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No. 1459108

keep your vents to a limit of 1500 words
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No. 1459120

who's gonna spend the new years eve alone again ? its meeee

No. 1459122

Threadpic is cutee

No. 1459125

new year's is date like any other but my life fell apart this year, i have no friends at all and no family nearby (10h of train travel away), worst depressive episode and suicidal ideations lasting for few weeks already; it's crushing to see people talk about being happy, hopeful for the future, celebrating with their friends and loved ones, i'm afraid of how much worse it can get later in the evening when actual celebrations begin and I can't escape hearing it. I wonder if i could maybe go to psych hospital just for the night to have someone watch over me but then I would be taking place of i'm sure plenty of people who might be in much more dire situation… i feel so afraid and abandoned anons

No. 1459139

sorry you're going through all this nona. i will be alone tonight too and i think a lot of others will be (like >>1459120) so maybe we can make a NYE thread to keep each other company? or video watching party? even if you do go to the psych ward. i don't want you to feel afraid by yourself.

No. 1459140

unironically want to commission terf furry nonna

No. 1459143

This is better than all the Alan Moore shit I've ever read

No. 1459147

I'm sick and have a sore throat and can't sleep because of it I hate this so fucking much!!!! I'd rather have food poisoning or a migraine or ANYTHING but being tortured for just trying to fucking breathe! I can't even rest, when I lay down I can feel post nasal drip sliding down the back of my throat which makes me cough which makes it worse. Eventually I pass out for 20 minutes before I wake up choking on hardened snot in my throat, tearing it up again and setting it on fire for another hour. This is hell this is fucking hell every bit of advice on the internet has just made things worse too! I know I'm being a gigantic fucking baby over this but I really hate sore throat more than any other kind of pain.

No. 1459149

It would be good to have i think; at least a place with other people to be in, even if virtually. If no one sets up a thread later in the day I'll try to do it if I can

No. 1459156

File: 1672491154056.jpeg (84.88 KB, 750x846, 75AC0E20-348F-490D-87EF-A72FF8…)

Guess who started their period at work and isn’t even wearing underwear? Got some tissues shoved in my coochie, and the thing is I KNEW my period was coming because my boobs have been sore but i am a fucking retard. I’m so fuckin annoyed I’m gonna binge on pizza and chips once I get home I don’t even fuckin care.

No. 1459157

No. 1459171

comission me anon I'll make you a cute terf furry

No. 1459172

feels like i could’ve written this. i hope the new year is better for both of us nonnie.

No. 1459197

I love my friend but she’s fucking awful at making plans. She takes hours to get back to me and won’t commit to anything until the last minute. She’s one of my best friends and I know she doesn’t mean it, but god is it annoying. I’m trying to organise something for New Years and I still don’t know what I’m doing because she won’t cooperate.

No. 1459212

Lmao i go without my period for three weeks and then forget i menstruate and BAM get caught out like a sped

No. 1459219

File: 1672495998106.jpg (71.64 KB, 314x408, image.jpg)

I was hoping nobody would see my typos lol, my phone glitched and posted before I could finish writing.
It's a great comic strip that I randomly saw online. The first two panels resonate with me wrt to not being honest to myself about what I want out of life but that last panel line is also raw.

No. 1459220

I want to cry and laugh simultaneously. Will watch my oisshis stream and pretend to be happy.

No. 1459225

Jumping from the stupid questions thread here.. Last night I discovered I have pinworms and I've been freaking out since. I have diagnosed OCD with handwashing and food cleanliness being a big symptom for me and yet somehow I still ended up with fucking pinworms. It's really hard to figure out how exactly to proceed, since half of the sites say 'just take meds and change your sheets weekly, underwear daily and wash your nethers daily, anything more is unnecessary' while the other half basically tell you to disinfect your entire house daily. I got the dewormer from pharmacy today and took the first dose and now.. what? Local health sites say to change your linens the day after taking the meds, so I guess I'll do that, but I'm grossed out by the though of having to sleep in the same sheets. I'm just preoccupied by everything I touch having tiny poop worm eggs in them and I just want to cry. I'll have to vacuum anyway, but some sources say you shouldn't vacuum so any possible eggs won't get into the air?? Other sources say you should vacuum, daily in fact. I have no idea what the fuck to do. I've been washing my hands compulsively the entire day, multiple squirts of soap every time. I'm already dreading the amounts of laundry I have to do. So much for trying to save energy this winter I guess. Sorry in advance if I cause a blackout in my neighborhood.

No. 1459226

The one time i had them i took the meds, slept on plastic bags until the itching stopped and left the dirty clothes in a box for a month before washing them, was fine

No. 1459234

this is cool but what does it mean

No. 1459242

After years battling depression and anxiety, I'm back at it again. I've been living like Groundhog Day for years now, and this poor lifestyle is finally catching up with me. As if it weren't enough, I've been diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. I just wanna rest.

No. 1459243

Nonny are you me?? I really hope you can fight it and live a happy healthy life, I’m trying too (with adhd as well)

No. 1459264

Sucks dating someone mentally unstable and who believes they're always right about shit.
>start off morning good
>he puts Game Grumps on the laptop playing in the background
>make a dumb joke about them cause they're retarded
>he gets offended and tells me to stop being negative and mean about his parasocial relationship with them cause like I don't even know them really even though I followed their drama on here for years which he doesn't understand
>know where this crazytrain is going so I change the subject and say I will go downstairs to load the recycling into the car
>"Don't worry I'll do it."
>proceed to get ready and put on some makeup while he takes care of recycling
>after he gets done he comes up while I am applying mascara and slaps me on the ass
>tell him bluntly that it was dangerous of him to do that cause getting stabbed in the eye with a mascara brush really hurts
>tell him I'm not being a butthead in an annoyed tone and to stop
>shuts the door and storms off

Now he will proceed to punish me and act pissy for the entire day because I made fun of his internet clowns and told him not to hit me while I have something against my eye. Fucking immature mental dumbass.

No. 1459265

File: 1672502871730.jpg (48.25 KB, 897x910, FlInhJHaUAAordg.jpg)

Hope you've been planning to get out of that and not resigned yourself to being with that male…

No. 1459268

why date such a testerical man. leave him

No. 1459273

Why do some nonas do this to themselves? You can get a better boyfriend who isn't a manchild.

No. 1459275

What does it say about you that you are with him?

No. 1459277

IM GOING FUCKING INSANE!! I can spray my hair until it’s rock fucking solid when I curl it but the moment I go outside the slightest little gust or wind might pass by and the curls are fucking GONE! You can fart as you pass by me and the curls will just leave this realm of existence I swear to god

No. 1459280

just go natural

No. 1459287

I wish there was a Fate spin-off for girls… or FSN remained as a bishoujo VN. All these hot male characters are wasted in a franchise for moids

No. 1459288

No. 1459290

Nothing. All men are babies to a varying degree, het women have to pick their poison or be celibates.

No. 1459292

don't waste time fighting your natural hair. curls are beautiful but so is straight hair. i put chemicals in my hair when i was younger to try and straighten it and even after all the pain, time, money, a tiny drop of rain or humidity would make it frizz/curl up again.
it sounds like you would have to go heavy duty to keep the curls and that doesn't seem worth it but you do you. i get the frustration though.

No. 1459296

It's funny to me because I always hated my curly messy hair (it's no even that curly mind you) and always envied those girls with perfect straight hair because in my country long straight hair is seen as beautiful

No. 1459297

Bleak. Thank fuck I’m a virgin and “don’t know what I’m missing”

No. 1459299

File: 1672505597721.gif (3.57 MB, 640x484, shaymin-reddit.gif)

No. 1459301

File: 1672505829860.gif (2 MB, 500x495, XcmJ.gif)

same, also i was peak insecure teenage girl when Jennifer bloody Aniston was swishing her long silky hair about on TV and everyone obsessed over it.

No. 1459303

Kek, of course you shits are mad on NYE.

No. 1459311

>caring about NYE

No. 1459312

You clearly do, you're pissing and shitting yourself.

No. 1459323

I wish I didn't have anxiety, it's preventing me from going out and enjoying myself.

No. 1459324

File: 1672507150932.jpg (219.2 KB, 1000x1000, gross.jpg)

saw this shit on aliexpress

No. 1459329

File: 1672507386365.jpeg (129.7 KB, 1300x960, 8B9239DD-9270-4053-AD24-3CBF3A…)

Hell yeah me too girl!

No. 1459330

imagine the smell and bacteria those cushions will acquire

No. 1459342

Projecting? I feel bad for women who have to put up with worthless scrotes, you seem angry that I don't blame them for it.

No. 1459347

Thank you, nonna. I hope we can figure out a way to get out of this situation. I wish I could sort of pause ADHD just so I could read books more often.

No. 1459349

Nah, I've seen you post your vitriol across several threads. You're clearly having an episode, or maybe not, maybe you being like this normally is why you are all alone.

No. 1459357

I live in a medium city in the states and it trips me out how there isn’t a single decent tattoo artist here or even close by. I used to live in a very big city and there was a plethora of good tattoo artists to choose from who actually did the kind of tattoo aesthetic I enjoyed. It feels like a waste of money to travel somewhere else with the sole reason of getting tattood but at this point I’m desperate… I could also just stop getting tattoos I guess.

No. 1459366

I had a fight with my bf over his fucking driving again. And he tries to twist the argument and haughtily said I'm just mad he's "winning" and I lost it on him. I'm like wow you must be really fucking stupid to think you were winning shit of it weren't for me you would've got that woman walking in the parking lot. First you say you didn't see her then you complain she came out of nowhere then suddenly I'm just a crazy idiot and you totally weren't going to hit her. He has such shit for brains. He's so dumb if I cut his head open I bet his brain is peanut sized. He's so dumb he's too stupid to argue with. He's so fucking dumb I want to scream

No. 1459371

I feel kind of pathetic venting about this on here of all places but one of my cats suddenly died today. It was in the afternoon which apparently is some sort of break between vet day shifts and night shifts on NYE, cause no place nearby was picking up. I don't know if they could've saved her, but it hurts extra bad knowing that nobody was even around to try.

No. 1459377

oh nonna i don't know what to say other than i am so sorry to read this. sendings hugs

No. 1459383

my mom is giving me the silent treatment on nye talking shit about me to her family on the phone all because i refused to show her how to livestream on youtube for sick people and degenerates to see and bully her like hell no i'm not showing you how to do that idgaf i don't care she already put me through hell and made everyone believe i was the worst daughter in the world because i refused to show her how to upload retarded youtube videos last time and i'll do it again. the reason why she's asking me is because she never went to school therefore is illiterate making me her secretary ever since i entered school and i still have to upload her videos regardless. the reason she even wants to a youtube career is because she keeps watching literal sluts from my third world country lying about getting big stacks from shittalking livestreams alone and she thinks she can be like them. and maybe they do but my country making a spectacle of people popularizing and harrassing them even decades later is no joke, that's the cost of what they do and their personal information is out there for anyone to use. multiple people have legitimately been beaten up black and blue for being embarrassing online for years. i actually pray and hope they all die for turning my mom into this incomprehensible mess. i'm so fucking sick of this shit i hate social media i hate everything i just don't want this responsibility i want to be gone

No. 1459387

I could prob post this in the relationship thread as well but idc i need to vent about by bf rn. Idk what happened but he just doesn’t care about dressing decently (ffs it’s new years eve, just grab a nice outfit). It’s either because he hasn’t washed his clothes and the dirty ones are piling up until he has nothing left to wear or he simply doesn’t give two shits. He is so slow with getting household things done and doesn’t do them properly and ALWAYS forgets something (cleaning, putting his stuff away, buying groceries). Instead of putting things away, out of sight, he just places them somewhere else. And every fuccing time, when i want to organize a nice small gathering at our place he feels „stressed“ because i apparently command him to do stuff because i don’t want to prepare everything by myself and i like things being done efficiently and not time consuming. It always ends bad and him being grumpy and emotional. Apparently i have to treat him like a kid, always making sure he isn’t stressed or walk on eggshells when i talk to him so i don’t hurt his feelings. I should praise him for every little chore he has done or else i am „mean“. I don’t like to say it but sometimes i feel like he is a literal manchild and mommas boy. And i cannot deal with it

No. 1459388

You and your mom need therapy. You need it because of your mom's mental illness and she does because of her delusions. I'm not trying to be rude, if she is keeps going without getting any help it'll only get worse.

No. 1459393

I recently started dating this guy, he invited me to his and his friends' house for a new year's party and I refused because I know they will smoke weed, take shrooms and drink like crazy. I don't even drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Our mutual friend told me they're gonna be doing coke too, which was quite shocking to me. I know they take harder drugs on rare occasions, like someone's birthday or new year. But I still don't like it and I don't find it safe. Is it strange to condemnd that? I just don't like it. It pains me everyone needs to drink in order to have real fun. My tolerance for alcohol is extremely low, I tried to force myself to drink a few times but even after small amounts, like one or two shots, I got nausea and migraine and I couldn't drink more. Same with wine and beer. I just can't have fun with people who need to take all kinds of alcohol and drugs to have fun, and here where I live, everyone seems to be this way.

No. 1459400

Avoided these people. When you hang with this crowd it's nothing but suffering and half of them will be dead before you reach you're 30s which just makes the suffering tenfold. People always tell you drugs will kill you but the worse result is when it kills all your friends.

No. 1459401

your mindset is the issue here. people don't need anything to have fun, they're choosing to. and even if they did need you can apply this to other things, it's just your bias.
>i can't believe people need music/food/company to have fun!
and yes there are people who hate music and eating food.
if it bothers you that much why hang out with those people?

No. 1459403

File: 1672513650128.png (461.13 KB, 553x435, 6E2A8B9A-1BE3-477D-A8CB-6B0D4B…)

Went to the ER because I was feeling really crappy to the point of not being able to sleep, turns out I have the flu. Of course I can never have a normal end of the year, I’ll be rotting in my bedroom if anyone needs me.

No. 1459405

Music and food can't kill you, retard. Unless it's some poisoned food or super sugery food that makes you severely obese over time, but you have healthy and unhealthy foods. You don't have healthy and unhealthy cocaine.

No. 1459412

"They're choosing to" my ass. I know people who will get severely angry or sad or tired if they don't have access to weed. I know a guy who had to ride to buy weed during our fucking lunch break at work because he was so shaky and sweaty and said he needs to smoke right now. Doesn't sound like a "choice" to me. Those are the same people who smoke at literally every party. If you don't see the connection here, idk what to tell you.

No. 1459420

I've been binge eating on copious amounts of junk food for the past few days to cope with depression being back at home for the holiday season. My stomach feels so full but I can't seem to have self control or seem to focus on anything else than distracting myself with food. I'm meeting my friends for a new years celebration but I'm scared I'll not be able to be fully present with them because I'm so distracted from my depression and food obsession.

No. 1459424

File: 1672515077273.jpg (28.23 KB, 500x500, 1666287209950.jpg)

Overate again.

No. 1459427

You sure you wanna keep dating this guy? lol

No. 1459429

I am being stalked by a creepy woman who simultaneously wants nothing to do with me. She has gone as far as to contact former sexual partners of mine and get any details she can, including the specifics of my body. She has lied to her closest friends, who are equally as batshit retardedly insane, into believing that I am stalking her, to the point of them trying to get restraining orders on me, posting publicly on my Facebook, etc. I haven’t spoken to nor seen this woman in many years and I want her out of my life so I can finally move on and never think about her again. She’s gonna read this too, which is great, because this isn’t the first time I’ve told anyone about her and her fucking insanity.

No. 1459437

Nonitas hyper fixations are ruining my life. I don’t know how to explain it but I randomly get obsessed with people to the point where it’s unhealthy. My previous obsession was this random player from some team I like and I used to make up all these scenarios in my head for months and when I found out he was taken I was actually heartbroken as if he was my fucking bf. I seriously kept crying and and felt crushed for a good month or so. So fucking embarrassing. And then as time went on I lost my interest completely as if I just had left this trance I was in. Now there’s new professor in my uni and he’s very young and quite attractive and I’ve been fixated on him to the point where I do extra shit just to get close to him. I know a lot of girls in his class are into him so they do certain stuff to get his attention but I highly doubt their innocent crushes are so….pathological like mine? Does anyone else have this? I know it will pass like all the other ones but it’s really emotionally draining. I spend so much time looking him up and trying to find more about him and and in my mind I already made up this completely idealized version of him. It’s really not fun and idk why my mind does this. I do have ocd so it could have to do with that I guess.

No. 1459440

I do this too, mostly with people I know irl or just random normal people I follow on insta. Most likely due to crippling loneliness.

No. 1459441

sorry i haven't ever had this and don't have advice but that really does sound fucking exhausting, damn. have you ever spoken to a therapist about it? hope you can developer healthier interests in people.

No. 1459453

Someone, probably a little cousin, gave me some kind of sickness. I feel terrible. Serves me right driving 5 hours to spend time with family I guess.

No. 1459458

I do this too. It used to be irl people but now it’s just people I find online because I went full hikki. Idk how to stop because I’ve been doing it since I was really young.

No. 1459466

All I want is 1 very good friend who has similiar hobbies/interests, is that too much to ask for? I wouldn't even mind if it's an online friend, but whether online or offline idk where to begin.

No. 1459478

I can't wait until tomorrow morning, all this loud ass firework will be gone and I can just enjoy my night in peace. Some day I'll go to a place in the middle of the woods where this shit doesn't exist on NYE. Why can't it just be a cozy family/friend celebration instead of this infantile 'hurr durr let's blow shit up'. Oh well. Three more hours to go here, can't wait for peace and quiet.

No. 1459500

I used to have that, extreme obsession followed by complete indifference. It went away as I got older and my brain rotted, and now I can't bring myself to care about anyone.

No. 1459516

Sure, loser.

No. 1459521

I've seen you accuse multiple posters of being whoever last made you soil your diaper. Stop it, go to Facebook.

No. 1459523

Cope, seethe, dilate.(stop)

No. 1459525

You're insulting women, but we're the trannies? Laughable.

No. 1459530

I wish I had the guts to kill myself this year. I basically went from 0 energy to -2000 energy to the point even carrying that out seems like an unattainable goal.

No. 1459534

You are the ones who are insulting women and yes I do think you are trannies or invaders from radblr which is about the same.

No. 1459535

They inflated my fucking kielbasa with water to bulk it up. It used to be nice and dense and now it’s all watery. The absolute nerve

No. 1459536

I just want to know you so we can both understand ourselves better. We r the same

No. 1459538

Don't kill yourself, nonnie, maybe this year you will get lots of energy to do nice things, like go out for a walk, help at an animal shelter, anything will be possible.

No. 1459548

Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 1459550

It's because you shouldn't do it, anon. I know it's hard, but please stay alive.

No. 1459555

Is his name Mike? Sounds like an ex of mine, kek

No. 1459559

he's not dumb tho he's using manipulative tactics on you. sorry you have to deal with that shit

No. 1459564

File: 1672526271178.png (101 KB, 232x206, 1671402987607.png)

yes, i made a mistake i did her wrong. yes, i want her back

No. 1459573

How do you guys deal with thinking things will never get better? Like when you genuinely believe the things you want will never fall in your lap no matter how hard you try? How do you stop from just offing yourself?

No. 1459576

I become content with what I have and see improvement as a luxury, a bonus that would be nice to have, but it is what it is and what it is is okay.

No. 1459579

If you know please tell me. My life the past few months have been suicidal thoughts 24/7 with the exception where I thought about doing meth but quickly discarded that thought.

No. 1459592

File: 1672528590659.jpeg (26.24 KB, 600x600, 3590A08F-6E79-429F-8D63-760CE5…)

I just got out of the shower and the entire time I was thinking about how frustrated I am that it takes me so much fucking time and effort out of my day just for the bare minimum of looking presentable. Taking a shower, scrubbing my body, washing my ass, washing my legs, washing my hair, letting conditioner set in my hair, shaving my legs/armpits (I know I don’t have to shave but it makes me feel cleaner and more confident), and then dealing with getting out of the shower and dealing with my curly/frizzy hair. I have a good, basic makeup routine which enhances my features and makes me look nice. But I just hate that I never truly feel “polished” no matter what, even after 2 hours of getting ready.
Meanwhile my boyfriend hops in the shower, shaves, styles his hair and looks great in 30 minutes. I’m feeling chubby, tired, and sick of this shit, and I’m thisclose to running away to be a feral creature in the woods. I feel like a fucking Cathy comic strip from the 90s. “AACK!”

No. 1459601

my approach isn't for everyone but I've found myself more "content" when I lean into the "negative" instead of trying to fight it. if i can accept the worst case scenarios at all times, then anything better than that is a wonderful bonus. i don't always expect the worse i just prepare for it.
so any time i attempt to do something or want a certain outcome, i will
>think about the worst outcome
>think about how i might deal with that pain
>accept it
>think about how great it would be if it worked out
>think about how i can make it happen, within my power and limitations
>either way i'll be alright

I'm still depressed, don't get me wrong. but i never feel the same complete despair and anxiety over things in the same way i used to.

No. 1459609

File: 1672529291609.jpg (53.12 KB, 479x479, annehale.jpg)

>What does it say about you that you are with him?
hate these scrote brain comebacks, not every woman has the privilege to be totally independent and self reliant for shittons of reasons. no one owes anyone their life story on how they ended up in a shitty relationship either, just have compassion for your fellow fucking woman. stinkditch level reek of immaturity imo. people that don't know or have never known a friend or family member in an abusive or shitty relationship should always just shut the fuck up with their opinions. "just leave him" doesn't even save you if you're rich and/ privileged anyway. that's my disorganized vent.

the hard truth

No. 1459612

File: 1672529345396.jpeg (5.8 KB, 225x225, images (8).jpeg)

1/2 I'm gonna be 28 in 2023 and I feel so old and tired, and what's worse, far behind my peers. I never went to college because I was so traumatized from school I was top afraid to ever enter the education system again. I have no social life or family, I never had sex etc. The only thing I got for myself was my own apartment, and I'm grateful for that, but that's it. Other people my age are in commited relationships, some even married, they have careers, good looking resumes, meanwhile I'm in a state of perpetual adolescence. I can't even drive a damn car because I'm afraid of cars and I have very poor motor skills. I'm exactly the same as when I was 19. Only got more autistic interests. When I was younger, people were commenting my looks and saying I looked even younger. I still look much younger, but now when people find out my actual age they're kinda baffled because I'm not in the place in life I should be at this age, they also judge me for my lack of higher education and often stunted behavior, socially speaking.

No. 1459614

2/2 Besides autism and shitty coordination I have some other problems I'm ashamed of, like dysgraphia, can't even read my own shitty handwriting, I also have problems with doing basic math in my head, which makes me feel like a retard, also sometimes when I count something and there's physically, lets say, 8 objects, my mind sees 4. I often count things a few times, just to make sure, even when I don't make mistakes. I work at a place where maintaining resources and checking the number of expensive mobile devices is quite important, thank god for computers and calculators which do half of my work for me, otherwise I bet I would've been fired. I will never 'act' like a proper adult and I will never be respected as one. Every new year I want to kill myself and it's only getting worse

No. 1459616

Once you grow up you'll see that many, perhaps even most, people in shit relationships could leave if they wanted to, but don't for various reasons, and I will not waste emotional labour on coddling people or defending shit decisions.

No. 1459620

I can't get over the fact that this man I was seeing months ago ended it to get with a woman who is the complete opposite of me. I don't wear make up and I dress very casual, I have a lot of hobbies like woodworking and raising farm animals, I even work a male dominated job. He knew all this and was cool with it. I started dressing more feminine for him which got me the most attention from him but once I stopped catering to his gaze as often (because it felt wrong/uncomfortable and that's not who I am), he didn't care as much. Then called it quits soon after and I find out the woman he is seeing does the whole insta baddie shit. Lip filers, either shops herself or weirdly enough wears butt pads, make up, provactiv pictures, posts about partying and working out. I know I shouldn't compare myself to other woman, but god damn, that hurts.

No. 1459623

Hey I know this feeling. I've never touched drugs outside of edibles and have never taken a sip of alcohol but lately I have these urges to start doing these things as a cope. I've also been extremely tempted to begin self-harming despite never doing so in the past. I hope you manage to fight those feelings off.

No. 1459627

Hey I've heard of this but I feel like it's easier said than done for me at least. Can you give me an example of something you desperately want but manage to be content without? Also how long have you managed to be content despite that? I really want good friends and "accepted" not having them for years , but after a while it's too much to bear and I can't really accept a life where I never end up having that, along with a SO.

No. 1459629

I relate to you. I'm in my 30s now and also didn't go to college or uni. I didn't have my first relationship til late twenties and it only highlighted how immature and far behind i was (emotionally, sexually). I am autistic too and struggle with my job where I get confused a lot and make mistakes.

I don't know your goals and desires but just remember there isn't a right or wrong way to be (outside of basic morals). Obviously society favours certain types and tries to shoehorn everyone into the same life path (eg, you should be married, having kids, buying a house, career woman, you should have lots of friends and be outgoing etc.) but not everyone is or wants to be those things. have a think about what you really want and not what you think the world wants you to be.

I don't know if this helps but things got a bit better for me in my 30s. i accept myself more. hope you will do too. pls don't kill yourself. I've felt that way too and it's really tough but pls don't. happy new year nona

No. 1459640

and somehow moeshit is so deep and complex? kek at least nana has a plot yes i responded late but i was sleeping and need to let this out shut up

No. 1459648

I had a huge fight with my parents over the holidays about this. I'm also going to be 28 in 2023, and although I had higher education (forced by my parents) and a few relationships in my late 20s, I have consistently fumbled any chance at a normal adult life. I studied biology in uni but I'm a graphic designer now and barely make enough money to support myself and my rent. I'm too mentally ill to sustain a marriage-oriented relationship and I have zero friends outside of the internet. I don't have a car, I barely have any savings, I'm in quite a bit of medical debt, I don't own much furniture, my career is pretty stagnant, my coworkers dislike me because I'm quiet and standoffish.

I don't really have any advice, but I feel strongly that things get better for people like us in our 30s. I think it's a combination of believing in/accepting yourself, and stumbling into the right career and group of people.

No. 1459650

nonna, you don't miss out by not going to college unless you like studying. i'm in grad school, but apart from that, same as you, i'm feeling socially stunted. i think it has to do with maybe autismus and mostly seeing people my age in serious relationships, managing households with longterm partners, having kids, etc. i can't believe this is where i should be at my age. just today i was thinking how i would have loved to spend the night at my grandma's for nye cooking and eating tasty foods and watching tv or playing cards with grandpa. then it dawned on me that i still act with my family like i did at 15, whereas a normie me would probably just stop by for a quick chat with my husband in tow before leaving for a party full of other adults with alcohol and sex jokes lol. i also just got my driving license at 26 because i finally got over the anxiety and felt mentally ready. i know people say everyone goes at their own pace, but it's hard not to be harsh on yourself when 99% of people are ahead of you in some department.

btw, do you have vocational training or something? i hear it's not academically demanding, and i think you would feel more confident if you had some marketable skills in a field that you enjoy

No. 1459653

Life is so pointless

No. 1459655

I feel sorry for you. You should never feel like you gotta change in order to be appreciated by someone else. Shame on him for playing you like that, absolutely vile.

No. 1459685

God, I love Nana too. That is all.

No. 1459689

File: 1672534283596.jpg (46.91 KB, 400x400, 51b0e61e1d659e700547bb71dc280d…)

I've been sick half this December, so I couldn't play my gacha game as much as planned, very sad because I almost finished the current event.

No. 1459702

Wife is expecting right now. Baby girl. Is it fucked up to not want my daughter to be straight? I’m terrified of it and it’s been giving me nightmares. The thought of my sweet daughter dating her natural predator, the gender that’s more likely to harm her, it scares me. I know I can’t change her sexuality, and I won’t even have to worry about this for at least 10 years. But god…I really do pray that my baby girl isn’t straight.

No. 1459723

God, you need therapy, not a child to fuck up.

No. 1459735

how tf did a whole fight break out from >>1459290. she's right.

No. 1459754

I feel so angry and frustrated all the time, and I have no idea why

No. 1459779

ayrt. sorry i don't know how to summarise or be concise because i'm retarded so incoming waffle…

the things to mention are that it’s not easy in a lot of cases and that it doesn’t really stop you being sad about a situation, but that you can still accept it in addition to negative feelings. when you desperately want something, it goes round and around your head. you can start to feel entitled to that thing and then it becomes unfair that you don't have it. this is where you have to apply logic and grounding. it's not about being happy about the situation but simply working it out in your mind so you can re-focus your attention to more present things that you can control. what i'm describing is basically similar to stoic principles. but i haven't actually read much about it myself, i just got the basic idea and found it worked for me.

I think the limitations of my health have really frustrated me for a long time. I kept hoping to feel better but don't, despite all my best efforts.

so with my health, i would think the worst case:
i don’t feel better, i feel worse, i become reliant on others for care, i fucking DIE because of it. well, accepting the idea of death was something i was already comfortable with because of personal experiences i won’t go into. i concluded that if i lost all quality of life that i would like to die/not be resuscitated. i thought about the lowest quality of life where i could still imagine finding meaning and purpose, and what hobbies and activities i could do.

No. 1459780

Are you on birth control or trying some? The time I tried it I felt like a lunatic at how angry I was but just couldn't stop feeling that way. Maybe you have things in your life you can't change or cannot change right now. I went into my job a few times so visibly frustrated my boss asked if I was alright but it was because I hated the job and actively looking for a new one while I knew I couldn't just quit.

No. 1459782

that’s all quite bleak and difficult to think about but in my mind it feels “taken care of” now, in a sense.

then I think about how things could improve and what activities i would like to do more of, like biking and dancing. how if i had more energy i could be better at my job.

what are the things I could do to make that happen? i could eat as healthy as possible, stay as active as possible, supplements, etc etc.

turns out i seem to be feeling worse as the years go by but i am still active enough to do loads of things i enjoy and i know i can handle a lot worse now, even though i will continue to try to improve my health.

do I wish that I had more energy and less pain & symptoms? of course. do i feel paralysed by those desires because they’re not longer attainable? not really anymore. i think and worry less because anytime i think of it, i feel reassured by how it’s already processed in my mind. i feel more in control. but can still get fed up, because i'm human.

so in your situation, can you imagine a friendless and “loveless” life where you could still cope? could you see yourself devoting more time and energy to your hobbies, travelling, other life goals? what about getting a pet(s)? what other things are important to you? plenty of people live very fulfilling lives without friends or lovers and I bet you could too.

now think about how great more friends and a partner would be, even though you would be totally fine without them. how would you best go about that? joining new clubs/groups? getting a more niche hobby to find likeminded people? going to more events? working on yourself mentally so that you are ready for those relationships?

however, this includes accepting that some (or even all) might fail which will bring you back to the start (weeee!) it’s always hard but you know what your options are and you know what you’ve got to do. you know you’ll survive no matter what.

No. 1459792

File: 1672544458267.jpg (118.02 KB, 1080x1355, 1612911975935.jpg)

I really need to turn shit around this year or i'll get worse and worse
I cried about still being alive and in the same position just wishing i hadn't had yet another year, embarrasing
But anyway, new year new epic and fulfilled me and hopefully happier or i'll kms

No. 1459840

I am losing my mind… I literally just need like €10 in my paypal so I can open my online bank with a deposit and have no way to put it in there right now and I tried every online method I could think of and like I wish someone would let me do or make something for them so I can get paid. A custom voice message, a language lesson, a photo of my toe, something I swear. Any site like fivrr I would not get noticed among all the established thousands of sellers. Oh my aching sanity.

No. 1459842

Somehow I just literally found a site for this, although a lot of it are in person real work gigs, I am scrolling through. I mean I have literally been paid to talk to people before….

No. 1459847

File: 1672553393465.gif (12.12 KB, 92x128, yuuko-laugh.gif)

let me get out this incredibly bitter vent before we move too far into new year's day. i wanna enter it as a person who doesn't let niche internet drama get sooo under her skin but i gotta complain, gotta have a spiteful kek or two:

>join forum rp with two main factions. faction a has cool lore; i pick it.

>faction b can't stop shitting on us. get approached by people in faction b; get ghosted, repeatedly
>admin favors faction b heavily, so she shits on faction a all the time too. try to complain. basically get a "deal with it"
>there's an autistic arrogant genderspecial moid who thinks NARUTO is Peak Fiction. he does cute things like beg women in server for weird rp sex, or write about his tranny self-insert eating babies (???). i complain about him to the admin. she naturally doesn't do anything, and everyone goes along with it bc tranny = god
>while all this is happening faction b insists their trite ass romantic plots are literally incredible every ten seconds. cannot talk about a single fucking thing without them swooping in and re-routing the convo to their boring garbage. "look at this thread where basically nothing happens except me stroking off to my own purple prose ooooo oooooo" fuck off
>anyway they lose the sole member who was doing stuff past cheesy melodrama
>it all starts to stagnate

i left a while ago so i dunno what's happening in the server anymore, but half of the biggest assholes have either stopped posting or fucked off entirely. it makes me feel good; i'm evil, but i can't help it. this is what you get for being hateful retards, enjoy the dying rp!

