follow said it was the only one she qualified for, and it uses a laser so no cutting. I didn't know about the destroying eye muscles thing though! I've sort of been skimming through how the procedure works but I don't get the real nitty gritty of it all. I'll look into it more!

No. 1457662

My eyes were really bad, like I was legally blind without glasses. I got it at 25 year old and I've been very happy with it.
Downsides: I can no longer see at night, especially in high contrast situations. So if it's night and everyone has their headlights on, I'll go five below the speed limit in the right lane or else I just won't drive. The light from the headlights seems to take up the entirety of my vision and I can't see anything but. I have heard that I can wear glasses to correct this, but I didn't pay all that money for nothing so I won't. However, there's also a daily drop I can do for life (CanC or something) but I'm lazy.
Upsides: no dirty or scratched glasses, can swim or shower on a lark while seeing everything, I can wear swimming googles without paying out the nose for prescription ones, and they actually corrected my vision to better than average (20/15).

No. 1457679

You are overthinking it. People just use gifs that aligns with their interests. Anime fans also use reaction pics of anime girls and they often add an unrelated anime photo

No. 1457689

My sister had her eyes done with lasik and she had to get a prescription again after 6 or 7 years. Her eyesight was terrible so it’s nowhere near as bad as it was before, but she felt disappointed.

No. 1457695

almost certain that PRK is even shittier than LASIK. My nigel had terrible eyesight and got the SMILE operation done which instead of a flap just makes a tiny hole that seals up without worrying of it bursting in the future
cost like 5 grand though but the recovery wad two days now he has above average vision

No. 1457705

Thanks for the insight nona! What type of procedure did you have done?

Is it? I've been reading good things about it over lasik besides longer recovery time. I was reading about smile too but some people did mention they were hesitant about it since it hasn't been around as long as doesn't have as much long term data compared to lasik and prk.

No. 1457830

File: 1672349022778.jpeg (102.07 KB, 1024x768, B4108048-9F86-4631-9B55-799FE9…)

How do asexual people rationalize claiming asexuality but still masturbating/having sex? “Asexuals can still have and enjoy sex!” Huh??? Can someone who used to be an sjw explain

No. 1457862

Because the definition of asexual is someone who doesn't experience sexual attraction to others, which doesn't necessarily make them unable to feel physical pleasure derived from sexual acts (especially solo). Whether you think having sex while not being at least minimally attracted to the other person makes no sense is another thing, I'm just explaining their rationale.

No. 1457865

can any nonnies think of a series/piece of media involving insane love triangles or other just ridiculously OTT romantic situations?
was thinking about love triangles just now and wondering if there's been any media to take thar idea and run with it to the point of almost parody

No. 1457869

they can still enjoy the physical sensations of sex/masurbation but for most of them they're not going to be actively seeking out sexual encounters, bc as the other anon said they dont experience sexual attraction towards people.
asexuality is a pretty broad term, bc some of them want nothing to do with sex whatsoever while others are regularly having sex often bc its something their partners enjoy

No. 1457872

I think it's something like other people just don't turn them on, but their clit isn't broken so there are ways they can get off.

No. 1457893

Honestly reminds me of a swarms of people who're asexual who have the most degenerate kinks like mpreg or piss. Why is it always piss with these people?

No. 1457895

It's ok as long as they think the person they're having sex with is ugly.

No. 1457897

Haven't seen that myself so I can't answer you. Please don't show me, I don't want to know more.

No. 1457898

Should I do raw or cooked garlic in my bruschetta?

No. 1457901

Cooked. Roast it with oil in the oven till it’s soft.

No. 1457909

cooked if you're serving it same-day. if you're doing some make-ahead party prep then use raw.

next level bruschetta technique: rub raw garlic on the still-warm toasted bread slices.

No. 1457912

Imagining sex is very different from actually having it kek. Even if you dislike/are indifferent to certain or all physical contact during sex, it can still be nice in theory. It's the same with "asexuals" masturbation, I suppose.

No. 1457913

I need glasses for far sightedness, I can't see far away, so for driving or flying. How do you get glasses, you go to a doctor for a check and prescription or or a glasses shop? And can you exchange later if you don't like the frames you picked?

I'm in Europe btw, can go to any country for it

No. 1457937

ok so if a woman
>has no genuine desire to actually have relationships or sex with men
>can find heterosexual sex arousing but only in theory
>does desire relationships and/or sex with women both in theory and in real life
does she count as bisexual or a lesbian? not counting a deliberate decision on hetero-abstinence in the name of self-preservation or feminism but genuine lack of desire to actually engage in heterosexual sex.

No. 1457940

Any K-Drama

No. 1457943

are we doing lolcow of the year awards this year?
and will shaymin be a option, love you shaymin

No. 1457944

So asexuals just think everyone is ugly? Too many different things fall under asexual, there’s completely sex repulsed, simply no libido, wanting a romantic relationship but no sex, having a relationship AND sex (so just being normal??). Like if they’re one of those people in a relationship who put up with sex for their partner…what? If they’re getting aroused and enjoying it how is that asexual.

No. 1457960

File: 1672361603642.jpeg (80.91 KB, 750x724, 12DDE6E0-0F8B-410C-B957-48728A…)

Does electricity have a smell to you? I swear I can smell something when something is staticky. For example like a big old crt tv, or when I have a plushie rub against my blanket and it creates static, I can almost smell it if it’s strong enough. Does anyone else smell this?

No. 1457961

I'm a burgerfag but I would assume it's the same in Europe… I'm pretty sure most, if not all, glasses shops will have an optometrist there who will do eye exams. Go in, say you'd like to get your prescription checked and get some glasses. They bring you in, the doc will do the eye exam, and then you'll go and pick out the frames. Some places take a few hours to get you your glasses, my local optometrist always takes like a few days or a week but he's also not a chain store so. Not sure about the exchange policy tbh, but if they don't already give you your prescription info, ask for it so you can shop online for some frames because it'll probably be massively cheaper than in store.

This honestly wouldn't bother me that much, but I guess I would be upset if I sank a couple thousand into the procedure and it just ended up being kinda for naught after a few years. I am totally expecting this to happen if I go through with it though.

No. 1457970

CRT tv smell. Memory unlocked

No. 1457971

>So asexuals just think everyone is ugly
No, they would just see someone and think 'that person is attractive', but they wouldn't have any sexual thoughts about them after that.

No. 1457974

Why does my stomach get upset and start to rumble right after I drink water? Is it something in the water? I'm fine now though, only passed for a few minutes

No. 1457976

I think it may be the smell of electrified dust particles or something but I know what you're talking about. Staticy blankets and cathode tvs definitely have an electric sort of smell.

No. 1457977

How do you maintain a professional job?
My current day job is very easy but pays minimum wage. I graduated from a well-known university in my country and had good grades, but after graduating I couldn't keep a job in my field because it was so overwhelming. To make it worse, I always felt alienated from my colleagues. My parents are really angry at me for "wasting their money" because I don't make enough right now to support myself.

Am I just stupid? If not, has anyone else experienced this and found a solution?

No. 1457978

What did you struggle with

No. 1457982

What did you study and what is your job?
I think some people are meant for certain things, and you haven't found it yet. It's great you studied something if you were interested in it and not for the money, because you can get burnt out. I actually accomplished much of what I wanted and pursuing other passions and careers, and I didn't even finish school. I traveled and lived abroad, learned languages, worked with children. I also make music and write casually, as well as sports, but I do those since young. And I did some massage therapy to make money on the side so now I am getting certified and will work at a spa. I'm also going for my private pilots license.

My point is there's a whole world out there, if you aren't comfortable in your surroundings, change them. I can advice you how to use your education or new paths to take if you have any idea, if not why not just search until something interests you and try it.

No. 1457987

I studied marketing. I enjoyed my program and participated in related student orgs, but I guess I didn't know to much about the real world because I never had a job before graduating. My parents didn't allow me to work. After university, I've had several jobs in the field working at both corporations and small agencies too, but I've been fired from all of them. I've had conflicts with a couple of my managers over projects, but usually I was just let go with no clear reason.
Longest time I had a professional job was 1.5 years. My current job is remote data entry. I've been doing it for the past 3 years but it's pretty much a dead end job. I get bonuses every quarter for good performance, but have never had a raise. I feel like the only reason why I've had this job for so long is because I'm not in an office and directly interacting with people. My boss usually communicates with me via email. I rarely get a call from him.
Overall I feel stuck and my parents make me feel like a failure. I just wonder if my brain is broken or something and how to fix it.

No. 1457998

When you picture a bi woman in your head, what sort of woman do you imagine in terms of looks, interests and personality?

No. 1458025

I did cooked and raw and rubbed garlic on it. I love garlic

No. 1458029

fantastic! we're making good choices here.

No. 1458043

File: 1672371640422.gif (64.13 KB, 220x196, 3B58ACF2-1695-419C-B274-3691BF…)

Thanks, I’m so bad at making choices. Clearly, since I went with every option lol

No. 1458045

What’s the backwards version of the site? I need to access LC on my computer and can’t remember the backwards url

No. 1458046

bump bc I accidentally saged

No. 1458047


No. 1458090

Ty anon

No. 1458143

File: 1672391013112.jpeg (63.23 KB, 612x489, 267522CC-353A-4E4E-8933-8CE159…)

Is nonnie unique to lolcow? I just saw a tumblr post where someone used it and now I wonder if they’re a farmer, unless the term is also used in other places.

No. 1458145

Tumblr is where it originally came from actually, that's why it's redtexted kek.

No. 1458147

The term originated from tumblr anon asks which is why it's redtexted.

No. 1458148

No. 1458153

File: 1672391899728.jpg (91.75 KB, 663x960, 5611.jpg)

i heard Peterson was revealed to be a pedo, deets on this? i'm not surprised tbh but i'm curious how he got outed

No. 1458155

A girl with a band shirt and black jeans

No. 1458158

I haven't heard this, maybe it's true, but I kind of doubt it. I'm not a fan of him BTW. I remember one of his old videos he was joking about playing with kids and people were making pedo jokes in the comments, but it was pretty obvious in the video it was innocent. not sure if that's where that came from though.

but you just randomly reminded me of when I tried to read maps of meaning, and he mentioned how his cousin was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. if my husband said that I'd leave. he also mentioned that in his h3h3 interview, though at the time I didn't realize he was talking about his cousin. why he felt the need to tell that to the world I'll never know

No. 1458161

someone in the grimes thread mentioned he was but i didn't want to derail asking there

No. 1458163

File: 1672392718497.jpg (88.38 KB, 550x533, 0_GOgnVT8eFPd3gbhm.jpg)

maybe it's because he sympathized with milo? but if that's the case that makes a lot of right wingers pedos. https://dissociated.medium.com/the-time-jordan-peterson-supported-pedophiles-1cecced87e22

No. 1458167

Wtf that's literally me.

No. 1458172

File: 1672394797405.png (1017.37 KB, 1280x480, HellCensorship.png)

What is it with American boomers losing their shit over any kind of religious (mostly christian) reference no matter how minor and harmless it is? "Hell" being considered a swear word has always sounded so silly to me.

No. 1458174

literally what. it's usually the boomers who are obsessed with religion and get upset if you try to censor religious stuff

No. 1458178

I'm still thinking about how some JRPGs got censored because they have very vague references to vague religions like how Final Fantasy games have a white magic spell called "holy" and it got changed in early games. That shit is so silly.

No. 1458188

Is there a discreet/polite way to find out if someone I’m seeing has dated many other people before? We’re both young (late teens-early 20s) and extremely online people with unusual interests, and the kind of people who spend a lot of time alone with our interests, so part of me had assumed he hadn’t, but he’s also a few years older than me and is shockingly confident romantically. I know it doesn’t really matter, but I’d just like to know how much experience he has relative to myself (I don’t have a huge amount) and particularly if he’s a virgin or not (I am).

No. 1458200

how do you meet new people if you're:
1. depressed, hard to go out
2. broke, and therefore have no money to pursue most activities even if you're not depressed
do i just hang out in the street like a homeless person? they're probably the freest out there

No. 1458202

it's even older than that, I remember seeing it on livejournal

No. 1458204

It's ozone! It's why thunderstorms also have a specific smell.

No. 1458205

I’m not sure if asking around would work — we don’t have many mutual friends, none that I’d feel comfortable asking anyway. I think this is something I’d rather talk to him about face to face (I want to let him know that I’m a virgin and would like to take things slow), I just don’t know how to bring it up without sounding like I’m insecure and looking to compare myself to his ex-girlfriend(s).

No. 1458206

If you live in a relatively big town there are a lot of free events pretty much every weekend if not every day, you should look into these

No. 1458210

What she said, men will lie through their teeth to get what they want from women.

No. 1458212

He made a video with some crusty old man about how "childlike faces are the most attractive," maybe that's it. I don't know why Tammy puts up with this shit, I'd stuff him full of benzos and tie a string around his dick until it dies and becomes necrotic but that's just me.

No. 1458213

Why do people hate Joe Rogan so much? i don't religiously listen to it but from time to time I'll watch a clip. He's not a good interviewer but his guests are usually pretty interesting imo, and I like that it's not just the same kind of people plus I forever love the tranny video with Ben that went semi-viral.

No. 1458215

>fans are annoying
>bad interviewer

No. 1458216

I used to have a little bit of respect for him but then he called andrew tate a genius and I realized he was retarded

No. 1458217

I think it comes down to what you've said, that he's not a good interviewer and his audience is often retarded, taking everything said in his podcast as gospel. Being a bad interviewer, inviting highly controversial people and never fact checking them, just letting them speak freely without any difficult questions makes him seem like he's endorsing what they say, and his audience is just as unlikely to ever double check anything, people will hear that someone says that idk, vaccines cause autisms, retardo joe rogan will just nod or encourage the guest to speak more and some people will blindly believe it. It's irresponsible especially with such a massive reach he has.

No. 1458219

I’m being deadly serious anons: what is wrong with me?
I am a husbandofag and I fall head over heels in love with one character at a time. It’s always a character I deeply relate to. I begin to skinwalk the character, changing my appearance to look like them and superimposing their life/experiences/relationships onto my own. Everything I go through is processed and contextualised through the lens of my husbando. I live in varying states of fantasy and I’m self aware enough to laugh at myself for it, but when I reflect on everything I remember how much it contributed to my suicide attempts. I get deeply saddened and I hate myself whenever I can’t match a quality that my fixation has. It makes me mutilate myself because I feel unlovable if I can’t be like the person I’m modelling myself after.
This is shameful behaviour on my part but this has happened with a real person once before too, and I ended up stalking him and his family. For 6 years I wore the clothes he wore, spoke how he spoke, and pursued an academic career just to get close to him. I got 3 degrees, wormed my way into being his colleague and eventually his research. Then I latched on to a husbando instead and instantly lost all interest in him, tried to kill myself, and never returned to study/teaching.
I don’t have an identity of my own. I have been doing this since I was 12; I am 30 now. I joke that I’m kinnie trash because it’s the closest word I have to describe my experiences. What is this?

No. 1458220

Sounds like terminal autism

No. 1458222

Choosing to take you on good faith here. I was assessed for ASD but I was told I didn’t meet criteria. I haven’t told any pros the extent of this specific problem, am currently just being fed mood stabilisers.

No. 1458224

Why can't shaymin redirect lolcow.farm to farmcow? A lot of anons are still unable to reach lolcow due to dns issues (including me), but farmcow evidently works just fine.

No. 1458225

Kek he really said that? I had no idea, that's messed up though.

Guess I never thought of it that way but that makes sense. I mostly enjoyed that the guests were able to do their stories even if they are completely nuts, he doesn't add anything but doesn't interrupt either and I kind of enjoy that about it. It's like listening to 2 people talking on the train most of the time, I can't sit through 2 hours of it but 10 minute clip I usually find pretty cozy. I didn't know his fans really took him/his guests dead serious though, I know they're probably mostly teenage boys but who would actually say or think he's a good interviewer? Like you said he listens, nods and maybe makes a joke from time to time. I always saw it as a family dinner conversation but I guess many people don't.

No. 1458226

Honestly nona I don't think any of us could tell you what's going on but I would consult a psychologist and explain that to them if you really want some insight. It sounds like it's distressing you so that would be a good reason to reach out to a professional, in the meantime would it be possible for you to avoid anything to do with your current husbando?
>Everything I go through is processed and contextualised through the lens of my husbando.
That is honestly so relatable though

No. 1458231

If you want to have a chance at an accurate diagnosis you should probably go back to the professionals and be fully open and honest.

No. 1458232

Thanks for being honest. I may bite the bullet and ask around because I really like this guy and I’d regret it immensely if I didn’t give it a shot. I’m not entirely inexperienced and he knows this (I’ve been in two relationships before and have dated a bit previously), but this is the first person I’ve been seeing who I didn’t either know as a friend first or meet through good friends, which I suppose is why I’m a little uncertain as to what to do.

No. 1458234

If you open up about all this to a professional my guess would be that they'd see you as meeting the criteria for bpd.

No. 1458299

File: 1672415351538.png (261.16 KB, 938x724, 467D22AC-57CC-41B9-9871-6A9C96…)

Birth control questions..

Should I be on birth control?
I'm not currently active but if I am in a relationship again, unfortunately most men won't wear condoms and won't be careful. My period is inconsistent so it's hard to track fertility. I don't want to alter my hormones and affect my health in a bad way, I struggle to swallow pills and don't want the daily commitment, and I don't want to insert anything because it's painful and medicine is sadistic against women. So I think pills and iud are out. Does anyone know about the patch, ring, shot, or implant? I will also talk to a doctor about it when I decide, but I am a bit clueless now and want to think about it carefully. I have never been on birth control before.

No. 1458305

Gotta be honest this was not what I was expecting as a reply, but also exactly what I was expecting. You okay??

No. 1458308

NTA but it seems like whenever a woman's mentally off, BPD is the go-to (even when all their symptoms are different).

No. 1458309

I had a glass yesterday and I can say it hit the spot. Maybe have another today with dinner. Red wine surely?

No. 1458310

There are plenty of anons here like that. I would say talk to a doctor, perhaps a female one if you're uncomfortable about it still.

I've been on the pill for issues with my cycle and not for the titular reason, and while my experience won't be the same as everyone else, I have never had an issue with "nasty pimples".

No. 1458314

The implant is also hormone based, avoid it if you don't want to fuck them up.
This is why I don't date, contraception is anxiety inducing, the only kind of men I'd accept to have sex with would be sterile or sterilized ones

No. 1458355

It's up to you. Personally I would take the pill if I was in an active sexual relationship with a man because I don't like pregnancy scares.

I didn't mind taking the pill, you get in the habit and it doesn't feel like any more of a commitment than brushing your teeth. I liked the person control it gave me; I could stock up and start/stop whenever I wanted. I have an IUD now and while I like it a lot for specific personal reasons having to do with PCOS, the fact that I have to go to a doctor to remove it does bother me in the back of my mind and it always has. I don't have weight or acne problems (any more so than my sisters who aren't on bc) but that's just me. I did find that certain pills seemed to affect the size of my breasts and hips but it fluctuated; I read this has something to do with the way estrogen affects fat cells (fyi my breasts and hips are smaller on hormonal bc, which is kind of a bummer).

I'm afraid of the shot, I hear too much negative feedback about it from women in my life. If I was in an abusive marriage and needed a secret birth control method I would get it but other than that, no.

I think if anyone tells you bc has no side effects or risk they are lying, and if anyone tells you it's definitely going to give you cancer and "ruin" your hormones they are also lying. Talk to your doctor and if they're dismissive of your concerns talk to a different doctor.

No. 1458357

also: I would make sure he gets tested for STDs before we ever have sex (I really don't want HPV, not to mention the major ones). You shouldn't sleep with someone who "won't" wear a condom, in my opinion, especially if you haven't seen their STD test results. It's not being a kill-joy to insist on condoms & STD test, it is an important health precaution and frankly the guy can fuck right off if he doesn't want to do it, he's probably nasty & diseased and I would talk shit about him 100%.

No. 1458362

No you shouldn't. Unless you have health issues that birth control alleviates, then you have no reason to be on it. Most men won't wear condoms because most men are careless degenerates - however from experience I can confirm that there are a very small percentage of males out there that eagerly wear condoms without you even having to suggest or say anything about it. That's because they are not retarded and also don't want children.
Stay off BC unless you really need it health-wise. There are an insane amount of side effects that come with using it, and I'm not talking acne or weight gain or feeling a little moody. It can, and has, fucked women up for years.

No. 1458365

Samefag, at the end of the day there are of course going to be women that have had no issues with being on it but imo hormones are nothing to be fucked with unless it's medically necessary. Don't feel like at some point you need to be on it because men throw tantrums about condoms - if he's not eagerly wanting to use protection for himself, he is not a man you should be having sex with. More men should be sterilised anyway.

No. 1458388

What is a way I can make 160$ in 3 days?