No. 1459872

I was lighting firecrackers and little fireworks with my boyfriend and then I was taking pictures and I unlocked his phone to look at something else or post them to Instagram anyways long story short I found.. he was looking at Instagram models with giant asses and such and I'm so sad I literally had sex with him earlier I'm such an idiot. This is just the worst way to come in to the year it killed my mood it keeps coming back to bite me, I don't trust him, I resent him there is no more love or loyalty I just hate him so much I wanna leave but I have no money either and no job at the moment, we have a kid together I can't just uproot everything I just have such an unsatisfying love life and it kills me I've gotten myself stuck. Also I have Noone to talk to about this I've given him everything g

No. 1459879

I think that's what all men with an instagram account are looking at. I guess you're leaving him (?) so next time don't get involved if you know the guy has an instagram. sorry that happened. you'd think they'd look at screenshot/meme accounts or animal pics like everyone else, but no, it's always big titty/ass coomer shit.

No. 1459886

I know I'm such an idiot. I'm just so mad right now and idk what to do. Might look into shelters. But most likely I'll hit my family up and ask if I can live with them again. It's gonna suck

No. 1459892

>Might look into shelters.
Definitely. It's a dangerous situation at home for you.

No. 1459896

I had the night off and my new years eve party was mundane anyway. Think I should've drank more but I don't feel like having a headache on my day off tomorrow. Guess I'll enjoy some hobby then sleep now.

No. 1459905

File: 1672562828822.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 214.3 KB, 1079x1354, A293EE61-0A26-434C-8254-F8146F…)

my boyfriend sent me this TikTok of a comic with a jump scare at the end and I’m kind of unnerved now, something about the creature really rubs me the wrong way and is just nightmare fuel but I feel dumb for being scared because it’s literally in the buzz feed artstyle, the comics plot is like a girl in a doctors office and the psychologist says he can’t give her antipsychotics but hands her a script and says this should help and instead of a medication it says don’t panic but i can see it too, and picrel is the last panel

No. 1459911

File: 1672563802070.jpg (93.22 KB, 1080x1188, D3ztDNFX4AUae6Y.jpg)

In the last year I pushed people away, hurt their feelings, and sabotaged the only friendship I had, and then I act all surprised pikachu face that they hate me now and want nothing to do with me anymore. As if I shouldn't reap the consequences of my actions. Never in a million years would I have predicted this conclusion and yet I should have seen it coming

No. 1459922

it’s just so weird. i dunno. i go to a nye
“party” more of a hangout rly. and i see my friend and his gf and i just think like, she’s so controlling idk how he puts up with her.
like, but he’s completely the type of guy who needs to be in a relationship at all times so i feel like this girl he’s with first started off as rebound from another longtime gf he had and has just lasted a long time bc he would rather be in this relationship than not

not that i’m interested at all, but he deserves someone who isn’t so, controlling like that, and passive aggressive.
i dunno though, they’ll probably end up married since were now in our mid 20s. it’s crazy how life works like that

No. 1459925

i kept saying “nonono” during sex when my boyfriend was trying to do anal and it took so long for him to stop. He only stopped when I started crying. All men are truly like this huh

No. 1459927

run don't walk

No. 1459928

I thought I finally found a good friend I could be myself around, but as soon as she invited me into her discord and I kinda regret it. The discord is full of moids who think they are better than everyone else and I can't be myself around this friend anymore as all the moids shit on all the things I like and she joins in on it cus "she isn't girly like other girls".

I wish there was a better way to make friends, I've tried joining hobby clubs nearby but all the other members are 40+.

No. 1459931

finally got rejected lol but i’m actually glad at least it’s all over now

No. 1459941

Please dump him

No. 1459943

I keep reading her comment as I scroll and it's like a 2-sentence horror story. it's making me sick (no offense to her, not her fault). I hope she RUNS

No. 1459952

>I wish there was a better way to make friends, I've tried joining hobby clubs nearby but all the other members are 40+.
i get you, i wish i was born earlier so i could have been part of the golden age of fandom. I know it was still messy because nerds are going to nerd, but it seemed at least a bit more personal to hang out irl or on small chatrooms instead of discord…

No. 1459957

They're crazy here with the fireworks! I went to the capital last night and they were firing them INSIDE the main station. In my home country the public can also buy fireworks, but it's mainly stupid teens firing them off and deservedly losing their fingers. They do it away from people because they'll probably get the shit kicked out of them if they put anyone else at risk.

Here they fire them off in busy places, within the crowd that's gathered to watch the fireworks, around 5 exploded within 10 metres of me. Last year they were being fired from apartment windows into the street. And when this happens people will scream in surprise, but then that's it, nobody calls them a retard or whatever. Once I'm fluent in this language you'll be damn sure I'll curse them out, but I think that's my last NYE in a crowd of people.

It's weird to me because this is usually such a conservative country with strict social rules.

No. 1459969

I get what you mean. I judge female friends based on the kind of moids they associate with and behave with. A woman with only male friends is a red flag for me

No. 1459997

nta but why would she need therapy for being aware that men are the primary threat to women? you sound pressed as fuck

No. 1460014

File: 1672577124271.jpg (7.2 KB, 275x211, 1641600675367.jpg)

I was reading the predictions thread and I'm also kind of sad lolcow has deteriorated. My main take is there is so much fucking baiting and everyone just eats that shit up. Feels like most of us oldfags are gone.

No. 1460017

That's possible, most people leave spaces like imageboards after few years… good for them, sad for us

No. 1460039

I feel so terrible because I realized I fucking hate my major. If it weren’t for my parents coaxing me into it I would’ve never done it and now I’m almost done so everything’s too late. I should’ve stuck the humanities cause that’s what I’m good at. I should’ve ignored everyone in my family looking down on humanities majors. Now I’m left with this scary realization and a very shitty gpa which will make it impossible for me to go grad school to pursue something I actually enjoy. This is what I get for being a stupid fucking people pleaser who never learned to put herself first. Maybe I deserved to learn this lesson cause I’m always chasing external validation like a fucking idiot. I see all these other students who thoroughly enjoy their major and excel in it and I wished I was like them but I made this huge mistake that I can’t fix now and it makes me wanna die. I’ve had major breakdowns because of this and had to up my dose of antidepressants because I couldn’t even bring myself to go to uni every day doing shit I hate and then studying for it just to get a C. If I didn’t feel sorry for my parents I would be gone long time ago cause there’s absolutely nothing for me left here. It just saddens me that I always had so much potential (I refuse to say I was gifted cause I don’t think I was) and was so focused on doing well in school and my teachers thought that too but now I’ll end up as an academic failure because of my poor choices and my ever deteriorating mental health. I was honestly never more at peace with the idea of dying. I just feel trapped and forced to live against my will. I know this all might sound dramatic af but this is just a fraction of what’s been going wrong.

No. 1460047

Yesterday was a difficult time for me. I had an immense urge to be alone. It was like all of the culminated stress or anxiety finally let loose. I think I'm doing better this morning, but I'm annoyed that I'm stuck with these puffy eyes.

No. 1460056

Same, this month was very rough for me and I had to consciously fight negative thoughts just so I could actually enjoy nye, and I still feel miserable sometimes

No. 1460082

Black Obsidian announced she will no longer post videos on her channel and the new year's stream was her last one and it makes me so sad. I've been following her from the start and she was one of the few blackpilled separatist feminists and so different than anyone else, a woman who was never policing her language in order not to hurt someone's fee fees, be it women or men. No woman on this platform had the guts to say the things she said. It's gonna be so boring without her, just watered down radfems who are basically libshits at this point, and a few blackpilled women in between but without a proper following to influence other women

No. 1460084

What?? Why is she stopping? I got antsy after she started taking down her videos/channel on and off, but I didn't expect this.

No. 1460085

File: 1672587814007.gif (2.57 MB, 275x202, 1664106722303.gif)

Boyfriend almost caused an argument 5 minutes before New Year cause he is an idiot.
>we're playing a co-op video game together and having a lot of fun
>final hour until midnight
>he wants to put on a conspiracy doc about aliens/UFOs
>loathe this subject because he hates when I don't agree with his views
>peacekeep & tolerate an hour of this shite
>cause if I say I don't feel like watching he will get assblasted over perceived rejection of something he wanted to share with me
>towards the end I fell asleep
>he woke me up several minutes to midnight
>begins trying to grill me and sperg about the existence of aliens
>tell him I don't have a strong opinion, it could be plausible, but I would have to do my own research as I have only been watching superficially since I had a long day and was tired
>he triggers over the word "superficial" and starts to treat me like an asshole who paid zero attention
>he gets me aggravated and then doubles down on insisting I am the one being an asshole
>he complains that all I had to do was say that aliens could be possible but that I would have to look into it more
>he fake apologizes and says that's the difference between him and me, that he can apologize when he did wrong
>we kiss but I am salty af
>mfw watching couples on tv propose and kiss and this dipshit is mad that I don't believe Marilyn Monroe was killed bc she knew about aliens

No. 1460089

No more time I guess, she said she signed up for Ironman Triathlon and she's going to spend the next 8 months on training. Also I remember how in some of her previous videos she mentioned how she doesn't feel like there's anything else new to say and she already said everything and if women actually want to find the truth they will find it or something like that. That last livestream of hers is still on her channel and it was pretty nice so you can check it out

No. 1460090

pls don't let him gaslight you and explain his way out of it, if he tries that. get outta there

No. 1460091

Nonna I know you won't leave this asshole but at least try to make him understand that couples don't have to agree on everything or enjoy each other's hobbies. And no it's not rejection. I've seen moids use the "I feel rejected :(" excuse to get away with this, but you need to sit down and explain it to him that this is NOT ABOUT HIM. It's about you not wanting to do X.
If you were into some super feminine hobby like idk, makeup or whatever, I doubt he would be willing to sit down with you and watch a 2 hour long makeup tutorial.

No. 1460101

is this a discord boyfriend? dump him

No. 1460104

Anons have the most retarded boyfriends, jfc, love yourselves and dump them before this year ends.

No. 1460105

seriously this thread is making me feel soooo good about being single kek. flashbacks to the unrelenting drama and abuse from previous relationships with men. i have zero tolerance for it now.

do yourself a favour nonnies. life can be so much better.

No. 1460106

Love yourself and dump him. The only way for scrotes like him to learn is through consequences.

No. 1460108

Let's keep moving forward, nona. Even if times are tough.

No. 1460124

The shitty boyfriend stories are my favorite part of this site. I feel bad for the nonnies in question but it is hilarious what kind of losers some of you are willing to put up with. Also really makes me appreciate my Nigel.

No. 1460128

you're just dancing on your own

No. 1460129

you sound like an asshole kek

No. 1460130

This is what gets me: If he feels strongly about conspiracy theories why is he dating someone that doesn't care that much about the topic? he should just get with someone else or accept your differences instead of forcing you to like the same things as him and trowing tantrums every time you don't entertain his bullshit, autistic and narcissistic

No. 1460131

kekk okay nevermind >>1460124. this just made me laugh >>1460085
dump his autistic ass fr

No. 1460132

>Also really makes me appreciate my Nigel
>My trash stinks less than yours
Imagine flexing a scrote bf lmao

No. 1460133

Damn you're still in 2022?

No. 1460134

No. 1460140

Fair, but come on. Sometimes you just can't help but laugh at these stories.
>My boyfriend and me are so happy in every way except for the fact he keeps pissing in my mouth when I sleep at night, how do I politely ask him to stop so he doesn't feel rejected and insecure?

No. 1460141

Don't go to /m

No. 1460149

>My obese ugly boyfriend who has left me five times before is having cock issues wdid nonnies???

No. 1460153

File: 1672595279125.jpg (161.2 KB, 1170x1405, angry cat.jpg)

I went to the New Year party of an highschool friend and i met a moid in the same university as me. We never talked but apparently he tried to come to me but i raised my hand to his face and told him "don't talk to me you're weird" in front of everybody wich is very unlikeley of me. I remember talking to him but i don't have a single memory of me saying or even thinking this. He was drunk and i had to take of him and 2 other drunk idiots all night but he never thanked me.
I don't want to go to class and act like i know him but i also feel guilty if i really said that.
Why are all men so pathetic ?
We also talked about a retarted dude in our major, famous for being racist and an incel and he was defending him all night even when i told him he sexually harassed one of my friend

No. 1460157

my bf bought a video of his coworker masturbating before we dated and knowing this is killing me and making me jealous and the fact that i even want to be him still is making me hate myself even more and feel gross. and now i just feel like that is who he truly wants to be with and not me. and i hate that it even hurts my feelings at all.

No. 1460160

>My 40 year old boyfriend made me watch Cobra Kai for the third time. He brags about me not looking as good as when I was barely legal. He says I give him erectile dysfunction. To be honest I do notice some nasolabial folds forming on my face. Any tips to stop myself from turning into an old hag (I'm 23 btw)?

No. 1460168

I hate when scrotes make it pretty clear they love and want to have sex with another woman yet stick around just to use you, fucking parasites

No. 1460173

Make fun of him for buying porn and dump him

No. 1460179

seriously. the coworker part is obviously not good but the buying part shows he's retarded.

No. 1460181

I hate covid. I want to get coffee and buy stamps and a postcard. I want to live but im in my gay little enclosure

No. 1460188

my friend's dad is dying and she is being an absolute angel taking care of him, but her needy and insensitive husband keeps getting jealous of all the attention she is giving her father lately and feels "abandoned" by her. not only is he not lifting a finger to help her out or ease her problems, but he is actively adding to them by making her feel unnecessary guilt. i am absolutely furious i am so close to lashing out at him but i don't want to cause any drama and stress for her. she has told me she has been annoyed with him but is too caring and never complains. i can tell she also doesn't want to create any conflict because she just wants calm, and needs emotional rest. but i am boiling with anger towards him.

No. 1460195

File: 1672598732574.jpeg (42.13 KB, 564x675, lima.jpeg)

I went on a date last night with the most boring woman ever. She was a fun texter so I assumed she'd be lively and fun but when I actually met her she was really shy to the point where she would just not talk and stare at the floor. I was exhausted by the end of the night just because I had to constantly keep the convo going and didn't know wtf to do. It was like she didn't want to be there.
I walked her to her car and she awkwardly said goodbye and got in. I walked away kinda bummed that I had a date for new years but didn't kiss her at all. I didn't really want to kiss her because she just seemed so distant it was fucking weird but still I was fuckin bummed!
I'm just so tired of going on bad dates and trying to find a girlfriend with dating apps. I got home at 1AM and got drunk by myself.
Happy New Year to all the lonely lesbian nonas out there.

No. 1460210

can you beat him up somehow in a way that your friend won't find out and get stressed over it? lol just kidding (unless you can)

No. 1460216

I thought my Nigel was different but all men truly are the same in some way or another.

No. 1460227

Scrotes be scrotes, but at the very least I can confirm there are guys out there who won't try to anally rape you.

No. 1460228

None of my internet friends want to engage or talk to me anymore
I know its my fault for being absent and impossible to hold a conversation with
I just wish I had a friend on my level

No. 1460235

And you'll probably stay with him like the spineless retard you are(bait)

No. 1460238

Ethan Ralph will die in 2023, inshallah

No. 1460239

You people are so fucking weird. She's venting about how her boyfriend raped her and you immediately insult her and try to find some way to blame her. You guys can say you hate men but you and the average pickme aren't too different.

No. 1460252

I found on ig a few of the women I used to go to high school with. It's so odd how all of them followed the same life "script". Finish school, college, get married and have a kid. All 5 of them.

I know that's kind of "what you do" but it feels weird af

No. 1460253

Imagine a man tries to rape you and you stay with him. Pretty stupid, right?(bait)

No. 1460257

Thats so fucking gross. I wouldn't be able to get over that either. Be glad he told you and showed you his true colors before you ended up married and pregnant. Dump him obvsly.

No. 1460258

No. 1460262

File: 1672602494305.png (154.51 KB, 443x370, 1659911761152.png)

One of my new year's resolution is to enjoy the stuff I used to do with my ex and enjoy the series and video games she's now into. I can't help associate these things with her and get reminded of her every time I try to sit down and enjoy it alone even though I was the one who introduced these stuff to her in the first place. She WILL NOT take that away from me. I WILL reclaim it as my own.

No. 1460263

There's so many examples of shitty or mediocre men in this thread alone. I literally don't understand why women still date men. You don't need them to survive and you don't gain anything of value by being with them. Just because being alone is le sad? That's pathetic.

No. 1460265

Stop baiting and get over it.

No. 1460267

You know being retarded and being raped are two things that can coexist right? No one said its her fault her subhuman moid couldn't respect her

No. 1460268

For a website that's filled with man hate, it's strange to see so many vent posts about shitty boyfriends. Maybe the manhate is a result of being with shitty men and I get we shouldn't blame women but like, come on…

No. 1460270

>find some way to blame her
Lol I don't blame her for getting raped. I blame her for her bf not being her ex.

No. 1460271

I kinda get how you feel and I just wanted to say I think that's a great New Year's resolution and I believe you can do it! Good luck nona

No. 1460274

Except she never said she wasn't going to leave him, we don't even know the full situation. She only vented about how he raped her. You made that up to have something to be made at and something to blame her for.
Retarded for what though? Again, she never said she wouldn't leave him and even if she didn't you all should know that's not how it always works for victims.

No. 1460276

Obvious samefagging. Why are you so unhinged. I see your post every other day with the same retarded takes. Reported.

No. 1460280

Only one of those replies is mine

No. 1460282

Hope you get help with your autism

No. 1460287

Same. Mods can see anyway.

No. 1460301

Too woman for 4shit
Too inactive and unwoke for twitter
Not autistic and spergy enough for lolcor, which is a very slow site anyway

I don't know why I feel especially lonely today when I can usually handle my own company but I wish there was at least 1 place I felt like I fit into. I just want to form some type of bond.

No. 1460302

Eh idk I feel like every time someone gets even a little autistic here everyone else starts screeching, it's a fairly normie space.

No. 1460304

File: 1672606517589.png (130.6 KB, 540x339, iii.png)

I vented a while back about a dude that blew up at me over not instantly accepting his offer for one of the items I was selling (ironically I would have accepted it if he didn't blow up at me), telling me the item would never sell at that price and that I'm greedy bitch.
Dumb update: the item just sold not soon afterwards at full price and in the meantime his store is full of stuff priced at 100$s over their MSRP that never sell.

still in shock over how people like this can even exist.

No. 1460311

File: 1672607070297.jpeg (86.57 KB, 960x696, DFEF6992-7784-4D85-A8B7-AB45FB…)

Haven’t heard from my ex in two months until he sent me a happy new years text last night. Not even at midnight but at like ten thirty kek. Didn’t hear anything on my birthday or Christmas. Trying not to read into it but it’s hard. I responded and he read it but didn’t reply. I miss him so much but we really do need space right now.

No. 1460313

Fuck anon, this is horrible. Was it Dworkin who noted that men like anal because it's punishment for being a bitch?
Please stand up to him and confide in irl friends.

No. 1460321

I met this older guy (5 years older) when I was 17, I eventually developed feelings for him after I was 20 y/o. I flew out to see him when I was 20 spontaneously because I just had to see him. He was the most handsomest man I've ever seen (although his teeth were nicotine stained) I still loved him regardless. I just had to be with him. It went great that first year of online dating (although he didn't want to commit to me until about 3 or 4 months later after of me seeing him in person). I thought he would want me to be with him in person soon after but nothing. He had a problem taking pictures of himself and I never had a video chat where he showed his face. I would offer to fly him out myself, I started working and offered to get him a web cam, phone, started saving up money to try to get a place for ourselves but he always would blow me off at the mere mention of it. I knew it could be seen as moving on too fast so I waited….and didn't press for it often so I would bring it up every half year or so. It took about 3 years of complaining to have him actually voice call me instead of through just text. I would literally have to beg for him to send a selfie and that was bi annually if he felt generous. It made me feel like something was terribly wrong with me and he didn't love me, so naturally I would seek that affection out in the real world. Why couldn't he just do the one thing I so desperately wanted, show his face in motion. I would force myself to try to dream his face but it was always faceless. He told me he would give me his all if I gave him my all, and I did and it still wasn't ever good enough for him to just show me his face. That's all I ever wanted. Eventually I stopped thinking of trying to get it because I knew he would never do it. Why was I so unworthy of seeing it?? While I would video chat and masterbate for him….while he lied and said I've never done that to deserve to see his face. I am flabbergasted, I did exactly what he always wanted and it still wasn't enough and he would gas light me telling I just didn't try hard enough. Why did I show him my body and do those things for him to not even give me the courtesy of that one request of video chatting.

No. 1460322

I would get upset and ghost him for weeks because I felt like I was just never good enough. He was a neet and hikikomori tech guy…I actively tried to work and save up for us to be together to be received with nothing. I used to send letters and gifts at the beginning but stop because he couldn't bother to reciprocate the same damn notion.(said if he was forced it means less, so naturally I let him decide to do it on his own time, guess what, he never did) I would feel lesser than low because why would the man I was so madly in love with keep denying me, when I would keep actively trying. He didn't even bother to put a quarter of an effort that I put into us. I'd feel worthless it pushed me into the arms of other people and I felt like a whore. I would try and try and nothing was good enough for him to just simply fucking video chat with me. I stopped fantasizing about him ever visiting me because why would I after all this time. He never owned a phone, getting pictures from his actual life was like pulling god damn teeth. It would make me so sick waiting for him I would stop eating and drinking because I just couldn't understand why he didn't actually put real effort into being with me. He was completely content with keeping it entirely online. I gave him so much of my life and he hardly chose to share a fraction of his with me. I learned about 5 years in he had a brother (said he was a only child) and he only mentioned it in passing. I'd be so depressed I would drink to try to alleviate the pain of why he just wouldn't give himself to me. he would make me feel bad for being too shy to show my nude body on cam but then not even bother to return the simple request of just showing his face in motion.

No. 1460324

In the 8 years we "dated" he never showed his face on web cam once. I just can't understand. Why was such a simple request that would fix everything that made me feel something was wrong with me not be met. He made me feel worthless and I would retaliate by not talking to him for weeks, sometimes months. Why did it take him 8 years to finally try something, I've already gave up on the fantasy of him coming and was finally accepting that this was going to be entirely just an online thing. I feel like I'm the crazy one for thinking 8 years is too long. I thought I was trying to be patient despite the absolutely stupid circumstances. If he asked me to visit I would have dropped everything and funded it all myself. He didn't have to do not one god damn thing but he never wanted to initiate anything. I'm never going to give my heart away to anyone ever again. I've cheated a lot and I'm not proud of it….In the end I caught something I can't get rid of now. I was so lost and sought out the affection he refused to give me from other people and I feel like the whore. it's both of our fault and now nothing could ever be fixed. The fantasy of being together was merely just that, all a fantasy we fed to each other. He was 8 years too late. I don't ever want to be with anyone ever again. The greatest relationship I ever had was all a lie and I feel pathetic I let myself settle for something that truly wasn't ever there. Why couldn't he just be a regular fucking boyfriend with a cell phone to call and text and send pictures to. Why did I accept this mediocrity. I lied and cheated and was a slut….but I'm positive none of this would have never happened if he just actually tried from the very beginning. Why did he continually choose to push me further away from him. Why was I never good enough to fully receive some actual effort. There hasn't been any tears left to cry for a very long. It was all a fantasy and none of it was ever going to be real. 10 years of our lives wasted on something that was just pretend. I did love him, I saw him as God but he kept forsaking me. I can't atone for all the wrongs I've done, and in the end I think he'll still blame me for everything.

No. 1460325

It'll hurt if he chooses to actually try in his next relationship, to be attentive and actually give his all to her. I've accepted never having children or a family of my own because he's the only person in this entire world I ever wanted that with. We both actively threw the future away and now there's nothing left that will remain. In my heart of hearts I was actively aware of all of this happening and continued to subject myself to it. We both chose this ending. I'll just continue what I've always done the past decade,… live in the fantasy of being together. Even if he isn't participating in it anymore. I could never love again….but I'm okay reliving the mediocrity of this relationship for the rest of my life.

No. 1460335

File: 1672608883182.jpg (29.2 KB, 792x410, Screen_Shot_2020-07-24_at_11.3…)

your posts here and the friend finder are really obvious, you don't need to index your posts

No. 1460340

Damn I don't even know where to start with this but I feel terrible for you.

The worst thing about debasing yourself for a low value scrote is that both he and you perceive you to be lower than him. The only thing to do to salvage your self esteem is walk away, and do it as soon as possible. Stop deifying him because nobody is worth it, by the sounds of it especially not him.

What kind of man is he to act that way who shows desperately loving acts? Would you behave this way? To be honest your behavior sounds pathological and nothing like a pure love, just trying to get external validation to fix whatever gaping hole is in your self esteem. Really girl leave it, you're going to feel like such a fool in the future when he leaves (and he absolutely will) and you realise you didn't even get the upper hand of leaving someone who clearly doesn't think you deserve basic respect.

No. 1460343

Hell nah, I need a resume

No. 1460345

why is your bf so autistic about aliens lmao? sorry about your nye tho

No. 1460346

No. 1460351

>My obese ugly boyfriend who has left me five times before is having cock issues wdid nonnies???
This may be parody, perhaps, but I'm sure I've literally seen this post on /g/ before

No. 1460355

I feel for you nonna but Jesus Christ why are you resigning yourself to a fate like this? You need to be kinder to yourself because this is no way to live.

No. 1460376

NTA but isn't that due to the word count limit? I've seen several posters do this.

No. 1460382

I figure maybe she doesn't know the word limit changed again

No. 1460461

File: 1672614679650.jpeg (15.54 KB, 150x200, fp.jpeg)

i really wish i had this thread to vent in 5 years ago when i was in a relationship with an abusive violent moid. you all would have just told me to get the fuck out of there immediately and it might have woken me up faster, saved me some bruises and mental health issues.

instead, i paid a useless therapist and confided in handmaiden "friends" who tried to be understanding and open minded about his shitty behaviour (he is autistic and has had a hard life). i paid money to sit and be sympathetic about his childhood and father issues. i also remember looking up relationship advice online and all it did was give me so much extra "work" to do on trying to get him to stop being an angry, misogynistic piece of shit. looking back i cannot believe how terrible my therapist was. and the only women i'm still friends with from that time is the one who eventually snapped at me that i had to do something about it, and the other who hated him from the start for reasons i couldn't understand at first (she is very smart).

also, i know this might not sound very fair because ultimately it was my responsibility, but i still resent my parents a bit because i'm sure they must have hated this guy for hurting me but they never said anything. i really could have used a push from someone. no one around me seemed to think it was a big deal which made me feel like i was making it a big deal in my mind. it's taught me that i will NEVER be that person who stays silent and enables their friend/relative stay in a harmful relationship, even if it results in them hating me for a while.

No. 1460466

This shit sucks, and you deserved better. I'm sorry nonna. I hate how much society excuses men.

No. 1460492

I'm sorry nonna. It's horrible. I'm glad you broke up with him. You did the best you could with what you had. It's behind you now.

No. 1460499

thanks nonas. so glad i'm out of it now and hope anyone in a similar situation rn lurking this thread will read it and take note. happy new year!

No. 1460512

I put my dishes in the dishwasher before I went grocery shopping so they would be ready for me to use by time I came back to make dinner..but I didn't turn the fucking dishwasher on. I'm hungry. It's already 7 pm and I'm probably gonna be tired by time the dishes are washed and I have finished cooking. FML.

No. 1460525

Going on 3 days late for my period. Not worried about being pregnant because there's no way but I've never had it late for this long. My boobs are already firm as hell and I'm irritable as fuck like come on girl I know you're there. There is no need to be shy.

No. 1460530

>at breakfast place with friends
>order food
>my side of bacon comes
>one friend says she can't believe a side of bacon is 5 bucks
>I try the bacon, say it's really good
>she says she doesn't really care in a rude tone.
You know what you fucking bitch, your haircut does look like shit. You look like a retarded fujo fakeboi trying to be a feminine gay yaoi boy. Seethe about it because I was lying when I said it looked good. Enjoy growing that shit out in a year and three months KEK.

No. 1460548

Are yo retarded? There's a word count limit atm

No. 1460551

Lmao tell em anon

No. 1460553

File: 1672621281683.jpg (79.74 KB, 700x875, 4c33fd99241834fcb5e0299b3ff9de…)

my period dropped and i have ruined at least 3 pairs of underwear and im upsetti spaghetti that i keep letting this happen

No. 1460554

That pic is so funny kek. Feel better soon anon

No. 1460558

i'm so scared of the future. i'm so scared of dying alone. i know, i know, "we all die alone" - what i mean is growing old alone. having to wake up one day without anyone around. i have no siblings, i'm not close to my cousins or uncles/aunts. i have no close irl friends. i have no partner and at this point i doubt i ever will. i don't want any children either. one day my parents will be gone and i'll be all alone. it's so scary.

this was brought on because earlier today i logged into an old tumblr account full of fics i wrote back when i was close friends with a girl from portugal. she eventually went to uni and deleted all her accounts, but all the stuff i wrote is still there. i miss her so much. i wonder what she's up to today. i hope she's happier now than she was back then.

do you ever feel like you're the one constantly being left behind by others?

No. 1460568

File: 1672622017722.jpeg (29.55 KB, 275x172, 1636495912462.jpeg)

job interview in less than 2 hours i feel like throwing up

No. 1460570

Broke up with former moid.
Average scrote doesn’t deserve anything

No. 1460572

This shit happens to me all the time. I now have some pairs of underwear that are condemned to live out the rest of their days stained and battered. Broken, demoralized, like the slaves of times forgotten

No. 1460579

very normal reaction. fingers crossed for you, you'll do great!

No. 1460589

I am very similar to you. no close IRL friends, an only child, my cousins, aunts + uncles live in another country and we are not close, child-free, don't want to get married or have a relationship. I do like being alone now but I know it's going to get difficult when i'm older, especially if my health deteriorates before then. It's a bit scary to think about sometimes.

Sorry you feel left behind nona. Hope you find someone to share mutual support with.

No. 1460597

wtf is that pic someone explain

No. 1460598

File: 1672624673458.jpg (20.29 KB, 480x429, 1667179526483.jpg)

I've absolutely disgusting constipation and its so painful!! I just want this to be over and done with! Sitting on the toilet and trying to push is too painful and I feel like I'm gonna rip in half. If this doesn't ease with oral medicine I'm gonna grab the ones you stick up your ass.
I don't get this a lot but when it comes, it's so painful. End my misery.

No. 1460602

Maybe drink some oil? Like olive oil, it could help you out.

No. 1460607

I had a really severe trich relapse and now I basically have no eyebrows and I look so fucking stupid. I’m so mad at myself.

No. 1460608

I bought avocado to put in a salad, but I fucking forgot to get lemon juice so now if I put it in it's just going to brown. This fucking sucks

No. 1460611

I found out that instagram saves every single story you've ever posted for years after posting them… I tried deleting but it's impossible to mass delete and going through them one by one made me feel so bad, remembering the happier times and how much of a different of a person i was, I ultimately ended up deleting the entire account. I guess it's just best this way.

No. 1460612

File: 1672625919643.png (1.76 MB, 1080x1080, 552E190B-6581-4689-9357-385258…)

i'm so mad at myself for procrastinating on important stuff. i do it every time. no idea how to stop and make myself grow up. i hate being like this.

No. 1460617

Just had an addiction relapse again. What a great way to start a new year.

No. 1460618

They are called swamp boogers. They are deer asses taxidermied to look like that.

No. 1460619

what are you addicted to?

No. 1460628


No. 1460636

>Sees a sad, taxidermied deer
>Lets use its butt to create these creepy looking things!!! So funny and random!
Moid activities

No. 1460640

File: 1672629452399.jpeg (122.32 KB, 750x752, 52FDDFD9-F0A0-4B00-8D27-F065B1…)

I’m an actress who also used to do standup and sketch comedy and I’m just so tired of the industry these days. I’m sick of every writing collaboration turning into tranny ass-kissing and jokes about JK Rowling and terfs being evil or “white women are the worst, amiright?” Idk, I feel like a grumpy old fart or something but I’m sick of politics and tranny shit being shoehorned into everything

No. 1460644

>/vg/ rangeban finally lifted

No. 1460652


No. 1460653


No. 1460655

kek, waht the fuck is wrong americans

No. 1460658

I started talking to a few people on the friend finder thread am i a bit sad they havent answered in a while, i know they are probably busy but i am hoping we can chat again some time

No. 1460659

Oh you don't even want to know what Africans do with goat nutsacs, anon.

No. 1460663

File: 1672632895236.gif (1.92 MB, 540x545, 1663921342906.gif)

The fact that so many doctors tell women to get bariatric surgeries that end up making them look lifeless, flacid and malnourished instead of helping the root cause is so disheartening to me. Bariatric surgeries aren't the answer in my honest personal opinion, life changes are the way to go, not just physically or on what you eat but mentally and emotionally too

No. 1460677

What makes you think doctors are pushing it, and not the patients who (wrongly) see it as a quick fix? Having the surgery IS a lifestyle change, they can't eat like they used to or it won't be effective.

No. 1460680

I love my fiancé, he’s wonderful and we’ve been together for 6 years, and I’ve never wanted to cheat but holy shit the idea of only having sex with this one guy for the rest of my life is starting to bother me

No. 1460682

Give it a couple more years and that should go away

No. 1460688

I’m unemployed and need a job so badly but I’m lazy and working fucking SUCKS and I hate being a wageslave, what’s a girl to do

No. 1460689

Why am I so fucking forgetful and stupid ugh just realized me and my boyfriend probably got robbed of our most expensive video games we had during an open house and Im so upset. Most of the stuff we got was for really cheap and actual good finds, some I wanted to keep to play. One game we got for $5 is worth $150 and alot of our others were worth $40+ at reseller rates. I just hate realizing my own items were missing until I finally started to see that they weren’t where they were supposed to be.

No. 1460696

i'm sad and lonely but all i wanna do is talk about myself. but i'm not gonna make my friends play therapist.

No. 1460701

That's what the vent thread is for.

No. 1460724

come talk to me nonnie i am very lonely

No. 1460726

> Look for new period app because mine has too many ads
> Finds one with cute animal design and suddenly wants to look up other cutely styles women health apps that motivate me to check them more frequently
> stupidly typed women in bar
> three out of the first five results are porny games and magazines for men

It just pisses me off that simply typing women in the App Store can’t even give me apps for women in the first twenty results. Sorry for sperg.

No. 1460727


No. 1460737

Hate working. Hate having to spend time all day on things that I don't care about and having to pretend to be working when I have no workload at all

No. 1460739

Breaking it off with my scrote was the right thing to do in the long term, but in the short term I'm so fucking lonely. He was a good friend too, and we agreed to be friends but if that'll even happen it'll be at a way reduced rate and with no contact for now because it'll just work its way back to a sexual dynamic. While I have ex coworker friends I have nobody I really vibe well and truly enjoy my time with, it's draining to be around them and I need to find my one friend, I always have 1 main friend and he was my friend now I have no friend.

I feel like it's not just a case of "getting out there" because I do and they're shit, the people I meet are boring as fuck, it's such a low success rate to find someone I click with. It's more isolating too to constantly get out there and find nobody each time. I'll keep it up but it brings me down and in the winter months I just want to give up. Everyone tells you to dump, but they don't tell you about the social isolation afterwards, ugh.

No. 1460745

Nonna what was the name of the cite animal design app? I need to know

No. 1460752


No. 1460760

Would you be ok with sharing why did you break up? If the things are still ok enough to be friends but not stay together.

No. 1460773

Maybe you should take this time being solo to focus on yourself, get to know yourself again, try new things, travel to places by yourself etc. You're trying to replace your relationship with another, or replace the friendship you just lost with another, but it doesn't work that way. You are settling yourself up for disappointment. If you redirect your energy onto yourself, you can't lose. It will always be a positive thing to spend time with yourself, I'm sure you're awesome. Eventually a person you click with will come along, they always do, but trying to seek that out or spending time sitting around waiting for it to happen is a total waste. Go be a free single woman, the world is literally yours for the taking come on.

No. 1460776

i am currently finishing my vtuber model and i am having a lot of anxiety. My english is terrible, but i am stubborn and i WANT to stream in English, and i am scared i will never get better. The rest of my life depends on me being able to speak English, and i dont know how to get better even when i watch shows in english.

No. 1460782

I think my diagnosis might be wrong. I’m being treated for bipolar 2, but my “manic” episodes don’t feel manic exactly. I’m not like, happy during them, if anything I am enraged. Idk maybe I’m just bad at understanding mental health stuff, but schizotypical sounds like a better lead. Not sure how to bring this up with my doctor without sounding like some dumb kid who wants a cooler and quirkier mental illness though.

No. 1460783

Good luck anon! Your English will get better in practice. Idk if this helps, but even if you have a thick accent, people will enjoy listening to you anyway.

No. 1460786

File: 1672659408146.jpg (19.48 KB, 500x375, Tumblr_l_6041544164725.jpg)

I was in an 8 year relationship and ended up breaking up with him due to abuse. I started dating a guy and things were okay but he dumped me a month after. I continued seeing him even though it clearly fucks with my mental health but ive felt like i need his validation in order to live. During the summer we were pretty much inseparable and continued to have sex. He was also treating me like we were still dating. He would constantly initiate romantic shit with me and i fell for him hard. He also did alot of fucked things to me (like stealthing me) but i was so dependant on him for validation that i let it slide. My mental health got so bad to the point where i was self destructive. I got to 98 pounds because i was starving myself. I was also dependant on alcohol and self harming in order to cope with the fact that this guy was fucking with me but i didnt know how to get myself to leave. In October, i got admitted into a mental health facility for youth. Im 23 and the cutoff is 24 so i felt like it would be a good idea to go before i turn 24. The place helped alot. I gained a bit of self love and learned some coping skills. The problem was that i continued to go see him on the weekend and it kind of led to my weekends being full of self destruction.

For the past few weeks he's been distant. Ive tried to end things a few times but he keeps insisting that we can be friends and that he loves me/wants me around. I always end up getting hysterical. We keep arguing and he denies alot of the things he's done to me. He swtiches between being guilty and blaming everything on me
Last Wendsday, he finally had sex with another woman and it broke me. I had drunk sex with him on new years and i couldnt help but feel disgusting. Im choosing to end things with him because i really cant do this anymore. Im just really worried about how im going to react without him in my life because i became so attatched to him. Im hoping that things will get better for me. As worried as i am, im excited for the new year

No. 1460794

It's called Cube Period Tracker!

No. 1460801

I hate how I fucked up such a minor thing!! Instead of getting a reliable wallet I relied on a stupid online bank that doesn't even work abroad not knowing it would delay getting access to money for months!!!! And stupidly turning off my payment method before being kicked from an online platform so I can't even get my last payout. And trusting people to help me when they all fucking never filed paperwork and never helped me at all and used me and wastes my time and my sanity. And having to communicate with a lawyer dealing with my funds who only replies once a once. This fucking annoying bitch. Everything has gone wrong every time I do my absolute damn best to make my life better. No I refuse to live this way seriously.

No. 1460805

File: 1672662090393.png (324.72 KB, 700x686, 1646024038957.png)

There's something wrong with me emotionally/mentally, and aside from therapy, I want to be part of a community of people who understand. The problem is, every space I find with those people is also filled with people I'm incompatible with on every level. Trannies, narcissism, evil shit and delusional takes. I don't know if that means I must be as bad as trannies etc, but at least I'm self-aware enough to know what's not right, and I have principles I don't want to sacrifice just to fit in somewhere. I feel like an alien wherever I go, like I'll always have to pretend to be someone else, or cosign things I find abhorrent to be "accepting".

No. 1460807

thank you nonny, i hope you are right. I have been told i am funny/have potential and it only made me more nervous even if the intentions of the anons were to motivate me… i hope i can make it

No. 1460809

I had a bad dream I tried to join a new friend group and there were mean women in the group that bullied me and nitpicked everything I said and I was so miserable. Then I woke up. The funny thing is this would 100% happen to me if I were to try to join a new group and that's why I don't. I'm done being the whipping girl for some skanks that don't even like me

No. 1460811

Samefag: I do have empathy for others and their unique struggles or ways of being, but some of these people not only lack empathy, they're being cheered on for co-signing active malice. I'm supposed to not only be empathetic toward them, but join in those celebrations? Pretend like it's nothing when I see some people do mental gymnastics to defend abusing the people in their lives/vicinities (or not even justify it, just laugh about it)? It's worse than the typical "live and let live" shit.

No. 1460820

god same. I understand how you feel.

No. 1460821

I'm not going to reply to your infighty bait post nonny, it's my vent and I've seen what I've seen.

No. 1460830

File: 1672664807136.png (12.71 KB, 557x81, Screenshot_2.png)

I hate it when some fucker on the internet thinks his opinion is so important that he proceeds to spread misinformation
He was like "pErSonAllY his later books are all bullshit, read only the first ones" FUCK OFF, what is your opinion based on? take your pErSonAlly and shove it
Never ever practiced a certain practice but proceeds to say what he thinks about said practice; if you're like this, fuck you. You don't get to have an opinion about things you've never experienced.

No. 1460846

i've felt so lonely my whole life. past few years i've tried really hard to improve my social skills and be braver in getting to know more people, even though my social skills have definitely improved it's no use. i guess what i'd really just want in this world is a best friend and we have the same level of appreciation and car for each other but it feels impossible. i have a few friends now, but it's always me reaching out, suggesting plans… im not going to act like im special in this feeling since i know many others feel the same, but seeing others around me being able to achieve that hurts a lot. a few months back, i thought this one girl and me had something akin to being best friends and sent her a meme that was related to that. she never replied to it and even though we have talked after that it really hurt and i realized how im always the one asking to do something. she has a best friend and i guess what hurts as well is that we've known for way longer than they have and he's her online friend too.

i just want someone who i can share things with without constantly having to worry about them thinking im weird. texting about mundane things happening in our daily life and just being comfortable around each other. even though i think that every person is truly alone in this world deep down, i just want to feel a special connection with someone.

No. 1460856

It's the worst pain ever, best you can do is nyquil yourself

No. 1460857

Nonnie why on earth are you not wearing underwear

No. 1460858

I need a total reset. Whatever I'm doing, it isn't working. Maybe this will be the year?

No. 1460862

Sometimes you gotta live risky.

No. 1460883

im just.. my best friend is in a relationship with this awful dude every time she mentions him its profoundly negative and for a while ive been telling her to dump him i just dont see anything salvagable in that relationship. And she wont of course but every single fucking day she has to whine about him unprompted. And i am terrible at consoling people i rotate between a few responses because i just dont know what to say. Girl if he is so terrible why are you with him it hasn't even been 2 months it's not like you've known him for any amount of time just cut the fucking cord im going insaneeee

No. 1460894

I know how you feel nona. And while it’s true that loneliness is a universal struggle (especially nowadays apparently) that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck nor does that make you feel less alone I’m sure. I’m really lonely too. I’m getting used to doing things on my own but I’d still love to be able to have someone to go hiking with or to watch movies with. My friends all live in different cities. It really sucks. I even cried a little today because I’ve been home all week for the holidays and I think I’m dreading going back to where I live and being completely on my own again. I don’t know how people can make friends so easily.

No. 1460895

It sucks so bad, but if your friends know the right action to take and do not take it, you just have to wait for them to do it. She will realize eventually that he's not worth her time. I hope she breaks up with him soon.

No. 1460902

>women who like kpop are insert insult
>straight women are insert insult
>women who are into weeb hobbies like anime or cosplay are insert insult
>fujos are insert insult
>anons getting attacked in the vent thread all the time when they give their vents
>husbandofags are insert insult
>women talking about makeup or fashion are insert insult
>women talking about their relationship problems are insert insult and deserve the abuse they get

Other than the admins horrible management, i think this is the second reason why this site is dying. The hyper judgemental normiefagging by the radblr refuges is making it unusable for oldfags, this site was literally built for weebs.

No. 1460920

As if those groups dont hate eachother. Whenever you hear someone shitting on kpopers its probably a weeb or an husbandofag, and vice versa.

No. 1460921

girls who had relationships and experience with men I'd really like your view on this because dear fucking god why are men so stupid?
They always say they want one thing, then go for the complete opposite
I have a guy who really like/s/d me who I sorta fancied, he never fucking made a move, would be ok if I went to his place and if we'd hang out in places that were not popular spots (like some parks) , would deny going to do activities together but would go with others in a group, would not invite me ( there was an incident 2 times when I was a bit upset so he thinks I'd go emotional I think) and would keep things hidden from me, things I'd find out anyway. He ALWAYS runs from conflicts and serious discussions, he's in that comfort zone he never seems to want to leave. He sort of berated me for not being a virgin (we're both 28-29 ) while he has never had a gf ( tried doing him a favor by having sex with him ( he's godawful, I went tutorial mode and I am a VERY patient person but he has performance anxiety that wouldnt go away because he's afraid he wouldnt please me or something) and my god, even virgin girls could smell his virginity 1000 miles away). He thinks a woman who's a virgin would want him omg like wtf boy. I tried to lay it on him gently that relationships and sex are this and that and blablabla but everything seems to have flied by his fucking head. The lack of honesty makes me blow steam, I tried to take him under my wing and educate him on these matters but it seems it just won't get in his thick skull. To top that he seems to now have a crush on some woman who's the complete opposite of me (but she's super extroverted, has friends etc) but looks like a lesbian (short,chunky,really short hair) Now he dropped the bomb that he is very undecided because he has to choose between me and her. Bruh,wtf, you said you wanted to be in a relationship a long time ago, wtf
we did not spend the last 2 NY eves together because this fucking idiot went behind my back with groups.
I have so many guys fancying me yet I choose this bloody idiot. Bollocks. I should either completely detach myself emotionally or push for a relationship (if possible) and say a big fuck you later

Then there was this other fucking idiot who wanted me to dress like a nun because he didn't want other men to look at me because I was sexy. Dude legit wanted me to cut my nails and hair and stop wearing skirts.
Then this faggot at work who always said how he wants a kind natural girl who cooks for him and loves him and all that lovey dovey stuff. He then proceeds to wife one of those instagramesque sluts who has no degree, wants to be taken out to restaurants, doesnt cook, doesnt clean, but hey, she's super hot amirite guyz?
I fucking swear, MEN, not even once!
I now understand why some women make their bf's lives a living hell before they dump the bastards. Some really deserve it.

No. 1460923

It's almost ironic that we don't even have a slur for the women who never have anything nice to say about any other woman on a site for women only. Like I can't help wondering what is their damage. Are they just another kind of nlog? Are they bitter self hating pickmes? Especially bizarre when they insist a woman deserves to be raped, murdered, etc because she got tricked by a moid or made a bad choice one time or something. Why do women deserve incredible suffering as punishment for relatively tiny mistakes?

No. 1460928

No idea why people do this. I wish admin would ban all these anti X threads.

No. 1460931

These kind of people deserve to be spammed animu and kpop pics.

No. 1460940

I wonder if I'm actually not as autistic as the medics say I am. Sometimes I read some of the shit that autistic people do and I can't help but think that it's so childish, like grow up, eat the things, wear the clothes, go out and have a paracetamol if it gets too annoying, that's it.
Is not masking just acting like a whiny child? I get being like this if you're a teenager, but once you're an adult you should be able to drop the tendies, the same t-shirt and the excuses to go out and do shit.
Seriously, I feel like an 80 years old lady who had to learn how to count with beans in a farm, there's so many new diagnoses for lots of random bullshit nowadays that I just can't believe they're true.

No. 1460944

Deadass, their idea of an acceptable or "palatable" woman is very, very narrow. They literally find excuses to beef with anything and everyone who has xx chromosomes and doesn't strictly follow their narrow rules, might as well admit they just hate women in general

No. 1460945

Period is 2 days late and my breasts feel like they are about to explode and I feel like shit mentally as well

No. 1460951

File: 1672674957813.jpeg (39.22 KB, 446x473, B0778D26-8927-4403-8324-3C045C…)

This is gonna sound like a stupid vent but I had a guy who would donate me lots of money for the past few months and he just suddenly unfollowed me on everything. I’m so confused, what did I do? He even offered to take me out to lunch someday a few days ago. I guess it’s time to find a job

No. 1460955

fuck that sucks. do you have a tub? literally the only enjoyable thing I can do when that happens is take a bath. not to give some moid fap material here but I think it's funny how my boobs float and it cheers me up lol

No. 1460963

why was he giving you money? that sounds creepy of him tbh. what was he expecting in return?

No. 1460971

He gives me money because I’m one of those streamer girls. He was one of the best donators I ever had, the most he wanted from me was to occasionally message him and talk about our days.

No. 1460973

Same anon, forgot to mention it is a lil creepy he wanted to take me out to lunch but he was talking about getting food together in the far future and we have been talking to each other for quite some time so there was a foundation of trust

No. 1460974

Nothing happened you just got scammed. He used the donation as an excuse to have a girl talk to him.

No. 1460977

she didn't get scammed though. she did lose a source of income.

No. 1460978

I don't like when my parents or grandparents make certain statements. I couldn't find dried prunes at the store and didn't think to ask my mom because I was tired and the store was busy with lots of people. My dad had to stop by the grocery store later anyway, so he ends up buying those dried prunes. He proceeds to make a comment about how I'm a woman and should have found them; how he's a guy and was able to find them. "You're a woman, aren't you?" Then when I talk to my grandmother about how I met up with my girl friends for a Christmas gift exchange at a restaurant, she goes into questioning me if there were any guys there. "No guys? You should have left and gone to the next place!" It rubs me the wrong way. I don't hate them nor curse at them for their view though. It's just a vent.

No. 1460979

godddd, today is rough on lolcow dot farm slash ot, all the girls are fighting in every thread, it's so tiring

No. 1460982

Lol, reverse scam, the scammer gives you money then vanishes (good for her).

No. 1460984

She was doing her job aka chatting him up in return for a donation, he did scam her so fuck him.
I think he dipped without giving the money.

No. 1460998

but why hate each other. nta, this is the weird part though. the only group here I'm in is weeb and cosplayer but I'm not even that weeb. I'm a former vanilla weeband former cosplayer. everyone here is cringe. why can't we all just hold hands and be ok with that ?

No. 1461004

i mean considering how vile the kpopfags from ccc are now acting in meta i can see why some anons hate them.

No. 1461017

>why the fuck are you trying to teach men and let yourself get strung along?
Because of my ego and I don't want to lose to that dyke of a woman, I just want my nerves to calm down so I can act rational

No. 1461024

I’m proud of you for doing this nona

No. 1461030

I made a few thousand off of him I never got scammed.

No. 1461031

I hate how I'm actually glad that being fat makes me far more invisible to moids. I detest being overweight, and I've lost a little bit, but I'm still chubby and not muscular yet - and yet, a tiny bit of me is strangely grateful because most men don't look at me anymore. When I was visibly thin and healthy I would get horrible comments and even got spat on in the street by a scrote, but now it's like they don't even look at me or do anything the vast majority of the time. It's almost peaceful, and although I am desperate to get physically healthy again, I think I will actually miss this sense of invisibility. Some may disagree with me but this is why I don't think pretty privilege is really a thing in everyday life - maybe in terms of specific industries then yes but when you are conventionally feminine or within the boundaries of being thin or being curvy then it's pretty much open season for men to look at you like you are meat.

No. 1461040

As someone who has been both fat and thin, it's actually insane how much better both men and women treated me once I lost weight. Yes, men start being gross and catcall you, but in every other interaction people are so much nicer. It actually made me hate people to realize how horrible I was being treated before.

No. 1461050

My experience was different as a skinny black girl I was pretty much ignored but now that I’m nearly over weight I get more attention from Scrotes. I got told I look like a man, got called crack head etc. it’s like when scrotes see a darker skin woman their brain can’t compute if she’s a man or a woman unless she has huge tits and ass.

No. 1461054

I've had the exact opposite experience from you nonny, maybe you just hold fat in a way moids like better

No. 1461057

My mom got a natural pear shape, so when she's at her "best" (by moid standards) is when she's actually severely overweight, she feels less healthy and way more heavier yet scrotes don't mind it as long as she has a big butt

No. 1461068

Cut myself at work yesterday. I was planning to slit my wrists or something but I pussied out and only tested scissors on my hand, and then later slightly cut my palm and several times my leg. I know I’m only feeling this way because I know I’m a bad person and nothing will change this year. I’m probably just a bigoted/judgmental person but I strongly think that I have OCD/either like schizotypal personality disorder or something related, or just paranoia and delusions/and autism that make me act particularly odd. I’ve been feeling depressed since Christmas Eve and I think my first job being second shift at a major grocery store franchise has ruined my mind even worse than it already was. I just want to be a normal person but I know that that’s tall order so whatever. I know that if I wasn’t racist or whatever I wouldn’t be wanting to kill myself so it’s not all that bad if I die tbh. But also maybe I would be more normal if I was on like SSRIs or something.

No. 1461069

I grew up fat and didn't really experience much different after losing weight, still invisible. Granted, I'm shaped like Satan's fridge, am tall, and I'm still around 23 bmi. Reading about other womens' experiences is so trippy.
Anyway, yeah, maybe you can add bulk in other ways? And pretty privilege can be a great tool in many social settings, but it also can put a target on someone's back, especially if that person is socially awkward.

No. 1461110

Do you feel like your racist/bigoted views are out of your control in a way? Maybe I'm misunderstanding but it sounds like you're saying you have these types of thoughts uncontrollably and hate the fact that you do. Are you okay with your views or wish you weren't that way? I had a long period a little while ago when I was a complete shut in and I thought for some reason I started having very judgmental stereotypical thoughts about a certain race (only the scrotes though) it felt like some weird paranoia about other people being bad people and it really made me feel like a bad person. Once I started going outside and interacting with people a little these feelings die down a lot, not all the way honestly but that because some stereotypes are actually true. If I'm completely off just ignore me but I felt like I got what you were saying and could relate.

No. 1461119

I'm a husbandofag weeb and I fucking hate kpoppers. why are you lumping them in with regular posters

No. 1461121

I feel like I really fucked up my chance of ever learning a new language because my memory is so terrible

No. 1461129

It’s more like I act nervous or uncomfortable and I can’t make myself stop even though I know that that feeling of tension is racist. It’s not that I prefer interacting with white customers because I don’t it’s just that I overthink interactions with other people and I know that I’ll probably act like a spaz or something. I’ll be internally screaming at myself to act normal or stop being horrible and then it kinda snowballs and gets worse. Part of my job involves watching people at self checks to make sure people scan everything/don’t steal and shit and while I know I don’t think that non white customers steal more than white customers do I still feel uncomfortable with the entire thing, because I’ve read about peoples experiences with racist people thinking they steal just because of their race and I don’t want to be like that, or make people uncomfortable as if I did but I over correct and tend to avoid watching people of color but I know that’s still weird and I should treat people like actually equally and shit. Maybe I’ve been infected with liberal brainrot or something but to me it feels like genuine mental illness and I want it to stop.

No. 1461135

I just HAD to fall for a fucking red pill moid. I used to work with him, and he’d always be so nice and reliable to everyone. I felt safe and comfortable around him. Before I left, I told him I had a crush on him. We follow each other on instagram, and I check his following. Turns out he follows Tristan Tate, a red pill page, and a bunch of half naked thots. I even saw what videos he liked on the red pill page. I should’ve expected it though. He’s short … but I didn’t care. Ugh. Out of all guys, it just had to be him.

No. 1461137

you should screencap his follows and roast him in a dm. like "dude your taste is absolutely shit what the fuck lol?? dont you follow any good account tf"

just an idea might be fun if he has a sense of humor

No. 1461139

Nah he doesn’t. This guy is super insecure, so he’d always get passive aggressive if I’d even just say I’m too lazy to go to the gym (he’s a gymbro) , or even ignore him when I go into work for the day. I remember I tried to avoid him one day, and he stared me down the whole day.

No. 1461143

If you can keep this train of thought going you will probably stop liking him so much lol, he sounds undateable. Some people are reliable and fun to work around but cannot be a bf.

No. 1461147

That’s true lol. I liked being around him. I was happy just seeing his face. It might’ve been the my own issues speaking though lol. My feelings would probably die down the less time we spend together anyways.

No. 1461149

Another self-serving lie from nigel. Must be a day ending in 'y'. (Rest of post spoilered for major autism because I have no other way to sort through my problems sorry.) I might as well date Fraz-Urb'luu, I'd hear the same number of lies but at least a hot bas relief gargoyle coos them in my ear and makes me feel good about myself before he ruins my life.

No. 1461154

Nta but I became ever more judgemental after interacting with people lol. I moved from a country where the wast majority of population is white to a more multi cultural country for work purposes. During that past year I had way more uncomfortable encounters with turkish/arab/black guys than with white guys. Turkish guys literally following me and stalking me etc. I will never accept the claim that I'm being racist for being cautious around those people now. Better sorry than dead.

No. 1461156

File: 1672690645735.jpg (1.48 MB, 4085x2871, 873662.jpg)

Me and my boyfriend are stuck in a power outage. It sucks,its been 2 days. We're a little bored. Hes working on his warhammer minis and im just looking at stuff on my phone. I tried to show him a cute picture but i was standing in his light so i tried to move a little but i was still blocking the light because even after i moved he was still yelling at me. Not exactly yelling its almost like a half yell. I still wanted to show him the picture but I was ready to give up until he stood up and pushed me. Me and my boyfriend wrestle for fun and so of course i fought back. We were BOTH laughing and having a good ol wrestling time until i accidentally jabbed him in the eye. He yelped and i of course stopped and apologized a lot. I felt really bad and kept trying to check his eye but he pushed me away. That's fine,I'd be pretty upset if i got jabbed in my eye so i backed away. But then he started being really mean. He said "So is this what its like living with someone? I just want to peacefully work on my hobby and i get jabbed in the eye for it?" I dont really have a choice but to live with him right now and this hurts to hear but also he started the wrestling so that annoyed me a little. I told him that i wasnt going to fight him but I've gotten hurt rough housing too and i always understand its an accident. Im always quick to forgive he always wants to fight about it for an hour. He then says "Oh yup! Now its all about you! When you get upset." Because i stopped talking. I only shut up cause i felt shitty and guilty and already apologized a bunch of times. I just said im sorry I feel really bad and he said "good". I told him thats not healthy for our relationship and he said he wants me to feel bad in this situation. Im upset about it. We havent talked for a bit now,just sitting in silence. I love him a lot i think i wanna marry him but then stuff like this happens and i cant tell if im really immature or if hes being a dick. Im 21 and hes 23.

No. 1461164

What an asshole, I hope he dies.

No. 1461168

Nonna he sounds horrible and the fact he resorts to “wrestling” when he’s pissed with you is just a cover up for physical abuse but disguised as harmless fun. He’s mad that he lost when you jabbed him in the eye. I’m sure the other times when he’s hurt you he doesn’t care or feel bad.
But maybe it could be the power outage making everything more tense. You did however mention y’all wrestle often and he has hurt you before but you don’t make a big deal out of it.
My ex was similar and slowly devolved into him kicking me and tripping me for his own amusement. He knew I couldn’t leave cause I had no other place to go. I wasted 8 years with him. If you can find somewhere else to live or if you have a family that loves you try to leave. This asshole doesn’t deserve you.

No. 1461170

Someone brought covid to my family's xmas thing. I travelled to see my mother's side for a day. Travelled back to see my father's dad in his nursing home. 1st time in 3 years, he is suffering from dementia and not doing well. I have all my vax aside from latest booster. I wear masks when I go shopping most of the time still. I wore a mask at the nursing home. But my grandpa couldnt recognize me/understand what I was saying with it on. In his room we were allowed to be maskless, so I did. Spent several hours with him. Good visit. I live far away. As I left I bent down and told him everything is okay and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Covid positive the next day. There is no way I was not contagious. I was in a hospice wing of a large nursing home. I was supposed to visit one more time before leaving for home but I felt kinda off so I didnt- later I tested positive.

My mother's mom was sent to the hospital with fever and trouble breathing. She is 87. Luckily, she was sent home yesterday. My mom caught it and is pretty sick. I feel a lot better today but still need to isolate.

God, I just cannot stomach the idea that I gave covid to a nursing home potentially. I would never had gone if I knew someone had been exposed/exposed me. Christ. I gave my grandpa the kiss of death…

No. 1461171

>I don't want to lose to that dyke of a woman
yeesh. why must everything be a competition

No. 1461172

You seriously want to marry this faggot? Genuinely? You want to spend the rest of your life being made to feel bad over literally nothing? He doesn't want to live with you and he all but said it outright. He thrives off making you feel like shit so he can feel better. I suspect that he will start putting you down more and more over time. Keep a watchful eye. Make a backup plan.

No. 1461174

>the worst situation possible
Every time, every fucking time

No. 1461182

He's such a sensitive little shit and a very insecure man. You shouldn't marry someone like that.

No. 1461186

Why are y’all two grown ass adults play wrestling?lol

No. 1461195

>he pushed you
Get the fuck out. Don’t waste you’re young years on a piece of shit.

No. 1461205

Gooodddddd I saw a photo and got upset. It was just a group outing of my ex and some people I know and don't know, and it looked all fine and well, and then a photo of the group her hand is on his shoulder. I mean it's a pretty normal group pose photo and whether he moved on or not is the point, it's how sad I feel right now.

No. 1461211

You’re supposed to block your exes on everything after you break up u lesss you are tied by kids

No. 1461219

Are you sure you aren’t just a major autist and think his wrestling is fun when he’s actually mad? Kek

No. 1461220

I meant to delete it altogether but I forgot my password to deactivate it, and I go in there for a reference to a few accounts artists pages for work. We aren't following anymore because I deleted him, just a mutual friend had a photo. I mean I am just sad at life in general, I tried to be together but there were a lot of problems. It's fine. I'm fine.

No. 1461222

I think the posting with a Lucky Star pic attached was a big indication

No. 1461223

i am procrastinating again aaaah how do i stop this shit fuck

No. 1461237

File: 1672698635987.jpg (38.02 KB, 585x585, ceffadbb0ae73680f74bb68c07c18c…)

Dont scroll. Bumping for porn

No. 1461246

sick of writing funny posts when the shitposting threads are slow and as soon as i post, some fucking retard posts a minute after me to reply to a 2 day old post to call someone a twitterfag, to tell everyone her bf pees in her underwear and ask if she should break up with him, or someone starts reeing about trannies or twitter, and it always starts a fight. cant have one shitpost thread without you retards trying to make every thread to be your personal venting journal like a flaming narc

No. 1461248

I was so hot 5 years ago, jesus christ why did I let myself get so chubby

No. 1461254

>i think i wanna marry him
Don't be a retarded pickme, get the fuck out of there

No. 1461271

I think I'll be the better person and just leave

No. 1461303

I subbed to a tarot reader and I think I might not resub because his chat is full of trash pickme girl children. So much of what he talks about for his “female audience” is about men and dating; I’m personally not a fan of hearing about men all the time but I’m trying to get my moneys worth bc I wanted a reading from him. Then I check the chat and all of these women are shitting on “feminists” and “white woman feminism”. These girls are claiming “women are even more toxic than men” and my favorite — ”all-female workplaces are hell”. I tried calling them out and saying that the “gender war” that they’re downplaying is actually relevant in the context of DV and that women who date men are in the most danger of rape and murder. But then they all dogpiled on me using like two examples of “abusive” women including Amber Heard and Jodi Arias (lol). I said to look at actual DV murders and the statistics of violent crime and it’s overwhelmingly females being attacked by males. Ofc they were still mad and insisting that “women are more emotionally abusive” and “toxic”. They also got mad when I suggested that men go to therapy to learn how to express their emotions and be vulnerable if that’s an issue. Some girl told me to go to therapy myself as if I haven’t been in it for years due to trauma from moids. God forbid I give moids a suggestion that worked for me as someone who has been in therapy for a decade now. I wanted to like this tarot reader but his audience is full of idiot women who are so hostile in defending men and shitting on other women. It reeks of pickmeism.

No. 1461310

I started taking my antidepressants again (following my doctor's advice of course) after a couple of months of not being on them. I was really proud of myself when I first went off them and feel kind of like a failure but whatever, I don't think it was the right time for me. I'm still living in a house/area where I was in a severely abusive situation and so much of the trauma came flooding back in when I was unmedicated. I'm moving this year so hopefully when I'm settled and content in a new area I can try again.

No. 1461345

>You seriously want to marry this faggot? Genuinely? You want to spend the rest of your life being made to feel bad over literally nothing?
He'll leave/cheat on her for the umpteenth time before that. I mean, she'll get back with him after that, but then he'll leave/cheat on her once more and for good.
It's lolcow, this is the basestline standard for stupid here.
>the worst situation possible
>Every time, every fucking time
Then in a few years we'll have another utterly broken oldfag nonna venting about her terrible unpredictable destiny with her nigel cheater/loser. I bet an arm he's ugly, overweight, miserable and unsatisfying as fuck too

No. 1461354

Do you only know him online? He probably got a girlfriend and was pressured to unsub from female streamers

No. 1461359

Next time point out that the number one cause of death for pregnant women is being murdered by a man. There's really no arguing with that particular stat.