No. 1458398

Sell your items on mercari eBay or any other platform.
Ask for help from friends or family members.
Put it on your credit card. (Terrible but I'm exploring options)
Return items at the store that you don't need.
Yard sale

No. 1458408

petty theft
perform eight $20 foot rubs
taskrabbit or uber type things probably (I have never)
facebook marketplace or craigslist if you have something to sell that is desirable

No. 1458447

Was 4chan ever interesting? I started using the site 1-2 years ago and so far I haven't seen anything hilarious or interesting enough to justify the site's legendary status I only see coom posts even on sfw boards

No. 1458462

some funny things have been posted. it's boring now. I occasionally see a funny screenshot from there and that's fine. it used to be a place that created memes that would spread to the entire internet but not so much anymore.

No. 1458465

yes, but only a long time ago, pre 2010. from what i hear /b/ used to actually be full of hackers and the site in general wasn't really as hostile to women at the beginning, just generic 2000s internet edginess and some boards like /cgl/ were female dominated. i remember hearing weird stories about /b/ happenings, like how they doxed some guy for killing his ex's cat and lighthearted things like flying some 80 year old's long lost wartime friend to his birthday party. it was just chaos and used to be interesting to hear about. i only used /cgl/ though personally and tripfag drama used to be interesting, like mini celebrities having a real life soap opera you could alog in real time. i would never recommend it now though, /cgl/ is full of trannies and coomers and the rest of the site is /r9k/ and /pol/.

No. 1458473

Best way to keep roaches out of your home? How do you tell where they're coming from? I thought I saw one come up from the drain but now I'm not sure if they normally come up that way.

No. 1458478

two tech questions:
1) what time zone do east coast burgerfags set on the newest version of windows? everytime i use the automatic option it gets the time wrong, but even after changing the time websites still say "x hours ago" on something posted seconds and minutes ago.

2) are the fans in lenovo computers supposed to continue running even in sleep mode?

No. 1458522

Why do Canadians not like Justin Trudeau?

No. 1458528

How can I earn €3 in the next hour?

No. 1458529

look under vending machines for change (also laundromats under hte machines). be quick someone will chase you away lol

No. 1458533

File: 1672427589567.webm (5.56 MB, 1280x720, trudeau Kids React.webm)

see vid
just kidding. I'm not canadian sorry, maybe someone else can answer you

No. 1458538

lmao I have a ton of change that I use at vending machines and sometimes I leave small coins there for someone to find xD

I meant more online so I have something in my wallet. I do live streams sometimes and make money but it's unpredictable you know, since it's just a fun thing and sometimes people donate. I will still be streaming, it's like performance art.

No. 1458539

File: 1672427897529.png (311.63 KB, 409x611, 15746817.png)

He may or may not be Fidel Castro's illegitimate son. Just kidding, I actually thought he was popular in Canada until a few months ago so I'd like to know too.

No. 1458540

I’m confused anon, isn’t there an option to select your time zone? Just select eastern time.

No. 1458544

Kek so cute

No. 1458558

File: 1672429860801.png (251.28 KB, 420x301, dmk_Image1.png)

Are professional skin treatments and facials a meme? Do they just feel nice, and that's it? I spent like 10 years getting memed into the whole 8-step skincare routine thing, so now I'm questioning everything.

No. 1458559

there is but whenever i choose eastern US it jumps the hours ahead (so 2:50 becomes 5:50 for example)

No. 1458560

most likely because hes a liberal

No. 1458565

I discovered 4chan in 2008 and have used it pretty regularly until 2016. Overall, I had a lot of good and funny times on it and it's rare to say that a website made me cry laugh but 4chan did. Honestly it had its moments. I don't think it was as coomerish as it is today.
For example dark souls threads on /v/ used to be hilarious, if you dare to step into an elden ring thread on /v/ today literally everything you'd see would be coomer art, nothing else.

No. 1458566

If you go to a professional, they will tell you what to do. I used to think it was just the things you do when your skin felt greasy and gross, but a friend of my mom did a course and such, she's passionate about skin care, so now that she knows what to do, she is able to tell others what works and what doesn't work for their skin.
Sure, it's not the same as visiting an actual dermatologist, but it works.

No. 1458568

How do you make money from streams? What kinds of things do you do? I want to try doing something fun and earn money while doing so.

No. 1458572

should i spend a silly amount of money on the skims dress? it looks so good on everyone ive seen wear it but ive been spending a lot on myself lately already. but its so cute….

No. 1458577

do you need it? get it
do you just want it? don't get it

No. 1458586

You don't need to do 8 step shit everyday. But you should do weekly masks, and monthly treatments if you want. I wash my face with warm water every morning and night, hot if I take a bath and steam in the shower. I use facewash sparingly bc it can irritate skin, get a gentle one. I use a clay mask twice a week. I use a cariety of creams but only one at a time. Sometimes I use serums or essense but it makes little difference. I used to live in Korea which has a big industry, tried a lot of products, I can only recommend a few based on what worked for my sensitive skin. I also do not wear makeup regularly.

Skinfood has the most gentle facewash
Innisfree has great masks, I use clay mask
Both brands have nice creams like green tea, honey etc but I don't use daily
Snail cream is really great for eyes

Try to get ACE vitamins for your skin
Aloe, honey, clay also great
Chemical peels are alright
Never get botox or fillers, it destroys your skin

No. 1458591

File: 1672433205822.jpeg (24.67 KB, 800x800, wow.jpeg)

samefag i think i figured it out..i had to change the time zone first, THEN the hours

No. 1458598

Well it's both easy and difficult, especially if you are just starting. You have to get used to being on camera, everything is live so watch what you say and do. Sites have rules and braindead moderation so ppl get banned randomly, only the top people tend to get away with it. A lot if bans are bots automated and you usually don't hear back right away. Appeals don't work either. Be careful.

Best stream sites are Twitch and Tiktok. Twitch you just need small stats to get monetized but you can always put donations or outside links to earn money. Monetized means people can pay you through twitch itself but they take a cut, donations are yours (aha taxes) Streamers are live 4+ hrs. You need an audience and you have to stand out or have streamer friends to get noticed. Big streamers pay people to promote them, they have paid services to increases viewers, more viewers is more ad money, and the site only
promotes top streams so everyone with money does this, many have 0 viewers and earn nothing. You need to talk to chat, if not be visually very appealing.

Tiktok is way easier to get viewers, people like weird things, stream is pushed by likes but you can pay to promote. But viewer count doesn't earn money, only subs and gifts, and it is way harder to earn money on lives alone. I think lives are to promote videos for creator fund, so post videos and lives bring followers. Lives are shorter.

I earned way more on twitch, I had way more viewers on tiktok.

No. 1458603

I ran out of space.

I mostly sit and chat with people on twitch, showing my legs, a lot of people came for that casual chat. I gamed with people, walked around, danced many things but the viewers did not come as much as just being legs, outside, chatting. Most money was one or two guys subbing and donating, then bits and ads a smaller number. My viewers told me I am often on in the background, or they just came home from work or school, they are lonely, it really is parasocial over there.

Tiktok I am as weird as I can be and I get thousands of viewers, but very little money in gifts. I actually do well by not talking to anyone. Everyone has a character they play, it's more creative.

No. 1458606

File: 1672434496913.png (1.48 MB, 1440x1080, diet-nutrition_nutrition_shira…)

Where the FUCK did I get pinworms?? I rarely interact with children. I wash my hands compulsively. What the FUCK. How long have I had them?? I want to cry

No. 1458608

How would we know

No. 1458613

If reese's pinworm medicine doesn't work for you (didn't for me) you should use food grade diatomaceous earth. Enjoy your new hell

No. 1458629

No offense, but that sounds like hell.

No. 1458637

That's why you either enjoy what you are doing or you are braindead enough to stream all the time, but for a chance at making a lot of money if you market yourself well.

I would advice youtube as a passive income, at least you can edit, do a variety of content; and spend a lot less time on it.

No. 1458643

Anyone know why I cant access Lolcow on Firefox but everythings fine on Chrome? I thought I was computer proficient but Im lost.
I just get the error "Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site." I used to get "Server not found" but tried disabling all my extentions and clearing the cache for Lolcow. Please help I fucking hate Chrome

No. 1458659

Can you link to the video? I don't want to look for it

No. 1458666

Why are the bottoms of some people's feet yellow

No. 1458669

The yellow is calloused skin from friction; they’re either on their feet a lot or have rubbing shoes.

No. 1458680

File: 1672439488944.gif (1.92 MB, 540x545, 1663921342906.gif)

Sisters is it true that lolcow now has a word limit per post????? if so, wow how shitty

No. 1458684

If I get permabanned from cc will they delete my post history? I saw someone say that but Idk if that's true

No. 1458686

Yes it’s shit. It’s like the moderation team said “how can we cripple the board culture?” and then just fucking did it

No. 1458690

yep I was long posting in Shay's thread and got told to shut the fuck up and take that shit down a few characters

No. 1458712

Yes, 1,500 characters

No. 1458725

But is it long enough for the bee movie script, that's the question.

No. 1458738

Shatmin really ruined the site and made it even shittier in the process
I hate this bitch so much it's unreal

No. 1458740

let's just say we're lucky hall and oats nona made her post when she did

No. 1458741

File: 1672442467287.gif (17.03 MB, 640x360, mood-washing-machine.gif)

I have a friend and she can't access the website but I can, are the problems still going on?

No. 1458742

No. 1458743

I can't access lolcow either

No. 1458745

literally why did they do that if no one asked for this word limit. All we wanted was new banners not to be crippled in our communication. This isn't twitter and we shouldn't have a word limit

No. 1458748

it will make communication less effective, and helpful advice or vents will have to be either cut or posted in more than 3 posts, Idgi.

No. 1458749

It's not that I'm endorsing it for real, but if we do need a character limit, we'd rather need it the other way round.

No. 1458755

yes. tons of people can't access the site and there has so far been no explanation from the admin as to why there are still problems accessing the site.
it was supposed to be a DNS propagation issue that would resolve itself, but we're waaay past the number of days it would take for DNS issues to resolve themselves. (according to what I've been reading anyway)
most of the people who were in the bunker threads and couldn't access the website normally are accessing it via https://farmcow.lol/

No. 1458767

Small retarded posts are also valid nonny

No. 1458787

This guy on the train was burning some kind of drug on tinfoil with a lighter, it smelled really sweet like chemical roasted marshmallows. What was it?

No. 1458788

Can I hire a moving company to just help me swap my furniture around? Do I just tell them I'm staying in the same house but need some help?? I want to swap my bedroom furniture with my living room furniture (a big couch for a big bed) but I live in a tiny apartment and I moved the couch into the room it is in now about 2 years ago and it took around 2 and a half hours to get it there as the corridor is very very small and an awkward shape the couch kept getting caught. I'm thinking if I hire a moving company they can help and it'll get done quicker and probably more professionally than if I attempted it again? Has anyone else done something similar or should I just brute force it again on my own?

No. 1458836

There are some websites where people propose their services for extra money and they can do whatever you ask for, moving furniture in the house is probably not out of the ordinary. I don't know where you're from do I can't recommend you any, but they probably are a thing where you live.

No. 1458847

File: 1672451213861.png (521.42 KB, 519x603, Schermafbeelding 2022-12-31 om…)

Does anyone know where this dress is from? It's beautiful, I love it!

No. 1458848

Samefag, sorry for shit tier pic it's the only screenshot I could make that showed off the pattern well

No. 1458866

Are the youth in Britain really such a problem? Like harrassing people and assaulting them? Or is it played up in media?

No. 1458887

it is 100% real. there's something in the water here that makes children like rabid animals i stg

No. 1458907

I heard they stab people.

No. 1458915

File: 1672458599570.png (12.94 KB, 284x284, 1645284839148.png)

anyone here does Youtube? any idea how to get started.

No. 1458978

Sorry I'm late but here you go, he uses the word neotenous but that just means childlike and juvenile looking. He's probably trying to make this pedo defense sound like big brained intelligent shit lol

No. 1459020

Tattoo nonnies I need some advice. Is it bad etiquette to ask a tattoo artist to touch up a tattoo that is from a different artist? I have a tattoo that has some fine line detail work and after 5 years some of the lines have completely disappeared. I would go back to the original artist but she moved back to her home country.

No. 1459033

#1 make vidoe
#2 upload 2 yutub
#3 ????
#4 profit

No. 1459034

No it's not bad at all. Just do it nonny

No. 1459036

This is straight up not true and he knows it, just listen to people who where actually sexually abused as children and not a scientific study done by science pedos. Both girls and boys grow up markedly disturbed even if they end up functioning at a high level, aka having a good job, family or talents, they still exhibit mental health issues. Many are addicted to drugs and alcohol or have psychological illness and many in lifelong therapy. Many are so disturbed it affects their ability to parent. Many do not ever recover and have difficulties their whole life.Anyone who says this is guaranteed to be a nonce, and the fact that the right wing are so obsessed with calling the left pedos and groomers (which they are sometimes) is pure psychological projection. If JP could have a 12 year old bride, he would. If Milo could have a 12 year old boyfriend, he would. They aren’t attracted to women, women are too mature for their tastes, not small enough, don’t make them feel powerful enough, don’t have the extreme youth ham that they fetishise.

No. 1459039

Is there an easier way to plug in the ac adapter/charger cord thing into a laptop? Every time I do it it takes multiple tries to get it in, I almost have to force it. I'm scared that doing it like this will break the metal part someday or make it stuck lol.

No. 1459042

"Neoteny" is such a stupid concept. Females do not resemble children, it is adult males who do not resemble the species, for either reproductive or danger signaling.

No. 1459053

Samefag, I know I have to wash any used linens and towels on high heat, but what do I do about wool? In particular, I'm worried about this wool cardigan I use a lot but it'll shrink if i wash it on high, right?

No. 1459055

>Anyone who says this is guaranteed to be a nonce, and the fact that the right wing are so obsessed with calling the left pedos and groomers (which they are sometimes) is pure psychological projection.
You know I've always found this very funny because right wingers are always talking about how Le modern world is degenerate and we need to go back to "tradition" when it was more socially acceptable for moids to rape and beat their wives, and for an old scrote to rape a 13 year old girl or boy, only difference is that teen girls back then were forced to marry instead of being "sluts" and having sex before marriage. Somehow marriage makes it all acceptable I guess.


No. 1459056

thank you!

what do you mean? neoteny isn't a concept, it's just a thing. it's a biological term to mean retaining more features for developing slower. for example dogs are more neotenous than wolves, humans are more neotenous than apes. I agree men trying to say that women having childlike faces is what makes us attractive is straight up pedo shit, though. there's no reason why a woman having childlike features in one way or another would signal fertility, if anything it's the opposite, and I'm not sure why this is such a popular concept. actually creatures that are less neotenous become sexually mature a lot faster.

No. 1459064

I hate men that try to defend their sexual perversions, fuck off. There is no scientific reason you're a fuck up you just are. Same with the men trying to defend that Tate cunt and paying to be violent is consensual. I spent a bit of time yesterday calling those men out. They wax lyrical about absolute bullshit and try to win arguments on semantics and parameters they define. I just got fed up and was calling them scumbags. You want to hurt a woman for fun? You're scum, boom. You want to fuck children? You're a pedo, boom. You think women are more viable to fuck before puberty? You're a pedo!

No. 1459100

File: 1672483016835.jpeg (14.64 KB, 275x275, A96F83B0-3F0C-4538-B8F5-EF88B8…)

Does anyone else get sick when the weather rapidly changes? Like it gets suddenly warm or cold? Where I live it was cold as fuck and it got really hot all of the sudden and I feel so fatigued and have a headache. Idk if this is normal

No. 1459101

They see women being single at 30, with a job and their own apartment and a cat as “degeneracy”. They see White women having mixed babies as degeneracy. A child marrying a man is just “nAtUrAl”. It’s natural because she can commence a long life as an incubator and domestic servant, so she can have 10+ kids, so she can live in total ignorance and never gain the strength of mind to challenge her paedophile husbands masculinity, so that she can care for him and wipe his ass when he is old, and the kids can all be sent off into the world to be chewed up and spat out by relentlessly greedy capitalists and war criminals disguised as politicians. Working class men=canon fodder non white men=labourers, women and girls=domestic slaves and incubators. It’s a rich white mans world again. Nobody will ever make them feel responsible for their behaviour again, they are the image of a god and the epitome of holiness no matter what fucked up shit they do to their underlings. To criticise them is to criticise god.

No. 1459114

Yes, and especially if you're old. People with bad knees always complain of pain during rapid weather changes where I live but it's kind of part of our culture, we blame everything on weather.

No. 1459142

>To criticise them is to criticise god.

What they gonna do? Start malding and get erectile dysfunction? I love shitting on moids.

No. 1459144

looks: y2k, alternative punk/goth, hippie
personality: bubbly or total push over, could be normie, overly sexual or like "um…ok" when over sexual jokes are brought up but probably wont protest them
interests: netflix dramas, reality tv, competition tv, or vidya game, probably has her bf as the lock screen/background if it isnt a husbando or kawaii hot topic sort of character (sanrio, san x, pusheen, pastel stuff)

No. 1459158

My issue is with how they've decided to frame reality. You can look at it two ways: how closely the adults (usually female) resemble the children, or how different the adults (usually male) are. They chose the former for some reason, I think because male scientist would prefer to think of females as underdeveloped males instead of males as markedly different from the species as a whole. To think otherwise would threaten their notion that they are the default, the blueprint, and not the abnormality.

No. 1459227

So do I, but they insidiously act like doing so is a form of oppression, which shows their god complex. They think to be on the same level as everyone else (the people supposed to be your underlings) is degradation and oppression. You’re OPPRESSING them not only of reaching the top, but being able to FEEL like they are when they’re not. If they’re not the most rewarded and congratulated and coddled person in the room, they are being denied what is rightfully theirs.

No. 1459231

God wants me to criticize men's degeneracy as he would do it too

No. 1459232

Neoteny is a biology concept but the way moids apply it is so disgusting to me. It's not just women who are neotenious it's men too, men are just retarded and want to prove everyone their degeneracy is valid or whatever. I fucking hate moids

No. 1459233

that's so sad
I'm bi and I'm gc/a stupid tomboy and I would never put anyone but cool art as my phone background

No. 1459235

I've never heard this expression, where is it from? It sounds so retarded.

No. 1459237

Depends on your post history(if you seem suspiciously male, malicious etc.) or on the mod since there are 2 ban options available and sometimes they click the option that permabans + deletes posts across all boards, but it's usually only used to delete scrote raid posts.

No. 1459245

BPD definitely has that reputation/role as the new hysteria but the identity issues here really do line up with what should be the understanding of it.

No. 1459256

File: 1672501791859.png (19.87 KB, 256x256, 1592277044906.png)

Do you recommend Google Calendar to organize habits and daily/monthly reminders (birthdays, cleaning time, check x thing) or there's better apps?

No. 1459258

I'm so offended. OK, I dress a bit like a hippie. And my husbando is my is my background pic.

No. 1459261

My immediate response was to want to send you the Sanrio app that works just like good calendar but you can make it keropi etc kek. Do you have any specific needs beyond normal dates and appointments? Does it need to move devices etc?

No. 1459266

Why do people drink so much on the holidays? I understand people loosen up a bit, but holidays are the only days where I will absolutely not drink because I want to remember them and not have a headache the day after. I honestly don't understand why it's such a common practice, to me drinking (like a beer or 2, no shots) is something you do when you're watching a movie or doing something else mundane. Having one glass of wine or something is no real problem for me, I just don't get why people want to get so hammered. Especially NYE, you're with your friends, messing with firework, isn't that fun enough on it's own?

No. 1459269

post it
I never understood how google calendar works because it doesn't look like a normal calendar to me, plus why would you give that info to google…

No. 1459291

I just want it to send me reminders on fixed days or specific dates so I can turn off my brain and just do the what the notification says. I guess I can do it on paper and use a phone alarm to check on it but it's more convenient to have everything on the phone/computer. Mostly personnal usage

No. 1459339

Nonna's, my ex is still attracted to me. I like him as a friend but I don't want anything more, he does though and it's annoying the shit out of me. He starts acting all lovey dovey whenever I laugh at his jokes and things like that, it's so uncomfortable. Should I drop him all together? I don't want to, I enjoy spending time with him and we have a lot in common but I feel like he is just staying friends because he hopes I'll want to be with him again. He's really chill to hang out with but him constantly hoping we'll get back together is driving me nuts.

No. 1459419

File: 1672514733369.jpg (296.88 KB, 715x511, Kimchi.jpg)

Please could someone share their opinions on the different kind of kimchi? And which one is the "best" in their opinion? I know it's purely down to personal taste, but recommendations would be really greatly appreciated. I was also wondering, how do you know you've bought good kimchi? Are there any good brands that make it? I buy some from my local korean market but it always seems more watery than pastey like I see in some cookery videos.

No. 1459432

I love to buy kimchi from this lady who makes her own at ktown. Its so nice and fresh tasting. I really enjoy it. I don't know there are different flavors or anything I just pick one that I like and I munch on it for a while.

No. 1459435

File: 1672516082151.png (215.8 KB, 913x1334, 1672466366815.png)

this image was posted by an anon in the necro'd fakeboi thread. what website is this?