No. 1461375

genuinely i know that sleep is important but it can't really be the sole cause of my depression/anxiety/personality disorders, can it? everytime my dad goes on a tangent about it and giving me an ultimatum that i can see a psychologist/professional whatever if i get 8-9 hours of sleep for a month even though i get that most nights, granted i go to bed at 2 and wake up at like 10 or 11. i feel better on days i go to bed at 2 and get up at like 8 or 9 even though i get less sleep, i still feel more productive if i make myself get up and do something. i get home from work most nights at 11:30~11:40 and god forbid i have downtime. though i'll give him that i probably should only really stay up til like 1 or something. i just find it really irritating that he attributes all of my mentally ill behavior to lack of sleep because it really seems to me that he's taking all the blame from himself and my upbringing and delusionally convincing himself that the reason i don't like him is because of sleep. he also goes on and on about how i waste so much of my free time doing things i actually like doing like playing video games or drawing or whatever when i could be "studying" and "learning". i told my dad for years about thinking i have depression and having trouble feeling pleasure in the things i do, and generally feeling apathetic all the time and he only took it upon himself to try and get me diagnosed with something when he wanted to get a recommendation from a psychologist to do a sleep study. i know he did that partially because he himself has sleep apnea, but lo and behold i have 0 actual problems with sleep other than the fact that i was always staying up late. which is a bad habit but also normal teenager behavior tbh. he always gets mad at me when i don't want to do things he personally wants me to do and accuses me of being close minded. this is more of a rant about my dad now anyways but one time i was on a car ride with him he kept badgering me about what i was thinking at the time and i hate having to talk about my thoughts and it's also not his business tbh and he got mad at, which turned into him asking me if i had suicidal thoughts, i said yeah and then he went on about how he does too and that none of us (his family) would care if he died. anytime i'm in the car with him it's like he always blows up at me for no reason but then later apologizes and acts like all should be well. i know i'm like a mega autist and gives inconclusive and apathetic answers to anything he asks me but its not like it's my fault i'm like this. blah blah blah i suddenly remembered that i don't like my dad all that much and why.

No. 1461384

File: 1672711198301.jpeg (374.32 KB, 750x801, DC34D44B-BF17-4BE8-8C38-D98AE4…)

Went through old photos of me and my family last week and I’m beginning to slowly realize that I am the least favourite child of my parents when I was a little kid. I noticed that I’m always dressed up in such an ugly way by my parents compared to my other siblings. They get to have cute expensive dresses that compliments their skin tone and have long girly hairstyles with cute bows and ribbons while I was made to wear ugly coloured dresses that were cheap and itchy. But based on the old family photos I was made to wear pants and singlets most of the time and for as long as i can remember, have the ugliest bowl/mushroom haircut (think of Mob from Mob Psycho anime) so I can’t wear cut bows or ribbons on my hair like my sisters. I basically look like an ugly chubby boy. I think my parents hated me when I was kid cuz I’m the ugliest amongst my siblings. Plus i was a fat compared to them. Or maybe the actually wanted a boy as a second child hence all the boyish clothes and hairstyle. No wonder I grew up to be a bit tomboyish and have low opinion on my looks. Man, what a way to start the new year.

No. 1461389

I keep people at an arm's length because they always disappear eventually. It is bittersweet to water the plant of your friendship only for it to wither away unexpectedly. Sometimes it's half a year, sometimes it's a year, sometimes its several years later. I cherish everyone, just wish I could say goodbye before they decide to move on.

No. 1461392

I’m depressed because of how warm winter has been so far (North America). I can’t cope with how different it is from normal. I really wish it would snow again.

No. 1461393

>subbing to scrotes with pickme audiences
Do your own readings nonna, fuck that noise. He probably deliberately cultivated that community in some sense.

No. 1461398

Why can't you? Just shoot them a message.

No. 1461399

I do and they never reply back or they delete everyone on their list/their account and I have no other way of contacting them. I find it easier to accept that they have moved on and try to as well. If they later come into my life I will be open to it of course.

No. 1461405

Try making the first move next time

No. 1461406

File: 1672713255107.png (227.13 KB, 480x492, sleep deprivation as an antide…)

very similar to you and did some research a while back as to why i felt better on less sleep (and why doing my best to get good sleep didn't make me feel any better). turns out sleep deprivation is a natural anti-depressant. the catch is it's effects only last temporarily, before the side effects kick in and make you feel like shit.


this might be a good indicator that you are indeed depressed and might benefit from treatment if the sleep deprivation works for you. sounds like your dad is just shoehorning his ideas because of his own personal experiences. you are a different person with different needs and feelings.

No. 1461408

I'm saddened and sorry to read it, nonnie, but do know that if that happened to me I'd greatly appreciate that you reached out through other means. Not everyone is dead on the inside like that.

No. 1461414

Thank you for your sweet reply nona. I think there are a couple I might be able to contact so I will just thank them for giving me their company, no matter the length. I think I'm just tired of feeling like I'm always chasing after people and putting in the work to maintain things. It's so much easier to just be content with solitude. I hope both of us can make friendships that last years to come anon.

No. 1461423

If it's any succor, they'll regret it soon enough. Undervaluing precious people is regret number two, three, four, five, six… and ten later in life. (Number one is overvaluing the wrong ones.)
>I hope both of us can make friendships that last years to come anon
I'm too old for that, but I guarantee you will.

No. 1461424

speaking as someone who has been accused of ghosting and disappearing without saying goodbye, and generally being quite detached from relationships. pls don't take it personally or as rejection. there are so many reasons people lose touch or choose to stop replying. it's not exactly an excuse if it hurts the other person's feelings but i know for me i get so depressed or apathetic that i literally cannot speak to people, and even people being really sweet and reaching out just makes me want to shut down even more. or when i break up with someone (friend or romantic) i need a clean break for my sanity. for all you know they could be feeling guilty and terrible about it or it could be a method of self-protection.

i now keep people at arm's length too but for the opposite reason. i don't want to get close and then hurt their feelings when i need to disappear. i only make friends with people who know this about me up front and can understand if we don't speak for months.

i think your approach about accepting and finding peace about it within yourself is very healthy but just know it probably isn't a reflection on you, you might just be more open or willing to connect than most people you make friends with, i dunno.

No. 1461431

I cried today when my family dropped me off at the airport. It was really embarrassing kek. I also cried last night knowing I was going to leave and I cried again in the morning while I was having coffee with my mom. I've lived away from home since I was 18 and never felt this way. I always spend a week at home for the holidays, but this time I felt so sad when I had to leave. Even thinking about it now is making me tear up. I think the last six months were so hard for me and I was so lonely. Being surrounded by people who loved me felt so nice and now I feel alone again. It's funny because I've never been super close to my family, but I guess it take a really horrible few months to make me appreciate them. I wish I was a teenager again and lived at home and helped my mom around the house. I'm so lonely here.

No. 1461441

he's also just a massive and self-admitted narcissist

No. 1461458

File: 1672719276572.jpg (82.3 KB, 728x466, large.walking-nature-landscape…)

Please tell me if I'm overreacting asshole and the guy I started dating is just immature or is he a psycho. We were sitting in his car and talking about various stuff including conspiracy theories and I talked about documented cases of pedo groups among politicians and how they buy and sell children and at first he was serious and then he started making jokes about it, like wondering if pedos make rankings of kids and how high are black kids and I'm like ?????? Then we moved and we saw a stray cat on the road and for a second he sped up the car like he wanted to run it over and when I said it's not funny he started laughing. Then we were just riding around the town in circles but at one moment he moved to a less populated part, around warehouses, and then outside the town and I was like no it's dark and creepy here, it's been like 1 or 2 a.m. I felt totally comfortable with him before but then I got so stiff and uncomfortable and I started having intrusive schizo thoughts about him hurting me. We literally ended up in the middle of nowhere, in a wild field, and the road ended. I was at the verge or a panic attack and he said something like "it looks like a place where something weird can happen" and laughed and I don't know if he wanted to just spook me because we were talking about UFOs before or if it was a legit way to torture me for fun or a threat. I couldn't say anything because I felt paralyzed. It seemed like he wanted to go further but he turned back because there was no more road. We went back to town and he noticed my distress. He asked what's up and if I'm sad, I said I'm angry. I asked him if he likes to see me scared and what the fuck was that supposed to be. He said he didn't want to scare me, he just didn't want to stay on one place and he hoped to find something interesting. He said he likes to move around, I replied he can do it without me then because I don't find it cool to go literally nowhere with no living soul at sight and zero sources of light, in the middle of the night. Then he said he hoped to find some spot with a nice view of the town or some shit. I said it was weird and I just didn't feel safe. He said I should cpmmunicate more clearly and I should just openly tell him I didn't want to go further. I said I wanted to go back and I thought that would be enough. He apologized reluctantly but then he started to basically make the victim of himself, saying things like "So I'm an evil person then, right? I'm such a terrible guy". It didn't work on me and I stopped responding to him and he apologized again and said he would never hurt me. I was not in the mood for talking at all at this point and he asked if I wanted to go home, I said yes and he drove me back. I still feel so weird about this. He's 22 and I know young guys are pretty retarded, I never dated before and this is my first experience and I don't know what to think about it. Maybe I'm just stiff and boring and can't do crazy fun shit like young people usually do? I don't know, at one moment, as we were getting far from town, I had red lights turning in my head and it was such a strong feeling. And before that I felt totally ok with him.

No. 1461459

trust your gut, nonnie. even if you think you're overreacting (and you definitely aren't.)

No. 1461469

I had been on break and so I had inadvertently screwed up my sleep schedule. Sleeping in until noon and wasting half the day away. This makes me feel like the day is shorter. I need to fix my schedule before the new semester starts. I want my routine back reeeee

No. 1461470

if you think a moid is weird you absolutely have to trust your instinct. Not to mention that you are not obligated to stay with him for any reason so why stay with someone who creeps you out even if it's "nothing" (doubtful)? There's no benefit to ignoring your feelings. At the very least it sounds like you're not compatible anyway. Cut ties now before he gets any more attached to you because scrotes are fucking unhinged when they come to think they own you.

No. 1461471

Hahaha, I feel you anon. I've been around on the internet for almost two decades now and I've seen so many friends come and go. I've just come to accept it by now. You are so sweet, thank you again.
I know some people are predisposed to disappearing without warning which is why I try not to take it personally, but I can't help but worry. Thank you for your insight anon. My wish is that everyone I've had contact with be happy and live well. And you too, who knows, we could have talked at some point too.

No. 1461473

I would just call this one a miss, regardless of his intentions. No point in reading too much into it because it’ll just make you go crazy. Just block him. Fwiw there’s not a sane man on the planet who thinks a romantic first(?) date is to drive a woman out to abandoned warehouses. Also the cat thing is a red flag no matter what.

No. 1461474

everything feels poisonous to my brain. It used to only be a couple things (like watching movies) but now everything is poison. I got into a new thing but now when I think about it it feels poisonous and painful. I have to work myself up to engaging with it so i ignore my online friends until i have enough strength to engage with it. I can't watch tv anymore either but for some reason youtube is fine. I can't watch anything when there are people around because it feels horrible. I got a new art supply but just thinking about using it feels painful too. All of it hurts so bad like when you get jumpscared but an ongoing feeling. All i do is watch videogame history youtube videos all day and I don't even like videogames but it's a non-poisonous topic so that's why I put them on. I think i need much more anxiety medication but I don't think they'll give it to me unless i get therapy but I can't afford therapy and it doesn't even work for me anyway.

No. 1461508

no that's fucked. don't see him ever again.

No. 1461520

>makes joke about ranking kids to rape based on race(why was this the first thing that came to his mind to joke about?)
>tries to murder a cat right in front of you
>takes you to a deserted area to intimidate you then gaslights you about it
>omg guys am I the asshole!?

Straight Women have the worst sense of danger when it comes to dick and the reality is this won’t be the last time you see him regardless of what anyone here says

No. 1461529

my nigel and i are long distance, and instead of visiting him i think i may go all out and go for a week long insane vacation with the money i would spend visiting him. i've always wanted to go to prague and think i can swing it- do any nonnies have other suggestions? i'm looking for a place that would be fun for a week of just walking, not trying to brag i just didn't realize i'd be spending the same amount of money to get a place and fly up than i could to go somewhere fun for a week and tbh feeling it rn, 2022 was shit and i deserve it

No. 1461531

File: 1672724408501.jpg (427.52 KB, 2048x1536, Tumblr_l_21823873845893.jpg)

I entered grad school for my dream job and while I love doing the actual stuff, the whole academia garbage is swallowing me. The professors are cruel and the whole "you have to write garbage in order to get a diploma" is worthless to me. I'm locked out of oppurtunities because my bachelor's sucks and I cannot redo it. This was my only oppurtunity, yet I have deadlines for tomorrow and I'm not even close to finished. I want to actually die. I would rather die than exist.

No. 1461536

I wish I was a basic thin white woman with blonde hair then my dating options wouldn’t be so limited. They can pretty much have any genre of scrote they want. Dating would be so much more fun.

No. 1461540

Poojeta detected

No. 1461542

My god nonnie why are you calling your natural instincts "literal schizo thoughts" and labeling yourself "stiff and boring" because you're rightly upset your first date said and did weird creeper shit to you and took you to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night while you had little control of your situation? This moid is a murderer in the making or sounds like he did this on purpose to write about his exploits making women uncomfortable in incel/pua forums. I hope you at least told somebody who you were with? It doesn't matter if you felt okay with him at some point. He's an absolute freak and you should never contact him again if you value your life and sanity. First date advice cuz you clearly need it - go somewhere public that's inbetween his place and yours in the daylight with a lot of people, use your own method of transportation, and tell someone you trust about who your date is, where you're going and when you plan to be back. If he doesn't accept those terms then he's not to be trusted. My god this story… Maybe just read up on the man hate threads.

No. 1461588

My sister is such a fucking fag hag all she does is cape after gay moids and drag queens and attributing literally any small thing she does as her being "so gay". She would never eat pussy in her fucking life, I'm both irritated and ashamed I have to be associated with wannabe faggots like her just because I technically fall under LGB, I never want to associate with that shit I'd rather be drab and conservative atp

No. 1461597

After rent and bills I'll be left with 300€ only and I'm supposed to live on that until the next month. I'm sick of being this poor and it's just getting worse and worse each month. There's no point in trying to save money either beause I then I'd have even less to use now and eventually I'd have to dip into my savings to get food.

No. 1461623

It's not true nona
>t. white redhead anon that bleached her hair in the past that saw the drop in quality of men that hit on her when she did so

No. 1461624

Going to need farmers here to understand that a cow fucking a scrote does not mean the cow is set for life

No. 1461625

You know how on the very first day of 2023 I went home after staying with friends? And I took a quick shower and my sister wanted to go out and started yelling and crying like an overgrown baby that she needed to brush her teeth despite seeing me going to the bathroom so my retarded mother unlocked the bathroom door while I was naked and wet to get her toothbrush and toothpaste? And I'm the one who got yelled at for being mad at them? Guess what? I have a really nasty cold now from this whole bullshit and nobody wants to admit it's their fault. Happy new year to everyone except my entire family I hope they die very soon. They all claimed they asked me to unlock the door and since I didn't give an answer because I couldn't hear them thanks to the water they just barged in anyway.

No. 1461627

nta but Nonna that's because redheads are universally desired and more than blondes kek

No. 1461630

i hate my parents, if they wanted unconditional love for giving the bare minimun to something they should have gotten a cat. I dont care how much they cry about me not loving them, i am not going to love a couple of lazy assholes who were selfish enough to shit out a child while being so dysfunctional, cant wait until they get old enough that i can dumb them on a geriatric home.

No. 1461637

Yeah I've personally learned that lol but that doesn't change that blondes are still believed to be the most desired as anon showed

No. 1461639

Damn i must be the unluckiest blonde in the world

No. 1461642

I've furnishing my new home, and my parents have been helping out since I have no car of my own, both picking out and delivering stuff. I really wish I could do it on my own though, as my dad is getting on my nerves, the man can't take a break, he wants to have it finished as soon as possible, even though it literally makes no difference if it's ready by February or April by this point. Any time I have a day off, he's like "let's go to X hardware store/IKEA and pick out lamps because you have it for two rooms but not for the bathroom yet" and I just want a fucking break. I don't want to think about the goddamn lamps during the holidays, he already got me to buy shit I wish I could have done more research on, because he's constantly pressuring me to make quick decisions. I thought picking out stuff for a new apartment would be fun, instead he makes it feel like a fucking 24/7 job for me. He also constantly tries to shut my mother out of the conversation and trying to go pick out stuff when she's busy, because she always makes a lot of good observations and suggestions, which also makes the process slower. I honestly wish I could shut my dad out of this whole ordeal, but it'd cause a giant fucking fight that I don't want to have, and I need the car.

No. 1461649

I hate to say this but the things that you really want that you have purchased will be a lifesaver later and the things you didn't want can easily be sold and put towards the car you want. Is he footing any of the bills?

No. 1461650

No. 1461651

I like what the Brave browser has to offer but fuck they are making me realize that Google has better results when it comes to searching. Before I thought Google was censoring a lot but honestly at this point I can say they censor some but not like Brave does.

No. 1461653

I can’t function anymore. My depression finally caught up to me and now at a point where I really can’t pretend to be a normally functioning person anymore. My antidepressants aren’t helping me or maybe it’s just so bad that I can’t tell it’s efficacy but all I see is that it’s making me gain weight which is fine by me. I can’t do anything. I don’t even know how I managed to not fail this semester with all these breakdowns and constant anxiety I had. My room is so messy I can’t walk around properly. I probably haven’t cleaned it in 7 months if not more. All I do is switch from one social media to another so I don’t give my brain a chance. I thought I was so good at hiding but now most people around me can tell there’s something wrong with me which is embarrassing cause most people my age know what they want, are established and have some sense of self actualization. I really thought I’d get better but it just keeps getting worse and with the way it’s going I’m definitely headed towards suicide in the near future. I really don’t think I can save myself. The only thought that’s bringing me relief is that of me dying.

No. 1461654

wdym results are delivered by search engines, not browsers. do you mean duckduckgo? you can still switch to google search engine on brave in settings if you want to

No. 1461656

No, the only ongoing expense with the apartment is the minimal heating and the common cost, both billed towards me and aren't big sums. I don't want to go around reselling stuff I didn't want in the first place when I can just not buy it in the present. There's no rush here, he's the only one who treats it like I need to buy and assemble everything instantly, I want to have a proper day off between work and this project.

No. 1461659

Using Google's search engine kind of defeats the purpose of using Brave. DDG fails to provide the same results as well but it is better.

No. 1461660

Okay so if he is not purchasing anything then seriously it's time to put up a boundary

No. 1461662

> kind of defeats the purpose of using Brave
NTA but for me the purpose is using a browser that blocks ads and tracking without shitty addons, I couldn't care less if google collects my search data. I'm not a criminal or a schizo.

No. 1461663

Okay? That's you. Not everyone wants their data sold. Google still tracks you even if you use them on Brave.

No. 1461667

Yeah, I have a youtube account and half a dozen google accounts. I want and need them to track me to provide services to me. I don't want shit sites that don't provide me anything to track things that are none of their business. I think that's the case for 99% of people.

No. 1461670

You really need to learn "if it doesn't apply, let it fly"

No. 1461672

You're more guilty of that than I am.

No. 1461676

Not at all. You need to get better at context clues.

No. 1461688

saw a tif complaining about actors using fat suits in Hollywood in 2022 and how it’s fat phobic. people definitely need to cut back the fat positivity movement and recognize that being a ham planet will dramatically decrease your quality of life especially after you hit your thirties.

No. 1461689

like how dare Brendan Fraser wear a fat suit for the whale instead of further exasperating his health issues by severe method acting and gaining hundreds of pounds.

No. 1461691

Well I did it again. I almost started doing adult content. Well I never even considered nudes or porn, but I wanted to do projects that had weird content and enjoy my body while it is young and beautiful. I took a bunch of photos and videos too. But I just think why should I do that, even without my name and face, it's just modeling but it feels so cheap. Rather I want to make modeling and cosplay content not risque, so I will delete these photos. And really I want to make asmr, I'm just getting together a way to do that, a quiet place, hq camera, supplies, and most of all money. I rarely ever had enough money to invest in this without worrying about stable living, and so then you start to get this mindset of how can I make good money fast and consistently. I have done so many gigs and so much and could never get ahead. At one point I was living well and making a lot, I even had a mic and and planned to record music thinking I would sell a song for money. The investment didn't work because I was broken inside from so many things, excited to try but broken. And when I found myself in a relationship I had no stable income so I still felt broken, a bit trapped. I only now finally have money to even try, since all other job possibilities are fails for me, can't get hired anymore. It's all a risk hoping to make it. And I really want my ex back I miss him, I just can't even make it work right now there's so many things making it impossible. I have to remind myself things work out for a reason, don't try to push it or feel down on yourself.

No. 1461692

I assume that you're in college since you mentioned having a semester. College is a really difficult time for a lot of people. It's a stressful transition plus your early 20s is when a lot of mental health conditions start. I had a lot of friends who had a really tough time in college who are doing a lot better now a few years after graduating. Even as someone who thought they knew what they wanted, I realize looking back on college that I really didn't, so I hope you don't beat yourself up by comparing yourself to others. It sucks to feel so horribly depressed. I don't know if you have the option to take a semester off? Otherwise, remember that this is just one period of your life. It might really suck now, but it won't always be this way.

No. 1461713

A gross gay moid joined my team at work. He seemed like a normal guy but then posted a link to his art in our slack channel. It's filled with naked fat moids drawn in a cute/cartoony soulless corporate-tier art style. Didn't think I would ever run into one of these people irl.
People should really keep their hobbies to themselves at work.

No. 1461716

Can't you report him for posting a link to pornography in a work channel?

No. 1461718

post him on the bad art thread

No. 1461738

I hate this assignment, it's so fucking boring. I have no motivation to write anything and I have so much other work I need to be doing. I want my assignments to be over and I want to party and drink. I hate January.

No. 1461762

Thank you so much for reading all of that shit first of all. I’m turning 26 soon actually and sadly I’ve been depressed ever since I was a teen cause of a shitty home and then later even more shit happened so it just gradually got worse. I only got help this year. But I live in a conservative ass country where mental health is highly stigmatized so the mental health services are overpriced, terrible and almost nonexistent. But thank you again dear nonna.

No. 1461783

I’m 31 and my bf is 24 but I don’t tell anyone because I know I’d get judged. Even though it’s totally common for women to get married to men my age when they are in their mid 20s.

No. 1461789

I moved to another country. I wish I had a friend here who could support me in trying something new but I don't have friends because I am afraid to leave my room and try something new.

No. 1461790

He used to be so hot but then he turned to streaming & had some sort of injury that made his entire structure recess and he gained weight…so sad…hope he can one day return to the cutie he was

No. 1461799

I get so tired of people like you! You are pathetic, and it is a waste of time to reply.

No. 1461821

Actually cruel. I don't care. You are being very cruel to me. You treat me so awfully because of how moody you are. You are also being a major hypocrite, I cannot do the same thing you do to me. I cannot stand it anymore. I wish to escape.

No. 1461842

I have this one coworker that, whenever someone calls in sick at work, asks incredibly nosy questions. I'm always so tempted to just tell her that I have massive explosive diarrhea and no time to daddle with her on the phone for another ten minutes, please just tell our boss ffs.

No. 1461846

I want a fluffy animal

No. 1461865

Everything I love is BAD FOR ME AND IT SUCKS
>Caffeine makes my breasts hurt
>Alcohol hurts my liver and stomach
>Promiscuous sex is dangerous
>Salty and fatty food is bad for my heart


No. 1461869

No. 1461877

If I could be drunk everyday of my life W/o consequence I would be

No. 1461879

>Caffeine makes my breasts hurt
my doctor told me this because i complained about my breasts being sore for literally months and I hated knowing because I wasn't cutting it out anytime soon (I did cut back eventually and the pain is gone now but I still drink coffee every morning)

No. 1461883

I regret downloading tiktok
Yes there were several videos that really make me laugh, but once again I am reminded that everyone is the exact same person, like cookie cutter npcs because they all make the exact same shit as each other, and if you don't follow that, or you're not conventionally attractive they won't even show you to other people. Also they keep region locking me, I do fun lives that get a lot of viewers and chatting but it's mainly locked to my country which is small.

god I just wish I could have a life again so I wouldn't fill the empty space with apps, I hate it so much.

No. 1461885

I applaud you anon

I recently had a crush on a guy roughly 10 years older than me for a hot second. I’m in my early 30s and he’s early 40s. Went on a date with him, was so hormonal I was legit getting wet just sitting across a table from him (cringe). I casually mentioned I don’t want children, to which he replied he would like them one day and it was like a switch instantly turned off inside me. It was the moment I realized even if moids like to brag about how they don’t «expire», he’s not getting any younger and if he’s serious about wanting kids he needs to get started yesterday, and I wasn’t gonna be the one pumping out those babies. Now I’m dating a guy younger than me and I’ll never look back.

No. 1461888

ayrt and same, I love being drunk. I wish I could relate to people who say they hate drinking because they don't like feeling out of control, that's the fun part to me

No. 1461893

Men can have babies older because let’s be honest they’re not going to be the ones taking care of the kids so it’s not like it matters if he’s dead or too old to be around anyway

No. 1461895

Males sperm degrades six times faster than women’s eggs. They shouldn’t be having kids older kek it’s just male cope

No. 1461899

It shouldn’t but they do and it’s not like if there’s any health complications that they’d have to deal with it. Most men don’t like kids they just want to “continue their blood line” so they wait until the last minute to have kids. Kind of like the last thing on their lifes to do list before they die.

No. 1461901

Older men are more likely to have autistic or schizo babies. There are also researchers showing older men had less attractive kids so it's just a cycle of incels creating more incels, kek.

No. 1461903

Technically yes but you still need to find a fertile woman wanting to have your babies and unless you're like in the 1% riches most attractive men it's not getting any easier past 40. His only choice is probably mail order bride sadly.

No. 1461905

I have a nice streak of 7 days without crying but I'm upset today and close to ruining it, that's the only thing that's stopping me from getting into bed and sobbing for hours.

No. 1461907

He's more likely to find a divorced normie woman than a mail order bride. A mail order bride wouldn't have kids with a man she's only dating for citizenship.

No. 1461908

It doesn’t matter to them because they won’t be taking care of those kids anyway. They just want to check off having kids on their life’s to do list. This is why older women having kids with younger men doesn’t really work because the woman has to be around to take care of kids and we know this. Plenty of women 45+ can have kids still but we don’t for that reason.

No. 1461922

>A mail order bride wouldn't have kids with a man she's only dating for citizenship
Unfortunately this happens in my country and it disgusts me. Should be illegal as it's pretty much equivalent to trafficking.

No. 1461925

Olden mens sperm degrades but so do womens eggs. Sorry but you cant get around the biological facts of life. Dont have kids after like 35 or you will end up with a little Chris-chan on your doorstep.

No. 1461928

Nta. That's so true. I wish people over 40 were forbidden to reproduce. I have the shittiest health out of all my siblings and half-siblings and I am the youngest. Idk about mental health but I am the only one without friends or romantic experience and it says something about me. Having a grandpa-like dad was not fun at school. Having old parents sucks.

No. 1461932

I don’t think you’re reading what I’m saying. They do not care if their children have defects because they don’t plan on taking care of their children anyway. Men who are like 45 saying “ I want kids some day” have no plans of being a main parent in their childrens lives. They are ok with the mother taking on all the responsibility for any fucked up kids they have, they will be dead or in a nursing home anyway.

No. 1461937

>He's more likely to find a divorced normie woman than a mail order bride
I'm not saying it can't happen, but it's optimistic to think women who are of ideal child-bearing age (let's say early 20s-35 years old) are gonna eagerly jump on some 40+ year old dick and get pregnant right away in this day and age. At least I wouldn't, but I guess I'm not a normie woman haha. I'm just saying with each passing year it's getting less likely for him.

No. 1461945

stop fear mongering. Women's eggs are fine well into their late 30s. It's the men that carry genetic issues, but people love to blame women.

No. 1461947

I hate how my ex prevented me from making friends with people. Literally every time. If she doesn't approve she'd start to hate me and threaten to break up with me. Now I'm just so damn tired, emotionally exhausted from dealing with her, and I don't feel motivated anymore to make new friends.

No. 1461951

am i freak for avoiding people who remind me of embarrassing periods in my life? like there’s nothing wrong with you, exactly, but i see myself at 16 whenever you’re around & i know you know what i was like back then so it's tough to have you near people that don't

is this narcissism? looking at someone and only seeing me?

No. 1461962

Idk why but I cringe too hard at my past self if I'm confronted with reminders of it. People, even belongings that bring me back in time send me to a place I can't deal with. Its not even like I was that bad in my youth but I'm hyper sensitive to it.

Its like when you break up with someone and you look at everything they ever bought you and you just want to purge it from your life to move on.

No. 1461973

Nonnita can you post sources for this? I've always heard it was the woman and am terrified because my bf is 3 years younger than me, so that means I'll have to have them when he's older and more financially stable.

No. 1461981

All of their services suck.

No. 1461992

I flip from being okay with my cute little modest life, and tearing myself to shreds for not taking more advantage of opportunities around me. One thing I know is that backing off a bit has improved my happiness so much. I am afraid that I have become lazy rather than purposefully pausing/limiting my obligations so I dont overwhelm myself. I know I could be doing more, like earning more money/learning more things, but the pace I have set for myself the past couple of years has given me room to breathe.. and I love it. I look like a total failure or a zen hippy dte chick depending on how you frame my life.

No. 1462027

I know he’s just using me for sex. It’s okay. I really don’t care anymore. I care more then he does anyway. Idk how to talk to him half time. At this point it’s all I will ever be anyway. I am too used to it but god I just don’t care. The uwu Menhera crackhead girl persona is falling apart and my true self is coming out. It’s nasty and comes from the sewers. The restricting doesn’t make me lose weight so I have been making myself sick on purpose, shitting my guts out. Cutting myself like a pathetic little Twitter bitch isn’t gonna help anything. I walk around with visible fresh cuts and scars. No one says anything anymore. I am falling apart medically. I am tired all the time… yet. It’s okay. I don’t care anymore. He’s a solstice. Makes me forget for a moment.
Anyway. Don’t fuck around with Germans I guess.

No. 1462033

Stuff like this is why women can't treat boyfriends like actual friends or brothers. You have to be sort of "stuck up" so you can have boundaries. I say this from years of being the cool girl, it just gets women served endless shit sandwiches by men. And then they turn around and act like other women are "mean" and bad and don't understand them. Those "bitches" understood them just fine, I was the foolish one who didn't understand what was going on.
I am the same way. I have a pretty set of post-it notes. Every single day I try to write down 2 constructive things I can do, 1 cleaning and one creating, along with the most simple exercises with 5lb weights, and just going outside to sit in the sun for a few minutes. I keep fucking trying, but every time I get to feeling a little better, PMS, a massive migraine, or ovulation fucks my shit up.

No. 1462035

Nonnie pull yourself together you sound pathetic. Dump the man and journal or do yoga or some shit for fucks sake.

No. 1462039

Did you mean solace?

Funny, while I'm not as bad as you I did break it off with my fuckbuddy 5 days ago, I was using him as a roundabout way of self harm to relieve the stress of other things in life. After seeing him I was feeling sore and empty headed, it was a kind of relief and I didn't want to let go of my coping mechanism and face going deeper into the pit of loneliness and stress.

But you need to take that step anon. Facing things head on is less daunting once you've actively made the decision to and taken some control back. While it was bad the first 2 days I feel better because I didn't really have genuine feelings for him, it was just the way I coped. Now my mood is more level and I can see a steady path forward. I thought I'd come completely undone but making the choice to end it and seeing it through was already a step up. I've been doing yoga and feel more centred. I wish you luck, you're not a monster or nasty, just in a bad state of affairs that'll take some effort to get out of.

No. 1462043

moid-tier reply. "just journal and do yoga" really? be for real

No. 1462050

Those are good ideas though, journaling helps a lot with keeping your thoughts organized and yoga is great for the body and mind since you tend to have some moments to meditate.

No. 1462062

i think >>1462027 obviously suffers from severe mental issues, i don't think those activities would help her atm like therapy could. Also, i just think calling someone, specially a woman, "pathetic" while they're down is very cruel

No. 1462066

Venus angelic is that you?

No. 1462068

Welcome to lolcow Nonnacita. We expect better of you here.

No. 1462079

Women like that just have to experience getting smashed and dashed by scrotes who use them for sex before they gain self respect. Eventually she will get tired of being used for sex and snap out of it herself, no amount of yoga, journaling and therapy will work for that. She will learn one day that being single is actually better than being used, not all attention is good attention.

No. 1462091

the fuck kinda reply is that

No. 1462100

Someone tell me what is the deal with this retarded scrote I am "friends" with I.E. am in the process of distancing myself from
>sends the driest texts
>will wait a day to respond to my grayrock texts
>if he sees that I opened but did not reply to his texts he sends me a tiktok?
I don't get it, does he want attention or something? Is he looking to be chased? He sends me the least engaging texts then sends tiktoks if I don't reply to him. The fuck am I supposed to say about a tiktok, retard? "Haha, funny"?? They're never funny.

No. 1462104

I think he's trying to get his fix of female interaction. That stuff is like crack to some men. But he's too retarded to realize that and too retarded to do it in a productive way.

No. 1462107

He wants to keep you around just incase he might want to sleep with you one day but too lazy to put effort into the conversation. Just block him.

No. 1462112

>We expect better of you here
Ironic coming from someone calling a woman in a bad situation pathetic, you're supposed to be more mindful towards others here too, not to berate or give bullshit tips that won't help

No. 1462120

If you don’t care about your body and well being why not just get a sugar daddy? At least you’d be getting paid to sleep with scrotes who don’t care about you.

No. 1462121

Kek fuck off. Not only is this the VENT thread (something you guys can't seem to remember) but this is an imageboard, "we expect better of you" my ass.

No. 1462125

> i just think calling someone, specially a woman, "pathetic" while they're down is very cruel
NTA but I've read so much BPD horseshit like that post I instantly want to alog so hard.
>Uwuwu I'm so mentally ill I fuck my life in every way because I have BPD and I'm perfectly okay with it hehe
>But I will endlessly bitch to you about it and require you care me 24/7 or else I'm gonna kill myself or hurt myself even more teehee
Yeah fuck you and fuck your life. I don't care, nobody else should either.

No. 1462126

It's like to some anons here you have to be the most perfect woman ever in their eyes, and if you have made any kind of mistake or are in any unfortunate situation you deserve to be berated. Don't know if you people are newfags or what, but it feels like this thread is basically pointless now.

No. 1462128

File: 1672778913951.jpeg (38.57 KB, 680x383, 297.jpeg)

I fucking hate social media for what it is now. I feel like it used to be fun or actually interesting but a lot of it is just soulsucking/dopaminehitting garbage. I do actually enjoy seeing peoples vacation photos, or a cool tattoo design but the vanity it's given to some people is ridiculous. I quit social media I guess for almost two years and it's been the best decision I could have ever made. My boyfriend recently stopped using it and I hope it sticks. We don't need it. Just call and text people it's not that hard.

No. 1462129

His work upped his hours and he was constantly tired, and to be honest just bad at managing his time and life. Always rushed, stressed and behind on everything . Not good for me or him to stay together.

Thank you so much for your input nona, I think you're right. Thank you.

No. 1462136

If that unfortunate situation involves a scrote the only thing that needs to be said to you is that you go ahead and delete his number. He’s probably poor anyway.

No. 1462139

You sound deranged

No. 1462143

You sound new.

No. 1462144

I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about the shitty responses so many anons get in this thread in like the past year or two. Even if they're talking about being abused or being raped there's always some anon that wants to be an ass and fight with them

No. 1462145

I only see anons getting berated when they come here crying about abusive scrotes that they won’t leave or stop fucking

No. 1462147

That's not the only instances where that happen, but you seem to be the type of anon I'm talking about so whatever.

No. 1462148

I accidentally just poured a fuck ton of lemon pepper seasoning all over my steak and I kinda ruined it

No. 1462150

Why does fantasizing have to feel so much better than real life? It feels so much safer to me than actually getting involved with other people. I love fantasizing about something and not being a part of it. It's probably due to my low self-esteem.

No. 1462168

There is this particular anime that aired last season that turned out to be exceptionally good and I feel kinda sad that I missed out on watching it while it was airing, missed out on all the good discussions, fanarts, possible friends I could have made through the fandom, just because the show painfully reminded me of my ex. I hate how I feel so much resentment even though it's just my fault for feeling this way and being this autistic about it.

No. 1462169

File: 1672781138709.jpeg (17.78 KB, 247x137, 21D84DB2-14B6-490E-A42D-C41B30…)

I feel like such a fatass, I just had a bar of chocolate like pic related and it's honestly making me feel like a piece of shit, why the fuck did I do this to myself? I will try to work it out now, but I know that won't delete the bunch of calories I just had, I also ate a small Oreo ice cream, I want to die, why am I like this? I must be near my period or something, it's the only time of the month that I want to eat shit like a pig, I want to die, I will never lose weight and look decent for my graduation pictures, I will have to wear a XXXXL tent.

No. 1462174

I hit it off today with a guy on my college campus, conversation was going great and I found him attractive, but I noticed that another girl was his phone lock screen and he tried to hide it when I noticed. Are there any possibilities for this that don’t point to him having a gf?

No. 1462176

It's either
>girl he stalks and has a crush on

No. 1462177

Just ask him if it’s his gf and if he says no you’re in the clear.

No. 1462179

Use occam's razor

No. 1462181

>college campus
There's a 70% chance it's an ldr and he's trying to use the coward's way out.

No. 1462184

I know that feeling anon, reality rarely ever lives up to the expectations of your fantasies. It's so fun to daydream, not actually putting in the grueling work towards a goal that may or may not be worth it in the end. This is why I will never amount to anything lol

No. 1462196

Moids will lie about anything just so they can cheat on their girlfriends so no don’t trust what he says. Just ask for his name so you can look him up and see if his girlfriend tags him in anything online, thats your best bet

No. 1462200

Yeah, this seems the most likely. Just to clarify, what’s the cowards way out? Is that just cheating, cheating and then breaking up, or having someone lined up for after the break up?

I would consider pursuing a friendship with him at this point. but I’ll definitely ask if he has a gf. (I am assuming he’s interested because he asked for my number, gave me a ride back to my bus stop, and asked for my schedule so we can hang out)

No. 1462201

Samefagging bc I didn’t see this, this is so so smart but I don’t have any social media. I’ll try my best with what I can do, maybe ask a friend or sister to dig.

No. 1462202

>I’m just going to be his friend if he has a gf
Just be honest with yourself anon. You know this won’t end in a platonic friendship.

No. 1462207

>thinking this is a newfag thing
Are you ok? This site has always had no problem pointing out when people are throwing themselves retarded pity parties over self inflicted male bullshit. And this site has a bunch of threads making fun of cows for the same shit as that poster.

No. 1462209

Okay I'm going to do it.
I am going to delete my past.
My old emails will be gone, not just the i box the entire emails themselves
I am cutting off everyone I don't like
No social media presence, that isn't anonymous
Surgery to change my features
Legally changing my name again
Possibly giving up my first citizenship and keeping the second
Never ever going back

I am done
I want a fresh new life

No. 1462210

File: 1672784106700.png (630.73 KB, 1024x1024, 1661169485973.png)

>thinking about how i don't want to work or study ever because life isn't real and this is all a game so who cares
>open youtube
>medical student 3 AM morning routine

Man shut the fuck up, what is wrong with these people? You are literally insane. Studying 24/7 for years, or even working and studying at the same time?! Schizo behavior. I work part time to survive and have a little bit of extra money on the side. I love thrifting and feel like such a sneaky little high IQ rat when I buy short dated food that's like 50% off. I have a few thousand in savings. Don't need more. I would only work 40 hours a week for 150k a year, no less. Dead srs. I'm genuinely so confused on how its worth it to these people. I need to be myself for several hours per day

No. 1462213

File: 1672784217042.png (235.3 KB, 828x1792, B631167C-316E-4C22-A31F-68D57F…)

what the fuuuuccckkkkk is it

No. 1462219

it was classroom. CLASSROOM. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL this game is dumb

gonna do another one

No. 1462220

I'm not even talking about that one specific poster.

No. 1462224

a lot of people don't want to, nonnie.
those videos are not real.
pass me a monster, please.

No. 1462225

Samefag, but in case you haven't noticed, this whole thread is a pity party. It's the vent thread.

No. 1462227

File: 1672784895683.jpg (53.54 KB, 596x596, 1654496048557.jpg)

>family member dies a slow death of cancer
>other family member makes the situation as difficult and time-consuming as possible for everyone in patient's orbit through the entire dying process
>family member who made things difficult was just got cancer diagnosis

No. 1462231

>Is that just cheating, cheating and then breaking up, or having someone lined up for after the break up?
If it's a college ldr then probably (hopefully for you) one of the latter two and you should proceed with caution because it's cowardly but fairly normal. If it's an on-campus gf then you should stay away because it might just be a classic case of cheating.

No. 1462240

Been seeing this guy since early December and he seems great- has a good job, we have a similar taste in music, hobbies, humour and other things, he has his own place (and it's clean!), he's always on time when we meet up and all my friends say that he's a responsible and loyal guy (we met through my friends) yet I'm still so bummed about this whole thing. I haven't been with anyone in years because I have lost all faith in men and what are the odds of him not being garbage or a typical scrote. I'm not someone who needs a relationship and being by myself all these years made me grow in so many ways but over time I kept wishing to have someone to spend time, share memories and be intimate with. I do have friends but they all seem to spend more time with their partners and families and I'd feel like a burden if I tried to insert myself in there. I like spending time by myself but there are times where you just start to feel lonely. One of my worst nightmares is becoming that one gf who discovers that her moid has been ogling other women and been cheating on them and wasting time on a moid. I wish men weren't the way they are.

No. 1462241

>everyone who is not an unprovoked asshole towards other anons venting is a newfag
Miserable as hell

No. 1462244

Ask for his instagram or TikTok and look at who he follows

No. 1462281

Just see how things develop and trust your judgment. It seems to be really easy to figure out who someone is when you and they are late 20's or older, so you shouldn't have a problem picking up on red flags unless you're a bpdchan.

No. 1462344

Cheers to that, nonnie

No. 1462347

How do people have the guts to make fun of fatties while either they or their family members are fat? My bfs dad said never get between a fat woman and her fajitas meanwhile bfs lardass brother and pudgy mom were right there

No. 1462387

I hate myself so much why was I born so stupid and retarded I wish someone could help me

No. 1462414

I need to lose weight but I ate so much cheese today already boo

No. 1462420

Men are so fucking weak. Fuck warfare and prison torture. Want a man to TRULY suffer? Give him a fucking headcold. Holy fuck give them a cold and just lay out a loaded gun. They're such fucking weak scrote pussy ass retarded fucks. Pieces of shit, useless goddamn bullet-catchers. Goddamn noise animals. Fucking skintoads. Goddamn fuckin' piss-boilers. I literally have the exact same fucking cold and I could lead a nation. Fuck men.

No. 1462465

File: 1672795908127.png (239.44 KB, 640x327, EF57C8D5-79C5-4340-940A-6BC6A9…)

TFW my vent makes a schizoposter mad. If anyone is pathetic it’s you. Jesus h Christ. Are you the same anon that does this every time someone mentions abuse or a toxic relationship with a man? You need some help cuz that yoga and journaling ain’t helping you. Good god.
Thanks. It’s been really weird. So many conflicting feelings. He’s not right abusive, actually he’s very kind to me and we get along well.. our relationship is just so unbalanced in that way. I have been just wanting to just put a stop to the sex but I have such a hard time doing so. I am in the middle of switching therapists. The fucking office gave me some incoherent moid who’s the same age as my grandma. Like… yes give a abuse victim the moid therapist that totally will make it better. I am just hoping they don’t put me off more. Olde gramps was hard enough to get into.

Though I am glad to hear that anonna. I hope I can do the same.
Zaddy didn’t buy me more sanrio plushies.… so sadge… ((ngl this made me laugh))

No. 1462467

Women work on their periods. Men could never.

No. 1462475

I usually don’t side with scrotes but if this is how you act irl I can understand why the scrote just wants to keep things casual with you

No. 1462477

I am a BPD-chan but I have caught onto it quick. Just got so tangled it I am trying to figure a way out. I do wanna say I have caught on earlier then I have on the past. I have that going for me.
Sorry for same fagging. This thread becomes a hot mess with this stupid shit. Yes this thread is a pity party. Only time there isn’t constructive replies or vents is when people argue about this shit. We get it you are a perfect person who doesn’t let moids walk all over you yadahyadah. We make fun of cows for the same shit. Calm down. Lots of people here laugh at cows for their own mistakes or flaws. Sorry not every woman on here is like you. This website never fails to disappoint or not disappoint me. Go fight in the dog hate thread or something. Talk about you love shitbulls idk

No. 1462481

File: 1672796914568.png (1.13 MB, 749x1058, 1672619207475.png)

I think I want to go vegan because I read about how carelessly filthy meat processing factories are and how every chicken plant is riddled in salmonella. Damn can't have shit in America without getting sick from it. I don't know where to start though because I know eventually my body will need meat.

No. 1462488

>>1462481 I made the switch to vegetarianism for this exact reason. In my home country, meat is processed completely differently. Here I was suffering from really bad constipation and feeling really ill after eating meat. From what I've read, animal products like cheese, dairy, and eggs are processed to a high standard though so you will likely be fine eating that.

No. 1462491

I actually recently stopped being vegetarian lol, but I would say take proper supplements (b12 and iron are most important. eat lots of vitamin c rich foods too), consult a doctor and get blood tests, and maybe occasionally eat meat.

No. 1462493

If you're eating shit meat you may as well be vegetarian anyway. Pieces of processed meat < heme iron rich grass fed steak

No. 1462499

supplements and high-protein meals are essential for staying healthy on a vegan diet, go to the doctor at minimum once a year to get bloodwork done if you are able to, so you can identify what nutrients you need/if you're lacking in anything. good luck, it's an excellent choice to make as long as you stay on top of your health and nutrition.

No. 1462500

The ones that airchill their chicken aren't riddled with salmonella. That's how they avoid it in the first place.

No. 1462526

I'm so happy that I actually seem to have built my PC right. I actually got to the BIOS screen and the components are showing up. Thank Christ. I was so scared I fucked it up because I had a lot of trouble due to being a fucking moron. I also put off building it forever because I'm a procrastinating loser, and I was scared I'd break it and not have the money to replace the parts. The first time I tried to power it on it didn't work and just kept rebooting and I almost shit myself. But it seems to work fine now, just need to set up BIOS and install Windows/drivers. Anyway I needed to vent my relief. Yay!

No. 1462535

>I would only work 40 hours a week for 150k a year, no less.
sorry to break it to you but having that kind of lifestyle and mindset is how you would get that kind of salary

No. 1462542

File: 1672802164342.gif (389.57 KB, 498x498, A5AA644C-2D62-4FCE-91BA-1AF002…)

I seriously cringe and get embarrassment by some of the scrotes I had sex with in the past. I was such a loser holy shit.

No. 1462546

File: 1672802857744.png (2.38 MB, 1169x942, 1668249501939.png)

My bf hasn't replied to me all fucking day today and now I'm convinced he's cheating or he's dead because these are both my #1 fears in any relationship. I'm so fucking mad just pick up your phone so I can stop having this level of anxiety!!! ANSWER!!!!!! I HATE MY ANXIETY

No. 1462582

Same and the way I let them talk to me, I am glad I never got with any gross 40 year old men who hit on me when I was younger. Some of them had kids close to my age and they're grotty scrotes who will die alone for that

No. 1462588

No. 1462591

probably some streamer or cosplay girl he thinks is cute and felt embarrassed if a IRL girl saw his simping

No. 1462596

File: 1672808208974.jpeg (33.55 KB, 640x729, F56884CC-DF68-47B9-9486-D9449E…)

I'm a dumbass. I've been sweating at night like never before and today a bit of urine leaked without me being able to control it. So I googled it and the results said it could be due to pregnancy. It scared the bejesus outta me because I'm utterly paranoid about everything. Turns out it was just my period. I had completely forgotten how menstruation messes up with our system sigh

No. 1462604

File: 1672809127276.png (41.64 KB, 275x275, 1665772104814.png)

I want to go to the gym tonight but it's going to be packed because it's the new year, I know I shouldn't judge people who are trying to improve themselves but it's so fucking annoying to deal with crowds at the gym, I probably have to wait until after midnight ffs.

No. 1462618

in vino veritas

things my ex said with alcohol make me sad
"my mother would really like you"
"when I was younger I had no problem with women and now it's hard"
"I never thought I would find someone to love"
"99% of ppl are shit and you are the 1% that is special"

it's so hard to tell when men want you or just want any woman nearby really

No. 1462620

I feel sad that I’ve never had an ex boyfriend try to get back together with me. I’ve always heard stories from other girls proudly turning down their exes, and after breakups or heartaches I’ve heard “Ohh just you wait, he’ll come crawling back!” and I always fantasized about my exes realizing they missed me or wanted me back…but it’s never happened for me.

No. 1462622

Maybe they pined over you online, that's happened to be four times and two I didn't even date. Only my last ex persistently chased me down, the most stubborn of them all, but also the bravest. I kinda respect him more.

I'm sure somehow has pined for you and wanted you but couldn't muster up any courage, a lot of men are weak

No. 1462626

The way you know is if they have a lot options but they picked you anyway

No. 1462629

it's not very glamorous, anon. literally every ex i've ever had has done it and it's always the same "i should have treated you better when we were together i'm so sorry i messed up please take me back" shit like 2 or 3 years after the fact.

No. 1462633

yeah but I think his options dried up with age, he was up there. he was really hot when younger I saw photos, obviously he has options but they seem casual, or he refused them. maybe it's the energy he gives off. beats me but he proposed so quickly I couldn't understand why, I always think if he was younger he wouldn't choose me. he looks like he should already be married, but life happened and his relationships broke before that.

No. 1462645

I poured all my heart out for this one server and it just fell off. Making online friends is so risky because people can just vanish so suddenly but I'm a shut in who can't socialize IRL so I get attached to online friends so quick. It's pathetic my god.

No. 1462648

When men come crawling back it's rarely because they've seen the error of their ways and regret losing you… they're probably just horny and scrolling through their phones for any possible backup option they can find. Maybe it hasn't happened to you because you don't seem like you could be convinced to hook up with an ex?

I remember when my ex sent me this melancholy, introspective, apologetic email but later was like 'oh yeah I was just in a bad mood when I sent that email' and when I agreed to meet up with him he 'forgot' about our plans and we never saw each other again lmao. It was so beyond evident he wasn't sorry for how he treated me, he was just feeling sorry for himself and I've been kicking myself ever since that I fell for it, so embarrassing.

No. 1462659

It's easy to hate my mom for decisions she made but it's hard to imagine having 7 kids at my age like she did. I hope I can find peace in my relationship with her eventually.

No. 1462661

I keep having weird dreams consisting of having a baby and being a mom and then I wake up and realize that I detest sex . I'm a asexual and have sexual trauma so I whenever I wake up I feel like I want to cry

No. 1462664

I feel you anon, same for me. I've been told it's because I give the impression that I am very determined and so they know it would be useless to tell me they want me back. But when the relationship was important for me I just want some indication that it was important for him too…

No. 1462665

Agree. The first time it happened when I was younger I was totally naive and fell for it, he proceeded to manipulate tf out of me and then ghost. Happened a few more times with other guys and it's always the same shit "I'm such a bad person waah feel bad for me" Like no. Kys scroid. I just ignore them now

No. 1462668

It bugs me that my mom has to find a way to put me down. I got some new jeans that are a relaxed fit. Really excited to try them because I have wide hips. I show her the fit and she agrees that the jeans look nice on me. She then has to comment that I look like I have no ass in them. What the fuck? I looked her in the face and told her I don't have an ass anyway. I hate that she acts like this. She's such a hypocrite because for all her talk about championing (I loathe this term) your kids, she loves to nitpick everything about me. I feel like she uses me as a emotional punching bag.

No. 1462670

I am so stupid I thought you meant your mom was gonna kill you

No. 1462674

I didnt want to come back here. I had thought I had made so much progress. I was healing, I had finally allowed myself to feel angry, to put boundaries. I was scared that everything I had struggled to create would be lost coming back here, and I was right. Since a couple of weeks ago I've been scared of going out, of speaking up. I'm scared I will get hit and yelled at again. I've been doing everything I'm asked to cause I'm scared of being kicked out again. I don't want to sleep on the street again. I don't want to trade sex for a roof again. I thought I was strong, I thought I had control, but it seems I was just lying to myself. I shouldn't aspire to anything, I shouldn't want anything. I have no one, and I have nothing. I was fucked from the beginning, and the only thing I can do is being a burden and accept that I'm only an extension of other people. I've always been, and I will always be. If I had known life would never get better, then I wouldn't have left them revive me when I was bleeding out years ago. I don't know why anyone would let me live without a purpose and without anything to my name. If I get run over by a car tomorrow, I'm pretty sure no one would even remember me in a couple of years. I don't expect anyone to understand what it feels like, but I do wish they would just stop abusing it. They all know how badly I have suffered, and instead of being understanding, is like I have given them a handbook to use me for their own benefit. I'm an idiot, and I probably deserve it for ever believing I could aspire to be something more than a mere floor mat to step on. I wish someone would just come and kill me.

No. 1462675

I "made out" with this guy tonight. He's the first guy I ever kissed. It's been a while since I last kissed someone, and I could not keep it up. It was embarrassing. I kept turning my head to the side because it was just a bit much. Like, he wasn't aggressive, but it was just embarrassing. I just couldn't do it. What the fuck. He kept telling me that he wanted to kiss me and to stop turning my head to the side and I kept laughing nervously. IDK if this is normal but it made me feel like a loser. I like him touching me but the kissing… it was almost too much. Just letting out the most disappointed groaning at myself in my brain. Whyyyyyyyyyyy. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

No. 1462678

Is not that good anona. Nothing good ever comes of your ex coming back. Best case scenario he believes he can screw you again, and worst case scenario the guy is an stalker out for you. Men never change nona, you're not missing anything.

No. 1462679

Why talk to your mom at all if she's going to be a dick every time? Cut her out of your life. I did, and I've never regretted it.

No. 1462687

I wish all my coworkers who complain and cannot keep up with their job, who also do not need the money, would just quit already. we are over staffed and it's hurting the sales of everyone by dividing it up more than needed. they probably cannot fire employees because they would ask for compensation. its such a nice place. hate this situation.

No. 1462688

>22 years old
>have job
>parents coddle my ass like crazy
>getting sick of it
>friends are in town
>don't work tomorrow
>no responsibilities because parents baby me like I'm a retard
>hang out with friends until 3
>mom texts me angry
>tells me that we're going to have to talk about me moving out tomorrow
Come the fuck on, you are not making me move out in this evonomy you fucking crazy person. I really hate her sometimes. She is honestly impossible to reason with. Like she just will not listen to a word you say. Which is why she still randomly cleans my room even though I have told her not to because I am 22 and not a child and I value privacy. I know I have it pretty good but I just want to act my fucking age sometimes instead of some stunted retarded 14 year old because my mommy and daddy refuse to see me as an adult.

No. 1462691

Even when they do come back, it's not usually in the way you want. They don't actually want you – they feel guilty or inferior in some way and need you to validate them, and reassure them that they aren't a bad person. I am kicking myself for going back to my ex when he broke no contact. I thought we were getting back together. He fucked me and then promptly moved 200 miles away.

No. 1462695

Well you’re gonna act your age soon enough when they kick you out. If you have a job and friends just move out and be roommates with them. You can complain about your parents not letting you be responsible but if you work and have money for yourself then that means you could also be responsible for getting your own car, apartment, phone, etc.

No. 1462697

nta but this is the vent thread, let her complain a little

No. 1462699

Bitch I don't want to hear it. Go take care of your children because you must be a parent if you're such an expert on the woes of parenthood.

No. 1462701

You’re saying you want to act your age and then get upset when you’re parents tell you to fuck off and take care of yourself. You’re 22 its not like theyre legally required to take care of you anyways so you’re getting what you want lol. Also not a parent just a poorfag from an area where being 16 and getting kicked out is normal no matter what

No. 1462702

File: 1672825709304.jpg (52.05 KB, 800x667, 1665342141300.jpg)

girls, i'm so scared of us losing LC. i'm so upset. we have been here for so long and LC has been a staple for many of our lives and it's heartbreaking to see it slip through our fingers when so many of us have been helped by /ot/ and /g/ especially

No. 1462705

Boohoo. My parents coddled my ass and sheltered the fuck out of me and they throw bitchfits when I don't do their little song and dance like a monkey. I don't care about you. I'm just venting. Make your own vent about your poorfag struggles and my coddled middleclassfag ass will complain about my coddled middleclassfag problems.

No. 1462706

I'm so glad snow is back because I can't fucking deal with the reddit snark communities especially the ones making fun of munchies. The blogposting is off the fucking charts. Though some retards in the ana thread here are trying to make that a thing. When the fuck will people learn- NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOU! STOP BLOGGING IN COW THREADS! "As someone that actually-" NOBODY CARES REEEEEEEEEE

No. 1462708

we will survive, many people have already applied and now its just a matter of who shaymin will choose as the next admin

No. 1462709

Nta but lol

No. 1462710

>My parents coddled my ass and sheltered the fuck out of me.
Yeah, we can tell. If you want to actually act your age and not seem like a coddled faggot then stop whining on here, go make some money or go for a walk or contribute to your community. You have a choice to be coddled by your parents, you are not bound by some mystical contract to obey their every whim, you just sound like the type of person to constantly whine about their fairly-comfortable life and not even do a single thing to improve it.

No. 1462711

All this because I pointed out you can take care of yourself with help from your friends or from your job? Kek

No. 1462712

>then stop whining on here
Nta but girl this is the vent thread it's for venting, you don't have to agree with her, I don't even really agree with her. But it's weird you're starting an infight over someone venting in the appropriate thread for venting.

No. 1462713

That's half of the vent threads in general. Sorry your mom hated you so much she kicked your ass out but my mom loves me, she's just a crazy bitch sometimes and I have the right to vent.

No. 1462715

That anon you replied to isn’t me but my parents love me too lol. Getting kicked out from my area isn’t done out of hate but the need of teaching your children responsibility and letting them grow on their own without being too dependent on their parents. Also
>my mom loves me
>22 and getting kicked out now
Ya tas peluda keke

No. 1462716

you're nuts. anon did nothing wrong. she has the right to vent her frustrations. you're actually insane and need to get a life instead of trying to minimod.
you're fine, anon. i can understand why you'd be rightfully frustrated. idk what's wrong with some peopl, jfc.

No. 1462717

Your mom can't love you that much considering she's implying to kick you out, according to your logic anyway. Which one is it?

No. 1462718

her mom is trying to kick her out to regain control of her. i swear to god, you guys are fucking stupid. this is a literal textbook control tactic. her mom no doubt loves her but to the point where it's suffocating and is not helping her grow. you guys legitimately fall for really obvious shit just because what, you're jealous?

No. 1462719

File: 1672827948603.gif (913.47 KB, 311x319, 71fd5c4f-448d-4e40-8fa1-e9215c…)

This infight is embarrassing tbh because both sides are wrong in their own way lol

No. 1462720

her mom isn't doing it out of love, dumbass. and kicking a young female out in this world is pretty retarded, this is how women end up in abusive situations with men because some parents are psychotic. there's no discernible reason outside of the fact that her mom is dissatistifed with her trying to gain independence and asks her to please leave her responsibilities to herself and not overly coddle her. you guys would be terrible parents that would end up putting vulnerable daughters into bad situations. the real estate market right now is completely fucking crazy and is sending young adults into deep depression and debt. this isn't the 70s. grow up.

No. 1462721

not really. one is completely nuts and telling anon to shut up in a thread dedicated to venting frustrations. she did nothing wrong, anons just started insulting her out of nowhere.

No. 1462722

THANK YOU. Anytime I try to set boundaries with her, she will always threaten to divorce my dad and leave us (kek) or she'll threaten to kick me out.
>teehee anon my oldest daughter was a high school dropout teen mom and my second daughter is mentally retarded so YOU'RE MY LAST HOPE FOR A NORMAL DAUGHTER
If I do anything wrong it's
Anytime I do something right it's
>Oh anon you're just like (brother)
And I'm constantly toeing the fucking line between the two. Even just having a straight face can send her into a little tantrum because MUH FAMILY VIBES ARE RUINED BY YOUR RESTONG BITCH FACE!!!! Like that is just my face. She KNOWS that is just my face. IT'S HER FACE TOO. She's honestly nuts. She does help me out a lot but jesus christ.

No. 1462723

yeah, this is textbook crazy. she doesn't want to let go of you because she's scared of being powerless and useless, so she'll try to put you in a comparatively bad position/scare you with threats, until you succumb to her demands. i bet anons would be able to recognize this behavior if a bf did it to you, but because she's your mother, you need to shut up and take her instability because they're envious and want to believe you're just a shitty young woman.

No. 1462724

why is being a single person seen as such a crime by people? and why can't people mind their own fucking business?

No. 1462739

File: 1672829782763.jpg (42.29 KB, 502x450, 1657930792283.jpg)

i'm honestly so tired of all my friends getting pregnant and having children with men absolutely destroying their live and goals. they're so fucking miserable and trapped and it's so sad to watch these repeated trainwrecks happen. 4 of my female friends now have had their lives destroyed by it and the men were so much better to them before they had kids. it's really horrific, nonnies.

No. 1462747

I fucking hate how fandom and shipping went from being a thing women did for fun to a weird sort of activism that women are specifically excluded from (criticized for everything from fetishizing uwu mlm to “too old for this”) unless they’re enbies or fakebois

No. 1462748

women and girls feel too pressured and responsible to police their interests while men are encouraged to not give a fuck about the consequences of theirs. you see this happen with any interest where there's a large female/male divide.

No. 1462749

I think I have period insomnia. I'm so tired right now but I can't sleep. It's 5am and I'm exhausted but my mind will not slow down or shut off. Torture.

No. 1462751

File: 1672830458286.jpg (45.98 KB, 600x450, MTS_rebecah-687534-CowNRecolor…)

Same nonna. A woman I used to be friends with recently had a baby with a scrote and she's already complaining about how low her maternity pay is and how much of a struggle it is to be a mother - obviously we need better care for mothers but you knew the risks before you got pregnant and birth control is free/available everywhere here so why did you do it? The scrote father in question loves to play up like he's a good dad but he recently put pics of the baby in the nude (like just showing the baby's bum) on Facebook on his public profile for literal nonces to come across so he's clearly fucking retarded and has no idea what he's doing. No doubt he does fuck all housework and barely ever looks after the child too.
I was surprised to hear she had got pregnant because I always assumed she was smart, she also claims her baby and her scrote fiance "saved her life" so it's like watching an inevitable car crash happen.
Not only that but the scrote in question is built like a busted can of biscuits and has John Boyega birthing hips - I pray that women realise their high value and stop dating freaks like this.

No. 1462753

had this exact thing this morning nonnie. i dread it every time i know i'm due on. i got up at 4/4.30am ish and decided to get up and just stay awake through the agony

No. 1462761

Exactly. Men will watch children’s show with underage characters and draw them as big tittied anime bimbos? That’s normal. Women ship two male characters without wanting to have their tits cut out? Gross fetishizers

No. 1462764

i hate the current wave of people pearl clutching about eugenics when the topic of aborting kids with disabilities comes up.
like if you take this line of reasoning to its inevitable conclusion it straight up becomes pro-life rhetoric, which they also claim to hate. like yes by all means you CAN have a child with a debilitating condition, which it will suffer with for the rest of its life (and sometimes its pure narcissism when they insist on keeping their completely braindead children and forcing them live for all of their 10 or so miserable years on this planet)– but it doesn't mean you SHOULD.
im obviously biased as an antinatalist but if i see one more tiktok harping on about eugenics im gonna off myself i stg

No. 1462765

>omg my friend dared to marry and have kids with a man! She deserves getting overworked and having all this shit dumped onto her because how dare a woman make choices that disagree with MY BELIEFS!!
This is how you sound, retard. Saying women deserve getting treated badly or having to do all childcare isn't as cool as you think it is.

No. 1462768

you're painfully stupid, or a man. literally no one said that and we're talking about things we are witnessing ourselves as close friends that are privy to our friend's raw feelings, thoughts and witnesses to the way they're badly treated. take your tradwife shit somewhere else

No. 1462769

If anything you're the tradwhore for shitting on a woman because she's struggling with childwork while assuming she should've known everything a child would require before having the said child, kek. You really are a tardlet and realizing you say this shit behind a friend only makes it worse.