No. 1459452

File: 1672516882014.jpg (30.96 KB, 236x304, c54e5c42d62d6df19c2a2f80f31357…)

My favorite is definitely cucumber, but I like them all. Aside from cucumber, my favorites are usually leafy ones (nira chives, scallion, sesame leaf, mustard leaf).
I know my kimchi is not very good when it's watery, too sour, too acidic or a combination of multiple of these.

No. 1459468

I'll have to see if I can visit a market like this and buy it from a vendor. That sounds delicious.
>>1459452 cucumber sounds great. I recently tried the radish one and thought it was really yummy.
Do you think I could drain the jar I have now that is quite watery, and add some of the gochujang paste I bought?

No. 1459471

Only gochujang will greatly alter the taste, since in the process of making the kimchi it's added like oyster sauce or dashi, maybe something sweet like apple, ginger, etc. You could do a gochujang sauce apart from it with the aforementioned things and mix only the portion that you'll eat

No. 1459506

Thanks so much for the advice. I'll give it a go.

No. 1459527

how is metaverse not just fancy second life for techbros targeted at normies

No. 1459529

No. 1459552

No. 1459553

does that mean we're going to see giant dicked furries on the metaverse

No. 1459558

Yes but they’re all Pusheens

No. 1459560

i'm sure furries will find a way

No. 1459582

What does meth feel like?

No. 1459585


No. 1459611

why are men

No. 1459622

A friend told me it’s like superpowers but then you feel like you can’t do anything without it. 0/10 would not recommend

No. 1459625

Some guy I met online told me it's the best feeling in the world and makes you really horny and you can have sex for hours. But the aftermath is bad.

No. 1459686

File: 1672534106567.gif (564.27 KB, 640x640, deadly-premonition-red-seed-in…)

So I have two husbandos for my first husbandos, one is pure last (Super mutants) the other is a genuine interest picrel, who do you think should be my husbando for 2023?

No. 1459688

*lust not last

No. 1459751

is the chainsaw man anime that bad?

No. 1459753

no it's honestly ok as far as anime goes. and the CG is surprisingly not bad. (unless you just hate cg full stop– it does use cg.) I shit on it when someone gives it 5-stars-masterpiece rating, but it's not bad.

No. 1459755

literally today someone who had done meth told me they "wouldn't recommend it, 0/10 rating".

No. 1459759

File: 1672541328705.jpg (36.19 KB, 500x500, 08801114144992.jpg)

I got this at a korean grocery store last month and it was really good. I like kimchee with fish too but I live with a vegetarian who was getting jealous of my fishy kimchee (in a nice way) so I got this to share and I might like it better.

No. 1459760

you could try setting him up with someone new but that could get messy and it's honestly probably better to just not hang out with him anymore.

No. 1459761

File: 1672541429637.jpg (29.13 KB, 480x719, gallery-1464039153-2016-05-16-…)

Listen to your clit, only she can guide you.

No. 1459763

I love that she's covering up her legs for modesty in this costume. You're okay dressing as a giant vagina, but showing a bare leg is too much. Queen.

No. 1459773

File: 1672542823184.jpeg (783.95 KB, 1290x2416, 53927B71-B14F-40A8-B5F0-CF5414…)

So I got these heels but both of the heels are a little worn with that screw kinda sticking out and I’m wondering if anyone has any idea of something I could to to fix it?? I really want to bring them back to life but I can’t think of anything to mend it

No. 1459784

If you take your heels to a shoe store (like and honest to god shoe store not payless or something) they can easily replace the part of your heel that's missing and they do it all the time, it's not even expensive. When my friend told me she did this with all her worn-down heels it was a fucking revelation.
It was $8USD last time I got it done which was five years ago, so even with inflation it can't cost more than $20 now probably? lol

No. 1459786

samefag: if your question was how to DIY a repair I have no clue sorry

No. 1459789

Ahh duh a cobbler is a great idea. I know a good one. I did mean diy though so if anyone else knows I’d love the input!!

No. 1459795

Sorry idk if that come off wrong but I meant duh why didn’t I think about it and I wouldn’t have without you, thank you ♥

No. 1459803

no problem, nonabella, I understood ♥

No. 1459846

if you like York you'll probably like Detective Cooper from Twin Peaks (big inspo for York), or maybe Cohle from True Detective. Hopefully that helps, sorry if you already know those ones. "weird autistic detective" is a wonderful genre of fictional man. Your "pure lust" category is a lot tougher to recommend things, assuming you're talking about Fallout super mutants. as the other anon put it, you must follow your clit. Good luck anon!

No. 1459849

Columbo could very arguably fit into the weird autistic detective category too

No. 1459850

sometimes my brain short circuits and i call my boyfriend my dog's name and vice-versa, what does this say about me

No. 1459852

completely normal. My mom used to do this shit to me and my siblings all the time when we were kids. She'd yell both my brothers' names and then the dog's name before landing at mine.

No. 1459853

it's so refreshing to see responses like this because if moids were around i know they'd be calling me a weird fucking white girl dog dick appreciator or whatever

No. 1459856

File: 1672555068614.jpg (70.54 KB, 768x576, handoffthethigh.jpg)

Ohhhh no he doesn't, there are some episodes where he gets downright handsy with suspects.

No. 1459859

how is that not autistic or weird tho?

No. 1459860

Oh it's weird, trust me. That whole episode was weird. But I don't think he's autistic. Especially considering how well-mannered he is the rest of the time. He knows how to take social cues, unless the writer/director was drunk or high.

No. 1459861

this is just the way of the italian people, nothing crazy here

No. 1459863

File: 1672555276930.jpg (23.3 KB, 345x496, gungadinlaugh.jpg)

No. 1459864

For me its the way he seems to have no interest in anything besides clues and solving cases though, maybe hes good at ~masking~ lmfao

No. 1459865

it was the 70s, being both drunk and high was a prerequisite for any job

No. 1459866

Naw, he has that dog, remember? And he likes talking about his family members.

No. 1459867

Yeah fair enough, but what if those are just things he knows to reference to endear himself to the killer? Oh my god what if he is actually a sociopath himself?? uwu will graham

No. 1459874

If I hired someone to make me a website advertising a service, do they also write all the texts on it or are those provided by me?

No. 1459875

This was me like a week ago when the temperature plummeted. I felt like I was having a migraine, damn barometric pressure.

No. 1459876

i get a funky feeling in my foot during barometric pressure changes, apparently it has to do with the scar tissue. i feel like an arthritic old lady groaning about how the rain's comin on lol

No. 1459877

samefag meant to say it was the result of breaking my foot

No. 1459882

They’re done by you or a copywriter.

No. 1459895

other than talking about yaoi what are some other ways to clock troons online? i want to start making female friends on mostly male communities(emulation, star trek, retro games, computers etc) and i need ways to filter the troons.

No. 1459918

talking about yaoi is how you find women in male-dominated fandoms.

No. 1459919

actually, is that not how you find women in those fandoms anymore? shit, I haven't actually done it in like 12 years maybe things changed. need a zoomie to report back on this

No. 1459929

yeah, older zoomer who's lived in both eras: now you're not allowed to like yaoi unless you identify as a trans man because it's "fetishistic and problematic" also no one calls it yaoi anymore, they just call everything gay

No. 1459930

its hilarious how yaoi separates men from women, even a woman who doesnt like yaoi just says ''its not mu cup of tea'' but males and troons go ''ewww is that gay anime boys kissing? i am straight..err a transbian you know!!!''. But anyways, its extremely hard to find female friends on those spaces, i would even be happy with a tif or enby at this point.

No. 1459935

Anons with chronically dry eyes, what helped you other than using eyedrops? Are there any vitamins that you found beneficial?

No. 1460026

Moid I've been seeing said he does LSD a couple of times a year "to meditate", am I silly for thinking that's a gigantic red flag? Should I drop him?

No. 1460037

Depends on why you think that’s a red flag. Regardless, it’s a phase some people go through. Sometimes it makes people annoying.

No. 1460055

I'm not into illegal substances in general. I guess stuff like microdosing on psilocybin is a legit way of treating mental illness so I can see LSD having a similar effect but idk it just doesn't sit right with me. He's 33 (I'm 29 before anyone calls him a predator or a groomer kek) so I doubt it's a phase.

No. 1460063

Does anyone know an app or site that allows me to deposit checks into a us debit card or paypal from europe? The wire transfer did not work and I was sent checks, now I am trying to figure out how to deposit US checks while abroad. Tons of the apps are region locked, I
am losing my mind here. This is why I hate the states, really.

No. 1460065

Ask him why he does it. Lysergide can be a genuine medical treatment for neurological disorders and mental illness. It's known that taking a measured dose every few months can help manage everything from migraines to depression.

No. 1460072

He said that it forces him to really look at himself and reflect on his life and that he feels better after doing it. He has a pretty serious issue with anxiety so he's essentially using it to self-medicate.
I guess I just wish he'd tackle his anxiety issues in a different way. He's recently started therapy though. Idk I have this knee-jerk reaction to drugs because I would never ever use any so it feels scary to hear that he does it (somewhat) frequently.

No. 1460077

I'm in the opposite situation to you (EU to a US account) and I used the transfer thing on the PayPal app called xoom. Takes a while to deposit though.

No. 1460094

Any tips to cope with flashbacks?

No. 1460099

Focus on something else as a ground technique. I name every school teacher I had. In order. Over and over again. Like a chant to give me something to focus on.
Use one earbud in one ear. The difference in sound helps tell your brain to recheck your audio cues again and can help you stay grounded.
Breathe. 5-2-7 in for five. Hold for two. Out for seven seconds. It over oxygens your brain and helps reset your brain chemistry

No. 1460107

Did you use checks or….? Either I need bank details for transfer which paypal doesn't have or I need to deposit checks.

No. 1460113

Are there any good moleskin alternatives?

No. 1460122

thank you very much anon

No. 1460144

where can i buy cool stamps for the post

No. 1460154

File: 1672595324967.jpeg (824.17 KB, 1600x1200, usps_stamps_dribbble_ryanfeere…)

depends on where you live. usually your local post office will have a display to choose from. they might have a website too.
last time I went I got cowboy stamps

No. 1460155

Field Notes

No. 1460163

What for? You should pick your sketchbook to fit what you're gonna use it for. Actually best to just go to art supplies store and touch the paper to make up your mind this way. Moleskine is beautifully made but not the best for everthing

No. 1460169

hi yes thank you this is good
I don't draw, just looking to journal. i feel like moleskines are overrated and wanted to give something else a try.

No. 1460176

Is it harder to hold your breath under water?

No. 1460178

you're welcome. careful, buying them can become addictive (not the worst problem to have if you journal anyway). I find them more pleasant/useful to record things in on a daily basis than other types of journals.

No. 1460193

I've only ever used moleskine for drawing so it's not exactly one to one comparison but for writing I have a Leuchtturm and it's really good with fountain pen, you can look into it

No. 1460225

Where can i (for the free) watch the Whale with brendan fraiser?

No. 1460255

How did Chris chan get his pictures onto the computer to add text to them?

No. 1460285

It's harder to hold your breath while moving, and being underwater usually means moving to maintain your balance. You can practice holding your breath without a pool by holding your breath and walking.

No. 1460286

Find a square or rectangle and move your eyes around it. Don't skip or jump, move your gaze smoothly around each side and angle. This will bring you out of the flashback.

No. 1460288

why is 2x now listed among the boards. is't it supposed to be hidden

No. 1460403

I need the perspective of non mentally ill people here. Is this normal for a roommate or family member to unlock a locked bathroom door with a screwdriver or butter knife or something similar and to step inside with the door as wide open as possible while someone else is completely naked and showering without consent and without even asking first just to take something you simply forgot to bring back to your room?

No. 1460411

oh my god what the fuck..no…..not even for my closest family member, they can fucking wait or even knock..

No. 1460424

100% not normal

No. 1460428

no reason, shaymin just did it. have you followed the site drama on /meta/ or the bunker threads?

No. 1460430

No. 1460444

Ok thank you, I feel justified for being angry at my family for doing this shit less than an hour after I came back home. They told me that if I'm not happy about it I could go fuck myself and go live under a bridge, as if I'm not already looking for my own place, and my father threatened to beat me up for "upsetting" my mother by not wanting them to barge in the bathroom when I'm showering.

No. 1460468

I don't get it, just make whoever you end up with wear a condom

No. 1460502

how the fuck do i deal with my cat's dingleberries? they are smaller than a grain of rice but they gross the fuck out of me and the little fucker doesn't let me clean them with TP

No. 1460503

This is my personal experience. I had been on the pill since I was a teenager for 10 years for extremely painful periods until it started making me suicidal right before my period would start every month. Seriously, every month without fail 2 days before my period I would genuinely feel like killing myself. I stopped taking it when I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt, and the hormone shift has fucked me. My hair started to fall out, the hair around my temples was bald. It has been almost a year for my hair to start growing back in, around 2 inches now. I don't recommend any of it, condoms work just fine and the reason they are listed as not working well is because the statistics are fucked due to people not actually using them every time. You have to use it every time like no fucking duh kek why does it even say that in picrel. Also now every time I get my period, I get cysts on my shoulders. I don't know why but this only started happening once I stopped taking the pill. Anyway that's my experience! I would never recommend a woman use anything besides a condom.

No. 1460505

Neuter your cat

No. 1460507

She means bootyflake poop specks.

No. 1460515

No. 1460517

How's that gonna stop the cat from having a dirty ass

No. 1460522

i didn't make any differences to my skincare routine or diet, but over the past 6 months i've been getting more blackheads and acne. what do?

No. 1460524

Warm wet paper towel and wipe it's butthole. Every time you do it, give it a treat. My cat eventually accepted that I have to wipe her ass though it became a routine I never wanted to start, but at least her butt is squeaky clean from the outside.

No. 1460526

Omg kek sorry I have heard people call their cat's balls dingleberries. My bad

No. 1460528

You read "smaller than a grain of rice" and didn't question it? Kek

No. 1460529

I've tried the (mini)pill, the patch, the nuvaring and with them all it came down to the exact same issue.. I went from having pretty mild and manageable mental health issues to having a whole new world of issues while on them. Being actively suicidal and in crisis. My sex drive would disappear and the relationship would be falling apart from my mental state anyway. Then the doc would say to just keep taking it for longer to see if it eventually passes. To take an antidepressant on top?

Then I ran into an issue where a family history of breast cancer and high blood pressure worried docs more than any of those psych issues ever did. Aswell as risk factors increasing with age. The only options I haven't tried yet are off limits to me anyway for health reasons. I've exhausted my options and I'm kind of relieved that the option is gone tbh. I know not everyone has that much difficulty with bc but I wish I'd never put myself through so many rounds of trial and error.

No. 1460533

can i buy plant cuttings online

No. 1460545

yeah try etsy or ebay

No. 1460569

Does anyone else who uses or works with Adobe Illustrator find it super draining to use? It tires me in a way that indesign and photoshop never do, I'm not even any good at photo editing, I'm wondering if I have some mental block with it.

No. 1460573

Yes. I fucking despise Illustrator, I had to make product labels with it and it blows.

No. 1460577

Do you edit photos in illustrator??

No. 1460578

I've been using adobe Illustrator for over 10 years and I agree it's more draining than InDesign and PS. Causes more "decision fatigue" imo

No. 1460580

Did any anons find out they were lactose intolerant as a young-adult? Quit dairy for months and now anything containing dairy gives me cramps, diarrhea, hours of farting. I quit it to see if the diarrhea in the morning would stop which it did.

No. 1460591

me, in high school. I used to be one farty bitch and always wondered why

No. 1460625

File: 1672627258269.gif (1.06 MB, 498x361, im cured.gif)

Me. Milk used to make me shart, now that I quit drinking it, I am normal and living my best life!

No. 1460635

it's totally normal to develop food intolerances/allergies randomly in life, and lactose especially is something that people sometimes "age out" of.

No. 1460661

Yeah. Damage to my intestine caused it to be too hard to digest.
Good for you anon. That gif is so cute ♥

No. 1460691

Around what age does sitting cross legged become an issue, or just harder in general? Also, do I even have to worry about it? I only had uncles and grandfathers complain about it or be amazed by me sitting like that with no problem, so I'm wondering if it has something to do with the female vs male pelvis.

No. 1460703

File: 1672641655354.jpg (198.76 KB, 1024x1024, 487473293_45f9c9bbe4_b.jpg)

I am trying to learn how to cook more varied recipes, what are some recipes i could make that are easy and tasty?

No. 1460712

Why do vegans say stuff like "dairy is cruel"? Milking doesn't really hurt cows (or any animal that can be milked I guess), also, isn't not milking them dangerous? Like, their udders will get full and heavy if they're not milked. I have the same question for wool too.

No. 1460713

Cows have to get pregnant to make milk, so they’re just in a cycle of getting impregnated and having their baby taken away. Wool is fine though, I think sheep wool doesn’t stop growing so they NEED to be sheared, there was a sheep who got lost and was found after a year and poor thing was so overgrown.

No. 1460714

To make cows to produce milk they have to give birth to calves, which are then immidately taken away from them. It's just like humans, they don't produce milk randomly on their own. They are artificially inseminated every three months.

No. 1460716

they are mostly referring to the conditions that most commercial dairy cows are subjected to, the places they are kept are typically extremely filthy and overcrowded, and calfs are taken from their mothers too early so the milk she produces can be bottled and sold/turned into dairy byproducts instead of going to her calf. there is also forced insemination to keep the cow pregnant and producing milk, which presents some ethical issues. the actual act of milking the cow isn't really the issue (though some vegans would disagree, but i believe they are in the minority)

No. 1460725

>the actual act of milking the cow isn't really the issue (though some vegans would disagree, but i believe they are in the minority)
If someone does it like Homelander, then it's deeply disturbing imo. Considering the concerning bestiality statistics of scrote farmers, I don't trust anything they do to the cow.

No. 1460731

kek honestly you have a point, i don't think moids can be trusted around any vulnerable being unfortunately

No. 1460762

File: 1672656043852.jpg (269.76 KB, 1024x768, notgonnamodthisout.jpg)

How linear is the vn ver of higu?

No. 1460768

does anyone know where a good place to buy jskin's beauty hydra moist sleeping mask? I have been seeing it trend and I think it might help my skin but when I check places to buy it either has no reviews for the product or the reviews say they got scammed.

No. 1460771

100% linear, there are no choices. Still worth it, great horror

No. 1460778

How many blankets do y’all sleep with? I sleep with 4

No. 1460779

I sleep with one sheet, I’m often hot and I can’t stand feeling warm

No. 1460788

one and i turn my fan on

No. 1460793

is it weird to email a company to see if they would take an intern if i genuinely like their company? i’m not just sending out emails to anywhere that will take me

No. 1460797

Sheet and a comforter currently but come warmer weather I am usually fine with just a sheet.

No. 1460808

This is how getting internships is usually done, I'm sure they get a lot of mails like this, go for it anon!

No. 1460814

Got a haircut, jaw length, and it looks like absolute shit I can't even take pics or go out without a hat (I know it sounds dramatic but it really does look that bad)

My question is: how fast will I grow out this bob to armpit length at least? My hair does grow faster than average but I never got it so short and maybe some anons have more experience with short hairstyles and such

No. 1460823

it will take about two years, but since you said your hair grows fast it may take less time than that. stay strong nonna, i’m sure your bob is adorable. maybe you’ll like it more as it grows a bit

No. 1460826

Say I have a cavity between my teeth, if I floss where the cavity is, and then floss my other teeth with the same floss pick, will the cavity bacteria spread to my other teeth?

No. 1460933

how long is the distance between your jaw and armpit kek. my hair also grows fast, and that would take like 6 months for me so hopefully nona is the same!

maybe layers or cutting your bangs shorter will make it looks longer. right now you're still expecting it to look like something else, but once you settle into your new hair you'll feel better.

No. 1460938

Maybe, but my understanding is that floss is to physically disrupt the biofilm…like knocking down its scaffolding everytime it tries to build up solid…rather than disinfecting. If that makes sense. I rinse after flossing personally

No. 1460946

Dae has irregular periods but no underlying cause? Is this common?

No. 1460953

Hey nonnies! So I'm arguing with these dumb MRA scrotes who claim that feminism has been fully established in the west, that nowadays men are being oppressed there due to feminism… I mean, what can I say to shut them up? I know it's a useless argument, but I want to shut them up and hopefully give them food for thought.(namefag)

No. 1460987

No not really. Yes kind of. Your mouth is a petri dish already, the cavity-causing bacteria lives in there. You do technically pick up bacteria on your floss. But you have to brush and floss to remove debris that feed the bacteria that causes the cavity. The cavity itself doesn't spread like you're thinking (if I understand your concern).

No. 1460989

nta but yeah, like the bacteria on your cavity is already swimming around in your saliva in your mouth with your other teeth so this makes sense.

No. 1460994

Ditto on what the other nonas said about insemination etc. Also dairy cows are killed when they stop producing, which takes 2.5-6 years. Cows don't produce milk their whole life. They aren't turned out onto a pasture to chew cud in peace, they're processed for their meat and hide as soon as they stop making milk or if they don't make enough milk.
Normal cow life expectancy is 15-25 years.

No. 1461006

I can't see the Kpop thread in /m/. Is it down now nonnies?

No. 1461010

it's up but locked. thanks mods

No. 1461029

i would say its fairly common. weight tends to affect periods, but also they can be irregular for some people without any real reason. tbh i tjink it's only a problem if you're missing months at a time

No. 1461033

i sort of doubt ill be able to get a good answer but its worth a go.
nonnies: i get nauseous and deeply uncomfortable at repetitive sounds/movements – for instance a squeaky hinge on a child's swing set, a dripping tap, automatic doors not being able to close properly. i also feel sick watching the ocean sometimes.
it feels similar to motion sickness for me, but its a feeling i really hate. is this a special phobia, or just another symptom of my autism lmao. googling hasn't helped much

No. 1461053

Women are more flexible for longer. Also, if you stretch every day, you'll never lose it.

No. 1461058

autism probably, i experience the same thing and i think it's just cuz tism. there's also that misophonia condition (i might've spelled it wrong) where certain noises make you irritable and anxious but a lot of medical professionals think it's not a real condition, so idk

No. 1461064

Not at all. Depending on how big the company is, you'll want to email the person who will be your "supervisor."

No. 1461067

ty nonna i figured as much. it sucks though, it goes beyond being annoyed at a noise and i feel like such an idiot for freaking out at the ocean tide or windscreen wipers or some shit.

No. 1461071

I think I already posted but I am trying again

What can you do if you are resident in Europe and have US checks sent to you?

It is impossible to deposit or cash them anywhere. All the apps are US region locked. I cannot even sign up for a new prepaid debit, paypal, ingo etc all locked. Chime won't let me scan checks until I register a payroll from a US employer, I don't even live there. The checks were only sent because they were unable to wire transfer to me. I tried to open US bank locally but denied. I have no access to this money it's ridiculous, and the longer it takes the more of it gets used up renting a place until I can work. I can't survive now, I even try working online but I don't make enough. I have been trying for months guys, months to get this shit to work. The person sending checks is busy as fuck too and barely replies to me except to say every suggestion I have won't work. They are holding the money, the checks will probably expire soon. It's all inheritance money. I don't have a US bank because I have no proof of address because I don't live there. I cannot legally leave this country right now to go pick up myself. I have no family that would help.

Maybe because I am clueless but there has to be some international check scan service here right? Anything?

No. 1461075

How would you grade the background stress of your life? A lot of time this condition (misophonia) gets worse when you're stressed but becomes less pressing when you're not stressed.

No. 1461077

Aaaand I just got one last idea, a slither of hope. Maybe I can sign the checks over to someone else and they deposit them. Ffs please be possible pleaseeeee

No. 1461078

the thing is i don't believe its misophonia. i say this because i have experienced misophonia before, and it feels like an intense annoyance at stuff like chewing. this other thing to me feels like motion sickness, it's a deep internal dread and nausea. when i look at the tide approaching and receding, i feel very deeply that something is wrong and I have to let myself get distracted by something else so that it won't bother me anymore.
i don't know if it gets worse with stress, but it does get worse if im already overstimualted. but i don't believe it's misophonia, which is annoying bc thats the only thing google gives me results for lol

No. 1461088

Have you experienced something traumatic that gave you a sense of repetition? Things looping like that freak me out and make me uncomfortable due to a traumatic event. I have OCD as well and I think my brain really kicked in the OCD when I was dissociating and it found comfort in repetitive things, but it only reminds me of trauma so I freak out when repetition occurs in nature. Could it be something similar? I think one way to ease yourself of it is getting to the root of whatever mental illness you may have and accepting it and not tying it to dread or anything, it's just something your brain enjoys noticing.

No. 1461091

have you gone to a european bank and asked them? do you have a european bank account? usually your bank is happy to find ways to get you more money.

No. 1461099

nothing majorly traumatic, that im aware of anyway. i have in the past wondered if its OCD, but the thing is i don't really experience much else that's indicative of OCD. you're right though that i would one day like to get to the root of it to hopefully bring me some peace - for now the best thing i can do is find other distractions whenever possible, and that usually helps.
thank you nonna, it helps knowing theres other people similar to me out there

No. 1461106

They said no without an account and it would still be on hold for a while. I don't have my ID card yet I just got residency here. My landlord is telling me the checks cannot be signed over to them. This is pretty messed up honestly, I can't even believe this is happening.

No. 1461120

Do you have a bank account somewhere in the world?

No. 1461134

>The person sending checks is busy as fuck too and barely replies to me except to say every suggestion I have won't work. They are holding the money, the checks will probably expire soon.
>It's all inheritance money.
Pretty sure you have to talk to this person more. They aren't sending it to you in a currency you can use. Tell them a USD paper check is useless to you. They can cancel the check and wire the money to your bank account, a US check isn't currency everywhere.

If all else fails get a lawyer and make them talk to the lawyer handling the estate of whoever died (RIP).

No. 1461177

File: 1672693594861.png (181.95 KB, 625x625, 933524B5-00FE-48B5-ADD8-83B50E…)

How many nonny is childfree?

No. 1461192

No because I did not have a registered residence for 5 years, I haven't had a bank account since then. Funny I used to have a few, and now they're all closed, don't have the bank info or cards, and my name has changed since then. I used cash or online wallets. When I had a chance to be in the US I tried every bank and was rejected, and ended up with Chime because I thought I understood it would work abroad, but only the card works, and I cannot add money to it. I also thought I would get my residence with id and bank here sooner. So now I am in purgatory in a way

I am also not sure why she sent checks but I just said sure whatever, the money should be on hold anyway. She tried to transfer the money domestically and Chime rejected it. That really blindsided me. I keep blaming myself as if I didn't prepare but how can I prepare for everything to go wrong all the time.

No. 1461194

If I get married, do I have to do the whole getting walked down the aisle by my dad? Nothing against him, I just hate the meaning behind this tradition and I think it's a bit cringy too.

No. 1461196

Will you get married in a church and by a priest? If not, I don't see why you'd have to walk down an aisle. I got married in a registry office and didn't have to do any silly shit

No. 1461197

It's your wedding, you can do what you want.

No. 1461198

You can do whatever you want, if I get married wanted only a couple people there and nothing fancy, or a traditional cultural wedding. I don't even have family to invite. I don't want wedding photos either cause I am ugly lol, unless I can cover my face, so traditional might be a workaround with a face covering. All around the world people do different things so yeah do whatever you want!

No. 1461259

Lots of options here:

You can be walked down the aisle by your mom and dad. You can walk it by yourself. I know people who have done both options. Or you can make your finance walk down the aisle, with one or both parents. Then you go. Or you can both walk down it together.

No. 1461265

Why do pimples stop hurting when you rid them of the pus inside?

No. 1461266

They become no longer swollen. The swelling interacts with the nerves located in the area

No. 1461285

Nonnies is it end times? It was 10 degrees the other day now it’s in the 70s

No. 1461289

accidentally posted this in a 10 month old thread, sincerest apologies.
i am terrible with picking up social cues and such, does it mean anything if a (bi) friend randomly drops in a conversation that some random romantic songs makes her think of me?

No. 1461291

What do you do if someone has your bank account number? How long does that issue takes to get solved? It's not mine, it's from a company the person or people that has it has stolen a bunch of money already.

No. 1461296

This shit sucks so much. The high was 84 for my city today.

No. 1461321

canada anon here, it's been above freezing for a week now. we usually have snow until march.

No. 1461361

I would take that as a hint, yeah.

No. 1461362

Some personality disorders have strange or odd speech patterns as diagnosis criteria, but what are examples for it?

No. 1461410

was lolcow down for everyone today or just me

No. 1461429

How do you make a ridiculously pampered bath? I’ve got one of my favorite bath bombs and usually put music on, but what else should I do to bathmaxx?

You should lock your bank cards (if that’s possible with your bank) and contact the bank so they can document the theft and do whatever else needs to be done.

No. 1461534

File: 1672724495859.jpeg (46.78 KB, 1640x228, 1F287253-92CD-40E3-A6CD-F65896…)

What does this mean? its not on my picture by the way I’m just nosy

No. 1461545

File: 1672726563697.jpg (31.94 KB, 735x603, 1666853841564.jpg)

nonnies, is it possible for someone to suffer chronic dehydration in spite of drinking enough water? starting to get extremely suspicious because I felt so much better than usual after taking electrolytes. like, I finally felt kind of human for the first time in months.

No. 1461547

go to a doctor nonna. You sound like you have an electrolyte imbalance. This is also a common diabetes symptom.

No. 1461551

No. 1461557

I did have a metabolic panel run not too long ago and my fasting glucose was only, like, 88 and I don't think my electrolytes were off, so that's what puzzles me. I feel thirsty all the time and it seems like I have all of the symptoms of dehydration normally. Ugh. My body is just weird.

No. 1461560

File: 1672728688907.jpg (2.26 MB, 1781x1650, salt lick for livestock.jpg)

maybe you just needed the salt, nonti.

No. 1461570

File: 1672731456169.jpeg (39.05 KB, 680x383, 263F6C2E-B66F-45C3-8C4B-45FFB5…)

For those who have actually been there, what are fujos/husbandofags like in bed? Their posts on here make me think they’d be lunatics but I wonder if that’s really true

No. 1461572

why would other girls know how husbando lovers are in bed?

No. 1461573

most are fat virgins but are most likely dating loser moids themselves, so it would probably smell

No. 1461580

a true and honest fujo/husbandofag is celibate, the others are posers

No. 1461581

A lot of fujos/husbandofags claim to be lesbians

No. 1461583

What are some ways I can get the smoke smell out of my apartment?

Yesterday I let my bf smoke his cigar indoors and even though we closed the kitchen door, the smoke somehow spread to the whole apartment. I kept the windows open for half an hour yesterday and today as well but can still smell the smoke and it scratches my throat. I have also placed bowls of baking soda in some rooms but it did nothing

No. 1461584

I’m very giving and athletic in bed. Thanks for asking.

No. 1461587

File: 1672734132983.jpeg (424.5 KB, 1179x1800, 5344B358-E227-437D-9140-CBEA6C…)

I worked in a hotel and when guests smoked in the room we used deodorizer sprays (odoban is one that can be purchased by anyone, some were industrial use only) and a giant ozone machine like picrel to clear the smell.

One time a smoking guest sealed all the cracks around the doors and ran the shower on hot full blast until the entire room was thick with steam. When it cleared the smell was completely gone, we didn’t even charge them the smoking fee because there was no proof lol. Apparently that works well.

No. 1461589

Who is your husbando? I’m betting on someone from JJBA

No. 1461590

ntyart but these are some fokken protips, thank you

No. 1461617

>tfw had a dream I owned a pet sheep named "Happy"
It was a girl and she wore a cute pink vest and followed me around everywhere as we were navigating around an indoor/outdoor labyrinth with friends I never met irl. What did it mean?

No. 1461634

What can I do as a poorfag to hide my big crooked nose?

No. 1461635

For the anons who work or go to school in the morning, if you stay up late do you prioritize more sleep but being rushed or eating and some wake up time?

No. 1461638

More sleep. I haven’t eat proper breakfast since like… 5th grade because I’d rather just sleep or scroll Twitter/watch YouTube for extra 15-20 mins before getting ready

No. 1461645

I stay in bed for as long as humanly possible and eat breakfast at work, it's most optimal this way

No. 1461648

File: 1672744627437.jpg (16.19 KB, 500x399, s-l500.jpg)

No. 1461733

File: 1672756645628.jpg (96.36 KB, 720x720, ofr73a5ezxq61.jpg)

I mean this unironically but is everyone who is like heavily invested in sonic or like super into it autistic?
Every single thing I've seen of the sonic fandom is completely fucking unhinged for a children's videogame where the goal is to hold right but like, for longer than mario would because he's FAST

No. 1461734

considering all of the new games are shit but retards keep buying them, yes

No. 1461748

Can delta-8 or weed in general cause brain fog during the day if you smoke it the night before? No sciencetist articles anecdotal evidence ONLY

No. 1461769

Is there anything that helps with premenstrual brainfog?
A week before my period I feel like an actual zombie, cannot focus on work, cannot keep up with conversations, cannot do shit

No. 1461773

What do people in fandoms over in the east, specifically Japan, use in place of 'AU'? I've seen some artist use バース or パロ but I want to be sure before I use it.

No. 1461826

I see パラレル a lot

No. 1461829

>she hasn't heard of Sonic Induced Autism

No. 1461831

why does everyone have autistic kids now? i remember when autism wasn’t common, you would have one or two retards in your class MAYBE. but now it seems like 75% of people have autistic kids.
why/how? is this because of medications taken during pregnancy?
i also don’t understand why parents put up with the bullshit, instead of disciplining their kids, they let them scream, cry, run all over, disturb everyone else, and brush it off as “oh he’s autistic hehe!”

No. 1461832

>Hold right
My poor anon, you haven't heard of the Sonic Adventure games that have like 6 different play styles including a pet simulator?

No. 1461836

File: 1672763957266.jpg (25.5 KB, 431x447, 201fae21dc7eb666bb4e280538b80e…)

where can i watch movies online 4 free without viruses pls

No. 1461838

The three pillars of autism, planes, trains, sonic games

Transistor radios, fnaf, furryism and frog plushes should prob get a shoutout too.

No. 1461840

Probably more than one reason. My theory is either a coctail-effect of environmental poisions such as microplastics and heavy metals, or decline in variety of gut microbiota.

No. 1461841

Try heroin

No. 1461845

poor diet, poor genetics. I feel like a lot of these women are reproducing with low quality men with degraded sperm. Sperm is the number 1 cause is infant issues imo.

No. 1461848

Women picking low value men and having kids later with them after the 30 milestone where sperm degrades. Sucks because I do believe having kids later in life is a much better idea for stability. I will say though male children really are fucking annoying compared to girls in terms of screaming and entitlement to be acknowledged for their shit behavior.

No. 1461850

it's more difficult to commit infanticide, unfortunately.

No. 1461851

No more natural selection and kinder kid upbringing. People from developed countries where autism is diagnosed do not need to survive. A medieval kid from a poor family doesn't like the texture of only food they have -> gets weak -> dies -> fewer autists. The kid from a wealthier family gets his ass beaten to a pulp for acting weird -> learns that acting weird equals bad -> masks better -> fewer visible artists. Also, 15 years ago autism was a stigma, now it is treated as a fancy quirk that officially allows children to have special treatment. Mamas are ecstatic.

No. 1461854

>Older men and women are more likely than young ones to have a child with autism, according to multiple studies published in the past decade. Especially when it comes to fathers, this parental-age effect is one of the most consistent findings in the epidemiology of autism.
>The link between a mother’s age and autism is more complex: Women seem to be at increased odds of having a child with autism both when they are much older and much younger than average
Old men insisting that their sperm is enternally top quality and then also insisting on knocking up much younger women is the perfect recipe for autism

No. 1461856

God I hate autistic boys. They are always so entitled and useless. They grow up coddled nonstop because of their autism and mommy does everything for them.

No. 1461906

I have a bunch a bunch of old disks lying around (mostly promotional computer games of zero value) and I have no idea what to do with them, do I just throw them away or can they be repurposed? Recycling cds doesn't seem to be a thing in my country.

No. 1461918

File: 1672768688272.jpg (91.26 KB, 700x368, recycled-diy-old-cd-crafts-fb_…)

creative re-use stores sometimes take them or you can make an art project yourself

No. 1461923

NTA but that's really pretty. I doubt my first attempts at doing this will result in it looking very dull, but this looks so cool to have and work on.

No. 1461946

If you had a child and the choice to live in either the UK, the USA, or Singapore, which would you nonas choose? They all have pros and cons.

No. 1461952

Both the USA and Singapore are pretty conservative countries, so most likely find a nice spot in the UK.

No. 1461953

Ayrt and it's such a nice idea, I would love to get into arts and crafts projects but I suck at those, using worthless CDs would be a great starting point!

No. 1461967

i want to say singapore because it's a nice (or at least known as) nonpolluted country and it's walkable, so the kids can have fun as opposed to in the USA (plus americans and their guns and unsafe schools. no thanks). i'm also southeast asian so i'm somewhat familiar with singapore more and thus won't be facing racism in that regard, but singapore and UK are both islands so they have depressing gray skies… my only concrete answer is definitely not the USA.

No. 1461968

Singapore. At least the food's good.

No. 1461970

File: 1672771843489.gif (209.43 KB, 500x278, 1672598689861613.gif)

Are there any exmuslims there? It rather, I know there are a few of us, but I'd like to know how you're living through this, how conservative the countries you're from and your familiers are, etc. Are there interesting websites where I can read about exmuslims venting and talking about their personal experiences?

No. 1461974

I'm American and already don't want to have kids here because of the gun epidemic. I would probably choose the UK only because I would rather them get stabbed than shot and it would be easier for us to fit in the UK. While I don't know too much about Singapore, it seems more like a place I would travel to than a place I would choose to live in. If I have to be frank, I don't think it would be comfortable for me there because of my race.

No. 1461976

File: 1672772053956.jpg (494.58 KB, 800x504, pangolin.jpg)

me and my baby in singapore

No. 1461993

I don't know much about Singapore, but between the UK and the US, definitely the UK. My fiancé could get a job in the US and make a shitload of money but we both refuse to live there, more me than him. American society is so brainwashed, consumerist, degraded, perverted. Religion is too prevalent, from politicians wanting to ban abortions because of it to doctors making circumcision a norm.
I know UK isn't great either, but at least there it would be easier to immigrate to a decent country in europe later on if it gets too shitty.
Physically I wouldn't fit in in Singapore so I'm scared my kid could get bullied/discriminated.

No. 1461996

Singapore or UK. Probably second. I don't think that the USA is safe enough for children. I don't like that the remaining options are islands, if the glaciers melt in the nearest future half of the land will go under the water. The UK has more options for medical tourism and is closer to me mentality-wise. I know nothing about Singapore except its wealth and weather but living in any part of Asia IMO is not appealing. IDK how to raise a child in a foreign culture and I am pretty sure if the father is asian he won't participate in upbringing. I don't like the weather too, hot and humid, and it will get only worse.

No. 1462017

i also recently dreamed i had a pet lamb! it acted sort of like a dog, but it was really cute. not sure what it means but at the time i was contemplating pet ownership, maybe its just as simple as you want to get a pet or have something to look after

No. 1462048

I'd spend time in the US or Singapore making shitloads of money, settle down in the UK to have the kid, and encourage my kid to repeat the same cycle.
t. currently halfway through this process

No. 1462054

Pharmaceutical companies are big business and medicine isn't real, I used to work for families that were in pharma companies and they said it's not real it's mostly placebo and marketing, they need people to be sick. And my family does work in government, there are photos and articles with my ggf and the bush family together, they were friends, he knew reagan family too. They have passed but I still have an uncle working in law, who worked as nepo government lawyer and now is a criminal defense lawyer. Yet whenever I say this people think I'm making it up and I get censored, I am not I just choose to maintain my privacy. My family is large so wouldn't know me, I myself am not a part of this and not even in the states anymore, but I am also ostracized. My father threatened me for saying the US was as wrong as Japan during the war for bombing them. My own grandmother tried to put me in an asylum for being sad one day, imagine if they hear me saying this. They already hate me anyway.

But my point is that I always feel like targeted in a way. I see others post nonsense conspiracy theories, or the same truths, and their videos aren't removed. I said such simple things and got violations and bans from social media, but they always tried to frame it as something else.


No. 1462059

why do you think you’d make shitloads in the US? most americans are crushed by debt and the cost of living

No. 1462060

100% singapore. It's expensive but a rich country with high salaries, you can live a low lifestyle and save up. You aren't censored by bs laws, it's clean, safe, around beautiful travel spots, you are given a good education and immersed in several languages, you can make connections to businesses and build yourself up. It's hot, if you desire snow you can always vacation in the winter break. Absolutely singapore.

No. 1462064

Unless you have a visa husbando, if you have the option to live in any three of those countries then you probably have family wealth or are a skilled worker in an industry with high global mobility like tech or pharma. A lot of UK and EU citizens in those industries spend their youth earning a much higher wage in the US or Singapore before 'retiring' in the UK or an EU country.

No. 1462069

bless you nona for being this based. psychiatry is the worst offender of big pharma. having experienced the side effects of horrid medications and being put in against my will in a mental ward i know this firsthand.

No. 1462071

..What is the question?

No. 1462075

i sent a picture of a car accident in front of my house in the group chat to my old coworkers (theyre my only friends lol). do you guys think i overshared? should i have kept it to myself?

No. 1462076

I mean, I don't know what you guys normally talk about in your group chat but a random photo of a car accident would be a weird one to me. Is it at all funny somehow, or something? Personally I wouldn't be angry at you (unless it was some gory traumatic car crash) but I would definitely think it was a bit weird. Then again I might also think it was endearingly odd if it was just a fender bender or something.

No. 1462082

I swear I just saw this now but I coincidentally dreamed of a lady owning a pet SHEEP this night lmao. It was a 2 year old male miniature sheep (wish they were real), so it was about the size of a lamb but with the retarded face of a sheep. It had very crooked teeth and sneaky little derpy eyes. It was the coolest sheep I ever saw and I remember wishing I had one for myself.