No. 1462770

File: 1672832737144.jpg (11.83 KB, 400x400, 56340c72656a26056858a0749a844b…)

I know many nonnies here don't care about relationship or moid related vents but why the constant autistic fights jfc

No. 1462773

They can't address people who argue for the mercy killing of people who suffer without cure or hope with zero quality of life, or to at least let those people die in peace instead of forcing them through endless agonizing and humiliating (and EXPENSIVE) treatment that does nothing but prolong their suffering because it's such an eminently reasonable and empathetic position to hold. Unfortunately they don't pick their position based on reasoning, but on vague emotional associations, which they express as "eugenics is nazi so you are nazi if you support eugenics". That's literally how it works in their brain and they cannot imagine or comprehend more complex thought processes.

To put it simply, most people are morons not worth interacting with, who will drain your time and energy without result and identifying and ignoring such people is a key skill for navigating online spaces imo.

No. 1462775

i wasn't that anon?? and i literally have cautioned ALL of my female friends about this and continually did so, to the point where my one friend stopped talking to me when she told me she was pregnant because i wasn't happy for her. within a year her husband was hitting her and verbally abusing her for not cooking for him every morning while she also had to get ready for work and drop off the kids. women and girls are unfortunately very invested in the delusions men want for them. i have not once blamed them for it, only felt bad.

No. 1462776

Are you actually retarded or just looking to start shit? Funny how you missed the part where I said
>obviously we need better care for mothers
I would never think that a woman "deserves" to endure suffering or getting treated badly, holy shit the reading comprehension is non-existent today.

No. 1462777

I wish mods would be more proactive about shit like that, the site is overrun with retards who chastise posters for any criticism of any decision a woman makes while also attacking any woman who makes a decision they don't like endlessly and extremely viciously.

No. 1462779

> Are you actually retarded or just looking to start shit?
If that poster is retarded enough to believe what they wrote they won't respond to reason.
If they're trying to start shit you're giving them what they want by replying.

The only winning move is to not respond and report it and hope mods are feeling up to some mopping.

No. 1462780

You shat on her for two paragraphs and added that tiny part so anons wouldn't attack you, kek. Stupid tradwhore thinks all women should be able to do this shit on their own and if any had kids with the wrong men, it's our fault for not vetting as if men show their true face before marriage/kids.

No. 1462781

Yeah, she's a lost cause. You're right.

No. 1462782

it's not constant infighting, it's one side that wants to actually infight, and the others are continually more comparatively reasonable. read through the thread. there are clearly anons with no reading comprehension who want to be vicious to anons who are just talking about their lives or friends or situations, while the other side responds to their unhinged make-believe takes on totally normal, reasonable posts of anons just venting.

No. 1462784

It takes two to fight. Others should just ignore those who want to start shit for no reason.

No. 1462786

>Stupid tradwhore thinks all women should be able to do this shit on their own and if any had kids with the wrong men, it's our fault for not vetting as if men show their true face before marriage/kids.
right, very feminist of you. as we have said, it is easy to understand and observe how in like 99% of cases of women having children with men, their lives go to shit, but still, it's not women's fault for being pressured and brainwashed by society all their lives. but when you point out to women that it's very much the reality that most women end up being single mothers while in marriages, who end up shit on by men, they refuse to believe it can happen to them. it's frustrating and unfortunate. and it's really weird you keep saying tradwhore. but yes, individually most men don't show their true faces before, but this is why when women have the luxury of having friends who are concerned for them, they should try to listen.

No. 1462792

You're question has been answered kek. Baiting troon is the answer, he always rees when anons post anything critical of dating men because he thinks reeing about any manhate will manifest in women wanting him in the real world. It's the same way moids ree about western feminazis being why no women will date them, as if they were datable if no women criticised entitled male behaviour.

No. 1462793

I thought you had stopped replying, tradwhore? Kek.
She called me a tradwife and I called her a tradwhore to mock her stupid accusation, take your pills. A tranny wouldn't be mad when a woman is blamed for not being able to %100 take care of a kid. A tranny would assume like anon did, that it's women's fault for picking bad men even though most men hide that stuff until you have kids.
Anon was obviously blaming her friend for her choices even though her friend isn't in the wrong, the man is.

No. 1462799

>Anon was obviously blaming her friend for her choices even though her friend isn't in the wrong, the man is.
We're never gonna make it out of the patriarchy if this is your response to saying that women should have higher standards and do the bare minimum research ie look on the first google page for a maternity leave calculator before deciding to have children with a moid. There are species of female creatures that kill off weak males and are extremely picky with reproducing, and yet saying that women should also be extremely picky and make sure they are prepared before having children is now apparently "tradwhore rhetoric". You are lost.

No. 1462814

File: 1672837601651.jpg (99.05 KB, 700x702, 1639497577355.jpg)

>spend entire adulthood emotionally stable and emotionally detached from nearly everything
>develop surprise attraction to scrote i can't be with without severely disrupting my life
>develop bpd-tier mood swings and splitting
>life is being disrupted
why did this have to happen to me?

No. 1462817

Thank you for the replies nonnies. The funniest thing is I've known him for over a year as a coworker and a housemate, and he seemed totally normal to me. He asked me out and since we started seeing each other he uncovered some weird shit. I thought he was soft and different, shy and sweet, but not really. I'm still disappointed, sad and disturbed. I always thought I was a good judge of a character, but oh well. I know you're right and I need to stop seeing him. I know I'm gonna be painted as the bad guy who wasn't right for him because among our mutual friends and coworkers he has opinion of this big softie who wouldn't hurt a fly, and I'm the quiet loner. They will say I wasn't showing him enough feelings or some shit, but whatever. I tried but it's impossible when he gave me so many creepy signs, and that wasn't the first time. He claims I can always rely on him and he will help me and he loves me and I'm the most special person he ever knew yada yada yada, but because of his behavior I just don't feel safe around him and that won't change kek

No. 1462825

kind of a vent, but also a question: why is oversharing so extremely common in bpd individuals? by oversharing i mean constantly liveblogging the most boring, basic shit on instagram/tumblr/in DMs. i know several women with bpd and they CONSTANTLY have to share what they are doing right now, what is annoying them, how everything is so hard for them etc. and it's getting on my nerves. muted every single bpdfag i follow on instagram because i can't handle to read "my train is late fml now i'll be late again for work" every single day from some bpdfag who thinks someone cares. it's also what makes many cows cows (especially tuna comes to mind), but i wonder why they do it. does it have something to do with needing validation? do they think they get a pat on the back if they share every mundane detail of their lives online?

No. 1462830

Medfag, it's because a core feature of BPD is lacking of stable sense of self or boundaries. So they don't have a sense of where they end and other people begin. It could be overcompensating and trying to feel/project a sense of self even though most people would not base their "self" on their train being late.

No. 1462833

Idk but any disgustingly ugly lardtub being called out is always a plus

No. 1462836

ovarit users are so stupid jfc

No. 1462838

I honestly came here to post that ovarit users are all hapless out of touch boomers, so I agree with you. What was the post that set you off?

No. 1462841

I had a huge terrible fight with my now ex on New Year’s Eve. Everything hit the fan all at once and he rightfully had reasons to be furious at me… I ruined our relationship forever. He flew out to see me but once he learned the truth about everything he was too hurt and upset to see me face to face so he went back home. I’m impulsive and know now that whatever I do won’t win him back… but I still have the overwhelming impulsive urge to fly out to him. So I bought a ticket for next week… I’ll only be there for a day and I know he won’t want to see me but I still have to try. I’m not going to knock on his door because I don’t want to be a complete stalker imposing myself on him. I want to give him the option to see me one last time (I know he won’t for the things I’ve done) I thought he will hate me forever (understandably so)!and would ghost/block me on everything after our fight but he hasn’t and we even discussed why everything went down the way it did. We both apologized to each other but I still don’t deserve to be forgiven. This will be the final nail in the coffin that everything is over, I won’t bother him ever again after I try to see him. I feel so dumb, I wish things didn’t go down the way it did. I hope he gives me a chance to apologize in person but I’ll take my punishment if he never will want to take my apology. I’ll know to leave him alone forever and accept the life I chose…

No. 1462842

I am confusion!

Tell me what your thoughts and feelings are on pretty privilege. What exactly is it anyway? I have a lot of instances of things happening to me because I think I am just a normal average girl, well I used to think I was hideous and now I realize I am just hideous in photos. But then people say pretty people don't realize they have privilege, that things happen to them that don't happen to others. Or is it just demeanor?

I think I an ugly because my features are ugly, they don't photograph well, they aren't beauty standards at any time. I also have some imperfections like a crooked jaw, my chin is not really centered.

Idk does everyone not get followed and approached by men all the time? Do people not stare and double turn at you as they walk you? Don't you get given comped meals and free things? Can't you say something nice and get into a club that was "full"? When you mention something doesn't someone assume you want it and go get it for you or do it for you? Do people not want your approval and get mad when they think you don't like them? Do people say anything that goes wrong in your life is your fault for not working hard enough because everything should be easy for you? Do other women whether older, bigger, or some issue thing not glare at you? Do men not fight over you? Do people say "oh wow you actually are smart!"

This is just everyday for women I swear, so what exactly is pretty privilege? I'm told I have it but I don't see it, yes some people are nice and some people are horrible to me. Yes I have been offered opportunities but I rarely ever got them beyond that offer.

No. 1462843

not a post. i looked for something in /r/gendercritical archives and i got reminded how dumb ovarit is in comparison. just yesterday there was a post asking why are successful women whoring themselves on sns and the most upvoted response was 'because they dont want to be treated like ugly women'. kek. or the absolute garbage posts like 'happy nye~ here are some harry potter sims~'.

No. 1462845

This smells like a scrotepost but just in case: that’s not pretty privilege nonna… you’re just young kek

No. 1462848

Ooh yeah I sound young because these are experiences from when I was young but I am not that young anymore, it still happens though, but I might just look younger than my age. I am 31 but I have the same measurements and features as I did at 21

I was reading articles to try to understand what exactly it is, yes everything they say happens to me, but I don't see it as different from everyone else

No. 1462849

i think pretty privilege is the same bullshit as all privilege narratives. who ultimatively decides who is disabled worse? is a missing leg worse than a missing arm? context matters always, we are not isolated beings with rankings like in a video game. i'm not saying that being gay or being black or being a woman doesn't come with certain hardships in our society, it does. but oppression olympics help no one to actually fight disparities, it only cements them as extremely important and as a source of identity. when looking at specific issues (like access to healthcare, safety in public etc.), we can talk about discrimination. but we can't talk about discrimination without providing the context of specific issues because it's worthless without context.

No. 1462852

Yeah, there's not really anywhere great anymore, but sometimes there's some good posts on radblr, but they all get deleted and have to remake all the time so it's too annoying to keep track of specific people.

The quality of conversation on ovarit is pretty low and I've heard some bad things about the moderation. (You'll get banned for being too based. I tried to find the video a girl made talking about it but she deleted it.) Insert no fun allowed image here.

No. 1462855

When i was a kid all i wanted was to join the military… i wrote about in my homework when i was eight and the teacher shouted at me because it wasn’t something I should be doing according to her. It stuck with me, but deep down i still would’ve wanted to be a soldier. Oh well

No. 1462859

coping that i like my size 10 feet because feeling insecure. long ass finger for toes ya…

if these were cut id be a size 7 im screaming

No. 1462865

Maybe you’re just pretty then. Also sorry for saying the post smelled like scrote. I personally don’t believe in pretty privilege because yes, attractive women are treated in a way that’s “nicer” in some aspects (in my experience as a plain girl with gorgeous friends) but it’s often just barely concealed objectification instead, where you’re being seen in the exact same way as your peers, except men want something from you, so they’ll try harder. It sucks all around

No. 1462873

Are you tall at least? That's cool no matter what tbh

No. 1462882

Having bigger feet means you have a better equilibrium.

No. 1462886

Some friend of a friend had gotten keen on twitteresque surface level feminism. Something annoying made worse by him being a massive coomer who sends porn to our group chat every single day. Yesterday he said the pervert trope in anime demeans women. Sure, it tracks. Two hours later voyeuristic anime porn comes pouring in. You are creating the storm my good idiot. Stop trapping us in with the flood!

No. 1462894

Can you vote to get rid of him from the group chat?? Men are disgusting. i dont understand how we got to this time line where they think openly posting porn is okay in any way, shape or form. Just cut ties. Your friend sounds like shit too if they are okay with this.

No. 1462905

File: 1672847685008.png (6.64 MB, 1170x2532, 88B133DE-A1F9-416B-8BAF-796CE5…)

Men who do the long hair and beard just to compare themselves to Jesus are faggy retarded sodomites who I hope die of an intestinal infection! Sorry for steamfagging but I don’t care I felt like it

No. 1462912

"Camera Jesus" doesn't have very interesting photos.

No. 1462917

Every few days someone vents that a moid in some group chat is being a freak. What gives? Why are so many of you unable to say anything about this being weird? Is your friendship with these people that weak that if you say seeing porn makes you uncomfortable they’ll kick you out? No offence to you nonna

No. 1462926

>Stop trapping us
or kick him out of your little groupchat that’s in your phone and not actually in real life? You have a lot more autonomy in this situation than you’re accepting kek

No. 1462932

>generic meltalhead looking guy

No. 1462935

File: 1672849245004.jpeg (85.32 KB, 750x781, 26FB35AD-7A3E-49B6-B3E8-B36477…)

I’ve been looking at how to do hair braids on Pinterest because I never learnt and the comments are all full of idiot zoomers saying “huh? That’s just a basic braid, everyone knows how to do that!” “what’s the point of the video lol” ITS A TUTORIAL YOU IDIOT clearly if you’re watching you don’t know how already. Fuck off kids not everything on the internet is made for you specifically

No. 1462955

im trying to work on my impulse shopping but every time im responsible and take time to think about if i really want/need the item, it ends up going out of stock in my size and i cant find it virtually anywhere. this has happened with the last 3 pairs shoes ive been looking at.
fuck this im going back to buying everything on a whim.

No. 1462958

I can't get a job anywhere

I have a good resume and a lot of skills but everything I apply to it goes like great interview, we really like you, but no job offers. In fact the only time I ever really found work was through freelance, one job turned into more jobs. And also I did a paid internship and the boss offered me work but I couldn't get the visa without a degree which was a bit disappointing but I was quite isolated in that country anyway and it wasn't my ideal job, still would have liked to try. Nowadays I apply to agencies and they love me but I never get hired. I apply for jobs I have skills for like singing and I pass auditions but never get offered a position. I try to make money online but it drains me a lot sometimes and they keep issuing strikes and bans when I haven't done anything, every time I try to grow. I am now trying to get certified in another skill which I worked as freelance and made good money per gig, but I am afraid I won't get a job offer, or the pay is ridiculously low, and I don't know how to find enough clients to work off it alone. No rich men ever talk to me, yes I have had financially stable men support me but the goal was always to get myself established at the time I dated both I had no work and little money, but they just acted controlling, only supporting me to do work with them or not make enough so I couldn't leave.

Like it's painful at this point to be in this position, I really cannot deal with instability and people trying to take advantage of me or sabotage me. That's how it always is. I just want a consistent salary coming in!!!!

No. 1462960

Everyone has to learn somewhere. Do they also think makeup tutorials for different eyeshapes are useless too? No one is born knowing how to braid hair and do make up. We all learn. Those kind of comments should be deleted by the creator.

No. 1462961

Where are you located?

No. 1462966

You're all right but I'm there to gawk and laugh at the freakshow in it. All the girls left, including the one who invited me, and everything there is illuminating male retardation. Last week was whining about friendzoning. Makes for a good reminder of how the more "normal" nerd types think.

I was put in it as a little ha ha because I don't talk to people. Stayed to look at the constant drama. It would be smarter to just leave though.

No. 1462973

File: 1672851439135.jpeg (234.12 KB, 1280x1280, looking.jpeg)

I probably wouldn't leave it either. I almost never leave group chats, I like to observe silently.

No. 1462974

Italy but I am not staying here long term, I would like to stay in Europe or return to Asia, I am kinda free to go wherever because I have some funds to last but I want a job still.

No. 1462977

You are my twin flame. Let's go to ihop.

No. 1462980

File: 1672851658495.gif (2.91 MB, 275x275, 1652901131204.gif)

>Playing new mmorpg from the same company that created games from my childhood
>Very small but cooperative userbase, everyone is 24+ and playing for the nostalgia
>Feels good
>3 months later
>Just chillinng at the club
>"fr fr andrew tate ftw"
>"Real men hit any gender and the elderly"
>"Want to eat a latina frfr" (I am latina)
>"Yeah i'm 15 so what"
Fuck this shit and fuck zoomers goddammit, they're so cancerous

No. 1462999


No. 1463000

>all the girls left
>moid spams anime porn
>haha it's chill
You sound like an autist.

No. 1463003

Wishing you lots of luck. I heard the Italian economy is still really bad. Maybe you can get something remote?

No. 1463013

File: 1672853315556.gif (967.5 KB, 200x200, 1672060354941.gif)

Whenever I get my period I understand why someone would want to be a fakeboi. My period has sabotaged so many outings, appointments, work days I find myself wishing I was male so I wouldn't have to deal with it. I would never actually troon out, but I have a lot of sympathy for fakebois because I know how they feel.

No. 1463018

I really don’t want to text my boss about non work stuff like we’re friends begone please
>inb4 rude

No. 1463021

Not to mention if you suffer from PMDD it's hell. I legitimately feel like I'm going insane the week before. At best, I feel melancholic. At worst, I'm thinking about ways to commit suicide. Then my period comes and suddenly the past week makes sense.

No. 1463028

Thanks but I only applied for jobs elsewhere, I didn't even bother trying here because the pay is low. I'll update if I ever get work again.

No. 1463029

I'm sorry anon, I know that feeling. What kind of server is it? I had some bad experiences getting involved in servers where I obviously didn't belong and then they got nuked so now I just remain a lurker. Interacting with people is fun though.

No. 1463036

I get it. Also FYI they're rude for texting you non-work stuff because they know you can't be open if you don't like it (power imbalance). However, I always start texting with my boss as soon as naturally possible when I start a job. It's to keep tabs on them and their mood so I can stay on their good side. Also sometimes they help you get a better job down the line, if not outright give you a promotion. Depends on where you work though.

No. 1463044

There’s this tech internship and its deadline is exactly a month from now. I have a couple of projects under my belt, but no leetcode grind experience so far. I don’t know if it’ll be possible for me to make it. Sigh, I wasted so much time being depressed and now I have to reap the consequences.

No. 1463086

I'm never going to be vulnerable around someone ever again. I promised myself last year that I'd make an effort towards opening myself up to people instead of pushing them away but so far it only ended up in me getting hurt. This wasn't worth it and made me feel just like I did when I was a child. Never ever again.

No. 1463094


I just came in here to vent how my brain is falling for the "you are going to be lonely without husband and a kid" meme again and you nonnies made me think clear again. Thank you!

No. 1463106

Life is horror. Life is horror. It's horror. It delivers the brightest and briefest – sunniest – of gifts only to utterly reverse its nature into mallets and scalpels and rods and prods and rippers wherewith to torture you. A bond so sweet turns into so very much worse than its absence even. For no good, no good ever, or clear reason whatsoever. I'd rather it always remained in its potentiae of nothingness. Or, I'd rather I'd rather – love and memory of beauty mingle, I can't bring myself to wish this nullification even in face of my saving.
Life is horror. It's sheer horror. And you don't get to hear goodbye. Why the offer? And why the entrance? I never sought or asked.Life is horror.

No. 1463107

Decided to pop into a childhood grocery store since I'm in town and I haven't been there in a very long time. I grew up muslim and took off my hijab after I moved out. This store is in a very ethnic and muslim area, but silly me wanted to go there due to nostaliga. It was a horrible experience. Even tho I dress nice and am polite, these people were staring, making fun of me in their language (that I understand, luckily I had headphones blasting music), and being very hostile. I genuinely never felt so unsafe in my life and this is a European "safe" country. Btw I'm NOT Arabic or come from an Arab country, so this is not hate directed at them. You can figure out what group of people I'm talking about. I used to care about anti-racism and all of this stuff, helping these people out, but honestly, they are a gross people and they shouldn't be here. Our government is leaning right-wing massively and I'm not mad at it anymore. They are so hateful, even when I'm one of them who "made it". I cant even go to my childhood grocery store and shop in peace. Fuck these people. I can't belive I got into fights with friends defending these people.

No. 1463109

I fucking hate when someone tries to squeeze by me and fucking rubs against me instead of just saying excuse me. You're not playing irl Frogger you're in public, don't act like a little kid weaving through people. Some scrote squeezed between me between my body and a shelf in a space smaller than like 2 feet even though there was a giant space in front of me. I loudly went WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FREAK and he just ignored me

No. 1463128

File: 1672860167049.jpg (17.79 KB, 275x155, 1648516636299.jpg)

I hate that each time women are really into something there's some sort of weird backlash to it–even from other women, bonus points if there's some NLOG weirdness layered in there. The criticism is usually just justified a minority of the time–the rest just seems like finding excuses to tear down other women. I don't understand it at all, but then again maybe it's a bad thing I struggle with feeling schadenfreude.

No. 1463129


No. 1463130

Oh, the worst. I've had people silently walk up behind me or beside me to grab a napkin or something else if i'm in a crowded cafe. Just say excuse me! It's so creepy and rude.

No. 1463136

I can't stand the atmosphere at my job. There's only 15 people in our department and everyone knows everything. Everyone sees that some people are treated better than others, especially two colleagues of our manager whom she basically brought there. They may commit mistakes and our shift leaders are too afraid to point them out to them. Meanwhile we are criticized for making the exact same mistakes. We have direct conversations with our leaders or even the manager herself in a case of a fuckup, meanwhile their mistakes are summed up with 'yeah you did this but that's not a problem'. Some people get warnings for talking during work, meanwhile they talk all the time and use work computers to search for new crocs and clothes for their retarded babies and it's fine. Even when someone tells them not to do something a certain way, they do it anyway, they commit the same mistakes all the time. We work faster than them, yet they get better treatment. No one gives a fuck. We see this but everyone is too afraid to bring that up during a meeting because we know they're manager's friend. If anyone is brave enough to go directly to the manager to talk about it she basically tells you to go to the person you have a problem with to tell them yourself you have a problem with them, instead of 'talking behind their backs'. But when you do go directly to them, they may get better for a while and then make the same mistakes, there's also a woman who would literally cry if you criticized her and go to the manager to cry even more and then go home. It's like one big kindergarden. We still have one of the best results, but other departments make fun of us because of the constant drama and the fact there's no new people because no one wants to work with us and people say that we have too many women (there's 13 women and only 2 guys) and that's the reason od constant drama. I think it's just shitty people and nepotism. I fucking hate it.

No. 1463149

I want to put my foot down and not visit my parents next Christmas and there’s no way I can do this without my mother screaming, crying, breaking things and threatening to kill herself.
I knew that visiting this past year with my fiancé would be a shitshow, and sure enough it was.
My mother screamed at my dad the entire time, her hoarding is completely out of control, and she blames me for it because I “nEvEr ViSiT aNd LeT hEr kNoW wHaT tO kEeP!” so she keeps it all: my school papers and projects from elementary school, falling-apart purses, cheap expired Claire’s makeup, clothes of mine from middle school (I’m 34 now), and now she refuses to get rid of any of my childhood toys, clothes and baby things because I’m going to get married soon and “I’ll need it for my future kids!” She grew up poor and I grew up solidly middle class. I was very privileged and never “went without”, so to speak, so she throws that in my face, too and says I don’t understand the value in needing things for later (I absolutely do, and I have trouble throwing things away, myself and actively have been trying to un-learn bad habits).
The kicker is, any time I’ve gently tried to reinforce boundaries or say that maybe someone besides me can help her, she accuses me of being mentally unstable, and says that I need professional help from a doctor or need to get medicine to deal with “whatever is wrong with me and my lack of empathy”. I just can’t deal with this anymore. I want to plan my wedding and she’s a nightmare. My fiancé is the most patient person in the world and even he said “I’m sorry, I don’t want to sound mean, but…wow, all of the screaming and fighting that happens every year…I kind of don’t want to visit again next year.” And I agree.

No. 1463154

It annoys me when people call Wednesday adams an NLOG, even though I haven’t watched it. If it was a moid character, he’d be free to just be edgy, but female characters are forced to pander to yaaas qween libfems and twerk or some shit.

No. 1463157

(Cont.) Also, we had a 400-mile drive back home the day after Christmas, and my mother made us 3 hours late after our planned time to leave, because she kept loading up his car with leftovers, books and magazines I’ll never use(?) and making us take a million pictures, even after we kept saying “Please, we REALLY need to go! Please let us leave!”
So instead of a 4.5 hour drive, she made us so late that we were right in the middle of holiday rush-hour traffic and it took us 7 hours to get home, in the dark, rainy fog when my fiancé and I had to work the next day. No apologies from her, either, obviously.

No. 1463158

That sounds so toxic. Like why do people put up with this kind of shit? You seem to be an adult who has moved away from home, so put your foot down. Your mother doing all this shit is emotional manipulation. Damn, just because you are family with something doesnt mean you owe them anything.

No. 1463170

This is the vent thread. I’m here to vent. I know my situation seems retarded to people outside of it, and it seems easy to “Just say no!” when you’re not living in it. I absolutely need to reinforce boundaries and it sucks as an only child whose only current support system is my partner and my increasingly-toxic parents. It’s incredibly frustrating and it’s hard to understand if you’re not living in it.

No. 1463172

I wish there were more movies with cool, wise and older women, especially with interesting relationships between an older and younger woman, without it being romantic/sexual or overly and performatively feminist. Men get to have these awesome movies and books, where they are stoic, wise, experienced, hardcore, and perhaps they mentor someone younger and less experienced, but endearing and vivacious. I'd love something like that with women. And then NOT something that immediately the woman is a witch or some other stereotype, or a mega butch lesbian with a bunch of other progressive talking points forced in there. Just a sincere movie with complex female characters. Somewhat like gone girl, I suppose. Even with the iconic cool girl monologue, she still was enough of her own person with her own personality and motives, that made the movie interesting and unique.

No. 1463174

Cut her out of your life, anon. She's not YOUR support, you're very clearly HERS. I went through this shit, as well, my mom's a hoarder and an abuser. No good will come of keeping her within reach of you.

No. 1463184

You're right, anon. This is a vent thread. I do hope you can get out of this situation, because nothing good will come of it. It sounds like horrible emotional manipulation tactics. You dont owe your mother anything, especially if she's acting this way. The holidays dont mean shit to most people and I never got this whole 'gotta see my family even though I hate them' mentality some people have.

No. 1463199

I lost my virginity recently and all I can think about is how awkward I was. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and the guy I was with had much more experience than me. We had fun, and he was very nice about everything and didn’t pressure me into doing anything I didn’t want to do, but I still can’t stop cringing thinking about it. I suppose it gets better once you know what you’re doing.

No. 1463200

I feel bad because I just know that I am not destined for fame or fortune. Am I going to live a mediocre life, barely surviving through paychecks and having to rely on my parents for financial aid…I felt like a loser even though I'm only 22. I just hope things will get better.

No. 1463206

For some reason I hate the bulbasaur scratching its head on the Stupid Questions thread and I can’t wait for the next thread to be different

No. 1463218

I don't mind that one but I literally used an adblock extension to hide the dumbass thread gif, I couldn't take it lol

No. 1463219

For almost a month some little moid shits are exploding firecrackers around my house and It`s driving me crazy. More to that, I everyday ask them to stop, and they don`t care.
I`ll wait for them tomorrow and, hopefully, follow them to their houses. If this little shits don`t listen to me, then their parent will have to.
Fuck kids.

No. 1463267

I planned mine with a guy and I was so nervous he asked if I want alcohol or not and I said I should be a little tipsy, but I think I was a bit drunk. It got so cringy when I was like "did I bleed!?" But the act itself was fine. He was really nice to me and nice about everything and I remember all the details. I think I fell asleep first and woke up with his shirt, fell asleep again and he had gone to work and left me a note and a text. Bruh doing that walk of shame in the morning alone was something else, but I slept in late. I also felt hungover on the way back and needed help getting back home from the subway staff. What a memory.

No. 1463268

Thank you. I hate it too. Fucking pokemon fags.

No. 1463269

Try to make money online, and go abroad for work. Some countries have really high salaries, some other low cost of living, find a way.

No. 1463272

First time is always awkward af, not magical like the movies make it out to be. Dont worry too much about it, but as long as he is respectful, that is what matters.

No. 1463293

My next door neighbor has been idling his loud asf truck for the last quarter hour. Fucking hate burgers.

No. 1463300

put sugar in his tank

No. 1463304

Considering it hard, nonna. The engine is still running and I can't fathom why. It doesn't get cold enough in my area to even need a warm up….

No. 1463330

File: 1672870413888.jpg (335.71 KB, 1173x1456, 7ea2043d198ce1cd508b9f0c95eca3…)

It's been over a year since a last swam and I miss it so much. I could go to an indoors pool but I don't have friends and I don't wanna to go alone. I also have no interest in swimming like a sport so I'm not going to join a sports club either. I just have to wait for summer so I can go to the ocean and swim there. I would still feel weird going alone but it's less pathetic than going to a pool alone

No. 1463337

i have a 15 page paper due friday and i'm 3 pages in and i am dying. i can barely focus and i'm so bored of writing already. help

No. 1463338

Life is so short, anon. If you want to swim, go to the pool. Nobody's going to care if you come alone. Enjoy your own company and let loose and swim!

No. 1463339

File: 1672870865934.gif (138.25 KB, 350x360, Weh.gif)

Use pomodoro if you really have to. I believe in you anon!

No. 1463345

I haven't cried in a while but damn does it hit me like a brick in the face when I do. I've been crying for three hours now and I could just rip myself apart because it hurts so bad.

No. 1463395

>wake up
>remember moids exist
>day ruined

No. 1463397

NTA, but I am going swimming tonight. thank you

No. 1463405

Find out the decibel limit for your area and contact someone about having a noise meter installed. Get his ass cited, he'll have sold off the truck in no time.

No. 1463408

Yeah it does sound frustrating. You should probably just reinforce your boundaries and then not pick up the phone if she calls you after you tell her. You’re 34, you can do it. And if she kills herself then that sounds like her problem

No. 1463432

>Idk does everyone not get followed and approached by men all the time? Do people not stare and double turn at you as they walk you? Don't you get given comped meals and free things? Can't you say something nice and get into a club that was "full"? When you mention something doesn't someone assume you want it and go get it for you or do it for you? Do people not want your approval and get mad when they think you don't like them? Do people say anything that goes wrong in your life is your fault for not working hard enough because everything should be easy for you? Do other women whether older, bigger, or some issue thing not glare at you? Do men not fight over you? Do people say "oh wow you actually are smart!"
No to all. This sounds like something out of a bad sitcom or fanfic kek.
>This is just everyday for women I swear
not really..

No. 1463458

This is like the least scrotey post on the board. Fuck off and touch grass. You people just shut down any and all forms of rational discussion. Just because it doesn’t look like something you vomited from your stupid head doesn’t mean it was written by a scrote.

No. 1463466

nta but
>rational discussion

No. 1463516

Late as hell but god I wish I knew. No one needs to know who I'm dating or if I am dating. I'm not and I guess being an adult woman who may not ever marry or have kids is some sort of ungodly act. It's my choice though.

No. 1463530

I would absolutely hate to lose my virginity to someone experienced. Most moids fantasize about taking a girls first.

No. 1463559

People who get male attention don’t understand that no male attention can be just as damaging

No. 1463561

File: 1672889505470.png (310.29 KB, 514x572, 23b6deaa-9c6a-4969-8c94-7d1110…)

No. 1463567

File: 1672890178711.jpeg (46.5 KB, 680x378, 58CA1F32-4074-45A8-86E2-527389…)

No. 1463571

I'm gonna go mad
I look up embassy information again and I swear I did not see this before, the embassy can help receive money wire transfer if you don't have a bank and need a larger amount than western union can do. So this might be the solution I really needed. Ughh. I mean let's just hope it works out.

No. 1463572

Some people are straight

No. 1463574

If it was a fanfic I would have added some real fantasies, this is actually a bit of a hell life.

No. 1463581

I'm straight as well, but I honestly haven't seen the first woman dying of lack of attention from a scrote.

No. 1463598

Having male attention is not the same as having currency or power. Male attention is abundant and of low value because scrotes will do anything for sex.

No. 1463599

Having male attention is not the same as having currency or power. Male attention is abundant and of low value because scrotes will do anything for sex.