No. 1462084

>do you guys think i overshared?
Unless you usually keep things professional, not at all.

No. 1462085

they know im a little weird, and they usually joke around a little bit with eachother in the chat. to be fair, i did make it seem kinda lighthearted. (even though it was an accident)

No. 1462090

Like I said, as long as it wasn't some awful wreck that probably hurt people I definitely wouldn't be bothered. At worst i'd think "odd" but in a sweet way. Like someone sharing a picture of a peanut that looked like Abe Lincoln or something.

No. 1462098

I guess anon's question is for directions to the tinfoil thread

No. 1462099

okay, thats good to hear. thanks for the reassurance nonny

No. 1462204

File: 1672783467585.jpeg (21.1 KB, 194x259, 5BF6A347-DF8B-4DE6-80EF-1E9D4E…)

So I recently went to my uncle's house and I talked to my cousin about some of my exes, we know each other well and I trust him but then he began saying things like "you are definitely more on the attractive side", "you are just really fun to talk to" and "I bet a lot of girls wish they had a body like yours" and I'm feeling a bit confused.
What do you think, was my cousin flirting with me or was he trying to cheer me up?

No. 1462205

Yeah that's definitely creepy

No. 1462214

I think if he just said the first two I probably would've passed it off on trying to cheer you up. Commenting on your attractiveness does raise some red flags but once is no big deal. The fact that he had to mention it twice and explicitly say "body like yours" is a major red flag.

No. 1462334

On average how long are your periods?
Mine used to be really painful then they were very infrequent, although I had pms I didn't bleed. But it's never been more than 1.5 days. And I am surprised some people bleed for a week, and they are surprised I don't.

No. 1462364


No. 1462372

8-10 days with 3 days of serious bleeding

No. 1462373


No. 1462376

7 or 8 days

No. 1462377

What are ways to make yourself look older without make up? Especially face wise, like hair styles or colors, certain glass frames or something like that…

No. 1462381

3-5 days. Usually 4-5, but my cycle has been changing due to dietary changes, and it also changed a little when I had the COVID vaccine in '21. My pain is usually light vagina pain and some stomach cramps on my first day and the days leading up to it. Only heavy bleeding on the first day, but sometimes it stretches over to the second day. I feel pretty lucky with my cycle tbh.

No. 1462388

Sanefag, sorry idk why I gave a full profile of my period like this is a doctor's appointment

No. 1462392

File: 1672790784735.jpg (51.14 KB, 600x600, Sharp-Invented-Bob.jpg)

platinum white/silver bob that's a little short with a blowout to make it rounded. had that in my mid-twenties and everyone thought I was an old lady from the back.

No. 1462398

It depends, if you have a soft face, sharp hairstyles and bold, darker makeup styles will only accentuate your baby face. Maybe try wearing toned colors like beige and brown, and medium length hairstyles, blonde is often associated with youthfulness so darker hair colors may help you achieve a more mature look

No. 1462403

5 days with 1 day of heavy bleeding. And my period became less intense after covid.

No. 1462407

So are the other days spotting?

No I love it, that's why I asked

No. 1462418

I don't even count spotting. the other days are "light" bleeding, but the last day or two is mostly brown clots of blood/tissue.

No. 1462421

No. 1462424

How do I shame a good friend into breaking up with her boyfriend?

No. 1462431

2 days of heavy bleeding, 2 of light bleeding and 2 or 3 days of spotting. They used to be super painful, but lately it doesn't really hurt. My period is still unpredictable though, it just comes whenever it feels like it

No. 1462432

show her a video of him being a raging asshole. record him in secret if you have to.
probably an insane idea you shouldn't do but I think that would work on me.

No. 1462462

I'm really worried because lately my memory has been getting really bad. I just forgot how to spell especially and I forgot an item on the menu at my old work. I'm not sure if it's stress or a tumour on my head I'm freaking out

No. 1462464

Brain fog maybe?

No. 1462470

My thought too, have you had Covid recently >>1462462 ?

No. 1462480

I did suffer from covid quite badly early last year. My mum caught it too and had a cough that lasted about 9 months. I didn't know it could impact your memory though.

No. 1462496

Anyone know good dry shampoos for kitties? I have a long hair manx who doesn’t like to bathe herself. She loves to be brushed at least! My older who cat used to bathe her died recently. I figured it would help her be less grungy.
If there is a pet care thread on this board and I missed it let me know.

No. 1462521

File: 1672800411774.jpg (324.32 KB, 2560x2560, 81AFZ-jPsOL.jpg)

I use picrel, it's actually a foam but you rub it in and brush it out. It smells nice and it doesn't bother my cat at all.

No. 1462551

What BMI do you consider to be "too low"?

No. 1462556

Anything below 18, basically. For my personal taste, I think I looked best around 23.

No. 1462557

18 or below? though if you start displaying symptoms like hair loss or losing your period while at a higher bmi during a diet you should still reassess what you're eating and make adjustments imo, going by pure numbers isn't enough

No. 1462566

File: 1672804682437.jpg (236.97 KB, 1440x2560, 1476773768963.jpg)

Have any nonnas here rejected any men recently? If yes, how were things and what led to you breaking things off? How did the guy take it?

No. 1462570

That’s perfect! Thank you!!

No. 1462597

File: 1672808211226.jpeg (28.91 KB, 193x275, FE993BF8-34B9-4D6F-A59F-B5B427…)

My ex and I left things in a really weird grey area the last time we legitimately talked. We haven’t talked in two months until he texted me Happy New Year. No birthday or Christmas text but he picked NYE. What does it mean?

No. 1462599

I'm assuming he was betting on your messaging him around then, couldn't contain himself, so then decided to message you. Either that, or the holiday blues got him beat down and New Years made him reflect on you guys and it had him sentimental.

No. 1462601

Him reflecting on the year makes the most sense. My brain was not making that connection kek. I still miss/love him but he’s the one who fucked things up and I’ve already put in a lot of effort so ball is unfortunately in his court.

No. 1462602

Not too recently but men never take it well.
I just say honestly I have no interest, all I can sense from men is this desperation for sex and validation from women, with nothing to offer but hoping getting you good will make you want them, it doesn't make me feel anything, it has no benefit to me. I actively avoid men as much as possible. As of now I only talk to my landlords family and the local shop employees.

Last I talked to my ex we just tried to have nice conversation and it was south fast, so many feelings there, so we just don't talk anymore.

No. 1462603

Mind if I ask how he fucked up? And did he apologize at all?

No. 1462605

It was a big combination of things but ultimately he wasn’t communicating a lot of fears he had and all of his feelings just exploded out and he very impulsively broke up with me. He’s extremely conflict avoidant and was just giving me passive apologies for something I wanted to have an actual talk about and ended things “before we hated each other”. I messaged him like two weeks later to try and give some closure for myself and we ended up having several talks and hang outs with a lot of mixed signals. Took a few months apart to get our heads straight and that was the first time I’d heard from him. I want him to come back but it’ll take massive changes in his side to do so.

No. 1462606

An ex I was very friendly with randomly asked me to go on a roadtrip with him and I said something along the lines of “I’m not sure things would stay platonic if we did” and he told me he wanted to get back together, so I turned him down. Gently, I just said that’s not the direction that my life is heading now. He was embarrassed, so now we don’t talk. Certainly for the best. Men will do anything to protect their egos and sometimes it works out in your favor.

No. 1462608


No. 1462609

at some point like 15 years ago I really internalized some feminist messaging about firmly and loudly saying NO when you don't want something with a man and now I literally do that every time I reject someone lmao. as soon as I realize they're propositioning me it just comes out of my mouth loudly. I don't even think I could stop if I wanted to. Whatever I don't care I'm married anyway.

No. 1462615

Why are there so many black people in the show Bridgerton? Not trying to racebait, I’ve never seen the show but it seems strange to me that it’s supposed to take place in 1800s England. Or is it a fictional setting?

No. 1462623

Lanafags, what songs do you think best demonstrate her talent for singing? I’m sure she can sing but seems like there’s way more baby voice falsetto songs with the tin can effect than there are songs where she’s singing well and clearly.

No. 1462625

Blind casting or whatever it’s called. The show is not and was never supposed to be historically accurate.

No. 1462628

I like Smarty, but I don’t know if it’s what you’re thinking of. She doesn’t really do gymnastics with her vocal cords, she just sings the way she sings.

No. 1462655

how the hell do u reply to someone on here

No. 1462656

Read the site rules and lurk. If you dont know how to post here chances are you shouldn’t be posting anyways

No. 1462667

File: 1672818706707.jpeg (134.47 KB, 1280x1689, 21E7A68F-4C79-4319-ABDB-8FCB48…)

Are fetishes really permanent? Am I really stuck with the strange and fucked up fetishes I memed myself into developing during my porn addiction? (Been using porn for 9 years and stopped almost 2 years ago, but my fetishes are still here

Can i ever become normal again?

No. 1462676

No you can fix them, but its not as simple as quitting cold turkey, you have to retrain your brain patters essentially, believe me, I was into really fucked up and violent porn cause I had my own issues and even when I tried quitting porn, It never worked long term
by replacing my urges with more Vanilla Porn, I fixed myself

I'd go from periods of not watching porn at all(3 days) then use my pre-downloaded vanilla porn once a day for 5 days total, then I'd stop watching for 9 days and repeated the same schedule with 5 days, even when I'd fail, I would still always use the vanilla porn
eventually 9 went to 12, then to 15, to 20, then to 30, then 40 and finally after 45 I was finally healed

No. 1462742

File: 1672829950382.png (103.09 KB, 275x156, 3D33A0C5-C21D-473B-9119-979B10…)

No. 1462745

How the hell are there so many newfags on this site yet the real site doesn't even fucking load for me? Where are these people coming from? How are they finding the site? I have been using farmcow.lol for days.

No. 1462746

cow threads coming up on google, maybe?

No. 1462752

It's been working normally for me under usual address since it came back, surely for newcomers it does too.

No. 1462756

End of October (not that recently then but I usually never get male attention lmao), I knew the guy for like 24 hours and he had this gigantic crush on me, I nicely but firmly said no, he seemed to take it okay, but it's not like he was a long time friend or anything, I feel moids get more pushy when you know them for longer.

No. 1462766

just strangers asking me out and hitting on me, and no work relationships (self employed) or anything that ties me to them. i try to just be really nice and non-offensive because many are psychos right under the surface. they generally take it fairly well when they're on the younger side and not middle aged weirdos. my last disastrous encounter was years ago and the guy called me really mean,blew my phone up and called my mom because i didn't think we were compatible so i kind of ghosted him. he was a nice enough himbo type but just not particularly intelligent. i don't speak to men much except for my ex who is very emotionally constipated despite wanting me, so he keeps ruining our chances of being together.

No. 1462778

When you say you'll "Never not get over [something]" is it the same as "Never get over"?

No. 1462790

correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't this saying there's nothing that you will never get over? like eventually time will heal everything and you will eventually get over everything, which is stupid and untrue

No. 1462794

Well, the context was that I was going to post "I'll never not get over how ugly Tom is with or without glasses" in the Tay thread, kek. I'm guessing the "not" is redundant?

No. 1462796

yeah, the "not" definitely sounds redundant

No. 1462850

If a random guy asks you if you have a boyfriend when you’re single, whats the safest thing to say? I feel like its so obvious when I lie and say yes

No. 1462876

Ladies if I started a asmr youtube channel would you all support me? It's not solely money motivated since it can be a passive income, I really do enjoy asmr a lot, it was something I did as a kid to self sooth without realizing it was a thing. I wish I got in on it sooner. I would like to grow a good community, I have all the time in the world to make videos.

By support I would just hope you click the video for views and let it play through even in the background. And if you are generous and have an account you could subscribe. It's all free, and if anyone here has a channel I will return the favor. let me know and I'll share once I get some content uploaded.

No. 1462879

Make up your fantasy bf or talk about an ex so it's not entirely a lie. You could also wear a ring to look married, it works

No. 1462899

Read the rules linked at the top of the page but also read this https://farmcow.lol/info
Remember to lurk and integrate before posting

No. 1462902

i would just tell them im seeing someone. it feels less obvious than lying about having a bf imo lol

No. 1462922

I tell him to fuck off lol.

No. 1462994

Why are there so many TIFs in Finland?

No. 1463005

white and privilege. When there isnt any real issues to deal with, bored people want make issues up.

No. 1463006

They need to create problems out of thin air because their lives are too idyllic.

No. 1463020

I dont get why heather is a cow? Someone enlighten me?

No. 1463024

Me either but I guess she's an ancient FB cow and she has a different boyfriend every week who will leave her every time because she always says she loves them on like the third day of official dating.

No. 1463025

Im not sure thats really that milky though… idgi but farmers gonna farm

No. 1463059

Is it me or is the site working horrible on fucking computer? Page keeps going unresponsive, freezes up, I can't touch anything at times, is it just me and my shitty computer or are other nona's expereincing this?

No. 1463083

he has plenty of videos where he doesn't talk about his religion and I like him a lot. He's never disrespectful and I believe his Beers and Bible videos are labelled that so you know. Kek, if you can't tell I like this scrote and his fish. I don't care about his religion as long as he isn't hateful

No. 1463156

Is there any good reason for women to be dating moids on 2023? I feel like have to be ignorant if you are a woman doing that these days

No. 1463173

File: 1672862896863.jpeg (83.94 KB, 735x910, 89E20CDB-01E3-4D50-ABB8-4A1056…)

What does ‘ cookie monster pajama pants girl’ mean?

No. 1463175

None. But I guess heterosexual women gonna keep hetting. I dont blame them for being sexual attracted to men, but I truly feel bad because so few good ones exist out there.

No. 1463177

A stereotypically midwestern white woman who regularly wears pajama pants outdoors because she is uncouth.

No. 1463180

File: 1672863237377.jpeg (102.02 KB, 532x512, BF8A6319-DA30-4A01-B408-55ED6C…)

I just associate it with this meme

No. 1463182

Only if you make videos with lots of personal affection.

No. 1463183

you're not allowed to advertise here, I'm sorry

No. 1463187

In the mid 2000's I swear it was briefly trendy, also overlapped with those rubber cause bracelets

No. 1463188

I will subscribe only if you address all your videos to me

No. 1463189

this picture is missing an amstaff or pitbul named 'Luna'

No. 1463193

You’re absolutely right.

No. 1463204

I can try? Like whispering asmr


"this video is dedicated to you my biggest fan: anonymous"

No. 1463216

Oh my fucking god nona I used to work with dogs and every trashy couple with a pitbull who came in was like this and there were SO MANY LUNAS why is it a thing?! Hahaha

No. 1463223

did yuumei come up with the cat headphones and now everyone is stealing her design or was that something that existed before?

No. 1463232

File: 1672865586185.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1170x2369, B574B396-BBE0-4F19-9B6A-88A56F…)

Hmm, I think so! These were the first ones I ever saw back in 2015

No. 1463238

Yes, I remember long ago seeing a post about how she deeply regret not being more careful when signing contracts with the manufacturer of the pair she designed because that means she's technically not the person who owns the idea of cat ear and headphones the way she created them. So now a shit ton of companies can use that exact same idea and she can't sue them or get money from this.

No. 1463244

Talking about protein. Is it vegan/vegetarian to eat mealworms and other insects?

No. 1463249

For US military nonnies, is it true that you're aren't allowed a smartphone, and only simple phones on base?

Asking because friend and I think her brother's being catfished. I usually don't care about moids, but her mum's been crying over it so..

No. 1463250

No. Some vegetarians and vegans (mostly vegans) don't even eat honey. Anything alive is off limits.

No. 1463277

Call a nearby base and ask. Sure someone in the offices could answer.

No. 1463281

I should have specified that I am not from the US.

No. 1463315

Oh in that case… id go on reddit and ask in the military threads

No. 1463444

what are some things i can get for my cat to entertain her during the day if she’s into playing that much? i just feel so sad coming home to see her sitting in the same spot she was in when i left

No. 1463456

I’m not sure how to handle this situation without hurting my family. Maybe I’m overreacting maybe that’s my internalised misogyny speaking
>be my dad
>generally an ok dad who wants to raise us strong
>sometimes loses his temper and gets angry/violent
>would thump us with his fist whilst we hid under the covers
>shoved us at the wall
>hurt and embarrassed our low functioning autistic sibling
>used to drink a lot
>would grit his teeth and yell over minor things in public
When i was fourteen/fifteen my younger sibling was born. To another woman, who he cleaned up his act for
He doesn’t drink much these days, but occasionally gets angry. Usually controls it, and is kinder. Anyway, the other day my little sister (four) told me in tears that he had hit her really hard. I didn’t say anything to my dad, just held her whilst she cried. I didn’t see if it was just a slap on the wrist or he overreacted.
As soon as I hit fifteen I was an ‘adult’ who didn’t need to be helped. In his house it’s like im a guest/friend who must be helpful to be welcome. So I’m not a big part of the house, neither do I want to be. But I love my younger siblings. I don’t know if he was out of line because I didn’t want to probe and become an unwelcome guest, and be separated from my siblings. If his new wife finds out, she may leave. And that might make instability for my younger siblings. She keeps him in line. But if I say nothing, how do I know if my younger sister is being hurt? What if he gets worse when she grows up? I don’t want her to be hurt like that. Am I weak for not knowing how to react? I really don’t know what to do. I don’t want her confidence and joy to be crushed. I love her so much.

No. 1463476

your little sister came to you (an adult) so IMO you sort of have a responsibility to help her and at least talk to her mother. Your dad is an asshole and there’s no excuse for hitting a four year old in any way. You’re not weak for being conflicted and it sucks that they treated a 15 year old like a guest in her own home.

No. 1463496

Do you have any windows? Place one way bird feeders on them. Cats love to sit and watch prey. You can also get a WiFi enabled toy/treat dispenser, so during your day you can move a toy or a laser pointer and then dispense a treat if she plays with it.

No. 1463499

Is 4ch down for anyone else?

No. 1463503

>And that might make instability for my younger siblings
They're already living in chaos with all that violence, there's no way back from the first hit and you know it, this will only get worse. You know what your dad is capable of, he's dangerous, they need to run away from him asap

No. 1463507

The bird feeder idea is awesome thank you! She loves looking out the window.

No. 1463509

File: 1672884881261.jpeg (458.58 KB, 1179x880, 9AE642C7-8276-438E-9E3C-5AC0D7…)

Why do spiders keep appearing every time I think of them? Is there a nest inside my house? Am I subconscionously manifesting them? Help

No. 1463533

What's your favorite?

No. 1463534

Hello everyone this is important

I need glasses, please help suggest what frames look good or not so I don't look stupid. I only need them for operating a vehicle but I might wear them sometimes for the sake of my eyes. I am so clueless about glasses. I am getting my eyes checked for prescription soon and will choose a pair at the same time.

No. 1463535

Idk, what face do you have

No. 1463536

*face shape, I mean.

No. 1463538

anonita bonita

No. 1463539

Nonna, Nonnikin.

No. 1463543

if it's for driving sunglasses might be nice…depending on what time of day you typically drive.

No. 1463544


No. 1463545

works for me

No. 1463549

Nananananananananana NONNA

No. 1463551

My sweet wonderful friend is much younger. Her first boyfriend was cheating on her. Im so mad! Im making a playlist for her. Any recs to remind her men aint shit? Gotta show her love. Thanks nonnas

No. 1463552

I agree with >>1463476
Just an FYI and this may or may not be something you want to do but as a grown child of abusive parents I wish someone had told me when I was 4 that it's not okay for dad to hit you and he is bad and wrong for doing that and it's not because he loves you and it's not because you did anything wrong. When you're 4 you just believe everything your parents say and it took me years to unlearn some things I was told. She may or may not remember you telling her but it couldn't hurt.
How her mother reacts could change everything. That's the first step. Tell the mother.

No. 1463560

honestly I laughed
Idk my face shape maybe oval or diamond

hm right if I drive a moped and it's also for flying license so might be a good idea

No. 1463563

File: 1672889730268.jpeg (265.97 KB, 828x1194, 24AC1743-DF95-4889-9758-131308…)

Help me nonnas! This is what i have so far (will reorder them once i got more)

No. 1463575

I try to get as much sleep as I can. Minutes are precious in the morning. I prepare my breakfast the night before or just grab something easy like a piece of toast or fruit and eat it during my commute. Plus I don't have much of an appetite as soon as I wake up so it's better to extend my fasting instead of getting hungry earlier in the day.

No. 1463578

See you next Tuesday - Kesha is a banger

No. 1463586

Added! Thanks nonna

No. 1463588

What are some important things I should do before wiping out all the data on my computer? Already backed up my files obviously, I'm more concerned about getting errors or the process not completing. On some other sites I was reading a few people mentioned how the percentage was stuck at certain numbers and things like that, so I want to know how to avoid this and any other potential issues before starting. On windows 10 btw

No. 1463590

If she likes newer charli xcx: used to know me, constant repeat, hot girl, what you think about me
Kiss n tell is another really good Kesha song

No. 1463592

Can I put normal nail polish on and coat it with gel polish? Really like some colors I own right now but they aren't staying on

No. 1463610

Rescue by Lucinda Williams
Virgin by Flower Face
Miss Me More by Kelsea Ballerini
I Saw the Light by Wynonna Judd

No. 1463617

what's your reasons to live

No. 1463623

idk I’m mostly just alive because that’s how it is at the moment

No. 1463628

i've got this far, i might as well see how this pans out

No. 1463632

my life is enormously improved now over what it used to be so everything just seems brighter and I'm curious about what's gonna happen next, what I can do next / see next. even when it's shitty now it's not as bad as it used to be.

No. 1463634

There's so much I want to do and have to achieve. I'm not the most hardworking or smart person, but thinking about how great my life can be keeps me motivated.

No. 1463648

File: 1672898480601.jpg (741.95 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2023-01-05-03-01-19…)

What's the name of this type of fabric? It's polyester, but the specifics

No. 1463649

chiffon maybe?

No. 1463651

I looked up chiffon, but couldn't find it like that, as in… Full of folds? In japanese they just call it like that (しわ)
I also looked for "pleated", but nothing. I guess I just need the right terminology, but it's been frustrating

No. 1463653

I was almost homeless with no one to turn to and I fixed my life by working like crazy. Now I want to achieve the goals I have before dying.

No. 1463655

I don't feel suicidal.

No. 1463657

Plissé fabric

No. 1463658

Crinkle fabric, I think.

No. 1463660

I found similar fabrics searching "crinkle textured crepe"

No. 1463662

Thanks! I will give this a try

No. 1463664

The texture is more of “crepe” and the fabric looks like a chiffon. So maybe a crepe chiffon?

No. 1463666


I'm glad we could all share this moment

No. 1463675

Looks like crinkled crépe georgette

No. 1463703

I don't know if it really fits the vibe but I listened to I disagree by Poppy a lot when I was breaking up with my bf.

No. 1463720

I moved into a new place and there are no spiders anywhere. Feels wrong and empty, please manifest some my way

No. 1463756

Can someone explain the use of "not me"

No. 1463759

you say that when it's not you

No. 1464162

Retarded question incoming: is striped apparel some kind of weird porny meme moid thing? Just wanted to know. I've had multiple moids tell me that they think I look really good in striped shirts and stuff. It's just random as hell to me because I've never heard a man say "oh yeah, she looks great in stripes" kek

No. 1464165

Depends I guess. I've never heard about it being a porn thing, everytime I hear someone saying positive things about stripped shirts or sweaters it's always because they legit like fashion, whether they're men or women. Are they Jean-Paul Gaultier fans or not?

No. 1464168

The only striped cooker thing I know of are those stupid blue and white hentai panties. I think they’re just giving you genuine compliments.

No. 1464178

Programmer socks are pretty much the only thing I can think of being precisely porny. Maybe striped shirts because they visibly show curves.

No. 1464182

Never heard of the stripes shirts thing ever. it is usually associated with french fashion. People to get off the internet. Not everything is porny

No. 1464202

I'm a millenial and I think black/white stripes was a goth/emo thing back in the days. Vaguely remember seeing pinup pics of goth girls with black/white striped socks.

No. 1464203

maybe they're gay? those are the only type of men who would pay attention to fashion and stripes of all things

No. 1464204

I'm making bread and the dough is too sticky, I don't have more flour I used all of it. Should I keep kneading or lest it rest?

Also I meant to make flatbread but since it is sticky is it better if I oven bake it in a pot rather than stove cook it? I never made bread from scratch before x)

I used flour, baking powder, pinch of salt, and water only

No. 1464210

No yeast??

No. 1464212

No not all recipes need yeast

No. 1464213

I'm asking in case she forgot, currently writing a reply

No. 1464215

If you have any other type of flour at all you can use a little bit of it just to avoid sticking when shaping the dough. It doesn't matter that the dough is wet, dough usually raises better when slightly wetter, it's just harder to shape. I haven't baked without yeast though, so idk how it's gonna turn out with baking powder. I would try making focaccia or small pizzas if you have toppings at hand. When making pizzas you can section the dough into smaller doughs, shape them into balls and place them in the fridge in little bowls. Once they are chilled it's easier to shape them into pizza shape. Maybe some other anon who has more experience with baking powder bread has better advice. I do a lot of baking with sourdough/yeast and recommend, it's very easy once you get into it and long fermentation improves the flavor of the bread.

No. 1464223

I would love to make a sourbread but I don't have the right cooking pans for it, I am in a rental in a small kitchen. I was going for flat bread to cook on the stovetop but now I worry it will stick.

So it's actually been resting for 25 mins and it is a bit less sticky. I will just see how this goes, if it becomes more doughy. Will post results if edible.

No. 1464230

Good luck anon! Thinking about it a bit more, I would say knead until you have some good gluten development. If the dough is very wet you can try the folding method like they do with sourdough, but as you're not using yeast I wouldn't let it rest for too long (25 minutes is totally fine) because it's limited how much the dough is going to raise and gluten also breaks down over time. I'm not a chemist though, I could be totally wrong lol. I'm very exited to see your results, whether edible or not, for bread science!

No. 1464233

As long as the pan is hot enough I think it'll be fine and you can use a tiny bit of oil. If you are putting it directly on the stovepot then that's a bit scary. I'm sorry I'll stop bothering you. I get a bit over-excited about breads.

No. 1464245

it will change the dough slightly but if you oil your hands the dough may be easier to handle without flour.

No. 1464265

when nonnies use terms like "alpha", "beta", "soy" and similar words when describing someone, they're being ironic right? do some of you actually believe in that whole thing?

No. 1464268

can't speak for others but I never use those words. I think they're a bit scrotey.

No. 1464281


Yeah checked it again and it was the same so I started cooking. I tested a small amount bc my brain keeps thinking it will stick. Nope it cooked fine and tasted it, we have got bread!! My first batch looks wonky but I will show you the next one. It's really more like roti, I just didn't have any oil and didn't want a whole bottle for one more week. Also I've made bread with a machine before but I wanted the real deal.

I'm a baker now ;)(;))

No. 1464321

File: 1672952125073.jpg (36.44 KB, 717x298, Screenshot_j3h3fj5jk6k.jpg)

what platform was this poll posted on? anyone any clue? twitter?

No. 1464330

Does anyone have any resources on synching period to moon phases that don't mention connecting to one's sexual spiritual female womanish divine highest goddess self and other such bullshit?

No. 1464331

Is ageism bad for young people or old people?

No. 1464346

No because that’s retarded

No. 1464347

Shaynafags, spoonfeed me please. I saw a tweet a day or two ago of Shayna saying her "daddy" drugged her, is she not with the brunette lesbian lady anymore? Or are they doing some sort of polyamory thing?

No. 1464350

it's bad for everyone which is why it's called ageism. for instance people disrespecting children and not regarding them as people because they're smaller and dumber which is really because they haven't lived enough to know any better, and the same goes for older folk or even just middle aged women and goes on to senile patients in nursing home

No. 1464354

Is it correct interpunction in English to put a comma between the same two words?
>It's what makes him, him.
>It's what makes him him.

No. 1464357

I'm the sourdough anon, congrats with your first real bread! I'm glad it was a success.

No. 1464369

Thanks for the constructive answer but why? There is research confirming artificial light affects our cycle and I remember reading in one that when a group of women were put in an environment where they didn't use light their cycles eventually even out at 29 days. What if the answer to period pains and other problems lies in adjusting ourselves to use natural light and such? I'm literally trying to solve real life problems and you call that retardation, retard

No. 1464378

Not ayrt. That's super interesting. Sadly I don't have any resources for you. I guess it would be difficult without moving out into the middle of nowhere. Maybe wearing shades that block certain kinds of light can help.

No. 1464386

As a native English speaker, I don't think there's a set rule on this, but I personally prefer the above version

No. 1464388

Really dumb question but has anyone ever read a Mark Twain book all the way through without skipping parts that feel boring

No. 1464389

North American here too, the comma will help it make more sense but even without the comma I think most people will still get the gist!

No. 1464390

Not an expert but in that case using the comma reads easier and looks more natural - it is clear it’s not a typo, and also reflects the emphasis you would use saying it out loud. I normally wouldn’t use it with “had had” though which is the probably the most common case of repeating a word.

>He had had a fright.

>He had, had a fright.

The second example I would only use if I was really emphasising one of the hads.

No. 1464396

how would you feel if a friend who ghosted you out of nowhere almost a year ago is trying to reach out to you now? annoyed? angry?

No. 1464405

It depends on the reason.

No. 1464406

nayrt but artificial light affects your circadian rhythm which can screw up a whole lot in your body. "syncing to moon phases" is not science which is why you are getting crunchy hippie divine femininity stuff. also consider that women who used to live by natural light only also did not have the junk food we have today (though not necessarily a better diet), and were pregnant/breastfeeding more often than modern women. and a period can be regular and still be painful

No. 1464409

Highly dependent on the circumstances. I’d hear them out first.

No. 1464410

I wouldn’t feel anything cause we haven’t communicated in a year; so I’d just block the number and move on. Simple

No. 1464418

Probably sympathetic because I tend to ghost the shit out of people due to extremely low self esteem.

No. 1464426

well there's no reason really, i ghosted her on impulse. i think i was feeling overwhelmed at that time. am i a horrible person? yes. should i leave her alone instead?

No. 1464443

Is it considered unusual to wrap your used pad in the new wrapper/some toilet paper when you change it? I've noticed that I wrap mine up, but a lot of other women just stuff theirs in the bin.

No. 1464448

my mom told me i needed to wrap them so that's what i do. i can see someone in a public restroom not caring though

No. 1464449

Might be unusual but shouldn’t be, surely if you don’t they get stuck to the bin

No. 1464454

Irritated. Don't respond. Someone who ghosts you for a year and slides back into your life will 100% put you through something worse than ghosting. There's really no good reason for it other than a complete lack of respect for you.

No. 1464455

Before the holidays, I left this guy on read. I replied after wishing a happy new year and stuff and he replied. I got the notification, but I never opened it because I was busy and didn't wanna be rude again and leave him on read. I have time now, but I'm putting it off because I think I took too long and think it would have been better if I had actually left him on read instead. I'm scared of what he'll say now if I finally reply. I doubt anything but I'm still so anxious and feel so bad. I feel like puking almost. Have I already taken too long and shouldn't bother replying at this point?

No. 1464456

oh i left on read the first time because i was not home and was with family and in general busy/tired because of the holiday season btw

No. 1464457

Put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself if you would like someone doing that to you.

No. 1464458

No. so should i just not bother then? i mean the last time we last talked consistently was december 20 something

No. 1464461

Girl what?? It's been less than a week, assuming you wished him a happy new years on new years itself. Just be like 'omg my bad i forgot to reply' and tell the truth about being busy over the hols. It's only a big deal if you make it one, it's perfectly normal to get distracted and forget to reply to a msg especially one on new years.

No. 1464463

It wasn't on new years itself, it was morning jan 2. is that bad?

No. 1464468

That's even less bad, it's been barely any time at all so wtf are you panicking about? I'd understand some anxiety if you ghosted him like, months ago, but in this situation not only is your excuse completely understandable it's only been a few days and he probably doesn't give a shit unless he's a clingy psycho.

It sounds like you need to worry more about your clearly evident social anxiety than what this dude thinks of you forgetting to reply for a short period of time.

No. 1464470

I took a deep breath and sent him a msg nonna, thanks for talking some sense into me. my hearts racing so much now, but you're right he probably doesn't care

No. 1464472

I do this a lot to my friends tbh, I get anxious so I don't reply often, but I also don't mind if they don't reply to me right away because I know they're probably busy too.

No. 1464483

I can only sleep on my stomach, and due to the condition of my bed, I have the choice to either sleep with a concave or a convex back. Which one is worse for me?

No. 1464523

What are your top 3 favourite threads on LC (any board) and why? And what are your 3 most hated threads and why?

No. 1464524

File: 1672969105989.gif (Spoiler Image, 448.33 KB, 300x100, 80.gif)

Who is "Daddy's Little Porkchop" and why do half of these banners make me feel like I'm on a porn site?

No. 1464529

Yeah you may as well end it now, it's only a matter of time before you become a prostitute. That's just science.

No. 1464535

anyone know or think they may know?

No. 1464560

It’s a mystery.jpg

No. 1464572

No. 1464573

if you weren't fighting or anything and you're adults with lives and she didn't send you a lot of serious messages you never answered it should be fine. unless you're leaving something out. might need more details to advise you further.
I would reach out, but I wouldn't expect a response (you did ghost after all).

No. 1464575

he replied back super fast btw lol why is he like this

No. 1464578

he wants you.

also lmao why are you laughing at him? you were just shitting bricks over messaging him.

No. 1464583

i'm laughing but not in a mocking way lol it's just weird in a nice way

No. 1464596

File: 1672976574291.jpeg (451.86 KB, 2048x2048, 449ECECC-3EC6-4C29-826E-02A4AD…)

Is Cher okay? What’s going on with her? Is something wrong with her or is she just being a boomer on social media? Her tweets read like an unhinged breakdown

No. 1464615

Every time I look at her twitter it’s like that. Usually there’s more all caps.

No. 1464619

File: 1672979209760.jpeg (68.02 KB, 600x600, 2D43DED9-B992-4A52-A06F-1D16B1…)

Can someone help me find the artist who makes drawings like this? They're mostly of some ugly fucker posing with a cute anime boy.

No. 1464620

She's going the way of Carrie Fisher, must be snowing where she is

No. 1464621

there are all from 2011/2012, if something was seriously wrong with her we would have heard by now. she's just an old lady with a twitter account.

No. 1464667

Why are you posting her tweets from a decade ago acting like they're new kek

No. 1464719

What does that image mean?

No. 1464720

Has anyone ever found friends through apps like Bumble? How did it go?

No. 1464730

File: 1672995709700.png (3.92 KB, 248x74, m.png)

It is mystery

No. 1464737

I used it for a few months at the end of 2019/beginning of 2020. I live in the LA area so there was lots of girls on there with lots of different interests. Talked to quite a few but many admitted they had zero intentions of ever meeting up anyone which I can understand. During my time on there I met up with two girls (at separate times) and nothing ever came of either. The first one was nice enough but it was obvious she lied about her interests and she could tell I knew that so we wound up ghosting each other lol the second girl I actually met up with twice but the pandemic hit and she moved away which sucked because she was cool. I went to get back on there at the end of last year but I didn’t go through with it because it dawned on me that I was three years older and it wasn’t going to be the same (early twenties vs mid twenties)

No. 1464743

im thinking either what teenagers girls want vs the reality (fat ugly kids who keep saying amongus jokes) or the anime guy is their avatar/model in a game when it is really some retarded fat ugly groomer.

No. 1464744

whatever happened to her? did she get a life?

No. 1464748

File: 1672998493315.gif (223 B, 65x22, 850AABEA-3457-4F58-B280-B14472…)

Omg this just unlocked an old memory, I remember the “it is a mystery” smiley from my old somethingawful days, and there was another one I remember from the byob board where the ghosts’ eyes were flipped so it looked wall-eyed and it said “it is a mistwee” and it made me cry laughing, I couldn’t ever find it after that

No. 1464749

I started doing pilates and now I'm always hungry. Mr. Google told me that it's normal to feel hungry after a workout, but I'm not doing any extreme workouts and the feeling of hunger persists the whole day, it always comes back after like 3 hours. Before I started working out I ate 2-3 times a day, no snacks.
Wtf should I do anonitas? Did I get a tapeworm from working out?

No. 1464753

You should try getting more protein in your diet nonna, it's normal for your appetite to increase as your physical activity increases. Protein will help you feel full for longer so you're not relying on snacks. High-protein stuff is basically any meat, dairy or legumes and beans.

No. 1464766

Thanks anon! I'm aware that appetite increases when you start working out I'm one of those people who work out madly for 3 weeks and then drop it but I've never felt this hungry. I'll try adding more protein. I have broccoli, chicken and eggs as my protein sources and thought it would be enough, but I was wrong kek.

No. 1464784

Anyone can list some more tinfoilcore tracks like Requiem for a Dream or O Fortuna? That kind of dramatic and kind of despairing sounding classical(-ish) stuff that sounds like it would fit (or has actually been used) as background music in at least one conspiracy theory youtube video?

No. 1464807

Does ao3 also have stories unaffiliated to fandoms?

No. 1464810

lmao nona

No. 1464821

The pictures made by that artist always has a hot guy making hearts and posing with ugly fuckers, they seem to be some kind of idols posing with ugly fans.

No. 1464823

Yes. It’s under the original work tag

No. 1464843

is star trek TOS worth watching?
for context i've never really watched any star trek, just got bored and tried watching a few episodes of TOS. i don't mind campy older media at all, i just found it so unbelievably sexist that it was hard to watch at times. i was wondering if later iterations have the same problem.

No. 1464847

I met my best friend through bumble last year! It was a lucky pick tbh, i think one thing to help you find good friends is to be as truthful about your niche interests. I put down how much I reminisce about Newgrounds flash games and she messaged me right away and we quickly bonded over lolcows. Good experience, but now we're both searching for more friends on bumble, but running into dead ends.

No. 1464849

File: 1673015050201.jpeg (25.9 KB, 316x316, EB464479-E7A5-4E4C-A9A4-2057DA…)

Do you gain weight if you constantly get diarrhea from eating stuff you’re “allergic” to? I’m lactose and gluten intolerant and get diarrhea a lot I wonder if that’s kind of like ass bulimia?

No. 1464853

You have water weight/bloating from dehydration if you have constant diarrhea. Go drink a lot of water and start taking lactase enzyme before you eat dairy.

No. 1464868

Oh god anon, I have a few lmao
Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan. Dream is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer. The Son of Flynn by Daft Punk. Lacrimosa Dominae. Ebla by E.S. Posthumus. Navras by Juno Reactor. Icarus by Michael McCain.

No. 1464883

Yeah TOS is super campy and ridiculously sexist to the point it’s almost funny. It’s fun to watch if you are interested in it as a tv history artifact or if you ship Kirk and Spock. Later iterations of Star Trek are very different.

No. 1464885

According to what I’ve read about laxative abuse diarrhea doesn’t make you lose real weight just water weight.

No. 1464899

I ripped my pants yesterday at the inner thigh (so not anywhere that would be considered stylish kek) and I'm not really sure what to do with them. Do I throw them out or would I be able to sew it back up? What do you usually do if you rip your pants? I'd honestly keep wearing them if it was ripped somewhere on my knee, but the hole is almost right at my crotch.

No. 1464909

you have some powerful farts

No. 1464916

if it was a big hole or if the material between the thighs is worn and thin and thats why it ripped i would throw them out. but if its just a small hole i would sew it up

No. 1464956

A couple stores have iron on patches for that area, my mom and I used to do that with our pants, mostly jeans. If you can find patches in a similar color to your pants, go ahead and save a bit of money unless you can thrift pants cheaper than the fabric.

No. 1464969

Kek this is how I call Killing Joke, their music is not classical (they go from post punk to industrial metal depending on the albums) but their lyrics are mostly anti-government/conspiracy shit, check them out if that's your thing.

No. 1464970

Samefag but also check out the album Mask by Vangelis, the first two tracks have the vibe you're looking for.

No. 1464997

Amazing, thank you

No. 1465034

Just out of curiosity, how would nonnies feel about a crystal.cafe hate thread? Maybe hate is a strong word, I guess it could be a cringe thread too.

No. 1465035

Maybe two steps from hell?

No. 1465058

Why the fuck do women on this site like to shit on other women so much. Jesus christ. The average cc user is not much different, you're basically shitting on yourself.

No. 1465070

No. 1465075

i like crystal cafe, they let us hang out,IDK.

No. 1465076

I could throw up screenshots of clear trannies and moids kek

No. 1465080

You should leave. All the bitter infighting is stupid.

No. 1465095

File: 1673030544326.jpg (35.56 KB, 663x579, c2d.jpg)

Am I depressed? These last few days I've been feeling very angry and upset. I've been crying over miniscule stuff and also literally everything annoys me. I'm always tired, got a headache, my body aches. I'm not on my period so I don't think it's a hormonal thing. Asking because I can't access therapy.
I have a food intolerance too. Diarrhea can make you lose water weight, but you'll immediately gain it after eating.

No. 1465114

Anons on Lolcow are more cringe than CC

No. 1465180

Should I get beige/white/black or full white sneakers? I never wear them on the regular but my combat boots are hard to dance on at parties. I wear muted colors that go with beige well more often than not but every once in a while I pull out a color blocking outfit, beige would look not so good with that as white would but white is boring. What am I to do nonachita's?

No. 1465190

Whatever color you choose, maybe focus on getting easily washed shoes? Easy materials to clean?

No. 1465203

Maybe but if I feel like mocking LC, I can go to CC's lc hate thread. Where do I go if I want to mock cc?