No. 1463612

File: 1672895815493.jpeg (85.53 KB, 540x577, 31123AC4-45F2-43D4-846B-439BBC…)

I feel emotionally stunted at 5 or 6. Unlike a real child, I don't throw tantrums and I have very high empathy, but I'm constantly craving the OTT affection and reassurance and praise you'd give a kindergartener who is learning to tie her own shoes. And I need someone to tell me what I'm feeling and why ("you're sad because you burnt your dinner") and calm me down. I need someone to tell me every single day for every single thing that I did a good job. Or maybe even the highly inappropriate "you're a good girl." I'm nearly 30. Christ. The worst part is I have a friend who is kind to me in this way (not really at all actually, but close enough) and it barely even registers. I appreciate her so much and of course I'm equally affectionate in return. It's just so hard to feel loved. I sometimes even feel annoyed at her niceness. What's wrong with me? It's almost as if I was not meant to be happy.

No. 1463619

>It could be overcompensating and trying to feel/project a sense of self even though most people would not base their "self" on their train being late.
NTA what do you mean? Like they're trying so hard to have a personality so they liveblog everything about their life?

No. 1463629


No. 1463633

I think my mom gave us all a dairy and nut allergy because anytime I eat them even a tiny bit in chocolate I get like a rash of acne with no heads and usually 1-3 cystic acne spots or some condition like it since they can't be popped. All of it is itchy. I'm going to donate this candy to my workplace as treats now I guess. ALL I WANTED WAS TO ENJOY SWEET CHOCOLATE INSTEAD OF DARK!

No. 1463641

Some of you under the guise of feminism sound like right wing conservatives on what a woman should be, or what they're "naturally" like.

No. 1463645


No. 1463647

Just say you love men and go. Nothing you say will change their mind. I just think it's annoying that straight women think straight moids will stop being shitty out of thin air. I'm tired of hearing about women getting used and abused of men.

No. 1463650

I know everyone is being mean, but i kind of get what you mean as somebody who gets no male attention. I think the worst part is that women constantly dismiss your experiences and often can be really rude about it. In my opinion, for as much as a lot of women cry about getting attention from men, they secretly love it. It gives them a sense of superiority over other women and a confidence boost. At the same time, male attention really doesn't mean much. Most of them are just hoping to use your body and have no intentions of being a gentleman towards you.

No. 1463656

Pretty privilege isn't a real think, men coveting women as an object is not a positive thing. And mens shit behaviour should always be spoken about.

No. 1463663

>In my opinion, for as much as a lot of women cry about getting attention from men, they secretly love it.
Yes, in your biased view. Of course you would think that because you yourself crave male attention so how could any woman genuinely dislike it, they must be lying.

No. 1463665

i'm so stressed out over something retarded. I recently got involved in this obscure and complex subculture that I secretly think is kind of stupid… just because of one of the current guys in it caught my eye as super attractive. It's a thing where all the content is heavily underground and you need connections to be able to view most of it and I happened to luck out meeting someone who speaks my native language and has given me access to a bunch of stuff with the guy i like in it. The problem is I secretly am not interested in the subculture at all and am just thirsting over this one dude. So the people who give me the goods keep trying to talk to me in depth about the other 90% of it and my honest opinion of everything they send me is "this is cringe" but I can't say that, so i've been kind of sidestepping the topics, but they are NOT getting the hint. If I told the truth they'd all be hurt. So do I pretend to be into it to maintain the connections? But if I pretend, they'll keep talking to me more about all this stuff and I'll wind up having to build up this persona of someone who cares about what they're talking about when really i'm lying out my ass. Plus I'm bad at lying and it makes me feel shitty. I'm seriously considering ghosting everyone and deleting my accounts because I'm feeling like an imposter, even if that means losing access to all the hot content with the guy I like. I have a very specific type and I don't regularly find people attractive so I'd hate to not be able to look at new stuff about him. I seriously don't know what to do. I was about to delete everything tonight but decided to sleep on it and reconsider tomorrow. I have no game plan.

No. 1463669

im kindda dying to know what the subculture is

No. 1463672

File: 1672899400736.jpeg (100.35 KB, 1130x622, 9872E34B-2750-4FEE-B8DB-E666AF…)

i start rotations next week and my first day is in the emergency department. Fucks sake. i feel like im about to pass out. my impostor syndrome is off the charts. im a fucking weird ass awkward ass bitch. im a dumb ass bitch. im a perfectionist ass bitch and i hate feeling like a dumb ass bitch but i am dumb and i just cant. idk why i am here. i dont belong. i am going to die

No. 1463673

i cannot, it's so niche i'd basically be doxing myself kek. but i'm literally making myself nauseous over the two paths laid out in front of me.
>Live a lie and pretend to like mountains of cringe, betraying the trust of very kind people?
>lose a chance to ogle the hottest man I've ever seen in my entire life?

No. 1463674

I think I agree but this probably belongs in the unpopular opinion thread, or you need to be more specific maybe. You could make a thread on 2X about right-wing ideology persuasively disguised as feminism?
I probably misremember this slightly but somewhere on LC or maybe it was CC during the bunker days I saw a girl talking about how she'd fallen in with an extremely conservative crowd because she naively thought they were radfem-adjacent due to their stance on troons; turns out that was the only thing they had in common with her and she had her eyes opened about what they thought of women, but not until she had spent a considerable amount of time with them. She was only 18 or 19 I think. I can't remember if she believed what they said about women at first or not but I wonder if that happens to teens sometimes where one issue funnels them into a certain social camp even if it's not in their own self-interest as a woman.

No. 1463676

Getting attention is better than none, I can go days without anyone doing as much as glancing at me and it makes me feel like a ghost floating through life while everyone avoids me or like I don’t really exist. Not saying I’d prefer some guy to scream HEY BITCH at me but some attention isn’t all bad and I know some people who blow everything out of proportion and think some random man saying “hey beautiful” is the worst thing in their day and of course they have to post the interaction on social media as if it was a hate crime. It’s disturbing sometimes but all you have to do is ignore it and that’s all, treat them like a crazy schizo homeless person you have to walk by to get to the bus stop.

No. 1463677

is there an option where you are an inactive ghost-member?

No. 1463686

I fucking wish nonnie. I fucking wish. They're all so eager for a newcomer that they're constantly showing me stuff and eagerly asking what I think of it and I wish I could tell them "no disrespect to you guys for liking what you like, but unless it has (dude's name) in it I could not care less and you do not want to hear my real opinion on this stuff". My almost empty twitter account makes it pretty clear who i'm into it for but they interpret that like I'm just a newbie who hasn't been around long enough to get into the rest of it yet.

I think what I have to do is keep giving very lukewarm but polite responses to the other stuff they send me like "oh haha yep, looks great!" as opposed to my rabid responses to stuff featuring hot guy and hope and pray that's enough to keep them liking me enough to feed me the goods I want.

No. 1463702

I definitely agree that a lot of women are over exaggerating about being cat called or flirted with, but i do not wish for attention from men in any capacity. I just think of it as ugly girl privilege even though it's a privilege nobody truly wants. It's just annoying when you hear women crying about the attention they get when it honestly just sounds like they are bragging to me and trying to somewhat make me jealous. Most women who cry about moids hitting on them would kill themselves if they woke up unattractive. Honestly, i get why ugly girls become pickmes, that's why anons above were trying to talk you out of your stance on this.

I feel like feminism only turns to right wing shit exclusively with troon issues. There are a lot of right-wing women who always like to hang around rad-fem spaces simply because of this one issue too.

No. 1463704

That's it, I'm actually quitting my job and going to uni, in my late twenties. I'm an eurofag so it's not going to indebt me for life, but things are going to be pretty tight financially, especially now when the crisis is on the rise.
And I don't want to be a speshul mental health snowflake, but I just hate being a nervous wreck though that's exactly what I've been my whole life. But I just can't put this off any longer. I have to do this now. I don't want to end like Pheebz or other cows. Wish me luck nonnies.

No. 1463707

My ex and I had so much in common and I felt like she was the only person that truly understood me. I miss her so much sometimes.
When we ended things, I was experiencing psychosis and I think I told her that I couldn’t feel love? I can’t really remember exactly what happened but I think that’s what happened. I know I probably said crazy things. I was hearing voices that were threatening to rape and kill me.
I was diagnosed with stpd and it’s been true hell. I was always kinda weird but it was never this bad. I lost the one person in the whole world that I could stand to socialize with and it’s all my fault.

No. 1463715

I try so hard to understand what gender dysphoria is but I still don't get it. If I wake up one day and people started treating me as a man so fucking what. I'll live as a man then. If I wake up one day in a male body so what. I'll be annoyed that I'm no longer in the same body I'm used to but I'll probably get used to it eventually. What's the big fucking deal? Why do they kill themselves over it???

No. 1463725

I think I don't like my boyfriend fuck this stupid earth I can't have anything nice can I

No. 1463733

This is easily solved by spending time with friends and family. I don't get attention from random men and even though it might not be great for my self esteem (obviously I'd rather be pretty), it's hard to feel like a ghost when you socialize regularly. You can't expect strangers to notice you when you're both just going about your day and minding your own business, that's serious main character syndrome.

No. 1463739

>You can't expect strangers to notice you when you're both just going about your day and minding your own business, that's serious main character syndrome.
ntayrt but many anons keep claiming that apparently this is something that strangers actually do to them, so i can see why she might expect it when people say it's the norm for women like that other post earlier

No. 1463743

Men aren’t the only ones who give women privilege for being pretty.

No. 1463751

I have given up,
Always gonna be brainless,
0h frost-covered trees.

No. 1463753

My new thermos mug keeps water way too hot, its been 45 minutes and i still cant drink, too bad i really liked it too

No. 1463767

you could just not pour it while it's scalding, wait a couple of mins before you do

No. 1463770

I was in a group with 2 boys working on something in uni and the guy will keep only making contact with the other guy and talking over me, he can get fucked. I wish he'd drown.

No. 1463773

i really wish i could tell my grandmother that she was a coward. i've been thinking about my childhood a lot, and a lot of memories of her bitching at me for being strong as a little girl, having a fiery personality, and not being this perfect little uwu princess baby who brainlessly let men tell her how to live her life was somehow bad. i remember her telling me how men wouldn't like me because i dared to say no, or have my own opinion. because god forbid a woman has her own mind and isn't just a repository for sperm. i blame her for how fucked up all her daughter's marriages were. for someone who was abused as a child, you would think she wouldn't have been so weak. i hope she spends every day in the otherworld regretting how she treated me, and how much she put my cousin up on a pedestal, the same cousin who is now a no good weed sniffing loser who thinks she's too good to get a job or do anything productive with her life.

yes i am mad, and i don't have enough space to vent properly all the bullshit i went through growing up.

No. 1463782

even in the presence of people i really love and adore i feel so alone. yeah i know, nothing uncommon. just that its gotten so bad that i excuse myself constantly to be alone. wtf am i lol

No. 1463791

Hi it's me your cousin

No. 1463797

Oh nonnie, take your time to heal, now she's not holding you back anymore and this has made you wiser

No. 1463805

I'm so tired of feeling like the blacksheep. Also I've been having a lot of bad dreams where I get bullied. I feel like I'm so traumatized from everything I've been through I have no fight left. I'm like an elephant trained to be quiet after getting whipped a bunch as a baby and now I'm just numb. I just feel sad and like no matter what I do my family and random people will always find a way to tear me down or exclude me

No. 1463815

I'm an autist myself, but the older I get the shorter my patience becomes with other autists. I know some can't help it but it's like some on the high functioning part of the spectrum fucking revels in being daft as fuck, especially ones you talk to online.
Two of my closest friends, bless their hearts, have issues that are starting to really grind my gears. One is pretentious as fuck, but I know it comes from a place where she just wants you to get the information right even if it's just got the name of something wrong at the moment, and the other you have to really sit down with and explain other people's point of view (she is usually pretty good at it, but there are times where she. just. doesn't. get. it so you have to break it down like you're talking to a child).

No. 1463832

It's almost comical how little this fucking lawyer cares. She can't transfer some money so she gives up, sends me checks, and acts like it's so easy to deposit checks from abroad. I tell her I can't do it and she says "Why can't do you do it?" And I suggest all these other options for wire transfer and she says "Ok I will check" and ignores me. She doesn't give a single fucking shit that I can't access this money. Such a fucking bitch. I hate people so fucking much.

No. 1463861

>Googling nicokado's coin slot so I can troll a friend
>go to reddit
>found it on this "cursed random pics" subreddit
>seems fun, scroll a little
>literally a pic of a guy who hung himself, his face was dark and rotten, his legs were already destroyed by random animals, there were bodies nearby
>Close the tab on sight
>It was a cover gore subreddit full of psycho moids
>Have nightmares

No. 1463866

I can't believe i was in a relationship with a john for 7 fucking years. I can't believe I even tolerated it. I knew early on and I denied it because I wanted to get away from my narcissistic parents. He kept going out every couple months to pay for sex and I just tolerated it. I hate how self sabotaging I was because of other abuse I was facing. I fucking hate johns and their manipulative tactics.

No. 1463876

I'm so sorry you had to see that. Men are sick in the head. Never in my life would I have thought real gore and dead bodies is acceptable.. fucking hell.

Go hug something soft and watch a wholesome show. Women should not have to be subjected to that.

No. 1463877

What brand? I would like this. Also, if you pour the hot water into a ceramic mug and wait, it should be good. I need a thermos that actually works.

No. 1463878

I would feel bad for her. I am sorry this happened to you. This happened to my mother as well. My mom was a tomboy like me growing up and very direct and no bullshit attitude. She was told she should be submissive to men. My grandmother grew up in the 1940s and women were obviously not allowed to be direct back then.

You are awesome, anon. Move forward and know that we need more women like us to have a stronger future.

No. 1463882

File: 1672928722038.jpg (132.1 KB, 720x530, star-fox-64-venom.jpg)

I'm staying at a hotel on vacation and I went downstairs to the free breakfast area. It was really crowded, so I had to do some Fox Mccloud maneuvers to get around to get my coffee and cereal. There was a woman with a medium sized poodle dog in everyone's way at the coffee station.

Why the fuck would you bring your dog into an area where people are actively getting hot food and coffee?? Not to mention bringing a dog into a food area in general? People are just stupid af. I would have spilled my hot coffee over that woman if I could but I didnt want to wait in line for more. People are inconsiderate as well. It doesnt help I am seriously allergic to dogs sadly.

No. 1463890

>look for vintage early 2000s clothing
>it's all full of zoomers selling $5 aliexpress tops for $25
FUCK YOUUUUU!!!! Not even the 70s or 80s tags are safe now. You ruined thrifting you stupid tiktokers. Don't even fucking bother delivering that shit to physical thrift stores either throw that shit in the garbage where it belongs!

No. 1463891

File: 1672929402094.jpg (86.54 KB, 735x527, me-helping-someone-who-wouldnt…)

i'm in the middle of my exams and i feel so stressed and so shitty, i'm scared
I tried to called friends, most of them didn't answer even tho they posted dumb reels in their stories 20 minutes ago and the only one who answered just stayed silent and didn't have single reconforting thing to tell me
I'm tired of being there for people and always finding the right things to say when they can't or don't want to do the same for me

No. 1463898

i'm so sorry you had to see that, i don't understand how reddit could let this online. You never get used to seeing gore but you slowly forget, try to distract yourself and keep your mind occupied

No. 1463902

I thrifted all my life, but especially hard core the last 5-6 years when I moved out of my grandmother's house. It's expensive to live on your own, so buying second hand stuff helps. Now since 2021, i go into thrift stores and see nothing but F21, shien, etc.. cheap ass polyester clothing and tons of zoomers shopping there.

I hate zoomers so much. they are ruined thrifting. I already had to deal with shitty resellers, but this feels worse. I cant find as much good clothing as I used to.

No. 1463907

There’s this piece of shit that’s been spreading rumors about me to multiple people. I know who I am and she’s only trying to tear me down/make me look bad because she feels inferior and has low self-esteem, but it is annoying and pathetic.
I had to go to HR due to harassment/mobbing from coworkers and a lot of important rules being broken. I also mentioned her drinking and driving on the job using the company car (yes she admitted this herself and seemed proud of that). Fyi this was a serious job involving law. Investigators talked to her and she ended up “quitting” (I think they were onto her bullshit and she left before she could get fired).
Anyways, here she is, 5-6 months later, still spreading rumors and lies about me, making Facebook posts, and even fucking tik-toks. Now she’s making racist remarks about me too. And the bosses at her new job somehow support her deranged behavior and like her posts, I’m guessing because she’s feeding people more bullshit about what really happened. This is a middle-aged woman acting like a teenager, and I’m living rent-free in her head. She’s twice my age.
I’ve never done anything to her, or anyone else. Majority of people know me to be a quiet woman that keeps to myself, but is friendly. When she still worked for the company, I tried to work things out with her and everyone else multiple times, but they preferred having someone to bully over being mature adults.
It sucks that she has my name in her mouth and is talking to other local employers about me. And there’s nothing I can do except ignore it. If I say anything back, she will twist and distort it, and go “see, she is the bad guy like I said!”, and potentially jeopardize my job. Even my coworkers say that she’s “their voice” because they know they’d get fired too if they said anything. I just hope people realize she’s lying and see through it all. I haven’t spoken about her at all on social media, while her gossip is right out in the open. Wouldn’t it just make her look like a disgruntled bitter hag to others?

Has anyone experienced something like this before?

No. 1463911

Ugh finally found a way to call and figure this shit out. Getting transferred through the consulate

No. 1463914


You can do it anon. I felt the same way when I started in that field and it was tough but it made me realize that it is in no way impossible. I believe in you, you are there to help and you absolutely have the capacity to do so otherwise you would not have made it. Hang in there and do what you have to do to get by.

No. 1463917

Not me who would put her phone number in public bathrooms asking for sęx, and sign her up for endless newsletters. you're better than me

No. 1463919

consult a lawyer

No. 1463921

i'm actually kinda butthurt about this so i'm posting it here instead of the pixie thread lol (it's also post capped atm) but
i checked out "noom" (which is probably the most retarded thing to name your shit but whatever) to see what she could POSSIBLY be bitching about that's so bad and it's literally as >>274304 said lol it's just an app that teaches you healthier methods of eating. it doesn't even tell you to stop eating certain things like fast food or candy or whatever, just how to eat it in a healthier way that's conducive to good weight loss as opposed to fad diet bullshit.

i'm not personally a fan of how hype-y and fake weight loss shit is but this looks like it could actually be helpful. she and her whiny baby fans won't even do the research, though, of fucking course lol. they just wanna keep guzzling high fat/carbs/sugars without the big meanie ads reminding them that they're fat for doing so LOL. as a chubbychan it's really really obnoxious and ignorant when fatties do this.

also just an aside if any of jill's faggoty little fans see this you're fat as fuck, it IS a problem, and you need to lose a few lol.

No. 1463922

>I feel like feminism only turns to right wing shit exclusively with troon issues.
it's mostly that but other ways I've seen women get drawn in to right-wing spaces are:
-venerating motherhood (except not really because conservative men want to breed you)
-looking for natural health options because doctors are so shit with women's health issues (except turnsout conservative ideology doesn't have the answers either and "it's god's will" if you have endo or something) and hormonal birth control skepticism (some women have bad experiences but you can't talk about that in libfem spaces, however right wingers will embrace you for that butit's because they want to breed you)
-believing in essential sex differences (related to tra thing I guess)
-being anti-porn
-the choice to be makeup-free (women have our own reasons for not wearing makeup but conservative men want a "natural" beauty that isn't "lying" with makeup)

No. 1463924

genuinely felt excited reading this, your check problem has been giving me secondhand stress lol

No. 1463925

I fucked up again due to procrastination. It costs me money and time (and also missed opportunites). How do I get out?

No. 1463929

You know what this isn’t a bad idea kek
Nobody would know
I probably should, but not sure if it’s more trouble than it’s worth. While she still worked here, she was threatening me about “hiring a defamation lawyer”, which of course never came about because she had nothing. Sending a cease and desist or something might open a can of worms and I don’t got a lot of money.

No. 1463935

>not sure if it’s more trouble than it’s worth
I was thinking this too. getting in a drawn out legal fight with a psycho liar like this is exhausting and expensive

No. 1463936

learn how to crosspost you fucking moron

No. 1463944

I'm writing this idea down for the day my scrote fucks me over or cheats.

No. 1463957

File: 1672934787106.jpg (9.24 KB, 275x217, m-23.jpg)

how do people manage to do stuff without eating. I forgot to buy groceries so aside for one carrot I haven't eaten anything all day so I haven't been able to focus on anything. I don't have a binge eating disorder so I don't feel the need to constantly eat but I find it so hard to get trough the day if I don't get at least two meals. I know so many who barely eats and they somehow manages to function. how???

No. 1463961

hi 'cousin', lol.

i am, or i am trying at least. my memories started coming up because i've been forced into situations where i really have no choice but to be strong, where i've had to put my foot down, and where i've had to be really firm with people in a way that i know would have pissed her off. i've totally changed and i am so, so glad that i stopped with her bullshit. i just wish i understood why she had this weird pathological aversion to women having any sort of dominance. thank you, too.

thank you anon. i guess i just have been feeling some type of way about her. we were really close when i was younger, and i was there for her when she was dying from cancer when most of my other shit for brains family were fighting over who was going to inherit what. just before she died she did this whole 180 change on everyone and suddenly started kind of admitting she was wrong to have doubted me as a person and regretting investing so much time into my cousin. my cousin thought she was going to inherit some of the family fortune, but my grandmother cut her and her mother off for being abusive a month or two before she finally passed. it just felt like too little, too late. she let her own prejudices cloud her judgment and never really invested as much emotionally or financial support into me growing up, because she thought i had it "easier" than my cousin. i know it was better, in the end, that i was never coddled as much because it forced me to strive to be a better person, but it still hurts because my cousin got so much from my grandmother. anything she wanted she bought for her. she put up with her drinking and smoking, getting duis, crashing all her cars, and just in general being an absolute fucking shit stain. i was a good kid growing up; my only vice was that i had issues with anger, which looking back had a ton to do with my childhood and being bullied. but somehow me being angry was seen as worse than my cousin being a louse. it just hurts because people are frustrating.

No. 1463970

I'm feeling so fucking lonely. It sucks. I am going to scream. It's not fun. I don't care I don't care. Use me idc please use me idc idc idc I cannot stand this loneliness please continue to use me im just a puppet

No. 1463977

i will indeed use you as a puppet, to practice my hair braiding skills

No. 1464003

i hate how playfully insulting zoomer speak is. they all need to fuck off, literal NPCs whose brains have been fried by tiktok

No. 1464007

File: 1672937216691.jpg (10.24 KB, 236x232, a35ec0f051b83e4120ad9cb176ad82…)

Currently getting flamed in a WoW discord server for saying "that's actually retarded".
When did people start caring so much about the word retard and calling it the r-slur instead? Tbh, if I was around a disabled person I wouldn't even say it but there's no fucking way a bunch of Warcraft nerds on discord care this much about a fucking word.
>uh hey guys can we not use ableist language in the server please the r-slur is a serious word
You're retarded too you fat fucking they/them furry. You're literally roleplaying a Vulpera and think you can police people on saying "retarded"? Kys.

No. 1464013

We could be having fun and making each other happy. Stop being around people who can only bring you misery. Stop wasting your life away.

No. 1464014

Just tell them you have a neurological disorder. But don't play that card until the last possible moment, as your trump "fuck you" card.

No. 1464016

Why the fuck is the childfree subreddit more based than lolcow now? Fucking REDDIT?! Step up your game nonnies smh

No. 1464019

Zoomers ruin everything. No idea when, but zoomers hate the word retarded more than anything, it seems. I've gotten the worst side eyes and gasps for using 'oh man, what retarded situation' from zoomers before.

No. 1464027

I agree, none of the people complaining about this have ever experienced being called retarded in the literal meaning of the word, it's an outdated term for having delayed development. We should probably bring retarded back as IQs are decreasing across the globe.

No. 1464034

>But don't play that card until the last possible moment, as your trump "fuck you" card.
Why not

No. 1464035

Nah it definitely started with millenials. I remember in middle school when it suddenly became bad and I’m the line between zoomer and millenial. We were too young to consider where retard came from.

No. 1464046

it's performative. a few years ago the big no no words was faggot and if you called anyone a faggot for any reason, gay or not, people would have a nuclear meltdown on twitter and try to lynch you.

i've learned to avoid people who are 23 and younger because they're annoying and don't even realize it. then of course you find their neo-nazi larp folder on their computer, or discover that they bullied some poor kid in high school to suicide. hypocrites.

No. 1464047

What year? I was born in the early 90s and never heard of this shit until 2015/2016 era. The whole 'r word' thing wasnt an issue for a hell of a long time.

No. 1464056

'Cause you don't want to come across as "desperate for a quick out". In other words, you don't want to right away go "I HAVE A DISORDER, FUCK YOU, FREE SPEECH, ASSHOLES". Hold off for a few minutes, let them stew and squirm like the faggots they are. Then calmly say "I have had a neurological disorder since birth that I nearly dropped out of highschool from. I have to live with it. You don't. If anyone is going to patronize me and tell me they know what "retard" means better than I do, go to hell. You don't get to bully me for what I was born with." Basically neg the absolute fuck out of them. Carpetbomb them.

No. 1464059

File: 1672938691190.png (359.48 KB, 1818x836, Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 6.11.…)

not the same anon but i remember people, mainly moms with kids on the spectrum, whining about people saying "retard" because they didn't like the connotation behind it or the casual usage in pop culture. this was, i'd like to say, around 2010-2012ish? i remember because i am a late millennial and this coincided with when it seemed like everyone everywhere had autism.


No. 1464090

Why does my boyfriend give me attitude anytime I ask him what he wants from the grocery store? I guess I’ll just buy what I need and if he wants something so bad he can go and get it himself. I’m not asking him what he wants anymore. The worst part is that he will definitely complain to me if I forget something he likes. Fucking man child.

No. 1464094

And yet you're dating him.

No. 1464099

Boom roasted

No. 1464102

If only you knew how bad things really were

No. 1464112

We do. We've been on lolcow long enough to know what kind of festered defecation-shaped people y'all dating.

No. 1464113

My brother in law and father in law hates me but Im right for quitting the “family” business. I have so much more experience in restaurants. The audacity of redneck men with zero food service experience, running a restaurant, and being condescending to the woman with a resume better than the whole family combined.
They had an underpriced menu for THREE YEARS and when I finally said the most obvious “you are handing out food for free. If you meet inflation your employees could have the pay raise they deserve, and you know, we could make a profit. You could even have more time off if you would make me a shiftie with a pay raise”
It was like i set off a bomb. I offered to quit 5 separate times, and each time my BIL was like “no dont quit we need you, Ill change it”. My FIL called me and said if I quit I would “ruin this family, and destroy the business”. Bitch; what?
You needed me to do -your- job so you could fuck off all day, for a fraction of the pay. I dont know how my husband came from this family but holy fuck they are retarded. This on top of the small dick mentality in which they have to whisper behind peoples back instead of to their face- was too much. I raged, I quit. My man supports me and has put them in their place.
They are all so painfully stupid; its unbelievable. I sorta get the obligation my man has to his family, but even he has decided to go back to school so he can walk away from this shitshow. FIL thinks its such a flex to pay his sons 15/hr…. Like reality check, you use your family as indentured servants and leave them financially strapped so they stay dependent and never grow. YOU are the one ruining this family. YOU are the one who doesn't know how to run a business.
So make me the black sheep, ba ba bitch

No. 1464118

Luck for you!!! What will you study?

I thought about returning to get a degree but I have no transcripts, so I'm working on certifications and licenses in different things, like specialty school. Best part is it's way less time to complete.

No. 1464120

Yes but some of us don’t have the privilege to choose who we date sadly

No. 1464122

Are you in India or some other third world shit hole?

No. 1464124

That sounds like a truly shitty situation. Men think they automatically know more than women with zero experience. Just dont interact with them if you dont have to.

No. 1464128

at my sister's and holy crap her 3 year old child is SO ANNOYING. i try to humor her and play with her but she is so bossy and i just can’t deal with it. she tries to crawl all over me and grabs me constantly too. she’s obsessed with me right now and won’t leave me alone to the point where i am now locking myself in a room to avoid her. this just makes me never want to have kids.

No. 1464130

Um no I don’t. There are different cultures in America fyi

No. 1464132


No. 1464134

I’m brown. Amish do arranged too?

No. 1464135

Are you in shit hole Utah?

No. 1464136

Your boyfriend is arranged but you’re not married?

No. 1464140

Normal people dont do arrange marriages in america unless you are in isolated shit religion.

No. 1464147

NTA but Indian immigrants do. Probably others I’m not aware of. I just don’t understand the part where he’s a boyfriend and not a husband. If the parents are letting them just date that implies they can opt out of the relationship.

No. 1464152

If you’re in America you can escape it’s a free country kek

No. 1464157

And I feel for them. Why would you come to America and still practice something that owns women and tells them what to do? A lot of indian women who come here are brilliant and need to escape that life and mental way of thinking.

No. 1464161

This is disgusting but i remember when i was a goblin i scratched my vag and when i pulled my hand out there was a pinworm on it, cannot describe the horror because i thought there were worms in my vag and thought of that maggot girl with the bit of steak in there and thought it was a tiny maggot and I’m rotting on the inside. Anyway, that was at my parents house, I’ve had it twice since and it was always after staying at my parents. But i took the pills, power washed my ass after every shit, and first thing in the morning and last at night, wore tight pants and frequently changed them and they never came back (till I stayed at my parent’s again kek). I’m trying to say I’m sure it isn’t your hygiene nona because mine is lax and they still went away. Have you been rubbing asses with anyone? Slept in someone elses bed? If so broach having an itchy ass at night and if they relate tell them they have worms kek

No. 1464177

i already have a phobia for staying at others people houses and this made it worse, thank you tho

No. 1464186

it's kind of funny that the standard self-deluding autistic depressed nerd retard's self-inflicted
>festered defecation-shaped people y'all dating.
would perfectly match the hell-life nonchoice of religiously fourth world uberopressed girls
>Yes but some of us don’t have the privilege to choose who we date sadly
it's that bad

No. 1464188

my compulsive need to collect information on totally unimportant things is becoming a real fucking drag tbh. i've been staying up way too late and avoiding other hobbies and things i usually enjoy doing just because i get so bored if im not reading about something new. it's not even about any beneficial topic that is actually making me smarter in any way. it's literally just shit that i find on wikipedia or in other online rabbit holes so it's not even useful info. i go through phases of doing this so i'll go back to normal soon enough but idk why my brain is like this

No. 1464195

I don't understand a single word in this post, wtf

No. 1464205

B was written in response to A, and then B was commented on extensively in the thread. (OP B meant she had no choice in how shit her BF or husband is because of religion/culture.)

No. 1464239

I am a lazy piece of shit that can't write 3 pages of fucking report. I had plenty of time but I didn't do it earlier. It happens all the time, I postpone my work and then stress about it.

No. 1464244

This is completely out of the blue but are you a zoomer that was raised by gen x parents? I'm an older zoomer raised by a gen x dad and we have the same "collecting random and useless information on topics nobody gives a shit about" hobby. Most gen x people I meet love to go on and on about media back in their day that nobody cares about now kek.

No. 1464263

I think it's just my period but I haven't been hungry lately. Like at all. When I think about having to eat I get so stressed out. My brain thinks it'd take too much time to prepare a meal so I just avoid eating or distract myself until dinner. When I think about what to eat I just get frustrated and anxious. Not only that but (because of my period?) I'm picky as fuck and it feels like it's so easy to be disgusted with food or being disgusted by the texture. I just wish there were an easier way to eat food so I don't have to take the time to eat. I honestly don't know why I'm feeling this way right now, it's weird. My brain just does not light up at the thought of food. It feels more trouble than it's worth. Whenever I do eat it just feels like IDK, like I'm just doing it to satiate a human need whereas I feel like it's important to enjoy the food you eat and I am not deriving any joy out of eating. What the fuck.

No. 1464274

there's nothing i hate more in this world than people putting me on the spot loudly asking me directly to their speaker if i want to talk to whoever it is they have on the other end of the call. i've just started saying no like piss off there's a mute button right there if you earnestly wanted to ask and you already know the answer is no anyway leave me alone

No. 1464301

File: 1672950722744.jpeg (23.75 KB, 720x645, EZah8TpWAAAJVTi.jpeg)

applying for disability benefits in the US is the most soul sucking process imaginable. they make it as difficult and long-winded as possible in hopes that people will just give up. I was literally approved but can't receive my benefits because of a dumb mistake a case manager made and I've been trying to contact various people for the past year now to get it taken care of and have been ignored every single time, it is so ridiculous. I applied due to physical disability but i cannot imagine trying to go through this process as someone with a mental disability or even as an elderly person, it is insanely confusing and frustrating.

No. 1464305

yes actually lmao, though i don't really think my parents are the same way as far as i know.

No. 1464333

File: 1672953176623.jpeg (37.9 KB, 600x600, 1645244554282.jpeg)

ladies have any of you gone through extreme anxiety attacks with no discernible cause? for the past ~5 months i've been going about my day and then boom. my body tells me in not uncertain terms "you're dying. you're going to die right now" and its such a sheer feeling of panic, i have to sit and pretend like nothing is happening.
its just, like, it happens every day. this immense fear and physical discomfort/fixation on breathing/cold sweats. please someone tell me they've been through this too and maybe what has helped? the only thing besides waiting that helps (and gaslighting myself that it isn't actually happening) is ativan. but i don't want to rely on benzos.

No. 1464344

I was looking at cat pictures on Pinterest and saw a pic of a fetus (probably from a miscarriage). I'm not usually squeamish or sensitive but that really got me. And I was eating.

No. 1464349

I don't get why people upload things like that and why one randomly comes across it. I was looking at old ink illustrations and someone had uploaded graphics pics of historical murder victims. Just why?

No. 1464356

i had a promoted post pop up on instagram yesterday and it was a photo of a woman's stillborn baby. obviously i feel sorry for her, but literally nobody wants to see that and idk how it got approved for promotion

No. 1464362

This suddenly started happening to me when I was around 26.
I've found if I drink too much caffeine it tends to trigger it.

No. 1464368

i'm 25 and i'm glad to know i'm not the only one! i've considered caffeine to maybe be the cause, but it happens on days when i have none at all, and i can drink redbulls and be fine until like 10hrs later and it happens again.
and its not like a "worrying thought/fear" thing, it feels like something happening in my body (which i know is what happens with panic attacks) but goddamn like i wish i knew how to stop it from happening every single day

No. 1464376

I had it for a while and it went away for about a year and came back when I turned 25 in the form of a really bad panic attack. I looked up the Dare method and it helped me a lot! There's a free PDF of the book surrounding the method on LibGen iirc that goes more in depth about the technique. Took about 5 years to not freak out over the anxiety sensations, but my quality of life is so much better. I was on meds for like a year when it was really bad, but now I've been medication free since. Mostly you have to train your brain not to think catastrophically when symptoms arise and turn to the rational thinking side of your brain. Like other anons have said to reduce caffiene, added sugars are also a big one, I basically mimicked someone who found out they have diabetes when it comes to food, but a little more extreme as in trying to reduce intake of artificial sugars and simple carbs as well, bc that could also make me anxious, like my teeth will start hurting and I feel a bit dizzy. Hopefully you'll find peace and an improvement in the quality of your life, anon!

No. 1464402

File: 1672959046858.jpg (18.67 KB, 1200x800, youtube.0.jpg)

I hate feeling like I can't do anything JUST for fun anymore without feeling the pressure to monetize my hobbies. I used to love drawing, painting, writing screenplays, playing instruments, even vlogging or making weird little videos by myself and sharing them with my friends online or in the early days of youtube. Now with IG, tiktok, YouTube, or every other social media I just see thousands of other people, who are MUCH more advanced than I am, making reels and posts in attempts to go viral, and artists with millions of views who are making money from these platforms. It's so hard to not feel envious and pressured to do the same, because they're making enough money to pay for their resources and supplies and I think "Man, I should do that, too!" And then instead of just having fun with my videos or posts I shoot myself in the foot by getting caught up in whatever would get the most engagement instead of just making something I love. I know social media has always been fake and silly, even before the Myspace days, but I really hate this new era of commodifying our lives for the 'gram.

No. 1464403

That's capitalism in a nutshell

No. 1464417

idk if there are any other nordic nonnies here who remember gosupermodel but its back now and i thought it'd be fun but damn seeing every third user with he/they in their bio and ive now seen already a 'radfems ebil' forum and one user literally commented that radical feminists only support women who preform femininity to their liking… what. i wish women dared to be more based, i thought about replying but it'd just waste my energy cause they're too deep into it.

No. 1464419

i have the reverse of this, hungrier during and before my period but not hungry and super picky when off it

No. 1464429

NTA but I still don't understand what
>the standard self-deluding autistic depressed nerd retard's self-inflicted

No. 1464431

I'm literally the worst friend ever I don't deserve nice people even though I want them in my life. I promise my intentions aren't malicious I just panic about boring you and exposing what a phony human I am so I avoid talking and connecting with you I'm sorry

No. 1464440


No. 1464442

File: 1672961077473.jpg (23.18 KB, 500x313, production_1543556189673-otwir…)

Last night I had a dream where I was in a strange part of town, it was late afternoon and the sky was a dark shade of green. I was inside one of those angular Volkswagens from the 90s, sitting up front in the car but not in the driving seat. I was waiting for somebody and I felt slightly older than I am and more confident about myself, although I was feeling a bit insecure because I was all alone and didn't know what would happen. So this guy I had an intese crush for some monhs in high school parks a motorbike at the other side of the car, rushes inside of the vehicle, hugs me and whispers some tender simple words I have now forgotten to my hear. I felt immense joy. He kept on whispering those words for ten or twenty seconds. After that my dream changes scenarios a couple of times but I don't see him again. I wake up in the morning feeling sad and nostalgic. I hate it, I hate when I dream shit like this.

No. 1464446

File: 1672961209061.jpg (257.3 KB, 900x675, tumblr_lzpvmrrseC1r03kk7o1_128…)

Encountered a male "commmie" tranny sympsthizer and his libfem gf the other day and it was a fucking train wreck.
All I did was say that "men cannot be women and women deserve to keep their sex segregated spaces" and they couldn't even give me any sort of legit argument or backlash against it kek. All they said was literally "Wow you're a stupid terf" and got headpats for it. Funny how they thought calling me a terf was an insult - thank you, retards!
How the fuck did we end up here? How is saying "men can't be women" now some sort of controversial thing? This is cult behaviour.
The most embarrassing part was after his gf called me a stupid terf the scrote said "Get her ass babe." I'm still recovering from the secondhand embarrassment I had to endure thanks to these retards.

No. 1464450

I hate the way I get overheated and start pacing back and forth and overthinking just to reply to 1 casual message to a friend holy fuck my brain is damaged

No. 1464451

Sounds pretty similar to my job Nonna and of course it's favoritism towards one scrote. He makes our lives miserable and difficult while he gets paid thousands to copy paste shit. My boss won't trust me enough to make any changes because of things like accidentally having a typo on the website for 5 minutes. They always always always takes his side even when he literally duplicates my work. This job is great and I'm grateful but he is so draining.

No. 1464475

I have the same problem but am a zillennial with boomer parents. Analyze me.

No. 1464592

I'm going insane, nonnies

No. 1464617

haha, yeah

No. 1464632

kek these are both a mood

No. 1464640

I hate when using language that's sure of yourself you're always bound to get some retard telling you to "calm down" because you didn't beat around the bush trying to sound as inoffensive as possible when stating an opinion.

No. 1464671

just got told by a moid out of nowhere that i’m “an 8.5 on a bad day” (like a looks rating) i fucking hate men why are you ranking my appearance numerically like it’s a compliment you freak, i already know i’m pretty i don’t need your bitch ass opinions


No. 1464675

went to a medspa for some botox and was told without asking that I should get lip fillers, gummy smile fillers, a kybella to give me a better chin, and a surgical browlift. Cried for like an hour straight when I got home.

No. 1464684

Anon… you know that they have people there that tell you what you "need" in order to sell product, right? You're completely fine. You were just the victim of seedy business practices. It's not that they actually care about how you look, none of that is coming from a place of concern, only from a moneymaking business standpoint. It's evil. You don't need any of that shit.

No. 1464686

Don't take it too personally. Some clinics (very unprofessional ones, imo) will recommend other procedures to get you to come back and spend more money. It doesn't mean they actually see a flaw, they're pointing out areas that women get procedures on the most and that you're more likely to be insecure about. It's asshole shit. I'd see if you can find another place to get botox.

No. 1464687

what did you expect from a business that makes its money by finding new substances to inject into women's faces? Imagine patronizing an industry like that and being shocked when they try to get you to come in to have more shit injected kek

No. 1464689

Watching Oneyplays and hearing Zach, Chris and Lyle joke around doing impressions while playing games makes me wish I had friends to do that and record videos with too. I'm always doing ridiculous shit and voices and I don't know anyone else IRL that I can goof off with like that

No. 1464712

You fell for Botox so of course they’re going to try to sell you more things “wrong” with you I order to get more money.

No. 1464714

i'm so tired of staying up until the morning thinking aimlessly about how much i want to sleep with her i HAVE to get my sleep schedule back on track i literally just put some bullshit video essay on from youtube in the background and zone out for hours thinking about my Scenarios. like ohhh what if i was taking care of her when she had a cold and we were just friends but oops she had a chill that night so she asks me to get in to warm her up but she's not thinking clearly since she has a fever and then we make out and

FUCK THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!! every night i say NOT AGAIN and then i do it AGAIN the madness HAS to END everyone keeps asking me why i look so tired is anything wrong??? is something bothering you? you can talk to me about it. NO i CANT!!!!

No. 1464716

no sleep no sleep schizo thoughts

No. 1464722

agreed, I don't have many friends and the ones I do have don't have that kind of sense of humor

No. 1464745


No. 1464747

You can tell me nona!

No. 1464758

File: 1672999802554.jpg (11.07 KB, 349x360, 64c70bdf5ea2651a3fa938712b21d7…)

>me, went to the gym yesterday so i had a great naturally exhausted sleep
>wake up excited to make another tomato onion grilled cheese
>feel wet between my thighs, it's dark in my bedroom
>"oh it's probably just discharge again what else is new"
>go to touch my inner thigh
>mfw its blood
>i'm having my period again even though i just had it 2 weeks ago
>i'm meant to be doing leg day today in the gym
all i wanted to do was enjoy my fucking grilled cheese and then go deadlift and squat. how the FUCK am i supposed to do this in this condition. i cannot stand this shit.

No. 1464759

Damn, sorry nona. Are you on birth control/did you get a COVID shot? Hopefully your health is okay, abnormal periods are a pain and also scary.

No. 1464761

thanks nonna. I'm not on any bc no and I'm unvaccinated although I did have COVID in September and my period seems to have been a bit fucked up since then. i'm trying to ring the doctors but i've been in the queue for like 45 minutes now and it's pissing me off.

No. 1464762

Hugs, hope you get the medical help you need and figure out the cause. Make the grilled cheese sandwich for yourself anyway and be kind to your body (and yourself) today. Also, hydrate.

No. 1464768

File: 1673001622415.jpg (81.82 KB, 594x744, FkOFSGYXwAEOhsK.jpg)

My fucking IP got fucking range banned from fucking 4chan fucking two weeks ago or a week ago, I don't know, it feels like forever
I need to shitpost
I'm seriously fuckign considering speding 20USD on a fucking 4chan pass just so I can resume shitposting, this is fuckign inhumane why the fuck is this happening to me, who the fuck in this stupid fucking middle of nowhere town got our entire fucking region blocked for abuse??????

No. 1464772

File: 1673002103170.jpeg (53.1 KB, 564x548, DC62CFAB-B46B-4D73-AEC4-E15182…)

vpns are free? why would you give any money to 4chan

No. 1464773

vpns cannot be used on 4chan
this is why I'm upset

No. 1464774

I drank way too much yesterday. At 11.40pm I texted a "happn! New! Yeasr! From me and the othhrss" to 70 year old man from work - he hasn't replied. No memory of getting home. (It seems like I got home fine, I sent pics and texts to partner at home saying I was on my way)
Puked all over the living room like an animal. Messed up the new couch, the rug, floor and the mattress partner pulled out for me.
He spent an hour caring for me and cleaning up. I feel like shit!

No. 1464775

Force of habit, shouldn't have saged that

No. 1464780

When I recently moved into my new place, I tried posting on lolcor only to find that my IP had been banned over a post that clearly came from a twitterbrained BPDchan. This neighbourhood is very affluent so it must have been some tech or finance worker's bored kid lmao

No. 1464789

i've been banned since april of 2021 and i haven't been the same since (for the better) it was excruciating like ending an addiction i slowly couldn't care for 4fags if i wasn't able to post. i think it's my entire country because i looked up my country's name and 4chan on twitter and some guy was complaining about range ban as well, but then i head over to /int/ and seethe until my teeth turn to powder from grinding when i see my flag. and they didn't even let me post media before the range ban. UGH. unban me you TRANNY jannies let me tell people to kill themselves NOWWWWWWW.

No. 1464791

File: 1673005706603.jpg (54.63 KB, 695x695, 1646463740539.jpg)

how the fuck do you guys get banned i purposefully derrail threads and samefag and tranny jannies dont care. I think i only got a ban once from a vendettafag tranny janny for ''racism'', lol sure

No. 1464793

Damn, how did you manage to find the last surviving Habsburg cat?

No. 1464794

I don't think it's my fault, I think "abuse" means like flooding or spamming

No. 1464798

I Hate when I see instagram posts that go along the lines of "So I looked at my bf's phone and found out he was talking to other girls.. blah blah…."
And the comments are FULL of handmaidens going "The relationship ended as soon as you decided to go through his phone!"

….No bitches, the relationship ended when he started cheating.

What is this idea that we're just supposed to trust that every human has NOTHING nefarious going on in their private communication devices? It's not a fucking diary, it's a miniature personal computer that you can use to talk to anyone in the world or look at anything that has ever existed. It's so nuance, and humans are just supposed to immediately be adapted and responsible with that kind of power? I don't trust that ANYONE has a squeaky-clean device.

No. 1464801

I agree. The handmaidens who say "uhm you shouldn't ever go through it and the relationship was over when you did it" are acknowledging that they're too retarded to even have protective female instincts anymore.
Women should have some curiosity and self-protectiveness regarding moids that they're in relationships with or else you just get walked over like a doormat. This entire idea that we're meant to immediately trust males all the time is fucking retarded - our biology doesn't even support that. Women should always be steps ahead in the relationship in regards to having their own financial backups, emotional security and also recognising reality - the reality is that most men are degenerates and you cannot guarantee your moid is a True Nigel unless he has proven time after time through clear actions that there's nothing suspicious going on.
The women who think they're special or nlog because they never look through their partners shit are the ones who get absolutely mugged off when they eventually find out that their moid is wanking off to daddy dom jailbait porn or is messaging 15 different women on Snapchat even though he's in his 30s.

No. 1464803

Of course the moment some fucking spider decided to build its silky home is just right after I just finished dusting off the dust and other webs from the ceiling.

No. 1464815

File: 1673010677815.jpg (41.28 KB, 587x265, 1649698470690.jpg)

As a millennial I realized the older I get the less interested I've gotten in my phone, I barely check it other than to check the time and lose it all the time at home, to my clingy mother's dismay, and social media just feels like a bother. I know it's considered boomerish but the only social media I still kinda enjoy is facebook, not only as a glamorized calendar but also these small little updates people give about their life without it being about followers and clout. I enjoy these small, genuine insights into people's lives (who's gotten pregnant, who get the job they dreamed of, whose bad day got better after that one cup of afternoon coffee).
Anyone else feeling like this? Any older zoomers ITT feeling like they're gonna or are about to reach this point in life? We're living in such strange times after all.

No. 1464824

File: 1673011787284.jpeg (616.96 KB, 1141x1174, 17B49977-5FE7-484D-B030-0EB1C8…)

My dad's parents are both pieces of shit but I (sorta) feel like shit for believing that it was his dad that sent him to boarding school when it was actually his mom. It wasn't until after his dad died that I learned about that, and she fucking did it because she thought my dad was too much to handle. He was four years old and made him go until he was twelve.
His dad is still worse, though. He stole my dad's identity several times to the point that the bank thought it was dad who died instead of him, abandoned his family and ended up living with another one until he died, and was just an all around liar.

No. 1464828

Samefag, I know my post isn't that much of a vent really but I wrote this with my annoyance with my mother in mind since she tends to get rude with me because I'm not glued to my phone like she is, something she criticized me a lot for me when I was a teen and would get angry with my brother when his company was still in it's startup phase so he needed to be available at all times, the hypocrisy of it all drives me insane.

No. 1464839

I am sick of serious sleep disorders not being taken seriously. People complain when they get seven hours of sleep instead of their regular nine but want to shun and shame people who are lucky to get that many a week. Don't even get me started on those who think morning people are better. They're not. Circadian rhythms are a very real thing and not every woman is programmed to wake up at 5AM and fall asleep at 8PM.

No. 1464844

File: 1673014437736.jpeg (634.71 KB, 1600x2400, E9166A62-A2D9-45B0-8E37-8FDDFE…)

Why nonnies, WHY did I not take a lactaid with the pistachio ricotta pesto I made last night

It is PUNISHING my @$$ today. It is BURNING me a new hole

Sometimes I forget that I’m like semi lactose intolerant because I don’t drink milk anyway and a lot of soft cheeses don’t bother me

It wasn’t even worth it because honestly pistachio isn’t a good dominant note for a pasta dish

No. 1464845

People truly grossly underestimate the amount of free things celebrities and even low-level influencers get. Attempts at "adding up" what their trips and outfits cost is autistic because they didn't pay for any of it.

No. 1464846

File: 1673014667981.jpg (154.4 KB, 768x432, 4-ways-to-talk-to-your-kids-ab…)

I feel like I've been heading towards this. I unintentionally started myself on this path because after my last break up I had a complete meltdown and got rid of my facebook and archived everything on my instagram. I turn off notifications for everything and it helped me pick up my phone less. Unfortunately I feel like I've been drawn back in, not by social media itself but for the mindless activities I can do on it like scrolling endlessly (reels are a particular weakness of mine). Not having any notifications was great but I found myself opening the app more often again to even see notifications because I use ig to message specific people that I don't have contact through elsewhere. I've reintroduced notifications for a very small handful of apps but the rest of them I don't have it on (and sometimes when an app annoys me I feel very powerful in turning off its notifications because it feels like the only way I have power over these apps that demand and command my attention).

I'm reading a book on digital minimalism now and am striving to just be glued to my phone less. I've gotten over a lot of the big things like fomo, taking pictures of fucking everything just to post it, and constantly posting shit, but I feel like I can do more. Technology is starting to impede on my life instead of serving it. I'd honestly rather sit down in a quiet room and stare off into space but enjoy the downtime for what it is rather than sit in a quiet room scrolling through my phone. I feel like it's stunting my brain.

No. 1464848

I am obsessing over a man and it's pathetic. I disgust myself.

No. 1464854

It's the pistachios burning your asshole, not the lactose. You really shouldn't eat a lot of pistachios in one sitting, lactose tolerant or not.

No. 1464855

What book is it? I am interested. And same for me I hate my phone in a special way but also get caught up scrolling. Though I have limited my social media to anon places and have every notification turned off except calls/text and my medical/dr hub app kek. I need some more push. I fall into the abyss too much still.

No. 1464856

File: 1673016096329.jpg (8.76 KB, 326x500, 31GWeOjGd5L._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport. I've only just started so I can't really speak to how well the author will lay everything out, but I'm hoping to at least take away a few things from the book!

No. 1464860

Hey thanks, hopefully it gives some good info if not then at least that's another book read instead of a big scroll day. Good luck on your journey!

No. 1464862

A guy I like is chatty and funny with literally everyone except me. I hate this. I get hit on by guys but the only one I'm actually interested in rarely even looks at me when we talk to each other at work. He's not some chad, he's average looking but I love his personality, the way he treats people, how competent he is etc. He's just sweet, helpful and confident in a healthy way. I'm pretty shy and awkward and whenever I try to start some conversation with him he barely respons, meanwhile he's very talkative with others. Now we only talk about work-related stuff. Months ago, when I started working at the same place, my female coworker told me he had good opinion about me and thought pretty highly of me because they had a conversation about me and she heard it. Now I'm scared that throughout the course of our time spent together at work he started to think I'm dumb or slow or something? There has to be a reason why he's like this with me and I know it' my fault

No. 1464863

It sounds like he likes you and is too retarded to act normally around you but IDK. It might be because he actually doesn't like you, but in either case I'd recommend just talking with your work friends and ignoring him. Maybe mention to a work friend how it seems he doesn't like you very much because of XYZ and see what they say about it.

No. 1464869

Farmers are going to tell you he likes you (as one already has) but honestly, the way men treat you says everything. What one coworker overhead months ago when you were brand new at the place doesn’t mean much now. It’s absolutely not your fault, however, how a scrote treats you. I mean he could very well 99% be into you but there’s something he doesn’t like / resents / is jealous or envious of and it’s showing in his actions and that is not someone you want to mess around with because he’ll use it against you because of his own insecurities.

No. 1464871

Anon, even if deep down he did like you… would you really want to be with a male that treats you shitty compared to everyone else? Men that get shy around women they truly like don’t completely ignore them and treat them differently from everyone else.

No. 1464872

He likely has a fear of commitment. This will likely go nowhere unless he gets over it. You can't help him with this. Either you waste time waiting or move on or go ahead and ask him if he has feelings for you. Life's short, act as soon as you can or else you'll realize you're letting years pass by and nothing progresses.

No. 1464874

The kind of people that understand me, aren’t good for me. The kind of people that are good for me don’t understand me.

No. 1464876

My dad low key kind of fucked my life up at a really young age. My dad scroted out on me when I was like 10 and knocked my adult teeth out. From that time forward I would get bullied all the time for being ugly. All my life the things I got dragged for were my teeth and being too skinny. Now as an adult I’m not skinny anymore but I’ll have to deal with the teeth shit probably for ever. Even with dentures most people can clock that my teeth ain’t real and that make sure to let me know!

No. 1464878

i thought i had mostly recovered from depression but now i'm back to barely leaving my bed

No. 1464879

>taste test my pizza sauce for the pizza im making tonight
>one lick of tomato sauce gives me heartburn for 6 hours
cool thanks

No. 1464886

It's not like that anon, he never treated me shitty, he always helps me when he sees I need help even when I don't ask and always responds when I ask about something, in that regard he always treated me just as well as other women in our department. It's just when I try to talk about something other than work it's like, he suddenly stops talking or responds with one sentence, meanwhile with others he continues conversation, makes jokes, asks questions etc. I think maybe our charcters are just severely mismatched and he's too extraverted for an autist like me. I remember he did try to start smalltalks with me a few times when I started working, he was also very curious about my age and was teasing me about it but I didn't want to tell him kek and after some time he just stopped talking to me this way, but does it everyone else. I know it's my fault lmao

No. 1464888

He might just be trying to be friendly with a coworker and isn’t interested in talking to you romantically. The only way you are going to know is if you stand up, stop being thirsty and stop responding until he texts you first and then asks you out. You’re going to end up making an ass of yourself at your place of employment.

No. 1464889

i hate showing my art to people but i especially hate showing a piece i'm proud of and people hit me with criticism that i did not ask for man. i appreciate criticism and i'm sure it's all in good heart but jesus christ i never see these people jump others when it comes to their work bruh what the hell

No. 1464890

My dog died yesterday

No. 1464898

Lactaid never helped me much TBH, there much better lactose-digesting aids. People don't realize what a shit deal we got with this lactose thing. Gluten my ass. I crave the milkies.

No. 1464902

I have a handsome man who is really into me and was in disbelief because im so ugly…. but now it makes sense because he's just a manwhore. i tried to change him in a way by trying to pick at his brain but he won't say anything, completely ignores me when i ask deep questions, just trying to get to know him more outside of intercourse. nope, nada. it's like there's nothing up there, or i just can't get to him. If anything the small glimpses i've gotten of his real personality have been off-putting and rude. I was really excited when i met him because he was the first man that made my mouth water just by looking at him, plus he reciprocated!?…. I did not mind much the lack of emotional bond, was just happy i wasn't with an ugly man and bc i knew it would get around to my last shitty bf. But…. this is just not for me I don't think. Which sucks because that means I have to go back to ugly men if I seek an emotional connection. Maybe if he somehow wasn't a manwhore i could tolerate it. Also with an emotional connection, physical connection is so easy to make too. But the thought I'll delude myself and then possibly get hurt is humiliating. I don't know which is better, both would be nice, but you can't have it all I guess.

No. 1464912

Update: Tried booking a doctors appointment as soon as it happened and I have to wait again until tomorrow because they ran out of fucking appointments at like 10am. Great.
Rang 111 and said I will be getting a call back from a nurse in 2 hours. It's been 6 and no word back. Nice one. I'm not in any pain but I'm just sat in bed watching random shit on youtube and wasting my entire day. I was supposed to have fun and work out today. I'm so fucking annoyed.

No. 1464913

Now that you know he’s a man who’re just use him for free food and alcohol but stop fucking him. The sad part is this will actually make him like you kek

No. 1464921

which aids work best for you?

No. 1464931

no sleep has ruined my appetite, the feeling of being alone and ditched has ruined my appetite, im not doing too well, nonnies.
it feels like im heading back to ED days and i'm scared.
thanks for this, I guess, I was starting to feel huge anyway

No. 1464932

im sorry nonna ♥

No. 1464937

>see a very cute girl on tiktok and watch more of her videos because you like cute girls
>see her boyfriend
>he's an absolute ogre
>he's american and she's ukrainian
It's not the first time. So annoying. I'm eastern european myself and our men are pretty ugly so I hoped that our women can at least find some better looking western boyfriends but I've yet to see a beautiful eastern european girl with a good looking american or british guy. They're always ugly. Besides that, I just get very annoyed when I see couples with ugly/average men and much more attractive women, regardless of their nationality or race

No. 1464941

Women prioritize materiel things too much which is the problem and it’s not cheap to look good so they have to find a scrote whose willing to pay for all their surgeries etc and an attractive man is less likely to do all that.

No. 1464948

>Women prioritize materiel things too much which is the problem
Scrote alert.

No. 1464950

Not a scrote but it is true that a lot of attractive women will pick money over looks. Once those women stop caring about silly shit like Chanel bags and 1000 dollar shoes they wouldn’t have to fuck hideous men for money.

No. 1464953

Men rig a system gaslighting and grooming women from childhood into thinking ugly dudes need a chance. (They don’t. Dating isn’t charity.) they resource hoard like the shrimp dicks before them and it makes women lower their standards and comprise.

No. 1464954

As opposed to men?
You think looks are immaterial?

No. 1464955

Samefag and I don’t feel bad for attractive women who fuck ugly men because it sets the tone that women can be purchased and that men don’t need to do anything more than pay for stuff to get a decent woman. Attractive women who fuck ugly scrotes are just as bad as scrotes if not worse.

No. 1464958

What's gross to me is when they post their copes about how old, bald, dadbod or roided-up with an ugly face scrotes are totally peak male attractiveness, and those of us who don't want to sleep with them must just be "intimidated by real men", kek.

No. 1464961

I didn’t think so.

No. 1464964

I listened to a couple Ezra Klein interviews with this guy and I LOVED them— I actually designed a seminar about it for my coworkers because many of them can’t fucking respect each others’ focus or choose appropriate channels of communication— but the book itself was a lot of the same fluffy filler that’s typical of self help books. He has a lot of great ideas but not enough for a whole ass book.

No. 1464966

Extremely attractive women fuck things up for all straight women in a way(alix earle types for example)because they spend 100000000s on beauty stuff that other women can’t afford and then they usually settle down with scrotes uglier than them to support their life style. Then men think all they need to do is make money to get a a decent woman and they are right. That leaves the rest of us with the scraps of men who have nothing going for them or men just looking for sex.

No. 1464973

Ohh, I'll check out the interviews, thank you!

No. 1464982

I am so fucking tired I feel like I'm going to pass out and die and I have to stand on my feet for this stupid 6 hour shift. I wish we could at least have chairs at our stations but alas any higher being that may exist just fucking hates me I guess. Pain and suffering and pain and suffering and pain and suffering.

No. 1465013

Anyone else get sad when their mom talks about how pretty other women are? My mom just described, in detail, this gorgeous girl she saw today. How her skin was sooo perfect, how stunning she was. She was so perfect that my mom considered telling her, a stranger, how pretty she is.

My bitter self just said "she definitely knows she's gorgeous". Growing up, my mom would tell me I'm pretty, but I'm not. Never kissed at 25 and all that stuff. It just sucks being reminded of how beautiful women inspire awe in complete strangers, and not just from men. Imagine being so pretty a complete stranger who saw you for 2 seconds thinks about you hours later.

No. 1465021

Zero-something works better than Lactaid for me.
There was a dutch brand that was the best by far, but I can't remember the name. A friend would bring it for me when visiting.
The best thing for lactose intolerance is a mix of lactase enzymes plus heavy-duty probiotic supplements.

No. 1465028

I hate explaining my nonexistent relationship with my mother. My mom is an alcoholic who would sell me off in a heartbeat to get married to a millionaire. I haven’t talked to her in years because all of her interactions are just to get as much money as she can out of me. I only found out as an adult that she would spend my dads child support on herself and that’s why I assumed we were broke.
My sister tells people that our mom died because it’s less explaining. I’ve actually imagined how it would feel if she died and the tremendous guilt I’d have of not helping her get treated for her alcoholism and not contacting her. I know I will eventually take that regret to my grave later on and it pains me. I just wish she wasn’t so money grubbing and conniving, otherwise I wouldn’t have the hesitance to reconnect with her and I would actually try to get her some help.

No. 1465043

Same anon. I don't have a very pretty face to begin with plus I don't wear make up or keep up with trends so I'm just not attractive. It's not even a decision I have taken I'm just bad with social cues so I have a hard time keeping up with trends and how to apply makeup.
My mom keeps on commenting on how beautiful other women are. My mom was a Stacy(forgive me for using incel terms) when she was my age and was known to be really beautiful. I know my mom loves me but I can't help but feel like she resents me for never have been in a relationship and for not being pretty. I know that she loves me but I think having a daughter she could gush over relationship with and buy pretty clothes and make up for was something she always wanted and I robbed that experience from her. Doesn't help she keeps comparing me to my cousins who are more like how she used to be. My mom doesn't think I'm ugly but she definitely wish I knew how to appear more attractive to others. But random strangers do think I'm unattractive

No. 1465044

I'm probably going to end a really long relationship because they injured their head last year and now they're very quick to anger and crying. I can't handle it. They express frustration and fear over their behavior. Maybe I'm shitty but I don't want to help them. I can't handle the outbursts. I feel like I did as a child, walking on eggshells and only behaving in ways that don't cause them to yell.

No. 1465045

someone having lactose intolerance is very endearing to me. such a nasty, unacknowledged plight. cheese rules. chimichangas!

No. 1465055

my mom is also an alcoholic, as is my dad. For a huge variety of reasons I can't cut off contact with them. You're better off, don't feel guilty…

No. 1465056

>I can't help but feel like she resents me for never have been in a relationship and for not being pretty.
Same. Your post made me realize mine probably misses that too. Like seeing your daughter out the door on the way to her first date, or bringing a guy home. Or telling her how you were asked out. Damn nonnie I just realized there's this huge like "feminine" bond my mom and I can't have. When my hot cousin visits, she oohs and aahs about how gorgeous she is and asks about her boyfriend. They talk shit about their boyfriends together and laugh. She's definitely a bit resentful, like "why did I have to get the ugly sped daughter?" She's a former Stacy too.

Fuck em tbh they're the ones who decided to shit out kids ooh sorry you didn't get a Stacy daughter you could show off.

No. 1465062

There has been some times where I should've been banned too but wasn't kek. The last two times I got banned it was cause a janny mistook me for crapchan, and then because I said something along the lines of Shaymin fucking over the site in /meta/.

No. 1465065

You don't have to help them but if they have a head injury, the outbursts and anger are a medical condition and side effect of their injury. Kinda shitty that you won't try to get them help for it, especially if they expressed fear and anger over their condition. I could understand leaving them if you did try to help and they didn't improve / work on improving on their own. I'd recommend not getting married, because seems like you'd just up and leave if they had some kind of chronic illness requiring your help.

No. 1465071

I’m sorry anon. Head injuries are awful. I watched a person I know lose their empathy and become someone else after a horrible hit to the frontal lobe. It’s not your responsibility to stay and take it. They might have a disability but that doesn’t mean they have any right to do that shit. You don’t deserve it. I would leave and I won’t have relationships with moids with brain damage.

No. 1465077

Your mom's idea of beauty is inhuman. She admires perfection, humans aren't perfect. I can see she influenced your way of thinking of what beauty stands for as well. Flaws are human and I enjoy when people show their flaws without shame or fear. Being upfront about something just gives me the consistent reminder how many of us do care about ourselves.

No. 1465078

I'm so sorry, that is rough. You really do have to look out for yourself, though. Hopefully they can get the help they need. But it is not on you.

No. 1465086

There’s a big difference between someone losing impulse control and becoming the hulk and someone getting sick with cancer anon.