No. 1465215

File: 1673035410012.jpeg (53.03 KB, 429x496, 75DF2231-9A12-43F6-85B1-CD0CCA…)

Get color block sneakers that have beige and white. I don't really like most black sneakers because they can look really ugly.

No. 1465221

All black sneakers are the worst, sucks because I cannot keep my lighter coloured shoes clean for the life of me.

No. 1465223

File: 1673035674144.png (64.79 KB, 522x261, Capture.PNG)

just buy cc

No. 1465227

I earn in third world coins, but if I could I would.

No. 1465228

Thanks nonna, the 'black' ones actually kind of look like your picture except with some black details and laces. White would be hard to keep looking nice after 3 wears. I think I'll go for the beige ones.

No. 1465240

im that anon, it's probably fake kek

No. 1465260

What's the best way to make friends with other autistic women online while avoiding pronoun people as much as possible

No. 1465262

File: 1673037938582.jpg (27.89 KB, 563x550, c22e974dbcc2d2ce3cf754a93c52ec…)

how do you deal with gynaecologist appointments/pap smears when you have sexual trauma? like, how are you even meant to approach it when the thought of having a stranger inspect your vagina with a speculum just triggers all of the shit that happened to you?
my brain instantly associates penetration with pain after many uncomfortable and pressured sexual experiences by scrotes. the only thing I can handle is tampons and my own fingers, even using a dilator is emotional sometimes. I turned 25 a few days ago and I'm already getting texts from the NHS telling me to book a pap smear but it's with a nurse and i have no clue how to even handle this situation.
i know that i have to get this smear test done, but at the same time i'd rather not leave the doctors feeling violated and traumatised all over again.

No. 1465269

Tell 'em to fuck off. And if you ABSOLUTELY need the test, be up front, tell them what happened. They aren't mind readers and they'll probably respect you if you explain how you're feeling and why. But remind them that you're there voluntarily and if they make you feel uncomfortable, the deal's off.

No. 1465272

Hey nonna! Ok, so first dont be afraid to be like “hey, before we start, I am nervous and I dont know what to expect.” And then you should let them know penetration triggers you. Seriously. Just be forward. It gives the doc/nurse an opportunity to work slower or differently. They will navigate it with you.
Also, can you ask a loved one or friend to be in there with you? They dont have to see whats happening, but they could distract you with conversation.
If there is a planned parenthood or similar, go there. I find the care is kinder but that may be a singular experience.

No. 1465352

what does it mean if i have dreams about cats being in my basement?

No. 1465359

Did any of you ever think you had/were going to grow a penis when you were a child? I vividly remember thinking my labia would extend into a penis when I was about 7 years old and telling my dad “but girls do have a willy, it’s just in” (as in, it hadn’t descended yet). He was horrified kek. Not sure if this is common but it’s pretty freudian.

No. 1465374

are VPN's still banned, if so how is that retard still retarding?

No. 1465380

File: 1673044515557.jpg (141.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Are red bedrooms ugly, or would it be kinda slay in a tacky way? I want a sexy Don Lothario bedroom. Maybe leopard print sheets and some incense. Tired of the all-white plant mom stuff.

No. 1465388

At worst it's a little dated, personally I love the look you're describing.

No. 1465398

File: 1673046773825.png (46.57 KB, 237x259, Vibromatic_heart_bed.PNG.png)

Sexy provided you get this essential furniture to complete the look

No. 1465399

the bedroom i had as a teenager had red walls and i hated it. it was so dark and it made me depressed to hang out in all the time. granted the ceiling lights were fluorescent and it got little to no natural light, so that probably also contributed to the depressing feel.

No. 1465404

Oh my god fluorescent lights make me feel so irrationally angry and miserable, it might have been the lights kek

No. 1465415

Hm so what if I don't like to cook everyday or can't find the ingredients to make a dish.. and I can order take out but I order a lot of food and freeze extra so I don't have to do this everyday? Anyone ever frozen delivery food and reheated it for later? It's cooked and fresh not prefrozen food? Things like meat, dumplings, vegetables.

I never thought of this before but for convenience like just think, you order anything you want and it's there. Why do this well I hate daily human interaction bc I get anxious

No. 1465416

>Why the fuck do women on this site like to shit on other women so much
nona..how do you think this site was created kek. it's right in the name.
nah at least we don't have a million
>tfw no bf
posts and posts about dating 40+ year old men

No. 1465429

Ive only been reading here for like a year now, so I have a dumb question, did "moid" originate here? There's this bitch I follow on twitter that says moid sometimes but then also said something about "misinformation about trans being pedos"/something of that nature. So I'm confused.

No. 1465430

4chan male incels started calling women femoid/foid and so moid became the male version. it's been used on other imageboards for a long time but now twitter users are starting to say it which is weird kek

No. 1465434

I didn't even know what a dick was until I was around 12. I used to think everyone had vagenes by default lol.

No. 1465437


No. 1465444

That makes sense. Thanks for answering. I thought it was a dog-whistle of being a farmer of sorts, but seeing a "support trans rights" idiot saying it, is cringey as hell.

No. 1465456

When I was very young I thought people grew up and became a double of one of their parents. And I don't know why but I thought I'd turn into my dad. So by default I thought I'd spontaneously change sex somewhere along the way.

No. 1465471

Talk to the nurse or doctor and be upfront. I had the same worry and was panicking on the table but after it was done I was like "thats it?". The doctor was very gentle, kind and understanding. Also you can leave if it's too uncomfortable, you have the right to stop the test at any time

No. 1465473

it's not twitter

No. 1465477

Are there even any other sites that do polls? reddit, but it doesn't look like reddit.
might it be a phone app?

No. 1465482

lol these are so funny. i was abused so by ten i don't remember having any fun imagination and instead somehow knew how things worked already.

No. 1465507

File: 1673055944979.jpg (161.37 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

No but I thought penises were retractable into the body kind of like when dogs randomly have it poking out and that guys had sex by lining up their penis hole thing with a vagina and retracting and pushing out their penises with some kind of muscle which is..really bonkers now that I consider it

No. 1465510

File: 1673056201295.jpg (21.25 KB, 244x275, kittyyy.jpg)

Have any of you found out your terrible skin was being caused by something unexpected? I basically have 50 or so cysts, pimples, and unhealed scars on my face right now and my skin has only gotten worse in the past months. I tried tretinoin, not doing anything, etc…nothing worked. Already spent so much time and research trying to fix my skin.
And I'm getting up in the years so I don't understand why my acne is worse than ever. I always have had bad skin, just…not this bad.

Also I quit dairy and sugar already.

No. 1465511

No cuz I wasn't a retard when I was a kid (just now I am)

No. 1465534

PLEASE i love these lmaooooooo can we please have a thread of only whatever this is? it doesn't have to be about how you thought the bees and the trees worked, but about anything? if nothing else please keep going guys i haven't laughed this hard in a while

No. 1465536

>He is SEX
Is this zoomer lingo?
Please don't infight over zoomers, I am just ESL and want to know

No. 1465537

something like "childhood misconceptions"?

No. 1465538

i don't think so? although you just awakened one of my most excruciating childhood memories so thanks for that.

No. 1465539

If a website sends you the wrong item and then miraculously sends the correct item the next day, do you send back the old item? It is furniture related and nothing was sent about this mixup. I guess I can double check the email tomorrow, but this is a fairly huge mistake and too much of a pain to return either way. Literally, it's heavy.

No. 1465540

no, since it's their fuckup, the company won't make it your responsibility to get it back to them, they'll just eat the cost.

No. 1465581

No, it’s non-specific silly lingo. You see it in online fandoms a lot, things like using bad grammar and misspelling words to signify overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm. People used to say stuff like “he is teh sex” a lot on livejournal and tumblr when they were talking about their favorite hot guy and stuff.

No. 1465641

girl learn2crop

No. 1465672

this honestly sounds 100% like me about a week before I get my period. If you're sure it's not hormones, I find my temper is short and I feel extra moody if I haven't had enough sleep, enough water or enough vitamins. (Sorry if this isnt helpful)

No. 1465678

this is hilarious nona >>1465482 I agree, we should have some thread about weird misconceptions we had when we were kids

No. 1465836

How often do you check your bank account? I do it weekly.

No. 1465862

I never check it because I'm an anxious retard

No. 1465874

I only check it when I have to pay the banking bills, I fucking hate those things, I will have to go to the CEO of Bank of America and promise my first born child at this point, maybe I should stay there and give him my kidneys and lungs.

No. 1465875

Daily or multiple times daily

No. 1465881

right after i am about to pay for something, my biggest fear is being out of funds

No. 1465940

File: 1673109828779.gif (149.29 KB, 104x112, 1671223537753.gif)

>about to
So before or after, which is it anon????

No. 1465950

I always get a notification on my phone every time a transaction happens, any income or expense.

No. 1465961

I remember being a young child, like 5 years old, a wiping myself when I was done using the bathroom and seeing my clitoris for the first time. I was so close to jumping out of the toilet seat and gleefully running into the living room to tell my dad the news about discovering how I'm turning into a boy.

No. 1465973

You're probably right. I've just found out that pms can worsen disorders so yeah. Ty anon.

No. 1465986

before* sorry i cant engrish today

No. 1465991

This makes more sense than it just randomly blowing up and then him having to navigate it inside like getting a thread inside a needle

No. 1465996

Every other month or so

No. 1466118

Can I bring a real human skull from outside the EU into the EU?

No. 1466119

whose and why

No. 1466238

They have methods for transporting human remains for funeral purposes so maybe look into that? Also if not, maybe just lie and say it's a really realistic synthetic, kek.

No. 1466337

Is the stereotype of Americans being prudish regarding nudity vs Europeans being unashamed regarding nudity/sex still alive and well? Or has America become so throughly pornified that the puritan stereotype has fallen out of favor?

No. 1466351

If you rent an apartment on a lease, can you just do whatever renovations you want? Do you even need to ask? Like say it's ugly but cheap so you fix it up and honestly by the time you move out the landlord could charge more for it being new and furnished.

I am looking at apartments now and some of these cheap affordable places could actually be nice if I could redo it. Some are furnished but the furniture is hideous too.

No. 1466353

Why is it that autists keep coming up with ideas for things that already exist and are well known and act like they invented it? Both of the autismos I know do this. Why do they do this

No. 1466358

File: 1673135365905.gif (591.62 KB, 498x280, pepe-stare.gif)

Does dancing at a club get interpreted as flirting? How do I go clubbing without being seen this way? Can you dance with strangers without them assuming you want them?

>be me

>finally in le 18+ age group
>therefore i can do ALL things
>have never been clubbing
>dress in my finest handsomest black shirt and jeans
>now at the club with my friend
>turn on light up skechers
>swag activated
>drink some vodka (mummy's yass juice)
>ready to go
>start dancing with people, jumping in strobe lights
>my friend gets offered ketamine, she denies (we're british so this is normal)
>my friend (experienced clubber) starts snogging a random guy (do people do this at clubs?)
>his friend is there
>seems chill and we vibed
>i think we both start shuffle dancing, apparently i was doing an 'irish jig', and we're dancing together
>he asks to do kissing
>i say im gay (true) but you're a real g
>leave because i feel like i ruined the vibe by not wanting to kiss (bc he's male)
>i don't really know where to go since my friend is sucking face for the whole evening
>mainly just jump up and down with random people for four hours and it's still really fun
Can someone tell me what you're supposed to do at clubs, or what you personally do at clubs? I accidentally picked up a really cute girl with bpd but because of said bpd behaviour we are not in contact anymore. Are you supposed to go in groups? I wish I knew girls I could club with, I just want to dance like a retard.

No. 1466372

don't think i have enough friends for that xx

No. 1466412

I don't know about other countries, but you can't do that in the USA. Occasionally, you'll find a private landlord who will allow you to do this, but it's really rare.

No. 1466489

File: 1673145595641.jpg (28.82 KB, 480x358, morrissey_england.jpg)

Do you think our Moz is more likely to be gender critical or a troon supporter?

No. 1466493

I've rented in the US and in my experience the small landlords don't care (unless they strongly disagree with your aesthetics) and big mega landlors don't permit it in the lease but in reality all they can do is not return your deposit.

No. 1466495

How do I tell my close friend, who is mentally ill and in a hard spot, in the nicest way that she needs to set her own boundaries instead of expecting me to be hypervigilant of everything I do to not break them? I got into a messy fight with her where we both made bad choices due in a stressful situation, and I apparently expected too much of her when she kept saying it was ok when I asked her if it was truly ok if she did that thing. Yeah I fucked up, but I'm not her mom to hold her hand through everything.

No. 1466502

>Can you dance with strangers without them assuming you want them?
If they're a man who's gone out of his way to dance with you, then usually no. Its good to bring male friends so this won't happen (but people will assume you are a couple).

No. 1466506

It depends. I think most landlords would prefer to that you leave the place neutral looking i.e white washed walls. You shouldn't do renovations that you can't remove or without asking the landlord if they like it. I know sometimes you can use your own furniture and they can remove anything you don't like, then again not all land lords are reasonable.

No. 1466510

I’d say truscum. He used Candy Darlings picture on the single cover of Sheila Take A Bow and wrote a song with lyrics about a trans women with like sympatheticish lyrics. But he’s always been a big supporter of 2nd wave feminism and defended Germaine Greer and JK Rowling.

No. 1466511

How did I get invited to the site discord without asking for one. Pls help I'm tech illiterate and it's been bothering me all day

No. 1466527

Did you accidentally click the discord button beside meta?

No. 1466540

if you slick the [discord] link at the top of the page, does it not work? that should be an invite code.

No. 1466542

samefag omg sorry I thought you were asking how to get an invite, I can't read.

No. 1466560

Who is horse-chan?

No. 1466569

File: 1673157781041.jpeg (41.55 KB, 549x132, 4DA000F5-CBF9-41CD-A2CC-8BFDF1…)

Anons when you see posts like these, how many “x hours ago” before you scroll? I am cautious if it’s <4 hours ago.

No. 1466571

I just squint browse and then don't unsquint unless an image has no flesh tones, same with gore but with blood color kek

No. 1466573

I scroll so slowly that I can tell if the image is CP before I have to see most of it, then just look away, report, and scroll past. Usually the bump post is the most recent one after the spam so if the next two posts below that are normal I assume it's been deleted and continue browsing.

No. 1466575

any other bisexual nonneys feel fucking insane due to this stupid ass dumb ass ridiculous ass piece of shit orientation?
>As a preteen, into guys only
>in my late teens, brief phase of being into women too
>in my early 20s, back to being into men 100%
>figured teen me was just confused and I was really straight so I retconned the bi thing like whoops, that was embarrassing
>now in mid twenties & out of fucking nowhere I'm down real bad for this one woman and am even disgusted when I think about moid genitals
>but just a few months ago I was fantasizing about dick

What the fuck is this? What is going on? What the fuck? Is there a random number generator running my sex drive?

No. 1466580

the whole native thing confuses me. like are swedes considered "native"?
I'm 100% scottish and live in scotland so does that make me "native" and "indigenous"???

No. 1466583

Natives are the people who's ancestors were there first, before people like settlers and colonists came to their land. Native Americans are the natives of America, Aboriginal people are native to Australia, First Nations people are native to Canada, etc… Idk enough about Sweden to say but if most Swedish people are descendants of the people who originally occupied the land then yeah they would be considered native to Sweden. I don't really know of any European indigenous groups except for Sami people.

No. 1466584

Sámi are indigenous people in Sweden (and other parts of Scandinavia)

No. 1466639

File: 1673171320077.webm (1010.48 KB, 692x576, yC1vdXjA36oSjIla.webm)

Where is this from ?

No. 1466640

I think it’s an interesting question. The way I understand it indigenous people have been in a country for a long ass time and have a culture that significantly differs from the majority ethnic group, but don’t have a country of their own. Some of them are nomadic. I’m not 100% sure what makes indigenous people different from other minority ethnic groups, but probably the time they’ve existed and maybe some politics. In the case of Scottish people, if Scotland wasn’t recognized as its own country and you were just part of England, you would probably be considered an indigenous people.

No. 1466642

File: 1673171539844.png (164.51 KB, 398x298, Map.AryanInvasion.png)

what about Indians, most North Indian are actually the descendants of many Aryan settles over 3000 years ago, some are pure most are mixed but they aren't technically the first people as Dravidians inhabited the region first

No. 1466643

Pearl 2022

No. 1466650

late samefag but i suddenly remembered that one cc poster on /x/ who admitted to having sex with a 14 year old

No. 1466702

Does anyone know where to find high quality soft, thick, and sturdy cotton pajamas? In the mid-2000s, cotton PJs were such higher quality. I used to buy them at Juicy Couture (RIP), Victoria's Secret, and sometimes lounging shorts at Abercrombie (RIP). VS still sells sleepwear and I own stuff from there but it just doesn't hit like it did say in 2008. I do not care what brand it is, I just want that quality again.

No. 1466804

Look up PrintFresh nonnita

No. 1466843

Planning to rent out a room in my apartment because I need the money but unsure if I should go the legal or the illegal route.

All of the people I know who rent out rooms or apartments do it illegally and avoid paying taxes and rationalize it by saying that tax authorities don't pay attention to such low amounts of money appearing on their accounts. Which makes sense. But I'd be afraid of getting a tenant who would report me. Like how do you trust them? Or do I ask them directly if they are okay with this? On the other hand, if I pay taxes, I'd lose a considerable amount of the rent and it's a ridiculously low amount in the first place.

What should I do?

No. 1466861

everytime i go on cc i read a post admitting to pedophelia in some way its sick and you can tell it's not a scrote or trannoid either, those would rather post actual cp. i give up on going there anymore

No. 1466918

Do any of you ever feel like you’re seeing the same posts over and over again? Not even just on here or other imageboards, but on normie social media like Reddit or twitter too. I swear sometimes I read a post and it is word for word something I read months to a year ago, but the post date is only a day old and the replies treat it as normal. It freaks me out.

No. 1466926

God dammit that's probably what I did. I click on stupid shit all the time on mobile. Thank u nonnies

No. 1466927

There's good and bad things about both. Honestly if you can find the right person, illegal is better. However if they are too relaxed or annoying they'll probably trash the place and be a pain when they have to leave because there's no way to get them to pay up for damages or any records of anything so they could skip rent payments or do dodgy shit but if they are too goody two shoes they'll be too high maintenance and most likely report you if the living situation sours

No. 1466929

Could it be the same people reposting? I've been accused of stealing stories when in fact, I posted both times. Could be the case nonnie.

No. 1466935

I suppose it could be that in a lot of cases, but it happens even with very short posts that are only replies to someone else. Sometimes even the non-textual content, like an attached image, is the same. I don’t see why someone would copy those.

No. 1466937

What's your tax rate that the amount you are charging will be considerably taken by taxes? If your taxes are high enough that will make a big difference, then you probably have a higher chance of being audited.
If you're just starting to think of renting a room out now, you won't have to decide about your tax situation until next year in 2024 when you have to file.
I highly doubt someone would report you. If you're renting it illegally, they rented it illegally. This happens all the time and unless you somehow screw this person over or they're a shitbag, they'll probably appreciate the cheap deal you got them. For all apartments, much more so if you are sharing a living space, you should be more concerned with where you will advertise and how you will background check this person.

No. 1466950

You should pay your taxes with pride like any upstanding pro-social citizen. Especially if you don't live in the US and can actually benefit from it.

No. 1467043

File: 1673195094291.jpg (195.09 KB, 736x1092, 62b80455b4fe936c8b5b472cbfd2e9…)

Do you always get low iron levels after a heavy period? I just had mine and it was quite heavy and I feel tired and a bit short of breath like even the usual chores feel more physically demanding.

No. 1467068

Have any anons itt experienced older men that you work with ignoring you when you say hi to them? It infuriates me so fucking much, I know these boomers heard me

No. 1467077

File: 1673197124541.webm (1.92 MB, 720x1280, yC1vdXjA36oSjI.webm)

Can someone explain this to me, is this a genuine thing or a shitpost ?

No. 1467096

I have low iron in general and I feel the worst in the week before my period rather than after it. I get fatigue and heaviness that feels like flu, turn an extra shade of pale and get foggy headed. I've always wondered why I feel worse before it rather than after.

No. 1467099

If he's that tall but weights less than 200lbs, he's likely very, very skinny

No. 1467101

I feel like shit for two days after my period ends. I’m fine during, but those two days I just want to sleep the whole time

No. 1467112

The latino thread is kinda dead so I'm going to ask this here: why do argentines have such a complex about being white? I noticed that most white countries don't really care that much about flexing their whiteness cause "being white" is just normal for them but argentines are so insecure about it even though they shouldn't be? I don't get it, it makes sense for poc countries to be fixed with whiteness because it is an unusual feature but argentines are obviously white, everyone knows it, why are they so obsessed with such an observable fact?

No. 1467116

my brother is 5'11 and 180 and he's fit, not skinny in anyway
maybe its an american thing

No. 1467118

If the man is super athletic and muscular, then it makes sense, but if they're 6ft and doesn't work out, that's just obese by bmi standards.

No. 1467121

File: 1673199407698.png (15.05 KB, 631x205, bmi.PNG)

That's what I used to think, too, but if you weigh over 200 pounds you're overweight even if you're 6ft+. You'd have to be 6'4" (or 6'1" if you go by the new BMI) to not to be on the cusp between a healthy and overweight BMI. I was surprised when I found how comparatively little even giant humans are supposed to weigh lmao.

No. 1467124

File: 1673199688032.jpg (129.82 KB, 707x1281, 20230108_144003.jpg)

The one I used say its overweight. And I'll believe it.

No. 1467126

Yeah, my input is 200lbs and 6'4" instead of 6'0" because I wanted to see at what height it becomes healthy again lol

No. 1467171

Would any nonnas be interested in being penpals? Might post to the friend finder thread. But honestly, I really really do best with slow communication. I dont even care if we converse really i just think it would be cool to get a letter saying 'hey, this is what I ate today. This is what my day is like. This thing is simething I feel about my mom/dad/society but wont say out loud. Here is a weird doodle and a candy wrapper I found on the ground.' Or even just wordless doodles back n forth, or cards for holidays. Doesnt have to be something deep or heavy with expectation of an intense forever relationship, just like the idea of having a lil insight to another nonnas life and a check in with another female, but isnt a pressure filled thing.

Maybe thats too autistic though kek. I would absolutely love just trading doodles even if no talent or it looks like shit, no words needed.

No. 1467192

that sounds fun, anon. I'd like a penpal I could send little stickers or pressed flowers to included with my thoughts written in sparkly gel pen.

No. 1467196

File: 1673205435110.jpeg (32.29 KB, 414x416, kenji.jpeg)

Nonnies, what job would work in the short-term for a complete loser with a social disability, difficulty physically talking because of a jaw deformity, and health issues? I had some troubles in my family and while I do have a side gig (selling stuff online), it turns out I might not really have the time to flesh it out, I need to get more money ASAP.

And yes I hate myself for not getting a full-time job years ago now. Sigh.

No. 1467202

File: 1673205848218.jpeg (52.45 KB, 793x507, 11_ElarScanA2V_040322_DSC_0620…)

Digitalizing (scanning) books, documents and other sorts of things people like to look at in online libraries. No talking, just scanning and most of the time you sit. Did it for like 4 months. If you're in a second world or third world country, it's possible there's a job where you have to touch up and process the images.

No. 1467208

Ayrt, for real? That sounds perfect tbh. Im about to leave the house for a bit but I can make a burner email to post in the friend finder thread/try to remember to reply to this comment too so we can exchange mailing addresses. Not that you sound untrustworthy but I might want to do an exchange of some sort of proof to each other we are both female and not weirdos before exchanging actual addresses so let me think on that for a day or two. But id love pressed flowers and sparkly writing!

No. 1467240

Sounds like something that'd suit me a lot, I'll look around for anything similar! I do have a bit of hope because there is a labor shortage in my area so maybe more obscure jobs might be more obtainable.

No. 1467242

do german shepherds like to cuddle?

No. 1467248

I’m a 31 year old woman and I posted my Snapchat in by bio on tinder to see who would message me. I’ve been getting a lot of messages from zoomers and I noticed they don’t really talk they just send snaps of themselves. Is this how communicate?

No. 1467251

Mine did, i miss that dumb bitch. Sometimes Id wake up and hed me snoring on the bed kek

No. 1467252


No. 1467253

But they keep asking me to send photos back and it’s annoying. Does getting photos help with streaks?I don’t even know what steaks are

No. 1467257

got any pics of him?

No. 1467304

File: 1673212090558.jpg (35.87 KB, 598x598, 1648335273159.jpg)

Should I suggest to my mom (53 years old) that she set up an online dating profile?
she separated a year ago after a nearly 20 year long marriage. Since then, she's been dating coworkers which I think sucks because they're bad looking appearance-wise and also just bad for her work environment (case in point when she broke up with one, she declined a promotion and change of shift/department which would've improved so much for her only because he would work there too). She's also been in an off-and-on relationship with my step-dad since they separated. I snapped a while ago and told her he was just using her and she took my advice and has put more distance. I guess I feel bad about that and should've stayed out of it but it just really angered me she would just let him continue to take advantage of her. She has recently started dating another coworker. I think she's doing it for validation, my step-dad eroded her self-esteem. Would it be a bad idea? I have no clue what online dating for people in their 50's is like but i think it'd be nice for her to have more men to choose from etc, and go on nice dates and so on. idk

No. 1467307

If she’s the type that gets easily taken advantage of by men she needs to stay far far away from dating sites lol

No. 1467313

I think right now she's in a "i take advantage instead" phase, it was only with my stepdad i saw her slipping up again, but obviously she will always have a soft spot for him given they were together for almost 20 freaking years. it's easy for her to be manipulated by him. I've seen how she's handled the other men she's been dating though so i trust she'll handle men from dating apps similarly well too. it's the quality of the men she's been seeing that bothers me, i think she can do much better and the chances of finding someone better would increase with a dating app instead of the limited amount of male coworkers she has

No. 1467315

Well if she has a thick skin I’d say put her on dating sites and she how it goes

No. 1467319

any idea what it's like for older women? I'd hate to throw her to the wolves. I don't personally use online dating because of the horror stories i've heard, but maybe things are different for older folks?

No. 1467321

Seconding printfresh. They’re expensive but so cute and luxe and supposedly ethical. Lunya is also good, and American eagle’s men’s pajamas are decently heavyweight (or they used to be, like three or four years ago.)

No. 1467326

I don’t know what it’s like as a older woman women because I’m on in my early 30s but in my experience a lot of men on dating sites are just looking for sex, you get random unprovoked rude messages,there’s a lot of cheaters and assholes. Maybe the older crowd knows how to act more.

No. 1467328

My sister told me that when she fasts during ramadan she watches mukbang videos nonstop to "cope" until it's time for dinner, and her friends do it as well. Why the fuck? Wouldn't it make her hungrier? The few times I've seen pics of food or videos of people eating good looking food when hungry it made me way hungrier.

No. 1467330

I’ve had two and dated a guy with one (all females if that makes a difference) and none of them ever did for more than 45 seconds. They would do literally everything else with me but were too busy and independent to settle down during the waking hours. They’re so smart it seems like they have their own goals that they’re focused on at all times. I guess it depends on the individual dog though.

No. 1467343

Did you work for a school or a library? I was thinking about applying to that kind of job because I used to scan books as a hobby, but some places also want experience handling and preserving old documents

No. 1467362

I don't think you should but it seems like your mom has much bigger problems than dating she needs to address. I see this a lot with women; I don't wanna judge cuz I have my own issues, though it's like women with bad self-esteem issues often flipflop from one man to another and this is a self-eating process because it's more likely than not being with men will erode her self-esteem. Most women don't find a man that actually enriches her soul and life, even if the momentary hits of validation are addictive.
Also online dating is a hellpit at the moment and I wouldn't wish it upon her or any woman.

No. 1467378

How old are you?
Thing is I think it's too late for her to learn to be fine by herself after a lifetime of emulating what she was taught. I know sounds awful and maybe I'm wrong but I want her to at least go out on dates with more handsome men, and hopefully creates a connection along the way with one of them.

No. 1467387

I did the same during my ana-chan days, I lived vicariously through the mukbangers lol.

No. 1467397

Why do I always get embarrassed to be seen irl with my bfs in front of hotter men? Is it because I settle and am embarrassed of them? I know I sound like a bitch fyi, I want to stop feeling ashamed of who I date

No. 1467401

I have regularly seen other women change, even in their twilight years…even if they were dating since they were 12 to 40, many end up finding that after months of deprioritizing men and chasing other interests they feel massive amounts of relief because what ailed them was feeling like they had to be a commodity perpetually in the rat race–which ironically puts them in an even worse place to be dating. It might not seem so, but as people, we adapt to our circumstances and we aren't as rigid as we seem.

Also I'm in my mid 20s and I've just seen hordes of women severely regret forcing men to be in their lives when they are falling apart.

No. 1467403

I think it's FOMO you're experiencing, I went through this before and stopped feeling insecure after I realized my relationship would be okay

No. 1467437

Bipolar anons, how do you cope with sudden mood changes? I recently crashed into a depressive episode and now I feel all the self esteem and intense good vibes from months ago were just a lie, I don't even like bright colors and loud music anymore but the opposite and it feels so irrational?

No. 1467440

what are the chances that I can become successful/wealthy from something like running an indie fashion brand or being an indie gamedev? is there anything I can do to increase those chances?

No. 1467445

sell out like crazy, they guys that did poppy playtime did it with the intention of it turning into a cash cow and it. Study the market and follow trends.

No. 1467459

File: 1673222986191.jpeg (36.85 KB, 634x442, A496E17F-3C5B-4CC8-95B5-CA9BE7…)

Should I document my journey of learning how to sew? Upload on youtube And shit? Like, how many sewers start a channel knowing very little? Idk just might be dumb enough to do it
ill make a cow dress one day, promise

No. 1467467

People love watching people fail and learn over actually making things i think. I am making a channel to document my journey as an artist.

No. 1467480

BMI doesn't take into consideration muscle mass vs body fat percentage so it's not really a valid tool to go off of kek

No. 1467487

This is such a common cope, do you have any idea just how much muscle mass you need to just get into overweight territory? lol

No. 1467491

oh ok, so it's basically making what the majority of consumers want and incorporating current trends

No. 1467497

Not that much if you're actively training. I used to be 150 lbs at 5'5" which would make me overweight, I was very strong but didn't look visibly jacked or anything if I wasn't flexing my arms or back. If you're not exercising and eating to gain muscle then yes it's cope lol, you're not gonna accidentally gain ten lbs of muscle.

No. 1467502

I don't really, not every bi person has bi cycles like that. As a kid I thought I was straight but since puberty if my preference ever fluctuates it only goes between maybe a kinsey 3 and a 5. Personally I kind of hate that people assume we're all like this because it can make us look really flaky kek

No. 1467543

File: 1673234104653.gif (1.15 MB, 540x304, 97abdacaa8f0fc9d2d0963dabad66e…)

Does anyone that sell on ebay struggle with getting engagement on there? I just started. On my other website I regularly get tons of likes, views, etc, even when I was first starting off. Most of my items have sold, but on ebay there's been 0 clicks for my many items. I know I shouldn't really care cuz I'm open to having the listings up for months though I find the lack of anything awkward.

No. 1467547

yes please

No. 1467562

File: 1673236907813.jpeg (112.55 KB, 839x445, 4A1A509C-655A-45DA-9565-91E380…)

How do I make the photo mode work on the honmaru in the pirated Touken Ranbu Warriors I downloaded for my PC? I can't seem to find the controls that lets me use the photo mode, I keep poking Hasebe and making him freak out but I just want to take a picture of Mikazuki's feet.

No. 1467568

I would like this.

No. 1467570

why do i suddenly feel super constipated right after having diarrhea? usually it happens hours or a day later even when i didn't eat anything that would cause sudden constipation. idk i'd figure shitting everything out the day before would free up some space

No. 1467595

Presuming you're not reselling books, games and the like, how do your listings compare to your competitors'? Are all the items description categories filled in? Are you using SEO phrases in the item titles and descriptions?

No. 1467606

Could just be knock-on dehydration caused by the diarrhoea. Why are you having diarrhoea though? Do you have IBS? Allergies? Start there.

No. 1467607

hard to give a lot of advice based on so little info but you could look into Cassini optimisation to figure out how to tailor your listings & selling behaviour to maximise impressions and sales. Are you offering a free shipping option alongside paid upgrades for faster & next-day shipping, for example?

No. 1467615

have you wronged a witch recently? this sounds curse-like

No. 1467929

Do expensive headphones have unique identifiers like serial numbers or some shit? I want to scam Amazon out of these nice $400 headphones but am worried they'd be able to see I'm just returning a cheaper used version.

No. 1467931

Yeah nona should go eat lavender and crystals about it, that'll clear it up

No. 1467932

My housecat does not have any of his shots. My brother who was the one who got him refuses to take him to the vet and does not want me to take him either. He was a neet and only started working recently so i guess he wants to save more? or is just really irresponsible. just says he will but not yet. i think he should have enough to take him to the vet and give him his shots. anyways, because he doesn't have his shots he shouldn't be outside. buuuuuuuuut, i've been taking him outside with a little harnest on and leash when my brother isn't here, and he cries horribly at certain times of the day if i dont take him. I was doing pretty well ignoring him but today i felt bad. he got a bath last night and he was a good boy, so i thought going outside this morning would be a fitting reward. soon as we go outside, he drank out of a container that had rainwater that had been sitting there for a couple of days. just a few laps because i pulled him away as fast as i could. maybe he didn't get to drink at all but he might've. now the question - he's not going to die from this, is he? should i go out and buy milk?

No. 1467938

You’re just as retarded as your brother, but I guess at least you’re self aware kek. Why the fuck would you buy milk? Don’t take him out he’ll be susceptible to worms and ticks.

No. 1467939

First question: My upstairs neighbor is driving me crazy with how much noise they make. I've already made a complaint but nothing has changed. Is there anything practical I can do about the situation or should I try meditating or some shit?

Second question: How is circumcision done? Where do they stop the incision because if you kept going wouldn't you peel the man's skin off like a banana?

No. 1467940

When you've diarrhea certain muscles have been spasming like crazy to move shit through you quickly. After that it can take a while to get back to normal. Things can slow down too much in the meantime.

No. 1467942

i thought milk could maybe make him puke or poop anything bad the water had out

No. 1467996

Statistically, you'll be fine. The only things we vaccinate cats again (rabies, FeLV, and FVRCP) are diseases that are passed from other cats or directly through bites. There are two water parasites I can think of, but your cat is more likely to get them from eating a bug he found inside than from drinking water outside.

No. 1468010

It would be a better scam to say they you never got them. Even if the delivery guy takes a picture of them on your porch, Amazon is usually really forgiving about porch pirates.

Noise cancelling headphones are going to be your best bet.

You stop your incision a couple millimeters above where the foreskin meets the shaft. The skin will heal enough that there won't be a noticable ridge.

No. 1468021

do cats shed to the point their fur changes? my stray cat i recently adopted has really weird hair, the top is normal short hair with tabby patterns but on his legs its longer and whiteish. I have never seen a cat like this before.

No. 1468022

File: 1673287775412.png (Spoiler Image, 171.27 KB, 640x574, Plastibell Steps.png)

I can answer your second question, nonny! But only partially. There's a couple of different methods to circumcision, but I'm only familiar with the plastibell method. It's essentially this:
>Apply topical anesthetic
>Use forceps to gently stretch foreskin away from head of the penis then skin is snipped
>Foreskin is stretched over sterile plastic cup
>Ring on plastic is secured with a string to stop blood flow
>Plastic cup stays on for a few days until foreskin falls off naturally

Very oversimplified, but that's more or less it lol.

No. 1468026

oh my god, please don't do that.

No. 1468041

Their fur and coat change as they grow older, and repeated trauma to an area can cause pigmentation, lichenification, and hair color change, but it sounds like that cat was born that way.

No. 1468043

makes sense, he might be really old and also used to sleep on literal dirt. I honestly like his fur a lot, just wanted to know. He's my weird homeless looking cat.

No. 1468062

Ohh that's a good idea! I worry they might be stricter because it's just a high value item. I live in an apartment building too so I worry about the 'have your building check the cameras' or some shit. I was thinking of buying a cheap used pair and a brand new pair, then just returning the used pair under the new pair order. Or buying the new pair directly from the brand and returning the ones from Amazon to them. Not a full scam but at least 50% off.

No. 1468065

File: 1673290085261.jpeg (833.39 KB, 2880x2304, e6b521a0-d424-40cb-9b34-4c04c8…)

Should I eat the other half of this bagel I bought for lunch or save it for tomorrow? It has tuna salad and a bunch of veg in it.

No. 1468068

you should give it to me!!!

No. 1468071

File: 1673290375822.jpg (40.69 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-1184348988-612x612…)

Here you go nonnie!! Enjoy!!!

No. 1468082

File: 1673290855379.jpg (95.75 KB, 564x1050, 03121946f27026193d20a8e1c751a1…)

oh my god!!! nonny you are too generous!! we can share! i love you!!!

No. 1468149

ok good, thank you
i did not

No. 1468153

Actually I'm mostly selling books and games.
For example, one of the books is extremely rare (200$~) and the other listings have several watchers even though they're a higher price, but my post has gotten 0 views in a week. I have a few rare games up that follow a similar trend…extremely high traffic for other postings, mine is invisible. I have all the descriptions up, etc.

I'll look more into SEO phrasing because seems like it'd help, though, I didn't know descriptions were that good for the algorithm.
Isn't that a special service for serious businesses? I'm not quite there. I'll add more shipping options, though.

No. 1468164

File: 1673294394890.jpg (1020.44 KB, 1600x1067, 1639945383114.jpg)

What are some good places to hide stuff in your own house? See picrel and similar stuff. I know about using pockets on my clothes in my closet, but can't really think of much else.

No. 1468169

>>inside the padding of your bras you don’t wear. (Things like money)
>>tapped inside an air vent.
>>strapped under the bed.

No. 1468175

How do I gain more confidence with wearing whatever I want? I bought some pink and white shoes recently but I feel like I look like an e-girl (don't want to) even though I really like them. I've been wearing the same outfits/colors for years so going out of my comfort zone feels kind of weird. Maybe I need to wear them to friends' houses first or just fucking get over myself kek.

Depends on how big it is but if it fits into a DVD/CD case it's cool (unless you play them all the time kek). If you have childhood dolls left you can hide it in their heads. Also if you have multiple bags, put one you don't wear in your closet and bury it under some clothes.

No. 1468181

Don't put them in your bedroom or at the entrance of your place. Most of the time, they try to open the door when you are here and grab what they can. If they go outside, they will try the bedroom because that's where people put their jewelries and money. Also don't hide anything in books or something too obvious like that because if they find something, they will destroy everything to find something else hidden the same way.

No. 1468188

File: 1673295325890.jpeg (21.76 KB, 355x215, A576A02C-070F-47C4-A1A3-ECF745…)

I tuck paper money into a clean sanitary pad, seal it back up and keep it with the rest of my period products. You could also buy a stash can like pic rel. There are a range of different products and brands which generally look convincing.

No. 1468286

Lmao is it normal to smell blood when doing vigorous cardio?

No. 1468287

No. 1468289

I got scared so I stopped and the smell went away after a while. I was pushing myself but I wasn’t feeling sick or anything.

No. 1468293

I never smell blood but instead taste it faintly in my throat and it starts to make me spot. Anyone know why?

No. 1468297

I get the worst menstrual cramps even after light exercise

No. 1468298

Wtf is all that spam on /m/

No. 1468304

File: 1673309304966.png (1.21 MB, 1835x1995, b.png)

>Nonnies in /meta/ call out blaine for posting cp
>Nonny posts cap from alogs.space where an anon reported him to the fbi
>blaine no likey
>goes full schizo and spams every board calling null a pedo to divert attention from blaine's own pedophilia and cp posting
>posting broken for short time, fixed now
>blaine gets tired after a while, stops spamming
>spam still not deleted

No. 1468308

Real question is why isn’t it getting deleted? He raided several boards.

No. 1468321

File: 1673310855526.jpg (18.7 KB, 900x123, 1672042031472.jpg)

In the discord Shaymin said more farmhands have been recruited, but if they have there's nothing to show for it. There's more retarded infights and baiting and newfags than ever especially in /w/, the grimes thread, unpopular opinions, and the anime thread. I don't think I've seen any redtexts in a good week and Shaymin's changed her discord name to shatmin and disappeared off the internet again. Nothing new has come from the discord in a while. After the failed update genuinely thought for a minute that Shaymin learned from her mistake of not communicating with her userbase but it's gone right back to the usual raids and cp and farmhands and admin forgetting the site exists.

No. 1468322

She didn't say there were more farmhands, just that a lot of people were applying to be farmhands.

No. 1468354

File: 1673316405497.jpg (33.8 KB, 500x500, 51Juc1t5CjL._AC_SY1000_.jpg)

Anyone here heard of infinity hoops? How do they work? I don't get how they're supposed to help someone lose weight.

No. 1468356

File: 1673316617721.png (371.1 KB, 692x2292, Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 6.09.…)

she changed her name again several days ago. she now identifies as turtel#5526.

No. 1468357

it's a resistance exercise. adding the ball creates resistance when you circle your hips. so your core muscles are pushed more.

No. 1468358

it's just a hula hoop with training wheels
if you do it enough it'll burn calories like any aerobic exercise

No. 1468359

Which cows do you think are most likely to announce they're polyamorous and why?

No. 1468360

File: 1673317022601.jpeg (141.48 KB, 1440x720, nelson haha.jpeg)

>the ball creates resistance when you circle your hips. so your core muscles are pushed more.
…did you buy one?

No. 1468367

File: 1673317523161.jpg (84.38 KB, 730x941, wifi turtel shaymin.jpg)

How did Wifi#9652 become the new lolcow point of contact on discord for farmhand applicants?
I don't use discord much and I'm sure they're active in other servers but all I can see if they made one post in the bunker discord and then a week later they were in charge